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UMDNJ School of Osteopathic Medicine - Articulations Yearbook (Stratford, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1982 Edition, Cover

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Digitized by tine Internet Arcliive in 2014 https: cletails secondclass02newj NEW JERSEY SCHOOL OF OSTEOPATHIC MEDICINE 1982 VOLUME 2 i )■ FACULTY ! ADMINISTRATION 1 Benjamin Cohen, D.O. Dean Richard Middleton, Ph.D Dean Basic Sciences 5 BASIC SCIENCE Melvin Lynn, Ph.D Microbiology 7 Eleanor Masterson, D.O. David DellaCroce, D.O. Clinical Chief Pathology Osteopathic Sciences Michael Sutula, D.O. Bernard Grabelle, D.O. Osteopathic Sciences Osteopathic Sciences MEDICINE John Chiesa, D.O. Gastroenterology 11 RADIOLOGY 4 Milton Metzman, D.O. Chairman Paul Chase, D.O. Marvin Kupersmit, D.O. Steven Allen, D.O. Elaine Wolk, M.D. 15 SURGERY 1 Jerome Pietras, D.O. Urology F. Kenneth Shockley, D.O. Urology Anesthesiology John Barbagiovanni, D.O. Anesthesiology Ralph Lanciano, D.O. Opthalmology Saul Bresalier, D.O. Opthalmology 19 OBSTETRICS GYNECOLOGY Andrew DeMasi, D.O. Louis Manara, D.O. Ronald Ayres, D.O. PEDIATRICS FAMILY PRACTICE Robert Karp, M.D. AHEC William Vilensky, D.O. AHEC r f f Thomas Monihan, D.O. AHEC Eugene Mochin, D.O. AHEC 25 Jodi Susan Abramowitz Maplewood, New Je rsey B.S., Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute J.F.K. Memorial Hospital Washington Township Division To my parents, family and friends: Your loving support, encouragement and enthusiasm have made this day possible. " Thanks " cannot begin to express my appreciation. Henry H. Bernstein Woodbridge, New Jersey B.S., Union College St. Christopher ' s Hospital for Children Pediatrics My warmest thanks to Sophie, My mother, Wendy, Robbie, family, and friends — this dream would never have been realized without your contin- ued love and support. I only wish my father could share this moment with us. Murray David Buck Cherry Hill, New Jersey B.S., Syracuse University J.F.K. Memorial Hospital Cherry Hill Division Andi, Mom, Dad and Family: Thank you for your loving enthusiastic support and encouragement in helping to make our dreams a reality. L ' Chayim 30 Christine A. Buhlinger Andover, New Jersey B.S., Wagner College M.S., Pennsylvania State University Morristown Memorial Hospital Internal Medicine Alan Jay Citrin New York, New York B.S., Rutgers University Metropolitan Hospital Philadelphia, Pennsylvania r " Life is what happens to you while you ' re making other plans. " " Great spirits have always encounterd violent opposition from mediocre minds. " Albert Einstein 32 Walter D. Crane Jr. Cherry Hill, New Jersey B.A., Dartmouth College J.F.K. Memorial Hospital Stratford Division Jeffrey William France Roselle, New Jersey B.A., Rutgers College Monmouth Medical Center Pediatrics PEGASUS Offshore Racing Team (L to R) Matt France — throttles, Anthony Amalfe — driver, Jeff France — navigator difficult and all encompassing to do alone. Without the love, understanding, nurturing, or faith of the following people I could not have come so far: My mom, dad, Lisa, Bob, Debra, my relatives, J. P. Sefczek, Mr. Peterson, Drs. Ehrenfeld, Berkowitz, Mayer, Steiner, Hsu, Thompson, DellaCroce, Greene, Riley, Kohler, and all the docs and house-staff at J.F.K., Ted Palmer, Jim Kilroy, my classmates; especially Dave, Dan, George, and Nepper and my friends Dave R., Jeff, Ken, Tish, Greg, Carl, Dave H. and Tom C. Mary Elizabeth Harman Riverton, New Jersey B.A., Rutgers University J.F.K. Memorial Hospital Stratford Division T 3 32.9 (34-35) T , 10.0 (5-13) TSH 0.9 (0.0-7.3) Tracy Whitlock Hawke Basking Ridge, New Jersey B.A., Susquehanna University Grand Rapids Osteopathic Hospital May the road rise to meet you. May the wind be always at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face, the rains fall soft upon your fields and, until we meet again, may God hold you in the palm of his hand. 41 To laugh often and much; to win the respect of inteUigent people and the affection of children; to earn the appreciation of honest critics and endure the betrayal of false friends; to appreciate beauty; to find the best in others; to leave the world a bit better, whether by a healthy child, a garden patch, or a redeemed social condition; to know even one life has breathed easier because you lived. This is to have succeeded. — Ralph Waldo Emerson William A. Ollar Willingboro, New Jersey B.S., Muhlenberg College Flint Osteopathic Hospital Flint, Michigan Susan Elaine Roelike West Orange, New Jersey B.A., Franklin and Marshall College University of Massachusetts-Worcester Pediatrics The essentials of happiness — something to do, something to love, and something to hope for. Alfred Sorbello Cinnaminson, New Jersey B.A., Temple University J.F.K. Memorial Hospital Stratford Division Daniel James Waters Cinnaminson, New Jersey B.S., Saint Joseph ' s College John F. Kennedy Memorial Hospital Stratford Division Children ' s Hospital 55 MEMORIES OF U (MDNJ) EIISI [[CiyRE HRll isi Year Sluflenis 2U Year siuiiefiis Studying under the Juice Pushing meds 71 Can I get these STAT? Lgy II Pimp Kar-p 9AMDEN COUNTY DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH REGIONAL.HEALTH CEMTER ill CHESTCtKC UADPOBOtWO " Escape from AHEC " 77 2:23 pm: " Hmm . . . Blood cultures X 3 " ■0 3:51 am: " We need cultures STAT! " 4:03 am: " Sorry, not my patient . . . ' 7:16 am: " It went in this far . . . " 1:05 am: " No, Raquel, enough for one night " 3:52 am: " OK, I ' ll be up Raquel, er, I mean Shar- 4:09 am: " Do we have any Betadine? " 9:33 am: " Rounds beginning on 2 North . . . " 89 John F. Kennedy Memorial Hospital Washington Township Divison, Turnersville, NJ A modern 627 bed multi-hospital system combining the advantages of a sophisticated teaching hospital with the intimate, caring atmosphere of a community hospital setting. Approved Internships: 40 Approved Residencies: • Internal Medicine • General Surgery • Family Practice • Obstetrics, Gynecology • Pediatrics • Anesthesiology • Radiology • Urological Surgery • Orthopedic Surgery • Proctology • Pathology • Otorhinolaryngology - Oro facial plastic surgery Approved Fellowships: • Medical Diseases of the Chest • Gastroenterology • Cardiology JohN F. KENNEdy MemoriaI HospiiAl 4 A R Pirolli. President Corporate Offices: 1 13 East Laurel Road, Stratford, NJ 08084 (609) 784 0202 Dwam Harper, D O., Vice President-Professional Affairs 92 PROFESSIONAL PATRONS George E. Piper, D.O. David H. Blom, D.O., P.A. Gerald Sussman, D.O. Frank Maruchello, D.O. Stephen G. Papish, D.O. Drs. Gall Croff, P.A. Paul L. Coniglio, D.O., P.A. Richard J. Naftulin, D.O. Charles Steiner, D.O. Mark J. Reiner, D.O. F.K. Shockley J. Pietras, D.O. Warren Wolfe, D.O. Michael M. Silverman, D.O. Richard Simon, D.O. Raymond A. Adelizzi, D.O. Floyd Krengel, D.O. John H. Hayes, D.O. Clifford A. Botwin, D.O. Ervin Feltoon, D.O. Dr. Mrs. William F. Ranieri Alex S. Macione, D.O. Eric F. Leonardo, D.O. Joe and Gail Pitone Bernard S. Barbell, D.O. Dr. Mrs. Seymour Schlossberg, Gary S. Packin, D.O. Philip, Hope David Drs. DiMarcangelo DiSanto Drs. Alan Waronker, Howard Waronker Donald A. Barone, D.O. and Harry Manser Donald L. Izze, D.O. UMDNJ George F. Smith Library of the Helen K. Gams, D.O. Health Sciences Staff Robert G. Binder, D.O. GOOD LUCK TO THE CLASS OF 1982 NJSOM Alumni Association 93 PATRONS The Buhlinger Family Carol A. Eisenbaum Mr. Mrs. Matthew W. France Mr. Mrs. Sidney G. Nepp Mrs. Jeanette G. Bernstein Morris Y. Mintz, D.O. Mr. Mrs. Joseph Wilson Dr. Thomas A. Cavalieri Dr. Mrs. Edward R. Miller Harry R. Greenetz, D.O. Dr. Mrs. Marvin E. Herring Dr. Mrs. Robert J. Furey Mr. Mrs. Cranston Root Richard F. Leedy, Sr., D.O. Mr. Mrs. James C. Waters Prof. Richard B. Middleton Mr. Mrs. Matthew M. Stanley Allan Goldberg, D.O. Walter H. Miller, D.O. Milan Kuna, D.O. Dr. Mrs. Stephen L. Burnstein and Sons Dr. William Vilensky 94 " LET ' S KEEP OUR COLLEGES SO DIFFERENT THAT THEY WILL HAVE NO APPEAL TO THOSE WHO WANT AN M.D. DEGREE " A. T. Still, D.O. DELAWARE VALLEY MEDICAL CENTER An Osteopathic Institution WILSON AVENUE AND POND STREET Bristol, Pennsylvania 19007 (215) 245-2200 SERVING LOWER BUCKS COUNTY, 30 MILES FROM PHILADELPHIA, PA Externships Approved for Intern Training Residencies: Anesthesia Emergency Medicine General Practice General Surgery Internal Medicine Obstetrics Gynecology Orthopedic Surgery Pathology Pediatrics Memberships: American Osteopathic Association American Osteopathic Hospital Association Delaware Valley Hospital Council Hospital Association of Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Osteopathic Hospital Association Raymond L. F. Kipping, Jr. ADMINISTRATOR A. Archie Feinstein, D.O., FA.C.O.S. MEDICAL DIRECTOR DIRECTOR OF MEDICAL EDUCATION X9 e BEST WISHES Dr. Mrs. Frederick Meoli and Family DesMoinesGeneralHosprtal Our comprehensive internship and residency programs can provide the continuing education opportunities you ' ve been looking tor! We ' re a 250-bed, osleopalhic hospital with both pnmarv and secondary services al the intensive, acute and ambulatory levels Founded in 1916, the Hospital s educational programs are recognized lor Iheir excellence — including a variety ol subspecialties in Internal Medicine and General Surgery, as well as outstanding programs in Radiology, OB Gynecology and General Practice Applications are available upon request Oes Moines General Hospital 603 East Tweinri Street Des Moines Iowa 60307 For more information, contact James A Kingsbury. Executive Director (515) 263-4470 Milton J Dakovich, D O , F A C O I Medical Director DME (515) 263-4466 LAKEVIEW HOSPITAL 10010 West Blue Mound Road Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53226 (414) 259-7200 Best Wishes in the Future George Chatyrka, D.O. Charles Kastenberg, D.O. Approved for Intern Training and Residency in Surgery 97 Why would you ever want to come to Warren, Ohio? Location and Area - Northeastern Ohio - 60 miles southeast of Cleveland. 70 miles northwest of Pittsburgh. Pennsylvania. The hospital serves a population of approximately 250.000 and Is located in a growing metropolitan area Recreation - Golf, tennis, hunting, hshlng. swimming, and skiing Major league sports (football, baseball, basketball, hockey) approximately one hour away. Housing — Ample housing five to ten minutes away from the hospital. Hospital - 212 bed AOA approved full service hospital with coverage in every aspect of medicine. TVaining— Hands on policy. Intern training program permits an intern to do. not just observe. Constant medical supervision available Upon completion of our intern program, you will have developed the confidence and skills of an excellent physician. Call us We have a reputation for being exceptionally straightforward with all intern and residency applicants. Warren General Hospital A noil profit osteopathic Institution Department of Education. 667 Eastland Avenue, S.E.. Wtirren. Ohio 44484 Phone; (216) 399-7541. Ext. 165 ' TheThing that Counts is not theTime Spent, but the Manner in Which it is Spent. ' - l eo T Sp ears Explore Y urPotenHal GR ND RAPIDS OSTEOPATHIC HOSPITAL Leo Spears speaks to the spirit of our AOA approved clerk- ships, internships, and residency pro- grams. We look for altruistic doctors with a low tolerance for idleness, indom- itable persistence, and who are attentive to the difference between nearly right and exactly right. Whether in anesthesiology, gen- eral surgery, emergency medicine, in- ternal medicine, obstetrics gynecology, general practice, ophthalmology, oto- rhinolaryngology, orthopedics, pediat- rics or urology, we foster an atmosphere of coordination and cooperation and a place to learn and speak openly, plainly, and frankly. This 265-bed modern facility in West Michigan will allow you to shun mediocrity and to grow medically and personally with strength, character and pride in what you will accomplish. Robert G. Bowman, D.O., Director of Medical Education, Grand Rapids Osteopathic Hospital. 1919 Boston S.E., Grand Rapids, Michigan 49506 " iUyJI (616)247-7078 By Appointment Telephone: 665-2131 Urological Surgery DR. JOSEPH M. DeVIVO DR. HARVEY J. YORKER DR. SAUL ROSE DR. ANDREW S. BLACKSTONE OFFICES JOHN F. KENNEDY MEMORIAL HOSPITAL, Cherry Hill Division, Chapel Ave. Coo- pers Landing Rd., Cherry Hill, New Jersey 08002 JOHN F. KENNEDY MEMORIAL HOSPITAL, Washington Township Division, Hurfville Crosskeys Rds., Turnersville, New Jersey 08012 99 BEST WISHES TO THE Drs. Bresalier CLASS OF 1982 J anciano, r%A. Ophthalmology F. L. Cole, D.O. Good Luck Class of 1982 Best of Luck to the BEST WISHES Class of 1982 To The Class of 1982 me ivieaicai Al Belli, D.O. Inter- Ins urance Exchange of New Jersev ri-( ount OrlliopeJic l- rofeSSiona( y4iiociafion 2 Princess Road Kenneth P. Heist, D.O. Roy L. Gorin, D.O. Practice Limited to Orthopedic Traumatic Surgery Washington Medical Towers 109 E. Laurel Rd Turnersville, NJ 08012 Stratford, NJ 0808 589-7770 627-260( Lawrenceville, NJ 08648 100 TOWER MEDICAL ASSOCIATES, RA. 202 Washington Medical Towers Turnersville, NJ John L. Krause, Jr. M.D., RA. Congratulations to Tracy Scott and All Their Classmates South Jersey Medical Center Mr. Mrs. Wm. B. Hawke State Hwy. 70 Eastgate Cherry Hill, NJ 08034 BEST OF LUCK Best of Luck to the Class of ' 82 Andrew S. Zonay, Jr. Warren Brandwine, D.O. Merck, Sharp Dohme West Point, PA MUCH GOOD LUCK IN COMING YEARS NJSOM Department of Medicine Faculty Andrew A. Pecora, D.O. Professor Chairman James C. Giudice, D.O. Professor Gerald Scharf, D.O. Professor Louis A. Papa, D.O. John Chiesa, D.O. Stephen Daly, D.O. Ira Epstein, D.O. John W. Fitzharris, D.O. Nathan Freed, D.O. Joseph M. Pitone, D.O. Paul Alessi, D.O. Thomas Cavalieri, D.O. Robert Gordon, D.O. Harvey Rothman, D.O. Thomas Scheurman, D.O. Stephen Burnstein, D.O. Russel Griesback, D.O. Raymond Adelizzi, D.O. Stanley Schiff, D.O. 102 Margate Medical Associates P,A. Family Practice 9400 Atlantic Avenue Margate, New Jersey 08402 (609) 823-4343 Dr. Dennis L. Piccone Dr. Lawrence J. Anastasi Community General Osteopathic Hospital Community General Osteopathic Hospital successfully combines the best of two worlds. It offers quality metropolitan care in a suburban atmosphere. The Hospital boasts an array of modern facilities, but still manages to deliver health care on a very personal and individual level. Opportunities exist for residencies and internships in: • Family Practice • General Surgery • Internal Medicine • Orthopedic Surgery • OB GYN in this 178-bed, acute care, nonprofit health care facility. Please write, call or pay us a visit. We ' d like to meet you and introduce you to Community General Osteopathic Hospital. A great place to learn! Contact: John E. Dougherty, III, D.O. Director of Medical Education Community General Osteopathic Hospital P.O. Box 3000, 4300 Londonderry Road Harrisburg, PA 17105 (717) 657-7415 103 National sn w-nt Howard M. Levine, D.O. F.A.C.G.P. " Whatever you have received more than others.... in health, in talents, in ability, in success, in a pleasant childhood, in harmonious conditions of home life. ...all this you must not take to yourself as a matter of course. In gratitude for your good fortune, you must render some sacrifice of your own life for another life.... " Albert Schweitzer 104 Professional Radiology Associates, P.A. JFK Memorial Hospital Stratford Division l eproJuctiiie anj C necofo ic 1305 Kings Highway North Cherry Hill, N.J. 08034 (609) 795-7950 1015 Chestnut Street Suite 312 Philadelphia, Pa. 19107 (215) 627-4499 " Best Wishes " Richard C. Simmers, D.O. 105 CONGRATULATIONS to the CLASS OF 1982 DEPARTMENT OF PEDIATRICS UMD — NJSOM Martin A. Finkel, D.O. Lee J. Herskowitz, D.O. Mark P. Jacobson, D.O. Ronald V. Marino, D.O., M.P.H. Michael N. Musci, Jr., D.O. Thomas F. Santucci, D.O. , M. Sc., FA.C.O.P. Thomas F Santucci, Jr., D.O., FA.C.O.P. BEST WISHES To the Class of 1982 Louis C. Haenel, D.O. Congratulations Class of 1982 Dr. and Mrs. Lowell Zeid , — . — M RTIM HOSPITAL OSTEOPATHIC A 264 BED FACILITY — 27 BASSINETS RESIDENCIES IN: • Otorhinolaryngology • General Practice Oro-Facial Plastic Surgery • Internal Medicine • Pathology • Anesthesiology • Neurology • Radiology • General Surgery • Urological Surgery FELLOWSHIPS IN: • Orthopedic Surgery • Medical Diseases of the Chest • Obstetrics — Gynecology • Gastroenterology • Pediatrics • Hematology 27351 Dequindre Madison Heights, Michigan 48071 (313) 967-7795 Director of Medical Education Herbert Miller, D.O. Clinical Clerkships available in all areas of medicine and surgery. AffiNainl Willi: Cnllcpc of OslciipallMC Medicine • Surgery (Dcs Moines) MrcliiB.iii Sijic Univcriily College of Oslcopalluc Medicine AOA APPROVED FOR INTERN, RESIDENT FELLOW TRAINING 106 " T ■ - 1 t i ■ vn r i ' n ■ r tjaj jla ' aai ' ' - MOUNT CLEMENS GENERAL HOSPITAL 1000 HARRINGTON MT CLEMENS, MICHIGAN 48043 (313) 466-8000 294 BEDS • FULLY ACCREDITED . EXTERNSHIPS AVAILABLE • SHORT-TERM GENERAL FACILITY • 17 MILES NORTH OF DETROIT • APPROVED FOR RESIDENCY TRAINING: 26 Positions • APPROVED FOR INTERN TRAINING (ROTATING INTERNSHIP): 18 Positions • MT CLEMENS: MACOMB COUNTY SEAT • MACOMB COUNTY MEDICAL RESOURCE COMMUNICATIONS CENTER (MRCC) • MACOMB COUNTY EMERGENCY RESOURCE COORDINATION CENTER (ERCC) RESIDENCIES ANESTHESIA PATHOLOGY INTERNAL MEDICINE RADIOLOGY OTORHINOLARYNGOLOGY and OROFACIAL PLASTIC SURGERY SURGERY ORTHOPEDICS OB GYN CHARLES H. WARREN Administrator O. HOWARD DEAN, JR., D.O. Director of Medical Affairs Voluntary, Osteopattiic, Non-Pro fit Organization 107 Dedicated to teaching and furthering knowledge to benefit our patients today •- and tomorrow. Dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in education, Mennorial General Hospital affirms its commitment to the provision of quality health care. With a medical staff at- tuned to the importance of the learning process, our in- terns, residents, and medical students are assured educational programs of the highest caliber. MEMORIAL GENERAL HOSPITAL 1000 Galloping Hill Rd., Union, New Jersey (201)687-1900 Victor J. Fresolone, President Anthony LaFalce, D.O., Vice President Medical Affairs An Osteopathic Teaching Hospital MEMuRIAL GENERAL HOSPITAL BEST WISHES to the CLASS OF 1982 from METROPOLITAN HOSPITAL CENTRAL DIVISION 201 North Eighth Street Philadelphia, PA 19106 PARKVIEW DIVISION 1331 East Wyoming Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19124 SPRINGFIELD DIVISION Sproul Road Springfield, PA 19064 108 ijaiiiMifiiitSi serving progressive, thriving community lnimt ' (!i,i! ■ oppi. II t unit ifs irf .n.iildhif In Anesth ' s!()i } ( i».-tTcr,il Pr.K ti( r (jincial Surqt-rv (icr(intf)loqv ! bslr(ri( s (iVtH- ( lo(| t. (tho[ cclir s )|()( hinoi.irMiqoloqs Kfh,ihilit,iti r 1»,-fli( inc rhor,)! i ' Stirqer ,(■1 ,.tin- ,1 ji. II ! ot I ' ll! mrtlu.ii u.i ' u .toil out community «ir st,itt ( ! H- iitnSK i.His srrvrs .ipprDxim.itcK ' (50 ooil |)coplc in ' his If I ,!iiric iiltu!,il .iinl mdiistrinl ,iiim n! s cntt H hicjciti VV - otfcr ,t f ontinuitiq mrcjicit citiK .ition proqr.uii with ! uiitffn mlcinstiiijs .i!!(t tilii ii-cp, .i| pii . ' - l r si(lfiu ; )f si t it ins i " isil Mill l)i-(t niottcm .! iitt- ' A ' c hospit.i! .m-l S.ilK ( i us ' f if I u! ' iu.iMntcc! I ill ' i imt: pt.n !i ' ippi n ! iiii i I irs S!,i(t I nlh iir J981 Statistical Krport: 7 SI I ' I Adrnissn in i i I.mi-r iciv . Koom Msits 2,294 Opriations pfrformcfj 7 ) Drtvs i « ' ra!]» ' iciKith o( st»n 1 7HU (U(li y iK ( ' .,imin.iti ins ii IT ' i27 i itii ir.iti ir ptOf txIliK-s 85 (- " fivsH uin sUitf irii-mbft s f)2 !)f it!! tertlfift! f xtellcnt House Start Physician Beni-fit Pmcjrdm: • i iciirruiis stipt !! ' ! ,in ! Stmiii iiciu-f !ls • f " IM- d.n cxjM ' nsf f » ii ' i i»-,n»- lr . itt " -iMl ■ li|! .itu sn nin.ii • f !(■ jl)!c S( fii ' dulinn • f (iiitti f ' n intfinship ri)(,itioiis letrphone t t ivtilr. f. i(-orm- ' fxtnr !)( Mrdif .i! l)iii- tot or ■ MIM!i. fl S (tot K ! ' il! !)!!.■( ! • ot .tt .iMMllK.ltiol! SAGINAW OSTEOPATHIC HOSPITAL 5 ! S Mif hi(j,iii Axctuic S-iqinaw -XHWl i sr ' 1 SpecUlizetl Servicet: • ' inpslhi-slolnfm • (.irdioliirm • r " i»(fj n( i .V i ' Ji.i.j iosd ' • i n. ' r,i Sii tjrrt • ( lunn nl, xiu V ih lrl rl • XrirhiriolMiirHliilariii • f.ilholoqu • I ' rrli.ilru s • I ' nii talnifu • K.tilinliiiiu • ! tr.foqi 109 Osteopathic Medicine Serving the Community . . . Michigan Osteopathic Medical Center is a multi-hospital system which serves the health care needs of Detroit and its surrounding metropolitan area. Our system now includes two acute-care facilities (our East and West Hospitals), a 56-bed Adult Mental Health Hospital and an interim psychiatric hospital (38 beds) for children. In late 1982, we open a new 240-bed acute-care, replacement hospital, as well as a 60-bed Child and Youth Mental Health Hospital. Modern, up to date facilities are essential for delivering health care services, but people are essential, too. This is why we seek the best by offering AOA-approved rotating internships and approved residencies in anesthesiology, general practice, internal medicine, OB GYM, pathology, psychiatry, radiology and surgery. We are a growing hospital system — growing to meet the needs of the community we serve by offering quality osteopathic care. East Hospital Michigan Osteopathic Medical Center (opening Dec. 1982) Adult Mental Health Hosptial Child and Youth Mental Health Center (interim) Child and Youth Mental Health Hospital (opening Dec 1982) j} Ik Michigan Osteopathic F Medical Center For more information on your future at MOMC write or telephone: Raymond A. Gadowski, D.O., Vice President, Medical Education, Michigan Osteopathic Medical Center, 7430 Second Avenue, Detroit, Michigan 48202. (313) 874-9100. 110 YEARBOOK STAFF 1 1 1 A Last Hurrah 112

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