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fi m m % - M " i m- i " mm « % •-» s-; i 4 ' f l ) i ' ■, ' ■• ' ■ ' ' ■ ' ■ ' ■ ' " •= .l " 3K- v55£iSB m v.t p ' HIW V » •• • .• J ' c-i- ' a -r. ;- ' -. .» m : ». ' . ■ • - . i- wj. . , ' - ' . r DEDICATION: MICHAEL C. McCANN THERE ARE MANY MEN IN A DENTAL SCHOOL WHO MAKE IT GREAT; WHO HAVE A PROFOUND INFLUENCE ON THE ACA- DEMIC EXCELLENCE, AND MORAL CHARACTER OF THE STUDENTS. MICHAEL McCANN, ASSOCIATE CLINICAL PROFESSOR OF DENTISTRY, IS A MAN WHO INSPIRES EXCELLENCE IN HIS STU- DENTS, A MAN WHO THROUGH HIS OWN ACTIONS, HAS MADE THE STUDENTS ASSOCIATED WITH HIM FEEL PROUD OF THEIR PROFESSION AND REGAIN CON- FIDENCE IN THEMSELVES TO UNDER- STAND THEIR RESPONSIBILITIES TO THE PROFFESSION OF DENTISTRY. IT IS OFTEN DIFFICULT FOR THE STUDENTS TO EXPRESS THEIR APPRECIATION TO SUCH A PROFESSOR, OFFICIAL AWARDS ARE OFTEN COLD AND IMPERSONAL, PERHAPS DEDICATION OF A YEARBOOK IS ONE SMALL WAY TO EXPRESS OUR SENTI- MENTS. JAMES R. ELLIS Editor THE COVER The pictorial, covering the front and back covers of this book, is a photograph of a collage made by Dr. Reidar F. Sognnaes, founding dean of the UCLA School of Dentistry, entitled " The Audience. " Its intent is to show how the students look to the professor lecturing to a class of dental students. As in the past, the purpose of this yearbook is to explore the many aspects of the title " Impressions. " JOHN W. KNUTSON D.D.S., Dr. P.H. Acting Dean June 1, 1969 to June 1, 1970 The Class of 1970 entered UCLA Dental School when the building was not yet complete. It was the first large class, comprised of eighty students, following two small classes of twenty-six and twenty four. During those four years of education before graduation, the class saw the curriculum and faculty adjust to the new demands of a larger student body. There was also tragedy; Dr. Reidar Sognnaes, the founding dean was forced to resign from the deanship because of a serious heart condition. During the one and a half years before a new dean was appointed, two men. Dr. Gordon Nikiforuk and Dr. John Knutson served as acting deans. In 1969, Dr. Frank Sobkowski resigned as assistant dean to become dean at Southern Illinois and Dr. James Freed and Dr. Robert Thye were both appointed to be assistant deans. Now, a new dean has been appointed. Dr. Robert Caldwell. ROBERT C. CALDWELL, D.D.S. PH.D. Dean James Freed, Assistant Dean Sameul Cheng, Assistant Director Clinics Robert Thye, Assistant Dean Robert Wolcott, Director Clinics ,— ■ i L M . S 1 m LX TABLE OF CONTENTS I m w [ STUDENT BODY AND CLASS OFFICERS Frank Miranda SECRETARY FACUI STAF| CLAsS Of 1970 CLASS OF 1971 CLA SOF 1972 CLASS OF 1973 WIVBS CLUB . !j«RAtERNTTlES :arbook staf? contributors i . .19 .32 .60 .74 .86 .96 .97 .98 .99 James R. Ellis STUDENT BODY PRESIDENT Lloyd Rasner VICE PRESIDENT Richard Silvera GRADUATE STUDENTS ASSOCIATION Robert Lutz TREASURER CLASS OF 1970 sChristcrpher Upham Xent FamswortJi Robert Merin Ronald Thompson .Michael Moss President Vice President Secretary Social Chairmen Thomas Sims Thomas Lagatta Barry Gold Leo Angel CLASS OF 1971 President Vice President Secretary Treasurer CLASS OF 1973 ISteve Bailey ,Richard Therrell iFrank Miranda Soren Jacobsen President Vice President Secretary Treasurer . Tom Grossman Allen Ehlers Diane Milberg • Pete Nunez Mm uckey, -ffrand Master President Vice Pre-sident Secretary Treasurer Y Robert fr,. Miller, Alan Licht Presidents ' 7 y FACULTY GUARDIANS OF DENTISTRY Dr. Herbert Shillingburg FIXED PROSTHETICS Dr. John Flocken Dr. Thomas Brown Dr. Robert Garfield Dr. Fred Goodman Dr. KentMadseu Dr. Allan Melnick Dr. Douglas Ruhlman Dr. Harley Thayer ur. Donald Fisher Dr. Henry Yamada Dr. Sumiya Hobo Dr. Edward Yoon Dr. Peterson Dr. Victor Mintz GNATHOLOGY Dr. Kornblatt Dr. Manuel Kaplan ' O F ' J Dr. Swanson Dr. Imber Dr. Kingston Dr. Hoffman OPERATIVE DENTISTRY The bright spot of the department is the new sophomore lab curriculum under the direction of Dr. Earl Collard and Dr. Robert Thye. For once, a dental faculty has set realistic goals for teaching the course. The success of the program is evident by the exceptionally good performance of the students in the clinic. Dr. Robert Thye Dr. Earl Collard Dr. Thomas Stewart Dr. Richard Mack Dr. Frlda Xhonga Dr. Helen Luechauer Dr. Jon Standlee Dr. Jarvis Luechauer Dr. Richard Leiber Dr. James Rota Dr. Michael Sosen Dr. Richard Libby Dr. David Astrachan L « ENDO This year marks the establishment of a separate endodontics depart- ment with a permanent department head, Dr. Stewart. Unfortunately a picture was not available at publi- cation time. Dr. Robert Krasny Dr. Thomas Higginbotham Dr. Sanford Grossman Dr. Anthony Rosali Dr. Errol Gill is Dr. Paul Zeigler Dr. Ralph Stem Dr. Morris Reisbick Dr. Harvard Horiuchi Dr. Robert Wolcott Dr. Snyder Dr. Robert Gilbert Dr. Barry Blumenthal Dr. Jack Seymour Dr. James Veruetti ORTHODONTICS Arriving from Marquet University only two years ago, Dr. Spiro Chaconas organized an effective course for undergraduate students including lab and clinical programs with great skill. Now, the first students will be admitted into a post graduate program on July 1 . Dr. Spiro Chaconas Dr. Juan Font Dr. Gerd Wolman Dr. Philip Bader PEDIATRIC DENTISTRY When the UCLA Dental School was dedicated in 1966, Dr. Thomas Barber was here as a guest lecturer, He was then chairman of the highly respected Pediatric Department at Illinois. Now he is chairman of the UCLA department. Already he has begun a comprehensive program for both undergraduate students as well as post graduate students. It is likely that history will be repeated and UCLA will become the best Pedo Department in the country. 1i Dr. Thomas Barber Dr. Larry Luke Dr. Osamu Miyamoto Dr. Warren Brandli Dr. Kent Lamb Dr. Michael McCann WSSSU. ' " . ' ' ' )?— Dr. George Kawakami Dr. Robert Brown Dr. Roland Hansen Dr. Robert Read n E r. G. Douglas Silva Dr. Des Kalis Dr. Sam Cheng ORAL DIAGNOSIS ORAL MEDICINE Dr. Gary Salinger Dr. Robert Cans z w Dr. Frank Lucatorto Dr. Donald Silver Dr. Warren Bennett Dr. Robert Diamond Dr. Max Flehinger i r .t Dr. Gerald Kowitz Dr. Norman Simmons Dr. Colin Franker Dr. Gordon Nikiforuk The Oral Biology department initiated a new approach in its elective seminar program this year, allowing greater flexibility for the students. This forward looking attitude is in keeping with the progressive ideals of its well educated, open minded faculty. ORAL BIOLOGY To the Class of 1970 There are rare occasions when a few can be impressive most of the time. It is equally rare when many can be outstanding for some of the time. It isexceededingly rare whena majority can sustain excellence for all of the time. Perhaps none of you will receive accolades of great magnitude, but the UCLA School of Dentistry will do well to select a group of men and women who embody the concept of studentship so well. The winter of 1969 has indelibly inscribed these senti- ments in this instructor ' s mind. Your Colleague, Colin K. Franker Dr. Louis Goldberg Dr. Douglas Junge Dr. George Bernard Dr. Wilbert Faermark Dr. Raider Sognnaes Dr. Arthur Johnson Dr. Fred Hertzberg Dr. Frances Howell ORAL RADIOLOGY With his magic light gun, Dr. Longhurst managed to blind half of the Freshman Class before he realized why the stu- dents couldn ' t see the radiographs projected on the screen. Fortunately, this was the only mishap when he became chairman of the department after Dr. Sobkowski left to be- come Dean of the Southern Illinois School of Dentistry. Educated in Toronto with Doctor Worth, Dr. Longhurst is a well qualified and capable departmental administrator and instructor. Dr. Gerald Longhurst Dr. Richard Feinstein Dr. Donald Welssman Dr. Duane Lovett Dr. Lawrence Richardson Dr. Leo Logsdon Dr. James Foote Dr. Richard RutkowsM 14 ORAL SURGERY Oral Surgery continues to rank high in esteem with the students for its tradition of good teaching principles, excellent staff and organized clinical program initiated by Doctor Norman Treiger and continued by the new department chairman Doctor Philip Boyne. It seems evident that the department is well on its way to being one of the best in the country. ■sTT •v • w f Dr. Philip Boyne Dr. Charles Block Dr. Donald Cooksey Dr. Seymour Carr Dr. Michael Grafft Dr. Robert Hertz Dr. Joseph Lenihan Dr. Robert Thompson Dr. Melvin Wishan Dr. Richard Polachek Dr. Robert Propper Dr. Norman Trieger PUBLIC HEALTH Dr. James R. Freed Dr. John Knutson MAXILLOFACIAL PROSTHETICS Dr. Cordell Riley Dr. Gale Kloeffler Dr. Ardis White Dr. Ellis Ring Dr. Herbert Minick r REMOVABLE PROSTHETICS The removable department continues to run a tight ship under the able leadership of Doctor Kratochvil and Doctor Vig. Few students walked the plank this year, as many cut their beards and shaved their mustaches to show their clinical competence. The departmental bulletin board has become the center of interest as a forom for new ideas and old. . Dr. F. James Kratochvil Dr. William Harrison Dr. Robert Vig Dr. Theodore Berg -T . ,. . ¥ Dr. Heleni Eminidou Dr. Dan Alessini Dr. Roland Smith Dr. Donald Salk X Dr. Yoshio Yamaguchi ' 1 Dr. David Benson Dr. John Houston J V " I have one thing to say- we tried ' Harbans Bhatia 1970 Dr. Harbans Bhatia PERIODONTOLOGY Dr. Julian Conant Dr. Harold Drucker I 1 Dr. Frank Adams Dr. Bashar Bakdash Dr. Fry Dr. Lionel Greenberg Dr. Van Scotter Dr. Henry Takei Dr. Roy Shellow Dr. James Orban 18 STAFF lsJMai3i3iMai Robert Smith Clinic Manager General Scape Goat Katherine Bennett, Carol Guse, Madeline Pomeranz, Sandy Schwann, Mary Newton. Blackmail Shot Fae Demetrion, Robert Smith, Mary Birms, Elaine Brooks. Diane Wright Suzi Weber Rose Thompson Beth Cleymaet Elaine Leonard Dr. Manuel Alvarado Barbara Olmstead Doris McCoy Linda Sutherland Pam Edwards Pat Malouf, RN Barbara Haskins Mary Sue Lobel Gladys McAlister, RN Barbara Jacobs, RN Netty Grant Sue Maynes Janet Witt Sandy Rico, Susan Gerski, Pat Graham, Marilee Carlton, Jean Chapman, (the boss). Sandy Barrett, Berlyn Jackson, Dolores Redfish, Maria Vallejo. Cheryl Burret, Bobbi Hahn, Bettee Smith, Debby Courtemarsh, Neva Race. Kathy Nieminsky _ I Jl ipii I Hi H i f 9 S -? 1 ' 1 Admissions Office: Sharlene Rose, Dolores Yaglela, Nancy Laurie, Leone White, Norma King. 3S- Helen Wetter Eleanor Dewhirst Barbara Gates Bob Maxwell, Student ' s Store Manager 23 m Max Rivas PROFESSIONAL LAB t 9 Howard (Howie) Boyd ;J - Debbie Granby V Dan Ortiz Bill Westrick Terry Triplet! Debbie Sazzmann Rudy Morales Connie Flores Juanita Dodd Steve Kennedy Ruth Fielding Rana Kaplan Dina Salazar Nannette Pessano Joe Matyas JoAnn Swaton Alicia Condell Florence Williams Pam Leiber Juanita Wickham ly i Marilyn Dorfm an, Sandy Stephens, Sandy Blank. Patricia DeVito, Alice Noble, Alanna Steigner. Bobbi Rosenthal, Lita Escobar, Linda Ortiz, (Shelly Busch not shown). Severely McDonnald Charles (Admiral) Lushia Donna Stevens Joan Guillory Maxine Talenfeld Gail Goodman, Carla O ' Neal, Olive Stone. Linda Benjamin Richard Foots Otis Pryor Judy Applebaum M 1 Robert Stipkovich, Marge Smith, Frank Betush. Bobbi Rosenthal Alice MacEachern Sue Simon Rita Cowsil, Barbara Fleming Carol Evans, Dottie Perils, Jill Korbin, Maxine Poynter, Joan Garaventa, Cathy O ' Bryant, Margaret Farkas, Judy Baskett, Dorothy Good (seated). Karin Magnuson Hermenia Perez Barbara Briere Curtis Edwards Donna Stewart . Sandy Kleinberg J Cathy Hill Joan Crawford Mable Hamilton Klaske Zeilstra Sheryl Simms Margaret Gruca Joyce Schumann, Kandy Hand .. „J DAU The Dental Auxiliary Utilization program has had its problems with funding, long hours, and program changes. These problems would have wrecked a weaker crew and sent them back to private offices had it not been for their dedication to dental education. Grateful thanks is given to these wonderful young ladies. Bobbi Boise, DAU Supervisor Judy Rose, CD A Coralee Vick, CDA Sandy Laderas, CDA Marianne Stupy h-%M Linda McDonald 30 p H T O G R A P H Y Mike Thompson, Bill Kelley, Dave Irene Petravicius, Patty Palenschat George Robbins The Midnight Skulker 31 -tirMW. CLASS OF 1970 LYLE J. BEUTLER The bleached Clark Gable of the UCLA funny farm plans on becoming an expert in his field (what ever that is). He hopes to either become a barber in the perio department for those who don ' t brush after every meal or an orthodontist bending beer cans at the pizza palace. He has fond hopes of channeling his burning energy into more hours of sleep. His future plans include getting up a right wing, Orange County bottomless night club. His greatest an:ibition is to come out of retirement, that is to graduate. NELSON E. BINGER Big, Tall, slow talking, slow walking Nelson knows all tlie secrets of the dental school. He has been known to disclose major faculty decisions of promotions and curriculum two weeks before official announcements are made. In fact, he was the first one to know who the new dean was: the best kept secret in the school. Nelson received the Pedo Award and in the words of Dr. Barber, " There is no greater man than one who stoops to help a child. " Nelson plans to specialize in children ' s dentistry. DAVID W. BLACK, JR. Dave, better known as " little waveeDave " has managed to spend his last four years at UCLA in absenteeism. All his crowns were flown in by carrier pigeon from a surf board somewhere in the Pacific. Despite being a member of Da Hawks and a true hard core agitator, Dave has managed to endear himself to the administration being anonymous and by cutting his hair. His plans include building a VW from pre World War II amalgam and goofing off. BRUCE W. BOER True to his Australian ancestry, Bruce seldom let dental school get to him. The only time he wore a tie was for the pictures to be sent to the state boards; otherwise, one could always recognize him by his tennis shoes, the pitcher of cold beer in his hand, or the canoe on his head. After a prolonged trip to anywhere, he may open practice or just comb the beaches of Newport. 34 DANIEL W. CARDON Dan excelled in the social science program, when he took a music class, the department wanted him to do graduate work in music. Dan also spent much of his spare time doing art work work and playing the piano. He never ceased to amaze his room mate, Dave Black, how well his box camera took pictures, especially after Dave spent a fortune on a new Pen- taz. Dan plans to set up private practice in the near future. LE ROY K. CARSON Le Roy was one of two in the class to graduate with honors from dental school. Being a hard worker, he wasn ' t seen much after he finished requirements. However, he did spend a great deal of time persuading instructors to adapt the students ' point of view. Due to patient shortages, his wife Beverly was the only patient to receive thirty two amalgams, foils, endos, and gold castings before receiving her dentures. After the Air Force, he plans to practice in Yugoslavia and do endo- dontics on elephants, there have always been big things ahead for LeRoy. ROBERTA]. CERVENY Roberta, our resident long hair, has somehow managed to survive her stay receiving only a few bruise marks on her derriere in the process. Aside from being elected to OKU, she also received the miltown award for calmness and cool- ness while others were loosing their minds. She is going into partnership with the dentist for whom she worked as a hy- genist. February marks the expected arrival of a new Cerveny: Congratulations to the only pregnant person in the class of 1970. .ai.;.3J , SAMUEL CHENG Doctor Cheng had the unique position of being student, teacher, and assistant clinic director of the dental school during the last four years. Before then, Sam served in the government civil service in Hong Kong as a dentist. Upon arriving at UCLA, he taught Radiology exhibiting not only an amazing- ability with the subject but also a humanitarian outlook toward the students and an understanding of their problems. His future plans have not been disclosed, but as a graduate of UCLA he will distinguish himself doing impressions of Richard Lu in John Wayne movies. 35 - ssg FREDRIC D. CHUCKOVICH As a former Stanford graduate and chairman of the Hawks, Fred was entered in Who ' s Who in Poland during his senior year. His dental school potential was realized early by the faculty when he was recognized as one of the hard core five. After graduation, he plans to do a full mouth reconstruction on " da Dew " and then retire to the volleyball courts. His spare time will be devoted to selling Cougars and fighting the white water at Santa Monica Beach. LELAND J. CRAIG The weasel, arriving at UCLA from San Jose State proved him- self personable and a good RFer. After serving as class presi- dent during the sophomore year, Lee maintained his sanity by frequent trips south of the border and Europe. He became one of the great lab men doing twice the work of most others. His plans are not definite, but surely good time and good dentistry will be his chief objectives. LAUREN D. DALZEN Lauren is moving back to Minnesota to participate in the two year Orthodontics program at the university there. Lauren was the likable sort who always was pushed into situations -such was the case when he was unanimously elected as Freshman Class president. Whether it be basketball or dentistry, it always came out well. Lauren received one of the orthodontics awards given this year. RONALD L. DARDEN Dardooon, when he was not comhing his hair, spent most of his last four years acting as personal greeter for all the good look- ing patients in the dental school. As one of the Valley Dads, he has kept with the tradition of loud radios during clinic hours and having a Bob ' s big boy for lunch. Ron plans to enter group practice after graduation and to buy a Gran Prix to park in front of the Nite Life. 36 WILLIAM M. DE PRIEST Bill, one of the new fathers, will be entering private practice in Tustin, after graduation and catching up on his sleep. Always the perfectionist. Bill will always be known for his polish jobs on gold crowns, maybe that was where he learned how to laugh. He anticipates many happy hours dancing at the Sugar Shack and throwing more wild parties with Ron Fliss and his wife. PATRICK H. DILLON Dillooon, when he was not combing his hair, spent most of his last four years acting as personal greeter for all the good looking patients in the dental school . As one of the Valley Dads he kept with the tradition of loud radios during clinic hours and always having a Bob ' s big boy for lunch. Pat will be spending most of his life playing V ball and sitting in Darden ' s new car. Don ' t forget: beware of girls bearing Ph D ' s JAMES R. ELLIS Known as Rich to his friends, Jim by the faculty, and Ralph by Stork and Miller, he served as Junior Class president and Student Body President when not selling real estate or specul- ating on the gold market. He was best known for his dealings to help the social science program, especially Cervantes. Ellis will be serving with the United States Air Force in Korea, after which he plans to retire to dentistry in Ventura. Being an active charter in the Delts, he plans to help organize the graduate chapter at ULCA. KENT R. FARNSWORTH Upon graduation, Kent plans to enter prison in Arizona to fill teeth. Kent received the coveted Removable Prosthetics Award for his outstanding efforts in that field, while in dental school. He served as the class vice president during the senior year, and will continue as such in the future. His plans in- clude further study, private practice, and enlarging his family with more beautiful girls. 37 .. f RONALD K. FUSS Ron spent most of his last two years in school with his favorite hobby , his wife Karen. The original " Pick me a winner " kid came to UCLA after going to Cal. Ron plans to enter the Air Force to pay off some of his debts and then to go on to post graduate work. As a hard line charter member in the Delta Sigma Delta Fraternity Ron believes in working hard and play- ing hard. Someday he will be a lazy, reaming endodontist. BRUCE B. FOGEL Bruce developed a super efficient method of four handed dentistry while in dental school. He was also awarded mem- bership in OKU Honorary fraternity. He managed to bail out of the Air Force in time to enter Endodontics school at Harvard. His future plans include devoting more time to his lovely wife Marilyn and part time teaching at UCLA in future years. ALLAN D. FORREST Al will be best remembered for his nick name in school and for being a member of the silent majority. After setting up practice, he plans to become a movie critic and enlarge on his hobbies of photography and nude picture collecting. His future goals include good dentistry, travel with his wife Maureen and affluence. NEAL S. FREEMAN Neal is one of the bridge experts of the class. He distinguished himself as an expert in social sciences during the second and third years of school, leaving an unsurpassable record. Neal will be doing some sub zero survival experiments for the Air Force for two years in South Dakota, after which post graduate work and private practice are his plans. 38 ALEXANDER B. HOGUE After running scared for four years as a marked man as a friend of Ben (Benny) Gold, Alex became one of the better operators in the class. He plans to spend the next year in in- tensive occupational therapy in the Canadian North Woods to heal his mind and get reacquainted with his wife again. He and Raitt plan to open a topless beer bar some time in the future and retire to a life of pleasure. WILLIAM R. HOWARD Raitt has been known for his witty comments and drinking ability, being honored by Busch gardens with a lifetime pass. He has also been called a wizard with gold, changing gaping phosphate margins into shimmering masterpieces of polished gold or tin foil or whatever was at hand. His plans are nebulous what with two Navy years ahead. EUGENE R. HUMPHRIES The magic christian is known for his gentle manners and kind way with words, especially around Alex Hogue. He received the orthodontics and other awards. Gene enters Loma Linda University to continue his education in orthodontics after sum- mer teaching in the UCLA clinic. After completing his edu- cation, he plans to practice wire bending and find a way to isolate German measles. JACK C. ISAACS Saacs, described himself as the short, dark hairy Armenian. What more can be said except that he had one of the best looking wives in the class. When he wasn ' t studying, he was drinking wine, stealing Stork ' s screen off his window and yel- ling at police with alligator shoes. After the Air Force, he plans to outfit a sail boat and make dentures for the natives in the South Pacific. 39 ERNEST L. JAMES JR. As a regents scholar, Ernie sailed through dental school with little troL±)le, while enjoying the good life on land and sea. His future plans are nebulous, his abilities allow him an infinite nuiT±)er of choices. At present, he plans to enter private practice and later to do post graduate training. GEORGE E. JANEWAYJR. Dental school was a landmark for George, as he married his high school sweetheart, Lynn. His activities in dental school included making full length Technicolor extravaganzas for the removable department with special emphasis on clean finger- nails. George is in the Public Health Service for two years and then plans to enter private practice and possibly build a mobile clinic to help do dentistry on Indians in the Southwest. GERALD F. JONES Jerry has his humble beginning in the thriving city of Arvin, California. Childhood habits of toe painting with grape juice pointed the way to his later artistic displays at Mom ' s. His future plans include inheriting Kelty ' s black tie, getting out of the Navy, Dentistry, and raising a lot of little grape stompers in some remote area of California away from unions. THOMAS M. KELLEN As a Hawk, the performer is seen at the beach more than at school. His surf board designs are a landmark for Tom from the Rincon to Mazatlan. After his tour of duty with the Cuban Navy, Tom plans to set up shop and pursue his main interests - surfing and photography. 40 JOHN E. KING John was the mentor of the gruesome three: King, Kelty and Kolz. As one of the resident philoshers of the class, he usually had something to say, especially if it concerned the girls in the cafeteria. As a former school teacher, John helped the class behind the scenes in a personal crusade talking with ' instructors " hoping to make them realize their role as " teachers. " John plans to set up practice in Southern Cali- fornia and get to know his son Rich now that those long hours in the lab are over. RICHARD A. KLEE As a Valley dad, Klee can be found in his cubicle contemplating heavy sounds and waxing groovy crowns. While in the Navy, he plans to model mustaches. Later, Rick plans to become a hair stylist and culture side burns in alginate. After graduation, he plans to continue his search for Mrs. Robinson. GLENN E. KELTY Glen was one of the more practical people in the class, he had a tie for every occasion: as Henry Ford said, " you can have any color as long as it ' s black. " Glen and his roommate John Laing, spent most of their time scuba diving or drinking at the Oar House to drown their dental school memories. Upon grad- uation. Glen will be returning to Phoenix to start an associate- ship and later to begin his own practice. KENNETH E. KOLZ Graduating in the top ten, being a Regents Scholar, Ken was known as the machine. After the sophomore year, he got married, which cut down on his gas and phone bills, and began to enjoy the good life. Ken served the class on the curriculum committee for two years and also helped to set up the Faculty- student liason committee. After a two year Air Force tour of Idaho, Ken will be returning to Southern California to set up practice. 41 JOHN F . LAING John studied hard in dental school at scuba diving, skiing, basketball, and the Kismet. After delaying his requirements for a year, he turned on so to speak and mass produced crowns, partials, and extractions. John is looking forward to a pleasure cruise with the Navy around Viet Nam and buying a Porsche. ALAN J. LIGHT No one could pronounce his name right, but Al has become well known during dental school as a class officer, student clinician, x " egents scholar and co-founder of the Alpha Omega fraternity at UGLA. In his spare time, he will attend the USG orthodontics program, while spending most of the day playing basketball and water skiing. Al has amassed many honors in dental school among them the election to the OKU honor fraternity. RICHARD J. LIEBIG After the state boards, if he arrives on time, " Big " plans a tour in the Navy and extensive travel through Europe. Rich will have little trouble adjusting to Navy life after his four year tour of UGLA, and eating sorority house food. Aside from nitrous oxide and sports a girl from Loma Linda are his major loves. ROBERT G. LINDL Bulky, during the Freshman year, acquired the name of " Dirty Bob " because of his one track mind and act ivities during anatomy class. He has been a vocal mouth of Da Hawks and was convicted of being a hard core agitator during the Sopho- more year. After a Navy tour of Guam, he plans to surf and practice dentistry in Santa Barbara and breed sheep for illicit purposes. 42 ALAN G. LURIE As assistant director of the UCLA athletic department, the Coach has had to limit his other activities in concert piano, chess and bridge tournaments, tropical fish breeding and dental school. While being Joe Namath ' s personal advisor, Big Al will earn his PhD in radiation physics from the University of Rochester. His interest in the area started during Fresh- man radiology classes and was continued to earn Al national recognition. RICHARD A. MANDEL When Coach Lurie fainted from tit first injection given by Rick, there was no doubt that he was going into Oral Surgery, this was later confirmed when he began wearing white pants and pink shirts. With his marriage in October and a four year internship, Rick has his life well planned, now if he could grow a funny little beard Rick was also elected into the OKU honorary fraternity. ELMER R. MATHER His humble beginnings in the avocado center of the world, El Cajon , proved no major obstacle to success. He has distinguished himself as a Hawk and leader of the champion- ship dental intramural teams. He was recently selected by Pam as the dentist most likely to do her bridge. Following a tour in the Navy, he plans to set up practice in Santa Barbara. DAVID M. MEIROVITZ Dave will be in a Public Health Internship at South Carolina during his first year out of school. As the shylock of the Alpha Omega Fraternity, Dave has maintained the organization on stable financial footing, while at the same time losing his shirt at bridge. Dave and his wife, Ruth, are expecting their first child in November and plan to have a basketball team bv 1975. 43 ROBERT L. MERIN Bob, known as the class commadore, plans to open a floating perio practice after his two year post graduate training at Illinois. His activities include participation in the Basket Weaving and Snake Charming Study Club concerning himself with studies of the pathological pocket and sleeping on a bed of Perio-pack. A good sport, Bob will be serving as the class secretary for the rest of his life. JOHN R. MEYER John will be starting on his own practice in Sherman Oaks in a few months, after his fourteenth floor penthouse office is completed. Currently, the Dr. Rosen twin is in the Dr. Mintz Study Club to find out where centric really is, he was one of the charter meiT±)ers of Delta Sigma Delta and as such, was a champion drinker. At present, he is running a numbers racket in South Burbank with his uncle Julio. JAMES M. MILLARD Next to his wife Nancy, Jim ' s major loves are golf, fishing and bridge. Jim claims that having his wife on the staff has not helped in school, however, the forty pounds of scrap gold foil she collected over the two years helped pay the rent on their Bel Air home. Jim is in the Air Force Internship Program and plans later to go into oral surgery. ALAN MILLER Big Al, the kiddies pal, has distinguished himself with the longest losing streak in the bridge for lunch bunch. Al has managed an apartment building during dental school and it was skillfully redecorated by Ralph about a year ago. Al served as the founding president of the Alpha Omega Chapter at UCLA. The Navy, private practice and marriage are all in die near future. 44 MICHAEL A. MOSS Admiral Moss, after graduation will enter the proud and glorious U.S. Navy a full rank above his classmates. How he accomplished this feat can be found in his school activities: Naval war movies at lunch, reserve meetings five times a week, falsifying Naval records and changing his first name to Captain. Mike won the Dr. Mintz study club award for most enthusiastic clinician, having finished all his requirements during his lunch breaks. ROBERT L. MUCKEY Mild mannered, electric yellow color shirted Bob Muckey served as the first President of the Delta Sigma Delta fraternity. A former dormy, now a proud father of the micro Muckey, Bob plans to set up practice in Sacramento and fly a Boeing 747 or play golf in his spare time. As a parting gesture, he plans to bomb Mathers apartment and steal Mike Williams ' radio. DANIEL G. OLIVER The angry old man of the class spent most of his four years trying to straighten out this school. He served on many committees, represented the class at Arrowhead and Santa Barbara, and tried desperately to clarify our ever changing clinic schedule. Retiring to a life of leisure in San Diego, Dan will be opening shop by October. ■i i- JOHN W. ORCHARD Orch the torch was one of two Stanford Indians to be allowed in UCLA. He divided his time between being the second Delt Club President, doing hair transplant research, and spending his spare moments with Nancy. His Eighth Army traning was a poor defense against the indignity of losing bets to the Cal men after the traditional Cal -Stanford football games each year. John plans to enter private practice after graduation. 45 RICHARD C. OSBORN Ozzie hit UCLA after a grueling four years at UCSB. He main- tained his pace and soon became known as the class red hot. His pastime, until Tina, included swimming in Beer at Mom ' s and lecturing at Ledbetters. After a tour in the Navy, he plans to open a practice and specialize in dentistry. JACK L. PENIX Regent scholar and hard nosed radical, Jack has been the style setter of the class of 1970. He has convinced the Removable Department and the green wonder that long hair, Nehru collars and good dentistry do mix. Jack ' s greatest ambition is to be- come an oral surgeon, transplanting happiness wherever he goes. GEORGE F. RICHARDS III After graduation, George plans to enter the Air Force to bring the family coffers into the black. He and his wife wanted a large family and got an early start as Linda gave birth to two children during the past four years. His favorite pastime is arguing with Linda to keep in practice to shoot down Dr. Chaconas. LEO P. ROBERTS Leo, the fast talking Edward G. Robinson look alike has an affinity for double breasted suits and has an amazing ability with gold foil or any other dental procedure. Leo is torn between skiing, photography and dentistry, but has agreed to enter practice with Dr. Mintz for his lab technician. As a hard worker for the class, he says social science was his main concern and " joy " during dental school. Amen. 46 STEPHEN]. RUBINKAN Setting up practice in Orange County, Ruby is another of the few who is entering private practice cold turkey. He will be known forever in dental school and at Mom ' s for his one sec- ond record gulp of beer and his two way record for drinking a pitcher of beer: fifteen seconds down and four seconds up. LEE H. SARTY Lee is the only Canadian to come to the U. S. to dodge the draft. After years in the dregs of the Cal Long Beach Zoo department, he was inspired to come to UCLA. Even though he was the leader of the wild bunch at the Kismet, Sarty still found time for his lovely wife Laurel. During his internship in the Navy he plans to practice veterinary medicine and later to set up a private practice. BRIAN M. SMITH Brian was a serious student and a hard core Mormon. Aside from sports, he spent most of his time trying to make ends meet like everyone else with a wife and children. However, having a family provided him with many enjoyable hours be- tween studying and lab work. After the Air Force, he plans to put his education to work in private practice. STEPHEN F. SMITH Continuing a trek that began at Occidental, where he met and married his sweetheart of two and one half years, Elyse; migrating on to Westwood, Venice, Topanga, and lastly to the outback of the Valley, Smith 2 will now see the world in the smock and crewcut of a Navy dentist. Dividing his time between teaching Jiid, his Samoyed, to wax margins and his agricultural business, Steve has set a prodigious example by having at least fifteen contact points on each cusp. 47 RONALD W. THOMPSON Speed was another of those agitators that helped to keep the school straight, after the first quarter, he was never called on to answer questions. He posed as a zoiT±)ie on the first Path exam, after staying up all night to deliver his first child, Sean. Ron plans to study silicone injections and set up prac- tice after a stint in the Public Health Service. CHRISTOPHER A. UPHAiM The last of the hard core agitators will always be remembered by the faculty after his precise summary of the class attitudes at graduation. The stork has always been a fun loving, serious student whose motto as a Delt was work hard and play hard. This he did as class Social Chairman, later as Senior Class President, and in Oral Surgery and Anesthesiology. Being recognised as a leader in Anesthesiology, Chris will be start- ing the Dental residency program at Harbor Hospital. KENNETH D. USLAN Facing school with a smile was his motto, he was receiving a 5% kickback from the clinic fees. Ken was also treasurer of Delta Sigma Delta Fraternity even though he was not a mem- ber, a neat trick indeed, but this is what comes from those frequent trips south of the border. World travel and a prac- tice A donde se habla Espanol are his destinies. RAYMOND S. WHANG Entering dental school after a tour of duty in the army and receiving a B. S. degree from Harvard, Ray was always a conscientous and persistent student. Ray was another man in the class who had a wife and two children, and spent most of his spare time with his family. He plans to re-enter the Army after graduation, possibly for a career. 50 BRUCE E. WILLIAMS Bruce, in his odiferous way, tried not to allow dental school to interfere with his life style in Venice. He and his wife Mary are moving to King City where Bruce will be wor king with a government dental clinic. After that, he plans to con- tinue his leather crafts and open a practice in a magic mush- room forest. EDWIN M. WILLIAMS Raised in ALbequerque New Mexico, where he learned to fly his father ' s jet and break his legs and arms skiing, Mike had to fight the urge to study while in dental school. His activities as a charter member in the Delta Sigma Delta fra- ternity helped these desires. After graduation, he goes to Nevada, where he is stationed in the Navy, after that, who knows? JERARD WILSON Jerry has the only mobile cubicle that needs a caddy to move it. He has sworn not to allow dentistry to interfere with his golf game. When asked about requirements, Jerry replied: you have to be fourteen and have your own clubs. He and his wife Sharon plan to have a family large enough to coach and man a yacht to sail around the world. KENNETH Y. YAMANAKA Winning at poker against the devious antics of his room mate, Paul Zinn, was Ken ' s greatest achievement while in school. Followed closely by his completion of requirements and ability to look like everyone else in the class. He was often confused with Yoshioka while sleeping through lectures. Private practice and restoring a vintage World War II fighter are his present goals. . .Bonzai. 51 juHjr ' ' ■ ( LARRY M. YOSHIOKA It is rumored that Larry thought he was in medical school until one day in the sophomore year he woke up while Dr. Flocken was listing his famous fourteen points. His interests in oral surgery have led Larry to the emergency clinic for the last two years, most of the nurses thought he was an intern the way he slept all the time. His black belt in Akido has helped in his duties as enforcer for the Delta Sigma Delta Fraternity. CRAIG T. ZELENKA The Big Z is an ardent fan of the Kawasaki Samuri, which may explain the remarkable stand up, sit down dentistry positions he uses. Together with his wife Barbara, he enjoys motorcycling, skiing and spectator sports, especially the Thursday night fights at the Olympic. He plans to enter the Air Force, after which Craig will open a private practice. PAUL L. ZINN Fleet of foot and mouth, Paul will always be remembered for his terse comments as he walked out of every test, the first one finished. He was always a potent weapon on the basketball courts or in arguments with the faculty. After an associate- ship, he plans to open shop in El Centro, California, where ever that is. 52 r F %■ m Ai CLASS OF 1971 ANOTHER BUSY YEAR t Don Anderson Bob Andresen Ray Armstrong Steve Bailey Al Bernstein Don Blaschke Ric Bystrom Jeff Carlson Phillip Caverly Ron Chisum Steve Chung Bob Cleymaet Jeff Cohen Bill Combs Greg Davis Doug Dierenfield iV Larry Feist Lance Forsythe Craig Powers Phil Frazier John Gardiner Ron Gerecht Mike Goldberg Bart Gratt Russ Haag Matt Hill Borg Halle Buddy Hamilton Rick Harmetz Larry Hess Farriel Hinkle Fred Hite Soren Jacobsen Bill Johansen ±fO 61 Steve Marquardt Gary McCracken Doug McCreary Joe McKeown Eke Mikitka Frank Miranda Jay iV orgner Larry Moyes Dave Mozingo Tony Mumolo Geog ; Naidus Barry Needman Jim Odegard Larry Okmin Tim O ' Neill Gary Parcel Mark Paye Steve Pothier Steve Kane Roger Kingston Jerry Kraft Tom Krttmholz Roger Lambert Lloyd La Plant Stan Lukowich Fred Mandell 1 62 Jim Thomas Jack Tolin John Trego Paul Trinldtelle: Dave Trygstad Ralph Vandersloot Terry Vincent Chuck Wakefield John Warner Max Weinstein Don Whitaker Steve Williams Bob Wilson Gary Wyatt John Yagiela Tony Protopappas Bob Ramsey Lloyd Rasner Richard Reed Chuck Reince John Ricci Straty Righellis Joel Rosenthal Mike Ross Lynn Ryan Steve Sadowsky Jean Savage Dan Schiefelbine John Schoeffel Jon Scrabeck Jay Stevens Steve Sundin Rich Therrell 7:55 a. m. 8:55 a.m.: " O. K. , let ' s take a break. Be back at 9:00. " A DAY 8:00 a.m. 8:30 a.m. IN THE 9:10 a.m. 4fH 64 9:00 a.m. 9:20 a.m. 9:05 a.m. LIFE 9:25 a.m. 65 ■ , fPCD t CLINIC I I 66 5:30 p.m. 67 %- .. fe ilrl- iiri STILL TIME FOR " %»•■ FUN AiC. ' " Yeah Tony, I ' ll seat it tomorrow during pharmacology. " " Pardon me, doctor, I hate to in- terrupt your train of thought, but I ' d, uh, like to relate a personal ex- perience which, er, that happened in the clinic last week, 1 think it was Thursday. . . " " You ' re right Larry, Lita does have nice cheeks. " " Adjust your denture? I ' m sorry, but Dr. Itrumholz graduated. " " 1 can appreciate your problems, Steve, but shouldn ' t you be in social science right now? " 70 Direct vision: Indirect vision: " You tliinic it ' s hard getting it on, you shoulda seen me trying to get it off! " Fftfff . . . far out! " And do you think they ' ll let me sing in the church choir too? " The will to learn is an intrinsic motive; one " that finds both its source and its re-, ward in its own exercise. J. S. Bruner, Harvard H AhI CLASS OF 1972 ■mmm m ' SOPHOMORES Class officers were Tom Lagatta, Vice-President, Tom Sims, President, Barry Gold, Secretary, and Leo Angel, Treastirer. Richard Cook Bob Daby John Davidson Dennis Day Bill Domres Marc Dmnais Dennis Dwire John Engle Glenn Erso Roman Fabian Paul Fillmore Gil Garcia Bob Giannini Barry Gold John Grieco Leo Angel Gary Belanger Jim Beller Gary Benson Ben Benson Chuck Blair Mark Burgctt Bruce Cameron Mel Carpenter Bill Chin Calvin Low Greg Lum Bob Lutz Laurie Matiasevich Lee Mettler Don Mikami Terry Miller Mike Newman Dan Olson Ron Pantalone Richard Peltz Ray Pingle Bob Pittman Steve Prince Keitli Radack Ron Riesner Dennis Romary Ron Rothman Bob Schwartzenberger Ken Schwarz Mike Scollard Robby Shechet Richard Silvera Tom Sims Ron Sloan Lloyd Smith Warren Steiner Roh Strain Pete Strand Jim Stratton Roy Sullivan Dave Taylor Walt Tickner Jim Toomer Greg Tracer Larry Trudgeon Dammit, I had to take notes for you knuckleheads last week, too. LECTURES, SLIDES, AND EXPERIMENTS If I get another cc. you ' ll be the most fertile guy in the class. I could sterilize this a lot faster if I had a bottle of Lavoris. Some of our most pleasurable hours were spent in academic lectures asleep. We were fortunate to have time to attend social science classes of our choice on upper campus. Our fondest experiences, however, were the oral biology seminars and the one and one -half hours of bonus study time that accompanied them. Yep, you sure have spirochetes there, all right ! Initial symptoms of the Social Science Syndrome. No, it ' s not supposed to decussate in the optic chiasm. LEARNING NEW METHODS Anesthesiology was met with slight intrepidation. Pretty hard to find Hutchinson ' s incisors, isn ' t it Don? The smash technique socks them right in there. CROWNING TOUCHES " Growth for the sake of growth is the ideology of the Cancer cell. " --Edward Abbey 80 A NEW SEX " The world ' s a scene of changes, and to be Constant, in Nature were inconstancy. " --Cowley BIFURCATED WHAT? THINGS ARE LOOKING UP. 81 THE SOPHOMORE AUDIENCE 7 _¥, LEISURE TIME ON CAMPUS She ' d have to be stoned to go out with Burgett. I love thee with the passion put to use In my old griefs, and with my childhood ' s faith. Twenty dollars, what a bummer ! Another Saturday and nothing to do. SPORTS In an attempt to exercise our bodies, as well as our minds, we joined in athletic adventure. Football, basket- ball, and arm wrestling kept some halfway fit. Others continued to fatten their fannies at the bridge table. PARTIES Our minds were recreated and blown at several parties. The beer busts, cocktail party, stag party an and picnic left us dazed on numerous Sunday and Monday mornings. We owe so much to the beloved coffee pots. 85 -?13 1 P ' i-- Y m =? Samuel Aanestad Ben Auella Robert Ball Michael Barkin Baron Bamett John Barta X Howard Bayer 1 Moses Belgrade John Black Lawrence Buss Robert Caffee Victor Chao Richard Chinn Daniel Cohn Robert Cole Gary Daudistel Robert Davis Rom de Leon Charles Duchscher Bruce Edwards Allen Ehlers Wayne Engbretson David Fitch Terry Forsberg James Carol Glenn Gibb Colin Glenn % _ John Gmbe Glen Hanson Allen Jacobs Chris Johnson Gary Heidner Ronald Henson Robert Kamansky Jack Konitz Gary Herman Lewis Leavitt Glen Hollar Daniel Lee Michael lacobonl Roger Lent 1 1 i ' (i« ' Hi Leonard Lepken Marl Lisagor Calbert Lum Mark Maddox Lance Mason Michael Mason Robert Meeker f I Doug Miller William Morgan Yuji Nakamoto Steve Needle ' I Mason Oong Mike Pidgeon p. Mike Roberts Berge Roubinian Don Rowland Marc Salomone Sam Samudio Elliot Schlang Gary Schwartz Brian Sibbald Timothy Smith Art Solomon Frederick Spencer Andrew Weiner Gene Springer Gharles West Marty Steigner Michael Tillman Keith Williams Jim Wilson . Jerry Turner Gail Urban John Webb Robert Wong Lonnie Woodruff Michael Wright Wr ' " Tom Grossman-President Al Ehlers-Vice President Diane Milberg -Secretary Pete Nunez-Treastirer YEARBOOK COMMITTEE? Why do I want to be a dentist? Well, eh, I ' m good with my hands. ' C V. ;? - • X " ' ..A - rTAri Don ' t you find Dr. Thrasher ' s lectures on reproduction stimulating? It ' s the old zip-youx-fly-behind-the- bag trick. The tooth fairy visits the girl ' s locker room. Esophagus, Dr. Tlirasher? Now try to get this straight, Marc, the bees carry pollen to the flowers, the birds lay eggs, and ; The faculty that plays together, stays together. 90 FACULTY FEEDBACK CLASS FEEDBACK What do you mean this is a Mickey Mouse Faculty supports student demands for white coats on upper campus. Dr. Kaplan would call it " Beauty of Contour. ' HMMMMMMMM . . , DENTAL MORPHOLOGY 92 Ik t V- r. ' " ! - ! 94 95 WIVES CLUB ELECTED OFFICERS: 3RD ROW: Phyllis Licht, Lori I raft, Mrs. Madsen-Sponsor, Leslie Miranda, Wendi Olsen. 2ND ROW: Diane Thompson, Carole Isaacs-President, Sandy Heidner. FRONT: Mary Ann Wright, Stannette Newman. Appointed Officers: Pat Ramsey, Janice Ward. FRONT: Sherrie Kolz, Lynn Janeway. SENIOR WIVES SOPHOMORE WIVES JUNIOR WIVES FRESHMAN WIVES 96 DENTAL FRATERNITIES DELTA SIGMA DELTA FRATERNITY, OMEGA OMEGA CHAPTER, CHARTER MEM- BERS: TOP -John Meyer, John Engle, Chris Upham, Robert Muckey, Nelson Binger, Mike Williams, Jerry Snell. BOTTOM-Larry Yosioka, Ron Fliss, Peter Honey, Tom Krmnholz, Kazu Takaki, John Orchard, Rich Ellis, not pictured: Dr. James Rota Deputy, Ken Uslan. ALPHA OMEGA FRATERNITY, CHARTER MEMBERS: TOP-Rick Harmetz, Leo Roberts, Fred Mandell, Robert Merin, Mike Goldberg. BOTTOM-Dr. Gary Salinger, Alan Licht, Al Bernstein, Bob Cleymael, Ron Gerecht, Rick Mandel, Admiral Michael Moss, David Meirovite, Max Weinstein, Steve Rubinkan. YEARBOOK STAFF RALPH ELLIS EDITOR RICH ELLIS LARRY OKMIN ROBBI SHECHET BOB STRAIN SAM SAMUDIO CLASS OF 1970 CLASS OF 1971 CLASS OF 1972 CLASS OF 1973 SENIOR ASSISTANTS Leroy Carson Dave Black Glen Kelty Jack Issacs Bob Merin John Meyer Michael Moss Alan Miller Leo Roberts JUNIOR ASSISTANTS Steve Bailey Ron Gerecht Larry Hess Rich Harmetz Farriel Henkle Steve Marquardt Doug McCreary Larry Okmin SOPHOMORE ASSISTANTS Barry Gold Robbi Shecket Robert Strain FRESHMEN ASSISTANTS Pete Nunez Sam Samudio 98 CONTRIBUTORS S.S. WHITE DENTAL HEALTH PRODUCTS DIVISION 1138 WILSHIRE BOULEVARD, LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA 90017 (213) 482-0470 GOLD A selection of nine complete lines. TEETH The finest and largest selection of teeth in Southern California. MERCHANDISE Over 20, 000 items for your selection. EQUIPMENT All major brands to choose from and many other selected lines. OFFICE PLANNING COMPLETE OFFICE PLANNING SERVICE INCLUD- ING: LOCATIONS, FINANCING, ARCHITECTURAL ASSISTANCE, CONTRACTORS ASSISTANCE, IN- TERIOR DECORATION, AND TECHNICAL ASSIST- ANCE. Bioblend® Teeth make any denture look more natm ' al. Bone-like enamel. Wrap around translucency. Internally blended color. These are just a few of the esthetic refinements which distinguish Bioblend from all other artificial teeth. The result: Bioblend Teeth are now being used more often for complete dentures than any other teeth in the world. Any other! Available in porcelain or plastic. TRUBYTE Creator of fine products finr dentistry Dentsply International, York, Pennsylvania Art Gorosave COLLEGE REPRESENTATIVE 3323 WEST OLYMPIC BOULEVARD LOS ANGELES. CALIF. 90019 TELEPHONE (213) 7 37-09 60 P ... IS THE MOST CRITICAL PERIOD of time when establishing a practice. You ' ve studied and sacrificed for four years. You ' ve learned a great deal and now you ' re a professional man. We ' ve been learning also. For the past 90 years we ' ve been gaming experience, training people, and developing services. Now we ' re both ready. Together we can form that combination so necessary to all successful enterprises— the combination of business acumen and professional-training. PATTERSON DENTAL CO. NATIONAL IN SCOPE I LOCAL IN SERVICE Over 90 years of service to the profession OUR 53rd YEAR COLUMBIA WOR K-MODEL FORMERS allow immediate pouring of models without boxing- in of impressions Tray containing the impression is set into the proper size rubber mold. Stone or plaster is poured; accurate model is produced. No waste of time or material. The outfit consists of 4 sets of different sizes of upper and lower formers, usable with any standard make of impression trays and any kind of impression material. Illustrated directions are supplied. Price (Catalog No. 910 outfit) $20.00 Our new 28 page illustrated catalog No. 50 shows many other practice aids. Write for your copy today, COLUMBIA DENTOFORM CORPORATION " The House of A Thousand Models " and Home of Brown Precision Attachments 131 EAST 23rd STREET NEW YORK, N.Y. 10010 Accredited by Southern Calif. State Dental Assoc. ESTAB. 1936 WiLSH LOS ANGELES SO. BAY AREA SANTA MONTICA VALLEY 933-8321 679-8281 ZEnith 1194 986-4232 ;16S0. LA ERE A AVE. LOS ANGELES, CALIF. 90036 " CONGRATULATIONS! TO THE GRADUATING CLASS AND THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATRONAGE YOU ' VE BEEN TERRIFIC! New and present Students. . .May we ask that you remember our friendly, helpful, convenient store for all your Medical and Dental needs. U.C.LA. MEDICAL-DENTAL STUDENTS ' STORE CONGRATULATIONS TO CLASS OF 70 We will look forward to supplying your alloy needs in your future practice as we have during your school years. HAMMOND DENTAL MFC CO. 4496 Industrial St. Santa Susana, Cal. 93063 DIRECT LINE... where it counts f% I ' vciy i ll ' l ' llC. . " ■, ' N MtNGHAM ' Aork. ( ' ecc . . miisti ' i c(?rami$ s for over 2f • ; ,■ -A, ■ pari . ■s n( NADCA ;if i .imi equipmoi VDCA eloctroHu .... 1 L iticluiiill furniicos. ' ■:mk - Cunningham and Saiintlcrs Rie Insurance Administrators since 1937 tor the Southern Calltornia Dentai 516 South Shatto Place Los Angeles, California 90005 (213) 388-1391 administrator S.C.S.D.A. insurance program Because you never stop learning, Jelenko never stops teaching Closed circuit TV aids Jelenko ' s New Rochelle educational facility. Four other educational centers are at your service with clinics and lectures. 35 district representatives are available for tech- nical consultation. The Jelenko team attends hundreds of meetings with lectures and table chnics. Our publications and films keep you and your dental society abreast of prosthetic developments. You never stop learning. We never stop teaching. " JELENKO .co.mc 170 Petersville Road New Rochelle. N Y 10801 Look to Jelenko lor Progress in Prosthetics ELECTRO-MALLET The Electronic Condenser For Gold Foil and Amalgam McShirley Products 6535 San Fernando Rd. Glendale, Calif. 243-8994 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1970 from SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA DENTAL LABORATORY ASSOCIATION and LOS ANGELES DENTAL SUPPLY COMPANY HALLANCO COAT COMPANY Manufacturers of Dental Coats For 46 Years. Write for catalog and fabric swatches 500 North Robert St. 724 St. Paul, Minnesota 55101 Good Luck To The Class of 1970 Home Delivery DENTURE CITY IN BY EIGHT- -OUT BY FIVE MANY DOWNTOWN LOCATIONS TO SERVE YOU All work guaranteed one year Where we take the time to replace all front teeth on relines. Best Wishes to the Class of 70 m BUTTRESS ASSOCIATES dental laboratory ADVANCED ' ' 5 So. Western Ave., Los Angeles. Calif. 90006 PROSTHETICS Telephone (213) 737-3830 Serving the profession for 35 years " i -r ; a. A , . -i . - . •?♦ " - . ' ' .- .ATV a ■ . ,. :,• c. ■ .» - ' . r - .i ' mmM-B :■ r. ) V • V- .!.• •• .: - ,« • -:k-■ . » % ' , ♦.■i ' ?-i ' ■ ' t? jS. ' . i attt ' fi| . ' ■ r- ■.y... n

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