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bruinlife 2005 editor in chief emily masamitsu managing editor alice chang assistant editor jennie zhu layout editor victoria nguyen layout editor nancy tsai copy editor ellen park copy editor stefanie wong photography editor nicholas weston-swan photography editor jenna richardson athletics editor ellen park athletics editor stefanie wong marketing and business editor Jennifer kishimizu student media advisor amy emmert student media director arvli ward bruinlife yearbook has been the official record of history and tradition at the university of California, los angeles since 1919. 4%-T v. . , P ' £ I r " The rewards of the journey tar outweigh the risk of leaving the harbor. " -unknown When you signed that letter, you decided to embark on a journey with unexpected friends, mixed emotions and unpredictable adventures around even ' comer. Before you knew ii had even begun, you were running off to dorm dinners and cramming for midterms in the study lounge. After a year, you ruled the school, knowing everything the cute little freshman did not. By the time you were a junior, you figured out where the career center was and breezed through finals even while making it to Maloney ' s on St. Patrick ' s Day. nd in your fourth vear, you looked back on your years at UCLA and realized how many eriences you still had to fit in before graduation rolled around. UCLA was not just a . ' where you earned a diploma; it was an odyssey into which you blindly jumped, an i through which you rambled, a voyage on which you embarked... yJ?. xi r ■;-, jT • ■ » if $ I ' «p» »»» »V, , I Kill iMM if ■k m . y t , ♦, t ' ' -Cl. • ,; ' ■, ti fe - ' . 1 •i . — ta ; ; ■ tfyv , ; H!J «v i " ' — ! i ' - M ■ r 4 - " 1 - f 1 vA ' mi l mil m B B " 1 1 if -, • ' ■T 1 (, V 22K: XL- • ' -Kit A - . . " , • . H " 5S» . M ■ ■ ir ■ ■l aar i 0 ■ ' tlLiii ' « ,. ■ t ■ " I 1 ni I II H SI I r rlR ' ■ - ■ b »f? LtiANUNit PERCEPTH - " ■ •?.»] 1 ; .1 [3 1 T ' . ■ it- • ». ' •- ' 12 | 1 -Va- -k »f tr ' I • 1 ib b$ epavts -homecoming p. 16-17 -campus events p. 18-19 -beat ' sc week p. 22-23 -dance marathon p. 30-31 -spring sing p. 36-37 I " There are those who make things happen, those who watch what happens, and those who wonder what happened. " -unknown vents culminate through the labor of countless individuals often given little credit for their endeavors. By logging immeasurable hours and slaving over meticulous details, they make " magic " happen time and again. And with so many Bruins demanding entertainment, there is always work to be done. After all, Homecoming floats and Beat $C decorations were hardly the work of fairies and witches. Yet despite the constant effort to get the student body involved, the worker bees of Bruinwalk are too often met by apathy. Of the three, which would you rather be? Hundreds of Bruins, young and old, turned to the streets of Westwood for the 2004 Homecoming parade. Themed, " Oh, the places we ' ll go! " the parade took spectators from the bottom of the ocean to the surface of Mars. The Bruin marching band, dressed in their full regalia, kicked off the parade with their " Solid Gold Sound. " Unlike past years, floats ceased to be simply truck beds disguised with tissue paper flowers as Bruin fraternities, sororities and various student groups went all out with their creations. Floats either celebrated Bruin pride or aptly foreshadowed victory in the game against Stanford, scheduled for the following day. Cardinal-bashing came in many original forms. One float set the Stanford tree on fire, while another depicted Joe Bruin slugging a fallen tree under the shadow of a goal post; the poor thing never stood a chance. Eric Karros from the class of ' 93 presided over the event as Grand Marshal. Freshly crowned that afternoon, Royal Bruins Jason Chiu and Francine Maigue joined the festivities from atop their sleek convertibles, waving in emulation of the Rose Parade. And amidst fervent renditions of the 8- clap, Joe and Josephine Bruin pranced down the streets, inspiriting spectators in their wake. The rousing performance by the UCLA Alumni Band at the end of the parade emphasized that we truly are Bruins for life. " The best part was when the Dance Marathon people showed off their dance moves. It was really exciting to see their spirit for their cause, " explained first year mathematics student Jasmine Ng. The parade was followed by a rally and awards ceremony on Le Conte Avenue that further invigorated those Bruins dedicated enough to turn out despite toe- numbing weather. At Saturday ' s Homecoming game, a sea of blue and gold fans watched on as the mighty Bruins shut out the Stanford Cardinal 21-0 in an effort that arguably took 27 years in the making. " The game was freakin ' awesome. ..we tore Stanford into little itty-bitty pieces, " enthused KathyTu, a first year undeclared student. The team picked as good a moment as any to break out of its dismal losing streak, trouncing Stanford as 54,000+ spectators watched at the Rose Bowl. Leaving their beloved tree, obnoxious band and any semblance of offense at home, the Cardinal didn ' t stand a chance against an unexpectedly strong Bruin defense. Homecoming gave Bruins newfound inspiration and hope, preparing them for a grueling showdown against the undefeated Trojans, bl CeiehraJd4iM Briuti fHcU muL Iwow k by Erica. Liu ' Above: Manuel White Jr. darts post the Stanford defender to move the chains. White ' s strong offense contributed to the Bruin ' s 21-0 shut out against the Cardinal. Photographed by Uyen Dinh, Doily Bruin. Left: Float riders wave enthusiastically to the audience as they roll down the parade route. This year ' s theme, " Oh, the places we ' ll go! " attracted many creative entries, including this Dr. Seuss-inspired floot. Photographed by Fei Liu. Above: foe and Josephine Bruin embrace for the crowd of parents and students as they work the parade route. Winding up and down the streets of Westwood, the procession ultimately ended with a rally on Le Conte Avenue that further energized Bruin fans for Saturday ' s game. Photographed by Fei Liu. I O 3 CD r O 3 3 ' ca Below: Becky Mangold, fifth yeoi political science student, takes the podium to give her rebuttie ot a debate. Politics, os well as entertainment, were part of the series of events organized by the Compus Events Commission. Photographed by Steven liadie. Above: Conodian rock band Hot Hot Heot heats up Westwood Plozo with its upbeat music. Throughout the year, on eclectic bunch of events from free concerts to philanthropic borbegues were held at Westwood Plaza, the heart of campus. Photographed by Nicholas Weston-Swan. Above: In what con only be guolified os o moment of poetic ecstocy, Paul Maybaum passionately bears his soul through his rhymes. Campus Events ' Slam Poetry in Kerckhoff Grand Salon brought artists ond poetry lovers together for a festive night. Photogmphed by Angela Ian. Right: A large crowd of spectators, many with cameras in hand, gathers at Westwood Plozo for a noontime concert. Music could be heard throughout Bruin Wolk during the high decibel shows. Photogmphed by Jennifer Richardson. PRACTICE r EovbH ' aty In its new marketing campaign, UCLA posed one question: " It ' s 2005. Do you know where your life is? " " In the gutter, " grumbled first year economics student Michael Shoelkopf. Still staggering from New Year ' s festivities, the last thing on his mind was another event to attend. The majority of students know exactly what they SHOULD be doing: studying, catching up on sleep, eating, even hauling their lazy butts to the gym (remember that New Year ' s resolution?). But when that question of what to do this afternoon evening weekend popped up and study, sleep, eat or exercise didn ' t appear to be the most appealing of solutions, restless Bruins looked to what was going on around campus to fulfill such a burning question. Living in a city that doesn ' t sleep offered a scintillating choice of activities for those students who opted to go off campus for some fun. Of course there was Sunset, Hollywood and Westwood Village. But the job of the Campus Events Commission was to keep students entertained while on campus. Indie-hit Garden State played in Ackerman Grand Ballroom as part of the two-dollar movie series. Other featured films included The Motorcycle Diaries and Oscar-nominated Closer. Students and outsiders flocked to both the free Sneak Peek movie showings and the $2 already released screenings. With the wealth of talented up-and-coming music artists located within the student body, Campus Events easily scheduled noontime concerts in Westwood Plaza. Other performers were showcased in the Cooperage on Friday and Saturday evenings. For those preferring an activity with more mental stimulation than a Thursday night basketball game at Pauley, there were numerous guest speakers, such as controversial filmmaker Michael Moore who swung by the campus during Fall Quarter to disseminate his logic among willing ears. And if politics wasn ' t one ' s forte, the lyrical stvlings of Seku the Misfit were available during an on-campus Slam Poetry reading. " Hmm, looks like I got me something to do, " Schoelkopf replied when confronted with the Campus Events Commissions wealth of offerings. " Might as well find something interesting to do to kill time. Or study, " Schoelkopf advised. The UCLA campus may seem like an endless array of libraries and labs, but between classes and cramming, Campus Events provided entertainment galore. With so many things to do to fill one ' s schedule, Campus Events Commission should adopt a marketing slogan that reads, " Sleeping has officially become obsolete. " Wkat to do witk a, wealth crfcrptiont? With over 25,000 students, UCLA is a thriving microcosm of vibrant and diverse cultures. Only here does east meet west and old meet new to form the rich and colorful tapestry that is cultural life in Westwood. This year, UCLA hosted its first annual Chinese Heritage Week, a daunting joint effort by the ACA, CCDC, CSA, CSSA, TAU and TCA to bring Chinese culture to the campus. Festivities included a costume show, exciting dance and opera performances, a recreation fair, and moderated forums on issues in the Chinese community. The Nikkei Student Union ' s 20th annual celebration of Japanese heritage on February 21st coincided with the day Franklin Roosevelt signed Executive Order 9066, which sent Japanese Americans to internment camps. NSU showcased an exciting fusion of traditional Taiko drumming, graceful Odori dance and a show-stopping hip-hop performance. " You can tell they put in a great deal of effort and hard work into making the production. It was an exciting experience, " remarked first year psychobiology student May Tsun. Hanoolim ' s Culture Night delivered the nuances of Korean heritage in the form of an original, full-length musical which followed the adventures of Changsu, a young palace servant who risked all to win Princess Mina ' s heart in a time of devastating famines. The musical ' s traditional costumes, stirring melodies, and dramatic backdrops left an indelible impression in the audience ' s mind. " The student groups here do an amazing job of providing the UCLA community with events catering to world cultures. It ' s great to see everyone get involved, " remarked Faysal Saab, president of the United Arabs Society. UAS ' s annual Culture Night ( " Laylat al-Fen " ) showcased live Arabic music, belly dancers, calligraphers, and a poignant photo essay on the Arab world. Of course, no foray into new cultural territory would be complete without a taste of traditional cuisine. UAS obliged with " Sahara Night, " which included a smorgasbord of yummy Arab eats that delighted Bruin taste buds of all ethnicities. The hodgepodge of cultural events offered this year was virtually inexhaustible, what with culture nights and movie screenings to attend and food and craft fairs to peruse. With so many opportunities, there is no reason why every Bruin shouldn ' t be a culturally affluent and savvy world traveler ready to venture forth into the real world upon graduation, bl Below: Tri Phom, David Nguyen, Reth Thoch and Oung Hoang masterfully demonstiate the martial arts in a skit set on a rainy day in Vietnam. The students were a port of the onnuol Vietnamese Tet Festival put on by the VietNomese language and Culture organization. Photographed by Angela lau Above: Between musical acts, these two students deliver passionate performances in traditional Indian garments. The annual Indian Culture Night held in the beautiful Royce Hall was o great success. Photographed by Angela Lou. Left: Thanh Pham gracefully performs a Vietnamese song as Victoria Nguyen and Ngoc An Hoang perform a traditional donee with straw hats. Held every year to celebrate the Vietnamese New Year, the Tet Festival was o fusion of music, skits, culture ond on interactive festival. Photographed by Angela lau. Above: From a scene representing a street in India, these students perform a skit giving students a look into Indian culture. The Indian Culture Night brought out mony performers with a passion for acting and singing. Photographed by Angela lau. n c c -1 Q CD 3 Below: The UCLA Spirit Squad and Dance Team use all their energy to roily students for the cross-town bottle. While they were most visible at games, the students ' passion for the win was felt throughout the Westwood community. Photographed by Angela Lou. Above: A Bruin takes out her anger agoinst our cross town rivals by delivering blow after blow to a beat-up red cot. The Crazy Car Smash was part of a week of fun ond excitement designed to fuel intense rivalry and school spirit. Photogiophed by Korim Salha. Above: A ctowd of die-hard Bruins look on os the bonfire is ignited. After five consecutive losses to the Trojans, the Bruins wete ready for a win. Photogiophed by loyce Lin, Doily Biuin. Right: SAA volunteers get decked out in $C ted and gold for o skit lampooning our cross-town rivals. The rally also featured performances by groups such as Raining Jane, the Spirit Squad, the Morcbing Bond ond Awaken A Copello. Photogiophed by Angela Lou. m % $ J " Time ' s up Trojans! " That ' s right; now repeat. ..this time with some gusto! For one week every year in December, the Bruin bear goes into hibernation, it is a crime to wear red, and students get an especially loathsome gleam in their eyes when beloved cross-town rivals are mentioned. Like those that had come before, Beat $C Week 2004 was heralded by the Crazy Car Smash, in which students wielding sledgehammers took turns dealing cathartic blows to a beat-up red car. And Bruins mixed philanthropy with school spirit at this year ' s " Get the Red Out " blood drive, which coincided with World AIDS Day. On Thursday night, students followed the paw prints down Bruin Walk to Wilson Plaza for the pre-game rally and bonfire. Set against a nighttime backdrop of Powell and Royce Hall, and framed by a rainbow of balloons, the stage was an arresting sight to see. Weary fans turned out to show support for a team that unceremoniously fell to the men of Troy the past five years running. The Yell Crew feverishly led the crowd through several chants, with pompoms and bambams (gold and blue baguette-shaped floaties) only adding to the ruckus. When the bonfire was finally operational, it sent sparks and billowing plumes of smoke off into the late autumn night sky, illuminating the faces of die-hards who turned out despite the arctic chill. " I think it ' s good for the football team to see people come out especially on a cold night, " offered Lara Saye, a fifth year sociology student. When the flaming pyramid could climb no higher, it collapsed with a bang much to the delight of onlookers, who promptly erupted in cheers. Many hoped the Trojans would face a similar demise on the football field. As the bonfire diminished, alum band Raining Jane came on to perform a few numbers. Other performers of the night included Awaken A Capella and of course, our Marching Band, without whom the rally would have been incomplete. " I ' m glad people came out. ' s nice to see so much school spirit, " remarked Libby Turows, a third year English student. If nothing else, festivities throughout the week illustrated Bruin resilience. Time and time again, we took to the field only to be beaten to a pulp. But we returned year after year, invigorated with newly-found delusions of grandeur. A close game was widely seen as a victory amidst defeat this past year, and the team ' s persistence gave us a reason to believe yet again, bl ALL Iron-fired tAp to attaxk the TrejaMA by ErUui Liu Victory in defeat seems quite the paradox, but that is precisely what became of Bruin football ' s 29-24 loss to the top-ranked Trojans on Dec. 4 ,h at the Rose Bowl. The unranked Bruins gave U$C a run for its money by hustling to keep the score close - much to the delight of those betting against a pundit-ordained Trojan blowout. The University of Second Choice drew first blood, as Trojan tailback Reggie Bush found daylight in the end zone. The onslaught continued as Ryan Killeen ' s 37-yard field goal left the Bruins down 10-0. Bruin fans accustomed to defeat began preparations for the rout, only to be pleasantly surprised by Craig Bragg and his phenomenal 96-yard punt return for a touchdown early in the second quarter. A series of missed chances by the Bruins were quickly capitalized upon by the Trojans, as they extended their comfortable lead going into the final quarter of play. But a nine-yard touchdown run by running back Manuel White, Jr. and a spectacular grab by tight end Mercedes Lewis would bring the Bruins within five points with less than two minutes left in regulation. And fans had every right to cheer when defensive standout Spencer Havner recovered a U$C fumble with less than a minute left. But while an outmatched David struggled on, it soon became clear that Goliath would win this day. Trojan safety Jason Leach intercepted a prayer unwisely thrown up by quarterback Drew Olsen, definitively putting the game just out of paw ' s reach. Crestfallen, first year biology student Aya Obara said, " They played so well and came so close! It ' s such a shame that they didn ' t win, but it was a good game. " Others, like first year theater student Allie Roy, were simply " relieved that it wasn ' t a blowout so Bruin supporters can still show their faces around LA. " The deck was clearly stacked against them, but the Bruins took great pride in giving this year ' s national champs a bitter fight to the end. And while Heisman Trophy winner Matt Leinart will be returning to lead his Trojans to a possible three-peat, you can bet he ' ll get more than he bargained for in the battles to come, bl A ftw yards vkovt of victory , daam, by Java. Qimta Above: Redshirt senior wide receiver Tab Perry fights for extra yardage against a stingy Trojan defense. Even against the top team in the country, the Bruins played with heart and resolve to the bitter end Photographed by lonolhon Harmsh, daily Bruin. Left: A die-hard fan holds up two fingers during the playing of the Alma Mater after the gome. Students showed their loyally to their school after every game, regordless of the outcome. Photographed by Angela Lao. L Above: The Bruin marching band provides relief from the incessant din of " Tribute lo Troy " by performing at holftime. Performances like these during home gomes helped fire up Bruin fans for second half action. Photographed by Angela lau. n o a 3 (6 _ Below: Monique Moss, olteody on insider in the entertainment industry, offers advice to others at Entertainment Night. Given the opportunity to rub shoulders with professionals in the entertainment business, Bruins swarmed Pauley Pavillion in April. Photogiophed by Honk Fiiedmam. c Above: Various information workshops geared towards post-graduation woes ore offered to seniors ot SAA ' s annual Senior Night. 5AA had a committee that catered specifically to the needs of graduates, offering helpful programs and activities. Photographed by Hudson Hou. Above: Nothing short of a natural disaster will dissuade these Bruins from proudly representing their float. The Homecoming Parode took place in the streets of Westwood in front of crowds consisting of community members as well os students. Photographed by Fei Liu. Right: Spirit is certainly infectious os shown by these Bruins participating in the Homecoming Parade itself. Their enthusiasm spread to the crowd ond wos continued through the roily that was held afterwords. Photogiophed by Fa Uu, ht ' ft A multitude of students lined up along the sidewalks in Westwood in anticipation of the ensuing parade. The roaring sound of UCLA ' s own marching band reverberated as the cheering from the crowd moved along the streets. Homecoming was not just an event for current Bruins, but also for alumni and members of the extended UCLA community. The success of the event was another testimony to the strength of the Student Alumni Association (SAA), the event sponsor. Second year psychobiology student Shadee Giurgius attested to Homecoming as being a " connection of UCLA to Westwood. Without that connection we ' re just college kids who live and work in the Westwood community. " In addition to Homecoming festivities, SAA organized the traditional Beat ' $C Week, a time that allowed students to participate in a series of spirit-inducing activities in an attempt to intimidate our crosstown rivals. Events included the annual car smash and blood drive, and concluded with a joint bonfire rally that showcased an exclusive performance by the alumnae band Raining Jane. While one of the main areas of interest for the association was instilling Bruin pride within its current students, a necessity to encourage academic excellence was also recognized. " Interview with a Bruin " allowed students to work on their skills through mock interviews with professional alumni. Through special programs such as Dinner for 12 Strangers and a variety of career-information workshops, SAA provided current students with essential tools for future success. In what continued to be the last hurrah for the association, the annual Spring Sing event showcased the artistic stylings of gifted students within UCLA ' s oldest and greatest musical tradition. A sold-out crowd cheered on the student performers, and was wowed by a special performance from Kenneth " Babyface " Edmonds, the winner of the annual Gershwin award. Through each of its events, the association further established itself as one of the most recognizable student groups on campus. Sophia Yuan, a second year psychology student, attributed SAA ' s success to its ability to allow " diverse groups on campus to show their school spirit and unite under a common goal of exhibiting true Bruin pride to evoke the passion of past and future Bruins. " As a quarter of UCLA ' s undergraduate population drifts away to various corners of the globe, alumni will take the Bruin spirit along with them, a sentiment that the Student Alumni Association helped to establish, bl The Student Committee for the Arts, more widely recognized by the three-letter acronym SCA, celebrated its 42nd year in helping to enrich the UCLA experience with diverse exposure to the arts. During the years, the group has successfully made world-renowned performances affordable to the tight budget of a college student. Tickets that normally sold for $50 or higher were discounted up to 75%, with prices for students as low as $12. Second year physiological science student Joanne Gwo noted, " SCA does a really great job of making UCLA Live performances affordable to students. If it were not possible to buy tickets at a discounted price, I probably would not go to as many of the shows as I do now. " Additionally, UCLA Live provided students with the opportunity to learn directly from the artists themselves. Through master classes, interested minds interacted with visiting artists who shared their insight and expertise with students and gave viable suggestions on technique, performance and interpretation. The artists furthered their direct exposure by interacting with students in pre- and post- performance discussions. SCA became the student ' s voice, as the committee worked with the prestigious UCLA Live program to bring forward new and fresh forms of performing arts that were as diverse as the campus that surrounded them. " UCLA Live is an amazing opportunity for students and faculty to be able to broaden their horizons and expose us to cultures and ideas that we may have never even heard of, " commented second year microbiology, immunology, and molecular genetics student Anuj Khattar. This year it worked with a wide array of genres, including rock, jazz, performance art, alternative music, dance, theater, comedy and music. Unrivaled in its breadth and mix, SCA presented a kaleidoscope of more than 200 performances this year and sold over 150,000 tickets. As the country ' s largest university- based performing arts presenter, SCA, in conjunction with UCLA Live, presented acts that gained student interest and recognition. In past years, they brought performers from the far corners of the globe, including Bill Maher, Ozomatli and George Clinton. SCA also worked to support the efforts of other student art- related organizations on campus, co-promoting events such as " A Tribute to Miles Davis and Billy Higgins " with the UCLA Jazz Student Program and the musical " Parachute Kid " with the Association of Chinese Americans, bl MaJkUia art twaMaMe to alt ok oumjhm by SteftuUe Wong J Below: Dancers from the Lulo Washington Donee Theolte groove with style during o visit to UCLA. The dance theatre was named for Lulu Washington, one of the most successful graduates of the UCLA dance program. Pliotograph Courtesy of UCLA Above: Ghastly performers in white dance to the mysterious harmony of the violin, in Emio Greco ' s " Rimastio Orfono. " Greco choreogrophed the piece to be a physical representation of the transcendental impulses of the body. Photogioph Courtesy of UCIA Live. Left: Guitorist Bireli Lagrene dazzles his audience with innovative and groundbreaking melodies unique to Gypsy jazz guitar in " Gypsy Crossings. " Originating from the small Romanian village of Clejoni, Lagrene preformed a refreshing mix of styles representing Romanian folk tradition. Photogmph Courtesy ol UCLA Live. Above: Violinists in the American Youth Symphony provide a powerful auditory experience in Keot Nagano ' s " Manzonar: An American Story. " The performance commemorated the experiences of victims of World War II Japanese internment camps through captivating music, spoken text and narration. Photogioph Courtesy of UCLA Live. 52 c " a. t 3 o o 3 3 3: ' CD CD J Above: Committee members hype up the crowd to " Footloose " before they come together in perfect unison for the choreographed morolers donee. The scene evoked visions of cheesy high school flicks where everyone somehow knew oil the same moves. Photographed by Steven lioiie. Above: Actress Jaime Pressly entertains ond invigorates the crowd with words of inspiration. Celebrities mode mony appearances to keep the dancers entertoined. Photographed by Steven liadie. Right: Tina De Giso, first year, ond Shone Petrites, third year, embrace the three hour western theme with costumes and accessories. Themes and costumes changed to spice up the fun of the 26 hour event. Photographed by Steven liadie. After almost ten months of planning, the fourth annual Dance Marathon, held from 11 a.m. on Saturday morning until 1 p.m. on Sunday afternoon, was a booming success. With a new wave of excited moralers joining the mix every three hours to keep the energy high and the party throbbing, the weary but enthusiastic dancers endured 26 hours of rigorous booty-shaking to benefit the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation. The dancers - nearly 500 of them - garnered a whopping $104,892 in donations, yielding $197,251 in total contributions to the program this year. But as this year ' s top fundraiser Gabriel Rose said, " AIDS is perhaps the greatest crisis facing the world today, and I feel like one weekend of my life is the very least I can give to help fight it. " Though it lasted a little more than a day, Dance Marathon ' s theme for 2005, Time to Take a Stand, spanned the course of human history. Each three-hour shift initiated a new era to the dance floor with appropriately-themed music, activities, costumes and decorations along with it. From the prehistoric caveman days of " Make Ya Bedrock " through the mythic Middle Ages of " Knight to Take a Stand " to the ultra-modern futurism of " DMinator: The Final Frontier, " the speed with which Dance Marathon raced through the ages surely made the 26 hours of dancing seem like nothing in comparison. The program ' s dancers and moralers were also graced with the celebrity presence of actresses Tina Majorino and Kim Webster. Speeches by foundation member Jake Glaser and AIDS activist Sherry Lewis evoked the emotions of the philanthropist within, while live performances by Helicopter Helicopter and Tyrone Wells helped to keep the atmosphere charged with excitement as the hours quickly passed. This year ' s event etched fond and lasting memories within the minds of the participants. With regards to Dance Marathon 2005, and its incredible contribution to pediatric AIDS research, Dance Marathon website designer Doug Behl stated that it " let people see the empathy and social awareness of UCLA students in relation to the world, " which will reverberate encouragingly in the hearts of the community for a long time. Despite enduring painful muscle aches and resisting a night ' s worth of sweet slumber, dancers and moralers alike grooved away to the tune of charity. Students were able to directly contribute to a life-saving cause while enjoying an entertaining and memorable night, bl by Ckri HemttrmaM. You ' ve pressed your power suit, perfected your interview etiquette, and mastered the firm, but not overly intimidating handshake. The resume has been laser inked onto thick cream paper. All that ' s left for you to do is attend the Job Fair for a chance at a highly coveted internship that will separate you from the pack come graduation. On the day of the fair, the Ackerman Grand Ballroom was transformed into a bustling bazaar of company stands and power-striders. Carol Trigg, Assistant Director of the Career Center, described the biggest perk of the fair as " definitely the volume... there are more employers under one roof and they are specifically here just for Bruins. " Some ambitious students came armed with a strategy and quickly zeroed in on a few companies they were particularly interested in. " I ' ll browse through all the stands because this is probably the most access I ' ll have to these people, but I basically talked to any rep who ' s nice enough to explain things to me, " admitted Giselle Galang, a fifth year microbiology, immunology, and molecular genetics and English student. Others wandered around gathering free goodie bags and accumulating a healthy stack of business cards. From ABC, Inc. to Wells Fargo, the diverse crop of employers offered a largely accurate survey of the job market. In an increasingly connections-oriented world, these fairs presented the chance to cultivate invaluable industry contacts. While this fair offered the broadest selection of opportunities, other boutique career fairs catered to more specific interests. The Engineering and Science Fair was geared more towards students specifically enrolled in the engineering school, while the Government and Community Job Fair presented jobs drawn from that particular field. With internships in high demand due to their offer of experience, 86% of the students here took on at least one internship before graduating. This past year, whether it was discovering what they wanted or getting what they already knew they wanted, Bruins fully utilized the career fairs as stepping stones to embarking on the grand rat race that is the real world, bl Below: Two scouts from Hie Guess? clothing componv captivate Bruins with then intense hiring policy. Organized by the UCLA Career Center, these job fairs presented a rare and candid glimpse of the opportunities ovoiloble to students after graduation. Phologwphed by Angela Lau. Above: Bruins furiously take notes and fire off questions os the Wells Fargo representabve gives students valuable information on the banking industry. The renowned Job Fair attracted not only top students, but also many big name employers such as Microsoft, JPL ond CBS. Photographed by Angela Lou. Left: With his credentials and portfolio i n hand, a professionally-dressed Bruin engages a recruiter with his upfront and ambitious demeanor. The job fair allowed students to speak their mind ond ask questions without the formalities associated with an actual interview. Photogiapbed by Angela lau. Above: Using sharp, eye-catching backdrops, o knowledgeable recruiter introduces eager Bruins to the exciting, cutting edge field of aerospace engineering in Ackermon Grand Ballroom. While the Job Fair has been a long standing tradition, the Career Center tried a new approach this year by offering more boutique fairs catered to particular interests. Photogmphed by Angela Lau. O Q -i t CD c Above: Art in the form of fote pointing gives younger patrons o comivol type atmosphere. The festival featured tents devoted to books for children and parents to read together. Photographed by Angela Lou. JRF1ZTE3I Above: Fomous short story writer and novelist Ray Bradbury speaks to c rowds of enthralled fons. The author chronicled how his dedication to and passion for writing led to o successful career. Photographed by Nicholas Weston-Swon. Right: Spectators listen attentively at the poetry reading stoge. The festival celebrated all types of written works ranging from poetry to prose. Photographed by Angela lou. r £ : hoN Every year, the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books, in conjunction with UCLA, draws characters and personalities from all over the Los Angeles area with their shared interests in a time- honored activity. Famous and renowned authors, critics and bookworms came to our esteemed school on April 23 and 24 and partook in their roles as purveyors and surveyors of knowledge. This year, the Festival of Books boasted cameos from a wide range of authors. From esteemed former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright to nerd-chic director Kevin Smith to Olympic medalist Sasha Cohen, there were authors and celebrities from all the different sectors of media output. Regretably, most of the bibliophiles present at the festival weren ' t UCLA students. There were UCLA Alumni returning for a nostalgic glimpse of their alma mater; hopeful parents wanting to imbue a love of books into their children in the Children ' s Area; lean, emaciated hipsters trolling for political readings in the Akashic Books exhibit; and then, the lone UCLA straggler who was drawn by the noise and hubbub on campus. Second year mechanical engineering student James Chaing mentioned, " I didn ' t go [Sunday] but I came by [Saturday] because I was attracted by the crowd. I saw that fat guy speak yesterday - he ' s funny. 1 usually avoid books. I look at pictures. " Another passerby wandering through declared that he came to the festival for " the ladies, the intellectual ladies. " Defending himself, fifth year religion and political science student Abraham Chuang hastily amended, " Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. It is what makes this event great. I particularly like the icon this year - the lion preying on the herbivores using books. " Still, the heard-but-not-seen avid UCLA book festival attendee did exist. " I go to the book festival every year, " said fourth year political science student Siddhi Saraija. " It ' s my favorite part of the year - being out in the sun, watching people, illustrations and all the art. " Her ' s was a rare breed as most UCLA students seen in Kerckhoff Coffee House said that they were on campus all day but didn ' t, in fact, go to the festival because they were studying. It was an opportunity to discover new authors and new books - to put a face and a voice to books that you ' ve only seen sitting idly on a bookstore shelf. It was an opportunity to treasure and for UCLA students, located in such convenient proximity to book festivities, it should be an opportunity to appreciate, bl A Novel Way to SfienA WeekmA,... by jaxmieimejau As promised, Spring Sing 2005 was " Good to the Last Note, " and left students wanting more. Heralded as UCLA ' s oldest and greatest musical tradition, the competition was a spectacle where only the most talented and fantastic had the opportunity to duke it out for the crown of the king or queen of Spring Sing. Flawless routines and perfectly-pitched notes flew around the arena, as a wealth of talent was brought to the stage. The anticipation started to build before students even filed into their seats; some chose to begin camping out as early as 1 p.m., seven hours before the curtain rose. Many took shifts, like second year mechanical engineering student Michael Elbogen, who said, " The time actually passes by quickly if you bring things to do, and you get great seats. " Over 4,500 students, alumni and friends were in attendance with celebrities such as alumni Danica McKellar of " The Wonder Years, " Jason Alexander, and UCLA ' s own Accounting Professor Michael Vendrasco, who received a standing ovation. These judges weren ' t the only ones to receive this honor. The annual George and Ira Gershwin Award for Musical Achievement was presented to Kenneth " Babyface " Edmonds as the crowd tried to entice him to sing a song. The result was partially successful, as he serenaded guests with an old elementary school ditty. Even without a Babyface hit, the audience had more than its fill of performances, as sixteen amazing acts flew by. With an initial tryout list including 80 acts for the four categories of Solo Duet, Band, A Capella and Production, these 16 were the best of the best. Notable acts included first place finishers The Jumpmen, Willie Chase, and Chi Omega and Alpha Gamma Omega. The show went by even quicker as Spring Sing ' s very own Company performed skits between the acts. Side-splitting humor and insight into the everyday ordeals of the average UCLA students never failed to steal the spotlight, as some students looked forward to seeing the Company more than the acts themselves. " Company is so funny, they are the reason why I came to Spring Sing, " commented second year economics student Matt Kugizaki. Whether students and alumni came to Spring Sing for Company, Babyface, or to see a friend perform, one thing is certain, they had a night to remember, bl Better tkaAt Pollers after craAMAMAAiXj by StefasUe Wona Below: Delia Tau Delta and Kappa Delta strut their stuff in their representation of the undie run. The category for best production entry was won by Chi Omega and Alpha Gamma Omega, winners from last year ' s Spring Sing competition. Ptioiogiuplml by Hudson Hou. Above: Pouring out his innermost thoughts about his TA, Drew Cowens holds nothing back while performing his original song. His lomentation drew chuckles from sympathetic members of the crowd. Photographed by Hudson Hou. Left: Winning the A Capella category for the second year in a row, the sultry women of Rondom Voices perform " Goodbye. " These 12 girls hove been busy in the studio recording their third album, to be released in September. Photographed by Hudson Hou. Above: Guitarist Shawn Von Valkenburgh of the pair Shawn and Paul delivers a smashing performance in the Solo Duet category of the competition. Up against stiff competition, the duet lost to Willie Chose, who olso took home the overall competition award. Photographed by ksnw Mu. CO CO 3 Below: Attracting over 30,000 visitors each year, the Jozz Reggae Festival is a success for the mony vendors and artists on hand to sell their goods. The two-doy event boosted diverse booths and coveted wores for those patient enough to sift through the stands. Photographed by Steven liadie. ■ ,J H R CTO A-ZF v • «« Above: Music enthusiasts fill the intramural field to capacity, with only me early risers managing to secure blanket-sized plots on the lawn. At $15 a person, the event was a bargain for every patron. Photogiaphed by Steven liodie. M «- ■.: Above: A pint-sized patron en|oys the hands-on attractions afforded by the Jazz Reggae Festival. Admission for children under 5 wos free, allowing entire families to enjoy the festival. Photogiaphed by Steven liodie. Right: Green, yellow and red, the colors traditionally associated with reggae, pervade ttie festival ' s ombionce.Held over Memorial Doy Weekend, Monday saw the shift from a jozz to o reggoe atmosphere. Photographed by Steven liodie. m m .-A S fi Amidst the crowds of dreadlocked bohemian activists and tattooed muscle men, the 19th Annual Jazz and Reggae Festival, presented by USAC ' s Cultural Affairs Commission, took place Memorial Day weekend on the Intramural Fields. Tents offering edibles from Bolivia to India to Louisiana catered to people that hailed from all over and ranged of all ages. The fumes of buttered corn, sunscreen and smoke wafted through the air as everyone gathered to celebrate their appreciation for smooth strains of jazz or thumping rich beats of reggae. Though some Campus Security Officers had originally pegged the crowds at 30,000, some say that the attendance of the festival exceeded their expectations. " I love reggae, " said a CSO, " I couldn ' t stand still. The crowd was great. They were at 101%! " The festival-commencing Jazz Day, May 29th, showcased performers India Arie, Roy Hargrove, Dwele, Sheree Brown, the Unwrapped All-Stars and the UCLA Jazz Ensemble. On Reggae Day, May 30th, artists Anthony B, Rupee, I Wayne, Detour Posse, Red Rat, Elan, Mr. Mutton and others executed their acts with zealous love on the stage. The crowd, buoyed by the performances and the occasionally strong political message, cheered ecstatically and danced in circles. The lone wizened old man at the back of the field swayed to the rhythm of the music with closed eyes and a carefree demeanor. Duck, who validated his name by showing his name tattooed on his left bicep pronounced, " The music was stupid, the girls were thirsty and the [herbs] were retarded. Today was a good day. " Similar sentiments were supported by D Nizzle: " It was hippo. The potamus. And off the hook. There was a lot of meats. " Despite Duck and D Nizzle ' s immense satisfaction with the day ' s happenings, Duck ' s friend Booker Roberts was less enthused. " There ' s too many people here today. But it ' s still a good thing though, " said Roberts. His reaction was seconded by Kenny C, who commented that while the music was " cool and mellow, it was too pricey and there was too many police. " While admission was free for UCLA students, attendees were compelled to pay $15 for tickets. Dogol Tesfu who was passing out fliers near the exit, mentioned that though he liked the performances, " It was better last year. " From noon to 7:00 p.m., the IM Fields were transformed into a music festival of savory eats, eclectic shops and soulful music. After it was all over, the grass was littered with wrappers, bottles and flyers. It was difficult to imagine that this battleground of debris as anything but a raging music arena. Custodians at UCLA had their jobs cut out for them, and hopes were that they would receive a healthy chunk of the amassed $15 per person, bl Brtita tit tkej zz, brtiuj tit the ivuvk byjcuckiejou s ' I have neverigtschooling interfere with mv education. " -Mark Twain Br Tiins relish the pursuit of education, especially the extra-curricular variety. Despite words of wisdom passed down to us b our elders, we relish throwing caution to the wind and regrettingthe experience after the fact. We live for those pre-final panic atfacks, post- failure binge bouts, and rare epiphanies that take shape amidst hazy thoughts. So the t " next time those overachievers have you chasing coffee and curves, remember why we ' re really here. TMeis much beyond the bubble- wrapped worSM f scantrons biuijjrooks and alphanumeric indicators. College is merely a quiz in the test of life, so stud} hard ! ■ 0 -war and peace in africa p. 44-45 -oceanography p. 48-49 -education abroad p. 50-51 -library services p. 58-59 -Q S ■ U E ID -a a u Eg iSs In a continent marred by ongoing civil unrest, warfare, the AIDS pandemic and constantly evolving country names, tribal squabbles may seem like a concern of low priority to the international community. But for Professor Emeritus Richard Sklar, the political instability that plagues the African continent provided his students with what he felt was a formidable challenge. By engaging in discussion of the fundamental " causes and forms of warfare on the African continent with particular attention to ongoing conflicts " in the region, students simulated the inner-workings of African politics through astute role-playing. Honors Collegium 123 hardly resembled common courses offered at UCLA; Professor Sklar directed his class with an edge that prepared students to persistently think outside the box while adapting to difficult historical situations. Conflicts covered in the course were geographically divided into Atlantic coastal, Northeastern and Central African clusters, with special focus on Cote d ' lvoire, Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Students participated in two two-day " consultations " on the Atlantics wars and Sudan, and one two-week conference on the Congo. During each of the simulations, students were assigned a role at random and expected to prepare that individual ' s perspective for the ensuing discussion. To make the experience as real as possible, students were instructed to " identify with personalities " and " partake in making fateful decisions " deemed appropriate by historical precedent, explained Sklar. Through such exercises students quickly learned that when representing someone influential at a crucial juncture in history, the consequences of one ' s actions clearly transcended the isolated scenario presented. Professor Sklar noted that simulations were such significant segments of the course because they effectively fostered disciplined thought. A Congolese scholar recently attending a consultation on the West African Wars was astonished to observe students actively learning as the role-playing progressed. Fourth year political science and history student Atif Beg called the experience a worthwhile one in saying, " Honors Collegium 123 has definitely taught me one thing: Know your role. " bl ProfessorHi ghli Professor Richard L Sklar Sam Brown English, Third Year l vKL ' ' " U " In the words of our professor; this class crosses the line between academic achievement and real education, rather than just improving our focus on achieving. " _Jake_Ktall English.ThirdYear " Professor Sklar teaches with such enthusiasm that it is infectious. My interest in Africa has grown because of the gentle, caring way in which he teaches the topic he loves. " Professor Emeritus Sklar does more than teach classes about Africa. He has taught at various African universities in Nigeria, Zaire and Zimbabwe. Between literary accomplishments and jet-set professorship dealing with African Post-imperialism and developmental democracy, he shed some light in a region long known for blackness. " At present, the UN is relying on the African Union, which has undertaken a mission to send 3,000 peacekeeping troops to Darfur. President Bush, Secretary Powell and Ambassador Danforth should be credited with having made a contribution of historic significance. With British assistance, they revived a long dormant peace process in Sudan and brought it to fruition. Let ' s hope! " — 1 Left: to Colcut, onthropology student, ossumes the role of Ahmod Tejan Kabbah as president of the Republic of Sierra Leone in a mock conference. Roll ploying allowed students to realty identify with what they were learning. ' « (: : Above: Students listen attentively to eoch other during their conference on western Africa. Such conferencing wos part of on effort to let students really experience tanpplitics.,. Colin Yuhl as lasana Conte, All Volenzuela as Amadou Toumani Toure, and Vivek Singh as Mohammed ibn Chambers continue their lively debate even after doss. The collegium class allowed students to octively interact with one another rather than just sitting through tedious lectures. X O 3 O n o_ 5 " CO c ' 3 io i Joseph D. Mondel Vice Chancellor, legal Affairs Jonma Montero Vice Chancellor, Student Affoirs Steven A. Olsen Vice Chancellor, finance and Budget Donna L. Vredevoe Vice Chancellor, Academic Personnel s Son of a New York City taxi driver, Chancellor Albert Carnesale grew up near Yankee Stadium and took a unique route tow aid realizing his American Dream. After graduating from the Bronx High School of Science, he went on to study nuclear engineering, to advise multiple Presidents on arms control, to serve as the dean of Harvard ' s JFK School of Government and, ultimately, to become a Bruin. Because students rarely see this illustrious leader, and the National Enquirer still offers prize money for a picture of him battling Bruin Walk, he remains an elusive figure in the minds of many Bruins. So it was with great delight that I sat down to speak with the man with all the answers. Meticulous, witty, and surprisingly candid for a policymaker, he graciously articulated his impression of the direction in which UCLA is headed. Holding principal responsibility for everything from academic programs to parking, Chancellor Carnesale stressed his clear and unwavering commitment to the pursuit of academic excellence and access at UCLA. The Biosciences Initiative, a new Global Affairs Program and " UCLA in LA " are but a few of the accomplishments that have been spearheaded under his leadership. When asked about student fee increases - a topic increasingly on the minds of impoverished Bruins - he was quick to note that while fees continue to be comparatively modest, he is concerned about " fees undermining access. " " The trouble is that students are now paying more for fewer resources, " he said. As a solution, he touted the notion of higher fees in conjunction with higher aid, so that lower-income students could continue to enjoy equal access at an institution that is adequately funded. Though not always plain to the casual observer, running an organization boasting a $3.5 billion budget could hardly be a 9-to-5 undertaking. The Chancellor acknowledged that employing the " power of persuasion " merits an endless barrage of meetings, complemented by a series of evening engagements - a schedule that would force anyone to perpetually juggle priorities every dav. But such endeavors often coincide with his passion for the arts and athletics, and he expressed his good fortune for being able to share much of this time with his beloved wife Robin. Though leisure time is a rare luxury in the Chancellor ' s Residence, the avid reader nonetheless found time to engross himself in Dr. Jared Diamond ' s Collapse, a work that he applauds for its ability to intertwine various disciplines while projecting a message that enhances understanding in an enjoyable and easy-to-read manner. When asked about our basketball prospects for this season, the Chancellor all-too-seriously said, " I think they ' re great! And I ' m fully prepared to step in and play the post position if needed. " We may need his help yet. This is indeed a man of manv talents, bl Doniel Neuman Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost All Photogtophs Courtesy of UCIA Office of Media Relations. 3 a- n 3 " Q 3 a plankton of work paid Ever wonder what it would be like to be part of an undersea world? While few spent their days composing catchy under-the-sea ditties, many satisfied their fancies by enrolling in Earth and Space Sciences 15: Oceanography. Professor Aurnou - who was widely published in his field - taught the class with equal sass and pizzazz. " Water is really freaking complex; in addition it ' s a goddamn mess, " the professor pattered to the class. Continuing his rapid-fire dialogue, Professor Aurnou explained that there was still " tons out there that we still don ' t know, " adding that, " This quarter, we only learned the basics. " Many of his students would agree. Third year mathematics student Jessica Rivas confessed, " I liked the lab a lot more; the topics covered in lecture were too general to the course. " A couple of seats over, second year undeclared student Mel Tugal expressed similar sentiments. " The labs are a lot more specific than the lectures. ..I took this class because plate tectonics and undersea animals sounded interesting. " At the front of the class, Professor Aurnou looked like he was having the time of his life, in spite of the sea of tired faces looking back at him. Students trickled in twenty minutes after lecture had begun, but the professor wasn ' t deterred; he was a torpedo of energy with an obvious passion for the subject matter. After presenting an ocean documentary midway through the hour, he nonchalantly explained, " Everyday, new things are being discovered. Recently, this clip was filmed. It is the first time that two male octopi copulating have been recorded. " Titters of amusement finally emerged from a comatose crowd voicing its approval of the unexpected digression. When asked about the course, Professor Aurnou whimsically revealed that while, " I have only been teaching ESS 15 for three years, my impression of this year ' s students was that they couldn ' t do the wave. Last year ' s class was far more successful at it, and I am still not sure why that is. " Like guppies being introduced to adulthood, students looked to Professor Aurnou for guidance. Those who succeeded would live on to be strong and invaluable to the community, just as those ill-prepared or under-motivated would surely find themselves at the mercv of the sea. bl Taryn Muchnik Political Science, Second Year " This class taught me about awareness; I now know more about the different kinds of commercial fish that are environmentally sustainable. " Jessica Purdy Undeclared, Second Year " My favorite part of oceanography was when we went on the RV Sea World cruise and I got to touch a lot of interesting bottom dwellers. " Professor lonnthnn Aurnou Professor Aurnou looks more like a poet than the Assistant Professor of Plonetology and Geophysics. A curly fro tops his longish pale face; his hangdog eyes and ragged goatee would place him in o smoky coffee shop if he wasn ' t already too busy scuttling about a high-tech university lab, writing books, focusing his research on " the design of a large-volume, plane- layer, rotating magnetoconvection device to study the fundamental magneto-hydrodynomic flow processes occurring in planetary cores. " In any event, it does take a certain degree of poetic license to string together such gloriously polysyllabic words. It takes even more intellectual muscle to comprehend them. All in all, this oceanography professor is definitely not a drip. He ' s a " rapidly rotating, " fast-talking, wise-cracking dynamo of action. Above: Students enrolled in ESS 1 5 check out on otroy of crustaceans and other undersea critters. The field trip to Marino del Rey on the RV Sea World was on optional addition to the tedium provided by lecture-based doss meetings. Photogiopbed by Jennifer Kisbimizu. Left: Pelicons calmly float on their way as the boaters attempt to ovoid disturbing the ocean life. ESS 1 5 taught participants to appreciote the wildlife as well os the geography of the oceon. Photogmpbed by Jennifer Kisbimizu. m a 3 Q- C T Q n a c a E » -o o u Above: Hugh Carlson, fifth year political science student, looks across the landscape in the Isle of Skye, Scotland. Through EAP, students were oWe to experience cultures which they hod never encountered before. HtfugmphbuterafSta) W. Right; Stephen Hinton, fourth year physiological science student, and Ben Kaesay, fourth year mothematics economics student, visit a medieval Spanish church. The EAP experience wos on opportunity for many to see the grandeur of European culture and architecture. Right: Wanna Sohochartsiri, third year psychology student, peeks out from an iconic British phone booth. Along with Big Ben and Parliament, little idiosyncrasies such as these were an important part of a student ' s overseas experience. ■ IF the dish on going Last vear, the Education Abroad Program (EAP) sent 2,400 people to study in places like Australia, Israel and Vietnam. Students embarked on their cross-cultural experience seeking new experiences, crazy anecdotes, and above all, food. Fourth year international economics student Stephanie Hsu traveled to Edinburgh for a quarter and returned with her fair share of culinary experimentation. " In Scotland, there is no such thing as staple foods. They do have haggis, which is some odd combination of sheep intestines and other innards. Black pudding, which is pig ' s blood, is characteristically ' Scottish, ' too. Thev didn ' t gross me out too much, I ' m from Taiwan. " Rather than the foods, Hsu extolled values of the three pillars of her Scottish encounter, " Britishisms, Franz Ferdinand and pale ale. " Hsu recommended the experience to anyone even remotelv interested because, " When else are you going to be independent, young and reckless? " In Japan, fourth year literature student Dickson Wong found living in another country stimulating and refreshing. " Studying abroad and seeing the best and worst of Japan was an eye-opener. I discovered that sake bombs didn ' t really exist, only the nuclear ones. And life there really built up my tolerance. " With a dashing wink and a confidential air, Wong looked back on " the food. The fish market sushi after a night of 6 a.m. craziness. Or was it McDonald ' s that night? I really can ' t remember. " This debauchery which suited more than one of us grew evident after fourth year cognitive science student Amit Kumar reflected on his own adventures during his stay in Lyon, France. " It was really cool; I ' m now an international fugitive. " Kumar relayed a tale of suspense, cunning and daring. " While I was in France, I forgot to tell the phone company that I left and came back to the States. So the telephone company kept charging me money until I owed them 280 euros. I ' ve gotten an e-mail from them saving that I ' m banned for life from taking out any phone plans in France. " Back in the states, Kumar still listens to French rap, busts a French move at times, and is quite the fan of French pastries. Immersed in American culture, many of us have little idea of what we ' re missing out on. Living in the United States sometimes means a tireless 24-hour inundation of all things American - movies, music, media, people and places. It ' s nearly impossible to break free of the bubble of Americentrism - after all, we ' re surrounded by it. But every year, outwardly minded Bruins grab life by the reins, take to the skiesh and tempt fate. Did she say pig ' s blood? bl w m Left: Towni Wcrton, fourth year American Literature and Culture student, stands in front of the famous leaning Tower of Pisa. With its rich history and culture, Italy was o top choice for many students studying abroad. Photograph Courtesy oi Towni Worton. i a o° o- o Q O CQ Q 3 Right: Professor Kuntz regoles students with toles from Hollywood ' s scandalous, yet glamorous, golden age. Students often learned what was behind the pretty pictures on the screen. Below: Students are whisked away to the movies during lecture by attending in the Jomes Bridges Theater in Melnitz Hall. The theoter rules prevented students from enjoying the usuol popcorn with their movies. Above: The ominous Morion Brando as Don Corleone of Paramount Pictures ' the Eodfothe: becomes larger than life on the big screen. Classics were featured along with less famous movies such as Bfonde Venus. Professor Jonathan Kuntz Professor Jonathan Kuntz has returned as a visiting Associate Professor for UCLA where he received his M.A. and Ph.D. in Film Studies. As o well-known film historian and scholar, he was upon on numerous occasions to provide valuable knowledge and feedback in academic articles as well as various feature stories in newspapers such os the LA. Times and UCLA ' s very own Daily Bruin. For Film and Television 106A, Kuntz exposed film history to those on compus who might never benefit from me wealth of film classes offered by the exclusive School of Film, Theater and Television. " I always tell my teaching associates thot 95% of the people in the class will be taking this as their first film class ond their only film class, " Kuntz said. Above: Professor Kunfz ' s stories of Hollywood dazzle even those most familiar with the L.A. scene. Hollywood, Sunset and the Walk of Fame all played a critical part in the history of motion pictures. — 1 in the dark of the Clark Gable and Vivien Leigh in full color, on the big screen, in the greatest love story of our time. Well, ma} be not for Fall Quarter, but movie buffs had plenty of good films and interesting movie history to keep them satisfied during Film and Television 106A, History of the American Motion Picture. Film 106A was a grueling nine hour per week course that invited students to find out what was behind all the glittery images that are the final product of an industry Los Angelenos know so well: the film industry. Beginning with Thomas Edison ' s invention of the Kinetoscope and theorizing about the future of digital technology in the industrv, the course familiarized students with the late-19th century and 20th century developments of the motion picture. While the lectures did not focus too intensely upon film analysis, discussion sections did give students a chance to analyze social influence upon films as well as look at editing styles and techniques. During the first half of the four hour class, students listened to the Hollywood stories presented by visiting professor Jonathan Kuntz. During a lecture on the Fatty Arbuckle scandal which resulted in the death of starlet Virginia Rapp, Kuntz related, " The scandal was so big, his contract was cancelled. He was acquitted of murder charges, but his career was over. " Kuntz ' s relaxed lecture style did not imitate the drama he described, but kept the students interested just the same. Following the lecture, students snuggled into their seats for the film of the day. Third year business economics student Zahra Giga raved, " You get to watch some of the best movies of all time in a movie theater without having to pay for it. " Although the films screened were not always what was expected - whoever heard of Gun Crazy - they did provide a break from classes where Power Point graphics were the best visuals offered. " He should have shown movies with the Governator, " joked fourth year history student Nick Talbot. Like Talbot, many students used the course to fulfill a general education requirement, though some students were members of the School of Film, Theater and Television. The 240-person lecture buzzed with Bruins ranging from first years to fourth years, with even a couple of super seniors squeezing in. The popular class, filled to capacity during both fall and spring quarters, proved that UCLA can ' t avoid the Hollywood aura though academics are highly emphasized on campus. And all the attendees of Film 106A wouldn ' t have it any other way. bl Kambria Cal dwell Psychology. First Year " I like that we get exposure to so many different types of movies, but I think the professor should try to integrate more movies that represent people of different races. " Aonnie Seese Neuroscience, Second Year " I really enjoyed watching all the old black and white films while learning about the history of each film. " 3 Q CD o 5i!yttT MWO 7 SOCJL ItatTio " WSCt ' 3 Right: With such high demand for its services, Covel offers tutorials ranging in duration and subject matter. Procrastinate were often forced to search elsewhere for help as the popular programs quickly filled to capacity- EDUCATION! 80 Albert Ml. tonmc, Kir. Jeff HiSl ft 22 1 222 2 21 2 24 helping the best and th u. ■ ■ m s JT M E B You wore hopelesslv behind in your classes. On top of adjusting to the strain of leaving home your first year, you decided to take four classes of which three midterms fall on the same day. Your roommate never seemed to study and there was always a group of his obnoxious friends guffawing, grunting and seriously detracting from your study time. To make matters worse, Usher repeated ad nauseam, bombarding you with the not-so-dulcet tones of " Yeah. " What was one to do? Enter the answer to all your prayers. Armed to the teeth with answers, Covel Tutors welcomed your ignorant questions and promised quick results. Thirty-four tutors took on the task of enlightening as many as five hundred eager students, often doing so in classes of less than nine individuals. Competition for tutors could get stiff at times, explained fourth year mechanical engineering student and math tutor Jeff Lau. Students continued to vie for " more personal contact with the tutors, " said third year biology student Hannah Hong, " I like talking to the tutors because sometimes they ' re better than my TAs, and I always get more immediate responses to questions. " And while tutors actively " blacklisted " those who repeatedly missed classes, many students risked persecution and returned nonetheless. Fourth year linguistics student and ESL tutor Sherry Lin explained that, " one of the most amazing things about working at Covel is that the students come in with their ideas, not knowing how to express them, and I just help them flesh it out.. .all the ESL students are so unbelievably hard-working and it ' s such an inspiration working with them. " With both students and tutors responding so positively, it was no wonder that Covel Tutorials were such a valuable academic asset. Through the trials and travails of life we all needed somebody there to support, encourage and nurture us to fruition. Tutors served such purposes, and the effects they rendered were amazing. No longer sour, suffering and friendless, you ' ve become a new person thanks to those tutors. You presented yourself to them as a modest member of society ' s ignorant and though they were initially lenient, they ultimately expected nothing less than excellence. And excel you did, thanks to a little help from those splendid tutorials, bl Monica Posin Psychobiology, Fourth Year " AAP has really helped my GPA throughout my stay at UCLA. Their information is presented in a very clear and understandable manner " Leela Athalye Psychobiology.Third Year " Covel tutoring is helpful even if you ' re not struggling in the class because it ' s a good review of the material and helps to solidify your knowledge of the subject. " ve o o CD £ c o E 0) O u Professor Jennifer Steinkamp Professor Steinkamp hos been teaching 3-D design and animation classes at UCLA for seven years. Outside of class, Steinkamp is a renowned installation artist whose work has been exhibited in some of the finest and most diverse venues in the world, from LA ' s Museum of Contemporary Art to the Istanbul Modern in Turkey. She has also worked for big-name production companies such as Sony Pictures and Disney Imagineering. Her larger-than-life exhibits take ordinary mediums to new heights to create innovative pieces that " explore ideas about architectural space, motion, and perception. " Inevitably, some of the hectic spontaneity of the art world carries over to her classes, but she always maintains a confident attitude and " keeps faith that the class is going to work out. " Right Students stare at consoles instead of notebooks during class meetings. Contrasting with the overage note-taking lecture, weekly meeting included hands on experience and vibrant class participation. Photographed by Nicholas Weston-Swon. Below: Ryan Hutchinson, fifth year design | media orts student, works diligently on his three dimensional model project. Students spent countless hours in lobs putting all of their creative energy into their work. Photographed by Nicholas Weston-Swon. Above: A port-man and part-troll creation comes to life through three-dimensional computer modeling. Such techniques were the same as those employed by grophicol animators in the film industry. Photographed by Nicholas Weston-Swan. Farawa) from Powell Library, Bruinwalkand Kerckhoff Coffee] louse, students in Design | Media Arts 156B Three Dimensional: Time and Motion in Virtual Space Stare intently at computer screens, manipulating neon green lines that serve as the structural basis of highly advanced three-dimensional models. Instead of scribbling notes, these students are bringing life to images that have their seeds deep within creative minds. Perhaps it was appropriate that the class was located in the Kinross Building, with Hollywood Video isible outside the window. For their first of two projects during the course, students were required to select a movie scene and elaborate upon it in a creative and unique way. This environment served as a basis to inspire new three-dimensional animated designs. Scenes were taken from movies ranging from Requiem for a Dream to Top Gun to The Nightmare Before Christmas. " The difficulty level is prettv high, " third year design | media arts student Tina Hsu said. " It all depends on what you chose to do. " Hsu ' s project was inspired by the Japanese film The Mystery ofRampo, and took students on a journey through a mystic courtyard filled with delicate grey stepping stones and red banners waving in the wind. In a sense, Professor Jennifer Steinkamp served as a guide and advisor rather than the authority figure of manv professors on campus. Every week, the students exhibited their work, showing their progress and receiving constructive criticism from Steinkamp and their peers. Sometimes the scenes looked well designed and polished, while small paranormal anomalies revealed that there was always room for experimentation and improvement. " Todav, the scene may look very unfinished, " Steinkamp commented. " It ' s always a miracle in the end. " As a laboratory based course, class time was less structured and more oriented toward allowing the students to experiment with their ideas. Experimentation took many forms, with ideas and methods of actualizing their creations requiring working and reworking of designs. " It ' s really a process of trial and error, " fourth year design | media arts student Doug Behl said. " To make something look real, it could take 100 revisions. " Even with all the hard work, it is evident that the practice will pay off. Who knows, those 100 revisions could give these students the ability to create the next Toy Story, Finding Nemo or even the next Gollum... concocting a David Badgerow Design | Media Arts, Fourth Year " As modem designers it is becoming more essential that we be able to use the latest tools, and this class gives us that chance. " Mark Richardson Design | Media Arts, Fourth Year " In virtual space, we are not limited like we are in the material world. We are able to tell any story in any way we wish. We have learned how to make this medium truly come alive. " a CD — cq ' 3 2: CD Q_ o ' O CO Right: Sunlight streams through the windows of Powell Library, capturing the beautiful architecture of the building. The Rotunda hosted various cultural donees and concerts this past yeor. Photographed by hi Lu. Right: Students keep each other sane amidst the chaos of cramming for midterms. Study groups often met in Powell Library to go over lecture notes and exchange is. Photogmphed by hi Liu. Below: This student diligently attacks the ever-growing chapters of assigned reoding. Taking refuge in the library, students were able to study in a quiet environment or power nap during a break between classes. Photogmphed by Fei Liu. Above: As midterms ond finals approach, students ' lives become a jumble of study portners, notes ond books ■ just like this typical scene from Powell. The library was a much-needed safe haven from the distractions ond bustle of dorm life. Photogmphed by hi liu. h It was oneof theonlv places whore college students could bo persuaded to turn oft their cell phones ,ind abstain from eating and drinking. Most students regarded it with a love hale relationship. The " It " in question is none other than the sprawling UCLA network of libraries, which house over 7.6 million books and some of the most comfortable sofas found on campus. And with over 27 million foot of newsreel footage, its Film and fetes isior Archive can boast oi being second only to the Library of Congress Plowing through its awesome array of resources could be quite daunting without assistance. Fortunately, friendly librarians wore always there to guide the way. Assistant Head College Librarian Alice Kawakami explained that she focused on " engaging students and alleviating their worries by making information more accessible. " This year, the librarv implemented a new catalogue system designed to replace the outdated Orion-2. The transformation aimed to ensure greater accessibility to the library ' s stockpile of resources. The " Bruin Success with less Stress " tutorial was also launched this year, offering guidance on everything from plagiarism to sleep deprivation. Students also took advantage of the " Ask a Librarian " service, a process that resembled Instant Messaging with a librarian. While Powell library was the home base for most undergraduates, students took advantage of all eleven libraries on campus. From the utilitarian nature of Boelter to the gothic grandeur of Powell, each library offered students a distinct learning environment. First year undeclared student Ellen Jung pointed out, " It ' s just more fun to study at the librarv. I can bring my laptop and study without getting too distracted. It ' s peaceful and the architecture is pretty. " The library also provided a sanctuary for the weary and sleep-deprived. A quick scan of the college library would find many passed out on their books, with others just beginning the head-jerking that preluded impending bliss. During midterms and finals, Night Powell became the hottest 24-hour hangout on campus. The normally healthy trickle of students turned into an overwhelming torrent, and extra chairs were brought in to accommodate the procrastinators. The energy level intensified as students armed with nothing but fierce determination and nerves of steel buckled down to spend the entire night studying. The library became an indispensable resource for students aspiring to be scholars. And for those with a keen interest in academia, shelves upon shelves of books waited patiently, bl lost among the Jason DeBo lt Business Economics, Fifth Year " I sleep here between classes. The library is a great resource for research materials and use of the internet. " Phuc Nguyen Chemistry, Third Year " The library is a good place to....sleep! Just kidding! It ' s a really good place to study. " cr -i Q rr Q o ' 3 Right: Sheets of music lay testimony to the power sounds hove upon the oges. Music History 66 illustrated the influence of the past on the present. Below: The vibrating strings of a grand piono resonate with the mysterious notes of the Medieval Ages. The piano was a useful tool for conveying melodies from that time period in class. E CO D U f Above: A teaching assistont for Medieval Music addresses the importance of organization in research papers for the doss. Though it seemed like a dreary topic ot the time, the doss proved intellectually stimulating by addressing the influence of the Middle Ages on modern music. Professor Fliznheth Upton At the beginning of class, Professor Elizabeth Upton shifted and giggled with excited agitation as she waited for class to start. With her dark- framed glasses, pixie haircut and jerky gestures, she was as excited to be present as a comic book aficionado at her first convention. As the nation ' s best and brightest came trudging into her doss, Professor Upton turned on the full force of her geeky charm as she dove into the medieval influences on folk rock in the 1970 ' s. Her expertise in uncommon subjects lifted her from the vast pool of other acodemia pundits. Blurting out, " It ' s so cool! " with equal enthusiasm and self-conscious delight, Professor Upton clearly loved her work, which ranged from analyses on Led Zeppelin to the Lord of the Rings to the theme music from Diablo. Above: A student resorts to ploying on the piano, the modem day equivalent of the horpiscoid. Many were surprised to find out that their favorite songs hod Medieval roots. Toress the root of all that is medieval i Q Oi One doesn ' t know what to expect when sitting in a class titled " Medieval Music. " Whatever it was, it certainly wasn ' t a giant blow-up picture of a wild-haired Jethro Tull wearing a cod piece and playing a flute while bouncing on one foot. Professor Upton launched into her lecture, explaining the influences of medieval music on folk rock in the 1970s. Tolkien fans would be interested in being illuminated to how the publication of The Lord of the Rings influenced heavy metal music and hippie counterculture. Themes of the decade included psychedelic aspects, emphasized through sci-fi fantasy and hobbits, trolls and dragons. " Sorry, I had to be coy about drug use, " Professor Upton sheepishly said. " I just didn ' t know I ' d have to do this on a Monday. " As a general education class, its availability to students of all concentrations allowed Medieval Music to attract an array of students who wished to employ the right side of their brain to their academics. First year mathematics and economics student Gavin Ma admitted, " It wasn ' t really my style, but I th ought it was a really interesting class. I spaced out a little when we were talking about the old stuff, but I was really into the contemporary. " Similarly, fifth year applied mathematics student Lan Pan commented, " Being a math major, you really don ' t get the chance to have fun discussions, so this class was a welcome change. I really enjoyed the class on the Final Fantasy series - I ' m a huge fan. " Though written only a couple of decades ago, lines from artist Ian Anderson herald, " Let me bring you all things refined of galliards and chilling ale. " They were reminiscent of a more idyllic time involving velvet pantaloons and lutes, set to the blaring backdrop of an electric guitar. With harpsichords and chimes sprinkled among dorian scales and medieval jargon, medieval influences reminded students of a simpler time when merrymaking and camaraderie came easily with a vat of ale and jolly minstrels. It was a time when " kitchen prose and gutter rhymes " prevailed. In that respect, it wasn ' t really all that different from music today. " Join the chorus if you can, it ' ll make of you an honest man " sings one line, " life ' s long celebration ' s here, I ' ll toast you all in puny cheer. " " It gets back to a more real, authentic way of living, " said the professor. Is it really any different from the rap rhapsodies presented by artists today? " Keepin ' it real, " tales from the hood, and liberal use of " gutter rhymes " prove popular music today still reflects manv of the same themes of medieval minstrels, bl Tracy Williams Undeclared, Second Year " It was great to be able to take a class that I ' m actually interested in. I like being able to learn more about music I already know and like, as well as discovering new music. " Kri s ti n Wa idelicK Economics, Fourth Year " I enjoyed learning about music, some of which I knew and some I didn ' t, in different contexts. The professor andTAs were also very interesting and enthusiastic. " I v» ' O -i " o cs 1 »; Is 4 m i rMmm ' ' J .l . x i TB i ww ill EkP ) T nxX ■ 1 rfr " Time and Tide Wait for None " - Ancient Asian Proverb You were always told that life is too short to not make the most of it. But on December 26, 2004, these words hit too clos e to heart. On that day, hundreds of thousands of people in South Asia became victims to the largest rthquake in the past forty years. The ensuing tidal wave reached as far as a mile inland and was quick to leave absolute devastation in its wake. Tragically, few had warning of the approaching calamity, and estimates by the end of January placed the death toll at well nearly 200,000; the majority of casualties would be suffered by the impoverished region of Indonesia, and relief efforts would be agonizingly slow and tragically limited in scope. While tales of despair made it into our living rooms each night, it became all-too-easy to whip out the check book and pledge away concerns. But while some like fourth year economics student Kenny Tao were correct in noting that donating to tsunami relief agencies would become a " trendy " practice in American culture, there was obviously much more needed to be said. A friend of mine was visiting in Thailand that inopportune day, and while he rode the wave, his mother tragically fell to the sea. " Resolving never again to resolve, " he returned home and began life anew - what else could he do? After all, everyone learns to take the good with the bad, and to not dwell on losing what you once had. . 33 The Boston Red Sox defeot the St. Louis Cardinals four games to zero in the World Series to end the 86 year-old " Curse of the Bambino. " California becomes the first state to approve by ballot stem cell research, a topic that has divided conservative and liberal policy makers. California ' s most active volcano, Mt. St. Helen erupts for the first time in over two decades Opposing factions in the Sudanese Civil War propose to bring peace to a country ravaged and devastated by the 21 -year war. ranee unveils the tallest suspension bridge in he world, the Millau Viaduct, which peaks at over 1,000 feet. I;— I ■■■■■• " " M l The fortieth President of the United States, Ronald Reagan, dies of Alzheimer ' s disease at his home in California. The Olympic torch is lit, marking the return of the modern Olympics to Athens, Greece for the XXVIII Olympiad. The U.S. Senate kills a proposed amendment to the constitution by voting down a ban of some-sex marriages. of deadly storms to hit the Sunshine State and leave behind a trail of destruction. A staunch cancer awareness spokesperson and a cancer survivor himself, Lance Armstrong becomes the first person in history to win a sixth Tour de France. V • . A magnitude 9.0 earthquake centered in the Indian Ocean triggers a tidal wove that destroys thousands of homes and kills more than 300,000 people. The New England Patriots win their third Super Bowl title in four yeors, confirming the speculation that the franchise had built a footboll dynasty. 13 T W$K : ' 4 it- ! ' - :-. : ■ ' ■■ Representatives of the ployers union and NHL owners fail to agree on a new contract, resulting in the cancellation of the 2004- 2005 hockey seoson. After a 10-month marriage, Britney Spears and Kevin Federline onnounce the stor ' s pregnancy, her first and his third child. Record rainfall in Southern California results in a devastating landslide in the seaside town of La Conchita that results in the deaths of Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles culminate a 30-year romance, marked by adulterous affairs, with a royal wedding. North Korea, a member of President Bush ' s Axis of Evil, admits possessing nuclear weaponry, adding to its growing weapons arsenol. Atlanta Olympic and abortion clinic bomber Eric Randolph pleads guilty to a string of bombings, receiving four consecutive life sentences in prison. I After over 10 yeors on life support, Terri Schiovo posses away after a controversial decision to remove her feeding tube, a measure protested by her parents and supported by her estranged husband. Director George Lucas releases the sixth and finol installment in the Star Wars soga, Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. By David Michael Fqi Spaccia Ororor Rush ' s Warmf.rtca " Bush ' s foreign policy doesn ' t resonate with me and I don ' t trust the administration to further diplomacy and peace in the world. " " I didn ' t want to vote for either of them, but there are more things I don ' t like about Bush than Kerry I ' m not really surprised about the result of the election, though, because no president has lost during wartime. " " Everything about Bush ' s first term was pretty good except for the war on Iraq. " Elated Bush supporters attend the California Republican Victory Celebration at the Sutton Poloce Hotel in Newport Beoch. Bush won by o staggering 3.5 million votes in a modern-day blowout. Photogmpbed by Lynn Sandberg and Michael Sun, Daily Bruin. Jonathan Greenberg Musicology 5th Year Mark Hsieh Cognitive Science 3rd Year Diana Wang Computer Science 3ndYear Life resumed very early on November 3, 2004. It was a pleasure to wake up just three hours after Democratic vice-presidential candidate Senator John Edwards declared, " We will fight for every vote, because every vote matters. " Senator John Kerry, in his address to supporters defined the results as so close they represented an America deeply divided. But crucial provisional votes in Ohio would not be enough to garner a Democratic victory. George W. Bush won the Presidency, but lost the borough of Manhattan, 82-17. He won the popular vote but lost Washington D.C., 90-9. The communities arguably most affected by the September 11th attacks overwhelmingly voted against our commander in chief and his trigger happy tenets of preemption. And while the Bush administration ' s pre-September 11th agenda did remarkably little, by 2004 Bush had become alarmingly adept at making news. He became the first president in over 60 years to end a term in office with fewer American jobs than before he assumed the position. Millions joined the unemployed masses as government spending reversed a $5.6 trillion surplus into a deficit of trillions. Such a departure from historic precedent would have lingering consequences. But this election did not hinge on the economy, and retrospective voters were heartened by bold words of Bush denouncing the terrorist vermin. In this resolve our President was committed and unwavering. Bush pledged that an end to Saddam ' s rule would ensure a free and Democratic Iraq. But Americans have been left to shoulder expensive ground operations amidst grisly tales of Abu Ghraib and perpetual unrest. America and the world have endured many great tests It seems our nation took this to heart on November 2nd, during the first term of this presidency. And our president and American democracy flourished yet again, made tough decisions in the face of new challenges. In the The ballots were counted, and a leader chosen. But as wise words of Harry Truman, " Men make history, and not the Jesse Jackson so aptly explained, " Leadership has a harder job other way around. In periods where there is no leadership, to do than just choose sides. It must bring sides together. " bl society stands still. Progress occurs when courageous, skillful leaders seize the opportunity to change things for the better. " -a CD — m 3 n O 3 Ti Ti 0 Below: Weathering disappointing election day coverage, the Democratic Party in Manhattan Beach watches the close race. The porty did not end on a light note, os Kerry ' s eventual concession speech marked the end of the anticlimactic election. Photographed by Lynn Sannbetg and Michael Sun, Daily Bruin. " The biggest issue of the election was Iraq. I supported Kerry ' s position about getting the troops out, but I wished he has a more diplomatic stance against Bush. " " Kerry was my choice because he seemed to care more a bout education. Bush cut taxes, but he also cut the education budget - it basically evens itself out. " Shiran Karimian Computer Science and Engineering 4th Year The Redskins ' last home game before the presidential election has consistently dictated the winner of America ' s greatest race since FDR ' s ascent to office. And their defeat to Green Bay this past year left ESPN boldly predicting Kerry ' s victory, with 0% of the precincts declared. After Boston ' s Cinderella performance, it seemed like Kerry the underdog could win it all. But in the most significant national election since 1968, the " vote or die " hype, controversy and potential for legal quagmire all but fizzled so quickly it begged the question, " What happened? " The most overlooked pre-election prediction unexpectedly became post-election reality. Those ridiculous chads plaguing the last election were of little importance, vote contesters were rendered insignificant, and even those lawyers swearing to pounce on the slightest hindrance to democracy were noticeably silent. In the end, the election of 2004 went off without a hitch; and while news stations were reluctant to declare a winner prematurely, Kerry ' s eventual concession quickly put an end to post-election anxiety. Fish out of Water The Great Flip-1 In Ohio - a hotlv contested state which lost over 250,000 jobs in the past fouryears - Kerry failed to articulate on the state of the nation ' s economy, and largely side-stepped opportunities to present innovative plans to boost employment. Many accused Kerry of localizing the election to a handful of states he would not win. " By changing the scope of the battlefield, the Kerry campaign could have maximized the Bush campaign ' s glaring weakness in communications, " explained political pundit John Ellis. And because voters in California felt their vote to be virtually worthless, they were left envying the residents of Ohio and Michigan who enjoyed disproportionate electoral influence. " I knew Kerry would lose eventually right after I heard the results from those two mountain hamlets - 35 for Bush, 21 for Kerry, and 1 for Nader, " said Brian Kennedy, a third year political science student. Kerry lost the popular vote by 3.5 million votes, a landslide in a simple majority system. But Bush set a dangerous precedent in 2000 when illustrating that a victory in popular vote did not necessarily determine electoral victory. Riddled by inconsistency and dubbed a flip-flopper from the get-go, John Kerry struggled in a futile effort against the House of Bush and its tenacious campaign highlighting his checkered past, bl n O 3 America enjoyed numerous scientific achievements during the space race, a time marked by the space launch of the Soviet Sputnik, which fueled a massive American " catch-up campaign. " Built on the tenets of competition and conquest, America responded by ceremoniously dropping a man on the surface of the moon. And while it has been 47 years since Sputnik made news, the race for space has increasingly come to motivate individuals faced with a rather new challenge. Initially based on the $25,000 Orteig Prize of 1927 - an appropriation that funded the pursuit of Charles Lindbergh ' s non-stop trans-Atlantic flight - the underlying premise of the Ansari X Prize was a simple one. Teams of individuals were commissioned to privately build, fund and launch a three- person spaceship to a sub-orbital altitude of 100km. The team that could perform such a flight twice within two weeks would be awarded ten million dollars and the opportunity to pioneer privatized space travel. The X Prize was established in 1996 and has registered more than 20 teams from seven countries competing for the $10 million prize. Largely sponsored by Anousheh and Amir Ansari, co-founders of venture capital firm Prodea, the X Prize took the Ansari namesake in commemoration of their charitable contribution to " The New Race to Space. " Teams varied in scope and ambition; many invested significant time and resources into the enterprise, but only one took home the gold. October 4, 2004 marked the second launch of Scaled Composite ' s SpaceShipOne in two weeks, making it the first non-governmental spaceship to breach the outskirts _ By J i mm y Yoon Below: Burt Ruton pops the champagne fot the money shot after the piize-winning landing. Attei eight years of developement and over $20 million of research, the team spared no expense on the bottles. Photographed by Reel. " It ' s kind of dangerous, isn ' t it? I would imagine it would take a lot of training. How could you let the public go up to outer space? What if they screw up and lose a $ 1 3 million shuttle? " would use my money for earthly intellectual pleasures, but if that ' s what made him happy, then more power to him. " of space. When asked to comment about the historic flight, third year sociology and communication studies student Tracy Wu replied, " We really are running out of places to explore. But whether the money could have been spent on other things is up in the air. " The era of privately-manned space exploration was a collective vision, forged into reality by individuals refusing to be bound by traditional perceptions of space travel. Though solely financed by philanthropist and Microsoft Co-Founder Paul Allen, SpaceShipOne was built by Burt Rutan ' s Scaled Composites and sponsored bv the " maverick billionaire " of Virgin Enterprises, Sir Richard Branson. Virgin pledged to provide space travel to the masses with its Virgin Galactic space tourism operator; the $190,000 flights will begin in Zach Collinger English 3rd Year 2007. These corporate tvcoons hardly evoked the romantic imagery of Charles Lindbergh ' s historic trans-Atlantic flight, and it is unclear what sort of impact SpaceShipOne will have. Pilots Brian Binnie and Mike Melville may never make it into the history books and the X Prize may be forgotten sooner than later, but the world ' s first commercial spaceship - dubbed the VSS Enterprise in blatant commemoration of a certain sci- fi show whose name need not be mentioned - will likely make an indelible mark in history, bl CO ■D Q r CD CO 4) D y Jimmy Yoon Upturned Politics Yasser Arafat ' s Death alters Palestinian Leadership " I disagree with the United States branding him as a terrorist. " " At the risk of sounding intelligent, I was aware of his death. " " It ' s sad to see any leader pass, but he was not as effective as he could have been. This is a chance for new leadership to come up and have a more effective role. " " I ' m happy he ' s dead. I just want the turmoil to end. " Right: Interim Palestinian leadet Mohmoud Abbas waves to the crowd prior to o speech during a rally in the northern West Bonk town of Oolqilya in December. In January, Abbas was elected as the new president of Polestine. Photographed by Kevin Fiayer, Ihe Associated Piess. YasimaTadlaoui Political Science EAP Student, France Rebecca Goglia Political Science 3rd Year EH Muizz Rafique Business Economics 4th Year Ben Pourrabbani Biology 5th Year Some said his passing was a blessing, but many mourned his departure. He was known as a merciless terrorist and a guerilla to some, but a freedom fighter and Robin Hood to those who knew him best. There was nothing in his life that was not debated. A sharply dichotomous and paradoxical figure well known to the world, yet shrouded in mystery; Yasser Arafat, we hardly knew ye. Arafat claimed to have been born in Jerusalem, but a birth certificate from Cairo clearly said otherwise. Such doubts and mysteries were only too fitting for Muhammad Abd al- Rahman ar-Rauf al-Qudwah al-Husayni, a man whose very death would be in question. Would we have expected any less from the man? I mean, here was an international figure made famous through guerilla warfare and terrorism, yet he won the Nobel Peace Prize along with Shimon Peres and Yitzhak Rabin " for their efforts to create peace in the Middle East. " And in classic Yasser fashion, he returned to Palestine praised as a hero and denounced as a villain. Perhaps Yasser suffered from a lack of attention during his motherless childhood. Maybe he was too eager to please those around him, or maybe he just reveled in extremes. Ayub Rhattak, a third year microbiology student, expressed, " While he was seen as a radical by many, he was a champion of Palestinian independence. " But fourth year psychobiology student Tim Hsu voiced his opinions succinctly. " Yasser Arafat. What a bastard. " While he couldn ' t bring peace to the Middle East, time brought peace to him. In the end, time was rjje only thing that only be a matter of time before Yasser Arafat posters line the gave Arafat a fair judgment as a man of fl sh and blood on campus dorms, " Viva la revolucion " inscribed in Arabic. It was borrowed time from Allah. only a matter of time before the myth replaced the man from History is too young to tell, but he has all the makings of Palestine. In the meantime, nothing has changed, and the a martyr. So will he share the spotlight of lorig-dead fighters of Israeli-Palestinian conflict continues to destabilize the region lost ideals like Che Guevara and Augusto Pinochet? It might in the name of freedom, bl | N Magnitude 9.0 4) In the wake of devastation The sun of Christmas day set upon the landscape of South Asia in its typical whimsical manner, as the day filled with giving and laughter calmly gave way to the dark sheath of night. In what proved to be a disturbing calm before the storm, the strongest earthquake in 40 years carved its path of destruction, originating from its epicenter deep within the confines of the Indian Ocean. In a doubly deadly one-two punch, the earthquake gave birth to skyscraper-sized masses of water, with land being the sole solution for the end of their fury. The Indian Ocean tsunami, striking the coasts of over a dozen unprepared countries, proved to be a deadening conclusion to the holiday season of 2004. At one point in time, the physical beauty of the tsunami ' s target area far surpassed the constricts of the human eye, as it had become one of the world ' s most idyllic vacation hotspots within recent years. In the aftermath, as international communities began to be realize the immensity of the destruction, pastoral images became faint memories of an uncomplicated way of life. The area became a setting for of an apocalyptic war of the worlds evidenced by fallen palm trees and endless amounts of debris. The uninvited waves left as quickly as they came, after annihilating the innocent microcosm of resort towns and orphaning children to a bleak livelihood on indescribable street corners. A sense of the fragility pervaded the minds of spectators experiencing the profundity of tragedy through the comfortable distance of television sets, internet web sites or morning radio Below: Josephine Green, second year English student, and Dave Korlik, second yeoi biochemistry student, coax out the hidden philanthropists from omong their peers outside of the Oe Neve dining hall. This charity event was a competition between the various floors of De Neve to benefit the Tsunami Relief Fund, Wrotograptefl 1 .V, I n " While the earnest outpouring of goodwill towards tsunami victims is heartwarming, we must humbly recognize and be careful not to turn a blind eye away from the other current and potential tragedies in this world. " ►- 1 " I was glad that Colin Powell £ stepped up and insisted that the US send more money. Our original pledge was just too small. " " The tsunami was such a catastrophe. I ' m just glad our government was able to send a good amount of money and aid. " talk shows. Third year biochemistry student Sana Rezai felt that the tsunami reporting " didn ' t elicit a large emotional response because the news came in small amounts. " Despite the buffer that the media created between the outside world and the tragedy itself, the impact of this memorable natural disaster was vividly expressed at UCLA through school-wide relief programs. From silent auctions, to penny wars and dodgeball tournaments, students were given a wide variety of ways to personally alleviate the sufferings of the grief- stricken survivors. Mourning proportionally spread throughout the world as the death toll of this single act grew to indescribable amounts. The tsunami tragedy was another catastrophe that forced the Frank Tran Engineering 2nd Year realization of the human condition on the general population. Third year English student Nathan Bettenhausen commented, " Although its direct effects have been felt by millions, the collective consciousness of mankind felt the blow. " Like previous tragedies, this catastrophe has reminded all of us of our general, irrevocable bond to one another, our humanity, bl c 3 Q 3 Rv .TAPnTTFT TMF .TnTT Below: An official assists 65-year old Salho Omar with election ink os she casts her ballot ot o polling station in Itbil, Iraq. Kurds in scores attended the election in the hope of goining a significant voice in the interim Iraqi Parlioment. Photogtophed by Sasa Kmli. AP " I don ' t think the United States should be in Iraq in the first place. I think it was between Saddam and Iraqis. " " I don ' t feel sufficiently informed about the democratic elections in Iraq to support or oppose the way in which they were conducted. " Marty Flores Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics 4th Year January 30th was a historic day for Iraqis. It was the beginning of Iraqi independence, from an interim government to an independent one. After two years of foreign occupation rift with inner tensions, public distrust and national humiliations, promises that were made long ago were finally realized. For the first time in half a century, free elections drew the tumultuous nation together and Iraqis of a formerly oppressed totalitarian government were able to publicize their choices by democratically electing a 275 member National Assembly and taking the first steps to stand on their own. Under the pallor of threats and hostility, the Independent Electoral Commission of Iraq (IECI) reported a stunning 72% turnout with low turnout rates only in the Sunni Triangle towns north and west of Baghdad. The United Iraqi Alliance gained over 47% of the vote, parties from the Kurdish areas received about 25%, and Prime Minister Allaqi ' s party emerged a dismal third. The Sunni Arabs, with the lowest turnout rates, boycotted or were prevented from voting by local violence. In many parts of Iraq, long queues sandwiched between lines of United States soldiers expected insurgent attacks. Terrorists threatening to bathe the streets with " voters ' blood " killed two dozen people and injured nearly fifty others to prevent what they viewed as just another attempt by Americans to deal with issues that did not concern them. They weren ' t alone in their pessimism. Iraq ' s Democratic Election Many Iraqis saw the elections as just another way for the U.S. to lie and exert dominance over the Iraqi people. Disheartened by the overreaching arms of the world ' s most powerful nation, Iraqis thought that the " democratic " processes enacted were illegitimate. Others voting for the first time in their lives entered the booths with tears in their eyes. They waited in line for hours to have democratic representation in the government. Afterwards, these Iraqis proudly displayed their ink-stained fingers as a symbol of their civic participation. By February, it was clear that the National Assembly had selected a new Iraqi president. Jalal Talabani, head of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, was a vigorous opponent of Saddam Hussein and held the most powerful position for a Kurd in the Middle East since the twelfth century. In April, Ibrahim Jaafari, a moderate Islamic who fled into exile under Saddam, was named the country ' s prime minister. It was now up the Iraqi government to choose a Cabinet for the President, draft a Constitution and have a referendum on the new Constitution. Since the U.S. invasion of Iraq two years ago, 1,300 American soldiers have died; Iraqi casualties are more uncertain, ranging from 15,000 to 100,000 deaths. Amidst loss of faith, disenchantment and immeasurable sorrow, Iraq has gained the right of self-government. Whether or not Americans will remain a prevalent force in Iraq for the next couple of years, 2005 will be remembered as the year that Iraq took its first steps towards independence, bl Q -Q n .L» 1 Ellen Park Changing of the Gnard Pope John Paul II Leaves a Reverberating Legacy of Political TlVTPORTANrF. Right: Joseph Rafzinger of Germany woves from the balcony of St. Peter ' s Bosilito to o cheering crowd thot gathered soon after his election as Pope Benedict XVI. He promised to continue Pope John Paul II ' s conservative legacy. Photogiophed by Bomenko Stinellis, HP. " I was sorry for his death, and I know that he ' s done much during his lifetime. " Elissa Huang Business Economics 3rd Year " I felt like a great man died. He was a universal man, in that he was known in every country as a righteous man. " Alina Spatariu Astrophysics 4th Year " I ' m a Protestant, and I wasn ' t too informed about the Pope and what he has done. I had a good opinion of him though. " Joo Lee Computer Science and Engineering I st Year " 1 don ' t think it was a big deal. There are many great people who die each day that don ' t . j get much attention. His death j didn ' t affect me. " : Uffi Will Marrs Neuroscience 4th Year ll Amen was the last hope-filled word breathed by the frail Pope John Paul II, the leader of the over-one billion members of the world-wide Catholic population. Flags around the world stood at a desolate half-mast, in reverence to the fearless religious icon. His eventful 26-year reign encompassed his vocal and physical presence within the battle against communism and the continuation of the conservative nature of the Catholic Church. Born Karol Jozef Wojtyla on May 18, 1920, the eventual 264th pontiff quickly rose through the church ' s hierarchy within his native Poland. On October 16, 1978, Cardinal Wojtyla was voted into the highest position within the Catholic Church, a title that had been strictly bestowed upon cardinals of Italian descent for over four centuries. Throughout his reign, Pope John Paul II succeeded in achieving a legacy as the most traveled pontiff in history, visiting numerous uncharted territories including communist-controlled Cuba and multiple nations of Islam. As the final years of his papacy were limited by his crippling arthritis and battle with Parkinson ' s disease, the revered Pope was limited in his ability to physically reach his constituency; however, his influence had a continual presence that will far outlast his earthly reign, which ended on April 2, 2005. As the pontiff proclaimed his parallel stance with President Bush in regards to American domestic issues, the pope, arguably, created a rift between himself and Catholic youth. While the American working class had consistently exhibited leftist perspectives in terms of abortion rights and same-sex marriage during the pope ' s tenure, his holiness steadfastly maintained his conservative stance. However, Pope John Paul II oversaw the creation of National Youth Day, where the pontiff would convoke the world ' s young in an international summit, identifying and unifying the youth of the Catholic nation. Pope John Paul II was one of the world ' s strongest advocates of peace and democracy. His unwavering stance against the War in Iraq and his continuous fight for the peaceful coexistence of all religions elevated his presence in world politics. The Catholic church and the newly elected Pope Benedict XVII will certainly feel the influence of John Paul II ' s legacy for decades to come, bl o CD Q C " Rv F.tuttv IVTasamttstt Below: The Social Security cord is o symbol of investment and identification for America ' s working population. With doubt as to the future of the system, the symbol ' s meaning may die with reforms. Photographed by Pmity Mosamitsu, lennie Ihu. — P KTT " Bush ' s plan for private accounts is dead. There simply isn ' t enough support for it. " Chanla Political Science I st Year " At this rate, my generation will have nothing to retire on. " " I think we should not be taxed for it because we ' re not going to receive anything anyways. And George Bush has done nothing to save it, private accounts will lead to more corruption, less efficencey, and less regulation. " Adam Truxler Marine Biology 5th Year Diana Lopez Marine Biology 4th Year In 1935, under the leadership of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, the government of the United States created one of the most successful programs for combating poverty: Social Security. The system required workers to pay a percent of their wages to a payroll tax to fund benefits they would receive from the government after retirement, thus reducing elder-age poverty. After its infancy, the program was widely recognized as greatly successful in decreasing poverty levels for retired persons. Today, elder-age poverty levels are lower than total population poverty levels: 10.2% compared to X% 7 MP State and federal taxes add up to shrunken paychecks for struggling workers. By privatizing Social Security, the government hopes to balloon wages in order to allow for more personal savings. ? S 12.4%. But the system faces a challenge which will greatly affect those who have recently graduated and have yet to graduate from UCLA. Social Security is running out of money. While most students see the problem affecting the elderly, one thing has been promised: President Bush will not decrease benefits for those nearing retirement age. So the debate continues, with liberals and conservatives arguing over the best way to solidify Social Security for future generations. On the one hand, most conservatives, with the support of President Bush, would like to privatize Social Security investment savings. In his State of the Union address in February, Bush touted privitization as the correct fix, preaching to younger generations, " Your money will grow, over time, at a greater rate than anything - Tts yonr Money Debating the Future of Social Security . o ! the current system can deliver. " The Bush plan is also hailed as completely beneficiary owned, a missing guarantee of the current plan. While it seems solvent, this plan rests upon the assuption that the markets will produce returns similar to those in previous years. This assumption, and a fear that people will put off investing in their retirement givent the choice, has spawed dissent among Democrats and more liberal forces in politics. Those opposed to Bush ' s plans see the need to divert funds from current government expenditures toward the ailing system. They remind everyone of the fund especially created to boost Social Security during its time of deficity payouts, a fund which the government borrowed from and has nothing to repay with. A compromise, with a smaller tax going to basic benefits and a larger share of wages available for personal savings, seems the only possible starting point for a solution. But most students feel helpless to steer Social Security in the path they deem worthy. Capitol Hill seems very far off, as does retirement to the recent graduate. Together with the fact that none of the solutions seem like the obvious fix to Social Security ' s leaky faucet, those who will be most affected by the change also feel powerless against its sheer magnitude, bl X CD o n Q_ en t r c 1 JPtr ftiB a ' . JA ' -r .-j i 1 M ; U t 1 4tKt ' J . ' t — Life loves to be taken by the lapel and told, ' I am with you kid, Let ' s go! ' " -Maya Angelou rhe more things changW ■pre they stay the same. Stl- lift at UCLA was no exception. d ..jy grind up Bruin Wal phe ever-revolving belt of " ! ti admil lite seemed to follow tine Rerns established by students during the ' 3Qs, ' 50s andB ' - I he same - ading up to Hedri Halls were tread on by alumni whose children attended UCLA in 2005. Apartments broken down from years of student residents ' carfl use were gold mines for plumbers and repairmen. But underneath the familiarity that is student life, it was the little things that made people realize that times were changing. uins worked to pay for an iPdlRstead of an LP, the Undie Run filled the streets of Westwood with lf-naked students, and UCLA Radio transmitted over a web site address rather than the airwaves. The bubble that is student life protected us from the real world jus|a little bit longer, and allowed us the lays of the college experience. M cafereedaj ska little bit lqn m -dorm life p. 88-89 -finals rituals p. 94-95 -working bruins p. 102-103 -daily bruin p. 106-107 -student groups p. 112-129 residence By Jacqueline Jou in question Like large stone giants, the college dormitories stand still and lifeless: Sproul, Hedrick, Dykstra, De Neve, Rieber and Sunset. Yet within these concrete walls, creativity flourishes and memories are born. Their names bring up fond associations with late-night Puzzles runs, hallway sports, agitated dorm mates and luxuriously long hours of loitering. Nowhere was sordid squalor epitomized as aptly as in college dormitories. Communal bathrooms, crowded rooms and coin-operated laundry machines abounded. The drawbacks were many, as second year electrical engineering student and dormer Sean Chang explained, " It ' s a good experience for the first couple of years. ..and it ' s cool. ..if you ' re social. Otherwise the apartments would be cheaper. " Even the perks associated with dorm life - like the well-propagated quality of dorm food - became " kind of redundant " said second year math and economics student Nicholas Degoede. But for every laissez-fa ire attitude, there ' s an opposing one; and with each exiting wave of students there were those who choose to prolong their experiences in the dorms. Program Assistant Jennifer Marcella commented on the camaraderie created through dorm bathrooms. Second year business and economics student Sarika Patel fondly recalled the " shower radio and shower parties. " Those who took part in floor government and organized social events found themselves surrounded by people who, despite their varying personalities and backgrounds, were mutually eager to take advantage of everything college dormitories offered. Third year history student and Resident Assistant Nico Smedley summed up the experience by inquiring, " When else are you going to have the opportunity to be around such smart and friendly people? " With the variety of personalities that occupy the myriad of dorms, floors and rooms, each resident contributed in his own way. Each floor, though a part of a greater machine, was a self-sufficient cog in itself. The floor Butter Knife, who spread herself too thin to be a part of everything and every event; the Glowworm, whose inner glow was surpassed only by the outer radioactive halo caused from hours parked in front of the computer; the Shadow, who never uttered a word yet watched on; and the Critic, who stood apart from the crowd and judged all - these characters were neither here nor there, but likely everywhere. In the end, it all boiled down to the essence of dorm life: fun, frivolity and occasional frustration. After careful thought, first year computer engineering student Charles Roh eloquently determined dorm life to be a " scrumptious mind-boggling exhausting long walk. " bl Right: The entire Hill is transformed into o Halloween funhouse. Yin Lu, fourth year economics and accounting student, Koten Nguyen, first year electrical engineering student, ond Andrew Chou, first year electrical engineering student, partook in the festivities and got gussied up for the annual All-Hill Halloween. Photogiaphed by Steven liodie. 1 cult ure of communal convictions Left: Christina Widhei, second yeoi undeclared student, and Isidro Mansiul, second year history student, assist Anthony Rajosinghi, second year MCD biology student with a package. Dorm life ion smoothly with such diligent workers at the front desk. Phologwphed by Robyn Sunde. O Far obove: Courtside ' s C34 floor government bos some official fun during on ice-breaking activity, floor politics involved laughing, good times and free food - commodities that made any political gathering more interesting. Phologwphed by Jasmin Niku. Above: Mae Mislang, second year biology student, utilizes the resources afforded her by the floor program assistant in this Halloween event. PA programs brought people together in exciting and creative ways. Phologwphed by losmin Niku. Left: Shawn McCarthy, second yeor neuroscience student, mokes the most of his college education by hitting the books. Hardly just fun and games, college living was often obout working hard and montaining a well-balanced GPA. Photographed by losmin Niku. For above: Sean Davis, first year computer science student, Maik Hipol, second year biochemistry student ond Jessica Wong, third year comparative literature student, of Sproul II put on game faces as they play Texas Hold ' Em in the lounge. PAs often hosted events such as game nights to promote student interaction. Photographed by Robyn Sunde. Above: Student Health Advocate Ronnie Seese, second year neuroscience student, uses his doctoring skills to check the blood pressure of first year political science student Matt Neol. One of the SHAs ' duties was to help those who sought health advice. Pbotogwphed by Robyn Sunde. Above: Stalking the halls during rounds, Resident Assistant Tyler Shewey makes sure the music isn ' t too loud and the students are safe. RAs routinely surveyed the dorms when on call. Photographed by Robyn Sunde. J supportive staff aids new students I extended by Jaya Gupta family Exhausted from the arduous trek during the day ' s fast from food and water, he surveys the rock formation towering before him. Bruised and broken, the weary sage halts only to look back and offer encouragement to his struggling comrades - his family. " When most of us consider family, we think of aunts, uncles, cousins and such. But what about those people you live with day in and day out? And when the ' rents aren ' t around, you come to depend on the people vou see everyday. We work together to make sure everyone keeps their eye on the prize while fighting the good fight, " explained fourth year political science student and Rieber Resident Assistant Atif Beg. Sure they dispensed condoms, configured shower schedules and helped with calculus, but in their spare time, Resident Assistants (RA), Program Assistants (PA) and Student Health Advocates (SHA) practiced a lifestyle of strict asceticism. Well not really; but in some ways they did live a life of a 14th century monk. They helped the destitute, tended to the sick and offered computer guidance to the technologically wayward. In short, the staff of the Office of Residential Life (ORL) took their jobs seriously, fully aware that caring for the well-being of their residents was no small feat. When asked about her experiences as an RA in Delta Terrace, third year Arabic student Rita Qatami said, " My house is pretty good. They are very enthusiastic and respectful. I remember the first couple of weeks, everyone coming into my room one day just because.. .just kicking back and getting to know one another. " Though peachy at times, RA life brought much responsibility with it. Being " on call " often limited free time in the pursuit of spontaneity. Sleep deprivation became unavoidable. " And the thing you miss the most is not having people in your same year around. All your friends move off campus and you ' re left still eating in the dining halls, " Qatami continued tragically. Fourteenth century monks would have marveled at Covel ' s salad bar. Confined to their monasteries day in and day out, they cared for others while pursuing enlightenment. And though ORL staff members came from different walks of life, they too were bound by a Buddhist inclination to make a positive impact on those around them, bl Left: Kristino Holliman, first year moth economics student, Sora Beck-Pancer, first yeor undeclored student, Cosmo Costoles, second year biology student, Jennifer Hu, first yeor undeclared student, ond Program Assistant Maria Nunez, fourth year MCD biology and anthropology student, celebrate All-Hill Halloween, the efforts of the residential staff mode such programs possible. Phologmphed by Robyn Sunde. 11 1 II ' ' MiM Ak ' e ■j §fj " fi V VII m flu lAiti] ' S ,.1 I £ 73 CO Right: Students ' tars line the streets of Westwood in the early morning, before the parking enforcement team cruises by with citations. One of the constant struggles of UCLA residents was the scarcity of parking, which often led to expensive violations. Photographed by Jennifer Richardson. Below: Leelo Atholye, third year psychobiology student, and Mollie Tobin, third year history and psychology student, stay up oil night to cram for an upcoming midterm. With more living space, it was easier for apartment dwellers to invite their friends over for study sessions. Photographed 6y Jennifer Richardson. i 5 Above: Polly Bull, fourth year history student, spreads thick frosting on yummy homemade cupcakes for her roommates. The kitchen was a central port of apartment living as students cooked meals, and baked the occasional dessert, for themselves. forays into By Alice Chang domestic life There were the basic questions: I low tar is it from campus 1 How big are the rooms? How much is the rent " And then there were the far more complicated, thought-provoking questions: how lenient is the manager about parties every weekend 1 I low will the tour post queen si e fit into the " master " bedroom? How many people does the Jacuzzi accommodate 1 What, no Jacuzzi? For anxious second-year students, and some freedom-seeking first-years, these questions started swirling in their heads during spring quarter. After finally finding and signing the lease for what they believed was the perfect apartment, these new tenants realized the hard part had yet to begin. To some, it was an easy transition. Others grappled with endless chores they would rather postpone. But with the conveniences of dorm life out of grasp, apartment dwellers forged new lifestyles by learning the responsibilities of independent living. Instead of enjoying a buffet of pizza, burgers, salad and ice cream in constant supply at the dining halls, the average renter survived on the essentials - ramen and take-out. With the paralyzing cost of renting a Westwood apartment, it was no surprise that students carefully evaluated each expense. " Bacardi, for sure; paper towels, nah. " To this effect, fourth year biochemistry student Candace Lee aptly summarized apartment life as " an endless cycle of dishes, bills and groceries. " But this lifestyle consisted of more than just chore evasion and unhealthy eating habits. It allowed students to host dinner get-togethers, marathon study sessions, and finals week blowout parties. Without the shadow of RAs lurking in every corner, these Westwood residents took full advantage of their newly acquired freedoms. Third year economics student Matt Gable enthused, " I love having a place of my own. My roommates and I host poker nights and parties for all our friends. " Now all that could stop the students were those familiar sirens piercing the air Friday and Saturday nights. Be it in the hills of Westwood, south of Wilshire, Santa Monica, Palms, Hollywood or Venice, the dream apartment was waiting to be found. The process of searching, signing, moving, furnishing and maintaining that apartment was long and arduous. And nothing compared to " your first. " For adolescents-turned-adults, the experience would be their first exposure to contracts, cooking and cleaning. And it would serve as crucial preparation for difficult choices as we all moved on. bl locked into a lease c 0) 3 alternative By Jaya Gupta medicine Stripping down to her under-things and pulling on a pair of running shoes, third year biology student Allison Murphy prepared for the quarterly Undie Run. It was cold, a little too cold for prancing around in underwear. Most students were hunched over their books or recovering from the previous night ' s intense cramming. Murphy knew that she wasn ' t missing anything. She ' d done this many times before. A ritual is " ceremonial participation in a set order of actions, usually performed to help bring a certain end about. " During Finals Week at UCLA, such acts included the potentially-pornographic Undie Run and the cacophonous Midnight Yell. Along with organized activities, students took small measures individually to help bring about a happy ending to finals. One student, who preferred anonymity, refused to relinquish the Harvard sweatshirt off her back. Apparently she believed that the omniscient aura exuded by the Ivy League school would somehow rub off on her. For some like Murphy, participation in the rituals had absolutely nothing to do with bringing about auspicious conclusions to difficult courses. Instead, " It ' s a way to break all the seriousness around finals and provide some healthy distraction for people who have decided to barricade themselves in their rooms with only their textbooks. More importantly, it is a great excuse to show off what you have and see what ' s around. If anything, it is more likely to waste your precious time than really help you. People do it because it ' s fun. " Others like first year biology student Allie Bjork participated in the midnight dash down Landfair to protest being blackmailed by the prospect of a bad grade and studying for " ridiculously difficult tests that no one is guaranteed to do well on in the first place. " Regardless of the reasons students decided to strip down or ravage their throats during the Midnight Yell, it was all a part of that crazy time called Finals Week. And for once, excuses weren ' t necessary. Psychologists and college students know all too well that people tend to do remarkable things when subjected to high levels of pressure and stress. Choosing to take off one ' s clothing in front of a large group of strangers, and then running solely in items that provide no guarantee that parts of human anatomy will not pop out, appears more like a lapse in judgement to the conservative and critical eye than anything else. Needless to say, any and all wardrobe malfunctions were appropriately applauded by tipsy spectators. Students were willing to do almost anything for good grades. Clothing-optional events included, bl : _ L - ri S5 » " QlV e Above: A past math midterm reigns over o pile of study papers. Gathering and trading past exams wos on important woy to assess the kind of material students should study in preparation for finals. Photographed by Fei Liu. keeping up the sanity and the grades Student: pout ovet notes and books while occupying the sunlit second floor ol Powell Library. Usually a shelter to lone stragglers, the library become the loved and hated home for many during tenth week and Finals Week. Photographed by Wony Blown. Q Above: Students study finals material together as the dreaded day approaches. Study groups were often recommended by educators and professors os o valuable tool for students to quiz ond help each other out. Photographed by hi Liu. Left: Mark Adato, third yeor mechonicol engineering and business economics student, and Swoyto Reddy, third year biology student, ore excited to participate in the quarterly Undie Run festivities. This new compus tradition helped relieve the stress of final exoms as students ran down Londfoir Avenue on the Wednesday of Finals Week. Photograph Courtesy ol Mark Adoto. Far Above: After launching the ball, this Bruin can only look on anxiously as the Elvis pinboll machine decides his fate. Arcade games at the Westwood Arcade on Weyburn Avenue kept Bruins entertained in between studying. Photogmphed by hi Liu. Above: Two Bruins shore subs and laughter at an outdoor bench as they rehosh their hectic day. With its cheap food and late hours, Buck Fitly Subs on Gayley Avenue was o favorite hangout among students. Photogmphed by hi to. Above: The Fox Theater, Westwood ' s iconic landmark, beckons entertoinment seeking students into Westwood night after night. In addition to regular movie screenings, the theater also hosted Hollywood glitz and glamour in the form of red carpet movie premieres. Photographed by hi to. bruin nights under city lights i . an evening in the village by Erica Liu Night falls and the Fox Theater ' s tall, shining beacon of light beckons, luring you down to Westwood. The Village guaranteed more thrills than your taste buds and liver could ever want or need. We all loved dorm food (anc the self-concocted disasters of apartment life), but there was only so much you could take. After that, UCLA students turned to Westwood to satisfy their gourmet cravings. Bruins never could shun a delightful ice-cream sandwich from Diddy Riese. BJ ' s was another favorite, tempting even the most diet-conscious with its deep-dish pizzas and fresh pizookies. Gypsy ' s Cafe offered warm falafels as you smoked hookah to your heart ' s content. And it wasn ' t uncommon to spy Bruins lining up at Starbuck ' s or the Coffee Bean for a quick caffeine boost. Catching a movie premiere in Westwood might involve schmoozing with the stars, as a string of theaters across Westwood provided Bruins with instant access to new attractions. Those with a taste for comedy found it either at the Laugh Factory on the Sunset Strip or Ultimate Improv on Gayley, both of which consistently provided pee-in-the- pants, knee-slapping, kick-in-the-crotch fantastic laughter destined to leave you breathless. But while Westwood overflowed with restaurants and theaters, bars and clubs were harder to come by. Unfazed, Bruins simply took to the traffic-laden freeways to explore the Sunset Strip and Third Street Promenade. The latter attracted large crowds gleefully watching street performers, while the former offered Bruins 21 and over a million ways to return home with nothing to show for but a splitting hangover. " Anything is fun so long as you ' re with the right people, " noted second year sociology student Cindy Nguyen. " Nightlife is great at UCLA because we ' re so close to everything in the city. It ' s more fun if you ' re over 21 so you can go clubbing, but overall, LA is bustling so there is always something interesting to do, " explained second year biology student Christine Hwang. So hone your chopstick skills at Miyagi ' s. Witness live music at the House of Blues. Be Irish for the night at Dublin ' s. And dance the night away in a drunken haze at the Dragonfly. Because when it comes to nightlife, Bruins really CAN have it all. bl Left: Bruins enjoy o night of fine outdoor dining at Damon ond Pythias, on inexpensive solad and sandwich place wih a Greek flair on Broxton Avenue. While Westwood locked dance venues ond nightclubs, it hod enough restaurants to satisfy even the pickiest of tastebuds. Photogiaphed by hi Liu. Z co ' c -a t 5 Right: Students huff ond puff through work-outs on stationary bikes in the Wooden Center. The gym underwent on expansion to offer more space to the plethora of active Bruins. Photographed by hi Liu. Above: Students sweat through a game of basketball at the Wooden Center. Activi- ties like this allowed Bruins to get to know one another during competitive exercise. Photographed by Fei Liu. eliminating .v -v. r.„nt, love handles By Jaya Gupta • ' i want to get rocked up and do curls for the girls, " said first war undeclared student Mike Douglas when asked of his motivation for routinely hittingup UCLA ' s Wooden and Sunset Canyon recreation centers. That, and to stay healthy. It ' s a good way, among other things, to relieve Stress, " Douglas continued soberly. These facilities were open to students in an effort to help them maintain a healthy and active lifestyle in their time away from home. An environment including unlimited amounts of high-calorie foods and the stress of performing well in tough classes was likely to become toxic to the body and mind if not kept in check with physical activity. Those dreading the " freshman 15 " or pounds packed on from late-night snacking were continually motivated to put down that junk food, throw on some clean gym clothes and immerse themselves in strenuous activity. The facilities were clean, easy to navigate, and staffed by individuals promising " service with a smile. " The adrocentric perception that the gym reeked of sweat and testosterone may have been a commonly held truth, but experience showed that females pumped iron in equal proportion to males. The Sunset Canyon recreation center, situated near Sunset Village, touts two pools (one Olympic-sized), tennis courts, basketball hoops, and a challenge course for the overly motivated. The Wooden Center, located down Bruinwalk, provided quintessential gym equipment, from elliptical machines to treadmills to weights, along with an assortment of classes ranging from yoga to kickboxing. Flexible hours accommodated the schedules of even the busiest of students, leaving little room for excuses. In a chic and image-conscious city like Los Angeles, the pressure to be thin and fit almost always outweighs how good a chocolate doughnut might taste at the end of a long day and drastic measures are often taken to prevent unnecessary weight gain. When asked to prescribe a remedy for the " freshman 15, " first year neuroscience student Jacqueline Stark mentioned the importance of " exercise and moderation of alcohol, " adding that, " it is very hard to stay away from the dessert bar. " Most of us would tend to agree, bl Left: Students utilize good work-out practice and stretch befoie their athletic activities. Stretching mats were temporarily relocoted to the lobby during the renovation of the Wooden Center. Photographed by FeiLiu. Below: Bikes line up ot the entrance to Westwood Plazo. Despite the hills around campus, some students chose to wheel it to school. Photogiaphed by fei Liu. CD a UCLA students work hard and play harder C 3 leading men army r.o.t.c. By Emily Masamitsu When many students are just beginning to drift into dreamland, fifth year psychology student Adolfo Valerin is pulling himself out of bed and into his workout clothes for physical training. Unlike most of the late night party goers at UCLA, Valerin is a member of the Army Reserve Officer Training Corp (ROTC), and the early-morning workouts come with the territory. " On a typical day, I ' ll get up at six and work-out ' til eight, " Valerin explained. Along with the Navy and Air Force, Army ROTC gives students at UCLA the chance to participate in a conventional college experience while preparing them for a career in the military. While student participants are only visible when in uniform or doing morning PT, many students have explored the options and opportunities afforded by the program. For many cadets like David Shin, a fourth-year mechanical engineering student, ROTC offered preparation for future leadership roles. " While I ' m young, I want to be a leader of men, " Shin said. " I want to be out there in the dirt. It will be fun to test myself in that way. " Besides the most visible aspect of ROTC, students involved in the program participated in a number of classes and exercises to prepare them for a future as military leaders. Army ROTC students were required to enroll in one military science class each quarter, attend four hours of lab training on Fridays, and participate in field training exercises twice a year. The older students led these drills and prepared newer cadets to assume these roles in the near future. In addition to the benefit of developing their leadership talent and preparing for a career in the military, some earned scholarships to help offset tuition and living expenses. Shin has been on a scholarship since the middle of his sophomore year. The future promises at least three years of active service in the Army for graduates like Shin and Valerin, but like most Bruins, the current challenge was that of time management. Between going to class, running timed miles and leading drills, ROTC students still managed to find time to enjoy the simple pleasures of being a carefree collegian, bl Above: Fourth yeoi mechonicol engineering student Dovid Shin and fifth yeor psychology student Adolfo Volerin watch os new codets are trained during a drill. Older students took on leadership roles by instructing newly recruited ROTC members. Photographed hy [mily Mosomilsu. K - , ■ A students get an early lesson in responsibility Left: Codel individual m thiough the sand on the volleyball courts at the Sunset Recreation facility in the early morning. Morning workouts included different drill stations for the students to practice their skills. Photogmphed by (mily Mosomitsu. 1 fiiili T - J ■ ■ For above: Two cadets proctice advancing towaid an enemy while covering each others ' movement. ROTC students took on physical training similar to that of bosic training. Photogmphed by (mily Masomfcu. Above: A ROTC backpack stands filled to the brim with supplies and gear. In order to prepare them for serving, students were responsible for the maintenance of their own equipment. Photogmphed by [mily MosamiKv. Left An injured codet looks on as students listen to their commander explain the upcoming simulation they ore to practice- Coders hod four hour " labs " on Fridoys to participate in longer training exercises. Photogmphed by [mily Mosamitsu. 3 CD c CD (D CD 3 CD Right: Jamie Burke, fourth yew electrical and computer engineering student, discusses a homework problem with her classmate Sepehr Vakil. Tutoring offered students o job where their education could be applied in the real world. Photographed by Korim Solho. II Wm, c -a - Far above: Jasmine Lai, fourth year neuroscience ond physiological science student, plays the port of a librarian at the Biomedical Library. Flexible scheduling allowed students to work between classes ond around precious study time. Photographed by Fei Uu. Above: Dovid Lieberman, second year undeclared student, tokes o ride around the lake at the Kilamanjaro Safari ride at Disney ' s Animal Kingdom Park in Florida on his doy off. The resort offered students real-world experience through its summer and quarterly college program. Photograph Courtesy of Ootid Lieberman. Right: Sam Massoi perfects his pizza pie skills at the Deep Dish Pizza parlor inside the Cooperage. With the plethora of on-compus eateries and coffee shops, students found unlimited outlets for their culinary talents. Photographed by Korim Solho. m I 4 bruins bringin ' in the bling toil for our by Jacqueline Jou times A notable source in some notable book proclaims that, " In the sweat of thy face, thou should eat bread. " By today ' s day and age, our daily " bread " not only consists of bread, but butter, juice, corn chips, high-speed internet connection, electricity, rent, tuition, fancy duds, concert tickets, 4 GB iPod Mini and the Sony Cyber- shot 5.0-Megapixel Digital Camera. Let thy sweating commence. In a contest between time and money, UCLA students had to battle the behemoths of tuition fees, increased taxes, and various living amenities against the time constraints of studies, friends, extracurricular activities and professor office hours. Some made it, against all odds. Others use their experiences at work to theorize on the underground workings of greater mass uprisings. Anthony Kim, a fourth year political science student, comments, " One thing I like about working at the library is that I know what graduate students and professors are working on from the books that are checked out or returned. Once, a graduate student returned books on necromancy and media in politics. I sense there is a conspiracy afoot. " Most people toil for their earnings, such as Cindy Nguyen, a third year political science student. " I work hard for the money. Very hard. " In some cases, people have the chance to sail by on their smarts and charm. Sean Soo-Hoo, a fourth year electrical engineering student says, " The office that I work at hired me because they liked my resume. Now all I have to do for the rest of my life to support myself is data entry. " There are even those who use their UCLA degrees to fool the less discerning in providing the downtrodden with what they need. " Work sucks. I lied on my application to get a job but I intend to give half my money to charity when I ' m rich, " says Rex Chuang, fourth year psychobiology student. Stealing from the rich to feed the poor is as American a tradition as capitalistic motivations. From the sweat on our laboring faces to the intellect we ' ve honed at UCLA, our bread comes sandwiched between a triple-decker serving of time, commitment and determination, bl Left: Beato Hung, fourth year electrical engineering student, takes reservations for equipment rentals ot the UCLA School of Film, Theater and Television. Students often manned the abundant offices on campus, facilitating the day-to-day operations ot UCLA. Photogmphed by f 00 5 ' Right: President Allende Polmo Soracho orticulates his argument with colored visual graphs. U5AC meetings provided a forum where various campus representatives discussed measures that affected the student body. Photographed by Nicholas Weslon-Swon. Below: Board members ponder the politics of on-compus agendas. The members of different slates tried to champion their causes while working together. Photographed by Nicholas Weslon-Swon. c -a 3 Above: Financial Supports Officer Alex Gruenberg debates the merits of an agendo issue. Budgeting wos a tricky business with cuts to funding at the stole and federal level. Photographed by Nicholas Weslon-Swon. champions By Jacqueline Jou for the cause Once everj year, the unsung heroes that champion student rights emerged and rallied for validation from th peers. Student elections, while a game ol avoiding eye contact and ducking for most, was fora few idealists the event thai would determine the course of their " vision " for the next year. One ' s Undergraduate Student Association Council (1 SAO political officer was generally unrecognized by the students through the hooks and brouhaha oi tri quarterly distractions, but nevertheless campaigned indefatigably tor scant personal rewards. L ' SAC was responsible for all the events that tell under the name ol student lite. I here were meetings once n week on top of endless negotiating with faculty members, dealings with recalcitrant students and frustrating meanderings through the labyrinth of the UCLA bureaucracy. USAC Internal Vice-President Darren Chan, fifth year English and education student, designated his duties as " mostly administrative responsibilities, such as acting as the executive representative foi different committees. As the 1VP, I act as a liaison between student groups and the Council. " The individual efforts of the USAC team represented an altruistic optimism - past, present, future - in the time allotted to them as students. For some, personal campaigns became personal triumphs that justified everything else. USAC President Allende Palma Saracho, fifth year American literature and Chicana and Chicano studies student, was most concerned this war about the effect the Expected Cumulative Progress requirement had on the student body. A student survey was distributed by USAC and, " by the end of the first day, over 1,000 students had participated. It was a day I will remember my entire life. USAC produced an avenue for student input and students capitalized on it to take hold of the course of their education. " After four years serving on USAC, Academic Affairs Commissioner Eligio Martinez, Jr., fifth year history and Chicana and Chicano studies student, ruminated, " The two most important issues that have been satisfying [to me] have been the progress of the diversity requirement and the departmentalization of the Cesar E. Chavez Center and the Asian American Studies Center. Both of these experiences were part of a larger struggle that has expanded over decades, and to be able to contribute to those campaigns has been an honor. " USAC was the mother of all umbrella committees on campus, shouldering various subdivisions including the Community Service Commission, Student Welfare Commission, Cultural Affairs Commission and Facilities Commission. With over 800 student groups on campus, sorting out the alphabet soup was only the first problem, never mind trying to address all their individual requests. Social Welfare Commissioner Jason Avila, third year history and sociology student, claimed, " The hardest thing to do is to find out what the student body needs. How can I improve things? " By the labor of a few, USAC ' s tireless dedication to the betterment of student life was the wood that fueled the furnace, bl Left: Intemol Vice President Danen Chan thoughtfully digests the words of a community activist during o weekly USAC meetings. USAC held meetings every Tuesday at 7 p.m. that were open to the public ond allowed for open discussion by concerned parties. ?h ■•ijmphed by Nicholas Weston-Swcn. Below: Like knights encircling a round table, the USAC officers respect each other though opinions differ Every member hod an integral role and fulfilled his duties to the best of his ability. Rjofograpterf by Ntcholos Weston-Swan. C en n activists, agendas, and all that applies c D grimly stated that newspaper readership and circulation continues to plummet. But just glancing at a class during a mind-numbing lecture would reveal something quite different, much to the delight of literacy advocates and the roughly 250 editors, writers, photographers and contributors that comprise one of the nation ' s leading collegiate newspapers, the Daily Bruin. Such a celebrated staff missed nothing of importance to the UCLA community, boldly covering issues such as the shooting at Kerckhoff Hall and the ensuing eviction by LAPD. " I tend to think of myself as a double major: English and the Daily Bruin. It certainly requires that much time and effort. To take any more than three classes a quarter would be suicide, " third year English student and dB magazine editor Jake Tracer explained. Editor-in-Chief Tyson Evans concurred in saying, " Your friends definitely give up on you because of missed dinners and whatnot, but I cannot imagine doing anything else. Life has definitely been enriched, rather than ruined, by my time here. " No matter the sacrifice - be it friends, loved ones, grades and sometimes even sanity - these guys were in it for the long haul. Their dedication elevated the paper ' s circulation to the third-largest in Los Angeles, earning it the accolades of Best Collegiate Newspaper in the nation. In keeping with the Daily Bruin ' s progressive tradition, the staff continued its efforts - from showcasing special sections like the artsy dB Magazine to expanding its distribution - in the hopes of appealing to an increasingly diverse audience. When asked how the paper remained on the cutting-edge, Tracer explained that, " The newspaper grows by changing drastically. It then takes time to get used to the new changes before new ones can be enacted. Last year we went through a pretty big redesign in the spring, and we ' re still getting used to it. Eventually, we ' ll be ready to undergo more changes, but not quite yet. In this way, the quality of content is constantly evolving to fit demand. " National newspaper readership may be heading down the drain, but the Daily Bruin remains prevalent in college culture. Evans noted that ' with a daily paper, it is hard to keep perspective. It ' s hard to look up or look back, to look at what the Bruin has become after seeing what it used to be. " Though charting its progress may have been a difficult undertaking, the Daily Bruin was making great strides in the right direction, bl working under pressure Daily Bruin designers Rashi Birla and Roxane Zarghom collaborate on their work. An immense amount of time was required of all student-journalists working on the newspaper. Photographed by Hank Friedmonn. Assistant News Editor Norges Zohouri, third year anthropology student, takes an important phone call. Working on the newspaper helped many students develop effective communication skills as they bombarded sources with hardline questions. Photographed by Hank Fnedmann. ; 1 1— i . daily bruin By Jaya Gupta up the news Front Row: Tyson Evans, Norges Zohoury, An Bloomekatz, Menoka Femondo, Lisa Bonos and Betice Simbol. Second Row: Jake Tracer, Richard Clough, Sandhya Rovikumar, Michelle Ouoknine, Jennifer Mishory, Jeyling Chou and Erica Lee. Third Row: Bryan Chu, Rashi Birlo, Coral Lin, Margaret Hotfecker, Lee Bialik, Jennifer Drader ond Jeff Eisenberg. Back Row: Mike Winters, Shoun Bishop, Justin Scott, Seth Fast Gloss, Ashley Waxmon, Andrew Finley, Roxone Zorghom, Hayley Strondberg, Julio Malta Weingard, Leigh Gower, Sosha Levitt ond Jonathan Harnish. Photograph Courtesy o! the Daily Bruin. a a move over, media moguls CO Above: Like o scene out of The Matrix, video editors Cal Torres-Garfias, Jennifer Avino ond Joson Dorodo view and review endless footage during production and before broadcast. Though often uncredited for their work, late-night editing sessions were common tours of duty for the dedicated editors. Photographed by leimilei Richardson. by Jacqueline Jou, Photographed by Steven Ziadie Under the guidance of DJs looking to take advantage of its versatile online format, UCLA Radio anticipated watershed changes in the next few years. Individuals including third year Italian and French student John Pistotti, known on the air as DJ AKA. are looking to appeal to a diverse audience. " I want to see the UCLA Radio as a more academic radio station - something more intellectually stimulating. The fact that the radio station is on the web is underutilized right now. It would be great to showcase student music or broadcast some of the live shows that perform on campus. " In order to fill up empty air at night, Pistotti pondered broadcasting talk shows in other languages to appeal to listeners around the world. Feasibility aside, it was refreshing to learn that those who cared were thinking long and hard. The TV is tuned to channel 29, and the music is blaring from your computer speakers. Thanks to the efforts oi UCLA-TV and UCLA Radio - one shown exclusively on campus and the other broadcast exclusively on the web - you are able to exist in .tn UCLA media microcosm, I hough the most exposure some students had to UCLA Radio was a brush with a Bob Saget flyer, UCLA broadcast media boasts some of the finest minds known to student media. While convenient and traditional, listening to FM radio was obviously repetativc. Alternatively, everything could be found on the web these days, including UCLA Radio and its eclectic variety of reggae, classic rock, punk and jazz. DJs aspired to educate the less discerning masses about the wider world that existed beneath the frothy gloss of mainstream music. Second year history and philosophy student Greg Katz explained the format of the broadcasting: " We have twelve hour-long shows and each show pretty much depends on the personality of the DJs. And for a college radio station, we play surprisingly little alternative rock - we have 80 " s music, classic rock, underground hip-hop, techno - I mean we play real alternative rock. " Though UCLA-TV was offered only in the dorms and select places on campus, its line-up included news, short films, comedy shows and TV shows. Each segment was painstakingly put together by the student group and run with equally painstaking precision. A news editor for Bruin News 29, Jenn Avina, a fourth year political science student, professed that " working for UCLA- TV has been a great experience. Each person puts in around ten hours a week, but it ' s totally worth it. " Between editing takes, Lauren Wiseman, a third year English student, expressed similar sentiments. She joined UCLA-TV wanting to learn the basics of broadcasting and now " I know that this is what I really want to do. " Both mediums utilized the online format to spread their art. is home to the radio station itself and at the UCLA-TV website, previous short films and television episodes are available to the public. It ' s a fast paced, frighteningly informed world of television and radio, involving heated debates about form and meaning and the ramifications of a media-fed, mentally- stunted student mass. Through their efforts, these are the people who anticipate your next entertainment need and vanguard the next musical wave. These are the people from UCLA-TV and UCLA-Radio and they are here for your viewing and listening pleasure, bl n —i Q Q- Mike and Ben Show Roster: Laura Alexander, Ben Charles Anderson, Nicole Boyte, Ion Cannon, Stephan Cedars, PJ Clarke, Shelly Geizer, Eliono Horeczko, Chris Jackson, Nikos Koramigios, Benji Kleiman, Donny Longa, Patrick Long, Gordo McLaughlin, Jen Newfield, Keith Posko, Arbi Pedrossian, Harp Pekin, Megan Pleticho, Alex Reid, Danny Ricker, Don Rossi, Ryan Sandoval, Kotie Sarkoroti, Lilly Sparks, Bloke Stokes, Roxy Varza, Dogmar Weaver-Madsen and Nick Wenger. Photographed 6 Jennifer Richardson Above: Enjoying o quick break in between Bruin News 29 takes, Katie River and Ita Nagy take a moment compose themselves undei the hot lights of the studio. With a multkomera set-up, looking at the wrong camera mode for some funny bloopers on o hidden edit-reel. Photogiophed by Jennifer Richardson. radio tv y Jacqueline Jou on the air OutWrite Front Row: Natalie Newton. Bock Row: Jeremy Boulat, Rojima Danish, Sarah Weismuller and Andrew Hui. Photograph Courtesy olOulWrite. As the only ASUCLA publication reaching out to such a marginalized minority population, OutWrite (formerly lenPeicenf) has been a flaming beocon for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender awareness at UCLA and beyond for the past 36 years. As the first queer college magazine in the notion and one of the few surviving in California, OutWrite presented in-depth coverage of various LGBT issues largely ignored or misconstrued by mainstream media. B h Ih v iV W L V, .1MB r Nomma Front Row: Joshua Jones. Back Row: Wanuri Kahiu, Maya Freelon, MX Asante, Kanysha Burton ond Autumn Augusta. Photographed by Nicholas Weston-Smn. Nommo provides coverage of political, cultural ond social issues in the African American community. Nommo was the first newsmagazine sponsored b y the Communications Board, publishing its first issue on December 4, 1968. " What makes PacTies so special is that it fills a need that mainstream journalism like the Daily Bruin could never fulfill. We try to address issues that affect our community critically enough to affect some change for the better. " -Lynne Nguyen, Editor in Chief, PacTies, Sociology, Thirc La Gente de Aztlan Fionl Row: Monica Sandoval Perez, Francisco Lopez and Dovid Nunez. Second Row: Sarah Duion, Evan Prieto, Alicia Gonzalez Florez, Tania Porlillo ond Pomelo Barrios. Bock Row: Manuel Sonlillano, Cinthyo Guillen Madrigal, Valeria Lopez ond Anny Martin. Photographed by knnhr Richardson. ia Gente de Man is dedicated to the empowerment of the Chicano o, Latino a ond Native American community through progressive journalism. For the post 30 yeors, to Gente hos dedicated itself to serving Chicano a, Lotino o ond Native American college ond high school-aged youth who seek political and cultural awareness. Monica Sondoval Perez served as this post year ' s editor. Pacific Ties Front Row: Rebecca Zhou, Eugen Kim, Thydo Duong ond Albert Huong. Second Row: Kevin Sung, Vicky Loi, Ee Ming Yap, Patricia Ju, Daniel Todiorco ond Rosanno Cheo. Bock Row: Justin Lee, Mike Lee, Julie Chang, Tobin Mann ond Lynne Nguyen. Not Pictured: Morivell Cabo, Fez " Bonk " Chontaruchirokom, Eileen Cho, Doryl Conui, Justin Jinenez, Honoh Lee, Dinna No, Dickson Wong, Jo Yotar ond Jennie Zha. Photographed by Jennifer Richardson. Enjoying a comfortable plurality among UCLA readership ond the greater Los Angeles area, the nation ' s oldest Asian Pacific American newsmagazine wos recognized for its refreshing breadth. Discussions in the quarterly publication included on analysis on the implications of " Harold Kumar go to White Castle, " ond pieces often considered the plight of Asions in Americon society. Though oppealing to the substontial Asian-American population in the area, those involved in its production see Pacific lies os a crucial tool in bridging the cultural gop on campus. FEM Daisy Moreno, Michelle Stover, Jenn Chou ond Lisa Liang. Photographed by Nicholas Weston-Swon. Founded in 19Z4, ff M is dedicated to informing ond empowering women ond men by providing a feminist analysis of issues. Z CD 3 a ca Q N. 5 ' CO newsmags, ink UG the business of voice c Art History Undergraduate Student Association Fiont Row: Noncy Tsoi, Melissa Base and Kristie Truong. Back Row: Lauren Harris, Jennifer Borland and Andreo Rivera. Photographed by lennifet Pkhatdson. The Art History Undergraduate Student Associotion (AHUSA) ot UCLA is an organization dedicated to enriching the undergraduate student ' s interest in the field of Art History. AHUSA is a forum for art historians to meet, socialize and exchange ideos while also serving to represent the voice of art historians within the Art History Department ot UCLA. Pre-Medical Peen_ Association Front Row: Wando Hu, Oova Brown, Roger Li, Ardy Dovari ond Grant Senders. Second Row: Chai Aysolo, Dovid Tran, Kim Dang, Melindo Gonzalez and Jennifer Trinh. Third Row: Chris De Giorgio, Wing Chi Wong, Loon Ho ond Ariana Maya. Standing: Anjoli Tapodio, Nilima Amin, Shormin Kalam, Chris Jensen, Leeling Ong, Aida Topio, Maelaine Rodero, Jockie Junn, Stocey Nguyen, Ayesho Husoin, Nancy Hua, Jonelle Kulik, Tonvi Gandhi, Sungchan Song, Andreh Caropiet, Sabo Malik, Mohammed Qazi, Shih-Fan Sun, Kenneth To, Eloine Chow ond Mario Ortega. Photographed by lasmin Niku. We are o five-year-old grassroots organization that is now the largest pre-med organization on compus. The aim of the group is to create better physicians by fostering on atmosphere of colleagueship and camaraderie in the premedicol community. UCLA Anthropology Association Front Row: Thi Huyen, Janny Li ond Shoron Rocacorba. Second Row: Alina Gagiu, Elisabeth Nobriga, Adrienne Brodshow, Sheila Stone ond Emily Ng. Third Row: Asi Ki, Angela Tingey, Kelley Cleaveland, Moggie McKinley and Sung Yeo. Bock Row: Charity Gardner, Tracy Richordson, Logan Jenkins, Heather Pock, Julio Dordon and Lindsey S chuler. Photographed by Jennifer Richardson. The UCLA Anthropology Associotion is on officially recognized ond deportmentolly sponsored organization whose purpose is to supply information ond organize events that pertain to anthropology, with the hopes of benefiting the undergraduate experience at UCLA. academic student groups — UCLA Associated Student Body of the School of Dentistry Richard Webster, Ryan Wallace, Catherine Chien, Katherine Ko and Babak Razmazmo. Photographed hy lennifet Richardson. The Associated Student Body of the UCLA School of Dentistry supports the dental students by: meeting their needs, interacting with the faculty on their behalf, and continually striving to improve their dental school experience as a whole. UCLA Model United Nations Club Roster: Nodia Aloee, Grace Alcantara, Mono Amin, Matt Ashtiani, Vikram Balokrishnan, Nisho Bonsil, Alif Beg, Seth Brink, Kevin Chan, Alice Chang, Sharon Chin, Berry Chou, Gary Chou, Jeff David, Cindy Fong, Andrey Finegersh, Sara Han, Krister Hayoshida, Ayesho Husain, Lisa Iwoki, Aaron Jackman, Christine Kang, Peter Kang, Vick Kapoor, Lizzy Keegon, Brian Kennedy, Sameer Khan, Tae Kim, Masha Kontorer, Vincent Lai, Jamie Lone, Michael Ma, Mike Moon, Don Morberg, Sana Muttolib, Mohib Qqwai, Natasha Oxenbugh, Yino Pork, Sonia Paul, Jenna Pinkham, Kirby Ram, Kristen Richards, Michael Ru, Sonol Sakoriya, Michelle Sassounion, Harsh Shah, Sonna Shere, Paul Shivoni, Joanna Soon, Azimo Subedor, Danton Tsang, Sereno Vortazorion, Nikhil Vijoykar, Liang Wang ond Nick Wilson. Photographed by Jennifer Richardson. UCLA Model United Nations (UCLAMUN) is o student-run organization that hosts a prestigious onnuol Fall Conference in which over 1 ,000 high school students from around California and the greater US come and debate in a simulation of the United Notions. This conference gives the high school students, as well as the officiating UCLA students, on opportunity to develop and sharpen their oratorical, debating ond diplomocy skills. UCLAMUN olso competes at the collegiate level at conferences oround the country, in p laces such as Berkeley, Chicago and New York. c Q- (D 3 o -1 o c " Model United Nations has been a fundamental part of my life for over eight years; it has taught me how to win, how to deal with loss, and how to constantly improve my debating skills and myself. 1 hope that in my time at UCLAMUN I have helped instill these same values for those who will come after me. " -Atif Beg, UCLAMUN Secretary-General, Political Science and History, Fourth Year American Society of Civil Engineering Front Row: Tino Cydzik, Corrie Leung, Julie Kentosh, Grace Uong and Eileen Aghnomi. Second Row: Sarah Liuva Tobin, Jinny Huang, Mahso Hematobodi and Rajindra Handapangoda. Third Row: Paul Kirtti, Juan Angeles and Patrick Ho. Bock Row: Alvaro Rosales, Subhon Ali, Alex Nozarcbuk and Jerry Lee. Photographed by Jennifer Richardson. American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) holds meetings to discuss the applications of civil engineering and work on projects where we design, test, and build concrete canoes, steel bridges and more I All of our designs are then entered into o regional competition with entrants from ASCE chapters from all over the Pacific Southwest. Under the rigors of this competition, our chapter has been very successful - placing in the top-three of several events each yeor! c Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Front Row: Xiaoxioo Wang, Alice Tsui, Mimi Chen, Ting Cui, Waniu Wang and Suson Sanchez. Back Row: Julian Sho, Ainsley Chong, Wilson Chen, Lawrence Au ond Chung Hsieh. Photographed by Jennifer Richardson. We sponsor several technical and social events each yeor to open the world of engineering to students through various infosessions, tours, interviews and competitions. mm ds By Jennie Zhu. Photograph Courtesy of Mimi Chen. One of the largest student organizations on campus with over 300 student members, the student branch of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) at UCLA sponsored many technical and social events each year. With the goal of expanding the awareness of the electrical engineering held, IEEE successfully organized workshops, info sessions and projects and tours for its members. When asked why she made the committment, Mimi Chen, fourth year electrical engineering student and External Vice Chair of IEEE explained, " I get to expand myself in different arenas, explore my options. " The main project they worked on was the NATCAR project in which teams of students create a remote controlled car " smart " enough to adapt itself to any race course. The competition took place in May in Santa Clara amidst crowds of tense students ready to show off their work. Many cars failed on the challenging racecourses, but overall this project was a great learning and bonding experience for each of the four teams UCLA IEEE sent. In its first ever competition, the team finished nth last year. And though temporarily immersed in other pursuits, the team will soon begin prepping for challenges that surely await them next year. cal and neers ? ■ -- dra DUJ UJOO stitute of -lectronk ■». . ■ifl Society of Latino Engineers Front Row: Ruben Infante, Efren Vosquez, Elena Garcia, Carolos Castrejon Jr., Michael Lerma, Juan Jose Moreno and Juvenlino Hernandez. Second Row: Belisario Soriano, Stacy Neose, Neol Hutchinson, Carolina Mendez and Juan Corolos Gorcio. Third Row: Soioh Vasquez, Ana Voldez, Tony Aceves, Rocio Corrillo and Mocario Nino Guzmon. Fourth Row: Paul Espinoso, Nicole De Roso, Angela Pinley, Jacqueline Andeison, Chris Clark, Oliver Monies, Lev Shtrikmon, Joshuo Nogoles and Benjamin Munoz. Bock Row: Ignacio Zendejas, Daniel Ithurburn, Marc Child, Rodrigo Flores, Poul Torrez, Andrew Pryor-Miller, Jared Johnson, Kenny Mogul, Ben lluncor and Mork Flores. Photographed by Jasmin Niku Every year the Society of Latino Engineers (SOLES) E-Boord sets goals according to the needs of the members. This year ' s theme is " Bruin Success. " It represents our commitment to providing programs tbot our members can benefit from academically os well as professionally. Also, SOLES continues to provide programs to benefit the community. But that alone is not enough- for SOLES to continue to grow, expand and improve ■ we must continuously set new gools, implement new progroms ond think of different woys to do things. Society of Women Engineers Front Row: Tiffany Lay, Kirstine Kuan, Jessica Nguyen, Jonelle Gaw, Virginia Yee, Camille Galzote, Julia Chan ond Leslie Huang. Second Row: Anno Nozorov, Bridget Navarro, Jaimee Topinio, Shoshono Bergeron, Bijol Mehta ond Doris Lorn. Third Row: Jane Qu, Yosbiko Tsuneharo, Yuko Nokosone, Wei Diana Chiang, Lisa Russell, Nyssa Folkenbagen, Colleen Charles, Coitlin McClure, Sonio Hingorany, Sochiyo Koyanogi ond Dahlia Siegel. Photographed by losmin Niku. We are a professional engineering society thot focuses on company networking, leadership ond promoting wome n in engineering disciplines. Pleose check out our website at swe. UCLA Biomedical Engineering Society Front Row: Joanne Leung, Anita Setty, Agatho Lee, Allen Lum, John Zhang, Janet Cruz, Joy Wei, David Coo, Olivio Zhao and William Cbou. Back Row: Robert Le Moyne, Terence Chon, Stember Tang, Aaron King, Arthi Vijoyoraghavon, Bort Kung, James Lin, Jeffery Yee, Robert Pumell, Alfonzo Urdaneta, Kasro Moosumi, Anita Norasimhan, George Scarlotis, Jimmy Lim, Sierin Lim, Roy Hwong, Jonathan Fang, Jeremy Tberiot, Andrew Fung, Carlos Reyes-Sanchez and Sam Pevzner. Photographed by Korim Salho. The UCLA Biomedical Engineering Society is comprised mainly of highly motivated students in the UCLA Biomedical Engineering (BME) interdepartmental program. Students in the program are encouraged to become members of the society ond to portoke in society events, both academic and social. By being on active member, students will be able to get to know fellow students and professors on o more personal level, get a chance to meet industry representatives, ond get the most out of the UCLA BME program. All students interested in the field of Biomedicol Engineering ore welcome to join. engineering student groups c " Q_ o o c c d) 3 Afghan Student Union Front Row: Sheila Shneezia, Suwila Habit), Noheed Homid, Bohor Bakhtory and Roya Faizy. Bock Row: Davd Darob, Daoud Mansout and Sulaimon Tokhi. Photographed by Angela Lou. Out goo! is to help with the humanitarian cause fot Afghanistan, ond to help educate out community obout Afghanistan and its people. Chinese Students. Association Front Row: Jack Chen, Armhawon Darsono and Remington Ong. Second Row: Karen Ding, Hellen Chiao, Eveline Lai, Glotio Chien, Junie Quah, Bonnie Chia, Jennifer Yu, Lingmin Loh and Terry Dip. Bock Row: Xiooxioo Goo, Victot Huang and Jonathan Yu. Photographed by lennifer Richardson. Chinese Students Association is an activities-based organization whose goal is to spread awareness of Chinese culture. U heh words " All my life, no single extracurricular activity has constantly consumed my time and consciousness the way CSA has. And 1 have no regrets. " -Terry Dip, CSA Asian Pacific Coalition Representative, Comparative Literature, Second Year Nikkei Student Union cultural Front Row: Jennifer Murakami, Miles Scoggins, Down Omori and Megumi lomolsu. Second Row; Kevin logomi, Eric Imoto, Kimi Wong, Vien Nguyen, Kune Kubo and Oovid Truong. Third Row: Kevo Yonemolo, Aileen Thieu, Yurio Yankovich, Korin Miyazaki, Julie Poi, Michael Chin, Jonathan Lee, Jason Oonpn and Moik Olivo. Fourth Row: Condice Shikoi, Jano Yokoyomo, Kenji Oguio, Adrienne Gunde, Ion McDoiough, Bryon Furukawo, Irisha Tsuno, Cori Anami, Craig Ishii and Solly Hoc Fifth Row: Kevin Jenkins, Kevin Felix Choo, Grace Shift, Joson Lee, Leo Chen, Tracy Ohato, Mickie Okamoto, Jamie Hashimoto and Izami Wong Horiuchi. Sixth Row: Jennifer Muise, Kristin Ige, Gregory Lendana, Louten Miyoke, Linnet Zin, Diana Chen, Jiro Wayama, Jack Nung, Seven Desa ond Kathy Tu. Bock Row: John Chang, Joshua Meneses and Ken Wotanobe. Photographed by Fei bu. The mission of the UCLA Nikkei Student Union is to organize social ond community setvice activities as well as to promote Japanese-American cultural ond political awareness omong the student body. Some of our major events include our annual Cultural Night show in Royce Hall, Iron Chef competition, and Yuji Ichioko Basketball Tournament in Pauley Pavilion. Pilipino Transfer Student Partnership Front Row: Jasper Sabile, Chorlyne Yue, Theresa Toledo and Ivy Cabotbot. Second Row: Dominique Lupison, Marissa Sosa, Brandon Sabodo, Ano Brovo ond Nelson Romero. Bock Row: Jonathan Everette, Rick Futokawa, JP Schumacher, Dario Batungbokal ond TJ Mendoza. Photographed by Hank Friedmonn. Pilipino Transfer Student Partnership was created to provide academic support ond a sociol atmosphere for UCLA transfer students as well as to guide Pilipino community college students towards transferring to a four-year university. JJCLA Japanese Animation Club Club Roster: Alex Ahod, Robert Amodeo, Dorie Borungbokal, Jen Bennett, Jason Biorulund, Komilla Bjerregaord, Michael Bruce, David Butler, Frank Copodieu, Frank Capodieci, Chieh Wen Chong, Yiwei Chang, Colleen Charles, Danni Chen, Kelly Chen, Naomi Chiba, Christine Chung, Nicole Chungfat, Benjamin Clark, Amy Cox, Kenneth Cromock, Guadalupe Cueto, Nick Del Rio, Line Drube, Jimmy Duong, Juliu Fang, Kamron Forrokh, Elizabeth Fuller, Shirong Goo, Allison Gibbons, Elizabeth Goss, Sherica Grande, Jessica Hanson, Mandy Hotter, Christopher Hui, Douglas Ikemi, Mary Kiang, Brian Kim, Gerald Kim, Yihong Kuang, Vivian Kuei, Vincent Lai, Ho Lam, Jennifer Lomm, Jeff Lee, Jeremy Lee, Jonothon Lee, Aleksondet Liber, Jenny Lin, Hon-Yee Ling, Lucy Liu, Eloine Long, Calvin Louie, Nhung (Suzanne) Luong, Johonn Ly, Ian Mortyn, Clatie Matienzo, Christopher Moon, William Nguyen, Arthuro Nunez, Jack Nung, Thomos Orr, Beck Park, Thi Pham, Huei Quach, Samantho Ricketts, Keith Rozett, Ivan Solozor, Mikol Solrveit, Jennello Schwarz, Joanne Seto, Vinnie Shahzod, Issei Shimizu, Gregg Shintoku, Natthonit Srichonkrod, Eloine Stoutzenbetger, Irvon Tan, David Teos, Kevin To, Michael Tran, Ann Tseung, Nicole Tsungfot, Johnny Tu, Alison Turtledove, Stev Vorgos, Yoshihiro Watonobe, Edwing Wong, Anthony Yong, Connie Yang, Minkyu Yang ond Nancy Yang. Photographed by Fei Liu. Our club is out to support and promote the culture of Japanese onimation ond media, while helping students meet other students with the common interest of anime. student groups o c ■o c D Circle K_ Front Row: Nonnette Callo, Betty Yee, Ruth Young, Guen Garrido, Irene Tran, Christine Canute and Helen Cheng. Second Row: Kathy Tang, Sonio Paul, Elizabeth Jensen, George Horn, Grnce Chi, Di Di Chan, Ann Bui, AAarisso Alnas and Roymond Arjang. Third Row: David Sthein, Rachel Sarobica, Caroline Tom, Tianqi Zhao ond Roxanna Cisneros. Fourth Row: Matt Cho, Andrew Tran, Kenny Lam, Thuy Nguyen, Lisa Lo, Nicholas Ching, Alio Bronshteyn ond Andrew Aqui. Back Row: Kevin Iron, Michelle Wan, Andrew Chin, Kent Mori, Novid Morodshohi, Emerald Nguyen, Stefanie Wong, Anuj Khottor and Monsour Jammol. Photographed by Angelo lou. Circle K oims to develop university students into responsible citizens and leaders with a lifelong committment to serving the children of the world. Dance Marathon Roster: Avivo Alfmonn, Louren Andrews, Afshan Boraghoush, Doug Behl, Jonathan Bobrow, Jennifer Broyles, Rachoel Buckman, Jessica Butt, Nicole Conizales, Tasha Carey, Christine Cemiglia, Darren Chan, Tez " Bank " Chontnruchirakorn, Jason Chiu, Loraine Chong, Don Colby, Juventino DeGiso, Mark Deppe, Audrey Desideroto, Christina Dikos, Sylvia Do, Pamela Dryfoos, Alexis Feldscher, Katherine Felsburg, Sorah Fernbacher, Jonathan Forney, Tiffany Gates, Billy Gellepis, Sachin Ghandi, Maryam Ghofroniha, Miranda Goodman-Wilson, Louro Hass, Heather Hemingway, Jennie Herriot, Kelly Hicklin, Eriko Hillstead, Elizabeth Hoy, Caroline Hsu, Tino Huynh, Kate Jones, Marwa Koisey, Brent Kennedy, Kula Koenig, Daisy Kwoh, Stuysonnie Lam, Shelly leary, Rebekah Lipsky, Serena Liu, Isidro Motiscal, Manan Mehto, Jen Middleton, Justin Miyamoto, Lindsay Mullins, Elizabeth Newman, Theresa Nguyen, Shane Petrites, Betsy Popken, Shannon Raj, Kristin Richter, Lizzy Romero, Hanni Rosenfeld, Rebekkoh Scheor, Heother Schwartz, Lauren Severs, Marionno Shafran, John Shen, Nicki Shinbori, Billy Sim, Antigone Skoulas, Mami Spitz, Ashley Spurzem, Jaime Streem, Jeff Travis, Jess Tsuei, Kottierine Tu, Sobrino Vinterfeld, Sophia Wu and Judy Ying. The purpose of UCLA Dance Marathon is to financially support the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation and encourage unified action in the fight against Pediatric AIDS by bringing together our diverse student population in a 26-hour philanthropic celebration of life featuring live music, themed hours, and appearances by children, parents ond octivists directly affected by HIV AIDS. I Pilipinos fern Community Health Front Row: Sheeno Sonchez, Brendo Hermogeno, Julie Mepo, Mariefe Romos, Moria Poz Lourdes C. Gorin and Josephine Aguilor. Back Row: Edwyn De La Cruz, Joe Gomboo, Gory Rubioco and Morko Motbello. Photographed by Jennifer Richardson. Pilipinos for Community Health is composed of 5 components - Hypertension Diabetes, Sexual Health, Psychosocial, Community Outreach, ond PreHeolth Support - and we promote healthier lifestyles for the socio-economically disadvantaged Pilipino Community of Los Angeles. service student groups m© UCLA Rotaract Club Front Row: Moriso Cirillo, Seemo Potel, Thi Nguyen, Emily Finzen, Liz Goodwin and Stephanie Spies. Second Row: Rudy Alvorez, Tori Hettinger, Whitney Carlton, Andrea Harris and Tiffany Ju. Back Row: Vanessa Rios, Cornelius Schnifzler, Colleen Yorke, Vanesso Yorke, Julio Hohl, Pio O ' Neill and Condire Ooneshvar. Photographed by Jasmin Niku. Service Above Self ■ Rotaroct provides on opportunity for college students to enhance the knowledge ond skills thot will assist them in personal development, to address the physical ond social needs of their communities ond to promote better relations between all people worldwide through a framework of friendship ond service. Care Extenders Front Row: Tanio Lucinian, Scarlet Herrotte-Fornos, Mayra Lizzefte Yniguez, Lara Zimmerman, Emi Koda ond Chris Cheng. Second Row: Rano Khonkon, Aysun Azimi, Helen Wu, Jasmine Lai, Kris Mozzillo, Justin Miyomoti, Andrew Wai, Kristi Stonley ond Patrick Hu. Third Row: Sandy Lieu, lulia Giuroiu, Noncy Fong, Brian Doon, Jennifer Peng ond Aneet Toor. Bock Row: Jennifer Yong, Mono Motamedi and Emilie Jacobs. Photograph Courtesy of Core Extenders. The Care Extender Internship Program at the Santo Monica UCLA Medical Center provides hands-on experience for those interested in the health care field. Interns will work directly with patients, doctors ond nurses in up to four different deportments per year for ot leost four hours a week. Deportments include: Critical Core, Neo-Notal Intensive Care, Labor Delivery, Emergency Room, Operating Room, Post Portum Newborn Nursery, Medical-Surgical Word, Ambulatory Care Unit, Les Kelly Clinic, Cardiac Catheterization Lab, Pharmacy, Cordio-Thorocic Intensive Care Unit and more. c a_ 3 Q ns, stat By Erica Liu, Photograph Courtesy of Care Extenders. Favored by doctors and nurses, sought after by other hospitals, and asked for by name by patients, the Care Extender Program is a 300-strong troupe of unique hospital volunteers serving a far from ordinary program. Each week, these interns jumped into the frenzied proceedings of Santa Monica UCLA Medical Center. Initially created to disseminate food and medical supplies in the wake of the Northridge earthquake, Care Extender gradually evolved into a year-long and intensive internship program to influence and educate those considering careers in medicine. " You can only get this type of experience outside of class. You get the opportunity to help people, " divulged Rana Khankan, a fourth year physiological science student. Interns rotated through four of the 19 departments in their first year, covering everything from the Neonatal ICU to Medical Surgery. This rigorous program presented insight into the realities of a challenging and competitive profession. " The program is very demanding and those who join are expected to adapt to their environment quickly and in order to get the experience, they need to be assertive, " admitted Program Manager Silva Thorn Alpha Lambda Delta Phi Eta Sigma National Honor Societies Front Row: Vivian Chen, Negin Yamini, Juan Gorcio, Archano Achoryo and Ruchi Vormo. Second Row: Joie Guner, Joonne Gwo, Emily Weiss, Eliso Frank, Victoria Lin, Heartier Stottand, Lindsay Nicholas and Debbie Lin. Back Row: Dean Brian Carlisle, Morgan Cosey, Jen Farner, Jonathan Stern, Chris Loesch, Jason Fortell, Shown Bodal, Ronald Phom ond Ken Vu. Ftopgio i ierj by Steven liodie. Alpha Lambda Delta and Phi Eto Sigma are two notional honor societies that engage students through different academic, community service and social events ond show that even on o large campus, there is some place you con moke o difference. c 3 Engineering Society Front Row: Bridget Novorro, Colleen Charles, Yoshiko Tsunehora, Hoejin Han ond Karla Reyes. Second Row: Regino Quan, Jeff Chen, Brenda Chang, Sze Ki Pat ond Sochiyo Koyonagi. Third Row: Albert Chem, Alan Chang, Raymond Cheung, Kelvin Koo, Dr. Bill Goodin (advisor) and Erick Loh. Bock Row: Timothy Chen, Jonathan Teruya, Edmond Chung, Stefoni Chan ond Richard Pao. Photographed by Steven Tiadie. The Engineering Society encourages the development of professional engineers through events that encouroge engineers to work together ond become acquainted with one onother. " RSS has undoubtedly been the single most impactful aspect of my college career. Although we may be an ' academic ' club by definition, we are truly a society in the best sense of the word. One of the saddest aspects of my graduation will be leaving the many wonderful and talented friends that I have made here. " -Brian Bilford, President, Regents Scholar Society, Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology, 4th Year Political Science Student Organization Front Row: Nellie Yu, Ryan Johnson, Romyo Radhakrishnon, Nikito Shah, [lino Mnatsakonyan, Somio Temsoh, Dilhoio Fernando ond Dano Hube. Bock Row: Trever Jones, Chris Domin, Sono Muttolib, Neal Lorkins, Lauren Nikolaisen, Morlene Sawyer ond Doniel Voswani. Photogmpbed by Angela Lou. By working closely with the Political Science Deportment, the Political Science Student Organization plays a valuable role for its students os well as the faculty ond staff. In addition to being socially active and on extremely close group with ties to other politically active organizations on compus, we present members with a taste of the many opportunities thot are waiting for them after they groduote with a Political Science degree by inviting different organizations like the FBI, CIA and Rand (to nome a few), to come ond speok to oui members. Regents Scholar Society Roster: Benhur Ablokhad, Oboi Ahmodi, Sora Boumonn, Nina Beri, Brion Bilford, Jessica Burkhort, Michael Cameron, Ellen Chang.Natoly Qion Chen, Stephanie Cone, Terry Dip, Stephanie Debots, Galino Fomenkovo, Horry Gorcia, Martin Griswold, Motk Harrison, Van Hoong, Leiti Hsu, Stocy Ishigoki, Brandon Jong, Grace Kim, Edwaid Kuoy, Keith Lioo, Rochel Lee, Peony Liu, David Luong, Thanh Moi, Bob Martin, Kristin McCully, Katie Mcfaddin, Adorn Miller, Rebecca Mutoscio, Sam Nieveen, Andrew Pan, Csobo Pefre, Mike Sofoee, Jason Shen, Kristel Siongco, Geoff Smith, Anno Smorodinsky, Adorn Trott, John Vaszari, David Voce, Therese Wong, Ed Wu, Dwight Wynne, Yuliya Zeynalova and Annie Zhujiang. ! .ctogwphed by Honk friedmonn. Regents Scholar Society has three main goals: To establish o student organization committed to promoting excellence in scholarship, service and leadership among Regents Scholars ond the UCLA community; to estoblish an organization through which Regents Scholars at UCLA can meet, exchange thoughts, and interact; to provide resources to Regents Scholars including, but not limited to support and direction os they make the transition to campus life; a means by which they can become involved in campus activities ond events; opportunities to develop leadership skills, preparation for post-graduate opportunities and coreers; and academic resources. Undergraduate History Association Jonathan Stern, Sora Locke and Bret Saolwaechter. Pbotogwpbed by lostnin Niku. Undergraduate History Association strives to have undergraduates meet and interact with the faculty of the History Deportment through lunches, lectures and dinners. We are open to mojors ond non-mojors because we feel thot history is for everyone. academic student groups c Q- a 3 o -1 o c -a c -a 5 Hanoolinr. Korean Cultural Awareness Group Front Row: Jennifer Flino, Eileen Kim, Melody Kim, Jejin Chun, Leeno Cho, Joe Hyun Shin, Urim Ryu. Sunny Pork, Debbie Cbou ond Jone Kim. Second Row: Soro Hon ond Christine Yi. Third Row: Matthew Yoo, Jenny Ko, Shonoh Lee, Michoelo Chong, Esbee Sohn, Amy McNeal, Dinna No, Emmo Choi, Lindo Lee, Sharon Suh, Joey Lee, Beuloh Jo, Jenny Kim ond Mike Yo. Bock Row: Visitor, Arom Song, Dovid Ho, Joy Kim, Shota Koida, Ryon Kim, Morcelo Lee, Robin Jung, Vincent Lee, Hon Jin Kim ond Oliver Kim. Phologtaphed by Steven liadie. Honoolim is a culturally, politically, socially and academically owore group open to anyone (all ethnicities welcome) who wonts to explore the Korean culture while making lasting memories ond friendships. Our family-like atmosphere focuses on having fun while nurturing members to become future leaders. Hong Kong Student Society Front Row: Alex Tom, Sue Choi, Philip Lo and Fay Lou. Bock Row: Jessie Wong, Froncis You, Bernadette Au, Christine Yu and Janice Pak. Photographed by Fei Liu. The Hong Kong Student Society promotes the culture of Hong Kong and provides services for students. Pilipino Transfer Student Partnership Front Row: Josper Sobile, Charlyne Yue, Theresa Toledo and Ivy Cobotbat. Second Row: Oominigue Lopisan, Marissa Sosa, Brandon Sabado, Ana Bravo and Nelson Romero. Bock Row: Jonathan Everette, Rick Futokowa, J. P. Schumacher, Dario Batungbokal ond T.J. Mendoza. Photogiopbed by Honk Fiiedmonn. Pilipino Transfer Student Partnership was created to provide academic support ond a social atmosphere for UCLA transfer students as well as to guide community college students towoids transferring to a 4-year university. wfe L I L EU 9 1 1 fm 9 HPV ; " - w WmWW ' ' - 1 k f |f| P-J % JM " N B nun ? Kh cultural student groups VietNamese Language and Culture Front Row: Binh Duong, Natalie Tionsu, Victoiia Nguyen, Tien Nguyen, Thonti Pham, AnThu Vuong, Carty Nguyen, Ly Ho, Reth Thach, Dung Phom, Thu Huynh, Baotran Vo, ScmUyen Do, Tuyetho Dinh, Diono Can, Corine Ho, Julie Lom, Jennifer Trinh and Kim Dang. Second Row: Thieu Pham, Chuong Ngo, Mai lion, To Phuong, Hong-Phuong Bach, Michelle Vo, Linh Vu, Liz Chincarini, Quyen Nguyen, Dang Hoang, Anh Thu Tran, Van Nguyen, Tarn Guilfoil and Helena Iron. Bock Row: Nick Tong, Mark Nguyen, Tom Nguyen, David Nguyen, Cuong Bao, Nam Nguyen, Nhat Tran, HoangThy Nguyen, Ryan Huynh, Dat Ha, Myley Dang, torn Nguyen, Thooi Tran, Alex Hoang, Michelle Pham and Hoa Nguyen. Photogiophetl by Angela Lou. Founded in 1994 to preserve and promote the Vietnamese language and culture, VNIC hos long been serving the Vietnamese community and has recently expanded to the non-Vietnamese community. We otter our members the opportunities to reach out to the community and gain valuable experiences from the multitude of projects and events we provide. These projects include our Friday Vietnamese tutorial, Saturday Vietnamese tutorial, REACHE high school tutorial ond Vietnamese International Film Festival. UCLA Russian Club Front Row: Elino Mnatsakonyan, llona Mnafsakanyan and Elena Bibikova. Second Row: Olgo lavrova, Mikhoel Felker, Yevo Rogauskayte and Lina Smelansky. Back Row: Yano Stolyarov, Leonid Shpaner, Roman Shkoolnik and Aleks Dubinshiy. Pbotogmphed by Jennifei Richaidson. The Russian Club was established to preserve and extend Russian Culture at UCLA, but you don ' t need to be, or even speak, Russian in order to participate. We ore a social group and we put on a wide variety of fun events, both on and off campus. c Q_ (D 3 o -1 o c By Jacqueline Jou, Photograph Courtesy of the Russian Club. From Mikhail Nevodchikov, the first Russian fur trader to reach U.S. territory to Elina and llona Mnatsakanyan, the respective president and vice- president of the UCLA Russian Club, Russian-Americans have led the way for fur-trading, poetry nights and a hodgepodge of exciting events. The dostoprimechatelnosti (sights worth seeing) sponsored by the Russian Club included Poetry Night, titled " City Lights " that encouraged its members to perform music or poetry in Russian or English. To spread awareness of Russian music, club members made plans to go a Ruki Vverh concert, held at the Knitting Factory. The club also arranged Russian Tutoring, designed to help students enrolled in Russian classes improve their skills. Native Russian speakers would help struggling students through conversation. Last year, the Russian Club also pushed students to travel to Russia through EAP. Travel through EAP offered the enviable opportunity to live in Moscow, interacting with other Russian students, and becoming absorbed in Russian history and culture. Best Buddies Front Row: Kote Beltran, Jasmine loi, Joceyln Nichols, Ashley Gront, Leslie Lands, Hong Iron, Lotrivia Miles, Koten Nguyen, Soroh Solcido, Gevonna Lyons, Morisso Pinedo and Kelly Hicklin. Back Row: Morisso Martin, Kaja Johnson, Melinda Ly, Michael Fink, Lauren Piecyznski, Willie Chase, Kristina Milne, Sabine, Daniel Cunningham, Lomo Harris, Jay Taylor, Joshua Pearson, Chris Louie, Bianco Lopez, Alex Nobb, Angrew Apui and Chorles Lindsey. Photographed by Steven liodie. Best Buddies strives to enhance the lives of people with intellectual disabilities through one-on-one contact and offering them an opportunity to interact with non-disabled people in a non-classroom setting while developing their leadership and social skills and boosting self-confidence. c i 5 Engineers Without Borders Front Row: Regina Quan, Dorothy Le ond Christine Lee. Back Row: Lisa Jambusario, Philip Wegge, Ismael Nowfol and Diego Rosso. Photograph Courtesy of Engineers Without Borders. UCLA Engineers Without Borders is a humanitarian and environmental organization that implements sustainable technology in developing oieas. We promote and raise awareness about environmental ond health issues, and educate about simple sustainable solutions. " The most valuable thing that I ' ve learned with Engineers Without Borders is that the best way to help communities from other countries is to be culturally aware of their lifestyles and environment. The most rewarding experience was the opportunity to do so by building a health clinic for villagers in Thailand. " -Regina Kimberly Quan, On-Campus Outreach, Engineers Without Borders, Civil Engineering, 3rd Year Project WILD Front Row: Rothel lin, Jennifer Sihn, Linda luong, Korishmo Chulloni and Natnsha PusFikarna. Back Row: Corrie Ng, loson Phan, Huynh-Nhu Nguyen, lily Huynh, Julie Leung and James Moon. Photographed by leimilet Mrhordson. Project WILD (Working lor Immigrant Literacy Development) seeks to oid students from Asian and Hispanic backgrounds with their transition to the USA. We provide tutors to help with the English skills and serve as mentors to middle school students in the Rosemeod area. Student Transfer Outreach and Mentor Program Front Row: Jonathan Everette, Gabriela Pocasongre ond Makah Leal. Second Row: Hyewon Chung, Erika Whitcomb, Janette Wooldridge, Bethany Smith, Morisa Cirillo and Fernando Androde. Back Row: Lena Brown, Morcy Rodriguez, Jorge A. Pimentel, Dovid Vollejo, Ernesto Jimenez, Jennie Yang and Sohrob Tahvildaran. Photographed by Angela lau. The goal of the Student Transfer Outreach ond Mentor Program (STOMP) is to reach out to community college students by promoting occess to higher education by being the link between community colleges and UCLA. We make UCLA attainable through resources we provide such as student panels, site visits, UCLA tours, conferences and mentorship. Students for Community Outreach, Promotion and Education ngshan Lo, Shilen Thokror and Manav Shah. Photographed by Jasmin Nib. Students for Community Outreach, Promotion ond Education oims to empower undergraduates ond medical residents with the ability to inform underserved patients with community resouices and opportunities to better lives. service 2GLj student groups GO c Q_ CD o c ■a Asian Baptist Student Koinonia Christian Fellowship Front Row: Lydio Kim, Catherine Wong, Alison Teruyo, Sosoon Kim, Angela Mae Tanzo and Min Choi. Second Row: Daniel Chang, Anna Joaquin, Mimi Chung, Jiseon Park, Aiko Sebuchi and Suson Lee. Bock Row: Michael Chiang, Grant Lee, Kenny Lam, Innhwa Park, Loan Pham and Timothy Woo. Photographed by Angela Lou. Asian Baptist Student Koinonia is oil about following Jesus Christ ond shoring life together, and we invite oil who desire to find out about Christianity to our Bible Study and outings. ABSK is o nationwide campus Christian group ond we seek to share the love of Christ with oil those who are on campus - undergrads, grads and the university community. French Cafe Front Row: Jeremy Boulot, Ella Cohen ond Caroline Belma. Second Row: Erika Whitcomb, Anno Budorina, Jolien Perino, Justin Grering Felicia Horn, Annie Nguyen, Yumi Park and Joo Yun Lee. Back Row: Robin Cavagnoud, Malik Chandhary, James Simon, Christian Wiehenkomp ond Alexander Gabrovsky Photographed by FeiUu. The French Cafe brings together speakers of French and those interested in the French language for weekly activities centered around French language and francophone culture. Post French Cafe events include French Movie Night, Crepe Night, Game Night ond Karaoke en froncaise. French Cafe meetings ore held at the Doshew International Center, located in 1 06 Tom Bradley International Hall. I Japanese Clud Front Row: Joo Yun Lee, Yumi Pork, Bonnie Dong and Roymond Okoniwo. Second Row: Eri Okado, Meghan Strong, Annie Nguyen, Michie Yomoda and David Picciao. Bock Row: Jon Hurst, Mike Froeberg ond Jeff Cloy. Photographed by Maryam loossi. The Japanese Club is dedicated to the shoring of Japanese language ond culture across international borders. Members come together to speak Japanese and learn about Japanese culture. Weekly activities have included a Japanese cooking night, a Setsubun Spring Celebration and a Jopanese movie night. Jopanese Club meetings are held at the Dashew International Center, located in 1 06 Tom Bradley International Hall. awareness student groups Spanish Club Bjorr Johnson, Eleno Kllberg, Jens Grotti and Patricia Turner. Photographed by Maryam Joossi. The Spanish Club combines native speakers of Spanish with those studying or simply interested in learning Spanish. Post activities hove included Sponish-longuoge film screenings, salsa and meringue lessons, round-table discussions and travel talks. Spanish Club meetings ore held at the Dashew International Center, located in 1 06 Tom Bradley International Hall. J yrie Eleison Front Row: Toe Yang, Alex Choe, Kathy Nguyen, Trinh Nguyen, Michelle Kye ond Lucia Pinedo. Second Row: Elizabeth 80 Kyung Kim, Esther Boek, Sue Han, Hana Kim, Chris Kong, Joseph Jang, Chan Lee, Mark Sanchez, Phil Lim, Doniel Chong, Sang Cho, Elizabeth Yim, Marc Sycip, Diano Yong, Dean Kim, Tim Yun, Melisa Kappodakunnel, Chris Boe, Vincent Woo and Brian Alcantara. Photographed by lennifei Richardson. It is the essence of Kyrie Eleison as a body of Christ made up of Cotholic individuals, who grow by nourishing one onother to become closer to God through fellowship, prayer, teachings of the Catholic faith ond love. By Jaya Gupta, Photographed by Jennifer Richardson. The phrase " Panem Nostrum " in Latin means " Our Daily Bread. " No, you are not looking at the Monday night specials on a menu pretentiously written in an archaic language. " Panem Nostrum " was this year ' s theme of Kyrie Eleison, a student-run Catholic organization. According to third year philosophy student Kathy Nguyen " Panem Nostrum " has a metaphorical significance, " Christ is our daily bread, our nourishment, our source of replenishment and sustenance. He is the way that we experience our faith and express it, whether it be through prayer, Kyrie meetings, or receiving Christ in the form of bread during mass. These are the ways that our community comes together, and it is this that is Our Daily Bread. We are replenished by each other, and by Christ. It is the core of our essence. " Addressing the unusual name of the group, Nguyen said, " Kyrie Eleison means lord have mercy ' . [The name] reminds us to keep God at the center of our lives, and to trust wholly in Him and in his mercy. " Creating a tight-knit community, Kyrie Eleison succesfully helps students with all aspects of college life. Kyrie eleison secundum probatur (Lord have mercy during finals!). c Q- fl 3 c CD 75 Ballroom Dance 8 International Folk Dance Club Front Row: Sally Rogers, Laura Rogers, Oeziree Durayoppoh, Andi Colemon, Cynthia Horper, James Zimmer, Jenny Hofmeister, Susan Gority and G.A. Wiggon. Second Row: Kae Kojima, Clinton Jong, Carrie-Lynn Morgan, Jaon Torres, George Bosu, Vivienne Lou Pochi, Dan Kotin and Tom Lai. Third Row: Sharon Hyo, Jorge Garcia, Pieethiko Ekanoyake, Brandon Jong, Emily Jocobson, Ksenya Medvedev, Edgor Mendieto, Korin Joergensen, Rich Hilmon ond Dror Issacci. Fourth Row: Marius Van Rijnsoever, Rich Cullather, li-Hseng Toi, Loro Shunter, Dan Arkoff, Lauren O ' Loughlin, Christina Troutmon, Sondrine LeFebre, Krisztianna Ecsedy ond Vimala Nowlis. Bock Row: Rex Lorenzo, Alice Prue, Csaki Bolazas, Steve Choe, Fovre Didier ond Joel Ortiz. Photogmphed by Steven liadie. Ballroom Donee International Folk Dance Club fosters a dance community among students, stuff, faculty, ond alumni through the movement and music of many donee styles. The weekly donee lessons and special events introduce participants to swing, solsa, tango and waltz, as well as line and circle dances from oround the world. Phi Alpha Delta Roster: Paolo Alfante, Victor Alonzo, Suneet Bawa, Jorgio Castro, Nick D ' Amico, Eric Daco, Alex Dong, Stacy Edgar, Chelsea Ehrke, Laura Fibinger, Alyssa Galloway, Huy Ho, Stephanie Hsu, Lydio Ko, Chondona Kolavola, Lisa Kolker, Joyce Lee, Kattiy Lin, Jeff Liu, Lisa Liu, Chou Mai, Edie Oung, Leeja Patel, Krisztina Pomper, Audrey Sakae, Noncie Shen, Donno Shih, Dan Soleimoni, Rebecca Soil, Les Tibongin, Tracy Tjoeng, Dung Tran, Danton Tsang, Steven Truong, Mike Uy and Ariodno Vallejo.ffiofogrop i Courtesy of Phi Alpha Delta. Phi Alpho Delta, founded in 1902, is the world ' s largest law fraternity with over 216 pre-law chapters across the country. At UCLA, Phi Alpho Delta gives undergraduate students the hands-on experience necessary to form an educated decision obout a life ond career in law, while forming a strong bond of fraternal fellowship. " My most rewarding experience with UCLA Wushu was taking an unknown fledgling team to the collegiate Wushu tournament and blindsiding the whole Wushu community by winning second place in the team competition. " -Susanna Wang, Founder, UCLA Wushu Club, Human Genetics, 5th Year Graduate Random Voices Front Row: Stephonie Ario, Angie Yen, Keji Sojobi, Diana Li and Danielle Nicole Aladjodjian. Back Row: Gloiio Pok, Valerie Moy, Jeyling Chou, Tina Lin, Jenise Grogeto, Shorleen Higa ond Modhurima Gadgil. Photogwphetl by lennilet Richardson. Random Voices is UCLA ' s premiere female a coppello group. The girls have performed on innumerable stages in their six yeoi history, ond host the annual California A Coppello Festival at UCLA. UCLA Wushu Front Row: Susono Wong. Second Row: Kieth Wong, Jeremy Guo and Nadir Yehyo. Lost Row: Alfred Hsing, Amendo Chen, Johnny Chen and Caryn Gargolovic. Photographed by Steven liadie. The purpose of UCLA Wushu is to promote Chinese culture through the teaching ond practice of Chinese martial arts (wushu). Undergraduate Mathematics Students ' Association Front Row: Andre Chen ond Andrew Nguyen. Bock Row: Ryan Rosario, Elizabeth Felter, Stacy Collen, Michelle Hallikoinen ond Priyodharshi Devendran. Not Pictured: Neel Shah, Mario Motheson and Toiray Skolnic. Photographed by Steven liadie. The Mission of the Undergraduate Mathematics Students ' Association (UMSA) is to develop cohesiveness within the UCLA Deportment of Mathematics and its community of moth majors. UMSA develops academic, vocational ond social events throughout the yeor ond strives to meet the needs of math majors. finding a niche student groups c Q- o c ■ ' % W A n %i y II m M y y -greco-bruin style p. 134-135 -council profiles p. 136-139 -house profiles p. 140-153 1 f jr.. JPfJ _- " " jiii r I i " I ' ll drink with my friends Jack and Ron, I ' ll drink until my liver ' s gone. I ' ll invite Sam and Bud and you, And Captain Morgan can come, too! I ' m loaded now, I have to go, My brain is working very slow. There ' s just one thing I need to know: Where is the can? I have to go! - An excerpt from " An Ode to Booze " by Dr. Souse !■ ymfl im In an age long past and hardly remembered, the heavenly body Prometheus brought fire to mankind at the risk of eternal damnation. It was a time of titans an d toil, in a world where Gods often meddled in the daily lives of men. But being Greek has come to mean something entirely different in modern times; ambrosia now includes equal parts Jell-O and vodka, and Bacchus has taken the throne on Mt. Olympus. Firewater has managed to succeed where all else has failed - making many merry under even the most dismal of circumstances. And while loving the lifestyle comes with the territory, members of the Greek community took strength from the actions of their predecessors, pushing themselves to go that extra mile in every endeavor. And if that meant stumbling past the finish line, so be it. Because whether it involved late-night scavenger hunts, community outreach programs or civilized social events, in the end it was all Greek to me. by Vic Kapoor and Emily Masamitsu style Even before you knew them, you knew of them. Those typical fraternity and sorority types, so well portrayed by MTV ' s " Sorority Life " and " Frat Life, " were often clearly visible on campus. In tribute to Revenge of the Nerds, Bruins often found themselves stereotyping those affiliated with the Greek system at UCLA. According to fourth year electrical engineering student and self-proclaimed " anti-Greek activist " Nathan Cornelius, " Frat boys are those guys you see at parties jocking the keg, burping and puking on everything, and hitting on that girl you thought was cute. Sorostitutes are nice and cool for the most part, before they start talking that is. Of course I ' m just playing the devil ' s advocate and talking trash needlessly. The truth is that members of fraternities and sororities are diverse people who got involved for their own reasons, but have come to share similar interests. Who can blame them for loving liquor and being all loud in the wee hours of the morning? I personally prefer saving money that would be spent on dues so I can use it to do laundry instead. " But loved or hated, and contrary to public perceptions, it was evident that Greeks included rowdy partiers, intellectuals and philanthropists alike. Harking back to the 1920s, the UCLA Greek system boasted over 60 organizations affiliated with the university through the Center for Student Programming. Approximately 12% of students were involved in the system, as huge Greek letters emblazoned on sweatshirts and across backsides will proclaimed. They symbolized perseverance, affinity and moral resolve. Just ask anyone who went through " Hell Week " and lived to tell about it. While some were slightly more discreet about their affiliation, avoiding stereotypes was impossible. " I ' m hot simply by association, " laughed Evelynne Scholnick, a fourth year political science student and member of Kappa Kappa Gamma. But while sororities such as hers downplayed the debauchery of college life, fraternities usually orchestrated grandiose endeavors like Spy vs. Spy and Alice in Wonderland. But a social events aside, Greeks were well known for giving back to the community. Delta Gamma ' s annual Anchor Splash was a fun-filled competition between fraternities that benefited the Blind Children ' s Center in Santa Monica, and Omega Sigma Tau hosted Casino Night to promote the UCLA Asian American Reading Room. Such endeavors added credence to participating in a system that guaranteed a good time any day of the week. least until falling grades became a harsh reality of life, bl Facts about Greek Life at UCLA: Interfraternity Council Panhellenic Council Asian Greeks of UCLA National Pan-Hellenic Council President: Chris Hatfield President: Sara Merar President: Katrina Miranda President: Paul Griffith Member Fraternities: 20 Member Sororities: 1 1 Member Fraternities: 4 Member Fraternities: 5 - Affiliations fulfill social calendars Above: Alpha Gamma Omega fourth yeor Stephen Hinton, alumnus Adam Blouert, fourth year Josh Beck and fourth yew Stephen Burdett take o trip off compus to enjoy the natural beauty of Yosemite. Bonding activities included more than just partying in Westwood. Phologiaph Courtesy of Alpha Gamma Omega. Left: Aaron Miller, first yeor chemistry student, of Sigma Alpho Mu goofs off during meeting. Monday nights were devoted to meetings for most members of the Greek System. Photograph Courtesy of Hank Friedmann. ounci " PASSIONATE, INTELLIGENT AMBITIOUS WOMEN.. ' The UCLA Panhellenic Council is the oldest and largest women ' s advocacy group on the UCLA campus, encompassing more than one thousand passionate, intelligent and ambitious women. The Panhellenic Council, established in 1923, is responsible for putting on programs for the entirety of the Greek community here at UCLA and has seen great successes with educational events such as speaker Mike McCree, co-hosting a Career Fair, and introducing our new members to the Greek Community in a New Member Forum. Panhellenic Council is highly esteemed for its coordination of various philanthropic activities throughout the year that the entire Greek communitv participates in and supports, benefiting organizations such as Make-A-Wish, American Heart Association and the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation. The Panhellenic Council binds the women that it encompasses through a sisterhood that is greater than that within their own chapters. The Panhellenic Council strives to better sorority women, UCLA and the greater Los Angeles community as a whole. We endeavor to live our ritual in our daily lives and to demonstrate to the entirety of the UCLA campus the integrity, enthusiasm and agency of the Panhellenic community. Submitted by Sara Merar. Panhellenic Officers: President Vice President Sara Merar Rachel Iker Recruitment Director Assistant Brenna McHugh Recruitment Director Carie Mendivil Right: Jessica Warmon, Margie Kozak, Moggie Volliont and Carrie Mendivil note the important conclusions of the night ' s Panhellenic Council meeting. The body was o place where all the sororities came together as o cohesive unit. Phologiophed byksmin Niku. Front Row: Morgie Kozak, Breeano Garrett, Meghan Falcone and Katherine Sontoso. Second Row: Moggie Valliant, Sarah McKennon, Milly Shome, Emily Renk, Stocy Eisenberg, Jessica Worman and Kimberly Von Slomski. Back Row: Corie Mendivil, Rochel Iker, Sara Merar, Brenna McHugh, Katherine Barnard and Christine Fortmann. Phologiophed by losmin Niku. Treasurer Maggie Valliant Secretary Breeana Garrett We, the Undergraduate members of women ' s fraternities, stand for good scholarship, for guarding of good health, for maintenance of fine standards and for serving, to the best of our ability, our college community. Cooperation for furthering fraternity life, in harmony with its best possibilities, is the ideal that shall guide our fraternity activities. We, the Fraternity Women of America, stand for service through the development of character inspired by the close contact and deep friendship of individual fraternity and Panhellenic life. The opportunity for wide and wise human service, through mutual respect and helpfidness, is the tenet by which zee strive to live. ielow: Council members focus their unwavering attention upon Scott Coitei, the Fraternity and Soiority Relations advisor. The council lent fs ears to the complaints, as well os the piaises, brought to the floor during meetings. p liotogwphed by Hank fli terf raternity Officers ecretory Andrew Loecher, President Chris Hatfield, External Vice President Peter Vender Poel, Internal Vice President Allen costo and Treasurer Puneet Prosod. Photographed by Hank friedmotm. President Internal Vice President External Vice President Chris Hatfield Allen Acosta Peter Vander Poel Chief Justice Tim Morgan Secretary Andrew Loecher Treasurer Puneet Prasad The Greek Community strives to be progressive and meet the needs of our community. The UCLA IFC continues to make great strides in creating a responsible and safe environment for its members. There are All-Greek Education Forums, Judicial Review Boards, Risk Managment and Social Conduct Policy, Health and Wellness Educational Programs, Anti-Hazing Policy and Enforcement, New Member Education Forums, Leadership Retreats and Officer Roundtables, Greeks Advocating Mature Management of Alcohol, Take Back the Night Campus Safety Campaign and National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week. The Interfraternity Council serves as the governing body of 21 national and local member fraternities representing approximately 1,500 men. As an affiliate of the North-American Interfraternity Conference, the UCLA IFC is a part of a nationwide inter-fraternal network including over 800 colleges and universities. The UCLA IFC works in conjunction with various philanthropic programs including UCLA Dance Marathon and UCLA Run Walk to promote community service among our members. Along with community service, the council promotes leadership development through conferences for members of the Greek community that allow them to come together to learn techniques to further the progress of their chapter. The IFC also aims to uphold high academic standards for our members with an average IFC GPA regularly higher than the all men ' s average at UCLA. With over 75 years of rich tradition and a commitment to excellence, we strive " to assist and strengthen fraternities individually and collectively, to further intellectual accomplishment and scholarship OF RICH TRADITION ••• of fraternities and their members and to ensure cooperation with the University. " Submitted by Chris Hatfield. nu nvi T n o c 3 n Front Row: Michelle Iron, Kohina Miranda, Doisy Le ond Allison Yoshimuro. Back Row: Jeff Choi, Wilson Vong and Samson Tom. Photogiophed by Nicholas Weston-Swon. " POSITIVE ROLE IN THE ASIAN AMERICAN COMMUNITY ' The Asian Greek Council of Los Angeles (AGLA) consists of four Asian American interest organizations: Chi Alpha Delta, Lambda Phi Epsilon, Omega Sigma Tau and Theta Kappa Phi. The council strives to maintain good relations among the four organizations, and foster relationships between AGLA and the UCLA Greek community, as well as the Asian American community- Seeking to sustain unity among the four organizations, the council organizes numerous events throughout the year ranging from social events such as the annual Spring Picnic to community service events such as " Reading to Kids. " These events serve as opportunities for the members of each organization to build relationships with each other as well as work collectively in enriching the community. The council also conducts regular meetings that serve as an open forum for encouraging discussion and communication within the member organizations. The council further encourages each organization to support each other through attendance and participation at each event put on by any of the four organizations. AGLA also promotes the participation of each of its organizations in all UCLA Greek events, events sponsored by other councils, as well as other events organized by other UCLA groups. The counci strives to serve as a positive role in the Asian American community through its participation in events featuring and celebrating the Asian American culture. We hope that our members serve as positive representations of the UCLA Greek community and Asian American c ommunity. Submitted by Katrina Miranda. Asian Greeks Officers: President Vice President Social Katrina Miranda Chair Millie Nguyen Secretary Treasurer Jill Lovinitnun Samson Tam Service Chair Rush Chair Kotomi Nanjo Daisy Le Above: Michelle Tron, Jeff Choi and Allison Yoshimuro ponder agenda notes over a refreshing glass of boba. The Asian Greek Council of Los Angeles was the governing body of four fraternities at UCLA. Photogmphed by Nicholas Weston-l Swan. . Below: Members of Delta Sigma Theto Jacquae Walker, Christina Bentley and Vera Moore proudly display their sorority ' s symbol. Delta Sigma Theta was the first sorority chartered and is also the first African-American founded Greek-letter organization at UCLA, founded in xroph Courtesy ot Vera Moore. National Panhellenic Officers: President Paul J. Griffith Secretary Ronnette Brown Vice President Vera A. Moore Treasurer Titilayo Kuti The NPHC evolved during a period when African Americans were being denied essential rights and privileges that were being afforded to others. Racial isolation on predominantly white campuses and social barriers of class on all campuses created a need for African Americans to align themselves with other individuals sharing common goals and ideals. With the realization of such a need, the African American Greek-lettered organization movement took on the persona of a haven and outlet that fostered brotherhood and sisterhood in the pursuit to bring about social change through the development of social programs that would create positive change for Blacks and the country. While NPHC organizations recognize the social aspect of Greek college life, the primary purpose and focus of member organizations remains community awareness and action through educational, economic and cultural service activities. Members devote their resources to service in their respective communities, realizing that the membership experience of NPHC organizations goes beyond organizational membership during an individual ' s college career. The individual member is expected to align himself with a graduate alumni chapter following graduation from college, with the expectation that he or Front Row: Ndidi Ounghna, L ' Aurelle Reid, Chrstina Bentley and Vera Moore. Second Row: Titiloyo Kuti, Amber Whitenhill, Crystal Denmon, Ronnette Brown, Anthony Culpepper and Kehsa Batista. Third Row: Porsha Neal, Jamie Williams and Dorian Morris. Back Row: Nashaun Neal, Charles Thompson and Jerome Price. Not Pictured: Temison Amoruwo, Jay Armant, Tiffoni Cortez, Steven Craig, Karma Dickerson, Rodney Diggs, Kalina Flores, Colleen Grant, Paul Griffith, Kennesso Marshall, Tommerin Nix, Genevieve Richards and Savina Woodyard. Photograph Courtesy of Vero Moore. she will take an active part in matters concerning and affecting the community in which he or she lives. Submitted by Paul Griffith. " MEMBERS DEVOTE THEIR RESOURCES TO SERVICE.. ' . ouncil n o c 3 o CD Alpha Delta Pi Alpha Delta Pi was the first secret society for women. Since then, we have grown to more than 130 chapters and thousands of members in the U.S. and Canada. At UCLA, 808 Hilgard is home to a diverse group of girls who take active roles in both the school and community. Since 1979, ADPi has helped sick children and their families everywhere by raising over $2 million for our national philanthropy, the Ronald McDonald House. Learn more about our awesome house at Well Established Mascot Flower Symbol Colors Philanthropy Address Council 1925 Lion Violet Diamond Azure Blue and White The Ronald McDonald House 808 Hilgard Avenue Ponhellenic Alpha Epsilon Phi The name, Alpha Epsilon Phi was derived from the Greek phrase " AEI ESTO PHILIO " - " May friendship be everlasting. " The Three National Aims were to foster a close friendship among members; to stimulate the intellectual, social and spiritual life of the members; and to count as a force through service rendered to others. For this chapter, the aims were to develop a strong esprit de corps; to make the chapter a vital force at the university; and to produce women of personality, power and poise who shall be known for their character, culture and charm. Manv hearts. Established Mascot Flower Colors Philanthropy Address 1924 Giraffe Lily of the Valley Green and White Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation and Chaim Sheba 632 Hilgard Avenue Council Panhellenic . Established mi Flower Easter Lily Color s Blue and Gold Philanthropy Third and Goal Powder Bowl: Powder Puff Football Address 515 Landfair Avenue Council Multicultural Alpha Gamma Omega Ara AGO is a national Christ-centered fraternity. To some people, the phrases " Christ-centered " and " fraternity " may seem to contradict each other, but for us, only these two phrases can truthfully describe the nature of AGO. We encourage spiritual growth of the members through daily devotion, weekly Bible study and accountability groups. Our fraternity upholds the university ' s traditions by participating in events such as Homecoming and Spring Sing. We also maintain strong bonds of fellowship with Christian groups on campus by hosting events at our house and through joint activities. Established 1925 Mascot Mascot Flower Pink Tea Rose Symbol Ivy Colors Salmon Pink and Apple Green Address 105 Kerckhoff Hall Council National Pan-Hellenic Alpha Kappa Alpha AlphaGammaChapterofAlphaKappaAlphaSorority, Inc, chartered by Florence Russell, Vernice White, Hilda Johnson, Juanita Rabouin and Clothilde Curry-Woodard, was the third undergraduate chapter established on the West Coast, and the third Black Greek Letter Organization at UCLA. Recently celebrating our 80th anniversary, Alpha Gamma prides itself on maintaining the goals of the sorority and servicing the UCLA community and beyond. It designs each program and community service with the intent of enhancing the quality of life while appealing to the sorority ' s target groups: economics, the Black family, health, education, leadership development and the arts. 3 " Q o_ Q -a 7S, Q ■o Q -a 3- Q Alpha Phi The Beta Delta Chapter of Alpha Phi has had a very exciting and fulfilling year. After a busy Fall Recruitment, during which the house was transformed with a Hollywood theme, the girls began the year with lots of enthusiasm. A successful third annual " King of Hearts " philanthropy, which included a blood drive and fundraising activities, raised a considerable amount of money for Cardiac Aid. The ladies of Alpha Phi enjoyed a year filled with trips to theme parks, TV show tapings, holiday celebrations and strong sisterhood. Union, hand in hand 7 Established Mascot Flower Symbol Colors 1872 Teddy Bear Lily of the Valley Ivy Leaf Silver and Bordeaux Philanthropy Alpha Phi Foundation and Cardiac Aid Address 714 Hilgard Avenue Council Panhellenic pha Omega Alpha Alpha Omega Alpha was established at UCLA on October 25, 2002. The UCLA Chapter is the Alpha Chapter of the sorority. It was established in an effort to unify students of UCLA to work towards the advancement of Armenian causes, the community of UCLA, and the greater community. Through this organization we will spread and further the Armenian culture and aid in Armenian causes as well as guide fellow sisters in academics, life decisions and social relationships while building life-long ties. " What I was, what I am, what I will be. Established 2002 Symbol Pink Diamond Colors Pink and Silver Address 105 Kerckhoff Hall Council Multicultural Established 1999 Mascot Lion Colors Block, Silver and White Philanthropy South Asian Awareness Address 1 05 Kerckhoff Hall Council Interfraternity Beta Chi Theta Through fraternity, brothers create friendships and bonds that will last throughout college and beyond. Along with brotherhood, Beta Chi Theta develops the principles of tradition, leadership and service to humanity among its brothers. Since its official inception, Beta Chi Theta has made numerous strides in establishing itself as one of the leading student organizations among the South Asian community. Since June 2, 1999, Beta Chi Theta has grown from the vision of eight young men to a student organization that is committed to actively maintaining and promoting South Asian culture at UCLA to a nationwide presence with more than 200 brothers. ' Above all else, brotherhood. " Established 1929 Flower Wisteria Symbol " Torch " for scholarship, " Stars " for modesty and justice, and a " Knight ' s hood " for honor Philanthropy Reading to Kids, AANCART, Divine Design and more Address 1 05 Kerckhoff Hall Council Asian Greeks of UCLA Chi Alpha Delta Chi Alpha Delta was the first Asian American sorority in the nation. This year we are celebrating our 76th anniversary. Chis have roots in important Asian American history. The sorority was rendered inactive during World War II (1942-1945) because most of its members were unable to attend UCLA. The sorority was reorganized in 1946 after the war. Since then, each class has added its own personality to the fabric of the sorority so that today the tradition and heritage of the sorority is a complex mixture of 76 years of experience and time. " Esse potius quom videri ■o 3 " Q -o 37 n 3- Q o (D Chi Omega Today, Chi Omega is the largest women ' s fraternal organization in the world with 240,000 initiates and over 170 collegiate chapters. Since its beginning, Chi Omega has nurtured its members by providing them with unique opportunities for leader ship, scholarship and life- long friendship. Ours is a distinguished history... and our most vital role has been the preparation of young women to achieve their highest possible aspirations. Honor is - Established 1895 Mascot Owl Flower White Carnation Colors Cardinal and Straw Philanthropy Make-A-Wish Foundation Address 708 Hilgard Avenue Council Panhellenic AT Delta Gamma Founded nationally in 1873, Delta Gamma has established a rich legacy of friendship, loyalty and dedication. Delta Gamma ' s pursuit of excellence has allowed us to achieve new levels of success in academics, service and athletics. This past year at Anchor Splash, with the participation of 13 fraternities, our chapter raised over $4,000 for the Blind Children ' s Center of Los Angeles, a school founded by members of our chapter in 1938. The strength and individuality of each member creates an environment that fosters independence amidst a tightly woven group of girls who genuinely care for one another. -- . BAMBl •J Established 1925 Flower Cream Rose Symbol Anchor Colors Bronze, Pink and Blue Philanthropy Blind Children ' s Center Address 652 Hilgard Avenue Council Panhellenic Delta Delta Delta AAA Established 1925 Mascot Dolphin Flower Pansy Symbol Trident and Pine Tree Colors Silver, Gold and Blue Philanthropy St. Jude ' s Children ' s Hospital Address 862 Hilgard Avenue Council Ponhellenic The one quality which exemplifies all Tri Deltas is their individuality. It is this individuality and uniqueness which makes Tri Deltas stronger as people and closer as sisters. At UCLA, Tri Delta provides its members with an opportunity to accomplish their goals and dreams. Sisters are there to encourage each other to try something they have never tried before, and they are there to help pick up the pieces if it doesn ' t work out the first time. A Tri Delta will be your shoulder to cry on, your best friend to laugh and share memories with and your greatest motivator to push you to limits you never thought you could reach. " let e ctAfirlffictlv Delta Phi Beta Delta Phi Beta is UCLA ' s first and only co-ed South Asian fraternity, chartered at UCLA in 1999 as the Beta Chapter. The Delta Phi Beta fraternity was founded in Berkeley in 1993, on the principle goals of brotherhood and sisterhood, community service, cultural awareness and social activities for its members. Already recognized as an important part of the South Asian community at UCLA and beyond, Delta Phi Beta has continued to gain a strong reputation in the UCLA community as a whole. " Dignity, pride, brotherhood sisterhood Established 1999 Mascot Elephant Colors Blue and Silver Philanthropy Tutoring and beach clean-ups Address 105 Kerckhoff Hall Council Multicultural Delta Tau Delta Delta Tau Delta Fraternity was founded at a small college in 1858 in West Virginia, and now boasts over 160 active chapters nationwide, with over 143,000 men initiated into the fraternity since its beginnings. Our famous alumni include everyone from former US Vice Presidents, NFL players, state governors, CEOs of fortune 500 companies, to Hollywood celebrities. We pride ourselves in being well- balanced men who enjoy keeping an active lifestyle, filled with fun social events, community involvement, and at the same time, keeping up with our academics. Although the Delts at UCLA have just returned, re-colonizing in 2001, their presence can already be felt and seen on campus at activities like the annual homecoming parade, philanthropy events, IM games and various other school related activities. For more information on our fraternity, feel free to visit our national website, " Committed to lives of Established 1926 Flower Purple Iris Symbol Crescent Moon Colors Purple and Gold Philanthropy Children ' s Educational Programs Address 649 Gayley Avenue Council Interfraternity T T T B ffl g r: fJJ r x B iiil ' jm m m Gamma Phi Beta fPKH Gamma Phi Beta is known to be a sorority of fun loving and well-rounded girls. Our good character is A » J P f r¥ ?mmif evident in our campus leadership, school spirit, community k B t M jH J j p r 1H service and most of all, in our friendships with each other. L. m. Jm. r » jwk A NV ■l_ I It is through these friendships that our true strength as " WW» wty v , v 1 a chapter lies - the genuin e sisterhood which gives us ■ V 1 courage to try the new and daunting, comfort in knowing % kt ' AJ J 1 that we will be accepted as we are, support from sisters who i-SP i W h— ™ " w wJIbm .1 want us to succeed and fluorish and pride in that we have such an incredible group of girls we can call our friends and family. — S iCbfcjJ - 4 " -J %!iDay 2004 —+. Established 1924 in Flower Symbol Colors Pink Carnation Crescent Moon Brown and Mode Philanthropy Address Council Camp Laurel 616 Hilgard Avenue Panhellenic Established 1926 Mascot Teddy Bear Flower White Rose Symbol Dagger, Teddy Bear and Katydid Colors Olive Green and Pearl White Philanthropy Prevent Child Abuse America Address 800 Hilgard Avenue Council Panhellenic Kappa Delta Kappa Delta was founded in 1897 at the State Feale Normal School in Farmville, Virginia. Alpha Iota Chapter at UCLA was chartered in 1921. Philanthropies include the Girl Scouts of the U.S.A., Children ' s Hospital of Richmond, Virginia and the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons Awards. In addition, Kappa Delta ' s annual Shamrock Project raises money to support Prevent Child A buse America. Through a balance of academic excellence, social success and philanthropic endeavors, our Alpha Iota Chapter of Kappa Delta truly strives for that which is honorable, beautiful and highest. Let us strive for that Established 1870 Mascot Owl Flower Fleur-de-lis Symbol Key Colors Dark and Light Blue Philanthropy UCLA Santo Monica Rape Treatment Center Address 744 Hilgard Avenue Council Panhellenic Kappa Kappa Gamma Kappa Kappa Gamma, founded in 1870, is one of the oldest women ' s fraternities in the nation. Kappa is proud to have 131 collegiate chapters with over 200,000 members in the US and Canada. The UCLA Chapter of Kappa Kappa Gamma raises over $5,000 every year for the Santa Monica Rape Treatment Center by hosting " Kappa Feast. " Local restaurants donate food for this philanthropy event and each member raises money by selling tickets to the dinner. Being a member of such a great organization provides amazing experiences for amazing young women. Woi Kappa Alpha Theta Kappa Alpha Theta is an organization that has been dedicated to the intellectual, social and moral growth of each member since it was founded at DePauw University in 1870. The Thetas at UCLA are a diverse group involved in activities such as the UCLA Dance Team, athletics, the Daily Bruin, Dance Marathon and the Student Alumni Association. This past spring they extended their annual philanthropy, Theta Shoot-Out, from a free throw contest to a 3-on-3 basketball tournament, raising nearly $2,000 for C.A.S.A. " Sisterhood, Established 1925 Flower Pansy Symbol Kite Philanthropy C.A.S.A. for Children Address 736 Hilgard Avenue Council Panhellenic Lambda Phi Epsilon Lambda Phi Epsilon was first established here at UCLA by our 19 founders. Since then we have expanded to many prestigious universities across the country to become the first and only nationally recognized Asian American Interest Fraternity. The main bond that we share on a national scale is the promotion of Asian awareness, leadership, tradition and brotherhood. Every brother knows that we are all equal representatives of Lambda Phi Epsilon, as we are all representatives of Lambda Phi Epsilon nationally and that it is important to maintain our dominance as the most sought-after Asian American organization nationwide. leaders WIWlfflTnTHiifriinnw Ti-rTr— I ■■■■■■■■■■ ■■■■mm ■ Established 1981 Colors Blue and White Philanthropy A3M Bone Marrow Drive Address 1 05 Kerckhoff Hall Council Asian Greeks of UCLA Established 1966 Colors Navy Blue, Black and Silver Philanthropy Asian American Reading Room Address 1 05 Kerckhoff Hall Council Asian Greeks of UCLA Omega Sigma Tau In 1966, Ron Watanabe, Bob Tsutsui and Dennis Onoda, all members of the Nissei Bruins Men ' s Club, founded Omega Sigma Tau. These three names are icons in our history because of their efforts and their contributions to Omegas as presidents of the fraternity. To this day, Omega Sigma Tau still holds true to its original purposes of providing brotherhood and friendship. In an environment with over 30,000 students, it can be difficult for anyone to find one ' s own niche. For this reason, the founding fathers of Omega Sigma Tau got together to make this campus a little smaller, a little better and a whole lot friendlier. Brotherhood, da; Established Mascot Flower Symbol Colors Philanthropy Address Council 1867 Angel Wine Carnation Arrow Wine and Silver Blue Links to Literacy 700 Hilgord Avenue Panhellenic Pi Beta Phi TTBfri The mission of Pi Beta Phi for women is to promote friendship, develop women of intellect and integrity, cultivate leadership potential and enrich the lives of members and their community. Pi Phi has been part of the UCLA experience continually since 1927. Pi Phis are committed to education and literacy, and sponsor the annual Arrowspike Volleyball Tournament and tutor inner city children to support this cause. They are also involved with UCLA ' s Dance Marathon, UCLA Run Walk and the philanthropies of all other Greeks. 7 . a ■a ■o Q CD Q CD D Sigma Alpha Epsilon " The True Gentleman is the man whose conduct proceeds from good will and an acute sense of propriety, and whose self-control is equal to all emergencies; who does not make the poor man conscious of his poverty, the obscure man of his obscurity, or any man of his inferiority or deformity; who is himself humbled if necessity compels him to humble another; who does not flatter wealth, cringe before power, or boast of his own possessions or achievements; who speaks with frankness but always with sincerity and sympathy; whose deed follows his word; who thinks of the rights and feelings of others, rather than his own; and who appears well in any company, a man with whom honor is sacred and virtue safe. " - John Walter Wayland (Virginia 1899). Established 1856 Mascot Phoenix Flower Violet Colors Royal Purple and Old Gold Philanthropy Elimidance Address 655 Gayley Avenue Council Interfraternity Sigma Alpha Mu Sammy, Sigma Pi Chapter, was founded at UCLA in 1926. Sigma Alpha Mu is a historically Jewish fraternity and is excited to be back on campus and involved in the Jewish community. Sammy is proud to boast about its first annual Ben and Jerry ' s ice cream eating contest to raise money for Alzheimer ' s Research. Since the chapter at UCLA is so new, we are comprised of strong leaders and people who want to take charge in the building of a new fraternity. The fraters of the chapter are leaders on campus, including the president of the Jewish Student Union and Quiz Bowl team. Sigma Alpha Mu is looking forward to starting a strong new tradition at UCLA. Established 1926 Mascot Chim Cham the Gorilla Symbol Octagon Colors Purple and White Philanthropy Elizabeth Glazer Pediatric AIDS Foundation and Alzheimer ' s Foundation Address 1 05 Kerckhoff Hall Council Interfraternity Established 2000 Mascot White Tiger Flower Violet Orchid Colors Lavender, Dark Purple and Silver Address 1 05 Kerckhoff Hall Council Multicultural Sigma Delta Sigma Sigma Delta Sigma is proud to be a multicultural sorority devoted to community service. We open our arms to women of all different cultural backgrounds in the hopes of breaking traditional stereotypes attached to sororities. In the process, we hope that this group of diverse women can make an active difference in the community. By working with underprivileged children, the homeless and residents of the Los Angeles area, Sigma Delta Sigma will dedicate its time and energy to reach those members of our community who need our help the most. Strenqth throuqh Established 1922 Flower Yellow Tea Rose Colors Royal Blue and Gold Mascot Poodle Address 105 Kerckhoff Hall Council National Pan-Hellenic Sigma Gamma Rho Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority ' s aim is to enhance the quality of life within the community. Public service, leadership development and education of youth are the hallmark of the organization ' s programs. Sigma Gamma Rho addresses concerns that impact society educationally, civically and economically. Although we are a relatively young chapter, Mu Alpha has made monumental strides in Sigma Gamma Rho. The bond the women of Mu Alpha chapter share is a special bond that extends far beyond our years at UCLA. The sorority made us sorors, but our love has made us sisters. Sigma Lambda Gamma Sigma Lambda Gamma strives to be the premier organization committed to providing a mechanism of empowerment to all women. The purpose of Sigma Lambda Gamma shall be primarily one of promoting standards of excellence, morality, ethics and education. The sorority shall work to better serve the needs and wants of all people by disseminating information about the diverse cultures which we all share. Finally, the sorority shall maintain respect for the views of others, thereby enhancing the understanding of one another and thus bettering our communities, our countries and the world. slit Established 2004 Mascot Purple Panther flower Pink Rose Colors Shocking Pink and Majestic Purple Philanthropy Breast Cancer Awareness Address 1 05 Kerckhoff Hall Council Multicultural r UN Sigma Nu Sigma Nu is an honor fraternity nationally founded in 1869 at the Virginia Military Institute. At UCLA, we are proud of our long history of academic, philanthropic, athletic and social leadership. Our house snake, Ed, has seen a lot over the years and is especially proud of this year ' s achievements. We have traditionally beaten not only all- Greek, but also the all-men ' s GPA average at UCLA. This year we were most proud of our Toys-for-Tots Christmas toy drive and our second annual philanthropic Sorority Dodgeball Tournament, which has quickly become a Greek favorite. Our White Rose Formal, held at the Monte Carlo in Las Vegas, and our San Felipe Weekender continue to set the standard for similar events across the row. The student body unwound at our notorious house parties this year, the most acclaimed being " Club 601 " and " Sigma Nu Year ' s. " The active chapter is proud to have Wendy, the best chef in all of Westwood - besides Eurochow ' s. " To believe in the life of love, to walk away v of honor Established 1930 Mascot Snake Flower White Rose Colors Black, Gold and White Philanthropy Toys-for-Tots Address 601 Gayley Avenue Council Inrerfrarerniry . Greek Life _ Lives On Whatever your interest, the multi-faceted Greek scene was able to fulfill it. Are you an engineer looking for someone to share your workload woes? Do you want to meet somebody as crazy about pink as you? Look no further than the close bond you can form with the dozens of sisters and brothers all living underneath one roof. Who said you can ' t pick your relatives? He obviously never found a home within the Greek community at UCLA. F NHI£ i I i ! fir 1 11! tBPf j • , c » .%d " The most important kev to achieving great success is to decide upon your goal and launch, get started, take action, move. " -John Wooden If there is one thing at UCLA that can unite the entire student body, it would have to be sports. Hatred of the Trojans, the buzzer-beating shot or the game-winning penalty kick gave even the quietest of bookworms a reason to scream out cheers of l pproval for those hard working athletes. In the cold rain of Drake Stadium, the hot sun of the Rose Bowl and the shade of Jackie Robinson Stadium, athletic performances drew crowds of loyal fans who put off studying just a bit longer in order to partake in the action. Whether it was a rebuilding or an NCAA Championship year, the camaraderie of sports brought students, staff and alumni together. If you don ' t believe it, just remember the fan who slept two nights outside of Pauley Pavilion to obtain the first priority number for the U$C basketball game. He waited 48 hours for the game to begin. Say what you will about UCLA ' s lackluster football season. Despite the easy-come, hard- to-let-go nature of campus naysaying, the proud souls who donned the blue and gold numbers remained a bastion of our school pride. But when they were not held up on a pedestal or put down by criticism, it was difficult to remember that they were our friends, classmates and peers. It has been branded into the Bruins ' psyche for the past few seasons that UCLA is no longer the powerhouse with the pigskin that it once was. With bittersweet losses to cross-town rival U$C still lingering, it was easy to dismiss the young team as a substandard component of UCLA ' s rich football history. While the team struggled under the newfound leadership of Coach Karl Dorrell - who would grace Bruins with his leadership for another six years - our players accrued one personal accolade after another. Junior linebacker and defensive MVP Spencer Havner was named first-team Ail-American by and And the trifecta of running backs - Manuel White Jr., Maurice Drew and Jason Harrison - was largely responsible for this season ' s sensationalism. All three were recognized for their accomplishments, receiving the Paul I. Wellman Memorial Award for Ail-Around Excellence, Jerry Long " Heart " Award and Henry R. " Red " Sanders Award for noteworthy offensive production, respectively. But awards and recognition alone do not make a great football team. Elevated to a status of demigods, our players rode the broadcast waves and were cheered and jeered on and off the gridiron. continued on page 160... I — Above: The Bruin defensive line prepares to rush the Arizona State quarterback. UCLA fell to the Sun Devils in Tempe, 48-42, marking yet another loss for the teom. Photographed by G Yu, Doily Bruin. ' The expectations for this season from an outsider ' s point of view was that we would be at the bottom of our conference. I believed that this team would finish in the upper half of the conference. And we ' re right there. " Karl Dorrell Head Coach o o ■ a Lett: Sophomore Maurice Drew evades his Sun Devil enemies in search of a touchdown. Drew rushed for a school record 322 yards against Washington on October 1 st. Photographed byCJYu, Daily Bruin. ...continued from poge 158 While the Bruins ' loss to Wyoming in the Las Vegas Bowl ended the season on a sour note, it didn ' t represent the entire season. The season wasn ' t just about wins, losses or yards. It was about the players that represented UCLA year round, on and off the field. One player that comes to mind is Justin London, our star middle linebacker. With his intimidating 6 ' 1 " , 235 pound frame and agile reflexes, he could easily part the ocean of people on Bruinwalk. But beneath the prototypical linebacker image - dare I embarrass him - lies a gentle, sophisticated soul unafraid to help fellow Bruins. " Justin is nice and courteous. It is almost surprising that he ' s a linebacker, " said second year sociology student Lois Kuo. The next time you see one of these monolithic gladiators, take some burden off their shoulders and talk to them like you would any Bruin. Just don ' t mention the fact that we ' re still on a devastating losing streak against vou-know-who. bl Above: Junior tight end Morcedes lewis is token down in the end zone otter o successful touchdown run. UCLA ' s annual trip up to the Boy Areo resulted in o loss to the Col Golden Bears. Photographed by Mike Winters, Daily Bruin. Above: Junior quarterback Drew Olson desperately seorches for o receiver downfield. Olson passed for 299 yards agains the Beors, but could not overcome the rushing yord deficit produced by J J. Arrington. Photographed by Mike Winters, Doily Bruin. Front Row: Bob Lopez, Bryan Holsey, Mike Bobcock, Jim Svoboda, Eric Bieniemy, Jon Embree, Tom Coble, Karl Doriell, Lorry Kerr, Gory DeLoach.Don Johnson, E.J. Kteis, Dino Borbers, Brion Schneider and Coach. Second Row: Michael McBride, Chris Morkey, Michael Norris, Byron Velega, Steve Melton, Mork Mongelsdorf, Matthew Clork, Robert Gorcio, Derrick Williams, Moft Slater, Brion Callahan, Trey Brown, Jason Harrison, Idris Moss, Benjamin Lorier, Justin Medlock, Nnomdi Ohoeri, Eddie Miller, Tim Worfield and Charlie Schuh. Third Row: Dole Rudd, Brighom Harwell, Maurice Drew, Ben Idemundio, Brian Rubinstein, Jomel Greet, Morcus Cossel, Brandon Bteozell, Justin London, Edward Douglas, Olukayode Oredugba, Rodney Van, Jebious Brown, Mil ' Von James, Michael Pitre, Jorrad Page, Ryan Groves, Marcus Everett, Chris Horton, Andrew Boumgortner ond Christian Toylor. Fourth Row: Ed Kezirion, Craig Bragg, Junior Toylor, Wesley Wolker, Charles Thompson, Scott Kearney, Chris Steck, Kenneth Lombard, Dovid Koral, Kevin Brown, Nikola Drogovic, Aoron Whittington, Shannon Tevoga, Alex Ghebreselassie, Aaron Meyer, Steve Seigel, Pot Norton, Matt Raney, Justin Hickmon, Morko Drogovic, Danny Nelson and Fted Holmes. Fifth Row: Ken Norris, Monuel White Jr., Eric Meal, Tab Perry, Ben Emanuel II, Eyoseph Efseotf, C.J. Niusulu, Kyle Morgan, Scott Glicksberg, Micoh Reed, Joe Cowan, Patrick Cowon, Nathaniel Skaggs, Chris Johnson, Spencer Havner, Jomaal Rhodes, Drew Olsen, Justin Sieber, Riley Jondle, Jimmy Stephens, More Villofuerte and Bruce Dovis. Back Row: Kevin Horbour, Tony Lee, Trovis Martin, P.J. Irvin, Chris Joseph, Aaron Peiez, J.J. Hoir, Noah Sutherland, Brion Abraham, Paul Mociler, Marcedes Lewis, Steven Vieira, Ed Blonton, Robert Cleary, William Snead, Chris Kluwe, Mike McCloskey, Will Peddie, Philip Rouscher, Kristopher Kiley, Robert Chai, Domien Scott ond Keith Carter. Photographed by Scott Ouintatd, ASUCIA Photography. $ o o Q Above: Senior wide receiver Tob Perry out-maneuvers his Cardinal opponent during the Homecoming football game. The Bruins shut down the Cardinal offense and shut out Stanford with a final score of 1 9-0. Photographed by Jonathan Young, Doily Bruin. Below: Sophomore midfielder Benny Feilhober effortlessly posses up the competition in the UCLA-Washington gome. Skilled footwork and practiced technique poid off os the Bruins ended the season with only two losses. Photographed by Tiffany Mkhalka, Daily Bruin. u " 5 " We have 10 incoming freshmen and transfers, so it will take some time to incorporate them into our established system and get them comfortable with the way we want to play, but they ' ll quickly adapt into what we want to establish. " Jorge Salcedo Head Coach At the start of the year the outlook was grim. The men ' s soccer team faced the upcoming season with the loss of its head coach and six of their star players. Following a season that boasted 20 wins and a trip to the NCAA Quarterfinals, the Bruins had big shoes to fill. But all hope was not lost. What the team lacked in experience (only six had played in two or more seasons) it made up for in sheer talent and ability. Newly appointed Head Coach Jorge Salcedo - who previously served as Bruin assistant coach - was hardly a new face to soccer. A four-year starter and Ail- American, he led his team to win the national title in 1990 and went on to play in the Major Leagues. A believer in persistence, he noted that, " This team has the attitude and mentality that can help make up for any lack of experience we might have. " Experience and leadership were sought after and found in returning seniors; defender Aaron Lopez, forward Mike Enfield and forward Ahmed Khalil all played superbly in the 2002 NCAA Championship games culminating in a national title that year. Lopez teamed up with sophomore midfielder defender Patrick Ianni to make school history as one of the tightest defenses in the Pac-10, allowing only 15 goals in the regular season and eight in conference play. Both, along with Enfield, received First Team All-Pac-10 honors. After only two months into their season, Enfield led the Pac-10 in scoring, topping the charts with eight goals and 17 points to his name, many of which were game-winning. However, with the loss of six starters, all of whom helped the UCLA team win 20 games last year, Coach Salcedo was looking towards a major influx of new players into the team and getting them into the team groove. In an interview with, Coach Salcedo revealed, " We have 10 incoming freshmen and transfers, so it will take some time to incorporate them into our established system and get them comfortable with the way we want to play, but they ' ll quickly adapt into what we want to establish. " Despite having a majority of underclassmen and only three seniors, Coach Salcedo was breezily confident that, " this team has the attitude and mentality that can help make up for the lack of experience we have. " continued on page 164... CO o r r a ...continued from page 163 Proving all the naysayers wrong, the Bruins upset many teams, as they shutout both top-ranked California and Stanford teams, 3-0 and 2-0 respectively. Coming into the Pac-10 playoffs with a five-game winning streak, the Bruins displayed impressive tenacity as they overcame a 1-0 halftime deficit, dominating play the second half. As the team came off its win against Washington (2-1) to capture the Pac-10 Championship, it looked to possess all the elements necessary for another national title. Freshman forward Kamani Hill cited their chemistry as " hard to break, " because throughout the season, " We keep building on it; we ' re a better team, and we ' re better friends. " With a first round bye in the NCAA Championships, the Bruins were ready and raring to go against Loyola Marymount, a team they easily defeated 3-0. A tough loss to St. John ' s (2-1) in the third round was a disappointing end to what sophomore forward Chad Barrett called " a great season. " With a final record of 14-4-2, the team would begin preparations anew, eagerly anticipating another challenging season to come. Above: Sophomore midfielder Benny Feilhober (8), sophomore midfielder Patrick lanni (3) and freshman defender Marvel! Wynne (27) swarm the ball in a blink of the eye. The Bruins captured their third consecutive Pac-10 Championship title this year. Photographed by Gradela Sandoval, Daily Bruin. Above: California defenders fruitlessly chose after freshman defender Morvell Wynne. Leaving the Bears breathless and furious, the Bruins won at home in Drake Stadium, 3-0. Photographed by Gtoaelo Sandoval, daily Bruin. Below: Sophomore midfielder Taylor Conel (14) and junior forward fvon Corey (21) hove high hopes that senior defender Aaron Lopez (5) will keep the ball out of the net. Slick moves and bodily sacrifices mode the UCLA soccer team the formidable force thot they weie known to be. Photographed by Mike Winters, Daily 8n IS« o r n fl Front Row: Jordan Horvey, Ryan Voldez, Eric Reed, Nate Pena, Eric Conner, Mike Enfield and Aoron Lopez. Second Row: Trainer Carrie Hogue, Manager Seon Morkus, Trainer More Norcrossm, Assistant Coach Petet van de Ven, Assistant Cooch Foul Bravo, Head Coach Jorge Solcedo, Volunteer Cooch Jose Lopez, Strength Coach Ryan Beckwith, Manager Harry Meschures and Trainer Kristyn Ho. Third Row: Ryan Munoz, Trini Gomez, Benny Feilhober, Ramon Monak, Marvell Wynne, Edwige Ligonde, Richard Floras, Taylor Canel, Evon Corey ond Mike Zoher. Bock Row: Greg Folk, Jonathan Bomstein, Komani Hill, Chad Barrett, Patrick lanni, Ahmed Kholil, Kiel McClung, Brandon Owens, Luke Mehring and Domon James. Photographed by Scott Quintoid, ASUCiA Photography A u flaeC HK-? by Erica Liu This was supposed to be a season of rebuilding as the Lady Bruins struggled with injuries, absences and differing starting lineups during the first 14 games. However, the women ' s soccer team was never one to wallow in its setbacks. " This year ' s team was not about individuals. It was about ' One Team ' pulling in the same direction. That was our mantra at the beginning of the season and it has served us well. We had players playing different positions, we had our battle with injuries, and some tough losses, but the players showed great resilience and heart, " explained Head Coach Jillian Ellis. Posting her 100th victory this year, Coach Ellis enjoyed her sixth season with the Bruins, who would finish the season 6-3 and share the Pac-10 title with Arizona ' s Wildcats. This team owed its success to solid performances across the board, from the freshmen to the seniors. Freshmen Danesha Adams and goalkeeper Valerie Henderson, who broke three school records this year, really stepped up and played with great maturity. Junior midfielder Jill Oakes was the most consistent contributor on the field, and along with Iris Mora, earned All-American honors her efforts in earning the Bruins a shot at the NCAA title. Along with Oakes and Henderson, sophomore Bristyn Davis and seniors Kendal Billingsley, Amy Fazio, and Kim Devine rounded out the " Super Six, " who started all 25 matches this season. As the only player on this year ' s team to have appeared in three consecutive College Cups, senior Lindsay Greco provided valuable leadership both on and off the field. In January, Oakes, Adams, Castelanelli, and Henderson were also called up for the Under 21 Women ' s National team training camp. Going into the NCAA tournament, the 14th seeded Bruins quickly shut out their opponents in the first three rounds. While facing the Ohio State Buckeyes in the Quarterfinals, sophomore Caitlin continued on page 168... Right: Bristyn Dovis swiftly pivots and dribbles the soccer boll down the field os her opponent pursues. Such boll control led the woy to o top-ranked teom finish. Pbotogiaphed by Yu, Daily Biuin. J, V " We ' ve had more setbacks than UCLA women ' s soccer is used to, but that ' s sports. I ' m so proud of how far we got this year ' ' Jill Ookes Junior Midfielder f 3 CO O rt r n left: Undaunted by the surrounding opponents, freshman forward Danesha Adams aggressively goes after the ball. Although it was only her first year, she remained a consistent asset to the succesful teom. Photographed by Yee-Shing " 5 ...continued from page 166 Ursini chose a moment as good as any to make her first goal of the season, connecting on a free kick from Adams in the 64th minute and securing a Bruin bid to the Final Four. Yet another shutout, this time against the Princeton Tigers, landed the team in the finals. The national title would be decided by penalty kicks for the first time in history, and an agonizing loss to the Fighting Irish left fans frustrated by the day ' s events. " The loss to Notre Dame was a heartbreaker, yes, but only because we battled harder than we ever had all season. ..we didn ' t walk out with the trophy, but we walked out having left even- single piece of ourselves on the field that day. We walked out as the same supportive and loving team that we ' d been all season, " acknowledged Oakes. But when all was said and done, the Lady Bruins could be proud of their accomplishments. The team accrued an overall record of 18-7-0, boasted a staggering 13 shutouts, and overcame countless obstacles to finish second in the nation. The world can never have too manv Cinderella stories, and this variation with grassy cleats and shin guards was indeed a magical one. bl Above: Sophomore defender Mary Castelonelli looks for o way post her opponent. In this game against Stanford, UCLA ultimately won 1-0. Photographed by Michael Sun, Daily Bruin. Above: Senior forward Kim Oevine winds up for a kick during this noil-bitter against the Stanford Cardinal. Devine was port of the " Super Six " who started all 25 matches this season. Photographed by Michael Sun, Daily Bruin. o 3 3 CO o r n Front Row: Head Coach Jillian Ellis, Coitlin Ursini, Brynn McGrath, Jennifer Soyles, Julie Hoshizaki, Kim Devine, Michelle Gleoson and Equipment Manager Hector Tovat. Second Row: Bristyn Davis, lindsoy Greco, Brittany Dankwortti, Lindsey Appezzato and Teom Manager Michelle Glavon. Third Row: Team Manager Christina Eskridge, Danesha Adams, Crystal James and Assistant Coach Katherine Mertz. Fourth Row: Volunteer Assistant Coach Hugh Donold, Arionna Criscione, Ashley Thompson, Sarah Lombardo, Valerie Henderson and Assistant Coach Mark Carr. Back Row: Jessica Harris, Camille Toney, Mary Castelanelli, Amy Fazio, Kendal Billingsley, Alma Playle and Jill Oakes. Not Pictured: Melissa Briggs, Stephanie Kron, Stacy Lindstrom, Iris Mora and Theresa Oda-Bums. Photographed by Scott Qvtntmd, ASUCLA Photography. Right: Freshman Mike Haddan trains hard to build up the endurance and strength needed for cross country. With talented freshmen, the team was able to vastly improve their showings at meets from the previous year. Photographed by Scott Quintord, ASUCLA Pbotography. Below: Senior Jon Rankin, sophomore Austin Ramos, senior Ben Aragon, junior Mortell Munguio and senior Erik Emilsson train in Drake Stadium on o sunny day. This year ' s team was dominated by seasoned veterans such os Rankin, Emilsson and Aragon. Photographed by Scott Quintord, ASUCLA Pbotography. Front Row: Student Trainer Robin Ward, Drew Shocklefon, Mortell Munguia, Nick Thorton, Kyle Shackleton ond Trainer Melissac Cox. Second Row: Student Trainer Seon Markus, Matt Stollenwerk, Austin Ramos, Ben Aragon, Erik Emilsson, Mike Hoddon ond Head Coach Eric Peterson. Back Row: Student Manager Jason Yang, Student Trainer Kris Oricio, Jon Rankin, Carey Matthews, Micky Corbin, Nick De Felice ond Student Trainer Mike Dillon. Photogtophed by Scott Quintord, ASUCLA Ph otography. • I ' llBIHJ Emu ■ by Erica Liu Bang! The starting pistol goes off and it ' s a mad dash as hordes of runners fight to position themselves at the front of the herd while still pacing themselves. Lactic acid buildup and burning lungs notwithstanding, the fun that is cross country season has officially begun! The 2004 season was highlighted by senior leadership from Jon Rankin, Ben Aragon and Erik Emilsson - the trio Coach Eric Peterson credited for a large part of this team ' s success. Retaining five of last year ' s best runners, the team also benefited from the tenacity of sophomore Austin Ramos. But while Ramos and Emilsson jousted for the number two position, Jon Rankin consistently remained the Bruins ' top runner. Freshmen talents like Mike Haddan and Kyle Shackelton rounded out the team. This season was Coach Peterson ' s fifth as the men ' s head coach. He revealed that " a lot of the older guys on the team were the first men I recruited when I was hired to coach the men. It ' s been a process. ..but we now have the kind of senior leadership that is experienced and strong.. .We ' ve been in need of that for a long time. " The Bruins kicked off the season with a second place finish in the USF Invitational, and went on to place third at the Stanford Invitational where every Bruin finished in the top 25. At the Pre-NCAA Invitational, runners tested the course that would host the NCAA Championships. The Bruins placed 13th with Rankin and Ramos leading the way, at 21st and 43rd respectively. The team garnered a fifth place finish at the Pac-10 Championships, with Rankin also placing fifth (24:31). At the West Regionals, he led the team to a fourth place finish - something the men hadn ' t enjoyed in eight long years. " I ' ve never been more proud of our team, " related Rankin, " and to end my cross country experience on such a great note. ..that ' s what I ' ll remember most about this season. " Regretfully, the Bruins wouldn ' t qualify for the NCAA Championships as a team, but Rankin did secure an automatic individual bid after Regionals. He single-handedly represent the team at Indiana State, and finish in 39th place (31:49.8) with Ail-American honors. Emilsson and Ramos were also recognized for their athleticism, and would be named to the Pac-10 All-Academic teams at the end of the season. Cross country was not for the faint of heart. Anyone who has endured it will testify that it was a long and arduous journey to the finish line. Reestablishing a rich tradition of distance running at UCLA will likewise take time, and a lot of sweat. At least we ' re on the right track, bl 2 n -i o n o " S3 This past season, Lady Bruins running cross country learned all too well that hard work doesn ' t always pay off as expected. Suffering a tragic breakdown at the NCAA Cross Country Championships - held at Indiana State University ' s Wabash Valley Family Sports Center - the team placed 27th (out of 31 squads) after placing seventh the previous season. Third-ranked Colorado took the team title, while Duke and Providence placed second and third, respectively. Despite efforts by extraordinary distance runners like sophomore Ashley Caldwell, who led the Lady Bruins on the 6,000 meter course, the team failed to reclaim a top-10 ranking. Needless to say, expectations weren ' t very high for a team that struggled just to qualify for the event. When asked about the team ' s performance, senior Carmen Winant explained, " This season was interesting, but in some ways it was more challenging than the last, which seemed to come so easily. The season was not exactly a success by conventional standards, but every girl on the team worked her butt off and had her heart in the right place. Every season, every team has a new dynamic and must start again; we have some great freshmen and wonderful returnees who all work so hard day in and day out. " Under the guidance of Head Coach Eric Peterson, the women ' s cross country team has advanced to the NCAA Championships for the past four consecutive seasons. According to Peterson, " There are a lot of positive signs from this season, things to build on for the future. " And while the ignorant may look to blame the setbacks on a lack of preparation, Winant was quick to disagree. " My teammates are the hardest working, most dedicated people. Racing cross country is a pretty challenging sport, and training for the races is even harder. We train for hours everyday, waking up at 6:30 in the morning to get treatment before a 7:30 workout. We do it everyday because we know that everyone else is working just as hard and hurting just as much. It is impossible to train like we do without a very strong work ethic. Sometimes it just doesn ' t come together in the way you hoped. But that ' s sports, and that ' s life. " But win or lose, these ladies found solace in learning from life ' s lessons, bl . ft C7 Above: Freshman Olga Aulet-Leon is determined to improve her time on one of her runs. The entire cross country team showed dedication ond prudence in maintaining its high standard ol excellence. Photogiophed by Scott Qwntaid, ASUCLA Phott:. Front Row: Student Trainer Robin Ward, Ashley Allen, Moribeth Buche, Lori Monn, Natalie Wbite, Talito Wells and Trainer Melissa Cox. Second Row: Sean Markus, Carmen Winont, Allison Hall, Leslie Barrie, Jenno Timinsky, Sarah West, Clair Rethmeier, Courtney Marsh and Student Trainer Mike Dillon. Back Row: Student Manager Jason Yang, Student Trainer Kris Oricio, Alice Bohannaon, Olgo Aulet-Leon, Moniko Rottienburger, Jenny Esser, Ashley Caldwell, Emily Hoigb, Alison Costello, Nostossja Hall, Anne Adams and Heod Coacb Eric Peterson. Photogrnplied by Scott Ouintard, ASUCLA Photography. o 3 CO n o n o c 3 Above: Practicing in the hot sun, sophomore Allison Costello, junior Jenno Timinsky, senior Carmen Winont, sophomore Ashley Caldwell ond junior Allison Hall sprints across Drake Stodium to build up endurance. Preparing for meets was no easy feat as they woke up to practice at 6:30 a.m. doily. Photographed by Scott Quiatord, ASUCLA Photography. Below: Freshman attacker Russell Simpkins takes careful aim before powering his shot through the net. Concentration and countless practice put the Bruins on the road to NCAA crown. Photographed by lonothon Harnish, Daily Brum. " It was definitely better beating Stanford instead of another team, since they have been such a challenge in the past. I can ' t give enough credit to our guys, they played great defense. " Joe Axelrod Senior Goalkeeper inmiL With the denial of a national championship in the previous season still fresh in their minds, the members of the 2004-2005 men ' s water polo team utilized the bitterness of defeat to produce a near-flawless season. The kings of the pool entered their first matchup against 2003 NCAA Champion Stanford with an undefeated record comprised of four straight victories. However, the upward momentum could not guarantee a win as the Bruins fell to the mighty Cardinal in a 7-6 defeat. The two Pac- 10 rivals battled two more times during the regular season, each being a heated contest with miniscule margin of victories for the respective teams. En route to the Mountan Pacific Sports Federation Championship, the team ' s performace could hardly be criticized. The regular season rotation included match-ups against Long Beach State, USC, Cal and Pepperdine, all respectable water polo programs. The team managed an unprecedented 18 game winning streak, an unheard of feat for any team. The Bruins wanted blood at the NCAA Final Four Championship series, held at Stanford ' s Avery Aquatic Center over the weekend of December 4th. The top-seeded Stanford Cardinal had eaten the Bruins for dinner during the MPSF Tournament over Thanksgiving weekend, snapping the team ' s winning streak. The men ' s team sought retribution - not just any mediocre game of revenge, but revenge in grandeur. According to senior goalkeeper Joe Axelrad, the Bruins ' season was " picture-perfect. " Not only would the team win the highly coveted NCAA championship, they would take it away from the immensely talented Cardinal, assuredly their fiercest rival. The Bruins had split their regular season meetings - two wins apiece - with the Cardinal, before meeting again in the NCAA Finals. There were no underdogs in this match up of wills, and players would rely on years of devotion to both pool and gym in order to win the contest. Under the guidance of Coach Adam Krikorian, whom Axelrad described as " a fantastic coach and also a great friend; the man who made this whole thing possible, " the Bruins answered Stanford goal for goal. Elated fans found the game tied at nine as time expired. Throughout the first overtime period, the title was up for grabs and hopes were resilient. However, it took the Bruins a second overtime period to secure the victory with a final score of 10-9. According to Axelrad, it was " definitely better beating Stanford instead of another team, since they have been such a challenge in the past. Placing a huge premium on defense is a trademark of UCLA water continued on page 177... 2 CD f a -i -a o Below: Freshman utility Justin Johnson has no problem staying afloat with the pressure provided by the Santa Cruz defense. Even in high adrenaline situations, players had t o maintain their composure. Phologiaphed by lomthan Hamish Dcik ft " 5 Front Row: Student Trainer Natalie Cirigliano, Krsto Sbutego, Cameron Smith, Matt Jacobs, Tyler Krikorian, David Pietsch, Michael March, Russell Simpkins and Josh Hewko. Second Row: Head Coach Adam Krikorian, Assistant Coach Matt Armato, Chris Allen, John Blanchette, Peter Belden, Albert Garcia, Marco Santos, Patrick Morrison, Matt Kellogg, Justin Johnson and Undergraduate Assistant Brandon Brooks. Back Row: Brett Ormsby, Thomas Foley, Ted Peck, Tim Cherry, Brad Greiner, Joseph Axelrod, Chris Pulido, Will Didinger, Logon Powell, James Palmer, Grant Zider, Brian Jacobs and Carter Brutschy. Phologiaphed by Scon Qumtoid, ASUCIA Photography. ...continued from page 175 polo. Stanford played fantastic offense, but our defense was up to the challenge. I can ' t give enough credit to our guys. We played great defense. " The Bruins returnedhomewithNCAAChampionship trophy in tow and glittery rings on their fingers. They were out for blood but got tree sap instead; it ultimately made little difference to the famished Bruins. Above: After o blocked shot ond turnover, redshirt freshman center defender Tim Cherry maneuvers through the wafer with agility and grace. Games were often fast-paced ond players were required to sprint from poolside to poolside, especially after turnovers. Photographed by Jonathan Hamish, Daily Bruin. 5 CD o_ o Above: Freshman attacker Cameron Smith propels himself out of the water to inspect the ploying field. Passes hod to be made accurately in order to secure o win. Photogmphedbylonothan Haraish, Doily Bruin. u Not just any team can have an undefeated season. This past year, women ' s water polo proved that it was not just any team. The pressure was on as they faced a season filled with high anticipation, with four returning Olympians and one of the best recruiting classes in the nation. The women ' s water polo team did not disappoint. Stealthy and lethal, its No. 1 ranking and collegiate sports reports only reinforced its superiority in the water. Perched atop rankings all season long, they blew away the competition. With tournament time of the 2004-2005 season rapidly approaching, the women ' s water polo team had yet to lose a match. Winning most of their games bv an almost embarrassingly large margin (22-0 vs. Colorado State, 20-8 vs. Arizona State), many quickly looked forward toward the NCAA Championship. However, there were several close matches that showed that the gap between the Bruins and the rest of the world was not as wide as many believed. At the Gaucho Invitational in Santa Barbara, No. 1 UCLA met face to face with last year ' s national champions, No. 2 U$C in a close match that went into two overtime periods. Although UCLA came out on top, scoring 4 goals in overtime to win the tournament, it was a closer game than the plavers would have liked to admit. Center Forward Brittney Bowlus noted, " There are definitely many great teams out there that will give us a good fight. But if we play like we all know how we play, that NCAA is ours. " A week after the Gaucho Invite, the Bruins were not going to be caught sleeping as they met up with U$C again at home. With the stands packed with fans, the game started with a quick two goals continued on page 180... Right Freshmon Utility Monique Blonchard delivers o piercingly accurate pass. Practicing the most fundamental skills was necessary, even for a team as good as the Bruins. Photogtophed by Scott Qumtatd, ASUCIA Photography. J H " On paper the team is incredible, but teams aren ' t created by talent. The key for us this year is playing together " Adorn Krikorian Head Coach Lett: Olympian senior center forward Natalie Golda takes careful aim before firing off trie gome-winning shot. An invaluable asset to tbe team, Goldo ' s deadly outside shot won mony games for the Bruins. Photogmphed by Scott Quintoid, ASUCLA Photogiaphy. $ 3 f a -i -o o_ o " 5 ...continued from page 178 by U$C in the first two minutes. However, UCLA was not discouraged as the team struck back with five goals before the half ended. The game was difficult and became aggressive near the end, as UCLA and U$C were dealt 14 and four ejections, respectively. The Bruins refused to lose on home turf, and came away with a seemingly easy victory of 11-6. As the season progressed, the team was stretched to further improve upon an essentially spotless season. With a breathtakingly talented roster, it was hard to see what there was left to do. However, Krikorian pointed out, " On paper, the team is incredible, but teams aren ' t created by talent. The key for us this year is playing together. " In his eleven years with the Bruins, Head Coach Adam Krikorian played a vital role in pushing the water polo program to success. Doubling as the head coach for the 2004 NCAA Championship men ' s water polo team, his talent did not go unnoticed, as he gained the title of Coach of the Year this past fall. As an alumni of UCLA and former captain of the water polo team, Krikorian used his experience to lead the team to the top of the standings, bl Right: Sophomore goolkeeper Emily Feher stoys on hei toes os she quickly moves to block o shot. UCLA ' s mony shutouts we e due to her impeccoble instincts. Photographed by Scott Quintotd, ASUCIA Photogtaphy. left: Junior driver Thalia Munro keeps her cool even under extreme amounts of pressure by the defense. Experience was often useful in situations like these, os the ployers looked for the perfect goal-making opportunity. Photogiaphed by Scott Quintoid, ASUCIA Photography 3 to f g_ o Front Row: Assistant Cooch Nicolle Payne, Emily Feher, Monique Blanchord, Kothryn Krumpholz, Gobrille Domanic, Nicollete Grams, Bailey Samuels ond Komaile Crowell. Second Row: Assistant Coach Maureen Flanagan, Jenna Murphy, Kelly Rulon, Jillian Kraus, Katherine Belden, Molly Cahill, Courtney Mothewson, Team Manager Rosie Correras and Student Trainer Kristine Ho. Back Row: Heod Coach Adam Krikorian, Lauren Heineck, Brittony Rowe, Katie Flonagon, Brittney Bowlus, Ambet Stochowski, Kristtna Kunkel, Kocy Kunkel, Natalie Gofda, Thalia Munro and Tahlio Ken. Ba ftf ' . W I rllilT J wwMlkli I VLv " We have tough kids who show a lot of heart and a lot of character. We hate to lose, and we ' ll fight you until the bitter end no matter what. " Jordan Farmar Point Guard Freshman Right: Senior forward Dijon Thompson drives post UC Irvine ' s Ross Schraeder toward the bucket. The only senior starter on the team, Thompson stepped up his gome by leading his team in points and rebounds, and earned All Poc-10 occolodes for his efforts. Photographed ■by lonothon Homish, Doily Bruin. m by Jacqueline Jou The start of the UCLA men ' s basketball season began on a precarious note. Uncertain of how a fresh batch of young players would perform, fans were on tenterhooks to see the incoming personalities and the tone they would set for the team this season. The recruiting class consisted of four freshmen ranked among the top-100 recruits in the nation, a gold mine that consisted of Arron Afflalo, Jordan Farmar, Lorenzo Mata and Josh Shipp. The starting lineup alone consisted of three freshmen, Affalo, Shipp, and Farmar - the first time since the 1998-1999 season that a trio of freshmen had started for UCLA. It was a questionable move that had some scratching their heads, but a gamble that paid off as the season unfolded. Much needed leadership from starting point guard Cedric Bozeman was lacking due to an early ACL injury, and Jordan Farmar fulfilled the void. The freshman class ' performance astonished UCLA basketball fans who had all but given up their basketball team going anywhere during their residence here at UCLA; the team didn ' t end up going to finals but put up a spectacularly good fight up until the first round of the NCAA Tournament against Texas Tech - the team ' s first appearance since 2002. Also surprising to some was the major role senior big man Dijon Thompson occupied to help this team settle in and take care of business. In the gut-churning game against Washington State, Thompson ' s 3-point shot in the last six seconds incited fans into a screaming frenzy and secured his place as the team ' s go-to man. The team won in overtime. A week later, Thompson scored a career high of 39 points in the game against Arizona State. The team started the season off with six consecutive non-conference victories, and went on to have a successful season that included a pair of wins over the cross-town rival Trojans. As a whole, however, the season ' s erratic yo-yo-ing record had fans gasping for breath while waiting the next dramatic turn. Games believed to be easy wins turned out to be heartbreaking losses; games thought to be hopeless became everyone ' s favorite slow-mo 3-point shot. At one point, UCLA men ' s basketball was ranked second in the Pac-10 after successful runs against both Washington teams. Coach Ben Howland, in his second season as head coach was extremely pleased with his players ' performances this season. When asked which games he thought were the most important, Coach Howland answered " They ' re all must-win games. . . the game against Cal [this season] is really the way we want to [always] play. " In the first game against U$C, Coach Howland continued on page 185... 5 CD 03 Q u- Q Right: Freshmon small forward Josh Shipp emphatically dunks the boll os Washington ' s Brandon Roy helplessly looks on. UCLA ' s come-from-behind triumph over the 1 2 Huskies was one of the most thrilling and important victories of the seoson. Photographed by Mike Winters, Daily Bruin. " 5 Front Row: Kenny Donaldson, Corey McMahon, Jason Ludwig ond Brett Toshman. Second Row: Doug Erickson, Director of Operations Chris Carlson, Assistant Coach Ernie Zeigler, Heod Coach Ben Howlond, Assistant Coach Donny Doniels, Assistant Coach Kerry Keating, Scott Gorson and Tony Spino. Back Row: Ike Williams, Janou Rubin, Quinn Hawking, DeAndre Robinson, Matt McKinney, Josiah Johnson, Ryan Hollins, Michael Fey, lorenzo Mato, Dijon Thompson, Cedric Bozeman, Arron Afflalo, Josh Shipp, Jordan Farmor, Joey Ellis ond Brian Morrison. Photographed by Scott Qointard, ASUCLA Photography. ..continued from poge 183 reflected the team had " much better zones and it made us play at a better pace and slow down a little. " The illustrious freshman point guard Jordan Farmar commented, " The team ought to execute from the beginning and the get- go. " When preparing for the second U$C game, rift with expectations and building pressures, junior center Ryan Hollins declared, " The team needs to definitely stay on the game. ..and to come out ready to play and make some intensity. " The heat had definitely been turned on and everyone was waiting to see what came out of the oven. Above: Freshman point guord Jordan Farmar blows by an astonished UC Irvine defender. Though only his first collegiate season, Farmar shouldered huge responsibility for the team ' s success, averaging over 30 minutes of playing time a game. Plwlogiopheit by lonotho liruin. CD 3 03 Q in 2. u- Q Above: Senior guard Brian Morrison takes it strong to the hole against Chicago State. With his superb defense ond deadly shooting accuracy, Morrison provided solid minutes for the Bruins off the bench. Photogiopbed by Yee-Sbing Yang, Daily Bruin. What Is to Be Done? was the pleading title of a Chernyshevsky book, which was so powerful that it roused Bolshevik leader Vladimir Lenin to spearhead the Russian Revolution of 1917. That same question lurked in the thoughts of UCLA women ' s basketball coach Kathy Olivier after sophomore standout guard Noelle Quinn, one-third of the ' Big Three ' was relegated to the sideline as a result of a serious knee injury. The solution to Olivier ' s dilemma has been far less hopeless or far more hopeful, depending upon how much more full your glass is than Lenin ' s. The Lady Bruins started the 2004-05 season with two goals in mind: keep the Pac-10 race close and wiggle their way into the post-season. There were instances in their season where an auspicious outcome to a grueling year seemed just out of paw ' s reach. Noelle Quinn, a key offensive weapon averaging 16.9 points per game, tore the cartilage in her left knee after being undercut by an Arizona Wildcat during a layup attempt. She was out so long because of the injury that she didn ' t even qualify to be ranked in minutes played per game by the conference. After a three game skid, junior guard Nikki Blue, the second-third of the ' Big Three ' , called a players ' meeting in which she implored her teammates, " Get on a winning streak. Who knows when Noelle will come back? She may not be back for the end of the Pac-10 season, she may not be back for the Pac-10 Tournament. We don ' t know. That ' s why we have to take this upon ourselves now. " And that is just what the Bruins did. Coach Olivier said, " I think we ' re in desperation mode. We are still learning how to play without one of our key players. " Indeed the Bruins were, and miraculously the notion of these hardworking women achieving continued on page 188... Right: Junior point guard Nikki Blue bottles for position ogoinst o menacing Texas defender. Blue led the Bruin squod with 6.1 assists per game and was second in scoring, averaging just over 1 6 points per game. Photogiapl Jong, Ooily Bruin. " I don ' t think we ' re in desperation mode yet ...we are still learning how to play without one of our key players. ..we are right in the g ame. " Kathy Olivier Head Coach o 3 00 Q r 2. Q Left: Junior guard Lisa Willis cruises in for on eosy loyup os her opponent looks on helplessly. One of the ' Big Three, ' Willis helped the Bruins ochieve o 16-11 record by leading the team in steals. Photogmphed by lonothan Young, Daily Bwm. ...continued from page 186 how to play without one of our key players. ..we are right in the game. " Indeed the Bruins were, and miraculously the notion of these hardworking women achieving the goals they set for themselves in the preseason did not seem as murkv. As Coach Olivier pondered what was to be done about filling in the hole of offensive firepower the injury to Quinn ' s knee created, the last third of the ' Big Three ' junior guard Lisa Willis offered this solution, " I think that ' s pretty key that we ' re out there all t he time. Coach is just going with who ' s getting it done at the time. She ' s just going with who ' s hot. " Sounds like a smart plan, bl Above: Sophomore guoid Amondo Livingston flies high to shoot over on Oregon defender. Down by four at the half, UCLA outscored the Ducks by 20 points in the second half to win the gome 70-54. Photogiaphed by Michael Sun, Daily Bium. Above: Liso Willis leods a fast break down the court in o gome against Purdue. Undecided until the last possession, the game against the 14 Boilermakers was one of the most exciting and dramatic wins of the season, • ' hotogrophed by Michael Sun, Daily Biuin. Below: Sophomoie guard Noelle Quinn alertly looks to poss the boll to o teammote foi o quick score. Despite Quinn ' s unfortunate knee injury, the team was able to stick together and to pull out clutch wins during the season. Photogtophed by Many long, Daily Siuin Front Row: Emma Tautolo, Consuelo Lezcano, Lauren Pedeisen, Stephanetta Bingly, Brittany Ringel and Amanda Livingston. Second Row: Shoina Zaidi, Julia Pitts, Nikki Blue, Ortol Oren, Sissy Pickett and Lindsey Pluimer. Bock Row: Lisa Willis and Noelle Quinn Photographed by Scott Quintatd, ASKLA Photogiophy o 3 (D 3 Q v % Q " We poured 100 plus percent into the competition. We definitely played to win. " Jennifer Sutton Junior Right: Senior Kristen Moloney concentrates on the ever-challenging bolonce beom oppmotus. The former Olympian completed her final season as a Bruin this yeor, capturing the NCAA title in both the beom and vault. Photographed 6y Thiliao, daily Bruin. $m m 1HL ■ by Ellen Park With the yester-year mantra of " The Drive for Five " successfully completed, the elite gymnasts of UCLA searched for motivation for what Coach Valerie Kondos-Field referred to as a " rebuilding season. " While the 13 members of the defending national championship team secured a place atop the preseason rankings, the departure of world-class gymnast Jamie Dantzcher left the team largely dependent upon senior Kristen Maloney and a freshmen class brimming with talent. Maloney, a former Olympian, returned to UCLA for a fifth year with the satisfying memories of her third National Championship still fresh on her mind. Her insatiable appetite for competition and camaraderie fashioned Maloney into a determined and proven leader. The accomplished athlete became the first UCLA gymnast to score a perfect 10 on all apparatus after a flawless floor routine. Maloney rounded out her UCLA career by spending the last ten weeks of the season as the top-ranked gymnast in the country. The nine-time All-American also received the honors of Sports Illustrated On Campus National Gymnast of the Year and the Honda Award, bestowed upon the top athlete in his or her respective collegiate sport. Maloney ' s poise and confidence reverberated throughout the young squad, as multiple freshmen also received a taste of national recognition. With a hefty resume in tow, 2004 Olympian Tasha Schwikert entered UCLA with weighty expectations to continue the tradition of perfection established by her departed counterparts. Schwikert ' s consistency led to her becoming the lone first-time first-team All-American, culminating with the NCAA All-Around title, one that the freshman won over her teammate and mentor Maloney. Unlike numerous other high-profile UCLA athletic entities during the 2004-2005 season, the gymnastics team was continuously expected to maintain its dominance as the top team in the country. While the poised ladies garnered rankings within the top five, they carried the winning philosophy with them to the Super Six Team Finals at Auburn, Alabama. As the concept of a three-peat became more realistic after each successfully completed event, the immaculate performance by a daunting Georgia squad derailed fervent championship hopes. H owever, the individuals poured " 100+ percent into the competition. We definitely played to win, " attested junior Jennifer Sutton. Despite the seeming underachievement by UCLA standards, a fourth- place finish was a respectable end to a consistent season. continued on poge 193... 3 3 Q ...continued from page 191 While the UCLA gymnastics team will have to cope with the departure of a decorated leader for the second year in a row, the outstanding performances by an experienced freshmen class etches a hopeful outlook for next year. As one championship run came to a close, the beginning of another sets the stage for a highly anticipated season, bl Above: Freshman Tasha Schwikert dares to jump off the beam during her difficult routine. Such poise and talent earned Schwikert first-team All-American Honors. Photogiophed by Jennifer Dwdei, Daily Bmin. O 3 a Above: Sophomore Courtney Wolker proudly displays her artistic agility during the floor exercises. Walker ' s outstanding performance helped the Bruins clinch a fourth ploce finish in the Super Six Team Finals in Alabama. Photogiophed by Jennifer Oiadei, Doily Biuin. S £8 m u " 5 On the surface, everything looked placid and serene. The silence during pre- morning made one forget that one was situated on the middle of Bruinwalk, usually the busiest and most interfering places on campus. At this time of day, however, the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life was easy to forget. At exactly 7:45 a.m., the members of the UCLA women ' s swim team leapt into the water, sending peaceful gurgles lapping alongside the swimming pool gutter. One by one, the swimmers dove into the pool from their elevated blocks, their bodies barely causing a ripple in the water. For an hour and a half, the Lady Bruins swam tirelessly, fluid machines in their element. Dedication like this was the type of " elite training for elite athletes " that Assistant Coach Greg Meehan boasted of. One had to admire the dogged determination of any UCLA athlete. The Lady Bruin swimmers were no exception. It was a tough life to beat. Wake up at 6 a.m., get to practice, get to class, get to practice, maybe a quick nap, get to weight training, get some studying done, go home, sleep. Rinse. Wash. Repeat. But they did it. " It ' s an intensive regiment. The girls have practice Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday - two hours in the afternoon and one and a half in the morning. They also do yoga, weights, running and other training other times during the week, " Assistant Coach Greg Meehan said. Despite a brief fallout after the first half of the season in December, in January, the team easily trumped UCSD, and found themselves ranked 11th in the nation. Another two losses against Stanford and Berkeley proved to be irrelevant when in February, the Lady Brui ns decisively beat USC. Cicero has said, " Friendships make prosperity brighter, while it lightens adversity by sharing its grievances and anxieties. " In the face of intercollegiate swimming rivalry, all the girls enthusiastically cite their teammates as their greatest inspiration for doing well. Senior Kimberly Scarborough said brightly, " It takes a tremendous team effort to win. It isn ' t individual and this year we have a great group of girls. " Sophomore Isabelle Mieshen piped up, " I love being on the swim team. They ' re like a group of sisters. The team support is amazing; they support you, push you, and urge you on. " Personal stamina can only get you so far and when it doesn ' t, a great group of friends fills the glass, half full, of swimming elite faith, bl by Jacqueline ai i Lett: No omount of hydraulic force is able to deter freshman breaststtoker Nicolelte Teo from beating Sun Devil opponents. leo ond hei fellow teommates ' dedication and work ethic was the secret to their success this season. Photographed byAgota Kosmolsko, Doily Bruin. Below: Reaching for the wall, junior butterflier Kendall Butler is a formidable power in the pool ogoinst Arizona State University, Butler ' s strong performance helped the Bruins achieve a 11 national ranking. Photographed by igalo Kosmolsko, Doily Bruin. CO 3 3 CD Above: With furious determination, senior Jeannette Nieto freestyles towards the finish in o win against Arizona State University. The swim team showed piudent dedication in training for the seoson by practicing several hours o day. Photographed by Agato Kosmolsko, Daily Bruin. Above: Sophomore Courtney Iverson tenses up right before the buzzer goes off in a home meet against Arizona State University. The UCLA Lody Bruins swept the top four positions in the 200 backstroke, decisively winning the meet in a 174-1 23 victory. Photographed by Agola Kosmolsko, DoilyBruin. " 5 Front Row: Soro Clark, Kristobelle Doley, Alexis Unophum, Brittony Renfrow, Amando Blong ond Paige Thompson. Second Row: Heather Peng, Jeono Fuccillo, Shellene Cotolono, Erin Ketchum, Jone Imognne ond Chiemi Yomomoto. Third Row: Kotherine Wong, Kendall Butler, Kim Scarborough, Liz Keoting, Jeonnette Nieto, Kim Vondenberg, Jonine Shock ond Undergraduate Assistant Molin Svohnstrom. Fourth Row: Assistant Swimming Coach Greg Meehnn, Nicolette Teo, Luiso Los-Santos, Jillian Ochs, Lindsay Jones, Isabel Miesnet, Tomaro Bal, Amy Thurman, Katie Nelson, Undergraduate Assistant Kristen Lewis ond Heod Swimming Cooch Cyndi Gallagher. Bock Row: Massage Therapist Dr. Brian Campbell, Team Manager Kirill Foyerman, Eileen Seissen, Kellin Chotfield, Shannon Hockett, Melisso Miller, Courtney Iversen, Kobe Arnold and Heod Diving Cooch Tom Stebbins. Photographed by Scott Quintord, ASUCIA Photography. Above: With sheet determination and concentration in her eyes, junior diver Poige Thompson folds herself up and eyes the pool to prepare her entrance. Competing on the 1M and 3M boards, Thompson ' s dazzling performances were vitol to the success of this past year ' s Diving team. Photograph Courtesy ol Stephanie Sampson, UCLA Sports Information. Twisting yourself into near-pretzel formations while falling through the air is no small feat. Doing this with grace and agility and entering the water at a ramrod straight ninety-degree angle is well, nearly impossible for the majority of us. And yet the women ' s diving team managed to make it look so ridiculously easy. With only six members, this team was smaller than the average sports team. " On a team that small, you can ' t help but grow very close. We are all close friends, " admitted senior team captain Janine Strack. Strack and juniors Amanda Blong and Paige Thompson led the team with their consistently high rankings. Junior Sara Clark rounded out the upperclassmen of this talented team. At the receiving end of the baton, freshmen Brittanv Renfrow and Heather Peng also displayed enormous potential and promise. The team kicked off the season with a bang, garnering victories against UCSB and Oregon State and a fourth place finish at the Purdue Invitational, where Thompson won the 3M after a recent injury. The Bruins defeated Arizona State, but were ultimately edged out by one heart-breaking point that gave Arizona a 149-148 victory. Still, Blong dived extremely well and won both board events. The team swept the top five spots in both the 1M and 3M against UC San Diego, easily trouncing the Tritons with a score of 165-80. Despite losses to Cal and Stanford, the Lady Bruins ended their Pac-10 dual meet competition with a decisive 175.5-122.5 victory against ' $C. " This year ' s team has done a very good job of working to break through their perceived limits, " praised Coach Tom Stebbins. The team finished fourth at the Pac-10 Championships, where Blong led the Bruins with a fourth place finish on the 1M and Renfrow finished eighth on the 3M. At the NCAA Zone E Championships, Thompson placed seventh on the 1M, while Blong finished ninth on the 3M. Being a diver isn ' t the most glamorous. Divers are frequently overshadowed by the swim team and their spectacular efforts often only count for two to three events per meet. However, these divers held no grudges and took their role very seriously and humbly, giving their best at every competition and proving that the effort is more important than the result. " 3 fliMHUal Jacqueline Jou It was the best of times and it was the worst of times for the 2005 UCLA men ' s volleyball team. Seeded third coming into the NCAA Championships, the Bruins saw the national title just within their reach, until Pepperdine University came in for the kill. Al Scates, the premier volleyball coach in the nation, had the utmost faith in his team this year. It was undeniable that this year ' s Bruins were an excellent team and Pepperdine was the team to beat. In Coach Scates ' 43 year career at UCLA, complete with 18 NCAA Championship victories, 2000 to 2005 marked the largest championship drought for Coach Scates ' to date. A season plagued with multiple injuries of several key players proved to be a setback to the team. Junior Dennis Gonzales, the starting setter, was unable to play for six months due to a finger injury; junior Allan Vince was unable to jump with the full extent of his 7 " frame due to a sprained ankle; senior outside hitter Kris Kraushaar had some endurance difficulties. However, these ailments proved to be surmountable - looking at the team ' s near-pristine 26-6 record coming into the championships, this was a team that had fought hard for victories over its personal battles. Gonzales will return next year, though his absence on the court allowed freshman Gaby Acevedo to garner impressive playtime. Both Vince and Kraushaar made it to the final game, displaying impressive strength and stamina, in spite of pitfalls unbeknownst to the thousands of fans rooting for them. With a starting lineup consisting of Paul Johnson, Jonathan Acosta, Kraushaar, Acevedo and Vince, the final game was held at Pauley Pavilion before a crowd of 6,853 between the UCLA Bruins and Pepperdine Waves. The Bruins won games 2 and 3 to take a 2-1 lead, but sounds of UCLA fans ' wild cheers anticipating a victory were quickly smothered as Pepperdine took control in the deciding continued on page 200... Right: Freshman libera Tony Kei concentrates on digging the boll during the heated match-up agoinst Long Beach State. The team rose to unprecedented success with the contribution of new and talented players. Photographed by Michael Sun, Daily Bruin. I must III! m at a loss for words. People were coming up to me saying I had a good match, but we didn ' t accomplish our goal and that ' s all that matters. " Jonathan Acosta I Senior Outside Hitter 5 (D 3 o- Q Left: With intensity ond skill, senior outside bitter Jonothon Atosto sends the boll to the opposing Col Baptist University ' s court in o 3-2 showdown. The motch wos port of the seven gome winning streak that started off the season. Photographed by Gordelo Sandoval, Doily Bruin. 551 ...continued from page 1 98 game 5. Faced with increasing pressures, the Bruins made tragic hitting errors, putting themselves in a 4-0 hole from which they never recovered. In the thrilling match, Acosta made repeated kill after kill where he " played the best [he ' d] ever [played] " according to Coach Scates, with a whopping 29 kills, a personal record. At the end of the day, a heartbroken Bruin team surrendered their home court to a bevy of ecstatic Pepperdine players. It was a hard, strenuous battle to the top and the Bruins had plenty to be proud of. The prize that they had their eyes on was lost, but the challenges that the team faced in getting to the NCAA Championships were overcome. As outside hitter Kraushaar said forlornly, " It was fun. It would have been nice to get the win, though. " bl Above: Two Bruins leap up to block this Cal State Nortfiridge hitter ' s attempted spike. Like the Great of China, the Bruins ' inpenetrable defense contributed to their sterling record of 26-6. Photographec Caiciela Sandoval, Daily Btuin. Above: Sophomore opposite hitter Steve Klostermon effortlessly lifts himself off of the group and sends the ball flying across the net. The Bruin offense led to a decisive February win against Long Beach State. Photographed by Michael Sun, Daily twin. Below: Senior outside hitter Kris Kroushoor slams the boll hard to the flailing USC defense for o 3-1 victory. With eoch successive win, the teorn marched towaid the NCAA Championships, " holographed by H Front Row: Eric Choghouri, Paul George, Dennis Gonzales, Tony Ker, Jonathan Acosto ond Goby Avecedo. Second Row: Domien Scott, Gray Garrett, Brennon Prohler, Nick Scheftic, Poul Johnson, Allan Vince, Kris Kroushoor ond Steve Klostermon. Bock Row: Team Statistician Matt Susson, Assistant Coach Brian Rofer, Heod Cooch Al Scotes, Assistant Cooch Mike Seoly, Assistant Team Manager Donovan Daughtry, Head Athletic Trainer Dale Rudd, Student Trainer Tiote Salosso, Linda Lossiter ond Nancy Ishiki. ::gropbed by Scott Ouintoid, ASUCLA Pbc:: I ft) cr Q J} 5 ' There were a lot of reasons I and incidents that kept us from developing the continuity that you hope for, but they were always willing to try and make it work, they never gave up. " Andy Banachowski Head Coach Right: With determination blazing in her eyes, senior outside hitter Brittany Ringel winds up to send the boll soaring into OSU territory. Although OSU pushed the game to five matches, the Beavers were unable to triumph over the Lady Bruins. Photographed by lonolhan Homish, Daily Biuk r riM by Erica Liu Greatness rarely comes uncontested. In fact, most great figures seem almost incomplete without their testimonies of suffering and overcoming. This season presented the women ' s volleyball team with many difficulties, but the team persevered and was able to turn these into opportunities of greatness. The season started with high expectations. They were returning with five core seniors and were ranked third in the nation. But disaster struck in the form of injuries, suspensions and other unavoidable circumstances, forcing the Lady Bruins to trade stability and consistency for a different starting lineup every game. However, the demoralized Bruins did their best with the cards dealt and posted two wins against the normally challenging Arizona schools early on. The team preserved their standing against the Bay Area teams with its 47th consecutive win over Cal and a 1-3 loss to Stanford. Their second loss to Stanford was particularly devastating because they were a hair ' s breadth away from victory. Arguably, the Bruins played their best all season against USC with a Trojan blowout, but were unable to sustain their momentum. At the risk of sounding calloused and unsympathetic, something good did emerge from the misfortune. The Bruins discovered and capitalized on the full extent of the team ' s talent. Sophomore Tammy Jackson more than adequately filled the void left by super setter Krystal McFarland ' s broken ankle. Sophomore Colby Lyman and junior Nancy Barba posted game- high kills to help the Bruins snag integral victories. And amidst the chaos, senior middle blocker Brynn Murphy and senior Ail-American libero Chrissie Zartman emerged as the most consistent players of the team. Zartman captured UCLA ' s record for digs during the 2004 season. Nana Meriwether ' s blocking and Becky Green ' s team-high 32 aces rounded out the Bruin ' s arsenal. " We had a special bond that kept us going strong the whole year. We played for each other, " offered senior All-American McFarland. Going into the NCAA playoffs, the 15-seeded Bruins embarked on a maniacal spree to prove themselves and reclaim their lofty position. They captured a 3-1 victory against LMU and defeated Long Beach to reach the regional semifinals. In the biggest upset of the tournament, the Bruins defeated second ranked Penn State in four games. They ultimately fell to top- seeded Washington, but not before they pushed the hard-fought game to five sets. Although their continued on poge 205... o 3 CD CD cr Q Below: With outstretched orms, middle blockers Noncy Borbo and Brynn Murphy rise to challenge o half-heorted hit from Loyolo Morymount. Energized by o mucous home crowd, the fired up Bruins surged post LMU with o score of 3-1 to advance to the second round of the NCAA playoffs. • ' :, otogwphed by Michael Sun, My Bruin [EDUH on Front Row: Student Manager Eliona Horeczko, Becky Green, Jessica Fine, Chrissie Zartmon, Laura Kroneberger and Student Trainer Laura Newman. Second Row: Equipment Manager Barry Boyd, Brenn Larson, Colby Lyman, Tammy Jackson, Krystal McFarlond, Stocey Dominguez and Athletic Trainer Mike Dillon. Bock Row: Head Coach Andy Banochowski, Volunteer Assistant Kelly Caldwell, Rachell Johnson, Noncy Borbro, Katie Carter, Brynn Murphy, Nono Meriwether, Brittany Ringel, Heather Cullen, Assistant Cooch Kim Jagd ond Assistant Coocli Dove Fleming. Photographed by Scott Quintord, ASUCiA Photography. ..continued from page 203 endurance defied expectations for a 15-seed, they simply ran out of steam after waging their entire campaign at half strength. In the cul , it is the journey that counts. " There were a lot of reasons and incidents that kept us from developing the continuity that you hope for, but they were always willing to try and make it work, they never gave up, " acknowledged Head Coach Andy Banachowski. So even though this journey didn ' t unfold as expected, the Lady Bruins handled the situation with grace and maturity. Above: Sophomore outside hitter Becky Green stretches the extra inch to slam the ball bock into Cardinal territory. Despite the vigorous effort, the women suffered o 3-1 home game loss. Photogtopbed by Mike Winters, Doily Bwm. o 3 o_ (5 cr Q Above: Sophomore middle blocker Nona Meriwether winds up to moke o winning spike against Arizona State University. Away ond home of Pouley, UCLA claimed victory 3-0 against the Sun Devils in October contests. Photogiopbed by Agolo Kosmakka, Doily Biuin. ■$ . They began the season on a mission. After last year ' s disappointing loss in the NCAA Championship match, the UCLA men ' s tennis team wasn ' t about to let the chance for gold slip through their fingers once again. Prospects were high as the Bruins opened their season with seven consecutive shutouts over formidable opponents, such as Azusa Pacific. Led by senior Luben Pampoulov and sophomore Ben Kohlloeffel, the Bruins were able to garner straight- set victories in singles play against Pacific and sweep doubles against BYU — trends that persisted throughout the season. This was the first time since 1987 that the Bruins started a season with more than four consecutive shutouts. The Bruins ' surreal shutout streak culminated against San Diego where the athletes still managed to add to their incredibly long winning streak. Additionally, the Bruins exhibited their resiliency by dominating U$C 5-2 after a loss during the teams ' first meeting. Successive victories over the Washington Huskies and Oregon Ducks crowned the squad as the resounding champion of the Pac-10. " We ' ve had some disappointing losses, but those losses only motivated us to train harder, " elaborated senior Kris Kwinta. " I don ' t think there ' s a single person on the team who doesn ' t think about winning the NCAA title as the ultimate goal, but as the only goal. " Dominated by seasoned veterans, Head Coach Billy Martin ' s enviable roster allowed the Bruins to cope with various setbacks. Headlining the roster was Pampoulov and Kohlloeffel, both Pac-10 first team selections. Pampoulov was the Bruins ' highest ranked player, while Kohlloeffel, as the Bruins ' most consistent player, was named Pac-10 Newcomer of the Year. For doubles play, the partnership of Kwinta and senior Alberto Francis resulted in one of the best duos in the nation. While the roster was impressive, it wasn ' t the Bruins ' remarkable record or nine game winning streak that won the day. When push came to shove, and the NCAA Championship was just within reach, the perserverance and drive of the Bruins won them their first NCAA title in men ' s tennis in 21 years. The drought was finally over for UCLA tennis. Winning takes a certain desire to fight it out to the last point, even after matches have already been decided, and it was this drive that set the Bruins apart from their competition. Lett: Sophomore Beniamin Kohlloeffel stretches his left orm high in the oil to return o high-powered serve. Posting o 367 overoll singles record, Kohlletfel wos nomed Poc-10 Newcomer of the Yeor. Photographed by Pelei Voishovsky, Doily Bruin. Below: With his eyes fixed on the incoming boll, senior Chris Lorn prepares to deliver o forehand stroke. With the Bruins ' dreom of NCM title threatening to stall, Lam clinched the hard-fought match that ultimately sent Cal home ond ttie Bruins on their way to the tournament ' s sweet sixteen. Photographed by Hong Lee, Daily Bwin. 2: CD 3 Front Row: Chris Surapol, Joysen Chung, Jason Nguyen and Jeremy Drean. Second Row: Mothieu Dehoine, Kris Kwinta, Benjamin Kohlloeffel, Luben Pompoulov and Alberto Francis. Third Row: Equipment Manager Eugene Kim, George Chen, Philipp Gruendler, Chris Lam and Chris Conway. Bock Row: Teom Manager Danny Conway, Assistant Coach Joson Shet, Head Coach Billy Martin and Team Manager Gront Chen. Phologiaphed by Scott Quintard, ASUCLA Photography. " 5 |ht: Freshmon Tracy Lin carefully watches her opponent ' s every move and prepares to send the boll firing back. She teomed with senior Sarah Gregg to reach the round of 1 6 in doubles at the Wilson ITA Foil Regionals. Photographed by Peler Vorshavsky, Daily Brum HLl il4tUU Head Coach Stella Sampras Webster entered her ninth season with the Bruins this year. Under her tutelage, the team has racked up two top-10 and five top-5 finishes in the NCAA Championships and 11 players have attained Ail-American status. With an expanse of experience over the past years, Sampras Webster still succeeded in elevating the program to a new level in 2005. Sophomore Daniela Bercek, UCLA ' s undisputed star player, traveled here all the way from Novi Sad, Serbia and Montenegro. Although she had been one of the top three players in her country since she was eight, once she reached the United States, she was determined to make a name for herself. In Spring 2004, she gained recognition as one of the top players on the team. She was undefeated in the NCAA Tournament, helping the Bruins as they reached finals for the first time since 1991. Her play this season was just as outstanding, as she ended by going undefeated in her last four matches, all of them against top 10 players. With the No. 11 ranking in the nation, Bercek headed to the NCAAs to defend the doubles championship title that she won the past year. This time she took on the competition with a new partner, freshman Riza Zalameda. Seeded number four in doubles play, Sampras Webster had high expectations for the duo that won five out of six of their doubles matches. Ranked tenth in the NCAA Tournament, some doubted that UCLA would even make it past the preliminary rounds, let alone the finals. However, Bercek was confident of the team ' s abilities. " I don ' t feel any pressure, " Bercek said. " Last year, nobody- expected UCLA to get into the finals, so this year there are expectations, but we don ' t think about it. " This confidence seemed to be shared by the rest of the team as well, as they breezed through the first two rounds of NCAA Regionals. They made it look easy as they defeated Illinois State 4-0, and went on to take down Washington a day later with the same score of 4-0. With these two victories under their belt, UCLA impressively improved their record with 10 wins in their last 11 matches. Focused and ready to take on any challenge ahead of them, the Bruins started to chase down the NCAA title. Yet 2005 would not have a happy ending for women ' s tennis. The team struggled and was eliminated during sweet 16 play. With a crop of underclassrmen returning, 2006 should help women ' s tennis meet its goals, bl f 3 CO 3 3 by Ellen Park Over its past three seasons, the men ' s golf team has been successful in developing a fearsome reputation within the Pac-10 conference and on the national level as the team to beat. In previous years, Head Coach O.D. Vincent enjoyed the luxury of a stealthy arsenal comprised of nationally recognized seniors and a small pool of gifted underclassmen. This year marked a rebuilding year for the team, as four Ail-American seniors departed, leaving a roster brimming with young, yet promising talent. Criticisms and clouded outlooks about the team ' s collective immaturity dominated the pages of the season outlook literature. As a new year dawned upon the untested squad of nine, the Bruins enjoyed a home-field advantage, playing host to the season-opening Gold Rush Tournament. The tournament quieted questions rooted in the team ' s inexperience as it overcame a duel on the green with rival Stanford. Sophomore Peter Campbell came out bearing the individual crown, his final round score a low 68 (-4). While the successes of early tournament wins could prove to be detrimental to any other maturing team, the golfers ensured their humility by enduring two workouts a day. A typical schedule included a three-hour morning regimen of long drives and putting practices, a regular academic schedule and intense physical conditioning at night. Despite the exhaustion of a demanding schedule, freshman Craig Leslie agreed that these efforts " helped to build the individual athletes ' mental and physical stamina. " The discipline exhibited by each athlete aided the team in consistently placing in the top ten at tournaments throughout the season, with a 4th place Pac-10 finish ending the regular season. Particularly noteworthy was the play of the highly recruited freshman Daniel Im. Im commented, " Golfing is tough to play on a team; however, we were able to learn from each other and, additionally, represent the school and other teammates. " After establishing his presence at the Prestige Tournament mid-season, Im culminated his first year with a first- place finish at the Southern Highlands Collegiate Championship, validating the promising future that will grace UCLA men ' s golf for the next few years to come. Above: With sheer determination and concentration blazing in bis eyes, freshman Daniel Im hopes to sink another hole. Only o rookie, Im established himself as a mature leader on a roster boasting some of the best golfers in the nation. Photographed by Scon Quintaid, ASIKIA Photogiophy. f iM i it Front Row: Doniel Im, Mott Marshall, Kevin Choppell ond Craig Leslie. Second Row: Golf Operations Director Amondo Cormichael, Head Coach O.D. Vincent and Assistant Coach Tony Kewalramani. Back Row: Joakim Renstrom, Brandon Christianson, John Poucher, Peter Campbell ond Chris Heintz. Photographed by Scott Quintard, ASUCLA Photography. 5 o o o Above: Freshman Croig Leslie gracefully holds his form as he wills the ball with intent eyes to grant him a win. Leslie was one of five freshmen on the youthful golf teom. Photographed by Scott Quintard, ASUCLA Photography. Right: Under the blazing sun of the Legends Club green, junior Susie Mathews maintains the composed demeanor of a seasoned golfer as the ball meanders slowly towards the hole. At the Mason Rudolph Championships, Mathews led the Lady Bruins to o second place finish. Photographed by Scott Quintaid, ASUCIA Photography. Below: Peering into the sun, sophomore Hannah Jun concentrates on the trajectory of her boll with both anticipation ond nervousness. As a returning Ail-American, Jun was vitol in the Bruins ' efforts to defend their NCAA Championship. Photographed by Scott Quintaid, ASUCIA Photography. fW Front Row: Melissa Martin, Brionno Loyeor, Amie Cochran and Vanesso Brocket! Back Row: Hannah Jun, Golf Operations Director Amando Carmichael, Heod Cooch Carrie Forsyth, Assistant Cooch Tony Kewolramoni, Susie Mathews and Charlotte Moyorkas. Photographed by Scott Quintaid, ASUCIA Photography. WUWltii b uULr Perhaps the only thing harder than winning a national championship title is defending it. After last year ' s magical season, the Lady Bruins were ready to continue their dominance, heavily armed with golf clubs and a winning attitude. By tournament time, the team had the Pac-10 and Regional titles under its belt to provide confidence for the NCAA tournament. The Bruins garnered their first victory of the season at the Kent Youel Invitational, where they blew away the competition with a score of 859 (-5), prevailing by a resounding 19 shots. Amie Cochran, Mathews and Mayorkas captured the top three medals for the particular tournament. Coming off a sluggish fall season - by high-arching UCLA standards - the Lady Bruins perfected their stroke by clinching two vital victories early in the spring season at the Wildcat Tournament and the San Jose State Invitational. At the Wildcat tourney, which UCLA has not won in twelve years, the team edged-out host Arizona by one shot, as Mayorkas placed second individually. At the SJSU Invitational, the Lady Bruins were led by Mathews, who placed third. The team continued its winning streak by tying for first with the Sun Devils at the PING ASU Invitational. Granted, the women ' s golf team was smaller than most athletic teams; yet the athletes still managed to maintain a dominant presence due to their solid talent and strength. " One thing our team had was dedication, " Head Coach Carrie Forsyth vouched. " The girls were truly committed to being great golfers... the majority of our roster dreams of becoming stars on the LPGA tour and their work ethic is the result of such aspirations. " On such an accomplished team, Mayorkas emerged as a true leader and was poised to surpass Kay Cockerill ' s UCLA record of six career victories. Mathews also garnered her fair share of tourney wins while Cochran established herself as a force to be reckoned with, while just completing one year of play. The Lady Bruins were held to high expectations which kept them busy all season. With ample titles to defend and records to break, in true Bruin spirit, the team did not disappoint. As the grass clumps flew and dimpled white balls soared, this past season indicated that the team was just getting warmed up. ' This team was amazing. . .the amount of talent that was here was unheard of, " Mayorkas confirmed. " And I think that this is just the beginning of a Bruin golf dynasty. " bl 3 O o hiulMulI by Jaya Gupta The men ' s track and field team was still a work-in-progress by midseason according to the standards of freshman sprinter Kevin Ahlstrom and freshman hurdler Jason Eiker-Wiles. The Bruins plummeted in the collegiate rankings, falling from a respectable No. 11 in late February to No. 22 in May. Despite the return of five Ail-Americans from the previous season, the addition of a 2004 Olympian and an arsenal of strong freshmen, the collegiate sports pundits just could not make up their minds as where to place the men ' s team within the mix of elite NCAA track and field programs. The Bruins, however, knew just what they had to do in order to garner expected victories. Ahlstrom ' s midseason reflection upon the team ' s status revealed much hope for success. " It ' s been going pretty well. Not everyone had achieved their goals thus far, but we have the Pac- 10 Championships coming up so there ' s much to be expected, " Ahlstrom said. Indeed, students and coaches alike were expecting the 52 sprinters, pole vaulters, distance runners, hurdlers, jumpers and throwers to continue last year ' s success as Pac-10 Champions. With athletes such as Ail-American Rankin, who led the Bruins t o a victory over U$C on April 30th, and fifth year pole vaulter Yoo Kim, an Olympian and two-time All-American, the men ' s team touted a number of high-caliber athletes. The impressive leadership of the track team led the Bruins to a second-half resurrection as the squad ignored its rankings and continued to forge ahead on to the Pac-10 continued on page 216... Above: Senioi Denye Versher gets o funning start as he receives the baton during the 400 meter relay race. The Bruin squad, composed of Versher, senior Mario Bassani, junior Craig Everhart and sophomore Brandon Johnson, placed fourth out of nine at the Poc-1 Championships. Photographed by Jonathan Hamish, Daily Bruin. ' We have a chance if everyone reaches their potential. Especially with the emergence of senior distance runner Jon Rankin, we definitely have a great shot. " Jason Eiker-Wiles Freshman Hurdler Left: Senior distance runner Jon Rankin races to a win in the 1 500 meter race at the Pac- 10 Championships at Drake Stadium. More impressively, Rankin broke the four-minute mile with a time of 3:57.89 at the Rafer Johnson Jackie Joyner-Kersee Invitational, becoming only the third Bruin to have ever done so. Photographed by Peter Vaishovsky, Daily Brum. 5 CD Q o Q 3 Cl. cp_ u ...continued from page 214 Championships. On the opening day of the contest, Yoo Kim swept the pole vaulting competition with his best jump of the season. On the final day, Rankin displayed his distance prowess as he easily took helm of the 1500m race. Hurdler Brandon Johnson won his speciality, the 400m, as the Bruins rounded out the competition with a second-place finish overall. Glimmers of greatness emerged as athletes shaved seconds off their personal bests, set new records and edged out tough competition. The team responded to a second wind, as promising results set the stage for high expectations, potentially bringing the NCAA Championship back to Westwood. bl Above: Senior pole vaulter Yoo Kim firmly plonts his pole os he prepares to moke his leop. Kim competed for his home country with the South Korean team in the 2004 Athens Olympics. Photographed by loyce Un, daily Bruin. Above: Oblivious to the other runners, freshman distance runner Kyle Shockleton concentrates on the finish line, willing his fatigued body to conquer the lost stretch. Also competing in cross country and indoor track, distance runners like Shockleton were kept on a rigorous competition schedule year round. Photographed by Michael Sun, Doily Bruin. t 9i « is t I ' t i« it it? ?,,! ' • .%t ' ■t e .f f st e to $ ty 9 1 9 i t ■■} si« . Jy Front Row: Drew Shacklefon, Kyle Shockleton, Chris Dunbar, Matt Stollenwerk, Jon Ronkin, Craig Everhart, Jeff Jacobs, Toimur Khan, James Rhoades, Chadwick Dunn and Mike Haddan. Second Row: Coach Anthony Curran, David Shipp, Micky Cobtin, Mart Willis, Corey Matthews, Ben Arogon, Austin Ramos, Brandon Johnson, Jason Eiker-Wiles, Demerre Howard, Phillip Harr, Jonothan Williams, Matt Bruno and Zock Spire, third Row: Coach Eric Peterson, Jason Yang, Zock Miller, Dove Murphy, Nick De Felice, Erik Emilsson, Mattel Munguio, Morio Bossoni, Dustin DeLeo, Ely Dial, Joson Rider, John Caulfield, Joke Knight, Boldiszor Kocsor, Andrew Ninow, Mike Elbogen, Coach Tony Veney and Head Coach Art Venegas. Bock Row: Cooch Robert Johnson, David Shortenhaus, Mike londers, Chris Merriweather, Michael Johnson, Jr., Joel Tuosto, Anthony Golston, Kevin Ahlstrom, Yoo Kim, Josh Rider, Greg Garza, Voche Sevojion, Jeremy Silverman, Mott Reuter, Dominique Easterling, Chauncee Smith, Denye Versher and Casey Thorn. Photographed by Scott Qumtard, ASUCIA Photography. V eat Above: Motionlessly anticipating the starting shot, distance runners junior Nick De Felice, senior Jon Ronkin and freshmon Drew Shockleton direct their unwavering focus on the long stretch of track immediately in front of them. A veteran distance runner and teom leoder, Rankin wos cruciol in the squod ' s narrow victory over cross-town rival, USC. Photographed by Joyce Lia, Doily Bruin. 2: a 3 Q n a 3 Q- i i T On a typically sweltering afternoon in June, the Lady Bruins battled the fierce competition of the nation ' s elite track and field squads at the NCAA Women ' s Outdoor Track and Field Championships. Nearing the home stretch of an arduous season, the defense of the national crown turned out to be the final test for the team before the end of the 2004-05 season. The Bruin squad came into the championships ranked second in the nation with an arsenal of major talent on hand, namely senior 200- and 400-meter sprinter Monique Henderson, a gold medalist at the 2004 Olympics. However, qualifications for event competition proved to be a daunting preliminary hurdle for the Bruins, as only eight competitors qualified to participate in the meet, in comparison to last season ' s fifteen. The 2004-05 contingent was the smallest UCLA sent to the championships in nearly a decade. In spite of the early obstacles, Coach Jeanette Bolden maintained a positive outlook by saying, " I ' ve told them all along, ' Don ' t look at the quantity of athletes we ' re sending. Look at the quality. Even though we don ' t have as many athletes as last year, we ' re sending more No. Is than we ever have before. " Indeed, the Bruin contingent showed promise through its high-caliber athletes, namely Henderson, shot-putter Jessica Cosby, long-jumper Candice Baucham and pole-vaulter Chelsea Johnson. This group catapulted the squad into NCAA title contention. The season was a difficult one for the Bruins. To qualify for a shot at the collegiate championship, the stellar athletes were forced to carry high hopes on their shoulders at Oregon ' s Hay ward Field. Despite weather problems, and Cosby ' s debilitating respiratory ailments, the squad successfully endured the continued on page 220... Right: Sophomore Nastassjo Holl worms up for her javelin throw. The javelin wos one of seven events making up the heptarholon competition. Photographed by Peter Vorshovsky, Doily Bruin. " Look at the quality. Even though we don ' t have as many athletes as last year, we ' re sending more No. Is than we ever have before. " Jeonette Bolden Head Coach o 3 CD Q n 75 " Q 3 Q- 9_ CL. Left: Senior Monique Henderson ' s competition is nowhere to be found os she sprints toword the finish line. Henderson won the individual NCM title in the 400 meter event. Photogmphed by Michael Sun, Daily Mm. u " 33 ...continued fiompoge 21 8 various events of the meet, procuring an impressive eight bids. However, this number was considered below optimal for national-title contention. In response Coach Bolden offered, " You always have mixed emotions after a meet like this. We had people who should make it, and they did. But you also feel for the athletes who are trying to get to that position. " Luckily, high prospects for next season offer fans more successes in the years to come. The Bruin contingent at the NCAA Women ' s Outdoor Track and Field Championships was a high- powered, high-caliber, potent group of young ladies with the same goal of showcasing the greatness of the UCLA track and tield program. Henderson and Baucham ' s record-breaking individual titles alleviated the sting of a respectable runner-up position for the team. As the athletes returned to Los Angeles with an honorable second-place finish, they set the stage for an optimistic championship run the following season, b Right: Junior Ashley Caldwell leods the pock ot the half-way mark of the 800- meter race. Caldwell could not defend het Poc-10 title in the event due to on injury. Photographed by Peter Vorshovsky Daily Bruin. _ Below: Freshmon Allison Miller gracefully contorts her body in on effort to soil over the high jump bar. The event required expert technique to odd the few inches thot seporoted first ploce from lost. Photographed by Mike Winters, Doily Bruin. M ft n jL iflff ■■.Ini A ' ft P , , r i7Tf i j ni ft A u h A f » Front Row: Alejandro Borrientos, Soroh West, Courtney Marsh, Lori Monn, Monique Henderson, Dawn Harper, MacKenzie Hill, Anne Adorns, Ingrid Kontola, Nicci Faires, Jessico White ond Jacqueline Nguyen. Second Row: Shannon Lewis, Nina Turner, Dionno Gooden, Renee Williams, Notelie White, Condice Boucham, Kyoko Guillory, Ashley Allen, Valerie Flores, Leslie Borrie, Moribeth Buche, Talita Wells, Brittany Ferguson, Kathleen Moloney, Elizabeth Woepse ond Jocquelyn Mondy. Third Row: Olgo Aulet-Leon, Kimberly Spino, Claire Rethmeier, Liso Rychel, Jolonda Diego, Roquel Borrientos, Allison Hall, Comen Winant, Jenna Timinsky, Alison Costello, Ashley Caldwell, Chelsea Johnson, Allison Miller, Meghan Jomerson, Brionno Reynolds ond Cooch Robert Johnson. Bock Row: Cooch Eric Peterson, Dona Bethel, Nostossja Hall, Alice Bohonnon, Emily Hoigh, Caroline Sommers, Jenny Esser, Monika Rothenburger, Danielle Smith, Head Cooch Jeonette Bolden, Julio Pitts, Doshanta Harris, Komoiyo Warren, Georgeo Richards, Lara Saye, Jessico Cosby, Cossie Maino ond Cooch Anthony Curron. Photographed by Scott Quintard, ASUCLA Photography. o 3 (D 3 a n a 3 Q- Q- SlMDe When the women ' s rowing team gets up to practice, the sun hasn ' t risen yet. The morning papers have not yet been delivered and Starbucks won ' t open for another hour and a half. This dedicated squad unfailingly gets up each morning, six days a week, at 5:30 am. Many people would call getting up earlier than 7 am crazy; however, to the members of the crew team, such as second year port Brittany Merchant, it ' s just part of her everyday routine. Merchant, with only two years experience, still managed to race in the second varsity eight despite the fierce competition. " It can be really taxing trying to juggle school, rowing, a job, and a social life. . . we tear our bodies apart in order to compete, but then sometimes there are moments when everyone in the boat is moving together and it ' s amazing, the team aspect of this sport is incredible. " Led by a three-time Olympian and silver medalist, Head Coach Amy Fuller Kearney, the team was well on its way to rivaling the best of the surrounding universities. Assistant Coach Bill Zack had faith in their improvement as the rowers " were essentially trained with the same techniques and physiology as the national team and the Olympic team. " Granted NCAA status only four years ago, the program made major strides, last year finishing seventh overall in the Pac-10. With an astounding 16 members returning to row varsity and 23 novices, the team had nowhere to go but up as it showed improvement all around, cutting times in each race it was faced with. In their first regatta of the season, versus Loyola Marymount and UC Irvine, the Bruins easily captured the Karen Hock-Hjelm Cup for the third consecutive year. UCLA gritted its teeth and pulled harder than ever as it swept both teams to win in the second varsity eight, the varsity four, the novice eight and the open eight. Unfortunately, not all races were to be that easy of a feat. No. 14 U$C proved to be difficult competition as UCLA went home with second place honors. The races were amazingly close, as UCLA ' s second varsity eight tied U$C and the varsity eight lost by a mere 2.6 seconds, a major improvement when compared to last year ' s ten. Even with the loss, Kearney had faith in the team ' s ability and looked toward the Pac-10 Championships with the insight of the team having, " improved dramatically every season. We will not stop until we are nationally ranked and competing for the top spot annually. " bl Above: The aew teom rows in synchronized perfection os they compete ot the waters of beautiful Marina Del Roy. Long practices day and night ensured that every movement was almost second nature. Photogroh Courtesy of Kristin Beck, UCLA Sports Information. . W r - w m. m •mmmmmmmmA Front Row: Alexandra Bonis, Francesco Chang, Emina Ong, Kirsten Potenzo, Megan McQuown and Kirsten Triemstra. Second Row: Sarah Lombardo, Stacy Yudin, Nicole Lundholm, Leah Wochtel, Jessica Meredith, Erin Rice and Emily Gibson. Third Row: Bailey Blosser, Christina Fan, Melanie Salter, Jessica Fritz, Liz Pallas-Jacobs, Joclyn Roewe, Jessica Rogers and Kristin Bixel. Fourth Row: Moida Habibovic, Shadio Ghoneim, Erin Haggerty, Lauren Hamann, Elizabeth Felter, Alexis Kalionzes, Clara Cartwright, Heather Whitney and Andrea Wesolowshi. Fifth Row: Assistant Coach Ashley Peterson, Mottison Posion, Lauren Paschen, Elizabeth Herron, Monica Grova, Kelsey Hicks, Heather Montelerone, Kathryn Guerrero, Amanda Van Goethen, Amanda Luke and Assistant Coach Guillermo Lemus. Bock Row: Assistant Coach Bill Zack, Jackie Langlois, Sarah Miller, Audrey Kuo, Kotherine Voughan, Annie Danielson, Kathryn Green, Kirsten Moore, Brittany Merchant, Anna Lindel, Elizabeth Lee, Jessica Holt, Patricia Oudziec, Erika Roby and Head Cooch Amy Fuller Kearney. Photographed by Scott Quintard, ASUCLA Photography. ESEl l 73 O 3 CO Above: Elizabeth Lee, Jessica Rogers and Monica Grova concentrate and push through their exhaustion in order to keep a steady rhythm. Gliding through the woter, rowing often looked easier than in reality. Photograph Courtesy ol Kristin Beck, Sports information. u 1 " We ' re still a young team... It ' s just a matter of going out there and playing harder to get back on the right track. " Hector Ambriz Sophomore Pitcher Right: Junior infielder Nolan Rouse stands poised ot the plote, ready to pummel the next pitch thrown his way. As hitting percentage wasn ' t necessarily o strong point this season, the team resorted to strong defensive ploy to pull out victories throughout the season. holographed by hyloi London, Doily Bruin. ■ frinqirj by Ellen Park This season was one of new beginnings and transitions, including new leadership in the form of Head Coach John Savage and an almost completely new starting lineup. Despite these obstacles, the baseball team maintained its positive attitude and converted the stacked odds into opportunities for improvement. The Bruins initially blew away skeptics when they dominated 7-4 in their season-opening game against Cal Poly and went two for three against Fresno State with only 3 returning starters. Against Riverside, the Bruin squad thoroughly demolished the Highlanders for a 17-0 shutout. This was the Bruins ' most inbalanced shutout since 1983. By pulling off a come from behind upset against Northridge for a 5-4 win, the Bruins set an impressive foundation for the remainder of the season. Sophomore Hector Ambriz pitched a complete game shutout for a 9-0 win over Pacific; however, Ambritz ' inability to completely sweep the series foretold of more challenges to come. After their initial runaway success, the Bruins fell into a slump, aggravated by losses to Oklahoma and Cal State Fullerton. Although junior Brett McMillan ' s grand slam in the first inning gave the Bruins a commanding lead against Texas A M, the Bruins were unable to sustain the momentum. The Bruins embarked on a seemingly endless 17-game losing streak, with each game exposing the lack of experience of the majority of the team ' s lineup. The Bruins were finally able to recollect themselves as they barely topped the Gauchos of UCSB 9-8. Following more disheartening losses to both Arizona and Arizona State, the Bruins were able to trounce UCI 3-1 with superior pitching and defense. Against Cal, senior pitcher Bryan Beck provided one of the few highlights of the latter part of the season, as he tied his career high of seven strike-outs. However, the Bruins ended this feat on a sour note by managing to snag only one win in the series. Within a team teeming with immaturity, the few experienced Bruins stepped up to guide the squad by maintaining its sense of infallible optimism. " We ' re still a young team, " acknowledged Ambriz, " It ' s just a matter of going out there and playing harder to get back on the right track. " In the midst of struggles and frustrations, Ambriz emerged as the Bruins ' top pitcher and a pillar of consistency. With 20 runs and five homeruns, junior first baseman Brett McMillan also was a solid presence for the wavering Bruins. Sophomore outfielder Will Penniall contributed with team-high hits and steals, while fellow sophomore Brant Rustich pitched several key matches, continued on page 227... CO Q fl O " Q Below: Sophomore outfielder Will Pennioll dives into second under the tag of the University of Pacific shoctshop. Penniall led the team in hits and steals, and was one of the primary reasons for the team ' s resilience this spring. Photographed by Peter Varshovsky Daily Bruin. " S3 Front Row: Bront Rustich, Michael Metzget, Sam Roy, Kevin Conlin, Sean Smith, Adorn Simon, Tommy Lonsdon, Jonathan Medici, Kevin Brophy and Will Pennioll. Second Row: Parker Honks, Jarrad Poge, Kris Kosorjion, Chris Jensen, Aoton Motkel, Hector Ambriz, Nolan Rouse, Matt Shorp, Chris Oenove, Don Miltenberget, Leandro Oottario, Paul Oseguera and Sean Carpenter. Third Row: Anthony Normon, Josh Roenicke, Garrett White, Scott Bottermon, Bront Rustich, Jason Zinser, Bryon Beck, Brett McMillan, Brendan Lafferty, Daniel Reid, Brian Schroedet and Eric Taylor. Back Row: Student Athletic Trainer Melissa Cox, Team Manoger Kyle Waldie, Equipment Manager Barry Boyd, Staff Athletic Trainer Mark Schoen, Assistant Cooch Pot Shine, Heod Coach John Savage, Assistant Cooch Matt Jones, Assistant Coach Brian Green, Team Manager Alex Kocol, Student Athletic Trainer Christina Soad and Student Athletic Trainer Christine Soohoo. Photogmphed by Scott Quintard, ASUCLA Photography. ...continued from poge 225 including an upset over Cal State Northridge. Throughout the chaotic ups and downs of the season, the one constant that buoyed the Bruins back from the depths of despair was their unfailing optimism. Even though their efforts didn ' t always translate into wins, they didn ' t go unnoticed. " It has been a tough season, " admitted Savage, " But the team worked extremely hard through difficult times and we ' re looking to the future. " bl B8 ' Q a Q Above: Sophomore pitcher Brant Rustich hurls o loser post o Col Poly opponent. Rustich helped the Bruin couse by posting the second lowest number of hits by a starting pitcher on the teom. Photographed by Jaylot London, Oaily Brum. Above: Junior outfielder Jonod Poge rounds the hoses to odd onother run to the Bruin totol. Poge showed his outstanding athleticism by competing on both the football and baseboll teams this year ond wos considered o prime prospect in the MLB draft. Photographed by Pete: Vorshovsky, Doily Bruin. by Erica Liu u Fresh off back-to-back championship seasons, the thought of a three-peat constantly lurked in the back of the minds of all UCLA Softball pundits. A smooth path to the championship was not the strategy of the 2005 squad, however. The UCLA Softball team took on the season one game at a time, and the patience paid off. Most teams are apologetic about their first games, offering explanations such as the need to adjust, lack of an adequate warm up period, or the addition of new players. However, the Lady Bruins went into their season opener against UC Santa Barbara with no apologies and quickly proceeded to overpower the Gauchos 14-2. Their first real test of the season came from Georgia, but even the Bulldogs were no match against freshman pitcher Anjelica Seidell ' s complete game shutouts in two of the three games. Against the Texas Longhorns, the Lady Bruins faltered and ultimately dropped the match 3-0. In the Bingham Toyota Bulldog Classic, the Lady Bruins won five of their six games, with Selden pitching consecutive no-hitters over St. John ' s and Fresno State. Freshman utility Krista Colburn manned the mound for her first collegiate game against Iowa State and didn ' t disappoint, throwing a four-hit, nine-strikeout shutout. In their Pac-10 opener, the Bruins dropped three games in Oregon, but came back with a 2-1 win over the Cal Bears. Sophomores shortstop Jodie Legaspi and outfielder Tara Henry provided a critical defense, while Legaspi also brought the offense. " Our record shows that we ' re a streaky team, but I don ' t think we are, " reasoned junior second baseman Caitlin Benyi. " One or two bounces the other way and we ' re right back into it. " With the urgency intensifying, the Bruin Softball team that advanced into postseason exhibited none of the on-off inconsistencies that had marred its regular season. The women opened the tournament with a 6-1 victory over LMU and posted two victories over Cal State Fullerton and UNLV to move on to the Super Regionals, with Selden striking out 46 hitters. Hosting the Super Regionals, the Lady Bruins dropped one game to Georgia, but redeemed themselves to advance to the college world series. " This team experienced such humility with our challenges early in the season, but I ' m impressed with their resiliency and vigor, " praised Head Coach Sue Enquist. " We went into post season with a wealth of experience. " That experience was not limited to veterans, as the NCAA Tournament revealed. Instead of missing their departed seniors, the Bruins again put their faith in Selden, who had yet to continued on page 230... fim " Our records show that we ' re a streaky team, but I don ' t think we are. One or two bounces the other way and we ' re right back into it. " Coitlin Benyi Junior Second Baseman o cr Q Left Poised ond reody, junior third bosemon Andrea Duran prepares to swing before a boisterous crowd in UCLA ' s newly refurnished Easton Stadium. In the tournament-deciding gome of the Women ' s Collge World Series, Duran went 2-for-3, but was unable to lead the Bruins to victory. Phologmphed by Petei Voishovsky, Daily Bmin. " S3 ...continued from poge 228 dissapoint. The rookie delivered in record fashion, finishing the series with two shutouts and the season with a total of 485 strikeouts, the most by any softhall player in UCLA history. While Selden ' s efforts managed to help the Bruins topple Cal, Tennessee and Texas, the Michigan Wolverines possed a bigger challenge to the overworked Bruins in the final series of the Women ' s College World Series. After two games, each squad had managed one win. The third game came down to extra innings, and in the end, the Wolverine howl of victory stung Bruin ears. The final score of 4-1 did not reflect the strong efforts of the Bruins, and sent the squad home without the pursued third NCAA title. Though Softball had its hopes dashed in the end, even making it to the championship game was a reward for a team plagued with struggles early on. A three-peat will just have to wait three more years, bl Above: Sophomore utility Lisa Dodd prepares to return Hie ball to Hie plate for an out. Neither the Bruins nor their Texas opponent was able to score, resulting in a tie-breaker loss of 1-0. Photographed by Peter Vorshovsky. Doily Bruin. Above: Eyeing her teommate at the plate, freshman utility Krista Colburn prepares to make a dash for it. Facing Texas in the Women ' s College World Series, the Bruins avenged on earlier loss to the Longhoms with a 3-0 shutout. Photogiophed by Peter Vorshovsky, Doily Bruin. Front Row: Tora Henry, Liso Dodd, Andrea Duron, Jodie Legaspi, Danielle Peterson and Kristin Dedmon. Second Row: Shona Stewart, Anjelico Selden, Jaiso Creps, Kristo Colburn, Jen Schroeder, Michelle Turner and Emily Zaplotosch. Bock Row: Coitlin Benyi, Ashley Herrero, Assitcnt Coach Kelly Inouye-Perez, Head Coach Sue Enquist, Assistant Coach Gina Vecchione, Nicole Sondberg, Alissa Eno and Whitney Holum. Photographed by Salt Quinlord, ASUCIA Photography. o Q Above: Freshman pitcher Anjelico Selden winds up to deliver another devostoring pitch from the mound. An invaluable part of the squod, Selden ' s record breoking 485 strikeouts were good enough for second place on the Poc-1 0 ' s oil-time list of single-season records. Photographed by Peter Varshovsky, Doily Brum. - by Stefan ie Wong Often thought of as a " pseudo sport " by the ignorant masses, cheerleadingis hardly given the credit it deserves. Intense workouts, meticulous practices and high-impact games made participating on the Bruin Cheer Squad a year-long commitment. Cheerleaders displayed their strong athleticism, crucial for high- flying aerobatics that repeatedly wowed spectators. Many like second year psychobiology student Heidi Stohlman lived and breathed gymnastics since they were little. The flips and handsprings that were performed on the field came as second nature to members of the Squad, who made even the most difficult skills look easy. Jon Hua, a second year international economics student remarked, " Cheer is a big part of school tradition; we make sure that through good times and bad, fans have ample reason to be positive. " With their spirited stunts, the squad did just that, never failing to incite the crowd. The Dance Team only added fuel to the fire. Navid Moradshahi, a second year Biology student explained, " If there is one group of individuals on the sidelines that get more looks than the UCLA football team, it would have to be the Dance Team. " Members were chosen through intensive auditions, and many competed for only nine spots. Candidates were judged by their ability to perform triple turns, switch leaps and leg holds. It only got harder from there. Because it was expected to memorize over 50 routines to music from the UCLA band, along with recorded music for basketball half-time performances and competitions, the team logged countless hours practicing. Intense practices twice a day, five days a week may have kept them frantically busy, but the work paid off on the field. Both teams worked tirelessly to uphold Bruin spirit and pride, giving fans everything they could have ever asked for. bl n ' ■ " ■ " wl 1% -1 t % ' ■ i t L rv A $i IP JBI " 3 MWS H ftfi 431 BW jJXv ;ifj|l fl| ; . l l - » I H Ib I ' ■ ■ ■ ■i.. - :- -•■;. ' " ?MO Front Row: Kristen Mondino, Teelo Horn ' s, Coptoin Brittony Corbin, Amy Hughes ond Eileen Bongooil. Second Row: Ember DeStefoni, Catherine Brewer, Milly Shome ond Heidi Stohlman. Bock Row: Brondom Simpouco, Joke Ceccorelli, Joson Tsoi, Scott Nosh, Coptoin Vince Ho, Jon Huo, John Oougloss, Nothon Brown ond John Sontos. Photograph Courtesy of Michael Kockkr, UCLA Spirit Squad. ■W Front Row: Aliso Rubbone, Christy Oelp, Julie Lonier ond Jamie Nomura. Bock Row: Whitney Kirk, Kyna Richords, Coptoin Nicole Cohen, Chelsey Rice ond Brefte Markowitz. Photograph Courtesy of Michael Rockier, UCLA Spirit Squad. Left: The Cheer Squad is all smiles as they represent UCLA and the United States in the Beijing Cultural Festival Parade in China. Gravity-defying stunts such as these were perfected to shore with Bruins and foreigners alike. Pliotograph Courtesy of Brian Chan, UCLA Yell Crew. Above: Dante Teom members Julie Lanier and Christy Delp wove their pompoms in the oir, mid-routine. The Dante Team frequently performed their routines for over 50,000 people at the Rose Bowl. RfrolDgrap i Courtesy ol Brian Chan, UCIA Yell Crew. Left: Most consider it a privilege just to see John Wooden walking down the street, but to spend o day with him is on honor. This event wos just one of many where the squad teamed up with the Moscots and Yell Crew to become the foce ofUCLA. fev:. tern Chan, UCIA Yell Crew. O Q 3 n (T 5? Q 3 O 3 " D ct -1 C 1 -Q c Q Brian Chan ond Andrew Green demonstrate their intense energy levels at Cal ' s Greek Theater before the gome ogoinst the Beors. Being o member of Yell Crew required energy, creativity and a crazy sense of humor. Photograph Courtesy of Brian Chan, UCIA Yell Crew. u " 5 llliono Phirippidis, Ukuoho Oguruoodusm, Captain JT Tiongco, Irana Gomez, Julie Lazor and Yvette Frago. Photograph Courtesy of Michael Kockler, UCIA Spirit Squad. A frenzied assortment of hands fly up in the air as a crowd yells " U-C-L-A... fight, fight, fight! " Having experienced the pandemonium of Bruin athletics, you would likely recognize this cheer as none other than the infamous 8-clap. This tradition has never failed to excite fans, and who better to lead it than students themselves? This past year, Yell Crew and our mascots Joe and Josephine Bruin teamed up to make the games even crazier than usual. Third year communication studies student Andrew Green returned to the squad for another year, attributing his motivation to " the part in every one of us that wants to act moronically zany for each touchdown we score and basket we make. " The deceivingly small squad of four seemed to take that opinion to heart this year, as their crazy antics on the field captured the attention and hearts of fans each and every week. Because of their presence, each touchdown was that much more exciting, and even the most discouraging games seemed to fly by. Mascots and their playful dances gave the fans ample entertainment. Aside from taunting other mascots and cheering on the team, they also made celebrated appearances at Parent ' s Weekend, Alumni events and Dance Marathon - to name a few. In short, they were, " the Face of UCLA, " explained fourth year sociology student Jonathan Tiongco. But being a mascot wasn ' t always cool. Wearing a heavy Bruin suit during a long game in the scorching sun was sweaty work indeed. Was it all worth it in the end? Tiongco expressed feelings presumably shared by all those who had played the part of Joe and Josephine Bruin when he said, " I will never forget the thousands of screaming fans and pictures taken, the television tapings, the smiling kids and the places we traveled... it was an experience I will cherish forever. " n o n -i Below: Drum major Greg Bowser conducts the " Solid Gold Sound " of the UCLA moiching bond during one of mony holftime exhibitions. Bowser wos one of the three drum majors that lead the nearly 250- member group of spirited musicians. Photograph Courtesy ol UCLA Moiching Bond. Mornings on the IM field were followed by afternoon drumming sessions in front of Pauley Pavilion as the Band practiced tirelessly for its nationally televised Rose Bowl performance. With Gordon Henderson as director, UCLA ' s band consisted of nearly 250 members. Greg Bowser, Reesa Jones and Daniel Thomson served the prestigious roles of drum major. Being part of this illustrious group was no easy feat. Musicians went through an intense audition process in the summer, culminating in a difficult selection process. Those accepted spent two weeks prior to school starting at the proverbial band camp. Fall quarter involved two hour practices three times a week. During this time, band members learned new songs and memorized long routines. Their dedication was all the more apparent in their sacrifice of nearly every Saturday during the early part of the year. Referred to as the " Solid Gold Sound " of the Marching Band, these crowd-pleasers never ceased to raise Bruin morale during a game. Be it the fight song, the " Eight Clap, " " The Mightv Bruins, " or " Sons of Westwood, " the band encouraged the audience to participate through its musical displays. They also choreographed intricate routines, such as marching to the formation of the Olympic rings and spelling out " UCLA. " Taking part in band gave musically inclined students an impetus continued on page 239... Leah Overton, David Nichols, Jose Torices, Kelly Flickinger, Taylor Enema, Dan Smith, Jomes Charrette, Derek Koning and Paul Tinhpheng. Photogroph Courtesy ol UCLA Marching Bond. Nicole Morquez, Keith Wong, Peter Aoun, Jumy Chan, Ashley Bonner-Lyon, Halley Brown, Jennifer Sim, Emily Wong and Michoel Brown. Photogroph Courtesy ol UCLA Moiching Bond. Front Row: Marina Marquez, Elizabeth Stephenson, Megan Mugerditchion, Som Dores, Christian Diaz, Matt Mueller, Tim Almozan and Stephanie Tashiro. Bock Row: Joel Brothers, Seon Ennis, Dustin Dodds, Jason Mefford, Hilary Strong, Jon Lumpkin, Sean Davis, Patrick Green and Sean Copelond. Phologioph Courtesy of UCLA Matching Bond. Front Row: Noomi Breckon, Michelle Lee, Michelle Corns, Jennifer Vondran, Thomas Gamboo, Lauren Sanchez, Laura Seidmon and Christine Stoudt. Second Row: Philip Catbogon, Scott Sio, Keye Chen, Esther Lee, Avitol Ungar, Ellen Ho and David Levy. Back Row: Justin Jones, Jon Voufilo, Cecil Barnes, James Llamas, Brock Christian, Michael Miller, Adam Trott and Doniel Traponi. Phologioph Courtesy ol UCLA Matching Band. Front Row: Michelle Lee, Pom Felix, Daniel Ponetto, Diana Brugmon, Chris Tanja and Jeanalee Obergfell. Back Row: Jason Hyde, Cody Drabble, Justin Harvey, Evan Porzych, Bobby Leung, Desmond Stevens and Art Kerdmanee. Photogtoph Courtesy of UCLA Matching Band. Front Row: Ana Hemadez, Alina Spotoriu, Hannah Won ond Alison Teruyo. Back Row: Emily Bice, Cynthia Lomeli, Meg Millett, Joy Tseng and Melissa Westermann. Photogtoph Courtesy olUCLA Matching Band. 2 Q 3 co Q 3 Q- Thomas Doffern, Michelle Kunihito, David Badgerow, Brandon Roque, Rory Peris and Woody Tom. Phologioph Courtesy olUCLA Matching Band. Front Row: Sobrino Bunting, Lisa Coyne, Vonlin Chan, Jenny Groenboom, Sarah Hogan, Stuart Sia, Justin Lee and Chris Bold. Back Row: Kevin Cayton, Ryon Stoncil, Greg Katz, Alexis Derringron, Nicholas Bina, Travis Bennett, Zachory Okemuro and Ryan Lozorony. Not Pictured: Kevin Chan. Photograph Courtesy of UCIA Marching Band. Front Row: Soroh Vasend, Stephen Iran, Monica Seyo, Cloy Mccarter, Brett Bonakis, Aaron Aoyomo, Aditi Gobburu and Francesco Wufu. Second Row: Forrest Jones, Eric Mirowitz, Mark Painter, Sean Pawling, Michoel Chow, Doug Tillion, Joseph Felix, Nick Moreno, Patrick Brophy and Vikram Gonu. Bock Row: Ravi Sahoe and Chris Lodwig, Paul Sprague, Greg Wrench, Joshua Perisho, Stephen Perisho, Line Atkinson, Eli Gurion and Seon Enright. Photograph Courtesy ol UCIA Marching Band. " 5 Jomie Sttowbridge, Adam Summerfield, Jacob Newberry, Kenny Wood and Hann-shin Moo. Photograph Courtesy ol UCLA Marching Band. Front Row: Linda Chen, Sidney Eads lii, Tom Bergon, Dan Parrol, Shoun Doria, Jessica Yehling and Annie Chiong. Second Row: Rosemorie Lermo, Brian Suksomwong, Darren O ' Haro, Clayton Tom, Albert Chong, Gerard Convento, John Lonocker and Chris Vorgos. Third Row: Brion Rosenbaum, Brent Matsunoga, Tyson Reingold, Tom Terrell, Greg Cubbon, Adam Schell, Ted Reinert, Nathan Owen and Vivian Lee. Back Row: Bradley Nott, Don Nositka, Richard Gwo, Ben Azar, Jeff Audett, Dan Federoff, Sean Gornreiter, Gabe Cardenas, Posho Bahsoun, Ben Tellinghuisen and Joseph Lee. Not Pictured: Jock Mefford. Photograph Courtesy of UCIA Marching Band. Front Row: Alex Brown, Andrew Vega, Bethany Porter, Sharon Lee, Mindy Mcbride, Emily McCollister ond Morino Alburger. Bock Row: Lenny Burdette, Benjamin Cox, Patrick Fitzgerald, Brion Coyton, Michael Blinco, Judy Chan ond Daniel Tang. Photograph Courtesy olUOA Marching Band. Front Row: Heather Perkins, Amy Kwan, Pam Zai, Selena Sponiel, Meghan Foy, Jacqueline Ellis, Desiree Tejodo. Sirio Guiterrez, Nabeelo Virji and Katie Hanson. Second Row: Tracy Williams, Koy Soito, Vina Rothakone, Emma Sanford, Addy licea, Kristen Silverberg, Becky Claossen, Katie Wolf, Marie Schmidt, Ariele Greenfield ond Nicole Ries. Back Row: Katie Chandler-Snoddy, Faeron Meldrum-Taylor, Caitlin Nunn, Mary-Anne Schmitt, Kristen Parnell, Anthony Lowrenz, Julia Burdette, Matt Silverman, Jennifer Comstock ond Heather Peterson. Photograph Courtesy of UCIA Marching Bond. Phologmphedbyhfftm, ...continued from page 236 to pursue their passion. Second year undeclared student Daniel Smith said that, " one of the best things about band was playing songs like ' Sing Sing Sing, ' ' El Toro CalienteThe group, like many athletic teams, traveled to various parts of the country for games and competitions. In fact, the band usually made its way to Michigan, Texas, Miami, Arizona, Illinois and even hotspots like Japan and Hawaii. But East or West, cheering at home was always the best. For Smith, the practice may have been long and hectic, but being able to " jam to the drums and groove " sure made up for the toil. Band gave students the chance to make friends, participate in energy- intensive games, and travel the country. In its momentous 80th year, the legacy of the " Solid Gold Sound " would be sure to continue on through each subsequent generation of the band ' s repertoire. Q n 37 3 ' CO Q ■IIIJUJ IHUMHIllfl h mimh Right: Bodminton enthusiasts keep their eye on the birdie. The club membets enjoyed spirited matches ond heated competition in the Wooden Center. Photographed by Fei Liu. Below: The sailing club heads out to on adventure ot sea off the shores of Marina Del Rey. The club offered students a chance to test their sea legs aboard soiling vessels. Photographed by Jennifer Richardson. " 5 Front Row: Ariel Brown, Nick Lai, Brandon Roe, Zoe Brown, Mart Sirignano and Leslie Choong. Second Row: Jeremy Brandmon, Doniel Gorcio, Tony Huong, Eason Wong, Ritchie Buenvioje, Dovid Browne and Jaime Rooke. Back Row: Casey Von Dyke, Alfonso Vergoro, Brian Johansing, Pat Cheetham, Matthew Bressette, Aaron Senter and Ed Bolfierrez. Photographed by Jennifer Richardson Front Row: Juliette Jordim, Devon Rudberg, Stacy Chang, Shanto Loecker, Anna Garohan, Diano Symmes, Erin Kutoy, Kalyn Olsen, Vivianne Lee, Nino Desoi and Morion Alcid. Second Row: Michelle Lobi, Marie Sutton, Kate Woodruff, Erin Sorokin, Taryn Muchnick, Nikki Fleming, Ahn Thu Vu, Alexis Hamonn Nazaroff, Jane Jun, Emily Grossman, Tamora Peterson, Scotti Norman and Amanda Stewort. Back Row: Anna Carlstone, Lauren Palotoy, Meredith Gober, Kelly Havens, Emily Williams, Elsa Beyer, Nicole Ling, Megan Koley, Coach Alison Lee, Cooch Olivia Peterson, Coach Johanna Williams, Brittany Harrison, Erin Plonk, Jennifer Way, Nicole Derosa and Jeonnie Huong. Photographed by Jennifer Richardson. Front Row: Moriso Pineda, Ivette Castillo, Diano Tron, Aerin Cho, Camilla Uou, Erin Kane and Amy Christensen. Second Row: Meenadchi Gunonoyogom, Kelly Griffin, Jennifer Chose, Shu-Ying Org, Storlo Hashimoto ond Michelle Kwondhom. Back Row: Stuart MacDonold, Notolie Hall, Erin Murray, Dora Yung, Saerim Luciono, Maureen Fitzgerald, Yoyo Negrete, Felicia Burt ond Marni Voth. Photograph Courtesy of Women ' s Rugby Front Row: Truong Ma, Sovoeut Mom, Jason Lee, Jessica Fung, Boo Nghiem ond Michelle Tea. Second Row: Andrew Tai, Celine Ring, Sheen Lu, Lindo Mo, Crisseldo Vinluan, Minghua Nie ond Don Von. Third Row: Henry Chen, Mohit Lod, Tony Sun, Matthew Chan, Michael U, Ayo Wesfbrook, Charlene Choi, Emerald Nguyen, Anuj Khottor, Douglas Lee ond Chia-Yu Chang. Back Row: John Yeah, Alex Liu, Peter Dettoft, Jioshen You, Micheal Chov and Ernie Esser. Photographed by feiUu. Micheal Chov ond Ernie Esser. Q c o - —I CD a 3 Front Row: Kelly Rogers, Soroh Lewis ond Sue Ann Pien. Bock Row: Matt Sirignano, Christopher Cook, Boris Gutmon ond Sam Wheeler. Photographed by Jennifer Richardson. Front Row: Jeffrey Ton, Peter Kim, Suzanne Marczak, David Starkopf ond Rehul Kumar. Back Row: Ben Hardyk, Mike Roel, Morek Grzeskowiak, Ston Cheng, Kate Anderson, Ben Rofii, Ryan Brandos ond Russell Hess, Photographed by Steven liadie. Front Row: Richard White and Jeff Westsmith. Second Row: Tsuyoshi Oda, Hooman Donescmond, Oovid Rudmon, Josh Pantarotto, Josue Fuentes, Paul Giannecchini, Dominic AM, Peter Le, Maurice Bell, Alan Yomagota, Ryan Hauck ond John Schumocher. Third Row: Joel Venegos, Zack Atkins, Allen Chen, Joey Connolly, Manny Natera, Jay Scholes, Adorn Polk, Komron Mustafo ond Ryan Moore. Back Row: Yasu Tomuro, Alex Grzesik, Sean Donovan, Matt Upton-Schwartz, Jeffrey Kissel, Motthew Arata, Jarreau Tuiasosopo, Mike Hammer, Brion Ronkin, Shone Gates, Thomas Burns, James Clork, Ian Foster, Brett Jordan, Sheldon Ross, Brandon McClellon ond Justin Rosien. Not Pictured: Coaches Scott Stewart and Yuri Thomos, Motthew Draper, Christopher Pagnonelli, Sam Shohidi, Christopher Small ond Miguel Vargas. Photogiaphed by Emily Mosamitsu. " 5 Front Row: Jodine Tolentino, Kimberly Pham, Sandy Le ond Jean Laguaton. Back Row: Devin Eisher, Chung-Kyung Jo, Sean Tee and Tonal Barakat. Pbotogiaphed by Moryom host. Front Row: Madeleine Saron, Morcie Johnson ond Suson Lai. Second Row: Aaron Lynn, Chod Barber, Cosey Weaver, Kristina Tritsch and Victorio Romley. Third Row: Tok Fujito, J.J. Kaye, Goreth Thomas and Saro Harris. Bock Row: Clark Bishop, Brent Kious, Marcus George, Danny Nelson and Alejandro Rodriguez. Pbotogiaphed by Hank Friedmann. Front Row: Gory Dei, Ryan Fix, Mike Wen, Scot Pipkina, David Gorgani, Ajay Norasimha and Brandon Roe. Second Row: Jeff Choi, Justin Bell, Colin Hinde, Jason Schissel, Gabe Cohen, Shounok Porikh, Ed AAelo, Daniel Brady, Trevor Latimer, Michoel Kiyol, Ben Hood and Peter Muscat. Back Row: Jonathan Siegrist, Ben Dovis, Chris Hyde, Dovid Mazzo, Mark Adato, Toylor Curtis, Mork Liu, Raj Sohoe, Justin Hoffer, Tony Klochkov, Dove Schrenzel, Jim Corbett- Detig, Dukes McKell, Lurch Denman, Dyno DeLond ond Higbtower Harnett. Photogiaphed by Jasmin tiiku. iua Left: Peter Kim loads his arrows into his bow, a technological wonder compered to thot of Robin Hood. The archery club, while avoiding the vine swinging of the legendary bowman, still followed in his shooting footsteps. Photogiophed by Steven liodie. Below: Jeffery Ton of the orchery club takes aim ot the down-field target. The sport required both relaxed nerves and deadly accuracy. Photogiophed by Steven liodie. I Q c o- a 3 -C Front Row: Douglas Louder, Jonathan Yip, Sol Rojhoni, Spencer Fivelson, Peter Hahn, Patrick Chung, Nate Entrekin, Sam Jocobson, Kevin Lee, Jon Reed, Jeremy Gessow ond Jeffrey Hsu. Bock Row: Assistant Coach Morris Poole, Geoffrey Moore, Heod Coach Lane Jaffe, Colin Scadden, Gavin Lurie, John Shelton, Motthew Shelton, Will Madrid, Arjang Ahmodpour, Pot Wotkins, Stephon Howsepian, Alex Shen, Matt Cowan, Chris Eldemir, Garrett Peterson, Derek Scodden, Will Jun, Jimmy von Brecht, Cale Steiner, Francisco Tacliad, Assistant Coach Ben Bristow, Johnny Liao, Jesse Biroscak and Assistant Coach Tim Bott. Photographed by Emily Mosanvtsu. Front Row: Aaron Murioz, John Yeah, Sonny Luo, Zafeer Fozelbhoy, Sandra f by Nicholas Weston-Swan. r and Kristine Navarro. Photographed mmmmMsKf I P i T If 1 Y - M £1 mt ' flnri iW fcjP.- H iH I n ■ fjWII V Front Row: Patrick Miller, Paul Mocey, Rob Beeston, Leslie Wilson, Miklo Peterfy and Darren Schield. Photographed by Hudson Hou. Front Row: Rhonda Von Hasselt, Tiffany Hsu, Emilio Goncayco and Jamie Lam. Back Row: Koudai Nokagawa, Greg Schiller, Nelson A. Villacuz, Vincent Yee and Miguel Sangalong. Photographed by Hudson Hou. 3 Front Row: Jessica Lim, Victoria Lau, Ni Feng and Michelle Wong. Second Row: Amy Chou, Ropko Nonoyakkaro, Tony Tsenh, Margaret Lee, Anny Ching ond Lifen Zhu. Back Row: Dee Lowe, Don Tron, Justin Ng, Jonathan Chang, Derrick Chan, Daniel Leung, Michelle Chu and Jeffrey Chen. Not Pictured: Caroline Cheung, Danny Inkavesvanitch ond Jonet Lo. Photographed by Nicholas Weston-Swan. w Left: Certainly not o scene one would expect at the Sunset Recreation pool, kayak polo players converge on the ball during an evening match. Catching the eye of many passersby, participants included members of the community as well as students. Photographed by Nicholas Western-Swan. Below: Making sure to dig as deeply as possible to propel the boat forward, these dragon boat paddlers take a practice run around Naples Island in long Beach. Their weekly practice sessions played an integral role in competitions located in places such as Las Vegas. Photographed by Nicbolos Weston-Swon. Q c a- ? a 3 hIhv " " feg . «$ kl-m. i J IP 1M T i Br " 4 " J ,i i yp m [ ;■ ' :H$ r% ' 1 it ffiPV » r .-.- ' ■ i : 4H ' - i ■ A-: fT " - m. ■ -Ryan Abbott p. 267 -Brian Chan p. 285 -Molly Crockett p. 303 -Jasmine Lai p. 321 -Tyler Shewey p. 339 -Colleen Yorke p. 357 " When a subject becomes completely obsolete, we make it a required course. " -Peter F. Drucker tfH| After failing your first midterm, a college graduate revealed a well known, yet obscure-to-a-freshman pearl of wisdom: Cees get Degrees. After ploughing through the GE clusters, taking on that 5 unit upper division course, and topping things off with one final requirement, who really cares what the grades mean anyways. The diploma is yours whether it comes with a 2.6 or 4.0 GPA. With four years of college education behind you, there is no telling where the next four may take you. No one would have guessed four years ago that that coveted diploma was going to be signed by The Terminator, so who knows where our degrees will take us. HI £ Colleen Abel Art History Sarineh Abnoosi Political Science Psychology Jean Abou Eid Mathematics Economics Jennifer Lauren Adler English Senait Admassu Psychology Eileen Z. Aghnami Civil Engineering Farida Adot Psychobiology M aryam Afifi Biology Erich M andreza Agana Microbiologic Immunology, and Molecular Genetics History Beatriz Aguilar Political Science Sociology Cynthia Aguilar Cognitive Science Deicy Y. Aguilar Sociology Q CD 3 CQ Q M icaella Ahn World Arts and Culture Misako M . Akabori Asian Humanities Art Yasaman Alaghband Biology M ariam Alami Histonf Mabel Alavez Psychology Jose Puig Albert Psychology Marina F. Alburger Communication Studies Ernest DePaulo Alfante Political Science Tracy Lynn Algorri Communication Studies Angineh Almasi Biology Lauren Alys Almquist Middle Eastern and North African Studies Leslie J. Alvarenga Political Science Spanish Alfonso L. Ambrocio History Art History Kostandina Anagnostopoulos Psychology Suhasimi Anand Computer Science and Engineering Devon K. Anderson History Kellee Rene Anderson Juan Manuel Angeles Applied Mathematics Civil Engineering Caitlin E. Antos Political Science Shirley M. Aparicio Castrejon Psychology Johnny M. Apikian Carlos Andrew Aqui Business Economics Communication Studies Aaron A. Aquino Political Science Christopher A. Aquino Economics Benjamin A. Aragon Psychology Carlos D. Arce Rios Spanish French Erna Aridzanyan English Heather E. Arnson Theater 3 cr -i o n c Q- Lori A. Arslanian Sociology Kayo Rose Asakura Psychology Rei Asami Biochemistry Ikem J. Asimonye Communication Studies Ethnomusicology Amanuel Asmamaw Biochemistry Pui Man Bernadette Au International Development Studies Brian D. Augustyn Psychobiology Kisha Marie Auld Mathematics Applied Science Kyaw Aung Computer Science and Engineering Yalda Azarmehr Biology Temeca Latrice Babers Sociologxj Hobeom Bae Linguistics Yifei Bai Business Economics Young-mi Baik Psychobiology Brenda Dawn Bailey Management, M.B.A. Cindy P. Baj arias American Literature and Culture Claire E. Baldauf Biology Carlos C. Ballesteros Business Economics Keith Patrick Banner Political Science Yunong Angela Bao Mathematics Economics Carlos G. Barajas History American Indian Studies Jennie Lynn Barba Chemistry Justin F. Barker History Sammy M . Barkho Applied Mathematics c n w Q (D Donald Campbell Barr Brent Eugene Barrett Earl Francis Barzabal Sociologi Aerospace Engineering Psychobiology Kesha Batista Sociologi Bryan Joseph Bauerle Political Science History Randy M . Bautista Computer Science and Engineering Anna Baycher Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology Beth Lori Bayer Political Science Pierre A. Beauchamp Denise D. Beaudoin Anthropology Psychology Beatrice L. Becerra Political Science Lilit Bedjanian English Chris topher Beeckler Jinyuan Sun Bekker Eloisa M ascardo Belen Dominique Rene Bell Electrical Engineering Management, M.B.A. Sociolog] Psychology Shawna W. Benard Psychobiolog] Gina Louise Beretta Civil Engineering Allison Berkley Psychobiolog} Ana R. Bermudez History 00 » Q c n 3- Q 3 CD O Jesiis A. Bermudez Urban Planning, M.A. Charlene Bermudez Psychology Jill Z. Bernardino Anthropology Dana E. Bethel Sociology Adam H. Biederman Communication Studies Josephine F. Bigman Anthropology Tli eater Brian J. Bilford Philosophy Sociology Psychology Jennifer N. Blackwell International Development Studies Greg Z. Boger Electrical Engineering Scott Selig Bordan Spanish and Portuguese Pamela V. Borja Economics Michelle L. Bortnik Psychology Christopher V. Boudakian Biology Rudolph E. Brandes Political Science Alexandra S. Brandt Sociolog j Ana Amparo V. Bravo Psychology Sociology Alaria Brazis English Kristin Marie Brewer Psychology Mary Brewer Physics Ivon Brito Biology Albert A. Brothers Business Economics Christina N. Brown Psychology Nathan Ari Brown History Svetlana S. Bruk Psychology 1 ppvi R ■ Sy ' M L l mj Aria K. Bruss Sociologi Kekai Bryant- Williams Sociologi Jwalin K. Buch Computer Science and Engineering Lindsey C. Buck Psychology CD o c Q_ Q 7T Q 3 n Q Polly E. Bull History Jamie A. Burke Electrical Engineering Molly K. Burke Biology Steven Michael Butt Electrical Engineering Keith Michael Byers Vionna Riza C. Cabal Ivy Marie N. Cabatbat Psychology Psychobiology Biology Elizabeth A. Cairns International Development Studies French Lyndon Dexter J. Cala Ashley Marie Calingo Mechanical Engineering Psychobiology Trey Calistoga Philosophy Lindsay Erin Cameron Psychology JohnSandy La Veil Campbell, II Afro-American Studies Christine P. Canute Psychology Alvin Cao Business Economics Susan P. Caplan Sociologij Jennifer M. Cardenas English Julie Eliza Cardenas English Literature Marissa M. Card well Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics Lynette J. Carlson Psychology n o_ a n 3 " Q Heather C. Carroll Clarisse C. Casanova Magdalena Casas Art Sociology English Jeremy P. Casey Psychology Stephanie C. Casey Brian J. Cassmassi Joseph A. Castaneda Cynthia V. Castellon Microbiology, Immunology, and Classical Civilizations English History Molecular Genetics Princess May Castro Jennifer Patricia Ceci Biochemistry Communication Studies Jorge A. Ceron, Jr. Psychology Daniel Solomon Cha History Seung M. Chae Mathematics Kenneth Chaiprasert Political Science History Arvan See Wing Chan Biology Brian W. Chan Computer Science and Engineering Political Science Christy C. Chan Connie V. Chan Judy Chan Lai Lai Jodie Chan Biochemistry Sociology International Development Studies Geography Economics Mei W. Chan Geography Environmental Studies International Development Studies Sally C. Chan Biochemistn Weng Chieng Chan Business Economics Yat Hung Chan Mechanical Engineering, M.S. Q (D n Q a N Alice M. Chang Communication Studies Histon Debbie May Chang Psychobiology Grace S. Chang Asian Humanities Jonathan W. Chang Mechanical Engineering Wen Dih Chang Economics Yahan Chang Economics Yiwei Chang Biochemistry Jessica Jeninne Chapa Ethnomusicology Kellin M. Chatfield History Chin Oi Esther Chau Civil Engineering Eunice C. Chaure Comparative Literature Cindy Chavez Economics Spanish Daniela Chavez Chicana and Chicano Studies History Rosanna L. Chea Classical Civilizations Anthropology Connie Chen Economics Han-Lin Chen Mathematics Applied Science Joyce Chiehan Chen Biology Mimi Chen Electrical Engineering Sandra W. Chen Psychobiology Szu-Jou Chen Mathematics Economics Zhao Zhen Chen Economics International Area Studies Hiu-M an Cheng Economics Wendy Yin-Kei Cheng Psychobiology Anne Cheung Psychology Q N n 3- o Raymond Cheung Chantheary Chhay Civil Engineering History Lo Fung Chiang Nicholas Yoshio Ching Mathematics, M.S. Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics Wan Chi Chio Computer Science Suzanne S. Chiu Psychology Alice Kyungjin Cho Electrical Engineering Byung K. Choi Business Economics Gun Woo Choi Economics International Area Stud ies Ka Ian Choi Psychology Ki Woong Choi Applied Mathematics Matthew M. Choi Business Economics Puiyi Chong Electrical Engineering Stanley S. Chow Psychology Jonathan W. Chu Computer Science and Engineering Victor K. Chu Electrical Engineering Aiza Saldana Chua Economics There are those born to follow the paved road and those destined to wander off the beaten path. Medical student and acupuncturist by day and yoga instructor by night, Rvan Abbott has charted his own unique course by bridging interests as diverse as the east and west. From his self-concocted Integrative Medical Theory major to his role as principle investigator on a university-sponsored research project, Abbott defied the role of a typical undergraduate. His unique major enabled him to explore his dual passion for traditional western medicine and lesser-known eastern remedies while his research project studied the effects of Tai Chi and Qi Gong on tension headaches. Abbott was also concurrently enrolled as a fulltime student at Emperor ' s College, where he earned his Master ' s degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine. While Abbott maintained an astonishing 3.9 GPA at both schools, it is determination and compassion that make the doctor, not just superior academics. " Healing a patient requires more than proficiency in the techniques of medicine, " reasoned Abbott. " It requires empathy and compassion. This is the art of medicine. " Abbott ' s interest in Chinese culture extended to his enthusiasm for martial arts. Abbott actively practices Kendo, Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Xin Yi Chuan. This has given him the peace of mind necessary to maintain his chaotic lifestyle. And despite clocking over 15 hours of research per week and giving yoga lessons throughout the school year, Abbott found time to help his fellow Bruins by performing acupuncture on students at the Ashe Health Center. Working with some of the finest minds at UCLA ' s Center for East-West medicine has also helped Abbott reaffirm his medical ambitions. " Coupled with Ryan ' s remarkable talent is his admirable boldness of character. Ryan is the best raw material for a good doctor that I have seen in a long time, " praised Dr. Timothy Pan. Abbott also received the prestigious UCLA Alumni Association Distinguished Bruin Award and the Michael C. Dunn Memorial Scholarship for academic excellence. Although his numerous accolades and accomplishments leave little doubt of his abilities, it is Abbott ' s passion for uniting uncommon approaches and his desire to blaze new trails that sets him apart. Abbott believes in " doing what you love and challenging yourself " because " a passion for life will be your greatest success. " bl Article by Erica Liu Photographed by Nicholas Weston-Swan Senior of the Year Ryan Abbo,tt 267 Senior Ryan Abbott employ: eastern and western medicine m m f rfe J k f H 4 1 MKrc-»JnB; -.- j ,, A SB S I M £» L I v » rMulM Yi Chuang Mathematics Applied Science Ting-Kwan Chui Computer Science Soon Young Chun Business Economics G a- Young Chung Chemistry Yi-Tak Catherine Ru Chyi Anne Lucile Cincotta Geography Environmental Mathematics Applied Science Political Science Studies Robert J. Cioffi Electrical Engineering Matthew G. Clements Economics Michael Edward Cody Stacy Renee Collen Biochemistry Applied Mathematics Christopher A. Collins, II English n 3 " C Q 3 CO O o -i 5 " N Jolene E. Collins P sychobiologi Katherine K. Collins Political Science Psychobiologi Melissa G. Contreras American Literature and Culture Collin T. Cooney Music Tlieater Ian Patrick Cooney Political Science Kelly J. Copeland Latin American Studies, M.A. Maria Raissa Corella Psychobiology Kency Cornejo Art History Erika Corral Sociology Leslie A. Corral History Monica Cortes Psychology Peter A. Cortez Sociology Lauren Joye Costales Political Science David G. Cragg, Jr. Cognitive Science Leonardo O. Cuadrado Anthropology Ting Cui Electrical Engineering Michelle L. Cummings Civil Engineeri?ig Anne C. Cutler Communication Studies Political Science Paola F. Cutri Tlieater Leslie A. Dalziel Communication Studies Kydah Dang Chemical Engineering Sarah Jayne Daquioag Tiffany Renee Darden Mi crobiology , Immunology, and Afro-American Studies Molecular Genetics Julio E. Dardon Anthropology Sumit Datta Biochemistry Jasmin E. Datu Southeast Asian Studies General Mathematics Donovan O. Daughtry Political Science Ventzislav A. Davidoff Political Science Hanna Davoodzadeh History Laura Ann Dawson Atmospheric Sciences Rubina Davvud Psychology Histon Matthew R. De Cuffa American Literature and Culture Physiological Science Katherine L. de la Fuente Sociology Kris De La Pena Biology Daniel De La Vega Psychology Judith De Leon Psychology Shaun Patrick de Vera Mathematics of Computation Erik S. Deakyne English Ryan S. Dean Aerospace Engineering Lucila R. Debuayan Biochemistry MithiV. Del Rosario Psychology Julie A. Dela Cruz Psychobiology Romeo M unsayac Dela Cruz, Jr. Mathematics Applied Science Ryan Bolor Dela Cruz Psychobiology Mark Brian DeMann Aerospace Engineering Crystal LaShawn Denmon Psychobiology Mark W. Deppe Psychobiology Katie E. DeVore Business Economics Q- (D c o ■D Ruby E. Dewi Biochemistry Bobby Dezfuli Psychology Carolina Veronica Diaz Political Science Rodney Sean Diggs Sociology Shana M. Dines Communication Studies Sylvia S. Do Sociology Alesha S. Donoso English Tara Cecelia Drake English Justin Michael Drury Asian American Studies Brenda Duarte Psychology Andrea Mae Ducusin Political Science History Erin Elizabeth Dunlap Communication Studies Ricai do A. Duran Political Science Sociology Christopher Eddings English Shunsuke Egawa Management, M.B.A. Julie L. Elbogen Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biologi Adrian G. Elicegui Psychology Sociology Monica S. El-Masry Psychobiology Behnaz Enayati History Carley A. Engle Economics Rachel English English Allen B. Eramya Astrophysics DaniellaY. Escobar Spanish English Diana Escobedo Economics CD Rebecca Eshtiaghouri Taylor Braam Ettema Eileen S. Evangelista Sociology Physics Biology Eric C. Evangelista Sociology Jeremy Morse Evans Michael Allen Exner Political Science Chemical Engineering David C. Eze Mechanical Engineering Gina Fabrizio Psychology Jennifer N. Faitro Communication Studies Edward C. Fan Computer Science Thomas C. Fan Computer Science Joseph J. Fang Electrical Engineering Shu Farmer East Asian Studies Asian American Studies Political Science Gelareh Fassazadeh Economics Mikhail Faybyshev Biochemistry Matthew F. Feldman Biology Mikhael Felker Computer Science Elizabeth Felter Applied Mathematics Shih-Yi Andre Feng Psychology Austin Joseph Feren History Dalila Fernandez Psychology Sociology Frederick Fernandez Electrical Engineering Luke John-Paul Fernandez Anthropology Art History Neschae X. Fernando Electrical Engineering Frank D. Feska Political Science Michael James Fields Aerospace Engineering Dominic A. Filice Mechanical Engineering 3 CD o CQ Q Amita Finouzi Psychology Wesley E. Flanagan Psychology Daniel Flores Histon Evelyn Flores Psychology Jona than L. Flores Political Science Sociology Maria D. Flores Sociology Valerie M. Flores Psychology Rory David Fogarty Applied Mathematics Christine M . Fogle Omid Michael Foladi Kelsey A. Folgner Political Science History Aerospace Engineering History Shuki Daisy Fong Business Economics Steven Michael Fong Jennifer L. Fontanella Carla T. Forcadilla Jonathan Rey Fortman Sociology Sociology Sociology Microbiologi , Immunology, and Molecular Genetics Michael Fowler Political Science Sabrina Jaqueline Fox Psychobiology Yvette M. Fraga Hist on Lindsay Diane Frank Business Economics Leah Frankel Biology Kirsten Bodie Fraser Physiological Science Sarah E. Frazier Sociology Tekau M. Frere Political Science o CD o Q 3 Q_ Q Grace A. Fung Biochernistn Ho Kin Fung Psychology Mimi Fung Business Economics Robert Fung Cognitive Science Daniel R. Fynaardt Electrical Engineering Brett C. Gamble Marine Biology Joe Ryan Gamboa Maria Melisa Gandara Neuroscience Physiological Science Shirong Gao Design Media Arts Lizbeth Gaona Psychology Lizett Gaona Sociology Erika Rose Garcia Sociology ette Garcia Ani G a rib van Nare Garibyan Maria Paz Lourdes Psychology History English Garin Biology Christine C. Garity Mechanical Engineering Susan Garity Ecology, Behavior, and Evolution Marybell Garza History Srpouhi Gasparyan Biology o o o O 5 ' Q 3 a Jara Susan Gatti L,crmmi Jonathan W. Gau Japanese Gohar Gazazyan Communication Studies History Thilmin Gee Communication Studies Sociology Ryan Thomas Gerard Shiva Ghahremani Computer Science and Biology Engineering Ai tin Gharibian Political Science Taline Ghazarian Sociology Zia Gheewalla History Giovanna P. Giangregorio Psychology Wesley D. Gifford Neuroscience Nicole M. Gigante Sociology Victoria Freese Gillis Physiological Science Hilary Diane Gilman Psychobiology Eric Robert Gin Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics Shaun Ginsburg Economics Jennifer T. Glockner Psychology Anna Goldfarb Business Economics Imanoel Golshirazian Psychology Joyce M. Gomez Communication Studies Vyacheslav Gomon Applied Mathematics Physics Courtney A. Gonzales Joseph A. Gonzales Michelle M . Gonzales Psychobiology Psychology Biochemistry I o Veronica M. Gonzales Anthony Gonzalez Microbiology, Immunology, and Applied Mathematics A lolecular Genetics Jessica M. Gonzalez Nayyely J. Gonzalez Political Science Anthropology Philosophy O a a Leah M. Goodnight Psychology Kimberly D. Gooze Art Yevgeniy D. Gorbonosov Civil Engineering Cassie Teresa Gorish Mechanical Engineering Hedako Sumi Graham Nicolette M. Grams Dean Ahmad Gransar Debra Marisa Greene Sociology English Philosophy History Naira Grigoryan Economics Leqi Guan Economics John H. Grossman Management, M.B.A. Linda Siwen Guan International Development Studies Rosa Maria Guerrero American Literature and Culture Kiirsten K. Guthrie Sociology F " no one at UCU ruiill tell you whal you can and cannot do; it really is up to yoi to make the most out ol your college experience. " Senior of the Year Brian Chan I 285 He ' s got the spirit, the drive, the brains, the looks and the ail-American patriotism. Is there anything that Brian Chan doesn ' t have? As leader of the UCLA Spirit Squad, a campus tour guide and, formerly, the Interfraternity Council ' s External Vice-President, Brain Chan was Mr. UCLA. He successfully bridged the gap between north and south campus by concurrently undertaking studies in computer science and political science. He continued in effectively reaching out to fledging undergrads as a coordinator of the UCLA Orientation Program, supplemented by his position as a Resident Assistant at Rieber Hall. With the addition to his involvement in the personal growth of UCLA ' s future, Chan worked within the Department of BioEngineering and Edgerton Labs as a research assistant. As an active member in all the politics and academics that UCLA has to offer, Chan sincerely believed, " No one at UCLA will tell you what you can and cannot do; it really is up to you to make the most out of your college experience. " Throughout his UCLA career, Chan certainly strived to make the most of everything he involved himself in. While on the Interfraternity Council, Chan, as director of programming, " helped plan and implement the program ' Unspeakable Acts ' that raised awareness about issues involving sexual assault and rape. " As external vice president, he looked " to incorporate the Greek community more so into the UCLA community [by] working with USAC ' s Campus Events Commission [to help] plan and program Welcome Week 2004. " As a concerned citizen, Chan " worked together with the Office of Residential Life to educate.. .and prevent the use of alcohol for recruitment purposes. " And finally, Chan as a supporter of charities, " helped the UCLA Rock Out Battle of the Bands concert which raised over $5000 for UCLA Unicamp. " Chan ' s years at UCLA taught him how to interact successfully with other people and keep an open mind. " Coming to UCLA was definitely a shock, as I was thrown into a melting pot of different ideas and beliefs. keeping an open mind, however, I was able to refine my own values and my own belief system based on what I learned from other people. " Through his experiences, Brian has led a fruitful life in the UCLA sphere; whatever he accomplishes in the future, his success will definitely reflect the events that shaped him in these last years, bl Alexandra B. Gutierrez Jeanette Gutierrez Patricia M. Gutierrez Classics Linguistics and Spanish Psychology Ricardo Gutierrez Biology Wendy Chi-wen Gwo Electrical Engineering Lan M . Ha History Susan T. Ha Psychology Nishan Hagopian English Devin Pearson Hahn Joseph Kisung Hahn Anthropologi Biochemistry Kelly Lynn Haigh Comparative Literature English Jennifer H. Haith Political Science o c N I Q O Ai ash O. Hakhamian Anthropologic Ashkan Hakhamian Antliropologi Psychobiologi Shireen Hakim Anthropology Sylvia T. Hakopian English Anasheh Halabi Neurosciencc Glen S. Han Communication Studies Ji H. Han Sociology Seunggu J. Han Neurosciencc Rajindra S. Handapangoda Civil Engineering Nicholas J. Hangca Sociologi Donna Hanna Physiological Science Jia Qi Hao Mathematics Economics Yuka Hasegawa Political Science Mona Natalia Hassani Political Science History M ichele L. Havens Management, M.B.A. Danielle H. Hayes Political Science History Lynzie Hazan Political Science Melissa Shather Helali Neuroscience Nicole D. Herman Communication Studies Brenda J. Hermogeno Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biologi Annel Hernandez Elia Hernandez Roanel Herrera Alexandra Leigh Anthropology Sociology Anthropologx Hessenius Psychology English □ m CO Q Q I O Tori Lynn Hettinger rf Histoni Caroline Hill Linguistics and French Erika Lee Hillstead Communication Studies Rachel A. Himelstein Psychology Katia S. Hirschthal History Anthony W. Ho Management, M.B.A. Duong Vien Ho Microbiologi , Immunology, and Molecular Genetics Kristine Tadeo Ho Physiological Science Psychobiologxj Oanh Hoang Ho Psychobiologxj Patrick P. Ho Civil Engineering Yinlam Ho Business Economics Zena M. Ho Political Science Rosepui Que Hoang Linguistics Daniel H. Hoffmann Biology Yoshihiro Homma Economics Joon-hyuck Hong Japanese Julie M. Hoshizaki Psychology Aris Hovasapian Political Science Consuela Howell Sociology Taren Starr Howes English Annie Hsiao Jamie Hsiung Craig Hsu Heidi Hsu Political Science Biology Political Science History Asian American Studies o Q 3 CD X c -i a - Ming-Pey Gloria Hsu Management, M.B.A. Yu-Tien Hsu Physiological Science Catherine L. Huang Gilbert Y. C. Huang Mathematics Applied Science Management, M.B.A. May L. Huang Business Economies Sociology Amy Elizabeth Huerta Political Science History Ruby Huerta Applied Mathematics Physiological Science Beata Hung Electrical Engineering Casey Hunter Afro-American Studies Tamika L. Hunter Political Science Soojung Hur Mechanical Engineering Diane A. Hurley Civil Engineering Indy M . Hurt Geography Erik A. Hurtado Political Science History Linda J. Huversenan Psychobiology Iran Huynh Biology Joshua M . Hyman Computer Science and Engineering Samuel Ibarra, Jr. Political Science Si Wan Ieong Biochemistry Marie C. Ifurung Sociology Jason Akira Ikeda Sociology Hidehito Ikumo Music M izuki Imai Linguistics Tristen K. Inagaki Psychology Kimberly Ingrain Communication Studies Florence C. Ip Communication Studies Hanieh Iranmahboob Odimbinachi I. Iroezi Molecular, Cell, and Electrical Engineering Developmental Biology Andrea K. Isasi Psychology English Emiko Ishihana Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences Sei Ishikaua Political Science International Development Studies Lauren Jennifer Ivans Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology Ayuko A. Iverson Microbiologic Immunologic and Molecular Genetics Nadine S. Jahchan Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology Amber Jameson American Literature and Culture Mansour Jammal Biochemistry Jennifer A. Janes Matthew S. Jarman Roxana Javaheri Daniel P. Jeon Biology Communication Studies Sociology Biology History Sojung Lisa Jeon Political Science Helen S. Jeong Political Science Molly Beth Jewett Michelle C. Jhun Civil Engineering Neuroscience Jennifer A. Jimenez Physiological Science Hyun Joe Chemistry Matthew S. Johnson Physiological Science Stephen A. Johnson Microbiologic Immunology, and Molecular Genetics Q 3 ID 7S Q 3- 3 Kristy Lauren Jolstead Demond D. Jones Political Science Histon James W. Jones III Theater Justin Miles Jones Communication Studies Kelly Cameron Jones Economics Patricia Jorge Political Science Justine M . Jose Asian American Studies Darwin Levi Juarez Economics Jeannie Y. Jung Business Economics Mira Jung Applied Mathematics Yodith Kahen Sociology Josh J. Kahn Communication Studies Megan Kaley Psychobiology Asako Kameya Psychology Shana Kamrava Psychobiology Tomukatsu Kaneya Management, M.B.A. Min Seok Kang Economics International Area Studies Gary Y. Kao Electrical Engineering Maral Karagozian Sociologi International Development Studies Raffi Kassabian Political Science Communication Studies Daniel Takeo Kasuga Jacqueline M . Kehoe Biochemistry Political Science Sociologi JfrM UK " " " H Wuk cz r t i Melissa M. Kerr Englisli Pia Khiani International Development Stud ies Economics Margaret Khachikyan Economics International Area Studies Angela Khakshooy Sociology Jacqueline A. Khorasanee English Johnson Khuu Sociology Elvis Mwenda Kibiti Mechanical Engineering Anna S. Kiiveri Psychology Anthropology Arhom Kim Business Economies Catherine Esther Kim English Catherine M. Kim Art Christine-Miye Kim Communication Studies Economics Dahye Kim Biology Deborah Kim Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology Donna Y. Kim Asian Humanities Eliah K. Kim Civil Engineering Eugene Kim Mechanical Engineering Hyejin Kim Music Hyerang Kim Civil Engineering Hyojin Kim Psychobiology Jennifer Kim English Ji E. Kim Economics Joon Hee Kim Psychology Joyce Kim Sociology Kyong Kim Sociology Kyung Soon Kim Business Economics Lily Hyo-Eun Kim Communication Studies Na Jung Kim East Asian Studies Nayoung Kim Sociology Phillip Kim International Development Studies SeYoun Kim Economics Seung- Young Kim Mathematics Economies Soodong Kim Communication Studies Soweol Kim Microbiology, Imnumologi , and Molecular Genetics Stephanie Kyunghwa Kim Geography Environmental Studies Sung Soon Kim Business Economics YangHee Kim Linguistics Psychology Kyoko Kimura International Development Studies Michelle M . Kiss Political Science Anthropologij Chase Alan Kissling Biology Ashley Lauren Klein European Studies Spanish Jamie J. Kolar Psychology Sinae Ko Biology Tommy H. Koo Electrical Engineering Mary Ann Kormanak Psychobiology Robert M. Kotecki Sociology Nazo L. Koulloukian Communication Studies Anifa Krekian Biology Sharis Krekian Chemistry Hwasun Ku Biochemistry Rika Kuboaki Art History Seok Hyun Kum Mechanical Engineering Suny Kun Microbiologi , Immunology, and Molecular Genetics Gohar Kupelian Biology Sara Kuplinski Political Science Jung N. Kwak Mathematics Economics Sheila Y. Kwak International Development Studies Ada Hoi Ting Kwan Economics Ching Ching Kwok Economics Eric Chuck Kee Kwok Psychology Economics Michelle Yurie Kye Business Economics Mayuka Kyosoku Political Science ■ Erin R. Lacey Sociology Jasmine Lai Physiological Science Neuroscience Heather A. Laird Psychology Marie Kristine Lacsina Economics Sammy Yee-Lee Lai Electrical Engineering Hoi Ting Lam Linguistics m — - i - .- T ' ' 1 : - ■ $ - " N- 4 • tf S pc : Senior of the Year Molly Crockett I 303 V V I ■ I I Mnlly frnrbtt- One Rmin y Rruin Even yearwe face the mting task of selecting a se lior who best embodies the ideals of UCLA. Each of the applicants demonstrated amazing talents and accomplishments, but one stood above all the others. Her attitude, like a breath of fresh air, showcases her dedication to cultivating the many characteristics that exemplify the model Bruin. Molly Crockett entered UCLA as a freshman with a running start, focused and driven to pursue a future in the field of neuroscience. Not the typical freshman, while still in high school Crockett showed initiative when she contacted and became involved in Dr. Lieberman ' s Social Cognitive Neuroscience Lab. This opportunity allowed Crockett to not only gain experience in the field that she wanted to pursue, but to also demonstrate her astute intellect and remarkable abilities, often utilizing procedures and undertaking responsibilities usually reserved for graduate students. Yet, to describe Molly Crockett by her almost flawless 3.995 GPA and academic pursuits alone neglects the qualities that make a Bruin truly standout from the crowd. In true blue dedication to her school, Crockett was a member of the Student Alumni Association and was as highly involved with the Alumni Scholars club for all four years at UCLA, currently leading the club as President. Community service and providing scholarships for prospective students are what Crockett finds most rewarding, as she can give back to the school what it gave to her. Her selfless dedication to the UCLA community does not end there, as she also worked with the UCLA Peer Helpline, a student-run counseling hotline where she contributes her time to again help others. One of the most amazing qualities of Molly Crockett is not something that can be attributed to a single accomplishment or endeavor on her part. Rather, it is the effect that this Bruin has on all those who read of her career here at UCLA, one that is truly an inspiration to students everywhere - pushing and surpassing the limits that we associate with undergraduate education. She exemplifies the spirit of the Bruin, a constantly evolving figure, who strives not to accomplish what is simply expected or required, but rather to endeavor to a greater end which foregoes asking what must be done in favor of questioning what can be done. Expect to hear about this alum in the future; whether in the headlines, the laboratory, or the lecture hall, Molly Crockett has the capability to truly make a difference wherever she chooses to venture, bl 7 O " N Article by Ncivid Moradshahi 1 r r ' v on- V r V _j ) J Jenny T. Lam Anthropologi Judy Lam Psychology Karen K. Lam Biochemistry Linda Lam Business Economics Oanh Amanda Lam Chemistry Wing-Nok Lam East Asian Studies Asian Humanities Yan Yan Nelly Lam Biochemistry Kate Kristine Lamuik Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics Janet K. Lao Psychology Tyson Lane Larson Biology Chris Ting-Sze Lau Business Economics Fay Yin Fei Lau Economics a 0 Po Chi Vivienne Lau Sze Nga Fiona Lau Yikming Lau Jeremy James Lautan Business Economics History East Asian Studies Biochemistry Sociology Jesica Lavi Psychobiologj Nam H. Le Business Economics Jennifer Ruth Leal American Indian Studies Ahyoung Lee Chemistry Andrew Lee Ncuroscience Christina M. Lee Communication Studies Crystal J. Lee Music Cynthia Y.Lee Microbiology, Immunology Molecular Genetics Danny J. Lee Communication Erica May Lee Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology Grace B. Lee Linguistics and East Asian Languages and Cultures Grant Oyat Lee Biochemistry Han K. Lee Physics Harry S. Lee Sociology Irene Yuk-Yee Lee Economics Jin Yong Lee Sociology Jung-Hwa Lee Biology Karen Hui Ju Lee Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology Kwonjae Lee Civil Engineering Sandy FungYee Lee Biologi IS eg Sang hyun Lee Biology Sean Jinhyuk Lee Psychology Sharon Eun J. Lee Neuroscience Sharon I-Chih Lee Applied Mathematics a Sunmin Lee Psychology English Susan Sanghee Lee International Development Studies Suwan Lee Business Economics Sze Wai Lee Psychobiohgy Vincy Lee Psychology Ying Lee Economics Yoon Sang Lee Economics Daniel J. Lefler Aerospace Engineering Kristopher G. Leger Economics Nancy Leon Spanish and Linguistics Vivien W. Leong Chemical Engineering Beatrice Leung Psychology Fung Yung Leung French Karen Leung Economics Oi Lun Leung Molecular, Cell, and Developmejital Biology Sau Lai Leung Psychology Economics Zejia Leung Mathematics Economics Harold W. Lewis Communication Studies Mindy Li Economics Sum Yin Li Electrical Engineering CO to Weiying Li Ziguang Li Lisa Liang Hsin I. Liao Computer Science and Business Economics English Electrical Engineering Engineering Chinese Edbert Lie Computer Science and Engineering Nancy N. Lieu Asian Humanities Marissa Tessa Lieuw Cindy SeanYuei Lim Political Science Communication Studies Sociology Hyung Ju Lim Japanese Jintin Lim International Development Studies Sin-Young Lim Mathematics Economics Vincent J. Lim History Graduates Che-Wei Lin Psychobiology ChiaYu Lin Biology Emanuel M. Lin Computer Science Emily Chen Hsien Lin Psychobiology Gerald M. Lin Management, M.B.A. Lulu J. Lin Biology Sierra Lin Neuroscience Psychology Siu Kai Lin Psychology Melissa Linares Psychology Erika M . Lindsey Sociology Ted C. Ling Biomedical Physics, M.S. Fanny Siswanto Lioe Economics o c 5 ' Irina Litvin Computer Science Chiung-Yin Liu His to 11 Katie Liu Economics French Wei Zhi Liu Business Economics Noemi Lizarraga Economics NongYue Lo Electrical Engineering Philip Lo International Development Studies Sean Edward Lo Business Economics Tiffany Jennifer Lo Classical Civilizations Ting Ting Lo Electrical Engineering Mathematics Jean Loh Sociology Christina May Louie Applied Mathematics M aritza Loya Sociology Jo Chi Lu Biology Wanchen Lu Economics Tania Lucinian Biochemistry Jennifer Lynn Lukacs Economics Helen Luu Biology Lilian Luu Marine Biology Danielle J. Lyons Psychology Christopher MacDonald Physics Orlando M achuca Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology Adriana M aciel Psychobiology Chicana and Chicano Studies Nir Maghen Neuroscience o Q 2 Q -i XI c CO Peyman Mahdavian Economics Chau M inh Mai Psychology Francine A. Maigue World Arts and Cultures Ryan S. Malatesta Business Economics Anna Malkina Laurent Alia Mamann Sarah Marie Mamaril Alex M. Manlapaz Microbiology, Immunology, and Political Science Asian American Studies Psychobiology Molecular Genetics Sociology Renu Mann Psychology Vanessa Manolatou Political Science French Gaye Lynn Markowitz Psychology Marina Marquez English Todd M. M arquez Biology Blanca R. Martinez Political Science Eligio Martinez, Jr. Chicana and Chicano Studies History Jose Martinez Aerospace Engineering Norma I. Martinez Business Economics Roxana L. Martinez Economics Sean Martinez Management, M.B.A. Shaina Martinez Political Science Teresa M. Martinez Sociologi Milena Martinovic Film and Television Zandra Marulanda Sociologi) Emily A. Masamitsu Communication Studies 2 Q -i -Q C (D N n n g 5 " Rima Masri Philosophy Michael A. Massei I uchology Ofakipouono Mataele Biology Nicholas B. Matcheck Political Science Taylor Marie Mathews Music German Ali Mattu Asian American Studies Psychology Victor Mayorga Histonf Marshall K. Mayotte Management, M.B.A. Stephanie Mazariego Lilian Mazian David Mazza Shauna R. McClain Comparative Literature Economics Political Science Psychology English Sociology History Rachel Rose McCrary Ian M. McDonough Atmospheric, Oceanic and Cog)iitive Science Environmental Sciences Leah C. M cGowan Amber M. McKenney Psychology Linguistics Amy Ann M cNeal Asian American Studies Anthropology Brenda Kim Means Biology Juan Pablo Medina Sociology Katharine A. Meehan American Literature and Culture Michelle K. Meek English Spanish Cecilia Amy Mendoza Nursing Jose L. Mendoza English Rosa Meneses English Marie Meth English Eric Martin Michael Daniel Noah Miller History History 2 n n Q N C 3 O Kim Lee Miller Sociology Hae S. Min Psychology Soyoung Min Mathematics Suzy Tamar Minassian Biology Rena Minohara Anthwpologyj Madoka Misono Psychology Rie Miura Linguistics Tomoko Miwa Psychology Hikaru Mizuno Economics Graduates Rafi M oghadam Anahita M ohammady Kaho Stephen Mok Mathematics Economics Biochemistry Biochemistry Phoebe Mok East Asian Languages and Cultures Economics Phyvin Mok Business Economics Mi Kyoung Moon Sociolog} Geoffrey VV. Moore Joseph Richard Moore Aerospace Engineering Philosophy English Vera A. Moore Sociology Monica Moreno Political Science Sylvia R. Morgan Political Science German Mikiko Mori East Asian Studies 2: o CQ 3T Q Q_ Q 3 _ o 3 D Shirley Mori Latin American Studies Biology Dorian Moris Communication Studiet Melissa J. Morrison Flor B. Mota International Development American Literature and Culture Studies English Matt Motal Design Media Arts Melissa B. Mueller Communication Studies Jaclyn S. Munoz Ryan Michael Murphy Psychology Biochemistry Megan Laura Murray Sociology Laura F. Mustavich Applied Mathematics Zeya Myint Computer Science and Engineering Constantina K. Mylonas Economics International Area Studies Spanish Jin Sun Na Sociologi Yasaman A. Najafi Political Science Nima Najafi-Kianfar English Fumie Nakamura Communication Studies Brandon Kazuo Nakaguwa Economics Mayu Nakamura Political Science International Development Studies For senior Jasmine Lai, the concept of community has been a consistent aspect of her college career. Through her involvement with the Office of Residential Life since her sophomore year, first as a Student Health Advocate and currently as a Resident Assistant on the hill, she has certainly succeeded in " making my residents feel welcome and important. " For incoming freshmen residents, often confused and looking to make friends, her inclusive spirit was both refreshing and helpful. Yet, Lai did not limit the lines of her community ideals to the borders of the UCLA campus. Inspired in high school by a visit to the Children ' s Hospital, she witnessed first- hand both the gravity of health concerns and the impact her efforts could have on many peoples ' lives. Her personal exposure to the field of medicine inspired her to take on studies in both neuroscience and physiological science, where she has since actively pursued several volunteering opportunities to benefit the community. Nonetheless, Lai does not just participate in her activities; she creates and leads them. As the Co-founder and Chair of the March of Dimes Collegiate Council at UCLA, she personally established an organization aimed at improving the healthcare available I Senior of the Year Jasmine Lai I 321 to newborns. Additionally, she was and continues to be an active volunteer at the Student-run Mobile Clinic in West Hollywood, which provides homeless and indigent community members with medical care and social services. Her loftv3.7GPAdisplavs her exceptional performance inside the classroom; but, for Lai, college is more than numbers - it is about applving the knowledge to the real world, especiallv, through the outlets of community outreach and campus service. She has lived up to that belief, as an emergency room volunteer where she actively utilized the knowledge from her lectures. Additionally, while researching stroke intervention at the medical center, concepts from her neuroanatomy courses proved to be crucial aides in interpreting brain scans. " If excellence in academics, " explained Lai, " means applying what I have learned in my coursework to my service in the community, then I have succeeded. " Lai deserves every single honor of her hard-earned successes - but as anyone who has had the fortune to experience her endearing optimism and doubtless grace can attest, it was the community she worked to build within her accomplished five years that has been truly rewarded, bl ■ Behrouvz Namdari Psychobiology Lakshmi Narasimhan Sara Cruz Navarrette Audrey Mae Navarro Business Economics Psychology Molecular, Cell, and Political Science Developmental Biology Jessica Lyn Navarro Latin American Studies Sociology Oscar Navarro Sociology Ismael Hamad Nawfal Electrical Engineering Alex M . Nazarchuk Civil Engineering Russell A. Nazareno Mechanical Engineering Ruby M . Nazarian Sociology Shakeh Nazarian Philosophy Tamar Nazerian Political Science 3 Q- Q z c CD 3 Jennifer L. Nelson History Trent Nelson Economics Victoria E. Nelson Brian Westley Netter Chemistry Material Science Applied Mathematics Philip A. Neumann English Richard Bradley Ng Political Science Histon Diana Ngo-Vuong Asian American Studies Annie Thi Nguyen French Caren Tinh Nguyen Biology Carolyn D. Nguyen Sociology Giang Nguyen Business Economics Hoan B. Nguyen English Michael Quoc Nguyen Mathematics Applied Science NhiY. Nguyen Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics Thanh T. Nguyen Psychology Theresa Vy H. Nguyen Electrical Engineering Thi Hong Nguyen Asian American Studies Thomas B. Nguyen Biochemistry Trystan T. Nguyen Psychology Tutram Nguyen Political Science Asian American Studies Jeannette M. Nieto Political Science Christeta Victoria Nini Music History Saori Nomura French Katherine Norlander Sociology Jason M. Notario Biology Beatirce Nunez- Bellamy Political Science Communication Studies Yoshie Susan Okubo Geography Environmental Studies Niloufar Nouri- Mahdavie Biology Yuko Numajiri Asian Humanities Angie O Psychology Sohrab Ohebsion Business Economics Maria C. Nunez Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology Anthropology Maho Oishi Economics International Area Studies Minako Okumura Linguistics Danielle N. Olmstead Psychology P5 ■■■■ S9 J a23 O ' Neil Omidvar Political Science Z (Q c (t o 3 Q Emina Sebastian Ong Kimberly Anne Ong Psychobiology Economics San Maung Oo Computer Science Joseph G. Ordona Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology Patricia J. Orellana Psychology Allison V. Orjalo Business Economics Nicole Mild Orlando Sociology Lisbeth Ortega English Danielle Nicole Ortiz Sociologi Kerrie Anne O ' Shea Communication Studies Cynthia T. Otieno Moleadar, Cell, and Developmental Biology Candace Naomi Oto Psychobiologij o 3 CO Q Roy K. Ouyeng International Development Studies Muhanned Owdeh Mechanical Engineering Salah M. Owdeh Mechanical Engineering Heather E. Pack Anthropologic Christina Paganini Political Science Geography Janice Pak Communication Studies Ana Marie S. Palanca Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biologi Apple S. Palarca Economics Sociology Allende Palma Saracho American Literature and Culture Chicana and Chicano Studies Xenia D. Paniagua History Agnesa Papazyan Sociology Giusseppe Q. Paras Psychology Khashayar Z. Parineh History Bo Gum Park East Asian Studies Grace J. Park Spanish Jihea Park Biochemistry Sangchan Park Electrical Engineering Song H. Park Business Economics Youna Park Biochemistry Kelly Marie Parsons Communication Studies Sandra A. Partamian Anthropology Reina Presto Pastor Biology Alicia Pattison Management, M.B.A. Estela M. Paz Sociology Q ID 3 c Sharone Pazooky Psychobiology PriscillaY. Peiiate Spanish Literature Yuryco Perez Physiological Science Cristina E. Perotti Economics Psychology Kathryn Petry History Catherine Nhy Pham Biology My-Dung T. Pham Economics Phuong Amy Phan Business Economics Communication Studies Tham Phan Computer Science and Engineering Karen K. Phongsak Susanne K. Phongsak Biology Biology Jessica G. Pickus Anthropology Jorge A. Pimentel Chicana and Chicane Studies Histon Cynthia D. Pineda Karen Pinks-Draper Scot Wyatt Pipkin Sociology Psychology Geography Kevin M. Poff Political Science Alfred J. Polidoro, III Christine Pourandrias Mathematics Psychology Pirooz Pourbahrami Business Economics Anna Li Powers International Development Studies Liareza Marie C. Poyatos Psychology Claudia G. Prieto Political Science Psychology Martha Elena Prieto Biology Catherine M. Puno Psychobiology Sarah Lynn Pura Communication Studies Sociology Arek Damian Puzia Business Economics Jamie Maurice Qatami Psychobiology Huei M. Quach Anthropology Kim A. Quach Psychobiology Whillma Quenicka Psychology Miranda Sue Quinn Psychology Sharon Rabbanian History Vida Rabizadeh Psychology Ariana Radianto Mathematics Economics Mahdi Raghfar Mathematics Economics Andrew A. Ramirez Gildardo Ramirez Jr. Psychology Anthropology John G. Ramirez Biochemistn Kathia Marisol Ramos French Loretta L. Ransom Irene Jane Rashkovan Matthew Rasmussen Amanda Nicole Rath Psychology Economics Psychology Political Science Stevonne M. Ratliff Afro-American Studies Political Science Christine Raymundo Anna Katherine Rea Psychology History Ashley Ann Reagan Women ' s Studies French Q CT N 5 n ' O Manyuan S. Reffell International Deoelopment Studies Koby Rehman Communication Studies Rossi Tanesha Reid Philosophy English RoxanneV. Reinebach Film and Television Denice M. Renteria Psychology Scott Andrew Resnick Economics Jill Sabrina Reyes Psychology Roberto B. Reyes Management, M.B.A. Lindsay L. Reynolds Chelsea N. Rhoades Elizabeth Riabov Salina Rico Psychology Biology Computer Science and Political Science Sociology Engineering History Vanessa Victoria Rios Art Andrea Rivera History Art History Katherine G. Rivera Communication Studies Isaac Robertos Psychology Johnni Shalynn Rodgers Economics Christian Rodriguez Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology Corina M. Rodriguez Jacinto U. Rodriguez Sociology Political Science Lauren Rodriguezs English M ireya P. Romano Psychology Sociology Erica Lynn Rood Musical Tlieater Shabnam Roohparvar Political Science Renee Lynne Ropp Geography Environmental Studies Alvaro A. Rosales Civil Engineering Reegen N. Rosenblum His ton Hanni Rosenfeld World Arts and Cultures Nathaniel Roshodesh Sociology Evanthia T. Roussos Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics World Arts and Cultures Alisa Marie Rubbone World Arts and Cultures Gary S. Rubiaco Physiological Science Jean-Baptiste Rudatsikira Psychology Christina Adel Saad Physiological Services Sam Saadat Sociology Pamela H. Saarikoski Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology Parisa Sadoughi Biochemistn Nai L. Saelee English Liza Saglamer Psychology Keiko Saito Art History Shota Sakabe Political Science Evelyn Denise Salazar M aritza A. Salazar Ncuwscicnce Political Science Mark S. Saleh Mechanical Engineerhtg Talia M. Salem Communication Studies French Karim H. Salha Electrical Engineering Michelle E. Sanchez Sociolog} SheenaV. Sanchez American Literature and Culture Monica O. Sandaval Roxane M. Santiago Perez BMo ® Latin American Studies Mary Santoso Mathematics Applied Science Erica M. Sardarian Sociologi a o_ ca o c Amy Sargious Psychobiology Giovanni B. Scarfone Monica Merri Schaub Matthew Schupbach History Political Science Political Science History Amanda M. Schuster Communication Studies Ari M. Schwartz Political Science Ben Schwartzman Political Science Casey J. Scott Chemical Engineering Gerald E. Segall History Sirouhi Semerjian Psychobiology Attila Seress Psychology Linda Sophia Serpas Histon Monica Seya Japanese Farnaz Shadpour Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology " I net ! personal satisfaction . by.. ...helping others, an s.o am . motivated i continue. i m Senior of the Year Tyler Shewey I 339 I I QJ QJ • — ro oo . Most UCLA students know of Dianne Feinstein, but few can claim having met the senior senator from California. Tyler Shewey is one such Bruin who can. Though he has spent a good amount of time at UCLA studying, Shewey has managed to experience things many students could only imagine. Much of Shewey ' s involvement reflects his interest in political life. Besides his 2004 summer internship with Feinstein, he has worked as both the chief of staff and lobby corps director for the office of the USAC external vice-president. By focusing his efforts around politics, Shewey has been involved in multiple projects to improve civic life at UCLA and the surrounding community. Not only did he spearhead a Student Voice Referendum, but worked on two UCLA registration drives and coordinated the November 2004 Students of Color Conference. In the greater Los Angeles area, Shewey worked at the Van Nuys Self-help Legal Access Center, assisting minority and low- income individuals with legal issues. His junior year spring break did not reflect the typical party vacation of most students, but was a reconciliation tour to better understand the dynamics of U.S. -Mexico border relations. Though his time may seem consumed by debates and drives, Shewey is also a guide, having spent a year with Sproul Hall as a Resident Assistant. Though some might see his job as lacking the glitz and glamour familiar to Los Angeles, Shewey admits, " I get personal satisfaction by helping others, and so am motivated to continue. Activities that seem mundane actually became very rewarding when I realized my actions directly assisted others. " Perhaps the most unexpected aspect of Shewey ' s involvement is the international. Not only did he spend a quarter abroad in Paris, but he also taught English for a summer in Yinchan, China and Izmir, Turkey. Diversifying his activities has allowed Shewey to " maintain sanity in a challenging and competitive environment. " Luckily, though, he feels that, " I tried not to take on so much that I could not handle it all. " bl Maria A. Shakelian History Abner Kuan-Shuo Shao Sociology History Linda Shaw Business Economics Monica B. Sheftel Women ' s Studies Nadia Shehab Linguistics and French Aram L. Shemmassian Neuroscience Fatemeh N. Shenasan Political Science English Ting Sheng East Asian Studies Yevgemya Jane Sheutsov Ecology, Behavior, and Evolution Tyler A. Shewey Political Science History Conrad Shiao Ecology, Behavior, and Evolution History Jennie Shih Mathematics Applied Science CO 3 " Q r 5 ' co (0 Wen Li Shih Sociology Dong Eun Erica Shim Mechanical Engineering II W. Shim Sociologi Ellen H. Shimada Asian Humanities David J. Shin Economics Polina Shishkina Linguistics and French Sheela Shneezai Biochemistry Arabic Jessica S. Shoumer Psychobiology Ursula-Ann A. Siataga Asian American Studies Afro-American Studies Jonathan P. Siegrist Electrical Engineering Kannika Sikangwan Electrical Engineering Tatyana Silvers Astrophysics Soo Hyun Emily Sim Roy J. Simandjuntak Sociologi Economics WaiYee Iris Sin Psychology Vanessa S. Sinai World Arts and Cultures Sapna Singh Psychology History Mishari L. Singian Ana Luiza Sirabionian Anthropology English Crystal Siri Business Economi cs Ming Fai Alfred Siu Business Economics Leslie Ann L. Siy Sociologi Ashley M. Skipwith Communication Studies Sociologi Tracy Michele Slagle Political Science History William Slikker Anthropology Renee Marie Sloane Psychology Cicely D. Smart Afro-American Studies Sociologi Lindsey Irene Smart Mathematics Economics Bethany Louise Smith Communication Studies Danielle C. Smith Michael Harvey Smith Political Science Economics History Aung M. Soe Mechanical Engineering Tessa K. Soeparmo Mathematics Applied Science Emanuela Sofroni Neuroscience Alexandra Sokhis Psychology Monica N. Soliman Anthropology English Orlly Solis Caroline K. Sommers Young Cheol Son Robert J. Song Political Science Political Science Psychology Political Science Spanish Histoni Kelly Soo Psychology Jonathan J. Soon Computer Science Selena K. Spaniel Mathematics Kathleen N. Spears Communication Studies Joseph N. Speranzo Psychology Jennifer A. Stadler Anthropology Alma Stankovic Political Science Jennifer Lynn Steidiey History Jonathan J. Stern Histoni Yana Stolyarov Psychobiology Heather B. Stotland Communication Studies Political Science Lacey E. Strachan Business Economics Carmit Cohen Strauss Stephanie Ann Studer Microbiology, Immunology, and Physiological Sciences Molecular Genetics Guillermo C. Suarez Political Science Shinhea Sharon Suh Economics International Area Studies Siyoun Suh business Economics Minchul Suk Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics Sang Eun Suk Mathematics of Computation Eulynn Sunny Sun English Philosophy Christine Superales Anthropology Edward F. Surger Psychobiology Vanda Suvansilpakit Political Science Aiko Suzuki Economics Jennifer F. Syverson LokYan Terry Sze Psychology International Development Studies Veronica Tadeo Monique N. Tafoya American Literature and Culture Psychology History 4 | j " ™ » v- 1 J k - - " ■ A ■k Lucy Tagessian Yuen-Man Tai Yuko Takahashi M eiri Takamoto Psychology Geography Southeast Asian Studies Sociology Sociology c CD CD Q Courtney A. Takayama Psychobgy Monee A. Takla Political Science Psychology Nahid Talassazan Psychobiology Hoi Yan Tarn Business Economics Yvonne S. Tarn Microbiologic Immunology, and Molecular Genetics Alex Tarn Wong Sociology Cindy M. Tampoya Biology Analisa Yi Tan Economics Connie S. Tan Psychology Marie Anne Chua Tan Mathematics Applied Science Hio Fai Tang Asian Humanities Stephanie W. Tang International Development Studies Mina Tanikawa Geophys icsl Applied Geophys ics Matthew J-H Terry Psychology English Jonathan M. Teruya Electrical Engineering Quang Khanh Thai Biology Harriet L. Thomas Linguistics and Spanish Sose Thomassian Elizabeth S. Thomson Jamie N. Thornton Psychology Music Anthropologi Phan Nat Thuch Philosophy History Matilda A. Timbrel lo English Joyce Ting Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics Biochemistry Vivi Tjhang Civil Engineering Q Q Q 13 Wendiyo K. Tjioe Civil Engineering Felicia Tjitra Psychology Sociology A i as Toker Mathematics Economics Lisa C. Tokmajian Biologi Theresa Castro Toledo Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biologi Martin Fornier Tolosa Psychobiology Jose Manuel Torices Histon Jessica Ann Torin Communication Studies Angelica Torres Mathematics Sociology Jean Marie Torres Psychology Krystal Tran Chemistry Lien Thien Tran History Mai My Tran Biologi Mary Tran International Development Studies Sociology ThuyT. Tran Biology Karen I. Trattner Cognitive Science Anahit A. Trdatyan Adena J. Trejo Molecular, Cell, and American Literature and Culture Developmental Biologi Aileen Trieu Political Science Mai T. Trieu Political Science Silvia Marcela Trigoso Psychology Tran B. Trinh Business Economics Mariella Trombetta Physiological Scieitces Annie R. Tsai Political Science Q 3 Frederick D. Tsai Biochemistry Nancy Yuyung Tsai Asian Humanities Art History Nicole Yi-Lun Tsai Economics Chi Fai Tsang Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology Chi Wai Tsang Business Economics Kwong Chu Tsang Biochemistry Marisa S. Tsang Business Economics Wah-Yung Tsang Psychobiology Cindy H. Tseng Music Matthew W. Tseng History Warren Tseng Electrical Engineering Yi Yiu Tsui Electrical Engineering Lauren Alaine Turner History Nabeal Twereet History Katherine L. Tyler Communication Studies Hansel O. Urbina Latin American Studies Silvia D. Valdez Chicana and Chicano Studies Psychology Sofia C. Valenzuela Psychology Marvin E. Vallejo History John Van Psychobiology Brandon C. Varr Physiological Sciences Victor A. Vasquez Political Science Sangeeta Vastava Economics John M. Vaszari Cybernetics Robert J. Vaszari Political Science Chloe N. Vaughn Philosophy Monica A. Vazquez Psychology R. Javier Vega Computer Science and Engineering n = o Noel O. Velasco Physics Ana Cecilia Vera Chicana and Chicano Studies History M arita Vera Communication Studies History Joel John Verceles Psychobiology Steven Mikeal Vicijan History Michaela Rae Vickers Sociologi Danya Villanueva Chicana and Chicano Studies History Veronica Villasenor Psychology Jennifer L. Villavicencio Joseph I. Villela Histon Art History Sociology Charito Rae Viloria Asian American Studies Sociologi An h Tram Vo Political Science Dan Danh Vo Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics Virginia Phuong Vo History Ena Volic Politcial Science William Vongdeuane Sociology Jennifer M. Vonghack Sociology Lan D. Vu Electrical Engineering Rafia S. Waheed History Kristin K. Waidelich Economics Kyle Joseph Waldie Political Science Histon Jacquae Martinique Walker Neuroscience M esha Wallace Mechanical Engineering Jenifer M. Walsh Physiological Sciences a S ' 9 O Q 3 CO Jerome Douglas Walters, HI Political Science Hiu Ching C. Wan Business Economics AlexY. Wang Economics IrisYu-Li Wang Business Economics Jie Wang Business Economics Louisa Wang Economics International Area Studies Sharon C. Wang Philosophy Stephanie Wang Business Economics Weinin Wang Biochemistry Jessica Warren Political Science M arlayna Washington Mechanical Engineering Hiroshi Watanabe Management, M.B.A. Naoko Watanabe Sociologxj Raquache O. Waugh Electrical Engineering Senior of the Year Colleen Yorke I 357 O Photographed by Nicholas Weston-Swan Article by Chris Heimerman Film and Television student Colleen Yorke aspires to join the ranks of working female directors one day - but she doesn ' t have to push her dreams back until tomorrow. Whereas most college students ' curricula is in preparation for a career within their respective fields, Yorke is already living her dream. Yorke ' s involvement with directing can be traced back to long before entering UCLA. But it was concretely evident her freshman Near, when she took helm of the opening skit, " Wizard of Oz, " of the Children ' s Walk of Life festivities, that fantasy was melding into realitv. Her exceptional dedication to and enthusiasm for her position was noticed, and the experience led to her acceptance into an exclusive, upper- division directing class as a fledging freshman. There, while working with nine seniors in directing a complicated scene, she discovered her love for her craft and its incredible ability in telling a story. Yorke - a storyteller in her own right - began taking an average of six classes a quarter in order to fully explore her interests in the film program. Luckily, her extraordinary course load did not stop her from capitalizing upon extracurricular opportunities. After finishing a run as assistant producer for William Inge ' s " A Loss of Roses, " she was offered a job at the public access television station KLRN creating children ' s programming. Though her directing career often takes her away from the UCLA campus, Yorke ' s involvement in the Rotaract Club kept her roots firmly planted at UCLA. Serving as the club ' s president during 2003-2004, Yorke presided over activities including volunteering at a homeless shelter and building houses in Mexico. The Mexico trip even gave Yorke the chance to unite her passions, as she filmed a documentary about the work. Yorke ' s unparalleled ability to balance this involved and demanding job with long hours of class, in addition to her leadership roles within the UCLA Rotaract Club even as she m at she calls filmed her senior thesis project, a documentary on Jewish life in Germany - toj " Synergy, " the ability to synthesize different areas of her life. But she hardly worries about spreading herself thin - " participating in college events leaves a lasting impression on our lives, and the lives we touch. become part of their lives and stories. " And considering her successes thus far, Colleen will have many more stories to tell, bl Jonathan E. Webb Physiological Sciences Jason A. Webster Psychology Tyler Anne Webster Aaron S. Weinnberg American Literature and Culture History Psychology Joshua D. Weiss American Literature and Culturt Histon Ashley M. Wellinger Sociology Jack T. Wen Management, M.B.A. Tian Qiong Weng Applied Mathematics Sharon L. Wezelman Tlieater Tawni N. Wharton Jared Ryan White American Literature and Culture Business Economics Rachel I. White Psychobiologi Danielle M. Whitney Applied Mathematics Jeff S. Wilcox Chemical Engineering Fred Williams Afro-American Studies History Megan L. Williams Communication Studies u- cr o 3 CO LaTisha S. Wilson Sociology Corey Michael Wish Film and Television Samantha Wolfle Psychology Daniel Gugja Wolle Biochemistry Jay Jongho Won Asian American Studies Biology Narae Won Women ' s Studies Alvin Wong Geology Paleobiologi ChingYeung Wong Sociology ChingYin Andy Wong Business Economics Hau On Wong Mechanical Engineering Ho Lun Wong Mathematics Economics Jessie Wong Applied Mathematics Ka Wong Business Economics KaYee Wong Mathematics Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences Kam Weng Wong Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences Kimberly C. Wong Mechanical Engineering Ming Sin Wong Psychology Pui Shun Wong Computer Science Vivian Kuan I Wong Kathryn A. Woodruff Sociology Political Science Allison Marie Worth Matthew Wroblewski Economics Internationa] Civil Engineering Area Studies Chih-Ying Wu Psychobiology Joy S. Wu Neuroscience o 3 CD 3 Joyce Chia-Yu Wu Business Economics Yi-Hsuan Olivia Wu Management, M.B.A. Dongsheng Xiong Mechanical Engineering Bo Vincent Xu Electrical Engineering Weiwei Xu Economics Danny Yadidsion Business Economics Foya Yaghoubian Philosophy Ka Man Yan Sociologij Hsueh-Li Yang Biochemistry Ying Yang Business Economics Chong Yao Economics Michael David Yashar Biochemistry Siu Chung Yau Psychology Yolanda C. Ybarra Psychology Linda Yee Mathematics Economics Christopher B.Yeh Political Science Jessica Karin Yehling Geophysics and Space Physics Jaklin Yerntian French Ji Hye Yi Mathematics Economics Sangwon Yi Computer Science and Engineering 2 3 CQ Ju Hyoung Yoo Economics Sang Hee Yoon Asia n American Studies Tracy Yu-Mee Yoon Applied Mathematics Connie Yorn Economics Omid Youabian History Colleen Olivia Yorke Film and Television Nora R. Youssef Psychology Jenny M anching Yu Business Economics Virginia T. Yuan Electrical Engineering Doris Susie Yuen Biology Wai-Shan Yuen Linguistics CheukYing Anthea Yung Computer Science Jared M. Zack Communication Studies Economics Abdallah Zakaria Chemical Engineering, M.S. Chantalle Zakarian Political Science Shahriar Zamanian Political Science Armenui Zargaryan Biology Karla P. Zelaya Psychology Ling Quing Zhang Mathematics Economics John Yang Zhang Biomedical Engineering Electrical Engineering Guowei Calvin Zheng Management, M.B.A. Hua Zhong business Economics Tracy Winner Zieve Psychobiology Lauren R. Ziminsky World Arts and Cultures Economics Mara L. Zulauf Psychobiology M Q n M c_ Q C • - jv : ? ■ ■ ■k 1 A. i ' v.. , sr C i»TV- r u ' " • Friday, Juno 17th was a day of mixed emotions. For some it was a celebration filled with laughter and relief. For others, it was a day of tears and nostalgia.That Friday, the graduating class of 2005 kicked off a weekend of commencement ceremonies that seniors had worked four long years to enjoy. Many students will likely forget who spoke at their graduation in 10 years - many probably forgot 10 minutes after the address, thanks to a little too much champagne - but for some students in the College of Letters and Science, the guest monster made a lasting impression. With alumnus Gary Knell, the president of Sesame Workshops, delivering the keynote speech, the appearance of Cookie Monster was a delight to both graduates and parents. Eliciting laughs from those he entertained as children, the blue fuzz-ball cracked jokes about an Extreme Makeover while in L.A., and his attempt to eat healthier and become Brussels Sprout Monster. Opting to skip the larger college ceremonies in favor of the more intimate departmental ceremonies was a major theme for many graduates. Here, parents and family members could actually recognize their graduate as names were announced amidst a flurry of photo opportunities. The weekend of bar-be-ques, champagne and ceremonies that is commencement was stressful for those with leases ending, job start-dates and even European excursions looming. For others it was just another bump in the road. But those who found time to enjoy the culmination of four years of UCLA were the same who shared four entire years of memories with the school. At a time when futures are uncertain and paths are diverging, one last local celebration of our alma mater marks the beginning of a lifetime of Bruin pride. 3y lE muM A idJdMifc 10 • 1 III A1 !■■ xT ' iW l£f in tJ I T MW " ' v: i «f • t %♦, r % y ' • ' ■ :■ 1 . » ' • ,- ' m - m. " A child enters your home and for the next twenty years makes so much noise you can hardly stand it. The child departs, leaving the house so silent you think you are going mad. " -John Andrew Holmes It seemed like we could not wait to get out of the house, and our parents could not wait to be rid of us. After 18 years of curfews, worried phone calls, and sneaking out at night, college finally gave us the freedom we always wanted. But after those first few months of dorm life, Thanksgiving was a welcomed break from crazy days at college. As t he years passed and it became harder and harder to get away from UCLA, the phone calls and emails had to suffice for the open arms that comforted and supported. But far from home as our lives as students were, our parents were pillars of strength, bank accounts, cheerleaders and much more. And though we complained when they still worried, as we had figured out how to take care of ourselves, it was still nice to know someone cared so much. Leaving home and taking on the responsibilities of young adulthood were the non- educational challenges that came along with studies at UCLA. After four long years, our parents could not be more proud that we earned our diploma and took Dur first real steps toward independence, and we know we could not have done it without them. c o D u V Q — " The Neverland Youth Dance Project: College Bound Program, Founders Director Death ' s Jest Book: The Musical, Choreographer The Lincoln Center, New York The White Oak Dance Project ' s PASTForward, Dancer with Mikhail Baryshnikov UCLA Office of Residential Life Assistant Resident Director of Saxon Suites Resident Assistant of Hedrick Hall Resident Assistant of Hitch Suites Twice-Elected De Neve Plaza President ch Homecoming Float " Let ' s Get Hitch-ed! " ORL Program Hall of Fame ABC Family Guest Host " Movie Xtra, " University Housing Expert ABC Resident Assistant " The Scholar " Student Alumni Association Spring Sing Talent Director Dinners for 1 2 Strangers Alumni Relations Alumni Scholars Club Newsletter Editor Common Ground Irish Step Dance Company The Rennie Harris Project Master Class with Gregory Hines •Mystic Stepper School of Dance " Be Opti-Mystic! " maihue • CONGRATULATIONS ASHLEY MARIE BRAGA CALINGO You have achieved so much in twenty-one years. Watching you grow from a beautiful ballerina and accomplished musician, to your skipping the seventh grade, to your diplomas from St. Anthony ' s and San Joaquin Memorial, to your completing four years of university education at UCLA makes us all very proud. Your graduation is just the beginning of a bright future. May you always remember the lessons you learned from your family. Over every finish line are the words " Begin here. " A great person is anyone who has the courage to be a better person. You can move mountains if you move one rock at a time. Life can be a moving experience if you allow yourself to be moved one day at a time. c o o Q We love you, Dad, Mom, Alexa and Arienne Kiirsten Guthrie !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RAH-RAH- RAH !! To the cutest, smattest and most dynamic cheerleader UCLA has ever had !! Good luck in your upcoming elementary school teaching career, Kiirsty, and returning home to San Diego. You ' ll be a wonderful teacher for little kids, as they already adore you now !! You ' re a Godly woman, Kiirsten... and your faith in Him will always carry you through life ' s mountains and valleys, kiddo. Always remember to lean on the Lord for all things, as He is your strength !!! We love you oodles and oodles !! Love Daddy-0 Mom !! (and Stephanie, Kyle, Allie " Molly " , the rotten Wheaton Terrier doggy !!) CONGRATULATIONS, TIFFY! You are our pride and joy We wish you the best in all your future endeavors With all our love, Mom and Dad To our dearest Paolo, Congratulations, graduate, on this latest accomplishment — one of many that you ' ve made us proud of over the years! Ever since you were little, you have always been focused, determined, and responsible in anything you did — from your first T-ball game at 5, your first stage role as Scrooge in 3rd grade, your AYSO team ' s Southern California championchip at 1 1 , the numerous basketball and volleyball tournaments, your first job at Rubio ' s at 16, your coaching jobs at Cerritos HS, your Iraq deployment to serve your country, to the many other jobs you ' ve held in spite of your school commitments. You were nicknamed " Paolo the Leader " because you can take charge and inspire, but just as easily be a valued team member. But what we are most proud of, Paolo, is that you have always been a good son and brother and friend and citizen. You are kind, thoughtful, giving, and fun, and we love you so very much. You are our hero! " foawAM-TbwIWfcandjK Ernest DePaolo Barazon Alfante Congratulations and Best Wishes for a Future that ' s Brighter and Happier Still!! Much love, Dad, Mom, Chris and Mikey D o_ 5 ' CO o O c CD PASSION " There are many things in life that will capture your eye, but very few will capture your heart. These are the ones to pursue. These are the ones worth keeping. " Passion for your Art. Passion for your Life. With all our love to our son Grant, Mom and Dad YoCc ire ue. Yolanda, We are all so very proud of you. We always knew that you would succeed in anything that you put your mind to. We ' re very happy that all your hard work has paid off. ' May aft your dreams come true, ' Tina qirl. With lots of love, from your sister Susie, (Big (Ed, Little ' Eddie, ' Mathew, (Andrew and Justin anda, ' J am so proud of all your qreat accomplishments. ' How you a starting the next phase in your life; all your dreams wuCcome tr You truly have been a precious gift from Cjod. Love, ' Mom Yolanda, Your bro is so proud of you. I ' ve watched you take your first baby steps. iJow 1 see you taking your aduCt steps towarcfyour aoais in life. Stay focused, peace out. Love, your brother ' Danny I ' m just so very happy for you. ' 1 know that you will do well in anything that you do in fife. If for any reasons you need help or someone to taCk to, 1 will always have time for my hahy sister. Love, (Aaron Yolanda, We are very proud of you. Life has a lot to offer. Enjoy and take advantage of it aft. Love, Luis and your sis (Estella Yolanda, 1 know you ' ll make it to the top. Love, Melissa Yolanda, Cjood fuck in the future. Much Cove from Lil Cjloria " V B " Til! SAfKSiP future belongs ?]fr l ps in tlje beautp f tjL Vof tljetr breams. lr- D (I) Q r » ►-J Dearest Katie, Believe and follow your dreams... I The world is at your feet... make it happen. We love you and are always here for you! We are proud of you and your accomplishments! Love, l| Dad, Mom, Dawn, Peter, Quinn and Natasha j r v ear catie. 3 US you are now officially on your own. Although you have always betn so Indeptnd nt, responsible and trustful, ! worry. Mothers want to love and control at the s,avu.e time, I will always be your mom but not longer your guardian. I cannot longer request, I tan noxonqer demand, I can only hope. Lit me offer you lyrics frovu. a popular song, as. If they were coming frcvu. my heart. Love, Mowiv y I hope you never lose your sense of wonder, That you get your fill but always keep that hunger, And may you never take one single breath for granted. I hope you still feel small when you stand by the ocean But never fear those mountains in the distance, And never settle for the path of least resistance. Promise me you ' ll give fate a fighting chance, Give the heavens above more than just a passing glance. Don ' t let some hell bent heart leave you bitter And when you get the choice to sit it out or dance I hope you dance! 3 o ■ Congratulations Lauren! Ever since you were little, you always knew where you were and where you were going, with both feet planted firmly on the ground. You have been such a joy to us as we ' ve watched you grow in so many ways. In graduating from UCLA, you are passing yet another milestone in your life. We are both so proud of your many accomplishments. Love, Mom and Dad Br • V T 1 Congratulations, Kelly, on your graduation from UCLA and your new job at Price Waterhouse Coopers. We are very proud of you. Go Bruins! Love, Mom Dad Kelly C Jones Class of 2005 Congratu fations, (Rajindra This is just the beqinninq of a bright future. We wish you success, Cove and happiness. ' All our Cove, Ammi, T ' hathi and ' Aiva Kristin Marie Cadwell Congratulations Kristin! We always knew you would accomplish great things! From a Texas Emerald Belle to a UCLA Kappa Delta, you have always exceeded your goals. It has been wonderful watching you grow from a beautiful dancer to a UCLA graduate. Now the world awaits you, as you have a wonderful and exciting future ahead of you. We are so proud of you! Love always. Mom. Dad and Matt Congratu fations Cfifoe Qsicofe Vaughn roil m D it) Your graduation from ' UCL ' A is an accomplishment of qigantic proportions. You are the first descendant from my mother ' s ancestral fine to qo to coffege from high school and graduate. Trom binh, you fet us know that you were something speciaf. Your courage, mental toughness, kind heart and adventurous spirit nave served you wed. You are an amazing daughter, a beautiful and tafented young woman and the fight of my fife. 1 am very proud to he your mother. QAy " beautiful flower " you have earned a u nique pface in history, ' now, theworfd beckons you: Stay strong, go forth and take your pface. 1 know you wilf continue to accomplish great things. 1 Love You ' Afways, Mom 3 o 3 cd y I C 3 Q_ Q TJ Q 3 CO o Q- Q n Q Q c Congratulations, Jean! Mommy and Daddy Love you very, very much! GOD Loves you forever! Go for a good Life and success! c o o u 0) Q . .... I WELL DONE i fytyK tyQtytyQ ty tytytyxy 14 M " M " U Vf W W )- JOB WELL DONE Congratulations to Gail Antoinette St. John You are a citizen of the world, Follow your dreams wherever they lead. From Mum, Dad and Mark with love From the tranquil waters of the Caribbean Or the nature parks of Australia To the ancient ruins of Europe Congratulations, Danny! 4 yrs tuition. ..£25,000 books, supplies, etc. ..£10,000 having a son like you... PRICELESS! And... Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it ' s off to work we hope you go - with lots of love, Mom, Dad and Eliot o 3- l o zr 3 CD CD o y (0 Q V Dear SasuLrot Congratulations on, your graduation,. We, cure, so proud of you, and all, your a compUshrn nts. Kmveruber tkat only through hard, work, and dedccAtUn, can you, cucJkieA e, all your goals and, dr tarns. Our love, and support wilt, always be, there, for you,. Louty Mont) Dad Miguel, Alex Sl Lady % l AMEISH, YOU LIGHT UP OUR LIVES. MAY THE SKY BE THE LIMIT OF YOUR ACHIEVEMENTS MOM DAD SHEILA REINA PAPSY WISHING YOU ALL THE BEST AND WITH TONS OF LOVE, O Q -i q ' o o 5 " Q- Q w fck. Congratulations Manoj! We are so proud of you and all your accomplishents! God has truly blessed you with the gift to succeed in whatever you set your mind to do. Four years of determination is quite an accomplishment. These are the stepping stones for the beginning of your dream. We admire you and love you very much. Keep up the good work as you graduate from UCLA and go on W l f to conquer all your dreams. Congratulations on this very special day! We wish you a very m f l 1 s bright and prosperous future. E? ' " ' r With love and best wishes, ■fcL-r Mom, Dad and Manisha To Nick, Alles van die beste, en mooi loop! Ek is baie trots. Jou Opa Is Kn TO OUR DEAREST SARRI, SARRI SANCHEZ 2005 SEE THE INVISIBLE, FEEL THE INTANGIBLE, ACHIEVE THE IMPOSSIBLE. YOU HAVE THE GIFT! Congratulations on your graduation! Thank you, UCLA WAC, for believing in our daughter. All our love, Dee-dough, Mom and Steve " My dearest ' Eylin ' If you ' re on top of the world today, if you ' re finding fulfillment in your life, and everything is going weff - Tvf ' z ' Bzst ' qs yet to COME. T ' his is another mifestone in your life, and remember if you do not stand for something, you win faff for anything. Conqratufations on this very special day in your fife With affmy Cove, Tvlom Tviira que te mando que te esfuertes y seas vafiente. CTs o temas ni te esanimes porque yo tu Dios estare contigo donde quiera quefieres. ' Acuerdate de tu T)ios en fos dias de tu juventud To our wonderful Tyfin Success doesn ' t mean the absence offaifures; it means the attainment of uftimate objectives. It means wi nning the war, not every battle. All our Cove, your family. To My Sweetest Cousin, Eylin, 1 just want to say how your accomplishments have inspired me to go on. You have been a fight in my life, like 1 have in yours. The Lord has blessed you throuqhout theses hard triafs of these vast years. ' Remember, whatever you do the Lord is with you. Congratulations. %eep on rufing the worfd. Love ' Kimberfy Mona, I hear hands clapping I see faces smiling I can feel their hearts beat I can sense trembling in their feet All to salute my treasure All to confirm my pleasure Once out; in her moment to face the world You are my champ since day one Your are my love since life begun If I knew what I know I would have kept you at home If I knew what I know I would have kept you under my dome But a butterfly must leave the cocoon A searching soul, going for the moon. We love you, Congratulations Mom and Dad o c Q 3 n 3 " t N 2: m 3 Q_ O N D D Q. 5 ' Congratulations To our ' Deficjktjut ' Daughter and Sister Your oven and happy heart has always been a joy to your family. We rejoiced with you in your educational achievement today and trust you wiu eep that beautifuf balance between your head and your kind and lovinq heart as you qo in to your future. LavingCy, ' Mom, ' Dad and ' Ammu Dearest Michael, You have proved nothing but merits since childhood. You are halfway to achieving your goals. We believe that you are going to be the best in the field you chose. Always remember the aphorism your grandpa and grandma taught you. 1 cannot express much more how we are truly very proud of you. On behalf of Lob, Lola, uncles, aunts cousins...we want to say " keep soaring " for we support you all the way. We love you, Mommy (Ztwynatodattottb, s4cpoc6o l c O D u 0 Q tfott 6 ve 6ad cat i t iedi6le wM fiowen to eie ieve attd t£tvatf i, tecmznded cvitA. tfat tiafc zq amcte. tfoec Acute 6ee t uc6. eut ut fzinatiott to u eUi. Oun Cove 6s, eUtvcufA. utitA. tfoti. " pno a, cfotci Oto44Ut eutd O z att Felicidades! Gluckwiinche! Well Done, Sabrina! Strength of character and a spirit of discovery have served you well in the college battleground, and you 11 continue to need them. You have set your own course and chose the lessons you wanted to learn. You have shown compassion and thought] illness. We are proud of the fine young woman you have become as well as your many accomplishments. Whatever happens, always remember that we will love you forever. Mom Dad Dear Crystal, It didn ' t seem so long ago when we went campus hopping, across the town, and across the whole country, but that was four whole years ago. We all look for words to describe this moment, this moment when you make that giant leap. Your Mom and I look back to those days when we graduated, when the world was waiting for us, when everything was full of hope, and when dreams were meant to be pursued. You have a lifetime of dreaming to do. You have chosen the most precious career - teaching — and you have chosen the most beautiful medium for your career - music. We hope that you can make an impact on those children of tomorrow by inspiring them with music and hope as you have done for our whole family. Congratulations and Love, Dad, Mom and Chris Efll 2: o 3 " Q n Q CD -i ( o n o X Our Dearest Kay a. Congratulations, Baby. ' ! We are so proud of your commitment to education and your graduation from UCLA. We wish for all your dreams to come true, just like this one. Way to go, Baby Rae! We love you so very much! Pad, Momma, Chessa and Schuyler .. and now; rising star ... from the rest of the Naiman and Palmer galaxy: Mom, Dad + Matt, Jon Mike + Mocha Hrv -»» 1 ' Monica, CongratuCationsl Love, Mom andVad CongratulationiS, Frank! My Dear Husband, Returning to college at this stage in your life was a courageous decision. With hard work, dedication, and a driving desire to succeed. I ' ve watched you achieve your dream of becoming a UCLA graduate while meeting every need of a busy father and husband. You are a true inspiration to me, as well as our future generations. I just want to express how very proud I am of you. Frank, you are my hero, and 1 will always love you. Your wife, Debbie Dad. While driving us to basketball practices, rehearsals, work, and all of our other extra activities, you still found time to do your homework and keep the house in order. We are so proud of you and we want to say thank you for being such a wonderful father and role model. We love you Dad, Ashley, Crystal and Frank Jr. Dear Son, Congratulations to you for the great job that you have accomplished for your future and your family. Your dad and Grammy would be so proud of you if they were still with us. You have done what a lot of others could never. With the help of your wife and kids, you have succeeded in your goal. Your brother Tim and I are so proud of you. Frank. Love you. Mom Dear Frank, You are the best son-in-law we could ever hope for. You are truly an inspiration to us. Words could never express how very proud we are of all your achievements. Great Success will be yours in the future. We love and respect you. Greg and Sharon We Love You! Alma Mater floreat Quae nos educavit Bryan Dallas Teague Kitch, Class of 2005 Classical Civilization, Honors UCLA Crew, 2001-2005, Varsity 8 2003-2005 UCLA Men ' s Varsity Team Captain 2003-2005 Pac-10 Rowing All- Academic Team 2003, 2004, 2005 Pac-10 All-Conference Team 2003 Gold Medal Men ' s Lightweight 4 + , Pacific Coast Rowing Championships 2004 UCLA Crew Men ' s Varsity Most O utstanding Oarsman, 2003, 2004 UCLA Men ' s Crew Lightweight Hammer Award 2004, Allen D. Bailey Scholar-Athlete Award, UCLA Crew 2003, 2004 Gold Medal Men ' s Varsity Lightweight Long Beach Sprints 2005 14th Place Men ' s Lightweight CRASH-B Wold Indoor Rowing Championships (5th Place Men ' s Collegiate Lightweights), Boston, 2005 Mens sana in corpore sano n a Z a 3 a _p GO 3 " a 7T- Q J (DearJacCe ityyan: Trom Worn, with Cove. Q-fow have you been cfoina? Aca({emicaCCy y vhysicaCCy, c o o u Q go placidly amid the noise and the haste, and remember what peace then- may be in silence. •Keep interested in your own career, ' However humble; it is a real ' Possession in the changing fortunes of time. (Beyond a wholesome disciplin e, he gentle With yourself. You are a child of the universe no less than •The trees and the stars; you hare a right to be •Here. ' And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt The universe is unfoldinc] as it should. ' And whatever your labor and aspirations. In the noisy confusion of life, keep peace in your soul. " With all its sham, drudgery and broken dreams, •It is still a beautiful world ' . •Be cheerful. Strive to be happy. To our Dearest Lisbeth, Yesterday, you were a cute baby angel! Today, you are a beautiful young woman who is intelligent, kind, compassionate, generous and creative. You are a wonderful human being. We are so proud of you and admire you for all your accomplishments. Go on and continue conquering the world! May all your dreams come true. All our love Mom, Dad, Letty, Jenny and Tristan 2005 Tyson Evans We always knew you were destined to do gr eat things. The journey begins. Love, Mom and Dad 7 dcuf ctt tpKCt 7€ d 4 0iaduttf % t, eve evie frtGud orf €vct te iiH% ute m ie o£ CfOi t aeco-tHfi(ij6ttn:tite C t you u{t . % . tfoun j t t$t l and e9KvccU H iftot vitt t ze tfMc% ideali and we wiU 6e et ie € f u uhXA suk fove utd ftattdj t y afrft xud.. (Dear Tamar, CongratuCations to a woruferjuC daughter and sister on araduating from I.ICL ' A. (good luck in tfie future. We are so proud of you T aCented 91 mazing ' M agical 91 rtistic ' R espectful Love, (Ema, ' Aba, Orit and Shir CD CO Q Q 3 Q O 3 " CB N Q CD Allen Kiyoshi Ishimoto From building blocks... building the future... c o D Q, how time flies! Congratulations and best wishes to our 3.9+ GPA Byrd Scholar! Allen, we are extremely proud of your many achievements, including UCLA ' s Dean ' s List Recognition, Golden Key International Honour Society, National Society of Collegiate Scholars, Alpha Lambda Delta Academic Honor Society, and Phi Eta Sigma Academic Honor Society. To our disc jockey entrepreneur, basketball player, certified bartender, and family ' s newest mechanical engineer - we wish you continued success and a bright, healthy and happy future! With all our love. Dad, Mom, Kevin Gram, SJSJ, Kx3, and Ron E Dear Mark. We want to thank you for being the fine, sensitive and beautiful person that you are. And extra thanks tor being so easy to raise. Your hard work and perseverance has paid oi Keep up the good work. You made us happy and proud to be your parents. Dreams can come true, we hope that all your dreams will become a reality. Congratulations. Always do your best for the Lord Almighty. Love forever!! Dad and Mom Congratulations, Jennie! You have worked so hard to get to where you are today. We are so proud of you, and we know that if Dad were still with us, he would be, too. We wish you success and happiness in the future. Love, Mom, Kali and Elaine W . MUM; vl J ... , ,lggfeg 5 ■ i - a Im£ -; . Adrian Elicegui Dear Son, Congratulations on your graduation. This is an occasion of great joy and pride for us. You have now earned an education that we hope will bring you many good things, accomplishments and joy to your life. Always stop to appreciate those things, then give thanks to God for giving you the ability to obtain them. Please try to continue your education as far as possible. We hope that your experiences at UCLA have been, for the most part, positive and full of great memories, as well with new friends that now will be in your life for years to come. You are about to open a new door in your life and there will be many others more to open ahead of you. Open the door, live, learn, focus on the positive things, learn from the negative things by making something positive from them. Never be arrogant, don ' t think that you know everything, there is always something new to learn each day. But above all. be a good human being, live your life in a way that you never have to feel ashamed of yourself. Never diminish your accomplishments and make time to enjoy them. Make sure to give importance to those things that are truly important in life and don ' t waste your life on negative things. Your life is awaiting you. Open the door, walk firm. When at times you feel weak, just look around you, you are never alone. You must remember that. Live, learn, teach. Be you. We and your brother are always here behind you and loving you. Congratulations. Mom, Dad and Jr. 3 o 3 " M Q 3 o Q 3 o n 3 " o fl CD C T ear Xenia, It ' s your year to shine] Look ahead with hope and see tfie future that ' s in store. You ' ve worked so hard and eared so mueh to qet to where you are and 1 know this yearwiffbe your greatest year by far] With ail my (ove, Neto Querida Xenia, Te felicito por haber afcanzado tu meta ypara mi eres un orquffo. Le doy qracias a Dios porque hayas ffeqado tan tejos. Te quiero muchol ' Tu abuelita, Menche ' My dear Xenia, Conqratulations, honey! ' 1 always knew that you were capable of great thinqs. (jod has been very kind with us. ' He blessed you with beauty and intelligence, ' He blessed me for havinq you as my dauqhter. I ' m very -proud of you, my dauqhter. You are making me the happiest mother on earthl With afl my heart, your mom, Iwra (Booth, ' 1 am so proud of you and so happy to be your fittle ' Boochyheffe. 1 love you so much ' BoochyU 1 couldn ' t have asked for a better sister] Conqratulations!] Love afways and forever, Vanessa Congratulations! ' Rocky, ' May you never lose the fight in your eyes, the smife on your lips and your charm. We afways knew that you woufd continue to be an achiever, from way before: You won ist prize for that bubble blowinq contest in grade 5; the Connect-4 contest; carrying the torch in Carbondafe, IL.for the Ofympics; being the best honor student in qrade 7 and getting a stereo as a prize; seffing the most (more than $3,000 worth) chocolate in qrade 8 while being an honor Student. Lots of Love, Mom (Helene) and brother (Chae) ' Dear ' Rocky, May the grace of Cjod co ' er you where ' er you qo and in whatever you do. ' Remember that god is the source oj all wisdom and of alf-joy. Your grandma Cjladys 1 know how excited ami apprehensive you must be - leavinq the predictable and stepping out into the unpredictable. You will be ok: ' " Trust in Cjod with all your heart... and ' He wifl direct your path. " ' A little hard work will come in handy afso. •Khan die " Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn ' t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover. " Mark Twain Q 5 ' CO c D Q c d ' Dearest Daughter and Sister, Congratulations sweet girl - follow your hopes dreams, nothing can stop you. As you take these first steps towards adulthood the road may not always be smooth. The path will have a few sharp stones, a couple of boulders blocking it or even a detour sign so you might have to take a different route to get to your destination. Through these challenges you ' ll have tasted all the different flavors of Life - the sweetness, the bitterness - and your heart shall be at peace because you have truly LIVED. Know this, Yasi, that we shall always be right behind you, supporting you, believing in you and loving you. . . You make us so proud! Afshin-jun, Mommy Mehran - June 2005 ) L c o D u D O May your future be as bright as I your smile! Mom Congratulations, Teresa! ! I love you and I am proud of you! Congratulations to a wonderful, precious daughter! From the moment you came into our world you have been an achiever! Watching you blossom into a beautiful woman to your UCLA graduation, to a very bright future ahead of you. Thank you for being an inspiration to all of us. Love you always, Mom, Dad, your big sister niece lots of kisses and hugs Sara Cruz Navarrette Congratulations, Pooky A new door opens to the rest of your life " Seek God and Do His Will " Love Mom Dad Congratulations Brian! Even at 3 1 2 years old, you were a born leader! We couldn ' t be more proud of all your amazing accomplishments or of the man you ' ve grown to be!! We love you, Dad, Mom and Michelle X9 Sg£ yi?fe9dg kmb. (9 • j deserve «- ' — - Dearest Erika, Congratulations to our wonderful, precious daughter. You have achieved your U.C.L.A. graduation. We are all so proud of you. Especially I, your mother, am so happy and proud of you . Remembering you. from the moment you came into our world, you have been an achiever. ' You are an inspiration to us all. Four years of determination is quite an accomplishment. Tloese are the stepping stones for the beginning of your dreams. With your sense of self worth and faith, those you touch will know how truly delightful and loving a young woman you are. Thank you for being our Loving Daughter and Loving Sister You have completed your first chapter towards many exciting ventures. We wish you a bright future filled with excitement and success, love and happiness. t All our love, Mom, Steve, Joey and Family Erika Rose Garcia o o 3 ' CD » n 3- Q 03 9 Z Q Q -1 -1 a 5 " ip cT -1 o Q n q ' Our Dearest Mefissa, d of your hard wort, Cong hours andvCenty of stress have p aid off. Q-fere you are a (graduate of r ii.C.L. ' A. T he Worfdis at your fingertip i idowgo and get it. CongratuCations, Teaches, we are so very proud of you. Love, Worn Christopher, your son Sister Sara (Brother Matthew Those Who Catcfi T he Joy T ' hat Tfies Live In ' Eternity ' s Sunshine : i; Congrat ulal Ions, Dave! We arc proud oi you and all your achievement, al UCLA! A bright future is ahead of you, and keep smiling! Love Always, Mom and Dad ■«M ___ fe Nick, From Bishops SA, to a Bruin LA! We are so proud of you. Love Mom, Dad and Andy Congratulations to my ' Honey ' Bunny, ' Mirandal 1 beam with pride. Love, ' Mom T • . s C ' f Congratulations, Sonia! rcuxxtayCuHte s o (Hurts! You have made us very happy and proud. We know that you have a very bright future ahead of you and that you will achieve all your goals. God bless you always. Love, Mom, Dad, Omar and Junior You have accomplished one of your dreams and we are so proud of you! You are a true inspiration to us. We know this is the beginning of many more good things to come. May you continue to triumph and succeed throughout your life! Love, Rosemary and Lucy o ten ea i " 7a vui. I ' ve miA ed cfou 40- wuc i t ie c pa t fowi tfeam.. y want to Ui e t it- time to tell ifou 6ow uettf, pnoud ) am- to 4ce tfou Citaduatutci fttotu. It A ' . 1 •tememie diaeuaaina t ic4 u ?ect witA. cfou many cfeati- cusp, " Ifou ea ne to me oa tea ifcu wtutted to- attend 1t(2-£ 4. 1 didn t want to di cowuiqe you c t anu way, 6ut 1 £nc v- it would not ve an z y aoal to achieve, y told cfou 11 , t even, a very aood utUuenaitu and it would not ve emu £o i an- out-o -atate applicant to 6e accepted to a (ZalifrvnUa tt tive%titu a£ tuat coliHer witnout ina uty exceptional yiadeA. " fyau et cfowi mind to ae ievi ia youn aoal from, tuat moment ut. " tyou a%aduated witA. 6iaue t OHOT4- ftlO . CfOWl 6iq£ 4c6ool. 1fou jpent :t%utj leaeaxeAina information and tal binq- to eolleae cautuieConA to £iud out wau4- to nelp tfou aet into 1( £j4. 1 temem ez ttuiny to comfort you w en you wete not accepted foun. frtetAman you . " Tfou ne uied to aive up on cfoun aoal attd continued tfoun education at Santa, " JKonica olleae. Sven t£oua£ cfowi living, aviauqementa- were not tAe yieateat, cfou -itucA wit t it, and yiaduated 04tce aaain, wit AiaAeat noncui-. ytt. neven, fo iaet t e day ifou called me on tue telephone and we lauyAed and etied toae tAen aa- cfou read me tue accept utce (etten welcoming cfou a a tnana ex student to TlS . 4. " fyou ve worked favtd to aet to tAia. place in- cfout li£e. y Anew ifou ate id to teaite t6i campua- ifou ndue enjoued 40 muc t. -di e will 6 tina otuer cndllenaei- and dneami- to wo i6. £on.. Snjoy you accotnpliiiAment — tjou 6ave ewmed it. 1 Cove ifou. THo n Dear Jay, Congratulations! We are so proud of your achievements during the past four years. Graduating from UCLA is a great step of your bright life. You still have a long way to go and much to learn, but we hope you enjoy the challenge. We love you forever. Mom and Dad 1 jHU en such a great joy to all of us, n, Dad, Ate and Butch. rbur sense of humor Made our vacations tew unforgettable dinners A treat. v about to enter the real world, d we are confidenr rhar ell prepared tor the challenge. Good Luck! Rest assured that, ver you wish to accomplish, You can reach it, we will be there for you good rimes and bad! JGRATULATIONS! a Carlos, You have be Mor And a You are no An You are w Whatsoe And Ir - 1 Corey, Watching you grow and achieving your goals through hard work, compassion, laughter and creativity (and no sleep) has been the ride of a lifetime! We are so proud! a- mW j H We love you very much, Mom and Dad 2ffi o 3 a 5 3 Q CONGRATULATIONS, STEVONNE! We knew from the moment you were born that the Lord was going to bless you to be a successful young lady. As you climb the ladder of success, remember God is always with you. We love you. We are so proud of you. Mom, Dad, Leon and Nona 41 Dearest Joshua, Go ahead and give yourself ID fT , a hand. You made it through o 34- some very difficult years. We are D ■ Si proud of your accomplishments 0) ij ft ' and the person you ' ve become. fcJ! 1 E i- Jackie and I love you very much. " V f Congratulations! Love always, Mom and Jackie Mv Dearest Michelle. Watching you grow from a Beautiful Ballerina to your U.C.L.A. Graduation, to a very Bright Future, I am happy and very proud of you, my daughter. God is smiling at you, too, from above. You are Blessed, We are Blessed. Thank you Lord! Love, Mom Kg£ Pe t Dear Kate, Right from the start you set your sights high and never wavered from striving for excellence. It shows in all that you have accomplished and, if history bears out, your aspirations will take you to more grand adventures as you take your ever developing " history " to new places and people. What a joy it will be for us watching, listening and being a part of this next chapter of your life. Thank you for all that you are and are becoming. You make us feel very blessed. We love you, Mom, Dad, Sarah, Matt (and Boo ... ah-chooo!) Michelle Kristin Meek Off to Law School! Love, Dad, Mom Allison Carlson To our graduate. This passage of your life is remarkable not only for all the obstacles you have overcome but for the daily challenges which have shaped both your mind and your soul. 5ehind you is a path first set before you as a child and now completed as a woman. Eight years ago, you began this latest portion with determination and compassion. Now you complete it, gracefully; secure in the knowledge that you have done your best. Your path has led you here to a threshold where many wonderful adventures lie ahead. Look out at the world before you. Look with the wonder of your childhood. Look with the knowledge gained through your education. Look with the values you have developed for yourself to become the wonderful person that you are today. Look with the warmth and understanding of maturity. Finally, look with courage and faith in yourself as you begin a new phase of your life. Please know that you will succeed. Know that you are worthy of all the wonderful things life has to offer. Know that you are lovable, capable, beautiful and smart. Know this because you are loved. Your family Don ' t think you are; know you are. - Morpheus, The Matrix 3 Q T3 CD CD ■i 3 Q 3 Q- CD N CD CD n Q o 13 c O -a a Q !R1 IL.J Watching you qrowing up has Brought us so much joy and happiness. You ' ve Seen making us proud with every amazing achievement. Congratulations ShirongW We love you so much, ' Mom Sr ' ' Dad Liz, We ' re so proud of you. Congratulations! All our love, Mom, Dad and Dan ' ' There is nothing «r for us but to love you... just the way you are J) today. " Matthew William Tseng k, MK Congratulations, Matt!! A We are so very proud of you. You have worked so hard And you deserve every reward. The sky is the limit! We believe in you And know that you will be A great success in all you do. Live your life to the fullest Sf - fr And remember that we love you. -H w -JAL Thank you for being such a wonderful guy, A loving son, and a great brother. ► ' • ' JF Love, Dad, Mom and Katie Congratulations Taren Taren, It seems like yesterday, we were watching you in your highchair, and waiting for the day we would be having a conversation together, even wondering what your voice was going to sound like. You are now graduating UCLA. You ' ve come a long way and have accomplished many things. We are extremely proud of you and love you very much. Our UCIA graduate, Thank You. used to be little, but not any more, Today I got n and I walked out the door, I went to school - it ' s the first time for me, II Is great to be big, but I ' m as scared as can be. My tummy ' s in knots. Doyou want to knoir why? I ' m thinking thai maybe, just maybe, I ' ll cry. When Dad leaves the school and I ' m there all alone, I ' m thinking thai maybe I ' ll want i ,l; home. Bui wail - Mommy said I II jilay lots ofnewgames, . nd meet lots of friends - 1 can learn all their names The first day of school, oh there ' sso much to do, There ' s playing and hooks and a big playground too I used to be little, but not any more. Today I got n and I walked out the door. I went to school - it ' s my first day yon see. it ' s great to be big - I ' m so glad that I ' m me! TV it ' ll ' 1 was born, my sister was almost ten years ofd, and the age difference may be a Sia gap, but as uearsgo by our sisterly bond qets stronger and stronger, j4othinc] can come between our friendship, not a ten-year age difference, or even her feavinq for college. Sure, ' 1 admit ' 1 shed quite a few tears on the ride home from ' UCL ' A when we first drovved her off, but eventually those tears dried, and now my once ten year old sister is 22, and is Graduating colleqe. Congratulations Sissy, you made it! ' 1 Love you very much! Love Lllen (a.k.a. little sissy) BRUINLIFERS Congratulations TO THE Graduating staff of 2005 Alice-Emily-] ac kie- nancy- Nick- Vic Amber Fawn Jameson Congratulations! You are beautiful both inside and out. You have filled our lives with love, sunshine and joy by just being you. You have such a bright future ahead. We wish you the best of love, health, happiness success always. May all your dreams and desires become reality may your smile always shine and your heart always sing! May God Bless your Future Always! We Love You! Dad, Mom, Heather Erik Christina M, Louie CO r ' R ( AT ' ( llL ' AT ' ( 101 S! You fiave achieved and accompfisfted your 6tfi grade dream to attend ( IIC£ ( A. m o CD Q 3 v o u o c We are extreme fy proud of youl May your amazing smife, energy, kindness, creativity and determination continue to faring mucfi success in your journey tfirouqfi fife. We fove you! Mom, T)ad tficole Dearest son Johnny. I am so thankful that my prayers were answered to have such a blessed, wise, lovely, beautiful, caring, hard working, intelligent, honorable, respectful and courageous son like you. Your presence is a present to the world, especially to your brother and me. I feel so fortunate and most blessed to have a son like you. I love how your bright face shines as you smile, and the world smiles with you. I love how your eyes shine as you wisely and passionately express about: the philosophy of life, the complexity of the human psychology, the heartbeat of business and economy, the applied knowledge and creative terminologies of law, the variation of the differences and similarities in sociology, anthropology and history, the evolving faces of geography and astronomy, the advancement in technology and medicine, and my favorite of all, your undying love and care for me, your brother, our family, friends and all that exist. You are not only " Special " in every way, but an honorary, outstanding and inspiring positive role model for your brother and others. You are wise far beyond your years. You not only achieve the toughest challenges, but you accomplish them with the highest mastery. Your kind and caring words renews my hopes . Your pure love gives me strength to keep my dreams alive that I believe for even the farthest dreams are attainable. Your existence in my life has been the best gift that a mother could desire. May you always have the angels by your side to keep watching over you in all the endeavors of your life ! On this very special occasion of your Honorary Graduation, we (Your bro Joey, grandparents, uncles, aunts, relatives, friends and 1) are very proud of you, and wish upon you infinite blessings of genuine and true love, continuous wisdom, true happiness, best luck, greatest success, peace, joy. health, wealth, long life, and your continuous worthiness of the utmost respect and honor. Keep soaring and achieving your dreams, so you continue leaving your memorable, positive historical mark in this world . Infinite love, hugs and kisses Mom, Bro Joey, uncles, aunts, grandparents Consuela, I tiw youve felt caught up on a treadmill, you v ai you worte and worry, you stop dad sleep, and start all ovei- again. ' istea to me, trust in me, rtiu.ii out to me and your soul will delight in the richness of spiritual abundance. ( Bold! I am with itou. now and always, your strength and supply, go about uovx work consider the gifts you have been given. it the talents and abilities I hove instilled in i ou to do, mom may say to yourself, : been trained or educated to do these things. - But thinte about it, you could not have been educated without these gifts. Don ' t v orship the wot 1? of i (or- ■ i hands or mind, but worship Consuela loote i« stead look ahead to the glory c " 5 u D Q " SO THE QUESTION is not whether we will he extremists, but what kind of extremists we will he. Will we he extremists for hate or for love? " - Dr. Martin Luther King, lr. Our T)ea rest Jul ie. Words on a page cannot express the overflowing emotions wefeeCforyou, ' the nostaQia from the reflection of your accomplishments is overwhelming; hut you have taught us to float on. You have set a glaring milestone for ad of us. Yet it is only a preview of things to come: screenplay writing, activism, education, art and so much more. ' Above all, your unmatched sense of passion wi(l shock the wor(d as it has captivated us from day one. You have answered the question hy choosing to (ove and not to hate, to ffoat on and not to dwell: ' And for that we are in complete awe. Congratulations, Your ' Beloved ' Tamilia. Sweet Katie-B, From your first day of school, to your last, you have made us all proud, everyday. Congratulations on this fantastic accomplishment... These are the days we will remember..... These are the times that won ' t come again.... The highest of flames becomes an ember, and you gotta to live ' em while you can .... " your buddy, Keith " Sail on silver girl.... your time has come to shine, all your dreams are on their way..... Simon Garfunkel Dear Alice, Congratulations on your graduation! It h as certainly been a pleasure working with you in yearbook all these years! We ' re really going to miss having you around, you are a great pal (and a kick ass Managing Editor too)! UCLA won ' t be the same without you. Good luck with everything you do, and visit us BruinLifers every now and then! Love Always, BRUINLIFERS! TOP 5 WAYS TO END A DEDICATION: 5. Congratulations, pookie schnookims! 4. Go get em ' Tiger! 3. Go get a job. Get out of the house. Now 2. HAHA, just kidding, you didn ' t really graduate. 1.WELOVEYOUUUUUU!! -q q ' 3 o fl n Q -1 Q_ a 3 Q n o n 3 " Q 3 CO Ctlitlui {ic Lelc 7 n tana TLveu tme L I esCie -J 7-UJei • m ' IiuL tft£k l lt Lfr- Thank you to the best set of friends anyone could ever ask for. Each of you has made UCLA the experience of a lifetime and I can ' t imagine what the past four years would have been like without you all. From stalking to frat parties to ambulances to baskeball games to car-crash road trips to penning IDs to Barney to the random wall to the Cove to Riebs to Room 2 to WBC birthdays to 522 parties to Vegas to Margarita Mondays to the Kentucky Derby to tailgates to BBQs to Hapas to Sepi ' s to D ' n P to DDP to Moloney ' s to Mexico to everything else to come, you have all been there and back with nothing but smiles and laughter. Cheers to graduation and all the memories we still have yet to make. " Singapore dishes out the right ingredients for growth " i Food connoisseur Professor Barry Halliwell knows a winning recipe when he sees one. That ' s why he ' s convinced that Singapore is the ideal base for his groundbreaking research in molecular nutrition. " Singapore offers me many opportunities to make a difference, " says the Executive Director of the Graduate School of Integrative Sciences and Engineering at the National University of Singapore. Identified by the Institute for Science Information as one of the most cited scientists in Biology and Biochemistry, Halliwell ' s work on free radicals and cellular toxicity is world-renowned. This former Professor of Medical Biochemistry at Kings College, London, is delighted with Singapore ' s investments in the entire value chain of biomedical sciences activities. Topping it off, Biopolis, the pioneering epicentre of biomedical research, which is located amidst lush greenery and cool cafes, can house up to 2,000 scientists. If you want to savour a biomedical breakthrough on your menu, visit today. It could be your best entree. to ' TO O n o -i ■a o -i Q Q- Singapore. Your world of possibilities. OFFICES: BOSTON • CHICAGO • SAN FRANCISCO • LONDON • SYDNEY • CHENNAI • HONG KONG • SHANGHAI • SINGAPORE Contact 7 Singapore the University of California, Los Angeles graduating class of 2005. PacifiCare 9 Behavioral Health Caring is good. Doing something is better. OM ttmOt ' Pnoud to fame wwed t£e ttcde ifa and acuity £0 oveia decade. (ZimyictftdatioHA,, tyiadccctfe f WESTWOOD VILLAGE BRUIN THEATRE BLDG. • 926 BROXTON AVE. (310)208-0448 ALWAYS AIM HIGH. 5 C -°C, Mm ■w—5? ?P Coca-Cola Congratulates the Graduating Class of 2005 DIGITAL PRINTING DYE SUBLIMATION SCREEN PRINTING INSTALLATION Backdrop Banners Light Pole Banner Event Signage Pennants and Flags Stage Graphics Vehicle Graphics Backiit Signage Grandstand Banners (800) 266-4222 8866 N«l«m»l » loa An ffrtw , CA 80034 Phone: 310.038 3341 F«: 310838.7253 FLAQ.COM Dale Carnegie Training " CONGRATULATIONS! Presented By Thomas J. Kiblen Associates, Inc. Long beach, California (562) 427-1040 Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. -Albert Einstein Congratulations, Class of 2005. KAISER PERMANENTE Greenwald Pauly Foster Miller A PROFESSIONAL CORPORATION Greenwald, Pauly, Foster Miller Wishes All Success to the Class of 2005 Graduates. 310 451-8001 1299 Ocean Avenue, Suite 400 Santa Monica, California 90401 Hoag Hospital invites you to be a part a world-class healthcare team Just blocks from th in beautiful Newpo Hoag is a 409-bed not-for-profit acute hospital with a variety of challenging opportunities. • Enhanced salary structure • Enjoy flexible schedules • High nurse patient ratio • Work with top quality medical professionals • Uphold nursing excellence and high quality patient care • Specialty training opportunities • On-site educational opportunities • Benefit from attractive Hoag incentives Hoag Hospital - Where excellence is more than a word, it ' s tradition. Come find out why there is no place like Hoag! Hoag Human Resources 800 228-HOA6 Nursing Job Line 949 764-5826 - Visit and apply online. New Grad Training opportunities and scholarships now available! By becoming an RN at one of our area hospitals, • Inter-Community • Queen of the Valley • Foothill Presbyterian • Hospice Home Health you ' ll join a community of caring. Where your patients are your neighbors, and your co-workers are your friends. Join us, and see what it means to Come Home CONGRATULATIONS NEW GRAOS! We have RN Opportunities in all nursing specialties with extended orientation period Walk-In Interviews, Mon.-Fri., 8:30am-4:00pm. For consideration, apply in person or send resume to: Citrus Valley Health Partners, Human Resources, 140 West College Street, P.O. Box 6108. Covina.CA 91722. FAX: (626) 858-8506. E-mail: (626) 858-8539 Citrus Valley Health Partners EOE Drug-free workplace Re-Designated 2004. " We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit. " — Aristotle i he American Nurses Credentialing Center awarded irs four-year Magnet designation to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in 2000. It did it again in 2004. Only 118 hospitals in the country — four in California — have achieved Magnet designation for excellence in nursing services. This designation affirms a unique culture that will encourage you to grow and excel personally, to participate in decision-making processes, to collaborate with other team members, and to deliver the level of patient care that led you to choose nursing in the first place. Join our world-renowned facility, and we ' ll provide the training and mentoring you need to fulfill your career aspirations. Education and leadership go hand-in-hand as evidenced by the successful Cedars-Sinai Institute for Professional Nursing Development, which proves that higher levels of learning translate into higher job satisfaction for nurses and ultimately, into higher patient satisfaction results. We offer unlimited continuing education, fully funded ADN-to-BSN and BSN-to-MSN programs, as well as - ' ' week preceptorships in all spec ire, and we will enable you to ibtain your specialty certifications. We realize you have a wide choice of places that you can work. We know we offer ge counselor on and benefits of a health care leader. Please call, e-mail or apply online: (800) 795-NURS careers When applying please reference code: EP-OTHER Open Summer 2005 SflS L. . Tanh . jut Exciting new opportunities will he created by the opening of The Suzanne and David Sapersrein Critical Care Tower in summer 2005. This state-of-the-art facility will depend on highly trained staff to care for the most fragile patients using the latesr monitoring technology. When it comes to meeting your standards, Cedars-Sinai will surpass your expectations. Grow, Learn. Surpass your expectations. LooMngfor « c Hgyg iWDl -r ' y? The United States Border Patrol is actively seeking qualified applicants for Agent positions along the Southwest border. Become part of an elite federal law enforcement agency protecting America on the front line of national security. 1-888-300-5500 Ext. 9869 DHS is an Equal Opportunity Employer TELEDYNE CONTROLS GLOBAL MARKET LEADER Teledyne Controls is an industry leader in the design and manufacture of electronic systems for the aviation industry. Our vast experience includes: data acquisition, recording, monitoring, analysis, and communications systems for commercial air transport and regional aircraft, as well as helicopter applications, and Runway Visual Range (RVR) for airport applications. Teledyne Controls maintains a Global Market Leader position by providing solutions through technology and innovation. We are looking for talented individuals to contribute to this fast paced and growth oriented environment. Located in nearby West Los Angeles, Teledyne Controls has an ongoing relationship with UCLA Schools of Engineering and Management through internships and various field studies programs. This relationship has been an extremely successful one, both for Teledyne and the students involved. We are currently recruiting BS MS Systems Electrical and Computer Software Engineers. New Graduates are welcome to apply. Forward resumes, including salary history to: Teledyne Controls, Attn: Human Resources, 12333 W. Olympic Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90064. FAX: (310)442-4323. E-mail: To learn more about Teledyne Technologies, Inc., and view our current employment opportunities, visit our website at As an equal opportunity employer, we are committed to a diverse workforce. M F HN D. c o o u D Q after you ' ve earned paper, help us with ours Stora Enso North America, one of the world ' s leading forest product companies, is looking for talented people within the fields of engineering, forestry, marketing, accounting, finance and information technology. Our goal is to attract diverse, highly competent, capable candidates who want to be part of a leading global forest products company. We value experience, flexibility, project and team orientation and interpersonal skills. We aim to foster excellence and motivation, and reward employees for their skills, knowledge and performance. Storaenso Stora Enso North America We offer an attractive benefit and compensation package. So if you want to give your career an exciting global boost, please contact us by sending e-mailing or faxing a letter of interest, resume, transcript and salary requirement to: Stora Enso North America Attn: Employment • P.O. Box 8050 • Wisconsin Rapids, Wl 54495-8050 E-mail: For more information, visit An EEO AA Employer Fortify your future II you ' re .1 student read) for real-world | and rewards, lei Kelli pany enhance your mind and talents through our wide paid internships and lucrative employment opportunities Finance Accounting Human Resources Information Services Marketing Operations Professional Administrative Research, Quality Technology Sales Supply Chain Smart, creative people doing a job the) love, Come be one of us. Visit careers Kellogg Company is an Equal Opportunity Employer committed to workforce diversity 2004 Kellogg Company Engineer Your Career at Caltrans Career opportunities exist in: • Engineering • Surveying • Planning • Administration • Maintenance • Accounting Caltrans is an equal opportunity OHrans A Winning Formula in Drug Discovery At Roche Palo Alto, we are innovating new drug candidates aimed at central nervous system and genitourinary disorders, arthritis, and respiratory and viral diseases. Our formula for success: highly talented, results-driven scientists and a world-class environment equipped with cutting-edge technologies. Backed by the resources of a global enterprise, our robust product pipeline demonstrates our ability to produce results and formulate the drugs of the future. If you ' d like to be a part of one of today ' s most successful pharmaceutical companies, maybe it ' s time you discover Roche. Our beautiful park-like campus presents an array of employee amenities, including an on-site fitness center. We are also pleased to provide a competitive compensation package - complete with a generous vacation and holiday schedule, 401(k) and pension plans. Visit our website for more information about summer internships and current career opportunities. http: As an equal opportunity employer, we are committed to workforce diversity. n o ■o o Q PARTNERS IIV J-OIMSTRUCTlQiv A Proud Partner in Construction Mason Contractors Since 1922 RECENT PROJECTS: Royce Hall • Powell Library • Morgan Center Wooden East • Ackerman Interior Tom Bradley International Center Science Technology Research Building Physics and Astronomy Building Janss Parking Structure • Men ' s Gym Staging Building 13124-A Saticoy Street North Hollywood, CA 91605 Lic 167716 (818) 983-1466 (323) 875-2614 Fax (818) 764-9133 E-mail: II c o o u a a PCL Reiber Hall North West Residence Halls and First Floor Renovation 818-246-3481 200 Burchett Street Glendale, CA 91203 A Proud Member of the UCLA Construction Team. Projects: • Anderson Graduate School of Management • Dykstra Parking Structure • UCLA, Santa Monica Parking Structure • Reiber Hall North West Residence Halls • Kinsey Hall HO SHADE CO. N C. Residential - Commercial A-Z Industries Coast Shade A Division of Aero Shade Co., Inc. Showroom and Offices 8404 West 3rd Street Los Angeles. California 90048 PHONE: (323)655-2411 FAX (323) 655-3180 For all your window covering needs, call Aero Shade Co., Inc. The Best Service Quality! Contractor ' s License 294471 U 1 o£ 2005 11 INDUSTRIAL METAL SUPPLY CO. Sun My Irvine San Diego 310,204.2449 949-250-3343 858-277-8200 The one source for innovative educational solutions Lecture and Classroom Furniture Auditorium Furniture Computer Lab Furniture Administration Office Furniture Cafeteria Furniture Library Furniture Residence Hall Furniture Lounge Furniture -800-424-2432 WORKING FOR YOU V VE NTU R A P R l N T I N a The Waterless Printer The Employee Owners of Ventura Printing are proud to show their support for Pepperdine University the Class of 2005 S 200 North Elevar Street Oxnard, CA 93030 800-882-1844 • www. Coioi Graphics ColorGraphics, Inc. 1 50 North Myers Street Los Angeles CA 90033-2109 323-261-7171 FAX 323-261 -7077 n o ■o o Q (B Q_ TM CONGRATULATIONS, CLASS OF 2005! LZOsJ S£u4£tv£ TDtr ctfrri c q o u CD o Sohrab Aalam Lo Jollo, CA Pre Psychobiology Ryan Christopher Aamaes Irvine, CA Pie Psychology, Junior John Aaron Los Angeles, CA Junior Paul Ryan Aaron Irvine, CA Business Economics (B.A.), Accounting, Philosophy, Junior Christine Viana Abalos Son Francisco, CA Psychology (B.A.), Junior Gomma Phi Beta, Unicamp, Samahang, Zero Sis, Alpha Chi Sigma, UCLA Med Volunteer, HAPA Jeffrey Olise Abandy China Hills, CA Sociology (B.A.), Junior Diane M Abarca Lomito, CA Psychology (B.A.), Applied Developmental Psychology, Senior Olukayode Oludaisi Abass Oakland, CA Electrical Engineering (B S ) Junior Agazit Getachew Abate Santo Monica, CA African Languages (B.A.), Junior Anthony Joseph Abate Los Angeles, CA Anthropology (B A ). Junior Rosette Abay ahoudian Tehran, Iran Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology IBS), Junior Medicine, Research, Genetic, Psychology, Swimming, Hillel Sheila Abayan Los Angeles, CA Pre Psychology, Junior Mohammad Resa Abbassi Khah Los Angeles, CA Biochemistry (B.S.), Junior Ryan Benjamin Abbott Los Angeles, CA Individual Course ol Study IB A.). Junior Payum Abdarbashi Los Angeles, CA Neuroscience (B.S.) Hend Mohamed Abdelghani La Canada, CA Biochemistry (3.S.), Junior Amanda Philip Abdelmalik Moorpork, CA Sophomore Allexis Aurora-Eve Abdo West Hills, CA Pre Psychology, Junior Psychology, Women ' s Studies Morvarid June Abdollahi Los Altos, CA Pre Psychology, Junior Taraneh Abdollahi-Fard Woodland Hills, CA Psychology (B.A.), Senior Combiz Richard Abdolrahimi Redlonds, CA Pre Political Science, Sophomore Ali Abdolsalehi Bueno Pork, CA Pre Psychology Jalil Abdulaziz Encino, CA Sociology (B.A.) Mary H Abdulla Los Angeles, CA Linguistics and Psychology (B.A.), Freshmon Khadeeja Saba Abdullah Fontana, CA Physiological Science (B .$.), Junior Emika Sandberg Abe Polo Alto, CA Theater (B.A.), Junior Scottertones Anita Elizabeth Abedian Son Jose, CA English (B-AJ, Junior Colleen Rebecca Abel Manhattan Beach, CA Art History (8.A.), Senior Daniel Raymond Abel Mill Valley, CA Theater (B.A.) Cesar Jose Abella, Jr San Francisco, CA Theater (B.A.), Senior Theatre Underground, UCLA Store Sauntrie Diaz Abellera Los Angeles, CA Freshman UCLA Basketball Gomes, Community Service Ryan Brendan Abelowitz Son Diego, CA Neuroscience IBS), Junior Anna Aberman Chotsworth, CA English (B A ) Junior Catalina Sondra Abeyta Huntington Beach, CA Pre Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics Kedar Ramesh P Abhyankar Indian Wells, CA Business Economics (B.A.) Nadine K Abi-Chahine Son Bruno, CA Middle Eastern and North African Studies (B.A.) Andrew Michel Abi- Chaker Torzono, CA Mathematics Economics (B.S }, Freshmon Pre-Med Banipal Ablakhad Polmdole, CA Pre Psychology Benhur Ablakhad Polmdole CA Pre Psychology Sarineh Abnoosi Glendale, CA Psychology (B.A), Junior Katie Aboites Lokewood, CA Biology (B.S.), Junior Kianoush Abolfathi Marino Del Rey, CA Biology (B.S.) Anna Meghedi Abolian Burbank, CA Physiological Science (B.S.), Armenian Studies, Senior Alpha Omega Alpha Sorority, Stroke Research Jean Abou-Eid Granada Hills, CA Mathematics Economics (B.S.) Ani Aboulian Glendale CA English (B.A), Sophomore Aravindhan Ionez Abraham Fresno, CA Business Economics (B.A.), Junior Arunthathi Tabitha Abraham Fresno, CA Physiological Science (B.S.), Junior Brian Michael Abraham Alio Lomo, CA Freshman Christopher Varghese Abraham Lancaster, CA Economics (B.A. ), Junior Jessica M Abraham La Crescenta, CA Pre Psychobiology, Sophomore Adina Alexandra Abrahami San Jose, CA Pre Economics, Sophomore Anahit Abrahamian North Hollywood, CA Psychology (8.A.), Junior Venik Abrahamian Glendale, CA Physiological Science (B.S), Junior Lindsay Jane Abram Gronile Boy, CA Business Economics (B.A ). Junior Joel Harris Abramovitz Son Rafael, CA Jewish Studies (B.A.) Anna Lauren Abrams Mahomet, IL Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology (B.S), Junior Pauline Matouk Abrams Northridge, CA Pre Political Science, Junior Sharon Renee Abrams Los Angeles, CA English (B.A), Junior Amanda Kulick Abramson Dana Point, CA Biochemistry (B.S.) Jessica Avishan Abramson Healdsburg, CA Freshman Aida Abramyan Los Angeles, CA Communication Studies (B.A.), Freshman ASA Shogik Abramyan Los Angeles, CA Biochemistry (B.S), Armenian, Sophomore Nicole Treston Abranian Glendale, CA Prebusiness Economics, Junior Leah Jeannine Abrass Reno, NV Pre Psychobiology, Junior Carissa A Abrego Giendoro. CA English (B.A.), Sophomore Jesus Abril, Jr Eost Los Angeles, CA Geography (B.A.), Urban Studies, Sophomore Nu Alpha Kappa Fraternity, Sanam Abrishami Beverly Hills, CA Psychology (B.A.), History School Psych Or Low Kay Jasmine Abshier Bellflower, CA Anthropology (B A ). Junior Donee, Photography, Waring, Reading, Irish Dance, Amor Academy Of Irish Dance Melissa Kathelina Raquel Abshire San Francisco, CA Sociology (B.A. ), Senior Cope, St. Vincent De Paul Society Elika Abtahi Irvine, CA Psychology (B.A.) Avi Zohar Abudi Los Angeles, CA International Development Studies (II A 1 Junior Yousef Ibrahim Abukhdair Foir Ooks, CA Pre Polilicol Science, Junior Celica Amna Abushawish San Jacinto, CA Physiological Science (B.S), Freshman Isaac Edward Abusleme, Jr Granada Hills, CA Biology (B.S.), Junior Christy May Abuyen Delano, CA Psychology (B.A.) Shaun Ihsan Abuzalaf Diamond Bar, CA Biology (B.S), Sophomore Frances May Acasio Oxnard, CA Pre Psychobiology Christopher Alvin Acelar San Ramon, CA Business Economics IB A ] Keith Ryan Aceron Lomo Undo, CA Physiological Science (B.S.) David Humberto Acevedo Sylmar, CA Neuroscience (B S ), Sophomore Dulce Maria Acevedo Poromount, CA History (B.A.), Italian, Sophomore Amenco Deads, Bruin Corps Ernesto Acevedo South Gate, CA International Development Studies (B.A.) Kenia Acevedo Van Nuys, CA Sociology (B.A.), Sophomore Lourdes Michelle Acevedo South Gate, CA Biology (B.S.), Freshman Rosa Isela Acevedo Arleta, CA Pre Psychology Luis Antonio Aceves, Jr Son Diego, CA Computer Science and Engineering (B.S.) Soles, CEED, ACM, Acting, Singing, Pointing, Airbiushmg And Guitar Natalie H Achamallah Benicia, CA Neuroscience (B S), Sophomore Archana Ramma Acharya Anaheim, CA Sociology (B.A), Sophomore Rohini Acharya Riverside, CA World Arts and Cultures (B.A.), Freshmon Andrew Joseph Ackerman Northridge, CA Computer Science (B S ), Sophomore Emily Katherine Ackerman Encino, CA English (B.A.), Junior Adrian Acosta Son Diego, CA Theater (B.A.) Allen F Acosta Alhambra, CA Political Science (B.A.), Public Policy, Junior Sigma Nu, Interfiotermty Council A nna Marie Antonette Acosta Riverside, CA Political Science (B.A.) Gerardo Ivan Acosta Los Angeles, CA Pre Psychology Marina M Acosta Riverside, CA Biology (B.S.) Michelle Cecilia Acosta Santa Ana, CA Political Science (8.A.), Sociology, Senior Cultural Affairs Commission Jazz Series Director, Bruincorps, H U.R.D Monica Virginia Acosta Pasadena, CA Pre History, Junior Ernesto Hernandez Acuna Los Angeles, CA Sophomore Allison Mieko Adachi San Mateo, CA American Literature and Culture (B.A.), Junior Katya A Adachi Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology IBS.) James Christian Adam Redondo Beach, CA Freshman Congratulations ' James. Remember you get out what you put in And won did Carpe Diem. Romel Adam Glendale, CA Communication Studies (B.A.), Junior Carlos Jose Adame Santo Barbara, CA Prebusiness Economics, Junior Jennifer Lynn Adame Los Angeles, CA History (B.A.), Education, Senior Zohreen Adamjee Torrance, CA Communication Studies (B.A.), Junior Abigail N Adams Tulare, CA English (B.A.), Politicol Science, Freshman Anne Byington Adams La Selvo Beach, CA Freshman Brian Stuart Adams San Diego, CA Junior Catherine Christine Adams Los Gatos, CA Political Science (B.AJ Christopher Allen Adams Los Angeles, CA Philosophy (B.A.) Danesha L Adams Shaker Heights, OH Jessica Lauren Adams Los Angeles, CA Ecology, Behavior, and Evolution (B.S.), Junior John Gustave Adams, Jr Polo Alto, CA Chemistry (B.S.), Junior Kevin Lamarr Adams Inglewood, CA Communicotion Studies (B.A.) Lucas Charles Adams Encinitos, CA Japanese IB. A.), Senior Theto Chi Rosalind Zoe Adams New York, NY Sociology (B.A.), Freshman Sean Ray Adams Santa Barbara, CA Philosophy (B.A.) Stephanie Wan-Ching Adams Mountain View, CA Physiological Science (B.S.), Sophomore Emily Rand Adamson Son Diego, CA Biology (B.S), Sophomore Arpine Adamyan Los Angeles, CA Philosophy (B.A.), Junior Michael Genson Adan Posodena, CA Chemistry (B.S.) Neera Navin Adatia Arcodio, CA Mark Ariel Adato San Diego, CA Mechanical Engineering (B.S), Business Economics, Junior Ultimate Fnsbee, Lrfeguording Renae Elizabeth Addington Sacramento, CA International Development Studies (B.A.), Junior Lauren Victoria Adelchanow Redondo Beach, CA Psychology (B.A.) Nelissa Sarah Adelpour Santo Monica, CA Ecology, Behavior, and Evolution (B.S.), Junior Matilda Pearl Adelson San Leandro, CA Sophomore Ghayth Adhami Corona, CA Biology (B.S.), Junior Islam, Basketball, And Gerbils Christian Kareem Adi Lowndole, CA Political Science (B.A.), History, Junior International Relations, United Arob Society Club Glenda Christabell Adjei Los Angeles, CA Jason Aaron Adkins Huntington, WV History (B.A.), Junior Angela Gabrielle Adler La, CA Psychobiology (B.S.), Senior Jennifer Lauren Adler Moorpork, CA English (B.A.), Senior Kimberly Anne Adler Lo Verne, CA Ecology, Behavior, and Evolution (B.S.), Junior Stephanie Alicia Adleson San Jose, CA Sociology (B.A.), Philosophy, Senior Chi Omego Admassu Addis Abebo, ET Psychology (B.A.), Junior Theto Kappa Phi Sorority, Involving Community Development, Hiking, Dancing Ruby Nicole Adorno Los Angeles, CA English (B.A.), Junior Farida Adot West Covina, CA Psychobiology (B.S), Senior Aditya Pashupati Advani Northridge, CA Computer Science ond Engineering (B.S.) Vardan Adzhemyan North Hollywood, CA Pre Political Science, Junior Arron Agustin Afflalo Compton, CA Freshmon Maryam M. Afifi Glendale, CA Biology IBS) Arabic, Islamic Studies, Senior Membei Of UCLA College Honors, GCC Scholars Science, Academy GCC Alpha Gammo Sigma. Enjoys Sculpting, Traveling, Volunteering, Swimming, Tennis, Music Sarah Afrand West Hills, CA Biology IBS), Junior Medicine, Reoding, Community Service, .ding, rtwfoo ophy, Sooobng, .; AjkJ Ploying Witti My Dogs Arash tsahi Los Angeles CA Chemistry (B S ) Benjamin Larry Afshani los Angeles, CA Pie Politicol Science Aria Arshar Son Juan Coprstrano, CA Freshman Flommgo Gurrar, Bosketboll proud of R ■ ■ Dad Dominic Philip Afzali Redondo Beoch, CA Qossical Civilization (BA ). Junior Larisa R Agabekyan Hollywood, CA History lB A ) Junior Farshad Agah Glendole, CA Computer Science lB S ) Junior Ashkan Agahzadeh Monrovia CA Business Economics (BA.), Junior Dannv Khen Agai los Angeles, CA Politicol Science (B.A.), Senior History, Ploying Basketball Daniel Alex Agalsoff Hacienda Heights, CA Prebusiness Economic, freshman Erich Mandreza Agana Milpnos. CA Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics (B.S.), History, Senior Marketing, Student Health Advocate, Intervarsty Chnstian Fellowship Rahul Victor Agarwal San Diego, CA Pre Economics, Freshman Rishi Raj Agarwal Riverside, CA Physiological Science (B.S.), Junior Asaf Agazanof Los Angeles, CA Earth Sciences (BA), Freshman Natalie Kilikina Agbayani Son Jose, CA World Arts and Cultures (B A ) Sophomore George Henri Agcaoili Carson, CA Economic (BA), Senior UCLA Ski And Snowboard Team 2003-2005. UCLA Men ' s Crew Team 2002-2003 Alexie Leah Natividad Agdeppa Rowland Heights, CA World Arts ond Cultures (BA.) CA Iranian Studies (BA) Manoush Aghakhani Glendole, CA Sociology (BA) Armond Aghanian Glendole, CA Design | Media Arts IB A ) Junior Sara Aghassy Winnelka. CA Biology (B S), Junior Bayan Aghdasi Clovis, CA Biology (BS), Sophomore Leylie Aghili Los Angeles, CA English (B.A). Freshman Eileen Zary Aghnami Beverly Hills, CA Civil Engineering (B.S.), Political Science, Senior American Society Of Civil Engineers (ASCE), Chi Epsilon (XE], Civil Engineenng Honor Society Dilyara Agisheva Shermon Oaks, CA Ancient Near Eastern Civilizations (BA), Junior Dzhamilya Agisheva Shermon Ooks, CA Philosophy (BA), Junior Ralph Joliuz Adan Aglipay San Diego, CA Chemistry (B.S), Junior lames Joseph Agloro Fresno, CA Sociology (BA), Junior Raja Agnani Chino Hills, CA 8iology (BS), Junior Arsen Alex Agoian Glendole, CA Biochemistry (B.S.) Fred Agourian Glendole, CA Computer Science (B S), Senior Anjali Agrawal Arcadia. CA Junior Aaron Michael Agte Imperial Beoch, CA Mothemotics, Applied (B.S.), Philosophy, Senior Intramural Sports, UCLA Athletics Alon Roy Llagas Agua Vollejo, CA Biochemistry (B S ), Sophomore Alondra Aguayo Modero, CA Sociology (BA) Claudia Aguayo Los Angeles, CA History (BA.) Melissa Aguayo Diomond Bat, CA Sophomore Natalie Marie Aguayo Norwalk, CA Rebeca Soledad Aguayo Imperial Beach, CA Pre History, Junior Sandra Leticia Aguayo Indio, CA Pre Politicol Science, Freshmon Emmanuel Aguiar South Gate, CA History (B.A.), Spanish. Sophomore Chivas Soccer, South Gate Soccer, G Unit And 50 Abraham Villegas Aguilar Hemet, CA Biology (B.S.), Sophomore Beatriz Aguilar Wilmington, CA Politicol Science (BA), Sociology, Education, Undergraduate UCLA Low Fellows Cynthia Aguilar Bellflower, CA Cognitive Science (B.S.), Junior Deicy Yanet Aguilar Oxnord, CA Sociology (BA), Junior Erica Angelina Aguilar Son Diego, CA Psychology (BA), Sociology, Junior Jaclyn Nicole Aguilar Reseda, CA Sociology (BA) Jennifer Margarita Aguilar Los Angeles, CA Sociology (B.A.), Education, Junior Jose Luis Aguilar Stockton, CA Pre Psychology, Sophomore Joseph Andrew Aguilar Monterey, CA History (BA), Public Policy, Political Science, Junior Josephine Sepe Aguilar National City, CA Biochemistry (BS), Sophomore Martha Alicia Aguilar Vista, CA Pre Politicol Science, Sophomore Monica Maxima Aguilar Long Beoch, CA Psychobiology (B.S.), Sophomore AAP, Bruin Hope, Brum Corps Rafael G Aguilar Lennox, CA Pre Psychology, Junior Roberto Baldemar Aguilar Los Angeles. CA German (B A ) Sandra Aguilar Inglewood, CA Chicona and Chicano Studies (B.A ), Junior Sigma Lambdo Gammo Soionty, The Dodgers 1 1 M So I Guess Softball And Baseball. Veronica G Aguilar Pico Rivera, CA International Development Studies (B A.) Monica Aguilera Huntington Pork, CA Pre Psychobiology Robert Aguilera Costa Mesa, CA Sociology (B.A), Junior Javier Aguiniga El Monte, CA Sophomore CCM, Pre-Medicine, Soccer, Trock, Footboll, Bruin Partners Elisabeth Frances Aguirre Garden Grove, CA Biology (B S ), Sophomore Guadalupe Victoria Aguirre Long Beach, CA Hector Francisco Aguirre Bell, CA Psychology (B.A.) Jordan Christopher Aguirre Tulore, CA Chemistry (B.S.) Glenn Mendoza Agustin Vollejo, CA Mechanical Engineering (B.S), Sophomore Alexander Kasala Ahad Fremont, CA Design | Media Arts (BA.), Junior Samira Ahantab Los Angeles, CA Biochemistry (B.S), Junior Daniel Benjamin Aharoni Agoura, CA Physic (BS.), Junior Amanjeet Ahdi Valencia CA Freshmon Danny Yedidia Ahdoot Roncho Polos Verdes, CA Computer Science (B.S.) Michael Andrew Ahdoot Encino, CA Biology (B.S), Junior Jessica Ahdout Beverly Hills, CA Psychology (BA), Junior Rebecca Sahar Ahdout Irvine, CA Jewish Studies (BA), Sophomore Ainsley Marian Ahern Ireland History (BA.), Philosophy, Junior Traveling, Reading, Socializing Almost there i down and I more to go Kevin Daniel Ahlstrom Los Alomitos, CA Freshman Angelica Chantal Ahmad Long Beach, CA Comparative Literature (BA.) Mohamad Saleh Ahmad Lo Ournto, CA Prebusiness Economics, Junior Sara Leana Ahmad Chotsworth, CA Philosophy (HA) Junior Ania Ahmadi Los Angeles, CA Jonathan Ahmadi Santo Clora, CA Aerospace Engineering (8 S ). Junior Obaidulah Ahmadi Venice, CA Biochemistry (BS), Junior Pantea Lili Ahmadi los Angeles, CA Political Science (BA.), Senior National Society 01 Collegiate Scholars, Golden Key, International Honor Society, Undergiod International Relation, Soc, Pi Sigmo Alpho (Notional Polr-Sci Honors Society) Shaun Shahriyar Ahmadian Rolling Hills Estates, CA Computer Science (B.S), Junior Arjang Ahmadpour Simi Volley, CA Anthropology (BS), Junior Asmaa Ahmed Los Angeles, CA Sociology (BA) Dania Ahmed West Hills, CA Arl (BA.), Sophomore Erum Naz Ahmed Irvine, CA Political Science (BA), Senior NoorJehan Ahmed Victorville, CA Anthropology (B.S), Junior Omar F Ahmed Chino Hills, CA Civil Engineering (B.S), Sophomore Omar Iqbal Ahmed Irvine, CA Neuroscience (B.S.) Osman Ahmed Sacramento, CA Neuroscience (B.S.) Sanaria Ahmed San Dimas, CA Psychology (BA) Shehab Saiyid Ahmed Portland, OR Pre Economics, Freshman Zahid H Ahmed Pre Psychobiology Andrew Sung-Joon Ahn La Crescenta, CA Electrical Engineering (B.S.), Junior Byron Seho Ahn Mountain View, CA Junior Christopher Jay Ahn Duorte, CA Music (B.A .), Junior Eric Eunho Ahn Donville, CA Mechonicol Engineering (B.S), Freshman Jae Ha Ahn Lakewood, CA Sophomore Jane Ahn Cerritos, CA Psychology (BA) Janice Yoo-Jin Ahn Anaheim Hills, CA Molecular Cell ond Developmental Biology IBS) Jennifer June Ahn La Canada, CA Freshmon Mark Youngkyoon Ahn Cerritos, CA Junior Mark Ahn Redondo Beach, CA Philosophy (BA), Senior Micaella Ahn Cerritos, CA World Arts ond Cultures (BA.), Senior Archilectuie 8 Interior Design, Stage Production Michael K Ahn Beverly Hills, CA Sociology (BA ), Senior Michelle Soojung Ahn Rolling Hills Estates, CA Physiological Science (B.S.) Samuel Kunhi Ahn los Angeles, CA Civil Engineering (B.S.) Soyoung E Ahn Los Angeles, CA Sociology (B A ), Junior Anita Ahoubim Woodland Hills, CA Sociology (BA), Junior Dorita Ahoubim Woodland Hills, CA Sociology (BA), Junior Jasleen Ahuja Irvine, CA English (BA.), Senior Campus Events Commission, UCLA Shokespeore, Creative Writing Adriana E Ahumada Mortinei, CA International Development Studies (BA.), Junior Alan Ai Mountain View, CA English (BA), Freshman Michael Canh Ai Cypress, CA Economics (B.A), Junior Nadia Iqbal Aibani Carson, CA Sophomore Jason Michael Aiello Son Jose, CA Music (BA), Junior Benjamin Okhaifo Aigboboh Bakersfield, CA Pre Political Science, Junior Audra D Ainley Tulore, CA International Development Studies IB A ) Lesly Maria Aispuro Los Angeles, CA Latin American Studies (BA ), Junior Oshin Aivazian Glendole, CA Business Economics (B.A), Junior Arby Aiwazian Glendole, CA Political Science (BA.) Sima Ajdari Colobosos, CA Philosophy (BA.), Junior Misako Michelle Akabori Son Jose, CA Art (B.A.), Asian Humanities, Senior Deniz Akansel Costa Mesa, CA History (BA) Ashkan Akasheh Irvine, CA Physiological Science (B S ), Junior Lauren Sachiko Akazawa Dono Point, CA Art (8.A.) Farah Jehan Akbar Rolling Hills Estotes, CA Physiological Science (B.S.), Junior Rahmatultah Akbar Buena Park, CA Pre Psychobiology Miles Peter Ake San Francisco, CA Art (B.A), Freshman Asmik Akelyan North Hollywood, CA Pre Psychology Isaac Akhamzadeh Los Angeles, CA History (B A), Junior Golnoush Akh.u .in Encino, CA Politicol Science (BA) Samira Jay Akhave Claremont, CA Biology (BS), Sophomore Golda Akhgamia La Jollo CA Communication Studies (B.A), Junior Bilqees Akhtar Los Angeles. CA Biology (BS) Sadeen Akhtari Los Angeles, CA Prebusiness Economics Haig Paul Akian Los Angeles, CA Mechanical Engineering (B.S.), Junior Babatunde Afolabi Akinloye Inglewood, CA Film ond Television (B A .), Alncon Studies, Sophomore Movies, Improvement Of The Block Community, Afncon Student Union (admit Day, Shape, AMC, HEC) Laura Kwai Lan Akita Lafayette, CA World Arts and Cultures (B.A), Sophomore Benjamin Masao Akiyama San Francisco, CA Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics (B.S ), Junior Hiroshi Akiyama Huntington Beoch, CA Electrical Engineering (B S ), Sophomore Lisa Akiyoshi Torrance, CA Chemistry (B.S), Junior Miho Aileen Akiyoshi Torronce, CA Computer Science (B.S.), Junior Melisa Filiz Akkas Mission Viejo, CA Freshman Blue And Gold 1 , Ploying Soccer And Tennis Ani Akobyan Tujunga, CA Pre Political Science, Sophomore Gohar Gina Akopyan North Hollywood, CA Psychobiology (B.S), Junior Tatevik Akopyan Reseda, CA History (B.A), Junior Mary Ngozi Akpa Son Diego, CA Ethnomusicology (B.A.) Ali R Akram Socramento, CA Biology (B.S), Freshman Sehrish Akram West Covino, CA Microbiology, Immunology, ond Moleculor Genetics (B.S ), Junior Alvera Akmal Akroush El Segundo, CA Electrical Engineering (B.S), Junior Andrea Evaughn Alabastro Foster City, CA English (B.A.), Communication Studies. Politicol Science, Freshmon Life is the dream that must be interpreted -Rutni Danielle Nicole Aladjadjian South Pasadena, CA Ethnomusicology (BA.) Nadia Alaee Donville, CA Freshmon Yasaman Alaghband West Hills, CA Biology (B.S.) Babak Alaghebandan Cupertino, CA Ironion Studies (B.A.) c .2 " 5 u o Mariam Alami Redondo Beach. CA History (B.A.J, Junior Daniel William Alamo Moywood, CA Sociology (B.A.I, History, Junior Maria Alaniz Firebough, CA Diane Alarcon Los Angeles, CA Pre Political Science, Junior Simon Peter Alarcon Walnut, CA Biology (B.S.), Freshman Wilfredo Alejandro Alas South Gate, CA Amalia Alaverdvan Von Nuys, CA Chemistry (B.S.) Mger Alaverdyan Burbank, CA Pre Psychobiolagy, Sophomore Mabel Alavez Los Angeles, CA Psychology (B.A.), Education, Senior Wyse, Ideos, SVAA Kourosh Alavi Reseda, CA Biochemistry (B.S), Junior Samer Bashir Albadawi Lebec, CA Biology IBS.), Junior Leilani Carol Albano Resedo, CA Asian Americon Studies (B.A ) Gabriel Assadour Albarian, Jr Weslloke Village, CA Political Science (B.A.) Rocio Albarran Adelanto, CA Political Science IB.A.) Alexis Jenna Alber Sacramento, CA Political Science (B.A.), Junior Pi Beta Phi, Brum Republicans Andrew Charles Albers Santo Ana, CA History (Bi.) Gina L Albert Conyon Country, CA English (B.A.), Freshman Joel Richard Albert Conyon Country, CA Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics (B.S.), Freshman Jose Puig Albert Los Angeles, CA Psychology (B-A), English Fabian Alberto Soledod, CA Pre History, Freshmon Ellen Diane Alblinger Los Angeles, CA Pre Psychology, Junior Carlos Felipe Albuja Rontho Polos Verdes, CA Computer Science ond Engineering (B.S), Junior Jasmine Gabriella Albuquerque Molibu, CA Pre History, Junior Marina Fior Alburger Cupertino, CA Communication Studies (B,A.), Junior David Andrew Alcaide San Diego, CA Aerospace Engineering (B.S), Junior Matthew S Alcala Sonto Ano, CA Pre Psychology, Freshmon Alumni Sch Club, Acodemic Advancement Eliana Alcantar Los Angeles, CA Freshmon Pfoys The Violin Brian Ortiguerra Alcantara Son Diego, CA Japanese (B.A.) Grace E. Alcantara Northridge, CA Communicotion Studies (B.A.), Junior Jonathan Alcantara West Covino, CA English (B.A.), Junior Anthony Alcazar Van Nuys, CA Prebusiness Economics, Junior Marian-Dream Mondok Alcid Sunnyvole, CA Chemical Engineering (B.S.) Joshua Edward Alcocer Oceanside, CA Ecology, Behavior, and Evolution (B.S.), Political Science, Freshman Circle K International Franklin Paulite Alconcel, Jr Escondido, CA Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology IBS.) Melissa Gail Aldama Los Angeles, CA Anthropology (B A.) Jeanette R Aldana Chulo Vista, CA Sociology (B.A.) Sophomore Alpha Phi Omego Coed Fraternity Maria Aldana Orosi, CA History (B.A.) Diana Aldapa Venture, CA Sociology (B.A.) Veronica Gomes Alday Riolto, CA Physiological Science (B.S.) Natalie Rae Aldern San Diego, CA Pre Microbiology Immunology, and Molecular Genetics, Sophomore Ashley Brooke Aldrich Midway City, CA Psychology (B.A.), Interpersonal Behovior Leadership, Senior Katherine Michelle Aldrich Long Beach, CA Sociology (B.A.), Junior Lilly Jean Aldriedge Los Angeles, CA Design | Medio Arts (B.A.), Junior Carel Ale La Mirado, CA Latin American Studies (B.A), Sophomore Rachel Ashley Alegrete Mission Hills, CA History (B.A.), Junior Kei Lis Alegria-Flores Son Diego. CA Biology (B.S), Junior Martina Cirila Alejandrino Escondido, CA Sophomore Steven Shane Alejandro North Hills, CA Sophomore Aylin Aleksandryan Gtendale, CA Mathematics, Applied (B.S.) Gevorg Aleksanyan Glendole, CA Political Science (B.A.), Junior MeLine Aleksanyan Glendole, CA Religion, Study of (B.A), Junior Raul Aleman Whirtier, CA Pre History, Spanish, Junior Tsion Alemu Fullerton, CA History (B.A.) Courtney L Alev Granite Bay, CA Freshmon Ashley Shaunte Alexander Los Angeles, CA Pre Psyctiobiology Edward Gravel Alexander Seobrook, IX Materials Engineering (B S.|, Sophomore Laura Campbell Alexander Irvine, CA French (8.A.), Junior Melissa Athelin Alexander Oakland, CA Afro-Americon Studies (B.A.) Patrick Grady Alexander Omaha, NE Philosophy (B A ) Shereese Lanee ' Alexander Anaheim, CA Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics (B.S), Junior Campus Crusade For Chnst, The Impact Movement, Black Pre Health Organization, Care, AAE Envision, Vocois, Mmonry Access To Research Careers Tiffany Michelle Alexander Bellflower, CA Freshman AACF Troy Vincent Alexander Costaic, CA Design | Media Arts (B.A), Junior Tyler James Alexander Torrance, CA Computer Science and Engineering (B .S.I, Freshman Tyrus Ryan Alexander Volley Village, CA Computet Science (B.S), Junior Alexander Alexandrov Los Angeles, CA Prebusiness Economics, Junior John I Alexiou Sunland, CA Nursing (B.S), Junior Ernest Depaolo Alfante Lo Polma, CA Political Science (B.A), Senior Phi Alpha Delta Pre-Law Fraternity, Film, Jazz, International Relations, Us Army Daisy Denise Alfaro Lynwood, CA Sociology (B.A ) Francisco Javier Alfaro, Jr Norwalk, CA Freshman Jacqueline Diana Alfaro Los Angeles, CA Jennifer Alfaro Rosemeod, CA Sociology (8 A), Junior Linda Gabriela Alfaro Los Angeles, CA American Literature and Culture (E A.! Junior Patricia Elizabeth Alfaro Lynwood, CA Philosophy (B.A.), Freshmon Vanessa Alfaro Son Gabriel Valley, CA Philosophy (B.A), Senior Roiory International, Circle K Victor Ryan Alfaro Son Jose, CA Ecology, Behovior, and Evolution (B.S.), Junior Tracy Lynn Algorri Lo Mirodo, CA Communicotion Studies (B.A.) Samia Al-Halwani Orange, CA Linguistics ond Psychology (B.A I, Junior Faria Ali North Hollywood, CA Geography. Environmental Studies (8 A I Inas Ali Claremont, CA Biology {B.S), Junior Rubina Ali Yorba Linda, CA Pre Political Science, Junior Subhan Mustafa Ali Orange, CA Civil Engineering (8.S.), Sophomore Amencan Society Of Civil Engineers, Pakistani Students Association Vram Kevork Alian West Hills, CA Economics (B.A.), Junior Sarvenaz Alibeigi Woodland Hills. CA Pre Psychobiology, Junior Matthew Thomas Alioto Los Angeles, CA Biochemistry (B.S.) Karen Mae Bartolome Alipio Solinos, CA Psychobiology (B.S.) Zahra M Aljabri Moorpork CA Communication Studies (B.A.I, Junior Walaa Lulu Aljaff Newport Coost, CA Women ' s Studies (B.A.) Amir Mahmood Aljilani Anoheim, CA Biology (B.S), Junior Gurmeher Singh Allagh Cerritos, CA Prebusiness Economics, Junior Jaime Efraim Allala, Jr Los Angeles, CA English (B.A.), Junior Yesica Allala Poromount, CA Chicono and Chicano Studies (B.A ) Sophomore Kevin Lynch Allardice Los Angeles, CA English (B.A.), Junior Aaron Christopher Allen Fremont, CA Sociology IB A ). Junior Alastair Rockwell Allen Aliso Viejo, CA Chemical Engineering (B.S), Junior Ashley Beth Allen Martinez, CA Chemical Engineering (B.S.) Brian Richard Allen Oakland, CA Anthropology (8.A.), Junior Christopher Michael Allen Escondido, CA Pre Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics Christopher Michael Allen Lake Forest, CA Freshman Darrell Ray Allen Los Angeles, CA Psychology (B.A.) Sigma Nu Deonte Lavar Allen Los Angeles, CA Pre Psychology, Junior Eric Lee Allen Culver City, CA Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology IBS.) Jesse Lucy Allen Polos Verdes Estates, CA English (B.A.), Junior John M Allen Sacramento, CA Pre Political Science, Sophomore Nancy Christine Allen Son Francisco, CA Molecular, Cell ond Developmental Biology (B.S.) Stephanie Nic Allen- Siegfried Donville, CA History (B.A), Junior Latifat Alii Gardeno, CA Pre Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics, Junior Menemsha Alloush Torronce, CA Biology (B.S), Junior Anna Rebecca Allswang Huntington Bench, CA Women ' s Studies (B.A ), Junior Dominique Noel Allums Gordena, CA Pre Psychology, Junior Jeremy Matthew Aim Roncho Santa Margarita CA Chemical Engineering (B.S.I, Freshmon lAV iJ ' c ivy ■■ ' Ofelia Laguna Almanza Wilmington, CA History (B.A ) Sergio Almanzar, Jr Conyon Country, CA Pre Psychology Junior Sandra Almaraz South Central LA, CA Sociology (B.A), Spanish, Chicano And Chicano Studies. Junior Unicomp Lila Yasir AI-Marhoon Burbank, CA Cognitive Science (B.S.) Angineh Almasi Burbank, CA Biology (BS), Senior Timothy H Almazan Cerritos, CA Pre Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics, Junior Pamela G Almeida Los Angeles, CA World Arts and Cultures (8.A.), Junior Shone Almeida Culver Oty, CA Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics (BS I, Senior Steve Almeida Monlebello, CA Sophomore Lauren Alys Almquist Foirfax, CA Middle Eastern and North African Studies (B.A.I, Armenian Studies, Senior Marissa Alnas Hollister, CA Biology (B.S .), Junior Jaime Arthuro Alonso Indio, CA Political Science (B.A.), Junior Janice Balasan Alonso Roncho Santa Margarita CA Pre Psychology Moises Alonso Wilmington, CA Mathematics, Applied (B.S), Freshman Sandra Alonso Huntington Pork, CA Sociology (B.A ), Junior Shie Alony Los Angeles, CA Pre Psychology Arthur Joseph Alonzo Los Angeles, CA Eosl Asian Studies (B.A.), Junior Veronica Yolanda Alonzo Azusa, CA History (B.A), Junior Victor Nicolas Alonzo South Gate, CA Pre History, Junior Evan William Alparone Hoyward, CA Theater (B.A.), Sophomore Nataliya Alpert Shermon Ooks, CA Biology (BS.), Junior Alberto Alquicira Los Angeles, CA Psychology (B.A.), Lolin American Studies Night Of Cultural, Laso Solsa, Hawaii ' s Club, ACA Jessica Sarah Alsofrom Modesto, CA Junior Diego Altamirano Irvine, CA History (B.A), Junior Fabio Altenbach Venice, CA Astrophysics (B.S), Junior Howard David Altig Breo, CA Philosophy (B.A.), Alumni Eli David Altman Mill Valley, CA Design | Medio Arts (B.A.), Sophomore Aviva L Altmann Mountain View, CA Pre Psychology, Junior Grant Gong Altobelli Culver City, CA Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology (BS) Ellie Leah Altshuler Santa Monica, CA Political Science (B.A.) Thomas G Altura Berkeley, CA Anthropology (B A ) Lauren K Alva Monlebello CA American Literature and Culture IB. A.), Junior Mariam Alvadzhyan Los Angeles, CA Pre Psychobiology, Junior Valentina Alvadzhyan Los Angeles, CA Pre Psychobiology, Junior Cynthia Jennifer Alvarado Hawthorne, CA Pre Psychology Estuardo Gabriel Alvarado Huntington Pork, CA Ethnomusicology (B A ] Junior Gerardo Alvarado Los Angeles, CA Physics (B.S), Junior Hector Ernesto Alvarado, Jr Compton, CA International Development Studies (B.A.), Junior Hector Alvarado Son Jose, CA Sociology (B.A.) Jairo Saul Alvarado Lo Puente, CA Freshman Johana Lizabeth Alvarado Upland, CA Biology (BS.), Freshman Jose Luis Alvarado, Jr Sonto Maria, CA Freshmon Luis Ricardo Alvarado Bueno Park, CA Neuroscience (B.S.) Leslie Johanna Alvarenga Von Nuys, CA Spanish (B.A.), Political Science, Junior Alexandra Alvarez Chotsworth, CA Anthropology (B.A.) Benjamin Alvarez Whirtier, CA Linguistics and Philosophy (B.A.), Junior Cariza Grace Alvarez Walnut CA Physiological Science (B.S.) Claudia Alvarez Sonro Ano, CA History (8 A ) thitono And Chicono Studies Junior Crystal Rose Alvarez Riverside CA Chicono ond Chicono Studies (BA) Cynthia L Alvarez Indie CA Women I Studies IB A .) Sophomore Daniel Alvarez Los Angeles, CA Pie Political Science Sophomore Evelyn Natalia Alvarez Santo Monica CA French (8A) African Studies Senior Frances Eliza Alvarez Monlclair CA Biology (B S.) Junior Jose Angel Alvarez los Angeles, CA English |B A ) Junior Juan Ramon Alvarez Los Angeles, CA Sociology (BA) Laura Isabel Alvarez Los Angeles, CA Sophomore W Kbsm ■: ' ■ Udw Lorelei Aranas Alvarez Vallejo, CA Sophomore Miguel Angel Alvarez La Puerile CA Anthropology (BA) Oralia Alvarez Los Angeles, CA Pre Politicol Science Pablo Alvarez Los Angeles, CA Economics (B.A.) Richard Joseph Alvarez Eollbrook, CA Biochemistry (B.S.) Ruth Alvarez Corona, CA 8iology(B.S) Teresa Maria Alvarez Corson, CA Sociology (8A), Junior Teresa Alvarez El Monte. CA Sociology (B A ) Tiffany Nicole Alvarez Wolnul. CA Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology IBS), Freshman Vanessa Marie Alvarez Son Leondro, CA Psychology (BA), Senior Enjoys Doming Mark Vincent Gorospe Alviar El Sobronte, CA Computer Science and Engineering IBS), Junior Michael Issac Alyesh Reseda CA Biology (U.S.), Junior Chinyere Peace Amadi Ontario. CA Psychology (BA) Latiffe Amelia Amado Los Angeles, CA Biochemistry [B.S.) Martha-Irene Torres Amador Son Diego, CA Biology (B.S.), Freshman Adela Amaral Huntington Park, CA Anthropology (BA), Junior Brian Cecilio Amaya Gordeno, CA Pre Political Science, Freshman Johanna J Amaya Pasadeno, CA Mathematics (B.S), Education, Junior Camping Mayra Elizabeth Amaya Ponoroma City, CA Sociology (B A .), Junior Valentina Ambarchyan Glendale CA Sociology (BA.) Main Ambartsoumyan la CA Prebusiness , Economics Sophomore Rafayel Rafo Ambartsumyan North Hollywood CA Computer Science ond Engineering |B S ). Junior Hector Ambriz Placentio CA Hevilv Ambriz-Espinoza Oxnord, CA Chicono ond Chicono Studies (BA ), Junior Alfonso Lopez Ambrocio Fillmore. CA History Art History (B.A.), Senior Amanda Kathleen Ambrose Cypress, CA Psychology (8.A.), Junior Heidi Marie Ambrosio Los Angeles, CA Pre Cog Axel Ambrosius San Diego, CA Philosophy (B.A ) Junior Michael Anthony Ambroso Poway, CA Physics (B.S), Junior Sabiha Ameen Lomito CA Biology (B.S), Junior Hamid Reza Ameli Los Angeles, CA Biochemistry |B.S.), Junior Nicholas Joseph Amendola Fresno, CA History (BA), Junior Gilda Asal Ameri Mission Viejo, CA Pre Political Science, Junior Herminia Amezcua Nomolk, CA Psychobiology IBS ), Senior Pre-Medicine, Volleyball, Health Outreach, Hermanas Unidas, CCM, hope_ucla Hector Amezquita Whittier, CA Sociology [B A.). Junior Rebecca Sarah Amid Los Angeles, CA Freshmon Zaheed V Amilhussin Glendale, CA Geology Engineering Geology (B.S.), Junior Jenny Amin Lo Crescenta, CA Biology IBS). Freshman Pi Bete Phi, Tennis, Distance Runner (800m 1500m), Music Megha Rajendra Amin Santo Claro, CA Prebusiness Economics. Junior Mona Amin Cerritos, CA Pre Psychobiology Nilima Dilipkumar Amin Fremont, CA Biology (B.S.), Junior Sharareh Sherry Amin Los Angeles, CA Sociology (B.A.) Ramin Amini Tarzono, CA Biology (B.S.), Freshmon Shireen Marie Amini Martinez, CA Elhnomusicology (BA), Junior Bagrat Amirbekian Pleasonton, CA Biophysics (B.S.) Kamyar Amiri-Davani Oronge, CA Pre Politicol Science, Junior Hva Amiri-Davani Sherman Oaks, CA Sociology (6 A.) Tatevik Tina Amirkhanyan Glendale, CA English (B A) Pareesa Hanna Amjadi Polos Verdes Estotes, CA European Studies (B A) Nasim Anvjadi -Begvand Roncho Palos Verdes, CA Biology IBS ), Junior Sogol Amjadi-Begvand Roncho Palos Verdes, CA Biology (BS.), Junior Ali Am mar Lomilo, CA Biology IBS), Junior Sally Ammar Lomilo, CA Biochemistry IBS) Junior Charles E Amor San Marcos, CA Computer Science and Engineering (B.S), Sophomore Temisan Anne Amoruwa Upland, CA Biology IBS), Junior Zachary John Amos Tustin, CA Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics IBS.), Junior Limor Zarin Amrani Beverly Hills, CA Pre Psychology, Sophomore Ajlan Kay Amur Gorden Grove, CA Psychology (B.A.), Junior Binh Quoc An Sunnyvole, CA Computer Science ond Engineering IB.S.), Junior Daniel An Norlhridge CA Pre Psychobiology, Junior Duho An Downey. CA Computer Science (B.S.) James S An La Crescenta, CA Sociology (B.A.) Joo Mee An Cypress, CA Sociology (B.A), Junior Joseph An Granada Hills, CA Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology (B.S), Junior Jung Won An Torrance, CA East Asian Studies (B.A.), Junior Kaiyu An Alhombro, CA Eledricol Engineering IBS.), Junior Sol An Gordeno, CA Economics International Area Studies (B.A), Junior Soo-Jung An Fullertan, CA Biology (BS), Sophomore Yemil An Glendale, CA English (B.A), Junior Petros Anagnostidis Buf bonk CA Biology (B.S.) Kostandina Anagnostopoulos Concord, CA Psychology (B.A.), Junior Lori Reiko Anami Arcadia, CA Pre Psychobiology, Junior Suhasini Anand Son Jose, CA Computer Science and Engineering (B.S.) Arsineh Ananian La Crescenta, CA Mathematics (BS), Junior Alexander George Anas San Diego, CA Adriana Pamela Anavitarte San Jose, CA Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics IBS ), Junior Jennifer Pearl Anaya Colobosos, CA Sociology (BA), Senior Mario Alberto Anaya Pixley, CA Olga Rachel Anaya Los Angeles, CA Chicono ond Chicono Studies (B.A), Junior Karen Beatriz Ancheta Ponoramo City, CA Sophomore Melanie Jazmin Aguila Ancheta Baldwin Park, CA Physiologicol Science (B S.J, Biology, Sophomore Alpha Delta Pi, Snowboarding, Tennis, Basketball Mohammad Reza Andalib Tustin, CA Biology (B.S.), Junior Jad Andari Simi Valley, CA Prebusiness Economics Steven Grant Anderle Walnut Creek, CA Junior Sarah Elizabeth Andersen Los Angeles, CA Junior Alma Rosa Anderson Gordeno, CA American Literature ond Culture (B.A.) Alyse T Anderson Torrance, CA Sociology (BA.) Charles Ben Anderson Bend, OR Psychology (BA), Junior Chase Anderson Sherman Oaks, CA Mathematics Economics (B.S.), Freshman Devon Kathleen Anderson Saratoga, CA History (B.A.), Political Science, Senior When iou wish upon a star, you) dreams come true Cnckctt Bring it on. Love Mom, Dad. Keith Michael Elizabeth Brooke Anderson Newport Beach, CA English (B.A ) Emily Katharine Anderson Manhattan Beach, CA World Arts and Cultures (B.A), Sophomore Jacqueline Nurmaha l Anderson San Diego, CA Mechanical Engineering (B.S), Junior Jenay Elaine Anderson La Jollo, CA Communication Studies (B.A.), Junior Jennifer Lynn Anderson Yorba Linda, CA Pre Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics, Junior Jody M Anderson Yorba Linda, CA Pre Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics, Junior Katherine Tiffany Anderson Los Angeles, CA Linguistics (B.A.) Keith Louis Anderson Gross Volley, CA Ancient Near Eastern Civilizations (BA), Junior Kellee Rene Anderson Carson, CA Mathematics, Applied IBS] Junior Kellen Graham Anderson Encinitos, CA Mechanical Engineering IBS) Junior Kristy Michele Anderson Los Angeles, CA Geography Environmental Studies (BA) Malia Alycia Anderson Alameda, CA International Development Studies (BA), Junior Michael Harrison Anderson Yorba Undo, CA Pre Political Science, Junior Natalie Louise Anderson Woodland Hills, CA Theater (B.A.) Nicholas John Anderson Los Angeles, CA Philosophy (8.A.) Parker Reid Anderson Long Beach, CA Pre Political Science, Junior Paul Michael Anderson Burbank, CA Mathematics of Computation (B.S.) Sean Matthew Anderson Stevenson Ranch, CA Chemical Engineering (B.S), Junior Sonja Gayle Anderson Stockton, CA Religion, Study of (B.A.), Junior Tara Dawn Anderson Los Angeles, CA English (B.A.), Junior Tara Nicole Anderson Los Osos, CA Pre Political Science, Junior William Joseph Anderson Santo Monica, CA Political Science (B.A .), Junior Jamie Alison Anderson- Wood Danville, CA Junior Sahar Andesha Fremont, CA Biology (B.S ), Junior Lewellyn Parago Andrada Bueno Pork, CA Biology (B.S.), Junior Denee M Andrade San Diego, CA English (B.A.), Freshman Fernando Andrade Long Beach, CA History (B.A ), Junior James Christopher Andrade Santa Paula, CA History (BA), Junior Jeanine Leigh Andrade Los Angeles, CA Americon Literature and Culture (BA), Junior Patricia Andrade La Puente, CA Physiologicol Science (B.S.) )ohn Philip Andrawis Arcadia, CA Biology (B.S), Junior Marissa Lea Andres Downey, CA Neuroscience (BS ) Kendra Korona Andrew Littleton, CO Pre Psychology Glcnnis Carolyn Andrews Inglewood, CA Pre Psychology, Junior Jeffrey Scott Andrews Covina, CA Pre Cog, Sophomore Joseph Gerard Andrews, Jr El Cojon, CA Comparative Literature (B.A.) Lauren Jennifer Andrews Long Beach, CA English (B A ), Junior Mallory Evan Andrews San Diego, CA Ecology, Behavior, ond Evolution IBS), Sophomore Anna Anatolyevna Andreyeva Los Angeles, CA Economics International Area Studies (B.A.) Kyle Spencer Andrus Mill Valley, CA Pre Political Science, Freshmon Thomas Ross Andrus, lii Raleigh, NC Music (B.A.) Adrian Esteban Andryjowicz Cloremont, CA Pre Psychobiology, Junior Monica Christina Anel Roncho Palos Verdes, CA Art History (B.A), Junior David Lawrence Ang Duorte, CA Biochemistry (B.S.) Jacqueline B Ang Antioch, CA Psychology (B.A), Junior Leslie Ang Chino Hills, CA Political Science (BA) Jarrod San Angel Los Angeles, CA Sociology (B.A), Junior Jason Vince Angel Los Angeles, CA History (B.A.) Charlene Golla Angeles Lynnwood, WA Pre History, Junior Christina Marie Angeles Son Diego, CA Physiological Science (B.S), Freshman Juan Manuel Angeles Son Morcos, CA Civil Engineering (B.S.) Lara Dimalanta Angeles Son Diego, CA International Development Studies (B.A), French, Freshman Christina Angelina Venice, CA Art (8.A.), Sophomore Jolette June Angelini Los Angeles, CA Anthropology (B.A.), Junior Brook Elizabeth Angle Twain Horte, CA Middle Eastern and North African Studies (BA), Junior Kimberly Anguiano Mission Hills, CA Sociology (B.A.), Junior Steven Albert Anguiano Burbank, CA Pre Politicol Science Jamie Michelle Anker Los Angeles, CA Psychology (BA) John Issa Anki San Rafael, CA Prebusiness Economics, Sophomore Jennifer Akemi Anolin Long Beach, CA World Arts ond Cultures (B.A.) Farah Ansari Son Dimos, CA History (B A ) Junior Francesca Larissa Anselmo Glendole, CA Pre Psythobiology, Sophomore Zach Andrew Anstett Dallas, IX Comparative Literature (B.A.), Junior Adey Frances Anthony Sonto Cruz, CA Sociology (B.A.) Jeanette Ann Antolin Huntington Beach, CA Sociology (B A ) Senior Member Of The UCLA Gymnastics Team 2000- 2004, Loves Fashion Eleni Elina Antoniou Chatsworth, CA Political Science (B A ) Junior Caitlin Elizabeth Antos Elk Grove, CA Political Science (B.A.), Junior Liza Beth Anulao Los Angeles, CA Women ' s Studies (B.A.), History Of Science And Medicine, Senior Research In Centet For Minonty Health Disparities Aarika Nicole Anvaripour Rancho Polos Verdes, CA Anthropology (BA), Junior Kourosh Anvaripour Manhotlon Beach, CA Political Science (BA.), Junior Abbas Asker Anwar Mission Viejo, CA Biology (B.S.), Sophomore Juliet Chinyere Anyanwu Gordeno, CA Psychology (BA), Junior Nkechinyere Anita Anyanwu Los Angeles, CA Gloria E Anzar North Hollywood, CA Political Science (BA), Junior Jennifer Tiantian Ao Cerritos, CA Political Science (B.A ) Sayaka Jacqueline Aoki Arcodio, CA Asian Humanities (B A ) Junior Alex Kotaro Aono Concord, CA English (B A ) Junior Peter Michael Aoun Corona, CA Sophomore Brum Marching Band, SWC Recycling Committee Aaron Takeo Aoyama Aieo, HI Mechanical Engineering (B.S.), Junior Cristina Del Carmen Aparicio Sonlo Barbara, CA International Development Studies (B A.) Lucia Aparicio Walnut, CA Pre Political Science, Junior Melissa Eduviges Aparicio Palmdale, CA Political Science (B.A.), Sophomore Shirley Ma Aparicio Castrejon Riverside, CA Psychology (B A ) Johnny M. Apikian- Yahiayan Los Angeles, CA Business Economics (BA), Monogemeni, Senioi Boy, Golden Key Honor Society, The Notional Deon ' s, bst, Who " s Who Among Amencon College Students Aaron Lee Apilado Los Angeles, CA Pre Microbiology. Immunology, and Molecular Genetics, Junior Daniel Edward Apke loguno Niguel, CA Pre Cog, Junior Adriana Apodaca Monterey Pork, CA Pre Psychology, Junior Jennifer Muriel Apon Whittier, CA Art History (BA.) Kimberly June Appapillai San Diego, CA Economics (BA), Junior Damon Timothy Appelblatt Sacramento, CA Freshmon Seth Lawrence Apper Chatsworth, CA Pre Psychology Sean Wallace Apperson Los Angeles, CA Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology (U.S.), Junior Lindsey M. Appezzato Davis, CA Freshmon UCLA Women ' s Soccer Maya Christine Appuhn Lo Jolio, CA Carlos Andrew Lopez Aqui Son Diego, CA Communication Studies (B.A.), Junior Aaron Alfred Aquino Son Diego, CA Pre Politicol Science Christopher Jason Anas Aquino West Covino, CA Economics (B A ) Eugenio Aquino Los Angeles, CA Biochemistry (B.S ), Junior Maria Del Carmen Aquino Imperial Beach, CA Women ' s Studies (BA,), Junior Mariateresa Icasiano Aquino Los Angeles, CA Psychology (BA.) Patrick Ned Aquino Gordeno, CA English (8.A.), Sophomore Samer D Araabi Loguna Niguel, CA Politicol Science (B.A.), Business Economics, Junior Muslim Student Association, UCLA Blood Platelet Centet We ' re so proud of you keep up the good work 6 success will always be on our side. Mom ami Dad Mariam Arabyan Los Angeles, CA Pre Psychobiology Petros Arabyan Pasodena, CA Pre Psychobiology Maggie Ashkhen Arackelian Hollywood, CA World Arts and Cultures (BA), Senior Benjamin Arthur Aragon Sontee, CA Psychology IB A.) UCLA Trock Field, Cross Country Camille Lapidario Aragon Lo Polmo, CA Pre Psychology, Junior Claudia Monica Aragon Lake Elsinore, CA Philosophy (B.A.), Psychology, Senior Michael Aragon Los Angeles, CA History (B A.) Daisuke Arai Los Angeles, CA History (BA.), Junior Mansoor Amjad Arain Santa Maria, CA Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology (B.S .), Sophomore Yesua Y Araiza Son Ysidro, CA Physics (B.S), Sophomore Anushik Arakelyan Los Angeles, CA Neuroscience (B.S), Junior Uthailux Saeng Aram Los Angeles, CA Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology (8.S.), Junior Alan Max Arambula Bokersfield, CA Pre Psychology, Junior Bianca Isabel Arambula imperial, CA Prebusiness Economics, Labor And Workplace Sludies, Sophomore Lombdo Thero Nu Soiority, Latino Business Student Association, Alumni Scholars Club Gabriella Arana Los Angeles, CA History (BA) Monica Aranda Woterford, CA Latin American Sludies (BA.) Brian Stephen Arao Carlsbad, CA Psychobiology (B.S.), Junior Michael Hajime Arase Hociendo Heights, CA Pre Psychology, Junior Aida Arasteh Woodland Hills, CA Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology (B.S.), Junior simi. ii i ., Arastu Whittier, CA Anthropology (BS ), Junior Matthew James Arata Son Carlos, CA Civil Engineering (BS), Junior Enus Arau Resedo, CA Anthropology (BA.) Nathan Adam Araujo Glendoro, CA Pre History, Junior Rachel Ann Fernandez Araullo Son Diego, CA Pre Political Science, Freshmon Sean Arayasirikul Los Angeles, CA Asian American Studies (B-A.) Alexander Warren Arazi Bismarck, ND Computer Science and Engineering (B.S), Junior John K Arballo La Canada, CA Computer Science (B.S.) Lauren Sydney Arbetman Calobosas, CA Biochemistry |B.S }, Junior Alice Jane Arbogast Nipomo, CA Junior Natalie Arboleda Whittier, CA Cynthia Kathleen Arce Santa Maria, CA Psychology (B.A.), Political Science, Junior Alpho Phi Carlos David Arce Rios Pacific Polisodes, CA Spanish (BA), Junior James Addison Arcellana Ooklond, CA Pre Politicol Science, Junior Kevin Patrick Archibald Fontona, CA Aerospace Engineering (B.S), Freshman AIAA, Dykstra 6 floor Government Mark Michael Archie Torrance, CA Pre Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics, Junior Coptic Orthodox Christian Club, Boskelboll Christine Elizabeth Archuleta Sonlo Barbara, CA Pre Psychology, Sophomo re Alpha Epsilon Phi Jared Victor Archuleta Thousand Oaks, CA Junior Estrella Olimpia Arciba Los Angeles, CA Internolional Development Studies (BA), Junior Miguel Arcinas Son Diego, CA Microbiology, Immunology, ond Molecular Genetics (B.S), Freshman Arash Ardalan Woodland Hills, CA English (B A ) Junior Charles Nader Arden Torzano, CA Electrical Engineering (B.S.) David Ardestani North Hollywood, CA Electrical Engineering (B.S.) Elham Ardestani North Hollywood, CA Business Economics (8.A.) Sarah Faith Ardestani Valley Village, CA English (BA) Nadia Nathalie Ardila Downey, CA Pre Political Science, Junior Viviana Marcela Ardila Burbonk, CA Sociology (BA), Junior Christina Guadalupe Arellano Whittier, CA Pre Psychology, Freshmon Cristina Arellano Los Angeles, CA Art History (B.A), Senior Luis Arellano, Jr Pomono, CA Politicol Science (BA.) Martha Elizabeth Arellano North Hollywood, CA Physiological Science {B.S.) Milady Francisca Arenales Aguo Dulce, CA Spanish (BA) Drew Bryan Aresca Sonto (Ionia CA Mechanical Engineering (B.S), Sophomore Klaudia Lorena Aresti Fontona, CA Communication Studies (BA.) L. sandra Sandra Arevalo Nipomo, CA Chicono and Chicano Studies (B.A.), Freshman Academic Advancement Progiom (AAP), Program Leading To Undergraduate Success (PLUS), Movimiento Estudionril Chicono De Aztlon (MECHA) Madeleine C Argouarch Los Angeles, CA International Development Studies (BA.) Belen Jeneen Arguelles Kahului, HI Pre Economics Alberto Argueta Inglewood, CA Political Science (B.A.), Junior Sheila Burns Argueta Running Springs, CA History (B A), Junior Stephanie-Marie Dacosta Aria Cupertino, CA Economics International Area Sludies (B.A.), Junior Gomma Phi Beta, Random Voices A Capello Shadi Arianpour Beverly Hills, CA Sociology (B.A.), Junior Annamarie Arias Duorte, CA Biology (B.S ), Junior Delta Delto Delta Elizabeth Arias Sonto Mario, CA Sociology (BA.) Jeffrey Benjamin Arias Cognitive Science IBS), Mosters Theto Kopp o Phi Sorority Raquel Berenice Arias Simi Valley, CA Psychology (B.A.) Ricardo Arias Ooklond, CA SponishfB A.), Junior Erna Aridzanyan North Hollywood, CA English (BA.), Armenian Studies, Senior Russian Music, Reading, Dancing, Teaching Karen Joy Basa Ariola Glendole, CA English (B A.) Ivan Ariza Gilroy, CA Junior Jay Apuan Arizabal Long Beach, CA Computer Science (B S), Junior Edwin Arizmendi Duorte, CA Pre Psychobiology, Sophomore Subhash Venkat Arja Cupertino, CA Computer Science and Engineering (B S .), Sophomore Arash Arjang Granada Hills, CA Biology (BS], Junior Raymond Arjangravesh Woodland Hills, CA Biology (BS), Junior Z William Arkosy Inglewood, CA Geography (BA,), Senior Music, Photography, Roller Bloding Andrew G Armann San Jose, CA History (B.A.), Junior Jay Lamont Armant, Jr Los Angeles, CA Sophomore Mitchell Bradley Arm bolster Clovis, CA Pre Political Science, Junior Delta Tau Delta, Delto Tou Delta, UCLA Sports, The Den, Undergraduate International Relations Society Marianne Cecilia Armenta Son Francisco, CA Junior Rebecca Rose Armenta Son Francisco, CA Mechanical Engineering (B.S.), Junior Ruben Alvarez Armenta Piru, CA Sponish (BA), Junior Israel Armijo Calimesa, CA International Development Studies (B.A.), Junior Juaune Rashaune Armon Son Jose, CA Psychology (B.A ) Senior Trock And Field Adam B Armstrong Encinitas, CA Prebusiness Economics, Junior Andrew Royce Armstrong, Iii Thousand Ooks, CA Physiological Science IBS), Junior Charles Deon Armstrong Los Angeles, CA English (B.A. ), Junior Nicholas Spencer Armstrong Foothill Ranch, CA Pre Politicol Science, Geography, Freshman Alpha Lombda Delta, Phi Eta Sigmo Patricia Elizabeth Armstrong Anaheim, CA Freshman YMCA Volunteer Katharine Grace Arnold Momga, CA Pre History, Sophomore Lianne Melissa Arnold Woodlond Hills, CA Theoler (BA), Senior Scenic And Lighting Design And Critical Studies Monica Martin Arnold Van Nuys, CA Neuroscience (B.S), Junior Heather Elizabeth Arnson Santo Monica, CA Theater (B.A.) Taryn Leigh Aronson Johannesburg, South Africa English (B.A.), Junior Anita Arora Chino Hills, CA Psychology (B.A.), Junior Jay Arora Apple Volley, CA History (B.A.) Neeti Arora Los Angeles, CA Neuroscience (BS.) Edward Aros, III Sylmar, CA Political Science (B.A.), Geography Ooss-Counfry, Track, Restv 22 Azniv Anna Aroutiounian North Hollywood, CA Pre Psychology, Junior Gennifer Marie Arranaga Long Beach, CA Psychology (B.A.) Abraham David Arredondo Fresno, CA History (B.A.), Political Science, Senior Brum Republicans Myte Arredondo Long Beach, CA ArtfB.A.), Sophomore Yenni Yajaira Arredondo Panorama City, CA Psychology (B.A.) Karina Liv Arredondo- Martinez Son Diego, CA Sociology (B.A), Junior Carolina Arriaga Los Angeles, CA Moleriols Engineering (B S ), Junior Christina Arriaga Yubo City, CA Pre Politicol Science, Junior Delia Esmeralda Arriaga South Gale, CA Sophomore Lillyana Arriaga North Hollywood, CA English (B.A.) Kristin Nicole Arrigo Encino, CA History (B.A), Junior Natalie Janell Arriola Von Nuys, CA English (B.A), Junior Fredexik Arroyave Aiuso CA freshmon Ivonne Vanessa Arroyave Aiuso, CA Biochemistry (BS ) Freshmon Adrians Kathleen Arrovo Pico Rivero, CA Sophomore Anthony Parsons Arroyo Roncho Polos Verdes, CA Amencon Literature ond Culture [B.A.) r Junior Kathleen Elisabeth Arrovo Alhombro. CA International Development Studies (8.A ). Senior Noel Everett Arsenault Lafayette CA Biochemistry IBS I Junior Lori Anoush Arslanian Tonono, CA Sociology (B.A.I, Senior Tegan Arvilla Artho- Bentz San Luis Obispo, CA freshman Stacey Louise Arthur Irvine. CA Anthropology (B A ) Senior Kappo Delro Erika Louiez Artinger Newbury Park, CA Microbiology, Immunology, ond Molecular Genetic IBS) Political Science Artem Artunyan La Crescenta, CA Mechanical Engineering (B S I Junior Ijeoma V Arum Los Angeles, CA Pre Economics Liya Arushanyan Von Nuys, CA English (BA), Freshmon Karen Arutyunyan Los Angeles, CA Pre Political Science, Junior Lilit Arutyunyan Glendale, CA Psychology (B.A), Junior Olivia Arvayo Perns, CA Biology (B.S.) Linus J Arver San Bruno, CA English (BJU Miriam C Arvizu Pacoima, CA Pre Psychology, Junior Sanaz Aryanpanah Los Angeles, CA Pre History, Junior Adriana Arzate Covina, CA Sociology (B.A.), Junior Claudia Aida Arzate Covino, CA Sociology (B.A.) Junior Evelyn Arzate South Gate, CA Freshman Nicholas Michael Arzio Berkeley, CA Pre Political Science, Junior George A. Asaad Los Angeles, CA Electrical Engineering (B S .), Junior Reading, Tennis Jamie Ritsu Asada Hocienda Heights, CA Biology (B.S), Junior Mariet S Asadoorian Glendale, CA Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology {B.S.), Junior Musk, Movies, Swimming, Tennis Rafti Asadorian North Hills, CA Biology (B.S I, Junior Kayo Asa k ur.i la Crescenta, CA Psychology (B.A .), Junior Takao Asakura Roncho Polos Verdes, CA Business Economics IB A I Junior Catrina Faiad Asanuma Madera, CA Neuroscience (8 S ), Junior Mihran Asatourian Glendale CA Mathematics (B.S.) Elen Asatrvan Glendale, CA Political Science (B A.) Rowen Brett Ash Greenbrae, CA Civil Engineering IBS) Junior Stella Oluwakemi Ashaolu Son Jose, CA Business Economics (B.A.), Political Science, Freshman Kristen Elizabeth Ashbaugh Dovis, CA Freshman Nima Adam Ashe Bakersfield, CA Sophomore Shahin Anton Ashe Bakersfield, CA Sophomore Laila Thurman Asheghian Son Bernardino, CA Mechanicol Engineering (B.S.), Senior Nancy N Ashjian Posadeno, CA Political Science (B A ) Junior Natalie Ashkar Los Angeles, CA Sociology (B.A.), Junior Phi Thero Koppo Robert Ryan Ashley Dona Point, CA Music (B.A.), Sophomore Allison Paige Ashmore Oronge County, CA Sophomore Doily Bruin- Db Arts And Entertoinment, Academics In The Commons Thanks for pushing me to the top: UCLA is fabulous! nh r a L Ashpari Lothrop, CA English (B.A.) Arshed Ash-Shaykh los Angeles, CA Arabic {B A), Junior Matthew Adam Ashtiani El Segundo, CA Iranian Studies (B.A.) Tina M Ashtiani Long Beach, CA English IB A ) Middle Eastern And North African Studies, Senior Law, International Studies, Student legal Services, Lisa, SAA, Volunteei Ikemefunna Asimonye Los Angeles, CA Elhnomusicology (B.A.) Ruby Asiss North Hollywood, CA English (B.A.), Junior Henry Vahran Aslanian Los Angeles, CA Communication Studies (B A). Junior Kristina Aslanian Glendale, CA History (B.A.), Junior Alenoush Aslanyan Porter Ranch, CA Pre Psychology, Junior Elin Aslanyan Burbank, CA Sociology (B.A.), Near Eastern Languages And Cultures, Senior mamiel Asm.un.m Son Jose, CA Biochemistry (BS ) Ajnupa Ocolo, Fl Freshmon film Ami IV, Fishing And Booting Brian O Aspell Mm i iclo (A Chemistry (BS), Junior Lauren Kathleen Aspell Pocilic Polisodes, CA Pre Psychology Erika Rose Aspericueta Son Jose, CA Politicol Science (B.A.), Chicono And Chicano Studies, Senior Dancing, Singing, Outdoor Activities Vanessa Aspericueta Son Jose, CA Pre Psychobiology, Sophomore Crystal P Aspiras Chub Vista, CA Sophomore Norlyn Serrano Asprec Fremont, CA Freshman Amanda Lee Asquith Camarillo, CA Pre History, Junior Saman Assareh Long Beach, CA Psychobiology (BS), Junior Gabrielle Elyse Assayag Newport Beoch, CA Pre Political Science, Sophomore Yohanan Girma Assefa Los Angeles, CA Politicol Science (B.A), Junior Nir Asseraf Los Angeles, CA Pre History, Junior Feliza C Asuncion Chula Vista, CA Neuroscience (B.S.) Buddy Aswin Temple City, CA Electrical Engineering IBS) Junior Ezrael Cruz Atajar Son Jose, CA History (B.A), Political Science, Junior Boriana Nikolaeva Atanassova Tustin, CA Physiological Science (B.S.), Sophomore Alice Atanesyan Glendale, CA Sociology (B.A ) Armenian Studies, Senior Ali Atefi San Diego, CA Neuroscience (B.S.), Junior Zahra Atefi Los Angeles, CA Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology IBS.) Leela A Athalye Loguna Hills, CA Pre Psychobiology, Junior Ferdows Z Ather Riverside, CA Daniel Robert Atherton Chompaign, IL Communication Studies (B.A.), Junior Nafis Ammar Atiqullah Lo Palmo, CA Prebusiness Economics, Junior Matthew Alexander Atkin Kenwood, CA Business Economics (B.A.), Freshmon Tennis, Alumni Scholars Club, Alpha Lambda Delta Phi Eta Sigmo Zachary Thomas Atkins Oyster Boy, NY History (B A .), German, Junior Sigma Phi fpsilon Christopher Michael Atkinson Valencia, CA Psychology (B A I Junior Music Lincoln Dane Atkinson Los Alios, CA Molhcmalns Applied Science (B.S.), Sophomore UCLA Bruin Marching Band, Buick, Brum Jugglers Jessica Doreen Atneyel Conyon Country, CA Pre Psychobiology, Junior Anthony Victor Attalla Thousand Oaks, CA History (B.A.) Christine Wafik Attalla Agoura Hills, CA Biology (B S ) Juliet Attalla Americon Literature and Culture (B.A.), Junior Sarah Elizabeth Attensil Lancaster, CA Pre Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics, Junior Yasser Salem Attiga Wolnul Creek, CA Chemical Engineering IBS), Junior Brian Jeffrey Attiyeh Morogo, CA Mechanical Engineering (B.S), Sophomore Mountain Biking, Jiu-jitsu Gary Burnham Atwood Mountoin View, CA Design | Media Arts (B.A), Junior Brandy Au West Covino, CA Internolional Development Studies (B.A), Freshman Daisy Au Los Angeles, CA Economics (B.A), Junior Jonathan Tuan Nhan Au Long Beach, CA Biochemistry (B.S.), Junior Tony Chun Tung Au Temple City, CA Design | Media Arts (B.A), Junior William Tyler Au Honolulu, HI Pre History, Junior Yu Hin Simon Au Son Francisco, CA Sociology (B A), Junior Jennifer C Aubele Son Pedro, CA Art History (B.A), Junior Larissa Louise Auble Livingston, NJ Theater (B.A.), Sophomore Audra Lynn Aucoin Long Beach, CA Pre Political Science, Junior Jeffrey Douglas Audett Mountain View, CA Chemical Engineering (B.S.), Junior Veronique Audouy Studio City, CA Communication Studies (B.A.), Junior Autumn Shlise Augusta Joshua Tree, CA Physiological Science (BS.) Brian Douglas Augustyn Thousand Oaks, CA Psychobiology (B.S), Senior Alpha Gommo Omego Fraternity Tejinder Singh Aulakh Fremont, CA Computer Science ond Engineering (B.S), Junior Kisha Marie Auld Corona, CA Mathematics, Applied (B.S), Junior Olga Angelica Aulet- Leon Polos Verdes, CA Prebusiness Economics, Freshman UCLA Track And Field And Cross Country We arc so proud oj you and all q) your accomplishments Keep up the good work Love, Mom, Pad 6 i ' ,ang Chloe Belleanna Auletta- Young Bay Areu, CA World Arts and Cultures (B.A), Psychology, Freshman Robert J Aulick Yorbo Lindo, CA Biology (B S ), Junior Trevor Joseph Ault Morago, CA Chemical Engineering (B.S), Junior Jessica Huiwen Aung San Froncisco, CA Computci Science ond Engineering (B S), Junior Kyaw Kyaw Aung Los Angeles, CA Computer Science and Engineering (B S), Junior Maung M Aung Rosemead, CA Computer Science and Engineering (B.S.) Thanda Aung Son Moleo, CA Prebusiness Economics Thu Kha Aung Pleosanton, CA Electrical Engineering (B.S), Junior Poorang Peter Aurasteh Loguna Niguel, CA Neuroscience (B.S), Junior Caitlin Tabancay Austin Berkeley, CA Music History (B.A ), Junior Mitchel Matthew Austin Loguna Beach, CA Pre Economics, Sophomore Teri Lind Austin Los Angeles, CA Women ' s Studies (B.A.) Alexis Nicole Autnerieth Whether, CA Italian and Special Fields IBM Junior Brooke Ashlee Autry Alladeno, CA Sociology (B.A), Junior Fayola Louise Autry Ingle wood CA Alro-Americon Studies (B.A.) Nancy Mae Au-Yang Stockton, CA Prebusiness Economics, Freshmon Andrew Au-Yeung Modesto, CA Pre Economics, Sophomore Karen Au-Yeung Brisbane, CA Prebusiness Economics, Junior Paula Av Long Beach, CA Sociology (B.A,), Junior Polai Av Long Beach, CA Sociology (B.A), Junior Hourig Natalie Avakian Woodland Hills, CA English (B.A), Junior Lusine Nazeli Avakian Van Nuys, CA Anthropology (B A .), Junior Cynthia Isabel Avalos Norwalk, CA Pre Economics, Freshman Denisse Avalos Pico Rivero, CA Psychology (B.A.) Giuliana Pilar Avalos Son Marcos, CA Pre Political Science, Junior Guadalupe Avalos Castroville, CA Biology (B.S.) Tonatzopelic Matilde Avalos National City, CA Civil Engineering (BS ). Junior Soles. AISES Emilia Avanes Burbonk, CA Biochemistry (B.S.), Junior Lorette Anna La Crescenta, CA Pre Psychology Lyna Avanessian Lo Crescenta, CA Freshman Erica Leigh Avaras S coltsdole, AZ Economics (B.A), Junior Negin Avaregan West Los Angeles, CA Pre Psychology Narbae Vahik Avedian Northridge, CA Pre Psychobiology, Junior Andrea Ashley Avedisian Simi Valley, CA Neuroscience (B.S ), Junior Christina Avedissian Canogo Pork, CA Pre Psychology, Junior Alpha Omego Alpho Soionty Carlos Avelar Bell, CA Nydia C Avellan San Francisco, CA Politicol Science (B.A), Applied Developmental Psychology, Junior Nina D Aves Pomona, CA Prebusiness Economics Artin Avetisove Valley Village, CA Political Science (B.A ), Junior Carmen Avila Hocienda Heights, CA Spanish (B.A.) Claudia E Avila Rialto, CA Pre Psychology, Freshman Cynthia Avila Baldwin Park, CA Psychology (B.A.), Sociology, Senior Phi Lambda Rho Sorority, UCLA Umcomp And UCLA Unicomp Mentorship Jacqueline A Avila Norwalk, CA Music (B.A), Junior Jaira Figueroa Avila Los Angeles, CA Sociology (B.A.) Jason Avila Artesio, CA Sociology (B.A.) Reyna Avila Los Angeles, CA Chicano and Chicano Studies (B.A.), Junior Catalina Aviles Los Angeles, CA Pre Psychology Monica Lizet Aviles San Diego, CA Mathematics, Applied (B.S), Statistics, Junior Jennifer Marion Avina Foirfax, CA Political Science (B.A), Junior Lucia Avina El Serena, CA Mathematics, General (B S .), Senior Edit Avodian Glendale, CA Biology (B.S), Junior Alethea Christina Avramis Yucaipa, CA Pre History Christina Awad Corono, CA Astrophysics (B.S), Junior Nida Awadallah Torrance, CA Sociology (B.A.), Junior Yuri Awanohara Belhesdo, MD CD n o c O Anthropology (B.A.I, Senior Christopher Firme Axibal Hacienda Heights, CA Linguistics (B.A.), Junior Ana M Ayala West Hills, CA Psychology [B A ). Anthropology, Senior Christina Ayala Socromento, CA World Arts ond Cultures (B.A.), Junior Hector Geovani Ayala, Jr Gordena, CA Geography (B A } Urban Planning, Junior Sleeping, Basketball Michael Lee Ayala Los Angeles, CA Political Science (B A), Junior Reuben Lino Ayala San Bernardino, CA Political Science (B.A.), Junior Vanessa Ayala South Gale, CA Sociology (B.A.) Yesenia Garcia Ayala Garden Grove, CA Mathematics, Applied IB S .), Junior Monica Mariela Ayala- Rivera Norwolk, CA Sophomore Cynthia Aye Diamond Bar, CA Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics (B.S.) Bettina Joy Ayers, Ii Pasadena, CA Pre Political Science Matthew T Ayers Rancho Santa Margarita, CA Sophomore Michelle Lynn Ayers San Lorenzo, CA English IB A ] Freshman Esther Melissa Aykarethu Lake Havasu City, AZ Junior Marine Aykazyan Von Nuys, CA English (B.A.), Junior Mark Robert Ayling Son Diego, CA Sophomore Hesamedin Aynechi Irvine, CA Prebusiness Economics, Junior Carlos Michael Ayon Anaheim, CA History (B.A .), Public Policy, Junior Sigma Alpha Epsilon Nancy Ayon Los Angeles, CA Political Science IB A ) Junior Elizabeth Ayoub Los Angeles, CA Pre Psychology Andrey Ayrapetov Palo Alto, CA English (B.A), Junior Chaitanya Venkatashiva Ay sol a Reseda, CA Anthropology (B.S.) Maria Kristina Caraca Ayson Morina, CA Pre Political Science Maria Ayuningtyas San Bernardino, CA Lillit Ayvazian North Hills, CA Marine Biology (B.S), Junior Shaadi Mona Azadeh Pacific Polisodes, CA Junior Esther Judy Azal Agouro Hills, CA Political Science (B.A.) Benjamin Alexander Azar Loguna Hills, CA Pre Political Science, Sophomore Michael R Azar Al-Mino, Tripoli Lebanon Economics International Area Studies (8.A.), Arabic, islamic Studies, Senior Samar Azari Irvine, CA Electrical Engineering (B.S.), Junior Jaime Alfonso Azcarraga, Jr Los Angeles, CA Music (B.A.), Junior Phillip Joseph Azcuna, Jr Vallejo, CA Microbiology Immunology, and Molecular Genetics (B.S.), Junior Charlene Asal Azema Los Angeles, CA Sophomore Hisashi Steve Azeoka Gordena, CA Psychology (B.A.) Nermine Sami Azer Los Angeles, CA Biology (BS) Aysun Azimi La Habro, CA Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics (B.S.), Junior Chinye Natasha Azinge Inglewood, CA Sociology (B.A.) Suad Fatima Aziz Inglewood, CA Physiological Science (B.S.) (. .in.i Azizad Winnetka, CA Freshman Hesham Azizgolshani Resedo, CA Mechanical Engineering (B S ), Junior Rahi Azizi Woodland Hills, CA English (B.A), Junior Nedda S. Azizian Los Angeles, CA Freshman Shereen Azizollahi Newport Coosl, CA Biology (B.S.), Junior Avetis Azizyan North Hollywood, CA Neuroscience (B.S), Junior Pascal Joseph Azoulay Milano Philosophy (B.A.) Akachi Chijioke Azubuike Chino Hills, CA Biology (B.S.) Christina Joy Azzara Huntington Beach, CA Communication Studies (B.A), Junior Playing With My Puppy. Areen Babajanian Northridge, CA Sophomore J.c. Babas Los Angeles, CA History (8.A.), International Development Studies, Junior Alex H Babayan Northridge, CA Physiological Science (B.S.) Natalie Pierrette Babayan San Diego, CA Political Science (B.A.) Roudolph Babayance La Canada, CA Electrical Engineering (B.S), Undergraduate Music Joey Renee Babbitt Son Francisco, CA Prebusiness Economics, Freshman Temeca Latrice Babers Compton, CA Sociology (B.A.), Public Policy, Senior Africon Education Proiect ■ Student Director, Academic Supports Program - Peer Counselor, Africon Student Union - Member Alec Paul Babiarz Encmilos, CA Electrical Engineering [B S ). Senior Delto Sigma Phi, Surfing Ramya Kowshik Babu Saratoga, CA Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology (B.S.), Sophomore Blanca Baca los Angeles, CA History (B.A.) Gordon Bach Oakland CA Sociology (B.A.) Hong-Phuong Le Bach Oakland, CA Mathematics (B.S.) Jessica Danielle Bach Loomis, CA History (B. A.), Junior Mai X Bach Orange, CA Sophomore Alexandra M Bachan Santa Barbara, CA Philosophy (B.A), Spanish, Junior Philosophy Club Patina Lynn Bachman Agouro Hills, CA Psychology (B.A.), AL TES FL, Senior Mykil Ryan Bachoian Von Nuys, CA Junior Nael Talal Bachour Hillsborough, CA Microbiology, Immunology, ond Molecular Genetics (B.S), Junior Rachel Anna Backer Piedmont, CA World Arts ond Cultures (B.A.), Pre-med, Freshman Delta Gommo, Dance Morottion, Bruincorps Tutor Ricky Ray Backus Los Angeles, CA Communicotion Studies (B.A.), Junior Carta Bacon Los Angeles, CA Pre History, Junior Sam Phillip Badal Yorktown, NY Economics (B.A.), Accounting Shawn Samson Badal Son Jose, CA Pre Economics, Junior Julie Marie Bader Valencia, CA Sociology (B.A.), Junior Melanie Andrea Badgen Northridge, CA Pre Psychology, Junior Cody Card Badger Sonto Cruz, CA Mechanical Engineering (B.S), Junior Jennifer Lauren Badger Garden Grove, CA English (B.A ) David Lawrence Badgerow Cheboygan, Ml Design | Media Arts (B.A.) Maria De Lour Badillo- Vasquez San Marcos, CA Mireya Badillo-Vasquez San Marcos, CA Pre Psychology Assal Badrkhani Sherman Oaks, CA Pte Political Science Tracy Aspiras Badua Hacienda Heights, CA Sociology (B.A.) Jane In Bae Los Angeles, CA June Bae Los Angeles, CA Economics (B.A.) Mindy Sunah Bae Hociendo Heights, CA English (B.A.), Art History, Sophomore Woojin Bae Arcadia, CA Asian American Studies (B.A.), Junior Woong Jin Bae Seoul, Korea Mechanical Engineering (B.S.), Junior Kyne Eleison (Catholic Fellowship), UCLA Symphonic Bond, NTSl Research Group Esther Soohyun Baek Sophomore Joshua Young-Min Baek Diomond Bar, CA Aerospace Engineering (B.S), Junior Stephanie Baek Fremont, CA Art (B.A.), Freshmon Thomas Seungwun Baek Rowland Heights, CA Psychobiology (BS.), Junior Madelaine Bennett Baer La Selva Beoch, CA Sophomore Rye Douglas Baerg Sondpoinl, ID Anthropology (B.A), Junior Ana Miriam Baez Son Bernordino, CA Biology (B.S), Sophomore Saul Viscarra Baeza Susonville, CA Political Science (B.A.), Junior Christine Michelle Bagan San Jose, CA Freshman Edgar Bagayan Burbank, CA English (B.A), Sophomore Armonde Alek Baghdanian West Hills, CA Junior Arthur Hamo Baghdanian West Hills, CA Junior Ani Bergman Baghdassarian Huntington Beoch, CA Psychobiology (B.S), Senior Medicine, Teaching, Special Olympics, Golden Key, NSCS, ASA, Phi Sigmo Theta Aksel Bagheri Burbank, CA English (B.A.), Junior Narina Bagian Burbank, CA Economics (B.A.), Junior Sos Bagramyan Tu|ungo, CA English (B.A) Vanuhi Bagramyan Glendole, CA Sociology (B.A.) Ahmad Masih Bahadori Irvine, CA Prebusiness Economics, Junior Tal Bahari Beverly Hills, CA History (B.A.), Senior Pedram Joseph Baharinejad Los Angeles, CA Psychology (B.A), Senior Low, Bosketboll, Soccer Roghieh Rana Baharloo West Hills, CA Physiological Science (B.S.), Junior Amir Sam Baharlou Woodland Hills, CA Aerospace Engineering (B.S), Sophomore Oralia Bahena Napa, CA Sociology (B.A.) Leila Nasrin Baheri Los Angeles, CA Inlernationol Development Studies (B.A.), Senior Ji Hae Bahng Breo, CA Religion, Study of (B.A.) Poyan Bahrami Los Angeles, CA Aerospace Engineering (B.S), Junior Gina Bahremand Economics (B.A.) Pasha Behforouz Bahsoun Beverly Hills, CA Pre Psychobiology, Sophomore Kung Fu, Marching Bond (trumpet), Wnting Sunhye Bai Stevenson Ronch, CA Biochemistry (B.S ), Freshmon Yifei Bai Columbia, MD Business Economics (B.A.) Alexander Ramin Baiedi Son Dimas, CA Political Science (B.A.) Kiran Baig Brawley, CA Psychobiology (B.S.) Mirza Azmatullah Baig Rowland Heights, CA Computer Science (B.S.), Junior Nishat Baig Las Vegas, NV Psychobiology (B.S.) Heejin Baik Cerritos, CA Religion, Study of (B.A.) Sung Chul Baik Los Angeles, CA Electrical Engineering (B.S ) Young-Mi Baik Torronce, CA Psychobiology (B.S ), Korean, Senior Phormocy, Pharmacy Society Club, Volunteer In Line Program., Volunteer In UCLA Phormacy Geoffrey Johnson Bailey Lenexo, KS Politicol Science (B.A.), Junior Campus Crusade For Christ, Semi-Pro Football, White House Intern Luke R Bailey San Jose, CA Theater (B.A.), Senior Michelle Merlene Bailey Alamo, CA Mathematics Economics (B.S.) Ryan Anthony Aguilar Bailon Chino Hills, CA Electrical Engineering (B.S.) Baljot Singh Bains Tracy, CA Psychobiology (B.S) William Alishan Bairamian Lo Crescenlo, CA Political Science (B.A), Junior Aaron Michael Baird Posodena, CA Political Science (B.A), Philosophy, Junior Member Of The Honors Progrom Pamela Lynn Baird Culver City, CA Pre History, Junior Patrick J Baird Whittier, CA Pre History, Freshmon Maurice Jacob Baisman Lynwood, CA Physics (BS.) Jasmine Kaur Bajaj North Hills, CA Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics (BS.), Junior Cindy Paez Bajarias Pasadena, CA American Literature and Culture (B.A.) Hannah R Bajkiewicz Chulo Vista, CA Pre Microbiology. Immunology, and Molecular Genetics Anna Katherine Bajo Bonilo, CA Psychology (B.A.), Freshmon Lindsay Grace Bajo Bonilo CA English (B A.), Freshman Shengul Ymeri Bajrami Los Angeles, CA Ravneet Bajwa Tustin, CA Pre Psychobiology, Junior Sarah Jean Bakabak Walnut, CA Pre History, Junior Amanda Carol Baker Sacramento, CA Political Science (B.A), Spanish, Sophomore Brett Gordon Baker Los Angeles, CA English (B.A), Junior Jeffrey Alan Baker Ponoroma City, CA Prebusiness Economics, Sophomore Justin Gregory Baker Ventura, CA Pre History, Junior Kelli Michelle Baker Glendoro, CA World Arts and Cultures (B.A.) Krystal Anne Baker Long Beoch, CA History (B.A), Junior Lakeisha Kaychaka Baker San Bernordino, CA Afro American Studies {B.A.) Marrissa Leigh Baker Valley Center, CA Biochemistry (B.S. ), Junior Ryan Christopher Baker San Diego, CA Computer Science and Engineering (B.S.), Sophomore Sara Ashley Baker Cathedral City, CA Sociology (B.A.), Freshman Timothy Paul Baker Grand Saline, TX Prebusiness Economics, Sophomore Kimberly Mitra Bakhshi Glendole, CA Pre Political Science, Junior Bahar Zainab Bakhtary Los Angeles, CA Microbiology, Immunology, ond Molecular Genetics (B.S.) Emon Thomas Bakhtiari Mission Viejo, CA English (B.A.), Junior Francis Alegria Baking Simi Volley, CA Molecular, Cell ond Developmental Biology (B S ] Junior Arminder K Bai Kingsburg, CA Biology (B.S.) Tamara Monique Bai Fair Oaks, CA Communication Studies (B.A.) Maryam Balakhaneh Beverly Hills, CA Business Economics (B.A.), Senior Asha Victoria Balakrishnan Pasodeno, CA Psychology (B.A.) Vikram Balakrishnan Sorologo, CA Electrical Engineering (B.S ), Sophomore Sunkrish Balasubramanian Son Jose, CA Theater (B.A), Junior L Homer Santiago Balboa Venture CA International Development Studies (6 A ! Political Science, Junior Dawn Michelle Balcanofif Los Angeles, CA Psychology (B A .), Junior Christopher lames Bald Monhotion Beoch, CA Prebusiness Economics Sophomore Claire Elizabeth Baldauf South Posodeno, CA Biology IBS), Music History, Senior NSCS, Bwlogy Research . Wottl Logan Baldenegro Culver Oty, CA Sociology 16 A ) Junior Manuel Baldenegro, ]r los Angeles, CA Political Science (B.A.) Cristina Balderrama Sylmor, CA Gregory ' Balderrama Whittiet, CA English [B A 1 Junior Lilit Baldjyan Granada Hills, CA Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology IBS). Jun.or Katherine Anne Balingit Irvine. CA Philosophy (BA), Junior Tamar M Baljian Huntington Beoch. CA Pre History, Junior James Aubrey Ball Santo Clor ito CA Gvil Engineering (B.S ) Heather Jeanne Ballentine Porlolo Valley, CA Physiological Science (B.S.) Nicolette Alidio Balleser Reseda, CA Pre Political Science, Junior Kerry Ballestero Novalo, CA Psychology (BA.) Carlos Ceasar Ballesteros, Jr Monterey Pork, CA Business Economics (BA.) Marcos Rafael Ballesteros Sonto Canto CA Philosophy (BA.), Junior Erlynne Napiere Ballo Los Angeles, CA Biology (BS) Lisbet Ballon Inglewood. CA Sociology (BA.) Mahroze J Baloch Los Angeles, CA Sociology (BA.) Tanya Marie Balov Roncho Polos Verdes, CA Pre Psychobiology, Junior Kevin M Balster Downey, CA Pre Economics, Junior Matthew Joseph Baltar Orange, CA Mathematics, Applied (B.S.) Serge Varoujan Baltayan Los Angeles, CA Computer Science and Engineering (B.S.), Junior Claudia Baltazar Los Angeles, CA Chicono and Chicane Studies (BA), Junior Rosario Baltazar- Navarrete Los Angeles, CA Sociology (BA), History, Senior Pioied B RITE . Eduardo Dominguez Baltierrez Son Jose, CA Physiological Science (B.S), Freshman Kaiyn Patricia Balzarv Los Angeles, CA English (BA), Senior Lacev Jayne Balzhiser Folsom. CA Sophomore Natalie Geraldine Banacfa Sonto Monico. CA Classical Civilization (B.A ) Cherie Lee Banaga Danville, CA Psychology (BA.) Brett |ohn Banakis Paso Robles, CA Theater (B.A.), Junior leffrey William Bancroft Burbonk, CA Pre Psychology Maribel Banda El Monte, CA Biology (B.S. ), Junior Dorna Bandari Santa Mario, CA Electrical Engineering (B.S), Senior Roja Bandari Sonto Monica, CA Electrical Engineering (B.S.) Laith Adam Bander Orinda, CA Prebusiness Economic Michael Bandli Sonto Monico, CA English (BA.) Jennifer Kaoru Bando Milpitas, CA Biochemistry (B.S), Junior Rahtna S Banerjee Los Gotos, CA Economics (BA.) Christine Kyungjin Bang Brea, CA Biochemistry (B.S.) Huy T Bang Covina, CA Biology (B.S.), Freshman Janet Yougi Bang San Mateo, CA Biology (B.S), Junior Michael Ander Bang Moraga, CA Music (BA), Freshman Sonia Jihye Bang Granada Hills, CA History (BA.) Thao Ngoc Bang Covina, CA Sociology (BA), Freshman Eileen Mae Bangaoil Lompoc, CA International Development Studies (B.A.) Hoang Minh Banh Alhambra, CA Computer Science (B.S.) Ngoc Kim Banh Covina, CA Economics (BA) Jennifer Madeline Banian Burbonk, CA Women ' s Studies (BA), Junior Alexandra Michelle Banis Hillsborough, CA Freshman Congrats At! We are so proud to have a UCLA Bruin in our fami- ly. Have fun on theorem team! Annie Nicole Banks Santa Rosa, CA Malhematics, General (B.S), Junior Carly F Banks Los Angeles, CA Physiological Science (B.S.) Christina M Banks Nlbr, CA History (B A), Political Science Brum News ?9, African Education Protect, Alumni Scholars Club tVfoniqua l.e Anne Banks Oceanside, CA Political Science (B.A.) Keith Patrick Banner Palmdale, CA Politicol Science IB A), Junior Mark David Banner Portlond, OR Ethnomusicology (B A ), Fieshmon Best wishes fin i ohj success at th ' l love Worn and Dad Jillian Leigh Banning Newport Beach, CA Philosophy (B.A), Political Science, Senior Alpha Delta Pi Michael James Bannister Lodeio Ranch, CA Mathematics (B.S.) Samia Bano Las Angeles, CA Pre Cog Nisha Bansal Cerritos, CA Biology (B.S), Sophomore Hernando Bansuelo Pasodena, CA Theater (B.A), Junior Direction Michaela B Bantilan Oakland CA Sophomore Lucia Banuelos Gordena, CA Pre Psychology, Public Health, Sophomore Americ Banyiyezako Ngwije Bujumbura Political Science (B.A.) Cuong Quoc Bao Los Angeles, CA Biology (B.S.) Linda Bao Garden Grove, CA Political Science (BA.), Junior Tina Bao Son Jose, CA Music (B.A.) Mary Anne Tezheart Baquing Norwolk, CA Abe Ruben Bernardo Baquir Carson, CA Economics (B.A), Junior Afshan Baraghoush Lofayette, CA Physiological Science (B.S.) Carlos-Gaspar Barajas Barajas, Jr Vol Verde, CA History (B.A.) Crystal Barajas Son Diego, CA English (B.A), Freshman Estela Barajas Vollejo, CA Psychology (B.A ), Junior Lucero Barajas Los Angeles, CA Psychology (BA.) Octavio Barajas Bokerslield CA Chicono ond Chicono Studies (B.A,) Priscila Barajas Oxnord, CA Political Science (B.A,), Junior Mohammed Nidal Barakat Hollywood, CA Pre Political Science, Junior I, Imad Barakat La Canada, CA Art (B.A), Freshmon Toekwondo Club Eugene Barash Encino, CA Pre History, Freshman Griffin Woods Barash Kentficld, CA Sociology (B.A.), Junior Lauren Aida Baratti Los Angeles, CA English (8 A), Junior Ona Louisa Barauskas Los Angeles, CA Chemistry (BS), Junior Bobby Askari Baravati loguno Hills, CA Chemistry (BS), Junior Eric Barba Inglewood, CA Political Science (BA.), History, Junior Jennie Lynn Barba Cypress, CA Chemistry (8.S.), Senior Congratulations! You made it through! Marisol Barba Monrovia CA Freshman Nancy Renee Barba Austin, TX Sociology (B.A.), Junior Delta Gommo, UCLA Women ' s Volleyball Team Diana Alexis Fabian Barbadillo Culver City, CA English (B.A), Asion American Studies, Freshman Somohang Pilipino, Kabotaan Moko-Boyon Roman Barbalat Son Froncisco, CA Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics (B.S.) Samuel Krebsbach Barber Son Rafael, CA Astrophysics (B.S ), Junior Nicholaus Edward Barbosa Monterey Pork, CA Biology (B.S), Junior David James Barboza Long Beoch, (A History (B.A), Junior Kristoffer Roger Barcarse Son Diego, CA Junior Raffi Luther Bardakjian Individual Course of Study (BA), Junior David Bardo Tarzono, CA Prebusiness Economics, Sophomore Michael Ethan Bareket Sorologo, CA Biology (B.S), Junior Ori Barel Los Angeles, CA Music (B.A.), Junior Jessica Mari Barene- Gutierrez Goleto, CA Chicono and Chicono Studies (BA), Junior Alex Shantay Barfuss El Segundo, CA Linguistics and Asion Longuoges ond Cultures (B.A.), Junior Cory Burns Barger Riverside, CA Music (B.A ), Junior Paula Nadya Baril Los Angeles, CA Psychology (BA.) Jovannie Anival Barillas Los Angeles, CA Sociology (BA.), Junior Miriam Elizabeth Barillas Los Angeles, CA Psychology (B.A), Junior Ori M Barkai Ook Park, CA Junior Dustin Laurence Barker Huntington Beach, CA Biology (B.S), Sophomore Joseph Collin Barker Los Angeles, CA History (B A ), Junior (ustin Barker San Diego, CA History (BA), Senior Mai R Barker Tujunga, CA Molhematics Applied Science (B.S.), Sophomore Yemina Myriam Barkey North Hollywood, CA Communication Studies (BA.), Junior Sammy Mahir Barkho Costa Mesa, CA Molbematics, Applied (B.S.), Senior Omid R Barkhordar Woodland Hills, CA Women ' s Studies (B.A.), Junior Maryam Barkhordariyazdi Von Nuys, CA Russian Longuage and Literature (BA.) Nooshin Barkhordariyazdi Von Nuys, CA Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics (B.S), Junior Samuel Henry Barkin Berkeley, CA Sociology (B.A), Junior Greg William Barkley Los Angeles, CA Economics (BA.) Katherine Mcadam Barnard El Dorado Hills, CA Sociology ill A i Sophomore Eugene Brannon Barnes, lii San Rafael, CA Nicholas Carter Barnes Ridgecrest, CA Pre History, Junior Matthew Charles Barnett Sonoro, CA Politicol Science (BA) Tanya Nicole Barnett Sonto Barbara, CA Physiologicol Science (B.S.) Kyle Jamie Baron Valencia, CA Political Science (B.A.), Junior Whitney Carl Baron Son Froncisco, CA Philosophy (BA.), Psychology, Senior ORL Setup Crew Zachary Louis Baron Sacramento, CA History (B.A.), Sophomore (M Sports Lisa Baronian fl Hollywood, CA Sophomore Tamar Aleen Baronian Lo Crescento, CA History (B.A.) Ella Baroyan Tujunga, CA Prebusiness Economics, Freshman Donald Campbell Barr Redding, CA Sociology (B.A.), Senior UCLA Crew Monica Yuri Barr Foir Oaks, CA Freshmon Stephen C Barr Plocentio, CA Junior Mohsin Sultan Barra Holhster CA Civil Engineering (B.S.) Natasha Christine Barra Sebostopol, CA Aerospace Engineering ill ' ■■ ) Junior Armando Barragan, |r Mary wille, CA Psychology (BA.) Jessica Lizbeth Barragan Oakland, CA Matthew Jimenez Barragan Delano, CA Political Science (B.A), Freshmon Gates Millennium Scholois, Alumni Scholors Club Melissa Barragan Son Fernando, CA Brandy Celeste Barrancotto San Diego, CA History (B.A), Junior Harold Johann Barrantes Sbermon Oaks, CA Biology (B.S.) Rocio Barraza South Gate, CA Biology (B.S.), Junior Dilcia Aurora Barrera South Gate, CA Elizabeth Barrera Murrieto, CA Psychology (B A), Specialization, Computer Progromming, Senior Chicono For Community Medicine, Amencorp Bithie, we are so proud of you! We love xiou ' Mom, Dad Theresa, Tina, Bodie, Mary, Sarah and Dude Sandra Barrera Los Angeles, CA Diana Aracely Barreras Palmdale, CA Freshman Caitlin Lauren Barreto Los Altos Hills, CA Politicol Science (B.A), Junior Nicole Barreto Spring Volley, CA Anthropology (B.S.), Freshmon Brent Eugene Barrett Lokewood, CA Aerospace Engineering IBS) Senior Triangle Brian,} N Barrett Tehochopi CA Mathematics Applied (B.S), Freshman Chad Randall Barrett Beaverton OR Freshmon Kirstin Isabelle Barrett Arroyo Grande, CA Geography Environmental Studies (8.A.), Public Policy, Freshmon Delto Gamma, SAA (Spring Sing Committee), UCLA Campus Tours Griselda Barretto Oxnord, CA Leslie Allison Barrie Torrance, CA Communication Studies (8.A.), Junior Alejandra Victoria Barrientos Felton, CA Pre Psychology, Junior Giovanny Emmanuel Barrientos Bell Gardens, CA Sophomore Kimberly Sue Navar Barrientos Downey, CA Biochemistry (B.S.) Melissa Araneta Barrientos San Diego, CA Communication Studies (B.A.) Raquel Mae Barrientos Felton, CA Junior Christian Jacob Barrios Roncho Cucamongo, CA American Literature and Culture (B.A.), Junior Pamela Barrios North Hollywood, (A Art History (B.A.), Junior Wendie Storm Barrios Huntington Pork, CA English (B.A.), Freshman I ' . in i.i Lizet Barroso- Conde Los Angeles, CA Anthropology IB A), Junior Bryan Douglas Barry LoJollo,CA Aerospoce Engineering (B S), Sophomore Mark Lorentzen Barry Breo, CA Philosophy (B.A.J, Sophomore Vardui Rose Barsamyan Von Nuys, CA International Development Studies (B.A.) Anna Barsegyan Shodow Hills, CA Economics International Area Studies (B.A.) Veronika Barsegyan Glendole, CA Pre Polilkol Science, Freshman Christopher Denevi Barsi Los Altos, CA Physics IBS), Junior Joseph Dennis Barsotti Lokewood, CA Political Science (B A J. Junior Lindsay Anne Barstow Alto Lomo, CA Anthropology |B.A), Junior Daniel Robert Barth Colabasos, CA Religion, Study ol (B.A.), Junior Elizabeth Jean Barth Westminster, CA English IB A.) Max Barth Rancho Polos Verdes, CA Chemistry (B.S ), Junior Yamily Barthel Son Diego, CA Psychology (8.A.), Junior Rachel Nicole Bartlett Oceonside, CA English (B.A.) Tara Corinne Bartlett Golelo, CA Biology (BS), Freshman Ashley Caroll Barton Los Angeles, CA Sociology (B.A.) Justin Alexander Barton Encinitas, CA Pre Political Science, Junior Luca De Sanctis Barton San Diego, CA Design | Medio Arts (B.A.), Junior Film, Acting Ryan Bernard Barton Escondido, CA Junior Yakov Ariel Barton Santa Cruz, CA Psychology (B.A), Freshman Psychology And Film, Racquetboll, Climbing, Jharna V Barwani Torzano, CA Pre Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics, Junior Habib Barye Torrance, CA Biology (B.S.), Junior Marina Barysheva Sousalito, CA Physiological Science (B.S.) Earl Francis Barzabal Corson, CA Psychobiology (B.S.), Senior Irene Joy Basa Son Diego, CA Anthropology (B.A.), Junior Elizabeth Victoria Basanec Son Diego, CA Sociology (B.A.), Junior Melissa Lora Base Whittier, CA Art History (B.A.) Neda Bashardoust Newbury Pork, CA Pre Psychology Keenan Tali Bashour Hillsborough, CA Mathematics, Applied (B.S.) Anastasia Basil Chicago, IL Philosophy (B.A.), Senior George Basilio Loguno Niguel, CA Mathematics (B.S.), Junior Tiya Kelly Basilio Lancaster, CA Sociology IB. A ), Senior Bruin Corps, Spears, ASUCLA And Psychology Ilona Basilyan Tbilisi, Rep. Of Georgia Economics lnternotionol Area Studies (B.A.), Accounting, Senior Jonathan Bradley Basinger Orange, CA Vytas Arunas Baskauskas Santo Monica, CA Mathematics (B.S.), Junior Kathryn Grace Basmagian West Hills, CA Communication Studies (B.A.), Junior Shlomit Frida Basmat Los Angeles, CA Biology (B.S.), Junior Balraj Singh Basra North Hills, CA Philosophy (B.A.) Randall Chris Bass los Angeles, CA Theater (B.A.), Sophomore Samuel Reading Bass Thousand Oaks, CA Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics (B.S.) Mario Andre Bassani Rancho Santa Margarita, CA Political Science (B.A.) Robert Joshua Basseri Sonto Monica CA History (B A.) Joyce Bassil San Pedro, CA Biology (B.S), Freshman Sevag Armand Bastian Son Froncisco, CA Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology (B.S.), Sophomore Romano Xavier Bastianpillai Los Angeles, CA Mathematics, Applied (B.S.) Sara S. Bastomski Santa Barbara, CA English, Freshman Student Coalition Foi Mornoge Equality, Brum, Demooots, Environmental Bruins, Outdoor, Adventure Resource Centei Robert Daws Bastron Tucson, AZ Theater (8.A.), Junior Nina Nandini Basu Walnut Creek, CA Communication Studies (B.A.), Junior Eric Ryan Batchelor San Diego, CA History (B.A.), Junior Michael Ronald Bateman Saugus, CA Mathematics, Applied (B.S), Freshman Jason Hsu Bates Tustin, CA Pre Political Science, freshman Kimberly Ann Bathker Los Angeles, CA Neuroscience (B.S ) Manoging Editor, Outwnte Newsmogazine Lora Marija Batina Los Angeles, CA Pre Psychology Kehsa Cherie Batista Richmond, CA Sociology (B.A.), Senior Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Advertising, Digital Effects photography, R 6 Music, Btuin Leaders, NOMMO, African Women ' s Collective Ailene Rose T Batoon Corson, CA Geography Environmental Studies (B.A ) Arunabh Batra Saratoga. CA Physics IBS.) Ashwin Batra Oxnord, CA Electrical Engineering (B.S.), Junior Sharat Batra Glendole, CA Mechanical Engineering (B.S.) Elizabeth Frances Batsche Kinnelon, NJ Prebusiness Economics, Sophomore Natalie Batta Norlhridge, CA Psychobiology (BS ), Senior President Of The UCLA Pre-Optometry Society, Vice President Of The Lebanese Social Club Gina Marie Battaglia Westlake Village, CA Physiological Sc ience (B.S.), Junior Nicholas Brendon Batter Sonoma, CA Freshman Laura Alycia Battle Los Altos Hills, CA Pre Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics, Geography, Sophomore Dario Nunez Batungbakal, Jr Torronce, CA Pre Psychology, Junior Candice Baucham Inglewood, CA Sociology (B A), Junior Amanda M Bauer Madison, Wl Theater (B A.), Freshman Writing, Running, Hookah Ashley Marie Bauer Sacramento, CA International Development Studies IB A ) Political Science, Junior Pi Sigma Alpha Political Honor Society Bryan Joseph Bauerle Lakeside, CA Political Science (B.A), Junior Jessica Leigh Baukol Polo Alto, CA Pre History, Junior Sara Anne Baumann Sacramento, CA Psychobiology (BS.), Spanish, Freshman Instrumental Music, Volunteering Andrew David Baumgartner San Rafael, CA Frank Ahn Baumgartner Oakland, CA Political Science (B.A.) Cinthia Maria Bautista Sonlo Barbara, CA Physiological Science (6.S.), Junior Israel Bautista Los Angeles, CA History (B.A.), Junior Jennifer Aguinaldo Bautista San Diego, CA Joy-Alonica Capco Bautista Long Beach, CA Sophomore Juan Bautista Norwalk, CA Pre History Mark Doria Bautista Los Angeles, CA Pre Psychology Peter Pons Bautista Santo Ana, CA Anthropology (B.A), Junior Spear, USAC Philip Jude Bautista San Diego, CA Economics (B.A.) Portia Olivares Bautista Norlhridge, CA Physiological Science (B.S.) Randy Macaraeg Bautista Oakland, CA Computer Science and Engineering IBS) Asian American Studies, Senior Somahong Pilipmo, lapu The Coyote Thot Cares Pouya Bavafa Roncho Polos Verdes, CA Pre History Farid Bavarian Norlhridge, CA Economics (B.A), Politicol Science, Senior Family, Academics, Health, Success, Sports Girls Harpreet Singh Bawa Granada Hills, CA Sophomore Suneet Kaur Bawa La Hobra CA Political Science (B.A), Junior Jeannie Bay Biochemistry (BS) Talal Ziad Bayaa Irvine, CA Bioengineering (B S ), Sophomore Lizbeth Bayardo Thermol, CA Biology (B S), Freshman Anna Baycher Beverly Hills, CA Molecular Cell and Developmental Biology (B.S), Russian Literature, Senior UCLA Russion Club, Premed Activities, Volunteenng, At The UCLA Medico! Center, Reseorch In, Annhisch Laboratory MCB Congratulations from yourpar- ents grandparents You itd it! You can achieve anything you wish in life Beth Lori Bayer Marlboro, NJ Political Science (B.A.), Accounting, Senior Alpho Epsilon Phi, Compus Tours, AEPHI, HIL- LELJAM Jacquelyn Mariko Baylon Culver Gty, CA Freshmon Erik Bayona Arlelo, CA Pre Psychology Jean Phillip Baysari Loomis, CA Prebusiness Economics, Junior Naveen Bazaj Fremont, CA Pre Psychobiology, Junior Lara Marie Bazan Covina, CA Economics (B.A.), Junior Armine Bazikyan Glendole, CA History (B A), Armenion Studies ASA, ASBA Vanui Bazikyan Santa Clorita, CA Pre Politicol Science, Junior Zahra Bazmjow Temeculo, CA English (B.A.), Spanish, Senior Chris Scott Beach Tustin, CA Pre Political Science, Junior James Joseph Beach, III El Cojon, CA Marine Biology (B.S), Freshman Kristen Dawn Beach Polmdole, CA Pre Psychology, Junior Ryan Mcleod Beach Sonto Cruz, CA Electrical Engineering (B S), Junior Ryan Max Bean Oceonside, CA Anthropology (B.A ] Junior Daniel Honig Bear Reno, NV Computer Science (B.S.), Sophomore Phi Koppo Psi Jason Michael Beard Prother, CA Civil Engineering (B.S), Junior Srijaya Bearelly Mokanda, IL Pre Economics, Sophomore Jeanvally Galing Beato Son Diego, CA Freshman Michelle Renee Beatty Lakewood, CA Astrophysics (B S ), French, Junior Gamma Phi Bern. Campus Crusode Foi Christ, Volleyball Garrett Michael Beaty San Ramon, CA Computer Science and Engineering (B.S.) Samantha Lynn Beaty Fonlono, CA Biology (BS.), Junior Pierre Andre Beauchamp Los Angeles, CA Anthropology (B A), Senior Kate Michelle Beauchene Sonto Monico, CA World Arts ond Cultures (B.A.), Senior Dean ' s List Denise Danielle Beaudoin Los Galos, CA Psychology (B.A .), Senior Araceli Payan Becerra Orange County, CA English (B.A.), World Arts And Culture Department, Junior Cycling Azucena Celis Becerra Napa, CA Pre Political Science Beatrice Loretta Becerra Norwalk, CA Political Science IB. A.), Junior Maricela Mercediz Becerra Son Vsidro, CA Sociology (B.A.), Senior Matthew Michael Becerra Mission Viejo, CA Mechanical Engineering (B.S.), Junior Nicola Alexandra Becerra Los Angeles, CA Sociology (B.A), Senior Vivian Nathalie Becerra Sonto Ana, CA Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology (BS), Junior Megan Elizabeth Becht San Carlos, CA Biology (BS.), Junior Amber Ann Bechtel Son Ramon, CA Emily Katelin Beck Mission Viejo. CA English (B.A.), History, Senior Covel Writing Tutor. UCLA Athletics Tutor, UCLA Chorale. Chamber Singers, Chombei Choir, Yifot Oren £ Associates Event Planning Intern Erin Ellen Beck Carlsbad, CA Pre Political Science Heather K Beck Palm Desert, CA Mathematics, Applied (B.S.), Junior John Bryan Beck Irvine, CA Sociology IB A ). Junior Joshua Ryan Beck Modesto, CA Physiological Science (B.S.) Kristin J Beck Mommolh Lakes, CA Mathematics, Applied IB.S.) Stephen Jared Beck Orindo, CA World Arts and Cultures (B.A), Sophomore Carolyn Diane Becker Molibu, CA Business Economics (B.A.) Heather Dawn Becker Highland, CA Political Science (B.A), Philosophy, Junior Hitch Building Government, Pre-Law Society, Christian Students. Scott Alan Beckerman Los Angeles, CA Political Science (B.A.) Danielle Catherine Beckman Fullerton, CA English (B.A.), History, Freshmon Brum Belles Service Association, Dykshc 4!!!, Working At Disneyland, An Lovin ' Lol Elizabeth Diane Beckman Fullerton, CA English (B.A), History, Senior Koppo Delta, Bruin Belles Service Association Ryan Brandon Beckman Houston, TX Prebusiness Etonomia, freshmon Jessica Erin Beckmann Allodeno, CA Business Economics (B.A.), Accounting, Computing Specialization, Junior Nathan Zachary Beckmann Altodeno, CA Computer Science ond Engineering (B.S), Junior Sara Beck-Pancer San Diego, CA Freshman Donald Thomas Beckwith Oroville, CA Physiological Science (B.S.) Meganbeth Bedell Allodeno, CA Women ' s Studies (B.A.) Vanessa Bedolla Whirtier, CA Pre Psychology Carolyn Kay Beebe Los Angeles, CA French (B.A.) Christopher Thomas Beeckler Jacksonville, FL Electrical Engineering IBS) Senior UCLA Crew Rachel Lara Been Son Froncisco, CA Art History (B.A.), Junior Melissa Elyce Beene Pomona, CA Communication Studies (B.A.) Atif Beg Cerritos, CA Politicol Science (B.A.), Junior Aidan Simon Begg Son Jose, CA Aerospace Engineering (B S ), French, Freshman UCLA Hockey Gazi Ferdousi Begum Los Angeles, CA Pre Psychology, Junior Alexander Jeffrey Behar Monhatton Beach, CA Junior Lauren Marie Behar Pasadena, CA Art (B.A.), Junior Mary Lee Behar West Hollywood CA Konstantin Belevich Junior Music, Surfing, Wakeboarding, Inriy (iilluit: San Jose, CA Viktoriya Berlyant Pie Psychobiology Junior Concord, CA | list i ii Antonio Astrid Bennett Sociology (B. A), Junior Granada Hills, CA David Paimon Chemistry (B.S.) Benavides Downey, CA Cristina Teri Bercovitz Pre Political Science Bchbnudipour Aimee K Belier Modero, CA European Studies (B.A.) Del Mar, CA Alexis Danielle Berman Studio City, CA San Juan Copistrono, CA Mothematics, Applied (BS.) Chris Matthew Bennett theater (BA), Senior Entino, CA Political Science [6 A I. Junior Biology (BS), Junior Stephanie Benavides Fairfax, CA Carl Thomas Berdahl An(e A) litt.inv Behlarin Maya Sophia Belitski N Hollywood, CA Political Science (B.A.), Junior Walnut Creek, CA Glenda Joyce Berman Los Angeles, CA los Angeles, CA Pre Political Science, Sophomore Gerren Jamaal Bennett Music (B A ), Junior Irvine, CA Douglas Robert Behl Psychology (BA.) Erica Noel Bender Carson, CA Alisa Berdnik Biology (BS ), Junior No Alio CA Alissa Nicole Bell Escondido, CA Sociology (B.A ), Junior Shermon Ooks, CA Josh David Berman Design | Medio Arts (6A) Solinos, CA Biology (6 S), Freshmon Harry Daniel Bennett Psychobiology (8 S), Junior Resedo, CA Behnaz Esther Junior Paula Bendigo Rosamond, CA Sona Berejikian Pre Political Science Behmanesh Carley Diane Bell Glendole, CA Hislory (BA), Philosophy, Senior 1 mil III CA Nicholas Ivan Berman Beverly Hills, CA Oceonside. CA Pre Microbiology. Immunology, and Jaclyn Rae Bennett Political Science (BA), Junior Carlsbod, CA Biology IBS] Pre Politicol Science. Junior Molecular Genetics. Sophomore Conyon Country, CA Brett Steven Berens Mothemolics Economics [B S ), Junior Nilot ' ar Behmanesh Courtney Sara Bell Shauna Rae Bendinelli English (B A), Senior Aclon, CA Charlene Bermudez Tor zona CA Northridge CA Hercules, CA Jennifer Ann Bennett Chemical Engineering (B.S), Junior Von Nuys, CA Pre Psychology. Junior Theater (BA), Junior English (BA), Junior Moreno Volley, CA Natalya Berenshteyn Psychology (B.A.) Behdad B Behnam D ' andrea La Tira Bell Sarah Nancy Bendon Music (B A), Junior Pleasanton, CA Fabio Bermudez Coslo Mesa, CA Los Angeles, CA Novolo, CA Julie A Bennett Pre Political Science, Junior North Hollywood, CA Computer Science ond Engineering (B.S.), Sociology (BA), Freshmon History (B.A), Junior Newport Coost, CA Gina Louise Beretta Junior Junior Dominique Rene Bell Maital Ben-Efraim Sophomore Pleosanlon, CA Jeffrey Bermudez Ajavbir Singh Behniwal Los Angeles, CA West Hills, CA Nolan Dyer Bennett Oakland, CA Civil Engineering (B.S), Senior North Hollywood, CA Fresno, CA Sophomore Pre Psychology, Junior Pre Economics Phi Sigma Rho Sorority, Itolian, Fiench, Soccei, Art, Literature Junior Justin Dickinson Bell Claudiu Daniel Benga Pre Political Science, Sophomore Rosie C. Bermudez Golita Behnoodi Minnelonka, MfJ Pasadena, CA Robin Elizabeth Bennett Polina Berezovskaya Lynwood, CA los Angeles, CA Freshman Mathemotics (B.S.) Plocentio, CA Irvine, CA History (B.A), Junior Computer Science and Engineering [6 S ) SMAUG Ultimate Fnsbee, UCPD. CSO Maslamah Mohamed Ecology, Behavior, ond Evolution (B S), Amanda Lynn Berg Trinidad Bermudez Junior Justin E Bell Ben-Ghaly Junior Huntington Beach, CA Huntington Pork, CA Lauren Christina Behr los Angeles, CA Rowlond Heights, CA Travis Eugene Bennett Sophomore American literature ond Culture (B.A,) San Diego, CA Music (BA), Junior Arabic (B.A.) Austin U Jon Nelson Berg Darrell V Bernal International Development Studies (B.A.) Maurice Tuiasosopo Bell Corey Brandon Bengisu Junior Newport Beach, CA Fresno, CA Christopher Richard Daly Gty, CA La Jollo, CA Zeto Beta Tou Sophomore Biology (B.S.), Freshmon Behrens Sociology (B.A.) Junior Biology (B.S), Junior Trevor Timothy Bennett Rowing, Bodysurfmg, Camping, Hiking, Volunteering, Traveling, And Working Out Jenny Veronica Bernal Fremont, CA Meredith Kollman Bell Jamie Alexander Benhabib Yorbo Linda, CA Monterey Pork, CA Biochemistry (BS), Junior Santo Roso, CA Pre Economics Taneisha Kamali Berg Junior Behnam Behrooznia Biochemistry (B.S.), Junior Torrance, CA Ian Jeffrey Bennett- East Palo Alto, CA Film and Television (B.A.) Lynikka K Bernard los Angeles, CA Renee Caroline Bell Prebusiness Economics, Junior Goldberg Long Beach, CA Physiological Science (B.S.) Pre History, Junior Lafayette, CA Catherine Elizabeth Beni Cerrito, CA Thomas Anthony Bergan Beth Behrs Hovolo CA Mathematics, Applied (B.S.), Sophomore Suzanne Odea Bell Riverside, CA Mathematics (B S.), Junior Art History (BA), Junior Claire Morrell Benson Torrance, CA Computer Science IBS.), Senior Member Of The Marching Bond Austin James Berger San Clemente, CA Richard Salvatore Bernard Theater (B.A.), Freshman Katherine Emily Behrsin Socromento, CA Sophomore Nicole Rachelle Benisek Orange, CA Santa Barbara, CA Arl (B.A), Freshman Rancho Palos Verdes, CA Junior Kensington, CA Michelle Anne Belo Sociology (BA), Junior Paris Rashad Benson English (BA.), Junior Thea Iluminada Diestro Art (B!_) Omid Behzadian Arwoler. CA Biology (B.S.) Cecil Mayra Benitez Tujungo, CA Loguna Hills, CA Freshman Elisabeth Berger Lancaster, CA Biology (B.S), Junior Tom Berger Tarzono, CA Aerospace Engineering (B S ) Shoshana Kathleen Bergeron Bernas Sylmor, CA West Hills, CA Katerina Belova Physiological Science (B.S.) Christina Maureen Political Science (B.A.) Computer Science ond Engineering (B.S.I, Ploya Del Rey, CA Maria Teresa Benitez Bentley Andrew Kendrick Junior Zheng Bei Mathematics (B.S), Sophomore 1 j slum Antoinette Inglewood, CA Psychology (B.A.) Pasadena, CA American Literature and Culture (BA), Bemath Woodland Hills, CA San Gabriel, CA Grach Bekarvan Belton Perris, CA Rudolph Benitez, Iii Chuln Vista, CA Junior Demelza Eleanor Benton Mathematics, Applied (B S.), Junior Julie Christina Bernier Panorama Gty, CA Hislory (BA) Biology (B.S ), Sophomore Santo Barbara, CA Lorton, VA History [B A J Junior Alisha Amelia Beltramo Xiomara Torres Benitez Russian Language and Literature (8 A ) Moiave, CA Civil Engineering (B S ), Sophomore Art (B.A.), Junior Kevin David Bekas Fresno, CA Fontona, CA Ran Daniel Ben-Tzur So proud of you everyday ofyour Alyson Lee Bernstein Entino, CA Communication Studies (BA), Junior Pre Political Science, Junior Sunnyvole, CA life! Los Angeles, CA Sophomore Gabriela Beltran Monies Activas En Letias Y Camhio Sociol Prebusiness Economics, Junior Lauren Nicole Berghell Art History (B.A.) Jordan Harris Bekier Pomona, CA Joseph K Benjamin Caitlin Leigh Benyi Newport Beoch, CA Jeremy E. Bernstein Anoheim, CA Karen K Beltran Woodland Hills, CA Scottsdale, AZ Sociology (B.A), History, Junior Sherman Oaks, CA i Hislory (B.A.), Junior Roncho Cucamongo, CA Prebusiness Economics, Sophomore Ethnomusicology (B.A.), Freshman Pre History UCLA Football Student Manogei, Outirggei Paddling, Going To The Beach English (BA), Senior Dmitriy Bekkerman Los Angeles, CA Computer Science [B S), Junior Paul Michael Benjamin Shlomo Benzaquen Etto Israel Kesher Youth Programming Director, ' Steven Alexander Beltz Oakland, CA Orongevole, CA Prebusiness Economics, Freshman Los Angeles, CA Pre Psychology Benjamin Andrew Bergstrom Notional Conference Of Synogogue Youth Advisor, Published Essayist, Poet And Cortoonist Sona Bekmezian Linguistics (BA), Junior Caryn Leinaala Benke Samir Girish Bera Simi Valley, CA Hislory (BA), Junior Matthew Robert Sun Volley, CA Heather Elizabeth La Mirada, CA Hacienda Heights, CA Bernstein Biology (B.S.J, Junior Belville Classical Civilization (BA), Freshman Junior Murphy James Bergstrom Son Diego, CA Nina Beri Son Rafael, CA Lindsay Erin Belanger San Diego, CA Erin Stephanie Keala John Michio Beran Political Science (B.A.), Senior Ontario, CA Pre Political Science Political Science (BA), Senior Shahrokh Sean Benke Lo Mirada, CA Lancaster, CA Biochemistry (B.S.) Elenor Berookhim Santo Monica, CA Kristal Marie Belcastro Redondo Beach, CA History (BA), Senior Bemanian Tanana, CA Psychology (B.A.) Communication Studies (B.A ), Freshman Jason Arthur Benkner Escondido, CA Lucy Paulina Berbeo Venice, CA English (B.A.), Junior Loguna Niguel, CA Biology (B S ] Sophomore Sunya Alexin Psychology (B.A.), Junior Behnoud Beroukhim Los Angeles, CA Pre Psychobiology, Junior Christopher Miles Aldo Andres Benalcazar Pre Political Science, Junior Ani Berberyan Berkelman-Rosado Belden Sylmor, CA Biology IBS], Junior Alhombro, CA Pre Psychology, Sophomore Shawna Whitney Benard Rozalin Benlevi Los Angeles, CA Politicol Science (B.A.), Junior Los Angeles, CA Pre Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics, Microbiology, Immunology, Genetics, Junior Son Froncisco, CA Anthropology IB. A.), Junior Allison Nicole Berkley Fullerlon, CA Psychobiology (B.S.), Senior Delto Delto Delta Shiva Beroukhim Beverly Hills, CA Biology (B.S), Junior Katherine Claire Belden Newport Beach, CA Manhattan Beach, CA Pre Psychobiology David Lee Benlloch Mission Viejo, CA Member Of AMSA, American Medical Student Association Sean William Berquist Stanford, CA Sophomore Zela Psi, Swimming, Bruin Republicans Good luck from your support History Art History (B.A.), Junior Thanks, UCLA, for an amazing Philosophy (B.A.), Junior Lilit Berberyan Los Angeles, CA English (B.A), Junior Peter Stephen Belden Newport Beach, CA journey! Imagine the possibilities from here El Maati Benmbarek Rabat, Morocco Suzanne Katherine Berkovitz History (B.A.), Junior Gillian Benary Mill Valley, CA Business Economics (B.A,), Accounting, Senior Lusine Berberyan Beverly Hills, CA Pre Psychobiology team -M D I 6 B K Sam Leo William F Belding, V Salinas, CA Aerospace Engineering (B.S.) Psychology (BA), Junior Accounting Society, UBS Society, MSA, Surfing- Von Nuys, CA Sophomore Lev Berkun-Reys Blake E Berris Caroline Eliza Benavides Bodyboording, Tennis And S occer, 4 Valley Village, CA Santa Barbara, CA Lawn dole CA Languages, Narine Berberyan Economics (B.A.) Theater (B.A.), Junior Eloisa Mascardo Belen History (B A) Miranda Jayne Benner Van Nuys, CA Jaclyn Elizabeth Berlin Newbury Park, CA Philosophy (B.A), Junior Nicole Marie Berru Los Angeles, CA Sociology (B.A ), Junior Claudia Benavides los Angeles, CA Son Diego, CA Pre Political Science, Junior Pre Psychology, Junior Eliezer Bercasio los Angeles, CA q o u Prebusiness Economic, Freshman Danielle Elizabeth Berry Redondo Beach, CA Freshmon Delta Delia Delta Kaitlyn Sossin Berry Modesto, CA Chemical Engineering (B.S.), Senior Delta Gommo Scott William Berry Visolio, CA Philosophy (B.A.), Junior Brittney Kara Bertolami Von Nuys, CA Political Science (B.A.), Senior Acting, Donee, Snowboording, And Wakeboarding Kristie Deanne Bertucci Hociendo Heights, CA English (B.A.) Guadalupe Berumen Los Angeles, CA Sociology [B A ) Marlyna Marie Berumen Montebello, CA Pre Psychology, Junior Jodi Berzak San Diego, CA Biology (B.S.), Sophomore Kappa Delta Cathrine Elizabeth Besancon Woodland Hills, CA Art History (BA.) Amir Summ Besharat Malibu, CA Physiological Science (B.S.), Junior Zachary Martin Best Alameda, CA Sophomore Roxana Yanised Betancourt Los Angeles, CA Pre Economics, Junior Deangelo Lamar Bethea Los Angeles, CA Theater (BA.) Dana Bethel Tustin, CA Sociology (BA.) Laressa Bethishou Sougus, CA Physiological Science (B.S), Freshmon Darya A Betin Europeon Studies (BA.), Junior Inna Betsis Los Angeles, CA Psychology (BA.) Johanna Katherine Bettencourt Los Angeles, CA Political Science (BA.) Nathan Paul Bettenhausen Irvine, CA English (BA) Christopher Randolph Belts Arcodio, CA Biology (B.S.), Junior Matthew W Bevan Los Angeles, CA Sociology (BA.), Junior Mimi Le Bevell San Jose, CA Psychology (8A.) Brianna L Beverage Verba Linda, CA World Arts and Cultures (B.A.), Sophomore Elsa Margaret Beyer Son Francisco, CA Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology (B.S.), Senior UCLA Women ' s Lacrosse Anna Beyleryan North Hollywood, CA Pre Psychology, Junior Mary Beyleryan North Hollywood, CA Chemistry (B.S.), Junior Olga Beyn Northridge, CA Neuroscience (B.S.) Jacqueline Lee Bezek Los Angeles, CA Music (B.A.), Junior Brandon David Bhagat Polos Verde Estotes, CA Biology (B.S.), Business, Freshman Pi Koppo EpsJlon, Tennis, Surfing, Way to go Brandon. Glad Don ' ir had such a great year at UCLA. Loir. Mom. Dad and Bianca Neil Bhagat Canton, OH History (BA.), Labor And Workplace Studies, Sophomore Beta Chi Them Amyn Bhai Culver City, CA Pre Political Science Farrah Aziz Bhaiji Bokersfield, CA Sophomore Jaimini Bhakta Haywcrd, CA Freshmon Krishna J Bhakta San Diego, CA Business Economics (BA.) s.i | .m Dilipbhai Bhakta Sylmor, CA Neuroscience (B.S .), Junior Sameerkumar Hasmukhbha Bhakta Chino, CA Business Economics (BA.j, Junior Karim Ismail Bhalwani Los Angeles, CA Business Economics (BA), Accounting, Sophomore Nationol Honors Societies (ALD PES), IM Sports Choir For Basketball And Footboll Inderjeet K Bhamra San Jose, CA Psychobiology (B.S.), Junior Veena Bhamre Sunnyvale, CA Psychobiology (B.S.) Aashish Bhargava Lakewood, CA Political Science (B.A.), Junior Nishant Bhargava Fullerton, CA Electrical Engineering (B.S.), Sophomore Verna C Bhargava Son Jose, CA Sociology (B.A.), English, Senior Student Alumni Association, Ooily Bruin, UCLA Compus lours, UCLA Chorale Eveleen Bhasin Fremont, CA Biology (B.S.) Alpha Phi Omega Coed Fraternity Richa Bhasin Lakewood, CA Political Science (BA.), Junior Anurag Bhaskar Belhesda, MD Computer Science and Engineering (B.S). Sophomore Shiva G Bhaskar Los Angeles, CA Pre Politicol Science Adam Nathan Bhatia Long Beoch, CA Music (B.A.), Senior Music, Golf Chaandni Devi Bhatia Wolnut, CA Economics (BA.) Kathryn Lindsay Bhatia Long Beoch, CA Music (B.A.), Freshman Rush Raj Bhatia New Delhi Economics (B.A.), Senior Puja Bhatia Union City, CA Pre Politicol Science, Sophomore Vikas Bhatnagar Cupertino, CA Pre Psychology, Junior Rishi Swaroop Bhatt Son Diego, CA Philosophy (B.A.), Junior Kalpa Bhattacharjee Cupertino, CA Junior Victor Kumar Bhattacharjee Potomac, MD Sophomore Eunice Bhavilai Huntington Beach, CA Freshman Jay Lalji Bhimani Morlton, NJ Pre Politicol Science, Sophomore Nadia Naz Bhimla San Jose, CA Pre Political Science, Junior Yasmin Bholat Los Angeles, CA Neuroscience (B.S.) June Nanchalee Bhongjan North Hollywood, CA Art (BA.) Shantanu Bhuiyan Burbonk, CA Psychobiology (B.S.) Sassi Saura Bhutto Chotsworth, CA History (B.A.), Junior Melchizedick Corpuz Biado Pico Rivero, CA Junior Lee Bialik Sunnyvale, CA Comparative Literature (B.A.), English, Senior Daily Brum A Z Biazar Harbor City, CA Pre Political Science, Junior Elena Bibikova San Diego, CA Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology (B.S.), Junior Emily Kathryn Bice Fremont, CA Mathematics of Computation (B.S.) Emily Ruth Biddle Quincy, CA English (BA.) Vincent Martin Bidez Los Angeles, CA Sociology (BA), Junior Paul Alexander Bien Los Altos Hills, CA Electrical Engineering (B.S.), Sophomore Dara Michelle Bier Los Angeles, CA Psychobiology (B.S), Junior Zachary Gunter Bierwolf Los Angeles, CA Pre History, Junior Kristina Farah Bigdeli Roncho Polos Verdes, CA Microbiology, Immunology, ond Moleculor Genetics (B.S.) Robert Julius Bigelow Torrance, CA Pre History, Junior Walter Fennell Biggart Santo Rosa, CA Pre Political Science, Junior Morgan Shayne Biggerstaff Sunnyvale, CA Pre Politicol Science, Junior Josephine Frances Gree Bigman Los Angeles, CA Theater (BA.) Brian Jeffrey Bilford Northridge, CA Philosophy (BA,), Sociology, Psychology, Senior RSS, AKD, President Of Regent ' s Scholars Santoshi Billakota Sunnyvale, CA Physiological Science (B.S), Freshman Colin Charles Billings Son Corlos, CA Pre Politicol Science, Junior Kendal Lauren Billingsley Trobuco Conyon, CA History (BA), Junior Rachel Allyse Billstrom Lakeside, CA Classical Civilization (BA.) Justin Lincoln Bilow Los Angeles, CA English (BA.), Junior Nicholas John Bina Los Angeles, CA Pre History, Junior Shiva Bina Los Angeles, CA Sociology (B.A.), Junior Kevin Philippe Bince Fremont, CA Business Economics (BA.), Junior Sayyed A Binesh Los Goios, CA Mothemotics (8.S.), Junior Matthew Chandler Bingham Son Pedro, CA History IB A ] Junior Stephanetta Charmaine Bingley Temeculo, CA Communication Studies (8A.) Jean Margaret Biniek Los Angeles, CA Economics (BA.), Junior lonathan Douglas Binney San Diego, CA Computer Science ond Engineering (B.S.), Junior Gary Joel Binoya Cerritos, CA Pre Psychology Daniel Joseph Biocini Santo Clara, CA Mechanical Engineering (B.S.), Pre-Med, Sophomore Stgmo Phi Epsilon, UCLA Crew Lauren Anne Birchfield Newport Beoch, CA Pre Political Science, Junior Darrin Jon Bird Sacramento, CA Sophomore Betsy Birdsall Agoura, CA English (BA), Senior Aaron Thomas Birge Sunnyvale, CA Chemistry (B.S.) UCLA Basketball Gebriela Woldemichael Birhane San Diego, CA Pre Psychobiology, Freshman Meri Woldemicael Birhane Son Diego, CA Neuroscience (B.S.), Freshman Rashi Birla Fremont, CA Design | Medio Arts (BA), Sophomore Miles Thomas Birmingham Fresno, CA Psychobiology (B.S.), Senior Surfing, Snowboording, Wakeboording Poker Alexander Hajime Birnbaum Son Diego, CA Pre Psychology, Sophomore Monica Sachiko Birnbaum San Diego, CA Pre Psychobiology, Sophomore Jesse Shapiro Biroscak Son Francisco, CA European Studies (B.A.), French, Political Science, Senior Sigmo Chi, UCLA Men ' s lacrosse, Drunken Seo League Softball • Boors Adam James Bishop Long Beach, CA Psychology (8.A.), Junior Justin Alan Bishop Loke Forest, CA Eosl Asian Studies (B. A), Junior Kelly Brooke Bishop Roncho Santa Margarita, CA Art History (BA.), Junior Shaun Christopher Bishop Mountain View, CA History (BA), Junior Joseph Bisoglio Shermon Oaks, CA English (BA), Junior Sandra Bitar Los Angeles, CA Political Science (BA ), International Development Studies, Senior Michael Anthony Bitondo Los Altos, CA Politicol Science (BA.), Junior Shoshana J Bitton Son Diego, CA English (B A), Sophomore Veronica Ventura Bitz Newark, CA Sociology (BA.) Arielle Sarah Bivas Polo Alto, CA An (BA.) Kristin Leigh Bixel Modesto, CA Physiological Science (B.S.), Senior UCLA Women ' s Rowing Alexandrea Michelle Bjork Formersville, CA Biology (B.S.), Freshmon Jason Richard Bjorklund Los Angeles, CA Chemistry (BS.) Olivia Ann Bjorkquist Powoy, CA Psychobiology (B.S.), Junior Alexander Latourette Black Santa Barbara, CA Anthropology (B.A.), Junior Kathryn A Black Yorbo Undo, CA History (BA), Junior Leonie Maxine Black Los Angeles, CA Afro-American Studies (B.A.) Stephen Robert Black San Diego, CA Sophomore Elicia Anne Blackford Sunnyvale, CA English IB A.). Spanish, Sophomore Jordan Everett Blackman Los Angeles, CA Mothemotics, General IBS). Junior Deniece Suzette Blackmon Fresno, CA Junior Kieulia Charisse Blackmon Spring Valley, CA Geophysics Geophysics and Spoce Physics (B.S), Sophomore Jennifer Nichole Blackwell Spring Valley, CA International Development Studies (BA.), Public Policy, Senior Living lie Matthew L Blackwell Huntington Beach, CA Political Science (B.A.j, Junior Tristan D Blaine Westloke Village, CA Pre Psychology, Politicol Science, Junior Lawrence David Blair Tustin, CA European Studies (BA.) Matthew Peter Blair Laguno Niguel, CA Pre Political Science, Junior Brett Hardy Blake Oakland, CA English (B A,), Sophomore Emily Lorraine Blake Hoyword, CA Psychology (B.A.), Public Policy, Junior Politics, Feminist Studies, Mentonng, Mythology, AAP, Rorn, Ail Peer Counselor, Protect Bright, Bruin Democrats Jennifer Amanda Blake Mountain View, CA Communication Studies (BA.) John Frederick Blakely Los Angeles, CA Philosophy (BA.), Junior Jordan Claire Blakley Northridge, CA Prebusiness Economics, Sophomore Danielle Kathleen Blanchard Fresno, CA Megan Ann Blanchard Los Angeles, CA Film ond Television (B.A.), Junior Monique Jacqueline Blanchard Los Angeles, CA Freshman Sara Anne Blanchard Los Angeles, CA Pre Psychology, Junior John Peter Blanchette Menlo Park, CA History (BA.), Senior UCLA Water Polo Teom Angelica Blanco Cudahy, CA Sophomore Bianca R Blanco San Bernardino, CA Psychology (8.A.), Sophomore Bruin Partners, University Catholic Center Javier Blanco El Monle, CA Biochemistry (B.S.) Joselyn J Blanco Howthorne, CA Sociology (8.A.), Junior Matthew Nicholas Blanco Torronce, CA English (BA.), Junior Kathlyn Riane Bland Cardiff, CA Biology (B.S.) Yelena Blank Los Angeles, CA Business Economics (BA), Junior Christopher James Blankinship San Diego, CA Politicol Science (B.A.), Junior Ed Clifton Blanton Napa, CA History (BA.) Jessica M Bias Son Diego, CA Pre Politicol Science, Freshmon Nyla April-Louise Blasdell Novato, CA Psychology (B.A.), Applied Developmental Psychology, Education, Senior James Charles Blashaw Roncho Polos Verdes, CA Theater (B.A.), Sophomore lames William BLiss San Diego, CA Pie Politico! Science Sophomore Vgnies ka Bla ejko volley Village CA Psychology (BA.) Lucas Ferdinand Bleeg Son Jose, CA Philosophy (8 A), Junior Jessica Lee Bleifer Santo Clonic CA Psychobiology (BS I. Freshman Alpha Phi, PTe-Pharmocy Sooery, Alumni SAota Out lim.i Blekh Son Jose CA Sociology (B.A.). Junior Petros r Blikian Von Nuys, CA Gvil Engineering (BS), Junior lenniter Beth Bliman Westloke Village CA Music (B A ). Junior Ploying The French Horn, Piano, Trumpet., Doing Gymnastics Michael Stephen Blinco Son Diego, CA Music IB i ) Freshman Mychael E Blinde Whittier, CA English (8.A.) Freshman Joshua Aaron Blitstein Walnut Creek, CA American literature and Culture (B A ) Gerontology, Sophomore Alpha Epsilon Pi, Reading Colynn Michelle Bloch Newhall, CA Pre Psychology Junior Rachel Elizabeth Bloch 8everly Hills, CA Comparative literature (B A ) Sheridan Irene Bloch Tiburon, CA World Arts and Cultures (B.A.), Freshman Adam Harris Block Loguno Hills, CA Sophomore Eileen Renee Block Cypress, CA Prebusmess Economics, Freshman Elizabeth Louise Block Lafayette, CA Junior Candice Stephanie Blohm Clovis, CA Communication Studies (B.A.) Amanda Caroline Blong Potomac, MD History (B.A.), Junior James Donovan Blood Long Beach, CA Physiologicol Science (B.S), Junior Joshua S Bloom Belmont, CA Heuroscience (B.S), Junior Kelly Diane Bloom Lo Verne, CA Psychology (8.A.), Junior Matthew Lee Bloom Woodland Hills, CA Economics (B.A.), Environmental Studies, Junior Pi Kappa Alpha Ari Benjamin Bloomekatz Nashville, TH History (B.A.), Junior Erin Michelle Bloomer Torrance, CA Geography (B A ) Junior James Alfred Bloomingdale Pocific Polisodes, CA History IB A.), Senior Bailey Wood Blosser Fori Lauderdale, FL Freshman Anitra Necole Blue Bokersfield, CA Pre History David I Blue Huntington Bench, CA Mechanical Engineering {B S .), Junior Nathan Reeves Blum Son Clemente, CA Physics (B.S ). Junior Michael Steven Blume Santo Barbara, CA Mathematics (BS.) Junior Becca L Blumer Cardiff CA Anthropology (BS), French, Freshman Toekwondo Teom Drew Garrett Blumtield West Hills, CA Ecology, Behavior, and Evolution (B.S.) Caitlin Sinclare Blythe Poso Robles, CA Pre Political Science, Junior Natela Blvumkina Studio City, CA Psychology (B.A.), Junior Lucrecia Adriana Boado Agoura Hills, CA Political Science (B. A,), Junior Lindsey Michelle Boan Seal Beach, CA History Art History (B.A.), Junior Jesse Harding Boas Sewiclcley, PA Psychology (BA), Junior Sarah Michelle Boatwright Socromento, CA Freshman Journey, Swimming, Driving Fatima Patricia Bobadilla Long Beach, CA Sociology (B.A.) Jonathan Paul Bobbio Los Angeles, CA Pre Psychobiology, Junior Lauren Michele Bobbitt Lo Quinlo. CA Pre History, Junior Jonathan Matthew Bobrow Bell Canyon, CA Malhemotics (B.S), Sophomore Lian Cheng Boc Alhombro, CA Prebusmess Economics, Junior Emerson Jamal Boergadine Los Angeles, CA Anthropology (8.A.), Junior Donee, Boho ' i Fait h, Clay Stewart Boeschen Son Rafael, CA Communication Studies (B.A.), Junior Katarina Sue Boese Simi Volley, CA Pre Cog, Junior Maria A Bogatyreva Shermon Oaks, CA Physiological Science (B.S), Junior Michael Robert Bogdan Venture, CA Geography (B.A.) Christian Robert Bogeberg Westloke Village, CA Pre Economics, Sophomore Gregory Zivna Boger Monterey, CA Electrical Engineering (B.S), Senior Deseree Deanne Bohanan Los Angeles, CA Pre Psychology, Sophomore Alice Mathews Bohannon Nashville, TN Freshman Ian Yuan-Jian Bohannon Saratoga, CA Civil Engineering (8 S .), Freshman Lauren Nicole Bohannon Woodland Hills, CA Psychology (B.A.) Nathan Yuan-Ming Bohannon Saratoga, CA Moleriols Engineering (8 S ), freshman Tara Dawn Bohme Goodlond, KS Pre Psychology, Junior Psychology, Psychology Society (officer 01 Public Relations) Robert William Bohn Davis, CA Sophomore Tvsha N a Bohorkez Brentwood, CA Political Science (B.A), Labor And Workplace Studies Elise Marie Boivin Uig iinn Hills, CA Prebusiness Economics, Sophomore Andrew Bokarius Los Angeles, CA Music (B.A,) Alia Bokhman Los Angeles, CA English (B.A,), Junior Tanya Bokhoor Beverly Hills, CA History (B.A), Polilicol Science, Junior Arturo Bolanos, Jr Los Angeles, CA Sociology (B. A.), Junior Niccolo Boldrin Minneapolis, MN Theater (B.A.), Sophomore Jesse Kramer Boiling Long Beach, CA Pre Psychology, Junior Laleh Boloorchi Economics (BA) Kian Boloori Loguno Niguel, CA World Arts and Cultures (B.A.), Junior Jonathan Bolotin Sherman Oaks, CA Chemistry (B.S), Junior Dmitriy Bolotov Los Angeles, CA Astrophysics (B.S] Rashawn Denise Bolts Fontono, CA Freshmon Daniel William Bolwell Canoga Park, CA Japanese (8.A.) Carmela Maureen Bombay Downey, CA English (B.A.) Jessica Amber Bomyea Son Diego, CA Psychology (B.A.), Junior Gommo Phi Beta Jacqueline B Bona Fresno, CA Political Science (B.A), History, Senior Pilipmo Transfer Student Partnership (PTSP), Somahcng Pilipmo, Pilipmo Cultural Wight, Intramural Volleyball Alannah Marie Bonalos Stockton, CA Biology (B.S.) Alexander Matthew Bond Roncho Polos Verdes, CA Music (B.A.), Sophomore Amy Noelle Bond Chico, CA English (B.A.) Niyati Satish Bondale Granada Hills, CA Biochemistry (B.S.) Edward Barney Bondarczuk Grenade Hills, CA Pre History, Junior I iliana Bonet Downey, CA Psychology (B.A), Junior lason Derek Bongiovanni Huntington Beach, CA Pre Psychobiology, Junior Alma Bonilla North Hollywood, CA English (B.A.) Anthony Bonilla Monlebello, CA Biology IBS) D Elizabeth Bonilla South Pasadena. CA Art History (B.A. ), Junior Danilo Armando Bonilla Los Angeles, CA Civil Engineering (BS), Junior Deacnie De Los Angeles Bonilla Pico Rivera, CA Physiological Science (B.S.), Spanish, Freshman AAP Katia Vanessa Bonilla Los Angeles, CA Spanish (B.A), Education, Junior Amigos Monica Alejandra Bonilla Chulo Vista, CA Latin American Studies (B.A.) Isabel Bonilla-Flores Encino, CA Spanish (B.A.), Junior Edward Henry Bonin Sunnyvole, CA Sociology (B.A ), Junior Alicia Nicole Bonke Loguno Niguel, CA Biology (B.S), Sophomore Amanda Kate Bonn Saratoga, CA Junior Antionette S Bonner Lake View Terrace, CA Pre Psychology Marc Nicholas Bonner Long Beach, CA Sophomore Basketball Ryan Ashlen Bonner Stockton, CA Political Science (B.A), Junior Ashley E Bonner-Lyon Mission Viejo, CA Music (B.A.), Junior Eric Edward Bonnett San Francisco, CA Civil Engineering (B.S), Sophomore Lisa Marie Bonos Santa Rosa, CA English (B.A.) Brian Scott Bonus Son Diego, CA American Lileroture ond Culture (B.A.), Junior Allen G Bookatz Polm Desert, CA Pre Psychobiology, Junior Lyra M Bookbinder Polo Alto, CA Philosophy (B.A ), Junior Brian Michael Booker la Mesa, CA Pre Political Science, Junior Jason Elliott Booker Saratoga, CA Computer Science (B.S.), Junior UCLA Ski Snowboard Teom Cory Hawes Bookman Powoy, CA Political Science (B.A.), Junior Nicole Lelia Bookman North Hollywood, CA Sociology (B.A.), Junior Robin Matthew Boomer Visalia, CA History (B.A), Junior Nicole Sherice Boone Hawthorne, CA Economics (B A), Junior Naiyana Boonkoom Los Angeles, CA Pre Psychology Nancy Boonsawas Microbiology, Immunology, ond Molecular Genetics (B S ) Robert Boonyaputthikul Rowlond Heights, CA Physiologicol Science (B.S.), Senior Karen Fay Booth Fremont, CA Communication Studies (B.A.) Scott Ellis Booth Huntington Beoch, CA linguistics and Asian Languages and Cultures (B.A), Junior Alexis Rae Boothby Volencio, CA Anthropology (B.A), Junior Justin R Borah Burbonk, CA Sociology (B.A), Sophomore Alpho Epsilon Pi Eric Mark Boranian Woodland Hills, CA Physiological Science (B S ] Sophomore Ryan Allen Borcherding Moson City, IA Theater (B.A.) Scott Selig Borden Belmont, CA Spanish and Portuguese (B.A), Senior Congratulations! We ' re so proud of you. Now go take on the world! Love Mom, Dad 6 Mark Sherri Alexandria Borders Roncho Mirage, CA Anthropology (B A ). Junior Undergraduate Anthropology Association David Kahlenberg Bordow Kensington, CA Sophomore Lauren Michelle Borella Burlingome, CA Junior Marissa Rose Borelli Soratoga, CA Sociology (B.A), Junior David Scott Boren Santa Clarila, CA Junior Silas James Sirus Boren Fallbrook. CA Anthropology (B.A.) Nils Peter Borgstrom La Jollo CA Electrical Engineering (B.S), Junior Per Henrik Borgstrom La Jolla, CA Electrical Engineering IBS). Junior Nadia Dalene Boricha Monlebello CA Politicol Science (B.A), Junior Pamela Valecruz Borja San Diego, CA Economics (B.A), Accounting, Senior Undergraduate Business Society, Vita Svetlana Borkin lloithndge CA Women ' s Studies (BA ) Courtney Ann Borkovec Trobuco Conyon, CA Morine Biology (B.S), freshmon Jennifer Marie Borland Lomila, CA Ad History (B.A. ), Senior President Of AHUSA Alexandra Rebecca Bornhoft Encinitos, CA Political Science (B A), Environmental Studies And Systems, Freshman Snowboarding lonathan R Bornstein Los Alamitos, CA Malhemolics Economics (8 S ), Junior UCLA Men ' s Soccet Nadia Rebecca Boro Fresno, CA History (B.A.), Italian, Senior AmirGuyve Boroumand Los Angeles, CA History (B.A), Junior Neal David Boroumand Pasadena, CA Electrical Engineering (B.S ), Sophomore Youssef Boroumand Los Angeles, CA Psychology (B.A), French, Froncophone Studies, Senior Micah Sierra Borrett Redondo Beach, CA Sociology (B.A.) Myrna Buan Borromeo Monterey Park, CA Microbiology, Immunology, ond Molecular Genetics (B.S), Cognitive Science, Junior Ken Link Borst Morgan Hill, CA Mechanical Engineering (B.S.) Michelle Lana Bortnik Encino, CA Psychology (B.A.) Kevin James Borysiak Los Angeles, CA Political Science (8 A), Public AHoirs, Junior Matthew T Bosack Torrance, CA Sophomore Bonnie Marie Boscarelli Soquel, CA Music (B.A.), Junior Angela Christi Bosch Long Beach, CA An History (B.A.), Junior Elizabeth J Bosch Fairfield, CA Freshman Ryan S Boschetti Redwood City, CA Rory M Boston Torronce, CA Prebusiness Economics, Junior Blake Bostwick San Francisco, CA Pre Politicol Science, Junior Nathan Ew Bosza Trobuco Canyon, CA Economics (B.A), Freshman UCLA Men ' s Volleybol! Teom Hart Denny Bothwell Burlingome, CA Ethnomusicology (B.A.), Junior Andrew Jack Botros Newport Beach, CA Pre History, Junior Charlene Bottehsazan Los Angeles, CA Sociology (B.A.) Scott Bradford Botterman Grapevine, TX Pre Economics Clara Inez Bottoms Toluco Lake, CA Sophomore Kann Watanak Bou Los Angeles, CA Design | Medio Arts (B.A), Junior Myriam Halima Bouaziz Los Angeles, CA Politicol Science (B.A.) Cynthia Boubion Reedley, CA Biology IBS.) Adrianne Danielle Bouchard San Jose, CA Pre Psychology, Sophomore Scott Michael Bouchey Toppenish, WA CD n O - c q D u D Q Maihemotits Etonomics (B.S.) Christopher V Boudakian Burbonk, CA Biology (B.S.) Noella Francoise Boudart Polo Alto, CA Inlernotionol Development Studies (B A ) Todd Oneil Boudreaux Orindo, CA Sophomore Marie Jose Bouhamidi Monti Hollywood, CA Biochemistry (B.S.) Ashleigh Suzanne Bouknight Loguno Niguel, CA Biology (B.SJ, Junior Pi 8eto Phi Jeremy Laurent Boulat Arcadia, CA Art History (B.A.), LGBTS Studies, Sophomore Donee, Art, Drag, Music, Brandon James Bouldin Friendswood, TX Design | Medio Arts (B.A J, Junior Danielle Nicole Boule Son Jose, CA Communication Studies (B.A), Junior Andre W Bouligny Saint Helena, CA Mechanical Engineering (B.S.), Junior Lindsay Kaye Boulineau Highland, CA Psychology (B.A), Education Studies, Sophomore Gabriella Lutz Boulting West Los Angeles, CA Biochemistry (B.S), Junior Amone Bounkhoun Fresno, CA Freshman Jeffrey Bounthavong Los Angeles, CA Design | Medio Arts (B.A), Junior Vanida Bounyarith Fresno, CA Sophomore Sandra Marie Bourdaa Downey, CA Women ' s Studies (B.A.), English, Senior Clothesline Project Jonathan James Boustani Costa Mesa, CA Junior Patrick John Bouteller Stockton, CA Junior Caroline N Boutwell Tustin, CA History (B.A.), Politicol Science, Sophomore Jennifer Ann Bowen El Cajon, CA English (B.A.) Kristen Comfort Bowen Piedmont, CA Communication Studies (B.A.), Spanish, Senior Student Committee For The Arts Leslie J Bowen Pleosanlon, CA Pre Economics, Sophomore Stephen Roger Bowen Alomeda, CA Astrophysics (B.S.) Allison Marie Bower Sonta Ano, CA Theater (B.A.), Sophomore Melanie Jeane Bowerman Los Angeles, CA Art (B A), Junior Patrick Richard Bowers Tehochopi, CA Pre Political Science, Junior Stephen Grant Bowersox Powoy, CA Jennifer L Bowie Laguno Beach, CA Psychology (B.A,), Senior Kappa Alpho TTieto Brittney Anne Bowlus Newport Coast, CA Junior Garrett Hawley Bowlus Newport Coast, CA History (B.A), Junior Chelsea Michelle Bowman Son Diego, CA Psychology (B.A), Sophomore Kappa Delta, A Capella, Donee MaiotTion, Bruin Democrats Christine Lee Bowman Long Beach, CA Geography (B.A.), Senior Courtney Margaret Bowman Arlington, MA Freshman Terence Tremain Bowman Inglewood, CA Sociology (B.A), Junior Kyle James Bown Gall, CA Junior Gregory Phillip Bowser ftocklin, CA Civil Engineering (B.S.), Junior Tessa S Bowser Columbio, CA international Development Studies (B.A.) Lisa Danielle Boxer Stanford, CA Freshmon Garen Christopher Boyadjian Whither. CA Pre Political Science, Junior Jacklin Boyadjian Los Angeles, CA Pre Political Science, Junior Garen Boyadzhyan fl Hollywood, CA Freshman Hasmik Boyadzhyan North Hollywood, CA Psychology (B.AJ, Junior Haley Elizabeth Boyan Santo Rosa, CA Mathematics (B.S), Sophomore Nicole Jean Boyce Paso Robles, CA English (B.A.), Junior Katina Janine Boyd Hemet, CA English (B.A.) Katie Nicole Boyden Los Altos, CA Pre Psychobiology, Junior Danielle N Boydston Yorho Linda, CA Linguistics ond Spanish (B.A), Sophomore Jennifer Sachiko Boyer Laguno Hills, CA Marine Biology (B.S), Junior Koppo Alpho Theto Vanessa Boyicich Los Angeles, CA Philosophy (B.A.) Nelli Boykoff Son Francisco, CA Biology (B S ), Junior Eric Wayne Boyle Folsom, CA Business Economics (B.A.), Junior Katie Lynn Boyle Shermon Oaks, CA Psychology (B.A.) Rebecca A Boyle Sunnyvole, CA Grigor Gregory Boyrazyan Los Angeles, CA Political Science (B.A.), Junior Cedric Rudolph Bozeman Los Angeles, CA Pre History Behrouz Bozorgnia Los Angeles, CA Civil Engineering (B.S.), Junior Pirouz Bozorgnia Los Angeles, CA Civil Engineering (B.S.), Junior Isabel Bracamontes Los Angeles, CA Psychology (B.A.) Mary Kathryn Braden Placentio, CA Music (B.A.) James Benjamin Bradford Son Rafael, CA Theater (B.A.) Michael Christopher Bradford Alamo, CA Business Economics (B.A.) Kamille Renee Bradley Los Angeles, CA Sophomore Ophelia Lorraine Bradley Santo Barbara, CA Sociology (B.A), Spanish, Junior Teaching, Writing Adrienne Elizabeth Bradshaw Glendale, CA Anthropology (B A.) Amanda Noelle Bradshaw Oceonside, CA History (B A.), English, Senior Daniel Jeremy Brady Berkeley, CA Physics (BS), Freshmon SMAUG Ultimate Peter David Braganca Los Angeles, CA Pre Political Science, Junior Trevor John Braganca Los Angeles, CA Microbiology, Immunology, ond Molecular Genetics (BS.), Senior Craig Bragg Son Jose, CA History (B.A), Junior Jennifer Bragg Pacific Palisades, CA Art History (B.A.) Kathleen Mary Brainerd Corono Del Mar, CA English (B.A.), Junior Kristin Nicolle Brajkovich Venice, CA Pre Psychobiology Brian Charles Braker Danville, CA Chemical Engineering (B.SJ, Freshmon Ladan Bral Los Angeles, CA Sociology (B.A), Junior Jacqueline C Brambila National City, CA Pre Psychology, Freshman Morgan Kate Bramwell Irvine, CA English (B.A.), Junior Jason Alan Branch Visto, CA Prebusiness Economics, Freshman Sports, Stamp Collecting, Cars, Poker, Toe Kwon Do Laura Rosanne Branch Temeculo, CA Psychology (B.A), Junior Abree Brooke Brand Anoheim, CA English (B A ] Junior Tamar Brandeis Women ' s Studies (B.AJ, Hebrew And Jewish Studies, Senior Alpha Epsilon Phi Jonathan D Brandel Berkeley, CA Design | Medio Arts (B A), Freshman Rudolph Edward Brandes Van Nuys, CA Political Science (B.A.I, International Relations, Senior TSSO Politicol Science, Justice Club, CAPPP, Internship In Washington, DC, Internship In Europe Congratulations on yourout- hinding achievement You have always brought joy pride to our lives. Love Mom 6 P ul Charles Joseph Brandick Newbury Park, CA Psychology (B.A.), Philosophy, Junior Alexandra T Brandoli Los Angeles, CA World Arts and Cultures (B.A.), Senior Community Work: L.A Shanty, Bay Keepers, LAPL, And Other Community Organizations James Randolph Brandon Menlo Pork, CA Junior Ryan Michael Brandos San Diego, CA Freshmon Alexandra Shaffran Brandt Weslloke Village, CA Sociology (B.A,), Junior Heather Lorraine Brandt Lo Verne, CA American Literature and Culture (B.A], Junior Koppa Delta Justin Matthew Brandt West Hills, CA Political Science (B.A,), Economics, Senior Sigma Pi Lori Allison Brandt Lodi, CA Biology (BS.), Junior Peter Douglas Brandt Santo Monica, CA History (B A J, Junior Elizabeth Nobuko Branham San Juan Capistrano, CA English (B.A.) Nicole Branstrom Woodland Hills, CA Jewish Studies (B.A.) Erika M Brant Long Beach, CA Anthropology (B.A), Junior Sabir Singh Brara Los Angeles, CA Political Science (B A), Junior Janet Marie Brasel Antelope, CA International Development Studies (B.A.) Carol Jessica Brass Albony, CA Philosophy (B A ] Robert Thuan Brathwaite Torronce, CA History (B.A.), Political Science, International Relations, Junior Stomp Andrey Vladimirovich Bratov Los Angeles, CA Electrical Engineering (B.S.), Junior Matthew Alan Braughton Seboslopol, CA Pre Economics, Sophomore Rachel Sarah Braun Sunnyvale, CA Political Science (B.A.), Junior Ryan Gilbert Braun Pasadena, CA Theater (B.A), Freshmon Phillip Jacques Braunstein Los Angeles, CA Philosophy (B.AJ, Junior Lesley Anne Bravin El Cojon, CA Biology (B.SJ, Junior Alexia Jacqueline Bravo Pico Rivero, CA Sophomore Amparo V Bravo Oxnord, CA Freshmon Congratulations! Ana Amparo Villasin Bravo Son Diego, CA Psychology (B.A ), Sociology, Senior Pilipino Transfer Student Poctnership (PTSP), Early Academic Outreach Programs (EAOP) Carlos Daniel Bravo Los Angeles, CA Sociology (B A), Senior Films, Traveling Eveline Bravo Complon, CA Philosophy (B.AJ, Junior Felipe Bravo Oxnord, CA English (B.A), Freshmon John Raymond Bravo Los Angeles, CA Pre Politicol Science Rocio Bravo Long Beoch, CA Psychology (B.A.I, Education, Spanish, Senior Student Alumni Association Ryan T Bray Carlsbad, CA Pre Political Science, Junior Jennifer Brazeal Woodland Hills, CA English (B.A), Anthropology. Senior Merabeth Brazier Agoura Hills, CA Sociology (B.A.), Senior Delta Delto Delta Alana Marie Brazis Donvers, MA English (B.AJ, Senior Teaching, Cooking, Music Brandon Jermaine Breazell Fresno, CA Jessica Robin Brechlin Son Diego, CA Politicol Science (B.A.), Junior Katherine Mie Brechtelsbauer Monhotton Beach, CA Psychobiology (B.SJ, Senior Lincoln Anthony Breck Goleta, CA Neuroscience(B.SJ, Junior Naomi Leah Breckon Vocaville, CA Freshman UCLA Marching Bond, Brum Belles Natalie Elizabeth Breen Sacramento, CA Political Science (B.A), Environmental Systems, Society, Junior Benjamin Aaron Breitbart Danville, CA Sociology (B.A), Junior Brianna Elisbeth Brekke Son Rafael, CA Sociology (B.A.), Junior Lukas Brekke-Miesner Oakland, CA English (B.AJ, Freshman Daniel Efren Brena Los Angeles, CA Linguistics (B.A), Junior Shane Charles Brengle Son Diego, CA English (B.A), Junior Erin Marie Brennan Sunnyvole, CA History (B.AJ, Junior Rosemary Esteban Brennan Los Angeles, CA English (B.A), Junior Sarah Catherine Brennan Santa Barbara, CA Biochemistry {B.SJ, Junior Ronny Breslavsky Los Angeles, CA Aerospace Engineering (B.S), Junior FBLA-PBl David E Bresler, II Molibu, CA Sophomore Sigmo Pi Kevin Maurice Breslin El Segundo, CA History (B.A.) Matthew R Bressette Laguno Hills, CA Biology (B.S), Sophomore Edward Louis Bressler, II Los Angeles, CA Economics (B.A.), Political Science, Senior Student Alumni Associahon, African Student Union James Edward Brevard, Jr N Hollywood, CA Film and Television (B.AJ, Junior Catherine D Brewer Visto, CA History (B.AJ, Junior Kristin Marie Brewer Laguno Niguel, CA Psychology (B.AJ, Junior Delta Delta Delta Mary M Brewer Santo Monica, CA Physics (B.S), Senior Megan Aurelle Brewer Fullerton, CA Ethnomusicology (B.A ) Rachel Marie Brewer Los Angeles, CA Biochemistry (8.SJ, Junior Rebecca Jane Brewer Bokersfield, CA Pre Political Science, Sophomore Kimberley Lynn Brewington Riverside, CA Sociology (B.A.) Timothy Brickley Los Angeles, CA Afro-American Studies (B.A.) Sean Walker Bridges Santo Cruz, CA Philosophy IB A ) Junior Christina Helland Briggs Los Angeles, CA Sociology (8.A.), Sophomore Cody Lee Briggs Los Angeles, CA Civil Engineering (B.S), Junior Jonathan L Briggs Redlonds, CA Music (B.A), Junior Julia Scott Briggs Tiburon, CA Design | Medio Arts (B.A.) Melissa Valerie Briggs Winters, CA Americon Indion Studies (B.A J Thomas John Bright Roncho Cucomongo, CA Steven John Brightup Placentio, CA Materials Engineering (B.S), Sophomore Have a wonderful freshman year ' Be fruitful and multiply! Kaitlan Denise Briles Son Diego, CA Physiological Science (B.S.) Chanelle Trenea T Brimm Carson, CA Sociology (B.AJ, Junior Stacey Lee Briner Los Angeles, CA Sociology (B A), Junior Seth Nathaneal Brink Huntington Beach CA Junior Alexander C Brinkmann Son Diego, CA Chemical Engineering (B S ) Junior Kristel Aurora Brinshot Sonlo Ana, CA Design | Medio Am (B A) Vasni Briones De Colino Los Angeles, CA Sociology {8A.} |ohn Winton Briscoe Alherton CA English (B A I Junior Brianna Lourdes Briseno Riverside CA Prebusiness Economics, Freshmon Club Water Polo. AAP. f2 Floor Gov, Mondelboum . ' doctor In The Production Of Mod Acts Monica Rosio Briseno El Centro CA Chicono ond Chicano Studies (B.A.), Freshmon [von Brito Burbank, CA Biology (B.S.J, Senior Medicine, Alumni Scholars Club, Premedical Peer Association Martha Brito Sonlo Ana, CA Neuroscience (B.S.), Junior Lonya Colette Britton Los Angeles, CA Sociology (B.A.) Alexander George Brizolis Roncho Sonlo Fe, CA Politicol Science (B.A.I, Junior Angela Infante Brizuela Norwolk, CA Biology IBS), Junior Nicholas G Broadhurst Simi Volley, CA Gvil Engineering (B. S.|, Junior Robert Matthew Broberg Chmo Hills, CA Chemical Engineering (B.S.), Junior Andre Emile Brochier Alamo, CA Aerospoce Engineering (B S ), Junior Mortiol Arts, Painting, Guitar Dallas D E Brock Son Froncisco, CA Pre History, Junior Low Vanessa Brocket! Los Angeles, CA Jeffrey Scott Brockmeier Yorbo Undo, CA Pre Politicol Science, Freshman Erica Christine Brode Socromento, CA Pre Psychobiology, Junior Claire Michelle Broderick Irvine, CA Theater (B.A.) Adam Chad Brody Strafford. PA Film and Television (B.A.), Senior Beth Ashley Brody Bell Canyon, CA Pre Political Science, Sophomore Jessica Tiane Brody Seol Beach, CA Pre Political Science, Freshmon Hendrik B Broekelschen Corona Del Mar, CA Sophomore Alexa Danielle Broida Roncho Sonlo Fe, CA Freshmon Michael Brokhim Los Angeles, CA Pre History, Junior Alia Bronshteyn Fremonl, CA Prebusiness Economics, Freshmon Mark Royster Brook Los Gaios, CA Communication Studies (B.A.). Political Science, Senior Rally Committee Brandon Scott Brooks Los Angeles, CA Sociology (BA ), Junior Chelsev llartvvell Brooks Folsom CA Pre Polilicol Science, Freshmon Richard Levi Brooks loomis. CA Design | Medio Arts (B.A.) Tamara Elaine Brooks Loncosler, CA Pre Psychology, Freshman Michal Beth Broomfield Whiltier, CA Freshmon Sara Akemi Brooner Susonville, CA Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics (B.S.), Freshman Saooi the journey take tunc to toh fbi the Kevin Matthew Brophy Menifee, CA Chemical Engineering IBS) Junior Patrick Joseph Brophy Menifee, CA Computer Science and Engineering (B.S.), Junior Albert A. Brothers San Rafael, CA Business Economics (8.A.), Senior Cecilia Angelica Brothers Bellflower, CA Anthropology (B A ) Joel M Brothers San Diego, CA Music (B A ). Junior Afshin Broukhim Los Angeles, CA Pre Psychobiology, Junior Stephen Broussalian Glendale, CA Polilicol Science (BA.) Pierre-Francoys Brousseau Sonlo Monico, CA Mathematics of Computation (B.S.) Aaron Phillip Brown Anoheim Kills, CA English (BA), Junior Adrienne Cedella Brown Anaheim Hills, CA Sociology (B.A.) Alexander Collin Brown Cupertino, CA Pre Polrlrcal Science, Sophomore Ariel Nicole Brown Novoto, CA Sophomore Art, Running, Lflrimote Frisbee, Animals Avi Gabriel Brown San Diego, CA Communication Studies IB A ] Junior Carlene Jean Brown Los Angeles, CA History (BA ) Caroline Elizabeth Brown Westlake Village, CA Pre Polilicol Science, Freshman Christina Nicole Brown Monrovia. CA , Psychology, Senior Dallas Andrea Brown San Francisco, CA English (BA) Dava Elizabeth Brown Newport Beach, CA Pre Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics, Sophomore HNf Commrftee. PPA. AMSA, Figure Skating, Dancing, Singing, Group X Fitness David Karl Brown Riverside, CA Psychology (B.A.), Junior David Stephen Brown, ]r Harbor Cily, CA Prebusiness Economics, Sophomore Edward Alexander Brown lomo Undo, CA Neuroscience (B.S.I, Senior Reading. Hiking Al The Grand Canyon, Traveling, Missionary Trip To The Caribbean. Teaching English, In Japan Congratulations Bdwardon your graduation Success to you in the future i ove Warn tad 6 Christina Edward Eugene Brown, li Salinas, CA Spanish and Linguistics IB. A.) Erin Grace Brown Auburn, CA Communicolion Studies (B.A.) Gina Elise Brown Claremonl, CA Sophomore Gregory David Brown Santa Ana. CA Business Economics (B.A I, Philosophy, Accounting, Senior Student Accounhng Society, Beta Alpha Psi Halley Ann Brown Imperial, CA Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology (8 S,|, Freshman Janay Evonne Brown Fresno, CA Pre Psychology, Sophomore Janey Roseann Brown Crockett, CA English (B.A.), Freshman Jason Daniel Brown Monrovia, CA Pre Psychology |ason Patrick Brown San Diego, CA English (B.A.I, Junior Jebiaus Edwin Brown Milpilos, CA Pre History, Junior Jessica E Brown Aliso Viejo, CA Pre Economics, Sophomore Jessica Michelle Brown Greenfield, CA Jordan M Brown Napa, CA International Development Studies (B.A.), Sophomore Justin Emmanuel Brown El Sobrante, CA Physiological Science (B S,), Junior K, M nir Brown Valley Village, CA Sociology (B.A .), Politicol Science, Sophomore Reading, Movies, Event Planning, Tennis Katie Marie Brown Lokeview Terrance, CA Political Science (B.A.), Junior Kenneth Neil Brown Los Angeles, CA Philosophy (B A }, Junior Kevin Arthur Brown Los Angeles, CA Sophomore Football, Basketball In The Wooden Larry Brown Encino, CA Communication Studies (B A,), Junior Delta Tou Delto, Sports Broadcasting, ucloia-, Bruinnews29 Lauren Michelle Brown San Diego, CA Biology (BS.), Junior Lynn Brown Beverly Hills, CA English (B.A), Junior Matthew F Brown Thousand Ooks, CA Molhematics, Applied (B.S.I, Junioi Michael Ashby Brown Newport Coosl, CA Prebusiness Economics, Junior Michael Daehnert Brown Son Diego, CA Music History (B.A), Junior Michael Eugene Brown San Jose, CA Design | Media Arts (B.A.) Creative Process, Healing, Sustainable Lifestyle, California Students For Sustomability Coalition, Laughing Club, Highei Energy Healing Society Morgan Nicole Brown San Jose, CA History (B A.|, Junior Nathan Ari Brown Moreno Volley, CA History (B.A.), Senior Alpha Tou Omega, UCLA Spirit Squod, Brum Democrals, Greeks Against Sexual Assault Nicholas James Brown Modesto, CA Philosophy (B.A.|, Freshman Nikole Catherine Brown La Canada, CA Biochemislry (B.S.) Ronnette Janae Brown Los Angeles, CA Political Science (B A I Samuel Marion Brown Wilmette, IL English (B.A. ), Junior Sandra Elizabeth Brown Brea, CA Molhematics (B.S.I, Sophomore Tameka Ann Brown Gordena, CA Sociology (B.A.), Junior Reading, Blue Gold Scholar, Project Bute, AAP, Blatk Alumni Association, Volunteer with Minority Under Privileged Childien Taylor Dejean Brown Venture, CA English (B.A.I, Sophomore Theotis Brown, Iii Overland Park, KS Pre Political Science, Sophomore Tiffany Tanae Brown Bokersfield, CA Timothy Paul Brown Comorillo, CA History (B.A.) Virginia Ellen Brown Lompoc, CA Anthropology (B.A.), Junior Zoe E Brown Novolo, CA Junior Brennan England Browne Monterey, CA Geography (B.A.), Sophomore Dennis William Brownfield Lindsay, CA Biology (B.S.) Michelle Erin Brownstein Sanlo Ana, CA Prebusiness Economics, Junior Jennifer Kristine Broyles Palm Desert, CA Communication Studies (B A.|, Psychology, Junior Delto Delta Delto, Donee Marathon Committee Alec John Brozell, XIV Napa, CA Microbiology, Immunology, ond Molecular Genetics (B.S.I, Senior Keepin " It Boyish, Football, Basketball, SasebaV. Water Polo, Ping Pong, Pocket Pool, Rugby Ariel E Brozell Napo, CA Junior Margaret Kathryn Calder Brubaker Menlo Pork, CA Individual Course of Study (B.A.), Senior Michael Allen Bruce Trinidad, CA Electrical Engineering (B.S.), Junior Miiiliul Arts, Engineers Without Borders Diana Lynn Brugman Spring, TX Chemistry (B.S), Junior Amy Victoria Bruinooge Laguno Miguel, CA English (B.A), Senior Svetlana Semenovna Bruk St. Petersburg, Russia Psychology (B.A ),ADP, Senior Ploying Guitar, Basketball, Soccet Joshua Brumbach Bend, OR Ancient Near Eastern Civilizations (B.A.), Anthropology, Junior Collette Sherie Brumley Los Angeles, CA Theater (B.A.), Junior Andrew |ohn Brumm Rochester, MN Neuroscience (B S.|, Latin, Freshman Brum Democrats Crystal Nichole Bruneau Los Angeles, CA Political Science (B.A), Junior Sara Christine Bruni Burlingame, CA Psychobiology (B S 1 Cornelia Elisabeth Bruning Santa Monico, CA Communication Studies (B.A), Junior Matthew Reid Bruno Tacomc, WA Pre Psychology, Junior Aria Kamal Bruss Carlsbad, CA Sociology (B.A.J, Senior I Am A Baha ' i, A World Citizen, A Pride Youth Ambassador (to China, Us, Mexico), And An Actor Giancarlo Antonio Brutocao La Caaada, CA Theater (B.A ) Carter Mason Brutschy Alherton, CA Economics (B A ) Spanish, Freshman UCLA Water Polo Team UCLA Water Polo National Champs!! Rebecca Lynn Bryan Rolling Hills Estates, CA Art History (B.A.), Senior Michael Alexa Bryant- Gardiner Newport Beach, CA Mechanical Engineering (B.S), Junior Daniel Mark Bryson Fresno, CA History (B.A), Junior Jonathan T Bryson Yuba Cily, CA Sophomore Samantha Lynn Bryson Temeculo, CA English (B.A .), Freshman Paul Christopher Bryzek Fremont, CA Electrical Engineering (B.S), Junior Punsit Buakaew Winnelko, CA Biochemistry (B.S.), Junior Sara A Buccolo Stockton, CA Theater (B.A.), Sophomore Jwalin Kiran Buch Fremont, CA Computer Science ond Engineering (B.S.) Joseph Michael Buchanan Los Angeles, CA History (B.A.), Junior Maribeth Sara Buche Yorbo Linda, CA Economics International Area Studies (B.A.), Junior Daniel Joseph Buchman Foster Cily, CA Art (B.A.) Lindsey Charisc Buck Clearwater Beach, FL Psychology (B.A), Senior Kappo Kappa Gammo-Sophomore Yeoi, Sworn For UCLA 2001-2004, Training rough Woter Swims And Triothlons We ' re so proud oj you W una it life till! oj success, happi- ness and love hove Mom Dad Cailey Raquel Marie Buckle Bokersfield, CA Biology IBS). Sophomore Caitlin Nora Buckley Son Anselmo, CA Sociology (B.A), Junior Misty Michelle Buckley Los Angeles, CA Theater (B.A.), Sophomore Rachael Ann Buckman Tcrzona, CA Political Science (B.A .), Junior Kurt Alexander Buckwalter Norwolk, CA Pre Psychology Alex Zev Budak Polo Alto, CA Geography (B.A .), Public Policy, Junior The Den, Dirt From The Den, CAPPP, NSCS, ALD PES Anna D Budarina Moscow, Russia Communication Studies (B A ), Polilicol Science, Senior Alumni Scholars Club Valorie Anne Budd San Diego, CA Alexandra Thompson Budge South Pasadena, CA Communicolion Studies (B.A.) Lisa Budhiman Toronto, ON Freshman Delto Gamma, SAA, Spring Sing 2005 Talent Director Divya Budhraja Corono Del Mar, CA Freshman Tennis, Spring Sing Stage Crew, Relay For Life, ISU Lisa Marie Budy Irvine, CA Mathematics (B.S.), Junior Kelly Allison Buehler Anaheim, CA English (BA) Rebecca Diane Buel Simi Valley, CA English (8.A.), Junior Ricardo Bueno Los Angeles, CA Pre Economics, Junior Jeffrey Allen Buffalo Los Angeles, CA Pre Political Science, Junior Scott Preston Buhl Pismo Beach, CA Marine Biology (BS |, Junior Alice Bui Son Jose, CA Japanese (B.A.), Sophomore Allan Minh Bui Stanton, CA Pre Economics, Junior An Thai Bui Loguno Miguel. CA Neuroscience (B.S.), Junior Ann T Bui Huntington Bench. CA Biochemistry (B.S.), Junior Christopher Nguyen- Hoang Bui Simi Valley, CA Physiological Science (B.S), Junior c O D u T3 Diana Quynh Chi Bui El Monte, CA Sociology (G.A.). Junior Dung C Bui Northridge, CA Aetospoce Engineering (B.S.), Astrophysics, Sophomore Hieu Bui Alameda, CA Prebusiness Economics, Junior Ivilynn Phuong Bui Long Beach, CA Pre Psychobiology Karena Kim Bui Lake Forest, CA Sociology (B.A.) Kevin Thien Toan Bui Loguno Hills, CA Pre Psychobiology, Sophomore Larry H Bui Rosemecd, CA Computer Science IBS), Junior Linh Ngoc Bui San Jose, CA Physiological Science (B.S.), Sophomore Nam Bui Los Angeles, CA Pre Political Science Nancy Bui Anoheim, CA English {B.A,) Phuong Viem Thi Bui Los Angeles, CA Prebusiness Economics Roselyn Nguyen Bui Inyokern, CA Chemislry Moterials Science (U.S.), Junior Thanh Huy Bui Rosemeod, CA Mathematics, Applied (B S ) Thuy-Phuong Hoang Bui San Leandro, CA Junior Viet T Bui Santa Ana, CA Pre Political Science, Sophomore William Nghi Bui Tustin, CA Mechanical Engineering (B.S.), Sophomore Ana Carolina Buitrago Los Angeles, CA Political Science (B.A.) Matthew Florano Bukirin Lake Forest, CA Zara Marie Bukirin Lake Forest, CA Mathematics, Applied IBS) Junior Yevgeniya Bukshpun Encino, CA Pre Psychology, Junior Rostislav I. Bui Huntington Beach, CA Political Science (B.A), Junior Zeto Beta Tou Lesley Anne Bulechek Los Alios Hills, CA Psychology (B.A), Junior Polly Elizabeth Bull Placenlia, CA History (B.A.), Senior Project liteiocy, EAP, Special Collections Raage Bullaleh Costa Mesa, CA History (B.A.) Jessica Erin Bullock Thousand Oaks, CA American Literature and Culture (B.A.) Tania Lisette Bulnezz Mission Hills, CA Rosanna Manuela Bump Son Diego, CA Art (B A.), Junior Thear Bun El Monte, CA Anthropology (B.S.), Senior Joan Marie Bunashe Los Angeles, CA Philosophy (BA) Hillary Noelle Bunsow Napa, CA Freshmon UCLA Ski Snowboard Team, Daily Bruin Sabrina Julieta Bunting Pleasant Hill, CA English (B A ) Junior Alcinette S Bunying San Diego, CA Pre Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics, Junior Hannah Christine Burch Cloremont, CA History (B.A.), Junior Laura Anne Burch Orange, CA Philosophy (B.A.), Junior Ryan Patrick Burch West Hills, CA Sophomore Rosa Gabriela Burciaga Oxnord, CA Spanish (B.A.) Brianna Burden Huntington Beach, CA Biochemistry (B.S.), Junior Jameca Sherae Burdett Utile Rock, AR Biology IB S ). Junior Black Pie-Health Organization Jamin Mack Ray Burdett Los Angeles, CA Economics (B.A), Junior Stephen Mark Burdett Riverside, CA Mechanical Engineering (BS ) Anne Catherine Burdette Bakersheld CA Pre History, Junior Avery Lenoir Burdette, IV Westminsler, CA Design | Medio Arts (B.A.), Sophomore Julia L Burdette Westminster, CA English (B.A.), Freshman Marching Band Ashley Karen Burdick Monrovia CA English (B.A.), Junior Jason Doyle Burdick Glendoro, CA Prebusiness Economics, Junior Russell Patrick Burge Escondido, CA Pre Political Science, Sophomore Lisa Pitpit Burger Los Angeles, CA Neuroscience (BS ) Alexandra Nicole Burgess Alamo, CA Sophomore Mary Kathryn Burgess Venice, CA Biology (BS.) Amber Sione Burgin Los Angeles, CA Pre Psychology Jessica-Lynn Noelani Burgo Alamedo, CA Political Science (B.A.), Junior- Alexandra Noel Burke Sanlo Barbara, CA Sophomore Brendan Michel Burke Son Juon Copistrono, CA English (B A), Junior Jaime Allison Burke Fullerton, CA American Literature and Culture (B.A.), Junior Jamie Ann Burke Santa Ano, CA Electrical Engineering (B.S.), Junior Daniel Charles Burkhart Livermore, CA Pre Political Science, Junior Jessica A Burkhart Pleasonton, CA Sophomore Sean Michael Burkhart Livermore, CA Electrical Engineering (B.S.), Junior Lisa A Burkhartsmeyer Newhall, CA Neuroscience (B.S.), Junior Aaron Lamarr Burleson Palmdole, CA Freshman Clifford Leon Burley, Jr Los Angeles, CA Sociology (BA ) Eric Christopher Burnam Valencia, CA Psychobiology (BS), Senior Computer Gaming, PrfrOptomefty Society, HAPA Club Emily Inin Burnett Sherborn, MA American Literature and Culture (B.A.), Junior Randall Mark Burnett, Ii Valencia, CA Electrical Engineering (BS), Junior Mark Justin Burnham Piedmont, CA English (B.A.), Junior Peter A Burnham Sacramento, CA English (BA), Junior David William Burns, III Clovis, CA History (BA), Political Science, Junior Jennifer Ashley Burns Potomoc, MD Pre Psychology, Freshman Kimberly Anne Burns South Lake Tohoe, CA History (B.A.), Political Science Intervorsiry Bruin Chrisfian Fellowship Rami Jonathan Burpee Glendale, CA Pre Psychobiology, Junior Taylor N Burras Woodland Hills, CA Pre Psychology, Sophomore Volleyball, Theater Ashley Rose Burrell Redwood Valley, CA History (BA) Garrett Logan Burrell Los Angeles, CA English (BA), Junior Anna Nicole Burrow Santa Barbara, CA Sophomore Benjamin David Burrows Los Angeles, CA Mechanical Engineering (BS.) Spencer Robert Burrows Orinda, CA Freshman Lauren Michelle- Claydine Burt West Seneca, NY Pre Political Science, Junior Nicole Lindsey Burt San Diego, CA Pre Political Science, Junior Kanysha Raeshel Burton Alta Lome, CA Afro Americon Studies (B.A,), Junior Scott B Burton Santa Rosa, CA Sophomore Michelle Catherine Buscher Sierra Modre, CA English (B.A.), Junior Marisa Guttman Bushman Yonkers, NY Music (B.A.), Senior Brent Nolan Bushnell Woodside, CS Computer Science (B.S.), Senior Entrepreneurship, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Asian Travel, Open Source, Teo, Futurism Eric William Buss Huntington Beach, CA Aerospace Engineering (BS), Sophomore Delta Sigma Phi, IFC Director Of Risk Management Michelle Chandra Busse Mill Valley, CA Art History (B.A.), Junior Nicole Busse Mill Valley, CA Comparative Literature (B A ) European Studies, Senior Danielle Nicole Bustamante Pasadena, CA Pre Psychology Rudy Nelson Bustamante, Jr San Francisco, CA Pre History, Junior Marisela Fuentes Bustillo Pico Rivero, CA Psychology (B.A.) Alexandra Bustos Los Angeles, CA Pre Psychology, Junior Jessica Elizabeth Bustos Hoyward, CA Psychology (B.A), History, Sophomore Niraj Pradyumna Butala Riverside, CA Biology (BS), Sophomore Euan R Butcher Grass Valley, CA Biology IBS ) Alexandra Erin Butler Berkeley, CA Communication Studies (BA), Junior Photography David William Butler Thousond Oaks, CA Physics (B.S.), Philosophy, Seaior Web Design, Gaming Jennifer Nicole Butler Lake Forest, CA Pie Political Science Kendall Elizabeth Butler Atlanta, GA English (B A), Junior Kevin Kent Butler Santa Ana, CA Mathematics Applied Science (BS), Junior Delta Tou Delta Samantha Lee Butler Rialto, CA American Literature and Culture (B.A.), African American Studies, Senior Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, American Indian Student Association, African Arts Ensemble Jessica Suzanne Butt Wildomar, CA Prebusiness Economics, Sophomore Christopher James Butterick Los Angeles, CA English (B.A), Junior Elaine Butterworth Calobosos, CA Psychology (B.A.) Leslie Renee Butterworth Rancho Polos Verdes, CA Pre Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics, Junior Gurvinder Singh Butti Caruthers, CA Biochemistry (B.S.), Junior Yekaterina Aleksandrovna Butylkova Van Nuys, CA Prebusiness Economics, Junior James Anthony Bueno Buyayo Oceanside, CA Design | Media Arts (B.A ) Amanda Conde Buzon Son Diego, CA Sociology (B.A.I, Political Science Rotoroct, Yoga Johanna Lauren Bye Irvine, CA Geography (B.A.), Global Studies, Sophomore Kappa Alpha Theto, UCLA Aerial Photo Archives Keith Michael Byers Fresno, CA Psychology (BA), Law Major, Senior Pi Kappa Epsilon Alex Bykhovsky West Hollywood, CA Philosophy (B.A.) Jillian Joyce Bynes Thousand Oaks, CA History (B.A 1 Aaron David Byrd Inglewood, CA Junior Amber Star Byrd Oak View, CA Communication Studies (B.A.) Robyn Janelle Bytheway Byron, CA English (B.A.), Women ' s Studies, Senior Adam Byun Biology (B.S.), Senior Daeha Byun Irvine, CA Electrical Engineering IBS) Junior Yoon Ku Byun Walnut, CA Sociology (BA), Junior Marivell Cadapan Caba San Diego, CA Design | Media Arts (B A.) Somohang Pilipino, Space Jacaranda Cabada Whittier, CA Alexander Antanas Cabal Millbroe, CA Computer Science and Engineering IBS ), Junior Christine Carrero Cabal Spring Volley, CA Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology (B.S.), Junior Vionna Riza Carrero Cabal Spring Valley, CA Psychobiology IBS), Junior Vandria Ele Caballero- Stevens LaJolla,CA Sociology (B.A.) Marissa Cabanilla Petolumo, CA Sophomore Kimberlee Robin Cabanne Woodland Hills, CA American Literature and Culture (BA), Junior Micky Cabarrus Simi Valley, CA Biochemistry IBS), Junior Ivy Marie Nocos Cabatbat San Francisco, CA Psychobiology IBS.) Peter Phillip Cabezas, Jr Lennox, CA Biology (B.S.), Junior Jason Goldwater Cabot Pacifico, CA Political Science (B.A.), Economics, Freshmon NROTC Joyce Publico Cabradilla Lo Puente, CA Pre Psychobiology Alejandra Cabral Riverside, CA Sophomore German Cabral Los Angeles, CA Classics Melissa Rachelle Cabral Fresno, CA Pre Psychology, Sophomore Yesenia Cabral Bueno Pork, CA Pre Psychology, Freshmon Carlos Adan Cabrera Rowland Heights, CA English (B.A), Junior Jennifer Nicole Cabrera Rowland Heights, CA Pre Political Science, Junior Jorge Rolando Cabrera Los Angeles, CA History (B.A.), Junior Juan Manuel Cabrera, Jr Downey, CA Pre Economics, Junior Marco Antonio Cabrera Chula Vista, CA Design | Media Arts (B A.) Maryanne G Cabrera Walnul, CA Prebusiness Economics Richard Fabian Cabrera Hawthorne, CA Biology (B.S.J, Junior Richard George Caccamo Fort Bragg, CA Pre Political Science, Junior Earvin Redublo Caceres Simi Valley, CA Electrical Engineering (B.S.), Junior Narciso J Caceres Santo Ana, CA Biology (B.S.), Sophomore Sean Christopher Cacho San Diego, CA Communication Studies IB. A), Junior Stefanie Marie Cachola Costa Mesa, CA Psychology (B.A), Junior Ivonne Cachu Los Angeles, CA World Arts and Cultures (B.A.) Juan Alberto Cadena Bell Gardens, CA English (B.A), Junior Elizabeth A Cadigan Shaslo Lake, CA English (B.A.), Sophomore Kyle Christopher Cadman Stockton, CA Theater (B.A.), Sophomore Rowing Team Kristin Marie Cadwell Simi Valley, CA English (B.A.), Junior Sarah Elizabeth Cady Los Angeles, CA Geography (B.A), Junior Bryan James England Caforio fountain Valley, CA Political Science IB.A.), Environment Studies, Senior Magno Cum Loude, Mock Trial Molly Burke Cahill Sanlo Barbara CA Sophomore Andrea Cahuantzi Pasodena, CA Biology (B.S.), Freshmon Christina Cai San Francisco, CA Sophomore Lena W Cai Diamond Bar, CA Design | Medio Arts (B.A,), Freshman Daily Bruin, ACA Traditional Donee, Tae Bo, Poker, Tennis, Designing Jobs Xiao Jing Cai Arcadia, CA Pre Psychobiology Francesca Cail Nonhudge CA English (81), Sophomote Berthold Lev Caine Los Angeles. CA Biology (B S. . Senior Elizabeth Anne CaiRIS Son Jose CA International Development Studies (B A .), Junior Lyndon Dexter labines Cala Ormoc City PI Mechonnol Engineering (6 S ) Senior Basketball, Musk, Beoch, Cors. Motorcycles. Outdoors, Loters. Brums . Beatriz Paula Calamaco Son Diego CA Linguistics and Psychology IB. A.) Andrew Dion Calara long Beorh. CA Computer Science {8 S .), Junior Taea Danielle Calcut Los Angeles. CA Anthropology (B.A.), Senior Monica Caldas North Hills, CA Prebusiness Economics, Sophomore Crystal Caldera Lo Mirodo CA Junior Ann Marie Calderon Woodland, CA Spanish (BA.), Psychology Senior Snowboard mg Brenda D Calderon Los Angeles, CA Pre Political Science, Pre Business Economics, Sophomore Lambda Thera Nu Soronty Carlos William Calderon Arcadia, CA Mechanical Engineering (B.S.), Sophomore UCLA Ski Snowboard Team Maria Lety Calderon Pleitez Los Angeles, CA Prebusiness Economic Ashley Ryan Caldwell Los Gates, CA Pre Political Science, Junior Kambria Alexis Caldwell Gacdeno. CA Pre Psychology, Freshman Valerie Anne Caldwell Lit Mesa, CA Atmospheric. Oceanic and Environmental Sciences (B.S.), Junior Todd James Caleca Teoneck, NJ Music (BA), Senior Music, Performance, Musical Theatre, Opera, Dance Akiko Calhoun Shermon Oaks, CA German (BA), Junior Petar Calic Alomedo. CA French (B A.) Junior Kendro Calica San Diego, CA Music (B.A.), Freshman Patricia Ann Samaniego Calimlim Corono, CA Molecular. Cell and Developmental Biology (B.S.), Junior Filipinos For Community Health, Alumni Scholars Club Ashley Marie Calingo Fresno, CA Psychobiology (B.S .), Applied Developments Psychology, Senior Student Health Advocote, Research Assistant Sarah Gracie Calistro Bakersfield, CA Physiological Science (B.S.) Bradley William Calkins Fremont, CA Materials Engineering (B.S), Junior Danielle Marie Callaghan Son Froncisco, CA Theater (B.A.). Freshman Jeffrey Boragno Callaghan San Francisco, CA Theoler (B.A.), Freshman Brian Francis Callahan Danville. CA Sociology (Bi.) UCLA Football Matthew Joseph Callahan Chino. CA History (B.A ), Junior Nannette Vizcocho Callo San Diego, CA Biochemistry (B.S ) Kevin Andrew Callon Roncho Polos Verdes, CA Sociology (BA.), Junior Sherwin Antonio Callos Granada Hills, CA Biology (B.S), Junior Paisley Cook Callow Los Angeles, CA Art (B.A.), Junior Compus Crusade For Chnst, Doshew International Center Onenfohon Program Kristin C Calson Millbrae, CA Pre History Cheryl Malicdem Caluya Stockton, CA Electrical Engineering (B.S), Junior Stephanie Teresa Calvillo Riverside, CA Biology (B.S.) Phillip Calvo Santo Ana, CA Astrophysics (B.S.) Jerel Pasion Calzo El Cajon, CA Psychology (B.A.), Junior Ada N Camacho Inglewood, CA Latin American Studies (B.A.I Angelica L Camacho Torrance, CA International Development Studies (8.A.) Victoria Christina Camacho Oxnord, CA International Development Studies (BA.), Political Science, Sophomore Roxanne Cueva Camanyag San Diego, CA Design | Media Arts (B.A.), Freshman Lesley-Anne S Camara Los Angeles, CA Pre Psychology, Sophomore Christina Atacador Camarador La Crescenta, CA Economics (BA.) Sean Anthony Camarella Lo Habro, CA Materials Engineering (B.S), Junior Lorena Denisse Camarena Anaheim, CA Freshman Berenice D Camargo Son Bernordino, CA French ond Linguistics (BA.) Christopher Anthony Camargo Baldwin Park, CA History (BAJ, Junior Maria Esther Camargo Diaz San Bernardino, CA Chicano and Chicano Studies (B.A.) Emily Grace Camastra Pasadena, CA Political Science (B.A ]. Junior Catherine May Camaya San Diego, CA Psychology (B A .), Accounting, Junior Society Of St. Vincent De Paul, Kyne Eleison, Volunteer income Tax Assistance Kari Wavnette Camelio Los Angeles, CA Biology (BS ), Junior Lindsay Erin Cameron San Juan Capislrono, CA Psychology (B.A ), Senior Michael William Cameron San Clemenle, CA Sophomore Jesus Enrique Cameron- Fierro Temeculo, CA Political Science (B.A), Junior Janice P Camino Los Angeles, CA Pre Psychobiology Michelle Carlene Cammon Moreno Volley, CA Biology (BS.) Anais Marie Campa Alhombro, CA Pre Psychology, Sophomore Manuel D Campa Alhambra, CA Physiological Science (B.S.), Sophomore Michelle Leanne Campagna Son Clemenle. CA Communication Studies (B.A), Junior Robert George Campain La Crescenta, CA Psychology (BA), Junior Alexis Timothy Campbell Los Angeles, CA Biology (BS) Ammon Joshua Campbell Simi Valley, CA Music (B.A), Junior Christina Jane Campbell San Clemente, CA English (B.A.), Junior Douglas Earl Campbell Polo Alto, CA English (B.A), Sophomore Ginger Danielle Campbell Coorsegold, CA Psychology (B.A.) Jennifer Ashley Campbell Son Diego, CA Art (B.A.), Freshmon I HOPEYOU DANCE! • Lave, Mom Dad Johnsandy Lavell Campbell, II Kalamazoo, Ml Alro-Amencon Studies (B.A.), Senior Joshua Alexander Campbell Cormel CA Pre Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics, Junior Kathryn Leigh Campbell Fontona CA Pre Psychology, Political Science, International Relations, Sophomore Kimberly Michelle Campbell Beverly Hills, CA Pre Psychology Lauren Ann Campbell La Jolla, CA Prebusiness Economics, Junior Peter Stuart Campbell Encinitas, CA Sophomore Robert J Campbell Montebello, CA Civil Engineering (B.S), Junior Robin Diane Campbell Simi Valley, CA World Arts and Cultures (B.A.) Stephen Paul Campbell Newfields, NH Freshmon Hockey, Nutrition, Fitness, Rocquetboll, Weighting Alexander Maurice Campos Los Angeles, CA Biology (B.S.) Allison Eyvonne Campos Sylmor, CA Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology (B 5.J, Chicano And Chicano Studies ChiconosAohnos For Community Medicine. Be Carded Alyssa Ynez Campos Roncho Polos Verdes, CA Pre Psychology, Junior, Jimmy ' s Coffee House Bengson Santiago Campos Glendole, CA Economics (B.A.) Carl Campos inglewood, CA Chemistry (B.S ), Junior Diana P Campos Sylmor, CA Biology (BS ), Freshman Edgar Zulay Campos South Central LA, CA Chicona and Chicano Studies (BA), History, Sophomore Music Production, USAC, MECHA, Heimonos Unido, Erika Patricia Campos East Los Angeles, CA Psychology (B.A.), Education, Senior Latinos Guiding Latinos Heidi Jamie Campos Colilornia City, CA Psychology (B.A.), Junior Hugo Melecio Campos, Jr Norwolk, CA Pre Politicol Science, Junior Irene Mejia Campos Delano, CA Sociology (B.A.) Judith Campos San Diego, CA French and Linguistics (B.A.) Paulina Campos South Gate, CA Pre Psychology, Sophomore Alma Gabriela Campos- Garcia Dinubo, CA Pre Psychology, Sophomore Diana Hoang Can Stonton, CA Biology (B.S) Cecilia Graciela Canadas Azusa, CA Psychobiology (B.S.) Timothy Robert Canan Citrus Heights, CA Eioengineenng (B.S.) Rhommel Lara Canare El Cajon, CA Freshmon Krisserin Canary Newport Beach, CA English (B.A.), Junior Neil Landon Canchola Son Diego, CA Freshmon Katina Margaret Candee Temecula, CA Physiological Science (B.S.) Taylor Daniel Canel Sherman Oaks, CA Sophomore UCLA Men ' s Soccer Team Jeanette Canela Los Angeles, CA International Development Studies (B.A.) Eshjel Escano Canete Son Diego, CA Prebusiness Economics, Freshman Christopher Michael Canfield Newholl, CA Physics (BS), Junior Deanne Christine Canieso Tujungo, CA Anthropology (B.A,), Junior Nicole Danielle Canizales Los Angeles, CA Political Science (B A) Tiffany Santos Canlas Anoheim, CA Biochemistry (BS ) Mackenzie Rix Canniff Orinda, CA Pre Politicol Science, Junior Christiane Nibley Cannon Farminglon Mills, Ml Theater (B.A.), Senior Jonathan Ockham Cannon Los Angeles, CA Philosophy (B.A.), Junior Taylor Patrick Cannon Huntington Beach, CA Sociology (B.A), Senior Alpha Koppa Delta Honots Society, Rho Chopter, Member. Corazon De Cristo Ceja Cano Oxnord, CA Sheila Cano Sun Valley, CA Pre Psychology, Junior Kirby Canon San Diego, CA International Development Studies (B.A.), Junior Maryquin F. Canonizado San Diego, CA Sociology (B.A.), Global Studies, Sophomore Lani Romani Cante Ontario, CA Anthropology (B.A.) Brent Andrew Canter Los Angeles, CA Elhnomusicology (B A ), Political Science, Freshman Have a fantastic freshman year. Continue to work hard and play hard ' Love, Mom Dad Edmundo Jesus Cantero Los Angeles, CA Civil Engineering (B.S.) Kimberly Anne Cantero Salinas, CA Political Science (B.A.) Jessica Canton Los Angelas, CA English (B.A), Classical Civilization, Senior Tiffany Nozomi Cantrell Santa Cruz, CA International Development Studies (B.A), Slavic Languages And Literatures, Junior NSL), Amnesty International, Polons Project, Astro Sean Adrian Canullas Torrance, CA Computer Science (B.S.) Christine Pulido Canute Los Angeles, CA Pre Psychology Noah Eliezer Canvasser Son Luis Obispo, CA Physiological Science (B.S), Junior Agnes Phuong Cao Anaheim, CA Communication Studies (B.A.) Alvin Cao Temple City, CA Business Economics (B.A), Accounting Tennis, Bosketball, And Soccer Bo Cao Gold River, CA Electrical Engineering (B S ), Sophomore Chan Yen Cao Los Angeles, CA Ivan Cao Fountain Volley, CA Computer Science ond Engineering (B.S.) Joseph H Cao Pasadena, CA Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology (B.S), Junior Linh Thao Cao Lokewood, CA Molhematics (B S ), Education, Sophomore Bruincorps (America Counts), Peers, TNTT Lisa Cao Santo Ana, CA Biochemistry (B.S ), Junior Nga Yen Cao Los Angeles, CA Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics (B.S.) Peter Cao Santo Ano, CA Mechanical Engineering (B S), Sophomore Quan T Cao Hoyword. CA Biochemistry (B.S.) Steven H Cao Pasadeno, CA Biology (B.S), Junior Thu Anh Cao Garden Grove, CA Physiological Science (B.S.) Thuy Nhu Cao lokewood, CA Physiological Science (B.S.) Trang Kimberlyn Thi Cao Los Angeles, CA Tu T N Cao Garden Grove, CA Molecular, Cell ond Developmental Biology (B.S.), Junior Uyen True Cao El Monte, CA Biology (B.S.) Xian Cao Son Jose, CA Pre Economics, Junior Margot Christiane Capell Santa Rosa, CA Pre Politicol Science, Junior AFROTC, Sports, Dancing, Volunteering Iris-Jan Mendoza Capistrano Oxnord, CA Economics (B.A.), Junior Ron Arnold Closas Capistrano Doly City, CA Sociology (B.A,), Junior Samahang Pilipino, Samohang Modern Susan Pearl Caplan Mission Viejo, CA Sociology (B.A. ), Senior Bruin Belles Service Association, UCLA Unicamp, Hednck Hall RA, University Cotholic Center Pastoral Team Matthew Philip Caplis Whittier, CA Biology (B.S.) Cory David Capoccia Volencio, CA Business Economics (B.A ), Junior Marissa Anne Capodanno Polos Verdes Estates, CA English (BA), Spanish Literature, Sophomore Bollet, Daily Bruin Internship Job well done Love. Mont Dad Francesco Gerald Capodieci Woodland Hills, CA Computer Science ond Engineering (B.S.), Junior Joseph Romolo Cappello San Diego, CA Elhnomusicology (B.A.), Junior Darren Michael Capps Oak Pork, CA n O c o D u D Q Prebusiness Economics, Freshmon Alexandra Janelle Capriotti Fresno, CA Sophomore Environmental Bruins, Yogo Francine Jan Capule Son Diego, CA Freshmon Kathleen Grace Capule Son Diego, CA Freshmon Frances-Lynn Dayao Capulong Corono, CA Biology (B.S.), Junior Christopher John Caputo Yorbo Undo, CA Chemical Engineering IBS.) Christine Carol Capuyan Santo Clara, CA Business Economics (8. A.) Geoffrey William Car, Bridgman Manhattan Beach, CA Sophomore Antonio C Carbajal Duarte, CA Sociology (B.A.) Juana Emilia Carbajal Los Angeles, CA Sociology (B.A.), Psychology, Latin American Studies, Spanish Uletature, Senior Ryan John Carbone San Diego, CA Pre Microbiology, Immunology, ond Molecular Genetics, Junior Lauren Mieko Carden Auburn, CA Junior Gabriel Cardenas Azusa, CA Ethnomusicology [B.A.I Senior Bruin United Impiov Comedy Kraze, Latin Jazz, Music Of Bali Ensemble, IM Bosketboll, Worthing. Band Janyce Cardenas Santa Ano, CA Chicano and Chicane Studies (B.A ) Junior Jennifer Marie Cardenas Moniebello. CA English (B.A.), Senior Jose Luis Cardenas Los Angeles, CA International Development Studies (B.A), Junior Julie Eliza Cardenas Son Jose, CA English (B.A), Senior bteroture And Community Buildtng Through The Arts, I Just Read All The Time. Miguel Angel Cardenas Rowland Heights, CA Chicano and Chicono Studies I B A ) Rene Cardenas Santo Ana, CA Pre Psychology, Freshman Vanessa Ines Cardenas Alhambro, CA Sociology (B.A), Senior Veronica Lisett Cardenas Aihambrn CA Pre Psychology, Freshman Elizabeth Anne Cardman Granite Bay, CA Art (8.A.), Sophomore Ernesto Cardona Wilmington, CA Mechanical Engineering (B.S.), Freshman Jesus M Cardoso Chulo Vista, CA Pre Political Science, Sophomore Marissa Marie Cardwell Nopo, CA Microbiology, Immunology, ond Molecular Genetics (B.S ), Senior Undergraduate Research In The K.A.. Brodley Lab, Avid UCLA Athletics Fan Ryen A Carew Sylmar, CA Biology (B.S.}, Freshman Colin Patrick Carey Valencia, CA Mathematics, Applied (B.S), Junior Kevin George Carey Lafayetle, CA English (B.A,), Junior Natalie J Carey Los Angeles, CA Pre History Tasha N Carey Son Diego, CA Pre Microbiology, Immunology and Molecular Genetics, Freshman Jayme Leigh Cargnoni Son Diego, CA Karol Yaquelyn Carias Los Angeles, CA Pre Politicol Science Adrianna M Caringal Los Angeles, CA Prebusiness Economics, Accounting, Freshman Music Robert Mckim Carito Son Froncisco, CA Theater (B A.) Jacqueline H Carleton Jenkintown, PA Elizabeth Marie Carlin Corona, CA Psychology (B.A.) |ohn Blade Carlisle Croton On Hudson, NY Sophomore Andrew Reyes Carlos Mission Viejo CA Molhemotics Economics (B.S.) Jonathan Christopher Carlos Burlingame, CA Theater (B.A.) Sigmo Alpha Epsilon Katrina Giselle Carlos West Covina, CA Mothemotics, Applied (B.S.), Freshman Michael De Padua Carlos Covina, CA Biology (B.S.) Marianne P. Carlota Los Angeles, CA Linguistics and Psychology (B.A.) Crystal Claire Carlsberg Sherman Oaks, CA Women s Studies (B.A), Junior Ann Marie Carlson Arroyo Grande, CA World Arts and Cultures (B.A.), Junior Christina Jean Carlson Westchester, CA Junior Clinton Owen Carlson Poway, CA Materials Engineering (B.S ) Hugh Alexander Carlson Redondo Beach, CA Political Science (B.A.), Senior Jennifer B Carlson Los Angeles, CA Plant Biology (B.S.), Geography, Environmental Studies, Senior Lars Eric Carlson Los Angeles, CA History (B.A ), Junior Lynette Jennifer Carlson Newport Beoch, CA Psychology (B.A ), Education, Senior 2002-2003 Communications Commissioner Of OCHC; 2003-2004 Piesident Of Canyon Ft Residents Assoc, 2003-2005 Histonon Of Bruin Figure Skating Club Anna Elizabeth Carlstone Los Alios Hills, CA English {B A } Whitney Carlton Davis, CA Rotorad Jeffrey Patrick Carman Claremont, CA History (B.A), Senior The Film Industry [anet Del Carmen, Perez Hawthorne, CA Sociology (B.A.) Nicholas Edward Carmen Mill Volley, CA World Arts ond Cultures (B.A.), Freshman Danna Carmi Irvine, CA Business Economics IB A.) Sophomore Ian Walter Carmona Orange, CA Pre Psychology Jason Alexander Carnel! Northndge, CA Philosophy (B.A.), Junior Philosophy, Metol Music [black Metol, Death Metal) Tamara Judith Carnevale Glendole, CA Anthropology (B.A ) Junior Megan Anne Carney Santa Cruz, CA Anthropology (B.A I Italian Junior California Student Sustainobility Coalition, SAWl (students Against The War In Iraq), UC Otgonic Foods Campaign Ryan Jeffrey Carney Venice, CA Mothemotics IBS! Junior Michelle Renee Cams Fresno, CA Physiological Science (B.S.) Nancy Margarett Caro Gordnerville, NV Freshman Rosemarie Lastrella Caroche Chulo Vista, CA Pre Psychology Tom Carpel Cupertino, CA Computer Science and Engineering (B.S ), Freshmon Alpho Epsilon Pi, Music, Computer Gomes Alexander R Carpenter Beverly Hills, CA English (B A.), Junior Megan Ann Carpenter Danville, CA Sophomore Melanie Kristeen Carpenter Westminster, CA Spanish (B A), Sophomore Sean William Carpenter Son Diego, CA Jessica G Carpio Son Diego, CA Sophomore Gericson Aquino Carpo Oxnord, CA Sophomore Paula Anne Carpowich Suisun City, CA English IB A ) Junior Brandon M Can- Irvine, CA Political Science (B.A.), Sophomore Zeto Beta Tou Nicole Bianca Can- Los Angeles, CA Psychology (B.A.) Scott Victor Can Encinitos, CA Physics (B.S.), Sophomore Cade Canadine Corpinterio, CA Theater (B A.), Junior Francisco Edgard Carranza Los Angeles, CA Prebusiness Economics, Sophomore Jose Luis Carranza Ontario, CA Mothemotics (B.S, ), Junior Juliana Carranza Santo Monica, CA Pre Psychology Efren Acevedo Canasco, Jr Anoheim, CA John Lee Canasco San Carlos, CA English (B.A), Junior Micaela Canasco Escondido, CA Sophomore Adriana Carreon La Puente, CA Biology IBS), Freshmon David Mikel Carreon Temeculo, CA Computer Science IBS) Junior Paul Sherwin Carreon Daly City, CA Mechanical Engineering [B S ) Junior Rosa Ysette Carreras Chulo Vista, CA Pre Political Science Kelleen Erin Carrie Loguna Niguel, CA Cognitive Science (B.S.) Julianne Mari Carrigan- Echols Friont, CA English (B.A), Sophomore Albertico Damian Carrillo North Hollywood, CA Economics (B A.), Junior Cecilia Canillo Orosi, CA Religion, Study of (B.A.) Cristina Viridiana Carrillo Downey CA English (B.A .), Junior Elizabeth Carrillo Wotsonville, CA Sociology (B.A .), Politicol Science, Freshmon Elsa Eredia Carrillo Fresno, CA Mothemotics, Applied (B.S.) Erik Adrian Carrillo Moniebello, CA English (B.A.), Junior Lizbeth Carrillo Colton, CA Sociology IB A I Junior Paul Benjamin Carrillo Escondido, CA Mechanical Engineering (B.S.), Junior Plutarco Canillo, Jr Santo Monica, CA Pre Economics, Junior Rocio Carrillo Hemel, CA Civil Engineering (B.S.) Sandybeth Carrillo East Los Angeles, CA Pre Political Science, Sophomore Daily Brum Vanessa Carrillo Santo Maria, CA Sociology (B.A), Junior Yadira Guadalupe Carrillo South Gate, CA Political Science (B.A.), Anthropology, English, Junior Cynthia Nelly Carrion Moniebello, CA Marine Biology (BS.) Jesse Lewis Carrion Ocoee, FL Theater (B AJ Alison Emily Canoll Los Angeles, CA Philosophy (B.A.) David James Canoll Los Angeles, CA David Noah Carroll Son Jose, CA Mechanical Engineering (B.S), Senior Frank Anthony Carroll Los Angeles, CA Philosophy (B A ) Heather Christine Carroll Woodlond, CA Art (B A) Junior John Connor Carroll Valencia, CA Molhemotics Economics (8.S.), Sophomore Layla Barker Carroll Los Angeles, CA English (B.A), Junior Matthew James Carroll Los Angeles, CA Ethnomusicology (B.A.), Junior Scott E Carruth West Hills, CA Communication Studies IB A ). Junior Heather Grace Carson New York, NY Women ' s Studies (B.A), Sophomore Adam J Carter Concord, CA Sophomore Adam J Carter Posodena, CA Pre Politicol Science Deondra Lasha Carter Louisville, KY Sociology (B.A), Senior Music, Real Estate, Finonce, Donee, Holistic Art, Nommo Staff Writer, Member Of Assets Devron J Carter, Jr Inglewood, CA History (B.A.) Iliana Louise Carter Los Angeles, CA Theoter (B.A.) James Alan Carter Lomita, CA Chemistry (B.S.) Joshua Andrew Carter Napa, CA Electrical Engineering (B.S), Senior Air Force ROTC. UCLA Men ' s Lacrosse, Texas Hold ' em Katie L Carter Steamboat Springs, CO Sophomore Keith Richard Carter Downingtown, PA Sociology (B.A.) Mary Ellen Carter Eureko, CA Cognitive Science (B.S .), Senior Matthew Paul Carter Encinitos, CA English (B.A ) Junior Neal David Carter Rossmoor, CA English (B.A), Junior Rebecca Louise Carter Portolo Valley, CA Art(BA), Sophomore Sarah Anne Carter Newbury Park, CA Pre Psychology, Freshman Unofficial Guide To UCLA, Bruin Olympics Vanessa Brittany Carter Dublin, CA Religion, Study of (B.A.) Clara Carema Cartwright Milpitas. CA Biology (B S), Junior Jo Ann Carvajal Pomona, CA Spanish [B A ) Junior Ashley Rose Carvalho San Jose, CA World Arts ond Cultures (B.A), Junior Caroline Jamillie Carver Oceonside, CA Communication Studies (B.A), Junior Dance, Spoken Word, Running, Music, Red Comet Club, NSCS, Mentonng, Millennium Dance, Alumni Scholars Club Joshua Reynolds Cary Los Angeles, CA Biology (B.S.) Clarisse Cornejo Casanova Irvine, CA Sociology (B.A), Political Science, Senior Alpha Phi Adrian Ortiz Casas Alhambro, CA Pre Psychobialogy, Junior David Gerardo Casas Los Angeles, CA Political Science (B.A.), Public Policy, Senior Student Government - USAC Finonce Committee Hilda Azucena Casas Pocoimo CA Pre Political Science, Sophomore Juan Antonio Roberto Casas Riverside, CA Pre History Sophomore Magdalena Casas North Hollywood, CA English (B A ) Public Affoirs, Senior Sandra Casas Anoheim, CA Pre Political Science, Freshmon Joanna L Casasola Los Angeles, CA Sophomore Jennifer L Case Hawthorne CA English (B.A.), Junior Alison Dana Casey Los Altos Hills, CA Pre Psychology, Public Policy, Junior Snowboarding, Politics, Environment, Music Jeremy Paul Casey Hesperia, CA Psychology (B.A ), Senior Academic Research, UCLA Peei Helpline, Sankai lujifsu May till those who have touched my life experience happiness and peace ' Morgan Rose Casey Los Angeles, CA History (B.A.) Ryan Abram Casey Son Froncisco, CA Political Science (B.A), History, Junior Stephanie Catherine Casey Santa Barbara, CA Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics (B.S), English, Senior Oncology Reseoich, Volunteenng Julia O Casillas El Monte, CA Anthropology (B.A.), Junior Melissa Nancy Casillas Hawthorne, CA Sociology (B.A.), Women ' s Studies, Junior Veronica Christine Casillas Son Fernando, CA Physiological Science (B.S.), Freshman Kathryn Michelle Casna Chulo Vista, CA Freshmon Noah Joseph Cason- Zesiger Mill Valley, CA History (B.A), Junior Marcus Ray Cassel Corson, CA Pre Psychology Cara Lea Cassidy Cormichael, CA American Literature and Culture (B.A.), Junior Brian Joseph Cassmassi Agoura Hills, CA Classical Civilization (B A.). Senior CSO Programs, ORL Andrew James Casson Piano, U Economics (B.A.), Junior Leah Ann Bautista Castanares Corson, CA Freshmon gustin Policupio Castaneda Onnord, CA Economics (B A ) Junior Alberto Castaneda Los Angeles (A English (B A ) Junior Claudia lanelt Castaneda Pre Psychology Junior Engrid Yulisa Castaneda Lo Puenfc. tA HtSlory (B A ) Joseph Anthony Castaneda Santa Paulo. CA English (B A), Junior Lillian Enid Castaneda Los Angeles CA Sociology (B A), Junior Maria Elena Castaneda Son Jose CA Junior Melissa Lvnn Castaneda Covino CA freshman Bryan Anthony Castanos Los Angeles, CA Philosophy (BA), Junior Man ' Margaret CastelanelH Lodi CA Civil Engineering IBS) Sophomore Carlos Castellanos Los Angeles, CA Comparative Literature (B A ) Junior Carolina Lucia Castellanos Sao Paulo. Brazil Anthropology (BA), Senior Ajiimol And Environmental Protection Ivan Castellanos Corona, CA Molhemotics. Applied (B.S.), Junior Jazmin Castellanos Anaheim, CA Biology (B.S.), Freshman Luis R Castellanos Anoheim, CA Pre Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics. Freshmon Mario Javier Castellanos Chin: Hills, CA Prebusiness Economic Marisa Ines Castellanos Downey, CA English (BA), Junior Yarell Odette Castellanos Tujungo. CA Art History (B.A.) Cynthia V. Castellon Los Angeles, CA History (BA), Education. Senior All Types Of Sports, Films, Outdoor Actrvities Yelba Mariaheli Castellon Los Angeles, CA Women ' s Studies (B.A.), Senior Medicine, Public Heolth Francesca Marie Castellucci Foster Oty, CA Physiological Science (B S ), Junior Abraham Castillo Bokersfield, CA Spanish (BA). Junior Andrew John Castillo Harbor City, CA Junior Bridget Dee Castillo Hesperia, CA Music (BA), Junior Cecilia Castillo Porlier, CA Political Science (BA), Anthropology, Senior Christopher O Castillo North Hills, CA Chemical Engineering (B.S ), Junior fern Phi Rho Fmieiniry, Spate, Somohong Pilipmo, PCN Committee Cynthia Alicia Castillo Los Angeles, CA American literature and Culture (BA). Senior Phi lambda Rho Soronly, High School Outreoch nienfonng Ebelin Castillo Monlebello, CA Sociology (BA), Junior Elizabeth Castillo Los Angeles, CA Sociology (B A ) Erick Castillo Azuso, CA Biochemistry (B.S ), Freshman Ivette Castillo Los Angeles, CA History (BA) |aime Alberto Castillo Montclair, CA English (BA), Junior Janet Castillo Foniona, CA Mathematics Applied Science (B.S.) Janett Castillo Commerce, CA Pre Psychology, Sophomore Jerson Moises Castillo Redondo Beach, CA Pre Psychobiology Jesus Castillo Riverside, CA Freshmon Myrna Dee Castillo Harbor City, CA Junior Robert Carl Castillo Fresno, CA Pre Political Science, Sophomore Rosaura Irene Castillo Los Angeles, CA Pre Psychology, Junior Ryan James Castillo San Diego, CA Mathemotics (B.S.), Junior Sonia Castillo Lokewood, CA Psychology (BA), Junior Sylvia Patricia Castillo Baldwin Pork, CA History (BA) Alexander Holland Castle Fullerton, CA Design | Medio Arts (B A.), Sophomore Ginger S Castle Fresno, CA History (BA.) Vivianna Valdivia Castor Ventura, CA Italian and Special Fields (B.A,), Junior Traveling, Art History And Italy Frank Castorena, Jr Los Angeles, CA Sociology (BA), Junior Ruben Castorena Pomona, CA French ond Linguistics (BA.) Sara Rebecca Castrale Plainsboro, NJ Sophomore Carlos Castrejon, Jr Son Diego, CA Mechanical Engineering (B S ), Junior Ana Candida Castro Cudnhy, CA Spanish (B A.) Anet Medeli Castro Los Bonos, CA Pre Politicol Science, Freshman Bernardo C Castro Son Diego, CA Mechanical Engineering (B.S), Junior Christian Felix Castro Flushing, NY Geography (BA.) Cristal Castro Los Angeles, CA Freshmon Art, Music, And Other Intellectual Pursuits Cynthia A Castro Visolio, CA Elena N Castro Los Angeles, CA Prebusiness Economics, freshmon Jeannette Castro Huntington Pork, CA Women ' s Studies (BA) Jennifer Ann Castro Daly City, CA Chemicol Engineering (B S ), Freshman Jessie David Castro Moywood, CA Pre Politicol Science Jorgio Miguel Castro San Francisco, CA Civil Engineering (B S ), Junior Lorraine Joy Duyongco Castro Los Angeles, CA Prebusiness Economics Manuel Alfonso Castro Garden Grove, CA Prebusiness Economics Mary Grace Castro Long Beach, CA Chemistry (B.S.), Junior Namir Alejandra Castro Los Angeles, CA Linguistics and Psychology (BA) Nelson Roberto Castro South Gate, CA Pre History, Junior Princess May Delossant Castro North Hollywood, CA Biochemistry (B.S.) Tal Castro Irvine, CA English (B.A.), Junior Monique Elizabeth Castruita Los Angeles, CA Pre Psychology, Junior Christopher Quan Cat Huntington Beach, CA NeurosciencefB S), Junior Shellene Elizabeth Catalano Fresno, CA Junior Justine Marie Catanese Chino, CA Sociology (BA.), Junior Aleksandr Ursus Catanzarite San Diego, CA Sophomore Philip Ray Catbagan Pomono, CA Freshman Jesse C Cates Wrightwood, CA Lisa Madelyn Cates Lo Me sa, CA American Literature and Culture (B.A.), Freshmon James M Cathcart Bermuda Dunes, CA Theater (BA.), Sophomore Towana Sakura Catley Culver City, CA Political Science (B A.) Shukry Cattan Los Angeles, CA History (BA.) Tiffany Ann Caughran Pleosont Hill, CA Pre Political Science, Junior John Daniel Caulfield Erin Brigh Cavanaugh Son Froncisco, CA Biochemistry (B.S), Sophomore Kyodo Torko, IVBCF, NSU, Natividad Cavazos, Iii fresno, CA Samantha Nicole Cayabyab Son Diego, CA Hislory Art History (BA), Freshmon Devon Michael Cayer Los Alomitos, CA Biochemistry (B.S ), Sophomore Brian Michael Cayton Fontono, CA Aerospace Engineering (B.S.), History, Junior UCLA Marching Band, Brum Repuhlicnns Jonathan William Cayton Fonlono, CA History (BA), Junior Kevin Robert Cayton Fonlono, CA History (B.A.), Junior Graham Clarke Caywood Winnelka, II Freshmon Carlos Cazares Los Angeles, CA Yvonna Cazares Cathedral City, CA Americon Literature ond Culture (BA), Policy Studies, Junior Rachel Carmen Ceasar Torronce, CA Psychology (B.A.) Jacob A Ceccarelli Bokersfield, CA Chemical Engineering (B S ), Junior Michael Gregory Cecchini Burbonk, CA Economics (BA), Junior Margarita Magana Cecena Norwolk, CA Astrophysics (B S), Mathematics, Junior Colleges Against Cancer, Amigos De UCLA Vanessa-Na M. Cecena San Diego, CA Biochemistry (B.S.), Freshman Jennifer Patricia Ceci Escondido, CA Communicotion Studies (BA), Political Science, Senior UCLA March Of Dimes Collegiate Council • Cofoundei Jaqueline Erinn Cedar Shermon Oaks, CA Art (B.A.), Medicine Student Docent, Armand Hammer Museum, Resident Assistant, Office 01 Residential Life Stephen Jay Cedars Orindo, CA English (BA), Freshman Kari Rebekah Cedillo Oceonside, CA Psychology (BA), Junior Alan King Yan Cee El Monte, CA Biochemistry (B.S,), Junior Jose Ceja, Jr Huntington Pork, CA Chicona ond Chicono Studies (B.A.) Moises Roman Ceja Tigord, OR Pre Politicol Science, Junior Jingjing Zhou Celaya Beijing Computer Science ond Engineering (B.S.), Senior I, Toble Tennis James Vincent Celentano Eost Moriches, NY Theater (B.A.), Junior Krista Anne Celentano Redwood City, CA Biochemistry (8. SJ, Junior Ingrid Carolina Cely Howthorne, CA Neuroscience (B.S), Freshmon Gregory Allan Cendana Socromenlo, CA Sociology (BA.), African American Studies, Freshman Nikkei Student Union, Somohong Pilipmo, Asian Pacific Coalition, Undctgtaduale Student Association Council (intern) Christian Julio Ceni al Los Angeles, CA Design | Medio Arts (BA), Junior Nicole Cerball Oxnard, CA Pre Psychology, Junior Christine Elizabeth Cerniglia Camorillo, CA Pre Psychobiology, Junior Jorge Alberto Ceron, Jr Los Angeles, CA Psychology (B.AJ, Junior Maria Jose Cerpa Los Angeles, CA Pre Psychology, Senior Michael Joseph Cerrato Santo Clorita, CA Pre Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics, Junior David Cerrillo Hociendo Heights, CA Sponish ond Portuguese (B.A.), Junior Frank Anthony Cerros Pleosonton, CA Economics (BA.) Beatriz Del Socorro Cervantes 8loomington, CA Biology (B.S.) Carolina Guerrero Cervantes Los Angeles, CA Physics (B.S.), Junior Fernando Cervantes, Jr Oxnard, CA Pre Psychology, Junior Jessica Janet Cervantes Ivanhoe, CA Sociology (B.A), Sophomore Mariana Cervantes Delano, CA Pre Psychology, Junior Queren Y Cervantes South El Monte, CA Prebusiness Economics, Freshmon Xochitl Cervantes Poway, CA Prebusiness Economics Edgar Cervantez Lo Puenle, CA Christopher Anthony Cesare Huntington Beach, CA Physics (BS), Sophomore Kristina Michelle Cesena Newholl, CA Pre History, Junior Maricruz Cesena Lynwood, CA Freshman Yliana Cetina Maywood, CA History (BA) Chris Jung Cha Los Angeles, CA Daniel Solomon Cha Los Angeles, CA History (B A.) Diana Hyun Cha Walnut, CA Eric Yoonkeun Cha los Angeles, CA Internotionol Development Studies (BA), Junior Helen H Cha Downey, CA Biochemistry (B.S.), Junior Hyun Sook Cha Corona, CA Chinese (B.A), Junior Sarah Hyoun Cha Downey, CA Freshmon Steven |ariH ' s ( U, Sherman Ooks, CA Asian Amciicon Studies (BA.). Junior Young Sang Cha Torronce, CA Computer Science and Engineering (B.S j, Junior Abdul Rahman Chaballout Glendora, CA Biology (BS), Freshman Basketball. Football, Religion Byanca Yarlita Chable Von Nuys, CA Sociology (B.A ) Rajeny Rose Chacko Cerritos, CA Psychology (B.A.) Gilberto Ramirez Chacon San Diego, CA Biochemistry (B S ), Freshman John Gutierrez Chacon Santa Ana, CA freshmon Oliver Roberto Chacon Mill Valley, CA International Development Studies (BA ), Junior Ryan Marcus Chaddick Quorlz Hill, CA Philosophy (BA), Junior Dasha Latrell Chadwick Los Angeles, CA Elhnomusicology (B.A), Sophomore Andrew Sungjin Chae Cupertino, CA Computet Science ond Engineering (B.S.) Bora Chae Littleton, CO Biology (BS.), Sophomore Jae Joon Chae Los Angeles, CA Mechonical Engineering (B.S), Freshmon Janet Pearl Chae Los Angeles, CA Paul Changhoon Chae Los Angeles, CA Mathematics (BS ), Junior Engineering, GSC Sarah Chae los Angeles, CA Pre Psychology Seung Min Chae Los Angeles, CA Mathematics, General (B.S.) Eric Chaghouri Santo Monica, CA Junior Mohamed Chahine Bell, CA Philosophy (B.A.), Politicol Science, Junior Bryan Young Chai Son Ramon, CA Biochemistry (B.S ), Junior Delphine Rebecca Chai Diamond Bar, CA English (BA.) Kimberly Narisa Chai Westminster, CA Freshman Robert S Chai Newport Beach, CA Junior Gabriela Chaidez La Puente, CA English (BA), Junior Maria Del Carmen Chaidez South Gate, CA History (B.A), Junior Norma Ivon Chaidez Los Angeles, CA Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology (B.S), Junior Shelly Shing-Yi Chaing Diamond Bar, CA Philosophy (B A) Krist el Chairez c q D u L Q Tiffany Selina Chan Las Angeles, CA Sun City, CA Psychology (B.A.) Los Angeles, CA Prebusiness Economics, Sophomore Sociology IB A ) Junior Anna Ming Chan Monterey Pork, CA Prebusiness Economics Leiman Kenneth Chan Montebello, CA Biology (B.S.) Low, Pre-Low Society Hei-Hwa (anna) Chan Los Angeles, CA Pre Psychology, Junior Alice M. Chang Lorin Chak Pre Psychobiology lorronce, CA Freshmon Tiffany Suk-Ha Chan Rowland Heights, CA Hacienda Heights, CA Arvan See Wing Chan Son Marino, CA Sociology (B.A), Japanese, Senior Leslie K Chan Wolnul, CA ' Communication Studies (B.A.I, History Business Economics (B A ). Junior Jamie Seong-Yun Chan Comarillo, CA Economics (B A .), Junior Alice Chang Dana Alon Chakimoglo Biology (B.S.), Senior Roncho Polos Verdes, CA Geogrophy Environmental Studies (B.A.), Vanlin Chan Cupertino, CA Los Angeles, CA Sports: Skiing, Ice-Skohng, Swimming Art (B.A.) Junior Morogo, CA Biology IBS) Physiological Science IBS.), Junior Devashis Chakrabarty Water Polo, Activities Horseback Riding S Photography, Clubs; SAS S AMSA |ason Fu Wing Chan Son Francisco, CA Lily Chan Monterey Park, CA Psychobiology (B.S), freshman Tau Beta Sigma, Marching Bond (tuba) Andrea H Chang Sonto Monica, CA Hemel, CA Brian W Chan Political Science (B.A.) Mathematics Economics (B.S), Senior Vicky Chan Music (B.A.) Junior Shouvik Chakraborty South San Francisco, CA Computer Science and Engineering (B.S.), Junior Jason Jude Chan Cypress, CA Alpha Phi Omego Coed Fraternity Lindsey Hong-Sze Chan Walnut, CA Economics (B.A.) Andrea Miriam Chang Hacienda Heights, CA Diamond Bar, CA English (B.A), Junior San Diego, CA Vincent Hokhin Chan Global Studies, Spanish, Sophomore Electrical Engineering (U.S.), Sophomore Alexan Chalaganyan Carolyn Agnes Chan Foster City, CA East Asian Studies (B.A.) Jason Vipinosa Chan Stockton, CA Biochemistry (B.S.) Lisa Ann Chan Los Angeles, CA Physics (BS) Volleyboll Andrew J Chang Reseda, CA Prebusiness Economics Alhambro, CA Wai Ching Chan Santo Monica, CA Pre Psychobiology, Junior Alyson Gale Challoner Celene Shi-Ling Chan Los Altos Hills, CA Communication Studies {B.A.J Jennifer Amy Chan Alameda, CA Biology (B.S } Junior Lisa Chan San Francisco, CA Electrical Engineering (B.S.), Senior Political Science (8 A.), Junior Andrew Lee Chang Santo Rosa, CA American Literature and Culture (B A .). Alameda, CA Weng Chieng Chan Polos Verdes Estates, CA English (B A ) Cheryl Yuen-Yu Chan Junior Biology (B.S), Freshmon Los Angeles, CA Sophomore Laura Anne Chalmers Belmont, CA Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics (B.S.) Jennifer Ching-Man Manson Chan Business Economics (B.A), Junior Annie Yu-Ann Chang Orange, CA Chan San Mateo, CA Willis Leo Chan Palos Verdes Estates, CA Campus Crusode For Christ, Bruin Runners Walnut, CA Electrical Engineering (B.S.), Senior Nework, CA Physiological Science (6.S.), Junior Leah Fredri Chi Kit Chan Monterey Pork, CA Prebusiness Economics, Sophomore Communication Studies (B A .), Junior Mark Steven Chan Economics (B.A.) Brenda Chang Chaloenvanij visit Jennifer Chan San Froncisco, CA Wing Kai Chan San Rafael, CA North Hollywood, CA Baldwin Park, CA Geology (BS), Junior Torronce, CA Mechanical Engineering (B.S.) Pre Psychology Christopher Andrew Chan Pre Psychology, Junior Maymie Leon Chan Computer Science (B.S.) Brian Eugene Chang Bonyamin Cham Highland, CA Biology (B.S ), Sophomore Christopher Chan Alhombra, CA Pre Political Science, Junior Jennifer Chan Oakland, CA Yan Ki Chan Code Modero, CA Santo Ano, CA Alphoretta, GA Sophomore Alhambro, CA Civil Engineering (B.S.), Senior Psychology (B.A.) Communication Studies (B.A.) Megan Lynette Chan Biochemistry (BS.), Junior Grace On Campus, Intramural Basketball And Football Christopher Cham Jenny Pui Yin Chan Anaheim Hills, CA Yeuk Sze Chan Cupertino, CA Arcadia, CA English (B.A.) Alhombra, CA Brian Gisu Chang Mechanical Engineering (B.S.), Freshman Christy Ching Yan Chan Physiological Science (B S.), Junior Michael Gee-Wei Chan Sociology (B A ) Junior Son Jose, CA Physiological Science (B.S), Freshmon Kirsten N Chamberlain Newporl Beoch, CA Union City, CA Biochemistry (BS ) Jeremy C Chan Gronada Hills, CA Wolnul, CA Political Science (B.A), Psychology, Senior Yuk-Ching Cecily Chan Sacramento, CA Brian Tsau-Chen Chang Junior Pre Psychology, Freshman MMA Pre Microbiology, Immunology, and Concord, CA Timothy Stephen Cindy Chan Fremont, CA Biology (B.S.), Junior Music Jessica K Chan Michelle C Chan Molecular Genetics, Junior Political Science (B A ). Junior Chamberlain Dublin, CA Los Angeles, CA Zung Chan Brian Chang Socromento, CA Pre Microbiology, Immunology, and Sophomore San Gabriel, CA Cupertino, CA Political Science (B A ) Senior Molecular Genetics, Sophomore Michelle Chan Biology (8 S ), Junior Computer Science and Engineering (B.S), Music Performance, Club Water Polo Connie V Chan Anaheim, CA Sociology (B.A.), International Development Joanna Jia-Yu Chan Los Angeles, CA Elizabeth Jean Chance Junior Gregory Stephen Saratoga, CA Pre Microbiology, Immunology, and Danville, CA Bridget C Chang Chambers Studies Economics (B.A), Junior Molecular Genetics Pre Economics, Sophomore Kensington, CA Morgan Hill, CA Conrad Jonathan Chan Sunnyvale, CA Computer Science and Engineering (B.S.), Josiah Hon Chan Michelle Chan Ashish Avikash Chand Music (B.A), Freshmon Music (B.A.), Junior Chrn o Hills, CA Temple City, CA Fremont, CA Calvin Kai-Chun Chang Shelby Amanda Cognitive Science (B.S), Education, Pre Psychology Molecular, Cell ond Developmental Biology Walnut, CA Chambers Junior Computing, Junior Mona Mo- Yan Chan (B.S.), Junior Materials Engineering (B.S.), Sophomore Long Beach, CA Constance Heather Chan Joyce Hong Choi Chan Alomedo, CA Aashima Chandiok Calvin Chang English (B.A.), Sophomore San Jose, CA Los Angeles, CA Business Economics (B.A.), Freshmon Redlonds, CA Walnut, CA Clifford Steven Cognitive Science (BS. ), Junior Politicol Science (B.A.) Pamela Mayky Chan Mathematics Economics (B.S), Junior Biology (B.S.), Junior Champion Crista Fi Chan Julia Chan Tucson, AZ Kathryn Fawn Chandler- Carmen Julie Chang Corona, CA Riverside, CA Pre Psychology, Junior San Francisco, CA Civil Engineering (B.S), Junior Snoddy Rosemead, CA Mathematics (B.S.) Aerospace Engineering (B.S.) Patty Chan Bakersfield, CA Political Science (B.A,), Junior Aaron Cheung-Kwong Darren Ching- Yen Chan Temple City, CA Karen Yi-Lei Chan Hacienda Heights, CA Prebusiness Economics, Freshmon Catherine Fountain Chan Roncho Palos Verdes, CA Prebusiness Economics, Politicol Science, Marching Band Chang Alameda, CA English (B.A.) International Development Studies (B.A ) Freshman Shaun Chandna Arcadia, CA Freshman Aegean Hoi Chan Darren Kwun-Kiung Kevin Felix Chan Rowland Heights, CA Pearl Ling Chu Chan San Francisco, CA Los Angeles, CA Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Pre Psychology, Junior Charlie Chia-Lii Chang Westloke Village. CA Gold River, CA Political Science (B A.J, Global Studies, Prebusiness Economics, Junior Genetics (B.S), Senior Temple City CA Biology IBS] Pre Psychology, Junior Education, Freshman Randy Robert Chan Robin Chandra Materials Engineering (B.S.), Junior Alexander Douglas Chan Saratoga, CA Debbie Hiu Fung Chan San Francisco, CA Model United Nations. UCLA Morching Bond (tuba). Association Of Chinese Americans, Floor Government, Nikkei Student Union, Fresno, CA Biology (B.S), Senior North Hollywood, CA Computer Science ond Engineering (B.S.) Chen-Te Chang Los Angeles, CA Prebusiness Economics, Junior Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Alumni Scholars Club Volleyball Divya Chandran Mathematics, Applied (B.S), Junior Allison Renee Chan San Jose, CA Pre Psychology, Junior Genetics IBS] Junior Dennis K Chan Cerritos, CA Kevin Koon Wah Chan Yorbo Linda, CA Prebusiness Economics, Junior Ricky B Chan Santa Moria, CA Freshmon San Jose, CA , South Asian Studies, Freshman Music, Biology, Psychology Chieh-Wen Chang Cerritos, CA Ling E A, Sophomore Amy Pui-Kwan Chan Mathematics Economics (B.S.) Kevin S Chan Sally C Chan Aswin Chandrasekaran Gilbert AZ Biology (B.S.), Junior Chinpei Benson Chang Arcadia, CA Physiological Science (B.S .), Junior Derrick Chung- Yung Chan Los Altos Hills, CA Electrical Engineering (B.S.) Derrick Wai-Jing Chan Hillsborough, CA Physiological Science (B.S), Junior Desmond Kodat Chan Son Gabriel, CA Arcadia, CA Biochemistry (B.S.) San Jose, CA Business Economics (B.A.), Senior Amy Wing Chan Son Froncisco, CA Prebusiness Economics Krystal Chan Baldwin Park, CA Biochemistry (8.S.), Freshman Chicanos For Community Medicine Samuel Chan Alomedo, CA Biochemistry (B.S.), Junior Nikia Jeneen Chaney San Bernardino, CA Arabic (B.A) Exchange Student To Hong Kong, Chinese Univ. Of Hong Kong Chiung Wen Chang Andrea Pearl Chan Son Marino, CA Sophomore Lai Mei Chan Monterey Park, CA Pre Psychology Scott Eric Chan Rowland Heights, CA Junior Sara N. Chaney Los Altos, CA Anthropology IB A ) Native American Studies, Junior West Covina, CA Japanese (B.A.), Junior Christina Chang Monterey Pork, CA Materials Engineering (B.S) Andrea Chan Monterey Pork, CA Lap Kei Chan Alhambro CA Stacy Shih-Yin Chan Buddhist Volues Creation Society, Undergrod San Francisco, CA Prebusiness Economics Fremont, CA Anthropology Association Pre Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics Do Do Chan Electrical Engineering (B.S), Junior Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology (B.S.) Aileen Chang Christine Eulee Chang Ontorio, CA Andrew Chuen Hou Clovis, CA Sophomore Lawrence K Chan La Polma CA Tak Fai Chan Cupertino, CA Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Psychology (B.A.) Chan Emily Del Rosario Chan Political Science (B.A.), Senior Monterey Pork, CA Sophomore Genetics (B.S.) Christine Sooyeon Honolulu, HI South Son Francisco, CA Undergraduate Students Association Judicial Alan Chang Chang Mechanical Engineering (B.S.) Pre Microbiology, Immunology and Board Terence Kwok Wai Chan Wolnut, CA Los Angeles, CA Psychology (B.A.), Junior Andrew T Chan Molecular Genetics Lawrence Chan Los Angeles, CA Mechanical Engineering (BS), Junior Bakersfield, CA Gloria Chan El Monte, CA Chemical Engineering (B.S), Senior Alex Xi-Ze Chang, Ii Chun-Yu Chang Prebusiness Economics, Junior Son Froncisco, CA Computer Science (B.S), Junior Thomas Fu Yeng Chan Hocienda Heights, CA San Gabriel, CA Anna Jin Chan Asian American Studies (B.A.) Lawrence Chan Honolulu, HI Pre Psychology, Junior Mathematics, Applied (B.S.) Alhombio CA Hay Wing Fayanna Chan San Gabriel, CA Sophomore Alice F Chang Corey Ann Shao Jen Chang West Hollywood CA I nylisli (B A ) Crystal Chang Corona Del Mai CA Junior Daniel Chihong Chang Los Angeles, CA Eledncol Engineering (B.S.) Daniel Danyoul Chang Reseda CA Business Etononnts (B.A.) Daniel W Chang Plecsonton. CA Moleculor tell ond Developmental Biology (B.S.) Daniel Nun-Ho Chang Fullerton CA Political Science (B A .), Junior Daniel Chang Danville, CA Political Science (B.A.), Freshman Daniel Chang Monterey Park, CA Prebusiness Economics Debbie May Chang Irvine, CA Psychobiology (BS.) Chi Alpho Delta Sorority Diane Chang West Covino, CA English (B.A.) Donald Dao-Yuan Chang Saratoga. CA Biophysics (6.S.) Elaine Chang Pocific Polisodes, CA Sophomore Ellen Y Chang San Jose, CA Biochemistry (B.S.) Ellen Chang Monhasset, NY Psychobiology (B.S.), Sophomore Eric Fang Chang Milpitas, CA Computer Science and Engineering CBS) Sophomore Eric Wen-Jay Chang Roncho Polos Verdes, CA Electrical Engineering IBS), Junior Erica Eri Chang Los Angeles, CA Junior Farica S Chang Washington, MO Electrical Engineering { B S ) Freshman Alumni Scholars Club, Floor Government Frances Kimberly Chang San Ramon, CA Chemical Engineering (B S ), Sophomore Frances Chang La Puente, CA Pre Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics, Freshman Francesca Raphaela Chang Alamo, CA Fu-Chiang Chang Los Angeles, CA Electrical Engineering (BS) Gary Chang Rowland Heights, CA Business Economics (BA), Accounting, Senior Gerald Chia-Wei Chang Irvine, CA Computer Science and Engineering (BS.), Freshmon Tennis, Music, Billiards Boll, Ping-Pong, Piono, Violin Grace Kim Chang Lo Canada, CA History (B.A.) Grace Chang San Jose, CA Freshman Grace Chang Individual Course of Study (B.A.), Freshmon Hannha Chang Glendale. CA Physiological Science (B S), Senior Merrick Lin Chang Diamond Boi, CA Electrical Engineering (B S I, Junior Holly Noel Chang Borstow, CA Chinese IB, A,). Junior Hsiao-Iii ( Winnie ) Chang Diomond Bar, CA Business Economics [B A I Senior Irene Joan Chang Los Altos, CA Pre Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics, Junior James P. Chang Plcyo Del Rey, CA Physiological Science (BS.) Janet Avra Chang Los Altos, CA Sociology (B.A.), Senior Jayson Matthew Chang Son Carlos, CA Mechanical Engineering (BS.), Junior Jennifer Chi-Lin Chang la Mirodo CA Communication Studies (B.A.) Jennifer Lee Chang Cerritos, CA Psychology (B.A.) Jenny Alum Chang Walnut, CA Pre Psychology Jenny Jae-Yun Chang Irvine, CA Pre Psychology, Junior Jenny Chang Garden Grave, CA Communication Studies IB A.) Ji Eun Chang Los Angeles, CA Mathematics (BS.), Junior Jimmy W. Chang Los Angeles, CA Cybernetics (BS.), Senior Jin Suk Chang Los Angeles, CA Biology (BS), Junior John Chihwei Chang Temple Gty, CA Computer Science and Engineering (BS.) Jonathan Chung-Hou Chang Hacienda Heights, CA Computer Science (BS.), Junior Jonathan Chang Anaheim, CA Pre Political Science Josephine Roh-Yih Chang Yorba Linda, CA Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology (B S ) Junior Joyan Chia Chang Yorba Linda, CA Sociology (B.A.] Education Tennis, Yoga Julie M Chang Pre Psychology, Sophomore Karen Kang Lun Chang Temple Ory, CA Electrical Engineering (BS.) Katherine Kai-Ping Chang Los Angeles, CA Pre Psychology, Junior Katherine Shing Yu Chang Oak Park, CA Sophomore Kevin Lee Chang Huntington Beach, CA Biochemistry (BS), Junior Li-Ling Chang Los Angeles, CA Pro Economics I illian Chang Arcadia, CA Biochemistry (BS.) 1 inan Chang Son Jose, CA Computer Science and Engineering (B.S.I, Junior Linda Michelle Chang San Marino, CA Pre Psychobiology, Junior Louis Young Chang Pleosanlon, CA Political Science (B A ) Junior Lynn J Chang Danville, CA English (B A), Junior Lynn Chang Arcodia, CA Pie History, Junior Margaret Chiya Chang Hacienda Heights, CA Sociology (B.A.I, Senior Margaret Chang Arcadia, CA Mathematics Economics IBS] Junior Matthew S Chang Los Angeles, CA East Asian Studies (B.A.), Junior Melanie Chang Son Diego, CA Pre Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics, Junior AATP Michael H Chang Redondo Beach, CA Art IB A) Junior Michael Chang Irvine, CA Design | Media Arts (B A ) Junior Michaela H. Chang Paramount, CA Biochemistry (B.S.}, Freshmon UCLA Hortoolim Michelle Kim Chang Fullerton, CA Pre Psychobiology, Junior Mimi Han Chang Upland, CA Civil Engineering (BS), Junior Nancy B J Chang Vista, CA Economics (B.A.), Chinese Nancy Lee-Fong Chang Rowland Heights, CA World Arts and Cultures (B.A.I, Junior Nathan Yun-Pui Chang Fullerton, CA Pre Psychobiology, Junior Paul H Chang Irvine, CA Mathematics, Applied (BS), Junior Priscilla Chi-Ya Chang Thousand Oaks, CA Communication Studies (B.A.), Junior Raymond Jaekwon Chang Walnut, CA History (B.A), Junior Regina Ya-Ling Chang West Hills, CA History (B.A.) Remy Choi Yung Young Chang Koneohe, HI History (B.A), Political Science, Junior Richard Nick Chang Gronado Hills, CA Biology (BS), Junior Rose Kim Chang Gronado Hills, CA Physiological Science (BS), Junior Samantha Jui-San Chang Millbroe, CA Pre Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics, Junior Sandy Yushan Chang Alhambra, CA Biology (BS), Sophomoie Sarah Chang Cholsworth, CA Junioi Sarah Chang Fullerton, CA Freshmon Scarlett S Chang Torrance, CA English (B.A ) Sean W Chang Seoul, Korea Psychology (B.A), Junior Basketball Sean Weiley Chang Colts Neck, NJ Electrical Engineering (BS.), Sophomore Shawn Haohsiang Chang Alhambra, CA Sophomore Shelly Chang Torronte, CA Mathematics, General (BS.), Junior Shou Yen-Shou Chang Fiemont, CA Electrical Engineering (BS.) Soo N Chang Conoga Park, CA Chemistry (BS), Junior Stacie Shin-Yee Chang Hillsborough, CA Business Economics (B.A.) Stacy Gin Chang Danville, CA Neuroscience (B.S.), Freshman Koppo Delta, Club Loctosse, Dance Marathon, Spnng Sing Stella Chang Ooklond, CA English (B.A.) Stephanie Gin Chang Danville, CA Freshman Stephanie Pei-An Chang Torrance, CA Biology (B.S.), Sophomore Steven Hyun Chang Alhambra, CA Pre Political Science, Junior Sung-Ah Chang Irvine, CA Pie Psychology Susan J Chang Garden Grove, CA History (B.A), Junior Susy Fea Hen Chang Los Angeles, CA Biochemistry (BS.) Tae Yoon Chang Irvine, CA Pre Histoiy, Junior Tiffany C Chang Fremont, CA Prebusiness Economics Tiffany I-Lin Chang Diamond Bar, CA English (B.A.), Philosophy, Junior Literature, Chombei Music, Film Timothy Howard Chang San Frocisco, CA Sophomore Tina Kai-Ting Chang Walnut, CA Mathematics Economics (BS), Senior Tina S Chang Costo Mesa, CA Freshmon Archery Tony Chang Riverside, CA Mechanical Engineering IBS) Junior Wen Yi Chang Los Angeles, CA Chemistry (B.S) Wendy Chang Los Angeles, CA Economics (B.A), Senior Wesley Shen-Teh Chang Thousand Oaks, CA Electrical Engineering (BS), Junior William Yu-Way Chang Fremont, CA Computer Science (B.S.I, Sophomore Wilson Kuang Chang Torronte, CA Ya-Chih Chang No ' .I ' m Hi il CA Psychology (B.A), Junior Ya-Chin Chang Rosemeod, CA Economics International Area Studies (8 A ), Junior Yahan Chang Toiwon Economics (B.A ), Asion Humanities, Senior Music, Chinese Liletoruie, Member 0! Student Accounting Society Yee-Ping Randy Chang Richardson, TX Chemislry Moteriols Science (BS.), Sophomore Yuli Chang Arcadia, CA Biochemistry (B.S.) Yu-Ping Chang Los Angeles, CA Chemical Engineering (B S .}, Junior Gavin Russell Chanin Studio City, CA Arl (B.A), Freshmon Ronald Taing Chanou Long Beach, CA Pre Cog, Sophomore Shawn Michael Chanslor Norlhridge, CA Biochemistry (BS.), Sophomore Theto Chi Tez Chantaruchirakorn Redondo Beach, CA Mathemolics Economics (BS,), Psychology, Junior Steven Wesley Chantasirivisal La Puente, CA Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics (BS.) Lawrence Ng Chan-Wing Rosemead, CA Asian American Studies (B.A ) Alan Rong-Hwa Chao Millbroe, CA Compulei Science (B.S.), Sophomore Alexander Chao Los Angeles, CA Moteriols Engineering (BS ) Andrew Chien-Hung Chao Fremont, CA Electrical Engineering (BS.), Freshman UCLA Ultimate Carol Chao Son Diego, CA Pre Economics, Junior Cham Nan Chao San Bernardino, CA English (B.A.), Freshman Chnstion Students, Social Justice Alliance Edward Chao Los Altos Hills, CA Design | Media Arts (B.A }, Sophomore Eric Chia-Da Chao Valencia, CA English (B.A), Junior Hong Y Chao Los Angeles, CA Mathemolics, General (BS.) Joseph Chao Son Diego, CA Mechonicol Engineering (BS.), Junior Karen Chao San Francisco, CA Biochemistry (BS.) Lin Tien Chao Martinez, CA Electrical Engineering (BS.), Junior Lisa Chao San Marino, CA Biochemistry (BS), Junioi Peter Chao La Puente, CA Stephanie Chao Plocentio, CA Freshman Teresa Chao Petaluma, CA Pre Psychology, Freshmon Tiffany Shu-Tin Chao Torrance, CA Pre Psychology Tzu Kuan Chao Petoluma, CA Mechanical Engineering (B.S), Freshman William Wen Chao Moiaga, CA Junior Jessica Jeninne Chapa West Covino, CA Elhnomusicology (B.A), Junior Amy Lauren Chapman Fullerton, CA Theater (B.A.), Fieshmon Theresa Marie Chapman San Francisco, CA Biology (BS.), Japanese, Sophomore Kevin Alan Chappell Fresno, CA Fieshmon Glen Albert Chappie Electrical Engineering (BS ] Senior Membei C E E D , Plays GuitarNSongwnter Jennifer Lissette Chaquinga Chino, CA Anthropology (B.A ), Junior Psychology Research, Building Government, Ait Malorie Dana Charak Roslyn Heights, NY Theater (B.A.) Victor Charapaev Sunnyvale, CA Pre Economics, Junior Nishanth Venkatesh Chari Los Gotos, CA English (B.A.), Junioi Sandhya Chari Soraloga, CA Pre Political Science, Junior Christine Elise Charles Vocoville, CA Aerospoce Engineering (B.S), Mathematics, Fieshmon NSBE, AISES, SWE, Archery Colleen Alyssa Charles Pasodeno, CA Mechonicol Engineering (BS.), Freshman Fencing, Basketball Mortiol Arts, ANIME, Video Gaming, ANIME MANGA, Drawing Lauren Nicole Charles Irvine, CA Psychobiology (B.S), Spanish, Fieshmon Campus Crusade For Christ, Alpha Delto Chi, SHA Program Robyn Denise Charles Los Angeles, CA Film and Television (B.A.) Michael Daniel Charleston Valley Village, CA History (B.A.), Junior Rebekah Miriam Charney Highland Park, IL Biology (B.S), Sophomore Alana Sabina Charny Los Angeles, CA Political Science (B.A.), Giaduate Law School Connie Charoonsrisavasd Los Angeles, CA Psychology (B.A), Junioi James Jeffrey Charrette Yorba Linda, CA Music (B.A), Sophomore UCLA Morching Band, Symphonic Bond, UCLA Percussion Ensemble c o D u Q Prashant Charugundla Los Angeles, CA Biology (B.S ), Freshmon Tennis, Bosketball, Poker, Movies Prathima Smruthi Charugundla Monhorton Beach, CA Molecular, (ell and Developmental Biology IBS), Junior Christine Jocelyne Charvet Los Angeles, CA Pre Psychology, Junior Jennifer Leigh Chase Lake Forest, CA Chemical Engineering (B.S.), Freshman UCLA Women ' s Rugby, Wesfwood Institute, Peler Lynn Kite Surfing Jonathan R Chase Rcncho Cordovo, CA Junior Kendra Rose Chase Santa Barbara, CA Theater (B.A.), Freshman Williston Randall Chase Spring Valley, CA Philosophy (BA) Bren Michelle Chasse Sierco Modre, CA Psychology (BA), Junior Matthew Gene Chastain Escondido, CA History [B.A .), Junior Kellin Maurine Chatfield San Diego, CA History (BA), History, Senior Delta Gommo, Law, UCLA Swim And Dive Team, Phi Beta Kappa, Golden Key Honors Society, NSCS Allan J Chatto Richmond, CA Sophomore Lily Chattopadhyay San Diego, CA International Development Studies (B.A.), Junior Anthony Hung Chau Gorden Grove, CA Prebusiness Economics, Junior Christopher Minh Chau Milpilos, CA Microbiology, Immunology, ond Molecular Genetics (B.S.) Doris Yook Chau Millbroe, CA Pre Psychology, Junior Hoa Thi Chau Long Beach, CA Psychobiology (B.S.), Senior Hung Chhoy Chau Long Beach, CA Chemical Engineering (B.S.) Jenny Chau Rowland Heights, CA Sociology (B.A.), Asian American Studies Theto Kappa Phi Sorority Jenny Chau Rowland Heights, CA Sociology (B.A.), Asian American Studies, Senior Thera Kappa Phi Soronty Karen Trieu Chau Monterey Park, CA Kristen Chau Los Angeles, CA Biology (B.S), Junior Lilly Chau Anaheim, CA Communication Studies (BA), Political Science, Senior Alpha Lambda Delta phi Eta Sigma Natl Honor Society, Amentons For Informed Democracy Susan Chau Lo Mesa, CA Prebusiness Economics Vincent P Chau San Leondro folsom, CA Physiological Science IB S), Senior Wing Kei Chau Posodeno, CA Civil Engineering (B.S.) Ravi Baldev Chaudhari Son Dimas, CA Pre History, Sophomor e Durya Aslam Chaudhary Roncho Cucomonga, CA Anthropology (B.A ) Malik R Chaudhary Fullerton, CA Comporotive Literature (BA), Junior Tariq Muhammad Chaudhri Los Angeles, CA Mathematics, Applied (B.S), Junior Azeem Chaudhry Los Angeles, CA Psychology (BA), Cognitive Science, Junior Sabah Nawaz Chaudhry Los Angeles, CA Computer Science ond Engineering (B S ), Junior Taira Alma Chaudry Son Diego, CA Sophomore Eunice Caroline Chaure Los Angeles, CA Comparative Literature (BA), Senior Jazmin D Chavarria Los Angeles, CA Sociology (B A) Nora Chavdarian Roncho Polos Verdes, CA Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics (B.S .), Junior Karen Andrea Chavero Escondido, CA Junior Andrew Brian Chavez Reedley, CA English (BA), Sophomore Aubrey Dawn Chavez Potterson, CA English (B.A.), Junior Campus Crusade For Christ Cindy Chavez Los Angeles, CA Economics (B.A.), Spanish, Senior A Night Of Culture, LBSA Daniela Chavez Whittier, CA Chicano ond Chicono Studies (BA), Junior Erika Monserrat Chavez Montebello, CA Spanish (BA), Junior Genevieve Marie Chavez Imperial, CA Sophomore Ibeth Chavez Anaheim, CA Freshman Javier Gutierrez Chavez Imperial, CA Linguistics (BA), Junior Jeannette Chavez Santa Paula, CA English (BA) Jorge Alberto Chavez Gordena, CA History (B.A), Junior Joseph M Chavez Reseda, CA English IB A.), Junior Lucero Chavez Huntington Park, CA English (BA) Maria Lucia Chavez Los Angeles, CA Politicol Science (B A.) Scott Alan Chavez Riverside, CA English (BA), Junior Silvia Chavez Huntington Pork, CA Freshmon Tanya Rene Chavez Norwalk CA Physiological Science (B.S.) Tiffany W Chavez Tay Monterey Park, CA English {B.A), Senior Alpha Delta Pi. IM Basketball, Spnng Sing Aaron M Chavira Lancaster, CA Pre Psychology, Junior Verenice Chavoya-Perez Tutelake, CA Pre Political Science, Freshman Proyecto De Jomoleros Nikhil Chawla Cupertino, CA Biology (B.S), Sophomore Liang Che San Gabriel, CA Computer Science (B.S), Junior Patrick Y Che Southlake, TX Biochemistry (BS), Senior Cathy Sok Chea Sacramento, CA Psychology (B A) Lylin Chea Rosemead, CA Chemical Engineering (B.S.) Rosanna Lynn Chea Gorden Grove, CA Classical Civilization (B.A ). Anthropology, Senior Volunteer For I To I, Summo Cum Laude Grade Point Average 3.926 Susanne Chea Vista, CA Biology (B.S.), Junior Jonathan Wei-Seng Cheah Cupertino, CA Pre Microbiology, Immunology, ond Molecular Genetics, Junior Lauren Ashley Cheak Benicio, CA Anthropology (B.A), Freshman Christina Chee Son Jose, CA Economics (BA), Accounting, Senior Student Accounting Society, Undergroduote Business, Society Evelyn Hannah Chee Union City, CA Art Hrstory (B.A.) Amrita Kaur Cheema Granite Bay, CA Biology (BS), Sophomore Rupinder Cheema Chotsworth, CA Anthropology (B.S.) Patrick Brvce Cheetham Logunu Miguel CA Mechanicol Engineering (B.S.), Freshman Lauren Marie Cheever Los Angeles, CA Women ' s Studies (B.A), Junior Dina Abdel Chehata Downey, CA Sophomore Roberta Van Chek San Jose, CA Biology (B.S), Sophomore Christopher John Chellsen Eugene, OR English (BA), Masters Poetry And Prose Lee Chelouche Irvine, CA Prebusiness Economics, Junior Faith Dianne Cheltenham Los Angeles, CA History (B.A ) Aaron Hwa Chen Fremont, CA Electrical Engineering (8.S ), Sophomore Adeline Chen Hercules, CA Sophomore 2004-200S Office Of Residential Life Stuff, University Communications Advisory Committee, Unofficial Guide To UCLA Albert Chen Foster City, CA Political Science (B.A.), History, Senior Alexander Chen Temple City, CA Electrical Engineering (B.S ), Junior Alice I-Chi Chen Haciendo Heights, CA Prebusiness Economics, Accounting, Education, Freshmon Leadership Intern Progrom, Brum Olympics Allen Chen San Francisco, CA Computer Science and Engineering (B.S.), Sophomore Amenda-Ming Chen San Gabriel, CA Molhemotics, Applied (B.S.) Andre Ta y Chen Redondo Beach, CA Mathematics (B.S), Freshman Piono, Break Dancing, Under Groduate Motti Student Association Andrew Christopher Chen Son Jose, CA Electrical Engineering IBS) Freshman Andrew Yi-Shuang Chen San Gabriel, CA Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology (B.S.), Sophomore Andy Chih Chen Roncho Palos Verdes, CA Sophomore Angela Chen Riverside, CA Pre Psychology, Junior Annie L Chen Chotsworth, CA Pre Psychology Annie Chen Montville, NJ Pre Psychology, Sophomore Anny Chen Los Angeles, CA Sociology (B A .), Junior Baoshan Chen Monterey Park, CA Economics (BA.), Junior Benjamin Nengbing Chen Irvine, CA Geography Environmental Studies (B.A.) Bonnie Chen Los Altos, CA Economics (B.A.) Charlie Chen Los Angeles, CA Biology (B.S), Junior Chien Yu Chen Son Jose. CA Electrical Engineering (8.S ), Freshman Chris Chen Fremont, CA Psychology (BA), Junior Christopher H Chen Haciendo Heights, CA Pre Psychobiology, Junior Clifford Chinwei Chen Mountain View, CA Chemical Engineering (B S), Sophomore Connie Y Chen Anaheim, CA Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology (B.S.), Sophomore ACA, APAMSA Connie Chen Chino Hills, CA Pre Economics Cynthia Bing Chen Palo Alto, CA Cynthia S Chen Wolnut, CA Biology IBS) Cynthia Snarling Chen Yorbo Linda, CA Biology (B.S.), Sophomore Danni Chen Daly City, CA David Shaun Chen San Francisco, CA Economics International Area Studies (B A I Accounting, Senior Denise Anne Chen Arcodia. CA Biochemistry (B.S.), Comparative Lileralure, Senior Diana Yun-Shin Chen Westlake Village, CA World Arts and Cultures (B A.I Sophomore Edwina Chen Biochemistry (B.S.) Eileen Chen Rowland Heights, CA Pre Microbiology, Immunology, ond Molecular Genetics Emily H Chen Arcodia, CA Civil Engineering (B.S.), Junior Ethan Chen San Diego, CA Computer Science and Engineering (B.S), Sophomore Felicia Chen Lo Canada, CA George Chang Chen Santo Barbara CA Pre Psychology Gina Wen-Shen Chen Rosemead, CA Prebusiness Economics, Philosophy, Sophomore Gordon Yungchu Chen Cypress los Alamitos, CA Bioengineering (B.S ), Sophomore Grace Anna Chen Los Angeles, CA Pre Politicol Science, Junior Grace Annts Chen Clovis, CA Grace Chialing Chen Walnut, CA Pre Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics, Psychology, Freshmon Books, Reading, Anime Grace Chen Walnut, CA Biology (B S], Juntoi Grant Lin Chen Santa Barbara, CA Sociology (BA) Hai Chen Temple City, CA Political Science (BA), Junior Hamilton Tze-Ying Chen Downey, CA Business Economics (BA), Junior Hao-Ching Chen San Gabriel, CA Pre Economics Helen S Chen La Mirada, CA Neuroscience (B.S ), Junior Henry Chen Oakland, CA Pre Psychology Hsien-Kang Chen Los Angeles, CA Mathematics, Applied (B.S.) Hung-Ming Chen San Jose, CA Electrical Engineering (B.S.) Sophomore Huoy J Chen Alhambra, CA Sociology (BA), Junior Huoy Miin Chen Alhambra, CA Electrical Engineering (B.S), Senior IEEE I-Hsien Chen Moreno Volley, CA Economics (BA) I-Ming Chen Vista, CA Computer Science and Engineering (B.S.) Irene Yi-Chun Chen Wolnut, CA Joponese(BA), Junior Jacqueline Y Chen Rowland Heights, CA International Development Studies (BA) James Lin Chen Los Angeles, CA Electrical Engineering (B.S ) James Yuhtyng Chen Gold River, CA Sophomore James Chen Son Jose, CA Prebusiness Economics, Sophomore Jan Yi Chen Monterey Pork, CA Junior Janice Tzuyin Chen Rosemeod, CA East Asian Studies (BA) Jason Chen Campbell, CA Electrical Engineering IBS) Junior Jeff Chen Los Altos, CA Electrical Engineering (B.S.) Jeffrey Chen Cypress, CA Mechanical Engineering (B.S), Junior Jennifer J Chen Arcadia, CA Computer Science and Engineering (B.S), Sophomore Jennifer Yishen Chen Arcadia, CA Biology (B.S.), Senior Kids Corner Club Jennifer Chen San Diego, CA Chemical Engineering (B.S.), Junior Jenny I-Chen Chen Anaheim, CA Physiological Science (B.S.) Jesse Chien-Hsu Chen Los Angeles, CA Electrical Engineering (B.S), Sophomore John Jianing Chen Fremont, CA Sophomore Josephine Chen Fountain Valley, CA Computer Science and Engineering (B.S.), Junior Joshua Jay Chen Palo Alto, CA Prebusiness Economics Joyce Chiehan Chen Fullerton, CA Biology IBS.) Joyce Wen-Tsen Chen Arcadia, CA Business Economics (BA), Junior Joyce Chen Pleasantan, CA Biochemistry (B.S.), Sophomore Julia Chen Pasadena, CA Cybernetics (B.S.), Junior Justine Frances Chen Irvine, CA Justine Chen Elk Grove, CA Sophomore Kelly Chen Yorbo Undo, CA Design | Medio Arts (BA), Sophomore Animation Club, Tennis, Music Kevin Charles Chen Los Altos Hills, CA Bioengineering (B.S.), Sophomore Keye Dusan Chen Haciendo Heights, CA Biology (B.S), Junior NSU Modern Kuang-Yui Michael Chen tlorthfidge CA Biochemistry (B.S), Sophomore Leo Yu Chen Los Angeles, CA Chemicol Engineering (B.S.) Lillian Chih-Li Chen San Diego, CA English (B.A ) Philosophy, Senior Study Abrood • Sheffield. United Kingdom, Outdoof Club, Bodpodmg, Running, Democratic. Campaign . ■ ■ Linda Tsai Chen WetfCovino CA Mechomcol Engineering (B S ) Junior Lucy Chen Culver City CA Biochemistry (B S ) Junior Lynn Chen Danville CA Pie Microbiology Immunology and Molecular Genetics Freshman Margaret P Chen Mission Vie|0 CA Molhemctics Applied (BS), Freshmon Mark Augustine Chen Devon, PA Monne Biology (BS). Senioi Scotteitones, ORL. Kappa Kappa Psi, Moichmg Band Marvin Chen Hociendo Heights, CA Aerospoce Engineering (B.S.) ton man. Michael C Chen Saratoga, CA Biochemistry IBS), Sophomore Michael Ying-Hsuan Chen Sanlo Ana, CA FJectricol Engineering (B.S.), Sophomore Molly Chen San Diego, CA Communication Studies (B.A.), Junior Natalie Pai Chen Irvine, CA Biology [BS ), Sophomore Olivia Chen Cupertino, CA Neuroscience (BS. ) Patricia Chung-Pei Chen Pre Psychobiology Patricia Shipei Chen Westlake Village. CA MathematiG, Applied (B S ), Junior Patricia Chen Hoyword, CA Sociology (B.A.J, Junior Priscilla Chen Cerritos, CA Political Science (B.A ) Qian Chen Sunnyvale, CA Mechanical Engineering (B.S.), Sophomore Rebecca Sze Eng Chen Hociendo Heights, CA Chemicol Engineering (8.S.), Junior Renee Tran Chen Rowland Heights, CA Physiological Science (B S ) Ricardo Chen Alhambro, CA Mathematics (BS), Junior Robert M Chen San Marino, CA Pre Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics, Junior Robert Chen Arcadia, CA Political Science (B A } Samson Yeh-Yang Chen Son Marino, CA English (BA). Junior Sandra Wei-Jen Chen Psychobiology IBS) Shanon Chen Cerritos, CA Pre Psychobiology, Junior Sharon Yuan Chen Tucson, AZ Prebusiness Economics, Junior Shijia Chen Diamond Bor, CA Physiological Science (B.S.), Sophomore Si vie Chen Palo Alto, CA Sophomore Stephanie Chen Polo Alto CA Economics (BA.) Stephen Kevin Chen Oronge CA Pre Political Science, Junior Stephen Wyman Chen Edina. MN Mechanical Engineering (BS.) Steven Chih-Hao Chen Walnut. CA Biochemistry (BS.) Sunny She Chen Meso.AZ Business Economics (B A ] Junior Tabitha Nein-Tzu Chen Walnut Creek, CA Pre Microbiology, Immunology, ond Molecular Genetics, Sophomore Tammy Chen Son Gabriel, CA Sociology (B.A), Junior Ted S Chen Arcadia, CA Freshmon Grace On Campus Tiffany Sheng Chen Walnut CA Business Economics (B.A.) Junior Tiffany Chen Cypress, CA Mathematics Economics (BS), Junior Timothy Chen South Pasadena, CA Music (B.A.), Freshman Timothy Chen Temple City, CA Computer Science and Engineering (B.S.) Tommy Chen South El Monte, CA Freshman IM Sports Basketball And Football, IM Referee Tracy Shih-Chieh Chen Cloremont, CA Biology (B.S. ), Senior Chi Alpha Delta Sorority Tsu-Ping Chen Anaheim, CA Biochemistry (B.S.) Vivian Wei-Yi Chen Los Altos, CA Sociology (BA), Sophomore Wei Daphne Chen San Fernando, CA Mechanical Engineering (B.S.) Bible, Grace Community Church, Tennis, Bridge, Horry Porter, LOTR Wei-Hao Howard Chen Diamond Bar, CA Computer Science ond Engineering (B.S.), Junior Wendy Chen Palo Alto, CA Biochemistry (B.S.), Japanese, Public Health, Junior AMSA, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Resident Assistant, CPR first Aid Instructor, Core Extender, Community Outreoch, Prevention, And Education William Chen Son Marino, CA Mechanical Engineering (B.S), Sophomore Wilson Jianbo Chen Son Francisco, CA Electrical Engineering (BS.) Xandus Chen Arcadia, CA Moleculor, Cell ond Developmental Biology IBS.) Xiu Mei Chen Son Francisco, CA Freshman Bruin Ladies Ultimate, Doily Brum Photographer Xujian Chen Oakland, CA Prebusiness Economics. Junior Yee Chen Belmont, CA Mechonuol Engineering (B S ), Junior Yen Chun Chen Irvine, CA Prebusiness Economics Junior Yen Chen Davis, CA Musk (8 A ) Yen-Chun Chen Moreno Volley, CA Aerospace Engineering (BS.) Yibing Chen Thousand Oaks, CA Pre Psychobiology, Junior Yi-Ling Emily Chen Sunnyvale, CA Communication Studies (B.A), Junior Yu Chen Baldwin Park, CA Chemical Engineering (8.S.) Yun Chan Chen San Pedro, CA Atmospheric, Oceanic and Environmental Sciences (B.S.) Zhao Zhen Chen Monterey Pork, CA Economics lnternotionol Area Sludies (B.A.) Zorina Goldie Chen Son Diego, CA Communication Studies (B.A ), Junior Courtney Michelle Cheney Mission Viejo. CA Communication Studies (B.A.), Sophomore Campus Crusode For Chnsl, Alumni Scholars Club, Moke A Wish Club, Colleges Agoinst Concer, Wedding Coordinating, UCLA Musical Theater Workshop Elizabeth E Cheney Pasodeno, CA History (B.A.), French, Sophomore Irish Bond-Flute, Saxophone, Historical Dance, Association Adrian Mo-Sen Cheng Hillsborough, CA Physics (B.S.), Mathematics Alan Darren Cheng Rowlond Heights, CA Freshmon Annie Cheng Rosemead, CA Physiological Science (B.S.) Belinda Cheng Newport Coast, CA Linguistics ond Psychology (BA.) Christopher K Cheng Son Diego, CA Biochemistry (B.S.) Clara Yi-Ting Cheng Cerritos, CA Music (BA) Connie Ya Cheng Cerritos, CA Psychology (B.A), Junior David Shichun Cheng Villa Park, CA Biology (B.S .), Junior Deanna Cheng Son Jose, CA Biochemistry (B.S), Freshmon Gloria H. Cheng Diamond Bar, CA Pre Psychobiology, Sophomore Helen Hsin-Wen Cheng Suisun City, CA Sociology (B.A), East Asian Languoges And Cultures, Freshmon Circle K, Colleges Agonist Concer (Relay For life), Animal Welfare Association Henry Cheng Cerritos, CA Biology (B.S.), Junior Herman Shiu Lun Cheng Calgary. AB Electrical Engineering (B.S.), Sophomore Irene Cheng Los Angeles, CA Mothematirs, Applied (BS) Irene Cheng Villa Park, CA Biology (BS). Junior Jeffrey Kevin Cheng Fremont, CA Sophomore Jennifer Shana Cheng los Angeles, CA Prebusiness Economics, Junior Jessica Shih-Lan Cheng Chino Hills, CA Computer Science (B.S), Malhemolics, Senior Johnny Cheng-Han Cheng Los Angeles, CA Electrical Engineering (B.S) Julie Won-Ching Cheng Cupertino, CA Physiological Science (B.S.) Kenny Kai-Jen Cheng El Monte, CA Biology (BS.) Kevin Leo Cheng Hillsborough, CA Freshman Mark Ying Chong Cheng Arcadia, CA Computer Science (BS), Junior Michelle Cheng Sausalito, CA East Asian Sludies (B.A), Junior Mindy Hiu Man Cheng Temple City, CA Economics (B.A.) Ming-Ju Cheng Torrance, CA Mathematics, Applied (B.S.) Junior Paul Cheng Temple City, CA English (B.A ), Japanese, Senior Qian Wen Cheng Son Francisco, CA Mechonical Engineering (B.S), Junior Scott Cheng Temple City, CA Freshmon Shao-Shao Cheng San Diego, CA Design 1 Media Arts IB A.) Sophomore Thales Jonas Cheng H ociendo Heights, CA Biology (B.S.) Scuba Diving, Performance Driving Timmy Cheng Taipei, Taiwan Pre Microbiology, Immunology, and Moleculor Genetics, Chinese, Freshmon Wei-Hsing Cheng Hacienda Heights, CA Prebusiness Economics Wendy Yin-Kei Cheng South Pasadena, CA Psychobiology (B.S. ), Junior William Joseph Cheng Temple City, CA Microbiology. Immunology, and Molecular Genetics (B S ), Freshman Xibin Cheng Diamond Bor, CA Junior Yujie Cheng Rowlond Heights, CA Biochemistry (B S ). Junior Nancy Chenh Simi Volley CA Communication Studies (B.A ), Economics AACF, Chomps Hani Cherazaie Los Angeles, CA Chemistry (B.S.) Ladan D Cherenegar Sanlo Barbara, CA Freshman Edward Arshag Cherkezian Glendole CA Sociology (B.A), Junior Albert Chern Coitc Madera, CA Computer Science and Engineering (B S), freshmon Albert Chern Fountain Valley, CA Computer Science (B S ), Junior Alice Mei-Hui Cherng Arcadia, CA Economics (B A), Accoun ting, Senior Musk Irina Chernishof Conyon Country, CA Moleculor, Cell and Developmental Biology (BS), Junior Christopher Benjamin Chernoff Pacific Polisades, CA Design | Media Arts (B.A.), Sophomore Brandie June Chernow hiyuiHi Niguel, CA Theater (B A.) Alexandra Beth Cherry Encino, CA Prebusiness Economics, Junior Timothy John Cherry Moraga, CA Sophomore April Marie Chesebro San Diego, CA Alio American Studies (B A ) Junior Desiree Sara Chesler Encino, CA Economics (B.A.), Junior Jessica L Chessani Fillmore, CA History Arl History (B.A.) Michael Austin Chester Santo Monica, CA Pre Economics Pamela Yanwing Cheuk Vorbo Linda, CA Prebusiness Economics, Junior Alice F Cheung Cerritos, CA Pre Psychology Amelia Wan-Tin Cheung San Francisco, CA Angela Cheung Son Francisco, CA Prebusiness Economics Ben Cheung Los Angeles, CA Electrical Engineering (B.S), freshman Benjamin Cheung Arcadia, CA Pre Psychology, Sophomore Benny Cheung Oakland, CA Electrical Engineering (B.S.) Brian Cheung Fremont, CA Electrical Engineering (B.S), Junior Carina Puiwai Cheung Sacramento, CA Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics (B.S,), Junior Caroline Man Ting Cheung Torronce, CA Biochemistry (B.S), Classics, Junior UCLA Drogonboot Charlene Win Sann Cheung Son Diego, CA Political Science (B A.) Crystal Cheung Trocy, CA Sociology (B.A ). Asion American Studies Danny Wa Cheung San Gobriel, CA Computer Science (B.S.), Junior Diana E Cheung Rosemead, CA Mathematics, Applied (B.S.), Freshman Diana Sievvan Cheung Torrance, CA Economics- ■ International Area Studies (B A), Senior Edmond Cheung San froncisco, CA Pre Political Science Henry H Cheung Los Angeles, CA Art History (B.A), Design, Media Arts, Freshman Hiutung Cheung Los Angeles, CA Electrical Engineering (B.S.) Janice K Cheung San Froncisco, CA Pre Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics, Sophomore lennifer Suet Man Cheung Fremont, CA Economics (B.A.) Jia-Lor Derrick Cheung Bokersfield, CA Chemistry (B.S), Junior Kai Cheung Fremont, CA Economics lnternotionol Areo Studies (B.A), Junior Karlsen Cheung Lofoyette, CA Economics (B.A.) Kelly Cheung Son Morino, CA Business Economics (BA.) Mandy Cheung Anaheim, CA Biochemistry (B.S.) Marcie Mie Zee Cheung Sarologo, CA Mathematics Economics (8.S.), Sophomore Raymond M Cheung Fremont, CA Electrical Engineering (B.S), Senior ESUC Stacey Man Yan Cheung Son Marino, CA Prebusiness Economics Tiffany Ann Cheung Orange, CA Business Economics (B.A.) Timothy Sak Cheung Los Altos Hills, CA Mechanical Engineering (B.S), Junior Wing Ho Cheung Alhambro, CA History (B.A), Ancient Neor Eastern Language And Culture Educohon Abroad, Traveling Yee Yan Cheung Son Froncisco, CA Sophomore Gardenia Chunchih Cheung-Lau Ontario, CA Biochemistry (B.S.) Ai-Mun Chew South San Francisco, CA Women ' s Studies (B.A.) Jee Eun Naomi Chew Hociendo His, CA History (B.A), Junior Jonathan Jamesway Chew Los Alios, CA Pre Economics, Sophomore Lindsay Renee Chew Northridge, CA Sociology (B.A), Polilicol Science, Junior Alpha Delto Pi Samuel Yoo-Teng Chew San Jose, CA Junior Sara Chew Son Bernardino, CA Biochemistry (B.S.) Chava Chezar Los Angeles, CA Physiologicol Science (B.S), Junior Chantheary Chhay Long Beach, CA History (B.A.), Polilicol Science 23 CD n o -i c o o u CD Q Chi Alpha Delta Sorority Saradin Chhim Paramount, CA Psychology (8.A.) Seririthanar Chhith Long Beach, CA Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology (B.S.) Andrea Hsiao Wei Chi Monlerey Park, CA Biology (B.S.I, Junior Annie C Chi Bueno Pork, CA Biochemistry (B.S,), Junior Chi-Tung Claire Chi Fremont, CA Computer Science IBS.) Christina Chi Fullerton, CA International Development Studies (B.A .), Asian languages, Korean, Sophomore Debbie Pei Chi San Marino, CA Psychology (B.A.), Sophomore Floria Wei Chi San Jose, CA Neuroscience (B.S.), Music History, Junior Gary Glenn Chi Downey, CA Mathematics, Applied (B.S), Sophomore Grace Jing-Yi Chi El Monte, CA Prehusiness Economics, Accounting, Eost Asian Languages, Sophomore UCLA Circle K, FBLA- Phi Beto Lambda, UCLA Vita Li-Chia Chi Northridge, CA Moltiemotics, Applied (B.S), Junior Roy Weh-Sen Chi Alto Loma, CA Pre Psychology, Junior Soomie Chi Irvine, CA Freshman KSA, Honoolim Stephanie Wen Chi Arcadia, CA Jorge Alberto Chia Monterey Park, CA Mathematics, Applied (B.S), Junior Randy C Chia Fountain Valley, CA Agnes L Chiang South Posodena, CA Psychobiology (B.S.) Andrew Chang-Hsuan Chiang Arcadia, CA Aerospace Engineering (B.S), Junior Benjamin J Chiang Comorillo CA Electrical Engineering (B.S.) Charleston Wen-Kai Chiang Rowlond Heights, CA Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics IBS), Mathematics, Statistics, Senior Human Genetics Cheng-Hsueh Sindy Chiang Arcadia, CA Statistic (B.S.) Christina Yann-Ru Chiang Arcadia, CA Pre Psychology, Classical Civilization, Junior Grace Heng Chiang El Cerrito, CA Junior I-Chen Annie Chiang Arcadia, CA Sociology (B.A.), Japanese, Junior Taiwanese Amencan Union, UCLA Marching Band, Japanese Student Association James Hsin-Yu Chiang Sonlo Clorita, CA Mechanical Engineering (B.S.) Jer-Wei Chiang Sarotoga, CA Electrical Engineering (B S), Biomedical, Senior Jessica Jing-Shiuan Chiang Irvine, CA Biology (B.S), Sophomore Kevin D Chiang Hacienda Heights, CA Physiological Science (B.S.) Melinda Wency Chiang Huntington Beoch, CA Computer Science IBS.} Michael I Chiang Cupertino, CA Sociology (B.A.), Junior Michael Jyh-Gang Chiang Arcadia, CA Physiological Science IBS) Junior Michael Chiang Irvine, CA Materials Engineering (B.S), Junior Michael Chiang Rowland Heights, CA Political Science (B.A.) Pauline Chiang Los Angeles, CA Mechanical Engineering (B.S), Junior Ruth Jou Chiang Tempe, AZ Pre Psychobiology, Junior Tsun Hui Chiang Pasadena, CA Civil Engineering (B.S.), Junior Wei Diana Chiang Son Jose, CA Computer Science and Engineering (B.S), Sophomore Yuan Kai Chiang Cerritos, CA Computer Science and Engineering (B.S.) Abby Chianglin Arcodia, CA Pre Psychology, Art History, Junior Chi Alpha Delta Sorority Hellen Chiao Son Jose, CA Pre Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics Kevin Chiao Cupertino, CA English (B.A.), Junior David Z Chiba Morago, CA Chemicol Engineering (8.S.), Sophomore Elizabeth N Chiba Morogo, CA World Arts and Cultures (B.A.), Sophomore Naomi Chiba Los Angeles, CA Art History (B.A), Junior Ken Chibana Lokewood, CA East Asian Studies (BA) Nana Chibukhchian Glendole CA Political Science (B.A.), Junior Quyen Ngoc Chiem Riverside, CA Microbiology, Immunology, ond Molecular Genetics (B.S.) Chia-Chun Chien la Habra, CA Pre Economics, Junior Daniel Chi en Danville, CA Physiological Science IBS.), Junior David Yung-An Chien Cupertino, CA Computer Science ond Engineering (B.S.), Freshman Emily S. Chien San Jose, CA Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology (B.S), Freshman Irving Chien Saratoga, CA Prehusiness Economics, Sophomore Basketball. Chillin Wherever you are an whatever you do in the world, we will be proud of you. Jessie Ann-Yu Chien San Jose, CA Art (B.A), Junior Joyce Chien Montebello, CA Prebusiness Economic Marisa Court Chien La Jolla CA English IB A ] Sophomore This is fust the beginning Michelle Chien Rowland Heights, CA Biology (B SI, Junior Oliver Hsin H Chien Fountain Valley, CA Anthropology (B.A), Junior Shih-Chieh Chien Cerritos, CA Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology IBS) Junior Ying Chien Psychology (B.A.), Economics, Junior Yuju Chien Diamond Bar, CA Sociology (B A.), Junior Yiyoung Chiew Los Angeles, CA Marc Child Son Froncisco, CA Astrophysics (B.S), Sophomore Our best wishes for continued success, good times, and personal enrichment Michael David Childress Los Angeles, CA Psychology (B.A.), Junior Carlos Chilin Los Angeles, CA Psychology (B.A ), Junior Emily Rae Chillemi Folsom, CA Political Science (B.A.), Junior Susan Chim Houston, TX Psychology (B.A.), Senior Chi Alpha Delta Soronty, Hip Hop Dance, Singing, Ncruto, Boogie Boarding, Samohang Modem, ACA Hip Hop Stella Chimal Los Angeles, CA Prebusiness Economic Aisha Chin San Francisco, CA Biology (BS.) Allison Gee Chin Son Rofael, CA Biology (BS.) Association Of Chinese Amencons, Lion Donee, Martial Arts, Skiing Andrew Scott Chin Alameda, CA Aerospace Engineering (B.S), Freshman Annie Chin West Covino, CA Biology (B S ) Brian Daniel Chin Von Nuys, CA Electrical Engineering (B.S.) Brian Chin Arcadia, CA Mechanical Engineering IBS) Cristina Elaine Chin Torronce, CA Economics Inter national Area Studies (B.A.), Junior Daniel Albert Chin San Jose, CA Economic (BA) Daniel Stephen Chin Sacramento, CA Civil Engineering (B.S), Junior Elizabeth W-K Chin Reedley, CA Pre Economics, Freshmon Gordon Yoren Chin Cupertino, CA Electrical Engineering (B.S), Freshman Heather Marie Chin Pleasonton, CA Sophomore Helen L Chin Son Francisco, CA Biology (BS) Jean W Chin Reedley, CA Jenna Kristyne Chin Alamo, CA Pre Psychology, ADP Educotion, Freshman Tae Bo, Ballet donee, House Government, Tutoring working With Children, Psi Chi Jenny Po Chin Son Froncisco, CA East Asian Studies (B.A.), Junior Jeremy Matthew Chin Oakland, CA Computer Science and Engineering (B.S.), Junior Mabel Lee Chin Fremont, CA Biology (B.S), Junior Melissa Ann Chin Monterey Park, CA Psychology (B.A.), Junior Michael Katsuo Chin Sougus, CA Mathematics, Applied (B.S.), Junior Randall Marcelo Chin Von Nuys, CA Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology (B.S.) Sallie Chin Alhombro, CA Biology IBS ) Freshman Shannon J Chin Modesto, CA English (BA), Junior UCLA Women ' s Club Woter Polo, Brumrunners Sharon Shih-Lan Chin Huntington Beoch. CA Communication Studies (B.A), Junior Stephanie Ann Chin Psychology (B.A.), French, Francophone Studies, Senior Intervarsity Bruin Chnstian Fellowship, HAPA Club, UCLA Women ' s Rugby Tammy Angela Chin San Francisco, CA Physiological Science (B.S.), Senior Alpha Phi Omega Coed Fraternity Tiffany Alice Chin Alhombro, CA Americon Literature ond Culture (BA), Education, Sophomore Watts Tutorial Program, Instructor For English Conversation Progrom, Navigators Fellowship Victoria J. Chin New York, NY Political Science, Sophomore Virginia Maggi Chin Cupertino, CA Prebusiness Economics, Freshman Frances Ganderin Chinchilla Los Angeles, CA Pre History, Junior Anny Ching Son Froncisco, CA Physiological Science (B.S.), Classics UCLA Dragon Boat Club Team, Phi Delta Epsilon; Professional Pre-Med Fraternity, Core Extender Volunteer Bunny Ching Norwalk, CA Biology (B.S), Junior Evan Michael Ching Diamond Bar, CA Mark Yun-Min Ching Son Gabriel, CA Chemical Engineering (8.S.), Sophomore Nicholas Yoshio Ching Albany, CA Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics (B.S.), Senior UCLA Circle K Shu Ching Arcadia, CA Prebusiness Economics, Junior Stephanie Erin Ching Honolulu, HI English (B.A), Junior Tony Yu Ching Los Angeles, CA Mathematics, Applied (B.S.) Van Ching Hocienda Heights, CA Psychology (B.A.), Junior Brandon Michael Chinn Westloke Village, CA Junior Christopher Wayne Chinn Foster City, CA Freshman Chris, follow your dreams and nevergive up on your beliefs. Love, Worn, Dad Jen Laney Lynn Chinn Los Angeles, CA Physiologicol Science (B.S.), Freshman Music, Art, Soxon G-Urtit External Vice President Meka Mei-Jun Chinn Sacramento, CA Biology (BS ), Senior Nikkei Student Union, Co-Ed Intramural Stella Chio Comorillo, CA Pre Psychology, Freshman Christina Chiou Irvine, CA Political Science IB A ) Junior Nicholas Chiou Upland CA Microbiology, Immunology, ond Molecular Genetics (B.S ), Junior Vicki Wanjing Chiou Loke Forest, CA Chemical Engineering (B.S.) Junior Yilin Chiou Anaheim, CA Prebusiness Economics Kaili Shevaun Chipman Santo Cruz, CA Ad History (B.A.), Junior Linda Elizabeth Chiriac Los Angeles, CA History (B.A.) Robin Natalie Chiriboga Santa Fe, NM Prebusiness Economics, Freshman Kappo Kappa Gamma Tanya M Chisholm Los Angeles, CA Theater (B.A.) Allison Rae Chislock Cypress, CA Sociology (B.A.), History, Senior Softboll Issac Chitica Los Angeles, CA Sociology IB A ) Junior Vida Chitsazzadeh West Hills, CA Biology (B.S), Junior Cecilia Lok Chi Chiu Pinole, CA Freshman Chan Tzu Chiu Villa Park, CA Biology (BS), Junior Cheryl Chiu Fremont, CA Sophomore Daryl Chiu Walnut, CA Mecha nical Engineering (B S ), Sophomore Diana Chak-Kai Chiu Los Angeles, CA Prebusiness Economics Henry Ml Chiu Alhombro, CA Biology (B.S), Junior Hsiao-Chieh Chiu Walnut, CA Pre Psychology, Junior Jason Y Chiu Morogo, CA Mechanical Engineering (B.S.), Junior Jessica C Chiu Orlando, FL Pre Psychology, Freshman Jonathan Chiu Temple City, CA Juan-We Chiu Los Angeles, CA Pre Psychobiology Ka Lee Chiu Alhombro, CA Prebusiness Economics, Sophomore Kaela Bess Chiu Rolling Hills Estates, CA Pre Psychobiology, Junior Kathleen Marie Chiu Sarotoga,, CA Physiologicol Science (B.S), Eost Asian Languages, Senior Kenneth Michael Chiu Scotls Valley, CA Freshmon Ko-Hsin Chiu Modesto, CA Mathematics, Applied (B.S), Junior Ko-Jui Chiu Modesto, CA Pre Psychology, Junior Samantha Chiu San Francisco, CA Sociology (B.A.) Suzanne Shuk Ting Chiu Son Francisco, CA Psychology (B.A,), Junior Yuming Albert Chiu Hociendo Heights, CA Music (B.A.), Junior Alex R Chivarsky, Jr Son Jose, CA Pre Political Science, Junior Gayane Chivitchian Los Angeles, CA Sociology (B.A.), Developmental Psychology, Junior ASA, James Han-Jian Ch ' Ng Nashville, Til Geography (B.A.) Albert Cho Downey, CA Pre Economics, Junior Alice Kyungjin Cho Roncho Polos Verdes, CA Electrical Engineering (B.S.) Andrew J Cho Lo Crescenta, CA Molecular, Cell ond Developmental Biology (B.S.), Junior Andrew Juan Cho Irvine, CA Biology (BS.), Sophomore Angela Cho Fullerton, CA Communication Studies (B.A.), Junior Brandon Hyun-Woo Cho Santo Rosa, CA Biochemistry (B.S.), Freshman Charles H Cho Costro Volley, CA Internotionol Development Studies (B.A.), Freshmon Chris Hyunjo Cho Lo Habra CA Economics International Area Studies (B.A.) Christine Hyon Cho Los Angeles, CA Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics (BS), Senior Christine Jungyon Cho Buena Park, CA Mathematics Economics (B.S.) David Namkuk Cho Mission Viejo, CA Prebusiness Economics, Accounting, Junior Edward Rockwon Cho Thousand Oaks, CA Psychology (BA), Junior Eileen Becky Cho Pomona, CA English (B A 1 Senior UCA. Pocifiches Ellen Eonsnn Cho Bokersfield CA Pre Psychobiology, freshmon Eric Mvun Cho Los Alomilos CA Business Economics |B A .). Senior RoQanls Sthuta Snotty Esther Sanghee Cho Anaheim CA Sociology (B A ) Junior Grace Oh Cho Roncho Cucamongo CA Physics (B.S) faehyun Cho Norwolk CA Biochemistiy IBS .), Junior James J Cho Garden Grove, CA Computer Science ond Engineering IB S), Junior loann Cho Union City, CA Design | Medio Arts (B A ! Junior loanne |ee- Young Cho Los Angeles, CA Philosophy (B.A.), Junior John Ho Cho Chotsworth CA Biology IBS] Freshman Joseph Cho Son Jose, CA Mathematics Applied (B.S .), Junior Katherine Young Ah Cho Diamond Bar CA History (BA.), Sophomore Kyunghee Cho Ventura, CA Chemistry (8 S), English, Senior Mathew J Cho Son Jose, CA Pre Psychology, Junior Matthew Yankin Cho Aiuso, CA Biochemistry (B.S.) Michael Sung Cho La Habra, CA Art I B A ) Michael Yum Cho Los Angeles, CA Business Economics (B.A.), Junior Michael Yun Cho Reseda. CA History (BA.) Junior Photogrophy, Video Gomes Michael Cho Religion, Study of (BA.), Junior Min Cheol Cho Sunlond, CA Biology (B.S.), Freshman Minja Cho Beverly Hills, CA Molecular, Cell ond Developmental Biology (B.S), Junior Nathanael Sungfwi Cho Irvine, CA Religion, Study of (BA.), Junior Peter Hoon Cho Son Diego, CA Chemical Engineering (B .S.I, Junior Peter Kwan Hyoung Cho Los Angeles, CA Anthropology (BA.), Junior Peter Young Cho Los Angeles, CA Rebekah Myungjin Cho Fullerton, CA Communication Studies (BA.), Junior Ruth Sanga Cho English (BA.), Freshman Sang Cho In Canada. CA Junior Se Hoon Cho Los Angeles, CA Pre Political Science Shannon Seyoung Lee Cho Los Angeles, CA English (BA.), Junior Sung Woo Cho Burlingome, CA Sophomore Susan Yong Cho Lo Mirodo. CA Economics (BA.), Junior Susan Cho Torrance, CA Pre Psychobiology, Junior Tina E Cho Chmo Hills, CA Communicotion Studies (BA .), Junior Ting Cho Hociendo Heights. CA Biochemistry (B.S.) Won Young Cho Tucson, AZ Pre Psychology Yangnae Cho La Crescento, CA Biochemistry (B.S.), Junior Yoon Jin Cho Sunland, CA Psychology (BA.), Education, Freshman Yun Hui Cho Gardeno, CA Art History (BA.|, English, Junior Ramakrishna Kant Chodavarapu Los Angeles, CA Molecular Cell and Developmental Biology IBS.) Alexander Choe Chmo Hills, CA Pre Psychobiology, Junior Gina Choe Loguno Hills, CA International Development Studies (B.A ), Junior Moon Jung Choe Los Angeles, CA Asian American Studies (BA.), Junior Young Kwang Choe Torronce, CA Sophomore Yvonne Miya Choe Temple Gty, CA Pre Psychology, Junior Andy Choi Glendale, CA Computer Science (B.S.) Anna Choi Cerritos, CA Communication Studies (B.A.) Annie Sook Choi Downey, CA Freshman Annie Choi Corson, CA History (BA.), Junior Ashley J Choi Lafayette, CA Physiologicol Science (B.S.), Freshman Carol N Choi Alhombro, CA Mothemotics Economics (B S), Junior Carolyn S Choi Bueno Pork, CA Pre Politicol Science, Freshmen Caros Uciah Choi Rowiond Heights, CA Political Science (B A.) Charlene A Choi Orange, CA Sophomore Christina Sun Hwa Choi Lo Mirado, CA Christine Yoon Won Choi Fullerton, CA Junior Christopher Ho Sik Choi Downey, CA English (BA), Senior Dae Don Choi los Angeles, CA Junior Daniel Youngjun Choi Irvine, CA Physiological Science (B.S ), Junior David Eugene Choi Irvine, CA Sophomore Emma (in Choi Woodland Hills, CA Psychology (B.A ), Junior Erin Saeyeon Choi Torronce, CA Political Science (8 A ), Public Policy, Senior Member Of Caps, Undetgtod Student Government Eunkyung Choi Los Alamilos, CA World Arts ond Cultures (BA I, Junior Gina Youn Choi Los Angeles, CA Chemistry (B.S.) Goeun Choi Los Angeles, CA Philosophy (BA.), Classical Civilization, Junior Hannah Choi Winnetko, CA Psychology (BA), Applied Developmental Psychology, Senior Hyonje Choi San Ramon, CA Electrical Engineering (B.S), Junior Ilhyun Choi la Polmo, CA Electrical Engineering (B S .), Junior Isaac Paul Choi Los Angeles, CA Sociology (BA.), Senior Jacky York-Hie Choi Monterey Park, CA Sociology (BA.) James Choi Los Angeles, CA Japanese (BA.] James Choi Torronce, CA International Development Studies (B.A ) Jean Young Choi Granada Hills, CA Economics (B.A.), Senior Jeffrey Young Choi Los Angeles, CA Politicol Science (BA.) Jegal Kim Choi Gronodo Hills, CA Prebusiness Economics, Freshman Jina Choi Los Angeles, CA Asion American Studies (BA.), Freshman Joo Hee Choi Chotsworth, CA Biology (B S ), Atmosphere And Oceanic Science, Junior Joono Lee Choi Riverside, CA Pre Political Science Joyce J Choi Los Angeles, CA Asian American Studies (BA.) Karen Mee- Young Choi Artesio, CA Pre Psychology Kenneth Kiwoong Choi Los Angeles, CA Mathematics of Computation [B S ). Senior Kevin Jae Choi Buena Park, CA Pre Microbiology, Immunology, ond Molecular Genetics Linda Y Choi Beverly Hills, CA Economics (BA.) Min Sun Choi La Mirado, CA Business Economics (BA.) Min Young Choi Irvine, CA Communication Studies (B.A), Junior Patrick Hoon Choi Torronce, CA Pre Psychology Renee Ho-Kyung Choi Downey, CA Sophomore Saerozn Young Choi Anoheim, CA Sociology (BA), Sophomore Sang Jun Choi Los Angeles, CA Prebusiness Economics, Accounting, Eosl Asian Languages Studies, Junior Deon ' s list, UKV Club. TIVS Sanghoon Choi Los Angeles, CA Biochemistry (B.S ), Junior Seo Yon Choi Torronce, CA Art History (B.A), Junior Shin Choi Torronce, CA Mechanicol Engineering (B.S.), Junior Son Kyu Choi Tujunga, CA Prebusiness Economics, Junior Steve Choi Northridge, CA Pre Psychology Sylvia Bo- Young Choi Sherwood, OR English (BA.), Junior Tammy Jihee Choi Fremont, CA Design | Media Arts (B.A.), Junior Teresa Goan Choi Cerritos, CA Sociology (BA), Junior Tina Minhee Choi Gardeno, CA Pre Psychology Victoria Choi Elk Grove, CA Molecular, Cell ond Developmental Biology (B.S.) Woojin Choi Los Angeles, CA Psychobiology (BS.) Yoona Choi Los Angeles, CA Anthropology (BA.) Young Wook Choi Torronce, CA Computer Science ond Engineering (B.S), Junior Yu Mi Choi Studio City, CA Economics (BA.), Comparative Literature, Asian Languages Cultures, Junior Argine Cholakians Glendale, CA Sophomore Marina Cholakyan Torzona, CA Computer Science (B.S.) Evan Joshua Cholfin Encinilos, CA Geology Poleobiology (B.S), Politicol Science, Senior Film, Sports Bora Chon Los Angeles, CA History (BA.) Christina Chon Los Angeles, CA Anthropology (B.S), Junior Daniel Chon Cholsworlh, CA Philosophy (BA), Junior Daniel Chon Lo Canada, CA Business Economics (BA.) Hyun Sun Chon Los Angeles, CA Pre Politicol Science, Junior Jennifer Hie Shin Chon Anoheim, CA Korean (B.A.), Junior Jin Hee Chon Glendale, CA Biology (B.S), Senior Joanne Marie Chon Anaheim, CA Prebusiness Economics, Sophomore )u Hee Chon Glendale, CA Biology (B.S), Junior Kevin Chon la Conoda, CA Pre Psychology, Junior Linda Chon Long Beach, CA Pre Microbiology. Immunology, and Molecular Genetics, Sophomore Pyong Hun Chon Glendale, CA Pre History, Junior Shelly W Chon Garden Grove, CA Pre Psychology, Junior Abbey Kate Young Chong Monterey Park, CA Business Economics (BA), Junior Ainsley Kayne Young Chong Monterey Pork, CA Electricol Engineering (B.S.) Benny Yee-Chun Chong Arcodia, CA Molecular, Cell ond Developmental Biology (B.S.), Junior Bryan William Chong Norlhridge, CA Pre Political Science, Junior Christina Chong Cerritos, CA Korean {B A), Freshman Daniel Sung Chong Irvine, CA Psychology (BA), Senior Fleurette Dahhuy Chong Aliso Viejo, CA Biology (B.S.) Janet Hyunjoo Chong Cerritos, CA Communication Studies (BA.), Junior Justin Woo Chong Fontana, CA Pre History Kristine Hyun Kyong Chong Cerritos, CA English (BA.), Junior Lisa Ann Chong Fountoin Valley, CA Marine Biology (B.S,), Junior Loraine Kit-Wah Chong Claremont, CA International Development Studies (BA.), Junior Puiyi Chong Los Angeles, CA Electrical Engineering IBS). Junior Sun Young Chong Chotsworth, CA Music History (BA.), Junior Thomas Wa n Chong Norwolk, CA Tristan Euan Chong Mountom View, CA Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology (B.S ), Freshman Tristan, we ' re very proud of you. Good hick with your studies and Have a great time in UCLA! Mom, Dad 6 I ex Stan D Choo Los Angeles, CA Prebusiness Economics, Junior Leslie Ga-Shyang Choong Los Altos Hills, CA Computer Science (B.S.), Junior Deepika Chopra Polos Verdes Estates, CA Sociology (BA), Junior Kabir Chopra Corona, CA Molecular, Cell ond Developmental Biology IBS.), Junior Monica Anu Chopra Danville, CA Prebusiness Economics, Sophomore Nairi Mary Chopurian Glendale, CA Pre Politicol Science, Junior Timothy Logan Chopyk San Diego, CA Music (B, A,), Freshmon Virlina Heather Choquette Long Beoch, CA Politicol Science (BA), Junior Amy Chou Belmont, CA Art (BA.), Sophomore Christine Pan Chou Los Alios, CA Pre Psychobiology, Freshman Chun-Hao Chou Chotsworth, CA Electrical Engineering (B.S.), Junior Eileen Yilin Chou Chino Hills, CA Economics lnlernationol Area Studies (B.A. {Junior Elizabeth L Chou Polo Alto, CA Sophomore Gary Maxwell Chou Huntington Beach, CA Pre Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics, Sophomore Gloria Chou Loguno Miguel, CA Freshman Jeffrey J Chou Yorba Linda, CA Jennifer Lin Chou Fremont, CA Design I Medio Arts (BA), Anthropology, Junior Theta Kappa Phi Soronry Jeyling Chou San Jose, CA Individual Course of Study (B.A,, B.S.), English Random Voices, Doily Bruin John Ting-Yu Chou Los Angeles, CA Materials Engineering (B.S), Sophomore Ju-Chin Chou Shafter, CA Psychology (B A) Lawrence K Chou Soratogo, CA Prebusiness Economics, Philosophy, Junior Maggie Jennifer Chou San Gabriel, CA Neuroscience (B.S.) Mark Jee-Yuan Chou Moorpork, CA Physiologicol Science (B.S.), Junior Michael Chou Wolnut, CA Mechanical Engineering (B.S.), Freshman Peng Chou Cerritos, CA Biochemistry (B.S), Sophomore Ryan Chien-Hung Chou Posodeno, CA Pre Economics Sheena S Chou Los Angeles, CA Prebusiness Economics Wei Fong Jennifer Chou Irvine, CA Communication Studies (BA), Junior Yeh-Tun Danny Chou Torronce, CA Electrical Engineering (B.S.), Sophomore Tennis, Computers, Building Stuff, Diowing, Music, Movies, Traveling, Baskerbnll Yen-Kuang Chou Rowland Heights, CA Mathematics, Applied (BS.), Junior ill, Music, Reading, Chess Yu-Kai Chou Taipei And Kansas And S. Pasod, IW Business Economic, IB A ] Accounting, Freshman Chess, Business, Movie, Aikido, Chess, Taiwan American Union, Composing Music, Writing Novels Jean-Philippe Pascal Choudhry Agouio Hills, CA Prebusiness Economics, Junior Heang B Chov Monleiey Pork, CA Allen W Chow Stockton, CA Geography (B.A.I, Junior Christopher Michael Chow Son Jose, CA Prebusiness Economics, Junior Christopher Shi-Xiang Chow Arcodio, CA Electrical Engineering (B.S.), Asian Am, Freshman Volleyball Constance Lan Chow San Ramon, CA Biology (B.S.), Junior Curtis L Chow los Angeles, CA Prebusiness Economics, Sophomore Derek Chow Los Altos, CA Mechanical Engineering (B.S.), Junior Donna Catherine Chow Rosemeod, CA Pre Psychology Elaine Ling Chow San Leandro, CA Sophomore Elaine Chow Arcadia, CA Sophomore Gordon Kamshing Chow San Froncisco, CA Economics (B.A.I, Junior James Bak-Ken Chow Long Beach, CA Electrical Engineering (B.S.) Janet Chow Alhambra, CA Neuroscience (B.S.) Jennet Chow San Marino, CA Pre Psychology, Junior Jennie Ann Chow Red Bluff, CA Communication Studies IB A ] Political Science, Senior Dance, Music, Film, Photography Jenny Ping Chow Los Angeles, CA Psychology (B.A.) Jessica Jer Shure Chow Uvermore, CA Pre Economics, Junior Jessica Ruth Chow Fonlono, CA Freshmon Kenneth Warren Chow, Jr Fresno, CA Sociology IB A ) Labor And Workplace Studies Alpha Kappa Pst Kenneth Chow San Leondro, CA Pre Economics, Junior Alpha Koppo Psi Kevin Tze-Tsung Chow Burlingame, CA Economics (B.A.), Computer Programming, Senior Lucy Chow Alhombro, CA Pre Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics, Junior Melissa Yukiko Meiling Chow Honolulu, HI Bioengineering (B.S), Freshmon Michael Ching-Yue Chow Arcadia, CA Mechor.ical Engineering (B.S ) Michael Sai Chung Chow Redwood Gty, CA Asion American Studies (B.A.) Sandy Tung Sang Chow San Francisco, CA Freshman Stanley S Chow Oak Pork, CA Psychology (B.A.), Junior Vivian Chow Koty,TX English (B.A.) Yiu Cheung Chow Hacienda Heights, CA Pre Economics, Freshman Malika Chowdhry Reseda, CA Physiologicol Science (B.S.) Liana Chowdhury Los Angeles, CA Sociology (B.A.) Tara Gunkali Chowdhury Fremont, CA Neuroscience (B.S), Junior Christopher Mark Chown Los Altos Hills, CA Freshman Cecilia L Choy Upland, CA Biology IBS) Sophomore Hughes Choy Los Angeles, CA Psychology (B.A), History, Senior Tracy Kok Han Choy Temple City, CA Business Economics (B.A.) Nicholas Tyler Christen Uvermore, CA Pre History, Junior Amy Kruger Christensen Son Diego, CA Physiological Science IBS) Anthropology, Senior UCLA Women ' s Rugby Jennifer Louise Christensen Van Nuys, CA History (BA) Kevin Neil Christensen San Mateo, CA Prebusiness Economics, Sophomore Laura Lynn Christensen Calabosos, CA Pre Psychology, Junior Brock Lindsey Christian Bokersfield, CA Music (B.A.), Pre-Med, Freshmon Darrius Lamar Christian El Cerrrto, CA Economics (B.A), Junior Alexander Paul Christiansen Westloke Village, CA Aerospace Engineering (B.S.), Senior Faith Christiansen Phoenix, AZ Politicol Science (BA), Junior Honors College, Bruin Republicans, Africa. Art, Tennis Brandon Michael Christianson Valencia, CA Freshman Celia K Christianson Pleasanton, CA Marine Biology (B.S.) Jessica Lynn Christie Redwood City, CA History (BA.) Kerin N Chroman Los Angeles, CA Biology (B.S.), Junior Jana Chtchetinin Campbell, CA Biochemistry (B S .), Junior Albert Franklin Chu Son Marino, CA Electrical Engineering (B.S.) Albert Ponyu Chu Orinda, CA Japanese (B.A ), Junior Alvin T. Chu Polos Verdes Estates, CA History (B.A), Junior Amy Mi-Wen Chu Wesllake Village, CA Freshman Bryan Pine Chu Son Oimos, CA Politicol Science (B.A), Junior Doily Brum Senior Staff, UCLA Intramural Referee. Oe Neve A Building Internol Vice President Calvin Richard Chu Hillsborough, CA Civil Engineering (B.S.), Junior Catherine Lu Chia Chu Irvine, CA Pre Psychobiology, Junior Chien Shu Chu Chino Hills, CA Electrical Engineering (B.S.) Christian S Chu Diamond Bar, CA Music (8.A.), Sophomore Christine W Chu Walnut, CA Sophomore Corito Chui Wun Chu Westwood, CA Communication Studies (B.A.) David Chu Fremont, CA Junior David Chu Glendoro, CA Prebusiness Economics, Junior David Chu Reseda, CA Chemical Engineering (B.S), Sophomore Derek Zhong-Dirk Chu Fremont, CA Computer Science ond Engineering (B.S.) Elaine June Chu Pittsburg, CA Sociology (B.A.), Junior Gloria Chu Boise, ID Pre Political Science, Junior Grace Shih Chu San Marino, CA Business Economics (BA), Junior Gregory H Chu Chula Vista, CA Chemical Engineering (B.S.) HuiChu Torrance, CA Pre Psychology, Junior James M Chu Northridge, CA Economics (B.A.) Jasmine Chu Son Diego, CA ■ Sociology (B.A.), Junior Jason Chu Glendoro, CA Electrical Engineering IBS) Junior Ja-Yee Ann Chu Simi Valley, CA Freshman Jeney Chu Alia Loma, CA Pre Psychology, Junior Jennifer Ching Han Chu Sacramento, CA Biochemistry (B.S), Junior Jimmy Chu Monterey Pork, CA History (BA.), Senior Omega Sigmo Tau Fraternity Jolyn Chia Ling Chu Rowland Heights, CA Comparative Literature (B.A.) Jonathan Wai-Sun Chu Oak Park, CA Computer Science ond Engineering (B S.) Karen Quyen Chu Westminster, CA Business Economics (B.A ), Junior Karen Wing-Yee Chu Sacramento, CA Economics (BA) Kathleen Pearl Chu Son Dimos, CA Economics (B.A.) Kathy Chu Los Angeles, CA Pre History Kenny Albert Chu Covina, CA Junior Kristine Pei-Ta Chu San Jose, CA Biochemistry (B S) Lawrence Yeanshin Chu San Jose, CA Prebusiness Economics, Sophomore Delta Sigma Pi Lei-Ana Oi-Yee Chu Los Angeles, CA Chemistry (B.S.) Linda Wen-Chi Chu Monterey Park, CA Political Science (B.A), International Development Studies, Sophomore Alpha Lambda Delta Phi Eta Sigma Honoi Societies, USAC Office Of Internol Vice President Intern, Alumni Scholars Club Maily Thy Chu Camarilla, CA Business Economics (B.A.) Michelle Wing-Yee Chu Placentio, CA Physiologicol Science (B.S ), Sophomore UCLA Dmgonboat. UCLA Recreation Lifeguard Nina Jia Chu Walnut, CA Biochemistry (B S ), Junior Roy Chu Arcadia, CA Cybernetics (B.S ) Sally Chee Chu Sacramento, CA Pre Psychobiology Sandy Chun Chu Sacramento, CA Prebusiness Economics Su-Yee Chu Simi Valley, CA Electrical Engineering (B.S.), Freshman Thien Quang Chu Los Angeles, CA Physics (B.S.) Vena W Chu Pasadena, CA Victor Kaming Chu Son Francisco, CA Electrical Engineering (B.S.}, Computer Engineering, Senior Volleyball, Computer Victoria Chu Mountain View, CA Art (BA.) Vincent Chu Alameda, CA Sociology (BA.), Junior Wai-Yin Chu Monterey Park, CA Pre Cog William Guang-Yau Chu Riverside, CA Physiological Science (B.S), Music History, Junior Yen-Mi n Chu San Jose, CA Chemical Engineering IBS), Junior Aiza Saldana Chua Azusa, CA Economics (BA), Politicol Science, Senior Jacqueline Punsalan Chua Gordeno, CA Psychology (BA), Junior Jessica Elaine Zapanta Chua Vollejo, CA Pre Psychology, Sophomore Psych Society, Kotes Reseorch Group, Biaco Research Group Abraham Chuang Arcadia, CA Politicol Science (B.A), Junior Erica Tzu-I Chuang Soraloga, CA Biology (B.S.) Kimberly Ya-Ching Chuang Walnut, CA Michael Tzyy Shyan Chuang Hacienda Heights, CA Biology (BS), Junior Peter Weihua Chuang Moroga, CA Computer Science ond Engineering (B.S.) Rex G Chuang Diamond Bar, CA Psychobiology (B.S.), Junior Yi Chuang Diomond Bar, CA Mathematics Applied Science (B S.), Economics Brian Neil Chuchua, Jr Anaheim, CA Computer Science (B.S), Sophomore Shama N Chudawala Rowland Heights, CA Biology (B.S ), Junior Anna Chudnovski Valley Village, CA History (B.A.), Junior Orraparn Chuenchai Anoheim, CA Business Economics (BA.), Junior Jacqueline Vanessa Chui Son Froncisco, CA Pre Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics Kelly Stephanie Chui Walnut Creek, CA Freshman Pui Yu Chui Alameda, CA Prebusiness Economics, Junior Ting-Kwan Chui Alhambra, CA Computer Science (B.S.), Junior Aaron J Chuidian San Diego, CA Electrical Engineering (B S), Freshman Tiffany Dara Chukiat Irvine, CA History (BA.), Junior Benjamin Chulaluxsiriboon Rosemeod, CA Mothemahcs, General (B.S.), Educotion, Freshman Teaching, Talking, And Milk Tea With Boba Emily Chum Los Angeles, CA Sociology (BA.), Junior Daniel Byung-Woo Chun Los Angeles, CA Pre Economics, Sophomore David Saehoon Chun Aliso Viejo, CA English (BA) Eric Sangwook Chun Mission Viejo, CA East Asian Studies (B.A), Junior Esther Chun San Dimos, CA Biology (B.S), Senior Eunice Chun Fullerton, CA Je Jin Chun Los Angeles, CA East Asian Studies (BA.) Nami Emily Chun Roncho Cucamonga, CA Biochemistry (B.S ) Nicole Heidi Chun The Valley, CA Psychology (BA.), Applied Developmental Psychology, Sophomore Sara Chun Conogo Park, CA English (B.A), Freshman Soon Young Chun Downey, CA Business Economics (BA.), Junior Stacy Chun Fullerton, CA Communication Studies (B.A.), Junior Steven Jan Wo Chun Honolulu, HI Materials Engineering (B.S.), Junior Youmi Chun Fullerton, CA English (B A.) Albert Chung Fontono, CA Music (BA.), Freshman Alfred Chung Cupertino, CA Prebusiness Economics, Junior Amy Pei-Chen Chung Upland, CA Pre Psychology, Sophomore Andrea Chung Slonton, CA Freshman Anny Chung San Gabriel, CA Freshmon Volleyball, Running, Reoding, Having Fun! Army Chung Los Angeles, CA Politicol Science (B.A.), Economics, Sophomore Alpha Phi Omega Coed Fraternity, Translation interpretation, Books, Music, Choreographed Dance Benjamin Chung Petolumo, CA Electrical Engineering (B.S.), Junior Brian Suk Young Chung Los Angeles, CA Biochemistry (BS.), Junior Brian Weien Chung Alameda CA Prebusiness Economics, Freshman Beta Theto Pi Carol Y Chung Temeculo, CA East Asion Studies (B.A), Korean Christina Chung Monterey Pork, CA Ecology, Behavior, and Evolution (B.S.), Junior Christine Nayoung Chung Northridge, CA Women ' s Studies (B.A.), Junior Christine Sue Chung Northridge, CA Physiological Science (B.S.) Daniel Mo Chung Burbonk CA English (B.A.), Senior Dannelle Chung Redwood City, CA Prebusiness Economics, Sophomore Edward Tong-Ha Chung Roncho Santa Fe, CA Art [B A I Junior Elise Chung Los Angeles, CA Art History (BA) Elizabeth Chung Los Angeles, CA History (B A.) Eugenia Chung Irvine. CA English (8 A ). Sophomore Euria Chung Irvine, CA English (B A) Sophomore Ga- Young Chung Sherman Oaks, CA Chemistry (B S ) Manna Sun Chung Breo CA Microbiology Immunology and Molecular Genetics IBS ) History 0) Science And Medicine Senior Hec Soo Chung Torronce CA Mathematics (B.S.) Hen Hiep Chung Monterey Pork CA Computer Science (B.S.), Junior Hyewon Chung Glendcle CA Political Science (B A), Junior In Young Chung Los Angeles, CA Molhematics Economics IBS.) Jae Heon Chung Roncho Polos Verdes, CA Biology (BS I Sophomore Jae Young Chung Sonic Monica, CA Jai Hvun Chung Los Angeles, CA Biochemistry (B S ), Junior Jaysen Samuel Chung Son Jose, CA Molecular Cell and Developmental Biology (8.S.), Sophomore Jeffrey Chi-Hsiun Chung Villa Pork, CA Electrical Engineering IB S ). Junior Jenna Chung Beverly Hills, CA Psychobiology IBS), Sophomore Pi Beta Phi Jessica Jeeyoung Chung Torrance, CA Physiological Science (B.S.) Ji Won Chung Los Angeles, CA Sophomore Jin Suk Chung Cypress, CA Biochemistry (B.S.) Julia K L Chung Arcadia, CA Marine Biology (B S .), East Asian Languoges Kenneth Chung Temple Gty, CA Microbiology, Immunology, ond Molecular Genetics (B.S.) Ki Hyuck Chung Palo Aha, CA Prebusiness Economics, Junior Ki Young Chung Cerritos, CA Biochemistry (B.S.), Junior Ky T Chung Montcloir, CA Biology (BS.) Kyung Won Chung Pomona, CA Art IB A] Lucia Wen-Roe Chung Polo Alto, CA English IB A.), Sophomore Micah Enoch Chung Mission Vlejo, CA English IE A ) Junior Mierie Chung Downey, CA Freshman Mike Thomas Chung Yorbo Linda, CA Chemical Engineering (B.5.), Pre-Med, Junior UCLA Hopa Club, Tennis, Guitar, Beach, Musk, Skateboarding Minh Chung Alhombro, CA Sociology (B A.). Specialization In Compuling. Junior Nancy Chung Rosemcod, CA Mechamcol Engineering (B S .), Senior Ngon Binh Chung bcondido, CA Pre Economics, Junior Pamela Chung Pinole CA Geogrophy Environmentol Studies (B A. I Patrick Kk Chung Los Angeles, CA Sociology (B.A.), Junior Patrick Young Chung Danville, CA Pre Psychology Pei-Han Chung Daimond Bar, CA Chemistry (BS), Junior Pei-Yun Chung Diamond Bar, CA Chemistry (B.S.), Junior Rosemary Haejung Chung Los Angeles, CA Computer Science ond Engineering (B.S.) Ryan Chia-Ran Chung Cerritos, CA freshman Steven Jaeyong Chung North ridge CA Junior Sunny Eunsun Chung Lake Forest, CA English IB A ) Freshman Sylvia Chung North Hills, CA Economics (BA), Koreon, Undergraduate Thao Xuan Chung Oakland, CA Pre Psychobiology Vicky Dahee Chung Los Angeles, CA Psychology (BA), Junior William Ming-Shien Chung Millbrae CA Political Science (BA.) Wing Tai Chung Oxnord, CA Economics (BA.J Yeu-Tyng Tinna Chung Los Angeles, CA Biology (B.S.) Yoojin Chung Los Angeles, CA Pre Economics, Junior Yoon Kyung Anna Chung Los Angeles, CA Anthropology (B.S. ), Junior Yoonyoung Kate Chung Los Angeles, CA Business Economics (B.A.), American Literature, Senior Young Bin Chung Anaheim, CA Psychology (B.A.), Junior Carlo Giovanni Chupina Von Nuys, CA International Development Studies (BA.) Nicholas Barton Churchill Evonston, IL American Literature and Culture (BA.), Junior Sarah Ruth Chumg Anaheim, CA Linguistics and Computer Science (BA), Junior Catherine Ru Chyi Bokersfield, CA Mathematics, Applied (B.S), Political Science, Senior James Chyu Breo, CA Electrical Engineering (B.S), freshman Victor Ko-Ming Chyu Hacienda Heights. CA Psychobiology IBS ) I Marie Cicco Mill Volley CA World Arts ond Cultures (BA.), Sophomore Paul Andrew Cilker Sunnyvale, CA Pie Economics, fteshmon Anthony fames Cimino Son Clemenle. CA Pre Politicol Science, Junior Anne Lucile Cincotta Sunnyvole, CA Politicol Science (B.A.), Education, Senior Sigmo Dello Sigmo Soronty, Brum Partners Andreea Ciobotaru Los Angeles, CA Neuroscience(BS ) Robert John Cioffi los Altos, CA Electrical Engineering (B S .), Senior Zeto Beta Tou, Snowboordmg, Basketball Dima Ciolache Torzono, CA Pre Economics, Junior Benjamin M Ciotti Los Angeles, CA Physics (B.S.), Junior Kathryn Lyn Cippa Socromento, CA Prebusiness Economics Darwin De Castro Ciria Walnut, CA Biochemistry (BS), Junior Natalie Ann Cirigliano Burlingome, CA Pre Psychobiology, Junior Nicolas Joseph Cirigliano Burlingome, CA Materials Engineering (B S ). Junior Marisa Joy Cirillo Agoura Hills, CA Political Science (BA.), Junior Stomp Blaire Adoree Cirlin Redwood City, CA Communication Studies (BA.) Stephanie Lynn Cirone Thousand Ooks, CA English (BA), History, Senior Gamma Phi Beta. Undergraduate English Association President Erik Cisler Son Jose, CA English (BA), Junior Alejandra Cisneros Long Beoch, CA Freshmon Clarissa Cisneros Los Angeles, CA Freshmon George Cisneros Woodland Hills, CA Politicol Science (BA), Junior Jurixia Cisneros Cudahy, CA English (BA) Roxanna Janeth Cisneros Bellflower, CA Polilicol Science IB. A), Junior Circle K Xiomara Maria Cisneros South Son Francisco, CA Pre Economics, Sophomore Natalie J Citro Newport Beoch, CA Junior Chara Rose Civitello Sonto Monica, CA Pre Psychology, Junior Rebecca Ann Claassen Fremonl, CA Civil Engineering! B.S. 1 Noor Al Shuan Clair Concord, CA Biology IBS), International Relations, Freshmon Jonathan M Clare Hunlinglon Beach. CA Biology (BS ), Junior Ryan Paul Clare Thousand Ooks, CA Mathematics, Applied (B.S ), Junior Benjamin Paul Clark Los Alios, CA Mothemolics, Applied (B S ), Junior Bonnie M Clark Sonlo Monica, CA Chemistry (BS) Christopher Anthony Clark, Jr Diamond Bar CA Computer Science ond Engineering (B S ), Sophomore Edwin William Clark Los Angeles, CA History (B.A.), Junior James Boyd Clark, Hi Scortsdale, A2 Religion, Study ol (BA.), Junior James Galen Clark Los Altos, CA Art (B.A.), Senior Sigmo Nu, UCLA Water Polo Club, Brum Rugby Club John Warren Clark Fountain Valley, CA History (B.A.), Junior Joshua Christian Clark Powoy, CA History (B.A.), Junior Kevin Mcallister Clark Son Dimes, CA Pre Psychobiology, Junior Lauren Therese Clark Venture, CA History (BA), Sponish, Junior Board Of Brum Dems, Church Activities Maegen Victoria Clark Los Angeles, CA Psychobiology (B.S.) Margarita Clark Alhombro, CA Pre Psychology, Junior Matthew Terrell Clark Lake View Terroce, CA Junior Sara Nadine Clark Los Golos, CA Sociology (B.A.), Junior Sarah Michelle Clark Del Mar, CA Pre Psychobiology, Sophomore William Stoughton Clark San Diego, CA English (BA.) Andru Bernard Clarke Son Diego, CA Biology (B.S.), Junior Angelika Delaine Clarke El Segundo, CA Biology (B.S), Sophomore Don Lucas Clarke Manhattan Beach, CA Geography Environmental Studies (BA), Junior Elizabeth Joan Clarke Sonto Barbara, CA Economics (BA.), Junior William Thomas Clarke Phoenix, AZ Biology (B.S.I, Junior Laura Alice Claster Corona Del Mar, CA Pre Political Science, Junior Sara Elizabeth Claster Corono Del Mar, CA Junior Heather Marie Claus Torronce, CA English (BA.) Deborah Anne Clauson Atherton, CA Physiological Science (B.S ), Junior Paul Albin Clauson Atherton, CA Pre Politicol Science, Junior Danielle Ruth Claxton Encino, CA History (HA) Junior Jeffrey Scott Clay Nuevo, CA Business Economics (BA.) Carla Stornetta dayman Son Rafael, CA Classical Civilization (BA.), Near Eoslern Longuoges And Cultures, Junior Rebecca Lillian dayman Youngslown, OH Political Science (8A), Senior Brian Steven Clayton Newport Beach, CA Art (B A), Junior Robert Christopher Cleary Canyon Lake, CA History (B.A.), Junior Kelley Ann Cleaveland San Jose, CA Anthropology (B A ). Junior Anne Victoria Clement Anoheim, CA French, Public Policy, Sophomore Koppo Delta, Alumni Scholars Club, Spring Sing 2005 Kevin Jay Clement Foirhope, AL Psychology (B A), Junior Elaine Ferrer Clemente Montcloir, CA Biochemistry (B.S ), Sophomore Lauren Michelle Clementino Sonoma, CA History (BA.), Politicol Science, Sophomore Alpha Epsilon Phi Christopher William Clements Follbrook, CA History (BA.), Junior Matthew Glenn Clements Son Francisco, CA Economics (B.A.), Senior UCLA Brumwoods. Donee Marathon, ORL Resident Assistont. Dedicated UCLA fon And Den Membei Kristen Marie Clemmons Sherman Oaks, CA English (BA), Junior Cherisse Sydelle Alcantara Cleofe Cerritos, CA Politicol Science (BA.), Senior Chi Omego Jessica Brianne Clifford West Hills, CA History (BA.), Junior Taylor M Clifford Westloke Village, CA Art History (BA.), Senior Edwin E Climaco Los Angeles, CA Biochemistry (8.S.), Sophomore Jason Andrew Climaco Corson, CA Freshman Charles Walter Clinch Coslo Mesa, CA Political Science (BA), Junior Julie C Cline Riverside, CA American Literature and Culture (BA.), Junior William Watson Clithero Los Angeles, CA Business Economics (BA), Junior Samantha M Cloud Petalumo, CA Freshmon Richard William Clough Beoverton, OR Pre History, Junior Jerin Paul Cloutier Santa Maria, CA Cognitive Science (BS ) Lynette Margo lyde Posodeno, CA Women ' s Studies (8.A.), Junior Kien Chi Co Sonto Ano, CA Prebusiness Economics, Sophomore Michael Damon Coats Burbonk, CA Pre Political Science, Junior Cynthia Renata Cobar Torzono, CA Biology (BS ), Junior Joshua Michael Cobb Upland, CA Art History (BA), Philosophy, Junior Pi Kappa Alpha, Fast-Times, And Pie Kyle Patrick Cobb Lynden, WA Business Economics (B.A.), Junior Joseph Antonio Carlos Cobian Visto, CA Sophomore Krystle P Cobian Pomono, CA Sophomore Mauricio Cobian Lynwood, CA French and Linguistics (BA), Sophomore Salvador Cobian Covino, CA Pre Psychology, Sophomore Margaret F Coblentz Winnelka, IL Politicol Science (BA.), Junior Micky B Cobrin Buffalo Grove, IL Sophomore Amie N Cochran Torrance, CA Freshman Kara Kimberly Cockerill Stockton, CA Political Science (BA), Public Policy, Junior Douglas Aaron Codron West Hills, CA Atmospheric, Oceanic and Environmental Sciences (B.S), Junior Rebecca Suzanne Coduto Claremont, CA Art History (BA), Junior Michael Edward Cody Wesllake Village, CA Biochemistry (B.S.) Joseph Thomas Coe, Jr Los Angeles, CA Civil Engineering (B.S.) Jared Xavier Coelho Loton, CA Music History (BA.), Junior Abbie A Coffee Salinas, CA Pre Political Science, Sophomore Liesl Meredith Coffin Los Gotos, CA English (BA), Junior Christopher Micheal Coffman Mission Viejo, CA Mechanical Engineering (B.S), Sophomore Lucy Evelyn Cogswell Chapel Hill, NC History IB A). Junior Katayon Cohanshohet Beverly Hills, CA Pre Psychology Aaron Jacob Cohen Loguno Niguel, CA Physics (B.S ), Junior Sigmo Phi Epsilon, Music, Ploying Guitar Adam Nathan Cohen Solon, OH Theater (B.A.), Freshman Ashley Melissa Cohen Newport Beach, CA English (BA), Junior Chi Omega c o o u CD Q Daniel Ira Cohen Bufbank, CA Design ] Media Arts (6 A) David Martin Cohen La Jollo, CA Junior David Cohen Los Angeles, CA Pre Political Science, Freshman Gabriel Phillip Cohen Torrance, CA Psychology (B.A.), Junior Guy Cohen Los Angeles, CA Electrical Engineering (B.S.I Hagar Cohen Woodland Hills, CA Political Science (B.A.), Junior Ian William Cohen Los Angeles, CA Theater (B A.) Jonathan T Cohen Comarillo, CA Business Economics (B.A.) Nicole Rene ' Cohen Loguno Niguel, CA World Arts and Cultures (B.A.), Junior Rachel E Cohen Simi Volley, CA Marine Biology (B.S.I, Junior Rachel Leslie Cohen Los Angeles, CA Art History (B.A.) Tamar Cohen Oak Pork, CA Jewish Studies (B.A.), Junior Yaron Cohen Los Angeles, CA Pre History Junior Jonathan Alan Cohn Oakland, CA English (B.A ), Junior Matthew Walker Cohn Madison, Wl Design | Medio Arts (B.A.I. Junior Christopher Cheney Coker Laguna Niguel, CA Chemistry (B.S.), Senior Joseph Cox Colangelo Carmichoel, CA Sophomore Erin Kathleen Colberg Napa, CA Mathematics, Applied (B.S.), Junior Terry Jason Colberg Los Angeles, CA Prebusiness Economics, Sophomore Jean George Colburn Los Angeles, CA Civil Engineering IBS.), Sophomore Krista Marie Colburn Mukilteo, WA Freshman Daniel Kingsley Colby San Moleo, CA Neuroscience(B.S-), Junior Justin M Colby Son Rafael, CA American Literature and Culture (B.A.) Stephanie Lynne Coldren Los Angeles, CA Pre Psychology, Junior Geoffrey Ryan Cole Pocific Grove, CA Pre Psychology Kathryn Lorene Cole Newport Beach, CA Pre History, Sophomore Miriam Yuki Cole Los Angeles, CA Japanese (B A ( Nicole Suzzanne Colella San Jose, CA Anthropology (B.A), Junior Andrea Lyn Coleman Holl Moon Boy, CA Sophomore Bruin Ladies Ultimate Christina Blair Coleman Los Angeles, CA Art (B.A.|, Junior Elizabeth Anne Coleman Los Gotos, CA English (B.A.), French, Women ' s Sludies, Sophomore Gomma Phi Beto Melissa Renee Coleman Son Bruno, CA Communicolio n Studies (B.A), Sophomore Tifhanie A Coleman Compton, CA Pre Psychobiology, Sophomore Andrew Thomas Coles Thousand Oaks, CA Electrical Engineering (B.S.), Freshman Stacy Renee CoIIen Founloin Valley, CA Mathematics, Applied IBS), Junior Cody Ryan Collier Los Angeles, CA Philosophy (B A ), Junior Francisco Daniel Collin Costa Mesa, CA Biology IBS.), Junior Zachary G Collinger Highland Park, IL American Lileralure and Culture (B.A.), Junior UCLA Ski And Snowboard Team Aaron P Collins Davis, CA Sophomore Blake Michael Collins Los Angeles, CA ArlfB A,), Junior Christopher Adell Collins, Ii Victorville, CA American Literature and Culture (B.A.), Junior Jolene Elizabeth Collins Long Beach, CA Psychobiology IBS ), Applied Developmental Psychology, Senior Alumni Scholars Club Katherine Kelly Collins Son Jose, CA Psychobiology (B.S.), Political Science, Senior Kappa Delta, Healthcare, Politics, Coaches Jr. Hi Girls Volleyball, Camp Kesem - UCLA, Caie Extenders, Music, Camp Ronald McDonald For Good Times Krystle Louise Collins Whither. CA Prebusiness Economics Shawn Michael Collins San Diego, CA Sociology (B.A.), Senior Working with Youth At Risk, Real Estote. Tiovel Sunny D Collins California City, CA Hebrew 1B.A.), Sophomore Peter Micaiah Collister Albany, CA Sophomore Rick Michael Colombo Lafayette, CA Pre Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics, Sophomore Jessica Estellina Colon Bellflower, CA Sociology (B.A), Junior David Michael Columbo Los Angeles, CA Theater (B.A.), Junior Wilmelenne Santor Columna Oceonside, CA Sophomore Nicholas Blake Colvard Santa Paula, CA Biology (B.S.), Sophomore Kasey Colvin Mill Valley, CA World Arts and Cullures (B.A.) Adriana Angela Coman North Hollywood, CA Pre Psychology Arianna Renee Combs Pomona, CA Psychology (B.A.) Catherine Ellen Combs San Diego, CA English (B.A.), Junior Brandon A Comer Chulo Vislo, CA Chemislry IBS), Sophomore Francis A Cometa Winnetko, CA Aerospace Engineering (B.S ), Junior Kristin Elizabeth Cominski Thousand Oaks, CA Physiological Science (B.S.), Senior Kappa Kappa Gammo, UCLA Football, Bel Air Presbyfenon Danielle Cecilia Compean Fullerton, CA Psychobiology IBS ), Junior Pi Beta Phi, Bruin Partners, Unite Far Sight, NCSS Alicia Diane Compton Bokersfield, CA Internolional Development Studies (B A .), Junior Andrew Thomas Comstock Westford, MA Microbiology Immunology, and Molecular Genetics (B.S) Jennifer Lee Comstock Los Angeles, CA Biology (B.S.), Sophomore Tabitha Paige Conaway Perris, CA Pre Psychology, Junior Aires Zulian Conceicao Fresno, CA Latin Americon Studies (B.A.) Michael Lopez Concepcion Physiological Science (B.S.) Roscoe P Concepcion- Mata Son Mateo, CA Sociology (B A ), Public Policy, Senior Soiling, Scuba Diving, Snowboording, Basketball, SAA, UIS, UCC Music Ministry Daniela Conde Anaheim, CA Pre Political Science, Junior Joseph L. Conde K-Town, CA World Arts and Cultures (B.A.), Senior Miriam Hernanda Conde San Francisco, CA Psychology (B.A), Junior Stephanie Caroline Cone Fillmore, CA Prebusiness Economics, Accounting, Freshman IM Basketball And Volleyball, Campus Crusade For, Christ, Regents Scholot Society, Alpha Delta Chi, Alpha Lambda Delta Phi Eta Sigma Josephine Tangtonnu Quy Ngoc Cong Da Nang, Viet Nam Clossical Civilization (B.A.), Senior Robert Michael Conkey Granite Boy, CA Mathematics of Compulation (B.S), Junior Dylan Francis Conklin Cathedral City, CA Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology (B.S.), Junior Mary R Conklin Lancaster, CA English (B.A.) Janetta Lakeisha Conley Inglewood, CA Sophomore Sarah Jane Conley Redondo Beoch, CA Economics (B.A.), English Literature, Music History Songwriring, Elephonts, Art Kevin Christoph Conlin Irvine, CA Pre History, Junior Gregory Michael Conlon Lafayette, CA History (B.A), Junior Alessa Caridi Conn Ridgewood, NJ World Arts ond Cultures IB A (. Dance, Freshman Nathan A Conn Santo Monica, CA Psychology {BA.} Kaylan C Connal Prunedole, CA Freshmon Caitlin Rose Connell Napa, CA Sociology (BA.), Junior Alexander Loren Conner Oolc Pork, CA Political Science (B.A ). Junior Eric Albert Conner Trabuco Canyon, CA Freshman Lucien Debock Conner Los Angeles, CA Art (B.A), Junior Erin Elizabeth Connolly Mountoin View, CA Communication Studies (8.A.), Sophomore Lisa C Connolly Albany, CA Pre Psychology, Sophomore Jonathon Edward Connor Wilmefle, IL Mothemolics (B.S), Sophomore Kellan L Connor Woodland Hills, CA English IB A ) Freshman Kerianne Mcdonald Connor Lake Arrowhead, CA Art (B.A.I, Junior Stephanie Nicole Connor Woodland Hills, CA Business Economics (BA.), Junior George Patrick Connors, Iv Encinilos, CA Civil Engineering (B.S), Freshman Carly Diana Conrad Roswell, GA Art (B.A), Junior Robert James Conrad Petaluma, CA Pre Cog, Sophomore Chloe Eleanor Constant Lo Jollo. CA Sophomore Adriana C Contreras Glendale, CA Mathematics, Applied (B.S.) Alicia Contreras King Cily, CA Chicona and Chicana Sludies (BA,), Sophomore Armando Contreras, Jr Huntington Park, CA Chicana and Chicano Sludies (BA.), Junior Jorge Luis Contreras Pocoimo CA Loretta Ann Contreras English (BA.), Junior Creative Wnfing poetry Luis Contreras, II Gonzales, CA Economics (BA.), Spanish, Junior Finance, Health, Movies, Music, Outdoor Activities, LASA, Wrestling, Work Port Time At JWC As A Personal Trainer Mario Contreras Los Angeles, CA Pre Economics, Junior Melissa Gissel Contreras Los Angeles, CA American Literature and Culture (BA), Education, Senior Nancy Contreras Soulh El Monte, CA Pre Psychology, Junior Nathalie Contreras Los Angeles, CA Pre Political Science, Junior Paola Contreras Von Nuys, CA Linguistics and Italian (B.A), Junior Robert Mathew Contreras, Jr Whitlier, CA Chicana and Chicano Sludies (BA), Public Policy, Education, Junior Roberto Matias Contreras El Cenlro, CA Political Science (B.A.) Rosa Olivia Contreras Pocoima, CA Chicana and Chicano Sludies (BA.), Junior Tracy Contreras Pocoimo, CA English (B.A.) Yvette Contreras Moniebello, CA Biology (B.S.) Christian J Contreras- Campana West Covina, CA Physics (B.S.) Emmanuel Contreras- Campana Wesl Covina, CA Physics (B.S.}, Mathematics, Junior Ploying The Guitar, Drawing, Math, And Physics Daryl Sebing Conui Chulo Vislo, CA Gerard Macaraig Convento Los Angeles, CA Civil Engineering (B.S.), Junior Rebecca Colleen Convery Ventura, CA Pre Psychology Brooke Arlene Conway Soulh San Francisco, CA Psychology (BA), Junior Christopher David Conway Polo Alio, CA Freshman Connor Michael Conway Honford, CA Sophomore Daniel Albert Conway Alherton, CA History (B.A.), Senior Jessica Michelle Conway Thousand Oaks, CA Marine Biology (B.S.) Joshua Jordan Conway Los Angeles, CA Pre Psychology Kathleen Sharon Conway Woodland Hills, CA Junior Steven Joseph Conway Newport Beach, CA Sociology (B.A), Junior Susan Elizabeth Conway Son Jose, CA English (B.A.), Junior Christopher Mark Cook Sonlo Rosa, CA Economics (B.A.), Junior Jennifer Maldonado Cook Los Angeles, CA Philosophy (B.A.), Junior Jonathan Benson Cook Follbrook, CA History (BA), Junior Zachary Taro Cook Cathedral City, CA Physics (B.S.), Junior Stephen Alexander Cooke Sonla Clorita, CA Civil Engineering (B.S.) Kari Ann Cooley Colabosas, CA English (B.A.), Junior Alexandra Lee Coonce Mountain View, CA Anlhropology (B.A), Senior Travel, Reading, Running, Human Rights, Amnesty International UCLA, Soucony26- La Marathon, Coalition To Abolish Slavery And Trafficking Collin Thomas Cooney Stockton, CA Thealer (B.A), Junior Ian Patrick Cooney Monterey, CA Politicol Science (B.A.), Junior Andrew Douglas Coonrad Sonlo Cruz, CA Theoler (B.A.), Freshman Chrystie Nicole Cooper Los Angeles, CA Biology (B.S.) Crystal Nicole Cooper Los Angeles, CA Pre Psychology Daniel John Cooper Rancho Palos Verdes, CA Pre Political Science Derek Ian Cooper Westloke Village, CA Jennifer Anne Cooper Sonlo Rosa, CA Chemistry (B.S), Senior Travel, Baseball, Animals John Frederick Cooper, III Sylmar, CA Psychology (BA.), Senior Rolemaster - A Cul Above The Rest! Jonathan Dean Cooper Whittier, CA English (B.A.), Senior Kristen Diane Cooper Conyon Country, CA Biology (B.S) Lauren Sarah Cooper Los Angeles, CA Music (BA.) Paige Christina Cooper Woodland Hills, CA Physiological Science (B S), Junior Jesse Jeffery Cope Anaheim, CA Anthropology (B.A.), Junior Sean Russell Copeland Son Diego, CA Aerospace Engineering IBS.), Freshman Laura E Copelin Lake Forest, CA English (B.A.), Sophomore Austin Warren Copp Burbank, CA Mechanical Engineering (B.S.), Sophomore Taylor Kristin Coppola Des Moines, IA Communicolion Studies (B.A), Junior Jose Luis Corado Los Angeles, CA Pre Politic ol Science, Junior James M Corbett-Detig Mountain View, CA Biology (B.S), Spanish, Freshman Ultimate Frisbee Brittany Amber Corbin West Los Angeles, CA Sociology (B.A), Junior Rachel Elizabeth Corbin Ventura, CA Communicolion Studies (BA.) Kellie Nicole Corcoran Novoto, CA Pre Psychobiology, Junior Nicholas Sean Corcorran Moroga CA English (B A. ) Junior Cameron Sterling Corda Folsom CA Politicol Science (8 A), Junior Joshua I Cordasco Oceonside, CA English (B.A), Junior Christopher Michael Cordeiro Thousand Oaks. CA Sociology IB A ) Meghan Frances Cordeiro Huntington Beach. CA Pre History Sophomore Mark Nathan Cordell, Jr Ook Pork, CA Freshmon Edward Steven Cordero Baldwin Pork CA Marine Biology (B S ) Junior Gustavo Adolfo Cordero Arleto, CA Economics (Bi.) Jacob Cordero Oxnord, CA Psychology (B.A I, Junior Luis A Cordero Los Angeles, CA Pre Psychobiology Anita Raelyn Cordova Downey, CA History (B.A.), Germon, Sophomore Daniel Cordova Los Angeles, CA Mathematics, Applied (B S ). Junior Kevin Rey T Cordova Son Diego, CA Electricol Engineering (B.S.I, Freshman Maria Raissa Corella Los Angeles, CA Psychobiology (B.S.), Senior USAC Finance Committee Choir, Somohong, Pilipmo, Space Site Coordinator Evan Jay Corey Pocific Polisodes, CA Geogrophy (B.A ), Organizational Studies, Junior Soccer, Bruin Athletic Council Juliana Lizette Coria Los Angeles, CA Sophomore Loso Merengue Troope, UCLA Bruincorps Tutor, CBOP Fellow Erica Michelle Corley Loguno Hills, CA Pre Politico! Science, Junior Lanoya Nadine Corley Los Angeles, CA Affo-Americon Studies (B.A.I, Junior Daniel Michael Corman Los Angeles, CA History (B.A| Eduardo A Cornejo Mission Hills, CA Biology (B.S.), Sophomore Kency Cornejo Los Angeles, CA Art History (B.A I, Junior Margarita Cornejo Economics (B A |. Senior Natalie Cornejo Los Angeles. CA Freshman Nathan Raj Cornelius Los Altos, CA Eledntol Engineering (B S ), Junior Juan M Corona Downey, CA Freshman Luz Corona Selma, CA Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology (B S.|, Spantsh, Freshmon Christi Anne Corpus Newhall, CA English (B.A.), Junior Christine Gayle Burcen Corpus Riverside CA Asion Amencon Studies (B A .), Junior April Renee Coipuz Cypress, CA Chemistry (B.S.), Junior Nicholas Thomas Corpuz Thousand Ooks, CA International Development Studies (B A I, Junior Danny Michael Corral Whittier CA Business Economics (B.A.), Junior Disc Golf, Music, Ploys lohn Percussion Erika Corral Maywood, CA Chicana and Chicano Studies (B.A), Junior lavier Mejorado Corral, Jr South El Monte, CA Chicana and Chicano Studies (B.A ), Senior Urban Planning, Community Planning Leslie Ann Corral Los Angeles, CA History (B.A.) Eryn Angela Corralejo Temple Gty, CA Physics IB.S-I, Senior Phi Sigmo Rho Sorority Andrea Antoinette Corrales Huntington Pork, CA Hr ton (B.A ) Christine Evangelista Corrales Stockton, CA Sophomore Jeffrey Corrales South Gote, CA Kristina Diane Corrales Venturo, CA Sociology (B.A.), Junior Vicente Corrales Eorlimort, CA Economics (B.A.I, Internotionol Development Studies, Sponish Anthony Joseph Correia Redwood City, CA Freshman Natalie Agnes Corso Torronce, CA Physiological Science (B.S.) Dahyana Cortes Ontario, CA Pre Political Science Monica Cortes Los Angeles, CA Psychology (B.A.|, Junior Elizabeth Cortez Nipomo, CA Chicana and Chicano Studies (B.A.) Elvira Cortez Oxnord, CA Political Science (B.A), Junior Julie Cortez Los Angeles, CA Comparative Literature (B.A.), Junior K .11 Li Elizabeth Cortez Los Angeles, CA Lofin American Studies (B.A .), Sponish, Senior Maria Cortez Mission Viejo, CA Psychology (B.A), Junior Michael Cagadas Cortez Son Bruno, CA Philosophy (B.A. ), Junior Pedro Anthony Cortez Oxnord CA Sociology (B.A.) Tiffani Alexis Cortez Los Angeles, CA Afro-American Studies (B.A.) Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, African Student Union, African Women ' s Collective William Amoldo Cortez Los Angeles, CA Mechanical Engineering (B.S.I, Junior William Ernesto Cortez Sun Volley, CA Prebusincss ■ Economics, Sophomore Christopher Craig Outlier Los Angeles, CA Biology (B S ) Lisa Angelina Corujo Escondido, CA Freshmon Jessica C Cosby Mission Hills, CA Sociology (B A j Alricon American Studies Track And Field Rebekah Lynn Cosola Leono Valley, CA Psychology (B.A ), Junior Kimberly Anne Costa Son Pedro, CA English (B.A.), Sophomore Robert Lourenco Costa Arlesio, CA History (B.A.), Junior Ruben Levi Costa Simi Valley, CA Physiological Science IBS I, Junior Cosmo Costales Tulore, CA Biology (B S ] Sophomore Lauren Joye Costales Los Angeles, CA Political Science (B.A), English, Senior Sigma Delta Sigma Sorority Alison Kathleen Costello Yorba limit: CA Sophomore Matthew Edward Costello Huntington Beach, CA Pre Psychology, Junior David Alan Cote Orange, CA Pre Psychology Diane Mary Cote South Pasadena, CA Pre Politicol Science Tatiana Cottam Los Angeles, CA Pre Politicol Science, Sophomore David Warren Cotton Stockton, CA Prebusiness Economics, Sophomore Sigma Nu Tracy Olivia Cotton Los Angeles, CA Political Science (B.A.I Daniel Allan Couch Fremont, CA Pre Politicol Science, Sophomore Maryann Coughlin Modesto, CA Economics lnternolional Areo Studies (B.A ), Junior Brian Michael Coulson Granada Hills, CA International Development Studies (B.A.), Junior Megan Marie Coulter Los Angeles, CA Sociology (B.A ), Junior Jana Courter Kutno Horo, Q English (B.A.I, Junior Foreign languages, Music, Art, Cinema, Swimming, Running, Yoga Robert John Cousens Glendale, CA Aerospace Engineering (B.S.) Ryan Long Cousins Wolnul Creek, CA Mechonirol Engineering (B.S ), Sophomore Tamiya Denise Cousins Pasodeno, CA Afro American Studies (B.A.}, Senior Stephen Cameron Coussens Valencia, CA Junior Jason Louis Coutts Fonlonn, CA Chemical Engineering (B S ), Junior Cecily Elizabeth Couture lemon Grove, CA Pre Polilitol Science, Junior Katharine Ira Couture Tucson, AZ Sociology (B.A), Senior Anthony Joseph Covarrubias Gordena, CA Biochemistry CBS), Junior Cindy Covarrubias Arleto, CA Biology (B.S.), Sophomore Guillermo Covarrubias Pico Rivera, CA Hector Elias Covarrubias Son Morcos, CA Latin American Studies (B.A), Junior Jose Antonio Covarrubias Inglewood, CA Pre Psychobiology, Junior Marco Antonio Covarrubias Bell Gordens, CA Computer Science and Engineering (B.S ), Junior Maria Esther Covarrubias Santo Maria, CA English (B.A), Sophomore Miguel Angel Covarrubias Bell Gordens, CA Computer Science and Engineering (B.S), Junior Nestor Daniel Covarrubias Huntington Pork, CA Sergio Covarrubias North Hollywood, CA Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics (B.S.), Junior Kevin William Covate Quartz Hill, CA Civil Engineering (B.S.), Freshman Christopher Aaron Covell Son Diego, CA Aerospace Engineering (B S), Senior Music, Violin And Trumpet, Bel-Air Quest Joseph Chase Covello Folsom, CA Computer Science and Engineering (B.S), Junior Laurel Elizabeth Covert Tustin, CA History (B.A ), Sociology, Public Policy, Senior Chi Omega, Hope Street Youth Intern, C.O.P.E. Intern, Parents ' Action For Children Intern, Team Kids, Incorporated Intern Joseph William Cowan Pico Rivera, CA Freshman Matthew Richard Cowan Weslloke Villoge, CA Pre Political Science, Junior Patrick Edmund Cowan Pico Rivera, CA Freshmon Stefanie Judit Cowan De Leon La Canada Flinlridge, CA Pre Psychology, Freshmon Elisha Michelle Cowen Chulo Vista, CA Sociology (B.A), Senior Drew Cowens Casleau, Belgium American Indian Studies (B.A ), African Languages, Senior 4-Year Oorsmon, Spring Sing 2005 Performer Kristen E Cowley San Mateo, CA English (B.A), Junior Katherine Eli Cowley- Crawford Davis, CA Pre Psychology, Sophomore Amy Allison Cox Long Beoch, CA Electrical Engineering (B.S.), Sophomore Benjamin E Cox Oceanside, CA Physiological Science (B S .), Spanish, Sophomore UCLA Marching Bond, Symphonic Bond, Brum Runners, Kappa Kappa Psi. Brian I Cox Yorba Lindo, CA Electrical Engineering (B S), Sophomore Diana Leigh Cox Irvine, CA Freshman Kappa Alpha Theto Efrem Michael Cox Rancho Polos Verdes, CA Pre Psychobiology James E Cox Crescent City, CA Aerospace Engineering (B.S), Junior Keldon Hamilton Cox Los Angeles, CA Mechanical Engineering (B.S.) Melissa Leigh Cox Son Ramon, CA Pre Psychobiology, Junior Michael Jonathon Cox Studio City, CA Political Science (8.A) Niccole Anne Cox West Hollywood, CA Pre Psychology, Junior Sabrina Cox Golelo, CA Psychology (B.A.) Tracy Erin Cox Mountain View, CA Music (B.A.), Freshman Lisa Marie Coyne Colton, CA Civil Engineering (B.S), Junior Patricia Kemper Coyne Atlanta, GA Marine Biology (8 S), Junior Annie Irene Cozby fort Worth, TX Freshman Pi Beta Phi, Campus Crusade James Warren Cozzens Kenilworth, IL Physics (B.S.), Junior Mariana Craciun Slotino, Romania Sociology (B.A), Anthropology, Senior Officer AKD Sociological Honor Society David Perry Craft Lancaster, CA Political Science (B.A), Senior Alpho Tou Omega, Bruin Republicans David Gregory Cragg, Jr Son Clemente, CA Cognitive Science (B.S.), Junior Brooke Anya Craghill Toft, CA Women ' s Studies (B.A), Junior Bradley Lansdell Craig Newport Beoch, CA Film and Television (8.A.), Junior Lizel Denise Craig Corson, CA Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics (B S.) Seth Edward Henry Craig Sunland, CA Physiological Science (B.S), Junior Stephanie Jane Craig Lowrence, KS World Arts and Cultures (B.A.) Steven Mickle Craig North Hollywood, CA Prebusiness Economics, Junior Derek Weylin Cram Fremont, CA Mothematics (B S.) Ben Cramei Carl sbad, CA Pre History, Junior Petra Robin t r.inu-r Sherman Ooks, CA Internotionol Development Studies (HA) Zachary Jay Cramer Rohnert Pork, CA Electricol Engineering (B.S), Sophomore John David Crandall Santa Ana, CA English (B.A), Junior Camden Cathleen Crane Fullerton, CA Freshmon Campus Ciusode for Christ, Volunteering In Inglewood (working With Children), Doming (jazz, Tap, Hip-Hop, Salso, The Works 1 ) Maxwell James Cranmer Walnut Creek, CA Adam Jay Craven Diamond Bar, CA History (8 A ), Junior Jeffrey Paul Craw Mission Viejo, CA Psychology (B.A), Junior Charles Aaron Crawford Santa Clorita, CA Philosophy (B.A.) UCLA Debate Team Kristin Kathleen Crawford San Juan Capislrono, CA English (B.A) Lisa Jinny Crawford Cerritos, CA Pre Psychobiology Matan Mikael Crawford Los Angeles, CA English (B.A), Sophomore Mercedes Juvette Crawford Los Angeles, CA Women ' s Studies (B.A,), African American Studies, Junior Lisa Tay Craytor Pacifica, CA Economics (B.A.), Junior Robert Lamont Creighton Richmond, CA Freshmon Jaisa Elizabeth Creps Valencia, CA Pre History, Sophomore Therese Madeline Cresalia Son Rofoel, CA Biochemistry (8.S.), Sophomore Mario Ernesto Crespin, Jr North Hollywood, CA Spanish (B.A.), Junior Shana Cripe Corson, CA Nursing (B.S.) Matthew A Crisafulli Long Beach, CA Pre Psychology, Junior Robert Anthony Crisafulli Long Beoch, CA 8iochemistry (B.S .), Junior Arianna Marcala Criscione Walnut, CA Carlyn E Crisostomo Son Diego, CA Pre Psychobiology Abigail M Criss Son Diego, CA Sophomore David Alexander Cristales Los Angeles, CA Junior Miguel Angel Cristales, Jr Los Angeles, CA a 3 n O 5 c _o o u Q Sociology (B.A.) Amy Levine Crocker Son Diego, CA Sophomore Club Water Polo Molly Jane Crockett Irvine, CA Psychob iology (8.S.), Senior Alumni Scholars Club President, Peer Helpline, Sociol Cognihve Neuroscience Lob Elizabeth Jane Crofton- Sleigh Son Francisco, CA English (B A ) Music History, Sophomore Intramural Softball, Plays Guitar, Alpha Lambda Delta, James Walker Crofts Huntington Beoch, CA Electrical Engineering (B.S ), Junior Raphael Steven Crohn San Rafael CA Kenneth Ikeda Cromack Menlo Pork, CA Computer Science (B.S.), Freshman UCLA Kendo Club, Campus Crusade For Christ KENNETH Ow favorite Brum " 1 With love from Mom Dad Regina Cronenweth- Schneider Sherman Ooks, CA Pre Psychology, Junior Danielle Marie Schultz Crook Aplos, CA Music History (B.A.), Junior Stephen Everett Schultz Crook Aplos, CA Junior Laura Irene Crooks Irvine, CA Junior Monica Jocelyn Crooms tos Angeles, CA Political Science (B A) Matthew Christopher Crosby Santo Ana, CA Business Economics IB A ] Junior Cristy Luu Cross Laguna Hills, CA International Development Studies (B.A.) Akilah Ayanna Crossdale Santa Cruz, CA Theater (B.A.), International Relations, Freshman Dance, Asp Daniel Sean Crossen Son Francisco, CA Americon Literature and Culture (B.A), Junior Dana Ashleigh Cross land Los Angeles, CA Theoter (B.A ), Junior Jennifer Marie Crosthwaite Hawthorne, CA Sociology (B.A), Political Science, Senior Myself Kathryn Rose Crostic Chico, CA Pre Economics, Junior Thomas Allen Crow Polos Verdes Estotes, CA Politicol Science (B.A.), Junior Amy J Crowe Encinilos, CA Janine Alexis Crowe West Hills, CA Mathematics Applied (B.S.) Jennifer Marie Crowe Santa Ano, CA Americon Literature and Culture (B.A.) Katherine Grace Crowe Los Angeles, CA Pre Politicol Science Mary Nicole Crowe Suisun City, CA Inlernationol Development Studies (B.A.), Junior Janaee Clorice Crowell Los Angeles, CA American Literature and Culture (B.A.), African American Studies, Junior Kamaile Katherine Kea Crowell Koiluo, HI Freshman Erin Rose Crowley Kenrfield, CA Anthropology (B.S,), Sophomore Alpha Delta Pi Lucas John Crowley San Jose, CA Biology (B.S.) Melinda Ann Crowley Porlolo Valley, CA Freshman Timothy J Crowley Torronce, CA English IB A ). Junior Scott Robert Crowson Mission Viejo, CA Materials Engineering (B.S.) Erin Kathleen Croy Volencio, CA English (B.A.), Junior Daniel M Croymans Winnelko, CA Biology (B.S. ), freshman Jessica Maureen Croze Lafayette, CA Psychology (B.A.), Junior Monique L Cruces Azusa, CA Pre Psychobiology, Sophomore Renee Liane Crug Woodbridge, CA Americon Literature and Culture (B.A.) Audrey Diane Crummey Allodena, CA Psychobiology IBS ), Junior Christopher Lowell Crump Emerald Hills, CA Geography (B.A.), Junior Tiffany Brooke Crunelle Comorillo, CA Biochemistry (B.S), Junior UCLA Peer Helpline Charmaine Louise Cruz Shermon Ooks, CA David Cruz Los Angeles, CA Mathematics Economics IBS.) Dennise Cruz Los Angeles, CA Pre Psychology Douglas Christian Cruz Los Angeles, CA Sophomo re Edwin Frank Cruz North Hills, CA Mathemolics (B.S), Sophomore Jessica Raquel Cruz San Diego, CA Physiological Science (B.S.) Joseph Glenn Cruz Martinez, CA Economics (B.A.) Joshua Cruz Son Diego, CA Junior Josue Villela Cruz, Jr Fillmore, CA Chicono and Chicono Studies (B.A.) Joy Banzon Cruz Son Diego, CA Pre Psychobiology Luis Alonso Cruz, Jr Notional City, CA Neuroscience (B.S.), Junior Miguel Francisco Cruz Vollejo, CA Physics (B.S.) Nanette Krista Cruz Oxnord, CA Prebusiness Economics, Junior Pierre Mejia Cruz Lemon Grove, CA Molhemotics, Applied (B.S.) Raiza Shahanie Salud Cruz Valley Village, CA Prebusiness Economics, freshmon Charrel L Cryer Los Angeles, CA Freshman Dance, Fashion, Milo ' s Hip Hop Group Anita Cservenka San Diego, CA Freshman Honors Student, CALPIRG (intern) Kevin Anthony Csupak Los Angeles, CA Mechanical Engineering (B S ), Sophomore Nicholas Huy Cu El Dorado Hills, CA Biochemistry (B.S), Freshman Patrick Dy Cu Simi Volley, CA Japanese (B A ), Junior Desiree O Cua Alhambra, CA Junior Leonardo Osvaldo Cuadrado, Jr Los Angeles, CA Anthropology (B.A), Chicono And Chicono Studies, Senior United States Manne Corps, Semper Fi Club Olivia Villanueva Cuarteron Fontana, CA Pre Psychology Gregory James Cubbon Half Moon Boy, CA Geophysics Applied Geophysics (B.S ) Sophomore Alison Jacquelyn Cubre Fair Oaks, CA English (B.A.), Sophomore Paul J Cubre Foir Oaks, CA Physics (BS ), Sophomore Tracy Anne Cuculic Yorbo Undo, CA Sociology (B.A.) Courtney Ann Cudlip Denver, CO Business Economics (B.A.), Accounting, Geography, Junior Skiing, Golf Zachary Wayne Cue, Jr Long Beach, CA Pre Psychobiology Laura Marcela Cuellar East Los Angeles, CA Sociology [B A ). Anthropology, Junior Hermonas Unidas, Lasa, fnioys Dancing Cathleen Armida Cueto Redondo Beach, CA Sociology (B.A ) Guadalupe Del Rosario Cueto South El Monte, CA Isabel Alejandra Cueva South Gate, CA Freshman Nicolas Benjamin Cueva Escondido, CA Geography Environmental Studies (B.A), Junior William Cueva Los Angeles, CA Mathematics, Applied (B.S), Junior Bryant A Cuevas Bellflower, CA Aerospace Engineering (B.S ), Junior Katherine Joy Cuevas Anoheim, CA Biology (B.S ), Freshman Tara Marie Cufaude Loomis, CA History (B.A.), Junior Miao M Cui West Hills, CA Biology (B.S), Junior Ting Cui El Monte, CA Electrical Engineering (B.S .), Senior IEEE. CLICC Stanislav Culaclii Gardena, CA Electrical Engineering (B.S.), Junior Christopher James Culberson Los Angeles, CA Aerospace Engineering (B.S), Sophomore Susan M Culini Valley Village, CA Sociology (B.A.) Sarah Louisa Cullem Los Angeles, CA Economics (B.A.), Junior Heather Michelle Cullen Costo Mesa, CA Sara Frances Culp Valencia, CA English (B.A.), Junior Anthony Navarro Culpepper, Jr Los Angeles, CA Pre Political Science Jesse Bennett Culver Los Angeles, CA Pre Psychology, Junior William Nathaniel Cumberland Molibu, CA Mothemotics, Applied (B S ), Freshman Jeri-Lyn Cumiskey Riverside, CA Pre History, Junior Erin Elizabeth Cummings Los Angeles, CA Biology (B.S.), Freshman Michael Alan Cummings Cupertino, CA Biology (B.S), Junior Michael Guy Cummings San Juan Capistrano, CA History (B.A .), Junior Michelle Lynn Cummings Mission Viejo, CA Civil Engineering (B.S), Junior Susan Lynn Cummings Los Angeles, CA English (B A) Jaclyn Kaye Cunanan Arleta, CA Political Science (B.A.) Charlotte Olivia Cunningham San Francisco, CA Psychology (B.A), Junior Jessica M Cunningham Mission Viejo, CA Pre Psychobiology, Junior Nicholas David Cunningham Venturo, CA Prebusiness Economics, Junior Jacqueline Curiel Los Angeles, CA History (B.A ) John Marino Curiel Thousond Polms, CA Pre Psychobiology Jonathan Michael Curley South Pasodeno, CA Pre Microbiology, Immunology, ond Molecular Genetics Kelly Cathleen Curran Los Angeles, CA Theoter (B.A.) Kelsey A Currier Hall Moon Bay, CA Geography (B.A.), Politicol Science, Junior Travis Ryan Currier Aliso Vit ' io. CA Materials Engineering (B.S), Freshmon Anna Caitlin Currin Pleosanton, CA Pre Politicol Science, Freshman Benjamin Adams Curry Los Angeles, CA History (B.A.) Sarah Beth Curtin Santo Cruz, CA Latin American Studies IB A ), Junior Andrew Blay Curtis San Fransico, CA English (B.A ), Senioi English Honor Society Congratulations Andrew) Love, Mom mid Dad Cameron Stewart Curtis La Canada, CA Theater (B.A), Freshmon Emily Bliss Curtis La Canada, CA World Arts and Cultures (B.A), Freshman Evan Lynn Curtis Long Beach, CA Economics (B.A), Junior Nanette Irene Curtis Los Angeles, CA Sophomore Paul Stuart Curtis Socromento, CA English (B.A), Junior Tiffany Ann Curtis Long Beach, CA Anthropology (B.A.), Junior Sonia Ann Curtis Acerra Von Nuys, CA Political Science (B A ), Junior Acting, Singing, Writing, French Sarah May Cushing Anaheim, CA History (B.A.) Anne Cecelia Cutler Folsom, CA Communication Studies (B.A), Junior Kimberly Ida Cutler Gold River, CA Mathemolics Economics (B.S ), Freshmon Delta Delta Delta Paola Florencia Cutri Los Angeles, CA Theater (B.A), Senior Design Kara D Cutruzzula Honford, CA Freshmon Dance Marothon, Campus Events John Paul Cutter Shermon Ooks, CA Mothemotics of Computation (8 S.), Junior Arelis Lizzeth Cuyan Pomona, CA English (B.A.), Freshman Music, Choir, Volleyball Uii, the Lord be with you in the beginning of a new horizon. Lei him be uour guide to achieve all you can Kristina Cydzik Foster City, CA Civil Engineering (B.S.) Liza Marie Cyriac Cerritos, CA Electrical Engineering IBS.), Sophomore ISU, Karaoke, Cooking, Knitting, Quilting, Saapbooking, Volleyball, Doncing, Music Christian Czentye Livermore, CA freshmon There are some who fall but get back up, Lose, don ' t accept loss, I because they u ' dl NOT fail Anne Elise Czer ChuloVisto, CA Psychology (B.A), Diversified Liberal Arts Program, Senior Kappa Delta Peter Christian Czer Santa Monica, CA Biophysics (B.S), Junior Felix Maximilian Czernin Pacific Palisades, CA English (B.A.), Junior Jacinda Lillian Da Rosa Norco, CA Economics International Area Studies (B A), Junior Fernanda Gabriele Da Silva Son Jose, CA Sociology (B.A.) Krista Lumesha Da Silva Los Angeles, CA Biology (B.S.) Jonathon Harel Dabach Calabosos, CA Rim ond Television (B.A.), Junior Sanam Dabir-Babakan Los Angeles, CA Women ' s Studies (B.A.), Junior Eric J Daco Culver City, CA English [6 A ( Junior Friyana Shahrukh Dadabhoy Los Angeles, CA Freshmon Varun Shahrukh Dadabhoy Culver City, CA Eost Asian Studies (6.A.), Junior Azadeh Christina Dadgostar Encino, CA Pre Psychology, Sophomore Mark Arjan Dadlani Los Angeles, CA Art (8 A.), Junior Christine Marie Dadourian Los Vegos, NV Pre Psychology, Sophomore Tabasom Dadvand Los Angeles, CA Psychobiology (B.S.) Thomas Scott Daffern Sunnyvole, CA Sophomore Dan Daftari Paramus, NJ Economics International Areo Studies (B.A), Sophomore Carlo Manuel Daghlian Sylmor, CA Economics (B.A.) April Kathleen Dagonese Crestline, CA History (8.A.), Junior Kevin M Dagostino Riverside, CA Physics (B.S.), Sophomore Anthony J Daher Son Marcos, CA Civil Engineering (B.S ) Lynne Tokiko Dahl El Monte, CA Physiologicol Science (B.S.) Melanie Kathleen Dahl Granite Bay, CA Art History (B.A.), Junior Art Historiography And Conservation, Museum Theory, Intern At The Santo Monica Museum Of Art Michael Warren Dahl Los Angeles, CA Mothemotics, Applied (B.S.), Senior Taylor Kristen Dahl Loloyerte, CA History (8.A.), French Swimming, Theatre, Music, Bosketboll, Football, Surfing, French Jennifer Denise Dahlberg Rolling Hills Estates, CA Astrophysics (B S ) Kathryn Ryane Dahlson Bonsall, CA English (B.A.), Freshmon Christine Dai lo Canada, (A Biology (BS) Sophomore I ■■: ami ' ■ Hang Dai San Jose CA Freshman Sophia Dai Monterey Pork, CA Mathematics Applied (8 S ). Accouniing S«raoi Scottwfones, NSU Modem Shamus Dimitrios Dai ley Novato CA Prebusiness . Economics, Sophomore Mark [ennings Daily Irvine. CA Pre Politicol Science, Junior Mark Geary Wilson Daiss Portota Valley, CA Prebusiness Economics, Sophomore Lena Dajani Irvine, CA Communication Studies (BA), Junior Houri Annette Dakessian Chatsworih, CA Microbiology Immunology, and Molecular Genetics (B.S.) Aliasgar Husaini Dalai Irvine. CA Molecular. Cell and Developmental Biology (B S .), Junior Amish R Dalai Huntington Beach, CA Prebusiness Economic, Junior Ota io Elias Dalarossa Soo Poulo BR Civil Engineering (B.S.), Freshman Sonja Flanders Dale Berkeley, CA Theater (BA), Sophomore Kristabelle T Daley Auburn, CA Pre Hislory, Junior Lamia Dalichaouch Son Diego, CA Political Science (6 A) Christina Sungguh Dalit Morino. CA Prebusiness Economics Camille Valerie Dalmacio Dublin, CA Political Science (BA) Kristy Lynn Dalrymple Uvermore, CA Aerospace Engineering (B.S.), Junior Michael Anthony Daluz Pocifica, CA Economics (BA), Junior John Vincent D ' alvia long Beach, CA English (B A ) Junior Sharon Elizabeth Daly Los Angeles CA Psychology (BA), Junior Leslie Anne Dalziel Orindo, CA Communication Studies (BA) Peter Dam El Monte, CA Business Economics IB A ), Junior Nicolas Damiano Beverly Hills, CA Pre History, Junior Nicholas Luciano D ' amico Venice, CA Geography (B.A ), Political Science, Junior Phi Alpho Delto Pre-Lnw Fraternity, UCLA Athletics Recruiting Staff Paul Arthur Damikolas Upland, CA Electrical Engineering (B.S), Ju nior Klara Antoinette Damjanovic Danville CA Political Science (BA), Junior Nattapol Damrongplasit Los Angeles CA Electrical Engineering (8 S .), Junior Eric Vlad Dan Los Angeles, CA Biophysics (B 5 ), Junior [enee Ariel Dana Moniebello, CA Geography Environmental Studies IB A), Senioi Fast iFashion Club), Acodemics In The Commons Workshop Leader, Pan Freshmen Peer Mentor And Hillside Ra Hrant Danakian Von Nuys, CA Pre Economics, Sophomore Sarvenaz Danesh Ladero Ranch, CA Psychology (B.A.), Politicol Science, Senioi Page Daneshjou Los Angeles, CA Women ' s Studies (BA) Hooman Daneshmand San Ramon, CA Mechanical Engineering (B.S), Sophomore Alan David Daneshrad Beverly Hills, CA Hislory (BA), Junior Candice Shirin Daneshvar Los Angeles, CA Pre Psychobiology, Junior Erin William Danford Oceanside, CA Electrical Engineering (B.S.), Sophomore Alexander Nhi Dang Los Angeles, CA Pre History, Junior An Nguyen Dang Milpitos, CA English (BA), Junior Chi Lien Dang San Gabriel, CA Psychobiology (8 S.) Donna Dang Los Angeles, CA Politicol Science (BA), Junior Dorris Dai Dang Alhombra CA Pre Psychology Elaine Trang Dang Gorden Grove, CA Pre Psychobiology, Junior Francine Truong Dang Long Beoch, CA Philosophy (B.A.) Hong Thi Dang Los Angeles, CA Biology (B.S.) Jennifer Anne Dang Los Angeles, CA Sophomore Jennifer Dang El Monle, CA Pre Psychobiology, Junior John Vi-Kien Dang Santa Fe Springs, CA Pie Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics, Freshmon Zeto Phi Rho Fraternity Julie Dang Riverside, CA Biochemistry (B.S.) Kathy Dang los Angeles, CA Pre Psychology Kim C Dang Garden Grove, CA Biology (BS.), Freshmon Kydah Dang Santo Monica, CA Chemical Engineering IBS) Asian American Studies, Senior Tzu Ching, AICHE Mary Ellen Dang Fresno, CA English (BA), Junior Michael Van Dang Long Beach, CA Sociology IB A ), Junior Mvlev Dang Elk Grove, CA Molhematics, Applied (BS.) Nathaniel Thomas Dang Honolulu, HI Computer Science and Engineering (B S ), Sophomore Nicholas Matthew Dang Los Angeles, CA Communication Studies (BA). Junior Peter Huu Dang Yorba Linda, CA Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology (BS.) Phuong Ngoc Dang Son Francisco, CA Electrical Engineering (BS), Junior Susan Ngoc Dang Howthorne, CA Thao Phuong Dang Canogo Pork, CA Psychobiology (B.S.) Thao T Dang Santo Ana, CA Pre Psychology, Junior Tram (nikki) Ngoc-Thi Dang Son Jose, CA Molhematics, Applied (B.S.), Freshman Laughing John D ' Angelo Granoda Hills, CA Sociology (B.A.) My Thi Danh Riverside, CA Prebusiness Economics, Junior Markie Ann Daniel Lompoc, CA Geography Environmental Studies (B.A.). Junior Stefanie C Daniel Laguno Niguel, CA Prebusiness Economics Tamar Daniel los Angeles, CA International Development Studies (B A ) Junior Nicole Helen Danielak North Hills. CA Psychology (BA), Freshmon Robert Arthur Danielak North Hills, CA English (B.A.I, Politicol Science, Sophomore Andrew Philip Daniels Fountain Volley, CA Junior Candace Nicole Daniels Kory, TX Theater (B.A,), Junior Elizabeth Marie Daniels Fountain Valley, CA Art (BA), Junior Marc Paul Daniels Coslo Mesa, CA Prebusiness Economics, Freshman Marisol Del Carmen Daniels Lynwood, CA Politicol Science (B.A.), Junior Maxine R Daniels Beverly Hills, CA Pre Psychology Ann Ford Danielson Mill Valley, CA Freshmon Maria Charlotte Danielsson Lulea, Sweden American literature and Culture (B.A.), Internotionol Political Science, Graduate Teaching, Literature, Political Science And Sports, Rock And Ice-Climber, Kundalini Yoga And Diving Hrair A Danielyan Glendale, CA Junior Larianna Danielyan Buibonk, CA Psychology (B.A), Junior Hva Danilkevich los Angeles, CA Fieshman Tal Dantno Icii 20(1(1 CA Physics (B.S), Chemistry, Mothemolics, Junior Traveling Rajima Ondov Danish Ouorti Hill, CA Psychobiology (BS), Junior Mary am Danishwar Resedo, CA Political Science (B.A.) Naomi Elisabeth Danker Fountoin Volley, CA Russion longuoge and Literature (B.A), Senior Christian Students Club Aleksandrs | Dankers Hermoso Beoch, CA Economics (BA), English, Senior UCLA Club Volleyboll Brittany Nicole Dankworth Verdi, NV Freshmon To our Favorite Bruin - Havea Greal Year} Panos George Danopoulos San Jose, CA Physiological Science (8.S.) Jason Dantzler Los Angeles, CA Psychology (BA), African Americon Studies Jamie Annette Dantzscher Son Dimes, CA Pre Psychology, Junior John Tavis Danz Plocerville, CA Theoter (BA), Junior Anthony Minh Dao Anoheim, CA Microbiology, Immunology, ond Molecular Genetics (B.S) Caroline Ynhi Dao Fremont, CA Women ' s Studies (BA) Christine Nguyen Dao Long Beoch, CA Biology (B.S.), Sophomore Dong Due Dao Anaheim, CA Biology (B S.) Junior Hieu Trung Dao lemon Grove, CA English (B.A.) Phuong H Dao Anoheim, CA Physiological Science (B S ), Junior Thi D Dao Santo Ana, CA English (BA), Political Science, Junior Tuan Anh Dao San Jose, CA Psychology (BA), Sophomore John Byron Daquioag Resedo, CA Anthropology (B.S.) Sarah Jayne Jose Daquioag Los Angeles, CA Microbiology, Immunology, ond Molecular Genetics (BS), Junior Daud Darab Gordena, CA Sheila Darbani Campbell, CA Women ' s Studies (B.A.), Junior Sason Dardashti Encino, CA Freshmon Tiffany Renee Darden Inglewood, CA Afro American Studies (BA), Junior Julio I Dardon Noilhndgo, CA Anthropology (BA), Senior UCLA Antliropulogy Association, Rally Committee Jonathan Stephen Dario San Bernardino, CA Pre Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics, Sophomore Shekhar Ramdas Darke Son Francisco, CA Business Economics (B.A), Junior Anne Elizabeth Darlington Camarillo, CA World Ail ' , and Cultures (B.A), Freshman Bithika Das Son Jose, CA Electrical Engineering (B.S.), Junior Neelima Ammini Das Foster City, CA Business Economics (B.A.) Rohin Pennathur Das Los Altos, CA Hislory IB A ) Junior Daniel A Dash la Canada, CA Economics (B.A), Junior Chalita Dasnanjali Los Angeles, CA Sociology (B.A), English, Junior Thai Smakom, ORL Noah Jess Dassat Monhatton Beoch, CA Mathematics (B.S.) Matthew Gerald Datlow Ventura, CA Psychology (BA), Junior Sumit Datta La Mirada, CA Biochemistry (B.S), Junior James B Datu Glendale, CA Freshmon Jasmin Eliscupidez Datu San Fernando Valley, CA Mathematics, General (B.S), Southeast Asian Studies Spoce, Renoissonce Universal Yoga Club Dennis Malixi Datuin lemoore, CA Microbiology, Immunology, ond Molecular Genetics (B S ), Physiological Science, Sophomore Samahang, UCLA Care Extenders, AMSA, UCC Choir, UCLA Symphonic Band, Michelle Darlene Datuin Rosomond, CA Pre Psychology, Junior Michelle Katherine Daugherty Cerritos, CA Pre History, Junior Donovan O ' neill Daughtry Hermoso Beoch, CA Political Science (BA), Senior Volleyball, Campus Events Jasmine Davaloo los Angeles, CA Pre Politicol Science Julien Nicholas Davanzo Oceanside, CA Pre History, Sophomore Mani Davari Fremont, CA Pre Psychology, Junior Arash Ashley Davarian Los Angeles, CA Comparative Lilerolure (B.A.) Ardalan Ardy Davarifar Santo Monica, CA Junior John Wesley Davenport Jacksonville, TX Political Science (BA), Junior Government, Politics, Performing Arts, Tennis, Swimming, Biking, Volunteering, Reading Carlo Gallaher Davia Davis, CA Physics (BS), Junior Jeffrey Michael David Irvine, CA Political Science (B.A .), Junior Kristianne Zara David Imperial, CA Freshman Matthew Al David Sherman Oaks, CA Prebusiness Economics, Sophomore Matthew Victa David Hoyword, CA Computer Science ond Engineering (B S ), Freshman Zeto Phi Rho Fraternity Melissa Beth David Wilmetle, IL Freshmon Ventzislav Anjel Davidoff Los Angeles, CA Political Science (BA) Kristina M Davidovich Sonla Monica, CA Microbiology, Immunolog y, and Molecular Genetics (B.S.) Kristopher Adam Davidsohn Los Angeles, CA Computer Science (B.S.), Junior Evan Nathaniel Davidson Colorado Springs, CO Political Science (BA), Junior Mary Elizabeth Davidson Omaha, NE English (BA), Junior Michelle Lara Davidson Calabasas, CA Pre Psychobiology Erica Lauren Davies Fountain Valley, CA Biology (B.S), Junior Michael Christopher Davies Lo Meso, CA Political Science (B.A ), Junior Samantha Faye Davies Frozier Park, CA Biology (BS.), Senior Christina Davila South Gate, CA Freshman Francisco Javier Davila Gordeno, CA Sociology (B.A), Junior Josue Mario Davila Los Angeles, CA Prebusiness Economics, Sophomore Leslie Elizabeth Davila Los Angeles, CA Sponish(BA) Raymond Brennan Davila Los Angeles, CA English (B.A.) Connor Jay Davirro Son Diego, CA English (B.A.), Junior Alexander Peter Davis Santa Monica, CA History (B.A), Junior Amy D Davis Santa Barbara, CA Prebusiness Economics, Sophomo re Andrew Jay Davis Tarzano, CA Political Science (B.A), Junior Barak Joseph Davis Simi Valley, CA Physiological Science (B.S), Junior Beau Sterling Davis Templeton, CA Business Economics (8.A.), Junior Brenda Faye Davis c g a u OJ Q Whirtier, CA Bristyn Michelle Davis Monhorton Beach, CA Sophomore Bruce E Davis, II Houston, TX Sophomore Christopher James Davis Berkeley, CA Business Economics IB A ) Junior Jeffrey Matthew Davis Mission Viejo CA Theater (B.A.), Junior Johnathan Ephraim Davis Son Jose, CA Eleclritol Engineering (B.S.), Computer Engineering, Senior Julie Anne Davis Pasadena, CA Polititol Science (BA) Kan-Dee Marteen Davis Polmdole, CA Sociology (B.A.), Senior Law Kathrin Jinifir Davis Oxnard, CA Geology (B.S.) Kristen Deanne Davis Los Angeles, CA Art (BA), Junior Kyle Robert Davis Bellevue, WA Civil Engineering (B.S ), Sophomore Lindsey Danielle Davis Sonoro, CA History (BA) Mary Davis West Los Angeles, CA Women ' s Studies (B.A.), Junior Megan Michelle Davis San Diego, CA Psychology (BA), Senior Pamela Elise Davis Long Beach, CA Sociology IB A ) Junior Sarah jayne Davis Posodeno, CA English (B.A.) Scott B Davis Carmichael, CA Aerospace Engineering (B.S.), Sophomore Sean Frederic Davis Los Angeles, CA Political Science (G A J. Junior Sean Patrick Davis Eden Prairie, MN Computer Science (B.S.), Freshman shes, Sean, for a happy and fulfilling time at UC I I Shawn Katherine Davis Irvine, CA History (B.A.) Vanessa N Davis North Hollywood, CA Junior Anna Davitian Glendale, CA Electrical Engineering (B.S.) David H Davitian Los Angeles, CA Pre Political Science, Junior Natan Davoodi Los Angeles, CA Sociology {B. A.), Junior Telli Davoodi Northridge, CA Biology (B.S.) Anastasia Davoodian Von Nuys, CA Political Science (B.A.}, Junior Bita Davoodian Rancho Palos Verdes, CA Sociology (B.A.) Hanna Davoodzadeh Venice, CA History [B.A), Neor Eastern Longuages And Cultures, Iranian, Senior Sam Davoudzadeh Reseda, CA Jewish Studies (BA), Junior Meri Davtian Pasadena, CA Pre Psychology Nataliya Davydova Von Nuys, CA Biology (B.S), Junior James R Dawdy Fountain Valley, CA Reza A Dawood Union City, CA Mathematics, Applied (B.S.), Junior Danica Elise Dawson La Jolla, CA Political Science (B.A.) Laura Ann Dawson Polmdole, CA Atmospheric, Oceonic and Environmental Sciences (B.S ), Senior Tou Bern Sigma, Bruin Ladies Ultimate, Air foice ROTC, Arnold Air Society, Matching Band, £ njoys Aviation, Music. Popular Science Congratulations ' We wish you happiness 6 success as an Air ue Worn Dad hru Nicholas Kennison Dawson Los Angeles, CA Computer Science IBS], Senior Muay Thai Ruth Wyn Dawson Los Gotos, CA Spanish (6.A.), Sophomore Ryan Scott Dawson Belmont, CA Pre Psychology, Junior Tyler J Daw son Santa Rosa, CA Astrophysics (B.S.), Sophomore Rubina Dawud Walnut Creek, CA History (B.A.), Senior Michael Clarke Day Son Jose, CA Freshmon Ashok Joshua Dayananthan Son Ramon, CA Pre Psychobiology, Junior Patricia Anne Daza Cerritos, CA Politicol Science (B.A ). Philosophy, Senior ACLU, Shopping, Snowhoordmg, Music Alessandro Angelo Dazzan Molibu. CA Economics (BA), Junior Giovanni Pietro Dazzo Anthropology [B A ) Alpha Tou Omega Niralli Tara Dcosta Los Angeles, CA World Arts and Cultures (B.A ) Junior Ivannia De Alba Son Francisco, CA Prebusiness Economics, Freshman Bianca Elizabeth De Anda Irvine, CA Sociology (B.A.), Junior Derik Kaleo De Baun Oceanside, CA French and Linguistics (B.A ) Junior Jacqueline Sy De Borja Hillsborough, CA Sophomore Angela Teresa De Cenzo Manhattan Beach, CA International Development Studies (B.A), Junior Damien Peter De Clerck Los Angeles, CA Pre Economics Zachary Steven De Cor se Baldwin Park, CA Pre History Matthew Raymond De Cuffa La Mirada, CA Physiological Science (6.S.), American Literature And Culture, Senior ORL Resident Assistant program Assistant, Unicamp, Mentorship, UCLA Crew, ASUCLA, Catenng, Asian, American Tutorial, Campus Events Commissions Congratulations, we ' re so proud oj you! Lav Mom. Dad. and Ryan!!! James Thomas De Fazio Carmichael, CA Aerospace Engineering (B.S.), Sophomore Nicholas Bernard De Felice Sacramento CA Electrical Engineering (B.S), Junior Juventina Maria De Giso Son Diego, CA Biology (B.S), Sophomore Kelsey Travis De Gracia Granada Hills, CA History (B.A) Francisco Miguel De Guzman Van Nuys, CA Pre Cog, Junior Nancy Jean De Guzman Sunnyvole, CA Psychology (BA) Peter Paul Uytingco De Guzman Santo Clarito, CA World Arts and Cultures (B.A.), Junior Sherwin Dimarucot De Guzman Long Beach, CA Freshman Gustavo Adrian De Haro Oxnard, CA Psychology (B.A.) Jason D De Jesus Los Angeles, CA Freshman Michael Reuben De Jesus Union City, CA Communicotion Studies IB A ) Junior Adam Seth De Jong Encinitos, CA Pre Political Science. Freshman Cindy-Jo Dato De La Bonito, CA Pre Psychobiology, freshman Alma Cristina De La Cruz Los Angeles, CA Spanish (B.A.) Edwyn Dumlao De La Cruz Long Beoch, CA Katherine Lucile De La Fuente Huntington Beach, CA Linguistics and Psychology (BA) Ariana De La Luz Los Angeles, CA Sociology (BA), Junior Joseph B De La Merced North Hollywood, CA Sophomore Nina De La O Esquivel Monlebello, CA Pre Psychology Yvonne M De La Paix Burbonk, CA Pre Psychology Kris A. De La Pena Whirtier, CA Biology (B.S), Senior Theto Xi Yanette De La Riva Los Angeles, CA Psychology (B.A.) Nancy De La Rosa Torronce, CA Chicano and Chicono Studies (B.A.) Tarvn Jenaise De La Rosa Los Angeles, CA Sociology (BA), Junior Geovannie De La Torre South Gate, CA Pre Psychology, Junior Ivan De La Torre Sylmar. CA Physiological Science (B.S), Sophomore Rocio De La Torre Bellflower, CA Spanish (B.A.) Rvar Emmanuel De La Torre Whirtier, CA Freshman Daniel De La Vega Whirtier, CA Psychology (BA), Junior Michael F De Land Fullerton. CA Junior Alicia De Leon Los Angeles, CA Sophomore Cristina Elena De Leon Bellflower, CA English (B. A.), Senior Judith De Leon Los Angeles, CA Pre Psychology, Junior Oscar Ernesto De Leon Los Angeles, CA Psychology (BA), Junior Pablo Jose De Leon Conoga Park, CA Chemistry Materials Science (B.S.), Junior Sandra Lange De Leon Sylmor, CA Pre Politicol Science David Jeffrey De Liema Mission Viejo, CA Prebusiness Economics, Sophomore Christopher Patri De Lorimier San Gabriel, CA Pre Psychology, Junior Carla De Los Santos Posode no, CA Sophomore Evelyn De Los Santos Los Angeles, CA Biology (B S), Freshman Richelle Stella Veluya De Los Santos English (B.A), Education, Freshmon Rayanthi Mary De Mel Northridge, CA Pre Psychology, Junior Nicholas Alan De Ocampo Belmont, CA Computer Science and Engineering IBS) Junior Joao Carlos Regis De Oiiveira Culver City, CA Latin American Studies (B.A ) Pablo Regis De Oiiveira Los Angeles, CA Latin American Studies (B.A.) Reno Dante De Ranieri Burlingome, CA Sophomore Nicole Marie De Rosa Burlingome, CA Civil Engineering (B.S ), Sophomore Zodin De Rosario North Hollywood, CA Physiological Science (B S), Junior Christina Joy De Roulhac Redlonds, CA Pre Psychology, Junior Brenda De Santiago Los Angeles, CA Spanish (BA), Senior Melisa Diane De Seguirant Castro Valley, CA Theater (B.A), Freshman Dimitri Mahanel De Silva Polm Desert, CA Pre Psychology, Junior Jan-Michael Aquino De Vera Reseda, CA Prebusiness Economics Ryan Raymund Paras De Vera Chula Vista, CA Sociology (B A), Junior Shaun Patrick De Vera Rowland Heights, CA Mathematics of Compulation (B S ), Senior Office Of Residential Life, UCLA Alumni Scholar, Doshew International Center, lohn Hopkins Center, For Talented Youth, Teocher Education Progrom Kristina Vidamo De Villa Cerritos, CA Economics (B.A ] Computing Specialization, Senior UCLA Club Volleyball. Hawaii Club Luou. Basketball Joseph R De Wolk Oakland, CA Frances Sau Ting Dea Monterey Pork, CA Pre History, Junior Mae Lyn Dea Belmont, CA Sociology (BA), Senior Anything Fun! Erik Scott Deakyne Beachwood, NJ English (B.A), Linguistics, Senior Adam Wesley Dean Salt Lake City, UT History (B.A), Junior Lydia Ruth Dean Son Froncisco, CA English (BA) Ryan Scott Dean Fresno, CA Aerospace Engineering (B.S.), Junior Tiffany Melissa Dean Thousand Oaks, CA Biology (BS), Junior Emily Charlotta Dearkland Carpinterio, CA Jessica Judith Deas Heoldsburg, CA Freshman Kevin Christopher Deatsch Walnut Creek, CA Pre Economics, Junior Akash Deb Mountoin View, CA Prebusiness Economics, Junior Stephanie Renee Debats Irvine, CA Biochemistry (B.S.) Aquela Noell Debeneditto Sonta Ana, CA Henry Scott Debey Palo Alio, CA Economics (B.A.), Desma, Junior Sigma Phi Epsilon Kendra Lavonne Deboer Lo Palma, CA Pre Psychology, Freshmon Jason B Debolt Sunnyvale, CA Business Economics (BA), Senior Earing In Westwood, Jogging Around Compus, UCLA Sports. Club Powell Lucila Debuayan Los Angeles, CA Biochemistry (B.S), Senior Anthony Joseph Decarlo Bokersfield, CA Chemistry Maleriols Science (B.S), Junior Baylee Diane Decastro Son Froncisco, CA Women ' s Studies (BA), Junior Francis Santa Cruz Decastro Lemon Grove, CA Computer Science and Engineering (B.S ), Freshmon Ashley Mika Decena Son Jose, CA Fres hman UCLA Club Soccer, CALPIRG Jordan Thomas Decker Cupertino, CA Religion, Study of (B.A .), Sophomore Justyne Decker Manosquan, NJ Freshmon Tessa Mari Decoite Kopolei, HI Aerospace Engineering (B.S.), Sophomore Marina Dedeyan Glendale, CA Pre Psychobiology, Junior Michelle Dianne Dedios Chulo Vista, CA Sophomore Tau Theto Pi Soronry Kristen Rachel Dedmon Yorba Undo, CA Pre Political Science, Sophomore Sean Morgan Deel Simi Valley, CA English (B.A.), Junior Film, Ccpoeito Nathan L Deer Encino, CA Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics (B.S.), Junior Pete Deevakul Norwolk, CA Art (BA), Junior Jeffrey Michael Defazio Glendora, CA Mechonical Engineering (B S ), Junior Anthony Edward Defrenza Polo Alto, CA Civil Engineering (B.S.) Senior Sandra Marie Degive Los Angeles, CA Mothemotics (B.S.), Junior Brum Ladies Ultimate Nicholas A Degoede Fresno, CA Junior Daniil Degtyar Irvine, CA Prebusiness Economics, Junior Courtney Kaori Deguchi Whirtier, CA Biology (B.S), Junior Ravi Singh Dehar Davis, CA English (BA), Junior Justin Lee Deherrera Son Diego, CA History (BA) Melanie Cassandra Deichler Lafayette, CA Sophomore John Adrian Deionno Forestville, CA Mathematics (B.S), Junior Justin Keith Deitchman Castro Volley, CA English IB A.] Junior Tamara Joy Dejesus Oxnard, CA Freshman Christopher Thomas Dekker Rancho Santa Margarita, CA Geography Environmental Studies (B.A.), Junior Men ' s Rowing Noah John Dekkers Oioi CA Chemistry (B.S.) Pauline Tan Del Castillo Port Hueneme, CA Marine Biology (B S.), Junior Denise Marlone Pel Cid Arlero.CA Mathematics Applied IBS.} Natasha Karen Pel Cid Sherman Oaks CA Biology (U.S.). Junior Ricky DeJ Mar Irvine CA Mod [B5J Catherine Amigo Del Pozo los Angeles, CA Art History (U.A) Junior Judith Del Pozo Downey CA Sponrsh(UA) Junior Chen! Lvnne Del Remedio Santo Mono CA Biology IBS J, Sophomore Celeste Sofia Pel Rio la Puerile, CA English (BA), Portuguese, Senior Laso i Latin Amencon Student Association), Sigmo Tau Delta (English Honors Society), ULC (University Lutheran Chapel) Nicholas Ryan Pel Rio Onndo CA Political Science (B A.) Priscilla Judith Pel Rio Monlebello, CA Pre Psychobiology, Junior Tiffany Ann Pel Rio Fontono, CA Pre Political Science, Freshman Allen Bradley Pel Rosario Downey, CA Mechanical Engineering (6.S.), Junior Armila Caguiat Pel Rosario Los Angeles, CA Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology (BS), Junior Arturo Manuel Pel Valle San Fernando, CA Pre Economics, Freshman Jennifer I liana Del Villar Monlebello, CA Physiological Science (B S ), Freshman Mithi Del Villar Rosario Temeculo, CA Psychology (BA), Junior Ester Frances Dela Chmo Hills, CA History (BA), Junior Alan U Dela Cruz Moreno Volley, CA Pre Psychology, Sophomore Jill Bernardino Dela Cruz Alhombro, CA Anthropology (B A), Junior Jimmy Bautista Dela Cruz Son Jose, CA Economics (BA), Sophomore AATP Julie Angela Pela Cruz Simi Volley, CA Psychobiology (B S ), Classical Civilization, Senior Alpha Phi Omega Coed Fraternity, Pre- Optometry Society, Unite For Sight, Filipino Culture Nighr, Samahang Filipino, Pilipino Recruitment Enrichment Program Romeo Munsayac Pela Cruz, Jr North Hills, CA Mothemotics Applied Science (BS), Senior Chess, Gorf Ryan Bolor Dela Cruz Walnut, CA Psychobiology (BS), Junior Ernest L Dela Pena San Marcos, CA Atmospheric, Oceanic and Environmental Sciences (B.S.), Freshman Alejandro Miguel Delacruz Mission Hills CA English (B A), Junior Giancarlo Flores Delacruz Torrance, CA Prebusmess Economic Marthie Uyola Delacruz Moreno Valley. CA Mathematics, Applied (BS.) Jonnathan Pelafuente Loncoster, CA Pre History, Junior Kelly Morgan Pelaney Thousand Oaks, CA Physiological Science IBS ) Michael H Pelarosa San Diego, CA Chemical Engineering (BS), Sophomore Zero Phi Rho Fraternity Brian Jason Pelas Armas Los Angeles, CA Anthropology (B.A ) Junior Monica Jean Delateur los Altos, CA Pre Psychology, Mathematics Dance, Choir Jewel Evelyn Pelegall West Covino, CA History (B.A.) Pustin Anthony Peleo Seal Beach CA Prebusiness Economics, Freshmon Arnulfo Pelgado la Puente, CA Junior Carlos Paniel Pelgado Los Angeles, CA Sociology (BA.), Junior Pwight Alfredo Pelgado Von Nuys, CA Pre Politicol Science, Junior Jacqueline Pelgado Downey, CA Pre Economics, Junior Nora Lizbeth Pelgado Fontana. CA Trade O Pelgado Los Angeles, CA Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics (B.S.) Violeta Pelgado Hemel, CA Political Science (BA), Sophomore Xavier Rafael Pelgado Monlebello, CA English (BA), Sophomore Travis William Pelong Downey, CA Biochemistry (B.S.) Betty Mae Pelos Reyes Stockton, CA Psychobiology (B.S.), Spanish, Senior National Society Of Collegiate Scholars, Bruin Belles Service Association Angela Jaring Pelosreyes Chulo Vista, CA Biochemistry (B.S.) Nicolette Eve Pelouche Pocifico, CA Pre Psychobiology, Neuroscience, Sophomore Christine Elizabeth Pelp Loguno Hills, CA World Arts and Cultures (BA), Sophomore Chantel Ester Pelshad Reseda, CA Freshman Mark Brian Demann Costro Volley, CA Aerospace Engineering (8.S.), Junior Stephen Todd Pemaranville Lodi, CA Prebusiness Economics, Junior Carlene Joan Pemiany Polm Springs, CA History (BA.) Gina Pemirchyan Glendole, CA English (B.A.). Senior Working At The Bank, Roller Skating, Renting Movies, Poymg Bills, Going To Ikea. damming him .. ' " !, plat ' or someon I Annan Demirjian Glendole, CA History (B A) Kathryn Elise Pemps San Jose, CA Anthropology (B S ), Junior Miriam Amina Penard Decatur, GA AfroAmericon Studies (B.A ), Junior Yasemin Sandra Penari Soralogo, CA Italian and Special Fields (BA), Sponish, Senior Evelyn Penebeim Belvedere, CA Biology (B.S .), Junior Attila Penes Reseda, CA History |B, A.), Senior Goodwin C Deng South Pasadena, CA Biology (B.S.), Junior Hilda Xiao Ming Deng Alhombro, CA Prebusiness Economics, Junior Carl Giovanni Denigris Sacramento, CA Pre Politicol Science, Junior Alex Deniskin Tujungo, CA Freshman Roman Peniskin Tu|ungo, CA Physiological Science IBS), Freshmon Jonathan David Penison Meadow Vista, CA Americon Literature and Culture (B.A), Junior Edward Peniz Coachella, CA Business Economics (BA.), Freshmon LBSA, IM Basketball And Football Lucas Elliott Penman Oakland, CA Business Economics (B.A), Junior Crystal Lashawn Penmon los Angeles, CA Pre Psychobiology Aubry Anne Pennehy Pocific Palisades, CA Psychology (B.A), Junior Garrett Boody Penniston Alamo, CA History (BA), Junior Christopher Scott Penove Agoura Hills, CA Mathematics, Applied (B.S), Junior Brittany Shen Penovellis Redlands, CA Anthropology (B.A.), Freshman Student Alumni Association Sean Carney Penvir Los Angeles, CA Philosophy (B.A.), Junior Ravindra Eknath Peo Long Beach, CA Ethnomusicology (B A), Junior Robert William Peocampo Pasodeno, CA Film and Television (BA.) Peepa Peot San Jose, CA Electrical Engineering (B.S.) Nicholas J Pepinna Pleosanton, CA Ethnomusicology (BA), Junior Mark Williams Deppe Apple Valley, CA Psychobiology (B.S } Jan Leslie P Pequina Carson, CA Psychology (B.A), Gerontology, Senior Deanna Margaret Per San Francisco, CA Sophomore Gary Richard Per Millbroe, CA Economics International Area Studies (BA ), Junior Jessica B Per Son Froncisco, CA Ecology, Behavior, and Evolution (B.S), Junior Abigail L Peras Paramount, CA Ancient Near Eastern Civilizations (BA.) Artemis Peravanesian Biology (B.S), Senior Armen Perian Mission Hills, CA Pre Psychobiology, Junior Lilia Alwyn Andal Derige Los Angeles, CA Pre Politicol Science, Junior Sanaz Deris Rancho Polos Verdes, CA Pre Psychology Erin Elizabeth Der- Mcleod San Francisco, CA Junior Alexis Irene Derrington Los Angeles, CA Business Economics (BA.) Taleen Persaroian Glendole, CA Sophomore Flor Co Pery Sun Valley, CA Economics (BA.), Junior Steven Joseph Pesa Diamond Bar, CA Prebusiness Economics, Sophomore Akruti Pesai Huntington Beach, CA English (B.A), Economics, Senior Amar Aran Pesai Son Jose, CA Freshmon Anand Ashok Pesai Fremont, CA Mathematics, Applied (B.S.), Junior Ankit Harshendu Pesai Fremont, CA Computer Science and Engineering (B.S), Junior Avani Kishor Desai Fremont, CA Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics (B.S.), Junior Chirag Ratilal Desai Westminster, CA Pre Economics Natasha Nikhil Desai Wolnut, CA Neuroscience (B.S ) Neil Nalin Desai Northridge, CA Electrical Engineering (B.S), Junior Nikhil Anand Pesai Los Angeles, CA Electrical Engineering (B.S.) Nina Anand Pesai Son Jose, CA Chemicol Engineering (BS.) Poonam Anil Pesai Pomona, CA Pre Psychobiology, Junior Santosh Kirankumar Desai Burbonk, CA Prebusiness Economics Tapasya Shivkumar Desai Son Dimos, CA Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics (B.S.) Tejas V Pesai Los Angeles. CA Computer Science ond Engineering (B.S ), Junior Vaishali B Desai Ontario, CA Freshman Vidit Jayant Pesai Tempo, FL Philosophy (BA.) Vimal Navnit Pesai Los Angeles, CA Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology (BS) Paniel |oseph Pesantis Son Diego, CA Freshmon UCLA Voisify Men ' s Ciew, Dykstro-3 President, Delta Sigma Pi, We are proud oj you and all youi accomplishments, i e ( ' ' ■; ■ DSP! I ove Mom and Dad Virginia Ann Pesmond Lubbock, TX Women ' s Studies (B.A.), Junior Ember Nicole Pestefani Sacramento, CA Biology (B.S), Sophomore Heidi Ann Petzel Discovery Bay, CA Art (BA.), Junior Tom John Madridejos Peungria Glendora, CA Sociology (BA), Junior Elliot Morris Deutsch Chotsworth, CA Ethnomusicology (BA.), Junior William Gregory Deutsch Loguno Hills, CA Art (B.A), Junior Priyadharshini Devendran Santa Clarito, CA Mathematics (B.S, ), Junior Undergraduate Mathematics Students Association, March Of Dimes, NSCS Sandeep Devgan Chino Hills, CA Mathematics Applied (B.S.) Kimberly Gail Pevine San Clemenle, CA Juanalilia Devora Sun Valley, CA Pre Politicol Science, Junior Katherine Elizabeth Pevore Sonta Barbara, CA Business Economics (B.A.), Accounting, Senior Bridget Kathleen Pevoy Long Beach, CA English (BA.), Junior Brett Robert Pewitt Los Angeles, CA Politicol Science (B.A.), Junior Jennifer Ann Pewitt Sacramento, CA Chemicol Engineering (B.S), Junior Amanda Kay Pexter Fort Bragg, CA Physiological Science IB S .), Junior Chi Omego Bobby Pezfuli Grande Hills, CA Psychology (B.A), Senior Medicol School, Future Orthopedic plastic Surgeon, Summo Cum Laude, College Honors, Phi Beta Kappa, Departmental Honors, Psych Research Conference Nachiket Pharmadhikari Cerritos, CA Philosophy (BA. ) Rajan Dharni El Centro, CA Psychology (BA.) Shawnjit Singh Phesi Son Diego, CA Biology IBS), Junior Amrita Phillon West Hills, CA Pre Psychology Kulwinder Kaill Phillon Delano, CA Biology (B.S.) Shifali Phingra Dallas. TX Politicol Science (B.A), Junior Ankush Phupar Placentio, CA Sophomore Pevon Ann Pi Ciaula Chotsworlh, CA Pre Psychology, Junior Gina Cristine Pi Giusto Folsom, CA Sophomore Adam P Di Panni Calabosos, CA Psychology (BA) Eleazar Sison Dial Riverside, CA Sociology (B.A.) Jennifer Erika Pial Livermore, CA Pre Cybernetics, Junior Rebekah Ruth Estella Dial Stralhmore, CA Prebusiness Economics, Freshmon Ariella Tamar Diamond Encino, CA Psychology (BA.) Shawn Diamond Rolling Hills Estates, CA Art (BA), Junior Ellys Diana Costoic, CA Mathemolics, Applied (B.S), Junior Felipe Antonio Dias Sao Poulo, SP Sociology (B.A), Junior Medicine And Social Sciences, Basketball Katherine Ann Dias Los Angeles, CA Political Science (BA.) Alvaro Antonio Diaz South Gote, CA Mathematics (B S ), Junior Bryan Spencer Diaz Sun Valley, CA Chicana and Chicano Studies (B.A ), Freshman Carolina Veronica Diaz Roncho Cucomonga, CA Political Science (B.A.), Senior Law, Public Policy And Global Studies, Honois. Americorps- Justicecorps Member Caroline Marie Diaz South Gote, CA Mathematics (BS), Junior Charmaine Joy Diaz West Covino, CA Chemical Engineering IBS) Senior Christian Diaz El Monte, CA Pre Political Science, Sociology, Chicana And Chicano Studies, Sophomore Gamma Zeta Alpha Fioternity, Bruin Marching Band Christina Diaz Fillmore, CA Sociology (B A), Junior Claudia Diaz Pasadena, CA Sociology (BA.), Junior Claudia Diaz Santo Fe Springs, CA Psychobiology (B.S.) Cristobal Avraham Diaz Whither, CA Sophomore David Diaz, Jr South Gate, CA Music (BA.), Junior Edelmira Isabel Diaz San Diego, CA Philosophy (B.A), Junior Emiliano-Martin Diaz Los Angeles, CA CD o O -i - c q o u Q Pre History Gracie Marie Diaz Monterey Pork, CA History (BA) Gregory Joseph Diaz Moreno Volley, CA Pre History, Political Stience, Public Policy, Freshmon Club Baseball, Bruin Republican 1 , Jacob Diaz Los Angeles, CA Physiological Science (6 $.), Junior Jaqueline Marie Diaz Downey, CA Prebusiness Economics, Sophomore Joseph Michael Diaz Fontoao, CA Political Science (BA), Junior Julian Robert Diaz LoJolla,CA Freshman Margarita Diaz Santa Mario, CA Sophomore Maria Luciana Diaz Son Bernardino, CA Pre History. Freshman Matthew Patrick Diaz Moreno Valley, CA Mathematics (BS), Freshmon Olga Rodriguez Diaz Riverside, CA Pre Political Science, Junior Rodrigo Diaz Sonto Mario, CA Pre History, Freshman Sandy M Diaz Los Angeles, CA Sophomore Sherri Pilar Diaz La Mesa, CA English (B.A.), Junior Theresa Patricia Diaz Bell CA Pre Psychology Vanessa J Diaz Los Angeles, CA Pre Microbiology, Immunology, ond Molecular Genetics, Sophomore Veronica Diaz Los Angeles, CA Jacinta Marie Diaz De Rivera Daly City, CA Political Science (B.A), Freshmon Noel Anton Diaz De Rivera Doly City, CA Freshmon Aide Diaz-Ibarra Lynwood, CA Junior Sean Deh Diaz-Lapham Oak Pork, CA Mechanical Engineering (B.S.), Junior Karina Diaz-Lopez Gordeno, CA English (BA), Sophomore Maria Cristina Diaz- Razo San Diego, CA Women ' s Studies (BA), Junior Annette Diaz-Santana San Diego, CA Pre Psychobiology Daniel Trad Dib Los Angeles, CA Pre Political Science, Junior Gregory Michael Dibiase Redondo Beoch, CA Junior Sheila Joy Dichoso Arlelo, CA Anthropology IB.A.), Junior Elizabeth Grace Dick Loguno Beach. CA Anthropology (B.A), Junior Devon Garrett Dickau San Diego, CA Junior Harold Winfred Dickens, Iii Los Angeles, CA Business Economics (B.A.) Christopher Dickersin- Prokopp Berkeley, CA Latin American Studies (BA), Junior Benjamin Jay Dickerson Wesllake Village, CA Comparative Literature (B.A,), Junior Karma Leigh Dickerson Los Angeles, CA Communicolion Studies (B.A,), Spanish, Junior Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Donee, Music, Travel, Languages Lauren Marie Dickey Davis, CA Communication Studies (BA), Political Science, Junior Daniel Aaron Dickson Son Jose, CA Pre Psychology, Junior Shayna E Dickstein San Diego, CA Sophomore Scott W Dicus Orange, CA Pre Psychobiology, Junior Farid Didari Los Angeles, CA Sociology (B A.J, Junior Joseph William Didinger Monhalton Beach, CA Gina Marie Didomenico Encino, CA Pre History, Sophomore Luke Anthony Diebolt Son Diego, CA Music (B.A), Freshmon James Cummins Diefenbach, Iii Newporl Beach, CA Pre Economics, Freshmon Erich Elliot Dieffenbacher Temeculo, CA Political Science (B.A.) Jolanda Anita Diego Oceanside, CA Pre Psychology Timothy John Diehl San Luis Obispo, CA Business Economics (BA), Accounting, Senior Sigma Nu, Tennis, Hiking, Discourse, Snowboarding, Improving The Nick Of Time Erica Beth Diem Anoheim, CA English (BA), Sophomore John Patrick Diemer Loloyette, CA Aerospoce Engineering (BS), Sophomore Alice Diep Oakland, CA Anthropology (B.A), Junior Chuck Thoi Diep Montcloir, CA Junior Duyen Anh Diep Irvine, CA Chemical Engineering (BS.) Francie Chil Diep Son Froncisco, CA English (BA), Sophomore Judy Diep El Monte, CA Biology (B.S.), Sophomore Ngan (natalie) A Diep Irvine, CA Chemical Engineering (B S), Junior Tina Huynh Diep Winnelko, CA Art (B.A), Junior Stephanie Van Diepen Rolling Hills Estates, CA English (B.A), Junior Kevin Franklin Diestel San Ramon, CA Business Economics (BA), Junior Kristi Marie Dietrich Lokewood, CA English IB A ] Senior UCLA Women ' s Club Soccer Brandon David Dietz Elk Grove, CA Computer Science IBS.), Sophomore Brett William Dietz Son Diego, CA Atmospheric, Oceanic and Environmental Sciences (BS.), Junior Rebekah Kaitlin Dietz Needhom. MA English (B.A,), Freshman Student Alumni Association, Art, Politics, Travel, Alpha Lambda Delta Phi Eta Sigma Honoi Society, Ncr ' l Society 01 Collegiate Scholors, Volleyball Maria Dieu El Monte, CA Pre Psychology Todd Michael Dieudonne Fountain Valley, CA Psychology IB, A ), Junior Rodney Sean Diggs Los Angeles, CA Sociology (B.A.), Senior Koppa Alpha Psi Frofernify, Low, Entertainment, Imoods, ASU, Track Field, Koppo Alpho Psi Fraternity, Inc Dan Donato Digregorio Simi Volley, CA Computer Science ond Engineering IBS), Freshmon Christina Katherine Dikas Son Corlos, CA Sociology (BA), Junior Lauren Nicole Dikio Los Alomitos, CA Chemical Engineering [B S ) Junior Nichole Reed Diliza Littlerock, CA History (B.A), Junior Kamika Thais Dillard Los Angeles, CA Political Science (BA), Junior Robert Adam Dillaway Toponga, CA Pre History, Junior Talia A Dillman Stinson Beach, CA Pre Economics Constance Rush Dillon Carlsbad, CA English (B.A.), Sophomore Pi Seta Phi, UCLA Women ' s Lacrosse Matthew Joseph Dillon Oceonside, CA Sociology (B.A), Freshman Zachary John Dillon Son Leondro, CA English (B.A.) Daily Bruin, Campus Tours Kristina Nasreen Dilmani Son Ramon, CA Biology IBS.) Sophomore John Eric Devera Dimalanta Son Jose, CA Mechanical Engineering (B.S.) Patrick Raul Dimapindan Biochemistry (B.S.) Johnny C Din El Cerrito, CA Business Economics (BA), Junior Nathalie Nourit Dina Beverly Hills, CA Sophomore Shana Miriam Dines Atlanta, GA Communication Studies (BA), Political Science, Music History, Senior UCLA Ski And Snowboard Team, Justicecorps, Doily Bruin Jack Ding Corona, CA Electrical Engineering (BS) Pei Ding Irvine, CA Physiological Science (B S ), Sophomore Amber Le Dinh Westminster, CA Biology (BS), Sophomore Thela Koppa Phi Soronfy Andrew Due Dinh Son Diego, CA Ashley Ngan Nhu Dinh Sonto Ano, CA Sociology (B.A), Junior Christina Hoai Huong Dinh Coslo Mesa, CA Psychology (B.A), Junior Cindy Thi Dinh Son Jose, CA Sociology (BA), Junior Claire Thi Dinh Fountain Valley, CA Psychology (B.A), Junior Harrison H Dinh los Angeles, CA Freshmon Hoang Phi Elizabeth Nu Dinh Los Angeles, CA Psychology (B.A.) Jennifer Lynn Dinh Westminster, CA Sociology (B.A), Asian American Studies, Senior Kaelin My Dinh Son Jose, CA Civil Engineering (B.S.) Lan V Dinh Fullerton, CA Sophomore Phuongthao Ngoc Dinh Westminster, CA Mathemotics, General (B.S .), Junior Tony Duy Dinh Pasadena, CA Freshman Tuyetha Thi Dinh Stockton, CA English (BA), Sophomore Uyen Thi Dinh Cypress, CA Pre Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics Van Anh Dinh San Jose, CA Biology (B.S.), Freshman Van T Dinh Los Angeles, CA Biochemistry (B.S), Junior Viam Dinh Westminster, CA Biochemistry (B.S.) Vivian Thuy Dinh Irvine, CA Political Science (BA), Junior Vu Anh Dinh Powoy, CA Sociology (B.A.) Wendy Hoang Dinh Westminster, CA Biochemistry (B.S.), Junior Gregory Bennett Dinius Oregon City, OR Marine Biology (B.S.) Adam Bennett Dinkmeyer Huntington Beach, CA Geology (BS), Junior Andrew Nathan Dinsmore Studio City, CA Philosophy (B A ), Junior Gary Brandon Dionne Irvine, CA Electrical Engineering (B.S), Junior Terry Dip Hawthorne, CA Comparotive Literature (B.A), Junior Travel, Foreign Languages, Reading, Writing, Regents Scholar Society, Chinese Students, Association Teresa Marie Dipietro San Diego, CA Asian Humanities (BA), Junior Lusine Dishigrikyan Glendole, CA Biology (B.S.) Alexis Lynne Disselkoen Los Angeles, CA Art (BA), Junior Claude Distin Walnut CA History (B.A.) Virac Dith Sherman Oaks, CA Sociology (BA) Heinrich A Dittmar Los Angeles, CA Psychology (B.A.) Brittany Marie Ditto Lake Forest, CA Geography Environmental Studies (B.A.), Junior Laura Elizabeth Diven Los Angeles, CA Pre Psychology, Junior Clara Jean Dixon Los Angeles, CA Eric Robert Dixon Villa Park, CA Mechanical Engineering (B.S), Sophomore Lynn Nash Dixon Manhattan Beach, CA Jonathan Balagot Dizon Lokewood, CA Biology (B.S ) Kimbo Djakaria Long Beoch, CA Computer Science ond Engineering (B.S.), Junior Hasmik Djouhardjian Los Angeles, CA History Art History (B.A), Sophomore Anh Thai Do Costo Mesa, CA Pre Psychology, Senior Chi Alpho Delta Sorority Anne Do Westminster, CA Chuong Hoang Le Do Santa Ana, CA Mathematics, Applied (B.S ), Junior Clementine Do Perris, CA Pre Psychology, Junior Dan Ngu Do Winnetka, CA Computer Science (B.S), Junior Dennis Trung Do Rosemead, CA Biology (B.S), Junior Dragon Chieu Do los Angeles, CA Psychobiology (B.S.) Hang Thu Do Son Bernordino, CA Freshmon Hieu Due Do Anaheim, CA History (B A.) Hoa Thi Do Bellflower, CA Chemistry (B.S.), Junior James Giang H Do Westminster, CA Biochemistry (B.S ), Junior Jonathan H Do Oceonside, CA Biochemistry (B.S.) Ky Vo Do San Diego, CA Pre Cog, Sophomore Linh T Do Modesto, CA Geography (BA), Senior Minh-Van Thi Do Los Angeles, CA Pre Psychology, Sophomore Alpho Lombdo Delto phi Eta Sigma, Swimming, Travel Samuyen Nguyen Do Santa Ana, CA Biochemistry (B.S .), Junior Sylvia Sin Jung Do Anaheim, CA Tu Huy Do Orange, CA Chemistry (BS), Junior Chau Xuan Doan Garden Grove, CA Pre Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics, Junior David Toan Van Doan Campbell, CA Materials Engineering (B.S), Junior Hung Van Doan Los Angeles, CA Biology (BS), Sophomore Kristina Phuong Doan Stevenson Ranch, CA Political Science IB.A.), Junior Kristy Duong Thuy Doan Santa Ana, CA Mathematics (B S } Mai Phuong Doan Son Diego, CA Pre Psychology, Psychobiology, Freshman Kappa Delta Nam Quoc Doan Garden Grove, CA Sociology (B.A,) Nancy Doan Fountain Volley, CA Freshmon Thu Minh Doan San Diego, CA Pre Psychology, Sophomore Brian Gordon Doane Roseville, CA Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology (U.S.), Junior Ashley Erin Dobkin Long Beach, CA Pre History Julia Dobrovolsky Los Angeles, CA English (BA), Junior UCLA Regents Scholoi Sean Kevin Dobson Santa Barbaro, CA Philosophy (BA), Junior Michael Edgar Doche Burbonk, CA Biology (B.S), Junior Aaron Lowell Dodd Clovis, CA Sociology (BA), Junior Devon Dodd Perris, CA Sophomore Elizabeth Diane Dodd Berkeley, CA Pre Politicol Science, History, Sophomore Bruin Democrats Lisa Nicole Dodd San Diego, CA Sarah Ann Dodd Berkeley, CA P sychology (B.A), Anthropology, Senior Sachin Suresh Doddiah Redlonds, CA Pre Political Science, Junior Dustin Roy Covert Dodds Westminster, CA Physiological Science (B.S), Senior UCLA Brum Marching Band, Dentistry Gregory Christopher Dodds Palo Alto, CA Design | Media Art: (B.A), Junior Andrew Robert Dodson Banning CA Astrophysics IB S ), Sophomore Elizabeth Brooke Dodson Wolnol Cieck CA Economics lnternalionol Area Studies IB.A J. Junior John R Doehrei Oxnard (A Maihemotics of Computation (B S ) lutuinne Christina Doelz Newport Beoth. CA Freshmon David Bradley Doerr, II lo Jolto CA History |B A ) Germon Longuoge, Senior David F Doetzel Sylmor CA Psychology (BA) Devin Nicole Doheney Oak Pork, CA Political Science (B A) Michael Zick Doherty Thousand Oaks, CA Design | Media Arts IB A ] Junior Clarissa Adrianna Doi Oronge CA Biology (B.S.I Michael Reza Dokhanchy Lofayette CA Electrical Engineering (B SI, Junior Jason Timothy Dolatshahi San Diego. CA Mathematics Economic (B.S.) Andrew Eugene Dolcini Petalumo, CA Political Science (8.A.), Junior Brian D. Dole Modesto. CA Prebusiness Economics, Junior Evelyn Dollard Von Nuys, CA American Literature and Culture (B.A.) Kelli Ann Aiko Domae Honolulu, HI Pre Economics Gabrielle Elise Domanic Santa Ana, CA Atmospheric, Oceanic ond Environmental Sciences (BS.J, Freshmon Emily Elizabeth Domenici Huntington Beach, CA Psychology (BA), Senior Christopher Michael Domin Castro Valley, CA Pre Political Science, Junior Denexxel Gutierrez Domingo Milpila: CA Music IB.A.) John Andrew Domingue Escondido, CA Pre Political Science, Junior Angela Frances Dominguez ChuloVisto, CA Economics lnternoiionol Areo Studies IB A ) Junior David Lorenzo Dominguez Montebello, CA Pre Politicol Science, Junior Ester Marie Dominguez Oxnard, CA English (Bi), Junior Irene Dominguez Lynwood, CA Pre Psychology, Chicono And Chitono Studies Juan Carlos Dominguez Los Angeles, CA Sociology IB A ). Junior Miguel A Dominguez Los Angeles, CA Sophomore Ruben Santos Dominguez Pico Rivera, CA Histoiy (B.A), Junior Sandy Domingue Los Angeles, CA Pre Psychology, Junior Stacy Marie Dominguez Verba Linda, CA Pre Politicol Science [mala Domokos Seal Beach, CA Psychology [B A .). Politicol Science, Senior Matthew Brian Dompe Son Jose, CA Business Economics (B.A.), Junior dun Loraine Donahoe Manhattan Beach, CA Pre Economics, Junior Daniel Yee Donahue Novoto, CA Political Science (B.A), Junior Elizabeth Mercedes Donaldson Santo Monica, CA Sociology (B.A.), Public Policy, Junior Delta Delta Delta Marissa Amy Dondoe Santo Monica, CA Economics ' International Area Studies IB.A.), Junior Bryan Whitney Dong Sacramento, CA Computer Science ond Engineering (B.S), Junior Cece Dong Diamond Bar, CA Freshmon Student Alumni Association, Dance, Tutot Courtney Cheung Dong Glendale, CA Business Economics (B.A.I, Spanish, Freshmon Jia Jie Dong Alhombra, CA Electrical Engineering (B.S.), Junior Sunmee Dong Chatsworth, CA Korean (B.A ), Junior Jessica Susan Donig Atherton, CA Sophomore Armen Avedis Donigian Glendale, CA Computer Science (B.S.) Jay Dickson Donnell San Diego, CA Pre Psychology, Junior Matthew Samuel Donohue Mill Valley, CA Political Science (BA), Junior Alesha E Donoso Phillips Ronch, CA English (B.A.), Senior Brian Patrick Donovan Bokersfield, CA Mothemalics of Computation (B.S.) Matthew Edward Donovan Danville, CA Business Economics (BA), Junior Richard Nathaniel Donovan Albuquerque. NM Biochemistry IBS.) Junior Sean T Donovan San Francisco, CA English IB.A ) Junior Christi Donsanouphit Fresno, CA Biology (B.S.) Robert Michael Dooley Alomedo, CA Junior Damon Winthrop Doolittle Chino Hills, CA Pre Politicol Science, Sophomore loltrev B Doon Belmonl, CA Pre Psychobiology fessica I ' oong Roncho Polos Verdey CA American literature and Culture (B A,), Junior Sahar Doostzadeh Trobuco Canyon, CA Biology (BS.) Stephanie Marie Dopp Stockton, CA Pre Psychology, Junior Jason R Dorado North Hills, CA Pre Politicol Science Maria D Dorado South Gate, CA Biochemistry (B.S.) Heather Nicole Dorak Los Angeles, CA Sociology (B.A.) Jaideep Ganesh Dore Irvine, CA Junior Samuel James Dores San Diego, CA Pre Cog, Sophomore Liana Doria Venice, CA English (B.A), Junior Rea Doria Anlioch, CA Civil Engineering (B.S.) Shaun Tyler Doria Moorporlc, CA Neuroscience (B.S ) Andrew Jeremy Dorn Polmdale, CA Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics (B.S), Junior Ryan Keith Dorn Northridge, CA Pre Political Science Vallerie Ann Marie Dornan Modesto, CA Slavic Languages and Literatures (B.A), Junior Shadi Doroudgar Glendale, CA Biochemistry IBS), Junior Ralph Cunha Dorr Huntington Beach, CA Junior Parshaw Jonathan Dorriz Westloke Village. CA Iranian Studies (B.A.), Freshman Kelly Danielle Dorsey Sonla Roso, CA Microbiology, Immunology, ond Molecular Genetics (B.S), Junior Charul R Doshi La Mirada, CA Physiological Science (B.S.) Neil Ramesh Doshi Polos Verdes Estates, CA Pre History, Senior SIP Neil Vikram Doshi Huntington Beach CA Neuroscience IBS ), Junior Pooja Harshal Doshi Norwolk, CA Anthropology IB A.) Priyanka Deepak Doshi La Habra, CA Pre Psychobiology Shiloni Yogesh Doshi Fremont, CA Pre Psychobiology, Junior Sona K Doshi Camarilla, CA Sophomore Leandro Fabian Dottavio Studio City, CA Freshmon Jeffrey Robert Doty University Place, WA Ptc Psychology, Sophomoio Edward Dou Son Dimos, CA Computer Science and Engineering (B.S), Freshmon Rita Honey Douaiuzpannha Banning, CA English (B A), freshman Emilic Southcha Douangphouxay Corono, CA Psychology IB A) Tracy Audrey Doudt Encinilos, CA Pre Politicol Science, Sophomore Catherine Kern Dougherty Ross, CA American Literature ond Culture (B.A.) Claire Rose Douglas Son Diego, CA Art (B.A.), Sophomore Edward Lee Douglas Pittsburgh, NY Geography (B.A), Junior football Michael Ryan Douglas Huntington Beach, CA Economics (B.A), Spanish, Sophomore ■ tfjfe Welove you!! Russell P Douglas Palo Alto, CA Junior John Sebastiano Douglass Belmont, CA Aerospoce Engineering (B S .), Sophomore Stephen Michael Douglass Polos Verdes Estotes, CA Freshmon William J Douglass Roncho Santa Margarita, CA Mathematics (B.S.) Maria Renatovna Doulatova Von Nuys, CA Linguistics and Psychology (B.A), Junior James P Doust Granite Bay, CA Pre Politicol Science, Junior Brett Paul Douvros Colobosos, CA English {B A ) Tara Nicole Dove- Morales Santa Mario, CA Biochemistry (B.S.), Freshman Wesley Robert Dover El Dorado Hills, CA Prebusiness Economics, Accounting, Freshmon Delta Sigma Phi, Wakeboarding, football, Basketball, Golf, And Going lo The Beach And Lake. Adrienne Chie Dow Glendale, CA Communication Studies (BA), Junior Claire Mie Dow Glendale, CA American Literature and Culture IB A ). Junior John J Dowd Los Angeles, CA English (B A) Christopher Michael Dowding follbrook, CA Art (B.A.) Anita Mary Dowdy foir Oaks Ranch, CA Nursing (B.S.) Michael Leland Downey Moreno Valley, CA Pre Political Science, Geography, Environmental Studies, Freshmon Mountain Climbing, Ministry Stephanie L Downs Norwolk, CA Mark Richard Dowsing Encinitas, CA Civil Engineering IBS ), Junior Peter Andrew Doyle Peorblossom, CA Biochemistry (B.S), Junior Cody A Drabble Los Angeles, CA Pre Histoiy Lisa Kathrin Dracolakis Mission Viejo, CA Communication Studies (B.A ), English, Junior Daily Brum Design, UCLA Recreation Marketing Jennifer Nicole Drader Mission Viejo, CA Junior Marko Dragovic Vista, CA Pre History, Junior Nikola Dragovic Vista, CA Junior Heather Lee Dixon Dragulescu los Angeles, CA Theater (B A ) Junior Daphne Mariko Drake Sanlee, CA Neuroscience (BS) Jessica Lynn Drake Redding, CA Biology (B.S.) Tara Cecelia Drake Son Mateo, CA English (8 A), Senior UCLA Sports Medicine, Circle K Benjamin Victor Draper Castro Valley, CA Music (B.A.) Jessica Cook Draper Atherton, CA Theater (B.A.), Junior Matthew Donald Draper Son Jose, CA Pre History, Junior David Jonathan Drasin Danville, CA Chemistry (B.S.) Zeto Beta Tou Nicholas Vladimir Drbal Belmonl, CA Freshmon Alexandrina Drebskaya Studio Cily, CA Economics (B.A), Junior Adam John Dreifuerst Livermore, CA Mechanical Engineering IBS). Junior Maurice C M Drew Antioch, CA Prebusiness Economics, Sophomore Alexandra Mirelle Drexler Valencia, CA Freshman Justin Morton Dreyfuss Los Alios, CA Psychobiology IB. S.), Senior Delta Sigma Phi Nancy Earleen Driver Los Angeles, CA Anthropology (B A.) Jennifer Lynn Drobitsch Simi Volley, CA Political Science (B.A.), Junior Damien P Droney Westloke Village, CA Anthropology (BA), Junior Jonathan Davtd Drori Son Jose, CA Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics (B S), Junior Christopher James Drugan Lo Canada, CA Biochemistry {B.S), Junior Justin Michael Drury Hermoso Beach, CA Asian American Studies (HA) Junior Courtney Lynn Drye El Centro, CA Pamela Marie Dryfoos Los Angeles, CA Prebusiness Economics, Junior Angel Chen Du Huntington Beoch, CA Prebusiness Economics Benjamin Du Bueno Park, CA Pre Politicol Science, Sophomore Benny Du Torronce, CA Pre Economics, Junior Christine Du San Diego, CA Biochemistry (B.S), Sophomore Edward Thomas Du Baldwin Park, CA Jennifer Tu Uyen Du Ployo Del Rey, CA Pre Psychology Justina H Du Son Jose, CA Psychology (B.A.) Nam Y Du San Diego, CA Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology (BS.) Peng Du Monlerey Park, CA Civil Engineering (B.S), Freshman Sienmi Du Sacramento, CA Neuroscience (B.S.) Stephanie Nily Du San Marino, CA Biochemistry (B.S.), Sophomore Weida Du Oakland, CA Sociology (BA), Junior Wenbo Du Cupertino, CA Bioengineering IBS). Sophomore William Wei Du Monterey Pork, CA Economics (B.A), Junior Xiao Xuan Du Diamond Bar, CA Civil Engineering (B.S.) YaoDu Modesto, CA American Literature and Culture (B.A.), Political Science, Senior Inderbir Singh Dua Chino Hills, CA Sophomore Gwin Duangnapa Los Angeles, CA Economics (B.A), Junior B rend a Duarte Long Beach, CA Psychology (B.A), Political Science, Senior Brum Corps And LASA Member Yanira Raquel Duarte los Angeles, CA Sociology (B.A.), Junior Octavio Jose Duarte Amort Fosler City, CA Political Science [B A ) Daniel Edward Dubelman Englewood, CO Communicolion Studies IB.A), Senior Zeto Beta Tou Andrew Dubelsten Newbury Pork, CA Music (B.A.) Jessica Lynne Dubron Los Angeles, CA Pre Politicol Science, Junior Karen Alene Duckworth Classical Civilization (B.A), Junior Lindsay Jayne Ducos Berkeley, CA World Arts and Cultures (B.A I, Freshman Economics (B.A.), Junior Whittier, CA Andrea Mae Barlis Son Marino, CA Redwood City, CA Computer Science and Engineering (B.S.), Ducusin Film and Television (B A ) Junior Pre Psychology, Junior Junior Doron Dvir Philosophy |B. A.), Junior San Diego, CA Katherine Kiyomi Christina Kim Duong Ana Luz Duque-Garcia Los Angeles, CA Lioness Jewel Ebbay History (B.A.), Political Science Duncan Sonto Ano, CA Oceonside, CA Electrical Engineering (B.S ) Son Diego, CA Linda Maria Duda Cormichoel, CA Biology (B.S), Junior Sophomore Lee Dvoretsky History (B.A.), Junior Pinole, CA Political Science (B A) David Duong Andrea Jane Duran Beverly Hills, CA Carolina Daniela Amencon Lilerolure ond Culture (B A ) Mark T Duncan Son Diego, CA Selmo, CA Anthropology (B.A), Junior Eberhard Rebecca Lee Dudeck San Diego, CA Prebusiness Economics, Junior Ernesto Duran Doris Dworschak Plocentio, CA Oronge, CA Bioengineering (8 S ), Sophomore Diana Tieu Duong Mexico Df Pacific Polisades, CA International Development Studies (B.A.), Pre Politicol Science Thomas Joseph Alhombra, CA History (B.A ), Sponish, Senior Club America Communication Studies (B.A.) Sociology, Senior International Sociol Welfare, Proyecto Ashley Leann Dudleston Dunehew Huy Hoang Duong Kelly Marie Dwyer Jornoleros, Ideas, Red Cross Volunteer Onk View, CA International Development Studies (B.A.), Fairfield, CA Biology (B S.), Freshman Conogo Pork, CA Computer Science ond Engineering (B.S.), Juanita Duran Los Angeles, CA Oakland, CA Pre Psychology, Sophomore Francesca Delia Eberth Venice, CA Art (B.A), Junior Junior Lauren Michelle Dunfee Junior Sociology (B.A.), Junior Nathan Joshua Dybvig Benjamin James Dudley Polmdole, CA Torrance, CA Physics (B.SJ, Junior Jackie Duong Long Beoch, CA Lara Duran Lake Balboa, CA Ventura, CA Anthropology (B-A.), Junior Shelly Ann Jocsing Ebias Buena Park, CA History (B X) Chemistry (B.S.), Junior Tom Mei Dung Pre Psychology Psychology (B.A), Senior Jacklyn Marie Dyer Melinda Ann Dudley Socramento, CA Sophomore James Duong Nicole Andrea Duran Riverside, CA Matin Ebneshahrashoob Fullerton, CA Long Beach, CA Oak View, CA Pre Politicol Science, Sophomore Huntington Beach, CA Biochemistry (BS ), Junior Pre Political Science, Junior Erin Elizabeth Dunlap Jennifer Duong International Development Studies (B A ) Nikkianna Sylvia Dyer Jonathan Matthew Santo Rosa, CA West Covina, CA Paul Anthony Duran Fullerton, CA Soha Ebneyamin Santa Monica, CA Biology (B.S. ), Junior Dudor Communication Studies (B.A.), Junior Pre Microbiology, Immunology, ond La Verne, CA Sociology (B A ). Gerontology, Sophomore Northridge, CA Pre History, Junior Daryl J Dudum Lafayette, CA Justin Lawrence Dunlap Molecular Genetics, Freshmon Biology (B.S ), Junior Student Health Advocates Los Angeles, CA Political Science (B.A.) Katherine Amy Dunlap Jenny Duong Madeta, CA Political Science (B.A.), English, Junior Ricardo Alfredo Duran, Jr Los Angeles, CA Yuriy Dyudyuk Elk Grove, CA Pre Economics, Junior Roufeda Samantha Ebrahim Ventura, CA English (B.A), Philosophy, Senior Economics (B.A.), Senior Sigmo Chi, Bruin Portners Saratoga. CA Alpho Phi Political Science (B.A.), Sociology, Senior Rachel Marie Eads Economics (B.A.), Junior Jimmy Duong Sarah Suzanne Duran Cathedral City, CA MSA Patrycja Dudziec Nicholas Alexander Alhombra, CA Son Jose, CA American Literature and Culture (B.A.) Nima Ebrahimi San Francisco, CA Philosophy (B.A.), Business, Freshman Dunlap Prebusiness Economics, Junior Chicona and Chicano Studies (B.A.) Sidney Lee Eads, III Woodland Hills, CA UCLA Rowing Fullerton, CA Jimmy Duong Steven R Duran, Jr Sunnyvole, CA Computer Science ond Engineering (B.SJ, English (B A.) Son Jose, CA La Crescenla, CA Pre Psychology, Junior Senior Alfonso Duenas, Jr El Monte, CA Alexandra June Dunn Biology (8.S.), Freshman Civil Engineering [B.S.) Anthony Richard Minus Ebrahimi English (B.A.), Sophomore Eden Proirie, MN John Wayn Duong Dora Gabriela Duran- Thomas Eagen Tonona, CA Art (B.A ). Sophomore Long Beach, CA Estrella San Jose, CA Pre Psychobiology Luis Oreb Duenas North Hills, CA Anita Louise Dunn Sociology (B.A.) Los Angeles, CA Electrical Engineering (B.S.) Shirley Ebrahimi Politicol Science (B.A. ), Junior Richmond, CA Johnny Duong Sociology (B.A), Junior William David Eagle Los Angeles, CA Melina Duenas Los Angeles, CA Spanish (B.A.) Chemical Engineering (B.S.) Calvin Bernell Dunn Sacramento, CA Sophomore Daniel Charles Durbin Goleto, CA Corona Del Mar, CA Sophomore Psychobiology (B.S ) Melody Ebrahimian Los Angeles, CA Julie Duong Aerospace Engineering (B S ), Freshman Olivia Janine Eagleson Beverly Hills, CA Timothy Michael Dueppen Woodlond Hills, CA Music (B.A.), Junior Biology (B.S.I Rosemead, CA Kelly Ann Durbin Menifee, CA Pre Psychology, Freshmon Chadwick Foster Dunn Pre Psychology, Public Affairs, Sophomore Los Angeles, CA Prebusiness Economics, Sponish, Paymon Ebrahimzadeh Logunii tiiguel CA Music History (B.A.), Junior Seol Beach, CA Freshmon PsiChi Linda Duong World Arts ond Cultures (B.A), Junior Laura Ceta Durbin Freshman Alpho Epsilon Phi Molly Michelle Duffey Eliese C Dunn San Fernondo, CA Hacienda Heights, CA Sociology (B.A.), Junior Fresno, CA History (B.A.), Junior M.n.i Elizabeth Eaglin Culver City, CA Queer Alliance, Iranian Student Group Bahar Ebrat Granite Bay, CA Civil Engineering (B.S.), Freshman Psychology (B.A ) Junior Lucy My Linh Duong Ben Robert Durfee Psychology (B.A.), Junior Los Angeles, CA Elizabeth L Dunn Burbonk, CA Edino, MN Erin Faith Eakes Pre Psychology Melanie Roseanne Shermon Oaks, CA Biology (B.S) Pre History, Freshmon Sonlo Ynez, CA Charisse Anne Nava Duffin Downey, CA Mathematics, Applied IBS) Junior Sophomore Mike Le Duong Archery, Mui Toi Kickboxing Mathematics, Applied (B.S ) Ebreo James Kenneth Dunn Los Angeles, CA Jennifer Durghalli Charlee Ear Chulo Vista, CA Concord, CA Astrophysics IBS ), Freshman Economics (B.A.) Burbonk, CA Los Angeles, CA Prebusiness Economics Monica E Duffy Son Juan Capistrano, CA Junior Mylien Thi Duong English (B.A.), Senior Economics (B.A.), Junior Elizabeth Christie c Astiobiology Society, Brum Republicans, Anaheim, CA Matthew Augustine Daniel Ear Ebueng o Bowling, College Bowl, Undergraduate Psychology (B.A.) Durgin Lafayette, CA Los Angeles, CA Diamond Bar, CA o Rebecca Jo Duffy Astronomical Society, Soccer Nikki Nguyet Buu Duong Westminster, CA Civil Engineering (B.S.) American Literature and Culture (B.A.) Los Angeles, CA Psychology (B.A.), Senior Child Development, Tutoring, Photography, Joshua Andrew Dunn Redondo Beoch, CA Political Science (B.A) Freshmon Crystal Nichole Durham Kimhuong Ear Long Beoch, CA Elizabeth Emily Eccleston Law, Music, Dance, Flute, Piono, Theatre Psychology (B.A.), Junior Chico, CA Economics (B.A.), Art History, Sophomore Riverside, CA Jessica Dufour Kimberly Blair Dunn Peter Duong Geogrophy Environmental Studies (B.A.) Delto Delta Delto. Donee, Music, Art Psychology (B.A), Junior Los Angeles, CA Design | Medio Arts (8.A.), Junior Encinitos, CA Pre Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics, Junior Soctomento, CA Freshman Kristen Michelle Durk Granite Bay, CA Melissa Marie Earls Whittier, CA Sociology (B.A. ), Junior Morgan Lisa Early Jonathan Javier Echevarria Lars Jonathan Dugaiczyk Riverside, CA Nicole Noel Dunn Agoura Hills, CA English (B.A.I, Political Science, Junior Rex Hideo Dunn Long Beach, CA Prebusiness Economics, Junior Sherrie Ensor Dunn Sandy Phat Duong Son Gabriel, CA Pre Economics, Junior Christopher Brian Duro Lo Puente, CA Pre History, Junior Physics IBS.), Junior Katherine Jean Duggan Newport Beoch, CA Biochemistry (B.S.) Srey Thyda Duong Long Beach, CA Highland, CA American Indian Studies (B.A.) Peter Ademola Belmont, CA Pre Psychology, Junior Daniel Paul Easley Denise Meredith Echeverria Norwolk, CA Sophomore Juan Carlo Gonzalez Duhart Sociology (B.A.), Geography Pacific Ties, Cub Tours Thary Duong Durojaiye Los Angeles, CA Computer Science ond Engineering (B.S ) Long Beach, CA History (B.A.) Dominique Quadrell Denise Marie Eckard Fremont, CA Psychobiology (B S ), Junior Bonita, CA Pre Politico! Science Karnig Dukmajian Calabosos, CA English (B.A), Junior Kelly Gale Dunnagan Sontn Rosa, CA Ooklond, CA Pre Psychology Tiffany Tuong Vi Duong Milpilos, CA International Development Studies (B.A.), Joshua A Duron Alhombra CA Elhnomusicology (B.A), Junior Easterling Oklohomo City, OK Civil Engineering (B.S), Architecture, Freshmon Chi Omega, Water Skiing, Snow Skiing, Swimming, Volunteer At UCLA Mattel Children ' s Hospital, Work For Stanfoid Medical Hospital Reseda, CA Political Science (B.A.), Junior Monique Marie Duron Torrance CA Trock, Basketball, Football, Soccer Jeremy Ross Eckel Anna Luriee Dunton- Italian, Junior History (B.A.), Junior Amy Michelle Eastman Canton, OH Cindy Dumthanasant Gallagher North Chittenden, VT Beoches, Trovel, Good Food, Amazing Huntington Beoch, CA Geology (B.S.) Reseda, CA People., Love The Sun, Water Sports, Hanging John Michael Durso Pre History, Junior Laura Anna Eckhardt Martin Craig Dun Torrance, CA Pre Psythobiology Pre Psychology, Sophomore Jeffrey Baron Dunworth Clovis, CA Physics (B.S), Junior Out, Football, Meeting New People, And Experiencing Everything. Victoria Van Duong Simi Valley, CA Electrical Engineering (B S], Junior Deverly C Durst Cameron Scott Eastman Mission Viejo, CA Prebusiness Economics, Junior Camarilla, CA Nursing (B.S), Senior Lauren Katherine Christopher Earlie Phillips Ranch, CA Biology (B S.). Sophomore Pasadena, CA Political Science (B A ) Heather Kathryn Eckstrom Volley Glen, CA Theater (B.A.), Junior Dunbar Oakland, CA Alice T M Duong Burbonk, CA Meghan Danielle Benjamin Frazer Eastman Aplos, CA Adrienne Ashley Biology (B.S.) Dupree Lodi, CA Durwood La Jolla, CA Sophomore Junior Francis Ednave Eclevia, Duncan Binh Thi Duong Philosophy (B.A.) Michelle Lynn Eastman Jr Torrance, CA Corson, CA Son Diego, CA Milpitos, CA English (B.A.), Junior Mathematics, General (B.S), Junior Eduardo Hipolito Emal Dusst Arobic (B.A.), Sophomore Asion Amencon Studies (B.A ) Andrew J Duncan Brian Nhatquang Duong Duque, Ii Moreno Volley, CA Canoga Park, CA Jesse Lee Eaton Daniel M Edberg West Hith. CA Theater (B.A.I, Junior Biology IB S ) Sophomore Melissa Christine Heather LyiUI Edberg Eelkema Lake EKmore. CA Burnsville, MN American Literature and Culture (B.A.), Pre Politicol Science, Junior Junior Fyoseph Efseaff Christopher Charles Los Angeles, CA Eddings History (B.A.), Junior Modesto CA Jason Basil Efstathiou English [B A ) Shall Do Done Point, CA yttJl History (B.A I, Senior Tennis, Music, Basketball, Art. Politics, Sociol Aviv Edelstein Welfare And Well-Being, Environmental Coie Sociology (B A ) Jason Masaichi Egami Kalie Megan Edelstein Honolulu. HI Eden Proine MN Physics (B S.|, Junior Biology (B.S.) Kimberly Nkechi Emily Frances Eder Egbuniwe Uvermore CA Gordena, CA Molhemotics of Computation (B.S.), Mathematics (B.S.I Sophomore Delro Gcmmo Jarrett David Egertson Son Diego, CA Stacy Ann Edgar Sophomore Son Diego. CA Internolionol Development Studies (B.A.) Mahyar Eghbali Los Angeles, CA Amy Ann Edgington Jewish Studies (B.A. ), Freshman Upland, CA Nursing (B.S.I Elizaveta Egiazarova Los Angeles, CA Christina Marie Edling Pre Microbiology, Immunology, and Socromento, CA Molecular Genetics, Junior Valerie Mariko Edmon Vanessa Marie Anta Tononce, CA Eginli Anthropology (B.S.) Chatsworth, CA Andrea Loraine Freshman Edmonds Akiyoshi Mcafee Ehara Diamond Bar, CA Richmond, CA English IB A ) Sophomore Elhnomusicology (B.A.), Junior loshua H D Edmondson Megan Sonia Ehlers Albany, CA Roncho Polos Verdes, CA Chemical Engineering (B.S), Junior Pre Politicol Science, Junior Veenchel Vrilee Ednilao Chelsea N Ehrke Harbor City, CA Newbury Pork, CA History (B.A), Music History, Junior Political Science (B A.) Junior Beta There Pi, National Dean ' s List For Four Years. Member Of The Script Team, Model For Karen Renee Ehrke UCLA Fashion. learn. Soloist Spring Sing, Son Jose, CA Dance Morottion Art History (B.A.I, Sophomore Delta Delta Delta. Alpha Lambda Delta, Dylan Alexander Notionol Society Of Collegiate Scholors, Alumni Edrington Scholars Club, Campus Crusade, For Chnst, Walnut Creek, CA Dance Gymnastics And Theatre Pre History, Junior Nazanin Ehsani-Chimeh Arthur Clyde Edwards, Glendale, CA IV Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology Los Angeles, CA IBS), Junior Geophysics Geophysics and Space Physics Brandon Christopher Eicher (B S ) Undergraduate Audrey Marie Edwards Rolling Hills Estates, CA Walnut Creek. CA Mothemotics Economics (B.S ), Sophomore European Studies [B.A ( Andrew Leonard Cassiamelle Naomi Eickmeier Edwards Century City, CA Inglewood, CA History (B.A.), Junior Spanish and Portuguese (B.A.) Jason Scott Eiker-Wiles David William Edwards Corpinterio, CA La Meso, CA English (B.A.), Freshman Political Science (B.A.), Junior Jeffrey Michael Jacob Brian Edwards Eisenberg Los Angeles, CA Los Alios, CA Biology (B.S.) English (BA), Junior Jason Thomas Edwards Stacy A Eisenberg Sonta Ana. CA Son Diego, CA Sophomore Psychology (B.A.) Anthropology Junior Justin Michael Edwards Alpha Phi, UCLA Red Carpet Irvine, CA Daniel Bruce Eisengart Prebusiness Economics, Sophomore Shell Beach, CA Mark R Edwards Pre Cybernetics, Junior Saint Helena. CA Devin Blake Eisner Mathematics (B S ), Sophomore Los Angeles, CA Mitchell J Edwards Political Science (B.A.), Junior Riverside. CA Preethika Subashini Pre Politicol Science, Sophomore Ekanayake Natalie A Edwards Rowlond Heights, CA La Jolla, CA Neuroscience (B.S.), Sophomore Neurosdence(B.S), Sophomore Merrie Annette Ekelund Pamela Michelle Sacromento, CA Edwards Ecology, Behavior, ond Evolution (B.S), Riverside, CA Senior Microbiology. Immunology, ond Molecular NROTC Genetics (B.S), Senior Alexander Marten Tiffany Ara Edwards Ekizian Los Angeles, CA English (B.A.) luniper Eve Ekmaxi Los Angeles, CA English (B.A), Junior Ashraf Nagi El Naga Toponga, CA Electrical Engineering (B.S), Junior Lauren Dana Elan Torzona, CA Junior Sarah Wahib El-Annan Norwolk, CA Freshman Anthonio Elazari Los Angeles, CA Politicol Science (B.A.), Senior Julie L Elbogen No rth Hollywood, CA Molecular, Cell ond Developmental Biology (BS), Senior Lob Research, Softball, Ballet, Nightlife In La Eoen Death is Ni T to be Feared by those who I ive I ife Wisely Michael D Elbogen Son Ramon, CA Mechanical Engineering (B.S), Junior UCLA Men ' s Trock And Field Teom Christopher Eldemir Son Froncisco, CA Prebusiness Economics, Freshmon Edward Scott Elder Yorba Linda, CA Chemical Engineering IBS) Junior Steven Hsiao-Pao Eldredge Mother, CA Art History (B.A), Sophomore Karen Ordonio Elevazo Long Beach, CA Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology (B.S.), Junior Congratulations on your gradua- tion! hove, Mom, Dad, Ron. Michelle, Jimmy Dindy Corinne B Elfassi Beverly Hiils, CA Politicol Science (B.A), Junior Victor Amir Elgabalawi Altodeno, CA Physiologicol Science (B.S.I, Senior Tamir Habib Elghanayan Los Angeles, CA Politicol Science (B.A. ), Junior Laila Sophia El-Hajoui North Hills, « Linguistics and Psychology (B.A.), Junior Ravash Eliassi Los Angeles, CA Electrical Engineering (B.S.), Junior Dalia Salli Eliav Tarzana, CA Anthropology (B.A.), Freshmon Daniel Rueben Eliav Torzona, CA Pre History, Freshman Adrian Gabriel Elicegui Pomono, CA Pre Psychology, Junior Jacinta Elijah Los Angeles, CA Anthropology (B.A.) David Elimelech Tarzana, CA Pre Psychobiology, Junior Danielle Leigh Elins Mill Valley, CA Art (B.A.) Nicole Gillian Elitch Sebostopol, CA Anthropology (B.A.I, Senior Rami Ahmed Elkinawy Winnetka, CA Economics (B.A.), Junior Ashley Nicole Ellefson Grass Valley, CA Communication Studies (B A ] Dennis Patrick Ellement Thousond Oaks, CA Electrical Engineering IB, S, I Mark I rnesl I llinghouse Sacramento, CA Political Science (B.A), History, Junior Zeta Beta Tau Christina Lacy Elliott Bellflower, CA Comparative Literature (B.A ), Freshman Eric Scott Elliott Walnut, CA History (B.A I, Junior Kevin J Elliott, II Los Angeles, CA P re Political Science, Public Policy, Senior Philosophy, Doing The Right Thing Natalie Elizabeth Elliott Huntington Beach, CA History IB. A.), Junior Tyronda Sharron Elliott Fresno, CA Psychobiology (B.S.) Charles Alexander Ellis Los Angeles, CA English (B.A.) Erica Louise Ellis Orcurt, CA Ancient Near Eostern Civilizations (B.A.) Jacqueline M Ellis Newbury Pork, CA Sophomore Jessica Mary Ellis Los Angeles, CA Theater (B.A.), Junior John David Ellis Hidden Hills, CA Pre Political Science, Freshmon Joseph Gerald Ellis Hidden Hills, CA Prebusiness Economics, Freshman Megan Mariko Ellis Fremont, CA Junior Patric James Ellis Los Angeles, CA Astrophysics (B.S.), Junior Tria Marie Ellison Los Angeles, CA Anthropology (B A ) Junior Raymond Ellyin Northridge, CA Physics (B.S I, Junior Mina Safwat El-Masry West Hills, CA Pre Psychobiology, Sophomore Monica El-Masry West Hills, CA Psychobiology (B.S.), Senior UCLA Stroke Force Study Program, Coptic Orthodox Christian Club, Academic Advancement Program Chemistry Tutor Jesse John Elmore Lancaster, CA Arabic (B.A), Junior Engey Aly Elrefaie Cupertino, CA Electricol Engineering (B.S), Junior Jordan El-Saden La Canada, CA Political Science (B.A.), Junior Adam Salama Elsayed Anaheim Hills, CA Pre Political Science, Junior Christopher Allen Elsee Yucoipo, CA English (B.A.), Junior Mohammed Waleed Elshorafa Redondo Beach, CA Mathematics (B.S. ), Junior Pi Kappa Alpha, UCLA Crew Deborah Ruth Eltgroth Morgan Hill, CA Economics International Area Studies (B.A.), Junior Nazanin Elyasian Beverly Hills, CA Sociology (B.A.) Mozhdeh Mary Elyasnik Beverly Kills, CA Sociology (HA! Junior Kaksa Serenity Em Rosemeod, CA Communication Studies (B.A.) Sotmaz Emami Son Diego, CA Mechanical Engineering (B.S ), Junior Morvarid M Emamy Roncho Polos Verdes, CA Biochemistry |B SI Benjamin Emanuel Peorlond, TX History (B.A ) Matthew Ezra Emanuel Woodlond Hills, CA Molecula r, Cell and Developmental Biology (B.S.), Junior Rossana A Embrador Howlhorne, CA Chike Emenike Los Angeles, CA Sociology (B.A), Junior Member Pie-Law Society, Hobbies; Running, Reading, Interests ' Film Making, Languoges Jonathan Scott Emerich Fresno, CA Music (B.A.), Junior Ross James Emerick Gailhersburg, MD Mechanical Engineering (B S ), Freshmon Ethan Burdette Emerson Los Angeles, CA Elhnomusicology (B.A.) Julie Ann Emerson Sacramento, CA Spanish, Freshman Alpho Epsilon Phi, Bruin Republicans, Synchronized Swimming Sarah Isabelle Emert Los Angeles, CA Sophomore Paula J. P.j. Emery Pasadena, CA English (B.A), Junior Mark Joseph Emmenegger Sunnyvale, CA Sophomore Matthew Alexander Emmer Pelaluma, CA Bioengineermg (B.S), Sophomore Rachel June Alison Emmer Bokersfield, CA Theater (B.A.) Michael C Emmons Danville, CA Mechonical Engineering (B.S.), Junior Rena Karin Emond Son Bruno, CA Biology (B.S. I, Sophomore Kimberly May Empeno Son Diego, CA Music (B.A.) Michelle M. Emrani Beverly Hills, CA Pre Psychology, Junior Behnaz Enayati Encino, CA History (B.A ), Junior Andre Villanova Encarnacao San Diego, CA Computer Science ond Engineering (B.S.), Junior Michelle Kukwa Enchill Sunnyvale, CA English (B.A.), Junior Lilia Enciso Paramount, CA Biology (B.S), Senior Animal Welfare Association Hillary Xanthe Enclade Loke Hughes, CA Theater (B.A.), Junior Rachelle Encontro Bonilo, CA Biology IBS.), Freshmon Thomas Joseph Ender Oakland, CA Pre Psychology, Junior Dane Patrick Endly loguno Kills, CA Sophomore Tracy Enenstein Los Altos, CA Molhemotics, Applied (B.S), Junior Michael D Enfield Venturo, CA Geography (B.A), Junior Alexander Hsien Zean Eng Son Jose, CA Electrical Engineering (B.S), Sophomore Amy Jane Eng Yorba Undo, CA Molecular, Cell ond Developmental Biology (B.S.I, Junior Jennifer Wing Chee Eng Biochemistry (B.S.I Serena Joan Eng Fairfield, CA Anthropology (B.A) Lada B Engchawadechasilp Los Angeles, CA Political Science (B.A.) Courtney Eve Engel Los Angeles, CA Mathemolics Economics IBS.) Emily Ann Engel Long Beoch, CA Sophomore Lisa Sorvari Engel Dovis, CA Allan L Engelauf Riverside, CA Mathematics, Applied (B.S), Junior Daniel Vanderbilt Engelhardt Menlo Pork, CA Prebusiness Economics William Howard Engelke Los Angeles, CA Biology (B.S) Mark W Engeln Irvine, CA Biology (B.S), Sophomore Emily Michelle Engelstad Orinda, CA Biology (B.S.) Megan Denali Enger Buellton CA English (B.A.), Junior Carley Ann Engle San Clemente, CA Economics IB. A.), Political Science, Junior Alpha Phi Caitlin Rose Engler San Leondro, CA Sophomore Delta Delta Delta Deanna Silva Engles Loguno Niguel, CA Philosophy (B.A), Junior Benjamin David English Anaheim, CA Molhematics Economics (B.S.I, Junior Cassidy Mariko English Sonia Roso, CA English (B.A.), Junior Jon Michael English Vocovi lle, CA Political Science (B.A.) Joshua Jackson English Springfield, OR Psychology (B.A.I, Study 01 Religion, Senior Onentalion Coordinator Rachel Lee English Los Angeles, CA English (B.A.), Junior Laura Michelle Enman Concord, CA Ecology, Behavior, ond Evolution IBS ) Amy R Ennis c q D u ■T3 D Q Ponoromo Cily, CA English (B A ). History, Junior Rain Sean Michael Ennis Escondido, CA Aerospace Engineering (ft S I Sophomore Marching 8and l ( ' wish you a wonderful 6 suc- cessful college experience! I ove om l tad Tylei 6 Kailee Alissa Nicole Eno El Segundo, CA History (B.A ), Educolion, Junior UCLA Women ' s Softball Ryan Patrick Enrico Firebaugh, CA Sociology (HA) Junior Sean Michael Enright Rancho Santo Margarita, CA Music (B A ). Junior Bobby Rene Enriquez Blaominglon, CA American Literature and Culture (B A ) Miguel Angel Enriquez Inglewood, CA Chicano and Chicano Studies (B A ]. Junior Laleh Ensafi fldithridijr CA Political Science (B.A.), Sociology, Junior Lenniebelle Entereso Claremont, CA Economics (B.A.) Nathan Dennis Entrekin Nevada Cily, CA Freshmon Lacrosse learn Ji Yoon Calex) Eom Downey, CA Sophomore Sean Jonathan Eppenstein Highland Park, IL Film and Television (B.A), Junior Deon ' s List Joseph Kieth Epperson Riverside, CA Biology IBS.) Michelle Theresa Eprem Cbolsworth, CA Communication Studies (B.A), Junior Jesse Marc Epstein Mission Viejo, CA Sophomore Golta Eragi Newport Beoch, CA Psychology (B A), Junior Allen B Eramya Chino Hills, CA Astrophysics (B.S.I Mattan Emanuel Erder Livingston, NJ Aniseh Erfani Tujungo, CA Communicolion Studies (B.A.), Junior Adam Ericksen Danville, CA Mathematics (8.S.) Andrew Steven Erickson Irvine, CA Brandon Christopher Erickson Clovis, CA Sponish (B.A.) Christine Anna Erickson Pomono, CA English (B A 1 Junior Dania Leanne Erickson Anaheim, CA English (B.A. ), Junior Emily N Erickson Saugus, CA Pre Psychabiology Jennifer E Erickson Cormel, CA Freshman SAA Kyle Glenn Erickson Los Angeles, CA History (B.A.), Greek, Latin, Senior Marie Corbett Erickson Simi Volley, CA Pre History, Junior Michael Edward Erickson Norco, CA Physics (U.S.) Robert Faenzi Eriksen Nopo, CA Psychology (8.A.), Junior John Rudolph Ernst, III Acton, CA Philosophy (B.A ). Junior Vikas Erraballi Fremont, CA Junior Lauren Elyse Ershoff Sherman Oaks, CA Communication Studies (B A ) Elif Kamile Erturk Toledo, OH Theater IB A) Andrew Young Erwin Tucson, AZ American literature and Culture (B.A.), Senior Brett Lewis Erzinger Carlsbad, CA Art (B.A ), Junior Anica Lenore Escalante Hermoso Beach, CA Women ' s Studies (B.A), Junior s.iIm iii.i Agustina Escalante Pacoima, CA English (B.A), Junior Adriana Escalera Inglewood, CA Sociology (B.A), Chicano And Chicano Studies, Education, Junior Bruincorps Janell Escalera Brawley, CA Ethnomusicology (B.A.) Rosemary Escalera Santa Ana, CA Mathematics (BS), Freshmon Amber Lynette Escamilla Palmdole, CA Communication Studies (B.A ), Junior Jemima Escamilla Los Angeles, CA Moleculor, Cell and Developmental Biology (B.S.), Junior Beatriz Escobar Los Angeles, CA Junior Daniella Yvette Escobar Whittier, CA African Languages (B.A.), Sponish, Senior Govinda Das Escobar Los Angeles, CA Physics (BS), Junior Jessica Maria Escobar Los Angeles, CA Sociology (B.A I, Junior Mario Angel Escobar Los Angeles, CA English (B A ) Junior Thelma Minnelli Escobar Santo Ana, CA Biology (BS ), Sophomore Adriana Michelle Escobedo Chulo Visto, CA Biology (BS.) Diana Escobedo Los Angeles, CA Business Economics (B.A.), Senior David Allen Esfandi Los Angeles, CA Pre Poliiicol Science, Junior Simon Esfandi Beverly Hills, CA Pre Political Science, History, Junior Evan Rex Esguerra Daly City, CA Michael Eshag-Hay Los Angeles, CA Psychology (B.A.) Golnaz Eshaghian Los Angeles, CA Sociology (B.A ), Junior Matthew Eshaghian Beverly Hills, CA Sociology (B.A ), Junior Rayan Eshaghian Beverly Hills, CA Biochemistry (BS.), Junior Siamak Eshaghian Beverly Hills, CA Biology (B.S.), Junior Amin Eshaiker Pre History, Junior Marjan Eshraghi La toiler CA Psythobiology (B S ), Spanish, Junior Daniel David Eshtiaghpour Beverly Hills, CA Psychobiology (BS.), Junior Prince Esiobu Los Angeles, CA Biology (8.S .), Junior Fatima Eskandar-Afshari Los Angeles, CA Physiological Science (B.S.) Maryam Eskandari Los Angeles, CA Sociology (B A), Junior Anthony Nadim Eskander Monterey Park, CA Biology (BS.) Janis Han Eskesen Calistogo, CA Psychology (B.A) Christina Dennise Eskridge Oakland, CA Kristineh Esmaili Glendale, CA English (B.A.), Junior Houtan Esmailzadeh Sherman Ooks, CA Business Economics (B.A.J, Junior Aracely Esparza Pico Rivera, CA Sociology (B.A), Spanish, Senior Eduardo Esparza Hacienda Heights, CA Geology Engineering Geology (BS), Junior Evelyn Esparza Son Pablo, CA Sociology (B.A ), Chicano And Chicano Studies, Junior Hermonas Unidas Monica Patricia Esparza Los Angeles, CA Philosophy (B.A.) Michael (ay Espe Los Angeles, CA History (B.A), Sophomore Somohang Pilipino, PCN Claudia Espino Modesto, CA Pre Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics, Junior Brenda Espinosa Wilmington, CA Junior Genevieve Eroles Espinosa Valencia, CA Asian American Studies (B.A.) Jessica Gracia Espinosa Mission Viejo, CA Polititol Science (B.A.) Paul Daniel Espinosa Whittier, CA Computer Science ond Engineering (BS), Junior CEED, Soles Andrew Espinoza El Centro, CA Biology (B.S) Brenda Denisse Espinoza Cudohy, CA Chicano and Chicano Studies (B.A), Junior Carmen Gabriela Espinoza Son Ysidro, CA Pre Psychology, Junior Cesar Alberto Espinoza Monlebello, CA History (B.A ), Junior Cindy Janina Espinoza Los Angeles, CA Sociology (B.A.), Junior Cristina Iveth Espinoza Los Angeles, CA Psychobiology (B.S) Jeanette Juarez Espinoza Oak View, CA Psychology (B.A), Junior Joaquin Rafael Espinoza Los Angeles, CA Luis Angel Espinoza Five Points, CA Mathematics, Applied (B.S ) Junior Oscar Edgardo Espinoza Harbor City, CA English (B.A), Junior Ramon Alberto Espinoza Los Angeles, CA Pre Psychology Ryan G Espinoza Placenlia, CA Prebusiness Economics Yvette Guadalupe Espinoza Pomono, CA Michelle Joy Espiri Dela Cruz Granite Boy, CA Anthropology (B.A.), Junior Paolo Luigi Espiritu Glendale, CA History (B A ), Asian American Studies, Senior Volleyball, Civil Liberties Gloria C Espitia La Mirada, CA Pre Poliiicol Science, Junior Robert James Esposito Huntington Beach, CA Chemistry, General (B S), Senior Alpha Chi Sigma Fraternity Claudia Elizabeth Esqueda Corona, CA Sociology (8.A.) Leslie Esqueda Lo Puente, CA Freshmon Eduardo Jose Esquivel Cosloic, CA Computer Science and Engineering IBS) Junior Phillip Esquivel South El Monte, CA English (B.A), Junior Jennifer Patricia Esser Brentwood, CA Physiological Science (B.S.) Jennifer Danielle Esses San Jose, CA World Arts ond Cultures (B.A), Sophomore Diana C Essex Ventura, CA International Development Studies (B.A), Junior Abasiama Bassey Essien- Ete Los Angeles, CA History (B A ) AldoG Estella North Hollywood, CA Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology (B.S), Freshmon Toby T Estes long Beach, CA English (B.A.) Sharleen Astrid Esteves National City, CA Asian American Studies (B.A ) Tabitha Ann Esther Escondido, CA Mathematics, Applied IBS) Junior John Edward Guilas Estoesta Riverside, CA Pre Psychobiology, Junior Alejandro Estornel North Hollywood, CA Poliiicol Science (B.A.), Junior Ana Estrada Poramount, CA Pre Psychology Dagna Esther Estrada Anaheim, CA Sponish (B.A.) Frances Estrada Los Angeles, CA Pre History, Junior Ian Caesar Estrada Reseda, CA Political Science (8 A.), Junior Ingrid Elizabeth Estrada Los Angeles, CA Pre Psychobiology, Sophomore Janette Estrada South Gote, CA Jeimee Ivonne Estrada Los Angeles, CA Sophomore Michelle Rose Estrada Los Angeles, CA Freshmon Miguel Roberto Estrada Northndge, CA Physics (BS ), Junior Sara Delcarmen Estrada Los Angeles, CA Freshman Roz Rozbeh Etedali Son Dimas, CA Pre Political Science, Junior Stanislas Mani Ethenoz Los Angeles, CA Biochemistry (B.S.) Stephanie Shiho Eto Cupertino, CA Biochemistry (B.S.) Taylor Braam Ettema Van Nuys, CA Physics (B.S), Senior Sharna Lynn Ettenberg Los Angeles, CA Sociology (B.A.) David Aaron Ettl Newport Coast, CA Pre Political Science, Freshman Andrew Tran Etzkorn Fountain Valley, CA English (B.A), Junior Jacqueline Euan Los Angeles, CA Grace Eum La Crescenta, CA Sociology (B.A.) Sol Eun Sherman Oaks, CA Mathematics, Applied (B.S.), Junior Robin Christine Eurgubian los Angeles, CA Anthropology (B.A.), Junior Music, UCLA Wind Ensemble Jeanine Miya Evains Los Angeles, CA Afro-American Studies (B.A), Education AAE- Hip Hop, ASU, Pre-Vel Society, AWA, SPCA, CBOP, Kappa Kourt, Bruin Leaders Project, Head Cheeileoding Cooch At Juniper Serro H.S. Panagis Dionysios Evangelatos Ukiah, CA English (B.A.), Junior Andrew Somera Evangelista San Ramon, CA American Literature and Culture (B.A.) Eileen S Evangelista Baldwin Park, CA Biology (US) Classical Civilization, Senior ORL Residential life. Orientation Staff Eric Cuarto Evangelista Long Beach, CA Sociology (B.A), Political Science, Senior Muoy Thai, Running Leila Maris Evangelista Carson, CA Junior Brandon Anthony Evans Gorden Grove, CA History (B.A. ), Senior Church Involvement, Youth Ministry, Church Origins, Undeigraduole Histoiy Association, Phi Alpho Iheta, McNoii Reseorch Scholar Carrie Anna Evans Ontario, CA International Development Studies (B.A.) Charles Vernon E vans, Jr Tefrachapi, CA Pre Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics Elizabeth Ann Evans LoJqIIq.CA Physics (B.S), Freshmon Alpha Delta Pi, Red Comet Foundation Jennifer Michelle Evans Santo Monica, CA Eosl Asian Studies (B.A.J, Global Studies, Junior Student Advocacy leadership, Dance, Yoga We are so proud of you! Keep reaching for the starsi We love you Worn Dad and Brad Jeremy Morse Evans Polmdole, CA Political Science (B.A), Senior Alpho Tou Omega, God, Politics, And Sports, Novigators Bible Study, Brum Republicans, International Justice Society Jessica L Evans Son Diego, CA Chemistry (B.S ), Junior Maire Camille Evans Lo layette, CA Pre Psychology, Junior Marisa Bryn Evans Son Diego, CA Neuroscience (B.S), Junior Michael Lawrence Evans Mountain View, CA Dance Suzanne Elizabeth Evans Los Altos, CA English (B.A), Sophomore Tyson Charles Evans St. Joseph, MO Design | Medio Arts (B.A.), Senior Doily Brum Vernon Lenzelle Evans Los Angeles, CA Afro-American Studies (B.A.), Junior Kathryn Elizabeth Evarts Newport Beach, CA Communication Studies (B.A.), Junior Dominique Nicole Everage Campion, CA Pre Psychology, Sophomore Berkeley B Everett Glendale, CA Ethnomusicology (B.A), Freshman ion Lindsey Lee Everett Sonta Barbora, CA Prebusiness Economics, Sophomore Marcus John Everett West Hills, CA Pre Psychology, Freshmon Jonathan E Everette San Diego, CA Internolionol Development Studies (B.A.), Global Studies, Junior Travel, Different Cultures, Sports, Stomp, PISP, Hawaii Club, Lisa Craig J Everhart Yokimo, WA Alro-American Studies (B.A.) Matthew Nathaniel Everhart Polmdole, CA History |B A) Junior 1 m i I 1 veiroad Son Clcmente, CA Mathematics (B.S ) Elizabeth Ann 1 vers Tuitock. CA Biology (8 S ), Junior Benjamin Joseph Bverion Tononce CA Me(honi(ol Engineering (B S I Blake M Ewing Northndge, CA Theater (B A). Sophomore Michael Allen Exner Pleosonton CA Chemicol Engineering IB S I Junior Peter Schmitt Eyermann, 111 Thousond Oaks, CA Molecular Cell and Developmental Biology (B.S.), Sophomore ■ ship straight and I rj[, !v !);, David Chukwuemeka Eze Hawthorne. CA Mechanical Engineering IBS) Junior Kate Joann Ezra To nana, CA Art History (BA), Junior Navid Ezra Colobcisos CA Psychobiology IBS), Gerontology Junior ftocquetball Hitomi Ezumi Amjad Ezzour North Hollywood, CA Sophomore Ali Faal West Hills, CA Pre Psychology, Junior Venus Marie Faas Irvine, CA Interactional Development Studies (BA), Junior Communication, Japanese Daniel V Fabbri Millbroe, CA Computer Science and Engineering IBS] Junior Alpha Epsilon Pi Jason Michael Fabbri Bakersfield. CA Business Economics (BA), History, Sophomore Kathryn Faye Fabella Woodland Hills, CA Sophomore Lori Marie Faber Henderson, NV Anthropology (B.S.), Sophomore Students Foi Intemotioncl Change, Dance Morathon, UCLA Cub Tours James Robert Fabian Memphis, TN English (BA), Study Of Religion, Sophomore Jennifer Lynn Sison Fabian San Diego, CA Anthropology (B.S.) Kendra Lea Fabian Son Diego, CA History Art History (BA), Junior Jordan Seth Fabrikant El Cojon, CA Biology (B.S), Junior Gina Marie Fabrizio Dinubo, CA Psychology (BA), Applied Developmental Psychology, Senior Reading, Competitive Swimming, Internship For, Daycare Center I oj you We love you, Mom and Dad Maria Christine Faconti International Development Studies (BA), Freshman Matteo Michael Faeth Santo Barbara, CA Latin Antericon Studies (B A .), Junior Drew Arthur Fa gen I Glen Ellen, CA Civil Engineering (B.S.), Junior Samai Shawkal Fahmy Son Jose, CA Pre Political Science Warren Alain Fahmy Santa Mario, CA Middle Eastern and North African Studies (BA.), Junior Aaron Joseph Fai Cerritos, CA English (BA), Sponish, Junior Ann Michelle Fain Coslo Meso, CA Latin American Studies (BA), Senior Natalie Samantha Fainberg Los Angeles, CA Jewish Studies (BA.), Junior Foshion, Design, Art, Volleyball, Curves Brett Michael Fairclough Los Angeles, CA English (BA), Junior Alicia Dawn Fairhurst Dunsmuir, CA Pre Psychology, Junior lennifer Nicole Faitro Agouia Hills, CA Communication Studies (BA), Political Science, Junior Roya Faizy Murrietn, CA Political Science (BA.) Andrea Beth Fajans Berkeley, CA Sociology (BA.) Julio Cesar Fajardo San Diego, CA Civil Engineering IB S ) Junior Kevin Behrang Fakheri Encino, CA Pre Political Science Alireza Fakhrai Los Angeles, CA Electrical Engineering (B S), Junior Cyrus Fakour Berkeley, CA Linguistics (BA.), Freshman Janell Niccolle Fakour Costa Mesa, CA Sepehr Fakour Berkeley, CA Freshman Biology, Business, low, Politics, Theater, IM Basketball Chompion 200S, Club Soccer, Master ' s Club Swimming, Professional Paintbatler Jonathan Joseph Falakassa West Hills, CA Neuroscience (B.S.), Junior Laura Diana Falcone Los Angeles, CA Italian and Special Fields (BA), Junior Meghan Michelle Falcone Madison, CT Communication Studies (B A ) Sophomore James David Falk Sylmor, CA Sophomore Brie Whitney Falkard Son Francisco, CA Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics (B.S.) Jennifer Nyssa Falkenhagen Son Luis Obispo, CA Mechanical Engineering (B.S), Senior Kappa Kappa Gemma, Wakeboarding Yan Falkinstein Norlhridge, CA Sociology (BA.), Junior Tobias Timothy Falzone Turlock, CA Biophysics (B.S), Senior UCLA Wind Ensemble Bobby Alexander lain Beverly Hills, CA Business Economics (B A ), Junior Kent W Familton Culver Cily, CA Art (BA) Christen Florence 1 , unions los Angeles, CA Pre Psychology David I aminny Los Angeles, CA Biology IBS) Chiachi Fan Diomond Bar, CA Junior Christina M Fan Walnut, CA English (BA), Junior Cindy S Fan West Covina, CA Sophomore Edward C Fan South Pasadena, CA Computer Science (B.S.), Junior Kenneth Wan-Jay Fan Hacienda Heights, CA Biology (B.S) Martin Tso Fan Diamond Bar, CA Pre Psychology, Freshmon May Chun-Tzu Fan Los Angeles, CA Art History (BA), Junior Shaokuei Fan Montclair, CA Junior Thomas C Fan South Pasadena, CA Computer Science (B.S.), Junior Albert Z Fang Irvine, CA Sophomore Chih-I Fang Lokewood, CA Economics (BA.) Christine Fang Walnut, CA Chemistry (BS) James Wei Fang Los Angeles, CA Eleclncol Engineering IBS) Junior Jennifer Fang Claremonl, CA American Literature and Culture (BA.), Junior Jerome Joseph Fang Anaheim, CA Astrophysics (B.S.) Joseph Ji-Guong Fang Polos Verdes Estates, CA Electricol Engineering (B.S.I Julia Jiayuan Fang Shermon Ooks, CA Prebusiness Economics Melody Fang Alhombra, CA Business Economics (BA.), Accounting, English, Senior Qing Fang Torronce, CA Pre Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics, Junior Sannya Ah Fang Son Diego, CA International Development Studies (8.A.), Geography, Environmental Studies, Junior Association Of Hmong Students, Project Set, Kiwa Shanna Fang Millbroe, CA Neuroscience (B.S.) Weijie Fang Culver City, CA Electricol Engineering (B.S.), Junior Yuan Fang Monterey Park, CA Economics (BA), Junior Maureen I annus los Angoles, CA Anthropology (B.A.), Junior Adam Louis I anion Portolo Valley, CA Design | Media Aits (BA .), Junior Sarah Farag Los Angeles, CA Pre Psychobiology, Sponish, Junior Neda Farah Beverly Hills, CA History (B. A), Senior Dean ' s List, EAP Shadi Taherzadeh Farahmand Corte Madera, CA Psychology (BA.) Vanda Farahmand Huntington Beach, CA Biology (B.S.), Neuroscience, Sophomore Daily Bruin Conttibutor, Tennis Tara Farazian Torzono, CA Psychology (B.A.), Junior Dmitry Farberov Sherman Ooks, CA Pre Political Science, Management, Junior Delta Tau Delta, Basketball Nima Farboody Colobosas, CA History (BA.), Junior Ghazal Farhang San Diego. CA Biology (B.S ), Senior Farhad Fariabi Newport Coast, CA English (BA), Junior Albert John Farias Rowlond Heights, CA Biology (B.S.) Carina Janet Farias Pacoimo, CA Mathematics, Applied (B.S.) Jaime Farias, Jr Maywood, CA English (BA), Junior Tina Sarah Fariba Son Diego, CA Pre Psychobiology Jasmin Farid Lancaster, CA Pre Psychology, Junior Andrew Jonathan Farinas West Covina, CA Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics (BS), Senior We are so proud of you we love you! From Your Whole Family Jessica Lynn Faris Long Beach, CA Freshmon Brian Adam Farkas Son Corlos, CA Computer Science (B.S.), Sophomore Sigma Nu Shane Michael Farkas Lodera Ranch, CA Electrical Engineering (B.S.) Michelle Marie Farley Pomona, CA Mathematics, General (B.S), Education, Sophomore LASA, Projecting Minds, IM Volleyball Uzma Akhtar Farmanali Las Vegas, NV Biology (B.S), Junior Swimming Donya Farmand Calabasas, CA French (B A), Junior Jordan Robert Farmar Van Nuys, CA Pre Economics Farnaz Afranian Farnad Beverly Hills, CA Sponish (BA.), Junior Shahbaz Afranian Farnad Beverly Hills, CA Communication Studies (BA), Junior Krisline |oy Cabogason Famal ( liiilu Vislo, CA Piehusmess Economics, Freshman We ' re so proud o) youlKeepup the good worki Jennifer Mary Earner Anaheim Hills, CA History (B A), Senior UCLA Special Olympics, leach For America, Alpha Lambda Delta 8 Phi Eto Sigma Honor Societies, Moitai Board, Athletic Recruiting Deborah (debbie) S. Earnoush Los Angeles, CA Business Economics (BA.), Urban Planning, Monogemenl Hilli-i And Bruins For Israel Saman Fan- Los Angeles, CA Biochemistry (B.S.) Genevieve Elizabeth Farrar Stockton, CA Civil Engineering (B.S.) Amanda Jane Farrell Newport Beach, CA Pre Political Science, Junior Jason Robert Farrell Moreno Volley, CA Design | Media Arts (BA), Junior Lila Ann Farrington Wolnut Creek, CA Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology (BS), Junior Daniel Anthony Farris Inglewood, CA Sophomore Kamron Farrokh Boston, MA Computer Science and Engineering (B.S), Sophomore Dina Farshidi Fullerton, CA Economics (BA.) Farzin Farshidi Loguna Niguel, CA Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology (BS), Junior Salumeh Farshidpanah Woodlond Hills, CA History (BA.), Junior Arian Fartash Plocentio, CA Biology (BS), Junior M Umar Farukhi Oronge, CA Biology (B.S), Junior Lexy Farzami Irvine, CA Political Science (BA.), Senior Journalism, International Relations, U.N.., Broadcasting, law And Politics, Figure Skating, Foshion Arash Sam Farzan Bakersfield, CA Pie Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics, Sophomore Vi il.i Farzankashani Beverly Hills, CA Pre Psychology Farzaneh Farzingohar West Hills, CA Philosophy (B A ). Junior Hilary Blake Fasen Pacific Palisades, CA World Arts and Cultures (BA), Junior [ason O ' Connor Fasi Mission Viejo, CA Sponish and Linguistics (BA), Junior Gelareh Fassazadeh Sherman Oaks, CA Economics (BA.), Senior Violin, Swimming Jordan Walter Fassler Sacramento, CA Mathematics (B.S.) Noah M Fast Fresno, CA Pre Psychology, Junior Sepi Fatahi Sanlo ( Int. 1 1 CA Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology (BS) Shiva Fatoorechi Shermon Ooks, CA English (BA), Junior Gladys Juliette Fattorini Romono, CA Communication Studies (BA), Senior Robert Farzad Faturechi Van Nuys, CA English (BA.), Freshmon Daily Brum Evan Michael Jerome Faucher Los Angeles, CA American Literature and Culture (B.A.), Junior Jonathan Michael Faura Westminster, CA Americon Lileroture ond Culture (B.A.), Sophomore Jenifer Erika Faustina Los Angeles, CA International Development Studies (BA), Junior Meagan Audrey Fawcett Honolulu, HI Atmospheric. Oceanic and Environmental Sciences (B.S.), Junior Brett William Fawley Donville, CA Prebusiness Economics, Sophomore Alex Charles Fay Newcoslle, CA History (BA), Junior Klub Dunk Promotions, Soccer, Meghan Leah Fay Blue Jay, CA Music History (BA), Junior Mikhail Faybyshev Monterey, CA Biochemistry (B.S), Neuroscience, Senior Sigma Alpha Mu, Neuiosctence Undergraduate Society, Huntington ' s Research, Art, Medicine, Sftowboarding Sammy Allie Fayed Greenwich, CT Kirill Fayerman Reseda, CA Business Economics (BA.) Margarita Faynerman Sherman Oaks, CA Pre Psychobiology, Junior Zafeer Amir Fazelbhoy Lokewood, CA Physiological Science (B.S), Junior Tiba Fazeli London, England Computer Science and Engineering (B.S), Freshman Amy Marie Fazio Alamo, CA History (BA.), Junior Daniel George Federoff Son Diego, CA Sophomore Kenneth Andrew Feduff Newport Beach, CA Geography (BA), Junior Janna Holly Feeley Mesa, AZ Biochemistry (B.S), Freshmon You have made us very proud Now it i 1 - youi turn to go forth and pursue yout dreams Orion Dore Feeney Thousand Ooks, CA Art (B.A.), Sophomore Heather Galle Feenstra Davis, CA Pre Psychobiology, Sophomore Amanda C Feest Los Alomitos, CA Junior Hossein Feghhi Los Angeles, CA Civil Engineering (BS), Junior c O o a Emily Jane Feher Santo Ana, CA Sophomore Chu-Wan Fei Yorbo Undo, CA Biochemistry (8.S.), Freshman Karen Feiler Los Angeles, CA freshman Benny Feilhaber Irvine, CA Mechonuol Engineering (B S), Freshman Viviane Feilhaber Irvine, CA Civil Engineering (B.S.), Freshman Charles Nathan Feinn San Mateo, CA Neuroscience (BS), Junior Ashley Lauren Feinsinger Agouro Kills, CA Philosophy (B.A.), Linguistics, Junior Dean ' s List, UCSC, Tutor Logic, Teach Dance Samuel Granat Feinstein San Mateo, CA Business Economics (B.A.), Junior Hiva Seyedeh Feizi San Diego, CA Political Science (B.A.) David Victor Felber Powoy, CA Computer Science (B.S.) Jamie Elizabeth Feld Thousand Oaks, CA Communication Studies [B A ] Junior Samantha Feld Los Angeles, CA Women ' s Studies (B.A.) Daniel M. Feldman Thousand Ooks, CA Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology (8.S ), Junior Devin Shay Feldman Tarzona, CA Pre Political Science, Junior Joel B Feldman North Hollywood, CA Politicol Science (B.A), Junior Matthew Frank Feldman Dallas, n Biology (B.S.), Spanish, Senior Megan Elizabeth Feldman Comorillo, CA Anthropology (B A.) Junior Alexis Brooke Feldscher Calabasos, CA Pre Politicol Science Emily Rachel Feldstein Los Altos, CA World Arts ond Cultures (B.A.), Sophomore Adrian Felix Sun Valley, CA Political Science (8 A.) Junior Carol J Felix Woodland Hills, CA Biology (B S.). Junior Cinthya Nathalie Felix Los Angeles, CA English (B.A.) Daniel A Felix Riverside, CA Political Science (B.A.), Junior Erik Felix Wilmington, CA Mathemotics Economics (B.S), freshman UCLA radio Joseph Francis Felix Foster Cry, CA Sophomore Robert Meliton Felix Delano, CA Biology (B.S.), Business Economics, Freshman Rocio Pamela Felix North Hollywood, CA Saray Damaris Felix Los Angeles, CA Biology (8.S.), Junior Mikhael Felker Los Angeles, CA Computer Science (B.S.), Economics John Paul Michael Felkner Garden Grove, CA Pre Psychology, Junior Lindsay Feller Carlsbad, CA Communication Studies (B.A.), History, Senior Katherine Anne Felsburg Porker, CO Communication Studies (B.A.), Global Studies, Sophomore Dance Marathon, Elizabeth Calner Felter Livermore, CA Mathematics, Applied (B.S.) Suzanne Sunmi Felton Mill Volley, CA Biology (B.S), French, Freshman Volleyball, Gymnastics Coach Angel Anqi Feng Son Francisco, CA Civil Engineering (B.S ) Emily Feng Las Angeles, CA Psychology (B.A.), Junior Hao Feng Arcodio, CA Pre Politicol Science, Junior Jennifer Feng San Diego, CA Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology (B.S), Sophomore Linda Siyi Feng Hacienda Heights, CA Freshman Chinese Cultural Dance Club, Courtside C34 House Government Lydia Feng San Francisco, CA Sophomore Michelle Ji-Yi Feng Diamond Bar, CA Asian American Studies (B.A.) Ni Feng Cerritos, CA Junior Suzi Angel Feng Diamond Bar, CA Economics (B.A.) Wen Feng El Monle, CA Materials Engineering (8 S ), Graduate Lindsay Patricia Fenton fresno, CA English (B.A.), Sophomore Robert Ferdman Los Angeles, CA Physiologicol Science (B.S.), Junior Austin Joseph Feren Lafayette, CA History (B.A.), Politicol Science, Senior Zeta Beta Tau, Music, Community Services Rebecca Sara Feren Lafoyette, CA Biology (B.S.) Alexander Walter Ferenz Half Moon Boy, CA East Asian Studies (B.A.), Junior Brittany Leigh Ferguson Austin, TX Sophomore Julia Taylor Ferguson Belvedere, CA World Arts ond Cultures (B.A.) Megan Ferguson Campbell, CA Susana Feria Santo Monica, CA International Development Studies (B.A.), Junior Hovanes Ferikian Monlebello, CA Computer Science ond Engineering (B.S.), Sophomore Jenny Rose Pavillar Fermin West Covino, CA Biology (B.S), Junior Danielle Elizabeth Fernandes Simi Volley, CA Molecular. Cell and Developmental Biology (B.S), Junior Grace Fernandes Torrance, CA Psychology (B.A.), Junior John-Paul Fernandes Glendole, CA Biochemistry (B.S), freshman Ana Bayana Fernandez Mission Viejo, CA Neuroscience (B.S), Sophomore Angele Crystal Fernandez Los Angeles, CA freshmon Barbara Evelyn Fernandez Anoheim, CA Sociology (B.A.), Sophomore Dalila Fernandez Pcnoramo City, CA Psychology (B.A.), Sociology Frederick Sansano Fernandez Son Ramon, CA Electrical Engineering IBS! Junior Gaela Sophie Fernandez San Diego, CA Pre Economics, Junior Gerardo Manuel Fernandez Sonla Maria, CA Pre History, Junior Iris Nicolas Fernandez Los Angeles, CA Sophomore Jennifer Lynn Fernandez Santo Fe Springs, CA Physiologicol Science IBS.), Sophomore Jennifer Recinto Fernandez Pomono, CA Biology (8.S.), Junior Luke John-Paul Fernandez Whittier, CA Anthropology (B.A.), Art History Theta Chi Mario Fernandez, Jr Carson, CA Pre Psychology, Junior Mark Joseph Fernandez Santo Mario, CA Freshman May Ling Maria Fernandez Inglewood, CA Sociology (B.A. ), Junior Miriam Lizette Fernandez Son Joaquin, CA Pre Psychology Yulsi Lili Fernandez Montero Hawoiion Gardens, CA Biology (B S), Chitana And Chicono Studies, Public Health, Senior Public Health, Immigration Rights, CC Med, MALCS Dilhara Fernando Burbonk, CA Psychology (B.A.), Senior Anything And Everything 1 Kushan Udayanath Fernando Los Angeles, CA Molecular, Cell ond Developmental Biology IBS.), Junior Menaka Nirmalie Fernando Valencia, CA English (B.A.), Junior Michelle Himan Fernando Ooly City, CA Neuroscience (B.S.) Neschae Xavier Fernando Son Jose, CA Electrical Engineering (B.S), Senior Niroshan Anthony Fernando Valencia, CA Mathematics Applied IBS). Junior Shannon Melania Fernando Burbonk CA Pre Psychobiology, Junior Tasha Judith Fernando West Hills, CA Physiologicol Science (B.S ), freshman Sarah Elizabeth Fernbacher Orinda, CA Sophomore Delro Gommo, UCLA Dance Marathon, Club Woter Polo Joshua Paul Ferreira Modesto, CA Chemical Engineering IBS) Junior Ryan John Ferreira Son Diego, CA History (B.A.), Junior Teresa Rianne Ferrell Oak Park, CA Theater (B.A ), freshman Sarah Irene Ferrentino Los Angeles, CA Psychology (B.A.), Junior Timothy J Ferrette Son Diego, CA Sociology (B.A.), Junior Timothy James Ferrill Moorpor k CA Sociology IB A t Junior Patrick Brendan Ferris Sierro Modre, CA Economics (B.A.) Avi Feshali Los Angeles, CA Electrical Engineering (8.S.), Junior Frank David Feska Rancho Cucamonga, CA Political Science (B.A.), English, Senior Adonai Ahferom Fessehatsion Los Angeles, CA Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology (B.S.) Ryan Christopher Fetbrandt Hemet, CA Political Science (B.A), Junior Christina Marie Fether Torrance, CA Psychology (B.A.) Michael D ' Andre Fey Anoheim, CA Pre History, Junior Mehran Feyz Los Angeles, CA Pre History Francia E Ffrench Redlonds, CA Psychology (B.A), French, Junior Psychology, Social Work, Public Health. UCLA Mobile Clinic Laura Renee Fibiger San Diego, CA Pre Politicol Science David Haim Fichtenholz Los Angeles, CA Pre Psychobiology, Junior Casey Lynn Fichtner Portolo Valley, CA Anthropology IB A.] Junior Landon Richard Fichtner Fullerton, CA Atmospheric, Oceanic and Environmental Sciences (BS.), Junior Michelle Leigh Fickling San Ramon, CA Psychology (B.A,), Junior Joshua Michael Fidani San Ramon, CA Pre Economics, Junior Paul Sanford Fielding Berkeley, CA Pre Political Science Aviala Tiponya Fields Cormel, CA Sociology (B.A ), Junior Justin Jeremy Fields Northridge, CA History (B.A.), Junior Michael James Fields Pasodeno, CA Aerospace Engineering (B.S.) Antonio Granados Fierro Guadalupe, CA Physics (B.S .), Junior Paul Robert Fierro, Jr Norwolk, CA Psychology (B.A), Junior Marissa Anne Fierz Oceonside, CA European Studies (B.A.), Junior Patricia Nicole Figueiredo Son Mateo, CA Pre Psychology Javier Alfonso Figueroa Oxnard, CA Film and Television (B.A.), Junior Mayra Elba Figueroa Norwalk, CA Prebusiness Economics, Sophomore Michael Steven Figueroa Bakersfield, CA Economics (B.A), Junior Susana Maria Figueroa- Joya Fresno, CA Hannah Dinah Genotiva Fiji fontona, CA Chemistry IBS), Senior Nathan Allen Fikse Anaheim, CA Psychology (B.A,), Junior Dominic Andrew Filice Modesto, CA Mechonicol Engineering IBS) Senior Ryan James Filippini Stockton, CA History (B.A.), Junior Josiah Paul Filler Lancosler, CA Pre Political Science, Junior Darius Alexander Filsuf Los Altos Hills, CA Freshman Zachary Owen Finch San Diego, CA Atmospheric, Oceanic ond Environmental Sciences (8 S), Sophomore Meteorology, IM Foofboll Champions, Go Brum Sports ' Kyle Edward Fincham Incline Village, NV Theater (B.A.), Sophomore Adam Micah Finck Anaheim, CA Communication Studies (B.A.), Junior Jo-Ann Marie Fincutter Santo Clara, CA Sociology (B.A.), Junior Jessica Anne Fine Torzono, CA Lynn Campbell Fine Son Francisco, CA International Development Studies (B.A.), Junior Michael Fraser Fine Irory, CA Pre Politicol Science, Junior Denise Specker Finefrock Woodside, CA Andrey Finegersh Mission Vie|o, CA Russian Language and Literature IB A } Junior Daniel Schiller Fink Los Angeles, CA Psychology (B.A.) Treva J Finkle Conyon Lake, CA Biochemistry (B.S ), freshman Eric Glenn Finlay fremont, CA Computer Science (B.S), freshmon Sports, Computers Andrew Rhodes Finley Tustin, CA Political Science (B.A), Economics, Senior Daily Bruin, Tennis, Donee Parties Caitlyn Delphine Finley Berkeley, CA Biology (B.S), freshman Music, Film, Art, Cooking, Saving The World..., Collecting DVD ' s, Keepm In Touch, Being Cool, You Know, The Usual Daniel Jacob Finley Long Beach, CA Individual Course of Study (B.A.) Emily Jane Finney Rancho Polos Verdes, CA Economics (B.A.) Ryan S Finstad San Diego, CA Pre Political Science, Junior Emily Marie Finzen Son Rafael, CA Biology (B.S.) Gregory David Fiore Wolnut Creek, CA Mechanical Engineering IBS) Junior Amita Firouzi Los Angeles, CA Psychology (B.A.), Senior Iranian Student Group Culture Chair Adam Jason Fischbach Los Angeles, CA Design | Media Arts IB A ) David Leo Fischel Los Angeles, CA Mathematics Applied Science (B.S.), freshman Judaism, Israel, Family, Math, Science, Business, Swimming, Running, Biking, Skiing, Volleyball, Snowboording Cory Daniel Fischer Woodland Hills. CA Anthropology (B.A.) Jennifer Lee Fischer Clayton, CA Linguistics (B.A.), Junior Katrina Anne Fischer Atwoter, CA Biology IBS) Sophomore Rhianna Maria Fischer- Ortiz Santo Maria, CA English (B.A.) Candace L Fiscus Thousand Oaks, CA English (B.A.), Senior Chelsea Ann Fish Los Angeles, CA Religion, Study of (B.A.) Holly M Fish Thousand Ooks, CA Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology IBS.), Senior UCLA Masters Swimming Jerod William Fish Clorkston, Ml Theater (B.A), Junior Claire T Fishburn Sacramento, CA Sociology IB A.) Groduale Alexandria Ferris Fisher Woodloke, CA English (B.A), Sophomore Jeffrey Fisher Los Angeles, CA Economics lnlernotionol Area Studies (B.A.), Junior Boseboll, loponese Culture Jennifer Marie Fisher Menlo Pork (A Pie Psychology Junior Rebecca SUvei I isher Tor Hint] CA Freshman Anna I ishtvun Los Angeles. CA Russion Studies (B A ) Elina Fishman Los Angeles, CA Pie Hislory. Junioi Elishema Rose Fishman Los Angeles CA English (BA } Mike Alexander Fishman Sunny, ale CA Pre Psychology Sophomore Jennifer Anne Fiske Los Angeles CA Philosophy (B.A.) Nicole S Fiss Canogo Park CA Pre Political Science, Junior Daily Bruin Copy Editor Contributor, College Hook Michael James Fitch Irvine, CA Mechanical Engineering (B.S.), Sophomore Andrew Turnbull Fithian Son Diego, CA Biochemistry (B SI Sophomore Daniel Robert Fittante Salinas, CA English (B A.) Maureen Mary Fitzgerald lake Elizabeth, CA English (B A ) Junior Patrick Robert Fitzgerald Upland CA Computer Science and Engineering (B.S.), Junior Ryan Blaine Fitzgerald Thousand Oaks, CA Psychology (BA.), Junior Ellen Christine Fitzmorris Polo Alto, CA Pre Psychobiology, Freshman Spencer Fivelson Reseda, CA Psychology (BA.), Junior Rvan Christopher Fix Lake Forest, CA Mechanical Engineering (B.S ), Junior Montgomery Jaye Flagg Cormel, CA Music Hislory (B.A.), Freshmon Anthony Blaine Flamer Danville, CA Philosophy (B A), Junior Kathleen Carey Flanagan Honolulu, HI Junior Maureen Kay Flanagan Honolulu, HI Business Economics (BA.), Junior Wesley Erin Flanagan Ojai, CA Psychology (BA.), Applied Developmental Psychology, Senior Chi Omega Esther Zahava Flaum Fullerton, CA Mathematics, Applied (B.S.) Megan Maureen Fleig Oakland, CA World Arts and Cultures !B A ) Junior Alessondra Concepcion Fleming Loguno Beach, CA Economics (B.A.) Caroline Pendrill Fleming Point Richmond, CA Junior Chase Matthew Fleming Gross Valley, CA Economics (BA), Junior Nicole Bequette Fleming Carmichael, CA Sociology (BA.), Junior Pi 8eto Phi, UCLA Women ' s Locrosse Tamara Ann Fleming Fullerton, CA Ail (B.A.I, Junior Tern ' Kyle Flennaugh Culver Gty, CA Psychology (8.A.) Aislinn M Fletcher Ojai, CA Pre History, Junior Brandon Stephens Fletcher Sacramento, CA History (BA), Junior Claire Elizabeth Fletcher Temecula, CA Sociology (BA ), Senior Human Relations Joshua Mark Fletcher Dover, NJ MothemoticslBS.) Kiersten Ann Fletcher Lakeside, CA Prebusiness Economics, Junior Kelly Lawrence Flickinger Poway, CA Music IB A ] Sophomore Daniel Craig Flinn Aliso Vlejo, CA Electrical Engineering (B.S.), Freshmon Linda Flloko Las Angeles, CA Pre Psychobiology, Junior Melissa Anne Floch West Hills, CA Comparative Literature (B A ) Junior Kurt Flores Flor Torrance, CA Political Science (BA.), Junior Mary Elizabeth Flora Tustin, CA Pre History, Junior Aldemar Oliver Flores Los Angeles, CA English IB A ] Junior Amanda Alise Flores Monterey Pork, CA Anthropology (B.A.) Angel Edgardo Flores Los Angeles, CA Biochemistry (B.S.), Junior Ann Jillian Sabangan Flores Sun Valley, CA Chemical Engineering (B.S.) Antonio M Flores Los Angeles, CA Pre Psychology Armand Flores Los Angeles, CA Political Science (BA), Junior Armando Jesus Flores Corpinterio, CA Pre Psychology, Junior Brenda Erika Flores South Gale, CA English (BA), Junior Christopher Jourdan Flores Long Beach, CA Freshmon Cinthia Flores Los Angeles, CA freshman Cristina Flores Pasadena, CA English (BA.), Political Science, Freshman Daisy Yanira Flores Los Angeles, CA Psychology (B.A.), Junior Damaris Flores Santo Fe Springs, CA Pre Political Science, Sophom ore Daniel Christian I lotos Huntington 8eoch, CA Philosophy (B.A.) Senior Daniel M 1 lores Los Angeles, CA Sociology (BA), Junior Daniel Flores Glendale, CA History (8 A .). Junior David I Inn ' s Flores, Jr Santo Clarila, CA Hislory (B.A), Junior Denise Monique Flores Sun Volley, CA Desiree Francine Flores El Monte. CA Politicol Science (BA.), Junior Ernesto Alejandro Flores Los Angeles, CA Political Science (B.A .), Junior Evelyn Flores Inglewood, CA Pre Psychology, Junior Felipe De Jesus Flores Baldwin Park, CA Mathematics Economics (B.S.), Junior Francisca Flores Compton, CA History IB. A.), Junior Hugo Mosqueda Flores Westminster, CA Biology (BS ), Junior Irving J Flores Los Angeles, CA Geophysics Applied Geophysics (B.S.) Jacqueline Barbara Flores Playa Del Rev, CA Pre Cog, Freshmon Jessica Rocio Flores Cerritos, CA Political Science (B.A.) Jessica Vanessa Flores Huntington Park, CA Business Economics (B.A), Accounting, Senior LBSA Jonathan L Flores Fresno, CA Sociology (B.A.) Jorge Flores Torrance, CA Pre Psychobiology, Junior Kalina Leilani Flores Compton, CA Lizette Casillas Flores East Los Angeles, CA Psychobiology (B.S), Spanish, Sophomore Lizzette Flores Las Angeles, CA Compaiative Liteiature (B.A), Art History, Freshmon Louisiana Guadalupe Flores Luis Antonin Flores Playo Del Rey, CA English (B.A.), Freshman Maria Angeles Flores Los Angeles, CA Pre Political Science Maria Del Carmen Flores Los Angeles, CA Sociology (B.A .), Diversified Liberal Arts, Senior Mark Frank Flores Redondo Beoch, CA Computer Science and Engineering (B.S.), Sophomore Martha Flores Los Angeles, CA Microbiology, immunology, and Molecular Genetics (B.S) Meredith Anne Flores San Diego, CA World Arts and Cultures (B.A.), Junior Michael Anthony Flores Poromount, CA Electrical Engineering (B.S), Junior Peter James Flores Hemet, CA History (B.A,), Junior Priscilla Ann Flores Oceanside, CA Economics (B.A.) Richard R. Flores Inglewood, CA Freshman Rodriga Flores Chula Vista, CA Mechonicol Engineering (B S ), Sophomoie Sandra Guadalupe Flores Los Angeles, CA Biology (BS), Junior Tony L Flores North Hollywood, CA Pre Politicol Science Valerie Monique Flores San Pedro, CA Psychology (BA.), English, Junior UCLA ' S Women ' s Track And Field, Cross- country, Brum Athletic Council, Secretary Bryant Florez Whittier, CA Sophomore David Henry Flory Los Altos, CA Biology (BS). Sophomore Compus Crusade For Chnst Caitlin Elyse Flourie Del Mar, CA Sophomore Jessica R Flowers Los Angeles, CA Sophomore Drew Scott Flum Palmdale, CA Physiologicol Science (BS.), Junior Christine Diane Flury Beverly Hills, CA Communicolion Studies (B.A), Junior Alexis Flyer Dona Point, CA Pre Politicol Science, Junior Michael R Flynn Danville, CA Mechanical Engineering (B.S ), Junior Misty Lorraine Fodo Los Angeles, CA Pre History, Junior Evelyne Claudine Fodor Los Angeles, CA Comporotive Literoture (BA), Junior Rebecca Anne Foelber Potomac, MD Biology (B.S.), Junior David Patwardhan Foes Loguna Beoch, CA Geography Environmental Studies (B.A.), Junior Rory David Fogarty Alameda, CA Mathematics, Applied (B.S), Senior Analysis Christine Medora Fogle Redlands, CA Political Science (B.A), Hislory, Senior Omid Michael Foladi Los Angeles, CA Hislory (B.A), Public Policy, Senior Phi Beto Koppo. UCLA Pre-Low Society, Phi Alpha Theto, Career Based Program, Golden Key, Motor Board, URSP Emily Anne Foley Santa Barbara, CA Biology (8 S ), Freshman Erin Marie Foley San Diego, CA Biochemistry (B.S.), Junior Delta Delta Delta Jonathan Patrick Foley Los Angeles, CA Biology (B.S), Junior Thomas Sullivan Foley Woodside, CA Pre Economic, Junior Kelsey Anne Folgner Solano Beach, CA Aerospace Engineering (BS), Senior UCLA Surf learn Copfoifl Andrew Kenji Folick Santa Ana, CA Biology (BS ), Junior Gregory Michael Folk Woodland Hills, CA Freshman Galina Igorevna Fomenkova Son Diego, CA Junior Aleyna Sachiko Fong Danville, CA Biochemistry (B.S), Junior Baley Akemi Fong Cerritos, CA Chemicol Engineering (BS.) Chasen Lindsey Fong Los Angeles, CA Prebusiness Economics, Junior Christopher Warren Fong Danville, CA Sophomore Derek Fong Alhombro, CA Eleclrical Engineering (B-S.) Ed Fong Mechonicol Engineering (BS.), Junior Eric S Fong Oak Park, CA Sophomore Hilaire Anne Fong Alameda, CA Pre Psychology, Junior Joyce Ka-Yan Fong Arcodia, CA Biology (B.S), Senior Sports, Traveling Juliet Fong Daly City, CA Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics (B.S.) Melissa J Fong Sacromento, CA Chemical Engineering (BS), Junior Michael Scott Fong Los Altos Hills, CA Sociology (B.A.) Nancy Fong Conogo Pork, CA Biology (B.S. ), Senior UCLA Circle K Intemotional, Cope, Care Extenders Paula Yi-Ming Fong Roncho Polos Verdes, CA Linguistics and Asian Languages and Cultures (BA.) Reyna T Fong Sacramento, CA Biology (B.S.), Freshman Ryan Todd Fong Fremont, CA Electrical Engineering (B.S.), Junior Sophia May Fong South Son Gabriel, CA Biochemistry (BS. ), Junior Stephen Daniel Fong Berkeley, CA Civil Engineering (B.S.), Junior Tracy Emiko Fong Lo Canada, CA Sophomore Tyler Scott Fong Fullerton, CA Biochemistry (B.S.) Winnie Fong Alhambra, CA Politicol Science (B.A.), Sociology Ashley Susan Fonseca Cudahy, CA Christopher Halley Fonseca Waterlord, CA Pre Psychobiology Mynor Roberto Fonseca Chino, CA Pre Psychobiology Roger 1 Fonseca, |t San Francisco, CA Philosophy (BA.), Politicol Science, Junior low Shirley Denise Fonseca Monrovia, CA Anthropology (B.A), Junior Thomas Willoe Fonss Roncho Sonto Fe, CA Theotei (B.A), Junioi Andrea Cecilia Fontana Redlonds, CA Political Science (BA), Senior International Relations, Law Jennifer L eigh Fontanella Irvine, CA Sociology (B.A), Junior Music, Arts, Travel, Food, And Naps Faran Elon Fonte Redondo Beach, CA Theater (B.A.) Karen Tsuan-Shin Foo Son Froncisco, CA Sophomore Brandon Jeu Foon Monterey Park, CA Neuroscience (B.S.) Emily Jeanne Foote Granada Hills, CA Geography Environmental Studies (B.A.), Junior Dmitry Foox Los Angeles, CA Sophomore Sharine P Forbes Bellflower, CA Sophomore Carla Teresa Forcadilla Alhambra, CA Sociology (B.A.), Junior Samohang Pilipino, Samohang Modem Courtney Marea Ford Long Beach, CA Sociology (B.A.) Jacqueline Jennifer Ford San Jose, CA German (B.A), Classics, Junior Patricia Kathleen Ford Los Angeles, CA French (B.A) Taylor-Brittany Ford Los Angeles, CA History Arl History (B.A), Junior Christopher William Fore Irvine, CA Theater (B.A.J, Junior Rachel Hana Fore Psychology (B.A.), Junior Nicholas Charles Foreman Fremont, CA Pre Politicol Science, Global Studies food, Thoismakom, HAPA Club, Samahong, Hanoolim Elizabeth Kay Forester Fresno, CA Physiological Science (B.S. I, Junior Regan Elizabeth Forester Lexington, KY English (B.A ] Junior Arlene Jane Formanes Gardena, CA Physiological Science (B.S.) Noelle Renee Formosa Son Francisco, CA English IB. A.), Junior Jonathan Filip Forney Upland, CA Political Science IB A ) Junior Patricia Edith Foronda Las Angeles, CA Art History (B.A,), Junior Rebecca Shirin Forouzesh Los Angeles, CA Spanish and Linguistics (B A .). Junior Alexander Jason Fors c .9 o Q Loncoster, CA Italian ond Special Fields (B.A ) Gary Edward Forsch Oxnard, CA Pie History, Junior Laura K Forst Venice, CA Ah (B.A.), Junior Erika Rose Forster Los Angeles, CA Psychology (B.A.) Junior UCLA Medico! Center Nicu Volunteer Elizabeth Marie Forsyth Del Mor, CA Sophomore Shaina Marie Forsyth Los Angeles, CA Geology E ngineering Geology IBS) Sophomore Princess Shandarah Fortier Stockton, CA Neuroscience (B.S.), Freshman Jonathan Rey Fortman Oakland, CA Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics (B.S.), Political Science, Senior Public Heolth And Medicine Christine Ann Fortmann Loguno Miguel. CA Biology (B S ). Junior Meianie A Foshee Las Vegas, NV Pre Psychology, Sociology, Junior Acting, Writing, Kung Fu John William Foss Nevada City, CA History (B.A.) Kerri Rene Foss Roncho Sonto Margarita, CA Sophomore Adam Michael Foster Seal Beach. CA Political Science {B.A), Junior Alexander Scott Foster San Diego, CA Neuroscience (B.S.J, Junior Ann Michelle Foster Los Angeles, CA Linguistics and Asian Languages and Cultures (B.A.), Junior Ashley Alexandra Foster Alianlo, GA Pre Psychology Brock D Foster Los Altos, CA Biology IBS). Sophomore Christopher James Foster Boltersfield, CA Junior Gregory Michael Foster Elk Grove, CA Physics (B.S.I, Junior Ian Stuart Foster Santa Barbara, CA Physic s (B S ). Junior Katherine Elicia Foster Lake Forest, CA Sociology (B.A.) Monica Jane Foster Centerville, IA Psychology (B.A.), Germon, Junior Dean ' s list, Reading, Walking Sarah Kelly Foster Mountain View, CA Communication Studies (B.A.I Stacy Lynn Foster Elk Grove, CA Pre Polilicol Science, Junior Chi Omega Elizaveta Fouksman San Carlos, CA Leiana Michele Fountain Honolulu, HI Mechanical Engineering (B.S.), Senior Hui O ' imiloa, loekwondo Elizabeth Christina Foust Alhombro, CA Physiological Science (B S ) Helen Fower Los Angeles, CA Neuroscience (B.S.J, Freshman Alpha Delta Pi We are so proud of you Helen! Good luck ' Love Mom Dad, and Many. Frederick Albert Fowler San Diego, CA Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology (B.S.J, Junior Katherine Nicole Fowler Stmi Valley, CA Philosophy (B.A.), Junior Michael Paul Fowler, Jr Los Angeles, CA Political Science (BA), Senior Sara Scott Fowler Corte Modero, CA Communication Studies (B.A.), Junior Dallas Kenton Fox Yorba Undo, CA Mechanical Engineering (B S.J, Junior Erica Beth Fox Belhesda, MD Psychology (B.A), Latin American Studies, Junior Study Abroad In Argentina Kristal L Fox Whirtier, CA Pre Psychology Megan Kathryn Fox Tucson, AZ Anthropology (B A), Junior Sabrina Jacqueline Fox Downey, CA Psychobiology (B.S.J, Senior Samuel Jeffrey Fox Stockton, CA Economics (B.A.), Junior Adam Samuel Foxman West Hills, CA Comparative Literature (B.A), Junior Yvette Marie Fraga Torrance, CA History (B.A.J, Senior UCLA Spirit Squod (mascots)- Josie Bruin, Scropbooking Ourpreschool drop-out you fill our hearts with pride 6 joy I ' ood Luck. God Bless, Mom, Dad 6 Mando Bryan Dexter France Roncho Santa Margarita CA Microbiology, Immunology, and Moleculor Genetics (B.S.J Alberto Antonio Francis, Jr Mcollen, TX Economics (B.A.) Cameron Stewart Francis Poway, CA Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology (B.S.J, Junior Monica Louise Francis Polos Verdes Estates, CA freshman Daimler Santiago Francisco Chulo Vista. CA English (B.A.J, Asian American Studies, Junior Hannah Fu Francisco Fullerton, CA Physiological Science (B.S.), Junior Kathleen Elaine Francisco Lemon Grove, CA Pre Psychobiology Louis Benjamin Francisco Anaheim, CA Sociology (B.A.) Armando Franco Los Angeles, CA Spanish (BA.) Ashley Anna-Marie Franco Hoyward, CA Pre Politico! Science Caleb Daniel Franco Anaheim, CA Ingrid D. Franco N Hollywood, CA Freshmon Jimmy Benito Franco Los Angeles, CA Political Science (B.A.J, Public Policy, And Labor And Workplace Studies, Junior Gamma h a Alpha Fraternity, Politics, Social Issues, Community Activism Mauricio Franco, Jr Loncoster, CA Biology IBS), Freshman Wilma A Franco Hawthorne, CA Chicana and Chicano Studies (B.A.), Sophomore Andrea Frangadakis Saratoga, CA History (BA.), Sophomore Aimee Nicole Frank Los Angeles, CA Anthropology (B.A.) Elisa Victoria Frank Los Angeles, CA Geogrophy Environmental Studies (BA ) Gila E Frank Los Angeles, CA Pre Psychology, Junior Jonathan Mordechai Frank Los Angeles, CA Molecular, Cell ond Developmentol Biology (BS), History, Junior Alpha Epsilon Pi Lindsay Diane Frank Bakersfield, CA Business Economics (B.A), Accounting, Senior Defta Gamma, President Of Delto Gammo, UCLA Accounting Society, Gammo, UCLA Honois Program, Order Of Omego, Student Alumni Assoc, Mortar Boord Leah Gabriella Frankel Goleto, CA Biology (BS), Senior Gomrno Phi Beta Matthew Scott Frankel Hillsborough, CA Theoter (B.A.J, Junior Darlene Jiamei Franklin Sunnyvale, CA Pre Political Science, Junior Megan Ashley Franklin Chotsworth, CA Pre Political Science, Junior Shawntelle Marquiis Franklin Inglewood, CA Physiological Science (BS), Spanish, Freshman Stayin Black Elana Leah Franko Rolling Hills Estates, CA Pre Psychology Gregory Amadeus Franzese Saratoga, CA American Literoture ond Culture (B A.), Junior Kathleen Kelly Franzman Sherman Oaks, CA Psychology (B.A ), Senior Alexandra Marguerite Frasca Piedmont, CA History (B.A.), Junior Kirsten Bodie Fraser Yorbo Lindo, CA Physiological Science (BS), Junior Alexandra Fratkin Santo Clara, CA Political Science (B.A.J, History, Senior Karen Teresa Fratts Los Angeles, CA Anthropology (B.A.) Gregory Paul Frauenberger Yorbo Linda, CA Electrical Engineering IBS.), Freshman Mayra A Frausto Wilmington, CA Anthropology (B.A ) Junior Natalie Frausto Pocoima, CA History (BA.) Ashley Ann Frazier Los Angeles, CA English (B.A), Junior Juliez Steven Frazier, Sr Lincoln Heights, CA Political Science (BA.), Junior Sarah Elizabeth Frazier Indio, CA Sociology (BA), Senior Michael A Freeh Goleto. CA Pre Economics Ashley Blair Frederick Cathedral City, CA Biology (BS.) Michael Jean Frederick Nipomo, CA Morine Biology (BS), Junior Deborah Nicole Freedman Monhotton Beach, CA Anthropology (B.A.) Joy Halley Freismuth Son Diego, CA Sophomore Alejandro Gonzalo Freixes Volencio, CA Americon Literature and Culture (BA), Junior Darin Christopher French Rapid City, SD History (B.A.), Politicol Science, Junior Justin Allen Frerichs Lo Jolla, CA Sociology (B.A.), Senior Business, Finance, Basketball, UBS, Scott Nathaniel Freschet Santo Roso, CA Junior Juliette Rose Frette Los Altos, CA Women ' s Studies (B.A ), Geography, Environmental Studies, Junior Kappa Delta Jeffrey Werner Frey Irvine, CA Political Science (B.A), History, Junior Rebecca Anne Frey Woodland, CA Art (B.A.J, Freshman Gina Melissa Freyre Anaheim, CA Comparative Literature (B.A ) Sean Rogers Friar Pacific Palisodes, CA Music (B.A.), Junior liana Denise Fried San Francisco, CA Pre History Jessica Allison-Megan Fried Glendole, CA World Arts ond Cultures (8.A.J, Freshman Sasha Jade Friedlander Santo Cruz, CA World Arts and Cultures (B.A.J, Junior Kyle-Lee Joseph Friedley Comarillo, CA Pre Political Science, Sophomore Tanya Lynn Friedlinghaus Los Angeles, CA Psychology (B.A.), Senior Fashion Editing, Children And Animals. UCFAST: Fashion Designer for Veritas Fashion Show, Fashion Editor Director Of Vestii Magozme Jennifer Lauren Friedman Polos Verdes, CA Art(B.A,), Freshman Alpha Delto Pi proud oj you and know that your life will be blessed a ith happiness, love, and success Megan E Friedman Sunnyvale, CA Theoter (B.A) Michael Charles Friedman Glendole, CA Pre Psychology, Junior Paul Benjamin Friedman Carmichael, CA Prebusiness Economics, Junior Sarah Jane Friedman Los Angeles, CA Sociology (B.A), Junior Hank C. Friedmann long Beach, CA Sophomore Sigma Alpho Mu, Mokmg Films and Art Tara Alicia Friedrich Sunnyvale, CA Biochemistry (B S.) Brandon Alexande Friend-Solis Fairfax, CA Communication Studies (B.A.) Kasey Elizabeth Fries Simi Volley, CA American Literature and Culture (B.A), Junior Lauren Michele Frigo Irvine, CA English (B.A), Junior Grace (sarah) P Fri nk Weaverville, CA Communication Studies (BA), Social Justice, Junior BLP.ALD, Club Red Carpet, ASC, Blue And Gold, CSC, RJM, Student Recruiter, Kids Korner, Pre-Low Terrence J Frink Granite Bay, CA Pre Political Science, Junior Beta Iheto Pi Alanna Juanita Frisby Rowland Heights, CA Political Science (B.A.) Joseph James Frislid Port Washington, NY Psychology (B.A), Junior Jessica Caitlin Fritz loguno Beach. CA Sophomore Sonja Fritz Son Ramon, CA International Development Studies (B.A.), Junior Ashley Brett Frizzell Mercer Island, WA Michael William Froeberg San Clemenle, CA Physiological Science (B.S.), Junior William Peter Froehlich Davis, CA Communication Studies (B.A.J, Junior Timothy Robert Frohling Newport Coost, CA Sophomore Rachel Elizabeth Frohlking Loguno Niguel, CA Prebusiness Economics, Sophomore Amanda Fronczak Corona, CA Physiological Science (B S ), Junior Ryan James Frontiera Long Beach, CA English (B.A), Sophomore Sophie Jane Frost Los Angeles, CA Spanish ond Portuguese (B.A.J Victoria L Frost Santo Barbara, CA American Literature and Culture (B.A.), Junior Emily Anne Frum Carlsbad, CA History Art History (B.A.), Senior Chi Omego. Student Alumni Association, Campus Tours, Orientation, Hammer Museum Intern Nicholas Alexander Frumkin Sherman Oaks, CA Theoter (B.A.J, Junior Kiran Rajender Frush Danville CA Psychology (B.A.J, Junior Deborah Lee Fry Mclean, VA English (B.A.J, Sophomore Shane Fry Corona, CA Business Economics (BA.) Meir Mark Frydman Woodlond Hills, CA Pre History Jared L Fryer Sonto Rosa, CA Sophomore Justin Christopher Frymann Son Diego, CA Junior Skimboaiding, Surfing, Film Editing William Darren Frymann La Jolla, CA Cognitive Science (B 5), Junior Aradia Xinying Fu Alhambra, CA Neuroscience (B.S.) Ching-Han Fu South Gate, CA English (B.A.), Junior Emily Fu Chino, CA Biology (BS), Junior Jennifer W Fu San Diego, CA Biology (B.S.), Junior Mary Manqing Fu Walnut Creek, CA Psychology (BA), Internotionol Development Studies, Sponish, Junior Shih-En Fu North Hills, CA Electrical Engineering (BS.) Jeana Marie Fuccillo Lebanon, IL Samuel Arthur Fuchs Burlingame, CA Design | Media Arts (B.A.J, Junior Andrea Renee Fuentes Conyon Country, CA Biology IB S ) Jesus Alejandro Fuentes Los Angeles, CA History (B.A.), Junior Josue Ruben Fuentes Yuba City, CA Sociology (B.A.), Junior Tracy Lynn Fuhrmann Oolc Pork, CA Physiological Science (B.S.), English, Senior Unicomp Mentorship Alison R Fujii Woodbridge, CA Sophomore Cori Jo Yoshiko Fujii Kaaawo, HI Psychology (B.A.) Michael Yoshio Fujii Roncho Palos Verdes, CA Economics (B.A), Junior Aiko Anya Fujimoto Cardiff. CA World Arts ond Cultures (B.A.), Junior Erika Lyn Fujitani Von Nuys, CA Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology IBS.) Erick Masahiro Fujiwara Von Nuys, CA Anthropology (BA.), Junior Julia K Fukuizumi Hoyword, CA Japanese (B.A.), Sophomore Ifeutomu Fukukuia Son Diego, CA Psychology (B.A.), Junior Cheiyl Serf Fukushima Sonlo Monico CA Music [B 4 1 David Kazuo Fukushima Seoitle WA Aerospoce Engineering (S S ) Junior oshi S Fukushim.i Gridley. CA Biology IBS) freshman lennts fennifei Erin Fukutomi P Los Angeles Freshman Intervorsrty, UCLA Theater Oepl poduchon of Mod Am Angelique Enriquez Fulgencio South Son Francisco, CA Microbiology Immunology, and Molecular Genetics (B S ) Holly Erin Fulgham Richardson TX Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology (B.S.), Freshman Tracy Elizabeth Fulkerson Spring Volley, CA Psychology (B A_) Junior Elizabeth Gladys Fuller Auburn CA Sophomore Hilary Anne Fuller Newport Beoch, CA Music History (B.A ]. Junior Delta Delto Delta, Ballroom Donee. Tennis Kaitlyn Johanna Fuller San Ramon, CA English IB A ) Freshman Rufus Roy Fuller Campion CA Pre Psychology Sandra Jean Funderburg Los Angeles, CA English (6 A ) Grace Ah-Wo Fung Rosemeod, CA Biochemistry IBS). Senior Chi Alpha Delto Soronty Jessica Fung Milpitas CA Psychology (B A ) Jonathan Zadok Fung Walnut Creek, CA Computer Science and Engineering (B S ) Karen Ka-Yin Fung San Leandro, CA Psychology (BA) Kelly Ann Fung Son Froncisco, CA Mothemotics Applied Science (B.S.), Senior Mei Mei Fung San Francisco, CA Business Economics (B.A.), Junior Mei Chi Fung San Froncisco, CA Pre Economics, Junior Mela Hoi-Man Fung Los Angeles, CA Nathanael John Fung South Posodenc, CA Prebusiness Economics, Junior Po Ying Fung Monterey Pork, CA Pre Psychobiology, Junior Rebecca Rae-Gia Fung Son Diego, CA Pre Psychology, Junior Robert Fung Wilmetle, IL Cognitive Science (B S), Junior Stephanie Mon-Taine Fung Pacific Palisades, CA Business Economics (BJU Tim othy Ryan Fung Modesto, CA Pre Economics Sophomore tag Shan Fung Son Froncisco CA Pre Psychology Carly Rose Funicello Northndge, CA History (B.A.) Stephanie Leigh Funston Marino Del Rey CA French (B.A.) Junior Vanessa Angelica Furlan Hacienda Heights, CA Sociology (B A), Junior Kara Elizabeth Furlong Polo Alto. CA Pre History, Sophomore Stephanie Jo Furst los Angeles, CA Pre Psychology, Junior Anna Furtak los Angeles, CA Pre Politicol Science Bryan Kei Furukawa Sun Volley, CA Biochemistry (B.S.) Namiko Furukawa Tarzano, CA Pre Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics, Junior Candace Michiko Furumizo Anoheim, CA Biology (B.S), Freshmon Basketball, Volleyball, Frock, Floor Government, Community Service, AAP, Joey Tadashi Furutani Gordeno, CA Prebusiness Economics, Sophomore Rick Daisuke L Futakawa Walnut Creek, CA English (B.A), Junior Kristin Elizabeth Fyfe Irvine, CA Pre Cog, Sophomore Project Literacy Nicolas Victor Fyhrie los Angeles, CA Art (B A), Junior Julianne Marie Fylstra Sunnyvale, CA Neuroscience (B.S), Music History, Junior Daily Brum Arts Entertoinment Reporter (film), Neuroscience Undergraduate Society, Unofficial Guide To UCLA Stuff, Choir Daniel Richard Fynaardt Torrance, CA Electrical Engineering (B.S.), Junior Mica Kathleen Gaard Davis, CA Music (B.A), Freshmon Isaac David Gabai Los Angeles, CA Pre Psychobiology, Junior Or Gabay Sonta Monica, CA Politicol Science (B.A.), Junior Lauren Rebecca Gabbaian Beverly Hills, CA Pre Psychology Brandon Patrick Gabbert Simi Valley, CA Computer Science (8.S.), Senior Bruin Nerds Amro K Gaber Granada Hills, CA Civil Engineering (8 S), Junior Meredith A Gaber Berkeley, CA Sophomore Andrea Lynn Gabler Irvine, CA Aerospoce Engineering (8.S.), Sophomore Tiffany Morgan Gabler Redondo Beach, CA English (B.A), Junior Darwin Lester Gabriel Carson, CA Mathematics, Applied (B.S ), Specialization in Computing, Senior Drummer Shanl Sevag Gabriel, Taslakian Porter Ranch, CA Philosophy (B.A), Junior Evgcniya Gabrielyan Burbank, CA Prebusiness Economics, Junior Lusine Gabrielyan North Hollywood, CA Anthropology (8 A ), Junior Alexander Nicolai Gabrovsky Los Angeles, CA English (B.A ), Chinese, Junior Ryan Robert Gackstetter Chino Hills, CA Sociology (B A), Junior Ryan Michael Gad Del Mar, CA Economics (B.A.), Junior Kristen Lenea Gadel Pasodenn, CA Art History (B.A), Junior Ivan Roumenov Gadelev Saint Helena, CA Pre Economics, Sophomore Madhurima Ashok Gadgil El Cerrito, CA Physiological Science (B.S), Freshman Random Voices Rucha S Gadgil Claremonl, CA Physiological Science (B.S.) Cassandra L Gaedt Palm Desert, CA Biochemistry (B.S.), Freshman Helena Priscilla Gaeta Sonomo, CA Anthropology (8.A.) Shayna Talya Gaffen Son Diego, CA Junior Alea L Gage Hillsborough, CA American Literature and Culture (B.A.), Junior Alina Maria Gagiu Los Angeles, CA Anthropology (B A.) Adam Hunter Gaines Palm Springs, CA Psychology (B.A), Junior Teresa Michelle Gaines Glendale, CA Communication Studies (B.A.), Senior Photogiophy, Dancing, Spending Time With My Mom. Daniel Brian Gaita Mission Viejo, CA Freshman Anne Mary Gajardo Oxnord, CA Sophomore Noga Jenny Gal Cupertino, CA Biochemistry (B.S.), Sophomore Giselle Galang Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics IBS) English Joshua Marquis Manuel Galang Long Beach, CA Philosophy (B.A.), Freshman Regina Eliza Galang Montebello, CA Physiological Science (B.S.) Imelda Galaviz Los Angeles, CA Latin Americon Studies (B.A.), Junior Steven Jeffrey Galbraith Modesto, CA Sophomore Chad David Galbreath Mommoth Lakes, CA Viviana Cora Galea Santo Cloro, CA Electrical Engineering (B.S ), Junior Katy Silva Galeano lawndale, CA Latin American Studies (B.A.), Junior Claudia Elizabeth Galicia Los Angeles, CA Politicol Science (B A) Christine P Galido Carson, CA Pre Economics Dena Louise Galinato Torronce, CA Marine Biology (B S .), Sophomore VI 1 1,: ii. i Galindo Sonlo Fe Springs, CA English (B.A), Junior Kimberly Renee Galindo National City, CA Political Science (B.A ), Junior Lyssa Marie Galindo South Pasadena, CA Pre Psychology, Junior Daniel George Gall Hollywood, CA Music (8.A.), Junior Alison Marie Gallagher Los Angeles, CA Pre Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics, Junior Keeley Mari Gallagher Oronge County, CA Sociology (B.A), Junior Lauren Kristine Gallagher Son Clemenle, CA Pre Psychology, Junior Sean William Gallagher Addison, IL Chemical Engineering (B.S.) Whitney Elizabeth Gallagher Laguno Hills, CA World Arts and Cultures (8.A.) Jennifer Gallegos Poromount, CA Molhemotics(B.S), Junior Jessica Ivonne Gallegos Los Angeles, CA Spanish (B.A ) Judith Gallegos Los Angeles, CA International Development Studies (B.A.), Spanish Language, literature, Senior Lonno Business Student Association Michael Christopher Gallina Livermore, CA Chemical Engineering (B.S), Junior Natalie Sage Gallo Los Angeles, CA Linguistics (B.A.), Spanish, Senior Rock Climbing, Vegetarian Cooking, Volunteering For Sports Events, Creative Writing, Collecting Books Valerie Nicole Gallo Upland, CA Sophomore Alyssa Diane Galloway Bokersfield, CA European Studies (B A ) French, Junior Anahit Galstyan Van Nuys, CA English (B.A), Junior Grigori Galstyan Glendole, CA Pre History Martin Aramis Galstyan Glendale, CA Pre Psychology, Junior Marina O Galushko Encino, CA Biology (B.S), Junior Catherine Lopez Galvan Oxnord, CA Pre Psychology, Junior Erica Galvan Bokersfield, CA Pre Psychobiology, Sophomore Rnxamu ' Melissa Galvan Murricto, CA American literature and Culture (B.A.), Junior Kappo Delto Barbara Krystal Galvez Los Angeles, CA Communication Studies (B A.) fennifei Patricia Galvez Los Angeles, CA History (B.A .), Politicol Science, Chtcana And Chicano Studies, Senior ME CHA De UCLA Michael Joseph Galvez Denver, CO History (B A), Senior Acting Sean Everett Galvin Newbury Park, CA Psychology (B.A), Junior Camille Delosangeles Galzote West Covino, CA Aerospace Engineering (B.S.) Sahan D Gamage Arleto, CA Pre Psychology, Junior Kevin David Gamarnik Los Alamitos, CA Sophomore Ashley Clare Gamayo Irvine, CA Biochemistry (6.S.), Junior Alexandra Gambardella Belmont, CA Sophomore Brett Cameron Gamble Carlsbad, CA Marine Biology (B.S,), Senior Theto Xi, UCLA Ski And Snowboard Team, UCLA Intramural Sports, Marine Biology Quarrel Joshua Stacy Gamble Volencia, CA Pre Political Science, Junior Mason Wilson Gamble Oak Park, IL Rosalee A. Gamble England, UK Classical Civilization (B.A), Senior Adam J Gamboa Comanllo, CA Chemical Engineering (B.S), Junior Janet A Gamboa La Mirodo, CA Pre Political Science, Junior Jeanne Dyan Enrera Gamboa Los Angeles, CA Biochemistry (B.S.), Junior Joe Ryan Gamboa Cerritos, CA Neuroscience (B.S.), Music History, Senior Pilipinos For Community Health, UCLA Medical Center Volunteer, Golden Key Honoi Society Goodjob! Maricela Gamboa Los Angeles, CA Pre Psychology, Junior Thomas Palomares Gamboa San Diego, CA Music (B.A.), Junior Ulisses Gamboa Pomona, CA Freshman Albino Gamez Hociendo Heights, CA History (B.A), Chicano And Chicano Studies, Junior Diana L Gamez Huntington Beach, CA English (B.A.), Junior lorge Dorian Gamez Los Angeles, CA Americon Literature and Culture (B.A.), Junior Oscar Antonio Gamez Los Angeles, CA Pre Politicol Science Amir Gamliel Tar zona, CA Business Economics (B.A), Junior Karen Gamon Palo Alio, CA Pre Psychology, Sophomore Joanna Juan Gan Nonhridge, CA Pre Psychobiology Melanie L Gan Pasadena, CA Theater (B.A ) Neeta Pramod Gan Granada Hills, CA Political Science (B.A), Senior Emilio Gancayco Political Science (B.A.) Marissa Sylvia Gancos Livermore, CA Pre Political Science, Junior Maria Melisa Gandara Los Angeles, CA Physiological Science (B.S.), Senior Stroke Force, Student Health Advocates Alok Bhikhu Gandhi Cerritos, CA Electrical Engineering (B.S.) Anand Dipeshkumar Gandhi El Dorado Hills, CA Bioengineering IBS). Sophomore Aneri Gandhi Cerritos, CA Biochemistry (B.S.) Nimisha Mukesh Gandhi Hoyword, CA Pre Psychobiology Sachin Narendra Gandhi Walnut Creek, CA Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology (B.S,), Junior UCLA Donee Marathon, Students for International Change, UCLA Stroke Force Saira Aisha Gandhi Camarilla, CA Earth Sciences (B.A), Sophomore Tanvi Umesh Gandhi Cerritos, CA Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics (BS ), Senior Music, Art, Philosophy, South Asron Task Force, Divine Youth Associates, Table Tennis, Donee, Volleyball Melody Gandjian Colobosos, CA Sociology (B.A), Junior Oil Ponting, Figure Skating, Jet Skiing Nandini Ganesh Middletown, CT Pre Psychobiology, Junior Adam Efraim Gang Los Angeles, CA Philosophy (B.A.), Junior David S Ganji Shermon Oaks, CA Pre Psychobiology, Junior Shiva Ganjian Beverly Hills, CA Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology (B.S), Junior Sean Francis Gannon Danville, CA Psychology (B.A), Junior Sharon Gannot El Cerrito, CA Sophomore Marc S Gans Nonhridge, CA Junior Karis Akemi Gant Northridge, CA Religion, Study of (B.A.), Junior Lauren Michelle Gantt Culver City, CA Psychology (B.A.) Vikram Vaman Ganu Corona, CA Freshman Michael Chenfei Gao c q o Q Wolnut Creek, CA Biology IB S ), Sophomore Shirong Gao Goithersburg, MD Design | Medio Arts IB. A.), Joponese, Senior UCLA Japanese Animation Club, Isshin Daiko, Yukoi Doiko Teng Gao Son Francisco, CA Mathematics (B S), Junior Wei Gao Los Angeles, CA Electrical Engineering (B S I Junior Xiaoxiao Gao San Jose, CA Biology IBS.), Junior Kathryn Ann Gaon Woodland Hills, CA Political Science (B.A.), Senior Koppo Kappa Gomma, Proiect Liteiocy UCLA, Intern At American Express, Publishing, Moha Yoga Carmin Gaona Pocoimo, CA Lizbeth Gaona Covina, CA Psychology [B A ) Noah Krikor Garabedian Berkeley CA Elhnomusicology IB A ) Sophomore Anna Catherine Garahan Coronodo, CA Aerospace Engineering (B S ). Junior Benjamin Garai Shermon Oaks, CA Prebusiness Economics, Junior Ellis Garai Sherman Oaks, CA Mechanical Engineering (B S ) Junior Michelle Garakian Studio Gty, CA Political Science (B.A) Arevat Garamova Von Nuys, CA History (B.A.) Anie Talin Garapetian Glendale, CA English (B.A.) Cynthia Angelica Garay San Diego, CA Political Science (B.A.), Latin American Studies, Freshman Paulina V Garay Downey, CA History |B.A.) Lauren Anne Garber Pre Politicol Science, Junior Doily Bruin Design Ingrid Viviana Garces- Cardozo Conoga Park, CA Sophomore Sigmo Lombdo Gammo Sorority Julie Carin Garchow Los Angeles, CA Biology IBS.) Adriana Garcia Bell, CA Biology (BS ), Sophomore Alejandro Garcia Son Diego, CA Pre Psychology, Junior Alejandro Garcia South Gate, CA Pre Political Science, Junior Alexana Nashielly Garcia Son Diego, CA Internationol Development Studies (B.A.) Andrea Garcia Pasadena, CA Pre Psychology, Junior Brenda Teresa Garcia Lynwood, CA Pre Psychobiology Carlene Marie Garcia Chulo Visto, CA Sophomore Catherine Nicole Garcia North Hollywood, CA Psychology (B.A.) Cecilia Garcia Los Angeles, CA Biochemistry IBS.) Cesar Garcia Los Angeles, CA Pre Political Science, Junior Cristina Garcia Carson, CA Comparative Literature (B.A.) Cristina Garcia Sonto Ano, CA English IB.A.), Junior Cynthia Irene Garcia Sanlo Ana, CA History (B.A.), Junior Daniela Garcia Deserl Hot Springs, CA Pre Psychology, Freshman David Anthony Garcia, Jr Stockton, CA Pre Politicol Science, Junior David Garcia Los Angeles, CA Chicono And Chicono Studies, Sophomore Delmy Garcia Azuso, CA Biology (BS.) Diana Elizabeth Garcia Son Francisco, CA Sociology IB.A), Freshman LASA, Hetmonas Unidos Dominic John Garcia Santo Fe Springs, CA Pre Political Science Eddie Charles Garcia La Jolla CA Pre Psychobiology, Junior Elena Adriana Garcia Los Angeles, CA Mechomcol Engineering [B.S.), Junior Elizabeth Garcia Santo Paula, CA Physiological Science (B.S.), Education, Junior Chicanos Lotinos For Community Medicine, latino Student Heoitti Project, Camp Kesem, Los Angeles Elva Nunez Garcia San Fernando, CA History IB.A.) Enrique Garcia South Gale, CA Biology (8.S.), Freshman Erica Garcia Perns, CA Mathematics (B.S.), Sophomore Erika Rose Garcia Son Bernardino, CA Sociology (B.A ), Senior Health Administration, Public Policy, LASA And Very-Very Proud Of Your Efforts, Brum Corps-Hi Everyone And All New Tutors! Estela Garcia South Los Angeles, CA Chicono and Chicono Studies (B.A.), Education, Senior Chicano Theater ! ! ! !, Grcuses Without Bread Everardo Sergio Garcia Los Angeles, CA Pre Political Science Fredy Garcia Cudohy CA Computer Science ond Engineering (B.S.) Harry Daniel-Walter Garcia Lo Jolla.. CA Prebusiness Economics, Junior Hector Garcia, Jr Fresno, CA Pre Psychobiology Hiram S Garcia Santo Moha, CA Electrical Engineering (B.S.), Junior Hugo Garcia Delhi, CA Computer Science and Engineering |B.S), Junior Jennifer Marie Garcia Wolnut, CA Pre History, Junior Jeremy Joseph Garcia Buellton, CA Art (B.A.), Freshman Jermain Garcia Compton, CA Physics (BS.), Sophomore Joana Itzel Garcia South Gote, CA History (8.A.), Junior Joel Armondo Garcia Oxnord, CA English (B.A.), Sophomore Johana Lizeth Garcia Boyle Heights, CA International Development Studies (B.A ), Latin American Studies Phi Lombda Rho Sorority Johnny J Garcia Whittier, CA Biology (B.S.) Jonathan Fredeluces Garcia Lawndale, CA Computer Science and Engineering (B.S.) JorelleGhiaOffril Garcia Doly City, CA Freshman Jorge Alejandro Gar cia Los Angeles, CA Pre Economics, Junior Jose Antonio Garcia, Jr El Monte, CA History (B.A.), Politicol Science, Senior Hermonos Unidos Joseph Christopher Garcia Westminster, CA History IB.A.) Juan Carlos Garcia Gait, CA Computer Science and Engineering (B S ) Juliana Garcia Santa Ana, CA Pre Politicol Science, Sophomore Karina Gabriela Garcia Riverside, CA Sophomore Karina Garcia Son Diego, CA Biology (BS.), Sophomore Karlos Argenis Garcia Chulo Visto, CA Sociology |B.A), Junior Keith Garcia El Cenlro, CA Sociology (B.A.), Junior Maria Concepcion Garcia Sylmar, CA Sophomore Maria De Luz Garcia Norwalk, CA Politicol Science (B.A.), Junior Maria Lucinda Garcia Sonto Borbora, CA Pre Political Science, Junior Marisol Garcia Wilmington, CA English (B.A), Junior Matthew T Garcia Montcloir, CA History (B.A.), Junior Melissa Garcia Los Angeles, CA Political Science (B.A.), Junior Melody Pauline Garcia Hacienda Heights, CA Sophomore Miguel Antonio Garcia Los Angeles, CA German (B.A.) Natalia Garcia Pasadena, CA Freshman Neerada Garcia Redondo Beoch, CA Sociology (B.A), Political Science, Senior Alpho Koppo Delta Honor Society, President, UCLA Low Fellow, Undergraduate Research Scholor, Immersion Program, College Departmental Honors Nestor Garcia Arlelo, CA Mathematics (B.SJ, Sophomore Nora Margarita Garcia Indio, CA Pre Political Science, Junior Olivia Garcia San Diego, CA Junior Omar Gabriel Garcia Pocoimo, CA Chicono and Chicono Studies (B.A.) Osvaldo Guillermo Garcia Posodena, CA American literature ond Culture (B.A ), Chicana And Chicono Studies, Junior La Gertie Newsmagazine, AAP, Razo Graduation, LASA, Randi Leigh Garcia San Lorenzo, CA Women ' s Studies (B.A.), Junior Richard Garcia Los Angeles, CA Sophomore Rocio Garcia Bell Gardens, CA Sophomore Rogelio Manuel Garcia Borstow, CA Biology |B, S), Junior Rosalba Garcia Chulo Vista, CA Mathematics (B.S.), Freshman Rossina Garcia Escondido, CA Economics (B.A.) Ruben Murguia Garcia Chulo Vislo, CA Freshman Sandra Gloria Garcia Cerritos, CA Psychology (B.A.), Junior Sandra Garcia Huntington Pork, CA Pre Psychology, Sophomore Lambda Thetc Nu Sorority Stephanie Veronica Garcia El Centro, CA Biology (B.S), Freshman Medicine. Softball, Soccer, Football, Basketball, Community Service Susana Garcia Pomona, CA Spanish and Portuguese (B.A.), Junior Teresa Garcia Los Angeles, CA Psychology IB.A.) Trinidad Roberto Garcia Pocoimo, CA Pre History, Sophomore Vanessa Frances Garcia Son Gabriel, CA Sociology IB.A.), Political Science, Sophomore laso, Circle K Vanessa Ursala Garcia Prunedale, CA Anthropology (B A ) Yvette Garcia Madera, CA Psychology (B.A.) Lupe Garcia-Dupuis La Mir ada CA Psychology (B.A.), Junior Carla Nichole Gardner Roncho Sonto Margarita, CA Pre Psychology, Junior Charity Ruth Gardner Glendale, CA Anthropology (B.A.), Women ' s Studies Undergraduate Anthropology Association, Women Studies Student Council Halley H Gardner Bakersfield, CA Pre Political Science, Freshman Environmental Conservation And Sustamobility Laura Lynne Gardner Knoxville, TN Freshman Mary Grace Absalon Gardner Paromount, CA Mathematics (B.S.) Michael Lee Gardner Alta Loma, CA Nicholas Wesley Gardner Son Clemente, CA Political Science (B.A ), Junior Robert Demani Gardner Pacoimo, CA Afro American Studies (B.A.), Junior Ryan Patrick Gardner Richmond, CA Psychology (B.A.), Junior Alejandro Garduno San Diego, CA Chemistry (B.S.) Angelica S Garduno King City, CA Sophomore Cesar Garfiaz Los Angeles, CA World Arts ond Cultures (B.A.), Sophomore Elyse Marie Garibaldi Son Jose, CA Sophomore Elizabeth Garibay Covina, CA Biology (B.S.) Juan Carlos Garibay Wilmington, CA Mathematics, Applied (B.S), Music History, Sophomore Reynaldo Garibay Wilmington, CA Mothemotics, Generol ( B.SJ, Junior Ani Garibyan Glendale, CA History (8.A.), Senior Post-Co mmunist (astern European Politic, Armenian Student Association Nare Garibyan Glendale, CA English (B.A.), Senior Stephanie Garicia Los Angeles, CA History (B.A.), French Maria Paz Lourdes C Garin Sonto Maria, CA Biology (B.S), Junior Christine Colleen Garity Roncho Cucamonga, CA Mechanical Engineering IBS), Senior Phi Sigmo Rho Soronty, Space, Music. Donee, Drawing, Martial Arts Susan Colleen Garity Roncho Cucamonga, CA Ecology, Behovior, ond Evolution (B.S.), Junior Jason Keith Gamer Los Angeles, CA Civil Engineering IBS.) Junior Michael Ryan Garner Mountain House, CA Sociology (B.A.) Junior Sean D Garnreiter Torrance, CA Music IB A ). Sophomore Amanda Christine Garretson Huntington Beach, CA English (B A ] Brandon Mark Garrett Merced, CA Pre Political Science, Freshman Sigmo Alpha Epsilon Breeana Carolyn Garrett Los Angeles, CA Gray Palmer Garrett San Clemente, CA History [B.A ) Junior Heather Renee Garrett Merced, CA English (B.A.) Shareeta Monta Garrett Lompoc, CA Biology (B.S.) Guenevere S Garrido Murnela, CA Pre Psychology, Sophomore Matthew Michael Garrido Pollock Pines, CA Civil Engineering (B.S), Sophomore Jacob Matthew Garrigues Anaheim, CA Biochemistry (B.S.) Lacy Kate Garrison Atlanta, GA Psychology (B.A.), Junior Krista Marie Garritano Palmdole, CA Philosophy (B.A.), Junior Isaac Garrott Los Angeles, CA Geography (B.A.) Eric Andrew Garthoffner Bakersfield, CA Computer Science |B.S.) Narek Garukyan Los Angeles, CA Psychobiology (B.S), Junior Lia Elizabeth Garvin Corle Madera, CA Sociology (B.A.) Sarah Michelle Garvin Los Angeles, CA Biochemistry (B.S.) Brandon Keith Gary Fresno, CA Sociology (B.A), Politicol Science, Junior Corporate Low Gregory Michael Garza Indio, CA Mathematics IBS), Sophomore Jamie Garza Los Angeles, CA Pre History Marybell Garza Baldwin Park, CA History (B.A), Spanish, Senior Stefanie Anne Garza Hacienda Heights, CA Psychology |B.A), Sophomore Kappa Delta Jessie Alyssa Gaskell Grover Beach, CA International Development Studies (6.A.), Junior John Xavier Gaspar Long Beach, CA Freshman Gegam Gasparian Los Angeles, CA Hovik John Gasparyan Posodena, CA Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics (B.S,), Junior Mari Gasparyan Sun Volley, CA Biology (B.S ), Junior Srpouhi Gasparyan Posodena, CA Biology (B.S), Junior Marie Laurence Gassee Palo Alto, CA Prebusiness Economics, Sophomore Lael Aishia Gasser Los Angeles, CA English 1B.A.) Jennifer Roxanne Gastelum Imperial Beach, CA Physiological Science (B S ), Women ' s Studies Medicine, Research Rebecca Liane Gaston Vocoville CA Moleculor Cell ond Developmental Biology (B.S ). Freshmon Elizabeth lean Gatel) Santa Ami, CA History IB A.), Junioi Katharine Elise Gatenby Los Vegas NV Theater (BJV ) Sophomore and Dad Briana Kristcn Gates Lokewood CA Biochemistry (B S ) Junior Shane Michael Gates Leono Volley, CA Biology (BS ), Junior Tiffany J Gates El Sobrante, CA Junior Kristin Nicole Gatfield Coto De Cozo CA Communication Studies (8.A.), Junior l.ii.i Susan Gatti South Lake Tohoe, CA German (B A) Philosophy, Senior Brum Equestrian Team Member, Study Abrood In Germany Jonathan Weihun Gau Anodic CA Japanese IB A.) Jason Paul Gaulton Wesl Hills. CA Philosophy (B.A.), Junior Gregory Hayden Gausewitz Newport Beach, CA Sophomore Emily Marie Gauthier Albuquerque, NM Mathematics, Applied (BS), Junior Rebecca Lyn Gautreau Son Dimas, CA Mathematics, Applied IBS.), Sophomore Ryan Strong Gauvin West Hollywood, CA Spanish (B.A.), Junior Michelle Gavilanes Pico Rivera, CA Economics (BA) Michael A Gavino Fountain Volley, CA Pre Psychology, Junior Michael Joshua Gavriel Woodbury, NY Sophomore Ganit Gavrieli North Hollywood, CA Sociology (BA) Janelle Stephanie Gaw Walnut Creek CA Chemical Engineering |B S ), Sophomore Gregory Allen Kropke Gay Whitlier, CA Freshman Phyllis Baldoza Gayda San Diego, CA Biochemistry (BS), Junior Prep, Axe. Prolit Eric Vahen Gaygeshian Burbonk, CA Pre Economics, Sophomore Enrique Eduardo Gaytan, Iii Son Diego, CA Chemical Engineering IBS) Junior Julia Celenia Gaytan Gordeno, CA History IB A] Gayane Gazaryan Yerevon, Armenion Psychology (BA), Russian Language, Literature, Senior Gohar Gazazyan Van Nuys, CA Communication Studies (BA), History, Senior Alpha Omego Alpha Soronty, Community Service, Film And Television Production, Dindhg WOmerawdi Casting Reading Ashley Marie G.i aniga Noithndge, CA Pre Politicol Science Sophomore Qiqing Ge Son Gabriel, CA Biology (B.S.) uan Ge Torrance, CA Chemistry (BS) Sophomore David J Geb Ventuio CA Mechanical Engineering (B .$.), Sophomore Tracy E Gebhard La Conodo CA English (BA), Junior Brian James Geddes Thousand Oaks, CA Pre Psychology, Junior lean Nicol Geddes Costa Mesa, CA Sophomore Mark Steven Geddes Los Angeles, CA Communication Studies (B.A.), Junior Meri Gedikyan Los Angeles, CA Pre Psychology Alison K Gee Granite Bay, CA Prebusiness Economics Bianca Renata Gee Son Jose, CA Computer Science and Engineering IBS ), Sophomore Christopher Martin Gee Son Jose, CA English (BA), Junior Christopher Gee Costro Valley, CA English (BA), Sophomore Megan Whitney Gee Mountain View, CA Pre Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics, Spanish, Junior LAP: Alcaic De Henares, Spam Michael Christopher Gee Granada Hills, CA Computer Science (B.S.) Thilmin Gee Cerritos, CA Communication Studies (BA), Sociology, Senior llmcamp, Marketing And Advertising Team, Apt. 2, VCM- Fashion Show Coordinator, Unicomp Mentorship Alan Evan Gehri Agoura Hills, CA Geology (B.S.) Evan Joseph Geiger Simi Volley, CA Music (BA), Junior William Richard Geiger Buelllon, CA Biology IBS.), Freshman Jessica L Geiser Oioi CA Kristie Lauren Geist Son Diego, CA Pre Political Science, Sophomore Shelley Elaine Geiszler Son Jose, CA Theater (B A), Sophomore Karen D Gekelman Woodland Hills, CA History (BA) Diana Torres Geli Chino Hills, CA Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics (B.S.) Billy Gellepis Mill Volley, CA Physiological Science IB.S.), Spanish, Freshman UCLA Dance Marathon. UCLA Club Water Polo Noah Matthew Gellman San Mateo, CA History (BA), Political Science, Senior Sigma Pi, Tennis, Exercise, Politics, Travel You ' ve done so much accom- ■ I i Ninette Lozada Gelvezon Chino Hills, CA Biology (B.S .), Freshman Alexander Hen nan Geng Rowlond Heights, CA Electncol Engineering (BS.) Shuofei Geng Union City, CA Electncol Engineering (B S ), Junior Darina Genina Los Angeles. CA Sophomore Laura Gennaoui Glendoio CA Biology (BS.) Daniel E Genud Sherman Oaks, CA Jewish Studies (BA), Freshmon Brandon Russell George Livermore, CA Chemical Engineering (B S ), Sophomore Jesslyn Louise George Fairfax, CA World Arts ond Cultures (B.A.) Paul Edward George Chatsworth, CA Junior Robert Noori George Sherman Oaks, CA Theater (BA), Sophomore Shushan Geovshanyan Van Nuys, CA French (BA) Andrew Cleaver Gephardt Los Vegos, NV Biology (B.S.) Good luck. Andrew, at an awe- some school! Jontille Monique Gerard Sophomore Ryan Thomas Gerard Bremerton, WA Computer Science ond Engineering (B.S,), English, Senior Triongle, Bruin Nerds 1 Monica Patricia Gerger Riverside, CA Civil Engineering (B.S.) Kristin Marie Gergis Concord, CA Inlernotionol Development Studies (B.A ), Senior Middle Eost, Lotin Americo, Brumhope, Lo Chuich Of Christ Kathryn Colleen Gerleman Palo Alto, CA Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics (B.S,), German Language, Literature, Senior Koppo Kappo Gamma Dianne Zarate Germano San Diego, CA Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology (B.S), Junior Gabriel Carlo Gerolamo Comorillo, CA linguistics (B.A.) Aaron Phillip Gershbock Los Angeles, CA English (BA), Junior Danielle Robin Gerson Valley Village, CA Freshmon Garrett Colin Gersten Santo Barbara CA Mechanical Engineering (B.S), Senior Phi Koppo Psi, Club Baseball. Jeremy Michael Gessow Woodside. CA Atmospheric, Oceanic and Environmental Sciences (B.S), Sophomore Douglas Lee Gettel Burlingame, CA Bioengmeering (B.S), Sophomore Camping Outdoor Activities. Music, Sports, flooi Government, Sports, Volunteering, Woik Amelita Roca Getllbig Los Angeles, CA Sociology (BA) Elizabeth Paige Getz Fairfax, CA World Arts and Cultures (BA), Dance, Freshmon Somahang Modern Amara Abegael Getzell Oakland, CA Political Science (B A), Junior Diana Gevorkian Shermon Oaks, CA History (B.A .), Junioi Hakop Gevorkyan North Hollywood, CA Pre Polilicol Science, Junior Katherine Jane Geyer Acton, CA Communicolion Studies (B.A ), Senior FquestTion Nicole Marie Gfroerer Redwood Gty, CA Linguistics ond French (B.A.), Junior Wael Ghacham Bell, CA Neuroscience (B.S.), Junior Kourosh Ghaderi Ooklond, CA Physics IB S ) Kiumars Ghahremani G had jar Danville, CA Physiological Science (B S), Junior Azriel Sion Ghadooshahy Los Angeles, CA Pre Cybernetics, Junior Renee Ghafoori Fullerlon, CA History (B.A.) Nasim Ghafouri Dove Canyon, CA Psychobiology (B.S.) Sara Ghafouri San Jose, CA Biochemistry (B.S.), Junior Kaveh Ghahremani Fremont, CA Philosophy (BA), Mothemotics, Senior Research In Advanced Mothemohcol Logic Shiva Ghahremani Los Angeles, CA Biology (B.S.) Daniel David Ghalchi Porter Ranch, CA Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology (B.S), Public Health Yalda Ghandi Rolling Hills Eslotes, CA Middle Eastern and North African Studies (BA), Junior AH R Ghandour Azusa, CA Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology IBS.) Arou Hartounian Gharachedaghi Glendole, CA Pre Politicol Science Garoon Gharakhanian Glendole, CA English (B.A .), Armenion Studies, Senior Member Ot The Armenian Student Asso ciation uek to the Bruins oj 2005! Meghedi Gharakhanian Glendole, CA Biology (B.S), Junior Navid Mousaviol Gharavi Cerritos, CA Sophomore Pouya Gharavi San Froncisco, CA Politicol Science (BA), History, Senior Asal Gharib Los Angeles, CA Biology (B.S.) Linda Ania Gharibans Nortlindge, CA Molhemalns Applied Science (B.S.), Freshman Andre Gharibian Tuiunga, CA Biology (B.S), Junior Artin Gharibian Tuiungo, CA Political Science (B A), Junior t! was just a mission statement luliet Gharibian Fresno, CA Economics (B.A .), Junior Pedram Ghasri Encino, CA Neuroscience (BS) Poya Ghasri Encino, CA Sociology (BA) Sheena Ghassemi Woodland Hills, CA Pre Political Science, Junior Snowboording, Surfing And Wakeboarding Marianne Alfi Ghattas Downey, CA Mathematics (B.S.) Suzy Samir Ghattas Whirtier, CA Pre Political Science, Freshman Hanieh Ghavidel Asgari Los Angeles, CA Political Science (B.A .), French, Junior Politics, Philosophy, Low, Figure Skating, Music And Donee Taline Ghazarian Los Angeles, CA Sociology (B.A.) Ruqoiyah Ghe Modesto, CA Se Asia Alexander Kibr Ghebreselassie Chula Vista, CA Sophomore Zia Gheewalla Torrance, CA History (BA), Junior Lana Lee Ghil Los Angeles, CA Latin American Studies (B.A.), Junior Jarred Matthew Ghilarducci Bokersheld CA Chemical Engineering (B.S.) Christopher Bennett Ghio Lo Mesa, CA Politicol Science (8.A.), Junior Russell James Ghiselli Chicogo, IL Mechanical Engineering (B.S), Junior Ryan Anthony Ghiselli Carmirhoel, CA Pre Economics, Junior Meena Sung Ghiya La Crescenta, CA International Development Studies (B.A.) David Ghiyam Weslloke Village, CA Sociology (B.A), Junior Andrew Awni Ghobrial Torronce, CA Biology (B.S.), Freshman Jessica A Ghobrial Torrance, CA Freshmon David E Ghods Los Angeles, CA Biology (B S), Junior Michael Jacob Ghods Los Angeles, CA Mathematics IBS), Junior Maryam Ghofraniha San Jose, CA Prebusiness Economics Zahra Ghofraniha Son Jose, CA Computer Science and Engineering (B.S.) Bahareh Gholian Los Angeles, CA Pre History, Junior Anything And Everything Maryam Miri Ghomizadeh Irvine, CA Sociology (B.A), Junior Shadia Teresa Ghoneim Northridge, CA Physics (BS ), Sophomore Shilpi Ghosh Fremont. CA Biology (B.S.), Sophomore Tulika Ghosh Pleasonton, CA Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics (B.S.) SWC Mulh-Cultuial Awareness Committee, Habitat For Humanity, Brum Democrats Youngmin Ghun Colorado Springs, CO Pre Psychology, Junior Elmer A Giacoletti N Hollywood, CA Freshman An Thanh Giang Huntington Beach, CA Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology (B.S.) Andrew Giang Anaheim, CA Mathematics of Compulation (B.S ), Junior Ngan Thuy Giang Los Angeles, CA Chemical Engineering (B.S ) Matthew James Giangrande El Segundo, CA Freshman Giovanna Paola Giangregorio Mexico City, MX Psychology (BA), Philosophy, Senior Honor Society Hai Giang-Tran San Diego, CA Sociology (B A) Robyn Beth Giannotta Pasadena, CA Nicole R Giaquinta San Diego, CA Pre History, Sophomore Allison Elizabeth Gibbons Huntington Beach, CA Junior Kathryn Marjorie Gibbs Danville, CA Sociology (BA), Public Policy Chi Omego Bridget Marie Gibney Newport Beach, CA Sociology (B A) Benjamin Dick Gibson Bellevue, WA Political Science (BA), Junior Elaine Marie Gibson Son Jose, CA Film ond Television (B.A), Junior Emily Elizabeth Gibson Oakland, CA Art History (B.A,), Sophomore Jakeisha Jamice Gibson West Covino, CA Psychology (B.A.) Scott James Gibson Rowland Heights, CA Civil Engineering (B.S), Junior Christopher Kameo Gibu Mililoni. HI Pre Psychobiology, Junior Tiffany Giddens Communication Studies (B.A ) Bradley Scott Gies Loomis, CA Electrical Engineering (B.S), Freshmon Edward Dewitt Gifford c O D u •is CD Q Cormel, CA Monne Biology (8.S.), Junior Wesley Don Gifford Henderson, NV Neuroscience (B.S.), Junior Zahra Giga Lo Verne, CA Business Economics (B.A.) Nicole Marie Gigante Yorbo Undo, CA Sociology (B.A), Junior Alexandre Frederic Gigliotti Irvine, CA Astrophysics (B.S.) Thomas Gilanyi Toluco Lake, CA History (B A.), Junior Blake Frederic Lee Gilbert Foster City, CA Psychology (B.A.), Junior Jeffrey Andrew Gilbert Logunn Niguel, CA Mechanical Engineering (B.S ) Luke Andrew Gilbert Escondido, CA Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics (BS.) Melissa Nicole Gilbert Lukewood, CA Communication Studies (B.A.) Princess Scheran Gilbert Hercules, CA Biology IBS ), Junior Sophie Louise Gilbert Grass Valley, CA Ecology, Behavior, and Evolution (B.S.), Junior Tamika Ann Gilbert Los Angeles, CA Freshman Tara Jean Giles Son Pedro, CA Sociology (B.A), Junior Amandip Singh Gill Arlelo, CA Neuroscience (BS), Junior Anastasia Pal Gill Dhohron Saudi Arabia Freshman Angela N Gill Collon, CA Political Science (B.A), Junior Christine Marie Gill Moreno Volley, CA English (B.A), Political Science, Senior Brum Democrats, unicamp Gagandeep S Gill Fresno, CA Biochemislry (B.S.), Freshman Jaya Mini Gill Granada Hills, CA Biology (B.S.), Junior Kendall C Gill Long Beach, CA Communication Studies (B.A.), History Kappa Kappa Comma Mandeep Michael Gill Fresno, CA Biochemislry (B.S.), Junior Navdeep Kaur Gill Poway, CA Biology (B.S.), Junior Rajdeep Kaur Gill Coruthers, CA Biology (B S), Freshman Teresa E Gill Sanlo Cruz, CA Psychobiology (B.S), Senior Sports Medicine Sarah Dione Gillespie Yorbo Undo, CA Communicolion Studies (B A ). Junior Matthew Hartley Gillette El Cojon, CA Philosophy (B.A.), Junior Matthew J Gilliam Yorbo Undo, CA Theoter (B.A.), Junior Kevin Patrick Gilliland Los Angeles, CA Philosophy (B.A.), Junior Patrick Stephan Gilliland San Ramon, CA A rt(B A), Freshman Victoria Freese Gillis Son Jose, CA Physiological Science (B.S.), Senior Beau Phillip Gillman Jackson, CA Malhematics, Applied IBS). Freshman Hilary Diane Gilman San Diego, CA Psychology (B.A .), Senior Brum Republicans, Intramural Volleyball Alyssa Leigh Gilmore Oak Park, CA Pre Psychology, Junior Sean M Gilmore Woodland Hills, CA History (B.A), Junior Jaime Gilmour Santa Barbara, CA Freshman Ana Aland Gimlen Alameda, CA Pre Psychology, Junior Eric Robert Gin Duarle, CA Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics (B.S.), Junior Mark J Gin El Monte, CA Computer Science and Engineering (B.S.) David Arthur Gingrich Los Angeles, CA Geology (B.S.) Gregory Samuel Ginn Sacramento, CA English [B.A ). Junior Joanna Lynn Ginn Oakland, CA Communication Studies (B.A), Junior Joseph Gabriel Ginsberg Redondo Beach, CA Art History (B.A.), Junior Shaun Ginsburg La Jolla, CA Economics (B.A), Senior Piono, Guitar, Tennis, Rocquerboll, And Cycling We ' re proud of you, you 7 succeed in all you do May your dreams come true, Love Mom, Dad, Grame, 6 Jodi David James Giordani Goleta, CA Physics (B.S.), Junior Alpha Gommo Omego Fraternity, SMAUG Ultimate Fnsbee Team Monica Ann Giovannetti Fresno, CA Economics International Area Studies (B.A.), Italian, Senior Nicholas Michael Giovannetti Fresno, CA Business Economics (B.A.), Senior Director In The Undergroduole Business Society Angelina M. Giovannini Imperial Beach, CA Communication Studies (B.A.), Spanish, Senior Pi Beta Phi, Sports Sarah Catherine Girard Venice, CA Theater (B.A.), Junior Kristy Marie Giraud Palm Desert, CA Political Science (B.A.) Claudia Dornelles Giron Sonto Mario - Brazil, RS Sociology (B.A.), Senior Clinical Social Woik Jason Isaac Gish Burbank, CA Philosophy (B.A.), Junior Sarah Marie Gissinger Simi Valley, CA Political Science (B.A.), Senior Rosalia De La Cruz Gitau Los Angeles, CA Political Science (B.A.) Denis Evelin Giulea Redondo Beach, CA Slavic Languages and Literatures (B.A), Junior Shadee Moataz Giurgius Yorbo Undo, CA Pre Psychobiology Iulia Giuroiu Campbell, CA Biochemistry (B.S.), Junior Biochemistry Research, Germon Language Club, Hospital Volunteer, Newspaper Editor Lauren Ann Gizatullin Camorillo, CA Physiological Science (B.S.) Christine Ruth Gjerde Albany, CA Biology (B.S), Junior Peter George Gjerset San Diego, CA Freshman Daniel Neil Gladish Los Angeles, CA East Asion Studies (B.A.), Junior Kristen Hillaire Glasgow Los Angeles, CA History Art History (B.A.), Junior OSD (Student Note Toker), UCLA History Project, Regent Scholar Society UCLA Alumni Assoc, Goldshield Scholar Congratulations to my beautiful wife You ' re almost there, one more yeat to go! All my love, fac Elliot Shen Glass Piedmont, CA Rim and Television (B.A.) Erin Rose Glass Son Diego, CA English (8 A ), Senior Italian Seth Howard Glass Los Angeles, CA Pre History Ryan Thomas Glasser Barslow, CA Physics (B.S.), Junior Samuel Breckenridge Glasser San Diego, CA Biology (B.S), Freshman Michelle Dawn Glavan Los Angeles, CA Communicolion Studies (B.A.), Junior Amanda Bond Glaze Los Altos, CA Theoter (B.A], Sophomore ompromise on stage Ashley Nicole Gleason Temeculo, CA Biology (B.S), Freshman Michelle Rene Gleason Loke Forest, CA Pre Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics Katherine Ann Gleckner Voorhees, NJ Communication Studies (B.A.), Political Science, Anthropology, Sophomore Anthony Mortimer Gleeson Los Angeles, CA Political Science (B.A.) Ryan Patrick Glennan Loguna Niguel, CA Theoter (B.A.), Freshman Robyn Gerry Glezer Valencia, CA Biology (B .$.], Women ' s Studies, Junior Gommo Phi Beta Scott Michael Glicksberg Son Jose, CA Freshman Robert Mason Glidden, IV Rancho Polos Verdes, CA Mechonical Engineering (B.S), Junior Kristin Victoria Glinzak Bakersfield, CA English (B.A.), Sophomore Jennifer Talia Glockner Los Angeles, CA Psychology (B A.), Senior Tyler G Glodt Anaheim, CA Pre Political Science, Sophomore Brian William Gloeckner Bakersfield, CA Biochemistry (B.S), Junior David Marc Gluckman Saratoga, CA Pre Economics, Sophomore Brannon Benjamin Glushakow Los Angeles, CA Anthropology (B.A), Junior Ilya Grigoryevich Glusker Torzono, CA Political Science (B.A.), Senior Rikimah Sahel Glymph Los Angeles, CA Pre History Sheila Tan Go Reseda, CA Mathematics Applied Science (B.S.), Anthropology, Senior ACA Martial Arts, Badminton Club, Actuonol Club, Student Accounting Society, VITA John Cecil Goad Rancho Polos Verdes, CA History (B.A.), Junior Melissa Francine Gobas Long Beach, CA Sociology (B.A.) Aditi Gobburu Son Jose, CA Mechonical Engineering (B.S.), Sophomore David Gobrial Northridge, CA Neuroscience (B S), Junior Monica N Gobrial Santo Monica, CA Pre Psychobiology Christopher Leonardo Godinez Arlelo, CA Pre Psychology Devon Lindsey Godshall Mission Viejo, CA Sociology (B.A ), Junior Lotte Niesje Goede Los Angeles, CA Internationol Development Studies [B.A ) Brandon Young Goehring Fresno, CA English (B.A.), Junior Haig Armen Goenjian Redondo Beach, CA Philosophy (B.A.), Junior Justin Kitaen Goetsch Alamo, CA Business Economics (B.A.), Junior Cari Debora Goetz Encinitas, CA Pre Psychobiology Nichole Kathleen Goetz Son Juan Capislrano, CA Freshman Coco, we are so proud of you and know you ' ll have a wonderful year. Mom, Dad Matt Elizabeth Therese Goff Inglewood, CA Biochemislry (B.S ), Sophomore Chad Dana Goffstetn Los Vegas, NV Pre Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics, Junior Rebecca Marie Goglia Walnut Creek, CA Pre Political Science, Junior Gogna La Canada Flintridge, CA Chemical Engineering (B S ), Sophomore Alexander Burch Goines Berkeley, CA Mechanical Engineering (B S.), Junior Lakshmi Ravali Gokanapudy Arcadia, CA English (B.A), Freshman Fatemeh Golaby- Sanajany Shermon Oaks, CA Art History (B.A.), Junior Shervin Golbari Los Angeles, CA Pre Psychology Romina S Golbert Santo Clarilo, CA English (B A.) Hila Golchet Los Angeles, CA Freshman Benjamin Ari Gold Long Beoch, CA Prebusiness Economics, Junior Catherine Anya Gold Saratoga, CA Music (B.A), Junior Ely Gold Calabasas, CA Pre Psychology, Junior Rochelle Koryn Gold Encino, CA Comparative Literature (B.A.), Junior Sarah Elizabeth Gold Saratoga, CA Theater (B.A), Junior Natalie Jo Golda Fullerton, CA History (B.A.), Junior Andrea Leigh Goldberg Mother, CA Anthropology (B.A ) Ariel Goldberg Son Francisco, CA Theoter (B.A), Junior Daniel Marc Goldberg Calabasas, CA Sophomore Jamie Loretta Golden Conyon Loke, CA Psychology (BA) Randi S Golden Costa Mesa, CA Theater (B A .), Freshman Kappa Delta Anna Goldfarb Shermon Ooks, CA Business Economics (B.A.), Junior Jonathan Lopez Goldman Santa Monica, CA English (B A.) Joshua Lawernce Goldman West Hollywood, CA History (B.A.) Joshua Timothy Goldman Polm Desert, CA Psychobiology (B.S.), English, Senior Sigma Alpho Epsilon, Colleges Against Cancer, Guitar, Running Matthew Filippo Goldman Beverly Hills, CA Design | Media Arts (B.A), Junior Maxim Goldman West Hollywood, CA Prebusiness Economics, Junior Ruchel-Rina Goldmintz Los Angeles, CA English (B.A.) Wushi Ben Goldring Los Angeles, CA Mathematics (B.S.), Freshman Jared Matthew Goldstein Bell Conyon, CA Psychology (B.A.), Junior Lauren Goldstein Junior Tom Goldstein Anaheim Hills, CA Pre Psychology, Junior Evan Darren Gole Los Angeles, CA Prebusiness Economics, Sophomore Azadeh Aziz Golhani Los Angeles, CA Pre Psychology, Junior Alan Jacob Golian Los Angeles, CA Pre Psychology, Junior Caroline Golian Los Angeles, CA Pre Psychology, Junior Katrin Golian Los Angeles, CA Sociology (B A), Junior Rachel Mollie Golick San Diego, CA Business Economics (B A ) Senior Pi Beta Phi Golriz F Golkar Agoura Hills, CA American Literature and Culture (B.A.) Tania Golkar Fullerton, CA Biology (B.S), Junior Julie Chanah Goll Redondo Beach, CA Economics (B.A), Political Science, Senior Elizabeth Marie Gollnick Thousand Oaks, CA English (B.A.) Justin Patrick Golovato Son Diego, CA Biochemistry (B.S), Junior Romina Golshirazian Beverly Hills, CA Pre Psychology, Junior Anthony James Golston San Diego, CA Geography Environmental Studies (B.A.) Alexandra Caitlin Golub Orange, CA Communication Studies (8.A.), Sociology Koppo Alpha Theto Adriana Gomez Los Angeles, CA Pre Psychology, Junior Alejandra Gomez Whittier, CA Sociology (B.A), Junior Ana Sofia Gomez Posodena, CA Neuroscience (BS .), Junior Andrez Gomez Glendole, CA Neuroscience (BS), Freshmon Audrey Nichole Gomez Rosamond, CA History (B.A) Besy Yolanda Gomez Los Angeles, CA Sociology (B.A.), Junior Bruno Gomez, Jr Torronce, CA Psychology (B.A), Junior Caitlin Laurel Gomez Agoura Hills, CA Electrical Engineering (B.S.j, Senior Carlos Alberto Gomez South Gate, CA Political Science (B.A.) Gabriel Aaron Gomez Hawthorne, CA Biochemislry (B.S.) Graciela Gomez lomita, CA Psychology (B.A.) Irana Gomez Ontorio, CA Pre Economics, Junior Jacquelyn Monique Gomez San Bernardino, CA Pre Politicol Science, Freshman lose Irinidad (..nine Inglewood, CA Sophomore Joyce Melissa Gomel Weil Covino, CA (ommunnolion Studies (6 A I. Junior Judith Melissa lionnv Sun Volley, CA Chicano and (hicono Studies (B.A.) lulia Alejandro Gomez Notional City. CA Sophomore Kim Lauren Gomez Whittter CA Chicano ond Chicano Studies (B.A I Manuel Alfonso Gomez Lo Puente CA Biology (BS.). Sophomore Maria G Gomez Inglewood, CA Sophomore Nfaricruz Gomez Tegucigalpa, Honduras Pre Political Science, Management, Junior Legal Field, IASA Club, Like lo Go lo Gym, Be Involved With The Community Melody Judith Gomez El Monte. CA American Literature and Culture (BA.) Monica Francisca Gomez Burlingome, CA Anthropology IBS) Junior Nancy Gomez Commerce, CA Junior Nelly A Gomez CA Prebusiness Economics, Freshmon Pedro Alejandro Gomez Westminster, CA English (B.A), Junior Rosario Gomez CA Junior Sabrina Gomez Los Angeles, CA History (B.A.) Sean Anthony Gomez Los Angeles, CA Economic (BA.), Junior Shanti Rio Gomez Los Angeles, CA Linguistic (B.A.) Sofia Adriana Gomez Calabasas, CA International Development Studies (B.A.) Stephanie Anne Gomez Fillmore, CA Psychology (B_A.), Education, Junior Alpha Epsilon Phi, Greeks Against Sexual Assault, AAP, IM Basketball, And Softball, And Tutoring., New Membei Educotoi For Alpha Epsilon Phi Susie Dianne Gomez Lynwood, CA Freshman Tara Adele Gomez Alt ode no CA Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology (8.S.), Senior Yeranui Gomez Ontario, CA Biology (BS I Yolanda Patricia Gomez Alhambra, CA Sophomore Rafael Leandro Gomez- Amaro Fullerton, CA Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology (B.S.I, Junior Eric Andrew Gomolka Santo Monica, CA Vyacheslav Felixsovich Gomon Huntington Beach, CA Physics (B.S.), Applied Mathematics. Senior Tnangle, Lasers, Superconductors, Wove Guides, Sleep, Basketball, Soccer, Ping Pong, Chess, Tennis, Dancing, Reading ou in graduate ■ Manuel Anthony Gonez, 111 Whiiliei. CA Philosophy (B A ) Political Science, Junior Ethics. Metaphysics, Politico! Philosophy, Philosophy Club. Stomp, SUA |un Gong Dinuba CA Biology IBS), Junior Shanna Kristin Gong Garden Grove, CA Molecular, Cell ond Developmental Biology (B.S.1, Junior Xun Gong Northridge, CA Bioengineenng (B.S.), Sophomore Sarah Elysse Gonzaga Burbonk, CA Sociology (B.A.J Alexandra Hidalgo Gonzales Chulo Vista, CA Art (B.A.), Women ' s Studies, Junior Courtney Ann Gonzales Son Leondro, CA Psychobiology (B.S.), Junior Dawn Anne Gonzales Monrovia, CA Freshmon Be yourself. Best wishes 6 good luck! Jesus Gonzales Bell Gardens, CA Political Science IB A) Jose Gonzales Redondo Beoch, CA Junior Joseph Anthony Gonzales El Monle, CA Psychology (B.A.), Education, Senior Teochmg, Basketball Congrats! from Mom. Dad. Isaac, Rachel all your Family May Cot! bless guide you in all you do. Kathryn Hidalgo Gonzales Chulo Vislo, CA Sociology (B.A.), Junior Kimberly Rose Gonzales Dona Point, CA Political Science (B.A), Senior International Relations; Low, Pre-Low Society, Notional Political Science Honor Society Kristine Joy Gonzales Corono, CA Biology IBS.) Michelle Martine Gonzales West Covino, CA Biochemistry (B.S.), Senior Pilipinos For Community Health, National Society Of Collegiate Scholars, Golden Key International Raymond Bryant Gonzales Los Angeles, CA Design | Medio Arts (B.A.), Junior Veronica M Gonzales La Raima CA Microbiology, Immunology, ond Molecular Genetics IBS), Junior Adelaida Gonzalez Ponoromo City, CA Art History (B.A.) Alejandra Pelayo Gonzalez Claremont, CA Sophomore Amy Gonzalez South Gate, CA Pre Psychology, Junior Anakristel Gonzalez Sherman Oaks, CA Philosophy (BA), Junior Andres Daniel Gonzalez Horwolk CA Biology IB S ), Sophomore Andres Gonzalez Orange Cove, CA Pre Psychology, Sophomore Anthony (ion ale Bell Gardens, CA Mathematics, Applied IBS), Senior Math, Music, People Beverly Chin Gonzalez Burbonk, CA Pre Economics Cecilia Gonzalez San Fernando, CA Chicano and Chicano Studies (B.A ) Christy Diane Gonzalez Dromond Bar, CA Pre Psychology, Junior Cindy Michelle Gonzalez Los Angeles, CA Pre Political Science, Junior Cristina Gonzalez Lakewood, CA Business Economics (B.A.) Cynthia Marie Gonzalez Culver City, CA Spanish (BA.) Cynthia Gonzalez El Monte, CA Pre Psychology, Sophomore Cynthia Gonzalez Los Angeles, CA Junior Daniel Pedro Gonzalez Los Angeles, CA English (B A) Daniel Gonzalez Pico Rivero, CA Geophysics Geophysics and Space Physics (B.S ), Junior Denice Gonzalez Los Angeles, CA Freshmon Denise Ferrer Gonzalez Chula Vista, CA Biology (B.S), Junior Edgar Gonzalez Norwalk, CA Mathematics, Applied (B.S.), Junior Emily Gonzalez Long Beoch, CA Art History (B.A.) Erick Calaycay Gonzalez Los Angeles, CA Junior Erika Gonzalez Long Beach, CA Mathematics (B.S.) Ernesto Gonzalez Commerce, CA Sociology (B.A.), Junior Hector Gonzalez South Gate, CA Junior Isaac Santiago Gonzalez Winchester, CA Pre Political Science, Sophomore Isandra Evelina Gonzalez Miomi, FL English IB A .), Italian And Special Fields, Senior Brum Hope, Honors Fellows, Laso, Pie-Low Jacqueline Paola Gonzalez Los Angeles, CA Prebusiness Economics Jessica Crystal Gonzalez Los Angeles, CA Jessica Marie Gonzalez Foothill Ranch, CA Politicol Science (B.A), Philosophy, Senior Jessica Gonzalez Anoheim, CA Prebusiness Economics, Sophomore Jesus Maldonado Gonzalez Bellflower, CA Civil Engineering (BS ), Junior fesus Gonzalez Los Angeles, CA Americon Literature and Culture (HA) John Arthur Gonzalez Los Angeles, CA English (B A ), Junior |ohn Hector Gonzalez Gronoda Hills, CA Art History (BA), Junior Joveth Gonzalez San Jose, CA Anthropology (B A ). Junior Julie Mary Gonzalez Los Angeles, CA Sociology (B.A.) Junior Julissa Gonzalez Los Angeles, CA Psychology (B.A.) Kevin Orlando Gonzalez Norwalk, CA Pre History, Sophomore USMC, Women, Drinking, Lokeis, World Cup Leopoldo Daniel Gonzalez Colexico, CA Political Science IB A ] History, Statistics, Junior Latin American Student Association (IASA), Hermcnos Unidos (HU), Undergraduate Students Association Council (USAC) Luis Enrique Gonzalez Huntington Pork, CA Pre Psychobiology, Junior Marco Antonio Gonzalez Guadolajoro, JA International Development Studies (B.A), Political Science, Junior Running, Swimming, Hiking, Bicycling, Playing Piono, Gardening, Cooking, Reading, Videogames, Tutoring Maria E Gonzalez Ponoromo City, CA Junior Maria Veronica Gonzalez Long Beach, CA Sociology IB A.), Junior Marilyn Gonzalez Los Angeles, CA Pre History, Junior Marisol Gonzalez Maywood, CA Sociology (B A), Senior Maritza Havana Gonzalez Long Beach, CA Political Science (B.A.) Maria Gonzalez Baldwin Pork, CA History (B.A.) Martha Saray Gonzalez Huntington Park, CA Chemistry (B.S), Junior Mayra Gonzalez Whirlter, CA Pre Politicol Science, Sophomore Melinda Chris Gonzalez Fontana, CA Biology (B.S), Freshmon Monica Arlette Gonzalez Santa Maria, CA Pre Psychology Monica Gonzalez Bell, CA Sponish (B A.) Monique B Gonzalez Lowndole, CA Sociology (B.A.), Chicano And Chicano Studies, Sophomore Nayyely Jasmin Gonzalez Complon, CA Anthropology (B.A.), Senior Nicolas Alejandro Gonzalez Santa Barbara, CA Politicol Science (BA), Junior Nicolas Gonzalez South Gate, CA Junior Noe Alfonso Gonzalez Hawthorne, CA Junior Oscar Omar Gonzalez Los Angeles, CA Asian Humanities (B A ) Pa tricia Disenee Gonzalez Whittier, CA Aerospace Engineering (B S ), Sophomore Raul Alexander Gonzalez Los Angeles, CA Morme Biology (BS), Junior Ricardo Gonzalez Inglewood, CA Pre Political Science, Junior Rodolfo Gonzalez Monlebello, CA Politicol Science (B.A), Junior Rodrigo Gonzalez North Hills, CA Biophysics (B.S.) Rose Mae Gonzalez Fontono, CA Psychology (BA.), Labor And Workplace Studies, Junior law, Business, Student Labor Action Program, UCLA Circle K Salvador Gonzalez Monterey Pork, CA Economics (B.A.) Sandra L Gonzalez Sonto Ana, CA Sociology (B.A.) Vanessa Liz Gonzalez Chula Vista, CA Marine Biology (B.S.) Veronica Gonzalez Bell, CA Latin American Studies (B.A.) Veronica Gonzalez Sun Valley, CA Psychobiology (B.S.) Vivian Yvette Gonzalez Kingsburg, CA Psychobiology (B.S.) Luz Elena Gonzalez Stalnaker Winterhaven, CA Physiological Science (B S .), Junior Alicia Gonzalez-Flores Dinuba, CA Physiological Science (B.S.) Araceli Gonzalez-Flores Dinuba, CA Pre Political Science, Sophomore Beth Goode Beverly Hills, CA Psychology (B.A.) Ryan Christopher Goodell Los Angeles, CA Political Science (BA.) Dianna Lashawn Gooden Long Beach, CA Biology (B.S), Freshman Amanda Lynne Gooding Roncho Sonta Fe, CA Pre Psychology, Junior Jeffrey C Goodkind Menlo Pork, CA Ethnomusicology (BA), Spanish, Senior Music, Piono Jennifer Allison Goodman Los Angeles, CA Astrophysics (B.S.) Miranda Goodman- Wilson Woodland Hills, CA Psychology (BA.), Applied Developmental Psychology, Senior Leah Marie Goodnight Thousand Oaks, CA Psychology (BA), Junior Psi Chi Notional Psychology Honor Society Ty Mary Goodpaster Gordeno, CA Asian Americon Studies (6 A,) Mavrick Lloyd Goodrich Beverly Hills, CA Pre Cybernetics Daniel Jeffrey Goods Livermore, CA Political Science (BA), Junior Gelsey Lauren Goodstein Los Angeles, CA Microbiology, Immunology, ond Molecular Genetics (B S), Junior Siobhan Yuri Goodwell Altadeno, CA Marine Biology (B S ), Sophomore Elizabeth Amanda Goodwin Posodeno, CA Leslie A Goodykoontz Helendole, CA Marine Biology (B.S), Sophomore Jenifer Rose Gootkin Woodland Hills, CA Classical Civilization (BA.), Art History, Junior Kimberly Danielle Gooze West Hills, CA An (BA.), Junior Vinesh Gopakumar Coslro Volley, CA Computer Science and Engineering (B.S.) Deepinder Kaur Goraya Diamond Bar, CA English (B.A), Classics, Junior Pre Low, Indian Students Association, Sigma Tou Delto, Student Government Yevgeniy D Gorbonosov Lake Balboa, CA Civil Engineering (B.S), Junior Tracy C Gorden Davis, CA History Art History (B.A.) Tadeo Santiago Gordillo South Gate, CA Pre History, Junior Amie Michelle Gordon Healdsburg, CA Psychology (8.A.) Ariel Rose Gordon San Diego, CA English (8.A ) Daniel David Gordon Los Angeles, CA Communication Studies (B.A), Graduate Danso Nyameche Gordon Newholl, CA Psychobiology (B.S.), Junior Fay La Frossia Gordon Irvine, CA World Arts ond Cultures (B.A), Politicol Science, Sophomore Alpha Delta Pi Jonathan Adam Gordon Fountoin Volley, CA Philosophy (B.A.), Freshmon Joseph Abraham Gordon West Hills, CA Physiological Science (B S), Junior Laura Allison Gordon Aspen, CO Pre History Robert Allen Gordon, 111 Orindo, CA Music IB A ). Freshmon Music, Water Polo, Stand Up Comedy, Video Games Robert John Gordon Berkeley, CA Freshman Sheena Joy Gordon Erie, PA Alexandra Rachel Gorelick Alamo, CA Communication Studies (B.A), Junior Jessica Anne Gorelick c q o u 0) Q Alamo, (A Ecology, Behavior, and Evolution (B.S.), Junior Nira D. Goren Oakland, CA Pre Psychobiology, Junior David Ramin Gorgani San Rafael, CA Freshman Roozbeh Gorgin Redwood Cily, CA Electrical Engineering (B S ) Sevan Gorginian Glendole, CA Pre Psychology, Junior James David Gorham, Jr Vista, CA Pre Political Science, Junior Eric John Gorin-Regan San Jose, CA Cassie Teresa Gorish Mechonical Engineering (B.S.), Senior Anime, Sci-fi Fantasy Literature, Biking, Mum Megan Elizabeth Gorman Valencia, CA Pre History, Junior Carla Marie Gormsen San Diego, CA Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology (B.S.), Sophomore Jessica Mae Gome Long Beoch, CA Psychology (B.A.), Junior Sharon Terese Gorsich Son Diego, CA Mothematics, General (B S) Amber Leigh Gosney Nipomo, CA Psychology (B.A.), Junior Elizabeth Colleen Goss Montaro, CA Pre Psychology Eric Michael Goss Glendole, CA Physics (B.S), Junior Keith William Goss Los Angeles, CA Pre Political Science Carrie Lynn Gotch ios Angeles, CA Pre Psychology, Junior Erick Michael Goto Los Angeles, CA Design | Media Arts (B A ] Sophomore Samohang Filipino, Tinig Choral, One Step Ahead Mentorship Piogiam Guy Gotslak Woodland Hills, CA Computer Science and Engineering (B.S), Junior Matthew Stuart Gottfried Ontorio, CA Political Science (B A ) Arabic, Islamic Studies, Senior Jorge Felipe Gottheil Yorbo Linda, CA Biophysics {B.S), Junior Jonathan David Gottlieb Fresno, CA English (B.A.), Senior Arya Goudarzi Tehron, Iron Computer Science ond Engineering IBS) Junior Playing Classical Guilot, Biking Rachelle Emilie Goudy San Jose, CA Communication Studies IB A ) Junior Shalanie Gisele Goueth Los Angeles, CA Psychology (B.A.) Chelsea Elizabeth Gough Son Jose, CA English (BA), Junior Julie Elizabeth Gough Ojoi, CA Pre Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics, Junior Rachel Raya Goukassian Glendole, CA Pre Psychology, Junior Ashley Stella Gould Alamo, CA Pre Psychology Daniel Joseph Gould Sacramento, CA Microbiology, Immunology, ond Molecular Genetics (B.S.) Anna Gov Rosemead, CA Civil Engineering |B.S.}, Sophomore George Johnson Gov Los Angeles, CA Computer Science ond Engineering (B S), Freshman James J Gov Los Angeles, CA freshmon Tennis, Basketball, Environmental Bruins Ameish Govindarajan Los Angeles, CA Pre Psychobiology, Junior Sadat Razzaque Gowani Fremont, CA Pre Psychobiology Julia Gower Altadeno, CA English (BA), Junior Jessica May Goza Foirfield, CA Linguistics ond Asian languages and Cultures (B.A.), Sophomore Nathan Stewart Goza Los Angeles, CA Mathematics (B.S.), Junior Kathleen Joy Lapid Gozum Corono, CA Physiological Science IBS.) Junior Ilona Grabarczyk Woodland Hills, CA Communication Studies (B A), Junior Patricia Ewa Grabarek Simi Volley, CA Sophomore Michelle Marie Grabiel Whiftier, CA Sociology (B.A.) Jennifer Whitney Grace Williomsville, NY World Arts and Cultures (B.A.), Freshman We love i ou, our shining star. Mom and Dad Justin Samuel Grad San Juan Capislrono, CA Pre Political Science, Junior Celestine Star Grady Redwood City, CA Jonathan R Grady Corson, CA Psychology (B.A.), Senior Kason Verne Grady Citrus Heights, CA Chemical Engineering (B.S.) Alexandra Brooks Grady-Reitan Mission Viejo, CA Junior Kyle Joseph Graehl Newbury Park, CA Mothemotics (B.S.) Jazmin Graff San Diego, CA Pre Psychobiology Jessica Lynn Graff Las Vegas, NV Chemistry (B.S.), Junior Kiara Nicole Graffio Hacienda Heights, CA International Development Studies (B.A.), Junior Jenise Fumie Gragera Long Beoch, CA Music (BA), Junior Candace Michelle Gragnani Fresno, CA Biology (B.S.), Freshman April Dawn Graham Los Angeles, CA Psychology (B.A. ), Junior Christopher Andrew Graham Fontana, CA Prebusiness Economics, Sophomore Denae A Graham lodi, CA Pre Psychology, Junior Hedako Sumi Graham Carson, CA Sociology (B.A.) Keith David Graham Sonlo Barbara, CA Aerospace Engineering (B.S.), Freshman Rion Eugene Graham Union City, CA Physics (B.S.), Junior Shauna Kathleen Graham Sonta Barbara, CA Pre Politicol Science, Freshman Steven Pacifico Graham Mentone, CA Pre History, Sophomore David Quinn Graham- Caso Son Diego, CA Pre Politicol Science, Junior Kevin Blake Graham- Caso San Diego, CA History (8.A.), Junior Sigma Alpha Epsilon Jonathan Louis Grahm Los Angeles, CA Pre Political Science, Junior Lanie M Grainger Woodacre, CA Theater (B A .), Junior Alina Marie Gram Irvine, CA Pre Psychology, Junior Hapo Club Giovanni Grammatico Hawthorne, CA Physiological Science (B.S), Freshmon Nicolette Marie Grams Laguno Hills, CA English (8.A.), Junior Diana Christina Granados Los Osos, CA Sociology (B.A.), Junior Erika Angelica Granados Los Angeles, CA Comparative literature (B.A.) Nicole Lorraine Granby Oakland, CA Theoter (B.A.) Marlon Terrell Grandberry Van Nuys, CA Sociology (B.A), Junior Sherica B Grande Anaheim, CA Computer Science ond Engineering (B.S .), Freshmon Sarah Terese Graner Koiluo HI Biochemistry (B.S), Sophomore Elizabeth Holm Graney Altodeno, CA Theoter (B.A.) Nicholle Chanealle Granger San Diego, CA Freshman Jill Elaine Granlund Burbonk, CA Communication Studies (B.A.), Junior Dean Ahmad Gransar Studio City, CA Philosophy (B.A.) Ashley Christine Grant San Diego, CA Sociology IB A. I Junior Colleen C Grant Ingelwood, CA Art History (B.A.), Sophomore Sigmo Comma Rho Sorority Cristina C Grant Sunnyvale, CA Pre Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics, Junior Jennifer Grant Austin, TX History (B A) Melanie Luella Grant Albany, OR Anthropology (B.A.) Mirian Braun Grassington Sonta Monica, CA History Art History (B.A), Junior Jocelyn Rose Grau Encino, CA Art (B.A.I, Junior Nicole Kristin Graves Oroville, CA Pre Psychology, Freshmon House Government, ASC, Dance, Theatre Stay true to yourselj achieve the high goals that you have set t ' i fow future Ryan M Graves Altadeno. CA Freshman Stephanie Opal Graves Redlonds, CA Theater IB A), Junior Peyman Gravori Woodland Hills, CA Psychobiology (BS) Adam Richard Gray Berkeley, CA Art (B.A), Sophomore Anna Marie Gray Fresno, CA English (B.A.) Ashley N Gray Rosemead, CA Biology (B.S.) Lindsay Heather Gray Portland, OR Theater (B. A.), Senior Theater, Music Michael Evan Gray Cameron Park, CA Computer Science ond Engineering IB.S), Sophomore Monica Yoko Gray Mill Valley, CA World Arts and Cultures (B.A), Junior Tiffany Susan Graybill Victor ville CA Sociology (B.A.) Danielle N Graziano New York, NY Psychology (B.A.), Senior Jesse Lumen Grce Los Angeles, CA Film ond Television (B.A), Junior Athena Angelicae Greco Pacific Polisodes, CA Music (B.A.), Junior Jameson John Greco El Cojon, CA Civil Engineering (B.S.), Junior Beta Theta Pi Todd Michael Greco Trobuco Canyon, CA Italian (B.A.), Junior Evelyn Petronela Grecu Norwolk, CA Pre Psychology Jane Elisebeth Greely Los Angeles, CA Americon Literature ond Culture (B.A.), Sophomore Andrew Michael Green Orindo, CA Communication Studies IB A ) Junior Pi Kappa Phi, Skiing, Cycling, Yell Crew, Shorts Club, UCLA Campus Tours, Brum Camp Andrew Solomon Green Los Angeles, CA Mathematics Economics (B.S.) Sigmo Alpho Mu, President, UCLA Jewish Student Union, Community Outreach Coordinator, FMLA, Externa! Vice President, De Neve A Building, OCHC Cameron Randle Green Los Angeles, CA Physiological Science (B.S), Junior Capriccia Lee Green Los Angeles, CA Psychology (B.A), Senior Donella Mae Green Merced, CA Psychology (B.A), African Americon Studies Emily Ann Green La Canada, CA Women ' s Studies (B.A.), Junior Jennifer Dao Green Norwolk, CA Biology (BS ), Junior Josephine Dora Green Arcadia, CA English (B. A.), Sophomore Writing, SVAA, ORL Recycling, Bruin Nerds, Westwind Kathryn Marie Green Sonta Clarita, CA Pre Politicol Science, Freshman Patrick Andrew Green Cameron Pork, CA Biology (B.S.), Sophomore Rebecca Lynn Green Huntington Beoch, CA Pre History, Sophomore Ruben Viviano Green Morro Boy, CA Art (B A), Junior Shari Lynn Green San Mateo, CA Psychology (B.A.), Senior Valerie Judith Green Pacific Palisades, CA Art (B.A.), Junior Veronica Deneil Green Los Angeles, CA Gabriel Richard Greenacre Auburn, CA Political Science (B.A.), Arabic, Senior Campus Crusade For Chnst, Access Control Anna Lisa Greenberg Son Froncisco, CA Calanit Shawna Greenberg Political Science IB A ]. Sophomore Gian D Greenberg Atoscodero, CA Chemistry (B.S.), Sophomore Beatrina L. Greene los Angeles, CA Communication Studies (B.A ), Junior Debra Marisa Greene Los Angeles, CA History (B.A.) Jessica Lauren Greene Thousond Oaks, CA American Literature and Culture (B.A.) Patrick Timothy Greene Santo Clara, CA Aerospace Engineering (B.S), Molhematics, Senior Billiards, Racquetball, Reading Ariele Lauren Greenfield Los Altos, CA Daniel Larry Greenfield Anaheim, CA Biochemistry (B.S), Junior Brian David Greenhagen Sacromento, CA Freshman Tristan Mullin Greenleaf Polmdole, CA Pre History, Junior Emily Diane Greenstadt Polos Verdes Peninsula, CA English (B.A), Sophomore Adam Ron Greenwald Long Beach, CA History (B.A), Hebrew And Jewish Studies, Junior UCLA Hillel, Progressive Jewish Student Association David Elliot Greenwald Venturo, CA Junior Jennifer Anne Greenwald Los Altos, CA Sociology (B.A.), Junior John Reagan Greenwood Pomono, CA English (B.A), Junior Melissa Rose Greenwood Sherman Oaks, CA Sociology (B.A.) Stephen Paul Greenwood San Diego, CA Design | Media Arts IB A). Freshman Garrett Jason Greer Los Angeles, CA Jamel Anthony Greer San Bernardino, CA Pre Political Science, freshman Foofboll Joseph David Greer Newholl, CA English (B.A.), Junior Kathryn Lorene Greer Anaheim, CA Political Science (B A.) Meegan Ryan Gregg Watsonville, CA Biochemistry (8.S.), Gerontology, Sophomore Jason Kealiiokahikina Jean Gregori Long Beach, CA Computer Science and Engineering (B.S.), Sophomore Alpho Gamma Omega Fraternity, Campus Crusade, Tennis Arin Gregorian Glendole, CA Biochemistry (B.S. ), Junior Talin Mary Gregorian Glendole, CA Communication Studies (B.A), Junior Courtney Loyce Gregory Coronado, CA Pre Psychology, Junior Victoria Theresa Gregson Escondido, CA Prebusiness Economics, Freshmon 16 out little UCLA girl Remit for the stars honey Love Mom and Dad Leilani Greig Wolnut Creek, CA Sociology (B.A), Junior Bradley Thomas Greiner Yorbo Undo, CA Prebusiness Economics, Junior Todd Mamoru Greisman Mission Viejo, CA Asian Humanities (B.A), Junior William Albert Grella, Jr El Cojon, CA History (B.A.), Junior Eugenie E Greneman North Hollywood, CA Sociology (B A), Junior Nicole Anne Alaan Grepo Trobuco Canyon, CA Pre Microbiology, Immunology, ond Molecular Genetics, Junior Justin Albert Greving Palo Alio, CA Art (B.A), Junior Ameet Grewal Fremont, CA Women ' s Studies (B.A.), Senior Amrita Kimmi Grewal Fremont, CA Economics (B.A.), Politicol Science, Senior Undergroduote Business Society, Brumrunners, Amnesty International Sarah GrewaJ Cemtos CA Molecular. Cell and Developmental Biology (BS) Surwinder Kaur Grewal thousand Oaks, CA Margaret Cunningham Grej Tibuton, CA History IB A) Junior Aaron Daniel Greyson Los Angeles, CA Film ond Television (B A.) Junior Brian M Griego Mountain View, CA Communication Studies [B.A ). Senior Music All Aspects But The Btz. Graduating with Honors, Nicholas Fernan Griego, Jr Alhambra, CA History IB. A), Junior John Vincent Griffin La Jollo. CA History IB A ) katherine Ellen Griffin Palo Alto, CA Katrina Marie Griffin Danville CA Psychobiology (B S ) Kelly Emiko Griffin Berkeley CA Leonard Lamarr Griffin Polmdole. CA Sociology B A | Junior Lori Michelle Griffin Riverside CA Mathematics Economics (B.S.), Freshmon Maryam Susan Griffin R ancho Polos Verdes, CA Politicol Science (BA.), Senior Pie-Law, PSSO, Pi Sigmo Alpho, Theotre Underground ■ i : very m Dad andPh Matthew Timothy Griffin Mounloin View, CA Spanish (BA.), Sophomore Nicole Alana Griffin Berkeley, CA Art History (BA), Junior Preston Phillip Griffin Long Beach, CA Paul Joseph Griffith, Jr Oakland, CA Afro-American Studies (B.A), Junior ReleanaE Griffith Riolto. CA Biochemistry IBS), Freshmon Zoe Ann Griffith Albany, CA Anthropology (B A ) Junior Kristina Grigorian Burbonk, CA Psychology {BA), Junior Marine Grigorian Glendcle CA Lilia Grigoryan Panoramo City, CA Junior Lorans Grigoryan Los Angeles, CA Sophomore Mina Grigoryan Glendale, CA Pre Psychology Naira Grigoryan Ponoromo Gry, CA Economics (BA.), Senior Aimemon Student Association Mariya D Grigoryeva Burbonk, CA Political Science (B.A.) Julie Renee Grigsby Los Angeles, CA Anthropology (B.A. j Junior 1 in i I Prisdlla Grijalva Los Angeles, CA Sociology (B.A), Junior Kathiyn Anne Grim San Diego, CA Communication Studies (B.A ) Marcus Jason Grimaldo Son Jose, CA Political Science (B A ) Katherine Claire Grimes Foir Oaks, CA World Arts ond Cultures (BA.), Freshmon Lauren Rene Grimm Fontano, CA Pre History Todd L Grimm Sacramento, CA Aerospoce Engineering (B.S.), Senior Cameron Christopher Grimsley Yorbo Lindo, CA Pre Political Science, Junior Alina Grinberg West Hollywood, CA Computer Science (B.S.), Junior Amanda Fay Grinstead Ontario, CA Economics (B.A.) Martin EHas Griswold Polm Springs, CA Physics (B.S.), Junior Andrew Francis Grock Polos Verdes btotes, CA Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics (B S), Junior Taylor G Grode Los Angeles, CA English (B.A.), Junior Julia Lauren Groebner Son Diego, CA Biology (B.S ), Art History, Junior UCLA Run Wolk, EAP Returnee Jennifer Lynn Groenenboom Leonordtown MD Political Science (BA), German, Senior UCLA Marching Bond, Campus Crusade For Christ. Tou Beto Sigmo Eli Jason Grogin Hidden Hills, CA Business Economics (BA.), Junior Roman Groisberg Burbonk, CA Junior Julian Dew Groover Los Angeles, CA History (BA.), Junior Joshua Daniel Grose Modesto, CA Psychology (8.A.), Junior Charles Anthony Gross los Angeles, CA Political Science (B.A), Junior Deanna Elizab Gross Santo Monica, CA English (BA.) Michael Alexander Gross Santo Monica, CA Political Science (BA.), Senior Miriam Gross Los Angeles, CA Pre Psychology, Junior Sara Christina Gross Los Angeles, CA American Literature and Culture (B A ] Junior Sarah Brooke Gross Encino, CA Pre Psychology Shana Leya Gross Atlanta, GA Pre Economics Kristin Marie Grossheider Danville, CA Microbiology, Immunology, ond Molecular Genetics (B.S.), Junior Emily Alyson Grossman Tiburon, CA Freshman Ut ' ltn Lull i Matthew Ryan Grossman Mooipork, CA Communicalion Studies (BA.), Junior Anya R Grossmann Piedmont, CA Geography (BA.) |ohn Francesco Grosso Sorologo, CA Sophomore Men ' s Volleyball Ashley Anne Groth Morin County, CA Molecular, Cell ond Development Biology (BS), Sophomore Alpho Phi, Choral Music . Monica Mae Grova Sonlo Cruz, CA Neuroscience (B S ), Senior Captain Of UCLA Rowing Teom (3 Yrs), Honors Program, MVP Of Rowing Teom 2004, Joining Teach For Amenta, Director ' s Honor Roll (all Semesters) I am my oion person Monti a ai ; May fom strength i reativtty itinnx i 1 - fbt us carry you fa £ on Amore Wow 6 Dad Ingrid Gaye Grove Los Angeles, CA Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology (BS), Junior Anita Grover los Gotos, CA Pre Cybernetics. Junior Casey Andrew Grover Pebble Beach, CA Physiological Science (B S), Junior Jacquelyn M Groves Riverdole, CA Pre Psychology, Junior Jonathan David Groves Keizei, OR English (BA), Junior Ryan Alexander Groves Los Gotos, CA Computer Science ond Engineering (B.S .), Sophomore Carly Allison Grovhoug Cormichael, CA History (B.A) Dimitre Bojidarov Grozdev Bokersfield, CA Aerospace Engineering (B.S ), Freshmon Gregory Daniel Gruber Corono, CA Art (BA.), Sophomore Marina Cristine Gruber Riverside, CA English (BA.), Junior Alexander William Gruenberg Santo Barbora, CA History (BA.), Junior Matt Mecija Gruezo Carson, CA Sociology (BA), Senior Samohong Pilipino, Samohong Pilipmo Education And Retention Woodrow S Gruninger Mograth, AB History (BA.), Senior Jason E Gruspe Long Beach, (A Biochemistry (BS), Junior Robin Lynne Gruver Rowland Heights, CA Pre Cog Aleksandr Gryunshpan Los Angeles, CA Electrical Engineering (B.S), Junior Alexander Stephan Grzesik Long Beach, CA Pre Political Science, Junior Laurel Elizabeth Grzesik Long Beach, CA Religion, Study of (B.A .), Junior Han Gu Comarillo, CA Chemical Engineering (B S ), Junior Jessica j Gu Cypress, CA Pre Psychobiology Wendy Gu Cypress, CA Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics (BS) Lorena Guadiana Los Angeles, CA Spanish (BA.) James F Guan Rowland Heights, CA Leqi Guan Oakland, CA Economics (B.A), Computing, Senior Li Heng Guan Los Angeles, CA Ecology, Behovior, ond Evolution (B.S.) Linda Siwen Guan Los Angeles, CA International Development Studies (B.A), Senior Lisa Marie Guan la Polma, CA Pre Psychobiology Madia Guardado Long Beach, CA Biochemistry (B.S.) Justin Joseph Guarino Chatsworth, CA History (BA.), Junior Christina Louise Gubala Laguno Niguel, CA Classical Civilization (B.A), Sophomore Aleksandra Gubareva Los Angeles, CA Pre Psychology, Junior Michael Nathan Gubman Palm Springs, CA Ethnomusicology (BA.) Gladys Gudino Mountain View, CA Sophomore Karl Gudino Costa Mesa, CA Electrical Engineering (B.S), Junior Carolyn Ann Gudmundson Campbell, CA Linguistics (BA.), Junior Eric Tyndall Guenterberg Lodi, CA Eledricol Engineering (B S .), Junior Snejana Emilova Gueorguieva Rowlond Heights, CA Mathemolics, Applied (B.S.) Shahrzad Guerami-Dahi Los Angeles, CA Music (B.A), Junior George Phillip Guerra Oxnard, CA Mechanical Engineering (BS.) Jeffrey Guerra South Gale, CA Latin American Studies (BA.) Marjorie-Anne Ritumban Guerra North Hollywood, CA Neuroscience (BS), Junior Yutiana Jazmin Guerra Fonlano, CA Chicono and Chicano Studies (BA.), Junior Aaron Mercedes Guerrero San Gabriel, CA English (BA.), Junior Alejandro Guerrero Motional City, CA Sophomore Andre V Guerrero Lo Verne, CA Neuroscience (BS), Junior Bertha Alisia Guerrero Santa Ana, CA Pro Political Science, Freshmon Efra Ivy Guerrero los Angeles, CA Biology (B.S), Sophomore Inieivoisify Bruins Christian Fellowship, Black Pie Health Organization, Academic Support Prog,, Block Student Ministries Block Hypertension Pro|. Frock Reuben Guerrero, li Fonlona, CA Esmeralda (esme) Guerrero Monterey Pork, CA Spanish (B.A ), Junior Fernando Guerrero Resedo, CA English (B.A.), Junior Joseph Michael Guerrero Anaheim Hills, CA Psychology (B.A.), Junior UCLA Crew Karla Roberta Guerrero Fillmore, CA Biology (B.S), Junior Kathryn Nicole Guerrero Ployo Del Rey, CA Freshmon Crew Teom, Volleyboll Mario Guerrero Los Angeles, CA Political Science (BA ), Senior Centei For American Politics And Public Policy, Political Science Student Organization Nayeli Guerrero Polmdole, CA Sociology (BA,), Freshman Rosa Maria Guerrero Sylmor, CA History (BA.) Rosa Maria Guerrero Wildomor, CA American Literature and Culture (BA.) Salvador Arturo Guerrero North Hollywood, CA Aerospace Engineering (B.S.), Junior Angela Rose Guess Cypress, CA English (BA), Freshmon Screenwnting, Compus Crusade, Volleyboll, Art Ashley Janelle Guess Diomond Bar CA Politicol Science (B.A.), Junior Cassandra Marie Guess Lo Verne, CA Aerospoce Engineering (B.S.), Freshmon Michelle R Guest Onndo, CA Communication Studies (BA.) Alejandra Mercedes Guevara Sunnyvole, CA Theoter (B.A .), Junior Angelica Guevara Harbor City, CA Chicono and Chicono Studies IB A ). Junior Edna Guevara Long Beoch, CA Psychology (BA.), Chicono And Chicano Studies Erika Lissett Guevara North Hollywood, CA Pre Psychobiology Nixbeth Karina Guevara Norwolk, CA Pre Political Science Olivia Guevara Los Angeles, CA Sociology (BA.) Alfie Abelon Guevarra La Mirada, CA History Art History (BA), Sophomore Percival Villegas Guevarra Son Pedro, CA Computer Science (B.S), Sophomore Justin Gugajew Temple City, CA Economics (B.A.) Christine Marie C.uibara Hillsborough, CA Sophomore Koppo Koppo Gommo, Club Soccer Matthew Robert Guiberl San Juan Bautista, CA Cognitive Science (B.S ), Junior John P Guigayoma Vista. CA Comparative Literoture (BA.), Sophomore lames Jordan Guild Venice, CA English (BA.), Junior Tara Lynn Guilfoil Sacromento, CA Prebusiness Economics, Freshman VNLC Antonio Pineda Guillen Pomona, CA Sophomore Nancy E Guillen Van Nuys, CA Prebusiness Economics, Sophomore Yanira Elizabeth Guillen Los Angeles, CA Sociology (BA.) Cinthya Mari Guillen- Madrigal Lodero Ronch, CA Anthropology (B.A), Junior Christopher Todd Guillory Calobosos, CA Computer Science ond Engineering (B.S ), Senior ACM, NSBE, Soles, Basketball, Computer Programming Kiyoko Alesia Guillory Son Leondro, CA Biology (B S.), Junior Alessandra Amy Guiner Ploya Del Rey, CA Physiological Science (B.S), Sophomore Engie Mary Guirges Torronce, CA Ecology, Behavior, and Evolution (B.S), Junior Blake Lee Guirguis Los Angeles, CA Psychology (BA), Junior Mariam Tharwat Guirguis Rancho Cucamonga, CA Physiological Science (B.S.) Maria Eugenia Guiza Van Nuys, CA Political Science (BA), Junior Carmen Guizar Manleco, CA Pre Psychology Armine Gukasyan Glendale, CA Prebusiness Economics, Junior Ecology, Behavior, and Evolution (B.S.) Dana Jean Gulbransen Son Diego, CA Marine Biology (B.S), Junior Nicole May Gulck Downey, CA Freshmon Meenadchi Gunanayagam Son Jose. CA Theater (BA.) Jillina Gunawan Pomona, CA Pre Cog Adrienne Sayuri Gunde Torronce, CA Economics (BA.), Japanese, Senior Alpho Phi Omega Coed Fraternity, Nikkei Student Union, Vukoi Doiko, NSU Odon Corie Anna Gunderson Alto Lomo, CA History (BA), Graduate Near Eost History, Political Science, Humanities, FBLA-PBL CD n o c .2 D u D Q Joie Zeynep Guner Son Diego, CA Pre Microbiology, Immunology, ond Molecular Genetics Scott Lee Gunn Lompoc, CA Physiological Science (B.S.), Senior Somahang Pilipino Education And Retention, Counselor And Mentorship Coordinator Karthik Bansidar Gunnia Son Jose, CA Cognitive Science (U.S.), Junior Tamika Rosalyn Gunter Riverside, CA Pre Psychology, Sophomore Telisa Ann Gunter Atwater, CA Pre Political Science, Sophomore Chen Guo San Moleo, CA Electrical Engineering (B S J. Junior Jeremy Zehou Guo West Covina, CA Junior Julie Fu-Chi Guo Ook Park, CA Prebusiness Economics Xi Guo Son Mateo, CA Electrical Engineering (B.S), Junior Yiwei Guo Sunnyvale, CA Computer Science ond Engineering (B S ) Freshman Yvonne Yueh-Ju Guo Arcadia, CA Mathematics, Applied IBS), Junior Ajita Gupta Northridge, CA Psychology (B.A.), South Asian Studies, Senior South Asian Studies Task Force, CLICC, Clubhouse Ashish Gupta San Jose, CA Economics (B.A.), Junior Jaya C Gupta Rossmoor, CA English (B.A .), Physiological Science, Freshman Art, Writing, Journalism Kiran Gupta Foirfield, CA Ethnomusicology (B.A.), Freshman Stond-Up Comedy, Music Composition Molshree Gupta Ontario, CA Pre Political Science Nupur Gupta Pleosonlon, CA Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology (B.S.I, Junior Pritha Gupta Mishawoka, IN Biochemistry (B.S.) Ravi K Gupta Duarle, CA Physiological Science (B.S.) Riju Gupta Fremont, CA Junior Rishi Gupta Anaheim, CA Computer Science (B.S), Junior Sarika Nisha Gupta Weslloke Village. CA Prebusiness Economics Vivek Gupta Hemet, CA History (B.A.) Jennifer Emiko Gurewitz Los Angeles, CA Anthropology (B.A.), Junior Anna Gurfinkel los Angeles, CA Philosophy (B.A.), Junior Yelena Gurfinkel Mountain View, CA Political Science (B.A), Senior International Relotions, Constitutional Law Eli Alexander Gurian Granada Hills, CA Freshman Daniel Timothy Gushue Corona Del Mar, CA Sophomore Megan D Gustafson Glendui n CA Communicotion Studies (B.A.), Junior Daniel Raymond Gutenplan Culver City, CA Political Science (B.A), Junior Elaine Joy Guthormsen Miro Lomo, CA Pre Political Science, Sophomore Kiirsten Kiana Guthrie San Diego, CA Sociology (B.A.), Senior Chi Omega, UCLA Cheer Squod ' 01- ' 02, ' 02- ' 03 Melissa Mckenzie Guthrie San Rafael, CA Political Science (B.A ), Junior Alejandra B Gutierrez Carson, CA Classical Civilization (B.A ), English, Senior Justicecorps Amarilis Gutierrez Spring Valley, CA Prebusiness Economics, Freshman Beatriz Erika Gutierrez Baldwin Pork, CA Junior Bonita Serena Gutierrez Los Angeles, CA Pre Political Science, Junior Carmen Gutierrez Los Angeles, CA Psychology (B A ) Christopher Gutierrez Huntington Pork, CA Mathematics (B.S.) Dania G. Gutierrez South Gate, CA English (B.A.), Junior Edith Lorena Gutierrez Los Angeles, CA Sociology (B.A.) Gladys Maritza Gutierrez Baldwin Park, CA Cognitive Science (B.S), Junior Grisol Gutierrez Tujunga, CA Anthropology (B.A.) Hilda Gutierrez Polmdole, Ca, CA Prebusiness Economics, Freshman Itzel Gutierrez Santa Monica, CA Psychology (B.A), Applied Developmental Psychology, Chicana Studies, Senior Alpha Epsilon Phi Jacqueline Erika Gutierrez Kermon, CA Pre Politicol Science Jason Matthew Gutierrez Whither, CA Communication Studies (BA ) Jeanette Gutierrez Huntington Pork, CA Linguistics and Spanish IB A ), Senior Undergraduate Spanish And Portuguese Association Jennifer Gutierrez Wilmington, CA Pre Psychology, Sophomore Jessica Eileen Gutierrez East los Angeles, CA English (B.A.), Art History Sigmo Delta Sigma Sorortty, Bloids (Block Lanno Aids Proiect) Jose Francisco Gutierrez Cathedral City, CA Mathematics (BS), Junior Karina Janet Gutierrez Los Angeles, CA Sociology (B.A), Junior Amigos De UCLA Laura J Gutierrez Complon, CA Pre Political Science Liliana Gutierrez Los Angeles, CA International Development Studies (B.A.), Junior Lorena Gutierrez Duorte, CA Pre Psychology, Junior Manuel Israel Gutierrez Lo Puenle, CA Ethnomusicology (B.A.) Martha Michelle Gutierrez Glendole, CA Anthropology (B.A. ), Junior Matthew Gutierrez El Monte, CA Political Science (8.A.) Miguel-Angel Gutierrez, Jr Lowndole, CA Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics (B.S), Junior Nina Marie Gutierrez North Hills, CA Art History (B A), Junior Noah Dino Gutierrez West Covina, CA Anthropology (B.A.) Oscar Gutierrez South Gate, CA Pre Psychobiology Patricia Maria Gutierrez Montebello, CA Psychology (B.A.) Rene Francis Gutierrez Lakewood, CA Prebusiness Economics, Junior Ricardo Gutierrez Lamont, CA Mathematics, Applied (B.S ), Junior Ricardo Gutierrez Long Beach, CA Pre Psychology, Junior Ricardo Gutierrez, Jr Son Pedro, CA Biology (B.S.) Siria Lucia Gutierrez San Jose, CA History (BA.), Political Science, Senior UCLA Solid Gold Sound Marching Band, lau Beta Sigm Vanessa Jacqueline Gutierrez Pico Rivero, CA Freshmon Boris A Gutman San Carlos, CA Mathematics, Applied IBS) Junior Marina Gutman Los Angeles, CA Psychology (B.A), Junior Darren Jack Guttenberg San Rofoel, CA Computer Science (BS ), Junior Nicole Marie Gutteriez Los Angeles, CA Prebusiness Economics Stephanie Lynn Guyon Oronge, CA Pre Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics, Junior Melissa Guzaino Anaheim, CA English (8.A.) Ashley Anne Guzik Pebble Beach, CA English (B.A), Freshman Delta Gammo, Donee Moiuthon, Relay For Life, IM Football Adriana Veronica Guzman Los Angeles, CA Psychology (B.A), Applied Developmental Psychology (ADP), Senior Alejandra Guzman South Gate, CA Junior Amanda Marie Guzman Las Angeles, CA Pre Psychology, Junior Briana Guzman Rosemeod, CA Pre Psychology Carlos R Guzman Los Angeles, CA Biochemistry (B.S ), Sophomore Cynthia Victoria Guzman Los Angeles, CA Freshmon Cynthia Guzman King City, CA Biology (B.S ), Chicana And Chicono Studies, Sophomore Elaine Guzman Fresno, CA English (B.A), Junior Erick Ivan Guzman Los Angeles, CA Political Science (B.A), Freshmon Graciela Guzman Sun Valley, CA Geography Environmental Studies (B.A.), English, Senior Jonray Santiago Guzman N Hollywood, CA Anthropology (BS), Junior Jose Raul Guzman Gxnard, CA Latin American Studies (B.A.), History, Junior Juan-Jose Guzman, Jr Tracy, CA Pre History, Junior Maritza Guzman Gordeno, CA Psychology (B A ), Junior Mary Guzman Riverside, CA Sociology (B.A .), Junior Priscilla Christine Guzman Tustin, CA Pre Psychology Romeo Guzman Pomona, CA History Art History (BA), Chicana And Chicana Studies, Senior Soccer, La Genie Newsmag, Vanessa Guzman Ontario, CA English (B.A), Sophomore Mikael Carl G Guzman Karlsson Oak Pork, CA Biology (B.S,), Junior Sun Duck Gwean Los Angeles, CA Physics (B.S.) Joseph Gweun Diomond Bar, CA Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology (BS), Junior Joanne C Gwo Sunnyvale, CA Pre Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics Pointing, Music, Alpho Lornbdo Delta, Phi Eta Sigma, APAMSA, Student Researchet In Radiology Wendy Chi-Wen Gwo Sunnyvale, CA Electricol Engineering (B.S), Senior Theta Kappa Phi Soronfy, Association For Careers In Technology Thanks to my family and friends who helped me through the past 4 years l love von guys John Edmund Gyllenhammer Pleosanlon, CA Prebusiness Economics, Junior Alexander C Ha Los Angeles, CA Freshman Catherine Shirley Ha Moreno Valley, CA English (B. A.), Junior Chrysanthy Ha Mission Viejo, CA Biochemistry IBS.), Sophomore UCLA Bruincorps Dat Man Ha El Monte, CA Biochemistry (8 S.) David Chang Min Ha Diamond Bar, CA Psychobiology (BS), Junior Eric Y Ha Diamond Bar, CA Mathematics (B.S), Junior Hao Tuan Ha San Gabriel, CA Biochemistry (B.S), Junior Huy Ngoc Ha El Monte, CA Mathematics (B.S.) Jacklyn Ha Garden Grove, CA Physiological Science (B.S.), Art History, Junior Janet Ha La Puenle, CA Psychology (B.A.) Jesen Kwok Ha La Puenle, CA Computer Science (B.S. ), Junior Joo Hee Ha Los Angeles, CA Pre Psychobiology, Junior Kristyn Mai-Thy Ha Milpitcs, CA Physiological Science (B.S), Junior Loan Thi Ha Pomona, CA Sophomore Marshall Ha Fremont, CA Computer Science and Engineering (B .$.], Sophomore Michael Sunghee Ha Irvine, CA Junior My Thi Ha Tracy, CA Biology (BS.) Nam Hoang Ha Cholsworth, CA Pre Economics, Junior Nguyen Dat Ha Los Angeles, CA Asian American Studies (B.A.) Sung Lin Ha South Pasodeno, CA Economics International Area Studies (B.A.), Junior Susan T Ha los Angeles, CA Psychology (B.A), Junior Van Ha San Leandro, CA Pre Economics Victoria Ra-Jung Ha La Hobro, CA Freshman Wie Nen Ha Baldwin Park, CA Sophomore William Ha Monterey Park, CA Biology (B.S.) Yvonne Ha San Francisco, CA Art History (B.A.) Blake Edwin Haas Los Angeles, CA Physiological Science (B.S.) Bradley Thomas Haas Thousand Ooks, CA Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics (B.S), Junior Lindsay Michelle Haas Redwood City, CA Biology (B.S), Junior Helen K L Haase Los Angeles, CA Atmospheric, Oceanic and Environm ental Sciences (B S), Environmental Studies, Senior Mark Anthony Habashi Cypress, CA Computer Science (B.S.) Nisreen Habbal Woodland Hills, CA Communication Studies (B.A), Junior Moran Anne Haber Ook Pork, CA Pre Psychology, Junior Devon Ducharm Haberstich Ventura, CA Prebusiness Economics Nazia Rose Habib Houston, TX Computer Science and Engineering (B.S), Junior Maida Habibovic Chicago, IL Biology (B.S.) Martin Larry Habon, Jr Los Angeles, TX Geography (B.A.) Allison Sage Hackett Nopo, CA Women ' s Studies (B.A ), Business, Junior Kappa Delta, Traveling, Cooking, Movies Shane Evan Hackett Sun Valley, CA English (B.A), Junior Courtney Eileen Hackman Los Angeles, CA Anthropology (B.S.) Dawn Ellen Hackman Los Angeles, CA German (BA.) Jessica Elizabeth Haddad North Hills, CA Politicol Science (B.A), Junior Sam Faez Haddad Auburn, CA Political Science (BA.) Michael Christopher Haddan Irvine, CA Prebusiness Economics, Freshmo n Track And Field, Cross Country Duncan Royce Hadden, Jr Rancho Santo Fe, CA English (B.A), Sophomore Kelly Elizabeth Haddigan Atlanta, GA Freshman Matthew Lloyd Haden Alamo, CA Economics International Area Studies (B.A.), Junior Ingha Guitarte Hadi Burlingame, CA Communication Studies (B.A.), Asion American Studies, Senior William Anthony Hadikusumo San Dimas, CA Prebusiness Economics, Freshman Matthew G Hadilaksono Los Angeles, CA Pre Psychobiology, Public Heohh Junior Jason Michael Haeberle Baldwin Park, CA Pre Psychology Krista M Haertle Orongevale, CA Pre Political Science, Sophomore Ryan Michael Hafey Lafayette, CA Political Science (BA.), Junior Sean Nader Hafezizadeh Anaheim, CA Freshmon Carolyn Suzanne Haflich Temeculo, CA WotM Arts ond Cultures (8 A ), Sophomore Melissa Miah Haft Encmo, CA Communicotion Studies (B.A.). Junior Maureen Ann Hagan la Mesa (A Neuroscience IBS ) Junior Michael Karl Hagemann Volenoo CA Erin K Haggert} Ventura CA Physiological Stiente IBS) Annan Haghighatgoo Wmnetko CA Neuroscience (BS ) Junior Kimberlv Lynn Hagland Son Juan Capistrono. CA Biology (BS) Junior Annelise Katherine Hagmann Polo Alto, CA World Am ond Cultures (B.A ), Freshman Ntshan Hagopian Big Bear. CA English (B.A.), Political Science, Senior Basketball, Volleyboll. Football, Saving Damsels In Distress, Literature, Poetry, Movies, Ftsum Ghebreslasie Hagos los Angeles, CA Mothematits (B S ) Junior Catherine Elise Hague Enumtas CA Physiological Science (B S ), Junior Kyungji Hahm Los Angeles. CA Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology IBS) Junior Andrew Lee Hahn Los Angeles, CA Pre Cog Annie Joohyon Hahn Hacienda Heights, CA Biology IBS.) Brian Terry Hahn Cupertino, CA Bioengineering (B S), Freshman Devin Pearson Hahn Oakland. CA Individual Course ol Study (B.A ) Visual Anthropology, Senior Movies And Music I ' m Going To Make Both One Day, Hanging Out Jae Gul Hahn Walnut Creek, CA Electrical Engineering (BS), Freshman James Eugene Hahn Diamond Bar, CA Pre Economics, Junior Joseph Ki Hahn Glendale, CA Biochemistry (BS), Senior Soccer And Public Health Paul Hahn los Angeles, CA Philosophy (B A ), Sophomore Peter Hahn Los AJtos, CA Biochemistry (B S ), Junior Tamara Hahn Los AJtos, CA Biochemistry (8 S .), Sophomore Ariana Elspeth Haig Los Angeles, CA Mathematics IBS) Emily M Haigh Santo Ana, CA English (B. A.), Junior Karen Ellen Haigh Son Diego, CA Pre Psychology, Sophomore Kelly Lynn Haigh Los Angeles, CA English (B.A.). Comparative Literature. Senior English Departmental Honors Progiom, Shokespeote UCLA Stephanie Rachel Hai! Torzono, CA Sociology (8 A), Junior Phillipos Solomon llaile Los Angeles, CA Pre Psychology Dutta Tesfai Hailemariam Los Angeles, CA Biochemistry (8.S.), freshmen Hewan Sibhatu Hailu Son Froncisco , CA Linguistics and Italian (B.A.) Jonathan Joel Hair Mission Viejo, CA Junior Jennifer Heather Haith Walnut. CA Political Science (B.A). Anthropology. Senior UCLA Hope Club. UCLA Brumcorps . ■ ulations! Tibor Jacob Hajagos Watsonville, CA Physics (B.S.), Freshman Marjan Hajimirzaee Woodland Hills, CA History (B.A), Political Science, Junior Omar Een Hajji Son Jose, CA Pre Psychobiology, Neuroscience, Junior David Hakham Los Angeles, CA Psychobiology (BS .), Senior Hillel Club Salar Hakham Los Angeles, CA Pre Psychobiology, Junior Arash Hakhamian Beverly Hills, CA Anthropology (B.S.), Pre-Dentistry, Senior Pi Kappo Phi, Dentistry, Maxofoaol Surgery, Anthropology, Pre-Dental Society, College Honors, Anthro. Honors, Basketball, Football, Volleyball Ashkan Hakhamian Beverly Hills, CA Anthropology (B.S.), Psychobiology, Humon Complex Systems, Senior Animals, Veterinary, Archery, Basketball, Gaming, Video Editing, Photography, Downloading Music, Documentary Production, Film Directing, Making $$ Here is ,r yearbook for ua baby! You have worked so hard and deserve the best- Good luck Ashy- Poo. Christina N Hakim San Diego, CA Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics (BS), Public Policy Lawrence, Wnting, Indion Movies, Music, Wine, Air Hockey, Chess, Design, Tennis, Chocolate And, Mythology Diane Irene Hakim Beverly Hills, CA Sociology (B.A .), Junior Omar Sharif Hakim Los Angeles, CA Film ond Television (B.A.), Junior Shireen Hakim Diamond Bar. CA Anthropology (BS.) Muslim Student Association, UMMA Volunteer Protect, Taebo Michael Hakimi Sonto Monico, CA Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology IBS), Junior Sylvia Tamara Hakopian Northridge, CA English (B.A.), Junior Sigmo Tou Delta, English Honor Society, Guitar Anasheh Halabi Glendale, CA Neuroscience (B.S.), Music History Nancy Katherine Halabi Dana Point, CA Cognitive Science (B.S.) Amit Arvind Halani Northridge, CA Computer Science and Engineering (B S .), Junior I Joseph Haldorsen San Bernardino, CA Pro Politico! Science, Junior Jeremy Michael Shields Hale Noithndge, CA World Arts ond Cultures (B A ), Junior Sh.nint Arthur I Irvine, CA Anthropology (B.A), Junior Jennifer Ann Haley North Hills, CA Theater (B A .), Junior Shannon Barbara Haley Los Altos Hills. CA Music (8 A ), Freshmon Maya Rachel Halfon los Angeles, CA English (B A), Junior River I l.ilhui Los Angeles, CA Anthropology (B.A), Junior Anthony Halim Lomo Linda, CA Neuroscience (BS), Junior Helvin Halim Los Angeles, CA Molhematics Economics (B.S ), Junior Allison Marie Hall Son Diego, CA Pre Psychology Anais Sony ' A Hall Son Diego, CA Elhnomusicology (B.A), Junior Brett N Hall Oak Park, CA Sophomore Christa Marie Hall Los Angeles, CA International Development Studies (B.A .), latin American Studies, Senior Christine Maria Hall Canyon Country, CA Biology (B S ) Junior Christopher Daniel Hall Sunnyvale, CA History (B.A), Political Science, Senior Alpho Gamma Omega fraternity Christopher, you make us so proud I ove Mom and Dud Christopher Gerard Hall Palo Alto, CA Aerospace Engineering (B S ), Junior Craig J Hall Big Bear Lake, CA Aerospace Engineering (BS), Junior David Arthur Hall Dona Point, CA Music (B A ), Junior Eric Robert Hall Alhombro, CA Business Economics (B.A.), Junior Jennifer Ashton Hall Los Angeles, CA Amencon Literoture and Culture (B.A.) Nastassja Martins Hall Oceonside, CA Pre History Ryan Patrick Hall Pleasonton, CA Computer Science and Engineering IBS), Junior Simon Nicholas Hall New York, NY Pre Political Science, Freshman Meghan Jean Halligan Murphys, CA Sophomore Michelle Kristin HalHkainen Pleasant Hill, CA Mathematics, Applied [BS ) Timothy Eugene Hallner Carlsbad, CA Electrical Engineering (BS), Sophomore Sigma Phi Epsilon Zachary Bradley Hallock San Diego, CA History (8 A ), Junior Sean Gabriel Halloran los Angeles, CA English (B.A.) |i ' ivni Richard HalqillSl Mission Viejo, CA Pie Political Science, Junior Bradley lames Halverson Ojoi, CA Elhnomusicology (B A .), Freshman Yooseon Ham Fullerton, CA Communicotion Studies (B.A), Junior Megumi Hamada Perns. CA East Asian Studies (B.A.) Stacey Chiyoko Hamada Ml View, CA World Arts and Cultures (8 A ), Sophomore Takashi Hamada Arcadia, CA Pie Psychology, Junior AH Hamadani Burbank, CA Pre Psychobiology, Neuroscience, Junior Lauren Jessica Hamann Seortle, WA Psychology (8 A ), Senior UCLA Votsity Rowing Alexis Hamann-Nazaroff Oakland, CA Ecology, Behavior, ond Evolution (B.S.), Junior Brieane Kohina Hamaoka Dmubo CA Mathematics, Applied (BS ) Robert Holland Hambleton Son Marino, CA Pre Psychology, Junior David Hamdani Cupertino, CA Japanese (B.A), Junior Phi Koppa Psi s, ili.H Hamedani Anaheim, CA Pre Psychobiology, Sophomore Jonathan Charles Hamel Long Beach, CA Aerospace Engineering IBS) Sophomore Matthew Thomas Hamel Valley Village, CA Sociology (B.A.), Junior Nadia Hamel Santo Monica, CA International Development Studies (B.A), Junior Stephanie Louise Hamel Granada Hills, CA Jenna Berry Hamerling Orinda, CA History (B.A) Carrie Marie Hamerslag Rancho Santa Fe, CA Economics (B.A.), Sophomore Kappa Alpha Theta Naheed Hamid Woodland Hills, CA Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics (BS), Junior Rida Hamida Los Angeles, CA History (8. A.) Brittany Marie Hamill Stevenson Ranch, CA Pre Psychology, Sophomore Alexandra Anne Hamilton Encino, CA History (B-A.), Junior Ann Marie Hamilton Millbroe, CA Business Economics (B.A), Senior Jason Craig Hamilton Elk Grove, CA History (B.A.), Junior Meredith Streeter Hamilton Nccdhom, MA Communicotion Studies (B A ), Junior Taylor Jeffrey Hamilton Lenexa, KS Computer Science (BS.), Junior Alyson M Hamlin Sougus, CA English (B A) Marvin Anson Hamlin San Diego, CA Biology IBS ), Freshman Kareem Hammad Studio City, CA Sociology, Freshman Fomily Guy, Simpson ' s, UCLA Basketball And footbol, UCLA Store Ops, Volleyball, AID PES Sahadeva Theophil Hammari Oakland CA Philosophy (B A ), Senior Amanda C Hammel Son Diego, CA English (B.A.) Kristen Ann Hammel Vista, CA Pre Psychology, Freshmon Eugene Gilbert Hammer Fillmore, CA Sophomore Michael Robert Hammer El Dorado Hills, CA English (B-A), Junior Samantha Brett Hammer Los Angeles, CA Pre Psychology, Junior Patrick Hamo Glendale, CA Mechanicol Engineering (BS), Junior Roxanne Hamodot Orange County, CA Sociology (B.A.), Business, Junior Dean ' s List, Nihal M Hamouda Polmdale, CA Freshman Muslim Student Association David Matthew Hampton Simi Valley, CA Physiological Science (BS), Junior Men ' s Crew Kevin Michael Hampton Gronodo Hills, CA Religion, Study of (B.A), Junior Bahaar Hamzehzadeh Nomolk, CA Pre Psychology, Sophomore Ah Christine Rem Han Los Angeles, CA Moleculor, Cell ond Developmental Biology (U.S.), Senior Allen Jilin Han Cupertino, CA Electrical Engineering (BS), Junior Anita M Han Los Angeles, CA Sociology (B.A.) Brian Han Rancho Cucomonga, CA Arabic (B.A.) Caroline S Han Arcodia, CA Classical Civilization (B.A.), Junior Dorothy S Han Chinese (B.A.), Eosl Asian Studies, Junior Edward Han Elk Grove, CA Civil Engineering IBS). Junior Elizabeth Yu Han Fremont, CA Sophomore Esther Han Sherman Oaks, CA Music (B.A), Junior Eunice J Han Corono, CA Women ' s Studies (B.A.), Senior Glen Shin Han Glendale, CA Communication Studies (B.A ), Junior Haejin Han los Angeles, CA Chemical Engineering (BS ) lames Junewoo I Ian Arcadia, CA Communication Studios (B.A ), Junior Enlrepieneursfiip, Music, Surfing, Snowbooidmg, Traveling, Sell-Development, Public Speaking Jane Sangeun Han f resno, CA History (B.A) Ji H Han Irvine, CA Sociology (B.A), Junior Jihye Han los Angeles, CA Sociology (B.A.), Junior Jiyang Han Gardena, CA Biochemistry (BS ), Junior |ohn Kwon Yong Han Prebusiness Economics Josephine Wenyi Han Alto Lomo, CA Se Asia Juliette Moonhee Han Los Angeles, CA Neuroscience (8.S.) Jung Hee Han Garden Grove, CA Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics (B S ), Junior Hobitot For Humanity, UCLA, Koteon Campus Crusade For Christ Jung Hee Han Gorden Grove, CA Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics (B.S.) Paul H Han Cypress, CA Psychobiology I B.S.) Paul Kim Han Reseda, CA Pre Psychology, Junior Robert Junghoon Han Northridge, CA Pre Psychology Sara Han Cerriios, CA Psychology (B.A.) Seunggu jude Han Irvine, CA Neuroscience (BS), Latin Sharon Joy Han Chotsworth, CA Pre Psychology, Junior Silvia Han Los Angeles, CA Pre Psychobiology Soo Hyun Han Los Angeles, CA Pre Psychobiology Sooah Han Lothom, NY Sophomore Sookyung Han Van Nuys, CA Prebusiness Economics, Junior Sora Han Lo Crescenta, CA Political Science (B.A.), Junior Timothy Minyoung Han Powoy, CA Sophomore Tina Han Cerriios, CA History (B.A.), Politicol Science, Sophomore Walter Earl Han Oxnord, CA Electrical Engineering (B.S.), Junior XiHan Cupertino, CA Electrical Engineering (B.S.), Freshmon Yoo-Mee Han Valencia CA Biology (B.S .), Junior Grant Masata Hanada CD n O -i c O D u CD Q Fresno, (A Pre Psychofaiologv. Junior Taylor Alan 1 1. nun Roncho Santo Fe, CA Pre Cog, Junior Kyle Yukio Hanano Bonilo, CA Japanese (6 A .). Junior Masahiro S Hanano Los Angeles, CA Biology (B.S.), Freshman Lisa Lenore Hanawalt Polo Alto, CA Art (B.A.), Junior Jennifer Drew Hand Long Beach CA Anthropology (B.A.), Junior Archaeology, Fine Arts Rajindra Sasanga Handapangoda Rancho Santa Margarita, CA Civil Engineering (B.S.), Masters Geotechnicol Earthquake Engineering, Basketball, Football, Soccer, ASCE, ESUC Nader Abdelnour Handelih Rohnert Pork, CA Sociology (B.A.] Daniel Gordon Haney Laguna Beach, CA Pre History, Junior Thomas Carroll Hanff Granada Mills, CA Neuroscience (B.S.), Sophomore Sarah Elizabeth Hanft Son Froncisco, CA Freshmon Brian I Hang Wolnut, CA Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology (B.S.) Diana Choi Hang Los Angeles, CA Biology (B.S.) Diana Natalie Hang Fremont, CA Psychobiology (B.S.) Alpho Phi Omego Coed Fraternity, ACA, APHIO, AATP Vi Ann Hang Baldwin Pork, CA Pre Psychology Nicholas Jason Hangca Huntington Beach, CA Sociology (B.A.), Education, Senior Resident Assistont, Project Literacy, Circle K, Program Assistant, Undergraduate Section Leader To Nicolas, We arc very proud of you. Loir, Worn and Erik James Lawrence Hanger, III Yorba Linda, CA Pre Economics, Freshman Tiffany I Hanke Riverside, CA Prebusiness Economics, Freshmon Parker Scott Hanks Alamo, CA Prebusiness Economics, Freshman Jessica Juanita Hanley Alomedo, CA Junior Sasha N. Hanlon Los Angeles, CA freshman Megan Colleen Hanly Encinilos, CA Psychology (B.A.), Junior Michael Kwon Hann Redondo Beoch, CA Sociology (B.A.) Ashley Susanne Hanna Newholl, CA English (B A }, French Deana Maria Hanna Redondo Beoch, CA Psychobiology (B.S.), Senior Donna Atie Hanna Buena Pork, CA Physiological Science (B.S.) Joseph M Hanna Torronce, CA Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology (B.S.), Senior Coptic Club, Chicanos Foi Community Medicine, Basketball, Fenms Mary Jennifer Hanna Covina, CA Pre History, Sophomore Michael Suleiman Hanna Fountain Volley, CA Political Science (B.A.), Senior Zeto Beto fau Robert Hanna West Covino, CA Freshman AAP, Basketball, CARE Stephanie E Hanna Trabuco Canyon, CA Sociology (B.A.), Jewish Studies And Hebrew, Senior Joy Renee Hannibal Chulo Vista, CA Psychology I B A ] Erin N Hannink Riverbonk, CA Sophomore Abraham Hanono Chulo Vista, CA Politicol Science (B.A ), Junior Areerat Hansanugrum Panorama City, CA Biochemistry (B.S.) Chad B Hansen Simi Valley, CA Malhemotics (B.S.), Junior Christopher James Hansen Powoy, CA Political Science (BA), Junior Kurt Andrew Hansen La Verne, CA Physiological Science (B.S.) Emily Marie Hanson Signal Hill, CA Gina Marielynn Hanson Son Bernardino, CA English (B.A.), Junior Jessica A Hanson Roncho Snnto Fe, CA Art(B.A-), Sophomore Katie L Hanson Redlonds, CA Mathematics Applied Science (B.S.), Accounting Matching Bond, Tau Beta Sigmo, Student Accounting Society Michael E. Hanson Goleto, CA Theoter (B.A.), Freshmon Tyler Eugene Happe Fair Oaks, CA History (B.A.), Junior Amber Yasmeen Haq Saratoga, CA Computer Science and Engineering (B.S), Junior Durrain F Haq Albany, CA Freshman Rizwan U Haque Mira lama, CA Pre Psychobiology Rita Noriko Hara Irvine, CA Pre Psychology, Junior Sharis B Harabidian Glendole, CA Bryan Tsutomu Harada Davis, CA Biochemistry (B.S), Mathematics, Sophomore Katherine Sook Yee Harada Huntington Beoch, CA Anthropology (B.A.), Junior Tracey Allison Harada Los Angeles, CA Economics (B.A. ), Junior Valerie Akemi Harada Los Angeles, CA Pre Psychobiology Tom Farbod Harandi Sonta Monica, CA Political Science (B.A.), Junior Lili Noe M Harbottle Pasadena, CA Mathematics, Applied (B.S.) Kevin George Harbour, Jr Los Angeles, CA Sophomore Severine Harchin Santo Monica, CA Anthropology (BA), Junior La Shawn Marie Hardemion Los Angeles, CA History (B.A), Junior Traveling, Writing Jessica Ann Hardie Lake Forest, CA Communication Studies (B.A.), Junior Molly Erin Hardt Los Angeles, CA Psychology (B.A.) Kyle Kendrick Hardy Wolnut Creek, CA Biology (B.S ), Junior Liz Ann Hardy Oak Park, CA Freshmon Shilpa Hareesh Riverside, CA Prebusiness Economics, Freshmon Sara Harirchian Sherman Oaks, CA Physics (B.S), Junior Omid Reza Hariri Loguno Hills, CA Neuroscience (B.S), Junior Courtney Jane Harker Bellaire, TX Philosophy (B.A.), Italian, Freshmon Pi Beta Phi, Honors College Sean Taylor Harkey San Diego, CA World Arts and Cultures (B.A.), Freshmon Apinya Harland Calabasos, CA Nursing (BS), Junior Elizabeth Nicole Harland Pleasonton, CA Pre Economics Kevin D Harlow San Diego, CA Political Science (B.A.I, Junior Aiko Christina Harman Cypress, CA Communication Studies (B.A.) Adam David Harmetz Son Diego, CA Computer Science (B.S.) Alexandria E Leigh Harmon Menlo Pork, CA Biology (B.S.), Sophomore Kelly Louise Harmon Signol Hill, CA Aerospace Engineering (B.S.), Junior Thomas Mitchell Harmon Lofoyette, CA Business Economics (B.A.), Junior Jonathan Eiman Harms San Jose, CA Computer Science (B.S), Junior Sean Richard Harnett San Diego, CA Mathematics, Applied (B.S), Junior Cody Elijah Harnish San Clemenle, CA Political Science (BA), Junior Jonathan Robert Harnish los Angeles, CA Political Science (B.A.), Junior Alberto Haro Woodloke CA Pre Psychology Andres Haro, Jr Los Angeles, CA Pre Psychology, Junior Mariela Haro Encino, CA History (B.A.), Junior Ross Mclendon Harold Rocklin, CA American Literature and Culture (B.A.), Junior Sogol Haronian Los Angeles, CA Pre Psychology, Junior Gilda Judith Haroonian Beverly Hills, CA Women ' s Studies (B.A I, Junior Razmig Haroun Glendole, CA Mathematics (B.S.), Junior Ronit Harounian Beverly Hills, CA History (B.A.), Junior Henry Harout Haroutunian Encino, CA Political Science (B.A), Philosophy, Senior Dawn Renee Harper Belleville, II Pre Psychology Jacob Michael Harper Thousand Oaks, CA English (B.A.) Lauren Noel Harper los Angeles, CA English (BA), Junior Melissa M Harper Lodi, CA Linguis tics and Spanish (B.A), Junior Phillip L Harr Granite Bay, CA Pre Politicol Science, Junior Caitlin A Harrington Belmont, CA Pre Political Science, Sophomore Lisa Jennifer Harrington Son Ramon, CA Spanish ond Linguistics (B.A.) Rachel Katharine Harrington Alomo, CA Classical Civilization (B.A.), Freshmon Best Wishes, Rachel fen a great ucai We ' re so proud of you. Go Bruinsl Much love, Mom 6 Dad Sean Allan Harrington Seal Beach, CA English (B.A), Junior Alec Stuart Harris Fallbrook, CA Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology (BS.) Andrea M Harris Torronce, CA English (B.A.), Sophomore Andrea Rose Harris Mesa, AZ German (B.A.), Sophomore Anna C Harris Pleasonton, CA Biochemistry (B.S), Junior Carissa Annilee Harris Polmdole, CA Pre Psychology, Freshman Chan Harris Norwalk, CA Asion Humanities (B.A.), Junior Dashanta O Harris Inglewood, CA David Vincent Harris Torrance, CA Sociology (BA), Political Science, Junior Erin Michelle Harris Mohbu CA Pre Political Science Jarom Joseph Harris Whittier, CA Political Science (B A), Senior Recieationol Shooting, Skiing, Reading History, CSO Programs, Bruin Republicans, Jeremy Tyrone Harris Hoyword, CA Mechonical Engineering (B.S.), Junior Jessica Lynne Harris Woodland Hills, CA History (B.A), Sophomore John Max Harris Son Francisco, CA Economics (B.A), Senior Pi Kappa Alpha Kyle Anthony Harris Riverside, CA Pre Politicol Science, Junior Lauren Diane Harris Anoheim Hills, CA An History (B.A.) Samuel Hopkins Harris Fresno, CA History (BA), Junior Teela Alana Harris Glendole, CA Psychology (B.A.) Brittany Lea Harrison San Froncisco, CA Psychology (B.A.), Spanish, Sophomore Alpho Phi, UCLA Women ' s Lacrosse Elizabeth C Harrison Altodeno, CA Communication Studies (B.A), Sophomore Jason Antoine Harrison Son Jose, CA History (B.A), Junior Justin Morris Harrison Westloke Village, CA Theater (B.A.), Concentration Production, Junior Theatre Film Design (special FX), Robotics, UCLA Crew, Wakebooid Team, Biking, Worked For 20th Century Fox On (Northshore) Lindsay Nicole Harrison Yorba Linda, CA Psychology (B.A.), Politicol Science, Senior Sports, Animals, Traveling, Community Service, Marching Band, Bium Belles, Mark Andrew Harrison Newbury Pork, CA Physics (BS), Senior Mia April Harrison Los Angeles, CA Physiological Science (B.S.) Mickey Delane Harrison, Jr Torrance, CA English (B.A), Junior Natalee Rose Harrison Posodeno, CA History (B.A.), Political Science, Junior Kappa Kappo Gammo Joshua Daniel Harron San Diego, CA International Development Studies (B.A ), Junior Laura Takahashi Harshbarger Son Bernardino, CA Biochemistry (B.S.), Junior Daniel Santoso Harsono Van Nuys, CA Astrophysics (B.S ), Junior Lidwina Stella Harsono Walnut, CA Pre Psychology, Junior Johnathan A Hart Hanford, CA Freshmon Russell L Hart Stockton, CA Theater (BA] Irene Hartadi Los Angeles, CA Pre Psychology, Junior Parvana Amelia Hartenstein Pacific Palisades, CA Neuroscience (B.S), Junior Amanda Ruth Harter Culver City, CA Junior Hannah Ruth Hartman Hburon, CA History (B.A ), Sophomore Hailey Renee Hartong Los Alamilos, CA Sophomore Selina Hartonians Burbank, CA Junior Anna V Hartunian Glendole, CA Biology (B.S), Junior Krista R Hartwell Molibu, CA Pre Psychology Daniel Lee Harty Sylmor, CA Freshman Bryan Hikari Hartzheim Hacienda Heights, CA English (BA), Junior Stacey Lynn Harutunian Placentia, CA Communicotion Studies (B.A.) Kahren Harutyunyan Glendole, CA English (B. A.), Junior bteratuie, Boxing, Classical Music, Arts, Caitlin Jacobson Harvey Ventura, CA Sophomore Gynieka Giselle Harvey Van Nuys, CA History (B.A), Politicol Science, Junior Joanna Lynn Harvey Gorden Grove, CA Pre Economics, Junior Jordan Cole Harvey Mission Viejo, CA Sophomore Justin Nash Harvey Los Angeles, CA Psychology (B.A.), Senior Madana Mohana Harvey Son Francisco, CA Psychobiology (B.S.) Wallace Alan Harvey Moorpor k, CA History (B.A), Junior Brigham Harwell Los Angs Llo, CA Freshman David R Harwin Los Angeles, CA Computer Science and Engineering (B.S.), Junior Philip Stephen Harwin Los Angeles, CA Psychology (B.A), Junior Maxwell Stuart Harwitt Reseda, CA History Art History (B.A.), Junior Beenish Hasan Redlonds, CA Mathematics Economics (B.S.) Sami Hasan Lompoc, CA International Development Studies (B.A.), Arabic, Junior Muslim Students Association Shamir Hasan Hemet, CA Biology (B.S), Sophomore Noor Hashem Lo Crescento, CA English (B.A.) Hayneh Honey Hashemian Irvine, CA Pre Psychobiology, Junior Samaneh Sammy Hashemian Irvine, CA Pre Psychobiology, Junior Nadia A Hashim Lo Hobra Heights, CA Economics (BA.), Junior Saima Hashimi Los Vegas, NV Biology (BS) Jamie Christine Mari I lashimoto Belmont CA Pre Psychology Sophomore NSU Sroff. NSU Modem. ACA Lambda Ul Sis Nuicj Ibyama Hashimoto Mission Hills CA Psychology (BA) Starla Crystal Maiko Hashimoto Walnut CA Sociology (B A.), Junior UCLA Women ' s Rugby Fahmina Hasin Culver Gry CA Psychology (BA ), Junior Liesel Marie Haskell Northridge, CA English (BA .}, Junior Charles Fo Haskins Cypress, TX Chemicol Engineering IBS), Freshmon Radio Station Alvin Haslim Rowlond Heights, CA Economics IB A ) Junior Bertha Haslim Rowland Heights, CA Pre Psychology, Sophomore Laura Lee Hass Long Beoch. CA Ecology, Behavior, and Evolulion IBS! Junior Chava Sol Hassan Los Angeles, CA Political Science (BA.), Junior Husna Hassan Cotono, CA Pre Psychology, Junior Susy Hassan San Diego, CA Pre Psychology, Sophomore Mona Natalia Hassani Polos Verdes Estates, CA Politicol Science (BA), History, Senior Donee, IS6, Honors Roll, Prelaw, And Surf Team Ali Hassanpour Encino, CA Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecu lar Genetics IBS), Junior Hossein Hassanpour Encino, CA Anthropology (B.A.), Junior Babak Hassanzadeh Glendole, CA Chemistry IBS ), Junior Shavone Marie Hasse Leono Valley, CA Americon Literature and Culture (B.A.), Junior Julie Eileen Nehus Hassel Winnetko, CA Pre Psychology, Junior Brian Daniel Hassid Woodland Hills, CA Neuroscience (BS.), Junior Ryan Michael Hassid Beverly Hills, CA Neuroscience IBS). Junior Tal Hassid Beverly Hills, CA Sociology (BA.), Junior David Paul Hasson Los Angeles, CA Pre Psychobiology Rachelle Pearle Hasson Encino, CA World Arts ond Cultures (B.A.), Junior Carolyn Eileen Hastings Long Beach CA English (B.A.), Senior UCLA Chorale Connor Jon Hastings San Luis Obispo, CA fieshman Asa Hatami Pleosonton, CA Neuroscience IBS), Junior Christopher Ross Hatfield Kentfield CA Business Economics (B A), Politicol Science, Junior Sigma Phi Epsilon Katrina Louise Hatfield Thousand Oaks, CA Economics International Area Studies (B A ), Junior Kappa Kappa Gommo, The Quest Amy Elizabeth Hathaway Los Angeles, CA Physiological Science IBS) Junior Emily Javne Hathaway Torrance, CA Sociology IB A ) Junior Campus Crusade For Christ Lisa Marie Hathaway Alameda CA Pre Political Science Jaire Fredrice Hattley Los Angeles, CA Communication Studies (BA.), Junior Sammie Ngim Hau Los Angeles, CA Sophomore Lauren Elizabeth Haugh Los Altos, CA World Arts and Cultures (BA), Sophomore Austin J Haught Encinitas, CA Chemical Engineering IBS), Junior Ellen Frances Haupt Carme! Volley, CA Psychobiology (BS.) Jenna Frances Haupt Bakersfield, CA Pre Political Science, Junior Micah Jacob Hauptman Woodlond Hills, CA Political Science (B.A.), Junior Alan J Hauser Los Angeles, CA Psychology (BA) Amber Daniel Hauser Inglewood, CA Pre Psychology, Sophomore Katherine Louise Hauser Los Angeles, CA Pre Psychology, Junior William Tyler Hauser Newbury Park, CA Pre Psychology, Junior Rebecca Karyn Sarah Hausheer Mission Viejo, CA Pre Psychology, Junior James Thomas Hausmann Fountain Valley, CA Sociology (BA), Junior Robert Allan Havard, III Visolio, CA Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics (BS), Junior Justin Adams Haven Alto Loma, CA Philosophy (BA), Junior Kelly Lynn Havens Berkeley, CA Geology Engineering Geology IBS] Italian Women ' s Lacrosse Lance Havens Imperial, CA Biochemistry (B.S.), Freshmon Susan Adele Havens Oxnard, CA World Arts ond Cultures IB A ), Senior Mary C Haviland Citrus Heights, CA Biochemistry (B S ), Sophomore Lindsey Diane Havlena Seol Beach, CA English (BA) Spencer R Havner Los Angeles, CA History (BA.) Jonathan Guar Shian Haw Roncho Polos Verdes, CA Biology (BS ), Junior Spencer Charles Hawes Sunnyvale, CA Philosophy (BA.) Michael Anthony Hawit Mission Vie|0, CA Sophomore Stephen Christopher Hawke Danville, CA Freshman Sigma Chi Robert Thomas Hawkes Ventura, CA Pre Economics, Junior Quinn Michael Hawking Brea, CA Pre History, Junior Erica J Hawkins Son Diego, CA Sophomore Teneka Hawkins Compton, CA Philosophy (BA), Junior Todd Andrew-Barabino Hawkins Los Angeles, CA Theater (BA), Sophomore Event Planning, Marketing, Music, Theatre, UCLA Jazzreggae Festival, l-S Theotre Group, Alumni Scholars Club Emma Louisa Hawley Santo Clara, CA Theoter (BA.), Freshmon Acting, Filming J Charles Hay, Jr Sherman Oaks, CA Design] Medio Arts (B.A.I Kelly Misako Hayashi Arcadia, CA Pre Psychobiology Kimberlee Michiko Hayashi San Francisco, CA Mechanical Engineering IBS) Megan E Hayashi Sylmor, CA History (BA), Junior Kristen Kayomi Hayashida Cerritos, CA Sociology (B.A.), Sophomore Brian Clark Hayden Torronce, CA English (BA.), Junior Andrew Jeremy Hayes Los Angeles, CA History (BA.) Cassidy Hunter Hayes Northridge, CA History (BA.), Junior Danielle Helene Hayes Los Angeles, CA Political Science (BA ), Junior Jennifer A Hayes Santa Rosa, CA Spanish (B A ), Pre-Med, Senior Delta Gommo, Running, Yoga, Dancing, Horseback Riding Joseph Anthony Hayes Polo Alto, CA Music IB A) Matthew T Hayes La Quinta, CA Electrical Engineering (B.S.) Molly Anne Hayes Corona Del Mar, CA History (BA) Stephen Eugene Hayes Spring Volley, CA Afro American Studies (BA), Junior Stewart Hallam Hayes Long Beoch, CA Sophomore lly.i Haykinson Los Angeles, CA Economics (B A ), Junior Meredith Christine Hay man Mission Viejo, CA Pre Politicol Science Jared D Haynes Hermosa Beach, CA History (BA) Ryan Matthew Haynes Onlono, CA Linguistics ond Asian Languages and Cultures (B A ) Arein Hayrapetian Isfohon, Iran Biology (BS ), Senior Fishing, Running, Arine Hayrapetian Anaheim, CA Psychology (BA) Naeiri Hayrapetian Glendole, CA Biology (B.S.), Junior Lilit Haytaian Glendole, CA Biology (B.S), Junior Amber Lindsey Haywood Von Nuys, CA Communication Studies (BA.) Faith Marie Hazan Santa Clorita, CA History (BA.), Junior Alpha Gamma Omego Fraternity Lynzie Hazan Apple Valley, CA Politicol Science |BA.), Junior Salar Hazany Encino, CA Neuroscience (B.S.) Deirdre Elisabeth Hazard Westporl, Biology (B.S), Junior Matthew James Haze Glendole, CA History (BA), Junior Christopher John J Hazell Temecula, CA English (BA), Sophomore Christopher Phillip Hazelton Santa Monica, CA Art History (BA) Courtney Linda Hazirjian Horvord, MA Anthropology (BA.), Junior Andrew Wayne Hazlett Redlonds, CA International Development Studies (8A ) Kelsey Janell Hazlewood Simi Volley, CA Mathematics (B.S), Junior Da Wei He Alhombra, CA GuHe Alhombra, CA Prebusiness Economics Jenny He Son Francisco, CA Italian and Special Fields (BA.) Linyun He Alhombra, CA East Asian Studies (BA), Junior Phillip Yaohui He Son Froncisco, CA Mathematics Economics (B.S.) Mary Ellen Hope Healey Fountain Valley, CA Pre History, Junior Insh Club Benoit Patric Healy Los Angeles, CA History (BA) Daniel Jason Healy Duurlc, CA Biology (BS) Matthew Sean Healy Las Angeles, CA Chemistry (B.S ) Jeffrey Corey Heapy Huntington Beoch, CA Theater |B A), Junior Monique Rosetta Heath lokeside, CA French (B A) Rachel Imani Heath Los Angeles, CA Pre Psychology, Junior Bryan Hugh Heathcote Simi Volley, CA Computer Science (B.S.), Junior Dana Lauren Heatherton Pasadena, CA Americon Literature and Culture (BA), Junior McNoh Reseaich Scholars Program Ashley Elizabeth-Audre Heaton Oxnard, CA English (B.A.), Freshman UCFASTLA Patrick Steene Hebel Rochester, MN Theater (BA), Junior Nicole Bernice Hebert Danville CA Psychology (BA), Communication Studies, Senior Alpho Phi, Mortar Boaid, Golden Key, NSCS, Notional Deons List, Photography We are so PROUD of you 1 Love Mom Dad Alexander Willia Hebert- Brown San Diego, CA Prebusiness Economics, Junior Ariel Haim Hecht Beverly Hills, CA Bioengineering (B.S ) Lillian Elizabeth Hecht Cloremont, CA Prebusiness Economics, Sophomore Maximilian Richard Hecker Hermosa Beach, CA History (BA .), Junior Kyle Richard David Heckman Stockton, CA Civil Engineering (B.S.) Daniel Caleb Hector Holf Moon Bay, CA Aerospace Engineering (B.S), Sophomore Ulfimote, Wooden, Sleep, Drinking Ovaltine, More Ovaltine, Please Adi Yossi Hed Los Angeles, CA Art History (BA), Junior Jarrett Thomas Hedrick Kingsburg, CA Freshmon Andrew Rodney Gee Keong Hee Honolulu, HI Mechonicol Engineering (B.S), Junior Catherine Elizabeth Hegarty Foster City, CA Chemistry (B.S.), Freshman Christopher Li-Chieh Hei Los Angeles, CA Sophomore Shireen Nassim Heidari Oronge, CA English (BA), Freshman Art, Dance, Music, Medicine, Laughter Lauretta Victoria Heidelberger Lake Isabella, CA Politicol Science (B.A.), Psychology, Freshmon Kappa Delta. Col-PIRG, Bruin Softboll, Brum Democrats I and ' ! id Bla ■■ We lovi you very mm h Tracy E Heidersbach Richmond, CA Pre Psychology, Freshman Ryan Edward Heidrich Livetmore, CA Pre Political Science, History, Junior Beto Theta Pi, Foreign Policy And History, Intramural, Soccer, Dodgeboll, football, Spring Sing, Beta Theta Pi Derek Curtis Heijmans Los Angeles, CA Geography (B.A.), Junior Sara Heikali Los Angeles, CA Biology (B.S), Sophomore Playing S Composing Music On The Piono, Traveling, Writing Poetry: International Society Of Poets, Involved With Hillel, AMSA, PPA, Volunteer Work Remembet whatever you set you) heart on, you can accomplish Good Luck ' Elizabeth J Heim Modesto, CA Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics (8 S ), French, Francophone Studies, Freshmon Intervarsity Brum Chnshon Fellowship, The Hunger Project Elizabeth Grace Heiman Brea CA English (B. A), Junior Christopher Michael Heimerman Moor par k. CA Communication Studies (BA.) Lauren Kendall Heineck Los Angeles, CA History (BA ) Jarred Thomas Heinrich Nevada City, CA Sophomore Terence Foster Heinrich Rosemeod, CA Electrical Engineering (B.S), Sophomore Football, SAA, Sports Commissioner Residence, Holl For Fit Congratulations on finishing year one. Love Mom and Dad Kyle Joseph Heinsen Chatham, II I Mechanical Engineering (8 S.) Christopher Paul Heintz Breo, CA Prebusiness Economics, Sophomore Klaus Heinze Oak Park, CA Pre Psychology, Sophomore Daniel Warren Heise San Diego, CA Philosophy (BA), Junior Christine L Heisler West Hills, CA Pre Microbiology, Immunology, ond Molecular Genetics, Sophomore Kris Renee Heiss Long Beach, CA Pre History Benjamin Thomas Hejna Danville, CA Psychology (B.A.), Sophomore Sigma Phi Epsilon, Club Baseball Avetis Hekimian Glendole, CA Biology (B.S), Sophomore Elliot Erya Hekmat Los Angeles, CA Junior Melissa Shather Helali Los Angeles, CA Neuroscience (B.S.) Meira Chava Held Volley Village, CA English (8.A.), Freshmon Matthew Thomas Hellems Los Angeles, CA Chemical Engineering (B.S ). Junior Ana Griffin Heller Sleepy Hollow, CA English (B A ) Freshman Elisabeth Joy Heller Laguna Niguel, CA Freshman Cln Omega Jonathan A Heller San Anselma, CA History (E A | Kimberly Christine Heller Sietra Madre, CA Biology [B S I Junior Robin Jerome Heller Los Angeles, CA Pre Political Science, Junior Jessica Isabel Helman- Cubilla Santo Barbara, CA Biochemislry |B.S.), Junior Mohammad Amin Helmy Los Angeles, CA History (8.A.) Dana Joy Helwick Long Beach, CA AM (B.A.|, Junior Mahsa Hematabadi Fullerton, CA Civil Engineering (BS.) Maziar Sam Hemati Saratoga, CA Aeiospace Engineering IBS ) Max Carey Hembd Clovis, CA Music (B.A.), Sophomore Jonathan Edward Hembree Northridge, CA English IB. A), Junior Heather Loree Hemingway El Cojon, CA Classical Civilization (B.A.), Sophomore James Hemming Posodeno, CA Jennifer Lynn Hemsley Phelon, CA Pre Psychology, Junior Daniel Joaquin Hendershot Redondo Beach, CA History (B.A.I, Junior Caitlin Ashleen Henderson Fair Oaks, CA