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gk K 11 6XH?X D X' ,,,, X Ni W5 1 X X':o'2fo'o? M ' ... f A . V X-.1 X IGATIFTIIQXX E Sdfkxig X 4' Q JL is xr- 'X N xg if gg x N X4 'J : na! 1,' g X X-. 1 'X 'X , ,. V 'X U 'F . ' 'X jig ', N A X' I . 1 ' 1 ' ' 'X ' X 1 XX XE' :X X .X X Xa X . 1 I Q 4 K X l ' Y X . '. , X v Xl HX XX2 1 V4 il jx f X5 X ri X. XX e-X X X . ' , . X3 ., N ,X ' ,' 'X 5 X ' Fit- N 1 X 'N H X X A X I , """ ' X WX XX' "' X" , -fr-. X' 'X 'X' f 1 -nnnnnlnnn i.Il"" XV 'R .H . 'X X. . ' 'X X X X, X X32 . XJ X N 'X ' , 'X ' u V '1 X'X Xlilr. ' X' 'Q " .' 'X"" X X A X X - . X X X! Ml 1 . X X N . V xx. Q . X XA my X- XI 'f :LX X 'X f 1 . XX .F .X N. X... X . X Xu Xf . f .Xf Xg X g N XX X Q 'C X , X T ' , Y 13 1, X ff" If E551 X X 4 . X-, X. '. X, X. I XX Xi.. E q gl X Q., , W. VJ to Q X X. annppnnnnpnnlrr "H 7 '?"' 'X' '. Q N, X X' WX' Xy . -. 'X A 7's'..X f- X' i S X .X 'Xl X X 'X' Xga- ,X . X x ,X ',A5,yQ 1 . X X r X 1.1! , ,,,,-gl ,,XXk XM .A - , ' ' X ' . XpY"" "', 'K b- f' r' 'vi , 'L "' Xp". 3 ' Xp' ,A I X 11" Xu X .l1.aXluXrIl:..-'IRQ X "'-. 5' ' , 'X '. xl L I X 1 1 "2-1, XX 'I '-I ur nr., 15: 'X , E-,Xxx X . . . X "'- x ' '- . , .. X A ', X V - 'A Jl,uX 'f1 NKAN f ,I ': X"'. ', -..,x. X . X ' , , x il A 'R' '1 X X ' ' l L' "' ' - W "L V' N Y.. N-.k A EX l gn, V urXX..'Xl,!w, .. . , '--X lg 'Ng . B. '-,X N'-Q3 XXX I Xl X . c az .. V A I V .1 xxx ...X W .V A ' Ne. ' + X , 5. X .. ' u N' :"- sl' X "' is-xref!" ""41'.f" - u s4'L'f."L X l?Li',' xx! ' 'QXALX "4 vzlvvv'-F'-I'-'v-. -A ' ' V:-wx X 'X ' X' N. X X' x'-SX xy Y O X X -Rex, ,X X, . - X . . . X x X .. X . N- .X X "'u.' . X ' 'X ' X X YV. 'UN . qi X x 's X UIJILQ1 X V I In 'MXX' i W :ml X ' , ' "EX . LQ ' 'wgfiul f- t qi A, 3 'S Ui X! . N' X XX Gee 7 Q! . 'g Q '. "XTX sz f . f' A' ,Inu X XX A . xt' .mu ' ' - -X' X X f XX . X X N X L x, .ll ,Hg N xxx' R T- 3 X" 'i15?f9'Lr-.M - X A -, , If X XX Wm, 'E-:LFXY-..:"N"::,!:'Sy 'X A 1 ' 'X " F1 CL QE, N'- . ' X 'wg X .XX .X HX- x'-X -X . X ' , X 4 ' ' X 'X AX 1 ' X! . . A! -! .X E41 X... , Q i V' ' XXX, XX -, W '1 X -ff, :X -X .XX . . ye -9,6 ' NX, ' ': ' , WN X X' , X! Poe N K it - IRA, .V -1 Gy 105 lg K! 'wx ' ' X V X ' Y 1 'SX V ','. 'X -. , je X. 1 XXV- ' . I 1' . 2 X' 1 X 5 1 N" V: 'N 1 . X1 'X X ' If A Q ' X K- 4 X 040 An Annual Pictorial Record of The UCLA School of Dentistry x',' 1, , ff' 1-' 1 ,,.. it . W. iiflil li , my Eilif' .1 ff! 4, .lmii " if ll ' " 'Il Wim I E l g 5- tm!-Ma jg 1' V it . l tj il ill ll fi Q w XX if 7' f 5 I -. A, "MRL ,,'--:wb ,- X 'xxx I "xx Nl 64 v- 'f ifj ' . XX I' gl b ,A bxxx., - , ,ygfffl T Q l ,P fl i .,.X . X. -. 1 H , -Q , sew on ,T 1 It ' .-if A -X L-xx "" T 1 ff" if AQf.f-Q15 fy N.-. -X , 1 "gsm A--s ,ff -A rxgx, ,M f ' ff' ff' C23 if - Y. , 1 ,. E S ,I IX , q, . E , ' TW 94 iv -QL' WX- ' ,f ' 6 ,'-- Liz.--13 -9 if.-al i, x Aj l I f XENA X. Xl XP Tix X, X 'Z X X X E U X XX Tx L-lf W: XL my X X Y ri E rii NSR QTTTNNX 27 I5 X X Xjvg-Qr.X,x X, XA. 'l r5 av, aftla E . XX5, V V-X xp, ,,. , - ,17 S S . -, 9 ,A h , XX X, . IMPRESSIO S '76 BRUCE KAWAGUCHI IQAN OTOMO IAMES STEVENS EDITORS 5 si ' ici-lvl I' :ttf . .vnu 3112" - Ann Beech Dedication During the course of four years, we were all fortunate enough to come into contact with several special individuals to whom we owe our dental school careers. It's funny though, how we tend to take for granted the efforts and time of some people without whom we could not have survived. As part of our morning ritual, a visit to the Office of Student Affairs to check for morning mail, disposable printouts, and "...just one more favor..." almost always included a "Good Morning, Ann" and a friendly reply of "Morning," which never failed to increase in enthusiasm as the week wore on - especially as Friday approached. Who else but Ann has handled our daily problems, complaints, good and bad moods with efficiency and kind words, yet, in addition to being Administrative Assistant to the Assistant Dean of Student Affairs, Secretary to the Admissions, Promotions, and Student-Faculty Laison Committees, still had time over the past four years to 'prepare our never ending supply of of letters to fellow students, companies, and organizations as well as make arrangements for our future scholastic homes and student body business? Most, if not all of us, can remember the countless times she has covered for us when we inadvertently or intentionally exceeded a deadline, stretched school policy, or stepped on the toes of the administrative bigwigs. Still, she has never once bent our ears with the many problems which must invariably accompany her position. Who else but Ann could do all of this and still maintain some degree of sanity in a system which condones insanity? For these reasons, the Class of 1976, with every degree of gratitude, dedicates "Impressions '76" to lVlrs. Ann Beech, for she has made the usual unbearable situations bearable. Dr. Robert Thye Dr. David Benson A Special Thanks to Those Who Gave a Special Effort Dr. Theodore Berg Dr. Robert Vig x ,Wy J L '1 ,Q r 39 'Mg' wh. Wm- n., . ,H . -.,:1,.l1- ,- 'VT7fZ'f'1iH? ff-1g,,.1p ' ..N, I QL V ,H -A, .,,.,,..:.--,-7 h17f.ilwij X. 3 elf flag, .Li l"- Y.'Rl,.gg ' -555' 3, 51 Qllvzp -.vllm ' I., 11 . wg'--tw--Ia fl-f' gf 1 - 2 Dean 5 Dispatch f These valedictory thoughts were penciled originally under the somewhat unusual circumstance of a. return flight to Los Angeles from the annual session of the Amer- ican Dental Association in Chicago. It seemed an appropriate time, when my mind was filled with fresh concepts of contemporary dentistry and its future, the profession's continued concern about expanded functions for auxillaries and the place of dental schools in their training, regional licensure testing, maldistribution of health profes- sionals and much talk of partially employed dentists. I couldn't help but conjecture how it would be for you in 1976. Hopefully, the national economy will continue it's vigorous upswing, portending the end of the recession which has plagued so many of your colleagues. Surely a challenging time to begin one's postgraduate professional career! Ifl had but one hope, it would be that your time at UCLA has been a challenge, in the best sense of the word, providing a stimulating environment leading to your ready acceptance that you have indeed been rewarded with a first-class dental education at a school which deserves and receives the plaudits of its peers. Perhaps it is trite to say that an education program is only as good as its students and teachers. Certainly you have shown your mettle and you have provided a desirable stimulus to an excel- lent and dedicated faculty. 1 know you will come to appreciate your experiences here even more as the years roll by. You are appreciated, too, both for your presence here and the standards you have set for those who follow. Maintain your pride in the School and remember that it is largely by your actions that we achieve our reputation and are judged. Keep in touch with your classmates and above all give the School the benefit of your thoughts and professional experience in the years ahead. lVly very best wishes for every aspect of your future go with you. It has been my priv- ilege to be associated with you. Andrew D. Dixon Dean Administration 5f'r'fa,,g I Fred Herzberg, B.S., D.D.S., Associate Dean Robert P. Thye, B.S.,D.M.D., Assistant Dean, Student Affairs li-4:3 Louis J. Goldberg, A.B., ' D.D.S. Ph.D. Assistant Dean E B - K 5.53.5 I Research and 'Advanced Educition d.D.ag:IeM.?3nXZgistant Sean Academic Affairs Clinton W. Longwill, B.A., Nl.A., Assistant Dean, Administration Frida A. Xhonga, D.M.D., D.D.S., Director, Dental Clinics itkfflh, 6, 'V 1- ,Q A f li . 'v 11, X f I i ., - j f 4.-1 lgfii' f I W. Yi V 'v-!fn3"' .T-,di .Jw ' 'J' .L ,f-'..E21E T227-! , ' 4 3 'Y ' i ' ,i ixlfif 1 . ,', I ,'2"'gL. 51.555 A4 I A i --Q E- . fffffffffp f ff 139' Student Body Officers y yhd 9 f WH, fff I ffff R I x ,ff R ff 3 ,I . R S b R 65 E 65 X 3 3 Q S Q X -l " : R -9 -. E -I N ' 21.2 x S 1 s . ISS I fffif f ff!!! H Alb v' -b'g 'g EdH ' J Ot CII' ph T L G dIp IP bh Keanu L . Canyon ? ,nag Mobile Clinic 7976 .DSf. fl ,...-vb .3 'riff' -.If-ri N .N, , J., wh--. . , ,tn o,Qp0 ay J-E 0 Venice Clinic 1976 UCLD WEE! ling I on I ,U ii' , "fi ' -' 1' -, ,.5, 4. E- -.nl-i .Ji my .i ii .I Zi in 1 me Para Comm Bien 344, 12 3 X Dr. Kam Ki Wong Clinic Director TOP: Mary Martinez, Rose Farris, Ruby Williams, Yolanda DeLa Cerda.. BOTTOM: Isabel Jurado, Norma Coronel. Dr. Timothy Collins Director S.N.D.A. Minority Recruitment and I Ed Hayashida Co-director Representation Programs A.D.C. A Community Service and Education Project Rv 4 X AE Ken Yoshikawa Co-di rector SENIICDDIRS The Bicentennial Class is one of diversified personalities and backgrounds that has come come together to form a strong sense of unity. We, as former government workers, soldiers, teachers, engineers, artists, pharmacists, tech- nicians, and Cughi premeds have shared much more than books, lectures and herniated psyches. We will always remember Fashion Cabaret, the Fifties Party, and Norma's babies. We have experienced the thrill of a Rose Bowl victory, Watergate, the Wooden Dynasty, 'Nam, and the dental flicks: "Jaws" and "Deep Throat". The friends we have made during our stay here have been as exceptional as our training. For these reasons, we are proud to share in the following pages, the Impressions of the Class of 1976. SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS ff W' ,ph ,I 4 4 Mary Ditto, President Larry Bisauta, Vice President joe Rimio, Secretary Steve Steinberg, Treasurer F- ni.. Ray Abdalla D. D. 5. -ark-5 l Nick Adamenko D.D.S. X Ray, the English prof of the class was more fond of Marlow and Fitzgerald than anything dental school had to offer. Having received a B.A. in English, Ray was heard to remark that the metamorphosis from egghead to jawbreaker had led him to "demon to- I bacco." One might think than an English ' I' major would not adequately prepare a student for dental education. Ray proved us wrong. Known as the "Anatomy Wiz," he not only excelled in the basic sciences, but also fre- quently acted as an interpreter for the L1 . class, giving a thirty second synopsis of one hour lectures. During finals, Ray fancied himself as more of a carpenter than a dental stu- A.-I dent. Not one finals week passed that did not find Ray building anything from a bookcase, to a dinette set, to even remodeling his kitchen. Ray plans to open a practice in Santa Monica-Westwood area to, as he states, ". . . aquire the finer things in life." Known in his earlier days by his dedication to his portable tape machine, and later on by a similar degree of concern for the welfare of his patients, Nick has con- sistently given the impression of one who would rather not stand still. Thus limiting his options, Nick will always be remembered by his classmates as the one best able to light a bonfire under himself and carry it with him to any part of the building. Being the most complete student in the class, Nick was necessarily the most completely busy student as well. Not that this kept him from his hobbies. One could often find him in a hotly contested game of chess at, say, 3:00 in the morning. Yet Nick's dedication to his studies was real, and is a sure indicator of his future success in private practice. Nick hopes to spend a few years with the Air Force first, and will most likely be the first enlistee in the U.S. Armed Forces history to move faster than a F4-C. 1 1 ii' - ---.74 3 . 1' - '- H V . . r 2' Sue Anne Berger as described by her longtime sidekick and buddy, Anne Birnbaum," . . . impressed me as a big blond floozie with a passion for loose men and verbal expletives." When asked to comment about such slander, Sue shyly replied, "It's the ---- ing truth!" Suzanne is best remembered for extended vacations which usually ran through the first eight weeks of the quarter. Showing up only for finals, sometimes not even then, and still passing by some mechanism unbeknownst to us, she replies "Brains." The majority of Suzie's time "on the outside," has been spent employing her "Brains" to please her own personal "Brawn". His name is Mike, a large friendly anthropoid type, whom she affectionately refers to as "the old fossil." Awaiting the day she can "Get out of this madhouse," Suzanne plans to open a private practice wherever she and Mike can find a prehistoric fossil bed. for academic excellence in the back the world's finest operators. So confi- dreams of one day having a beard like Larry's. Larry went into the blood bank him- self. He promptly developed a hematoma and fainted dead away. His attitudes on civic duty have since changed. I on leaving for Alaska and the Public Health Service. Maybe he can teach Ron Green how to eat Eskimo pies. Having spent most of his four year quest row of the lecture hall, Larry has con- cluded that he could still become one of dent is he about his assessment, that Ron Green is starting a fan club for him and "Bick", who still denies the rumor that his first beard was torn off by his moto- tool, was heard urging everyone to ob- vf serve their civic duty and donate blood to the Red Cross. When no one listened, Upon receiving his diploma, Larry plans ff" T37 Suzanne Berger D.D.S. Larry Bickerton D. D. S. S, N 1 l f fini? .9 is sr f 1 li ll 1 . ik "Bird-baum" as we've come to know her, has indelibly scribed herself in our memory during these last four years. That cascade of surrealistic giggles emanating from Group D has become her trademark, calling card, and mating call. Still as yet unbeaten however, is her record breaking talent for having dated a multitude of instructors lno matter how loudly they protestedl and fellow students. tNo matter how much they insist that ". . . we're just friends."l fxfwstikmiw Hr? -I ft f, ' if . Anne Birnbaum D.D.S. if-Arr' 'i In essence, Birdie is a fun loving person who can occasionally bubble with enough enthusiasm to put an Alka-Seltzer to shame. Postgraduation plans will find Birdie winging her way north to practice Mennonite dentistry in Pennsylvania. Our loss will be their gain. After all, a bird in their hand. Larry provided the class with initial clues to his actual age during the freshman year. His constant call for a "break" indicated his weakening bladder sphincter. Actually, Larry has managed to keep in shape during the past four years by doing toe raises every saturday morning while playing basketball with the boys. At the end of his sophomore year, rumor has it that Larry made Dr. Trabert an offer he couldn't refuse. Now Ken is in an Endo program and Larry is in the clinic. Once in clinic, however, Larry proved to be a smooth operator and free thinker. His loud bellowing voice made his patients stand at attention. So a directive was passed to tape his mouth during clinic hours. Actually Groups G and H didn't know if they were in ROTC maneuvers or in Disneyland. H-yuk, h-yuk, h-yuk! One of the most sincere, friendly, and likeable members of the class, Larry should have no problems in private practice las long as he provides patient ear- plugs.l To Larry, his sparkling wife, Doris, and daughter Christine . . . the best in life for years to come and power to the Class III. Larry Bisauta D.D.S. 16 MF The Southern Belle of the Class of '76 has covered a lot of territory to reach UCLA's School of Oral Academia. Joyce has pursued Elementary Education In Arkansas, Biology at Fisk University in Nashville, Electron Microscopy at the UCLA Department of Pathology, and pancakes at the UCLA School of Demstry In February 1966, Phillip Brooks married Joyce not only for pancakes for today they are the proud parents of Tim t9l and Christopher t5l Joyce and Phil will remain In the sunshine of Southern California where she will seek a partnership in preventive dentistry. It has been our pleasure to know her warm personality, feel her pride In education, and hear her three hour class oratorles Broussard, the man who sees and hears all that you do and say and always re- plies with that perpetual ear to ear grin even if you told him his fly was open. Actually Jack has one fear, that of being stranded up on the 3rd floor island with nothing but his paddle. Though few in words, Jack has a passion for things that range from fast cars, jazzy music, and sailing, to six unit anterior bridges and strangers in the night. Jack's greatest talents though have been thoroughly realized in his uncanny ability to attract beautiful women. No one in the class has yet discovered what his secret is. Although most everyone has decided that it's not his conversation, a few have mentioned something about the way he walks. Jack's appreciation for the bizarre will no doubt lead to a future wrought with excitement and wanton women. Later J.B., keep on grinning. Jeff Brown -- a simple name . . . a simple guy . . . and just chock full of a few simple thoughts. But what can you say about a guy whose sole ambition is to "get tubular"? By keeping the mental activity to a minimum, he frees his head to do truly important things, like growing hair and remembering his name. Of course, Jeff is married, but he has a wife, and it is she that dresses him funny. In addition to staying perpetually hopped up on Lavoris, Jeff also suffers from lethargy, hallucinations, inability to cope, polyphagia, xerostomia, and shortness of pants. An ardent mud-wrestling freak, Jeff plans to move to San Diego, "because it's there." His hobbies include stumbling ,eff Bfgwn and disorientation. Postgraduate plans call for getting tubular, watching TV, and , D. being forgotten. ' E -if I ,, .,4, if ' 33, . f T 'V I 47? .. 1.2, - J ,' l Da vid Brunson D,D, It was an eyesmarting overcast day in Smog Bernadino when "Bekins" Brunson loaded all his possessions into his 1957 Ford Ranchero. He took a deep breath Kcoughl, and left his friends, family, and his second home, la diesel moving vanl to head out west and pursue an illustrious career at UCLA Dental Trade Tech Dental school administrators were amazed at Dave's ability to jump on a centrifuge and cast the buckle on his pants without dropping them once. If Dave had concentrated on Crown and Bridge instead of holding up his pants, he could have completed his fixed by April . . . of his junior year. Quiet Dave released his vice-like grip on his Midwest Quiet Air long enough to realize that playing with dolls wasn't that bad after all, especially one called the "Bobbie" doll. In fact, it was so much fun, he took his doll home. The rest is history. Noontime brushing in Group C and obviously not all work because now Dave and Bobbie are seriously looking into storks and booties. Dave is one heck of a nice guy and we'lI miss him when he points his Ranchero ,fy towards the rising sun to drill and fill with his big daddy in San Bernadino. ,TQ 1 14 l ,V .will Fifill u.1"aw:liI v-a"S , T lil 1-Q pant - 'V --1 chili,"-"'--'Q Tony left sunny Pomona to attend Arizona Pharmacy School. He came to us early in his career as a hospital pharmacist because as he puts it, "I want to be my own boss." Tiring of the bureaucracy of the hospital, he decided that he needed a change of pace and settled for the dental school bureaucracy. How- ever, he was the only one of us who didn't have to worry about passing Pharmacology. Always one to enjoy bolstering the economy, Tony spent most of his weekends "earning pennies" at a part time pharmacist job and then promptly putting them into circulation by buying various little goodies. He sold his Renault and bought a Volksg he then got rid of the Volks and bought a Mustang II, at the end of the junior year, he sold the Mustang got a new Triumph TR 7 and an elephantine Buick station wagon. Tony's postgraduation plans will be to open a high volume dental practice in Pomona if the new car dealers can supply the cars. :Q ...nd f Vic, who has left a string of broken hearts land other consequences! around the country, has, in his four years with us, established himself as the undisputed king of the "Midnight Pickup." Armed with a Jaguar XK-E and a cunningly in- nocent smile, Cano has made his famous "But this time it's TRUE love" line work more times than Mark Gjerde's crowns. Vic's good nature and love of life en- abled him to handle his patients with the skill of a true medical man. How- ever, it was in such a nonchalant manner that he was often mistaken for Dr. Diamond. Though temporarily out of commission last year, swinging Vic is once again in circulation in search of the "elusive posterior." After graduation, Vic's private practice will in all probability make Big Daddy's in the Marina look like a senior citizens home. Tony Cabrera D. D.S. Vic Cano D.D.S. 1' Rick Champany l One of the mellowest characters around our school is the Champ. As one of the "regulars" in the back row, Rick entertained us with stories of wine and roses in his younger days. Especially when he recounts his experience as a high school bus driver. A familiar sight around the clinic is Champ's tan covered, resin dripping Pipe. Alfh0U9h he claims to have a sub- stantial collection of other pipes to smoke, the stalactifical formation on the bottom lead one to suspect otherwise. Still, Rick's even disposition has been his greatest asset. After all, who else would light a match, take a puff and f shrug when told his last partial was un- acceptable the week before graduation? D. D. S. Vrv ,, ff., A 3 l i 5 I As a product of Las Vegas, Steve once had early ambitions of becoming a topless blackjack dealer or a one-armed bandit. The city life of LA and USC provided bigger and better horizons for him, so he became obsessed with an uncontrollable urge to express his creativity by bending a wire. Dental school has developed Steve into one helluva skier and upon graduation, he'll probably be totally prepared to open a photography studio as well. He has excelled in all aspects of our curriculum except the financial end. He knew he was weak in finance lor he would have never left the Vegas Strip,l so he began research with the billing department to learn about a specific "Matter." In 'his zealous pursuit to do a good job in this endeavor, Steve distinguished himself by becoming the first dental student to have a girl from billing assigned to him full time for his accounts and personal needs. We can all join President Ford in wishing them a happy marriage. Steve's next step in life will find him in Ortho school. We're hoping Unitek has plenty of .030 wire in stock. Y , P , zur, . . x 'I Hitli' if if .44 ' 2542? JH: ' Steve Chenin D.D.S. 'ER Bob Childs D.D.5. if-ffl 7? 5'l'ff'f Z Q-f'.73..3 1 ifw ,i,f,i1,I,g. l L - l 1 '2,' , 7,121 11 Boobert Childs blessed our school after graduating from UC Irvine in just three short years. A self proclaimed genius, Bob immediately impressed us all by simutaneously waxing his 2X teeth, doing the Daily Bruin Crossword, breezing through Histology, and patting his head while rubbing his stomach. In clinic, Bob will be remembered for pioneering the field of "Yoga-Dontics" by training his patient to stand on her head while he condensed his class III gold foil. His other interests include his mastery of song and guitar, leading to complaints from neighborhood pet owners, and an extensive Playboy collection that he is still hiding from his wife. In conclusion, B.C. seems to have a good grasp of where he's going and how to get there. He's not telling anyone though: he wants to get there first. l I . 'SC "Magic Hands", as Creighton has by his own testimony, been appropriately nick- named, will probably be best re- membered for his ability to do everything " great." We will be forever indebted to him for his saintly altruism in sharing with us inexhaustible, detailed and lavishly generous accounts to everyone of his vast and multitudinous accom- plishments and triumphs during his dental school career. Seriously, though, Creighton has demonstrated to us that his clinical Creighton Chow D.D.S. skill is A LNIOST as outstanding as his account of it. Best known for his "smash and mash" technique in Gross Anatomy, Creighton wasn't always the first to complete his lab dissections. However, it S100,000 contract with lVlacDonaIdS. Craig's hobbies and favorite pastimes are as numerous as his scholastic achievements and include: crashing jr. high parties in Long Beach: feuding with Steinberg: helping Ron Mito prac- tice two-man transfers with hygienists on his waterbed: impersonating Donnie Osmond: playing guitar: practicing magic tricks: watching TV: and prac- ticing his Kung-Fu on the front lawn for anybody who will watch. was rumored that he was offered a 5 .X i Before coming to dental school, Kent was living the easy life in Lake Tahoe as a Safeway clerk with his "fox" of a wife, Jana. With free evenings and beautiful country, all was well until he started dreaming of big bucks and being called "Doctor" insteady of grocery clerk. Answering the call, he and Jana packed up their meager belongings and came to UCLA to make their lives dif- ficult. Borrowing furniture from anyone who would lend it for wasn't lookingl, they scrimped and saved like paupers. How- ever, after being on the Newlywed Game, the Newlywed Alumni Game the Hollywood Squares on two different occasions, and winning 10 million dollars, Kent plans to buy the dental school and turn it into a Safeway store. Kent Chrlstlansen Postgraduation plans will probabl find Kent sticking his probe into manyya D D S friendly Endo. john Cochran jr. D. D. S. -id 1--in if i. ' ' M-.Lil l 4 ' I fl- .3, While sitting in a far off rice paddy with lead flying overhead, John decided that there must be something more to life. At that moment he decided that shooting amalgam bullets would be a pleasant change. Upon this revelation, he came back to the world, married his high school sweet- heart, Carole, and enrolled at San Luis Obispo in predent. Three years later he walked quietly into dental school with cowboy boots on. Some will say that he rode to the top of his class. But then something happened. It was December and white stuff had began to fall on the mountain tops. John immediately went to the local store and traded his cowboy boots for ski boots. During the next four years he managed to excel in skiing while developing clinical skills that amazed his instructors. Then there was another turn in his life. John found a place called the Oral Surgery Clinic. A fire was set in him that melted the snows. He traded his ski boots for green shoe covers and now plans to be the avante garde of Oral Surgery. Keep an eye on this shy country boy who came in as a rodeo star and will leave as an OR star. Masquerading as a high school dropout good humor man, Bernie came to UCLA clad only with an omnipresent smile and nine pairs of handball gloves. Having al- ready traded his dental equipment for handball various other paraphernalia, Bernie seemed quite destined to remain at UCLA a little longer than most of his col- leagues. Handball proved to be quite an asset for Bernie. Not only did it dress his way through dental school but it gave him the necessary escape from lectures and teeth. Bernie was the only one known to have spent six full appointments with the same patient on simply oral hygiene instruction. It wasn't that the patient needed it, it was that when the lectures were given, Bernie was off in Hawaii, Las Vegas, or some other exotic place. A master of forensic debate imore likely pure bullshiti and holder of the ear to ear smile, Bernie always had a good word for everyone. Upon graduation, B.C. plans to continue his breathing exercise, play handball in the back of his dental office, do an occasional amalgam and talk. 1. - , ,wg t 'Y K S' 1 Q., 1 1... - AN 1' V . .- f .gi :N J -2 it 4-3, X i,-1 - X 2' ' al Q 51, 76 , xt . AW. - - ,' --U11 :N H Q-., gi ,,,'.Mv,1 'J- -5 ' ' W: '1 gn.?it"ii' L The man called Cook. We first met Andy during the fall of 1972, when we mistook him for an insurance salesman. Our suspicions were almost confirmed during Fashion Cabaret's planning stages when we discovered that Andy could sell anything. Who else could've convinced those entertainers that performing for free would decrease their caries index, or guaranteed Leonard Holguin that donating 500 orchids would assure him of early graduation. Andy Cook lr. If anyone has that God given trait of ag- gressive achievement, it's Andy Cook. He will probably amass his wealth by being the director or administrator of a dental equipment corporation with the goal of driving S.S. White and Midwest America out of business. In the words of his long time buddy, Sebastian Glaze, "Stick with Fat IVlan, he delivers." ,. ..v-- -Qvfg Bernie Coffee D. D. S. , V " ' ' x . , QF '1Q..4t, - 4-.gm all 'fu' ,fir . 1... I ty -N X ff:-X gg 3: fi ' A F X ' 7'-'-3 , fix .t ' ,f ,fQ l 'f'3?7'55fkEx " m xx f xx QQ, , xluirx-, H X. xx! 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' klka 111 Q21 1 1- 1 f 11,1 1, ,mf X1 111,11 pm C--.1 1. 1 1,- .N 1 ,1 1 1 1J1 .1 1 1111 11 1 '11 H151 F ' V1 1. '11 ,Q I5 ' .1 ' L ' . 1 14-1. 11- ' 11 3' 1 11. 3, 1 1' 18:11 5 1 ' X, X ff X 51 1 1 f 1,5311 -. S -x 1 X XIjfQX,1g', 1,1 1 . 1 ', - 1 1 W - 3 1 J1-1, X 1 R14 f 1 .111 1 ' X.,,f xx X so 1 , 11 RM- 1 1 gf 1 L xx-X -X ,f 74 1 X1 1 EUNXXF ' X, 1 - 1 " 'Y 1.3: X . 1 1 f-ff-ar Mary Ditto D. D. S. jack Dodson D.D.S. .x,,,ME , 4, - Xu ik .N ,X j . v .. - ff Mary is perhaps best known for openly challenging faculty during lectures when the lecture material varied from some previous information we had been given. Faculty members have been known to spontaneously urinate at the mere sight of Mary raising her hand. The only one in our class to complete her Phony Dr. in Anatomy by studying eyeballs, she was in constant demand for pre-exam tutoring in our freshman Histology class. r ,.,:, , A devout women's liberationist, she also achieved great heights when she won the p Y- election to be senior class president. A ' position hotly contested by several junior and sophomore candidates, Kathy .. Nieminsky, and that little black dog you always see at lunch time. . 1 WS . , V ,,.,, Mary recently endeared herself to the entire Group B contingent when she couragously attempted to bleach John Cochran's central incisors. John now sports two tweed teeth. .. l , UF Mary will undoubtedly be a success when she and her boyfriend Jess set up a joint practice. We can see it now. "Ditto's Dental Parlour and Chiropractic Center." r' -3 U ,-V . ' ir- ! r. --tl 5 ,. j - x A ,ewan ' Y - 5 tea I-li ue! lil L Trailing his ponytail behind, Jack strolled into UCLA from UCSD. In San Diego, following a hitch in Vietnam, Jack cultivated his unique life-style, "casuaI bIiss" Our resident Guru, The Deviate, has 'supplied' the better things in life to many in our class. Always generous, Jack will gladly lend his body for any carnal needs lregardless of agel. A man of mystery, inuendo and rumor follow Jack everywhere ---Is it true that Dr. F. stayed in Group Gfor2 years because Jacksupplied him with dirty magazines? ---Is it true that Jack cut his hair in exchange for early graduation? ---Wasn't the movie 'Cool Hand Luke' patterned after Jack's experiences in dental school? ---Why did Jack always have a grin on his face and his hands in his pocket? ---' Leaf Man' . . . What does that mean? Jack will be heading for the 50th state following graduation. Quote: "See you all in Tahiti in ten years. Boy, that's time for many new encounters, many new ex- periences, and many new warped stories. Be mellow . . . Enjoy!!! Here's a sleeper if you ever knew one. Don't let his meek and mild manner fool you. Dr. Draggato is UC LA's roving rookie and can be found in the boy's room drinking Jack Daniels and lagging for pennies. With one quarter left and short of his Pedo requirement, he could also be found cruising by the day Care center with his bumper sticker "Eat Candy." While not at school. Phil was always off hunting . . . for girls that is. When he catches one, Dr. D. hopes to convince her to run the crap tables and roulette wheels in the back room of his office. One day Phil hopes to practice in Northern California. Preferably in a small town where the deer, the antelope, and the Dragatto can play. l-:T L' 5 r "f-551.-:iw-eng.: Tiffin. N il Q , mm Recovering from a wipeout on a 3 foot roller, Mike buried his board and donned clinical garb. lHoley Levis, desert . boots, and that damn blue hat.J After lvllke Dugas that post-mortem freshman year, Dugas D D S rejuvenated to the point where he re- ' ' ' ceived the class award for persistence -- a cold shower from Joanie O. Unfettered by this ego shrinker, Mike moved onto and into greener grass in the form of the "BaId Eagle." But alas, even though true happiness may warm the hearts of these two, what about Roger? , 11,5 Mike always strives to be first. Like the ' 1 first to receive the coveted award for . clinic excellence. One week vacation X at home, courtesy of Dr. Jeannet. l Dr. Dugas future is open to change. But one thing is for sure, if anyone finds a position for a one-eyed dentist, give Mike a call. 3 Phil Dragotto D.D.S. 27 I ,-,X ,pax G., F. ' ,',,...Q-!, J. i . .i .ii Anne Eavis D. D. S. fi .1 .3 ,if ,r ,,g , -..YE XJ..-1 5' Ann, an ex-key banger from the secre- tarial pools of Sacramento, is best remembered for winning the Steno- graphic Award in 1975. She had the only complete set of notes for the psychology of Patient Management class last fall. Complete with illustra- tions, critique, and the guest lecturer's astrological forecast. A conscientious operator and perfection- ist at heart, Ann has become famous for her monumental battles in the clinic with Dr. Standlee. She describes them as "The Battle with the Bulge." The summer of '76 will probably see - Ann pushing her beloved VW Beetle in ' the general direction of Sacramento. If . you ever see a flashing red emergency beacon on Highway 99, stop and give a hand, it'II probably be Ann's blushing complection. i., I ' - 'f' f -. ' '- f ' T ' .- - ' 4 Y 1 1 f - , K -, v jim Edmond -----Ntgw D.D.S. "wiv ' W, . , i Lug .fl Jimmy, in his earlier years, had spent most of life in search of something in which he could become king. After many failures in various intellectual endeavors, he dispairingly concluded that he would never become the ruler of anything. He resigned himself to utter futility until one day a letter arrives from UC LA informing him of his acceptance to Dental School. This, needless to say, caught him by sur- prise since he hadn't even applied. Once here, Jimmy found that Dentistry was not for him. Were it not for intra- mural Sports, he would have left us long ago. Golf is Jimmy's real love, but those of us who know him, still can't understand how he can putt so well with such a short putter. Jimmy's plans after graduation are to shoot subpar on a miniature golf course and practice dentistry long enough to pay for his green fees. Marc Elson D. D.S. fl' 'j'!Q -'5Q1..Jl.i 1.3531 1' 'fo -' -if 1,7-l L A, xml' 5 '..-r',IIL,,' - 1 " I 4- A' f- H1 I 'W 'ill' -':.,i'.:.f-.qw ,EM ' . - 'fa 1 1:5 lf:-A, Q29-"l . 1 , ' 3 ml if ' ii.. .4.- . 1" -V f - 3 -- .-" 'j.'::,'f in - ,, - - " "fa . -'.., if-:Eu Q, 5. ,, 1,5-.1 Z.: wifi,-E , , , ,IH-:W-Y. g ,1 ,V - - ,ui A- A -- fl ' -1. U -I g. 'J . T - , Ron Evans D. D.S. ' 4 L Mark hitchhiked hiswayto UCLA from his beloved state of New York by posing as Groucho Marx, handing out cigars, and promising S500 to the drivers if they ran over a duck en route. The highlight of Mark's life, however, came while staying at Keams Canyon. There, Mark's dream came alive, i.e., creating doctor-patient relationship by challenging the Indian Staff to pool, ping-pong, baseball, and basketball. It wasn't until he had returned to UCLA that he discovered he'd forgotten to insert their dentures. Although infinitely loyal to his home state tshort of donating moneyi, returning to the East Coast does not appear to be included in his plans. Apparently Mark has come across an interesting "antibody" in the Biochemistry Research Department which has been depleting his physical reserves. When questioned, Mark has coyly refused to mention names. Whoever she is, we can thank her for keeping Mark's "New Yawk" accent and "Mr. Nice Guy" attitude with us in California. For the past four years, 'Arnold the Greek' has generally been accepted as being the originator of the DAT vocabulary test. Coming to us from Fresno, California, with the nickname 'Microcosomis Vernacularis,' was the main reason dental school could not turn him down. Ron's abilities, however, didn't stop at four letter words. He's also shown him- self to be a proven asset on the intra- mural football, basketball, and base- ball teams. In return for his all night 'bring your best parts' parties, dental school has also given him snow skiing, golf partners, fright, Chow?l and Sue Soltes. A well rounded and well liked guy, we're sure Ron will fend quite well despite his two deficiencies: birthplace and his cranial glare. jim Fabozzi D.D.S. Roger Fenton D.D.S. --.ivw --.V -.T-U--1 +,m, , " 124- -3, - , : ' 'lm F it-af-'14 rj- .l fps. A whining "Quiet Air," a cloud of tooth V dust, and a hearty "Time for a cup?" Jim Fabozzi drills again. With his faith- ' ful DAU companion, Linda, this daring and resourceful bearded wonder leads a never ending battle for pulp horns and Friday golf in old Group A. Although normally a connoisseur of the finer things in life such as line drawing and expensive restaurants, lunch hour would usually find him sitting at the Bomb Shelter drinking his and every one eIse's coffee. In spite of the financial burdens of den- tal school, he managed to come to school driving a VW and leave driving a new 280 Z lDue partly to his work drawing blood at the hospital and partly to his wife's job.l All in all, Fabozzi will be best remem- bered by all of us for his friendly manner, distinctive laugh, and insati- able need for caffeine. Roger is one of the many in our class who have spent a period of time in other fields prior to starting dental school. He has an easy-going personality that allows him to easily deal with most people and situations. However, his experience here has not been without some difficulties. Initially, Roger selected a "low-profile" stance to survive the rigors of dental school. He followed this plan closely at first, but after starting work in the clinic, he seemed to forget his plan completely. Roger did not seem to realize that "low-profile" did not include explaining the duties and responsibilities of a group director to a group director, nor did he realize that campaigning to prevent the reduction of clinic hours did not fall within this realm. One of the most difficult situations Roger faced in coping with dental school was future shock in reverse: twentieth century technology in a world where fourteenth century craftsmanship was revered. Upon graduation, Roger will be taking over a practice in Huntington Beach with his brother. With his personality and capabilities, he should find success with ease. Richard Joseph Fernandez, alias the "Mad Dicker", left the International Gym- nastics Team early in his career after discovering that he couIdn't pawn his medals without paying import duty. Shortly after entering dental school, Dickie re-entered the limelight by entertain- ing most of the class with spectacular debacles at his now legendary "Hyperion Nightclub." As time passed, however, Dangling Dick grew weary of having his den of debouchery regularly visited by the new centurions, and retired to a quiet, modest S175,000 house in Venice complete with chauffered. limosine at a reason- able cost of "nothing down and no monthly payments", certainly a notable achievement for someone who can't keep up the payments on his Opel. If Dickie decides to work for a living after he graduates, we can be sure that "Joseph" will find some way to make it as painless as me made it in school. Fong, the "Hustler", came to us from " The City" lSan Francisco for the uninitiatedi with pool cue in hand and a munitions depot in the trunk of his car. A six year man with the U.S. Forest Service and a veteran of nearly 40 fires lcausing one to look at his smoking habit with suspicionl, Bill brought some of those flames to the clinic as he ments in record time. f 'F' On weekends, Bill feels that extended trips to the desert gives him the neces- - - sary release from the pressures of school. .. 4,1 ,- "l1'f - One can only guess at what kind of pressures cause him to hunt ground i.,, , completed his fixed and partials require- lg J i align 'Eli' 54935 + -'1'-v I " 'H' hz ', ' Lis -F. ". Q1 wi, nn I Fifi -I3 E' F5519 iulgiq- u ,cn fv, ' -if, . Zjfw f-if fc" fill- s!" - 2' 'fjig V Dick Fernandez D.D.S. Bill Fong D.D.S. squirrels with a 12 gauge shotgun. For the future, though, Bill is already making plans for going back to "The City" to avoid paying his dues to the American Rifleman's Association. 3527?- A Mark Gjerde D.D.S. While anxiously awaiting his acceptance to Colonel Sanders Academy of Fried Chicken operators, Gary received his invitation to attend dental school at UCLA. Figuring that this was merely some type of unusual prerequisite, Gary became one of the class's most diligent students. Gary's student file later be- came stuffed with flowing recommenda- tions from the sophomore lab janitors who were often welcomed by Gary at 2 a.m. to a piece of chicken and a can of beer. Finding the clinic game to be child's play, Gary tried to make the game more interesting by leaving open appoint- ments, and having his four patients cancel as many as frequently as possible. His efforts did not go unappreciated. Dr. Kaplan now congratulates him each time he seats a crown and shakes his hand each time he shows he can do a Gary France procedure more than once. After graduation, Gary plans to look for a chicken franchise with a drive thru practice in San Diego. . .,,aiF?'3'HM,Li..'- me A Ol' "Dirty has got to be one of our most productive comrades. By Christmas of '75 he had completed more crowns than Rimio has hairs on his chest and more endos than Dr. Serene has "uhs." Nlark has, we are forced to admit, worked hard to complete these units, but the general consensus is still that he turned in the same eight units under four different instructors. Mark has always had delusions of grandeur. In the coming years we will probably see a billboard in Sacramento flashing " Dr. Gjerde has one hundred offices to serve you." In all fairness, though, Nlark is one of those people who works hard enough to make it look easy. Just remember - if you keep your chin up, someone -is sure to recommend a sagittal split. The moral has something to do with the reliability of the stars. N X4 luan Gonzalez 5 Sebastian Glaze, known to some as the "Panamanian PeriI" has for the past four years, managed to elude all of our questions concerning his romantic interludes. We're not sure, but it has been suggested that it has something to do with his perpetual wearing of dark glasses and a mysterious lady in red. Always one for innovative ideas, Sebastian has become indelibly etched in Dr. MandeI's memory for his demonstrations of the bloodless alginate extraction technique. When not dubbing his voice for Un-Cola commercials, Sebastian can often been seen chugging around with his sidekick, Andy, performing bodyguard duties by swinging his purse to clear a path on his way to the top. .f 'Y ,gf P, V V l , fx-1 ,, . Q 'Gps - Skilled, dedicated, conscientious, and overly efficient, Juan made himself an instant success by using all three shades of tooth arcrylic to construct four anterior PFG temporarys that D. D. S. I I 0 v Q 2'1" 1 l looked better than the porcelains. For his trouble, though, Juan had to spend the next two appointments trying to -V convince his patient to give up the temporarys so he could seat the PFG's. pf, ' r'-v,.4fX Not only was this moustached marvel productive in clinic, but managed to produce lwith some assistance from Bertha! a gorgeous 7 Ib. 11 oz. casting named Bertha Veronica. Upon graduation, Dr. Gonzalez plans to show the Public Health Service the finer points of handball, weightlifting, and anterior temporization. Sebastian Glaze D. D. S. .- -A -in--' ' Q., 'W -H., E+? isiifff' 2-V 6945 JA, -,,A. A, if ,, " 292,- 553 if S Exif lm, Doug Gordon in-patient out on parole. Since he has D' to Camarillo will be self-explanatory. When the Class of '76 initially con- vened and "Uncle Bob" was describing our S1,850,00 worth of bargains, Doug was seen still sitting at a Kiosk trying to get directions to the school. Doug was so late in getting to UCLA that his first move was to withdraw his applica- tion for the next year. In his four years here, Doug has managed X. ' . "' s to accumulate more hours of bridge playing than bridge waxing. Even if M he has difficulty in getting his bridges If to seat, we'll always remember that if QN the Gordon finesse will always go. at During our sophomore year, Doug spent many a Friday night driving up to Camarillo. Although his girlfriend lived there, some suspect he was really an since married Ann, any continued trips Next year will probably find Doug north of Oakland giving free amalgams to anyone who comes in with a deck of cards. .1 Between clinic work, tutoring, for-real reasearch, eating and sleeping, there's little time for Alan's first love, the clarinet. Yet, the influence of his musical background is apparent both inside and outside the clinic. Outside, he can show you how to get the most out of your stereo components. Inside, he is a man of fancy fingerwork, a balanced B-flat amalgam carrier, and sheet music mixed in with the charts. If you think the clinic hassle sin't worth it, it's worth less to Alan. He is going on to oral pathology school in Indiana. Alan has promised to remember what bad lectures are like so he can give good ones. He feels that teaching with style and enthusiams is important, the quality of the lecture dependent as much on the style of delivery as on the content. We'lI just have to trust him on his own set of "behavioral objectives". In any case, though, we'll know where to send our ameloblastoma biopsies, and who to call when we need an A-sharp pathologist. 34 ' A 'A Ron Green D. D. S. ' ,rf AU' 4 Nlr. Greenjeans, Ron-O or Honk, is probably recognized mainlv for his cinema- graphic incapabilities. This terror of guest lecturers also enjoys biking, eating, basketball and playing a mean guitar. Once in a while he practices some dentistry lthat is if he can get away from the worm farml. After leaving dental school and the co-op, Ron plans to do an internship in Southern California. He'll probably practice in the Southland so he'll be close to his worm farm. iThought we were kidding, huh'?l One sure thing can be said of Ron-O: he always knows where he's going . . . he just follows his head, which is seen cruising slightly ahead of his body. t "S I S U ' ll . Bob became known to the Class of '76 early in the freshman year as the guy you didn't dare talk to till after lunch. At lunch, he then became the guy you didn't want as a bridge partner unless you liked playing stealing defense. Bob Grossklaus Bob's medical emergencies. What she aidnw realize was that this would in- 't clude three weeks at Keams Canyon lg sorting out 10,000 patients, their medical papers and ten love-starved students. l Klaus's dental digits also found time to appear as one of "Fearsome Foursome plus One" in intramural basketball. A frequent visitor of national parks, Bob will leave L.A. for an environment more suited to his Boy Scout instincts. Bob's zeal for overfiled endos prompted him to take out malpractice insurance by marrying a nurse, Terri, who pro- I "Ti mised to love, cherish and handle all of iff fE15'ff?1'f"9 f.. f' Frank retired from an illustrious football career at Redlands U. to attend UCLA. Since starting here with us four years ago. "King Kong" has progressed from a shy, retiring wallflower to an outgoing, energetic party-goer with a distinctive bellow recognizable within a 20 mile radius. He has also attempted to keep in shape by running some heavy laps at the track but was discouraged by the swarm of airplanes that kept shooting at him. Ed Hayashida D. D. S. , nfl' - If KJV' Frank s talents in Fixed can only be con- l sidered excellent even though he has . cast one of these crowns eight time s while repeating to himself: "It has to f work: I've done everything just like the book says." Frank and Barb are still unsure of their future plans since Frank may still be casting that same crown next year. Frank Grossman D.D.S. Not known to many, the Berkeley Bodhi Tree on May 12, I948 shed one leaf which would later be known as Ed "Buddha" Hayashida, Berkeley's answer to that famous Far Easterner. Ed's background did play an important role in dental school as he prayed those margins would seat and meditated and Ievitated his way through crown and bridge for was he just sleeping'?i. Never admitting he could do it all, or well at all, "Buddha" decided the best way to prepare for his future was as financial adviser and treasurer for us as Juniors and then as Student Body Treasurer as Seniors. To think that we thought the "Seven Steps of Cavity Preparation" were all there was to dentistry. Good guy, sincere, likable, talented - Berkeley, California look out! 1 The only Ieprechaun to suffer from re- current herpes, Greg will be remembered no-I as one of the nicer members of our class. You could always tell where the bridge game was at noon by Greg's loud lament "unbelievable" after his partner took another losing finesse. I , '-.197 A good athlete and spunky competitor, he was a regular participant in Saturday morning basketball games. After three years of slamming into each other on the basketball courts, he and Rocky plan to tour the country debating the l subtle differences between an offensive i or defensive foul. Greg is perhaps the only dental student in history to get anything more out of neurology than deep sleepy and parlayed his high grade into 2 years of work Gfeg Hayes study with Dr. Goldberg. D D 5 Dr. Hayes plans to move to the San Diego area with his wife, Judy, baby Kimberly and associate. l I I 'l l .3 X 1 Q. -I i , W ' f14iT7?f-f., l ,,f:j,,1-at , iff -I 1 I..-rj-,vi - Y. E ie ' 44. ---- --.A--5 V 7: .-y-- -'gf 1 1 . -'- -- "' 'V Q ,ij .wif-'....p.liJ:-,i1,'l I ..- g l 6 ffl ri ' 31+ - ' riff-5 - , , N, R . My 'I ' X, - 1. jgmuw -' - - " it JA-,gif f"L .A 'W 'V 2,1 " ' 'N l 'q 1:S ' 'H-""""4' ,' 53-4 --' l I-iq. -if ' 1 1 - 'T"?" "Z" i ..,....-'3Qf"' A g ' f , --.-..f-A 5' T- . W 1 ' "'I"""' 5 L - ' "' 'W . .4- r .--,, ,,,,4 i A- ""' . -- U 4, K, iii -A' ..fff":,:-IL eg:-f B b H is p or 3 A -A sew. :V 1 W -...Y - v .. 3--f -. P--eg --+- f. .f , V O arry , :qw '-:--- ' g-.g,..-- V.,-ax .., .l ,.-.. 37751. N:,.,,A -V A K, i V .A I' 2 I. D.D.S. . , ,, g -t ' A 1 .vgwh -ka ,. , V , K 1 Y - ...4n-v 'P 5 ,,, HY., , . ,fr Our own in-house Harry to the Long Ranger's Tonto, Bob managed to turn down an offer from the Dallas Cowboys to take up dentistry here at UCLA. Sporting an ear-to-ear grin and the largest clinical crowns in the world, Bob can usually be found telling dirty stories to the DAU instructors in Group C, and quizzing hygienists on their knowledge of Cherokee fertility symbols. Bob's real pride and joys are his wife Betty and his little girl Becky, both of whom have been known to deny any relationship whenever he tells one of his famous stories in mixed company. B.H.'s free and easy demeanor will lead him to a private practice in Oklahoma or Colorado, "Wherever I can find peaceful Indians and plenty of buffalo." W. l. '11-EW' l f il XJ 'fi' T 't X' Leonard Holguin D.D.S. "Cool Hand Holquin" has somehow managed to survive four years of UCLA without once ever growing uptight, depressed or angry although we have heard an occasional "Darn it" echoing from the general vicinity of his cubicle. You may have noticed lately that Leo's hair is becoming shorter. His barber, Tony Cabrera's wife, Maggie, likes short hair. Each time Leo goesin Maggie slips him a couple of beers and cuts off more hair. At the rate Leonard drinks those beers, one of these days he's going to come back to the clinic without any eyebrows. For the future, Leo has gotten an offer from his old employer lSearsJ to give up his part time job in the stockroom and open a D.D.S. office next to the hearing aide stand and Allstate in- surance counter. l Hs- Giu, all :A -intl After completing undergrad on upper campus, Ted headed south to teach dental classmates to play bridge. Now he had a partner whenever he had free time fand Ted ALWAYS seemed to have free timel. Ted's claim to fame, however, was the 10 yard dash. Not only could Ted finish an exam before anyone else had their name down, but his ability to turn it in from the back row ibefore Brian! was legendary. Ted had several other interests while in dental school. They included sports, com- pleting clinic requirements as quickly as possible, irritating Rocky the was REALLY interested in this! and several unmentionables. There are two women in Ted s life. One being his wife and the other his daughter. They are both very lucky, not because they have Ted, but because they don't look anything like him. 38 Ted Hutchison D.D.S. Larry transferred from a three year school in New Jersey to the four year land maybe a summeri school of UCLA because he loves to study. He also heard UC LA girls wear bikinis on campus in December. The typical "Larry Iida position" in class is face down on his desk, which is one of the reasons how his lips got that way. Seriousl though Larry does excellent work and possesses a resourceful mind which '3' Y . will assure him df success in the future. He plans to write a book on his favorite hobby: 101 positions you can do under nitrous oxide and may set up a practice in Keams Canyon where he will specialize in the "broken I-bar technique". There he will raise billy goats, the first of which he will name after his beloved group director. Gary Jacobsen, originally from Nlontere Park, the higher class section of East L.A., became quickly known around UCLA School of Dentistry as "Jake, the Jake". His interests were wide and varied: tennis, basketball, golf, football, pool, baseball, chess and qirls, not necessarily in that order. One of the Tlgureheads of the "La Mancha for Lunch Bunch" he still tries uneventfully to "sink the Bismarck" fa not too erotic phrase describing what most of us would like to do to the superstructure of an overly endowed female residentl. One of his close friends is Ron Evans, a golfing partnerwith whom he has won and lost many matches and much money to that terrible two- some of Creighton Chow and James Edmond. When he's not trying to find his way out' of Big Daddy's or almost causing us to lose our cover design, he's doing super fine dentistry on the clinic floor. Next year Gary wants to try for a residency program anywhere in Southern California. Larry I ida D. D. S. as-ri Gary Jacobsen D. D. S. sF.'-s., ,W- L. . . L Y - IT' X 1 X X 1' V The U.C.L.A. School of Dentistry Class of 1976 presents ,RW fx l A I-uolv CABA RET!! musical fashion and ' production wine tast' mg party A ben em for Cald the well Memorial Fund Sunday do i . April za 1973 Pacific Ballroom, Los A Hil L V Y A A N. .luVjFY'j A' 6 ngeles ton Hotel K. ' 1 9? U 0 0' 7 The Joe Dfmdys Q 50's Party xT 0 DY DISC Y l Sid jackson D.D.S. Al jefferson D.D.S. Sidney, our own Ebony Adonis, has managed to dominate the clinic scenario as the symbol of contemporary virility except during those moments when his boss, Cheryl, slaps him down and tells him to act his age. When not enticing 'Kitty Cats' into his cubicle, Sidney can be found giving his 'beat them while you can' handball lessons to his friends. As originator of the 'Tank Top Clinic Coat', Sidney will continue in his attempts to informalize Dr. Xhonga, whom he still addresses as "Hey, Mama." Practical as he is, Sidney will probably ' confine his practice to 'Foxy Thighs' who can pay their bills and supply him with ashtrays. Albert Joseph Jefferson, Jr., alias "Albert", was one of our full time front-rowers in class. Best known for his Greek answers to English questions Ca Ia. E Pluribus Jefferson! he stalked the hospital halls in search of female companionship and true love. His glittering outfits and studs are evidence of an earlier career as a human target for a downtown rivet gun. Always one for excitement, he set his foot on fire in anatomy class and swallowed one of his own denture teeth during a removable practical the passed too, sans toothl. Albert's favorite pasttime include chess, guitar, anatomy and observation of the feminine form. Albert always had something favorable to say about the latter and scammed on any chick regardless of race, creed, color or lack of appearance. Once he tried to pick up a weird chick at a party who turned out to be Sidney Jackson. Good luck "Genez", militant, sparkling one lGlitter-Boy for shortl. Some of us may wonder just who Bill Johnson is, and with good reason. While most of spent our first year suffering through lectures and cramming to the point of tears in the library, Bill was lounging at home in Pasadena and would pry himself away from his easy chair only long enough to drive in and take exams. Sophomore year was rougher on B.J. since he had to drive in TWICE a week to get his preps graded. Bill's ability to talk and good sale is evicenced by the fact that he was able to coerce his girlfriend into marrying him and also giving his patients the impression that the UCLA Dental Clinic is located in Pasadena. B.J. will probably scout up a good pedo program or residency next year with the stipulation that it be located within walking distance of downtown Pasadena. Billjohnson D.D.S. john low D.D.S. al .1 , ff J. J., the "Crabby Crusher" from Berkeley, left the darkened halls of Cal to spend his next four years in the darker and darker corridors of Hershey Hall. "Jowser", the only one in our class to go for three years without once driving a car, was never deterred from dating every girl in H.H. who had a reputation -.J for respectability and a car worth more than six grand. Althoug.. he was an enthusiastic karate expert in his undergraduate days, J.J. is reluctant now to work out these days, stemming from his fear of becoming too muscular. Vegetating at Hershey, though, has not dulled John's clinical abilities. His black belt in "Loose Prosthetics" should see him through an internship at Chuck Norris's waiting room. g " -il 4.1.14 y 'wa in '. ' 5 ff lj, gf Aj' K 7 H. 5 . sum? COBRA BTW .-,' .-ifzvi-f-if-P-14: ' 'E ' it ':.-11:-iii'-115'-S: Bruce Kawaguchi D.D.S. My Jerry Kamei, alias the Elton John of Group A, came to our dental school after three years of undergraduate gigs at UCLA. Although Jerry is a truly accomplished musician, he will probably be best re- membered for his uncanny driving skills. After accumulating numerous tickets, he decided to move onto more exciting things. He began a seek and destroy mission. His most famous attack being unleashed on an unfortunate car which had already been hit and was thus disabled. This didn't stop fearless Jerry as he rammed it again right in front of the police! Lately Jerry's into literally taking spins on the freeway with his girlfriend, Carol. Actually, his auto escapades are quite remarkable because he runs out of gas before he really gets going. jerry Kame' D.D.S. Future plans for Dr. Kamei, a truly fine dentist, include general practice in the L. A. area and continuing fame as gg" 'l A"' Elton John, D.D.S. Marriage may also 1 gf' ,"' rear its head at him if he's not careful. 1 wj' We all wish him the best of luck as he's -Q-il ,g i such an affable, talented young man. ,lang A ' if 5:1 .V,, - el ji' .. ,- L, "Kawazoom", the legendary winner of the "Golden Hands Award", quickly estab- lished himself as a staunch individualist by informing Dr. Hoard of the preventive virtues of cutting Class II foil preps in the shape of a 1965 289 Cobra. Zoomer, a member of a certain unsavory skiing group known as "Joanie's Family", is, as yet, unsurpassed for his record-breaking 70 mph, straight-line ski run from the top of lift 5 at Mammoth, to the main lodge which resulted in his wiping out three Volkswagons and a Winnebago as he slid into the parking lot and then got a ticket for obstructing traffic. Zoom claims he's going to learn how to make turns next season. When he isn't in the clinic, or in the lab casting his 184th crown, Bruce is often out taking afternoon drives with his girlfriend, Judy, who has, for the past four years, managed to endure his chain smoking, their "economy" dates, and his lengthy discussions about Shelby GT 350's. Such is true love. Post graduation plans for the Zoomer will probably include a high-rate associate- ship somewhere in Orange County and a long overdue wedding. i i Karl Kawakami, or Nlr. Postman of C.A.S.O., is known in the clinic as being a hard worker and conscientious operator. Outside of the clinic, though,we remember him as being the one who laughed through the EXORCIST and rooted for the shark while drinking his Chivas during JA WS. Despite his many achievements, Karl is still to be congratulated for: tal being the only one who had to do an immediate denture for a hemophiliac, tbl scaling all of his patients with only a Barnhardt 1-2, tcl threatening Pedo patients with treat- ment from Dr. Gershen, and tdl for being the only one who could sleep through Oral Surgery and tie for top score on the final. lVluch of his success in the clinic, though, must go to his girlfriend, Jean, who put him through Junior and Senior year with her six Class II's. Karl's future plans include a general practice residency program, followed by an L.A. associateship and a starring role in "Marcus Gannon, D.D.S." ti gg ,ir Fl Evelyn Kennedy moms, D.D.S. in ' 1 X . Karl Kawakami D.D.S. D 1 Over the course of four years, Evelyn - has never once missed sitting "front row, center" with Starrie and IVIudd, and thus led some of the class to believe that somewhere along the line someone Y was sell ing season tickets to the lecture if. As a part time hygienist for Ronnie H., Evelyn was never as short of cash as .- she was for time, which led to a " Hutchison-like speed in the clinic. Her blinding speed in the operatory, however, did not prevent her from developing a meaningful doctor-patient relationship with Rigg to the point of "throwing in the cookies" and marrying him. After a probable post grad Perio program, Evelyn will finally get a chance to SEE what she is scaling in private practice periodontics. Scooby had to get into the field of dentistry to support his habit: apparently Scoob has got a Lotus on his back. Actually, Scoob was overjoyed at the technology which the dental school was able to provide since it made it easier for him to fabricate Lotus Elan parts. Only the Scoob would have the nerve to burn up a 157.00 diamond bur to fabricate a part he could have bought for 506. John's only complaint with UCLA is that 'FL his contention that 30 PSI is too weak to power his Quiet-Air fast enough to finish his patients by 3:00 p.m. Conse- quently Scoob is presently in the process of adapting his hi-speed to a Weber- carburated, 200 horsepower Lotus twin- cam. We'd like to see what happens if a bur breaks. Scooby dooby doo where are you? john Kouba D. D. S. , Ml, 'KZQ4 f T X Long, lean Jack, one of the select group of "good guys" from L.A. decided to attend UCLA rather than leave "The Basin", not from any undying loyalty, but primarily because he had developed an addiction to smog. Jack is known by the Class of '76 in many respects, but particularly for his scholastic achievements. This is exemplified by Jack's being chosen as the first dental stu- dent to be awarded the "Bat Rack" Scholarship. This scholarship is awarded an- nually to the dental student showing the most promise in conscious sedation. During the past four years of his dental education, Jack has repeatedly proven his inherent talent in this area, especially during lectures. During clinic, Jack's patients undoubtedly found him easy-going and likable-- especially when he was conscious. Jack plans to carry out his many fine attributes into a general practice somewhere in the L.A. area. Q0 lack Kurtz D. D.S. -, A.-r lla - '-'v- '.,1 -,.- "'.v,',,:f, 'A 1 , 'A x 14... l so H7 F' -. ' l??.'5L?t't47' I l i3f9l?Q',x,'f A ' 'L 1, r-dmgl E,-fv , ' 1 ff - ' .fr -- ,. 1,-,-.r ' --- . ,. f. ,. .-.-, .A., . . 1, 'ffllff' L: 'PW' lfrktr-YE Alfie M 'fx V' ll- l. Ii' 1 Though hlghly competent and confldentm her dental skulls Barbara came to us equipped with her own malpractice lawyer hubby Walter Actually, Barb had no mtentnon of applymg to dental school until she sat In on one of Walt's trials and heard hum demand what she thought was "The tooth, the whole tooth and nothmg but the tooth Barb bemg a dutiful wlfe ran out of the courtroom and filed her appllcatlon fBarbara may be a Iuttle hard of hearlng but her heart's In the right placel Barbara Lack A frustrated beach bunny Barb showed up every Monday durmg the warmer months D D S sportmg a tan ruvaled only by that of Jrm Edmonds only to have It fade by Tuesday fas does Jlm sl th en Next year, Barb IS hoping for a VA Internship of West L A assoclateshlp Regardless of the way things turn out, she won't starve She couldn't even lf she wanted Her duet lsn't substantial enough to even get a starvation ratmg gud? A l'l0W undel- Tom Callas Rodl Laver, fled to UCLA as a transfer student from Northwestern Unlverslty After setting three of has mstructor's coats on flre as a freshman Lave sought the securuty of our pass! fall system durmg his Sophomore year All was quuet and calm for Tom AI though he was elected as the ASDA rep durmg his Junior year, Tom stall managed to remain a total stranger to hus classmates Once again yearning for the limelight Tom campaxgned for and was elected Student Body Presldent on a platform of Women's Rvghts and more beards Tom s clmnc accomplushments are as nebulous as hrs rare appearances nn his own cubicle Fortunately the proxlmlty ofhls operatory to tne wmdow has allowed hum to dream of a future practice In Santa Barbara while trying to Insert maxlllary dentures Into dentulous mandnbles Tom Laver D D S Ji' r Starrie Lowe D.D.S. George Maddox ll D. D. S. Starrie, generally considered to be one of the fastest operators in the clinic, has recently revealed that her phenomenal success was the direct result of avoiding all prep checks by feigning a language barrier. In addition to her clinical activities and the aggravation associated with it, Starrie has somehow found time to take up tennis, swimming, sailing lessons, taking little Starrie, Stella and Steve to school, cooking three meals a day fnever missing onel, checking the kids' homework, doing wax ups at home, and keeping Peter happy all before her 9:00 a.m. patient. After graduation, Starrie expects to open up solo practice where she wants to have the best location, the best equipment, the best hygienists, the best assistants and the best patients fpayingi, which means that most of her time will be spent avoiding her 200 relatives seeking free dental work. Due to an error in his creation, the original George W. Maddox was a "do-over" so a "II" was added to his name. One of the famed Maddox Brothers, George terror- ized the wrestling teams at Cerritos College for two years to the tune of "George of the Jungle." Having decided to pursue a career in dentistry, George came to UCLA after decid- ing that psychology would provide a better background for dentistry. As an avid sportsman at UCLA, George invented a new sport called "The First Date Homerun", more commonly known as "The Score." The sport consists of two teams of one player each, usually a male and a female. The rules of the game are some- what obscure, but George is an avid player even though he often ends up beating himself. As one of the easiest going characters in our class, we can be sure that wherever George opens up practice, the grass will always be greener. "'?l Felix, a graduate of Figueroa College, has, over the course of four years managed to blend into the UCLA scene with the solubility of oil and water as evidenced by our occasional glimpses of him as he quietly snuck over to "the other side" at the UCLA-USC games. Being the only person in the class with three last names has given Feefer an ob- sessive complex to buy three of everything including assistants, one phone call to the "Eastside" and S.S. White's dividends go up three points. Buying is not the only hobby to which Felix holds claim. As the only hubby to feel the seven-year-itch in three years, Feefer has managed to accumulate more one- visit erio atients than Craven He still maintains that those afternoon luncheons Felix Martin Del Campo D.D.S. P P - were to observe their oral hygiene. Never one to think in small terms, our in-house Mobile Clinic director plans to supplement his private practice by buying out the SS White warehouse and turning it into a 1,400 chair community clinic. sonality, Sam Buena Ventura's own out of gas on her daily journeys to 'mrs Helen and Jarvis maybe, but not Virginia. Known for her hard work and warm per- Virginia became an instant inspiration to her fellow dental students. Talk about devotion - she was so intent on attending all those 8:00 a.m. lectures that her poor VW was starved for oil and sometimes school. Talk about boundless energy - helping run the UCLA mobile clinic on Saturdays and propagating fuscias on Sundays were not enough. She even had it in her to keep all her Group B cubi- cle mates company while working late in clinic Monday through Friday nights. And talk about a future - with her hus- band Wally and her daughter Lauren be- side her, one of our future super dentists will be roughing life in an associateship in Hollywood just 5 minutes from home 1 and in a brand new office. Who could ask for anything more? Not Virginia! Virginia Meek D.D.S. .7-.v' iv' - .0 ,,,,,w.m A-gi, ,,,.: ,.,,, ,A ,,., 91 gl Ye iiig V., N . We-F' 1 . , . - lkii' 9' efeifelt' 1-2, in , Ml, ,... ,, ., H sr- it -we , I f-Q F "itll fjl 5,- ,. ' - rw , ll . '-"' ' ff' V '-.Art "Wifi ' . .' at . ' 4 - 1 ' ' J H 5 Laverne Merth D. D.S. Tired of student activism at Berkley, Steve split from "The City" after getting a degree in biology from Cal. l l An avid athletic supporter CJock-strap?J, N Steve came to UCLA for dentistry and 1 season tickets to Bruin basketball games. Speaking of ball games, we can still re- 1 member Steve eyeing the Bio-Med li- brary girls with the comment: "Little do they know we're here just for fun." Tiring of these escapades, Steve tripped up and discovered that the real girls were in the Law Library and thus mar- ried Nancy, a law student, to eliminate his future malpractice problems. Steve plans a general practice residency so he can cruise into dentistry ". . , slowly and safely . . .". Afterwards, he and Nancy will probably return to the Bay area. Actually, Steve will probably go wherever the opportunity is the great- est to make the most with the least. Steve Merritt D. D.S. ft eager-fm-V A , , -T .V lgzj r , nr' ' -" . . lp ,A -,,, . . 4- 1fgnya.g-7 X. .iz- N' 4 Y XZ 1' .E-,szm lj y.: . if: 1 . - ' FQG,.,g,. - f ,. 'P fel Mu What would you think of a student who was so modest that she never once men- tioned her numerous accomplishments? Do such people exist? If there is a list of such people, then Laverne is surely at the top. How many of us would forget to mention that our pre-dental school years included a class presidency, cheerleading, editing school publications, graduating Valedic- torian, a California journalism award, and several art and sculpture awards? Who else would also forget to mention that they started dental school only after raising four stepchildren, one foster child, and five stepgrandchildren? Who else but Laverne. Laverne has got a lot to be proud of, especially her husband, Vic, who has never once failed to commute from San Diego to visit her every weekend for four years. Together, they have even found time to go backpacking, maintain two households and teach their children culinary excellence. With all this going for her, Laverne will have no problems in finding time to start 181 .-vi ' a private practice in San Diego. 1 i '1 J 4 During the "pre-awakened" years of Uncle Sam, Captain Pete Minjarez II managed to elude the ride paddies of Nam by taking an extended R 84 R in Germany. Tiring of the easy life, Pete decided that he would avoid further conflicts by hiding out in dental school until the "disturbance" settled. Once here, though, M II quick- ly barked out orders to "stand clear" and proceeded to establish his 2.68 amalgams per minute record. Pete has promised to up this to an even 3.0 by graduation. Every so often, M II longs once again for the khacky green, and slips away to do his thing for Uncle Sam's reserves. We can always tell if Pete has come back from one of these junkets, when he orders Dr. Federick to take three laps around the clinic before checking his state board set-up. If the Feds ever forget about him, Pete will someday have his eyes on a plush pri- vate practice. More than likely, though, we'lI probably see Pete as our command- ing officer when they ship us all off to the Middle East. -ai ?. 19 IRR l 1 W iff- 155 lgliilfgl-tx .Q ' E X. We 1' I. .mm-. " ff? 2 ':1' ii -if' .L Milli. i 41725, ,iflg .Vigo N' ,SX - il' Ron Mito D. D.S. Ron, one of the most popular members of the Class of '76, has acquired more nicknames than Chow has magic tricks: Mito Mosquito, the Provider, Meeter, Mito Miter Motormouth, and the Stump. Actually Ron at one time was 6'6" un- til a refrigerator fell on his head. He still maintains his 48" shoulders but the effect is not quite the same. His roommate, Chow, describes Ron as a great animal lover having dated in succession, a bird, a kitty, a beaver and a turkey. Ron's list of accolades are as follows: CD he was the only one in the class to own two roommates and a house, l2i he is the only one who can lose and gain more weight on a skiing trip than Joanie, l3J blessed with an unlimited bank account, he almost bought a Pan- tera, a van, four girls and new every- things, and UH he is the best left- handed dentist to work from the right lwrongi side. Meet's future plans range from teaching at UCLA to constructing lnaturallyl a building to house his private practice in Watsonville. Pete Minjarez D. D. S. .ff5?: Richard Montoya D.D.S. Vic Mora D.D.S. Rich came to UCLA from El Paso, Texas, where he has lived all of his life and where he attended the University of Texas. Richvdivided his time at UTEP playing intramural sports, working con- struction every chance he could get to keep up his favorite pastime of horse racing, meeting his wife, Christine, and " L still managing a B.S. degree in biology. Although by first impression Rich ap- peared to be one of the quietest students ' in the class, he was one of the busiest ' ones. Rich could be seen making friends with everyone, including the other stu- dents' patients and he never seemed to know of the word "no" when it came to helping anyone. If Rich does not decide to stay in Holly- wood Park lhorseodontist?J or lose all of his dental equipment in Las Vegas on the way to El Paso, he will either be found practicing dentistry or raising horses and children with his wife Christine in the West Texas town of El Paso. x. I ,3 Fresh from the high living El Centro atmosphere, Vic managed to include in his undergraduate studies: zoology, biology, ornithology and anything else with pretty legs that moved. During those carefree years, Vic held down a total of three jobs, his favorite one being lifeguard duty on the beaches. All was happiness and nooky until a beautiful girl named Barbara kicked sand in his face. Vic followed up with the logical route when accosted by someone tougher, he married her. Both he and Barb are avid travelers and spend so much of their free time on "weekenders" to San Diego that Jimmy the Greek was laying odds on Todd Victor "dropping out of the chute" somewhere between Oceanside and La Jolla. Around the clinic, Vic is easily identified as the dentist with the sweatiest hands but the best all around disposition. Look for Vic next year at the VA or the Public Health Service if you're looking for a ride to S.D. A-rl..-gr Brian was bus his first ear in dental school He was our class president and served Y Y - on various school committees, thus preparing for his future political adventures. Brian likes to plan ahead, so that year he also had his checks printed with DDS. After putting in more time during the nexttwo years as a regional ASDA director and GSA Veep, Brian discovered the sacred edict lrequirementsi and quietly re- tired to the Silent Minority of the front row for his Senior year. Brian will be remembered as one of the few to enjoy the sophomore Ortho class since he was planning to go into Ortho, only to decide that his real calling was elsewhere. Besides, Oral Surgeons make more money. Brian may not have had much to say to his fellow classmates but he seemed to have found at least one member of the staff here more interesting. Marilyn and Brian were married the summer before Senior year. Both she and her sense of hu- . 1 mor will help him through the difficult extractions in his future. Y ' 1' I r- :N iff'-, F VA . Ay I . V' l wwgllblrgl if E is l . ,gl-'H "" 4 - fl 1 !' J ij" it -' - t at I .., Q . V Y 4 Ang Q 1 Y' +P" " fl "", 1 ,- A l 1 . , .1 t W0fT'lel'h X- .pf V .PM . .3 4 I 4, I. , toilet. more women. Wake up Frank! Frank initially left UCLA to pursue a career in engineering. After spending a year in the engineering world, Frank re- turned muttering something about no money and no women in engineering. To alleviate this problem he decided to dedicate his life to dentistry where he he had heard there was money and women and promptly slept through all of it. Once again, no money and no Quiet, lexcept for his snoringi and hard working, Frank spent many nights and early mornings laboring over his soph- omore and junior lab work. The Regents would have had a bargain if they had utilized Frank as a nightwatchman, but they probably would have taken a loss on on coffee needed to keep him awake. -TM 1 ,Q Dental school has given Frank two mem- rl - orable awards. One, obviously, was the "Sleeping Beauty Award", the other was the "FecaI Frank Award" for dropping his natural dentition typodont down the Frank's future plans are indefinite, but one thing is for sure, when he is not f sleeping, Frank wants more money and l k 1., 1 ,V-il iff: Brian Mudd D.D.S. ' v Frank Murakawa D.D.S ,im hr' in-l Steve Nelson D.D.5. 'A "Dirty" Dan Nakamura, the Yellow P Phantom, Cherry Pie or "Nock" is no newcomer to UCLA. After 8+ years, however, he has decided to switch from Crown Royal and cherries to bread and butter. Dan has served the Class of '76 well by serving as Junior class president, ad- missions committee, yearbook com- mittee, 50's party chairman and Mr. Condyloma Accumulata. In return, UCLA has taught him to be a dentist, snow and water skier, tennis maniac, appreciator of Selma raisins, and the difference between craps and cramps. Dan's reputation as an excellent clini- cian is accentuated by the fact that-he doesn't have to squint to see margins Gt comes naturallyl and possesses acro- megalic fingers. Dan Nakamura We are sure that Dan will be quite suc- cessful among the Monterey pines and dental units doing what he knows best . . . playing volleyball, the piano, and just using his hands. W '.1 As one of the mellowest members of our class, Steve's dental school attitude is re- flected in his philosophy that he really doesn't cut his own preps - the Lord does. Illustrating Steve's greatest asset, his phenomenal memory, is the fact that he was the only one to attend classes for four years and still not fill up a whole notebook. The high point of Steve's career, however, was his presentation of a paper to the Dental Research Convention in Atlanta, but even Steve has forgotten the title. Saintly Steve, although a dedicated believer, still credits most of his success to his wife, Missy, who will celebrate his graduation with a new baby. Although Steve's father is a very successful dentist in the Bay area, Dr. Nelson Jr. will try for a post grad perio program, after which he plans to spread the word somewhere in Montana or Colorado. With the Lord's benevolence, Steve will be assured of contentment. I t "-. 1 A , H 'li .I . l v E. . - 1 ill l ' lfVl5:,',, t . will - H" ll, 'fx' "'4!! loan Otomo D.D.S. jf Sunshine and Bruin basketball tickets lured this former All Central Valley and UOP basketball star to UCLA. Although a native of Wankesha, Wis- consin, good natured Gary took dental school in stride and shed his small town image by trying to live a life of deca- dence at the beach. Although basically bashful, Gary has more than once been embarrassed at the Rec Center by Swarms of girls clutching at his ankles screaming "Take me, take me!!" Few of us believed that Gary's fingers could fit into anyone's mouth, but to him, it's just another basketball hoop. He may have scared a few pedo pa- tients, but he's never had any com- plaints - an obious advantage of being 6' 5", 215 lbs. Gary's future looks bright as he hopes to associate somewhere in San Diego, San Francisco or Sacramento, and then re- tire in Lake Tahoe. V . 1 WF' . .'.'. x , t: ,v Av . L.. ,. f, . 'f ,ssh "'-' .. .r lll, WI. 1 r , r n v l 1.353 is :ff .irbt I V I... yy 1. .l. -.,,.l1. Ia- F all- 'lg it " 1' - ' Kgs? "- F , K T" 'K 1 ai , 1 , I 1 , .1 C .. , 1 f , ---i-'4-- "' ,I SL 'f'1,::,fg5-if J- spy , r A-ff' J .. .,. ' L ,., Q 5- l.'...Tc'1--. . ij"--- UC LA's own Wonder Woman, voted most likely to make a good husband, hails from Selma Cwhere?J, California, Raisin Capital of the World - dig those raisins! Our Joanie knocked UCLA off of its feet with one adoring smile after another and of course, super dentistry. Imagine being Class Secretary twice, Student Body Sec- retary, Editor of the Junior and Senior Yearbook sections, Editor of Denticles, work- ing for a concurrent Masters degree in Public Health and still completing four years' worth of dentistry in three. Wow! We'll certainly miss all those "Dadgum- mits", "Honking hookies", and "D-days". Dr. Joan plans to practice in San Luis Obispo and teach public health part time at a university after finishing a year's General Dentistry Residency at the Wadsworth Veteran's Administration Hospital. ' One heck of a lot of talent and class, Joan will surely succeed as Wonder Dentist, Queen of the A.D.A., and our best is with her. .,,- M.- , ,ggmig ,F f- A ., ,722 -1... i - uf.. -vn- . 4. -' ' r , - ,., - ,,, , . x ia---v-saw., eff.--1...--we ,, ..... . ,,,, A EE' J l it .nr D GaryPr1ns l D.D.S. gem W 'Y-. W- l..3J - fa Do You Remember. . . , Hir- L. Elton? Doog and his dongs? Sheik of the Orifice? The 50's come as you are party? 'Nu Who the good Lord sent to gum garden'7 1 Xiu: aw! Those easy Cases? The QUYU7 Scoobie's Dental Engine? The recessuon? - --- -- qv The Muscle T-shirt Nlan? Norma's Christmas Presen Mama loopS'? Cherrick's path lectures? ' , 0 R 1974? What Dodson taught Charlie? Frank Gruntsman? Wounded Tooth? Craig Rencher D.D.S. i . ' joe Rimio D.D.S. Craig "the Wrench" is best remembered by his close friends as a pair of feet and an outstretched hand flailing above the waters of the Kern River on his first kayak outing. Still others will remem- ber him for burning a hole in a S50 table to save a dollar on charcoal, casting the same crown five times lat this writing? and accepting three droppin crowds from a graduating senior all of which had to be recut. Few people know that Craig gave up a lucrative job selling encyclopedias to dedicate his life to serving his fellow man. Even fewer people know that he tried to get his old job back when his first clinic patient threw up. Craig's optimism for the future im- pressed the entire class when he pur- chased a small yacht late in our sopho- more year, but after all, the price was right and he did eventually prove legal ownership. A valued friend and competent clini- cian, Craig will find a good home in Idaho for Connie and Brian. .XA fxw- Mfrs .lm Boom - get down, get down! Joe, the class playboy, has enjoyed gyrating thr-ough four years of dental school. Born a natural obsessive-compulsive leispeclally in re- lation to clothes, cubicles, and ?i, he has had no problem in adapting to'dentistry. His work is meticulous, but Dr. Hoard would still like to finish grading his sopho- more foils. Romeo Jose, Rimer, or Boom has added life to our weary dental routines . . .. ask Elaine Wong and the battered basketball teams land all this time you thought it was a football game, Joel. We're sure Rimer will be successful in whatever he does as a dentist or purveyor to pornographic dentistry. The only challenge facing him now is to be as smooth as Cano. .nr Roger Rivera D.D.S. William Rodriquenz D. D.S. wrvxpv SQ' Dazzling Roger, who incidentally no longer answers to the name of Harpo has un- dergone a startling metamorphosis in the past four years. We no longer see his hyper antics which led Rimio to liken him to a chicken with its tail on fire. Roger has finally mellowed out. Apparently the clinic has been good to Rivera since even his speech has slowed to the point where some people can now understand what he's saying. We're not sure why, but it has been suggested that he uses up most of his excess energy by having to 'push his tired old blue Mustang over the Sepulveda hill in order to get to school. He'd rather take the VW, but he'd have to push it just to get it out of the garage. Postgraduation plans for Roger are as yet undetermined. Wherever he goes we're hoping he makes enough cash to pay for tow trucks or cab fare. ' 'J e As a child growing up in a small town outside of Boston, William Rodriquenz was smaller than most, even his grade school sweetheart, Susan lnow Mrs. Rodriquenzl used to pick on him. One day after he had told her that 9 years old is still too young to get married, she bashed him on the head with a rock. He has since been known to his friends as Rocky. That particular rock caused more damage than anyone expected as he later decided to become a dentist. Of course, Rocky has other interests, but they all seem to center around playing basketball with the big kids. Regular workouts hoisting mugs of beer at lVlcGintys has kept his shooting arm in shape. A philanthropist at heart, Rocky has also managed to keep food on the tables of many local car dealers by buying five cars in three and a half years. After graduation, Rocky plans to enter the Public Health Service and hopes to be assigned to some small rural com- munity somewhere in the hills behind Stanford. is:-if-Q via l . X Norma, Group C's answer to Starrie Lowe, has shown us that everything will pass as long as your instructor thinks you're pregnant. Having exhausted this trick, Norma turned the tables on us and had two for real. Since she used to spend a great deal of time driving in daily from Cerritos, Norma found that there wasn't enough time to take care of her pour ups and investing after dismissing her patients. They always closed the labs too early. However, resourceful Norma discovered the magic words to unlock the lab after hours: "Open the door Jeff, I have ONE more thing to do." Norma has since moved closer to campus, but the magic Lane Scarisbrick D. D. S. still works. If she doesn't decide to have another baby, Norma will probably be able to find an associateship wherever she wants: "Please hire me Doctor, I just need one more patient and . . ." +I' Norma Ruiz D.D.S. l l 1 l Although Lane rarely set foot in lecture or even the clinic for that matter, dental school did manage to develop a number of his talents. Among these talents were his sleight of hand lobserved by many and trusted by fewl and a profound respect for his comrades: "You guys are plain inferior." Lane had better things to do than hang around school. Making money seemed more pleasant. The "Dynamic Uno minus One" spent most of his time either working at Hughes as a systems analyst, working for Dr. Marcus in lieu of taking Public Health requirements, or performing magic shows for faculty members for 520. an hour. When he did manage to drop by, the clinic welcomed him with open arms by al lowing him to complete his Fixed requirements by cutting only ten preps lie six anterior bridgesl and offering him partial patients who needed no perio, operative, or fixed. After graduation, Lane will probably retire and live on the wealth he accumulated while the rest of us slaved on the clinic floor. Likes and , ,Psi-'. Dislikes i We .Q W W ' W 1 I 'Q ' I V . r iz 'E is i Jon first had inklings that he was destined to enter the surgical profession when his ' jon Scarf D.D.S. father placed a scalpel near his crib. He cut himself, naturally, but even today, he still recounts as how it was a neat, clean incision. Despite his obvious talent, Jon opted to take up UCD cow college pre-med after an illustrious career as a high school free-thrower. Overcoming this insanity, he even- tually drifted to UCLA. Jon's first two years were reasonably successful, but was inclined to ponder his future when Operative and Fixed hinted that his best laboratory performances were in gross anatomy. Years from now, Jon will still be found working late into the night filling out oral surgery applications, his favorite pastime when bored. When Jon tires of working with his hands, he will probably switch to his feet, which are well versed in the art of Ken-do, demonstrating how far he will go to keep from using his head. Greg Schinnerer .f-nd Dr. Schinnerer has the unique privilege of being the only student in the school who has never heard his name paged correctly. However, after two glorious years, he has developed the ability to respond to that voice in the ceiling call- ing for Dr. Schinininer. A real go-getter, Greg got right into crown and bridge by cutting his first prep early in our Junior summer, Un- fortunately, it was not cemented until twenty cancellations and 18 months had passed - score one for Dwight. D.D.S. But Greg did manage to survive dental school with an easy going nature that eased him through cancellations and trauma that would have caused others to crumble, especially when one re- members that he has unsuccessfully at- tempted to finish his exams before Ted for four years. For the future, we will be sure to see Dr. Schinninnerer in Air Force blue, ful- fulfilling his desire to become a spaced cadet. YN 'N lg 3 . , A . J "Scum" has had a very illustrious career in his four years at UCLA, the highlight of which involved being dragged before the clinic's high tribunal for allegedly swearing in front of a certain group re- ceptionist. In his defense, Steve could only reply that he didn't see her because she was standing sideways. Running a close second to this was an incident where he calmly advised a patient to l ' "bring it in tomorrow" after an instructor dropped Steve's first dowel core "down the chute". if Steve was also noted as being one of the best humorists in the class, not for his humor per se, but for the endless volume and unintelligibility of his jokes. It seemed that the only reason he ever left the clinic was to run home and get more material from his 4 year old son. Steve Schumm D.D.S. When asked about his future, Steve re- plies that he has only two goals: first, "To become a competent and successful dentist", and second, ". . . to be mis- taken for a towel in the Hygienists' shower room." is I Steve Scott was always a distinctive member of the Class of '76, In lecture or clinic, Steve's resonant foghorn-like voice could often be heard above the din somewhat reminiscent of the fact that ships in the biggest fog make the loudest noise. However, in a binder note, several misconceptions about Steve should be cleared up: lll he did not win the Dr. George Fischbeck look-alike contest, and C23 Steve is not now, nor has he ever been, related to Donald Duck. Generally speaking lwhich Steve generally isl, you can always count on the fact that when there is nothing more to be said, Steve's still saying it, especially to his instructors. But of all the members of the class, Steve will undoubtedly emerge with the least damage to his psyche of anyone, certainly to his credit if not to the school's. 62 Steve Scott D.D.S. Stugus came to,UCLA after earning a BA in Psych at the University of Oregon. This in itself was surprising to most of the class as we assumed he got in straight out of high school. Baby faced Stu endeavored to make life a little more tolerable for us with his impromptu jam sessions in both the lab and clinic. Stu also instigated the fad of using stereo headphones for patient management when he found it difficult to cut preps and serenade at the same time. Although Stu is an active, outdoors type of guy who finds precious little time to enjoy his skiing and hiking, he has managed to squeeze in his favorite sport of 'fox' hunting. Stu hails from Monterey, California, and figures to return to the clean life some- where near there. Someday Stu will be lecturing on the application of gadgets and psychology in patient management and will undoubtably be a success . . . maybe even in dentistry. l -fr V Sv- K . XXV' , YY-R I i' , K gl r W . f Thinking that his true name was ' "Steinazaki", Steve found a three year refuge from the elements in the broom closet of Mito's estate home where chow Steve Stginbefg Chow quickly taught him the art of patience, tolerance, and eating rice with chopsticks. After three years, how- ever, Steve could no longer suppress his undentistlike appetite for candy and left the broom closet for more fulfilling ac- comodating fulfillment?l When he isn't avoiding the shaft in the clinic, Steve finds time to play guitar, listen to good jazz, stuff his face with candy, explain dirty jokes to Felix, and help Rimio operate his "Booming" dat- ing service. Steve has mentioned a desire for a ro- tating internship for a year after gradu- ation, " . . . while I decide what to with my hands." .1734 .X jf" l , -, , f FQ Yah AS-df. '- ,f ,,,'3.l'fBf- "AN . f , H 2.3 'ggi A, hggxgiza .' 1 1 xx vi Xie" lil. lids-fn' ' Fig 'Q 9: I Q ' ' W gt, .rr -ripli, '- , gg:-fi Robert Stella D.D.S. Before attending UCLA, Bob decided that his professional image should in- clude a moustache. Since his wife had placed a time limit on how long she would endure the initial "scratch" Bob sought to hasten the process by ingest- ing devastating amounts of Vitamin E, with the subsequent result of his 5 o'clock shadow showing up before his o'clock patient. Best known for an alacrity for political achievement second only to Andy's, Bob spent most of his Sophomore year cutting through the administrative red tape as Sophomore "Veep" in the "Var- gas cabinet" lshades of Hubert Hum- phreyll Between cancellations, Bob spends most of his time whipping out enough amal- gams to make us wonder if we could stock enough alloy if more than a third of his patients ever decided to keep their appointments. If Bob ever decides to shave the hair off of his fingers we can be sure he will have enough patients on the outside to keep him busy. ln- Jim is a long term resident of UCLA. Having obtained a degree in kinesiology as an undergraduate and published an article lrumored to be an autobiography ac- cording to Schumrnl in the Anthropoid Journal of Japan, Jim decided that he might as well switch to working on people instead of chimpanzees ". . . since there isn't much difference between them" In an effort to fill out his Ban Roll-On silhouette, Jim spent most of his free time at the gym where he took body building, completing three bodies, two of which he keeps in his basement, the third was destroyed by friends at a party. When he isn't stomping on Joanie's feet during her "bad times" or lamenting about cancellations, Jim manages to continually establish himself as a master of Class III foils. When asked how he is able to contour them so well, he merely replies: Gold paint is the trick." , Jim intends to practice in L.A. after graduation and has mentioned that he plans llffl Stevens to give discounts to anyone who walks in carrying a basketball and wearing Ban D. D.S. Roll-On. K .M QS gi .l'I.'h-i,' , 5 .ISIC . . nw", X 1 5 :H fy, , w-7 N-1' fllvnni 5 ly l alll H l l xl ll ill . , A I' .-if 1 v C-:A " hs l xi r fake.. After earning a B.A. in Nlicro, Gail spent most of her time trying to convince the boys at Cornell that her desire to go into dentistry did not mean dental assisting. After several verbal lashings, most of them tended to agree. Gail's motivation in choosing UCLA was to get as far away from those New York "chauvinists" as possible. Ironically, with hundreds of California men available, only another transplanted New Yawker named Howard could convince her that the best place for homework was at home. After three years, they still do their home- work at home even though our class hasn't had any assigned in the last two. An avid individualist, Gail has been able to get whatever she has needed to achieve her goal, apparently there are only two ways of doing things: the wrong way and Gail's way. Her way must have been okay since she may soon become the only oral surgeon with her own stepladder. Keith came to us from a natural high . . . 350 feet high as an industrial smokestack constru ctor. As a result of this experience, he became our resident expert in the diagnosis of black, hairy tongue. None of us will ever forget the first time we heard the name "Stutzneggar" on the PA system, unsure as to whether somebody just swore or made an obscene ethnic joke. While in school, Keith has had several really exciting jobs: lll studying low level radiation on chicken embryos with Mudd and l2l a phlebotomist at the VA where he gained the distinction of being the first tech in recent history to draw blood from a patient who had expired 3 hours before. Upon early or late graduation, Keith will kayak up to Fremont, California where he will " . . . make it on my own . . ." as a full partner in his brother-in-law's S250,000 per year den- tal practice, specializing in buccal pits and exposures. W1 K 'Z' 1 " . '7 1 Gail Strahs D.D.S. l Keith Stutznegger D D 5 """'Z!'P ' - Forsaking his beloved Sedro-Wooley, Washington, Chris eventually gravitated toward the glamor of San Gabriel. There he attended high school and played football for four years with Rocky Rodriquenz. A jock through and through, he was also able to earn varsity letters in both track and bird watching. When Chris first came to us in '72, he was constantly at work trying to main- tain a part in his hairy something like the Pharaoh trying to part the Red Sea. However, having seen the light during his junior year, Chris decided to let it go natural stating that " A man's per- sonality is in his hair." , An avid outdoorsman, Chris has a Ewell ChflS ThOfTlpSOn Gibbons fascination for hiking and has been known to have done things on skis D. M.D. that were thought to be unethical. For the future, Chris has three goals, none of which are definitep ll graduate on time, 21 enter the Public Health Service, and 37 lock horns with Denise. 'A lt . . 45 5 "hh -4 " Air J . ., .,. . Q l G t ' judy Tiffany D.D.S. Jude came to us, initially, with a degree in physical therapy and will leave not only with a D.D.S. but also with a NIRS. and an Nl.D. lcourtesy of Frankl. Since Frank retired from sky diving, Judy has ceased chewing her fingernails to the knuckles and has been enjoying those rare moments where they both have free time together skiing, sailing with friends and camping. Judy has always had a soft spot for animals and both her horse "Babe" and her two frisky felines stand a good chance of being joined someday by a chimpanzee and a lion cub if Jude has her say. With Frank on an emergency medicine residency Jude figures that her choices for future dentistry will probably be somewhere in Fresno or the Bay area. Actually, Judy doesn't really care where, just as long as she doesn't have the San Diego Freeway for a backyard anymore. 9'3" Bob Tovsrud D.D.S. During the Jurassic age there came to the world a baby with thinning temples and a moustache named Doug Vargas. Actually Doug is really not that old. He merely looked that way after an entire year as the Sophomore class president. Fortunately, Doug, like the mythical magician Merlin has since started to grow younger by trading in his spare tire for a "space-saver spare" and ex- terminating that renegade caterpillar on his lip. One of Doug's favorite pastimes is re- calling his days as a Public Health in- spector. This usually comes in the form of horror stories above restaurant kitch- ens, usually about the time we are being served lunch at a Westwood restaurant. Doug confesses that he has wrung out an occasional free meal by whipping out his inspector's badge but denies that there is any conflict with DENTAL ethics. For the future, Doug will probably find contentment in a private practice with immunity from Public Health inspec- tions. Silent and solemn Bob is indeed a man of mystery. Emerging occasionally from the dim catacombs of his cubicle, it has been rumored but never satisfactorily proven that he occasionally engages in conversation more than once a day. The mystery deepens when certain questions are posed to us by one of his close friends. Is it true that Bob would rather follow the sun and play tennis than cut sharp line angles? How is it possible for him to excel academically and yet never be seen in class? Is it true that Bob has been seen playing tennis at the Dean's private courts in Trousdale Estates and rubbing shoulders with Wilt Chamberlain? Was Wilt photographed recently sporting a Class V foil? We may never find the answers to these and other trivial questions until Bob smokes up with us again. Dean who? Hello - Dr. Ruhlman? Doug Vargas D.D.S. Charles Wilson D.D.S. Charlie is one of the few Longhorns lShorthorns?J from Amarillo, Texas who doesn't know how to talk like Gomer Pyle. Apparently, doing time in BYU has smoothed his rustic nature although he still has to consciously suppress his desire to order "red-eye" at the cafe- teria. Although modest and conservative by nature, Chuck managed to gain a sig- nificant amount of notoriety during our Sophomore year by extending the out- line form of an operative practical be- yond the contact and onto his fingers, by taking four days to recover from our blood drawing lab, and finishing a state board set up in two hours. CharIie's future lies in a private prac- tice specializing in saving souls and an occasional tooth in Southern California. Dave is a native of Fresno, California, and therefore brings to us prestige and stat ure equivalent to a terminal case of acne Actually Dave has shown himself to be an exceptional clinician and has more than once been called upon by the Removable department to treat cases which were "beyond the skills of his fellow students " Dave eventually learned that this scription applied to patients that they dldn't even want to see In private practice Consequently Dave has a keen desire to go into oral surgery and let someone else worry about the damn dentures." After he bruxes through his third occlusal night guard, Dave will be snagged by the U S Army where he will be the mam subject for their research Into the toxic ef Da Wilson felcts of nocturnally ingested acrylic D.D.S. virgin .. lr, 2'-. 'Z-ie? .4 K ,gis- 'Cs-131 ,iq l.. Elaine counts herself as one of the lucky few who managed to swing a profitable deal with the U.S. Navy. The promise of 5400. a month and free equipment while at UCLA plus all the men she could catch after her commission was just too much for the Wong to pass up. Most prominent among Elaine's clinical achievements was her talent for getting Dr. Chin to do her PFG's by convincing him that he needed the practice. Clinic was not the only place where Elaine showed her talents. Many a pot-luck dinner has been graced with her pastries but after graduation, Rimio will have to join Uncle Sam's yacht club to get at her cupcakes. Sporting navy blue and saddle shoes, Elaine will faithfully serve her indentured t'?l service to her country, right or Wong. -iv Feeling that there was more fulfillment in seating bridges rather than designing them, Yoshi left the field of engineer- ing and took up dentistry to become his own boss. Although most of his time was spent helping his instructors clear up their misconceptions and patiently advising ' 1 them when they ran into cases too diffi- cult for them to handle. Ken also man- aged to extend his high standards of ethics and performance as the director of the Asian Dental Clinic even though Jim Stevens claims Ken is too tall to be considered Asian. Having completed his requirements six months early, Yoshi has spurned the idea of early graduation and taken the opportunity to study advanced ortho- dontics. Although Ken appears too smart to be an Orthodontist, we expect that he will enrole in an ortho program after graduation. General dentistry has siffered another great loss, al YOLANDA ZIFF D.D.S. Graduating from Fairfax High in '62 Yolanda completed her pre-dent re- quirements at UCLA. Being unsure as which prerequisites were actually needed, Yolanda sought to "cover all the bases by including everything from conversa- tional Italian to Byzantine history, when, in reality, UC LA only required the latter. Both Yolanda and her husband, Robert, a computor scientist at Hughes, consider their favorite pastimes to be European travel and anything else as long as it doesn't occur within five miles of the clinic. Once in the clinic, though, Yolanda receives the undying affection of her partial denture patients, although many are not sure whether it's for her excel- lent technique or for letting them live when they don't pay their bill. With her fantastic spirit land attention to past due accounts? Yolanda should have no trouble finding an L.A. asso- ciateshi p. 'W The Road to the Future. .lt 1 70 .ls Only a Reflection. . . of the Past . Time With Friends. . . il f '1 ig- 9 3 P . . ' 'x Qiii :A - .1- 1 I iw ' r 'sv ky , xx' . .5 Q '21 I' , 4 A4 . ,Q ap f .Q A 71 A ,, A W W W ,, 4 ., z. X. I sa Good Times I +1 L if ' 3, , -qrx, -M 'W V 6 H '1' 3 f'5 . , ,, , 1 1 ,- J 11,2 ' 'W5'9" : f' , ug. P Rough Times a ,V I 3 -qfl "Vi ty' ubffgf, - 'xi .y n ,. : -fx mv , A M 5 aux- 'ggi' , 'Dua -, . " !x."'-""17E-1.-'.- , ' f , 'dl A X H j .Iii-' M. Y- 4 'N ,, 123' ,X A v s Fx J' ' .M-:T .fl TX" "' 1 kk-'-AZTJ? ' -L -, ,A ,W . A Yi E '??"Q1' T' 'rl wr." J ,e , .Si . S4 '. rx..- 43' and Times to just Remember t w:.s..zee,.-,--- ,efe..., Enter one hundred and six total strangers bewildered, yet eager, to us twelve hundred dollars doesn 't seem meager especially on our very first day. Classes, books, tests and such, this wasn't new. Afternoons in the labs we were even used to but, the hours of waxing were with us to stay. Thru Neuro and BioStat we did complain. To make it in Dentistry we did still aim. United we tackle a project quite large In the Spring we present Fashion Cabaret. The impressions we turned into casts properly trimmed and mounted. Then finals, and at last hurrah our first year ended just after May. Blue cards, burs, brushed and boxes Plus other strange instruments to be sorted and stored. This marks the start of our Sophomore year. PasslFail is threatened by eights, twos, sixes, and fours. Threatened also is long hair even the type of shoes we can wear. Polished amalgams, shiney and bright Dentures with wax-ups so clean and neat Glas IIs' with walls sharp and discrete and margins on fixed preps perfectly clear. Thru practicals, bent wires and pedo projects complete. Those first dentures, how we hoped they would fit. We're now paged as Dr. and that's worth a mint. Of course, oral cancer is what we all secretly fear. ,U- I -A 1 q.,,,.,- v ,., rf. ..Y., e -, I ,?"f.f 'Pit f of JJ, A Junior means partials, patients and treatment plans. It's clinic and classes and charts complete. Reminders to keep yourself and your cubicles neat. Then white cards with number their meaning obsure. Frustration is present, everyday, every dam Every consult, impression and patient consent. Finding instructors for signatures who are not there. Is it all really worth it? We're sometimes not sure. Reduced clinic time seemed only a threat As Seniors we find out how bad it can get. Green cards and new requirements to be met. Have no fear they tell us, you'll graduate yet! They 've created a term Super Senior indeed. More clinic time is really the need. When the time of requirement completion doesn't seem near, cases of Senior Paranoia are visably clear. Chief complaints we have taken, maybe a score. To sell the patient the treatment, we've learned this and more. Mock boards where we're put to the test To stay cool and deliver our best. Forget about partials, foils, bridges, and crowns. Think about jobs, equipment, insurance, and loans. Think about graduate work, family and homes. We've made it this far and we'lI finish the rest. Good luck to each member of the 1976 Class. May each receive State Board Score PASS After four years now with a D.D.S., We're each left to our own individual quest. Mary A. Ditto 1976 il!-Qt 1948 1974 ALFRED H.T. LO H' 75 Ina Zive, Director Dental Hygiene Dept. Adrienne Fowler Clinical Instruct Dental OI' C G I' r l I l Pat Stewart t Clinical Instructor O S Hygiene C O 1 ilcnztructor G 8 e N .JD Class of 77 M. M. L. K. K. P Fahrner M Hart M Houson G Kazangey ld. I Annis Brown Coulter Deeds Erickson Kellogg Kozlck Larsen Ll vungston Marx Mattson Mayberry Pedersen Prtassn Rad I ce Reyes Savala Sexton Sha Iey Yamada I D. J. ' , L- , K ,, C, I - r I A All y c. W 4 CV" ' V ff U. , ' X . , R. C. C. .I V. ' ' , M. ' Q - . - , v ' N " L - . - A E Ni. 'J K C. J. S. I I D. ' E l , M. JU .g" 1 'V Q 1 - ,. A 0 I CATHY DETHERAGE, R.D.H Karen had it made considering she was the only available hygienist among 2,000 Asian dental students. Being smart and beautiful had nothing to do with it. When she heard the job market was going downhill, she grabbed on to Operative Instructor, S.N., and they lived happily ever after. One of three Siamese triplets, so named for her association with Taylor and Tsujioka, Laurie was the envy of the entire class when she won the drawing for D. Guensler's gree trip to Del Mar for two. Weren't you glad the Doc wasn't part of the package? il 'l LAURIE CRISNIAN, R.D.H. KAREN CHINN, R.D.H. l rl I vi Beckie exercises her philtrum. BECKIE DENISON, R.D.H x ' ' l 'N i They all LOOK the same, don't they? Cathy gets her "Rons" confused. fi: :t Laurie: "Are you sure you don't want your teeth cleaned?" Class Beckie really had her shit together. When she found out how TWA discriminated against rooming with pilots, she curled her hair and took home a patient llVled. Studenti. Way to go Beck! She was so quiet the instructors never knew she was there, probably because she wasn't. We all knew how Cathy got that bump on her nose, trying to maintain her 4.0! But why Worry? Cath tied the knot last summer and will move to Death Valley upon graduation. Her only patients will probably be desert rats! Jane, the human psycho-magnet, so named for her ability to attract all the looney patients, was so dedicated that she could be seen buzzing home in her porsche 2 hours be- fore clinic even started. She will best be re- membered for her suggestion to sell dope as a a class fund raising project. IVlary plans to marry and be merry, one week before boards, for security in case she doesn't pass? She will leave immediately for Cala- mazoo Air Force Base, trilling "Wild Blue Yonder" and absounding with the entire JAD HA treasury totalling 49C. Good luck Nlary! JANE DIAZ, R.D.H. 1.4 Mary and attendants rehearse for the big day. Jane snorts her latest purchase. of 7976 Hey sucker, take it easy, I'm try- ing to adjust my strap. JUDITH DUNN, R.D.H. Because of her high standards, Judy's search for a sugar-daddy to replace her real daddy, who financed her entire career as a student hygienist, is probably still active at the time of this publication. Her second most avid in- terest is being home between 12:30 and 1:00 for her favorite soap opera. Peggy "the Heartbreak Kid" held the record for breaking the most hearts at UCLA dental clinic, but what none of the dental students discovered, was the well guarded secret that Peggy had a steady boyfriend in Newport Beach. Sorry Peg, the secret is out! MARY DREHER, R.D.H. . . . featuring the Toothfairy, starring Boom's Butt. PEGGY JO DUTTON, R.D.H. ' . In our Junior year, Mel finally divorced Judy Dunn and married Stan! As Dr. Jekyll Mel was kind of quiet, but with a few drinks, as Mr. Hyde, Mel really blossomed and livened up, some otherwise dull parties. Nora sawed logs all through Oral Path and b ,, X Head and Neck, but came out smelling like l"'7, a rose because she studied like a monk. Her 1'l husband, Sal, is anxiously waiting for gradu- '., '--' l ation so they can consumate their marriage. , ..- . I ls' So goes the life of a student hygienst. l A ,, , , I W U . IVIELINDA GILLIAIVI, R.D.H. NQRA GUMINAI R.D.H. lx. it Melinda grabs for the gusto. Nora demonstrates six o'clock posi- T tion with no fulcrurn. The Briglio dental team. With twenty three fe- males it is hard to keep your identity. I . HELEN HANS, R.D.H. ROBERT JACOBSEN, R.D.H "The Pres" wholewheat Helen, jogs on her breaks and sleeps at Halloween parties. We couldn't keep her mouth closed ever since she got her braces off. We couldn't figure out why Helen even started her senior year after her fiance won 25 million on Bowling for Dollars! Our token male, sank to the depth of de- pression every time a patient showed, but when they did, Jake's oral hygiene instruc- tion was so complete and dynamic that no hygienist on the 2nd or 3rd floors needed to give her own OHI. N -. v r Bea had the distinction of being the only one that could bitch about a nice day. But serious- ly Bea, we all loved it when you inadvert- antly gave the class mid hour breaks with your late arrivals! She could usually be found guid- ing us to Alice's Restaurant to lose our trou- bles in a bowl of moccachiro. The 'Nightowl' traded the bonds of matrimony for freedom and financed her way through hy giene by cocktailing at the Pussycat Lounge and a local bowling alley. In addition to these endeavors, she will hopefully become a hy- gienist upon graduation. Susan gets the point 'What do you me t ere s no clinic today'7 'The Personality Kid', was known to her car pool as the demolition derby queen, totaling 8 cars in two years Chris gets a dooey button for perfect attendance and her undying en thuslasm for the profession She was also voted the most likely to become a dentist Is that an honor' How's this for dedication, Jan completely gave up sucrose and can currently be seen strolling the clinic floor with a carrot stick In her mouth If possible Jan would take a universal board Her graduation plans include a trip to Singapore What do you mean the parties been cancelled'7' 'Lucky Ran', the drive from Cerritos wasn't far enough, so she moved to Laguna Beach. The class voted to use JADHA funds to get her a bilateral mastectomy and a wart trans- plant for her face. Watch for Ran on Holly- wood Squares. What do you mean I' ve got to drop out of hygiene? The best excuse Kathee had to offer for miss- ing clinic was getting lost in the Sierras. The only "goods" she got on her clinic evaluations were for patient rapport. We wish you well, Kath, as a credit hygienist in Aspen, Colorado. RANDY MORRIS R D H KATHEE ORLANDO R D H All 1 it Kathee i form. "Coming out!" Latter-Day Pam became known for blowing kisses to Nloroni from the freeway on her way to clinic. She is also known for the time she got a "fair polish" from Sandy Rich, before she even polished. Versatile, her main inter- ests in hygiene school were religion, plaque, and a graduate dental student. Susy Homemaker and also one of the Siamese triplets, she tried to convince us that her jokes were humorous by laughing so hard her eyes disappeared. Actually her good humor is derived from the knowledge that after re- ceiving her third A.A. she'll settle down and have babies. JANEEN TAYLOR R D H JUDITH THOMAS R D Judy rlashes her RED Ilghts H Lady Godlva, IS known In the locker room or havmg the teenlest bnkml marks and a per petual tan The Baby of the class moved to Westwood In order to get closer to the actlon and star In the remake of Gudget Grows Up Lmda, last of the Siamese triplets IS known for wearmg Adidas as clmlc shoes and fam ous for her scheme to make Kathee, Peggy, Judy T and Helen rlch In the shower head business. Anxious to make her marriage work she's taken up eating with chopsticks and preparmg oruental cuusme 'Don't bother me while I making obscene phone calls LINDA TSUJIOKA Is that Linda Wehrt behmd those foster grants'7 Nlaggle and her Trojan RDH LINDA WEHRT R D H MAGGIE WINTHER R D H Better known as no photo avaulable', kept us on the edge of our chairs wantmg for her to unbutton her top button Cwe all wondered If her head would fall offl We voted her the better half of the best table cllnlc Thanks for being on the ball and gettmg the charts on time Nlaggues' favorite game was musu cal carpools, The carpool queen rotated through eight car pools, even though there were only sux Don't show your favorltlsm to UCLA Nlaggle IS 1 partlal to Trojans KUSC that IS, it 1 I I Jan, - W' 1, Y - . ' 'D ' I . , . . . 1 - ' Y WK I ' lrn 4: y Y 1 L D , . . . , . . l . . o , ,H J, . - -. -I. . i gt f l if 4? .so 3 4 Nl' Marilyn Bushman Ulla Goldsmith Direc ' ' ' tor l Dental Hygiene Los Angeles City College Class Phyllis Beemsterboer Instructor of 76 Clrnrcal Director gg is ng: ef, ' '-.v -Q .NIL kg, 11 .,H,wf',,g x Qi " ' 4. .-, J I .,e"' I 1 ' 3, . va, , I :I I Ir, it LI .., ,I Instructor "W"--Tm LQ., Jan Jenson sal.. ' 'fra .- xl' 4 Sandy Schneldewmd Instructor 1. r A, N.- I N Linda Kay "Plaque Power" Sherry M yers "Yahoo" Alex Saha "Big Foot" Marilyn Trask 'Q Kathy LaScala Lucy Paxton " Breaktime" ,111 -. Karen Standridge "I'm an eosinophil." Sandy Woodford ..,j ,V +P' Arlene IVI cKendry "Absentee" Dorene Richards Jodi Tamaryn "I hate to interupt, but Debi Wright 1 ...QA We're always sitting on our butts. 5' y 4549" "1 hope to graduate this year." Having car problems AGAIN? Nice patient arm rest. The proper sterile technique M. ,gegfz I feel a cyst coming on. Even with this, I still charge 12C a scantron. I'll take any single available dental Ka 7 'tiff' .f ' i ' ' " ff? - 'I ' 1 Y li-E 5 , --Ml Q ,.'-5: 1 1, 1' :, ,.: A A Tw-,Q 3-'51 ' Qsif' f ,- ? :p '.,i.rv. 15 J fill' V-'ff 51-:U L J, X -J. . . , . ...x all l 1 Harpo and Zeppo How did you girls pass the finals? These are Kojaks. I What are your objectives? Capping Ceremony. . .We've made it this far. Sheri and her Tiki. Sandy and her friends. 35" 'N ,ut ag' ' w . ,tx . W. Q fl'-4 f it qi . , , g tt f 1' by ll Guess Who" The Lmda Kay Fan Club wmff fa df' .. 51 157 vw?" -Q35 'MWF Hn 1 .1 rigxigf wa,-4 ,fs This reminds me of my last F patient Dane Ile 's gentle touch Sherry stall making faces "Our report today IS on Gerla rlcs gl qsov -1 89 i 'J , , X . ll pl .e , X R N . ' P A K 1- ' 1, ' . H .,Z!, 1 1:-'41-.ggrgu -.. N .559 kJy,l ii., A I org? . 444-5 . i 7 N,f f 3 4 . , . WN ' ' S. .f ' ' 7 so e 0 x , ' X - A ,,, 41 , ' HJ' ' s ' -15' 'Y E' Eb - ' V. M' , ' 'f " 75' " ', . vf vm'-' . E I , Q " - --' V4 4: I , .-VH., y fe" gg. ' ,Qi -:Yr " 'fi-H+' 'l-LRF. -Q lei. .uh e , - -- '-ra., U swf' , -1 fi-1 Q5'5,?? 1 '4Qi'4fv2 r,f'3' .,Jf NJ, 4 A .1 ' ' - ' -M A 'jQF' 4': 4 v,,., , liz:- H'e,'.n,x' '- , ' - f' N- 5 'T' If 1. el ' I .A :I-H nw 0' - .4 A 4" ' , , - , . I- . X -, r "ff: 43-Q' ' V ' 1 At- ' Y s .1 - . - l .., . gif sy' f ' i , N A' ' ' n u A N 0 . ' ' . ' ' t' . ..U A IL ' , 451 'l A A3 1 e "' ' l H '.l e . ' E 4 . ' f Q 1 p4u ' -h 1 W, 1 7 f- s' ' .f-1" ,W ' , fjj' pi . - Q-ff ,, nf-' - - ,uf N .. 5-57.1 ' Harry Albers: Finger Iickin' good! Jeff Alexander: "I'm so good at this I don't even have to look!" Sherry Azevedo: Winning--hands up! 25:- Class of '4...,,J' Edwina Beasley: "Now I really don't 1 Mark Bauman: "Hmm . . . As Dr. Hoard would look HYPER, do I?" say, "The intaglio has had it!" E Linda Bacon: "Gee how sad, Friday afternoon and my patient cancelled!" Linda Beguin: 'Only an experienced operator can prophy an Ortho patient." 2? , Ffa 'iii lj Kristin Beckman: "Sure! He watches me." I 84 n- .oi ,- ' ' , i John Brizendine: "I've saved all my notes since lst grade." like I-. ,V l A, ' E -H-1. Aw. fm as Susan Bollinger: Preparing her lecture on baseplates for the visitors' tour. l B av QQ- 4 - . I M-N I :- Q- M George Brazeal 'Don't bug me!" Jim Brazier: "Volleyball game'7 Now'7 Okay' S 'I iff, -A ' C YOUSOV' 9 mas Bob Bronstein: Dentistry - a delicate art. me"' Ralph Brown: 'My first patient was Bill Buchanan: "And I fur- ther promise . . . if elected, V ,, ll N 4 toupees for all. re - ---V Y- e---e ,, .1 . iw . Marilyn Camino: 'That shocks even me!" Susan Cooper: "Just 30 more If sutures . . . " I l L , , Doug Carlsen: "You wouIdn't punch me- would you?" Dave DeSimone: ' ' l 4 X ll . 'l l 2.-. 1 l . ., :L W Paul Chan: "What do you mean I can't carve amalgam wid chopsticks?" Tom Casey: Where's your bat, Casey? Crazy l?l about dentistry you mean wake up Charles Cox: "What do qu -BS Don Devincenzi: "Get Dr. McKelvy!" Phil Engel: "Mother never warned me there'd be days like this . . . " r . Roger Fieldman: One too many! Jim Everhart: The new clinic music system. Yep, rv- YT- .' 'ME 1 "?-"',.i fn V? , ,-c ' ' C7 "' 1 - Rely , 'M' ., LEA ,. , Ed Fey: "Can't tell WHAT from ShinoIa'?" Carol Follette: Shootin' up! ...J Corwin Evans: "Pm really a nice guy even if I am a den- tisl.." el fe, -, 11 in 93 Carl Fredrickson: "Sensuous and succulent am I" Gerald Greenberg: "Now you just watch what I do with my tool . . . " Sol Goldberger: "Could it have been that green soap at the island?" Sue Gildenz "Hmmm . . . and you say the pains are about two minutes apart?" Larry Friedman: "When the badge beeps, it means it's a safe night for a date!" B. ' l in l ra ' Y I " I i 'safe A - if L Stan Freitas: "Grab 'em any place you can!" lr' t,,A . Linda Glassman: "Now to carve in the finish line and I've got. .." Larry Gonzales: "I just love it when its mounted to make all the right move- ll ments ior year's not this rough Bill Gregg: "Isn't that carrying Family Night a bit too far?" i l Erna Horne: "How 'bout it honey'?'?" Brooks Howell: "Of course I'm related to G.V. BIack!" Cecilla Grover: "I sure hope the Sen- Ill , Hn , 1. 11, l x N l Alex Ivanoff: "You're kidding . . . 500 blue chip stamps to the first kid who turns in his perio records'?" in lr,1"t tl: , .if-av -WM xy ,m"""'- ' ,J Iii 2' vs, to - um- A L Z' E 'Lt , ' Phil Irvine: "I had to strangle the last patient who said that to me . . . " ff" f l . ii l ff A Amy Iwata: "Zen and the Art of Tooth Repair" i b i I Dan Kiley: coverage . Cliff Jones: "He swallowed the rubber dam!" "She thinks my red light means perio ll career!" Bob Kumabe: "I always dry the Copalite - - ll thus way on my female patuents! Dan Kus: "Protect those hands and whatever else you value for your Ar ,Nh na Korda: "Stay out of my drawers!" Ken Lam: "It don't matter what your preps look like as long as you're look 'in good" Lynn Landes: ll l' Y . , 1 f' 1 'Dain-9 gi Jim Lau: "Not tonight, Jim. I've got a headache . , . " Paula Levy: "Concentration is the name of the game." Marty Lipsey: "SpeciaI tools are often re- 'V quired to treat "special patients". Ivy Li: "WeIl, at least he won't need a toothbrush this way." 'v Rolinda Lee: "Dan says I really have "hot hands". So there!!" Ed Lee: "Yes, I know young lady really friendly, but it gonna cost you." .5 Sal Lombardi: "I take all my notes in triplicate . . . just to be sure!" 1 V l l Bob Magnuson: "No matter how I carve it, it still looks like a surf- board!" """'1a.n. I gl Pam Mann: "Four-fingered dentis- t '? Of I ." ry course' know how Jack Mayers: "What IBM green cards? I thought they were all white!" Dale Miller: "I did it An eight unit bridge!" 98 Kathy lVIcGrath: "I can't see the foot pedal! Dental school is a bust!" Janet Nloats: "Wait till I buy my castle!" -v , - ,wx E- .I ,Q -X . . Ann McGarvey: The "gentIe hand" belongs to Arm! Candy Mitts: "Just got 10 new patients . . . males, single, and available!" I , ', John Moss: "These new panty " ""' W 'f' hose are just great . . . never sag, never run . . . just to wear 'ems really fun!!" -4 E Bob Noone: "FilI one and pull two! Then Iet's have a party." Bich Nguyen: "Let's see . . . . should I fill crown it, or pull it!" it, li' l ff 5: 1 J - ' "1.:,LQJ"'l"Il?.' 'xinge HMI-gl will - Harry Okamoto: Practicing turtle dentistry. Bob Orye: "Nothing up my sleeve . . . I don't think!?" George Nye: "How'd you like a job at Nye's Kung Fu Credit Dental Cat House?" fl Cecilia Ordonez: "These male assistants make me so nervous! " Q, S 4. :HP -:Sf gi. 1- ' 'X . 1 Ken Palmer: Like that clinic coat! Dave Podsadecki: "Yeah . . . And then she bent over . . . . " Gary Parker: "Just Dave Phillips: "Yep! I unbut- Qlmme the Pen: Pl' toned it to give her more sign anything!" air," , E .. Q. 31,35 ,Ev Mike Rams: Caught In the 'L " Q' act! Who said dental l ' '- school isn't fun! Jim Russon: Checkin' in with the ' little woman. Debby Ross: "The water bath is for my feet!" Greg Robins: "I always wanted to live on an island with Joan and Candi." Jim Raymer: Modeling the latest in motocross jerseys. qu, Jeff Schantz:"We service both ends in this cubicle." sl' Greg Steiner: The Admiral 1 -if Katy ' 1 .5-arf' . 'lfifl' 5 " .,,,w ,rp s'f'E'j' ff' T l ,. Angie Tosti: "Why ruin a good picture with a lousy caption Max?" Frank Shirley: "Yeahl" I my I Alex Schutzman: Nancy Schort: This is the best picture we had! "My homemade bomb!" Max Swancutt: "Hey, Spangie, where's your caption?" ., 1 l 1 .K 1 -4- . 1 ,1 . . l ll 1d'lll l lr R, iv., Mike Wagoner: "Reminds me of an old flame R I once knew . . . " Da , - - .. , Robert Vandre: "I want my baby food!" Alba Vasquez: "I'm If V characterizing all my l 4' 'liif dentures to look just like me!" 1 Fly! . --Q3-L I-4 - X Steve Underwood: Do you normally dress up this much, doctor? 1 " al?v 1? L H f-qi ,K , 1qF"+"31I" ., Lon Uso: Franco Harris look alike? ve Uyehara. Dentistry IS a real art in Q, . , f 4 1f 2 I 'm ' A , Lee Walker: "It's Friday . . Y. -.ef U 7 Mike Vehawn: "I floss my beard twice a day." . l A X r 11" X it Steve Willens: Taking a break from girl chasing. Dennis Yee: "Forget the class, forget the patients . . . I'rrl INVOLVED!" L Mae Woo: "Don't look!" Joan Wright: "I'd smile but . . . " N imsby: "I just bit the Dust II I, II Mark Wiest: Seen my crown. Brian Williams: "Funny grip on those coffee cups, gents. " lain f"'i4..S V e if Holly Weiber: "Teeth are sexy-- they really are!" gg 5,1 , ANYONE... HEARD- -- FELT... .4 - . W. ,, , ' . , . ,,, ,V BRIAN? SMELT". . . SEEN HA VE! HAVE YOU? E941 Pr?" 'T ,fir tl r Junior Class Officers Pres Jim Raymer, V P Mike Rains, Sec. Susan Bollinger, Treas. Dave Phillips A Q-"'f,f" AWQL We want YOU for Senior Editor of the 1977 Dental School yearbook! v l The Junior section of the 1976 yearboo was prepared by: w-32-M 15,407.15 1" THE UCLA SCHOOL OF DENTISTRY PRESENTS THE CLASS OF 1978 At the beginning of the school year the sophomore class quickly realized the beauty, warmness and colorfulness of the 4th floor lab. Accordingly, everyone rapidly moved in and decided to stay for at least the full year. Having completely saturated our desires for free time and the carefree life during the summer months, no one though twice about giving up summer for our new 4th floor home. L'f" '2l'lfr- E E T Y T 1 T' ' :Y -L. . '- xl "5 like ' ' 'T 'iiffw-'+s 1 1- -M-M., L Arm.: pg effhji- V 1" . fs' Q - A ,.41?'4 '11-1? El U ' U 6 5 1 .N X V .rn ..,fr Y , ', :A ' 5 A ' 1: 6: , y L .. if , , -JQQQ , QI, sl . , i n ' j l V' ,bw L 5 - J ,hui fum 'YMQH' " 'S I I Wg,-. vvpsi. Qs r A . L. .. fb I , -,MHA - I L- -Qff--if fi' P. fi We " Q ' .. S NL' 4 ' ' ' 4' ff' sa. ' ea. TQ.. '-'uw t , "' " .1 ' 3 s :- - 'M . . - ' .E J fs-54?-f"' . . 1-13 ,N F T dr as T --- - 1 or 'Ka - tina' C 4.-' . g L... WS , WLM X - K ,.v. 'G Not Quite Believing It Ourselves We Decided to Try It Out on the Kids.. . . if nf-xi L1 ig M Q . Tom and Ron: Dr. CampbeIl's twilight sleep strikes again! Sherry, Tom, Jeff, and Wes Congratulations Dr.'s, you have just found the way to quiet Mr. Rosenthal Darryl, George and John: John, please help me get the I njections IOur First! Ray and Steve: Creating the proper access. - The way it was in the Basement Chuck and Young: No Chuck, You don't have to mark the sites before you use the syringe 51,1 5 Jenny and Mark: The ultimate in concentration. Kim and Dan: Good Job, but next time don't stick my needle out of the back of the fiflgef- chair. x In A gr, 1 ti 4' V " is p -. I' . 'I Mike, Tom, and Friends: Wow, This sure beats sticking oranges. :lffl - Formaldehyde never felt like this. l He has such gentle hands. Judy, do you think I'll make the ADA centerfold? -1-1:2 , Q. Q - ,vJ"' Y' xii Rick's innovative approach to mandibular block. - Stu If he accepts thus one I'lI be abie to take time out ll J H J H J H f Brandon: "I got an 8." 6 RELIEF! Judy Kris Gary H Ken: "Ah, I'm in love--a hygienist from Davis who looks like a sheep!" r . You turkey, you're supposed to take the cap off the Bob needle BEFORE you inject!" Jac Brandon Bob 1 . xx L- M3 It's Theo whistling "Zorba the Greek" Yep, some castor oil and a strainer ought to get it back. i x .-'.. V L ..-jr? 1 '. , I can't believe Ira has collected S70 worth of amalgam dust. Quit figuring your batting average Dan and let s get to work. What do they mean stick to cross country?! You're right Anna. I don't think it is on right. 137 6!7 hours of practice and I only got a "P". v. r- M - .R ,N n . 4 lub, 61" 4. r Wow, an 8 on my professional appearance! AWARDS 7975 Bd . i fx .1 agp, .,i. -pw ' ,,,.-'I 'ff l' H, ' 1 , QT' N ' .ga N-9.51 fig A'.rr'3?i'- Faq.. . an s h? ov g y,1f-?,5e6L.,r..,,, ,.' . Ae,-1 , Y,., . f - -F nf... Y Y 'C':.A :lj . .,-f .W-" " -W pa- -iw 'WHS' '- A -f WL- -- - , H- ., 53-wf .,- f 1 ' wi 1-A 'f .sw f W A, ::,...,. i , ' 31.1-if -V 3-' 5 i tt 5 ' EQ ' . , .4 .r . ' 7 4- ,Q I ' ' -ri' an Q I 46. 9- .- , , 'f ' 1 ,,. v I 1 P ,Jer ,ijt ,gn . ,H K '1 .","'i 1, I Lf I , ,I U :Q ', ' J-' ' MQW -- i s H , ' ' .- lg- dy :Ni g . fl ' , J ,. 4 ,p ,, . Y, 1 wh, ' I Y L ,-int., l...,,.,., I if . :gg .iq , ,N 1 ...V I L- n. - 1.5. ,.' - 1 -5, ,V ' 41, 4-" - v l1iJJ-..w3.fi, .V . I ' - X ie T :ef Bev- Having a gas! Tim "Hello, folks! As you can see, I look happy, well-groomed, poised ...Actually I don't know what the shits goin' on here!" Rick-"This is my free gift certificate to have my hair curled." . i. .L v .- fa. - I I .fi John-Wow! This xylocame sure Ira-" How come everybody picks on makes me horny..- me"" Bruce-"Gee Daisy, you're right! The Chinese Twist. is really like 'The HustIe'! Ron, John, Raul "And now...this tune's straight from Juarez..." Bob: tAnd to think that I offered to play my trumpet with them!! No Felix, it goes on the OTHER wa Jim and Donna y Feeling single, seeing double . W 'Q 'g--g.,1E1f15,,s.f.I - I think I'm lost Sam 1 Pathology? Heck no! This is a sales slip from Ira and I'm still trying to read the fine print. Gary Joe and Daisy Ed and Srinivas 1 r 'dsl .Lv- fib- J-YQ Grant Dan Paul I'll never use my hand- piece to do my natural again - ti 'g ' " l 'ffiuluy ' I 'il' .l N , V M ,L 1 I VV.. ig' ' 1 -T NW If , Av N' 1 1 ' N X I Z' Q +' fit M' 'fe' l W' ll 4 val! Kelvin Tom Q . ,X ,i 4 Jgzyr' -wg, ,- Concerning dah lab, IVIANY THANKS to KEN and IVIARK for all their help. ,X 'y ' V gt:-, ' K- --5311 " W .aff ,121 fl ." , T .L ,I -A f I , ,, F. v N S I l Linda ll: if if lteligz fi U!"-'?,,""'ij,- Nlark? Nlark? Nlark? Nlark? - - King fflf'fff,4 Jewelene: This won't Larry and Harlc Lim hurt Bm yf F.-411 And Now at the end of this ulcer ridden period of our academic year, we say farewell and good riddance to the 4th floor lab, hopefully never to returr1........ Pedro ,l Turkey Anonymous 4' ' ' " :ef I -V 'X xg-, ' 'T' -V ,UAQE7 ,I A ji :reg a pe x 1-4 ' , ' 1 ' -f .U . -3. B Y, , Vx-,D I' ma UL Z., LN? V fl! .wwf lil , , ,P f rryf rl. 4 ug 11.3 cl-25 T- -.lf " J funtil the State Boardsl Q -fi ua 9 '53 A Q 1' X m .W 1 X M E Q 0 M x I M 'p f 4- 4 4 Q 1 A 1' " dv 99 3. if Ln. Ray Brady Tim Barnes - Would you buy dentures from this man? Susan Beam - A rare moment! Debra Brandt - Hypertensionp A D0 OVER! Keith Brewer Roy Brown A Q 1 AQFX , Marilyn Calvo - Sans beer stein and .1 ,- , sq A :.3i.-dill 5 3-ff! if '1'e g 15" ii -52 s J Y X ,B -, Qc If 47 1 - "'. . 'V . L . 4 1 I V. V is fs i 3 ' ,r is f B ,r ss N , ' 1 It f ' is r wi l wi -1 Y ' f Beverly Brown - Scientist at workp J , O or is that a broken nail? I I Richard Benner - Contemplating 50 ways to leave Harry Lundeen. Randy Borquez - Talk about rare moments!!! 'IEE Eddie Carbin Lillian Carnes - "Damn Room 33-105 at 2 or was it 23-105 at 3 or A ., T A-me no ilir H I H.- V , 'V , j' ET?-, Q '- -."l1' - ' Ik. Q -V , ,V .v,, - 4- . 2 x... V - 'L L . Charlene Chu - "How do Kathy Clemans - "See my new set of YOU think I got into dental school'?" uppers?" Mary Cotton - Our late bloomer. Frank Castiello ,,.gr'wff J 4,2 .p"' ff' A' Chuck Cordova - Another pretty face lost in the crowd. John Coffey - "I got Kathy's old set." W W Barb Chapin Suzanne De work. if it rl'- - Tooth Fairy strikes again! Ball - Slightly mad scientist at 4 P' -' le , i Jim Correa - Suffering from a recurrent disease, Jim's Chorea. Phil Cummings - "Dr, Rouda will love this." Bob Darnell - "I agree Dr. Rouda, Phil's work is rather sloppy." ..4i2f. Al Ding Jim Decker I ff- N- , N5 I, -4245. s 'W , ,s 'F 'r ii fl. V Us lu . I1 11 Matt Dennis - "Cheese." Gail Doctor and Carl Hillendahl - "Do you have any questions, Dr. Ross?" I nk . it l i W Y N N -1- v Rick Ewing - "I think I missed the endpoint." Frank Ghilotti - "A party? Tonight'?" I I Jeff Doerner - "Not bad, but polish it up a Karl Dodge " lVl0l'e bit Dr. Carter, and....." Cheele- 'ff' fillllgg ', vi ...Q Mg ,f Q 9 Chuck Dobeck Phil Gaus - Great moment in science number 84. 4 31 Derrill Finch - "Did Gary France - "Did dentist from S.C.'?" you say, do over? " you hear the one about the -1-e 'if 51' L17 Chris Gipe 7' uf 171 954 0 is Eric Grammatikas - Who knows what evil lurks... Larry Green - "I want a banana." Jul! fmvfi an-A la 1 efldsc 7719- - aff Dave Johnson - "Look Ma, I'm almost a dentist." Lx i Mike Gruber and Dave Kiesling - Foreign athletes tMontana, Gonzagal make good. , 'A .jx Bob Johnson - SUPERBOB!!! 1 4' ' mL? . ,D YI ' Kent Harvey - Retains his beer-chugging crown, despite noble attempt by Dr. Ross. Brent Hassell and Achille -M Hebert - Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde. Bruce Imbeau - Alias Bruce Dentistry. Linda Greenly - Before the inferno. Elaine Gross - "It's easy L -if when you get help from an upperclassman." Murray Kaufman - "Murray Kaufman! Murray Kaufman!" vu., 'Ds L e. 5. If 1 I 1 J "", L 1, 5 Chris Maeder Russ Low - "I'II just take a little off the top." Bob Lobsenz - "I got those party clean-up blues." 4-gr Q lr .,-1 .J -'Si -ffl 'rail r N-as fs' tar' ,h Kelly Lofgren sr. Q Randy Mallett - "May1 be excused?" Bruce Massee - Innervisions Q vu-v ' wid!-nr .4 1 Wayne Matsuura - Surf's up. , 19' n.. Andy Meshnik - "Hold still, sweetheart." il tl Jesse M cVay fi, Pg' - Ei Dennis Miller and Bob Murphy - This pair was last seen conspiring to melt Harry Lundeen. Dave Okuji - Treasurer - "Studying for this anatomy exam sure is tough." fi e5',f"1 H"- Ralph Nevarez - King Ralph - "I'd like to make a couple of procla- 1 mations." - Dave Noffsinger - Rocky Mountain High. Steve Murphy and Mike Nelson - Major Burns and Sea Hunt. T im Pearson 3 3 Tom Peters - Parlez-vous Teeth?" Rex Peterson - "Let me tell you about the women in my life." Hal Quist Dick Parris - He tried to keep us in shape for sports, not beer. Ray Ramsey - Notre Dame, Stanford, UCLA - finally reached the top. Dale Rench .f A i . .24 'if ,b JA, I- .V I + ,W A Harold Rush - Before Tin Grin. Gerry Roodzant - April '76p married student housing. June '767 married student. Ollibeth Reddix - A knowing Southern Belle. Doug Rakich Ron CRubio7 Fair - I had a nice night. Admit her. Debby Van Der Maath - "Break ahead. Mexico here I come." Norm Senzaki -4145 ' X ... Nlayer Schames - "For the last time, that's not a calculator, that's my purse." Roberta Rule - Known to fraternize with the enemy from S.C. K Paul Schumaker Greg Sue - Or was that Sue Greg? Greg Smith - Blue note special. Rick Smith - "'?" Pauline Tu Clint Weaver - V.P., B S , B S I U 1 4-. Lf . -. -4 1 , -. 1, - 'str 3 3 - e ffiiifs 1- Steve Stoecklein - Nly name is Stevie and I come from Pomo. Kirk Yen - Part-time student, part- time exempt. Bonnie Zimmerman - Would you see this woman for special help? Wiley Bob Wylie "Loooking goood." Tim, John, Ralph, special review session. nr--, J, L. Don Yan - Fashion consul-tant. x QM, Ni X 'Z Dave Wolfe -Merrill, Lynch, Nieminsky, and Wolfe, Inc. Sue Vernetti - Secretary - All Ralph asked of her is to erase the tapes. , I In this clinical disorder... 5? ax if ' , 'r' Perry Wong - Periapical Wong? Russ Weaver 3. -1.1 his-A-if L:-F ll YEARBOOK STAFF Kathy Clemans Mary Cotton Kent Harvey Achille Hebert Dave Lewis Bob Lobsenz Charlie Stamos Steve Stoecklein Gperative sr X I 4 - 'T AW gr' ff 'B N' T Eg! !L,, wa - ,..:, -,gv - Mg' Dr. Richard Hoard Dr. Robert Wolcott f-...mg Dr. Harvard Horiuchi Icy . , N, 1 2'-il , Dr. Jarvis Luechauer Y 3 rm, A Dr. AI Young frrrw Lf' Dr. Stanree Nishimura. -..-.iii 1 Dr. Robert Berrin I Ai '- Dr. John Standlee -l If 442 Marsha Mclvlnllan ..-- Secretary Dr Robert Thye -x Dr Wllllam Reuter Dr Ball Morgan -sl fm flgfjzi- 1 f Dr. Freida Xhonga Y " 4 Dr. Bruce Ellis . Dr Jay Watson Dr Wel Chao 1-1 ,, A ..:, '. Ll, A . Dr. Al Cowie Dr Guidone HJ' ,,,f',,fff" ' ,ll-.fPa"'i f ii N ' T' ,Ma i 4,-1 l,,.,.4-:S N , .1 if, Dr. Dan Alessini .-. "T, Dr- David Benson Dr. Frank Kratochvil Chairman Dr. Theodore Berg Dr. Donald Salk f "' Dr. Roger Lent Dr. Fetsuo Fujita, Postgrad , L, , ? 7' fun: ' 'X Dr. Michael Tillman "N Dr. Thomas Hatzeson Rita Cowsill, Secretary 4 K' ' T . 7' if.: T if" ii . 7 . fi -A ff" AJ ,, T313 K f 1 ' ,A+-f In A K ' I Dr. Allan Lamont Al: 151 we-my Dr. Gerald Brundo Dr. Joseph Howard -x Dr. Frank Wiebelt, Postgrad f' fl. K' Dr. Joseph Cooney W Ai ally BK Fixed When we seek to restore, what now is no more, And chamfer those preps just so, And pack and impress what's left of this mess And cast what we think ought to go, We find when we grind that we've still got some time To use some gold foil in that hole. 4 1 IX 4 I .' N 35.9 in J.-v' 'UF' v" 7 Dr. William Richter, Chairman Dr. Donald Fisher Dr. Donald Jeannet 4 I f V fl ! l Dr. James Grenfell Dr. John Flocken Dr. Manuel Kaplan is wr ff'-5 rg Beverly M c Donald, secretary til' 13 fin F-T' 9, 'sn Dr Manuel Savedra Dr William Chgn Dr Geoffrey Uhrlk Dr T Nllchael Doyle Dr Marc Dumans -A Dr Roman Fabian Dr. Stephen Lee ISHN Dr Bruce Jones D r Edward Yoon Ai- .:, ,, Dr. Ferm in Carranza Chairman Perio Dr. Julio Caballero Dr. Frank Satinover , .- W.,,, +Q ., I 1, L, -. Dr. M lchael Newman J V , Dr. Robert Merin Dr. Stephen Levine 5? ' ln ' Dr. Harbans uhatia Dr. Lionell Greenberg I , , 1 EW- ! X xl Dr. Barry Kennev Dr. Henry Takei ll ,l fx Iv ,., l H' init! Dr. Alfred Weinstock ,. Ana Silberman, Dr. Roy Shellow Sue Nelson, Clinic Doris McCoy, L W 'UF' Dr. Larry Stoops Endo I Rim Dr. Robert Krasny :V Dr. Gerald Longhurst D r. Thom as Serene Chairman Dr. Richard Feinstein Dr. Paul Zeigler J' . ' ' Dr. Raymond Dolph Dr. Gene Palmer 'il ' E V , ,J , V s A ffi V if '-.gi i ' R23 1 John Andrews Dr. Tom Higginbotham . I ' . gf ' e-' E x L' I ,Z ,N , . xx ' N N. L I 'if-.Q 'F ' ' ' A 'N ' v. 3 K if Y Y W ' H . -5.1 .1 .- an Dr. Thomas Rauth Doreen Ostro, Secretary 36 . ,M 'RX Q", vi Pathology Diagnosis Dr. Henry Cherrick Chairman Dr. Robert Verruso :Y Ea. Dr. Frank Lucatorto j s ' '- o Dr. Abdul Mohamed ff .1 'J- Hg r:.i::,b fl X u wr-1 l 4 lg. it Dr. Robert Diamond Ann Sheridan Carol Swingle Secretary Secretary Dr' Gary Salenger Susan and Jackie with a convicted cookie snatcher. in i Dr, Bruce NlcKeIvy Dr. William Goebel Dr. Douglas Silva Dr. Randall Harwood rf' ,4 -vi Dr. Stu art White Chairman "' i .gi AAL" ' l . if 4. 1 1 ' J w i N- bu. . Dr. Bruce O'Hara Dr. Ken Ross Radiology I :WPI- IiEll ' ZIIIZI ' - 4 , .'lElZl final: I J 'L l:lPl5l - f 21222: - - "'i2:2 pngcan 6lP .::iuu allfll I , ' :lI4lul2 "'lHl' .I J .v-H-.- ".7"l I :Nunn Vlllbl cAl .lllklQl! AIGIIIII I nlilulal :f:::f:'K I EIIIILISI 1 - 4 - r - alllhlzlz A"-:vol I-NDI!-nu, lI'.-Elflfln -- -,.-..-.- .l-.............. Dr. Donald Blaschke 1 i 1-ii Q, Dr. Fred Horowitz SW :J RAMX I Cynthia Carberry Secretary Dr. Raphael Yeung Dr. Donald Weissman L. as .5 rxfwjf in I! 4 3 B139 lg.-x 'x I li' : '47-ef? 4 YM. .. r Q yrs. 1 ,':,,. -, ,i , . W .12 A I r QQ? if i ' f - x Q, , ll f' 4 ' i 1 ll .6 Jl , I ' , 'J -2 LJ' x :L . Z I if'r,,l ., l Dr. Weiner Dr. Carr Dr. Proper Dr. Hargis A little lower Rick Dr. Mandel Surgery 'eww - ee1 wm- D r. Polachek Nlargarete Mayfack ,4nF!e' Dr. Hertz Q. it ':" l "-' i 'R . ,JJ I ea V- WPQI -54 YP Dr. Wishan ' ' Dr. Allen The Fun Department Dr. Sanders Mia Irene Daryl 1 N ',a- Priscilla Sandy John Dr Stewart 1 f Kandice fb A a Up Front Dave Pam eh! f Nnvna I m getting out of this dept Randy ., ueny .en He already got me Robin Nle too Debbie Lenora What next IVIua'7 Ectopic - Sq..-Q P '?.:.yf'4 " ' ' Maxillo- Facial I A il., S All 5 N -il E rqixxill , V 9 :9 - i aff' ' K, . L-1, I' l K ' I k V Dr. Joe Chang, Resident ' ' "fa-a -. '53 fu' yl x Ill xl X NZ , xii S R' av . Dr. John Beumer Chairman Dr. Robert Bleir Dr. Tak Kagawoski, Resident Mo Helland Wayne "Wong" Nlito Gnathology Dr. Yoshio Yamaguchi Dr. Isadore Imber Dr. R. Darden I, 1 4 l Dr. William Solberg, Chairman Dr. Herbert Simon ,i42l, 1 Dr. IVI. Lerner Dr. Leo Roberts Dr. J. Ross Dr. R. Brown Dr. Kenneth Swanson Bev Cressey Gayle De LaTorre Zo- la, .gram Dr. Alfred Rouda l 1, , l .A Syn, . ' r Ll : lf If l ' +4 -- 1 R A i X Public Health :fi E -9X we , gg A Liv " Dr. Timothy Collins '-,,,., Dr. John Knutson .Vera Snyder, sec. M -Q.,:f'jJ-Qfxgfjflab -" T' 'ff 1'-L' l .fl ii Dr. Louis Goldberg Chairman Dr. Colin Franker 'H- . wlul . r - si "Nils, Mary Bock, sec 'am iff? ,.. Dr. James Freed Dr. Marvin Marcus fir. J u 5 9 1 gag? . , I:-,g fx ,ki-.2 'I 'f . J Dr. Vladimir Spolsky Iv' RJ I - U i 'x""R, W If sg . . K . . ,., 5 f' u' '9 J, , -42 A ABBA! , WUI " K X-all Q. fit? Lyn I . . ' F QE V' -y - 1 ' M 7 Q' M Q f . Reidaf 509nnaes Dr. Bernard Sarnat 'v Oral Biology , ill J, M Dr. Douglas Junge Dr. George Bernard l' xml Q I Dr. Fred Herzberg 1 .-f 2 if y A 0 ,.: e. . V 'S V'-31 " - 'E . 1- ,, . X 1 . N l 1' l y i 1' V Lu L+ O c X N , l .. , f 'fl-1 f ' ' f 1 ,I Q W J l H' ' 5 , M5 -.a-i-- '. .l .g., l -if 143 A " 1. A .f 5, 1 --I-1 ' -. .fx-P A Dr. Michael McCann Dr. Joseph Jedrychowskl ff' ko 7131 Lenois and Madelon ,l' 'V' . f .Bn Dr. Spiro Chaconas Chairman Dr. Elizabeth Larsen T Ortho ff sf 1 X I1 XB! z if ai' l 1 NM Dr. Craven K urz Berlyn Johnson Linda 50l'll'lel'lbel'9 Sandi Mastricola ,, V N, I.,- .p bbi Amshel 1P"'! .n - Dr. Richard Levin 1 n-el Dr. Lawrence Furstman Tere Yusem -Special Patient Care Dr. Eric Bystrom Kit NlcKim Pat Weske Dr. John Henson it DAU Marianne Stupey Nelda Farris Linda Davidson Kitty Nlartin l. mn Bobbi Boise - Director I Pre ve n tl 0 n Susan Grabowsky - Preventive Therapist A Norma Lobato Sandy Laderas Q up , 4 i Brenda Matsuoka Linda Dounn Q' r 4 Jeanne Conklin - Secretary lk! "" E. 4 IHS, ,.i,y:,l- ': ,f th v s A Q' , - I5 .F 4 Z V Q -'LL:Lg.1',,.,,V, ,:i.. V i, 4 ..ig:,,5 , ,N 'VJ-glam' '- .r -.1 i 1" Ann Beech i . 'L tl il A rl ene Eisenhammer Kathy Nieminsky ai .... Office of "Ronald" Thomas Student Affairs -1: Nlaria Hill , .JI - , :il ,4" liYvi i as 3 . , A aw ,5"i,n gf1 -Q H H if-"' I V ll, ' fl -'ff' N .i:l'if .. 'I' 'l,h fiZ.e'I-:1- I-1 gg " 'l Margaret Farkas CHU S D ' L T0 R: Rana Kaplan, Ann-Nlarie Tisaclc, Ruth Martin, Elaine Brooks, Joan Coleman, SEATED: Sandra Lancaster Dorothy Good Office 2 1 Blomaterlals Dr. Angelo Caputo , Chairman Joseph Nlatyas Elaine Benton --i -- - Secretary Q ,- Chuck Conway, Supervisor Mack Rivas T if 4, . Q' Z'-4 g or , u "R if-'T' ' Terry Triplett Nidya Saavedra Roy Hlga L 1" ' ' Mu Hy ew af Envy ? f lm .w,..,...... . Pro Lab e Fffreefv a2azz1Ncf DAYS 7? f ! 6 - l v 1-law Asaurff I BRING A CASE J 1 N OF Bncmzoi ? 635,417 Tpnazgaw 'J Fnws. Margret Armelin I, ...AK...... I ......,u..., X E E FQ . 0 ' ,, 6 3 -. . ea 'n ,,- '.. g 6 0' 3 : Sheldon Maiman Danny Ortiz Debbie Sazzman Howard Boyd Bill Garcia Rudy Morales N . W lx A , ll ' ll ' Th e F IX I t La b Larry Gray, Bob Stipkovich, Marge Smith, Tim Cox Petravici us Ph oto gra ph y Dick Friske, Heather Vredenburgh, Bam Price i .4 L Xerox i ii r i I5 A i James Wood, Curtis Edwards Technique Lab M ' 79 i - Al i we 1 1 . kg in i A E J lui. 5 . Illustration . IAQ' -5' ,L 1' , .Nw-r. :Q . Si y ' A-L4 1 1 f-A -4- .,-"' -R, . - v 7' X Y ASW Y A, i ,P William Bishop, Chuck Wishowski, George Robbins, Irene . , ' gl -in . ill 'N .-ETL , K gil tr:-. A i 'D 1 e:A,.g Jeff Fried Chuck Lushia, Boss Chief Ken Kirshner Donna Stevens Mark Hunt C we H N sg- , ' Y j"'V ,Q-gjlgyy,-1-fb S' 1 h"'x'xTl ,A L: ilfik . 1 V L 4 ,V A ' 'P ' M - Q ' if I -:- I 'M' " ' if 5, SY r r. "f" l he 155' ' X 4 - , X f 4 K Q ! E-,Irv A A ,ne 41. ,sniff in , ua A, s i , fl 1 'Y ,Z 'SAE Chartroom: Cary Palm, Bernie Sandouk, Sue Soltes, Agi Matyas, Neva Thompson Jo Hartsock Clinic Administration: Patricia Swanson Patient Assignment: Kathy Sisi I li f Linda Chenm Billing: Mary Newton, supervisor, Paula Cantrell, Don Humphrey, Teri Mrzlak, Della Suazo Medi-Cal: Robbie Kuykendall I FU' l - Clinic Administration: f - i i,,mNiiM Juanita Wickham Clinic Appointments: Eloise Dickey, s E E H-i i 4 . Clinic Administration: Lenore Webber ' wif-Ari' Data Processing. Marika arkas, Julie Mclntee, Inese Rupeiks Word Processing: Rhoda Freeman supervisor, Mickey Kluchnick, Michele Kirsch, Barbara Mersini, Marilyn Thompson Financial Screening: G5 in -. :uf 175 Q EEA Lily Yamamoto, Group G l 3 1 s Candy Robbins, 2nd Floor Island , ' --pg., ," 'Q u "ik I -L-n I. 14- -V n. i I - V.: xt Marilyn Dorfman, 2nd Floor Island Kendall Bear, Group H . Radiology: Shirley Russell, Dagma Smith, Levine, COW?-'Y Island Ballard, Maria Vallejo, Nettie Egdhill Marlene Owens: refused to be associated with school yearbook! Merle, Jodi, Sondra, 3rd Floor Island E iii Helga Ebelling, Group B 4 ,- LJ X :Q - Fla, Pat Amuzi, Group F Marty Bragg, Group E , Y Mary Quallis, Group A - 3 Phyllis Copalman, Group C Diane Scheinholtz, Group D Cheryl Pvt. Practice: Bonnie Oliver f Joanne Nadler, Connie Marsfield l CLASS BY ITSELF PROMA Look beneath the graceful lines and textured color to the simplest, most reliable system known. Poised on its locking Air-Float Arm, the Promatic Pinch Valve Circuitry delivers any of 5 air or electric instruments at a touch - while the pure, medical water system protects your patients and handpieces from "city water" dirt, scale, and taste. lngenious in design, the Proma 500 introduces a new standard in dentistry. Write or Call now for complete details to: Proma lProgressive Machine Products lnc.l, 11610 West Olympic Boulevard, Los Angeles, Californiar90064, i213l 477-7049. promo ff' . Nine out of ten young dentists need the chance to make a few fillings yourself. temporary wallet fillings to finance So if you're one of the nine out of ten equipment and leasehold improvements. dental students with a cavity problem, Security Pacific Bank would like to help. stop by Security Pacific Bank for a filling You can even defer your first soon. After all, you can't make a good payment for six months, until you've had impression without proper equipment. SECURITY PACIFIC BANK Westwood Village Office: 930 Westwood Blvd. erm sp Wilshire-Westwood Office: 10960 Wilshire Blvd. 15 4 Sylvania has a new burner for lab work. Sylvania presents a new, flameless way to produce heat for all types of laboratory work. lt's the compact, Sylvania bench burner that provides clean, dry heat up to 11000 F. A perfect replacement for open flame type laboratory burners, it operates on 120 volts and requires 6 to 35 psi air supply. Temperature is controllable by varying air pressure to let you make the most efficient use of heat for each application. Can be placed on counter top or used hand-held. Long life heating element. Unit measures 916' high with 6Vs" base including handle. For complete product details, write Sylvania Emissive Products, Dept.RP TYPICAL APPLICATIONS Industrial, medical, research labs, schools, repair centers, dental offices. Can be used for heating, melting, bonding, soldering, curing, sealing, sterilizing, annealing, deburring, shrinking and many other related applications. SYLVANIA Sylvania Emissive Products Portsmouth Avenue Exeter, New Hampshire 03833 Sag goodbye to dqour ol flame. 9 l 'E 4 alt Jes- zx - We take pride in thejob w do, so you can take pride in thejob you do At Jelenko, vve understand how you feel as you enter dental practice. Because it's the same feeling vve have every day. The urge to excel...the demand for quality. We take pride in the job vve do, so you can take pride in the job you do. Novv, there are two vvays to put Jelenko's expertise to vvork for you: First, call our toll-free num- ber, f800j 437-7785, to get in touch with a Jelenko expert. For technical assistance. For gold price quotations. For ordering. For scrap pickup fvve'll even give you free containers and labelsj. Second, take advantage ot the educational courses at Jelenko's Regional Service Centers. Most are treeg for a fevv, there is a modest tee. We're working hard to keep Jelenko the leader in consistent, high-quality alloys for crown and bridge restora- tions and partial dentures. And vve're proud to be serving your profession . . .vve hope vve'll be serving you soon. Flsiwvvux EJELENKD DENTAL HEALTH PRODUCTS from education of dental students- to quality control in private practice- SUTER DENTAL MFG. CO. 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Catalog on R quest C I "The House Of A Thousand Models" 49 ast 21st S et, New or , . . 010 ELECTRO-MALLET McShirley Products, Inc. Glendale, California 91201 KEELINC 81 COMPANY California Dental Association Insurance Plans C2133 388-1391 CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1976! UNITEK values your business and wants to help you put it all together with considerable savings . George Augur U CLA Representative 71 4-624-8764 L-fer.-L ,E N :gt izii, Q I-an ,.Q'vII... Ln, , IIIIIWIIII IIIIIIIIIIW I I I I IIII I II III II JI' A 1:17 ' , ..-IwlI'f'If, 'W-Q , "'."' '.1,ii5:f:, I umI,www,ww-ww--IIIIII 9 ., , ., . ,,,, ., , ,,,,, - 11111- 11111 I MH III, NNI' W I WW' ,f-If' Congratulations to the Graduating Class OUR BEST WISHES GO WITH YOU AND OUR THANKS TOO FOR YOUR PATRONAGE PROUD OF ouR PROFESSIONALS THE ASUCLA HEALTH SCIENCES STORE SERVING UCLA CENTER OF HEALTH SCIENCES IAS YOU BEGIN YOUR PROFESSIONAL CAREER . . I I I W wmwa II' i -QL . -.--sf-1, Y. ,m - I-'fx w-- ,, J -,- ., ,,. , - J I F' ic' , H Aw, , 4fw1'igWIIw ' . ,E . I W I N M I II I WIN I bw. as ,, I W III IIIVI I II In II Wm I I .. I W I I I II,,IIIW4I I I I IWWWWIWWWMN' 'I M5 ww w BPL I- IIIIIII . -rs fb, I II IIWII NIWIWWMWIIIW I ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,..,,,,.,.,,., gl li A I IV I II V I IW! 1 . I Us I IIVIPRESSIONS hw-M 5' STAFF ' JIM STEVENS, Co-editor BRUCE KAWAGUCHI Editor IOA N OTOMO, Co-editor ' ' DAN NAKAMURA, Advertising Layout: EDDIE HAYASHIDA , 'f 84 STEVE SCHUMM BERNIE SANDOUK, Financial Advisor Copy: A Artwork: Starrie Lowe and "Kawazoom" Cover: Paul Ross Z B ddha LEONARD 81 IUDY HOLQUIN KAWAGUCHI w N 1, ,., oi Photography: Jotomo, Jim, oom, u Nok, Chowser, Bob Harry, Nleeter Leo d Q ' 2 , Chenin, Vargas R Q Z 1 V r' '51, ' , M 4 'A ' I .,f ' .Q . E Y' 1 L HN 'i . 4 '53 A 'N x 'W w Z 0 'AW K NX -- ' . ' I QNX! 1 I ! s ' fl W Q Y -if J r 2 S 'L'-"' X M W'-. MNH!! , 4' X 1- Xl M Ima- NN N K E 0 Q ' K Q U K 29 , A--,-f. f W H --fff -:Y XXX Nm C? 'X 03 Bw ...l G Q Y? A W QQQ

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