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;?:t: -w-r im.r Hpp " 7!: i ' m 1992-1993 ' I fe. ' The University of California Los Angeles Volume 74 Copyright 1993 by the ASUCLA Communications Board on behalf o} Bruin Life ,- ,r , % I i - " C K % I " ■« « r « .,. " -,. table of contents Style 4 Life 30 Encore 60 Gallery 98 Rudiments 0 Victory....! 50 Residences 194 Greeks 240 Ensemble 274 Graduates 294 Fin 3 86 w 6 Style Sung Sung Style 7 10 Style Sung Style 1 1 12 Style f Style 13 14 Style Style 15 16 Style » •. ii ..•. j -.; ' • ? ' V .: ' -- •. ' -• Gran by Stvle 17 18 Style Style 19 20 Style Ivey Style 21 I f Style 23 V ' 24 Stvie fl I Style 25 Til 26 Style x V ' I Ivey Style 27 28 Stvle O ' Neil Style 29 tt t -- % Vn v ■Tf he Trojans. ..the Bruins, no, the BRUINS, the trojans... It was another sweet victoiy for UCLA who won the everstanding rivalry against the Trojans. There was just as much Bruin hoopla and just as much Bruin pride! Sung 2 Life Beat ' $(t Sung Lite 33 Homecoming (.AVOifEcowma " , [ama a 34 Life c " nurtt: ' " MLidLTii Alumni A ' sociation Life 35 iNlovember 3,1992 marked a new era for the entire United States. Not only did the 12 year reign of the Republicans end, a new glimmer of hope was in the air as Bill Clintion was elected to solve the economic crisis in the United States. Pro-choice activists came out to rally and protest for women ' s and ultimately civil rights. 36 Life - i ' 4 0 0 : ' •1 4 bung •• «l 1 E [ i vl .. .. 52i 1 » -. - Choices Life 37 Sung 38 Life I Interactions CLA students are inevitably students of human nature. On a typical day they can be seen observing passersby, meditating, carrying on conversations, and of course, studying. Lj«. Life 39 f Royce 42 Life i r icturesque Royce Hall with its buttresses and engravings on its walls provides form and function through its architecture. It serves as the trademark building of UCLA while housing the foreign language department. Royce Hall is also a site of many concerts and special engagements. Life 43 Festival 44 Life r I ransforming Lot 32 into a colorful celebra- tion, the African Student Union coordinated an im- pressive open market. The profits of Peace in the Streets went to the reconstruction of the Los Angeles commu- nity affected by the riots that broke out in April 1 992 after the Rodney King verdict. Ivey Life 45 Still Life Gran by 46 Life i -T wo balancing acts — a female statue in the Sculpture Garden and two students balancing the rigors of UCLA academia. Sung Life 47 48 Life = Myers Construction Life 49 Moments 50 Life Life 51 Protests economic burdenof an increase in registration fees due to a major budget crisis this year. Furious with the administration, students protested the consequences of their mismanagement and lack of consideration. Also programs such as the design major faced the possibility of being closed down, while MEChA and its supporters held major protests fighting for a Chicana o Studies department. 52 Life « Life 53 " 54 Life Bruin Walk ruin Walk, one of the most important landmarks of UCLA,is the main thoroughfare on campus. A stroll down Bruin Walk exposes students to everything from noon concerts to incense-toting Hare Krrshnas. Stretching from the dorms to the center of campus, Bruin Walk serves as both a path to class and an event update for Bruins. Armstrong Life 55 courtesy Mardi Cras 1 ' ue to the LA. riots, Mardi Gras was cancelled last year. But the 1 993 Mardi Gras Committee used the " extra year " to put on a spectacular, UCLA-wide philan- thropy social event: " Make it Happen Together. " Mardi Gras Lirtcsy Mardi Gras Life 57 58 Life } Propaganda 1 ropaganda accosts students every day. Most noticeable this year were bids for 1992 presidential election votes. They obviously worked because many Brui ns showed up to " rock the vote. " Cries for conservation, another popular issue on campus, appeared everywhere. This refillable UCLA mug subtly reminds i us to " recycle and reuse. " Cranby Life 59 « ' -■m Susan Marshall Sc Arthur Armijo i Center for the Arts 62 Er il ftif Ian McKellen I0| AS jRlCHARD III i Center for the Arts I _L Encore 63 Dawn ll AWN U PSHAW Center tor the Arts 64 En M IDORI Don Hunstein Center tor the Arts Encore 65 Bill WrighH Liiu ihc Alii 66 En c G ALIFORNIA U-ENERATIONS Joe Wilson Center for the Arts Encore 67 R UMILLAJTA Center for the Arts 68 Encore E Gi NSAMBLE LjURRUFIO Center for the Art5 Encore 69 70 Er i t lorge Fatauros Center for the Arts Encore 71 jReflecting Culture: The Francis E. Fowler, Jr Collection of Silver Fowler Museum ot Cultural History 72 Er flEPHANT: The Animal and its Ivory IN African Culture ELEPHANT THE Animal and Its Ivory in African Culture il II V:j AW - " ' FOWLER MUSEUM OF CULTURAL HISTORY UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA. LOS ANGELES 30 SEPTEMBER 1992 THROUGH 16 MAY 1993 Fowler Museum ot Cultural History Encore 73 Threads of Identity: A4aya Costume of the 4 960s IN Highland Guatemala 74 En Fowler Museum ot Cultural History L ' OsJ Ceramics of ALA Ancient Peru M Fowler Museum of Cultural History Encore 75 DuSTIN Hoffman 76 Er i [elanie (r RIFFITH Linda Lee Campus Events Encore 77 i ONATHON JPIDER Wi ILLIAMS : 78 En L Kl N, ISEN jLVATION Armstrong Encore 79 M ' VI ii i ' mT „.. rf . _ - -t ' r. ATIVE L.OI liidatiG! ' ■4 - ' t -- -■ ' N - r " - -: : i .-rvSaBB T - " P ' - . -. ' ■ ■ " ■-■•■ ■■■v " Hi . BSH p ' ' TiBI -: k lii-i . W : " ' " " - AlexDc Robertis Dailyll 80 Encore 11 F ARSIDE [):RoKrts Encore 8 1 82 Er ' II IjROOVELICIOUS Dailv Bruin Encore 83 D OWN BY i AW L 84 Er Daily Brum Encore 85 Jazz jReggae Festival 86 Er Encore 87 1 ivOYAL Vk INNIPEG Ballet l " i ihc Arts i Stars of the BoLSHOi Ballet HPH I BPH H B S H ■ b ' ' ' 1 B ' 1 Hk. iii fx ' " ' ' % XjkMj jjk 1 FliJ ?is ' mMRPil ' ' ' ' WNii KlT i ° ' - ' ' ' H | (_enier lor the Arts Encore 89 Amsterdam Baroque Orchestra Center tor the Arts 90 Encore ii t Milton N. ILTON INASCIMENTO QUE trior ' ' ' Encore 91 Paul Taylor Dance Co. 92 Encore Encore 93 Joe Goode Performance Group 94 Er Center tor the Arts 4 Encore 95 ack Mitchell Center tor the Arts 96 Encore Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater Lick Mitchell Center tnr the Art . Jaek Milchell Center tor the Art ' s Encore 97 5 " The Cycle My eyes follow Shadows you left behind When packing for freedom In the pale light of the moon Not knowing Freedom meant solitude Stifled in a room With casual strangers Who offer to light your cigarette Who ' d rather sear Your ambition instead. it ' s easy to forget, Love, When chasing paper Barbies Down dead end streets Chasing illusions In your sleepless sleep Your face also wavers In my collage Beckoning occasionally In a gesture of love But time has dulled Your eyes of rail Your shadows are shelved In my storage room And I am ready for the game of men. To die in the cycle Again and again. 100 Gallery Gallery The Centerfold Grainy photographs of endless legs This is my body you violate With smoldering eyes With the tracing of your fingers -- Wandering hands, wandering eyes Hugging the glossy pages Like a cult religion. Do you ever wonder what I ' m thinking As my back arches As my soul cringes As my eyelashes tremble with fear -- While the hot sticky lights Rape my senses While the towel slips down Below my waist I try to forget the little girl Who wanted nothing except wealth, fame And stars emblazoned with her stage name. If I can bring her back again I ' ll bum her stars Erase her dreams And I ' ll tell the child gently While slitting her wrist That sometimes it is better To die than to live. Kry s t n Lee Gallen ' 101 David Hansen 102 Gallery Gallery i8 X 2 4 Gall ery 103 h , SENIOR CAPmiN Mitchell " AIR " Butler Steve Chen 104 Gallery i Gallery r The Memory of Your Comfort Sustains Me Donna Lynn Gallery 105 106 Gallery i8 " X 14 " B I m i n cj I V a n a Mladenovic Gallery ' X I 16 " X 20 " Spring n3 ow Gallery 107 -b- J. J. Green 108 Gallery Gallery Gallery 109 Rudiments To those that lead in word, thought, and deed, and lie uneasy, wrestling with great (Questions, so that we may take advantage of the night. AHlhlORYOf ' MP.UU ' i.«Mt WlllMll ' N «0M SLAVERY TO FREEDOM m m USED.J ' i ' rr Alt articles represent 3 majority opinion of the Bruin Life Editorial Board They do not reflect the view of the staff or the ASUCLA Communications Board Thev do not reflect the views of the University of California Brum Life complies with Communication Board ' s policy prohibiting the publicaiion of articles that perpetuate derogatory cultural or ethnic stereotypes Students and teachers have been voicing their frustrations with the drastic budget cuts and rising registration fees in protests throughout the past school year. The expected budgetary crunch, predicted to affect all aspects of UCLA life, is drawing dissent from most of the student body, according to student leaders. Many complain about shortfalls in the proposed 1993-94 budget that have forced the Regents to consider reducing enrollment and increasing registration fees by about $605 for the 1 993 to 1 994 academic year. Decreases in state funding for the University of California are to blame for the campus cutbacks, say university officials. Despite student protestors mourning what they call a lowering of quality education, UCLA Chancellor Charles Young has remained firm in this position to raise student fees. " 1 think there ' s no question fees are going up. " The budget crisis has forced cuts in almost every UCLA department, including significant reduction in the College of Letters Sciences, which may result in the elimination or merging of several departments. " There is a very serious problem with the reduction in staff personnel, " says Herbert Morris, the college ' s provost. " This will especially hit hard in education programs. " A proposed 12 percent budget cut slated for this school year could force changes in the UCLA curriculum sooner than expected. Several departments, including the astronomy and physics programs, atmospheric sciences and the earth and space sciences programs, may be forced to combine, or face elimination altogether. Additionally, life sciences, humanities, and social sciences facestaffcuts(asmuchas 10 percent in some departments) that BUDGET -CUTS- many argue could seriously affect the quality of education at UCLA. However, " administrators defend the cuts, pointing to the decrease in the number of professors who are taking earl retirement, " says Vice Provost Carol Hartzog. " This will prevent the university from saving thousands of dollars or salaries for retiring professors. " However, students are unsympathetic to the administration ' s reasoning. " It is very unfair... to the university in general to so dramatically weaken the curriculum, " say Professorjoseph Nagy, chairman of the folklore and mythology center, which faces elimination. The $138,000 generated b such a closure would help offset the severe financial shortfalls of this year ' s budget, affirm university officials. A telling symptom of the budget crisis is the possibk elimination of the one-year foreign language requirement fo ' students in the College of Letters Sciences. This is only ont of the drastic measures being considered by the UCL Humanities division, which must meet its expected 1993-9 ' budget with $1.3 million less than a year ago. However, many students and professors question tht wisdom of the cutbacks in education programs. They predic a fall in the status of the university because of the changes it ha ' suffered at the hands of state budget directors. " It limits what we have to learn. gives us less that we ' re able to choose from, " says Brock Edwards, a junior majoring ir communication studies. " When they eliminate the availability of classes, they eliminate the availability of what we have to learn. " — LO)itnbuted by Vicky Gomelsky] 1 12 Rudiments MtlOi, siogei Tills « lollaB; to li mm - kV i ■ . - ' r - ■(« V %. O ' Dey Rudiments 1 1 3 i 4- UCLA Bmin Life, 19 1 14 Rudiments i - GREEK - SOCIETY k i Walking down Gayley, Landfair, or one of the other containing sexually explicit lyrics was found, it caused a huge streets adjacent to the UCLA campus on a Thursday night controversy and ruined the fraternity ' s image when local and would give any passerby a taste of Greek life. national television news, newspapers, and the Daily Bruin They really know how to party! brought it to the public ' s attention. Earlier this year, another Butthat ' snot all they do. They also contribute thousands songbook turned up. This one belonged to Theta Xi. The of hours of community service, help strengthen school spirit violent and sexually explicit lyrics, which promoted rape, and bring people closer on a campus of more than 35,000 murder, child-abuse, and homophobia, prompted officials to people. punish the fraternity by suspending it. Maybe that ' s why they seem to be everywhere. Wherever After a legal battle, the suspension was lifted. But Theta one turns there seem to be kappas, alphas, deltas and sigmas. Xi ' s image was tarnished. Although they told the entne UCLA On sweatshirts, on flyers publicizing parties and on the pages community that they had not made copies of the songbook of the Daily Bruin. recently and that the copy that was left at the Daily Bruin front Fraternities and sororitieshavebeen around foralmost two desk was an old one whose date had been altered by hand, tons centuries and were first established at UCLA in the 1930s and of letters and viewpoint pieces poured in. With titles like 40s. They were created as organizations with idealistic and " Greek leadership shows scapegoats " and ' Tor once, see spiritual ideologies. However, with numerous social changes yourselves through your victims ' eyes, " they tore at the entire throughout the last fifty years, some have become more frivolous Greek system for its insensitivity and immaturity, in nature. However, Theta Xi has kept up its fight to prove to the While some people are fascmated with the Greeks and world that they are not as evil as the media has portrayed them admire them, others fearthem,seeingthem as irresponsible and to be. As an organization, they have volunteered more than a threat to society. The Greek system prospered during the 3,000 hours of community service in the fall quarter of 1992 affluent 80 ' s but has been under attack from people who believe and are trying to do everything possible to show UCLA that that they are now filled with beer-guzzling, immoral jocks or they are not sexist, bigoted people. dumb, superficial blondes. However, like all stereotypes, this " Greeks Against Rape " was a recent group started by the is an inaccurate description. All Greeks sponsor different Inter-Fraternity Council to bring about some positive change, philanthropies and devote time to community service. They reduce the number of rapes which involve fraternity brothers, also make up a large population participating in spirit activities, and also to ameliorate the image the fraternities have garnered such as Homecoming and Spring Sing. For many Greeks, their over the recent news of sexist songbooks. group means more than partying on Thursday nights. For them, While the UCLA community tries to come to terms with the system promotes leadership, an emphasis on scholarship the Greek system, the fraternities and sororities are themselves and academic excellence. The system also provides them with re-evaluating their role at an academic institution such as an invaluable alumni network and fosters friendship. UCLA, hoping that they will soon sail past these troubled Some are claiming that the system is elitist and racist in times, nature because traditionally, fraternities and sororities here at But if you walk down Gayley Avenue any Thursday, you UCLA were segregated. Fortunately, the picture has improved won ' t see any less of a party than a year, or a month ago... the since then. Of the fifty-four groups, only a few are still Greeksarehere to stay, for better or for worse. They say for the specifically for Asian-Americans, Africans, or Caucasians. " better, " hoping that skeptics will give them more time to prove Other than racism, fraternities have had to face the label their validity and existence as a benefit to society. of being sexists. Last year, when Phi Kappa Psi ' s songbook — contributed by Kasb Sen i».W ' 1 Rudiments 1 15 500 YEARS OF -RESISTANCE- October 12, 1992 was the 500th anniversary of Cristobal Colon ' s landing on San Salvador. Around the world and at UCLA, the day was both celebrated and protested. " Newsweek " marked the famous voyage with a special edition characterizing the event as the collision between two worlds; the old and the new. On campus the 500 Years of Resistance Coalition marked Octoberl2 as " 500 Years of Struggle " Day and held a rally in Westwood Plaza attended by hundreds of students and faculty. The Coalition included groups such as: American Indian Students Association, Movimiento Estudiantil, Chicanos de Azatlan, Asian Pacific Coalition, African Student Union, Latin American Students Association and Samahang Pilipino. At the rally, the groups celebrated 500 years of survival for indigenous peoples in the Americas with a performance by the Latino rap group, " The Esoterics, " a Zapoteca prayer, Native American dances and other events. Signs held aloft read " Columbus discovered America-not! " and " Who ' s the real wetback, Pilgrim? " The Coalition penned a resolution endorsed by USAC that called for, among other points, a boycott of classes on October 12 and the immediate repatriation of all indigenous human remains and burial objects held by UCLA. Campus officials maintained that they are following federal, state, and university policies mandating the return of all human skeletal remains. Chairman of the Chancellor ' s Advisory Committee on Repatriation, Harold Horowitz, answered the demands for an immediate return by saying that UCLA is already making an effort to return the remains as quickly as possible to those who have rightful claims. He insisted, " We have to take inventory and begin repatriation procedures. Repatriation comes pursuant to those procedures. " Many Native Americans saw this as a symbol of the ongoing disrespect already perceived towards indigenous people and their culture. To many on campus this issue is spiritual and political. " A lot of these remains haven ' t completed their cycle of life. The spiritual mother earth owns them. They belong to the earth, which we are a part of and made of, " said American Indian Students Association member Tim Sanchez. The rally, demands for repatriation, and other events on October 1 2 proved to be the kickoff for an ongoing dispute on campus. Students differed on the issue in the hallways of Bunche Hall and in the cafeteria at Hedrick Hall. The context in which to place Columbus Day seemed to be the tip of the iceberg for many racial and cultural differences on campus. The day was made all the more relevant to Bruins due to this year ' s uproar over fraternity songbooks, the effort to establish a Chicano Studies Department, and the demands for more Asian languages. With events like these facing students everyday, the themes of October 12 were not abstract. The Daily Bruin Viewpoint section became a battleground with articles such as " UCLA ' s White Males Get Too Much Blame " and " Thanks To Columbus, Our World Is Better Than Ever, " countering the protesters. Letters to the editor came in supporting various positions. Ron Kagan commented, " A culture that gave rise to skyscrapers, heart transplants, and ' individual rights is better than one that gave rise to tepees, witch doctors, and blind obedience to mindless tribal rituals and taboos. " Brian Belski maintained, " 1 am not saying it is right for the curriculum to be this way, but there is no way to teach everybody, everything. " And one article in the Bruin titled " 500 Reasons for Resistance ' became a particular point of contention. With combined Native American Chicano Latino enrollment currently at 20.7 percent of all students and rising, October 12 will probably not go unnoticed at UCLA ever again. — contributed by Elizabeth Escobedo 116 Rudiments O ' Dey Rudiments 117 118 Rudiments World Wide Phot PRESIDENTIAL -ELECTION— This is the story of three men named George, Bill, and Ross. Each of these men saw that America was heading towards a future of economic shambles and catastrophe. Each of these men felt that he knew the best way to breathe life back into America. George felt that by helping the rich people, the good times would trickle down, and soon everyone would be happy. Ross felt that what America needed was an old-fashioned dose of business " know-how " to revive the staggering economy. Bill felt that the people of America had had enough, and the time was nigh to bring the mechanisms of the government back down to the people. These three men spent an unprecedented amount of money on campaigns, slogans, television spots, and advertisement. Truly, this election was a media blitzkrieg upon the public. The election also saw mud flying freely between the three camps, keeping the air alive with subtle innuendo and ' outright slander. In the end November came, and the people flocked to the booths to cast their votes. And yes, this election was a break in the trends as droves of people came out of their shells to partake in the democratic system. Bush had, in four years, shown us that he could win a war, oust a dictator, and reduce nuclear armaments, but it seemed that he had forgotten about his own people. Many people doubted Perot for his inexperience in the field of politics. And Clinton? Well, most people just loved Bill. With an overwhelming majority of the electoral vote, and a confirming majority of the popular vote, the people of America voted Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton as the next President of the United States. The Democratic victory marked the end of a twelve year Republican reign in the Oval Office. However, not everyone feels that Clinton is the man for the job. " This gives an opportunity for four years to show that the Republican way is the way to do it, " says Jared Falvo, vice chairman of Bruin Republicans. Still other students felt that the sincerity of Perot made him stand above even the best politician. rt ' w " In all the debates 1 liked what Perot said the most. He ' s the most sincere. He doesn ' t promise he ' s going to do everything. He can improve the economy, " says junior Kevin Castillo. In choosing the next president, foremost on people ' s minds were the state of the national economy, social programs, and the declining state of the educational system. For most people, the answer to these problems was Bill Clinton, who took 59% of the student vote here at UCLA, from 90% of voting students. On his agenda, Clinton promises to expedite the conversion of defense firms to other types of research and development, begin aggressive environmental cleanup, restore riot-torn Los Angeles, and focus on educational standards in America. Many feel that if Clinton can fulfill these promises, California ' s economy will benefit greatly. " This (victory) means more definite changes and a more domestically focused government which will spend more time dealing with the (internal) problems of the country, " says Daren Higa, a fourth-year math major. Still, the proof of a great president is not in his campaign promises (if that were so, we would only have great presidents), but the sign of greatness is what this new president does once he ' s behind the desk, in the White House. This election year was swept with the spirit of change. And although there could only be one winner, the general mood of the country seems content with the change that has been made. As put by sophomore Ryan Damon, " Right now everyone is down. 1 don ' t know how much power the president has, but maybe (Clinton) can change the country ' s momentum. " And from Larry Williams, a graduate student, " Bill Clinton is young, and he is going to make us young again. When Kennedy died, someone said that we will never be young again. Now 1 think Bill Clinton can do that for us. " — contributed by Ken Hung Chantel Loo Rudiments 119 X i Granb ' 120 Rudiments I DEATH OF - DESIGN - I " I ' ve learned so much from this department, " said Tim iWebster, a fifth year design major. " They don ' t teach you what to think. They teach you how to think. " The department which Webster refers to is the troubled and discordant design department at UCLA ' s School of the Arts, which has graduated many talented artists and designers. The role of the department is to promote creative thinking as ell as to give the students the proper skills to enter the intense competition inherent in the design field. Up until now, the design department has been successful in fulfilling its role. However, it is no wonder now that after UCLA ' s announcement of admission suspens, the design majors feel very passionately about the other department ' s educational role in their lives. " It ' s not fair to let students into a program that isn ' t a viable program, " explains Claudia Chapman, coordinator of the Council on Undergraduate Courses and Curricula. " The reason behind the suspension is due to complications arising from the budget cuts, as well as problems with past leadership in the department. " " The design department has had a history of problems with its curriculum, hiring, and scheduling, " admitted Robert Blocker, Dean of the School of the Arts. Unfortunately, budget cuts, now coupled with these internal problems, have caused the department to consider discontinuing the major. Some feel that the university has gone to an extreme and is doing a great disservice to its students by even considering this option. " The university knows that the department is having problems so they feel that the budget cuts won ' t matter to a department that is already dying, " says fourth year design major Kasra Kamooneh, At a time when the university needs to support the department, it is doing exactly the opposite, ' iKamooneh adds. ! Since UCLA is the only campus in the state system that [.offers the design major, the elimination of the department f inevitably affects the decisions of UC-bound aspiring design majors of the future. To the design majors now, the elimination of design also creates problems in their lives. Students are also beginning to fear that the elimination of the major will re duce the value of their degree, although Blocker assures them otherwise. " I ' m concerned with the credibility my degree will have, " voices fourth year design major Tim Richards. Not surprisingly, the idea that UCLA design department may not exist by the end of the year has many design students angry and concerned. Many feel that the design department should be and could be salvaged if only the university would take definite actions to ensure the major ' s survival. Furthermore, many feel that a lack of effective leadership and a general indifference from the School of Arts are the main causes that led to the deterioration of the department. These concerns were visibly voiced by design majors throughout the year. In the fall of 1992, they took action. In mid-October, dressed in black robes that covered their face and body, several students carried banners mourning the " death of the university. " Students fearing that the university would allow the department to die of attrition, as it did with the Journalism department a decade ago, attended the march, feeling that it was the only way to get the university officials ' attention. The concerns of the 1 80 design majors at UCLA have not gone unnoticed. The School of Arts began reconstructive measures in the fall of 1 992. In early October, the department appointed the Associate Dean of the School of the Arts, Bill Hutchinson as the department chairman, the third appointee for the position in the past two years. " They felt that the dean would be the most qualified person to deal with departmental problems. We can ' t hire a new chair until we ' ve personally dealt with the problem ourselves, " affirms Hutchinson. The design department fights against the clock, however. The suspension will be removed in November 1993, and the department hopes that by then it will be in working order. If in that time, the department cannot solve its problem, the university will vote on discontinuation of the major. — contributed by Tiva Hanjan Rudiments 121 122 Rudiments CAMPUS CONSTRUCTION f Many of UCLA ' s students can be heard commenting that the university trademark, Royce Hall, should be changed to pictures of construction. They say virtually any campus building will do, considering the myriad of renovations and additions urrently being raised. We, as students, need not be fatalistic. IWe fund a portion of construction through our registration fees. That is why students placed a " Student Service Master Plan " on the spring ballots concerning student- funded projects. lOther resources that students can use to voice their opinions lare: The Construction Information Committee, the Public ICommissioner ' s Committee and the Emergency Construction Complaint Hotline. The Public Commissioner ' s Committee, still in development, proposes to create a panel of students who can give direct input about their campus. " Students have power to say: we are students and we have a voice, " Matt Weathers insists. Facilities Commissioner of Undergraduate Student Association. " Construction is more complicated than people imagine — due to funding, labor laws, environmentalists and the California legislature. It is very hard for students to understand the difficulties in putting a buildingup. It often takes up to eight years to complete such a project. " Seismic renovations, mostly in Kerckhoff Hall, Ackerman Student Union and Powell Library, comprise the majority of campus construction areas. Accordingtojason Reed, executive director of ASUCLA, " The expansion projects of Kerckhoff andAckerman will receive funding from an increase of $1 31 per student for 27 years. " In defense of some construction Weathers adds " Seismic renovations must be implemented. . . people will die if they are not. " Reed continues, " In the event of an earthquake, Ackerman ' s floor would become separated from its columns and the building would collapse. It would fall like a deck of cards, and Kerckhoff would crumble. " Fire and safety renovations are also included in UCLA ' s goal for a more secure campus. Once pitch black, Bruin Walk, Royce, Powell, and Kerckhoff are now lit. An occasional couple may have preferred these dark areas, but today, because of added lights from safety renovations, women and men can more safely walk home alone. Asbestos removal is another extension of the renovations. Asbestos inhalation occurs after walls and ground are penetrated, therefore all existing asbestos must be encapsulated before any construction begins. This will also be helpful in the case of an earthquake because airborne particles will not be able to enter students ' lungs. Additions and upgrades also fall under the heading of construction. Ackerman Student Union will receive new food facilities, computer infrastructure upgrading and bookstore expansion in future years. The UCLA Medical Center has constructed a $ 1 2 million housing facility for patients and their families. And the radiology department is adding new examination rooms and equipment to replace small and outdated machines. Campus construction may seem like a never-ending inconvenience to stud ents, but at one time, Bruins held sit-ins because buildi ngs on the campus were unsafe. Previous students gave us a voice and the foundation for change. Finally, this year some of these concerned voices were heard. — contributed by Amanda Daniels Vivian Huang Rudiments 123 Almost two years after Rodney King was beaten on a suburban Lake View Terrace street, four Los Angeles police officers stand accused of federal civil-rights charges in U.S. District Court. Here ' s a chronology of events related to the case and the federal trial. March 3, I99i Rodney King is beaten by Los Angeles police after a chase that ends in Lake View Terrace. Much of the beating is captured on home video by an amateur cameraman from the balcony of his condominium. March 5: After the video is broadcast on a local television station, the FBI opens an investigation into the officers ' conduct, which is condemned by Mayor Tom Bradley and civil-rights groups. Chief Daryl F. Gates pledges a full investigation. March i5. The Los Angeles County grand jury indicts the four officers in his beating on charges of excessive force. March 26-. The four officers plead not guilty to felony charges. May 7. Gates fires Officer Timothy Wind and orders the three other indicted officers, Sgt. Stacey Koon and Ted Briseno, suspended without pay pending departmental Board of Rights hearings. July {9: Gates agrees to endorse the search for a new police chief and announce his retirement as soon as his successor is chosen. July 23 An appeals court orders the trial moved out of Los Angeles County, saying that potential jurors had been " infected " by political fallout from the incident. March 5, i992: One year and two days after the beating, prosecutors deliver opening statements in the Rodney King beating trial. April 16. After a months-long search, Philadelphia Police Commissioner Willie L. Williams is formally named as the police chief-designate to replace Daryl Gates. Williams starts July 1. April 22: Jurors begin deliberations. April 29: Jurors acquit the officers of 10 of 1 1 charges. The verdicts trigger the worst rioting in Los Angeles in 27years. Bradley and othercivic leaders appeal for calm. April 29-May i: Rioting sparked by the acquittals, and extending from South Central Los Angeles to Pacoima, kills more than 50 people and leads to widespread destruction. A dusk-to-dawn curfew is imposed. May i: President Bush, in a televised national address, said he is stunned by the acquittals and orders the department into " high gear on its own independent criminal investigation. " May 2 Department of Justice officials announce they have seated a 124 Rudiments RODNEY -KING- It 1 federal grand jury in a civil-rights investigation of officers involved in the King beating. May 2 Bradley names Peter Ueberroth to head Rebuild LA., which will enlist businesses, government leaders and the community to reconstruct the city, itoie 28 Gates steps down,- Williams takes over as new LAPD chief. Augusts: All four police officers are indicted by a federal grand jury on civil-rights charges. September is FJis office criticized for its handling of the first trial. District Attorney Ira Reiner announces he will not seek reelection, clearing the way for Gil Garcetti, his former chief deputy, to assume the post. October 2f The Webster Commission, investigating police response during the Los Angeles riots, concludes that the city was woefully unprepared and called for sweeping change to prepare for future emergencies. November 12: In a blow to federal prosecutors, a judge denies a government request that would allow them to introduce evidence at trial of prior misconduct by three of the four LAPD officers. January i4, 1993: With tensions expected to rise during the federal trial, LAPD Chief Williams asks city officials foi more than $1 million to equip officers with riot gear including rubber bullets and tear-gas grenades. January (8 Truckei Reginald Denny — who was pulled from his truck and beaten during the Los Angeles riots — tells a national television audience he harbors no malice toward his attackers but wants to see justice done. Three men are charged with attempted murder in his beating. January 22 Completing its internal hearings, an LAPD disciplinary board cleared a Foothill Division officer of allegations that he failed to intervene in King ' s beating but found him guilty of failing to report misconduct. January 22 The coroner ' s office raises the official death toll of the riots to 53 with the death of a North F4ollywood man who was beaten the first night of violence. February 25: Opening statements are delivered in the federal Rodney King beating trial. March 9 Testifying for the first time, Rodney King tells federal jurors he was " just trying to stay alive " as police beat and kicked him while taunting him with racial slurs. April lo The eight-man, four- woman federal jury begins deliberations. April 16: A federal court jury finds Koon guilty of allowing King ' s rights to be violated. Powell was convicted of violating King ' s rights. The jury acquitted Briseno and Wind. — cofitributed by Los Angeles Daily Nemi i World Wide Phoioi Rudiments 125 126 Rudiments ■SL WORLD EVENTS The year ' s major events in the world seem to all have one I binding theme,- that of strife and turmoil. The starving children lof Somalia, the war-torn streets of Bosnia-Herzegovia, and the crumbling state of the Russian economy clearly paid tribute to year of social unrest and a need for change. Ruled by the Gun i Long before the U.S. military intervention, U.S. media ihad already been involved in the Somalian situation. Pictures Df starving families and children were displayed on the national and local news. In addition to the sorry state of social affairs, the jgovernment of Somalia was also being rocked back and forth in vhich the lack of leadership lead to a fight for control of the country. These competing factions were headed by warlords who sought control through military power and skirmishes in .;he streets of the capital, Mogadishu. Soon, it seemed that ijvery man in the country, although lacking in food, was not acking in guns or ammunition. At this point of growing Tensions and passions, the United Nations sent a peace keeping " orce to Somalia to stabilize the situation enough to allow relief supplies to reach the hungry. United States military intervention, nowever, was widely criticized as a product of over-zealous media attention. Operation: Restore Hope, however, went ahead, and U.S. Marines landed on the beaches of Mogadishu amidst a flurry of flashbulbs, cameras, and reporters) to try to alvage a country " ruled by the gun. " Nationalism peace-keeping force, however, was not as warmly welcomed in Bosnia-Herzegovina, as it was in Somalia. The United Nations plan to make peace in Bosnia-Herzegovina was to split the country into ten sections, with each faction governing three of the sections, and the tenth section to be equally governed by the three groups. The warring groups, however, were opposed to United Nations ' mediation of their situation. Miraculously Dangerous In Europe, the flames of nationalism and religious fervor were once again lit. The place was Bosnia-Herzegovina, a small country between Yugoslavia and Croatia, which is populated by three main cultural groups: Croatians, Serbians, and Muslims Feelings of nationalism tore the country, with each group claiming the land for themselves. Tales of torture and death amps circulated throughout the country and the world, fanning |the flames of cruelty. A holy war between the denominations of Greek Orthodoxy, Roman Catholic, and Islam also erupted. The jsmal! country was so torn by the fighting, that the United Nations was again prompted to take action. A United Nations Russia, a country steeped in a long history of bloody revolutions, fascist governments, and economic failure, underwent yet another change this year. The collapse and disintegration of Mikhail Gorbachev ' s Soviet Union provided the momentum for Boris Yeltsin to become Russia ' s popularly elected president. But, in general, Yeltsin ' s job is not envied, for he is the spearhead of a three-way revolution of a decades-old system. Russia has changed from a totalitarian state to a democracy, from a command economy to a free market, and from a multinational empire, to a nation state. Specifically, Yeltsin ' s main problem is paradoxical. In order to provide the government with the machinery to implement a democracy, Yeltsin must use power in an un- democratic fashion. Yeltsin also discovered, like Gorbachev, that his power is much more paper, and much less action, as he fought against his opponents in Parliament. Many people fear that if Yeltsin is allowed to use this power to create a democracy, he will end up creating yet another totalitarian state. The main concern with most people was and is the alarming inflation rate of about 1000% per year. Citizens draw parallels between Russia ' s inflation and the runaway inflation in Germany that provided a fertile breeding ground for Hitler ' s " doctrine of hate. " The future of Russia is a race between the success of Yeltsin ' s new policies, and the growing influence of his opponents. Many countries, including the U.S., see the potential danger to the world economic system if Russia is to fall back to Communism. To combat this, help in the form of economic aid could be one solution in aiding the fledgling democracy struggle through its growing pains. — contributed by Kai Hung Rudiments 127 1992-1993 John Cage, one of the inventors of performance art dies. He influenced composers from Philip Glass to Yoko Ono painters like Jasper Johns Robert Rauschenberg. 1 he Woody Allen-Mia Farrow scandal breaks. Allen files for custody of 3 of their children while Farrow counters that Allen molested their adopted child, Dylan. Dush ships food to Somalia to aid the 1 .5 million starving people. laska ' s 1 1 ,000 foot Mount Spurr erupts for the second time in 1 992, lyagc. m ' bates; rougii shsve icone much ash is left behind in the seaport town of Anchorage. 1 ,000+ neo-Nazis riot in Germany for the expulsion of foreigners. I lurricane Andrew hits southern Florida Louisiana leaving 33 dead 300,000 homeless. 5,000 couples from 1 20 different countries iivcra marry simultaneously in Seoul, South Korea, by the Unification Church ' s Reverand Sun Myung Moon. LJ..S. Gulf War allies ban flight of Iraqi planes over southern Iraq. Darbara McCIintock, a Nobel Prize winning genetic scientist dies at 90 years of age. vnthony Perkins of Psycho fame dies at 60 years, 2 years after he is diagnosed with AIDS. I V ' ' fi S H R IIi tiis v_ ensorship in school libraries increases which targets books such as Nobel Prize winner John Steinbeck ' s 0 Mice And Mm for its " anti- Christian content ' and Madeleine L ' Engle ' s A Wrinkle In Time for its " new- age content and mystical theme. " I lurricane Iniki hits the Hawaiian island of Kauai leaving four dead. IN ASA launches its 50th shutde wra leiy.o fefed 128 Section ueiK «lol scan Fan ml? 1992-1993 voyage, the " Endeavor. " Linited Nations votes to expel Yugoslavia. IXoss Perot re-enters the presidential election race. 1 hree way debates are planned betvs een Bush, Clinton, and Perot. The debates tour through several major cities and are televised nationally. T resident ™sl Bush ' s veto on the Cable Rates Bill is overturned by Congress — the first time one of Bush ' s veto ' s has been overturned. 1 he 500th anniversar y of Columbus ' " discovery " of America is commemorated by protests against the European domination of Native American cultures. 1 hree-vi ' ay presidential debate teams hit the road. Doris Yeltsin reveals to the world Soviet atrocities committed in the past. Among those disclosed were the transcripts of conversations before the downing of the Korean Airlines plane. J ack W. Peltason is inaugurated as the ! 6th president of the Universities of California. 1 he Toronto Blue Jays win the World Series, becoming the first Canadian team to do so. 1 he Metrolink Rail System opens in Los Angeles. Wne billion dollars is donated to Project: Rebuild LA. 1 he Food and Drug Administration approves a controversial new form of birth control, an injection for females which is effective for up to three months. IVlagic Johnson retires again from the world of professional basketball, v linton wins the presidential election with a plurality of votes. 1 ridaythe 1 3th... Dracw rt opens in theaters everywhere. Feltason announces that reg fees will be raised to over $1000 per quarter starting the next fall quarter. PvENO, a new ottery, opens in California. pike Lee ' s tAakolm X opens in Westwood where security lis a fiii ' ii Wm II is beefed up as policemen patrol the streets to ward off anticipated trouble. -Zo,000 U.S. Section 129 1992-1993 troops are sent to Somalia in Operation: Restore Hope. 1 resident- Elect Clinton selects his team to restore the U.S. ' s economy. The team of seven is made up of 2 women and 5 men. Four of the members are businessmen women. 1 hirty-four Cuban refugees comandeer a tourist helicopter flight to Miami, Florida in the biggest defection from Cuba in recent years. IN ew California State Laws take effect on the first of January which includes the Mandatory Motorcycle I Helmet Law which incurs a fine of $ 1 00 if not followed. Also, vehicle registration fees increase for each car, and cigarette makers are prohibited from handing out free samples in public areas. V alifornia State Governor Pete Wilson proposes a $60.2 billion state budget for 1992-93. t-mployer incentives create a shift towards car-pooling in January. It was found that 70% of car k poolers continue to car pool after these incentives were taken away. r contract for the manufacture of automated Los Angeles Green Line Railway cars is signed with a Japanese firm. 1 V lother Teresa receives a pledge from doctors and nurses of Scripps Memorial Hospital, in San Diego, to set up a volunteer network of mobile medical clinics for the poor in Tijuana, Mexico. 1 he " condom " for women wins support with an FDA panel, although is not officially approved in the LInited States. At this time it has been approved in Switzerland, Britain and France 1 he Senate okays a bill to regulate cable television rates. rVussian President Boris Yeltsin talks to President Bush at the Unite d Nations at the first Security Council Summit The council ' s new doctrine protects human rights everywhere, the opposite of its former " hands off " policy. Jack Kevorkian, also apF enti 130 Section k kersi ,odee ontp lorq mil M 1992-1993 ,m .(5cn known as " Dr. Death, " is arrested for allowing two chronically ill women to use his suicide machine. Lvefense officials from the United States and the Commonwealth of Independent States draw up a plan to bury warheads of the former Soviet Union. Authorities arrest 29 people after a two year federal undercover investigation reveals the biggest wildlife slaughter in Alaskan history with poachers collecting walrus ivory and various animal hides. TDA panel rejects a complete ban on silicone gel implants. It is recommended that the implants be reserved for reconstructive surgery only. Ivristi Yamaguchi, of Fremont, California, wins the gold medal for figure skating in the Winter Olympics. r cult leader barricades a warehouse in Waco, Texas, claiming that he is the " next Messiah. " From Florida to Maine, the entire east coast is swamped in what has come to be known as the " storm of the century. " I 1 illary Clinton ' s health care program comes up with various ways to reform the health care system. 1 Vlardi Gras celebrates its 52nd anniversary with the theme " Make it F appen — Together. " The charity event is a success despite bei ng closed in 1992 because of the uprisings following the Rodney King verdict in April 1992. 1 he number of four-year seniors graduating (jj have increased over the years. As graduates bid farewell, the returning iian, students prepare themselves for increased fees in the 1993 fall quarter. Section 131 1 ■ V ' . ' . M 1 f . 0M H .ii r.ajiAdti l i ! p TSSIm k. courtesy Glona Mol i 132 Rudiments GLORIA MOLINA Amidst the jungle of high-rises in the heart of downtown Los Angeles Gloria Molina has rocked the notion of " government as usual " from the eighth floor of one of these buildings. Molina upset the tide of Southern California politics by being the first Hispanic in 1 1 6 years to be elected in 1 99 1 to the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors — and the first woman. She has earned many firsts. Molina was the first Latina to be elected to the California State Legislature of the 56th district in 1982 and the first to sit on the Los Angeles City Council in 1987. Molina did not achieve these positions easily. She fought for them with the tenacity for which she is famous. The County Board of Supervisors had blocked women and Hispanics from the board for many years. In 1981, the American Civil Liberties Union and the Department of Justice sued the County Board of Supervisors for intentionally excluding Hispanics from the board by the way they drew the districts. The federal judge ruled against the county and called for an election in the newly drawn district. Molina ran for the office of supervisors against her former boss, then assemblyman Art Torres (D-56th), in the newly drawn first supervisory district and won in 1991. Hertoughand uncompromising style of politics attracted voters throughout her political career. And that is what the voters wanted. She ran for the California Assembly in 1982. And she discovered that many of the male politicians that she had helped in the past thought a woman should not run. " That did motivate me, " she said in a Washincjton Post interview in 1987. ' That made me very determined. " Her determination won her the office. There she earned the respect of many of her constituents while losing many politicians as allies because of her uncompromising principles and by opposing a new state prison in East Los Angeles. The organized male-dominated Latino political group had historically excluded women from the Los Angeles City Council. Despite this, Molina won. In 1 982, her political career began when she worked as an aide to Torres, as deputy director of the San Francisco office of the Health and Human Services Department under former President Jimmy Carter. She also served as Southern California deputy to Assembly Speaker Willie Brown the same year. Molina was raised in Pico Rivera and Montebello. Her parents were farm workers who struggled to keep the family fed and happy. The first of 1 children born to Mexican-American parents, Molina had always known conflict. She had always wanted a career in fashion design. But she took a job as a legal secretary to help the family after her father was injured in an accident. She attented Rio Hondo and East Los Angeles Colleges from 1966 to 1968. And she fought for increased minority enrollment in community colleges and against the Vietnam War. From resolving conflicts between her two sisters at University of California, Irvine, and her parents, she has learned the art of mediation. In her community, a father may refuse to allow his daughter to go away to college. " But you cannot approach him with anger and confront him, " she said in a Washington Post interview in 1987. Herchildhood experiences had given her the perserverance that she needed to achieve all of these accomplishments. And her trademark red suit has become a familiar sight in Los Angeles politics. This belief has allowed her to oppose fellow politicians, knowing that she would lose their support. But she has always believed that her first responsibility was to the people, not to her colleagues or her campaign. Many people have been speculating that Molina will run for the office of mayor when Mayor Tom Bradley steps down from office in 1993. But that all-familiar red suit won ' t be in the big office in Downtown Los Angeles with the placard reading " Mayor " . She announced in 1 992 that she will not be running for the top spot. She said that she feels she can do more for the peole in her present position. She has always wanted to be in touch with the community, not a career politician. — contributed by Murat Ozgur .j. Rudiments 133 ELAINE -CHU- James Chu has only letters and phone calls on which to envision the tremendous success of his daughter, Elaine, the Internal Vice President of UCLA. Elaine Chu ' s greatest wish is that her father, a former professor at both Taiwanese and American universities, could see her in her " environment. " James Chu is involved in politics and it is from him that Elaine draws much of her strength. Although her father is thousands of miles away, Chu fondly says, " Dad can look at things in different perspectives, always objectively. The pressure of his job is much greater than that which 1 face, yet he is always able to remain calm under fire. " The life ofElaine Chu is certainly one of vibrant experiences and optimistic views of the world. Born in Taiwan, she and her family, which consists of her father, mother, and older sister, moved to Chico, California, where James Chu was a professor of mass communication an d journalism at Chico State University. After the sixth grade, Chu and her family moved back to Taiwan where she attended a private. Catholic school administered by Filipino nuns. However, within a few years, the Chus moved back to Chico, then back to Taiwan, in time for Elaine ' s senior year atTapei American School. While at Taipei, Chu ' s academic and activity records remained impeccable. She was the student government spirit committee chair and also won a Southeast Asian debate championship. With the whirlwind of moving around the world, Chu always knew that she wanted to attend a university in California, " where her roots are. " In UCLA, she found the " perfect balance between good athletics and a well known economics department with an international studies component. " In addition to being the Internal Vice President, Chu is extensively involved in Bruin Belles, UniCamp, student government, and on-campus housing. In response to how she handles all of her time commitments, Chu says that she " tries to set aside certain blocks of time for student government, for school work... " Yet, she admits that time management is " often difficult to do, especially with student government, in which there are always things to take care of. " If anyone has ever met Chu, he she was probably struck by her boundless enthusiasm and energy. Chu says that she doesn ' t " have to look for the energy. If you are enthusiastic about something, the energy will be there. " With this determination, she hopes some day to return to the Pacific Rim and either work for the American or Taiwanese government to " bring the two international worlds together. " She hopes to work for 2 or 3 years, then receive a joint degree in international relations and business administration. As the Internal Vice President, Chu feels that " personality and values " are the key traits of a good leader. This is why her focus group during the campaign was the residence halls, which are, according to her an " eclectic group of people, all with different ethnicities, religion s, majors, and so forth. 1 did not want to just target one group. " The responsibility of Internal Vice President is a great one. On a daily basis, Chu and her committee are responsible for coordinating all council activities and acquiring respective speakers. Chu also works with different student groups, suggesting issues of importance. She also coordinates two internship programs, an expository series on hate crimes against ethnicities, and a student government newsletter. Further, Chu and her office have established a calendar of events on A-Ievel Ackerman, that " centralizes activities of the week and allows students and faculty to know what is going on, at a glance. " Most importantly, Chu does not want to be regarded as an " authority figure. " She urges all to go out and do what they want to do. " Your voice will always be a welcoming voice...! never turn anyone away. 1 simply ask, ' What is it that you want to do? ' " With this welcoming attitude, Elaine Chu is a force to be both admired and confronted with. — contributed by Jennifer Kobashi 134 Rudiments I Rudiments 1 35 1 6 Rudiments — MARK- -PULIDO On the eve of the student elections in May 1992, Mark Pulido waited in suspense to see if the students would elect him undergraduate president. But as he lingered, anticipating the results, another more serious verdict made the news. The acquittal of the police officers accused of beating Rodney King caused an uprising in Los Angeles and cities across the nation. For Pulido, the verdict and its aftermath in Los Angeles signaled a burning need for equal representation for all factions on campus. Student government, he believed, would serve as the perfect vehicle. Once elected and desiring to represent all undergraduates, Pulido put into force a coalition of students and government, working together to increase involvement and awareness of student rights. " One strength the students can focus on is an organized, unified voice, " Pulido asserts. " Student Power, " as the coalition is called, is the main Ipriority for Pulido and the undergraduate council, in their drive to unite the campus. By encouraging involvement in campus issues, Pulido hopes to raise consciousness and sensitivity so that students will direct more input to the council, making it a more representative student body. He affirms, " Our philosophy is structured to eliminate the problem of a mere handful of students representing all 23,000 undergraduates, " To draw more of those non-involved students in, Pulido devised committees for students to serve on, regardless of their ipast experiences. As a result, freshman and sophomore cabinets have seen an increase in involvement. Communicating and hearing the needs of 1 8 different student advocacy groups, also help the undergraduate government combine a myriad of efforts, in order to strengthen Student Power. According to D.D.Musial, assistant director for the Center for Student Programming, Pulido is " perhaps one of the most inclusive presidents we have ever had. " Moreover, he is fair in his efforts to represent and include all facets of the community during the undergraduate council meetings The main issues and concerns Pulido works on are: registration fee hikes, the budget crisis, curricular reform, financial aid, and the drive to implement a new gender ethnic studies requirement. Pulido wants to make sure that the budget reduction does not hurt students ' needs and services. " My job, " Pulido says, " is to channel the frustrations in a direction so student needs are articulated to the administration. " Current issues are a priority, but Pulido has long-term goals. Developing leadership skills among young people, fighting to improve the curriculum, and helping campus strength during the budget reduction process will be the foundations on which reform will take place. According to Pulido, " 1 am not as much looking for the quick fixes or making people happy in the short term. It is the concrete steps that will help connect the student body. " Pulido feels he has chosen difficult goals, but he has taken them on because of his strong sense of obligation to his peers. " If 1 don ' t keep people aware, I am doing a big disservice to the campus. " His commitment to the campus does not eclipse his dedication to community services. Coming from a community where the majority of his friends were involved with gangs and drugs, Pulido was not exposed to many positive role models, it was not until UCLA students from the Samahang Pilipino organization came to speak at his high school that he decided to get involved in the community and education. Pulido, the first Pilipino to be elected undergraduate president at UCLA has himself turned into a role model. He states, " When I got involved with community service four years ago, tutoring younger brothers and sisters in gangs, it gave me meaning and direction in my life. 1 realized through this experience that I have a responsibility to give back to the community what 1 have learned. " This return to the community motivates Pulido to devote time and effort so that all students have an equal opportunity to be heard. Before serving as the undergraduate president, Pulido was involved with the Samahang Pilipino organization, was editor- in-chief of Pacific Ties newsmagazine, and served on the undergraduate student council. According to Pulido, his job as president consumes 40 to 60 hours a week. That overwhelming time commitment leaves little time for Pulido, the history and Asian American studies major, for relaxation. His duties include presiding over undergraduate student council meetings and sitting on 10 to 15 boards and committees, such as the Alumni Association, Academic Council, ASUCLA Board of Directors and UCLA Board of Visitors. Thus, Pulido says, " 1 have developed an ability to understand different people and their views. " Pulido hopes that his efforts do not go by unnoticed, and that his time in office will make a difference on campus and with student needs. Pulido affirms, " I want people to know that it is not just another year as business as usual. " — contributed by Courtney Thomas Rudiments I 37 MAUREEN MEDEIROS " Generations of good people in cycles of poverty,- it bothers me so 1 ask myself, are you doing as much as you can for the struggle? " — Revolution, Arrested Development Maureen Medeiros has listened to the words of this song, featured in the movie Malcolm X, countless times. She knows many " good people in cycles of poverty " through her volunteer work in the organization Amigos del Barrio, a tutorial project that assists elementary school children in lower socioeconomic communities. Medeiros has spent much of her fouryears at UCLAhelpingchildren in the innercity, andasthe head director of Amigos del Barrio, one of the oldest community service projects on campus, she has had the opportunity to truly make a difference. " One of the most exciting parts abut directing Amigos is recruiting tutors, as 1 am always thrilled to see the quantity and quality of UCLA students who volunteer with us, " she says. " Many have an experience similar to my own — that as it turns out, you learn as much or more from the kids as they do from you. " One of the children that has made a lasting impression on Medeiros is Laura, a vivacious and outgoing Latina girl from Hollywood. " She is one of the brightest children 1 have ever met, and she tells me she would love to go to UCLA, but she already realizes and worries about how expensive it is. " Most of the children in the program are either Chicano Latino or African-American, and many of their families live near poverty level. Medeiros feels a deep concern for these economically disadvantaged children who " have so much potential, and yet are faced with so many more barriers and see limited options for their futures. We try to reach these kids at an early age and let them know that if they study hard, scholarships can make college a possibility. " Medeiros believes that education is the " ticket out " of the inner city, and Amigos del Barrio brings these children to UCLA in hopes of " demystifying " higher education. " Many of them have little or no idea what college is like, and 1 think coming to campus really emphasizes our pro-education message. " Anothervolunteerorganization which Medeiros is very involved in is UCLA ' s UniCamp. She hopes to be a counselor for the third time this summer, after her graduation with a degree in English and a specialization in education. Medeiros has also stayed busy working two computer graphics jobs and being one of the philanthropy directors of the Alpha Phi sorority. " My organizer is my most treasured possession, " she laughs. Medeiros realizes that although she can try to help inner city children, she ' ll never quite be able to empathize with their situation because her background is different from those she tutors. She grew up in a middle-class Northern California neighborhood near San Jose, where she was greatly encouraged and supported in academics by her mother. Medeiros feels, " It is vital for me not to come in and impose my ' white culture ' on these children, but 1 think 1 can be a positive influence in their lives whatever my skin color. " Not surprisingly, Medeiros hopes to teach at an inner city school in the near future. She vehemently believes, though, that attempting to solve the problems in the innercity should not be a responsibility given solely to teachers, but rather to every segment of society. " If the LA. rebellion taught us anything, I hope it ' s that everyone, from the media to big business and everybody in between, has an obligation to be concerned about those less fortunate, and especially the children, " she smiles. " Are you doing as much as you can for the struggle? " — contributed by Stephanie Smith 138 Rudiments Rudiments 139 courtesy Roy £1 ts 140 Rudiments ■ i. -ROY- SHULTS " A day without a meeting is a day without sunshine. " This is the creed by which the 1 992-94 Alumni Association President Roy L. Shults lives. He looks upon his appointment not as a chore but as " an opportunity to interact with other people to do something positive during trying times. " Shults believes his role is both tangible and positive because he has a real opportunity to make a difference. Shults succeeds Sacramento attorney Ralph M. Ochoa and is now a University of California Regent- Designate who will be a full voting member of the Board of Regents in 1 993 -94. As a parent of three college students, Shults stresses the budget issue as important. He fears that a 12% cut across the board would mediocritize UCLA ' s high standards in education. Also, he is against an enrollment decrease since there are more applicants each year. Instead, he advocates taking a hard look at weak departments and programs and changing them, rather than drastically affecting the whole system. While he was doing undergraduate studies at UCLA, registration fees were $147 a quarter, but the stresses of economics were still present. He had to support himself by working as an orderly in the medical center and by making use of financial aid. A member of the UCLA class of 1 970 and a 1 973 graduate of Harvard Law School, Shults is a partner in the Los Angeles aw firm of Mitchell, Silberberg, and Knupp. He has been a part of the law firm for 1 9 years and was a managing partner for eight and a half years. He cites strong support from colleagues as the main reason he is able to handle so many responsibilities. Shults loves beingan antitrust and trade regulation attorney. To him, it is an intellectual challe nge and he enjoys learning new jargon, meeting different people and using creativity to solve problems. He is pleased that two of his three daughters are planning a future in law. Shults says he is not afraid to admit he is a strong feminist and strongly supportive of women. " Women who go into law receive respect from the people they work with. I believe they need to be able to participate even more. If a woman can say she ' s a lav er, people will back off and try not to take advantage of her. " Shults wants to be an example for the future and make the way better for students. He likes being involved because college was the most influential period in his life. He has many memories of UCLA ( " all of them are fond " ) such as the summer of 1968 when he was so excited to see a midnight premiere of the movie, 200 1 . He also remembers street riots and tear gas on campus in 1970 when Cambodia was invaded. He participated in a student protest which took control of Ackerman Union. He also spent a wild summer in the Co-op when it turned out their cook was an undercover agent for the FBI. " It was like a three-ring circus. We were students who really cared " Of the many committees he chairs, Shults ' favorite is the UC Regents, but he wishes to administer no more than necessary and reduce UCLA ' s bureaucracy. He enjoys reading about history — after all, it was his undergraduate major. He says his wife, Dale, and his three daughters, Kathleen, Heather, and Anne, are extremely precious to him, especially when it comes to their education. His advice to students is to do something they really believe in or like, or it will weigh down on them. " If your goal is to make beau-coup bucks fast, that ' s death. No way are you going to thrive. I think it ' s saner to reduce your stress level and just concentrate on being happy, while making a reasonable living. " — contributed by Veronica Grey Rudiments 141 NYANISO RAHOTEP Nyaniso Rahotep strives to promote African concerns on campus as a positive outlet for his anger at the racism fellow students experience everyday. He has felt the sting of prejudice daily since his family moved to America from Guatamala when he was eight. At his elementary school in South Central Los Angeles, the black kids did not want him around because of his Latin accent and the Latino kids excluded him because of his black skin color. All his life he has known discrimination. Rahotep hoped UCLA would be different. " 1 bought into all of the propaganda about it being a diverse campus, " he said. But when he entered as a freshman in 1985 he found it to be more of the same. " 1 was treated like a non-person, a sore spot in people ' s eyes, " he explaines. People expected him to be stupid, Rahotep said. No one would choose him as a lab partner because they assumed he couldn ' t do the work and teachers would not bother calling on him because they assumed he wouldn ' t know the answers. The constant struggle of having to prove himself because of his race built up an anger inside him that he channeled into community service. In his freshman year Rahotep worked with the Saturday School program run by the African Youth Student Alliance. The alliance is an organization at UCLA that creates relationships between inner city kids and university students. For the program, Rahotep traveled to Wilmington Heights school in Compton. He tutored the kids not only on school work, but also on African history and culture. " The kids needed to know about their history and heritage in order to have a better concept of their lives, " he says. " The government and schools don ' t bother to teach them who they are, " Rahotep asserts. In the two years he tutored, he saw a growth in their confidence and esteem as their self-concept improved. Rahotep grew unhappy at UCLA though. He disliked what he called the " monkey see, monkey do " style of learning here and his grades dropped. The university expelled him in 1987. While out of school he joined the New Africans People ' s Organization. Their militaristic tactics and strict rules and guidelines showed him the importance of organization and discipline. He carries this strength with him in his daily life. His time away from school showed him the importance of an education. After being laid off from his job as a warehouse worker at a book binding factory, he realized how scant his options were and returned to UCLA. Rahotepjoined the African Student Union upon returning, and soon became the union ' s chairman. He restructured it to make it less hierarchical, and more of a collective. " This gave everyone a greater stake in the process, " he emphasizes. " We were fighting against individualism. " As chairman, Rahotep set out to create programs to help African students succeed. One such program is the African Campus Retention Committee. The committee gives African students a chance to study away from the prejudice that Rahotep describes. The committee takes a holistic approach to learning as opposed to the memorizing techniques that the university favors. in 1992 Rahotep took over as editor of NOMMO, the African student magazine at UCLA. " From the outside, " he says, " editing a newsmagazine looked easy. " This experience changed his mind, though. " Getting a paper out is hell, " he remembers thinking. Though it is paid for by student publications, NOMMO was founded by ASU. Thus, Rahotep doesn ' t see it as breaking away from the organization — just as a new challenge. He sees NOMMO as a vehicle to provide information concerning the African population on campus. NOlVlMO offers perspectives not found in any other campus publication, and he hopes to challenge other people ' s perspective through the magazine. Most of all, Rahotep wants to wake people up. He says on campus he feels like he is " amongst the living dead. " Students live their lives through " unconscious socialized behavior. They are led around like sheep. " But Rahotep adds, " I ' m not upset at the sheep, I ' m angry at the shepherds. I ' m not concerned with placing blame. I ' m concerned with solving problems. " — contributed by Michael Gellete 142 Rudiments — PETER — UEBERROTH The ability to galvanize the cooperation of private enterprise and to solicit a broad-based commitment of all kinds jf resources to LA ' s inner city areas is clearly among Peter Ueberroth ' s most convincing qualifications as one of the directors f Rebuild LA. And, this has not been an easy task for the former baseball commissioner who first showed his tenacity and skill as the organizer of the 1984 Olympics — the first Olympic James to be privately funded and financially profitable. UCLA has a legacy from these games in the Ueberroth Building, which the university originally built to serve as the 1984 Olympics headquarters. And now in 1992 some UCLA acuity and students are finding ways to contribute to Ueberroth ' s nost recent endeavor, Rebuild LA. At least 50 hrms have shown their interest in investing in leglected areas of Los Angeles. Peter Ueberroth has been nstrumental in securing commitments from Toyota, Chevron, rco, Mobil and Ralph ' s Markets. Their contributions range rem rebuilding facilities that were destroyed in the riots last .pring, to making executive loans to RLA, to providing new jobs ind job training in the community. " Having worked with Peter in the past, I know he must be ji ery frustrated because he ' s the kind of person who is used to H esults, " says Andy Lipkis, head of TreePeople, an LA based H nvironmental education and community service organization A ' ith a long history of inner city involvement. But Ueberroth, .vho is working out of a back-alley location office and depending argely upon a volunteer work force, has promised to apply all J:he pressure he can upon the private sector to bring long-term liolutions to the community in the form of jobs and economic Dpportunity. Ueberroth also explained in a Los Ancjeles Times interview shortly after his appointment, that corporations and private businesses need to see that the depressed economic conditions of the inner city, including the loss of jobs caused by the riots, |are bad for business at both a local and a global level. " Nobody can bring anything in that the community doesn ' t kvant. So we ' ve got to get people to come together and talk about it in the tiniest little neighborhoods. . . They have to say what works for them — what they want, " says Ueberroth in an |LATmif5 interview. Others see the value of working with small community groups also. Among them are Lou Estrada, a professor at UCLA ' s Graduate School of Architecture and Urban Planning, and several of his graduate students who are currently involved in synthesizing into one document the results of the many community conferences and forums held after the riots in one sample area — Pico Union. " The next step is to simultaneously go to the community and say to them that this is our best sense of what came out of all those meetings, and we would like to know what you consider to be the priorities among them, and what role you ' d like to see people from the outside play, " says Estrada, who feels that an " invitation " from the community for UCLA to become involved is essential if any meaningful contribution is to be made. The idea is to have faculty and students involved in various projects — with RLA coordinating the process and making theirresources from private enterprises and philanthropic institutions available to the effort. If the process of working closely with community groups in Pico Union works, Estrada would like to see it implemented in other parts of the city also. " But we have to start somewhere in force right now, " he said. " 1 see one bright spot; the chance to dramatically impact a major inner city positively, " Ueberroth affirmed in an interview in Newsweek last May. " We ' ll create a prototype that other people can use, if we ' re as successful as I hope we are " The findings from the community meetings will provide a sense of what responses are necessary and possible, organizers hope. UCLA faculty wants to use the study to determine those areas to which the Urban Planning Department can make a specific contribution. " Everywhere we go, people want long-term solutions. The way we have defined that now is creating jobs, and so we are putting a lot of emphasis there, in the end that ' s not enough. So now a person has a job, but they are afraid to walk out to their street, " said Estrada who stressed that social and economic aspects are very interdependent. The success of RLA depends largely on its ability to create " an investment base forlong-term solutionsandlocal ownership, " he said. — contributed by Francia Gtumt Rudiments 145 In memorium AMANDA KELLEY GILBERT 146 Rudiments This eulog ' was presented b ' Professor Tom Miller at a celebration ot Amanda ' s lite held on March 8 m Palo Alto, California 1 think the frustrations and sadness that we feel today are well -expressed in the following verse: Befon her time Jul this luiy pna nirny AnJ t .it soiu; of her hfe I Was iii(frrn i(fii in the iniiiiilf Aiiii how siiii it IS There were other verses Thnt remained to he siiiul We are gathered to remember, honor and celebrate the life of Amanda Kellex ' Gilbert , one of UCLA ' s forensics famiK ' s finest flowers, cut down just as she started to bloom Words cannot adequatek ' express the grief and frustration that we teel over the tragic death of one who was lust starting to live her life Yes, we know that ever ' rising sun must set, that even ' one of life ' s candles must someday burn out But when the light goes out in one so young, it ' s as though the sun has set at noon — darkness, when we expected decades more of light Mr and Mrs Gilbert expected the light in their daughter ' s life to shine a bit longer than 1 S ' ears But it was not to be. So now they are forced to engage in the unnatural act of bur ' ing their onK ' child 1 can find no words to explain or justif ' this perversion First Aaron, now Amanda, Mr and Mrs Gilbert, I want you to take comfort in this Your daughter was wonderful and kind, and 1 know you both had a lot to do with that And even though the river of Amanda ' s life has now rejoined the ocean of infinity, she left behind for us a legacy of dedication , kindness and love that will serve as a role model for generations, and will live in our hearts forever. We must forget how empts- and poor our lives will be without Amanda ' s presence. Better that we remember how full and rich our lives were when Amanda was with us Amanda is gone and we are left to summon up the beautiful moments that we spent with her Though she is not with us today, nothing can erase the sweet memories we all possess. Voltaire wrote, " God gave us a memorv ' so that we ma ' have roses in December So too can Amanda live on with us m memon. ' Before I share with you my recollections of that gentle, fragile and beautiful young lady, I would like to give you a few moments to remember and reflect upon your times with her. But what should we remember of this life? I suspect that Amanda would want to be remembered as a respected, successhjl and well-liked forensics competitor Although she was just a freshman, and it did take a while for her to make the transition from high school to college debate, she was always positive about the future When she didn ' t advance, she would say: " Professor Miller, it will be better next tournament " She was right. Amanda worked very hard and recently began to win debate tournaments and first place trophies for UCLA m individual events. When competitors from other schools learned of her death, they called to say how sorry they were, and how good it was to compete against, and yes, lose to her Amanda had mastered the art of disagreeing without being disagreeable. She would thoroughly dismantle her opponent ' s arguments, but she always left them with their dignity, self-respect and an appreciation of the fallacies in their reasoning But what should we remember of this life ' ' We should remember that Amanda was a fine human being and a dedicated selfless member of our team. If some research needed to be done, or a novice team coached, 1 could always count on Amanda. She was selfless when It came to team activities and kind to her debate colleagues When her partner dropped a disadvantage or a turn, or made some other horrible mistake during a debate she would say, " Don ' t worr ' about it, you will do better next time ' But what should we remember of this life? 1 remember and treasure Amanda as a dedicated student 1 think that all professors yearn for a student who is intellectuallv curious and is totally dedicated to the understanding and mastery of a subiect .Amanda was one of the smartest students 1 have coached in 1 5 years She did all the assigned readings, would ask for more readings and would always ask insightfi.iI questions She understood the instruction the first time, and she was always appreciative of the teaching I remember watching her and her partner in a preliminar ' round recently, and 1 suggested some changes in her argumen- tation After going on to win the final round (3-0) of the same tournament, she was kind enough to take me aside after the competition and say: " Professor Miller, 1 appreciate your critiques and tried some of your sugges- tions in the final round, and they worked out vers ' nicelx ' Thank vou for caring and helping me grow " Since the tragedy started, Mr and Mrs Gilbert have been on the phone with me to check on the conditions of the other students, to be sure none of the students involved blamed themselves for Amanda ' s accidental death Most touchingly, despite losing their only daughter, while participat- ing in the UCLA Forensics Program, they told me they wanted to help endow the program so that future generations of students could command the benefits of forensics instruction that Amanda had enjoyed. Everyone who met Amanda was enchanted by her beauty, intelligence, but most importantly her kindness. I always wondered how she turned out so kind — until 1 met her parents — and then I didn ' t wonder any longer William Shakespeare must have known that fine young woman and budding young scholar would be among us for a short while, and then be taken from our midst For he wrote: And when she shnli go I Take her, and place her out in little stars I And sl. ' c ipill make thejace of heaven so fine I That all the world will he in love with that night Look up at a star tonight, and you will see the light of Amanda Kelley Gilbert Carl Sandburg said that a tree is best measured when it is down. I am sorry that it took Amanda ' s death for me to realK ' measure her worth, appreciate what a fine human being she really was, and how much i am going to miss her. Joni Mitchell was right: " We don ' t know what we have got until it ' s gone " 1 lUst hope that if there are any Amanda Gilberts in your life, you will let them know — today — how special they are Tomorrow they may be gone ' Amanda Gilbert is gone, and we are left with our memories. If 1 had to sum up Amanda in five words, those words would be intelligent, dedicated, excellent, positive and most importantly, kind As 1 look out into this church today, I see that it is overflowing with people There is not a seat left and dozens of you are crowded along the back and sides Yet, I know that the hundreds that are here, are but a fraction of the people Amanda knew and enriched in her short life As 1 look at your tear-stained faces, I can see your sadness and feel your frustration That is how I feel too I am so sad But if Amanda could speak to us today, here is what I think she would say: If I should die, and leave you here awhile Be not like others, sore, undone Who keep long vigils I By the silent dust and weep I For my sake, turn again to life and smile I Turn again to life and smile Rudiments 14, ' In memorium AARON DAVID LESSER FEBRUARY 24, 1973 — MARCH 1, 1993 148 Rudiments When to the sessions of sweet silent thought I summon up remembrance of things past, I sigh the lack of many a thing 1 sought, And with old woes new wail my dear times waste: Then can I drown an eye, unus ' d to flow, For precious friends hid in death ' s dateless night, And weep afresh love ' s long since cancell ' d woe. Then can I grieve at grievances foregone. And heavily from woe to woe tell o ' er The sad account of fore-bemoaned moan. Which I new pay as if not paid before. But if the while I think on thee, dear friend, All losses are restor ' d and sorrows end. — Somiet 30 William Shakespeare Rudiments 149 J G c) Victory G== £ To those that fyht for honor ' s sake and make courage a daily test, so that each of us may share in triumph. 1 tion ' l huPtitifteis on sUiym a 1 ' (.Ljusf tnioytii this year, JL L ' Vtv thoiitib we had hard tmies- Wejmii}i ihdcli ' dKiihujoyed irjlchmg the Uam jujht hack. I I leiiniad a lot this season. m — Sfrtii LaChapelk " W Z BELOW-Senior flanker Sean LaChapelle draws a i facemask penalty during the game against USC. 1 992-93 UCLA FOOTBALL ROSTER: Bryan Adams, Arnold Ale, Chris Alexander, Ross Allan, Brian Allen, Aaron Anderson, Avery Anderson, Theodore Anderson, JasonArnold, Derek Ayers, Thomas Baldwin, John Barnes, Greg Bass, Tommy Bennett, Steve Blinn, Brent Brennan, Kaleaph Carter, Greg Cass, Mike Chalenski, James Christiansen, Jamal Clark, Jeff Clark, Anthony Cobbs, Travis Collier, Wayne Cook, Bradley Craig, Marcus Daly, Rick Daly, Ricky Davis, Kevin Dickey, Donnie Edwards, Ryan Fien, Scott Fitterer, Mike Flanagan, T Ford, Rick Fuller, Donovan Gallatin, Robert Gamble, Mark Gibbs-Spalding, Aron Gideon, Quentin Givens, Marvin Goodwin, Carlton Gray, Garrett Greedy, Jason Green, Carl Greenwood, Paul Guidry, Brent Guyton, Matt Halme, Othello Henderson, Steve Hixon, Erik Holcomb, Sale isaia, Brian Jacobs, Shane Jasper, Weston Johnson, Al Jordan, Kevin Jordan, George Kase, Paul Kennedy, Courtney Keyler, Sean LaChapelle, Chad LaRose, Kim Lawhorn, Teddy Lawrence, Nikose Littleton, AndrewMcClave, Darren McClure, Abdul McCullough, Mike Merrill, Bjorn Merten, Jamir Miller, Mitch Miller, James Milliner, Ismael Moreu, Mike Nguyen, Ron Nielsen, Craig Novitsky, Ted Nwoke, Jonathan Ogden, Carrick O ' Quinn, Mike Pagni, Vaughn Parker, Louis Perez, Paul Pernecky, Brian Richards, Mike Rohm, Chris Sanchez, Darren Schager, Karl Schroller, Shannon Shah, Ken Shelton, Travis Shipman, Rod Smalley, Matt Soenksen, Derek Stevens, Brian Stewart, J.J. Stokes, Grady Stretz, Brian Tighe, Adam Trafas, Bruce Walker, Kevin Walker, Rob Walker, Gary Walton, Phillip Ward, Daron Washington, Cory Wayland, Matt Werner, Kevin Williams, Michael Williams, London Woodfin. 152 Victory ABOVE-Senior quarterback, lohn Barnes gets set to deliver a pass during the game against USC. LEFT-Sophomore split end Mike Nguyen eludes an Oregon State tackier. o o Sung Victory 153 ABOVE-Sophomore Chris Alexander runs a sweep around the right side in the game against Stanford 154 Victor ' ! IBELOW-Sopho more outside linebacker Jamir iMiller goes airborn to attempt a tackle T i 7 " III ' nil 0 tht hour% 1 1 a tui hours oj f Y prepcrnUoiK I fell wt •.oitlii Inat dtiyonf -Dotioi ' iJti (jitllatnt Sung Victon ' 155 z Sung ABOVE-Freshman Eddie Lewis controls the ball at midfield during their 2- 1 playoff loss to USD RICHT-Freshmen midfielder Frankie FHejduk dribbles the ball down the field during the Met Life Classic 156 Victory ' ■ LEFT-Senior midfielder Paul Radcliffe vies for a header during tlie game against SMU. Isihebil ri -j HP Sung — )oi-h ii Moorf 1992-9 3 UCLA SOCCER ROSTER: Jevm Albuquerque, Dan Beaney, Philip Button, Erie Chaisongkram, Joe Christie, Brad Friedel, Adam Frye, Frankie Heiduk, Sean Henderson, Tayt lanni, Zak Ibsen, Brian irvin, Robert LaBelle, Eddie Lewis, Phillip Martin, Ty Miller, Joe Max-Moore, John O ' Brien, Eric Page, Paul Ratcliffe, Ante ' Razov, Jorge Salcedo, Kevin Shepela, Chris Snitko, Brian Woolfolk, Head Coach Sigi Schmid, Trainer Amir Rounaghi, Assistant Coach Todd Saldana, Goalkeeper Coach Drew. Sung Victory 157 The iiivision u e play in (s so lough it ' s hard to get a good winning itrtak gontg, but th tmrn that coiiifs out on top tsgotng to he the team to heat. -Eltune Youttgs RICHT-Elaine Youngs leans into the return of serve to direct the ball to the setter in the match against Stanford BELOW-All-American Natalie Williams gets low to dig the ball and save a point in the match against Washington. Daily Brum ABOVE- Setter Julie Bremner initiates the offense in the match against USC 1992-93 WOMEN ' S VOLLEYBALL TEAM: Amy Banachowski, Amy Boyer, Julie Bremner, Annette Buckner, Jenny Evans, Marissa Hatchett, Lisa Hudak, Laurie Jones, Jenny Johnson, Michelle Mauney, Alyson Randick, Irene Renteria, Natalie Williams, Elaine Youngs, Head Coach Andy Banachowski, Assistant Coach Liz Masakayan, Graduate Assistant Coach lennifer Gratteau 158 Victor ' Victory 159 Betng thenumherone team in the nation is grtat. t peaally when it comts at the fx frise oj ilSC -Sihastien LfBlanc RIGHT-Fritz Bissell hits a slice backhand to his UCSB opponent. BELOW-Robert Janecek gets set to hit a backhand in the match agains use which the Bruins won 5-4. BELOW-Sebastien LeBlanc celebrates as the ball goes long in his match against UCI ' s Aaron Stoplman W.i ' i Brum 1 993 MEN ' S TENNIS: Senior Assistant Coach Billy Martin, jon Larson, Jason Sher, Uavid Bain, Head Coach Glenn Bassett, Heath Montgomer ' , Martin Mulligan, Grahm Gilles, Assistant Coach Brett Greenwood, Darin Pleasant, Karl Pazdernik, Jon Parker, Sebastien LeBlanc, DavideSanguinetti, Robert Janecek, Matt Qumlan, Fritz Bissell. 160 Victory Victory 161 The whole Itam had out i oal ihat iras to mtiki it to the tournament iittii then take care of husmesi -Tyits EArrey BELOW-Shon Tarver flips the ball toward the basket after being fouled in the| win over Notre Dame. RIGHT-Tyus Edney pulls up and shoots over the Notre Dame defender. Richy ' Daily Bruin ABOVE-Rodney Zimmerman and Mitchell Butler make sure the rebound is secured in the game against University of Arizona Sorge DaiK- Bruin 1 992-93 UCLA MEN ' S BASKETBALL ROSTER: Marquis Bums, Mitchell Butler, Kevin Dempsey , Steve Elkind, Tyus Edney, Mike Lanier, Jonah Naulis. Ike Nwankwo, Ed O ' Bannon, Richard Petruska, Shon Tarver, Jiri (George) Zidek, Rodney Zimmerman, Head Coach Jim Harrick, Assistant Coach Mark Gottfried, Assistant Coach Lorenzo Romar, Assistant Coach Steve Lavin, Strebgth and Conditioning Coach Bob Alejo I 162 Victory 94l Victory 163 No OMf rciill y ex )ecfeiJ us to iioth$ well espfcially ill such a lou h Mvishii but with the hats riY have thett ' s tto stopping US. -Ryim A ' lcGiirVf RIGHT-Designated hitter Mike Mitchell strides into the pitch in the game against Southern Utah BELOW-Catcher Matt Schwenke dives into home to score a run just ahead of the tag by the USD catcher. Sor;je Dailv Brum RIGHT-Senior jon Van Zandt follows through on his fastball in the opening series versus Arizona State 1 992-93 BASEBALL ROSTER-Gary Adcock, Zak Ammirato, Travis Boyd, Michael Caravelli, Tony Carrasco, Bill Craig, Tim DeCinces, Dave Dieter, John Ellis, Rick Heineman, Jeff Howatt, Bobby Kazmirski, Dan Kramer, Tim Kubinski, Anthony Kuehnert, Chris Lohman, Ryan McGuire, Adam Melhuse, John Mitchell, Mike Mitchell, Sal Moreno, John Myrow, David Ravitz, David Roberts, Brett Schafer, Matt Schwenke, Kris Schwengel, Kurt Schwengel, Gabe Sollecito, Derek Tamburro, Gar Vallone, Jon Van Zandt, Head Coach Gary Adams, Assistant Coach Robin Dreizler, Assistant Coach Vince Beringhele, Head Manager Dave Dejear. Sorge Daily Brum 164 Victory Victon ' 165 BELOW-Kyle Depold rises to the surface to a breath in an earlv season meet. I RIGHT-Dan O ' Keefe sails through the air at the start of his 500m breastroke race « » IHl, W ' LTnsom Daily Bruin ABOVE-Chris Mann stands at the ready between races during the meet against Stanford 1992-93 UCLA MEN ' S SWIM DIVE ROSTER: Michael Andrews, Greg Bahar, Jay Behr, Kort Borg, Mathew Buckley, Anthony DeLuca, Kyle Depold, Sean Easton, David Fleck, Randall Hartley, Scott Hubbard, Brian Kurza, Chris Mann, Brian Matthews, Don Miralle, Daizo Mitsuoka, Dan O ' Keefe, Michael Picotte, Robert Ritter, Marc Roggenkamp, Wyatt Russo, Rene Santaella, Greg Schaffer, Reid Schuster, David Sway , Jason Taylor, Stephen Warner, Head Coach Ron Ballatore, Assistant Coach Guy Farrow, Assistant Coach Tom Scotty. Blunie Daily Brum ' ill 166 Victory f :JJ Z UJ Victory 167 o ABOVE- Rebecca Bruch executes a reverse pike from the springboard in the meet against Berkeley. RIGHT- Sophomore Natahe Norberg pushes forward ahead of the pack toward the fmish Ime 168 Victory T A 7 ' rlb hard work, 1 1 dtterniination, atjd f Y im ly, our knm will work loijtiher aitit try (o makt iht NCAAV -Mary Petry ■ - " ' " .■ » ? -. LEFT- Mary Petry comes up for air ' - .._ ' " _ during the 200 meter breaststroke. Gerald Dailv Bmin 1 992-93 WOMEN ' S SWIMMING ROSTER: Meghan Fitzgerald, Lauren Loberg, Kristen Walls, Erin Simmons, Lisa Fosdick, Deidre Bach, Andrea Gaber, Megan Oestmg, Jennifer Hammond, Kim Martin, Jamie Marion, Effie Turnbull, Jill Buckley, Annette Salmeen, Genii Masluk, Rebecca Shelton, Sharon Webster, NaTasha Badillo, Kirstin Krengel, Lori Walker, Rebecca Bruch, Julie Vogt, Jeanne Gibbons, Kristy Heydanek, Jennifer Hammond, Stephanie Musella, Bwen Lehman, Christy Richardson-Helm, Mary Petry, Eva Lupi, Natalie Norberg, Sarah Suhadolnik, Suzi Burt, Richelle Depold Scholer Daily Brum Victory 169 03 D.iilv Bru 170 Victory I .EFT-Detra Lockhart hits from three-point range in the game against USC. JELOW-Point guard Nicole Andersen brings the ball upcourt and looks for omeone to pass to. JffoM ' f feci wt fi ' e ' r Kully filaytd 11 ) lo iht potenliiil of thii tatni: 1 thwk n ' f were a loi hetler Uc m ihev out record indicated. -Amy Jo Siha ABOVE-Michelle Palmisano dribbles into the key in the game against Oregon 1992-93 WOMEN ' S BASKETBALL ROSTER: Nicole Anderson, Allison Arredondo, Laura Collins, Taniko Hilbert, Amy Jalewalia, Zrinka Kristich, Detra Lockhart, Michelle Palmisano, Amy Jo Silva, Gene VanOostveen, Natalie Williams, Nicole Young, Head Coach Billie Moore, Assistant Coach Kathy Olivier, Assistant Caoch Mary Hegarty, Assistant Coach Pam Walker. Victorv 171 ' k ' ibe liivtuott wt play in ts m l 1 so touijh it ' s hard to i et a w%. - ' • JL i)ooii wui}un0 stnak W gom0. Init the team that comes out oti top isgomg to b( the teum to bent -Oms Pliha RIGHT -Junior Chris Pliha slams the ball through the USC defense. BELOW-Senior Dan Landry and junior Chris Pliha form a solid wall in the game against CS Long Beach Daily Brum ABOVE-Erik Sullivan gets low to return a serve in the match against CS Northridge. Dailv Brum 1992-93 MEN ' S VOLLEYBALL ROSTER John Anselmo, Rich Bland, Mike Diehl, Dan Landry, Tmi Kelly, Stem Metzger, Jeff Nygaard, Ross Pier, Chris Pliha, Mike Sealy, Mark Shotpaw, John Speraw, Erik Sullivan, Matt Taylor, Brian Wells, Kevin Wong, Head Coach Al Scates, Assistant Coach Brian Rofer, Assistant Coach Reed Sunahara. 172 Victory Bi UJ Victory 173 " jft ' s greatban lA U totram jihi 1 he arow d such )rttit gymnasts J. Ukt Chaincy ' [ Umphrey] dtui KM i w . Buiii (Haya hi). It rminds of the - ( rcjf triuiitjon oj men ' s 0mnnstics m at UCLA r -Steve McCa ' ni I .V RIGHT-Brad Hayashi shows his flexibilty on the floor exercise in a meet at| Pauley Pavilion. BELOW-lllustrating the T, Mike DeNucci impresses the judges i [ laily Bruin BELOW-Greg Humphrey shows his superb lines in his pommel horse routine 1 993 MEN ' S GYMNASTICS: Mike Denuccijim Foody, Jaime Villalobos, Steve McCain, Barryjeung, Head Coach Art Shurlock, Isidro Ibarrondo, Greg Umphrey, Chainey Umphrey, Steve Diem, Brad Hayashi, Assistant Coach Yefim Ferman, Assistant Coach Scott Keswick. IXiilv Brum I 174 Victory ..L Dailv Bruin Victory 175 176 Victory J.EFT-Carol Ulnch sails through the air with the greatest of ipse in a dual meet at UCLA llELOW-Michelle Hunt balances just right on the during her ' lalance beam routine. J( IS siil4 ' (1 rtwtittitucj frcU«g when evcrbody ' s htird loork ayi o]f iiiii) you come to Jtthtr as a ttiim. £vtn if you ((on ' ( hapfitH to u ' ii, thijctlmg you cl IS amazing -Amy Thomi 1993 WOMEN ' S GYMNASTICS: Co-Head Coach Scott Bull, Co- Head Coach Valorie Kondos, Paula Rasmussen, Holly Bremer, Karen Nelson, Treena Camacho, Kristin Harmell, Gina Pesce, Megan Fenton, Michelle Hunt, Kareema Marrow, Corinne Chee, Dee Fischer, Carol Ulnch, Lisa Graziano, Amy Thorne, Denise Stott, Anne Dixon, Assistant Coach Randy Lane, Assistant Coach Rhonda Faehn LEFT-Connne Chee maintains her perfect form m the middle of one her tumbling passes. Victory 177 Oui practices are nmazint). we have a lot o{i}oo t playcn on this team Tim iitf)ll- ' will really help us throughout the seuson -Jane Chi BELOW-Jenny Baker gets her feet set to crush a return of serve in the match | against Stanford, RICHT-Cammie Foley eyes the ball as she gets set to maintain a rally against] her Washington foe. Daily Brum ABOVE-Meredith Chiles strokes a shot back to her use opponent 1993 WOMEN ' S TENNIS: LeeAnn Rostovsky, Cammie Foley, Jenny Baker, Anicia Mendez, Helen Tu, Jane Chi, Assistant Coach Henr ' Hines, Paige Yaroshuk, Jenny Hilt, Meredith Chiles, Keri Phebus, Assistant Coach Stella Sampras, Head Coach Bill Zaima. 178 Victory Victory 179 180 Victory .EFT-Lisa Fernandez stands in at the plate and readies herself (or the pitch lELOW-Cindy Valero swings and misses at the pitch. J( ' s heat tt jlfjsiirc to bt on a learn !ucb os this When we ' re goht ijood ihm is no thuhi that we are iW hcil learn in the nation -7o(jntif Akhni Daily bruin 1992-93 WOMEN ' S SOFTBALL: Heather Compton, Felicia Cruz, janae Deffenbaugh, Jennifer Brewster, Assistant Coach Kirk Walker, Cindy Valero, Joanne Alchin, Kelly Inouye.DeDeWeiman, Lisa Fernandez, Nicole Victoria, Kathi Evans, Co-Head Coach Sue Enquist, Head Coach Sharron Backus, Kelly Howard, Kristy Howard, Jennifer Brundage. LEFT-Lisa Fernandez winds up and pitches a fastball past a Cal State Long Beach player. Victory 181 182 Victory i I EFT-Mike Piccotte cocks his arm as he prepares to shoot in the game igainst the Cal Bears ' 3ELOW- X ' ith a Hick of the wrist, David Dowdney passes the ball to a leammate. I ' ncti though water f olo IH at UCLA hcii jaceJ a ' { lot of oiivasily nt ncent yean ipilh huilijit cuts, (fc s team tuek toeifether beaittie ii ' r love the sport -Scott Craves t ' ¥ ' Dailv Brum LEFT-Goalie David Dowdney rises above the water to block a shot in the game against Stanford 1 992 MEN ' S WATER POLO ROSTER; Chris Kellerman, Mark Sutter, David Dowdney, Kevin Dillenbeck, Steve Haney , Brett Stern, Matt Emerzian, Randy Wright, Jeff Porter, Tim Behrens, Mike Piccotte, Philip Hadfield, Scott Craves, Todd Duplanty, Corbin Crahm, Head Coach Guy Baker, Torey Culbertson, Luke Phair, Derek Dundas, Tommy Wong, Marc Heenan, Adam Knkonan, Victory 183 M. W. GOLF 1 992-93 MEN ' S GOLF-jorgen Aker, Trevor Arts, Brian Block, Patrick Brownheld, Kevin Claborn, Ted Gleason, Lance Graville, Justin Hicks, Michael Miller, Tom Nixon, Kevin Rhoads, David Solomon, Head Coach Dave Atchison. 1992-93 WOMEN ' S GOLF ROSTER-Elizabeth Bowman, Jennifer Choi, Kathy Choi, Carrie Leary, Mia Lojdahl, Jenny Park, Kristyl Sunderman, Patti Sinn, Head Coach Jackie Tobian-Steinman 184 Victory Dailv Bruin Oh Victory 185 186 Victory Victory 187 188 Victory Wansom Dailv Brum Victory 189 190 Victory [ja biuin Victory 191 ♦ J- ' SW- 192 Victory Daily Brum W Victory 193 2?= ences To the houses on the hill that gave us first welcome, shelter, food and friends, so that we may begin anew. ■ »i ( Residences 196 Residences Armstrong Residences 197 ( Residences 198 Residences Gran by c §) Residences Canyon Point-House 1 ■ v ' -vtiwaxssii Canyon Point-House 2 I 200 Residences Canyon Point-House 3 Canyon Point-House 4 All photos by Sunny Sung Residences 201 c §) Residences Canyon Point-House 5 202 Residences Canyon Point-House 6 Canyon Point-House 7 Canyon Point-House 8 All photos by Sunny Sung Residences 203 c §5 Residences Courtside-House 1 204 Residences Courtside-House 2 Courtside-House 3 Courtside-House 4 All photos by Sunny Sung Residences 205 c §? Residences Courtside-House 5 Courtside-House 6 206 Residences Courtside-House 7 Courtside-House 8 All photos by Sunny Sung Residences 207 c §? Residences Delta Terrace-House 1 Delta Terrace-House 2 208 Residences Delta Terrace-House 3 Delta Terrace-House 4 All photos by Sunny Sung Residences 209 c §) Residences Delta Terrace-House 5 Delta Terrace-House 6 210 Residences ! Delta Terrace-House 7 Delta Terrace-House 8 All photos by Sunny Sung Residences 21 1 c Residences Hedrick 2 North Hedrick 2 South 212 Residences I Hedrick 3 North Hedrick 3 South All photos by Sunny Sung Residences 213 I c §) Residences f Hedrick 4 North Hedrick 4 South 214 Residences I Hedrick 5 North Hedrick 5 South All photos by Sunny Sung Residences 215 c § Residences Hedrick 6 North Hedrick 6 South 216 Residences I Hedrick 7 North Hedrick 7 South All photos by Sunny Sung Residences 217 c §) Residences Rieber 2 North Rieber 2 South 218 Residences ] Rieber 3 North Rieber 3 South All photos by Sunny Sung Residences 219 c § Residences Rieber 4 North 4 Rieber 4 South 220 Residences Rieber 5 North Rieber 5 South All photos by Sunny Sung Residences 221 ences Rieber 6 South 222 Residences Rieber 7 North All photos by Sunny Sung Rieber 7 South Residences 223 c §? Residences 224 Residences Sproul 2 South Sproul 3 South All photos by Sunny Sung Residences 225 mces Sproul 4 North I Sproul 4 South 226 Residences Sproul 5 North Sproul 5 South AM photos by Sunny Sung Residences 227 c S? Residences Sproul 6 North 1! n Sproul 6 South 228 Residences Sproul 7 North Sproul 7 South All photos by Sunny Sung Residences 229 c Residences Dykstra- 1 st Floor Dykstra-2nd Floor 230 Residences I i I Dykstra-3rd Floor Dykstra-4th Floor ■HHP ' BWp ■ A ' -w j. ' ;i i Bi 1 All photos by Sunny Sunj ! Residences 231 c §) Residences Dykstra-5th Floor i Dykstra-6th Floor 232 Residences I Dykstra-7th Floor Dykstra-8th Floor All photos by Sunny Sung Residences 233 c §? Residences Dykstra-9th Floor Dykstra- 1 0th Floor 234 Residences I Saxon-Building E Saxon-Building F All photos by Sunny Sung Residences 235 c Residences Saxon-Building G Saxon-Building H 236 Residences Saxon-Building J Saxon-Building K All photos by Sunny Sung Residences 237 ' ences Hitch-Building A Hitch-Building B 238 Residences Hitch-Building C I Hitch-Buiding D All photos by Sunny Sung Residences 239 iS5 To the orders that offered brotherhood and sisterhood, wine and spirit, in the hopes of providing leaders tempered with responsibility. © ; x chi alpha delta Wt fV HkiHL X H ' Founded: 1929 Colors: Lavender and Green Flower: Wisteria Open Motto: Esse Potius Quam Videri Bernaiatte Castillo, Wem y Chan, .Jamifer Chant), Barharn Chanil Chalrene Chanil Jean Chen, Lisa Chaui Jenny Cho, Sue Cho, Julie IB ChohJee, Melame Chun, Danamayc Cooper, Thao Danf), Karissa Do, Debbie Dyonij, Liz Foster, Michele Fujioka, Sara Fung [Social ChairJ, Helen Hur, Karie Ihara. Aim Kawai, Jennijer Kawata [President], Jennijer Kelly, Susan Kim, Tina Kim, LinJa Kim, Stacie Kosaka, Priscilla Kipan, PeiJ0y Lee, Delora Lee, Janet Lee [Scholarship), Jane Lee [Treasurer), Elizabeth Lee, Joann Lee, Alyssa Lcon , Becky Lin, Ahby Lin [Pledite Mistress ' ), Teresa Mac, Mayumi Maisuna ;a, Elaine Mu, Kim Nacfami, Aileen Nakano, Tera Nakano, Wendy Nosse, Pally Pinanoncj, Juli Ro [Chaplain), Liurie Sato, Helen Shin, Ellen Shin, JuUe Sueoka, Alice Sun, Melody Sun, Kerri Tamakawa, Tina Tanij, Denyce Tanioka, Yin Tea, Tatia Tokmuuja, Stephanie Tsai, Cynthia Unci, Elizabeth Wen, Capeni Woml, Tanya Yee, Selene Yee. { 242 Greeks theta kappa phi iff iW. €K0 Founded: 1959 Flower: Rose Colors: Rose and Light Rose Open Motto: Quod semper, et obique, et ob omnibus. Aya Asano, Leilani Carhonell. Marijdiet Chni, Jeauvie Chow, Joyce Chow, Tricia Chin, Rowmn Chua, Ei ' dHi f iiif Chun0, Ulyanna Chunci, Tobie Cruz, Rohm Doni), Traci Eiuio, Mann F(yntui, Pati Futaba, Lisa Fujimmoto, Mia Finul Tricia hhimoto, Connie Jaio, Paula Kim, Susan Kim, Diane Lau, Nina Le, Emmy Lee, Pamela Lee, Samantha Lee, Karen Lim, Amy Liu, Jams Louie [Social Chair), Debbie Mac, Lori Matsumara, Michelle Medina, Jan Morimoto, Kris Nakano, Arlene Naito, Mayumi Nishimoto, Jennifer Nijuyen, Nhi Nijuyen, Christina Ohshima, Maiy Osaka, Kei Otsuka, Lisa Park, Mitzi Pbuncj, Yoshie Sakai, Elaine Salon, Rina Sasaki [Treasurer), Jessica Shii)emura, Shawn Sumida, Rebecca Sun, Lori Tabuchi [Chaplain), Juhe Takaki, Kimi Tamura [President], Marilyn Tsang, Etymi Tsuboi, Rachclle Tsunehara, Anne Tsuchiyama, Christel Ventura, Sariya Voiasaruu, Kim Thoa Vu, Linda Whanii Sharon WhanH, Maiy Wong, Shirley Wu, Tracy Yamamoto, Gina Yoshioka, Helen Yu. Creeks 243 alpha delta chi AAX Founded: 1925 Colors: Blue and Flame Motto: As in a Mirror Philanthropy: Gifts of Grace Wendy Bohtvtuivi (Prcsiiifiilj, Shsiiii O ' iki, Aliinsii Chin (Vice Presidmt), Helen Chen (Chaplain], t onette Frankle, NnJina FeniiviJez (Nntwnal Repraentatwc], Naihne hkanJer, Denise Jackson, Gail Jao. Chriity King, Maiiene Kuo (Recording Secretary], Annie Liu, Rosalia Aiartmez, Kay Park (Pledile Captain], Alene Warn!, Wanda Yti (Treasurer]. 244 Greeks alpha delta pi AAn Founded; 1851 Colors: Azure Blue and White Symbol: Diamond and Lion Flower: Violet Philanthropy: Ronald McDonald House Kristin Appenzellir, Onire Armstrong, Laune Bcwdtn, Debra BarstaJ, Rnchel Bai1z, TwanJa Beeks, Orli Bclman, Samnntlm Bky, Lori Brahard, Elizabeth Bradley, Chanin Brooks, Alice Cabral, Jenny Carpenter, Lisa Carter, Julie Casper, Sylvia Chen, Susan Clark, Jeanine Cram, Kathleen Daulle, Paula Dannehy, Tracy Davis, Laura DeBisschop, Valeria DeFazio, Erin Einstein, Suzanne Emerson, Dawn Enoch, Amy Escpieda, Suzy Futterman. Renee Galloway, Kristin Gamble, Allison Garbutt, Carolyn Glasser, Sharmila Gokel, Lisa Gorman, Kami Graver, Michelle Gridley, Karina Grotz, Kathy Gutmau, Tami Herrera, Jennifer Hillman, Karen Ho, Colleen Holland, Knsten Holmes, Gayle Jabalera, Heather Kolde, Arianna Koransky, Sarah Landis, Stephanie Lorda, Christine Low, Leslie Martjherita, Melissa Maripaj. Kristin Mateer, Rashel Akreness. Azin Meshkmpour, Aley Millan, Kara Mora, Carrie Onieles, Jennijer Overline, Vicky Parente, Rebecca Parziale. Gemma Paton. Lisa Pitts, Jennijer Price, Nancy Putnam, Lindsay Raike, Me an Randall, Jill Ray. Yvette Reynoso. Cheiyl Rodman. Rica Rodman. Maria Rodriiluez. Adela Romero. Jennijer Sachs, Heather Sandelman, Ophelia Sanders, Stephanie Sayer. Jennijer Schneider, Nadia Shabaik, Saji Shabaik, Sunshine Shaife, Mandy Sherman, Alexis Smith, Elizabeth Smith. Sandra Smith. Daphne Somkm. Jennie Steele. Dana Stewart. Tina Suarez, Glenda Stvetman, A aiy Tunnell, Sunni Tweet, Racfuel Vidal, Amy Wayt, Laun Weiss, Nanci Yen, Lorctta Yuan Greeks 245 alpha chi omega 246 Greeks AXO Nickname: Alpha Chi Founded: 1885 Colors: Scarlett Red Olive Green Philanthropy: Victims of Domestic Violence Symbol: Kite ]u k Andel ' m, Tina AiiJersoii, Nataie Arazi, Carissa Barker, Kirstm Barrou- ' i (I ' P-PkJiie Eiiucation), Jnim Bassett, Betsy Bodtgn, Shelly Boyd, Bremia Bozeman, Pam Chapman, Lisa Chinncl Kelly Critchlou Julie Cryan (President). Claudia Ei ' erern, Alichellc Edmisten, Karen Edmonson, Maria El- Zik, Jill Gaykian, Julie Graham, Stacey Graves, Jody Hallstrom, Karen Hanus, Laura Hastings, Christie Henricks, Alarcie Hersch, Dehhi Hershhert), Jill Hoo()endyk, Allie Hsiao, Katy Hunt, Kristin Hunt, Liz Isenberg, Tricia Jacohsen [Panhellenic Delei)ate}, Jen Jellison, Came Johnson, Nicola Kean [VP-Finance], Lori Kriecjer, Susie Krumplitsch, Amy Kuehl, Danelle Lirsen [Rush Chair], Lily Lee, Julia Lew, Nicole Lieberman, Anya Luiye, Kara Aladsen [ - Chapter Relations and Standards], Tina Aiaijpayo, Stephanie Martinez, Elaine Matson, Becca Moore, Emily Alorgan [Alemhership Development Chair], Tanya Nacjai, AUchelle Nicolai, Patti Panaijos, Nicole Patel, Emily Petterson, Trang Pham, Debbie Pimstone, Bonnie Pittaliuja, Erin Price, Laurie Rashidi, AUchelle Reaves, AUchelle Rovira, Kathy Rowe, Danielle Rowland, Jenni Russell, Cathy Schccter, Jessica Serna, Jerda Sibbet [VP-Fraternity Relations], Soma Solin, AUchele Solomita, JoAnne Solovy, Alina Storek, Caroline Taylor, Jennifer Taylor, Robyn Tusan, Carrie Tweeten, Varanya Vadakan, Cindy Valadez, Kristcn Walls, Charla Walton, Joyce Want), Emily Weinert, Romi Weinhouse, Amy Weisbin, Amy Wood (Communications Chair], Brenda Wooten, Nadine Youssej, Cristin Zeisler. Creeks 247 a Ipha phi 248 Creeks ■ ' ih tT TPF Hw " ' ■ ' «C ' B HPW ' Vr flij K . UMif W jp fy j, ' " " t Sni JS tr L „ w IBi Bk ' . r j V iS Jl mJ LfgjHK t F4Kir K%fl n« k ' W Hp M t v ' Si Br T Bc iIhn m P V fli B Bi mr .. s i 5s p t 1 1. A0 Founded: 1868 Colors: Silver and Bordeau Symbol: Ivy Leaf and Teddy Bear Philanthropy: American Heart Association Nikke Acosta, Mcitan Acuiui Aiuhca Arce, Nicole Ariuit, Bmuld Bnca, Nataicha Baches, A ichcle Btvvu, Allison Barrett, AUriauue Bantlicb, Adrienne Baumaun, Jemi Bcny, Madeline Biesty, Ciystal BoyJ, Jill Bradley, Julie Brotherton, Heather Brown , Jennifer Brown. Tricia Biifliid, Claris Btitler, Hayley Byron, Kelly Cbing , Alexis Cl ristfiisfii, LinJy Circa, Amber Crawford, Julie Crowder , Laura Davidion, Elisa Davis, NataUe Delaines, Andrea Devenow, Lisa Dobren, Cbarlotta Gahricuius, Tawnya Falkner, Carrie Fiymer, Denise Gaitan, Julie Giacopuzzi, Michelle Gill, Leeami Gonzalez, Lorna Good, Jenny Gordon, Kari Greaves, Heather Grimes, Rachel Gruher, Remi Guyton, Jenn Hansen, Jenni Harrii er, Leslie Hauser, Molly Hawks, Tama Helgrm, Brooke Henderson, Jamie Herhstman, Vicki Hesse, Michelle Hitt, Julie Hoffman, Alisl. ' ii Hornshy, Rohyn Kimura, Saiina Kimura, Chris Knatz, Kasey Kurumada, Kim LaFrancbi, Maya Lniujer, Aimee Lemhach, Bonnie Lemon, Melanie Levin, Dana Levy, Shaunna Livesay, Lissa Loeffler, Jaajueline Alrtiioii, Tara Marray, Sandra Matsumoto, Carrie Mattis, Keny McGatjin, Maureen Aiedeiros, Cara Meier, Tina Michealson, Shannon Aiitchell, Jacky Aloore, Monicjue Aiorin, Bridcjet Moss, Caroline Ahisick, Eleanor Ord, Lisa Pondrom , Aia cjie Pose, Lana Powers, Colette Prahl, Aierle Preston, Evie Quante, Jenn Reyes, Jenny Rinella, Kristin Rounce, Arlene Ruclas, Lynn Sanchez , Donne Setjall, Eden Shapiro, Seema Shenoy, Patrice Shimirak, Eve Silverman, Aiaureen Sinclair, Alahala Snyder, Lisa Span enherg, Lisa Spantdidi. Lisa Spei le, Lisa Staab, Karen Stevens, Kim Stiffler, Kelly Studer, Jen Thompson, Candace Thornton. Laiiicu Tilhier, Cheri Tompkins, Daisy Tonne, Chris Tully, Anna Tuvilla, Sylvia Valeri, Ijira Vu, Tiffany Wentzel, Laney Whitcanack, Shelly White, Jenn Whitelaw, Cindy Whittiniiton, Aiichelle Woodruff Bernice Wu, Jenni Ziegaus, Shana Zitzer. Greeks 249 roB Founded: 1874 Colors: Light and Dark Brown Symbol: Crescent Moon Philanthropy: Camp Sechelt Lisa Agnjanian [House Manaijer], Lisn Aoyama, Nora Asahara, Susan Ashkar, Ashley Ayres [V.P. Membership), Kimherly Babb, Pearl Barza a (Philanthropy). Jackie Carlson, Julie Chiu (Panhellenic Dekfjate), Sdi e ClayJon, Melissa DeSantis [Scholarship], Melanie Dodson [Social], Lara Donaldson, Diana Dorcus, Pai e Duckuwrth, Darci Ernst [Social], Carrie Farrell, Erin Favilla, Robin Fey, Kimberly Plaster, Lori Friedlander [PACE ], Cynthia Golitzen, Valerie Goo, Jackie Haley, Christy Hayes [VP. Administrative], Kimberly Heaps, Lori Kandel, June Kim, Stephanie Lessnick, Mei)an Kennison, Tina Kephart, Jam Lally, Sarah Lee [Pledge Directer], Adoria Lim [Treasurer], Caroline Lundijuist, Pam Maeltzer, Toby McDonald, Shannon Mclntee [President], Lisa Moison, Mareva Muchenje, Stacey Nuccion [Parliame}itarian], N()ozi Nwozu [Rituals], Alissa Perlstein, Catherine Pinsky, Dinah Posner, Angela Riggio, Susan Samarge, Becky Schlatter, Linda Sekigahama, Natasha Shah, Jenny Shelton, Debbie Sheraga, Valerie Teglia, Debby Thompson, Pam Torrance, Alice Tsai, AUisou Turkish, Trade Ikhida, Wendy Weng, Amanda Wiedman [Standards], Aya Yamura [Secretary],Christy Yeszin. 250 Greeks gamma phi beta Greeks 251 kappa delta 252 Greeks KA Founded: 1868 Colors: Silver and Bordeau Symbol: Ivy Leaf and Teddy Bear Philanthropy: American Heart Association Jmiy Kiiphin [PresiJeiit], April Verlato (VP Pledge Educationl Shelley Knoiplcs[VP Memhenbip), Michele RniMosf VP Public Relations], Andi Kusbner [VP Standards), Susan Drake [Secretaiy], Hilaiy Sorensen [Treasurer], Allison May [Asst. Treasurer], Sandra Krivosic [Panhellenic Deleijate), Dalia Chalterjee [Efficiency Chair], Karen Wetzel [House Manager], Jenn Gillon [Social Chair], Frances Livie [House Mother), Aimee Duell, Lisa Evans, Jamie Flynn, Jenifer Greeley, Elizabeth Greene. Kimberly King, Leslie Manuel, Kimberiy Myers, Rosemarie Rigor, Judy Shieh, Tammy Jo Solorio- Fleener, Janet Tanasugarn, Lora Cowan, Andrea Liurence, Kristen Lawrence, Alicia A lew, Susan Barricella, Heather Cobenour, Emily Grogan. Leslie Hewitt. Vanessa Hill, Teresa Huerto, Jean Ihlenfeldt. Catherine Jackson, Kellie Jordan, Carolyn Mattes, Sonja Munevar, Erica Oyadomari, Yvonne Russell, Stacy Sterling, Graciela Valero. Maria Zuckemick, Gary Cibulsky. Jenniferlynn Grega, Megan Bourgeouis. Elizabeth Duell, Laurie Dunn, Julie Engelmati, Charmaine Evans, Michelle Garcia, Gina Mane Giambra, Aiichelle Giamhra. Heather Gold, Jessica Gross, Stephanie Hirata, KathyHo, Wendy Holt, Michelle Johns, Anne Ketchersid, Amy Komatsuzaki, Laurel Lewis, Kimberiy Manibusan, Suzanne Mattis, Sharon McCaffery, Heather McDonald, Belinda Najera, Rebecca Oliver, Nicole Pessis. Lisa Richards, Jennifer Salzman, Zoe Werner, Jennifer Hein, Ann Aieceda, Tonja Peltzet, Amy Aho, Tracy Akins, Becky Armor, Denise Avila, Sara Bearden, Janet Bena, Jenny Deters, Tamar Dezen, Greeks 253 KA0 Nickname: Theta Founded: 1870 Colors: Black Gold Philanthropy: Court Apointed Special Advocates Symbol: Kite Sarah AJams, hki)an Atfems, Ancjie Baxter, Amy Banacbowski, Dana BarstaJ. Cnsty Basso, Hollie Bremer, Daunt Brown, Rebecca Buckekw, h aya Bur(jbariii, Alnidy Cady, Knsten Carter, Tina Cbiu, Debbie Christie, Lori Ciojji, Stacy Cox, Kristm Da(]ennani)y, Shannon Davics, Yasmine Dclawari, Anne Dewitt, Cmdy Dold, Nicole Donahue, Jenny Driscoll, Rebecca Enders, Elisa Escalante, Natahe Escoboza. Jennifer Fautjht, Sue Fonii Qhiiiji Fox [Standards Chair) , Heather Galkgos [V.P.-Pledc)ey Sfadiiiioii Garrison, Stacy Get:, Janine Goldbertj, Lisa Goldberii, Vicky Gomekky, Nina Gregoiy, Renee Grinell, Juliandra Hamilton [President], Wendy Heller, Heather Helm, Krista Henie, Amy Hii) erson, Melissa Hill, Jennijer Houston (V,P, -Efficiency], Michelle Hunt, Tracy Hunting, Libby Jaynes, Shari Kanji, Heather Karp, Jenny Kelleher, Dolly Klock, Jen Kion, Karrie Kidper, Michelle Lanctot, Alalia Lasley, Erm Lciiertz, Julie Levering, Amy Liijhtbody, Heather Lindsey, Aimee Lopez-Gallecjo, Dianner Malhs [V.P.- Finance], Caren Manchester, Adriemte Manwarini), Molly Maiim, Alyssa McCornock, Heather AicKee, Amy AlcKenzie, Erin McNamara [V.P, -Finance], Alarci Aielnick, Laura Miller. Kate Mulhearn, Jessica Needham, Julie Nelson, Noelle Nese, Paula Nicolas, Lisa Nicholas, Radha Nieburgs, Paula Oberg, Alichaela Owen, Sara Peterson, Katie Pine, Aklissa Powell, Tara Reilly, Lee Ann Rostovsky, Jill Rova, Nicole Ruddick, Aly Seden, Melanie Serafin, Aiaiy Shell, Cindy Smuckler, Holly Snow, Jaxie Stollenwerck, Stacy Terrien, Kathleen Thrasher, Susannah Thrasher, Wendy Thurston, Courtney Tozzi, Maureen Tryon, Theresa Veisel, Amy Wade, Hilary Wells, Allison West, Pamela White, Amanda Whitfield, Fiona Willis. 254 Creeks kappa alpha theta Creeks 255 sigma kappa 256 Creeks EK Founded: 1874 Colors: Lavender and Maroon Symbol: Heart and Dove Philanthropy: Gerontol- ogy Alzheimer ' s research Rachel Allinson, Lauren Alper , Erica AnAenoYi. YoianAa Aparicio, Karen Atkinson, Merrill Barr, Jennijer Bell, Mary Beth Buros, Dina Caal, Lisa Chan, Grace Chen, Joy deLeon, Thao Do, Melissa Elhar, Julie Anne Flones, Vanessa Fomasier, Cynthia Gilahert, Veronica Gonzales, Holly Huhhard. Maria Huh, Michelle ha, Karla Johnson, Kien Khuu, Karen Krishjield, Karen Lirson, Sue-Jean Lee, Anne Mark Lemincj, Christine Li, Amber MacArthur, Lisa Meier, Tricia Mendoza, Dawn Miyamoto, Karen O ' Donnell, Monicfue Ouellette, Gloria Perez, Martha Razo, Lisa Rommel, Aimee Rud ren, Kristina Spilios, Michelle Surfas, Crystal Sustaita, Tina Sze, Cheryl Telesco, Stephanie Thomas, Jenice Tom, Brenda Wells, Cheryl Wu, Emily Wu. Greeks 257 J Pil. " T H " mTt ' ' -1 pB BEjI H w n jr jjl ' ' ' " V " ' - B n 4h m «. Jn l b 1 - tt H f l 1 B SLtm d 1 ■ . 1 ■1 fefl H B 1 M I H 258 Creeks greek life Greeks 259 GREEK SPOTLIGHT Jennijerlynn Greg a As a contributing editor of The Greek Coimeciion, a weekly newsmagazine serving the fraternities and sororities of UCLA, Jenniferlynn Grega, a member of Kappa Delta, has had a unique opportunity to reach UCLA Greeks and to help dispel some of the stereotypes that most disturb her about the Greek system. " The positive aspects of the Greek system are too often brushed over and looked upon too lightly, " says Grega. " The fraternity and sorority system is unfairly criticized for being little more than some large-scale, unorganized, loosley-bound bunch of students whose only interest in life is where the next party is. The greatest thing about the Greek system is the diverse array of opportunities it gives its members, from academic honor societies to job contacts through alumni involve- ment in the greater Los Angeles community as well " commentsjenniferlynn, whose own record of involvement with organization on and off campus proves her point. Through working on the KetchumA ' MCA Los Angeles Street Projecct, a political campaign for the passage of an environmental initiative, as well as volunteering at McClaren Hall Children ' s Center, Jenniferlynn has extended her talents well beyond Kappa Delta. On campus, she is an honors student in the English Department and was part of the first group of English majors who restarted the Undergraduate English Association. Additionally, Grega has attained several athletic honors including a 1989 USFSA gold medal in freestyle skating and a 1993 USFSA Silver Medal in Ice Dancing. " The system has certainly afforded me a wealth of opportunities 1 have met more people than 1 ever thought possible: both Greek and non-Greek, " claims Jenniferlynn. However, the system is not without its flaws. According to Grega, " there seems to be a tradition that exists here at UCLA that allows certain houses to be labeled as ' top, ' ' middle, ' and ' lower. ' We need a system that is unified, a system where respect for others outshines the mentality that only ' top ' fraternities can associate with top ' sororities and vice versa. " 260 Section GREEK SPOTLIGHT John Joseph Santos When John Joseph Santos answers questions from potential rushees, he assures them that fraternities and sororities have a lot to offer and help to make a huge institution like UCLA smaller and more personable. As an officer of Pi Kappa Alpha, John understands this well having been extensively involved with many facets of the Greek system. Most recently, Santos has helped m the formation of an All-Greek Council to increase communication between various groups including the Interfraternity, Asian Greek, and National Pan-Hellenic Councils. Santos ' s commitments extend beyond the Greek community as well. Services such as Adopt-a- Highwaycleanupcampaigns,collectionsforthevictimsoftheL.A. uprisings, and dancing with the elderly at Westwood Horizons Retirement Home have been some of John ' s most rewarding involvements. " Dancing with the elderly at Westwood Horizons Retirement Home on Halloween night was one of the best experiences I ' ve had Their energy that night amazed me and their incredible life experiences they told me renewed my respect for the elderly. " Santos hopes that the change within the Greek system continues for many more generations. ' The stereotypes placed by those outside of the Greek system onto us, as well as the stereotypes that some in the Greek system place on those who are not Greek are definitely harmful. " If he could change the Greek system in any way, Santos would like to " change the close-mindedness of some within the system who do not appreciate the diversity that this university, not to mention society, offers. " Indeed, Santos ' ideals and actions may benefit not only the Greek system, but the entire UCLA community as well. Section 261 ' I 262 Greeks greek lije Greeks 263 GREEK SPOTLIGHT Kathleen Gutman As the UCLA Greek system makes dynamics strides to change and revitahze its image, Kathleen Gutman helps lead the way by embodying many of the values which the system promotes. Her dedication to the Greek system does not end with her role as President of Alpha Delta Pi; rather Kathleen creates positive change within the entire Greek community as a chair of Greeks Against Rape, which creates forums for Greeks to educate themselves of sexual abuses, as well as involvement in Pennies For Prevention, a service designed to provide low cost care to women and their babies. Being a member of a sorority at UCLA has many advantages, but Kathleen Gutman most cherishes the contacts she has made through Alpha Delta Pi which have enabled her to work with various charities, " The resources and contacts of my chapter have enabled me to get invovled m numerous charity fundraisers and events like volleyball tournaments that raise money while 1 am also having fun. " Through her involvement with El Proyecto De Immigrantes y Refugiados Latinoamerinos (PIRLA), Kathleen realized that she clearly wanted to become an attorney. PIRLA, a student-run community service empowerment organization that serves the legal needs of refugees and immigrants by helping lawyers draft legal appeals, implanted in Gutman a passion for community work which she hopes to continue after graduation. As an honors student in history, Kathleen hopes to combine her undergraduate experience with her future career by specializing in legal history at law school. She recently won a prestigious Professional School Seminar Research contest,- her first place paper about " the Insanity Defense " is currently being published in the Undergraduate Review. " The Greek System at UCLA has so much potential — in resources, connections, and enthusiasm, " says Gutman. She hope s that future generations of UCLA Greeks carry on the unity and positive change that leaders such as herself have created. " Now, more than ever, the Greek system needs to form a united front to do away with all its problems such as under-age drinking and negative songbooks. Greeks need to realize that similar friendships and benefits can be derived between Greeks of different houses as well as their own. " i I 264 Section ASIAN GREEK COUNCIL Chi Alpha Ddta Omecja Sigma Tau Theta Kappa Phi INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL Alpha Sicjma Phi Alpha Tau Omega Beta TheUi Pi Chi Pht Delta Kappa Epsilon Delta Sigma Phi Delta Tau Delta Kappa Sigma Lambda Chi Alpha Lambda Phi Epsilon Phi Delta Theta Phi Kappa Psi Phi Kappa Sigma Pi ' Kappa Alpha Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sigma Alpha Mu Sigma Chi Sigma Nu Sigma Phi Epsilon Sigma Pi Tau Kappa Epsilon Theta Chi Theta Delta Chi Theta Xi Triangle Zeta Beta Tau Zeta Psi INDEPENDENT Lambda Delta Lambda NATIONAL PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL Alpha Kappa Alpha Alpha Phi Alpha Delta Sigma Theta Kappa Alpha Psi Omega Psi Phi Phi Beta Sigma Sigma Gamma Rho Zeta Phi Beta PANHELLENIC COUNCIL Alpha Chi Omega Alpha Delta Pi Alpha Epsilon Phi Alpha Phi Chi Omega Delta Delta Delta Delta Gamma Gamma Phi Beta Kappa Alpha Theta Kappa Delta Kappa Kappa Gamma Pi Beta Pht Sigma Kappa Section 265 greek life 266 Greeks Greeks 267 ome a sigma tan 4.f; ' S ' OIT Founded: 1966 Carlo Abuleiicin, Ainii Aledia [Social Chav), Hieii Cao. Tony D Cio, Al x Castillo, AnJiew Chan, Kirhy Chan, Cbns Chang, Paid Chang, Clark Cheng, JeffChiu, Dave Chow, Harrison Chiang. Phong Do, Greg Endow, Ketmy Fukuda, Robert Gieser, Peter Ha, Doug Hamamoto. Bobby Ho. Abe Hong, Jack Hsieh, Ben Huang [AGC Representative), Dennis Huang, Jim Huang, Hank Ishigame, Todd Izuhara [Fundraiser), Ryan Jikc, Garrett Kawano, Brian Kim, Ed Kim, Myong Kim. Rudy Kim [President). Gregg Kita, Travis Kiyota, Steven Kobayashi, Man ' in Kuan. Andrew Kuo, Tony Kuo [Treasurer), Ed Lai, Eric Lau, Loc Le, Frank Thompson Lee, Hahn Lee, Ryan Lee, Suk Lee, Waymond K Leong, Philip Lim, Don Lin, Jejj Liu, Paul Liu, James Lo [Chaplain Aliimni Rel.) Tu Mac, Rommel Manuel, Eric Mayo, Brian Min, Paul Mukai, Harrison Nguyen [Secretaiy), Tam Nguyen, Kikuo Nishi, Alex Niu [Sports Chair), Wesley Oda [Parliamentarian), Shel Ogasawara, Ketiji Ogawa, Mark Orne, Nathan Oshidari, Raymond Sakai [Historian), Ken So, Brian Siih, Justin Suhr. John Sun, Limho Sun, Richard Sun. Kyle Taniguchi, Franco Tarm. Ekkic Tepsupornchai, Brian Tom, Brian Tran [Pledge Mom), Chinb Tran, Qiian Tran, Quan Tran, Vinh Tran, Joseph Tseng, Mitcbel Tsurdome. Darren Urada, Lee Urcjuidi, Tim Wan [Service Chair), Franklin Wang, Derrick Wong, Thomas Wong, Keith Yabumoto. Tony Yean, JeJfYeb. Philip Yu 268 Greeks theta delta chi ' 0AE Founded: 1847 !olors: Black, White and Blue Open Motto: Our hearts are united Selby Arsenn [Treasurer Socinl Chaii], EUas Autian, Steven Bornstein [Social Chau), Kany Chmig, Edward Cheimcl, Michael Frias, Jerry Gallardo. Flai ' io Gallar2o. Eric Garlepp, Yung Huynh, Ralph win, Leland Kim, Seth Lahadie [Secretary Rush Chair], Ronald Lehron, Heniy Leyva (Preiident), Geori)e AkiiJcz, Norm Oro, Orlando Perrotta (House Manager], Jack Phan, Fernando Sanchez, Warren Sheng, LeiJ Staing . :, Greeks 269 Zeta beta tan 270 Greeks i ZBT Founded: 1898 Colors: black and gold Philanthropy: Pediatric AIDS Open Motto: Once a brother, always a brother Joe Ahing, Michael Alnimo, Justin Brtss, David Belluomini, Joel Bermait, Dan Binn, Dat ' iJ Bohner, Greg Brett, Todd Briii()en, JefjBuntien, Eric Byers, Mike Choi, Michael Carai ' elli, Dave Clemettt, KH Cooper, Burton Cow ill, Dave Creawford. Milan DiGiulio, Dan Dworkin, Donny Edwards, Emir ElUot-Lirtdo, Todd Feldman, Rich Fiore, Paul Fischer, Jim Ford, Ken Foy, Darin Frank, John Friedman, Aiatt Gandin, Gil Gerstein, Pete Gielniak, Noah Gratch, Mike Greenherci Josh Hacker, Brendan Handler, Tyson Harper, Ted Hemiing, Dan Jaffe, Mark Jaronczyk, Paul Johnston, Brad Jones, Kevin Jurkowski, Craig Kaplan, Jack Kappe, Ed Kim, Ketih Klein, Tom Kocny, Kevin Kwan, Paul Lacy, Nathan Lane, Jim Lanzone, Tim LaRocca, Matt L rson, Greg Lee, Mike Lenahan, Alex Lesser, Abe Levin, Guy Levy, Steve Lilak, Bill Lomhardini, Randy Lorenzo, Craig Luntz, Kyle Aliicfe, Nate Malcom, Garry Martin, Paul Martin, Jason A avar, Greg Mayeur, Ronald Mehrens, Jejf Miley, Tyson Miller, James Minnis, Ryan Murden, Todd Olster, Trent Overholt, Greg Osborne, Jon Pendleton, Rich Pinella Cassidy Pope, Rob Radden, Tim Reardon, Tom Rector, Mark Reyerson, Matt Rice, David Ritchie, Jason Romano, Craig Rosenberg, Brett Rosenblatt, Branden Rubasky, Joen Riihenstein, Todd Rubinger, Jeff Schiamberg, Alike Schiamberg, Dan Schlaffman, Gaiy Silverman, Dusty Sorenson, Brad Sorosky, Aiark Spaldinil Aiaivin Spann, John Stedfield, Danny Stutz, Geoff Suddleson, Aiark Tamalunas, Jeff Tenenbaum, Stpehen Thomas. Erik Toft, David Waggoner, Kevin Walker, Jeriy Weitzman, Mdft Willems, Brad Younggren. Greeks 271 EN Founded: 1930 Colors: Black Gold Philanthropy: Palm Court Retirement Home Symbol: the Serpent Lnnce Allen, Greg Andrasick, Todd Andrewi, Scott BartoM, Greg Bass, Jay Behr, Scot Blocker, Travis Boyd, Brent Brennan, Brad Brutacao [Chaplain], Pat Callahan, Rob Cano, Grecj Cass, Justin Cheen, Jason Clark, Grecj Clarke, Jeff Clarke, John Cochran, Jim Coleman, Craig Courtnay, Matt Cuneiinia [Rush Chair), Jeff Dallas, Dan Dalton. Marcus Daly, Ryan Dodd, Pete Eastman, Roti Enge, Mike Ford, Matt Franklin, Greg French, Mike Gilhooly, Pat Gilhooly, Jae Goodman [Treasurer), Justin Guichard, Scott Graves, Matt Halme, Todd Harrison, Eric Heenan, Marc Heenan [Social Chair), Eric Heglie, Kj ell Jolt, Jim Jacohson, Jeff Jewel [Vice-President), Weston Johnson, Rob Kashian, Rowan Kelly, Craig Lirseii, Todd LacRoipte, Chris Lee, Steve Luce, Darrick Lucero, Brendan Aialloy, Anthony Manwour, Matt McCallister [Pledge Trainer], Brian McNamara [President), Roy Messineo, Matt Meyer, Brett Middleton, Jake Mosher, Steve Niednagel, Eric Page, Dan Paranick, Paul Pervecky, Chris Pliha, Rob Quigley, Matt Quinlan, Kevin Roberts, Ken Romaniszyn, Rene Santaella, Daron Schwartz, Jay Sherwood, Paul Schelin, Charlie Smith, Brian Steel, Ryan Steelberg, Brian Tinker, Marshan Tuck, Scott Turner, Sean Troche, Matt Vanis, Rich Vanis, Ward Van Pelt, Dennis Ventiy, Steve Weibel, Jason Wilcox, Dan WiUiams, John Williams [Rush Chair), Reed Woodson, Terrence Yacap, Joe Young, Rich Zarback, Erich Zimmermann [Treasurer). 272 Greeks sigma nu Greeks 273 nsem To the gatherings of others like ourselves, for ourselves, and for our needs so that we need not stand alone. Political Science Honor Society Hamid Ajriiii, Jnson Axe, }ay Badenbope, Jennijer Bae, Edward BntU, Roimn Beaujih, Iiit )h Blake, Carol Bouton, Dei Butters, Olivia Chan, Kelly Chanij, Tina Chao, Irene Chen, Vivian CheniJ, Andrew Cherrick, Baldwin Chin, Daniel Cho Kaiyn Choo, Michael Chou, Thomas Chuni), Jessica Damavandi, PaulDatnou, Joy de Leon, BiyantDelgadillo, Richard Dietz, Jean Doyle, Suzanne Emerson, Manuel Escnrce a, Seymour Everett, Matthew Fite, Jonathan Freedman, Kunzan(i Gellek, Manda Ghajeri, Tracey Gleason, Joseph Goodman, Andrea Graham, Robin Hardy, James Hoskinson, Kari Hurt, Russell Jacobson, Vladinur Jevremovic, Carrie Johnson, Yoiyana Junco, Frank Kang, Shari Kanji, Katherine Kendell. Heidi Kitrosser, Dinnn Kovall, Audrey Kuwahara, Lisa Laird, Celso Lacjo, James Lanzone, Lamdien Le, DavidLee, Carini Lindaver, Dana Linker, Albert Liu, Mattber Mackenzie, Leslie Ann Mark, Kristin Mateer, Reshma Mehta, Teri Melson, Eric Miller, Erika Miller, Melissa Moijrass, Paul Moon, Dfl ' ert Moore, Manish Munshi, Edward Noble, Chris Oprisoii. Holly Parker, James Pi, Ruslan Polinovsky, Rizwan Ramji, Julie Ro, Elizabeth Rosemond, Daniel Rosen, Crai§ Rosenbercj, Samara Ruder, Sasan Sndri, Daniel Shanjield, Kara Sivertson, Kristin Snow, Anthony SoUs, Natasha Spirov, Kevin Stevens, Bruce Suifden, Michele Swanson, Florence Tabiri, Linda Tai, Charles Taylor, Patricia Tipon, Maria Lei Tobias, Jacqueline Tozzi, Sachiko Tsuneda, Judith Turner, David Vanalek, Frank Weathers, Robbyn Wiolkins. Stephanie Wonit, Matthew WooldridiU, Jolene Yee, Toshino Yuhako, Scott Yun, Nicole Zaccheo. •k. 276 Ensemble i YWCA Ii ' osepbine Ayda, Naomi Basile, Diana Chang, Hye Jung Choi, Suzanne Horn, Roxana Hum, Jimko Isbii, iOthn Johnson, Helen Kim, Alejandra Limon, Delecia Lin, luiura Lui, Jackie Mai, Julie Mai, Tracy Milulak, ] onam Soni, Nicloe Tsai. Dora Tung. Lucy Tyler, Gahriela Vega, Gisela Vega, Patricia Vega, Shannon iiVarJ, Marlene Wan, Yuao Xu, Shannon Young, Leslie Zigman. Ensemble 277 Communications Board Publications Director Terence Hsiao, Vice Chair Amal Abu-Rabma, Undergmdua Member Babette S Gil, Underi)raduate Member Behzad Tabatabai, Undergradua Member Teresa Magna, Graduate Member Sondra Boyd, Graduate Member Sheila C(ise3|| «l Graduate Member Kathy Gutierrez, Chair Dave Kopplin, Alumni Member Artht Hernandez, Administrative Member Larry Gower, Professional Manber Richard Swearingt 278 Ensemble Publications Staff ' uhlicatwns Director Terence Hsiao, Adininiitrative Aistitant Grace Liu-Xu. Media J ,,,] idviser Frances Fernnndes, Newsmagazine Adviser Arvli Ward, Advertising Adviser LLr. ' usan Gesell, Accounts Receivable Alanager Elizabeth Azores, Publications Accountinif 11, Aanager Conrad Natac, Advertising Production SupervisorElizabethAlatjallanes, Assistant koduction Supervisor Scott Bloom, Editorial Production Supervisor Mike O ' Connor. Ensemble 279 Student Alumni Association Nicole Bollinger, Kimbeily Flaiier. Eileen Gamhoa. WinJy Liu, Alf.x Proctor, Marthn Riizo, EliZdheth Vanalek, Snran Richard, Tammy Chantle, Leami C ;fn, Kadija Dada, John Kochavatr, Linda Lee, Mike Smith, Lilly Valdivia, Dai ' id Vanalek, Rosie Yonijvanich, John Lee, Sherri Ajemian, Dihn Ha, Shahim Haminian, Cindy Kinj, Lori Roman, Mark Vlasic, Lynda Kim, Michael Chao, Laura Forgione, Colhy Maher, Brian Toy, Susan Van Campen, Laurence Hughes, Clark Cheng, Sandy Hua, Sandra Lee, [Daniel Norman, Ghislaine Sopher, Hiin-Ping Thai, Calvin Tii, Heather Boyle, Jill Grindley, Brandon Mazzacnvallo, Valerie Teglia, Sharon Basse, Sharon Fujikake, Darren Fiita, Bonnie Lemon, Galit Lopatin, Douse Sze, Kelly Weddel, Nancy Yen, Magnolia Samadani, Ernesto Aljaro, Tatiana Alvarez, Natalie Delagnes, Todd Hanson, Yukiko Michael, Michelle Montanez, Sonja Nazareth, Myra Siekaly, Jen Gambrioli, Jorge Ancona, Lesley Friedland, Nadia Hejni, Pat Lautman, Niki Manhy, Beth Palm, Roh Sanders, May Soto, Kristen Latvrence, Bethany Abraham, Dennis Chatman. Jennifer Costa, Amy Lynn Giihera, Connie Lee, Val Miller, Nicid Siepscr, Joe WoncI %1(i 280 Ensemble I Amigos del Barrio -{md Director Mmirmt Medeiros. Assis((W( Director Patty Trujillo, Assistivit Director Monica Gonzalez, Amstant director Kelly O ' Neil. Ensemble 281 Project Pancake I Director Deiriire Cnmphell, Director Elniue Hamamoto, Director Katby Jiinij, Director Jennijer Katin, Director Stacie Polnshuk, Director Renee Santo, , Staff Member Rachel Herrick, Staff Alemher Benjamin Kahrl, Staff Alember Chris Knouilton. Staff Member Jeff McCombi, Staff Member Phiiong Pham, Staff Member Jenny Tanabe, Amie Acheson, Micah Adler, Stephanie Alber, Robyn Altmann, Aielissa Anderson, Ashley Ayres, Johna Barson, RomieBasu, Kim Broadbeck, Stella Castillo, Bill Chen, Anna Choi, Kelly Chung, Laura Darling, Lorna DeBono, Alarihelle Estrella, David Eyerly, Emiko Fukumoto, Jennifer Fullerton, Sbarat Gadasally, Darbi Gaunt, Ben Gilmore, Isabelle Girard, Ati Hakimi, Simon Han. Richard Hansberger, Nasim Hedayati, Jason Hsu, Julie Huff, Eunice Fajardo, Alia Harris, Holly Jackson, Heather Jensen, Hye-jin Jun, Anton Lacap, Jeannette Ijager, Carolyn Laverty, Denise Louie, Tessa Lopez, A a-ximilian Lutrell, Shawn Aiartinez, Lina Aiirochnik, Susane Mornn, Karen Nelson, AUchelle Oberman, Tricia Ochoa, Viki Ogden, Anita Pai, Jenna Pascover, Erin Pensinger, Maiia Serlin, Carol Silberberg, Sangeeta Sinha, Daum Takeuchi, Anne Tanaka, Danny Tao, Mane Tero, Kim To, Fernado Torres, Le Trinh, Kash Trivedi, Dee Vo, David White, Stacey Wong. 1 T 282 Ensemble Golden Key National Honor Society Preudent Andrea Cohen, Vice President Trevor Lim, Corresponding Secretary Amy Speiice, Recording Secretaiy Kristin Gamble, Treasurer Scott Rudkin, Newsletter Editor Samara Ryder, Publicity Chair Scott Sahlman, Social Chair Stephen Freedland, Honorary Members Chair Laura Seamark, Community Service Chair Phoni) Chau, Advisoiy Committee Rachel Rubin, Advisory Committee Michelle Tjoe, Advisory Committee Scott Brachman, Advisoiy Coiiimiffff Evelina Serajini, Advisory Committee Kristin Gunnerson, Advisoiy Committee Hui Chenci, Advisory Committee Tiiw Prost Ensemble 283 ' Student Committee for the Arts Biimf Steinberg, Carol Ckcarelli, Carolyn Furbish, Claire Young, Claudia Ferguson, Dave Eble, DeniseDien, Doug Creel, Erin Tomeo, HeatherProhashi, Juan Morillo, Ming- Yea Gau, Nerisia Roselaiia, Norlen Ewell. Petra Schumann, Steve Rich, Sobui he, Katerine Winegar, Robyn Norm, John Henson, Knk Fretwell. W«,Pfl J 284 Ensemble Communications Honor Society (QuiiJ ' ' ' C ' ' -P ' ' fS ' ' f " ' Alir ic Alornio, Co-President Nedn Rnouj, Progmmmmtj Cbnir Issac liMiiilW- ' f ' f " ' " " ' . Pro rammiitg Chair Ginger Allen, Secretary Treeisurer Victoria Mitchell, UijIi j . Social Chair Abe Avila, Social Chair Rachelle Bennan, Publicity Chair Erin Dunigan, Publicity Chair Tamara Palmer, Alumni Chair Teri Fasching, Media Watch Chair Kelly Sutton, Media Watch Chair Leila Nosrati, Members Pictured: Francine Ameija, Jemiijer Ashe, Heather Duffy, Angela Freeman, Karin Gee, Linda Loe, Stephanie Scheck. Ensemble 285 School of Nursing 286 Ensemble .1 Alison Ablers, Fnkmey Akhnimn, Kim Bebnke. h arieFe Belocura, Alicin Bullock. Lynette Cns(luijo, Jnsmiiie Chon, Lynit Church, ANcmta Coloma, Pnul Coniett, Suznmti Coniick, Arnold DeCastro, Cynthia DeLaLoza. Shel Emhuido. Jeff Eicuadro, Nancy Fukomoto, Molly Finn, Dolores Genova, Paula Haggard, Nanora Hicks, Linda Hsia, Heide Irwin, Leslee Jewitt, Lourdes Juarez, Alison Kaneshiro, Jennifer Kendall, Jtin Kim lone Klaren, Teresa Khuudtson, Michelle Ktiramoto, Dehby Layton, Elizabeth Lee, Yi-Tmg Liu, Catherine Liwisa, Ann Manaois, Melissa Marchant, Maria Menedez, Vann Miller Christine Na, Joy Orozco, Tammy Oyot), Harold Patron, Christine Quigg, Tim Reagan, Judy Rohde, Dioni Rovello, Eliza Roy, Satvinder Sachdeva, Caroline Salinas, Althea Sbowwalter, Karen Silver, Annie Tak, Dehhy Tipple, Jamie Tung, Kirsten Volheda, Sarah Waters, Darlene Wong. Claire Abrajano, JavickAguilar, Cathleen Bemis, Marie Bonilla. Haylee Canlas. Patricia Daniels. Cambria DeMarco. Melissa Didrickson. JoAnn Eastwood, Jennifer Eclarino. Cheiyl Estrera. Leslie Gebhaii, Joseph Gladstone. Patricia Glenwinkel. Becky Haven, Eliazar Herrera. Gloria Hidalgo. Thu Hoang. Gina Jamero. Reza Kiandad. David Kolodzi. Sandra Krivosic. Janae Lautenschlager. Jorge Lee. Anne Lee. Jung Ye Lee, Woodrow Lee. NoraMcGowan. Andrea Maguire, LanhMai. Deborah Martinez, Laura Martirinez. Grace Mata. Hoa Nguyen. Erika Ono. Lisa Perlas, Jill Perez, Pbnongtta Pham, Marie Rodriguez, Erin Roteliuk, Elizabeth Serrano, Alice Shepard. Cecile Silvestre. Audrey Smith, Carla Stewart, June Suh, Lisa Swansen, Janet Tabah, Erma Teng, Jocylin Llrrete, Yvonne Validivieso, J. Williams, Valerie Wendling, Grace M ong. Jean Wong. Mary Yapo I Ensemble 287 Mortar Board Jim Berklas, Zoe Blumberg, Heather Boyle, Scott Bracbman, Jeame Branbam, Bill Buxton, Tammy Caplan, Mark Chamherlin, Stephen Chnrjnuos, Maiste Chin, Linda Dote, Heather Dujjy, Pauline Fischer, Ruthie Flores, Juliana Fuefua, Sheryuon Gayles, Kristin Gunnerson, Emi Gusukuma, An ie Hamner, Sanae Ishida, Russell J acobson, Kerop Janoyan, Debi Kump, Kristen Lawrence, Manny Lopez, Janis Louie, Reshma Mehta, Amy Nemko, Matt Nix, Cristie Platis, Amy Spence, Dawn Stone, Steve Tan, Kim Ward, Dabna White. i r™iii 288 Ensemble Alpha Lambda Delta Phi Eta Sigma Alpha Lambda Delta: President Jennifer Bruha, Vice President David Lutc, Secretary Debhy Thompson, Treasurer Brian Cogswell, Campus Relations Heather Hersh, Social Chair Jennifer Kohashi, Service Chair Joyce Liu, Historian Kerry Saukkola, Scholarship Chair Kristen Pollock, Community Chair Katherine Eni), Senior Advisor Robert Ackerman. Phi Eta Si ma: President Sam Hirsch, tst Vice President Susan Oda, 2nd Vice President Jennifer Wilson, Secretary Bonny Yeung, Treasurer Susan Welde, Campus Relations Linda N , Social Chair Wayne Poon, Historian ln(;rid Wang, Scholarship Chair Scott Parish, Community Chair Laura Seamar. Ensemble 289 Bruin Belles 4 290 Ensemble i PrcsiiicMt Jeamiie Aloore, Vice-PresideM Putty Huang. Secretary Meg Alnsidio, Treasurer Sanae hbida, Senior Representative Juliana Fucfua, Junior Representative Katy Youni), Sophomore Representative Coby Hojfman, Michelle Micjuel. Trisha Castle, Sherry Aknor, Zahra Aziz, Tanya Baker, Lisa Biscaichipy, Kristin Braun, Kristiana Castaneda, MaJhtt Chopra, Shalini Choudhaiy, CheiylJela CuaJra, Sarah Ennals, Anita Espinoza, Katie Gallagher, Jeanetta Gonzales, Autumn Gresowski, Veronica Grey, Claire Guido, Jessica Horiuchi, Sheree Hsu, Vivian Huancj, Jenny Koss, Jennifer Lee, Misti Lerma, Jean Lim, Jennijer Lin, Jennijer h[atchey, Julie Ann Mejia, Elizabeth Moya, CharaPadilla, Sarah Park, Jennifer Shoemaker, Tracey Shyr, Betina Suessman, Julie Tollefson, Bani Vir, Carolyn Wang, Laurie Wu, Elizabeth Yutan,Yvonne Abelon, Venn Alagh, Betsy Boettger, Ahsa Eivin, Alice Fang, Maiy Lee Foley. Cathy Fung, Sylvia Garcia, Erin Greenwood, Amy Gubera, Amy Homl. Emily Hsui. Verjinia Karnikian, Karin Kulhnan. Suzanne Lafranchi. Sophie Le. Josie Lee. Sarah Lopez, Kristin Lueck. t anisha A angalick. Joan-Ruth Miran. Alaiya Miyamoto, Cheny Park. Susan Samarge. Keny Saukkola. Shane Selph, Poornima Shubhakar, Jm- Mi Son, Alison Swegle, Amrita Tahiliani, Becky Toth, Audrey Tse, Natalie VonBerg, Khanh Vu. Lucy Wang, Janelle Woml Helen Yun,Patricia Alba, Amy Anderson, Ritu Asthana, Carrie Captvell, Nicole Chan, Joy Cljfii, Elaine Chu, MelanieChun, Pennie Collins, Marilou Correa, Kathleen Daly, Cytithia Dinh, Kr isten Duerbig, Kristi Eriksen, Yeang Je. Kathy Jen, Chetyl Kawamoto, Joanne Kim, Yee-Ann Lee, Alaynao AloMniioiifoiiij, Liiii ii Ng, Pamela N(l Hoa Nguyen, S» S(7m Oda, Julie Ohara, Rachel Parker, TalPeles, Michelle Post, Brenda Quintana, Andrea Rhodes, Saida Ruiz, Krista Schendel, Jeanie Shen, Riiapm Soni, Shawn Sumida, Kristin Taniguchi, Heather Tiaden, Yvone Tsai, Teresa Wu,Saira Asian, Jennifer Barragan, Ann Marie Brown, Kristin Chandler, Evelyn Chuang, Cristina de Jesus, Salena Dhillon, Jaccjualine Dyess, Lesley Friedland, Terri Garcia, Celina Gorre, KathenneHo, Karilyn House, JulieHsu, GraceKim, Debra Lew, Stacey Loy. Marianne Alan. Kayleen Maya. Alicia Alfu ' , fried Oyadomari. Jee Park, Sharlean Perez, rachel Rubin, Cynthia Sandoval. Chantelle Scheurer. Laura Seamark. Wendy Stancer. Jenny Tanabe. Helen Tu, Aleg 1 111(011, Firdosi Vl );(irtoii-A!i. Jessica Wingell. GraceYang, S(il;niioii Young. Susan Yue, Jennifer Dailo, Cara Liu, Radhika Nayar, Alargarett Shnorhavorian. Ala Archie Villaveii. Alariel Calizo. Ensemble 291 Peer Health Counselors Co-Dtrector Dehi Klump. Co-Director Summer Teruya, Women ' s Health Coordmator Saira Ailam, Hyperteimci Coordiiujtor Mark Baje, FIT Tables Coordmator Don Corpus, Nutrition Outreach Coordinator AlomijMf Dao, FIT Outreach Coordinator Joseph Gantan, FIT Clinic Coordinator Susan Halili, Office Coordinator Tracie Hiitii Recruitment Coordinator Amanda Ho, Nutrition Tables Coordinator Laura Ho, SPACE Coordinator Henri Kim, Puhlh Relations Coordinator Katty Kim, Sexual Health Coordinator A lijrciii Noilueira, Stress Manaijement Coordinator Kd; Okada, SOURCE Coordinator Ruby Pak, Protjram Coordinator Jennifer Plumb, Jidiet Almzan, Alicia Amulc ' Matthew Artukoi ' ich, Lynn BaijcU, Carlos Bohoi piez, Levon Broussalian, Annabel Castillo, William Chaltrair, Alii»:. ' Chen, Mailc)ieCho, JeannieChow, JoyceChow, SaundraCobos, Tracy Dai ' is, Lordelyn Del Rosario, Jennifer Fan, Rohir Fey, Barbara Forneret, Mia Fiiiu , Sarina Gartj, Valina Ghookasian, Raul Gorospe, Julie Graham, Fiona Henderson, Lin Ho, Stephanie Ho, Karilyn House, Raymond Hussain, Helen Hwant), Lori Kandel, TiijestKebede, Kristen Knudson, Drti ' i Koh, llsba Krishnamurthy, Jane Lee, June Lee, Melinda Lee, Vicky Lindocjan, Mary Lmg, Patricia Lopez, Ed AldH ' cs Alice Miyake. Maritza Morales, Gerald Nakamura, Diiiiif 01;iiii!(;ii, Lareina Pedricjuez, Parrish Sadeijhi, LaurieSalo Wendy Scto, Natasha Shah, Aiulcla Shen, Jaiputi Shukla, Kavita Surti, Debi Sykes, Jennifer Ta ichi, Kimi Tamura MelanicTaylor, Diana Tipayaosot, Chau Kim Tii, AnncTsuchiyama, Glenn Vei)a, Edmund Velez, Nancy Win, Tony Wong, Donna Wu, Carol Yeuiul Suzanne Yoon, Wanda Yu, Eli Zip 292 Ensemble Association of Chinese Americans PresiiientBcnuc Hiiao, Internal Vice Prestdent Rich Tang, External Vice President Barbara Tran, APC Representative Vivian TseneJ, Treasurer Sandy Lee, Sports Directors Dawson Li and Chriss Glaisyer, Historians Audrey Lee and Pheohe Tsai, Cultural Administrator Jenny duantj. Community Service Administrator Jenny Wu, Publicity Administrator Eddy Cheung, Publicity Administrator Jamson Wu, Social Administrator Jennifer Cheng, Secretary Caroline Sheu, Community Outreach Lisa Chiang ■ B Br i K ' J H BfL = P H£ V 1 t " fcij 1 dm m It 11 Ensemble 293 Graduate S e- To those that have walked the halls, taken the tests, and maintained the university before us, so that the legacy may continue. Kristen M, Abels BA Liiijiiislics Mark R. Adams BA Psycboloijy Michael M, Aeshar BA Bus Economics Joachim J Agamba BA Film T V Laura Aguilar BA Psychology Juan J- Abenojar BSMdih App Science Wiryadi Adidharma BS Computer Science Bobby B. Afrooz BS Biolotjy Menma M Aguabella BA Psycholoify Cecilia E Aguillon BA Political Science Willis E, Abraham BA Eni;lish Pedram Abran BS Computer Scifiicf Robert M. Acherman BA History Pauline S Acosta BA Sociology 296 Graduates Elizabeth R Ahdoot 1 I RA SlKIoIoiU Liza Ahn BA GeO(piiphy K4izue Aizeki BA Geoijriiphy Adrina Alahdadi BS Bioloijy Norma A Alcoser BA Hiilory Senior Spotliahi Lesley Friedland Major: Psychology, Business, Education Hometown: Anaheim, California Involvement: Lesley loves helping people andworkingwith children, and most of her activities at UCLA have centered around these goals. She has been a Bruin Belle for five years, serving as junior representative, vice president, and president. Additionally, she has served as Head Counselor for UCLA ' s UniCamp for five years, and as a Bruin Kids counselor as well. Through Amigos Del Barrio Lesley volunteered as a tutor for Spanish-speaking third graders, and worked as a " Big Sister " to girls with emotional problems through Project Mac. During the last four years she has been a member of the UCLA Marching Band ' s Flag Team, and a Publicity staff member for Mardi Gras. She is also a member of the SAA Senior Class Cabinet, a counselor for the Girl Scouts, a Community Development Assistant for the residence halls, and a teaching assistant for both the DDIP Program (working with mentally retarded children) and the Neuropsychiatric Institute (working with schizophrenic teens). Future Plans: " I am currently a preschool teacher, and 1 plan to continue teaching while I earn a teaching credential for elementary school. Participating in DDIP (Developmentally Disabled Immersion Program) at UCLA marked a turning point in my life. I have always wanted to be an elementary school teacher, but after my involvement with this program I discovered that I would like to be a Special Education teacher at the elementary school level. " Fondest Memories: ' The moment 1 will remember best of my years at UCLA was when I was crowned the Homecoming Queen last fall. It was an honor and a surprise that I will always cherish. Representing UCLA as the 1992 Home- coming Queen was a thrilling experience and one that really captured my feelings for UCLA. " Siena M, Alder BA Geoijmphy Armina Allahdadi BS Bwlociy — — | k, Beth M, Allyn BA Psyclifilof y Ishil C. Altinis BS Cbemiitry Stephanie A. Allen BA Psycholotty Lauren P Alpert BS Computer Science Philip J Altmann BA Comm Similes Francine Amega BA Comm. Studies Youko Aniemiya BA English [. Graduates 297 Patrick C. Anyakwo BA Politiciil Science Deborah S. Appel BA Sociology Marnic M. Aragon BSMatb App Science Daniel ,L Araldi BS Bioloijy Natalie K. Arazi BA Theater Arts Michelle L. Arce BA Pohtial Science { ?( Gary F Arcega BS BioloilY Maria T. Arciba BA History Babette G Anas BAE Mljlisj) » « Vl • - - - Maria L. Armendanz BA Economics Alfred L. Arnaud BA His(or ' Stephen A. Aronis BA Political Science Marisol Arredondo BA Piycholoily Nora A. Asahara BA Psycholo{)y Douglas A Asano BA Geotlraphy Ana Lisa Ascalon BA Bus Economics Josephine Asejo BA Psychotoi]y ennifer L. Ashe BA Comm Stuiiies 1 Susan H. Ashkar BA Political Science Mary Y. Assad BA Political Science Lisa G. Astor BA History Alexander Astvasadoonan BA Hist Near Eastern Slul Pcmra Atinc BA Comm Studies Alex King-Long Au BS Computer Science 298 Graduates 1 .1 Maha Awad jason K.. Axe Sandra C. Ayala BA Comm SUhhci BA PoUtical Science BA Hiitoiy Rose M. Ayci-vcs-Adams Ashley A. Ayrcs BA PiYiholcn Ashley E- Ayies BA Soaolotjy ' A Bernard M, Azer « ■ BS Phy iolo.hoil So Amena M, Az BS Biolo. v Shanette K. Baardsen PS Anihropoloily Lynn A. Bagge BS Authropoloijy Erica L. Bailey BA Bus Economics Mark A. Baje BS Physioloijictjl Sci Derrick. I Baker Ernest Balderas BA 5cif»cf BA Socioloijy Kathleen P. Baldwin BA Anthwpoloily Gilbert T. Baligad BA Froiiomics Orlando Balladares BA Psycholo,ly Lucas N Ballina BS Psychohioloily Shahriar Bamshad BA rLi«ic.rl Cmhz.ilwn Edmond Banayan BA Bus Economics James J. Bancroft BA Desiiln Son Y Bang BA Sociolofly Quy-Huong (Arthur) Q Bao BA Political Science Olga Baraz BA Bus Economics Laurie A Bardin BS Nursing LaShawn D- Baretield BA Socioloijy Hisham Barghout BA Bus. Economics Yaseen M. Ban BS Physiological Sci. K.en M. Barkes BA Sociology Gabnelle J. Barnes BA History Graduates 299 Dana J Barstad BA Histoiy Business Jeffrey S. Beauchamp BA Economics Danielle Benard BA Political Science Debra j. Barstad BA Soi:iolo(Jy Srooke L. Bartholomew BA P ' ;ycholoi]y Adrienne E. Baumann John L Bautista Jeremy E. Beal BA Enijlish BA Politicil Science BA Politicjl Scieiic M ananne E Baru ich BA His tory • « . J 1 |i-:A 1 Bren V Bataclan BA Desiiln Darryl A. Bates BA History Susan K Bcarden BS ( ivil EiK iiiff niu; Maria D. Beas BA Spiiniih Llerciture Heather Beatty BS Phyiioloipciit Sci Jo Anne Beazley BA Psycbolo{!y Steven W, Bcckman BA PolilKiil Science Joshua Behar BA Economics Aaron Bchle BA Bus Economics Mane-Fe F. Belocura BS Nursinit Nicole M. Berg BAArt f " ' %J J jH m Jason M. Bcrkman BA Env. Studies Sheila J. Bernus BA Sociolociy Leeora Berookhim BA Sociology Benjamina A. Bitk BA Hisloiy 300 Graduates Laura L Bicdcbach BA PjIiIiciI Science I IF Eric C. Blosch BA Psvcholo,n Nicole M. Bollinger BA Economics Scott W Biggins BS Chem Ent]ineeynu] Kerem S Bilge Dcvendra V Billimora Chan M Birnholr Samantha L BIcy l ' ,A P ycbolofjy BS Mcch FjujmmnLi HA Tk.jin A,1 ' . HAHr.l.--T Anthony D. Blue BA Socwimjy Lisa M. Blum Margaret E Boardman Sonali B Bodiwala BA ociolmly BA P ycholoilY BS Comp Sci ' Eiupiieermt) Martin A- Bohorguez 1 Psychohioloijy Angela G. Bonhglio BA C,eo,1r,,t,hy Matthew B. Bookman PS Al pheJ Muh Sharon K. Bosse BA Bu Economic Payam Bostani BS Bwloijy (KW Carol L. Bouton BA Politic J Science David W. Bowker BA PolitictI Science Wendi P, Bowling BA All Hisloo ' Rena E Bradham BA Economics Lisa C. Bradkin BA Dbi,;h Johnj. Bradley IV BA Bus EcoMoraics Denise C. Branch BA Comm. StUiiiei Craig C Brandau BA History Jcanie M. Branham BA Comm Studies Gregory L, Brett BA Political Science Singh A. Boun PS Psychohiolotly Christopher C. Bradley BA Political Science Andrea L. Brook BA Russiflii Studies Graduates 301 Julie A. Brotherton BA Comm StnJies Vi-Rita Brown P,A Political Science Jerome Bryant BA Political Science Karl T Bui BS A ' Utb App Science ft Juan J. T. Burciaga BA Hiitory Ahcia S. Bullock BSN irsiHf At c %M •v m Alina D. Burgess BA Psycholoijy Lawrence Burmingham Mary Beth Euros BA Worlii Literature BA Bus Economics Melissa A. Burton BA Enillish uan D Busch BA English Richard L Bucich BA Hiitoty Andrea S Buckley BA History Tncia N Buelna BA Art Hislory Senior Spotliaht Jeriece DeLynn Hil Major: Civil Engineering Hometown: Lancaster, California Involvement: As a member of the Society of Black Engineers, Jeriece has chaired several committees, served as the External Public Relations Vice President, and has been honored as Member of the Year. As a volunteer for the Prison Coalition, she visited local detention camps and tutored incarcerated youth. Additionally, as a Bruin Belle Jeriece participated in several other communit y service-oriented programs, such as visiting senior citizens and the children ' s ward at the UCLA Medical Center. She also served as a Community Service Intern for USAC, tutoring and making arrangements for handicapped youth. Lastly, Jeriece has donated time to the March of Dimes, Special Olympics, and UniCamp. Future Plans: " After graduating in June, 1 plan to enter law school this fall. I want to study environmental and public interest law. 1 intend to combine my engineeering and law degrees to work towards freeing communities of poor water quality, hazardous wastes, and air pollution. Eventually I ' d like to become a mayor, or even a senator. This way, I ' ll have a more direct impact on measures taken to help the community. " Fondest Memories: " I will best remember the tremendous sense of pride all UCLA students have in their school. Bearwear is worn daily, sporting events are packed with fans, and students always have the best comeback whenever someone tries to knock UCLAl " 302 Graduates knstie Bushelnian BA Psycbolof)y joey j. Buslon BA Politiciil Science Annie Butt BA Bus Economics William C Buxton BS Biochenustiy Carey E. Bylin BA Pivcholdy Matthew R Byram BA H, ' on ' Katie Calderon BA Psychology Leticia Calderon BS Biology Graduates 303 ( Claire L. Caldwell BA Psycholoitv William S. Caldwell BA PohticJ Science Julie S. Calimquini BA PsychoLm- Stephanie Camacho BA Lilm AmiT StuJies Joanna L Camba-Colon BS B olojy Andrew Campion BA EcLiHomics Dannielle Campos BA Socioloijy Elizabeth Campos BA Psychokyy Charlene V. Canalita BA Poliltcal Science Cheri M. Carberry BA Psycholoi}y Paula Cardenas BS Bioloijy Martina Cardona BA Spanish Literature Barbara J. Carini BA Psychology Jeanne R. Carin BA Sociolotjy Monica L. Carlos BA Sociolofly Lyd a J. Carlsgt BA Emjhsh lard i fRj 2 m M - I H IHk 1 B ' j N i ■I S Jacqueline M- Carlson BA Socioiotty enniterD Carpenter BA Iiiternntl Economics Vicente L Catala BA History konstantine R Caunca BA History Maribel Castancda BA Comm Studies K v « 4 J ir . 1 Hkh jHH ■ i Daniel L. Ccarlcy BS Civil Engineering Rurt M. Cellar BA Bus. Economics Norman A. Cevallos BS Eke. Enejineeringing Ai N. Chai BS Chem. En0ineenncj 304 Graduates »w 1 Rex M, Chan Will C. Chan BS Com i So ' f iiijiiiftriiii) A - a J m (Sra ■ 1 Kristin K. Chandler Haryanto Chandra B5 Al.i(fn,ili Science Angela C. Chang PjS Ccimputer Science TjMjj David F. Chang iwir- ■ BS Bioloity Deborah Chang BA Mus c Dons P Chang BA Intenujtl fcoiiamics Ji Y. Chang BA Polifici?! Science John K. Chang BA Political Science It m Myung H. Chang , l,• I BSM,!th App Scimcf Pei-Chi Chang BA Socioloily Pota T. Chang BSAIfcl ' Em;iiiffriiii Tracy I Chang BS Psychohwlotly We.-Yun W. Chang BS Biolooy Jeffrey M. Chapman BS Com ) Sci fn inrerin]; Stephen M. Charfauros BA Psychology Dalia A Chatterjee BA Political Science Phong T- Chau BS Applied Math Tyenian F, Chau BS Phyucs Christine M. Chang BA Bullish K.eun H. Chang BA Fcoiiomics Young J Chang BS Chem Eni]ineerlnt Craig D Chavez BA Socioloily Graduates 305 Jose A. Chavez RA History Art Hiitoiy Grace M. Chen BA Snlernatl Economics Mane Chen BA Bus Etoiiomics Timothy T, Chen BS Biology Luciana Chavez BA HisUvy Paul R. Chavez BA Abraham S Chen PS B.,il,„(v Ahce Y. Chen BA EmiM, Grace Chen BS B.olo,;v Helen Y. Chen BA Comni Stihiie hielen L Chen BA f ilium Sdiiiifs Lily L. Chen nS Ml ih App Sciaic Mmnie T Chen BA Hiiloiy Patricia P, Chen BS Bioloijy Robert H Chen BA Ecoiioiii ' cs Rosalyn M. Chen BS AfhlieJ Milh Vivian M. Chen BA History Alan Cheng BS BioclifiiiisliT Angela L, Cheng BA GeoloiU ' Luis M. Cheng BA Intcnuitl Economics Lauren B. Cherman BS Psychohioloily Andrew E. Cherric BA Potiticiit Scieiicf Alan Cheung BA Psycholoijy Sara Cheung BA Bus fcoiiomics Yvonne Cheung BS Biochanistry Denise J. Chen PSMilh App Science Lucia Y. Chen BS Biolot]y Sandy W. Chen BA Desuin Shan Ho Cheng BS ( omputer Science Vijay A- Chevli BA Bus. Economics 306 Graduates I Marisa C- Chin J Dennis W Chiu BA H.slon ' Pod Sc. Sophia I Choi BA Science Sandra F Chin BA Bullish Shirley D Chin BA Bus Economic Ana Ching BA Economics Kelly Ching BS BiolotiY Tamerlane A. Ching BA Bus Economics ktvli Gregory E. Chow BS Alech Enifmemni; Jeff H. Chiu BA Bus Economics Wayne Chiu BS Eiii iiiffniii; ' Gfo oi y Jane E Cho BA Psyclxiloijy Victor C J. Cho BA Bus Fcoiiomics Jennifer E Choe BA Political Science Mee La Chon BA History Mee Jin K. Chong BA Emjlish Janice Chou BS Bioloiiy Peilin Chou BA Comm SliiJies Yoon J Chough BA EcoMoraics Serena A- Chow BS Biochemistry William Chow BS Computer Scifiicc Grace S. Choy BA English Paul J Chrisopoulos BA Political Science Valerie J. Christman BS Physioloijical Sci. Graduates 307 1 Daphne Y. Chu BS ( oinpuler Science Jeanne K. Chu RA Bus ECOHOIIII ' CS essie C. Chu BS ll.JAld(l■ Ka L. Chu BA Economics Hyewon Lauryn Chun BA Poll Sci ' Hi (ory f% . I I ■ V fl i 1 1 Stephen K.. Chun BA iileni.ill EcOHOmics Ungsuk Chun BA Bus Economici Anita Chung BA Socioloity Chan D Chung BS Biochtmiiln ' Connie Chung BS Applied hUih Haeyoung Chung BS AppliiJ M,lh JaeJ. Chung BA Erne Art Lynda M, Chung BA Psyc) ' ei ;y Mun-Wai Chung BS Eke Eiulineerinil Ethylene M. Ciriaco BA Bus Ecel|IOIIIIc5 jeffery Noa Chun BA LiH ; ' Piycholoijy Fal M. Chung BS Biolody Valen L, Cinno BA Socioloily i Martha L. Cisneros BA Socioloily Brian T. Clark BA History David Clement BA Bus Economics Linda M, Cobb BS Psvchohioloi y Sylvia Cobian BA Spivush Heather E. Cohenour BA Irnuitni Stuilies Lisa Mane Cole Rodney Collins Nenita J. Colonia Heather A. Condic Robert Z. Confair Cherie L. Conrad BA Psychology BA Comm. Studies BS Nursii 0 BA Psycholoc]y BS Ckm Entjiiiceriiifl BA Politiciil Science 308 Graduates Relly M. Conrad BA Socioloily Bi ' vna j. Content Clona M. Conti Elena C. Contreras BA Piycholoily Charniaine A- Cordero Rachel R. Cornejo BA Enilhh BA Psycholotly U Robert R Cornejo ■ BA ' Michael j. Cornelison BSPIiysioU iuilSci Olivier Cornet BA Economics 7 Paul M Cornett BS NtiriiniJ Don L. Corpus BS Physiolorlicnl Sci Wilma Corrales BA Socioloily Kelley A. Cowan BS Oi ' il Enipneeriiu] Elisha G. Crittenden BA Pdliticil Science Shay Crocker BA History Art History Julie A. Cryan BA Coram Stuiitis Martin L. Cunningham BA Economics Ana R. Cura BA Piycholoily ua ' Ian A, Curran Jio I BAEiiijIisI) Jason A. Curtice BS Cyl ' fr«f(ics Roman A. Czei " winski BA HistoH ' Jason G Dachtler Grace C Dacquel Kristin K Dagermangy BSAfro Etii iiiefriiK; BA Bus Economics BA Psyclio(oi;y Anika D Dahlstrom BA Political Science Kathleen N. Daigle BS Civil Enilineerinij Taleen Dakcssian BS Civil Eii iicenii Donny B Dal Ponte BS Physioloijical Sci Shannon L Daley BA Sociolo0y Lara M. Daniels BA Engliih Graduates 309 Hunter r 310 Graduates Graduates 3 I Ophelia C- Dano BA Emll,;h Elisa M. Davis BA History b ' ' fl ■ liim y m k XW i Lesel D Dawson BA English Nazila Day-Zadeh BA Bus Economics Karina M. Darquca BA Science Muntu R, Davis BA Spivush Lileniture Susan E, Dawson BA Psycholotjy lona A- De Guzman BA Politicd Scieme Divina Fe V, Dator BA Bus Economics Elissa M. Davalos BA Enijlish Christina A. Davis BA Politiciil Science Danny D Davis II BA Sociology Bradley S. Dc lean BA Philosophy Dcsiree Dc La Garza BA Psychology 3 1 2 Graduates I Angela Mane Dc Leon BA Pclittciil Scifiicc Catherine V. De Luca BA History DinoM, DelMar BS Piydiohioloijy nan G De Rubcrtis BS Piycbohwioiiy Senior Spotliaht Devah Pager Major: Psychology Hometown: Honolulu, Hawaii Involvement: Devah has been extensively involved in various community service activities both on and off campus. She has served as the Outreach Director of the UCLA Peer Helpline, a Resident Assistant in Dykstra Hall, and a sexual health educator for Planned Parenthood. Devah also worked as an ASK Counselor, a writing tutor for College Tutorials, and a counselor at Options House, a youth shelter for teenage runaways. Future Plans: " After spending a year in England, 1 plan to obtain a Ph.D in Clinical Psychology and eventually become a professor. I ' d like to research effective community and school-based intervention and prevention programs for children. " Fondest Memories: " More than anything else, I am going to remember my amazing roommates. After having lived in the same house for 17 years of my life, 1 thought it would be difficult, if not impossible, to find another place I call home. But thanks to my crazy, wild, loving roommates, 1 feel more comfortable and happy than I ' ve ever been. The greatest part of my education here at UCLA has been non-academic. I ' d never before been confronted with so many issues, like race, gender and sexuality. Thanks to the incredibly diverse and open- minded friends I ' ve made here, I feel that my horizons have expanded tremen- dously. " Vittorio j. De Santi BA Economici Cnstina G Dejesus BA Emjlnh Fredric Deperez BA Bin Economics David I, Dcjear BA H.sloo ' Cindi D. Delany BA Bii5 Economics Bryant S Delgadillo Byron V Delga do BA Poliliciil Scifiicf BA Spiinish LiternUire Melissa DeSantis BA Psycholoily Eileen A Descallar BA En-jlish Laura C. DesLauriers BA Political Science Graduates 3 1 3 Kan J. Deutsch BA His (0 IT Steven G DeWeese PS BioloUY Salena Dhillon BS Psyc wl ' io oi y Laura M. Diaz BA Psycholoily Christine M DiBerardino BA roiiim SdiJit ' s i . ' Wml M mk -W ' p Hi m ' Vl W Sm K " m JU n I Dione M Diemer BA Psvcli £h,)IisIi Denise A. Dien BA Art History Richard T Dietz BA Political 5 cifHCf Daniel S- Dinkins BA Political Science Rebecca Dishotsky BA Histoty Andrew W, Djanj! BA Dance Khuong T. Do BA Philosophy Ellen Doh BA Economics Darrin A Dotningo BA Geolotjy Kristine Domingo BA Eii(; is!i Kathryn L. Doubleday BS Physioloilicil Set Mitchell Dougherty BS hlech Enilineerintj John P. Dowd i U BS Mcch Enipneernul ' 8 Eric S. Dunstan RoltA Ebeling Rissa P, Echavez Celia E. Eckcrt Thomas S. Edelbcrg Maya A, Edlis BA Psycholoily BA Eiitjlish BA Art History BA Po i(icii SciCMCf BA Comm Studies BA AnthropotoiJ) 3 1 4 Graduates Dawn A. Enoch BA Piychology Gina M, Escaniilla BA Psychology Lisa M. Evans BA Socioloily i I i Douglas P Ennght BS At phiii Math Shalliah E. Ericksen BA WorU Arts s, Cu [ Brigitta Erpen BA Psychology Lana M. Erwin BA Enijliih Samuel Escalante BS Afro Eiigineernicl Anne L. Escaron BA History Marc L. Eschler BA Sociology Jeff A, Escuadro BS Nursing Niloofar Eskandan BS Biology Angela M. Essey BA Comm Studies Seymour B. Everett BA Polilicijl Science Robert Evora BS Mech. Eiupneeriiu] Pansa Ezzati BS Biology Scott L. Fahrner BS Physiological Sci. Maria V. Fajatin BS Biology , Mcrsedch M. Farokhzadeh BA Psychology Carrie M. Farrcll BA Psychology Juli Farns BA Political Science Pansa Farrohi BA Sociology Shahram Fatemi BS Biology Laura Fay BA Political Science Graduates 3 1 5 Michael W. Feenberg BA Poliliuil Saena Kevin S. Feldinaii BA Lnii iiislics Miriam B. Feldman BA Politicil Sc fiicf Joel Felipe BS PhysioloilK,il Sci K.athi " yne W Feng BS Bioc u ' iinslf Victoria E FerregFiy BA Spiwish Liiujmitici Jennifer Ferns BA Socioloi]y Biiiiniss Sherri N. Feisht BA Comm ShiJies Darlene M, Fidler BS Bioloily Ana B. Figueroa BA St ' iwish Lileialtm Art Fimbrez BA PsycholoflY Pauline M Fischer BA Bus Economics Ronald Florendo BA Philoiophy Marina Fineman BA EnclU ' ih Deborah S. Finklestein BA Bullish Erica J Finley BS Physioloilicnl Sci Molly E, Finn BS Nhishk; Rebecca E Fish BA Political Science Paul Fisher BS Bio o ;y Michael D Flambcrg BS rhsm Enijinesrinfj K.asandra Fleischer BA Eioiiomics Cynthia Flores BA LiHi HIStlCS Cabriella M,G, Flores BAEcom LiIiii AmerSliiif Ivan Flores BA Liiiijuistics Sandra M. Flores BA Hisloo ' Don M- Fernandez BS Biolojv Norma E Figueroa BS Psyil ' ol ' io oi y Julie L- Fiore BS Biolo.jv Richard Flor BA Psyc) ' o oi;y Vincent P. Flores BA PolitKcil Science 316 Graduates Jennifer I- Fontius BS PhysiolocliGil Sci Keith B, Foidon BS Chem Enijinecrinit Lisa I Fosdick BS Mohctihir Bioloijy John E Fracisco BS Mech EniJinemniJ Ian C Francisco BA Music Monette L. Frankle BS Mithenidtici Wendy M Frawley BAArt Stephen J, Freedland B. Biology Jonathan S. Freedman BA History fPo! Sci Angela Freeman BA Comm StUiiies Kristina L. Freund BA IntenuUl Economics Irene S. Friberg-Price BA P$ycholo(!y Lesley T, Friedland BA Psych Bus lE luc FJuye n K. Fnedlar BA Theater dcr • ,t B - 1 f » i 1 Lon R, Fnedlander BAArt Erin A. Frigo BA Thenter Bonnie C Frostig BA Socioloify DiAndra D Fry BA Sociology Came L. Frymer BA Sociology Anne S. Fu BS Comp. SciJEngiiieering Jennifer S. Fu BS Physiological Sci Nancy M Fuhumoto BS Nursing Marc D Fujimoto BA Psychology Izumi Fukuda BA Psychology Graduates 3 1 7 Kenneth A. Fukuda PS Woh ly Shelly A Fukunaga Althea L Fuller BA Socioloily Tony G Fuller BA Bus Economics Errol K Fuller jr. BA Socioloijy Kha M, Fung ScifMCf Juliana L, Fuqua BA Psycl ' o o,;y Hi5(on ' Caroline A- Calaviz BS ft vlI.oI ' .oIo,;v Caii C Gabby BA ftvc .olo,n ' ' R " Amytis S. Galicha BA PoUUcal Science Senior Spotlight Aron Gideon Major: Sociology, Business Hometown: Covina, California Involvement: Aron ' s dedication and athletic ability have made him a true success story at UCLA. Beginning his football career as a " walk-on " freshman to the UCLA Football Team back in 1988, Aron was determined to earn a football scholarship. He played hard, working his way up from a redshirt freshman to second string center as a soph omore. By his third season, Aron moved up to starter during the 1990 San Diego State Game due to injuries to the first two string centers. He played so well that he got the game ball for Most Valuable Offensive Player. He was rewarded for his performance with the starting center position for the second half of the season, even after the other two centers returned from their injuries. Finally, after that third season, Aron was granted a coveted football scholarship. He was deservingly voted Team Captain in 1992. Future Plans: " Immediately after graduation, I will be signing on with a major mutual insurance company as a full-time insurance agent. I hope to one day become a chartered financial consultant. " Fondest Memories: " One of my dearest memories of UCLA is meeting my girlfriend Laura. She has made a huge difference in my life during the two years 1 have known her. It was also very memorable and honorable to be elected team captain in 1992. That achievement symbolized the fulfillment of my dreams as a Bruin football player. " Lisa S- Gall BA Design Enn M Gallagher BA Psycbolocjy 3 1 8 Graduates Nisha K.. Canatra BA Comm. Studies lay L. Gao BS Elec. Enijineirint) Graduates 3 1 9 Christine A. Garcia BA Bus Economici Michael L. Garcia BS Biochemistry Deborah A Gasiorek BA Encjlish Maria K.. Gedynim BA Psyiholotly f i Daniel M. Garcia Doraluz Garcia Elisa A, Garcia BS Computet Scuiia BA Lidii Aiiifr Oni Stui BA Spanish Amer Lit Gabriel Garcia BALiI Anu, StuJiPoh Sci Laura J. Garcia BA Hisloiy Rogelio Garcia BA Sociolocty Steven A. Garcia BA Histoiy Goretti Garcia-Duran BA History Chiccmo StiiJ Bruno W, Garlepp BS Eke EnilmeeriiiiJ Alexandre F. Garrett BA H:slo,y Ming-Yea Gau BA Design Victor M. Gaxiola BA Com™ Stitities Sheiyn R. Caylcs RSMid ' M rii.m Amcr Sttil Erin L. Gebroe BA bujhsh Isabcllc Gecils BA htenmll Economics P Darlcnc Gee BS Physioloijictjl Sci K.arin L Gee BA rnmm Stuihes Geoffrey B. Gclb BA Bus Economics Kunzang W. Gellek BA Polilicnl Science Dolores A. Genova BS NiirsiiK? I Erin S Gershon Steven S. Glialili Deborah Ghamlouch Shahrokh S. Ghai ih Niloolar Chodsian-Roopiaii julie A. Ciacopuzz BSMath BS Bioloijy BA Sociology BS Alfcfc, EniJineenniJ BA Bus Economics BA Coinm Studies 320 Graduates Gina M Giambra BA Comm Stutiies jcttrey A. Gibson BS Elfc EntJineerintJ Lisa R Gibson BA Poltticiil Science Aron T Gideon BA Sociototjy Business Kathleen D Gill BA PsYchotoilY julic A. Gillmar BA Sdcialoily Jennifer A. Gillon BA Political Science Quentin B Givens BA Piycholo y Tracy L Glass BA Economics Vaughne M Glcnnic BA Political Science Stavroula N, Glezakos BA Philosophy John T. Godfrey BA Political Science ts.arin Goldberg BA Bus Economics Brian F. Goldman BA History Dawn B. Goldstein BA Socioloijy Cristina M. Golesorkhi BA Entjlish Christopher J Colier BA Ecoiiomics Angela N Golightly BA Political Science IRegina M Gonzale BA Theater Adrian Gonzalez BA Comm Studies Caesar D Gonzalez BA Political Science Cristjne M. Gonzalez BA fi. isb Dulce M. Gonzalez BA Socioloijy Flor M. Gonzalez BA Span Latin Amer. Stud. I Blanca E. Gordo BA Sociology Chic Stud. Jennifer H, Gordon BA Political Science Katherine A. Gordon BA English Raul A. Gorospe BS Biochemistry Celina E. Gorre BA Psychology Jennifer L. Gould BA History Art History Graduates 321 Lisa A. Could Julie A. Graham Dannah 1. Grancelli Stacie K, Gravely Michael R. Gray Avis A. Grayson BA PoUliCiil Science BA P ycholoijy BA Psycholoijy RA Pohticil Science BS hkch EniJmeeriiitJ BA Sociolo,]y Kan A. Greaves BA Psycholotjy Heidi Keisha M Green BA History Sharon M. Green BA Psycholocn 1 f -i i.- ' - at||4ii| Drew Z. Greenberg Michael A Greenberg BA Politicnl Science BA Hislory Jenniterlynn Grega BA Enillish Julie A Grenier BA History Michelle L. Gridley BA Political Science Robert A Grocock BS MiUh App Science 1 3 H|i f ' » 4iil! u K PiN L ' A I Amanda L. Groves BA Comm. Studies Rachel H. Gruber BA Psycholoijy Lorena Guerrero BA Eiiillifh Den se Y. Groussman BSBio(o,;y - ' BB 1 1 ■ Brandon K.. Grove BS Psychoh ioloi)y ( 1 1- - f ■ - ■ ■■ . ' ' " -J , ■, I Nicole P. Grove BAArt Angela R Guidry BA Thenter Vincent K. Gustafson BS Mech EntJineeriMfj Monica Gutierrez BA Psycholoily WKF Alfonso Gutierrez BA Psychology Shyrlee Y. Guzman BA Anthropoloijy Tiftanie Ha BA Psycholoijy Gary O. Haasc BA Eiifjlish Philip J. Hadheld BS Civil Engineerini) Natasha Hadzi-Pavlovic BA Comm Stiiiiies 322 Graduates Christine Hagstron Farhad j Hajahloo BS Bwloily Mounir A Hajjar BS Biolo(ly NoellcM Halaby BA Political Science Deborah Hall BSAlfcl-i Enilineernt{j loy R Hall BS Bwlofly Monica R Handy BS Biology jason S Harlev BAHlitor, Darcey L. Hartfield BA Political Science Lucy W. Hanna BA Psycholoijy Kathy L Hardesty BS Mech Engineering Edward J. Harding BA English Amanda L Hardy BA Economics John W Hariadi BS Psychohiology Ella Harootoonian BS Psychohiology Cheryl D, Harrelson BS A liitbfiiuidcs ennifer A- Hamger BA Environ Stmiies David J Harris BA EngUsh Shelli D Hams-Blackshear BA Sociology Shelley M Harthcld BA Comm. Studies Joanna Han ' ey BA English Krisno Hasan BS Comp. Sci Engineering Saeeda Hasan BA Economics Masaichi Hasegawa BS Mech Engineering Graduates 323 Dina S Hataishi BS Appl,eJ KUth Kevin A. Hatanaka BA Bus Economics James R. Hawkins BA Political Sctence Arthur D Hawks BA Eiisl Asum Sluiiies John D Hayashi BA Bus Economics Roy M Hayashi BSPIiysioloi) Sci bJ A •4« «B N §g (u y 1 m Brian M. Hayashibara BA Ecoiioraics Carrie A. Hayashida BA Psychology Brent W. Haydamack BA Gfo Jnifi iy Christy M. Hayes BS Bus Economics Gregory 1. Hayes BS Pliysioloi iciil Sci Karin L. Hayes BA H ' orU Arts Cult Paul I Hayward BA Political Science Emily C. Heath BS Civil Engineering Nasmi Hedayati BS Pfcysioloi(iciil Sci. Nadia Hefni BA Psychology Linnea P. Hemenez BA Women Studies Kathleen Henderson BA Em;lisfc Tina B Henderso n BA Psychology TracI D Hendnx BA Sociology Krista L Heme BA Psychology Christie L- Hcnncks BA Comm Studies Yanick Hcniy BA Psychology luny 11 Hco BA Economics William F Hercbic BA Geogniphy Mana C- Hcrmosillo BA Spanish Alberto A. Hernandez BA Spaniih Linguistics Daniel C. Hernandez BA Psychology Maria T Hernandez BA History Rebecca L. Hernandez BA History 324 Graduates Vanessa L. Herold BA Freuih Victoria L, Hesse BA PsydoUjy jenece D. H BS Civd Etujmtnini} Kathleen A. Ho BA Eiulh h ' Amtr SUiiliis Mary E. Hodges BA Sociology Rachel M, Hernck BA Comm Stihiic Sandra D. Herrnigton BA Psycholoijy Dawn M- Herriott Michael R Herrnian Deborah A Hershberg BS Apfhai AUth BA Spanish David T Hewlett BA Pohticnl Science Megan iC. Hey BAFihnt.T.V David Hickman BA Histoiy Heidi A Hickman BA PoliliCiil Science Paul A Hicks BA Coiiim StuJies Erika Hiramatsu BA hjpiinese Marlene M. Hirose BSA1 i( i A; ;i Science m Michcle Hitt BA Eniflish Amanda N. Ho BS PlmioL-Kjicnl Sci Katherine W. Ho BA Economics Kenny BSBw Ho o y m y- mi ' m Truman Ho BA Political Science Amanda H. Hoan BA His (or) ' Trang T Hoang BA Hnloiy Arl Eliot H. Hochberg BA Music Tiffany L Hotter BS Biochemistry Dara M. Hoffman BA Psycholoijy Shan D Hollis BA Entjlish Jessica E Holman BA Political Science Kenneth E. Hom BS Psychohiology Graduates 325 r Frame One 326 Graduates Graduates 327 Nan Hee Hong BA Ecaiiomics Stacey Hong BA AnihropoloilY Jill Hoogendyk BA Endliib Leslie A. Horn BA Tbectter Laura L. Hornung BA Pohlicitl Science Sara Hosegera BA Latin Amer Studies David Hsia BA Economics Linda C. Hsia BS Nursing 328 Graduates ' M Steven T Hsiang A 9 BA Economics Celia E Hsu BA Bus. Economics John Hsu BA Bus. Economics Josphine Hsu BA fcoiiomics Senior Spotlight Rachel M. Herrick Major: Communication Studies with College Honors Hometown: Livermore, California Involvement: As the campus representative for the NX alt Disney Company, Rachel has spent the last two years organizing and implementing promotional and publicity events for Disney ' s major motion pictures (which includes Disney, Touchstone and Hollywood Pictures). Working closely with the Marketing Department at the Walt Disney Studios, she is responsible for screenings, press reviews, presentations, giveaways, and other events promot- ing the release of all Disney films at UCLA and three other local universities. Rachel has also interned with the Media Relations Department at NBC, volunteered for the UCLA Literacy Project, served on the Advisory Board of Golden Key National Honor Society, worked for Bruin Lije Yearbook, and contributed to Together, UCLA ' s feminist newsmagazine. Future Plans: " After taking a year off to work at Yosemite National Park, visit Europe and tour the western United States, I will be entering Harvard Law School in the fall of 1 994. As a result of my media-related internships, I would like to pursue a career in Entertainment Law. " Fondest Memories: " My freshman year in the dorms was a very novel and exciting time in my life. Making new friends, going to fraternity parties, and the many late nights I spent studying with my roomies have inspired memories that will never fade. I ' ll also cherish the spur-of-the-moment trips to Las Vegas, late night runs to The Big Chill, and all of the incredible ' SC football games. This year ' s victory was especially sweet - it was a day that my blood truly ran Blue and Gold! " luhc L Hsu HA Emjiish 4 ' . K k Jm ] 1 Roger S Hsu BS Mech. EncjmeerincJ Scott C Hsu BS Eke Enipneernu Benjamin K.. Huanj. BA Psycholoijy Tony H. Hsu BS Biolocly Candice Huang BS Biochemistry Michael Huang BS Biochemistry Nancy Y. Huang BA Economics Asian Studies Graduates 329 Patty Y. Huang BS Biolo{jy Lawrence Hughes Melissa K.. Hung HA Psychology Craig T Huynh BA Psychoto(ly Kathenne G Igo BA Exgliib Wendy K. Huang Effie L Hubbard Kirsten A. Hubbard Allison W. Hudak Kelli R Hudgens BS Biochemistry BA History HS Astrot-hv i- RAHistoiy BS Applini Math Robert E. Hughes BA Hi ' ton ' Tae Y, Huh BS Muhemnt ' c ' Alexander K. Hui BA Phlo-ofhy Kristin L Hultsman BA Eh,) .-- ' Hin Leung H. Hung R - ( omp Sci Economics Lisa Hunter BA Pohlical Science Elizabeth A, Hurley BA Psychology Rosie Hurtado BA Socioloijy Ricki R Hurwitz BA Psychology Mahveen F Hussain BS Biochemistry Jung K., Hwang BSMtth Trang (Adam) Hy BS Bioloijy Marc B Ibanez BS Elec En( inft ' riH( Lisa K Ichinaga BS Socioloity Yuko Icho BA WorU Art . r.ili Jean V, Ihlenfeldt BA Economics Sandra C Ikcda BS Psychohiology Sharon C. im BA Sociology Yun-Sun Im BSBit)cl)fmisliy Tomoko Inaba BA Economics lacii 330 Graduates Ana L. Iniguez BA Sptviish Liknttun Mako Inoue PSiW.ith Kelly K.. Inouye RA Piycholoilr Felice W ip B S Mec h EniJ necniuj B ■ 1 r- a|| Carlos N. Iriarte BA Comm Sdiii fs H cidi H Invin BS Nm ill.; F L ikwji M B f! 1 1 1 Armine Ishkanian BA Aiithropoloily Catherine A. Jackson BA Polilicdl Scmici Holly j. Jackson BA Philosophy Tricia M Jacobsen BA Polificil Scifiicf Russell H. Jacobson BA Polificii Sciciicf Salman Jaffer BS Bwloijy Evan L Jansen BA fcLlMOMIks Elise M. Jasso BA PolilK-.i Scif.ia ' Mariana Javurek BA Spanish Tracy M, Jen BA £»i;l.sfc Eric P, Jenkins BA Eh,) is)i -T William M. Jenniches BA E.i,;lis i Jay J. Jensen BS Biology Kent P Jensen BS Bioihenusliy Todd A Jensen BA Eiuihsh Jack Cheng Jiang BS £lfc Eiiilmeermg Janice Jim BS Math App- Science Dena A. Johns BA Psychology Michelle D Johns BA Histoiy Ellen M Johnson BA Music Erik E. Johnson BS Mech Engineering Graduates 331 Hope A. Johnson Julie A, Johnson P ' A Eciniomics Lurleen B. Johnson BA Sociolcn ' Phillip G. Johnson P. f ' sycliolo,;y Shelby Johnson BA fcdiiomics Susan L. Johnson US Physioloijicnl Sci Holly M. Jones BA Pohhcjl ' oaolo.n Quentin W. Jones BA Bin fioHciraic? Steven A. Jones ! S Pol,l,o,l Socncc Theresa R. Jones HA F)i.;lis). Susan Josephs P,A History Grace H Jun BA fins Economics Hye-Son Jun BA SocioloiiY Yoryana E Junco BA P, !:U,:,I ,:c,Ke Hoover KL. Jung BS Eke Eiujineerinil Kevin S. Jurkowski BA R:i Fovuvmcs Jeannie H. K.a BA Piycholoijy David E Kaczor Colette A. Kadrnka CindyJ K.alfayan BS A ech Enipneeriin] BA Coinm Sdiiiifs RA Gfoi mfiliv Aram Raloustian BA iii Fionoiiiits Kenneth D. Kan BA FcoMomtts Hidehito Kanai BA FeOMdHIK Janine Kanamori BA Socwloijy Lon B- Kandcl BS Psycbohiolo y Alison A. Kancshiro BS Nursmij Chris S.K. Kang BA Bus. Economics Hac-Jung Kang BA Socioloijy Jay W. Kang BS Biochemtslry 332 Graduates I Sara M- Kao BA Economics Jennifer R. Kaplan BA Psychology Scott E. Kaplan BA Political Scifiice Heather E Karp BA Socioloity Amy M, Kaskel BA Political Science Christina M, K.ass BA LltK UISllCS Hilda Katibah BA Political Science Ellwyn D Kauttman BA History Ann A. Kawai BA hiternati Economics ennifer M Kawata BA [nternatl Economics Charles A Kayniaii BA Geoijraphy janme R Keating BA Socioloily David B Kebo BA Enijlish Bryce Keen BS Physiological Sci Michelle R, Keim BS Math App Science Daniel E. Kelly BS Math App Science Kimberly D, Kenna BA English Chi Kcphart BA Political Science Tina M Kephart BA Political Science Anne M- Ketchersid BA English NazaninJ Kharrazi BA Economics Mannik Khatchatnan BA Pohtical Scifticf Sharareh Khoshbin BS Biology Yuki Kidokoro BA Lini)uistics Graduates 333 Yvonne K. Kiggens PiA fcoiHimifs Sean C. Killebrew PiA SolioIoiIY Bak Ju BA Bm Economics Barbara C. Kim BS Biology Danny Youn g-Chan Kim BA Economics David S. Kim BA EcoHomics David D Kim BS Mech Fih iiiffrim) Hi Y Kim BS Biolojv Dons Y Kim BA Socioloily Hyung K. Kim BA East Asum SluJiei Senior Spotliahi Stephen Charfouros Major: Psychology Hometown: Santa Clara, California Involvement: Stephen has spent most of his time here at UCLA working as a volunteer for various peer-oriented organizations. For instance, he has served as an ASK Counselor, a UCLA Peer Helpline Counselor, a Student Health Advocate, a member of SHOUT (Students Honestly Opening Up Together), and a sex educator for Planned Parenthood. Stephen also spent time as a UCLA Orientation Counselor, where he presented sexual education information to incoming students during the tour of Student Health Services. Additionally, he is a member of several honor societies, including Golden Key National Honor Society, Mortar Board, Psi Chi National Honor Society, and Phi Eta Sigma Freshman Honor Society. Future Plans: " 1 got started teaching sex education and HIV STD prevention as a Student Health Advocate, and 1 believe that these issues are very important and need to be addressed. 1 plan to work in a health or human services non- profit organization, possibly in an HI V education organization of in some other facet of the gay and lesbian community. " Fondest Memories: " I will always remember the unlimited possibilities avail- able for undergraduate students at UCLA. I ' m glad to say that I don ' t have any regrets about the choices I have made during my time here. I learned that we as students and citizens should have pride in our diversity. At UCLA I am not alone, and there are other people like myself with whom I can feel a sense of community. " jin-Wook Kim BS Eke Engineering Joanne S. Kim BA Design 334 Graduates Sue J. K.II BA Intmuill Economics Sung Eun J, BA Political Science Graduates 335 Sung-Min Kim BS Biochemistry Funiiko Kimura BA Economics ■Ju. r Gregg K. K.ita BSMitb App Science Terry K. Kim BA £ is( Asian Studies Thomas J. Kim BS Physioloclical Sci- Yong Kim BS Mech Eni)ineeri«(l Youn-Sang K. Kim BA Economics Sima Kimiagar BA Political Science Christine E King BA Socioloify Cynthia A. King BS Biology Kelli L. Kirkland BA English LiteriUure Diana Kis BS Physiological Sci Megan Kissinger BA Art History Travis T. Kiyota BA Sociology Caiy H. Klein BA Political Scifiicf jason A. Klein BA Spanish Keith D. Klein BA Political Scifiicf David R. Kling BA Intematl Economics Dolly M Klock BS Physiological Sci Tamara D Knudsen BA Political Science Heather L Koldc BS Develop StUiiies Yuthana Kong BA Sociology - ' 1 , ■ t- 1 Ircna Kopelcv BA Political Science Kambiz Kosari BS Psychohiology Brian D Kosobayashi BA Bus Economics Kelly L Krai BA Soiology Karen M Krishtield BA Psychology Michael A Klein BA Economics Ml ja Koo BS Biology Susan Krumphtsch BA Psychology 336 Graduates Aninicii " Rubba BA Phlk H phy Alice Yu-Pei Kuo BA BuiM) u ill Megumi Kuroda BA Sociology Derek S Kubota BS Bioloily Yoko Kudo BA Bus Economics Amy L. Ruehl BA Theater K-aroline I. Kulper BA Psycholoily Margaret T, Kunkel BA Entflish Amy I. Kuo BA Psychotoi;y Ell Kuo BA History Mari Kuramoto BA Japanese Michelle Y. Kuramoto BS Nursinij Lance Kurata BA Economic? Florence La BS Comp Science Andrea L Kushner BA Scifiicf Audrey M Kuwabara BA Politiciil Scifiicf Kenneth Kwan BA Bus Economics Loran C.Y. Kwan BS Biology Calvin H Kwok BA fcciiiomics hlyuk C. Kwon BA Bus Economics Rocio 1. La Voic BA Chicano Studies lennifer Kwon BA Intentall Economics ■ a ■ .sylg i • jIM 1 m Frank S, Kwong BA Bus Economics Sandy S. Kye BS Psychohioloijy Tassoo C Kynakides BS Biochemistry Frankie S. Laanan BA Political Science Lisa Labarbcra BA English Frederick Lacayanga BS Astrophysics Maress A. Lacuesta BS Psychohiology Graduates 337 Michelle W. Lally BA Exghsh William M. Lamb BA History Flordelina E. Lara BA Politictil Science Dantam H Lam BS Biochemisli Lydia Lam BS Biochemistry Thai T Lam BS Comhuftr 5 0fMCf Thomas Lam BS Elec Eiuliimriim Brian .1 Lamb BS Mith App Science Michael R. Lamont BA Enillisb Nicole A. Lampe BA Eiuiliih Michael j. Lan BS Mech Eihlineeriiul Michelle Landaverde BA Psychology Erik T Landswick BS Physiolomcl Sci. r Michael N. Larscn BA Music Bryan T Larson BA History Karen M. Larson BA PolidcW ScifMCf Barbara P. Lau BA Bus Economics Brian Lau BA Bus Economics Eric B Lau K.a Chiignatius Lau Valonia W, Lau Antoinette Z Laudencia Patricia A- Lautman Edie Lauw BS Biology BS Mathematics BA Bus Economics BA Political Science BA Sociolotjy BA Bus Economics y 338 Graduates Datnc Lavi PS Phn.clo.pcal So Patricia A. Lawrence i Andrew W. Lee BSAl,i((ifm, (ics i a ,. " S Siu Wai Law BS Airo EuiUntfyiui Zoe Law BA Bus Eciiiiomics Mark A. Lawler BA Psvcl.olo.;y Eric J Lawrence BA Emjhsh Kristen E. Lawrence BA Piycholoi)y Deborah L. Layton BS Nursinij Due Q Le BA FrfMcfi Phuong T, Le BA EmM Erie Lecours BA Economics Alice C. Lee BS Chcm Eni]inecrnu] Catherine j. Lee BS Psychohiolo{!y Cathrjne Y Lee BA Socio oi;y Christopher C. Lee BA Politicijl Science Derek S Lee BA Bii5 Economics Elise H Lee BS Biochemistry Grace S. Lee BA Sociology Hao Lee BAAlHSfc Jannie Lee Jason K.. Lee BA Ecoiiomtcs BS Miith App Science j«iti Joan J Lee BS Applieil Math Dongsoo Lee BA Economics eanette Y Lee BA Psycholotjy John P. Lee lune K.- Lee Catherine W Lee Kenny (Karl L. Lee Linda M. Lee i Political Science BS Biology BA History Art History BS Math Comp- Scl BS Biology Graduates 339 Lori C Lee BS Elcc Eiifjineerjfu; Shirly S, Lee BS Applmi Math Gregory C Lehman BA Political Science " 7 Melinda F, Lee BA Psychology Mmg F. Lee BA Psycboloily Pao-Wei A Lee BS Computer Science Sarah P Lee BA Geo(]raphy Sohui Lee BA Emlhih WorLl Lit Steven M. Lee BA Emlliib Venus Wing-Sze Lee BAMmic You Keun Lee BA Bus Economici Elaine Lei BS Biochemistry Veronica Lenius BA Socioloi]y Daniel J. Len BS Computer Science Maria C. Leonard BA Bus EiOHomici Angela Y Leung BA Bus Economics Kwok-Shing Leung BS Computer Science Sai L, Leung BA Bus Economics X ' al Lan Leung BS Physiolocjiciil Sci Rachel Levin BA Psycholoijy Shi-Sheng Lee BS Elec Enclineerin(j Young Soo Lee BS PsychohtcloLlY R. Scott Leslie BS Physiolotpcil Sci Lizzie A- Levine BA Psycholoilv Calvin W. Lew Debra Y Lew Paul M. Lewin Albert 1. Li Jacqueline Li Klt- ■uc Li BS Civil EniJineerinfJ BS Biolocly BA Geology BA Psycholoijy BS Computer Sciftict BA Bus Economics 340 Graduates Ruidan Li BSMithApp Sciota Ying Wai Li BA Bui £c[lM0miC5 Henry M. Liang BS Eke Fiiiliiifonii) Grace Y Liao BS AppheJ Mub Otto Y, Liao BS Alolaii .ii BioUw Dong-Ting Lim BS Elec Enijiiieerincl ICaren Lini BS Bwlocly Alice LA. Lin BS Biolo0y Delicia S. Lin BA Psycboloi y Ruh-Hsien K. Lin BS Mith App Science Scott H. Linden BA Psychotoi)Y Kevin Ling BS Mith Comp Sci Lissa Lingo BA History Dana N. Linker BA PolifrciW Scifiicf Bruce Linley BS Compttter Science 1 John T Liu BS Biocbffflistry Kenny C Liu BS Biolo{ly Paul N. Liu BS Civil Engineering Samuel S. Liu BS Biochemistry Sandy H Liu BA Sociology Nicole B Lieberman BA £n,ll;sli Linda Lin BA Engliih Albert T. Liu BA Political Science William Liu BS Alecfc Engineering Graduates 341 342 Graduates Frame One Graduates 343 ! Yi-Ting Lm BS Niinmil Yvonne Y Liu BAMuiK George M Llano BS Applied Math Malu H. Llora BA Theatir Benjamin j Lloyd BA Bus. Ecoiwmici Elissa J Lloyd BA History Carmela G. Lomonaco BA Sociology 344 Graduates Carla M. Lopez BA Political Sciaice Gabriel Lopez BS Physioloijical Sci. Gabriel A. Lopez BA Economics Leo K. Lopez BA Political Science Manuel A, Lopez BS Physiolotjicnl Sci. Minna M. Lopez BS Physiological Sci. Senior Spotlight Grace H. Park Major: Political Scienc e, Economics Hometown: Northridge, California Involvement: Grace has taken a very active role in student government during her years at UCLA. She currently serves as the External Vice President for the UCLA Undergraduate Association. Grace spends most of her time overseeing the student association ' s three lobby offices for the local, state and national governments. She is also a member of the University of California Student Association (UCSA) Board of Directors, where she assists in formulating systemwide policies affecting UC students. As part of her UCSA involvement, Grace is also the vice chair of the Student Life and Concerns Committee, which deals with issues like child care, health care and domestic housing policies within the UC system. Additionally, she has served as the corresponding secretary for Golden Key National Honor Society, an editorial board member for the UCLA Undergraduate Review, and a volunteer for Project Mac, an organi- zation that aids abused and neglected children. Grace is currently working on her honors thesis in both Political Science and Economics. Future Plans: " Like most Political Science Economics students, 1 will be attending Law School in the coming year. 1 haven ' t decided upon a field of law to pursue as a career, but 1 know I would like to work with the Korean American and Asian American communities. Yes, I am being a traditionalist, but marriage and four children would be nice sometime in the future. " Fondest Memories: " Royce Hall and Powell Hall (the real one) illuminated by soft lights around midnight is probably the most beautiful spot on campus. I ' d walk by almost every night after meetings, or studying at the library, under a cover of stars, moon and clouds. The spot always made me smile and feel at peace with myself. " Paul J, Lopez BA Sociolotjy Lara J. Low BA Psycholoijy Salvador G, Lopez BA English Lee Tze R, Low BS Computer Science J. Scott Lowry BA Comm Studies Stacey j. Loy BS Psychohiology Graduates 345 Jonathan A. Lucas Karen C. Ludlow Marc A. Lucdke Douglas B. Luttman Carolyn j. Lundquist Karen Luo BA Hislory BS Bioloily BS Civil Eiulineerim] BS Eltx Enipneeriiiij BS BioIoiIy BS Civil Euijineennil r Khai L. Luong BA Bm Ecofwmics Eva Lupi BS Aero Eii iitfcnn Joseph Lutz BS Computer Science Patrick C. Luu BS Chem Enc ineeriniJ Thu A. Luu BS Biochemistry VanT. Ly J D BA Socioloiiy I Jolie Lynn BA Piycholoily Brian J. Maas BA Bii5 Economics Michael H. Macalalad BS Bioloily Amber J. MacArthur BA Psycholoily Christina M. MacDonald Stuart E- MacGregor I BA Anthrofiology BA Politicijl Science Tony Machuca BA Hislory Harold James A. Maderazo BS Biolo(jy Patricia Madrigal BA Socioloijy Anthony Madril BA Enijlisb Reina S. Maehata BS Astrophysics Eric L. Magnuson BA History 346 Graduates Paul V Magtoto BS Bwloiiy Irene A. Mah BA Economics Rakesh Mahajan BS Bwloily Sina Mahmoudi-Aval BSMcJi Enipncmn{) Edgar N Malbas BS Phyiioloijicil Sci Shiva Malck BS Biochetnistty David M Mann BA History Kimberley N. Manning BA EntjUs. Leslie K. Manue BA History Wei Mao BS Phvsioloilicijl Sci Melissa A Marchant 65 Ntirsiiul Scott D. Marcus BA Political Science - " » " « - ■ Vacheh A Marganian BA English Caroline S, Marine BA SocioloifylBusiness Leslie A Mark BA Political Science Paul E. Markert BA Amfr Politics Maria E, Marquez BA Litin Amer Stuilif Kathryn A. Marrottc BS Biolocjy Carmina C. Martin BS Chemistry Melissa R, Martinez BS Cii ' il Engineering Richard D. Martinez BA Political Science Rosalia Martinez BA Psychology Robin T. Marumoto BS Physiological Sci. Graduates 347 Sylvia M Mas Heather M Mason BA History Diane M. Massoni BA 1U.W Elham Mastour Masako Masuda BA Political Science Robert Mata jr. BA H,ilon- Elaine Matson BA bmluiilici ' Eiiittiih Sandra S, Matsumoto PS B.oloclY Akira Matsuo Yuko Y U Matsuo BA P ' .ycboloely Carolyn M. Mattes BA Economics Suzanne D. Mattis BA Hiiton- ' An History K.ann M. Maurer BS Bioloily Tara L- Maxey BA Poliliciil Science Kayleen Maya BA Political Science Megan K.. McArthur BS Afro Emiineemul Sean S. McCarthy BS Physioloifical Sci Catherine C McCollom BA Socioloijy Heather M, McCollum BA Political Science Percival D, McCreight BSAUlh ' App Science Meg C Masuno BA Coitim Studies Tama G Matta BA Bus Economics Scott A. Mcintosh BA Political Science Jennifer L, McCune BA Psvcholo n Lisa A. McDermid BA Pyscholo y James L McDonald BA Economics Christine A McDowell BA Lomm. Studies Joy E. McFarland BA Sociology Peter! McGovern BA Political Scieiicf Shannon E- Mclntee BAHislory 348 Graduates I Rachel AW. McKagan Aud-Frances McKcrnan Gregory C McLemore Kristen L, McMichacI BA EnttU h BS Biolocly HA Political Sciotce BA Political Science Erin B McNamara RA History Elizabeth N McNamee BA Piycholoijy Ton M. McPherson BA Political Scieii Margaret A. Mechtel BA English Tim Medcoff BA Political Science Maureen M. Medeiros BA Enillish Education Reshma A Mehta BA Political Science Elizabeth A. Meier BA Poll So Women Stul Erit S. Meitlis BA History Cameron D. Melierstig BA History Marci B. Melnick BA Psycbolo(!y Carolyn Melton BA Psychology Eleanor C. Mendoza BA Psycholoijy Florentina Mendoza BA History I Patrick J. Meyers BS Civil Engineering Laura Meza BA Bus Economics John L. Michelena BA Political Science Michelle L. Miguel BA Political ScieMCf Stephanie A. Millan BA Political Science Jamie L Miller BA World Arts t, Cult. Graduates 349 Timothy L. Miller BA Economics w lAh- B ' jk r a ' ' — B H ' H H m Darius A. Miranda BA QlI5SICs BllSmf5S Una O. Miller BA Economics Anthony M. Miranda BA Political Science Ted Miroe BA Politiccil Science Sara N. Mishler Greg Mittcnhubcr BA Dance BA PsycholoejY 1 " P - tzl «m|B M O c J ' HH 1 2 Ivana Mladenovic Frankie Mo BA Hislory BS Chemistry Leah N. Millnian BA WorU Arts i. Cult Christian D. Mills BA Theater Ramona E Mills BA Enijlish Literature Thomas M. Mills BA History Senior Spotlidhi Celina E. Gorre Major: Psychology Hometown: Camarillo, California Involvement: Celina ' s activities at UCLA have centered around her love for working with people, especially children. She has been a Bruin Belle for three years, spending time as both a Project Angel Food volunteer and a tutor at Inglewood Elementary School. Celina worked as a notetaker for the Office of Students with Disabilities, and as an ASK Counselor. She has also been involved with the UCLA Orientation Program as both an assistant and a counselor. Future Plans: " Immediately after graduation, 1 will work with the Orientation Program through the summer. Afterwards, I ' ll be spending a year in the Philippines working in primary health care in the provinces oLCebu City, my birthplace. When 1 return to the United States I plan on aS nding Public Health School and earning a joint JD MPH in international health. Eventually, 1 would like to work for the United Nations in the field of international health care policy. " Fondest Memories: " I will always remember the experiences I have had with the interesting and unique people I ' ve been lucky enough to meet here at UCLA. UniCamp days with the kids, Monday night trips to Palm Springs, late night runs to In-N-Out Burger and other special moments will always remain with 350 Graduates Shahrad Mobasscr US Biolo,;y Babak Mocinolmolki BS Bioloily Melissa A. Mograss RA Political ScifMCf Pouya Mohajer BS Biolocjy Colby M. Moldow BA History Margaret Molina BA Hhtory Jacquelyn Moore BA History Jean L- Moore BA Comm. Studies Graduates 351 Rebecca A. Moore BS Psychohiolotly Tamela L. Moore BA Enijliih Amy Morales BA Psycholoily David. I Morales BA Economics Emily M, Morales BA Sociology Maritza Morales BS Physiolotjical Set Patricia Morales BA Engliib Raquel T Morales BA Political Science Arturo j. Moreno BS Mech Entlineeriiu] Margie L. Moreno BA Comm Sluiiies Emily A. Morgan BA Poliliciil Science David M. Morse BS Physics Christopher J, Morton BA Civil Entlineerinij Christine A. Mortvedt BA Socioloily Marleigh A- Moscatel BA Psycholoily Althea B, Moses BA Histoiy Andrew M, Mosson BSMath App Science Dean R. Mostrom US AppUl Mull Farid Mozaffa BS Biochemistry Laurent A, Mullen BA History jane Y. Mun BA Politictil Science Lori A. Morris BS Mnth App Science Cynthia Moses BS Physioloijiciil Sci. Michele L. Muns BA Histoiy M III.-- Kionii Murazcki BA Psychology Ryan T. Murden BA Bus Economics Jennifer Munllo BA English Maria J. Murillo BA English Ian N, Myers BS Physiological Sci. Kiniberly L. Myers BA English 352 Graduates Shirley F. Na BS Civil Engineerinil Azita Naghdi BA P vcholoity Jennifer L, Nahmod P,A £ti i5 Catherine M Nailog BA Enijhih Naoko Nakagawa BA Bus. Ecoiiotmc; Chntopher SE. Neale BS P)n ' 5Ks ■3 Alberto Nebe BS Elei Eniliiieeriim Beyan Negash BA Aiil irofiolii,(v Amine R, Neghabat BA Sociology Waichung T, Nei BS Biocbemiiliy CliftordJ.Nale BS r,eolo,!Y , lv(i- Elizabeth Nevins BA Poiitictil Science Douglas B. Newman BS Microhiolo y Loretta Newman BA English Douglas S. Ng BA Socioloily Fuk Sang G. Ng BA Bus. Economics Gary D. Nelson BS Psychohioloilr Kinman Ng BS Eke. Enijinecrniij Graduates 353 M.nh Ha T. Ngo BS AUthm.itic f ' .i Mn . - ' m Mary Ann Nguyen BA Comm. Stihiia Tn H, Nguyen Bahiam Niknia BA Pl..loso(.l.y Chun J. Ngok BS Pfn-sK - Dam Nguyen BA Economic Daniel Nguyen BS Psycbohiolo(n ' Harrison Nguyen BS Cirri Fiif rnefrnK My Q, Nguyen BS Biology Nhi P. Nguyen BS Biochemistry Oanh Nguyen BS Computor Science Thuan Nguyen PS Conipulo ' cifMcc Kelli A. Nicholas BA P ychoUw Tracy C. Nichols B Chenustt ' y Rachel C. Nicholson BA Socioloijy Gina L Nick BA Socioloi)y Rhoa T. Nguyen RA Fnrf A,-! Thuy N. Nguyen BS Cbemislry Emily L. Nicklin I 1 BS Pbysioloijicat Sci I Misa Nishikawa Nina L, Niu Timothy O, Nlu Nh Yun No BA Politiciil Science BA Bus Economics BS iWech EihlineerinJ BA Lnuluislici Peter Noah BA Economics Sean D. Nordeen BS Eke. EiiijineermiJ Rosana D. Noriega BA Psycljolotly Nils R, Norstrand BA Political Sciaice Wendy L, Nosse BA Bus Economics Majid Noun-khorasani BS Computer Scifucf Joseph L. Novak BA English 354 Graduates J Christopher P O ' Dea ■ BA E uihsh Paul A. O ' Leary BA History Erin C. O ' Nea BA Po idcii Science BryanJ. O ' Nell BA Desicln Noreen P, O ' Prey BA Political Science Sham A Odegaard BA P ycholoily Jason P Odell BS Bioloily John K.. Oehlschlaeger BS Aero EmpneeriniJ DinaM Ogle BA Psycholoi)y Elizabeth S. Oh BA Ecofwmics Tricia M Ochoa BA Women Sttuiiei Kyung J. Oh BA Bus Economic Lay Lay Ong BA Sociology Kimberly A. Orlikoff BA Psychology Melvin Orr BA Political Science Isabel Ortega BA Chicano Studiei Ethel C. Ortez BS Physiological Sci- Lucila X. Ortiz-Barron BS Psychobiology Graduates 355 Scot T. Oschman BA P ycholoily Kody K. Oshima R,4 ' ;1 fT»f• ' f ' ' RH ' ;lHfss Thomas F. Otto BA Genuvtic hmguatj Shai S. Oved RA Ri Fc(iii( mir Debra L. Overlock RA Focioloin ' Audrey J. Owens BA Em]l: ' Mira Pak J ) ' « RA F..rf r Stephen S. Pak BA Economic Kraig A. Pakulsk BA Music Ehzabeth A. Palm BA Work! bkuitun Amy E. Palmer BA En.iMi Mary M. Palugod BA Political Sciena- Patricia A. Panagos Ji BA Soi:ioloi)y Rina Pang PjS Eke Enipiieerinij Steven Pang BA H,ilo,y Aracclli P. Panta BA PoliliLiil Suoue Vasavi Parikh PS BwlclY Eun-Hye G. Park BS Alaroliioloi v Grace H. Park J| Sk BA EcOHOlllltS 4 Ha Chong Park BA Economics Hyunjung Park BA Biocbemiilry K.yung Park BA Political ScifHCf Mcc-Jcong Park BA Linijuistics Spiinisb Sun Hi Park BA E»{ilish Sung S. Park BS Chemistry 356 Graduates Sung-Ah Park Jenniter L Patterson BS Ciril En(Jtneeri}u] James L, Peredo BS Eke Etu]in(eri}tt) Holly M- Parker BA Science «l «: ' Bi HtfS Stacie M. Parra BA Comm Sttuiies Erica-Sharon Parris BA Sociolorjy Jayana M. Patel BS Bioloily Christopher Paul BA Soctoloily Bradley S. Pauley BA History ManissaJ. Pedroza BA Psycbolocly ohn Y. Peng BS Cyhinielics Elia L. Perez BA Psycholoijy Greg A Perez BS Bioloijy J WLL -lU-l L.JU1.. Joseph T Perez BA Socio oi;y Regina M. Perez BA S )iiins|j Literdlurf KerrI Peterson BA Sociology Mark A. Peterson BA Political ScifHcc Shawna R. Petit BA English Emily Pcttcrscn BA History Aihuong T, Pham BS Biology Harold C- Patron BS NnrsincI John R. Perasco BA )ilfrn(.if Economics Robert A Perez BA Economics Hung H. Pham BS Psychobiology Graduates 357 Tianic Uii 358 Graduates Frame On Frame One I Graduates 359 Joseph N Q Pham BS Aero Eiupneeriiuj Phu X Pham BS Microhiolotly Tuan Pham BS Computer Science Lisa E. Phelps BA Lin iiislics Sptmisb Dung X. Phung BS Chemistry Nicole V. Piehl BA Cl.issics Jennifer Plumb BS Psychohiolocjy Katharine E Pock BA Psychology Zoia A Polk Jelhcy N, Pollak BS Physioloijkal Sci BA PoUtiCiil Science 1 m f%m mu %. ' ■■■ .H --- M . » v M Senior Spotlight Behzad Tabatabai Major: English-American Studies, Political Science Hometown: Tehran, Iran Involvement: Behzad has been involved in a wide variety of activities during his six years on campus. He wrote for and edited several of the on-campus newsmagazines, including AI-Tfl ifc, Together, Nommo, Pacific Ties and La Gente. As a member of the Iranian Students Group, Behzad turned the group ' s newsletter into a quarterly magazine, serving as the publication ' s copy and design editor. He served as editor-in-chief of the USAC Chronicle, student government ' s official newsletter. Behzad also chaired the Judicial Review Committee, which is responsible for evaluating campus policies. He is an Undergraduate Repre- sentative for the Communications Board, which governs all campus media. He has also volunteered for the Incarcerated Youth Tutorial Project over the past three years. Additionally, Behzad served the residence halls as a Community Intern for Saxon Suites, a production assistant for Mock Rock and a member of the Multi- Cultural Programming Committee. Future Plans: " After graduation, I plan to take a year off to save money for graduate school, and hopefully begin writing a book. In graduate school I plan to pursue either law, urban planning, graphic design, or journalism. I hope to eventually get a Ph.D, and in the future, establish my own magazine to address human and social issues from a non-traditional, non-mainstream perspective. " Fondest Memories: " I will remember my friends the most, not just the acquaintances or superficial friends, but rather the ones who helped me grow as a person and who were willing to learn from me. These were the people in the newsmagazines and student groups, and even a few professors who, by truly caring about people, helped me remain optimistic about the future — despite the rest of UCLA. " Jennifer A, Pollard BA History Ernest J Ponce BA History 360 Graduates Lisa M, Poiidroni BA Comm Studies johnny K. Poon BA English Rasey B. Poon BS Chemistry Phoebe O. Poon BA Bus. Economics Derrell D. Porter BS Psychohiolo0y Degnia L. Portillo BA Eitfilish Bcttina S Prost BA Pohlical Science jamie J Pugllsi BA Sociolotly Graduates 361 Rosie K. Pulido BA LiHilKlsilCS Daniel L Pun PS Etec E}uUnei;ytni1 Claire A. Putnam M Buihsh Jennifer M Putz BA Pcihlicdl Science Kelly Querido PS Physiolo.licnl ' c. Donald Quinn Zulma F Quintanilla Herman D, Quispe Leslie R Rabinovitz Vernon R- Ragasa BA Japanese RA PohticJ Science BA Hisfon ' BA Histo:y Arl Histoty BA JaPiVieie Dionne L Ramey BA f.iMi;iiis(ics Kenny 1. Ramirez BSMilniif BioloilY Rus5 Ramirez BA D.iMCf Victoria M. Ramlow BA PiychcUlv Mantza A Ramon BA Hiitcn ' ' I Michele C. Ramos Laura M Ramsden BA HMon ' BA Comm SluJies Megan S. Randall BA History ifi - Aflj Nikki T. Ranglas BA Bus Economics Blue R. Rangsuebsin BA Political Science Jeffrey S Quiche BS Aero Encjineerinc) John F Rahtz BA Psycholoily Charles R Ramos BA Political Science Laurie Rashidi BA Bus Economics ennifer C Rasmussen Kathenne Rasmussen Dave Ratchfte Raqucl Ratusnik Rcgina R Ravctti Marc A Razzc BA History BA Psycholoijy BA Psycboloily BA Psychclotly BA History. Art History BA Entjhsh Literature 362 Graduates Timothy D. Reagan PS N ' lirsiH.; Michelle D. Reaves BA Sociolotjy Arlene B, Rebuyon Matthew R, Recktenwald Amber j Reddick Paula L, Regan BS Rioloi]y BS PhysiolotliCiil Sci BA Bus Economics BA Psycdoloi y K.en Reid BSAUth ' App Science Khchele E Reid BA Psychology Bridget L. Reiliy BA Sociolot]y Tara B Reilly BA PolitKiil Science Kimberly K., Remhardt Jennifer E- Reinstein BSAUuh App Science BA Enttlish Chimi S Rhee BA Cultural History Lauren S. Rhee BA Bus Economics Eugene S. Rhim BA Eli()(is)i Amfr Elf Brian C Ricci BA Bms Economics Matthew D Rice BA History Steven E Rich BA Bus Economics Bryan A, Richards BA Bus Economics Sandra R Richardson BA Political Scieticf Denise D Richardt BS Cii ' il En(lineermiJ Rosemarie L Rigor BS Psychobiology Bobby T Rimas BA History Jennifer M. Rinella BA Psycbolotjy Graduates 363 Andrea E Roberts BS Biolo(ir Scott G. Roberts BA Tlifulfr Nanda R. Robertson BSAfro Eiulineeriml Roger T. Robinson BA PsyJiLiloiJy Leslie A. Robles BA PsychoLm Rica Rodman BA Comm SlUiiies Carlos M Rodriguez BA Political Science Ivan Rodriguez BA SocioloilY Ricardo R Rodriguez BA Political Science Rick Rodriguez RS Aero f Hi niffniiiJ Vanessa L, Rodriguez BA Political ScifiiCf Lori A. Rogich BA Hhtory Judith K, Rohde BS NursiniJ Laura NL Roman BA Bii5 Economic Thomas E Romano BA Psycholoily Catherine A Romero BA History Sophia L Romero BA Political Science Rosa G- Ronquil BA Socioloijy Pearl A, Rosal BA Piycholoijy Cccile B Rosario BA East Asian Stmlies Sara A. Rodgers BA Political Science Sarah L. Rodriguez BA Psrcholoi]v Lisa B Romeo BA Political Science Nerissa A. Roselada BA English 364 Graduates Stefanie L Roscnbcvg BA PohticJ Scieiue Julie N Rowe BA Histor, ' ' Art Hiilory Brian A. Ross BA PclilicJ Science Stacey A. Ross BA SocioloiiY Sylvia T. Rostanii BA CLissics Kristin A. Rounce BA Comm StuJiei Dioni A Rovcllo RS Nurmut Rachel M. Rubin BA Lm()lll5(lCs ( lll.lH Michael Rubio BA S itiis Debra A Ruby BA Enifliih Arlene C. Ruelas Sherry M. Rumold BA Politiciil Science BA Economics Aina D Ryen BA Comm Sluelies sdii Scott E, Sahlman BS Physics Michael D. Rylaarsdani BA B115 Economics Andrew R, Sacks BA Psycholofly Dana L. Sadan BA Psycholotly Parsa Safa BS Bioloijy Jeffrey K. Saito BA PoUtical Science Frederick M Salan BS Biology Karla V. Salazar BA Politicijl Science Colette C. Saldi BA Sociology Danielle D. Sager BA Spanish Literature Amy E, Salesin BA Entjhsh Graduates 365 David M.Salib PjS Psvi ' iol ' ioloi v Lesley A. Sanchez BA Latin Ainer Stiui Patricia C. Sanchez BA PsycholotlY Nilou Salimpour BA ( omm 5(nJifs Marilyn R. Sanchez BS Biochatusljy Roxanne S, Sanchez BA History Heather L. Sandelman BA Socioloi y Robert A. Sanders BA Comm Sluilies Caroline M. Salinas BS Nursiiul Susan C. Salmon BA English Becky Saltzer BS Bioloijy Hilda B. Sanchez BA Political SticMce Senior Spotlidht Sharon Miki Nozawa Major: World Arts and Cultures Hometown: Los Angeles, California Involvement: Sharon recognized her intense desire to write after winning first place in the Milestone Essay Contest at East Los Angeles College. She brought that realization and experience to UCLA as editor of Global Vision (the quarterly newsletter of the World Arts and Cultures Program) and as the winner of several contests and scholarships here. Sharon has also volunteered for many other activities and programs at UCLA, serving as a presenter at the World Arts and Cultures Symposium of 1993, the president of A.D.A.P.T. (A Diverse Associa- tion Promoting Tolerance), a member of the UCLA Hawaii Club, a student representative for the UCLA School of the Arts Executive Committee, an events assistant for the Festival of Indonesia, and a volunteer in artist relations for the Los Angeles Festival, where she worked with director Peter Sellars. Future Plans: " As an Asian American woman, my concerns grow that our history has not been adequately told. The current atmosphere of anti -Japanese sentiment only serves to punctuate the persistent ethnic and cultural misunder- standings inherent in our society. My objective is to move towards an arena where ! may express my own stories and relate my own history as a Japanese American. I have chosen to attend N.Y.U. ' s graduate program in Dramatic Writing and Performance Studies so that I may pursue my creative and educational endeavors. " Fondest Memories: " I feel very fortunate to have been a student of the World Arts and Cultures (WAC) Program. It is a rare occasion for an undergraduate student to be provided with opportunities to work closely with dedicated professors and exceptional artists. The forum for academia, art, life and practice that the WAC Program provides has been extraordinary. " Veronika M. Sander BA Psycholocjy Angelica Sandoval BA Socioloiiy 366 Graduates Angela L. Sauermann BA Eii{]lisb David B. Scarpcio BA History Graduates 367 Dieadra A Schaub BA PsvlIwIoi v Stephanie M. bcheck RA Hislon ' Jeff A. Schiamberg BA Bhs Economics Eric W. Schier BA Intenuitl Economics Jeff A. Scliimel BA Psyc)jo o.;y Sofia A- Scliimmeltennig BA P ycholocly James D, Schimmoller Anne M Scfinelder BA Hislory BA Polidcil Saaicc Erika A Scfineider BA Comm Stuiiies Laura 1 Sctiuetze BA PsycholoclY cJ u -« ' H nlKM i w i m mrm P jvi Katfierine M, Schuyler Gregory J, Schwartz BS Geolocly BA Ihilian Poli Sci Jonathan Schwartz BA Poli Sa ' History Kris A. Schwengel BA Aii()irof)o o()y Kurt B. Schwengel BA Anthropology Mia Schwoerer BA Poll Sci Geniiiin Mirna Sedano BA Histon ' Alison E, Segal BA Design Fabian C. Serrato Nina S. Setlii Sarine G. Setiakian Eun B Seung hen S- Scyhun Lynn Scymou BA Politiail Science BA Bus EcoHomics BS Psychohiolofly BA Economics BA Hislory BA History 368 Graduates Nadia A. Shabaik BA Piililiuil Saence Hiren N Shah BA Sociolorly Azin Shahryannejad BS Biochemiitri ' Shahrad 1,M. Shanisi BS Bio Anthropoloc]y Eden A. Shapiro BA Socioloijy Michael Shelofsky t ' ■ BA£h Ii James L. Sheppard BA Entlliih Pauline C Sher BS PhysioloitKiil Sc: Debra G- Sheraga BA P ycholoily Pamela P, Shiao BS B.p o.n- lOUI Mitchi M Shibata BA Theatre Arts James E Shields BSPhysKs Myong-Eun E. Shim BA Iijpitnese Jay K, Shimamoto BA Emlkh Akiko Shimizu BA Piycholocly Chnsta L. Shaw BA Politicjl Science Hideki Shibata BA Anthropoloily Kll Y. Shon BS Aero. Engineering David G Shor BA Encjhih Trude T. Shum BA Psycbolo{!y Winnie Sia BS Piychohiolocly Anusha M. Silva BS Applied Mctth Rosalie R. Silva BA Psychology Karen S. Silver BS Nursing Michelle L. Simck BA Spanish Jeffrey B. Simenton BA Political Science Linda A. Shively BS Psychohiolotty Carol M. Silberberg BA English History Michelle L. Simon BA Psychology Business Graduates 369 Kirsten M. Skaggs BS Pliysics Fred V B Smith BA Poll Sa Hiitory Chelsea A. Sneed BA Eiujh h Lileriilure Payman Soleimaiii BS Psychohioloijy Edwina Skinner BS Bwloijy Julecn H, Slater BA Psycl.o ojy Alexandra Sluga BA Political Science Darlene Smith BA Geoijraphy Laurie E Smith BA Bus Ecoiioiiiic Matthew M, Smith BA Lniijiiislics Michael E. Smith BA Psycholoity Sherri A. Smith BA Political Science Daron H Smith BA Political Science Thomas W Smith BS Mith App Science Amy D, Snell BA Dfsii H Marti A. Snider BA P ycholoily William J. Snyder BA Economics Janet C. So BA Bus Economics Ngai So BS Pijysics Eric M. Solorio BS Eke EtJflinierinfJ Tammie Jo Solono-Flccnc BA Sociolofly Rengiz Sonan BA Psycholoijy Andrew M, Song BS Biochemistry Dong Joon Song BSB ocbfiHistry SlJCv 370 Graduates Paul D Steenhausen BA Political Scifiicf Sarah M. Steinberg BA E«()lisb SocioloiJy T Staccy R Stcrnbcrj: BA Comm StUiiies Karen C, Stevens BA Political Science Kevin D. Stevens BA Political Scifiicf IT ' Rimberley L Stiles BA Dance Stacy S Stratniann BA film T V. Derek R, Strong BA Political Science Belle Su BA Bus Economics Peter Y Su BA Inteniatl Economics Susanna Su BS App. Math Bus. Econ Christopher C. Subject BS Physiological Scrracf Graduates 371 372 Graduates Frame One Graduates 373 Paul Anthony S. Sucgang PS PIn ' siolod.uil So David A. Sudeck RA Bus Eiiiiiomics Tomomi Sugasaki BA Aiilhropolcly Bruce M- Sugdcn BA Political Scifiiif Anne J. Suk BA Bus Roiioitiics Siobhan M, Sullivan BA Eiu]lidj joy H Sung BA Bus EcciiioiiTics Richelle S. Swan BA Psychology Nocmi L Tagre BA History Yoko L. Takcnaka BS App. Math Comp Wenceslao D. Sunga BA Hisioo ' Shirley S. Sunico BA Enijiish Judy K Sunu BA Emjiish Lorin W. Surpless BA Poli Sci Business Lorelei L. Sutton BA Emihsh Shay S. Swanson BA ijirmnn ' Business Natalie A. Sywak BA Em; is)) ' ' B»siiifss ehzad B Tabatabai BA Buil,sh ' Poh Sa Siamak Tabibzadeh BS Biolojy F. Adei Tabiri BA Political Science Beverly H Tai BS Eke Mat Sci Etupmenncl John Tai BAPoh Sa History Linda W, Tai BA Poll Sci East Asian Stihl Ardem A Tajerian BS Mith App Science Tracy Y Takahashi BAArt Charles K. Tani BS Elfc. Engiiteerini; Chit-Yeung Tam BS Chem. En )ineerin(j Norma Tani BS Chem EMjjineeriniJ Ceorgina Taniayo BA HistJChicano Stud Heather L. Tamm BA English 374 Graduates Kareen Ann C Tampus Kimi N. Tamura BS Physioloilical Set Michelle L, Tan BA Bus. Economics Elaine Tanaka BA Economics Parviz Tashnizi BSMath App Science Casey S- Taylor BA Economics Poll Sc Charles H- Taylor BA Political Science llene M. Tebbs BA Philosophy Janet Tanasugarn BA Cliissicitl Oviliztition Billy Tang BA Bus £ciiHomic5 rs M 9 «rE2 ■. jj M k J m 1 m i Marcos M, Tarango BA Political Scifiicc Stephanie L, Tai-vyd BA Art History IP Valeric R Teglia BS Physioloijiciil Sci Jeff A. Tenenbaum BA PollliCill ScifHCf Dean K. Terada BS Cit ' il Enilineerm(j Summer R. Teruya BS Physio Sci East Asuni Sti HIa T Thein BS Lompuler Scifiicf George A Theodorou Michelle L Thibault BA Economics BA Psycholotjy 1 1 Hcike A Thiel M Histoiy Angela C Thomas BA Comm Studies Dylan J Thompson BA Music David Ting BS Elec Enilineerin0 ewel C. Ting BA Bus Economics Connie To BA History Stephanie L Tom BS Psychohioloijy Graduates 375 Maurine C Tombrello BA Socioloijy :i JP%kte w mBtM II B . . .J M m Brian W Tong BA Economics Soong Boon Tong BS Elec Enijineerini) Danilo S. Torres BA Political Science Lonlyn L, Torres BAArt Michelle L Torrico BA Comm Stuiiies Marisa A. Tostado BA Political Science Courtney A- Tozzi BA Political Science Ngoc Anh Tran BA Economics Tuong A Trmh BA Bus. Economici 376 Graduates Lisa M Troncoso BSMiM Hoang D Truony BA iilcni.ill Economici Hung Q, Truong BS Cnnl Eiuji}ietri}uj Eugenia Tsai BS Pbyiioloilical Sci. Fayeen V Tsai BS Bioloi]y Senior Spotlight John Peng Major: Cybernetics Hometown: Escondido, California Involvement: John has been a Research Assistant in Biocybernetics for two years, and is involved in experimental design, systems modeling and protocol optimization . Additionally, he has served as an Emergency Medical Technician through UCLA Emergency Medical Services. Specifically, he has worked in clinical hospital settings, served as a CPR and EMT instructor, and functioned as the primary medical authority for Bruin Kids camp. John has also volunteered as a counselor for Unicamp, UCLA ' s official charity. He is currently staffing the UCLA campus ambulance. Future Plans: " 1 am planning to attend medical school in the fall. My long term plans are to somehow be involved in the way the medical profession is changing. I would also like to eventually teach part time at the university level. " Fondest Memories: " The one that sticks out is the 1 992 UCLA vs. USC football game. A battered, injured, harassed, and demoralized UCLA football team starting its 4th string quarterback came back to win 38- 37 against USC (i.e. that little school down the road). I saw every single minute of that game, and loved every second of it. Additionally, I ' ve found that making the lasting friendships here at UCLA has made my college experience incredible. Friends are all that separates one from loneliness and isolation. What good is success if you celebrate alone? " :WKW Gene G.T Tsai BS MCDCI Asiat, Amn Stul Pei-Chen Tsai BS Math App Sciince Robert L. Tsai Marilyn Tsang BA Poll Sci. History BA Bus Economics Amabel W.L Tse Ricky Tsc BS Eke Eiiijnieerini; BA Bus Economics Brcnda W. Tsiang BS Aero. EnijinierintJ Ching Tsoi BS Chan Enijineerinil Graduates 377 Erynn Y. Tsuboi BA Politicill Science £. i vM - 71 111 Anne E. Tsuchiyama Sachiko Tsuneda BA Psycholoily Biii BA Political Science amie P Tung BS Nurnnil Joseph P. Turk BS Bicloin K.iva D Turk BS Psychohioloify Came E Tweeten BS Psychohioloijy Junko Uehara BA DfSK H Ryotaro Umegaki Hamilton B Underwood 1 BS Micwhioloily BAEmllnh Cynthia Ung BA Environ Shuiies Thomas L. Uniack A [ BA Polilical Science ' ' Andy Vajirasarn BA French Bu al V. Vakil BA EcoH Msirin Amfr Stui) A 61 :» ic l H A . H 1 1 ■ Jose A- Valenzuela BS f (fc EnijineerintJ Teresa Valenzuela BA Entjlish Spivush Craciela L. Valero BA Environ Studies Monica Valle BA Socioloijy Stacey D. Van Cessel BA Aiilfcro|)olo ;y Matthew S. Van Winkle BS Civil Enejineering Maria M. Vazquez BA Sptwish Maria D Velasquez BA Political Science Olivia M. Velasquez BA Enejlish Joanne S. Velilla BA Comm. Studies 378 Graduates m PS Applidi A ijth Venus C. Viloria BA Psycholotly Meg K. Vinton BA Axthropolotjy Liberty G. Vinzon BA Pmh IDn m Lil ' Arls Irene Viramontes BA Socwlo(lY Silvia Viramontes BS Miilh Kirsten E Volbeda BS Nursing Thoai Vuong BS Compittn Sctence Mandie C Wacha BA Piycholo{lY Bm effrey W. Wakefield BS Mathematics Hiroshi Wald BA Poliliciit Science Christopher R. Waldvogel BA History Brian E Wall BS Civil Enifineerinil Brett A Wallingford BA Economics Megan ], Walsh BA Enclhsh Keith M. Wan BS Physiological Sci- Amy Wang BS Biochemistry Howard Y- Wang BS Mech Encjmeerin{J Jim K.- Wang BA Bus Economics Samantha H. Wang Terry W. Wang Andrew K.. Washburn Eiichiro Watanabe Tracy S. Watkins BS Math App. Science BA Bus Economics BS Elec Engineering BA Political Science BA English Graduates 379 Brian R. Watson RA Bus Economics Eliza W Wei BA Economics Stephen J Wen BS Pbysiolo.;iui Sc Jed S. Wcxlcr BA Enghsh Itatum Darneika K Watson BA Psycholoijy David W, Watt BS l Uch EntUHeerim; Frank E. Weathers BA Politic Scjciicf Clarissa I. Weber RAArt Daren C Wein BAHision ' Emily Weinert BA Comm Studies Romi M. Weinhouse BA Comm Stutiies T Jonathan M. Weiss BA Economics Hsm-1 (Patricia! Weng Tiffany L Wentze BA Bus EcoHOiii cs BA Bus Economics odi M, Wertz BA PsycholoilY Gary M. Westcrland BS Computer Science John P. Whalen BA Economics Trina L- White BA SociotoiTy William L, White] BA Lipanese Peyton Whitener BAPoli So Class Cm Heidi M Weber BA En,llish WorU Lit - • ■11 jAp ' - fl Jennifer A Weller BA Enijlish Litemture Karen A Wetzel BA Ehi; is i Literature Timothy E. Whyte , J, BA Emjlish Brad S. Wicke Amanda B. Wicdman Chanda Y. W.Uiams Lisa M. Williams Mellissa Williamson Nhchael Wilmink BA Economics BA Psycholoijy BA Psychology BA SocJAfr. Amer. Studies BA Psycboloejy BS Physiolo(!iciil Sci 380 Graduates I fit BA Ftiiiiomic5 Jonathan S- Wimbish BA iitcniiitl Ecoiinmiis Greg Wmkler B? ( Oipuln ' e Science Cathleen L. Winston BA Jiiptinese Keith Wixson BA English Dona Won BA Ertst Asiim Sliuhes Christina Wong BS Bwloijy Chun P. Wong BS Comfiiitfr Scieiicf Darlene C Wong BS Nursing Enrique A. Wong BA Psycholoily James Wong BS Chem Enflineerin0 Joseph R, Wong BS Mech En(Jmeermij Karen Wong I BS Chem Eiuj neerm() Leslie M. Wong BS Bioloijy Mary Wong BA £(isl Asi iH Slutl Patricia K. Wong BA Bus Economics Sheryl L Wong BA Math Steven C Wong BS Biolociv Vivian W. Wong BA Bus. Economics ■ ' LJ. L JUL ' Yai-Fung Wong BS Mfcfc £m;iMfcnm( ElhotS. Woo BA Bus Economics P i ' } k ' M mt Jennifer R Wood BA Psycl. ' oloi y Stephen L Woods BA PoliUcal Jljeory Darryl D. Wooten BA Psychology Malinda Wozniak BA English Erika J. Wright BA English Jenna M. Wrobel BA History Siey-Mun Wong BS Eke. Engineering Michelle M,W. Woodruff BA Bus Economics Albert E, Wu BS Cyfcfniftics Graduates 381 [ Cheryl Wu BA Psycholoi]y Heidi Yadegar P,A M ' oiiifii Studiei Mananii Yamauchi BS Applied Math Dal-Scok Yang BA iMteriuill Economics Jessica P. Yang BS Applied Math Craig Wu KA Po (-t, ! Vjftic Shidokht Yadegari BS Computer Science Malvin Y. Yan BA Anihwpoloily Hee Joon Yang BA Bus Economics Steve L, Yang BS Microbiology Joe CM, Wu BS Bioloijy udy Chiayu Wu BA Economics Kam C. Wu BS Computer Science Kerth L Wurster i T BA Political Science I Senior Spotlight Amy Nemko Major: Communication Studies with College Honors Hometown: Oakland, California Involvement: This year Amy served as the Managing Editor of Together, UCLA ' s feminist newsmagazine. She is responsible for editing articles, working with writers, and training staff members. Amy is also the community service co-chair for Mortar Board. She works with community service organizations on and off campus to provide support and service through Mortar Board. Additionally, she serves as the editor of the UCLA Journal of Communication Studies. Amy solicits, edits, and publishes this academic journal within the Communication Studies Program. Lastly, as a Student Research Project Coordinator, she coordinated a group of student researchers on the topic of campus speech codes and the First Amendment. Future Plans: " After graduation I am planning to spend a year in Washington D.C. working in the White House with the Clinton Administration. Then, in the fall of 1 994, 1 will be entering Yale Law School. 1 hope to be a feminist legal theorist and attorney, addressing and changing laws related to domestic violence, rape, and other issues pertaining to women. " Fondest Memories: " I will best remember my friends, who helped me to open my mind and heart, and become my own person in the process. My friends inspired me with their passions and their energy, and were with me during the good times and the bad. I ' ll also remember the endless construction here at UCLA, beginning in the dorms (starting at 7AM sharp every morning) and continuing through graduation (with the closing of Powell Library). " 382 Graduates Erika Yeung BA Bus Economics K.aren K. Yeung BS Biology Graduates 383 Lianiic C. Young BA Psycboloijy Buiinei Michel F, Young BShUlh Al t ' SaeiKc Anne P. Yu BA Bus Economics Chao-Qiang Yu BS CL iii)iii(fr Science Jennifer M. Yu BA iilcnill fcoii BS Comp Sci Lisa Yu BA Podlic,? Scifiicf Won K. Yu BS Bwloily Clifford K h Yuen BS Mecb. Enijmeerinij El eanor M Yuen BA Bus. Economics Mirana T W Yuen BA Bus. Economics Chang-Wan Yun BA Economics John M Yun BA Economics 384 Graduates ' ntkcr,( Scott Yun BA Histon-Voh Sci ' H M Stephane Zeitoun «™j I BA Economics Lily P- Yung BS Pl.y5iolo,ric..l Sci Chensty Yunianto BA Bu5 Economics joe C, Zaelit BA Bus Economics Paulcttc A, Zaki BS Psycl- ' of ' ioloijv Leonardo J. Zendejas BA GemiiiH Busiiifss Patrick H. Zhang BS Appheii Miith Joel B Zucker BS Coiptitive Science Lesley K, Zimmerman BA Psychology Maria A. Zukernick BA Political Science Jason P, Zinkin BA Enc]l,sh Ana M. Zcgarra BA P?yclio(oijy Allison NL Ziomek BS Cwil Emjineermt; Graduates 385 ■f Although, no amount of ink, paint, picture or print can capture the crispness oj your mornings, the gentleness of your afternoons, or the fire of your nights, we hope that we have brought to you at least a hint of your Bruin Life. 388 Fin Fin 389 CraP 390 Fm ill Gran by Fin 391 392 Section 1 ' • ' .-t :. " I FrameOne i Section 393 394 Fin i Fin 395 396 Fin I Fin 397 ♦ -.... _._ . •f kv 1. |l ' FrameOne 400 Fin FrameOne Fin 401 1 I jrM S - V ' ;■ ' ■ ' - ■ ' ::y-ijf act:? " ■a j j - FrameUne Fin 403 404 Fin JL. Frame(_)ne FrameOne Fin 405 I I HI I 406 Fin Fin 407 408 Fin II FrameOne Fin 409 410 Fin I Fin 411 412 Fin If Abelon, Yvonne 291 Abels, Kristen M, 296 Abenoiar, luan I. 296 Abjng, loe 271 Abraham, Bethany 280 Abraham, Willl5 E. 296 Abrajano, Claire 287 Abrari, Pedram 296 Abu-Rahma, Amal 278 Acherman, Robert M 296 Acheson, Amie 282 Ackcrman, Robert 289 Acosta, Nikke 249 Acosta, Pauline S. 296 Acuna, Megan 249 Adams, Bryan 152 Adams, Gary 164 Adams, Mark R 296 Adams, Sarah 254 Adcock, Gary 164 Adidharma, Wiryadi 296 Adier, Micah 282 Acshar, Michael M, 296 Afra, Robert 430 Ah-idi, Hamid 276 Afrooz, Bobby B 296 Agajanian, Lisa 250 Agamba, Joachim j 296 Aguabella, Menina M, 296 Aguilar, javick 287 Aguilar, Laura 296 Aguillon, Cecilia E. 296 Ahdoot, Elizabeth R. 297 Ahlers, Alison 287 Ahn, Liza 297 Aho, Amy 253 Aizeki, Mizue 297 Ajemian, Sherri 280 Aker, jorgen 184 Akhavan, Fatemey 287 Akins, Tracy 253 Alagh, Venu 291 Alahdadi, Adnna 297 Alaimo, Michael 271 Alba, Patricia 291 Alber, Stephanie 282 Albuquerque, levin 157 Alchin, loanne 181 Alcoscr, Norma A. 297 Alder, Sierra M. 297 Ale, Arnold 152 Alejo, Bob 162 Alexander, Chris 152, 154 Alfaro, Ernesto 280 Allahdadi, Armina 297 Allan, Ross 152 Allen, Brian 152 Allen, Ginger 285 Allen Lance 272 Allen, Stephanie A, 297 Allinson, Rachel 257 Allyn, BcthM. 297 Almzan, Juliet 292 Alpert, Lauren 257, 297 Altinis, Ishil C, 297 Altmann, Philip I. 297 Altmann, Robyn 282 Alvarez, Tatiana 280 Amador, Alicia 292 Amega, Francine 285, 297 Amemiya, Youko 297 Ammirato, Zak 164 An, Christine N 298 Anchiraico, Gaby I. 298 Anchiraico, Vinia C 298 Ancog, Ronny I. 298 Ancona, lorge 280, 298 Andclin, lulie 247 Anderson, Aaron 152 Anderson, Amy 291 Anderson, Avery 152 Anderson, Erica 257 Anderson, Melissa 282 Anderson, Nicole 171 Anderson, Stephanie 298 Anderson, Theodore 1 52 Anderson, Tina 247 Andrasick, Greg 272 Andrews, Michael 166 Andrews, Todd 272 Ann, Julie Mejia 291 Ann, Leslie Mark 276 Anselmo, John 172 Anyakwo, Patrick C 298 Aoyama, Lisa 250 Aparicio, Yolanda 257 Appel, Deborah S. 298 Appenzeller, Kristen 245 Aragon, Marnie M, 298 Araldi, Daniel J 298 Arazi, Nataie 247, 298 Arce, Andrea 249 Arce, Michelle L. 298 Arcega, Gary F. 298 Archie, Ma Villavert 291 Arciba, Maria T. 298 Anas, Babette G, 298 Armendariz, Maria L. 298 Armor, Becky 253 Armstrong, Claire 245 Armstrong, Monique 430 Arnaud, Alfred L. 298 Arndt, Nicole 249 Arnold, Jason 152 Aronis, Stephen A. 298 Arredondo, Allison 171 Arredondo, Marisol 298 Arts, Trevor 184 Artukovich, Matthew 292 Asahara, Nora 250, 298 Asano, Aya 243 Asano, Douglas A, 298 Ascalon, Ana Lisa 298 Aseio, Josephine 298 Ashe, Jennifer 285, 298 Ashkar, Susan H 250, 298 Aslam, Saira 292 Asian, Saira 291 Assad, Mary Y. 298 Asthana, Ritu 291 Astor, Lisa G. 298 Astvasadoorian, Alexander 298 Atchison, Dave 1 84 Atinc, Pemra 298 Atkins, Megan 254 Atkinson, Karen 257 Au, Alex King-Long 298 Avila, Abe 285 Avila, Denise 253 Awad, Maha 299 Axe, lason K 276, 299 Ayala, Sandra G, 299 Ayda, Josephine 277 Ayers, Derek 152 Ayerves-Adams, Rose M. 299 Ayres, Ashley A. 250, 282, 299 Ayres, Ashley E. 299 Azer, Bernard M. 299 Aziz, Amena M. 299 Aziz, Zahra 291 Azores, Elizabeth 279 B Baardscn, Shanette K 299 Babb, Kimberly 250 Baca, Brenda 249 Bach, Deidre 169 Backes, Natascha 249 Backus, Sharron 181 Badenhope, Jay 276 Badillo, NaTasha 169 Bae, Jennifer 276 Bagge, Lynn 292, 299 Bahar, Greg 166 Bailey, Erica L. 299 Bain, David 160 Bainer, Angle 254 Baje, MarkA. 292,299 Baker, Derrick J. 299 Baker, Guy 183 Baker, Jenny 178 Baker, Tanya 291 Balderas, Ernest 299 Baldwin, Kathleen P, 299 Baldwin, Thomas 152 Baligad, Gilbert T. 299 Balladares, Orlando 299 Ballatore, Ron 166 Ballina, Lucas N. 299 Bamshad, Shahriar 299 Banachowski, Amy 158, 254 Banachowski, Andy 158 Banayan, Edmond 299 Bancroft, James J 299 Bandin, Laurie 245 Bang, Son Y. 299 Bao, Quy-Huong (Arthur) Q, 299 Baraz, Olga 299 Bardin, Laurie A, 299 Barefield, LaShawn D. 299 Barghout, Hisham 299 Bari, Yaseen M. 299 Barker, Carissa 247 Barkes, Ken M. 299 Barnes, Gabrielle J. 299 Barnes, John 152 Baron, MicKele 249 Barr, Merrill 257 Barragan, Jennifer 291, 300 Barrett, Allison 249 Bamcella, Susan 253, 300 Barrie, Jeffrey P 300 Barrios, Celia 300 Barron, Humberto Jr. 300 Barrows, Kirsten 247, 300 Barson, Johna 282 Barstad, Daria 254, 300 Barstad, Debra 245, 300 Bartholomew, Brooke L. 300 Barton, Scott 272 Bartz, Rachel 245 Barulich, Marianne 249, 300 Barzaga, Pearl 250 Basile, Naomi 277 Bass, Greg 152, 272 Bass, Justin 271 Bassett, Glenn 160 Bassett, lana 247 Basso, Cristy 254 Basu, Romie 282 Bataclan, Bren V, 300 Bates, Darryl A. 300 Batts, Edward 276 Baumann, Adrienne 249, 300 Bautista, John L. 300 Beal, Jeremy E. 300 Beaney, Dan 157 Bearden, Sara 253 Bearden, Susan K, 300 Beas, Maria D, 300 Beatry, Heather 300 Beauchamp, Jeffrey S 300 Beaufils, Ronna 276 Beazley, Jo Anne 300 Beckman, Steven W 300 Beeks, Twanda 245 Behar, Joshua 300 Behle, Aaron 300 Bchnke, Kim 287 Behr, Jay 166, 272 Behrens, Tim 183 Bell, Jennifer 257 Belluomini, David 271 Belman, Orli 245 Belocura, Marie-Fe F 287, 300 Bemis, Cathlccn 287 Bena, Janet 253 Benard, Danielle 300 Bennett, Tommy 152 Berg, Nicole M 300 Beringheic, Vince 164 Berklas,Jim 288 Berkman, Jason M 300 Berman, loel 271 Berman, Rachelle 285 Bernus, Sheila J 300 Berookhim, Leeora 300 Berry, lenn 249 Beth, Mary Buros 257 Bick, Bcniamina A 300 Biedebach, Laura L. 301 Biesty, Madeline 249 Biggins, Scott W. 301 Bilge, KeremS 301 Billimora, Devendra V. 301 Binn, Dan 271 Birnholz, Chan M, 301 Biscaichipy, Lisa 291 Bissell, Fritz 160 Blake, Hugh 276 Bland, Rich 172 Bley, Samantha 245, 301 Blinn, Steve 152 Block, Brian 184 Blocker, Scot 272 Bloom, Scott 279 Blosch, Eric C 301 Blue, Anthony D 301 Blum, LisaM 301 Blumberg, Zoe 288 Boardman, Margaret E. 301 Bodiwala, Sonali B. 301 Boettger, Betsy 247, 291 Bohannan, Wendy 244, 430 Bohner, David 271 Bohorguez, Martin A 301 Bohorquez, Carlos 292 Bollinger, Nicole 280, 301 Bonfiglio, Angela G. 301 Bonilla, Marie 287 Bookman, Matthew B 301 Borg, Kort 1 66 Bosse, Sharon 280, 301 Bostani, Payam 301 Boun, Singh A 301 Bourgeouis, Megan 253 Bouton, Carol 276, 301 Bowker, David W 301 Bowling, Wendi P 301 Bowman, Elizabeth 184 Boyd, Crystal 249 Boyd, Shelly 247 Boyd, Sondra 278 Boyd, Travis 164, 272 Boycr, Amy 158 Boyle, Heather 280, 288 Bozeman, Brenna 247 Brabard, Lori 245 Brachman, Scott 283, 288 Bradham, Rena E. 301 Bradkin, Lisa C 301 Bradley, Christopher G- 301 Bradley, Elizabeth 245 Bradley, nil 249 Bradley, lohn I IV 301 Branch, Denise C. 301 Brandau, Craig C 301 Branham, Jcanie 288, 301 Braun, Kristin 291 Bremer, Hollic 254 Bremer, Holly 177 Bremner, lulie 1 58 Brennan, Brent 152, 272 Brett, Gregory L 271, 301 Brewster, Jennifer 181 Bridgen, Todd 271 Broadbeck, Kim 282 Brook, Andrea L, 301 Brooks, Chanin 245 Brotherton, Julie 249, 302 Broussalian, Levon 292 Brown, Dawn 254 Brown, Heather 249 Brown, Jennifer 249 Brown, Vi-Rita 302 Brownficid, Patrick 184 Bruch, Rebecca 169 Bruha, Jennifer 289 Brundage, Jennifer 181 Bnitacao, Brad 272 Bryant, Jerome 302 Bucich, Richard L 302 Buckelew, Rebecca 254 Buckley, Andrea S. 302 Buckley, Jill 169 Buckley, Mathew 166 Buckner, Annette 158 Buelna, Tricia N, 249, 302 Bui, Karl T 302 Bull, Scott 177 Bullock, Ahcia 287, 302 Burciaga, Juan J.T. 302 Burgess, Alina D, 302 Burghardt, Maya 254 Burmingham, Lawrence 302 Burns, Marquis 162 Buros, Mary Beth 302 Burstien, Jeff 271 Burt, Suzi 169 Burton, Melissa A. 302 Busch, JuanD 302 Bushelman, Kristie 303 Buslon, JoeyJ. 303 Butler, Chris 249 Butler, Mitchell 162 Butt, Annie 303 Butters, Dee 276 Button, Philip 157 Buxton, X ' illiam G, 288, 303 Byers, Eric 271 Bylin, Carey E 303 Byram, Matthew R- 303 Byron, Hayley 249 Caal, Dina 257 Cabanting, ludith M. 303 Cabil, Wendy R. 303 Cabral, Alice 245 Cabusao, loanne P 303 Cady, Mendy 254 Calcote, Dream D 303 Calderon, Amber 303 Calderon, Carlos A. 303 Calderon, Katie 303 Calderon, Leticia 303 Caldwell, Claire L 304 Caldwell, William S, 304 Calimquim, lulie S, 304 Calizo, Mariel 291 Callahan, Pat 272 Camacho, Stephanie 304 414 Index imacho, Treena 1 77 jmba-Colon, loanna 1 304 ijinpbell, Derrdre 282 Campion. Andrew 304 Campos Dannielle 304 Campos Elizabeth 304 Canahta, Charlene V 304 Canlas Haylee 287 Cano Rob 272 Caplan Tammy 288 CapwellCame 291 Caravein, Michael 164, 271 Carben ' , Cheri M. 304 Carboncll, Lcilani 243 Cardenas, Paula 304 Cardona, Martina 304 Carini, Barbara I. 304 Carini, leanne R 304 Carlos, Monica L 304 Carlsgaard, Lydia I 304 Carlson, Jacqueline M. 250, 304 Carpenter, Jennifer D. 304 Carpenter, lenny 245 Carrasco, Tony 164 Carroll, lulie A 304 Carter, Kaleaph 152, 304 Carter, Knsten 254 Carter, Lisa 245 Casas, Dolores D. 304 Casey, Sheila 278 Casper, lulie 245 Casqueio, Lynette 287 Cass, Greg 152, 272 Castaneda, Knstiana 291 Castaneda, Manbel 304 Castillo, Annabel 292 Castillo, Bernadatte 242, 268 Castillo, Max 430 Castillo, Michele M. 304 Castillo Stella 282 Castle Trisha 291 Castro, Lyn 304 Catala, Vicente L, 304 Caunca, Konstantine R, 304 Cearley, Daniel L. 304 Cellar, Kurt M, 304 Cevallos, Norman A, 304 Chai, Ai N. 304 Chai, Margaret 243 Chaisongkram, Eric 157 Chalenski, Mike 152 Chalkidou, Katerine 305 Chaltraw, William 292 Chamberlin, Mark W, 288, 305 Chan, jenny L. 305 Chan, Ka Man 305 Chan, Lisa 257 Chan, Nicole 291 Chan, Olivia 276, 305 Chan, Phyllis C. 305 Chan, Rex M, 305 Chan, Susan 244 Chan, Wendy 242, 268 Chan, Will C 305 Chandler, Kristin K. 291, 305 Chandra, Haryanto 305 Chang, Angela C. 305 Chang, Barbara 242, 268 Chang, Chalrene 242, 268 Chang, Chnstine M. 305 Chang, David F, 305 Chang, Deborah 305 Chang, Diana 277 Chang, Dons P. 305 Chang, Helen 430 Chang, Jennifer 242, 268 Chang, Ji Y. 305 ' Chang, lohn K. 305 Chang, Kelly 276 Chang, Keun H. 305 Chang, Myung H. 305 Chang, Pei-Chi 305 Chang, PotaT, 305 Chang, Tracy 1, 305 Chang, Wei-Yun W. 305 Chang, Young. I 305 Change, Tammy 280 Chao, Michael 280 Chao, Tina 276 Chapman, Jeffrey M 305 Chapman, Pam 247 Charfouros, Stephen 288, 305, 3 34 Chatman, Dennis 280 Chattenee, Dalia 253, 305 Chau, Phong 283, 305 Chau, Tyeman F, 305 Chavez, Craig D, 305 Chavez, Jose A, 306 Chavez, Luciana 306 Chavez, Paul R. 306 Chee, Corinne 177 Cheen, Justin 272 Chen, Abraham S. 306 Chen, Alice Y. 306 Chen, Bill 282 Chen, DeniseJ. 306 Chen, Grace 257, 306 Chen, Helen L 244, 306 Chen, Helen Y 306 Chen, Irene 276 Chen, Jean 242, 268 Chen, Joy 291 Chen, Leann 280 Chen, Lily L. 306 Chen, Lucia Y, 306 Chen, Marie 306 Chen, Minnie 292, 306 Chen, Patricia P. 306 Chen, Robert H 306 Chen, Rosalyn M. 306 Chen, Sandy W. 306 Chen, Steve 104 Chen, Sylvia 245 Chen, Timothy T, 306 Chen, Vivian M. 306 Cheng, Alan 306 Cheng, Angela L, 306 Cheng, Clark 280 Cheng, Hui 283 Cheng, Jennifer 293 Cheng, Lisa 242, 268 Cheng, Luis M. 306 Cheng, Shan Ho 306 Cheng, Vivian 276 Cherman, Lauren B 306 Chemc, Andrew E. 276, 306 Cheung, Alan 306 Cheung, Eddy 293 Cheung, Sara 306 Cheung, Yvonne 306 Chevli, Vijay A. 306 Chi, Jane 178 Chiang, Kenneth T 307 Chiang, Lisa 247, 293 Chiang, Rachel 307 Chien, George 307 Chiles, Meredith 178 Chin, Baldwin 276 Chin, Eddie K 307 Chin, Hsiao C. 307 Chin, Maisie 288, 307 Chin, Marisa 244, 307 Chin, Sandra F 307 Chin, Shirley D 307 Chin, Tricia 243 Ching, Ana 307 Ching, Kelly 249, 307 Ching, Tamerlane A. 307 Chiu, Dennis 307, 430 Chiu,.leffH. 307 Chiu, Julie 250 Chiu, Tina 254 Chiu, Wayne 307 Cho, Daniel 276 Cho,JaneE, 307 Cho, Jenny 242, 268 Cho, Maggie 292 Cho, Sue 242, 268 Cho, Victor C.J. 307 Choa, Jasmine 287 Chobdee, Julie 242, 268 Choe, Jennifer E. 307 Choi, Anna 282 Choi, Jennifer 184 Choi, Kathy 184 Choi, Mike 271 Choi, Sophia I. 307 Chon, MeeLa 307 Chong, MeeJinK. 307 Choo, Karyn 276 Chopra, Madhu 291 Chou, Janice 307 Chou, Michael 276 Chou, Peilin 307 Choudhary, Shalini 291 Chough, Yoon J, 307 Chow, Gregory E. 307 Chow, Jeannie 243, 292 Chow, Joyce 243, 292 Chow, Serena A 307 Chow, William 307 Choy, Grace S. 307 Chrisopoulos, Paul.I 307 Christiansen, James 152,249 Christie, Debbie 254 Christie, Joe 157 Christman, Valerie J. 307 Chu, Daphne Y. 308 Chu, Elaine 134, 291 Chu, Jeanne K, 308 Chu, Jessie C, 308 Chu, Ka L 308 Chua, Rowena 243 Chuang, Evelyn 291 Chun, Hyewon Lauryn 308 Chun, Jeffery Noa 308 Chun, Melanie 242, 268, 291 Chun, Stephen K. 308 Chun, Ungsuk 308 Chung, Anita 308 Chung, Chan D, 308 Chung, Connie 308 Chung, Evangeline 243 Chung, Fai M. 308 Chung, Haeyoung 308 Chung,JaeJ. 308 Chung, Kelly 282 Chung, Lynda M. 308 Chung, Mun-Wai 308 Chung, Thomas 276 Chung, Ulyanna 243 Church, Lynn 287 Cibulsky, Cary 253 Crccarelli, Carol 284 Ciofh, Lori 254 Circo, Lindy 249 Ciriaco, Ethylene M. 308 Cirino, Valeri L. 308 Cisneros, Martha L, 308 Claborn, Kevin 184 Clark, Brian T. 308 Clark, Jamal 152 Clark, Jason 272 Clark, Jeff 152 Clark, Susan 245 Clarke, Greg 272 Clarke, Jeff 272 Claydon, Sage 250 Clement, Dave 271, 308 Cobb, Linda M. 308 Cobbs, Anthony 152 Cobian, Sylvia 308 Cobos, Saundra 292 Cochran, John 272 Cogswell, Brian 289 Cohen, Andrea 283 Cohenour, Heather 253, 308 Cole, Lisa Mane 308 Coleman, lim 272 Collier, Travis 152 Collins, Laura 171 Collins, Pennie 291 Collins, Rodney 308 Coloma, NenitaJ. 287, 308 Compto, Heather 181, 308 Confair, Robert Z. 308 Conrad, Cherie L. 308 Conrad, Kelly M. 309 Content, BrynaJ, 309 Conti, Gloria M. 309 Contreras, Elena C 309 Cook, Wayne 152 Cooper, Danamaye 242, 268 Cooper, Kit 271 Cordero, Charmaine A. 309 Corneio, Rachel R. 309 Cornejo, Robert R 309 Cornelison, Michael J. 309 Cornet, Olivier 309 Cornett, Paul 287, 309 Cornick, Suzanne 287 Corpus, Don L. 292, 309 Corrales, Wilma 309 Correa, Marilou 291 Costa, Jennifer 280 Courtnay, Craig 272 Cowan, Kelley A. 309 Cowan, Lora 253 Cowgill, Burton 271 Cox, Stacy 254 Craig, Bill 164 Craig, Bradley 152 Grain, leanine 245 Crawford, Amber 249 Creawford, Dave 271 Creel, Doug, 284 Critchlow, Kelly 247 Crittenden, Elisha G. 309 Crocker, Shay 309 Crowder, Julie 249 Cruz, Felicia 181 Cruz, Tobie 243 Cryan, lulie 247, 309 Culbertson, Torey 183 Cunningham, Martin L 309 Cura, Ana R. 309 Curran, Ian A 309 Curtice, Jason A. 309 Cwiertnia, Matt 272 Czerwinski, Roman A. 309 D Dachtler, Jason G 309 Dacquel, Grace C 309 Dada, Kadiia 280 Dagermang ' , Kristin 254, 309 Dahlstrom, AnikaD. 309 Daigle, Kathleen 245, 309 Dailo, Jennifer 291 Dakessian, Taleen 309 Dal, Donny B Ponte 309 Daley, Shannon L. 309 Dallas, Jeff 272 Dalton, Dan 272 Daly, Kathleen 291 Daly, Marcus 152, 272 Daly, Rick 152 Damavandi, Jessica 276 Dang, Thao 242, 268 Daniels, Amanda 430 Daniels, Lara M. 309 Daniels, Patricia 287 Dannehy, Paula 245 Dano, Ophelia C 312 Dao, Monique 292 Darling, Laura 282 Darquea, Karma M 312 Datnou, Paul 276 Dator, Divina Fe V. 312 Davalos, Elissa M, 312 Davidson, Laura 249 Davies, Shannon 254 Davis, Christina A. 312 Davis, Danny D II 312 Davis, Elisa 249, 312 Davis, Muntu R, 312 Davis, Ricky 152 Davis, Tracy 245, 292 Dawson, Lesel D. 312 Dawson, Susan E 312 Day-Zadch, Nazila 312 De Guzman, lona A 312 Dejean, Bradley S. 312 de Jesus, Cnslina 29 1 de laCuadra, Cheryl 291 De La Garza, Desiree 312 De Leon, Angela Mane 3 1 3 de Leon, Joy 257, 276 De Luca, Catherine V 3 1 3 De Rubertis, Brian G. 3 1 3 De Santi, VittorioJ, 313 DeBisschop, Laura 245 DeBono, Lorna 282 DeCastro, Arnold 287 DeCinces, Tim 164 DeFazio, Valeria 245 Deffenbaugh, Janae 1 8 1 Delear, Dave 164, 313 Dejesus, Cristina G 313 Del Mar, Dino M. 313 Del Rosario, Lordelyn 292 Delagnes, Natalie 249, 280 DeLaLoza, Cynthia 287 Delany, Cindi D, 313 Delawari, Yasmine 254 Delgadillo, Bryant 276, 313 Delgado, Byron V, 3 1 3 DeLuca, Anthony 166 DeMarco, Cambria 287 Dempsey, Kevin 162 Denucci, Mike 174 Deperez, Fredric 3 1 3 Depold, Kyle 166 Depold, Richelle 169 DeSantis, Melissa 250, 313, 430 Descallar, Eileen A, 313 DesLauriers, Laura C. 313 Deters, Jenny 253 Deutsch, KariJ 314 Devenow, Andrea 249 DeWeese, Steven C, 314 Dewitt, Anne 254 Dezen, Tamar 253 Dhillon, Salena 291, 314 Diaz, Laura M. 314 DiBerardino, Christine M. 314 Dickey, Kevin 152 Didnckson, Melissa 287 Diehl, Mike 172 Diem, Steve 174 Diemer, Dione M. 314 Dien, Denise 284, 314 Dieter, Dave 164 Dietz, Richard 276, 314 DiGiulio, Milan 271 Dillenbec, Kevin 183 Dinh, Cynthia 291 Index 415 I Dinkins, Daniel S, 314 Di hotsky, Rebecca 314 Dixon, Anne 177 Djang, Andrew W, 314 Do, Karissa 242, 268 Do, Khuong T. 314 Do, Thao 257 Dodd, Ryan 272 Dodson, Melanie 250 Doh, Ellen 314 Dohren, Lisa 249 Dold. Cindy 254 Domingo, Damn A 314 Domingo, Kristine 314 Donahue. Nicole 254 Donaldson. Lara 250 Dong, Robin 243 Dorcus, Diana 250 Dote, Linda 288 Doubleday, Kathryn L 314 Dougherty, Mitchell 314 Dowd, lohn P 314 Dowdney, David 183 Doyle, jean 276 Drake. Susan 253 Dreizler, Robin 164 Driscoll, lenny 254 Duarte, leftrey R 314 Duckworth, Paige E, 250,314 Duclos, Amy C, 314 Duell, Aimee 253 Duell, Elizabeth 253 Duerbig, Kristen 291 Duffy, Heather 285, 288,314 Duncan, Victoria R. 314 Dundas, Derek 183 Dunigan, Erin 285,314 Dunn, Laurie 253 Dunslan, Eric S 314 Duplanty, Todd 183 Dworkin, Dan 271 Dyess, jacqualine 291 Dyong, Debbie 242, 268 Eastman, Pete 272 Easton, Sean 166 Eastwood, joAnn 287 Ebcling, Rolf A, 314 Echavez, Rissa P 314 Eckert, Celia E, 314 Eclarino, Jennifer 287 Edelberg, Thomas S, 314 Edhs Maya A, 314 Edmisten, Michelle 247 Edmonson, Karen 247 Edney, Tyus 162 Edwards, Donnie 152 Edwards, Donny 271 Egeland, Kirsten A. 315 Ehle, Dave 284 Einstein, Erin 245 ELZik, Maria 247 Elbar, Melissa 257 Elkind, Steve 162 Eliiot-Lindo, Emir 271 Ellis, lade 315 Ellis, John 164 Ellis, Nicole N, 315 Embuido, Shel 287 Emerson, Suzanne 245, 276 Emerzian, Matt 183 Hnayati, Ali 430 Enders, Rebecca 254 Endo, Traci 243, 315 Eng, Katherine 289 Enge, Ron 272 Engel, Renat 315 Engelman, lulie 253 Enguehard, Michael R 315 Ennals, Sarah 291 Enoch, Dawn 245, 315 Enqulst, Sue 181 Enright, Douglas P. 315 Ericksen, Shalliah E. 315 Eriksen, Kristi 291 Ernst, Darci 250 Erpen, Brigitta 315 Erwm, Lana M 315 Escalante, Elisa 254 Escaiante, Samuel 315 Escamilla, Gina M. 315 Escarcega, Manuel 276 Escaron, Anne L. 315 Eschler, Marc L 315 Escoboza, Natalie 254 Escuadro, Jeff A. 287,315 Eskandari, Niloofar 315 Espinoza, Anita 291 Esqueda, Amy 245 Essey, Angela M. 315 Estrella, Manbelle 282 Estrera, Cherv ' l 287 Evans, Charmame 253 Evans, jenny 158 Evans, Kathi 181 Evans, Lisa M, 253, 315 Evererri, Claudia 247 Everett, Seymour B 276, 315 Evora, Robert 3 1 5 Ewell,Norlen 284 Ewin, Alisa 291 Eyerly, David 282 Ezzati, Parisa 315 Faehn, Rhonda 177 Fahrner, Scott L 315 Faiardo, Eunice 282 Fajatin, Maria V, 243. 315 Falkner, Tawnya 249 Fan, lennifer 292 Fang, Alice 291 Farokhzadeh, Mersedeh M 315 Farrell, Carrie 250, 315 Farris, juli 315 Farrohi, Parisa 315 Farrow, Guy 166 Fasching, Ten 285 Fatemi, Shahram 315 Faught, lennifer 254 Favilla, Erin 250 Fay, Laura 3 1 5 Feenberg, Michael X 316 Feldman, Kevin S. 316 Feldman, Miriam B. 316 Feldman. Todd 271 Felipe, Joel 316 Feng, KathryneW. 316 Fenton, Megan 177 Ferguson, Claudia 284 Ferman, Yefim 174 Fernandes, Frances 279 Fernandez, Don M. 316 Fernandez, Lisa 181 Fernandez, Nadina 244 Ferreghy, Victoria E. 316 Ferris, Jennifer 3 16 Fersht, Sherri N. 316 Fey, Robin 250, 292 Fidler, DarleneM, 316 Fien, Ryan 152 Figueroa, Ana B. 316 Figueroa, Norma E. 316 Fimbrez, Art 316 Fineman, Marina 316 Finklestein, Deborah S. 316 Finley, Erica j, 316 Finn, Molly 287, 316 Flore, Julie L. 316 Flore, Rich 271 Fischer, Dee 177 Fischer, Paul 271 Fischer, Pauline 288, 316 Fish, Rebecca E. 316 Fisher, Paul 316 Fite, Matthew 276 Fitterer, Scoti 152 Fitzgerald, Meghan 169 Flamberg, Michael D- 316 Flanagan, Mike 152 Flaster, Kimberly 250, 280 Flee, David 166 Fleischer, Kasandra 316 Flones, Julie Anne 257 Flor, Richard 316 Florendo, Donald 316 Flores, Cynthia 316 Fiores, GabriellaM.G 316 Flores, Ivan 316 Flores, Ruthie 288 Flores, Sandra M. 316 Flores, Vincent P. 316 Flores, Yvette 317 FlosI, Toddj, 317 Flowers, Ross A. 317 Flynn, Jamie 253 Fogel , Travis G. 317 Foley, Cammie 178 Foley, Jennifer A. 317 Fong, Cathy 317 Fong, Sue 254 Fontius, Jennifer j. 317 Foody, jim 174 Ford, Jim 271 Ford, Mike 272 Ford, T 152 Fordon, Keith B. 317 Forgione, Laura 280 Fornasler, Vanessa 257 Forneret, Barbara 292 Fosdick, Lisa 169, 317 Foster, Liz 242, 268 Fox. Ken 271 Fox, Quinn 254 Fracisco, John E. 317 Francisco, Ian C. 317 Frank, Darin 271 Frankle, Monette 244, 317 Franklm, Matl 272 Frawley, Wendy M. 317 Freedland, Stephen j. 283,317 Freedman, Jonathan 276,317 Freeman, Angela 285, 317 French, Greg 272 FretwilL, Kirk 284 Freund, Kristina L. 317 Friberg-Price, Irene S. 317 Friedel, Brad 157 Friedland, Lesley 280, 291, 297, 317 Friedlander, Huyen K 317 Friedlander, Lori 250, 317 Friedman, John 271 Frigo, Erin A. 317 Frostig, Bonnie C. 317 Fry, DiAndra D. 317 F rye, Adam 157 Frymer, Carrie 249, 317 Fu. AnneS, 317 Fu, Jennifer S. 317 Fuhumoto, Nancy M. 317 Fujikake, Sharon 280 Fuiimmoto, Lisa 243 Fujimoto, Marc D. 317 Fujioka, Mlchele 242, 268 Fukomoto, Nancy 287 Fukuda, Izumi 317 Fukuda, Kenneth A, 318 Fukumoto, Emiko 282 Fukunaga, Shelly A 318 Fuller, Althea L. 318 Fuller, ErrolK.Jr 318 Fuller. Rick 152 Fuller. Tony G, 318 Fullerton, Jennifer 282 Fung, Cathy 291 Fung, Mia M 243,292. 318 Fung, Ming-Chi N. 318 Fung, Sara 242. 268, 318 Fuqua, Juliana 288, 291. 318 Furbish, Carolyn 284 Futa, Darren 280 Futaba, Pati 243 Futterman, S uzy 245 Gabby, Gail C 318 Gaber, Andrea 169 Gabrlcuius, Charlotta 249 Gadasally, Sharat 282 Gaitan, Denise 249 Galaviz, Caroline A. 318 Galicha, Amytis S. 318 Gall, Lisa S. 318 Gallagher, Erin M. 318 Gallagher, Katie 291 Gallarzo, Flavio 319 Gallatin, Donovan 152 Gallegos, Deana 319 Gallegos, FHeather 254 Gallegos, Joanna L. 319 Gallegos, Sandra 319 Gallien, Jason S. 3I9 Galloway, Pamela J. 319 Galloway, Renee 245, 319 Galyean, Eric W. 319 Gamble, Kristin 245, 283, 319 Gamble, Robert 152 Gamble, Stacy 319 Gamboa, Eileen 280, 319 Gambrioli, Jennifer 280,319 Ganatra, Nisha K 319 Gandin, Matt 271 Gantan, Joseph 292 Gao.Jay L. 319 Garbutt. Allison 245 Garcia, Christine A. 320 Garcia, Daniel M. 320 Garcia, Doraluz 320 Garcia, Elisa A. 320 Garcia, Gabriel 320 Garcia, Laura J. 320 Garcia, Michael L. 320 Garcia, Michelle 253 Garcia, Rogelio 320 Garcia, Steven A, 320 Garcia, Sylvia 291 Garcia, Terri 291 Garcla-Duran, Goretti 320 Garg, Sarina 292 Garlcpp, Bruno W 320 Garrett, Alexandre F. 320 Garrison, Shannon 254 Gasiorek, Deborah A. 320 Gau, Ming- Yea 284, 320 Gaunt, Darbi 282 Gaxiola, Victor M, 320 Gaykian, Jill 247 Gayles, Sheryn R 320 Cayles, Sheryuon 288 Cebhart, Leslie 287 Gebroe, Erin L, 320 Cecils, Isabelle 320 Gedymin, Maria K 320 Gee, Darlene 320 Gee, Karm 285, 320 Gelb, Geoffrey B, 320 Gellek. Kunzang 276, 320 Genova, Dolores 287, 320 Gershon, Erin S, 320 Gerstein, Gil 271 Gesell, Susan 279 Getz, Stacy 254 Ghaferi, Manda 276 Ghalili. Steven S, 320 Ghamlouch, Deborah 320 Gharib, Shahrokh S 320 Ghodsian-Rooplan, Niloofar Ghookasian, Valina 292 Glacopuzzi, Julie 249,320 Glambra, Gina M. 321 Glambra, Michelle 253 Gibbons, Jeanne 169 Gibbs-Spalding, Mark 152 Gibson, Jeffrey A. 321 Gibson. Lisa R. 321 Gideon, Aron 152, 318, 321 Gielniak, Pete 271 Gil, Babette 278 Gilabert, Cynthia 257 Gilbert, Amanda Kelley 147 Gilhooly, Mike 272 Gllhooly, Pat 272 Gill, Kathleen D. 321 Gill, Michelle 249 Gilles, Grahm 160 Gillmar, Julie A. 321 Gillon, Jennifer A 253, 321 Gilmore, Ben 282 Girard, Isabelle 282 Givens, Quentin 152, 321 Gladstone, Joseph 287 Glaisyer, Chnss 293 Glass, Tracy L. 321 Glasser, Carolyn 245 Gleason.Ted 184 Gleason, Tracey 276 Glennie, Vaughne M, 32 1 Glenwinkel, Patricia 287 Glezakos, Stavroula N. 321 Godfrey, John T, 321 Gokel, Sharmila 245 Gold, Heather 253 Goldberg, lanine 254 Goldberg, Karm 321 Goldberg, Lisa 254 Goldman, Brian F 321 Goldstein, Dawn B 321 Golesorkhi, Cristina M. 321 Golier, Christopher J. 321 Golightly, Angela N. 321 Golitzen, Cynthia 250 Gomelsky, Vicky 254 Gonzales. Jeanetta 291 Gonzales, Veronica 257 Gonzalez, Adrian 321 Gonzalez, Caesar D. 32 1 Gonzalez, Cristine M, 32 1 Gonzalez, Dulce M. 321 Gonzalez, Flor M- 321 Gonzalez, Leeann 249 Gonzalez, Monica 281 Gonzalez, Reglna M, 321 Goo, Valerie 250 Good, Lorna 249 Goodman, Jae 272 Goodman, Joseph 276 Goodwin. Marvin 152 Gordo, Blanca E. 321 Gordon. Jennifer H 249, 321 320 416 Index Cordon Katherinc A 321 Gonnan, Lisa 245 Corospe Raul 292 321 Gorre, CdinaE 291, 321, 350 Coltfricd Mark 162 Gottlieb. Wendy 430 Gould, Jennifer L 321 Could, Lisa A 322 Cower, Larr ' 278 Graham, Andrea 276 Graham,. luhe 247, 292, 322 Grahm Corbin 183 Grancelli Hannah I, 322 Cratch, Noah 271 Cratteau, lennifer 158 Gravely, Stacie K 322 Graver, Karin 245 Graves, Scott 183, 272 Graves, Stacey 247 Graville, Lance 1 84 Gray, Carlton 152, 155 Cray, Michael R, 322 Grayson, Avis A 322 Craziano, Lisa 177 Gteaves, Kan 249, 322 Greedy Garrett 152 Greeley Jenifer 253 Green, Heidi Keisha M. 322 Green, .1.1. 108, 109 Green,. lason 152 Green, Sharon M. 322 Greenberg, Drew Z 322 Greenberg, Michael A 271, 322 Greene, Elizabeth 253 Greenwood, Brett 160 Greenwood, Carl 152 Greenwood, Erin 291 Grega, lenniferiynn 253, 260, 522 Gregor ' , Nina 254 Grenier, (ulie A. 322 Gresowski, Autumn 291 Grey, Veronica 291 Gridley, Michelle 245, 322 Grimes, Heather 249 Crindley, lill 280 Crinell, Renee 254 Crocock, Robert A 322 liCrogan, Emily 253 Gross, Jessica 253 -irotz, Karina 245 .jroussman, Denise Y. 322 Lirove, Brandon K. 322 Grove, Nicole P 322 Gtoves, Amanda l. 322 Gmber, Rachel 249, 322 Gubera, Amy 291 Guerrero, Lorena 322 Cuichard, Justin 272 Cuido Claire 291 juidry, Angela R 322 Guidry, Paul 1 52 Gunnerson, Kristin 283, 288 Custafson, Vincent K. 322 Gusukuma, Emi 288 Gutierrez, Alfonso II 322 Gutierrez, Kathy 278 ■Gutierrez, Monica 322 Cutman, Kathleen 245, 264 Cuyton, Brent 152 Cuyton, Remi 249 Guzman, Shyrlcc Y, 322 H Ha,Di ■• Ala.Ti » dllaase. Dihn 280 ffanie 322 ,CaryO 322 lacker. Josh 271 Hadfield Philip 183 322 Hadzi-Pavlovic, Natasha 322 Haggard Paula 287 Hagstrom, Christine 323 Haialiloo, Farhad 1. 323 Hajiar, Mounir A. 323 Hakimi, Ati 282 Halaby, Noelle M. 323 Haley, Jackie 250 Halili, Susan 292 Hall, Deborah 323 Hall,. Icy R. 323 Hallstrom, Jody 247 Halme, Matt 152, 272 Halsey, Heather A, 323 Hamamoto, Elaine 282 Hamilton, Juliandra 254,323 Haminian, Shahim 280 Hammad, Reem 323 Hammond, Jennifer 169 Hamner, Angle 288 Hampton, Beth 323 Han, Debbie E, 323 Han, Linda 323 Han, Simon 282 Handler, Brendan 271 Handy, Monica R. 323 Haney, Steve 183 Hanna, Lucy W 323 Hansberger, Richard 282 Hansen, David 102, 103 Hansen, Jenn 249 Hanson, Todd 280 Hanus, Karen 247 Hardesty, Kathy L. 323 Harding, Edward J- 323 Hardy, Amanda L 323 Hardy, Robin 276 Hanadi, John W 323 Harley, Jason S. 323 Harmell, Kristin 177 Harootoonian, Ella 323 Harper, Tyson 271 Harrelson, Cheryl D 323 Hamck, lim 162 Harriger, Jenni 249,323 Harris, DavidJ. 323 Harris, Mia 282 Harris-Blackshear, Shelli D 323 Harrison, Todd 272 Hartfield, Darcey L 323 Hartfield, Shelley M, 323 Hartley, Randall 166 Harvey, loanna 323 Hasan, Krisno 323 Hasan, Saeeda 323 Hasegawa, Masaichi 323 Hastings, Laura 247 Hata, Tracie 292 Hataishi, Dina S. 324 Hatanaka, Kevin A 324 Hatchett, Marissa 158 Hauser, Leslie 249 Haven, Becky 287 Hawkins, James R. 324 Hawks, Arthur D. 324 Hawks, Molly 249 Hayashi, Brad 174 Hayashi, John D 324 Hayashi, Roy M 324 Hayashibara, Brian M. 324 Hayashida, Carrie A. 324 Haydamack, Brent W. 324 Hayes, Christy 250, 324 Hayes, Gregory J. 324 Hayes. Karin L 324 Hayward. Paul J 324 Heaps, Kimberly 250 Heath, Emily C 324 Hedayati, Nasim 282, 324 Hecnan, Eric 272 Hecnan, Marc 183, 272 Hefni Nadia 280, 324 Hegarty, Mary 171 Heglie, Eric 272 Hein, lennifer 253 Heineman, Rick 164 Hejduk, Frankie 156, 157 Helgren, Tania 249 Heller, Wendy 254 Helm, Heather 254 Hemenez, Linnea P. 324 Henderson, Brooke 249 Henderson, Fiona 292 Henderson, Kathleen 324 Henderson, Othello 152 Henderson, Sean 157 Henderson, Tina B. 324 Hendrix, Traci D. 324 Henie, Krista 254, 324 Henning, Ted 271 Henricks, Christie 247, 324 Henry, Yanick 324 Henson,John 284 Heo, Jung II 324 Herbstman, Jamie 249 Herebic, William F. 324 Hermosillo, Maria G. 324 Hernandez, Alberto A. 324 Hernandez, Arthur 278 Hernandez, Daniel C. 324 Hernandez, Maria T 324 Hernandez, Rebecca L, 324 Herold, Vanessa L. 325 Herrera, Eliazar 287 Herrera, Tami 245 Herrick, Rachel 282, 325, 329, 430 Herrington, Sandra D. 325 Herriott, Dawn M. 325 Herrman, Michael R. 325 Hersch, Marcie 247 Hersh, Heather 289 Hershberg, Debbi 247, 325 Hesse, Victoria L. 249, 325 Hewitt, Leslie 253 Hewlett, David T. 325 Hey, Megan K. 325 Heydanek, Knsty 169 Hickman, David 325 Hickman, Heidi A. 325 Hicks, Justin 184 Hicks, Nanora 287 Hicks, Paul A, 325 Hidalgo, Gloria 287 Higgerson, Amy 254 Hilbert, Taniko 171 Hill.JerieceD. 302, 325 Hill, Melissa 254 Hill, Vanessa 253 Hillman, Jennifer 245 Hilt, Jenny 178 Hines, Henry 178 Hiramatsu, Erika 325 Hirata, Stephanie 253 Hirose, Marlene M. 325 Hirsch, Sam 289 Hitt, Michele 249, 325 Hixon, Steve 152 Ho, Amanda 292, 325 Ho, Karen 245 Ho, Katherine W. 291, 325 Ho, Kathleen A. 253, 325 Ho, Kenny 325 Ho, Laura 292 Ho, Lieu 292 Ho, Stephanie 292 Ho, Truman 325 Hoang, Amanda H 325 Hoang, Thu 287 Hoang, Trang T. 325 Hnchberg, Eliot H 325 Hodges, Mary E. 325 Holler. Tiffany L. 325 Hoffman, Coby 291 Hoffman, Dara M. 325 Hoffman, Julie 249 Holcomb, Erik 152 Holland, Colleen 245 Hollis, Shan D. 325 Holman, Jessica E. 325 Holmes, Kristen 245 Holt, Wendy 253 Hom, Kenneth E. 325 Hom, Suzanne 277 Hong, Amy 291 Hong, Nan Hee 328 Hong, Stacey 328 Hoogendyk, Jill 247, 328 Horiuchi, Jessica 291 Horn, Leslie A. 328 Hornsby, Alisha 249 Hornung, Laura L 328 Hoskinson, lames R , Jr 276, 328 Hosomatsu, Natasha M 328 House, Kanlyn 291, 292,328 Houston, Jennifer A, 254,328 Howard, Kelly 181 Howard, Knsty 181 Howatt,Jeff 164 Hsi, Alfred P 328 Hsia, Becky L 328 Hsia, David 328 Hsia, Linda 287, 328 Hsiang, Steven T. 329 Hsiao, Allie 247 Hsiao, Bernie 293 Hsiao, Terence 278, 279 Hsu, CehaE 329 Hsu, Jason 282 Hsu, John 329 Hsu, losphine 329 Hsu, Julie 291, 329 Hsu, Roger S. 329 Hsu, Scott C. 329 Hsu. Shercc 291 Hsu, Tony H. 329 Hsui, Emily 291 Hua, Sandy 280 Huang, Benjamin K, 329 Huang, Candice 329 Huang, Linda Y, 329 Huang, Margaret W, 329 Huang, Michael 329 Huang, Nancy Y, 329 Huang, Patty 291, 330 Huang, Vivian 291 Huang, Wendy K, 330 Hubbard, Effie L. 330 Hubbard, Holly 257 Hubbard, Kirsten A 330 Hubbard, Scott 166 Hudak, Allison W. 330 Hudak, Lisa 158 Hudgens, Kelli R 330 Huerto, Teresa 253 Huff, Julie 282 Hughes, Laurence 280, 330 Hughes, Robert E. 330 Huh, Mana 257 Huh,TaeY. 330 Hui, Alexander K. 3 30 Hultsman, Kristin L. 330 Hung, Hin Leung H, 330 Hung. Ken 430 Hung, Melissa K 330 Hunt, Katy 247 Hunt, Knstin 247 Hunt, Michelle 177, 254 Hunter, Lisa 330 Hunting, Tracy 254 Hur, Helen 242, 268 Hurley, Elizabeth A, 330 Hurt, Kari 276 Hurtado, Rosie 330 Hurwitz, Ricki R. 330 Hussain. Mahveen F. 330 Hussain. Raymond 292 Huynh, Craig T 330 Hwang, Helen 292 Hwang, Jung K, 330 Hwu, Roxana 277 Hy, Trang (Adam) 330 lanni, Tayt 157 Ibanez, Marc B, 330 Ibarrondo, Isidro 174 Ibsen, Zak 157 Ichinaga, Lisa K. 330 Icho, Yuko 330 Igo, Katherine G. 330 Ihara, Kane 242, 268 Ihlenfeldt, Jean 253, 330 Ikeda, Sandra C. 330 Im, Sharon C. 330 Im, Yun-Sun 330 Inaba, Tomoko 330 Iniguez, Ana L. 331 Inoue, Mako 331 Inouye, Kelly 181, 331 Ip, Felice W. 331 Iriarte, Carlos N. 331 Irvin, Brian 157 Irwin, Heidc 287 Irwin, Heidi H 331 Isa, Michelle 257 Isaia, Sale 152 Isenberg, Liz 247 Isham, lason D. 331 Ishida, Sanae 288, 291, 331 lshii,Junko 277 Ishimoto, Tricia 243,331 Ishkanian, Armine 331 Iskander, Nadine 244 Ivey, Jose 430 J Jabalera, Cayle 245 Jackson, Catherine 253,331 Jackson, Denise 244 Jackson, Holly 282, 331 Jacobs, Brian 152 Jacohsen, Tricia 247,331 Jacobson, Jim 272 Jacobson, Russell 276, 288,331 Jaffe, Dan 271 Jaffer, Salman 331 Jaio, Connie 243 Jalewalia, Amy 171 jamero, Gina 287 janecek, Robert 160 Janoyan, Kerop 288 Jansen, Evan L. 331 Jao, Gail 244 Jaronczyk, Mark 271 Jasper, Shane 152 Jasso, Elise M. 331 Javurek, Mariana 331 Jaynes, Libby 254 Je, Yeang 291 jellison, len 247 jen, Kathy 291 Jen, Tracy M, 331 Jenkins, Eric P. 331 Index 417 jennrches, William M. 331 Jensen, Heather 2S2 Jensen, lay I, 33 1 lensen, Kent P, 331 lensen, Todd A- 331 jeung, Barry 174 jevremovic, Vladimir 276 jewel,. leff 272 jewitt, Leslee 287 Jiang, jack Cheng 331 jim, Janice 331 jo, Amy Silva 171 jo. Tammy Solorio-Fleener 253 Johns, Dena A. 331 Johns, Michelle 253, 331 Johnson, Came 247, 276 Johnson, Ellen M 331 Johnson, Erik E. 53 1 Johnson, Hope A, 332 Johnson, jenny 1 58 Johnson, Julie A, 332 Johnson, Kahn 277 Johnson, Karla 257 Johnson, Lurleen B 332 Johnson, Phillip G. 332 Johnson, Shelby 332 Johnson, Susan L 332 Johnson, Weston 152, 272 Johnston, Paul 271 jolt, Kjell 272 Jones, Brad 271 Jones, Holly M 3 32 Jones, Laurie 158 Jones, Quentm W 332 Jones, Steven A 332 Jones, TTieresa R, 332 Jordan, Al 152 Jordan, Kellie 253 Jordan, Kevin 1 52 jorris, Timothy R. 332 Josephs, Susan 332 ju, Emmaline 430 luang, jenny 293 Juarez, Lourdes 287 jun, Grace H 332 jun, Hye-jin 282 jun, Hye-Son 3 32 junco, Yoryana 276, 332 Jung, Hoover K 332 Jung, Hye Choi 277 Jung, Kathy 282 jurkowski, Kevin 271,332 K Ka, leannie H 332 Kaczor, David E, 332 Kadrnka, Colette A. 332 Kahrl, Beniamm 282 Kalfayan, Cindy I 332 Kaloustian, Aram 332 Kan, Kenneth D 332 Kanai, Hidehito 332 Kanamon, lanine 332 Kandel, Lori 250, 292, 332 Kaneshiro, Alison 287, 332 Kang, Chris S.K. 332 Kang, Frank 276 Kang, Hae-lung 332 Kang, Jay W, 332 Kang, Jung Mi 333 Kang, Parmjit S. 333 Kang, Yoon ! 333 Kami, Shan 254, 276 Kanzaki, Hisako H K, 333 Kao, BnanS 333 Kao, Hsu-Hui (Denny) 333 Kao, Sara M, 333 Kaplan, Craig 271 Kaplan, Jennifer R. 253,333 Kaplan, Scott E- 333 Kappe, jack 271 Karnikian, Verjinia 291 Karp, Heather 254, 333 Kase, Ceorge 152 Kashian, Rob 272 Kaskel, Amy M. 333 Kass, Christina M. 333 Katibah, Hilda 333 Katin, Jennifer 282 Kauffman, Ellwyn D 333 Kawai, Ann A. 242, 268, 333 Kawamoto, Cheryl 291 Kawata, Jennifer 242, 268,333 Kayman, Charles A, 333 Kazmirski, Bobby 164 Kean, Nicola 247 Keating, Janine R, 333 Kebede, Tigest 292 Kebo, David B 333 Keen, Bryce 333 Keim, Michelle R. 333 Kelleher, Jenny 254 Kellerman, Chris 183 Kelly, Daniel E. 333 Kelly, Jennifer 242, 268 Kelly, Rowan 272 Kelly, Tim 172 Kendall, lennifer 287 Kendell, Katherine 276 Kenna, Kimberly D. 333 Kennedy, Paul 152 Kennison, Megan 250 Kephart, Chi 333 Kephart, Tina 250, 333 Keswick, Scott 1 74 Ketchersid, Anne 253,333 Keyler, Courtney 1 52 Kharrazi, Nazanin J, 333 Khatchalrian, Mannik 333 Khnudtson, Teresa 287 Khoshbin, Sharareh 333 Khuu, Kien 257 Kiandad, Reza 287 Kidokoro, Yuki 333 Kiggens, Yvonne K. 334 Killebrew, Sean C 334 Kim, Bak lu 334 Kim, Barbara C 334 Kim, ChauTri 292 Kim, Danny Young-Chan 334 Kim, David D 334 Kim, David S. 334 Kim, Dons Y 334 Kim, Ed 271 Kim, Grace 291 Kim, Helen 277 Kim, Henri 292 Kim, Hi Y 334 Kim, Hyung K. 3 34 Kim, lee-Hyeon I, 334 Kim, Jimmy I 334 Kim,Jin-Wook 334 Kim, Joanne 291, 334 Kim, Judy M. 335 Kim, Jun lone Klaren 287 Kim, Jun Yung 335 Kim, June 250, 335 Kim, Jung Y. 335 Kim, Katty 292, 335 Kim, Leah M, 335 Kim, Linda 242, 268 Kim, Lynda 280, 335 Kim, Paula 243 Kim, Peter H. 335 Kim, Richard K, 335 Kim, Sang W, 335 Kim, Sky 335 Kim, Sue J, 335 Kim, Sung Eun I- 335 Kim, Sung-Min 3 36 Kim, Susan 242, 243, 268 Kim, Terry K 336 Kim, Thomas J, 336 Kim, Tina 242, 268 Kim,Yong 336 Kim, Youn-Sang K- 336 Kimiagar, Sima 336 Kimura, Fumiko 336 Kimura, Robyn 249 Kimura, Sarina 249 King, Christine E. 244, 336 King, Cynthia A. 280, 336 King, Kimberly 253 Kirkland, Kelli L, 336 Kis, Diana 336 Kissinger, Megan 3 36 Kita, Gregg K 336 Kitrosser, Heidi 276 Kiyota, Travis T. 336 Klein, Gary H 336 Klein, Jason A 336 Klein, Keith D. 271, 336 Klein, Michael A, 3 36 Kling, David R. 336 Klock, Dolly 254, 336 Klump, Debi 292 Knatz, Chris 249 Knowles, Shelley 253 Knowlton, Chris 282 Knudsen, Tamara D. 336 Knudson, Kristen 292 Kobashi, Jennifer 289, 430 Kochavatr, John 280 Kocny, Tom 271 Koh, Davis 292 Kolde, Heather 245, 336 Kolodzi, David 287 Komatsuzaki, Amy 253 Kondos, Valorie 177 Kong, Yuthana 336 Koo, MiJa 336 Kopelev, Irena 336 Kopplin, Dave 278 Koransky, Ananna 245 Kosaka, Stacie 242, 268 Kosari, Kambiz 336 Kosobayashi, Brian D 336 Koss, Jenny 291 Kovall, Diann 276 Krai, Kelly L. 3 36 Kramer, Dan 164 Krengel, Kirstin 169 Krieger, Lori 247 Krikorian, Adam 183 Krishfield, Karen M, 257, 336 Krishnamurthy, Usha 292 Kristich, Zrinka 171 Krivosic, Sandra 253, 287 Kron, len 254 Krumplitsch, Susan 247, 336 Kubba, Ammar 337 Kubinski, Tim 164 Kubota, Derek S. 337 Kudo, Yoko 337 Kuehl, Amy 247, 337 Kuehnert, Anthony 164 Kullman, Karin 291 Kulper, Karoline I. 337 Kulper, Karrie 254 Kump, Debi 288 Kunkel, Margaret T 337 Kuo, Alice Yu-Pei 337 Kuo, Amyl. 3 37 Kuo, Eli 337 Kuo, Marlene 244 Kuramoto, Mari 337 Kuramoto, Michelle 287, 337 Kurata, Lance 337 Kuroda, Megumi 337 Kunjmada, Kasey 249 Kurza, Brian 166 Kushner, Andi 253 Kushner, Andrea L. 337 Kuwabara, Audrey M 276,337 Kwan, Kenneth 337 Kwan, Kevin 271 Kwan, Loran C,Y. 337 Kwan, Priscilla 242, 268 Kwok, Calvin H 337 Kwon, Curtis H. 337 Kwon, Hyuk C. 337 Kwon, Jennifer 337 Kwong, Frank S. 337 Kye, Sandy S. 337 Kyriakides, Tassoo G 337 La, Florence 337 La Voie, Rocio 1. 3 37 Laanan, Frankie S 337 LaBelle, Robert 157 Lacap, Anton 282 Lacayanga, Frederick 337 LaChapelle, Sean 152 LacRoque, Todd 272 Lacuesta, Maress A, 337 Lacy, Paul 271 Ladden, Heather A. 338 Lafrance, Daniel J. 338 LaFranchi, Kim 249 Lafranchi, Suzanne 291 Lager, Jeannette 282 Lago, Celso 276 Lagos, Ingrid 338 Lai, Lawrence Y. 338 Laird, Lisa 276 Lajvardi, Rob 338 Lally, Jenn 250, 338 Lally, Michelle W. 3 38 Lam, Dantam H 338 Lam, Lydia 338 Lam, Thai T. 338 Lam, Thomas 338 Lamb, Brian J 338 Lamb, William M, 338 Lamont, Michael R 338 Lampe, Nicole A. 338 Lan, Michael J. 338 Lanctot, Michelle 254 Landaverde, Michelle 338 Landis, Sarah 245 Landry, Dan 172 Landswick, Enk T 338 Lane, Nathan 271 Lane, Randy 177 Langer, Maya 249 Lanier, Mike 162 Lanzone, James 276 Lanzone, Iim 271 Lara, Flordelina E, 338 LaRocca, Tim 27! LaRosc, Chad 1 52 Larsen, Craig 272 Larsen, Danelle 247 Larsen, Michael N. 338 Larson, Bryan T. 338 Larson, Jon 160 Larson, Karen 257, 3 38 Larson, Matt 271 Lasley, Malia 254 Lau, Barbara P. 338 Lau, Brian 3 38 Lau, Diane 243 Lau, Eric B, 338 Lau, Ka Ghiignatius 338 Lau, ValomaW 3 38 Laudencia, Antoinette Z. 338 Laurence, Andrea 253 Lautenschlager, Janae 287 Lautman, Patricia 280, 338 Lauw, Edic 338 Laverty, Carolyn 282 Lavi, Dafne 339 Lavin, Steve 162 Law, SiuWai 339 Law, Zoe 339 Lawhorn, Kim 152 Lawler, MarkA 339 Lawrence, Eric J, 339 Lawrence, Knsten 253, 280, 288, 339 Lawrence, Patricia A 339 Lawrence, Teddy 152 Layton, Debby 287, 339 Le, DucQ. 339 Le, Lamdien 276 Le, Nina 243 Le, PhuongT 339 Le, Sophie 291 Leary, Carrie 1 84 LeBlanc, Sebastien 160 Lecours, Eric 339 Lee, Alice C 3 39 Lee, Andrew W, 3 39 Lee, Anne 287 Lee, Audrey 293 Lee, Catherine J. 339 Lee, Cathnne Y. 339 Lee, Christopher G 272, 339 Lee, Connie 280 Lee, David 276 Lee, Delora 242, 268 Lee, Derek S. 339 Lee, Dongsoo 339 Lee, EliseH. 339 Lee, Elizabeth 268, Lee, Emmy 243 Lee, Graces, 339 Lee, Greg 27 1 Lee, Hao 339 Lee, Jane 242, 268, Lee, Janet 242, 268 Lee, Jannie 339 Lee, Jason K. 339 Lee, Jeanette Y. 339 Lee, Jennifer 291 Lee, Joan J 339 Lee.Joann 242, 268 Lee, John P. 280, 339 Lee, Jorge 287 Lee, Josie 29 1 Lee, June K 292, 3 39 Lee, Katherine W. 339 Lee, Kenny (Kar) L. 339 Lee, Krystn 100, 101 Lee, Lily 247 Lee, Linda 280, 339 Lee, Lori G 340 Lee, Maria Tobias 276 Lee, Mary Foley 291 Lee, Melinda 292, 340 Lee, MingF. 340 Lee, Pamela 243 Lee, Pao-Wei A. 340 Lee, Peggy 242, 268 Lee, Samantha 243 Lee, Sandra 280, 293 Lee, Sarah P. 250, 340 Lee, Shi-Sheng 340 Lee, Shirly S. 340 Lee, Sohui 284, 340 Lee, Steven M. 340 Lee, Sue-lean 257 Lee, Venus Wing-Sze 340 287 292 418 Index Uc Woodrow 287 Lee, Vee-Ann 291 Lee, You Keun 540 Lee, Young Soo 340 Lehman. Bwcn 169 Lehman. Cregor ' C. 340 Lei, Elaine 340 Leiberman, Issac 285 Lembach. Aimee 249 Leming. Anne Marie 257 Lemon. Bonnie 249. 280 Lemus. Veronica 340 Len, Daniel I 340 Lenahan, Mike 271 Lenerlz, Erin 254 Leonard, Drew 1 57 Leonard, Maria C. 340 Leong, Alyssa 242. 268 Lerma. Misti 291 I Leslie, R. Scott 340 Lesser, Aaron David 1 49 Lesser, Alex 271 Lessnick, Stephanie 250 Leung. Angela Y 340 Leung. Kwok-Shing 340 Leung. Sai L 340 Leung. Wai Lan 340 Levering, lulie 254 Levin. Abe 271 Levin. Melanie 249 Levin, Rachel 340 Levine, Lizzie A 340 Levy. Dana 249 Levy, Guy 271 Lew, Calvin W. 340 Lew, Debra 291, 340 Lew, Julia 247 Lewin, Paul M. 340 Lewis. Eddie 156, 157 Lewis. Laurel 253 Li, Albert. I 340 Li. Christine 257 Li, Dawson 293 Li, Jacqueline 340 Li, Kit-Yue 340 Li, Ruidan 341 Li, YingWai 341 Liang. Henry M 341 Liao. Grace Y. 341 Liao. Otto Y. 341 ., Lieberman. Nicole 247.341 11 Lightbody, Amy 254 ' ' Lilak. Steve 271 Lim. Adoria 250 Lim, Dong-Ting 341 Lim, Jean 291 Lim, Karen 243, 341 Lim, Trevor 283 Limon, Aleiandra 277 Lin, Abby 242. 268 Lin, Alice LA. 341 Un, Becky 242, 268 Lin, Delicia S. 277, 341 Lin,.lenni(er 291, 430 Lin, Kuh-Hsien K 341 ' Lin, Linda 341 Lin, Ming-Ting 341 I Lin, Ruby J 341 lin, Sandy M 341 Lin. Sunny 341 Lmdauer, Carine P 341 Lindaver. Carine 276 linde ErikN. 341 Linden. Scott H, 341 Lindogan. Vicky 292 Lindsey. Heather 254 Ling. Kevin 341 • Ling. Mao ' 292 Lingo. Lissa 341 Linker, Dana 276, 341 Linles- Bruce 341 Lisa Labarbera 3 37 Littleton, Nikosc 152 Liu, Albert 276. 341 Liu. Amy 243 Liu, Annie 244 Liu. Cara 291 Liu, John T 341 Liu, Joyce 289 Liu. Kenny C. 341 Liu. Paul N 341 Liu, Samuel S 341 Liu, Sandy H, 341 Liu. William 341 Liu. Windy 280 Liu, Yi-Ting 287. 344 Liu. Yvonne Y 344 Liu-X. Grace 279 Livesay, Shaunna 249 Livie, Frances 253 Llano, George M. 344 Llora, Malu H. 344 Lloyd, Benjamin J. 344 Lloyd, ElissaJ. 344 Lo, Anne M. 344 Loberg, Lauren 1 69 Lockhart, Detra 17! Lockman, Eric R. 344 Loe, Linda 285 Loeffler, Lissa 249 Loevenich. Maria E. 344 Lofft. KimberlyA. 344 Lohman, Chris 164 Lohora, Raul 344 Lojdahl, Mia 184 Lombardini, Bill 271, 344 Lomonaco. Carmela G. 344 Loo. Rosanna M 344 Lopatin, Galit 280 Lopez, Carta M. 345 Lopez, Gabriel A. 345 Lopez, Leo K. 345 Lopez, Manuel A 288, 345 Lopez, Minna M. 345 Lopez, Patricia 292 Lopez, Paul J. 345 Lopez, Salvador G. 345 Lopez, Sarah 291 Lopez, Tessa 282 Lopez-Gallego, Aimee 254 Lorda. Stephanie 245 Lorenzo, Randy 271 Louie, Cayley S. 345 Louie, Dentse 282 Louie,JanisJ. 243,288, 345 Low, Christine 245 Low, Lara J. 345 Low, Lee Tze R. 345 Lowry, J. Scott 345 Ley, Stacey 291, 345 Lu, Ei-Lun 346 Lu, Felix N. 346 Lu, Jenny 346 Lu, Lin-Pyng 346 Lu, Rick 346 Lu, Zi-Qian 346 Lucas. Jonathan A 346 Luce, Steve 272 Lucero, Darrick 272 Ludlow, Karen C. 346 Lueck, Kristin 291 Luedke. Marc A. 346 Luftman. Douglas B. 346 Lui, Laura 277 Lundquist, Carolyn J. 250,346 Luntz, Craig 271 Luo, Karen 346 Luong, Khai L. 346 Lupi, Eva 169. 346 Lurye, Anya 247 Lutrell, Maximilian 282 Lutz, loseph 346 Luu Patrick C 346 Luu, Thu A 346 Luvisa, Catherine 287 Lux, David 289 Ly, VanT. 346 Lynn, Amy Gubera 280 Lynn, Donna 105 Lynn, lolie 346 M Maas. Brian J 346 Mac, Debbie 243 Mac, Teresa 242, 268 Macalalad. Michael H, 346 MacArthur. Amber 257. 346 MacDonald, Christina M. 346 MacGregor, Stuart E. II 346 Machuca, Tony 346 Mack, Kyle 271 Mackenzie, Matther 276 Maderazo. Harold lames A. 346 Madrigal. Patricia 346 Madril. Anthony 346 Madsen, Kara 247 Maehata, Reina S. 346 Maeltzer. Pam 250 Magallanes. Elizabeth 279 Magno, Teresa 278 Magnuson, Eric L. 346 Magpayo, Tina 247 Magtoto, Paul V. 347 Maguire. Andrea 287 Mah. Irene A. 347 Mahaian. Rakesh 347 Maher, Colby 280 Mahmoudi-Aval. Sina 347 Mai. Jackie 277 Mai, Julie 277 Mai, Lanh 287 Malbas. Ed 292. 347 Malcom. Nate 271 Malek. Shiva 347 Malibiran, Lora 347 Malik. Ajay 347, 430 Malinda Wozniak 381 Mallos, Diane E. 254, 347 Malloy, Brendan 272 Man, Marianne H. 291, 347 Manaois, Ann 287, 347 Manby. Niki 280, 347 Manchester. Caren 254 Mangalick, Manisha 291 Manibusan. Kimberly 253 Mann, Chris 166 Mann, David M. 347 Manning, Kimberley N. 347 Manou, Jacqueline 249 Manuel. Leslie 253, 347 Manwaring, Adrienne 254 Manwour, Anthony 272 Manzanares, Leandra S. 347 Mao, Wei 347 Marchant. Melissa 287, 347 Marcus, Scott D. 347 Marganian, Vacheh A. 347 Marghenta, Leslie 245 Margraf. Melissa 245 Mane. Ann Brown 291 Mane. Gina Giambra 253 Mannelli, Caroline S, 347 Marion, lamie 169 Mark. Leslie A. 347 Markert, Paul E. 347 Marquez. Maria E. 347 Marray, Tara 249 Marrotte. Kathryn A. 347 Marrow, Kareema 177 Martin, Billy 160 Martin, Carmina C. 347 Martin, Garry 271 Martin, Kim 169 Martin, Molly 254 Martin. Paul 271 Martin. Phillip 157 Martinez, Deborah 287 Martinez. Melissa R. 347 Martinez, Richard D. 347 Martinez. Rosalia 244, 347 Martinez, Shawn 282 Martinez, Stephanie 247 Martirinez, Laura 287 Marumoto. Robin T. 347 Mas, Sylvia M. 348 Masakayan, Liz 158 Masluk, Genii 169 Mason, Heather M. 348 Massoni, Diane M. 348 Mastour, Elham 348 Masuda, Masako 348 Masuno, Meg 291. 348 Mata. Grace 287 Mata, Robert Jr 348 Matchey, Jennifer 291 Mateer, Kristin 245, 276 Matson, Elaine 247, 348 Matsumara. Lori 243 Matsumoto, Sandra 249, 348 Matsunaga, Mayumi 242, 268 Matsuo, Akira 348 Matsuo, Yuko Y.U, 348 Matta, Tama C. 348 Mattes, Carolyn 253. 348 Matthews. Brian 166 Mattis, Carrie 249 Mattis, Suzanne 253. 348 Mauney, Michelle 158 Maurer, Karin M 348 Mavar, lason 271 Max-Moore, Joe 157 Maxey, Tara L. 348 May, Allison 253 Maya, Kayleen 291, 348 Mayeur, Greg 271 Mazzacavailo. Brandon 280 McArthur, Megan K. 348 McCaffery, Sharon 253 McCain, Steve 174 McCallister, Matt 272 McCarthy. Sean S. 348 McCIave, Andrew 152 McCIure, Darren 152 McCollom. Catherine C 348 McCollum. Heather M. 348 McCombs.Jeff 282 McCornock, Alyssa 254 McCreight, Percival D 348 McCullough, Abdul 152 McCune, Jennifer L. 348 McDennid, Lisa A. 348 McDonald, Heather 253 McDonald, James L. 348 McDonald, Toby 250 McDowell, Chnstine A 348 McFarland. Joy E, 348 McGagin. Kerry 249 McGovern, Peter J 348 McGowan, Nora 287 McGrath, Jennifer 430 McGuire. Ryan 164 Mclntee. Shannon 250. 348 Mcintosh Scott A. 348 McKagan, Rachel AW. 349 McKee. Heather 254 McKenzie, Amy 254 McKernan, Aud-Frances 349 McLemore, Gregory C. 349 McMichael, Kristcn L. 349 McNamara. Brian 272 McNamara, Erin 254, 349 McNamee, Elizabeth N. 349 McPherson, Tori M 349 Meceda, Ann 253 Mechtel, Margaret A 349 Medcoff, Tim 349 Medeiros, Maureen 138, 249, 281. 349 Medina. Michelle 243 Mehrens. Ronald 271 Mehta, Reshma 276. 288. 349 Meier. Cara 249 Meier, Elizabeth A 349 Meier, Lisa 257 Meitlis, Erit S. 349 Melhuse, Adam 164 Mellerstig, Cameron D. 349 Melnick, Marci 254, 349 Melson, Teri 276 Melton, Carolyn 349 Mendez, Anicia 178 Mendoza, Eleanor C. 349 Mendoza. Florentina 349 Mendoza. Jeannette I 349 Mendoza. Tricia 257 Menedez, Maria 287 Menor, Sherry 291 Mereness. Rashel 245, 349 Mernll.Mike 152 Merten, Bjom 152 Meshkinpour. Azin 245 Messian, Shahin 349 Messineo, Roy 272 Metherell. Alison K, 349 Metz, Kelly KM. 349 Metzger, Stein 172 Mew, Alicia 253, 291. 349 Meyer, Matt 272 Meyers, Patrick J. 349 Meza. Laura 349 Michael, Yukiko 280 Michealson, Tina 249 Michelena, John L. 349 Michelle Y.Kuramoto 337 Middleton, Brett 272 Miguel, Michelle 291, 349 Miley,Jeff 271 Millan, Alex 245 Millan, Stephanie A. 349 Miller, Eric 276 Miller, Erika 276 Miller, Jamie L. 349 Miller, Jamir 152, 155 Miller, Laura 254 Miller, Michael 184 Miller, Mitch 152 Mille r, Timothy L, 350 Miller, Ty 157 Miller. Tyson 271 Miller, Una O. 350 Miller, Vallerie 280 Miller, Vann Christine Na 287 Milliner, James 152 Millman, Leah N. 350 Mills, Chnstian D. 350 Mills. Ramona E. 350 Mills, Thomas M. 350 Milne, Susan E. 350 Milulak, Tracy 277 Minnis, James 271 Miralle, Don 166 Miran, Joan-Ruth 291 Miranda, Anthony M, 350 Miranda. Darius A. 350 Mirochnik, Lina 282 Miroe, Ted 350 Mishler, Sara N. 350 Index 419 Mitchell, John 164 Mitchell, Mike 164 Mitchell, Shannon 249 Mitchell, Victoria 285 Mitsuoka, Daizo 166 Mittenhuber, Greg 350 Miyake, AHce 292 Miyamoto, Dawn 257 Miyamoto, Marya 291 Mladenovic, Ivana 106, 107, 350 Mo, Frankie 350 Mobasser, Shahrad 351 Moemolmolki, Babak 351 Mograss, Mehssa 276,351 Mohajer, Pouya 351 Moison, Lisa 250 Moldow, Colby M. 351 Molina, Gloria 133 Mohna, Margaret 351 Momsen, Chns 1 , 351 Montalvo, Jose A. 35 1 Montanez, Michelle 280 Montgomery, Heath 160 Montoy a, Michele E. 351 Moody, Kurt 351 Moon, Albert 351 Moon, Paul, 276 Moore, Becca 247 Moore, Billie 171 Moore, Del B 351 Moore, Delbert 276 Moore, jacquelyn 249,351 Moore, Jean L. 351 Moore, Jeannie 291 Moore, Rebecca A 352 Moore, Tamela L- 352 Mora, Kara 245 Morales, Amy 352 Morales, David J. 352 Morales, Emily M- 352 Morales, Maritza 292, 352 Morales, Patricia 352 Morales, Raquel T. 352 Moran, Susane 282 Moreno, Arturo J, 352 Moreno, Margie L. 352 Moreno, Sal 164 Moreu, ismaei 1 52 Morgan, Emily 247, 352 Morillo,Juan 284 Morimoto, Jan 243 Morin, Monique 249 Morris, Lori A. 352 Morse, David M. 352 Morton, Christopher J. 352 Mortvedt, Christine A 352 Moscatel, Marleigh A 352 Moses, Althea B 352 Moses, Cynthia 352 Mosher, Jake 272 Moss, Bridget 249 Mosson, Andrew M. 352 Mostrom, Dean R 352 Mouanoutoua, Maynao 291 Moya, Elizabeth 291 Mozaffari, Farid 352 Mu, Elaine 242, 268 Muchenie, Mareva 250 Mulhearn, Kate 254 Mullen, Laurent A. 352 Mulligan, Martin 160 Mun, laneY. 352 Munevar, Sonja 253 Muns, Michele L, 352 Munshi, Manish, 276 Murazeki, Kiomi 352 Murden, Ryan 271, 352 Murilio, Jennifer 352 Murillo, MariaJ. 352 Musella, Stephanie 169 Musick, Caroline 249 Myers, Ian N 352 Myers, Kimberly 253, 352 Myrow, John 164 N Na, Shirley F. 353 Nagaj, Tanya 247 Nagami, Kim 242, 268 Naghdi, Azita 353 Nahmod, Jennifer L 353 Nailog, Catherine M 353 Naito, Arlene 243 Najera, Belinda 253 Nakagawa, Naoko 353 Nakamura, Gerald 292 Nakano, Aileen 242, 268 Nakano, Kris 243 Nakano, Tera 242, 268 Nale, Clifford]. 353 Narvaez, Irene 353 Natac, Conrad 279 Nathan, Tal 353 Naulls, lonah 162 Navar, Virginia 353 Nayar, Radhika 291 Naylor, Nancy 353 Nazareth, Sonja 280 Neal,AmyE. 353 Neale, Chritopher S,E, 353 Nebel, Alberto 353 Needhain, Jessica 254 Negash, Beyan 353 Neghabat, Amine R 353 Nei, WaichungT, 353 Nelson, Cary D 353 Nelson, Dana C. 353 Nelson, Julie 254 Nelson, Karen 177, 282 Nelson, Paul K, 353 Nemer, Leda E. 353 Nemko, Amy 288, 382 Nese, Noelle 254 Neubauer, Kristen D- 353 Nevarez, Ann M. 353 Nevarez, Isela 353 Nevins, Elizabeth 35 3 Newman, Douglas B. 353 Newman, Loretta 353 Ng, Douglass. 353 Ng, FukSangC. 353 Ng, Kinman 353 Ng, Linda 289, 291 Ng, Pamela 291 Ngo, MinhHaT. 354 Ngok, Chun.l. 354 Nguyen, Dam 354 Nguyen, Daniel 354 Nguyen, Harrison 354 Nguyen, Hoa 287, 291 Nguyen, Jennifer 243 Nguyen, Khoa T. 354 Nguyen, Mary Ann 354 Nguyen, Mike 152 Nguyen, My Q. 354 Nguyen, Nhi 243, 354 Nguyen, Oanh 354 Nguyen, Thuan 354 Nguyen, Thuy N. 354 Nguyen, Tri H. 354 Nicholas, Kelli A 354 Nicholas, Lisa 254 Nichols, Tracy C, 354 Nicholson, Rachel C. 354 Nick, CinaL, 354 Nicklin, Emily L 354 Nicolai, Michelle 247 Nicolas, Paula 254 Nieburgs, Radha 254 Niednagel, Steve 272 Nielsen, Ron 152 Niknia, Bahram 354 Nishikawa, Misa 354 Nishimoto, Mayumi 243 Niu, Nina L. 354 Niu, Timothy O. 354 Nix, Matt 288 Nixon, Tom 184 No, MiYun 354 Noah, Peter 354 Noble, Edward 276 Nogueira, Marcia 292 Norberg, Natalie 169 Nordeen, Sean D. 354 Noriega, Rosana D. 354 Norman, Daniel 280 Norris, Robyn 284 Norstrand, Nils R. 354 Nosrati, Leila 285 Nosse, Wendy 242, 268, 354 Nouri-Khorasani, Majid 354 Novak, Joseph L. 354 Novitsky, Craig 1 52 Novotny, Dana S 355 Nowfar-Rad, Mehran 355 Nowlm, Katherine M. 355 Nozawa, Sharon M. 355, 366 Nuccion, Stacey 250 Nunez, Mack K. 355 Nurdtaia, Suseno 355 Nwankwo, Ike 162 Nwoke, Ted 152 Nwozu, Ngozi 250 Nygaard, Jeff 172 o O ' Bannon, Ed 162 Oberg, Paula 254 Oberman, Michelle 282 O ' Brien, John 157 Ochoa, Tricia 282, 355 O ' Connor, Mike 279 Oda, Susan 289,291 O ' Dea, Christopher P 355 Odegaard, Shani A, 355 OdelLJasonP. 355 O ' Donnell, Karen 257 Oehlschlaeger, John K 355 Ocsting, Megan 169 Ogden, lonathan 152 Ogden, Viki 282 Ogle, DinaM 355 Oh, Elizabeth S 355 Oh, KyungJ. 355 Ohannesian, Salpi S. 355 Ohara.lulie 291 Ohshima, Christina 243 Ojeda, Oscar 355 Okada, Kelly 292 O ' Kccfe, Dan 166 Okinaga, Diane 292 O ' Leary, Paul A. 355 Olitsky, Rachel E, 355 Oliva, Kim A. 355 Olivan, Leslie J. 355 Olivares, Odilia 355 Oliver, Rebecca 253 Olivier, Kathy 171 Olster, Todd 271 O ' Neal, Erin C. 355 O ' Neil., Kelly 281 O ' Neill, Bryan J. 355 Ong, LayLay 355 Ono, Erika 287 Operario, Don 430 O ' Prey, Noreen P. 355 Oprison, Chris 276 O ' Quinn, Carrick 152 Ord, Eleanor 249 Orlikoff, Kimberly A. 355 Orneles, Carrie 245 Orozco, Joy 287 Orr, Melvin 355 Ortega, Isabel 355 Ortez, Ethel C. 355 Ortiz-Barron, Luciia X 355 Osako, Mary 243 Osborne, Greg 271 Oschman, Scot T, 356 Oshima, Kody K 356 Otsuka, Kei 243 Otto, Thomas F 356 Ouellette, Monique 257 Oved, Sha. S. 356 Overholt, Trent 271 Overline, Jennifer 245 Overlock, Debra L 356 Owen, Michaela 254 Owens, Audrey J. 356 Owens. Robbin R.O. 356 Owh, Daniel I 356 Oyadoman, Erica 253, 291 Oyog, Tammy 287 Padilla, Adelaida 356 Padilla, Chara 291 Page, Eric 157, 272 Pager, Devah 313, 356 Pagni, Mike 152 Pai, Anita 282 Paik, Paul 356 Pak, Mira 356 Pak, Ruby 292 Pak, Stephens 356 Pakulski, Kraig A 356 Palm, Elizabeth A. 280, 356 Palmer, Amy E. 356 Palmer, Tamara 285 Palmisano, Michelle 171 Palugod, Mary M. 356 Panagos, Patricia A. 247, 356 Pang, Rina 356 Pang, Steven 356 Panta, Aracelli P. 356 Paranick, Dan 272 Parente, Vicky 245 Parikh, Vasavi 356 Parish, Scott 289 Park, Cherry 291 Park, Eun-Hye G. 356 Park, Grace H 345, 356 Park, Ha Chong 356 Park, Hyuniung 356 Park, Jee 291 Park, Jenny 184 Park, Kay 244 Park, Kyung 356 Park, Lisa 243 Park, Mee-Jeong 356 Park, Sarah 291 Park, Sun Hi 356 Park, Sung S 356 Park, Sung-Ah 357 Parker, Holly 276, 357 Parker, Jon 160 Parker, Rachel 291 Parker, Vaughn 152 Parra, Stacie M, 357 Parris, Erica-Sharon 357 Parziale, Rebecca 245 Pascover, Jenna, 282 Patel, Jayana M. 357 Patel, Nicole 247 Paton, Gemma 245 Patron, Harold C 287, 357 Patterson, Jennifer L. 357 Paul, Christopher 357 Pauley, Bradley S, 357 Pazdernik, Karl 160 Pednquez, Lareina 292 Pedroza, Manissa .1 357 Pelcs, Tal 291 Peltzet, Tonja 253 Pendleton, Ion 271 Peng, John Y 357, 377 Pensinger, Erin 282 Perasco, John R, 357 Peredo, lames L 357 Perez, Elia L 357 Perez, Gloria 257 Perez, Greg A. 357 Perez, Jill 287 Perez, Joseph T- 357 Perez, Louis 152 Perez, Regina M. 357 Perez, Robert A. 357 Perez, Sharlean 291, 357 Perkins, Christie N, 357 Perlas, Lisa 287 Perlstein, Alissa 250, 357 Pernecky, Paul 152. 272 Perrotta, Orlando V. 357 Perry, Edmund 357 Pesce, Gina 177 Pessis, Ariane 357 Pessis, Nicole 253 Peterson, Kerri 357 Peterson, Mark A. 357 Peterson, Sara 254 Petit, Shawna R. 357 Petruska, Richard 162 Petry, Mary 169 Pettersen, Emily 247, 357 Phair, Luke 183 Pham, AihuongT 357 Pham, HungH 357 Pham, Joseph N.Q. 360 Pham, Phnongtta 287 Pham, Phu X. 360 Pham, Phuong 282 Pham, Trang 247 Pham, Tuan 360 Phebus, Keri 178 Phelps, Lisa E, 360 Phung, Dung X 360 Phung, Mitzi 243 Pi, James 276 Piccotte, Mike 166, 183 Piehl, Nicole V 360 Pier, Ross 172 Pimstone, Debbie 247 Pinal, Sonia 360 Pinanong, Patty 242, 268 Pine, Katie 254 Pinella, Rich Cassidy Pope 271 Pinsky, Catherine 250 Pittaluga, Bonnie 247 Pitts, Lisa 245 Platis, Christina M 288, 360 Pleasant, Darin 160 Pliha, Chris 172, 272 Plumb, Icnnifer 292, 360 Pock, Katharine E, 360 Polashuk, Stacie 282 Polinovsky, Ruslan 276 Polk, ZoiaA. 360 Pollak, leffrcy N. 360 Pollard, lenniferA 360 Pollock, Kristen 289 Ponce, Ernest I 360 420 Index «!f Pondrom, Lisa 249, 361 Poon, lohnny K. 361 Poon, Kasey B, 361 Poon Phoebe O 361 Poon Wayne 289 Porter Derrell D 361 Porter left 183 Ponillo Degma L 361 Pose, Maggie 249 Pose Marlene 361 Posner, Dinah 250 Post, Michelle 291 Poticha, David H 361 Powell, Melissa 254 Powers, Lana 249 Prado, Maria T, 361 Prahl, Colette 249 Preston, Merle 249 Price, Erica D. 361 Price, Erin 247 Price, Jennifer 245 Primrose, Asher A, 361 Pntchett, Irene 361 Proctor Alexandra 280 Prohaska, Heather 284 Prost, Bettina S, 361 Prost. Tina 283 Puglisi lamie j. 361 Pulido, Mark 137 Pulido, Rosie K 362 Pun, Daniel L 362 Putnam, Claire A, 362 Putnam, Nancy 245 Putz, lennifer M. 362 Quante, Evje 249 Quendo, Kelly 362 Quicho, Jeffrey S 362 Quigg, Christine 287 Quigley, Rob 272 Quinlan, Matt 160, 272 Quinn, Donald 362 Quintana, Brenda 291 Quintanilla, Zulma F, 362 Quispe, Herman D 362 R Rabinovitz, Leslie R, 362 Radden, Rob 271 Ragasa, Vernon K 362 Rahotep, Nyaniso 142 Rahtz, lohn F. 362 Raike, Lindsay 245 Ramey, Dionne L 362 Ramirez, Kenny 1, 362 Ramirez, Russ 362 lUmji, Rizwan 276 pJamlow, Victoria M 362 Ramon. Maritza A, 362 Ramos, Charles R 362 Ramos, Michele 253, 362 Ramsden, Laura M, 362 Randall, Megan 245, 362 Randick, Alyson 158 Ranglas, Nikki T 362 Rangsuebsin, Blue R, 362 Raouf, Neda 285 Rashidi. Laurie 247, 362 Rasmusscn, lennifer C 362 Rasmussen, Katherine 362 Jiasmussen, Paula 177 Ratcliffe, Dave 362 Ratclilte, Paul 157 Ratusnik Raquel 362 Ravetti, Regina R 362 Ravitz, David 164 Ray, hll 245 Razo, Martha 257, 280 Razov, Ante ' 157 Razze, Marc A 362 Reagan, Tim 287, 363 Reardon, Tim 271 Reaves, Michelle 247, 363 Rebuyon, Arlene B. 363 Recktenwald, Matthew R 363 Rector, Tom 271 Reddick, Amber j. 363 Regan, Paula L 363 Reid, Ken 363 Reid, Michele E 363 Reilly, Bridget L. 363 Reilly, Tara 254, 363 Reinhardt, Kimberly K. 363 Reinstein, Jennifer E, 363 Reitman, Rachael 363 Remington, Laurel A 363 Renteria, Irene 158 Reyerson, Mark 271 Reyes, Florentine A 363 Reyes,. lenn 249 Reynolds, Allison L. 363 Reynolds, . hll E. 363 Reynoso, Yvette 245 Reza, Sylvia 363 Rhee, ChimiS 363 Rhee, Lauren S 363 Rhim, Eugene S. 363 Rhoads, Kevin 184 Rhodes, Andrea 291 Ricci, Brian C. 363 Rice, Matt 271, 363 Rich, Steve 284, 363 Richard, Saran 280 Richards, Brian 152 Richards, Bryan A 363 Richards, Lisa 253 Richardson, Sandra R 363 Richardson-Helm, Christy 169 Richardt, Denise D. 363 Riggio, Angela 250 Rigor, Rosemarie 253, 363 Rimas, Bobby T. 363 Rinella, Jenny 249, 363 Riojas, Matthew D. 364 Riojas, Victoria S. 364 Ritchie, David 271 Rittel, Michelle A 364 Rltter, Robert 166 Ro, Ceng-Si R. 364 Ro,.luli 242, 268 Ro.lulie 276 Robbins, Dike B 364 Robbins, .lim D 364 Roberts, Andrea E 364 Roberts, David 164 Roberts, Kevin 272 Roberts, Scott G. 364 Robertson, Nanda R 364 Robinson, Roger T 364 Robles, Leslie A 364 Rodgers, Sara A. 364 Rodman, Cheryl 245 Rodman, Rica 245, 364 Rodriguez, Carlos M 364 Rodriguez, Ivan 364 Rodriguez, Maria 245 Rodriguez, Marie 287 Rodriguez, Ricardo R 364 Rodriguez, Rick 364 Rodriguez, Sarah L 364 Rodriguez, Vanessa L 364 Rofer, Brian 172 Roggenkamp, Marc 166 Rogich, Lori A, 364 Rohde, ludy 287, 364 Rohm, Mike 152 Roman, Laura M. 364 Roman, Lori 280 Romaniszyn, Ken 272 Romano, lason 271 Romano, Thomas E. 364 Romar, Lorenzo 162 Romeo, Lisa B, 364 Romero, Adela 245 Romero, Catherine A 364 Romero, Sophia L, 364 Rommel, Lisa 257 Ronquillo, Rosa C 364 Rosal, Pearl A. 364 Rosario, Cecile B, 364 Roselada, Nerissa 284, 364 Rosemond, Elizabeth 276 Rosen, Daniel 276 Rosenberg, Craig 271 , 276 Rosenberg, Stefanie L 365 Rosenblatt, Brett 271 Ross, Brian A 365 Ross, Stacey A 365 Rostami, Sylvia T 365 Rostovsky, Lee Ann 178, 254 Rotehuk, Erin 287 Rounaghi, Amir 157 Rounce, Kristin 249, 365 Rova.lill 254 Rovello, Dioni A, 287, 365 Rovira, Michelle 247 Rowe, .lulieN. 365 Rowe, Kathy 247 Rowland, Danielle 247 Roy, Ehza 287 Rubasky, Branden 271 Rubenstein, loen 271 Rubin, Rachel 283, 291, 365 Rubinger, Todd 271 Rubio, Michael 365 Ruby, Debra A. 365 Ruddick, Micole 254 Ruder, Samara 276 Rudgren, Aimee 257 Rudkin, Scott 283 Ruelas, Arlene 249, 365 Ruiz, Saida 291 Rumold, Sherry M. 365 Russell, lenni 247 Russell, Pamela D. 365 Russell, Yvonne 253, 365 Russo, Eva-Maria 365 Russo, Wyatt 166 Ryan, Sean M. 365 Rydell, lohn R. 365 Ryder, Samara 283, 365 Ryen, Aina D 365 Rylaarsdam, Michael D. 365 Sachdeva, Satvinder 287 Sachez, Roxanne S, 366 Sachs, lennifer 245 Sacks, Andrew R. 365 Sadan, Dana L. 365 Sadeghi, Pamsh 292 Sadri, Sasan 276 Safa, Parsa 365 Sager, Danielle D 365 Sahlman, Scott 283, 365 Saito, lefh-ey K. 365 Sakai. Yoshie 243 Salan. Frederick M. 365 Salazar, Karia V. 365 Salcedo, lorge 157 Saldana, Todd 157 Saldi, Colette C, 365 Salesin, Amy E. 365 Sahb, David M. 366 Salimpour, Nilou 366 Salinas, Caroline 287, 366 Salmeen, Annette 169 Salmon, Susan C 366 Salon, Elaine 243 Saltzer, Becky 366 Salzman, .lennifer 253 Samadani, Magnolia 280 Samarge, Susan 250, 291 Sampras, Stella 178 Sanchez, Chris 152 Sanchez, Hilda B. 366 Sanchez, Lesley A. 366 Sanchez, Lynn 249 Sanchez, Marilyn R 366 Sanchez, Patricia G. 366 Sandelman, Heather 245, 366 Sanders, Ophelia 245 Sanders, Robert A. 280, 366 Sandor, Veronika M. 366 Sandoval, Angelica 366 Sandoval, Cynthia 291.367 Sanguinetti, Davide 160 Santaella, Rene 166, 272 Santo, Renee 282, 367 Santos, Ana K. 367 Santos, lohn .1. 261, 367 Santos, Michele T. 367 Sara Hosegera 328 Sarabia, Saiil 367 Sarafian, Farjad 367 Sarkissian, Adrine 367 Sasaki, Rina 243, 367 Sassooni, Torreh 367 Sato, Grace Y 367 Sato, Laurie 242, 268, 292 Saucedo, laime H. 367 Sauermann, Angela L. 367 Saukkola, Keny- 289, 291 Sayer, Stephanie, 245 Scarpero, David B. 367 Scates, Al 172 Schafer, Brett 164 Schaffer, Greg 166 Schager, Darren 152 Schaub, Dieadra A. 368 Scheck, Stephanie 285, 368 Schecter, Cathy 247 Schelin, Paul 272 Schendel, Krista 291 Scheurer, Chantelle 291 Schiamberg, leff 271, 368 Schiamberg, Mike 271 Schier, Eric W 368 Schimel,.leff A 368 Schimmelfennig, Sofia A 368 Schimmoller, .lames D 368 Schlaffman, Dan 271 Schlatter, Becky 250 Schmid, Sigi 157 Schneider, Anne M. 368 Schneider, Erika A. 368 Schneider, lennifer 245 Schroller, Karl 152 Schuetze, Laura .1. 368 Schumann, Petra 284 Schuster, Reid 166 Schuyler, Katherine M 368 Schwartz, Daron 272 Schwartz, Gregory! 368 Schwartz, lonathan 368 Schwengel, Kris 164, 368 Schwengel. Kurt 164,368 Schwenke, Matt 164 Schwoerer, Mia 368 Scotty, Tom 1 66 Sealy, Mike 172 Seamar, Laura 289 Seamark, Laura 283, 291 Sedano, Mirna 368 Seden, Aly 254 Segal, Alison E 368 Segall, Donne 249 Seifert, Kame L 368 Seki, Karen K, 368 Sekigahama, Linda 250 Sells, Ronda.l 368 Selph, Shane 291 Seo, Eun Suk 368 Serafin, Melanie 254 Serafini, Evelina 283 Serlin, Marta 282 Serna, .lessica 247 Serpekian, Tama A. 368 Serrano, Elizabeth 287 Serrano, Tiza D. 368 Serrato, Fabian C. 368 Sethi, Nina S. 368 Seto, Wendy 292 Setrakian, Sarine G 368 Seung, Eun B. 368 Seyhun, Iren S. 368 Seymour, Lynn 368 Shabaik, Nadia 245, 369 Shabaik, Safi 245 Shah, Hiren N. 369 Shah, Natasha 250, 292 Shah, Shannon 152 Shahryarinejad, Azin 369 Shamsi, Shahrad I.M. 369 Shanfield, Daniel 276 Shapiro, Eden 249, 369 Sharpe, Sunshine 245 Shaw, Christa L. 369 Shell, Mary 254 Shelofsky, Michael 369 Shelton, jenny 250 Shelton, Ken 152 Shelton, Rebecca 169 Shen, Angela 292 Shen, .leanie 291 Shenoy, Seema 249 Shepard, Alice 287 Shepela, Kevin 157 Sheppard, .lames L. 369 Sher, .lason 1 60 Sher, Pauline C 369 Sheraga, Debra G. 250, 369 Sherman, Mandy 245 Sherwood, lay 272 Sheu, Caroline 293 Shiao, Pamela P. 369 Shibata, Hideki 369 Shibata, Mitchi M 369 Shieh,.ludy 253 Shields, James E. 369 Shigemura, lessica 243 Shih, Cindi 430 Shim, Myong-Eun E. 369 Shimamoto, Jay K. 369 Shimirak, Patrice 24 9 Shimizu, Akiko 369 Shin, Ellen 242, 268 Shin, Helen 242, 268 Shipman, Travis 152 Shively, Linda A 369 Shnorhavorian, Margarett 291 Shoemaker, lennifer 291 Shokouh, Tsita B.S. 369 Shon, Kil Y. 369 Shot, David G. 369 Shotpaw, Mark 172 Showwalter, Althea 287 Shubhakar, Poornima 291 Shukia, Jagmri 292 Shults, Roy 141 1 Index 421 Shum, Trude T, 369 Shurlock, Art 174 Shyr, Tracey 291 Sia, Winnie 369 Sibbet, jerda 247 Siekaly, Myra 280 Siepser, Nicki 280 Silberberg, Carol 282, 369 Silva, AnushaM, 369 Silva, Rosalie R. 369 Sliver, Karen 287, 369 Silverman, Eve 249 Silverman, Gary 271 Silvestre, Cecile 287 Simek, Michelle L. 369 Simenton, Jeffrey B. 369 Simmons, Erin 169 Simon, Michelle L. 369 Simonovski, Laurie 370 Sims, facquelyn M 370 Sinclair, Maureen 249 Singer, Douglas K.. 370 Singer, joe D- 370 Sinha, Sangeeta 282 Sinn, Patti 184 Sionosa, Linn P. 370 Siu, Amy M. 370 Sivertson, Kara 276 Skaggs, Kirslen M, 370 Skinner, Edwina 370 Slater, luleen H. 370 Sluga, Alexandra 370 Smalley, Rod 152 Smith, Alexis 245 Smith, Audrey 287 Smith, Charlie 272 Smith, Darlene 370 Smith, Daron H. 370 Smith, Elizabeth 245 Smith, Fred V.B. jr. 370 Smith, Laurie E. 370 Smith, Matthew M- 370 Smith, Michael E. 370 Smith, Mike 280 Smith, Ravipan 353 Smith, Sandra 245 Smith, Sherri A. 370 Smith, Thomas W, 370 Smuckler, Cindy 254 Sneed, Chelsea A. 370 Snell. Amy D. 370 Snider, Marti A. 370 Snitko, Chris 157 Snow, Holly 254 Snow, Kristin 276 Snyder, Mahala 249 Snyder, William j, 370 So, Janet C. 370 So, Ngai 370 Soenksen, Matt 152 Soleimani, Payman 370 Solin, Sonia 247 Solis, Anthony 276 Sollecito, Cabe 164 Solomita, Michele 247 Solomon, David 184 Solorio, Eric M, 37 0 Solorio-Fleener, Tammie jo 370 Solovy, JoAnne 247 Somkin, Daphne 245 Son,jin-Mi 291 Sonan, Rengiz 370 Song, Andrew M. 370 Song, Dongjoon 370 Song, Grace T. 371 Soni, Ruapm 291 Soni, Sonam 277 Soo, Yolanda E. 371 Sopher, Ghislaine 280 Sorensen, Hilary 253 422 Index Sorenson, Dusty 271 Sorge, Tiziana S. 371 Sorosky, Brad 271 Solo, Max 280 Soule, Bufonda 371 Spahn, Robyn M 371 Spalding. Mark 271 Spancer, David L, 371 Spangenberg, Lisa 249 Spaniard!, Lisa 249 Spanjian, Laura E. 371 Spann, Marvin 271 Speigle, Lisa 249 Spence, Amy 283, 288 Speraw, John 172 Spike, Jessica j, 371 Spilios, Kristina 257 Spirov, Natasha 276 Sraberg, Ilene 371 Srisavasdi, Gregory R. 371 Staab, LisaM. 249, 371 Stam, Mike A. 371 Stancer, Wendy 291, 371 Stapatyanon, Suangsmorn 371 Starke, Suzanne 371 Starr-Keddle, Tara L 371 Stauffer, Brian W. 371 Stauropoulos, William A. 371 Stedheld, John 271 Steel, Brian 272 Steelberg, Ryan 272 Steele, Jennie 245 Steenhausen, Paul D 371 Steinberg, Barrie 284 Steinberg, Sarah M 371 Sterling, Stacy 253 Stern, Brett 183 Sternberg, Stacey R. 371 Stevens, Derek 152 Stevens, Karen 249, 371 Stevens, Kevin 276, 371 Stewart, Brian 152 Stewart, Caria 287 Stewart, Dana 245 Stiffler, Kim 249 Stiles, Kimberley L, 371 Stokes, J.j. 152, 155 Stollenwerck, laxie 254 Stone, Dawn 288 Storek, Alina 247 Stott, Denise 177 Stratmann, Stacy S. 371 Stretz, Grady 1 52 Strong, Derek R. 371 Studer, Kelly 249 272 Stutz, Danny 271 Su, Belle 371 Su, Peter Y, 371 Su, Susanna 371 Subiect, Christopher C. 371 Sucgang, Paul Anthony S. 374 Suddleson, Geoff 271 Sudeck, David A, 374 Sueoka, Julie 242, 268 Suessman, Betina 291 Sugasaki, Tomomi 374 Sugden, Bruce 276, 374 Suh,june 287 Suhadolnik, Sarah 169 Suk, Annej, 374 Sullivan, Erik 172 Sullivan, Siobhan M, 374 Sumida, Shawn 243, 291 Sun, Alice 242, 268 Sun, Melody 242, 268 Sun, Rebecca 243 Sunahara, Reed 172 Sunderman, Kristyl 184 Sung, jov H. 374 Sunga, J- Wenceslao D 374 Sunico, Shirley S. 374 Sunu, Judy K. 374 Surfas, Michelle 257 Surpless, Lorin W 374 Surti, Kavita 292 Sustaita, Crystal 257 Sutter, Mark 183 Sutton, Kelly 285 Sutton, Lorelei L. 374 Swan, Richelle S. 374 Swansen, Lisa 287 Swanson, Michele 276 Swanson, Shay S. 374 Sway, David 166 Swearinger, Richard 278 Swegle, Alison 291 Sykes, Debi 292 Sywak, Natalie A 374 Sze, Denise 280 Sze, Tina 257 T Tabah, Janet 287 Tabatabai, Behzad 278, 360, 374 Tabibzadeh, Siamak 374 Tabiri, F, Adei 374 Tabiri, Florence 276 Tabuchi, Lori 243 Tagre, Noemi L, 374 Taguchi, Jennifer 292 Tahiliani, Amrita 291 Tai, Beverly H. 374 Tai, John 374 Tai, Linda 276, 374 Tajerian, Ardem A 374 Tak, Annie 287 Takahashi, Tracy Y. 374 Takaki, Julie 243 Takenaka, Yoko L. 374 Takeuchi, Dawn 282 Tarn, Charles K. 374 Tam, Chit-Yeung 374 Tam, Norina 374 Tamakawa, Kern 242, 268 Tamalunas, Mark 271 Tamayo, Georgma 374 Tamburro, Derek 164 Tamm, Heather L 374 Tampus, Kareen Ann C. 375 Tamura, Kimi 243, 292, 375 Tan, Michelle L 375 Tan, Steve 288 Tanabe, Jenny 282, 291 Tanaka, Anne 282 Tanaka, Elaine 375 Tanasugarn, Janet 253, 375 Tang, Billy 375 Tang, Gary 375 Tang, Rich 293 Tang, Ruxi 375 Tang, Tina 242, 268 Taniguchi, Kristin 291 Tanikawa, Dione M, 375 Tanioka, Denyce 242, 268 Tanner, Jon W, 375 Tao, Danny 282 Tarango, Marcos M 375 Tarver, Shon 162 Tarvyd, Stephanie L. 375 Tashnizi, Parviz 375 Taylor, Caroline 247 Taylor, Casey S 375 Taylor, Charles 276, 375 Taylor, Jason 166 Taylor, Jennifer 247 Taylor, Matt 172 Taylor, Melanie 292 Tea, Yin 242, 268 Tebbs, Ilene M, 375 Tegha, Valerie 250, 280, 375 Telesco, Cheryl 257 Tenenbaum, Jeff 271, 375 Teng, Erma 287 Terada, Dean K. 375 Tero, Marie 282 Terrien, Stacy 254 Teruya, Summer 292, 375 Thai, Hsin-Ping 280 Thein,HlaT. 375 Theodorou, George A 375 Thibault, Michelle L 375 Thiel, HeikeA. 375 Thoa, Kim Vu 243 Thomas, Angela C 375 Thomas, Stephanie 257 Thomas, Stpehen 271 Thompson, Debby 250, 289 Thompson, Dylan J 375 Thompson, Jen 249 Thome, Amy 177 Thornton, Candace 249 Thrasher, Kathleen 254 Thrasher. Susannah 254 Thurston, Wendy 254 Tighe, Brian 152 Tillner, Lauren 249 Ting, David 375 Ting, Jewel C. 375 Tinker, Brian 272 Tipayaosot, Diana 292 Tipon, Patricia 276 Tipple, Debby 287 Tjaden, Heather 291 Tjoe, Michelle 283 To, Connie 375 To, Kim 282 Tobian-Steinman, lackie 184 Toft, Erik 271 Tokunaga, Tatia 242, 268 Tollefson, Julie 291 Tom, jenice 257 Tom, Stephanie L 375 Tombrello, Maurine G. 376 Tompkins, Cheri 249 Tong, Brian W. 376 Tong, Soong Boon 376 Torme, Daisy 249 Torneo, Erin 284 Torrance, Pam 250 Torres, Danilo S. 376 Torres, Fernado 282 Torres, Lorilyn L. 376 Torrico, Michelle L 376 Tostado, Marisa A 376 Toth, Becky 291 Totten, Albert N. 376 Toy, Brian 280 Tozzi, Courtney 254, 376 Tozzi, Jacqueline 276 Trafas, Adam 152 Tran, Barbara 293 Tran, Lynda D. 376 Tran, Ngoc Anh 376 Trauger, Paul R. 376 Trinh, Le 282 Trinh,TuongA- 376 Trivedi, Kash 282 Troche, Sean 272 Troncoso, Lisa M 376 Truiillo, Patty 281 Truong, Hoang D. 377 Truong, Hung Q. 377 Tr ' on, Maureen 254 Tsai, Alice 250 Tsai, Eugenia 377 Tsai, Fayeen V. 377 Tsai, Gene G.T. 377 Tsai, Nicloe 277 Tsai, Pei-Chen 377 Tsai, Pheobe 293 Tsai, Robert L, 377 Tsai, Stephanie 242, Tsai, Yvone 291 Tsang, Marilyn 243, I I ft 268 377 Tse, Amabel W.L 377 Tse. Audrey 291 Tse, Ricky 377 Tseng, David C- 377 Tseng, Joseph T- 377 Tseng, Vivian 293 Tsiang, Brenda W, 377 Tsoi, Ching 377 Tsuboi, Erynn 243, 378 Tsuchiyama, Anne 243, 292, 378 Tsuneda, Sachiko 276, 378 Tsunehara, Rachelle 243 Tu, Calvin 280 Tu, Helen 178, 291 Tuck, Marshan 272 Tully, Chris 249 Tung, Dora 277 Tung, Jamie 287, 378 Turk, Joseph P. 378 Turk, Kiva D. 378 Turkish, Allison 250 Turnbull, Effie 169 Turner, Judith 276 Turner, Scolt 272 Tusan, Robyn 247 Tuvilla, Anna 249 Tweeten, Carrie 247, 378 Tyler, Lucy 277 u Uchida, Tracie 250 Ueberroth, Peter 145 Uehara, Juriko 378 Ulrich, Carol 177 Umegaki, Ryotaro 378 Umphre, Chainey 174 Umphrey, Greg 174 Underwood, Hamilton B. Ill 378 Ung, Cynthia 242, 268, 378 Uniack, Thomas L. 378 Urada, Darren I. 378 Urban, Holly A. 378 Urbas, Pamela Y. 378 Uribe, Jacqueline P, 378 Urrete, Jocylin 287 Urzua, Mario A 378 V Vaca, Rene 378 Vadakan, Varanya 247 Vajirasarn, Andy 378 Vakil, Biial V, 378 Valadez, Cindy 247 Valdivia, Lilly 280 Valenzuela, Jose A, 378 Valenzuela, Teresa 378 Valeri, Sylvia 249 Valero, Cindy 181 Valero, Craciela 253, 378 Validivieso, Yvonne 287 Valle, Monica 378 Vallone, Gar 164 Van.JonZandt 164 Van Gessel, Stacey D 378 Van Campen, Susan 280 Van Pelt, Ward 272 X; Vanaick, David 276, 2S0 Van Winkle, Matthew S. 378 Vanaiek, Elizabeth 280 Vanis, Matt 272 Vanis, Rich 272 VanOostveen. Gene 171 Vazquez, Maria M 378 Vega, Gabriela 277 Vega, Cisela 277 Vega, Glenn 292 Vega Patricia 277 Veisel Theresa 254 Velasquez, Maria D 378 Velasquez Olivia M 378 Velez, Edmund 292 Velilla, loanne S, 378 Venegas, Matthew C. 379 Vensel, KrisT. 379 Ventry, Dennis 272 Venmra, Christel 243 Verlato, April 253, 379 Victoria, Nicole 181 Vilapana-Ma, Therise 379 Villatana, John 379 Villalobos, laime 174 Villanueva, Art N 379 Villareal, Leilani Y 379 Viloria, Venus C. 379 Vinton, Meg 291, 379 Vinzon Liberty C. 379 Vir, Bam 291 Viramonles, Irene 379 Viramontes, Silvia 379 Vlasic, Mark 280 Vo, Dee 282 Vogt,.lulie 169 Vclbeda, Kirsten 287, 379 WVonBerg, Natalie 291 Vorasarun, Sariya 243 Vu, Khanh 291 Vu, Lara 249 Vuong, Thoai 379 w Wachal, Mandie C. 379 Wade, Amy 254 Waggoner, David 271 Wakefield, leffrey W 379 Wald, Hiroshi 379 Waldvogel, Christopher R 379 Walker, Bruce 152 Walker, Kevm 152, 271 Walker, Kirk 1 8 1 Walker, Lori 1 69 Walker, Pam 171 Walker, Rob 152 Wall, Brian E. 379 Wallingford, Brett A. 379 Walls, Kristen 169, 247 Walsh, Megan. I. 379 Walton, Charia 247 Walton, Gary 152 Wan, Keith M 379 Wan, Marlene 277 Wang, Alene 244 Wang, Amy 379 Wang, Carolyn 291 Wang, Howard Y, 379 Wang, Ingrid 289 Wang, hm K, 379 Wang, loyce 247 Wang, Lucy 291 Wang, Samantha H. 379 Wang, Terry W 379 Ward.Arvli 279 Ward, Kim 288 Ward, Phillip 152 Ward, Shannon 277 Warner, Stephen 166 Washburn, Andrew K, 379 Washington, Daron 152 Watanabe, Eiichiro 379 Waters, Sarah 287 Watkins, Tracy S 379 Watson, Brian R 380 Watson, Darneika K 380 Watt, David W, 380 Wayland, Cory 152 Weathers, Frank 276, 380 Weber, Clanssal, 380 Weber, Heidi M. 380 Webster, Sharon 169 Weddel, Kelly 280 Wei, Eliza W 380 Weibel, Steve 272 Weiman, DeDe 181 Wein, Daren C, 380 Weinert, Emily 247, 380 Wemhouse, Romi 247, 380 Weisbin, Amy 247 Weiss, lonathan M. 380 Weitzman, jerry 271 Welde, Susan 289 Weller, Jennifer A 380 Wells, Brenda 257 Wells, Brian 172 Wells, Hilao ' 254 Wen, Elizabeth 242, 268 Wen, Stephen 1 380 Wendling, Valerie 287 Weng, Hsiu-I (Patricia) 380 Weng, Wendy 250 Wentzel, Tiffany 249, 380 Werner, Matt 152 Werner, Zoe 253 Wertz.JodiM. 380 West, Allison 254 Westerland, Gary M. 380 Wetzel, Karen 253, 380 Wexler,.ledS 380 W}ialen,johnP 380 Whang, Linda 243 Whang, Sharon 243 Wharton-Ali, Firdosi 291 Whitcanack, Laney 249 White, Dahna 288 White, David 282 White, Pamela 254 White, Shelly 249 White, TrinaL. 380 White, William L, jr. 380 Whitclaw, jenn 249 Whitener, Peyton 380 Whitfield, Amanda 254 Whittington, Cindy 249 Whyte, Timothy E, 380 Wicke, Brad S. 380 Wiedman, Amanda 250, 380 Wilcox, Jason 272 Willems, Matt 271 Williams, Chanda Y 380 Williams, Dan 272 Williams, J. 287 Williams, John 272 Williams, Kevin 152 Williams, Lisa M, 380 Williams, Michael 152 Williams, Natalie 158, 171 Williamson, Mellissa 380 Willis, Fiona 254 Wilmink, Michael 380 Wilson, Jennifer 289 Wimbish, leffrey G. 381 Wimbish, Jonathans. 381 Win, Nancy 292 Winegar, Katerine 284 Wingell, Jessica 291 Winkler, Greg 381 Winston, Cathlcen L. 381 Wiolkins, Robbyn 276 Wixson, Keith 381 Won, Dona 381 Wong, Cavern 242, 268 Wong, Christina 381 Wong, Chun P 381 Wong, Darlenc 287, 381 Wong, Enrique A, 381 Wong, Grace 287 Wong, James 381 Wong,Janelle 291 Wong, Jean 287 Wong, Joe 280 Wong, losephR 381 Wong, Karen 381 Wong, Kevin 172 Wong, Leslie M. 381 Wong, Mary 243, 381 Wong, Patricia K, 381 Wong, Sheryl L 381 Wong, Siey-Mun 381 Wong, Stacey 282 Wong, Stephanie 276 Wong, Steven G. 381 Wong, Tommy 183 Wong, Tony 292 Wong, Vivian W 381 Wong, Yai-Fung 381 Woo, Elliot S. 381 Wood, Amy 247 Wood, Jennifer R. 381 Woodfin, London 152 Woodruff, Michelle 249, 381 Woods, Stephen L. 381 Woodson, Reed 272 Wooldridge, Matthew 276 Wool folk, Brian 157 Wooten, Brenda 247 Wooten, Darryl D. 381 Wright, ErikaJ. 381 Wright, Randy 183 Wrobel,jennaM 381 Wu, Albert E, 381 Wu, Bernice 249 Wu, Cheryl 257, 382 Wu, Craig 382 Wu, Donna 292 Wu,Jamson 293 Wu, Jenny 293 Wu.JoeCM. 382 Wu, ludy Chiayu 382 Wu, Kam C, 382 Wu, Laurie 291 Wu, Shirley 243 Wu, Teresa 291 Wurster, Kerth L, 382 X Xu. Yuao 277 Yacap, Terrence 272 Yadegar, Heidi 382 Yadegan, Shidokht 382 Yafai, Sheila 430 Yamamoto, Tracy 243 Yamauchi, Manami 382 Yamura, Aya 250 Yan, Malvin Y. 382 Yang, Dal-Seok 382 Yang, Grace 291 Yang, Hee.loon 382 Yang, Jessica P 382 Yang, Steve L 382 Yapo, Mary 287 Yaralian, Tara S 38 3 Yaroshuk, Paige 178 Yashar, Payam R 38 3 Yasharpour, Dalia 383 Yau, Edwin 383 Ye, Jung Lee 287 Yee.Jolene 276, 383 Yee, Ritchie S. 383 Yee, Selene 242, 268 Yee, Tanya 242, 268 Yee, Tina T, 383 Yee, Vivian A. 383 Yeh, Caroline L, 383 Yeh, Eric L, 383 Yeh, Patrick C. 383 Yeh, Yi-Chun 383 Yen, Nancy 280 Yeszin, Christy 250 Yeung, Bonny 289 Yeung, Carol 292 Yeung, Erika 383 Yeung, Karen K 383 Yi, ChiY. 384 Yi, Haelyn 384 Yi, Sujin 384 Ying, Kathy 430 Yiu, Yvonne 384 Yn, Eric C, 384 Yonekura, Stephanie K 384 Yong, Hock L 384 Yongvanich, Rosemarie.l, 280, 384 Yoo, Chihun 384 Yoo,Jiyeon 384 Yoon, Suzanne 292 Yoshida, Bonnie Y. 384 Yoshioka, Gina 243 Young, Claire 284 Young, Shannon 277 Young, Jeffrey L, 384 Young, loe 272 Young, Katy 291 Young, Lianne C 384 Young, Michel F 384 Young, Nicole 171 Young, Sahnnon 291 Younggren, Brad 271 Youngs, Elaine 1 58 Youssef, Nadine 247 Yu, AnneP, 384 Yu, Chao-Qiang 384 Yu, Emily 257 Yu, Jennifer M 384 Yu, Lisa 430 Yu, Quinn 384 Yu, Richard J, 384 Yu, Samuel 384 Yu, Shawn 384 Yu, Stella S. 384 Yu, Susan S. 384 Yu, Wanda 244, 292 Yu, WonK, 384 Yu, Yelen 243 Yue, Susan 291 Yuen, Clifford K.F, 384 Yuen, Eleanor M, 384 Yuen, Mirana TW, 384 Yuhako, Toshino 276 Yun, Chang- Wan 384 Yun, Helen 291 Yun, John M. 384 Yun, Scott 276, 385 Yung, Lily P, 385 Yunianto, Chensty 385 Yutan, Elizabeth 291 Zaccheo, Nicole 276 Zaelit.Joe C. 385 Zaima, Bill 178 Zaki, Paulett e A 385 Zarback, Rich 272 Zegarra, Ana M, 385 Zeisler, Crislin 247 Zeitoun, Stephane 385 Zendetas, Leonardo I, 385 Zhang, Patrick H 385 Zidek,Jiri (George) 162 Ziegaus, Jenni 249 Zigman, Leslie 277 Zimmerman, Lesley K. 385 Zimmerman, Rodney 162 Zimmermann, Ench 272 Zinkin,JasonP, 385 Ziomek, Allison M. 385 Zitzer, Shana 249 Ziv, Eli 292 Zucker, Joel B 385 Zukernick, Maria A 253, 385 Index 423 I LOS ANGELES COLLEGE OF n HIROPRACTIC Founded 1911 Los Angeles College of Chiropractic Los Angeles College 0 Chiropractic Is coding the may with a ncui approach to the educatlor) of future doctors of chiropractic: The ADVANTAGE Program of Chiropractic EducationI Our new ADVANTAGE curriculum focuses on Actltx Leamirxg From day one, students put what they leam In the classroom together with real case studies tn small group discusstons and with hands or experier ce In the labs and our live clinics located throughout the Los Angeles area. The ADVANTAGE Is Clear. Unique curriculum ■ Distinctive and Forward-Thinking For a free videotape . . . .on the ADVANTAGE Program, caU 1800-221-LfiiCC FLAGS - BRNNERS - PENNRNTS - SIGNS NOm OPEN IN LUESTUJOODI 2320 UJettuiood Blud., Los Rngelet, CR 90064310 310 474-5884 NOm OPEN IN SHERMRN ORKSI 14460 Uentura Blud., Sherman Oakt, CH 91403 818 784-9846 Other Locations: 8966 National Blud., Lot flngelet, CR 90034 310 836-3341 8954 Ulest Pico Blud., Lot flngelet, CR 90035 310 276-1178 1400 N. Ulne Street, Hollywood, CR 90028 213 465-1125 1201 S. Broadway, Lot flngelet, Cfl 90015 213 746-2760 12709 S. Prairie, Hawthorne, Cfl 90250 310 676-7660 1 13-IOth Street, San Francisco, CR 94103 415 431-2950 MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS BEVERLY HOSPITAL offers you tfie opportunity of continued professional development and professional harnrwny. We are a 212-bed nonprofit general acute care medical facility incorporated in 1949, fully accredited by JCAH. Some of the communities we serve are Montebello, Pico Rivera, East Los Angeles, Rosmead, South San Gabriel, Monterey Park, El Monte and Whittier. With a Medical Staff of over 300 physicians, representing ail specialties and an employee staff of over 1000, Beverly Hospital offers most medical professionals an excellent place to start and an even better place to stay. Beverly Hospital is a Paramedic Base Station and has a new - state of the art - Maternal-Child Health Center. To learn more, have a tour, discuss employment, or membership on our Medical or Dental Staff, contact: HELEN GEORGE Employment Coordinator P BEVERLY HOSPITAL 309 W. Beverly Blvd., Montebello, CA 90640 21 3-889-241 7 READ THIS AND YOU ' LL KNOW WHY PACIFIC HOSPITAL IS BEST SUITED TO YOUR NURSING CAREER Pacific Hospital of Long Beach is a full service acute care teaching hospital with 197 beds. We have all the innovative technology one expects from a modern hospital. But because we ' re small, we provide our patients with calm, homelike surroundings. We like to think we ' re a perfect blend of sensitivity and sophistication. We urge you to explore your best-fit nursing opportunities and join us at Pacific. Our primary concern is for patients ' best interests as we practice up-to-date nursing with a personal touch. In fact, our nursing staff appreciates being on a first name basis with just about everyone who works here. At Pacific Hospital you ' ll also find an environment in which all staff members are encouraged to take an active role in defining key patient care issues. Pacific Hospital Offers: • Competitive pay; Comprehensive benefits • Flexible scheduling ' Friendly, enjoyable working environment ' Clinical Ladder Program ■ Weekend premium; Premium for non- scheduled shifts ' Excellent Continuing Education Program ' Competitive Per Diem pay rates with option to purchase insurance benefits Contact Pacific Hospital for your best-fit nursing career opportunity! Call (310) 595-1911, Ext. 307 or 310 or forward your resume to Laurie Harris, R.N. PlH LB PACIFIC HOSPITAL OF LONG BEACH 2776 Pacific Avenue Long Beach, CA 90806 Equal Opportunity Employer « I Careers Fueled By Innovation Play an imovative role in our future. Innovadon is a key factor in success al The Soulhera Caiifornia Gas Company. We ' re dircclJy involved in extensive research that will pro- vide innovative solutions to many of society ' s most pressing economic and environmental concerns • reducing industnal pollution, cleaner air, more energy -efficient appliances Great career opportunities are available for ambitious individuals who have their eye on the future. INVESTIGATE THE OPPORTUNITIES IN : • ACCOUNTING • COMPUTER SCIENCE and • ENGINEERING (Tech. Sales) Send your resume to: Mary Roddick. Professional Staffing Coordinator, Southern California Gas Company. PO Box 3249, ML 15A0. Depl, BL-92, Los Angeles, CA 90051-1249 IH The Gas Company An Equal Opportunity Emplover M F For a niDie wiiildU vicu ot retail, ctinstdcr DFS West, ihc iiucrnatii)nal duty tree and gift shop leader, which alues your ethnic diversity and language abilities. Our customers come from all over the world, so we seek individuals with diverse talents who are committed to excellence and not afraid of innovation. We attribute our success to the indi iduals we hire: and we have found ihat graduates from UCLA are prime candidates for positions in Finance and Control. Store Operations. Customer Relations. MIS. Merchandising. Visual Merchandising, and Distribution. We also value undergraduate students as part-time employees in our shops located at LAX and Downtown. 11 you ' re interested in broadening your horizons, consider a career at DFS West. Send your resume, with a cover letter expressing your interest, to: Employment Dept. BRU, DFS WEST. 200 N. Nash Street; El Segundo, CA 90245 An Ei iitil l)pihiiumi! tjuplnwr GoodXiferk. Good Sam. The music. ..the mirror.. .the dance. For most of Beverly ' s 45 years, dancing has been her passion and her gift. Eventually, alcoholism robbed her of her health and the ability to enjoy that gift. Rapidly deteriorating, Beverly tvas admitted to Good Sam with severe GI bleeding, followed quickly by multi-system failure. A battery of sophisticated procedures was administered, including intubation and tracheostomy, invasive lines, intra ranial pressure monitoring, and thrombolytic adminis- tration. Good Sam ' s multidisciplinary team approach included psychosocial support for both patient and family. After several weeks, and against staggering odds, Beverly ' s condition improved to the point that a strong determina- tion to regain her health began to emerge. Today, Beverly thanks Good Sam for the chance to dance once again, and uses her gift to teach others. The overall acuity of patients at Good Sam makes the multidisciplinary approach to patient care essential. It ' s also one of the reasons that nursing at Good Sam is more challenging... more intense... more demanding. But aren t the rewards worth it? Just ask Beverly. The Advanta of Begiiining Your Nursing Career at Good Sam. Decades of technological " firsts " and competent, compassionate care have made The Hospital of the Good Samaritan one of the taily outstanding non-profit acute care medical, teaching and research centers serving Los Angeles and the nation. Today, Good Sam is strategically poised in the balance between human compassion and advanced technology. We have the busiest open heart program in the western U.S. We have more than triple the number of critical care beds than other Southem California institutions. Our Institute for Reproductive Research has twice made history for California ' s first test tube baby and the world ' s first birth fix)m a frozen embryo. These are just a few examples of a leading-edge combination which creates the ideal nursing career environment. So when we say " Good Work. Good Sam. " , we mean there ' s no better place for you to practice exceptiona l nursing and develop your career potential. That ' s because we have more of what good nurses want, including: • Challenging, high-acuity cases • A decentralized structure with a high level of autonomy for nursing staff • Significant advancement opportunities • Higher starting salaries • 12-hour shifts in most areas • Flexible, comprehensive benefits • On-site child care center • Easy access from downtown freeways. Would you like to become part of such a dynamic environment ' Call Iris ' Waskow, Director - Recruitment Retention at (800)336-8338, or drop by and fill out an application at 6l6 South Witmer St, Los Angeles, CA 90017-2395. Equal Opportunity Employer. A Smarter Way To Practice. The Hospital of the Good Samaritan LOS ANGELES There ' s more to life than play. Oh, sure Hoag nurses love working just two minutes away from the ocean. But they spend more time at the hospital than they do on the beach, so it ' s important for the m to feel good about their work, too. Nursing is changing and Hoag nurses are keeping up with things like collaborative practice and work redesign. Even if Hoag didn ' t have beautiful ocean views, it would still be a great place to start your nursing career. To learn about Hoag ' s nursing career opportunities, call 1-800-228-HOAG (4624), or send your resume to Diane Griffiths, RN, Nurse Recruiter, 301 Newport Blvd., Newport Beach, CA 92658-8912. E.O.E. HOAG HOSPITAL NEWPORT BEACH • C A DANIEL FREEMAN HOSPITALS, INC. Excellence with compassion . . . It ' s our philosophy and it ' s as timeless as the act of caring. Make the right first choice in your health care career by considering Daniel Freeman Hospitals. We offer two great locations in centrally located Inglewood or beautiful Marina del Rey. And you ' ll grow and advance in your career through your participation in our excellent educational programs and a friendly supportive environment. Daniel Freeman has ongoing career opportunities for RNs and LVNs in Med Surg. Critical Care, Oncology, Rehabilitation, Telemetry and Home Health. We are also seeking Allied Health professionals for Rehabilitation, Radiology, Pharmacy, Respiratory Therapy, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Laboratory and Medical Technology. Start your career out right with a hospital that recognizes your abilities and offers upward mobility. For more information, please write: Human Resources Nurse Recruitment, 601 Grace Avenue, Ingleuiood. CA 90301. Sponson-d By Tlu- SistcMs ol Si. Joscj:)!! of Caronciolct MAKE A MARK FOR YOURSELF. PHYSICISTS MATHEMATICIANS COMPUTER SCIENTISTS Do you have a PhD, a Master ' s or Bachelor ' s degree? Is your degree In Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science or in Electrical Engineering with emphasis in signal processing? Are you a U.S. citizen? If you answered YES to all of the above questions, read on! XonTech is a highly respected, progressive R D firm specializing in the empirical analysis of complex physical phenomena, and development of advanced concepts and technologies in su pport of numerous defense programs. Our research encom- passes the following: YES NO YES NO YES NO Research, development and radar and weapons systems: • Signal Processing • Performance Analysis • Signature Analysis evaluation of advanced • System Simulation • System Design • Threat Analysis Analysis and evaluation of flight test data (aircraft, ballistic missile, satellite) including: • Trajectory Reconstruction • Navigation Analysis • Re-entry Aerodynamics • Orbital Mechanics Our work is technically challenging and offers ex- ceptional visibility and direct client contact. There are excellent opportunities for technical and management advancement. All applicants selected will be subject to a security investigation and must meet eligibility requirements for access to classified material. Qualified professionals are invited to submit cover letter and resume in confidence to: Corporate Human Resources Dept., 6862 Hayvenhurst Ave., Van Nuys, CA 91406. We are an equal opportunity employer M F D V. XonTech, Inc. " People, Science and Technology " Northern Southern California Washington D.C. • Huntsville, Alabama • Colorado Ralphs Grocery Company roucCCy SaCutes the UCLA Bruins AihieUcs TKe. Hsadition oftfie Winning Spirit Lives within each MhCete in the Quest to Become Champions. A Congraiutaiions Ctass of 1933 lAdvtnising for this jtarbook was prcfessiomdCy mar ted By CoCCegiate Concepts, Inc., AtCanta, georgia. e cordiaUy invite inquiries from faculty cuCvisors, editors and puBCisfiers ' representatives regarding a similar project for your institution. CaiCus toCCfree at (800) 338-0107. Editor-in-Chief Cindi Shih Managing Editor Wendy Bohannan Layout Editor Sheila Yajai Layout Staff Robert Ajra Helen Chang Ali Enayati Rachel Herrick Organizations Editors Melissa DeSantis Don Operario Organizations Staff Jennifer McGrath Kathy Yini) Sports Editor Ajay Malik Sports Staff Wendy Gottlieb Copy Editor Jennifer Kobashi Copy Staff Amanda Daniels Ken Huni) Photo Liaison Jenny Lin Advertising Manager Dennis Chiu Business Manager Max Castillo Sales Manager Lisa Yu Sales Staff Rachel Herrick Proofreading Staff Emmaline Ju Jennifer McGrath FrameOne Editor Jose hey FrameOne Managing Editor Monicjue Armstronc) 430 Bruin Life A word trom the editor WHEW! At UCLA, one ot the most difficult lessons 1 have ever faced has been the lesson of everyday lite There were days when I thought 1 should just move into the office, since there seemed to be no other alternative And there were days when I thought the pool of mangled croppers and endless piles of contact sheets were going to eat me. But then there were also days when someone would say that the book was looking good and that they were as excited as were to sec it come out. Or days when people noticed that a lot of time and effort were being put into every single page of the book. Working on the yearbook has been one of the most rewarding experiences I have gamed from UCLA, The 199. edition of the yearbook will have a different meaning for every student. And to me, it will remind me of the wonderhil people I have worked with to create this book, and the valuable time I have spent with such talented, enthusiastic and inspirational friends CLARISSA AESQUIVAL, KARA FRANCIS TESS PARAGAS— You have really set high yearbook standards It has been tough following in the footsteps of g reat leaders, as well as good friends WENDY B. — Thanks for always tying up one too many loose ends. I couldn ' t have made it without your help. Even with your busy schedule, you never left anything unfinished. JENNY — Who wanted the residences section?!?! Thanx for the bonding experience in North Carolina — you and Terence rattling off state capitals while I was sick in the back seat. I ' m glad things are back on track for you LIIIIIISA — Who whines more? You or 1? Thank you for your endless efforts as a janitor and as sales manager. See ya at ACA Alumni reunions. Have fun in Europe this summer. RACHEL — Your enthusiasm and experience are refreshing. The Spotlights are the best I ' ve seen I want your Disney job! Best wishes at Harvard!!! JENNIFER K.. — Hopehilly we ' ll land the perfect lob and not have to concern ourselves too much about resume writing We definitely need to get outside of K.erckhoff a little more often Thanks to you, AMANDA and KEN for adding those finishing touches on a great issues profiles section Caption anyone: ' DON and MELISSA — Your sections look great ' It ' s a good thing you two have a lot of patience and a good sense of humor, especially to manage all of the problems we have encountered along the way KATHY — Ni hao! Won ' t you miss Gubo and Palanka next year? Thanks for bringing cheer to the office. AIAY — I think you set the world record for number of layouts done one evening. How many did ■ou manage to do ' ' 1 6? I hope rejoining Brum Life was worth your while, I know I couldn ' t have managed without your commitment. Have fun at ' $(t. WENDY G. — Thanks for ending a hand in so many different areas What happened to our cheer page " Thanks for being a link to Sports Info for us. DENNIS— Don ' t mind me if I call you up at Santa Clara nd ask for a world update in condensed version Thank you for your greeting card eloquence. Sorry about any paper cuts. MAX — You are a Brum Life dinosaur, aren ' t you! " I ' ll bet •ou could run this joint better than I could Thank you for helping out in different areas this school year. SHEILA— When you win your first of ten Nobel prizes at age 20, don ' t forget include me in your acceptance speech In your spare time do you ever think about what a fun and motivating person you are to be around? Thank you for being such an effervescent lersonaht) ' ROBERT and ALl— No 1 am not a stress case well maybe. Thanks for giving me reason to smile when I am at apartment 2 i 2k Kerckhoff. HELEN— Thanks for getting hmgs done so quickly Isn ' t it reassuring to know that your editor in chief seems to know less than you: ' JENNIFER M and EMMALINE— Thanks for being my second set of eyes and laking the book beyond perfect. JOSE ust imagine a yearbook without photos, you have been an important asset of the book iecause I have spent more time in Kerckhoff Hall than any other single place in Los Angeles, I would like to express my gratitude to those who made my three year stay at KH worth langing out at: JAIME — Forever my valentine one of my many valentines! Will you give me a job as a designer when I graduate? SAUL — Hey you erotic poet delivery boy! Do you want a cookie ' ' I ' ll miss having you as a neighbor in both Kerckhoff and Kelton Best of luck at Michigan JULIE — Hahaha Weren ' t you there when we had that sushi during production? Hopefully we won ' t have to suffer too many long, sleepless, showerless, toothbrushless nights in the future. Your positive enthusiasm and energy have really helped me grow while I have known you here the past two years. Congratulations on a successful year, TYPOG PEOPLE — Don ' t you hate it when you go home, not knowing you have wax stuck to your butt? SANTOS — I still have never seen you grumpy. What a great spotlight picture! Congratulations graduate! LINDA — Whatever!! Stop being so jolly. KEVIN — Thanks for trying to help out in Greek sales May the commission god grant you and VOON lots of sales next year. A great big thank you to the publications staff — I couldn ' t have made it without such a strong support group TERENCE — I appreciate the bicycling stories. 1 guess everything does come out fine in the end. Thank you for having faith in me. . . dilemma after dilemma. LIZ — I used to be scared of you in my first days at Typog!! I really have learned a lot from you, in terms of hands-on experience as well as attitude. ARVLI — If it weren ' t for your computer wizardry, things would be pretty rough around here Thank you for all of your assistance. GRACE — Don ' t you and your staff want to job sticker all 2000 senior portrait once more. . . just for fun? Thank you tor having all of the answers to my questions and being so kind to always lend a hand FRANCES HER FALL CED CLASS — Your contributions were a tremendous help. Thank you for helping us catch the spirit of Bruin life And a big thank you to our friends in the beautiful state of North Carolina: Frank Meyers, Carol Dukelow and Todd Clontz. On a personal note, I would like to thank ANGEL, EVA and LEASHANNE— Because of you three I stress too much, eat too much and watch too much of Arsenio every night when I come back from Towell. But also because of you three, I also know what real friendship is about. You have given me not only the support 1 needed to get through this year, but also the motivation, ambition and direction that will help me in the future. 207 POSSE: PAUL, SHAUN BILL— 1 am awesome at basketball because of you guys!!! Thanks for being the " boys " next door and providing neighborly entertainment Now I will have more time to dance by myself in the corner at your apartment. KRIS — You you want want some some mien mien? Congratulations DR. LEE! Thanks for introducing me to life at UCLA. Best of luck at UCR. Congratulations to ALBERT LI CHRISS GLAISYER on their graduation Best wishes! DONALD— Where are your keys:- Remember that you are going to be making a change in Massachusetts Thanks for being that goofy friend I could always laugh with since the very start of my UCLA career. You are going to do great on your own Don ' t worry. MOMMY DADDY — I love you!! Bruin Life 431 •W-; ' HA :• fl ' s :.. m ' ■.!.TC.:.--fii Volume 74 of the Bruin Life Yearbook was published by the Associated Students UCLA Communications Board. Our printer was the Delmar Company in Charlotte, North Carolina. Our representative was Frank Meyers; our Customer Representative was Carol Dukelow. The book is printed on 432 pages of 9x12, 80 lb. dull enamel paper. Font used for all headlines and body copy was Weiss. All layouts were produced using the Aldus PageMaker 4.2 program on the Macintosh computer. All black and white photos were taken with TMAX 400 film, and color photos were taken on a variety of slide film. Photo Credits: 1 Granby,- 2-3 Armstrong; 4-5 FrameOne,- 30-31 Myers,- 60-61 Lee,- 98-99 FrameOne,- 110-111 FrameOne,- 150-151 FrameOne; 194-195 FrameOne,- 240-241 Myers,- 274-275 Myers,- 294-295 FrameOne,- 386-387 FrameOne,- 432 FrameOne. If you have any questions, please call the Bruin Life office at 3 1 0-825-2640. I ! T :■ ■; ' l ■ " .f ' ■, I-

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