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r Bruin ASUCLA Publications Kerckhoff Hall 112 308 Westwood Plaza Los Angeles, CA 90024 Copyright 1989 ASUCLA Communications Board University of California, Los Angeles Vol. 70 Whether you are incoming or returning, teaching or learning, or just passing through, welcome to CJCLA. Introduction page 4 These people were the ones breathe and bleed blue and whose true colors are readily gold. seen, the ones who live, Spirit page32 From the oldest four buildings on campus to this year ' s Mardi Gras, the institutions that set GCLA apart from other campuses. Tradition page 16 Strategy and execution come together with the melding of mental sharpness and physical prowess to make the Bruins a dominating force. Sports page 44 College is more than academics as students follow other pursuits. Humanities page 90 At the center of the university is the stu- dent, the undergrad- uate spending 4 - 5 years preparing for the rest of his her life and the senior readying for the next goal, a job, career, graduate school or vacation. Seniors.. .page 100 Undergraduates page 226 i 2 Table of Contents Controversy is nothing new to (JCLA stu- dents as they tackle both old and new issues. Issues page 192 ,page32 90 For the first time in recent memory, classes started on Thursday leaving some students in con- fusion, while GCLA hosted the second Presidential Debate. Calendar.. 370 GCLA students have a lifestyle all their own. Culture page 384 From transcripts to parking, stu- dents can go to student- and uni- versity-run opera- tions. Services page 204 Going away to college usually entails a difficult search for suitable living ar- rangements. Housing page 216 Whether it is Greek, religious, athletic or academic, a group gives a sense of belonging as well as a chance to make friends. Organizations page 254 Publicity. Index.., .page 400 .page 442 When that last final is collected, yet another year comes to a close. Epilogue page 394 Table of Contents 3 far 3 ' 3 V , J 4 Introduction Stretch your imagi- nation to a land not so far away. Within our reach notice the land- marks of our times. The Los Angeles City Hall can be spotted on sight because of its unique design. But time marches on as this once magnificant building now is towered over by the coming of the new age. At one time, the railroad signalled our rapid movement, but now freeways have surpassed our slumber- ing trains and time marches on. And somewhere in the des- ert stands a modern work of an ancient land. These are reminders of our past we must not forget because someday we EEEEEEEEEEEEff fEEEEECQT HKH iiiiiiiil EEEEEEI iiiliil iiiiiiiiiil . Jiiiiiiiiil liiiiiiiil IIEIlliill iiiiiiiiil IlLM , ' " " I " ilium " I " ii HUM Hill II II II II Introduction 5 6 Introduction will be one of those relics ready to be crumbled and destroyed or to stand tall and revered. We ' ve become accustom to the fast paced life, almost ad- dicted to it. All around us lie the signs of a world in a hurry helicopters, And technology this mission of the world. We -- freeways McDonald ' s, has aided in speeding up see it in our city and in our daily lives. There is enroll- ment by phone, ATMs on campus, and ORION at the libraries besides the usual water supply from Colorado and frozen foods at Ralphs. But have all these con veniences turn us into a com- puterized, unfeeling, indif- Introduction 7 ef ferent society? Have we forgotten the beauty of nature and the simple works we casually walk by? Within the iron- works, flash, and glitter of Los Angeles lies a haven for college stu- dents -- CJCLA. This microcosm encapsulates the wonders of the past through history classes and exhibits, the inspira- tional and awe-inspiring experiences from the theatrical and perform- ing arts, the dedication and adamant beliefs from the political bat- tlefields, and the per- sistence of discovering the new in research pro- grams throughout the campus. As we walk 8 Introduction insira- the perform- nt beliefs political bat- and the per- of discovering wtarch pro- ftroughout the As we walk through GCLA, each stu- dent perceives a different aspect of the school in their daily lives. Some are engrossed in the pol- itics which affect their stay at GCLA. Others concentrate on studies and ignore the enter- tainment and cultural aspects. A student majoring in the arts notices the new sculpture at the Murphy Sculpture Garden. He studies its form, exam- ines how the sunlight brings a warming feeling out of the wood material, and contemplates the correlation between the title and the work. As he walks on to class, he IO ' pvr ' AUGUST If 190 JULY ' M D Introduction 9 passes by a protest at Campbell, but the lecture on aesthetic an- thropology is too important to miss. Meanwhile, an economics student on his way to AGSM comes across the same sculpture. But his reaction is 10 Introduction Introduction 1 1 12 Introduction different as he wonders why someone left a pile of 2x4 ' s on the sidewalk. An adver- tisement in the Daily Bruin catches his eye about Arthur Anderson and Price Waterhouse coming onto campus. There is also an ad about the Mewtonian Carnival, but he only glances over the schedule about the egg drop and rubberband powered cars. After the Carnival, an engineering student walks to Campbell to join in the protest. He cannot miss this chance to voice his opinion on the present Introduction 13 situation. But there ' s that pile of wood again, and he wonders how much force is being applied onto the base and if the angles of the material were calculated so the wood wouldn ' t collapse. Calcula- tions quickly run through his head, and he estimates that an elephant could probable sit on it. As we receive our educations, we enrich our lives through new friendships, becoming more in- dependent and hopefully respon- sible, experiencing different aspects to the real world, like modern art, sculptures, and dance, other ethnicities and cultures, political speakers, and e 5 that pile of t wonders how g applied onto angles of the yftpA so the apse. Calcula- , : -:ough his mates that an able sit on ! ' tf educations. rallies. We may even be in the middle of a protest or heaven for- bid -- a riot. This is our time to notice the world, sample new tid- bits, establish ourselves, and become strong, alive, and vibrant. We use our school, to build ourselves; and in return, it gives us beautiful buildings in Gothic design, cultural festivals, modern, classical, and jazz entertainment, prestigious speakers from the political and film worlds, and the flowers and the trees. UCLA plants its seeds of growth, learn- ing, and appreciation into our souls; and we flourish into a flower - brilliant in color and fresh to the world. -Debbie Mah All photos in this section through the kindness of Todd Cheney ring more m- prfjy respon- ds different arid. l e and iniciti s speakers. Introduction 15 M m iS4 t ft 75 m r many, the most impressionable pnlook at GCLA came with their orienta- U tion experience. Where else could stu- dents learn about the consequences of walking between the wrong columns of Young Hall, or the sinking ground at Dickson plaza? Regardless of whether you chose to believe your counselor or not, Orientation helped many students adjust to the quirks and pitfalls of university life. In just 2 to 3 days, incoming freshmen and transfer stu- dents learned everything from enrollment to the spirited GCLA eight clap. " Orientation got me used to the at- mosphere, " said Freshman Tim Cole- man, " and it made me realize what a diverse place GCLA is. " In receiving motivational talks and counseling, many incoming Bruins expressed feelings of en- couragement after attending Orientation. " Our main goal is to promote academic success, " said Orientation Director Bruce Barbee. Orientation helped students learn to attain academic success by encouraging them to take a positive approach to their endeavours. Programs dealt with study habits, as well as how to choose a major. However, not all the remarks about Ori- entation were glowing. " I don ' t think it really prepared us for the dog-eat-dog competition that goes on at GCLA, " said Kathleen Ogushi, a junior economics ma- jor. True enough, Orientation could only provide a small look at what lay ahead for them in their college years. Nevertheless, Orientation gave all those attending the chance to discover the cam- pus, and develop new friendships. As Freshman Gwynne Barney stated, " I met a lot of neat people at Orientation. All of the people I ' m friends with now I met through Orientation. " -Clarissa Aesquivel 18 Orientation A group of freshmen, opposite top, discuss trie aspects of college life. The entire Orientation, op- posite middle, attend a barbeque in order to get to know each other better. Opposite bottom, some Orientation counselors prepare for their skit. The Orientation counselors, top, Paul Abbassi, Yochan Baba, Andrew Baldanado, Steue Barth, Jonathan Bell, Christy Brawner, Dana Cairns, Cecelia Castillo, Richard Contreras, Jane Del Carlo, Tripp Dunn, Matt Ellis, Todd Ewing, Sheri Forbes, Chris Fowler, Felicia French, Wendy Fujinami, Steue Geiser, Sheri Gibson, Phil Gin, Maria Gomez, Byron Howlett, Stephen Jayne, Michael, Hermie Lee, Rob Martinez, Yuki Maruiwa, Mike Meehan, Daphne McCarley, Steue McKier- nan, Maria McNeely, Jorge Neue, Melody Phillips, Amy Peril ' s, Jennifer Poulakides, Lisa Puccini. Rick Radillo. Tim Ramirez, Luis Ramos, Doug Rank, Janet Reinsuold, Susan Roberts, Kim San- chez, Dean Seligman, Son a Sonnenberg, Timothy Spangler, Nancy Stratton, Janelle Sykes, Mark Taylor, Kenya Thomas, Keith Turnage, Carmen Weins, and Betty Yen. An Orientation group pose for their picture as all groups took creatiue group shots, middle. Four counselors, bottom, show off their handmade signs, while waiting for their groups to find them. Photos by Youchan Baba and Andrew Lin. Orientation 19 Students walk amidst Kinsey Hall and Haines Hall, top left. Under the archways of Royce Hall, top right, students could often be found studying. Bottom left, Royce hall was originally designed as a main classroom building. Powell library, bottom right, houses the campus chimes. Opposite and bottom, Royce Hall has appeared in various movies and tele- vision shows. Photos by Todd Cheney 20 Quad History iCLA ' s " Main Quadrangle, " known to Bruins as the quad which houses Royce Hall, Powell Library, Haines Hall, and Kinsey Hall, has had a rich and in- teresting history. The four buildings were the first to be erected at GCLA, known in 1927 as the University of California Southern Branch. Behind the construction project were two architects-George W. Kelham and David Allison. The most famous edifice in the quad was Royce Hall, which has become a UCLA landmark and symbol. Powell Library also shared an integral part of the UCLA tradition. Upon its com- pletion in 1929, the building was desig- nated UCLA ' s main library. Today it houses a large portion of UCLA ' s more than four million volumes. The quad ' s third member, Kinsey Hall, was originally declared the physics-biology building. Architect Allison adopted a Romanesque style for Kinsey, including stone carvings and inscriptions, one of which aptly described the UCLA experi- ence: " nothing is too wonderful to be true. " The fourth corner of our quad was oc- cupied by the stately Haines Hall, the origi- nal chemistry building. The first lecture at UCLA was held here prior to the delayed official opening of the campus. The feeling that the quad has generated in Bruins throughout time was best stated by Dr. Moore in 1929, " Our buildings will always be vital. As the sun plays upon them, and as the days go by they will become mellower and more humanly responsive until, in time, no university will be more beautiful. " -Carrie Conn Quad History 21 i I , ransportation was something that affected all UCLA students. Everyone needed a way to get to and from campus, and U there were many forms of transportation available. These in- cluded walking, skateboarding, bicycling, riding a scooter, driving, ridesharing, riding a campus van, and riding a bus. All of this traf- fic helped contribute to the congestion in Westwood. This was evidenced by the fact that the intersection of Wilshire and Veteran near Lot 32 was the second-busiest intersection in all of Los Angeles, handling over 105,000 cars a day. For the over 4,000 students who lived on campus, getting to and from class was not much of a problem. For them, getting away from the campus environment was the greater difficulty. Because of their proximity, walking was the most common form of transportation among these students. Bicycles crowd the bike racks at the bottom of Bruin Walk, opposite top. The second busiest intersection in Los Angeles is only steps away from UCLA, op- posite middle. The scooter parking lot by the Wooden Center is always crowded due to the popularity and necessity of alternatiue modes of transportation, opposite bottom. At top, many students cross Cayley Aoenue each day on their way to and from campus. As an alter- natiue to driuing to cam- pus, many students take buses, shuttles, or cam- pus vans, middle. The only way to go up Bruin Walk legally is to walk, bottom left. Many park- ing spaces on campus are allotted for cars pay- ing $3 a day to park, bottom right. Photos by Andrew Lin and Bruce Weinf- 22 Transportation , " toe HOI] n. ClfK Since a limited n umber of parking per- mits were given out, few on-campus resi- dents could keep a car nearby. This was also a problem for those living in apart- ments near campus. If a student ' s apart- ment didn ' t have enough parking spaces, they were forced to search for space on the streets. " 1 never had this problem at GCSD, " said Elvis Menotti, a junior transfer student, " Last year, I didn ' t have parking at my apartment, and ended up with quite a few tickets. This year, I brought my bicycle in- stead of my car. " Thus, lack of parking compelled many students to use alternate forms of transpor- tation to increase their mobility. And so, the campus, and surrounding areas were full of bicycles, skateboards, motorcycles, the occasional roller skater, and many ten- nis shoe clad feet. --Brad Prickett Transportation 23 The eyes of the nation were focused in- tently on GCLA the week of Oct ober 10th- 14th as the 1988 presidential campaign came to Westwood. Before the third week of fall quarter was over, our campus had hosted the top political and entertainment figures in a week of political activities. The excitement began with the taping of " Vote ' 88 - An All Star Celebration " in the Royce Hall auditorium. A handful of lucky students served as the studio audience and saw the hottest names of the year in com- edy and music under one roof. The extrav- aganza aired on ABC on October 15th as an effort to encourage citizens to register and exercise their right to vote. Monday ' s taping featured performances by the Fabu- lous Thunderbirds, George Carlin, Cheap Trick and Joe Piscopo, with special ap- pearances by Wil Shriner and Greg Louganis. Concerned celebrities appearing on Tuesday ' s segment included Martin Mull, Paul Rodriguez, Whoopi Goldberg, Joe Cocker, Jerry Seinfeld, Judy Tenuta, D.J. Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince, and David Crosby with Graham Nash. The show provided two nights of free enter- tainment for a good cause, one of the few things Republicans and Democrats could II D Reverend Jesse Jackson, top, spoke to a crowd of thousands of students who were captiuated by his speech and his plea with them to " make America better " and " uote with a passion " in the election. UCLA ' s Pauley Pavilion, bottom, was the site of the se- cond presidential debate between George Bush and Michael Dukakis, as they squared off in front of a Hue audience of 2,000 and a television audience of millions. Photos by Andrew Lin, courtesy of Terry O ' Donnell. 24 Campaign Vice-Presidential Candidate Lloyd Bentsen, top left, spoke in Ackerman Grand Ballroom as part of a forum on national service. Martin Mull was one of the many celebrities that performed in Royce Hall, top right, for the taping of the variety show, " Vote ' 88. " The show, " Vote ' 88, " bottom , was aired on televi- sion in October and encouraged Americans to cast their votes in the November election. Photos by Stewart Kume and Andrew Lin. agree upon all week. The big event of the week, Thursday ' s Bush-Dukakis debate at Pauley Pavilion, brought a more serious atmosphere to campus. Hundreds of workers transformed Pauley into a giant television studio, and hordes of journalists arrived to cover the second and final presidential debate. On Thursday afternoon, security guards shut down the area around Pauley and angry students protested the lack of stu- dent tickets. Although the debate was of- ficially declared a draw, it raised political awareness on campus and provided UCLA with an abundance of national exposure. The political deluge continued on Friday when Reverend Jesse Jackson delivered a stirring speech to an estimated 4500 stu- dents packed into Westwood Plaza at noon. The ex-presidential candidate urged young America to " keep hope alive " and pledge their support to Democratic nominee, Michael Dukakis. Jackson ' s speech was an inspirational finale to the week that UCLA served as the political epicenter of the CJnited States. -Rick Marquardt Campaign 25 26 Mardi Gras Fireworks lit the sky over Mardi Gras each night, opposite, as the field flooded with ex- citement. The Intermural Field, top, became the stage for Mardi Gras, but the transformation was not complete until the thousands of uisitors ar- rived. A young girl en- joys the " catwalk, " mid- dle, one of the many rides in Kiddieland. Alpha Chi Omega and Sigma Phi Epsilon made their booth into a sit- down theater, bottom, in which they performed a series of short musical acts. Photos by Todd Cheney, courtesy of Mardi Gras. s spring quarter approached, the ex- citement escalated. Groups formed, bands were hired, clowns were discovered, booth facades were painted and t-shirts designed. Soon the 1M field was closed off and construction began. Mardi Gras 1989 was underway... Long before the weekend of Mardi Gras (May 19th-21st), 160 committee members had begun planning. This event raised money for GniCamp, a summer camp for underpriviledged Los Angeles youths. GniCamp ' s theme, All Kids Deserve A Chance, was supported by the 4,000 stu- dent volunteers who devoted their time and energy to make Mardi Gras a success. Executive Director Chris Bess added, " I see Mardi Gras as more than just providing money for GniCamp. It gives students from diverse backgrounds the chance to work together. " Following the success of the previous year, " Preview Might " was held the eve before Mardi Gras weekend. On this night, the gates were open only to faculty, students, and staff. The next evening, the gates were open to all. More than 80,000 persons attended Mardi Gras throughout the weekend to enjoy the food, rides, games, fireworks, and fun. For the past 48 years, Mardi Gras has been successful in delighting people while also providing GniCamp with two-thirds of its annual operating budget. When Chris was asked why he worked on Mardi Gras, he simply stated, " It ' s fun, a great experience, and 1 wanted to be in a position to have an impact for such a worthwhile cause. ' -Kathy Carlton Mardi Gras 27 he Bruins celebrated their position as " Leader of the Pac " at Homecom- ing 1988. Undergraduates, graduate students, faculty, and alumni gathered together to achieve record par- ticipation in all of the week ' s events. This was the Homecoming Com- mittee ' s goal for the year. As Public Rela- tions Coordinator Mia Lathrop said, " This year was unique. We wanted to make Homecom- ing an event that would unify the campus, and we car- ried this idea to its completion. " The week ' s activi- ties featured s even brand new contests, including Bruin Jeopardy. This feel- ing of newness was intensified by the participation of four new groups: The Asian Greek Coun- cil; the Chinese Stu- dents Association, who captured the prize for the " Best Marching Group " ; Thai Smakom, who received the " Best Decorated Car ' award; and Delta Lambda Phi, whose float won the " Cub- by " award for " Best New Entry. " The festivities culminated in the annual parade down the streets of Westwood Village. The parade ' s Grand Marshall was Dodger Pitcher Tim Leary. Of the 23 floats, the medieval theme of Delta Gamma And Theta Xi predominated. They won the ' ' Gold Shield Homecoming Sweepstakes " award as well as several others. " There was not a flaw in the parade, " declared a jubilant Chris Anderson , Homecoming execu- tive director. This seemed to hold true for the entire Homecoming cele- bration. -Carrie Conn Members of Delta Tau Delta and Alpha Chi Omega, top, compete in the " Balloon Bust " dur- ing Bruin Battles, truing to earn points for their team toward winning the Sweepstakes Award for the best ouerall par- ticipation in Homecom- i n g a c t i u i t i e s . Homecoming Executive Director, Chris Ander- son, talks with Grand Marshall Timothy Leary, middle, an alumnus of UCLA and a back-up pit- cher for the World Champion Los Angeles Dodgers. Joe Bruin, left, celebrates at the Homecoming Coronation in showing his UCLA spirit by wearing his of- ficial Homecomeing t- shirt. Photos by Anna Shen, Bruce Weimcr. and courtesy of the Stu- dent Alumni Association. 28 Homecoming T i _i-J . I k Winner of the Grand Marshall ' s Award for the best float entry, top, Theta Xi and Delta Gamma ' s hard work paid off with their float entitl- ed " King of the Pac. " The Homecoming Court (left to right) Angelica Divinigracia, Dawn Dag ucon , Michelle Webb, Michael Casillas, Maura Driscoll, Laurence Freidman, Michael Soules, and Gerald Lip- shutz, middle, were presented at the Corona- tion Ceremony held dur- ing the week on the steps of Kerckhoff Hall. 1988 Homecoming King, Michael Casillas, and Queen, Maura Driscoll, P. = a : - bottom left, rode in a classic Rolls Royce through the streets of Westwood in this year ' s parade. Junior Arshad Hasan works on publiciz- ing Homecoming, bot- tom right, by passing out i i s balloons and fliers with the activities planned for the week. Photos by Stewart Kume, Albert Poon, Anna Shen, and courtesy of the Student Alumni Association. Homecoming 29 Headlines, opposite top, depicted (JSC ' s concern. Opposite middle, Bruins flash their pom poms. Opposite bottom, a Trojan looks diplays his riualry buttons. A UCLA alumni , op- posite right, roots for his alma mater. Joe Bruin, top left, dons his UCLA gear. " Hey, where is eueryone? " asks a bewildered Trojan, while UCLA fans cheer on the Bruin team, upper right. UCLA USC paraphenalia were sold everywhere, middle. The Daily Bruin celebrates their uictory in the " Blood Bowl, " bottom. Aboue, the Bruin Bear is protected from Trojan attack. Photos by Todd Cheney and Stewart Kume. I Death house landlady caught in LA, B toM I ; ' D Wcoll, Herald Examiner Peete has measles, USC feels ill Trojans all inonilainl alKrOB hivaksoiu in ' (.amc uvk Esioi ires ! wo i .tirliii cheap si-ills -m up f good old Webster were alive today he would define the word " rivalry " with these simple words: UCLA versus CISC. This was a tradition that meant school spirit and this year was no exception. Arm- ed with pride, the two campuses crossed swords in many events during a week-long build up to the " Big Daddy " of them all, the fight for the roses. From the Blood Bowl, the annual game between the Daily Bruin and Daily Trojan staffs, to a canned food drive, the competition lived on. " I think it ' s a great way to showcase UCLA school spirit, " said Wendy Tanabe, a junior English major. " Despite our individual dif- ferences on campus, the one thing we all share is our hate for the Trojans. " This year ' s " Beat " SC " Week featured an- ti-Trojan shirts, Beat ' SC Rallies with a Rally Committee-sponsored Trojan Sponge Toss, the Marching Band tromping to the ' SC campus, and a parody of the Daily Trojan by the Daily Bruin. The rivalry went on to an even higher level of intensity, which bothered some students. For instance, there was the in- famous defacing of the school mascot. Both schools took extra precautions in pro- tecting the statue that symbolized its school from paint and whatever other substances that came to mind. " I think it can be carried too far. It ' s fun for a while until it gets vicious, " said Karen Padel, a freshman studying Poli Sci. Whether it was sports or academics the UCLA Bruins and the USC Trojans certainly kept the tradition of rivalry alive. -Tess Paragas CISC Rivalry 31 ' ,- " ' : 32 Bruin Spirit vJrt t ; .SK rfr i ' s ' s. ' - ' feSi-J-V. ' y- ' r v i ;. i i i : -J;ft ' J Hft ' r. ' ' K-7 ' i , I-fr.A ' T- -rX J affl S cv Working out their sideline steps, opposite lower left, the Men ' s squad broke into a new routine. In rhythm, opposite lower right, Linda Hasarenko, increased UCLA ' s chanted for victory. Top left, Songleaders Theresa and Diana celebrated a Bruin conquest at the Rose Bowl. Dance Team: Ronni Morales, Stacy Ash, Theresa Tuazon (Captain), Diana Bendix, Lida Nasarenko, Kristy Bricker, and Jennifer Aquino, Top Right. Above, Women ' s Cheer: Louisa Chang, Ginger Griffin, Dawn Daguclin, Amy Staes, Laura Henry, Cassandra Mitchels, Angelle Brooks, and D ' Jallon Dinwiddie (not pictured), and Josephine. Shaking up a little excitement, Captain Theresa Tuazon, right, reach- ed for new heights of Bruin Spirit. Photos by Todd Cheney and An- drew Li " . 34 Cheerleaders I irit, energy, and the ability to excite the crowd were three fundamental elements that the judges looked for in selecting the spirit squad. Though the ability to perform difficult stunts was beneficial, the judges based their final decisions on the cheerleaders ' ability to display and enthusiastically encourage spirit. Cheerleading is not only a sport but an individual discipling as well. Getting ready for the school year began in the summer. They practiced for five hours every day and then attended cheerleading camp in August. At first, it was difficult for each of the members to realize their own capabilities. But with work, they quickly learn- ed to perfect complex stunts and dance moves. Teamwork was one of the most important factors that contributed to the success of the team as a whole. Work- ing very closely with the athletic department and within the squad required a great amount of unity. " It is a test of your ability to cooperate and to understand the wants of each person as well as your own, " claimed senior Lida Masarenko, " It is a giving up of your self-interests and let- ting others know that we are all a group. " In addition to cheering at the numerous athletic events throughout the year, the spirit squad also made official appearances at various functions. One included the " Breakfast Club, " at which the squad performed for GCLA alumni every Friday morning before football games the following day. For them, contributing to the image of GCLA in such a supportive and spirited way brought many personal rewards. Summing up her experience on the squad Masarenko said, " I really felt I was a lot closer and united with the school, knowing that I contributed something good to the campus. " -Tammy Gee Cheerleaders 35 S that would a college football game bei V without a crowd-pleasing marching band? V Gnder the direction of Gordon Henderson, the 250 band members practiced before each game in addition to eight hours per week. Rehearsals on Saturdays began at 7:30 a.m. After rehearsal, they performed for the pre-game show, throughout the game, during halftime, and as fans left the stadium. All of this hard work paid off with the drum line ' s achievement of the National Championship in 1988, and a 10-day tour of Japan for selected members. " Our hard work tends to bring us together, " com- mented trumpet player Mark Sasson. In many ways, the band was like a family, participating in a number of I.M. sports, as well as competing against GSC ' s band in the annual " Band Bowl. " There was even a band-affiliated fraternity and sorority. Band members also occasionally played at Raiders games, and have been involved in the making of several movie tracks, including Little Nikita. -Carrie Schneider il . 36 Marching Band Opposite bottom right, drum major Mel Freitas leads trumpeters, Mark Sasson, opposite bottom left, and Ben Emery, opposite top left. Top, Golden Girl Paige Collins fronts the trumpeters, top right, and the drummers, aboue. Photos by Todd Cheney. Marching Band 37 Josephine and Joe Bruin, opposite, show us how to cheer the Bruins on to victory. Opposite bottom, Christine Delgado (Josephine) and Deanna Cherry (Joe) were the talent within the costumes. Joe in- troduces us to his friend, Freddie, bottom. Top, Josephine ' s balloons make her more visible to the crowds. Photos by Todd Cheney and Mikel Healey. ports fans laughed at their slapstick dances. Children jumped on their backs for pig gyback rides, and grabbed their paws for games of ring-around-the-rosy. Photographers snap- ped their pictures, while fans, cuddling up to their furry exteriors, smiled widely. Beneath their bear masks and fur jumpsuits, two girls full of spunk, sparkle, and spirit smiled too. Whether they were posing for pictures, passing out handfuls of candy, or embracing fans, these girls were having fun. They were Deanna Cherry (Joe) and Christine Delgado (Josephine). Not allowed to speak, their skill in communicating with amusing dance and gestures won them the " BIG E " for Exagerration the highest mascoting award offered at cheerleading camp. Considering her role as a male mascot, Deanna stated, " I had to learn how to act more masculine, since Joe has almost always been played by a man. I wanted Joe to keep his cool stud image. " In retrospect, she added, " The funniest times (while in costume) have been when people think I ' m a guy. Girls have tried to pick up on me! " Costumed student mascots have been a tradition since the mid 1960 ' s. Joe and Josephine ' s looks, modeled after the current Bruin logo, were created in 1980 by a Disney designer. Because of the costumes, Christine Delgado stated, " Some kids mistake us for oversized teddy bears. They think they can do anything to us like pull on my bow or treat me like a punching bag. " Nevertheless, being very fond of children, she added, " They have so much to offer. I like to pick them up, tickle them, dance with them and just make them laugh. " --Mikel Healey 38 Joe Josephine for . . ' ! Ps (or -its, ho -, ; ir; t sniled too. on l these girls w tan the " E mascot. Deanna l We masculine, -- ' :::: 3i a man. I nd stud image. " In " " T a guy. 3 Josephine ' s looks, irw logo, ere created sqner. Because of the x satei " Some kids rtft bean. They think -ike ft on my bow or being They have so t tan up. tickle them. -- - -MikelHealey Joe Josephine 39 t 7 he grandeur of Homecoming and the finesse of Spring Sing took a lot of skill and dedication to organize. The Student Alumni Association (SAA) worked to uphold the tradition of UCLA excellence and helped provide these and other programs with class and pizazz. " We want to provide a fun place for students to get in- volved, " said Ted Chen, president of SAA. The group ' s activities included Parent ' s Day, during which parents toured the campus and attended classes. They were also responsible for Bruin Survival Kits, a package full of goodies intended to help students get through the stress of finals week. " Receiving them was quite a lift, especially through all that cramming (for tests), " said sophomore Jonathan Akahoshi. Perhaps the most recognized activity that SAA orga- nized was Homecoming. As the biggest college parade nationwide, this age-old tradition was expanded and im- proved upon by SAA. Other programs that SAA provided included " Dinner for Twelve Strangers, " a 20-year-old activity where stu- dents conversed with faculty and alumni, and " Run Like A Bruin, " a 5K 10K run on campus. They also organized " Career Network, " a valued program where Bruins could meet with alumni and gain career contacts and informa- tion. As participation for SAA grew, the group succeeded in providing a campus rich with spirit. By giving students a chance to get involved in some of the most recognized programs that GCLA has to offer, SAA became an in- valuable group to us all. --Clarissa Aesquivel A S S O C I 40 Student Alumni A future Bruin, opposite bottom right, cheers at the Bruin touchdown. A leader of the Alumni Association section, Frank Foellmer, psyches up the crowd, opposite bottom left. Alumni, top, keep the Bruin spirit alive. Top right, a Bruin fan roots on the Bruins by making some noise with his cowbell. Top, Frisbee holds up the cards as he leads the crowd in a cheer. Here ' s the wild and crazy Frisbee holding the Alumni Flag, left. Photos by Todd Cheney. Student Alumni 41 j fver wonder who organized those famous card 2 - shows during halftime of every home game, i - blew the traditional air horn after every Bruin score, and generally put the fun into GCLA football? All of this and much more was under the direction of a single committee of volunteers. Really? No, Rally! The Rally Committee began planning the card shows way back in June, according to Chairman Sean Geraghty. The committee brainstormed for themes and drew 24 pictures for each show on a grid. The work of transfering these grids to instruc- tion cards for the 3,088 card wavers sometimes lasted until 2 a.m. the night before the game. Early the next morning, an army of enthusiastic students and alumni would tackle the task of taping instruc- tion cards to the seats and distributing the card sets at the Rose Bowl. It all paid off when the Committee saw their months of work come to life in a dazzling display of Bruin spirit. The rally committee was made up of 150 official members. However, there were also honorary members and alumni who would occasionally donate their time and energy towards the committee ' s ef- forts. As a whole, this dedicated group fired up UCLA fans by holding a " Beat ' SC Rally " , passing out CJCLA towels at the Nebraska game, and operating the on-field helmet cart. After football season, the Committee remained active, allocating basketball ticket priority numbers and operating a corndog booth at Mardi Gras. Though they handled so many responsibilities, the Committee was a surprisingly relaxed and fun loving group. They relieved the card show stress with a ski trip in the winter, beach trips in the summer, and parties throughout the year. Bill Gasa, emphasizing the Committee ' s loyalty, stated, " It ' s more than just a card show. It ' s a big family. " Also, Second Vice- Chairman Brian Lewis claimed, " They are fun people and they are THE spirited Bruins. " Their spirited sense of humor was evident in their theme, spawned by the distribution of pom-poms: " Rally Committee- -More fun than you can shake a stick at. " -Rick Marquardt 42 Rally Committee Karleen Boyle, opposite left, shows the crowd what the other side of the stadium sees. Sean Geraghty, opposite top right, leads the crowds. Keeping an eye open for Rally Committee instructions, a spectator prepares to show the next card for the next card display, left. Below, Sean Geraghty plays the role of spectator and auid Bruin fan. Bottom left, one of the past light shows done by the committee. Ellen Lundquist, bottom right, paints a sign for the committee ' s Mardi Gras booth. Photos by Todd Cheney and John Palacio. season, the Anting a corndog porf fc the fun loving i : " 2 ski ( ft summer, and L Q emphasizing ' " - c:e than just - " d Vice- Committee 43 44 Bruin Sports ' MMvf V -i- .w f ' Vvj-i itiT t yX i wJI f gjSasBSsKbSEWKsSft : he Brawl for It All " was the nickname given to the 58th meeting of GCLA and GSC November 19th at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena. This was one instance when a game actually lived up to the hype. This Bruin Trojan battle determined the brag- ging rights of Los Angeles, the Pac-10 championship, a berth in the Rose Bowl to face Michigan, and a possible Heisman Trophy for one of the opposing quarter- backs, Rodney Peete of GSC or Troy Aikman of GCLA. Game week was plagued by an outbreak of measles at GSC which claimed quarter- back Rodney Peete as one of its victims. Rumors circulated all week about Peete ' s status as he spent Tuesday and Wednesday nights in the hospital. Still, he made a miraculous recovery to start in the game on Saturday, despite missing practice all week. GCLA drove 42 yards on the opening possession to draw first blood on Alfredo Velasco ' s 46 yard field goal, putting the Bruins up 3-0 before the Rose Bowl crowd of 100,741. However, this turned out to be the only lead of the game for the Bruins as the Trojans struck back with a 4 yard touchdown (TD) run by Aaron Emmanuel. Peete added to the lead with a 29 yard TD pass to Erik Affholter early in the second quarter. The Bruins countered with two more Velasco field goals, but GSC increased its margin with a 1 yard sneak by Peete. GCLA then cut the lead with a 10 yard pass from Troy Aikman to Reggie Moore, going into the half down 21-16, despite outgaining the Trojans in the first half. Tailback Aaron Emmanuel picked up his second touchdown of the game on a 3 yard run in the 3rd quarter and ' SC added a field goal in the fourth. Aikman tried to bring GCLA back with a 26 yard TD pass to Brendan McCracken, but GSC ran out the clock after recovering an onside kick to preserve the 31-22 win. Although GCLA outgained the Trojans 390-368 yards and Aikman outshined Peete with 32 completions in 48 attempts for 317 yards and 2 touchdowns, the Bruins simply could not move the ball when it mattered, converting only 5 of 15 3rd down attempts and stalling many times deep in Trojan ter- ritory. The loss dropped GCLA to 9-2 on the year and sent the Bruins to Dallas for a Cotton Bowl matchup with Arkansas. -Rick Marquardt 46 The CJCLA CJSC Game The UCLA USC Game m Opposite bottom, Craig Dauis, an in- side linebacker, Chance Johnson, also an inside linebacker, Marcus Patton, an outside linebacker, and Mike Lodish, a defensive left tackle manage to stop the CISC offense on the line. Brain Brown, opposite top , a ta ilback, takes off for the end zone after catching the pass. Top left, the Bruins come out of the locker room ready for action. Abooe, Kirk Maggio holds the football for Alfredo Velasco as he kicks in a field goal, one of three he had throughout the game. Troy Aikman, bottom right, who had one of his better games, calls out the play. Left, Rodney Peete attempts to hand off the ball to one of his teammates. Photos by Todd Cheney. The UCLA CJSC Game 47 AMM fMMM O J_ mWWMl V Brief Stop at +f n October 15th the 1988 GCLA football season looked like a fairy tale in the making. The Bruins claimed the coveted number one position in the wire service polls with a 38-21 thrashing of Cal in Berkeley. Terry Donahue ' s 13th Bruin team had risen to the top on the strength of Heisman Trophy Candidate Troy Aikman ' s arm. And with a 6-0 record, they looked poised to rip through their remaining five op- ponents and claim the crown. However, the fairy tale ended two weeks later when the Bruins ' come- back drive against Washington St. fell short, giving the Cougars a shocking 34-30 upset victory. Before that game, GCLA appeared unstoppable. Aikman led the Troy Aikman, opposite right, fends off Washington State. Mark Estwick, opposite top left, carries the ball against the Nebraska de- fenders. After snagging a pass, Mike Farr, bot- tom right, heads toward the goal line. Breaking for a long gain, Dauid Keating, right, advances the Bruins into Washington State ter- ritory. Above, Mark McGill celebrates after crunching a CISC Trojan. Photos by Todd Cheney, Stewart Kume, and Anna Chen. Bruins to blowout victories over San Diego St.(59-6) and Long Beach St.(56- 3), a 41-28 whipping of Nebraska, and big conference wins over Washington, Oregon St., Califor- nia, and Arizona. One of their greatest perfor- mances was on September 10th at the Rose Bowl when the Bruins ripped Nebraska 41-28, establishing themselves as a na- tional power. GCLA stunned the Corn- 48 Football IW 1 . -c huskers, jumping out to a 35-0 lead before showing mercy to the visitors. After the upset by Washington St. dropped GCLA to number six in the polls, the ' 88 Bruins bounced back for a road win at Oregon (16-6) and a homecoming con- quest of Stanford (27-17). Then came the disappointing 31-22 loss to GSC in a battle for the Pac-10 title and Rose Bowl berth. The Bruins finish- ed at 6-2 in the Pac-10, and extend- ed their NCAA record scoring streak to 204 games, dating back to 1971. The Bruins were rewarded for their 9-2 record with an opportunity to win their 7th con- secutive bowl game in the Cotton Bowl against Arkansas on January 2nd. -Rick Marquardt passes on the season for 2,599 yards and 23 touchdowns. Aikman broke Tom Ramsey ' s school record for Touchdown passes. He also set the CICLA record for single game com- pletions with 32 in the game against USC. His Heisman- chasing year had such an impact on pro scouts that the NFL ' s battle for the 1 draft pick was renamed the " Aikman Bowl. " his preseason ootball magazine cover boy from enryetta, klahoma com- leted 209 of 327 Sports Spotlight Football 98 Abdellatif, Hazem FB 14 Gilbert, Fred FL 58 Onwutuebe, 8 Aikman, Troy QB 2 Henley, Darrul LCB Emmanuel NG 33 Alexander, 97 Howard, Sean OLB 76 Paige, Bill ORT Kelton RCB 72 Jacobs, Brian OLT 39 ' Paton, George FS 90 Anthony, Corwin TE 77 Jacobson, Keith OLT 49 Patton, Marcus OLB 81 Arbuckle, Charles TE 1 1 Johnson, Bret QB 83 Petrotta, James PK 41 Argo, Stacy ILB 7 Johnson, Chance ILB 40 Phifer, Roman OLB 62 Audelo, Dave OLG 44 Jones, Anthony RB 64 Pryor, Jon DRT 45 Austin, Randy ILB 18 Jordan, Al DB 73 Rae, James OLG 61 Bailey, Jeff C 85 Jordan, Fritz FL 35 Ray, Billy OLB 21 Ball, Eric TB 82 Keating, David SE 87 Richardson, Paul SE 18 Barkate, Harold P 55 Keeton, Rocen OLB 3 Rohlinger, George P 12 Bartle, Andy PC 65 Kelly, Brian DLT 1 7 San Jose, Bobby QB 57 Bell, Sean DLT 36 Kelly, Jonathan SS 86 Sandifer, Dominic PK 93 Berriz, Armando TE 63 Kjeldgaard, Kipp ORT 88 Schexnayder, 32 Beverly, Randy LCB 48 Kline, Doug ILB Anthony FL 6 Bonds, Jim QB 86 LaChapelle, Sean SE 53 Shaw, Meech ILB 50 Brigida, Andrew NG 31 Lake, Carnell OLB 36 Singleton, Michael FB 30 Brown, Brian TB 26 Lambert, Dion RCB 98 Smith, Eric OLB 47 Bryson, Brad DRT 96 Lassalette, Tom TE 23 Smith, Kevin FB 89 Burkley, Laurence FL 22 Lindsey, Coby ILB 74 Soltis, John PK 3 Burnett, Anthony SS 75 Linn, Mike ORG 60 Spalding, Scott ORG 10 Caragher, Ron QB 91 Lockwood, Brian OLB 15 Thompson, Danny TB 42 Carter, Kaleaph FB 94 Lodish, Mike DLT 27 Toy, Maury FB 45 Coberly, Sterling PK 36 Lyons, Damion LCB 29 Turner, Eric FS 68 Cornish, Frank C 46 Maggio, Kirk P 24 Turner, Marcus RCB 37 Crawford, Willie SS 58 Malone, James OLB 25 Velasco, Alfredo PK 92 Daly, Rick TE 12 McCracken, 95 Wagner, Jim ILB 43 Darby, Matt SS Brendan FL 66 Wahler, Jim NG 54 Davis, Craig 1LB 19 McGill, Mark FS 59 Wayland, Cory DRT 28 Denton, Wes PK 44 McPherson, Pat ILB 93 Wilcox, Bryan DRT 52 Elliot, Stanley DRT 78 Mehr, Steve DLT 69 Wilder, Marc OLT 22 Estwick, Mark FB 67 Menifield, Bobby OLT 20 Williams, Kevin TB 99 Evans, Ron NG 71 Meyer, Rick OLG 36 Wills, Shawn TB 74 Farr, Andre DLT 23 Michaels, David SE 56 Winnek, John LS 9 Farr, Mike FL 7 Miller, Andy QB 79 Zeno, Lance ORG 83 Ferrell, Kerry SE 41 Moore, Andy SE 59 Zilinskas, John C 40 Forrest, Robert SE 4 Moore, Reggie SE 70 Fuller, Rick ORT 39 Nelson, Eric FS Football 49 otton Pickm oo Bruins taste the fruits of their labor, opposite top, while Coach Terry Donahue gets a " Big Chill " from his players. Opposite bottom, a Razorback gets a big blow from Bruin outside linebacker, " 21, Carnell Lake. As the game progresses, nose guard Jim Wahler, right, is on the attack. Keeping the game alive, senior Bryan Wilcox, grabs a hold on a Razor- back, below. Meanwhile, Arkansas fans, bottom left, feel defeat in the air. Arkansas ' quarterback, bottom right, makes a last ditch effort to euen out the game. Photos by Dan McMedan. 50 Cotton Bowl The Cotton Bowl u CLA set an NCAA record with its seventh consecutive bowl victory and gave Dallas Cowboys ' fans a sneak preview of their number one draft pick Troy Aikman at the Mobil Cotton Bowl on January 2nd. The senior quarterback lived up to the " Aikmania " that swept Dallas by leading the Bruins to an im- pressive 17-3 victory over Southwest Con- ference champion Arkansas in front of a sellout crowd of 74,304. Aikman showcased his talents by com- pleting 19 of 27 passes for 172 yards and one touchdown, a two yard toss to tight end Corwin Anthony just before halftime. Performing under pressure, the offense converted on 12 of 20 crucial third dow n situations to keep drives alive. Aikman picked the Razorbacks apart with short rollout passes underneath their deep zone and freshman tailback Shawn Wills racked up 120 yards on the ground to balance the Bruin attack. While the offense chipped away at the Razorbacks, the Bruin defense simply dominated the Hogs, holding them to a measly 42 total yards and four first downs. The key to GCLA ' s success in shutting down Arkansas ' " flexbone " offense was stopping the Hog ' s potent running attack, limiting Arkansas rushers to a mere 21 yards overall. The Bruins took the lead on a one-yard plunge by Mark Estwick that capped off a 93 yard scoring drive early in the second quarter. The Aikman to Anthony touchdown pass made the lead 14-0 going into halftime. After Arkansas got on the board with a 49-yard Kendall Trainer field goal in the third period, CJCLA countered with a 32 yarder from Alfredo Velasco in the fourth to seal the win. The victory gave the Bruins an NCAA record seven consecutive postseason triumphs in a streak that includes wins in the Aloha (1987), Cotton (1989), Fiesta (1985), Freedom (1986), and three Rose Bowls (1983, 1984, ' ! 986). The win moved GCLA up to sixth in the final AP and CJPI polls with a 10-2 record on the year. -Rick Marquardt Cotton Bowl 51 Water Polo ' T hey have won more games this year than any other water polo team in the history of GCLA, " said Head Coach Bob Horn. The Bruins began the season undefeated, 16-0. Yet, challenged by the Trojans, the Bruins lost, 10-9. Assistant Coach Gary Roberts admit- ted, " I was really disappointed. We didn ' t stick to the game playing that we had followed. " Nevertheless, they returned to win games at the Bruin Invitational. The team then went to the Bay Area to battle Stan- Fernando Carsalade ford and Cal. CCLA successfully defeated the Car- dinals 8-5, but lost to the Golden Bears, 8-7. Stunned, though not discour- was beaten, 7-5. Then, in their match against Stan- ford, the poloists were set back once more, losing 4-3. " We did okay defen- f II aged, the Bruins came back to win their next home games. But the haunting of Califor- nia returned. In another physically tough game, UCLA sively, but we couldn ' t do anything offensively. We just weren ' t mentally prepared, " said senior hole man Hank Peterson. Described by Coach Bob Horn as " the best defensive player in collegiate water polo, " Car- salade had a season total of 55 steals, 29 assists, and 40 goals. He was honored as " Most Valuable Player " in the Club National Champi- onships. As hole man Alex Rousseau expressed, " He ' s a good all-around player strong, consis- tent, and always motivated. He always thought of the team before himself. " Sports Spotlight - 52 Water Polo 1 Mike VanderWaerdt 1A Dan Hackett IB Eric Bockstahler 1C Robert Frackelton ID Chris Mikus 2 Marcelo Carsalade Scott Leonard Kurt Fry Hank Peterson Mark Maretzki Alexis Rousseau Donn Yamada Vince Herron Javier Escobar Blake Krikorian David Jordon Pat Shipman Q Q G G G D H D H D H D D D D D D Opposite bottom left, Javier Escobar hopes to score a goal. Head Coach Bob Horn and the team go oner the plans a final Lime, opposite top left. Alex Rousseau, op- posite top right, looks for someone to pass the bait to. Donn Yamada, throws the ball to team- mate, top. Middle, the team watches the oppos- ing team warming up. Scott Leonard, left, at- tempts to block the throw. Photo s by Chuck T u f f I i and Dan MacMedan and courtesy of UCLA Sports Informa- tion. 14 Jeff Moore D 15 Marco Rago D 16 Fernando Carsalade D 2M 17 Steve Granick D 18 Cameron Thomas D 19 K.C. Nowak D 20 Jeff Masumoto D 21 Bill Harmon D 23 Trevor Kirschuner D 24 Meal Rayner D 25 MikeWilmink 2M 26 Phillip Hadfield H 27 Jason Belanger D 28 Pero Asic 2M 29 Keith Head H Ross Borden Dave Cesario Derek Dundas Matt Emerzian Craig Lumb Jeff Wimbish Jon Wimbish Q - Goalkeeper D - Driver H - Holeman 2M Defensive Hole Guard - 1988 Redshirt Nevertheless, for their final game of the season, the Bruins triumphed over ' SC, 12-11. In the semi-final round of the MCAA tournament, they beat the Navy Mid- shipmen and CSC Trojans, 11-3 and 13-10, respectively. It seemed as if the Bruins were on their way to their first NCAA title in water polo since 1972, but in the championship match against California, they lost, 14-11. Despite several setbacks during the season, the Bruin team stayed strong. As Coach Horn con- cluded, " They really were a super team. They worked togeth- er to win, not to compete amongst each other. " --Tammy Gee Water Polo 53 Swimming ON DUTY CLti - I It ' s 5:30 a.m. and the sun ' s barely risen. Seventeen girls wearing swimsuits and goggles congregate at the men ' s gym pool. A thin layer of fog blankets the warm water. The girls plunge in. ..swimming prac- tice has begun. Both the men ' s and women ' s teams prac- ticed in excess of 20 hours per week. Gnder the guidance of women ' s Head Coach Cyndi Gallagher and men ' s Head Coach Ron Ballatore, both teams sought to maintain their position among the top 10 in the na- tion. Every day, the swimmers worked to im- prove their times. These athletes not only raced against competitors, they raced against themselves -- striving to beat their personal best. -Mikel Healey 54 Swimming fir ' fl Striving to Beat Personal Craig Oppel Jenny Susser - A senior psych- ology major, Craig Oppel won a Gold Medal in the ' 88 Olympics as part of the 800 freestyle relay team. Oppel is a three time All- American, and owns the UCLA school record in the 200 yard freeestyle at 1:33.93. He also scored 27 in the NCAA. A senior political science major, Jen- ny Susser pa r - t ici pated in the 1988 Olympic Trails, and holds the school record in the 50 yard free- style with a 23.37 time. Susser also earned A I 1 - American honors on 3 medley teams, the 200 free, 200 and 400 medley. Holding the school record in the 1000 free, Sherry Smith, opposite bottom right, striues to beat her own time of 951 .41. Junior Monica Mateu, opposite bottom left, maintained an ' A ' grade average. The men ' s swim team dem- onstrate their spirit with the UCLA Eight Clap, opposite top left. Men ' s Hall of Fame Coach Ron Ballatore, opposite top right, enters his llth year at UCLA. Ballatore coached Olympic swim- ming in ' 68,72,76 84, and ' 88. Also, the men ' s team included 4 Olym- pians. The gun blasts, and the swimmers diue towards a competitive race, opposite middle right. At practice, left, freshman breast stroker Heather Suskin strives to improve her time . Photos by Alex Casares, Todd Cheney, and David Zetland. Men ' s Team Andrea Cecchi Br Byron Davis Sp Mark Dean Fly Richard Drewelow DFr Mario Fernandez Br Brett Garr Sp Rodrigo Gonzalez Sp IM Rob Graner Sp Terry Harvego DFr Mike Johnson Fr Fly Mike Kanner B Brian Kurza Sp Dan Kutler Sp Andy O ' Grady Br Craig Oppel Fr Mike Sandstrum Sp Bram Tester DFr Mark Thompson Fly B Giuseppe Tiano B Brad Toothaker Fly Darren Ward 1M Women ' s Team Mindi Bach Fly IM Jean Badding Br Susie Brisco Fr Sp Michele Drummonds Fr Sp Chandra Gooding B Melissa Herndon IM Fr Monica Mateu Fly Katie Myers Br Susan Potrepka B Melissa Skinner Br Fr Sheryl Smith Fr Fly Kristin Stoudt Fly Fr Heather Suskin Br Jenny Susser Fr Sp Rhonda Von Soosten Fr Sp Monica Ward Fly Fr Ananda Wiedman IM Fly Swimming 55 Overcoming Injuries Losses O 4 6 ur of- f e n se is much more e x - plosive (this year), " Head Coach Billie Moore told the Daily Bruin. Sandra VanEm- bricqs and Michelle Wootton contributed much talent to the team. Dana Childs, Althea Ford, and Rachelle Roulier also saw more play- ing time. Coach Moore, in her 12th season, knew how to com- bine veteran and younger players. This year ' s freshmen recruits were power- ful. Among them was Molly Tideback, a 6 ' 3 " freshman center. The team also had to overcome inju- ries. Michelle Miles suffered a concus- sion and a neck sprain in a game against Cal. In the same game, Sheri Bouldin suffered a dislocated shoulder that kept her out for most of the season. VanEmbricqs sprained an ankle against Ohio State and in a win over Southern Utah State, Molly Tideback also went down with a sprain- ed ankle. Also, after finishing a very competitive pre- season schedule, they got off to a slow start losing to North Carolina state, 67-60, and to Cin- cinnati 59-57. But neither inju- ries nor early losses kept these Bruins down. They came back to win against Northern Arizona, 80-46; Cal, 72-57; and in one of the biggest games of the season, beat cross-town rival CSC by a score of 76-62. -Teri Zuniga I ID 56 Women ' s Basketball Sheri Bouldin Dana Childs Althea Ford Lynn Kamrath Eugenie Lewis Michelle Miles DeDe Mosman Rachelle Roulier Molly Tideback 33 Sandra VanEmbricqs F C 24 Michele Wooton G F 51 Elaine Youngs F F- Forward C- Center G- Guard One of the West ' s top players, San- dra VanEmbricqs came to UCLA from the Netherlands to combine her aca- d e m i c and basketball inter- ests. At 6 ' 3 " she held UCLA highs of 25 points, 15 rebounds and 5 blocks. Sports Spotlight Southern Utah finds out that no one can Althea Ford, bottom left, from making a lay-up. Speed to outmaneuuer her op- ponent allows Dana Childs, opposite bottom right, the opening for the shot. Opposite bottom left, an injured Molly Tideback may not be able to leap in joy of the 76-62 victory over CISC, but she still manages to show her Bruin spirit. Eugenie Lewis ' opponent can only watch as she takes the outside jump shot, opposite top right. Head Coach Billie Moore giues some last minute instructions before the second half begins. Although Lewis seems to be smothered, bottom right, this does not distract her from the game. Photos by Todd Cheney. Women ' s Basketball 57 Style And Perfection In a sport that is mostly mental, gymnastics requires the athlete to have confidence and experience. With many returning members from the previous year on both the men ' s and the women ' s teams, the 1989 season was a successful one. With 13 returnees, " This is the first team in four years that returns all our experienced competitors, " said women ' s head coach Jerry Tomlin- son, who coached his 1 1th season for GCLA. Heading the list of returnees were Jill Andrews, Kim Hamilton, Renee Kelly, Gigi Zosa and co-captains Amy Lucena and Tanya Service. Assistant coaches were Valorie Kondos and Mike Vossen. Top performers on the men ' s team included veteran all- arounders Michael Chaplain, Curtis Holdsworth and David St. Pierre. Also returning was Chris Waller who was the top finisher for the Bruins in the 1988 NCAA. Entering his 25th year as head coach of the men ' s team was Art Shurlock with Assistant Coach Yefim Furman. After finishing 1st in the 1988 Conference and 3rd in the NCAA, the men ' s team strove to continue holding a place in the NCAA top ten finishes. Both the men ' s and the women ' s teams consistently competed well throughout the season. Coaches S hurlock and Tomlinson have certainly molded the Bruin programs into one of the nation ' s finest. --Janine Ouyang .. AMERICAN . Michael Chaplin One of the Bruins ' best gymnasts was Michael Chaplain. Specializing in the rings which he won at the Olympic Trials, Chaplain has com- peted internationally, finishing 12th overall at the ' 88 USG F Champioships and placing 13th in the Trials. Also, he established new career bests in the pommel horse (9.55), rings (9.85), parallel bars (9.55) and high bar (9.5). Tanya Service Recognized as one of the finest collegiate gymnasts is Tanya Alana Service. Ser- vice, a political science major, was one of the co-captains on the 1989 team. A former member of the US National Team and 1987 Pac-10 Gymnast of the Year, she holds the school record on bars (9.80) and John Wooden Center records on beam (9.65), floor exercise (9. 85) and all-around (38.30). Ail-Around gymnast Jill Andrews competes in the floor exercise, opposite top. Terry Notary, op- posite bottom, aims to beat his best of 9. 1 on the pommel horse. Shawn McGinnis, middle, displays her talent on the bars. Jennifer Greenhut, bottom left, striues for perfect form on the beam. Chris Waller, bot- tom right, stretches toward perfection at the UCLA Times Invita- tional. Photos by Stewart Kume and Todd Cheney. Michael Chaplin Tim Cho Jason Carman Marco Giguere Curtis Holdsworth Scott Keswick Terry Notary Rob Prins David St. Pierre Michael Sanders Chainey (Jmphery Chris Waller Sports Spotlight Women ' s Team Jill Andrews Natalie Britton Jennifer Greenhut Kim Hamilton Renee Kelly Amy Lucena Yolande Mavity Shawn McGinnis Laura Neustedter Gina Pesce Tanya Service Traci Tasher Cathy Yoshino Gigi Zosa I Gymnastics 59 Head coach Sigi Schmid called the season, his ninth a GCLA, his most sat- isfying yet. His team overcame injuries, inexperience, and the academic in- eligibility of a key player to gain a berth in the NCAA playoffs. Riding a 13-match winning streak, the Bruins advanced in- to the second round of the NCAA soccer , tournament, where they defeated arch- rival San Diego State University with two last-minute goals by Billy Thompson. " It was one of the greatest wins in With the goal in sight, Bill Thompson blazes doivnfield, opposite top right. In full stride, Ray Fernandez drives across the midfield, opposite top left. Searching for the open man, Steve Black dribbles doivnfield, opposite bottom right. With a menacing look on his face, Cobi Jones de- fends, middle. After his goal against Southern California College Ray Fernandez congratulates Aaron Muth, above. Us- ing his body, Chris Roosen gains control of the ball, right. Photos by Andrew Lin and Scott Weersing. UCLA history, " said Schmid. Other key players during the season were sophomore Ray Fernandez, and juniors Will Stead- man, Steve Black and Anton Nistl. Goalie Nistl was a major factor in the team ' s turnaround, according to Assis- tant Coach Tim Har- ris. " He was the cor- nerstone the team built on after the first three losses, " Harris said. According to Schmid, Nistl was also on track to break the GCLA record for career shutouts. Harris credited the team ' s success to a mixture of " leader- ship from the older players and hard- work and determina- tion from the younger players. " " They got to know what college soccer was really about, " Schmid said. -Jo Yang 60 Soccer Bill Thompson Thompson led the soccer team with 13 goals, tripling his freshman record of four and nearly doubling his sophomore record of seven. Schmid commented that Thompson had become a more ef- fective player, and was " able to take his danger and con- vert it to goals. " As a junior majoring in geography, Thomp- son hoped to play professional soccer for the US National Team in the 1994 World ' s Cup. hat Gonzalez Anton Nistl Robert Silverman Curtis Partain Bill Thompson Fabrizio Luppi Steve Black Mike tapper Tim Gallegos Will Steadman John Purzycki Ray Fernandez Dana Keir Sam George J.B. Frost Chris Roosen Mike Kafka Aaron Muth Nick Skvarna Lucas Martin Kirk Ferguson Gobi Jones F MF Armin Munevar D Pat Mclaughlin D Mike Brewin D Soccer 61 Melissa Sutlon, Laura Chapel, and teammate, opposite top, put in a last effort to reach the finish line. Opposite far right, Mark Kani contemplated staying ahead of the pack. Fighting to maintain his lead, Jim Ortiz keeps one step ahead of his competitors, opposite middle. At the HCAA Cross Country District champion- ships, junior Laura Chapel con- centrates on mouing up in the group of runners, right. Christian Cushing-Murray, bottom right, sprints the last leg of the race. Photos by Alex Casares and Scotl Weersing. Men s Team Ted Ackerly Alex McClave Beat Ammann Bill Meyer Mike Angioletti Joe Nitti Kevin Blazona Wayne Nitti Christian Cushing-Murray Shawn Noonan Aaron Cuthbertson Brian Ochs Mark Dani Sergio O ' Cadiz Bryon De Vore Jim Ortiz Richard Erbes Jim Robbins Greg Flynn Victor Santamaria Luigi Gratton Jonathan Smith Sven Haug Andy Swanson Jeff Korn Mike Wangler Tony Lopez Jeff Wood Robert Mata Women s Team Laura Andeen Keala Francis JoAnn Arnold Marissa Gardella Midge Arteaga Tiffany Gorman Jennifer Ashe Jamie Gunn C ' za Azcueta Jena Haggenmiller Kristin Bache Veil Lehman Nancy Brown Jennifer Smith Molly Burke Kim Stewart Laura Chapel Melissa Sutton Laurie Chapman Pam Thompson Andrea DellaMonica Debbie Williams Laurie Chapman- Mark Dani r Cross Country Although it may not look like it, a cross country race is won with the mind, and not the body. " It ' s the mental aspects (of a race) that are the biggest to overcome, " said varsity harrier Richard Erbes. Har- riers must maintain their confidence throughout a race, which can last over half an hour. Led by Team Cap- tain Jim Ortiz, a senior, the men ' s team maintained their third place standing in the con- ference. The team began the season well by placing first in the GCLA and Fresno State Invitationals. Mark Dani and Ortiz finished first and se- cond in both meets. The women ' s team also ran well throughout the season, winning four major meets: the GCLA, Riverside, Cal Poly and Aztec In- vitationals. Led by senior Team Captain Pam Thompson, the women runners " I love running, " exclaimed Junior Laurie Chapman, who put an exceptionally fine per- formance for the Bruins for the third year as their top har- rier. She claims that in order to balance her time between her run- ning and her studies as a psychology ma- jor, " I have to be disciplined... I ' ve been through a lot this season and running helps to release the stress. " Her highlight was placing sixth T overall in the Pac-10. Demonstrating ex- ceptional excellence for the Bruin harriers, Junior Mark Dani was the Bruins ' number one runner. When it came to running cross country, Dani stated, " I like the challenge...! want to do the best that 1 can. " He added, " 1 try to encourage the rest of the team by an example. " example was as he placed overall in the B B } 79t setting Dani ' s evident second Pac-10. Sports Spotlight placed secon d in the Pac-10 for the third year in a row, and qualified for the MCAA Champion- ships, where they placed 13th. The top runners were junior Laurie Chapman, who finished first for the Bruins and sixth overall in the con- ference meet, and sophomore Melissa Sutton, who finished second for the Bruins and ninth overall. " Overall, we had a good season. We would like to stay in the top three posi- tions in the con- ference and try to qualify for the Na- tionals next year, " said Larsen. " The team ran well all year round, " Messina said of his team. ' ' We a c - complished a ma- jority of our goals this season. There are a lot of good and fond memo- ries. -Janine Ouyang Cross Country 63 A Swinging The men ' s golf team aspired to cap- ture another national championship title again in ' 89 after winning the 1988 NCAA golf championship at North Ranch in May. With top players like senior Rich Greenwood and sophomore Tim Cruikshank who returned this year from the NCAA fivesome, the Bruin golfers awaited another victorious year. The men ' s golf team consisted of talent, experience, and consistent play from its players who all held impressive records in golf. The team ' s accomplishments were also credited to Head Coach Eddie Merrins who was a renowned golfer himself. An impressive player also, Cruikshank averaged 74.4 in nine tournament rounds. Unlike the men ' s golf team who pos- sessed experience, the women ' s team was young, yet talented and aggressive. " Even though the women ' s team is a reasonably young team with no seniors, the players all have strong skills and are men- tally tough to go along with their high team spirit, " commented Jackie Tobian- Steinmann, the head women ' s coach who was also a 12th-year L.P.G.A. The team this season in- cluded five returnees: juniors Jean Zedlitz and Paige Wery, and sophomores Debbi Koyama, LaRee Sugg and Ho- ly Williams. As they were placed top ten in the twelve tournaments in the 1987-88 season, the goal of the women golfers this year was to place in the top five nationally, according to Tobian-Steinmann. One of this season ' s highlights included the Japan Friendship Tour in which UCLA finished third. -Jo Yang Men ' s Team Pat Brown Dean Catelano Tim Cruikshank Greg Garbero Ted Gleason Rich Greenwood Steve Haynes Jim Johnson Tony Kim Roberto Lebrija Brian Leitgeb Mike McCarthy Bill Moore James hello Rob Sullivan Ken Tanigawa Dennis Ventry Kent Wiese Women ' s Team LaRee Sugg Annika Ostberg Jean Zedlitz Christy Erb Holly Williams Debbi Koyama Paige Wery Rich Greenwood Senior Rich Greenwood was the co-captain of the Bruin golfers who earned a trip to the NCAA ' s by winning the 1988 Pasadena City Championship shooting 69-69-72- 74-274 at Brookside Golf Course. His average in 33 rounds was 75.9. His past victories included wins in the (JCLA Bill Bryant Invitational and the Western Inter- collegiate at Pasatiempo. Green- wood was known as a long hitter and a superior putter. 64 Golf : Co Team Capta in Jean Zed I itz, a ' unior, was the ighest finishing Bruin at the NCAA ' s tying for 23rd place. In 1988, she tied for fourth at Stanford and California Col- legiates while she tied for seventh at BY(J in which she carded a 220, her collegiate best. She placed top 25 in nine tournaments. Zedlitz had a great ambition to be a professional because she was " competitive, and has done very well in the past, 4 ' Tobian-Steinmann remarked. " " Sports Spotlight Opposite left, lugging golf clubs was an easy task for the women ' s team when a golf cart was available. Jean Zedlitz demonstrates the perfect form of teeing off, opposite top. Top left, with a serious ex- pression, Rich Green- wood attentively watches a golf ball set in motion. LaRee Sugg smiles as she executes a powerful drive to start her round, top right. Ken Tanagawa, right, confidently shoots for a birdie that could win the team the 1989 NCAA National Champi- onship. Photos courtesy of UCLA Sports Informa- tion. Golf 65 Crew is a team sport where each member is as vital as the boat itself. Last year, the UCLA men ' s eight man shell won the 1987 Pac-10 Champion- ship. Despite the fact that they were con- sidered underdogs, the Bruins beat their opponent by 20 strokes. Likewise the women ' s crew team in 1988 were 2 in the Pac-10. This year the tradition continued. Under the leadership of men ' s coach Zenon Babraj and women ' s coach Kelly Salonites, the men ' s and women ' s crew teams were off to a fast start. The women ' s novice team beat USC in their first scrimage match while the men ' s teams were on the road to success with all but three members returning. As with any other sport, practice was an essential part. The team practiced two to five hours daily on campus and at La Ballona Creek in Marina del Rey. One unique aspect of these teams was that the athletes came to UCLA solely on their academics. For the most part, crew members were recruited on campus rather than from high schools. Furthermore, new recruits rarely had any prior experience in rowing. The versatility of the athletes plus the demands of their sport taught many impor- tant lessons. One of the most important was team work. As men ' s captain Brad Weiner discovered, " It has taught me discipline. I ' ve come to realize that it ' s more of a responsibility.. .it ' s a team pro- ject. (When in the shell) No one can really go anywhere or accomplish anything without the other. " UCLA graduate Brooks . Dagman, manager of the men ' s team, add- ed, " Every single movement is synchroniz- ed to move a boat weighing 250 Ibs. plus the added average total weight of about 600-750 Ibs. In other words, its the ultimate team sport. " -Tess Paragas 66 Crew Synergy In Motion Michelle Brands Anne Castellano Miroslava Chavez Kim Cromer Jennifer Dalton Karen Finney Lynn Marie Gamon Shea Garvin Leslie Gudel Allison Hudak Tara Jones Sylvia King Leslie Lewis Elissa Lien Beth Mathinoetz Martha Ration Kristen Rangel Margarita Reyes Leticia Salcedo Jennifer (Jnderdahl Lisa Vanderburg Kelley Wely Jean Doyle Marc Batchelder Leo Bielefield Mike Condrin Sieve Cundall Mike Farrell Derek Fisher Matt Griffin Dave Johnson Dan Kindorf Eric Kowal Greg LeSage Brad Marquardt Craig Nicholson Simon Outhwaite Howard Richter Mike Rivers Ace Thayer Stefonos Voliantis Dave Watt Craig Webster Brad Weiners Karen Finney Brad Wiener " Be patient, work hard and believe in yourself, " is Karen Finney ' s motto in life. She learned this valuable lesson from being on crew for four years. Her loyalty to the team earned her the title of captain. Her perseverence in learning the strokes and developing her talent in crew has taught her that when a team works together. " everything together. " comes " Crew has helped me to see the sport as a team project, " Brad Wieners, men ' s crew captain, exclaimed. As a true amateur of the sport, Brad joined the team during his freshman year. In 1987, as a member of the eight man shell, he helped clinch the Pac-10 championship. During his years at UCLA, Brad felt that " being on the crew team, " has given me that balance in life. s Spotlight ' Members from the men ' s crew team, opposite top, show determination. Opposite right, a pair from men ' s crew kick some water. Opposite bottom, a member from the women ' s team gives that extra push. Top, the group in the four- man shell, practice while the sun ' s still rising. Coach Miller, left, gives guidance to his team, while the women ' s team practices, above. Photos by Todd Cheney and Stewart Kume. Crew 67 ' . Clockwise from top: Brill Williams emphasizes grace. Scott Upper is oblivious to distractions. Perfect form down to her pointed toes is an example of Kitty McMahon ' s skills. Details like hand posi- tions are not overlooked by Omar Boyd. A splashless entry tops off Karla Cottman ' s diue. Photos courtesy of UCLA Sports Information and by Albert Poon. Men ' s Team Omar Boyd Scott Upper Women ' s Team Karla Goltman Lisa Hecker Kitty McMahon I ' .i itt Williams Scott Upper Scott (Jpper per- formed well under the pressure of be- ing the experienced half of the Bruin men ' s diving team. A junior economics major, Scott finish- ed fourth in the Pac 10 one meter finals and third in the Pac 10 three meter finals in 1988. Com- ing into the season, Scott looked ready to surpass his past accomplishments with a personal best of 504.55 in the one meter and 475.35 in the three meter. Karla Goltman led the UCLA women ' s diving team as she aimed for making Ail-American for the third year in a row. This senior economics major was a 1987 All- American in the three meter category and earned the honor in 1988 for her one meter performance. Her quest for personal honors kept the Bruins near the top in 1989. Sports Spotligm 68 Diving Short But Swee The 1988-89 UCLA diving team roster was short and sweet. Short with only two men and three women divers and sweet with the successes of those few. The men ' s diving duo of junior Scott Up- per and sophomore Omar Boyd consistent- ly placed high in mets such as the early season CISC Invitational where Boyd took first place and Upper followed at second, and the Mission Viejo Invitational where Upper won the one and three meter. Boyd also qualified for the NCAA preliminaries. The women ' s squad also made a splash with junior Britt Williams and senior Karla Goltman who took first place in the three meter at USC and in the one and three meter at Mission Viejo. -Rick Marquardt Diving 69 The Beginning of A New Era 4 Trevor Wilson F 11 Kevin Williams G 12 Gerald Madkins G 15 Derrick Martin G 20 Jeff Bronner G 21 Darrin Dafney G 24 Jerome Richardson G 25 Keith Owens 34 Sean Lamb 42 Don MacLean 43 Stephen Brumbach 45 Charles Rochelin F 50 Kevin Walker F G Guard F - Forward 70 Men ' s Basketball This year marked the beginning of a new era under first year coach Jim Har- rick. He had a long road ahead of him as the team went 16-14 and 12-6 in Pac-10 play last year. In Harrick ' s first press con- ference he stated, " We want CJCLA to be a sound, solid program, that is built on a solid foundation. " With a basically young team, Harrick began setting that " solid foundation " upon which to build a strong team. Senior Jerome " Pooh " Richardson returned at guard, junior Trevor Wilson at forward, and freshmen sensations Darrick Martin and Don MacLean con- tributed their talents at guard and for- ward respectively. The team got off to a strong start defeating Australia ' s Adelaide 36 ' ers in exhibition play. They then went on to defeat Texas Tech and Brigham Young with no pro- blems. One of the most exciting games was against arch-rival Pooh Richardson Senior guard Jerome " Pooh " Richardson was an Ail-American can- didate standing at 1 from CISC at the Sports Arena. Due to a missed shot by CSC in the last two se- conds, CICLA escaped with a 67-66 win. Also, with 15 seconds left in the game against the Washington State Cougars, Richardson passed to Wilson. Wilson missed an 11 -footer, but came back with two seconds left to put in a 5-footer, giving GCLA a 64-63 victory. Coach Harrick was very demanding of his players not only in games, b ut also in drills and prac- tices. Well condi- tioned, organized, and prepared, the team went on to have an excellent season. -Teri Zuniga Philadelphia, PA. He ' s had an ex- cellent career here at CICLA, and has made a name for himself by becom- ing UCLA ' s Career Assist Leader. When Pooh worked his backcourt magic he was unstoppable. He was one of the first people coach Harrick looked to for leadership and experience in a relatively young team. As Harrick stated, " He is one of the premier guards in the country. " Photo courtesy of Sports Info. Sports Spotlight- Trevor Wilson, opposite top left, outjumps a Stanford player. Opposite top right, Darrick Martin uses some shoulder power in driuing to the hoop. Keuin Walker, opposite bottom right, goes ouer an opponent to drop in two points. Pooh Richardson goes in for a flu- ing jam as Notre Dame players watch in amazement, opposite bottom left. An SC player watches as Richardson puts in a lay up, top left. Top right, Coach Harrick yells an order to his players. Left, Walker and Wilson double team a Notre Dame player. Photos by Todd Cheney, Bruce Weimer, and Andrew Lin Men ' s Basketball, 71 Making It to The Final Four It ' s not every year that a team storms over all competition, cap- tivates a campus, and lays the founda- tion for a dynasty. GCLA ' s women ' s volleyball team dominated all NCAA competition and reached the Final Four, only to be upset by Texas. In 1988, the Bruins started fast by thwarting defen- ding National Champs Hawaii, defending Pac-10 Champs Stanford, and highly-ranked Il- linois and Texas teams. It was then that GCLA assumed the 1 position in the nation. No season is complete without a bashing of CISC, and the Bruins conquered Troy twice along with every other Pac-10 team. The season culminated in a game against 2 Stanford, which threatened UCLA ' s Pac-10 title. True to form, the Bruins handily ousted these 1987 champs in front of 4,128 fans at Pauley. The Bruins wrap- ped up an unde- feated (31-0, 18-0 Pac-10) regular season, and then reigned victorious in the Western Regionals over Cal, B Y CI , a n d Washington, propell- ing CICLA into the Final Four. Many considered this 1988 team the best since the 1984 National Champion- ship team. Senior All-American Ann Boyer established a trademark at the setter position that will be difficult to duplicate. Newcom- ers Jenny Evans, Elaine Youngs, and Laurie Jones all had an immediate im- pact and instilled a feeling of con- fidence on the team. Youngs also re- ceived honorable mention A I I - American honors. Jenny Crocker, a junior redshirt, overflowed with hus- tle and enthusiasm and became the team ' s best junkball hitter. Endowed with a strong arm, out- side hitter Samantha Shaver was a leading spiker. Then came Daiva Tomkus she blocked, spiked, hustled, a n d motivated the team, and developed into the on-the-court leader. Coach Andy Banachowski and Assistant Coaches Greg Giovannazzi and Jeanne Beauphry Reeves constructed a great attacking force. Karen Hansen ex- plained, " They were always there to give us encouragement. They really deserve a lot of credit. " Although the season fell Short of the Na- tional Champion- ship, the team played an exciting and successful season for which Bruin fans could cheer and be proud. -Jay Ross 72 Women ' s Volleyball Opposite top left, All- American Ann Boyer and Laurie Jones prepare to receive a serve. Opposite top right, All-American Daiua Tomkus and Samantha Shaver shut down the middle. Op- posite inset, Jenny Euans readies herself for a serue. Top left, Ann Boyer sets for Elaine Youngs who crushes a spike over the net. Bot- tom left, Jenny Crocker screams " Out! " after a close call. Bottom right, Daiua Tomkus and Samantha Shaver posi- tion themselves to dig a spike. Photos by Bruce Weimer. I Traci Broadway 3 Pia Svenson 4 Samantha Shaver 5 AM Dickson 6 Jennifer McCloskey 7 Karen Hansen 8 Laurie Jones 9 Jenny Evans 10 Ann Boyer I 1 Jenny Crocker 12 Jennifer Qratteau 13 Rachel Morris 15 Elaine Youngs 16 Hilary Malloy 17 Daiva Tomkus Ihe-courj :- Coach Andy oki and ' -.-.- ' . ' .ft Coaches ireg Giovannazzi i nd Jea n ne. ieauphry Reeve} cnstructed a great ; force. -sen e - aned. " They were ... -re to give Demerit. ., ;=;, deserve credit. " .though the season ,,l gut of the Ha- -ampion- ; team ttyed an excitini: cesstu son for hic Iruin fans could er and be prou ..Jay Ross Standing 6 ' 1 " , Daiva Tomkus dominated most games from her middle blocker position. She cap- tured PAC-10 Player of the Year honors with a .409 hitting percentage, 401 kills, 65 service aces, 32 block solos, 1 14 block assists, and 298 digs. Also in 1988, she earned All- American status for the second time. Sports Spotlight- Women ' s Volleyball 73 Strengthening Their Base The toughest losses for the 1989 CJCLA baseball squad oc- cured before the team ever took the field. Top slugger Eric Karros, power- hitter Joe James, and infielder Bobby Holley all skipped their senior season with the Bruins after being drafted by the pros. Graduation also took its toll on Coach Gary Adam ' s club as they lost the ace of their pitching staff, Mike Magnante, a 14-win right hander in 1988, and outfielder Jeff Osborn, a .300 plus hitter for the Bruins. One might expect that such heavy losses combined with a devastating Six-Pac and non- conference schedule would crush the spirits of this young team. To the con- trary, these disad- vantages motivated the Bruins to s.ur- prise the college baseball world and improve on their 30 national ranking 74 Baseball com ing into the season. The brightest spot for GCLA baseball was their experi- enced infield, an- chored by fourth year starter Scott Cline at third base. Cline was joined by senior Charlie Fiac- co at second, and junior Mike Hankins at shortstop to form the defensively solid and offensively powerful infield. The swift outfield of senior David Keating, junior Rob Katzaroff, and sophomore Dave Zancanaro led the Bruins ' new em- phasis on speed rather than power. The trio was depended on heavily for their bats and gloves as well as their blazing speed on the basepaths. Possibly the weakest area for the Bruins was the pit- ching staff. The star- ting rotation featured three sophomores Mike Fyhrie, Scott Schantz, and Dave Zancanaro. The bullpen was slightly more experienced with junior right- hander John Sutherland and another trio of se- cond year hurlers. The Bruins faced a long road in 1989, but the young team matured quickly under fire and utiliz- ed their speed to give the teams of the Six-Pac a run for their money. -Rick Marquardt - Scott Cline Scott Cline could have taken his solid hitting and consis- tent defense to the pros this season, but opted to stay on for his senior year with the Bruins. The 6 ' 1 " 3rd baseman from Camarillo was considered one of the top defensive infielders in the league, and his 1988 offensive numbers speak for themselves: a .308 average with 9 home runs and 44 RBI ' s. As co-cap- tain, Cline played a major role in leading the young Bruins as one of on- ly two seniors on the team, and he ' ll have ample oppor- tunity to showcase his talent in the pros. -Sports Spotlight re Baseball Robbie Katzaroff OF Mike Hankins SS Mike Fyhrie P Dave Zancanaro P OF David Ravitz IF Brian Schwartz C Tony Darden P Scott Cline 3B Joel Wolfe IB Bob Allen OF Mannie Adams IF Paul Ellis C Dave Keating OF Charlie Fiacco 2B David Tokhiem OF Derek Vaughn OF Mike Kerber P DH Zac Reeder P Chris Pritchett IF Adam Schulhofer OF Scott Schanz P John Sutherland P Tim Lindsay P John Dolak C Mike Lewis P 1B Kevin Webb 3B Tim Szymanski IF OF - Outfielder SS - Shortstop P - Pitcher I - Infielder C - Catcher 3B - Third Baseman IB - First Baseman 2B - Second Baseman DH - Designated Hitter Specializing in the split-finger and fast ball, John Sutherland, opposite top, delivers the latter. Opposite left, Zac Reeder contemplates an upcoming afternoon game. First baseman Mike Lewis, top, receives the ball on a failed pick-off attempt. Lead-off man Robbie Katzaroff, left, begins another game with a hit. Above, members of the learn concentrate on the game. Photos by Todd Cheney and Stewart Kume. Baseball 75 Track and Field As 7 current and former (JCLA track stars captured 14 Olympic medals in Seoul ' s 1988 Summer Olympic Games, the (JCLA track team elevated to a level of international prominence. However, the team has lost some of its initial momentum this year, after losing Anthony Washington, Henry Thomas, who decided to redshirt this season, Kevin Young, who graduated last June, and Danny Everett, a two-time Olympic medalist and a NCAA champion in the 400-meter and the 1600- meter relays to the professional track and field. Nationally, the team achieved two vic- tories in the NCAA championship in the past two years and is " aiming to win its third straight victory. ..because GCLA has a unique track program, " said David Wilson. Olympian Mike Marsh echoed his team- mate ' s confidence: " 1 believe we can take the Pac-10 challenge. " Because GCLA lost some of its best sprinters this year, the Bruins excelled in- stead in the jumps, distances, throws, and " everything that we were weak before, " Wilson said. This year, a returning Olympian and a gold medalist in the 400-meter, Steve Lewis led the Bruins in the indoor races. Despite the fact that track is a multi- event sport consisting of different groups, track is a team sport. As Wilson said, " Everyone plays a big role in winning the championship. " -Jo H. Yang Opposite top, senior Kris Larson competes in the shot put. Sophomore Olympic Gold Medalist Steve Lewis crosses the finish line in a competi- tion, opposite bottom left. A 5 ' 6 " sophomore Caryl Smith, opposite right, concentrates on running the relay . Janeene Vickers, top right, practices her hur- dles. Photos courtesy of Sports Infomation. David Wilson Kris Larson- A senior psychology major, -David Wilson described himself as a " perfectionist. " As a GCLA leader in throws, Wilson cap- tured second in the hammer and sev- enth in the shot put at the 1988 NCAA championship. Wilson aspired to place in the NCAA and to rank top ten in his three events at the TAC na- tionals this year. Eventually he plans to compete in the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona, Spain: Finishing fourth in the NCAA champi- onship in 1988, Kris Larson also achiev- ed second place in the Pac-10 meet where she set a school record with a toss of 185 ' 6 " . In 1988, Larson placed fourth in the Pac-10 javelin. Larson, a 5 ' 9 " weight event leader in UCLA from Olympia, WA, excelled in the javelin, shot put, and discus. Sports Spotlight ' 76 Track On the Right Track Men ' s Team Ted Ackerley D Aaron Cuthbertson D Steve Lewis S Tim Prince J Beat Ammann D Mark Dani D Luis Luna 800M Jim Robbins D McArthur Anderson J Bryon DeVore D Chris Madden Decath Robert Rynearson PV Derrick Baker S J Daniel Dinkins S Howard Magee S Haissam Sabra D Jeremy Batrez H Joe Duarte Decath Michael Marsh S Victor Santamaria D Eric Bergreen T Richard Erbes D Robert Mata D Andy Sims 800M Jon Bettinger PV Greg Flynn D Darren Matthews J Steve Slocum PV Eric Bixier Decath Bill Freeborn J Bill Meyer D Darrell Smith H J Kevin Blazona D David Fursman Decath Chris Moura H Jonathan Smith D Brian Blulreich T Diatori Gildersleeve J H Quinn Mieland HJ Michael Stevenson S Jay Borick PV Luigi Gratton D Joe Mitti D Andrew Swanson D Chuckle Brooks S J Sven Haug D Wayne Nitti D Henry Thomas S Peter Brown PV John Johnson Decath David Noel PV Pete Thompson T Dave Bultman T Lawrence Killens J Shawn Noonan D Richard Van Bibber J David Bunevacz Jave Derek Knight H Sergio O Cadiz D Mike Wan gler D Ted Cablayan 400M John Knight T Brian Ochs D Cory Williams S Ed Cogan HJ Jeff Korn D Chris O ' Conner PV Kevin Williams S Christian Gushing- Chris LaQuay HJ Jim Ortiz D David Wilson T Murray D Johnny Lee PV Kelly Port BOOM Mike Wisnovsky 800M Women s Team Jeff Wood D Laura Andeen D Althea Fuller Christine Porter D Christy Ward WE JoAnn Arnold D Marissa Gardella D Gina Prince Jennifer Whelchel WE Midge Artega D Tiffany Gorman D Daina Ramey S J Debbie Williams D Jennifer Ash MD Jena Haggenmiller D Tonya Sedwick ME Nikki Williams H C ' za Azcueta D Kathleen Hopkins D Catherine Simmons Kristi Bache MD Cathy Jordan Caryl Smith S D - Distance Brooke Bartholomew Julie Johnson MD Glenda Smith MD H Hurdles Nancy Brown D Choo Choo Jennifer Smith D HJ - High Jump Laura Chapel MD Knighten S H LaMonica Smith J - Jumps Kierstin Church D Kris Larson WE Tiffany Smith H J MD - Middle Distance Laurie Chapman D Veil Lehman D Kim Stewart MD ME - Multi Events Lisa Coleman J Ronda Loshonkohl WE Melissa Sutton D PV Pole Vault Andrea Delia Monica D Tracie Millett WE Nicotle Thompson S H S Sprints Candice Figueras Kelley Peacock ME Pam Thompson D T Throws Keala Francis D Debbie Phillips Janeene Vickers S H WE Weight Events Track 77 Most of the rebounds in Pauley Pavilion are grabbed by the basketball team but the men ' s volleyball squad needed a rebound of their own early in the season. The spikers strove to bounce back from a disappointing road loss to regain the top spot in college volleyball which they briefly held in Febru- ary. Al Scates, twenty-seventh year head coach, was determined in his quest for a 13th NCAA title. In tight preseason battles, upstart freshmen and sophomores challenged established veterans for nearly every starting position. The competition in practice carried over into games as GCLA recorded big wins over GCSB, San Diego State, and defending national champion GSC. The Bruins also swept Pepperdine (15-11, 17-15, 15-4) to win the 12th Annual Valgom Cup title. Leading the spikers in their impressive start were senior setter Matt Sonnichson, junior quick-hitter Trevor Schirman and team captain Anthony Curri. Coach Scates also received fine performances from swing hitters Bill Suwara, Oren Scher and transfer Kent Steffes as CICLA took over the 1 na- tional ranking vacated by Hawaii. However, the Bruins were stunned by WIVA opponent GCSB (17-15, 15-10, 15-8) in Santa Bar- bara, and lost their top spot. Gndaunted by this upset, the spikers came back to slam the Anteaters of GCI (15-0, 15-8, 15-12) in Pauley. The climb back to the top would take determination and mental toughness but the Bruins were prepared to work at realiz- ing their potential in order to regain their rightful place atop the collegiate volleyball throne. -Rick Marquardt 78 Men ' s Volleyball Courting a Championship 1 Benny Wang S 7 Mark Knudsen SW 9 Mike Stafford SW Matt Sonnichson S 11 12 14 17 18 19 Matt Perry T Rich Bland Q Matt Whitaker S Scott Herdman Q Anthony Curci T 20 Trevor Schirman Q 21 BillSuwara SW Mark Tedsen T Kent Steffes SW Brian Boone Q Carl Henkel SW 23 25 28 29 30 33 Mike Whitcomb Q Oren Scher SW S Setter SW - Swing Hitter Q - Quick Hitter T Technique Mike Whitcomb, opposite left, hits past the (JCSB block in the Bruin win. Opposite left, Benny Wang, giues his teammates a set. Matt Sonnichsen, left, reaches higher to beat out SDSU for the point. Oren Scher, bottom, giues his team a good return. Treuor Schirman is ready to spike the ball, below, with a set from Sonnichsen for a point for the Bruins. Photos by Bruce Weimer and courtesy of Daily Bruin file. Trevor Schirman When Trevor Schirman earned All-American honors as a freshman, he created a tough act to follow. However, the 6 ' 6 " junior quick hitter from Waimanolo, Hawaii has lived up to ex- pectations. His size, jumping ability, and physically i n - timidating style at the net earned him Ali-WIVA and an All-American Honorable Mention awards in 1988 and put him at the top of the national statistics in both blocking and hitting in 1989. ' Sports Spotlight- Men ' s Volleyball 79 Netting Up | The Points Sheer talent and dedication resulted in a winning year for the 1988-89 tennis teams. Coming into the season with the top men ' s and women ' s seeds, both maintained their superior status. The men ' s team started the season with a number one ranking in the Pac 10. Return- ing senior Buff Farrow showed great pro- mise for a fantastic year as the defending NCAA singles runner-up. Success in preseason tournaments such as Pat Galbreath and Brian Garrow ' s doubles vic- tory in the Volvo Intercollegiate Tennis Championships confirmed the team ' s top position. (Jnder the experienced eye of Head Coach Glenn Basset, the men ' s tennis team prepared for perhaps another NCAA championship. The women ' s tennis squad also held high hopes for a winning season under the guidance of Head Coach Bill Zaima, 1988 Pac 10 Coach of The Year. The experience of three top returning players, Jessica Em- mons, Kirsten Dreyer and Stella Sampras along with freshmen Alysia May, Mamie Ceniza and senior Catherine O ' Meara definitely made the women netters a team to watch. Coach Zaima worked to keep the team prepared as they set their sights on a season even better than their impressive number three rank last season. The confi- dent Zaima stated, " I firmly believe we have players who can beat anybody in any posi- tion. " -Clarissa Aesquivel Brian Garros 3 Stella Sampras Junior Brian Gar- row began the year as the 2 seed in men ' s singles but soon took the 1 spot after an ankle injury to Senior Buff Farrow. Gar- row helped the Bruins defend their number one pre- season ranking with consistent play on his own and teamed with Pat Galbraith to form one of the nation ' s top doubles pairs. Stella Sampras entered the 1989 season on top at the women ' s tennis world. The sophomore netter was an All- American in 1988 in both singles and doubles, and won the NCAA doubles championship with Allyson Cooper. Her play was a ma- jor factor in the Bruins high national ranking throughout the year. Sports Spotlight " Hours of practice haue made this forehand from Buff Farrow, opposite top, a nightmare to other teams. Stella Sampras, opposite bottom, hits the ball out of the reach of her opponent. Having a power serve in his repetoire helps make Brian Garrow the number one seaded singles player, left. Teamwork between Pat Galbraith and Brian Garrow, below, is the key formula to this pair ' s success. Bot- tom, the large Bruin banner behind Jessica Emmons portrays her dedication and commitment to the UCLA women ' s tennis team. Photos courtesy of UCLA Sports Information and by Albert Poon and David Zetland. x ; i I I . . : . s? ? 4 f i r t i ' r Kt- - Q ' -r H-t4 444-t Hi Men ' s Tennis Roster Bill Barber Bill Behrens Russell Berkowitz Rob Bierens Mark Campana Dean Cohen Buff Farrow Pat Galbraith Brian Garrow Ronen Itzhaki Dan Nahirny Jason Metier Giora Payes William Pham Mark Quinney Paul Scholtz Tim Sheehan Women ' s Tennis Roster Colinne Bartel Mamie Ceniza Kirsten Dreyer Jessica Emmons Lara Goldt Debbie LaFranchi Andrea Lieberman Alysia May Beth Nicholson Catherine O ' Meara Stella Sampras Tennis 81 As defending NCAA champions, the women ' s softball team continued to uphold their fine performance dur- ing the season. With 12 returning players from the championship squad and three new members, the talents of each individu- al contributed to the overall success of the team. Leading the team to their victories were Pac-10 Player of the Year pitcher Lisa Longaker, and first team Ail-Americans third baseman Janice Parks, and outfielder Lorraine Maynez. Their determination to do their best helped the Bruin team main- tain their playing status on the field. Joining Longaker on the mound was senior Samantha Ford, who returned for her last season on the team. During Ford ' s freshman year, she selected to the All- Pac-West Conference team. Newcomer Tif- fany Boyd was added to the ranks of these pitchers as she trained with them in hopes of helping to defend the team ' s title. The outfield was carefully guarded by sophomores Maynez and Shanna Flynn and the rotations of Bea Chiaravanont, Michelle Montgomery, and Yvonne Gutierrez. The infield experience was provided by Parks, sophomores Kerry Dienelt and Missy Phillips, and senior Karen Walker. The position of the catcher was in the hands of sophomore Erica Ziencina, one of the quickest players on the team, and senior Monica Tourville, who was also ef- fective as a designated hitter. Rounding out the line-up was freshman Kelly Inouye, a three-time All-GIF selection. One of the team ' s main goals was to uphold and repeat their position as defen- ding champs. Under the supervision of Head Coach Sharron Backus, this was not impossible. She has seen the team im- prove ea ch year, from runners-up in 1987 to NCAA champs in 1988, and to the point they have reached this past season. Coach Backus has kept the team ' s momentum go- ing, bringing home five national titles in the past 14 years. -Tammy Gee 1 Lorraine Maynez OF 2 Kelly Inouye C 3 Bea Chiaravanont OF DH 4 Samantha Ford P 6 Julie Poulos OF 7 Shanna Flynn OF 8 Yvonne Gutierrez OF 9 Lisa Longaker P 10 Michelle Montgomery OF 12 Kerry Dienelt IB 13 Erica Ziencina C 2B 14 Janice Parks 3B 15 Missy Phillips 2B SS 17 Karen Walker SS 18 Tiffany Boyd P OF 22 Monica Tourvilles C OF OF Outfielder SS Shortstop P Pitcher C Catcher IB First Baseman 2B Second Baseman 3B Third Baseman DH Designated Hitter I Softball Lisa Longaker Lisa Longaker ' s contributions to the team streng- thened the overall success of their performance, and has meritted top honors: 1987-88 Honda Award for most outstanding softball player, two-time First Team All-Ameri- can ( ' 87 ' 88), named Pac-10 Player of the Year and All-Pac-10 team for the se- cond year, and named to ' 87 ' 88 All-College World Series teams. She holds a GCLA season record in inning pitched (259,1), wins (31), and consecutive wins (22) in ' 88, and was awarded for having the lowest ERA, 0.30, in the nation. Sports Spotlight Bea Chiarauanont 3, opposite top, is about to giue a powerful throw after catching a high flying ball. Op- posite bottom, Missy Philips 15, gives teammate Kerry Dienelt a well deserved " high five. " Top, a UCLA player slams the ball towards left field to earn a hit. Shanna Flynn, opposite bottom, beats the throw with a quick slide home, scoring another run for the Bruins. Photos by Todd Che ney. Softball 83 Opposite top left, Delta Chi and Delta Tau Delta reach for a set during volleyball. In the ' A ' League championship, opposite top right, play was rough and spirited. Opposite bottom, the Tri-Delt women run to a 26-0 victory against Sigma Kappa. TriDelt (passing) challenges Alpha Phi to a game of flag football, right. Sigma Chi, above, confronts Bacculum as they compete on the softball field. Photos by Alex Casares, Albert Soong, and Lynette Tsai. CICLA offered an extensive intramural sports progam for men and women of all abilities. While fraternities and sororities often dominated the prestigious ' A ' leagues, more informal teams competed just as enthusiastically in the ' B ' and ' C leagues. Competition was held in a number of sports, including flag football and volleyball. Basketball was the most popular in- tramural sport, while soccer, fast becom- ing one of America ' s favorite sports, gained a foothold on campus. Intramurals played an important part in rounding out the student experience at CJCLA. " I feared losing the opportunity to play team sports and enjoy real competition when I came here, " explained Freshman Alan Ecker. " But intramurals allowed me to cultivate countless friendships and feel good about sweating out my anxieties. " Sophomore Teri Zuniga added, " I ' m really glad that GCLA offers a sports program to the average student. I love to play softball, and the IM program gives me the opportunity to do so without the pressures of being a UCLA team student athlete. " --Jay Ross 84 Intramural Sports Athletic Opportunities Intramural Sports 85 H ALL OF 1 AME F In the human drama of athletic competition, certain players fulfill a central role to their coaches, their teammates, and their fans. Halls of Fame are established to honor these indispensable athletes and preserve their achievements through the years. In this spirit, BruinLife is pleased to establish a Sports Hall of Fame for outstanding GCLA competitors from all sports. To enter the Hall of Fame re- quires talent, desire, and, above all, dedication. Behind the ac- complishments of each 1989 inductee stand the countless hours of practice on deserted fields and in empty gym- nasiums to attain the highest degree of excellence. This hard work away from the limelight, as well as their stunning per- formances in it, has elevated these individuals to the immor- tality of inclusion in the Hall of Fame. Junior forward Trevor Wilson has made an un- mistakable impact on the UCLA basketball program in just three years with the Bruins. His tough, no-holds-bar- red style of play has established him as the team ' s leading scoring and rebounding threat. In 1986-87, Wilson was named to the Pac-10 All Freshman Team and earned the Seymour Ar- mond Award for UCLA ' s most valuable freshman. As a sophomore, he emerged as the Bruins ' top scorer and re- bounder, averaging 15.4 points and 9.4 boards per game. These numbers earned Wilson the Pac-10 rebounding title and a spot on the All Pac-10 Conference Team. In his third year, under new head coach Jim Harrick, Trevor was more outstanding than ever, most notably scor- ing 21 points and collec- ting 13 rebounds in a monumental win over Louisville and sinking a shot at the buzzer to beat Washington St. 64- 63. All-American gymnast Curtis Holdsworth became the first freshman ever to win the NCAA pommel horse event in 1986 and went on to a fantastic career with the Bruins. The senior from Springfield, Massachusetts was UCLA ' s top finisher at the 1988 Olympic Trials. and competed on the U.S. World Champion- ship Team. Matt Sonnichsen, a 6 ' 5 " setter from Spring, Texas, has earned All- WIVA and All-American honors in four outstan- ding seasons with the UCLA Volleyball pro- gram. Matt helped the Bruins to the NCAA title in 1987 and again this year against Stanford, where he was named the NCAA Final Four Most Outstanding Player. - r c Senior goalkeeper Mike Vanderwaerdt was a key element in the success of Water Polo Coach Bob Horn ' s teams in 1987 and 1988. As starting goalie both seasons, the former Junior Olympian from St. Louis posted outstanding numbers in both saves and save average in leading the Bruins to fourth and se- cond place finishes in the NCAA tournament in ' 87 and ' 88 respectively. Nick Skvarna overcame a shaky start with the (JCLA Soccer program to become one of its top stars. He was cut from the squad as a freshman, but made it as a walk on 1985. The forward from Upland was the Bruins ' leading goal scorer in 1987, and had the most career goals (16) on the team going into 1988. Nick provided leadership as one of only two seniors on the ' 88 team and earned the Senior Scholastic Award for compiling over a 3.0 GPA as an Economics major. Ail-American cornerback Darryl Henley was a four year letterman and three year starter in the defen- sive backfield for Coach Terry Donahue. In his junior season, Darryl won Second Team All Pac-10 and AP All- America Honorable Men- tion recognition. His senior year started off with a bang as he scored on an 89 yard punt return against San Diego St., the first time a Bruin touched the ball in ' 88. Henley scored on a 75- yarder a week later ver- sus Nebraska and went on to break the (JCLA career punt return yard- age with 654 yards. He was rewarded for his tremendous year on defense and special teams with First Team All Pac-10 and First Team All-American honors. Three-time All-American Ann Boyer led the Women ' s Volleyball team to the Final Four in 1988 as the lone senior for the spikers. The six foot set- ter from Poway holds the (JCLA carreer record for set assists and was con- sistently one of the na- tion ' s best setters in her four years with the Bruins. Third baseman Janice Parks has been a phenomenal competitor both on the field and at the plate for the UCLA Women ' s Softball team. The right-handed senior from Lakewood was a two time first team All- American for the Bruins in ' 87 and ' 88 and is the all time (JCLA Career RBI leader. Janice was an integral part of the Bruins ' NCAA Champi- onship in 1988 and title defense in 1989. Senior Pat Galbraith ' s performance on the ten- nis court struck fear in the hearts of opponents, and pride in (JCLA head coach, Glenn Bassett. Galbraith teamed up with Brian Garrow to win the 1988 NCAA Doubles Championship as a junior and was one of the netter ' s top singles performers in 1989 as they defended their 1 ranking also taking the Pac-10 title. UCLA O LYMPIANS At the 1988 Summer Olympic Games in Seoul, South Korea, 32 current and former Bruins captured 21 medals from this international competi- tion. In fact, if UCLA was a country, it would have ranked llth overall in the total medals standings. The brightest star for the G.S. in the games was undoubtedly former GCLA track star, Florence Griffith-Joyner. Flo-Jo, as she came to be known during the games, set a world record in the 200 meter and Olympic records in the 100 and 200 meter competitions on her way to bringing home three gold medals and one silver for the Gnited States. Florence ' s sister-in-law and ex-GCLA track and basketball standout Jackie Joyner-Kersee also starred for the Americans, winning golds in the long jump and heptathlon, setting a new world record in the latter event. Evelyn Ashford also displayed GCLA ' s athletic prowess, as she won a gold medal in the relay and a silver on her own. The G.S. men ' s track and field squad was also filled with Bruins. Nineteen-year-old sophomore Steve Lewis proved to be the surprise of the Olympics as he sprinted to the gold in the 400 meters and shared the gold medal in the 4x400 meter relay. His relay teammate and fellow Bruin, Danny Everett made a tremendous showing as well, finishing third for the bronze in the 400 in addition to his gold in the 4x400. Other GCLA track and field medalists in- cluded Andre Phillips who captured the gold in the 400 meter hurdles, and Mike Powell who won the silver medal in the long jump. In Men ' s Volleyball, GCLA stars Karch Kiraly, Ricci Luyties, Doug Partie, and Dave In flight, Nike long jump coq meet. Jackie Joyner-Kersee hurdles to victory at the Pepsi Invita- tional in her GCLA days. I l, T Left, GCLA alumnus, Ricci Luyties, eyes the gold medal in volleyball, which he helped the G.S. to win. Former Bruin, Andre Phillips, right, crosses the finish line at Drake, seven years before taking the gold in the 400 meter hurdles at Seoul. In flight, Mike Powell soars in the long jump competition of a college meet. Quick off the blocks, Olympians Tom Jager, and Craig Oppel take the plunge at Sunset Rec. Bruin, GCLA Senior, Mike Marsh, left, sprints down the home stretch in preparation for Olympic relay competition. Danny Everett, right, leads the pack in a distance race at Drake Stadium. GSA Volleyball team captain Karch Kiraly spikes one past the Russian team in GSA Cup competition. Saunders lifted the G.S. to the gold. Bruin swimmers Tom Jager and Craig Oppel also medaled for the Americans Jager striking gold in the 4x100 freestyle and silver in the 50 meter freestyle, and Oppel assisting in the 4x200 meter gold victory. The Games of the XXIV Olympiad were a triumph for GCLA athletes, as well as the Gnited States in general. The 16 gold medals won by current and former Bruins made up almost half of the G.S.A. ' s 36 total golds. Overall, the 32 GCLA Olympians represented five nations, participated in seven sports, won medals in 14 events, and showed the world GCLA ' s athletic strength by turning the Blue and Gold into Oympic Gold. --Rick Marquardt Bruin (Ereattuttg in Arttmt hen someone mentions the arts, what comes to mind? Music? Theater? Dance? or just plain talent? Well, the CJCLA Center for the Performing Arts displayed this talent. The culmina- tion of these talents have made CCLA the backdrop for many pro- fessional artists and a stepping stone for aspiring amateurs. This year the GCLA Center for the Performing Arts received a $750,000 Mational Endowment for the Arts Challenge Grant. This money went into creating excellent programs for the public. Throughout the year, many have performed from the various aspects of the performing arts. Musically, famous performers such as Dizzy Gillespie and Tito Puente wowed au- diences with their raw energetic jazz. On the other end of the spectrum, the Vienna Boys Choir captured both the hearts and souls of their au- diences, with their angelic voices fill- ing all of Royce Hall. Other sounds from all over the world also ap- peared on campus. Raging onto the music scene, Kronos Quartet went beyond pop music, delighting audiences of all ages with their innovative style. With the music scene going full force, talented artists could also be found in dance performances. A popular dance program was the Alvin Alley American Dance The- ater. They performed to pop, jazz, classical, and gospel music at the Wiltern Theatre. Our own UCLA dance company and The Laura Dean Dancers in " Magnetic " , along with plays and theater provided addi- tional entertaining productions for audiences to attend. Also on campus was ' the opening of " 1000 Airplanes on the Roof " , a musical drama that is a collabora- tion of Phillip Glass, David Henry Hwang, and Jerome Sirlin. The Na- tional Theatre of the Deaf, a Tony award-winning company, performed " King of Hearts " and " Quite Early One Morning " at Wadsworth The- ater. The company was comprised of " as the Dance The- : ?P. jazz. " -sic at the HI OCLA : -aura fen :-ided addi- ' opening ne Roof, a J-J J-l-l UL t. The Kronos Quartet, opposite page, brings down talent from the Bay Area to excite crowds in Southern California. A scene from the " 1000 Airplanes on the Roof, " left, br- ings about an original view of theatre, while the Senior Dance Class, middle left, shows the exactness of the dance. Showing emo- tions through his music, Carlos Montoya, bottom right, dazzles audiences. Queen Ida, below, adds character to the accord an with the distinct sounds of jazz. Photos prouidcd by the UCLA Center for the Performing Arts. " pBiy- performed l " Quite Early iadsworth The- lyms comprised of both hearing-impaired and hearing actors. Their performances recognized National Disability Employment Awareness Month. The (JCLA Department of Theater Arts sponsored two bills of one-act plays every quarter. These plays were written, directed and performed by students. Among these plays was William Shakespeare ' s Much Ado About Nothing. CJCLA also offered other forms of entertainment for the students. If you were in need of some hot sizzl- ing romance and a lot of scandals, you could have hopped on over to the Cooperage to watch (Jniuersity, (JCLA ' s student run soap opera. It aired every Wednesday at 7 p.m. But, if you just felt like sitting in a dark room, eating buttered popcorn while watching a good movie, the Ackerman Grand Ballroom had your ticket. Movies, scheduled by Campus Events, charged only $1 admission. Some of the movies offered included Moonstruck, Stand and Deliver, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Die Hard and Big. The Cultural Affairs Committee The Vienna Choir Boys, opposite bottom, smile for the camera. Opposite top, the West Coast premiere of " The Angels of Sweden- borg. " Gary DeLoatch, from the Aluin Alley Company, performs in a slice-of-urban-life ballet, top left. Middle left, mime Marcel Marceau shapes silence into a story. Aboue, David Parsons, proves he can dance and direct. The Tony award-winning National Theatre of the Deaf, left, performs to " Quite Early One Morning. " Photos provided by the UCLA Center for the Performing Arts. 94 Arts scheduled band appearances for noon time concerts. Melnitz Theater also offered free preview screenings of popular movies. Some of which were Punchline, Mystic Pizza, Twins, and Far North. Whether you enjoyed music, the- ater, or any other aspect of the art world, (JCLA gave you a variety of choices. The Center for the Perform- ing Arts sponsored gifted and tal- ented artists from all over the world. With their support, the (JCLA com- munity was able to witness and en- joy rare talent and spectacular per- formances. According to senior Stephanie Nguyen, " I ' m really glad that there are so many performances available on and near campus. It makes finding entertainment easier. " -Tess Paragas --Teri Zuniga QIaknt Speaks . Experiencing dtft of ( ' - ' over 1200 Bernardino m member of things chito on life and I only to the k camp courtse tradition that h Another cha ,i " " - unteers met out in prepa friendly compe eacr ' : ' The Hunger pie in the (10 x. ' shelter, dothir Iks - help others tnei: I Id a post,- 1 ifl any Bruins got a chance to experience the thrill of giving through the many charities that (JCLA served. UCLA (JniCamp, the official charity of GCLA, completed its 54th year with a record high number of attending campers. Serving economically disadvantaged kids in the L.A. area, GniCamp brought over 1200 children to join in the eight day camping trio in the San Bernardino mountains. Terence Thompson, 1988 head counselor and member of the GniCamp ' s Board of Director said, " The children we work with come from some pretty rough areas, and see and experience things children shouldn ' t have to. We try to add a different perspective on life and plant the seeds of love and hope for a better future -- not only for the kids but for the city. " Over 300 Bruins volunteered as camp counselors, committing their time, excitement and love to a tradition that has left fond memories for many of its participants. Another charitable program, Special Olympics, helped individuals with mental disabilities develop their athletic skills. Over 70 Bruin vol- unteers met with these special participants to help them train and work out in preparation for several meets throughout the year. In the spirit of friendly competition, the Special Olympics dedicated itself to helping each individual build self-confidence while also building friendships. The Hunger Program was yet another charity that aided needy peo- ple in the GCLA area. Its volunteers staffed agencies that organized services such as food banks and soup kitchens. The Hunger Program volunteers helped needy individuals in providing them with food, shelter, clothin, low cost housing and employment. These charitable events and organizations gave students a chance to help others less fortunate than themselves. Their involvement earned them a sense of personal satisfaction in knowing that their efforts made a positive difference in other people ' s lives. -Clarissa Aesquival J Counselor David Lim, nicknamed " Brushfire, " enjoys a demonstration of the game of archery, opposite top. Janet Bugay and Orchid Rocha pose with their " adopted " brothers and sisters during a summer camp session, opposite bottom. Student, top, ap- peals to passers-by to help support the (JCLA Child Development Program. Gloria Hierro and Mike Hananel, (JniCamp counselors, pose with members of Unit 12. Counselor David Ruben, above, shows what Unicamp is all about: LOVING AND CAR- ING. Photos courtesy of (JniCamp. Charities 97 Opposite top, assistant psychology pro- fessor, Steve Hinshaw, contemplates life and the exact origins of the meat in his en- chilada. Maurice Kimball is just one of many ASUCLA employees faithfully serving the UCLA population, opposite bottom. Rob Martinez, right, demonstrates proper fork etiquette -the pinky firmly extended. Lisa Herlinger, above, is one of the thousands of students who benefits from the food ser- vice ' s work to give UCLA healthy food choices. Top, Javier Parralesl and Veronica Lemus exude a caring and courteous manner while serving their customers. Photos by Patrick Cilmore and David Shor. 98 Food Choices ome look at what we ' re doing! " said Rob Clarke, project coor- dinator for the ASGCLA food ser- vices division. Offering some of the most exciting and innovating pro- grams to hit the university scene na- tionwide, GCLA continued to set the standard in food service. With its debut in mid-January, food services newest program, " Food Choices, " helped students choose healthy meals. The over 740 meals offered by food services were broken down into recipes to be reviewed by the American Heart Association (AHA). AHA then ap- proved menu items meeting their health specifications. No other col- lege or university, and only 25 res- taurants nationwide have had their menus reviewed by AHA. Also, Peer Health Counselors (PHC) set some of these recipes to meet the most rigid nutritional re- quirements-those for women aged 19-24. The menu items meeting AHA and or PHC requirements were signified with insignias (AHA with a heart, and PHC with an apple). In addition, PHC offered a program which helped students devise a dietary plan to make their meals more nutritious. Many of the programs initiated by ASGCLA food services came from the direct feedback of students. In the past, such feedback was respon- sible for the Bruin Gold Card as well as the creation of Tout de Suite. To obtain such feedback on a consistent basis, the " Silent Shop- per " program was developed. The Silent Shopper crew, changing quarterly, consisted of 5 staff members and 10 students. Their job was to evaluate campus eateries in exchange for a free meal. Silent Shoppers evaluated the facilities on the basis of friendliness, speed of service, cleanliness, and food quali- ty. January also marked the debut of drinking cups with an ASUCLA logo, designed by GCLA Student Andrea Scholer. Leading the way with new pro- grams and options, ASGCLA food services offered its consumers the chance to make a difference and the power to choose with nutritional knowledge. -Clarissa Aesquivel their came riot T de Sui as well, ite. on ped Th ' cre . changini wted of 5 staf Their job anpw eateries in meai. Silen e facilities 01 speedo and food qual wtei the debut lunASOCUIogo -A Student Andre wih new pro n, ASOCLA (OK its consumers th i deference and thf K lift nutritiona -Clarissa Aesquive Cloggen Artene0 100 Bruin Seniors Bruin Elizabeth Abascal BA Spanish Annabelle L. Abba Carmen A. Abbondondola Jennifer A. Abbott Kevin Abraham BA Sociology BS Math of Comp BA Communication Stds BS Math Lanette L. Abraham BA English Pamela S. Abramson BS Kincsiology Willie T. Abston BA History Alejandro T. Acosta BA Art Tom Y. Adame BA History Eunice C. Adams BA English Kris M. Addington BA Art History VoltisyA!on i- ' Maryam Adeli BA Economics Dexter M. Adriano BA History Darren H. Aghabeg BS Comp Sci Engr Lourdes Aguila BA English Laura E. Aguiniga BA Sociology Lysa A. Agundez BA Sociology Bus Greg Ambrose MHistoj Haleh Ahdoot BS Biology Roben D. Ahdoot BS Biology Ronald Ahlers BS Math Appld Sci Kirsten J. Akers Sepideh Akhavanhaidary Abayomi J. Akinsilo BA English BA Psychology BS Biochemistry " Lesleigh P. Alchanati BA Psychology Bus Diana G. Alfieri BA Econ Business Laurence Algaze BA Economics Mariko U. Alimento BS Electrical Engineering Edmond Alkalassy BS Biology Jowad Alkhas BA Economics Aurora p. , 102 Abascal Lizbeth Allen BA Sociology Traci N. Allen BA Classics Lynn M. Al lison BA Econ Business Adriane Almeida BA Psychology Steven N. Almera 8S Comp Sci Engi Joy L. Al-Oboudi BA English Yoleisy Alonso BA Political Science Dana Alpert BS Sociology Greg Ambrose BA History Mark D. Amendola BA Russian Civilization Christopher V. Ames BS Cognitive Science Alfred K. Amod BS Comp Sci Engr Aurora F. Amores BS Civil Engineering Damon C. Anastasia BA History Robert C. Altman BAArt Eric Altshuler Michael A. Alvarado Victor M. Alvarez BS Math Comp BA Political Science BS Electrical Engineering language but also to an entirely different culture and way of life. This experience here has made me confident that I can reach all my future goals. In the future. I will be study- ing international law and would eventually want to work as the middle per son between Tina Baril Spanish I find it ironic that by major- ing in Spanish here at CJCLA, I was able to learn more about my Latin American heritage culture than in Mexico, where 1 was born and lived up until five years ago. These past five years at GCLA have been a challenge for me. Not only did I have to adjust to a new ' high goals " Americans who want to open businesses in Mexico and vice versa. I have very high goals and think I have enough knowl- edge of the United States and Mexico so that I can help open closed doors and achieve friendlier and closer ties be- tween the two nations. I will remember GCLA for its beautiful campus, diverse stu- dent body, and waiting forever in the computer room. Anastasia 103 Anthony Anderson BA Sociology Christine Anderson BA Economics Elizabeth J. Anderson BA Political Science Jeffrey C. Anderson BA Political Science Julia L. Anderson BA Design Kami M. Anderson BA English Lisamarie Anderson BA English Maria A. Anderson BA English Nicholas M. Anderson Paige S. Anderson Shannon D. Anderson Traci J. Anderson BS Kinesiology BA Political Science BA History BS Operations Research Trent R. Anderson BA Economics Poll Sci Irma Andrade BA Psychology Peter Angeletti BS Psychobiology Denise Ansite Marcelline M. Antongiovanni Tanya I. Appuhn BA English BA Comm. Stds Bus BS Bioengineering Ara H. Aprahamian Charles T. Aragones Wade S. Arai BS Biology BS Electrical Engineering BS Math Economics Luis T. Arangua BS Psychobiology Rafael A. Araya BS Astrophysics Michele M. Archer BA Sociology Bus Emilia M. Arellano BA Political Science Karen I. Ar gabrite BA Psychology Doris D. Argoud BA English Elizabeth A. Argue BA English John S. Armentrout Yvonne E. Armstrong BS Aerospace Engr BA English Francis P, A,, 104 Anderson Stephanie L. Arnold ' A Communication Stds Joyce A. Arrastia BA MP TV Monica M. Artavia BA Political Science Ann M. Asaoka BA Design Brian Asawa BA Music Donna J. Asch BA Sociology Marjan Ataipour Lisa Michelle Atkinson Ninette Atoian BS Psychobiology BA Classical Civilization BS Aerospace Engr Julie D. Atwater BA Eton Business Richard H. Autz BA Economics Klarisa Avanesyan BA Political Science KSosmem Yolanda J. Avella BS Psuchobio Bus Louis R. Avenilla Kirk E. Avila Mark S. Avila Roger Avila Akram A. Awad BA History BS Math Appld Sci BA Political Science BA Political Science BA Philosophy %WeRArthl Francis P. Awe Jacqueline Ayerves Ricardo E. Azarloza Nancy C. Baca igij 8is| BA World Arts and Cult BA Psychology BS Math Appld Sci BA Sociology Michael V. Bacerdo Howard K. Baik BS Kinesiology BS Electrical Engineering Lisa M. Baird BA English Kolleen A. Baker BS Kinesiology Lee D. Baker BS Biology Stephen N. Baker BA History Business Maryam Bakhtiyari BS Biochemistry Julianne M. Balistreri BA Communication Stds Balistreri 105 Arthur Ball Noelle Gwyn Balla Babak R. Bamshad Christopher M. Bankovitch Kimberly Banks Matilda Banneman-Richter BA Sociology BA Entglsh Workl Lit BS Biology BA Economics BA History BA Psychology Miguel Banuelos BS Comp Sci Engr Aileen Barclay BS Nursing Marlene Barreiro BS Psychobiology Mary Helen Barajas Basel W. Barakat Mariana G. Barakat Yasmin Barakat Sonya L. Ba rber BA History BA Sociology BS Applied Math BA Poli Sci lnt ' l Rel. BS Kinesiology Boms D.B ,- Tina M. Baril BA Spanish Lit John W. Barker BA Econ Bus Stephanie D. Barlow BA English Dion Barnes BA Psychology Paul F. Barone BA History Debra L. Barrett BA Psych Bus Matthew B. Barrett BA History Art History Cecilia P. Barrios BS Nursing Gloria Barrios BA Spanish Randy S. Barrios BA Comm. S(ds 6us Leila D. Bate Cecilia M. Bauknight Russell A. Baum Thomas J. Bauman Elaine V. Bautista Maria D. Bautista BA Political Science BA History BA German BA Geology BA Psychology BA English Lit Marilyn Btckt: BA English;,: 106 Ball Marlon M. Bautista BA Theater Thomas D. Beaulieu BA Political Science : mm . . I ; Marilyn Becker B Eng sri LH Sara Bedirian BA History Barmak Behdadnia BA English Brian W. Bayer BA History Julie A. Bayer BA Sociology Liane R. Beach BS Psychobiotogy David L. Beall BA History ' well-rounded ' John Barker Economics Business Emphasis Transferring from a school that offered me no challenges to a place where 35,000 people can all find a niche for themselves while still maintain- ing the pride and joy that they are all Bruins was the best deci- sion I could have made. Being a CIniCamp counselor offered me the rewards of longlasting bonds with, the counselors and the kids. As a Big Brother, I am proud of the fact I give my little brother in- sight into what its like being a man in the eighties and he gives me insight as to what its like to be a kid again. Even with school, (JniCamp. and the Big Brother Program I still take time out for my most consuming hobby-bodybuiding. One thing I like about being a bodybuilder is I do not fit the typical stereotype of a brain dead bodybuilder. With a developed mind and body I hope to one day start my own private fitness consulting firm. Through this company 1 hope to initiate a program to acknowl- edge and encourage fitness and sports excellence by the youth of Los Angeles. Ruth A. Behling BA History Brandon R. Behrstock BA Economics Claudia T. Beightol BA Communication Stds Jonathan S. Bell BA MP TV Anselm Beatson BA Oeo Ecosys Bus Anne E. Bechtle BA Psychology Jeffrey H. Beckman BS Comp Sci Engr Adam L. Behar BA Political Science Sherri D. Beloney BA Poll Sci History Beloney 107 Jennifer Belton Deanna M. Beltramo Scott A. Bendar Christine Benedict Lowell L. Bengero Eliezer Ben-Shmuel BA Political Science BA Psychology DLAP BS Co Tip Sci Engr BA Communication Stds BS Kinesiology BA Political Science Dean L. Bennett James B. Bennett Karen V. Berard BS Biology BA English Amer Stds BS General Math Marian Berelowitz Erik Berg Teo T. Berman BA History BS Electrical Engineering BA Economics JosrahFBc Deborah H. Bernstein BA Art Dina E. Bernstein BA English Keith L. Bernstein BA Economics Migdalia Berrios BS Biology liana P. Besser BA Sociology Anita Best BA Communication Stds JAM Christopher P. Beymer Manish M. Bhakta BS Applied Math BS Mechanical Engr Kristin J. Bickley BA Economic s Lisa Billing BA Sociology Peter S. Billing BS Microbiology Lisa Birken BA Psych Bus Joseph C. Bishop Karen L. Bittenson Arthur A. Blain Lonny S. Blank BS Phys Math Comp Sci BA Communication Stds BS Biochemistry BA Economics Cynthia C. Blankenship Maureen C. Bledsoe BA Sociology BS Kinesiology 108 Belton Jeffrey M. Blue Jeffrey S. Blum Dena L. Bobbitt BA Communication Stds BA Psychology BA Sociology Thierry M. Boghosian Suzanne Bogosian BS Biology BA History Gina M. Bonanno BA Linguistics Tat taw Joseph F. Bond! Diane A. Bonfiglio Gary B. Borden BA Psychology BA Econ lnt ' l Area Stds BA Comm. Stds Bus Lisa K. Borg BA Psychology Brigette S. Borun BA History :ti Jodie M. Bourdet Daniel A. C. Bouskila Nancy J. Bower i Electrical Engineering BA History BA Psychology Anna M. Boyiazis BA Design Roy J. Braganza BS Biochemistry Aliki Botton BA Sociology Bus Geoffrey C. Branda BS Math Appld Sci ----- Christine R. Brawner Lylle M. Breier Geralyn L. Breit BA Sociology BA Communication Stds BS Kinesiology Lisa B. Bresky BA Econ Business Diana E. Brief BA Psychology _ . Jeffrey T. Briggs David B. Brinkerhoff Felicia R. Briones BA Political Science BA Political Science BA Sociology Lisa Broadway Melissa A. Brodnansky BA Econ Business BS Kinesiology Traci Briery BA MP TV Kari M. Brooks BA Anthropology Brooks, K. 109 Zev Brooks Mark O. Brothers Milka Broukhim BA Communication Stds BS Engineering BA Design Brad L. Brown BA Econ Business Carol L. Brown Christopher R. Brown BA Psychology Bus BA Political Science David J. Brown BS Physics Dietrich T. Brown BA Sociology James J. Brown BA Political Science Jennifer S. Brown BA English t Jonathan Bell Motion Picture Television In the future, I would like to write, produce and hopefully direct for film and TV. In my spare time, I enjoy doing stand-up comedy, a hobby I started when I was pushed on stage to stall for an act that wasn ' t ready. Stand-up comedy gives me a chance to laugh with people about the fears and foi- bles common to our human ex- istence. I have been involved in many organizations, but nothing has been more satis- " Go for what makes you happy. " fying than my three years as an Orientation counselor, helping over 300 students at UCLA get adjusted to university life. My philosophy in life is to do everything 100%, have no regrets about anything I do, and live life from the inside-out. I will remember UCLA by recall- ing Tommy burgers at 2 a.m., allnighters, and most important- ly, a diverse community of the best, fun-loving people in the world! I , A Julia M. Brown BA English Molly A. Brown BA English Patricia Brown BA English Stephanie R. Brown BA Political Science Steven R. Brown BA Theater Colleen T. Browne BA Econ Business IM - .- Jantltel i ' " ' to E. Bin , ffi: Robert B. Brunkenhoefer BA Psychology Scsan J. Brunner 1 MP TV HO Brooks, Z. Kandi L. Bryant BA Poll Sci Bus Molly Bryant BA Theater Darlene B. Bubis BA Psychology Stephanie Buchalter BA History James S. Buchner BA Political Science Michelle L. Buffett BS Kinesiology Theresa T. Bui BA Communication Stds Arnold Bulos BS Microbiology Christopher D. Bunce BA Hist Poli Sci Tosha G. Bunn BA History ; R .Bfotnl Janette M. Bunten BA History Erwin T. Buntuyan Lora L. Burger Elaine J. Burgmeier 65 Comp Sci 6 Engr BA Communication Stds BA English Scott A. Budman BA Political Science Mary P. Bunnell BA Political Science Darlene Burke Eric C. Burns BA English BA Communication Stds ' Btownt J James E. Burrows BS Psychobiology Judi Busono BS Psychobiology Demetra L. Burrs BS Kines B Psych Denise M. Burt BA Psychology Munh Busailah BA Political Science Renee Bush Mara L. Bushansky BA Political Science BA English Bus Carol L. Butcher BA Economics Lisa A. Butler BA Psychology Cathy Jean Butter BA Dance Matt S. Byers BS Kinesiology Samuel H. Byland BS Aerospace Engr Byland 1 1 1 Cathy A. Byrd BA Communication Stds Andrew P. Byrne BA English Rose A. Cabasag BA Economics Julie A. Cabe BA Psychology Bus David M. Cabrere BA Political Science Ron R. Cabreros BA History Katherine V. Cabrillas Junior Cachero Rebecca L. Cachia Ellen D. Cahir BS Nursing BS Kincsioloyy BA Communication Stds BS Biochemistry Jeffrey M. Calderon BA Poli Sci lnt ' l Ret. Leslie A. Calhoun BA Psychology : Sheryn L. Calhoun Alfredo A. Calimlim Elizabeth L. Callan BA Linguistics Spanish BA Economics BA Psychology Jill A. Calton Susan M. Camarena Katherine R. Cameron BA Political Science BA Sociology BA Psychology Daron C. Campbel l BA Economics Steven C. Canup BA Economics Cynthia E. Capps BA English Edward L. Carbonel BA Econ Business Carol E. Carey BA Linguistics Regino H. Caririo BS Aerospace Engr Katherine D. Carlton Alejandro Carmona Jennifer L. Carpenter BA Sociology BA English BA Design Gloria R. Carrillo BA Psychology Jennifer G. Carrington Vincent S. Carrington BA Psychology BA Psychology 112 Byrd flora fa H i 1 Michael J. Carrozzo I BA Political Science Patrick J. Carson BS Biology Lisa J. Carter BA Sociology Richard B. Carter BA Sociology Michael A. Casillas BA Political Science Carina Castaneda BA History loft A. CAM Carlos I. Castellanos Patricia I. Castellon 65 Aerospace Engr BA Psychology - : Raymond Castro BS Biology Vivian G. Castro BA Political Science .Flora Mae M. Cayabyab Maria T.A. Cervantes i[v IBS Math of Computation BA English i Paul J. Cervantes - ' ' - BS Mathematics Kristen M. Cesario BS Psychobiology Mary A. Castellucci Domingo Castillo Jr. Lisa Dawn Castleman BA Econ Business BA Political Science BS Biology Karen L. Castro BA Spanish Ling also served as a bilingual teach- er ' s aide for a second grade class at Hoover Elementary School in downtown and taught basic English skills to newly ar- rived Central American refugees at El Rescate. This year I was involved with the Mariposa pro- gram, designed to help high school students from East Los ' dedicated 1 Patti Chavarria English Probably my most worthwhile accomplishment here at (JCLA has been with the Community Service Commission. I began as a volunteer for Amigos Del Bar- rio my freshman year and co- directed it the following year. In addition to being responsible for all aspects of our budget, 1 Angeles maintain their dreams of having a college education. In the future, I ' d like to really reach out to my community, possibly utilizing my fluency in Spanish and my experiences in community service here at UCLA to offer legal aid to peo- ple from all walks of life. Cesario 113 I Julie E. Chaiken BA History Ka-Nei K. Chan BA Music Stephen H. Chan BA Economics Brent A. Chandler BA Economics Lisa Chait BA Economics M. Lorena Chambers BA History Agnes Chan BA Economics Alan D.S. Chan BA Psychology Senior P o t 9 h t Dawn Dagucon History My most rewarding ac- complishment at UCLA has been with the Bruin Belles, specifically in organizing " Building for the Future " , a conference where repre- sentatives from near-by cam- " Indulge in opposite interests. " puses gathered to create a stu- dent network as well as explore the future of public service organizations. It is incredible to have a project grow from a late-night brainstorm to an ac- tual event. I believe in balancing my neuroses. I think this is a unique goal-attempting to find a yin for a yang by indulging in opposite interests. After spen- ding a week in meetings with alumni, the best way to cure a blue Monday is to roam Hollywood for the seediest underground club you can find. Be a cheerleader, then be cap- tain of an IM football team. Be on the Homecoming court, then read Dylan Thomas poetry. In short, take advantage of all fac- ets of opportunity on this cam- pus. INDULGE. I ' d like to remember OCLA as a place where I felt safe enough to in- vestigate all of my interests without too much fear. JxlJMAJUrrv I sj Keith S. Chang BS Math Appld Sci Louise Chang BS Microbiology Sun M. Chang BA Psychology Christina Chan BA Political Science Michael J. Chan BA Economics Wei-Jun Chan BA Economics Herman H. Chang BA Economics Wendy Y. Chang BS Biology Won Y. Chang BS Comp Sci Engr Steven Chao BS Appld Math Comp 114Chai Ken -::- - Caroline A. Chartier BA History Patricia E. Chavarria BA English Eric J. Chaves BA Political Science Anastasia L. Chavez BA Psychology Edward C. Chen Gloria Y. Chen BS Biochemistry BS Electrical Engineering Jennifer H. Chen Nancy M. Chen Patrick S. Chen Berck Cheng I BA Econ Business BS Aerospace Engr BS Chemical Engineering BA Econ Business Felix W. Cheng BA Economics Gary S. Cheng BS Aerospace Engr . " Patricia Cheng BA Econ Business Shaw-Min L. Cheng BA Econ Business Randolf A. Cherewick BA Poll Sci lnt ' l Rel. Lisa A. Chettle BA English Pui Y. Cheung BA Economics Christopher L. Chew BA History Stacey D. Chew Communication Stds David Z. Chi BA Economics Celia H. Chiang BS Aerospace Engr Dana L. Childs BA Sociology Herman S. Chiu BA Economics Kyung Mee Cho BA Dance Kyung Mee Cho BA Dance Leonard Y. Cho BS Appld Math Rosalie C. Cho BS Electrical Engineering Steven J. Cho Susie S. Cho Thomas B. Cho BA Psychology BA Political Science BS Electrical Engineering Cho 115 Albert Choi BA Economics Connie C. Choi BA Sociology Bus Jinou V. Choi BS Appld Math Comp Timothy B. Choi BA Economics Ellen C. Chon SS Nursing Julie J. Chong BA Economics Kelly Chong BS Kinesiology Sunghi Chong BS Biochemistry Gail C. Chorna BA Theater Chia-ee Chou BS Biochemistry drift-Sum J. Chou BS Electrical Engineering Jensen Chow BA Econ Business Phoebe R. Chow BA Econ Business Eliot S. Choy BA History Thomas A. Choy BA Economics Nhi U. Chu BA Political Science Sheung Y. Chu BS Psychobiology Tsun D. Chu BA Econ Business ' , ' Chi Y. Chui BA Econ Business Bonnie M. Chun Ann Chung Estella C. Chung Susan H. Chung BS Biology BA Economics BS Electrical Engineering BA Political Science Yong J. Chung BS Comp Sci Engr Nation T.C 5-, Emalyn B. Chupinghong Kimberly A. Cieslak BA Design BA Communication Stcls Carin P. Cisneros BA Italian Ann S. Clark BA Poli Sci Bus Elizabeth G. Clark BA Psychology Rebecca L. Clarke 6A French 116 Choi Troy A. Clarke BA Sociology ! Cho. I Daphne R. Cohen-Sitt BA History TnD. OKI !H EOT Business I Fulton Collins BA History Nacion T. Colly BA Psychology Derek Classen BA History Business David N. Clissold 6S Applied Math Lynne K. Cohen BS Math Appld Sci Sandra S. Cohen BA Political Science P o t g h t enior Samantha Davis English My ultimate goal is a career in the production aspect of the film industry. In the meantime, immediately following gradua- tion in June, I hope to obtain a position as a production assis- tant for a local film company so that I will be able to work with accomplished filmmakers. In the summer of 1985, 1 began volunteering as a camp counselor for Camp Ronald McDonald for Good Times, a camp for children with cancer. My work with Camp Good Times lead me to look into GniCamp, and 1 began working on the Mardi Gras committee because 1 wanted to help another type of kid who didn ' t have the opportunity to go to camp. By becoming a person in the Senior Spotlight, I would like people to know me as so- meone who works hard to live up to the reputation of being a GCLA student. I feel that I ' m leaving UCLA with a sense of having done something impor- tant by working on the Execu- tive Committee of Mardi Gras ' 88 and sending underprivileged kids to GniCamp. Simon P. Cohen BA Geography Heather N. Conlan BA Psych DLAP Angela Conley BA Sociology Carol E. Connor BA Poli Sci History Eric R. Connor BA Econ Business Julie A. Conwell BA Econ Business Daphne L. Cole Ba Economics Lisa D. Collinson BA Political Science Andrea Conkle BA English Jodi Conzonire BA Sociology Conzonire 117 Diane L. Coomans BA Psychology Krystal D. Coop BA English Alison J. Cooper BS Kinesiology Craig A. Cooper BA Poli Sci Bus Courtney S. Copp BA Sociology Holly L. Cordan BA Poll Sci lnt ' l Ret. Diana M. Cormier BA Psychology Rainerio D. Coronel BS Microbiology Jay K. Corson BA Economics Cynthia S. Cosley Rachel S. Cotter Kathrine A. Cowan BA Political Science BA Psychology Bus BA Italian Special Fields Kenneth G. Coward BA Economics Matthew S. Cowman Thomas M. Cox Christopher M. Crane Jacqueline D. Crawford Daniel T. Cray BS Biology BA Psychology BS Physics BA English BA English DwnODajcy Bradford D. Creger Laura C. Creighton BA Economics BA History Sean M. Crosby BA Economics Byron R. Crossen BA Economics Adam A. Crowley Cynthia Cruikshank BA Philosophy BA Design Anthony S. Cruz BA Political Science Cressa Cruzan BA Economics Maribeth A. Cruzat BA History Business Gregory J. Cucina BA ng ish James A. Cude BA Econ Business Yu Cui BS Chemistry 1 18 Coomans Melinda O. Cummins Anthony Cure! Brett V. Curtis Chris G. Curtis Linda I. Cusick Rory T. Cuyugan 6A Classical Civilization BA Psychology Bus BS Biology BA English BA English Lit BA Sociology Teresa L. Cyrus Yvonne D Saachs Joseph W. D ' Virgilio BA Econ lnt ' l Area Stds BA Sociology Bus BA Econ lnt ' t Area Stds Ian P. Da Costa Lisa M. Dabao Firdous Tanya Dada BS Biology BA Psychology BS Electrical Engineering DwdT.Cnj Dawn C. Dagucon BA History Lise M. Dahms BA Design Sandra K. Daignault BA Econ Business Rachelle Dalva BA Psychology Jametra Dandridge BA History Said T. Daneshmand BS Biology .shai | Christopher T. Daniel Deann L. Daniel Lisa K. Daniel Lisa M. Daniels Jonathan Dar BA Econ Business BA Sociology Bus BA Psychology BA English BA History Siamak Dardashti BS Biology YiiCui Paul E. Darnbrough BS Electrical Engineering Melody C. Daroya BS Math Richard C. Darwin Mark J. Dasca BA Political Science BS Electrical Engineering Kamal M. Dastur BS Math Comp Sci Sara J. David BA Psychology David 119 1 1 f " WI Anastasia L. Davies DeVonne C. Davis Samantha Davis BA English BA Political Science BA English Terence A. Davis BS Astronomy James K. Dawson BS Aerospace Engr Melody L. Dawson BA History Janine Day BA Political Science Dean M. De Crisle BS Biology Kurt M. De Grosz BA English Camille P. De Guzman BS Kinesiology Ruth De Guzman BA Sociology Charlene B. De Jesus BA Psychology gest and most die hard UCLA fan I know- I have cheered for both women and men ' s athletics and loved every minute of it. As a distinguished Bruin Belle, 1 was honored to have served as hostess to such dignitaries as Duke and Duchess of York, " UCLA has been a personal experience. " Angelica Divanagracia History Immediately after graduation I will be serving as a leader of twenty high schoolers from my church to build a church in a Mission Mexico Project. I have been involved in many group activities both on and off cam- pus, but the (JCLA Cheer squad and Bruin Belles have been most rewarding. I am the big- olympians, and politicians. I would like to be remembered as one who reached out to others, as a person who " did " rather than " said " and an active testi- mony to the spirit and ideals of this University. GCLA has been a very personal experience for me. Vm ' I Martha De La Mora BA Sociology Ignacio De La Torre I tori BS Electrical Engineering -: Cecilia M. De Leon BA Econ Business Liza L. De Los Santos BS Psyhobiology Criselda B. De Torres BA Economics David J. Defranco BS Physics 120 Davies ' :-: Janelle M. Del Carlo Emmanuel Del Mundo Jay R. Delaney BA Psychology BA History Business BS Kinesiology Lisa Monique Delmarter BA Art Regina T. Deloach BS Psychobiology Ivo H. Denham II BA Econ Business - .-.-,- Melissa R. Denoff Tamar Der-Megerdichian Dennis T. Derecho BA History BA History BA Art Lisa A. DeSantis BA English Bus . I " " I Erik A. Deutsch Paulette Aleyn Devereaux BA Economics BA Psychology oDtLiTontl Mark S. Devore BA Political Science Frank A. Di Crisi III BA Political Science Julie C. Diamond BA Psychobiotogy Gerald S. Dias BA Economics Ada E. Diaz BA Psychology Marjorie S. Diaz BA Anthropology Maryrose A. Diaz BA Sociology Brian E. Dickter BA Economics Alice Marie T. Diego BS Kinesiology Eric G. Dietlein BA History Susan E. Dietter BA Fine Art Rosalea V. Dimaano BA Geography Federsin G. Dinsay BA English Dione M. Dirito BA History Katrina D. Dodson BA Political Science Rowena Domantay BA Psychology Anthony L. Dominguez BA World Arts Culture Dinnah B. Donato BA Psychology Donato 121 j IWl Lisa T. Donee BA English Deborah Lynn K. Doody BA English BS Math Khushroo F. Dordi BA Poli Sci Econ Sigal Dori BA Psychology Jennifer M. Dorian BA History Shon Dormoy BA Psychology Shawn D. Dougherty Angelina S. Downey BA Econ lnt ' l Area Stds BA Theater Deidre M. Doyle John A. Dragonette Lisa M. Draper BA Psychology Bus BA Economics Poll Sci BA Sociology Lindsey F. Dubin BA Political Science Ibfcl : " :v Antat!!: : : Julie Dudler BA Sociology Jerry A. Dufloth BA Economics Kimberly C. Duly BA Psychology Kristy A. Duncan BA Political Science Jonathan Dunn BA Economics Michelle M. Dust BA English Cathy S. Dutton BA Psych Bus Mark T. Dyer BA English Angela Easton BA Sociology Nicole Eatherly BA Psychology Jack Ebrahimpour BS Biology Gary T. Eckwortzel BS Mechanical Engr Alan I. Edrick BA Econ Business Eddy M. Edwards BA Economics Kim Edwards BS Biochemistry Jack A. Edwards, Jr. BA Poli Sci Bus Suzanne M. Efeaff BS Math Appld Sci Eric K. Eggena BA History 122 Donee : ;: - Linda L. Enter BS Biology Gordan-Michael Eichhorst BS Aerospace Engr ' Ml Antoinette E. Emery BA Dance Gabriela O. Emme BA Political Science ' , v - ' ' Stephen K. Eng Robyn A. Engel BS Electrical Engineering BA Psychology Stephanie J. Engler Communication Stds Lisa C. Ensign BA Psychology Marian M. Ensley BA English Michael Ephraim BA Economics Phyllisa J. Eisentraut BA Anthropology Rebeca L. Eiser BA Psychology Melinda C. Eisma BA Economics Eric P. Emerson BA Psychology JoAnn S. Emmi BA History Helena A. Emmrich BA Econ lnt ' l Area Stds Efshine A. Emrani BS Microbiology Suyenmarie Encarnacion BA History Business pediatrician. I would especially like to help those less fortunate since there truly exists a need to help them in this country. In my spare time, I enjoy photography. It allows me to create and bring out the artist in me. It fascinates me to be able to capture forever a slice of time. ' hardworking ' Everard Esteban Kinesiology I consider myself to be a hard-working individual, dedicated to the cause whatever the cause may be. I also enjoy working with people and find them fascinating. There is so much we can learn from one another. That is probably part of the reason I plan to attend medical school to become a I think GCLA has prepared me for life in the real world, both intellectually and spiritual- ly. After surviving Chem 21 and a Physics final back to back. I think I can go out in the world and take on anything. Ephraim 123 William R. Eschenbruecher Margarita P. Escuadro Keivan Eshraghi BS Electrical Engineering BA History Business BA Economics Everard T. Esteban BS Kinesiology Todd A. Ethington BS Electrical Engineering Jose M. Eulloqui BA Econ lnl ' i Area Stds Steve Eum BA Design Susan C. Evans BA Sociology Bus Karen R. Fadel BA English Senior t , $p$ i::r:; fe Laurence Friedman Biology As a freshman, 1 became in- volved with the Mardi Gras Committee. Over the past five years, I have held various posi- tions that have enabled me to learn a great deal about business and to meet exciting " I like to get iny hands into a little of everything. " individuals whose friendships I will cherish forever. Through Mardi Gras, 1 became interested in UniCamp. This experince was extremely gratifying as I was not only able to help the children, but I learned a great deal about myself and the world around us. I have also been in- volved in the UCLA Ski club. As President last year, I coor- dinated the All-Cal Winter Car- nival for the UCLA students. It is a fantastic way to meet other students with similar interests and to have a wonderful time. UCLA was an experience for me that allowed me to explore new areas of interst and to ex- pand upon those that 1 already had. After graduation, I will at- tend medical shcool and become a practicing physician, most likely in the field of Or- thopedic Surgery Sports Medi- cine. 7 y p " utsj ? Brian T. Evans BA English Kilt G. Ewmg Mchatl L FiMfa BA Economics Bus |BS,% ; Princess Nazli Fahkeri BS Chemistry Alfredo C. Fajardo BS Electrical Engineering Samantha J. Fajardo BS Kinesiology Devon Falco BA English Stacey A. Falconer BA Psychology Hendrik Falk BA Econ lnt ' l Area Stds Waikuen B. Fan BA Econ Business 124 Eschenbruecher " 6 : qui Lendolyn Farnsworth Kelly L. Faucett ItoaSft Russian Ciu Poli Sci BA Political Science Heidi Faulkner BA Political Science Barbara Fawcett BA English Thomas W. Fawell BS Kinesiology Gabrielle H. Fay BA Sociology Karen Feinberg Reva N. Feldman Sharon L. Feldman BA Psychology BA History Art History BA Psychology Michael V. Fera Lillian S. Ferguson Mary E. Feruzzi BA Political Science BA Sociology Poli Sci BA Women ' s Studies lichael L. Fernandez Rita M. Fernandez Claudia M. Fernandez IBS Mechanical Engr BS Chemical Engineering BA Psychology Bus Arlene V. Ferrer BA English Nanci C. Finch Therese Fisher BA Psychology BA Econ lnt ' l Area Stds jj f Bridget Kathleen File A Economics Bus Howard M. Fitzer BS Engineering Nancy A. Fitzgerald BA English James A. Flanders BA Econ Business Steven C. Fletcher BA Economics Jana K. Florentine BS Math Appld Sci Jeffrey R. Flores BS Comp Sci 6 Engr Susanna J. Flory BA Psych English Eric C. Fok BS Biochemistry Michael G. Fok BS Biology Cindy Fong BA Economics Cornelius L. Fong BS Engineering Fong, C. 125 Felix D. Fong BS Biology Gordon Fong BA Economics Bus Althea C. Ford Samantha Ford David W. Fortner Mojgan Forouzanpour BA Psychology BA Sociology BA Economics BA Economics JwK r: - ' -- Matthew J. Forrest BA English Scott D. Forrest Sarah K. Foss Tanna J. Fowler Edith J. Frackiewicz Shannon E. Francis BA English Lit, BA History BA Linguistics Comp Sci BS Biochemistry BA English ... . Cavin H. Franks BA Economics Julia Franz BA Political Science Michelle M. Freeman BA Political Science Wendy L. Freeman BA Economics Felicia S. French BA Communication Stds Glenn P. Frial BS Biology Elizabeth J. Friedman BA History Laurence J. Friedman BS Biology Michael J. Friedman BA Political Science Susan P. Friend BS Biology Heidi Frohmader BA Communication Stds Imelda V. Fruto BA Psychology Cynthia Fry BA Cognitive Science William M. Frykman BA Economics Patrice K. Fujimoto BA Psychology Yuriko Fujimoto BA Psychology 1 26 Fong, F. iJoyce T. Fujishige BA Design therme A. Gallagher | BA Psych Bus ranco G. Gallinaro 3A Economics Bus Mina Fujita BA History Carol Fukuchi BS Kinesiology Juli C. Fung BS Biochemistry Owin Fung BA Economics Lisa G. BA Communication Stds " caring " 9 h t Katherine Gallagher Psychology Business Emphasis This may sound corny, but I genuinely care about the people in my life with all of my heart. I believe everything in life hap- pens for a reason and therefore we should try our best to have a positive attitude in all situa- tions. I personally try to be happy in whatever I do, and motivate others to do the same. With this, I have had many fun memories here. Starting with my first two years in the dorms and working at the front desk. I meet hundreds of peo- ple, and made new friends while earning some extra cash. With Bruin Belles, 1 experienced the challenge of not only gaining new friendships within CJCLA but with its surrounding com- munity as well. As a member of Gamma Phi Beta sorority, I have meet the best friends of my life. I truly believe family and friends are the most impor- tant things in life. 1 derive my personal strength from these relationships. Overall, GCLA has been my " home away from home " and holds a special place in my heart. I am forever a Bruin. Scott D. Galer BA Economics Bus Michelle T. Galli BA Sociology Arieh I. Galper BA Political Science Anne B. Gamrin BA English Tina M. Ganaja BS Mechanical Engineering Alarice M. Garcia BA Psychology Enrique Garcia BA Political Science Gabriel G. Garcia BS Math Economics Jose E. Garcia BA History Garcia, J. 127 i Maria T. Garcia BS Spanish Ling Morena Garcia BA Economics Kevin R. Garlitz BS Economics Sys Sci Lisa A. Garrod BA InL 7 Relations Victoria R. Gaskill BA Political Science Mia L. Gasparini BS Psychobiology Julia A. ( aw Eric A. Gaynor BA Political Science Darrin L. Gee BA Psychology John W. Gehart BA Philosophy Michael A. Gelber BA Psychology Gina L. Genova BA English Joseph F. Gera BS Biochemistry : ' .. ' ' . ' 1 MM I Atshin S. Gerayli Beatrice F. Gerosa Brooke A. Gershon BS Biochemistry BA Econ lnt ' l Area Stds BA English Mehrdad Ghahramani Anahid Gharakhanian llham M. Gharibeth BS Chemistry BA Philosophy BS Kinesiology Sylvia M. Ghazarian Golnaz Ghetmiri BA Econ Bus Comm Stds BA Econ Comp Sci Sunil B. Gianchandani BS Mechanical Engr Yael Gilad BA Psychology Susan A. Gilbert BA English Victoraine M. Gilcrest BS Kinesiology Dawnette Gilkey BA Hist Afro Amer Stds John W. Gillott BA Music Darrien M. Gipson BA English Kimberly A. Gire BA Sociology Bus Stacy L. Gitzinger BA Psychology Lisa D. Glass BA English 128 Garcia, M. Julia A. Gleason Christopher Godby Enrique Godinez Catherine E. Goedecker Elizabeth Goff John A. Gogol 3A English French Lit BA Psychology- BS Microbiology BA Political Science BS Applied Math BA Economics w 1 Yinyin Goh BA Econ Business Jana Lynn Gold SAMP TV Emily C. Goldbach S A Psychology Lisa R. Goldenfeld BS Kinesiology Craig L. Goldsmith Meehna M. Goldsmith BA Linguistics BA English Amy R. Goldstein BA Political Science Markham L. Goldstein BA Economics Sara J. Gollub BA English John R. Gomez BA Theater Ramon M. Gomez BA Political Science Stacey L. Gomez BA Sociology Hadar Gonen Ellen Renee Gonzales Martha 1. Gonzalez Patricia E. Gonzalez Richard J. Good Lisa L. Goodall I BA Political Science BA Psychology BA Economics BS Math Appld Sci BA History BA English Mariam E. Goodkin Mark P. Goodman Wendy A.Goodman Debra I. Gooze BA Math Appld Sci BS Biology BA Communication Stds BA Psychology Stephanie L. Gordon Bjjan Gorji BA Psychology BA Econ lnt ' l Area Stds Gorji 129 Alan R. Gorstein BA Economics Sheri L. Gosliner BA History Jeff Gould BA Political Science Ashton Gowadia BA Political Science Jeanne C. Grantham BA Psychology Laurine A. Gray BA Sociology LteDGrau Sheryl Gray BA Sociology David M. Green BA Political Science Christine C. Greene BA Econ lnt ' l Colin T. Greene BA History Senior P o Darrin Gee Psychology Through my involvement at CJCLA during the past four years, I have learned about myself, people, and life. During these first few quarters, I par- ticipated in one of the most valuable experiences in my life- -Prison Coalition. Tutoring and helping these kids helped set the tone for my career at GCLA. After being elected, as GSAC General Representative, I was in a position where I could reach out and help represent every student on campus. This year as an ASK Counselor I was also in a position where I was able to impact the lives of students in the most direct manner. After all where else can you get asked a question like " How much does it cost to send a postcard to Zaire? " If everyone could " motivated " remember me as a person who really cared and tried to im- prove the quality of life for every student at GCLA, I will be content. Alan R. Greengard BA Political Science Scott A. Greiff BA Japanese G. Karl M. Greissinger BA Poli Sci Econ Lisa C. Grieve BA Econ Business ft Angela D. Griffin Monica L. Griffin BA Political Science BA Music Composition Michelle R. Gross BA English Gabrielle Grossman BA Political Science 130 Gorstein Lee D. Groza BA Economics Kimberly O. Grubbs BA Econ Business Belinda C. Guard BA English Leslie Gudel BA Political Science Vincent R. Guerena Ernesto M. Guerra 85 Microbiology BS Operations Research Mark T. Guithues Lorena Gutierrez M. Elizabeth Gutierrez BA History BS Electrical Engineering BS Applied Math Peter S. Guzman Sylvia Guzman Electrical Engineering BA Psychology Lee J. Haber BS GUI ' Engineering UiCGrinc 3 danflusm t vHatGofflpa ' lanouchehr Hadjiaghai BS Psychobiology Ciran M. Hadjian BA Geography Julie M. Hadnot BA Political Science Christine Hafner BA German Brett W. Hagadorn BA Econ Business Yanal B. Haghor BA Economics Donald D. Hahn BA Econ Business Brenda R. Haimowitz Babak Robert Hakim Farzin Hakim B. Siman Halim BA Psychology Bus BS Biochemistry BS Applied Math BS Applied Math Sandra D. Hall BA Political Science Susan E. Hall BA History Tracy E.Hall BA English Lit. Valerie Halsema BA Psychology Bus Catherine E. Halton BA English Brenda L. Halverson BA History Business John J. Ham BA Economics Ham 131 Lisa Y. Hamakawa Henry A. Hamilton Stacy J. Hamlet Diane Hampton Angie Han Jennifer W. Han BA Econ lnt ' l Area Stds BS Comp Sci Engr BA Economics BA History BA Psychology BA Psychology Willis W. Han Yasuko Hanawa Derk D. Hanna Cheryl L. Hanselman Kirsten S. Hansen Leslie S. Hansen BS Material Sci Engr BA East Asian Studies BA Political Science BA History Art History BA Linguistics Psych BA Political Science Kevin E. Hanson BA Political Science Mark A. Hanson BS Psychobio Bus Jane E. Harano BA Political Science Betty A. Harelson BA History Suhail M. Hariri BS Microbiology Christine L. Harper BA English Hilary L. Harper David B. Harrison Michele L. Harrison Linda M. Hart BA Sociology BA English Bus BA Italian Special Fields BA Psychology Lena P. Hartanto BS Nursing Kim M. Hartley BA English Kelly V. Haslinger BA Theater Sean M. Hassett BA History Mehrdad Hassid BS Biology David T. Hatae BS Kinesiology Scott T. Hatanaka BA Econ Business Rita Hay BA Political Science BH 132 Hamakawa . ,-, LefcSfastn Wfa! Science wfc L. taper . Brian N. Hayashi BA Geography Ecosys Flora A. Hayashi SS Computer Science Sharon L. Hayashi 6 Psych Bus Donna L. Haycock BS Appld Math Dean Hayman-Mason BAMP 7V Helene M. Heath BA Psychology Sally Hebble BA Economics Bus Donald L. Heberer BA Psychology Jeffrey M. Hecox BA Political Science Rebecca L. Heinlein BA Communication Stds Karen C. Heinrich BA History Danny J. Heinz BA Political Science Sina R. Hekmat, Jr. BA Political Science Hali L. Helfgott BA Political Science Julienne M. Henderson BA Psychology Brian Nelson Hendrick BA Psychology . iSana Carl T. Henney BS Astrophysics Laura Henretty BA English the GCLA Men ' s Glee Club and culminating that experience with a concert tour of Japan. Singing is probably my single biggest hobby. Aside from my years in the Glee Club, 1 was able to form a small vocal group called The Letterguys " multi-faceted " Dave Green Political Science 1 think I will remember UCLA as my background and playground. For the past five years, I tried to get the most well-rounded education my Reg Fees could buy. 1 spent a few years living in Sproul Hall, par- ticipating in both floor and hall governments. 1 continued my singing interest as a member of with some friends. This gave us the ability to perform the kinds of music we really wanted to and an excuse to be ourselves at our best. I may not be going out into the world with a map of what I am going to do, but I know I have got a round trip ticket. Henretty 133 Sammy Heredia BA History Toni M. Herkert BA Political Science David M. Hernand BA Political Science Barbara Hernandez BA English Catherine M. Hernandez Edmund B. Hernandez BA Psychology BA Economics Jose D. Hernandez BS Electrical Engineering David F. Hersch BA Political Science Wendy C. Hertz BA Sociology Michael S. Heuser BS Physio " patriotic ' t Leland Lai Mechanical Engineering During the first two years here, I served as a midshipman in the Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps. The Reserve took me to the depths of the Pacific in a nuclear submarine and sent me soaring across the sky in a jet fighter. Unfortu- nately, a lingering knee injury from high school football ended my high-adventure career in the military. As 1 wrestled with this devastating turn of fate, 1 turned my attention toward AIESEC, an international business ex- change program based in Belgium. Through the pro- gram, 1 met the Chief Executive Officer of the largest bank in the (IS., made a presentation to 25 Japanese businessmen in downtown Los Angeles, and " partied " with students from lit- erally every continent in the world. As a Chinese immigrant and former Naval Officer candidate, I bring to all my undertakings a sensitivity to needs of the coun- try ' s changing demographics, and an intense appreciation for the American form of democrat- ic government. Richard Heyman BA English Tanya Heyn BA Political Science Michele L. Hicks BA History Business William Hidajat BS Comp Sci Engi Melinda S. Herrington BA Psychology Timothy D. Hertz BS Malh Comp Sci : " Lawrence E. Hess BA French Ling Josefina A. Hidalgo BA Economics 134 Heredia Kevin W. Higgins BA Political Science Deborah M. Higuchi BA Psychology Lisa J. Hildenbrand BA Economics Psych Cathleen Lee Hill BA Political Science Dale O. Hill BA Political Science Audrey A. Hillary BA Sociology Elisa E. Himelfarb Anne Hirose BA Political Science BA English Craig K. Hirota BA Political Science Hillary D. Hirsch BA English Michael Hirt BS Kinesiology Jean C. Ho BA Economics ' - Philip T. Ho BS Biology Victor Ho Oai Q. Hoang BS Chemistry BS Electrical Engineering Jeffrey J. Hobgood BA History Shannon K. Hocom Lori M. Hoffman BA History BA Political Science ; Mark J. Hollander Stephen C. Hollingsworth Theresa M Holloway BA Political Science BS Psychobiology BS Kincsiology Edward D. Holly, Jr. BA Psychology E lizabeth D. Holt BA History Business Kim Brian Horn BA Economics ' ' - ' - Patricia Horn BA Economics Psych Patrick R. Horn BS Psychobiology Ronald M. Horn BS Math Comp Sci David P. Honey BA Political Science Sally J. Hong BA Economics Tina M. Hooks BA Psychology Hooks 135 Heather M. Hoole BA Sociology Jacquelyn A. Hooper Kathleen M. Hopkins BA English BS Kinesiology Steven K. Horio 65 Comp Sci Engr Steve H. Hornstein BA Econ Business Kim A. Horrell BAArt Victor Hou Kathleen J. Howat BS Electrical Engineering BA Political Science Anthony G. Howe BA Political Science Jeff R. Hradez BA Political Science Anna L. Hronis BA History Christine N. Hryciw BA Sociology Leo L. Hsieh BA History Jason Ku C. Hsing BS Biology Chia-Ling Hsu Dante Hsu Howard S. Hsu Adam Huang BS Math of Comp BA Econ lnt ' l Area Stds BS Comp Sci Engr BA East Asian Studies Eric C. Huang BS Psychobiology Hsing P. Huang BS Math Hui C. Huang BA Econ Business Kuo H. Huang BS Biology Deborah Hudson BS Mathematics Vanessa A. Huey BA Economics Carey Huffman BA Political Science Heather L. Hull BA History Chen-Pin Hung BS Biology Brian Hunt BA Psychology Shelley C. Hunt BA English Alexis R. Hunter BA Communication Stdi Win 136 Hoole Scott Hunter BA Music Daniel T. Hustwit % I BA Political Science . MM tag I Dana Hyde I BA Poli Sci lnt ' l Rel. Livia Hur BA Psychology Jennifer L. Hurdle BA Economics Jane M. Hurley BSMath ofComp Marisa A. Hurtado BA Philosophy Senior ' committed ' Israel Ibarra BA Economics Denise J. Iketani BA Political Science Laureen Lazarovici Political Science History My main involvement at (JCLA has been with the Daily Bruin, one of the finest college newspapers in the country. I started there as a reporter in 1985 covering undergraduate student government. The follow- ing year, I was viewpoint editor writing an opinion column every other week. At the Daily Bruin, I was fortunate enough to learn more about UCLA and the mindset of the administration than most students have a chance to. This past year, I was a member of the new Pro- gressive Jewish Alliance, a group of Jewish students trying to reconstruct the progressive tradition that ' s been lost not on- ly on this campus but in society at large. I want to be remembered as a person who was responsible for com- municating the diversity of opi- nion that exists on this campus. My immediate plan is to find a job as a reporter in L.A. ' s tight but exciting journalism market. As a future reporter, I hope to improve society by giving peo- ple the information they need to have to make rational choices. U Jennifer L. Hurwitz BA Communication Stds I Elizabeth S. Hyatt BS Chemistry Andrei lancu BS Aerospace Engr Alyson Ichiuji BA Psychology Catherine L. Ikola BA English Yunii Imada BA Psychology Liza V. Injo BA Psychology Praphaphone Insixiengmay BS Biology John I. Irato BS Microbiology Irato 137 Michael W. Irwin BA Econ Business Celine N. Ishida BA Political Science Alice M. Ishigame BS Psychobiology Joy K. Ito BA Econ lnt ' l Area Stds Scott T. Ito BA Sociology Theresa V. Iverson BA Psychology Bus Patrick S. Isom BA Economics Mary Ishihara BA English Angela S. Ishimaru BA Econ lnt ' l Area Stds Thomas J. Ivey BA Political Science Vivian H. Iwasa BA Japanese Yukako Izutani BAArt Robin N. Jacklich BA Dance Michelle L. Jackson BA Economics Susan Z. Jancso BA Italian French Maria Janosi BA Political Science Sharon M. Jay BA English La Trisha M. Jenkins BA Political Science Delia V, L. Yvette Jenkins BA English Gina Jennings BA Econ Business John E. Jensen BS Mechanical Engr Kari K. Jensen BA Theater Stephen Jensen BS Aerospace Engr Monica Jeong BS Kinesiology Jaime K. Jesek BA English Scott A. Jesse BA Political Science Jeff E. Jessem BA Psychology Carey D. Jeu BA Economics Karen S. Jeong BA Psychology Janet H. Jhoun BS Bioengineering 138 Irwin , Ying H. Jiang i Aerospace Engr Lisa M. Jias BS Psychobiology Christian A. Jimenez BA Political Science Alicia Jo BS Nursing Kevin A. Joe BA Economics Maria D. Johansson BA Spanish Ling | Julie M. Johnson Katherine Nola Johnson Kathy L. Johnson Kirby L.Johnson Suzanne M. Johnson BA Psych DLAP BA Art History BA Sociology BA Japanese Economics BS Biology Tina M. Johnson BA Political Science - ; Detra M. Jones BA Psychology Anna M. Jong Erica L. Jordan Robin B. Joshi Kimberly J. Joyce Paula A. Judge BS Kinesiology BA English BS Electrical Engineering B Economics BA History J Anna Lynne Jung Ki Y. Jung BA Sociology BS Comp Sci Engr Mira Jung BS Comp Sci Engr Sirpa T. Kaapro BS Psychobiology Jerald A. Kahan BS Biology Dana B. Kahn BA Political Science Diane E. Kahn Steven G. Kahn Mitra Kahrizi I English Women ' s Stds BS Physics BA Psychology Diane N. Kajikami BA Econ lnt ' l Area Stds Sara Y. Kaku BA Economics Bassam E. Kaldawi BS Comp Sci Engr Kaldawu 139 Kathie J. Kalfayan S Psychology Tamara L. Kalife Harvey A. Kamian David D. Kang BA Economics BA Scand Lang. Cult. BS Electrical Engineering Su Ung Kang BA Econ Business Nina R. Kanvec BS Physics Mil. I - Johnny W. Kao 65 Comp Sci Engr Margaret L. Kao BA Economics Atul Kapoor BA Political Science Lena Karaminassian BA French Shodja T. Kargari BA English Grace M. Kasamatsu BS Biology cardo M. Kenned) e Sheldon D. Kasdan BA Poli Sci Bus Robert M. Kasof BA Political Science Daizo Katoh BS Chemistry Carina Katurich BA Econ lnt ' l Area Stds Miriana Katurich BA Political Science Allison T. Katz 6A Sociology Elise L. Katz Karen T. Kawahara Lani Kawahara BA Political Science BA Communication Stds BA English Janice H. Kawase Kenneth I. Kawashiri Gregory M. Keer I Ae ' S.Kim BA English BA History BA English Lit Krista F.L. Keesee BA Sociology Ruth A. Keidel Kathi S. Keir Deirdre J. Keller Stacey M. Keller BA Sociology BA Psychology Bus BA Econ lnt ' l Area Stds BA Sociology Charles L. Kelley BS Applied Math 140 Kalfayan I Erin R. Kelley BA Theater Elizabeth B. Kelly BA Sociology Kathleen Kelly BA Psychology Dana Kelsey BA Dance Seanne R. Kemp BA Political Science Alice J. Kendall BA English cardo M. Kennedy 6S Kinesiology Juliet Kent BA Poli Sci lnt ' l Ret Brenda C. Kenworthy BA Art Lainie S. Keslin BA Classical Civilization Deborah L. Kessler BA Political Science Adrianna J. Kezar BA Art History Lisa R. Kiebel BA Geography Parand Khademi BA Design Dana A. Kido BA Design Hedi Khorsand BA Economics Ernest C. Kim Euisin Kim BS Electrical Engineering BS Chemical Engineering Aeree S. Kim Psychobio Bus Felix H. Kim Electrical Engineering Gina J. Kim BA Art History Grace E. Kim BA English Heju Kim BS Math Comp Sci Holly Kim BA Psychology Hyun-Mi H. Kim BA Design Kim.H. 141 Hyung T. Kim BS Physics In-Kyum Kim BA Economics Janice D. Kim BA Design Jason J. Kim BS Engineering Jeanie H. Kim BS Biology John H. Kim BS Math Appld Sci Melissa D. Kim BA Music Sandie S. Kim BA Psychology Laura Y. Kim BA Economics Mun Chong Kim BS Applied Math Sandy S. Kim BA Design Sandy S. Kim BA Economics Seung K. Kim BA Econ Business Tae Y. Kim BA Portuguese Lit (Jn-Yung Kim BA Psychology Young S. Kim BA Spanish Jacqueline D. Kindall BA Sociology Warren C. King BA Economics Karen C. Kingsley BA Economics Elisa Kipnis BA Sociology Shery A. Kirshbaum BA Communication Stds Keiji B. Kishi BA Sociology Scott A. Kissinger BS Psychobiologij Cheryl A. Kissley BA Political Science Jordan Kitaen BA English Shoko Kitazumi BS Chemicsil Engineering Diane Kittleson Alexander J. Kitzes Kelly M. Klaus Alyssa B. Klausner BA Psychology BA Psychology BA Communication Stds BA History 142 Kim, H. Lori C. Klein BA Psychology BA Psychology : Teresa L. Knapp BA English Christa Knebel BA History BA Economics BA Psychology Bus Alfred Kohan BS Biology Linda S. Koga I BS Psychobiology m j Suzanne Klein BA Communication Stcls Jason G. Kliewer BA Political Science David M. Kluth BA Political Science Marie A. Kluth U A Economics Kim L. Kohler BA Psychology Jeffrey L. Knell BA Psychology Christopher L. Knight BA Political Science Mark C. Knox BS Biocngincering Kazumi Kobayashi BA Psychology Jeffrey D Kohn BA Political Science Senior t Patricia Lippert World Arts Cultures (JCLA has so much to offer. As a Speakers Associate with Campus Events, a Gnicamp counselor, and a member of the American Indian Student Association, I ' ve been involved in an incredible amount of ex- periences. This year, I also joined the Society for Creative Anachron isms which is an organization that recreates me- dieval life and culture. I reinact ' involved ' the life of a mid- 14th century English woman. Going to the tournaments, revels and other events is a real learning experi- ence and great fun. 1 will always have special memories of my senior year when my brother, who happens to go to the University of Arkansas, and I went to Dallas for the Cotton Bowl. It was wonderful cheering OCLA on and watching my brother grum- ble about how badly his team was playing. Kohn 143 Marilee C. Kohnhorst BA History Stacey R. Konkoff BA English William M. Korn BA Psychology Elizabeth M. Kolla BA Sociology Jeffrey Kolson BA Psychology Sharon H. Hondo BS Math Appld Sci John C. Kong BA Economics ' genuine Glenn Llopis Political Science International Relations I would like to be regarded as a person with diverse interests who is concerned deeply with the well-being of those I care about (family, friends, and those who come to me for advice). I stand out because of my unique personality and ability to relate easily to a wide-variety of peo- ple. My sense of enthusiasm and motivation has inspired others to strive for their own personal goals, and to find en- joyment in all of their endeavors. I have been involved in many activities both on and off cam- pus. My involvement with Peer Health Counselors though has to have been the most rewar- ding. It allowed me the chance to deal with the campus and community them. The most traumatic situation I had to deal with was an attempted suicide. I think I have learned throughout my years here that the best thing to be is open and honest with yourself and others. 1 think a person has more depth to them in that sense and more people are apt to look at them with admiration. Valerie L. Kong BA Political Science i ' c: fej Carla Kopf BA History BSfl ' Jim Kostas BA Economics ?i;:,F . George A. Kounis BS Comp Sci Engi Tiffanie Kovacevich BA Political Science Hanson LK Kristi L. Koyamatsu HA Communication Sl Mary J. Kramer BA Communication Slds Jeremy Kranz BA Psychology Edward D. Kring BA Economics Debra L. Krishel BA Anthropology Juli E. Kronen BA Psychology 144 Kohnhorst 1 I David E. Kruse Christina Ku Kimberly A. Kubeczko Fae-Jian Kuen : Electrical Engineering BA East Asian Studies BA History BA Design Myong Penny Kuhn Kenneth S. Kumamoto BA English BS Psychobiology Stewart M. Kume Sambulo S. Kunene 6S Electrical Engineering BA History Marina Kunis BA Econ Business Ann M. Kunitake BA Psychology Keith J. Kuntz BS History Business Maliya Kuo BA Economics JIT tolas | Patty F. Kuo Pey-Yau Kuo Simon Y. Kuo Karin M. Kurachi Christopher Kurz Kevin Y. Kwan BA East Asian Studies BA East Asian Stds Bus BS Electrical Engineering BA Economics BA English BS Electrical Engineering Hanson L. Kwock BA Psychology Ching-Yee A. Kwok BA Design Esther Kwok Eunice Y. Kwon Demetrios M. Kyriazis Victoria Kysella BA Economics BA Geography Ecosys BA Math Appld Sci BA History I Kimberly M. LaBelle Sabrina LaBow Tad Lacey BA Psychology BA Communication Stds BA History Maria A. LaFranchi BA History Saadia T. Lagarde BA Psychology Kathleen P. Lago BA Theater Lago 145 Leland J. Lai BS Mechanical Engr Stuart A. Lai BS Comp Sci Engr Aristotelis T. Laliotis BS Kinesiology Beatrice S. Lam BA Economics David M. Lam BA English Geoffrey H. Lamb BA English Douglas C. Lambert BA History John P. Lambert BA Poli Sci lnt ' l Rel. Jeanne L. La Motte BS Civil Engineering Holly L. Land BS Nursing Twyla C. Lang BA History Yvonne M. Lapena BA Psychology l " . i _ Joshua R. Lapin BA Philosophy Amy W. Lasley BA English Bus Joanne Lau BS Kinesiology Susie Lau BA Economics Weyman D. C. Lau BS Math Appld Sci Kevin R. Lauderdale BA English Beth M. Lauritis BA Political Science Michelle Lavin BA Psychology Bus Janice D. Layco BA Sociology Laureen Lazarovici BA Poll Sci History Jeanette H. Le BS Aerospace Engr Lara Le BS Biology Tiffany A. Le BA Economics Tommy N. Le BA Psychology Sylvie V. Le Francois BA Political Science Dana Le Mert BA Sociology Bus Marc R. Le Renard BS Aerospace Engr James P. Leasure BA Economics 146 Lai thin ' " " - Roberto Lebrija BA History John C. Leckrone BA Economics Samantha E. Leddel BA English Arlesha D. Lee Brian A. Lee Caroline Lee BA Psychology BA Econ lnt ' l Area Stds BS Cybernetics Charles Lee BS Psychobiology Helen S. Lee I BS Psychobiology Christopher S. Lee BA Sociology Chung-Fei Lee BS Math Op Research Dong W. Lee BS Applied Math Elmer E. Lee BA Political Science Gouxin Lee BA Physics Hsin-Shung Lee BS Biochemistry Jance K. Lee BS Appld Math Bio Jennifer S. Lee BA Design Johnny K. Lee BA Sociology Juhee A. Lee BS Psychobiology Julia Lee Karen M. Lee R Communication Stds BS Psychobiology Maria R. Lee BA Political Science Mikyung Lee BA Psychology Patricia J. Lee BA Economics Patty P. Lee BA Music Sang M. Lee BA Economics Tina Lee BS Applied Math Michelle L. Leff BA English Tracy A. Leggins BA Psychology Stephen W. Lekki BA Economics Thomas W. Leland BS Civil Engineering Leland 147 Ruby Lem BA Music Christopher M. Leo BA Economics Michael Leong BA Econ Business Jacqueline M. Lepak Sean L. Lerche Theresa D. Lerma BA History BA Political Science BA Communication Stds Rachel Lerner BA English World Lit. John P. Lesko BA Economics Mary P. Levesque BA English Stuart E. Levitt Meir Levy BA History BS Electrical Engineering Andrew T. Lew BA Psychology Gary Lew BA Poll Sci Bus Grace H. Lew BS Comp Sci Engr Paula Lew BA English Randee Lewinstein BA History Karen D. Lewis BA Psychology Vanessa L. Lewis BA Political Science Goretti Li James Y. Li Lap-Sun (Hester) Li BS Biochemistry BS Math of Comp BA Economics Sue H. Li Fang-Lian Liao BS Bioengineering BA Linguistics Spanisf I Samuel Liao BA Economics Michael O. Libraty BA Political Science David Liebrader Daniel N. Lieu Sheryl A. Liffick BA Creative Writing BS Electrical Engineering BA English Nancy J. Lewis BA Economics Byrdie Lifson BA Sociology 148 Lem ephen K. Lightfoot II Brian S. Lillie BA English BA Political Science Gene Lim BA Econ Business Jose C. Lim BA Economics Michelle D. Lim BA Sociology Bus Ricardo S. Lim BS Biology John C. Lin BS Psychobiology Britt S. Limm BA Psychology Farhad Llmonadi Jaycee Lin BS Electrical Engineering BA Economics Rosa C. Lim BA Psychology Suzzanne Lim BA Economics J James W. Lindberg ltacyj.ltw I BA English Bernard A. Linden BA Psychology Vickie E. Lindsay BA Economics Carol A. Link BA History Rina D. Lintag BA Psych Econ. Patricia L. Lippert 6A World Arts and Cult Benjamin T. Lish BA History Nara D. Lissauer Alexandra E. Listen Karyn L. Litchfield Marygrace R. Literatus Enrico A. Litonjua BA English BA Communication Stds BA Economics BS Aerospace Engr BA Political Science lAndrina A. Littlefield BA History Alan Shung Liu Glenn Llopis Denise L. Lloyd Ashley Y. Lo Bunly Lo BA Political Science BA Political Science BA Psychology Bus BS Electrical Engineering BS Biology Lo, B. 149 Han Po J. Lo BS Cybernetics Joan C. Lo BS Biochemistry Sui Wai Lo BA Economics llene E. Locker BA Psychology Benay L. Loftus BA Psychology Amber Ann Logan BA Political Science Angel D. Logan BA Geography Danna R. Lomax BA English Michael P. Long BA History Denise M. Loo BA Economics Socio Senior rar Nancy Luna Sociology My sorority has played a ma- jor role in my life. As a member of Sigma Delta Tau, 1 held the office of President, Vice-Presi- dent and Panhellic repre- sentative. Due to my love for children, I have worked in many philanthropic organizations for the prevention of child abuse, volunteered in Special Olym- pics, and served as a counselor for Amigos Del Barrio. I would say that my most worthwhile accomplishment here at GCLA is that I ' m finally graduating- because of my mother ' s stroke, I ' ve had to take additional responsibilities so that " unique " sometimes school has taken se- cond priority. I feel what makes me unique is that 1 always see the good things in life...l don ' t ever give up! 1 will always remember GCLA as a place where dreams come true!!! A winning cheer for the Blue and Gold!!! Kristin S. Lopez BA History Lorenzo Lopez BS Kinesiology i ' Vincent E. Lopez BA Design Manuel R. Lorenzo BA History Donald W. Louie BS Aerospace Engr Edmund Louie BA Psychology Christine E. Loulis BS Electrical Engineering Emmett C. Loverde BA Theater 150Lo, H. a n I ' m Ufa Kimberly A. Lovett BA Psychology Stuart L. Lovi BA Political Science Laurie Lovret BA Design Linda M. Low BA Sociology Bus Ashley E. Lowe BA Political Science Marybeth A. Loyd BA Psychology Michelle M. Lozano BA Psychology Cristina L. Lozon l-Ching T. Lu Mark T. Lu Claudio Ludovisi BS Applied Math BS Materials Engineering BS Comp Sci Engr BA Economics Mary C. Luevano BA Political Science Angela P. Lui Nancy Lui Stuart K. Lui BA English BA Communication Stds Bus BA Econ Business Nancy Luna Ruth Luna Kristi K. Lund BA Psychology Socio BA Poll Sci Women ' s Stds BS Mechanical Engr 3 Clove Ellen P. Lundquist BA Theater Roy C. Lung BS Engineering Anthony O. Luu SS Cybernetics Daniel J. MacMedan BA Psychology Fathia B. Macauley BA History Claudia P. Madrigal BA Poll Sci Bus Gina C. Magan Meighan J. Maguire Deborah J. Mah Young M. Mah May Mahadumrongkul Jennifer A. Maher BA Geography Ecosys BA Communication Stds BA Communication Stds BS Comp Sci Engr BA Economics BS Kinesiology Maher 151 Natasha Mahnovski BS Biology Jeffrey W. Mahony Shari M Maksymowski Daniel Maldonado BA Cognitive Science BA Art History BS Aerospace Engr Ginger L. Maldonado BA Sociology Maria F. Maldonado BA Sociology fl Ana M. Maliglig BS Biology Paul M. Mallouk BS Biology John J. Malloy BA Psychology Marisela Malo BA Psychology Lisa M. Maloney BA Economics Cynthia Manalac BA Psychology Elaine W. Mandel Gary M. Mandelstam JulieAnne Mandryk Jen M. Mandulay Connie C. Maniago BA History Art History BS Comp Sci Engr BA Communication Slds BA Communication Stds BS Math Comp Sci Jill M. Manning BA English History Mary Patrice Manning Melvin R. Manning BA Political Science BS Kinesiology Alice M. Mannion Linda M. Manous Marc S. Manuel David F. Mar BA Psychology BA World Arts and Cult BA Political Science BS Cybernetics Irene T. Marco James R. Marcolesco Merlinda O. Mariano Edgar A. Marin BA History Art History BS Aerospace Engr BA Linguistics BA History Tina A Maroutian BA Poll Sci lnt ' l Ret Andrea H. Marr BA Comm Stds Bus 152Mahnoviski Amy L. Marsh BA Sociology Jesus E. Martinez I BA Political Science Gregory A. Marshall BA Political Science Kenneth J. Marshall BA Econ lnt ' l Area Stds Christian T. Martin BA History Halina L. Martin BS Biology William S. Martin BA History Susana S. Martinez BA Spanish Behnam Massaband BS Psychobiology fife Anastasia Mastroyannakis BA Communication Stds - , Isaac Matarasso BA Economics m Randy J. Mathews BA Economics ,. Linda S. Mathious BA English Christine A. Matiuk BA Psychology Bus Aisha Martowidjojo BA Political Science Mark Maruyama BA Economics Bus John J. Marzullo BA Sociology I Alexandra Massa BA Japanese California Ambassador Con- ference, 1 felt that the students that represented GCLA at Commencement should possess diverse qualities. Bruin Belles has been a major part of my college career. I have been in Bruin Belles for four years. I have been a " true Bruin " Ruth Luna Women ' s Studies I am a part of the " new volun- teerism. " Community service has been a major part of my life since 1 started GCLA. All of my extracurricular activities have meant a great deal to me. They are all so different and each of them have played such a dif- ferent role in my life. As a member of the Southern distinguished Bruin Belle for the past two years. dedicated approximately 107 hours every quarter. Last year I was award- ed the Herb Smith Award for being the Belle that embodies the qualities most valued by the Bruin Belle organization. Matiuk 153 Christian R. Matro BA History Business Sarah H. Matson BA English Wendy S. Matthews BA Psychology Ted L. Mawla BA Economics Bus Sheri Maynard BA Psychology Monique S. McAnulty BA English Douglas R. McCalmont BA History S enior ' enthusiastic 1 David Mar Cybernetics I would like people to know that while at GCLA I not only got a sound education but I also found GNICAMP. I can not tell you how rewarding it is to become an intrigal part of CINICAMP. Between the kids and the counselors, I formed the most rewarding and lasting friendships of a lifetime. Through (JINICAMP, I have come to love the outdoors and have developed many hobbies that helped me enjoy this. I often take weekend hiking trips and always take my camera with me. I love taking pictures and have a complete darkroom to develop my pictures. My major is somewhat out of the ordinary. Actually, there are more people in it now then there used to be--cybernectics. I like it because it is inter- disciplinary and helps bridge the gap between machines, man, biology, and mechanics. After graduation 1 look forward to entering medical school. After that I hope to be a phys- cian involved in both clinical and policy making aspects of the field. Patricia A. McCarthy BA Political Science Anthony M. Mayo BA Psychology Bus Marianne McBeath BA French Daphne J. McCarley SS Mathematics : - Nancy L. McCullough BA Communication Std Jamie McDonald BA Poli Sci Bus Kimberly S. McElliot BA English Bus Bruce D. McGagin BA Political Science Erik C. McGee BA History Nancy M. McGreevy BA History Maureen T. McHale BA Psychology 154 Matro ; V L.V Jacqueline L. Mclntyre Charles C. McKenna Stephen P. McKiernan Jacqueline D. McKimmy Thomas G. McLeod Brendon H. McLoskey BS Math of Comp BA History BA History BA Poli Sci Bus BA English BA Political Science V - ... -. : fifeftemfo jnicafionS W. Sean McMahan BA Psychology Maura K. McMahon BA Political Science Nina K. McMahon BA Political Science Scott C. McNeal BA Economics Edward McNevin BA History Albert Meade BA Economics Bus Laura A. Meade BA History Steven R. Means BA Sociology Michael T. Meehan BA Psychology Susanne L. Meline Fabienne N. Melkanoff Thomas W. Melvin BA Political Science BA Anthropology BS Electrical Engineering Suzana Mendez BS Math Appld Sci I Marcelo Mendoza BS Biology H. Martin Menin BS Math Economics Wendy S. Meyer BA Art Julie Michel BA Design Patrick E. Michela BA History Marcie Michels BS Mechanical Engr Rosalind D. Mickels BS Applied Math Louis H. Milan! BA Political Science Allan G. Miller BA Economics Daniel J. Miller BA English Julie L. Miller BA Communication Stds Miller, J. 155 Mary M. Miller BA Sociology Paul A. Miller BA Economics Paul R. Miller BA English Victoria Miller BA Economics Bus William G. Miller BA History John K. Millis BS Math Appld Sci Christina A. Milnes BA Psychology Alan T. Mimaki BA Economics Bus Mayumi Minamizawa BA Economics Rachel I. Minster BA Theater Joanne K. Mirras 65 Kinesiology Amy M. Mitchell BA Sociology Robyn M. Mitchell BA Psychology Minna Mitsumoto BA Japanese Dean Miyagawa BS Kinesiology Stace K. Miyagi BA Geography Lori E. Miyasato BS Biology Julie S. Miyoshi BA Hist Art History Guita Mobasseri BS Psychobiology Kimberly R. Moekle Cathleen M. Mogan Brian C. Mogul BA English BA English BS Microbiology Imarda M. Molenkamp Vibiana Molina BA Political Science BA Political Science Carla G. Monico BS Biochemistry Trent C. Montez BA English Lisa M. Montez-Ramirez BS Kinesiology Yvette C. Monus BA Spanish Ling Deborah J. Moody BA Psychology Linda J. Moore BA History 156 Miller, M. Michael S. Moore 3A Communication Stds Susan M. Moore BA History Laura Morales BA Psychology Luis Moreno BA Political Science Audra M. Mori BA Political Science David D. Moriel BA History Jeanette F. Morimoto BS Kinesiology Kris K. Moriyama BA Economics Linda Moore History At GCLA, the experiences, the people, and the activities have all contributed to my memories. The three most in- fluential groups that I have been involved with are the Peer Health Counseling program, the no preservatives " Community Service Officer Program, and Kappa Delta sorority. I currently work as the only female station officer in Division 1 of the CSO program which means I work on the campus primary response rescue ambulance. We respond to anything from traffic acci- dents to attempted suicide and childbirth. I guess you can say that I ' m unique in the things that I have chosen to do with my life. 1 have spent seven Easter vaca- tions working on a mission pro- ject in Mexicali. 1 tend to get involved, sometimes overly so. But I never regret the choices I ' ve made. 1 will remember GCLA as a place where 1 grew; people who meet me now see the real Lin- da. What you see is what you get -- no preservatives. Douglas E. Morisoli BA Economics Bus Abdollah Morovati BS Biology Donna M. Morris BA Communication Stds Julie A. Morris BA English 3 ttW! Mitchell R. Moss BA Political Science Randy S. Moss BA Political Science Afshin Mouhabaty BS Microbiology Alex F. Moya BA Spanish Bus Reza Mozafari BS Electrical Engineering Angela I. Munoz as Applied Math Munoz, A. 157 Felipe Munoz BA Political Science Susan Munoz Grace C. Murakami Sergio A. Murcia Nino BS Biology BA History BA Economics Mary A. Murken BA Psychology Socio Isabel R. Murphy BA History Taylor J. Murphy Anne-Marie Murray BS Mechanical Engr BA History Mirta Muscarolas BA Psychology David M. Nachman BA Econ Business Marci H. Nadler BA Political Science Teri A. Nakamura BS Kinesioiogy Leanne M. Nakanishi Jason H. Nakashima Christoph D. Nanjo Michele M. Nasaway BA English BS Electrical Engineering BA Spanish Lit BA English Joel L. Nathanson BA Econ Business Melanie A. Nebel BA Psychology Kathryn D. Nelson BA History Poll Sci R. Kelly Nelson BA Theater Zarine A. Netervala BA Anthropology Robert Nevarez BA Political Science Paul J. Newman Jennifer A. Ng BA Political Science BA East Asian Studies Chi Y Nguyen BS Biology Diem-Trang T. Nguyen Hieu X. Nguyen Jonathon T. Nguyen BS GUI ' Engineering BS Electrical Engineering BA Political Science Kimhoa T. Nguyen BS Applied Math Jennifer K. Niboer BA History 158 Munoz, F. .-:-, ibert C. Nicholson Jr. 1 Communication Stds Terri L. Nickerson BA Psychology Anthony Nicolosi BS Comp Sci Engr Christine M. Nielsen BS Applied Math Eric R. Nielsen BA Psychology Matthew S. Nielsen BA Economics Paul Nielson 3A Political Science Eric D. Nomura Chidchanok Nopparatana Adrienne E. Nordstrom Kimberly Norris BA Economics BA Econ Business BA Political Science BA History usan Kimberly Noy BA Psychology Joy T. Nishihara BA Psychology Ryan M. Nishihara BS Kinesiology Leslie S. Niskar BA Communication Stds Joseph T. Nitti BS Kinesiology Kristine D. Nolan BA Design Darius Novickis Marisha J. Nowak BA Political Science BA World Arts and Cult Teah A. Nunn BS Math Comp Sci Fransisco M. Nuno BS Mechanical Engr Manuel R. Nuno BS Applied Math D. Franklin Nyman BA Econ lnt ' l Area Stds Sergio A. O ' Cadiz BA Psychology Chris M. O ' Connor Christopher C. O ' Connor John T. O ' Dea BS Kinesiology BA Psychology BA Economics Steve J. O ' Gorman BA Political Science Sonia M. O ' Mara BA English Lit. Catherine L. O ' Meara BA Psychology O ' Meara 159 Christine O ' Shaughnessy BA Psychology Wayne L. Oakeson BS Biology Karen E. Oakland BA Comm Stds Bus Kristen L. Oberthier BA Sociology Linda Oda BA Fine Arts Juliet L. Oehler BA Political Science Jungho Oh BS Electrical Engineering Senior Counselor, or even from seeing me at work in Student Gnion Operations, or at the University Owned Apartments, where I was an Apartment Coordinator. For " many hats ' t Taylor Murphy Mechanical Engineering Like many people who have to work to pay for their college education, I sometimes had to hold not one, two, but three jobs. Many people might recognize me from the resi- dence halls, being a Peer Health those who knew me by the one hat I was wearing at the time, I want you to know that 1 was all of these things : an engineering student, a volunteer, and one of many at GCLA who put themselves through school. 1 will best remember GCLA as a series of experiences, both good and bad, but all that have helped me grow, mature and see just how much I can do given the chance. Elizabeth K. Okazaki BA German Roberto P. Oducado BS Math Appld Sci Tammy Ofek BA Political Science Danielle J. Okulski BA History David M. Ong BA Economics Constance M. Olerich BS Kinesiology Marc A. Olivares Jill M. Olla BS Electrical Engineering BA Communication Stds Valerie A. Olsen BA History 160 O ' Shaughnessy Luisianah Ong 6S Chemistry Mario S. Ornedo BA Economics Arlene M. Osano BA Japanese |Simon G. Outhwaite Stephen G. Owens BS Psychobiology BS Kinesiology Greguar Ozhekim BA Economics Evan M. Oshan BA Histoiy Jodi F. Ossen BA Sociology Anthony J. Paez BA Political Science Bryan Y. Ouchi BA Sociology Toni M. Page Rina J. Pakula BA Political Science 3 4 Communication Stds Victoria L. Pallone BA Sociology Gina M. Palumbo BA Psychology Bus Valerie Y. Pamard BA Economics Francis P. Papica BA History Rogelio G. Pardo BA Economics Reuel C. Paredes BA Economics cjiafGwendolyn M. Parga Anna Park Eunice M. Park BA Psychology BA Political Science BS Math Comp Sci Jaclyn M. Park BA Econ lnt ' l Area Stds Jin S. Park Myung C. Park BS Biology BS Electrical Engineering Peter H. Park BA Design Robert J. Park BA Economics Ronald K. Park BS Comp Sci Engr Tina M. Park BS Biochemistry Yun J. Park BS Biochemistry Buffee T. Parker BA English Parker 161 Joan Parker BA Sociology Kathleen B. Parker BA Sociology Moana H. Parkin BA Political Science Jeanie A. Parks BA Anthropology Patricia Parnell BA English Linda M. Parra BA Psychology Tania Parsee BA Sociology Jennifer M. Pasquini BA Econ Business Sanjay S. Patel BS Aerospace Engr Swati N. Patel BS Kinesiology Martha J. Patton BA Political Science Mitchell S. Paull BS Cognitive Science a ' :-.- " ' ' - Patricia Theft =- Kenneth W. Pavia Jr. BA Political Science Natasha Pavlova BA English Edwin HI W. Paxson Kamela N. Peden BS Mathematics BA Economics Paul A. Peirona BA Econ Business Terri Y. Peng BA Design Michelle R. Perin BA English Phillip B. Perkins Michel R. Perl BA History BA Econ lnt ' i Area Stds Mary-Kelly Persyn BA English Leigh Anne Pesquiera BA English Eta B. (fen Richard P. Peters-Perez Joel S. Petersen BS Psychobiology BS Math Comp Sci George S. Peterson BA History Hank Peterson BS Applied Math Ross M. Petty BS Biology Janice L. Phelps BA Sociology 162 Parker Libby Philipson BA English Karen A. Phillips BA Psychology Kirsten E. Phillips BA Psychology Shaun P. Piazza BA Economics Michael F. Pierce BA Communication Stds Susan C. Pierce BA Poll Sci lnt ' l Rel. ' d h Patricia Therese Pigati BA English Sandra Pigati-Pizano 6S Cognitive Science Robert M. Piken BA Political Science Amy E. Pine BA Political Science Erwin B. Pineda BS Electrical Engineering Holly M. Piper BA Psychology Angela P. Piroutek BA Economics Kristin M. Pitt BSMathofComp : : : V Ellen B. Plessner BA Psychology Sarah K. Plott BA Psychology - Thomas C. Plunkett BA French ToniAnn Podue BA Sociology Francis Papica History When I heard about the Senior Spotlight, I thought it was the perfect opportunity for me to be able to convey the message that immigrants like myself can make it at (JCLA if only they set their minds to it. For someone who has been in this country for only three years, I think I have done excep- tionally well because I believed in myself and in the future. But many organizations on campus helped to make life in the States an easier transition. Samahang Filipino gave me a ' confident ' feeling of " home " and reinforc- ed my cultural identity. What makes this organization so special is its sense of brotherhood. I will remember (JCLA as the place that gave me the chance to grow, mature and find new avenues and a niche for myself. And I can proudly say. " I ' ve done it, guys " ! Podue 163 Laura E. Poggel BS Microbiology Alexandre L. Polakoff BA Economics Bradford W. Pollard BA Economics Stephanie Kaye Pollard BA Political Science Louis Pollock BS Aerospace Engr Kathy S. Pomerantz BA Communication Stds Jacqueline Pose BA Communication Stds ' Go for it! ' Libby Philipson English I am unique because I started college forty years after graduating from high school and I will by sixty-two when I graduate in March- truly a Senior Senior! Forty odd years ago, when I was in high school. girls were counseled to take the Commercial courses that would obviously facilitate finding jobs as secretaries, bookeepers, clerks, to occupy us until mar- riage and children. Much to the dissaproval of parents and peers 1 studied algebra instead of typ- ing, French instead of stenography, literature instead of bookeeping, and earned the right to go to college someday. That " someday " took fory years in coming. I love (JCLA - it has been such a privilege to be here- how wonderful to be in an environment of knowledge and learning, surely the best of all worlds. My time at GCLA has fulfilled all of my dreams and much more. At a time when my contemporaries are slowly win- ding down I am just getting started on a new life. My dream was to graduate from college and now, I hope, on to law school! Andrea M. Poulos BA History Dan S. Pomerantz BS Cinil Engineering Christine Porter BA English Jennifer T. Poulakidas BA Sociology Thomas R. Power BS Biology Margo Elizabeth Precht BA Sociology Valerie E. Prescott BS Kinesiology Mark A. Prinzmetal BA Political Science Valerie L. Pryor BA Geography Sheri K. Puhl BA Political Science Marissa L. Pulido BA Sociology Eiisw Out 164 Poggel Fay M. Purcell BA Sociology Talia Puzantian SS Psychobiology Carina L. Quezada William J. Quinn BS Kinesiologu BA Communication Stds Allen M. Quan SS Kinesiology filfitfl Eliseo Quintero Demetrio Quismorio, Jr BA Sociology BS Biology Reynaldo N. Quitos Gaile O. Radvenis Gregory K. Raffetto Michael R. Rago BA Sociology BA Psychology BA Comm. Stds Bus BA Psychology Cristian A. Ragusa Janet M. Raines Andrew Rakos 65 Comp Sci Engr BA Music Composition BA Classics Suzanne L. Ramos Scott C. Randell Stephen L. Raucher BS Psychobiology BS Atmospheric Science BA English Caroline S. Raymond BA French Richard Raynor Scott A. Read BA History BA Poll Sci Bus Harrison S. Reed IV BA Economics Ron! Reed BA Sociology Christina M. Reese BA Economics Yulonrla A. Reese BA Psychology Ron Regwan BA Political Science Timothy L. Reid BA History Marcella E. Reidel BS Engineering DLAP Jeffrey W. Renda BA Economics Katherine T. Renteria BA English Renteria 165 Roy Restivo Edwin H. BA Communication SUts ESS Comp Sci Engr Ronaldo Reyes BA Economics Maria E. Reynoso 85 Kinesiology Alison A. Rhee 8A Economics lichael S. Rmn BA Econ Business Camille A. Rhone BA Sociology Richard F. Ricardo BS Psychobiology Stephanie T. Ricci BA Psychobiology Daryl L. Rice BA History Richard S. Rhee BS Mechanical Engi Stephen W. Rice BA Economics Bus ,, Harm!; Christi L. Rich SA Political Science Sharon M. Rich BA Political Science Todd D. Rich BA Political Science Ronald F. Richards BA Econ Business Marvetia Richardson BA History Rochelle L. Ridd BA Econ Business Kathryn S. Riggle BA Sociology Leann D. Rigoli BA Anthropology Maria C. Rioux BA English James Ritter BA History Todd C. Roberts David M. Robertshaw James Robertson James F. Robinson Albert T. Robles BA Sociology B Econ lnt ' l Area Stds BA Psychology Econ BA Political Science BA Political Science David E. Rickett 6A Psychology SSf.c::. ' . Christopher Roberts BA Design ft Music Arnold Rocha BA Spanish Port 166 Restivo Anne E. Rocheleau BA Psychology Jennifer A. Rodarte BA Sociology Anthony Rodriguez Anthony E. Rodriguez Mark A. Rodriguez Nino Rodriguez BA Political Science BA History BA Political Science BA MP TV I Ramond Rodriguez Wha Yun Roe IS Electrical Engineering BA Economics Donald J. Rohacek BA Economics David J. Rohrbacher BA Sociology Burton W. Roman BS Math AppId Sci Lou Romano BA English - : - Frank C. Romero 3S Electrical Engineering Lisa E. Romero BA History Diane Romo BA English Ralph Rosas BA Sociology Jeffrey F. Rosen BA Philosophy Ladan Roshanian BS Astrophysics Rita Roslina BA Music Kimberly M. Ross BA Political Science Audrey Rotblat Kristin E. Roth Elizabeth I. Rothner Azita Rouhparvar BA Dance BA German BA History BA Psychology Todd E. Rowan BA Economics Bus Ginger P. Rubey BA Design Heidi Rudick BA Design Joshua Rudnick BA Political Science Cynthia A. Ruiz BA Political Science Susan J. Rumsfeld BS Psychobiology Rumsfeld 167 Brian P. Rush SS Physics Howard D. Russell BA Political Science Paul G. Rustigian BA Psychology Bus Leigh Anne Rutkin BA Spanish Lucy A. Rutledge BA Political Science Antonieta Ruvalcaba BS Appld Math Comp Malham A. Saadi BS Comp Sci Engr Naomi Y. Sachs BA Political Science tt innovative ' Ron Richards Economics Business Emphasis 1 have always been the " idea-man " ; my dream project as Cultural Affairs Commis- sioner in 1986-1987 was to create the GCLA Jazz Festival which Berkeley had, but we didn ' t. Once I commit to doing something, it is as good as done. With a lot of drive, hard work, and lots of legwork, the Jazz Festival became a reality and even now in its third year, it successfully continues to draw crowds of jazz-lovers. I was also very fortunate to have served as Executive Chairman of Mardi Gras in 1988, a position where 1 gained an invaluable experi- ence, met a bunch of great people and had fun, all at the same time. My advice to freshman: don ' t be afraid to change your major, get involved and meet as many people as you can. In the future, I would like to start my own accounting firm, implementing my own ideas of course. 1 would like to best remember (JCLA for all the opportunities it offerred me. UCLA gave me the chance to find the real me. If not for UCLA, 1 wouldn ' t be where I am today. Jordonna L. Sabih BA Psychology Allison D. Sackin BA English . $ - Greg L. Sad BS Math Economics Judith Y. Sahara BS Electrical Engineering tagmtS.SK MM ifii Julie Y. Sakai BA Economics Kathy L. Sakuma BA Economics Roberta M. Salazar BS Kinesiology Vivian Salazar BA Sociology Bus Betty L. Saleh BA Psychology Colleen L. Sam BS Kinesiology 1 Sc.s 168 Rush Vedasto R. Samonte Michele D. Sampogna BA Economics BA Int ' l Relations Nicole D. Sampogna BA Design Roger F. Samuel Desiree R. Sanchez Joseph S. Sanfilippo BA History BA Psychology BS Electrical Engineering -... jar . - ;. Morna A. Sanoy Gregory N. Santiago BA Psychology BA Political Science James M. Santiago Ronald A. Santiago Catharine M. Santos Scott T. Sargent BS Biorngineering BA Economics BA Psychology BA Economics Pamela A. Sarmiento Heidi Sarner BA Economics BS Cybernetics Cynthia D. Sarnoff BA Sociology Sepy Sarshar 6S Applied Math Steve Sasaki BA Economics Psych Miho Sato BA Economics . : jytoLSJH Margaret S. Sawhill BA History Barry M. Saywitz BA Economics Richard J. Schachtili BA Econ Poli Sci Steven Schaeffer BA Theater Theresa A. Schebio BA Sociology Steven H. Schechter BS Physics Greg C. Schemmel Kimberly G. Schienberg BS Biology BA History Gynnae L. Schiffilea BA History Stephen P. Schiller BA Economics Susan T. Schloetter BA Poll Sci lnt ' l Rel. Carrie L. Schloss BA Psychology Schloss 169 Theresa A. Schmitz BA History Yvonne K. Schnebly BA Music Loretta M. Schnurr Joel M. Schochet Brent S. Schoenbaum Wendy A. Scholl BA Sociology BA Communication Stds BA Econ Business BA History Paul A. Scholtz BS Math Appld Sci Deborah L. Schram BA History Gregory D. Schroeder BA Linguistics Comp Sci Amy M. Schroll BA Economics Sal Rodriguez Sociology Looking back at the past five years, I have been fortunate enough to have been so involv- ed in my education here at CICLA, and I have tried to give back to this place a little bit of what I received from it. Having been a member of Phi Delta Theta and serving as the pro- ducer of the Second GCLA Jazz Festival and (JSAC Cultural Af- fairs Commisioner, I have tried to enrich others and myself. I think I will best remember GCLA as an important waysta- tion in my life, one that caused " taking on the challenge 1 me to question how I saw things and to change my perspectives whenever necessary. It taught me balance, discipline, en- durance, and how to get involv- ed. You can get easily discouraged at UCLA, but per- sistence and patience will get you through. Jo Anna Schull BA English Keith A. Schulner BA Econoimics Bus Anne IS Eunice J. Scbisur ! Joanne L. Schultz BA Economics Betsy I. Schwarcz BA History Karen Hope Schwartz BA History Mara B. Schwartz BA Communication Stds Paul D. Schwarz BS Kinesiology Lynn S. Schweinfurth BA Economics ft Lfti Card A. fen !70Shmitz Ql Anne L. Sciarra BA Psychology Robert S. Scott BS Kinesiology Shane M. Scott 65 Kinesiology Shonda Y. Scott BA Political Science Pauline L. Seager BA History Janet N. Searcy BA History Eunice J. Sebastian BA English Jennifer K. Sebree BA Economics Stephanie Seelig BA Psychology Catherine E. Seeligson BA Communication Stds Raquel Sefton BS Applet Math Jessica A. Segal BA Kines Psych Caro | A Seto - BA f con Business , Karen J. Segelke BS Psychobiology Sophia B. Selassie BS nursing Rebecca A. Selk BS Biology Laura Sencion BA Political Science Cheryl B. Serge BS Math Economics Shin Seto BA Japanese Amelia L. Sevilla BA History William J. Sexton BA Political Science Annette Shaked BA Sociology Bus Enola Shaked BA Communication Stds Chung T. Shao BA Economics Mehran Shayefar 8S Comp Sci Engr Amy C. Sheals Evelyn Sheppard-Gray Leslie C. Sherman BA Sociology BA English BA Psychology John T. Shigekawa BA Economics Shigekawa 171 Terry A. Shigemitsu Karl M. Shimamura BA Design BA Economics Richard T. Shimano BS Ciuil Engineering Naomi Shimizu BS Kinesiology Lisa L. Shimomura BS Kinesiology Esther H. Shin BS Biochemistry Ji H. Shin BA Political Science Stacey L. Shire BS Applied Math Alisa Shirikchian BA Linguistics Psych Lesley K. Shoji BA Econ Business Ramin L. Shokrizade BS Kinesiology Andrea T. Sholer BA Design Alisa A. Shorago BA English Lisa S. Shukiar BA Psychology Gary S. Shuster BA Scoiology Sandra S. Siani BA Psychology Jerry L. Sibbing BA English Aileen N. Sie BA Dance Mark A. Siegal BA Psychology Josephin E. Sieroty BA English Jonathan J. Silver BA Economics Pamela B. Silverman Chung Sim Juliet Simelane BA Theater BA Economics History BA History Jamie M. Simon BS Psychobiology David S. Simpson BA Political Science Andrew W. Sims Patricia S. Sinay Kevin A. Sindermann Helen Rodriguez Singleto BA Economics BA Political Science BS Electrical Engineering BA World Arts and Cult 172 Shigemitsu Julie A. Singson BA Economics Stacey D. Skeie BA Psychology Lisa J. Skinner BS Psychobiology Wesley R. Sklark BA History Dawn Marie Skora BA English Patricia L. Smelser BA Design Bradley M. Smith BA English Dina E. Smith BA English Gordon F. Smith II BA History Irene Elizabeth Smith BA English Bus Jeffrey T. Smith BA History Kelly L. Smith BA English - ' 5,! Kimberly A. Smith Loren M. Smith BA Political Science BA Political Science Michael C. Smith BA English Pamelyn S. Smith BS Applied Math Rebecca Smith BA Economics Patricia A. Smock BA Sociology as taking people on a journey away from school or work to show them a little insight into the human condition. Although i haven ' t been Joe Politics or a student governme- nt whiz since I ' ve been here, I have tried to give to the school through theater and my work as a Gnicamp counselor. " persevering " Steve Schaeffer Theater There ' s never been a question as to what I was going to do since the eighth grade. Some actors like the applause, but that ' s when I feel insecure because I don ' t know if the au- dience really liked the show. When I ' m on the stage perform- ing and living another character -- that ' s the rush. I see my job While I ' ve been at UCLA, I ' ve learned to persevere. You have to be a constant fighter to get what you want; you can ' t sit back and wait for opportunities. If I can ask myself, " Did I try hard enough? " and answer yes, then I know at least I tried and gave it my all. Smock 173 Sharon E. Smoot BA English Michael L. Snead BA Economics Jennifer J. Snow BA English Tracy B. Snyder BA History Tamara L. Snyders BA Psychology Mori E. Sogomonian BA Spanish Ling Kathleen L. Soil BA English Senior ' assertive ' Lalaine Tan History I used to be an extremely shy person, but over the years 1 have been able to let the more aggressive side of my personlity come through and make it work for me in very positive ways. Whether it is dealing with school, work, or the communi- ty, this aspect of my personality has enabled me to develop myself into a more " well-round- ed " person. Since I was a freshman, I have been involved with Samahang Filipino and the Filipino Recruitment and Enrichment Program. Out of all the activities and organizations I have been involved with, these two groups are the closest to my heart for several reasons. These groups gave me a feeling of " family. " I am in the process of apply- ing for the California Executive, Assembly, and Senate Fellows Programs for the 89-90 year in hopes of gaining first hand ex- perience in state politics. However, in the long run I want to continue my education in law. Martin K. Soohoo BS Electrical Engineering Elisa Soeroso BA Economics Tannaz N. Soleimani BA Econ Business Agnieszka M. Soltysik BA English Marvin SooHoo BS Electrical Engineering Evelyn M. Sorenson BA History Karen I. Sorey BS Psychobiology Alison M. Sotomayor BA Sociology James P. Sourlis BA Psychology Valerie S. Spake BA Political Science Robert G. Specker BA History 174Smot -. Gina H. Speers 3A History Art History George Spicer Michele A. Spiegal Abby R. Spilka Jill A. Spivak BA Geography BA Communication Stds BA Classical Civilization BA Psychology Philip W. Spolar BA Psychology Marissa Sprague Tamar Springer . English Amer Stds BA Psychology Tiffany B. Stafford BA History Danny M. Stark Boyd R. Starr Linda D. States BA Anthropology BS Electrical Engineering BA Philosophy Andrew V. Stearns David D. Steele Lisa Steil BA Political Science BA Econ lnt ' l Area Stds BA Theater Michele M. Stein Robert L. Stephenson James P. Stewart BA Art History BA Economics BA Economics - ;sc Nancy Stewart BA History Brim E. Stonebraker BA Political Science Tamera J. Stoner Shinju S. Slopes Timothy L. Jr. Strader Robin E. Strauss BS Physics BA Psych Women ' s Stds BA Political Science BA History Art History Amy Stroud 3A Communication Stds Louis V. Stull BA Sociology William J. Sturgeon IV BA Poll Sci Bus Such! Su Yu-Shu Sun Helen D. Sunga BA Economics BA Political Science BA Italian Special Reids Sunga 175 Tracey A. Surina BA Sociology Lisa R. Surman Jeffrey S. Suryakusuma BA Communication Stds BS Mechanical Engr Joan K. Svetik BA Economics Bus Leng K. Sy BS Mathematics Joanne M. Szabo BA Economics Thomas E. Szalay BA Economics David S. Swoope BA Design Chris Sweeney BA Sociology Shahrzad M. Taat BS Chemistry Nico Tabibi BA Economics Rona S. Tagayun BA Psychology Beatrice Tai BA Psychology Stan Talamantes BS Astrophysics Susie C. Tallman BA Music Lalaine S. Tan BA History Diane M. Tanabe BA Psych Bus Leslie D. Tanaka BA Political Science Patricia K. Thorn Jill L. Tanenbaum BA English Jane K. Tatsugawa BA History Business Marc Tanenbaum BA English Linda L. Tanner BS Kinesiotogy Henry G. Tao BA Econ Business Maria J. Tapia BA Psychology Victoria Taraktchian BA English Dana J. Tauber BA Political Science Christopher C. Taylor BA Geography Rita A. Taylor Steve G. Teitell Tracy S Tennenhouse BA Italian BA Economics BA English 176 Surina " : -; Alice E. Terada BS Applied Math - I ' ;:=,.: Michael B. Thielen BA History LofeD.TmiB E total Science Patricia K. Thomas BA Psychology Vidjn Tsrakt Staci L. Thompson BS Mechanical Engr Selena Terrazas BA Chicano Studies Michael S. Terry BA Poll Sci Hislory Philip A. Terzian BA Psychology Amy S. Thiel BA Psychology Susan E. Tico BA Psychology Nina Thiel Psychology Kinesiology As a double major, there was little room in my schedule to take classes outside of my ma- jor. But I knew there was so much more out there that 1 hadn ' t touched on which is why I plan to take a year off and find There ' s more than you can do! ' a job unrelated to my field. Then 1 plan to go on to gradu- ate school in kinesiology. My campus involvement is what has kept me so closely tied to UCLA. I started by pledging Pi Beta Phi sorority. From there, I became involved with Panhellenic Council, Mardi Gras, and Peer Health Counselor. Sometimes I ask myself how I got into this mess, but in the end 1 would still do it all over again. There are many steps one needs to complete in order to consider themselves a graduating senior. I decided to try a little bit of everything the school offers and I think I ' ve done it all: But for me, there will be no pains on graduation day; no wishes for what might have been if 1 had only... Nina K. Thiel BS Kines Psych Duncan D. Thomas BS Appld Math Rebecca Thomas BA Communication Stds Janine B. Thurman BA Economics lnt ' l Rel Ernest R. Tidalgo BS Comp Sci Engr D.J. Tierney BA Economics Alicia L. Tilque BA Political Science Christine Tinsley BA Psychology John S. Tipton BS Biochemistry Tipton 177 Deborah Tisherman Frangelyn I. Tison Markus A. Tjahjadi Karen E. Todd Christopher C. Tom Chiyuki K. Tomari BA Psychology BS Math Appld Sci BS Comp Sci Engr BS Psychobiology BA History BA Japanese Bus Junko Tomura BA Psychology Anna Tong BS Appld Math Carol Tong Catherine L. Toops BA Dance BA Communication Stds Jian Torkan BA Economics Bus Aaron M. Torres BS Mechanical Engr Cab A. Tun 1 Arlene D. Torres Jeffrey J. Torres Mary T. Torres Atefeh Towfigh Sherry To zlian Anne M. Tracy BA Psychology BA Philosophy BS BA Kines 6 Psych Bus BA Economics Bus BA History BA Economics Alexander L. Tran BS Electrical Engineering Josephine Tran BS Applied Math Juana M. Trejo BA Political Science Vinh Trinh BS General Math Naimah A. Trotter BA Psychology Melissa Trunnell BA English It ' cw MlAraS A Derek S. Tryon BA Economics Judy C. Tsai BA Psychology Clarise Tsang BA Economics Eric H. Tsang BS Electrical Engineering Man-Ho Tsang BA Economics Jennifer M. Tsao BA Communication Stds IM 178 Tisherman 1.; ' tan Yam-Chung Tse BA Econ Business Gerard G. Tsobanian BA Econ Business Ronald H. Tsung BA Psychology Barry J. Tucker BA Political Science Deborah J. Tuerk BA Political Science Lori L. Turman BA History Gabrielle A. Turner BA English Jossalyn C. Turner BA English Daniel Wagner Tynan BA History Elena Oliantzeff BA Psychology M. Scott Gnger BA History Teresa J. Grda BA Political Science Elsy R. Uribe A Econ lnt ' l Area Sta Cindy L. Ushiyama Dareen Vachirakorntong Reza Vaezazizi BS Psychobiology BA Psychology BS Kinesiology Julie Ann D. Valde BA History Dana C. Valentino BA Sociology mille G. Valenzuela BS Biology Gina K. Valenzuela BA Linguistics French Ernesto C. Valtierra BA Political Science Peter K. Van Deloo BA English Kimberly A. Van Nugtren Guy J. Vandenbrink BA Psychology BS Electrical Engineering Sicole A. Vanderhorst BA Psychology Roman Vanko BAArt Jennifer H. Vargas BA Psychology James A. Vasquez BA Political Science Teri L. Vasquez BA Psychology Elvira M. Vazquez BS Biology Vasquez 179 Rita V. Velasco Jessie G. Velasquez Leni S. Velasquez BA Econ Business BA Economics BA Art History Phil L. Veletzos Sujatha Venkatesh Brian A. Venner BA Political Science BA Biochemistry BA Economics r +. Veronica Verzosa BA History Edward Victoria Julie C. Viereck Rose Marie T. Villanueva Marina L. Villapando BA English BA History BA Psychology BA Sociology tAti Towfigh Economics Business My most intense involvement at GCLA has been with the Alumni Scholars Club and Mor- tar Board. I have learned more from my experiences with them than I could ever imagine. My involvement with these clubs not only strengthened my leadership abilities, but also gave me an opportunity to meet, interact, compete and work with a wide variety of people (from the terrific to the not so terrific!) Looking back at my five years at GCLA, I can say that I am proud to be a Bruin- not only have I tried to take from GCLA all the oppor- " The difference between the impossible and the possible is the measure of man ' s will. " tunities it had to offer, but I also made the effort to give something back in return. I want to believe that I have been able to touch other people ' s lives by trying to pass on what I have learned from my experi- ences. My future plans are to study law and to eventually become an attorney. Carol L. Vilter BS Civil Engineering Julie Ving BA History Elizabeth M. Vitulli BA History Linda (I. Vogler BA Psychology Michael S. Vollmer BA Economics Dawn R. Volsch BA Chinese Alison A. Vose BA Economics Bus 180 Velasco - to Laura A. Wagerman BA English Elizabeth V. Wagner BA Political Science Michael R. Wagner BA Psychology Michelle Wagner Patrice A. Wagonhurst Kenneth M. Wainwright BA Psychology BA English BA Psychology :.:-- ,: 5. i A Mitt W 1M Soma Walizadah BA Psychology Bio Caitlin A. Walker BS Cognitiue Sci Bus Laina A. Walker BA Psychology John F. Walsh III Sean T. Walsh Tamara Walsh BS Electrical Engineering BS Electrical Engineering BA Theater Tiffany A. Walsh Sandra K. Walton Janet S.Y. Wang Kay Wang Louis C. Wang BA Psychology BS Kinesiology BS Electrical Engineering BA Sociology Bus BS Math of Comp Marvin L. Wang BS Psychobiology Shirley Wang BA East Asian Studies Wai Y. Wang BA Economics Anne M. Ward BA History Lee A. Ward BA Political Science Judy V. Ware BA History Michelle D. Ware BA English Jamie Warin BA Economics Rosalynn Warner BA Music Ed David R. Warren BA Philosophy Timothy E. Warriner BA Political Science Evette M. Wasef BS Psychobiology Julie M. Wasson BA Linguistics Comp Sci Wasson 181 Eric M. Watkins SS Math Economics Anna M. Wayne BS Microbiology Mary C. Weaver BS Mathematics Liza Weber BA Political Science Kenneth A. Webster BA Political Science Loralee S. Weese BS Geology Dtiiti Allister S. Wei Paul Chun-Hsiung Wei Daniel J. Weiner BS Electrical Engineering BS Electrical Engineering BA English Marnin Weinreb BA Political Science Allison C. Weinrot BA Psych Bus Jonathan R. Weinstein BS Biochemistry fcrianne S. W w :- ' ' ;- Sarah E. Weinstein BA Psychology Michele L. Weirback BA Psychology Deborah F. Weiss BA History Jason G. Weiss BA Political Science Davida S. Weissman BS Biology Trevor H. Welch BA Economics . ) T fai fc 5 - Nancy E. Weldon BA Political Science Stephanie B. Weldon Timothy J. Wellman Daniel R. Wells BA Psychology Bus BA History Bus BA Music Edward J. Wenrick BA Econ Business Karen M. Wenzel BA Geography f " Cynthia J. West Julie C.A. West James A. Westbrook Deborah M. Whang Laura Whipp BA Psych Bus BA History BS Atmospheric Science BA Economics BA English Deborah White BA History 182 Watkins - - hot Delna A. White BA Political Science Karen Whitlock BA English Kimberly B. Whitwoth BA History J. Ian Whyte BA Psychology James G. Whyte BA Economics Cormac O. Wibberley BA Econ Business Marianne S. Wibberley BS Mathematics George F. Widhopf II BS Microbiology Elizabeth J. Wieband BA Psychology Ann K. Wiley BA Psychology Carla M. Wiley BA Communication Stds Deborah H. Williams BS Kinesiology . - Mindy S. Williams BA Psych Bus Sharon Y. Williams BA English fen ft Vend I Ralph M. Wilson | BA Political Science Kimberlee A. Wilt BS Math Appld Sci Edward S. Win BA Poli Sci Socio Robin L. Winston BA English become more popular today than ever, and 1 was proud to foster the spirit of the students who were involved. CICLA is the school that gives the student endless oppor- tunities to expand themselves. My advice to freshman is to get involved, as fast as you can. My J " I used to be disgusted. Now I try to be amused. " -Elvis Costello Marvin Wang Psychobiology My biggest involvement at GCLA has been with the CICLA Cycling Team Club having been a member for three years and served as President this year. The club has gone from a ten member team five years ago to a two hundred member club to- day, which competes with other major universities. Cycling has future includes medical school, hopefully here at GCLA. My goal is to practice pediatrics, a field inspired in me by my first doctor. I want people to know that I ' m still a single, promising medical student looking for a single, non-medical student female. Winston 183 Jill G. Winter BA Art Lisa Wolfson BA Sociology Ardis L. Wong BS Kinesiology Elizabeth A. Wong BA Linguistics Bonnie L. Wise BA Latin Loren Witkin BA Political Science Brett M. Witter BA History Business David R. Wolf BA Economics Russell P. Wolf BA Psychology ' determined ' Timothy Wellman History Business Emphasis Two of my most meaningful experiences at GCLA have been my work as a Resident Assistant and sitting on the GCLA Diver- sity Week Programming Com- mittee. As Resident Assistant in Hedrick Hall, I have been able to assist sevety-five fellow stu- dents with academic counseling, roommate conflicts, and floor activities. As a member of the GCLA Residence Hall Diversity Week Programming Committee, I helped plan programs for the GCLA community which would address the concerns and needs of a diverse student body. One of the special programs I am proud to have been a part of was the GCLA Suicide Preven- tion Council where I counseled students who had tried to com- mit suicide or had witnessed suicide. I would like people to remember me as hard working and dedicated student who helped to bring understanding, sensitivity, and awareness to the GCLA community. I would like to remember GCLA most for the frienships I have made- they will continue long after gradua- tion. Abby A. Wong BA Classical Ciuilization John F. Wood El?!.. " Eileen Wong I Dana 1. Wright BA Economics Lucinda P. Wong S A Economics Natalie Wong Communication Stds Patrick H. Wong SS Chemistry Sophie Wong 4 con Busi ' ness Emily Y.Wong BA Econ Business Staci I. Wong BA Economics Wilma W. Wong BA Communication Std: 184 Winter Michael D. Woo Paul R. Woo : -.- K Electrical Engineering BS Comp Sci Engr Steven E. Woo 65 Aerospace Engr Susan J. Woo BA Anthropology Susan K. Woo BA Economics William C. Woo BA Economics - ' :: John F. Wood BA Psychology Kimberly L. Wood BA Sociology Dawn Woods Jamie L. Woods Audra B. Workman Elaine A. Wrenn BA History BA History BA English BA Cognitive Science :-. Dana L. Wright BA Sociology Bus Jennifer Wright BA Psychology Davisson Wu BA Economics Feng-Cheng Wu BSMath of Comp Kathleen C. Wu BA Econ Business Mary M. Wu BA Psychology Kayvon K. Yadidi BS Biology Farhad Yaghooty BA Political Science Kathryn A. Yamada BS Nursing Shuji J. Yamada BA Psychology Scott A. Yamanaka BA Economics Stacey A. Yamanaka BS Biochemistry Tina K. Yamano Debbie H. Yamaoka Dean K. Yanagimoto Imelda Yang Jay H. Yang David Yao BA Sociology BA Psychology Econ BS Electrical Engineering BA Political Science BS Math Comp Sci BS Electrical Engineering Yao 185 Jenelle L. Yaplee BA Psych Bus Ye-Mei Yeh BS Biology David S. Yip BS Kinesiology Danna G. Young BA English Amir Yariv BA Econ Business Sasan Yasharpour BS Biology Richard Y. Yasuda BA Economics Vickie A. Yeo BA Sociology Mei-Ling Yeung BS Comp Sci 6 Engr Eunmi Yi BS Psychobiology Sidney Yip BS Applied Math Mark S. Yokoi BA Psychology Aeri Yoo BS Biochemistry Julie L. Young BA Econ Business Kevin C. Young Stacey A. Ytuarte Man Fai Yu Vikki V. Yu BA Sociology BA Political Science BS Electrical Engineering BA Psychology Bing L. Yeh BA Economics Amelia M. Yip BA Econ lnt ' l Area Stdit : : . Susan Yi BA English Kenichi Yoshida BS Bioengineering Yumi Yoshida BS Applied Math Jack A. Yuen Kisten K. Yuki Charles C. Yun Merat F. Yunus Christopher J. Zahlis Samira Zakhor BS Electrical Engineering BA Linguistics Psych BS Electrical Engineering BS Psychobiology BA History BS Appld Math Econ 186 Yaplee I Zynthia V. Zarate BS Nursing - Katia D. Zarnegar Hector L. Zeballos, Jr. Lori Zebrack BS Electrical Engineering BA Political Science BA Psychology Laura M. Zehnder BA English Frederick K. Zernik fiS Physics - ' ' ' " I Ari C. Zev il BA Psychology Tony H. Zhang BS Mechanical Engr e nior " The best u to y DC remember !l , % is to never forget it. " Senior Class Cabinet Jennifer Poulakidas. Kathy Carlton, Mike Castllas, Tanya Appuhn, Steve Barth, Tim Ramirez, Christy O ' Shaughnessy. Maureen Tworney, Ciran Hadjian. Cindy Fry. Lisa Puccini In terms of the immediate future, the SAA 1989 Senior Class Cabinet plans to create a " sense of class " among the 1989 graduating Bruins. For the long term, we hope to build senior tradi- tions, establishing them so they become events and activities that Bruins look forward to as their senior year approaches. The eleven-member Cabinet has spent the year establishing new and enviable traditions for all seniors to follow. The Cabinet ' s collec- tive interests include the 1989 Senior Class gift, 1989 Senior Class gift, 1989 Senior Class activities, posing for pic- " always a Bruin " tures, the Bruin Walk jut, theme ideas, senior pranks, Perloff Hall, fountains, lalala... The Cabinet is a decisive body, striving to unite the seniors and to make GCLA an even better place to be. The Cabinet is readily distinguishable by its eleven heads planning for a better school, its twen- ty-two eyes looking ahead to the future, and its one hundred and ten fingers working for its fellow Bruins. In short, the Cabinet feels that the best way to remember (JCLA is to never forget it - always remain a part of it: Always A Bruin! Charles Zigman B AMP TV Arthur K. Zilberstein BS Math Appld Sci Denis D. Zimmerman BA Psychology Helene A. Zinn BA English James Zoolalian BA Communication Stds Bruce A. Zucker BA Anthropology Sean E. Zullo BA Economics Zullo 187 S ENIOR POTLIGHTS bek introduced " metheopf Mardi Gras. Society and ences that n Hornsby s m the compan were events GCLA will a 1 A feeling overwhelms you as a graduating senior. Sometimes it ' s the disbelief that you actually did it, the anticipation of finally get- ting out, or the satisfaction that comes with four years of accomplishments. Here are more seniors that wanted to share their experiences, memories, and selves with us. Gabrielle Grossman Political Science (JCLA has been a wonder beginning to my future. Next year, I hope to continue my interests in law by working at the state capitol in Sacramento. The following year, I will enter law school, then pursue a career as a district attorney and eventually a fed- eral judge. Working for four years with the Crime Victim ' s California Justice Commit- tee, I ' ve become aware of how a victim ' s family is usually lost in the shuffle of a legal battle, and often need emotional help, legal direction or outreach groups which we provide for them. I would like to remember (JCLA as a place of opportunity. It has given me an arena to develop skills in communications and conflict resolution as well as make friends, become aware of other cultures, and get involved in worthwhile projects. (JCLA is an institution where not only could I ask questions, but an environment that encouraged me to learn to seek out the answers on my own. Kandi Bryant Political Science I really don ' t know what drove me to get involved in so manJ activities at GCLA. I have found, however, that the busier I am the more organized I become. There ' s no time to fool around! | Sometimes I do find myself overextending myself. Having beer involved in the residence hall government, Bruin Belles, Mard: Gras, Homecoming, Alpha Chi Omega sorority, and intramural sports and working as an intern for Chiat Day inc. Advertising for the past six months, time has been precious. But each activity that I take part in allows me to express that specific interest. 1 would like to remember GCLA as a positive stepping stone intc a fantastic career. (I hope that my stepping stone has a spring.) 1 would like to think that the education I have received in social aspects leadership, and academics has helped me grow as a whole person, therefore, creating the potential for a successful business person. Jill Manning English I have this unnerving, some would say annoying, habit of sticking up for myself. I honestly believe that everyone should stand up for what they believe in. I consider myself a surviver. That ' s illustrated by the fact that I am graduating this year and made it through college without parents; they are both deceased. I ' ve missed not having their emotional support and presence to share my accomplishments. After graduation, I plan to enter the Master ' s Credential Progam at UCLA or the L.A. Unified School District ' s Teach Train- ing Program. With my teaching credential, I would like to teach in Continuation High School. In my present work with them, I find it fascinating and a daily learning ex- perience to help children living in a world of drive-by shootings, drug addictions, and death threats. I will always remember GCLA for its beauty and as the place where I made the most important and special friends I ' ll ever have. Having belonged in the Delta Zeta sorority for three years not only introduced me to new people and eventual friends, but it also gave me the opportunity to participate in things like Spring Sing and Mardi Gras. Other organizations, such as the Golden Key Honor Society and Alpha Lambda Delta honor society gave me experi- ences that made my years here complete. But working for Bruce Hornsby ' s manager, Charlie Sexton ' s and Fishbone ' s agent, and for the company that produces " Clarence ' s All My Children Update " were events and memories that highlighted my college experience. GCLA will always be remembered with fond memories. Lora Burger Communication Studies David Wolf Economics (Jpon graduation, seniors should be able to leave GCLA with no regrets, and not say, " I wish I could have done this. " I feel for- tunate to have been able to achieve all my goals that I had set for myself when I entered as a freshman. I ' ve lettered in GCLA varsity tennis, won a full Academic Merit Scholarship in my senior year, and was the only undergraduate ever invited to participate in the Executive MBA Summer International Program. This was a tremen- dous experience to spend the summer in Seoul, Korea analyzing global strategies for Samsung Group. GCLA has so much to offer that a person get overwhelmed if he isn ' t careful. I think I ' ve been able to make the most of my five years here by being flexilbe and a combina- tion of ambitious, funny and easygoing. You need to know when to emphasize and apply each one at appropriate situations and not be one-dimensional all the time. My fondest memories include the day I made the tennis team, the wild fraternity parties at ZBT, and getting more parking tickets than passing grades. Tamara Walsh World Arts and Cultures Having been a theatre major, I am plann- ing to pursue a career in acting, particularly soap operas. But in the fall, I will be atten- ding the Gniversity of Pepperdine to study for my M.A. in counselling psychology and become a child psychologist working with children from dysfunctional families. Although both careers will keep me busy, I plan to pursue them at the same time. Although some view GCLA as a huge and impersonal university, I disagree with that perception. The individuals, both pro- fessors and students, have made my col- lege experience an absolute pleasure. I would do it all over again tomorrow because four years does not even scratch the surface to all the opportunities, events, and people you can encounter on campus. My involvement with the residence hall stu- dent government, GCLA ' s soap opera " Gni- versity, " and Alpha Delta Pi have made the past four years the most meaningful of my life. I would like people to remember me as a positive, spirited, determined to see the good in life person. Even when everything seems dark, I truly try to keep people and situations in their proper perspectives. V, ENTURES INTO THE REAL WORLD As Freshmen, graduation from GCLA seems so far away; but once that day comes, a few graduates feel lost in the transition. The question, " Is there really a job and career out in the working world that is just for me? " typifies this state of mind. The answer. ..yes. And some GCLA graduates offer their stories of life after GCLA. Dr. Greg Mardirossian Physics Class of 1970 Imagine being classmates with Bill Walton or seeing John Wooden coaching a basketball game in Pauley Pavilion. It seems unthinkable for most, but not for Dr. Greg Mardirossian, who graduated in 1970 with a bachelor ' s in physics, went on to attend dental school, and received his doctorate in 1984 from GCLA. During his undergraduate years, he was a member of the tennis team and a very big basketball fan, having gone to most, if not all, of the Bruins ' home games. After working and having been out of school for a number of years now, Dr. Mardirossian has realized that " you have to be careful of who you believe and trust; you need to watch out for yourself. " He saw college as a protected en- vironment which sometimes hindered him from learning about life ' s real worries. ' For Mardirossian, GCLA was a place where he could attain an education. School taught him a lot about life, but he saw that it was mainly the- oretical. It wasn ' t until he graduated and went through a lot of trial and error did he really ex- perience all that was out there. One advantage he saw that would help out later is to get a job while in college just to get a taste of the real world. Currently working as an auditor for the I T nr j V 7 J Defense Contract Auditing Agency, 1988 grad- 7 " T , , uate Lori Mah has seen her environment change I la th Ap1 ' . ' c ' d from an academic one to one with non- Class J scholastic views. She claimed, " The basic lifestyles of college and work are totally different. I have more free time to do things I want to do. " Gpon seeing the two sides of school and work, one thing GCLA has prepared her for has been the competition that was constantly apparent on campus. " You definitely learn that you have to go out and get what you want. You can ' t wait for it to come because too many people want the same thing you want. " Aside from striving to graduate in four years with a math applied science degree, a significant part of college life was meeting new people. Rick Neuheisel Political Science Class of 1984 As first year assis- tant coach in charge of quarterbacks on the GCLA football team, Rick Neuheisel is no stranger to this cam pus. Graduating in 1984 with a bachelor ' s in political science, he was a quarterback on the football team and a member of the Sigma Nu fraternity. Neuheisel vividly remembered how fun it was in college. Originally from Arizona, he learned to be more independent when he moved out to California. And in those four years, he had done a lot of growing up. Looking at the changes that have taken place, Neuheisel realized how much more difficult the classes have become. He stated, " It ' s challeng- ing the students more. The curriculum now is that you can ' t help but to learn. " One significant aspect that Neuheisel did notice after his graduation was the intense rivalry between GCLA and GSC. He was " more adamantly opposed to ' SC when he got out of school. It ' s the best rivalry in college, and it ' s a great privilege to be a part of it. " " Be an open-minded skeptic, " is Lito Sol ' s advice to college stu- I Economics dents. A recent 1987 Class of 1987 graduate with a degree in economics, Sol is now a claims representative at an insurance company. When he attended GCLA, he saw many changes being made to regulate the cam- pus - new rules on scooters and bicycles, and in the dorms. Rules were more lax when he was a freshman. Looking back Sol reminisced, " GCLA is one big learning experience. You have to learn to be flexible. " Sol realized he had to adapt to the changing world by not limiting himself to one career goal or being afraid to explore. This helped him a great deal since he had changed his major many times before deciding on economics. Finally, Sol stressed, " Have fun in college. Enjoy what you ' re doing; it ' s a special time. If you ' re not having fun, don ' t do it. " his When alumnus Alan Alan Zirgulis Civil Engineering Class of 1968 Zirgulis graduated in 1968 with a degree in civil engineering, jobs in that particular field were scarce. With a desire to go abroad, he searched for a job, and soon found himself traveling the world. Now living in Sau di Arabia, he is an engineer for a major oil company there. This corporation has taken him and his family from Saudi Arabia, Holland, Japan and back again over the past 20 years. He has been everywhere, and the reason for this is his job that has taken him to places that he never would have had the opportunity to see otherwise. For Zirgulis, the engineering degree from UCLA has definitely helped him in his life; to find a successful job while at the same time doing what he wanted to do: travel. Ronald Chin Chemical Engineering Class of 1981 Having been a part of the Asian fraternity Omega Sigma Tau, an active member of AACF, and spending most of his time in the bowling alley and video arcade with his friends, it was amazing as to how Ronald Chin found the time to study and graduate with a degree in chemical engineering. Chin is now successfully working as a thermal analyst at Hughes Aircraft. For Chin, m eeting people did not come easi- ly. He remembered his first year and " how lousy it was to just go to class and go home. " The hardest part was realizing how impersonal college could be; but he said, " You have to make an individual effort to join groups. " Some of the places that he met his friends were in Powell 180 and 190 where " all of the Asians used to hang out. " Those rooms provided Chin with a social as well as a study environment. Some of the changes that he has seen over the past eight years since graduating in 1981 have been the people. " People were less ideal- istic back then. Now, people are more am- bitious and pragmatic; they ' re very com- petitive, " stated Chin. Although people in general have changed, the friends that he has made have not. " Friends last a lifetime. They and a lot of things you learn mold and shape you in the real world after college. " Carol Ward Art Class of 1987 " Your expectations of a major may not always turn out to be what you thought them to be, " said 1987 graduate Carol Ward. She obtained her bachelor ' s in art, but is now a career floor assistant for the Bearwear depart- ment in the Students ' Store. Ward wonders, " Maybe if I was an econ major, I may have end- ed up doing something in art. " While on her job, Ward interacts with CICLA students everyday; and she has found them smarter and getting younger when compared to when she started college. She has also seen many people going back to school after having worked. Ward said, " Take advantage of school. Do everything you can while you ' re young. " Rubina Luther English Class of 1984 For Rubina Luther, involvement in many extracurricular activi- ties while attending (JCLA has certainly paid off in the long run. Since graduating in 1984 with a degree in English, she has landed a job as a city reporter for (JPI, United Press International. Luther was a writer for the Daily Bruin, operations manager in advertising department, and a city editor covering the political aspects of the community. Her experience as a Bruin and on the Bruin has enabled her to get her current job. " It was prac- tical and helped out alot. It was a big part of my college career, " claimed Luther. " The expe- rience in college is valuable. " Fran Aleman History Class of 1987 One thing that stood out in alumnus Fran Aleman ' s mind at UCLA were all the friendships he made. Originally from Northern California, his impressions of Southern Cal were stereo- typical; but when he came down, he saw that everyone was really friend- ly. He said, " I still have contact with those people. In fact, I met my fiance in the dorms my freshman year. " Aleman graduated in December of 1987, and even though it took him 5 ' 2 years to get his degree in history, it was worth it. Now working for an insurance company as a claims representative, he realizes the many things that he had taken for granted in school. " There ' s so much in- nocence. It ' s all relative until you get out of school. " He saw that if he failed in school, he had the chance to redeem himself; it wasn ' t life or death at GCLA. But in the real world, it ' s different. He stated, " Try to keep things in perspective. School is important, but it ' s not everything. It may seem bad at times, but don ' t let it get the best of you. " ' : Bruin 5 a i l8sSfeiSfG$sMe Wtf?j ?? k. r w ' C t : : V Civ ' - V- ' V ; A Global Threat AIDS a world wide epidemic. This disease wor- ried and concerned everyone. AIDS is Acquired Immune Deficiency. It is a fatal disease that affects the body ' s ability to fight infections. So far no cure has been found. AIDS is caused by a virus called HIV. This virus attacks certain cells in the immune system, leaving the body susceptible to other threatening illnesses. About 1.5 million Americans had been infected with AIDS and were considered carriers. Anyone regardless of their age, race, sex or sexual orientation was at risk of getting the AIDS virus if they participated in unsafe sex or shared an IV needle with a person who was infected. Because of the importance of fighting this disease, a surge of research aimed at the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of AIDS was begun. Also, through the media, national efforts were made to educate the population. According to many health professionals, people had to have the facts about AIDS so that they could take re- sponsibility for their own well being. On campus, students could learn more about AIDS by enrolling in Biology 40, a course on AIDS and other diseases. The first year that Biology 40 was offered was during the 1987 winter quarter. The course included guest speakers such as Gary Bess, executive director at the Los Angeles Free Clinic; William Clark, a biologist with the Department of Biology at (JCLA; Darlene Minin- ni, AIDS Education Coordinator at Student Health Ser- vice; and Gary Richwald, a physician at Women ' s Health. The main objective of the course was to familiarize the students with the basic biology and epidemiology of AIDS. The second objective was to give a short history and the present status of human diseases, including AIDS, and to discuss the impact these diseases had on both culture and history. The course also presented the controversies surrounding the diseases. Finally, the third objective was to encourage the students to use their ac- quired knowledge to help control the spreading of diseases. Another way the GCLA community was being educated was through pamphlets and the sale of condoms. Con- dom machines were installed in several restrooms on campus. Next to these machines, two pamphlets, " How to Gse a Condom Properly " and " Making SEX Safer " , were made availabe at no cost. Funding and support for these services were provided by the ASGCLA Board of Control. Also, speech presentations were made on campus to help educate the GCLA community. " Black Pre-Health " presented " AIDS in the Minority Community, " which was an open question and answer session with an AIDS pa- tient. Dr. Robert Gallo, an internationally known resear- cher of AIDS and human retroviruses, also gave a lecture in November on " The Discovery and Nature of Retroviruses " in Royce Hall. Students seeking more information about AIDS could call Student Health AIDS Referral, AIDS Project LA Hotline, or Peer Health Counseling. As student Araceli Manzo stated, " I think AIDS is a very serious problem, and people should be more in- formed about it. AIDS will never end if we don ' t take the time to learn about the preventions. " -Teri Zuniga ALA ABOUT VIHAT ABOUT! Concerned about the AIDS problem, demonstrators, top left and middle, protest gouernmental policies on AIDS. A crowd gathers to view the AIDS Quilt, made in remembrance of many AIDS uictims, left. Con- dom machines, provided by ASUCLA, allow for the discrete and convenient purchase of con- traceptives, top right. Gina Bernabe, above, a lab assistant at the Factor building, performed countless examinations of blood samples for the HIV virus. Photos by Todd Cheney, Chuck Tuffli and courtesy of Daily Bruin. AIDS On Campus 195 I 6 4 f think that the homeless are not at fault. They need our help, " exclaimed Sophomore Debby Picker. Homelessness certainly came to the foreground of public consciousness. The sidewalks are fraught with homeless individuals who wish to satisfy their needs, especially thirst and hunger, by periodically trying to persuade people to give them some spare change. They do not have a protective nest that they can call home. According to Dr. E. Fuller Torrey, the homeless are divided into different groups of people. Approximately one third of the homeless have mental diseases, in- cluding schizophrenia, manic-depressive psychosis and other disorders. These include homeless individuals who were de-institutionalized from the state hospitals to the streets. Another third are individuals with alcohol addic- tion, drug addicton and criminal behavior. And the final third consists of those who are disabled and can no longer work; those displaced from their jobs from either being laid off, or from technology overtaking their skills; or those with too limited an income, forcing them to seek shelter on the streets. Some help existed for the homeless. For those in need of treatment, various charities provided funds for medica- tion. There were also agencies and organizations offering assistance to drug addicts and alcoholics. Because some help was available to the homeless, some people were more angry with rather than sym- pathetic towards the homeless plight. " I really can ' t sym- pathize with them, " commented Freshman Ann Leung. " There ' s only one word to describe them, " added Freshman Michael Tam, " ...worthless, " suggesting that they had no excuses for not working. However, some people felt that the homeless merely needed opportunities, availiability of vocational rehabilitations, jobs, or educational training. One of the greatest reasons for homelessness was the desperate shortage of affordable housing. The housing budget had plunged from $33 million to $13 million in the past eight years. Because of this lack of affordable housing, the homeless situation had increased, and the homeless turn- ed to the streets in need of a place to sleep. Eighty years old, Ms. Cohen lost her apartment over two years ago and she refused to stay in cheap hotels, claiming that they are too dangerous. Being too proud to ask her relatives for help, she spent her nights riding city buses from one end of the city to the other. Proposition 95, Housing and Homelessness Funding, failed to pass in the past national election. Thus, funds to support non-profit organizations serving the needy and the homeless were denied. However, proposition 84, the Housing and Homeless Bond Act, passed to provide shelters for the homeless, rehabilitating 15,000 rental units across America. Picker added, " We need more community involvement and more urban planning. It ' s our responsibility to help the homeless. " With the Housing and Homeless Bond Act passed, for those willing to seek assistance, housing should be more readily affordable and available. --Janine Ouyang Vo matter what time or place the inevitable problem of hometessness surrounds us. Photos by Roland Pasion and Todd Cheney. Living Hand To Mouth The Homeless 197 Another Line?!? Long lines, no parking, crowded eateries welcome to GCLA! With the onset of fall quarter came class registration and long lines outside Ackerman Grand Ballroom where enrollment took place. However, in winter quarter, the Bruins were blessed with the arrival of the " GCLA Tele- phone Enrollment System. " With this system, students had direct access to (JCLA ' s enrollment data base by using a touch-tone telephone. This new system of enrollment prov- ed to be popular. As Eugene Ahn stated, " I ' d rather get a busy signal than wait in a long line. " It was inevitable for students to eventually experience a class in one of (JCLA ' s cavernous lecture halls. These large lecture halls, designed to accommodate crowded classes, had some drawbacks. Trying to hear the professor if the microphone wasn ' t working, or attempting to distinguish the writing on the blackboard up to 30 yards away sometimes made notetaking rather difficult. Also, since there were few large lecture halls, enrollment capacities were limited. This often prevented students from taking a class. And, as student Jacqueline Orozco stated, " If the class is crowded, it ' s hard to find a seat on test days, when everyone actually attends. " With GCLA ' s location in bustling Westwood and the influx of commuters, transportation and parking posed additional problems. The car had become the least practical form of transportation unless one was fortunate enough to receive a parking permit. For those without permits, parking proved to be limited and ultimately very expensive. This was evidenced by the average 10,000 parking tickets issued each month. Thus, many students turned to bicycles as a mode of transportation. There were 2,788 bicycles registered by the fall quarter. There were also a reported 2,131 motorcycles and 6,193 mopeds on campus. Perhaps, the most glaring representation of campus crowding was the shortage of on-campus housing. Out of a total pool of 9,600 applicants for the 1988-89 school year, only 4,296 received a bed. This was partly due to renova- tions in Sproul Hall for seismic retention. In the 1988 General Election, Proposition 78 was passed which authtorized $36 million for university construction projects, helping to increase GCLA ' s facilities. GCLA was not the sole sufferer of the crowding crisis. The entire GC system was preparing to meet the escalating demand for GC education. This year, there were 155,000 students spread across nine statewide campuses. Regents hoped to increase this capacity to 180,000 by 1999. Also, plans were being developed to build three new campuses between 1998 and 2000 because of a projected 63,000 in- crease in students during that time. Being one of the largest of the elite higher education in- stitutions in America, one might have believed that each GCLA student was lost in a mass of 35,000. However, with new programs such as telephone enrollment, and new buildings, GCLA strove to create an environment that would meet students ' needs while helping them avoid too many crowds and long lines. -Jay Ross Imagine a peak crowd of 1 00, 74 1 converging on one stadium within the period of a few hours. Bruin fans were treated to traffic jams, concession and restroom lines, and packed seating. To alleviate some of this congestion, students carpooled and bussed their way to games. To conform to earthquake safety regulations, half of Sproul Hall was closed for renovations. Consequent- ly, seueral hundred students were displaced. To ac- comodate them, " student stacking " was initiated. The majority of Saxon and Hitch Suites were equip- ped with bunkbeds to handle six students rather than four, and some others were unfortunate enough to be stuffed into three-man dorm rooms in the residence halls. Three new residence halls were being planned for 1991 to help solued this crowding crisis. r, ' Enrollment in classes swung into full gear at the start of fall quarter. Students crowded into Ackerman Grand Ballroom, waiting as long as 90 minutes for their turn at the computer. Telephone enrollment was initiated in the winter quarter to banish these harrowing lines. As a result of up to 35,000 students attempting to purchase their books during registration week, some of the worst lines developed. An unlucky Bruin could find himself stuck for two to three hours. Waits for cash payments did prove to be quicker, so many students opted to leave their checkbooks and credit cards at home. . ' ASUCLA consistently sponsored noon concerts by uarious local bands in Westwood Plaza. Among the styles of music performed were reg- gae, rap, heavy metal, pop, and folk rock. These concerts allowed Bruins to kick back over their chow and enjoy their precious free time. As ideologies clashed and opinions collided, the con- sequences of a more diverse student body were ' demonstrated in the many issues that grabbed the attention of students all over the campus. Racial tensions and human rights, among other issues, evoked strong emo- tions from many people, as the unceasing battle of beliefs continued on the GCLA campus. Students from all walks of life attended GCLA. Different social, ethnic, and religious ideas appeared everyday on campus, often meeting with opposition. On many days, angry students and angry speakers could be seen at Meyerhoff Park, strongly expressing their viewpoints. There were other controversies. The GCLA Medical Center was continually charged with animal cruelty due to their experimental research involving the use of animals. An animal rights group, Last Chance for Animals, accused the Med Center ' s vivisections as " scientific fraud. " One demonstration resulted in three activists receiving jail sentences. The ethics of experimental research on animals concerned many students, and discussions between the ac- tivists and students could often be seen on Bruin Walk. As the quest for more medical technology continued, so did the questions concerning the moral principles of this ac- quisition. This past year ' s GSAC budget allocations meant severe cuts to many student groups, including el Movimiento Estudiatil Chicano de Aztlan (MEChA) and Black Student Alliance (BSA), which had their budgets cut by nearly half, while budgets for the Interfraternity Council (1FC) and Panhellenic were increased by over half. These changes sparked accusations that the committee was implementing a " spoils system " type of government. The Gnited Farm Workers table grapes boycott and Ceasar Chavez ' s hunger strike also gained the attention of many Bruins. One student group sponsored a " relay fast " in support of Chavez and the boycott. The farm workers claimed that pesticides used on table grapes causeo the workers and their families to have increased incidents of cancer. When GCLA was chosen as the sight of the second and final 1988 presidential debate, many students were disap- pointed and angered tht they would not be allowed to at- tend. The presence of Secret Service men roaming the campus, as well as the closing of the IM field and Pauley Pavilion, where the debate was held, added to the aggrava- tion felt by many students. Racism was also another dangerous issue that provoked much debate. The seriousness of racism within the GC system caught the attention of such prominent people as State Senator Art Torres, who chaired a senate committee hearing on the issue in the Faculty Center Changes in the Freshman Summer Program also generated controversy. After a number of directors were fired and cuts were made in the films and forum programs, many students charged that the program was under attack because of its political content. Who was right and who was wrong? Opinions concering every side of each issue were expressed on Bruin Walk or in the Viewpoint section of the Daily Bruin. And as education continued to be the priority for many students, becoming aware of controversies certainly served as one form of lear- ning about the world that surrounded them. -Clarissa Aesquivel Conflicts of Interest CATS IUND IM UClfl DUMPST OYCOTT RAPES ( 0 ' B G Various student organiza- tions were affected drastically by budget cuts, opposite top. Students spend time on Bruin walk to distribute fliers on the health hazards caused by using deadly pesticides on grapes, opposite bottom. As a result, ASUCLA discontinued selling grapes. An animal rights actiuist, above, demonstrates her plea to save animals by par- ticipating in a campus vigil. At Meyeroff Park, preachers and political activists ex- press their views to a crowd of students, left. Photos by Stewart Kume and David Zetland. Conflicts 201 Showing It Off What did D12AMZU mean? Or H8 2 W8? Or WHOZ4X4? These are examples of personal- ized license plates. They were popular among car owners who did not mind spending a few extra dollars to make a remark, a funny joke, or simply to advertise their personal names. Larry Stern, a junior math economics major preferred personalized plates " because they really make people notice your car. " Per- sonalized licensed plates continued to be only one of this year ' s hot items. In fact, people willingly spent money to keep up with the many other trends evident on and off campus. Students ' clothes were good indications of what was " in " and what was " out " in campus wear. Freshman Lorilyn Torres, clad in her typical all-black top, plaid skirt, and black fishnet stockings with matching suede boots, commented, " I like dressing this way because they are very comfortable clothes for me. And I am more relaxed if I like the way I look. " A pocketed t-shirt (often white in color), denim jeans, and a black or brown leather jacket could be classified as the rugged look. This look was not always cheap to main- tain. Often, these plain ordinary tees were made by " Calvin Klein, " and were matched with an expensive brand of jeans, " Guess " or " Levi ' s. " And leather jackets, regardless of the designer, could be purchased for prices usually starting at $150. Leather was " in. " In addition to the popularity of leather jackets, many students replaced their canvas backpacks with leather bags. Even friendship bracelets, another popular trend, were being made with leather as well as the usual colorful yarn. Denim was another craze. Jeans, tops, boots, and bags were being stone-washed, acid-washed, or just plain pre- washed. " Guess, " a Georges Marciano creation, was a popular denim brand among students. Because of the many students travelling by bicycle, the " cyclist " look was donned out of comfort and necessity. Even those who weren ' t cyclists sported the tight and shiny cycling shorts. Apparently, anything stretchable and made of lycra material was a hot item. Paula Dover found these shorts " warm and great for running. " In the audio scene, compact disc (CD) players were the newest thing in music, providing high quality sound for music connoisseurs. They came in many portable and non-portable forms. Although the Fukui brothers, Glen and Ron, lived in a one-bedroom apartment, they still had two CD players that could be heard playing at the same time. Each owning one, Glen said, " CD players have bet- ter sound quality, " while Ron liked it because " it is more convenient. You don ' t have to bother with rewind or fast forward anymore. " CDs could be purchased in almost any music store. In fact, stores dealing only in CDs could be found throughout Los Angeles. Also, several secondhand music shops gladly swapped CDs with customers, and sold used CDs at discounted prices. -Suzanne Sunico " Holy jeans, Batman! " The fashion of ripped jeans, far left, haue continued to be a trend for many on campus, while " Ray-Ban " sunglasses, like the pair worn by junior Alfred Hernandez, an economics major, far bottom left, represent both coolness and practicality. Anastasia Herold, sophomore, top middle, shows that once is never enough. Brent Hansen, bottom middle, shows his individuality by piercing his nose. Below, a student sticks a Garfield im- itator on his car. Personalized license plates continue to proliferate as drivers yearned to display their individuality, bottom right. Photos by Karen Fade and Todd Cheney. t ?V ' itf . V7 i Ti vv .. ' Sfei Sf M Ti.g 5 -V ' ' ' lif r ja ' sif- - 1 ' -v t? ' --p ? ?fc9 M T , 7 ' U ' ;7i $ $$$!$ ' ..I ii i ' T. - . iT. v s v-rs - T, -, i . = SM . - VK4 r ;AVV w5 .; ' ,- . " ' - The administration may have been just a part of a whole , but it was an importa nt part of making GCLA an important entity. Chancellor Charles E. Young, with vice chancellors, provosts, various deans and directors made deci- sions affecting both (JCLA and Westwood. With increased expansion of the campus came increased responsibilities. Administrators not only were in charge of libraries and reg fees, but special events situated in Westwood. To some, the administration ' s many responsibilities led to some difficulties. As sophomore Susan del Rosario felt, " It ' s a total bureaucracy where they keep refering you other people, making you run around in cir- cles. " Yet, others like Chris Ar- royo believed, " For the most part, taking into consideration the size of the campus, ad- ministrators did a fine job of dealing with student needs and concerns. " To increase communication between students and ad- ministrators, Chancellor Young along with the CJndergraduate Student Association Council held a special 40 minute forum where students were given the opportunity to ask the Chancellor questions. Another event, the Freshman Reception, focused on more interaction be- tween students and faculty. These activites helped the administration approach the goal of having a more pro-ac- tive role in the student body. Without feedback from stu- dents, the administration would not have had the basis to decide what is best for the university. Likewise, without the ad- ministration, the faculty, stu- dents and staff would have no place to express their griev- ances and praises. .. Tess Paragas 206 Administration Making the Rules- Chancellor Charles E. Young, opposite top, led the administration. If any student, facul- ty, or staff member needed to resolue a con- flict, a oisit to the Ombudsman ' s Office con- sisting, opposite bottom, Assistant Om- budsman Nancy Barbee, Ombudsman Don Hartsock (back row), and staff members Beverly Sabathia and nancy Hishi (front), could prove to be helpful. Top left, Bernard Kesler was the acting dean of the College of Fine Arts. Dean Frank Wassan, top right, represented the School of Engineering and Applied Science. Bottom left, Dean Herbert Morris was in charge of Humanities in the College of Letters and Science. Photos courtesy of the individual departments. Administration 207 mm Imost everybody had to visit Murphy Hall at one -LfL time or another. With services ranging from process- ing reg forms to reviewing degree candidacy checks, it ' s no wonder that the registrar ' s of- fice became familiar to all. For many, being familiar with Murphy meant being familiar with long lines. " You end up having to plan your day ' s schedule around the time you spend there, " said communica- tion studies major Felicia Robinson. Regardless, many students handled the lines at Murphy with that laid-back SoCal at- titude. " I ended up having a fun time just talking to people, " said freshman Larry Boone. Anita Cotter, associate direc- tor at Murphy Hall stated that ' ' trying to cut into the bureaucracy " becam e a main goal for Murphy Hall ad- ministrators. One solution was telephone enrollment. Qia Kip- perman, a freshman chemistry major, commented, " It ' s wonderful. I changed my schedule twice over the summer without a problem. And 1 live in San Francisco. " Despite all the problems and headaches that seemed to stem from our transactions with Mur- phy, it was comforting to know that one ' s final business with the registrar ' s office was most often a joyous one: getting that hard earned diploma. -Clarissa Aesquivel 208 Registrar Junior Helen Hong, top, completes the final steps of registration with the help of engineering grad student, John Eenigenberg and the IBM PC. Right, Roger Kemper, a junior economics major, scans a printout of the open and closed classes. Aboue, a long line of students wait for a turn with the computer. However, with the aduent of tele- phone enrollment, these lines uanished as students were able to call in their classes. Photos by Stewart Kume . HOUSIN OFFK MONO 9:00 A.I PLEASE MAK TO u COUPON MUST FM PROPER ( " OUR SOCIAL BOTH YOUR I 00 HOT USE Many students visited the housing cashiers office, left, either to pay for their monthly dorm fee or simply to look for available apartments. Despite the growing demand for housing at UCLA, the demand for parking remained unrivaled. Below, a student uses a token to get into Lot 9. Bottom left, a park- ing attendant takes notes on cars and their respective permits. Photos by Bruce Weimer. espite the excellence for which OCLA was re- nowned, the parking situ- ation remained inadequate, with only 18 lots open to students. Permits were allocated by a point system where factors like previous attendance, employment, and address were considered. " It sucks, " said physics major Craig Schauppner, " Just because I don ' t have a job, and don ' t lie on my application doesn ' t mean I shouldn ' t get parking. " Furthermore the alternatives to obtaining a permit were few and undesirable. For commuting stu- dents such as Patrick Ferguson, it became a nightmare. " Without a permit, I had to park on the streets. My jeep was vandalize " RP and my radio ripped off, " he said. To help alleviate some parking problems, two more structures were being planned. Meanwhile, the search for nearby parking co tinued. Also in high demand was close and affordable housing. The in- stallment of three person rooms in resident halls and six person suites left students victim to a four year renovation program planned by the university. " It ' s really hard living in a triple because everybody has different schedules, " said freshman Kristin Shaefer. Yet for many, the chance to live on campus was preferred to alternatives. -Clarissa Aesquivel Housing Parking 209 Daily Bruin staff writer Tom Hwang, op- posite top left, makes one last call before leaving the o ice. Using the Mac, Douglas Yoshida completes his story in time for the deadline, opposite top right. Daily Bruin contributor Shod a Kargari, opposite bottom left, concentrates on his work while Richard Hopkins, opposite bottom right, writes better in a relaxed position. KLA DJs Jason Stewart and Caroly Lundquist, bottom right, entertained listeners on the air, day and night. Ron Lopez, bottom left, anxiously completes his story to meet the deadline. Below, Adrianna Manjarrez of La Qente puts the finishing touches on her page. Photos by Bruce Weimer and Daue Shore. owhere was the diversity of the CJCLA community more evident than in it ' s student-run media. The Daily Bruin, six bi-quarterly publica- tions, and KLA offered students a wealth of news and information about daily events and special in- terests. The student-run bi-quarterlies dealt with specific issues and topics concerning groups with similar interests and backgrounds. Ha ' am spoke to UCLA ' s Jewish population. With La Genie, the voice of the Chicano-Latino popu- lation was heard while the growing Asian-American community was represented by Pacific Ties. Together articles were mainly geared towards the female popula- tion. Ten Percent concentrated on gay and lesbian student ' s interests. HOMMO, GCLA ' s Black African news magazine, celebrated their 20th year with a special issue in October. Despite being understaffed, VOMMO re- mained the longest running special interest paper on campus. In addition to the bi-quarterlies, the Daily Bruin (DB) circulated 22,000 copies each day. Papers were distributed on campus and in Westwood and Brentwood areas. DB made various changes in its reporting style. For instance, Eugene Ahn, a veteran DB staff writer, gained a different experi- ence as his assignments expanded to more outside reporting. Accor- ding to Ahn, " My editors were more aggressive with their news coverage this year. Aside from the usual campus news, we had more on-the-spot reporting around the ci ty of Los Angeles, and beyond our campus. " 210 Student Media and on the-Air- In addition, DB expanded their " Entertainment " section into " Arts and Entertainment. " This revised section included reviews on art shows, plays, and exhibitions in the nearby area. Freshman Shirley Sunico said, " The Daily Bruin informed me about everything around cam- pus. ..especially the social events. " In addition to the publications was KLA Radio. KLA, in its 26th year, could be heard on 530 AM or 99.9 Century Cable FM. KLA ' s award winning broadcast consisted of alternative rock, and daily reports of the breaking news, sports, campus announcements, and commercials. KLA was well equiped with a high tech audio system, a wide selection of the latest tunes, and about 75 DJs. --Suzanne Sunico Student Media 2 11 For the Health of it Old you have an aliment? Were you afraid that see- ing a doctor would cost an arm and a leg? Well, the solu- tion to your problems was pro- bably Student Health Services. Any visit to SHS, laboratory tests and X rays were free of charge during the school year. However, SHS did charge a modest fee for any dental ser- vices, immunizations, physicals, allergy tests and pharmaceutical services. SHS offered a dental clinic, social services, a men ' s clinic and women ' s clinic. Debra Wong commented, " Since UCLA is like a community of its own, you really need these types of services. It ' s nice to know that if you had a problem, you had somewhere to go. It ' s very convenient. " Student representatives of SHS were stationed in the dorms as Student Health Advocates (SHA). SHAs were specially trained stu- dents who volunteered their time to servicing on-campus residents. Some of their services included first aid, cold care, contraceptive awareness, and counselling. " As an SHA, our goal is to act as a linking agent between Student Health Services and the students. We would like to provide the best possible care for the students, " said Tauyna J. Smith, SHA of Saxon Suites. So, if you lived in the dorms or suites, and you didn ' t feel like walking on campus to SHS, you could have just visited the SHA assigned to your hall. -Teri Zuniga Linda More, lop left, gets a hypertension screening done by Peer Health Counselor Oona Khan. Top right, Rosally Agbunag, a receptionist for PHC, takes down a message. Always ready to help, Cliue Kennedy, right, could be found in Student Psychological Seruices. Photos by Patrick Gilmore and Stewart Kume. 212 Student Health John Wooden Center v- roviding Nautilus U J weight training JL machines, and basket- ball and racquetball courts, the John Wooden Center was open free of charge to students and faculty. Funded by student fees and private gifts, the building cost $9.6 million. In addition to these facilities, the center offered recreation classes ranging from dance to freestyle windsurfing. At the beginning of each quarter, many students waited in long lines to obtain enrollment in one of these classes. Among the most popular were the aerobics and tennis classes. According to Jennifer Houston, " There ' s so much to do. So, there ' s not enough time to do everything the center has to offer. " --Teri Zuniga Top right, students listen to music, read the Daily Bruin, and study their notes, while us- ing the exercise cycles. Most of the people who used the John Wooden Center went with a friend, top left. Students, left, concen- trate on perfecting a dance move. Photos by Bruce Weimer. fir-Wooden Workout John Wooden Center 213 Glenn Hunter, opposite top, giues us his best pose, while CSO " buddies " Jennifer Maher and Kevin (Jriu tour South Campus, opposite bottom. Tourists, right, being sewed by ASCJCLA employees, keep Bearwear in business. Meanwhile, the bookstore is kept busy as students, bottom left, wait patiently in line to purchase their textbooks. Photos by Patrick Gilmore and Andrew Lin. ssociated Students of CJCLA (ASGCLA) celebrat- ed its 69th year in a tradi- tion of excellence. As a non-profit organization, ASGCLA provided courteous and extensive services to the CJCLA community. En- thusiastic ASGCLA employees could be found in a variety of habitats-whether it was in the bookstore, lecture notes depart- ment, or school supplies. ASGCLA employees also helped to outfit Bruins with something nice to wear from mens ' and womens ' fashions or Bearwear. Others helped fellow students buy software and hardware from the computer store. Hungry students were greeted with delicious food and cheerful smiles at the Cooperage, Treehouse, Toute de Suite, and other tasty location s on campus. Many students worked for ASGCLA food services. As if this wasn ' t enough, ASGCLA ' s 1800 employees man- ned Graphic Services, Bruin Bowl, Ackerman Game Center, Check Cashing and Travel Services. In return for their hard work, employees were given 20% dis- counts at most campus store loca- tions. All of the program ' s profits went to upgrade services on cam- pus. As one employee, Lecture Motetaker Kristen Stratton said, " ASGCLA is a great way to help students as well as earn money. " -Carrie Conn usmess- 214 ASUCLA On-the-Safe-Side J Campus Security Officers, more commonly known as CSO ' s, were a group of ap- proximately 200 students dedicated to making the GCLA campus and surrounding areas safer places to be. Founded in 1977 by seven concerned volun- teers as a nighttime escort service, the escorts were paid employees who worked 365 days a year from sundown until 1 a.m. Although the officers had to work on holidays, many used the opportunity to bring cheer to fellow students. They would do this by wearing Halloween costumes and giving away trick- or-treat candy, or dressing themselves and the vans with festive winter holiday spirit. By simply calling the escort service, any student was assured a safe walk to destinations on or around campus. Also, CSO ' s were available for patrol of the resi- dence halls and medical center. Another popular service was the Evening Van Service--a fleet of vans driven by CSO ' s that transported Bruins to and from campus, dorms, sorority, and apartment locations. One student, Sophomore Amy Chambers, said " It ' s nice to know that if you have a night meeting or need to study late on campus, that someone will be there to give you a safe ride home. " From one CSO ' s point of view, " Being a part of this campus safety organization, 1 feel that I help to provide an invaluable ser- vice to the GCLA community. Campus safety should be a given, not a privilege, and we ' re working toward that goal. " -Carrie Conn Campus Security Officers 215 V is .--., eg ill m I How Suite Saxon Suites and Hitch Suites changed their housing structure. In September, many suites were made to house six rather than four students. To avoid problems, room- mates were suppose to write up a living contract. The suites organized welcome week activities such as Oreo and Olympics Might. Also, an all hall barbeque was held at Sunset Recreation Center to bring dorm and suite residents together. Some people thought it harder to meet people in ; the suites. However, suite living was often preferred to the dorms because of space considerations. As Hedrick Hall resident Jennifer Blohm stated, " I spend all of my time in my best ' s friend suite because it ' s so much nicer to be able to shower in privacy and also to be able to go into the living room rather than having to sit on my bed in my room constantly. It ' s funny because my friend ' s neighbors think I am one of the six room- mates. " --Bonnie Brooks 218 Suites Up to her old tricks, Bonnie Brooks, opposite top, treats passers-by with a seasonal window display. Opposite left, Jen Gratteau and Elaine Youngs are " hampered " by dirty clothes in the laundry room. " How suite it is " hauing friends oner to celebrate a Dodger play-off victory, claimed Michael Feenberg, opposite bottom. Extra lining space allowed suite residents Mike Cassidy and Anne Marie Crudo to kick back and relax, left. " One Net Gain " of liuing in the suites was Saxon ' s beach volleyball court, above, enjoyed by spikers Tony Maung, Jeff Schorer and Ben Dickinson. Photos by Jay Ross. Bruce Weimer and Daue Shor. Suites 219 Life in a GCLA resi- dence hall offered many opportu- nities to the under- graduate. Gpon entering this special community of approximately 4300 students, one was quick to see that GCLA had fashioned a program and lifestyle that facilitated progress. The four under- graduate halls (Hedrick, Richer, Dykstra, and Sproul) had been developed not only with the purpose of providing students with comfor- table, convenient and af- fordable lodging but with the intention of enhanc- ing personal growth and academic achievement. The halls ' facilities, ser- vices, and programs were designed to create what was called a " living and learning environment. " Each hall encouraged students to interact with faculty members. They did so through the " Faculty In Residence Program " in which a faculty member actually resided in the hall. " Adopt a Faculty Member " was another program with the same goal. This program in- volved specific interac- tion between residents on a floor and a par- ticular professor. Furthermore, special interest housing was of- fered on specific hall floors for students wishing to share special or common interests. Among the choices were No Space " The Great Outdoors " which offered the oppor- tunity to learn and par- ticipate in outdoor activi- ties, and " The Interna- tional House " which at- tempted to increase the interaction and aware- ness of other cultures and to broaden interna- tional understanding. All these aspects of dorm life combined to contribute to an en- vironment fashioned for the student and his or her development. A resi- dence hall was not only a place of lodging but a catalyst geared towards the academic and per- sonal growth of each res- ident. -Chris Steiner 220 Dormitories Shahin Laghee, opposite top, dreams of exotic far away lands and a winter quarter permit. Jo Yang enjoys an issue of the Daily Bruin in the Dykstra Hall lobby, opposite bottom. Cobi Jones, top left, admires his dorm room. Above desks were situated in each room for that very impor- tant college activity study- ing. Alice Wu Carter and Ryan Messer, left, discuss the im- plications of eating dorm food over an extended period of time. Photos by Jennifer Hen- dricks and Patrick Gilmore. for My Stuff Dormitories 221 On your Own... One of the biggest adjustments that students came across was learning how to live with other people. For many students, the University Cooperative Housing Association (CJCHA) offered an oppor- tunity to interact in a cooperative environment while living only a cou- ple of blocks from cam- pus. Each person gave a lit- tle of themselves towards the smooth operation of the co-ops by con- tributing four hours of work each week. Also, various activities and forms of entertain- ment encouraged social interaction among the residents. These allowed students to build strong relationships that could continue beyond college years. Another housing alter- native for students was boarding. Some boarders did various housekeep- ing duties or babysitting in exchange for room and board. Others, however, chose to simply rent a room. Space may have been limited, but for many, it was a way of life to which they even- tually learned to adjust. -Tammy Gee Car a Luna, a graduate stu- dent, puts in some study time, opposite top. A student, op- posite bottom, reads the to- day ' s lecture notes by sunlight. The " guys, " top right, take some time out for " fooz ball. " Right, the girls ponder over tomorrow ' s plans. Another student claims her part of the room, bottom right. Photos by Patrick Cilmore and David Shor. 222 Cooperatives and Boarders not Alone When dorming got to be too much or commuting to school each morning wore you out, the prospects of apartment life began to look increasingly welcome. Space, privacy, and in- dependence were the big- gest pluses to living in apartments. But these lux- uries did not come without added responsibilities, such as buying furniture and paying for gas and elec- tricity. The transition from having most things provid- ed to having to provide for oneself often overwhelmed students. However, the ini- tial pressures and fears I usually passed as students came to appreciate their independence. " It ' s a lot quieter and I can study better here. Once you live in an apartment, you can ' t go back into the dorms, " claimed junior Paul Yee. By living in the apart- ments, students had more freedom to express their individuality and " there ' s more flexibility, " added design major Marlin Mur- dock, " You can create and decorate a room and make a statement about yourself. " -Tammy Gee Apartments 223 I Sharing the Route It ' s a great program, beneficial to GCLA, " said Patricia Mento, department manager for the Commuter Assistance Ridesharing (CAR) program begun in 1984 for the Olympics. CAR made commuting easier by offering alter- natives to driving. It provided carpooling and shuttle services to students, faculty and staff. Services in- cluded the Campus Express, Evening Van Service, Medical Center Shuttle and the three shuttle lines to and from Lot 32, the Veterans ' Administration and off-campus lots. Charles Carter, passenger and back-up vanpool driver from Canoga Park, observed, " I tend to ap- prec iate it (vanpooling) more when I am not driving the van because of the commuter stress. When driv- ing though, I tend to notice some people are talk- ative while others are silent. Most usually take the opportunity to chat, read, study or, most commonly, sleep. " Mento concluded, " Because of the positive response we ' re getting, CAR will continue to develop o benefit the campus community. " -Janine Ouyang IPECIAL STUDENT JARPOOL PERMIT Top, at the Commuter Fair, representatives from Culver City Bus Lines, and RTD Bus Lines glue students informa- tion on busing. The highly valued parking permit is displayed, above. At left, stu- dents who park at the OC Lot ride the shuttle bus. Photos by Todd Cheney and Andrew Lin. 224 Ridesharing Carpool offering a |t er . | 9 and shuttle r Services in- " ! Van Service, stale iin ' ' ' - " y f, I n PCOpil " " : " ,, s of the positive . " -e:o develop Below, a mini replica of the van- pool van is on display at the Commuter Fair. Parking atten- dants, left, were stationed at in- formation booths across campus. And, bottom, the everyday traffic in Westwood is evidenced at the Wilshire Veteran intersection. Photos by Bruce Weimer and Andrew Lin. C ommuting is horrible! " exclaimed com- muter Henry Ouyang, a senior aerospace engineering major. Like Ouyang, most commuters frowned upon the hassle of tackling the gridlock traffic only to have to search for a parking space. With a population of 35,000 students and an availability of only 18,829 parking spaces, permits were assigned according to a point system. Special permits such as carpool permits were guaranteed for three or more students. Sophomore Amy Cheong, commuting for two years, had to leave her home in Monterey Park by 6:30 a.m. to ensure a spot at the Veteran ' s Ad- ministration parking lot. She explained, " When commuting, 1 plan my schedule ahead of time to make the most use of my time on campus. However, I miss out on a lot of the extracurricular activities held on campus. " --Janine Ouyang Commuter Madness Commuters 225 ' $-: ' :-. ' ' %j $$l : fr Wft ' m im m Abdel-Gawad, Jehan Abdelkarim, Arafat Abels, Kristen Abiog, Mariciel Abraham, Willis Acosta-Rubio, Marx Adams, A Adams, China Adamson, Terry Addus, hadim Adibi, Kami Adler, Shira Aguabella, Menina Aguayo, Jose G. Aguiar, Joaquin Aguirre, Ric Ainsworth, Troy Alder, Sierra Alemania, Roman Alexander, Albert N. Allen, Eshon Allen, Todd Almanza, John Alpert, Debra Alter, Jeremy Alvarez, Oscar Alvarez, Sandra L. Amarillas, Jesse Ambler, John Anand, Gautam Anderson, Rebecca Lynn Anderson-Monserratos, Christian Angeja, Brad Angel, Donald Lawler Angulo, David Anselmo, John Vito Anzo, Frank Aouizerat, Bradley Eric Araldi, Daniel John Arce, Michelle Archer, Amelia Arellano, Joseph Arjonilla, Felipe ' Arledge, John Armas, Emilia Armenia, Norma Arnold, JoAnn Arrache.Marissa Astarita, Kathryn 228 Abdel-Gawad Atherton, Candice Atienza, Herman Auh.Mark Austin, Charla Austria, Arnie Avery, David Ayres, Jennifer Azer, Bernard Azine, Laurie Azizzadeh, Babak Babigian, Kelley Baboolal, Paul Bachand, Rain Jolie Badelbou, Juliet Baje, Mark Baker, Andrew Baker, Richard Baldwin, Justine Baranowski, Denise Barber, Alicia Barbosa, Bryan M. Barcelo, Richard Bardon, Lisa M. Bare, Christopher Barlas, Kerry Barnett, Michelle Barragani, Nancy Barron, Eduardo Batanghari, Winston Bates, Darryl Bates, Traci Erin Batrez, Jeremy A. Beatty, Heather Beazley, Jo Anne Beeman, Joshua Beeny, Chris Befeler, Roger Begley, Suzanne Benk, Laura Benninghoff, Michael V Berg, Andra Berg, Braden Berg, Nicole Berger, Mavek Bergman, Heidi Bergstrom, Lisa Berkman, Jason Bernstein, Berzon Laura Ian Bhaskar, Harish Bilharz, Rosie Bisla, Tajinder Blackwell, Carmella Blake, Mike Blakeney, Raevon Bloch, Sean Bobbitt, Chrystal Bogard, Chang Bonilla, Erika Boone, Brian Booth,Thomas L. Borjor, Melinda Boscacci, Allison Bosmans, Jeanette Bowling, Wendi P. Boze, Jason Bradley, Daniel Ray Bradley, Heather Brainard, Christopher Brandis, Jennifer Branhau, Jeanie Brawn, Jennifer Bridgeman, Bridget Briggs, Bridget Bright, Jennine Brisco, Michelle Brooks, Bonnie RrnnU-c Bruin How do you feel about UCLA ' s intense involvement in politics this year? Brian Tatosky, 19, Undeclared, El Monte, CA. It does not matter to me. In the end every- thing tu rns out the same. Randal Allred, 32, English gradu- ate, Upland, CA. On the one hand, it stimulates student awareness -- well, I hope it does -- on the other hand, I haven ' t paid too much attention to it; I ' ve got a dissertation to write. Stephen Rice, 21, Economics Business, Dan- ville, CA. UCLA ' s involve- ment is a hopeful trend. UCLA students will be the leaders of the future. The fact that we are active now means that we will be active in the future. The involve- ment of UCLA students also shows that we are using the knowledge we learn at school, and not just sitting mindlessly in lecture. We care about our country and our world. David DeJear, 18, Political Science, Los Angeles, CA. It shows that we at- tend the greatest school in the na- tion; we are politically aware and it shows in our events. I want to know what happened to all last years issues or do they grow grapes in Ethiopia, too? -Dean Dal Ponte Design, 19 Glendale, CA 230 Brooks Brooks, Karen Broussalian, Levon Brown, Dana Brown, Jennifer Brown, Katy Brown, Michelle Brown, William Brownell, Joel Bruck, Torben Bryan, Angela Bryant, Jerome Buchen, Eric Bucich, Rick Buck, Michael Bunken, Sarah Bunn, Aiko Buraglio, Donald Burbage, Lisa Burkhard, Jennifer Burklund, David .:- A Maria Kupferman, 18, Biology, Newport Beach, CA. It ' s great. I ' m able to stay on top of the issues. And because important representatives from both political parties came to our school, it makes me feel like I chose an important involved campus to attend. Butler, Brett Cabusao, Joanne Cadanova, Leah Cadena, Francine Calip, Ian Campos, Ady Campos, Lillian Campos, Lydia Cannon, Joseph Cano, Robert Cao, Tony Carlin, Carrie Carlson, Jacqueline Carpenter, Jacob W. Carpenter, Colin Carrillo, Athena Carwin, Stephanie Casillas, Angelica Cassid,Mike Castaneda, Diane Castillo, Priscilla Castro.Monica Michelle Catalfio, John Ceavley, Daniel Cellar, Kurt Cerritas, Pinky Chan, Albert Chan, Derek Chan, Will C. Chang, Elaine Chang, Kuo Fong Chang, Maling Chang, Wei-Yun Chao, Daniel Chau, Louis Chavez, Kristine Chavez, Luciana Chavez, Margarita Chen, Abraham Chen, Timothy Cheng, Charlotte R. Chiboucas, Kristin Chichizola, Carlos Chin, Marisa Cho, David Cho, Hyon Cho, June Choi, Sophia Nina Kanga, 22, History, Sun Valley, CA. I ' m a liberal (gasp!) Democratic, who lived for a year on SKID Row helping run a soup kitchen at a medical clinic. We boycotted many stores in Los Angeles un- til they removed the grapes. So I am very proud of this school for its involvement with the homeless, South African issues, and especially the grape boycott. I ' m also happy with UCLA ' s political in- volvement and sponsorship of events. Choi 231 Choi, Sunny Choi, Tamara Christy, Michael Chu, Ivan Chu, Joanna Chu, Robert Morrissey Chuang, Peter Chukker, Samantha Chun,Sindy Chung, Adena Chung, Carol Chung, Eugene Cinco, Rob Cisneros, Martha Clare, Seak BK Cochrane, Justin Cohen, Catherine E. Coleman, Dan Coleman, Jim Collier, Yolanda Comerci, Claudia Contreras, Elena Contreras, Ricardo Cornelison.Mike Cortes-Scholer, Felix Cote, Matthew Cowan, Lor a Crisostomo, Van Gil Croddy, Michael Crowe, Kathy Cubanski, Juliette Cumstein, Mitch Cunningham, Shannon Curr, Maureen 232 Choi Does the name Mike Meehan sound familiar: If yes, what does he do? If no, what do you think he does? Deone McCormick, 18, Undeclared, Chicago, IL. Of course, he ' s the Student Body President. After all of the controversy that went on during elections spring quarter, its not hard to recall that name! RktatSata.2 iia.CA.lre4,,, of his nan to don ' t knot it | wry little. s the president, aid him reat Coy. MButich Dean Dal Ponte, 19, Design, Glendale, CA. I think we went to high school together. I heard he was second in line - right after Dan Quayle or something like that. Don Marek, 20, Economics, Los Altos Hills, CA. Mike Meehan is our student body president. Mot that many students know that because he really doesn ' t attempt to approach stu- dents on a personal level. I ' d like to see more of him on campus (i.e. speeches, forums, etc.). he do? If jou think he Richard Salazar, 22, History, Placen- tia, CA. I really haven ' t heard much of his name this year, and I really don ' t know what he does. Probably very little. Yes, he is the student body president, and I know him personally. Great Guy. --Rick Bucich Pre-Psychology, 21 Pacific Grove, CA Mo, I Don ' t know him -Ricardo Ramirez English, 28 Los Angeles, CA Mo, he ' s the CISC football coach!!(???) --Teresa Estrada Undeclared, 18 Whittier, CA Stephen Rice, 21, Economics Business, Danville, CA. Good ques- tion. Mike Meehan is supposed to be our undergraduate president. Yet, in spite of all the con- flict and struggle to resolve last spring ' s election, we have heard little from OSAC and less from the presi- dent ' s office. I Curtis, Matthew Czerwinski, Roman D ' Amelia, Abbie Daetz, Steve Danlag, Steve Daron, Smith Darweesh, Perri R. Daub, Matthias Davidia, Danielle Day, Stephen Dayan, Sharona De Castro, Arnold De Leon, Roumel De Rubertis, Brian De Weese, Steven Dean, Damon Deffenbaugh, Nicole Del Toro, Vanessa Delahousjaye, Michael Delaquis, Heidi DeLeon, Angela Delgado, Daniel Demayo, James Desai, Rahul Dhaka, Ajay Diaz, Alfred Diaz, Dustan Dick, Brian Douglas Dickinson, A. Ben Diego, Londono Diemer, Dione Diep, Tony Dinucci, Michael Distifeno, Melissa Distifeno 233 ItYJ Doane, Christine Dobbins, E. Brian Dobbs, Aaron Doering, William Domash, Dave Dominguez, George Donaldson, Erica Dong, Jin Kim Douglas, Tim Du, Stanley Dube, Sujata Dunbar, Laurie Duncan, Victoria Dundas, Derek Dupper, Craig Duron, Angelica Dyke, Thomas Eastman, Pete Eastwood, Barbara Eaton, Wendy Ebrahim, Ali M. Echamendi, Albert Eck, Sarah Eckert, Krista Eckland, Chris Edwards, Ben Edwards, Karen Ehrlich, Dana Eichberger, Leesa Eiseman, Jamin Elizondo, Michael Elkind, Steve Emerzian, Matthew Encinas, Eric Endler, E.J. I Engler, Carl Escamilla, Gina Escobedo, Lisa M. Eshaghpour.Tina Estrada, Christina Estrada, Teresa Estrella, Majorie E. Evans, Cory Evan, Lisa Evans, Tiffany C. Evans, Tim Faeh, Brian Farley, Kathleen Farley-Teruel, Therese Farzadmehr, Afshin Fat, Monica Fawcett, Barbara Faye, Andrew Fazele, Bahram Feld, Kenny Felix, Jon Felix, Lu Fernandez, Larry Fernandez, Madonna Fernandez, Rober Figueroa, Norma E. Finney, Jill Erin Fiore, Julie 234 Doane Fisher, Jennifer Fiszer, Edward Fitzgerald, Nancy Fitzgerald, Nicholas S. Fletes, Luis Eduardo Flick, Heather Florendo, Ronald Flores, Nancy Flowers, Kyle Flowers, Rochelle Fong, Ernesto Forbes, Angela Ford.Gerald M. Ford, Lisa Forrest, SloanWright Forte 1 , Will Forther, Alison Foster, Shannon Fox, David Foxman, Greg Francia.Selma Frank, Bill Freeman, Bryan Todd Friedman, Avi Friedman, Emily Friedman, Mark Frisch, Courtney Fu, John Fu, Karen Fu, Robert Fuchs, Lance Fukumoto, Andrea Laurie Fuller, Althea Fung, Keith Hayne Fusselman, Samantha Futernick, Marc Gabay, Shirin Gabby, Gail Gabella, Pia Gaeta, Gary Gage, Erica Galido 111, John Cadiz Gall, Lisa Gallardo, Jerry Gallardo, Sandra Gallieu, Jason Gandy, Roaul Martinique Gannam, Michael Blair Garabedeanu, Andrei Garcia, Antonio Garcia, Dennis Garcia, Fernando Garcia, Goretty Garcia, Leticia Garcia, Luis Garcia, Rich rrl A Garcia, Teresa Garcia, Virginia Garrett, Sean M. Garza, Gina Gasper, Jason Gaston, Jessica Gates, Lisa Ann Gates 235 Gatt, Cathy Gatzke, David Gau, Wenli Gayral, Michelle Gee, Tammy Geistler, Eric Gelfuso, David Gellman, Tara Ashley Geneva, Kammi Gerovian, Anahid Nichole Gettman, Erica Ghan, Pamela Jean Ghazarian, Sylvia Ghazy, Tarik Gheorghios, Varsamis Gibson, Darren Gill, Kathleen Ginskey, Mar Gloistein, Paula Goe, Sharon Gogan, Laura Goldbach, Richard Goldberg, Amy Goldberg, Jessica Goldblatt, Jason Goldstein, Eric Goldstein, Judith Goltzen, Cynthia Gomes, Shelley M. Gomez, Alina V. Gomez, Angela N. Gomez, Claudio John Gil, Rosie Gilabert, Kurt I What goes through your mind while standing in the long lines at the book store, eating facilities, co- pying centers, etc.? Steve Nicholson, 21, Political Science, San Jose, CA. I have thoughts of how much I enjoy these large institutions of learning. Kenneth Bennett, 22, English Literature, San Diego, CA. I hate lines. Everyone hates lines, but our ability to bear them gracefully reflects the depth of our character. Bill Pliam, 22, OK ing.Cdale.Llfc, toil have to inline. 18 gy. Denver, CO 236 Gatt J o a n i e Kessel ring, 19, Biology, Mountain View, CA. should have played an in- tercollegiate sport. your standing in the book 12. M Bill Pham, 22, Chemical Engineer- ing, C ' dale, IL. I hate waiting; I hate waiting; Oh, 1 wonder what she is like?!! Rick Ray, 22, Mate- rial Science and Engineering, Chicago, IL. How can I meet the cute cashier?! " I ' m going to Disneyland! " -Raul Gorospe 18, Biology Cerritos, CA. I ' ll bet Troy Aikman doesn ' t have to stand in line. -Donny Buraglio 18, Biology, Denver, CO. Gomez, Mitchi Gomez, Marni Gomperts, Stephen Gonzalez, Carmella Gonzalez, David Gonzalez, Miguel Gonzalez, Saskia Gragg, F.Matthew Graham, Adrianne Granderson, Kwame Grant, Sarah Gray, Anthony Raphael Graybil, Torsten Green, Heidi Greenberg, Drew Greenleaf, Chris Griffin, Brandi Griffin, Tracy Grigelis, Donna Mae Grigg, Nancy Gubner, Gregory Gubser, Gail Guizardo, Gigi Gunn, Jamie Gutierrez, Alfonso Gutierrez, Eva Gutierrez, Jon Gutierrez, Miguel G. Gutierrez, Raymund Gutierrez, Yvonne Guu, Yvonne Hagen, Nancy Hagstrom, Christine Hall, David Hall 237 Hallett, Lisa Marie Halpern, Dan Hammerberg, Eric Han, Eugene J. Han, Jean Hanify, Thad Hanson, Tam Hara, Emi Harder, Robert T. Harper, Robert Harris, Kelly Harris, Nicole Harris, Tamara Harris-Blackshear, Shelli Harrison, Toni Hartwick, Heather Hasbrouck, Chris Hashim, Salima Hassen, James Haughney, Alice M. Hawkins, James Haydon, Alex Hayes, Karin Hayes, Keith B. Hays, Debra Heavner, Kristin Hefni, Nadia Helfand, Aimee Hellman, Ted Henderson, Stephanie Henderson, Vida Hendrix, Traci Henkin, Michael Henningsen, Kimberley Herchel, Evans R. Hermanson, Paula Hernandez, Flavio Hernandez, Nemorio Hernandez, Roman R. Herrera, Patricia Herrera, Shawn Herriott, Lissa Hicks, Tom Higas, Derek Hill, Jeriece Hill, Matt Hill, Melissa Hill, Leisna Hillis, Wendy 238 Hallett Hills, Bradford Hines, Lesley M Hinkle, Laurence Hitz, Benjamin Cisco Ho, Kathleen A. Ho, Kenny Hochberg, Eliot Hogue, Glenn Holbert, Chris Holder, Lisa Hollis, Shari Holmes, William Holsey, Cynthia Holzberg, Daryl Marc Horn, Darren Homeyer, Lynne Hong, Kyung Honkawa, Akemi Honore, Melissa Hooper, Michelle Hopkins, l.orna Horning, Kevin Horvath, Robert J. Howard, Howard, Christina Jeffrey Howard, Jeremy Howell, Timothy Hsieh, Colleen ' - Hsieh, Eric Hsieh, Jimmy Hsu, Hayley H. Hsu, Roger Hu, Derek Huang, Chia-Li Huang, Henry Huang, James Hubbard, Stephen Hudak, Allie Hughes, Dawn Hultgren, Alexander Hunter, Nicole Hunter, Tasnine Hywon, Jun Ichinaga, Lisa Iganej, Shahrokh Ihara, Karie Iki, Darcie C. Ilic, Veronica Isaacs, Kevin Jackson, Maia Jackson, Paige Jackson, Sarah R. Jacob, George Jacobs, Lori Jarquin, Maria J. Jarvis, Darrel Jasa, C. Mark Jasen, Richard Javahery, Ramin Javure, Mariana Jaynes, Kimberly Jen, Trisha Jenks, Jeff Jensen, Brent Jensen, Jay Jimenez, Celia Jimenez, Jason Jimenez, Josafina Johnson, Jennifer S. Jones, Cobi Jones, Greg Jones, Jed Jones, Timothy R. Josias, Abby Jou, Mike Jue, Mike Jung, Hoover Jung 239 Kahn, Julie Kallaos, Jim Kane, John Matthew Kaneko, Kristin Kang, Hye-Yong Kang, (Jnkyong Kao, Bernard Kapoor, Ritu Karimi, Parvin Karpman, Eric Kass, Christina Marie Kayman, Charles Kealey, William Keith, Jerel D. Keller, Julia Kelly, Trek T. Kennedy, Erin Kennedy, Kristin Kenney, Lee Kermani, Micheal Kerstine, Jeff Kerwick, Scott Kestin, Eric M. Keusayan, Leticia Keville, James Khandabi, Pegah Kidokoro, Yuki Kies, Jim Kilcrease, Marilyn P. Kim, Charles Kim, HyunSoo Kim, Jee H. Kim, Jemima Kim, Kenneth Kim, Kyong Hui Kim, Leah Kim, Mehee Kim, Michelle Meekyoung Kim, Sang Kim, Say B. Kim, Sharon Kim, Sindy Kim, Soo Young Kim, Thomas Kimball, Katherine Jane Kipperman, Gia Kirby, Mark Kirchen, Seth Kitazaki.Lori 240 Kahn Klarwein, Serafine Klein, Jason Ko, Joanne Kobylecki, Maria R. Komatsu, Robert Kong, Darrell Kosuth, Kate Kourda, Dina Kram, Michelle Krause, Kelly Krohn, DavidK Kromer, Kristy Kruse, Ron Kubota, Derek Kudlik, Dennis Kundula, Srinivas Kuon, Carla Kupferman, Maria Kurian, Shaddhy Kurimai, Dennis Kuromen, Raquel Kushner, Ron Kwon, Bryan Kwon, Richard La Rock, Brett La Voie, Rocio Ladva, Nimisha Laird II, Aaron Lalezafian, Arash Lambert, Mary P. Lamont, Michael Lancaster, Skip Land, Greg Landry, La Schelle Landsdorf, Adam Lane, Christopher David Langkammerer, Jason Lapierre, Jeffrey Alan Lara, Claudia M. Larsen, Michael Larson , Caren Lasensky, Scott Lattin, Ronald D. Latz, Joseph Laudencia, Antoinette Lauria, Christine Lavoie, Elizabeth Lawler, Mark A. Lawrence, Eric J. Le, Au Leadon, Michael Leal, Sandra Lee, Annie Lee, Changsop Lee, Donald Lee, Elaine Lee, Grace Lee, Hyun In Lee, Jane Lee, Jimin Lee, John P. Lee, June Lee, Jungjin Lee, Melissa Lee, Mike Lee, Richard Lee, Sarah Lee, Steven M. Lee, Sung J. Lee, Terry Lee, Tina Leeds, Stephen Leemon, Diana Lehman, Gregory Charles Leija, Kristen Leone, Daene Leone, Gabriella Leone 241 What is your definition of a " liberal ' and a " conservative? " Roberta Baba, 20, Economics Bus., Lima, Peru Liberal: the poor; tax increase. Conservative: war; deals with Noriega; deficit. --Roberto Baba Cyndi Schoner, 21, Nursing, Fullerton, CA. Liberal: most peo- ple who transfer from (JC Berkeley. Conservative: upper- middle class Southern Califor- Matt McDowell, 24, MR TV, Gridley, CA Liberal: Communist. Conservative: Facist. mans. Kenneth Bennett, 22, English, San Diego, CA. I avoid labels. They make one feel like a but- terfly: a beautiful creature pierced through and annihilated by an entomologist ' s narrow pin. A ' liberal ' is an extreme person from Liberia who wears trendy clothes. A ' conservative ' is someone who wears black and white clothes with styles that are not extreme or loud. Raul Gorospe A liberal uses a condom and a conservative uses abstinence. Joanie Kesselring 242 Leung Leung, Brian Levy, Bat-Sheva Li, Peggy Liao, Mary Liao, Yuh-Kong Lim, Karen Limon, Alejandra Lin, Jih-Shing Lin, Steve Lind, Kate Linden, Kristen Lindsay, Darren Lindsy, Jessica Linley, Bruce Linszky, Csaba Linthorst, Tom Lipoff, Michelle Lipscomb, Brad Littman, Leslie Liu, Cliff Zeh-Wen Michelle Johansen, 26, Undeclared, Orem, UT. Liberal: someone who wants to spend money. Conservative: someone who wants to hoard money. Llamas, Alfred Llano, George Lloyd, David Lo, Kathryn Loccisano, Louis Loeffler, Toby Loera, Marilu Loftus, Mary Lonergan, Erin Long, Holly A. Lopapa, Cesar A. Lopez, Gloria Lopez, Gloria G. Lopez, Minna Lopez, Oscar A. Lopez, Yolanda Loudenback, Lisa Louie, Pamela Low, Eric Lu, Crist Lu, Ei-Lun Lu.Weitai Phil Lu, Rick Lua, Rafael Lum, Debbie Fong Lum, Garret R. Luna, Luis Luu, Than Lynch, David Mabrie, Edward Mac Arthur. Amber Mac Cullough, Carolyn Mac Medan, Dan Maddalan, John Madrid, Andrew Madrigal, Abde Maehata, Reina Maelzer, Pamela Maggioncalda, Greg Lucas, Dwayne Ludlow, Karen Luftman, Joseph Luke, Michael S. Mah, Debbie Mailman, David Makely, Andrea Maldonado, Anthony Malek, Shiva Gabriel Green, 16, Chemistry, Ithaca, NY. A conser- vative is one who believes in peserving the good aspects of our society and eliminating the bad. A liberal is one who believes in letting people do as they please, no matter how bad or immoral it may be. Malek 243 Maleman, Michelle Malik, Premia Mallari, Margarita D. Man, Calrossie Mandel, Debra Mann, David Manning, Gregory F. Mao, Wei-Yen Marcus, Phil Marquez, Letisia Marquez, Maria Marroquin, Moises Martin, Christopher Martin, Darrick Martin, Jason Martin, Josh Martin, William C. Martinez, Carlos D. Martinez, Felipe Martinez, Joanne Martinez, Robert Mascarenhas, Michelle Mascio, Kristin Mathis, Amy Matsui, Michael Lee Matsuura, Jennifer Matthews, Darran McCarthy, Kristin L McClave, Alex McCollom, Catherine McCreight, Percy McDonough, Dena McGuinness, Kathyrn Mclntosh, Krishna McKinney, Eula McKinnon, Heather McMahan, John McMurtry, Tracey McMally, Ian McNeil, Sarah McMerney, Eileen Mears, Patty 244 Maleman Medellin, Diana Maria Medina, David Medina, Mitzy Medrano, Christy Meguid, Ahmed Meir, Levy Mellen Jr, Robbin B. Mellerstig, Cameron Dean Mendell, Doric Mendlesohn, Daniel Mendoza, Marco Mentan, Julia Elizabeth Mescavag, Susan Messer, Shelly Messier, Tim Messina, Vincent Miagany, Fernando Mikawa, Sharon Milauskas. Cissy V. Miller, Carolyn Mills, Tom Milne, Kelly Milnes, Peter Minden, Scott Mirabal, Louis Miranda, David A. Miranda , Jesus Mitchell, Glen Miyoshi, Melina Mobin, Caroline Moldenhauer, John M. Molina, Margaret Mondragon, Elizabeth Monroe, Celeste Montalvo, Richard A. Montaho, Lilia Moody, Kurt Moon, Henry Moore, Cherise Moore, Jeff Moore, Michael Moore, Michelle Morales, David Morales, Maria J. Mortvedt, Ron Moseley, Mellon C Moses, Althea Moya, Rose Moyer, Ben Muelas, Mari-Aala Mullaly, Jeanne Mullen, Tiffany Mumolo, Dominic J. Murata, Glenn Myers, Julie Jeanne Myrow, Elizabeth A. Magos, Elaine Nahmod, Jennifer Louise Male , Cliff Nam, Nasalski Nasaisici, Mark Nasir, Jeff Navarro, Octavio !t ft Navas, Marrin A. Neale, Chris Neebum, Gipta Nelson, Edward Nevarez, Ann M. Ng, Benny J. Ngai, Stella Nguyen, Oanh Christine Nguyen, Quoc Nichols, Tracy Camille Nicklin, Emily Nicodemus, James Nicolosi, Christina Nipaell, Joshua Noel, David Vincent Nordstrand, Nils Noyes, Kristin Nuechterlein, Sue Anne Nunes, Christa O ' Hara, Peter O ' Lea, Lisa O ' Lea 245 O ' Malley, Patricia O ' Malley, Tim O ' Rand, Darin P. Ochoa, Chris Oehlschlaeger, John Kurt Ohtom, Kathy Oleata, Christopher Oleata, Christopher. Shaun Olmstead, Matthew Olson, David Or, Hin Orleans, Andrea Ornelas, Armida Oro, Norman Oshan, Evan Otto, Robert Otto, Thomas Ouyang, Janine Overholtler, Julie A. Owen, Micaela Oyabu, Tsuyoshi Padilla, Hector Hernandez Paez, Thomas G. Page, Amy Palmer, Amy Pantrigo, Nelson Pappas, Elise Parada, Anita Park, Jason Parker, Lindsay Parmenter, Carin Parry, David Patronite, Mark Patton, Susannah Paul, Mark Paz, David Peard, Hyn Peckler, Jana Pendleton, Tricia Penrose, Jonathan Peralta, Xenia Perez, Elia Liz Perez, Gabnei Perez, Jesus Perez, Joseph Perez, Joseph A. Perry, Angela Peters, Benjamin Peterson, Beth Lynn Peterson, Laura Lynn Pezham, Payman Pfeiffer, Steve Pham, Brandon Pham, Joe Pham, Hanh Phillips, Charles Daniel Phillips, Deborah Phillips, Rick Pi, Randy Picone, Elizabeth Piehl, Nicole Piening, Mark Piernas, Ondre Pinedo, Craig Pinon, German " Chito " Pobre, Orlando Polashuk, Stacie Poma, Sharonda Ponce, Diana Porfirio, Lisa Portillo, Robert Pozzo, Millichristine Prado, Maria T. Prange, Lisa Price, J. B. Price, Brady Pugh, Jason Pugh, Thomas Pulido, Rosie Putnam, Claire Quan, Kimberly Quijada, Lisa Quispe, Herman f?adtke, Kristin Radu, Christian Ramirez, Alberto Ramon, Maritza Ramos, Jesus Ramos, Luis Ramos, Mickey Rangel, Carlos Rasmussen, Katherine L. Ratusnik, Raquel Recht, Michael Redd, Mark Reddy, Vinay Reichenthal, Jake Reid, Michelle Reimert, C. Scott Reina, Tania Renteria, Carlos S. Reyes, Richard P. Reznicek, Don Rhim, Eugene Rho, Connie Rhode, John B. Rich, Robert Richards, Kelly Richardson, Sandra Ridean, Brandon Rinderle, Susan Ring, Christopher Rivera, Alejandra Roberts, Matthew Robertson, Angela Robinson, Laura K. Robinson, hathanael Robles, Andre Robles, Ronnie Re chino, Duneley Rodriguez, Carmen Rodriguez, Cristobal Rodriguez, Larissa Rodriguez, Rick Rofail, George Rokhsar, Soleyman Rokhsar 247 Rolling, Jason Remain, Chantal E. Romero, Alex Romero, Barbara Rosal, Angela Rosemond, Elizabeth Rosen, Daniel Rosen, Jeffrey Rosenblum, Darren Rosenfeld, Dana Ross, Amy Ross, Jay Ross, Melissa Ross, Stacy Rountree, Jason Rozario, Jennifer Rubalears, Sylvia Rubio, Michael Ruliz, Robert Rush, Brian Russell, Kevin Ruth, Jill Ryan, Jeff Rygg, Dana Sabad, Alejandro Sacks, Rafaela Sada, Daniel Sadeghi.Saha Sadeghi, Samira Said, Suna Sakamoto, Russell Salameh, Lara Salazar, Vanessa Saltzer, Karen Rebecca Given a choice, where would you rather be right now? Why? Lisa Goodall, 22, English, San Rafael, CA. Right now, at this exact moment, it be- ing Friday of 6th week, I ' d rather be bathing on the beaches of the Greek Isles with a beer and a beautiful man. I ' d rather Paul Varosy, 18, Chemistry, Stuttgart, West Germany. I would like to be at the " Krazy Kanguruh " restaurant-bar on the slopes of St. Anton, Austria, drinking real beer after a great day of skiing. It sure beats studying! 248 Rolling , where her be right t L etc Michael Kermani, 17, Biology, Los Gatos, CA. Without a doubt, I ' d rather be at UCLA. There ' s just such a great variety of events going on, people to meet, and fun to have! It ' s great. Maria Chiara Catipon, 20, Pre- Political Science, Los Angeles, CA. I ' m right where I want to be - kicking back Friday afternoon sitting in the front of Royce Hall getting a tan. I ' d rather be asleep. Why? Because col- lege life teaches you to live on caffeine and minimal amounts of sleep. --Diana Macalintal I ' d rather be doing laundry! --Julia Mentan Hawaii!! -Christine Belts Donna LaFollette, 21, Russian Civilization, Los Angeles, CA. I ' d rather be touring Italy by bike with my boyfriend because he loves cycling, I ' ve never been to Italy, and my thighs are getting flabby. Sampson, Vince Sanchez, Hilda B. Sanchez, Leticia Sanchez, Marco Sanchez, Rozanne Sanders, Rob A. Sanders, Erik Sandweiss, David Sansing, Martin Santa Maria, James G. Santo, Renee Santos, Ana K Santos, Hector Marcos Santos, Marie Sayan, Azita Scaffidi, Chris Scarano, Amanda Schaaf, Jennifer Schaap, Ryan Schatz, Lenore Schick, Matthew Schimmel, Miriam Schlafma, Daniel Schneider, Carrie Schulte, Jeffy Schwartz, Mark Schwartz, Ethan Scoble, Tom Sedgwick, Emily Seekins, Jon Segoviano, Antonio Segura, Theresa Sellwood, Scott Seng, Justin O. Seng 249 Seok, Ho Jean Serrano, Eileen Sevidal, Jocelyn Shahryarinejad, Azin Shapiro, Lisa Sharafatian, Mavid Sharar, Mark Vincent Shea, Clara Sheen, Daniel Shelan, Joseph Shelton, Ken Sherman, Deborah Sherwood, Jay Shieh, Akibo Shih, Francis Shih, Kathleen Shimizu, Yohei " Lance " Shintaku, Kurt Shipp, Dana Shiuzaki, Keith Shonk, Aaron Shortt, Paul Showers, Steven Shu, Warren Shukla, Jabruti Shulman, Darcie Shung, Irene Siebrand, Stephanie Siecke, Neil Silva, Rosalie Silverman, Stefani Sims, Jacquelyn Sims, Tiffany Singer, Doug Singleton, Tammie Sjostrand, Steve Sklavenitis, Christopher Slavich, Michael Smart, Nicholas Smith, Darrell Smith, Iva Cher Smith, Julie P. 250 Seok Smith, La Monica Smith, Pat Smith, Sherri Smith, Tim So, Ken Solano, Roy K. Soil, Stephanie Ann Solmonson, Dave Sonan, Rengil Song, Caroline Songer, Kathleen Soohoo, Harrison Soto, Antonio Soto Jr., Gerardo Spahn, Robyn Spangenberg, Tony Spitzer, April Michelle Stamberger, Jason Stancer, Wendy Stanish, Mark Stansbury, Caitlin Stassi, John Steele, Keith Steinaecker, Alicia Steinkamp, Paul Steinmetz, Barry Stewart, Christopher Stewart, Elizabeth Julie Stewart, Jason S. Stotler, Kristine Stotts, Paul Stowell, Ashley Straccia, Dawn Strohmaier, Keith Stromberg, Tanya Stull 1 Su, Monica Su, Susanna Suarez, Marissa Jean Subject, Christopher Sullivan, Moya Sun, James William H. Supin, David Swartz, Margaret Sykora, David Szymanski, Tom Tahajian, Bradley John Ta, Linda Wailly Takakawa, David Talley, Jeamene Tam, Kin-Bong Tamayo, Georgina Tamden, Neera Tan, Bill Tan, Jed Tan, Jesse Tanabe, Wendy Tang, John Tang, Terry Tang, Wayne Taylor, Casey Taylor, Jennifer Taylor, Jonathan Taylor, Mark Tejeda, Alered Joseph Thayer, Ace Thompson, Greg Tidalgo, Ernest Tiet, Phuong " Tiffany " Tillman, Candace Tirado, Irma A. Tizabgar, Beti Todd, Ryan C. Tom, Brian Tomaneng, Hansel Tomatis, Abel Topper, Victor Torres, Lydia Toumani, Tely Trabanino, Nancy Tran, Dung Tran, Hung Troop, Jonathan Trudeau, Dan Trudeau 251 Tsai, Tin Tin Tseng, Joseph Tseo, Amy Tsujihara, Alice Tu, Clavin C. Tucker, Christopher Tuffli, Charles Tulcan, Emil Turk, Joseph Turk, Kiva Twomey, David Ullan, Charles (Jllerich, Eric Clnderwood,Marcos A (Jrada, Darren (Jribe, Angel Usher, Demita (Jyesngi, Lori Valentine, Brandy Vallejo, Osril Van Es, Elvia Vandana, Venkatesh Vara, Luis S. Vasavada, Ashwin Vdorkin, Michael Vega, Veronica Veravanich, Paul Verneuil, Andrew Villa, Michelle Villalobos, Nancy Villarreal, Carla Villarreal, Cheryl Vincent, Toicha Vu, Hang Waddy, Mayumi Wade, Aaron Wagner, Matthew Waidzunas, Tommy Walker, Courtney Walsh, Amy Walsh, William James Walter, Sze Wang, Nancy Wang, Sandy Wang, Sandy Wansom, Siriruch Warren, Sarah M. Washburn, Andrew K. Wat, Eric Wedemeyer, Dan Wei, Gina S. Weiler, Jennifer Weinstein, Jay B. Weise, Donald Weisel, Denise Weiss, Michael Wen Melyan, Micnelle Wentzel, Tiffany Lyn Westman, Steven J. Whang, Ki White, Dylan White, Erik Whitted, Michael C. 252 Tsai Wight, Tom Wilbur, Brian Will, Lisa Willcox, Chris Williams, Steve Wilson, Heather Wilson, Stephanie Winer, Heidi Wing, Stacey Winters, Nicholle Wipf, Janice Wise, Robin Wittig, Beth Wolfe, Geoffrey Wolfe, Joel Wolffe, Michael Wong, Darlene Wong, Debra Wong, Jessica Wong, Kathleen Woo, Kathryn Wood, Victor I. Woods, Traci Woolery, Erin Beth Wright, Nashana Wu, Ching-Chen Alice Wu, Annie Wu, Janet r Yamada, Taillo Yamashiro, Reid Yang, Henry Yang, Jo Yang, Terry Yanick, Henny Yasui, Lynn Ybarra, Ernesto Yee, Marvin Yee, Tina Yeh, Alice Yeh, Caroline Yodohawa, Gary Yoo, Eunji Elizabeth Yoon, Sang Young, Achilles Young, Alex Yu, Jennifer May Quon Yu, Stephanie Yuet, Ng Yung, Maria Zahedi, Katayoon Zakari, Robert Zamora, Ronald A. Zamparelli, Tija Zands, Jan Zarate, Renee Zavala, Francisco Zehnder, Tim Zehnder, Tom Zentner, Daniel Ziman, Alyssa Zimmerman, Richard Zinger, Robin Zinkin, Jason Zinkin 253 - : , j i i: : " I ' v ;-,: m s m ' :-. . :-- H W m m mim 4Haw6Sfri , iSft aSR vi Sff t- Ja r i SStiSi jac ty ' ' VRV- ' j ' i ' ' T! ' ' Vr XAv . ,ri.i f ffj - ' t ' v ' i . GREEK " ' ' From the far east of campus to le far west, there existed a variety fof houses, each with a unique set j of characteristics and individual I members. The " greek attraction " [acted as a diversion from the aca- temic routine by allowing members to plan social events, fntribute time to philanthropies participate in athletic events. For many, the attraction began in a curiousity as to what greek life encompassed and evolved into an enthusiasm which outlasted the pledging process. In the end, the time committed to becoming an " active " created a foundation upon which friendships and memories would build a lasting impression of one ' s years at UCLA. 256 Greek Attractions v at ol campus (JOA ATTRACTIONS Greek Attractions 257 A L P H A G A M M A O M E G A Christian Brotherhood, " It ' s really rewarding being in a Christian fraternal system, " said senior Ivan Ar- reguin, president of Alpha Gamma Orn A. " The guys here all go trugh similar trials, but X k kw that God watches o r eve Wiing. " Found i- in -MK by 13 men, AGO was involved in many campus and community activities. They visited or- phanages and convelescent homes with care packages. Much lik jajJjjejTfraternities, intramuralB orts. And joined by the little Sisters of Maranathaland Alpha Delta Chi, AGOlfered events such as an arTnual ski trip, ban- quets, and pledge and beach parties. " I ' ve never met so many nice people in my life, " and " All the guys are really cool, " tie Siste j Pam Khiao and Accordla to KajVi Sid, the putting a|MB|fort into accomplishing their goal of spreading the love of God. --Janine Ouyang Ron Ahlers, Mark Amendola, Doug , Ar regain (President). David Berninger (Secretary). Josh Brands, Bert Ca i Jay Chung. Ric Cooper (Vk (Hou. :. " . . .it the ., 258 Alpha Gamma Omega Individuality " Alpha Sigma Phi is the ' last of the good guys ' . It ' s like a family, and we treat everyone likeAuman beings-- that s what TK S it special, " main themJLawKir organiza- tion was " Mo bet the man, " and they rove fc Wiieve this goal through the encourage- ment of individuality. Social activities included the " Coco Bowl, " a party where they danced under the White " fo nal. Also, for Homecomin pthey won first place in lae t-slhJrt contest, sorority o tneirnoat. About being in Alpha Sigma Phi, President t e Kawashira stated. " You re dealing with all kinds of peo- ple. It teaches and respoij Carillo was through the ships with the guys. We work- ed as a business yet were also able to toss it aside and just be friends. " --Tammy Gee ou patience ty. " Corey ,e best thing onal growth ent relation- ffe I (jraber (Vice t- ' it " d.-rin. tJ ' -ifkt Grttskf. Ja nr-s ttoll III. Vex Hultiif ' -n. I lie ..kthn -.-n. .Sn H Jimq, Kt U ' rls J(rf ff i; -, . Liftu-. Kt- M M Mchinw-y. Mi .John Tannc iV- . ' !;; For Alpha Sigma Phi. top. fall qua; added a bugo road tri Berkeley o their social Marly BQA I.- , Br nd( n A John fa (ion sirn Alpha Sigma Phi. ci Bruce U Alpha Sigma Phi 259 Gene Collins, right, enjoyed fun in the sun in Palm Springs during A TO s spring trip for alumni, actives, and " new guys " alike. Hal- loween was the occasion for bringing together Hunter S. Thompson and the Roto-Rooter man, below left, as portrayed by Aaron Reed and John Roberts. Caueman Press Maycock, below right, was not the least bit overdressed for ATO ' s Little Sister Halloween party. The " Cocky Club " , bottom right, donned their floral prints for the annual spring Choner Luau. LJfHf 260 , Come As You If the season is spring, and you come aero; in leather shorts and feathered caps, you ' vi at Alpha Tau Omega. Un- doubtedly ATO ' s largest event of the year, " Olde Heidelberg " brought together approx- imately 1500 students and guests in order to have a good time and to participate in a favorite german pastime-- drinking. But, there is much more to vTO than this annual event. The house took great pride in their community service and athletic achievements. During winter quarter, the house, in conjunction with various sororities, sponsored a date rape prevention workshop. ilso, members kept in shape by participating in numerous intramural sports. They even first in ( tug-of-war contest where they captured the title of " The Strongest Fraternity on the Row. " ATO ' s house identity evolv- ed not so much from any of their activities, but rather from their lack of a pledge program. As usual, the frater- nity chose their members dur- ing rush week. However, they avoided " hazing ' or making new members earn their place with house chores and man- datory meetings. Because ac- tivities were self-motivated rather than mandatory, Histo- rian Jim Bastian felt the fraternity " allows members to be themselves without putting on an image. " -Heidi Sommer Phil Andrew (Rush Chairman). Jim Ardrll, Brad Sertonn, ic Briggs. John Dunn. Mdf? ; i. . Tom Alpha Tau Omega 261 The annual " Winter Invitation " party, below, relieved winter quarter doldrums and showcased typical Beta cama- raderie. On the ski slopes, right. Betas showed one of the ways they partied outside of Westivood. Relaxing with beer on the balcony, far right, was a Beta tradition continued by Steve Payomeck. Rich Otera. Ed Quigley. and Jim Crisera. Betas and their dates, bottom right, celebrated at their ' Premiere ' party at the Palm Desert Resort in Palm Springs. Photos courtesy of Beta Theta Pi. Group photo by Karen Fadel. No Settling For Seco: " This year is a dynamic one for us, " said Beta President John Carmichael. Carmichael felt that the house experi- enced a resurgence of en- thusiasm and support: " We have a lot of young, gung ho guys. More people than ever are living in (the house). We ' re getting incredible participa- tion in intramurals. In short, we ' re experiencing a new Beta. " fl Beta continued its philan- thropic activities with their all Greek blood drive, " Hoops for the Homeless " (a three-on- three basketball tournament), and the all Greek volleyball tournament. Proceeds from the latter two events benefit- ted Beta ' s charity. PATH (People Assisting the Homeless). In hopes of raising more money for PATH, the house planned to expand " Hoops for the Homeless " to CJSC. SDSU, and CJCSB. In addition to participating in and sponsoring these activi- ties, Beta brothers made time for studying, which earned them the highest average GPA among the fraternities. Accor- ding to Rich Otera, this was evidence that Betas did everything with intensity: " We go all out in everything. whether it be studying, party- ing, or sports. " Otera added, " We strive to be the best in all we do. But above all, our brotherhood comes first. " --Wendy Tanabe Tom Adams, Mate Angelilh, John Ar huck Bell, k Brady. Oftuc Snc acman, P u;: ' Beta Theta Pi 263 I st.ihlished in 1928, Delta Sigma Phi was one of the first fraternities on campus. " A lot of people feel that Gayley is The Row ' , and forget that the first houses started here (on Landfair). " said Craig Scalise, Delt Sig ' s rush chairman. " We like to think of our house as a best kept secret, " added Craig, " because of all the spirit and things going on here that some people don ' t even know about. " According to Delt Sig ' s president, Dan Wagner, the house was most proud of its three consecutive champion- ships in 1M football, and of its " Sailors Ball " held in spring. This year marked the 62nd annual " Sailors Ball, " benefit- ting the March of Dimes, Delt Sig ' s philanthropy. Vice-President Chris Wood noted a shift away from the heavy drinking and partying image towards a more tradi- tional 1950 ' s image. Accor- ding to Wood, Delt Sig focus- ed their energies towards in- volvement in campus events, and forming lasting friend- ships. He said, " I would say that guys now are joining fraternities for new reasons than they did a few years ago. " This attitude stemmed from t f B? qPa a n c e of lawsuits against houses and the strict national policies concerning alcohol. In the winter of ' 88 Delt Sig held their annual formal, the " Carnation Ball " in Las Vegas, an effort that Craig Scalise said, " we will try to surpass this year with our ' 89 formal. " In fact. Craig said that an unspoken house goal was to do " everything bigger and better than the year before. " -Wendy Tanabe Andy Babb. Jshn Ba.-: fdujafd N Meier. Miter Miilclt ' tjrt, i ' John hairman. Jonathan Mt:t. ' . . Aaron idi manj, Jenl). Delta Sigma Phi 265 Mike Brady and Alex Cushner, top left, were ap- propriately attired for the " Arabian Nights " theme at the spring pledge-actiue party. Mascot Dozer, top right, celebrated his sixth birthday winter quarter at the annual party held in his honor. The Delta Tau Delta ' s, above, headed to Zuma Beach to enjoy the ac- tion of the Inter -Sorority Volleyball Tournament. Mike Brady, above right, joined Jilt Duncan at Alpha Delta Pi ' s " Last Bash " during spring quarter. Winter quarter brought together the guys of Delta Tau Delta, for an euening to remember at the Purple Iris Tau Delta That ' s No Dog House Ask any Delta Tau Delta pledge for two characteristic that distinguish their house from others on the row, and he ' ll probably mention their mascot and the history of the house itself. The mascot, a bulldog named Dozer, turned six this year. This may seem fairly young, but Active Andrew ' Levine explained that " living in a fraternity is tough on a dog. " The fraternity threw a birthday party in Dozer ' s honor during winter quarter. This party was Delta Tau Delta ' s main fundraiser for their philanthropy, the Red Cross. t m I As for the house history. Pledge Mark Arledge felt that it was important because their house was " one of the very few built specifically for a fraternity. " After selling their first fraternity house to Phi Kappa Psi in 1932, two of the founding brothers of the (JCLA chapter proceeded to build a new home which was completed in 90 days. The brothers of Delta Tau Delta devoted themselves to various activities and intramu- ral sports. For fall, they par- ticipated in Homecoming with Alpha Chi Omega. And the " Purple Iris Formal " in Palm Springs added some warmth to winter quarter. Then. Mardi Gras in the spring brought their year to a charitable end. -Heidi Sommer John Alvarez. John Atledgc. Me iran JcH Beckman, Brandon Bchrstc ' . llfra. Ki(k : Andrcic Brown, Jtrrt . ' - Jack Coupon. 4 c.t CL S ' : Stephan D.-iiy, Ojn.s DeRc , Hamada : HilltO. Bill Hot ' tv teem. Rkk Kau. D: Delta Tau Delta 267 KAPPA SIGMA Kappa Sigma, top left, along with somrity Sigma Kap- pa, lake lime out before their Balloon Launch, which benefited the UCLA Child Development Center. Taylor Craft, David Jones, Dave Hon. Andrew Shiner, Charlie Wortham, and Bill Munday, top right, posed after a basketball game. Kappa Sigs and friends, above left, advertised for their Miracle Mile fund-raiser on Bruin Walk. At the house, above right, brothers mixed some socializing in with their studying. OPPOSITE PAGE: Peter Yang. top. worked in front of Ackerman on the Miracle Mile. Al Ihe Washington State football game, David Jones and his father, bottom, joined other Kap- pa Sigs and their fathers at Dad ' s Day. Photos courtesy of David Simms and Yalr Reiner. Croup photo by Todd Cheney. 268 Kapi In 1927. two years prior to the construction of the (JCLA campus, the Kappa Sigma fraternity house was built in anticipation of the university. Located furthest from cam- pus, their house has received many compliments on its beauty. Kappa Sigma built their friendships upon the founda- tions of mutual respect and open-mindedness. " There is a sense of home and belonging that is absent in the UCLA community. We really have a strong sense of brotherhood and it has kept us flourishing, " said President Bill " Grand Master " Munday. The members of Kappa Sigrna were proud, and they had good reason to be. This year ' s president of the entire Kappa Sigma national frater- nity was the " Worthy Grand Master, " Jack Thompson, a member of OCLA ' s Kappa Sigma chapter over 50 years ago. |L ' k] During Homecoming week- end, Kappa Sigma joined with the Gamma Phi Beta sorority to hold the " Westwood Inva- sion " to which over a dozen chapters of Kappa Sigma were invited. Other activities in- cluded the annual " Star and Crescent " winter formal and " Splash ' N ' Bash " in spring. Also, Kappa Sigma at- tracted much campus atten- tion as they organized the " Miracle Mile " for their philanthropy. For this event mile-long tape, upon which coins were to be placed as donations, was laid along Bruin Walk. Proceeds went to the Child Development Pro- gram at the (JCLA medical center. --Tammy Gee Kappa Sigma 269 Some Lambda Chl ' s. top left, prepared to cheer on the Bruins at the Uniuers of Arizona football game. Kevin Brennan, top right, showed off his spiking ' ty at Slate Beach. Danny ' Hugh ' Krueger and Crescent Queen Kris " aboue left, panted the night aulay at the Playboy Classic. Darin " Marshall, and Erik Davenport, aboue right, proudly took I mothers at Mom ' s Day. The brothers had a ' techniques, bottom, at the Pi Phi Paradise 270 Lambda Chi Alpha ' Playboy bunnies ' , Amy fteese and Krtsta Keesee. top. stood by their Lambda men. Ban deal-land and Chris Kloes. The annual Lake Hauasu house boat trip, left, displayed the best of Pat Trtbolet and Jeff Richards. Pliotos courtesy of Lambda Chi Alpha. Group photo by Todd Cheney. Men Of All Seasons, As fall season began, Lambda Chi Alpha commenc- ed the search for new brothers through their " Associated Members Program. " Once the members were selected, they were happy to find that brotherhood was formed by friendship rather than hazing. Associated Member Greg Ricchivti believed, " Guys in this house are more together and it gives the best feeling of interaction. " Some of this in- teraction was " The Bag Night, " when the Associate Members kidnapped an active. Each season, members kept busy with social events and athletics. Fall brought the " Lands of the Lost " party. And in winter, the guys jumped on a bus and headed for a winter wonderland ski weekend in Mammoth. Then came spring, which according to many members, brought out the best in their fraternity. It began with their annual Lake Havasu houseboat party. And it continued with the IFC beach volleyball tournament. Here, they strengthened and showed off their volleyball skills as 1987-88 intramural champions. To top off the season, the Lambda Chi ' s pulled on their smoking jackets, grabbed their bun- nies, and were off to the an- nual " Playboy Classic. " --Wendy Wessman Lee Abbot, Damon Anastasia, Steue Barker. Wait Becker, Boe Boezinger (Vice President), Ross Bordcn. John Braeger, Keuin Brennan. Mike Bruno. Paul Bryant. Eric Bucklin. Jeff Bui, Andreu- Cabot. Pete Cassiano, Mike Ceritlo, Jeff Clark, Derek Classen, Bart Cleveland, Justin Cochrane, Hilany Condren, Bob Cooper, Scott Dallauo, Erik Dai-enport, Jeff Donaldson. Danny Douglaus (Treasurer), Scott Dougtaus. Ken Draheck, Kick Dreyfus. Walt Edwards. Derek Ewin, Tom r awe.ll, Eric Fenmore, Ted Fisch. Brett Foraker, Will Forte. Deron Frank. Robert Fracketton, Mike Gallegos. Chris Garman. Craig Gilbert, Russ Grunger. Bobby Green, David Hagen (President). Darin Hallslfom, Brian Harms. Scotl Harper, Ed Hendricks. Rule Hopper, Jeff tmperato, Larry Juckel. Will Jacobus, David Jaffe, Anthony Jones, Steue Kassk, Chn ' s Kenny. Joe Kenny. Wayne Kimi. Karl Himme, Trevor Kirschner, Danny Klein, Greg Kern, Chris Ktoes, Stefan Lacasse, Adam Landsdorl, Brad Leuinc. Scon MacDonald. Frank Marolda, Jack Marshall, Bill McCarthy Treasurer). Steue McCormi - McCrady, Dane. Millard. Chns Molnar, Jeff Morrntl. Roger Murray, Taylor Naglt, Shannon Naulls, K C fiouiak. Bill Oakley. Jim Olmore. Troy Parrot, Todd Pearlman. Mike Pearson, Scott P Mike Price, Mark Redd, Greg Ricchi: Richards, Steve Ross, Greg Routinai-age, Gary oug Schneider, Drew Schmeder, Ron " till Sgo, Jeff Smith. Adam Soloman, Mark Sc is, Toby Tho ' - Tribolet, Scott U Lambda Chi Alpha 271 Phi Del 1 r ' mm Growing Stronger. . . Since being refounded in 1986. Phi Delta Theta grew to 43 members strong. Working hard to establish themselves among the fraternities, they hoped to again own a house on the row by the end of 1989. Nevertheless, Pledge Mitch Dougherty stated. " Although not having a house places limits on social activi- ties, it has not deferred the relationships between the guys. " Among the activities to bring this homeless fraternity together with their pledges was the annual pledge kid- nap pledge search night. So if you saw a bunch of crazy guys running from phone booth to phone booth on campus, it was only the Phi Delt pledges in search of their potential brothers. F 1 Other activities included a fall quarter ' bago trip to (JC Berkeley where the Phi Delts showed off their CICLA spirit. Also, Homecoming provided an opportunity for Phi Delts to join with Delta Zeta sorority and participate in " Bruin Jeopardy " and the " Bruin Relay. " to these ents, their as witness- )ccer Held. The fun did not stop with fall quarter. During winter break, they visited convales- cent hospitals to sing Christmas carols. And Th e disaster that turned into a par- ty, ' referred to as the " PH1ASCO, " ended spring quarter and the school year with a confirmation that their third year since being re- founded was a success! --Wendy Wessman In ad Homecom athletic p ed on the Phi Delta Theta 273 Determined To W! k In April of 1988, Delta Lambda Phi emerged. Found- ed by ten gay rien, its main purpose was to " ovide a posi- tive social exftence for all, regardless cf rMe, religion, handicap, f sex l orienta- tion. The fraternity was involved in both philanthropic and campus events. They con- tributed towards a number of community service projects including the AIDS cycle challenge and Project 10. On campus, theyJkrticipated in Spring Sing Mn ard Gras. Also, for Hdrneowiing, their float, titled f " acM L won the " Best Because of their unique status, they were the object of much media and community attention. They were honored at the Long Beach Gay Pride Parade, anc Delta LamJ; were thei the Chrif Pride Par founders, eluded, " For " th Lambda jrity, they shals of 2t West of the oss, con- fraternity so young, we have accomplished some incredible things. " -Mikel Healey , Raul Anorve (Secretary). Pei-C De Dios (Pledgemasler), (Public Relations), Arne Jaaska, Ka (Treasurer), Don A ', Russett, John Sererson, Erwin Siftx. ilc (Sergeant At Arms}. Dennis VV ' ootis- inij Bart omccom, ' 214 Delta Lambda Phi The Fiji Family Phi Gamma monly know brated their traditiot group 75% of the house7 friendship Delta, com- ' Fiji, " cele- of rich se-knit had Hiving in feeling of them to band together and participate in many school events in- cluding Homecoming, Mardi Gras, and Spring Sing. In co rrtoifcnfcMqBto wards their philarBropy, Fiji aided the AmericB Cancer Society in its fundflsing efforts and in organizinBcharity events. Social eJBiLs included the group ' s Alumni Dinner, which famous alumnus McLean Stevenson attended. Also, in spring quarter, they organized the annual Fiji Islander party featuring a ten piece calypso band and a tropical at- mosphere. President Marc Manuel summed up his expe- rience at Fiji this way. " The fraternity has been like a mini-society that has prepared me for the real world. " -Carrie Conn MJH KU.I Amend, Herman Alicnza, Ouvid H.ihnii. Cm.) Ciirimi. M ' l Caulk, Paul Chan. Mike Cox. i v.vjcfo. Robert ' uaas. sSf. ' vMU ' rt Gnmm. PnUh ' k ' ::tw.y Karn an, rt- Ma- l:nk A.M " !, Vladimir Lomcn. i.mmcu Lnvfrdt. Marc Mamucl (Prfiidenl). John McMahon, Can Mmv-no. Hkk O ' Reilly. Kass PeUil. SccM Ac am Princenlhal. Robert Ratjder (Recording Secret ariy ), Oaue Reitrnan : nd(ng Secretary)- Pa " l Rusltglan. Can] Rn -. Phi! Sk;;c wwch, Jim Singel, OKI ' S Jt m, Jon Tompliins (HMmiunl, C Cr.mj Wco. M With dates by their s tfc ' .v, M; And Cary Rose, top, enjoyed . ' tng a RjY . Black Diamond farm,!!. ;- the float, VicA- O ' Reilly, left, took few seconds -at the Homecoming football game tc -.-ick pic- lure. Photos courtesy of Phi Gamma Delta. Group photo by K M -.- Phi Gamma Delta 275 276 Phi Kappa Sigma Serious About Fun. . . I Kdppd ' sprint? ; or their annu. jatv Mil: Black i Stgma : wtnftr tonrij!. Oras SS, Phi Kapp;.. pulte " Relaxed, casual, and I key " are the adjective; Kapp John describe the attitude prevail- ing among the brothers, cording to Qillott, Phi Kapp ' s lack of a rigid stereotype and their friendly, open nature drew pledges to the house during rush. Spring ' 88 Pledge Mark Soeth echoed these sen- timents; ' Jia| sien other houses, but when i walked in- to Phi Kapp I felt right at home from day one. " Varied interests were ex- plored while members par- ticipated in a wide range of activities. In Spring of ' 88, a group of vocally inclined Phi Kapps teamed up with Delta Delta Delta sorority for Spring Sing winning the top three awards. r m Intramural sports were an integral part of Phi Kapp ' s campus presence, with teams fielded in football, volleyball, Softball, basketball, and soc- cer. In addition, some brothers were members of the varsity crew and rugby teams. Examples of leadership were set by Nello Franco who served as IFC president, and Mike Braun, OSAC second vice-president. Socially. Phi Kapp con- tinued its tradition of events such as the " Hawaiian " party and volleyball tournament in the spring. During winter quarter, they organized the " Black and Gold " formal held in San Diego. These events helped to strengthen Phi Kapp ' s informal house motto: " Serious About Fun. " --Wendy Tanabe . Phi Kappa Sigma 277 p H I K A P P A P S I Phi Psi pirates " Raged. " right, at the final bash of the year. The pledge class of ' 87, below, reunited at the Spring TGRIO. Mark Nathan and Rick Ebbert. middle left, had their hands full at the Delta Gamma luau. Brad Prickett, middle right, enjoyed the company of Laura Janet at the Fall TGRIO. The Phi Psi athletes, bot- tom left, showed off their ability at the Corona Fest in Mexico. Larry Karnow and Steue Damore. bottom right, kicked back and enjoyed life. 278 Phi Kappa Psi 1 " - M No Armadillos Phi Kappa Psi ' s Homecom- ing float of an armadillo does not mean that this house thought of itself as a small burrowing animal. In contrast, Phi Psi was a large house consisting of many outgoing members who were responsi- ble for a multitude of social activities. 9k H During fall quarter, the " Pa- jamarino " and the pledge active parties proved to be fun-filled successes. Also, pledges threw an outstanding fiesta: " The Three Ring Cir- cus. " Later in the year, Phi Psi ' s were beckoned to join in drinking over 4 00 Coronas at the annual " Corona Fest. " Then, with spring came " Water-Skiing Weekend. " The fun continued with the actives partaking in intramural sports while pledges indulged in " Keg-Baseball. As Mike Juarez stated, " By the time pledging is over these guys will be my best friends. " The Phi Psi house also revealed a serious side by contributing to the Boy ' s Club scholarship fund in Santa Monica. A fellow brother, Wolfe Kirson, who was a run- ner up for the " Boy of the Year " award died in early fall. In paying tribute to Kirson, the Phi Psi Crew raised money for this cause at their annual year finale, " Captain Morgan ' s RAGE!!! " -Wendy Wessman Bob Allen. John As on (Treasurer). Keith Atllesley, Jordan Bacon. Andrew Baker. Jon Batousek, James Blacker, Tom Bratkouich. John Brooks. Jason Buell. Andrew Bunnin. T vj; Mike Condrin, Chris Costanza, Scott Ciaiien. Steve Damore. Dauid Deuereux, Michael Deuine, Sherman Dickman, Terrence Dorsey. Richard Ebbert, Gregory Eilber, Aaron Foreman. Gary Fururnoto. Mark Gambill. John Gaun- Goon. Kirk Goodere, Bijan Gorji. Chris Grandi. Sanjay Grows, Marcus Guerro. Thomas Hcrbstntt, Jason Hickman. Mark Hogan. G . ; Chris Hollieway, Anthony Howe (President}, Glenn Hunter. Kurt Hyatt, Kick Jacnkike, Scott j Steve Jonker, Mike Juarez. David Junta, Kelly Lawrence Karnoiu. Scott Keith. AV yan Kindler. Jay Roma . Mike Lee, Malt LeGasslck, Jamie Let. ' . Chri Login Peter Magiso. Patrick Mahone-tj. l - Tim McAdams. James McHenry, Doug Merrill. John Milani, ' Mutter. Rich Mulin. Matk Hainan. ' O Conner, Leo Parhccc-. ' Brad Pinkerton. M PrKketl. . Renda. Todd Kouian. Sal Set Shea. Scott .Sgrass. Tom -Sorcnson. John Spottiswood, Derek Peter rhompsa ' i, ..o;, ' raig U ' e sman. Matt U- ScoH William . Kenneth - Phi Kappa Psi 279 ' lt .. . ' joined Sign f ' ' Space 1 f in D cJ I Alpha Mu m Up And Coming. . . How would you like to travel bac 1 960 ' s? All you had to do was attend " Psychedelic Psammy, " an annual party thrown each spring. Every quarter Sigma Alpha Mu was organizing some partying event. In the winter, they had their " Purple Aster " formal. And in the fall, spirited students were anxious to attend the " Beat ' SC " party. The " Beat SC " party was organized by the pledges to raise money for their pledge active party and their philan- thropy, the American Heart Association (AHA). For AHA, Sammy ' s also coordinated " Bounce for Beats " , an event at which supporters pledged donations to those shooting baskets. 1 Recolonized in 1981, Sam- my ' s strove to participate in many competitive activities as well. Their volleyball team went to the playoffs in intra- murals. And, with Gamma Phi Beta, their Homecoming float won the ' Most Favorable Im- pression " award. In addition. Mark Jessee was the (JSAC financial sup- ports commissioner and Jonathon Schreiber was the chairman for Students Against MS. ' ' Brotherhood is everything, " was the motto of Sammy. And according to Dan LaFrance, " We are friends for life " . -Jennifer Brandes Miguel Anaya, Dauid Argentar, Mi Mark Baje. Paul Beach, M.M Berlin. Boh BcMstanfai, RnJ Ois W. Kqip i Mark Sigma Alpha Mu 281 The Sigma Chi ' s, top right, get a " leave " from schoolwork and exert their energies at the annual " WWII " party. Paul Millington and Nancy Dunn, bottom left, enjoy being " Shipwrecked " together. Jordan Kitaen, bottom right, runs for a touchdown after this successful catch in intramural football, winning him the " Football Hero of the Week " award. Ranktn triumphantly succeeds in carrying Christine Linden, top, in the " Bearfy -Bearable ' . Anyone tarniliar with Sigma Chi fraternity knew of the fabulous Fire Pit. The Pit ig- nited with the onslaught of rush parties in early fall and continued to burn for the an- nual " WWII " bash. Although the guys couldn ' t light the Pit for their " Sweetheart " formal held in Lake Arrowhead, they con- tinued to keep their dates warm with their fired up per- sonalities. In spring, the Fire Pit was not needed for warmth, but these traditional guys sparked it up anyway for " Shipwreck. " About his pledgeship, Bill McGinley stated, " It is a trial period to prove to the house that you really want to be there. " And for many reasons these men wanted to be there. They continued to place first or second in the top five IM sports. And, as always, they gave strong support to the National Wallace Village for Children. Furthermore, they worked with Kappa Alpha Theta sorority for Homecom- ing. PR Chairman Jay Delaney believed, " The diversity of members with different tal- ents, temperaments, and con- victions are far more superior than members with the same. " -Wendy Wessman Edward Ackethj, Charles A.dan -, ' Mark Anderson. Bryan Bag? Vvtrm: Sen ll -.r Michael Boydcn, Wade It. Michael Brewer, Jey hu Brown. Christopher Bunce, Eric Busct Campbell, Brent Chandtci (Pr Cteoetand. Todd Coffm n, D, ; Stephen Cuip. Anthony C Mika D rou-i ' : Dudfte, Jonathan . " ;; : fenny Feld. Lane-. . u itbeiiifin. J ' Griffiths. Christian Gudegjs!. Lor.- Hammet ' berg. Mark Hamngton. David Jamf ' K fk ' tmcr. Can ' Sigma Chi 283 Chuck Flora and Debbie touing spirits at the Bruin enthusiasm Kim Hardy. I courtesy P wtot Commitment To Excellence " Athletics are a source of great pride for us at Nu, " noted President Fulty Collins. Continual contenders for intramural trophies, Sigma Nu ' s sporty spirit was further evidenced by their inter- collegiate athletes: Jeff Osborne on baseball. Buff Farrow--(JCLA ' s current tennis player, and five football players. Sigma Nu also took pride in their strong alumni support. This support was typified by Grads Day. an annual event in which alumni and actives tailgated at the Rose Bowl. Sigma Nu also had a Mother ' s Club which organized a pre- party before the " White Rose Formal " , held each winter. Furthermore, the brothers ' involvement on campus and in their philanthropy con- tributed to their reputation as a " well-rounded house, ac- cording to Collins. For exam- ple, Gary Hobart served as 1FC vice-president, and Jeff Perry was vice-president of the Stu- dent Accounting Society. The house also continued its annual " Toys For Tots " , a Christmas gift-giving for underprivileged children. Ac- cording to Collins, Sigma Nu ' s members and full social cal- endar embodied the house ' s " committment to excellence. " -Wendy Tanabe Sigma Nu 285 s I G M A P H I E ' c. r n ( j or I I ! : ' ' - ' ' ' ' John M silon m On The Movi Since their charter in 1984, Sig Ep has be both inside and outside of the Greek system. Last spring they joined Alpha Phi in sponsoring a 5k run to raise money for their philanthropy, the American Heart Associa- tion (AHA). In addition, Sig Ep held their annual blowout par- ty, " The Freezer " , in which 2000 guests attended, dres: in white. As a result, Sig Ep was able to donate an addi- tional $400 to AHA. In sports and politics, Sig Ep remained as competitive as always. They made the finals in doubles tennis, and their football team was undefeated. Also, among Sig Ep brothers were Undergraduate Student Body President Mike Meehan, CA College Republican State Chairman Jim Michalski, and the presi- dent of the 1988 Pre-Law Society, Keith Shulner. Sig Ep was involved socially as well. Together with Alpha Chi Omega. Sig Ep won four out of five awards during Mardi Gras ' 88. With winter quarter came Sig Ep ' s annual " Ski Blow " weekender and their " Violet and Rose " formal held in San Diego. As Chris Rimer stated, Sig Ep ' s are " different types of people bonding together by a com- mitment to the house. " -Jennifer Brandes Sigma Phi Epsilon 287 s I G M A P I 1 TutfWi Sigma Pi ' s Steve Hazarabedian, Taek Chang. and Steue Lantz, top, mocked Trojan values while working on their 1988 Homecoming float. Steue Baker along with dale Susan McLain, above, sailed together at the winter Pledge Active. For Sigma Pi ' s, above right, spring quarter added tuxedos and the annual Orchid Ball to their social agenda. Like fa- ther, like son, middle. Sigma Pis and Jhej dad ' s cheer id on the Bruin i Washington State football game. Jim phy. right, encouraged the Hag foot during their game against Lambda resulted in a Sigma Pi victory. 288 Good Times For L T S ' ' i A Sigma Pi Alumnus Larry Cooa , afeooe. far his fraternity ami toe Children ' s HospilAl at OK Omega ' s Tug-Of-War. Louis Rafroezy. feft, collected donations [or Multiple S u; ii ? i ir Hatfields aced he McCoys af Sigma Pi ' s annual Moonshiner Party. Photos courtfsy oi Sigma Pi, Stewart Kume, and Chucfc 7u ?i. Group photo by Dauid S !CT To know one Sigma I certainly not to know them all. Harold ed that because they " are a diverse bunch of guys with various interests and beliefs, " they cannot be categorized under one stereotype. Despite this diversity, the brothers of Sigma Pi remained unified. Perhaps this unity was the key factor to their success in events such as Homecoming. Spurred on by last year ' s " Best Use of Theme " award, Sigma Pi worked en- thusiastically with Bruin Belles to earn the " Rally Committee Award " for their float this year. Also, the football season gave Sigma Pi reason to travel three Winnebagos strong up to JC Berkeley. And, to help keep the fall quarter festive, Sigma Pi little sisters spon- sored a Halloween party. In winter, the moon was shining brightly as Sigma Pi held their annual shiner " party. For this event, the house was divided into two families: the Hatfielc the McCoys. The party not on- ly provided a good time for all, but raised funds to benefit Sigma Pi ' s official charity, Multiple Sclerosis. During Spring, the house blossomed into the new season with their annual " Or- chid Ball. " Spring quarter also found the Sigma Pi ' s involved in preparations for Mardi Qras. Once again, the brothers ended a successful year by raising funds for (Jnicamp with their " Soccer Shot " booth. -Heidi Sommer Kenato Aguirre, Chris Allen fPrrs-n Baker (Vice, James Ballar, (Sergeant at. - ' (Herald), Mulachy Chanr; Cheng. Andrei-. Edward s Father). Kiel. Sigma Pi 289 ( I ' ( l Involved. . . In setting their priorities, members of Theta Chi believ- ed in the " alma mater first " and then " Theta Chi for the alma mater. " As a result of this philosophy. Theta Chi taught members to value both academic and leadership skills, and to respect humani- ty- Every year since 1984, a member of Theta Chi has held an office on IFC. This year Ashton Gowadia was the Director of Public Relations. In addition, Theta Chi felt their responsibility to con- tribute towards the communi- ty. Each year, they gave tions to the Los Angeles Mis- sion, an organization that pro- vided opportun ity for the homeless. This year they donated a total of $1500. While keeping serious about these aims, Theta Chi still made room for fun. Aside from their annual " Decline of Western Civilization " and spring " Luau " parties, Theta Chi enjoyed many little sister parties with approximately 200 little sisters. They also planned several weekend road trips. Furthermore, with ADPi, they won a trophy for " Most Animated Float ' in Homecoming. And in winter quarter they crowned their queen at their annual " Red Carnation " formal. They also participated in intramurals, and the rugby and lacrosse teams. Considering their involve- ment and contributions, Mike Long, in describing his house, simply stated, " It ' s great. " --Jennifer Brandes I Chairmai BUI Bin- A group of Theta Chi s, fop, don their nautical attire for Alpha Delta A " s " Last Bash. ' Jeff Taylor and Kelly Poach, left, take time out for a picture at Pi Beta. Phi and Kappa Kappa Gamma ' s " Monrnotith Duo, " Photos courtesy of Theta Chi. Group photo by Karen f idet. For Ma, He.i Hal Ric. Kin Via ' man. G; Theta Chi 291 Greg Jackson, top, uias popular with lht , ,1 -fj Belt ' s Ultlf Sister party. James Lee and Scott Jesse. fpi displayed their friendship at the " Alumni " dfn ragj f U ' iftv.s, Eric Dauila. and Paul Stroud. above right urtxfiin sewed. A Cornish hen for dinner, rigMtoi Ernes ' face. OPPOSITE PAGE: P4e n,, huge mask members had built jp his dale, lop right, enjoyed ' " ' ::;! 292 I A Great Experience. . . f -. II Theta Delta Chi had a cal- endar filled with social, athletic, philanthropic, and academic events. Fall quarter took off with a rowdy ' bago trip to Berkeley, and an ex- change with a CISC sorority, Alpha Omega Pi. During the winter they held their pledge active party, " Caveman. " With spring came the annual " Virgin Islands " party, where guests danced the night away and sipped exotic drinks in a tropical atmosphere. During this season, Theta Delts also enjoyed their annual formal, the " Carnation Ball " . Between parties, Theta Delta Chi managed to keep busy competing in intramural volleyball and football. They also prepared a yogurt stand for Mardi Cras. This booth proved to be one of the most profitable. Proceeds went to their two philanthropies, Unicamp and CJnicef. Several members of Theta Delta Chi participated in addi- tional activities. Brad Mattox served as an IFC justice to make sure fraternities abided by [ 2 rules, such as comply- ing to rush restrictions. Rick Hopkins was a sports writer for the Daily Bruin, and Andre Williams wrote articles for Nommo. Also, several members of the house were involved in ROTC and the Black Student Alliance. When asked what made Theta Delta Chi different from other fraternities, Greg Jackson stated, " The guys are more personable. They really care about each other. " This attitude was confirmed by their motto: " Our Hearts are United. " --Jennifer Brandes Peter I- ' :.. Rush (.!. ' Theta Delta Chi 293 m Join Or Die, " Join or Die " was the motto declared by the actives of Sigma Alpha Epsilon. And so pledges " joined " in the activi- ties including Big Bro Little Bro Night at the Kings game. Pledge ed, " The guy hang out, kick a great time. " These ' gr early with Berkeley. LaT ust ck explain- iked to and have started trip to es threw a " Rocky Horror Picture Show " party for the actives. Winter provided an oppor- tunity for SAE to work with their philanthroMi, The Crip- ple Children ' s And, in th Mng, SAE celebrated theJufej[ gangster Paddy Murprywun two day party. This Jiarty jj yded a funeral service for the brothers much missed martyr and a celebration that almost brought Paddy himself back to life. __ Whether oTBSTTRfl a party or participatilp in sports, Ac- tive Allen SBkalfetfaid that " the house H es all out for whatever it j es. " sports, SAE has worff StWe last 19 IFC trophies for their athletic abilities. " Football, basketball lacrosse, and rugby are a faM of the sports SAEs basically dominate " , stated Treasurer Jeff Stoddard. endy Wessman i M They Strong. . Where was the hippest most horrifying place to be on Hal- loween ni Might, " of ccorseThl party, a TKE tradition Hr five con- secutive years, drew a lively costumed crowcHof almost 1000 partygoersgGreek TV covered this Halloween blow- out by featuring interviews with guests. Proceeds were donated to UniCamp. TKE ' s formal affair, the " Red Carnation Ball, " was held in the sptjag wiyp plenty of bubbling cMamo fgne and red carnations Together the strong, evidenced by Heir ltecing in the top five Tug O ' War contest. As part of the larges fraternity nationwide ! prided itself on its unity. " We have true brotherhood and mutual respect for other, ' said Active Jonathan Akahoshi. WM " We don ' t just make an ef- irt to get along well together, " added Jessie Velasquez, " we make it a committment. After all, we ' re not just friends, we ' re brothers. ..we ' re family. " -Clarissa Aesquivel Jonathan Akalmsh:, Craig Amshel. Steix Andelin. Christnfer Arroyo, Eric Asa-Dorian. Marty Bennett. Martin Brown. Scon Campbell. Alain Chu. Anthony Ciudadano, Daniel Cmnin. Don Eck ord Patrick ' iireg Foxman. Tom rutlK (Pledge Trainer), tt ' ftfiam " " u " Nelson Guirado. Mark Hollander. David Hsueh. : Jonathan Lake. Michael Ian. Rich Lin. Robert Lozano, Daniel Lucero, Nicholas Marline? in I TcJ McOfwrn. Alex Morales. Kick - k ' in Pam,. Joe Pttndgc (Vice Presidt-nll cvl (Treasurer). Dan Pomerant?. Richard Powell (President), Matthew Ross. Guy Rounds, Christopher Ryan, Sanjay Sabnani, C s,vrato. Jeflres Torres- ; ' ' -if Velasquez. ' ' i --. Tau Kappa Epsilon 295 Wendy Palmer, Anthony Miranti, and John Moody, right, Hue it up at their Halloween Bash. David Johnson, David Tracy, and Ed Pa Ion, below, take time out from partying to smile at the camera. Theta Xis, middle left, party it up a( the Fait Emerald Forest Bash. Mike Hathaway and Compton Kurtz, middle right, clown around at their 1988 Tropical Madness Bash. Sherrick Murdoff, Mark Fletcher, and Steue Moen, bottom left, made quite a team at the 1988 Halloween Bash. Cunninham and Steener, bottom right, joined the " Tropical Madness " at the party rated by Playboy Magazine as one of the top ten college parties. OPPOSITE PAGE: Theta Xi ' s float, top. wins the Homecoming Grand Marshall ' s Trophy for Best Float and Sweepstakes for Best Homecoming Performance. Photos courtesy of Theta Xi and Bruce Weimer. Group photo by Karen Fadel. T H E T A X I 296 It ' s Madnes, Theta Xi started the year off in style. Their homecoming float, which feature. breathing dragons and a repli- ca of Royce Hall as a castle, won the Sweepstakes trophy the best overall homecom- ing performance, and the Grand Marshall ' s trophy for the best float. In intramural sports, the house was defending IFC soc- cer champion, as well as a strong contender in rugby and water polo. And Theta Xi continued its tradition of dynamic social calendars. This year, events included a bago trip to water skiing and Vegas road trips, a formal at Lake Ar- rowhead, and of course, their annual spring extravagan- za, " Tropical Madness. " " Our strong social program was a blast, " said Social Chairman Mike Arrieta. In addition to great parties, the brothers put on the An- nual 3 on 3 Alumni Active Basketball tourney, spent spr- ing Break on ten house boats at Lake Havasu. were a force at the All-Greek Ski Trip to Lake Arrowhead, and spent various weekends in Mexico. Theta Xi also helped found a campus chapter of Students Against Multiple Sclerosis. The group sought to raise public awareness and funds for multiple sclerosis research. IFC Rush Chairman Rick Gruber felt that Theta Xi had given him something that ex- tended beyond college life, stating, " Theta Xi helped me to mature. " --Wendy Tanabe miand. Dr t -u t n,ln H, Derefc Theta Xi 297 HIVEHBOAT GANBLFK 298 Triangle Common Interes Kamran Ahrar (President), Alfred Amoo, Dauid Brown, Man Christopolus. Matt Cravats, Don Cromwell, Greg Doughe " Gary Eckwortzel (Social Chair). Chris Flask (House Manag Daue Friebum, Nathan Hackett, Jack Hiuiny. M k - Kim (Rush Chair), Ching Ktvan, Jeff Kyser (Treasurer), Chn ' s Lieu, Dauid Morse, Dauid Sdiiredo. Tom Sii ' f nenson. Venner, Mark Waither, Pat Wuatt (Vice President). Collin Yu. Michael Yuen. Although small in number and selective in membership, Triangle frajfl provide jn environment ' tostered personal growth through group effort. " Their main emphasis was on the ac- ademic welfare of each of the members, all of whom were from the science and engineering departments. They began each quarter with a set of new officers and pledges. Even before the school year began, they retreated to the San Gabriel mountains to plan for their upcoming Rush for new pledges. Towards the end of fall quarter, they went on their annual ski trip to South Lake Tahoe for five days. And. at the beginning of the new year, they went on a weekend cam- ping trip to the Mojave desert to relax before winter quarter studies and activities. Spring quarter for Triangle was a busy time. On April 15. they held their annual Founder ' s Day banquet at- tended by alumni from as ear- ly as 1963. Their spring for- mal was held during 7th week at the Holiday Inn on Wilshire. And Triangle also took part in Mardi Gras. maintaining their Riverboat Gambler booth. In addition to these activi- ties, Triangle members took some of the same classes since their majors were related. " As a member, you get instant friends because you have common interests. " concluded freshman computer science and engineering ma- jor David Friebrun. --Tammy Gee Triangle 299 The Spirit Of Brotherhood. . . DTK night eney. 300 Zeta Beta Tau " The bros are everywhere " is a phrase commonly used by the brothers of Zeta Beta Tau to describe their fraternity. Indeed, being one of the largest fraternities on the row. ZBT has become increasingly involved in many activities. Linking up with Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority for Homecoming brought the houses two awards, including " Most Original Float Entry. " Also, their annual charity event, " The Red Light Affair, " raised an incredible $11,300 for ZBT ' s philanthropy, the Juvenile Dicibetes Foundation. In addition to their house involvement, some individuals held outside responsibilities. Among these individuals were Paul Newman, the president of Mortar Board and Jason Spitz, student affairs commis- sioner. As Martin Gross concluded, the brothers of ZBT shared " many common interests in life, ' and the " friendships formed now will continue after graduation. " --Jennifer Brandes Darius Abbassi. Slerc Abrams. Jeff A ik Oliver Benjamin. Brian B Prevdcnt), Jeff Blue. Sc jl! Butler, Man Andy Conco f, Brian Cuupci smith, Dattr ( un d. Paul Duran. Billy Edkrnan. Al Edtlik. Daue Ellis. Hal Escou-tte, Chris Feinman. Scot.! i,u fnn hkt- Gibney, Dave Green, Euan C n V;I M m J Greenbctum (Executive Viet Pn ' sn rn J. D.trc ' iy, Marty Gross. n,n v d n. rrjnk Keller, D ri:k King, Adam K jnr, Odrul Klfin. Robby Klein, Fred Lee. Mike Leitner, Hugh Leon, Scott aud o Ludouisi, Danny Mandel, Greg Marsh. Wtugo Martinez. Jason Matloff, Mike H cen, Louis Montaluo, Craig Moss, Randy Moss, Phil Oseas, Paul Newman, Paul Penthrodaukis, Mark Pincus, Dauid Posner, Tony Rabin, Wendell Richardson, Brett Rosenberg. Daue Roshko, Jason Rothbart. Jim Scheinberg. Mike Schoenwetter (Executive Secretary), Greg Shanfeld. Mike Shore, Steue Sibulkin (President). Jon Siegal, Mark Siluer. San Speciale. Jason Spitz, Josh Steiner, Pete Straus, Eric Suddleson (Treasurer), Scott Sweet. Daue Tabb, Rich Taite, Ben Tresser, Mark Warshall, Gary Weinhouse. Joey Weinslein, Rusty Weiss. Amir Yariu. Unity. . . On a campus with 14 sororities and 24 fraternities, the job of sustaining Greek unity required both mediation and compromise within the Panhellenic and inter-Fraterni- ty Councils. Panhellenic Publicity Chairman Robin Wagner added that the coun- cils " aimed at portraying the best image possible to the campus community. " Thus, they not only served as medi- ators within the Greek com- munity, but as liaisons be- tween the Greek community and the UCLA administration. The Panhellenic Council spent much of their time pur- suing philanthropic interests. In order to benefit OXFAM . a hunger relief fund, each of the sororities donated the cost of a monday night dinner. Panhellenic also offered trick-or-treating along the row to ensure children a safe Hal- loween, f IFC joined Panhellenic Council for the " Toys For Hcs Christmas Drive and Special Olympics. IFC also worked on policies which outlined their direct affiliation with the UCLA campus, and drafted guidelines pertaining to the sometimes controver- sial ' bago slogans. --Heidi Sommer PANHELLEtilC EXECUTIVE COUNCIL (above): Stacey Albanese Row Relations), Kristi Anderson (Intramurals), Leila Bate (Executive Secretary). Susan Barrett ((Jniuersity Relations). Jamie Billotte (Campus Safety). Brooke Gershon (President). Lisa Grieve (Second Vice President), llisa Halpern (Sig Liaison). Leigh Ann Loeffler (Treasurer). Janine Magyar (First Vice President). Shelley Psnik (Philanthropy). Amy Porinchak (Scholarship). Leslie Seulian (Greek Week). Lisa Sjong (Intern Coordinator). Robin Wagner (Publicity). PANHELLENIC REPRESENTATIVES: Vicky Andrus (Kappa Kappa Gamma). Grace Caulfietd (Kappa Delta). Jacqueline Cooper (Alpha Epsilon Phi). Channing Dungey (Delia Gamma). Susie Evans (Chi Omega), Chanda Goth (Delta Delta Delta). Andrea Marr (Alpha Chi Omega). Amy Mitchell (Gamma Phi Beta). Micole Monlna (Alpha Phi). Celeste Murphy (Kappa Alpha Theta). Stephanie Reeves (Delta Zeia). Lisa Sauuage (Pi Beta Phi). Elena Siu (Sigma Kappa). Stoane Thompson (Alpha Delta Pi), Kathy Veisel (Kappa Alpha Thela), Allison Weinrol (Alpha Epsilon Phi). Group photo courtesy of Panhellenic. IFC EXECUTIVE COUNCIL (left): Basil Barakat (Executive Secretary), Anselm Beatson (Justice), Todd Christiansen (Inlramurals Chair), Bruce Cowan (Second Vice President), Sean Cuminsky (Justice), Dave Forlner (Justice), Hello Franco (President), Sieve Goon (Chief Justice). Ashton Goujadia (Public Relations Direc- tor), J. Evan Greenberg (Justice), Rick Gruber (Rush Chairman), Gary Hobart (First Vice President). Ken Marshall (Scholarship Chairman), Brad Mallox (Justice). Sherrick Murdoff (Treasurer). Dave Taugher (Justice). PRESIDENTS ' COUNCIL: Rollando Abagat (Zela Psi). Kamram Ahrar (Triangle), Chris Allen (Sigma Pi), Jeff Anderson (Thela Chi). Gary Bitner (Phi Delta Thela). Jeff Briggs (Sigma Chi). John Carmichael (Beta Theta Pi). Fully Collins (Sigma Nu). Craig Cooper (Sigma Alpha Mu). David Hagen (Lambda Chi Alpha). Sean Hasset (Delta Tau Delta). Tony Howe (Phi Kappa Psi), Scott Jesse (Thela Delta Chi). Ken Kavjashiri (Alpha Sigma Phi). Dave Kluth (Sigma Alpha Epsilon). Lance Maiss (Phi Kappa Sigma). Sean Maloney (Alpha Tau Omega). Marc Manuel (Phi Gamma Delta), John Marcone (Sigma Phi Epsilon), Sean Mclllaney (Thela Xi). Bill Munday (Kappa Sigma). Rich Powell (Tau Kappa Epsilon). Steve Sibulkin (Zeia Beta Tau). Dan Wagner (Delta Sigma Phi). Group photo by Bruce Weimer. Panhellenic lFC301 A L P H A C H I M E r A Pamela Abramson. Liz Allen. Leanne Auyong, Jennifer Ayers. Laurie Azine, Jennifer Baer, Kriss Bakken, Samanthe Beck. Lainie Block, Lara Boctor, Jodi Bracken. Bonnie Brooks, Debbie Brown. Kandi Bryant, Christy Buckingham. Jilt Canon, Kerry Carter. Wendy Chin, Jenny Conn. Stephanie Coleman (Secretary), Rhonda Cooper, Lisa Critton, Jill Deinhard (Scholarship Chairman). Marslu Delmendo, Rowena Demantay, DeDe Denevant. Kimberly Dughton, Kim Durrett, Ronit Early, Stacy Falconer, Kathy Finucan. Katie Francis, Tina Freitas, Angela Fung, Megan Cites, Joy Gines, Shana Goar, ASson Gold.Usa Goodatt (President), Chrisie Grec.h, Lisa Hamanaka, Julie Hannah. Hilary Harper, Ann Herman, Renee Hernandez, Paiti Hop, Karen Howard. Christina Hunt, Kimberly Hunt, Tanja Karrjpe, Kathy Katsura, Karen Ketlner. Christa Kerkorian. L .sa Kinne, Marilee Kohnhorst, Kari Lasser. Liz LaWmer, Gina Letch, Michde Logan, Krisii Loquist, Elizabeth Mack, Kathy Marclich, Andrea Marr (Panhetlenic Rep.). Inja McGehtte, Laura Mehren (S ci.-)t Chairman) Debbie Millar, Mitchell. Kimberly Moektc, Kt;Iiij Motske, Jenntt c; fiakamura, Melanir W ' :hf. ' I. , cn CiKtman, Julia fidson. Kin i . u Adrienn? Nordstrom, Kt IN tine f ifek (3rd Vice ' , L iur f i f ii_e. Patrick. Susan Pierce, Amij . in, Kriitti (, Anne Vaom Tapanes, Lisa T,i Tratitu ( 302 Alpha Chi Omega . _- h ' ' t} ; ' Of Pride. Mpha Chi Omega had a full calendar of activities this year, including its own alcohol awareness program, and the iraditBnal Mardi Gras and omecoming. The sorority captured the Marshall ' s award, with Sigma Phi Epsilon, at Mardi Gras, and won second place in the Homecoming Scavenger Hunt with Delta Tau Other house designed to i young wome They incl ceremony are formally presented to the friends and family of the other girls in the house. Alpha Chi Omega also held ta. vities were ide in the sorority. , " the girls ended a a " Dad ' s and their football " My dad carj ll the way from MinnesolJH e here for Dad ' s Day. " jEid kie Azine, an Alpha Chi Omega pledge. " I am so glad he did because he got to meet all my new sisters. " Alpha Chi Omega ' s mission from major television soap operas helped Alpha Chi Omega raise money for the foundation at a charity brunch. The women of Alpha Chi Omega said that the spirit of the house was best expressed in the verse: " Our house is one that will live through the years; We ' ll share many friendships and share joyous tears; We ' ll love one another for all of our days; and Alpha Chi ' s we will ever and always remain. " --Bonnie Brooks OPPOSITE PAGE: The annual Red Carnation Ball was held in Winter quarter, top, and provided a great lime for both Alpha Chi Omegas and their dates. The annual Luau theme party, middle, however, was a less formal occasion. Everyone showed their enthusiasm on pledging day. bottom, as the house opened it ' s doors to the newest addi- tions. Two Alpha Chi Omega members, top, spend the day with their dads at a Bruin football game as part of the activities celebrating Dad ' s day. The 1987 pledge class held a ' Hit the Hay ' party, mid- dle left, to giue their actives a chance to don the latest western wear. Alpha Chi Omega also honored their mothers, middle right, by treating them to a day at the horse races. Photos courtesy of Alpha Chi Omega. Croup photo by Memory Lane Photography,. Alpha Chi Omega 303 Desiree Acosta. Kris Addington. Anne Marie Albertazzi. Devon Alexander. Donna Alexander. Lynn Allison (Treasurer). Julie Anderson. Christy Annan, nancy Archambo. Lisa Arenson. Lisa Babashoff. Leila Bale. Jennifer Bedolla. Marissa Bennett. Lisa Bernstein. Samantha Btowitz. Gina Bonnici. Jodie Bourdet (Treasuerer). Jenny Brandes. Karen Brink. Amie Brown. Heather Conlan. Wendy Constantine. Cmdi Costey tRush Chairman), nancy Cutler. Amy Dahlman. Candice Datzell. Deann Daniel. Jennifer Daisies. Lisa DeSantts. Lauren Dean. Lisa Derby. Patti DiCarlo. Jill Duncan. Enn Ellis. Coreen Endo. Shawnna Equils. Teresa Estrada. Katie Farrokhy. Jillian Feldman. Carrie Ferguson. Lauren Fischbein. Elissa Fisher. Denise Fizzolio. Jana Florentine. Johanna Friedman. Christine Fuentes. Bobbie Fujthara. Anne Gamrin. Encka Gettman. Christine Giosso. Kim Gire. Melissa Gonzalez. Ali Gould. Ginger Griffin. Maureen Grisanti, Stephanie Gruszynski. Kathy Hardesly. Melissa Hilano. Shelby Hopkins. Tammy Horn. Anne Hyman. Andrea Jones. Sheryl Kappe. Krista Karuasek. Lori Katsakos. Jody Keller. Marci Keisane. Adrianna Kezar. Alison Knerl. Teri Kraut. Cindy Laskin. Diana Leemon. nancy Lewis. Jenny Lowland. Kristine Lucas. Bonnie Mackey. Claudia Madrigal (Pledge-Educator). Michelle Magidoff. Michelle Manvitle. Christie Matiuk, Stephanie Mays. Lisa McArthur. Susan McCawley. Elena McCoy, fiicole McDermott. Tern McFarland. Joy Melendez. Debbie Mignola. Kristin Milotich. Beth Mineheart. Diana Moraga. Kelli Morton. Carrie nelson. Valerie Nichols, Kari O Connell. Tracey Oticeira. Lawnee Olson, nancy Pang, Gabby Paredes. Shelley Pasnick. Dawn Peterson, Suzanne Prout. Kathi Recker. Lisa Reli.s. Anne Rierson. Anne Robie. Slefame Rosenberg, Barbi Roth. Rebecca Saroyan. Adrienne Scarcello. Lynda Schomberg. Jenny Shimizu. Cathy Smith. Lisa Smith. Wendy Tanabe. Dana Tauber. Karen Thomas. Morgan Thomas. Rebecca Thomas (Vice -President). Sloane Thompson. Diane Trostle. Tracy Underwood. Rose Ann Virzi. Heather Vitro. Tami Walsh. Dawne Weiner, Angela West, Michelle White. Mindy Williams (President). Susie Williams. Akemi Yamane, Shirley Yu. Jinah Yun. Photos courtesy of Alpha Delta Pi . Group photo by Jan Gerstel Photography. 304 Alpha Delta Pi Bonds . . . UCLA, I will always carry a part of ADPi Pr graduating senior TamiFWalsh. Indeed, Mpha Dflta Pi sisters cherish- ed tneir bonds of sisterhood and friendship, which, as Tami Toted, " are eternal. " This strength and ADPi ' s spirit of sharing were exemplified in their motto, " We live for each other. " ADPi ushered in an exciting new school year with an ex- uberant pledge class, who along with thA actives, wel- comed they wiew house mother, Mrs JMnston. Also, for Homedfming TBelded them for their float featuring a mov- ing Pac-Man. In winter, ADPi held their second Chili Cookoff. Sorority ded this raternity ' eds benefit- the Ronald place for and their house contest cooks. The ted ADPi ' s c McDonald children families? Several events highlighting winter quarter included a Big Brother night at Pizza Hut, a weekend ski retreat, and a semi-formal " Senior Cocktail Party. " row-wide fort to tersororw relati held an fcxchan topietrals itrrf l Omega. 1 Above all else, the sisters of Alpha Delta Pi emphasized their pride in having this " home away from home. " As new initiate Nicole McDermott stated, " ADPi is a place where I can be myself and not worry about whatever others wish me to be. " -Jennifer Brandes --Wendy Tanabe OPPOSITE PAGl:: Amie Brown. Morgan Thomas. Angela West, and Liz Bertrand. top. couldn ' t resist a quick pile-up on the picturesque slopes of Squaw Valley on the All Creek Ski Trip. ADPis. middle left, welcome their new pledges at the front door on Pledging Day. On " Dads Day. ' Debbie Mignola. Cathy Smith, and their fathers, middle right, epitomised football spirit as they rode the bus to the Rose Bowl. Tami Walsh and Jennifer Brandes. bottom Iclt. celebrate ADPis " Presents at the Bel Age Hotel in Bcuerfy Hills. Jillian Feldman and Rush Chairman Cindi Cosley. bottom middle, anxiously await their guests on Preference flight. Kim Girc. Claudia Madrigal. Joy Metende . and Dana Tauber. lop left, demonstrate Bruin enthusiasm on " Dads Day. ' Johanna Friedman and Michelle Manutlle. top right, had lun at " Presents. " Patti DiCarlo and her hig sister. Wendy Tanab ' . upi ei middle, enjoyed ADPis fall parly. " Storybook night " , with their dates. Hello Franco and tid Louie. Ginger Griffin, lower mid- dle, cuddled up with Joe and Josephine Bruin at cheetleadtnq camp. Alpha Delta Pi 305 ... ... ' ., . Kalhy Adc ' gais, Mcm a h, Lindy Bazan. Andrei Berg. ! . it-man. Laura Bern stein. Jennifer : - ' o(ton (Treasurer), Heather Bradley. : j- ' yer. Hindi Butler, Tnidi Cabrera, ndra Chun, Jacqueline Cooper (Secretary}, : - O-j r o L ' . Rachaef Diamont. Stephanie : s; :j, Jocft Finkel, Robin Finn. Michcle .-. Framblau, Danna Freedy. Jennifer . " ' rnWe. Jennifer Garson. Tiffany ( ' 1 " : Q, Cheryl Gokiman. Jill Goldstein, Lisa ue Goldstein. Melanie Goldstein. Sara Gotlub. Wendy Goodman, Karen Gordon. Larsssa Gruff, Jodi (. " n -..t Halpc.m. f fse Hctlhnnn. Half Helfgott. Nicole HerzoQ. Julie Horowitz. Maria itktn. Rachel Jeans, Nancy Josephs. Lau ' -cn Kantin, Sherri K,J . Lyn i At?man. Mamt 5, Julie Kim, Parn Kodner. Karen A ' .ojrnm, Jennifer Kuhn. Elisa i - ' ' (. ' phanic Lt ' c- ' t n. Kalhy Levin. Cheric j Liu. Jill Mazon. Lnuri Mattcnson. Leah Ketlcy McDonough, Rachel MeyerxQn, Debt Mohile. Reggie fO, Shell Montaihi. Mctrtt ' nt; Myers. Deborah ins, Stacie Polasshttk. Deuin Price. Laura Ram, Jana Rosenberg, Alyssa Ross, Lisa Rubin. Wn. Valerie Russo (Vice President). Erica Mara Schwartz, Adena Samson, Rebecca SeiSc, Sharon S ki o. S(,sV. Tina Souadijian, Sam Spielman. April SpiUer. Lita Stein, Jodie Sieiner. Michele Streeter. Heather Lorelle Taras. Lisa Thorn. Allison Toplitl. Heather Toplitt. Debbie Ttterk. Avri l Turoff. Mary Vo, Terri Vo. Elizabeth Weiner. Allison Weinroi. Allyson Weisberg, Debbie Weiss (Social Chairman). Robyn Weisstein. Robgn Weisstein. Welch, Karen Wexter, Donna Whooley, Aniy Wollrnan. Heidi 306 Alpha Epsilon Phi Home Away From Home. . . Alpha Epsilon Phi sorority egan the school year by opening their home and hearts to their fantastic pledges. As pledge Lisa roldstein said, " When I entered the AEPhi house dur- ing rush, I felt like I was com- ing home at the end of the day. " Their enthusiasm and unity was displayed throughout the year. The scjtool year began Madness, " a at the Red Woodland pming with added to with " Marg fall quarter Onion res Hills. Als Sigma their fun in the fall. Then the girls invited their dads to their home away from home to cook them breakfast before escorting them to the football game. In the RjJtfi the pledges dressed up as gangsters and threw th$S actives a party they WQufliWMHMfOrget. And, to escape a gangster-like rep- utation, they organized a charitable sporting event, fraternity flag football. Pro- ceeds went to the Chaim Sheba Hospital in Israel. Also, the win chill. trwi AEPhi ' s united f ' lnspi ration Week, " For spring quarter, the girls joined in Mardi Gras festivities. They also accom- panied their moms to a cultural event on " Mom ' s Day. " Finally, they celebrated the end of the school year with a mysterious event called " Destination Unknown. " With such social events strengthen- ing sisterly bonds, it ' s easy to see how AEPhi became a home away from home. --Wendy Wessman OPPOSITE PACE: Amy Wollman. Jody Finkcl. and their dales, middle left, disco doim at the AEPhi " Presents. " Michelle DUSK;. Wendy Good- man. A it- Wcinrol. and Maini Kaufman, middle right, line up for pledging day. Michelle Montalro and Monica Arlat ' ia. bottom k ' tt. are on their way (o a cultural event on " Mom s Day. Ttie I ' .vt ' cudit ' board of AEPhi. bottome right, u ' aits to uv conu ' their Ijll pledges. Drew Schroeder. Miehelle Mon- tak ' o. Monica Artacia. and Dace (jreenberg. top. relive the war era at the ' Kamikaze Bash. " The seniors, middle, participate in the e citement of pledging day. Martinc Meyers and Jessica Korn. bottom left, smile brightly on the night of their pinnings. Melanie Goldstein and Denise Lawrence, bottom right, wear the Bruin colors at the Stan- lord game for the AEPhi ' Dad ' s Day. " Group photos courtesy of Alpha Epsilon Phi. Group photo by Memory Lane Photography. Alpha Epsilon Phi 307 . ' , ' . Mf j ' SS.3 ApptC Juliana Ba do, Lisa 3 ' fieriine: . Wendy - !. Lara Bernstein. Louise Botto. , Brown. Colleen Brou?ne. Jennifer !.)i, ' .lh Cahn, Leslie Cathoun. Leeann Cau ' tey Carr. Tina Cassano. Lisa ; :jrrnan, Diane f e, Julie Conwell. Kim ti on Daly, Megan Daly, Janette i)ft Carlo ; : Kristin Donaldson. Lori Dor man. Jitl -!t Orucquer {President}. Mish Dust (Chaplain). rhart. Kyra fc ti ' ada. Mindy Fisher. Kristin Tami Toss, Julie Freeman. Karin Freeman. Caroline Frew. Litj Gay vert. Judy Gcttes, Brooke Gcrshon. Tracy Gibbs, Jenny Gtoistein, Paula Gtoistein, Debt a Gordon, Alyce Greer. Christine Grisivotd, ' utierrt:i , Carolyn Hall. Tory Hanahan, Kerry Hardinger, Sandy Halanaka, Karin Hayes, Emily Heath, ! ielnlein. Lauren Herr. Ruthir Herron, Kristin Hick . Cyndi Hill. Wendy Hitiis, Debbie H rsch, Lynne . Cri tie Isaacson, Marie Jacobson, Laum Jens -n, Rcibyn Jchnson. Patricia Juhn, Dana A ' ahn, Vicki Karstens. Meredith Kato. Donna Carol Kenny, Cher ' Kirk, Shery Kirshbaum, Brenda , - i( n r j LasAy. Amy Lassiter. Stefanie Ungte. Long ireet. Bri Lu. Meighan Magi, MaHory. Mara Margufes, Veronica Marque t Linda Martin. Triaa Masangfcay. Anna McCarthy. Patty McCarthy, Oette Miines, Vibiana Molina, Nicole. Mo na, Yuette Monus, Stacey Morehouse. Stacey Morrison. Courtney fietson. .on. Maraa Nelson, nancy NHand, Tract Mobile. Karen Fioh. Catherine Oswald, Vanessa Owen, Trish Pendleton. Geneu eue Pnrtcr. Mikic Price. Char Ramey. Tammy Rock, Michelle Rodino. Kristin Rolla, Catherine Rou)e. Diane Kou-c, Jill Rubin, Diane Rush. Worma Salcido, Jill Sanchez. Trudi Sandmeir, Janelte SchaHc es. Cyndi Scott, Anne Shelby, Carolyn Sherins. Stephanie Smith. Christy Snow. Leigh Spetcher. Lisa Steffan. Cindee. Stewart, Lisa Strug. Maggie Swam. Rachel Su-- - Tennyson. Trish Thatcher. Shanna Thompson (Treasurer), Kelly Tipton, Elana Toume, Danna Troncatly. Can Tubb. Christiana Virgilfo, Kelly IVacnouucz. Kimberly Warren. Pam Watrous. Laura White, Jennifer Whitlock. Kimberly Whitworth, Wendy Will. Corina Williams. Jill Winter, Wright. Carrie Yourd. 308 Alpha Phi MM Young At Heart In attempts to revisit their childhood, Alpha Phis held their fall party, " Kids Are People Too, " at the L.A. County Children ' s Art Hnseum. For the party, they dressed like kids or what kids want to be when they grow up. According to Michele Bua, " It was really fun having it at the Children ' s Museum. There was so much to do there. We had a DJ, but I think he got kind of lonely -- few of us danced because we were too busy playing with Legos and such. It was the best party! " Throughout Jtie year, the Phis participa of activities their ann delivering CJCLA children ' s wing a variety continued ition of to the enter cardiac aid. And, before Christmas break, the Phis joined with Theta Chi fraternity to go Christmas caroling at a local senior citizert8 lrtWme. They also and Ho Winter qcNky ff to a great start wJaAjthe Alpha Phis brought their moms to Pauley Pavilion to watch the Bruin basketball team in ac- tion. For the latter half of winter quarter, the Phis held their second annual 5K run around the CJCLA campus. This running competition, " For the Heart of It, " was divided into 3 age divisions in order to allow UCLA students as well as their family and friends to participate. All pro- ceeds went to the Ameri can Heart Association and Cardiac Aid. -Marcia Nelson OPPOSITE PACE: When Mickey and Donald heard about Alpha Phi. they were excited to pledge. Unfortunately, these Alpha Phi ' s, top left, did not get to " The Magic Kingdom " until soron ' ly rush had ended. Senior Jill Rubin anxiously meets Tricia Pendleton. one of the Phi ' s 46 pledges, op- posite, after the conclusion of Rush ' 88. Alpha Phi ' s Executive Board took a well-deserved break this summer when they headed for the beautiful shores of Laguna. CA. Jennifer Gloistcin and Mar- da Nelson smite and relax after moving into the Alpha Phi house, middle. Stacy Mallory and Lynne Bagge " get primitive " to celebrate the Phi ' s Big Lil Sis Discovery during fail quarter, top. Alpha Phi actives and pledges, left, celebrate " Presents ' 88. " Photos courtesy of Alpha Phi. Group photo by Jan Gerstet Photography. Alpha Phi 309 c H I O M E G A Su Ac una (Vice President), Tina Anderholl. Maria ; ' Barber, Karen Barneit, -. hciie Ban. Ann Bechllc, Kim Bennett, Stephanie Beiman. " ' - ' ' -- ' Bimbaum, Hillary Bleedxr. Sarah Btom, ' of ' infifr, Cindy Bolingbroke, Linda .... Hannah Biondial, Nancy Brown, Lori lrt ' i Chan (Secretary), Marianne Clark, Sl.effanie Cox. EliJdbt ' th Culhdne. Kristin Dayton, Viuiana Dittman. Barm- Dvllinger. Jennifer Domingo, ' Duke, Lisa Eiiseniraut, Melinda Eisma, H v, Karen Farm. Sharon Feldman, ' -,!. Linda Garcia. f elle.y G nett, Gabby Gonzalez. Unit. Kris Hanson, ton, Jennifer Hill, ;- i kjJc. ! i ,i Hyland, - (ne Iwafuchi, Kenny. hf. ; . ' :. f ' obin un, i ' , ' f ' : " II- ' itiftf. ti-j ' h.inu ' t. ' uk . Mi, lu-ttr Hf.i h- ' i MI I , nil It ' ru (ln ;i-iiii,in, I .tin, i ourtney Walker, Julie l ' ,V;n. i Irtinih ' l U ' HT (7. ' I. N ' ' , " " ' 310 Chi Omega Chi O ' s Of The Carribean . . . With a boat constructed on the front lawn of their house and many actives dressed up as pirates, they were the " ChiCJs of the Caribbean " on that first day of Rush. This partying event was the first of many others held by Chi Omega. Fall quarter was a hectic one for the ChiO ' s. In addition to initiating new pledges, they organized a fraternity tug-of- war competition. Over 20 GCLA fraternities entered to compete amongst one another. By process of elimination, the victors turned out to be Alpha Tau Omega. All procee ' cHPbm ' " lHis event were donated to Chi Omega ' s philanthropy, the Children ' s Hospital " Free-Care Clinic. " For Hom com M, ChiO ' s teamed up with Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity. And, for " Dad ' s Day, " they escorted their Dads to the homecoming game against Stanford. The new yeafjagflan with a new setting sthetttended their winlJB forma BonaventuB Then aj of winter quarter. escaped tdaibe sisterhood retreat. This weekend getaway let the girls strengthen their friendships and sisterhood. " Being a part of a group, there ' s always so- meone there to go out with, study with, and talk to, " said Celine Ishida, " The best friends for the rest of my life will be from Chi Omega. " As the year ended shortly after Mardi Gras, the Chi Omegas indeed had a year of excitement. A large part of it was due to each one ' s en- thusiasm to psyche up for the activities. As a Chi Omega could often be heard saying before any spirited event, " Rho Beta. " --Tammy Gee OPPOSITE PAGE: Sharon Feldman and Kris Hanson, top, display Chi Omega Tug-O-War I- shirts, whose sales profit benefitted the Children ' s Hospital Free Care Clinic. Cheryl Cuerin, Celine Ishida, and Susie Evans, bottom, jumped into the 1988 " Spring Splash " . It was a ChiO inuasion, middle, as Andrea Sauin. Lisa Birken, Amy Lasley, Sharon Feldman, Michelle Miskinnis, Melinda Eisma, Susie Boezinger, and Angela Roy. attended the Phi Kappa Psi formal together. Lisa Birken and Sharon Feldman, bottom left, take a tumble on Big Brother Night at the roller rink. Chi Omega acliues, bottom right, anticipate the arriuat of their new pledges. Photos courtesy of Chi Omega and Stewart Kume. Group photo by Jan Gerstel Photography. Chi Omega 311 t C . n - - : rrats at- Bat f . . Monique luih- A in ij .-. ( ' .KM r,l. H jm t (iiillm t t. 1 ii-tii ' r i. n GHcrest. Gwen an, Chanda Goth, ' President). Jamie Gunn. Sam Hartog, Lisa Hezmalhalch, Karen in, Amy Hofstein, Kris Horsley. Holly Hubert. Sandy Jacobsen. Laura Jutine. Tammy Karpenko, Karen Ti. S iaron faye, Kathy Keltey, Shannon Marilyn Kilcrease. Steffi Klein, Kendice reuger. Dana Landsdor, Linda Lauezzo, Debbf Levy, 312 Delta Delta Delta Lind, Kelly Lind. Laura Lynton, Datvne Maori, Jennifer M ndltlay, M.inltjn J.irchcllt). JiH Mjrtenson. ' OH. Mi Mi ( ' ttf ri ' tj. Kim McLlliot. HP " ' (Treasurer), Susanne Meline. Jeanne Mrt tv, mJ Mickel. Julie Morey, Audra Mori, Juliane lorris. ihyon Mun. Vicki Nielsen, Marth Nix, Missy WffTjiU Otla, Jane Ojanpera. Stacy Patterson, Allison eek, Michelle Perin, Tammy Petri, Tian Petrusis. Kim Posey. Judy Proko, Suzanne Pulopot. Wendy Rapp, Christy Reese. Aimee Roades, Kelly Richards, Amy Rubincam, Jacqueline Russ. Stefanie Sackett, Leslie Shelton, Kelly Shenefiel. Stacy Shepro. Kelly Smith. Kim Smith. Mandi Smith, Melissa Smith, Sheryl Smith, Leslie Solomon. Pam Sowar, Jenny Sowerwine, Aparna Sreeniuasan, Amy Staes. Kyra Stemple, Rachel Stock. Kristen Stratton. Wendy Sullivan. Susie Tallman, Dauray Tannahil, Ginger Teig, Tracy Trauland, Thais Treanor, Tiffany Treanor, Jennifer Treating. Jennifer Vogt. Nicole Von Ruden, Wendie Wachal. Robin Wagner. Tiffany Walsh (Vice President). Jennifer Ward. Michelle Weakley, Carmen Weins, Mary Weltsch. Courtney Wheeler. Cathy Wildason, Andrea Williams. Salty Wonderly. Kim Wood, Julie Young (Scholarship). Toni Youngblood, Dana Zamora. Three Times Better. . . Motivation and enthusiasm influenced Tri-Delt ' s involve- ment in many activities this past year. Their abundance of energy probably stemmed from their pledge class of 47 Prrls, who, as described by Hallie Anzalone, were " ex- tremely motivated and anx- ious to become involved in both UCLA and Tri-Delt. " For the second year in a row, Tri-Delt won " Best Pro- duction " in UCLA ' s Spring Sing ' 88. Their jyinning spirit continued int Tri-Delt ' s int team makin Robin Wag citing to volvement. motivation. " In the fall, Tri-Delt joined Phi Psi in building the in- famous " armadillo " float. And fall with al football the finals. " It ' s ex- irl ' s in- gives others their formal each. were in- of with spring ca held in Manhat Indeed, volved in (JCLA, inci Bruin government. Also, Tri-Delt organized " Frats at Bat " for their philanthropy, the Children ' s Ancology for cancer research. By having each fraternity Aay an entry fee to co m k e in this baseball tourjern it, Tri-Delt raised $120 Individua excelWi on their own also. Caria Goltman went to the NCAA ' s in women ' s div- ing and Sam Crisp sang and danced in the UCLA produc- tion of " A Chorus Line. " Thus, in more ways than one, Tri-Delt was busy this year. When asked how Tri- Delt managed to do so much, Courtney Wheeler replied, " It ' s easy to be involved when your sisters are your friends at all times, good and bad. " --Jennifer Brandes OPPOSITE PAGE: Tri-Delis topple over with joy. above, while celebrating pledging day. Members ol Tri-Dcll. middle left, slop to pose for a group photo on ' Fun night " during initiation week. Rush Chairman Andrea Areghiri and President Lisa Grieue. middle right, anticipate the arrival of their guests during Rush on Delta Boot Camp Day. Each spring, fraternities participate in a baseball tournament, bollom left, to help Tri-Dell raise money [or the Children ' s Ancology Research at UCLA. Gina Gcnova and her dale, bottom right, look sharp al Theta Xi ' s winter formal. Nicole Von Ruden and Roger Raderman. above, are ship- uiiecked at Tn-Dell ' s ' Desert Isle ' party. Hallie Anzalone. Robin Wagner, and their fathers, bot- tom, enjoyed their afternoon together al the Rose Bowl on Tri-Dell ' s " Dad ' s Day. " Pholos courlesy of Delta Delta Delta. Group photo by Memory Lane Photography. Delta Delta Delta 313 i, Kim Abkin, Anne-Manic Aj m-s. Tiwy Allen, ' (. Kelly Ault. Kutln ' tinc fiycor?. Kirn Sail, Tobic . , - ' . ' ini fi, i ' .- !,. Beth ! x-hbtc { ' ' Uf.h, Kir j ; ; ' fifford, K,tthii Clinton IrttjtK ' Hnc (. ' raw ford. Cyn-.ii ,;. Ali ' i,i Dei Gi F,nl. ., PfTs tfi, .Susie It (in :ndij, Wiki Ciulle-IU ' , (s,; H,tn-ili-r, Onc iy tt. it ' ll. K.tlif lint S,in, Catfui Httnl (VI ' Krlltj Hul( Hli ' fieS, I f frie Klinger, Maren Kussler. . Laffno. i l ii I , ntl ni. -Su.siV l.t-ider (VP Mfrhi ' llr t t , ' ,iti (VI ' K ' n.s i;, Wendy Lynch, St -[ h, nn- M (nun. i mi McGtoughtin, Stacy Kfm Miller, Dede Miller, Emily Miller, Carolyn Hmon Monigal. Liz Moody. Mala Mukherji, Kristy man. Pnii ttu h l;ti. ! cs c Hiikar. Susi O ' Brien. Kristen i ' auf, I. n. i I ' i ' t hti-i. I .unit 1 Pendteton, Tina Perez, Angie Knnchak, Eue Porinchak, Kim Purdy. Marci Putnam, Erin ;. ,. I r i Kitinii ' ll. Kim Root, Dominique Rosano, Gina Rugani, Jrnn- Schlagel. Julie Schneidinger, Cyndi Schoner, Kristin Shelton. Hrrrn. Kerry Smith, Patti Smock, Robyn Sofnas, Gina Spomilti, I imlitit Sturges, Moya Sullivan, Lucia Sulliuan. Lisa Taitelman, Ellen . Wiarmaine Vidanage, Meredith Vrticak, Amy Waddett. Patti Wagonhurst. ffa Wheeler, Stephanie Wilson. Nicole Wolfe, Samantha Woolsey. 314 Delta Gamma Drop Anchor Here . . . IS Away DG " is a familiar song to the sisters of Delta Gamma. The anchor is i ery ararto them because it eir emblem representing pe. " " In the spring, the ladies of DG donned their coaching gear and gave fraternity men lessons in swimming for DG ' s annual fundraiser, Anchor Splash. Aside from the tradi- tional swim races, there was the synchronized swimming competition. As Gina Sponzilli stated, " It ' s pretty amusing to watch a bunch of guys try At this event, guy on the title, sh. " Anchor 0 for DG ' s he Blind of Los water ballet one lucky " Mr. Anchor Splash raise phi lanthr Children ' Angeles. Delta Gamma had a lot to be proud of this year. In spring ' 88, their volleyball team came in second overall and first for UCLA at ISVT, a beach touTTBBTWIP nvolving schools frorH California and Arizona. InKddition, DG ' s team placecBfirst in SAE ' s volleyball touament. FurtherrnflBujoining Theta Xi for Homecoming proved to be a success when the duo walked away with the " Grand Marshall ' s Award " for most outstanding float and the " Sweepstakes Award. " In ad- dition to these awards, Homecoming for the sisters was extra special when their very own Maura Driscoll was crowned Homecoming Queen. Socially, DG ' s spring " Luau " was a great success and their winter formal was quite memorable. As Kelly Faucett stated, " It ' s easy to make friends here for there is such an easy going at- mosphere. " --Jennifer Brandes OPPOSITE PAGE: Julie Barnes. Patty Wagonhurst, fiancee Castner. Michelle Cosselle. Kelly Faucett, and Tracy Brennan. above, feel proud to have placed second at the ISVT Tourna- ment, " A " learn division. Susanne Strong and Tracy Allen, middle left, display enthusiasm for their new pledges during " Presents " ceremony. While on a ski trip, a group of DG ' s. middle right, withstand the cold weather to pose for a picture with their treasured house symbol, the anchor. Amy McKnight and Ann Callison. bottom, cele- brate " Presents " together. Katherine Owsley. Tracy Allen, and Laney Beres. above right, couldn ' t resist a picture with the DC anchor. Lisa Bennish and Erin Schatz, above left, party tropical style at DG ' s " Luau " party. Members of DG and their friends, middle, enjoy a day at the pool dur- ing " Anchor Splash. " Photos courtesy of Delta Gamma. Group photo by Jan Gerslel Photography. Delta Gamma 315 . ; 316 Delta Zeta IBB Making People Smile. M OPPOSITE PAGE: Desiree Sanchez and little sister Andrea Itskovich, top, model their DZ letters on pledging day. Eua Jordan, Michelle Atbrecht. and Debbie Auerbach, far left, " clown around " at Mardi Gras ' 88. The beach at Santa Barbara, bottom right, prov- ed an ideal location for both a spring retreat and a sand version of their mascot, the turtle. Linda Barnes and Rush Chairman Julie Alwater, top left, are ready to greet new pledges with balloons in DZ ' s colors, pink and green. Teri Knap and Rob, top right, prowled about as leopards at the " Delta Zetas on Safari " party. DZ ' s Winter ' 88 Pledge-Active. Raquel Koenigsberg and Mylene Barizio, above, await the " Presents " ceremony at the Delta Zeta house. Photos courtesy of Delta Zeta. Group photo by Jan Gerstet Photography. was too tired to Delta Zcta gave me This familiar and well- loved quote brought the same uplifting message each year to ives and pledges alike, since Delta Zeta recolonized on the (JCLA campus five years ago, their house has grown in warmth and spirit. In the fall, DZ ' s welcomed new ideas and fresh faces with their 1988 pledge class. Histo- rian Andrea Itskovich noted that the new pledges im- mediately engaged in house activities, showing little of the initial timidity common among pledges: " They made themselves Jwmt at home... and pa everythin In the nized t Rockathon i a t e d in s orga- annual For this charitable event, the girls solicited spon- sors, then rocked in front of their house in rocking chairs for 24 benefitted stitute an e Ear In- hilanthropy, e, a school impaired. Also s cele- le DZ Gallaudet C for the hear, during I b r a t e dTTT TTTa n n u a " Castaways " party, a wild tropical extravaganza. Reflecting on Delta Zeta sisterhood, Itskovich stated, " Being an only child, I never experienced sisters until I joined Delta Zeta. This sorori- ty has given me another fami- ly, with more sisters than I could have ever hoped for. " Stephanie Wunsch added, " The sisterhood of DZ is a bond of friendship, truth, giv- ing, caring, and understanding that extends well beyond our college years. " -Wendy Tanabe Julie Atwater (First Vice President). Debbie Auerbach, Marianne Bannister. Mylene Barizio. Linda Barnes (Treasurer), Lora Burger, Julie Charles, Vera Cheng, Diana Cormir, Maria Coronado, Jennifer Dalton, Lara Davis, Kim Dzien, Leslie Eagle (President), Jenny Fernando, Audrey Gaerlan, Lynnette Garcia, Donna Gerardi, Lauren Hendricks, Barbara Hernandez, Sharie Hollhaus, Kathleen Houiat. Andrea Itskouich, Laura Johnson. Eva Jordan, Hillary Judd, Teri Knapp (Second Vice President), Raquel Koenigsberg, Jennifer Maher, Fran Maldonado, Kris Malec, Suzanne McAneny, Catherine McCollom, Andrea Mitchell, Kylowna Moton, Karen Partin, Keren Penmutter, Sharon Perlmutter, Beth Peterson. Stephanie Reeves, Diana Risco, Desiree Sanchez, Patricia Sinay, Diane Tanabe, Janet Townsley, Mary Kay Tally, Jackie Vidal (Corresponding Secretary), Karen Weiss. Lisa Welch, Tiffany Welch, Lisa Wright, Stephanie Wunsch, Tamara Yakimetz. Delta Zeta 317 G A M M A P H I B E T A 318 Gamma Phi Down To Earth. . . Gras, stag to benefit UCLA M celebrated honor of national Gamma Phi Beta, 110 girls enjoyed eager in- volvement and award-winning in all its activities this The house participated nd Mardi t auction eart research at eal Center, and ounder ' s Day in 14th year as a ty. Of course, being in Gamma Phi also meant fun. Last summer, 600 Gamma Phi members congregated in Palm Springfr a national Marriott Hotel. lnJE etween trips to soak up sunsl le, they introduced " Good Mo gg America, " and mingled w ' t]OEnini, chapter presidents, Rush ' chairwomen, and other officers from around the country. Big Brother Rush made Gamma Phi Beta stand out too. Opening the house to all gentlemerBthe Jdies offered movie nights. Dodger games, a revelation party, and other events that helped partici- pants foj jjj lrong friend- ships. Pride ran high at Gamma Phi Beta, keeping the house unified and strong. " We have our own personalities, " said Laure Barnbaum, " We ' re down to earth, in-tune people. " -Clarissa Aesquivel - Michele Archer, Karen Argabrite, Stephanie Arnold (Treasurer), Nancy Baca. Kolleen Baker, Sabrina Barakat, Laurie Barnbaum, Shalini Bhalia, Stephanie Bogdanouicti, Nancy Bower, Kelly Bridgman, Muna Busailah, Laura Canellopoulos, Cynthia Capps, Christina Chan, Deanna Chen, Amy Christopherson, Kathy Clauson, Kenya Clay. Denise Cole, Christine Comanor, Diane Coomans. Anne Costettano, Janice Deane, Simone DeCesare, Melissa Deleissegues, Katie Eacrett, Daphne Ellis-Cole, Michelle Euans. Kara Felber. Kathy Ford, Stacey Friedman (Pledge Director), Michelle Futterman. Hiede Gibbs, Carolyn Goering, Cynthia Golitzen, Michelle Greene. Joie Griset, Mindy Guard, Gran Had Van (President), Ji Han, Kim Harrison. Angela Hastings, Suzanne Herrington, Danielle Higby, Cathy Hull, Laurie Hymes, Carmen Jacinto, Kim Joyce, Carol Kahela. Kristin Katsuma, Lisa Kaufman, Janice Kawase (Vice President), Anne-Marie Kearney (Rush Chairman), Lainie Keslin. Erica Kim, Kate Kosuth, Jill Kuhn. Katy Lane, Janice Layco. Trinh LeCong. Lisa Louie, Susan Lyman, Pam Maelzer, Christy Manker, Marienne McBe, Shannon Mclntee. Julie Miller, Amy Mitchell, Tiffany Mullen, Mandy Murphy, Michetene Nosce, Diane Olioerez. Stephanie Padilla. Susan Park, Jennifer Pasquini, Susie Patton. Gayle Perry, Mary-Kelly Persyn. Tamara Pertrac. Kristen Price, Talia Puzantian, Cathy Rioux, Patricia Rogers, Sheryl Sattenburg, Ursula Schmidt, Stephanie Schmier, Muira Sethi, ryndi Shiau, Stacey Shindo. Lisa Sjong, Kathryn Starling, Julie Stiska, Lisa Surman, Janelle Sykes, Julie Tannenbaum, Lisa Tom. Maureen Twomey. Gina Valenzuela, Laina Walker, Michelle Walsh. Bridgette Watson. Jennifer Webb, Saralinda Werner, Catherine Wolfe, Maria Wolfson, Stacie Wong, Shannon Wright, Ardath Yamaga. Michelle Yost, Alicia Barber, Trad Fritzler. v Gamma Phi Beta 319 - Ittkoff, --. ' . Kaiifc, rtt Kltttti, Vichets. Karen Mill . ' ' . ' .- ' .-!} Murphy. Wincey Myt-vs. Daui i f)Ht:cn fif lnn. Chjtlcnc O ' Brien. - Julia Perkin.-- - Pulley. Atr . Roddy. Lt. a Romero. Jennifer 320 Kappa Alpha Theta Unity And Friendship. . . Founded in 1925. the UCLA Theta chapter has been a strong and reputable group :ontiPually aiming for the lighest in scholarship, com- jnity service, and social in- teraction. On pledging day, pledges were enthusiastically greeted and welcomed into the Theta house. Many successful activi- ties followed including Homecoj; the annuc Week, and Mardj Theta ' s coordii Rodarte, groups including tional philanthropy, the In- stitute of Logopedics -- a resi- dential treatment and training center for the-communicative- h Sigma Chi, ay, " Greek Day, " ISVT, projects, Jennifer y needy their na- m ly handicap the homele, giving 7000 (Peop Homel ,eta le And to insure Thanks- prepared P.A.T.H. t i n g the uring the holidays, Thetas went caroling to local convalescent homes and donated ornaments, toys, canned food, and money to charities,ifcHiJain Jeanne Granthan hara erized the Chapter Jojpjeclji " Faith to courage tu, analSe to bless Love, umtyjcmd friendship within Theta distinguished their chapter. The house was further enriched by Mrs. Ruby Long, Theta ' s beloved house mother of 18 years. Panhellenic Representative Celeste Murphy reflected, " If I were to picture college as a treasure chest, Theta would be the key to the precious jewels. " -Ani Hadjian OPPOSITE PACE: Julia Perkins. Julia Gleason. Vina McMahon. and Ani Hadjian. top. roommates as wett as sisters. The wreaths, worn on Presents, mark the Seniors in the house. Andrea Smith Stephanie Anagnostou. Tiffany Seden. and Christine Gonzalez, bottom left, wait in Thetas courtyard for their new pledges to arrive on Pledg- ing Day. Christine Langer and Bridget File, bot- tom right, welcome home Tracy Terstriep (middle) on Pledging Day. Rush Chairman Kris Hockey and President Heather Hull, middle left, with House Mother Mrs. Long, who has been with Theta for 18 years. Marcie Michels and Dee Dee Betlramo. middle right, wait in front of the Dad ' s Day bus. before going off to the Rose Bowl with their dads. Thetas. bottom, show true Bruin spirit, euen after a long roadtrip. at the UCLA Cat game. Photos courtesy of Kappa Alpha Theta. Group photo by Memory Lane Photography. Kappa Alpha Theta 321 K A P P A D E L T A H PWB English, : Mtt, ' alley, Kristin Long, Shar Matsuhara, ey Mayeda, Amanda McHugh, Kathryn Mahon, Kris Miller, Sarah Mino. Amy Moore, Cherise Morales, Vicki Moreno, Ebby Myrow, Christine Nicholas, Kristin tt ' itith r rantz, Gail Wendy Hagino. :ia Hernandez, Lisa Laura Hunt, Kelly Angela Januszka, s, Jeri Johnson. Michelle ya, Jennifer Keltner, Mary eredith Kouach, Kristen Kragh, . Mia Lathrop, Karin Lee, Anita Christie Ortega, Merrill Ososkie, Carolyn Parry, -nmy Payne (Asst. Treasurer), Jennifer Perm, Anne Powers, Gina Puccinelli (Vice President), Frances Queuado, Leina Ramos, Bonnie Rawlings, Karen Readey, Kathy Rhodes (Editor), Liz Rhodes, Wendy Rock. Erin Rogers, Lucy Rutledge, Claudia Sandino, Karina Santos, Carrie Schneider, Amy Schrotl, Irene Schweininger, Stephanie Sharpe, Kate Shephard. Stephi Sher. Adrienne Sholders, Dara Shulman, Christine Sinclair, Karen Sisneros. Heather Smith, Monica Stergion. Kira Stickgold, Stacy Sullivan, Fahi Takesh, Theresa Taugher, Kristy Thornton, Shana Torem, Kim Vallone, Yelena Vucureuic, Sandy Weber, Star Whalen, Kate Whitmore, Holly Winters, Laura Wokurka, Jennifer Wright, Elaine Yutan. 322 Kappa Delta How Sweet It Is, best sisters on (claimed Elizabeth , boasting with Kappa Delta pride. " It ' s a whole lot of fun with all the sisters in the housCJt ' s just great. 1 love it!, " Rhodes continued with Enthusiasm. Founded in 1897 and established at UCLA in 1929, KD continued to grow strong. Their social activities and charitable contributions added to their excitement and already strong bond. They participated in Mardi Gras, in- tramural football and volleyball. And for Homecom- ing, they built a float with ATO. They all c Eributed their time, effo fcd energy par- ticipating II itable activi- ties such Bs cding time with chileWHWit t SC Med- ical Center and distributing candy to children at West Side Pavilion during Halloween. In addition, they created a calendar entitled " A Gaze at the Greeks " {Aturing fraterni- ty brothers j proceeds calendar td CJCLA. All sale of this ie National of child And that wasn ' t all. KD also sponsored ' The Sweet Shoppe, " a huge all-you-can- eat ice-cream social open to all who had a sweet tooth. With a motto of " Let us strive for that which is honorable, beautiful and highest, " KD strove to achieve all of their goals. Referring to Kappa Delta and their many activities and accomplishments, Rhodes ad- ded, " It gets better all the time. " -Janine Ouyang OPPOSITE PAGE: Donna Chm eteu;s(ri and Nkkl Flood, lop, charm a lucky Phi Kappa Sigma. Kap- pa Deltas grabbed their dates, middle left, for the " Red Alert " party. Jen Alba. Sandy Conner. Chris Miller, and Jill Borucki. middle right. flash (heir sweet smiles at Sweet Shoppe--their annual spring quarter fundraiser. Mary Kilgariff and Jill Borucki. bottom, celebrate Pledging Day. The women of Kappa Delta, top left, glitter on Kappa Delta ' s Oasis Day During Rush. Steffi Sher and Ginny Maxwell, lop right, prowl outside the house. Monica English. Christie Ortega. Elisabeth Euanshine, Kelly Krause. and Michelle Kane, mid- dle, cheer on their Homecoming float. Photos courtesy of Kappa Delta and Chuck Tuffti. Group photo by Jan Gerstel Photography. Kappa Delta 323 K A P P A Kathy Abboud, Deanna Afsharieh, Vicky Andrus, Sarah Baker, Cindee Baraumand, Margie Battal, Laura Behrstock, Candice Beisler, Sharyl Silas. Allison Bosacci. Paige Bradley, Kelly Brady. Julie Brooks, Joanna Brown. Patricia Bruncr. Kristen Brunson, Erin Burke. Jackie Bustamante. Lisa Butter, Marybelh Caliahan. Lisa Callan, Michelle Carter, Gina Castillo, Monique Chamiian, Stephanie Cheng, Jeannette Colyvas, Debbie Con ' y, Krystal Coop. Maura Coristan. Slacey Cornell, Liz Corrigan. Laura Creighton (Social Chairman), Wendy D ' Altaird, Kristen Daniels, Megan Davenport, Whitney Daulsson, Maria DiRiuera, Tracy Dobson, Stephanie Econn, Debbie Eichner, Karen Einstein, Jenni Elders, Michelle Etians, Kathleen Farley, Laurie Fetdman, Monica Fernandez, Lisa Ford, Stephanie Forsey, Allison Fortner, Cecilia Gallardo, Stephanie Garfield. Jennifer Garst. Mia Gasparini, Pam Chan. Kim Gillis, Hadar Gonen, Edie Gorman. Sheri Qosliner (President). Wendi Gosliner, Amy Graham. Trtstin Green. Erin Grey. Vivian dueller. Anya Hankison, Alison Harrington. Jennifer Harris, Lynn Heateu. Aime Hendricks, Diane Herrera, Erica Hoegh. Lee Holder, Lisa Holmes. Sharon Hootnicit, Etna Hubbell, Sheila Hunter, LeeAnn acobellis. Kristin Ichisla. Khstlne Jardines. Sharon Jay, Kendall Jenkins, Karen Johansen. Sue Johnson. Courtney Jones, Jennifer Kashian (Recording Secretary}, Jeremy Kashian. Robin Kausch, Cindy Ketley. Alice Kendall, Ketly Kennedy (Second Vice President). Meryam Khayat. Grace Kibler, Carolyn Kinible, Tiffanie Kouaceuich, Kim Labelle (First Vice President). Carrie Loll. Lisa Low, Andrea Makely. Sheri Maynard, Wendy McCarron, Debt McMahon. Melissa Meismer, tiiki Miller, Kelly Moore, Lisa Myers, Kelly fiase. Deborah Neuheisel Michelle O ' Leske. Hillary Page. Jody Paul, Triste Perciual. Brook Plerson. Amy Pine, Kelley Poleynard, Kirn Prentice, Metanie Quevedo, Julie Qureshi. Cat Riebling, Michelle Roecter, Carrie Rogntien, Melissa Rouse. Mindy Rubenslein, Krtsty Sage -. Molly Sarber, Ashlee Schilling, Joanna Schull. Jennifer Schultz. Tracy Sjostrom, Lisa Stanhope, Ashley Stowell, Stephanie Straeler. Alex Strough, Mary Beth Sullit ' an. Lindsay Sutton, Alexa Suvrdloff. Susie Ter-Jung. Debt Tipple, BJ Topol, Tarni Topol. Adrienne Toscano. Krisly Valuerde, Anne Ward, Lindsay Washington, Kalherine Watkins. Denise Weiset, Wendy Witherspoon. Justine Witt. Pilar Woodman. Vattghan Woodson. Hif y f i i i i . 324 Kappa Kappa Gamma M B Back To Basics . . . Gamma Xi chapter of Kappa Kappa Gamma began the school year by welcoming proud pledges, whose motivation and enthusiasm (Provided the house with one of its strongest years ever. The Kappas of UCLA took pride in their diversity and their spirit, which can be seen in their various annual activi- ties. Throughout the year, over ten Kappas went abroad to ces such York and Sisters BJ spent their in the na- quarter Italy. study as Italy, Fr Washingto and Tami summer w tions capit studying the rest members pride and events in which :a Beta Tami, a senior, felt it was a " great chance to see and understand other cultures. It was a complete educational experience Back in of the ct displayed school spirj such as Hor they paireC Tau for an unforgettable week. President Sheri Gosliner explained, " It was a proud week for all of us. We were reall aj how our unity and sBTtto ie whole (JCLA comrwiity. " The hard work paid cfl when the Kap- pas and ZBlB proudly walked away with 3 uvards including the troph " " ror most creative float. The Kappas relied on their annual retreat to take them back to basics and escape from the pressures of college life. This year the retreat was held at a mountain resort near Palm Springs. Sophomore Susie Ter-jung believed, " Events like this are very special because they give us a chance to really get to know one another and make our friendships even stronger. " --Melissa Messmer OPPOSITE PACE: Cecilia Gallardo. Brook Pier- son. Anne Ward, Vivian Gueller. Stephanie Forsey and Debbie Conly. top. lake a break from study- ing in one of Kappa s six-girt bedrooms. BJ and Tami Topol (center and right) share a toast with a fellow Bruin in Pisa, bottom lefl. as part of their fall quarter in Italy. Big and little sisters. Kristin Ichishta and Meryam Khayat. bottom right, sport their matching T-shirts at the big sister revealing. Jennifer Harris. Jennifer Kashian. and Vicky An- drus. aboLV lefl. make last minute arrangements for Jennifer ' s birthday at Presenls. Kappa Pledge Class of ' 85. lell. take a bago up to Berkeley for their final Cal Weekender at UCLA. Kappa Kappa Gamma 325 Dana Atpert, Lisa Aft louse, Kelly Ames, Karyl Andolina, Jutte Arias. Stacy Ash, Julie Audino, Eua Auery (Vice President Scholastic), Margaret Bacon, Jennifer Bailey, Jennifer Barak, Michelle Beck, Laurie Bennett, Shauna Berglund, Jill Bernardy, Mia Branski, Missy Brodnansky, Diane Brostrom, Colby Brown, Jennifer Burleson, Missy Caneuaro, Claudia Carias, Dana Carlson, Kiersten Carrasco, Tina Chappell, Kena Chin, Caren Cholokian, Jennifer Coffman, Keltic Collins, Kristin Collins, Kristen Cope, Casey Cotton, Becky Crane, Cindi Cruikshank, Danielle Dauidian, Melissa Denoff, Kindra Deuaney, Colleen Dougherty, Cathy Dutton (Secretary), Lisa Dyson, Monica Fat, Julie Featherstone. Kristen Featherstone, Jennifer Fisher, Kaisey Fisher, Kris Fontana, Rachel Freeman, Matalie Friedman, Julie Giers, Sandra Gonzalez, Dionne Gordon, Teresa Gordon, Kristen Gray, Mandy Gray, Hillori Hanks, Gabi Harner, Julie Hawkins, Dina Heydenfeldt, Laura Hogan, Michaeta Hollingsworth, Tami Horton, Jessica Huntington, Liuia Hur, Debbie Kasle, Ann Kim, Kim Kimbrell, Katy Kiraly, Alanna Klein. Cindy Klein, Alison Knepshield, Amy Knepshield, Nancy Knouiles, Stacey Konkoff, Corinne Kramer, Maria Kupferman, Jennifer Lee, Dana LeMert, Elizabeth Leo, Jessica Lindzy, Leigh Ann Loeffler, Kristen Loskutoff, Ashley Louie. Annie Maimone, Lisa Maloney (Rush Chairman), Lori Maxheimer, Michele Mayemura, Molly McCrory, Christine McCarthy, Stacy Michels, Wady Milner, Alii Mirza. lldy Modroulch, Susan Moore (President), Lisa Morgan, Ten Morse, Juli Mullln (Treasurer), Julie Myers, Julie Myers, Gloria Moh, Colleen O ' Gorman, Britt Olson, Patricia O ' Malley, Wendy Palmer, Karlssa Peden, Julie Peterson, Lisa Pingatore, Aneka Plimier, Michelle Plumlee, Devon Postal, Jennifer Rand, Kristen Rangel, Kristen Reltz, Susan Riddle, Kathy Higgle, Jenny Riggs, Anna Robinson, Susie Roggenbuck, Rochelle Roseman, Lisa Sauuage, Lisa Sctonte, Leslie Seulian, Dana Shapiro, Robyn Sheraln, Laura Sosa, Molly Stadum, Tiffany Stafford, Jessica Stepner, Cindy Stock, Cheryl Stone, Felicia Strankman, Connie Sullivan, Stephanie Sultiuan, Almee Suter, Laura Swift, Lori Teels, Vanessa Thomas, Suzi Tinder, Yvette Toledo, Amy Towrey, Sarah Valentine, Christian Vegtta, Barbara Vessadlni. Kan Walkup, Tracy Watktns, Kim Wetson, Natalie Watts, Anne Webster. Hilary Werdel. Kathy Whitlaker (Vice President Social), Carla Wiley, Sherrl Williams (Vice President Moral), Julie Williamson, Alyssa Wilson, Karen Wynn, Sheila Vales. Kim Zdobnlkow. Allison Zukor. 326 Pi Beta Phi Struck By Cupid ' s Arrow Romance filled the air as Pi Beta Phi sorority began fall quarter with the pinning of chel Mayemura and SAE ' s Kevin Costanzo. Then, two r e pinnings and one Engagement followed. These and more romances were en- c ouraged with a multitude of social events and activities. While fall ' s warm weather still permitted, PiPhi ' s and their dates showed off their most oTWirTHtTSOiMaf boxers at their " Ber BaB. " And the HomecoBng traBtion of float buildingV windA ' painting, and GrMk spoling events helpedJBsengUJL. ties with Beta Theta Pi. Then, to begin the new year, PiPhi ' s took part in the All-Cal Lake Tahoe Ski Weekend. They returned in time fSBP5P u " i-filled Greek Week wBch iWuded an all Greek Bii ne ' P ra ' se money (BtnelEpecial Olym- | n sujfcd l their favorite philanthropy, The Help Group, PiPhi ' s invited foster girls to their home, and gave them a tour of the (JCLA campus. They also organized the " Twister port of Beli times With 2 their new lent " in sup- Dimes. relaxing louVdid exist, supplied by mom, they organized movie nights. Also, retreats to Big Bear and Palm Springs enabled members to strengthen sisterhood with fond mem ories and experi- ences. Finally, to keep the romance alive, members danced the night away with their favorite beau at the " Bow and Arrow Ball. " -Wendy Wessman OPPOSITE PAGE: Tina Chappell and Lisa Maloney. top left: " Has Maloney stooped to Chap- pell ' s leuel of craziness? " Carta Wiley and Kaisey Fisher, middle left, enjoy a tropical evening in " Pi Phi Paradise. " Brill Olsen and Susan Riddle, mid- dle right, return from UCLA soccer team practice. Annie Maimone. Sandy McGilt. Laura Sosa, Kelly Ames, and Cindy Stock, top. cheer for the Pi Phi and Beta Homecoming float in downtown Weslwood. Cathy Dutton and Susan Moore, mid- dle left, show their bond of friendship at the " Beau and Arrow Ball " in riewport Beach. Diane Brostrom and Michele Mayemwa, middle right, escaped for a uacation in Ensenada, Mexico. The Pi Phi seniors, bottom, pop open the champagne after the last night of fall Rush. Photos courtesy of Pi Beta Phi. Group photo by Jan Gerstel Photography. Pi Beta Phi 327 Jai:q ' BeAtty, . : I lill ' , I- Ptf.nli-iil ill fUslem. Michelle HF Sammon, Amy PTr.i Su. .liili-ni ' Smith i. Rebecca Tabares. fKda. Slaci Thomas. Holly mfwter. Karen Wang. Marci ffrWheeler. Debbie Young. Cayle 328 Sigma Kappa The as Sigma Kappa began their week long Balloon Fest held in January, benefit the Sylvia Olshan lealth Center, the girls work- Pr together to launch a suc- cessful and unique philan- thropic event. The Balloon Pop and Balloon Launch were among the fun activities that took place that week. To keep them floating above the rest, Sigma Kappa also organized and par- ticipated in many other activi- ties. Energetic participation in the " Sisterhood Mystery Trip " and numerous IM sports kept this 64 year old chapter full of livelihood. During the season, the Sigma Kappas had the honor of qualifying for the finals of ' A ' level flag football. In addition, the Sigma Kap- pas were awarded " Best T- shirt Design " for their entry in Homecoming. Teamed up with the gentlemen of Alpha Sigma Phi, members of both houses had great fun joining in on Homecoming festivities. Sigma Kappa ' s " Violet Ball, " held in the winter, marked their annual formal affair. These ladies also par- ticipated in various other par- ties, exchanges and celebra- tions throughout the year. Working towards the motto " One heart, one way, " the girls found sisterhood and unity in all aspects of the house. As psychology major Sally Wheeler stated, " You can learn so much from the girls here because everyone is so different. " --Clarissa Asquivel OPPOSITE PAGE: During rush, Jenny, Elena, Kimberly, and Amy, top, await prospective pledges at " Hideaway Sigma Kay " . Dad ' s Day took place at the Homecoming game where daddy and his little girt, Chris O ' Connor, middle left, chatted and cheered. Mot missing a chance to be with their moms, Lori Zebrack, middle right, and other Sigma Kappas treated their moms to a day at Knott ' s Berry Farm. It was a night of blind dates for Sigma Kappas, bottom, at their annual set-up party held at the Buttock ' s Tea Room. Jennifer, Jenelle, Lori, and Lisa, top, spent Presents even- ing at the Manhattan Beach Radison Hotel. Jenny Hurdle and date, bottom left, " Go for the Gold " , in celebration of the Summer Olympics. It was " Fiesta Fun " for the girls of Sigma Kappa, bottom right, as Kimberly Fernandez, Fiaomi Goldman and dates said good-bye to another school year. Photos courtesy of Sigma Kappa. Group photo by Memory Lane Photography. Sigma Kappa 329 UNIFIED N rs. V 4 social 330 United Efforts You were brought together by a shared concern, background, or political conviction and together you pursued a goal. By raising awareness of certain issues, pro- viding various services and plann- ing social activities, you helped students to make the most of their years at UCLA. As a result of the time and energy you contributed, the campus community was brought together and UCLA no longer seemed like such a large and impersonal institution. Regardless of the challenges, you never lost sight of the goal; through unified efforts, you were able to accomplish great things. EFFORTS United Efforts 331 A ASOCLA was right there with you- Cotton Bowl Bearwear, right, to celebrate our record-setting seven straight Bowl wins. This just goes to show what we already knew: the Bruins were definitely the Bears to Wear. Below, did we say everything from soup to nuts ... to roses? There are necessities, then there are com- forts ... and then there ' s that little something extra that makes any day a special one. Hundreds of computers, thousands of software programs, bottom middle, and a whole lot of mice were pur- chased from the Computer Store at special low prices available only to (JCLA students, faculty and staff. OPPOSITE PAGE: An education in finance, top, became even easier when Bank of America joined Home Federal Savings and Security Pacific Bank in providing on-campus ATMS for convenient access to personal finances. A short trip to the ASUCLA Trauel Service was the easy way to get you where you wanted to go, mid- dle, whether it was a ski weekend, a Mex- ican getaway or home for the holidays. Bottom, our world-class book divisions brought you riches of knowledge in lex tbooks. bestsellers, cookbooks, computer books and more, plus practical riches in the form of rebates on book purchases through the ASUCLA Book R ebate pro- gram. Photos courtesy of Terry O ' DonnelL 332 ASUCLA :NEY BACK ON C =:CK PURCHASES, f From a sharp 2 pencil and a blue book to a cup of coffee and a freshly baked muffin, campus life just wouldn ' t be the same without the necessities and the comforts provided on campus by ASUCLA. These services aimed to. ac- commodate college lifestyles. They met students ' needs and the Board of Control ' s goals by providing nearby locations, convenient hours and low prices. So when you were hungry -- whether you pined for a pizza or burned for a burrito, craved a cookie or hankered for a hamburger - you could feast at a number of places on campus. The Bombshelter, the Cooperage, the Treehouse, the award-winning Northl Campus, or Jimmy ' s Coffee House at Lu Valle Commons were among your choices. Also, the Students ' Store of- fered things ranging from textbooks, computers, and calendars, to a pair of shoes, a quart of milk, and a bouquet of fresh flowers. And if you wanted to take a trip somewhere far away, you could visit ASUCLA Travel Services to make plans and reservations. Thus, ASUCLA made students ' lives easier by bringing the services of a small city to the large campus of UCLA. -ASUCLA ASUCLA Commitment: ' ASUCLA Services and Enter- prises ' is dedicated to enhanc- ing the quality of life at UCLA. We are committed to making the campus a better and more pleasant place to learn, teach, work. Hue and uisit. We exist to pro: places, products and services by, for and of students in which they have the primary voice and control. ASUCLA 333 The award-winning Tout de State was too templing to pass by, left, with delightful pastries, frozen yogurt, freshly baked muffins and dozens of sweet goodies by the pound. Middle, students applauded the introduction of SRO (Standing Room Only) featuring delec- table entree salads to complement Horth Campus ' popular stews, broiler and salad bar. Construction of the new Law School expan- sion bottom, didn ' t deter diners from enjoying goat cheese pizza, New York cheesecake and rich imported coffees at Lu Vatte Com- mons next door. Photos courtesy of Term O ' Donnell. sought to iw 1 ' interests fl Therefore, t -,:,;- students. T " Assecr I beta ed Ih munity. And td ecutive Dir non-voting r roponU Bos ' :: ' consistency 334 ASUCLA Board of Con trol oversaw the operation of services designed to improve the quality of campus life--the Store, the Student Union, Food Services, and all other ASCJCLA services from Lecture Notes to photocopy- ing. The Board of Control sought to meet the needs and interests of students. Therefore, the voting majority of the Bo ard was held by graduate and undergraduate students. The faculty, ad- ministration and Alumni Association were also repre- sented because ASCJCLA serv- ed the entire campus com- munity. And the ASCICLA Ex- ecutive Director, the only non-voting member, was responsible for implementing Board policy and ensuring the consistency of day-to-day operations. --Board of Control ASUCLA BOARD OF CONTROL MEMBERS: (First Row) Jason Reed (Execuliue Director), Lou Romano (Undergraduate Student), Mike Soules (Undergraduate Student), Mike Meehan (Undergraduate Student President), Jeff Rosen (Undergraduate Student). Rhodora Lacanitao (Recording Secretary), (Second Row) Lionel Mandy (Graduate Student), Scott Spelka (Graduate Student). Mike Foraker (Administration), Clinton Burch (Alumni Association). (Third Row) Jon Weinberg (Graduate Student). Konrad Hunlley (Graduate Student President), (not pictured), Jan Gong (Administration). Marlene Lugg (Faculty), Gary Richwatd (Faculty), Gary Schwartz (Alumni Association), Allen Yarnell (Administration). Group photo courtesy of ASUCLA. Students Helping Students j RE-HEALTH ASSOCIATION MEMBERS: Chona Alzona, Liberty Amadon. Liberty Amador (AAPHA Secretary), Marlon Carungay, Mnrrtn C.i nllu (AI ' IHT ( ihtn. Relations), Cindy Cat , Carlos Chan, Karen Chu, Don Coronel, Joy Dela Cruz, Ruth De B; Armaine De Vela. Pinky Deuera (APIHP Co-Director), Alice Diego (AAPHA PR Recruitment), Maria Dungo, Marialynn PHA Co-Director). Euerard Esteban (APIHP Cc-Dm-cior). Leo Cmrcia (APIHP Site Coordinator), Genalyn Gonzalez, Elena Hermogeno, Toni Jaramilla (AAPHA Co- Director), Joann Kim, Zeus Leonardo. Christian Using (Historian), Jf,m Liwanag, Sheila Lota, Myrian Marquez, Michelle Martinez, Carolyn Matibag (AAPHA PR Recruitment), Lori Miyasato, Gina Makamura, Chi Nguyen. Lourdes fionato, John Park (APtHP ! Jm-ation), Randy Pi. Spencer Prasarnsuk. Marissa Pulido. Arnel Reyes, Kim Sakaue, Colleen Sam. Patricia Sauquillo. Mimi Shttm, Anthony Sitay. Lisa Tamayo, Dorothy Tan. Lorraine (APfflP Co-Director), Rummel Timbal, John Tipton, Arlene Torres (Advisor), Virna Veloso, Henry Wang (APIHP Historian), Helar Wine (APIHP Education), Maura Yambot, Dana Van (Secretary). C ; ' fhoto hy Steuwt Kume. IHTERHATIOHAL STUDEMTS ASSOCIATIOH COMMITTEE MEMBERS: Re a Coharderakshan (Programmer). Jason Hsing (Treasurer). TsuAnn Kuo (Coordinator). Susan Lee (Programmer), Fang-Uan Llao (Programmer), Kazuko Llao (LEP Director), Yukle Maruiwa (tiewsleHer Editor). Arash fiaelm (Coordinator). Mike (Programmer). Croup photo by Chuck TulHt. 336 APIHP-AAPHA ISA " It ' s the best way to get in- volved on campus. Some of the most exciting and interest- ing things I ' ve done are through Belles. " said Presi- dent Debbie White. " We ' re dif- ferent than all the other clubs on campus. We ' re like a big family of girls who project the Kige of professionalism, " added sophomore Sophia Lin. The 170 Bruin Belles served as official representatives and hostesses of UCLA, both on campus and in the community in areas such as philantropy, fine arts, men and women ' s athletics, Mardi Gras and the alumni. Together, they con- tributed about 6,000 hours of volunteer service work per quarter. Some of their on-campus contributions included work- ing at the L.A. Open, the blood drives, and for the presidential debate between Bush and Dukakis. Additional charitable work included helping at benefits for the Starlight Foundation, the Hemophiliac Foundation, the Young Musicians ' Founda- tion and the American Cancer Society. " We ' re one of the best clubs on campus. We don ' t just do one thing, but we encompass all areas. We have a high rep- utation as hard workers, " stated White. -Janine Ouyang As the ofncal hostesses or UCLA, the Bruin Belles ' duties included supplying refreshments and deco- rations for Chancellor Young ' s press box, bottom left, at the Rose Bowl for the Homecoming game against Stanford. The festive spirit of Homecom- ing made float building with their Sigma Pi part- ners, bottom right, more enjoyable. Photos courtesy of Bruin Belles. Group photo by Todd Cheney. B I N I Jennifer Aquino, Holly Baba, Rachel Bacon. Yasmi Barakat, Cheri Barner, Lisa Bauer-McCiure, Maria Bautisi (Public Relations), Shalini Bhatia. Zena Bieckt Bogozian, Jilt Bourgeois, Paige Bowman, Karen President), Angelle Brooks, Lauren Br Brown, Leah Cadarona. Pamela Cajuconr Kristen Cesario, Lorena Chambers, Chang, Paris Chatman, Louisa Grjj Christianakis. Amy Cohen, . ( ,, ( ' morn ' s. , Kit } Dvgucon, M riia Dank Domantay, Julie Dudie, Escohedo, Daphne Debra Ann Fon t, ) ,- ' ;,, " , iman. iulh-ii dr.: GO. B E L L E S Bruin Belles 337 Above, Jennifer Jones and other Bruin Democrats officers meet Senator Sam Hunn Enthused, Matthew Wagner and Andy Eltelson come out to support Dukakis on the cue of the election, lop. Dukakis responds to inquisitive reporters before boarding his plane at the Burbank Airport, right. OPPOSITE PAGE: Bruin Democrats Presi- dent Jennifer Jones, top, poses u llh other officers. Bruin Democrats rally and cheer for presidential hopeful Mike Dukakis at the Burbank Airport, opposite middle. Ac- live members of the Bruin Democrats, opposite bottom smile for the camera. Photos by Stewart Kume and courtesy of Bruin Democrats. 338 Bruin Democrats The Bruin Democrats started the school year in busy preparation for the 1988 presidential election. Out to get as many votes as possible, they recruited stu- dents and helped with voters ' registration. They also cam- paigned heavily to make stu- dents aware of political issues. Selling buttons, bumper stickers, and t-shirts, they en- couraged other students to vote. Prior to the election, they sponsored guest speakers such as former vice-presiden- tial candidate Lloyd Bentsen and former presidential can- didate Jesse Jackson. The final presidential debate be- tween Republican candidate George Bush and Democratic candidate Michael Dukakis am Pauley Pavilion was definitely a high point for Bruin Demo- crats as they helped with the preparations. " The year is going very well. We ' re a lot more active than in previous years, people are excited even after the election, " stated Jennifer Jones. After the election, the Bruin Democrats kept up their spirits as they prepared for the California State Conven- tion. In addition, they sent fervent students to Sacramen- to to learn more about the party and offered others in- ternships with politicians. Jones added, " The club is growing strongly. It ' s a posi- tive thing. We ' re proud to be Democrats. " --Janine Ouyang en. Kay Bruin Democrats 339 c A M P U S An audience member in Ackerman Grand Ballroom, top left, directs a question to a guest speaker. The Cooperage offered tale night con- certs, top right, for student listening pleasure. Ac- tors, actresses, and comedians alike, such as Harry Shearer, middle, take time out of their busy schedules to come to UCLA and talk about their career. A hot item for many students this year, bottom right, was getting autographed uotleyballs and books from pro Sinjin Smith. OPPOSITE PAGE: Former UCLA Quarterback Mark Harmon, top attracted a large audience, most of whom were interested in his personal life. Photos courtesy of Campus Events. 340 Campus Events Campus Events, a non- profit organization, took great pride in complementing aca- demic life with films, concerts and speakers. Speakers from various fields including entertainment, literature, and politics made appearances on campus allow- ing audience members to ask questions, raise arguments and state opinions. During the year, Campus Events proudly presented two speakers with highly distinguished awards: the Jack Benny Award for ex- cellence in comedy and the Spencer Tracy Award for outstanding screen perfor- mance. Publicity Director Buffee Parker stated, " The best paj of working for Events is put- ting on a great show for peo- ple to enjoy. " Among these shows were noon time and Cooperage concerts where students could witness the talents of up and coming bands. Whether students en- joyed jazz, reggae, mellow or hard rock. Events brought a wide range of music for an assortment of listening tastes. Also for the sake of study breaks, many students looked forward to the sneak previews and recently released films Campus Events worked hard to present each quarter. " Events will have shown a record breaking twenty-seven free sneak previews by the end of the year in contrast to the three previews shown last year. " declared Greg Am- brose, Campus Events com- missioner. With all their hard work and publicity its no surprise that the Campus Events staff ' s goal of having the greatest programming year yet, was achieved. --Sylvia Ghazarian --Heidi Sommer P iorogra, Director), Slacy H ' bllcilti Using Campus Events 341 c H I N E S E S T U D E N rr S A S S O C For UCLA students, CSA was more than just another student association. The Chinese Student Association acted as a welcoming commit- tee helping students adapt not only to the college environ- ment, but also to a new culture. Publicity Coordinator Tina Yuh explained, " We formed to help people from Taiwaan and mainland China adjust to a new society, make new friends, and to provide tutoring. " Activities included an an- nual Lake Tahoe ski trip and a Big Brother Big Sister pro- gram. Richard Huang, a member of four years, com- mented, " It ' s a very com- petetive school, but these ac- tivities give you a chance to relax and just have fun. " Participating in the Homecoming parade for the first time, CSA ' s Lion Dancers and Traditional Dancers won the " Best Marching Group " award. And, in January, CSA sponsored the Chinese Culture Show featuring tradi- tional music and dance followed by a fairytale play, " The Snow Crane. " Finally, at the annual spring banquet, CSA proudly greeted their new officers and honored the accomplishments of the former officers. -Heidi Sommer CHINESE STUDENT ASSOCIATION STAFF: Bill Chen (Historian). Shyn-Kuiey Chen (Graduate Stu- dent Committee), Thomas Chen (Vice President). Felix Cheng (Educational Commisioner). Linda Chiu (Financial Commisioner), Gerard Hei (Vice President). Victor Ho (Social Commisioner). Jean Hong (Secretary), James Hsu (Administrative Commisioner), Jerry Kang (President), Tsung Lee (Graduate Student Committee), Albert Lou (Assis- tant Publicity Commisioner), James Ma (Cultural Shou} Manager), Chicn-Hsing Shen (Graduate Stu- dent Committee), Eue Tsai (Athletic Commi- sioner), Mike Wong (Assistant Athletic Commis- sioner), Tina Yu (Publicity Commisioner), Kuo-An Yuan. Over thirty members of CSA. top. gathered together in Lake Tahoe for their annual winter break ski trip. The team effort of CSA Lion Dancers and Drummers, middle, and members in traditional costumes, bottom right, earned an award for the " best marching group " for their participation in the Homecoming parade. The CSA staff, left, take time out of a weekly meeting to pose for a photo. Photos courtesy of Chinese Student Associa- tion. 342 Chinese Student Assoc COMMUNICAT OHS BOARD: Raul Anome (Undergraduate Member). Edward Condren (Faculty Member), Terence Hsiao (Publication Dim-Ion. Pcnyy Lee (Undergraduate Member). Rubfn Lizardo (Graduate Member). Matteui Merzbacher (Graduate Member), Tina Oakland (Administrative Member), Robert O ' Connor (Undi ' r radi:,i!c Mmtbtt). Genioe Ruiz (Chair. Undergraduate Member). Andy Schlei (Alumni Member). Gene Webster (Professional Member). Greg White (Graduate Member), Martin Writer (Graduate Member) (iimipphoto by Bruce Weimer. c o M M B O A R D CUBAN AMERICAN BRUINS CUBAN AMERICAN BRUINS: Menina Aguabelta. Yoteisy Atonso, Luis Alvarez. Lourdes Aparicio Kirk Auila {President), Kicky Azariota, Roberto r . trie Ben. Priscita Castillo. Vivian Grace Cas ro, Rick DC La Huelga, Lourdes Del Junco (Treasurer}. Ada Diaz. Jose Diax, Lourdes Oominicis. Ale (Programmer). Lourdex Garcia, Alfonso Gonzalez, Moraima Guerrei, Rebecca Hevia, KeMy Jimene?. Glen Llopis, Tony Lupc ., Viwan Mjcir f : Maya, Jackie Miguel, Christina Ortiz, Thomas Pact, Nelson Pantrigo, Ariuro Petit, Victor Petti. Henry Posada. Antonio Prt-sas ( David Reynaldo, Oitbcrlo Rico, Vicente Rico. Maria Rodriguez. Mark RoJrigw . Sandra Rodriguez. Sergio Rui,:. Juliet ta Tabaio . A I . Vigon, Silvia Zayas, Diana Zschaschet. Group photo by Chuck Tuffli. Comm Board CAB 343 " Deadline! " It ' s almost 12 noon and just as Amy Suber. Dally Bruin operations manager, yells the dreaded word, the Daily Bruin advertis- ing staffers scurry in a mad rush to beat the clock. The In- ternal Display Department hustles and bustles to finish recording the on-campus ads that will appear in the Bruin in two days time. The External Sales Department staff, super- vised by Manager Merrill Yarl- ing, makes last minute high- powered calls to potential off-campus clients. Creative Director Clare De Briere is hard at work at the drawing board creating art work for current ads. At 12:03 p.m. nhis tremendous coordinated effort gives way to a hush which falls over the office of 112 Kerckhoff...but not for long: the Classified Depart- ment must still diligently work to meet their 4 o ' clock deadline. Despite all the work, Danielle Higby, classified manager, said, " We have such a great time here. This is definitely the best job on campus! " The hectic pace and pressure of the day ' s work isn ' t all for nothing. Leah Kilpatrick, a staff member, af- firmed, " The most rewarding aspect of this job is being able to see the finished product the next day. " --Tiley Chao DAILY BRUIM ADVERTISING STAFF: Rebecca Armendariz-Long, Celia Baker, Milch Bar as. Christine Benedict. Oliver Benjamin. Joe Bondi. Jennifer Burleson, Jose Cano. Jennifer Carlson. Tiley Chao (Business Manager). Kim Cieslak, Carrie Conn. Stephanie Connors, Cecilia Cornejo, Michelle Cossette. Laura Creighton. Paula Dauidson. Clare DeBriere (Creatiue Director), Lori Dorfman , Terrence Dorsey, Shirley Fan, Becky Farley, Jeff Fenyo, Dave Fortner. Julia Franz. Dane Golden. Wendy Goodman, Lisa Hassin, Danielle Higby (Classified Manager). Nuli Ibrahim. Michele Jimerson. Leah Kilpatrick, Robert Klein, Blanka Kopecky, Bill Kuluva. Staci Leuschner, Mara Lissauer, Young Lim, Kristin Lopez, Kristine Lucas, Staci Maher, George Marcopulos, Jeremy Mende, Olga Mermels. Debbie Michaels, Jennifer Moyers, Stephanie Paredes, Eugene Rubinstein. Amy Suber (Operations Manager). Jill Suzuki, Alice Terada, Maryam Towfigh, Christine Trygstad, Anne Ward, Lisa Washington, Melissa Waters, Donna Whooley, Susie Woo, Katrina Wulffson. Merrill Yarling (Sales Manager), Brian Yoo. 344 Daily Bruin Advertising t) Seventy-eight years ago. the GCLA campus was but an ar- chitect ' s dream. Parched strands of yellow crabgrass poked through the porches of scattered homes in Westwood Village. At the State Normal School on Vermont Avenue, a Htudent paper known as the Outlook printed a whopping one-page first issue. Today, the campus spans 411 acres. Restaurants and banks have replaced the crab- grass. And the Outlook now the GCLA Daily Bruin - is read by 48,000 people and averages 44 pages a day. Editor-in-Chief Nancy Mc- Cullough said, " It ' s been a natural evolution. The Bruin has kept pace with the growth of the school. " This year, the newspaper expanded in size and scope. Circulation jumped to 22,000, and coverage grew with the addition of a science academics section devoted to stories about GCLA research. In the Arts Entertainment department, the editors in- creased coverage of campus events, while in Viewpoint, the staff wrote more frequent editorials. The Sports depart- ment continued its broad treatment of GCLA and pro- fessional athletics. " For me, the highlight of the year was producing three pages on the presidential debate held here at GCLA, " said City Editor W. Kevin Leung. " I loved the Bruin, " agreed Assistant Design Editor Jen- nifer Lee. " The A E section was especially thorough. Our off-campus coverage always stayed at least a day ahead of the LA. Times. " -Ron Bell- Jubilant mrmbivs of I In- D.jilv Liruin. top, : tt-- brale their 13-7 win ouer Ilk it.iff of the Daily Trojan in the annual Blood S Edilor-in-Chinf Nancy McCutlough and Jm ,,r Brian Howit, inittJIf ( , MTOU r- Budget M in,it)ct r iy . dia Ad- uiser Fra r-, r ndfide$. middle right t lkf iumk- h t t .S ) ' -N SM Writer Matt Purdue. : K(JIM EDITORIAL STAFF: Glenn Arfams (V, Editor), Eugene Ann. hena Au . " Barttett, Holly Bauer. Ron Bell V. (Managing Editor}, Alex Chaniitd MI - ' ' huri, Erik Cteut .h. 7 sfM Daw. fifl . ; ' .,j, Holly Ehr t, A fa, " (em, Oji 1 .. unflton, Gam Houannisian, Hopkins. : a, Oin ' s Kijuiint ' t. Lawfeni. . , riann ' i LeWurm Kevin i Editor). Pal r-hCu ' i: Wn ' ti. ' .m Mengh L. MvCulfaugh (Editor-in-Chief) , ' {Sport Editor). I. V v dsf roni. Jin 1 ' iirJtu ' . Bill Qw ' nn, Maja Radeuich, Oavid. Rxppallo, d. fiancy Stewart. To m Sitilin n. Jill Taylor, fo {Arts En ' t -! t tinmcn! Editor), Lgnetti: Tsai. Sc lt U Tofki Williams, Wendy Withenspoon, J. D. Wnlwrto Wong. Whitney Wooden rd. Tom Yun. David Zetland. hij 1-hiJ ( ' Urtc u of Daily Bruin. Barrett i ; Tran , Daily Bruin Editorial 345 - Encouraging high scholastic attainment, Phi Eta Sigma and Alpha Lambda Delta of- fered a lifetime membership to freshmen who achieved a GPA of 3.5 or higher. These national scholastic societies enabled students to join in the promotion of academic ex- cellence, and offered members local and national scholarships ranging from $250 to $2000. Members of these groups organized and participated in various recreational and charitable activities. Breaking away from the books, they sailed to Catalina for some R R. Also, they combined ef- forts to staff a booth at Mardi Gras, and organize their an- " Eyeglass Drive " in which they collected re-usable l eglasses for the needy. Also, Alpha Lambda Delta participated in Homecoming, winning second place in Bruin Jeopardy and first place in the scavenger hunt. Furthermore, ALD planned to organize a pre-med pre-law forum. As ALD member Saha Sadeghi stated, " 1 like being a member of this honor society because it brings together students who are serious about academics, while also offering us a chance to par- ticipate in fun activities. " --Mikel Healey PHI ETA SIGMA: Susan Deas (Treasurer). Terry Goode (Second Vice President). Patrick Goodman (Historian). Misa Hosohana (Honots Chair). Grace Kim (President). Andrew Lee (Secretary). Gay Meixel (Social Chair). Sandria Miao (Scholarship Chair). Joshua Reynolds (Seruice Chair). Michele Schweilzer (American Red Cross Liaison). Karla Stewart (Vice President). Maryam Towfigh (Cam- pus Relations). ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA: Raimie Dare (Seruice Chair). Tanyko Gaines (Honors Chair). JoAnn Lambert (Historian). Michelenc Vosce (President). Kristin Pitt (Treasurer). Lisa Quock (Vice President). Leslie Reed (Social Chair). Saha Sadeghiz (Scholarship Chair). Carrie Solnu (Campus Relations. Eun-Joo Song (Secretary). Lisa Walco (American Red Cross Liaison). Finished with Ml quarter finals, the officers, top. relax at a holiday party. Patrick Goodman and Susan Deas, above left, enjoy some friendly competition in a game of pool. Meanwhile, Eun-Joo Song and Grace Kim, about right, prefer the In- tellectual challenge of a game of Trivial Pursuit. Both presidents, Grace Kim and Michelene Hosce, bottom right, provide some support by cheering on their Bruin Jeopardy team. Photos courtesy of Phi Eta Sigma and Alpha Lambda Delta. Group photo by Stewart Hume. 346 Phi Eta Sigma Alpha Lambda Delta STUDEMT RECRUITMEMT STAFF: Fernando Basa. Cindy Blankenship. Lena Brown (Administrative Assistant), Deanna Campos. Mike Casilla-,. Lor, 71,1 Chambers. Ben Chow Dawn Dagucon. Auery Egerer, Vickilyn Gitcrest, Steue Good, Brent Greenberg, Atex Guttenmaker. Cheryl Hanselman (Coordinator), Lori tzabat, Melissa J H Suzanne Kounas. Beth Langdon, Emily Naranjo. D.J. O ' Day. Tom Orewyler. Erin Oseng. Attie Pang. Stacy Patterson, Alicia Rodriguez, Susie Rumsfel l Spomilli. Kira Stickgotd, Kristy Takacs. Chris Varela, Brian Venner. Michael Warner. Group photo courtesy of Greg Miltenhuber. To the GALA Steering Committee, O. U. T. office workers and support social THANKS FOR A GREAT YEAR We couldn ' t have done these without you: Homecoming Spring Sing A Mardi Gras 16th Annual Gay and Lesbian Awareness Week UCLA Gary Steele Memorial Alumni Association UCLA Gay and Lesbian Studies Center Delta Lambda Phi and Lambda Delta Lambda We ' re behind you all the way! Keep up the good work. WE ARE EVERYWHERE R E SC TR UU DI ET. NM TE N T, G i A . y A LS ES! SO, Student Recruitment GALA 347 A N I c so u AN SS KE L O S P E EC RO l N S AE LL TO HR I S 1 XL Cathy Behrens (Coordinator). Pamela Branch. Patrick Conueru. Janelle Del Carlo. Sheri Forbes. Darrin I ' is (Assistant Coordinator). Daphne McCarley. Kim McCarly. Steue McKiernan. Tony Miller (Academic Trainer). Pete PEER HEALTH CCXJMSELORS: Rita Agarwal (Coordinator). Rosally Agbunag, Haroon Anwar. Ann Calllson, Paulyn Cartuirlght. Karm ( VM, .. ( , i.i ., Kaisey Fisher. Mm Fraivley (Coordinator). Sheryl Frtedlander. Sander Hall, Relna Haque. Anne Ichlujt, Lisa Jlas, Diane Joyal. Diana Junge. Oona Khan, Lori Ken Uopii (Coordinator), Lte Lubin (Coordinator), Craig Maranti, Tony Mayo (Coordinator), Susie Melzger (Coordinator), Michelle Meyer, Vickie Miles, Linj R Taylor Murphy, Anthony Hunez. Paulette Painter, Patty Park, Tricla Pate, Swall Palel, Kristin Paxlon. Linda Perl, Cheryl Perry, Todd Peterson, Dean H Stephanie Rlccl (Coordinator), Joe Rosenbloom, Tammy Rolhacher, Ursula Schmidt, Lisa Shorago, Lisa Skinner (Co-Director), JenniferSko f (Coordinator), Antoinette Toms (Coordinator), Tammle Trank, Cindy (Jshiyama, Laura Van Roy, Lli Wieland, Tommy Yen. Elaine Yutan. ( yjAflftfc ' 348 L S ASK Counselors Peer Health Counselors Director), Jennife SkoL tine Yutan. Grwti A UCLA PRE-LAW SOCIETY OFFICERS: Susan Chung (Vice President). Soo Kang (Treasurer), Tiffanie Kovacevich (President), Mara M Sanchez (Events Director). Group photo courtesy of UCLA Pre-Laiv Society. PUBLICATIONS OFFICE: Kd y Barnes (Communications Board Secretary). Nhi Chu (Accounting, Student Assistant). France-- dinator), Terence Hsiao (Publications Director), Kristen Jackman (Accounting. Student Assistant). Meredith Jones (Accounting tan!)- Stjsi Lim (Accounting. Student Assistant). Brian Maeda (Student. Assistant), Conrad Natac (Accounting Manager), Fernando R Siobhan Stofka (A R C erkJ. Brcnda Walker (Accounting Assistant). Awli Ward (Media Adviser}, Mama Wren (Accounting. Stuc.t counting. Student Assistant). Group photo by Heidi Sommer. Pre-Law Society Publications Office 349 P R : E t LS 1 AO 1 WG I E T Y t P U B LOj IF CF AI TC I IE! i o 1 s- ), N 9 S M O R T AB RO R D MORTAR BOARD MEMBERS: Christopher Anderson, Mlndi Bach (Service Chair}. Janelle Del Carlo, Michael Ditmars. Laurence Friedman (Elections frector), Dana Cairns, Patti Chauarria (Historian), Monica Christie (Vice President), Daue Cloutier (Mardi Cras ctor). Damn Gee, Anne Gelb (Secretary), Anahid Gharakhanian, Lisa Grieue, Cheryl Hanselman (Bear Facts {Chair), Hai-Feng Huang, Sheila Huettl (Communications Director), Henry Kem.v, liracc Kim, William Knebel, Laureen Lazarouici, Joan Lo, Elaine Mandel, Paul Newman (President), Francis (Papica, Mary-Kelly Pcrsyn, Pam Rodriguez, Jeff Rosen, John Saroey, John Spotti- .u ' o i .l (Tn;)surcr), Kathe Stewart (Calendar Chair), Anna Tong, Ati Towfigh, Kimberly Whitworth, Elaine fWrenn. Robert Young. Group photo by Chuck Tuffii. tow Down. U . " ' TV O L r STUDEHT HEALTH ADVOCATES.- Ven Cheng. Jono Cohen. Jennifer Domingo. Ken Droblsh. Kim Durrett. Shawn Ehsan. Mike Fleis Toni F, Tracy luerson. James Jaing. Pal Kaulback, Joanie Kessetrtng, Anhlhu Kieu (Publicity Coordinator), Michelle Kihara, An 1 Laliotis (Co-Dtie Louie. Louie Loualo. David Men. Judy Makamatsu (Co-Director). Christine nicholas. Sam Mlmmo. Dianne Pekary, Mike Schoof M Smith. Eric Tallano. Michelle Takata. Kathy Wang, Vlrna Veloso. Shauna Thompson, Suzanne Tinder (Recruitment CoordlnaJ Lori Wan (M. Coordinator). Croup photo by Chuck Tuffll. 350 Mortar Board Student Health Advocates w o MC EO NM M I N 0erto taw fefei fora UCLA WOME V in COMMUNICATIONS: Joana M. Alvarez. Stephanie Arnold (Treasurer). Noelle Balla, Mary Anne Cauallin. Paul ChauemAmy Choice. Kimberty Ciesiak. Margo Cohen. Aimee Donarico. Lisa Evans, Jane Ferda, Piicki Flood, Felicia French (Vice President), Gwen Classman. Bambi Hitlc (Publicity Coordinator). Barbara Hernandez. Kr Dennis Jenkins. L. Yuette Jenkins, Robin Joseph, Shannon Jue. Sabrina Kim. Alexandra Liston (Director). Lisa Makiya. Amy Manczak ( Program Director}, Barbara Miif as, LISA Murray. Lisa Hewberry (Special Events), Robyn Norris. Karen Oakland. Christine Ortega. Jaqueiine Pose, Jennifer Rose (2nd Vice President Lus mi, Kimbeikt Rosenberg, Randy Shier, Victoria Siamison. Amy Stroud (President), Pamela Sun, Jill Taylor. Heather Wilson, Pam Weckerly. Group photo by Stewart Kume. UNIVERSITY YWCA: (Bottom Row. Icfi to right) Patty Kuo (Historian), Met i vka, Monica Decker. Dtwwia Adanison. Mtchacia Cho (Wo.-- ritfhu Felice Huang, deeta Malik. Maria Leonard. Atejantira Limvn. Publicity Chairf.K ' .r$on). (Top Row: left io right) Dean. Might. Andn-.- (Judicial Board Chairperson), Christina Latt. (Wot pictured) Regina Mclto nt), Lilta BWSJ Do (Resident Karen U N I VY EW RC SA I T Y Women in Communications University YWCA 351 s T E N T D I R E T O R r Y Melissa Waters, Tiley Chao, and Tise Chao, top, proudly display the com- pleted ] 988-89 Student Directory. But before the directory was finished, Kim Beck, bottom left, spent much of her time typesetting telephone numbers. Ian Jester and Dave Fort- . r er, bottom right, look a little shock- ed at the number of directories to be deliuered on their route. Photos by Heidi Sommer. 352 Student Directory Thousands of UCLA stu- dents have referred to the Student Directory for tele- phone numbers of friends, faculty, and on campus facili- ties. Many students however, were unaware of the people responsible for the directory and the hours of hard work involved in its production and delivery. For the Student Directory staff, work began in continued througl summer. There were tele- phone numbers to verify, a general format to create, and a cover to design. In winter quarter, 12.500 directories were finished and ready to be delivered. By splitting up the designated delivery routes, l ffe staff was able to distribute all copies within one day. As Joe Bondi ex- plained, " It was hard work because the directories are so heavy. " Directory Coordinator Tiley Chao admitted that at times " the work was very tedious, and because it ' s so short liv- ed, it was hard to find people willing to work short term. " But in the end, the small staff of 14 students managed to successfully complete the 1988-89 Student Directory. Although this accomplish- ment was not outwardly ac- knowledged by the student body, proof of its helpfulness was evident to those in search of addresses and phone numbers. --Heidi Sommer Mitch Bar as. Kimberly Beck (Assistant Directory Coordinator), Oliuer Benjamin, Joe Bondi, Tiley Chao (Directory Coordinator), David Fortner, Dane Golden, Ian Jester, Young Lim (Assistant Direc- tory Coordinator), George Marcopulos. Dan Miller, Melissa Waters (Assistant Directory Ci Brian Yoo. y Coordinator), W-- " It ' s hard to be a minority group. " stated President Pop- py Insixiengmay, " UCLA is such a big pl.H so it ' s nu to know there are people with the same background as you. " Thai Smakom. an organiza- fnon of about 40 students was a support group as well as a social club. Established in 1982, their main goals were to promote cultural awareness of the Thai culture and provide foreign students with support. They held activities such as the Thai Cultural Day where they displayed the arts and crafts of Thailand. " When we put on shows, it gives me a sense of appreciation for the Thai culture, " said Vice-Presi- dent Chancy Hirunpidok. Also, for their first Homecom- ing entry, they proudly receiv- ed the " Best Decorated Float " award. And they shared a Mardi Qras booth with ISA. Hirunpidok added, " It ' s (Thai Smakom) been one of the most worthwhile and meaningful experiences for me in the sense that I ' ve never had an opportunity to be among Thai students and peers of my background. " --Janine Ouyang Luckchai Bhababhulanong, Patamauadee Charuwan. Varumon Chiean, Thomas Andy Choy, Paisam Chuchinnawat, Witasinee Chunbomrung. Paisan Etitum. Mukunlhorn Darakananda, Julmale Hanchaikul, Chanchanit Hirunpidok (Vice Presi- dent), Visalaya Hirunpidok, Sunsiri Inchun. Praphaphone Insixiengmau (President), Kanjana Jareebonsompote, Sirichai Kanjanawasee. (Jaichai Liamphulhong, Watcharapong Khouidhungij, S e r e e K u m t o n g , Sophia Ma, May Mahadumrongkul, Chulima Mangkornkarn, Somcharl Mapansri, Vorapong Nimnual, Jim Niuatpumin, Chidchanok Nopparalana, Panudda Pimanmas, Parinda Pimanmas Treasurer), Pauanee Pongsiriphat, Srauulh Prasarnsuk, Pongpitak Sawetnant, Robert A. Ringler (Aduisor), Kanokrat Siripanic hgon , Pimot Sriuigrom, Varun Taepaisilphongse (Senior Aduisor), Sirinuch Tharmapornpilas, Suthipongse ThatphithakuJ Nuanporn Thienprasiddhi, Benjamap Tiraphalna. Kosol Vi uapa n , Per H Vudlhitornetiraks, Cynthia Yng. B I ihcir courtesy of ? ; S M A K O M v. Thai Smakom 353 tl Up the stairs on Kerkchoff ' s third floor resided (JSAC Council. Consisting of 13 elected officers, three non- students, and two ex-officio members, they sought to rep- resent the entire under- graduate population. They focused on both the individual and collective needs of the student body. Their main goals were to im- prove student life and make the administration aware of student concerns and pro- blems on campus. One such problem was the lighting on campus which was greatly improved in efforts to make (JCLA a safer place at night. Other projects included the allocation of more space for scooter parking. Also, the publication of a student hand- book was designed to inform Wudents of the available ser- vices and options on campus, including student involvement in campus politics. Involvement in CISAC was available to anyone that had an interest in student gov- ernment. Weekly council meetings were open to all. Also, GSAC invited students to participate in internships which could lead to more responsible positions in stu- dent government. --Tammy Gee m iV. USAC COUNCIL: Michai-l Mce.han (President). Mark Harrington (Executive Vice President). Michael Braun (Second Vice President), Lindsey Flook-Slroup (General Representative), Jennifer Poulakidas (General Representative), Mike Spence (General Representative), Florencia Aranovich (Academic Affairs Commissioner), Greg Ambrose (Campus Events Commissioner), John Sarucy (Community Service Commissioner), Ken Wada (Cultural Affairs Commissioner), Jason Weiss (Fa- cilities Commisioner), Mark Jessee (Financial Supports Commissioner), Mark Rodriguez (Student Welfare Commissioner), Lyle Timmerman (Ad- ministrative Representative), Keith Brant (Alumni Representative), Professor Harry Vinters (Faculty Representative), Jason Reed (ASOCLA Executive Director), Marcos Aruizu ( Finance Committee Chair). Photos by Chuck Tuffli. Group photo courtesy of (JSAC. CISAC President Mike Meehan, top, counts the raised hands of council members as they uote on an issue. CISAC Council members, middle, gather at a weekly Wednesday night meeting to discuss various policies and put forth new proposals. 354 USAC Full Council A top priority for President Mike Meehan was to get back to the guidelines as stated in the (JSAC constitution. With the help of over 40 students on his stall. Meehan raised the level of staff members ' in- volvement by increasing their delegation of duties. This pro- to be very successful, as Tis office was made more ' open to the council members. In previous years, the council itself was often the biggest opponent of the president because many of his duties were not revealed to them. This year, however, Meehan strove to " work with the council. " Aside from overseeing all actions of the council, running weekly council meetings, and serving as a representative on campus committees, Meehan organized special projects and established two new cabinet positions. His interest in the needs of new students necessitated the institution of an Inv olvement Coordinator and a Transfer Student Liaison. According to Meehan, the best part of being president was getting things ac- complished with others rather than working against each other. -Tammy Gee Basel Barakat (Campus Media Director), James Catlahan ((JC Lobby Director), Bruce Cowan (Ex- ternal Affairs Director (JCSA Representative), Rebecca Forestall (Involvement Director), Haomi Goldman (Internal Affairs Director). Daue Green (Executive Assistant). Michael Meehan (USAC President), Colleen Mitchell (Outreach Director). Lisa Puccini (Chief of Staff). Chris Rimer (Campus Safety Seismic Safety Director). Benja Rozwood (Budget Review Director), Schneider (Metro Lobby Director), Keith (Transfer Student Retention Director). j (Special Issues Director). PROJECT Mary Black. Brandt D ' Amore, A Caroline Frew. Jessica Kohen, O ' Day. Jill Hut-Hi v ; , Smith. Geredith Villaver. Phol ' Second in line to the CJSAC president was Executive Vice President Mark Harrington. Assuming the role of the president in his absence, Harr- ington also worked ver y close- ly on the policy matters and internal organization of (JSAC. Agendas and appointment approvals were handled by him as well as programs that were geared to include and in- form students of the council ' s activities. One program that was enacted was the quarterly stu- dent government newsletter, the CJSAC Chronicle. It ' s main purpose was to report the council ' s functions and duties Mrrepresenting the student oody. The newsletter also provided an awareness of the opportunities for direct in- volvement in student gov- ernment, including intern- ships. Internships were provided for over 30 undergraduate students this year. Interns gained experience working with administrative officials, by filling positions in the Chancellor ' s office, Dean of Students, the EXPO center, and Student Health. According to Harrington, the time and effort that he devoted to these and other programs has given him much satisfaction, and has enabled him to " deal with different temperaments, talents, and convictions. " -Tammy Gee Mark Harrington (CISAC Executive Vice President). Victor Yang (Chief Deputy). Dean Poulakidas (Administrative Assistant). Jeff Giedt (Executive Assistant), Diane Goya (ARC Director), Andrea Cross (Public Relations Director), Mindy Melchior (CJSAC Recording Secretary), Wendy Angus (Jim Auerbach Internship Co-Director). Katheryn Mackinsie (Jim Auerbach Internship Co-Director). CJSAC CHRONICLE STAFF: Lawrence M. Li (Pro- duction Editor). Marvin C. SooHoo (Production Editor), Dana Landsdorf (Editor). Ted Ackerley (Special Projects), Alfred Hernandez (Special Pro- jects), Kim McElliot. Chris Derosa, Edward Win, Francisco Zavala. Marilyn Kilkrease. Executive Vice President Mark Harrington and ARC Director Diane Goya, above, look over a proposal. The quarterly USAC Chronicle, below left, was one of the Ex- ecutive Vice President ' s responsibilities and managed to keep the Chronicle staff, below right, busy throughout the year. Photos by Greg Mittenhuber. Chronicle U 356 Executive Vice President Second Vice President Michael Braun acted as liaison between CJSAC and 12 special interest groups on campus. Hraun ' s main responsibility ' was to ensure that the groups ' activities didn ' t overlap or conflict with one another. If there were ever problems in any of the groups, Braun was responsible for voicing their concerns at GSAC meetings. : The groups Braun worked with were AISA, ARC, BGLOC, BSA, GALA, IFC, IRHC, ISG, ISA, JSU, MECha, and Panhellenic. Braun aimed to not only strengthen relationship be- tween each group and GSAC, but also to build a strong bond amongst the various groups themselves. In fact, each group ' s representation was fully expanded to the point where they were work- ing together and actually ex- changing ideas as a whole committee. According to Braun, his position as second vice presi- dent was a tremendous cross-cultural learning experi- ence. He was challenged as a leader and as a person, meeting people with varying opinions and needs. Following the motto of " Unity in Diversi- ty, " Braun concluded, " However diverse we are, we are all (JCLA students united in making UCLA a better place. " -Tammy Gee Stacey Albanese (SIC Represenlatiue). Andres Areghini (Assistant Finance Director), Mike Braun (Second Vice President), Christopher De Rosa (Assistant Press Director). Lourdes Qe j M Katie Francis (Projects Director), Li : ministratiue Assistant), Director), Derek Director), Fran ' .ium;d (Admi. v. ' . : ., ' , M.ihon (,S C; Meyers, ' k Second Vice President 357 IP AO LR T S m-rl. Hath Kuntf (Assistant Conimnvom-r). Bob McLain (Seismic Safety Coordinator), Tammy Pelrl (Administrative ' Warns (Intern). ' . ' V.i;i,( (l i, j -rl Din-dor). Croup pholo by Greg Mittenhuber. Assistant), ISAC FIHAHC AL SUIT ' , , t V ;,,,i, . ,...,, (Financial Supports CommltKinner). Bill Rocschlein (Funding Guide Editor). Anthony Shepherd (Student Credit Union (Compudollar Director). Photos by Held! Sommer. 358 Facilities Commission Financial Supports Commission GENERAL REPRESENTATIVES OFFICE: Lindsey Flook-Stroup (General Representative). Jennifer Poulakidas (General Representative). Mike Spence (General R, (General Rep. Assistant). Adam England (General Rep. Assistant). Marissa Preslinary (General Rep. Assistant). Michelle Haberkorn (Director of Special Projectf Academic Concerns). Anne Ichiuji (Surveys Director). Shannon Kline (Daily Bruin Liaison). Don Marek (Director of Corporate Sponsorships). BobMcL f Si .sdwie Metine (Co-Director of Intern Recruitment). Collin Melcalf (Residence Halls Liaison). Chris Talonc (Co-Director. Bruin Walk Info Table). Laur an Roy Table). Karen Wcxler (Forums Director). Kim Wood (Co-Director of Intern Recruitment). INTERNS: Jamie Billote. Erin Brown. Alison Dunn. Debbie Dyner. Samanlha Harlog. Laurel Joe. Sandy Kaplan. Ching Liu. Justin Martinez. Bill Mustard. Leslie Scher. Paul Group photo by Andrew Lin. m STUDENT WELFARE COMMISSION Mark Rodriguez (Commissioner). Nora Manjikian (Assistant Commissioner), Lourdes Del Junco (Blood Dnue D - Jennifer Rlggs (Blood Drive Stall). Stacy McMUten (Mental Health Awareness Director). Christie McMUIen (Mental Health Awareness Assistant), Sarah .Smith ML " ? Shorago (Health Fair Director), JaymerSuarez (Health Fair Assistant). Susie 77co (Peer Health Counselor Liaison). Susan Barrat (Special Projects D,recto,), Chns De R Mavid Sayan. Group photo by Stewart Kume. General Representatives Student Welfare Commission 359 A R E s T U D N T A L U M N r A S S O C SAA SAA members, top left, prepare " Bruin Survtual Kits " before fall quarter finals. Members of the Homecoming Executive Commit tee, top right, toast to a job well done SAA Board of Directors, middle left, lake time out of their busy schedules to pose ft group photo. Homecoming Queen Maura Diiscoll and King Mike Casillas, middle right, wave to the cheering crowd in down Westiuood during the Homecoming parade. The 1 989 Senior Class Cabinet, bottom, pose with their make-shift caps 4 t gou , OPPOSITE PACE: Executlue Director Chris Anderson and Josephine Bruin, lop, take part in the Homecoming coionttio Members of SAA, middle, seme food at the Alumni Pre-Rose Bowl Picnic prior N si,in oi, :-. HCI i, ,i : thus astlc contestants, bottom, glue it their all at the 1 988 Spring Sing. 360 Student Alumni Assoc. Since its origination in 1985, the GCLA Student Alumni Association has grown to a membership of over 400 students. As Jennifer Poulakidas said, " It ' s fun! It ' s a great way for students to get involved and to find out more about campus and themselves. " The purpose of SAA was to promote a link between students and alumni, enhance GCLA pride, and strengthen campus traditions. With about 70 students on staff, SAA recruited new stu- dent volunteers by inviting them to a quarterly meeting at which they were introduced to SAA and its programs. At this meeting, they were in- vited to participate in any SAA programs and activities. Among the programs orga- nized by SAA was the Career Network program which allowed students to explore potential careers by meeting alumni professionals. They also planned " Dinner for Twelve Strangers " for a selected group of students, faculty, and alumni. The " 5K 10K Run Like a Bruin " invited all to a challenging race around campus, and " Parent ' s Day " gave parents an insiders view of student life. In addition, SAA played a major role in the traditions of Homecoming, Spring Sing, and Mardi Gras. As Katy Zeich stated, " SAA organizes several of the most exciting and recognized pro- grams at UCLA; programs that provide terrific oppor- tunities for students. " -Mikel Healey SAA BOARD OF DIRECTORS: Keith Brant (Ad- lisor), Jed Chen. Lisa Goodall, Maria Ilkin, Brad Jaruinen, Hae Yung Kim. Stefanie Klein. Peter Koebler, Mia Lalhrop. Judy Levin (Vice President for Student Alumni Relations), Jennifer Poulakidas, Murffy Steuens. Annette Yu (Advisor) Katie Zeich. CAREER NETWORK: Daue Ducar. Christine Escobedo, Mary Kilgariff, Alice Kim. Alan Liu. HOMECOMIHG COMMITTEE: Christopher Anderson. Julie Barker. Janelle DelCario, Anne Gamrin. Marie Ktulh, Mia Lalhrop, Laurie Louret. Rob Martinez, Katie Zeich. PARENTS ' DAY COMMITTEE: Jennifer Baer. Cristina Caslaneda. Liz Glouer, Lisa Goodall, Karen Kellner. Joseph Kirkpalrick, Richard Laurence, Denise Lawrence, Mindi Schujaru Karen Koe. SEHIOR CLASS CABINET: Tanya Appuhn. Sleue Barth. Kalhy Car ton. Mike Casillas, Cindy Fry. Ciran Hadjian, Christy O ' Shaughnessy, Jennifer Poulakidas. Lisa Puccini. Tim Ramirez, Maureen Tuiomey. Keith Brant, Judy Levin. Annette Yu. SPRING SHVG COMMITTEE: Keri Brown (Publicity Director), Kevin Bryant (Assistant Executive Director). Michael Cerillo (Talent Director), David Cloutier (Thematic Direc- tor), Rebecca Forristalt (Talent Director), John Funk (Publicity Director), Pete Koebler (Executive Director), Morgan Rumpf (Production Director), Hong-Ha Truong (Administrative Director). Hiroshi Wald (Public Affairs Director). Photos courtesy of Student Alumni Association. Student Alumni Assoc. 361 U COMPETITIVE Throughout your life, y ou have slrived to be the best that you could be. This competitive nature has motivated not only your aca- demic performance but also your athletic ambitions. Because of these ambitions, you devoted much of your time to conditioning your body and perfecting the techniques of the sport. Along the way, you encountered success and at times failure. Yet through it all, you re- tained that competitive edge and continued to offer your personal best. 362 The Competetive Edge The Competetive Edge 363 The swashbuckling heroes of days past don ' t only exist upon the silver screen. CICLA had its own chivalric musketeers in the 1988-89 fencing club. With crisp white uniforms and flashing swords, these players once again established themselves as powerhouses of the west. The fencing club consisted of 35-40 students who studied the techniques of fleche, riposte, and la belle in this artful sport. Of these students, the top 20 fencers went on to become a part of UCLA ' s fenc- ing team. Currently a club sport, the students hoped that this would soon change. " We ' re looking to bring the varsity status back, " sai Michael Cho, president of club. Lunging for their lourth Pac-10 title, this relatively young team worked hard to perfect their form, footwork, and posture. Offering some top rate skill in the men ' s foil division was Michael Cho, last year ' s All Conference champion. Also, Brian Ober, a senior, provided strong standing in men ' s epee, while Dexter Adriano showed impressive aptitude in men ' s sabre. Cinder the devoted tutelage of master Ted Katzoff, the team hoped to " practice and improve the art of fencing " as well as gain a place in intercollegiate standings. Throughout the year, the students worked together to form unity as well as improve and expand the club. Endur- ing early practices and tough workouts, most saw their ex- perience as rewarding. " When I look back at all the things that have happened, " con- cluded Cho, " it seems we ' ve done a lot of great things together. " -Clarissa Aesquivel Fencing Club 365 Instructor Craig Mizutari, top, demonstrates a defense against his two opponents, Scott Anthony and Al Gomales. Vere Chapped, above, practices a front kick during a weekly workout. Debbie Purcell, above right, shows a woman ' s self-defense moue against attacker Eric BUler. 366 Hwa Rang Do Instructor Craig Mizutari, left, demonstrates a high chopkick for the observing club members. Instructor Craig Mizutari, middle, performs a double-leg scissors choke on At Gonzalez. Following a three-step defense, bot- tom, At Gomales performs a ' trachea grab ' on attacker Milton Mejia. Photos by Patrick Gilmore. Although the Korean mar- tial art of Hwarang-do developed over 1800 years ago, this ancient form of hand-to-hand combat proved to be a valuable part of some student ' s lives. In English, Hwarang-do means " Way of Flowering Manhood " emphasizing the paradoxical fashion of the martial art. Not only does Hwarang-do deal with develop- ing external energy force, it also deals with an inner discipline that was taught to the students at each meeting. The code of ethics was recited after workouts, and included such attitudes as loyalty, trust, and brotherhood, as well as courage and justice. Approximately 30 membersj of this club met four houra per week to learn comprehen- sive techniques of strike: blocks, kicks and falls. To strengthen the club ' s pacity, officers met through- out the week to events, fundraisers and tour- naments, as wel ! sense of brotherhood among its members. " We ' re a pretty tight club, " said Presi- dent Michael Mejia. " We see each other outside of workout times and go out. " Members were taught by Master Henry Lee who found- ed the club in 1985. Lee also founded Hwarang-do clubs at other CIC ' s and at CISC. As son of Supreme Grandmaster Joo Bang Lee, Master Henry Lee had much to offer his stu- dents. In the spring, the club got the chance to meet Supreme Grandmaster Lee at the annual ICC banquet. As 58th successor of the Grand- master title, Grandmaster Lee presided over the World Hwarang-do Association. --Clarissa Aesquivel Hwa Rang Do 367 Every afternoon at the bot- tom of Janss Steps, a group of helmeted cyclists biked away to fresher air. open roads, and natural scenery. As members of the cycling club, they trekked daily to places such as the Santa Monica Mountains, the Malibu hills, and Topanga Canyon. The cycling club consisted of about 150 members, 50 of whom made up the (JCLA cycling team. These daily rides were open to all club members, but were geared toward training. This was the first year that the cycling team had a coaching staff: a graduated former team member, Mike Connolly, and team member Bob Ilchick. volunteered their efforts toward developing the team. individual members spent a total of about $700 on racing registration, and on food and lodging during their 14 weekend road trips. According to President Marvin Wang, " The greatest thing about being a team member is the road trips dur- ing which we develop social ties that will probably last a lifetime. " -Mikel Healey Kevin Abraham (Vice President). Colin Allen. Lynn Allen, Todd Allen, Lisa Best. Brian Boing, Milka Broukhim, Ken Brown Jr.. Mike Cathcart. Gerald Chao, Paul Cheng (Special Projects), Cindy Chiu, Mike Connolly (Assistant Coach), Greg Crozier, Janet Curtain, John Domecus, Matt Donaldson, Kristen Gillespie, Barry Goch, Doug Green (Team Public Relations). Todd Grcenberg, Juan Guerra. Boris Hallerbach, Gabrielle Hardman, Eileen Hargaden, Phil Hill (Social Chairman), Greg Hughes. Bob llchik. Coach, Richard Kutzner, Ian Land (Special Projects), Lewis Lee, Mike Marchesano, Doug McCalmont, Mark McKinney, Treasurer, Chris Mott, Paul Majoan (Secretary), Mike Pierce, Mike Plumleigh, Tom Plunkett. Rob Recker, Andy Salinger (Special Projects). Phil Slack, Eric Sorenson, Mark Stocker, Chuck Stone, Marvin Wang, President, Bruce Weimer, Jess Wilson. Race Committee Chairman, Terrance Yee (Team Manager), Vicki Yu. Members of the cycling team, top. relax and catch their breath be- tween races. UCLA is in the lead, middle, during the USD hosted criterium at which the Bruins placed second overall. Photos courtesy of the UCLA cycling club. Group photo by Bruce Weimer. 368 Cycling Club With well over 1,000 members, the snow ski club was the largest nonprofit club on campus. It attracted skiers of all levels. As Treasurer Ellen Cahir comm.-nted, " I was a beginner when I joined the club three years ago. " Ski lovers enjoyed the Bnriety of the ski excursions ' hat the snow ski club offered. Two major travels included those to Salt Lake City, Utah, during Thanksgiving and to Sun Valley, Idaho, over the spring recess. They also orga- nized UCLA Ski Day at Big Bear. One of the most memo- rable outings was the All-Cal trip during the winter break. Joined by other skiing en- thusiasts from other GC cam- puses, the week long All-Cal Ski Trip down the slopes of Aspen, Colorado, was a huge success. Despite the 24 hour bus rides, Cahir called the trip " crazy, but a lot of fun. ..You get to know at least the 50 people on your bus. " The ski club also offered Penguin ' s Night and par- ticipated in Homecoming. " This club brings people together in a carnival at- mosphere, " stated third year staff member President John Freeman, " It offers, especially during the All-Cal, an experi- ence that will be reme mbered for the rest of your life. " --Janine Ouyang Kristine Anderson, Amy Annis, Jennifer Burteson, Ellen Cahir (Treasurer), Cassie Doerfling, Terry Dorsey (Second Administrative Assistant), Dennis Faix (Vice President), John Freeman (President) Julie Freeman, Lisa Hackney (First Administr fB Assistant), Dauid Hagen. Lisa Hitdcnbrand. Gregg Holzrichter. Jare.d Ikeda, Thorn Kim. Cheryi Onoyne, Susan Pierce. Karl fust, Tim Ramirez, Michelle Rodino. Pierre Wang, Kenny Wong, Tommy Yen. Photos courtesy of (JCLA Snow Ski Club. Snow Ski Club 369 Bruin 1363 D Z D (D D Z OJ 01 D to UJ Z D UJ IE D I in RRIDXXV [D Q DC I D Z D CO rs KDNDXXY 01 D (0 UJ D OJ D 0) UJ Z Q UJ OJ D to OC D I OJ 01 I U. 00 OJ Q DC I (U D Z D to in 01 D Z (D OJ Q to 111 D OJ D 01 LU Z D UJ CO OJ D to EC D I 0) OJ I IL 01 D DC to D Z D to OJ D Z 01 D tfl UJ D D to UJ Z D UJ in r : Q . j Q D ( I I : . : j i D 0) DC D I D E IL D CE CD Q Z D (I) Q Z Q CO UJ D CO UJ Z Q UJ D (0 I D I i D E u. D EC CD D Z D 5 D Z D CO L1J D U) UJ Z Q UJ D CD cc D I D E LL D (C 0) D Z D (0 D Z D CO UJ D (ft UJ Z Q UJ Q I D I Q I LL D CE CO : 1 I to r 00 0) 01 (Tl 7 LD to 00 0) QJ QJ QJ QJ (D 01 OJ in QJ ID 01 QJ 00 OJ 0) OJ . - . UJ i w w V vJ V U i u V J V U " O ' " O c 2 " - 1 V n QJ O 53 CM .. O (L) O -j O O co ro D5(J i |o-_- o) di AJ " S5 T- CO QJ c i 1 C T3 O 3 1 i_ D U E x. 5 J u flj a i_ ro U_ W 3 U l JH L) X o -Q O u J 1 u. -o E c ro q C o ro S - QJ X u S-J 1 guages artment -a c ro Q rterback eared ; , CO c ro _l Q. (L) -o -t-J u (0 CL 3 D. cr ro DX Y 5 JDX Y 5 v D D D Z D CO Q Z D CO LiJ D UJ LiJ Z Q LiJ D CO I D I D E LL SXVTURD SUNDXXY Q Z D CO LiJ D UJ LiJ Z Q Hi D CO CE D I j Q E LL SXVTURD Q Z D CO $ D Z 2 D (0 LiJ D CO LiJ Z D LiJ D CO (E D I D E 1L D o: I CO Q Z D (I) Q z D CO LiJ D CO LiJ Z Q LiJ m m - m m V in CD IS 00 0) r aj m 7 in ID IS 00 01 ru ai aj ai ai ifi U Q; ' -w = " cn-r ro " D (o o .= D D D ] E D I I Q E LL D DC CD D Z D CD D Z Q U) UJ D (D UJ Z D UJ D CD I D I D E 11 D CC CD D Z D CD D Z I D CD UJ D (D UJ Z D UJ Q (D I D I D E LL Q LI D Z D CD J D Z Q (D UJ D (D UJ Z D UJ Q (D I D I j D E LL D I I to r m in ni ID m ru CO ru 01 nj nn ni m in to is 00 0) s- (U m r in (0 IU I VI I VI I U I U 1 vJ ' i 1 VI U J jj U J IU i w VI K. 00 C : 41 - o a i r c 1 -n .- A ' k :M. m 1 41 _ OJ rrm n n OJ 1 1 1 E CD u Q o w U 3 - " C 41 u C 3 -o (U a; Q u 41 Q c (0 i_ i_ OJ 00 41 8S-.5 o .E o : - ro u Q.S. ex 41 -Q E 41 41 Q 4) .Q E 4) 41 Q ro 41 .2, c ro D E E .Eg 00 3 co ro JT o _ C O oo a j C Q) tD ._ 00 Sill _C - ' S ' ro _ i i- ' to oo o 4) ,-. 3 u C O Qi Ota 4) C 0)0 41 41 E 41 U ; J Q . E 1 ' J u ' S o n s .j U- U -Q Dvember C 5 c TJ 41 ( ) w o TJ i_ (0 O planning puses by decided C oo 4J 41 w u! ro (j 41 Shearer L_ 41 b -Q C C ro 4) z: T3 4) c ro L_ H 1 C _0 CD U a -o E 41 TO U 2 T3 C (0 o o tuition O (N i u ro X Q. O H.J O O Q oo 4) (J C _4j 41 i_ 01 4) , 4 H a. 41 Di c kerman. CX n c 4 2 J 4) CTJ o CM i_ ro 4 , increase i-s E 41 11 n c (O 41 E to U ' D C 5 (D X a o c o 41 JZ 4-t o - -j _- O . z: o o .!2 . . Q 41 -5 C W (0 Q-0 L_ 41 JZ - - in 4) ro (0 o c ro i ) T3 C (U 6 V u C .i O " ro _4J state a; v) u O 4_J sition c c ro : -o y O 41 -c 0 Ci- 00 -C 4) i T3 o C (O D .c +J udents CO 1_ V rt DQ ro (3 c 1 = u J2 41 o CL (_ a. omise rollbe visited Pauley the Democrat election eve rail Democratic c celebrities and ' oo CO c 1_ 41 4) .c o 4 O faculty. ..Noveml E 5 4i o 41 " O u ts T3 4) I -J -I ' c ro Q i " c 41 vice-president S " 4j cz - 00 . (0 g So U 00 li _4) IE ? 41 " ro c 41 W Q. u. 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D CC I to D Z D to D Z Q to UJ D to UJ Z D UJ D U) DC D I I D IL D DC to D Z D to D Z Q (0 UJ D (0 UJ Z D UJ Q (0 I D I j D E u. Q I (D : ; f r r 00 5 LH (Q 00 CD aj oi OJ aj 00 aj aj in aj 10 aj i aj CO aj 0) aj 00 m r aj 00 7 s (0 41 TO c ro u O i_ -5 4 C L) o g.E i - .52 - 4 ' _y ' i -i CO T3 E o t QJ U C OJ u (. OJ 0) c ro u X OJ _c . u i_ J2l OJ u_ w ' 5 en 4 c _0 GC Berkeley jun llermo Rodriguez chosen as GC stud Si O)(T) O) 1 " - ' " u r! u J -i-J 3 O to X oj c S 8-89 AAA INAME S t Newspaper Adver Competition. c (U (0 c I -i ( ) CO 0) 14 n 3 U CO ro o?3 o u. , u_ CO 01 c 9) T3 05 _c X ' - d c CO 4-J .c 00 5 ro S cu C C ro E 05 ro ro a. , ro Z -4 ' a; j-j I _o; co 4 -t ' O IT) CM d 00 00 31 : u ro i j: 4-1 (0 L. O ro " O tj CO ro 11 J2l c CO CM -o CL) : ro 05 (o : 4-1 ro Q l_ U to i_ c CM co Ua U ro u. U t i _ u. CI J2 iS co 5 flj A E 4_l u O tU C O) E C o Vl c OJ u ro tj o -a OJ c . GJ U OJ co C - -g OJ Q w (Li O J3 -o c VJ ? ro Q Z o CK U o f J " O oi r E E a; z: Q. 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Q.S D CO LU Z D HI 01 01 Q to DC D I (T) 01 IL OJ D I I to in OJ D Z D (0 (D 01 D Z OJ CD 111 D CO OJ Q to HI Z Q LU CNl .u : O - jl5 ro T: .E o EO co oi .5 " O (Ti - tJ C C O O ro .. - _o u o OJ T? -C X Qg S -3) ' - m ro 01 r- Z c o OJ 0 x x 0) O - O -a CO O) (U c QJ i r- -5 c U " - OJ 0) U o - x JS _c -c s:K-QQujs:u2r . " x OJ OJ CO Q " o c o o -C o jj ro E o c : oi ii TD c " o oxi cvCro a) oi h- co ro c xi - c t to o aj w o i? O.CQ o_c -o ih ? r i i_ , u ro - r OJ = O Xl l oi ro o. " - L. " D " C ._ -3 o cj ro , " OJ n OT X r- D S- ro CT O iT O co - ' J 3 Xl x.ooro ro t-3 U : Xl CXCO T3 1 co s !;: 1 Q to DC D I OJ D E LL 01 D DC 0) D Z D W D Z D to LU D Q 01 LU Z D UJ 00 CD s. Q Q D I LL D C to D Z D to Q Z D (0 UJ D (0 UJ Z Q UJ D to C D I J D E LL D (C 5 (0 j D Z D (0 5 D Z D to UJ D to UJ Z Q UJ D to DC D I D E LL Q DC I to OJ 00 7 in to | 00 0) OJ OJ OJ OJ IT) OJ OJ in OJ _ O (M (0 (M CM Q D D D Q Z D CO Q z Q (0 LU D CO LU Z D LU D 01 I D I D E LL D I I (0 Q Z D CO Q Z D CO LU D CO LU Z Q LU D CO I D I D E LL Q C I CO Q Z D CO D y D CO LU D CO LU Z Q LU D CO (E D I D E LL D CC I (0 Q Z D CO Q Z D CO LU D CO LU Z G LU ID ru IS 01 00 ( J CD 01 m m - 01 m r in CD IS 00 01 r OJ m U in CD s- IS 00 0) 1 CD co O o 2 eg CD - oo " 1 " OOJCOC CJ-OOJ OJajro ' u. oj b: c ra cu l -SSg c o ' i |lc ? gl|-| ra to x; ra u i C jc i LU : OJ z: OJ ' M CM E r- QJ 4 I ' 5 a. o -o OJ " - ra cjfto 1 co C o E OJ T3 cj i ro .2 c ro OJ cj " O c ro o a c . ts : a; CO . TD to oj CO ro TD c 0) ?g o ro c OJ OJ OJ E c ra 3 O)_C co OJ ro _N ' E ro OJ O E P C aj ra c ra 3 U cy r- E ro |U -Q LU _c , OJ fj g-l CO , O C ra C T3 0) OJ _E S 1 -c ra cu t ? Z _C C O V4- - 1 - 1 ig = o .- .9 . E. ra _ O D) O C -f- 1 ro 2 S CD to Si (P CJ E _ to u. a. oj o QD 75 - 3 w co Q CO . Q. 4-1 3 U C CO ro .1= to O Lu .E ro 5 OJ ro ro CO ro 4-1 CO CD O c a 2 4- co .Q ra c 4-1 to a 4-1 - .cj u o ex ' tO CO H 4J ' 3 o " 3 " _ U ro u CD ro CT rS ' oS I to u Q CJ .OJ " 1 - rn C TJ QJ - a. 6)3 sy u. .= CO S - S .2 S CO Q y C o 4-1 ro " z. LL. cj Q . O o OJ ro c i: m oj c .E S ro ra ' Z Z O -j c OJ O) T3 C OJ c oj c x: to . c ,;, " O oj ro oj t - .c oj u c s x c .ti _ ro js oj ojjzaj ro ' r2 ) (j J ' J2 N oj a, o .c ._ w o - 5 " D ro n | ; E | | .E QQ 3} OJ 4- m U ff ro cu co ,.9-- c ro .y _ 1 T- 4J C J ] i d i ra v : o Q 5 c " ro N OJ 3 ra - " c L - " to ra E | -o-- i h c j co - X 2 ii oj -2 to - i .y OJ 3 N - _ 1 co_ 1 - ' c JTJ - 1 - 1 to ' ra oj en o CJ c .E .2 ; - y _ fn (0 ' . c 0)2 3 .2 c t ' E LU -5 CL a " O i- CL) to ; C 3 jC OJ ro , c I. o ' V -C n CJ 2 2. c _ U . . vJ M . 1 c 4 " , ro : CU CJ T3 TjO O5 4.1 ro Q OJ CJ ra ra i . cj S ra S DO , ' CO tO , t cj i- ro - OJ OJ L - r- ro 10 c o I j ' 5- gjsil S IE i - U) OJ 1 c o C 8 " CM C C tn S C O i , i x: m 1 ro o oj J " r " =! 0- : 1 1 3 V D 2 S . h h ! I D D d U. SXVTLJR 1 -0 r OJ r r rh OJ 01 D w D D D Z D to UJ D to UJ Z D UJ D 0) d D I j D d LL D d I (I) D z D to D Z D to UJ D (IJ UJ Z D UJ Q to d D I D d IL Q d to D Z D to D Z D to UJ D to UJ Z Q 111 Q to d D I r in ID ( CO 0) n OJ OJ OJ OJ OJ OJ m OJ 01 7 in (D f CO 01 LJ IL OJ I 0) 00 Q Z D [f) r 5 D Z 2 in Q CO UJ D (D Q to UJ Z Q UJ D to IE D I CD Q E IL 0) Q CC 0) 01 D Z D to oi Q Z 01 III D CD LU GO OJ D CO L1J Z Q 111 OJ D (J) I D I in OJ Q E II ID OJ Q I I CD 01 Q Z D CO 00 01 Q Z 0) 01 Q (I) UJ D m D to UJ Z Q UJ D to C D I D E IL OJ 2 g H o E cu a. ro x ro c c E cu cu ja E c 8 " o CO -Q ? i CO i- T3 ro c ro u i2 to ro i C O a i; cu to ro cu x: CD CQ ( ' ro to ' T3 W C S.l|l .E S c o o o to O) E ro K o c i 3 D. 2 E i_ ro x: - -j o T3 ro c to CO : cu E- E CJ o = E - 52 .C - -l O a; a. to C ro o 7; II 8 1 O) x: d c to O5 C _o ro O) cu to .i o cu ro ro .5 ro c .ti co co ro ro c o X _O) o " E z cu " O " O ro ro T3 o o) r; -o cu ' c cu ?o,2 " ro TJ cu O u. CO J- S..E c 0 0. E ro O) .b= r TJ . ro U j ro to c _o CO to iu o " ro u E. o u - Oco ro d) .Z. O (U ]S i: T3 T3 X 3 cu u $22 CU 3 X _ O t CU U cj o 3 _CO C c o- ' cu " O Q. i- 3 cu to E CU Q (E (0 m D Z D CO Q Z in CO 111 D Q CO UJ z Q UJ C O -c ' Z .22 S.E a E E cu IJ_ cu , 2- " 2 tin o ro l r c D Q D Q CO CC f D LL Q d Q Z D CD D Z D CO UJ D CD UJ Z D UJ D CD C D I D E LL D I I CD D Z D CD D Z Q CO UJ D CO UJ z Q UJ D CO DC D I D E LL Q II CO D Z D CD Q Z 5 D CD UJ D CD UJ Z D UJ Q CD DC D I D E LL D I CD 0) aj 00 7 Ifl to 00 CD aj ai OJ OJ (D aj ai OJ (D aj ai 00 aj 0) aj 01 L_ cu u ! ' CO 1 CU s: 4 TJ (0 -o lonors CL CU OJ CO z: to ' u CO " o cu 05 d) T3 CU remo- " oo d j_ OJ CU i_ _ CU E c " O OJ ' d .E : CO " o " o U (U c (U u CU 0) u c J -C L_ to Q -o " 5 " o c CU ' G CO c _0 __J H CU 00 - - u , , r- to ' ' E E to cu CO E n _o to " L- d) r " U CO TJ C (0 -a c (0 D (0 r j cu c o (J c to cu .Is Ji_ 4- (0 _D cu CU 00 U 0) 15 [l 4-1 (U cu fl] JO CU i_ ' oJ -t 1 E cu E ex CL O n " 5 u d o 4-J CO " cu 4 ' " cu -C 00 cu ' c s - co .2 o i j i CM O U 3 - C O o (0 D CM .ii a; i- H i u 5 -is CO oo u n E -- ? dJ .1 dj oo r- L. T! .h dJ d) g-ls -S l " d; J - a; n c % d) 0) c E E S d) a; -a co u C to a; u " i oo S o .2 h- ' O co u ? n E g 2 g o " 2 -5 E " ? s i_ U - c -a T3 u. to c OJ (0 u. t: 1 S ) - toE ft con c ' i.= c O CO " co O O CO (0 CO (O " S CO co : .5. " o 0) F W dE VJ : - n " Jn IU . S! - - d) d) .to cy o d) -c EH to : " o d) 15 .- v c c d; 3 ;r " JP ) a; a) (0 S-S dj i o cp ra c TJ c . 71 E i j __i " su a 0) z: u u c 10 (0 to - to " O ' n " a n u D m u is _. IV d) Q. C u O J- h " - uU O o o c E c d) n c r- " d) u - 2 - E ifi -? o 384 Bruin Culture .- ,,:.. - , - ' -::- ; ;:!: AV;. - ' ,: : . ,,...::,; - ,. ' Bruin S ivS = " ?y :! i VSl, ;5 ' C Mi ; fi H 4 n V V V Mc If j Oi -:J This display of metallic objects shows some of the unusual items sold by Westwood uendors, opposite. From the 50 ' s to the 90s, Johnny Rockets reuiued an old favorite, below, while The Shapes of Design, right, hints at artifacts of the future. This was the street sign that wel- comed eueryone daily to the Village, bottom. Photos by Todd Cheney. T Ytil F ' estwood Village was a place of social activity where each Friday and Saturday night never repeated itself. " Westwood always provides students with a variety of entertainment, " said sophomore Tali Carasali, and junior Lien Nguyen agreed. Restaurants like Yesterdays and Baxter ' s provided live music and dancing, while Tommy ' s specialized in burgers. And for those keeping odd hours the Subway serv- ed sandwiches 24 hours a day. Westwood constantly changed to the tastes of the people. New shops, new res- taurants, new theaters, and new people made students frequent visitors to the Village next door to campus. --Tammy Gee Westwood 387 Events, Cultural Affairs, and the Student Committee for the Arts sponsored comedy shows, jazz and rock concerts, movies, poetry readings, and guest speakers, providing students with a wide variety of entertainment. Among the most popular forms of enter- tainment, being both convenient and economical, were on-campus movies. Sneak previews could be attended free of charge, while other showings required a $1 admission fee, a far cry from the $6 or $6.50 fees charged in Westwood. Also contributing to on-campus enter- tainment was the theater arts department. Throughout the year, they staged several performances, including Much Ado About Nothing, and A Chorus Line. For a more active form of entertainment there was the Bruin Bowl in Ackerman Gnion. Bruin Bowl sponsored contests and tournaments where the victors could win movie tickets and other prizes. Neighboring Bruin Bowl was the Game Center, providing pool tables and a selec- tion of about 80 arcade games. The recrea- tions manager said, " In the fall quarter, we have three to seven new machines installed each month, depending on availability. Also, throughtout the year, new games are often added. " Freshman Kevin Saluta, a bowling club member said, " It ' s great to have the Bruin Bowl and the Game Center so close together. I ' d bowl for a round or two and then go over to the Center to play three or four games. " -Jo Yang 388 Entertainment Sophomore engineering and computer science major Jay Yi applied his knowledge of force and magnitude to give Ws i es break at the Came Center, opposite. Playing Sega ' s " After Burner " at the Game Center was freshman art majoe Chun Wong, top left. Mark Harmon, top right, ey.-UCLA quarterback and voted " The Sexiest Man Alive " by People Magazine in 1987, was a speaker scheduled by Campus Events. Above, Harry Yuan, a freshman psycho-biology ma- jor, exhibited his bowling form. rv sw - ! ' V ' jff - w sp. r r i Jve you ever thought of how nany students were enrolled at ICLA? There were actually 35,435. many students, it ' s understandable why everyone was associated with their reg card numbers. Because it was referred to and used so much, this number was usually embedded in each student ' s memory by the end of his her freshman year. Despite being associated with a number the multitude of students with different lifestyles, ethnic backgrounds, majors and outlooks brought the campus to life. Simply by walking down Bruin Walk, one was witness to the many faces of (JCLA. , Passing by the tables, students were ap- proached by people soliciting their cause: from voter registration, Christian fellowship, and Peace Corps repre- sentatives, to club recruiters and jewelry salesmen. Strolling through Bruin Walk was often more like entering a stop and go traf- fic zone. Also due to the large population, waiting in lines became routine to students visiting on-campus areas such as Murphy Hall, the Treehouse and the student store. " The lines, especially during registration week, are extremely long and sometimes I just don ' t want to deal with them, " commented M a t h Eco n o m i cs Major Anthony Crudadano. However, when not in a hurry, waiting in line wasn ' t all that bad. It gave students the chance to put down their books and possibly get to know that inter- esting someone standing in front of them. -Sylvia Ghazarian -Janine Ouyang A y. Bruin fans, opposite, try not to get lost in the sea of faces by cheering the Bruins on to another athletic uictory. After classes let out, top. Bruin Walk becomes tike the streets of L.A. during rush hour, with students using alternative walkways through campus to get to and from class. Chris Tlaisyer and Doug Mark, bottom right, head down Bruin Walk to one of the many eating places to get a quick lunch before their next class. A UCLA student takes a break from her busy schedule , bottom left, to catch a quick glimpse at the upcoming events featured in the Daily Bruin. Photos by Bruce Weimer and Andrew Lin. Campus Life 39 1 Below, are Lisa Trapani and Lawrence Singerman. Opposite is Don Matsuyama, and Darrien Cipson, in- set. At right and bottom, students display their per- sonal style. Photos by Todd Cheney and Karen Fade . ver notice how people express themselves by the clothes they wear? Well, this year was no exception. With a campus as large as ours, everyone seemed to have their own style and way. Of course, there were people who chose to dress trendy and show off the latest fash- ions. But there were also those who chose to dress in their own style, unique from all the rest. Colors were a major aspect of fashion. Pastels and day glow were out and black, green and drab colors were in. " Swim upstream. Go against the flow. Express your internal self, not everyone else ' s external self, " said Bearwear Student Employee Troy Clarke. Variations from spandex athletic wear to double-breasted formal wear were popular for both men and women. Yet, no matter what the style, the main consideration was comfort. Thus, jeans, t-shirts, and hi-tops continued to be an essential part of student wardrobes. I -Anthony Ciudadano --Sylvia Ghazarian 392 Style It can be fl Itcanbe " be chaotic enlightening- progress tl school yeai have experie these feel more. A da can encomj emotion for He may lethargic frc nighter bei anxious b found a p|j away from i student live experien becomes em iser for thi ing and times. Beca Psure to th freshmen, $ piors, ' an handle e 394 Conclusion It can be frustrating. It can be serene. It can be chaotic and even enlightening. As we progress through the school year, we wi have experienced all of these feelings and more. A day at GCLA can encompass every emotion for a student. He may start out lethargic from the all before, then because he place to get all. Each his own nighter anxious found a away from it student lives r experiences and becomes enriched even wiser for these harrow- ing and humorous times. Because of ex- posure to these events, freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors handle each incident Conclusion 395 differently whether with anxiety, apathy, laughter, or tears. A freshman ' s first priority of adjusting to this new college lifestyle is e x - hilarating in itself. Within the fast pace metropolitan city of Los Angeles lies the passive campus of CICLA where he must learn to become one of the masses. How can he show his Astro 3 professor he is an individual in a class of 475? How can 70% of his grade be based on a 100 question multiple choice final? How does he meet people and get noticed? These are questions which may seem too overwhelming to deal with. But he does, whether it be by gathering all his courage to visit the ominous professor during office hours or finding his own little niche on campus. He ' s discovered that beer, parties, and good times are easily accessible. Enrolling in the 8 o ' clock Math 31 B class wasn ' t so smart since he can ' t wake up for it he ' s on academic probation, and he realizes that studying on a more regular basis actually does improve his grades. Those huge goals he set for himself as a freshman to be in- volved in every activ- anymore. And coffee and chocolate have become main staples in his diet especially around midterms and finals. But whenever possible, let the good times roll. The next year is spent recovering from the mistakes he made trying to answer those first questions. Studying takes precedence over parties since ity on campus is im- possible to do and deadly. Time management has allowed him to do his studying, student government, and the soccer team, but the business society and Mardi Gras will just have to wait another year. And after tak- ing five engineering classes, he may be reassessing his future career since vibra- 396 Conclusion be : i " ; his future ,f(. vibra- tions, vortices, flows, stresses and strains weren ' t what he had in mind when he decided he wanted to build airplanes. Otherwise, he feels like he ' s " a pro at this college stuff, " and it ' s his turn to give directions to lost freshmen on campus. As a junior, he realizes that two years have gone by, and he still hasn ' t figured out exactly what he wants to do with the rest of his life. How does he apply his history ma- jor to the real world? Is it time to quit his job at the Daily Bruin so he can become a gopher to a law firm in Westwood? He ' s learned the efficient ways of writing a 30 page paper in three days, and those omi- nous professors he knew two years ago are now having cof- fee with him at the Coffee House. In his last year, graduation is always on his mind. First priority no longer goes to trying to look like a student at CCLA but to trying to get out of GCLA. Class rings, senior portraits, and degree checks become the centers of attention. Internships, GREs, and graduate school applications are the first order of business before the Microbio 6 reading. And sud- denly, he feels very young whenever he ' s on campus; he can Conclusion 397 Bndness spot a giggling, en- thusiastic freshman in the distance. Many of his friends have already graduated or are just as busy as he is, trying to prepare themselves for interviews with major firms or graduate schools. He tries to find that youthful 18-year-old teenager that he once was, but the time for play has slipped away. And now the real world awaits. Pomp and Cir- cumstance is being played at Drake Stadium as he marches in with his graduating class. And it ' s now time to take his dreams and vision out into the world and be a graduate of the Universi- ty of California, Los Angeles. -Debbie Mah 398 Conclusion All photos in this section through the kindness of Todd Cheney Conclusion 399 400 Bruin Publicity Bruin Z ' WE BUILT A FOUNDATION FOR SUCCESS Great banking institutions don ' t just materialize, they ' re built. Home Federal Savings Loan began building over five decades ago with service and superior banking products as its foundation for success. Tbday, we stand, true to our name, as a household word in the banking industry. 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Please send your resume to: BURGER KING CORPORATION Recruitment 17330 Brookhurst St., Suite 300 Fountain Valley. CA 92708 (213)292-9143 (714)964-7474 BURGER KING Equal Opportunity Employer M F 404 Advertisements CHALLENGING OPPORTUNITIES few can offer the unique combination of challenge, satisfaction and insistence on engineering excellence that you ' II find at C - 2 W HILL. A leading environmental con- sulting engineering firm, we add con- tinually to our knowledge base and build daily on our excellent reputation. And, because we are employee-owned, our professionals are committed to the firm ' s future. Through their efforts we provide the highest quality consulting in design engineering, construction management, planning, economics, business management and environ- mental sciences. Currently, we maintain an inter- national presence, with 57 offices and over 3600 employees around the globe. Our staff ' s diverse talents, cultural back- grounds, interests and education create a strong, capable Company. As we look ahead, challenging assignments and opportunities to build a strong future exist in the following areas: Chemical General Civil OOiHIU. Sanitary Mechanical Construction Management Computer Science Geotechnical Structural Geohydrology Hydrogeology Water Resources Hazardous Waste So d Waste Management Industrial Water Wastewater Transportation Electrical Agricultural Salaries are commensurate with experience and background. Flexible choice benefits tailored to the employee ' s needs. An equal opportunity employer. For additional information on CFPM HILL ' S activities and current staff openings, send resume, geographical preference and salary requirements to: Manager of Recruiting GEN.BRU1, CHW HILL, PO. Box 428, Corvallis, OR 97339-0428 Professionalism. Technology. Quality. HELP BUILD A COMPANY THAT WILL BUILD YOUR FUTURE Advertisements 405 st tes x Put your business degree to the ultimate test with KFC. and you ' ll move to the head of a select class of managers. Pass the test, and you could move to the head of an industry. Send resume to: Kentucky Fried Chicken, Human Resource!, 3100 Lake Center Drive, Suite 200, Santa Ana, CA 92704, or Call (714) 241-081 1. .Kentucky Fried Chicken The place to be is KFC. CAREER OPPORTUNITIES Rose Exterminator Company America ' s Oldest Pest Prevention and Elimination Firm ROSE . ' EXTERMINATOR CO. . Headquartered in San Francisco . . . Branches throughout the West, and growing Send your resume to: Lee Zusman (Class of ' 52), President 626 Potrero Avenue San Francisco, California 941 10 An ABM Company (NYSE) Development is more than a word. It is a commitment by Carnation Company to strengthen the abilities of its marketing professionals to manage a profit-and-results oriented business. Since 1899, Carnation Company has distilled its experience into a basic formula for developing quality products and getting them into the hands of consumers. This formula includes hiring the right people, training them well and quickly, providing them with a stimulating environment, and giving them the support they need to get the job done. As a Carnation marketing manager, you are expected to be more than just a promotion, advertising and merchandising specialist. You must learn, and effectively apply, the full scope of management skills necessary for achieving the bottom line objectives of your brand. Our marketing professionals are decision makers, active participants in all corporate functions involving their brands from logistics to purchasing to research to legal to accounting the entire gamut. When you join Carnation, you don ' t do so as a member of a marketing " class. " Based on your qualifications, a training program is tailored to provide you with the specific exposure and experience necessary for your marketing management success. If exciting prospects for growth in a stable industry are what you are looking for, get in touch with us. See your college placement office for our campus visitation schedule or write to: Recruiting Manager Training and Personnel Services Carnation Company 5045 Wilshire Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90036 406 Advertisements CO.: Now Try Our Diploma ICO... :- 4111 " _- ' .-. ...-: -, " .-: - ::.: - You ' re just out of college. ' Bursting with talent. And ready to set the world on fire. But most companies want to start you out slow. And bring you along at their business-as-usual pace. With a salary to match. Not McDonald ' s. We want managers who can make things happen. Today. We have the training that ' ll help you do it Plus the rewards that ' ll keep you smiling. Year after year. That ' s why we attract America ' s top managers. And why we ' re on the Fortune 100, with annual sales of over $14 billion. Many of our managers run million-dollar operations before they ' re twenty-four. And thousands of graduates take advan- tage of this great opportunity every year. So if you ' re ready for some post-graduate work at one of the country ' s most lucrative business schools, call McDonald ' s today. And find out why our arches are golden. For Career Information, send your resume to: M. Roberts McDonalds Corporation 10960 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 600 Los Angeles, CA 90024 (213)477-2961 Always, an affirmative action employer. M F H. ?-- iume McDonald ' s Advertisements 407 AA, Brcntwood Bel-Air Sunset Blvd. 1-405, 170 N. Church Lane Los Angeles, California 90049 213 476-6411 " Home Away From Home For UCLA Visitors " " SPECIAL RATES FOR UCLA " " Landmark at UCLA JOIN . -Jhe JCPenney ) TEAM We ' re working smarter than ever Be a part of our tradition. JCPenney Inc., the fastest growing national department store, is offering challenging career opportunities to outgoing, enthusiastic, highly motivated college graduates. Starting salary $20,000. Excellent potential for personal and financial growth in a promote-from-within environment. Participate in one of the finest benefit programs in the industry.. SHARE YOUR SKILLS WITH US - EARN A VARIETY OF BENEFITS Competitive wages and incentive pay programs Challenging, future-oriented career growth Company-paid vacations based on length-of-service Medical, dental, life and long-term disability insurance Paid sick leave Company-funded pension plan Savings and profit-sharing retirement plans To inquire about becoming a part of the JCPenney tradition of quality and service, visit the personnel office of your nearest JCPenney store. 408 Advertisements TEAM UP WITH THE BEST BNR is the creative research and develop- ment arm of Northern Telecom. As a world leader in telecommunications development BNR expertise has enabled Northern Tele- com to become the world ' s largest maker of fully digital telecommunications systems. With over 400 scientists and engineers, BNR ' s Mountain View laboratory continues to pursue bold new paths. Efforts of this lab are focused on the evolution of the Meridian SL-1 integrated services network, produced and marketed by Northern Tele- com, Santa Clara. Hailed as the most sophis- ticated voice and data communication system available to business today, the Meridian SL-1 is part of Northern Telecom ' s complete line of fully digital switching and transmission products. BNR and Northern Telecom work together to maintain three important objectives: A brilliant standard of excellence A solid lead over the competition A great career opportunity for you BNR and Northern Telecom are Equal Opportunity Employers and U.S. citizenship or permanent residency is required. Now Hiring Men Women RvT fcs K CRUISE SHIP JOBS! $12,000 to $50,000 Call now! 1-206-736-7000 ext. 1 20C (Call refundable) HAWAII BAHAMAS CARIBBEAN f CHI istro company Astro Arc Company, Automatic Tube and Pipe Weld- ing systems experts. The leading automatic welding systems manufacturer since 1964. Our outstanding products, technical expertise and dedicated cus- tomer support has established us as the leaders in the industry. Our successful way of doing business has enabled us to expand to include Astro Arc Inter- national (AA1) and Astro Arc Field Services, Inc. (AAFSI). AAI insures our products are distributed and supported worldwide. AAFSI provides the skilled ex- pertise of factory trained engineers and technicians for those projects that must be completed effectively and efficiently the first time. Whether it be aerospace, nuclear, pharmaceutical, power utility, beverage, brewery, oil industry or any other industry, we invite you to inquire about our products and services. 10941 Latuna Canyon Road Sun Valley, California 91352 (818) 768-5560 CONGRATULATIONS BRUINS HOUR TOWING Radio Dispatched Trucks Long Distance Flat Rates Flatbed Trucks Special Equipment for Exotic and Classic Cars 473-USSS (8777) 1641 SAWTELLE BLVD WEST LOS ANGELES WESTWOOD SEE 410 Advertisements NAVY OFFICER PROGRAMS START EXPLORING YQUR O p T , O NS CHOICE MANAGEMENT POSTIONS are waiting for you in Engineering Aviation Computer Science Operations Financial Management Diving and Salvage These positions offer early management experience and responsibility. There are excellent benefits, too. Many of which you ' d be hard pressed to find elsewhere. Like 30 days paid vacation each year, world travel, tax free allowances, excellent starting salary and subsidized graduate level education. SEEK OUT A NEW WORLD GO WHERE FEW MEN HAVE GONE BEFORE. See your Navy Officer Programs representatives when they visit your campus, or call 800-252-0538 0559 to schedule an interview. You are Tommorrow. You are the Navy. Advertisements 41 1 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF ' 89 Security Pacific Merchant Bank Opportunities available in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago. College Relations HCP 231, 300 S. Grand Ave. . Los Angeles, CA 90071 A Division of Security Pacific National Bank. An Equal Opportunity Employer. FLAGS BANNERS PENNANTS SIGNS NOW OPEN IN WESTWOOD! 2320 Westwood Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90064 213 474-5884 Other Locations: 8966 National Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90035 213 836-3341 8954 West Pico Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90035 213 476-1 178 6238 Santa Monica Blvd., Hollywood, CA 90028 2 1 3 456- 1 1 25 1234-40 S. Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90015 213 746-2760 12027 S. Prairie, Hawthorne, CA 90250 213 676-7660 1 1 3- 1 Oth Street, San Francisco, CA 94 1 03 21 3 43 1-2950 MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS BEVERLY HOSPITAL offers you the opportunity of continued professional development and professional harmony. We are a 212-bed nonprofit general acute care medical facility incorporated in 1949, fully accredited by JCAH. Some of the communities we serve are Montebello, Pico Rivera, East Los Angeles, Rosmead, South San Gabriel, Monterey Park, El Monte and Whittier. With a Medical Staff of over 300 physicians, re- presenting all specialties and an employee staff of over 1000, Beverly Hospital offers most medical professionals an excellent place to start and an even better place to stay. Beverly Hospital is a Paramedic Base Station and has a new - state of the art-Maternal-Child Health Center. To learn more, have a tour, discuss employment, or membership on our Medical or Dental Staff, contact: BEVERLY HOSPITAL 309 W. Beverly Blvd., Montebello, CA 90640 213-725-4292 412 Advertisements IVAC CORPORATION Corporate Office: 10300 Campus Point Drive San Diego, California 921 21-1579 For twenty years, San Diego- based IVAC Corporation has been a pioneer in the deve- lopment, manufacture and sale of state-of-the-art medical instru- mentation. The company ' s mission is to provide cost-efficient fluid delivery and vital signs measurement systems and ac- companying disposable products that improve the quality of patient care. IVAC has long been a standout performer in the high-tech segment of San Diego ' s economy that stems from the mutually beneficial interrelation- ship between higher education, medical institu- tions, research groups, and electronic and bio- medical manufacturers. IVAC is perhaps best known as the firm that produced and patented the world ' s first electro- nic, digital-readout thermometer, taking tempera- tures faster and more accurately than with the old- fashioned, mercury-bulb instrument. Today, two decades after its foundery, IVAC has built a solid reputation for dependable, high-qua- lity instruments that measures such human vital signs as pulse, heart rates, and blood pressure. The company also manufactures a complete line of fluid delivery instruments and disposable products for intravenous therapy and enteral nutrition. Headquartered in a 400,000 square foot facility overlooking Sorrento Valley in San Diego, IVAC operates a combined research and central manu- facturing facility for a workforce of approxi- mately 1 500 people worldwide, 1 100 which are based in San Diego. In 1982, IVAC established its first out-of-state facility in Creedmoor, North Carolina. In addi- tion, IVAC maintains operations in eight other countries Canada, the United Kingdom, West Mail: P.O. Box 85335 San Diego, California 92138-5335 (61 9) 458-7000 TWX 91 0-337-1 281 Germany, France, Spain, Japan, Australia and Sweden and sup- plies instrumentation to 48 other countries. IVAC was founded in San Diego in 1968 by a group of design en- gineers with an idea for an " in- travenous alarm control " device designed to assist nurses in deter- mining the correct infusion drop rate and notify them when the solution container was empty. The name of the firm came from the first four letters of the original product, but the word " IVAC " subsequently became much better known in the medical community as a manu- facturer of products dedicated to improving the quality of patient care. In 1 977, IVAC was acquired by Eli Lilly Com- pany, a recognized leader in the pharmaceutical industry. It became the first of several medical instrument companies now part of the division. IVAC meets the needs of an essential market that demands both reliability and precision, as well as responsiveness to today ' s cost-sensitive environment. Its strategy has always been to keep its production apace of market growth while turning out the cost-effective, innovative research-based products the public has come to expect from medicine. Because of IVAC ' s diversified corporate struc- ture, as well as its leadership role in the medical instruments market, opportunities periodically existforMBAcandidatesto pursuecareers in the areas of finance, marketing sales, human resources, information systems and operations management. IVAC, an innovative company with enthusiastic people, working in an industry that is both ex- citing and vital. Advertisements 413 SPECIAL AGENT CAREER OPPORTUNITIES BEGIN AT $30,800. THE FBI IS CONTINUALLY SEARCHING FOR QUALIFIED MEN AND WOMEN FOR THE POSITION OF SPECIAL AGENT. STARTING SALARY IS $30800 PER ANNUM WE OFFER A WIDE ARRAY OF CHALLENGING PROFESSIONAL OPPORTUNITIES IN THE INVESTIGATION OF COMPLEX WH ITE COLLAR CRIME ORGANIZED CRIME NARCOTICS COUNTER-TERRORISM AND FOREIGN COUNTER INTELLIGENCE MATTERS Applicants must be U S Citizens, available for assignment anywhere in the Bureau s jurisdiction, possess a valid drivers license and in excellent physical condition allowing the use ol firearms and defensive tactics Applicants must be over 23 years of age and not have reached their 35th birthday Other qualifications also exist The five different programs to qualify for Special Agent consideration are LAW: Resident law school degree with two years of undergraduate work at an accredited college or university ACCOUNTING: A baccalaureate degree with a maior in accounting from an accredited college or university LANGUAGE: Baccalaureate degree plus fluency in a language for which the Bureau has a need, especially Russian. Chinese, and a variety of Slavic languages SCIENCE: A variety of baccalaureate degrees are acceptable MODIFIED: Baccalaureate degree plus three years full time work experience FOR MORE INFORMATION: CALL (202) 252-7960 OR WRITE: WASHINGTON FIELD OFFICE Applicant Screening FBI 1900 Half Street SW Washington. D.C. 20535 THE FBI IS AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER PHYSICISTS! MATHEMATICIANS! SOFTWARE ENGINEERS! XonTech is a highly respected, progressive R D firm specializing in the em- pirical analysis of complex physical phenomena, and development of advanced concepts and technologies in support of numerous defense programs. Our research encompasses the following: Analysis and evaluation of flight test data (aircraft ballistic missile, satellite), including: Trajectory reconstruction Re-entry aerodynamics Navigation analysis Orbital mechanics Research, development, and evaluation of advanced radar and weapons systems including: Signal processing System simulation Signature analysis System design Performance analysis Radar sensor system analysis and mission analysis Software analysis and implementation Our work is technically challenging, and offers exceptional visibility and direct client contact, with opportunities for technical and managerial advancement. Positions are available at the Ph.D., Master ' s, and Bachelor ' s levels. Degrees must be in Physics, Mathematics, or Com- puter Science. Electrical Engineering with signal processing emphasis is also acceptable. Qualified professionals are invited to contact our Corporate Personnel Office at (818) 787-7380, or send a resume in confidence to Corporate Personnel Department, XonTech, Inc., 6862 Hayvenhurst Avenue, Van Nuys, CA 91406. D.S. Citizenship Required. XonTech, Inc. Los Angeles Northern California Colorado Springs Washington, D.C. Huntsville, Alabama We are an equal opportunity employer M F H V. exciting assignments for imaginative people Sandia National Laboratories has career oppor- tunities for outstanding MS PhD candi- didates in engineering the physical sci- ences. One of the nation ' s largest mul- ti-program laboratories, Sandia is engaged in research develop- ment, addressing important national security issues with emphasis on nu- ' clear weapons, ad- vanced energy systems re- lated tech- nologies. Chal- lenging assign- ments exist in such areas as the application of intense ion beams to iner- tial confinement fusion; use of lasers other analytical tools to improve understanding of the combustion process; development of special silicon hybrid micro circuits for defense b energy programs. Support- ing this work is a full complement of modern la- boratory equipment facilities, a large central net- work of mainline computers, including several CRAY- IS systems a CRAY-X MP together with a large num- ber of smaller distributed systems of the VAX 11 780 class Sandia National Laboratories an equal opportunity employer The labs ' principal locations Albuquerque, Neic Mexico Livermore, California offer a complete range of cultural recrea- tional activities combined with the informal living style of the West. Sandia ' s benefit package in- cludes paid health care, life insurance, retirement 24 days vacation. US citizenship is re- quired. Qualified candidates should write to: Staff Recruiting Employment Division 3533 Sandia National Laboratories Post Office Box 5800 Albuquerque, NM 87185 or Personnel Division 8522 Sandia National Laboratories Post Office Box 969 Livermore, California 94550 AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER M I F ViH U.S. CITIZENSHIP IS REQUIRED 414 Advertisements iNS! ttRS! -::- _ ' =-: - -: ' ; ' : nc. . : " ,., : ' rtK.VMPIfo ' -- - ' ' Take o Look ot o Mocy s Career If you ' re looking to turn your talents into a highly rewarding career, then take a look at Macy s. A Macy s career in retailing is diverse and challenging. It requires risk-taking, innovation and decisiveness, enabling your creative talents to thrive in pur fast-paced, forward-thinking business environment. Our training programs are known throughout the industry for their comprehensive excellence. You will develop the confidence to set strategy and maximize opportunities. And, because Macy s is firmly committed to rewarding and recognizing talent, your career will move further, faster... often reaching the senior executive level in just three years. If you ' re interested in Northern California career opportunities, please send your resume to: Macy s California, Attn: Thomas Mullen, T7O O ' Farrell Street, P.O. Box 7888, San Francisco, CA 9412O. For career opportunities in Southern California, please send your resume to: Bullock ' s Department Stores, Attn: Gene Pass, BOO South Hope Street, Los Angeles, CA 9OO77. Mercys is an equal opportunity employer. I? E PART O I P E CIS Corporation 905 West Boulevard N. Elkhart, IN 46514 MANUFACTURER OF ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS THE BROADWAY FUTURE IS OUR BUSINESS! If you ' re interested in building a retail career in an envi- ronment of pride, trust and opportunity-we ' d like to meet you! The Broadway Department Stores are looking for responsible, achievement-oriented people like you to help us be the best at what we do: serve our custom- ers. Because our success depends on your success, we offer one of the finest Executive Development programs in the country. It ' s the strong first step you need to launch a rewarding career in retail management. Inter- ested? ON CAMPUS INTERVIEWS WILL BE OCTOBER 31 ST. Or send your resume with cover letter to: The Broadway, Executive Recruiting, 3880 North Mission Road, Los Angeles, California, 90031 . It could be the best career move you ' ll ever make. Advertisements 415 For The Best Selection Of Compact Discs In The Village, Come To: COMPACT WAREHOUSE Best Selection Of Rock C.D. ' s Rare Jazz Titles, Plus A % Good Selection Of Classical New Age Music COMPACT DISC WAREHOUSE 10904 Lindbrook Drive Below Carlis Jr. (213) 824-2127 OFF on any foot long sub or large salad ...... Wlttl Student ID If you want fresh sandwiches and salads served with fresh baked Italian or whole wheat bread, then you ' ll love the new Subway. We ' re fresh and fast but we ' re not " fast food " . WESTWOOD at LINDBROOK 416 Advertisements tudentlD What others call the end point, we call the starting point. Congratulations to you in the ASU Class of ' 89. You ' ve achieved a major goal. And now you ' re about to set off for new horizons. New horizons are what VLSI Technology, Inc. is all about. As a fast- growing leader in innovative ASIC solutions, we ' re continually searching for new ideas to implement, and new talent to hire. Offering a high-visibility environment and the chance to make immediate contributions, we can give you a head start into exciting challenges and possibilities. Find out more about the openings we have in the areas of Engineering. Marketing, Finance and Administration. Located in the ASU Research Park, we can be contacted at: VLSI Technology, Inc., 8375 S. River Parkway, Tempe, AZ 85284. Equal Opportunity Employer. VLSI TECHNOLOGY, INC. Advertisements 417 The name synonymous with quality, unsurpassed performance and dedication to excellence. 10700 STUDEBAKER ROAD DOWNEY (2 1 3) 868-993 1 (7 1 4) 52 1 -9624 CONGRATULATIONS BRUINS Travelodge LOS ANGELES WEST 10740 Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90025 Telephone: (21 3) 474-4576 ASK FOR THE UCLA DISCOUNT WHEN YOU VISIT For Out-of-Town Reservations: 800-255-3050 Price Waterhouse The partners and staff of Price Waterhouse congratulate you on the completion of your studies. We are confident your education will benefit you in your career and throughout your lifetime. KelvirTs I CIVIII9 UNION SERVICE COMPLETE AUTO SERVICE BRAKES TIRES LUBE BATTERIES ALIGNMENT TUNE-UP AIR CONDITIONING Certified Smog Station 473-9281 277-0488 10389 Santa Monica Bl. L.A. (Corner Santa Monica Bl Beverly Glen Bl) Islands Restaurants 151 Kalmus Drive, Suite L4 Costa Mesa, California 92626 4 18 Advertisements WEST SCOUNT IT A Storm of Activity in the Land of the Sun. RVICE RES ' Lift : ' ' ' ,G - estiurants It ' s easy for companies to see what ' s going on around them. Competitive activities. Market trends. New product developments. What sets Motorola ' s Semiconductor Products Sector apart is our focus on the internal force. People as the source of innovation. W t 7 an unwavering belief in employee parti- cipation and recognition, we ' ve built a history of technical achievement, in which a simple principle has always been with us: A strong partnership with our people makes continued growth and successful competition possible. Find a brilliant future in the storm of activity at Motorola ' s Semiconductor Products Sector (SPS). located in the scenic and sunny Southwest. As a leader in the research, development and manufacture of microelectronics, we are constantly seeking skilled graduates eager to apply their abilities to dynamic assignments in technical and sales marketing fields. Whatever career option you wish to pursue, you ' ll find immediate challenges in an environment of shared responsibility and employee participation. The technical positions available include working with the latest circuit, MOS, logic and memory technologies at SPS ' s highly sophisticated semiconductor facilities in Phoenix. Arizona or Austin, Texas Sales marketing opportunities begin with training at our headquarters in Phoenix, with subsequent assignments throughout the U.S. fj - 026 For more information, contact our Manager, College Recruiting, at the appropriate address below, or call COLLECT or TOLL FREE Arizona Opportunities P.O. Box 20903 Phoenix. AZ 85036-0903 COLLECT (602) 994-6812 Texas Opportunities 1 1 12 W. Ben White Blvd Suite 200 Austin. TX 78704 TOLL FREE (800) 531-5183 COLLECT (512) 462-0555 MOTOROLA Semiconductor Products Sector An Equal Opportunity Affirmative Action Employer Advertisements 419 FACILITIES 12 stories 260 First Class guest rooms Free In House movies 12th floor Executive Rooms Beverly Hills and Century City nearby. Summerfield ' s Dining Room Beverly Lounge with entertainment Outdoor Pool with food and cocktail service One day valet service laundry service Five floors of indoor free parking for registered guests Gift shop on premises Bilingual staff Airport shuttle service available 1 150 S. Beverly Drive, Los Angeles, California 90035 (213) 553-6561 " SPECIAL RATES FOR U.C.LA. ' I CAN ' Erase the negatives in your life and reach for your full potential. Millions have read Dianetics and used its principles to live happier, more confident and more successful lives. Buy it, read it and use it for a better life. Get your copy wherever paperbacks are sold. Dianetics Buy it Read it C 1987 Bndcr PuMirMinm. Inc. Duivtk i RTC nd t u 420 Advertisements - The Intel Influence We ' re everywhere. In microelectronic systems. Components. And business. And we can help you launch a great career at a company that sets the standards. For ourselves and virtually everyone else. I Intel A name that stands for excite- ment and technological innovation Let us be your springboard to the future. At Intel, we ' ve created one microelec- tronic " first " after another. In order to further our leadership role, we seek high achieving college graduates, like you, about to take that all important first step Over the past two decades, our stand- ards have influenced the way our industry thinks and performs. So if you have a technical degree, enjoy challenge and have a desire to excel, come to Intel. A company where your efforts will make a big difference. See us on campus or send your resume to College Relations at the Intel location of your choice. Arizona: 5OOO W. Chandler Boulevard, Chandler, AZ 85226 California: P.O. Box 58121 Santa Clara, CA 95052-8121 California: 19OO Prairie City Road, Folsom, CA 9563O-476O New Mexico: 41OO Sara Road, Rio Rancho, NM 87124 Oregon: 52OO NE Elam Young Parkway, Hillsboro, OR 97124 Equal Opportunity Employer M F H Advertisements 421 Congratulates UCLA for 75 Years of Community Service Organizer ' s Paradise From the ordinary to the extraordinary 1090 Glendon Ave. Westwood 213 824-3648 266 North Beverly Drive 859-2446 100 North La Cienaga dodt have to change companies to change career paths at Texas Instruments Which career path is right for you? Whether you ' re considering a change or even if you ' ve chosen your career path, you should know about the many options available to you at Texas Instruments. TI ' s advanced system for career mobility lets engineers and scientists move from one specialty to another. Lets you compare technologies. And lets you move up faster. Because we ' re committed to help- ing you define your career goals early on, we even publish the TI Job Op- portunity Bulletin (JOB). Weekly. It lists all current openings within TI. If you see a new career path you ' d like to apply for, you ' ll get first crack at it. You can even apply direct, An Equal Opportunity Emplorn M F instead ot through a supervisor. If you are selected, the job is yours. No red tape. What ' s more, there ' s not another company where you can see and choose from as many technologies at work. Texas Instruments is a tech- nology leader in more than semicon- ductors. There ' s VLSI. Artificial intelligence. Radar. Electro-Optics. Communications. Missile guidance. The list goes on. Our diversity requires a wide range of technical specialties. From Engi- neering (Electrical, Mechanical, In- dustrial) to Computer Science, and Math. From solid-state Physics and Geophysics to Chemistry and Mate- rials Science. Texas Instruments. Where yout career path can change without changing companies. And without changing your life. Now that ' s a com- forting thought. For more information, contact Mike Jackson Texas Instruments Consumer Products Division RO. Box 10508 MS 5807 Dept. TYB Lubbock, Texas 79408. Call (806) 741-2482. TEXAS INSTRUMENTS Creating useful products and services for you. 422 Advertisements I BUILDING THE FUTURE OF AIRCRAFT ENGINE TECHNOLOGY Your Career And Garrett It has not been by accident that Garrett Engine Division and Garrett Auxiliary Power Division have achieved recognition as the Free World ' s major and most innovative suppliers of high-performance turbine engines in both propulsion and auxiliary power A combina- tion of the most modern facilities and equipment available, and our more than 6,000 professional, engineering, production and support people are responsible for our enviable position in the aviation and - ' . - dfc M i. 6 (ENTS aerospace industry. While modern facilities and sophisticated equip- ment are essential to maintain competitive leadership, by far the most critical element is the caliber of professionalism, inventiveness and dedication of those men and women who make up the Garrett Engine and Garrett Auxiliary Power Divisions These are the qualities we seek and encourage in those who wish to become part of our teams Opportunities are available in the following areas: Engineering Sciences provides a base of engineering specialists in the technical disciplines of thermo-dynamics. aerodynamics, engineering mechanics, materials and performance analysis, documentation and data management. Laboratory Engineering is staffed with highly qualified engineers and technicians to carry out the most sophisticated tests and in- strumentation programs. All testing, production, repair and overhaul, development and certification of engines and rigs is car- ried out in the Engineering Laboratory. Engineering Systems and Data Management provides other essential support, such as drawing control, configuration manage- ment, and management information systems If you have the interest, the talent, and the education or experience to become part of the Garrett Engine and Garrett Auxiliary Power Divisions, let us hear from you Send your resume to Allied Signal Aerospace Company, Garrett Engine Division Garrett Auxiliary Power Division, Attn: Technical Recruiter, P.O. Box 5217, SDS 4-89, Phoenix, Arizona 85010. An Equal Employment Op- portunity M F V H Employer Allied-Signal Aerospace Company Hied Signal Advertisements 423 424 Advertisements s or i fo ' i tnis yealoooK was ptofessionally marketed, by Collegiate Concepts, Jnc., tdeo ' igia. We cowially invite inquilies fiom faculty adviso ' is, edito is ana publisnels ' lep iesentati lega ' iding a simiufi plojed fo ' i you ' i institution. Call us colled at (404) 938-1700. ives Advertisements 425 Todd Cheney Gallery 427 428 Todd Cheney Gallery II 430 Todd Cheney Gallery Photography at UCLA has been rewarding and challeng- ing. It has given me the op- portunity to do and see things that very few people get to do; like being on the sideline at a (JCLA football game, in the middle of an angry mob of protesters, or awaiting the Pope ' s arrival. I have been fortunate to have captured a small part of history in the making. It has at times been very stressful, but in the end it all seems worthwhile. Further- more, photography has given me focus as to what I want to do with my life and has helped strengthen my con- fidence to tackle some of life ' s challenges. So for all of you that I have taken pictures of and or for, and who have hopefully enjoyed my work, thank you, God bless you and remember " a picture is worth a thousand words. " Todd Cheney Anthropology 94 Cheney T HE 1 CHOICE FOR PARTY PHOTOGRAPHY IS NOW EXPANDING AT UCLA YOU ' VE ASKED THE QUESTIONS . . . WE ' VE GOT THE ANSWERS! 213- CALL US AT 877-1822 TO BOOK YOUR NEXT FUNCTION Ask about the " PASS T11E WORD " Special Offer Advertisement 433 I am a senior who enjoys photography. In these pic- tures, I let my imagination run wild. The mind, and the world it can create are limitless. As a design major 1 have learned different aspects of design, but as a photographer, I have tried to create a technique all my own. Basically, 1 have tried to stay away from the " generic " ' style of photography that most photographer ' s follow. I have depended on my imagination to experiment in taking different sorts of photographs. In these pic- tures I have combined art with creativity to establish an illusion. In essence, I love looking at life from a humerous point of view, and that in- cludes picture taking. Amy Portis Design 434 Amy Portis Gallery " ' I got hooked on photography in high school when a friend of mine became editor of our school yearbook. 1 did not particularly want to write copy or draw layouts, so I began to learn the art of photography. I am not say- ing that I was a pro from the start, but after taking photos for our high school yearbook for a year I learn- ed through trial and error the do ' s and don ' ts of photography. Although I received no formal training, I learned d if f erent aspects of photography, such as how to use a wide angle lens, a fisheye, telephoto lens, and lighting techniques through reading various photo books and magazines. I even taught myself how to use the darkroom and take great pride in not only tak- ing my own photos but developing them as well. Now, although sporting events are one of my favorite photo assignments I like to shoot candidates of just about everything. The photo above is just one ex- ample of a candidate that I shot on my way home from class. Bruce Weimer Undeclared Bruce Weimer Gallery 435 ' I ' ' C II - ft! B .f i . i . : ., Hi W HOT t. .4 ,,UJH ' " ' II ' HI Mi b 4 Mill Ever since I first looked through the viewfinder of a Kodak 110 pocket instamatic, I knew photography would become a significant part of my life. When I was 13, I got my first 35mm SLR, and ever since there ' s been no turning back. For the past couple years, I have been a Daily Bruin staff photographer and darkroom technician. Working at the Bruin has extended my knowledge and skills to understand an entirely dif- ferent form of photography-- photojournalism. Something 1 now enjoy immensely. Erik Deutsch Economics Erik Deutsch Gallery 437 . _i A V k IM i 1 -.:-:, . : : I - " i.. 11 m David Simms Gallery 439 440 David Simms Gallery , I started taking pictures nine years ago when I enrolled in courses at a community college to gain technical and creative experi- ence. I continued the pursuit of my vocation by working two years in a commercial photo studio where I was exposed to the professional photographic environment, which refined my prior experience. Today I operate a small business which specializes in aerial and por- trait photography. 1 enjoy photographing people and flying airplanes. Portrait and aerial photography allow me to realize these interests with compensation. The photos in my section were taken with medium format cam- eras. I use the Pentax 6X7 for the field and the Hasselblad for studio work. Both of these cameras have excellent optics, resolution, and large negative size which lends them toward sharper images. 1 generally use color negative and transparency film. My favorite im- ages however, are those that com- bine technical excellence with creativity. David Simms Economics t DKX Aaifs. Jeff 269 Aasen, Claudia 314 Abassi. Darius .300 Abboud. Jacquie 328 Abboud, Kathy. . . 324 AbdelGawad, Jehan 228.339 Abdellatif. Hazem 296 Abel Bey. Ben 277 314 Abraham. Kevin 102368 Abrahamson. Todd 259 Abrahms. Steve... 300 Abramow. Lori 306 Abramson, Pamela 302.102 Ackerley. Ted 283356 304 Acosta. Jenny 320 Acuna. Renee 310 Adame. Tom Y 102 Adams. A 228 Adams, China 228 Adams, Chuck 283 Adams. Dave .29! Adams. Eunice C 102 Adams, Glenn 344 Adams. John .291 322 Adamson, Deanna 351 Adamson. Terry 228 Addinglon Kris 304.102 Adddi, Nadim 228 Adelgais, Kathy 306 Adeli. Maryam 102 Adelman. Billy 300 Adelman. Craig 341 A del son Jim 285 Adibi. Kami 228 Adler, Jeff 300 Adler, Shira 228 Adriano, Dexter 365.102 Afsharieh. Deanne 324 Agamata. Caroline 322 Agarwal. Rita 348 Agbunag. Rosally 212.348 Agee. Meredith 312 Aghabeg, Darren H. 102 Aguabella. Menina ..228.343 Aguayo. Jose 228 Agues. Mario 293 Aguiar. Joaquin 228 Aguila. Lourdes 102 Aguilar, Arlene..... 328 Aguilar, Mark 339 Aguiniga, Laura E 102 Aguirre. Renalo. 289 Aguirre. Ric 228 Agundez. Lysa A 102 Ahdoot. Haled 102 Ahdoot Roben D 102 Ahlers.Ron 258 Ahlers. Ronald 102 Ann. Eugene 344 Ahrar. Kamran 299 Aikman, Troy 48 Aimes. Anne-Marie 314 Ainsworth. Troy 228 Aitkm. Chris 367 Akahoshi. Jonathan 297 Akers. KirstenJ 102 Akhavanhaidary. Sepideh.. 102 Akin. Jeff .273 Akinsilo. Abayomi J.. . 102 Alba. Jen 323 Alba. Jennifer 322 Albanese. Stacey 357.312 Alberghetli. Danny 259 Albertazzi. Anne Marie 304 Alchanati. Lesleigh 102 Aider. Sierra 228 Aldrich. Jim 285 Aleman. Fran 191 Alemania, Roman 228 Alemenia. Rod 296 Alexander. Albert 228 Alexander. Devon 304 Alexander, Donna 304 Alexander. Kevin 285 Alexander, Kurt 293 Alfieri, Diana G 102 Algaie. Laurence 102.228 Alimento, Mariko U 102 Alkasfassy. Edmond 102 Alkhas. Jowas 228 Allard. Mike 263 Allen. Chris 289 Allen, Colin. 368 Allen. E hon 228 Allen. Kim 320 Allen. Liz, . 302 Alfen. Uzbeth 102 Allen. Lynn 368 Allen. Robert 279 Allen. Todd ...228,368 Allen. Traci N 103 Allen. Tracy 314 Allen, Tracy 315 Allensworth. Sharyl 328 Allerton, Colby 296 Alley, Tim 272 Alley, Tim .273 Allraon. Lynn .304.103 Alloggiamento. Tom 341 Almanza, John . 228 Almeida, Adrian 103 Almera, Steven M ..103 Alonso. Voleisy .103,343 Alpert. Dana 103.326 Alpert. Debra 228 Alpefl. Wendy 322 Alter. Andrew 365 After, Jeremy 228 Ahhouse. LJM 326 AHman. Robert C 103 Adman, Scott .277 AKshutet. E k 103 Alvarado. Michael A 103 Arvarado. Mike 284 Alvarado. Hike...... Alvarez. Joana M 285 351 Alvarez. John 267 Alvarez. Luis 343 Alvarez. Oscar 228 Alvarez. Sandra 228 Alvarez. Victor M 103 Alzona. Chona 336 336 Arnador. Mark 300 281 Amarillas. Jesse 228 Ambler, John 228 Ambrose. Greg 103.341.354 Amendola. Mark 258.103 Ames, Chris 292,293 Ames. Christopher V .. .. 103 Ames, Kelly 326.327 Arnmirato. Natalie ..312 Amod. Alfred K ..103.299 Amores, Aurora F 103 Amshel, Craig 297 Anagnostou. Stephanie. .. 320 Anagnoslou. Stephanie . 321 Anand, Gautam 228 Anastasia, Damon 271.103 Anaslassatos. Chris 277 Anaya, Miguel 281 Andelin. Steve 297 Anderholt. Tina 310 Anderman. Lynn 312 Anderson. Anthony . . .. 104 Anderson. Brad 285 Anderson. Britt 308 Anderson. Chris 314.360 Anderson. Christine M 104 Anderson, Christopher 350.361 Anderson. Elizabeth J. ... 104 Anderson. Jeff 290 Anderson, Jeff 291 Anderson. Jeffrey C 104 265 Anderson, Julia L 104.304 Anderson. Kami M.... 104 Anderson. Kristi 314 Anderson, Kristine... 369 Anderson, Lisamarie 104 Anderson. Maria 1O4 Anderson, Mark 283 Anderson, Nicholas M 104 Anderson, Nick 285 Anderson, Paige S 104 Anderson, Rebecca 312 Anderson. Rebecca -Lynn... 228 Anderson. Sandra 228 Anderson, Shannon 104 Anderson. Tony 287,291 Anderson. Tracl J 104 Anderson. Trent R 104 Anderson-Monserratos. Ch ristian...228 Andolina, Karyl 326 Andrade, Irma 104 Andrasfay. Chris 285 Andrews, Doug 258 Andrews, Jill 320.58 Andrews, Kristan 324 Andrews. Phil 261 Andrews, Roxana 308 Andtus. Vicky 324 Andrus. Vicky 325 Angeja. Brad 228 Angel. Donald 228 Angelelli. Peter 104 Angelillo. Marc 263 Angrolett. Chris 296 Angiolelti. Mike 296 Angioletti. T.J 296 Angulo. David 228 Angus, Ted 287 Angus. Wendy 312 Angus. Wendy 356 344 Annan, Christy 304 Annis, Amy 369 Anofve. Raul .. 274,343 Anraham. Kevin 228 Anselmo. John Vito 228 Ansite. Denise R 104 Anthony. Scott... 287,366 Anthony, Scott 367 Antongiovanni. Marcelline 104 Anlongiovanni, Marcie 320 Anwar, Haroon... , 348 Anzalone. Hallie ....312.313 Anzo, Frank 228 Aouizerat, Bradley 228 Aparicio. Lourdes 343 Appleby, Melissa 308 Applen. Gretchen 339 Appuhn. Tanya ..361,104 Aprahamian. Ara 104 Aquino. Jennifer 337 Aragones. Charles T 104 Arai. Wade S 104 Araldi. Daniel 228 Arangua. Luis ....269.104 Aranovich, Florencia 354 Araya, Rafael A 104 Arce. Michelle 228 Archambo. Nancy 304 Archer, Amelia 228 Archer. Michele 319,104 Ardell. Jim 261 Areghini. Andre ...312.357 Areghiri. Andrea 313 Arellano. Emilia M 104 Arellano, Joseph 228 304 Argabnle, Karen .318,319 Arqabrite. Karen 1 104 Argeniar. David 281 104 Argue. Betsy 308 Argue, Elizabeth A.. 104 Arias, Julie 326 Ariola, Brian , 296 Arjonilla. Felipe 228 Arledge. John ...228.267 Armand. Tony 295 Armas, Emilia 228 Arrnendariz Long. Rebecca... 345 228 Armentrout. John 296.104 Armstong, Katrina 328 Armstrong. Jim 291 Armstrong. Monique... Armstrong. Ned Armstrong. Yvonne E.. Arnold, JoAnn Arnold. Rich Arnold. Stephanie L Arnold. Stephanie Arrache. Marissa Arraslia. Joyce A Arreguin, Ivan Arrieta. Mike, Arroyo, Chrlt. Arroyo, Chrislofer Artavia. Monica Arveson, Erik Arvizu, ' Mark... " " ! " !!! " " Asa-Dorian. Eric Asaoka, Ann Asawa, Brian Asch. Donna J.... Ash. Slacy Ashrafi, Mehran Ashton, John... Astarila, Kathryn Alaipour, Marjan Atherton. Candice Atri. Ali Altelese. Keith Atwater, Julie Audino. Julie Auerbach, Debbie Auerbach, Elana Auerbuch. Irene Augustini, Jeff Auh. Mark Ault. Kelly Austin, Charla... Austria, ArrUe Auti. Rich Aulz, Richard H Auyong. Leanne Avanesyan. Klarisa Avella. Yolanda J Avenilla. Louis R Avery. David Avery. Eva Avila. Kirk ' . Avila, Mark S Avila. Roger Avrit. Brad Awad. Akram A Awe. FrancfP Axel, Donna Axel. Doug Ayers. Jennifer Ayerves, Jacqueline. Ayres, Jennifer Mercy.,. Azarloza. Ri Azarloza, Rick Azer, Bernard Azizzadeh. Bal do E... B Baatz, Laura , Baba, Holly Babb. Andy Babich, David Babigian. Kelley Baboolal, Paul Babshoft. Lisa . . Baca. Nancy Bacerdo, Michael V Bach, Mindy,. Bachand. Rain Bacon, Jordan Bacon, Katherine Bacon, Margaret Bacon. Rachel... Badelbou. Juliet Baer, Jennifer Bagge, Lynn....... .,.. Baik. Howard K ' .... " .... Bailuy. Jennifer Bain. Michael Baird, Lisa M Baje, Mark Baker, Andrw Baker. Celia. Baker, Kolleen Baker, Lee D. Baker, Mark.. Baker. Matt Baker. Richard Baker, Sarah Baker, Stephen N Baker. Steve.... Bakhtiyari. Maryam Bakken, Kriss Baldo, Juliana Baldock. Andrew..... Baldwin. Justine Baligad. Gil Balistreri, Julianne M... Ball. Arthur all. Kim ....320 ....337 ...265 ....229,281 ....229.279 ...320.345 ...319,105 ..293 ,.229 ...259 ...105 -106 ...314 Balla. Noelle Balladares. Orlando 367 Ballard, James 289 Ballatore. Ron 54 Ballin. Mark 285 Balough, Charles 291 Balousek, John 279 Bamshad. Babak R 106 Bankhead. Tobrene 314 Bankovitch. Christopher M 106 Banks. Kimberly A 106 Banneman Richter. Matilda 106 Bannister. Marianne 317 Banuelos, Miguel 106 Bara. Jeff 289 Bared, Dave 300 Barajas. Mary Heten 106 Barak, Jennifer 326 Barakat. Basel 355,106 Barakat, Basil 269 Barakat. Mariana G ....106 Barekat. Sabrina v 319 Barakat. Yasmm 106.337 Baraumand. Clndee 324 Barbee. Assl Ombudsman Nancy. 207 Barber. Alicia 229 Barber, John 265.295 Barber. Michelle Barber, Sonya L Barbosa. Bryan Barceki. Richad Barclay. Aileen Bardon. Lisa Bare, Christopher Barkate. Harold Barker, John Barker, Julie Barker. Steve Barker, John W Barlas. Kerry Barlas. Milch Barlas Mitch Barley, Kristen Barlow, Jim Baric . Stephanie D... Barnbaum, Laurie Barner, Cheri Barnes, Julie Barnes. Kelly Barnes. Linda Barness. Dean Barnelt. Michelle Barone, Paul F Barr, Timothy Barragani. ' ancy.. Barreiro. Marlene Barrett. Debra L Barrett. Matthew B. ... Barrick. Jennifer Barrios, Cecilia P.. . Barrios. Celia Barrios. Gloria Barrios. Randy S Barron. Eduardo Barron. Kim Barron, Michael Barth, Steve Barllett, Mike Basa. Fernando Basler, Carleen Bastian. Jim Basualdo. Cabrie Batal. Holly Batanghari. Winston Bate, Leila Bates, Darryl 1 . Nenette 310 106 229 229 229 ..229,308 229 103,229 317 ...352 ...322 ....287 ...315 ...349 ...315 -.300 Benr t, Marh Bockslahler, Eric. . ...229 .320 ...277 i. AHai Batio Balm Batrez, Jeremy. . Bait. Rochelle Battat, Margie Bauer. Holly Bauer-McClure. Lisa... Bauknight, Cece Bauknight. Cecilia M... Baum, Russell A 261 367 322 229 ...304,106 229.296 328336 336 320 229 Bautista. Claudia 339 Bautista. Elaine V 106 Bautista. Maria 337.106 Bautista, Marlon M , 106 Baxtwr, Doug 296 Baxter. Kelly 339 Bayer, Brian W 106 Bayer, Bryan 283 Bayer, Julie A 106 Bazan. Lindy 306 Beach, Jenni 314 Beach, Liane R 107 Beach. Paul 281 Beall, David L 107 Beatson. Anselm 107,273 Beatly, Heather 229 Beatty, Tammy 328 Beaudin, Kelly 312 Beaulieu, Thomas D 107 Beazley. Jo Anne 229 Bechtle. Anne 310 107 Beck. Kimberly 352 Beck, Michelle 326 Beck, Samantha 302 Becker. Marilyn J 107 Becker. Walt 271 Beckman, Jeff 267 Beckmann. Jeffrey H 107 Be-der, Steve 263 Bedirian, Sara 107 Bedolla. Jennifer 304 Bedrosian. Tania 322 Beecher, Matt 277 229 Beemer. Rob 296 Beeny. Chris 229 Befeler. Roger 229 Begley, Suzanne 229 Beh. Sheri 312 Behar. Adam L 107 Behdadnia. Barmak 107 Behling. Ruth 107 229 Behrens, Cathy 348 Behroz. Ali 293 Behrstock. Brandon 267... 107 Behrstock. Laura 324 Beig. Asra 328 Beightol. Claudia T 107 Beisler. Candice 324 Belanget. Jayson 296 Belisle, Pete 296 Bell. Brooke ....314 Bell. Chuck 263 Bell, Jonathan 110. 229 Bell, Kristin 312 Bell, Ron 344 Bell. Tricia 339 Bellaci. Chris 267 Bello. Carlo 365 Beloney, Shefri D 107 Bellon. Jennifer 108 Beltramo. Deanna M 108 Beltramo. Dee Dee.. 320,,, 32 I....367 Ben-Shmuel, Elieter 108 Bendar, Scott 108 Bender. Chris. 277 Bendix. Diana...: 320 Benedict. Christine 108 345 Benetz, Danny 258 Behgero, Lowell. . 108 Benioff, Brad ....277 Benjamin, Craig 287 Benjamin. Oliver... .300 345 ...352 Benk. Laura ...229 Benkonvich. Claudia ....306 Bennett. Dean L ....108 Bennett. James B ....108 Bennett. Kim ...310 Bennett. Marty Benninghoff. Micheal Bennish. Lisa Bennish. Lisa Benowitz. Brian . ' .... Benowilz, Jeff Bento. Polly Berard. Karen V Berelowitz. Marian S... . Beres. Laney Berg. Andra Berg, Braden Berg. Erik Berg, Malt Berg. Nicole ... Berg. Scott Berger, Aaron Berger. Mavek Berglas. Rick Berglund, Shauna Bergman, Heidi Bergman. Hob Bergslrom, Lisa Beringer, Ashlie Berkman, Jason Berfcowitz. Nina Berlin Matt Berliner. Lisa Berman. Stephanie Berman. TeoT Berman, Wendy Bermeo, Annushka Bermeo. Melissa Bermudez, Lii Bernade. Gina Bernard, Tinamarie Bernardo. Rolo Bernardy. Jill Berninger. George Bernstein. Deborah H " . ' " . ' . ' ' . Brrnstein. Dina E Bernstein. Keith L Bernstein, Lara Bernstein, Laura Bernslein. Lisa Berrios, Migdalia Bertet. Jean-Claude Bertonneau, Kevin Bertrand, Liz Berzon, Ian Besner. Eric Besser. liana P Best. Anita Best. Lisa Beymer. Christopher P Bezanilla. Roberto.... Bhababhutanong. Luckchai Bhakta. Manish M Bhaskar. Harish Bhatia, Shalini Bhavnani, Dilip Biba, Stefanie Bibicoff, Allison Bickley, Kristin J Bien.Guy fiilas. Sheryl .. Bilharlz, Roiie Billing, Lisa Billing, Peter S Billote. Jamie Bilson.Don Bin, Rachelle-Marie Bindeman. Bil Bingham, Jeff Bioux. Cathy Birken, Lisa flirken. Lisa Birman, Dan Birnbaum, Lori Bishop, Joseph C Bishop. Mary Bishop, Pat Bisla. Tajinder Bittenson. Karen L Bittner, Gary Bixler. Eric Bjerke. Sally Black, Mary Black. Steve Blackburn. Pat Blacker, James Black well. CarmeHa Blady, Isaiah Blain. Arthur A Blake, Mike Blakeney. Raevon Blank, Lonny Blankenship. Cindy Blankenship. Cynthia C Blecker. Zena Bledsoe. Maureen C Bleecker. Hillary Blend, Sheila Bloch, Sean Block. Lainie Blohm, Jennifer Blom, Sarah Bloom. Tamara Btoome, Tony Bloomfield, Jeanette Blowitz, Samantha Blue. Jeff Blum. Jeffrey S Blum, Lisa Bluman. Seth Blumberg, Rob Blumenthal, Wendy Blunden, Ann Boags, Marty Bobbin, Chrystal Bobbin. Dena L Bobo. Jackie ...314.315 ... 229.306 229 229 ...339 229 229 ..359.322 296 343 291 277 319 ...108,310 ...311.311 328 267 229 108 273 ..366,367 312 ..312.355 229 229 .291.108 347 ....229 ...T302 306 ...310 ..,.312 ...304 ....300 322 314 259 229 108 .......322 Bodeau, Andrew 267 DTOOKS. Lev. Boezinger, Boe Boezmger. Susie Bogdanovich. Stephanie . 271 310.311 319 Brothers. Mark O Brougher. Brent Broukhim, Milka Boghosiari. Thierry M .... Bogosian. Suzanne Bogozian. Susan 108 108 337 Broussalian Levon .... Brown. Alex. Brown Amie Bogwrd. Chang 229 Brown. Bob " " " ' . Boing, Brian 368 Bo Imgbroke. Cindy Bonanno, Gina M Bond. Chelsea 310 108 320 Brown. Carol L Brown. Christopher R Bondi. Joe : 345.352 Bonfiglio. Diane A 108 Brown, David Bonilla. Erika Bonoi, Jospeh F 229 229 Brown. Debbie Brown. Dietrich T Bonzi. Jay 261 Brown Erip Booher. Jessica 314 Boone, Brian 229 Boostanfar. Rod..., 281 rown, James Booth. Thomas 229 Brown. Jennifer Bordeaux. Vanessa. 314 Borden. Gary B 229 Brown J ' H ' Borden. Ross 271 Borg. Lisa K 229 Borick, Jay 300 . " .. ' " " " Boring. Joshua 258 Borjor. Melmda 229 Brown. Ken Jr Borke. Tracey 304 Brown, Ken .... 300 Brown. Kirstin Bornslein. Lynn 314 Borodkin. Linda 310 Brown Lena " Borr. Kevin 269 Brown, Martin Borucki. Jill 322323 Borun, Brigelte S 109 Brown. Michele Boscacci, Allison 229.324 Brown. Michelle Bosch. Troy Bosnians. Jeanette Bosserl. Brian 287 229 344 Brown. Molly Brown. Nancy.... Brown, Patricia Bolto. Louise 308 Brown. Slephanie-R ... Botton, Aliki ... .109306 Brown. Sieve Bourdet, Jodie 304,109 Brown, Steven R .... Bourgeois, Jill Bouskila, Daniel A C 337 109 Brown, William Browne, Colleen Bower. Nancy 319 Brownell. Joel Bower, Nancy J 109 Browning, Bradford .. . 312 Bowling. Wendi 229 Bruck. Torben.. Bowman, Paige.. Bowne. Bob 337 283 Bruenn. Jennifer .. .... Brugioni. Andria Boyden. Mike 283 Brumbach, Steve 72.86 Bwoyiazis, Anna M 109 Brunelle. Lisa Boyle. John 296 Brunei. Patricia Boze. Jason.. . 229 Bruokenhoeferl, Robert Bracken, Jodi 302 Bradley. Daniel Ray 229 Bruno. Mike. Bradley, Heather 306 Bradley, Maria Bradley, Paige 312 324 Bryan, Angela Brady, Jason Brady. Kelly 263 324 Bryant, Kandi Bryant . Kryss Brady, Mike ... 266.267 Bryant. Mike Braeger, John 271 Bryant, Molly Braganza, Roy J 109 Bryant, Nicole Bragonier. Beth 314 Bryant. Paul Brainard. Christopher 229 Bua, Michele Bram, Caryn 339 Bubis. DarleneB Branch. Pamela Branda. Geoff 348 258 Buchalter. Stephanie .. Buchen, Eric. Branda, Geoffrey C Brandenberger. Wade 109 .... 283 Buchner, James S Bucich. Rick Bfandes, Jennifer .. .304,305 Buck. Micheal Brandis. Jennifer Brandli. Dave 229 277 Buckingham. Christy Buckingham. Mike Brandt. Lauren 312 Bucklin. Eric Branhau. Jeanie 229 Bucks, John Branski. Mia 326 Budman, Scott A Branson. Kristn 286 Buell. Jason Brant. Keith ;. .354,361 Buerner. Karen Brassard. Drew Bralkovich. Tom Brau, Ingrid 295 279 320 Buffett. Michelle L Sugay, Janet Bui. Jeff Braun. Michael 354 Bui. Theresa T Braun, Mike -277357 Bulos, Arnold Brawn, Jennifer 229 Sunken. Sarah Brawner. Christine 109 Bunn. Aiko Bray. Karen 337 Bunn. Tosha G Brazeau. Sophie 320 Bunnell. Mary P Breier. Lylle M 109 Bunner, Steensland Breit. Geralyn L 109 Bunnin. Andrew Brendzal. Tracy 306 Bunten. Janette M Brennan. Kevin . .270,271 Buntuyan. Erwin T Brennan, Terry 314 Buraglio. Donald Brennan, Tracy Brent. Dan Bresky. Lisa .314315 289 -314.109 Burbage. Lisa Burbage, Lisa Burch. Clinton Brewer. Mike 283 Burch. Jodi Bridgeman, Bridget 229 Burger. Andrea Bridgeman, Kelly Bridgeman. Paul 319 263 Burger. Lora Burger, Lora L Brief. Diana E 109 Burgmeier, Elaine J Briery, Traci 109 Burgus, Krisli Briggs, Bridget ...229 Burke. Darlene Briggs, Glenn 261 Burke, Erin.... Briggs, Jeffrey T Briggs. Jennine 109 229 Bur key Shye. Jason Burkhard. Jennifer Briggs, Jim 283 Bu ' kland, David Bfiggs. Preston 265 Burklund. Dave Brink, Karen 304 Burleson, Jennifer Brinkerhoff. David B 109 Burnight. Todd Briones. Felici R 109 Burns. Eric C Brisco, Micielle 229 Brito, Russell Britton. Lara 267 312 Burrill. Leigh Broadway. Lisa 109 Brodie. Emma 322 Brodnansky, Melissa 109 Burt. DeniseM Brodnansky, Missy 326 Burton. Scott Brokaw. Wendy 320 Busailah, Muna Brooks, Angelle. 337 Busch, Eric Brooks. Bonnie 21S ' ,229,302 Bush. Debbie Brooks. John 279 Bush. Lisa Brooks. Julie 324 Bush, Renee .Brooks. Kar n Bushansky, Mara L " . " . " . " ' . " . ..359 339 324 ....110 ...110 271 324 C CMtvn-u . CWBIM ....283 ...314 .312 - , Cn J Cmwa. dw . . ,. .. ' 442 Index Ss_aa ' B H Busono Judi Ill Cervantes. Kathw 304 Chu. TsunD 1 16 Cope. Krislen 326 Daly Derrnot 763 Derby. UM .... 304 Dunn. John. . . ..261 J Bustamanle Jackie BuMdmamr- L.lia 324 35! Cervantes. Lui Cervantes. Maria Theresa A 296 113 Chua. Selwyn Chuanq Peter 259 Copp . Courtney 232 Cordan, Holly L 320.1 18 118 Daly. Jeff Daly. Mear4. 293 . 322.365 Derecho, Dennis T 121 Derosa. Chri 356 Dunn. Johnny 359 Dunn. Jonathan 122 ' .; Cervantes. Paul J 113 Chubb Kai 312 corilto. Corey 259 Daly. Megan 308 Desai, Rahul 733 Dunn. Nancy 782.320.341 1 231 Cesar o. Knsien 337.113 Chuchmnawat. Paisam 353 Corittan. Maura 324 Dalzell, Candke 304 Detlman. Steve 787 Dunn. Tripp 287 1 Butler. Chris 304 Chaiken Julie E 1 14 Chui. Chi Y 116 Corkern. Shannon . ,. 314 Dam, True... 339 Deutsch. Erik 344 Duppe Craig 734 1! I Butter Heidi 306 Chatt Lisa 1 14 Chukker Samanlha 232 Cormier. Diana M 118 Dames. Peter 791 Deutsch. Erik A 121 Duran. Paul 300 a? H Butter. Lisa 324.1 1 1 31 Chun. Bonnie M -116 Cormir. Diana 317 Damore. Steve 278 Devaney. Kindt a 376 Duran Stephanie 306 Butter. Scott . 300 Chambers Doran 26 Chun, Eve . 344 Corn. Roger...- 277 Damore. Steven 279 Devera. Jaime 777 Durtene. Matt 761 Butter. Cathy Jean . 111 Chambers Lorena 337.34 Chun Grace Cornejo. Cecilia 345 Damron. Stacy 314 Devera. Pinky 336 Duroff Mike. 761 - in Bwnce. Chnslopher O Byi Kimberly 1 1 1 314 Chambers. M Lorena Chamlian Momque 32 Ch un. Kendra Chun. Sindy 3 Cornelison. Mike 232 Cornell Siacey 232 324 Dana, Cairn Daneihmand. Said T 350 119 Devereaui. Paulelte Ateyn ....121 Devine. Michael 279 Duron. Angelica 734 Duron Steve 761 Byers Matt S Ml Chan. Agnes ,,, r ,- 1 1 Chunbomrung. Wilasinee 353 CornweH. Julie 286 Daniel, Chri . 285 Devote Mark 261 Durrett. Kim 302350 Byland. Samuel H 1 1 1 Chan, Alan D S Chung Aden 232 Cotonado Mana 317 Daniel. Christopher T 119 Devore, Mark S 121 Durst Stacy. 348 Byrd, Cathy A ....112 Chan. Albert . 23 Chung, Ann 116 Coronel. Don . .336 Daniel. Deann 304.119 Dewey, John 283 Dusig. Michele 306307 Byrne. Andrew P 1 12 Chan. Andrea _ 310 Chung. Carat 232 Coronel. Rainerio D . ....118 Daniel. Lisa K 119 Dewitt. Mary 320 Dust. Michelle M 122 a Bytne. Andy . . . 295 Chan. Carlos Chan. Christina 336 Chung. Estella C " 6 Corratejo. Paul 281 Daniels Kristen 324 Dhaka. Ajay 733 Dust. Mith 306 J c Chan. Derek Chan Ka Me. K 231 ... 114 Chung Jay 258 Corr qan L ' I 324 118 Danlag. Steve Dar. Jonathan.. 233 119 DiCarlo pPatl, 305 Diamond. JulteC 121 Dwyer. John 763 Dye. Bob ..791 Chung. Jeff 347 corsorv Jay K Chan. Michael J 114 Chung. Susan 349 Cortes Schoterl. Fell 732 Darakananda. Nukumho rn 353 Diamont. Rachaef . 306 Dyer. Mark T 122 Cabasag. Rose A 1)2 Chan. P II ,,,..,-. ,i ,,.i 275 Chung. Susan H Cosley. Cindi.., 304,305 Dardashti, Siamak 119 Dtas. GeraldS 121 Dyke. Thomas 734 Cabot. Andrew 271 ...114 Chung. Yong J Cosley. Cynthia S ..118 Dare. Raimi 346 Diaz, Ada 343.121 Dyner. Debbie 359 Cabot, Michelle 314 Chan. Wei Jun 114 Chupmghong. Emalyn B -H6 Cossette Michelle 345,314315 Darnbrough. Paul F. 119 Diaz. Alfred 233 Dyson. Lisa 376 Cabral, Christine 304 Chan, Will C 231 drone. Michelle 308 CMUjn Marc 285 Daron, Smith 233 Diat. Dustan 233,28p Dzien. Kim. J17 - Cabrera Trudi 306 Chandler Brent 283.114 Cieslak. Kim. , 314.345 51.314.116 Costam! Mart. ..284 Darowin. Mike 783 Dia . Dusty 281 Cabrere Dave 273 Chandler Shana 344 Ciganko. Scott 265 Costania Chris .279 Daroya Melody C 119 Diaz. Joe 267 Cabrerr David M 1 12 Chang. Dan 296 Cinco, Rot. 232 CoftdUno, Anne 319 Darweesh. Cameron 339 Dia . Jose 343 Cabreros. Ron R 1 12 Chang. Helen 337 Cisneros Carin P 1 16 Costello. Tim 277 Darweeih. Perrl 233.339.351 Diaz Marjories 121 Cabrillas. Katherine V 1 12 Chang. Herman H 1 14 Cisneros. Martha 232 Cote, Matthew 232 Darwin. Richard C 119 Diaz. Maryrose A 121 Cabusao. Joanne 231 Chang Isabel 337 Ciudadano. Anthony 297 Cot . Michelle 351 Darwin, Rick 795 Dick.pBrian 233 Eagle. Aldo . . 78 Cat hero. Junior 1 12 Chang, Keith S 114 Clark, Ann 116.312 Cotter. Rachel S.._ 118 Dawa. Mark J 119 Dickinson. Ben 219.233 Eagle. Leslie.. 317 Cachia. Rebecca L 112 Chang Lou se ...__. 114 Clark Flizabeth G 1 ' 6 Cotton. Casey 326 Daslur, Kamal M . . 119 Dickman. Sherman .. . . 279 Cad a now a. Leah 231 Chang, Malachy __ . 289 Clark. Jeff 271 Coulter, Bridgid 351 Dalnow. Siacey 306 Dickson. Arianne 337 Far hart Kassy. 308 Cadena, Francine .231 Chang Maling 231 Clark, John 269 counci. Dave 300 Dau. Sarah 320 Dickler. Brian E 121 Earl. Katie. 314 Cadis. Dave 296 Chang. Pe Chi 274 Clark. Marianne 3 ' Cowan. Bruce 267,355 Daub Matthias 233 Dtego. Alke 336.336 5 M Cahir. Ellen Cahn. Beth Cajucom. Pamela 369 112 308 337 Chang, Taek.. Chang, Wendy 1 14 288.289 342.114 Clarke. Troy A Clarku. Rebecca L Classen. Derek 116 Cowan. Kathnne A 116 Cowan Lora H7.271 Coward. Ken 118 232 767 Daukas, Mania Davenport. Erik Davenport. Megan 337 270.271 324 Diego. Alice Marie T 121 Diego. Londono 233 Diemer. Dione 733 Easlerling. Scott 761 Eastman. Pete 234.285 Calderon. Jeffrey M 112 Chang. Won Y 114 319 Coward Kenneth G 118 David, Sara J 119 Dtenhard. JiM 302 Calhoun. Leslie 308 112 Chao. Daniel 231 Clay. Kenya 319 Cowden. Jack 267 Davida. Danielle 233 Diep. Tony 233 Calhoun. Sheryn L 112 Chao, Gerald 368 Cleveland. Bart 271 Cowman. Matthew S lie Davidian. Danielle 326 Diettein. Erk 280.121 Eaton. Wendy 234322 Cali. Leeann 308 Chao, Karm 348 Cleveland, Steve 283 Coj( . Gini 310 Davidov. Iris 306 Dietter. Susan E . 121 Caliboso, Eden 337 Chao. Steven 114 Clifford, Amy 314 Cox. Mike 775 Davidson. Paula 345 Dihgo. Maria 336 Ebbert. Rick 778 Cal.lato Nicholas 269 Chao. Titey 345.352 Cline, Scott 74 Cox. Thomas M 118 Davies Anaslasia L 120 Dilkian. Michelle 328 Ebora. Marialynn 336 Catimlim. Alfredo A. . 112 Chapman sa 308 Cli.Mon. Kathy Jl Cqbe.JulkA 112 Davies. Jennifer 304 Dimaano. Rosalea V 121 Calip Ian . 231 Chapped, na _ 326.327 Clissolt. Davkl M 117 Cracraft. Crislin 312 Davila. Eric 292.293 Dinnuci. Micheal 233 Ebr h ' m ' J k 1?? Callaghan Corrine Callaghan, Michelle 320 320 Chappell, re ...._ Charhut P 1 __ 366,367 295 Close, Tim 291 Craft. Taylor Cloutier. Dave 261,341.350.361 Cra.q Julie 268.269 317 Davis. Ctis Davis. DeVonneC 300 120 Dinsay.Federsin G 121 Dinucci. Viviana 310 Eby, Elyson 312 Callahan James 355 Chartes. Ju ic _ . 317 Cobb. Jacqueline 320 Crane. Becky 326 Davis. Jeff 787 Dion. Rkti 791 _. c . ' ' rr Callahan. Marybeth 324 Charles. Susan 308 Coberly. Sterling 285 Crane, Christopher M 118 Davis. Kelly 339 Dirito. Dione M 121 Eck. Sarah.. ..234.320 Callahan. Shaw 0.1 320 Charman orraine . . 308 Cochrane. Justin 271 Cravats, Matt 299 Davis. Lara 317 Dishon. John 285 Eckei! KrisU 234 Callan, Elizabeth L 112 Charner, C oline A 115 Coffin. Brian 296 crave. Kalhy ..232 Davis. Samanlha 120.117 Dislifeno. Melissa 533 Callan. Lisa 324 Char u wan. alamavadee 353 Coffman, Jennifer 326 Craven. Scott 279 Davis, Terence 120 Ditmars, Michael 350 Eckland. Chris ,.734 Callicoatt. Bert 258 Chat man. ns 337 CoHman, Todd 283 Crawford, Jacqueline D 118.314 Davis. Terence A 120 Diltman. Lori 310 Eckwortzel, Gary 299,124 Callison. Ann 290.314,315.348 Caloroso. Gary 287 Calsyn. Todd 296 Chau. Edd Chavarria. Iricia E 293 231 115 Cohen. Amy Cohen. Catherine Cohen. Jono Cray, Daniel T 232 Creger. Brad 350 Creighton. Laura 118 265, 1 1 8 345.118 Dawndge. Jametra C ... Dawson. James K 324 170 120 Divanagracia. Angelica 120.337 Dixon.Rob 283 Do. Huong 351 Eclipse, Michael ....336 Econn. Stephanie .324 Edrkk, Al 300 CaHon. Jill A 112 Chavarria. Hi 113,350 Cohen. Justin 581 Creiglon. Laura. , 324 Dawson. Lesel 322 Do. Lien 351 Camarena. Susan M . . .112 Chaves. Er J , _... 115 Cohen. Lynne K " ' Crisera. Jim 262.263 Dawson. Melody L 120 Do, Mga 351 Ed " d Ad 7Q Camera. Mia T . 231 Chave . Anastasia L 115 Cohen, Marc 281 Crisostomo. Van Gill 232 Day. Janine 120 Doane. Christine 234 Cameron. Katherine R 112 Chave . Jem 304 Cohen, Margo JwT Crisp. Sam 312 Day. Stephen 233.267 Dobbins. Brian 734 Edwards. Ben.... 339 795 Chave . Knstine 231 Cohen Mark 300 Crispi. Paul 281 Dayan. Sharona 233 Dobbs, Aaron 734 Campbel. Lori . 310 Chave . Luc ana. .,-, 231 Cohen. Sandra S " 7 Critton. Lisa 302 Dayton. Kristin 310 Dobbs. Bill .796 Edwards. Jack A 122 Campbell Chuck 283 Chave . Margarita 231 267 Crocker, Jenny 72 De Castro. Arnold 233 Dobson. Tracey 324 Edwards, Karen 234 Campbell, Daron C 112 Chave , Paul ... .351 Cohen Silt, Daphne R 1 17 Croddy. Micheal 232 DeCrisle, Dean M 120 Dodson. Katrina D 171 Campbell. Jill 320 Chellamy, Caroline 361 Cohn. Jenny 302 Cronin Daniel . .797 DeDios, Russell 274 Dodson. Trina 322 Edwards. Wah 771 Campbell. Scott 797 231 Chen. Abraham Chen. Andy 23 787 Cohn Mark . 281 Crosby. Sean M. 337 Crossen Byron R 118 118 DeGrosz. Kurt M De Guzman. Camille P 120 120 Doerfling. Cassie 369 Doering, William... 234 Eenigenberg. John 708 Efeaft. Suzanne M 127 Campos. Deanna 347 Chen. Bill 342 Colbourn. Kathryn 322 Crossman. Dan 283 De Guzman. Ruth 120,336 Dolinko, Adam 287 Campos. Lillian Campos. Lydia Canevaro. Missy 231.328 231 319.339 J26 Chen. Carol Chen. Deanne Chen. Edward C Chen. Gloria Y 351 319 . ... 115 115 Cole. Daphne Ellis ' ..... Coin. Daphne L Cote. Deniie Coteman. Brad Crothner. Cyndi 319 Crowell. Don -285 Crowtey. Adam A 314 232 299 118 De La Huelga. Rick De La Mora. Martha De La Torre, Ignacio De Leon. Cecilia M 343 120 120 120 Dollinger, Barrie 310 Dolph. Heather 339 Domantay. Rowena 121.337 Domain. Dave 734 Egerer. Avery 347348 Eggena. Erie K 122 Ehter. Linda L 123 Cannon. Jilt 302 Chen. Jennifer H 115 Coleman. Dan 232 Crozier. Greg 368 De Leon, Roumel 233 Dome. Mark 791 Ehret. Holly 344 231 Chen. Nancy M 115 Coleman. Jim 232.285 Crudo. Anne Marie 219 336 Domecus. John 368 Cano. Jose 273.345 Chen, Patrick 115 Coleman. Stephanie 302 Cruikshank. Cindi 326 De Los Santos. Liza 336,120 Domingo, Jennifer 350.310 Ehrlich. Todd .281 Cano, Robert 231 Chen. Shyn Kwey.. 342 Collier, Yolanda 232 Cruikshank. Cynthia A. 118 De Rosa. Chris 359 Dominguez, Anthony L 121 Ehsan. Shawn 350 Canter. Kim 312 112 Chen. Ted Chen, Thomas 287.36 1 342.367 Collin. Fully Collins. Charlte 285 Cruz. Anthony S 259 Cruzan Cressa 118 De Rosa, Christopher .. De Rubertis, Brian 357 233 Dominguei. George 234 Dominkis, Lourdes 343 Eiber, Gregory 779 Cao, Tony 231 Chen. Timothy . .231 Collins. Folton 117 Cruial. Maribeth A 118 De Torresa. Criselda B ... 120 Donaldson. Erka 121322 F hhor r A? M-KI at Capps. Cynthia 319.112 Cheng. Berck 115 Collins. Fufty 264 Cubanski. Juliette 232 De Vela. Armaine 336 Donaldson. Jeff 771 Eichner. Debi 324 Carbonel. Edward L 112 Cheng. Charlotte 231 Collins. Gene 260.261 Cucina. Gregory J 118 De Vries. Jason 291 Donaldson. Kristin 308 351 Cheng, Erk 289 Collins, Jennifer 314 Cudanes, Joyce 337 De Weese. Steven 233 Donaldson. Lisa 328 Cardon. Craig Carey. Carol E 296 112 Cheng, Felix Cheng. Gary S 342.115 115 Collins. Kelli Collins. Kristin 326 Cude. James A 326 Cui.Yu 118 118 DeBriere. Claire DeBriere. Clare 314 345 Donaldson. Matt 368 Donarko. Aimee 351 Eikenmeyer. David 777 Carey. Jennifer 308 Cheng. Louisa 337 Collins. Lexi 322 Cuihane, Elizabeth 310 DeCarlo, Patti 304 Donato. Dinnah B 121 Eiseman. Jamin 234 Canas. Claudia . 326 Cheng. Patricia _. 115 Collmson. Lisa D Cumiskey, Sean 285 DeCesare. Simone 319 Donee. Lisa T 122 Eisenhart. Robert 293 Canni, Michelle 320 Cheng. Paul 368 Colly, NacionT 1 17 Cummins. Melinda O 119 DeFriers, Jennifer 320 Dong. Jin Kim 234 Carmo. Gino 275 Cheng. Shaw Mm 1 115 Colwell. Jamie. 281 Cumstem, Mitch. 732 DeJesus. Charlene B 120 Doody. Deborah Lynn K. 122 Eiser, Rebecca L 123 Carino. Regino H 112 Cheng, Stephanie 324 Colyvas, Jeannetle -324 Cunningham. Jennifer 367 DeLeon, Angela 233 DooKttte. Mary 322 Carlin, Carrie 231 Cheng. Vera 317.350 Comanor, Christine 232 DeLoach, Regina 348 Dooros. Dave 259 Eisma, Melinda 3)0.31 1 123 Carlson. Dana 326 Cherewick, Randolf A 115 Comerci. Claudia 232 Curci. Anthony,... 119 DeRivera. Maria 324 Dordi. Khushroo F 122 Carlson. Jacqueline 231 Chettle, Lisa A 115 somstock. Paul 339 Curr. Maureen ..232.322 DeRosa. Chris 267 Dorfman. Lori 308.345 Elgin. Colly 320 Carlson, Jennifer. . 345314 Cheung. Doland 367 Conant, Justin 300 Currey, Susan 320 DeSantis. Usa 304 Dori. SigaJ 122 EJizondo, MicSeal 234 Carllon, Kathy 112 361 Cheung. Pui Y Chew. Christopher L 115 .115.273 Concoff, Andy Condren. Edward 300 Curtin. Janet 343 Curtis. Brett V 368 119 DeSanlis. Lisa A DeVera. Joe 121 .287 Dorian. Jennifer 310.122 Dorman. Darby 312 Elkind. Steve 234.283 Eltertson. Jon 295 Carmichael. John 263 Chew, Stacey D 115 Condren. Hilary. 271 Curtis, Chris G 119 Dean, Damon 233 Dormoy. Shon 122.289 Elliot. Christi 322 Carmona, Alejandro 112 Chi. David Z 115 Condrin. Mike 779 Curti . Matt 261 Dean, Lauren 337 Dorsey, Terence 279345 Ellis. Dave ' . " ... ' .... ' . ' .. ' . ' . ' .. ' . ' .Jtn Carp. Caren 328 Chiang. Celia 115 Conian. Heather 304 Curtis. Matthew 733 Dean. Mark .54 Dorsey. Terry 369 Ellis. Erk 796 Carpenter, Jacob 731 Chiboncas. Kristin S 731 Conkle. Andre ..117.337 Cushing. Murray. Chr stian 62 319 Doty. Jill 308 Ellis. Erin ,304 Carpenter. Jennifer L . . 112 Chkhizoia. Carlos 231 Conian. Heather 337 Cushner, Atex ,. 266 Dearborn. Andrew 289 Dougherty CoHeen 326 EHner. Scott 261 Carpenter, Ray Carr, Cawley 273 308 Chiean. Narumon Chih. Thiem K 353 115 Conian. Heather N Conley. Angela 1 17 Cusick. Linda 1 117 Cutter. Mike 119 291 Deardoff. Julie Deardoroff. Julie 320 320 Dougherty. Greg 299 Dougherty. Mitch 773 Ehenitaut. Phyllisa ! J " " " " 3 " ! " " !J23 Carr. Greg Carr. Travis Carrasco. Kiersten 287 779 326 Childs. Dana Chin. Kena Chin. Marisa 56.115 326 731 Conley. Debbie Conly. Debbie Conn. Bill 324 Cutter, Nancy 325 Cuyugan. Rory T 296 CyrVTracy . 304 119 312 Deas, Susan Deavereui. David Debay. Lynn 346 279 314 Dougherty Shawn D 122 Douglas. Danny 771 Douglas. Scott 271 Emery. Antoinette E, 123 Emerzian. Matt 296 Emeriian. Matthew 234 Carrillo. Athena 231 Chin. Ronald 191 Conn. Carrie 345 Cyrus, Teresa L 119 Decker. Monica.,.. 351 Dougles,sTlm 234 Emme. Gabriela O ... 123 Carrillo Flavio 261 Chin, Wendy 302 Conner. Sandy -323 Cierwinski, Roman 233 Deen Mike 761 Dowie. Tammy 314 Emmi. JoAnn S 123 Carrillo. Gloria R 112 Chiprin. Jeff 265 Connolly, Mike 368 Deffenbaugh. Nkote 733 Downey. Angelina S 122 Carrington. Jennifer G... Carrington. Vincent S Carroll. Julie Carrozio, Michael J 112 112 306 113 Chiu. Carver Chiu. Cindy Chiu. Herman S Chiu. Linda 771 368 115 342 Connoly, Pat Connor. Carol E Connor Eric R Connor. Sandy _ Defranco. David J Degermangy. Kim Degrosz. Kurt Deinhard. Jill 120 308 .... 284.285 302 Downey, Jon Rush.. , ....122 Doyle. DeidreM 122 Drabeck. Ken 271 Dragonette. John A 122 Emmrich. Helena A 123 Emrani. Afshin A 123 EncarnacKxi. Suyen Marie 358. 123 Carsalade. Fernando . 52 Chmietewski. Donna 322.323 Connors. Stefanie ...310345 DSaacs. Yvonne 119 Deittein. Eric 281 Draper. Lisa M 127 Carson. Patrick J U3 Cho. David 258.231 Constantine. Wendy 304 D ' AHaird. Wendy ...324.359 Del Carlo. Janelle 308.348.350 Drew. Heather 314 Carter. Alice Wu Carter, Charlie.. 221 265 Cho. Hyon Cho, James 231 258 Contreras, Bryan Contreras. Elena 367 D ' Amelia. Abbie 232 D ' Amore, Brandi 233 355 Del Carlo. Janelle M Del Grande. Alicia 121 314 Dreyfus, Rkk 771 Driscoll. Maura 314.360 Eng. Stephen K 123 Carter, Kerry Carter, Lisa J Carter. MkheHe Carter. Mike Carter. Richard B Cartwrighl Paulyn . 113 324 296 113 ...348 Cho, June Cho. Kyung Mee Cho. Leonard Y Cho. Michael Cho. Mkhaela Cho. Rosalie C 731 115 115 365 351 115 Contreras. Rkardo Convery. Patrick Conwell. Julie Conwell. Julie A Cook. Robert ...732 DVyrgillo. Joseph 348 Da Costa. Ian P.. 308 Dabao. Lisa M 117 Dada, Firdous Tanya 117 .Daetz. Steve 793 Daft. Jennifer 733 119 119 119 233 314 Del Junco. Lourdes Del Mundo. Emmanuel Del Toro. Vanessa . .. DelCarlo. Janelle Dela Cru . Joy Delahousjaye. Micheal 343.357359 121 233 361 336 233 Drobish. Ken. 265350 Drucquer. Kristi 308 Du, Stanley 234 Duarte. George 283 Duarte. John 283 Dubai. Mark 287 Engerman. Amy 312 England. Adam 287.359 Engler. Cad 734 Engter. Stephanie J 123.320 English. Monica 322.323 Carungay. Marlon . . . Carvacho. Bill 336 287 Cho. Steven J. Cho, Susie S 115 115 Coomans, Diane 3 Coop. Krystal 18.319.118 Dagucan. Dawn 114.337.347,119 324.1 18 Deher. Teresa 322 Delaney. Jay. Delaney. Kevin 283.121 295 Dube, Sujata 734 Dubin. Lindsey F !.ZZ!.I22 Enstey. Marian M .123 231.339 Cho. Thomas B 115 Cooper. Alison J 118 Dahiman. Amy 304 Delanoy, Doug 261 Ducar. Dave 361 Casares, Atex , 344 Choate. Peter 773 281 Daht. Erk 295 Delaquis. Heidi 733 Dudter. Julie 122337 Caserma. Gina 328 Choate. Terry 295 Cooper. Bob 271 Dahms. Liie M 119 Deteissegues. Mellisa 319 Dudley. Beth 320 P " s ' _- " " 3os Casias, Alyson ..304 Choi. Albert . 116 Cooper, Craig .. 281.118 Daignault. Sandra K 119 Delgado. Dan 275 Duff. Gary 295 Casillas, Angelica Casillas, Martene Casillas. Michael A Casillas, Mike 231 344 113 .347.360.361 Choi. Barbara Choi. Connie Choi. Jinou V Choi. Nam 314 367.116 116 320 Cooper. Jacqueline Cooper. Mark Cooper, Rhonda Cooper, Tia 306 Date. Eric 258 Daltavo. Scott 302 Dalton. Jennifer 314 Dalva. RacheMe 267 771 317 119 Delgado. Daniel ,, Delmarter, Lisa MOnique Delmendo. Marihi Deloach. Regina T 233 121 302 121 Duffey. Tammy 312 Dufloth. Jerry A 122 Dughfon. Kimberly 302 Dukakis. Mike 338 Escamilla. Gina , 734 Eschenbruecher. William R 124 Escobar. Javier 296 Escobedo, Christine 361 Cassano. Tina 308 Choi. Sophia 731 Coopersmilh, Brian. 300 Daly. Alison 308 302 Dukem. Becket 310 Cassiano. Pete 271 Choi. Sunny 232 Demayo. James 733 Duly. Kim 312 Escober. Javier 53 Caisid. Mike 231 Choi. Timothy B 116 Denenberg. Kimberly..... 359. Duly. Kimberly C 122 Escondon. Art 789 219 Choi. Wonbin 258 Denevant, Dede 302 Dunbar Laurie. 234 || Castaneda. Cat in Caslaneda, Cristina Castellanos. Carlos 1 Castellon. Patricia 1 Castellucci. Mary A Castillo, Allan Castillo, Domingo Castillo. Oina Castillo. Gustavo Castillo. Marvin Castteman, Lisa Dawn. Castner, Nancee . 113 361 113 113 113 263 113 324 287 336 113 314,3)5 Choke. Amy Chotokian. Caren Chon. Ellen C Chon, Sam Chong, Julie J Chong. Kelly Chong. Sunghi Chorna. Gail C Chou, Chu Sun J Chou. Chiqge A Chow Ben Chow. Jensen .322.351 326 116 _. 16 16 16 16 16 16 347 116 1 Denham. Ivo H. II Denoff. Melissa Denoff. Melissa R Der Megerdkhian. Tamr .a ata-tf 121 322 326 121 121 Duncan, Jill 266,304 Duncan. Kritty 314.122 Duncan. Victoria .- 734 Dundas. Derek 734.296 Dungey. Charming. 314 S Escuadro. Margarita P , . 124 Eshaghpour. Tina 734 Eshraghi, Keivan 124 Esteban. Everard 123336.124 Esters. Dan. 791 PI Castro. Ben ...773 Chow, Lily 337361 a HM k. Castro, Ed 759 Chow. Phoebe R 116 H . ' Castro. Karen L 113 Chow. William 259 k. B a a oaiKaK m - i Castro, Monica 231 Choy. Eliot 116 w - - Aj M Castro, Raymond 113 hoy, Thomas 353.116 j . mm LW H .aaiBt. W2 Castro. Vivian G 113343 Ihrissmqn. Carey 296 I 2 Catabagen. Stacy 314 hnstensen. Todd 269 a fe f Li .m 9w Cataldo. Todd 269 hristianakis. Mary 337 j k. T l B r " 1At m H L M Caialho. John 231 hristiansen. Casey 767 HP JV - ( Mike 368 hrislianson Julie 317 - M r x. j ' LM v Cati. Cindy 336 hristie. Cory 285 JlllBk mm n m Wim. M Catolko. Joy T 231 hnstie. Monica 350 : ' !lf " V aT r W m Caulifield, Grace 322 .308 I Jr . j Bjaj H t A Jv H Caulk. Jeff 275 Christopher son. Amy 319 . y A .aaV alB 4 0f J.H Cavallin, Mary Anne.. 351 Christopolus. Mark 799 i r 1 m M Cayabyab. Flora Mae M 113 Christopoulos. Jim 765 ( i J WfmM t H Caiatet, Peter .263 Christy. Micheal 232 9 t Ceavley. Daniel 231 Chu. Alain 797 P 1 Cedergreen. Erk Cellar. Kurt 296 231 Chu. Ivan Chu, Joanna 232 732 . H Cenovkh. Susannah 328 Chu. Judy 351 H Cenllo. Michael 361 Chu. Karen 336 V W BBT Cerillo, Mike 271 Chu. Nhi 349.116 J i ,9 TvH Cernicky, Dennis 293 Chu, Robert 732 B. V m ( Cerritas. Pinky 731 Chu. Sheung 116 HHaVal i V !) i aii1 Index 443 Estcverena, Ale ... Estrada, John Estrada. Kyra Estrada. Teresa ........ Esirella. arjo,-re . Elhington. Todd A Etilum. Paisan ........ Etlelsoo. Andy Eulloqui. Jose M ....... Eum, Steve Evan. Lisa Evans. Aileen Evans, Brian ...... Evans. Cory ... Evans. Mat! .................. Evans. Micheie ............ Evans, Michelle .......... Evans. Robert .............. Evans. Sandra Evans. Susie ................ Evans. Tiffany .............. Evans. Tim .................. Evanshine. Elisabeth.. Ewin. Derek ................. Ewing. Kirt G Eyerly. M.chael ........... Fade), Karen R Faeh. Kathleen Fahker.. Princess Nazli . Fairbanks. Kathy ... Fairfax, Kevin Fai. Dennis !! Fajardo, Samantha J .... Fanadmehr, Afshin Fal. Monica. kn Heidi Barbara awell, Thomas W. awell. Tom ly. Gabnellc H aye. Andy i. ' [ ' .,11.1-1,111 -,. Dave eatherstone, Julie.. eaiherstone. Knsle eenberg. Michael einberg. Karen . einman. Chris ekJ, Kenny elder, Christine . Kelly i. Jill.,. i. Keva enaday. Andy eng. Daphne enmort. Eric enstermaker. Amy .. enton. Lance enyo. Jeff Michael V era. Mike erda, Jane erguson, Carrie rguson. Lillian S.. ,. erguson. Patrick ernandes. Frances.. t rdo Jr . AHrcdo C . Dnen koner. Slacy aldone . ' ,i . A a . Hendrik an Wa uenB . 0 g rbe . T(l h ley Berk? erley. KMhWn arnworlh. Gwendolyn Karrrt. Juil F , Kw Kimberly . Larry . Madonna , Michael L . RHaM Fernando. Jenny Frnworth, Terry. Fwren. J H Ferrer, Arlen V Frui i. Mary R F thke. Kurl Fellerman. Da Fwn r. M tt 285 Figueroa. Luis 339 Frani. Julia 126.345 Gayveri. Lisa 308 Good. Craig 285 Halpern. Dan 238 234 Figueroa, Nancy .. . 322 Franiblau. Jeannie. .. 306 Geach Bill 274 Good. Richard J. 129 Halpern, Ilisa . . . .306 4 326 Figueroa, Norma 234 Frawley. J,m 348 Gee. Darrin U 3348,350,128 Good, Steve 347 Halpern. Loren . 283 314.315.125 Finch. Nanci C 125 Fredenckson Tom 312.339.350 Gee. Tammy. 236 Goodall. Lisa 302.361.361.129 Halsema. Valerie. 131.328 125- Fink. Heidi 320 Freeberg Bill 283 Gee Tiffany 306 Goode Terry 346 Haltom. Cathy.. . . 320,131 125 Finkel. Jodi 306 Freedy. Danna . .. . 306 Gee William 297 Goodere. Kirk 279 HaJverson. Brenda L 131 125 Finkel. Jody 307 Freeman Bryan 535 Geenleaf. Chris 237 Goodk.n. Martam E 129 Ham. John J 131 271 Fmkelslein. Mark 291 Freeman. Christopher 277 Gehart. John W 128 Goodkm. Michael 281 Ham, Johnny 125.322 Fmkleslein. Kim 320 Freeman. John. . . . 369 Geib. Richard 267 Goodman. Mark P 129 Hamada. Walter . 267 234 306 Freeman. Julie 308.369 Geiser, Steve 287 Goodman. Patrick 346 Hamaka. Lisa Y 132 339 Fmney. Jill 234.314 Freeman. Karm 308 Geiiller. Eric 236 Goodman. Wendy 306.307.345.129 Hamanaka. Lisa 302 234 Fmney, Karen 66 Freeman. Michelle M. ...126 Gelb. Anne 328.350 Goodwin, Brian 289 Hamilton. Henry A. 32 296 F.nucan, Kathy 302 Freeman. Rachel 326 Gelber. Michael . . 128 Goon, Steve 279 Hamilton, Lisa 344 326 Fiore, Julie 234 Freeman. Wendy L 126 Gelluso. David 236 Gooie. Debra 1 , |29 Hamilton Peter 277 326 Fisch, Ted 271 Freilas. Tin 302 Gelles. Judy 308 322 Hamlet. Stacy 34 1 . 32 281 Fischbem, Micheie .. 306 Fremdling. John 296 Gellman Tara 236 Gordon. Denise 308 Hammerbetg. Eric . 238 219 Fishbem. Lauren 304 351 126 Genova Gina . ' !!! ! " 312313.236 Gordon. D.onne 326 283 125 Fishbine. Greg. ... . 263 Frew. Caroline 308.355 Genova. Kammi 312.236 Gordon. Karen 306 Hampton. Diqne. 132 300 Fisher. David , .. , 365 Frey. Anne L 126 Genova. Nicole 312 Gordon. Pal 295 Han. Angie 238 283 Fisher, Elissa 304 Frey. Lance 339 Gea. Joseph F 128 129,310 Han. Eugene J ... , 238 314 Fisher. Jennifer. . 235,326 Frial Glenn P 235 Geiardi. Donna 317 Gordon Teresa 326 Han Jean 238 304.305 Fisher. Kaisey 327.348 Frieburn. Dave 299 Gerayl. Alshin S 128 Gorji. Bijan 129.279 Han. Jennifer W . . .. 132 125 Fisher, Matt . 295 Fried Dan 281 Gcrosa. Beatrice F 128 Gorman. Brian Han. Ji 319 324 Fiiher, Mindy 308 Friedkm. Nathan 300 Gerovian. Anah.d . 236 Gorman. Edie 324 Han. Willis W 132 -310.311.125 Fisher. Therese 125,320 Friedland. Lesley .. 337 308. 1 28 Gornick, Karen 337 Hanahan. Tory 308 234 File. Bridget Kathleen 125 Friedland. Leslie .. 328 Gesell. Susan... ' . ' 349 261.130 Hananel. Mike . . .97 234 Finer. Howard M 125 Friedlander. Sheryl 348 Geltman. Erica.. 236 Gosliner. Shen L . 130 324 Hanawa. Yasuko 132 285 Fitigeiald. Darren . 261 Friedman. Adam 280.281 304 Gosliner. Wendy 324 Hanchaikul. Julmale 353 337 Fitigerald. Nancy A 125 F riedman, AVI 235 Ghahramam. Mehrdad 128 Goth. Chanda 312 Hanchetl. Danielle.. . 322 571 Fitigerald. Nicholas 235 Friedman, Dave 279 Ghahreman. Kyanovsh 263 Gottlieb. Jamey. . 269 Hand. Adam 300 314 FiUgerald, Nick . 296 Friedman. Eluabelh J 126 Chan. Pam 324 Cough, Krista 312 Handler. Lisa.. ...314 283 FmoNo. Denise 304 Friedman. Emily 533 Ghan. Pamela 236 Gould. Alison 304 Hanify Thad 238 345 Flanagan. Bob 287 304 339 305 128.350 Gould. Jeff. . 237 Hanik. Robin ..328 123 Flanders. James A 125 Friedman Laurence 124.350.126 Gharakham Hossein 273 130.291 Hank.son. Anya 324 596 Flanders. Jim 291 Friedman. Mark . 235 Gha ' ibelh. llham M . 128 Goya, Diane ...356 Hanks. Hillori... 326 331 Flask. Chris 599 Friedman. Michael J. 126 Ghaia ' ian. Sylvia 128 Graber. Geoff 259 Hanna. Derk 273.132 304 Flavin. Mike 286.287 267 Ghaiy. Tarik 236 Graff. Larissa 306 Hannah, Julie , 302 125 Fleber, Kara 319 Friedman. Natalie . . 326 Gheorghios. Varsamis .536 Gragg. Matthew 237 Hannan. Chris. . . 285 297 Fleischer. Michael 281 Friedman. Paul 281.358 Chetmiri, Golnai 128 ...537 Hansen, Brent . 203 349 Fleischer. Mike 350 Friedman, Slacey 319 Giacomaita. Jim 297 Graham. Amy 324 Hansen, Eric.. . 296 Friend. Susan P 126 Gianchandam. Sun.l B 128 237 Hansen. Kirsten S 132 Frimel. Susie 314 Giancoli Andrea 337 Grand.. Chris 279 Hansen. Leslie S 132 MHHBM EBL- Frimmel, Bill . 295 Gianmni. Dave ... 577 Graner. Rob 296 Hanson. Kevin E . . 132 B H J H 235 Gibbs Grey 295 Granger. Russ 271 Hanson, Kris 310.311 t BJ Fnsella, Julie 126 Gibbs Heidi 319 Grant, Sarah 130 Hanson. Mark 29 , 32 gU pd k B Frohmader Heidi 126 G.bbs. Mafgaret 319 G ' antham. Jeanne C 130.320 Hanson, Tarn 238 raKJV Frost. Garrison 277 Gibbs. Tracy 308 Gratteau. Jen. . 219 Haque. Rema .. . 348 B K i r H Frost. G ret c hen 312 Gibney. Mike 300 237 Hara. Emi 238 NV ' V . R Frost. Nick. 263 Gibson. Darren 236 326 Haraguchi. Frank 269 mp f P fc - Frost. Tom 263 Gibson. David 344 Gray. Laurine A... . 130 Harano, Jane 320.132 M Fruto. Imelda V 126 277 Gray. Mandy 326 Hardenburgh, Larry 273 Hf r JSrm Fry. Cindy 361 Giedl, Jefl . 283.356 Gray, Sheryl 130 Harder. Robert. . .. 287,238 S Fry. Cynthia 126 Giers, Julie 326 Graybil, Torsten . 237 Hardesty. Kathy .304 ' t. Y fl Fry. John . 291 Gies. Cathy 314 Graydon. Kalhenne 328 Hardman. Gabnelle . 368 , " r Fry. Kurl 296 Gtfford Jaquelline 320 Grech. Chnsie 302 Hardl. Cindy ... 314 Frye. Dale . 265 Gil. Rosie 236 Green. Bob 271 Hardy. Kim 284.320 k ' . H Frykman. Bill 263 G.laberi. Kurt 236 Green. Dave 133.300.355,130 Hare. James 296 ! Frykman. William M 126 Gilad, Vael 128 Green. Doug 368 Harelson. Betty A . . 132 g M vfl Fu. John 235 Gilbert. Craig 271 Green. Heidi 237 Hargaden. Eileen 368 M mrm Fu. Karen 235 Gilbert. Susan A 128 Green. Tristm 324 Harm. Perry ., 291 .:-. ' V Fu. Robert 235 Gilcresl. Vickilyn 347.312 Greenberg. Bient 347 Hariri, Suhail M 132 Fuchs. Lance. 235 Gilcrest. Viclorame M 126 Greenberg. Dave 300.307 Harmon, Bill 296 . i " 304 Giles, Megan 302 Greenberg, Drew 237 Harmon. Mark 340 -1 m Fugale. Dean 296 Gilhooly. Mike 285 Greenberg. Evan .. .. 300 Harms. Brian 271 ol Fujihara Bobbie 304 Gilkey. Dawnette 128 368 Harner. Gabi .326 Patrice K 126 Gill. Kathleen 236 Greene. Christine C 130 Harper. Chris 320 1H Fujimolo, Vuriko 126 Gillespie. Krislen 368 Greene. Colin T 130 Harper. Christine L 32 n Fujishige. Joyce T 126 Gilds. Jack 296 Greene. Michelle 319 Harper, Hilary . ... 302, 32 F fl| Fujita. Mina . 127 Gillis. Kim 324 Greene Rhonda 314 Harper. Robert 238 r Fukuchi. Carol. 127 Gillotl. John W 128 Greengard. Alan . 286.287,130 Harper, Scott 271 Fukuda, Jeral 367 310!. Jennifer 56 Harnck. Jim 70 H Fukumolo, Andrea ...235 Gilyot, Danille. . 328 Greenslede. Jon 295 Harrington, Alison . . 324 ' . Fulhorst. Krislen 310 Gin, Phil 348 Greenwood, Rich 64.63 Harrington. Mark 283,354,356 Fulk. Kendrik . . 367 Gines. Joy 302 308 Harrington. Tom 281 L Fuller. Althea 235 Ginskey. Mar 236 Gregory, Stacy 314 Harris, Jack 277 fc f i Fulton. Todd 259 Gipson, Darrien M. .. 128 Greiff. Scott A 130 Hams, Jenner 324 i ! Fung. Angela 302 Gire, Kim 304.305 Greissmger. C Karl 130 Karris. Jennifer 325 Fung. Jule 127 Gire. Kimberly A 128 Grey. Erin 324 Harris. Kelly 238 Fung. Keith 235 Gitimger. Stacy L 128 Grieve, Ltia 312.313.350.130 Harris. Nicole 238 Fung, Owin .127 Gladstone. Brian 265 Grieves. Eliiabeth 314 Harris, Randy 281 Fleming. Hans 285 Funk, John Funk. Tom 361 297 Glass. LisaD Classman. Gwen 128 312.351 Griffin. Angela D . Griltm. Brandi 130 237 Hams, Sparky Harris. Steve 367 .295 Fletcher. Mark 295.297 Fuqua. Mike 341 Glatl.Eve 310 304.305 Harris. Tamara 38 Fletcher, Steven C 125 291 Glaier. Kera.. 306 Griffin. Matt 296 Harns-Blackshear, She li .. 38 279 Gleason, Julia 320.321.128 Griffin, Monica L 130 Harrison, Dave 63 Flick. Heather 235 Fusselman, Samantha . 235 Gloislein. Jennifer 309 Griffin, Tracy 237 Harrison. David B 32 Flinn, LeeAnne Futernick. Marc 235 Gloi stein. Jenny 306 Griffiths. Jeff 283 19 Fulernick. Marc 281 Gloistein. Paula 236,308 Gngelis. Donna Mae 237 Harrison. Micheie L... 32 Flood. Nick, Flood Paul Flook Slroup, I..,.;., Flora. Chuck Floratos. Pete .322.323.351 367 359.354 284.285 292 Futlerman. Michelle G 337.319 Glosso. Christine Glovei. La Goar. Shana Goch Barry Godby. Christopher 304 361 302 368 129 Giigg. Nancy . Grilli. Martin Grimshaw. Malt Grisanti, Maureen.. 337 289 273 281 304 Harrison. Toni Harry. Jay Hart, Linda Harle. Ed . 38 95 320, 23 38 . 81 G.. Lisa.. 127 Godil. Leslie A 129 Grisel. Jole 319 Hartley. Brian 91 Florendo, Ronald ... . Florendo, Tessy 235 337 304 125 Gabay. Shirin Gabby. Gail Gabella. Pia 235 235.322 235 Codinel. Enrique Godoy. Jaime Godoy. James 129 287 286 Grisiynski, Stef Griver. Nicole 308 304 ...339 Hartley, Kim M Hartlmg. Corre... Hartog. Sam 32 20 12 Flores. Jeffrey R ! ! 125 Gabriel, Ralik 127 317 Goe. Sharon Coedecker. Catherine E 236 129 Grober. Cindy Gross. Andrea 314 356 Hartsock, Ombudsman 59 Don 207 Flores. Nancy 235 Gaeta. Gary 235 Coenng. Carolyn 319 Gross. Marty 300 Hartung. Mike.... 261 Flores. Shelley, 337 Gage. Erica 235 Goff. Eluabeth 129 Gross, Michelle R 130 Hartwick, Heather . 238 Flory. Mike 289 Gaglani. Sam 295 Coff. Lisa 312 Grossman Gabnelle 130.188 Hasbrouck. Chris 238 Flory. Susanna J )23 Gaines. Tanyko .. . 346 Gogan. Laura 236 Grove, Darren 277 Hasegawa. David 277 II....... Rochelle Fok. Eric C 233 125 Gajardp. Gigi ... . Galant. Mike 337 274 Goggin. Mark Gogol, John A 274 129 Grover. Justin Grover. Kelly 291 320 Hashim. SaNma Haslinger. Kelly V 238 132 Galbraith. Pat 295.281.86 Goh. Yinyin 129 Grover, Sanjay 279.350 Hassen. James 238 Fomil. Jessica 328 Galer. Scott 263 Goharderakshan. Reia.. . 336 Groia. LeeD 130 Hassett. Sean 267. 32 Fong. Chris 296 Galer, Scott D 127 Gold, Alison 302 Grubb, Kerrl 314 Hassid. Mehtdad 132 )25 Galicinao. Janina 337 Gold. 300 Gruber, Jodl 306 Hassin, Lisa 343 Galido III, John 233 Gold, Jana Lynn 129 Gruber, Jon 339 Hastings. Angela 319 Fong, Debra Ann 337 Gall. Lisa 235 Gold, Michael 367 Gruber. Rick 295 Hatae. David T 238 I Fong. Ernesto Fong. Felin D Fong. Gordon ! 535 126 358 126 367 267 Gallagher. Kalherme A Gallagher, Matthew L Gallardo, Cecilia Gallardo, Sandra Gallegos. Mike Galli. Michelle T 127 235 324.325 235 571 127 Coldan, Jay Goldbach. Emily C Goldbach. Richard Goldberg, Amy Goldberg. Cori Goldberg. Jessica 283 129 236 236 306 236 Grunbaum. Gustavo.. Grundy. Lita Guako. Darrell Guard. Mindy Guardo. Adrian Gudegash. Christian.. 277 314 287 319 367 283 Hatanaka. Sandy Hatanaka. Scott T Hathaway. Mike Halton. Lisa Hauck. Rachel Haug, Sven 308 132 295.297 312,357 322 296 H 326 Gallien. Jason 269.235 Goldberg. Joel 259 Gueler. Vivian.,, , 324.325 Haughiey, Alice M . 238 B Football 40 Gallmaro. Franco 273J27 Goldberg. Meal 281 Guerin, Cheryl 310,311 Havorka. Ted 296 H Galper. Arieh 1 ]27 Goldblatl, Jason 236 Guerra, Juan 368 Hawkins. James 238 _| Foraker. Mark 287 Gambale. Jennifer 306 Golden. Dane 293.345,352 Guerra. Moraima 343 Hawkins, Julie 326 vl Gambill. Mark 279 Goldenfeld. Lisa R 129 Guerro. Marcus 279 Hawkins. Lii 320 1 E ' iEr :: !235 Ganaja. Tina M 304.361.127 127 Goldman, Cheryl Goldman, Naomi 306 328.329.355 Guillen. Mark Guirado, Nelson. . 269 297 Hay. Rita Hayashi. Brian N 32 33 Candy. Roaul. 235 Goldman, Tim 577 Guithues. Mark .261 Hayashi. Flora A 33 P r , ' s ' I " " ' 57 126 Gannam. Micheal 235 Goldsmith, Craig L 129 Gullette. Nikl 314 Hayashi. Sharon L 33 1 Ford. Gerald 235 Garabedeanu. Andrei 235 Goldsmith. Meehna M. . 129 Gunn. Jamie 312 Haycock. Donna L 33 1 291 Carabedian. Craig 283 Goldstein. Amy R 129 Gustalson. Jeff 296 Haydon. Alex 33 Ford. Kathy 319 Garcia. Alarice M 127 Goldstein, Art 289 Gutierrez. Marisa 308 Hayes, Karin . 238.308 Ford Lisa 235324 235 Goldstein. Jared 358 Guttenmaker. Alex 347 Hayes, Keith B 238 Ford. Samantha 126 Garcia. Dennis 235 Goldstein. Jill 306 Gwon. Seuns 337 Hay man -Mason. Dean.. 238 Garcia, Enrique 127 Goldstein. Judith 236 Hays, Debra 238. Forman. Steve Fornler, David W Forouianpour. Mojgan Forrest. Matt Forrest. Matthew J . Forrest. Seott D ForreM. Sloane Fornstall. Rebecca Forsey Slefanie Forte. Diane Forte. Will.. Forther. Alison Fortlage. Kristin Fortner. Alison Forlner, Dave Forlner, David Foss. Sarah K FOM, Tarn! Foster. Ed Foster Shannon Foster, Shanon Fowler. Chris Fowler, Kyi Fowler. Tanna J Fo, Carol 281 126 126 259 126 126 235 355.361 324.325 341 233,271 235 308 324 263.345 352 126 308 261 235 320 293 291 355 263 126 312 Garcia. Gabriel G...... Garcia. Gary Garcia. Jose E Garcia. Leo Garcia. Lelicia Garcia. Linda Garcia. Lynnelte Garcia, Maria T Garcia. Morena Garcia. Richard Garcia. Teressa... Garcia, Tony Garcia. Virginia .. Gardner. Scott Garlield. Stephanie Garfinkle, Laura Garfinkle. Tracy Garlitz. Kevin R Carman, Chrl Garrett, Kelk-y. Garrod, Lisa A Garrow. Brian Carson. Jennifer Gar a. Gin Qaria. Raul 127 273 235 127 336 235 310 235 317 128 128 235 235 267 233 300 324 306 312 128 271 310 128 80.81 306 233 339 Goldstein. Leslie Goldstein. Markham L Goldstein. Matt Goldstein. Melanie Goldstein, Rich Goldsworthy. Shanon Golitten. Cynthia Gollub, Sara Gollub. Sara J Goltman. Karl Goltien. Cynthia Gomes, Debra Gomes. Shelley Gomel. Angela Gome . Claudio Gomei. Marni Gomel, Mltchl Gomei. Ramon Gomei. Rush Gomer. Sean. GomeJ. Slacey Gomperts. Stephen Gonen. Hadar Gonen. Hadar Gong, Jan Gonialea. Saskla 306 306 129 344 306.307 281 314 319 . . 306 129 312.68 236 308 236 236 236 237 237 263.129 293 293 337.129 237 129 324 333 237 H Haber. Lee J 131 Haberkorn. Michelle 359,337 Hackett. Nathan 299 Hackney. Lisa 369 HadjiagKai, Manoucnehr 131 Hadjian. Ani 320.321 Hadjian. Ciran 319.361.131 Hadnot. Julie M 131 Hafner. Christine 131 Hagadorn. Brett 267.131 Hegen, David 271,369 Hagen. Nancy 237 Haghighi. Sury 339 Haghor. Yanal B 131 Wendy 322 Hagstrom. Christine 131 Hahn. Donald D 131 Haig. Brian 587 Haimowiti. Bienda R 131 Hakim. Babak Robert 237 Hakim. Fanln 131 Halberg, Richard 277 Halcomb. Seott 277 Hale. Bambi 331 Haiarabedian. Steve Heacock, Taiese... Healey. Lynn Heath. Emily Heath. Helene M Heathcote. Stew Heavner Kristin Hebble. Sally A Heberer, Donald L. . HecoK, Jeffrey M Hedges. Patrick Hee, Robert Hefni. Madia Hegde, Ashok Hei. Gerard Heilbrunn. Elise Heilien. Rebecca Hemlein. Rebbeca Heinnch. Karen Heini. Danny J Hekmat. Sina R. Jr Heldfond. Nick Helfand. Aimee Helfgott. Hall Helflng. Kenny Hellickson. Mark Hellman. Ted 288.289 310 324 308 133 295 238 133 238 133 275 293.350 238 289 342 306 286 308.133 337.133 133 133 !!306!339!l33 281 296 238 125 328.329 534 534 123 125 534 573 JI7 293 577 125 125 300 344 595 Fo, Davie., Foiunan. Greg Frackclton, Robert Fr ckl wict, Edith J Franceschi. Paola Franc , S lm Francis. Kali ..,,. Francii. Malt Francis. Shannon E Frank, Andy Fiank. Bill Fr nk, D ron Fr nklln. Kurl Franks, Gavin H Franlt. Brrnda 233 233,297 571 126 126.337 235 302.357 261 126 277,303 284 233 271 283 126 322 Garia. Tari Gar a. Valarie De La Gar Gaskill. Victoria R Gasparmi. Mia Gasper. Jaion Gaston. Jessie Gately. G ' eg Gatet, Lisa Ann Gait, Cathy Gatike. David Gau. Wenli Gauvln, Rich Gavan. John Gaylord. Marnl Gaynor, F.rk A Gayral. Michelle 310 344 128 324.128 235 533 296 235 236 236.259 236 267 279 312 128 236 Goniales, Al Gontales. Carmella Goniales. David Gontales, Ellen Renee Gonialei. Al Gontalet. Alfonso Gonialei, Christine Comalet. Gabby Gonialet, Gcnalyn Gonialei. Martha Gonialei, Mellu Gonialet. Miguel Gomal, Patrki E Goniaki. Robert Gonialei. Sandra, Gonialei, Su n 366 237 237 129 367 343 320.321 310 336 337,129 304 237 129 289 326 322 Haley. RUM. Halfon, Bill Halim. B. Siman Hall. Art Hall. Carolyn Hall. David Hall. SandM. Hall, Sandra D Hall. Sus n C Hall. Tim Hall, Tracy E Hallerbach. Boris Hallett, Lit Halm. Davt- H lperin. Dav.d 293 281 131 261 308 237 310.348 131 131 263 131 368 306,238 270.271 300 581 Helmi. Dave Henderson, Julienne M.. Henderson. Paul , Hendefson. Stephanie . Henderson. Vkla Hendra. John Hendnck. Brian Hendrlcki. Aime Hendrlcks, Ed HendH. Tr cl Hendrycks. Lurwn Henkel. Carl Henkin, Michael .... 283 339 287 287 133 275 236 238 263 291.236 324 271 238 317 263 !. .ta BUS 444 Index . J Henley. Darryl 86 Hooks. Tina M 135 Irwm. Michael W . . . 138 Judge, Paula A 139 Kesselring. Joanie 350 Kramer, Michelle 337 Lee. Dan 292 Hennes y. Tim 296 Hoot Heather 310.136 Isaacs, Kevin 239 Judson. Deborah S . 239 Kesiler. Deborah L 141 Kramm. Laure 306 Lee, Daniel 293 ( " l JKfy Henney. Carl T 133 Hoopei. Jacquelyn A 136 Isaacson, Cristie . . 306 Jue. Mike. , . 239 Ketchum. Kyle 265 144 Lee. Dong W 147 Hennmgsen. Kim.,, ...312 Hooper. Michelle 239 Ischayek. Ins 320 Joe. Shannon 351 Kevane. Marci 304 Krause. Kelly 322.323.337 Lee. Elmer 258. 147 Htnnmgsen. Kimberley 238 Hoolnkk, Sharon 324 Isero. Eric 267 Juhn. Patricia 308 ., 306 Kraut, Teri 304 Lee. Fred 300 W Henretty. Laura 133 Hopkins. Brian 285 Ishida, Celine 311.138 Juline. Erin 312 Kezar, Adrianna 304.141 Krauter, Darcy 320 Lee. Gina 302 Henry, Floyd 300 Hensley. Robert 285 Hopkins. Kaihleen M Hopkins Lorna 136 239 me. Alice M Ishihara. Mary 138 138 Jung. Anna Lynne 139 239 Khademi. Parand Khan Gone 141 212.348 Kreuger. Brenda Kreutner. Adam 308 295 Lee. Gouxin 147 Lee. Helen S 147 Hopkins Richard .. 210.293.344 Ishimaru. Angel 138 Jung, Ki Y 139 Khayal. Meryam 324.325 Krieger Jeff 281 Lee, HsmShung 147 Herchel, Evans R 238 L Heredia, Sammy 134 Herkert Ton. M 134 Hopk.nv Shelby Hopp Pall i Hopper. Nate 304 302 271 Isida, Celine Isola, Greg Isom. Patrick S 310 341 138 Jung. Mira Jung. Scoll Junge Diana..... 139 259 348 Khosrova. Rita 141 Khovidhungi], Watcharapong 353 Kibler. Grace l?4 Kring, Edward D Krinizman. David Krishel, Debra L 144 265 144 Lee. Jam 292.293 Lee. Janee K 147 Lee. Jon 281 Herlmger. Lisa 98 Hori Dave 268.269 Issacson. Scoll 283 Junkunc. Toby .. . 295 Kido. Dana A 141 Kroha. Kitty 361 Lee, Jeanette 337 4 nuJ Herman. Ann 302 Hono. Steven K 136 Itkin, Maria .306.361 Junta. David.. 279 Kiebel. Lisa R 141 Krolik. Sony 322 Lee. Jennifer 344.326 Hermanson. Paula 238 Hermogeno Elena 336 Hernand. David M 134 Hernandez Alfred 203.289.356.357 Horn. Coach Bob Horn. Kyra 53 328 304 239 ho. Gary Ito. Scotl T Itskoff, Courtney llskovicn. Andrea. ... 297.138 138 320 317 K Kihara. Michelle Kildulf. Bob !!!.!!!35o 350 312 263 Kroll. Gigi Kronen. Juli E Krueger. Danny Krueger. Kendke 348 145 270 312 Lee. Johnny K 147 Lee, Juhee A 147 Lee. Julia 147 Lee. Karen M 147 Hernandez Barbara 134.317,339.351 Hernandez Catherine M. , ,.134 Hornstem, Steve Horowiti Julie 289.136 306 138 320.350 Kaapro. Sirpa T Kaesei. Kelly 139 279 Kilgariff. Mary Kilgore. Robert. .322.323.361 346 Kruse. David E Ku. Christina 145 145 Lee, Karin 322 Lee. Lars 258 Hernandez. David 274 Horowitz. Nick 287 138 Kahan. David. 273 Kilkreaie. Marilyn . 356 Kubeczko Kimberly A 145 Lee. Lewi 366 Hernandez Edmund B 134 Horrell Kim A 136 Ivsan. John 289 Kahan. Jerald A.,,. 139 Kilpatnck. Leah 320.345 Kuboto. Derek 240 Lee. Mike 279 Hernandez Eugene 341 Horrell. Lori..... 314 Iwaluchi. Knsline 310 Kahela. Carol 319 14 Kudlik. Dennii 241 Lee. Mikyung 147 Hernandez, Fernando 346 Horsley. Kris 312.351 Iwanaga. Leigh 337 Kahn. Dana 308.139 Kim. Ahrilta 33 Kuebler, Kurt 277 Lee. Patricia J 147 Hernandez. Flavio 238 Horlon. Tami . 326 Iwasa. Vivian H 138 Kahn. Diane E, 139 Kim. Alice 347.36 Kuen. Fae-Jian 145 Lee. Patty P 241 Hernandez. Jose D 134 Horvalh. Robert J 239 liabal. Lori 347 Kahn. Julie " . 240 32 Kuhn. Jennifer 306 Lee, Paul 259289 Hernandez Judy 328 Hosohama. Misa 346 Izutani. Yukako 138 Kahn. Sleven 139 Kim. Choon K 14 Kuhn. Jill 319 L e. Peggy 343 Hernandez. Nemorio 238 Hou. Viclor 136 341 Kim. Clara H ..... Kuhn. Myong Penny 145 Lee, Rhonda 344 Hernandez. Patricia 322 Hernandez. Renee 302 Hernandez. Roman R 238 Houng, Lmdy . . . Hovannisian. Garo . . . Hovelsen. Cherie . . . 337 344 308 J Kahrizi. Mitra Kais. Sam Kaiser. Kirk ! 285 285 Kim, Daniel Kim, David M Kim Edward ! !!...256 141 269 Kuhner Chri Kulper, Kri Kuluva. Bill 296 320 345.367 Lee. Sang M 147 Lee. Susan 336 Lee. Tina , 147.328 -.2)115 Hen. Lauren 308 Howard. Chnslina. . Howard. Jeffrey Howard. Jeremy Howard. Karen 239 239 239 302 Jaaska. Arne 274 319 Kajikami, Diane N Kaku, Sara Y Kaldawi. Bassm 139 139 139 ;.310 Kim. E ic Kim. Erne C Kim. Euisin Kim. Felix H 319 141 141 Kumamoto. Kenneth S Kume. Stewarl M Kumtong. Seree Kunene. Sambuto S. 145 145 353 145 Lee. Tsurtfl... .342 Leeman. Diana 304 Left. Michelle L 147 Leggins. Tracy A 147 Herrera 11 DIM 324 Herrera. Patricia 238 Herrera. Shawn 238 Herring. Mike 277 Hernngton. Melinda S 134 Hernngton. Mmdy... 310 Hernngton, Suzanne 319 Hernolt. L.ssa 238 Herron. Ruth 308 Hersch. David 339.134 Howard. Michele . ... Howard. Sam Howat, Kathleen Howe. Anthony G Howe. Tony Howell. Bob Howell. Laura Howell. Timothy Hoyt. Cathy Hrachovec. Eva 310 314 317.136 136 279.283 283 312 239 320 351 Jachhch. Robin N. ... Jackman. Knslen . Jackman, Owen Jackson. Greg Jackson. Greg Jackson. Maia Jackson, Melis a .. Jackson. Michelle L Jackson. Paige Jackson. Rick 349,320 293.339 : 292 293.337 239 337.347 138 239 300 Kalfayan, Kathie J .. . Kalife. Tamara Kallgren, Slefanie .. Kaltf eider. Jell. Kamian. Harvey Kamin. Lauren Kandel! Brian Kane. Cheri 140 320.347,140 281 304 261 275.140 306 302 291 310 Kim. Gina J Kim, Grace Kim, Hae Yung Kim, Han Kim, Heju Kim, Holly Kim, Hyun-Mi H Kim, Hyung T Kim. In-Kyum Kim. Janice D 141 346.350.141 361 258 141 141 141 142 . 142 142 Kunis Marina Kunitake. Ann M Kunu. Keith Kuo, Maliya Kuo, Pally Kuo. Pey Yau Kuo. Simon Y Kuo. TiuAnn Kupterman. Maria Kurachi. Karin M 145.310 145 356.145 145 351.145 145 145 336 326.241 145 ' Leibowitz. Ira 281 Leich. Kalie 302 Leider, Susie 314 Leider. Suzte 350 Lekki. Stephen W 147 Lekki. Steve 287 Leland. Harper 267 Leland. Thomas W 147 Lem. Ruby 241 Lemus. Veronica 98 Hertz. Timothy D 134 Hertz. Wendy C 134 Hradez, Jeff R Hroms. Anna L 136 136 Jackson. Sarah R 239 ;,..239 Kane. David Kane. Jeflerson... 300 256 Kim! Jeariie K ' . ' . ' ... ' ..... 142 142 Kuroda. Steve Kurtz. Comptoo 341 295.297 Lengua. Anita 322 Lenihan. Bill 296 Hertog. Nicole 306 , _ Hess. Brad 277 Hryciw. Christine N Hsiao, Terence 136 349343 Jacobs. Kamara 351 2393)4 Kane. Michelle 322.323 ,367 Kim John H 337 ;. 142 Kurt. Chri Kurz. Christopher 283 145 Leo. Christopher M _ 241 Leo. Elizabeth 326 Hess Lawrence E 134 Hessl. Dave 295 Heuset. Michael S 134 He.a Rebecca 343 Heydenfeldl. Dina 326 Hsieh, Colleen, Hsieh. David Hsieh. Eric Hsieh. Jimmy Hsieh. LeoL 239 297 239 239 136 Jacobs. Melanie Jacobson. Marie Jacobson. Sandy Jacobus. Will !!!!!!!!!!!! 322 ..308 312 271 351.367 Kang. David D . Kang. Jerry Kang. Soo 140 342 349 140 353 Kym. Julie , Kim. Laura Y Kim. Melissa D Kim. Mike 306 142 142 299 142 Kussler, Maren Kulzer, Dave Kutzner, Richard Kvamme. Aaron Kwan. Ching 314 261 366 258 299 Leon. Hugh ,. .300 Leonard. Maria 351 Leonard. Scott 296 Leonardo. Zeus. 336 Leone. Qabr.ella 241 Heyman. Richard 134 Hsing. Jason. 336.136 279 310 Kim. Robert 367 310 Leong. Michael 241 Heyn. Tanya 238.326 Hsu. Chia-Ling 136 27 1 Kanvec. Nina R :.. 140 Kim. Sabrina ; 351 Kwan. Kevin V 45 Leopold. Bart , 295 Hetmalhalch. Holly 312 Hickey. Pat 267.358 Hickman. Jason 279 H,(ks, Chnt 361 Hick . Kristin 308 fc|- Hicks. M.chele L 134 Hsu. Dante Hsu, Hayley H Hsu. Howard S Hsu. James Hsu, Roger Hu. Derek 136.239 239 136 342 239 239.357 Jaing. James :.. Jakubauska . Jerry Jalowayski. Scott James. Thomas 350 269 296 367 312 138 Kao. Johnny W... Kaplan. Sandy , , Kapoor. Atul Kappe, Sheryl Karaminassian. Lena . 140 140 359 140 ..,..304 140 Kim, SandieS Kim, Sandy S Kim. Sandy S Kym. Sterling :.... Kim. Tee Yn 142 142 142 142 281 142 Kwock. Hanson L Kwok. Ching Yee A Kwok. Esther Kwon. Eunice Y Kym. Leah M Kyriaiis. Demetrios M 45 45 45 45 . 240 241 Lepak. Jacqueline M 241 Lerche. Sean 269.241 Lerma. Theresa D.. 241 Urner. Rachel 241 Lesko. John P 241 Leung. Brian 243 Hicks. Tom 238 Huang. Adam 136 Janet. Laura 278 291 369 Kysella, Bill 339 Leung. Kevin 344 Hidajat. William 134 239 Janosi. Maria .. 138 210 Kym, (Jn-Yung 142 Kysella, Victoria 145 Leuschner. Staci 345 Hidalgo, Josetina A 134 Huang. Eric C . ... 136 Janowsky. Steve 295 Kargar.. Shodja T 140 Kimball. Maurice 98 Kyser. Jeff 299 Lev. Jamie 279 Hierro. Gloria 97 Huang. Feltc 351 Janssen, Scotl 279 Karimi. Kalhy 322 Kimble. Carolyn 324 Levering. Lori 320 Higas. Derek. 236 Higby. Danielle 345 Higgms. Kevin 295.135 Huang. Hai-Feng . .. Huang. Hsing P 350 239 136 Januszka, Angela Jaquez, Jose Jaramilla, Toni 322 293 336.336 Karnow. Larry Karnow. Lawrence Karpenko, Tammy... v . . 278 279 312 Kimi. Wayne ... Kimme, Karl 326 271 27 _ j L Levesque. Mary P 243 Leveton. Stephanie 306 Levi. Steph 314 Highby, Danielle 319 Huang. Hui C ..., 136 M Karstens, Vicki _... 308 Kindall. Jacqueline D ... 142 Levin. Cherie 306 Highi.Deana 351 Higuchi. Deborah M 135 Hilano. Melissa 304.339 Huang. Jack Huang. James Huang. Kuo H 299 239 .. 6136 Jareebonsompote. Kanjan 353 Jarquin. Maria J 239 Jarvinen. Brad 361 Karvesek. KriMa Kesamatsu. Grace M Kasdan Sheldon D 304 140 140.261 Kindler, Ian. Kindt. Kelly King. Derek 279 310 300 La Vigna. Dave LaBelle. Kimberly M.. 241 .. 291 145 Levin. Judy 361 Levin. Kathy 306 Levin. Mike 339 Hildenbrand. Lisa 322.369.135 Hill. Calhleen Lee 135 Huang. May Hubbard, K.rsten 322 239 Jasa.C Mark 239 239 Kashare. John Kashian. Jennifer 296 325 King. Jill King, Rachael 314 322 LaBow. Sabrina LaBuda. Diane 145 314 Levin. Wayne 281 Levm . Andrew 267 Hill Chris 295 Hill. Cyndi 308 Hubbard. Stephen Hubbell. Elna 239 324 Jasen. Richard Jason, Kelno .. 239.265 300 Kashian. Jeremy Knsof. Robert M 324 140 Kyng. Warren 291.142 :240 LaFrance. Dan LaFrance. Dan 280 281 Levin . Brad 271 Levine. Scoll 281 Hill. Dale 267 Hubert. Lisa 312 239 Kassis, Steve 271 Kinne, Lisa 302.337 LaFranchi. Debbi 314 Levi . Mare 348 Hill. Jennifer 310 Huda. Allie 239 Javure. Mariana 239 Kaste. Debbie 326 Kipnis. Elisa 142 LaFranchi. Maria 145 Levitt. Stuart E 243 HilLLeisna. . 238 Hill Malt 238 Hudson. David Hudson. Deborah . .. Hudson. Letley 289 136 314 Jay. Sharon Jaynev Kimberly Jeans, Rachel 324.136 239 306 Kalo, Maya Kato. Meredith Katof. Nicole 365 308 314 Kiraly. Katy Kirchman, Lesley Kirk. Cheri 326 337 306 Labelle. Kim Labow. Sabrina Lacamlao. Rhodora 324 314 335 Levitz. Dave 281 Levy. Debbi 312 Levy. Meir 243 Hill. Melissa 238 Huemme. Jan. 337 Jen. Rick 291 Kaloh. Daizo 140 Kirkpatrick. Joseph.. .. 361 Lacasse, Stefan 271 Lew, Andrew T 243 Phil ... .368 Hueitl. Sheila 350 Jen, Trisha 239 Kalsakos. Lori 304 Kirshbaum. Shery 308.142 Lacey, Tad 145 Lew. Gary 243 Hill, Rick 267 Huey, Vanessa A 136 Jenkins. Dennis 351 Katsuma. Kristin 319 Kishi. Keiji B 142 Ladouceur. David 267 Lew. Grace H 243 H.llary Audrey A 135 Hilliv Wendy 238.308 Huff, Bill Huffman, Carey 265 136 Jenkins. Kendall Jenkins, L. Yvette...... 324 351 Kaisura. Kathy Katurich. Carina 302 140 Kissel. Jenny Kyssinger. Scott 320 291.240 Lagao. Amy Lagarde, Saadia 314 145 Lew. Paula 243 Lew, Walter 344 Hills, Bradford ...238 Himelferb. Elisa E 135 Huffman. Cary Hughes. Dawn 273 239 Jenkins, La Trisha.. Jenkins. Yvette 138 138 Katunch. Miriana Katz. Allison T 140 140 Kittleson. Diane 142 142 Laghee. Shahin,. Lago. Kathleen P 221 145 Lewin. Jenna.. 312 Lewinstein. Randee J 243 Hmdm. Karen ..312 Hughes, Greg 366 Jenks. Jeff .239 Katz. Danica 314 Kitzes, Aluiander J 142 Lai. Leland ..134.145.146 Lewi . Karen D 243 Hines. Lesley N 238 Hinkle. Laurence 238 Hutm. Mike Huidor. Tony 287 293 Jennings. Eric Jennings. Gina !.267 138 Katz. Elise L Katz. Jed 140 261 Klaus, Kelty 314 344 Laitin, Lindy Lake. Jonathan 341 297 Lewis. Mike. 74 Lewi . Mancy 304.243 Hmshaw, Steve . 98 Hull. Cathy 319 Jensen. Brent 239 Katz. Sherri 306 Klausner. Alyssa B 143 Lakon, Cynthia 310 Lewi . Steve 76 t Hiramoto. Jade 337 Hull. Heather 320.321,136 239 KatzaroFf. Robbie 74 Klein, Alanna 326 Laliotis. Aristolelis T. 146 Lewis, Vanessa L 243 Hirao. Joey 267 Hullgren, Ale 259 Jensen! John E 138 Katzman. Lyn 306 Klein. Cindy 326 tally. John 296 Leyna. Henry. ... 293 , VH Hirose. Anne 135 Hultgren. Alexander 239 Jensen. Kari K 319 Klein, Danny 271 Lalvani. Ajay 261.350 LJ. Goretti 243 . MM Htroia. Craig K 135 136 Jensen. Laurel 308 Kaufman! Marni 306,307 Klein. Jessica 1 143 Lam, Beatrice S 146 LJ. James Y 243 - ajMMMMh S Hirsch. Debbie 308 Hunt, Brian K 136 Jensen. Stephen.. .. 138 Kaufman. Sam 339 Klein. Lori C 143 Lam. David M 146 LJ. Lawrence 356 Hirsch. Hillary D 135 Hunt, Cathy 314 138 Kaulbeck. Pat 350 Klein. Robert 345 Lamb. Geoffrey H 146 Li. Lyndon 365 Hirshberg, Joy 261 Hunl. Christina 302 138 Kaulkner. Heidi E 240 Klein. Stefanle 361 Lambert, Douglas C... . 146 Li. Sue H 243 .., i Hirt. Michael 135 Hunt, Kimberly 302 Jeremiah. Laura 328 Kausch, Robin 324 Klein. Steffi 312 Lambert. JoAnn 346 Liamphuthong. Uaichai 353 Hirunpidok. Chanchanil 353 Hunl, Laura 322 Jerrell. David 367 Kawahara. Karen 312.140 Klein, Suzanne 143 143 Lambert. John P 146 Liao. Fang-Lian 243.336 v Hitz. Benjamin Cisco 238 Hunl. Shelley C 136 Jesek. Jaime K 138 Kawahara. Lam T 140 Kleinberg. Larry 287 Lambreton. Alicia 349 LJao. Kazuko.. 336 Hiu. Dale 238 Hunt, William 339 Jesse, Scott 292,293,138 Kawamura. Ken 258 Klien, Dave 300 Lambrose. Katherine.... 310 Liao. Samuel 243 Hix. Ty 295 Ho JeanC 135 Hunter. Alexis R 136 2 1 4 279 Jessee. Mark 281.354.358 Kawano. Scott 289 Klien, Robby 300 Lampe. Nikki 320 .297 Libraty. Michael O 243 Lichter. Mike.... 339 Ho, Kaihleen A 236 Hunter. Kelly !!!!!!!!!! 322 JesteMa ' r? " E !!!!..!. 263 .352 Kawashin. Ken 259 Kline. Adam .JQQ Land. Doug 267 Liebrader. David 243 Ho, Kenn 236 Hunter. Nicole 239 Jeu, Carey D 136 Kawashiri, Kenneth 1... 140 328.359 Land. Holly L. 146 Lietner. Mike 300 Ho. Philip T 135 Hunter. Scotl 137 Jhoun. Janet H 139 Kay, Rick 267 Klinger. Carrie 314 Land. Ian 368 Lieu. Daniel N 243 Ho. Victor 135.342 273 Jiang, Ying H 139 Kaya. Debbie 322 Woes. Chris 271 Landau. Gaby 314 Lieu. Russel 299 Hoang. Oai Q 135 Hunlei. Sheila 324 Jias. Lisa 348.139 Kaye, Sharon 312.337 310 Landsdorf. Adam 271 Liffick. Sheryl A 243 Hobarl, Gary 285 239 Jimenez. Celia 139 Kealy, William 289 Kluth. Dave 296 Landsdorf. Dana 312.356 Lilson Byrdie 243 Hobgood. Jeffrey J 135 Huniington. Jessica. ... 326 Jimenez, Christian A 139 310 Kluth. David M 143 Lane. Bryan 265 LJghlfoot. Stephen K. II 243 Hobin. Katie 314 Hunlley. Konrad 335 Jimenez. Jason , 239 Kearney. Anne Mane.... 319 Kluth. Marie .320,361.143 Lane, Chris 259 Lighlfoot. Steve , 281 Hoblit. Sieve 291 Huppert, Mark 261 239 Keams. Chris 285 Knapp. Teresa L 143 Lane, Katy 319 Lillie. Brian 259.243 Hochberg. Eliot 236 Hur. Livia 137.326 Jimenez! Kelly 343 Kecskes. Ken 344 Knapp, Teri 317 Lang. Mike 277 Lim. David .97 Hochman. Sharon 312 328.137 Jimerson. Mkhele.. 345 261 Knebel. ChriMa.... 143.310 Lang, Susan 310 Lim. Gene 243 Hocom. Shannon K 135 Hurdle. Jenny 329 Jo. Alicia 139 Keeler. Donna 308 Knebel. William 350 Lang. TwylaC 146 Lim. Jose C -243 Hodge. Scott 277 Hurley. Jane 337.137 Joe. Kevin A 139 Keer. Gregory M 140 Knell. Jeffrey L 143 Langdon, Beth 347 Urn. Michelle 337243 Hoeffer. Kristin 320 Hurtado. Marisa A .... 137 359 Keesee. Knsta 320.140 Knepshield. Alison 326 Langer. Christine 320.321 Lim. Peter 258 Hoegh. Erica 324 Hurwiiz, Jennifer L. ... 137 324 Keidel. Ruth A 140 291 Langsam. Elisa 306 Lim. Ricardo S 243 Hoenigman. Vince 295 Hurwit Jenny 314 Johansson. Maria 139 Keir. Kathi 140 Knen. Alison 304 Lanlz. Steve 286.289 Urn Rosa C 243 Hofedilz. Marc 283 Huston, Andrew 359 Johnson. Dave 295 279 143 Lapena. Vivienne.... 367 Um. Suzi 349 Hoff, John 285 Hustwit. Daniel T 137 Johnson. David 297 Keith ' . Stew 295 Knokoff, Slacey 326 146 Lim. SuManne 243 Hoffman. Kurt 296 Hutching . Adrienne.... 310 Johnson. Erie 259.289 Keller. Chuck 261 Knoll. Tina 310 Lapin. Joshua R 146 Lim. Young 345352 Hoffman. Lori 328.135 Hutchinson. Kelly 314 Johnson. Jams. 328 Keller, Deirdre J 140 Knowles, Nancy 326 Lance Michael 339 Limm. Brill S. 243 Hoffman. Romi 320 Hwang. Kent 256 261 Keller. Frank. 300 Knox. Mark C 143 Larson. Kris 76 Limm. Cristi 312 HofMein. Amy 312 Hwang, Tom 210 Johnson. Jennifer S 239 Keller, James 263 Kobayashi. Kazumi 143 Lasky, Jaime 308 Limon. Alejaodra 351 Hogan. Jeffery 279 Hyatt. Elizabeth S 137 Johnson. Jert 322.351 Keller, Jody 304 Koch. Karl J 143 Lasley. Amy .310.311.146 Lin. Jaycee 243 Hogan. Laura 326 Hyatl. Kurt 279 Johnson. Julie M 139 Keller. Mike 263 Kodner. Pam 306 Lasser. Kari 302 Lin. Jean 339 Hogan. Mark ...279 Hyde. Dana 137.310 Johnson. Kalherine 139 Keller, Stacey M 140 Kodner. Pamela L 143 Lassiter. Amy 308 Lin. JohnC 243 Hogue. Glenn 236 Hyland, Lisa 310 139 Kelley. Charles L 140 Koe, Karen 361 Lalhrop, Mia 322.361.361 Un. Rich 297 Holberi. Chris 238 Hyman. Anne 304 Johnson. Kirby L 139 Kelley. Erin R 141 Koebler, Peter 361 Laltimer. Ui 302 Lin Sophia .... 337 Holbrow. Bill 267 Hymes. Laurie 319 Johnson, Laura 317 Kelley. Kathy 312 Koehler, Cathy 320 Lau, Christina 351 Und. Kate 312 Holder, Lee 324 Hywon. Jun 239 Johnson. Rick 291 Kelley. Mike 263 Koenigsberg. Raquel... 317 Lau, Joanne 146 LJnd. Kelly 312 Holder. Lisa 238 Johnson. Robbie 302.361 Koga. Linda S 143 Lau. Lisa _ 337 Linden. Bernard A 243 Holdsworth. Curti 86 308 Kelly. Ben I! " .!...!. 285 Kohan. Alfred 143 Lau. Susie 146 Linden. Scotl 300 Holl. James 259 Johnson. Sue 324 Kelly. Cindy 324 355 Lau, WeymanD.C 146 Linderman. Tony ....295 Holland. Dabyn 310 Johnson. Suzanne M 139 Kelly. Elizabeth B 141 Kohler. Kim L 143 Lauren. Dean 304 Lindquisl. Erik 367 Hollander, Mark 297.135 Johnson, Tina M 139 Kelly. Kathleen 141 Kohn. Jeff 281 Laurence, Richard 361 Lindsay. Vickie E 243 Holliewoy. Chris 279 304 Kelly. Pete 279 Kohn. Jeffrey D 143 Lauritis. Beth 320.146 Undsey. Coby 285 Hollingsworth. Michaela ...326 lacobelli . L 324 Jones. Anthony. .. 271 Kelly. Shannon 314 Kohnhorst, Marilee 302 144 Lavezio. Linda 312 Undzy. Jessica 326 Hollingsworth. Stephen C 135 Hollis. Shari 238 lancu. Andrei Ibarra. Israel 137 137 Jones. Cob! 239,60 Kelsey. Chris. Kelsey. Dana 287 141 Kolb. Christopher Kolla. Cissy 263 312 Lavin. Michelle , Lawrence. Denise 146 ..306.307.361 Lindiy. Mkhelk 314 Lineck. Denis 328 Holloway. Theresa 238 Ibrahim, Null 345 Jones, Coby 221 Keliner. Jennifer 322 Holla Elizabeth M 144 Lawrence. Kelty 320 Liner. Steve 261 Holly. Edward D Jr 135 Holme . Dana 328 Ichinaga. Lisa khishla. Kristin 239 324.325 Jones. Courtney Jones. Darcy 324 320 Kemper. Roger 141 208 Komas. Jay 144 279 Lawrence. Michael Layco, Janice 344 319.146 Lingle. Stefanie 308 Link. Carol A 243 " y M Holmes, Lisa 324 Ichiuji, Alyson 137 Jones. David 268.269 Kendall. Alice 324.141 Hondo Sharon H. 144 Lazarovici, Laureen .. .. 137.146,350 Lintag-RinaD 243 Holmes William 236.267 Ichiuji, Anne .. . 310.348.359 Jones. Detra M 139 Kendall, Mike 283 Kong, JohnC 144 Le. Edward 289 Linthorst. Tom 26 Holsey, Cynthia 238 Iganej, S hahrokh 239 Jones. Grefl 239 Kenneally. Brendan 275 Kong. Valerie L ..144 Le. Jeanette H 146 Linz. Karl 27 Holl. Elij-ebeth D 135 Igo. Chris 293 Jones, Jed 239 Kennedy. Brian... 261 Konkolf. Stacey R 144 Le. Lara 241 LJpkin, Craig.. 28 Holl. Greg 283 lhara. Karie 239 Jones. Jennifer. 339338 Kennedy. Camie 314 Kopecky. Blanka 345 Le. Nhien 289 Upman. Joel 28 ' - ' I Holt. Gregory 339 Ikeda. Jared 369 Jones. Larry 283 212 Kopf, Carla 144 Le. Tiffany A . . 146 Lipperl. Palnc-a 143.243.34 Holl. Mary 310 Holihaus, Sharie 317 Ikctam. Denise J Iki. DarcteC 137 239 Jones. Laurie Jones. Meredith 72 349.322 Kennedy, Jane Kennedy. Karen 328.365 351 Koransky. Mark 281 295 Le. Tommy N Le Francois. Sylvie V 146 146 Lippman. Dave 296 Lish. Benjamin T 243 Hollzer, Chris 291 Iko, Sue 322 Jones, Hex Kennedy. Kelly 324 306 LeRenard. Marc R 146 Using. Christian 336 Holzberg, Daryl Marc 238 Ikola, Catherine L 137 Jones Ruth Kennedy. Lori 348 339 LeGassick. Matthew . 279 Liskey. Mike 289 Hol richler. Gregg 369 llac. Carolina 328 Jones. Timothy R.... !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.239 Kennedy. Rkardo M.... 141 Korn Jessica 306.307 LeMert, Dana 326.241 LJssauer. Mara 345.243 Holzrochter , Frederick 279 Mac. Veronica 328 Jong. AnnaM 139 Kennedy. Rick 348 Korn. Rick 339 344 Lision Alexandra E 243 Horn. Darren 239 Ikhik. Bob 368 Jonker. Steve 279 Kenny. Carol 306 Korn. William M 144 LeValley. Michelle 322 Liston. Ateiujndria 351 Horn. Kim Brian 135 Ilic. Veronica 239 Jordan. Erica L 139 Kenny. Chri . 271 291 Leahy. Brad 295 UtchfiekJ. Karyn L 243 Horn. Patricia 135.337 Ima. Matt 367 Jordan. Eva 317 Kenny, Elizabeth 310 Kostas, Jim 144 Leasure. J.P 295 Literatu . Marygrace R 243 Horn. Patrick R.... , 135 Ima, Matthew 239 Jordon. Dave 296 Kenny. Joe Kosuth. Kate 319339 Leasure. James P 146 Utonjua. Enrico A 243 Horn, Ronald M 135 Imada, Yumi 137 Joseph. Paul 277 Keno. Jason !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!3oo 347 Lebrija. Roberto 146 Litlleiield Andrina A .... 243 Homeyer, Lynne 239.306 Imamura. Peter 269 Joseph, Robin, 351 Kenl. Juliel B 141 Kounis. George A 144 Leckrone. John. 283.146 Uu. Ala 361 Honey. Dave 291 Imlay. Pete 261 Josephs, Nancy 306 Kenworthy. Brenda C. . 141 Koupal. Marc 275 Lecong. Trinh 319 Liu. Alan Shung .243 Honey. D id P 135 Imperato. Jeff 271 Joshi. Robin 139 Kerivan. Kristy 337 Koutures. Chris 289.344 Leddel. Samantha E 146 Liu. Ching 359 Hong. Christine 339 In, Lawrence 273 Josias. Abby Kerkonan. Christa 302 Kovacevich. Tiftanie . . 144.349.324 Lee. Andrew 346 Uu. Sandy --. 306 Hong. Helen 208 Inchun. Sunshiri 353 Jou. Mike !!!!!!!239 Kerley. Wade 261 322 Lee, Arlesha D 147 LJwamag. Jean 336 Hong. Jean 342 Indamra. Busaracan 351 Joyal. Diane 348 Kern. Grefl 271 Koyama. Wayne 269 Lee. Ben 267 Uzardo. Ruben 343 Hong.Kyung 239 Injo. Lisa 328 Joyce, Kim 319 350 Koyamatsu. Krlsti L 144 Lee, Brian A 147 Uanot. Whelma 337 Hong, Salty J 135 j.- - Hong. Sung 339 Injo. UiaV Inouye. Keith 137 295 Joyce. Kimberly J... Juarez. Mike 139 279 Kerrane. Jeff Kerrane. Mike 287 287 Kraft. Erik Kragh, Kritten 275 322 Lee. Caroline Lee. Charles. 147 147 Uopis. Glen 343 Uopt . Glenn 144243.348357 Honkawa. Akemi 239 Insiiiengmay. Praphai hone 137.353 Judd. Hillary 317 Kesler. Dean Bernard . 207 326 Lee. Chimin ., 336 Lloyd, Denise L 243 ( - - Honore. Melissa 239 Irato, John 1 137 Judge. Cambell 296 Keslin. Lainie ...319.341.141 Kramer. Mary J 144 Lee. Chris 299 Lo. A hley Y.... 243 Index 445 Lo. Bunly Lo. HanPo J 243 150 Mack. Kelly Mackey. Bonnie 326 304 Lo, Joan ,..150.350,243 Mackinsie. Katheryn 356 Lo. Sui Wai 150 Macri, Dawne 312 Locker, llene 328,150 Maddalan. John 243.287 Loeffer, Leigh-Ann .326 Modick, Mike 277 Loehr. Keith 277 Madrid. Andrew 243 Loftus. Benay L 150 Madrigal, Abdel 243 Logan, Amber Ann 150 Madrigal, Claudia 304 ,305,357.151 Logan, Angel D ,. 150 Maeda. Brian 291.349 Logan. Michele 302 Maeler, Pam 319 Logue. Christopher .279 Maffei. Greg 285 Loliotis, Ari 350 Magan, Gina 151 Loll. Carrie 324 Maggioncalda. Greg 243 Lomax, Danna R 150 Magidoff, Michelle 304 Lombardo. Tano 267 279 Lomberdi. Patty 320 Magner. Michelle ' ' ' " . ' . ' . ' ... ' . 243 Lomeli. Stacy i328 Magnussen. Bo 283 Lomen. Vladimir .275 Magnusson, Peter 296 Loncar. Alicia 320 Magrane. Vivian 343 Long, Andrew .274 Maguire, Meighan 308,151 Long. Kristin 322 Magyar, Janine 328 Long. Mike .291 Mah. Debbie 151 Long. Rich 261 Mah, Lori 190 Longaker. Lisa 82 Mah. Young M 151 Longhursl. Sandra Longkammerer. Jason... 320 291 Mahadumrongkul. May.... Maher, Jennifer 214 353.152 215.317,152 Longstreet. Debbie 308 Maher. Staci 345.361 Lons. Michael P 150 Mahnke. Beckel 289 Loo, DeniseM 150 Mahnovski. Natasha 152 Look, Michelle 350 Mahoney, Lisa 337 Lopei. Kristin 345.150 Mahoney. Patrick 279 Lopei, Lorenzo 150 Mahony.Jeff 291 Lopez. Ron 210 Mahony. Jeffrey W 152 U pei. Tony 343 Mailman. David 243,296 Lopei. Vincent E 150 Mairnone, Annie 326.327 Lopuck. Lisa J14 Maiss, Lance 277 Loquist. Kristl 302 Makely, Andrea 243324 Lorenzo. Manuel R 150 Makiya, Lisa 351 Loskutoff. Krislen 326 Maksymowski, Shari M. .. 152 Lola. Sheila 336 Maldonado, Anthony 243 Lou. Albert 342 Maldonado, Daniel 152 Louie. Donald W 150 Maldonado. Daniel , 258 Louie, Ed 295.305 Maldonado. Fran 317 Louie, Edmund 243 Maldonado. Ginger 152 Louie. Lisa 350 Maldonado, Maria F 152 Loulis, Christine E 151 Malec.Kris 317 Lounsbury. Steve 267 Malek. Ladan 339 Lovato. Louie 350 Malek. Shiva 243 Love. Katrina 320 Maleman, Michelle 244 Loverde, Emmett 275.151 Maleski. Stash.,,. 296 Lovett, Kimberley 151 Maliglig, Ana M 152 Lovi. Stuart L 151 Malik, Gita 351 Lovret. Laurie 151.361 Malik. Premia 244 Low. Linda M 151 Mallari. Margarita D 244 Low. Lisa 324 Mallen. Mike 296 Lowe. Athley 326.151 Mallory. Kalhy 320 Lowe. Lisa 319 Mallory. Stacy 308.309 Lowis, Alan 281 MaHouk.PaulM 152 Lowland. Jennifer 304 Malloy, Hilary 320 Loyd. Marybeth A 151 Malloy, John J 152 Loyett. Kimberly A 243 Matloy. Justin 285 Loyola. Maria 310 Malo, Marisela. 152 Lozano. Michelle 314.151 Meloney. Lisa 152.326 Loiano, Robert .297 Maloney, Lisa 327 Low. Emily 312 Maloney, Sean 261 Lozon. Cristina L 151 Maly.Ted 265 Lu. Bri 308 Mamikunian. Mia 337 Lu. l-Ching 151 Man. Calrossie 244 Lu. Mark T 151 Man. David 350 Lubin. Lee 348 Manalac. Cynthia 152 Lucas. KriMine 345.304 Manassero. Paul 287 Lucero. Daniel 297 Manby, Niki 337 Ludovial. Claudio 300.151 Manciak, Amy 351 Lodwiek. Tom 287 Mandel, Danny 300 Luevano. Mary C 151 Mandel. Elaine 350,152 Lu. Marten 335 Mandelstam, Gary M 152 Lui. Angela P.. . 151 Mandoia. Marceld E 244 Lui. Nancy 151 Mandry. Julie A 152 Luna, Carla ......222 Mandulay. Jen M 152 Luna. Nancy 150.151 Mandulay Jennifer 312 Looa. Ruth 151 .153,337,351 335 Lunar. Sean 281 Maneie, Caren! ' " .. " .. 310 Lund, Kriiti K 151 Mangkornkarn. Chutima.. 353 Lundtn, Dan 283 Maniaqo. Connie C 152 LundquM. Caroly .210 Manion. Megan... 320 LundquiM. Ellen P 151 Manjarre . Adrianna 210 Lunfl, Roy C 151 Manjikian, Nora 359 Lute.. Hayley 312 Manker. Christy 319 Luther, Rubina 191 Mann. David 244,339 Lou, Anthony 151 Manning. Gregory F 244 Lyman, Sutan 337 Manning, Jill ..188,152 Lynch. SCOW 267 Manning. Mary Patrice 152 Lynch. Shanon 320 Manning, Melvin R 152 Lynch. Wendy 314 Mannion. Alice 152 Lynton. Laura 312 Manotn. Linda M 152 Lyon. Barry 289 Manton. Seoil , 267 Lyon. Lit 320 Manuel, Marc 275,152 Lyont, Blaine 279 Manville. Michelle 304.305 Mao. Wei Van .244 Mapanvi. Somcnart 353 M Mapei. John Mar. Dav d Maranli. Craig 283 .154.152 348 Marano. David 343 Marchello, Marilyn 312 Ma, James 342 MarcheMno. Mike 30B Mj. Sopht 353 Marco, Irene T 152 Mabrie, Edward 243 Marco. Rente 328 MacArthur. Amber 243 Marcoletco, Jamei R . 152 MarMedan. Dan 191 Marrone, John 286.287 MacCaukty. Fathia B 151 Martopuloi. fieotq - . . 2 63345,352 MacDonak). Scolt 271 Marcu . Phil 244,281 MacKinnon, Liia 337 Mardiroian. Greg 190 MarMcdan, Dm 344 Marek. Don. 261,359 MatMedan. Daniel J 343 Marelich, KMhy 302 MacMMt, AlmM 337 Marpno, Art 367 Machado. Slav 287 Marguilet, Mara 349.308 MachMa. Retftt 243 Mariano, Mef llnda O (52 Matnkno. Andy , ,, 295 Matin. Allan 263 Macia . Frank ... .357 Mann. Edgar A 152 Mack, FliiatMth 302 Marinnn. Mia 314 Marion, John Marker, Maxwell 296 267 Marolda. Frank 271 Marouarat, Bradley.... 279 Maroutian. Tina A 152 Marque;. Letisia 244 Marque . Maria 244 Marquei. Marlon 293 Marquez, Myrian 336 Marque;. Veronica. .. 308 Marr. Andrea 302.152 Marr. Paul 367 Marray. Lisa 351 Marrero, Mike 261.283 244 Marrowidjojo. Aisha .. 153 Marsh. Amy L 152 Marsh, Greg , 300 Marsh, Kim 320 Marshall. Gregory A.. 153 Marshall. Jack 270.271 Marshall. Ken 277 Marshall, Kenneth J.. . 153 Martenson, Jill 312 Martin. Chris 285 Martin, Christian T .... 153 Martin. Christopher 244 Martin. Darrick 244,70 Martin, Elizabeth 310 Martin, Halina L 153 Martin, Jason 244 Martin. Josh 244 Martin. Linda 308 Marlin, Miguel 367 Martin, Tami 310 Martin, William C 244 Martin. William S 152 Martinez. Art 289 Martinez. Arturo 339 Martinez, Carlos D 244 Martinez, Charlie 265 Martinez, Felipe 244 Martinez. Hugo 300 Martinez. Jesus 269 Martinez, Jesus E 153 Martinez, Joanne 244 Martinez. Justin 359 Martinez, Luis 293 Martinez, Manuel 343 Martinez. Michelle 336.310 Martinez. Nicholas. ... 297 Martinez, Rob 361.98 Martinez. Robert 244 Martinez, Susana S 153 Martini. Pietro 281 Maruiwa, Yukie 336 Maiuyama. Mark 153.291 153 Masangkay. Tricia 308 Mascarenhas, Michelle 244 Mascio, Kristin 244 Maser. Michael 299 Mason. James 273 Mason. Jill 306 Mason, Tempe 314 Mason, Tyler 289 Massa. Alexandra 153 153 Mastfoyannakis. Anast; tsia E 153 Malarasso. Isaac 153 Malerre. Dawnielle 337 Mateu, Monica 54 Matheson. John.. 339 Matheson, Tracy 312 Mathews. Randy.. 267 Mathews, Randy J 153 Malhious. Linda S 153 Mathis, Amy 244 Mathison. Cindy 320 Malhius, Linda 328 Mathur, Kira 314 Matias, Barbara 351 Matibag. Carolyn 336,336 Matiuk. Christine A 153.304 Mallock. Keith .277 Mallotf. Jason 300 Matnard. Sherl 244 Matro, Christian R 154 Matson. Sarah 154 Matsuhara, Shar 322 Malsui. Michael Lee 244 Ma tsumura. Jeff 365 Matsuura. Jennifer 244 Mattenson. Lauri 306 Matthews. Darran 244 Matthews. Wendy S 154 Marion, Brad 293 Maula, TedL 154 Maung. Tony 219.261 Mawla. Ted 269 Maxheimer. Lori 326 Maxwell. Ginny 322.323,337 Maya, Stephanie 343 Maycock, Prest 260.261 Mayeda. Stacy 322 Mayemura, Michele 326327 306 Maynard. Shari 154,324 M yo Anlhony M 154 Mayo. JuMin 27 Mayo. Tony 348 Mayt, Stephanie 304 Mazolewiki. Pt 285 Mazon. Bryon.... 289 Me Bealh, Marianne 154 Me Neal. Scotl C 244 McAdami. Timothy 279 McAdang. Donald 774 McAneny. Suzanne . ... 317 McAnully. Monique S 154 McArlhur. Lit 304 McCaffrey. Megan 3)2 326 368 154 320 263 348,154 324 308.337 271 326 244 285 154 308 348 304 244 244.317 337 310 271 304 285 271 244 326 154,344 304 154 244 306 284.320 295 312,356,154 304 267.154 154 344 302 326 327 283 314 154 314 . 312.q55 279 322 McCahon. Molly McCalmont. Doug McCalmont. Douglas R McCandless, Laura McCann. Bill McCariey. Daphne .. . McCarren. Wendy. . . McCarthy. Anna McCarthy. Bill McCarthy. Christine ... McCarthy. Kristin L McCarthy. Mike McCarthy. Patricia A... McCarthy. Patty . McCarty. Kim McCawley, Susan McClave. Alex McCollom, Catherine.... McCormick. Krislen McCormick. Steve McCoy, Elena McCracken. Brendan McCrady. Mike McCreight. Percy McCrory. Shelley McCullougn, Nancy McDermott. Nicole McDonald. Jamie... McDonough. Dena McDonough. Kelley .. McDowell. Karen McElenney. Sean McElliot. Kim McFarland Terri McGagin, Bruce McGee. Erik C McGee. Pal McGehee, Inja McGill. Alexandra McGill. Sandy McGinley, Bill McGinn. Stephanie McGinnis. Shawn McGivern. Ted McGloughlin, Lori McGreevy Nancy M McGrew, Stacy McHale. Maureen McHenry. James McHugh. Amanda McFntee. Shanon Mclntosh. Krishna Mclntyre. Jacqueline L. McKenna. Charles C McKenna. Robert McKenna. Romy McKiernan. Stephen P.. McKiernan. Steve McKrmmy, Jacqueline I McKinney. Brandon McKinney. Eula McKinney. Mark McKinnon. Heather McKinzie. Kathryn McKmght. Amy McLain. Bob McLain. Susan McLain. Tim McLaughlin. Pete McLeod. Thomas G McLoskey, Brendon H... McMahan. John McMahan. W Sean McMahon, Debbie McMahon. John McMahon. Kitty McMahon. Maura K McMahon. Morgan McMahon. Nina McMahort. Sean McMillen. Christie McMillen. Slacy McMunn. Anne McNally. Ian McNamara, Brian McNeal. Scotl McNeil. Sarah McNerney. Eileen McNevein. Edward McNiven. Rick .. McVicker, Kim Mead, Frank Meade, Albert Meade. Laura A Mean . Steven R Mears. Patty Medellin. Diana Maria .. . Medina. David 244 Medina. Milzy 244 Medrano, Christy 244 Meehan. Michael 354.355. 1 55,287.335 Meguid. Ahmed 244 Mehren. Laura 302 Meier. Henry 265 Meinert. Stu 296 Meir, Levy 244 Meisel. Joth ... 289 Meisel. Joshua 355 Mei els. M.chelle 337 Meixel.Cay 346 Mejia, Elaine 337 Mejia. Qaby 310 Mejia. Milton 367 Melchior. Mindy 356 Melendez. Joy 304,305 Meline. Susanne .312.349,359.155 Melkanoft Fabienne M (55 Mellen Jr. Robbin 8 244 Mellerstig. Cameron Dean 244 Mellon. Bill 283 Mellon. Mithah 280281 Mellon. 351 Melvin, Thomai W ...155 Mende. Jeremy 295.345 Mendell. Doric 244 55 284.324 275 320.69 155 322.357 320,321.155 273 359 359 .285 ...244,314 244.320 Mendei. Suzana Mendlesohn. Daniel 155 .244 Mendoza, Marceld. 155 Mengle. William 344 Mcnin. H Martin 155 Menotti. Mark 279 Mentan, Julia Eli at th 244 Mermels. Olga. . 345 Merrifield. Mickie. ... 66 Merrill. Douglas 279 Merrow. Mike 277 Merzbacher, Mattew 343 Mescavag. Susan 244 Messer. Ryan 221 Messer, Shelly 244 Messersmith. Amy.... 320 Messick. Kevin 344 Messier. Tim 244 Messina. Vincent 244 Messmer. Melissa 324 Metcalf. Collin 359 Monger. Susie 310.348 Mewes. Jennifer 310 Meyer, Jeanne 312.337 Meyer, Michelle 348 Meyer. Mike 287 Meyer. Rick 285 Meyer, Wendy S 155 Mevers. Ben 267 Meyers. Marline 307 Meyers. Stacey : 357 Meyerson, Rachel 306 Mguyen. Tricia 337 Miagany. Fernando.. 244 Miao. Sandria 346 Michaels. Debbie 345 Michalski. Jim 287 Michel. Julie 155 Michel. Marcie 320 Michela. Pal.. . 291 Michela. Patrick E 155 Michels, Cassie 320 Michels. Marcie 155,320.321 Michels. Stacy. 326 Mickcl. Amy.., 312 Mickels. Rosalind D... 155 Middlebrook. Krista.. 310 Mignola. Debbie 304.305 Miguel. Jackie 343 Mikawa. Sharon 244 Milani. John 279 Milan!. Louis H 155 Milauskas. Cissy V 244 Miles. Vickie 348 Mill. Anita Marie 320 Millar. Debbie 302 Millard. Dave. . 271 Miller, Allan G 155 Miller, Allen 26! Miller. Andy 285 Miller. Bill 283 Miller. Carolyn 244.314 Miller. Chris 323 Miller, Cynthia 310 Miller, Dan 263.352 Miller. Daniel J 155 Miller, Dede 314 Milter, Emily .314 Miller. Greg .283 Miller. Julie 319.155 Miller, Katie 339 Miller. Kim 314 Miller. Kris 322 Miller, Leander 337 Miller. Lee 66 Miller. Mary M 156 Miller. Nicole 324 Miller. Paul A 156.156 Miller. Tony 348 Miller. Tracey 337 Miller, Victoria 156 Miller. William G. 156 Millinglon. Paul 282 Millis. John 283 Millis, John K 156 Mills. Heather JIO Mills. Tom .244 Milne, Kelly 245 Milner. Wady 326 Milnes. Christina A.... 156 Milnes. Dede 306 Milnes. Peter .245 Milolich Kristy 304 Milton. Scott 295 Mimaki, AlanT 156 Minamizawa. Mayumi.. 156 Mmden. Mike JOO Minden. Scott 245.300 Minehart. Beth J04 Minervial. Gianni 263 Minevini. Fabio 263 Minkus. Dave 269 Mino. Sarah 322 Minster. Rachel 341.156 Mirabal, Louis , 245 Miranda. David A , ... 245 Miranda, Jesut .245 Miranti, Anthony 295.297 Mirras. Joanne K 156 Mirza. Alll 326 Mlskinnis. Michelle 310.311 Mitasato. Lori E 245 Mitchell. Amy ..319,322.156 Mitchell. Andrea J17 Mitchell, Colleen 302.355 Mitchell. Glen 245 Mitchell. Matt 296 Mitchell. Ran 314 Mitchell. Rob 285 Mitchell, Robyn M l Mitchell, Tim 261 Mitsumoto. Minna 156 Mittelman. Mlka 265 Milttliladt. i, l J37 Miyagawa, Dean 156 Mlyagi. StaceK 156 Mlyaialo. Lori J36 Miyoshi. Julie Miyoshi. Melina 310 245 Mizutan. Craig.. 366.367 Mobasseri. Guita 156 Mobin. Caroline 245 Moceri, Alana 314 Modrovich. lldy 326 Moekle. Kim .156 Moekle. Kimberly... 365.302.245 Moeller. Scott 277 Moen. Steve 295 297 Mogan. Cathie 337 Mogan. Cathleen M.. 156 Moglia, Peter 277 Mogul. Brian C 156 Mohajer. Pauya 267 Mohile. Debt . . 306 Mohrhofl. Doug 265 Moldenhauer. John M .. 245 Molenkamp. Imarda M.. ....156 Molina. Margaret . .. 245 Molina. Vibiana 156.308 Molinar. Tom 287 Molnar Arpud 283 Molnar. Chris 271 Molnar. Tom 286 Monahan. Barbie 310 Mondragon. Elizabeth... 245 Monico. CarlaG 156 Monigal, Shannon 314 Monke. Sieve. 291 Monroe. Celeste..... 245 Monseratt. Lloyd 339 300 Monlalvo, Michelle 307 Montalvo. Reggie 306 Montalvo, Richard A.. . 245 Montao. Lilia 245 Montavo, Sheli , 306 Montez, Trenl C ..156 Monina. Nicole 308 Monus. Yvette 308.156 Moody. Deborah J 156 Moody, John 295.297 Moody. Kurl 245.339 Moody, Liz 31 4 Mooers. Tom 277 Moon. Henry 245 Moon. John 293 Moore. Billie 57 Moore. Cherise 245 Moore, Jaime 267 Moore, Jeff 245 Moore. Kelly 324 Moore. Linda 15 ' .322.348 156 Moore, Michael 156.245 Moore, Michelle 245 Moore. Susan 327 157 Moraga, Diana 304 Morales. Alex 297 Morales. Cherise 322 Morales, David 245 Morales, Laura 157 Morales. Maria J 245 Morales. Ronnie 320,320 More, Linda 212 Morehead. John 265 Morehead. Mike 263 308 Moreno. Gary ' . " . " . ' . " . ' . 275 Moreno, Gina 337 Moreno. Luis 157 Moreno, Vicki 322 Morey, Julie 312 Morey, Pete 277 326 Morgan, Mark 287 Morhairne. Rich .281 Mori Audra 312.157 Mori. David 344.157 265 Morimoto, Jeanetle F. 157 Morisoli. Doug 289 Monsoli. Douglas E 157 Moriyama, Kris K 157 Morovati, Abdollah 157 Morrell, Jeff 271 Morris. Dean Herbert.. . 207 Morris, Donna M 157 Morris. Jason .277 Morris, Juliane 312 Morris. Julie A 157 Morris. Sandy 320.320 Morrison. Slacey 308 Morsch, Steve 258 Morse. David 299 326 Mortenson. Dan, 274 Morton. Kelli ' .. " .. " . ' . ' . 304 Mortvedt. Ron 245 Mosce. Michelle 310 Moseley. Mellon C 245 Mose s. Althea 245 Moshi, Julie S 245 Moss. Craig 300 Moss. Mitchell R 157 Moss, Randy 300,157 Mostert. Rene 259 Molon. Kylown 317 Motske. Kelly 302 Moll. Chris 259.368 Mouhabaty, Afshin 157 Moulton. Wendy 320.339 281 Mouw. Graham 281 Moya, Alex F 157 Moya. Rose 245 Moyer. Ben 245 Moyer. Jeff 283 Moyers, Jennifer 345.302 Mozafari, Reza 157 Mozingo. Jason 300 Muelas. Mari Aala 245 Mukai, Chris 287 Muhherji. Mala 314 Mukoyama, Tammy 337 Muljat, Michael 279 Mullaly. Jeann . ' . 245 Mullen. Tiffany 245.319 Mullin. Juli 326 Mumolo, Dominic J . 245 Mun, Jihyon 312 Munatones. Stacy 320 Munday. Bill 268 Munday, William 269 Munoz, Angela f 157 Munoz, Felipe 156 Munoi. Susan 158 Munro. KrlWy 314 Murad. Erra 281 Murakami, Gary .274 Murakami. Grace C 158 Murata. Glenn 245 V 1 V . . Murcia. Sergio Murdolf. Sherrick Munllo. John Murken. Mary A ... Murphey. Brian.. . . Murphy. Celeste.. . Murphy. Isabel R . . Murphy, Jim Murphy. Kathleen Murphy. Mandy Murphy. Taylor . . Murray. Anne Mane. . Murray. Jonalhon. Mustard. Bill Muth. Aaron Mutter. David Myers. Julie Myers Julie Jeanne , Myers. Laurel Myers. Lisa Myers. Marline Myers. Scott Myers, Stacy Mylm. Rich Myrow. Ebby Myrow. Eli abeth A. . Myrtie, Tim Myrtle. Theresa. .. . N Nagel. Tracy Nagle. Taylor Nagos. Elaine Nahmod, Jennifer Louise Najoan. Paul Nakamatsu. Judy Nakamura. Gina Nakamura. Jill Nakamura, Teri A Nakashima. Jason H. .. . Nale. Cliff Nam. Nasalski Namikawa. Davina Nanjo. Christopher D. .. . Naranjo. Emily Nasaway. Michele M Nase, Kelly Nasir. Jeff Natac. Conrad Nathan. Mark Naulls. Shanon Neal. Dori Negron. Nancy Neirr Nein n, Jennifer.. ein, Paul Deborah. .. Nelson. Knsh .. . Nelson, Marci Nelson. Marcia Nelson. Michael Nelson. William Neuheisel, Deborah... Neuhisel, Rick Neumeier, Don Newberry. Lisa Newman, Paul Newman. Trma Newton. Brenda Ng, Candy Nguyen, Ann Nguyen. Chris Nguyen, Jojo.. Nicholas, Christine.... Nicholas, George Nichols. Valerie Nicholson, Beth Nicholson. Craig Nicholson. Steve Nielsen. Vicki Niemeyer, Pete Niers. Bob Nigorizawa. Mario Niland. Nancy Nimnual. Vorapong Nims. Eric Ninomiya, Jodi Nishi. Nancy Mi . Martha ' . .... Nobile. Traci Noble. Ted Nockey. Kris Noel, Scott Noh, Gloria Noh. Karen Nolan. Colleen Nonato. Lourdes Nopparatana. Chidch anok Nordstrom, Adrienne., ... . Nordstrom. I Norman. John Nome, Charlie Morris. Robyn Norton, Brad Norton, Chris Nosce, Mlchelene Notary, Terry Nowak.K.C Noyes. Kritlin Nsu. Steve Nuccion. Steve Nunez. Anthony Nunn.Sam Nye. Missy Nyereges. Chadd Nyman. D O Brian. Chailene O ' Brien. Kevin., O ' Brien, Sutle OByrne. Rob OConnell. Karl O Connell, Kristine O Conner. Chris .306 296 320 ... 279 322 245 245 320 245 347 278,279 296 308 302 308 337.308 309 267 269 EEs EEiEi 310 302 300.350 314 337 361 337 339 293 337 350322 267 304 314 277 339 .312.337 348 261 337 308 283390 353 287 337 207 353 312 308 279 270.320,321 291 326 308 320 336 ...353 ...302 . .344 MAIM ' " ' Su. ! r: ..245.322 291 .. .277 . 320.77 295 314 285 304 302 326.329 446 Index Paisolilan David P.-ailmjn Todd P-aisor . Mike Prcel. Ale. Pi-ckler Jana P.den KansM Peek Allison Robin Tony Radakovich. Steve . Radan Lisa. . Raderman. Roger Radevich Maja Radkp Chuck I 1 Pelf Jason Pena, Richard Pi-ndleton Laufic Pendleton Tficia Pendo. F.luatK-lh Pencbakcr. Leah Penthrodakis Paul Peoples Kevin Penivale Triste Perez. Danny Perez. Rob Per,.. Jennifer Perm. Michelle Perkins. Julid Perl Linda Perl. Michel 350 367 289 314 J09 308 328 . . 310 300 263 324 269 287 314 322 312 320 32 1 48 89 Raqo Marco Rago Mike Rakocj-y. Louis Ralston Heather Ram. Laura Ramde Dinesh Ramey. Char Ramirez. J.J Ramirez. Tim Ramos Leina Ramos. Luis. Ramos Sandra Ramos. Susie Ramslem Chditina Rand Jennifer Randall. Ryan Range! Jeff Range! Kristen Rankm David 296 296 289 310 306 339 308 258 361 369 322 348 343 348 . . 337 326 283 283 326 339 s 17 283 O Connor Robert 279.43 Perlmutler Sharon 17 Ransom. Chris 281 BH, IfekJ N ODay. DJ. 347355.287 Pernecky Mike 85 Rapp Wendy . .312 k WMab. S O Donnell Mike 283 Per rone Paul 267 Rappallo Dav.d 344 O Gorman Colleen 326 Peify. Cheryl 348 Ratkovich. Milan ..285 yj O Gorman. Steve 263 Perry. Gayle 319 Rauser. Scot 1. ,...295 OGrady. Andy . 296 Perry Jeff 284 285 RausKgian. Paul 275 ' a aV OLeske Michel! 324 Perry Scott 357 Rawlmgs. Bonnie 322 OMalley Mike 259 Prrryman. Scott . 271 Rayder Robert 275 OMeara. Catherine L 320 Persyn Mary Kelly 350319 Rayner Meal 283 Roseman Rochelle 32 Schaeffer, Steven ONeill. Blake 263 302 Raynor. Richard . 339 Rosen. Jeff 335.351 Schatlelet. Janetle OReilly Nick 275 Peters Bill .. 261 Qazee. Jerry 267 Rosen. Joe 28 Schoti. Erin OShaughnessy Chiistin cG 337.361 Peterson Beth 317 i each. F.nn .314 Rosen Kevin 26 Schechter, Steve. Oakland Karen 351 Peterson, Chris 287 285 Rosen. Melissa 36 Schemberg. Jim Oakland. Tina 343 Peterson. Dawn 304 Readey. Karen 322 Rosenberg, Brett 30 Schenkmen. Jodi Oakley Bill 271 Peterson. George 285 337 Scher. Leslie Ober Brian 265365 Peterson. Julie . . 326 .....304 Rosenberg Jana 3CN Scher. Ore . Oberfeld. Fabian 281 Peterson. Stacy .. 320 Redd. Mark 271 Rosenberg. Kimberly .35131 Schiller. Erka Oberlhier Krislen L 314 Peterson. Todd 343 Reed. Aaron .. 260.261 Rosenberg Stephanie 3O Schilling. Ashlee. . .. Occhialim. Craig 261 Petit Afturo . 343 Reed. Harrison, 261 Rosenbloom. Joe 281.341 Schindler. Matt Ofek Tammy 302 Pent Victor 343 Reed. Jason 335354 Ross Adam 27 Schirman. Trevor Ofenstem. Breni 281 Pelrac Tamara 319 Reed. Leslie. 346 Ross. Alvssa 306351 Schirn. Jason Offeman William . . 269 312.358 Reed. Paul ...285 Ross. Amy... 241 Schlafman, Dan Offutl. Jim 291 Petrusis Tina 312 Reeder. 7_oe 74 Ross. Brad 36 Schiagel, Julie.. Oqush, Kathtee . . 310 Petty ROM 275 .... 320 Ross. Matthew 2ff Schlei. Andy Oh Barty .. 269 Plnlipson. Libby .. . . 164 Reese Christy 312 Ross. Steve 26527 Schloss. Alane Ojsnpcra. Jane 312 Phillips. Greg 291 291 Rosier Monica 31 Schlueter, Frank Okuda. Kendnck. 293 Phillips Kristin 320 Reeves. Stephanie 317 Roth. Barbi 3O- Schmidt, Ursula Olea. Henry 287 Phillips Mark 296 Reichard, Brad 289 Rolhacher. Tamrny 34f Schmier, Stephanie Olender F.llen Oles David 314 367 Pi Randy 336 Reichenthal. Jake 287 Rothbart. James 361 Schmitz. Michael Rolhbarl. Jason 300 Schneck, Mary Oliveira. Tracey 304 319 Pierce. Brian!!!!!!!!!!!. ' !!,.! . ' .. " . ' . ' . 259 ReilSer john!!::;!::::::::!:::!!: :! ::::::295 Roulinavage. Gteg 271 Schneider, Carrie Olla Jill 312 Pierce Mike Reimer. Ron. SlS Rounds. Guy .. .. 29 Schned ' Dou Olmore. Jim 271 Pierson. Brook.. .324325 Reinet. Michelle 328 Rouse. Melissa 32 Schneider, Spencer.. Olqum. Rich Olsen Bob 267 269 Pimanmas. Panudda 353 Reilman. Dave 275 Rousseau. Alex 53 Schneider, William.. Rowe. Catherine ... 308 Sri.nHn.jin nUnn 327 Pincus. Mark 300 Relis Lisa 304 Rowe, Diane 30 Schneidinger. Julie.... Olsen, Corey Olson Britt 337 326 Pine. Amy.... 324 Ren. Angela. . 367 ' Roy. Angela 310.311 Schoenbaum. Brent Olson Laura 302 Pine. Tim 295 Renda. Ben fj Ro ano. Jennifer 33 Scholer, Robert Olson. Lawnee 304 Pmkerton Brad 279 Reneker. Dave 263 Rozwood Benjamin 35 1 Schomburg. Lynda Olster. Jeff 300 Piper Holly ..._ 337 Rey. Gesele 339 Ruben. David 9 Schoner. Cyndi Onoyne. Cheryl 369 Piper. Ken 291 Reyburn. Meg 337 Ruben. Jill 3ffl Schorer. Jeff Opre. Mike 291 314 Reyes. Arnel 336 Ruben, Lisa 301 Schramm, Eric Orewyler. Tom 347 Kristin 346 Reynaldo. David 343.367 Rubenslein. Melinda 32 " Schrieber. Jonathan Orleans Andrea 306 Phmier. Aneka 326 Reynolds. Joshua 346 Rubin. JiH 30935 Schrode, Kristi Orlin. Wayne 263 Plotnick. Dave. 285 Reznicek. Don 285 Rubin. Stephanie 301 Schroeder, Drew , .. Ortega. Christie 322,323 Plumlee. Michelle 326 Reznick. Mike 283 Rubinstein, Eugene 34 Schroeder. Drew Ortega, Christine . 351 Plumleigh. Mike 368 Rhee. Edward 289 Rudd, Jay 28, Schroeder. Greg Ortega Ericfc 267 Rudick. Heidi 32( Ortit Christina Ortiz Jim 343 62 Pocheco. Leo ..279 Rhodes. Kathy 322 Rudiger. Kelly 302 Schroll, Amy Orwitz. Mike 281 Pomer. Dan 274 Rhorer. Trent 277 Rudolph. Chris 29 Schuh. Phil Osborne. Jeff 285 Poirier. Kirslen 310 271 Rugam, Gina 31 Schull. JoAnna Oseas, Phil 300 Polansky. Tom 273 Ricci.SiephonieT 348 Rugmcam, Amy 31 Schultz. Jennifer Oseng, Erin 347 Polashuk. Stacie 306 Rice, Daryl 287 Schultz, Joanne Osokie. Merrit . . . . 322 Poleynard. Kelley 324 Rich Greg 296 Ruiz Jonathan 28- Schultz. Stephen .. . Osier. Phil 281 Poll, Milch 285 Rich, Selh 281 Ruiz. Rob 2 Schurichl. Lisa Shen 328 Pollack. Wendy, 341 Rich, Todd 281 Ruiz, Sergio 34. Schwalbe. Karen Ostrow. David 281 Pollak. Michelle 314 Richards. Jeff 271 Rumpl, Morgan 36 Schwartz. Brian Oswald. Catherine 308 Pomeranlz. Dan 297 Richards. Kelly 312 Rumsfeld, Susie 34 Schwartz. David Olani. Kay.... Otera. Rich.. 339 262.263 Ponce. Ernest 367 Richards. Ron ... 168,273 Rush. Diane 30 Schwanz. Gary Otten, Vic .. 267 Poon, Albert 344 Richardson. Jerome 70 Rusic ' h i ' 2 g Schwartz. Mlndi Otto. Rob 296 269 263 Richardson, Wendell .... 300 Rusnak, Terry. 26 Schwartz, Susie Owen. Vanessa 308 Ponnchak! Eve ! 314 Richmond. Mike.. 277 Russell, Howard 28 Schweinfurth. Lynn.... Owens. Steve 285 Port, Kelly 261 Rico Gilberto 343 Russett John 274.34 Schweininger. Irene. O sley, Kalherine 315 Porter, Genevieve 306 Rico. Vicente 343 Russo. Valerie 301 SchweiUer. Micheie... Porter. Scott 275 Ridd. Rochelle 337 Rutkm, Leigh Anne. 32 Scionti. Lisa P Posada, Henry Pose, Jacqueline Posey. Kim 343 351 312 Riddel. Billy Riddle, Susan Rider. Sebastian 285 326.327 291 Rutledge. Lucy 322 Scola. Renee Ryan, Christopher 297 SCQ,,, Crystal Ryan. Sean 263 Sea holm. Greg Posner. Dave 300 Rieblmg. Cat 324 ?ynearson. Rob .29 Sealy. Gary.. Pace. Laura 302 Post, Justin _. 295 Pieman. Monti 339 ?yther. Vicki 35 Seden, Tiffany Packard. Greg 287 Post. Karl 369 ftierson Anne 304 Sefchovich, Phil Pacunayen, Jo 337 Post. Mike 295 Rierson. Lee 267 Segal. Bill Padilla. Dan Padilla. Rick 261 297 Posla Jennifer Postal, Devon 310 326 Riggle Kalhy Riggs. Jennifer 326 359 Segelke. Karen Segundo. Alan Padilla. Stephanie Pae, Mary Paez. Thomas 319 Poulakidas, Dean 348356 Riggs, Jenny Rigor. Rosemarie Riley. David 326 337 289 Sa.,h,a. E v.n, 207 J ' 1 , IX Sabnani. San a, 297 12, TtebJSf Sachs Naomi 302 281.343 Powell, Richard 297 Page. Hilary Page, Scott Paige. Neil 324 287 359 Power Tom Powers, Amy Powers, Anne 279 302 322 Riley, Steve Rimer. Chris Ringler, Robert 296 ... 287,355 353 Sacketl. Stefanie !!!!!!!312 I " ' ' Class Cabinet. Sacks. Gary 271 Sereson. John Sacks, Jodi 32P Serrate. Jason Painter. Paulette 348 Pozzo. Millie 320 Risco. Diana 317 Service. Tanya Pair. Jason Paliento, Carl Palmer Wendy Palubeskie, Tammi.. Palumbo. Greg Pandya. Robert 283 367 297.326 302 265 293 Prange. Lisa Prasarnsuk. Sravuth .... Pratl. Allyson Preciado. George 337 336 353 293 310 269 Rivas. Mario.. Rivera. Fernando Riviera. Mark Roath, Bob Robbins. Dike Robbins, Doug. 367 349 296 283 291 291 sadeghi.sahi.!!;::!!!!!!!::!!!::!! !!..!! j t!l ; M , u ' a : ll SS: " ::::: S := Bag? 3 SS3ES= s!R sSi:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: " Pang. Allie 347 Predmore, Darin 285 Robbins, Jeff 265 Shames. David Pang, Nancy 304 324 Roberts. Brett 277 Shamka. Debbie Panganiban. Rik 367 343 Presas! Helen 343 343 Roberts, Bruce Roberts. John 287 260 Sajjaikukhai. wirnon! 7 " ijSI ShanfeW. Greg Sakaoe Kim 336 Shapiro. Dana Papetli. Lisa Papica. Francis Parducci, Pilar Peredes. Gabriela 310 163.350 337 304 Presas. Tony Press, Daryl Prestinary Marissa Price. Devin 357 339 359 306 Roberts. KelM Roberts. Laura Robie, Anne.... . Robinson, Anna 337 310 304 326 Sal,,.,! Mk IZ7.ZIZ " .M9 ISi- ' Sid Sal..... Richard 293.339 SSaTtiSJ. " " f ! t..::: Paredes. Stephanie Parel, Scott Pariani. Rian Park, Brian 345.310 277 263 258 Price, Jeff Price, Kirsten Price. Mike Price. Mikie 281 319 271 308 Robinson. Jen Robinson, Jim Robles, Albert Rocha. Orchid 310 263 333 97 saw, rim 296 iihu iwit Sal 279 J " " " ' " } Salinger. And, 368 ? " w ' " lc ' " : " ;; " !!S. A r,,:::::::: Park. Christine 365 Pnckelt. Brad 278,279 Rock. Tammy 308 r ?oe J Jr Sheals. Amy , Park. John Park. Patty.. Park. Robert Park, Susan 336 348 258 319337 Pringle. Matt ! Priscila. Castillo Proko. Judy 275 291 343 312 Rock. Wendy Rocker. Rob Rodarte, Jennifer Rodely. Micola 322 368 320 320 s. .cr.::::::::::::::::::::::::::::i n H " " Sam,n, 306 ISid Sci Samoa,. ka 283 IS A ? " Parker. Buffee Parker. Karen Parker, Kalhy Parker Kerry Parker Pat Parker, Scott Parks. Janice Parra. Alvin Parrales. Javier 341 351 310 320 291 267 86 297 289,98 Proul. Suzanne Puccinelli, Gina.... Puccini. Lisa Pugliese, Julie.. Pukey. Allison Pulido, Marissa Pulido. Patricia Pulopot. Suzanne Pupo. Roberto 304 322 302.355,361 341 320 336 337 312 343 366.367 344 Rodino. Michelle 306.369 Rodriguez. Alicia 347 Rodriguez. Eddie 267 Rodriguez. Gil 293 Rodriguez. Maria 343 Rodriguez. Mark 273.343,354,359 Rodriguez. Pam 350 Rodriguez. Sal 170.273 Rodnguez. Sandra 343 Rodriguez. Tanya... 337 Rodriguez. Christy 339 fc l|rE Sanders. Kri.lin 320 ! ' p j r l " " ! 5andino. Claudia J22 | " J " ' " " Sandman. Trodl 308 IKs,.?, fg IhTs, :::: Parrot. Troy 271 Purdue. Matt. Parry. Carolyn Parry. David Partin. Karen Parton. Ed Pasnik. Kevin Pasmk, Shelley Pasqumi. Jennifer Pate. Tricia Patel. Minesh Patel, Swati Patrick Jennifer Patrick, Wendy Patndge, Joe Patterson. Stacy Patterson. Julie Patton. Susie Paukcr. Scott Paul. Amy Paul. Amy Paul, Jody 322 261 317 297 365 304 319 348 293 348 302 302 297 312.347 328 319 293 310 314 324 Purdy. Kim Purner. Andrew Purzycki. John Putnam. Marcl Puzanlian. Talia Puzsar. Brian. Q Quershi. Jie Quevodo. Frances Ouevedo. Melanie Quigley. Ed Quigley, Scott, Quijada. Lisa Quinlan. Shannon Ouinn. Bill Quinones, Michelle 314 261 60 314 319 267 324 322 324 262 277 337 339 344 310 Roeder, Michelle Roeschlein. Bill Roeschlein, William Rogers April Rogers. Erin Rogers, Patricia Roggenbuck, Susan Rohacek, Don Rohloff. Tom Rokni. Heidi Rolla. Kristin Romano. Chritty Romano. Lou ROTTUMO. Matthew Romero. LJka Rondell. Lexi Ronyak. Rob Roosen. Chris Root. Kim Roque. Dave 324 358 293 ...290.314 322 319 326 267 293 306 306 337 335 357 320 314 289 .60 314 277 San., Mite. " :::: ::z " :::::i3 ltel,in " n:::::::: :X=:::::::::::::::::f g3tc w== B =25=-: saroyan. Kebecca 304 Shiao Peter Sarvey, John 350354 c h . ' Cmi , Sasaki, Steve 277 Satterburg. Shery. 319 $ ft? " S.ocedo.David 299 Bfltt.. : Saucedo. Jaime 259 sh,,, ' [_... S EEEEif ss.fc r == : %?- = s rtc==-s = Scadolo. Ton, 285 ?J ! " " ' . " ' v c l lp- ES.S,. 5tr.;:: Paulsell, David Paulson, Susie Pavek, Mike. 263 320 265 Quinlana. Mike Quispe. Herman Quock. Lisa 265 289 346 Rosano. Dominique Roschko. Dave Rose. Carv 314 300 275 : ::::::::::::jg sz Scarctllo. Adrian 304 Shoij ( " " 173 308 314315 289 300 320 359 78 306 324 277 300 314 343 337 287 Short. Mark Shulman. Dara , 296 322 Speciale. San Spekher, Uegh 300 308 319.348 Shulman. Darcfe 328 Spenee. Mike. 354359 319 Shum. Mimi 336 Sperling. Hilary 320 339 Shumate, Michael, 269 Spetka. Scott 335 320 Shurgot. Paul 267 Spielman. Sam 306 322 Shurlz, Scott..... _ , 261 Spillane. Kathleen 320 297 Shusier, Brian 259 Spinazzola. Mark 283 271 Sia, Erwin 274 Spitz. Jason 300 355 Sicor, Lynn 339 Spitzer, April 306 279 Sidlow, Brian 269 Sporuilli. Gina 314.347 285 Siegal, Jon 300 Spottiswood. John 350 314 Siegal. Lee 267 Sprague. Marissa 310 273 Siegal, Ron... 271 Sreeniuvasan. Aparna.. . 312 350 Siegler, John.... 273 Srivigrom. Pimol 353 293 Silcon. Vicki 302 Stabile, Jeff 274 Silva. Monique 310 Stacy. Tayor 339 314 Silver, Mark 300 Stadum, Molly 326 219 Silvestri, Jeff 281 Staes. Amy 312 267 Sim, Helen 350 Stafford. Tiffany 326 281 Simms. David 269 Stamison. Victoria 351 302 Simon, John 283 Slanfill. Jim 296 271 Simonian, Chris. , 277 Stangl. Sandra 314 307 289 Simpson. Julie , 261 339 Stanhope. Lisa Stanley. Brian 324 283 302 Sinay, Patricia 317 Starger. Colin. 367 322 Sinclair, Brian 287 Starling. Kathryn 319 285 Sinclair, Christine 322 Slaver, Doug, 295 Sinclair, Dave 291 Steensland, Chris 295 324 S inclair. Michett 320 Steffan. Lisa 308 324 Singel, Jim 275 Stein. Lisa 306 302 Singer. Rich 283 Steiner. Jodie 306 289 Singh, Manu 295 Steiner, Josh 300 350 Siripanichgon. Kanokrat 353 Steinhardt. Jill 337 310 Sisk. Rachel 306 Steinhoffer. Erie 295 265 Sisneros, Karen 322 Stemple. Kyra , 312 287 Sitay, Anthony 336 Stephenson, Dave 267 335 Siu. Elena, 328 Stephenson. Tom 299 306 Siverforb. Jill 302 Stepner. Jessica 326 361 Sizgorich. Diane Stergion. Monica 337 Sjong. Lisa !!!!!!!!!!!si9 Stem. Steve 296 326 Sjoslrom, Tracy 324 Stevens. Murffy... 361 302 Skeie. Slacie Stewart. Cindl 308 322 Skinner. Lisa 348 Stewart. Jason 210 346 Skolnick. Jennifer 348 Stewart. Karla , 346 326 Skvarna. Mick 86 Stewart. Kathe 328 337 Slack, Phil 368 Stewart. Kathe 350 310 Slacum. Ceri 314 Stewart, Nancy 344 269 Slevich, Mike 265 Sliber, Mike 336 293 Slining. Chad 261 Slkkgold. Kira 322347 320,321 Slipock. Mark , 281 Slienhardl. Jill , 348 275 Slocum, Steve 285 Slillman. John 277 289 Smelkinson. Mitch... 281 Stine. Keith 339 320 Smelser. Sieve. _ 267 Stiska, Julie , 319 297 Smelt. Irene 302 Sliskin. Howard 367 302 Smith. Andrea ,320321 Stock. Cindy 326.327 281 Smith. Caryl 76 Stock. Rachel 312 306 Smith. Cathy 304305 Stocker. Mark , 186 Smith, David 258 Stoddard. Jeff !!!!!!!!!!!!!!.296 274 Smith. Geoff 295 Slofka, Siobhan -349 297 Smith. Heather , 322 Stokes, Ben 296 58 Smith. Jeff ...271283 Stone. Cheryl 326 319 Smith. Jotene 328 Stone. Chuck 368 347 Smith, Kelly 312 Stone. Pete 291 326 Smith. Kerry 314 Stone, Rebecca 310 350 Smith. Kim 312 Stone. Sara 310 291 Smith. Larry 295 Stovall. Tina 302 295 Smith. Lisa 304 Stowell. Ashley 324 277 Smith, Lisa 355 Stoyko. Rich , 291 320 Smith. Mandi 312 Straccia. Dawn 302 300 Smith. Matt 287 Strader. Stephanie 310 326 Smith, Melissa. 312 Slrader. Tim 285 306 Smith. Sarah 359 Strankman. Felicia 326 259 ....322 Smith. Scott Smith Sherry 279 54 Stratton. Kristen... Strauss, Peter 312 300 ! 72 Smith. Sheryi , 312 Streeter. Micheie 306 283 Smith Sinjin 340 Strong. Derek, 279 320 Smith, Staphanie 308 Strong, Susanne 315 279 Smith. Taunya 350 Stroud. Amy 351 296 Smith. Ted 283 Stroud. Paul 292293 320 Smith. Tobias 283 Strough. Aim 324 340 Smith. Tom 289 Strovopolis. William 285 367 Smock, Pattl 314 Strug, Lisa 308 .287.355 Snodgrass. Gregory 279 Stubblefield. Bob 295 308 Snow. Christy 308 Sturges. Lindsay 314 328 Snow. Jenny , 320 Stutz. Mike , 277 314 Snyder, Paul 273 Su. Monka 310 312 Soeth. Mark 277 Suarez. Jaymer 273359 342 Sofnas. Robyn. 314 Suarez. Octovfo 339 .312.337 Soice. Lisa 320 Suber. Amy 345 322 Sol Lito 190 Subject. Chris. 281 358 Soils, Grefl....! ...290.291 Sugg, LaRee 65 314 Soil. Rathy 310 %ullt. Victor 312 Soil. Stephanie 310 Sullivan. Connie 326 323 Solny. Carrl 346 Sullivan. Lucia 314 322 Solomon. Aaron 265 Sullivan. Mary Beth 324 326 Solomon, Adam 271 Sullivan. Moya 314 308 Solomon. Lesley 312 Sullivan. Stacy 322 281 Soma. Mark 271 Sullivan. Stephanie 326 344 Song. Cue-Joo 346 Sullivan. Tim 295 285 Sonnichsen. Mali 78 Sullivan. Todd 287 258 Sonnichsen. Matt 86 Sullivan. Tom 344 319 SooHoo, ' Marvin 356 Sullivan. Wendy 312 351 Sootiswood. John 279 Sumrow. Matt 289 271 Sorenson. Erie 368 Sun, Irene 337 269 Sorenson. Tom. 279 Sun. James 291 310 Soriano. Joy 337 Sun. Pamela. 351 304 Soroudi, Mehran 281 Sundling. Paul 359 302 Sosa. Laura ...326327 Supple. Mike 296 320 Soto. Patricia, 339 Surman. Lisa 319 319 Soto. Ramon 339 Suskin. Heather 95 ..286.287 Souadljian. Tina 306 Susaer. Jenny 54 355 Soules. Mlk 335 Suter. Aimee 326 268.269 320 Sutherland. John.. ...74 339 Sowar, Pom 312 Sutherland. Srotl 291 322 Sowerwioe. Jenny 312 Sutton. Lindsay 324 347 Spongier. Tim 365 Sutton. Melissa 62 ..348.359 vtn Spears. Chris Soears. Gina 263 ..341 Suzuki. Jill Suzuki. Michelle 345 337310 Index 447 Swanson. Andy Swarti, Maggie 585 308 Tseng. Beatrice Tsuchiyama. Tiffany . 342 337 Waler Polo 337 ..52 Wren Colin Wren Marna . 277 349 Allen. Litbeth Allen. Traci M 102 . ..103 Beatson. Anselm Beany. Heather 107 529 Busono. Judi Ml Butcher. Carol L Ill ' Q ' cw " " " Sweet: Rachel 308 Tsochiyama. Anne 337 Waters. Amy 320 Wrenn. Elaine __ ... 350 Allison. Lynn M ....103 Beaulieu. Thomas D 107 Butler. Brett 231 , 0 5 Sweet. Scotl 300 Tsurunaga. Rkk 265 Waters Melissa .345 52 Wrighl. Aaron 271 Almeida. Adriane ...103 Beazley, Jo Anne 229 Butler. Lisa A HI 1 w Swerdloft, Alexa 324 Tubb. Cari 308 Walkins. Eric 291 Wright. Forrest 261 Almera. Steven N ... 03 Bechtle Anne E . . 107 Butler, Cathy Jean 1 ] i Swift. Laura... .326 Tuerk, Debbie 306 Watkrns. Katherine 24 Wrighl, Usa 317 Alonso. Yoleisy.. .... 03 Becker. Marilyn J . . . 107 Byers. Matt S in 0 " 1 ' Swope. Dave 577 Tuero. Yvonne 343 63 Wrighl Shanon 319 Alpert, Dana 03 Beckmann. Jeffrey H .. 107 Byland. Samuel H HI Sykes. Janelle .319 Tuffli. Chuck 569 Watkins. Tracy.... . 326 Wrighl. Tracy 308 Alter. Jeremy 28 Bedinan. Sara 107 Byrd. Calhy A 1 12 O ' Tullar. Steve 296 Walrous Pam . 308 Writer. Martin 343 Altman, Robert C .... 03 229 T Tully. Mary Kay..., ...... Tunks. Jane Turley. Tom 317 ,339 !.!... .571 Waits. Natalie , 319 326 326 Wtighl. Jennifer Wulflson Kalnna Wunsch Stephanie 322 345 317 Allshuler, Eric Alvarado, M,chael A Alvarez Oscar .... 03 ..103 228 Beeny, Chris Befelei. Roger Begley Swanne 229 .. 229 .229 c SB Turnage. Keith 355 Wawer Lance 265 Wurth Michelle . .310 Alvarez. Sandra ...228 Behar. Adam L 107 VX Tabares. Julietta 343 Turoff. Avril 306 Waiian. Dean Frank 207 Wyant. Diana . 337 Alvarei, Victor M ..103 Behdadma. Barmak 107 Cabasag. Rose A 112 CW ' " Tabares, Rebecca 328 Twomey. Maureen 319.361 Weakley. Michelle 312 Wyait. Pat 299 Amarillas, Jesse ... 228 Behling, Ruth 107 Cqbe Julie A . 1 12 c " " L ' " " Tabb. Dave 300 Tyler, Jill 314 Webb. Jennifer. ,,,,. 319 Wynn Karen 326 Ambler. John ..228 Behling. Ruth A 229 Cabrere. David ...112 ' twt Taepaisitphongse. Varun 353 Tyner. Lori 320 Webber, Hugh 283 ...103 Behrstock Brandon R 107 Cabreros, Ron R... 1 12 g [U " 1 - Taitano. Erk Taite. Rich Taitelman. Lisa 350 JOO 314 Tyssen. Shannon 302 Webet. Matt Weber. Sandy Webster Anne . 279 322 326 Y Amendola. Mark D Ames, Christopher V Amod, Alfred K 103 103 ...103 Beighlol. Claudia T Bell. Jonathan S Beloney. Shern D 107 229 107 Cabnllas. Katherine V 112 Cabusao. Joanne . 231 Cachero. Junior 1 12 OB ' ' : ' 1 Takabayashi. Kevin Takacs. Kristy 259 347 M Webster Gene Webster Jennifer 343 310 Yakimcti. Tamara 317 Amores. Aurora F Anand Gaulam ....103 228 Bellon. Jennifer Betlramo, Deanna M 108 08 Cachia. Rebecca L 1 12 Cadanowa. Leah 231 S?Cat Takahashi, Dan 263 J Websler. Mark.. 271 Yamada Donn. 296.53 Anaslasia, Damon C . . .103 Bendar, Scoll JOB Cadena Francine 231 Takata. Michelle 350 Wecherly. Pam 351 Yamaga. Ardalh 319 Anderson. Anthony ....104 Benedict. Christine .. .. 108 Cahir. Ellen D 1 12 Takata. Mkhilk 310 Uebbing. Mary 310 Weeks. Dan 267 Yamane. Akemi 304 Anderson. Christine M. ...104 Bengero. Lowell 108 Calderon. Jeffrey M . 1 12 " " Takesh. Fahi 322 (Jlwellmg. Jim ..261 Weersmg. Scolt 344 Yamasaki. Chuck 287 Anderson. Eliiabeth J .104 Benk. Laura . ... 229 Calhoun. Leslie A 1 12 Tallman. Susie. _ Tatone. Chris 312 359 (Jmansky. Mike. . . Underwood. Tracy 261 304 Weids. Rusty... ' . Weime. Bruce 300 368 Yambol Maura Van. Dana 336 .336336 Anderson. Jeffrey C Anderson. Julia L ..104 104 Bennrnghoff. Micheal Ben-Shmuel, Elieier 229 108 Calhoun. Sheryn L . 112 Calimlim. Allcedo A. . ..112 n!J L Tamayo. Lisa Tamura. Kimi ..328.336 337 Unger. Scolt Ungerman. Marni 283 310 Weinberq. Jon Weiner Dawne 335 304 Yanagishila. Em. . Yang. Jo 302 221 Anderson. Kami M 104 ....104 Bennell. Dean L Bennetl. James B 108 108 Calip. Ian . 231 Callan. Elizabeth L 112 cS " ' Tan, Dorothy 336 Upper. Scoll 68 Werner. F.liiabeth .. 306 Yang. Peter 268269 Anderson. Maria . ..104 Berard. Karen V 1O8 Cation Jill A 112 Tan. Lalaine. J37 Uri. David 267 Weinhouse Gary 300 Yang. Vk .287.358 Anderson. Nicholas M 104 Berelowiti. Marian S 108 Camarena. Susan M 1 12 Tan. Lorraine 336.337 Uribe. Eleanor , 351 Weinreb Marnin 281 Yang. Victor 356 Anderson. Paige S _. 104 Berg. Andra 229 Camera, Mia T .. . ..231 1 C % ' Tanabe. Diane 317 Uriu. Kevin 214.215 Wemrot. Allie 307 Yang. Xang 367 Anderson, Rebecca Lynn ...228 Berg. Braden 229 Cameron, Kalherine R 1 12 i Tanabe. Wendy ..304.305 Ushiyama. Cindy .348 Weinrot. Allison 306 Yanv. Amir... 300 Anderson, Sandra.. ....228 Berg, F. ' ik .108 Campbe ll, Daron C 112 1 Co W Tanagawa. Ken Tanden. Neera Tangney, Patrick 65 339 279 V Wems. Carmen Weinslein. Joey Weisberg. Allyson 312 300 306, Merrill Yarnell Allen Yales Sheila 345 335 326 Anderson. Traci J .. 104 .... 04 ....104 Berg, Nicole Berger. Mavek Bergman Heidi _ . 229 229 229 Campos. Ady ?M Campos. Lillian 231 1 Campos LydiC 1 531 1 Co C n ! Tannahil. Dauray 312 328 Yee. Gene . 283 Anderson Monser rat os. Chrislia n 228 Bergslrom. Lisa . ..._ . 229 Cannon. Joseph 231 Tannenbaum. Julie 319 Weisel. Denise 324 Yee. Terrance .366 Andrade. Irma ....104 Berkman. Jason 229 Cano Robert 231 Tanner. John Tapanes. Aileen Taras. Heather Taras, Lorelle Tarhon. John Tarnay. Mike Tate.Siaeey 259 .302.343 306 306 577 571 337 Valdenor, Minerva . . Valdes, Vmce Valde Teresa Valentine. Sarah Valenzuela Gina Vallera. Cri Vallone, Kim 351 277 337 326 319 _302 322 Weisman. Craig Weiss. Debby Weiss. Jason Weiss. Karen Weiss. Rob ., Weisslein. Robyn Weinman. Ted 279 306 354.358 317 367 306 291 Yen. Mai . Yen. Mija Yep, Dianna Ying. Ed Ying. Susie Yip. Elena .351.351 . . 310 348369 351 287 355 .302 349 Angeja, Brad Angel. Donald Angelelti, Peter Angulo. David . .228 ...228 ....104 228 228 ..228 ....104 Bert-nan. TeoT, Bernslem. Deborah H Bernslem, Dina E Bernslem, Keilh L Bernos. Migdalia Benon, Ian 108 108 108 108 229 108 229 Canup. Steven c!!!!!! ! ! !!l!2 Cao. Tony 231 Capps. Cynthia E 112 Carbonel, Edward L 112 J Carey. Carol E .112 Canno, Regino H 112 M Carlm, Carrie 231 1 DM ' CawtCai ' Taiem. Greg 261 v ' d " lf. ene 359 Welch. Christa 306 Yng Cynthia 353 Anlongiovanni, Marcelline M .,,.104 Besser, liana P 108 Carlson. Jacqueline 231 CW CW " " Tattons. Greg Taober. Dana Taugher. David Taugher. Theresa Taylor. Coby Taylor. Derek Taylor. Gerry Taylor. Jeff 263 304.305 279 322 320 295 261 291 Van Bellegham. Mark Van Roy. Laura . Van Wyk. Paul Van den Akker. Chris VanEmbncqs. Sandra Vandeloo. PJ Vanderwaedf Mike .. .348.359 571 367 56 277 86.296 Wekh. Tiffany Weldon. Nancy Welle. Scolt Wdlman. Timothy Welsh. Dave .... Welsh. Tiftany Welson Stephanie !!!!!!320 263 184 283 357 .320 Yokota. Gene 291 Yonce. Brett 277 Yoo. Brian 295,345 352 Yoo. Dianne 349 Yoo. Tom 296 Yoshida Douglas .. ,. .....210 Yost Michelle 319 Young. Cai 320 Anjo. Frank Aouiieral. Bradley Appuhn. Tanya 1 . Aragones, Charles T Arai, Wade S Araldi, Daniel Arangua. LIHS T 228 . 228 ....104 ....104 ....104 ...104 ...228 .104 Best. Anila Beymer. Christopher P Bhakla Manish M Bhaskar, Hansh Bickley Kristin J ... Bilharlz, Rosie Billing , Peter S Billing. Usa 106 108 108 229 108 229 229 108 Carlton. Katherine D 1 12 Carmona. Alejandro 112 J Carpenier. Jacob 231 I Carpenter. Jennifer L 112 j Carrillo. Athena 231 B Carrillo, Gloria R 112 Carringlon. Jennifer G 112 Carringion. Vinceni S 112 Caw C 1 " CaiHlhv ! Ei C TaC Taylor. Jilt Taylor. Kirsten, .344351 310 Vanroy. Laura..,. !!!!!Z!!!!!!3m Weltsch. Mary Wennekamp. Dawn 312357 337 Young Chancellor Charles E Young Debbie 207 328337 Araya, Rafael A Arce, Michelle ....104 . .228 Birken, Lisa Bishop, Joseph C ..108 108 Carrozio. Michael J. 113 Carson, Patrick J .113 ( Teytor.Lisa 302 Werdel. Hilary 326 328 Archer. Amelia ...528 Bisla. Tajinder 229 Carter. Lisa J 113 Teets. Lori 326 263 Werner. Ellke 310 Young. Heidi 306 Archer. Michele M ....104 Bitlenson. Kaien L 108 Carter, Richard B 113 Teig. Ginger Teller Mauricio Tennyson. Lisa Ter Jung. Susie erada, Alice Terr. Simon Terry. Mike 312 296 308 324 ..328.345 293 287 Vasque . David Vasylius, Darius Vaughn. Derek Veglia, Christian Veisel. Cathy 320 289 265 265 300 326 320 Werner, Saralinda . . . Wert. Tom Wesbarth. Kim West Angela Weslhaler. Greg Weslhoff. Ticia Weslphalen. Kim 319 279 320 304 305 .267 302 302 Young John Young. Julie Young Paul Young, Robert _ Younglood. Toni Youngs. Yourd. Carrie ... !..583 312 263 ... .350 312 219.72 308 Arellano. Emilia M Arellano. Joseph.. ., Argoud, Doris D Argue, Eliiabeth A Arjonilla, Felipe Arledge. John ..104 228 ....104 ....104 ....104 .. .228 ..228 Blackwell. Carmella Blam. Arthur A Blake. Mike Blakeney. Raevon Blank. Lonny S.. Blankenship. Cynthia C Bledsoe, Maureen C 229 108 229 229 108 108 229 Carwin. Stephanie 231 Cas.llas. Angelka 231 Casillas. Michael A 113 Cassid, Mike 231 1 Castaneda. Carina 113 S Caslellanos. Carlos 1 113 Castellon. Palricia 1 113 C . Clr OnM CmM _ I Cn Mall Terstriep. Tracy .320.321 Wenler. Andy 281 Youss), Patrick 367 Armas. Emilia ...228 Bloch. Sean 229 Castellucci. Mary A 113 Teriian. Phil Tessler. Sheva Thatcher. Trish Thatmapornpilas. Sir much. Thatphithakul. Suthipongse. Thiel. Nina Thienprasiddhi. Nuanporn.... Thiers. Mena. 267 367 308 353 353 .177.348 353 337 Velaspuei. Jessie Velasauei Maria Veloso. Virna Venegas. Maurice Verdugo. Marcel Vessadmi, Barbara 337 297 367 336.350 283 299,347 283 326 Wenler. Ben Wenler. Karen Whalem. Star Whang. Grace Whang. Sarah Whalely. Devin Wheeler. Carthay. .. . . ' . Wheeler Courlney .339 306,359 322 314 337 296 337 359.312 Yu Annelte Yu. Collin Yu. Shirley Vu. Tina Yu. Vicki Yuan. Kuo-An 351 339 361 299 304 342 302.368 342 Armentrout. John S Armstrong. Yvonne E Arnold. JoAnn Arnold. Stephanie L Arrache. Marissa Arraslia. Joyce A Artavia . Mortka M ..228 ....104 ...104 ...228 105 ...228 ....105 ..105 Blue. Jeffrey M Blum. Jeffrey S Bobbin, Chrystal Bobbin, Dena L Bogwrd, Chang Boghosian. Thierry M Bogosian, Suzanne Bonanno. Gina M , 108 108 229 108 229 108 108 108 Castillo, Domingo 113 Castleman, Lisa Dawn 113 Castro. Karen L 113 Castro, Raymond 113 Caslro. Vivian G 113 Casiro, Monka 231 Catalfio. John , , 231 Catolko. Joy T 231 Cr - Cn| V Crawn 5i i ' Cm Mi (MMwS ' 304 Wheeler. Jennifer . .. 310 Yuen. Maisie 357 Asaoka. Ann M ..105 Bonliglio. Diane A 108 Cayabyab. Flora Mae M 113 Omte Thomas. Cameron 271 Victoria. Lara -j ' O Wheeler. Sally 328 Yuen. Michael 299365 Asawa. Brian ..105 Bonilla. Erika.... 229 Ceavley. Daniel 231 Crw - ' ' 304 Wheeler. Tara 314 Yun, Jinah 304 Asch, Donna J . 105 Bonoi, Jospeh F 229 Cellar, Kurt 231 Thomas. Maki Thomas. Morgan 319 305 Vidanage. Sharmame . Vigon. Yvette 314 343 Wheeler, Mike Whilcomb. Mike 289 78 Yutan. Elaine 344 322348 Astarita. Kathryn Ataipour. Marjan 228 ...105 Borden. Gary B 229 229 Cerritas. Pinky 231 Cervantes. Paul J 113 %?? ' . Thomas. Rebecca Thomas. Staci Thomas. Toby Thomas, Vanessa Thomason, Brad Thometi. Ellen Thompson. Jennifer 304 328 271 326 .284.285 314 60.60 339 Villalba, Conchita Villani David Villareal, Amy Villanno. Jose Villaver. Geredittv. .. Villegas, Jen Viller Carol 339 263 310 261 !!!!!!.32o 328 While. Debbie White. Greg While Laura White. Michelle While. Scotl Whitlock. Jennifer . Whitmire. Nikolus 337 343 308 304 271 308 215.279 z Zahlis. Chris Zavaia. Anthony. 583 312 293 Atherton. Candice Atienza. Herman Atkinson. Lisa Michelle Atoian. Ninette Atwater, Julie D Auh, Mark Austin, Charla Austria. Arnie ..228 ..228 ..105 ...105 ...105 . .228 .228 228 Borg. LisaK Borjor. Melinda Borun, Bngelte S... Botton. Allkl Bourdet. Jodie M Bouskila. Daniel A. C Bower, Nancy J 229 229 109 109 109 109 109 Cervantes. Maria Theresa A 113 Cesario. Kristen M 1 13 Chaiken, Julie E 1 14 Chait. Lisa 114 Chambers, M Lorena 114 Chan, Albert 231 Chan, Will C 231 Chan. Derek 531 COMIM Una: CaMH mo X to MM , Cw.%n CnlMi uow; Thompson. Peter Thompson. Shauna Thompson. Sloane Thompson. Wendy Thorn. Kirstin Thorn. Usa Thorne. Steve Thornton. Kristy Thorpe. Jeff Thunstedl, Gavte Thurslon. Jim Tiano. Giuseppe Tko, Susie Tideback. Molly Tien. Chi- Yu Tktmey. DJ Tietge. Mike 261 279 ..308.350 304 265 326 320 306 285 322 265 577 258 310 587 296 .348.359 56 .337.351 283 277 Vinlers, Harry Viotlo. Dan Virgilio, Chrisliana.. .. Vir i. Rose-Ann Vitek. Jeff Vitek. Tony Vitro. Heather Vivapan, Kosol Vix, Dole Viicarra. Robert Vo, Mary Vogl. Jennifer Volan, Dawn Von Ruden, Nicole Vrlicak. Meredilh Vu. Jode ... Vucurevic, Yelena Vudlhilornetiraks, Peta Vyden. Sarah 263 308 304 283 283 !!!..!..!.304359 353 269 !!!!.!!!!!!!!!!!!293 306 306 312 320 313.312,341 314 320 322 nes 353 339 Whitmore. Kale Whitney. Andrea Whittaker. Kalhy Whitling. Chris Whitworth. Kimberly Whooley. Donna Wieland. Lit Wiener, Brad Wienholz Sandra. Wiesner. Scott Wilco. Bryan Wiko . Scotl Wildason, Cathy Wiley, Carla Wilhelm, Michelle Wilkes. Deon Wilks. Deon Will. Wendy Williams, Andrea Williams. Britl Williams. Corina ....322 310 326 271 350.308 306.345 348 66 350 295 50 287 312 326.327 320 ....292 293 308 293.312 68 308 Zavala. Francisco Zayas, Silvia Zdobmkow. Kim Zebrack. Lori Zedlilz. Jean Zeich. Katie Zell Holly Zendejas. Leonardo Zernik, Fred Zetland David Zimmer. Craig Zink, Attila Zinn. Jeff Zirgulis. Alan Ziv. Keren Zschaschel. Diana Zukor, Allison Zurnamer, Kal S 1: 10 It S 356 343 326 328.329 64 .357.361 310 269 267 344 283 567 271 191 306 343 326 267 Auli. Richard H Avella. Yolanda J Avemlla. Louis R Avery. David Avila . Kirk E Avila. Mark S Avila. Roger Awad, Akram A Ayerves. Jacqueline Ayres. Jennifer Azartoia. Rkardo E Aier. Bernard Aiiizadeh. Babak !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! B ...105 ...105 ...105 ...105 -228 ...105 ...105 ...105 ...105 ...105 ...105 228 ...105 ...228 .228 .528 Boyia is. Anna M Boze, Jason Bradley. Daniel Ray Braganza, Roy J Brainard. Christopher Branda, Geoffrey C Brandis. Jennifer Branhau. Jeanie Brawn. Jennifer.... Brawner. Christine Breier. Lylle M Breil, Geralyn L Bresky, LisaB Bridgeman, Bridget Brief. Diana E Briery, Tract Briggs, Bridget Briggs. Jeffrey T Brinkerhoff. David B Brisco, Michelle 109 229 229 109 229 109 229 229 229 109 109 109 109 229 109 109 529 109 109 229 Chan. Michael J 1 14 Chan, Agnes 1 14 Chan, Alan D.S. !..!.!!!!..!.., !!l!4 Chan, Christina 114 Chan. KaNei K 114 Chan. Stephen H 114 Chan. Wei-Jun 114 ' Chandler. Brent A 114 Chang. Sun M 1 14 J Chang. Herman H 114 Chang, Keith S 114 Chang, Wendy Y 1 14 Chang. Won Y 114 , Chao, Daniel Chao. Steven 114 J Chartier, Caroline A 115 J Chau. Louis 231 j Chavarria, Patricia E 115 1 Chaves, Eric J 115 1 Crtt -, CuriU4. CVM W D Dto DM ani- ! SJL. 1 Srb ' Titoon. Jff Timbal. Rummel Timmerman. Lyle Tinder. Suzanne Tinder. Suii 277 336 354 350 326 W Wachal. Wendie 312 Williams. Erk Williams, Kim Williams, Mindy Williams. Scott Williams. Sheri 358 302 304 279 326 1 MJMff.K 1 l nr. OS Babigian. Kelley Baboolat. Paul Baca. Nancy C Bacerdo. Michael V Bachand. Ram Jolie ...228 ..228 ...105 ...105 228 Broadway, Lisa Brodnansky. Melissa Brooks. Bonnie Brooks. Karen Brooks, Kari M 109 109 229 109 231 Chavez. Anaslasia L 115 I Chavez, Kristine 231 , Chavei. Lueiana 531 1 Chavez.. Margarita 531 I Chen Abraham 231 ' SET : 0 l i Tipple. Debbie 324 Wachowicz. Kelly 308 Williams. Susie 304 Badelbou. Juliet ...228 Brooks, Zev 110 Chen, Edward C 1 15 j ..T Tipton, John Tipton. Kelly Tiraphatna. Benjamaporn 336 308 353 Wada. Ken Waddcll. Amy Wagner, Dan 354 314 265 Williams, Todd Williams. Wendall Williamson. Julie 344 283 326 A Baik, Howard K.. Baird, Lisa M Baje. Mark ...105 ...105 ...229 Brothers. Mark O Broukhim. Milka Broussalian, Levon .... no 231 Chen, Gloria Y 115 Chen. Jennifer H 115 Chen. Nancy M 115 WwiHraH Tocchet. Louts 279 Wagner Elizabeth 339 Willie, Greg 291 Baker. Andrew ..229 Brown. Brad L 110 Chen. Patrick 115 Todd. Heather 310 Wagner, Matt 339.338 Willis. Aimee 302 Abascal. Eliiabeth 102 Baker Kolleen A ...105 Brown. Carol L 110 Chen Timothy 531 urv ' Todd. Marcia Toledo, Yvett Tolln. Jason Tom, Chris Tom. Usa Tomkws. Daiva Tompkina. Erin Tompklns. Jon 320 326 287 575 319 72 310 275 Wagner. Robin Wagner. Tim Wagonhursl. Palti Wahler. Jim Wako, Lisa Wald, Hiroshi Waldorf. Greg Walgren. Dave 312.313 283 314.315 50 34$ 281 339 Wilson Alyssa Wilson. Brian Wilson. Dan Wilson. David Wilson. Gina Wilson. Heather Wilson. Jess Wilson. Joe 326 295.35B .272.273 76 310 351 368 295 Abba, AnnabelkL Abbondondola, Carmen A... Abbott, Jennifer A Abdel-Cawad. Jehan Abdelkarim. Arafat Abels. Krisien Abiog. Marciel Abraham, Kevin 102 102 102 228 228 228 228 102 Baker, Lee D Baker, Richard Baker. Stephen N Bakhtiyari. Maryam Baldwin. Justine Balistren, Julianne M Ball, Arthur Balla. Noelle Gwyn ...105 ...229 ...105 ...105 ...229 ...105 ...106 ...106 Brown, Christopher R Brown. Dana Brown, David J Brown, Dietrich T Brown. James J... Brown. Jennifer S Brown. Jennifer Brown. Julia M 110 231 110 110 110 110 231 110 Cheng, Chartoue 531 Cheng, Berck 1 15 Cheng, Fell W 115 Cheng! Gary S ! ..!ll5 Cheng, Patricia 115 Cheng, Shaw Min L 115 Cherew!ck, Randotf A 1 15 Cheltle. Lisa A 1 15 - OWWJ [ ,.. K " " " ? ' IMM.C Tong. Anna 350 Walker. Amy 320 Wilson, Martin 267 Abraham, Lanelte L 102 Bamshad, Babak R ...106 Brown. Kathy 531 Cheung Pui Y 115 wnSww! long. Ray Toplitt . Allison Toplitt Heather 365 306 306 Walker. Brenda . Walker. Courtney Walker. Gary J49 310 267 Wilson. Paul Wilson, Stephanie Wilson. Trevor 269 314 70.86 Abraham, Willis Abston, Willie T, 102 228 102 Bankovitch. Christopher M Banks. Kimberly A Banneman Richler. Matilda ...106 ...106 ...106 Brown. Michelle . Brown. Molly A Brown. Palricia 231 110 no Chew, Christopher L 115 Chew, Stacey D 115 Chi. David Z ... 115 1 " " " Topol. Tammy Torem, Shana Torres. Antoinette Torres, Arlenc 325 322 348 336 Walker. John Walker, Kevin Walker, Lain Walkup Kari 367 70 319 326 Win. Edward Wine, Nelar Winnek, John Winter, Jill 356 336 285 308 Acosla-Rubio. Man Adams. A Adams. China 102 228 228 228 Banuelos. Miguel Barajas. Mary Helen Baranowski, Denise Barakat. Basel W ...106 ...106 ...229 . 106 Brown. Stephanie R Brown, Sleven R Brown. William Browne. Colleen T 110 no 231 110 Chiang. Celia 115 Chiboncai. Kristin S 231 Chichiiola. Carlos 231 Chih, Thiem K 115 Sti Torre . Darulo 365 Wallace. Earl 283 Winters. Holly 322 Adame. Tom Y 102 Barakat. Mariana G ...106 Brownell. Joel 53 Childs. Dana L 115 rfr " " 1 Torres. Jeffrey 297 Wallach. Paul.. ... 281, J58 Wiswall. Megan,. 320 Adams . Eunice C 102 Barakat Yasmin ...106 Bruck. Torben 23 Tortorella. Derek 367 Waller. Chris M Withers. Grant 591 228 Barber. Alkia 229 Brunkenhoeferl. Robert B 11 Chiu Herman S 1 15 ! " Toacano. Adrtene 324 Walsh. Julie 310 Witherspoon, Wendy . 324,344 Addington, Kris M..!!!..!!!!!!!.! 102 Barber. Sonya L ...106 Brunner. Susan J 1 1 Cho. Davlv 231 Toulon. Rkk 287 Walsh, Mark 267 Witkin. Loren 273 Addus. Nadim 228 Barbosa, Bryan ..229 Bryan. Angela 23 Cho Hyon 531 " " iCwfcp Towfigh. All 350 Walsh. Michelle 319 Will. Justine 324 Adeli, Maryam... 102 Barcelo, Rkhad ..220 Bryanl. Jerome 23 Cho, June 231 Towfigh. Maryam Towfigh, Shirtn ... 345,346 337 Walsh, Tamara ... Walsh. Tami 188 304.305 Witter, Brett Wokurka. Laura 283 322 Adibi, Kami Adkr. Shira 228 228 Barclay. Aiteen Bardon. UM ...229 229 Bryanl. Kandi L Bryanl. Molly 11 11 Cho. KyungMee 115 Cho, Leonard Y 115 1 -. - Towne. F.Ian. Townsley. Janet 308 317 Walsh, Tiffany .... Wall her. Mark 312 299 Wolf. Dave Wolf. David 295 188 Adriano. Denier fl Aghabeg. Darren H 102 102 Bare. Christopher Baril Tine M 229 Bubis, Darlene B Buchen, Erk II 23 Cho. Steven J 115 Cho. Susie S 115 Mi Towrey, Amy. Tracy, Anne !!!!!!.326 310 Waflon. Regma Wall . Bryan 341 273 WoHe. Catherine Wolfe, Nicole 319 314 Arabella, Menina 228 228 Barker.John W Barlas, Kerry 229 ..229 Buchalter. Stephanie Buehner, James S n 11 Cho. Rosalie C 115 Cho. Thomas B 115 wSSS Tracy. Dave Tracy. Davtd 295 597 Wan. Lori Wang. Benny ,350 78 Wolfson. Maria Wdlman. Amy 319 306,307 Aguiar. Joaquin Aguila, Lourdes 228 102 Barlow, Stephanie D Barnes. Dion ,.106 ..106 Bucich. Rkk Buck. Micheal 53 Choi. Albert 116 Choi. Connie C .f. 116 i ik S " Tracy. Tom 2 5 Wang. Henry 336 Wolverion. J. D 344 Agumiga. Laura E 102 Barneti. Michelle ..229 Budman. Scotl A 11 Choi Jinou V f. 116 3 hpt Tran. Tony 344 Wang. Jo . , 292 Wonderly, SaHy 312 Aguirre, Rk 228 Barone. Paul F ..106 Hutli ir Michelle L 1 1 Choi! Sophia ! 531 - Tran. Tram 337 Wang. Joseph 293 Wong, Dave 287 Agundei. Lysa A 102 Barragam Nancy .229 Bui. Theresa T 1 1 Choi. Sunny 232 " n,tliii(j ' Trank. Tammkt Traulweln. Cheryl 348 302 Wang, Kasu Wang, KMhy . . .-..., -.328 350 Wong, James Wong. Kenneth .559 279 Ahdoot, Haleh Ahdoot, Roben D 102 102 Barreiro. Mark-ne Barrel!. Debra L ..106 106 Bulos. Arnold Bwnce. Christopher O 1 1 11 Choi. Tirnitiy B 116 Chon. Eltt C 116 " t ! ' Travieso, Arturo Travland, Tracy Trawor. Scott Traanor. Thai 343 312 563 312 Wang. Unda Wang. Marvin Wang. Pietra Wang. Richard 336 183.368 369 561 Wong, Kenny Wong. May Wong. Mike.. Wong, Nancy 369 344 .. , 342 310 Ahlers. Ronald A in worth, Troy Akers, Kirslen J Akhavanhaidary, Sepideh 102 228 102 102 Barrett, Matthew B Barrios. Cecilia P Barrios. Gloria Barrios, Randy S .-. ..106 .106 .106 ..106 Sunken. Sarah Bunn. Aiko Bunn. ToshaG Bunnell, Mary P 23 23 II n Chong. Sunghi .. 116 Chonfl. Julie J 116 Chong, Kelly 116 Chorna. Gail C IK ? i Treanor. Tiffany 312 Ward. Anna 324,325 Wong. Slaei 319 Akintilo. Abayoml J 102 Barron. Eduardo .229 Bunten. Janette M " Chou, Chlage A 116 " ! Treanor, Tom Traifltr. Adam T ruling, Jennifer 295 289 312 Ward. Anna Ward, Arvll. Ward. BenjamM 345 583 Woo. Sutla Wood. Chi Wood. Jay 345 265 286 Alchanall, Le.leigh Alder. Sierra Alemania. Roman 102 228 228 Batanghari. Winston Bate. Leila D Bales. Darryl ..229 ..106 .229 Buraglio. Donald Burbage. UM 53 23 Chou.Chi.SunJ 116 2 S Chow. Jensen 116 " J Chow, Phoebe R 116 ET 1 Trnatr Ban 300 Ward. Carot 191 Wood. Jaff. 263 Alexander Albert 228 .229 Burger. Lora L 11 Choy. Eliot 116 JJ ST " Tfoi, cat !!!!!ZZZZ TrimlrWo, Adrian Trott. Marck 571 281 320 Ward. JerMiHer Ward. Rob Ward, ftowann 312 589 339 Wood Kim Woodburn. Nail Woodman. Pllar 312,359 341 324 Algaie. Laurence Alkailasiy. Edmond Allen. Eshon 102 102 226 Bauknighl. CcciNa M Baum. RuiMll A ..106 ..106 ..106 Burgmeler. Elaine J Burke. Darlene Burkhard. Jennifer 11 n 23 Choy. Thoma A 116 C 1 Chrlily. Mkhaal 532 . - TroMl . Diana 304 Wa ' rwr. Matt 283 Wood , Dennii 274 Alten, Todd 226 Bautlsla. Elaine V.. 106 Burkland. David 23 Chu. Joanna 232 j? " . lm ' Trotman. Holly 328 Warner. Mkhaal , . . 347 Woodion, Vaughan ..324 Almanra, John 526 BautiMa. Maria D .106 Burns. Eric C n Chu, Robert 232 w ! ! Truong. Hong rU 361 Warren, Kimtorty 308 Woodward, Whitney 344 Alfieri. Diana Q 102 Bautisla. Marlon M ..106 Chu. NhiU IK TryoMad Chrfrtin Tsai, Eva 349 ,., 342 Warrlner. Ttm Warihal. Marc 567 300 Woolery, Rogw . , Woofscy. Samantha 263 314 Alpert. Debra Algaie, Laurenca..... 228 228 Bayer. Brian W Bayer. Julie A .,106 ..106 Burrs. Demetra L Burl. Denise M..,. n Chu, Sheung 116 Chu.TsunD 116 " h raf. Lynctt 344 Washington, UM. 324345 Work. Randy , 263 Altmento. Mar (ho (J 102 Beach, Uant R.,.. -.107 Busailah. Munh 1 1 Chuang.Plf 532 Taamg. Eric 297 Wa.fc.-wki Tom Ml Wortham, Charlie 268.269 Alkhas. Jowai 228 Baal!, David L .107 Bush. Rene Bushansky. Mara L 1 1 n Chukker SamarKha 532 1 1 t s - 448 Index Chu.. Chi Y Chun. Bonnie M Chun, Sindy Chung. Adena Chung Ann Chung, Carol Chung. Eugene Chung. Susan H Chung. Yong J Chung. EstellaC Chupinghong. Emalyn B. Cieslak. Kimberly A Cinco. Rob Cisneros. Carm P Cisneros Martha Clark. Elitabelh G . . .. Clarku, Rebecca L Clarke. Troy A Classen Derek Clissold. David N Cohen. Catherine Cohen. Lynne K Cohen. Sandra S Cohen, Simon w. Cohen Silt. Daphne R Cole. Daphne L CoJeman Dan Coteman. Jim Collier, Yolanda Collins, foil on Collinson. Lisa D Colly. Nacion T Comerci. Claudia Conkle. Andrea Conlan Heather M Conley Angela Connor. Carol E Connor. Eric R .... Conlreras, Elena Contreras, Risardo Conwell. Julie A Contonire, Jod. Coomans, Diane L Coop, Krystal D Cooper. Alison J Cooper. Craig A Copp. Courtney S Cordan. Holly L Cormier. Diana M Cornelison. Mike Coronel, Rainerio D Corson. Jay K Cortes Schoterl, Felix Cosley, Cynthia S Cote, Matthew Cotter, RachelS Cowan. Kalhrine A Coward. Kenneth G Cowan. Lor Cowman, Matthew S Cox. Thomas M Crane. Christopher M Crave. Kathy Crawford. Jacqueline D. Cray. Daniel T Creger. Bradford D Creighton. Laura S Crisostomo, Van Gill Croddy. Micheal Crosby. Sean M Crossen, Byron R Crowe. Kathy Crowley. Adartl A Cruikshank. Cynthia A Cruz. Anthony S Cruzan. Cress i. rural Maribeth A Cubansk.. Juliette Cucina. Gregory J Cude. James A Cui. Yu Cummins. Melinda O Cumslein. Mitch Cunningham. Shannon . .. Curci, Anthony Curr, Maureen Curtis. Brett V Curtis. Chris G Curtis. Matthew Cusick. Linda I Cuyugan. RoryT Cyrus. Teresa L D ' Amelia, Abbie D ' Vyrgilra. Joseph Da Con . Ian P Dabao, LiiaM Dada. Firdous Tanya .... Daetz. Steve Dagucon, Dwn C Dahms. UseM Daignault Sandra K. Dalva. Rachelle Daneshmand, Said T Daniel. Christopher T Daniel. Deann L Daniel, Lisa K Darnels. Lisa M Oanlag. Steve Dar, Jonathan Dardashti, Siamak Darnbrough, Paul E Daroya, Melody C Daron. Smith Darwin. Richard C Dasca. Mark J DasJur, Kamal M Daub. Matthias David. Sara J Davida, Danielle Davies. Anastasia L Davis. DeVonne C Davis. Samantha Davis. Terence Davis. Terence A Dawridge. Jametra C Dawson. James K Dawson. Melody L Day. Janine Day. Stephen Dayan, Sharon . De Castro. Arnold De Crisie. Dean M Grosz. Kurt M Guzman. Carnille P Guiman. Ruth Leon. Roumel La Mora, Martha orre, Ignacio Leon. Cecilia M Los Santos. Liza L Rubertis, Brian esa. Criselda B Weese, Steven Dean. Damon Deffenbaugh. Nicole.. ... . Defranco, David J DeJesus. Charlene B Del Carlo. Janelle M DelMundo. Emmanuel ... Del Toro. Vanessa Delahousjaye, Micheal Delaney. Jay R Delgado, Daniel Delrnarter, Lisa Monique Denbff. Melissa R DefMegerdichian. Tamar Dertkho. Dennis T Desfi, Rahul QeSantis. Lisa A Oeulsch, Erik A Devereau . Paulette Aleyn . Devbre. Mark S. Dhaka, AJay Di Cris. III. Frank A Diamond. Julie C Dias. Gerald S Diaz. Alfred Diaz. Dustan Diaz. Marine S Maryrose A Diai, AdaE Dick. Brian Dickinson, Ben Dickter, Brian E , Diego Alice Marie T Diego, Londono.... Diemer. Dione Diep. Tony Dietlem. Eric G Dietter. Susan E Dimaano Rosalea V . Dinsay. Federsin G Dinnuci Micheal Dirito. DioneM Distifeno.p Melissa Dobbins. Brian Dobbs. Aaron Oodson. Kalrina D Doering, William Domantay. Rowena Domash. Dave Dominguei. Anthony L Dommguei, George Donaldson. Erica Donato, Dinnah B Donee. Lisa T Dong. Jin Kim Doody. Deborah Lynn K Dordi, KhushrooF Dor.. Dorian. Jennifer Dougherty. Shawn D . Douglas. Tim Downey. Angelina S Downey, Jon Rush Doyle. DeidreM Dragonelte. John A Draper. Lisa M Du. Stanley Dube. Sujata Dubin, L.ndsey F Dudler, Juli Dufloth, Jerry A Duly, Kimberly C Dunbar. Laurie Duncan. Kristy A Duncan. Victoria Dundas. Derek Dunn Jonathan Duppe. Craig Duron. Angelica Dusi. Michelle M Dullon Cathy S Dyer, Mark T Dyke. Thomas E Eastman. Pete Eastwood. Barbara Eatherly. Nicole Wi-r Ealor Ebrafi Ebrahimpour. Jack Echemndi, Alberl Eck. Sarah Eckert. Krisu Eckland, Chri. ErJrick, Alan I Edwards. Ben Edwards. Karen Edwards, Kim Edwards, Eddy M Edwards. Jack A Efeaff. Suzanne M Eggena Erfc K Ehter, Linda L Ehrlich.Daoa Eichberger. Leeia Eichhoril. Gordan Michael.. Eiser. Rebecca L Eismo, Melirvta C Eliiondo. Mitheal Elkind, Sieve Elsentraut, Phyllisa J Emerson. Eric P Emery, Antoinette E Emertian. Matthew Emme, Gabriel O Emmrich. Helena A Emrani. A (shine A Encarnacion. Suvenmarie Encinas, Eric Endler. E.J Eng, Stephen Engel, Robyn A Engter. Carl Engler. Stephanie J Ensign. Lisa C Ensley Marian M Ephraim, Michael Escamilla, Girw Eschenbruecher. William R... Escobedo. Lisa Escuadro. Margarita P Eshaghpour. Tina . Esteban. Everard T Estrada. Teresa Estrella. Marjorie Ethington. Todd A Eulloqui. Jose M Eum. Steve Evans. Cory Evan. Lisa Evans, Brian Evans, Sandra Evans. Tiffany Evans. Tim . Ewing. Kirt G Fadel. Karen R Faeh. Kathleen Fahken. Princess Naili Fajardo Jr. Alfredo C Falco. Devon Faldoner. Slacey A Falk. Hendrik Fan, Waikuen 8 Farley. Kathleen Farley Teruel, Therese Fdrnswotth. Gwendolyn Farris. Juli Farzadmehr. Afihin Fat. Monica Faocett. Kelly L Faulkner. Heidi Fawcett. Barbara Fawell. Thomas W Fay. CabrielleH Faye, Andrew Faiele. Bahman Feinbero, Karen Feldman, Keva Feldman, Sharon L Feli. Jon FHU, U Fera. Michael V Ferguson. Lillian S Fernandez. Claudia M Fernandez, Larry Fernandei. Madonna Fernandez, Michael L Fernandez. Rita M Fernandez. Robert Ferrer. Arlene V Feruzzi, Mary E 233 .233 .,233 ...234 234 ...234 Figueroa. Norma Finch, NanciC Finney. Jill Fiore. Julie Fisher Jennifer Fisher. Therese Fiszer. Edward File, Bridget Kathleen Fitter. Howard M Fitzgerald. Nancy A . Fitzgerald. Nicholas ... Flanders, James A Fletcher. Steven C Flelev Luis Flick. Heather Florendo Ronald Florentine, Jana K Maney Flores. Jeffrey R Flores. Kyi Flory. Susanna J Flowers. Rochelk Fok, Er.c C Fok. Michael G Fong. Cornelius L Fong. FeluiD Fong. Gordon. Forbes. Angela Ford. Allhea C Ford. Gerald Ford. Lisa Ford, Samantha Former, David W Forouzanpour. Morgan.. Forrest. Scott D Forrest. Stoane Forte Will Forther, Alison Foss. Sarah K Foster. Shannon FOK. Davie Foiman. Greg Fowler. Tanna J Frackiewicz. Edith J Franeeschi. Paola Francia. Selnu Francis. Shannon E Frank, Bill Franks, Gavin H Franz. Julia Freeman. Bryan Freeman. Michelle M Freeman. Wendy L French, Felicia S. Frey. Anne L Frial, Glenn P Friedman. Emiry Friedman, Mark Friedman. Michael J Friedman. Eliiabeth J Friedman. Laurence J... . Friend. Susan P Frisch, Courtney Frisella. Jutie Frohmader. Heidi Fruto. Imelda V Fry. Cynthia Frykman, William M Fu. John Fu. Karen Fu. Robert Fuchs. Lance Fujimolo. Patrice K Fujimoto. Yuriko Fujishige. Joyce T Fujita. Mina Fukuchi. Carol Fukumoto. Andrea Fuller. Althea Fung. Jule Fung, Keith Fung. Owin Fusselman, Samantha Futernick. Marc G.. Lisa Gabay, Shirin , Gabby. Gail Gabella. Pi Gabriel. Rafik Gaeta, Gary Gage. Erica Galer. Scott D Galido III. John Gall. Lisa..-., Gallagher. Katherine A... Gallagher. Matthew I Gallardo. Sandra Galli. Michelle T Gallieu. Jason Gallinaro. Franco G Galper. Aneh I Ganaja. Tina Candy. Roaul Gannam. Micheal Garabedeanu, Andrei Garcia Alarice M Garcia. Antonio Garcia, Dennis Garcia. Enrique Garcia. Gabriel G Garcia. Goretty Garcia. Jose E. Garcia. Letkia Garcia. Luis...,. Garcia. Maria T Garcia. Morena Garcia, Richard Garcia. Teressa Garcia. Virginia Garlilz. Kevin R Garrod, Lisa A Garza. Gina Gaskill. Victoria R Gaipar.m. Mid L Gasper, Jason Gaston.Jessica Gates. Lisa Ann Gail. Cathy Gatzke. David Gau. Wenli Gaynor, Eric A Gayral, Michelle Gee, Damn L Gee. Tammy Gehart, John W Geistler, Eric Gelber. Michael Ceffuso. David Gellman, Tara Geneva. Gina L Genova. Kammi Gera. Joseph F. Gerayli. Alshin S Gerosa, Beatrice F..,,, Gershon. Brooke A Gettman. Erica Ghahramani. Mehrdad Chan. Pamela Gharakhanian. Anahid .... Ghanbeth. llham M Ghazarian. Sylvia Ghazy. Tarik Ghetmin. Golnaz Gianchandani. Sunil B Gibson. Darren Gil, Roiie Gilabert. Kurt. Gilad. Yael Gilbert, Susan A Gilcrest. Vktoraine M Gilkey. Dawnelte Gill. Kathleen Gillotl. John W Ginskey, Mar .234 234 235 235 235 235 126 235 235 ...235 126 ....126 ...235 .235 ...235 ....235 235 ....235 ...235 ....235 ...235 . .235 ...235 ....127 ....235 ....235 ...235 ...235 ....235 236 .....236 236 236 128 .236 128 236 236 236 236 ..128 128 Gipson. Darrien M Gire, Kimberly A Gitzmger, Stacy L Glass, Lisa D Gleaion. Jul A Gloistein. Paula Godby, Christopher Godil. Leslie A Godinel. Enrique Goe. Sharon Goedecker. Catherine E Golf. Elizabeth Gogol. John A Gogan, Laura Goh. Yinyin. Gold. Jana Lynn... Goldbach. Emily C Goldbach. Richard Goldberg. Amy Goldblait. Jason Goldcnfeld. Lisa R Goldsmith. Meehna M Goldsmith. Craig L Goldstein. Amy R Goldstein. Judith Goldstein. Markham L Gollub. Sara J Goltzen, Cynthia Gomes. Shelley Gomei. Angela Gomel. Claudio Gomel. Mitchi Gomel, Marni Gomez. Ramon M Gomez. Slacey L , Gomperts. Stephen Goner.. Madar Gonzales, Carmella Goniales. David Harris. Nicota Harris. Tamaci Harris- Blackshear. Shell i. Harrison. David B Harrison. Michele L Harrison. Ton! Hart. Linda M Hartanto. Lena P Hartley, Kim M Hartwick. Heather , Hasbrouck. Chris Hashim, Sallma Haslinger. Kelly V Hassen. Jarne Hassett. Sean M Hassid. Mehrdad Hatae, David T Hatanaka. Scott T Haughney. Alice M Hawkins. James Hay. Rita Hayashi. Brian N Hayashi. Flora A Hayashi. Sharon L __ Haycock, Donna L Haydon. Alex Hayes. Karin Hayes. Keith B Hayman-Mason. Dean . .. Hays. Debra Heath. Helen? M Ho Kathleen A Ho. Kenn Ho, Philip T Ho. Victor Hoang. Oai Q. _ Hobgood. Jeffrey J Hochberg. Eliot Hocom, Shannon K Hoffman, Lori M Hogue, Glenn Holbert, Chris Holder. Lisa Hollander. Mark J Hollingsworth. Stephen C... Hotlii. Shari Holloway, Theresa Holly . Edward D. Jr Holmes. William Motey. Cynthia Hull. Heather L. Hultgren, Alexander ... Hung. Chen Pin Hunt. Brian K Hunt, Shelley C Hunter Alexis R Hebble, Sally a . Heberer, Donald L Hecox, Jeffrey M Helm. Nadia Hemtein Rebecca L Heinrich, Karen C Heinz, Danny J Hekmat. Sina R. Jr UCLA YEARBO ARBOOK Gonzales. Ellen Renee. Gonzalez. Martha I Gonialez. Miguel Gonialez. Patricia E.... Gonzalea. Saskia Good, Richard J Goodall. Lisa L Goodkin. Mariam E Goodman. Wendy A Goodman. Mark P Gooze, Debra I Gordon. Stephanie L.. . Gorji. Bijan. Gorstein. Alan R Gosliner. Shei L Gould. Jeff Cowadia, Ashlon Graham, Adrianne Grander son, Kwanne. Grant, Sarah Grantham. Jeanne C. Gray. Anthony Gray. Sheryl Gray, Laurine A Graybil, Torsten Green. David M. Green. Heidi Creenberg. Drew .... Greene. Christine C.. Greene. Colin T Greengard. Alan R. . Geenleaf, Chris Greiff. Scott A Greissinger. G Karl Grieve. Lisa C Griffin, Angela D Griffin. Brand! Griffin. Monica L Griffin. Tracy Gross, Michelle R Grossman, Gabriel le.. Grata, Lee D Grigelis, Donna Mae.. 237 H 236 236 .236 236 128 236 Haber. Lee J... Hadjiaghai. Manouchehr . Hadjian. Ciran M Hadnot. Julie M Hafner. Christine Hagadorn. Brett W Hagen, Nancy Haghor. Yanal B Hagstrom. Christine Hahn. Donald D Haimowitz. Brenda R Hakim. Babak Robert Hakim. Fanln Hal.m. B. Sinwn Hall. David Hall. Sandra D...... Hall, Susan E Hall. Tracy E Hatletl. Lisa Marie Halpern. Dan Halsema. Valerie Halton. Catherine E Halverson. Brenda L Ham. John J Hamaka, Lisa Y Hamlet. Stacy J , Hammerberg. Erie Hampton. Diane Han. Jennifer W Han. Angie Han. Eugene J Han. Jean Han Willis W , Hanawa. Yasuko Hanify. Thad , Hanna. Derk D. Kanselman, Cheryl L Hansen. Kirsten S Hansen. Leslie S Hanson, Kevin E Hanson. Mark A Hara. Emi " Z Harano. Jane E, _ Harder. Robert T Harelson. Betty A , Hariri, Suhail M Harper. Christine L Harper. Hilary L Harper, Robert Harris, Kelly ...238 ..238 ...238 Heand. Almee Helfgott. Hall L Hellman. Ted Henderson. Julienne M Henderson. Stephanie Henderson. Vida Hendrick. Brian Melson.. . Hendrix. Traci Henkin. Michael Henney. Carl T Heiretty. Laura Herchel. Evans R Heredia. Sammy Herken, Toni M Hermanson, Paula Hernand, David M Hernandez. Barbara Hernandez. Catherine M... Hernandez. Edmund B Hernandez. Flavlo Hernandez. Jose D Hernandez , Memorio Hernandez. Roman R Herrera. Patricia Herrington. Melinda S Herriott. Lissa Hersch. David F Hertz. Timothy D . . Hertz. Wendy C Heuser. Michael S Heyman. Richard Heyn, Tanya Hicks. Michele L.. Hicks. Tom Hidajat, William Hidalgo. Josefina A Higes. Derek Higgins Kevin W Higuchi. Deborah M Hildenbrand. Lisa J Hill. Cathleen Lee Hill. Jeriece Hill, Leisna Hill. Matt Hill. Melissa , Hillary, Audrey A Hillis. Wendy Hills. Bradford Himelfarb, Elisa E Hines. Lesley M Hinkle. Laurence Hirota. Craig K...!.!. " ..! " " " ! Hirsch. Hillary D Hirt. Michael Hitz. Benjamin Cisco Hiu. Dale O Ho, Jean C .238 . .238 ...238 ...238 .238 ...238 ...238 ..238 Holt, Elizabeth D 135 Holzberg, Daryl Marc 238 Horn. Darren 239 Horn, Kim Brian 135 Horn. Patricia 135 Horn. Patrick R 135 Horn, Ronald M 135 Homeyer. Lynne 239 Honey. David P 135 Hong. Kyung 239 Hong. Sally J 135 Honkawa. Akemi 239 Honore. Melissa 239 Hook . Tina M 135 Hoole. Heather M 136 Hooper, Jacquelyn A 136 Hooper. Michelle 239 Hopkins. Kathleen M 136 Hopkins. Lorn 239 Horlo, Steven K 136 Horning. Kevin 239 Hornstein. Steve H. ...136 Horrell. K im A 136 Horvath. Robert J 239 Hoo. Victor 136 Howard. Christina 239 Howard. Jeffrey 239 Howard. Jeremy 239 Howat. Kathleen J 136 Howe. Anthony G 136 Howell, Timothy 239 Hradez. Jeff R 136 Hronis. Anna L 136 Hryclw, Christine N 136 Hsieh. Colleen 239 Hsieh. Erk 239 Hsieh. Jimmy 239 Hsieh. LeoL 136 Hslng. Jason Ku C 136 Hsu, Chia-Lmg 136 Hiu. Dante . 136 Hsu. Dante. 239 Hsu. Hayley H 239 Hsu, Howard S 136 Hsu. Roger .239 Hu Derek 239 Huang. Adam 136 Huang, Chia LI 239 Huang. Erk C 136 Huang, Henry .. ' ..... ' .239 Huang, Using P 136 Huang, Hui C 136 Huang. James 239 Huang. Kuo H 6136 Hubbard. Kiraten 239 Hubbard. Stephen 239 Huda. Allie , 239 Hudson. Deborah. , 136 Huey. Vaness A 136 Huffman. Carey 136 Hughes, Dawn . " .. ' . ' . ' . ' .239 lancu. Andrei Ibarra. Israel khinaga. Lisa khiuji. Alyaon Iganej. Shahrokh Ihara. Karie Iketani. Deniie J Iki. Darcie C Ikola. Catherine L llic. Veronica Ima. Matthew Imada. Yumi Injo. LiiaV InsiKiengmay. Praphaphone... Irato. John I Irwin. Michael W Isaacs. Kevin Ishida. Celine M Ishigame, Alice M Ishihara. Mary Ishimaru. Angela S bom. Patricks Ito, Joy K Ito. Scott T Iverson. Theresa. V Ivey. Thom Itutani. Vukako Jacklich. Robin M Jackson. Maia Jackson. Michelle L Jaekion. Paige Jackson. Sarah R Jacob. George Jacobs. Lori ....137 ....137 ....239 ...239 ..239 .-239 Javure. Marian Jay. Sharon M Jayne . Kimberty Jen. Trisha Jenkins. U Jenkins. Yvette Jenkv Jeff Jennings, Gin Index 449 Jensen, Jay Jensen, John E 239 138 Kim. Tae Yn Kim. Un-Yung 138 Kim, Young S Jensen. Stephen 138 Kindall. Jacqueline D 138 King. Warren C Jeong. Monica 138 Kingsley, Karen C Jesek. Jaime K. 138 Kipnis. Elisa Jesse, Scott A 138 Jessem, Jeff E. 138 Kishi, Keiji ' fl Jeu. Carey D 138 Kissinger. Scolt A Jhoun. Janet H 139 Kissler. Cheryl Jiang, YingH 139 Kissley. Cheryl A Jias. LisaM 139 Kitaen, Jordan Jimenez. Celia 139 Kitazumi. Shoko Jimenez Christian A 139 Kittleson, Diane Jimenez, Jason 239 Kilzes. Aluxander J Jimenez. Josefina !!!239 Klaus. Kelly M Jo. Alicia 139 Klausner. Alyssa B Joe. Kevin A 139 Klein. Jessica 1 Johansson. Maria D 139 Klein. Lori C Johnson, Jennifer S 239 Klein. Suzanne Johnson. Julie 139 Klein, Suzanne Johnson. Kalherine 139 Kliewer. Jason G Johnson. Kathy L... . 139 Kluth. David M Johnson. Kirby L 139 Kluth. Marie A Johnson. Suzanne M 139 Knapp. Teresa L Johnson. Tina M 139 Knebel. Christa Jones, Cotoi 239 Knell, Jeffre y L Jones, Detra M.. 139 Knight, Christopher L 239 Knox. MarkC Jones. Jed 239 Kobayashi, Kazumi Jones. Timothy R 239 Koch, KarlJ 139 Kodner. Pamela L.. Jordan, Erica L 139 Koga, Linda S. Joshi. Robin B 139 Kohan. Alfred Josias, Abby 239 Kohler, Kim L Jou, Mike 239 Kohn. Jeffrey D Joyce, Kimberly J 139 Kohnhorst. MarileeC.... Judge. Paula A 139 Kolla. Elizabeth M Judson. Deborah S 239 Kolson, Jeffrey Jue. Mike 239 Kondo. Sharon H Jung, Anna Lynne... 139 Kong. John C ... Jung. Hoover . ' . 239 Kong. Valerie L Jung. Ki Y 139 Konkofl, Stacey R Jung, Mira 139 Kopf. Carla Korn. William M K Kostas. Jim Kovacevich, Tiffanie Koyamatsu, Kristi L Kaapro. Sirpa T , 13t Kramer, Mary J Kahan. Jerald A 139 Kahn. Dana B 139 Kring. Edward D Kahn. Julie !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!24o Krishel. Debra L Kahn. Diane E 139 Kronen, Juli E Kahn, Steven .... 139 Kruse. David E Kahrizi. Mitra 139 Ku. Christina Kajikami, Diane N 139 Kubeczko. Kimberly A .. Kaku. Sara Y 139 Kuboto, Derek Kaldawi Bassm .-...,. 139 Kudlik. Dennii Kalfayan. Kathie J -.140 Kuen. FaeJian Kalife, Tamara L 140 Kuhn. Myong Penny Kamian, HarveypA 140 Kumamoto, Kenneth S... Kang. David D 140 Kume, Stewart M 140 Kunene. Sambulo S Kanvec, Nina R 140 Kunis. Marina Kao Johnny W 140 Kunitake, Ann M Kao. Margaret L 140 Kuntz. Keith J Kapoor. Atul 140 Kuo. Maliya Karamtnassian, Lena 140 Kuo. Patty F Kargari. Shodja T 140 Kuo, Pey-Yau Kasamatsu, Grace M. 140 Kuo, Simon Y Kasdan. Sheldon D. 140 Kupferman. Maria 1 Kasof. Robert M 140 Kurachi. Karin M Kaloh Daiio 140 Kori. Christopher Kotunch. Carina 140 Kwan, Kevin Y Katurich. Miriana 140 Kwock, Hanson L Katz. Allison T 140 Kwok. Ching-Yee A Kalz, Elise L 140 Kwok, Esther Kaulkner, Heidi E 240 Kwon, Eunice Y Kawahara, Karen T 140 Kyriaiis, Demetrios M... Kawahara. Lani T 140 Kysella. Victoria Kawase. Janice H 140 Kawashiri. Kenneth 1 Keer, Gregory M 140 140 L Keesee. Kriste F.L 140 Keidel, Ruth A Keir. Kalhi .-. Keller, Deirdre J Keller. Stacey M Kelley. Charles L Kelley. Erin R Kelly. Elizabeth B Kelly. Kathleen. 140 140 140 140 140 141 141 141 La Motle. Jeanne L LaBelle. Kimberly M LaBow. Sabrina... LaFranchi, Maria Lacey, Tad Lagarde. Saadla Lago. Kathleen P Kelsey. Dana Kemp. Seanne R 14) Lai, Stuart A Kendall, Alice J 141 Kennedy, R.cardo M Kent. Juliet B Kenworthy. Brenda C Keslin. Lain S. Kessler. Deborah L Keiar. Adrianna J Khademi. Parand 141 141 141 141 141 141 Lam. David M Lamb. Geoffrey H Lambert. Douglas C Lambert. John P Land. Holly L Lang.TwylaC Khorsand. Hedi Khosrova. Eliia Khosrova, Rita Kido. Dana A Kiebel. Lisa R Kim. Aeree S Kim, ChoonK , . 141 141 141 141 141 141 141 Lapin, Joshua R Lasley. Amy W Lau, Joanne Lau. Susie Lau. WeymanDC Lauritis. Beth M Kim, Clara H Kim. David M Kim. Erne t C 141 141 141 Lavin. Michelle Layco, Janice D Lazarovici. Laureen Kim. Euiiin Kim. Feli H Kim. Gina J 141 141 141 Le. Lara.... Le Francois. Sylvie V Le Renard. Marc R Kim. Grace E Kim. Heju Kim. Holly Kim. Hyun-Mi H Kim, Hyung t 141 141 141 14] 142 142 L ! Tiffany A !.!!!!!!!!!!!! Le, Tommy N,. Leasure. James P Lebrija. Roberto Leckrone. John C Kim. Janice 142 Leddel, Samamha E Kim. Jaon J 142 Lee. Caroline Kim, JeanleH 142 142 Lee. Patty P Lee. ArleshaD Kim. Laura Y Kim. Leah M Kim. Melitaa D Kim. Mun Chonfl Kim. Sandie S 142 240 .. 142 142 142 Lee! Charle. Lee, Christopher S Lee. Chung-Fe! Lee. Dong W Kim, Sandy S 142 Lee. Elmer E Kim. Sandy S Kim. Seung K. 142 142 Lee, Helen S Lee. Hiin-Shung Lee. Jance K Lee, Johnny K Til Lee. Juhee A " V SB Lee. Julia _ ' J I Lee, Karen M 0 - m La . Mikyung. Lee, Patricia J Lee. Sang Lee. Tina Leff. Michelle L Leggins, Tracy A Lekki. Stephen W . Leland. Thomas W .. Lem. Ruby LeMert. Dana S Leo, Christopher M Leone, Gabnella Leong . Michael Lepak. Jacqueline M Lerche. Sean L Lerma, Theresa D.. Lerner. Rachel Lesko, JohnP Leung. Brian Levesque. Mary P . Levitt. Stuart E Levy, Meir Lew. Andrew T Lew. Gary Lew, Grace H Lew, Paula. iandee J... Lewi Lewis. Kare Lewis, Nancy J Lewis, Vanessa L Li. Goretti Li, James Y Li, SueH Liao, Fang-LJan Liao. Samuel Libraty. Michael O Liebrader, David Lieu, Daniel M Liffick. Sheryt A Lifson. Byrdie Lighlfoot II. Stephen K. Lillie BrianS Lim. Gene Lim, Jose C Lim. Michelle D Lim, Ricardo S Lim. Rosa C Lim. Suizanne Lin. Jaycee Lm, John C Linden, Bernard A Lindsay, Vickie E ,. Link Carol A Lmtag. Rina D Lippert. Patricia L Lish, Benjamin T Lissauer. Nara D Liston, Alexandra E Litchfield. Karyn L Literatus, Marygrace R.... Litonjua. Enrico A Littlefield, Andrina A Liu. Alan Shung Llopis. Glenn Lloyd, DeniseL Lo . Bunly Lo , JoanC Lo. Ashley Y Lo. HanPoJ Lo, Joan Lo, Sui Wai Locker, llene E Lori us. BenayL Logan, Angel D Lomai. Danna R Lons, Michael P Loo. DeniseM Lopez, Kristin S Lopez! Vincent E. ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' Lorenzo. Manuel R Louie, Donald W Louie, Edmund Loulis. Christine E Loverde, Emi Lovett, Kimberley. Lovi. Stuart L, Lovret. Laurie Low . Linda M Lowe. Ashley E Loyd, Marybeth A . Loyett. Kimberly A. Lozano. Michelle M Lozon, Cristina L. . Lu. I Ching Lu. Mark T Ludovisi. Claud io Luevano. MaryC... Lui, Angela P Lui. Nancy Luna. Nancy Luna. Ruth Lund, Kristi K Lundquisl. Ellen P. Lung, Roy C tic... M Mac Arthur. Amber Mac Medan, Dan MacCauley, Fathia B Machata. Reina MacMedan. Daniel J Maddalan. John Madrid. Andrew Madrigal, Abdel Madrigal. Claudia P .. . . Magan. Gina Maggioncalda. Greg Magner, Michelle E Maguire, Meighan J Mad, Debbie Mah. Deborah J Mah, Voung M Mahadvmrongkul, May . Maher. Jennifer A Mahnovski, Natasha Mahony, Jeffrey W Mailman. David i Makely, Andrea Maksymowski, Shari M.. Maldonado, Anthony .. Maldonado, Daniel Maldonado, Ginger Maldonado. Maria F Malek. Shiva. Maleman. Michelle Mallgltg. Ana M Malik. Premia Mallan, Margarita D. ... Mallouk. PaulM Malloy John J Mate, Marisela Maloney. Lisa Manalac, Cynthia Mandel. Elaine W MandeJslam. Gary M. .. . Mandoza, Marceld E Mandry, Julie A Mandulay, Jen M Mann. David..,.. Manning, Gregory F Manning. Jill M Manning. Mary Patrice . Manning. Metvin R Mannion. Alice Manous. Linda M Manuel, Marc S Mao, Wei-Yen Mar. David F Marco. Irene T Marcolesco, James R Marcus. Phil Mar,ano, MerNnda O Marin. Edgar A Maroutian. Tina A Maiquez. Letisia Marquez. Maria Marr. Andrea H Marroquin, Moises Marsh. Amy L Marshall, Gregory A .. . Marshall, Kenneth J Martin. Christian T Martin. Christopher Martin, Derrick Martin, Haling L Martin, Jason Martin, Josh Martin, William C Martin, William S Martinez. Carlos D Martinez, Felipe Martinez. Jesus E Martinez. Joanne Marrowidjojo. Aisha Maruyama, Mark Marzullo. John J Mascarenhas. Michelle Mascio. Kristin Massa. Alexandra Massaband. Behnam. .. Mastroyannakis, Anastas Matarasso, Isaac Mat hews. Randy J Mathious, Linda S Matiuk ' . Christine A Matnard, Sherl Metro. Christian R Malson. Sarah Matsui, Michael Lee. ... Matsuura. Jennifer Matthew: .150 Matthews, Wendy S. ..150 Maula, Ted L ..150 Maynard, Sharl ..150 Mayo, Anthony M ..150 Me Bealh. Marianne ..150 Me Neal, Scott C 150 McAnulty. Monique S ..150 McCalmont, Douglas R. .. -.150 McCarley, Daphne J 150 McCarthy, Kristin L ..150 McCarthy. Patricia A ..150 McClave. Alex 150 McCollom. Catherine ..243 McCreight. Percy ..151 McCullough. Nancy ..151 McDonald. Jamie ..151 McDonough. Dena ..151 McElliot. Kimberly S .151 McGagm. Bruce D -.151 McGee. Erik C ..151 McGreevy. Nancy M ..151 McHale, Maureen!.... ..243 Mclntosh. Krishna -151 Mclntyre. Jacqueline L ..151 McKenna, Charles C ..151 McKiernan, Stephen P. . . ..151 McKimmy. Jacqueline D... ,.151 McKinney. Eula ..151 McKinnon. Heather 151 McLeod, Thomas G 151 McLoskey, Brendon H ..151 McMahan. John ..151 McMahan. W. Sean -151 McMahon. Maura K -151 McMahon. Nina K ..151 McMurtry. Tracey ..151 McNally, Ian McNeal, Scott..., McNeil. Sarah McNerney. Eileen McNevein, Edward Meade, Albert ,..243 Meade, Laura A ...243 Means. Steven R ...151 Mears. Patty ...151 Medellin, Diana Maria ..243 Medina. David 243 Medina, MiUy .,243 Medrano, Christy ...243 Meehan, Michael T ,.243 Meguid. Ahmed ...151 Meir, Levy ...151 Meline. Susanne L .243 Melkanoff. Fabienne N ..243 MellenJr. Robbin B ...15! Mellerstig. Cameron Dean. ...191 Melvin, Thomas W ...151 Mendell, Oorle -151 ..152 Mendlesohn. Daniel ..152 Mendoza, 1 Marcekt ..152 Menin. H. Martin -152 Mentan. Julia Elizabeth ..243 Mescavag. Susan ..243 Messer. Shelly ..152 Messier, Tim 243 Messina, Vincent ..152 Meyer. Wendy S .152 Miagany, Fernando. ..152 Michel. Julie .243 Michel . Patrick E ..244 Michel , Marcle ..152 Michel . Rosalind D ..244 Mikawa, Sharon .244 Milani. Louis H.. .. 155 Neebum. Gipta 245 Paet. Anthony J ..152 Milauskas. Cissy V 244 Nelson, Edward 245 Paez. Thomas G.. .152 Miller. Paul A.. 56 Nelson Kalhryn D 158 Page, Amy .,152 Miller. Allan G Nelson, R Kelly 158 Page Ton! .152 Miller. Carolyn , ' 44 Netervala, Zarine A 158 Pakula. RinaJ ..244 Miller. Daniel J " . Nevarez, Ann M , 245 Pallone, Victoria L , ..152 Miller. Julie L 99 Npvarez Robert 158 ..152 Miller Mary M 96 Newman, Paul J 158 Palumbo. Gina M ..152 Miller. Paul R 56 Ng. Benny J 245 Pamard. Valerie V 244 Miller, Victoria ' .. 158 ..152 Miller. William G 56 Ngai. Stella.. . 245 Papica. Francis P ..152 Millis. John K 56 Nguyen, Chi Y 158 Pappas, Elise ..152 Mills. Tom M Nguyen. Diem T rang T 159 Parada. Anita .244 .244 Milne. Kelly Milnes. Christina A B 96 Nguyen. Hieu X Nguyen. Jonathon T 159 159 Paido, Rogelio G ..152 ..152 Milnes, Peter Mimaki, Alan T 45 56 Ngujen ' Oa TchMstine 159 . 245 Parqa. Gwendolyn M ..152 Minamiiawa, Mayumi H Nguyen. Quoc 245 ..152 Minden. Scott I B Niboer. Jennifer K 159 ..152 Minster. Rachel 1 Nichols. Tracy Camille 245 ..152 Mirabal, Louis B Nicholson Jr.. Albert C 159 Park. Jaclyn M ..244 Miranda . Jesus B Nickerson. Tern L 159 Park, Jason ..152 ..152 .152 Miranda. David A Mirras. Joanne K Mitasalo, Lori E 96 Nicklin, Emily Nicodemus, James Nicolosi. Anthony 245 245 159 Park. Jin S Park. Myung C Park. Peter H 244 ..152 Mitchell, Amy M Mitchell, Glen 56 15 Nielsen. Christine M. ! " !! 245 159 Park. Ronald K ..152 Mitchell, Robyn M Nielsen. Eric R 159 .152 ..244 Mitsumolo. Minna.... Miyagawa. Dean M 96 Nielsen. Matthew S Nielson, Paul 159 159 Parker. Buffee T ..244 Miyagi.StaceK H Nipall, Joshua 245 ..152 ..244 Miyoshi. Melina M Nishihara, Joy T Nishihara. Ryan M 159 159 Parker. Lindsay ..152 Mobin. Caroline MS Nishikawa. John J 245 p ' rk " 1 J r ' T ..153 Moekle. Kim M Niskar. Leslie S 159 ..153 ..153 Moekle, Kimberly R Mogan. Cathleen M (6 Nilti, Joseph t Noel, David Vincent 159 245 Parnell. Patricia 244 Mogul, Brian C Nolan. Kristine D 245 .244 Moldenhauer. John M 45 Nomura. Eric D 159 ,.153 ..244 Molenkamp. Imarda M Molina, Margaret M B Nopparatana, Chidchanok.... Nordstrand, Nils 159 245 Pasquini. Jennifer M ..244 Molina. Vibiana M Nordstrom. Adrienne E 159 244 Mondragon. Elizabeth B Norris. Kimberly 159 Patel, Swati N ..152 Monico. Carla G Novickis. Darius 159 .244 Monroe. Celeste B Nowak. Marisha J 159 Pat ton. " artha J .244 Momalvo, Richard A M Noy. Susan Kimberly 159 P " n ' " nn ..153 Montao Lilia 45 Noyes, Kristin 245 ..244 Montez. Trent C 96 Nuechterlein, Sue Anne 245 Paull, Mitchell b . . ..244 Menus, Yvette C W Nunes Christa .. . 245 ..153 Moody. Deborah J K Nunn. Teah A 159 ..153 Moody. Kurt Nuno, Fransisco M 159 P n wm ..153 Moon, Henry B Nuno. Manuel R 159 .153 Moore. Cherlte Nyman. D Franklin 159 Peckler. Jana .244 ..153 ..153 Moore! Linda J !. Moore. Michael Moore, Michael S M 196 Peden. Kamela N Peirona, Paul A Pellett. Suzanne L ..153 Moore. Michelle ..153 Moore. Susan M 97 O ' Cadiz. Sergio A 199 Peng, Tern Y ..153 Morales. David B O ' Connor, Chris M 159 ..153 Morales, Laura 197 O ' Connor. Christopher C 159 Pe ' alt . Xenia.. .244 Morales, Maria J B O ' Dea. John T 159 -153 Moreno, Lull ft O ' Gorman. Steve J 159 Perez. Gabriel ..244 Mori, Audre M 7 O ' Hara, Peter 245 .,154 ..154 Moriel, David D Morimoto. Jeanette F 97 tr O ' Lea. Lisa O ' Malley. Patricia 245 246 Perez, Joseph A 244 .244 Morisoli, Douglas E at 197 O ' Malley. Tim OMara. Sonia M 246 159 Perkins, Phillip B .244 Morovati, Abdollah O ' Meara. Catherine L 159 ..154 -.154 .15 ..154 ,154 Morris. Donna M Morris, Julie A Mortvedt, Ron Moseley. Mellon C Moses. Althe 17 97 t0 O ' Rand, Darin P O ' Shaughnessy, Christine G. Oakeson. Wayne L Oakland. Karen E Oberthier, Kristen L 246 160 160 160 160 Persyn, Mary-Kelly. Pesquiera, Leigh Anne... Peters. Benjamin Peters-Perez. Richard P .244 .154 .154 Moshi, Julie S Moss, Mitchell R Moss, Randy S B 1 7 17 Ochoa, Chri Oda. Linda Oducado, Roberto P 246 160 160 Peterson, Beth Lynn Peterson, George S ..154 .244 Mouhabaty. Afshin Moya. Alex F 97 (7 Oehler, Juliet L Oehlschlaeger, John Kurt 160 246 Peterson, Laura Lynn .154 244 244 .244 Moya. Row ., Moyer, Ben j Mozafari, Reu Muelas. Mari-Aala C It n Ofek. Tammy Oh, Jungho Ohtom, Kathy Onudi, Camiar 160 160 246 160 Peiham. Payman Pham. Brandon .154 Okazaki, Elizabeth K 160 .154 Muiien. ' Tiffany !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! P Okulski, Danielle J 160 Ph [ " i i 244 Mumolo, Dominic J HY Oleata. Christopher 246 .154 .154 154 ..154 .155 .244 .155 .155 Munoz Angela 1 Munoz. Felipe Munoz. Susan Murakami. Grace C Murata, Glenn Murcia. Sergio Murken. Mary A Murphy. Isabel R IT )H v It Oleata. Christopher. Shaun... Olerich, Constance M Olivares, Marc A Olla, Jill M Olmstead. Matthew Olsen. Valerie A Olson, David Olson. Laura K 246 160 160 160 246 160 246 160 Phillips. Charles Daniel!! Phillips. Deborah Phillips. Karen A Phillips. KirstenE Phillips, Rick Pi. Randy Piazza. Shaun P .155 Murray. Anne-Marie Ong. David M 160 .155 244 .244 .155 .155 .244 .155 .155 Muscarolas. Mirta Myers, Julie Jeanne Myrow, Elizabeth A i N 16 10 MS Ong. Luisianah Or. Hln Orleans, Andrea.. Ornedo, Mario S Oro. Norman Osano. Arlene M Oshan. Evan M 160 246 246 161 246 246 161 161 Piening, Mark Pierce, Michael F Pierce. Robert R Pierce, Robert R Pierce, Susan C Piernas, Ondre Pigati, Patricia therese... 161 Pigati Piiano, Sandra .244 244 Nachman, David M Nadler. Marci H 98 M Otto. Robert !!!!!!!!246 246 Piken. Robert M Pine. Amy E .155 .244 .244 .155 Nagos. Elaine Nahmod. Jennifer Louise Nakamura. teri A Nakashima. Jason H _ Male, Cliff 145 145 199 99 10 Ouchi, Bryan Y.. Outhwaite. Simon G Overholiler, Julie A Owen, Micaela 161 161 246 246 246 Pineda, Erwin B Pinedo, Cratfl Pinon, German Chito . Piper. Holly M Piroutek, Angela P .155 ,155 244 Nam. Nasalski Nanjo. Christopher D. Nasaway. Michel M Nasir. Jeff _ j !49 99 96 Owens, Stephen G Oyabu. Tsuyoshi Ozhekim, Greguar 161 246 161 Pitt. Kristin M Plessner. Ellen B Plolt, Sarah K : Plunkett. Thomas C 244 .244 Nathanson. Joel L _ Navarro, Octavio j Naves, Marrln A J P Pobre. Orlando Podue. ToniAnn Poggel, Laura E. Neale. Chri ' , MB Polakoff. Aleoandre L 244 Nebel, Melanie A M Padllla, Hector Hernandez 246 Polaohuk. Slacie I ....244 ....244 ....244 ....244 ....244 ,...155 244 450 Index .162 .. 246 ....162 ..246 246 .246 ....246 ..246 163 163 246 246 163 246 !246 246 . : Pollard Bradford W Pollard Stephanie Kaye Pollock, Louis . Poma, Sharonda Pomerantz. Dan S . Pomerantz Kathy S Ponce, Diana Porfirio. Lisa Porter. Portillo, Robert Pose. Jacqueline Poulakidas, Jennifer T Poulos, Andrea M . . Power Thomas R Pozzo. Millichnstine Prado. Mar a T Prange. Lisa Precht. Margo Elizabeth . Prescolt, Valerie E Price. Brady Price. J B Prinzmelal, Mark A Pryor. Valerie L Pugh. Jason Pugh. Thomas Puhl. Sheri K Pulido. Manssa L .. Pulido. Rosie Pulopol. Bernhard A 1. FayM Pulna Punn , Claire . an. Tali Quan. Allen M Quan. Kimberly Quezada, Carina L.... Qu.iada. Lisa. .. . Quinn. William J ... . Qumlero, Eliseo Quismorio. Demetrio Quispe. Herman Quilos, Reynaldo N. Radtke. Kr-stin Radu. Christian Radvenis. Gaile O Raffetto. Gregory K Raggett, Ned A Rago. Michael R Ragusa, Cristian A.. Raines, Janet M Rakos. Andrew Ramirez. Alberto Ramon. Maritza Ramos. Jesus Ramos. Luis Ramos Mickey Ramoc. Susanne L Randefl Scot C Range). Carlos Rasmussen, Katherine L... Ratusnik. Raquel Rauchet. Stephen L Raymond. Carolyn S Raynor, Richard Read. Scott A _ Recht. Michael.... ' . Redd. Mark Reddy. Vinay Reed IV. Harrison S Reed. Rom Reese, Christina M Reese. Yulonda A Regwan, Ron Reichenthal. Jake Reid. Michelle... Reid, T.mothy L Reldel. Marcella E Reimert. C Scott Reina. Tania Renda, Jeffrey W Rendahl. Robert Rente ria, Carlos S Renleria. Kathenne T . Resfivo. RoyS Reveche, Edwin M Reyes. Richard P Reyes, Ronaldo R Reynoso, Maria E Reinicek. Don Rhee. Alison A Rhee. Richard S Rhim. Eugene Rhind, Michael S Rho. Connie Rhode. John B Rhone, Camile A Ricardo. Rkhard F Ricci. Stephanie T Rice. Dnryl L Rice. Stephen W Rich, Christ! L Rich. Robert Rich. Sharon M Rich. Todd D Richards. Kelly Richards, Ronald F Richardson, Marvetia Lynr Richardson. Sandra Rlckett. David E Ridd. Rochelle I Ridean. Brandon Riggle. Kalhryn S Rigoli, Leann O Rinderle. Susan Ring. Christopher RKMJI. Maria C Rilter, James Rivera, Alejandra Roberts, Christopher Roberts. Matthew Roberts. Todd C Robertshaw. David M Robertson, Angela Robertson, James Robinson, James F Robinson, Laura K Robinson. Nathanael Robles, Albert T Robles. Andre Robles. Ronnie Rocha, Arnold Rocheleau, Anne E Rochino. Duneley Rodarte. Jennifer A Rodriguez, Anthony Rodriguez, Anthony E . Rodriguez. Carmen Rodriguez. Cristobal Rodriguez. Larissa Rodriguez. Marie Rodriguez, Mark A Rodriguez. Rick .. .. Roe, Wha Yun Rolail. George Rohacek, Donald J.. . Rohrbacher. David J.. Rokhsar. Soleyman.. . Rolling. Jason Romam. Chantal E Roman. Burton W Romano. Lou. Romero. Ate Romero. Frank C Romero. Lisa E Rome, Diane Rosal, Angela Rosas, Ralph Rosemond. Elizabeth.. . Rosen. Daniel Rosen. Jeffrey Rosen. Jeffrey F Rosenblum. Darren.. . Rosenfeld. Dana Roshanian, Ladan Roslir -i-.i Ross, Amy Ross. Melissa Rois. Stacy Rotblal. Audrey Roth. Kristin E Rothner, Elizabeth I. Rouhparvar. Azita. .. Rountree, Jason Rowan, Todd E Roiario. Jennifer .. Rubalears, Sylvia Rubey, Ginger P Rubio, Michael Rudick. Heidi . Rudnick, Joshua Rugg. Dana Ruiz, Cynthia A Ruhz. Robert,. Rumsfeld. Susan J . Rush. Brian Rush, Brian P Russell. Howard D .. Russell. Kevin Rusligian, Paul G. Ruth. Jill Rutkm. Leigh Anne.. Rulledge. Lucy A valcaba. Antonieti Ryan, Jeff. . Saadi, Malham A Sabad. Alejandro .. . . Sachs. Naomi Y Sackin, Allison O Sacks. Rafaela . .. Sad. GregL Sada. Daniel Sadeghi. Saha Sadeghi. Samira Sahara Judith Y Said. Suna Sakai. Julie Y Sakamoto. Russell Sakuma, Kathy L Salah. Jordonna L Salameh. Lara Salazar. Roberta M Salazar, Vanessa Salazar, Vivian Saleh, Betty L Saltzer. Karen Rebecca Sam. Colleen I Samonte. Vedasto R Sampogna. Michele D.... Sampogna. Nicole D Sampson, Vince Sanchez. Desiree R Sanchez. Hilda B Sanchez. Leticia Sanchez. Marco Sanders, Erik Sanders. Rob A Sandweiss. David Saniilippo, Josephs Sansing. Martin Santa Maria, Jam N... Santiago, James Santiago. Ronald A Santos, Ana K Santos, Catharine M Santos! Marie Sargent. Scott T Sarmienlo, Pamela A.. . Sarrter. Heidi Sarnoff. Cynthia D Sarshar. Sepy Sasaki, Steve Sato. Miho Sawhill. Margaret S Sayah, Aiiia Saywilz. Barry M Snchez, Rozarme. Scaffidi. Chris Scarano. Amanda Schaaf. Jennifer Schaap. Ryan Schachtili, Richard J . Schaeffer. Steven Schatz. Lenore Scheblo. Theresa A Schechter. Steven H Schemmel. Greg C Schick. Matthew Schienberg. Kimberly G Schiffilea, Gynnae L Schiller, Stephen P Schimmel. Miriam Schlafma, Daniel . .. . Schloetler, Susan T Schloss. Carrie L Schmitz. Theresa A Schnebly. Yvonne Schneider. Carrie Sehnurr, Loretia M Schochet, Joel M Schoenbaum. Brent S Scholl. Wendy A Scholtz. Paul A Schram. Deborah L Schroeder, Gregory D. Schroll. Amy M Schull. Jo Anna Schulner Keith A Schulte. Jeffy Schullz, Joanne U Schwarci.Betsyl Schwartz. Ethan Schwartz. Karen Hope. Schwartz, Mara B !. Mark . Schwa . z. PaulD Schweinfurth. Lynn s Sciarra. Anne L Scoble. Tom Scott. Robert S Scott, Shane M Scott, ShondaV Seager. Pauline L Seal. William D . . .. Searcy. Janet M Sebastian, Eunice J Sebree. Jennifer K Sedgwick. Emily Seekins, Jon Seelig. Stephanie Seeligson. Catherine E Segal, Jessica A Segal. William D Segelke. Karen J Segoviano. Antonio Segura. Theresa Selassie, Sophia B Selk, Rebecca A Sellwood. Scott Sencion, Laura Seng. Justin O Seok. Ho Jean Septon. Raquel L... Serge. Cheryl B Serrano. Eileen Selo, Carol A Selo, Shin Sevidal. Jocelyn Sevilla. Amelia L Seiton. William J Shahryarinejad. Alin Shaked, Annette Shaked, Enola Shao, Chung T Shapiro. Lisa. Sharafatian. Navid Sharar. Mark Vincent Shavefar. Mehrao Shea. Clara Sheals. Amy C Sheen. Daniel Shelan. Joseph Shelton, Ken Sheppard-Gray. Evelyn Sherman, Deborah Sherman, Leslie C Sherwood, Jay Shiao. Pamela D Shieh. Akibo Shigekawa. John T Shigemitsu, Terry A Shih. Francis Shih. Kathleen Shimamura. Karl M Shimano. Richard T Shimizu. Naomi Srnmi u. Yohei Lance ' .. . Shimomura. Lisa L Shin. Esther H Shin. Ji Shintaku. Kurt Shipp, Dana Shire. Siacey L Shirikchian. Alisa Shiuzaki, Keith Shoji. Lesley K Shokrizade. Ramin L Sholer, Andrea T..., Shorago, Alia A Shortt. Paul Showers. Steven Shu, Warren Shukiar. Lisa S Shukla, Jabrutl Shulman. Darcie Shung, Irene Shusler. Gary S... Siani. Sandra S Sibbing. Jerry L Sie. Aileen N Siebrand. Stephanie Siecke. Neil Siegal. Mark A. Sieioly, Josephin E Silva, Rosalie Silver. Jonathan J Silverman. Pamela B Silverman. Stefani Sim. Chung Sinn-lane. Juliet Simon. Jamie M Simpson, David S Sims. Andrew W Sims. Jacqueryn Sims, Tiffany Sinay, Patricia S Sindermann, Kevin A. ... Singer, Doug Singleton, Helen Singleton, Tammie ...249 ...250 ...250 ....250 ..250 ..250 ,.250 ....250 . .250 ....172 ....250 ....250 ....250 Sipanlzi. Sabrina C Sjostrand. Steve Skeie, Siacey D Skinner, Lisa J Sklark, Wesley R Sklavenitis. Christopher .. Skora. Dawn Marie Slavich, Michael Smart, Nicholas Smeller. Patricia L Smith . Kimberly A Smith II. Gordon F Smith. Bradley M Smith. Darrell Smith, Dina E Smith, Irene Elizabeth Smith. Ivacher... Smith. Jeffrey T Smith. Julie P Srrmh. Kelly L Smith. Kimberly Smith. La Monica.. Smith. Loren M Smith. Michael C Smith. Pamelyn S ... , Smith. Pat Smith. Sherri Smith. Tim Smock, Patricia A Smool. Sharon E Snead. Michael L Snyder, Tracy B Snyders. Tamara L So, Ken Soeroso. Ellta Sogomonian. Mori E Solano. Roy K Soletmani, Tannai N Soil, Kathleen L Soil, Stephanie Ann Solmonson. Dave Soltysik. Agnieszka M Sonan, Rengil Song, Caroline Songer, Kathleen SooHoo, Marvin Soohoo. Harrison Soohoo. Martin K Sorenson. Evelyn M Sorey, Karen I Solo Jr., Gerardo Soto, Antonio Sotomayor. Alison M Sourlis, James P Spahn. Robyn Spake, Valerie S Spangenberg. Tony Specker. Robert G Speers, GinaH Spicel. George E Spiegal. Michele A Spilka, AbbyR Spitzer. April Michelle Spivak. Jill A Spfce. David S Spolar. Philip W Sprague, Marissa Springer. Tamer Stafford. Tiffany B Stamberger, Jason Stancer. Wendy.... Stanish. Mark Stansbury. CaiHin Stark, Danny M Starr, Boyd R Stassi. John , States. Linda D Stearns, Andrew V Steele, David D Steele, Keith Steil, Lisa , Stein. AicheleM Steinaecker, Alicia Steinkamp, Paul Steinmetz. Barry., Stephenson, Robert L Stewart, Christopher Stewart. Elizabeth Julie Stewart. James P. Stewart. Jason S Stewart, Nancy Stewart. Nancy Stonebraker. Brim E Stoner, Tamera J Slopes. Shlnju S Stotler, Kristine Stotts, Paul Stowell. Ashley Straccia, Dawn Strader, Timothy L Strauss. Robin E Strohmaier. Keith Stroud, Amy Stromberg. Tanya Slull III, William H Stull. Louis V Sturgeon IV. William J Su, Monica Su. Suchi Su, Susanna Suarez. Marina Jean Subject. Christopher Sullivan. Moya Sun. James Sun. Yu Shu Sunga. Helen D. Supin. David Surina. Tracey A Surman. Lisa R Suryakusuma. Jeffrey S... Svetik. Joan K. Swartz, Margaret Sweeney. Chrts. Sy. Leng K Sykora. David Stabo. Joanne M Szalay. Thomas E Szymanski, Tom Ta. Linda Wailly Taat. Shahrzad M Tabibi. Nice Tagayun, Rona S Tahajian. Bradley John.. . Tai. Beatrice Takakawa David Talamantes. Stan Talley. Jeamene Tallman. Susie C Tarn. Kin-Bong Tamayo. Georgina Tamden, rteera Tan, Bill Tan. Jed Tan. Jesse Tan. LaleineS Tanabe. Diane M Tanabe. Wendy Tanaka. Leslie D Tanenbaum. JIM L Tanenbaum. Marc Tang. John Tang. Wayne Tang. Terry Tanner. Linda L Tao. Henry G Tapia. Maria J Taraktchian. Victoria Tatsugawa. Jane K Tauber, Dana J Taylor. Christopher C . ... Taylor. Casey Taylor. Jennifer Taylor. Jennifer L Taylor. Jonathan Taylor. Mark Taylor. Rita A Teitell, Steve G Tejede. Alered Joseph Tennenhouse. Tracy S Terada. Alice E Terrazes, Selena Terry, Michael S Terzian. Philip A Thayer. Ace Thiel. Nina K Thielen. Michael B . Thomas, Patricia K Thomas. Rebecca Thompson, Staci L Thurman. Janine B Tico. Susan E Tidalgo, Ernest Tierney. D.J Tiet. Phuong Tiffany Tillman, Candace Tilque. Alkia L Tinsley, Christine Tipton, John S Tirado. Irma A Tisherman, Deborah Tison, Frangelyn I Tizabgar. Betl , Tiahjadi. Markus A Todd. Karen E Todd. RyanC Tom. Brian Tom. Christopher C Tomaneng, Hansel Tomari. Chiyuki K Tomatis, Abel Tomura, Junko Tong, Anna Tong. Carol Toops. Catherine L Topper. Victor Torken. Jian. Torres. Aaron M Torres. Arlene D Torres, Jeffrey J Torres. Lydia Torres, Mary T Toumani. THy Towfigh, Atefeh Tozlian. Sherry Trabanino. Mancy Tracy, Anne M Tran. Josephine Tran. Alexander L Tran. Dung Tran. Hung Trejo Juana M Trinh. Vlnh Troop. Jonathan Trotter. Naimah A Trudeau. Dan. -... Trunnell. Melissa Tryon. Derek S., Tsai. Judy C Tsai, Tin Tin Tsang. Clarise Tsang. Erie H .... Tsang. Man Ho Tsao, Jennifer M ,... Tse. YamChung Tseng. Joseph ... Tseo. Amy Tsobaman. Gerard G . Tsujihara. Alice Tsung, Ronald H Tu. ClavinC Tucker. Barry J Tucker, Christopher Tuerk, Deborah J Tuffli. Chart . .., Tulcan. Emll Turk. Joseph Turk, Kiva Turman. Lori t, Turner. Gabrwlk A Turner. Joisalyn C. . Twonvy David... Tynan, Daniel W u Uliantzeff. Elena Ullan. Charles (Jllench. Erk (Jnderwood.Marco A Unger. M Scott (Jrada. Darren Urda, Teresa J Uribe. Angel Unbe, Elsy R Usher. Demita Ushiyama, Cindy L Uyesngi, Lori Vachirakorntong. Dareen Vaezazizi. Reta Valde. Julie Ann D Valentine, Brandy , Valentino. Dana C Valeniuela. Camille G Valenzuela. Gina K Vallejo, Osrll Valtierra. Ernesto C Van Deloo. Peter K Van Es, Elvia Van Nugtren. Kimberly A. Vandana. Venkatesh Vandenbrink, Guy J Vanderhorst. Nicole A Vanko, Roman Vara, Luis S Vargas, Jennifer H Vasavada. Ashwin Vasquez. James A Vasquez. Teri L Vazquez, Elvira M Vdorkin. Michael Vega. Veronica Velasco. Rita V Velasquez. Jessie G Velasquez. Leni S Velelios, Phil L Venkatesh, SujMha Veravanich. Paul Verneuil, Andrew Verzosa, Veronica Victoria. Edward Viereck. Julie C Villa. Michelle Villa tobos. Nancy Villanueva. Rose Marie T.... Villalpando. Marina L Villarreal. Certa Villarreal. Cheryl Vilter. Carol U Vincent. Toicha Ving. Julie Vitulli. Elizabeth M Vogler, Linda U Vollmer. Michael S Volsch. DawnR Vose. Alis. .252 252 .252 179 .252 252 252 Vu. Hang W Waddy. Mayumi Wade. Aaron Wagerman. Laura A Wagner. Elizabeth V Wagner. Matthew Wagner, Michael R Wagonhurst. Patrice A.... Waidzunas. Tommy Wamwright. Kenneth M. . Walizadah. Soma Walker. Caitlln A Walker. Courtney Walker, Lama A Walsh III. John F Walsh. Amy Walsh. SeanT Walsh. Tamara Walsh. Tami Walsh. Tiffany A Walsh. William James .... Walter. Sze Walton, Sandra K.. Wang, Janet S.Y Wang. Kay Wang. Louis C Wang, Marvin L Wang. Nancy Wang, Sandy Wang, Shirley Wang, Wai Y Wansom. Siriruch Ward . Lee A Ward. Anne M Ware, Judy V Ware, Michelle D...... Warin. Jamie Warner. Rosalynn Warren, David R Warren. Sarah M Warriner. Timothy E Washburn. Andrew K Wasson, Julie M Wat. Eric Watkins. Eric M Wayne. Anna M Weaver. Mary C Weber, Liza Webster. Kenneth A Wedemeyer, Dan Weese, Loralee S Wei. AllistefS. Wci.GinaS... Wei, Katherine A Wei. Paul Chun-Hsiung. Weinreb. Mernin Weinrot. Allison C Weinstein. Jay B Weinstein. Jonathan R. Weinstein. Sarah E Weise. Donah) Weisel. Denise Weiss. Deborah F Weiss. Jason G Weiss. Michael Weissman. Davida S Welch. Trevor H Weldon. Nancy E- Weldon. Stephanie B Wellman. Timothy J Wells. Daniel R Wen Melyan. Michelle. . Wennck. Edward J Wentzel. Tiffany Lyn . Wenzel. Karen M West. Cynthia J West. Julie C.A Westbrook. Jame A Westman. Steven J Whang. Deborah M Whang. Ki Whipp, Laura White. Deborah L White. Delna A. White, Dylan- White. Erik , Whitlock, Karen Whitled. Mkhael C ' Whltwoth. Kimberly B Whyte. J Ian - Whyte. Jame G Wibberiey. Cotmac O Wibberley. Marianne S Widhopf II. George f Wieband. Elizabeth J Wight, Tom Wilbur, Brian , Wiley. Ann K , Wiley. Carla M. Will. Lisa Willcox. Chrta Williams. Deborah H Williams. Mindy S Williams, Sharon Y Williams. Steve Wilson. Heather,. Wilson. Ralph M Wilson. Stephanie Wilt, Kimberlee A Win. EdwardS Winer.Heidi Wing, Siacey Winston, Robin L Winter. Jill G Winters, Nkholte Wipf, Janice Wise. Bonnie L Wise. Robin _ Witkin. Loran. Witter. Brett M Witlig. Beth. .... Wolf. David H. Wolf. Russell P Wolfe, Geoffrey Wolfe. Joel , Wolffe. Michael Wolfson, Liu Wong. Abby A Wong,ArdisU Wong. Darlene Wong. Debra Wong. Eileen Wong. Elizabeth A Wong, Emily Y Wong, Jesstca Wong. Kathleen Wong, Lucinda P Wong. Natalie Wong, Patrick H Wong. Sophie Wong. Staci I Wong. WilmaW Woo, Kathryn Woo, Michael D Woo. Paul R Woo. Steven F Woo. Susan J Woo. Susan K Woo. William C Wood. Kimberly L Wood. John F Wood. Victor I Woods. Dawn. Woods. Jamie L Woods. Tracl Woolery. Erin Beth Workman. Audra B. . . . Wrenn. Elaine A Wright. Dana L. Wright. Nashana Wu, Annie Wu, Ching Chen Alke. Wu, Davisson Wu, Feng-Cheng Wu. Janet Wu, Kathleen C Wu. Mary M Yadidi. KaynonK Yaghooty, Farhad Yamada, Kathryn A Yamada. Shuji J Yamada. Taillo Yamanaka. Scott A Yamanaka, Stacey A Yamano. Tina K Yamaoka. Debbie H Yamashiro. Reid Yanagirrtoto. Dean K Yang. Henry Yang. Imelda Yang. Jay H Yang, Jo Yang. Terry Yankk, Henny Yao, David Yaplee, Jeneile L Yariv. Amir Yasharpour, Sasan Yasuda. Richard Y Vasui. Lynn Ybarra. Ernesto Yee. Marvin Yee, Tina Yeh. Alice Yeh. Bing t- Yeh, Caroline Yeh, Mija Yeh. Ye-Mei Yeo, Vkkie A, Yeung. Met-Ung. Yi.Eunmi Yi. Susan Yip. Amelia H. Yip. DavidS Yip, Sidney Yodohawa. Gary Yokoi. Mark S Yoo. Aerl Yoo. Eunji Elizabeth Yoon. SangJ Yoshida. Kenichi Yoshida. Yuml Young. Achilles Young. Alex Young. Danna G Young. Julie L Young. Kevin C Young. Shannon Ytuarte. Stacey A Yu. Jennifer May Quon Yu. Man Fai Yu. Stephanie, Yu. Vikki V Yuet. Ng Yuki. KistenK Yun, Charles C Yung. Maria Yunus. Metal F. Zahedi. Katayoon Zahlis. Christopher J Zakari. Robert Zakhor. Samira Zamora. Ronald A Zamparelli. Tija Zands. Jan - Zarate, Zynthia V Zamegar. Kalia D Zavala. Francisco Zrate. Rene. Zeballos. Jr Hector L., Zebracfc. Lori Zehnder. Laura M Zehnder, Tim. Zehnder. Tom. Zentner. Daniel Zernik. Frederik K Zev. Ari C Zhang. Tony H Zigman, Charles Ziman. Alysu. Zilberstein. Arthur Zimmerman. Denis. 183 ...183 ...353 .253 ...183 183 .253 233 183 253 ....253 . .353 184 184 253 !!!!!i84 353 !!!!.2S3 253 .253 253 184 253 253 253 185 ...253 ....253 ..253 ....253 .233 .186 ...186 ...186 ...186 ..186 186 ...353 ..353 ...353 ....187 ...353 ....253 ...353 ...187 Index 451 and now.. the staff Carrie Conn: " I ' m so busy today, do you mind if I turn in my copy tomorrow. You see, I have a paper to do, an ad I have to finish, and a meeting at KLA. " Debbie Man: " We ' re missing pages, either the ladder is off or we ' re off. " Wendy Wessman: " Sorry, my boyfriend is here. I ' m going home. " Jennifer Brandes: " Can we put tooling lines around all the pictures? " Wendy Tanabe: " Oh! I didn ' t know there was a third, fourth, fifth deadline. " Jo Yang: " Tell me, no tell me. " - - v Saha Sadeghi: " I don ' t know what I ' m doing. Who made me take this job? " Rick Marquardt: " Hi, y ' all. Do I really have to go to Sports Info again? " Heidi Sommer: " You guuuuys, I just got another parking ticket. " Alicia Lamberton: " Hi honey, how are you? " Susan Gesell: " Hey you, what ' s up? David Shor: " My dad ' ll be bummed when he gets the repair bill for my BMW. " Karen Fadel: " Frats? Oh, I LOVE -taking pic- tures of frats! " Kathy Carlton: " Oh my God, they ' re gone. Homecoming is going to kill me if I lost their slides. " Andrew Lin: " Can you get me into The Debate, the ' SC football game, and the Arizona basket- ball game? " Chuck Tuffli: (after sev- eral unsuccessful at- tempts) " I was there at 5:00 a.m. Where was the crew team, Stew? " Greg Mittenhuber: " When do I start getting paid? " R. V. Lee: " Who wants to stay in North Carolina man, lets all go to Atlan- ta, GA. " Bonnie Brooks: " So- meone please save this story on the VDT before 1 I lose it again. " Patrick Gilmore: " Want some free film? Take a roll . . . take ten! " I Janine Ouyang: " Can I have a few more days? " Don Marek: " I ' m quitting in two weeks, I ' m just giving you notice. (2 weeks later)- My hours this quarter are as follows: Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8-11 a.m. Mr. T: " So, Sylvia, Ernest, Tina, Debbie, are we going to have any problems with this deadline? " Tammy Gee: " I may not be here but I get my work done. " Mikel Healey: " Is Todd developing? Oh yeah, then I have to go to the darkroom. Todd Cheney: " Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! (I ' ve mastered the laugh, have you?) " Sylvia Ghazarian: " Are you mad? Are you grumpy? Are you okay? " Bruce Weimer: " Where are my proofsheets? I never get to see them . " Clarissa Aesquivel: " Can I buy a leather jacket with my next stipend check? " Stewart Kume: your eyes . . through the mist Suzanne Sunico: " Gosh, you guys are sooo mean to me. " Open look . . and blink every so often, (or) Hey, what ' s the head). " up? (tap on . ' 1 , J Jennifer Hendricks: " I ' ll shoot anything as long as it ' s in the daytime and close up! " The Surviving Staff: Ernest, Heidi, Jay, Saha, Stew, Syluia, Ten, Tess, Tina. Jay Ross: " Are there girls on that spread? If so, I ' ll do it. " Christopher Steiner: " My time as your intern was an experience. That is to say, it was one segment of the psychic flow that is my reality. " Laura Jamet : " Has anyone seen my pic- tures, my layout, my life, Brad? " Tina Eshaghpour: (3 am. The phone rings) " God, I hope it ' s not my dad. ..he should be asleep already. " ? Tess Paragas: " I like per- forated layouts. " Brad Prickett: " I can ' t come in till after 5:00, but only on Tuesdays. " Teri Zuniga: " Okay, now what. " Ernest Tidalgo: (after 3:30 a.m. Dec. 3 tremor) " It ' s a sign from heaven. I ' m going home. " in control or out of control... editors-in-chief SYLVIA GHAZARIAN ECON-BUS COMM STDS ERNEST COMPUTER T I D A L G O SCI ENGR Parting thoughts parting shots: I to thank the Ac y--including ople I di S rewards outnumber s to nam ina: when you ome editor.. Heidi: for acting ishly time consuming pr ject, but rt somehow makes it alt worth while when I realized I helped produce a book that can mean something for everyone wo d everything they did.A and didn ' t do; and, finally, Campus Park- ing Seance: for NOTHING. STEWART KUME ELECTRIC A L ENGR RICK MARQUARDT COMMUNICATION STDS My motto: " It s bet- Fun times and s; late nights and problem sets; programs that never worked; mara- thons and bananas; Kahlua, Milk and i OC Boys; " Hi The Dark- " When was e deadline? " ; TINA ESHAGHPOUR COMM STDS PSYCH BUS HEIDI SOMME COMMUNICATION STD ences w were well wo gone finally gone SAHA SADEGHI BIOLOGY DEBBIE C O M M S L HEALEY COMM STDS ething compell- keeps the editors here because only insane people would stay all night in a trailer working on yearbook. Maybe I am insane, at least in the sense that I vol- unteer for too many things at the same time. And thanks to all the people who have put their blood, sweat, and sanity in- to the book-the sur- viving Ernest, Tina, Sylvia, Heidi, Saha, and Stewiefor pick- ing up th left behind wen I burned out. can gve yo page number picture spot in sleep. I guess sitti in front of the VDT with a never-ending list of unfamiliar names can do that to you. To all the seniors and undergrads I don ' t know in person, I know you all by name. I hated the hated rewriti I hated yearb loved ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS In May of 1988, Bruinlife for the first time experienced what the editors for the upcoming year thought was a minor problem-but what the Communication ' s Board and the Publication ' s Office thought would be tragic. The problem? The lack of an editor-in- chief. Through the beginning part of June and the summer of last year, ads were placed in the Daily Bruin to publicize the year- book editor-in-chief position. Although a few applications were picked up, no one applied for the job. As summer went on, various board and publication members tried to convince me, as well as a few of my fellow editors, to take the position. This proved unsuccessful. The Comm Board even claimed that a university of this size could not publish a yearbook without a leader, thus, there would be no 1988-89 edition of Bruinlife. Since we had no editor-in-chief, most of the responsibilities fell onto my shoulders. I could thank endlessly Terence Hsiao, the publications director, and Susan Gesell, the advertising coordinator, for all their support and guidance in training me as Business Manager and helping me with the smooth organization and production of a yearbook. The book you are now holding in your hands was not the product of one editor but 10 editors who dedicated long days and nights at the trailer Brwinli e headquarters. The responsiveness and encouragement came from beyond the Publications Office. Kevin Clarke, from Publications Accounting, took hours out of his busy schedule to sit down and explain budgetary plans, problems, and losses Bruinlife would have to over- come. I was later saddened to learn he left his position. Yet Brenda Walker, Meredith Jones, and Fernando Rivera were always happy to help me. During the latter half of summer, Frank Myers invited five members of staff to visit The Delmar Company. There, Gina Purkerson gave Arvli, Debbie, Ernest, Mikel, and I a guided tour. We learned the " inside half of how a yearbook was published. Arvli helped us in pulling together a ladder and theme. It was a very successful trip-sightseeing UNC, Duke, the Polo outlet and trooping along with Arvli on his hunt for his dad ' s roots. By the time the trip was over, we all were thinking who needs an editor-in-chief anyway. We can pull this together without one. I ' d like to thank Frank Myers, Tom Larson, Gina, and everyone else at Delmar who made us feel welcome and helped us with any problems in layouts, design, and the many deadline problems we encountered. Thank You! We knew you had your doubts, and so did we at times but we pulled through thanks to your pa- tience and those " congratulations on meeting your deadline " rewards. We appreciated and looked forward to getting them. I must admit however, the first and last deadlines were our roughest. Training a new and inexperienced staff and trying to meet a deadline with time constraints was quite difficult to accomplish. Although we did miss a couple of our deadlines at times, overall we were successful in producing a book we were all proud of. The happy and stressful times we ' ve had as a staff brought all of the editors closer together and even though this may sound corny we all seemed to relate to each others ' problems, classes, stresses, and anxieties after spending more time with each other. Although the editors started the school quarter off excited, our staff slowly diminished as the responsibilites and stresses of school and work limited staffers ' commitment to yearbook. As this happened, we, the editors slowly began relying on the few staffers we had trying hard not to bombard them with too much work in fear of losing them. Staff wise, I ' d just like to take a moment and thank Ernest (for being here with his last-minute computer wiz expertise), Heidi (for coming in to help with other things even after her pages were done), Jay (for sticking around to help with his favorite job rubylithing), Saha (for dealing with the stress involved with the seniors and undergrads section and for editing the index not once but twice-that ' s dedication), Stew (for being there in the end to help develop the last minute pictures we so desperately needed), Todd (for all the pictures he shot, developed, and his overall expertise-without him nothing would have been the same), Teri (our quiet little worker for all the overtime she put in), Tess (for coming in even over spring break to do as much as she could to help with our deadline) and Tina (who spent endless hours correcting, fussing, and laughing off all the stress we durated this year). Without the help of the few dedicated staffers we had, I couldn ' t imagine how we would have put a book this big together. From the Publications Office, I ' d like to thank Alicia Lambreton (for helping organize the senior and undergraduate names and index for us I know she probably thought I ' d forget about all her help not just with that, but with payroll, PCN ' s, the copier, and her general support-but I didn ' t-thank you!), Arvli Ward (our daddy in North Carolina, and the supporter of the cause- producing a yearbook without an editor-in-chief), Susan Gesell (for all the business training sessions, advertising expertise, and even last minute help with our stationary, T-Shirts, and even layouts ), Francis Fernandez (for listening to me and helping out when I thought there was no hope) and finally Terence Hsiao (for helping pick up the pieces, establishing some consistency with marketing and production and for his enduring faith in us). Lastly, I ' d like to thank Julie Pugliese (from Campus Events for providing several photos to complete our calendar page), the Center for Student Programming (for providing us with the entire list of groups and organizations on campus), Sports Information (Laurie, Steve, Marc and Rich for all their support in filling in the gaps in our Sports Section), Typography (Doug, Mike, Liz, and the rest of the gang for all the headaches we gave you we still appreciate the work you ' ve done for us), Campus Photo Studio (Waly and Kelly for helping with the organization of Orientation and Senior Portraits), the Center for Performing Arts (for pro- viding all photos in the arts section), and finally whomever else helped in completing the 456 pages of the 1988-89 edition of Bruinlife Yearbook. Many thanks to all! Sylvia Ghazarian with the blessings of the other editors-in-chief... J 456 Acknowledgements wai Tk ikt, k.u a onto my : ; J IHR to over- ,. " Tint, Cina inpubU x Polo outlet and fafatpcobhs ianb to ?our pa- - -..

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