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•,T , , i, ' -- " - ! %- ' - ' " -..: " t;..a ' - ■■■■■■■ " :-vr i ' . ' V 1 C? :- ' ' ' f; ' ' .WWSfitffrfwS K s ' a- ■ . ' ■i( ' M-: ■K- } sl ' ' y ' -f ' - . fi -;,V ,!» ' ' J ' ■i ' rtSJ ■ :: 7 • - ,- ■ ' r?- t TABLE OF CONTENTS Opening 2 Campus Life To Be A Bruin Means 32 Spirit 62 Services 390 Fun 408 Sports 76 Seniors 126 Living Groups 220 Greel s 234 Groups 312 Undergrads 346 Closing 434 Index 474 . I (■■.• : -» . -iS--t ' ni! -tti4l!W S ?V : ■ w ' «V m « • •••••.•.■ •?» rv t zv av j-» ly " 5 5: If • ' • 7M .ill 1 MiiMa i m rH 1 : mHy a -•«date«. 1. fltf f • ■» « - l- • ,. - HH Bi B . -4« XT •- ii Tr r I J f§ »i j ■ki 1 ; ■ t •• fi 1 it s •4 I t««»l I .Hi- «£•• ' .. ■■■« .r |Q 4 Opening " - X s- x_; liH 2 i " f 13 -«:s?-A: .-:±Liis-»- 1 _ p _ _inii_im r Opening 5 1 . ' ' W v 9X0 BEVERLY WILSHIRE •»• •••• ' • • • V 25S fteoVPerern " ' ™T " «W»««Ni( , H ' ■ V i m .Mm Hi .1 m r 1 ' : ' B ' 6 opening mM: • ♦ Openinq 7j 7i U( iefUit(f oL i ji fl !! I Uiynaia Ao ;4im cjU . i i- -j i Opening I 1 1 2 Opening I Opening 13 .Fall Calendar • all traditionally a season when the leaves turn from green to gold and brown, the air gets crisp. • and it begins to snow in the mountains. Here at UCLA, fall is a little different. A few of the leaves change color, but the air is usually a balmy 80 degrees, and the beach is still a great place to spend an afternoon. Pity the fool who went for an " Eastern " education. • , ., --k.,, " , ,„ ,w,, nJ Fall is time for school to begin again and with it comes fall sports. If you just can t bear to study on the weekends you can catch the championship soccer team in action, tennis, swimming, water polo, and of course football. What better way is there to spend a sunny Saturday than watching the Bruins win at the Rose ' eowl? Homecoming festivities are an especially good way to get involved in school spirit, and this vear tailgating to the game against Stanford is a must. Fall is also the time to get invoved in California ' s politics. The November fourth election this year was., no exception. With controversial candidates such as Jesse Jackson and Ed Zschau speaking to large, opi-j nionated crowds, the political atmosphere on campus was electric. There are always other ways to have a good time in fall if sports and politics are not to your taste. With crazy comediens like Lily Tomlin, hot rock groups like The Uptones, various celebrity speakers and on campus movies, even the Freshmen can get into the fun and forget-forj while anyway-the major event of fall guarter, the beginning of school. M 16 Fall Calendar My on Mlo.and, ; ' .-. .-.v. jr taste. •■ ♦»•: i • f n « 4rr a ' l t- ■ tj ' f V J t m gmA w ♦ :| ' j» m ■-y " 4 1 - ■ ' ■- l Fall Calendar 17- Chancellor ' s Reception.- 1 8 Chancellor ' s Reception magine, if you will, two thousand freshmen fill- ing Ackerman Grand Ballroom with their spirit, their enthusiasm, and their sheer presence. Now imagine, if you will, two thousand freshmen filling their stomachs with a buffet fit for a visiting dignitary or foreign royalty. Now with both of these images in your head, put them both together and you ' ll have the 1986 Chancellor ' s Reception. The night was a festive one from beginning to end. From the time those naive freshmen and unwitting transfer students stepped through the door, they were visually and audiblly stimulated by everything from a harpist in the Second Floor Lounge to the UCLA Comedy Club in the Cooperage. There was a band and dancing, free video games and bowling on A-Level, and food just about everywhere you turned. There was something for everybody and someone for everything. Chancellor Charles Young greeted students in the Second Floor Lounge in the early part of the evening, and later made an appearance in the Ballroom to welcome new students as a group. Following his brief remarks, the UCLA marching band and the Cheerleading Squad, along with Joe and Josephine Bruin, lead the entire group in a rousing Eight Clap followed by the Alma Mater and the UCLA fight song. After this, the formal part of the evening, the real fun began. The band began to play, the Comedy Club started their headliners and everyone had a real good time. Things were very casuaL-student workers and faculty members were available to answer all the questions that a UCLA novice could ask, repre- sentatives from many on cam- pus organizations were in at- tendance to help initiate new students into the UCLA experi- ence, and freshmen and transfers found out all those lit- tle things that a well seasoned Bruin should know. ■ Chancellor ' s Reception 1 9 Homecoming " «fi -I ti : 1 1 1 Ki rM mm B I ENV ISIOM THE FUTURE r- -4--» ' ;- w| !=.- ' -f ;j cjj: l. A isNEAK peek ' i " -| AT THE 1 ■!■» .3 c C .11! srWJJS! - 20 Homecoming ' . ' ,1 -4 ats off to the 1986 Homecoming Commit- _ _ tee, led by executive Idirector Karen Karaa, for an ex- iciting and succesful weel of ac- Itivities which included the tradi- jtional Banner Contest, Bruin Breaks, the newly added Athletic Exhibition, and of course the annual Homecom- ing Parade. This year ' s theme • " Envision the Future " was reflected through the various floats which paraded through the streets of Westwood. This year we were very fortunate to have full participation by UCLA ' s Special Interest groups whose colorful and decorative floats added much to the weeks festivities. Perhaps the most highlighted event of the week consisted of the corona- tion of the King and Queen Mike Cohn, and Tammy Brox- ton, and their court which in- cluded Laura DeKraker, Laurie Farber, Jennifer Blakemore, Dana Footman, Mark Feldman, Scott Blankenship, Bob Layton, and Alan Kholos. UCLA was also honored to have Jamaal Wilkes as our Grand Marshall, and Mike Connors as our Master of Ceremonies. - Homecoming 21 • 4 _ A inter Calendar_:_.. ■ g and drizzle seems to characterize a Los Angeles winter, and this somehow makes it easier to stay „ .side to study. The days when it ' s 50 degrees outside and raining cats and dogs are almost too much to handle. But rain here means snow in the nearby mountains, and all books are put aside for weekend ski trips. Utah, Colorado, Tahoe, and Mammoth are some of the really popular places to ski. But there are lots of Southern California ski resorts, and snow is snow anywhere it falls. For those of us who don ' t ski, (or who spent all our money on Christmas gifts), there are still many ways to take study breaks closer to home. Winter guarter is basketball season, with men ' s and women ' s teams battling on to victory in Pauley Pavillion. Since the UCLA men ' s team has been doing so well over { the past few years, the start of the season is an event most Bruins look forward to. This is also the time to see some great action in men ' s volleyball, tennis, and swimming and diving. Should you be ready for a change of pace, Royce Hall has lined up an outstanding program of per- formers, especially dance groups, chamber guartets, and jazz music . And, Campus Events has a calendar filled with speakers and movies, including a guest appearance by Alan Alda. With all these activities to keep us busy, and all of Los Angeles at our door step, it may be pos ible - k. that we won ' t miss the sun too much on those gray days. Well, let ' s not push it. 22 Winter Calendar Winter Calendar 23 spring Break % K Hi IT . - v ■- ' «r i As : .k Ibv .24, Spring Break ■ pring break. Two words that brought a look of bliss to any student ' s face during Winter Quarter finals. Dreams of heading for sand or snow pulled many a Bruin through a Chem 21 or .Management lA final, promis- ing a week of sun, fun, and relaxation. For Seniors, Spring Break was the last chance to vacation with college friends, while for Freshmen it was a chance to get away with new friends. But no matter who you are, Spring Break was un- doubtedly the time to shake the winter blahs. According to the ASUCLA Travel Service, students favored Mazatlan over other vacation choices, but skiing in Utah and Colorado proved second-most popular with those craving just a few more runs of the season. As ever, Hawaii ranked in the top three vacation spots, with it ' s close proximity and tropical weather. Even after the ruckus caused by last year ' s crowds, some Bruins partook of the desert sun in Palm Springs, hol- ing up in parent ' s condos or local hotels, and lounging by pools. Ahh! That was really living. ■ rMl ' S. VsStf t Ps m iii Spring Break 25 ' tudy? Ha! Where are your priorities? You must be able to think of something better to do with ■ your time this quarter than sit inside the darl , damp stacks of Powell. It ' s SpringI There ' s a whole, beautiful world out there at your disposal. There are things to do, places to go, and people to see. if you feel like being entertained. Spring Sing is featuring some very talented Bruins. If it ' s live concerts you are interested in. Campus Events and Cultural Affairs have a great line up, including the Cultural Af- fairs first annual all-day jazz festival. In addition, there will be some inspirational speakers, such as Farrah Fawcett, and the usual selection of great movies all courtesy of Campus Events. Feeling charitable? Well, then you ' d love working at Mardi Gras. This is the time when all the SIGs put aside their differences and come together to raise money for underprivileged kids. You ' d be having fun with your friends while working for one of the most worthwhile causes in the community. And, hey, spring break was only one week long! That ' s hardly enough time to develop your tan to its full potential. If you don ' t have transportation to the beach. Sunset Rec. is a convenient and prime loca- tion for meeting students of the opposite sex who share your interests (ie having fun in the sun). Or , if you have a little more time on your hands, there are several road trips to Palm Springs. But, if worst comes to worst, and it probably will, you can always study . . . if you really want to. ' ' ■ ie r«1 ■% ._ 1 26, Spring Calendar : ' i » ult lU, Spring Calendar 27 Mardi Gras ¥. " ' ' , ' m t Vgfil TV ' - - 28 Mardl Gras I ides and laughter, kids and clowns, music and games . . . who could resist? UCLA Mardi Gras at- tracted over a million fun- seekers last year. Mardi Gras means fun houses and haunted houses, carnival rides, and food galore! All this is punctuated by a special fireworks show. Last year was a record year for UCLA Mardi Gras in " scrip " sales and profits. All proceeds go to sending underprivilaged kids from the Los Angeles area to Unicamp, a summer camp in the San Bernadino Mountains. Unicamp has been the official charity of Mardi Gras since the I940 ' s. Each year it sends about 800 kids to the camp. This year the Big Event hit the UCLA campus from May 1 5th to the 17th. Students showed their strong support and enthusiasm by building and running the food booths, many of the games, and other attractions such as haunted houses, while other students added to the fun by dressing up as clowns to please the kids. As Mardi Gras grows near students appear wearing buttons and t-shirts, banners decorate Bruin Walk, and pos- ters can be found anywhere. Planning and preparation for the event begins long ahead of time. UCLA Mardi Gras is the largest completly student run event of its kind in the nation. The organization and work in- volved are great, but everyone becomes a part and gets ex- cited and it ends up being a lot of fun for everyone involved. The Mardi Gras Committee reaches out for celebrities who participate in the opening cer- emonies and booth judging. The Committee must contract with travelling carnival com- panies and they must coor- dinate all the organizations whose participation makes Mardi Gras a success. Despite the work involved, everyone agrees that it ' s all a lot of fun. Students populate- the crowds year after year, and many claim that they " just wouldn ' t miss it! " • Mardi Gras 29 Celebrity Guests 30 Celebrity Guests . ptones Celebrity Guests 3 I 7 As a freshman or a transfer student, this place can be pretty con- fusing. There ' s so much to know about UCLA before you even start classes here and there are so few ways to learn all of this important stuff. By far the best way is Summer Orientation, For more than two months during the sum- mer, dedicated, hard-working, and enthusiastic UCLA sophomores, juniors, and seniors give their time and knowledge to help educate new students in such vital things as the bridge under the Schoenberg-Architecture Quad, or why not to step on the sixth of Janss ' 89 steps, or where Walt Disney ' s body is kept. In all fairness, though, those fearless orientation counselors play an important role in the life of an incoming student. During Orientation, students are given a guided tour around campus (for four to five hours), told of the many services of- fered by ASUCLA, shown how to enroll in classes, given aca- demic counselling to help them create a workable schedule, i and exposed to the many and i A Night at the Union where the counselors put on sl its. Jfl IVIaybe Orientation just isn ' t enough. I ' 34 Orientation I -X.3. : ' . i ■: »« Clueless " freshmen " . 131 Orientation counselors ' orientation. varied organizations that are here on campus. They also learn about dorm life and get- ting around campus, they learn the few rules there are, and, in general, they learn about life and living at UCLA. Even after all of this help, advice, words of wisdom, and training, freshmen still manage to get lost in Boelter Hall! Go figure it. • Orientation 35 Sys my » ing taf Susan Morrison Orientee, Age: 18 Major: Music, Year: Freshman I ' d rather be in Alaska in my wools and a fur kicking it with the Eskimos because they ' re COOL people. I love winter-the bitter, cold, crisp air; I love it much, much, MUCH more than summer. To me, being a Bruin means being excited over every little thing-- " Oh Wowl " , " Really?! " , " Great OutfitI " Susan explores her options. The ever eager freshmen check out yet another booth. Coming to UCLA didn ' t scare me, but wondering about fitting in with the people in my dept.-I ' m in Fine Arts-made me nervous. I didn ' t really know anyone here until I came to orientation. I met a lot of people at orien- tation, some were Fine Arts majors. Talking to them was nice, because we could talk about our expectations and our interests. I still keep in touch with a couple girls that I met during orientation, even though we live in different areas. One of them I had a class with Fall Quarter, and the other I have lunch with every once in a while. Probably the scariest moment of orienta- tion was going to the first meal, not know- ing anyone, and wondering who they were. My roommate hadn ' t moved in by then, so I had to go by myself! She and I didn ' t see each other much, because she met with Susan met a lot of people in just three short days. Science majors and I met with other Fine Arts people. We had some meals together later, though. I had a lot of fun living in the dorms-l liked the independence and the friendly atmosphere. Debbie, my counselor for orientation was really friendly which helped break the ice. She wanted all of us to find out about each other. I really liked the way orientation was set up, because we were encouraged to get to know each other and the school, as well. I felt like everyone wanted to help us get a start, which I took advantage of because I knew that once school started, I ' d be on my own I On the final day, we exchanged phone numbers and addresses. I was so happy knowing that I would know at least 2 or 3 people out of 35,0001 m Z H m m m 2 H m m m n m The length of the lines at ASUCLA Lecture Notes increase as midterms and finals get closer. One of the first experi- ences of being a Bruin is standing in line at some time during the first weel of the quarter. Whether it ' s for bool s or classes, we wait. And that ' s only the beginning because, in the course o a quarter. Bruins can line up for lecture notes, tickets, rec classes, food, reg packs, transcripts, special events, book buyback, and any number of other things. But that ' s part of being a Bruin, so we wait . . . and wait . . . and wait .... - The book store-where a good book can lessen the wait. Waiting for Reg Packs at Murphy Hall. I I Com 38 Lines, Lines, LinesI Aren ' t there any classes open? Have you ever noticed that everyone needs to see the computer at the same time you do? If you ' ve ever had a class closed or canceled, then you know the feeling. It starts when your temporary study list reads ' NE ' or ' not enrolled ' , and your total enrolled units is a single digit number. So off you go to enroll in some other class that appeals to you and fits your schedule. Good luck. First, you wait to get inside the Grand Ballroom. Once in there, you wait for your number to come up. Then you wait to get to the actual com- puter. By the time you get g there, there is nothing left, and i you end up taking a class at |,some ungodly hour of the " night. ■ Computer room, circa Thursday of second week, most of the crowds are gone. But, so are most of the classes. Computer Hastles 39 Crayons, a trendy bar and grill, creates atmosphere for college students. UCLA students can always be found in Westwood Village. 40 Locale The Bruin Theater in Westwood shows new releases. I Westside Pavilion offers a variety of shops for all types of people. £ i m JUST NEED TO GET AWAY!!! " Tills com- mon cry is often Ineard from UCLA students wino, altfiougli tfiey love their campus, sometimes need to Just get away for an evening of entertainment, or perlnaps an entire day of relaxation in one of UCLA ' s surrounding com- munities. WESTWOOD VILLAGE, the closest and most popular get-away, offers attrac- tions for all types of people. For those students who enjoy the theatre the Shubert Theatre located in Century City is only miles away and entertains thousands with its Broadway plays. For any UCLA student who desires variety and con- trast, an outing at the famous VENICE BEACH provides a friendly, varied, and energetic crowd. Also very close by is the SANTA MONICA PIER which offers year-round car- nival festivities. UCLA students are very for- tunate to be surrounded by so many exciting and action filled communities. Wherever the UCLA student chooses to escape, he or she will no doubt find relaxation and excitement yery close by! • Vilagf Century Ci ty provides a variety of night life. VUestside Pavillion. Locale 4 1 42 Locale Ann Taylor ' s can be found in most mans. The world ' s top designer boutiques can be found in the Rodeo Collection. Locale 43 ' ■ I Peter introduces us to the peaceful environs of the Sculpture Garden. Because of its beautiful, arclnitecture, and col- legiate atmosphere, UCLA is a popular campus for the silver screen. Many movies such as " Gotcha " , " Breaking Away " and the lesser known " Frat House " have been filmed here. But how does UCLA look to a new or prospective student? Wonder no more! We have persuaded UCLA campus tours coordinator, Peter Hayashida, to give us an en- capsulated student tour. Over the next four pages the wonders of modern yearbooks will enable us to see what UCLA is really about. " llii: Our tour, like our UCtA careers, begins and ends in IVlurphy Hail-though we have mercifully neglected to publish a photo of this unattractive structure. In the course of our trip through campus, Peter will provide us with many fascinating, little known details. " Schoenberg quad is sinking; every year it sinks a little more until they have to add another step, " he instructs. Believe it or not, Hayashida has also been an orientation counselor. This is Bruin Walk. 44 A Trip Through Campus Peter shows us what to do at North Campus--sit at a table, eat, and socialize! Our tour guide points out Royce Hall. A Trip Through Campus 45 As we move through North Campus to Bruin Walk, we learn more exciting facts about the campus. In the Franklin Murphy sculpture gardens we discover that those hunks of metal decorating the grass are among the sixty-seven works of art placed in the gardens in order to enable students to have " more interaction with art. " Said interaction seems to include sleeping and sitting on or under the more conveniently located pieces. Just north of the sculpture gardens stands Dickson art center. Like they say-- " You can ' t judge a book by its cover. " For aesthetic reasons, photographs of Dickson have been omitted. During the rest of the tour, which includes south campus, we learn about this area and consequently spend little time there besides brief stops at the Molecular Biology building and the perver-uh-inverted fountain. All in all, our experience has been enlightening. We have I discovered that the UCLA of | the movie screen is not neces- i sarily the UCLA of the layman ' s perspective. g The Inverted Fountain recycles 12,000 gallons of water per minute. Majestic Kerckhoff was UCLA ' s original student union. I , 46 A Trip Through Campus The sculpture on the right is a cancer cell that was replaced after the original sculpture nieited. (ttunW I Bunche Hall-a real tripl A Trip Through Campus 47 A group of students combine eating and studying at LuValle Commons. Part of being a Bruin is not only going to foot- ball games or going to parties, but also going to classes. And, in order to main- tain a decent grade in those classes, UCLA students must study! Of course it can sometimes be extremely difficult to study either at home or at your apartment or dorm room. Just think of the situation-the TV is on, people are wandenng in and out, your roommate ' s on the phone, and you ' ve got a midterm tomorrow. You ' ve got to get away and go Royce Hall somewhere where you can seriously study. Many students will go to the library-UCLA has several to choose from, the most popular being URL, Powell, BioMed, and Law. Some people dislike the cold, silent atmosphere of the library and may prefer to study in the dorm study lounges or in the cafeteria. In addition, there are those people who enjoy to eat and study at the same time. So they may go to North Campus, Lu Valle Commons, The Cooperage, or Kerckhoff Coffee House. Many students will use provides a quiet and scenic place to study, their free time between classes to study. On a sunny day, people can be found studying at the inverted fountain, in front of Royce Hall, in the sculpture garden and in Dickson Plaza. There is no limitation to the number of places where a stu- dent can study on the UCLA Campus-in fact, one can study just about anywhere! No mat- ter what time of the day or night it is, you can always find a UCLA student studying somewhere! • Many: 48 Places To Study ;oii classes day, Many students study at the inverted fountain on a sunny day. Studying on Kercl hoff Patio. Students work in the quiet dorm study lounge. Places To Study 49 Expression and meaning conveyed in movement. 50 Performing Arts University Symphony Orchestra performing at Royce Hall. UCLA has always been known for its unique and talented stu- dents. Not only do their gifts lie in the academics and athletics, but the performing arts. Over in the Dance Building, music and the voice of an in- structor counting in beats of eight filters through the door. Within the room, dancers from the UCLA Dance Department practice routines, experiment new patterns through im- provization, and strengthen their technique. Movements and expressions vary from sharp assymetrical lines to fac- similes of gazelles gliding across open fields. More music streams out of Royce Hall, but the notes hold a vitality of crispness, precision, and flowing enchantment. Stimulating our senses with, their mastery of music is the University Symphony Or- chestra. Through their dedica- tion to create blissful sounds, only perfection will do. The energy in the air draws the listeners to the edge of their seats as they anticipate the climactic end to the repertoire. Love for the art and desire to share with the world their gifts IS what makes the UCLA per- forming arts that much more special. ' Performing Arts 5 1 The winning shot. The striking architectural design of the Wooden Center accents the UCLA skyline. 52 Wooden Center Sweating it out in the weight room From basketball to racquet- ball to Nautilus machines, the John Wooden Sports Center has it all. This modern building with its glass entryway and airy skylights was funded solely by self assessed student fees and private gifts at a cost of 9.6 million dollars. The center offers a wide variety of sports and activities to the UCLA students. There is raquetball to be played, or watched in the glass wall courts, handball and squash courts to compete in, gymnastics and weight training rooms to work out in, exercise bycicles to ride, and even areas where you can relax. In addi- tion to all this, athletic events, intramural sports, and recrea- tion classes are all regularly scheduled for students to either participate in themselves or simply serve as spectators. M - -,, — i f i Dance is offered at the Wooden Center. A game of basketball brings out team spirit. Wooden Center 53 Brian Lynch Wooden Center Weightlifter, Age: 20 Major: Poll Sci, Year: Junior Weight training is definately my favorite sport because I do it alone and am mal ing gains at it. I love to listen to old Bruce Springsteen-- the new stuff is too trendy. My astrological sign is Cancer, but I ' d rather be a movie star . . . they get the money and the girls. ■s Cei wc the day, h Tl Cffi ■ ' 68, 69, 70 ... " Weightlifting I ' ve been working out for about 10 mon- ths now--l like to work out at the Wooden Center because it ' s close and it ' s free ... in a word, convenient. There are a lot of people there who are just starting out--sometimes they take up a lot of space, but I don ' t find it hard to work around them. When I ' m in there, I like to use my time as best I can . . . so I don ' t spend all my time in there. I like to maximize my effort. I ' m on a 3-day split now-chest and triceps one day, back and biceps one day, legs and shoulders the next day, and then back to chest and triceps the third day. It rotates so you give each muscle group 48 hours to recover. There ' s a lot of regulars at the Wooden Center. Some are more dedicated than me, and maybe some are less. The atmosphere Brian takes a well deserved break to assist a friend. takes complete concentration. there is friendly-there ' s always someone will- ing to help you out if you need a spot, or need some advice. I don ' t mind helping out either. I like to have a good time ... all the time. I usually work out by myself, but the ideal situation for me would be to work out with a guy who is stronger than me and more knowledgeable. That way I could learn from him and get pointers. Sometimes working out with someone else just takes away from your own activities, if you help them through. I ' m willing to help people out if it looks like they need help, but I try not to over-intrude. Aside from the physical benefits, working out makes me feel better about myself. When I feel better physically, I do things better mentally. O o m n m Z m 70 m Q X m O D m 2 n m 2 H m ■0 m m n m m Q X Stereotypically, North Campus has the Liberal Arts majors, whereas South Campus tends to be dominated by the Science ma- jors. But is there really a dif- ference between North and South campus people? Besides physical appearances-the latest fashions and multi-colored hair seen around North Campus as compared to the poindexter glasses and pocket protectors-l don ' t think so. We all share a common bond. It ' s the reason why we sre here-to learn, ex- perience and study what inter- ests us whether it ' s in psychology, why people act the way they do, or in chemis- try, why chemicals react the way they do. There are differences be- tween the North and the South, not necessarily the peo- pie but the campus itself. The ' sandwiches are more expensive at North Campus than at the Treehouse and North Campus has the Sculpture Gardens, whereas South Campus has the Bombshelter. I guess that although we are really not as different as we think, the traditional rivalry goes on-North vs. South Cam- pus ... the battle continues. ■ 56 North and South A bike trip up Brum Walk. Nori:h and South 57 Pat Parker lorth Campus Rep, Age: 19 Vlajor: Econ ' ???, Year: Sophomore I ' d rather be 6 ' 5 " so I could slam dunk, I ' m basically a healthy boy . . . my favorite meal is prime rib and milk--l love American food. My_ favorite neighboring hot spot is. the beach . . . need I say more? Marie Bilger South Campus Rep, Age: 1 9 Major: Biology, Year: Junior My favorite food is Chinese spicy chicken with rice and beans because it ' s the only thing I ' d rather eat than pizza. I ' d rather be sailing. There ' s ocean and wind and sun and sea spray--some of the best things there are in the world. In my spare time I like to read good nonscientific books . . . you get sick of enzymes after awlTiJ .«« ' - ' d I ,f Up, up, and away Marie diligently tries to.find ' the answers. I (Pat) am a definite procrastinator. On the weekends I like to go to the beach ' to kickback and get some sun, but I came here I to learn. If I wasn ' t an Econ major, I would be a Poll ' Sci major, because I ' m really, inter- ested in government and banking. More than anything, I think my major is preparing me for a Job by teaching me how to learn. But what I really want to do is sell cars.- On campus, I ' m in a fraternity and I work for KLA radio. I ' m a sportscaster, which I like a lot. Sometimes I mess up on the air, but that ' s okay. I play intramural sports; right now I ' m the quarterback of a C team that ' s doing fairly well. I really like the carefree at- mosphere of North Campus; people seem really happy to be there. But South Campus can ' t be that bad if Marie ' s there. ■ Pat Parker lounges in the company of the Bear. ; I (Marie) don ' t consider myself a typical south, campus major. I have always liked the sciences, but I ' ve always liked classes in his- tory and english. I entered UCLA with an undeclared major. I considered majoring in Chemistry than thought about Biochem, but finally decided on Molecular Biology because it will prepare me the best for the MCATs. My friends are half North and half South Campus people. Sometimes my South Cam- pus friends and I have lunch at North Cam- pus and we feel like tourists! On the weekends I like to go to the beach, read, and go to museums-when I ' m not studying. I ' ve sung on the University choir for three quarters as well. Even though science is my forte, I couldn ' t live without music and art. ■ c c VI m ■0 Z n ■0 c m ■0 ( I c " 0 m m n m Sunglasses are a must in the UCLA code of fashion. Who could forget the fashionable Bearwear. Even 60 Style and Fashion Here she comes just a ' walkin ' down the street--gets admiring looks from everyone she meets! " She ' s stylin ' " in black stretch pants and a big tight-around- the-neck sweater. It ' s extra long--to the thigh--in bright colors, of course! Dress the outfit up with lots of silver and gold jewelry, multiple necklaces and bracelets with large hoop earrings. Wear designer wat- ches, too--Swatch and Guess? Also still in style are white Reebok high tops with color coordinated socks. Brand new this year (a more classy touch) is the Western Prairie look. Boots are a must! New colors are khaki, beige, and red--no pastels! This year, guys are lookin ' great in button fly Levi ' s, white leather tennis shoes, and a denim or leather jacket. Brighter colors, more daring styles, and a splash of high fashion accentuate the latest looks for the less conservative dresser. Preppy has turned passe and the oversized look has blown all out of propor- ; tion. But one thing that will never go out of style is UCLA Bruin sweatshirts. • Pat Parl er sinows his style by lounging on Janss Steps. Everyone owns at least one pair of these Style and Fashion 6 1 Blue and Gol ' iitnH. ' •nU J V, i ! - - " ' .v, m w - C ? wM BkHK. Jt M Ji i S§g| Mg LWr . ' - W ° " " ■- ' MBH r V i it. k " j m 7. i ;?: ,V» « ' -r I !-» • •■ " 1, mX :U:m Card shows show the other team who really is 1 ' Bago to Berkeley 64 Blue and Gold ' i " m m A Fans and the band cheer on their team. V Ihilgadng allowed. Qiaiiq)i(nishq football at th inie Bo CaOlXlAWl Tailgating--a popular way to get to the games. This Bruin has it made in the shade. ■rowds cheering, blue and gold pom poms fc waving wildly, the band inspiring the team with a rous- ing rendition of the fight song, and all the while cheerleaders and Joe and Josephine Bruin jumping and bouncing around the field. But there ' s more to school spirit than just these people. There sre everyday I people like you and me going 1 that one step farther to support our team, doing any little thing to let the world know that we are Bruins. Sweat shirts and T-shirts emblazened with the Bruin and UCLA a ' ce seen everywhere- not just at football games or even on campus-all over Los Angeles. Hundreds of Bruins caravan up to Berkeley or Stan- ford every year enjoying every minute of the long ride with friends and fellow Bruins. These people all have the Blue and Gold spirit. • Blue and Gold 65 UCLA Spirit % Alumni Band takes a break to watch another touchdown m w Ardis, Cathy, Scott, LaVina, and Lowell. P % Frisbee, UCLA ' s favorite fan. | I tudents at UCLA are more than just students, they are BRUINS! UCLA is more than just a university, it is a place booming with pride! As Bruins, UCLA students sup- port their many athletic teams - ' - ■ - with undying enthusiasm. ; Special spirit groups are alive •■... . . ; . .V and well for those who wish to ' represent UCLA. Among these groups are Rally Committee, Songleaders, Cheerleaders, the : ' v- sE 13 a| Alumni Band and Joe and • Josephine Bruin. But, you don ' t have to belong to one of ' ■ .-j_ ' _ these groups to show how ' a ' " M i spirited you are. Just look at M . £ m- 1 Frisbee, everyone knows who Rally committee holds up cards for the show, g jj gpd how much en- A M thusiasm he has. Present at most athletic events are the Songleaders and Cheerleaders. These young men and women go through tough competition for their en- vied spots but it doesn ' t end there. Long and rigorous workouts, thinking up new routines for each game, plus taking 12 or 16 units are nothing new to these dedicated Bruins that are seen in the spotlight at athletic events. Even more in the spotlight are Joe and Josephine Bruin. Not many know who hides under those familiar costumes, but that doesn ' t seem to bother « Go! Fight! Win! Bruin songleaders pep up the crowd for another UCLA victory. The Band is under the watchful eye of Gordon Henderson Alumni Band members perform for the crowd. 68 UCLA Spirit anyone. This famous couple can be seen in the spotlight at most of the UCLA sports events. Most likely, if you have been to a UCLA football game, you have seen the halftime show. And during this, you couldn ' t have missed the wonderful card shows organized by Rally Committee. These students create and prepare new shows weekly. They must arrive early for football games to prepare the card shows and stay later to collect the cards. Yet, this doesn ' t stop them from having exciting card shows for everyone to see each week. Pride and spirit at UCLA can ' t be measured Students present and past do all they can to promote enthusiasm at games. Alumni even come back for every game to play in the Alumni Band for the crowd during and before the games at the famous tailgate picnics. If you have ever heard the cry, " Is this a football? . . . Yes, that ' s a football . . . , " then you have heard or seen Frisbee. Probably one of the most dedicated and well- known Bruin fans, he has not missed a game in years. Now, that IS true dedication. However, spirit doesn ' t have to be total dedication. More important than any of these groups is you, the students. After all, if it weren ' t for you, nobody would have anything to cheer about. Whether you go to every game of the year, or watch only one on TV, as long as you are cheering for the Bruins, that is all that mat- ters Spirit at UCLA is a con- taigous thing. Just go Lo a football game and find out for Hey, Joe! What is this, flag football? UCLA Spirit 69 1 " I Caroline Henry Josephine Brum, Age: 21 Major: History, Year: Senior I like the top of the Law Library cuz you can run around and kick pebbles to make rain. My favorite song IS " When You Wish Upon A Star " because I used to be in love with Jiminy Cricket, but my favorite kind of music is jazz because it makes me feel sophisticated. yeai belie be. the Joe, Jeremy Pripstein Joe Brum, Age: 21 Major: Microbiology, Year: Senior My favorite sport is skiing ... ex- cept when I get stuck m the desert on the way to Mammoth . . . and the time I borrowed my friend ' s ski jacket and stood too close to a hot stove and it melted. I love to take walks on cool, breezy autumn days with a cup of hot chocolate in hand. I» k UU 4 UCLA: A Touch of Class! Joe and Josephine kick back and yawn as we KILL USCI I (Josephine Bruin) have tried out for three years straight. My first year I didn ' t make it. The second, I made it to the finals, and this year I finally got it. I knew the girl who was " it " when I came in my first year. She was my idol--l just worshipped her. I kept trying out--l consider myself an expert on it. I had lists written down of things I would do and things I would wear. I knew I would be it some day. I fully believed like I ' ve never believed anything before that I was going to be Josephine Bruin before I left this school. It gets so not in those costumes. I mean, I don ' t think I ' ve ever sweated that much in my life. Usually, we get Cokes, and we put the cups under our heads out on the field. People like to see you doing that. They go " Ooo, look at the bear! He ' s choking himself to death with that cup. " - Getting to be Joe Bruin is a tough process. You have to take a hundred question test on Bruin sports knowledge. You have to know the Athletic Hall of Fame, schools mascots, referee signals, rule of the game--they want to make sure you know what you ' re doing. One time we were kicking a field goal and one of the cheerleaders was yelling " Block that kickl " They want to make sure you ' re aware of what ' s going on in the game. During the tryouts, we had to perform a manditory routine, go through an interview, and do an improv to music. They put any kind of music on and you have to dance to it. They also make you pretend you ' re in a game situation and you have to react to that. Though it ' s hard work, it ' s one of the best things about being a Bruin and I love it. Joe and Josephine Bruin catch some rays during the game. m Z D [U b 1 i TJ 5 1 1 m 09 TJ c m z :a • ( ) m " 0 ■ ■ 1 m z o n b H iH SfTJ " a - 1 m m 00 ;o c 2 m Z n Ban w , , ,.m •» m-t «•«• • , P-.« - •• »— ♦•«• • " ■■• •w« jj, .. 4 -: -Ajj J f ' 1 »i i»-. u » ' ' 3£i ' - ' ' " ..,:. With Bruin enthusiasm, the UCLA JVI rchinq Bh; The flag tf m displays smiles Practice plays perfect. ■ ' Never losing vitality, the band enlivens the crowd. he crowd roars as 250 blue and gold Bruins march out onto the field. No, this isn ' t an oversized foot- ball team, it ' s the UCLA mar- ching band. A major part of the spirit squad, our football games wouldn ' t be the same without these dedicated stu- dents. Under the direction of Gor- don Henderson, Jennifer Jenkins, and drum major, Mike O ' Gara, the band members spend about eight hours a week learning music and for- mations, then perfecting them for performances in half-time shows. During the games they lead us through cheers and fight songs, encouraging the fans to, in turn, encourage the " team. Who are these people who devote much of their time and energy to entertaining us? Most of the members are not even music majors. They become a part of the band by auditioning in the spring in per- son or through audition tapes. They are students just like the rest of us who have a special pride for our university. When the band isn ' t perfor- ming for UCLA functions, these Bruins get the opportunity to get involved in some very special events. The band ' s most recent movie credit is in the role of the Air Force band in " Iron Eagle " with Lou Gossett Jr. This past summer the band played at the premier party for " Howard the Duck, " and most recently was featured in a television commercial for Southern Bell Telephone. Lucky for us the marching band is a spirited group that likes to have fun and entertain us. Add to this some lively music and the talented members of the flag team, and it would be difficult to ignore the spectacular presentation on the field. ■ " Band 73 scl w Mjf Mark Nunez UCLA Band, Age; 2 Major: Biology, Year: 4th Yr Sr I ' d rather be . . . Blake Carrington. I ' d be rich and powerful and get away with murder. My favorite type of music is classical because it has survived the test of time, and my favorite sport is championship fishing-it ' s a great spectator sport . Michael IMunez UCLA Band, Age: 21 Major: History, Year: 4th Yr Jr To be a Brum means ... to beat the Trojans in every way, shape and form. My favorite song is " Sons of Westwood " (probably because I ' m brainwashed) and my favorite singer is Madonna because she has good music and I love her. In my spare time I like to shop . . . ' m a very material person. - Mark and Michael at attention. Mark ' s specialty is the french horn. I (Mark) play the French horn mostly. I just started to learn the French horn my first year. I ' m a pretty decent player now. I joined the band because I wanted to get involved in things at UCLA besides academics. I knew school was gonna be really hard and I knew I ' d need something to relax and have fun with. School is number one on my priority list but band isjust a way to put work aside. My favorite activity the band did this year was the trip up to Berkeley. There was a whole hotel full of band geeks and we got to spend an evening up in San Francisco. I think being in band makes you more aware of the rivalry with USC because we ' re competing against the band. To me, the half-time show is more important than the football game. We DEFINATELY played a lot better than ' SC did at this year ' s game. ■ I (Michael) have been in the band ever since I was a freshman. I joined band because I was in my high school marching band and when I came here it was the natu- ral thing to do. Though I have been playing piccolo for 12-13 years now, this year, I played the cymbals because there were too many piccolo players in the band. Most of my friends are from band-we spend so much time together that I ' ve gotten close to a lot of the people. We ' re very cli- quish; we do everything together. The peo- ple in band are pretty wild. A lot of us are really very outgoing and very expressive and full of energy. We ' ve got the most spirit, I think. Even when we ' re losing, I ' m usually up there sreaming and yelling. I try to get involved in just about everything. I go to the pep rallies. I ' m always rooting for our team. ■ Mark and Michael confer with band director Gordon Henderson. m D3 m 03 Z D m CD m m DO m 7Q CO D m ■0 m m n m m T H E- R I V A L R. Y UCLA vs. use Brum fans cheer as UCLA scores yet another TD against ' SC--final score: 45--25 UCLA!! 78 Rivalry Members of Rally Committee guar ' d THE BELL--once again a UCLA possession! Rivalry. The act of com- peting. A traditional contest between two closely matched competitors. Always emo- tional. Always unpredictable. This describes " a " rivalry, but words alone cannot capture the feelings of " the " rivalry. The competition between two schools in the same state, the same county, the same city- only miles apart. The students went to the same high schools, the same churches, they go to the same parties, the same bars, the same beaches. Girlfriends, boyfriends, parents, sisters, brothers, best friends, all going to one school or the other, sometimes both. Like the Civil War of the West. Get It? use. The " good " guys against the " bad " guys (depending upon which parent went to which school and how nice each IS treating you this week). Intellect and hard work against tradition and money. What you know vs. who you know. The " gutty little Bruins " against the Trojan " dynasty. " How apropos. " Alexis, pass the cav- iar. " Each team has its claim to their game against the enemy, but It ' s the football game that, each year, sparks the emotions Born to be a Bruinl of nearly the entire area. Everyone has their favorite, and each team wants to have the " bragging rights " to the ci- ty for the year. No one wants to lose. It ' s not " only a game. " My God, think about last year, when we lost (I know it ' s painful). We all had to face our friends from " that other school, " pay them our hard earned money, and listen to them gloat about every play for the entire year. But this year .... It ' s torture, it ' s exciting, it ' s unpredictable, it ' s hectic, but It ' s never boring and never to be forgotten. Go BruinsHI • Rivalry 79 F Q O A L L ■ Quarterback Matt Stevens r ushes to throw the ball. 80 Football Ii With the help of holder, David Clinton, Dave Franey prepares to kick a field goal. James Primus avoids his defenders as he runs up field. This year ' s Bruin team had a tough act to follow behind last year ' s Rose Bowl Champion team. Tailback Gaston Green, quarterback Matt Stevens, tailback Eric Ball, tailback James Primus, linebacker Karl Dorrell, safety James Washington, and split end Willie ' Flipper ' Ander- son all returned to give the Bruins power this year. Despite losing many great Bruin players, including place kicker John Lee and quarterback David Norrie, the Bruins managed to thoroughly destroy the Trojans and go on to a final victory at the Freedom Bowl. The Bruins got off to a bad start losing to Oklahoma 38-3 and suffering several injuries in- cluding star receiver Karl Dor- rell. By the next game the Bruins were back in force! The final score against San Diego State ' s Aztecs was 45-14. Gaston Green played a great game rushing for 3 touchdowns and 131 yards. The Bruins warmed up for the Pac-10 opener by defeating Long Beach State at the Rose Bowl. Tailback James Primus carried the game with a career high 160 yards. And with a 17-7 lead at halftime UCLA scored another 24 straight points to take a commanding 41-7 lead early in the fourth quarter and went on to win 41-23. UCLA lost to Arizona State University despite a beautifully played first half in which UCLA completly shut out ASU. The Bruins didn ' t allow the Sun Devils a first down until the last 2 minutes of the half. Matt Stevens threw a series of perfect passes and no intercep- tions but ASU came back to win 16-9. Football 81 ■F « O o J B A L Craig Rutledge, along with his fellow defenders, cause an Arizona Wildcat to fumble the ball. Defenders catch their breath while the UCLA of fense takes their turn on the field. 82 Football A To defeat the University of Arizona 32-25, UCLA perform- ed one of the greatest com- ebacks in UCLA history. They were trailing 18-0. With only six minutes left to play the Bruins took the lead, lost it, and scored the winning touchdown with only 41 seconds remain- ing. With a 36-10 victory over Berkeley, the Bruins marked their 1 5th consecutive win against its northern California rival. Senior quarterback Matt Stevens completed 9 out of 15 passes for 2 touchdowns while Junior split end Willie ' Flipper ' I Anderson caught three passes : for two scores. Gaston Green rushed for 134 yards on 21 car- ries to spark the victory. Another Bruin comeback culminated in a 54-16 defeat of Washingto n State. The Bruins came from a 16-7 deficit with Gaston Green rushing 162 , yards for two touchdowns and James Primus rushing 78 yards for 3 TD ' s. The Bruins closed its game plan against Oregon State-49-0 for its second straight shutout victory! Gaston Green led the Bruin ground game with 123 yards on 21 carries. James Primus addded 49 yards and two touchdowns. The Bruins made 8 interceptions turning two of them into touchdowns. UCLA spotted Stanford a 14-0 lead in the first quarter and couldn ' t quite catch up. The Bruins were trailing 28-16 at the third quarter, but Gaston Green scored his third touchdown to narrow the score to a final 28-23. In Seattle, the Bruins forced Washington to kick a 27-yard field goal on the game ' s final play to escape with a 17-17 tie. The Bruins took a 17-14 lead with just 1:29 left to play on David Franey ' s 42-yard field goal, but Washington retaliated with a field goal of its own with 3 seconds left, to tie the game. And, finally, the USC game! The Bruins shinedl They set out to win and never let up. The Bruins went to a quick 31-0 lead by the half and finished up 45-25. Gaston Green scored 4 Touchdowns and rushed 39 times for 224 yds and his fifth consecutive game of 100 yds or more. Matt Stevens completed 14 19 passes for 190 yards and 2 touchdowns with no intercep- tions. Karl Darrell also made some of the game ' s key plays. Always fired-up against the Trojans, this time the Bruins had even more drive to win. The players dedicated this game to their friend and team- mate Al Wilson who died the week before. In the end the Bruins gave the Trojans their third worst defeat in the history of the series. The Bruins finished the season by smashing BYU 31-10 at the Freedom Bowl to con- tinue the " tradition " of winn- ing a bowl game every year of the 80 ' s! With this kind of his- tory, next year ' s lineup could be the best that UCLA has ever seen. Roses are in the air! - I Marcus Greenwood prepares to run for a first down. Jim Alexander and Billy Ray contemplate ttieir next offensive play Football 83 Matt Stevens expresses who he thinks is number one in L.A. 84 ' SC Game Eric Rogers, Joe Goeble, and Russ Warnick show their team pride while the Bruins go on to win against USC. A UCLA Brum shows his excitement about the half-time lead over USC. The USC Game, US against THEM. Final score, UCLA 45, USC 25. Score settled. Last year we lost-but won the Rose Bowl. This year no one cared about not going to the Rose Bowl as long as we beat " that other team, " and we did. Bad- ly. By the time Tommy Trojan and his nag Trigger finally got on the field for their ridiculous touch down parade, the Trojan fans were so subdued and the Bruin fans were so ecstatic that no one even noticed (what a shame). By the time the se- cond half got started and the Trojans still weren ' t on the board, so to speak, the Bruin fans were no longer even bothering to take their keys out to shake them--the meager at- tept at a comeback wasn ' t even worth aknowledging. The Bruins were playing brilliant, inspired-and inspiring -football, and the fans were too busy watching the team play against the Arch-Enemy to bother too much with the underdogs. By the end of the game it was patently obvious who had earned the " bragging rights " to the city and the respect of the public. The Bruins were hoarse; the horse was bummed; and the bums were miserable (at least we didn ' t lose by 20 POINTS last year). Chalk one BIG WIN up for the good guys. This one is ir- revocably, unguestionably, un- doubtedly, and unfortunately (for those " poor " little rich kids across town) ours. There ' s always next year fellas, but hey, we ' ve still got the best record in the 80 ' s and it is awfully hard to play catch-up. Good luck Trojans. You ' re gonna need it. Desperately. • ' SC Game 85 R • E ♦ D O A i .B 4L.. The Brum defense congratulate Marcus Turner after an outstanding interception. U ith plenty of time. Matt Stevens prepares to § throw against BYU. While Craiy Rutledge blocks a defender, Harold Barkate prepares to punt. 86 Football Gaston Green prepares to accept his Most Valuable Player award. Granted it wasn ' t Roses, but the third annual Freedom Bowl ranked with the USC victory as one of the most exciting games of the 1986 season! An en- thusiastic crowd of Bruins and Angelenos of all kinds made the trip to nearby Anaheim Stadium to watch the almost hometown Bruins bury the sixth ranked BYU Cougars 31- 10. U hile key players Matt Stevens and Karl Dorrell ended their college careers with a bang here, the real star was most valuable player, Gaston Green. Green broke UCLA and Freedom Bowl records with his 266 yards and three touchdowns. The UCLA records he broke include most touchdowns in a season (17), and most yards in a season (1,405). With these stats he is clearly a contender for next year ' s Heisman Trophy. The offense totaled with 518 yards, the Bruins won their fifth straight bowl game of the 1980s, and UCLA ended its season 8-3-1! ■ Football 87 B A S K ' E T. B A L L MEN ' S Blessed with the talents of both experienced and youthful players. Men ' s Basketball head coach Walt Hazzard stated midway through the season, " the best days are still ahead. " With a starting line-up in- cluding prime candidate for Player of the Year senior for- ward and co-captain Reggie Miller, last year ' s Pac-10 co- Freshman of the Year sophmore guard Jerome " Pooh " Richardson, member of last summer ' s undefeated Pac- 10 Conference All-Star team senior center Jack Haley, Sophomore forward Charles Rochelin, and junior guard Dave Immel (replacing senior co-captain Montel Hatcher who suffered a concussion when he collided with Rochelin in the Long Beach State game Dec. 27), Hazzard ' s optimism was understandable. Coming off a sweep in Arizona, Hazzard felt that the team demonstrated character and maturity on the road. According to Hazzard, Richard- son ' s calmly executed pass to Craig Jackson for the three- point shot at the final buzzer Players listening for additional advice from Kris Jason. M 88 Men ' s Basketball against the Arizona Wildcats br- inging the Bruins to an im- pressive 84-83 victory, was a climactic example of the team ' s growing maturity. Hazzard praised the pass executed by Richardson because it was an " unselfish act " Josephine Bruin adds to the spirit at Brum basi etball games. Center Greg Foster reaches for the basket. The Bruins huddle to decide their next strategy. Men ' s Basketball 89 B A K E. T B- A L L MEN ' S Trevor Wilson faces the enemy. Jack Haley celebrates the moment. 90 Men ' s Basketball Jerome " Pooh " Richardson trying to score for the Bruins. On a team like this one, that means a lot. Sacrificing per- sonal glory when competing with a star lil e Reggie fVliller shows real dedication. Miller outshined even previous Bruins, making and breaking various school and personal records. At press-time. Miller ranked fifth on UCLA ' s overall scoring list with 1661 points, just below basketball greats Gail Goodrich (1690), David Greenwood (1721), and Bill Walton (1767). But 19 ' 9 " was Miller ' s ticket to surpassing Lew Alcindor ' s (Kareem Abdul-Jabbar ' s) 2325, thanks to this year ' s NCAA rul- ing alloting three points for shots that distance from the baseline. Miller ' s career high was 41 against Oregon State last season. But the records don ' t stop there. Not only did Miller lead the team in scoring at presstime (21.4), but also in free throw percentage (.798) and steals (1.8). His career highs for re- bounds and assists were 10 and 6, respectively. He ranked seventh in UCLA career field goals (614) and third with 406 career field goals. Miller ' s ex- ploits were so hot a topic, the UCLA Sports Information office began issuing " The Reggie Miller Update " as part of media releases available at Hazzard ' s weekly press luncheons. P A determined Reggie Miller concentrates on his throw Men ' s Basketball 91 B- A .S K E. J B •A L MEN ' S Coach Hazzard critically analyzes the game. To Hazzard, it ' s not just natu- ral ability that makes a team, but conditioning, organization and preparation, too. His goal " to cover the fundamentals, of- fense and defense, " letting tal- ent rise on it ' s own was ap- parently realized through Richardson. Hazzard commented, " Pooh was born with talent. Players like that make coaches look good. " Characterized by a positive attitude, the team cultivated other players as well. Jackson missed only the Long Beach State game during his week- long leave due to his dissatisfaction with his play, coming ba ck spectacularly with the score against Arizona. Freshmen like center Greg Foster, forwards Kevin Walker, Trevor Wilson, and Stu Meinert provided reserves with depth and heighth along with returnees sophomore guard Rod Palmer and junior guard Darryl Morris. With their com- bined abilities, the Bruins of Westwood have put together a powerful team. - Forward Charles Rochelin scores for UCLA. Dave Immel shoots in spite of the block. 92 Men ' s Basketball Greg it Oregon players don ' t threaten UCLA ' s Reggie Miller Bruins to the rescue! UCLA pitted against Long Beach. Men ' s Basketball 93 B A S K E T B A X L WOMEN ' S Jamie Brown is determined to make a shot despite aggressive defense by Oregon. Coach Biilie Moore discusses strategy with the team. 94 Women ' s Basketball The UCLA women once again were a power house in Pac-10 basketball this season. Under the direction of head coach Billie Moore, the Bruins achieved an impressive record both at home and on the road. Senior stars Kristi Moore and Shari Biggs were joined by sup- portive underclassmen, in- cluding an outstanding freshman class. Freshmen Michele Wooton and Sheri Bouldin contributed to the scor- ing stats, as did center Sue Mead. Dora Dome was a stand out scorer, especially in the game against Arizona State Sun Devils in which she scored 35 points. One of the highlights of the season was a victory over Notre Dame early in the season. Labeled an " ugly win " by the Bruin sguad, UCLA pulled through to beat Notre Dame in overtime play 67-65. With wins like this it is no surprise that the Bruins had such a successful season. • and rushes down court to score Sheri Bouldin goes ror the jump snot again. U omen ' s Basketball 95 c R O S S c p u T R Y MEN ' S AND WOMEN ' S Mark Junkermann at the head of the pack Laurie Chapman enjoys the freedom of running cross country. lomGff 96 Cross Country In the past, the UCLA Cross Country teams have always held their own in both Pac-10 and national competition. This year proved just as fruitful. The men ' s team started the season right at the Fresno In- vitational where they captured second. Mark Junkermann took first in the 10,000 meters with Greg Hauser and Jerry Marsh also in the top 20. The men went on to place sixth in the Pac-10 but did not get to the NCAA Championships as a team. The bright note to this was that Junkermann did quali- fy indiv idually. The women ' s team has been the real surprise this season. All-American Polly Plumer had surgery and was supposed to be out all season. Fortunately, she not only came back running, but in her first race of the season she placed second overall. The fourth place finish of freshman Laurie Chapman helped to put the Bruins over the top as they won the District 8 meet and went on to the NCAA Cham- pionships. I here the perfor- mances of Denise Ball, Laura Chapel, Kathy Kiernan, Annie Seawright, Laurie Chapman and Polly Plummer helped to put the Bruins in twelth place nationally. Polly Plummer came up with the strongest showing for the Bruins, coming in four- teenth overall and thus ending the season an All-American once again. - Tom Grewe concentrates on the competition ! Cross Country 97 .s M M i: G MEN ' S AND WOMEN ' S This year ' s men ' s swim team has definitely managed to keep up the Bruin ' s winning tradi- tion, and under Coach Ballatore, the Bruins promise a strong showing at the NCAA ' s. At the U.S. Open, sophomore Ail-American Craig Oppel was the " top bear " for the day by winning the 200 Free, and placing second in the 100 Free and the 400 Free, qualifying for the NCAA ' s in all three events while Peter Rohde qualified in the 50 Free and the 100 Free. In their victory over SMU, the 400 Medley Relay team of Malamas, Minervini, Jones and Graner and the 400 Free Relay team of Rohde, Kluth, Errett, and Malamas finished with strong wins. The Bruin women are cur- rently ranked fourth. Freshman Catherine Capriles won the 200 Fly and the 200 Breast against Chico, and freshman Missy Herndon won the 200 Free, 500 Free, and the 200 IM against SMU. At the U.S. Open several swimmers qualified for the NCAA ' s including Rhonda Von Soosten, Sue Potrepka and the r elay team of Herndon, Susser, Von Soosten, and Rosso. With a team like this, | there ' s no stopping them at the V NCAA ' s! ■ " . A ' ' « t Sr . ' 5 v -- 1. w »: " ' -■ .. - " .f - - m . Peter Rohdes pours on the power as he heads for the finish. 98 Swimming Kitty McMahon in intense concentration before a dive Talent and strength are Minervini ' s gifts to winning. Swimming 99 David Rhorer tees off. 100 Golf ittieta. •1 V After completing the front nine, Kristal Parl er and Jean Bedlitz prepare to tee-off number ten. Men ' s and women ' s golf are still thriving sports at UCLA. The two teams are led by respective coaches, Eddie Mer- rins-an eleven year veteran, and Jackie Steinmann-a ten year veteran of the team. The women ' s team added six new players this year. The team is led by Ail-American Kristal Parker who is noted as one of the best players in the country. She is also the team ' s only senior. Other Bruin high scorers are returning sophmore Lana Perhacs, and freshman rookie Jean Zedlitz. The Bruins also recruited two teammates from overseas: Beatrice Gerosa from Italy, and Camilla Karlsson from Sweden. The young team ' s greatest obstacles were working better as a team and playing more consistently. But, with a little sweat the Bruins overcame that for a great season. The fifteen man men ' s team is led by Juniors Brandt Jobe and Kevin Leach. They ' re followed by Bob Lasken, a junior; Rich Greenwood, a sophomore; and Rob Sullivan, a sophomore. The team also ad- ded ten new walk-on players. The team finished their fall season with 2 second place finishes. • Ken Tanagawa chips his ball skillfully Golf 101 c R .E MEN ' S AND WOMEN ' S Imagine training six days a week nearly year-round for a season barely six weeks long. Imagine devoting yourself body and soul to developing your individual strength and tech- nique, ultimately giving up per- sonal glory for the good of the whole. Imagine not getting any glory at all, save a hand- shake. But winning means the satisfaction of literally get- ting the shirt off your oppo- nent ' s back. This is the stuff that drove the members of IVIen ' s and Women ' s Crew-a program largely unsupported by the Athletic Dept and student body alike until this year. Thanks to FOUR (Friends of UCLA Row- ing) and other alumni involve- ment. Head Coach Zenon Babraj ' s winning talents in the East at Brown and in Cinncinati were transplanted here, prov- ing that crew deserved another chance. Babraj, Men ' s freshman heavyweight coach Lee Miller and Women ' s Head Coach Jean Rilley echoed these senti- ments, citing their teams ' potential and enthusiasm. Because most of the teams were comprised primarily of Men ' s Varsity lightweight team synchronize for better form. Shauna Reisewitz and Kim Sanchez exert all of their energy at morning practice. Mary Pat Crave!, Marty Patton, Karen Finney, Mickie Merrifield. 102 Crew Women ' s coach, Jean Reilly, follows along in a motoriz- ed boat so she can talk to her team members. j Sunrise at the Marina, although a rare sight for most, is a common sight for these dedicated crew members. Rich Rozinskas shows the true strain and dedication of this sport of mental and physical prowess. If.t0 ' Men ' s coach, Zenon Babraj, gives advice to a team dur- ing morning workout. sophomores and seniors, em- phasis was placed on building experience and technique. That didn ' t mean that winn- ing wasn ' t a priority-across the board. Washington and Cal were the teams to beat-requir- ing practices of 1 5-20 hours per week average, which were im- proved on both land and water with alumni donations of a world-class Norwegian ergometer and a new shell. But competing for eight coveted seats per team through Fall and Winter Quarters re- quired more than just physical workouts; it involved mental toughness as well. Coaches and members alike described Crew as " addictive, " calling it " the ultimate team sport. " - Crew 103 G Y. M A S. T X c S MEIM ' S AND WOMEN ' S When do the words strength, power, and speed go hand in hand with beauty, precision, balance, and grace? When describing gymnastics, of course. And what better example of these qualities than the UCLA gymnastics team! Instructed by men ' s coach Art Shurlock and women ' s coach Jerry Tomlinson, Bruin gymnasts set their sights on nothing short of NCAA cham- pionships, and focused 100 percent of their efforts on achieving excellence. This year, the women ' s team was joined by three freshmen, Kim Hamilton, Jill Andrews, and Shawn McGinnis. Though these ladies were highly recruited, they came to UCLA because " UCLA has the best combination of academics and gymnastics " in the country. The men ' s team, with such stars as Curtis Holdsworth, the only freshman ever to win the NCAA championship in the pommel horse, has also brought together the best col- lege competitors in the nation. With more power and more grace than almost any other team in the nation, UCLA ' s gymnasts are not only awe in- spiring, but also a thing of great beauty to behold. • Jill Andrews on the uneven bars. Karen McM ullin displays elegant pose during floor exercises. David St. Pierre being congratulated by teammates. 104 Gymnastics Curtis Holdsworth completes a double leg circle on the pommel horse. Maura Driscoll displays concentration on the balance beam. jjfiiiratcs David Moriel ends with a handstand on the rings Gymnastics 105 V p ■L •E Y B A L L MEN ' S AND WOMEN ' S Lisa Ettesvold ' s spike penetrates the opponent ' s block and ensures another victory. Ann Boyer jumps to set the ball. Outside hitter Osbjorn Volstad prepares to bump the ball. 106 Volleyball Men ' s and women ' s volleyball was as exciting as ever this year. Both teams ranked well overall, and kept Bruins happy by giving the USC teams quite a beating Some of the women stars were Sharyl Bilas, Lisa Et- tesvold, and Lori Zeno. Under the coaching of Andy Banachowski, these three were influential in the wins over Stanford and USC. Overall the lady Bruins finished 31-9 with a conference record of 17-2. This record includes placing 3rd at both the Wendy ' s and NIVT tournaments, and capturing a 1st place in the PAC-IO western volleyball champion- ships Al Scates coached the mens ' squad on to victory again. Outstanding seniors included Arne Lamberg, Jeff Williams, and Ail-American Ozzie Volstad. The ' one to watch ' for this and seasons to come is freshman Trevor Schirman. The UCLA men found some of their toughest competition at UCSB and Long Beach, but, like the women, they found that USC was no contest. - Arne Lamberg demonstrates his powerful spiking ability. Jeff U illiams reaches for the ball. Volleyball 107 .E N ISI I .S MEN ' S AND WOMEN ' S Dan Nahirny about to pulverize his opponent with his power packed serve. The 1987 UCLA men ' s and women ' s tennis team are definitely going places this year! The Bruin teams currently have a 41 match winning streak at the LATC over the past two seasons. For the 1987 edition of the UCLA men ' s tennis team they are facing a curious guestion, " Who will step forward this season? " Because UCLA is entering its 2 1 st season without All-American Brad Pearce and Michael Kures, both now play- ing professionally, the guestion is an important one. Head Coach Glenn Bassett believes the answer may arrive in the form of four sophomores and a senior. Battling for the Nos. I 2 spots are Dan Nahirny and Tim Trigueiro who won 25 and 22 singles matches respectively, and registered two wins in the NCAA ' s. Another talented I second-year letterman is Buff i Farrow who last summer won Catherine O ' Meara contemplates how to conquer her competitor. 108 Tennis Buff Furrow is ready for all his opponent can dish out. Joni Urban psyching up for her match. the National Amateur singles crown. He ' ll be pushed by team captain Brett Greenwood, the team ' s only senior, and Patrick Galbraith, who is con- sidered the team ' s most im- proved returning player. As for the UCLA women ' s tennis team, there is definitely a new attitude to go along with the new head coach. Among the talented UCLA team, three All-Americans stand out on the list of returners. They include Jane Thomas, Joni Urban, and Jennifer Fuchs. Bill Zaima, the new coach, elevated to the top spot late in the last season from an assistant spot, speaks or team player Allyson Cooper as a fourth potential Ail-American. Zalma feels because of the nucleus of talented players returning, the Bruin women ' s team are perhaps the deepest team in the country. • Maria la Franchi shows she can outsmart the opposition with style and finnesse Tennis 109 L Jim Connolly sees the world from a different perspective. Under veteran coaches Bob Kersee of the men ' s team and Bob Larsen of the women ' s, the UCLA men ' s and women ' s Track and Field teams are op- tomistic about the ' 87 season. The men ' s track team will be returning 25 lettermen from last year ' s team that went undefeated in dual meets and placed second in the PAC-10 and eighth at the NCAA. This year ' s team is led by outstanding athletes Kevin Young, junior All-America hurdler; Danny Everett, sophmore All-America sprinter; Mike Marsh, 1986 PAC-IO champion; Henry Thomas, top sophmore sprinter; Jim Connol- ly, senior All-America decathlete; and Jim Banich, senior All-America shot putter, and discuss thrower. Other top tracksters include; senior distance and steeplechase performers Mark Brian Blutreich is truely pushing with ail his might. ill Ht 1 10Tracl Brandon Richards reaches for the sky. Gayle Kellon pulls ahead. Junkermann, two time NCAA qualifier, and Tom Grewe who placed fourth in the PAC-IO in the steeplechase; sophmore pole vaulter Brandon Richards; senior shot putter Chris Sweeney who placed seventh in the PAC-10; senior triple jumper Dwayne Washington; and junior hurdler Raymond Young; and newcomer, freshman Paul Jasper, the Netherlands ' top young distance runner. The women ' s track team has a bright outlook for this season. The team will be retur- ning all scorers from last year ' s team which placed seventh in the NCAA championships in- cluding Gail Devers who excels in the short sprints, hurdles, and the long and triple jumps; Choo Choo Knighten who competes well in the 400m sprint and hurdles; junior Lar- son who performs in the Jave- s lin and shot put; senior Toni I Lutjens, a national champion in " the discus; and senior Polly Plummer, the team ' s top distance performer. Among the top performers are senior Gayle Kellon in the 3000m and the long jump, sophmores Kristen Dowell, Kiki Laborteaux, and Laura Chapel in the 800m, Denise Ball in the distances, Nicholle Thompson in the 1 00m hurdles, and junior Monica Phillips, in the sprints and hurdles. Rounding out the team and providing depth are Kristen Church, Kelley Peacock, Annie Seawright, Anne Kendrick, Kathy Kiernan, Kim Stewart, Kim Chapman, Christine Porten, Michele Wootton, and Sheri Bouldin. • Kim Stewart, Pam Thompson, and Christine Porter keep the pressure on Track 1 B. A ■s: A L MEN ' S According to many baseball experts, a key ingredient in a championship team is senior leadership, and fortunately the UCLA Bruins have senior co- captain Torey Lovullo to lead the team to victory. Lovullo was drafted by the Kansas City Royals, but decided instead to return to the Bruin team for his senior season. Another senior, co-captain Steve Hisey, joins Lovullo in forming an integral part of the senior class that was rated 2 in the nation as a recruiting class by Collegiate Baseball. In addition to senior exper- tise, another key ingredient in- cludes experienced pitching. Here the Bruins return all but two members of the 1 986 staff, led by 1986 All-American Alex Sanchez. Sanchez and fellow junior Randy Hennis combined form one of the top pitching combos in the nation. - Scott St. John and Jeff Conlue give each other a The wind-up and pitch with Bill Wennick at the mound and Billy double high five! Haselman as Catcher. I 12 Baseball A few last minute pointers between Stacy Sunny, Denise Parks (behind Sunny), and Samantha Ford. Karen Walker at bat. First-baser Gina Holmstrom stands ready to play ball. Thanks to Sharron Backus I UCLA has been established as the number one women ' s soft- ball program. The Bruins have captured three of five NCAA Softball titles and have been to the College World Series in seven of the last nine seasons. In addition. Coach Backus and her team have brought home four national championship trophies overall. The Bruins now have a team which returns a veteran player at almost e ery position and the outstanding incoming talent will push the returners hard for field time. The ' 87 Bruin team includes outstanding players such as outfielders Sandra Arledge and Karen Walker, cat- cher Stacy Sunny, and pitchers Samantha Ford and Michelle Phillips. The combination of players, talent, and determina- s tion make the right mix for a I very big year! • Q •F J B A L WOMEN ' S Softball I 1 3 •s. Q C Undefeated in regular season play, defending NCAA Men ' s Soccer Champs experienced the unbelievable--they handed over what would have been their second consecutive title to Fresno State 1-0 in overtime. Finishing with an overall record of 15-0-5, the Bruins seemed unbeatable going into the NCAA playoffs, capturing all three tournament titles they went after, including the Pac- 10 Conference, the Second Annual UCLA Met Life Pacific Classic, and the Clemson- Umbro Invitational. The talents of co-captains Paul Caliguiri-America ' s 1 stopper-and All-American de- fender Eric Biefeld with top scorers midfielder Shawn del Grande and forward Lucas Martin proved a winning com- bination during the season. Goalkeeper Anton Nistle also played a key role in 10 shutouts. Peter Drummond looks on as the Bruins engage in a fierce battle for the ball Billy Thompson gets the ball away and heads down field. | q 1 1 4 Soccer The 1986 UCLA Water Polo team. j0[lA Chuck Brown stops the opponent from scoring After placing third r NCAAs last year, it was no surprise that UCLA water polo had another successful season. The list of exciting highlights for the Bruins included UCLA going undefeated in four games of the Pac 10 vs PCAA Tournament. At the second annual Brum Invitational UCLA beat UCSB in sudden death, triple overtime and eventually placed second. UCLA also made a good showing against use by beating them in the Pac 10 opener. The Bruins were led to vic- tory due in part to the efforts of goalkeeper. Chuck Brown, All-American, Fernando Car- salade, and co-captain, Eric Paulsen. Surprisingly, this year ' s leading scorer was freshman Alexis Rousseau. The Bruin tradition of excellence will be carried on by Carsalade, Rousseau, and goalkeeper, Mike Vander Waerdt. The team was directed by an excellent coaching staff headed by coach Bob Horn. With this impressive line-up and staff, UCLA is bound to, again, be one of the best in NCAAs. ■ W A T. E R P O O Water Polo I IM ' T A U 17 A L •S Have you ever walked past the great big green field across from Pauley Pavillion and wondered what all the activity was about? Well if you ' ve ever wanted to leave the stress of work, class, and exams behind, and feel the free spirit of competition, then joining UCLA Intramural Sports is a definite must!! The UCLA In- tramural Sports Program is a chance to get involved in all kinds of sports from football to volleyball to racquetball and much more. You don ' t need to be a football Jock or track stud tojoin--all that is needed is a desire to HAVE FUN!!! Join- ing IM ' s is also a great way to get in shape and also to experi- ence a real feeling of team- work! • Mommy, he ' s taking my balll knew the ballet lessons would come in handy. 16 Intramurals Catch! Strike threel I ai» t Hey, dude, let go of my shirti Intramurals 1 1 7 Channing Dungey Intramural Football, Age: 1 7 Major: Poll Sci, Year: Freshman I once pushed a stalled car across 4 freeway lanes and up an offramp to a gas station--in the middle of the day! In my spare time I love to go dancing , , . I love dressing to go clubbing ... My favorite thing to eat is shrimp and mushroom quiche cuz I ' m not a " real man " so it ' s o.k. . 1 Spit pfol to at( and We We Sofi t, Ob " Set . . . Hikel " Channing I ' m sitting in my room, okay. My room- mate comes in and says " Guess what? " My roommate signed me up for IM ' s. i couldn ' t believe it. And now every time we have a game they drag me down to the field. They ' re like " We need another girl--come quick. " It ' s really not bad though, I was just a little surprised. I play for " The lmmortals " -it ' s for 2 North Sproul. On my team, there are five girls and probably nine or ten guys but you can only have three girls and three guys on the field at one time. Usually, I just block and pass and things like that. There ' s no real position. We got up to the semi-finals and we lost. We play other dorm teams and the Country Store and lots of different people like that. Most of the people who play IM ' s are like we are, real kick back. Clianning warms up before tine big game. throws a long bomb. The best thing about playing IM ' s is prac- ticing in the rain. It can get reaWy gross sometimes out there in the mud. But we still have a good time. Everyone on our floor has also become real good friends and we ' ve made good friends with the other teams. Sometimes, it can get really scary out there on the field. Some of the girls on the other teams are like tanker trucks and they mow you down-they ' re vicious. It can get really crazed out there. The smaller people can get hurt. I mean, it does take a little bit of athletic ability but these girls are too buff and they ' re competative, too. I just don ' t get it. We ' re out there having fun and they ' re go- ing crazy about it. Since the football season is over, now I ' m looking forward to getting into volleyball, tennis, and basketball. M m 70 - m 70 m 70 ♦ - m m " 0 m m n m i lfSli i ' i::.---. s p. o ► R T S ♦ C U -B S IIMTRODUCTIOIM So what if you ' re not a jock-big enough to knock over the ' Refrigerator ' or tali enough to biock Kareem ' s sky hook--maybe you ' re not cut out for NCAA competition, or maybe you just don ' t like the average everyday sports. There ' s lots more to get involved with on this campus. Along with IM ' s and Rec classes, there are a variety of Sports Clubs for the willing Bruin to join. Opportunities range from the exotic and mystic to the exciting and dar- ing to something a little closer to home. Whatever your taste or inclination, there is bound to be other people at UCLA with the same interest. Find out and get involved. A Sports Club is a great way to meet other Bruins, enjoy the thrill of competition and victory, and keep in shape at the same time. ■ 1 20 Sports Clubs Intro SKIt-XLUB le ind ou! way ipetitior ne. I 1 Jon Ward. Elizabeth Milias, Stephanie Linardos, Todd LeGassick, Laurence Friedman. John Freeman. Brian Levy, John Trullo. Carolyn Gains. Lynne Frank. Pam Dugan, Linnea Tveitmoe. Not piaured: Marti Former, Vicky VIss. Pete Chandler. Mark Harrington. Deena Phillips, advisor Rich Clakeley y Brian Levy and Elizabeth Milias in so-called " Domino ' s Pizza " sweaters. •s p ► Q •T. S C L U ■ B. S Sl i Club 1 2 1 S Abel, D. Adnano, J Beckmann. R Cabreras. M Cho, J Cohen, B Cole, J Copeland. J Denison, D Fisher, M Fok (president|. L Fong, B Foxworth, J, Hoffman, B Kato, K. Knightlinger, S, Kim, A Lo, J Mead. J Moms, T North, B, Ober, S. Peterson, C, Pulido, J Sablay. S Sergio, L Shishino, S. Smith. S, Slopes, E. Tidalgo, P. Tupy, R, Wilson, J Woodbury, A. Yen, coach Ted Katzoff, p. p R T c U S FEIMCING. ' CLUB The UCLA Fencing Club Team is an organization dedicated to promoting and developing the sport of fencing among the UCLA community. The club provides opportunities for exposure to all three weapons: foil, epee, and sabre. The club also pro- vides opportunities to fence competitively on the club ' s team. The Fencing Team competes against southern California universities and participates in the All-Cal tournaments every year. - I 22 Fencing Club « TOUCHEI as Brian scores one on Hal. I . • WUSHU.XLUB The Wushu Club is a brand new organiza- tion at UCLA that was established in the Fall of 1986. Our goal is to introduce and promote the Chinese martial arts (Wushu) which, in ad- dition to a form of self-defense, is a beneficial exercise, cultural performing art, and national sport of the People ' s Republic of China. Wushu is an excellent form of exercise for developing the entire body. Through regular and diligent training, one can achieve a high degree of coordination, strong and flexible muscles and joints, quick reflexes, a high level of stamina, and a good sense of balance. In addition, one may find his or her mental con- centration greatly improved, and this builds up one ' s self confidence. Wushu is also a unique sport and performing art which combines the aesthetic beauty of gymnastics with the dynamic speed and power of the martial arts. Wushu is characteristic of dazzling quick moves, spectacular aerials and jumps, explosive kicks and punches, sharp solid stances, and graceful leaps, twists and turns. Presently, the Wushu club has eighteen members. We are open to any student, faculty member or alumni. It is our hope that the group will continue to grow and prosper as more people become aware of the beauty and finesse of the Chinese martial arts-Wushu. • The V( ushu Club takes on a graceful pose. Mark Bobys. Corey Bolder, Carol Butcher, Tom Hagan, Erie Huang, Nghia Kha, Kiyon Kim, Ti-Lin Kuo, Jance Lee, Janine Lee. Wayne Lee, Edwind Liang, Howard Liu, Joseph Penaranda, Dan Phong, Hartmut Poppe, Jim Seng-Lit, Zorica Vasovic. s. C L B S V( ushu Club 123 f s p. o T S C L U B s- surf: CLUB Mark Adams, Stasi Albanese, Charlie Amezcua. Louie Arzaga. Dave Atkins. Heaor Ayala. Adesa Baker, John Baker, Diane Cameron, Sam Cammack, Rand Carter. Dan Chang, Tom Childers, Chris Cole, Kristin Cotrell, Doug Crow, Joe Del Rosario. Warren Dern. Mark Doumini, Robert Durazzo, Anthony Feliciani, Eric Fogulberg, Scott Friedenberg, Gretchen Frost, Fern Fungo, Danielle Gilyot, David Gonzalez. Gene Gonzalez, Steve Grant, Tom Greaber, Brian Grossman, Vivian Gueler, David Hagen, Kevin Hanson, Andy Heilprin, EIna Hubble, Casey Hull, Trent Jackson, Lurin Jones, Robin Kausch, Jay Kim, Danny Klein, Christian Kocher, Diane LaBuda, Gena Lasko, Fred Lee, Eric Lizerbran, Charles Lynch, Tim McAdams, Bobby Mack. Carl Mahon, Hilary Malloy. Paul Magruder. Ed Marcek. Dawn Mays. John Mead. Eric Mikuteit. Nichelle Miskinnis. Chris Molner. Bruce Morgan. Roger Murray. Taylor Nagle. Mike O ' Donnell, Kerry Oh. Matt Olshiver, Chris Panaia. Nancy Pang. Rick Perez. Linda Peters, Amy Porinchak, Jeff Rangle, Chris Rawley, Ed Rhee, Keith Roberts, Mark Rochin, Carlos Rojas, Greg Rubel. Jason Rubel. Naomi Sachs. Shelly Sanchez. John Sandmeyer. Bob Sanseverino. Jim Scatena, Steve Shaw, Richard Schroeder. Sandra Siani. Jim Stanfill. Larry Stokes. Bob Trapnell . Robert Vataie. Julie W alsh. Gary Wedbush. Mike Willard. Kenny Zabala Howti nSr " . Hi ■■ " sv- Only in LA--the UCLA Surf Club 1 24 Surf Club An impromptu display of the martial arts. How to fight off two attackers. HWARAMG-DO Over 1800 years ago, in the Korean kingdom of Silla, young members of the royal family were entrusted with the future of their entire genera- tion. In dangerous times of feudal dispute and the imminent threat of domination by larger neighboring states, it was essential that the war- riors go not unprepared. King Chinhing called upon Buddhist priest Won Kwang Bopsa to educate and train the young generation in all aspects of quality life, including the essential ad- vantage of a powerful system of martial arts. The first Hwarang warrior was born . . . destined to become the most feared and respected fighting force in all of Asia. Today ' s student can benefit from this knowl- edge, passed down from generation to genera- tion. The first yesr Hwarang-Do came to the Western world was 1968. r 1969, the position of Grand Master was passed to Joo Bang Lee. This position made Joo Bang Lee the Supreme Grand Master of Hwarang-Do, in an unbroken line of succession lasting over 1800 years. As president of the World Hwarang-Do Association, Joo Bang Lee is singularly responsible for spreading his art, and the presence of hundreds of his instructors throughout the world is evidence of his success. The Intercollegiate Hwarang-Do Council (ICHRDC) is composed of the instructors and of- ficers of each of its member clubs. There current- ly exist Hwarang-Do Clubs on seven campuses throughout southern California and Arizona, with plans to expand in the near future. - I ' Scott Anthony, James Ausley. Kenneth Chan, Vere Chappell (Public Relations). Thomas Childers. Shuvea Fountaine. R. Vaughn GUI, Al Gonzalez (Fundraising Officer|. Stephen Higa, Viet Hoang, Michael Joe (Secretary), Ed Kieth. Loreen Lamm, Carl Lee, Janlne Lee, Michael Leinwand, Milton Mejia, Craig Mizutari (In- structor), Thomas Molyneux, Guy Nicio, David Oles (Asst, Instructor and President). Angle Ren (Recruitment Officer), David Reynaldo, Lisa Washington, Jeffrey Wilson (Treasurer). Michael Yee. s p. ■ o A R T S C " L U B S Hwa Rang Do 125 nORS V SENIORS ; • SENIORS V SENIQIS Craig Aaronson B.A Psychology Monique Abacherii B A Political Science May Abad B A Linguistics Nimfa Abarquez B A Political Science Yvaniza Abaunza B.A. Political Science Anuri Abayaratna B.S. Biology Susan Abracen B A. Political Science Adam Acone B A. History SENIOR SHOWCASE Michelle Beshara Major: Biology Hometown: Los Angeles Future Goals: To become a surgeon after a year of exten- sive travel and relaxation. I got a lot out of all of the ac- tivites I participated in, but I think i got the most out of my volunteer work in the hospital. I had some really nice experiences-like being able to watch surgeries, being able to see and touch all kinds of organs that came out of surgeries (I know that pro- bably sounds gross but 1 learned a lot from that experi- ence). I found that holding someone ' s hand sometimes says more than words and that even if you don ' t speak the same language, you can easily communicate a sense of caring. ■ Farah Abbdollahzadeh B S Applied Math Jill Ackerman B S Psychobiology David Acton B.S. Electrical Engr Mall a Adier B.A. Communications Pauline Aghiadjanian B S. Biology Lisa Agrusa B A History Connie Aguiar B.A. English Juiia Aguirre B.S. Nursing 1 28 Seniors S ♦ SENIORS ♦ ; SENIORS V SENIORS • v Sergio Aguirre B A Science Anthony Aiello B A Political Science Lisa Aitelli B A Economics B.A. Politicil Science Pooran Alagheband B A Political Science Renato Albaran B S Math Comp Sci Elizabeth Alcocl B A Psychology James Alexander B A Political Science Carl Alexandra B A Econ Poh Sci John Alford B S Physics ilSk Andrew Aligne B.S. Biochemistry Kenneth Alimento B S Psychobiology Anne Allen B A Enqhsh Bonnie Allen B A Psvrholoqy Michael Allen B A Political Science Stacy Allman B A Political Science Christine Alloggiamento B A Comm Stds Bus Dana Althouse B A Psychology Brian Altounian B A Psychology IVIarceia Aiurralde B S Math Comp Sci Ali Alviri Theodore Amidon Eric Amparan Harriet Anagnos Scott Anastasi B S Biology B S Math AppI Sci B.A, Political Science B A Poll Sci Bus B A. Political Science Seniors 129 ■ ORS -; SENIORS . SENIORS SENIOR! ; Oemetress Anderson B A Psychology Kay Anderson B.A Psychology Kelly Anderson B A Soc Bus Mary Anderson B A Theater Arts Lorraine Andrade B A Linguistics Tracy Andrew B.A Economics Stephanie Andrews B A. History Tim Angelas B S Psychobiology Zaida Angulo B A History Mary Annala B S Geography Ecosys Teresa Anthenlen B A Historv Bus Melanle Aokl B,S. Psychobiology Andrew Appel B.A. Econ Bus Robert Appell 3. A, Political Science Allison Arabian BA Historv i! Mgo Araradlan B A Economics Steve Arbizo BA Art Edward Arnold B A Economics Susan Arroyo B A Psychology Lisa Ashley B.A Political Science James Ashworth Bently Au GIna Aubry Donna Ausby Juanlto Austria B.S Kirtesiology B S Math Appi Sci B.A. Psychology B.S. Applied Math B.S. Applied Math 30 Seniors ;SEMORS ' -SEI IIORS : SENIORS SE Maria Austria B,A, Ling Psych Jeffrey Axtell B.A. Economics Shahin Azarmehr B A, Poll Sci Bus Soleyman Azizzadeh B S. Math Comp Sci Karin Backstrom B.A Soc Bus Jay Bae B.A, Economics Paul Bae B A Political Science l arl Baer B.A Econ Bus Anush Bagdzhadzhyan 6.S. Biochemistry Varoujan Baghdassarian B.A Sociology Suyoung Balk B.A. Political Science DIanne Bailey B A Economics Kathleen Bailey B A Sociology Mark Baines B A Economics Gregory Babiklan B.S. Psychobiology " SENIOR SHOWCASE v 96 - " va w lap Lisa Agrusa Major: History B % ■ ' " • ' - jjii. Hometown: Diamond Bar l ' Ja i Future Goals: To practice (aw if mm 1 Working in student governm- y ent both as an assistant in an w ■ .. Hn office and as the secretary for rn m ' 1 USAC were the most rewar- ifcAT M ding activities for me. Par- ticipating in student gov- ernment allowed me to become involved with a diverse group of people in an i ■ influential area of this cam- pus. 1 feel student governm- ent has allowed me an ' avenue to participate in a wide variety of areas on this i .: campus and to form many friendships. - Eduard Bagdasarlan B.A. Econ Bus Joseph Bailey B.S. Biology Cynthia Bain B A Theater Arts Brian Baker B A Soc BUs Seniors 1 3 1 NIORS-. SEIMIORS " . SEIMIORS SEIMiaS Chris Baker B A, Economics Aljna Balbin B A Psychology James Banich B A. Geography Theodore Barnett B A Economics Shane Bartley B A Poll Soc Urb Stds Gregory Baker B.A. Political Science James Baker B A Sociology Monica Baker B A Psychology Gabriela Balcazar B A Spanish Lit Kristy Baldwin B A History Robert Balian B A Economics Vincent Barbato B A Psych Bus Roger Bardeau B S Mechanical Engr Daniel Barer B A Political Science Daniel Barrett B A, Econ lnfl Stds Patricia Barrett B A History Albert Barrios, Jr B A Political Science John Baskovich B S Physics Michele Bates B A Sociology Suzanne Battat B A Political Science Stephen Baker B A Econ Bus Julie Banales BA English Rebecca Barnes B A Theater Arts Michael Barshop B.A. Psychology Dennis Batucal B A Psychology 1 32 Seniors I 1 CS ♦. -SEWIORS i SENIORS SENIORS- . Phyriis Baxter BS Biology Deanna Bayless BS. Applied Math SENIOR SHOWCASE Christine Alloggiamento Major: Comm Stds Bus Hometown: San Jose Future Goals: To be a net- work program executive or an advertising executive Whether it be struggling with a new song on my guitar, learning the ins and outs of the new technologies field, tackling a research project in the law library for a role play seminar, writing three research papers due the same week, or simply learning new plays on the football field, my " talent " is being able to take challenges with aplomb, I have much more to learn, but UCLA has given me a great starting blockl • My favorite neighboring hot spot is my 2-story apartment on Landfair, It houses GREAT roomies; has provided wonderful parties; and has much needed closet space. I Jill Baynard B A Political Science .J 1 i. Kevin Beadles B.S. Biology Clarl Beatty B A French Elizabeth Beaudine B A Sociology Darren Bebe B S. Kines Bus Cynthia Beck B A Economics Kathryn Becl er BS Biology Kimberiy Becker B A. Psychology Barry Beckett B.A Economics Theresa Beers B A English Eric Belusa B S. Kinesiology Elizabeth Benkowski B A Sociology Valerie Benner BA Psych Bus Steven Bennett B.A Economics David Bental B A. Econ Bus Seniors 133 RS: ♦SENIORS V SENIORS .% SENIORS %SI w m ' ' ' iM Kathryn Benzick B S. Kinesiology Yvette Bercel B A Economics Renee Berg B A Economics Heidy Berger B A Political Science Barbara Bergines B A. Psychology Victoria Berglund B,A Anthropology Anthony Berk as, Math Comp Sci Beth Berkowitz B A Sociology Angela Beroukhim B A Psychology Alison Berry B.A. History Angela Berry B A Poll Sci Bus Rob Berry B A Political Science Michele Beuerlein B.A. Philosophy Kriss Bickel B.A. History Oiedra Bickell B.A. History Catherine Biddy B A Communications Leah Berger B.A. Econ Bus Donna Bernardo B.A. Sociology IMichelle Beshara B S Biology Elisa Bieber B A Spanish Nicole Bien Barna Biharl Peter Binaski Christina Bird IMahid Birjandi B A Political Science B S Mathematics B A Economics B A Political Science BS Biology Seniors 5 SENIORS • ♦SENIORS ♦ V SENIORS - SEM Reza Birjandi B.S. Biochemistry Kathleen Black B.A. Psychology Marsha Block B,A Political Science Missy Birns B A Psychology Miranda Bishai B.S. Psychobiology Tamara Bishop B.A Linguistics Dennis Bittner B S Biology Jennifer Blakemore B.A Economics Stacy Blaney B.A Psychology Scott Blankenship B A Political Science Nathaniel Bleekman B A. English l lfi Christian Boehmer B S Microbiology Christa Bonaventura Christopher Bon-Durant B A English 6 A Political Science Maria Bono B A Political Science Todd Bontemps B A English Victoria Bonura B.A Poll Sci Bus Belinda Bonzon B.A Psychology Mojgan Bottehsazan B A Political Science David Bouchez B A Music Susan Bower Aimee Boyce Lee Boyko Ruth Boyle James Bozajian B.S. Biology B A Psychology BA English B A Linguistics B.A. History Seniors 135 MIORS VSENIORS . -SEIMIORS ' i-SENIOIS Lillian Bradwell B A, Political Science Joseph Brajevich B A Political Science Marc Bran B S Kinesiology Stephen Brand B A English Lit SEIMIOR SHOWCASE Madelin Carrecela Major: Kinesiology Hometown: Glendale Future Goals: Medical School: modeling professionally: and becoming a successful mother, wife, and physician I get the most out of being a member of Cuban American Bruins because this organiza- tion really makes me feel like there are people that really care. This organization also makes me aware of my culture, and allows for people who come from a common background to share com- mon experiences from their childhood. It made my last year at UCLA unforgettable. • Kathleen Brennan B A. Eng World Lit Paul Brennan B S Materials Sci Engr Laura Brenneisen BS Kinesiology Alissa Brill B A. Political Science Tamerlin Broxton B.A. Eng Poli Sci Oebra Brown B A Psych Econ Ronni Brown B S Psychobiology Henry Browne B,S Kinesiology Michael Branda B A Economics Clayton Brandes BS Microbiology Kimberly Brand! B A Psychology John Brooks B.A Economics Lynette Bruce B S Math AppI Sci 136 Seniors Ols -SENIORS ♦. SEIMIORS; .SENIORS 5 Stephen Brunner B A English Lisa Bruzzone B A Comm Stds Bus Jennifer Bryant B A English James Buck B.A Political Science Lisa Buehring B.A Classical Civ Margaret Buggy B A English Melissa Buhler B A Psychology Tina Bunch B A Psychology Horencio Bungalon B S, Engineering Stacy Bunnage B A Sociology John Burnite, Jr B A. Political Science Gail Burns B.A Psychology Ernest Bustillos B A Econ lhfl Stds Carla Butler B.S. Biology Gerald Byrd B S Electrical Engr James Bywater B A Psychology Cris Cabacungan B S Biology Anthony Cabebe B.S Psychobiology Olivia Cajulis B S Biology Karen Calhoun B A Psychology Thomas Callaghan B.S. Chemical Engr Dominic Camara B.A. Political Science Caren Camerota B A Economics Cristie Campbell B A English Douglas Campbell B A Econ Hist Seniors 137 ORS ♦SENIORS ; SENIORS A SENIORS; Corinne Canning B A Economics David Cardwell B S Chemical Engr Antliony Cannizzaro Christopher Cantelmi B.S. Biology B S Civil Engr Pearly Caparaz B A Psych Soc Bus Trisha Cardoso-Duarte Celeste Carey B A Sociology b A Sociology Yvette Carlisle B.S Psychobiology William Capoblanco B S Electrical Engr Christina Carlson B A Sociology Russell Carlson, Jr B A Political Science Elizabeth Carter B S Atmospheric Sci Shawn Cassidy BA Econoniics Gary Carmell B A Political Science George Caronan B.A Economics Andrew Carothers B A Political Science Lynn Carter B.A. Psychology Patricia Carvacho 8 A Economics Christin Casdorph B.A. Psych Bus Cynthia Cassinelli B A Communications William Castelblanco B A Psychology Cesar Castellanos B A Infl Rel Poli Sci Madelin Carracela B S Kinesiology Kelley Case B.S. Applied Math Cynthia Castillo B S Applied Math 1 38 Seniors Ri .•SENIORS ; ' SENIORS ASENIORS -SE Peter Castro B.A Psychology Lisa Cervini B A Sociology Ingrid Chan B.A. Psych Bus Patricia Chan B A Econ Bus Janine Cavoto I A ComniiiniCritions Virginia Cayetano B A Sociology Patricia Centrone B S Electrical Engr SENIOR SHOWCASE Kimberly Ann Brandi Major: Psychology Business Hometown: Seal Beach Future Goals: To open my own private practice and act as a consultant to corpora- tions I remember looking at a friend ' s UCLA yearbook as a senior in high school, and wondering nervously how I was to make the transition from a small Catholic girls TT9 school (my senior class had 45 girls in it!) to such a gigan- tic institution. I could not fig- ure out how people made good friends or even got in- volved in anything. Needless to say, the old cliche, " You ' ll only be a number " tends to make a 1 7-year-old a little ap- prehensive. However, 1 soon found that you really can do and gain anything (almost) you desire at UCLA if you give it a shot .... A shot I gave it and it certainly paid off. I ' ' kiii yL-: ' J I think I ' m pretty norma . well, no ... I am a little weird sometimes. I don ' t know if I should say this but I ' ve gone swimming in the inverted fountain! Gordon Cervenica B A Psychology Christine Chan B A. Music l lichele Chan B S Kines Psych Roy Chan B S Math Comp Sci «J«A ..-.« mr: Chris Chang B.S. Geography Ecosys Hwi Chang B.S. Electrical Engr Kate Chang B.S. Biochemistry Lydia Chang B.S. Applied Math Sean Chang 3.S Applied Math Seniors 139 RS. ' . SENIORS V SENIORS ; ♦ SENIORS i£ Stella Chang B S Chemistry Steve Chang B A Econ Bus NX onkoo Chang B A History Gary Charlton B A Eng Bus John Chartier, Jr B S Microbiology Quang Chau B,S Electrical Erngr Liscia Chavez B A Psychology Charles Chen B S Mechanical Engr Christine Chen B A Econ lnfi Stds Fei-Ming Chen B S Math Comp Sci Franl Chen B A Psychology Isaac Chen B,S. Materials Sci Engr Ivonne Chen B.S. Applied Math Jane Chen S Psychobiology Kitty Chen B A Dance Lisa Chen B A Economics Woan-Ling Chen B,A Economics Yun-Chin Chen B.A Econ Bus Richard Chenault B.S Engineering Loraine Cheng B.A Ling Comp Sci May Cheng B S Psychobiology Wellson Cheong B A Econ lnfl Stds Rani Cherkoori B A Political Science Barbara Cheung B A English Simon Cheung B S Physics 140 Seniors J SSENIORS. SENIORS SEI IIORS ' ♦SEIM Thayer Chew B A Econ Bus Tracey Chew B A Sociology Joseph Chi B.S. Electrical Engr Nancy Chiang B S Electrical Engr Shun-Chen Chiang B S Psychobiology l ling Chien B S Bio Math Comp Sci Norman Chil B S Applied Math Anahit Chilingarian B S Cyberrietics Beverly Chin B A Psychology Carolyn Chin B S.Math AppI See SENIOR SHOWCASE Mike Cohn Major: Political Science Hometown: San Diego Future Goals: To enter the public arena working with some major form of the gov- ernmental process I feel very grateful for the successes that I have had at UCLA, but equally grateful for the setbacks because they have taught me understan- ding and perserverance. My talents are not the major key to my extensive UCLA in- volvement. I think it has been the wonderful people around me that have believed in my abilities and always supported my efforts that have allowed any sort of talented ' Juices " to flow. M Darlene Chin B A Economics Marcella Chin B A Psychology ■ Sangeeta Chitnis Carver Chiu Clara Chiu Michael Chiu EunJoo Cho n B A Economics B A, Poll Sci Bus BA History B A Econ Bus B A Economics Seniors ' 14 1 ORS- . SENIORS ♦• -SENIORS v SENIORS • Irene Cho B S, Biology Tammy-Lu Choy B S Math Comp Sci Gregory Christy B,A Economics Helen Chung B A, Sociology Margaret Cho B A Art Mindy Chong B,A Economics Sangeeta Chopra B.S Biochemistry Stephanie Choy B A Poll Sci Bus Tracy Chriss B A, Political Science Elizabeth Christensen B,A Econ Bus Jon Christensen B.S. Math Econ William Christiansen III B A Political Science Amy Chu B.S Biochemistry John Chu B A Economics Kyong Chu B A. Ecoh Bus Tsun Chu B.A. Econ Bus Louis Chung B A, Economics Laura Ciaccio B A French Lisa Ciarfella Nancy CIccarelll B A Political Science B A Communications Christine CIcone Judy Clair Christopher Clark Maureen Clarke Cynthia Clayton B A Sociology B A Psychology B A History B A Psychology B A Music 142 Seniors SENIORS V SENIORS %• SENIORS- SE Donald Clem B.A Political Science Mahrouz Cohen B S Biology Blake Colburn B.A Political Science Christine Collom B S Comp Sci Engr Sheryl Cocker B.A Psychology Patricia Coffey B A Political Science Cathy Cogan B A. Communications Yasaman Cohanim B.S. Psychobiology IVIeal Cohen B.S, Comp Sci Engr Sharon Cohen B.A Soc Bus Theodore Cohen B A. Econ Bus Allison Cole B.A. English Peter Coleman B A History Jillana Collins B A Soc Bus Kimberly Colsen B A. Political Science Joanna Colucci B A Math Econ Kristian Concepcion 8 A Economics Yael Cohen-Tawil B.S. Psychobiology Marie Collins B.A. English June Coney B A. Poll Sci Bus Suzanne Connolly Dona Cook Pamela Cook Lynne Cooper Kevin Cordano B A Design B.A. Economics B.A. Econ Bus B.A Econ Bus Seniors 143 eWIORS-. SENIORS -t SENIORS VSENIGS Steven Cornell B A Hist Bus StacI Cowan B.A. Economics Catherine Crawford B A Geography Anna Corral B A Music Joe Courtney B A History Patrick Covert 8 S Chemistry Ryan Crenshaw B S Biology SENIOR SHOWCASE Cynthia Cassinelli Major: Communications Hometown: Torrance Future Goals: Extensive travel- ing and owning my own advertising agency During my 4 years at UCLA, I got the most out of going to summer school in Italy and being Business Manager at the Daily Brum, Italy allowed me to explore myself away from normal day to day routines while examining my roots and experiencing a dif- ferent culture. The Business Manager position has taught me a great many things about what it is like to be responsible for 60 people and whiat a project such as a daily publication entails, as well as the type of high-pressure ex- pectations which accompany a 1 .5 million dollar budget. ■ I ' m happiest being a Leo . . I love the association vi ith a fiery personality and loving the sun. To me, be- ing a Bruin means NO SLEEP! Janette-Renee Covington B.S. Psychobiology Stet ' .. ■ " ,:.— ■ • - " " - E!TMi i ■•«■ c Phaebra Croft B A Psychology Diane Crowley B A. Psychology Nancy Crum B A Sociology Carlos Cruz B A Political Science Debra Crall B A. Communications Maria Crenna B.A English Amer Stds Carole Crissman B A Economics Leonard Cruz B A Dance Kines i 44 Seniors JKfS ' SENIORS %♦ SENIORS ♦% SENIORS % S Andre Cullins B A Economics Matthew Currie B A Poll Sci Soc Frederick Dai B S Engineering John Dant B S Applied Math Vincent D ' Averso B A Political Science Vanessa Culp B S Mjthematics Jacquline Cummins B A Sociology Tracy Cunning R A Pwi hology Thomas Curry B A English William Curry B A Sociology Bridget Curtis B A Poll Sci Afro-Amer Stds Shahia Oallalzadeh B S Math Comp Sci David Dalva B,S. Math Comp Sci Edward Damore B S Psychobiology Faranak Daravi B S Psychobiology Bruce Dath B A Linguistics Monique Datz B A Classical Civ Margaret David B S Biology JaneAnn Davidson B A Spanish Eartha Davis B S. Psychobiology tv Todd Cunningham B A Psychology Greta Curtis B A Political Science Loreta Danielpour B A Psychology Liv Davalos BA English Gregory Davis B A Political Science Seniors 145 MIORS .- SENIORS -SENIORS ♦ SENIOR Sandra De Pasquale B.A Psychology 1 hHI i 3 Laura DeKraker B.A Political Science Adam Deutsch B A Psychology 1,1 David De Castro B.S. Kinesiology Terry de la Vega i S Kines Psych Laurence De Mers B.A. Econ Bus Gerry de Ocampo B S Biology Diane De Vries B.A Sociology l lichael Dealy B.A. Econ Poli Sci Suzanne Deely B A Psych Bus Giovanni DeeTan B A Economics Linda Dennis B.S Math AppI Sci Daniei Depue B S Electrical Engr John Der Sarltisian B A. Economics Diana Derycz B A. Hist Latin Amer Stds Lisa Deutsch B A Poll Sci Inf I Rel Christopher Devereaux BS Biology Kelly DeWeese B.A. English Annamaria Di Santo B.A. Fine Art RaffI DIanysian Hung Dlec Angell Diego Ba Diep Peter Diepenbrock B.S Computer Sci Engr B S Math Comp Sci B A. Sociology B.S, Electrical Engr B S Kinesiology 46 Seniors .1 C!S- ' SENIORS A seniors; -SENIORS t David Dietrich B A Economics I Timothy Dinh B S Math Comp Sci Janet Domena B.S. Microbiology Regina Don ! A Communications Elisabeth Dietrick B,A, Theatre MPTV Karen Dlller B A Eng World Lit Hoa Dinh IS Applied Math Son Dinh B.S, Biochemisty Alissa DIrkson B.A. History Elton Dixon B S Kinesiology Lorene Dixon B A Theater Arts Jennifer Dollar B A Economics Janet Domingo B S. Civil Engr Mark Donatucci B.S, Unified Engr SENIOR SHOWCASE Caren Camerota Major; Economics Hometown: Northridge Future Goals: To become an economics professor at a ma- jor university I got the most out of Homecoming because I really got to see the " inside " of the Alumni Association and UCLA. I also met so many interesting people, students, and alums that I feel that the eight months that I put into Homecoming was worth it. I feel that by participating in Mardi Gras and Homecoming I am a very spirited Brum. I love to participate in all kinds of UCLA activities and plan to be a very active alumnus. ■ Colette Donnelly B.A Sociology Dan Dougherty B.A. Economics Dahlia DoumanI B A Comm Stds Bus Dean Drake B.A. Economics Donald Drake, Jr B.A Ecorwmics Seniors 147 IMIORS ♦. -SENIORS ' . SENIORS • SENIGS Karen Drapeau B,A. Econ Bus Eva Dru B A Political Science Jaclyn Duncan B A Philosophy Yvette Dyen B.S. Psychobiology Kenneth Drazkowski B A Political Science Susan Drees B A, Linguistics Joel Dreskin B A Comm Stds Bus Margaret Drew B A Economics Paul Drysch B A Econ lnt ' l Stds Julie Du Brow B.A. Communications Steve Dubey B.A. Psychology Thomas Dugoni B S Biology Craig Dunkin B A Political Science Laura Dupuis B.A. Political Science John Dupuy B A Political Science Adrienne Durant B.A, Psych Bus Gerard Dypiangco B A Psychology Joseph Dypiangco B.A. Psychology Gregory Easton B A Economics Michelle Edenfeld B.S Kinesiology Kent Edens Charles Edgar Nancy Eissler Robert Ela Peter Ellas B A Geography B A Poll Sci Hist B.A. Linguistics B S Computer Sci Engr BA Psych Bus 48 Seniors I ms • SENIORS ♦•. SENIORS • t SENIORS Brad Elkins B,S Psychobiology Cynthia Elkins i S AppI Math Comp SENIOR SHOWCASE Carrie Coltman Major: English Business Hometown: Irvine Future Goals: Graduate school, in possibly the area of university administration At UCLA, I feel that I got the most out of being a summer orientation counselor. As a counselor, I was able to meet " bright eyed and bushy tail- ed " incoming freshmen, transfers and parents. Their enthusiasm, especially the freshmen, was contagious. I really felt that I contributed significantly to the futures of many of these fine new recruits, thus contributing to the future of UCLA. - Kristen Elliott B A Italia n Mark Elliott B A Economics Susan Elliott B.A Sociology Lisa Ellis 1 A Econ lnfl Stds Dorea El-Sayed B.A. Econ Bus Joyce Elumba B A English Scott Emery B A Psychology Carol Endo B S Psychobiology Eva Epelbaum B A Psychology William Erkus B.A. French Anthony Eriick BA Psych Econ Bus Heidi Ernst B S Biology Erik Escher B.A. Political Science Christopher Espineli B.A Economics Jill Espinoza B.A. Communications Seniors 149 lORS ♦v ' SEIMIORS- ; SENIORS •.• SENIOR; Gena Esposito B A Design Thomas Fagan B A Hist Philos Wei Fang B.S. Math Comp Sci Jeffrey Farrar B.S Geology Mark Feldman 8. A Econ Bus 1 50 Seniors Ernesto Estrada B S. Econ Sys Sci Corinne Estrella B,A Psychology Maria Euyoque B,A Political Science Patricia Evora B A Poll Sci lnfl Pel Elizabeth Faico B A History Dana Fall B A Sociology James Fall B A History 4 |K Diana Faraone B A Dance Laura Farber B A Political Science Amany Farid B.S Biology Kristin Farrell B A Econ Bus Farimah Fayyad B.S. Math Comp Sci Rebecca Feather B A Economics Lisa Felix B S Computer Sci Engr Wan-Lin Feng B.S Psychobiology Patricia Fenn B A Psychology Kathryn Fallon B S Biology Lori Farino B.A. Economics Ronnie Feemster B A Sociology James Fenton B.S. Electrical Engr I t i 1 S :• SENIORS . VSEMORS . • SEMIORS A S Anthony Fernandes B S Biology Sania Fernandez 8 A Political Science Amedeo Ferraro B S Biology Bethanne Fife B A History David Finl el B.A Econ Bus Teresa Finocchiaro B A Poll Sci Bus Dena Fischer B,A English Michael Fischer Brian Fishman Tara FitzGerald B A, History B.S Chemistry B.A Sociology Richard Fitzpatrick B A Economics Joy Fletcher B A Communications Renato Floresca B.A. Economics Suzanne Foley B.A. Political Science Christopher Folley B.S. Physics Belinda Fong B A Sociology Evelyn Fong B.A. Econ lnfl Stds Victoria Fong B S Electrical Engr Dana Footman B.A. Soc Bus Yolanda Ford B A. Political Science Anne Forgy Angela Foroutanzad Fardad Forouzanpour B A Sociology B S AppI Math Comp Sci B S Biology Susan Forsyth B.S Mechanical Engr Anita Fossgreen B A History Seniors 1 5 1 EIMIORS SENIORS ♦ SENIORS SENIORS Laurie Fouts B.A Sociology Vincent Fowble B S. Kinesiology Sally Fox B A, Econ Bus Teik Francis ! A Political Science Margie Franco B A History Lisa Frankel B A Psychology Brett Franklin B S, Psychobiology Slierri Franklin B A. Cultural Anthro Karen Franzon B A Economics Matthew Fraychineaud B S Geology fe Kathleen Frederick B A Psychology Dylan Free B A Economics Jennifer Freebairn-Smith B A French Lit Dudley Freeland B A Anthropology Hovhanness Freeland B A Poll Sci Bus SENIOR SHOWCASE Nancy Crum Major: Sociology Business Hometown: Fullerton Future Goals: A career in the entertainment industry Although all my activities have been rewarding I have to say that the Student Outreach program has been the best. I am able to en- courage high school kids who feel they don ' t have a chance at attending UCLA. I love UCLA and I love represesnting it on these recruitment programs and showing it off on the campus tours. • Gregory Frees B.S. Mechanical Engr r ( I Tony Freeman B A Econ Poli Sci I 52 Seniors RSv SEMORS % SEI IIORS ; -SENIORS I Janice French B A History Leona French B A Sociology Tamar Frenkel B A Psychology Lana Frick B A World Arts Cultures Sharon Friedman B S Kinesiology Irmgard Friedrich B.S Biology Jacquelyn Frisco B A History Wendy Fristche B S Civil Engr Randall Fudge B,A, History Beth Fujishige B A Poll Sci Hist ,(j Seiju Fujishima 8 S Applied Math Eileen Fulton ! A Political Science Maria Funk B.A. Psch Bus Stuart Furumizo B.S, Math Appl Sci Paul Fust B.A Economics Stephane Fymat B.S. Mechanical Engr Stacy Gabrlelson B A Hist Bus Carolyn Gaines 8 A Comm Stds 8us Donna-Marie Galante B A Political Science Theresa Gallagher B.A, Communications Stephanie Gallardo BA Soc Bus Gregory Gallien B A Political Science Bimal Gandhi 8 A Poll Sci Econ Ann Margaret Ganguin 8 A Economics Maria Garcia 8 S Math Spanish Seniors 153 1 ?S . • SENIORS .♦ SENIORS V- SENIORS i Caryn Gardener B A English Suzanne Gazzaniga B A Poll Sci lnfl Rel Chawki Gerges B S, Biochemistry Ellen Gewecke B A. Psychology Susan Gardner B A Linguistics David Garelick B A Political Science Paul Garry i A Political Science Craig Geiger B S Mechanical Engr Barbara Gelb B,A Psychology Marcy Gelb B A, English Jennifer Gerlach B.A Econ Bus Dixie Gertsman B A Political Science Valerie Gervin B.A Communications Amerjit Ghag B A Design Dale Giali B A Political Science Bradley Giannotti B S Kinesiology Barry Gaynor B A Psychology Janet Geletko B A, Sociology Michelle Gesas B.A Psychology Jerri Gibson B.A Sport Psychology Ronald Gies Jennifer Giese Juliet Giese Monique Gilbert Sharon Gilkey B A Poll Sci Bus B.S Psychot)iology B A Political Science B A Art B A English 1 54 Seniors ENIORS . • SENIORS • SENIORS . SENI i Todd Gindy B A Economics i Sherri Gipson B.A. Sociology Stephanie Glenn B.A. French Hist SEtMIOR SHOWCASE Miranda Bishai Major: Psychobiology Hometown: Upland Future Goal: To become a physician At UCLA It IS easy to limit oneself because of the tremendous academic load. I could not be satisfied by only academics, and wanted to get as involved as possible. By being involved in activities such as the Greek System, UCLA sponsered activities, and community service, I think that I have taken ad- vantage of the opportunities UCLA has to offer. Through my sorority I have been exposed to many activi- ties that have given me the opportunity to work with people that are extremely diverse and talented. I think the sorority has helped me become involved more on campus. M Stephen Gingold B A Psychology Karin Glasgow B A. Political Science Adolfo Godinez B.A. Sociology Michael Godinho B.A. Communications Diane Goebel B.S. Math Applied Econ Slgal Goland B.A. Psychology Jerami Gold B A Design Patricia Gold B A. Theater Arts Debbie Goldade B S Kinesiology Cathy Goldberg B A Psychology Andrew Goldberger Gary Goldenberg B A History B A Sociology Howard Goldman B S Psychobiology Seniors 155 r IORS % SENIORS ;.SEIMIORS SENIOR David Goldstein B A Communications Gregory Goldstein BA Econ Bus Rhonda Goldstein B A Communications Mi Richard Goldstein B A Econ Bus Gene Golovshinsky B S Electrical Engr Shapour Golshani B S Biology Angeline Gonzales B A Psychology Efren Gonzalez B A Design Leticia Gonzalez BA. Spanish Literature Maria Gonzales B A Spanish Ling Marybelle Gonzalez Ray Gonzalez B A WId Arts Cul Music B A English Sherwin Goo B S Aerospace Engr Kenneth Goodman B.A Sociology Deanna Goodwin B A Sociology Katherine Goodwin BA. Design LaFaune Gordon B.A. Psychology Lena Gorji B A Sociology Rachel Grace B S Chemistry Don Grage B.S Physics Lisa Green Beth Greenburg Denise Greene Joanie Greene Charles Greenwald B.A English B A History B A Psychology B A Sociology B S Physics Seniors k • SENIORS r SEIMIORS« v SENIORS VS Jan Gregory B S Civil Engr Eduard Grigorescu B S Bioengineering Randall Gross B A Politir, ! Srience Wendy Grudt B A Psychology Thomas Grewe B A Sociology Carolyn Griffin B A English Khisna Griffin BA English Daniel Griffin B A Political Science Ellie Grillo B S. Psychobiology Walter Grivett B S Mechanical Engr Karen Groepler B A Sociology Matthew Gross B A Econ Bus Christine Groth B A History Heidi Group B A Economics Wendy Gruber B A Psychology Joseph Gruchacz B A History Valerie Guest B S Kinesiology SENIOR SHOWCASE Kathleen Brennan Major: World Literature Hometown; Fountain Valley Future Goals: International Management I believe that my year abroad was the experience that I learned the most from here at UCLA. Spending an entire year in another country, in another culture made me realize how different two cultures can be. I came not only to appreciate the Spanish culture but also to appreciate our own more than I had be- fore knowing another. Also, living and surviving everyday life and classes in another language has given me a sense of self confidence that will always be an asset. - Seniors 157 MORS . SENIORS v - SENIORS ♦•. SEMOS Vasken Guiragossian B A Design George Gutierrez B A. Psychology Arto Haddadian B,S. Biochemistry Mark Hagelston B,A Psychology Timothy Haley B A History 1 58 Seniors Harry Gundersen B A Soc Bus Chris Gussner B S Kinesiology Richard Gustafson B.A Econ Bus Lisa Gutierrez B,S Applied Math Vincent Gutierrez B A. Economics Dimitri Haeff IS Geography Ecosys Deanna Haffey B S Math Econ Thomas Hagan B.A. East Asian Stds Cynthia Haiduk B.A Psychology Albert Hakimi B A Economics Ramin Hakimi-Pour B S Biochemistry LkJk Gordon Hall B A Economics Karin Hall B A History Michael Halperin B.A. Economics Roxanne Gustovich B A Design Elizabeth Guzman Devon Haas B A Political Science B S. Applied Math Michael Hagedorn 6 A English Natalie Hale B A Communications Carl Halter B.A History 1 GS " . -SEWIORS-. SENIORS V SENIORS ! Brian Hamblet B.A, Philosophy Melinda Hamson B A Psychology Jill Hansen B.A. Communications Patrick Harnett 8 S Mathematics Teresa Harris B A Political Science Amy Hamilton B.A. Econ lnfl Stds James Hamilton B.A. Psychology Gwen Hamamoto B.A. Economics Richard Han B S Math Comp Sci Soo Han B A Economics Tammy Hananel B A Psychology Renee Hansen B A. Sociology Jeffrey Harband B.S. Kinesiology Gil Harel B A. Economics Mark Harrigian B A Econ Bus Sandra Harrington B S Math AppI Sci Denitria Harris B A Econ Comp Philip Hamory B.S. Electrical Engr Kellie Hanes B.A. Psychology Colleen Harkins B.A. Art Melissa Harris B S Aerospace Engr Jennifer Harriss B.A. History Oarlene Hart B S Physics Victoria Hart B A Psychology Lauren Hartford B.A Political Science Seniors 1 59 MIORS V SEWIORS V SENIORS :♦ SEIMIOi. Tamara Harvego B,A. Social Psychology Cynthia Harvey B,A Poll Sci Bus Linda IHasanl esuma B A Psycholinguistics John Hasekian B A Psychology Mandana Hashemzadeh B.S. Applied Math Kelly Hashimoto B A World Arts Cultures Kevin Hastings B S Chemical Engr Lauren Hauck B A English Julie Haw 3 A Psychology Jacqueline Haworth B A Sociology Brian Hayes B.A Economics Timothy Hayes B A History SEIMiOR SHOWCASE Edward Singer Major: Cognitive Science Hometown: Los Angeles Future Goals: Law School or computer science field I feel like I ' ve gotten the most out of the friends I ' ve made. Over the years at UCLA, we have all gone in different directions and pursuits, but still we have all remained together in a cohesive group. One of the most special tal- ents that I posess that distinguishes me as an outstanding senior has got to be my ability to navigate through the tunnels under UCLAI ■ love to go tunneling at UCLA in the late, late evening ' til early morning, I ' d rather be . . . Davicj Slomovic, He ' s my alterego. Diane Heaney Marc Hedman Jacqueline Heeney Mauricio Heilbron Tracy Helner B.A Psychology B A Econ Bus B A History B S PsychoDiology B A. English 60 Seniors 2 ; ASE WIORS • SENIORS • ,• SENIORS ♦ S Ray Heisler B A History Richard Heisler B A, Poll Sci Hist Randi Helly B A Theater Arts James Hendren B A Ling Comp Sci Joseph Heneghan B A Political Science Sandra Herman B A Sociology Rosa Hernandez 8 A Econ Bus Kevin Herzberg B S Electrical Engr Jose Herrera B S Mechanical Engr Rebecca Herrera B A Anthropology Angelique Heydeman B,A, Psychology Douglas Hill, Jr. B A Political Science Judy Holland B A Psychology Gayle Hickey B.A. Psychology Andre Hickman BA Art Wendy Hicks john High BA Communications gA Geography Ecosys Ranlyn Hill B A History Stephen Hinvichs I S Chem Matenals Sci Engr Symone Hinsvark B A Psychology Wei-hsiu Ho B S, Electrical Engr Steven Holloway B A Economics Bradley Holtzman B A Economics Daniel Horn i S Aerospace Engr Kathleen Horn B.A Psychology Seniors 161 ?S • SENIORS ' . SENIORS v SENIORS v iE Kathleen Hond B.A. English Christine Horejsi B.S Electrical Engr Vince Hougo B S, Electrical Engr Andrea Howse B.A. Art History Jung Huh B S Applied Math Jin IHong B.S. Physics Steve Hong B.A. Economics James Hood B.A. Econ Bus Melissa Hopp B A Communications Shannon Horton B.A, French Marl Horwitz B.S. PsychoDlology Victor Hou IS Electrical Engr Krista Hougen B.A. History Grace Houser B A English Houshmand IVIaghen B S Biochemistry Brenda Howard B.A. Psychology Kenneth Howard B.A, Theater Arts Angela Hoy B.S. Kinesiology Hwel-LIn Huang B.A. Linguistics Julie Huang B.A. Sociology John Hughes B A Economics Catalina Huidor B A Italian Sharon Humphrey B S Electrical Engr Benjamin Hunter B.A. Econ Bus Albert Hur B A Economics 162 Seniors Mehee Hyun B.A. English Francesca Ingham B A Theater Arts Craig Ideno i A Econ lnfl Stds Tyson Ikeda B S Biochemistry KImberley Ikelman B.A. Geography Debora Ingersoll B A, Political Science Diane Irvln B.A. Economics Trygve Isaacson B S Math Comp Sci Sepuh Isaghullan B S Biochemistry Catherine Iserl B A Economics Katsuya Ishimaru B.A Psychology Chauncey Isom B.A. English Shannon Iwanaga B.A English Alice IwasakI B S Biology SENIOR SHOWCASE Kathy Mahoney Major: Poll Sci Bus Hometown: Palos Verdes Future Goals: Health care administration-eventually get- ting a Joint masters in public health and business ad- ministration. Through the Expo Center I was selected to spend a quarter interning on Capitol Hill, I worked at the Senate Majority Conference during Fall Quarter of election year 1984. Interning on the Hill provided me with the oppor- tunity of seeing our gov- ernment work first hand as well as putting some of my classroom knowledge to work. • Seniors 163 • SEIVHORS % SENIORS SEI IIORS VSlN Karen Iwata B S Mechanical Engr Michael Jackson B,S Econ Sys Sci Timothy Jackson B A Economics Jerald Jacob B.A. Geography Angela James B A Sociology Daniel Jameson B S, Biochemistry Derek Jang IS Electrical Engr Nasi Jazayeri B,S Computer Engr Brian Jacobsen B A. Political Science Valerie Jenkins B A Sociology Willie Jenkins, Jr B A Political Science Robert Jensen, Jr Perlita Jimenez-Chang Louis Johns B,S Mechanical Engr b S Biology B S Electrical Engr Arlene Johnson B A Sociology DeAnn Johnson B A English F r 1 V " ■ 1 1 T ' Ray Johnson B S Elecrtical Engr Ryne Johnson B.A Econ lnfl Stds Tanya Johnson B A History Krisa Johnson B A Art History Jenifer Johnston Brian Jones Mabel Jong Laura Jordan Lisa Jordan B A Political Science B A Econ Bus B A Comm Stds Soc B A Religious Stds B A Political Science 1 64 Seniors ♦SINIORS ;- SENIORS ■ • SENIORS •% SENIC Sandra Jordan B A Anthropology Erin Joyce B A History SENIOR SHOWCASE Richard Shaw Major: Biology Hometown: Canoga Park Future Goals: Grad school in medicine, law, or optometry Working for the UCLA Community Service Commis- sion IS greati Each organiza- tion involves helping people, and I find this facet the most rewarding. In particular. Prison Coalition is the most memorable. I helped motivate a juvenile delinquent who had given up on life. I ' ll never forget the satisfaction I received in helping this boy back on the right track. m Jacqueline Joyner B A History Diane Ju B.A Sociology Lee Jung B.S. Biology Daniel Jungwirth B A Econ Bus Donna Kaasmann B A Anthropology Bruce Kadkhodazadeh B A Econ Bus Alicia Kajihara B A Economics Afram Kallah B S Biochemistry Kaveh Kamfar B A Economics Doroaneh Kamran B A Design Tannaz Kamran B A Communications Debra Kanan B A English Donald Kang B A Economics Donald Kang B S Math AppI Sci Hae Kang 1 S Math Comp Sci Seniors 165 ORS- SENIORS SENIORS r SEIMIORSEI Hyungwon Kang B A Political Science Pamela Karel B A. English Firoza Kanji 8 S, Math Comp Sci David Kaplan B.A Hist Bus Jenny Kaplan 8 A. History Nader Karimi B S Computer Sci Engr Dennis Karle B A Poll Sci Bus Lisa Karlin B A History Tony Karch B.A, Psychology Debra Karpowich 8 A EconornicS Karen Karraa B A Psychology Selene Kassin 8 A Communications Dan Kataol a B A Economics Cyndie Kather B A Soc Bus Erica Kato B.S Electrical Engr Mona Kawano 8 A Economics IVIonika Keller B.A Political Science Paul Kawasaki 8 A Psychology Bruce Kawasawa 8 A. Psychology Linda Keene B A Psychology Jocelyn Kennedy B A Sociology Mark Kennedy 8 A Psychology Deborah Kenner B.S. Mathematics Julie Keil 8 A History Amanda Kenny 8 A Sociology 166 Seniors R!=IMIORS :• SENIORS ; vSEMORS . ♦SEMC Bruce Kent B.S Electrical Engr ObaJd Khan B S Cybernetics Ken KJkkawa 8 A. Economics Douhyun Kim B A History Brian Kenyon B A Economics Joseph Kerendian B S. Biochemistry Gregory Kerrebrock B A Psychology Karen Kersey B S Kinesiology Robert Khanian B S Psychobiology V ijay Khawani B S Electrical Engr Alan Kholos B S Engineering Cynthia Kilgore B A Economics Annie Kim B A Econ Bus Conny Kim B.S Applied Math Hong Kim B.S Mechanical Engr Insun Kim B A Economics Jennifer Kim B A Design Lily Khoo B S Electrical Engr Daniel Kim 3 S Biochemistry Ji Kim B A English Jin Kim John Kim Julie Kim Kichul Kim Monica Kim B.S Physics B A. Economics B A Sociology B S Physics B A History Seniors 167 ;ENI0RS ;■ SEIMIORS :- seniors " i SEIMD f Myong Kim B S. Biochemistry Young Kim B S Electrical Engr Susan Kimura B S, Math AppI Sci Linda Kinsley B A English Susie Kim BA Art Yong Kim B.S Electrical Engr Yong Kim B S Psychobiology Yoshil o Kim B A Psychology SENIOR SHOWCASE Christopher Clark Major: History Hometown: Glendale Future Goals: To forever have a testimony of my rela- tionship with Jesus Christ-this taking me either into full-time ministry or to sales, marketing, or management in the secular world of business Being involved with UCLA Cheerleading for 2 years has been a fantastic growing ex- perience. Also, being involv- ed in Campus Crusade for Christ has enabled me to meet the spiritual needs of many of my peers. I ' ve seen God do some amazing things on this campus and have grown closer in my relation- ship with Jesus Christ. Life at UCLA has confirmed on me the importance of an eternal perspective, seeing that there IS more to life than the money I can make. ■ . P ikk UCLA has been a time of real growth and change. Yet it has also been a time of delivered pizza, frozen yogurt, black coffee . . . and the Bill Cosby show. Sharareh Kimiabal hsh B A Communications Tracy Kinoshita B A Psych Bus Catherine Kirlcwood B S Psychobiology John Kissinger Anette Kittredge John Kivinsl i Kristine Kjos Ellen Kleinberg B S Chem Mats Sci Engr B A Classical Civ Poli Sci B S Chemical Engr B A, Economics B A Econ Bus 68 Seniors Nl)RS»; SENIORS • SENIORS SENIORS Lisa Kleinman B A English Elizabeth Knier B A Psychology Theresa Kong B S Electrical Engr Cathie Korchel B,A, English Lit Leonard Kraus B S Mathematics Corey Kliman B A Econ Bus Patricia Klucas B A Political Science Christopher Kluth B A Art History IVIarl Knoble B.S. Biology IMina Ko B S Computer Sci Engr Keith Kobata B S Math Sys Sci Eun-Sun Kong B S Biochemistry Paul Koo B S Kinesiology Wesley Koopman B,A. English Kristina Kluth B.A History Jim KollJas B A Music Christine Kopcha B.A Econ Bus Araxie Kouleyan B.A, Political Science Christine Krahmer B S Kinesiology Marijana Kral-Campbell B A Psychology Suzanne Kramer B A English Kathleen Krebs B A English Karen Kreinman B A Design Dean Krikorian B S Electrical Engr John Kristovich B A, Theater Arts Seniors 169 SEWIORS- SENIORS ' •. SENIORS SEI lO Elan Krueger 3 A Poll Sci lnfl Rel Dan Kumamoto B S Mechanical Engr Raymond Kwan B A, Economics Diane Krupsaw B A Psychology Jean Ku B.S. Math Comp Sci Steven Kubota B S Computer Sci Engr Lois Kuczynsl i B S Physics Sanjay Kumar B S Biology Andrea Kune B S Psych Bus Ronald Kunene B A History Gregory Kung B S Math Comp Sci Sherrie Kung Herbert Kunowski Mobuyo Kushigemachi B A Economics b A History B S Chemistry Joanne Kwan B S AppI Math Comp Phillip Kwan B.A. Economics Chi-Leung Kwok B S Math Comp Sci Jonghoon Kwon B A. Econ Bus Catherine Kwong B A Political Science ImJung Kwuon B A. Economics Viet La More B A Political Science Kathryn Lachelt B A Political Science Olga Ladyzhensky B A Ling Comp Sci Denise Lajoie B A. Economics Randall Lake B A Econ Bus 70 Seniors DRS A SENIORS -! SENIORS • SENIORS Trinh Lam B A Ling Philos Olga Lambreton B A Psychology AnastasJa Lambrose B A Psychology Marfcor Lancero B.A. Psychology Kylie Larkin B A English Jeffrey Laue B.A Comm Stds Hist Jamie Lamkin B A Psychology SENIOR SHOWCASE Corinne Canning Major: Economics Hometown: Glendale Future Goals: A job in the field of banking after a sum- mer in Europe After reflecting upon my four years at UCLA, two things really stand out as my most memorable experiences. First, being entertainment director for Mardi Gras this year has shown me the planning and dedication it takes by the UCLA community to put on this philanthropic event. And second, I have really enjoyed being president of my sorori- ty. It ' s been nice to be able to give back to the people you really like and to help serve your friends. ■ Brenda Landau B A Sociology Crane Landis B A Psych Asian Amer Stds Nazanin Lankarani B A History Vivianne Lapointe B A Economics Ginger Larson B.A Economics Kathleen Lass B S Computer Sci Engr Jodi Lasser B.A Sociology IMicliael Lau B.A. Design ■ ■ ' m Paul Law B A Linguistics Ethan Lawrence BA MPTV Angela Lawson B S Biology Khanh Le I A Political Science Seniors I 7 1 RS ♦.-SENIORS V SENIORS ♦SENIORSi SI Avis Lee B S. Mechanical Engr Beverly Lee B A Political Science Edward Lee B,A, Economics Helen Lee B,S, Psychobiology James Lee B A History Jamie Lee B A Psychology Janice Lee B A, Economics Jeffrey Lee B.S. Biochemistry Jimmy Lee B S Math Comp Sci Joanne Lee B.S Applied Math Ju Hyeon Lee B A. Linguistics Juliene Lee B S, Psychobiology Kelvin Lee B S, Electrical Engr Kristen Lee B A History Leah Lee B.A Design Linda Lee B S, Mechanical Engr Lisa Lee B,A. Economics MayYee Lee 3 S Applied Math Phillip Lee B S, Computer Sci Engr Seung-Ah Lee B S, Physics Seung Lee Sook Lee Susan Lee Tina Lee Lynda Lehmann B.S; Physics B S Mathematics B A Psychology B A Psychology B A Ling Psych 1 12 Seniors {SEMORS V SENIORS -.♦SENIORS % SEN Katherine Lemke B A Poll Sci lnfl Rel Peggy Leng B A English O. Ronald Lenhart B A Economics Bruce Leonard, Jr B A Enijhsh John Leonh ardt B A Econ Bus SENIOR SHOWCASE Joyce Elumba Major: English Hometown: Oxnard Furure Goals: Public Relations I got the most satisfaction from my community service projects. I feel I benefited by helping the elderly and low income Asians with the Hypertension Project. I know they truely appreciated our time and effort. I also got a lot of satisfaction from recruiting and tutoring in low income neighborhoods. We were able to serve as role models, counselors, and friends to students who would otherwise drop out of high school, join gangs, and never attempt higher educa- tion. • Probably the most " off tfie wall " thing I ' ve ever done was when I posed for an ASUCLA Womenswear ad and I hacj to jump. Kathryn Leou B A Poll Sci Econ Bus Crystal Lessard B S Kinesiology Lauren Lessler B.A Econ Bus Steven Levine B A Econ Bus Brian Levy B A Political Science Jay Levy B A Psychology Donna Lew Frances Lew Gerri Lewis IMitsa Lewis Benjamin Li B S Applied Math B A Economics B A Psychology B A Poll Sci B S Biochemistry Seniors 1 73 ENIORS .♦.SENIORS V SENIORS.; SENIG! Fiona Li B,A, Econ Bus James Li B,S. Psychobiology James Li B S, Biology Kuei Li B,A Political Science Gary Lleberman B A English Robert Lletzow B A Econ Bus IVIichaei Lifton B,A. Psychology Annette Lim B A Sociology Karen Lichtman B A Sociology John Lim 1 S Mircobiology Katherine Lim B S. Applied Math Janet Lindboe B A, English Samuei Lim B.S Electrical Engr George Lin B.A. Political Science Sherry Lin B.A. Political Science Kerry Lindeii B S Biology IVIicheile Lipman B A Hist Psych Suzette Lipscomb B A Economics Shu-Yuan Lin B.S. Biochemistry Aiex Liu B.S. Civil Engr Amy Liu Lydia Liu Wendy Liu Erli a Locey NIchoias Loci B.S. Psychobiology B.A Psychology B S Computer Sci Engr B S Political Science B.A Economics 74 Seniors C« ♦.SENIORS .;SEIMIORS - SENIORS- ' Julie Lockhart B S Psychology Linda Longwell B.A. Psychology Frederick Lorber 8 A. Econ Poli Sci Richard Loew B A. History KerlLynn Loftus BS Cybernetics Pin Long 1 S Engineering Art Loussararian BS Chemistry Tracy Loomis B A English Evelia Lopez B S Chemistry Lizbeth Lopez BS, Computer Sci Engr Nicole Lou B.A Art Peggy Lou B S Electrical Engr Belinda Louie B A, Psychology Barry Lovalvo B S Math Comp Sci Steven Lovy B A. MPTV Jennifer Lowry 3S Math Econ Comp Steven Longenderfer B A Poll Sci Econ Valerie Lopez BS Math AppI Sci Laura Louie B A. Communications Camille Loya B A Political Science Cristeta Lozon Melinda Lu Charles Lucas Steven Lucas Adriene Luck BS Biology BS Electrical Engr B A Music B.A. Econ Bus B S Mechanical Engr Seniors 1 75 EIORS •.♦ SENIORS . ; SENIORS ♦ SENIOR:- Thomas Lue B A, Sociology Brad Luff B A Political Science Koo Lui IS Computer Sci Engr Kui Lui B S. Mechanical Engr Toni Lutjens B S Kinesiology Truong Luu B S Physics JenniferMarie Luz B A. Poll Sci lnfl Rel Thach Ly B S Computer Sci Engr Heidi Lyie B.S Biology Patricl Lyncfi B S Math AppI Sci Anthony Lyon B A History Paula Lyons B A History Trisha McAlmond B A Poll Sci Econ Jill McAuley B A History Karen McBride B S. Geology SENIOR SHOWCASE Jan Gregory Major: Civil Engineering Hometown: Pacific Palisades Future Goals: Grad School to get a Masters of Science in Structural Engineering The activity which I received the most out of was being a member of a sorority. Through my sorority I became involved in so many other ac- tivities on campus. These ac- tivities include Homecoming. Greek Week, and Mardi Gras I also knew a lot more of the activities that were going on throughout campus such as the noon concerts, the many speakers, the movies at Ackerman, Special Olympics, many sports activities, and plenty of other thingsl ■ l - " V " J— - A mm f Jlgj ' fel Itl ni My favorite neighboring hot spot is the inverted fountain. Probably the most " off the wall " thing I ' ve ever done was when I went swimming in the in- verted fountain. Shawn McBurney B A Political Science Renee McCall B A History i 76 Seniors SENIORS :♦ SENIORS • ♦ SENIORS 1- S John McClellan B A Economics Rhonda McClinton B S Kinesiology Janis McClure B A Econ Bus Peter McCullough B A English Margaret McDaniel BA History Judith McDermott BA Soc Econ Lauraine McDermott BA Theater Arts Mary McDonnell B A Political Science John McDonough B A Anthropology Roger McElmell B S Physics Rebecca McFadden B S Kinesiology Michael McFarland BA. English Nancy McFarland B A Theater Arts Raymond McGhee B A Linguistics Erin McGowan 6 A Art History LeeAnne Mcllroy B A Linguistics Jeffrey Mcintosh B A Economics Diane McKay B A Psychology Thomas McLean B A Communications Lisa McManigal B A Communications Scott McOwan Kathryn McPherrin Vincent Ma Lorraine Machado Helen Machlovitz B A Political Science B S Kinesiology B A Economics B S Psychobiology B A Psychology Seniors 177 •. SENIORS • ■ SENIORS t SENIORS • SE Mary MacKinnon BA English Lida Mahboob B S Engineering Clare Maler I A Political Science Patrick Malone B S Computer Sci Engr Roma Manning BA. Economics Emiiy MacLaren B A Anthropology Larry Magpantay B S Psychobiology Andrew Magsarili B S Engineering Kristin Mah B A Psychology Shiva Mahboob OS Chemistry Laura Maher B S Nursing Estella Mahgerefteh B S Applied Math Kathieen Mahoney B A Poll Sci Bus Russeli Maier B A Hist Bus Sonya Maier B A. Economics Vivian Makiyama B S. Kinesiology Jyoti Malhotra B S Psychobiology Beth Maloney B S Kinesiology Susan Maitz B A Psychology Frank Mandei B A Econ Bus Emmanuel Mangahas B S Computer Sci Engr Kevin Mantel B A Design Michelle Manz B A Psychology Wendy Maples B A WId Arts Cul Anthro Daniel Marble, Jr B A Political Science 1 78 Seniors st iioRs: - seniors; -seniors :sENior Rolando Marchis B.S. Mechanical Engr Kenneth Markman B A Political Science Carl Martellino B A Psychology Arleen Martin BS Kinesiology Susan Martin B A Econ Bus Lorl Margolis B A Sociology David Marian! B A Econ Bus Lilly Marin B A World Arts Cultures Monique Marino B A Political Science Scott Marquez B S Psychobiology Jennifer Marsli B A Economics Bresherfa Marshall B S Psychobiology SENIOR SHOWCASE Tamar Frenkel Major: Psychology Hometown: Irvine Future Goals: To work direct- V j H ly with people either on a personal level (psychologist). or on a mass communications level (public relations) 1 have enjoyed all of my activ- ities while at UCLA, Perhaps my most challehging activity thus far has been my in- volvement with the UCLA Autism Project, It is with this program that 1 can actually see that the hard work and long hours that 1 put in truly does make a difference to the behavior and well being of the little three year old boy whom 1 work with. ■ Angelica Martinez B S Psychobiology Christine Martinez B A Political Science Lydia Martinez B A English Marie Martel B A. Psychology David Martllla B.S Economics Michelle Martin B A Economics Patricia Martinez B.A. Sociology Seniors 1 79 r • SENIORS- SENIORS : ♦SENIORS , SE ' Lisa Marxer 6 A Music Douglas Mayer B S Kinesiology John Mehner B S Applied Math Marci Merdler B A. Economics Leo Mascarinia B S Electrical Engr Lori-Cris Mason 8 A Political Science Shari Mason B S Engr Philos Ronald Mass B A Econ Bus Susan Matsul Janice Matsumoto Masahiko Matsumoto B A Economics BA English B A, Economics Marc Matthews Timothy Matthews, Jr B S Psychobiology B A Political Science Glenn Mayer B.S Chemical Engr Nina Mayer B S Kinesiology Dawn Mays BA English Karin Mellberg B A History Kathleen Melville B A Psychology Kenneth Mendoza B A Poll Sci Microbio Robert Merrrick B A, Art David Mersten B A Political Science Nermine Messiah B S Psychobiology JoAnn Medina B A Psych Soc Deborah Mensa B S Psychobiology Karyn Metlen B S Kinesiology 180 Seniors srjioRS : SEiMioRS : -seimiors • ♦ SEwior i I Stephanie Meyer B A Conini Stds Bus Scott Miller B A Poll Sci Bus Anthony Millsap B A Economics Alisa Millstein B S Kinesiology Arpie Minassian B S Mdlh AppI Sci Lynne Mikami B A Econ Bus Kenneth Milhander B A Sociology Elizabeth Milias B A Economics Cathy Miller B A Economics SENIOR SHOWCASE Stephanie Gallardo Major: Sociology Business Hometown: Redlands Future Goals: A career in advertising I really feel that the Brum Belle Organization stands out for me. It gave me guite a bit of insight about UCLA because of it ' s diversity. The organization is involved with campus through the Chancellor, the athletic teams, the arts, blood drive and philanthropies. Representing our campus as a Bruin Belle gave me a sense of pride in every aspect about our school ' s excellence and tradi- tion - Kenneth Milman B A Poll Sci lnfl Pel Robin Mims B S Psychobiology Seok Min B S Biochemistry Joseph Mina B A Psychology Hiroaki Minato B.A Political Science Paul Miner B A Infl Pel Jo Mintz B A Ling Bus Fabio Mion-bet B A. Political Science Seniors 181 JMIORS • SENIORS V SENIORS SENIOi!S Alison Mitchell B A Poll Sci Bus Marvett Mitchell B A History Beatrix Miu B.S Biology Gary Miya S Microbiology Mark Miyahara B S Electrical Engr Linda Mizota B S Applied Math Abdi Mohit B S Biochemistry Laura Montgomery B A Political Science Gretchen Moltz B,A Psychology Rose Monahan B S Applied Math Julie Mondz B A Psychology Bruce Mooberry B A Design Mynekohoa Moore B A English Sully Moore B A Political Science Rodolfo Morales B A Political Science Jennifer Mordecai B S Math Bruce Morgan B A History Jacqueline Morgan B A Economics Laura Monson B A Geography Ecosys Kristin Mora B A Psychology Molly Moriarty B A History 182 Seniors fS V SENIORS V SENIORS ' • SENIORS . i I Laine Morio B S Kinesiology Craig Morse B A Political Science GJna Moss B A Theater Arts Lisa Mulrooney B A Psychology Kelly Murphy 8 A History Robert Morris B.A. English Thomas Morris B A History Anne MIchele Morrison B A Comm Stds Bus Theresa Morton BA English Jill Moschell B A Comm Stds Bus Elizabeth Moses B A Econ Bus Kimberly Moyer B S Kinesiology Dirk Mueller B A Econ Bus Khadijah Muhammad B A History Sharon Muncie B A Theater Arts Sheri Munekata B S Mechanical Engr Marco Munoz B A Psychology Meghan Murphy B A Art History Bill Murray B A Art Bio Barbara Myron A Anthrcj Jewish Stds Kevin Morrow B A Economics Miriam Moses B A Political Science Debra Muller B.A. English Gail Murakami B A Psychology Amy IMadel B A Eng Psych Seniors 183 MIORS V SENIORS V SENIORS V SENIOIS Keiko Nagano B.A Linguistics Manabu IMagaoka B A World Arts Cultures Kurt Nagle B A Geog Urban Stds Joe Nahama B S Geology Colleen Nakamura B A Mathematics Paul Nakamura B A Math Appl Sci Robert Nakamura B.S Electrical Engr Darren Nakano B S Kinesiology Lisa Nakata B A Economics Wesley Nam B A Political Science Helen Namuar B S Psychobiology MaryEllen Napier B A History Margot Nardoni B A Anthropology Mark Nassief B A History Geoffrey Nathanson B A History l7obin Naulls B A Psychology SENIOR SHOWCASE Laurie Farber Major: Political Science Hometown: Monterey Park Future Goals: To go to law school and then run for Con- gress-after all, a woman ' s place IS in the house and the senate! I have gained the most out of being a resident assistant. I enjoy getting to know people and sharing in their ups and downs and just making a tremendous amount of friends, I have also enjoyed giving my time and energy in order to make the life of many new UCLA Bruins as pleasant, enjoyable, and pro- ductive as possible, i feel I have been able to share my 4 years of experience to help other people strive for the ex- cellence that makes UCLA graduates unique, ■ I own a doll that looks ex- actly like me including the naturally curly hair. I ' d rather be , . in the Virgin Islands, They are beautiful, relaxing, clear, clean, and honeymoon material. 184 Seniors OIS ;• SENIORS : SENIORS V SENIORS A 5 Beatrice Medjat-Halem B S Psychobiology Bret Nelson B A History Steve Nelson B S Econ Sys Sci Firouzeh Neman B A Psychology Rebecca Newquist B A Political Science Sara Newton B A Dance David Neyman, Jr B A Russian Civ HoNg B S Physics i 9 ■k. »,-■ V lHi i-s w mm K .- m i ■hIB Bon Ngo B S Mechanical Engr Quy Nguyen B S Mechanical Engr Ray Nichols B A MPTV Denny Nicolson B S Aerospace Engr Richard Nidever B S Math Comp Sci Joan Niemeyer B S Kinesiology Gemma Nierva B A Psychology Andrea Niesen B S Biology Mitchell Nishimoto B S Kinesiology Quinn Ngo B S Comp Sci Engr David Nieda B A Hist Econ Karen Nishita B A Political Science Shirii No Kimberly Noel David Noelle Kayoko Noma Alison Norihiro A Economics B A Poll Sci lnfl Rel B S, Comp Sci Engr B A Japanese Psych B A Geography Seniors 185 »RS V SEIMIORS V SENIORS • SENIORS S Tina Nuckols B.A Design Sevine Nureddine B A Dance Robert O ' Brien B,A Political Science Carolyn O ' Connor B A Political Science Margaret O ' Connor B S Chemical Engr Daniel O ' Donnell B A Economics IVIary O ' Hara BA English Owen O ' Malley B S Math Comp Sci Teresa O ' Reilly B.A. Political Science Karen O ' Such B A Economics Ryan Oba B S Chemistry Steven Oda B S Electrical Engr David Odom BA PoliSci Hist Jill Odom B A Political Science Jieun Oh B S Mathematics Myeong Oh B S Applied Math Kristen O ' Connor B A Econ lnfl Stds Kevin O ' Neal B S Biochemistry Nishan Odabashian B S Psychobiology Tamir Oheb B S Biology Mojgan Ohebsion B A Communications Thomas Ohison B.A Economics HiroshI OI amoto B.A. Economic John OI amoto BS Kinesiology Cheryl Okamura B S Kinesiology 1 86 Seniors 5. SEWIORS ♦SENIORS V SENIORS V SE Siamak Okhovat B,A. Econ Bus Lori OkJmoto 8 A Psychology Beatrice Olsen B A Ling Philos William Olsen B A Sociology Alison Orchard B A History Naomi Ordin B A Math Appl Sci Ramon Ordonez B A Psychology Ramiro Orellana B A Political Science Donald Ormsby B A Economics Elizabeth Orona B S Math Appl Sci Robert Orr B A Eng Hist Jeffrey Ortiz B A Economics Kathy Osterfeld B A Communications Christine Otani B A Economics Steven Otera B A English Deborah Owen B A Political Science SENIOR SHOWCASE Shawn McBurney Major: Political Science Hometown: Anaheim Future Goals: A career in elected office or becoming the Founder of the DGRA (Dating Game Rejects Anonymous) I don ' t know what I got the most out of for two reasons: (1)1 haven ' t received the full measure of what they have to offer yet and (2) it ' s difficult to separate and weigh them isolated from the UCLA expe- rience as a whole. After reflection and contemplation I would say that the UCLA ex- perience as a whole is what I ' ve received the most from ■ Sharon Olson B A, Psychology Joselyne Orlanes B S Math Comp Sci Cydney Osano B S Psychobiology Seniors 187 [WIORS-% SENIORS . ' SENIORS V SENIQS Hilary Owen B A Quantative Psych Peter Pae B S Electrical Engr Stella Park : S Applied Math Michele Oya B A Psychology Jacques Oyharcabial B A Political Science Christine Pae B S Applied Math Peter Pae B A History Jerico Pasco B S Engineering Micheal Patton B A English Farid Pakravan B A Psychology Arlene Palamos B.A. Psychology Lorianna Pallai OS Psychobiology Steven Pappas B S Electrical Engr Michelle Parra B,A. Italian Poll Sci Gregory Parry B A Psychology Missag Parseghian BS Biology Elham Partielly BS Psych Bus Lisa Passy 3 A English Anne Pastrana 6 A Poll Sci Hetal Patel I S Bio Cybernetics Sanjay Patel BS Kinesiology William Paulsen B A History Kathleen Pearce B A History Susan Peck 1 A Political Science Kerri Pelonis B A Psych Bus 188 Seniors (IS VSENIORS V SENIORS V SENIORS ' SENIOR SHOWCASE MeHee Hyun Major: English Hometown: Los Angeles Future Goals: To get involv- ed in human resources management: traveling through all 50 states: buying a car: and eventually writing a Good American Novel As well as doing some free- lance art work and playing the piano, I feel I am very re- sourceful, which has enabled me to get the most out of my education. I also think it is important to be well-rounded in activities, academics, and hobbies. In addition, I ' ve also mastered the art of running the perimeter! Wflliam Pelto I S Mechanical Engr Lori Pepin B A Psychobiology Carmen Perez B A History Frank Perez, IV B A Economics Patricia Perez B A English John Perisich B A Political Science Benjamin Perl ins B A Geography John Perlcins ! A Political Science Doris Perl B A Psych Bus Vahe Peroomian B S Physics Roger Petrie B S. Kinesiology Tania-Lee Pettigrew B A Theatre Arts Stacy Pew Bich-Ngoc Pham Minh Pham Quang Pham Trinh Phan B A Psychology B S Biology B S Electical Engr B A Economics B S Aerospace Engr Seniors 189 MlORS . SENIORS ' SENIORS ♦ SEMIORi ' Suzanne Phifer B S Kinesiology Leah Pike B S Kinesiology Karolyn Plebuch B S Mathematics Kevin Poliocl B S Applied Math James Phillipi B A Political Science Rosario Picltay B.S. Biology Jessica Pick B A History Brent Pierson B A Sociology Gregory Pine B A History Robert Pineda B S, Chemistry l icheal Piper B.S Ecosystems Sherri Pleasants B A Communications Stacy Plotkin B A Sociology Polly Piumer B A Sociology Andrea Poirier B S Psychobiology Cosette Polena B A Sociology William Pollock B.S. Kines Psych Joeseph Pollon B A Economics Nancy Pomerantz B A. Sociology Anne Pomlje B A Psychology Angela Porcell Daniel Port Kelsey Porter Cartel Potter B A Theater Arts B A Mathematics B A History B A Fine Arts 90 Seniors Gary Powell B A History X ' SENIORS %• SENIORS t SENIORS S John Powell B.A, Economics I I Oonna Pruett B S Geography Ecosys Reginald Rabon B S Political Science Farzad Rahbar B S Electrical Engr William Powell B A Economics Michael Preston B A Political Science Robert Pringle B S Biology Jeremy Pripstein B S Biology Douglas Pryor B,A Political Science Richard Purvis B S Electrical Engr Christopher Putney B S Kinesiology Benny Qurntana B S Civil Engr Joseph Racklln B.A. Psychology John Raczka B A Economics Diana Rader B A Sociology Brenda Radelfinger B A Econ Bus Guita Rahbar B S Bioengineering Jeffrey Raizer B S Psychobiology Melanie Ramsayer B A English Terri Randleman B A Poll Sci Hist Brian Raphael Jan Rashoff Jeff Raskin Jack Ratusnik Carol Ravetto B.A Political Science B A Psychology B.A. History 6 S Material Engr B A Design Seniors 19 ORSV SENIORS V SEMORS ' SEMORS ' S Ross Ravin B.S Kinesiology Mark Reeves IS Mechanical Engr Jose Retana B A Psychology Deborah Razo Anthony Rebamontan Eric Reed B A Sociology B A Sociology g s Biology Thomas Reedy B A Economics Jodi Refold B,A Psychology Leia Regan i A Political Science AnneMarie Reggie B A Eng Amer Stds Stuart Reid B A Economics 4e» Jamie Rhodes B A History Robin Rhodes ! A Communications Arlie Ricasa B A Psychology Kelly Rice B A English Laura Richardson B.A, Psychology Michelle Richardson B S Biology ' ■ SENIOI SHONX LASb i H px BH I H H Crane I HH ET ? M H Mdior: Psych Asian Amer Stds K 1 Hometown: Palos verdes Hr - Future Goals: Goinq to qrad- H B uate school in Japan and get- HB B i l tina involved with the United MB Nations P SEBIb ilS V H 1 wanted to make UCLA my | jIhI I I camnus. That lead me to the BBr fl HHn i i mikW Student Alumni Association. HVv ' S HHIiTI knn A rhar 1 in A isn ' t about B ' i H ■ tn ?ippin ar mv absence, m H People say my name is in- I but 1 also know 1 helped con- ' " ' B BI teresting, but 1 just think it 1 tribute to UCLA in my own - ' H rather be ... a good look- fl way. 1 now have the pride | 1 ing Gandhi-that way, 1 fl ot accomplisnment and being B _ iuJt B could be deep and still get fl a Brum, im very proua to HLi lliHi H B the girls. ■ say I ' m from UCLA. ■ _l 192 Seniors IS SENIORS ' . SENIORS •-♦SENIORS ' . •SEI Kathleen Ricks B.A. Psychology Yale Riley BA English John Ritchie B.A. Linguistics Phillip Riddle BS Kinesiology Peter Riebling BA Political Science Jeanette Riensche B.A. Political Science Brian Riley B A. Eng Bio k ' " ™ 1 dM Tammy Robinson B A Political Science David Rogeiberg B.A. Economics Susan Rim B S Applied Math Megan Ring B.A Political Science Adina RIngler B A Hist CUssif tl Civ Lisa Ristani B.A Economics Michael Roach B A English Linda Robb B A Economics Christopher Robert B A Spanish Christopher Robinson B S Psychobiology Regan Robsahm B.A. History Keith Rockmaei B A Sociology Alice Rodrigues B.A. Psychology Melanle Roe 1 A Political Science Lisa Rojas B.A Political Science Gerard Rojo _B A. Psychology Brian Romlas BS Kinesiology Natalie Rooney B.A. English Seniors 193 mORS - SENIORS - .♦ SENIORS V SENIOI5 Gilberto Resales B S Biology David Rose B A, Political Science Nicholas Rose B S. Biology Pamela Rose B A Econ Bus Robert Roskoph B,A, Psych Bus Dawn Ross B.A. Communications Faranak Rostamian B.S. Applied Math Steven Rothblatt B A, Theater Arts MPTV Richard Rozlnskas B.S. Applied Math Lan Ru B.S. Civil Engr Sharon Ruckman B S Comp Sci Engr Don Ruffin B S Applied Math Blake Rummel B A Political Science Robin Rupe B A. Communications Karen Russell B A. History Michael Rutherford B A Political Science Michelle Ryan B A English Scott Ryan B A Psychology Tracy Ryan B A. Communications Thomas Ryu B A Psychology Michael Rosen B.A, Economics Jlla Rouhl B.S. Biology Joann Ruiz B S. Kinesiology Christine Ryan B A German Linda Saberi B S Biology 194 Seniors 0 V SEWIORS ;• SENIORS ; ' SEN[ORS% S SENIOR SHOWCASE Esjs- ' l.-it.V- •■■ ir piv Deborah Owen m m-w W Jrwi£ — i i 1 Major: Political Science R jj " ' - A l Hometown: Brawley Future Goals: Law School-- specializing in either criminal law or labor relations and negotiations r HIpI I Serving as the Administrative WiLm H Vice President for USAC allowed me to more fully develop my leadership skills while learning more about the working structure of ASUCLA and the University. k p Working as Vice President taught me the importance of compromise when working with students from different groups on campus. - Mayra Saborlo B,S, Kinesiology Greg Saccone B.S. Microbiology Maria Saglimbeni B.A. Political Science Joni Saito B.S, Kinesiology Kamelia Sadeghi B.S Mathematics Michelle Saevke B.A, Sociology Ajay Sahgai B,A, English Eric Sail i 8, A, Political Science Lynda Sall i B A Economics Richard Saisho B,S, Applied Math Gerald Saiazar B,A Econ Bus Patricia Saiazar B A, Economics Leon Salem B,S Kinesiology Gina Salerno B,A, Art History Mary Jane Salido B A Sociology Stephanie Saitikov 8 A English Susan Saltsman B A Sociology Marjorie San Juan B A Psychology Eric San Miguez B S Psychobiology Seniors 195 fWIORS . SENIORS ' . SENIORS " . • SENICS Rose Mary Sanchez B A Spanr.h Lit Marilyn Santiago B S Electrical Engr Dorene Scala B,A, Psychology Michelle Schiller B.A, Political Science Teri Schneider B,S, Kinesiology Frank Sandelmann B A Economics David Sandler 1 A Communications Jessy Sandoval B S. Psychobiology Cecille Santiago B.S Biology Virna Santos 1 A Political Science Norman Sarafian B.S, Biochemistry David Satoda B A Econ Bus Ritchie Sax B A History Bruce Schachne B A. Political Science Lisa Schechter B.S. Biology Gloria Scheker B A. Psychology Debra Schenk B A Communications Lisa Schilling B A History Scott Schillo B A English Lisa Schlar B.S. Psycholjiology Mary Schneider B A Econ Bus Michael Schober B A Economics (Hugo Schoener B A Latin-Amer Stds Linda Schreiber B.S. Biology Jennifer Schuehie B.A Sociology 196 Seniors rs V SENIORS r , SENIORS; seniors: Kevin Schwartz B A Sociology Elsa Schwelzer B.S Mechanical Engr Timothy Scott II B.A. Economics Stanley Seat B.S, Electrical Engr Bruce Seeley B A Soc Bus Dov Seldman B.A Philosophy SENIOR SHOWCASE Mark Feldman Major: Economics Business Hometown: Los Angeles Future Goals: A law career and eventually to get involv- ed in local politics I am proud to be a Bruin, a student leader, and involved in my community. As a graduating UCLA student, I have been very active in school activities, clubs, stu- dent government, and the community since first setting foot on campus. I feel it is important to balance acedemic demands with ser- vice to my school and com- munity, and this is exactly why I have become so in- volved at UCLA. My experi- ences at UCLA will stay with me for the rest of my life and be reflected in everything I do. ■ %.. My favorite food is shrimp and lobster because it ' s expensive and my favorite drink is milk because it keeps my teeth white. I ' d rather be . . . President. It pays better. Kathy Sekine B.A Economics Mark Selecky B.A. Economics Kathleen Self B.A. Hist Bus Kathryn Sellgman B A. Political Science Barry Sell B.A Latin-Amer Stds Nancy Seltsam B A Soc Bus Melinda Semerena B.A Linguistics Katherlne Semones B A Psychology Elizabeth Sennett B.A Communications Dean Serwin B A Econ Bus Seniors 197 MlORS ' -SEIMIORS SENIORS! - SENIOlS Sharon Setoguchi B A English Faustina Setyadi B.S. Applied Math Sarah Shachory B A Poll Sci Bus Azita Shadgou B A Econ Bus Lisa Shaevitz ! A Political Science 1 j :? Mark Shaler B,A Psychology Kimberly Shansby B A Communications David Shapiro B,A. MPTV Stephanie Sharron B S. Bio Poli Sci Richard Shaw B,S Biology Lisa Shea B.A Political Science Peggy Shearer B A Psychology Cory Sheffer B S Electrical Engr Scott Shepard B.A. English Oina Sherman i A Communications Lisa Sherman B A Political Science Theresa Shiban B.A Theater Arts Benjamin Shin B A History Eungsoo Shin B S Applied Math Amir Shirian B S Electrical Engr Nelson Shirota Sally-Anne Shoemai er Russell Shoji Paul Shomer Salli Shrewsbury B A History B A Hist Bus B S Electrical Engr B A History B A Communications 1 98 Seniors Sharon Siefert B A History Theresa Sim B A Design Daniel SIfuentes B A Econ Math Robin Silverman BA Communications TP fi l : 1 jf Xj Daniel Silverstein p S Phv ' .ic ' . Frances Silverstein B A Sociology Natalie Slmandjaja B A Ling Comp Sci Rubens Simoes B.A. Economics John Simpson 3. A Political Science Maryam Sina B.S. Psychobiology EdM ard Singer B A. Cognitive Science Hillary Singer B A. English Janice Sirl in B A Psychology Jonathan Sison B.A. English Peter Sison B.A. Political Science Kristie Skomsvold Chandra Slack Risa Siavin Reuben Sloan John Smelzer B A Design B.A. English B A Anthropology B.S. Kinesiology B A Political Science Seniors 199 LIIORS V SENIORS t • SENIORS V SENIOFi Jodi Smiley B,A. Psychology Norlne Smiley B A Psychology Althea Smith B.A, Afro-Amer Stds Andrea Smith B,A Theater Arts David Smith B.A. English Gilbert Smith B.S. Math Econ Jeff Smith B.A. Communications Lanayah Smith B A. Political Science Renee Smith B.A. Psychology Rhonda Smith B.A. Psychology Shaunah Smith B A Sociology Shawn Smith B.A Economics Warren Snider B A Economics John Snow B S. Engineering Dana Snyder B A Psychology James Snyder, Jr B A Theater Arts Laura Sofro B A. Psychology Josellto Sol B.S. Econ Sys Sci Barry Solomon B S Applied Math Cynthia Solomon B S Mechanical Engr Andrew Smith B S Biology Paula Smith B.A Political Science Sherry Smith B A Sociology Robert Soffner B A English All Soitani B A Political Science 200 Seniors • SENIORS :♦ SENIORS V SE NIORS •% Daniel Song B.A. Chinese Kyung-Sook Song B.S. Applied Math Michael Soo Hoo B.S Electrical Engr Karen Sorensen B.S Space-Geophysics Sabrlna SoroudI B.A Communications Jeffrey Soss B.A. Eng Econ SENIOR SHOWCASE Laura Jordan Major: Study of Religion Hometown: Whittier Future Goals: Study theology in England on a Rotary Scholarship next year. Then, Fuller Theological Seminary- earning a Master ' s Degree in theology and a Marriage and Family Counseling Certificate. I have been called an idealist occasionally by friends and peers. I am idealistic in the sense that I can see the way that things should be or the ways that things could be improved and am naive enough to assume that I could make the difference and begin to try. I have, on occasion, run into some brick walls trying to realize these goals but my idealism is mat- ched with a good deal of determination. I usually get where I want to go, whether or not I take my original route. ■ Thomas Soto B A Poll Sci Inf I Stds Jennifer Soulages B A Theater Arts Ronen Sourasky B A Psychology Kenneth Sousa B A Math AppI Sci Gregory Sovey B.A Psychology Wendy Spence B A Communications Jeffrey Spencer B S Biochemistry Suzanne Spencer B A Poll Sci Bus Claire Sperow B S. Psychobiology Danae Spinks B A. Political Science Seniors 20 1 lORS ■: SENIORS V SENIORS : ♦ SENIOR!. Gregory Spring B A Psychology Matthew Squire B A. Psychology Cheryl Squires B A Psychology Valerie Stadelbacher B A Eng Bus David Staretz 6, A, Political Science Brian Starr I S Math Comp Sci Tess Stears 8. A Design Danielle Stein B.A. Psychology Erich Stein B A Political Science Phyllis Steinberg B,A Sociology Suzanne Steinberg 6 S Psychobiology Eric Steinson B,A. Theater Arts MPTV Katherine Stephan B.A, World Arts Cultures Kate Stephenson B A. Theater Arts Bruce Stern 6 A Political Science Brett Stevens B.A Psychology Angel Stewart B A Sociology David Stewart B A Economics Sarah Stewart B S Chemistry Steve Stewart B A Political Science Gregg Stiglic Ann Stipanov Deborah Stokes Ashley Stone Edwin Stone IV B S Biochemistry B A English B S Math AppI Sci B A Sociology B A Hist Bus 202 Seniors Sophia Su B S Biochemistry George Suarez ! S Geology Roxanne Suela S Kinesiology Cynthia Suggett B A Psychology Ida Sugiman 3 S Math AppI Sci SENIOR SHOWCASE Bich-Ngoc Pham Major: Biology Hometown: South Pasadena Future Goals: Dental school with a specialization in dental public health. Extensive work with the community through the pro- grams in CSC have been tremendously rewarding. I came in touch with people and their experiences which really increased my awareness and sensitivity to the difficulties faced by many, and the problems that exist in our society. Memories with those I have worked with will always remain a very special part of my university life. • Leann Sumner B.A. Political Science Ann Supple i A. Political Science Rina Surladjaya Laura Survant Fifi Sutanto Sheryl Sutherland Amy Svitil B A Psychology B A Economics BA Psych Bus B A English B S Biology Seniors 203 SENIORS V SENIORS: SENIORS ♦• SEM( Sarah Swift B.A. Economics Chris Takahashi B.S, Economics Tract Tamura B.A. Political Science Janis Tanji B A Psychology Zina Tatsuga A a B.S. Psychobiology Jane Syftestad B A Music Soheila Tabibnia B.S Microbio Bio Baharai Tabibzadeh B.S. Math Comp Sci Maria Tafoya B A. Spanish Lit Sam Tal asago B A. Soc Bus Daryl Tal ata B S Kinesiology Karen Tal esako B.A Psychology Wai-Yun Tarn B.S. Math Comp Sci Audrey Tanaka B.A Political Science Kimberly-Anne Tanaka B A Economics Lonnie Tanaka B A Economics Judy Tang B A Ling Comp Sci Suzanne Tannenbaum B A Psychology David Tanner BA History George Tapanes B A. Psychology Paul Tashima B A Econ Bus Shirley Tatsukawa B A Econ lnfl Pel Brad Tawa B A Math AppI Sci Bradley Taylor B A Eng Poli Sci Lawrence Taylor III B A History 204 Seniors EDIORS . SENIORS i SEIMIORS •SENIOR Kevin Teheranizadeh B.S Biology I i Shyama Terry B S. Math AppI Sci Harold Thorn III B S Chemical Engr Alan Tekeriek B.A. Econ Bus Alan Tenazas B A Psychology Grace Teng B A Economics Cherle Terry B S, Psychobiology Bonnie Tessel B.S Math AppI Sci Silvia Testa B.A. History Vipapun Thavisri B.S. Electrical Engr Balbinder Thiara B A Econ Bus John Thomas B A Economics Brad Thompson B A History Johnny Thompson B S Biology Stephanie Thompson B A Psychology SENIOR SHOWCASE David Slomovic Major: History Hometown: Los Angeles Future Goals: Law School and eventually real estate management construction I got the most out of being Editor-in-Chief of Ha ' am because of the immense re- sponsibility compunded with such a flexible, creative outlet. The inter-relations of different ethnic peoples was enlighten- ing and it extended my com- prehension of myself and those I contacted. • Linda Thornley B A. English Reuben Thropay B A Economics Seniors 205 EWIORS- . SENIORS . vSENIORS ; SENIO Doreen Thuna B A Psychology Teddy Tjahjadi B.S Math Comp Sci Neil Ticktin B,A Ling Comp Sci Thomas Tighe B S Physics Robert Timmermann B A History Naomi Toba B A Fine Art Robert Togie B.S. Electrical Engr Janice Tom B.A. Political Science 1 i Jennifer Ting B S. Math Comp Sci Joanne Tom B A Soc Bus Dana Tonai as Electrical Engr Eddie Tong i S Math Appl Sci John Tong B S Comp Sci Engr Samuei Tonomura B.S. Electrical Engr Belinda Torres B.A Psych Bus Lisa Torres B A Psychology Teresa Towey B.A. English William Towner B.S. Kinesiology Arieen Torres B.A. History Kelly Townsend B.A. History Kim Toyloy-Kennedy James Tran Lan Tran Le Tran Lynn Tran B S Applied IVlath B S Electrical Engr B.A Economics B.S. Chemistry BS Chemistry 206 Seniors Jli S -;• SENIORS ♦; SEIMIORS SEIMIORS Nicole Tran BA Econ Bus Richard Tran 8. A, Economics Lisa Tranquilll B A Psychology John Traub B.A, Psychology Kenneth Tremayne B A Psychology Lisa Tremblay B.A, Sociology John Triantafyllos B S, Biology VInh Trinh B S Applied Math Shirley Tsunoda B S Psychobiology Caria Tucker Katherine Turansky Matthew Turnbull B.A Sociology B.A. Economics BA Economics Pawan Trehan B A. Economics Richard Trogman B S Psychobiology Erin Tuttle B.S. Kinesiology Arthur Ty Allison Uchiyama Gabriela Ulloa Mark Ulrlch Jennifer Underwood B.A. Economics B.A Design B A. Psychology B A Political Science B A English Seniors 207 ENIORS V ♦ SENIORS : . SENIORS ASENICS SENIOR SHOWCASE Doug Walters Major: Civil Engineering Hometown: Bakersfield Future Goals: To educate people in all areas of society, with regard to understanding and accepting differences in people ' s cultures and lifestyles As just an ordinary student, I truly enjoyed playing an ac- tive role in USAC Council meetings. I effected as much change as any student could without having to be an elected or appointed officer. This is what student gov- ernment is all about. I also enjoy performing modern dance, and I ' m very good at organizing Kurt Underwood B A Economics Stephanie Unno B.A. Math AppI Sci Craig Uno i S Electrical Engr Jotin Ursini 1 A Comm Stds Psych Katherine Ushiiba B.S. Applied Math Ted Ushirogata OS. Math Comp Sci Catherine Utzinger B.A, Econ Bus Cecilia Uycoque B.S. Biology Sam Vaias B.S. Electrical Engr Jane Vaide B S Applied Math Douglas Van Bebber B A Sociology Deborah VanBlarlcom B.A, Psychology IMonlque VanderMolen Sharlene VanderlVlolen B S Kinesiology B A. Psych Bus Cynthia vanEmpel B A Geography David Vanole B.A Sociology Joseph VanRemortel B A, Economics 208 Seniors ICS ; ♦SENIORS SENIORS V SENIORS t Lilian Vanvieldt B A Econ Afro Amer Stds Robert Vautherine B A Economics Lynda Vazquez B A Econ Psych Regina Valarde B A Philosophy Dave Velasco B,A Math AppI Sci Michael Venegas B A Sociology Richard Vercruse B A Hist Bus Roxanne Verduzco B A Comm Stds Poli Sci Dennis Verzosa B A, Political Science Judy victonno B A Economics Norma Villalobos B A Spanish Lit Amelita Villegas B S Kinesiology Rowena Villegas B S Kinesiology Emma Vinarsky B S Psychobiology Katheryn VIncelll B A, Art History Thelma Virata B A English Lit Preetinder Virk B S Psychobiology William Vlahos B A Political Science Lisa Voettiner B A Econ Bus Michael Vogler B A Economics Karen Volplcelli John Wachter Lon Wagner Suzanne Wakamoto Anthony Walcher B A Psychology B A History B A Political Science 8 A Economics B A. Psychology Seniors 209 ORS: • SENIORS V SENIORS ♦ SENIORS Suzanne Waldman B A Theater Arts Joseph Walgenbach B A Political Science Sean Walsh B.A. Political Science Doug Walters B S Civil Enqr Scott Walters B A Econ Bus Chester Wang B S Math Comp Sci Simin Wang B S Applied Math Thomas Wang B S Engineering Erika Wangberg B A History Jacquelin Wangerin BA Psych Bus Carol Ward B A Arr Jonathan Ward B A Psychology Keith Walters B.A, Economics Tony Wang B S Biochemistry Sheryl Ware B A Psycholoqy Tina Warling B A Psychology Kevin Warner B 5 Geog Ecosys Valarie Warshawsky B A Econ Bus Shaune Washington B S Electrical Engr Monique Watson B.A. French Raymond Waung B.S. Physics Robert Weaver III B.S Biology Cheryl Weber B.A. Design William Weber IS Computer Sci Engr James Wedaa B A MPTV 210 Seniors I ' SENIORS ♦ ' SENIORS -SENIORS: ■ SE Thomas Weede B.S. Math AppI Sci Maura VX eiler B A English Donald Weinstein 8 A Economics Dana Weisberger B A. Econ Bus Rowena Wellman B A Art History Inga Werner 8. A Political Science Dorian West 8 A Communicatons Marie-Elise West B A History Birgit Weyer-Mouroulis 8 A Psychology Jeanne Weyl B A, Political Science Jacalyn White B A, Psychology Sheila White B A History Jordan Wiener B S, Bioengineering Rachel Wiesen 8 A Art History Roberta Willhite B A English u ' w ' il Julie Williams B A Economics Susan White Julie Widenhofer Edward Wiedemeier B A Political Science B A Theater Arts B A Communications , y : i 1 v SENIOR SHOWCASE 7 i ' ' Lisa Sherman A m Major: Political Science tk ' - m 1 t- H Hometown; Los Angeles ' M W- -v Future Goals: A career in law m p k and orie day running for 1 r| public office r " « k 1 feel all of my experiences ' l J . mk together at UCLA have add- ed tremendously to my xttl V lastk education as well as to my v w 99al own personal growth. If 1 w « I HH had to pick one experience it Mf! iff Tl would be Homecoming. This ». V V IS a time when all the dif- K4 ferent groups on campus work together for a common goal. ■ Seniors 2 1 ORS A SEWIORS; " SENIORS V SENIORS SENIOR SHOWCASE Kimberly Noel Major: Political Science Hometown; Los Angeles Future Goals: To produce news segments at a TV sta- tion In a large metropolitan market I got the most out of my commitments to the UCLA Daily Brum and to my sorority Alpha Kappa Alpha. At the Brum I am able to serve the campus community by repor- ting Items of both interest and importance to interested partes. As a journalist I have undertaken the responsibility of informing the campus of the news that is occuring around them. It pleases me that working within the Brum and my sorority, I am a rolemodel for many other black students who may doubt their own chances of success in a major university like UCLA. 4 Peggy Williams B S Physics William Williams B A History ! SPI»M K ■ I 1 4- ] p K ■ ' ■ . ' ■ ' ' H Deborah Wilson B A Economics Jacquelin Wilson B A History Katherine Wilson B A Economics Thomas Wiltsey B S Electrical Engr John Wimberley B S Engineering Pdima Win B A Econ Bus. John Winant B A Political Science John Winkelman B S Kinesiology Stacy Winnick B S Kinesiology Maria Winters BA Psytholoyy Mate Witemberg B S Kinesiology Charles Wolf B S ApplietJ Math Richard Wolff B A Econ Bus Melissa Wolfson B A Psychology 2 1 2 Seniors R SENIORS N ' SEMORS . " SENIORS.: S Stephen VX olodkin B S Mdth Comp Sci Jacqueline Wong B S Econ Sys Sci Venice Wong B.A, Sociology Paul Woolsey B A Political Science Kenneth Wu B S Biology Nina Woloshin B A Psych Bus Angela Wong B A Economics Christine Wong B A Economics Margie Wong B S Electrical Engr Mary Wong 8 S Applied Math Sharon Wong B S Electrical Engr Wai Lam Wong B S Biochemistry Debra Woo B A Sociology Marva Woodlief B A Sociology Meeman wong B S Mechanical Eng r Susan Wong B S Electrical Engr Lori Woodman B A History Raymond Worrell III B A Economics Don Wright B A Russian Civ Bus John Wright B A Econ Hist Laura Wright B S Kinesiology Todd Wulffson B A Econ Bus Theresa Wybenga B A Psychology Roderick Wylie B.S Geography Ecosys John Yae B A, Political Science Seniors 2 1 3 EIMIORS%- SEIMIORS . SENIORS ♦. ' SENI Christina Yaghoubian B.A Economics IMami Yamada B A Japanese Yuji Yamada B A Economics Brian Yamaguchi B A, Econ Bus Irene Yamanaka B.A. Psychology Glenn Yamane B.S, Applied Math Suera Yang B.A, Design Jennifer Yates 8 A Art History Megan Yates B A. Poll Sci Econ lnfl Stds Paul Yau B S Chemistry Heather Yeatman B A Design Michael Yee B.S Kinesiology Peter Yee : S Applied Math SueAnne Yee B A Economics Tammy Yee B.S. Electrical Engr Phoebi Yi IS Mathematics Hou Yiu B S Electrical Engr Takeshi Yogi B.S. Biology Michelle York B A History David Young B A Econ Bus Janice Young B S Math Econ Kenny Young B S Electrical Engr Loretta Young B A History Mojgan Yousefmoradi B i Electrical Engr David Yu i.S. Math Comp Sci 2 1 4 Seniors S :-SEI IIORS ;• SENIORS . SENIORS . Felix Yu BS Physics Heyoung Yu B A Music Joseph Yu B A Econ Bus Lisa Yu B S Math AppI Sci Vera Yu B S Electrical Engr Michael Zailer B S Aerospace Engr IVIichael Zamora B A Anthropology SENIOR SHOWCASE Michelle Saevke Major: Sociology Business Hometown: Danville Future Goals: A career in public relations, marketing or sales I ' ve found that the more I give to UCLA, the more I get out - . . whether it was study- ing in a different library, going on a " Bago " , taking a class (Death and Suicide) that I always feared, being set up for a fraternity party, being kidnapped while studying, then blindfolded and taken to a WWF wrestling match, or falling in love . . I always kept busy. I think my college career is different than many because I know I ' ve gotten as much out of UCLA as possi- ble, and I ' m ready to gradu- ate in June, 4 years later. ■ I Mark Zerebny B A History Brooke Zibel 8 A Psychology Frederick Zimmerman BS Materials Sci Engr Ron Zollman B A. Economics Charlotte Zuckerman B A Psychology Seniors 2 1 5 2 1 6 Graduation ♦• ♦ w i 3 Graduation is a time of reflec- tion and yet it is also a time to plan what lies ahead in each of our lives. Every year, thou- sands of Bruins participate in the graduation ceremonies held at the end of the spring. And with the changing of the season, comes new experiences for all graduates in the days that lie ahead-whether they enter the business world, or continue their education. Classes, parties, and simple good times with friends are ex- changed for a new l ind of lifestyle and the thought that there is a world out there for each and every graduate. It is these college years, that enrich our minds and help us grow. By the end of this four year development, a new person has been formed-far dif- ferent from the freshman that entered not so long ago-ready to face the challenges of an ex- citing world. ■ Graduation 2 1 7 Kelly Case Grad, Age: 21 Major: AppI Math, Year: Sr Chocolate is my favorite thing to eat--l crave it everyday. When I ' ve had a really bad day there ' s nothing that will make me feel bet- ter than a Hershey ' s Bar . . . not just the kind you get out of a ven- ding machine, but the REALLY big ones. My favorite campus hot spot is the inverted fountain . . , you can stick your feet in the water and just bask in the sun. Freeatlastll Kelly stops I definitely feel as if I ' ve made my mark on campus, and I ' ve also met a lot of people on campus-for me it was great! 1 probably decided to come here because of UCLA ' s great tradition in sports (great football and basketball teams); in academics; and in spirit. Everyone ' s so " up " for this school. My im- mediate future plans are to graduate! After graduation, I want to get a job out here. Once you ' ve been to Southern California it ' s hard to live anywhere else. 1 think California people are more open-minded than they are back East. There ' s a lot of culture and histo- ry back there, but here there ' s so many things to see and do and places to go. Advice to underclassmen at UCLA; go out and get involved in absolutely everything in sight! By doing that, they will meet so many people that they never would have met at Campus Corner is a great place to study . . . and socialize! on her way to class to buy flowers. UCLA if they had just stayed in their hall and studied. UCLA has so much to offer. Unless you get involved, you don ' t see it. For the past three years I ' ve heard people say, " I ' m a graduating senior. " It was this thing that you just never became. Now, I feel so old, espcially when I see the Freshmen walking around-they ' re so ' little! As a Freshman I was very quiet and reserv- ed. I was even a little overconfident. I really thought I knew what I was doing. I ' d get the map out the night before and memorize where everything was so I could go on campus the next day and pretend I knew where I was going. My best memories will be those of my sorority, the friends I ' ve made, the room- mates I ' ve had. My years at UCLA will always be great memories of great times. ■ D D D O ♦ D LIVING r • GROUPS DYKSTRA I Moving away from home can be a big shock, but dorms seem to alleviate some of this trauma by providing all the comforts of home (not in- cluding Mom Dad). Residents receive three meals a day (not great meals, but mealsl), nice ' quiet ' study areas, and roommates to share clothes, borrow school supplies and with whom to have ' fami- ly ' squabbles. Any dorm pro- vides this. " The dorms are one of the most diverse places to live--you meet people of every culture and have many different experiences. " -Adi Selgi So what makes Dykstra, the dorm at the bottom of the hill different from the rest? Dykstra has what every mother warns her daughter about--the Dungeon. The Dykstra base- ment is transformed into ' the Dungeon ' -a predominantly guys floor, prone to parties, and chaos in general. Those residents who are fortunate enough to live on the tenth floor can get a good night ' s sleep once in a while, • Dykstra Cabinet members plan a fun-filled quarter. 222 Dykstra I " No Stress " : The 1986-87 theme of Sproul Hall. Sproul residents don ' t stress during fire alarms on cold winter nights before midterms. Sproul resi- dents don ' t stress when the photo-copy machine is broken (again!) and have a paper due in five minutes. And Sproul res- idents definitely don ' t stress when the cafeteria closes. " Living in the dorms is a once in a lifetime experi- ence. The friend- ships that form and the memories you share mal e it all seem vor- thwhile. " -Kathy Carlton Rather, Sproul is a party place-home of the annual All- hall Street Dance and the Infer- no--the all-hall Halloween haunted house. Of course these are special occasion events, but who needs a special occasion to have fun? Fun is abundant at Sproul-it ' s in the residents and it ' s in the staff. As resident Jim Zoolalian said: " Sproul Hall-need I say more? " Pizza, Cosby, and friends-the alternative to dorm food, professors, and homework. SPROUL LIVING GROUPS Sproul 223 LIVING ♦ GROUPS HEDRICK Hedrick Hall-king of the hill, top of the heap {or at least that ' s what Hedrick residents think). How is life at the top? A typical question for anyone who has never lived there. But there is no typical answer because Hedrick is not your typical dorm. Being so far away from campus, living in Hedrick is almost like living in an apartment, except you don ' t cook for yourself. Life is lived ' Hedrick ' s the best dorm for people with a carefree attitude. " -Marl Topper at a fast pace--from one party to the next-with only that oc- casional, but ever so long, trek back up the hill from classes to slow you down. There ' s an added bonus that comes with living at Hedrick; Sunset Rec is right down the hill so people can and do run down any time and all the time. What more can be said? Living in Hedrick IS like living in the clouds (and on some foggy days that isn ' t too far from the truth). ■ % ' ' i ' ' V The walk up endless stairs is the price Hedrick-ites pay for being King of the Hill. 224 Hedrick Dean Abramson and Louis LaCroix find a quiet moment out of their busy schedules. Dorm life is more fun on a scooter. This year ' s residents of Rieber Hall had instant membership in- to some rather select houses because a new system was in- stigated. Rieber-ers were in- ducted into floor ' Houses ' -dull floor names like Seven South and Six North became Pirandello and Steinbeck Houses. " The dorms are great for making friends and hav- ing fun! " -Danica Lisie A icz In coordination with the Southern Suites, each floor was named after a Nobel Prize laureate, from Winston Chur- chill to Rudyard Kipling. While dues weren ' t collected (except for monthly housing pay- ments), dormies did get the feel- ing of being members of an ex- clusive club, especially since none of the other residence halls had the ' house ' system. Each house also had its own government, activities, parties, and fundraisers to unite floor- mates. As stated by one wise resident, " The world is our Housel " ■ RIEBER 1 LIVING % GROUPS Rieber 225 LIVING ♦. GROUPS SPECIAL EVENTS Students feast at an outdoor barbeque. THIS. , VWLEMnm flMS - -? PINNER , A special Valentine ' s Day dinner. Casino Niqht at Rieber Hall. 226 Special Events Residents get all twisted up at a floor game night —I Dorm life is more than just existing, it ' s livingi The Resi- dent Assistants and the Resi- dent Coordinators always manage to l eep things happen- ing, enough to suit even the fastest paced people. There are weekly events such as movie nights and volleyball games. But there are also special events that happen only once a year that make life in the dorms real- ly special. The Sproul Street Dance, held early in the Fall, is Just such an event. For Halloween, the halls all put together a fun house or Inferno, as it is called. Also in the Fall, the dorms have a special dinner for Thanksgiving, Homecoming or the use vs. UCLA game. In the Winter, special atten- tion IS paid to Valentine ' s day. The cafeteria is decorated with red and pink and " Valentine Grams " are available to send to your sweetheart. Spring brings sun, Mardi Gras. The annual All Hall Picnic is held by fifth week at Sunset Rec. A dinner of hot I dogs and hamburgers is served ° alfresco in the cleanng above the pools, and volleyballs and frisbees are tossed around by a sporting few. Other annual events include Casino Night, formal dances and the College Bowl guiz competition that are held at dif- ferent times throughout the year in the different dorms. Life is never dull when you ' re in college, but living in the dorms is an experience that should not be missed. There is always something to do and someone to do it with. - fun, and A carnival atmospliere prevails at this all hall dinner. Special Events 227 L f V I N G GROUPS CO-OPS Some may have considered it a throwback from the 60 ' s, but the Co-op offered a mordern alternative to 80 ' s housing problems in Westwood. While other stu- dents dealt with exorbitant rents, surly landlords, or restric- tive rules. Co-op residents suc- cessfully avoided all three. At approximately $550 a quarter for a single, double, or triple room and board, the Co-op was one of the cheaper hous- ing alternatives. Personal ex- pression was an integral part of Co-op life, as residents voted on all issues democratically. ' The atmosphere here definitely enhances your creativity. " -Tony Carr In their 45th year of ex- istence, the University Cooperative Housing Associa- tion (UCHA)-or Co-op residen- ts--not only owned and operated Robison, Essene, and Hardman-Hansen Halls, but planned improvements, as well. In addition to standard 4 hour per week work shifts and twice-a-quarter bathroom clean-up, residents transformed the " Old Kitchen " of Robison Hall into the Co-op Coffee House in their free time, pro- viding a study or social option | to existing rec rooms and study! lounges. ■ 1 Co-op residents clean the serving area. Hardman-Hansen is the newest co-op. Taking a study break. 228 Co-ops The suites are located by the dorms. Heading to the dorms for lunch. The Suites. Just about the only thing that most people l now about the Suites is that they have a large living room, private bath and two bedrooms. But they are so much more. To begin with, Northern Suites and Southern Suites couldn ' t be any more different than North and South Campus. Northern Suites has a party at- mosphere like North Campus, and Southern Suites tends to be ' Living in the Suites is iii e living on your own-- except you don ' t have to cool for yourself. " -Steven Yoshizumi more studious. Northern houses a lot of jocks, and Southern has more of the scholars. The people in Nor- thern have their own parties but Southern has more planned events. But the actual, everyday life in the Suites is pretty much the same all over. People who live in the Suites have exactly what they want-the privacy of the individual room and the at- mosphere of community living. Who could ask for more than the Suite life! ■ SUITES LIVING GROUPS Suites 229 Erik Fogelburg Dorm Resident, Age: Major: Econ, Year: Freshman I like any food except dorm food and my favorite drink is Bud in a bottle because it ' s the king of beers. I ' d rather be .. . surfing an isolated surf spot on a tropical Island with a few friends .... In my spare time I like to contemplate Taoism . . . Why? Because it ' s the essence of Nirvanah?? Erik takes time out to stuJv I live in Sproul on the fifth floor. The best part about living in the dorms is meeting people. You meet so many more people in the dorms, and you don ' t have to deal with shopping or cooking and stuff like that. I mean, I like to cook, but not for a week straight. Then again, the food here is the worst. I don ' t know--the first week it was really good, but then I think they lost interest in changing the menu and in giving us a lit- tle variety--you get tired of the same thing all of the time. I thought it would be a lot guieter at night. People are out socializing, or whatever, just walking around the hallways talking. There ' s always a certain floor up for a big party. Like the " Around the World " party where they have a different drink in every room. We have lots of dinners together as a A phone is an all-time must for a dorm room floor, too. My RA tries to organize a lot of different activities. There was a 3-on-3 basketball tournament, a football team, and things like that. They had the Dating Game the other night, and I think it was our floor that put it on. My roommate and I get along really well. I came in and he had already put in a fridge and a phone--also, a loft was up so that was pretty exciting. We have a stereo as well-- my or e addition to the room. The dorms aren ' t perfect, though. One of the most bizzare rules is the alcohol rule-you can drink in your room, but you can ' t have the door open. I don ' t see what the dif- ference is. One rule that I would like to have changed is the key rule because I ' ve already spent $70 because of that one-I ' ve lost two sets of keys. • There ' s always someone up and about at all hours in Sproul m to 5 m 2 D 70 70 m 6 m Z H ♦ D 70 m 00 " 0 m m n m LIVING V GROUPS APARTMENTS A UCLA " apartment student " enjoys watching TV and reading the paper. Apartment life means washing dishes.. Aaah! Life on your own, peace and quiet, and finally, some privacy, these are the reasons many UCLA students " Good roommates are essential. " -Heidi Sommer enjoy having an apartment with a few friends. Never- theless, the approximately 1 5 of all UCLA students which live in apartments must first over- come several obstacles such as the high cost and the scramble for available spots. But when you divide the costs 5 or 6 ways, it ' s not so bad. Once students get a tew such strategies wired they seem to find the freedom addicting for every year thousands of UCLA students get hool ed on APARTMENT LIFEI ■ II II Apartment life offers students privacy, independence, and bills. 232 Apartment Life Commuting is a stress no student needs. A large majority of the people who commute to UCLA drive their own cars. " Commuting tests your patience. " -Sylvia Ghazarian But with the notorious parking problem we have here, the public bus system can be helpful. Of course, you do have to make all of your con- nections on time or you could end up standing on a street corner for a half hour. Also, UCLA provides a Vanpool ser- vice to the San Fernando Valley and South Los Angeles. Anywhere you look, at any time of the day, whether by car, bus, van, bike, or foot, you will inevitably see someone try- ing to get to UCLA. • Stack Parking: the dreaded reality of commuting to UCLA. ,— ., n Clear lanes are a very rare sight on the San Diego Freeway. The entrance to frustration. Ibis C OMMUTIIM G LIVING • GROUPS Commuting 233 G R E E K L I F E Greek life. Social life. Fun. So much more.... At UCLA the Greek System comprises about 6,000 individuals. These are people with diverse interests, backgrounds, and personalties. They come together to meet other people and to get involved at a school so large that it is easy to get lost-- physically, and emotionally. The Greek System helps to bring back the personal ele- ment at UCLA which is so important to young people trying to find themselves and get an education. The Greek System provides individuals with Avenues for involvement at UCLA and in the community. Each organization has a philanthropic charity to which it con tributes money, time, and supplies. In addition to these ' philanthropies, ' the fraternities and sororities have been some of the greatest contributors to charitable causes sponsored by the University. Notable among these are the Special Olympics and Unicamp. Individual members give their time as coaches and cheerleaders for Special Olympics- and entire chapters contribute time and energy to the booths and attrac- tions which have always helped Mardi Gras to be a great success. Of course, the Greek System-just as a fringe bene- fit, mind you-also happens to be a fantastic way to meet new people and boost your social life. The Greeks at UCLA are famous for their fabu- lously frivolous parties and wild " Bago " trips to away games, Mexico, and Palm Springs. College is the first, and last, mf ' time for this kind of craziness, and _- college life wouldn ' t be the same without the wild and wooley antics of the Tm Kty- miA. Greeks to keep all of iW HK Hr f this seriousness in ' " " perspective. ■ ' a « w If: ■y _ »»■ t -n .V , I i . lyx v l ' 236 Intro to Greeks Intro to Greeks 237 PuJieiktUc Panhellenic Council: (below). President-Kelley Case. First Vice Pfesident-Valene Olsen. Second Vice President-Linda Burleson. Treasurer-Heidi Group. Secretary- Jennifer Wright. Publicity-Teri Razor. Scholar- ship-Mindy Fenton. Philanthropy-Micheie Archer. Campus Relations Liason-Jamie Adier. Intramurals- Kandi Bryant. Row Relations-Jennifer Hall. Greek Week-Linda Kinsley. Special Interest Group Liason-Alice Diego. Campus Security Liason-Sheila White Panhellenic Representatives: Marcia Bacura. Laura Brenneiser. Diliy Chaux. Suzanne Conolly. Liz Danzig, ' Cindy Edwards. Gina Genova. Celia Giacobbi. Lisa Hildenbrand. Melissa Hopp. Tracy P Johner. Jenny Kaplan. Claudia Madrigal. Amanda McHugh. Julie Pearlman. Kern Pelonis. Bea Reilley. Jenny Shimizu. Patty Smock. Allison Storr. Gail Tunick. Sara Werner Panhellenic Council serves as the governing body for UCLA ' s seventeen sororities. The Council consists of 14 elected executive officers and I representative from each sorority. As a governing body, Panhellenic strives to unite each of the individual sororities by organizing various activities and programs. Rush is one of Panhellenic ' s most time consuming and rewarding endeavors. During Rush, they set and enforce guidelines for each of the houses, as well as keeping track of approximately 1 500 young women, who participate • in formal Rush each September. Panhellenic is also active in supporting other campus activi- ties such as Homecoming, Greek Week, Mardi Gras, Spr- ing Sing, along with many philanthropic events. - ' % Vn s ' ' r B K ilk n . ' M , 9| L ») ' " " X ■■ tr ' ai 1 V ' 1 Iri ' 1 s Panhellenic 239 ( tita C Omecjo, ♦ AXQ • ♦ AXQ • AXO Excitement, campus and community involvement, motivation, par ties, leaders, spirit, enthusiasm, wildness, diversity, intelligence, sisterhood . . . ALPHA CHI OMEGA! THERE ' S NO ONE LIKE US! Alpha Chi ' s really went places this year. From greek activities to numerous on- campus involvements, this sorority is devoted to the ideals upheld by the university and the greek system. Members of Alpha Chi can be found anywhere from Greek commit- tees such as Homecoming, Greek Week, and Mardi Gras to campus activities like student government, Panhellenic board, UCLA Spirit Squad, Bruin Belles, and BruinLife. Intercollegiate athletics also feature Alpha Chi members on the swimming and tennis teams. In addition to in- dividual campus involvements. Alpha Chi ' s are devoted par- ticipants in Greek Week, Mardi Gras, IM sports, and Spring Sing, Alpha Chi Omega is ranked among the five largest houses on the row. This asset, com- bined with our diligence and spirit were incorporated into a successful rush. As a result, our fantastic pledge class will carry on Alpha Chi ' s tradition of EXCELLENCE! Annie and Ellen-spirited Alpha Chis. Stacey, Julie, Carolyn , Jamie, Corinne, Cindy, and Aimee -fun loving Alpha Chis at the Roller Bash. 240 Alpha Chi Omega m XQ» AXn •AXQ AXQ- •AXO »AXQ -AXO «AXO " »AXO AXO« K offeree Susan Abracen, Lirbeth Allen. Teresa Anthenien, Debi Aragon. Charon Bal, Marlene Barreiro, Susie Battat, Heidy Berger. Lara Boctor. Leslie Branham, Kandi Bryant, Jill Calton, Caren Camerota, Carolyn Canning. Corinne Canning. Yooni Chang. Lisa Chodak. Beth Cohn. Jennifer Cohn. Lisa Critton. Christine Dabrowski. Alice Diego. Rowena Domontay. Sheireen Dunlap. Kimberly Durret. Kristen Elliott. Stacey Falconer. Alesia Ferguson. Katie Francis. Michele Freel, Tamar Frenkel, Ann Margaret Ganguin. Jerri Gibson. Jennifer Giese. Alison Gold, Lisa Goodall. Shauna Gordon. Laurine Gray. Christine Grech. Carolyn Grif fin. Kathy Guthrie. Leslie Hansen. Hilary Harper. Carolyn Haynes, Susan Heaney. Melanie Ho, Melissa Hopp, Annie Hwang. Angela Ishimaru. Kathy Johnson. Karyn Jon. Lisa Jordon. Kathy Katsura. Carina Katurich. Mariana Katurich. Kassie Kehl. Jeanne Kim. Sheila Kirby. Ellen Kleinberg. Marilee Kohnhorst. Cynthia Koontz. Kan Lasser. Kathy Lavezzo. Britt Limm. Kris Llorente. Carrie Loe. Michele Logan. Jaimle Ludowitz, Tracy Luebbers. Mary Manning. Kathrine Marelich. Maria Marquez. Andrea Marr. Alex Massa. Stephanie Mazley. Jams McClure. Mary McDowell. Alisa Millstein, Colleen Mitchell. Regina Mitzel. Kimberly Moekle. Julie Mondz. Marissa Morgan. Anne Morrison. Jill Moschell. Jennifer Moyers. Valerie Mozan. Melanie Nebel. Kris Nolan. Adrienne Nordstrom. Jill Odom. Tammy Ofek. Laura Olague. Laura Olson. Karen O ' Such. Sabrina Ory. Laura Pace. Leigh Pesqueira, Susan Pierce. Andrea Poiner. Amy Powers. Susie Ramos. Sally Rhee, Barbara Richards. Lauren Ritchie. Betsy Roen. Naomi Sachs. Jan Salwen. Dana Scanlan. Heide Schroeder. Cathy Schoettmer. Joanne Schultz. Lynn Schweinfurth. Anne Sciarra. Kathy Seligman. Lisa Shaevitz, Enola Shaked. Dina Shermon. Lisa Shermon. Naomi Shimizu. Julie Shively. Jill Silverforb. Chandra Slack. Susan Slavik. Irene Smith. Tina Stovall. Jenny Tsao. Stephanie Tsao. Heather VanOrnum. Valda Vitols. Erika Wangberg. Debbie Watt. Kim Westphalen. Casey Whitehill. Aimee Willis. Cheryl Willis. Cindy Wilson, Whitney Woodward. Julie Ying Alpha Chi Omega 241 Vdti Pe • AAn» AAn- •AAn A.AAn •|i r La Lisa Abdalla. Kris Addington. Anne Mane Albertazzi, Donna Alexander, Lynn Allison. Julie Anderson, Monica Baker, Leila Bate, Tarni Bell, Cathy Biddy, Debbie Birnorf, Quinn Blayney. Jodie Bourdet, Jenny Brandes, Laura Brenneisen. Betsy Brown. Romy Buchman, Margo Ciancaglini. Kelli Clifton. Sharon Cohen. Jill Collins, Andrea Comporato. Brenda Croy. Dee Coons, Lynne Cooper. Carol Cornejo, Cindi Cosley. Kathy Coulbourn, Laura Dale. Candice Dalzell. Deann Dunill. Tricia Dawe. Lisa Desantis. Nancy Denyes. Rosy Ferraro. Sheila Flanagan. Jana Floren- tine. Patty Flynn. Jackie Fogarty. Nancy Fournell. Nancy Freund Heidi Friese. Anne Gamrin. Kim Gire. Julie Glockner. Gina Gordon. Alison Gould. Wendy Grant. Sabnna Grassl. Lisa Grimes, Ginger Griffen. Jenny Harris. Ann Hebgen. Kathy Honda. Angela Hoy. Claire Jackson. Annie Jamison. Cindy Johnson. Andrea Jones. Jennie Jones. Stephanie Kallgren. Lisa Katayama. April Kavanaugh. Adrianna Kezar. Alison Knerl. Tina Kopcha. Linda Kornfeld. Ten Kraut, Mary Lanctot, Cindy Laskin, Crystal Lehner. Pam Leon. Nancy Lewis. Becky Long, Jennifer Lowry. Claudia Madrigal. Michelle Magidoff. Kristin Malte, Jennifer Mansbach, Patty Marchak. Lisa Massing. Christine Matiuk, Susan McCawley. Becky McFadden, Beth Minehart, Beth Morledge. Stefanie Morse. Kan O ' Con- nell. Juliet Oehler. Tricia O ' Keefe. Daniele O ' Kulshi. Kathy O ' Prey. Nancy Pang. Gabby Parades. Kathi Recker. Lisa Relis. Sharon Reyes. Jamie RHodes. Nancy Roelle. Bntta Sandelmann. Adnenne Scarcello. Giana Scarpelli. Collette Schneider. Jody Selzer. Melinda Shendan. Jenny Shimizu. Maureen Sooy. Diane Staht, Lisa St Amand. Kate Stephenson. San Stern. Megan Stock. Dana Tauber. Barbie Taylor. Anne Thomas. Rebecca Thomas. Carol Thompson. Sloane Thompson. Beth Turocy. Allison Uchiyama. Marilyn Wallace. Tami Walsh. Lee Ann Ward. Valerie Warsha. Dana Weber. Gemma Wenger, Carol Whitaker, Mindy Williams, Kathenne Wilson. Kim Wilt. Marcella Wucher. Akemi Yamani Jenny, Ali. Anne-Mane, Dana, and Giana, Tricia, Stephanie, Alison, Laura, and Pam perform " Cats " during Rush ' 86. 242 Alpha Delta Pi irnin« AAn AAn »AAn« AAn .»AAn» AAn«« aah ' AAn -a An Laura, Quinn, Sheila, Gina, Lisa, Jenny, Lisa, Linda, Lisa, and Megan. jj Barbie, Kathy, Allison, Kelli, Lisa, and Cindy at Presents. The Alpha Chi chapter of Alpha Delta Pi started the school year off with a fantastic rush, pledging yet another group of great girls. Our house prides itself on diversity yet unification through sisterhood. Our Fall calendar was highlighted with Presents and exchanges with numerous fraternities at UCLA and at Cal Berkeley. We also participated in a ' " nontraditional " Homecoming, or " Nocoming " with Theta Xi. With or without a float, the weekend was most certainly celebrated. " Fall Par- ty " ended the Fall quarter in a " Groovy " way with our 60 ' s party. Winter quarter was highlighted by our always fun Pledge-Active and Senior Cocktail Party. Alpha Delta Pi never lets Spring quarter go by without celebrating our annual Diamond Ball Formal and in- famous Last Bashl Not only do the UCLA Alpha Delta Pi ' s think our chapter is great, but our Na- tional does as well. Our chapter was given the most prestigious award possible, the " Golden Lion " at our National convention last year. We con- tinue to uphold this standard of excellence in all that we do- intramural sports, academics, philanthropy, and campus in- volvement. Alpha Delta Pi would like to extend congratulations to all of its graduating Seniors . . . P.A.T.A.! ■ Alpha Delta Pi 243 Afjida, S JAiim P ■ AECD V ■ AE D» " AEO AE Phi had a large assortment of activities this year, including many social, philanthropic, and sisterhood events. Under the leadership of our president, Debby Tisherman, we began the year with Presents, at which time we presented our amazing pledge class of 1986. Our pledges brought a great deal of enthusiasm and spirit to our chapter. They were led by our devoted pledge moms, Lori Margolis and Melinda Ruben. After several raids and ex- changes, we had our Fall Party at the Santa Monica Pier. It was a great success. To take a break from finals, we met at the Chart House for a sisterhood event. We began Winter Quarter with a fantastic Pledge Active Party. The hard work and dedication of our pledges definitely showed. A few other highlights of the quarter includ- ed Greek Week, our quarterly philanthropy event, and our in- famous Destination Unknown Party. We are looking forward to many exciting events in the Spr- ing, a few of which are Mardi Gras, Spring Sing, and Mom ' s Day. However, we will be very sad to see our Seniors leave. We will end the year with a Senior Dinner and a special event in honor of our Seniors. ■ AE A E Phis having a blast at the Spring Cruise. Karen, Jenny, Sheri, Stephanie, and Ariel enjoying the Pledging Day experience. 244 Alpha Epsilon Phi ' AE( AEO) r •AECD« ' AEa)« " AECD ' AEO a AECD ♦AE •AEO AECD« ♦AEO) Lon Abramow. Caryn Abrams. Monica Artavia, Lindy Bazan. Nina Berkowitz, Monica Berman. Jennifer Ber- tons. Donna Blevins. Aliki Boton. Rachel Brandel. Lyile Breier, Caria Butler. Daphne Cohen-Sitt. Jackie Cooper. Emily Cotler. Ins Davidov. Rachel Diamont. Sarah Diesenhaus. Kathryn Eisenstein. Sharon Elbaum. Amy Eskanos. Jodi Finkel. Julie Foonberg. Debbie Fradin, Sharon Friedman. Lon Gayle. Adrian Glauberman. Stephanie Glenn. Michelle Glick. Susan Gold. Jill Goldberger. Ariel Goldin. Cheryl Goldman. Marta Goldman. Sara Gollub. Wendy Goodman. Leslie Goot. Karen Gordon. Heidi Group, Wendy Gruber. Ilisa Halpern. Elise Heilbrunn. Hali Helfgott. Felice Hollander. Rachel Jeans. Doree Jurow. Lauren Kamin. Jenny Kaplan. Shern Katz. Karen Katzman. Lon Klein. Pam Kodner. Jessica Korn. Susie Krongold. Olga Ladyzhensky. Shen Leff. Kathy Levin. Kann Lippman, Mary Luevano. Sharon Markman. Lon Margolis. Jodi Meltzer. Robin Mittelman. Michelle Montalvo. Gina Morales. Karen Mund. Jessica Oberfeld. Julie Pearlman. Carrie Pines. Kathy Pomerantz. Nancy Reiss. Esther Rose. Michelle Rosen. Lisa Ruben. Melinda Ruben. Valerie Russo. Adena Samson. Cindy Schiffns. Mara Schwartz. Allison Scharz, Rebecca Selk. Sheba Shiensky. Tina Sibulkin. Robin Silverman. Amy Silvers- tein. Renee Smason. Lisa Spielman. Lisa Stem. Melissa Stem, Lon Steiner. Michelle Streeter, Roberta Streifer, Heather Taras. Ellen Tawil. Debby Tisherman. Deborah Tuerk, Laura Wagerman. Debby Weiss. Devra Weltman, Karen Wexler, Lisa Young. Hali, Lori, Karen, and Caryn celebrate at Senior Dinner. Doree and Debby show their A E Phi Sisterhood. Alpha Epsilon Phi 245 ♦ ACD •A D " AO» A D • AO ♦ A D« A(D I 246 Alpha Ph ,(D • ACD A(D A D " ' ' AO AcDr •A(D aACD " A(D AcD» ' A D A D » " A Gia Moss and Scott Hunter at Presents. The Beta Delta Chapter of Alpha Phi got off to a fantastic start this year by being named " Most Outstanding Chapter " by Alpha Phi International. Forty-nine beautiful UCLA women pledged Alpha Phi, making our special sisterhood stronger than everl Alpha Phi prides itself on being one of the most diverse sororities on cam- pus. Phis are active in all sorts of campus and community pro- jects. On campus we are rep- resented in Student Gov- ernment, Bruin Belles, Daily Bruin staff. Mortar Board, Homecoming Court, Tennis and Crew teams, and Cheerleading squad. But, for all of us, the most important aspect of Alpha Phi is the unity that grows out of our bond of love and respect for one another. Alpha Phi pro- vides sisterhood and support, encourages individuality, and makes memories that will last a lifetime. • t Michelle, Jessica, and Molly on Halloween. Alpha Phi 247 Site Ome ' XO ' XO» XQ .XO " XQ.kXO .XQ Chi Omega was founded over ninety years ago at the University or Arkan- sas. Today it is recognized as one of the country ' s top sororities, with the largest membership nationwide. The Gamma Beta chapter, established at UCLA in 1923, was the first national sorority on campus. The 1 986-87 year has been a memorable one for Chi Omega. After a successful Rush, we welcomed 41 beautiful new pledges into the house. Each guarter was filled with many activities both for our enjoyment as well as the community. The social calen- dar included such fun activities as Presents, the Formal, the Pledge-Active, and numerous exchanges and theme parties. As for academics, Chi Omegas pride themselves on making this aspect of the college expe- rience a vital focus of the house. This attitude is reflected by the numerous members in various honor societies and leadership positions on campus. The Chi Omegas also par- ticipated in several community projects throughout the year, including visiting the UCLA pediatrics ward. Special Olym- pics, our national philanthropy, and members serving as volun- teers xn several fields. The Chi-O ' s are proud an active part of UCLA. Chi Omega is a sorority that has provided sisterhood and friend- ship, which gives support and encouragement to each member. With this in mind, the Chi Omegas had a suc- cessful year and will continue to excell at UCLA. Excited for Presents: Katlny, Melissa, Carrie, Stephanie, Kathy, and Bree. " fPm. Lisa welcomes Tammy home. 248 Chi Omega iQ «xn .xo xn.-xQ .xQ " .xQ« xn»»XQv ' xn»rXO »xn x Sisterhood shines on the last day of rush Christine, Suzette, and Jill at the Senior Banquet. Renee Acuna. Krisiy Adrian. Annemane Amaral. Tina Anderholt. Maria Anderson. Kim Anenberg. Daniela Aprea. Gigi Atwater. Karen Barnett. Jenny Bergstrom, Stephanie Berman, Christine Bernard. Christina Bird. Lis a Birken, Tamara Bloom. Susan Boezinger. Linda Borodkin. Stephanie Braun. Lori Campbell. Lisa Chait. Andrea Chan. Suzanne Chan. Tammy Clementi. Cathy Cogan, Jodie Colucci. Steffani Connors. Pam Cook. Mane Coolman, Gini Cox. Jill DeSantis. Cathy Domingo. Jennifer Dorian. Dahlia Doumani. Sybille Dreuth. Jennifer Dryden. Beckett Duke, Lisa Eisen- traut. Melinda Eisma. Susie Evans, Kathy Fairbanks. Karen Earns. Sharon Feldman. Paula Forbis. Beth Fraker. Patti Garrett. Tan Garza. Erin Gebel. Ruth Gleason, Lynette Gomez. Stephanie Gordon. Nancy Green. Karen Groepler, Cheryl Guenn. Jen Hall. Kns Hanson. Mindy Hernngton. Jennifer Hill. Cheryl Hoey. Edie Hofmeiser. Heather Hoole. Michelle Howard. Celine Ishida. Maya Iwanaga. Melissa Johnson. Stephanie Johnson. Ginj Kaminsky. Cherie Kane. Cyndie Kather. Susan Kawala. Chnsta Knebel. Chnstina Knoll. Kelly Knudson. Marijana Kral-Campbell. Manna Kunis. Cynthia Lakon, Jennifer Lane. Amy Lasley. Lauren Lessler. Kathy Lim. Stephanie Linardos. Suzette Lipscomb. Claire Lynch. Wendy McCarron, Kathy McNulfy. Gabby Mejia. Susan Metzger, Knsta Mid- dlebrook, Cynthia Miller, Julie Miyoshi, Julie Monkarsh, Sharon Newkirk, Valerie Olsen, Lisa Olson, Lori Pallai. Stephanie Parades. Bree Pastor. Kern Pelonis. Maria Pizzola. Jenny Posta. Kelly Reese. Shell Richardson. Pam Rodriguez. Andrea Savin. Susan Schaefer. Kassie Shauer. Kim Schienberg. Salli Shrewsbury. Kathy Soil. Manssa Sprague. Julie Staroba. Vicki Sterling. Sara Stone. Jeanne Storment. Stephanie Strader. Elaine Sudol, Michelle Takota. Chris Taylor, Paige Tecca, Debbie Telleria, Anne Tracy, Kathy Turansky. Michelle Ulick, Pae; Valverde. Lara Victoria, Lisa Vincent, Lisa Voettiner, Dana Wnght, Ml)a Yen, Caroline Zeiler Chi Omega 249 4t Vdta. Vdtd ■ AAA • ' ' AAA ■ • A AA A jii Nicole Aliaga, Tracy Andrew, Kathie Arakawa. Mom queBinkley. Nancy Breuer. Tammy Braxton. Karen Calhoun. Laura DeKraker. Audrey Dufel. Katie Ed- mlston, Megan Haley. Jennifer Heaton. Renee Holl- ingere. Meredith Hughs, Carry Kim. Jaimi McFarlin, Denise McKinney. Monica McNicolas. Kathy Mancini, Kelly Morgan, Sydney Morton, Rebecca Newquist, Joan Niemeyer, Cathie Nokes, Faryl Rose, Cindy Sug gett, Stephanie Thompson, Jeanne Weyl, Lysa Agundez, Cathi Albrect, Lori Almquist, Maureen Baker, Erin Brandon, Carrie Buchanan. Kathy Bucklin, Debbie Dann, Laurel Evanson, Bridget Fahy, Jennifer Fox, Donna Gentleman, Tracy Goldberg. Shelli Goth. Kristi Gustin. Alex Guzman. Kim Helmer. Suzi Hindin. Jac- que Jameson. Susan Kane. Susan Keith. Kami Kellams. Debbie Kessler. Andrea Lewis. Chandra McCormack, Jacque Mclntyre, Jennifer Megquier, Jennifer Meline, Laura Morrison. Libby Moses, Vicki Nielson. Connie Nixon, Christy Noel. Jennifer Pesci, Caroline Place, Hilary Podnos, Sheri Puhl, Dawn Ross, Kristin Roth, Susie Rumsfeld, Moya Samarzich, Evie Skoda, Debra Stewart, Sam Suggett, Julieanna Thaxter, Laura Upham, Susan Wheeler, Michelle Wilkinson, Meredith Agee, Roberta Bailey , Kelly Beaudin. Sheri Beh, Kris Bertrell, Michelle Cellner, Ann Clark, LeAnne Cram, Trish Gabriel, Gina Galluci, Marni Gaylord, Gina Genova, Vickilyn Gilcrest, Lisa Goff, Lisa Greive, Michelle Francus, Cheryl Hanselman, Laura Jamet, Karren Kenny, Stephanie Klein, dana Landsdorf, Jane Lindsay, Jennifer Mandulay, Missy McNamara, Kathleen Melville, Melissa McCloskey, Kim McElliot, Maureen McHale, Jill Naboa, Lisa Nakawatase, Janet Noe, Kim Nunez, Jill Olla, Maria Pineda, Linda Roth, Maria Savage, Sheryl Smith, Kelly Smith, Katy Sullivan, Susie Tallman, Tracy Travland, Tiffany Walsh, Mary Welsch, Kim Wood, Anastasia Albanese,. Hallie An- zaione, Andrea Areghini, Susan Barrett, Jennifer Bar- rick, Mary Black, Kyra Bowling, Maria Bradley, Lara Britton, Mia Camera, Cristin Cracraft, Julie Craig, Tracy Cyr, Darby Dorman, Kimberly Duly, Julie Eakins. Trisha Farber. Carol Fox. Tia Francis, Gretchen Frost, Gwen Glassman, Katherine Hartog, Lisa Hatton, Kris Horsley, Elizabeth Kolla, Tracy Langford, Linda Lavez- zo, Kelly Lind, Dawne Macri, Kimberly McCarty, Rachelle Meyer, Julia Morey, Audra Mori, Juliane Mor- ris.Jihyon Mun, Melissa Nye, Allison Peek, Michelle Perm, Tamara Petri, Wendy Rapp, Christina Reese, Michelle Renshaw, Amy Rubmcam, Karen Sawochka-, Lesley Solomon, Kyra Stemple, Ginger Teig, Nicole Von Ruden, Robin Wagner, Courtney Wheeler, Julie Voung, Tom Youngblood, Susan Zapalac O " ::j §. Suzi and Nancy having a blast at the Mas- querade Ball ' 85, Actives and new pledges having fun on Pledging Day ' 86, 250 Delta Delta Delta A . AA» AAA .AAA " AAA rAAA «AAA-« " AAA •AAA •AAA ♦AAA Tracy, Came, and Michelle all dressed up-Formal ' 86. 4 Nancy and Laura excited on Pledging Day 1986. Delta Delta Delta 251 dta ( c UPUMi ♦ Ar» Ar Ar v r. Ar .Aii " A successful sorority rush kicked off the 1 986-87 school year and brought us 46 new pledges! Fall quarter was packed with events such as Big Little Sis Week, an in-house slumber party, dinner for the Swim team and even a retreat for the ac- tives. An Alumni Homecoming brunch was a new addition to the Fall calender. Our annual Anchor Splash raised money for Delta Gam- ma ' s Philanthropy, Sight Con- servation and aid to the blind. Each pledge also visited the Blind Childrens center which is solely supported by Delta Gamma funds. On campus ac- tivities such as student gov- ernment, yearbook and news- paper staffs and athletic teams involved many Dee Gees. Spr- ing quarter wrapped up the year with Mom ' s Day, " Ab- normal Formal " and our tradi- tional Luau. • One last Presents for the Delta Gamma seniors of 1 986-87. I Ur 252 Delta Gamma ♦•il» AT k Ar««Ar ' Ar Ar •Ar ' Ar« at ■ .Ar Ar • at ' At Dana Althouse. Julie Anderson. Kelly Anderson. Kathryn Balzhiser. Tobrene Bankhead. Laura Barnard. Cecilia Bauknight. Marjan Bavand. Jill Berkoff. Dina Bernstein, Angela Berry, Anne Beuerle, Erin Bishop, Karen Bogard, Kathy Bonozo, Lisa Bresky, Lindy Bruce. Lisa Bruzzone. Jill Butsko. Cathy Byrd. Jennifer Byrd. Katherine Cameron, Tina Canales. Marialaina Castellani. Cynthia Castillo. Kathleen Chalbers. Anja Chan. Ann Cho. Patricia Coffey, Melissa Cooper, Theresa Corsaro, Rosalind Cosbrove, Michelle Cossette, Jacqueline Crawford, Shann Dross, Andrea Crozier, Nancy Crum, Dana Curtis, Jennifer Daft. Stacy Damron. Sara David. Clare DeBriere. Krisry Duncan. Brandie Dye. Kelly Fauceett, Jill Frazee, Amy Frye, Stacy Gabrielson, Lisa Barrod, Lisa Garvey. Michelle Gesas. Catherine Goedecker, Stephanie Gomes. Lisa Gordy. Tami Grauman. Debbie Green. Laura Griffin. Kelly Griswold. Cindy Grober. Devon Haas. Dana Hartley. Gayle Hickey. Kim Horell. Lesley Hudson. Jenny Hurwitz. Stacey Isaacs. Alexandra Javer. Heather Joseph. Caragh Kennedy. Kathleen Kjos. Jill Krekorian. Devorah Lefkowitz. Suzanne Leider. Medeighnia Lentz, Ellen Levin, Tina Liao. Tracy Loomis, Lauren Loscialpo, Michelle Lozano, Tamara Lunt, Wendy Lynch. Gina Magan. Patricia Mann. Lyndia Martinez. Kira Mathur. Dawn McCoy. Jamie McDonald. Kimberly McVicker. Elizabeth Milias. Elise Miller, Kim Miller, Julie Mondoza, Stephanie Munro, Leslie Neskar, Veronique Noblat, Julie Obert. Pamela Pacelli. Athena Paliobasis. Carrie Palmich. Angela Piroutek, Kimberley Puckett, Stephanie Quarroz, Barbry Quinn, Diana Rader, Kathryn Radisich, Traci Reach, Felicia Reed, Julie Rhoades, Cynthia Richburg, Kathleen Ricks, Lisa Ristani, Brooke Robertson, Natalie Rooney, Gina Rugani, Reesa Ryder, Kristi Samples. Lynn Sappington. Andrea Schechter. Stacy Sears, Megan Seawright. Jill Semke. Tonetta Simone. Patricia Smock. Dana Synder. Wendy Spence. Alisa Stem, Juli Stone. Irene Sullivan. Elizabeth Sydow, Joanne Szabo, Lisa Vedres. Patrice Wagonhurst, Kirstin Walker, Karen Warnick, Kathryn Werner, Susan White, Jennifer Young, Andrea Zaharia, Janet Zaslaw, Tracy Allen, Christine Anderson. Eileen Beres. Elizabeth Bragonier. Tracy Brennan, Michele Cabot, Ann Callison. Regina Chough. Kimberly Cieslak. Amy Clifford. Kathleen Clin- ton. Jenifer Collins. Shannon Deherrera, Laurie Demarest, Tamar Dowie. Lisa Ensign, Rebecca For- ristall, Simine Ghavsi. Nanijy Goedecker. Esther Gon- zalez. Penny Greeley. Jennifer Greene. Katherine Hahn. Lori Horrell, Catherine Hunt, Caroline Hut- chison, Barbara Kinsella, Carrie Klinger, Sabrina Labow, Diane Labuda, Amy Lagao, Heather Marshall. Amy McKnight. Katherine Owsley. Amy Paul. Michele Peckovich. Christina Perez. Lori Pressler. Alexis Rondell. Amy Rousselot. Patricia Scortl. Cen Slacum, Gina Spon- zilli. Suzanne Strong, Jill Tyler Kim, Diane and Juli enjoy the Winter Formal. Delta Gammas celebrate a sucessful rush. Delta Gamma 253 ( PUPt ' iti eta, .r tB.vr (DB ♦ rcDB .♦ipB The Seeing Double Fall Party. Gamma Phis enjoying Pledging Day. WSv ' Linda Adams, Michele Archer. Stephanie Arnold. Monique Astengo, Laura Baer. Kolleen Baker. Brooke Barrera. Nancy Bower. Ruth Boyle. Jana Bridges, Tina Bunch. Muna Busailah. Laura Canellopolous. Cynthia Capps. Cristina Chan. Isabel Chang. Deanna Chen. Kathy Clauson. Knsten Cottrell, Brandi DAmore. Marti DeLong. Carol Diesel. Lisa Dunne, Gralen Eidam. Lin- da Esparza. Kara Felber. Monica Flores, Leanne Freeman. Stacey Freidman. Barbie Fuentes. Donna Galante. Katherine Gallagher. Connie Gee. Margaret Gibbs. Beth Goodman. Christiane Gork. Michelle Greene. Mindy Guard. Ciran Hadjian, Sherry Haraguchi. Trudi Hausmann, Mary Haupt. Suzanne Herrington. Mm Hillman, Ueanne Hornbaker. Krissy Isum. Jaime Jesek. Tracy Johner. Janice Kawase. Anne Mane Kearney. Julie Kell. Silja Kennan, Erica Kim, Jennifer King. Annette Kittredge. Jill Kuhn. Katy Lane. Nan Larking. Theresa Lawrence, Janice Layco, Tnnh LeCong, Kathy Lennan. Christina Ling. Rachel Livsey, Joanne Loke, Lissa Louie. Laura Louie. Marybeth Loyd. Debbie Lynn. Susan Lyman. Christy Manker. Frances Marques. Marianne McBeath. Betsy McCorkle, Debby McFadden. Mary McNally. Marci Merdler. Julie Miller, Michele Milnes, Rachel Minster, Haejin Moon, Kim Meyer, Julie Mozena, Barbara Mur- phy, Ann Nunn, Connie Olerich, Susan Partori, Karen Peck, Gayle Perry, Mary Kelly Persyn, Patricia Pigati. Talia Puzantian. Tern Randleman, Susan Reid. Kathy Rioux. Devara Rodriguez. Joy Schersand. Ursula Schmidt. Jennifer Schuele, Valerie Stadelbacher, Kathryn Starling, Julie Stiska, Nancy Stratton. Irene Sun. Lisa Surman. Janelle Sykes. Kellie Thoensen. Madeline Torregosa, Theresa Towey, Maria Tsilimidos, Cathy Utzinger, Nicole Vanderhorst, Cindy vanEmple, Marina Villapando, Lama Walker, Sam Walton, Christine Wang. Saralinda Werner. Debbie Whitehouse. Sharon Williams. Holly Wolcott, Mary Woo, Ardath Yamaga, Anne Young .X 254 Gamma Phi Beta B ' -.rtDB rcDB- rcDB ' -rcDB- " r B .♦r DB Ara)B» r0B -r B Starting off the year with an incredibly successful rush, the Alpha lota Chapter of Gamma Phi Beta proved to be " red hot. " Now a brand new big Family, the Gamma Phis showed their Bruin spirit in the House as well as in other campus activities. Having members active on Panhellenic Council, the Daily Bruin, Student Government, Bruin Belles (with Gamma Phi having the most!). Mortar Board, Campus Events and UCLA sports, the Gamma Phis continued to support ASUCLA and the Greek System. Even though their involve- ment took a lot of energy, the Gamma Phi ' s raged all year long with their social calender full of parties, raids, and ex- changes. Presents started off the year at the Dorothy Chandler Pavillion, followed by a 60 ' s Psychedelic at the Whiskey A-go-go. Also there was Family Day at the Rose Bowl, the Heart Association Ball, the Crescent Ball and the Luau to name a few major events. Hard work, en- thusiasm, and undying Bruin spirit, made for a great year for UCLA ' s Spring Sing and Mardi Gras having won in both events the previous year. Parties come and go, but the traditions, sisterhood, sharing and friendships at Gamma Phi will last a lifetime. ■ Ui H Madeline, Nicole, Devara, and Janice reliving the 20 ' s. Barbie and Maria having fun at Presents. f Gamma Phis and their awesome big brothers. Gamma Phi Beta 255 " K j ji i ipiui y vet i . Founded on January 27, 1870, at what is now De Paul University, Kappa Alpha Theta has a long and proud history as the first greek letter fraternity for women. Our own Beta Xi chapter began at UCLA in 1925 and has since become one of the largest houses on the row. Our diverse areas of involve- ment include: Student Gov- ernment, Panhellenic Council, Spirit Squad, athletic teams, honor societies, and worldwide internships. Not only are we involved in the traditional greek activities like exchanges, Greek Week, and Mardi Gras, we e. also active in Community Service and our national philanthropy, Logapedics (speech and hear- ing impairments). This year our beloved housemother, Mrs. Long received Theta ' s National Clementine Allen Best House Director Award. This honor is bestowed every two years to a housemother who has shown a tremendous amount of love, guidance and community in- volvement. For 16 years, she has been instrumental in mak- ing our house a home full of love and respect for each other. We love you Mrs. Long. We Q. Theta I • Kathy, Cindy, Anne, and Melinda Seniors Ann and Vicki. to 256 Kappa Alpha Theta iTG.ll •■KaO ♦KAO. KA0 " •KA0 KA0» aKAO »KA0. KA0» -KAO Jennifer Abbott. Stephanie Anagnostou, Marci An- tongiovanni. Laura Baatz. Celia Baker, Laura Baker. Jessica Barondes. Alisa Batman. Laura Bear. Dee Dee Bellramo, Diana Bendix. Melissa Bermeo. Kimberly Brougher. Kirstin Brown. Trisha Brownell. Bradford Browning, Anne Carey. Laura Carfagno. Leslie Cariani. Karen Chaslow. Nancy Ciccarelli, Jacgueline Cobb. Noelle Colome. Bliss Colton. Stacey Coopman, Courtney Copp. Monica Courtney. Vicki Cunningham. Elizabeth Danzig. Sara Dau. Jennifer Devening, Mary Dewitt. Elizabeth Diggs. Jill Dorn. Julie Dougherty. Susan Eiselman. Colly Elgin. Ton Engel. Jennifer Fallings. Jodi Farrow. Deborah Feld, Mindy Fenton. Dena Fischer. Terese Fisher. Bndgit Fite. Jennifer Ford. Jaimie Fox. Lisa Frankel. Tracy Gallagher, Patricia Gar cia. Julia Gleason. Nicole Goldner, Christine Gonzales, Joan Goodrich. Kathy Goodwin, Andrea Grannan, Jeanne Grantham, Kathy Gunderson, Lisa Hackney. Am Hadjian, Kathy Haltom, Jane Harano, Kim Hardy, Chris Harper, Linda Hart, Sally Hebble. Anita Mane Hill. Ranly Hill. Heather Hull. Gia Humphreys. Shelley Hunt. Tracie Hunter, Tnsh Hunter. Susie Her. Tracy Iverson. Mary Jarvis. Knsa Johnson. Kim Kadish. Knsta Keesee. Kelly Klingensmith. Mane Kluth. Christy Knoll. Karen Kreder. Kathy Lachelt. Christina Langley. Elizabeth Launtis, Kathy Lemke, Patricia Lompardi, Sandra Longhurst, Debbie Lytton, Diane McCullough, Karen McDowell, Data McGuiness. Mindy McKee. Mima McMahon. Hillary Malloy. Jennifer Marsh, Kimberly Marsh, Tammy Mernweather, Marcie Michels, Melinda Miller, Kem Mohlenbrock, Tracy Morrow, Wendy Moulton, Celeste Murphy, Anne Mane Murray, Stacy Myers, Lon Niemann, Karey Nixon, Kns Nockey, Kim Norris, Karen Nowak, Came O ' Connor, Kristen O ' Connor, Kathenne O ' Meara, Julia Perkins, Jessica Pick Karen Pinneker, Stacy Plotkin, Andrea Poulos, Debbie Reed, Suzanne Reed, Shanna Rieden, Jennifer Rodarte, Lika Romero, Judy Ross, Heidi Rudick, Jodi Sacks, Tracy Saenger, Knstin Sanderson, Stacy Saracino. Barbie Schnieders. Tiffany Seden. Stacy Shanfeld, Lisa Shea, Amy Sheals, Debbie Shumka, Lisa Siegel, Sandy Simmons, Jenny Sims, Stacy Skeie, ANdrea Smith, Jen- ny Snow, Lisa Sobrato, Tanya Southern, Kathryn Spence. Kathleen Spillane, Lilo Stelling, Susan Strabic, Ann Supple, Diana Takuam, Tammy Talmadge, Amy Taylor, Amy Thiel, Cara Thorson, Danielle Tnbolet. Shelly Triggs, Linnea Tveitmoe. Lisa Wallen. Carolyn Wagner, Pam Watrous, Nancy Weldon, Stephanie Weldon, Lisa Whitney, Megan Wiswall Kappa Alpha Theta 257 " KiZjijui T dCa ........ KA - KA . KA r • KA M Laura Adams, Jennifer Alba, Caroline Agamala. Nicole Alessi. Heather Archer, Lindley Avina, Tracy Barnacle, Kristen Barley, Holly Batal, Liz Bermudez, Stefanie Biba, Allison Bibicoff. Hillary Bibicoff, Miranda Bishai. Jill Borucki, Greta Boysen, Michelle Bradach, Lisa Bratkovich, Kathy Brennan. Jennifer Bryant. Elaine Burgmeier, Wendi Bush, Sandra Butala, Kristin Carlson, Christine Carry, Alez DeCarvalho, Kelley Case, Mindy Chong. Jill Cohen. Lesie Collins, Bea Cruzat. Teresa Daher. Karen Diller. Debbie Dennison. Danica Djujich. Trina Dodson. Janet Domingo. Adrienne Durant. Caria Eagles. Debbie Elam. Nancy Figueroa, LeeAnne Flinn. Nicki Flood. Julie Fuller. Kathy Gaffney. Stephanie Gallardo, Yael Gilad. Diane Goebel. Nancy Goodman. Megan Gorden. Karen Greenberg. Jan Gregory. Nancy Gunckel. Deanna Haffey, Kris Hatada. Rachel Hauck. Susan Haynes. Becki Herrera, Lisa Hildenbrand. May Huang. Laura Hunt. Kelly Hunter. Heather Hutchinson. Meredith Jones. Leslie Kaku. Julia Kasler. Cindy Kilgore. Gwen Kirckhoff. Michelle Knotts, Kristen Kragh, Diane Krupsaw. Kim Lance. Lori Lewis, Stacy Lindberg, Angela Luzano, Courtney Mares, Gin- ny Maxwell, Amanda McHugh. Kathryn McKinzie. Sharon McWilliams. Kris Miller. Linda Moore. Kristi Mora. Kelly Murphy, Maria Navrides, Kristen Norberg, Cindy O ' Connor, Mario Ortiz, Merritt Ososkie, Hilary Owen. Roxy Paguingan. Ellen Plessner, Jackie Pose, Pam Powell, Daniela Pucinelli. Gina Pucinelli. Frances Ouevedo. Karia Renshaw. Kathy Rhodes. Susan Rob- bins. Wendy Rock. Alice Rodrigues. Joyce Rooney. Lori Ross. Lucy Rutledge. Michelle Saevke. Irene Sch- weininger. Stephanie Sharpe. Stephi Sher. Mona Shing. Claire Speerow. Tess Stears, Monica Stergion, Susan Swift, Traci Takahara, Christine Tinsley. Lisa Tremblay. Ranjeeta Udhoji. Becky Vallas. Laura Vedera. Lisa Villanueva. Vicki Viss. Holly Winters, Laura Wokurka. Lisa Wolfson. Jennifer Wright, Yaara Varon. Tasha Zemrus. Living with 1 3 is all part of the KD experience! 258 Kappa Delta ♦ KA • •KA-« ' KA- .KA. " KA .KA-aKA ' KAv •KA ♦K to ' I LSI I ' (Ul lift I Karia and Vicki ready for Presents AS the doors at 800 Hilgard opened to let the rushees into KD ' s Adventure Day, the future pledges felt the enthusiasm and friendship all Kappa Deltas share, and yearned to be a part of the KD circle. The col- legiates welcomed the 47 members of the 1986 Pledge Class with joy into Kappa Delta, and UCLA will never be the same. Kappa Delta is wanting to do, and not having to do. Brums can find KD ' s on all cor- ners of UCLA I From Theater Arts and Design Ma- jors, to Civil Engineers and Pre-Meds, KD ' s are proud of their diversity. Many Kappa Deltas get involved at UCLA, as Campus Events Concert Directors and Staff, R.A. ' s, Front Desk Attendants, Interns, Bruin Belles, honor society members, Panhellenic president and secretary, and foreign exchange students, but after a busy day, all return to their home on Hilgard and share the special friendship at KD. KD ' s believe in helping others . . . that ' s why Kappa Deltas wholeheartedly support our national philanthropies; the Crippled Children ' s Hospital in Virginia, Orthopedic research, and the prevention of child abuse. KD ' s are also on the field every year for days and nights around Mardi Gras time, raising money for Unicampers. Kappa Delta sisters share a common bond of friendship that shows in all we do. Kap- pa Delta is something so deep, and so meaningful, it can almost be called emotion. ■ Gina and Stephanie welcome Alex to KD ' s Circle of Friendship ■nencf ' Preparing for a date is fun for Lori, Jan, Michelle, and Stephanie Kappa Delta 259 d PUH ♦ KKr «r . Kl Nancy Fox, Katie Meehan, and Rhonda Smith on Pledging Day 1 986 Monmouth Duo proves to be a blast for Chrissy Clarke and Megan Gallivan. JJF i 1 I I -jLjta t tB ' WfWm Jms!:.:- I t Aiifidbelle Abba, Carolyn Alderman, Vicky Andius. Al- ly Baer, Nadia Bak-Boychuk, Sarah Baker. Cindee Baroumand, Carol Bernacchi, Diedre Bickell, Jennifer Blakemore, Joanna Brown, Lisa Butler, Julie Cabe, Lisa Callan, Michaela Carter, Jill Caton, Chrissy Clarke, Debbie Conly, Krystal Coop, Lisa Cosmas, Laura Creighton, Maria Crenna, Diane Crowley, Tracey Cunning, Suzi Davis, Kathleen Deming, Jenny Doan. Tracey Dobson. Mary Eddingion, Kristen Engstrom, Mane Evans, Suzy Evans. Laurie Feldman, Monica Fernandez, Ashley Fink, Tara Fitzgerald, Stephanie Forsey, Nancy Fox, Amber Freeman, Lori Freeman, Angela Frost, Cecilia Gallardo, Megan Gallivan, Mia Gasparini, Celia Giacobbi, Hadar Gonen, Shan Gosl- inger. Erica Graffeo, Amy Graham. Vivian Gueler. Lor- raine Hall Julie Hammers. Deanne Hampton. Pam Hamngton. Lauren Hartford. Irene Hoek. Jill Horn- beak, EIna Hubble, Sheila Hunter, Sharon Jay. Kendall Jenkins. Ingrid Johnson. Jennifer Kashian. Robin Kausch. Cindy Kelley. Alice Kendall. Kelly Kennedy. Mandy Kenny. Stephanie King. Tiffanie Kovacevich. Kim Labelle. Tiffany Lerman. Kim Lewand. Enka Locey. Knsti Marvin, Diane McKay. Michelle McfMulty. Katie Meehan. Melissa Messmer. Maryn Miller, fMicole Miller. Michelle Moder. Enn Monarty. Cathy Muller, Amy Murrel. Kelly Nase. Cathy Nelson, Katie Neuheisel. Chnstine Nielson. Susan Oakson, Kerry O ' Conner, Michelle O ' Leske, Vicky Oswald, Lisa Paragary, Jodi Paul, Triste Percival, Janice Phelps, Brooke Pierson, Amy Pine, Kim Prentice, Julie Quershi, Amy Rearwin. Julie Rivier. Carrie Rognlien. Wendy Rombold. Lame Rose. Sheryl Rubenstein. Mindy Rubenstein. Tara Ryan. Kristy Sager. Christine Sahadi. Michelle Sanchez. Lara Sanders. Jill Sandifer. Jo Anna Schull. Karen Swartz. Nancy Scott. Sally Ann Shoemak- er. Laurie Shrock. Jennifer Shultz, Julie Singer. Julie Smith. Rebecca Smith. Rhonda Smith. Susie Spenser. Stephanie Schraeter. Stacey Sullivan. Lindsay Sutton. Vicky Sutton, Sally Swift, LiesI Teske, B J Topal, Tami Topal. Lon Walker. Lindsay Washington, Anne Ward, Katherine Watkins, Val Wendleton. Inga Werner. Susan Wilkinson. Pilar Woodman. Shern Worth, Blair Wylie. Julie Young. Stephanie Zubia 260 Kappa Kappa Gamma I ♦ KKr KKr Kathy Muller, Cindy Rognlien, LaRayne Hall, and Susan Oakon enjoy Presents ' 86. :« J T; liP T fe: .A » J ■ 1 H| 3| : i fct. " J ■ Wbgmr 1 i 9 l ' " ' Lj B_. ,i Football games are a must for these Kappa Seniors: Jennie Doan, Sally Swift, Mandy Special fnends--big sister Katie Neuheisel Kenny, Jennifer Blakemore, and Diedre Bickell. and little sister Tami Topal. I, wrt The strong tradition con- tinued when the Gam- ma Xi chapter of Kappa Kappa Gamma began the year by pledging an outstanding pledge class. As the Fall quarter started, the cal- endar quickly filled up as it was time for Presents, football games. Dad ' s Day and an un- forgetable Fall Party. Winter quarter presented us with even more activities with our ski trip exchange, Pledge- Active, Winter extravaganza and our first celebrity basketball game to support our philan- thropy. Spring break was a time to catch our breath and enjoy the sunshine, so that by Spring quarter we were ready to go. This last quarter began quickly as it was Mardi Gras time, along with Monmouth Duo, Mom ' s Day, and a very memo- rable Spring formal. As the year came to a close, seniors prepared to bid their farewells to their last year at UCLA. But they can look back on their years here at UCLA and remember the close bonds and good times that Kappa gave them and that will last a lifetime. Because Kappa Kappa Gamma is not just for now. Kappa is forever! ■ Kappa Kappa Gamma 261 necD kHBo. ♦neo nBcD " •necD -if Pi Phis and Friends enjoying each others ' company. Allison and Linda at the Cocktail Party Showing spirit at the Berkeley game. f:. 262 Pi Beta Phi • HBO) . r n BCD • ■ HBOa ■nB(D4 .nBa)- nBcD rnBCD rnBO. ♦HBO) Julie Anas. Eva Mane Avery. Tracey Ayres. Jennifer Barak. Bria Bartlett. Shauna Berglund. Julie Bloom. Robin Bodinus, Mollyann Brodie. Missy Brodnansky. Diane Brostrom. Linda Burleson. Kiersten Carrasco, Kim Casey. Tina Chappell. Caren Cholakian. Suzanne Connolly. Carol Connor. Jodi Conzonire. Kristen Cope, Annie Crist, Micaela Daly. Stephanie Dampman. Julie Dekker. Christa Deremian, Deanna DiMuro, Pam Dugan. Jill Dunford, Cathy Durton. Lisa Dyson. Lori Farino. Kristen Featherstone. Lisa Field. Janet Fisher. Kaisey Fisher. Tern Focht. Kristin Fontana. Kristen Fox. Sally Fox. Lynne Frank. Carolyn Gaines, Karin Glasgow. Teresa Gordon. Cindy Haiduk, Robin Hart, Jenne Harriss. Lauren Hauck. Julie Ann Hawkins. Mimi Hepler. Carol Hession. Dina Heydenfeldt. Kristin Hoffman. Laura Hogan. Linda Honey. Caroline Hunt. Livia Hur. Cathy Hutchingson. Lynda Jakovich. Monica Johannsen. Beth Johns. Kerry Kaneda. Melanie Kaufman. Kim Kaupp. Jeannine Kiely. Lisa Kirk. Cindy Klein. Tina Kluth. Stacey Konkoff. Elizabeth Kramer, Margot Kramer. Kristen Lee. Dana LeMert. Julie Locke. Leigh Ann Loeffler. Kristan Loskutoff. Ashley Lowe. Molly McCahan. Shelley McCrory. Chris McNamara. Lisa Maloney. Michele Masumoto. Michele Mayemura. Cathy Miller. Wendy Minichiello. Ildy Modrovich. Susan Moore. Diana (Worrow.Terri Morse. Julie Mullin. Mary Alice Murken. Julie Myers. Maria Nagy. Merry Beth Noble. Melissa Osborn. Cathy Oyster. Wendy Palmer. Kami Peden. Karissa Peden. Brenna Perkins. Julie Peterson. Kern Peterson, Deena Phillips, Lisa Pingatore, Carrie Platz. Kathy Porter. Shan Potter. Janine Prudian. Annie Putham. Pam Rasak. Tern Razor. Susan Regimbal, Kathy Riggle. Jennifer Riggs, Robin Rivers. Carrie Rose. Chris Rowley. Lam Santos, Lori Sase. Lisa Sauvage, Gynnae Schiffilea. Ten Schmitz. Kathleen Self. Leslie Sevlian. Robin Sherain. Susan Sherman. Virginia Silva. Michele Speigel. Tiffany Stafford. Jessica Stepner, Allison Storr, Jill Stronge. Piper Svensson. Stephanie Tenorio. Nina Thiel. Suzi Tinder, Yvette Toledo. Christian Veglia. Barbara, Vessadini. Kelly Walsh. Carol Ward. Kathy Whittaker. Caria Wiley. Sherri Williams. Molly Wiswall. Sarah Wood. Jamie Woods. Megan Yates. Sheila Yates Cathy and Molly at the Spring Formal, Pi Beta Phi 263 Sic mci NO WORDS CAN DESCRIBE... ...water and lemon wedges ...the tangled web of purple yarn that revealed our family ties ...standing room only on Dad ' s Day buses ...that " special " presents date ... ' Just kidding around " much we love our hashers ...that Violent Brawl ...defending our Greek Week ti- tle ...the disappearance of our composite and the appearance of two fraternity composites ...the gorgeous ' 86 pledge class and their raging party ...painting each other instead of a Mardi Gras booth ...the friendship and fun we share good we feel UHIIHI ■ IK •IK •IK TK- IK . Z Angle, Karin, Jennifer, Jennifer, Zaida, and Amy home at Sigma Kappa. 1 1 " V • g H p ri IFJ Sam and LB. at the Fall Dallas. 264 Sigma Kappa ' •ZK ZK ZK..IK IK ' «ZK ' ZK -ZK, ?ZK ZKr ZKi»ZK» The Sigmas on the sea include Marina, Linda, Linda, and Linda. Jodi and Larry at the Pledge Active. ' ' M I I I i V V Kirsten Achilles. Jamie Adler. Krista Anderson. Zaida Angulo. Katnna Armstrong. Shireen Aryel. Karin Backstrom. Marcia Bacura, Tina Banl. Asra Beig. Mary Bishop. Suzanne Black. Brenda Blumhagen. Tracy Bogosian. Elise Brand. Rebecca Brown. Gail Burns, Tracy Burns. Christine Campbell. Rozanne Carlos. Angle Cook. Tracy Couch. Carmen Delgado. Linda Dennis. Alissa Dirkson. Lilyn Djie. Seanna Eason. Angela Easton. Patricia Ebert. Julie Edwards. Lisa Fishman. Amy Fowler. Marti Fortner. Yuriko Fujimoto. Anne Gelb. Barbara Gelb. Stacy Gilmer. Mariua Gomez. Michelle Gross. Elizabeth Grushkin. Cindy Gutierrez. Valerie Halsema, Jill Hansen. Helene Heath. Tanya Heyn. Lon Hoffman. Theresa Holloway. Jen- nifer Hurdle. Susan Hutkin. Lisa Injo. Leanna Izuel. Jennifer Jacques. Mariela Kaplan. Caren Karp. Karen Koopmans. Linda Kinsley. Juli Kronen, Nancy Laforteza. Manna Lamer. Jeanne Lamotte. Jodi Lasser. Carol Lee. Laurie Lipson. Lon Lovret. Leslie Magyar. Elaine Mandel. Irene Marco. Linda Mathious. Susan McClain, Rondi Mertes. Mindy-Kay Murakawa. Aimee Narey. Dorthea Neal. Christine O ' Connor. Mary O ' Hara. Amy Overstreet, Jennifer Perlstein, Louise Perry. Mary Pfisterer. Allison Porter, Michelle Reiner, Adenine Reyes. Laura Richardson, Linda Robb, Elizabeth Ruess, Kathryn Schmidt, Jennifer Schramm. Elizabeth Schwarcz. Amy Shelton. Elena Wing-Yee Siu. Jodi Smiley. Jolene Smith. Claudia Speciale. Debra Stern. Sarah jStewart. Carol Sung. Francoise Sutton. Julie Tabata. Samantha Takasago. Tina Tamayo. Ken- dra Tepper. Bonnie Tessel. Stacy Thomas. Cynthia Toohey. Kathy Ushiba. Carol Vilter. Dana Weissberger. Sheila W hite. Eileen Wong. Jenelle Yaplee. Debbie Young. Lon Zebrack Sigma Kappa 265 Vdta. Michelle Albrecht. Tetry Arreygue, Julie Atwater. Deb- bie Auerbach, Marianne Bannister. Linda Barnes. Lyn Bertozzi. Shelby Biddy. April Bole, Yvette Broussard. Lora Burger. Renee Bush. Carina Castenada. Victoria Chen. Jennifer Cooke. Jennifer Dalton. Kimberly Davis. Lara Davis. Pamila Davis. Laura Dubin, Leslie Eagle. Elaine Eddow. Cindy elkins. Dee Dee Fitzgerald. Jacqui Frisco. Erin Fullerton. Victoria Gaskill. Sharon Gilkey. Kerry Gleason. Wendy Greene. Anne-Mane Gnsbach.Lori Hamasaki. Erica Hartig. Diane Hattersley. Elizabeth Holt. Shan Holthaus. Shelia Huettl. Jana Hydusik. Jill Incaudo. Laura Johnson. Detra Jones. Eva Jordan. Tera Kautz. Diane Kittleson. Ten Knapp. Raquel Koenigsberg. Julie Korsgaard. Suzanne Kramer. Jennifer Lee. Karen London. Chnstine Loulis. Jennifer Maher. Natasha Mahnovski. Fran Maldonado. Tami Martin. Suzanne McAneny. Debbie McBnde. Susan McFarlin. Melanie McKinnell. Leslie Mesones. Michelle Meyer. Kym Miller. Andrea Mitchell. Lisa Nidorf. Sandy fMunez. Kelly OConnell. Stacy Parker. Laura Penni. Valerie Prescott. Lon Rayman. Stephanie Reeves. Bea Reilley. Betty Saleh. Linda Samia. Desiree Sanchez. Odilyn Santa Maria. Carrie Schenken. Susan Schloetter. Debbie Schram. W endy Schreckinger. Stephanie Schuler. Pam Schwam. Tara Sears. Jennifer Sebree. Michelle Seden. Debbie Sheldon. Lisa Shimomura. Lisa Shorago. Karen Simon. Patricia Sinay. Elisa Takao, Diane Tanabe. Mary Torres. Janet Townsley. Veronica Verzosa. Cyndee West. Lynne Williams. Mary Win- chell. Robin Winston. Stephanie Wunsch Delta Zeta ' s support the Bruins--Dad ' s Day ' 86. Iff ' i fit Delta Zeta actives show their sisterhood on Presents. 266 Delta Zeta • ZAT ♦IAT« IAT « Sig Delts and dates enjoying themselves at the Pledge Active Getting ready for Sigma Delta Tau ' s National 70th Birthday and Lambda chapter ' s 60th Birthday in 1987, the Sig Delts looked forward to an exciting year. It began with Homecoming, which was a rewarding experi- ence for all of us to pamcipate in. The Sig Delts are also par- ticipating in Greek Week and are hoping to repeat last year ' s Sweepstakes, winning at Mardi Gras this year. The Sig Delts are also working very hard on our National philanthropy, the prevention of child abuse. We are very proud of our housemothers, Lee Thomas and Delores Krems, for winning the " Housemothers of the Year " award at our convention this year. " The spirit of sisterhood shines on Pledging Day. Sigma Delta Tau 267 ( (tjfui u ftmCi Ome iusi .Aro.Ar ' ' This IS us! ' AGO IS 1 in our book. Ron Ahlers. Ivan Artpguin, Chns Aveiy, Djffyl Bdnion. Danny Benet?. Chris Bon-Durant. Joshua Boring. Geoff Branda. Gus Branrta. Mike Branda. Bert Callicoatt. David Cho. James Cho, wonbin Choi. Mark Cooper. Jim Fall. KellyFitzpatrick. Dave Fowler, Mike French. f-Jay Gonzalez. Joe Gruchacz. Jin Han. John High. Hiroshi Kadogawa. Ken Kawamura. Daniel Kim, Han Kim. John Kim. Robert Kunkie. Elmer Lee. lars Lee, John Lim, Peter Lim, Daniel Maldonado, Jim (Wal janian, James Marcolesco, Steve Marsch, Kurt Nagle. John Opferman. Mark Quan. John Ramirez. John Rit- chie. Ben Shin. Ed Stone. Tom Strelow. Ted Szeto. Paul Tischhauser. Craig Wakamoto. Tom Wiltsey 268 Alpha Gamma Omega ATQ rQ ArQt.Aro» Aro».Aro «Aro» matq • at o • AT A CHRIST-CENTERED FRATERNITY Since 1927, the realized dream of a Christ-centered brotherhood has blessed the men and women of Alpha Gamma Omega. SPIRITUAL LIFE Our brotherhood receives its richness from the person of Jesus Christ, and the Christ- centeredness of the people here enhances the close fellowship we experience daily. SOCIAL LIFE Joined by our Little Sisters or our sister sorority. Alpha Delta Chi, we participate in such events as mountain retreats, Founder ' s Day banquets, raids, Berkeley road trips, exchanges, winter ski trips, beach parties. Christmas semi-formals, and talent nights. CAMPUS AND COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT Reaching out to the people around us, AGO participated in such University events such as Homecoming, Spring Sing, Greek Week, and Mardi Gras, we found ourselves doing everything from building a float to painting clown faces on children. There is no substitute for helping others in a mean- ingful way. ATHLETICS While many of our athletic teams do very well, we recognize that the joy of athletics comes in doing our best for the Lord. Fielding in- tramural teams in most sports. AGO provides many chances for a person who plays basket- ball, football, soccer, softball, or volleyball to enjoy good com- petition. ACADEMICS Because AGO is a house of students who attend a challenging university, the fraternity seeks to create an en- vironment where men can study heartily for the Lord. However, we also understand that there is much more to life than studying and high grades. We seek not only to study, but to do so with thanksgiving, joy, prayer, and a Christ-centered focus. Hence, the programs we offer, and the environment we live in, focus both on our actions and our attitudes. ■ AGO ' s having a good time. AGO ' s and little sisters clown around at Mardi Gras. Alpha Gamma Omega 269 Seta 7keta, Vc 4.Bon. ♦Bon» «Bon Bon« B( The men captured on this page are men of lofty goals and varied talents. Dedicated to the motto: Beer- fountainhead of miracles. Beta mountain and its illustrious in- habitants conducted a year fill- ed with intramural victories, stellar campus participation, social scandal and athletic prowess. Yet this was not the whole story: their cyclopian eyes reflect the integrity, virtue, and maiden wit of all that great breed of men who, when not preoccupied with the omnipre- sent threat of thermo-nuclear annihilation, absorb theories, formulas, h isto ry , art, languages, Newtonian mechanics and Coo -i. These men take uo interest in im- mediate materialistic incidents and thoughts. These xq the kind of men that cannot be concerned with feminine com- panionship, automobiles, Meister Brau, or high surf. They instead have searched, found and secured their ideals in a zealous manner common only to the pure, altruistic bloodline of the self-actualized man. In short, these men. Betas all, astonishingly set apart from the surrounding hoi polloi, have had not just a demonstrably successful year but have con- ducted a veritable epoch of in- tellectual and hedonistic triumph. • Mike astounds the crowd with a last se- cond touchdown. • The Betas are suprised and overwhelmingly about the return of Rena the Cook! exuberant 270 Beta Theta Pi Bon. Bon ♦BORk •Bon • B0n •■Bon •Bon - ' Bon ♦B0n B Scott Alberts. Aloisio. John Armstrong, Peter Aronson. Ray Arriola. Ron Bader. Bill Baumgart. Bob Bolster, James Brown, Walter Calmette, John Carmicheal, Bud Coberly, Blake Colburn, Mike Conrad, Paul Coty, Matt Cua, Anthony Cuellar, Brian Dickter, Mike Ephraim, Seamus Fitzpatric, Dave Fortner, Jim Frager, Roger Fredrickson, Bill Frykman, Fern Fungo, Dave Herrera, Mark Hilanos, Bill Hobin. Erik Holdo, Steve Houtz, Brandt Jotie. Bryan Karcher, James Keller, Mike Kelley. Kevin Leach, Allen Mann, Bill McCann, Mike McCann. Scott McCarron, Rob McGlashan, Dana Menck, Williard Miller, Dan Miller, Gianni Minervini. Jeff Moore, Tom Motherway, Brian O ' Neill, Steve Otera, John Papac, Jeff Reeve, Brian Rice, Alex Roedling, Gary Rogers, Dave Rohrbacher, Jay Shansby, Steve Simpkin, Rob Sullivan, Tanner Tingey, Mark Towery, Tim Townsend, John Ursini, Scott Varner, Sean Varner, Lance Vetesy, Todd Watkins, Paul Wilkes, Roger Woolery, Cory Zimmerman, Mike Allard, Marc Angelillo, Steve Bitter, Dan Burke, Scott Empringham, Ramon Gomez, Rick McNiven, Steve O ' Gorman, Blake O ' Neill, Wayne Orlin, Brian Pariani, Shaun Piazza, Jim Robinson. Dan Viotto, Chris Wiehl, Paul Young The football team mentally preparing for a big victory. Several Betas express their opinion of Rheuben Lizardo. Beta Theta Pi 271 VdtaSu • AICD- ' • AZCD • - AZ(D» Michael Allen, Trent Anderson. Jon Anderson, ll-Han Bae, Jeff Bellger, Eric Belusa. James Blumel, Jeffrey Bolander. Todd Bontemps. Preston Briggs, Mark Castonguay, Jeff Chiprin, Greg Cfiristy, John Ciganko. Ken Coffin, Bradford Creger, Tim Davis, Michael Douglis, Eddy Edwards, Joe Falso, Mitchell Fong, Dale Frye, Bradley Gilbert, Matthew Gross, Steve Haefner, Robert Haney, Jeffrey Harband. John Hardin, Kevin Hastings, John Hendra, David Jacobs, Bruce Kaplan, Douglas Lecrone, Jeff Leopold, Charlie Martinez, Jason Mckinley. Henry Meier, Paul Mohme, Mark Miremont, Danny Morihiro, Bruce Morgan, Puss Nielsen. John Nitao. Thomas Ohison. Russell Ortiz. Jeff Robbins. Kenneth Roseberg. Gerald Rosier, Stephen Ross, Chris Rubin. Jon Safier, Michael Schuurs, Pete Sison, Mike Slavich, Eric Small, Aaron Solomon, Jeff Stearns, Eric Strong, Vaiery Talma, Lawrence Taylor, Andre Taylor, Jeff Thorpe, Mark Van Bellegham, Heron Vasquez, Dan Wagner, Rick Waldron. Christopher Wood Delt Sig scores againi Pr ' 01 Guest speaker Appollonia-hey. stand up RobI Ani( 272 Delta Sigma Phi A ♦AI D ' AZ D« ' AKD ■AZ D. AI D .AKD AICD AICD »AICDa John Harden burns the dance floor. Life, liberty, and the pur- suit of happiness is the Constitutional phrase that is warm in the heart of every Brother of Delta Sigma Phi and throughout the year Delta Sig ' s have achieved and maintained it. Our annual events, the Car- nation Ball and Sailor ' s Ball epitomize, truely, the fun and love our fraternity possesses. At the annual Carnation Ball, our formal date party, the Brothers at Delta Sig set un- precedented dance and dress styles which are now being copied by many of the students at UCLA. And the Sailor ' s Ball, which was by far the greatest rager on campus, saw our house majesticly transformed into a tropical paradise. This world famous costume party was characterized by a parade of female beauties and record- breaking attendance. Outside of the realm of par- ties. Delta Sig was also domi- nant on the football gridiron. Defending our place as IM Champs, Delta Sig proved vic- torious with the intuitive foot- ball skill of Dale Frye, Russ Or- tiz, and Tim " Gargantua " Davis. Like all God fearing Americans, the Brothers at Delta Sigma Phi will never forget, or take for granted, their Constitutional rights. And it is those rights that have made our beloved country and Delta Sigma Phi great. ■ Our annual " Kool-Ald " drinking contest-Rob and Cippy lead the way. Which one ' s the Elk? II Delta Sigma Phi 273 T dtci y xcc dC i -T A.vATA «ATA A The Delts kicked off the year with a successful rush, ending with 21 stud pledges by the week ' s closing. The chapter also main- tained its high standards in the areas of social events, the little sister program, alumni relations and academics. Besides the many spectacular parties such as the Dozer ' s par- ty, the Delts had several spon- taneous roadtrips to Las Vegas, Santa Barbara, Mexico, and Lake Tahoe. The exchanges and raids were too many to count. Backed by a strong little sister program, the Delts are keeping its top-of-the-row status on the social events. In the area of alumni rela- tions, brother Jim Rice kept up his end by keeping us in cons- tant contact with the alumni through many scheduled social gatherings. This benefitted the brothers by gaining valuable contacts with the alumni. Delts have always held very high academic standards. In addition to the test files, study nights at the library xe regular- ly held and well attended. Delta lota chapter of Delta Tau Delta will continue to strive for excellence in the areas prescribed in the Responsibilities of a Good Delt, making Delta Tau Delta better than ever. The ideals and goals set by the members will continue to be upheld and achieved. • The Delts party at the " Speakeasy " --Pledge Active ' 86. Dozer, the house mascot, soaking up the sun and taking in the sud. 274 Delta Tau Delta il ATA»»ATA ♦ATA. ATA- .ATA-v ♦ATA Purple Iris Ball 1986. Ready to party? Speakeasy ' 86. n Mark An izu. Barry Becket. Brandon Behrstok. Chris Bellaci. Pat Bishop. Rich Brisacher, Eric Burbidge. Marty Burley. Jim Burrows, Marc Carlson, Rogel Carlos. Casey Chnstensen. Doran Chambers. Trevor Colby, Bruce Cowan, Rich Cox. Greg Curtis. Alex Cushner. Eric Dale, Alex DeLeon. Steve Ferges, Lawrence Fong, Robin Evans. Tony Garcia. Justus Grate. Art Guevara. Walter Hamada, Sean Hassett, Dale Hill. Bill Holbrow, Fitz Jones, Scott Kim, Tommy La Briola, Jeff Larkins, John Lin, Scott Lynch, Mark Malopy, Todd Malynn, Mas Matsumoto. Mike Martin, Bruce McGagin. Jaime Moore. Kevin O ' Brien, Andy Olea. Rich Olquin. Pete O ' Neal. Erick Ortega. Saul Pardo. Ken Pavia, Robby Provencio, Jeff Renda. Jim Rice. Lee Rierson, Don Rohacek, Lee Siegel. Matt Simison. Dan Tekunoff, Phil Terzian, Barry Thurston. Mike Torres. Doug Tung. Tim Vest. Gary Walker. Bob Wallace. Jim Wedaa. Martin Wilson, Paul Woodward. Don Wyse. Fred Zernik. Kal Zurnamer Delta Tau Delta 275 A !UHU(!i 6 A( » AXA ■ • AXA • ! It ' s really hard to explain the whole fraternity thing. I mean, we ' re really trying to do a good thing here, but it seems we ' re always on the defensive, battling stereotypes-like the beer-drink- ing maniacs ox snob-nosed egotists. Sure we have our fun, and we ' re smart enough to realize that we have something going for us. We wouldn ' t be at UCLA if we didn ' t. But we r nice people, just a group of guys, gentlemen, exploring college life together. Lambda Chi prides itself ou its Associate Member program. We don ' t have pledges ox haz- ing. We have A.M. ' s whose energies are focused on con- structive projects for everyone ' s betterment. There ' s a heck of a lot of opportunities at your fingertips here. We could brag about our unrivaled social cal- endar. It ' s important to learn how to deal socially. We can show you our Mardi Gras Fun House trophies. It ' s equally as important to learn the essence of philanthropy and doing things for others. We could ramble on about our Little Sisters, but they speak for themselves. Play sports to have fun and win at the same time? Yeah, so do we. Like to study? Good for you. We just like getting good grades, and we are pretty successful at it. A fraternilty can ' t be describ- ed. We can show you a dozen pictures worth twelve thousand words, but it ' s an experience. The Lambda Chi Alpha experience happens to be one of the best in the uni- verse. Well . . . yeah, the uni- verse. ■ Mardi Gras morning. 276 Lambda Chi nipha AX A ♦ • AX A -AXA • ▼ Turley, the Birthday Clown, gets a haircut. Abnormal Formal. Riverboat Weekend. Eric in altered states. Lambda Chi Alpha-Winter Formal ' 86. I Lambda Chi Alpha 277 i vtC f jflM Z ' ' ; ♦CDKUJ- .CDKiy - CDKUJA -OKiyi Phi Psi ' s take time out to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Craig, Steve, Ali, Andy, Ken, and Brian enjoy a nice " cold one " after a Sun Valley, Idaho. road trip down to Mexico. Thomas Addis. Matt Addison. Keith Attlesey. Brian Baker, Vincent Barbate. John Beall. Robert Bermeo. Chris Boehmer. Steve Center. Michael Chaleff. Mike Conway. Eddie Damore. Steve Damore. Shaun Del Grande. Adam Deutsch. Sherman Dickman, Mike DiMaggio. Mike Drez. Rick Ebbert. Brian Finegold. Gary Furamoto. Edward Gargone, John Gavan. Rick Gerger, Steve Goon, Bijan Gorji. Cullen Gunson. Karl Hirsch. Mark Hogan. Anthony Howe. Glenn Hunter. Kurt Hyatt. Matt Jones. Dave Junta. Dennis Karle. Larry Karnow. Tim Katzakian. Brian Kenyon. Michael Kibort. Corey Kliman. Mark Klein. Steve Knauer, Jay Komas. Chris Krough. Randy Lake. Todd LaGassick. Brian Levy. Tony LoCascio. Chris Logue. Pat Mahoney. Russell Maier. Steve Marble. Scott Marquez, Tim McAdams, Jim McHenry. Chip McLean. Eric Mikuteit. John Minkus. Steffo Mitakides, Rod Moore. Damon Morriss, Craig Morse. Mike Moljat, Mike Nostrand. Bob O ' Connor. Bill Olsen. Scott Olsen. An- dy Peirona, Brad Pinkerton. Tom Power, Steve Radakovich. Guy Reza. Chris Robinson. Hubert Rot- teveel. Todd Rowan, Frank Sandlemann. Bob Sanseverino. Adam Shea. Paul Shomer. Drew Skarupa. John Smelzer, Scott Smith, Greg Snodgrass, John Spotiswood, Eric Stroh, Kevin Sullivan, Brennan Tangney, Alejandro Trejo. John Trulio, Scott Urdahl. Scott Walters. Jonathan Ward. Craig Weisman. Niko Whitmire. Scott Williams. Ken Wong. 278 Phi Kappa Psi DKU » CDKU k •(DKUJ» ' ' CDKU » (DKUJ CDKU » ' OKa ' » DKUJ ' «OKUJ. ' ' CDKU Phi Kappa Psi represents a brotherhood that prides itself on participation, diversity, dedication, and hard work. The brothers of Phi Psi are involved in almost every aspect of university life from student government to Mardi Gras, and from intramural to in- tercollegiate athletics. Founded on February 19, 1931, Califor- nia Epsilon of Phi Kappa Psi of- fers one of the oldest and most distinguished reputations on fraternity row. ATHLETICS When it comes to athletics. Phi Psi has a proud and winn- ing reputat ion. This season we were top contenders in volleyball, basketball, rugby, soccer, and football. Besides in- tramural sports, there are many brothers of Phi Psi who com- pete on the intercollegiate level. Phi Psi sports have something to offer every brother. SOCIAL Phi Psi enjoys a never-ending social calendar. It begins in fall guarter with buses to the foot- ball games, Winnebago trips, and it includes the Phi Psi Pledge-Active and the infamous Christmas Party. Winter guarter includes a ski trip to Mammoth with our 250 beautiful little sisters, and our annual " Pajamarino " Party. Spring guarter wraps up each year with Mardi Gras and our award winning " House of Hor- rors " followed by our " Black Tie Formal " , followed by our little sister water-ski trip, and fi- nally we cap off each year with the biggest and best on- campus party: " Captain Morgan ' s Rage " . Brotherhood is the most im- portant aspect of Phi Psi. None of the above endeavors would be possible without a strong brotherhood. Brotherhood at Phi Psi is one hundred diverse men sharing the common bond of friendship. • The graduating seniors of ' 86-- ' 87 eliminate a keg in record timel The brothers prepare for one of UCLA ' s largest Greek Parties; Captain Morgan ' s RAGE! Phi Kappa Psi 279 Pk% OKI rCDKI. " CDKI J Cameron Pagter, Vince Wall, Harry Gunderson, Guy Lamothe, Jeff Jonce. Chris Cantelmi. Pete Chandler, Ed Baird, Sully Moore, Matt Fraychineaud, Kayhan Fatemi, Hertor Chao, Paul Drysch, Andrew Ramirez, Andy Singer, Clay Brades, Tony Wakler, Jack Fulmer, James Fenton, Ed Dominguez, Jaime DeVera, Carlos Perez. Kirk Hunter, Scott Ryan, John Kenny, Christopher Godley. Mark Harrigian, Sean O ' Connor, John Byrne. Michael Scorziell, Steve Pineda Rick Ainsworth. Kurt Kuebler. Michael Barron, Lucas Staubitz, Erik Ballinger, Rob Roskoph, Kevin Lamb, Greg Moser, Edmund Rhee, Brett Yonce, John Kanter, Mark Mitchell, Ron Imus, PK iin Deloo, Peter Moglia, Neilo Franco, Mike Madick, Dave Giannini, Lance Maiss, James Westbrook, Darren Grove. Frank Vitale. Mike Stutz, Chris Simonian, Jack Harris, Steve Farber, Todd Farber, Clete Lordes, Mike Copeland, Jon Friedman, Dave Swope. Jose Martinez, Brad Mac- Millin. Dave Prislin, Dave Rockman, Tim Costello, Erik Maiss, Greg Royce, Jeff Bradshaw, Ken Marshall, Chris Anastassatos, Dave Small. Tom Thrasler, Colin Wren, John Gillott Rob and Carolyn--all smiles at the Pledge Active. A ride on a U-Haul is a guaranteed party! 280 Phi Kappa Sigma HUDKI ♦ (DKZ •♦(DKZ •(DKZ ♦ OKI« ♦a)KZ " OKZ rCDKZ • " (DKZv .(DKZ 1 986-- 1987 was a very successful year for Phi Kappa Sigma. Fail quarter was highlighted by the Pledge-Active whose theme was Bedlam in Bedrock. The Fiinstones themselves could not have outdone the pledges, who turned the Phi Kapp Man- sion into a pre-historic cave, complete with boulders, a Flinstone car, and Dino serving drinks. Active Chapter was also very busy. President Cameron Pagter and Vice President Kayhan Fatemi worked hard to have the Direct Affiliation Document fit the needs of Phi Kapp as well as the other houses on the row. Winter quarter brought with it the elections of Mark Harrigian as President and Nello Franco as Vice President. With social chairman Kurt Kuebler running the show. Phi Kapp ' s had little time to study. No less than five exchanges were hosted by Phi Kapp, the highlight being a 4-way with Pi Beta Phi, Zeta Beta Tau, and Delta Gamma. This four way thumper exchange was highly successful although the homecoming it celebrated was mysteriously absent. With the advent of the ski season. Phi Kapp took to the mountains of Lake Tahoe. Those who found the snow a bit lacking found solace in the casinos nearby. Tradition was continued as the Black and Gold Formal was held at the scenic Lake Ar- rowhead Hilton. Greek Week was a great success as the lovely ladies of Alpha Phi and the brothers spent the week proving the philosophy " all partying and no work " isn ' t all that bad. And of course we did not forget our litle sisters. Over 200 of the finest ladies on campus provided us with friendship and fun throughout the year. We would like to thank each and every one of them and say good-bye to those who are graduating seniors. We will be missing you. ■ TVI |( Thumbs up for Phi Kapp--Black and Gold Formal. Phi Kappa Sigma 28 1 Sc Mi j4f SjiAjUm -MAE ♦Zi Founded in 1856, Sigma Alpha Epsilon is a frater- nity rich In tradition and history. With the establishment of the California Delta chapter in 1929, SAE has been part of the UCLA community since the school ' s origin. Our leadership sets the standards for others to fol low and allows us to lay claim to the title of " Best House on the Row. " Scholastically, SAE ranks competitively with other houses with many brothers graduating every year to pursue careers in law, business, or medicine. Socially, our little sister program attracts UCLA ' s finest women, and our parties always seem to close down the row. Athletically, our prowess is perhaps most evident for SAE excels on two levels of com- petition. Many brothers play and stand-out on some of UCLA ' s successful collegiate teams such as football, water polo, swimming, rugby, lacrosse, crew, and track. Football players Russ Warnick, Tom Whitenight, Doug Kline, Chuck Adams, and Jeff Glasser help the Bruins make their an- nual trip to the Rose Bowl, while President Eric Paulsen co-captains with brother Chuck Brown on the powerful water polo team. Teammates Dave Martilla, Mike Van der Waerdt, Mike and Marco Rago, and Mike Fera also add strength to the Bruin poloists. In addition, our pride carries ove r to the in- tramural field where SAE utterly dominates the action; the IPC All-Sports Trophy has rested in our trophy case for 1 2 out of the 17 years of its existence, while not being absent for more than one year in succes- sion. Clearly, SAE ' s winning attitude reaps success. The secret of our strength, however, lies in our size. With upwards of 200,000) initiates, SAE is the largest national fraternity. Here at UCLA, we revitalize our strength through our strong alumnae program. As a result, the friends and knowledge we acquire do not disappear upon leaving UCLA but continue to grow and ex- pand throughout our lives. Sigma Alpha Epsilon is a frater- nity extraordinaire. SAE is commitment for life; SAE is a commitment to excellence. • 282 Sigma Alpha Epsilon E f IAE AlAE. ZAE .Z SAE ' s have pride in their house Ted meets a new friend at family day. li wf? The brothers of Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Sigma Alpha Epsilon 283 Su tm iO ' TKcc • IAM» ZAM • ♦ZAf Sammys at " Bezerkeley " ; Northern Cal will never be the samel The " Zen Room " Sammys take a break for reality. Andrew Africk. Eliezer Ben Shmuel. Dan Birman. Isaiah Blady, Douglas Brown. Sam Byland. Kipp Cohen. Marc Cohen. Mike Cohn. Craig Cooper. Paul Corralejo. Kenneth Cowan. Jonathon Dar. Jonathon Davidson. David DeCastro. Mark Devore. Mike Dombrower, Joel Dreskin. Todd Ehrlich. Jeff Epstein, Scott Epstein. Mark Feldman. Michael Fleischer. Eric Friedman. Scott Goodman, Mike Halperin. Randy Harris, Ed Harte. David Hernand. Christopher Hume. Mark Jessee. Jeff Kaufman. Sheppard Kaufman, Larry Kite, Jeff Kohn, Alvaro Lavin, Wayne Levin, Steve Levine, Mike Lifton, Steve Lightfoot, Sean Luner, Mike Malloy. Howard Meyers, Mitch Moss, Jeff Neinstein, Fabian Overfeld, Tamir Gheb, Phil Oster, Todd Rich, David Rosen, Michael Rosen, Joe Rosenbloom, Josh Rudnick, Howard Russell. Brent Saydman, Barry Saywitz, Jeff Sherman, Jay Silver, Rob Silvestri, Eric Sussman, Kevin Sutherland, David Tanenbaum, Brian Wachler, Greg Waldorf. Richard Wang. Kevin Warner, Mitch Wat- son, Marnin Weinreb, Paul Weiss, Marcelo Ziperovich 284 Sigma Alpha Mu ♦1 4 lAM HAM »IAMv IAM ' ZAM» IAM «ZAM ZAM» ♦ZAM ' »IA The best way to start a road trip is with a beer! The Santa Barbara Biltmore housed our Winter Formal. Since our rechartenng at UCLA in 1981, the Sigma Pi Chapter of Sigma Alpha Mu Fraternity has become one of the forerunners on Fraternity Row. From our ranl s come USAC vice presi- dents. Regent scholars, and in- tercollegiate athletes. Also, the Sammys take extreme pride in garnering laurels as Greek Week Champions, winning Mardi Gras Awards, Spring Sing Awards, and producing the 1986 Homecoming King. Adding to the obvious Cam- pus and Greek accomplish- ments, Sigma Alpha Mu prides itself on throwing some raging parties. This year ' s " Sammys Go To Hell " party Fall Quarter accented the Halloween holi- day very nicely, featuring Frazer Smith, the " Original Party Animal. " Costumes ranged from girls clad in baby diapers to a John Belushi look-a-like donning only a toga and beer bong. Winter Quarter ' s Formal- wlth a leisurely weekend in San Diego, Palm Springs, or Santa Barbara-was the ultimate in Black and White affairs. Me- morial Day Weekend in the Spring quarter set the stage for our annual Las Vegas ( " Lost Wages " ) trip. Spring Quarter ' s " Psychodelic " annual party transformed guests back to a time of love, peace, flowers, flower children and " Zen Rooms, " which become a garden filled with " vegetables " for the night. We are still discovering and developing new traditions that will be with this house forever. If one word could sum up our fraternity, it would be brotherhood. Regardless, Sammys never forget their fellow bretheren Sigma Alpha Mu was established under the highest precepts of true manhood, democracy, and humanity, and will always revere these ideals so long as it shall exist. We owe our ex- istence to the strong brotherhood that binds each and every one of us. ■ PS " It was a time of peace and war; love and hate; and a raging Spring Party! " ( Sigma Alpha IVlu785 Si6m€i%cc vlN» ♦IN ' ' »IN.riN «ZN • ZN » IN« The brothers of Sigma Nu enjoy Presents 1 986. Sigma Nu ' s and their dates party at " Wild World of Sports. " Sigma Nu has long pro- spered as a member of UCLA ' s Greek System. Presenting a well rounded combination of scholarship, leadership, athletics, and a peerless social life, Sigma Nu of- fers a fulfilling experience which distinguishes itself as UCLA ' s leading fraternity. The Sigma Nu house grade point average is just that . . . average. However, with the academic heroics of brothers Marc Costain, Rob Berry, and Bob Smith, the house GPA re- mains competitive on the row. Numerous brothers have con- tinued their education while others enter directly into the job market. The leadership kindled by the brotherhood is evident in many facets of campus life. Numerous brothers have gain- ed offices in student gov- ernment as well as the UCLA Interfraternity Council. Being a leading charity fundraiser on campus, the brothers were proud of the annual Ethiopian Airlift Tribute. Sigma Nu has always been a pillar of athletic strength, from intercollegiates to intramurals. The Fall quarter is highlighted by the dominant UCLA Foot- ball Team, where 16 of our brothers participate for the Bruins. Winter brings the Ten- nis season, and with it brother Buff Farrow, U.S. Amateur Open Champion. The Spring season brings Baseball, and brothers Billy " Bam Bam " Hasselman, Jeff Osborne, Steve Stowell, and Craig Good, starters for the Bruins. The intramural calendar is tenaciously competitive. Strong performances by our " A " teams make us top contenders for the All Fraternity Sports Trophy-our " AA " basketball squad has won three con- secutive titles. The Greek translation of Sigma Nu is " pardue " , pertain- ing to our peerless social calen- dar consisting of sorority little sister exchanges, pames such as the Cowboy and Indian, Screw Your Roommate, Hal- loween, Pirates of the Carib- bean, Surf Stomp, Airport Getaway, and the Reggae Sunsplash (and Fatburger runs with brother Phil). At the peak of our social calendar is the un- equalled White Rose Formal, recognized as " the " classiest party on the row. Spring br- ings the annual Weekender on the Gulf of California in San Felipe, Mexico. 105 degree weather, a light on-shore breeze, Mexican beer, and our beautiful little sisters provides for a great time. We did have a good time, we still do, and we always will. 286 Sigma Nu I[j5 A IN IN« IN »ZN IN» IN •IN»iIN« INA.IN, ' IN» I 3n- Jim Aldrich, Nick Anderson. Paul Anderson. Scott Ashton. Rich Autz. Robby Baker. Harold Barkate. Pete Berg, Rob Berry. Mike Broms. Matt Ceragioli, Dave Clinton. Fulty Collins. Sean Cumiskey. Steve Cornell. Marc Costain. Chris Daniel. Mike David. Kurt De Grosz. Hank De La Chappel. John Dobak. Buff Far- row. Andy Fay. Dave Findling. Jim Frawley. John Fouts. Kurt Franklin. Craig Good. John Griffin. Terry Hardy. Bill Haselman. Shawn Hobson. Jimmy Johnson. Chris Kearns. Jeff Kernochan. Tom Kendall. Brian Lane, Greg Maffei. Scott Mahaffey. Justin Malloy, Chris Manolis. Greg Mariscal, Chris Martin. Pete Mazolewski. Brendan McCracken. Scott McPherson. Andy Miller. Pete Mitchell Charlie Nome. Barry O ' Brien. John O ' donnell. Jeff Osborne. Jeff Perry. Mitch Poll. Matt Regan. Scott Read. Chris Rich. George Rohlinger. Ted Russell. J P. Scandalios, Pat Senske. Phil Schuh. Bob Smith. Eric Smith. Mike Smith. Steve Stowell. Tim Strader. Brad Thomason. Dennis Visser. Todd Wenzel. Mike Alvarado. Brian Benowitz. Brent Brougher. Steve Brumbach. Cory Christie. Robert Hensley. Gary Hobart, Kirk Kaiser. Kyle Ketchum. Rick Meyer. Rob Mitchell. George Peterson. Jeff Wetsel, Sprifig Quarter ' s Cowboy and Indian party proves to be a great time for Pat and Phil. J The White Rose Formal is always a good time. Sigma Nu 287 Stoma, (tl Sji jUm ♦ ICDE . - ZOE • I(ll_ I T Adiukus. C Agnew, A Anderson. J Arnone. C Bacos. J Baral. T Barren, S Blankenship. S BIek, R Blumberg. G Bonaldo. R Brown, J Buck, G Carr, G Castillo, M Chavez, T Chen, O Choy, S Crosby, J Csiszar. E Cunningham. D DeCrisce, S Dettmann. A Dolinko, M Dreishpoon, M Dubas, A Ettinger, J Fang, C Ferrante, J Fitzmorris. D M Freeland, H Freeland, A Greengard, D Halstead, M Haug, T Hertz, A Huang, S Hutchinson, E Jackson, R Kaye, C Kelsey, M Kisicki, L Kleinberg, E Lame, M Lurd- ner.J Legere, S Lekki, J Liija, S Manson, K Mantei, R Mass, L R Mayer, M Meehan, J Michulaski, M Morgan, M Mori, D Mueller, D J ODay, H Olea, T Pawlick, D Rice. C Rimer. R Rosas, C Russell. S Saltzburg. D Sandler, J Schneider. K Schulner, R Schwartz. D Shine. M Silverberg. J Soss. M Terry. P Tremblay. R Vautherine. C Verbin. Mark Vogler, Mike Vogler. J Wood. C Yamasaki. M Yarling. P Yates. E Ying. J Zimel. Advisor S Evans Kris, Jeff, Jim, and Paula show off their best smiles. The infamaous roadtrip-brotherhood at its best. 288 Sigma Phi Epsilon •Il ' ICDE» ZCDE Z DE» •I(DE« ICDE •I(DE lcDE»4lcDE» lcDE «I(D . ' i Its best In just under three years, Sigma Phi Epsilon has become the strongest and largest fraternity of the UCLA Greek community. Since our acquistition of Graceland (which we are having moved to Los Angeles) we now boast the largest guest house on Gayley. Additionally, an up- coming project will be to level Dykstra Hall (another recent acquisition) making room for a new parking structure to ac- commodate the cars of our 1200 member brotherhood (by far, the largest on the conti- nent). Construction is now com- plete on our new two-story trophy case in which to house the more than forty-seven awards won in the last three years, in events such as Mardi Gras, Homecoming, and Intra- mural sports. In fact, our sports teams have been barred from further participation because of our total dominance in every intramural event. However, this set back did not affect the basketball team which, under the guidance of our new coach, John Wooden, went 31-0 on our way to the NCAA championship in Lexington, Kentucky against the Hometown favorites, the Wildcats. After a slow start, the team pu lled together and went on to defeat Kentucky, 102-14. Although unfairly placed on probation (Hey, how did we know that when they said " University Girls Choir " they meant Uni High School?) our social program included the usual raids, exchanges, 250 keg parties and the traditional Brother Bruce Willis Christmas in Tahiti Party. On the scholastic front, once again Sig Ep leads the way. With a house GPA of 4.2, six Rhodes Scholars and a Nobel Prize winner in Physics, we had an off-year. However, we feel our new gene splicing technique will once again thrust Sigma Phi Epsilon into the forefront of modern technology. Nevertheless, we feel there is still room for im- provement next year. • THE MORAL OF OUR STORY; Never hit a water- buffalo... no wait... You don ' t need a million dollars and a house that looks like the Par- thenon to have a great fraterni- tyand have lots of fun (well, scratch that... it doesn ' t hurt to have a house that looks like the Parthenon-in fact, we ' re having it flown in next week). Sigma Phi Epsilon, simply the best. ■ Sigma Phi Epsilon 289 in in« ■in» .zn» zn«-inv. in» : • ( A good time for all at the Orchid Ball ' 86. 290 Sigma Pi ♦ zn «zn- zn» ♦inw in zn» ♦zn ' -«zn zn«»zn «zn zn Hank and the buds hanging lose at the Orchid Bail. Two hillbillies in hill billy heaven. Tony Aarons. Vince Agular, Renato Aguirre, Chris Allen. Steve Baker. Jeff Bara. Dan Brent. Al Calce. Doug Campbell. Andy Capps. Rusty Cass, Ling Chiang. Doug Claman. Larry Coval. Dave Dagget. Marco Deleon. Paul Dinh. Shon Dormoy, Pete Estalilla. Burke Farrah. Dave Finkel. Mike Flory. Hank Garcia. Doug Glantz. Alex Gutierrez. Steve Hazarabedian. Alfred Hernandez. Andre lancu. Kevin Kamfar. Scott Kawano. Mo Khalil. Dan Klotz. Michael Korn. Kurt Krtetzchmar. Darrell Luzzo, Barry Lyon. Dave Mcintyre, Josh Meisel. John Mifsuu. Jim Muiphy Ben Perkins. Michel Perl. Mark Purdell. Louis Rakoczy. Stu Reid. Rob Ronyak. Rich Savage. Steve Schecter. Bill Segal. Adrian Simon. Gordon Simons. Ken Wagner. Mike Wheeler Sigma Pi 291 7Uea,6U A0X «OX OX» OX «0X OX -,0X«« Theta Chi ' s show their brotherhood. Theta Chi ' s have a blast at the Red Carnation Ball. All Ahli. Todd Allen. Jeff Anderson, Jim Armstrong. Ed Arnold-President. Richard Arnold. Steve Baker - Treasurer. Jim Baker-Vice-President. Mike Harriett. Lonny Blank, Greg Bohnert. Ed Bunner. Cfiris Carter - Rush Chairman. Frank Chen. Bill Christiansen. Brian Coty-Social Chairman. Evans Curtice. Chris Devereaux, Bob Dohrmann. Gordon Eichhorst, Mark Ellis, John Estrada, Preston Finley. Jim Flanders. James Ford. John Fry. Ian Fullmer. Todd Gindy. Ashton Gowadia. Dan Hacking. Mike Hagedorn. Mark Han- son. Brian Hartley. Dave Hartung. Brian Hendrick. Ar- turo Hidalgo. Chris Holtzer. David Honey. Al Hur. Rich Johnson. Don Kang. Greg Kimbrough, Warren Kirlg, Scott Kissinger, John Kittleson, David LaVogna, Cort LaMee, Eric Lastition-Pledge Marshal, Lee Lin, Mike Long-Rush Chairman, Mark Maruyama, Dave Mead, Mason Merrins. Pat Michela, Chris Miller. Mike Opre, Pat Parker, Ken Piper Ron Prober. Chris Putney. Tom Reedy. Jim Reesing, Robert Reinhart, Sebastian Rider. Paul Robinson. Jon Rosen. Andre Sapp. Scott Sargent, Mark Schulten. Paul Schwarz. Jeff Taylor. Paul Thomas. Rick Vercruse, Sean Walsh. Eric Watkins-- Secretary. Greg Williams. Tony Anderson, Ali Atn, Bill Bindeman, Mike Cutler, Peter Dames. Dan Esters. Steve Hoblit. Scott Noel. Scott Shackleton. Greg Willie. 292 Theta Chi )h X ♦OX« ' ' OX« -OX ♦ox • OX «0X 0X» OX •OX »OX« OX .0 Going for the winning pass! Theta Chi enjoyed its 56th year at UCLA in all aspects of fraternity life. The 1986-87 school year began with the first dry rush ever at UCLA and with it many new challenges. A successful rush was the first of many activities at Beta Alpha chapter. Fall quarter included beer buses to UCLA football games, the ever popular Berkeley roadtrip, and of course, the Pledge Active. Winter quarter snuck up on us fast and before we knew it we were putting our newly acquired dry Rush factors back to work. Winter Rush was also a great success and now a new quarter was under way. Social activities included such events as the infamous Decline of Western Civilization and The Carnation Ball, which was held in San Diego. Our social cal- endar also included Greek Week, a Mammoth ski trip, and numerous little sister parties. Spring quarter meant another rush and the last quarter of UCLA for many brothers. Ac- tivities included a Little Sister Catalina weekend and a Las Vegas extravaganza, our tradi- tional Spring Luau, and of course Mardi Gras. The 1986-87 school year was a year of changes and challenges, most importantly dry rush and direct affiliation. Even with such changes, the attitude at Theta Chi did not, as we still excelled in academics, athletics, and leadership. • ■ ■ Bf S ; mm 1 Bl r V Uifl H ' m H ' ' - ' 1 Theta Chi ' s having a good time at Presents. Theta Chi 293 (tetci OCl •© = • 0E ♦•0E ' ' OE« ' •0E »0E 0H« 0E ,0: Tim, Ed, Susan, Larry, and Ken. Xi ' s and little sisters on annual roadtrip to Mazatlan. What is Theta Xi? We XQ the best. The best at everything we do, we do a whole heck of a lot. The year started off with the first ever " dry " rush. Despite this, Theta Xi ended up with a good sized pledge class of studs . . . and the rest is history. Of course, that was only the beginning. The adventures that occured afterwards ' (Q too numerous to list . . . but we shall try. You haven ' t lived college until you ' ve leaped off a burning Winnebago on Highway 101 and straight into the hands of an unamused CHP. Fortunately, we all lived and the whole Berkeley road- trip was great. Theta Xi won every award possible as we teamed up with the gorgeous ladies of ADPi to dominate NOCOMING 1986- -which turned into a weeklong exchange, with the pool crank- ed up to 100 degrees. Of course there was the " I Spy " 4-way exchange, the Ski Trip, Paradise Lost, Formal in Palm Springs, The Water Ski Trip, Mardi Gras, The Tanning Classic, Family Wars, and of course . . . TROPICAL MADNESS. Once again Theta Xi was a dominate force in IM Sports. Many Xi ' s also played on UCLA intercollegiate teams: baseball, crew, lacrosse, and surfing. After being refurbished by a large contribution made by Wally George, Theta Xi ' s physical structure is the best on the rowl The brothers enjoyed many a warm spring day in the sun around the pool, and recovering from the previous night ' s festivities. Of course, what Theta Xi summary would be complete without a statement about our beautiful little sisters, 250 of the wildest, cutest creatures to grace this Campus ever . . . EVERl I hope this story leaves no doubt in anyone ' s mind that Theta Xi has been, is, and will always be the place to be. A Great Place lo Bel • 294 Theta Xi 05 0E« ' 0E • OE 0E OE OE ♦OE " OE ♦ .OE A OE — • OE Al Aguilera, Ted Amidon. Phil Arrieta, Paul Barkes. Ray Barrera. Scott Blois. Mitch Batlas, Joe Bondi. Jeff Brook, Ron Budde. Pete Bull, Tom Callaghan Rich Chenault, Brad Cloutier. Andy Craft, Eric Dahl, Dwight DeMers, Larry DelWers, Jon Elletrson, Mark Elliot, Terry Fern- sworth, (Wike Fisher, Vince Fowble. Brett Franklin, Bill Fnmel, Eric Glass, Dane Golden. Rick Guber, Mike Guzman, Ken Hake, Mike Hathaway, Brian Hayes, Tim Haley. Dave HessI, Kevin Higgins, Vince Hoenigman, Kent Holtorf, Steve Janowsky, Dave Johnson. Stewart Keith. Lance Kreisman, John Leach, J P Leasure. Eric Lizerbram. Ed Lovie. Wayne MacDonell. Pat Malone. Todd McKenna, Mike McSunas. Greag Meier. Kevin Messick. Bryan Miller. Scott Miller. Mike Pancreas. Ray Paradise. Ed Parton. Jim Phillipi. George Plum. John Powell. Scott Rauser. Robert Ruiz. Tony Scruggs. Jeff Shaffer, John Simpson, Dave Smith. Geoff Smith. Eric Spotts. Chris Steensland. Roger Swift, Derek Taylor, John Thomas, Ernie Thomas, Mike Venegas, Keith Walters, James Watson, Gary Wedbosh, Helmut We smuller, Mike Willard. Brian Yoo ' : mm ' I «¥ Cind-o, McStonus, Monster, and Bundles get wild at Madness. Theta Xi ' s and Tri-Delts become sweet transvestites for Mardi Gras. Theta Xi 295 7ticuta(e • A A» ■A- ' •A A. A •L i - L » ♦A -A A 4 ' ' Kamran Ahrar, Alfred Amoo. Glenn Arnold. Nader Asmar, James Ausley. David Brown, Mark Christopulos. Don Crowe!!, Greg DouglierTy. Gary Eckwortzel, Kevin Fong. Hubert Gesser. Brad Guiko, Ching Kwan, Jeff Kyser, Russel! Lieu. Eric Matsuura. IVIike Morhaime, Vince Raposas, David Saucedo, Tom Stephenson, Yasser Taima, Ralph Tjoa. Mike Trenholm. Che Tsai. Thai Tung. Brian Venner, Kurt Wells, Pat Wyatt .■ . J|K l y Bi •i B % H •-i.i k. Mr. and Mrs. Charming. i i The men of Triangle. h 296 Triangle ' i •A ' ' A A «A 4A« A ' •A. A Av»A fA»«A4 " A " vA« Ay A A Row God--Brian and his court. This year proved to be an exciting year for Triangle Fraternity. It all started this Fall with a great Lit- tle Sister Rush. It was by far one of the most successful in years thanks to the determina- tion and hard • work of the Brothers. The high point of the Fall guarter was our always ex- citing Halloween Party. The Brothers ' imagination ran wild- coming up with great costumes. With the help of the Fall Formal, momentum for great times swung into the Winter guarter. Ski trips were held and our Little Sister Program picked up some more. But the most exciting guarter was still ahead-Spring. Mardi Gras was just around the cor- ner and we had high hopes of winning " Sweepstakes " for the second straight year! ■ Rappin Duke. Triangle 297 eta Seta 7 jt ZBT» rZBT »ZBT ♦ZBT«Jb1 There ' s nothing like riding a beer bus with ZBT! Jon and date enjoy the Pledge Active. Come on, pucker up--fun at Labian Knights ' 86. 298 Zeta Beta Tau 7 ZBT -ZBT ZBT There ' s no doubt--ZBT is 1 1 Yes, we love our little sisters! Executive Board Jon Siegal-President, Ben Tresser-lst Vice President. Michael Raich-2nd Vice President, Jason Spitz-Treasurer, Bruce Gellman-Secretary Ac- tive Brothers: Spencer Aaronson. Robert Appell, Jonathan Arms, Brian Berg.Tony Berk, Keith Berntein. Josh Binder, Keith Boesky, Mike Byrne, Eliot Choy, Peter Coleman, Whit Conant, Andrew Concoff, Ron Cossack, Jim Damask, Alan Edrick, David Ellis, Lee Essner, Brad Elkins, David Fahn, Andrew Friedman, Steve Gingold, Mark Ginsberg, Andrew Goldberger, Markham Goldstein, Jeff Goldman, Corey Concoff, David Golstein, " Martin Gross, Mitchell Hertz, John Hunt. David Kaplan, Obaid Kahn, Kraig Kilger, Jason Klein, Elan Krueger, Marc Lavin, Fred Lee, Bernie Linden. Jeff Lipson. Edward Lorin. Randy Moss. Paul Newman, Dan Pearl. Paul Pentheroudakis, David Roschko. Rick Rosenberg. David Rosenblum. David Rutberg. Steve Rubenfaer. Mike Schoenwetter. David Schultz, Thomas SchuICz, Michael Shore, Steve Sibulkin, Dan Silver, Mark Silverman, Adam Singer, Mark Skaist, Michael Stem, Ronald Stone, Michael Swartz. David Tabb, Jeff Tisherman, Gregory Townsend, Marc War- shall, Jeff Wieder, George Yuster, Steve Abrams, Dean Barness, Jeff Barth, Allen Bergman, Jeff Blue, Hal Escowitz, David Fox, Eric Gaynor, Darren Gelbard, Todd Geller. Todd Greenbaum. Andrew Horn. Rick Jackson. Evan Leo, Hugh Leon, John Marzullo, Peter Strauss, Eric Suddleson, Russ Weiss. Amir Yariv, Jeff Adier, Aaron Cohen Zeta Beta Tau 299 J ' etix Pu • Ziy Ziy. ZU «ZUJr»Ziy ZUJ »ZUi «ZUJ? Zeta Psi ' s know how to partyl Going for a little beach action. Rolando Abagat, Ed Ashton. Pete Babagian, John Baskovitch, Don Bresee. Cutberto Cardenas, Robert Casteneda. Rick Deans. Craig Ferrel, Temoc Figueroa. Scott Gamon, John Hawk. Hso Hkam. Dan Hustwit, 300 Zeta Psi Keith Iverson. Jimmy Kim. Steve Kim. Suresh Knshnamurphy. Chns Kula. Tom Leiand. Mark Lichowski, Garrett Lisi, Mark MacKenzie. Bruce Mooberry. Bill Newman. Eric Nielsen. Frank Pedro. Scott Pusich. Mike Rath. Rick Rodillo. Paul Rubin, Bill Sexton. Don Sheehan. Al Silverstein. Matt Spillane. Tom Strauss. Mike Toomey. Frank Torres. Bob Iran. Bob Wilkin, John Woo F ' . l . V • ZW - ZHJ • " ZW • ZW - ♦ZIP T Z V • ZW - m Z V • ZUJ «ZUJv za»» »»■ Frank, Bob, Robert, and Rolondo celebrate victory Zeta Psi 301 i( Hj(ux Sca pui ' P ♦AI0 » Aid) • AI(Dv| Just as Rock N ' Roll and Fourwheelin ' ?. q the lifeblood of the great na- tion so was Alpha Sigma Phi to the Greek community in ' 86-- ' 87. The Sigs unleashed a veritibie tour-de-force of hap- pening events that included the especially raging boycott of Homecoming, sentimental and saucy Dad ' s Day, an icy ski trip to Tahoe, Greek Week with the gals of Kappa Alpha Theta, the Black White formal in Santa ?, b ' ( , Spring Sing with Kappa Delta, the abusive C y exchange, Mardi Gras, and everyone ' s favorite-Sports N ' Shorts, In the mere two years of Alpha Sigma Phi ' s existance at UCLA, the boys have really shown they know how to create a WOW. Yes, like disco, the Sigs are back! ■ Johnny and Toni, ready for The Black and White. Sig ' s and dates Wang Chunging at the Formal. Danny Alborghetti, Sam Barronofsky. Ray Bolourtchi, Corey Carillo. Ed Castro. Chris Clatand. Brian Cohen, Max Colao, Matt Forrest, Brett Fuidak, Paul Garry, Jeff Graver, Brent Hansen, Frank Hironaka, Robert Hull, Ken Kamishiri, Brian Lillie. Chris Mou, Matt Naiman, Dave Dies, Dan Pflaum, Kevin Pollock, Benny Ouin- tana, Mike Roberts, Eric Rodriguez, Steve Ross, Frank Sandoval, Craig Serada, Johnnie Thompson, Ken Tre- mayne, Doug Van Bebber, Dennis Verzosa, Mike Wald, Jeff White, Ken Wu 302 Alpha Sigma Phi i(jiU7 Xcc 0 •ATQ ♦ ATQ« t ATQ I I Neil, ready to take off?-Spring Rush. ATO ' s dress to impress for the " Fallout. Dan Barrett. Mark Behm. Kevin Bertonneau. Jay Bonzi. Mike Braun, Neil Cadman, Andrew Carothers, Flavio Carrillo, Gordon Cervenka, John Chu, Doug Cox. Moke Coyne. Chris Coufal. Doug Delanoy, Mark Denigan. Rob Duensing. Mike Duroff. Mark Elloitt. Amedeo Ferraro. John Francis. Rick Geary. Tom Gen- tile, Mike Godinho. Rich Goldstein, Alan Gorstein, Larry Grihalva. Mark Guithues. Cary Hara. Ken Ishimaru, Jim Keehn, David Kutzer. Bryan Leroy, Steve Madsen. Bill Majewski. Sean Maloney. Chris May, Tony McGuinnes, Allan Miller. Tim Mitchell. Jim Mor- ns. Felipe Munoz. Rot) O ' Brien. Dan Padilla. John Panek. Joseph Potts. Rob Pruter. Andrew Purner, Aaron Reed, Yale Riley. John Roberts. Rick Schlussel. Craig Schubiner. Joe Shalmoni. Greg Simons. Jeff Stargardter. Rich Stark. Steve St Cm. Mark Strecker. David Svensson. Mike Thomson, Richard Tsuboi. J J Vallejo. Jose Villanno. John Wallace. Tom Waskiewicz. Dan Wetzel. Karl Wolff. Tom Zarka. Alpha Tau Omega 303 ' Piu ( u$uHa, eJU ► CDTA • •OrA ♦OTA I Austin Babcock. Bill Benson. Mark Boyd. Gene Cambell. Gino Carino. Mike Cox, James DIugosch. Andy Douglas. Robert Evans. Scott Fernandez. Allyn Forsyth. Patrick Hedges. David Hermelin, Kevin Herz- berg. Steve Holloway, Howard Hsu. John Immaman. Erich Izdepski. D James Jungwirth. Harrey Kamian. Mark Kennedy. Erie Kraft. Brad Larkin. John Lee. Chris Leo. George Llama. Emmett Loverde, Marc Manuel, Mike Massa. Nick O ' Reilly. Ross Pety. Cory Rosi. Paul Rustigian. Dave Smith. Jeff Sorenson. Chris Tom. Rumel Tomiapos. John W hitmore. Enjoying another sunny Rose Bowl afternoon-Dad ' s Day ' 86. 304 Phi Gamma Delta Ktri SiCf HO. Cftl • ZX ' IX rIX »IX IX«-ZX Sigma Chis partying at the Fall Formal. DJ., Shah, and Mike have a great time w ' So Matt Anders, Scott Ashwoorth. Tom Barcaw, Kurt Bierschenk. Mark Boos. Marne Bouillon, Wade Brandenberger. Lenny Brown. Chris Bunce. Rick Car- bonneau. Brent Chappell, Jeff Chase, Bob Collins, Chris Corsiglia, Tony Curci, Jeff Camron, Mike Dealy, Steve Dollinger, George Duarte, Chuck Dubordieu, Pat Finn, Ric Flores, Jim Ford, Carlos Garcia, Mike Gazsi, Charlie Grimes, Keith Gunn, Mark Harrington, David Harrison, Jim Helmer, Rick Heisler, Tony Howe, Terry Hughes, Larry Jacobs, Mark Jacuzzi, Jordan Kitaen, Alan Ma, Bo Magnussen, Craig Manchester, Jonathan Marquez, Greg Martin, Bob Mash, Mike McClain, Tim McClain, John Millis, Monty Minchin, Kevin Morrow, ,Jeff Moyer, Gunnar Newquist, Dave Odom, J E Paulsen, Sean Pirtle, Paul Reilly, Carl Renezeder, Ray Rieman, Mike Samuelson, Kevin Sanchez, Mike Santini, Mark Selecky, Andy Shannon, Mike Silin, Mark Simon, Tobias Smitti, Adam Tennant, Greg Thomas, D J Tierney, Scott Unger, Tom Wagner, Tim Wagner, Earl Wallace, Benjamin Ward, Deron White, David Welsh, Randy Work, Gordon Wright, Monty Yort, Chris Zahlis. Craig Zimmer Sigma Chi 305 yocc ' Kajijia. Sp jUm - ' TKE • ♦ TKE • T KC Teke: A Tradition of Ex- cellence. Tau Kappa Epsilon, the largest fraternity in tne world, is nationally reknown as one of the leaders of the Greek community. The Alpha Omega chapter at UCLA is proud to uphold this tradition. The stature of our fraternity is evi- dent through the events and endeavors of this past year. Tekes are involved in all aspects of Greek life. Our social calendar was filled with football game beer buses, Pledge-Actives, raids, ex- changes, pinnings, little sister parties, along with our formal, the Red Carnation Ball, the Berkeley road trip, and a massive, ten-way TKE-Tri Delt exchange. Special Olympics, Mardi Gras, the TKE Triangle Achievement Award, blood drives, and our famous Fright Night party composed just some of our philanthropic and community projects. TKE participated in all levels of UCLA athletics, ranging from intercollegiate water polo, cycl- ing, ice hockey, and surfing all the way to A, B, and C intra- mural teams. Academically, the Tekes maintain respectable GPAs in majors ranging from Economics to Engineering. This past year, Tau Kappa Epsilon has given us the full experience. As is apparent, Teke offers its members a lot of brotherhood, Teke has good times, Teke has a tradition of excellence, Teke has class! ■ Craig Amshel. Steve Andelin, Mjrty Bennett. Tony Bennett. Leontird Cruz, Allan Cuilty, Kelly Dunnahoo. Henry Fata. Tom Funk. Barry Gaynor. Jim Giacomaz 23. Nelson Guirado. Dave Haines. Pat Harnett. Mark Hollander, Aaron Holly, Raju Ju(]ge, Russell Kramer, Jon Lake, Jimmy Lam, Chris Landsea, Rich Lin. Dan Lucero, Craig Mannlz. Nick Martinez, Bret Nelson, Joe Patndge. Dan Paul, Alex Pecel. Dave Pollard, Dan Pomerantz, John Poprac, Rich Powell, Kevin Ramos, Jon Rosen. Bill Ryan, Jas Singh, Mike Stanton, Eric Tsang, Jessie Velasquez, John Walsh, Rick Watts 306 Tau Kappa Epsilon •ti 7kt Vdta, 6 k ♦ OAX .OAX ■ - OAX» II ii li Erie Ball. AN Behrooz, Roberto Beltran. Dennis Cerniky. Bob Cook, Bob Eisenhart, Peter Floratos. Mike Fok. Brian Hamblet, Cameron Hopkins, Owen Jackman, Chris Igo, James Lee, Marlon Marquez, Brad Mattox, Wes Maverick, John Moritz, Charles Murkovich, Mitch Osias, Randy Ott, Richard Salazar, Robert Scholer, Nelson Sepulveda, Steve Sloggett, Simon Teer, Tony Von Sadovsky, Joe Wang, Jonathan Welch " With the middle class family secured inside the vehicles lavatory, Theta Delt ' s prepare for a journey into the Forbidden Zone. " " Fred Flinstone never had it so good! ' Theta Delta Chi 307 Bob O ' Connor Fraternity Guy, Age: 19 Major: Econ Bus, Year: Soph My favorite thing to eat is a Tom- my ' s Double Chill Cheese no tomato probably because of the high quality food and care in food preparation. To me, being a Bruin means being with the best athletes, best scholars, and best partiers not only in the city for sure, but in the country. I ' d rather be ... a rock ' n ' roll star . . . you get your money for nothing and chicks for free (sure, why not?)! m 7 Kandi Bryant Sorority Girl, Age: 19 Major: Comm Bus, Year: Soph In my spare time I like to study . . . the rest of my time is filled with social activities. Probably the most off the wall thing l,ve ever done was when I went on the Berkeley Bago trip with a fraternity . . . and came back with them tool My favorite food is Penguin ' s Yogurt- chocolate and vanilla with mint scrapple . . , who wouldn ' t like it? Start ' er upi The Coop is I (Bob) think that the best thing about be- ing in a fraternity is having a filled social cal- endar... like intramural sports, raids and ex- changes, and lil ' sis ' barbeques and parties! I love the little sister program-4:l girls, you can ' t beat iti Although it ' s fun, the social stuff can also be the roughest part of being in a fraternity. It doesn ' t give you a lot of time to study sometimes. But there ' s a lot more to college than classes and studying. You become close with all the bros in the house. Right now I ' m living in an apartment with three of my pledge bro ' s. We ' re becoming really tight. I want to live in the house next quarter just because everybody has told me that if I want to get all I can out of fraternity life, live in the house and become involved in all the things it has to of- fer. ■ Bob IS always ready to stop and chat awhile a great place to stop and socialize. I (Kandi) have found that belonging to a sorority is an easy way to get involved in everything on campus because there ' s always someone in the house involved in that activity. I live in my house and love it! My sisters are the fnends I ' ll have for a lifetime. I ' m also a fraternity Little Sister. I like that too. Even though it ' s a 4:1 ration for him, I can be a lil ' sis ' at more than one house. I ' m a lil ' sis ' at three houses-so, I get to know that many more guys. The worst thing about being in a sorority is the reputation of a " typical " sorority girl ( " dumb blonde " type, mumbles Bob), and the reputation that all we do is party and go out and scam on guys. Actually, the overall GPA for sorority row is .5-. 6 higher than the school ' s overall. Being in a sorority helps make me a motivated person. • m m 7s m m 7s D m m 7s t • StctdjMt CMcatmeMt Bernice Hagen-Advisor. Julie Anderson-Coordinator. Erin Allowitz, Scott Brody. Lorena Chambers, Ben Chow. Jeffrey Chung. Christopher Clark, Staci Cowan. Elizabeth Croom. Nancy Crum. Joyce Elumba. Gracy Fagon, Karen Franzon. Lisa Garrod. Yael Gilad. Diane Goebel. Amy Graham. Alex Guttenmakher. Cheryl Hanselman,. Robert Hantsch. Lisa Hildenbrand, Alfredo Jimenez. Jim Keidaisch. Hae Yung Kim. Richard Knurowski. Janice Layco. Stephanie Leonard. Joy Leong. Marvin Lopez. fWanny Macalalad. Glen Meyers. Naomi Nakagama, Sidney Pash. Valerie Petrone. Quang Xuan Pham, Julio Pinto. Angie Piroutek. Julie Rhoades. Devara Rodriguez. Mitchell Sodikoff. David Steinburg. Angel Stewart. David Tracey. Juana Treijo. Ruben Valles V xU ' 8n€U 4d Sta Cynthia Cassinelli-Business Manager. Janice Tom- Operations Manager. Erik Jackson-Sales Manager. Felicia Reed-Classified Manager. Bobby Rees-Creative Director. Ruth Keidel-Asst Operations Manager. Display Account Executives Jeff Anderson. Steve Bennett. R Evans Curtice. Denise Fizzolio. Mitchell Fong. Larry Freeman. Natalie Hale. Kimberley Ho. Mark Maruyama. Ben Nichols. Deena Palmer. Lorraine T. Perez. Marc Silverberg. Mark Soberman. Internal Displa y Staff: Laura Baker. Erin Brady. Judy Chan. Karen Costello. Amy Hill. Sheila HuettI, Jean-Therese Miao. Heidi Nigh. Stephanie Paredes. Margaret Rosato. Amy Suber: Classified Staff Donna Alexander. Kim Brougher. Rebecca Farley. Dave Fortner. Sandy Harr- ington. Danielle Higby. Tracy Johner. Shavi Johnson. Kelly Kim. Aubry Olsen. Susan Robbins. Donna Scanlan. Nancy Stewart. Susan P Wheeler. Creative Staff Megan Kitagawa. Holly Matsuo; Internal Display Interns: Debbie Abrams. Steffanie Conners, Sharon Elbaum, Lisa Hassin. Debbie Healy-Rolfe. Andrea Marr. Gabriela Paredes. Amy Shratter. Classified Account Ex-., ecutives Robert Lopata. Mike Yanez. 3 1 2 Groups As a member of USAC, Campus Events is a stu- dent run commision designed to program enter- tainment for the students of UCLA. With four departments, speakers, concerts, films, and publicity. Campus Events pro- grams entertainment at little or no cost to students. How do we do it? you may ask. With hard work, devotion, and an incredible sense of humor we would reply. We are 1 in entertainment programming and our motto is do unto others as they would do unto you, if they had a decent budget. " Campus Events is the best organization of it ' s kind " someone famous once said, but if we told you who, they would sue us. • Lehmann, Rachel Minster, Knsten Norberg, Deena Phillips, Jessica Pick, Peter Rosandich, Andy Sacks, Momita Sen Gupta, Willard Tressel, Lisa Wallen, Linda iVeisbrod. Groups 3 1 3 iiSfie 3 1 4 Groups Greg and Felipe-moments before the meeting commences. Jf JIKli ' F v ' i af? P« iv ' ' Jh 1 •l 1 ■ A P , bu? ' The Undergraduate Stu- dent Association Council (USAC) is the legislative body serving UCLA ' s 22,000 students. It is responsible collec- tively for enacting resolutions on matters of student concern and approving finances for peti- tions brought to the Council. Additionally, each of the thir- teen elected USAC members is responsible for running pro- grams such as the Blood Drive and Noon Concerts that fall within their authority. As just a part of these programs, USAC brought Charleton Heston and Jesse Jackson to campus to speak this year. USAC meetings, held weekly in Kerckhoff Hall and presided over by President Dean Florez, have featured debates over everything from the Student Fee Referendum to the elimina- tion of registration week. While problems such as park- ing and campus security re- mained subjects of continued discussion, other topics like the Public Affairs Office and the Police Brutality Forum were resolved by this year ' s student governing body. - USAC isn ' t just all work. Groups 3 1 5 :• ' Hs e M-fp. The Administrative Vice President shall be the assistant to the President for administrative and executive tasks. The Administrative Vice President shall also serve at re- quest of the President as official representative on any commis- sion, committee, or organiza- tion under the Association. The Administrative V.P. has the responsibility of preparing all materials, minutes, resolu- tions, etc. into an agenda packet for each weekly council meeting. The Administrative V.P. Of- fice has three major programs that try to get students involv- ed with Administrators ox in student government. The Ad- ministrative internship program places students in a working environment with an ad- ministrator. The Student Outreach Program attempts to get the general student inter- ested in getting involved in student government. The USAC Internship program lastly, recruits students to be student government interns not only for experience in the Ad- ministrative V.P. office, but all the other offices and commis- sions diS well. Administrative Vice President-Kelly Sorenson, Chief of Staff Special Projects-Pam Nordstrom, Information Directors: Sheireen Dunlap, Heather Van Ornum, Jenny Kaplan. Adminitrative Internship Co-Directors: Lisa Spielman, John Kityama. Outreach Directors. Jim Santiago. Lisa Rosenfield, USAC Internship Co-Direc- tors Maria Anderson, Kelly Kennedy, Newsletter Editor-Dave Giannini, Administrative Assistant-Lisa Grieve, Ad-VP Interns: Mark Rodriguez, Lou Romano. Chris Taylor. Natalie Fisher, Fall Staff included: Paul Newman, Theresa David i 316 Groups vTis ie Scc i i p Staff: Second Vice President-Mark Feldman. Asst, Se- cond Vice President-Mark Jessee. Asst Second Vice President " Jeff Rosen. External Affairs Dlrector-Jim Micfialski. Asst External Affairs Director-Christina Cfian, Internal Affairs Director-Armando Azarloza. United Special Interest Director-Mary Kelly Persyn, Fi- nance Director- Jonatfion Berger, Finance Director- Jonathon Davidson. Publications Director-Sharon Feldman. Special Projects Director-Debbie Mah. Special Projects Director-Nora Manjikian. Administrative Assistant-Martine Korach Meeting Reps SIG Liasons: American Indian Student Association-Klara Kaldi. Asian Coalition-Stephanie Yoo, Gay and Lesbian Organization-Klara Kaldi. Inter- fraternity Council-Marnin Weinreb, International Stu- dents Association-Klara Kaldi. Interresidence Hall Council-Gary Shuster. Iranian Students Group- Sheireen Dunlap. Jewish Student Union-Olga Ladyzhensky. Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan-Steve Estrada, Panhellenic-Alice Diego. USI In- tern-David Rockman si " J Not only does the Second Vice President ' s Office serve as the liason be- tween the eleven Special Inter- est Groups and USAC, it has v orked on numerous projects this year that benefitted the general welfare of the student body and the community. Some projects have been the UCLA Funding Guide, Special Interest Group Forums and Retreat, Pacific Pre-Law Con- ference, The Statement of Understanding, Spring Sing, Monthly Program Bulletins, Stu- dent Affirmative Action, Con- ciliation Service, Greek Week Special Olympics, Student Commencement, Students Against MS, Over-the-llne tour- nament, SIG Newsletter, Special Education Fee Advisory Com- mittee, the possible affiliation of a Women ' s and Handicapped Special Interest Groups, the By-Law Revision, the Suicide Prevention Seminar, the New Registration Policy, and the Mortar Board Calandar. ■ Groups 3 1 7 Ci U tia«t SecMcc OtcfOtUfOtuM The members of the Christian Science Organization (left to right) Angela Baldwin, David Farney, Bentley Gross. Sandy Harrington, Lisa Herlinger, DeAnn Johnson, Susan Kennedy, Janet Lindboe, Daphne McCarley, Wendy Wagstaff, Charles Wolf, Jill Kuhn not pictured 4ipAa. t du Cttl As an active and growing part of UCLA and the surrounding community. Alpha Delta Chi Sorority pro- vides a special environment in which Christian women can pursue personal, social, scholastic, and spiritual development. Central to the character of each member is her commitment to Jesus Christ. It is this committment that makes ADX a unique sorority amoung the UCLA community. Sandy Asari, Shirley Brown, Carol Carey, Kim Carlson, Mary Chen, Chris Choe, Christine Cicone, Carole Crissman, Lisa Donee, Helena Emmrich, Heidi Faulkner, Joy Fletcher, Lisa Herrera, Grace Kim, Susie Kim. Heidi Kizzel. Holly Land. Denese Mcintosh. Karen Mumper, Karen Parker. Linnea Pate. Tricia Pate. Kim Smith, Renee Smith Sheila Smith. Karen Strong. Jaime Warm. Bonnie Wise. Brenda Wise. Beth Wong. Vera Yau. Jamie Yang. Susie Yang. Vickie Yeo. Shelly York 318 Groups ' i ta Ucut ' StudjMt ( %oce The purpose of ISG is to serve the students ' needs on campus and to familiarize them with the Persian culture and heritage. Cathy Behrens-Coordinaiof. Karen Cogan--Asst I Harris, Peter Hayashida, Larry Jay, Laura Jordarn, Coordinator, Meg Balian, Nicole Cromack, Charles | Melanie Kropf, Hermie Lee, Kristen Lee, Lenny Mankin, Jacki McKimmy, Carrie Mendro, Diana Morrow, Lisa Newmark, Joel Swendsen Groups 319 ■I Sl MiAi Oiffmjilc UCLA Special Olympics, When most students hear of this unique event they associate it with an activity that occurs only or Q day of Winter Quarter, usually coinciding with the Sorority and Fraternity Greek Week. However, in reality the UCLA Special Olympics is actually a year-round student run organization which not only provides recreational programs for the disabled, but also offers tutorial programs for these special individuals. Every year over 100 volun- teers work with the learning and emotionally handicapped individuals who range from the ages of 8-26 years. The volun- teers coach such sports as basketball, track, and gym- nastics during weekends, and prepare the individuals for such events as the regional tourna- ments which precede the an- nual Special Olympics. In addi- tion, the volunteers comprise a staff of academic tutors which operate out of the students ' ac- tual classrooms. The volunteers who make up the staff of the UCLA Special Olympics xt to be recognized for taking their time to help build self confidence and pride in these special athletes. Although being a volunteer takes time and effort, in the end the UCLA volunteer will tell you without hesitation that the rewarding experience was well worth iti - Special Olympics reactnes all kinds of kids. On your mark, get set, go 320 Groups IT t This Olympian is swinging for a homerun. A Special Olympian warming up for the game. A coach and her new friend go for ajog. Groups 321 ♦ - cademic jj jXOt Staff: Academic Affairs Commissioner--Jim Lites. Asst Academic Affairs Commissioner-Robin Lofton, Departmental Affairs Director-Lisa Sherman, Academic Senate Affairs Director-Olabisi Clinton, Information Director-Sarafi Shachory, Special Projects Director-Brad The Academic Affairs Commission is a group of undergraduates com- mitted to reforming educational policy at UCLA. The AAC at- tempts to influence policy through the use of student rep- resentatives at the departmen- tal, administrative, and Aca- demic Senate levels. AAC also provides programs which serve student needs and enrich the educational process. ■ Taylor. State Education Coordinator- Jaime Rucker. Mini-Grants Director-Shaun Ratchford. Departmental Representative Council Cfiairperson-Alison Orchard. Student Forum Director-Tracey Hall. Asst Information Director-Rebecca Delfino. Asst Mini-Grant Director- Sidney Sherman. Asst, Special Project Director-Debbie Nevaret. Asst. Departmental Affairs Director-Samira Kermani, Jim Lites is ready ox actioni 322 Groups t ' THontiifi oon d, The UCLA Mortar Board, established in 1939, is one of approximately 2(J) chapters of the national senior honor organization Mor- tar Board. Each year members s.rt selected from the junior class based on the qualities of superior scholastic ability, outstanding and continual leadership, and dedicated ser- vice to the university communi- ty. Applications are available for students who will be seniors the next year, in the Dean of Students Office during Winter quarter. Each Mortar Board Chapter is challenged to provide leader- ship to the campus and com- munity and to create an en- vironment of effective com- munication within the universi- ty. The UCLA Mortar Board publishes this calendar, which includes application deadline dates, campus events, as well as sporting and cultural events. It is our hope that this calendar will aid in creating an eviron- ment of more effective com- munication at UCLA. The money raised from sales will help fund campus and com- munity oriented projects such as the UCLA College Bowl, Mardi Gras Booth and the UCLA USC Canned Food Drive. ■ r Officers: President-Alex Mine, Vice Presicfent--Mike Mabanglo, Treasurer-Ron Mass. Secretary- Joy Leong, Historians-Mark Feldman and Paula Lyons. Com- munications Director-Laurie Farber. Elections Direaor- -Michele Milnes, Bear Facts Game Director-Annie Chin, Calendar Direaor-Natalie Hale, Service Director- -Barb Gelb, Mardi Gras Booth Director-Nancy Stratton, College Bowl Co-Directors-Brad Elkins and Dave Goldstein, Section XXII Coordinator-Jean Carfagno, Advisors-Cary Porter and Bryant Wieneke Members: Camille Angel, Tammy Broxton. Chris Cantelmi, Joel Dreskin, Monica Elden, Eva Epelbau. Rhonda Goldstein, Richard Goldstein, Laura Jordan, Peter McCullough. Thomas McLean, Jennifer Meline, Richard Ness. Robert Orr, Margaret Rosato, Ken Rosenbaum, Reuben Sloan, Valarie Warshawsky. Thomas Wiltsey. Judith Holland (Honorary Member), Susan Pragen (Honorary Member) Groups ll. mf tuMi iUa Bruin Belle Officers. President-Sheryl Liffick, Vice President-Stephanie Mazely, Secretary-Peggy Shearer, Treasurer-Lajrie Smith. Public Relations-Belinda Torres. Men ' s Athletic Spirit-Suzanne Bogosian, Social Chair- man-Tina Mayo, Senior Representative-Nadya Bak- Boychuk, Junior Representative-Suzanne Fussell. Sophomore Representative-Jennifer Dorian, Freshman RepresentativeJulie Jackson. Returning Belles: Demetress Anderson, Julie Ander- son, Yassi Barakat,, Marie Bautista, Stephanie Brown, Lisa Caracciolo, Sonja Feuer, Terrie Goldade, Leanna Izuel, Janet Lindboe, ■ Kimberly Low, Susan Moses, Marcia Nelson, Kimberly O ' Brien, Debbie Steinberg, Lilian Vanvieldt. Debbie White, Regina Woods. Distinguished Belles, Allna Balbin, Karen Bray, Graien Eidam, Jane Fujishage, Katrina Love, Irene Sun, Mina Weber Bruin Belle officers stand with pride. W $ Lisa Aaronson, Margaret-Ann Aguinaldo, Barbara Ahmad, Demetress Anderson, Julie Anderson, Zaida Angulo, Mary Ashida, Amber Babick, Alma Balbin, Yassi Barakat, Mana Bautista, April Benavidez, Helen Benbow, Lainie Block, Jill Bourgeois, Kelly Brady, Karen Bray, Stephanie Brown, Kathleen Brunda, Lisa Caracciolo. Olga Ceron, Lorena Chambers, Isabal Chang, Lisa Chen, Kena Chin, Amy Choice, Deborah Clark, Monique Cloud Dawn Dagucon, Whitney Davisson, Linda Deebaj. Marti De Long. Kelly DeWeese, Karen Diller, Catherine Dion, Alissa Dirkson, GG Divinagracia. Julie Dudler, Graien Eidam, Lisa Ellis, Danielle Encheff, Karen Fadel, Trisha Farber, Sonja Feuer, Karen Fohrman, Sally Fox, Michele Freitas, Hiromi Fujii, Jane Fujishige, Juli Fung, Katherine Gallagher, Emily Golbach. Terrie Goldade, Karin Lynn Gornick, Mindy Guard, Kathleen Guthrie. Lori Hamasaki, Cheryl Hanselman, Michele Harrison, Staci Haynes, Susan Haynes, Karen Heinrich, Caroline Henry. Suzanne Herrington, Beth Huemme, Jane Hurley, Suelyn Hurley, Judy Ichiuji, Debbie Iwasaki. Leeanna Izuel. Jenifer Johnston. Maberl Jong. Grace Kasamlsu. Christina Kato, Kriste Kern, Mary Kate Kilgariff, Jill King, Manna Lamer, Jeanne LaMotte, Jamie Lee, Janet Lee, Jina Lee, Joni Lee, Shang Lee, Karen Lewis, Janet Lindboe, Leigh Ann Loeffler, Caria Loly, Katrina Low, Kimberly Low, Ruth Luna, Janme Magyar, Viviana Malet ' a, Marny Mares, Monique Marmo. Virginia Maxwell, Patricia McCarthy, Renee McCall. Nancy McCullough. Rhea Mclver. Amy Elizabeth McKnight, Michelle Meisels, Cathie Moqan, Michelle Montalvo, Audra Mori, Susan Moses, Neisha Myers, Marcia Nelson, Patricia Nguyen. Kimberly O ' Brien. Margaret O ' Connor, Melissa Opie, Lisa Otto, Christina Ottzen, Amy Overstreet, Cathy Oyster, Gloria Perez, Cheryl Perry, Holly Piper, Beth Rattner, Rochelle Ridd. Devara Rodriguez, Trudi Sandmeier, Arlyn Schiff, Mona Shmg, Renee Siemsen, Andrea Sileo. Claire Sperow. Kathryn Starling, Debbie Steinberg, Dawna Stevely. Irene Sun, Sarah Tennyson, Amy Thiel, Justine Tideman, Christina Tinsley, Melissa Tyler, Lilian Vanvieldt, Elizabeth Villaneda. Janet Wagner. Sandra Walton. Mma Weber. Courtney Wheeler. Debbie White. Pamela Wilder, Debbie Wilson, Aimee Withem, Stephanie Wolcott. Regina Woods, Kimi Yamashita, Frances Yonan. Diane Yoo, Joanne Young 324 Groups I ♦ PwA Uff ' Societtf b Q s Officers: Olabisi Clinton, Adam Ettinger, John Fitzmor- ns. Paul Lawrence. Neil Reizman, Keith Schulner, Ron Zollman; Members: Lisa Agrusa, Linda Aiello, Jessica Algazi, Stacy Allmon, Paige Anderson. Robert Appell, Lisa Ashley, Roger Avild. Marcia Bacura. Sean Ballard, Daniel Barer, Cindy Beck, Diane Boda, Joseph Bra- jevich, Scott Calfas, Sara Campos, Linda Cardenas, William Christiansen III, Charotte Chyr, R Derek Classen, Joe Clem, Soma Cohen, Karen Course, Rozanna Covella, Matt Currie, Steve Davis, April deLauren, Tamar Der-Megerdichian, Alissa Dirkson. Alecia Dixon. Stacy Faierman. Charise Fong. Dudley Freeland. Hoybanness Freeland, Renee Geddis, Nancy Goodman, Gabrielle Grossman, Christine Harbs, Carl Halter, Heather Hattis. Theresa Harris, Kathy Hodgkin. Lisa Holguin. Jeanne Hong, David Hou, Andrew Hughes, Valerie Jenkins, Janet John, Jennifer Johnson. Brad Kane, Christopher Kelsey. Tami Knut- son, Sarah Koh. Mary Kuo, Tiffanie Kovacevich, Tasmine Lam, Michelle Lavin, Kathy Levin. Christina Ling, Denise Lloyd, Scott Loffman, Rovin Lofton, Elmer Lu, Christian Martin, Courtney Mares, William Martin. Shawn McBurney, Sean McCullough, Denise McKin- ney, Michelle McNuity. Sully Moore. Susan Moses. Ed Mracek. Mary Ohara. Deborah Owen. Greg Ozhekim. Edwin Paxton III. Curtis Payne. Dons Perl. Nguyen Phan. Greg Pettier. Jessica Pick. Jenny Posta. John Ramos. Karolyn Ghodes. Michele RIchamn. Natasha Riggs. Mark Rodriguez. Mackie Romano. Mike Rudolph. Michelle Schiller. Kelly Schramm. Jason Scupine, Jen- nifer Segal. Steven Shaffer. Demetrius Shelton. Lisa Sherman. Sidney Shu. Amy Silverstein. Karen Simon. Kim Smith. Deb Spears. Stacey Sullivan. Helen Sunga, Katherine Thomas. Janine Thurman, William Tooke, Rosanna Velenchik, Lisa Villanuera, John Wachter. Jason Weiss, Stacie Wong, Marianne Wisner, Susan Zaragoza Wang, dKrista Hougen, Christine LIneberry, Christine Hood, Suzanne Mackey, Therol Johnson, Fong Tien, Cathy Quijada. Marna Wren, Rachel Bacon Groups 325 Studeut rCcutuU 4 4ociaC(o c i Board of Directors: President-Richard Ness, Vice President- Julie Montali, Internal Affairs-Kari Nakama. Campus Activities-Steve Barth. Career Network-Caren Camerota, Spring Sing-Crane Landis. Ambassadors- Jennifer Poulakidas. Class Gift-Karen Karaa, Homecoming-Mike Soules Members Laurel Abrams, Nadya Bak-Brychuk, Lora Burger. Dana Cairns. Steve Callaghan. Caren DeW itt. Myrna Domingo. Kathy Duenas. Cheryl Feiner. Sheryl Friedlander, Laurence Friedman. Steven Grossfeld. Susan Haynes. Suzanne Hernngton. Eric Hopkins. Cyndi Ikeda. Laura Johnson. Kristy Kerivan. Samira Kermani. So Yung Kim. Ginger Koch. Nicholas La Cravotta, Glenda Lee. Christine Martinez. Stephanie Mazely. Michelle Moehnke. Mela Ottaiano, Patricia Parker. Cheryl Perry. Wendy Pollack. Michelle Reiner. Sam Robles. Elizabeth Roen. Sherry Rose. Brent Schoenbaum. John Siegler. Andrea Sileo. Jennifer Singer. Sherri Smith. Timothy Spangler. Murffy Stevens. Penny St Louis. Maki Thomas. Miki Thomas. Anna Thomsen. Clara Chiu. Cliff Doi. Julie Sue Dudler. Karen Farley. Kimberly Fernandez. Damn Gee, Stacey Glantz. Sarah Hudson. Jane Hurley. Mary Katayama. Hae Yung Kim. Julie Lee. Wing-Wong Kevin Leung. Daniel Nunez. Jenny Park. Jennifer Pasquini. Dean Poulakidas. Diane Sizgorich. Georgia Sotiropoulos. Karen takesako. Ronald Tsung. Stella Uyeno. Lisa Walco. Jessica Wolpov. Debbie Yamaoka. Pamela Chen. Kim Doan. Sheri Forbes. Thomas Graeber, Siew Ho. Scott Kilkenny. Stuart Levy. Naomi-Ann Nakagawa. Guam Pham. Dave Polsky. David Rogelberg. Saha Sadeghi. Cassidy Tsay. Karen Williams. Kim Baker. Angelle Brooks. Rachelle Cohen. Charles Chung. Craig Eng. Kim Gruber. Karen Hansen. Kathy James. Megan Kitagawa. Tami Knutson. Leah Lazo. Tern Lew. Lindi Martinez. Caroline Masuda. Bar- bara Mclntyve. Nicholas Rose. Lisa Sherman. Ted Szeto. Ileana Vasquez. Baldwin Wu. Lisa Yang. Tracee Brockbank. Carol -Kenney. John Kim. Arlene Manibog. Ileana Vasquez. Eunice Adams. George Berninger. Jim Botdorf. Whitney Davisson. Debbie Dennison. Sepi Gilani. Shelley Hwang. Anne Hyman. Anne Ichiuji. Audrey Lazaro. Jacqueline Ong. LiesI Palmer. Elizabeth Pugh. Susan Shank. Stacy Stern. Michelle Suzuki. Mar- cus Williams Advisors Keith Brant. Annette Yu Ho 326 Groups The SAA Board of Directors on their fall retreat. The UCLA Student Alum- ni Association is a cam- pus organization dedicated to providing both students and alumni with pro- grams that they find exciting and enjoyable. Highlights of our annual programs include Homecoming, Spring Sing, Parents ' Day at UCLA, and Dinners for Twelve Strangers. In addition, SAA sponsors other all-university events like the I0k 5k Run from the Heart, the Great Picnic, Career Exploration Days, and Bruin Survival Kits. SAA is also dedicated to pro- viding valuable career pro- gramming for the entire cam- pus community and has created programs like Depart- mental Panels, Fireside Chats, and the new Alumni Mentor program. In a sentence, SAA revolves around preserving and creating tradition at UCLA. I SAA and the Homecoming committee having a great time at the not-so-great Homecoming game. Keith and Annette SAA advisors, or 1 Groups 327 116 J, A PenmAA. First Row (left to right): Fifi Hartono. Sri Juwanti--ad- visor. Faustina Setyadi. Hasan Kesuma. RIna Suriad- jaya--secretary. Teddy Tjahjadi-president Second Row: Robert Rinqles. Tony Sofyan, Fifi Sutanto--vice- president, Nita Lusianah Ong Third Row. Markus Tjahjadi, Jahja Umar-advisor, Hery Harjanto, Lily Wid- jaja, Basuki Soetarman Fourth Row Julianto Sidarto, Daniel Korompis, Natalie Simandjaya-treasurer. Sekenawan Osadi, Fifth Row: Didi Kurniawan, Thoha Hamim. Sirajuddin Syamsuddin. Syafiq Mughni, Atho Mudzhal, Not In Picture: Judi Busono. Roi Gonotirto, Ade Rudy Quality Over Quantity! In the winter of ' 85, UCLA Permias, Indonesian Stu- dents Association at UCLA, was introduced to the evergrowing UCLA community as a place where Indonesian students may share experiences and common interests with one another. Today, under the new com- mittee members, this organiza- tion is more involved than ever with fitness and culture activi- ties. If everything goes well, we will have a food faire, and an Indonesian Night in the Spr- ing. We will always try to do our part in enriching this com- munity. After all, UCLA, we ' re behind you all the way! - A birthday celebration for Fifi Hartono. !y»ic Oxi.i ' Hirt 328 Groups t S ' uutt ' o aa liU Stud Korean Bible Study meetings a t filled with love and praise. Graduating seniors of Korean Bible Study. Byonghak Cho. Irene Cho. Margie Cho. Yung Hoon Cho. Chunseo Choi. Sunghi Chong. Yoo Sun Chough, Hong Jin Chough. Yong Joo Chung, Charlie Hong. Young Mee Hwang. Danielle Im, James Jeong. Kiyung Jung. Chrissy Kang. David Kang. Donald B Kang. Robert Kang. Brian Kim, David Kim. Esther Kim, Euisin Kim, Heju Kim. James Y Kim. James Kim, Janet Kim. Jason Kim. Jessica Kim. John Kim, Jason Kim. Kathy Kim. Kichul Kim. Song Mm Kim. long cho Kim, Yohan Kim, Jeannie Kong, Ja Hyong Kuh, Eunice Kwon, Aeri Lee, Brian Lee, Chang Yong Lee, Chong Sec Lee, Dong Woo Lee, Helen Mm Lee. Julie Lee. Kevin Lee. Roger Lee, Sam Lee, Sook H Lee, Steve Lee. Yong Sok Lee. David Lim, Tae Wook Lim. Sung Mm. Pong Hwan Nam. Andrew Oh. John Jungho Oh, Julie Oh, Stanley Oh, Yun Jong Pak, Eun Kyung Park, Huitae Park, Jae S Park. Jeannie Park, Jin Park, Julie Park. Minha Park, Peter Park, Samuel Park. Huisoo Rim. Misook Shin, Sang Tae Sim. Amy So. Joanne Sohn. Yun Jung Sohn, Daniel Song.Jesse Suh, Dong Sup Yi, Aeri Yoo. Peter Yoo, Reuben Yoo. Jason Yuh Groups 329 PcdtCcatOM 0( First rowfleft to right): Elizabeth Magallahes, Jeffrey Greenberg, Ellen Svaco, Ed Carbonel, Lan Tran, Laze- tie Butler. Darren Hulben Second row(left to right) Jason Reed, George Taylor. Kevin Clarke. Art Atkin son. Annalee Ryan Not pictured Susan Gesell. Alicia Lambreton. Gail Madyun. Doug Tuber. Anne Morrison Edicor-in-Chief Juli Stone Business Manager Steven Yoshizumi Copy Editor Jams McClure Greeks and Groups Editor Kate Neuheisel Layout Editor Liz Hotsko Layout Editor Bill Weber Photo Editor Brian Jacobsen Assistant Photo Editor Lisa Agrusa Sports Editor Business Staff- Nancy Crum. Sylvia Ghazanan. Amy Graham Copy Staff Nicole Alessi. Kathy Guthrie. Allison Joyce. Liz Knier. Tamar Frenkel. Ron Zollman Greeks Groups Staff. Laurine Gray. Jill Moscheli. Lisa Sherman Layout Staff Kirsten Akers. Naila Dada. Lisa Grzesiek. Kathy Pomerantz. Earnest Tidalgo. Susan Edelman. Melissa Hopp, Jennifer Loo. Debbie Mah. Casey Taylor. Stephanie Engelsen Photo Staff Carole Cnssman. Shaw n McBurney. Roland Pasion, Sidney Sherman. Irene Smith. Kandi Bryant. Cathy Schoettmer, Jeff Steiman. Cheryl Willis. Joel Mandel. Chris Mong 330 Groups t OO tMUCVliC itiMA Sa4 Front Row (left to right) Scott Spetka-Chair of the Planning. Personnel and Projects Committee and Graduate Member. Anthony Aarons-Undergraduate Member. Omowale Jabali-Graduate Member Back Row: Tom Lifka-Administrative Member. Jane Engle- -Professional Media Member, Joan Zyda-Board Chair. Chair of the Rules Committee, and Undergraduate Member. Andy Waxler-Alumni Member. Roberto Mar- tinez-Undergraduate Member. Anthea Raymond- Board Vice Chair. Chair of the Finance Committee. and Graduate Member. Ron Ruiz-Chair of the Special- Interest Papers Task Force, and Undergraduate Member Not Pictured: Professor Claus-Peter Clasen- -Faculty Member. Graduates Members-Louis Arm- mand. David Ballard. Stuart Henigson. High powered decisions q made at the (Tionthly board meetings. Joan Zyda and Jason Reed compare notes be- fore the start of a Comm Board meeting. Groups 33 1 liSAC PnuideMtl 0{ Dean Florez and Marcia Choo discuss administration policy. Ernie Bustillos works hard preparing the budget. Back row Dean Florez-President. Ernie Bustillos- Budget Review Directof. Sharese Morgan-Internal Af- fairs Director, Front row Bernard Ussery -External Af- 1 Richardson-Secretary lairs Director. Marcia Choo-Chief of Staff. Andrea I 332 Groups . dqe; Student Services, Quality of Undergraduate Education. Student Em- powerment, and Social Respon- sibility were major areas of focus in the President ' s Office this year. Assuming an active posture with issues involving students on this campus, the surrounding community and society at large, each of these headings were broken down into their own specific objec- tives. In response to student needs, an attempt was made to in- crease and improve student services to make life a little more convenient on campus through the Referendum. Efforts around Affirmative ac- tion, the Academic Advance- ment Program, Ethnic Studies, and Registration Week centered on academic life at the universi- ty, system-wide, and the state levels. Student empowerment means increasing student repre- sentation and input at various stages and levels of governan- ce. This administration has provided for more student voices to be heard through numerous appointments to organizing boards and commit- tees. The President ' s Office also brought Reverend Jesse Jackson to campus in coopera- tion with Third World Coaltion, and co-sponsored a highly suc- cessful " Central America Awareness Program " with SOLNICA, featuring speakers Martin Sheen and Blase Bon- pane in keeping with our re- sponsibility as concerned members of the world com- munity. Addressing a wide variety of concerns was an important goal in order to be as far reaching as possible. • Important press releases go to Andrea Richardson. Dean Florez poses with former USAC presidents. Groups 333 ;4( « Demetress Andefson. Stacey Anthony, Sonya Barber. Daphne Brown, Tamiko Brown, Nosizwe Chimeranga, Kyrin Ealy, Dana Footman, Kitt Grant, Lisa Green, Julie Hadnot, Cynthia Harvey, Alison Hassan. Judy Johnson, Safronia Johnson, fherol Johnson, Marvett Mitchell, Sharese Morgan, Khadijah, Muhammad, Sherr; Pleasants. Tamika Stone, Heather Streets Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorori- ty, Incorporated was founded In 1908 at Howard University in Washington, D.C. It was the first black greek-letter organiza- tion established for women. Its motto , ' ' service to all mankind, " forms the founda- tion for the sorority ' s existance. The UCLA chapter. Alpha Gamma, was founded in 1925 with the intention of serving both the inner-city areas of Los Angeles and the UCLA com- munity. Its community service commitments include tutorial programs, visitations to con- valescent homes and Big sister Little sister programs among other activities. Alpha Gamma Chapter is also active on the UCLA campus through its work and leadership in the Black Greek Letter Organization Council, the Black Student Alliance, the Black Hyperten- sion Project, campus media and undergraduate student gov- ernment. The AKA Crest. 334 Groups Ptfr ja«f W6i5w The UCLA Prison Coalition is a community sen ice organization composed of UCLA students dedicated to the educational advancement of incarcerated youths. Pictured Director-Meg Balian. Program Directors- Heather Broustrand, Jeannie Kim, Tom Tighe, Ad- visor-Jay Levy Tutors David Bell, Stacey Caldwell Amy Fowler, Nancy Fournell. Andy Gabriel, Diemn Hoang, Liz Merry, Jolean Smith, Susie Stetters, Robin Strayhorn, Kenya Thomas, Juana Trejo Not Pictured Tuesday Night Tutors: Matt Currie, Michele Dacut, Sheireen Dunlap. Julia Gleason, Christine Gonzales. Heather Joseph, Adam Keller, Kris Kietzman, Arlene Manibog, Robin Mclver, Elise Miller, John Packel, Steve Pena. Susan Pierce, Kristin Sanderson, Robert Young Thursday Night Tutors: Deanne Adamson, Susan Barneg, Kim Bellart, Lauri Chang, Monica Decker. Susan Heaney, Kim Hendrickson, Mary Ann Hether- ington. Amy Ichinaga, Laurie Martinez, Louise Perry Monday Night Tutors: Anthony Alvarez, Lisa Baker, Santiago Bernal, Jaime Galvan, Robert Garot, Jennie Gill, Abby Gleason, Patty Gold, Charles Harris, Jesse Lerner, Dave Neville, Evan Penhasi, Mario Perez, Patsy Pinado, Mark Portnay, Olga Rodriguez, Bill Saindon, Gerardo Saucedo, Debbie Serlin. Kim Tri, Angela Tsibouris, Rosally Agbunag, Joe Altshule, Tom Pagan, Nancy Garfinkle. Mariella Gomez, Irene Hsia, Dana Kaplan, Debbie Lee, Mickey Lansman. Kelly Hitchcock, Silvia Mata, Lilia Perez, Susan Noy, Julie Sleppy, Keith Turnage, Marna Wren %0 ' m ' mo Pictured Lisa Smith-Editor-ln-Chief, Julie Fuller- Business Manager, Guy Leemhuis-Copy Editor, Candis Miles-Staff Writer Not Pictured: Van Scott-Assistant Business Manager. Fathia Macauley-Managing Editor, Groups 335 For the first time in its eighteen year history, GALA established itself as one of the leading Special In- terest Groups. During the year, GALA had its first Homecoming float, its first Mardi Gras booth, and its first Spring Formal. GALA was also responsible for bringing films such as " Desert Hearts " and " My Beautiful Laundrette " to UCLA. In- strumental in many educational efforts with AIDS Awareness Week, a speakers bureau and a peer counseling program, GALA continues to inform the campus in hopes for a society of compassion and understan- ding for all people. • Circle K International is a service organization for collegiate men and women, which encourages in- volvement and develops leadership among interested students through personal ex- periences on campus and the community. • Top Row (left to right) Suzy Mills. Elaine Tawil. Liane Randolph. John Sarvey, Rika Hashimoto, Dorene Scala. Randall Lee, Glenda Lee, Kathy York, Wayne Lee Middle Row Valane Butte, Tiffany Gould, Deidre Doyle, Riz Shavelle Bottom Row Andree Valdry, Janice Hiller, Kay Kennedy, Rich Kagawa (Some of the members were unavailable to take the picture) 336 Groups : iie A ( . eek Tijcd. Linda Kinsley--Chairman. John Kitayama-Assistant Chairman. Michelle Cellner-Special Olympics Co- Chairman. Mark Klein-Special Olympics Co-Chairman, Marina Lainer-Sunrise Run Chairman, Doug Brown- Blood Drive Co-Chairman, Carolyn Canning-Blood Drive Co-Chairman, Lyn Bertozi-UCLA Olympics Chairman, Conrad Maag-Variety Night Chairman, Nina Thiel-Vollyball Tournament Chairman, Michelle Archer-Casino Night Chairman. Julie Mozena-Assis- tant Casino Night Chairman, Caroline Place-Treasurer, Paige Tecca-Secretary, Basel Barakat-External Publicity Chairman. Jennifer King-Internal Publicity Chairman. Greek Week spirit shines through at Special Olympics It ' s All Greek To Mel " , aptly described Greek Week for 1 987--a weeklong event which united all UCLA greeks for philan- thropic and social events Winter quarter. Kicking off the week was Special Olympics, a day long track and field event for mental- ly and physically disabled athletes. Greeks and athletes alike had a great time. Also in- cluded in the w eek ' s festivities were a Greek Blood Drive, Row Serenades, an Educational Forum, a Greek Variety Night, a Sunrise Run, and a Volleyball Tournament Capping off the week was Casino Night, an all-Greek ex- change, exemplifying Greek unity while raising money for the John Wayne Cancer Clinic Groups 337 ♦ Vttl Set }i, Sc ttun, Relaxing with good friends at the house Gordon Alexander. Vinson Boyce. Gary Bourjolly. Marco. Calderon. Mark Callier. Curtis Enge. Anthony George. Mike Green. James Hale Jr . Kent Haywood. Ray Hill. Phillip Hubbard III. Jeff Johnson. Psalms McWhorter. Daryl Marquette. Charles Ramsey, Eric Thomas. Ron Thornton. Kelvin Tolbert. James Washington. John White III. Kerry Williams. LaVant Woolen 338 Groups ) St Place. Sigma Doves ready to party. Elegant Sigma Doves Groups 339 1CC t te tcvAtofiA Irene Smith, Arane Morrison, Steven Yoshizumi, Jill Moschell, Earnest Tidalgo. Inchie McClure. William Weber, Shawn McBurney, Sidney Sherman, Roland Pasion, Joyce Hallapenya, Susie Smoggelberg, Sam Dredlox, Kevin Dagnabbett, Frank Jones, Danielle Greenman, Christine Heiman, Gunther Evans Pee ccUtit. Coua donA Erin Simms, Denise Yee, Shirley Tsunoda, Stacy Pew, Tracey Chew, Jim Frawley, Jyoti, Malhotra, Grace Maki, Tami Hew, Heidi Hilleary, Valerie Choy, Taylor 340 Groups Murphy, Cindy Gutierrez, Stacy Plotkin, Rick Kennedy, Michelle Masumoto, Tenley Wallace, Brian Cable, Ike Anwar, Felicia Drew, Caragh Kennedy, Jody Selzer, Andrea Comporato, ym3 Yaron, Joni Kobnne, Joy Guihama. Dawn Lawson. Chns Rodgers, Anne Rocheleau, Rhonda Smith, Michelle Richardson yaucSet Vc Back Row: |left to nght) Thomas Millott-Projects Chairman. Victor Hou-Cataloguer. Anita Li-Recording Secretary, Valerie Lisiewicz-Vice President, James Sturms-Aaivities Chairman. Front Row: (left to right) Elvin Chou-Historian, Michael Keenly-Project s Chair- man. Daniel Case-President. Lawrence Hur- vitz--Treasurer. Steven Yoshizumi--Corresponding Secretary rt.W Tau Beta Pi initiates admire the freshly polished Bent. ' M J Tau Beta ? . the National Engineering Honor Society, is exciting blend o academics, engineer- ing, and good fun. The high academic standards xq only matched by those of Phi Beta Kappa. But the California Ep- silon chapter at UCLA goes far beyond just academics. The -diSQXd.u booth at Mardi Gras is produced by Tau Beta Pi members and the active social calendar has events like movie nights, trips to the Getty Museum, sushi runs as well as a beach trip or two throughout the year. ■ Groups 34 1 (i i uttf ' PcoddnaiiMA A cool time was had by all at DG ' s " Anchor Splash. Sammys support the American Heart Association with " Bounce for Beats. " Well Hello, Dollyll. 342 Charity Fundraisers I Most people think of col- lege students as the " Me Generation " no matter what age or ers it might be. But that ' s not really true. College students think a lot about their campus, their com- munity, and people in general. Group efforts are made by organizations like SAMS to help those less fortunate, and of course every fraternity and sorority on the row has its own philanthropy--an organiza- tion working for the betterment of our society. And each year, thousands of dollars sre raised by the Greeks in support of these organizations. Over this past year the fraternities of Zeta Beta Tau and Delta Tau Delta recently held separate parties titled " The Red Light Affair " and " Dozer ' s 4th Birthday Bash " respectively. Both of these social events were held for the purpose of raising money for charitable organiza- tions. ZBT ' s proceeds were donated to the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation, and the Delt ' s event benefited Pet Or- phans of Santa Monica. In ad- dition, the Sigma Pi fraternity also held its " 10th Annual Moonshiner " party which benefited Multiple Sclerosis. The fraternity of Sigma Alpha Mu was also an active partici- pant this yQ3ir, and raised money for the National Heart Association. They did this by introducing " Bounce For Beats " where the . fraternity members received donations for bounc- ing basketballs for 12 con- secutive hours. The Sammies also actively participated in the LIFE Philanthropy which stands for Love Is Feeding Everyone. Here the fraternity collected over $ 1 0,000 worth of food for the hungry in Los Angeles. The sororities at UCLA are equally as busy in their philan- thropic endeavors. This year the Tri Delts began an event that will take place annually called " Frats At Bat. " This consisted of fraternities paying a fee to enter a softball tour- nament with one another. The proceeds for this event b enefited the Childrens On- cology Research at UCLA. In addition, the Alpha Chis and DolM Since 1935, UCLA UniCamp, UCLA ' s official cinarJty, has offered a summer mountain camp experience to more than SO.OOO underprivileged boys and girls and student volunteer counselors. Charity Fundraisers 343 r C ' fi t iUtf ' pccfdd idlWt Becky, Kerry, and Kelly welcome you to Alpha Phi ' s " Cardiac Arrest, " Tne Bangles rock at Rock Alike ' 87. v;. - :v ii iiili.[ - ». At Tri-Delfs " Frats at Bat, " Dan Barrett proves himself quite a slugger. L 344 Charity Fundraisers Alpha Chi ' s Dina Sherman with Brian Patrick Clarke and Leslie Charleson en- joy a charity brunch for Cystic Fibrosis. ZBT ' s annual " Red Light Affair " brings out the best in everyone. Delta Gammas were active in their respective philanthropic act ivities. The Alpha Chis held a very successful " Charity Brunch for Cystic Fibrosis " at their house during Winter Quarter. Both Leslie Charleson and Brian Patrick Clark of General Hospital participated, and a great deal of money was raised. The Delta Gammas held their annual Anchor Splash which consisted of fraternities paying an entrance fee to participate in various swim competitions. These pro- ceeds were donated to the Blind Children ' s Center in Los Angeles. Also, the Kappa Deltas raised much money for their " Shamrock Project " which consisted of selling and per- sonally delivering flowers. The money raised was donated to the organization for the Preven- tion of Child Abuse. But the Greeks aren ' t the on- ly ones who support charitable organizations, UniCamp has long been one of the best sup- ported groups on campus. Begun in 1935 as a Depres- sion-era relief project, today UniCamp plays host to under- privileged, handicapped, ne- glected, and abused children in the natural setting of the San Bernadino mountains. Finan- cial support comes mostly from the annual Mardi Gras festival- the rest of the capital comes from UCLA UniCamp alumni, faculty, students, and other friends of the community. Among the more creative ef- forts to raise money this year was the highly popular " Rock Alike ' 87 " in which students dressed like their favorite per- formers and did lip sync acts. This brand new event was put on by a new campus organiza- tion. Students Against Multiple Sclerosis (SAMS). SAMS was started in an effort to stop this degenerative disorder which af- fects the nervous system in young adults. College may be represented in literature and on film as a place for constant partying, but the truth is that there are a lot of caring people who are will- ing to give their all to help others and increase the quality of life for all people. • Charity Fundraisers 345 IIMDERGRADS UIMDERGRADS ♦% UI IO Abaro, Lorraine Abascal, Elizabeth Adams, David Adams, Eunice Adelgais, Kathleen Agbayani, Kathleen Aguilar, Sandy Ahrar, Kamran Aihara, Liane Alberghetti, Daniele Allan, Sean Allen, Bob Allen, Tracy Allensworth, Sharyl Allice, Lance Alloggiamento, Tom Allwardt, Dan Almeida, Joel Alva, Kimberly Alvarez, Victor Alves, Tonya Amshel, Craig Anderholt, Tina Anderson, Christine Anderson, Jessica Andrews, Alison Andrews, Matthew Angeles, Christina Anthony, Scott Arakaki, Jill f en rel ye sei L 348 Undergrads ERGRADS : ♦ UNDERGRADS UNDERC Archer, Evangeline Archer, Heather Areghini, Andrea Arenson, Scott Arias, Judith TRENDS " Moonlighting " Tuesday was not the night to study, but it wasn ' t the night to go out. It was the night to watch TV, as faithful followers of the David and Maddie saga were well aware. It was once in a blue moon that anyone missed Moonlighting. Each week, multitudes of students were perched breathless on the edge of their seats drooling for the next crucial step in the most anticipatec relationship on television. After three years of foreplay on the ABC hit series, everyone was ready for some serious action between fellow detec- tives IVIaddie Hayes (Cybill Shepard) and David Addison (Bruce Willis). And if love didn ' t blossom between those two, many fantasized about the stars and themselves. But dedicated fans had to suffer mid-season when alleged on-set strife halted production of new episodes, later receiving apologies from David and Maddie in a typically wacky episode with Rona Barrett mediating their fight. Addressing the at-home audience was common. Appealing to both the intellect and senses, Moonlighting ' s episodes broke the bounds of conventional hour-long shows, including a take-off on Shakespeare ' s " Taming of the Shrew. " - 1 Armstrong, Katrina Arst, Jason Artemoff,Angelina Asari, Sandra Ashcraft, Michael Assang, Adriane Ault, Kelli Auzene, Douglas Avery, Eva-Marie Undergrads 349 GRADS A UIMDERGRADS . " ♦UNDERGRD Axtell, Jonathan Babashoff, Lisa Bae, Soo Baggott, Buffy Baker, Kenneth Bakhtiar, Rudabeh Baldo, Juliana Baldwin, Angela TREfSIDS Yuppiness Take the 60 ' s and turn ' em around 180 degrees--that was the 80 ' s and the essence of yuppiness. While the previous generation was sitting in and smol ing out, their generation follow- ed the Wall Street Journal religiously, snacking on white wine and Brie oyer discussions of grey vs. navy suits for interviews. Yuppiness was a natural extension of the preppie phase of the early 80 ' s--it was just a little mo re adult. At UCLA, the lifestyle was Chip Goes to College. Those aspiring to yuppiness were oh-so-evident in con- servative yet trendy clothes, favoring Ivy League school sweatshirts. Horn or wire-rimmed glasses fit the image. The look matched the lifestyle: sporty casual, sometimes intellectual, but always put together. Their majors were career-oriented. Their sports were racquetball and aerobics, their food was gourmet. Their cars were BMW. Success was their key word, and they wanted to ooz it. • ' m Ballinger, Erik Bamshad, Babak Barajas, Dino Barak, Jennifer Barber, Ray Barber, Sonya Barlsh, Gregory Barman, John Barnes, Julia Barnes, Kelly i 350 Undergrads ms : UNDERGRADS V UIMDERGRADS Barnwell, Patricia Baronofsky, Sam Bartlett, Michael Batioco, Antonetta Batioco, Antonina Baumgartner, Stephen Baxter, Martin Bayer, Bryan Behdadnia, Barmal Bell, Cathy V, Bell, Jon Bencomo, Kenneth Benowitz, Jeff Beres, Eileen Berg, Peter Bergart, Douglas Berger, Aaron Bergman, Alan Berman, Stephanie Berninger, George Bezjian, Linda Bianchina, Richard Biggs, Jeffry Bilger, Luke Bindeman, Bill Black, Phillip Blacker, Jim Blakesley, Becky Blanchard, Michael Block, Lainie Undergrads 351 )ERGRADS UWDERGRADSA UNDERRi Blount, Robert Blum, Jeffrey Blumberg, Estelle Bobo, Stacey Bolden, Corey Bone, Randall Bonilla, Jesus Boruah, Safina Bourgeois, Jill Bowen, Kelly f Bozajian, Gina Brady, Kelly Branda, Gus Branson, Trovoyum Bray, Erin Brennan, Tracy Brent, Daniel Brewer, Emily TRENDS Leather Jackets What do James Dean, motorcycle gangs, 50 ' s greasers, and a bunch of college coeds, all have in common? Nothing, right? Think again. If you walk around campus with your head in a paper bag (I won ' t even speculate why anyone would do this) or are just too into studying (oh, please) to notice the latest fads, then maybe you haven ' t noticed that most of the student body has donned beat- up leather flight-type jackets and are doing their personal renditions of " cool " a la Top Gun. The leather jacket--although significantly watered down since it ' s adoption by middle America-is still a symbol of rebellion from the establish- ed values of " adult " society. And who, especially in college, really wants to be an adult? We have our whole lives to be adults. So, for now, why not throw on a leather jacket and be really cool for a while? They ' re sexier than a business suit, and, seriously, a dress? No contest. • 352 Undergrads ERI?ADS V UNDERGRADS A UIMDERGRAI Brosamer, Kirsten Brown, Joanna Bro vn, La Deua Bruno, Michael Bryant, Kandi ., A ULLKJ- Bryant, Kristine Bryant, Mike Bryn, Sean Buecl , Pam Bulgatz, Dennis Bundoc, Michelle Bunnell, Justin Bunten, Jan Burke, Geoff Burns, Karen Burtt, Kathleen Bussel, Arl Butt, Davina Cahill, Sally Calderon, Raul Califato,IMicholas Callison, Ann Calsyn, Todd Campbell, Elizabeth Canning, Carolyn Careaga, Mario Carlson, Kim Carpenter, Michael Carrera, Maricruz Carroll, Elizabeth Undergrads 353 IDERGRADS V UIMDERGRADS. UNDE 31 Castillo, Elizabeth Castro, John Caulk, Jeff Cerillo, Michael Chacon, Mark fe V Chambers, Lorena Chan, Hawkin Chand, David Chang, Anita Chang, Dan Chavez, Mark Chen, Angela Chen, Ida Chen, Mary Ann Chen, Mary S. Chen, Raymond Chen, William Hung-Hua Cheng, Gia Cheng, Grace Cheng, Louisa Cheung, Barbara Cheung, May Cheung, Norman Chew, Michelle Chew, Stacey Chi, Tony Chiang, Eric Chin, Eric Cho, James Choden, Pema i m i 354 Undergrads 55RADS : UIMDERGRADS . UWDERGRy T TRENDS Diet Coke PRESENTING ... the one and only DIET COKEI!! Many of us at UCLA are addicted to this phenomenon and not a moment passes by without seeing a fellow Brum either strolling along campus or studying diligently with this brown fizzling calorie-less liquid in hand. So remember . . . Rootbeer, Sprite, 7-UP, and even Dr. Pepper just don ' t compare, because for Bruins, the message of " Diet Coke " is in the airll • P K : f Choi, John Choi, Timothy Cholaklan, Caren Chon, Samuel Chouldjian, Elizabeth Chu, Eric Chung, Jay Chusan, Juan Clemans, Gayle Clifford, Amy Cobb, Jacquelline Cohen, Marc Cohn, Mark Coleman, Brad Collier, Neal Collins, Felicia Collins, Jason Cope, Kevin Undergrads 355 S ' . UIMDERGRADS . UNDERGRADS v Corbell, Peter Cordova, Lorena Corral, Jo Ann Correa, IMicolasa Corren, Adam Cortese, Vince Cost, N ' ancy Cote, Suzy Couch, Tracy Covarrublas, Lilla Crabill, Sherf Craig, Cindy Crissman, Carole Critton, Lisa Crook, Patrick Croskey, Linda Cross, Shawn Cruz, Godofredo TRENDS Swatches They caught on faster than the Timex Quartz. They ' re more powerful than Gummy Bears. They come in more colors than M M ' s (even though they did just bring back the red ones). They ' re called SWATCHes! They ' re everywhere — you see them in classes, at parties, and even on " Silver Spoons. " With arms that turn about funky designs and with their multi-colored scratch-guards. Swatches are the response of the eighties to the digital watches of the seventies. ■ % 356 Undergrads (IIMDERGRADS ♦% UIVDERGRADS . UNC Curry, Teresa Custino, Derrick Cutler, Michael Dabas, Lisa Dacut, Michele Daher, Teresa Dahlinger, Candlce Dalley, Jill Daley, Shawn Daly, Alison Dalzell, Candlce Dang, Jacqueline Daspit, Robert Davis, Kelly Davlsson, Whitney De Armas, Rutherford De La Loza, Cynthia De (Monet, Philip Deems, Chris Dei Junco, Lourdes DeLaney, Jay Delmarter, i ichael Deng, Emily Denlson, Alien Dentz, Daphne Der-Megerdlchian, Shant Diaz, Donald DIetlin, Eric Difrancia, iWichele DImucci, Mia Undergrads 357 ?GRADS V UI IDERGRADS .UI IDERGr4 Dix, Martfn DIzon, Antoneth Do, Hanh Dobbs II, Bill Dolron, Geoffrey Dolinko, Adam Dolyniuk, Chrystina Domlnguez, Susan Donee, Lisa Doshi, Sonya Dougherty, Gregory Douglas, Shayam Draca, John Dter, Dean Dubas, Mark Duffey, Tammy Dunn, Laurence Dyer, Michael i TRENDS Western, Everywhere! Faded jeans and cowboy boots, fr- inged leather jackets and string ties. How much more Western looking could you get " ? But It ' s not just western-it ' s more vogue than that. Almost unex- plainably, the santa fe look pervaded the fashion scene this year, for men and women alike. Part of the im- petus was Guess and other designers ' ad campaigns glorifying the rugged denim style as part of the rugged American West. Suddenly, clothes that used to be worn for durability at low cost became ultra fashionable. Whether or not you ' d ever been on a cattle drive, leather cowboy-style boots (sans spurs) were a must with faded jeans and studded cotton workshirts. Stone-washed denims connoted toughness with modern polish. Prints imitated floursack patterns of great-grandma ' s prairie days, and pet- ticoats under full skirts added a rustic touch. ■ ( UUULUi liiiii i Uii tf iii R 358 Undergrads G iDSV UI IDERGRADS " . ' UIMDERGRAD ,ii Eagan, James Earles, Shellece-Jeannette Eckford, Don Edge, Russell Ehrllch, Todd Ellas, Sylvia Emerald, Anna Encheff, Danielle Enclso, DIanne Ensley, Tessa Erienkotter, BImla Espejo-Saavedra, Fernando Esplnoza, Valerie Esteverena, Alex Estrada, John Evans, Jeffrey Evans, MIchele Ezeir, Alan Fabros, Camllo Fagen, Grace Fairfax, Kevin Farber, Trisha Farrow, Lisa Farzadmehr, Ramin Feder, Scott Feldman, Mark Fernandez, Eric Fernandez, Monica Fisher, Kathy Fix, Christine Undergrads 359 MDERGRADS V UIMDERGRADSV UNDBlC Flanagan, Dana Flattum, Susan Fleischer, Michael Flelschman, Joshua Fleischman, Steven Fleishman, Mark Fleming, Peter Fletcher, Mark Fleury, Yvonne Fondren, James Fong, Darin Forouzanpour, Mojga Forrlstail, Rebecca Forster, John Fox, Carol Freeman, Christopher Freltas, MIcheie French, Christopher Friedman, Gabi Frost, Nicholas Fujimoto, Yuriko Funk, Andrew Gaffaney, Anthony Gajardo, Gigi Gaiant, Michael I i Gamblll, Mark Gaminchi, Farinoush Garabedian, Liza Garcia, Laura Gelser, Steven 360 Undergrads D|fGRADS ' UIMDERGRADS V UIMDERGR TREIMDS Music Since very few students enjoy stu- dying, many listen to music while they study, or just go to the movies instead. Certain music, of course, ap- peals to the higher intellectual level of college students - music like The Beasty Boys, " License to III. " Now college students " rap " to " You be ii- lin " ' from Run DMC ' s album, " Raising Hell. " And, Peter Gabriel made it big with his album, " So. " Madonna is still hot coming out this year with a new album, " True Blue. " Cindi Lauper was also very popular with a couple of hit songs from her " True Colors " album. And, college students are sure to love the new albums com- ing out by U2 and The Smiths. ■ Gelman, Harley Geraghty, Sean Getlelman, Julie I ) Gevorkian, Sevak Gibson, JoPin Stuart Giedt, Jeff Giimore, Beatrice Gilmore, William Gitter, Morris Giantz, Stacey Golden, Dana Goldflne, Racliel Goldstein, Richard Gondo, IMancy Gonzalez, Gabby Gonzalez, Gene Gonzalez, Jeff Gonzalez, Miriam Undergrads 361 S ' . UI IDERGRADS UWDERGRADS ♦. U Goodfrled, Richard Gordon, Chris Gordon, Shauna Gorman, Tiffany Gornicl , Karin Gould, Jeff Gould, Todd Graff, Larissa Grant, Chris Green, Bailey Grelssinger, G. Karl Grimes, Danita Gross, Richard Gurfield, IMIIcos Gurovich, Dmitry Gutenmakher, Alexander Gutierrez, Andre Hagino, Wendy Hakimian, Kattayoun Hale, BambI Hail, Roderick Halpern, ilisa Haipern, Loren Hamilton, Peter Hampel, Bernd Han, Alex Han, Susan Handel, Sheri Hankias, Mike Hannah, Julie I 362 Undergrads i S UIMDERGRADS r UNDERGRADS : • Ul Haque, Naz Haque, Relna Hardenburgh, Larry Harrington, Mark TRENDS I Scooters " The hills of Westwood " make scooters the perfect way to get around. On the way to class you ' re bound to get caught in a " scooter- clump " . But, once you get there you probably wouldn ' t find a space left in the lot. Fortunately, students can be mighty creative and will go to any length or contortion to sgueeze their scooter ml Scooters are perfect for a little jot in- to West wood for frozen yogurt, or a midnight run to Tommy ' s. And, they ' re a dream when you ' re caught in the typical Friday and Saturday night Westwood traffic. But, " the best thing about having a scooter " says one student, " is being able to park in Westwoodl " ■ Hasan, Arshad Hataoka, Candice Hayashi, Brian Hebert, l lic iael Henderson, Chris Henry, David Hensley, Robert Herman, Woody Hernandez, Gladys Hernandez, Luis Herzog, Heidi Heurberg, Arne-Per Hibajat, Wiliiam . Undergrads 363 RGRADS% UIMDERGRADS V UIMDERG ' HInes, Diana HIra, Ken Hirshberg, Eric Hitteiman, Jason Hlx, Ty HJeim, Peter Ho, Lisa Ho, l lichael Hoang, Diemlia Hoiiatz-Castiiio, Steve Hoiloway, Tiieresa Hoitzer, Christopher Horn, Ryan Hong, Charlie TREIMDS ' University ' First there was " Dallas, " then " Dynasty " And now " UNIVERSI- TYI! " " University " is the latest in serial television brought to patrons of the Coop by UCLA. The university run television program is UCLA ' s answer to General Hospital, The cast is made up of acting stu- dents. The crew, set designers, costume designers, and writers are all trained students of the MPTV school. And the audience is the delighted Bruins who catch the airing. So the next time you ' re in the Coop in the morning, take a look at the work of your fellow Bruins, and get hooked on the soap opera experience! - 364 Undergrads I WADS V UIMDERGRADS I • UIMDERGRAI 1 I i HorluchI, Lisa Homsteln, Steve Horstmeyer, Alison Hosselnzadeh, Kathy Hsieh, George I 1 Hsu, Pal-Shan Hsu, Paul Huang, Eric Hu ang, Wen-Chan Hugglns, Kevin Huhn, Michael Hunter, Sean Hutchlngs, Adrlenne Huynh, Kelly Hwang, Star Ibarra, Saul Ige, Cynthia Inchun, Sue Isom, Jennifer Israwl, Denlse Itkin, Maria Izabal, Lorl Jackel, Larry Jackson, Rudy Jenkins, Wendy Jensen, Andrew Jimenez, David Johnson, Douglas Johnson, Laura Joni, Sukhjit Undergrads 365 WDERGRADS .• UIMDERGRADS 1 UIMD Jordan, Erica Joubran, Raoul TRENDS Jue, Rita Frozen Yogurt When was the last time you went into Westwood? Now, when was the last time you went into Westwood and didn ' t have frozen yougurt, or some other frozen desert? Can ' t remember, can you? With the popularity of Penguin ' s, Heidi ' s, Baskin Robins, and all the rest, it ' s not lil ely that you ' ve escaped the clutches of " frozen-desert-itis. " Yes, it ' s a disease we all seem to come down with--you ' re not alone! - ( Kabwasa, Florence Kalian, Jerald Kahn, Robert Kahn, Steven Kajiwara, Lance Kang, Iksoo Kanner, Michael Karatsu, Ooug Karayan, Frederick Kasch, Joanne Kasdan, Sheldon Katz, Sherri Kausch, Robin Kavanaugh, Yvonne Kay, Rona 366 Undergrads MERGRADS: • UIMDERGRADS •UNDERG Kayastha, Jabina Keith, Scott Keller, James Keller, Mike Kelly, Anne Kenny, Joe Kerendlan, Behnam Ketchum, Patrick Kewltsch, Anthony Khan, Mansur Khandelwal, Manoj Kllroy, James Kim, Anna Kim, Bonggul Kim, Chong Kim, Daniel Kim, David Kim, Esther Kim, Grace Kim, Helen V Kim, Hyon Kim, Jae Kim, Jin Kim, Joseph Kim, Yu-Yong Kimura, Bryan Kirshcnbaum, Kim Kish, Randall Kissinger, Scott Kleindenst, Fred Undergrads 367 ERGRADSv . UNDERGRADS ; " UNDER(? Knight, Derek Knoll, Christina Koch, Phil Kolde, David Koutures, Chris Kraut, Terl Krum, Drew Kuhlman, Geoffrey Kume, Stewart Kuno, Gil Kuo, TsuAnn Kurnlawan, DIdl Kussler, Maren Kwan, Karen Kyrlakldes, Kyrlacos Kysar, Craig Kyser, Jeff Labuda, Diane La Carrubba, Adam Lai, TInky Lam, Hok Lang, Lauren Langberg, David Langley, Christina Langsam, Elisa La Pan, Amy Lara, Bryan Lasser, Karl Lauta, Mary Lavole, Susan K 368 Undergrads ERl?ADS .iUI IDERGRADS : UNDERGRAi TRENDS Box Office Hits With Westwood, " The Movie Capi- tal of the world " right next to cam- pus, " dinner and a movie " is pro- bably the most common date for UCLA students. The best movies this year were Crocodile Dundee - ranked second, next to Top Gun a great movie which was still hot after the summer break. " Star Trek Four: The Voyage Home " was the best of the series and loved by " Trekies " and " non-Trekies " alike. Also loved by college intellectuals was " Little Shop of Horrors " with its mix of nerds, sat- ire, and " good music. " ■ Le, James LeCompte, Lance Lebens, Michael Lee, Jance Lee, JImIn Lee, Jonathan Lee, Kelly Lee, Kyu Lee, Nina Lee, Samuel Lee, Sang Leggett, Natalie Lei, Tony Leier, ICurt Lekkl, Steve Leiand, Harper Lem, Ruby Lenhart, Tamara Undergrads 369 OS ■, • UIMDERGRADS V UNDERGRADS Leonard, David Levin, Michael Levlne, Scott Lew, Allen Llao, Ching Llao, Thomas LIm, Alice Lin, Chl-Whel Lin, John Lin, Mike Lin, Richard Lin, Shirley LIslewIcz, Danica Logan, Michele Loh, Ben Loo, Jennifer Lopez, Martin Loya, Aracell Lozon, Cristlna Lu, Sabrlna Lu, Yvonne Lucas, Gerl Luke, Amber Lyies, Robert Lyman, Susan Lynch, Colin Lynch, Scott Lyons, Mark McCarthy, Adam McCarty, K!m 370 Undergrads JS. JIMDERGRADS • UNDERGRADS UIM . VI i TREMDS Metallics What is the big deal about silver, anyway? Everyone and their mater- nal grandmother is wearing it--and not just a few items either. Whether it ' s because it ' s relatively cheap, or because it ' s the latest fad, women are wearing tons of silver, everywhere. HUGE earrings, several necklaces, at least three rings (sometimes two on each finger), and at least ten bangles on each wrist, are a fashion MUST. Anyone who doesn ' t have at least these bear necessities is just not in style. Silver is cool--not only great look- ing--but a really cool metal. Gold is a warmer metal, more reminiscent of the sun, while silver is much more wintery-sharp and clean looking. It almost embodies the new carefree at- titude that is so characteristic of this year-if it weighs you down or you have to worry about it, why bother? Comfort and carelessness are in; in cars, clothes, and yes-you guessed it- Jewelry. What could be better? - McClaIn, Susan McClure, Kevin McDonough, Kelley McEuen, Steven McGIII, Sandy McGlnnIs, Shawn Mcintosh, Denlse Ma, Calvin MacDonald, Morgan Macala, Gerald Machado, Steven Madden, Chris Mah, Deborah Maler, Clarolyn Maiss, Eric Maksymowski, Sharl MalfattI, Jeff Maljanlan, James Undergrads 371 RGRADS -UNDERGRADS . UNDERGiAl Malmberg, Holly Man, David Mankin, Lenny Manosca, Mllllcent MardjukI, Joyce Margolls, Franklin Marin, Paul Marna, Wren Martinez, James Martinez, Tony Marzullo, John Matcham, Dana Mathlowetz, Elizabeth Matlack, Ed Matsumoto, David Matsumoto, Dorlanne Matuszak, Matthew Mautino, Robert Maxwell, Virginia Mead, John Meghoo, Colin Mehihop, Janet Meier, Henry Meijonas, Sara Mejia, Myriam Merrow, Michael Metzger, Susan Meyer, Michelle Miller, Bryan Miller, Cynthia V r i 372 Undergrads Kds uimdergrads .uimdergrad I TRENDS Pizza, Anytime! It ' s been another one of those typi- cally hectic college days. You trudge back to your dorm and gather just enough strength to make it down to the cafeteria. Then it hits you: it ' s " mystery meat night " again. You tear out of there, racing to the nearest phone, beating off the others with a stick. Looks like pizza delivery for tonight. Whether it ' s Lamonica ' s, Domino ' s, or the Coop, you can be guaranteed of one thing: you will know what you are eating and it ' s good every time. - Miller, Elizabeth MIn, Sung MinamI, Ellna Miranda, Susan Misklnnis, NIchelle Mitchell, Catherine Mitchell, Colleen Mitchell, Gina Mitchell, Rob Mitchell, Wang Mlura, Lisa Mohn, Jonathan Molnar, Christina Mong, Chris Moni , Jane Montna, Nicole Moon, Haejin Morales, Roanna Undergrads 373 GRADS - ; UIMDERGRADS ' . U WDERGR 3S Morehouse, Stacey Moreno, Gina Morrison, Stacey TRENDS Jeeps A four wheel drive vehicle with soft doors, plastic windows, terrible gas mileage, exorbitant insurance rates (it tends to tip over), and an incredibly smooth ride--did you catch the note of sarcasm there? Thought so. Does this sound like a nightmare to you? If so, you ' re definitely not ready for the ultimate driving experience. Jeep. The car {or truck?). The legend. What is the strange mystigue of this totally impractical contraption? (did I say impractical? But there are so many snow storms, dirt roads, mud slides and avalanches to navigate in L.A.). Nevertheless, people are buy- ing them by the thousands. Why? There is just something about a jeep. I mean, have you ever seen anyone ugly driving a Jeep? Didn ' t think so. Jeeps are so ugly they make everyone look great. Besides, these crazy contraptions are a blasti You can take the top off a Rabbit but it still looks like something your parents wanted you to have-and you can ' t play in the mud with it. Jeep, it ' s not just a car, it ' s an adventure. • p—jM ' - • IS Kn H Morrison, Susan Mortenson, Daniel Motivala Sarosh Mukal, Chris Mullen, Ray Munoz, Nora Murakoshi, Jon Murlllo, John Murphy , Martha Murphy, Michael Nachman, David Nagle, Taylor IMalsh, Christine Nakamoto, Rich ISIakane, Andrew I I 374 Undergrads lOS: ♦UIMDERGRADS- ; UIMDERGRADS: .,:fiP w Namazle, All Nathan, Mark IMatkIn, Benjamin Navarro, Alejandro Nekool, Kayvan Nelson, KristI Nelson, Robin Nerl, Eric Nevarez, Leonard Ng, Ngai Nguyen, Alison Nguyen, Bac Nguyen, Dam Nguyen, Quynh-Mal Nicio, Guy NIelson , Matt NIemeyer, Pete Nlles, Gregory NImura, Ryan NIshida, Fumlto NIswander, Troy Norpchen, Lars Nunez, Baslilo Nyerges, Chado Nylund, Mark O ' Donnell, Elizabeth O ' Donneil, Sean O ' Neal, Peter O ' Neill, James Ocampo, Ramon Undergrads 375 MDERGRADS UIMDERGRADS. .UI IDBC Oeberst, Shauna Oh, Julie Ojinaga, Leo Okada, Derek Okuno, Jennifer Ollvo, Tony Oisen, Eric Oison, Suzanne Opie, Melissa Ormsby, William Osiian, Evan Oslund, Karen Otto, Lisa Ouwendijk, Wendy Owsley, Katherine Pak, Yun Jong Pandya, Robert Pareckl, David 376 Undergrads I TRENDS Compact Discs Though the compact disc industry was still considered in it ' s infancy, sales accounted for much of local music stores ' Christmas-season reve- nue. Not only were CD ' s a boon to the record industry, but also to con- sumers. Collections of the discs- which offered excellent sound quality and programmability of song order- grew despite occasional limitations on students ' budgets and the $15 average cost of each disc. ■ I i ' I iDlfGRADS: UIMDERGRADS : UIMDERGf $M0 3 f {. " " -ji.- Pariani, Brian Park, Chin Parl , Christine Pari , Erin Parle. Sung Ho Parker, Mark Parker, Patrick Partida, Yvonne Pasquil, Cornello Pastor, Bree Pate, Linnea Pate, Tricia Patridge, Joseph Paul, Amy Paull, IVIitch Payne, Tony Pearson, Anya Peck, Evie Peden, Karissa Penaiosa, Alma Perez, Hector Perez, Lisa Perez, Regina Perez, Tina Perlstein, Jennifer ' Phillips, Gregory Phillips, Venetia Pico, Timothy Pierce, Michael Pinedo, Stephen Undergrads 377 I MDERGRADS UNDERGRADS •• UIMDIRi Poirier, Dan Polakoff, Sacha Pompa, Paula Popper, Stephanie Porter, Adam Porter, Judy Powell, Thomas Prado, Dee Preciado, Raquel Prentice, Kimberly Pugliese, Julia Pulley, Lisa Pusich, Scott Quintana, Julian Qulntero, Ellseo Quiro, Glenn Raderman, Rodger Rado, Ted Ralph, Keith Ralston, Heather Ramin, Soroush Rapp, Charles Rasmussen, Christine Reddie, Scott Reggie, Adam Relnsch, Audra Remedios, Paul Reneker, David Renken, Christian Retana, IMora 378 Undergrads x 4 ,- ' ? ' .S fft I WGRADSAUNDERGRADS " UIMDERG TRENDS Bows, Bows, Bows They come in all sizes, they come in all colors. They can be casual or dressy. Big bows macie a fashion comeback this year, and not just for the 5-10 age group. Worn by athletes and sorority girls alike, they could be classified as sporty, preppy, trendy--you name it. Department stores sell bows for around S8, but many people are fin- ding that they are cheap, as well as easy, to make. ■ Rhoades, Percy fj Rhodes, Kathy Rhone, Oded Rhosen, Harold Richardson, Kelly Riche, Tim Rickard, Brett Riley, Stephanie Rimer, Christopher Ringold, Michael Riviello, Gabriela Rodriguez, Michael Rogers, April Rohacek, Don Rondell, Alexis Rosaies, IMisa Rose, Debbie Rose, Jennifer Undergrads 379 DS% ' UNDERGRADS . " . UNDERGRADS Rose, Sheriie Roshdieh, IMegar Ross, Adam Rosso, Kim Rothbart, Jason Rothstein, Scott Row, David Rowen, Brad Rudd, Jay Ruderman, Teri Rudlger, Kelly Ruiz, Robert Rutledge, Lucy Rutter, Christie I i TRENDS Boots SHOW OFF YOUR BOOTS! Fash- ion conscious Bruins aren ' t shy about flashing their latest styling shoes. In 1987 the boot has become the most visible shoe on campus next to the tennis shoe. Because they ' re comfor- table, stylish, durable, and colorful, the boot is the 1 choice for students. The selections vary from short to tall, black to white, fringed or plain. Boots can be worn with skirts, pants, and even shorts! They can be worn by both males and females, for fancy oc- casions or just casually. So come on Bruins, be in style . . . for the most popular boot, they ' re so versatile!!! ■ I 380 Undergrads d: •uimdergradsv undergrads •. ui I % Ryan, James Ryan, Rosaleen Ryan, Thomas Sadeghi, Saha Saenger, Tracy SaglimbenI, Sal Samuels, Marc Sandoval, Frank Santiago, Ramon Saslow, Robert Sauer, Jennifer Sauqulllo, Patricia Savage, Jordan Scanlan, Dana Schathles, Jan Schmla, Stefanie Schmitt, Edward Schneider, Oebra Schoenbaum, Brent Schomburg, Lynda Schrager, Jeff Schreiber, Jonathan Schroeder, Heide Schuthels, Alexandra Schwarz, Paul i Schweitzer, l lichele Seokolowskii, Tony Serate, Bill Settles, Matthew Shafai, John i Undergrads 381 DERGRADS ' UNDERGRADS ,- UNDER 5. Shaghpour, Tina Shamparaki, Paul Shatz, Ben Shearin, Virgin Sheneflel, Kelly Shepherd, Anthony Sherman, Jeffrey Shibao, Robert Shiley, Cynthia Shimabukuro, Kenji Shin, Gloria Sholars, Sheila Shorago, Allsa Slap, Emily Slegel, Lisa Slegel, Mark SIleo, Andrea Silver, Dave 382 Undergrads TRENDS Anti-Drug Campaign Concern about drug abuse has been the focus of a share of First Lady Nancy Reagan ' s time for five years now. Clearly, it is a problem which, having promoted the spread of AIDS and taken the lives of many stars — John Belushi and Len Bias, just to name two — well deserves na- tional attention. Reagan has taken her concerns to other countries, visiting rehabilitation centers in Italy and elsewhere, and has tried to raise money for her Just Say No effort here in the U.S. She even wrote a letter to the editor of the Daily Bruin in January. With some luck and a lot of indi- vidual effort, perhaps this problem that the First Lady has brought before the public will be nothing but a chapter in history when we glance back through this yearbook in the 2 1 St Century. By that time, maybe we will have all said No, the problem will have been erased, and our grandchildren will wonder what the whole thing was about. ■ " m mtm ,tiT -,%f-.- s. t " ■■■•• J. i t i EGRADS- UI IDERGRADS " UNDERGRy silver, Karen Silverman, Jennifer Simmons, Cheryl Simon, Jon Singer, Bill Singer, Jennifer Singleton, Michael Sklllman, Catherine Smelklnson, Mitchell Smith, SherrI So, Peter Sohn, Joanne SooHoo, Vinson Sooy, Maureen Sorensen, Kelly Soriano, Edmar Sotlropoulos, Georgia Sotlropoulos, Pam Spancer, David Spencer, Laurel Sperber, Adam Stanflll, James Stark, Richard Staten, Eric Sterglon, Monica Stewart, Nancy Stewart, Pamela Stoffmacher, Bruce Straus, Peter Streeter, Michelle Undergrads 383 : • UWDERGRADS % UNDERGRADS V Strong, Suzanne Subramanlan, Anand Suckerman, Michelle Sudol, Andy Suh, Julie 71U Suh, Su Sunt, Victor Sullivan, Stacey Suzuki, Michelle Swendsen, Joel i fc . car iyc( Di3i Swope, David Syas, Staci Szabo, Joanne Tabladiilo, Mark Tadros, Rita Takahashi, Yuki Takebayashi, Julie Tan, Chia Tan, Lowell Teller, Mauricio Ten, Katrina Tennenhouse, Tracy TeresI, Elisabeth Thai, Qui Thistle, Francine Thomas, Maki Thomas, Miki Thompson, Sloane Thomsen, Theresa TIdaigo, Ernest ( 384 Undergrads .MDERGRADSV UIMDERGRADS .%UIMD TREWDS Jogging When man first began running, he wore animal hides and carried spears. Well, things are a little different now. The eighties fitness fiend not only must keep In shape (for chasing the opposite sex instead of buffaloe) but he must do it in style. No loin cloths here-- " dolphin " ultra-shorts are a must for the man, and the woman cannot leave the condo without lycra nylon stretch pants (usually in black-it makes you look thinner). • TIrado, Joe To, Brian Tobey, Lisa Tom, Donald Tonn, Robert Torres, Antoinette Torres, Portia Toshiyuki, Tani Towfigh, Ati Townsend, IVIargaret Tran, Due Tran, James Tran, Kiet Tran, Tam-Huong Trang, IMhan Trejo, Juana Trigonis, Jim Tsal, Johnny Undergrads 385 GRADS : ' UWDERGRADS r VUIMDERGR }S Tubb, Caroline Ujlle, Andrew Ulwelling, James Umemoto, Michelle Utsumi, Toshio V aidez, Jacqueline Valenzona, Guy Valiler, Angela Vaitierra, Ernesto Van Belleghem, Mari Van Capelie, Lisa Van IMorman, Timothy Van Roy, Laura Vicente, Leon Vlliamil, Helen Viilegas, Jennifer Vilshteln, Slava Viiter, Carol VIotto, Dan Vizon, Cecilia Vu, LInh Wagner, Jonathon Wagner, Patricia Waldorf, Gregory Walenta, Elaine Wali er, Anthony Wailcer, Tyler Wang, Henry Wang, Joe Warmke, Richard ii 386 Undergrads jRl)S UNDERGRADS: ' UIMDERGRADS TRENDS Stone Washed Jeans Although many of us feel we could get the same effect by spilling paint thinner on our old jeans, our fash- ion-conscious friends are spending a little extra money to purchase stone- washed jeans. Labels such as Guess?, Levis, and Bongo all came out with this new style, and they were quickly popularized by college coeds. - JH Warren, Andrlenne Washington, Marian Wasson, Julie Watklns, Katherlne Watrous, Pam Weersing, Scott Welmer, Janna Welns, Carmen Weiss, Monte Weltkamp, Robert Welch, Tiffany Wellman, Timothy Wendt, Greg Weston, Randy White, Laura Whitt, James WIehl, Chris Wienholz, Sandra Undergrads 387 RGRADS% UIMDERGRADS UNDERG.AI Wilklns, Jannell Williams, Bobbette Williams, Chris Williams, Daryl Williams, Lori Williams, Scott Williams, Susan Wllison, Karen Wilson, Dan Wilson, Matthew WImberiy, Sandelle Wine, Neiar • t Wininger, Scott Winograd, Carrie TRENDS Bearwear Let ' s face it. One thing that ' s always in is Bearwear, those ubi- quitous sweats, T-shirts, and a whole barrage of stuff bearing UCLA ' s in- signia. On any given school day, it seemed that at least half of the cam- pus population sported something from that section of Ackerman Stu- dent Store that had all but become an institution. With the acceptance letter came the first purchase from Bearwear. One year ' s Christmas hastle solved in an hour, outfitting everyone from Grandma to the baby cousin in UCLA garb and paraphernalia. The only thing to wear to finals were sweats from Bearwear, remin- ding students of the reason for such self-inflicted stress; graduation. And, upon graduation, the final purchase- the license plate frame that says " UCLA Alumni. " m i I 388 Undergrads RKDS UIMDERGRADSV UNDERGRAD o m Wlsnousky,Mlke Wolf, Adrienne Wolpov, Jessica Wolthers, Bebe Wong, David Wong, Helen Wong, Sophie Woo, Steven Woo, Victor Wren, Marna Wright, Jeffrey Yadegar, Thomas Yahr, Heidi Yamaguchi, Emily Yanagishlta, Emi Yang, Tso-IVI ing Yap, Veronica Yee, Gene Yee, Paul Ying, Arthur Ying, Edward Yip, Elena Yoshida, Kristine Yoshlhara, Craig YoshizumI, Steven Ytuarte, Stacey Yu, Shirley Yuen, Maisle Ziegler, Pamela Zunin, Helalna _ Undergrads 389 e ' w Project MAC volunteer Criselda Luzon with her new found friend. The Korean Tutorial Project is fun as well as educational-director Chan Han enjoys the beach with some students. 392 Community Service Amigos del Barrio reaches out to financially disadvantaged children Community service provides students with many oppor- tunities to expand their experi- ences beyond the classroom setting. The Community Ser- vice Commission (CSC) and its satellite operation-the Com- munity Programs Unit-sponsor a wide range of service pro- jects. Higher education is en- couraged in a variety of disciplines such as arts, athletics, health and law through the Community Pro- grams Unit. The CSC con- tinues the guest for educational enrichment through involve- ment with social groups such as the Hunger project, ethnic s tutorial projects, the Student I Athletic Program, the Senior Cit- I izens ' project, and the Special Olympics. These programs help i promote the involvement of 1 UCLA students in the com- munity sphere. - M fj Vedasto Samonte, a UCLA Filipino tutor, helps Manuel Fransisco study. Thelma Cardona helps make Project MAC work. Community Service j93 La Gente ' s Business Manager Lucia Corral prepares ad layouts. The, 394 Media I UCLA is the proud home of the multi-award winning Daily Brum, as well as KLA Radio and the many different special interest papers. The Bruin, winner of the " Best Paper " title handed out by the California News Publishers Association, has ap- proximately 150 students work- ing behind its doors. The team works to find advertisers, select editorials, and cover campus and outside news. UCLA students also have the opportunity to read papers focusing on the concerns of specific groups. The special in- terest papers, l-la ' am, Nommo, LaGente, Ten Percent, Together, and Pacific Ties at- tempt to deal with political, social, and cultural issues affec- ting those groups. Finally, there ' s KLA, the campus radio station. Students in the dorms or eating in the Cooperage may listen to fellow students broadcast news and play a variety of music. • ayouB The Pacific Ties staff takes pride in their publication. Tomorrows edition of the Daily Bruin goes into the computer. Media 395 If you have an unregistered bike, these are the guys to see. J ™ h Not restricted to the Escort Service, CSO ' s also help out at URL. THer 396 CSOs I CSO safeguarding a student. Are you hesistant to walk from URL to the dorms in the dark? Well have no fearll UCLA students are extremely fortunate to have offered to them the many services of the Community Service Officer pro- gram (comprised of students), and better known as the famous CSO ' sl One of these programs consists of the Cam- pus Escort Service. This service is offered to both students and faculty, and is available from dusk until lam. A phone call is all that is needed to obtain your " personal escort " who will ensure you a safe walk to your destinationi In addition to an escort service, the CSO pro- gram also includes an evening van which provides transporta- tion between campus buildings, on-campus h ousing, and near- by residential areas. Besides providing escort and van services to the UCLA community, the CSO program also offers emergency medical services through their highly I trained medical technicians E who are available 24 hours a day to provide assistance to in- jured persons. These are just a few of the many areas which the CSO program extends its services to, and the UCLA community is very thankful to these students who provide a great public ser- vice for our school. • The mark of a CSO. 1 CSOs 397 Peter Mazolewski Community Service Officer, Age: Major: Pre-Kines, Year: 2nd Year So Last year, I mock rocked Whitney Houston and took 2nd place. I guess I ' m not afraid or embarassed to do things other guys wouldn ' t. My favorite thing to drink is pink lemonade and my favorite thing to eat is french toast . . . probably because I love French things. 19 ! V. A day in the life of a CSO. It ' s cold outside I ' m an outdoors person and I can ' t stand jobs where you just sit. When I first noticed other CSOs around campus during Spring of last year, I ' d stop them and ask how they liked the job. Everyone I talked to said they loved the job . . . that it was a great job. So I went down to the trailer and got an ap- plication. I had an interview last spring, but 1 didn ' t get the job. 1 kept going back to the trailer and asking questions. I submitted another application and got the job in the summer. I like it because you ' re moving around, get lots of exercise, and it ' s kind of sociable--you get to meet a lot of people . . . especially sorority girls-escorting them from Hilgard to Veteren, Wilshire to Sunset . . . there ' s a lot of walking involved--you just meet people. The back pathes down to Gayley are the best shortcuts 1 know of because you don ' t have to walk around. It ' s a lot quicker but they ' re dark. For a lot of people, but not for me, the scariest places to walk alone on campus are the parking structures. Even though it ' s lit up, there ' s not too many peo- ple around. One of the best parts about be- ing a CSO is that it ' s a job . . . but a job where you can get a lot of things done at once-good exercise, meeting people, and taking the pressures off from school. If you ' re aggressive and move up to more managerial type positions, being a CSO can help you prepare for a job in business. It ' s a great prep for " the outside " ! - n n ( ) O n to n Bearwear (above), books, and food are some of the many necessities sold at the ASUCLA Student Store. A student searches for the perfect UCLA T-shirt If you need a resume or portrait, Graphic Services can help. 400 ASUCLA canfieip- ASUCLA Travel Service fulfills all travel needs What 65 year old campus organization employs 2500 stu- dents per year, is totally self- supportive, and is run almost entirely by students? . . . ASUCLA. Established in 1919, Associated Students of UCLA has grown to include a variety of programs representing and serving both graduate and undergraduate students. While offering part time employment and career opportunities to many, ASUCLA also offers a travel service, lecture notes, graphic services, and check cashing services. The bowling alley and game room, KLA radio, publications such as the Daily Bruin, and even the food services are all a part. The student store, one of the biggest on-campus student stores in the country, offers everything from food, gifts, and household items in the Country Store, to textbooks and magazines in the Bookstore. Also found here is Bearwear where one can purchase the latest styles in UCLA t-shirts and class rings to shot glasses bearing the UCLA logo. Stu- dents especially appreciate this store for its convenience and for its cheaper prices. A non-profit organization, all of the money ASUCLA earns is put back into the organization to improve and expand the programs offered. For example, the bank loan on Lu Valle Commons, completed last year, is being paid with net revenues from ASUCLA. In the future these net revenues will be spent renovating A-level Ackerman, and the first, se- cond, and third floors of Ker- ckhoff Hall. In the meantime, ASUCLA will be keeping UCLA students happy by keeping its topnotch services and facilities in tip -top shape. - ASUCLA 401 North campus has a great variety for all tastes. Try the Coop for ice cream or pizza. I | 402 Food Places on Campus Whether you ' re absolutely famished or just fancy a quick snack, ASUCLA offers a myriad of cuisine ranging from fancy gourmet dinners to a simple and soothing cappuccino royale. If you find yourself on UCLA ' s North campus with a growling stomach you can easi- ly satisfy your hunger pangs in the popularly inhabited North Campus Student Center. Here students enjoy the open patio area and feast on such items as the elaborate make-your-own salad bar or the mouth water- ing cookie, donut, and crois- sant selections. This year, a frozen yogurt section was add- ed to North Campus, and it is quickly moving up in the rank- ings next to Westwood ' s famous Penguins Yogurt shopi Another favorite of both grad- uates and undergrads is the newly built LuValle Commons. This bright airy building features specialty pizza, pasta salads, a dell, burgers, and scrumptious cheesecake comparable to Marina Del Rey ' s Cheesecake Factory! The variety doesn ' t stop here-UCLA ' s South Campus boasts a variety of cuisines slightly similar to North Cam- pus, but with much more varie- ty. The Treehouse, located in Ackerman Union, is just the place to satisfy yourself with a hearty breakfast and then return later for a piece of spicy lasagna, or a grilled to order sandwich. And for dessert, the choices are endlessi For those students with a real sweet tooth a miniature candy shop offers a colorful display of gummy bears, freshly made fudge, assorted fruit chews, and much morel Other lively eating places include the Cooperage, where one can purchase piping hot pizza or a variety of Mexican Specialties. Kerckhoff Coffee House offers the perfect remedy to a long day-cappuccino or expresso coffee, which can be sipped in the relaxing atmosphere and an Old World decor. These eating facilities plus the picnic at- mosphere of the Campus Cor- ner, and the intellectual sun- dappled patio of the ever popu- lar Bombshelter goes to show why students at UCLA definately rate their campus food an " A Plus! " ■ Campus Corner is a great place to eat and watch people go by. Food Places on Campus 403 ' . Kelly Alston Food Service Worker, Age: 2 Major: English, Year: 4th Year Sr I consider myself unique in that I ' m the only black, 2 1 year old sem Streisand fan in existance. I love music and never have enough time to listen to my albums ... my favorite song is " Last Dance " because it reminds me of the disco era. My favorite type of music is soft rock because of Madonna and my favorite sport is tennis because of Chrissie. I Kelly mans the salad bar. The best part about being a food service worker is that the starting pay is really good. Starting pay is like $4.56 and then you automatically jump after orientation to S5.10 an hour. One of the worst things is the grease. But the worst thing is probably that it ' s hard work. And it ' s hard to take all of the complaints. They complain about the long lines during rush, and that there ' s no where to sit during rush also. We just try to do our best to make everyone comfortable. The complaint I hate the most is about the cost of food--saying that the food is too ex- pensive-because, comparatively, where can you get Chicken Dijon in Westwood for $3.65. You know. I dont think that com- plaint is very valid. We get a lot of stupid questions, too. Kelly ' s specialty is dealing with the customers. Like, is the turkey pot pie vegetarian , . . we get a lot of very ridiculous questions. We used to have a rat infestation problem, but now we have a company come out once a month to take care of the rats and cockroaches. Occasionally, we ' ll spot a cockroach and, like yesterday, we found a beetle in a sandwich. Two years ago, before we implememted the once a month pro- gram, people and employees, too, would spot rats running across the floor while serv- ing-you have to remain calm, you can ' t scream " My God, a rat! " and throw the sandwich on the ground and run. Customers would spot rats and they would complain. They ' d go to the office and com- plain, " Look, I ' m eating and there ' s a rat- forget it! " M Figuring out the staff wages can be exhausting, but not for Kelly! o 7s m 70 D m 70 n m « i. ' Chancellor Charles E. Young Provost Orbach Acting Dean Wazzan-Engineenng Dean Morris-Letters and Science 406 Administration Dean Sears-Letters and Science Dean O ' Connor-Letters and Science 1 Dean Hall-Letters and Science Though each UCLA student passes through the school every few years, many of our administrators have advised and guided students for much longer periods. Berkie Nelson, Dean of the Center for Student Programming and a nine year UCLA veteran, commented on the change in student interests over the years. " Students to- day are more economically oriented than they were in the g ' 60 ' s, but they are sometimes I unaware of the need for com- munication necessary to meet I the challenges of the twenty- t first century. The person who I will become a CEO is the one ■3 who works the most effectively with people. " Lyie Timmerman, Executive Officer in Student Relations, feels that his responsibility as an administrator " is to enrich educational experiences " for students both in classrooms and participating in campus ac- tivities. He adds that " the greatest satisfaction in working with students comes from the creation of opportunities for them to explore different methods of dealing with issues that they face. " Noted Ken Heller, Asst. Dean of the CSP, " the administration has moved towards an educa- tional focus, rather than simply " maintaining a bureaucracy. ' Administration 407 Weekend Fun Forty-eight hours of total freedom in the middle of Los Angeles--the question wasn ' t what to do, but how much could be done in one weel end? While some Bruins virtually chained themselves to study carols in Powell Library, others opted for a break from the rigors of academia. Armed with cash, students patronized Westwood ' s theaters, shops, and eateries. Spirited sorts headed for Pasadena for foot- ball games, while art buffs visited the Norton Simon or Los Angeles County Museums of Art. Sleeping was a high weel end priority for many stu- dents. Nightlife was another favorite-spent at Hollywood ' s dance clubs, or local parties and happy hours. In warmer weather, bronzed Bruins dotted the coastline from Venice to Zuma. Road trips to Palm Spr- ings and Big Bear, less than two hours away, were popular throughout the year, but an occasional retreat at mom and dad ' s remained a necessity. • • 1 •■ •♦ Straight from London. 410 Weekend Fun The Bruin-UCLA ' s favorite theater t- ' . . For sun, fun, and relaxation. Sunset Rec is the Place to be. Let ' s limbo! Weekend Fun 41 1 ♦ Dining LA Dim sum, padthai, sushi, falafels, frozen yogurt, cappuc- cino: the emphasis this year seems to be on food with strong ethnic flavor and UCLA students can be found at places ranging from ' Thai Dishes ' to ' Sushi on Sunset, ' with their newest hangout being ' Chin Chin ' s ' on Sunset Plaza, which made dim sum (nouvelle Chinese cuisine) fashionable. As for where to go on drink- ing sprees, there are the ever popular Baxter ' s, Acapulco ' s, Chase, and Mom ' s Saloon. However, more and more peo- ple are discovering the pleasures of getting inebriated at Port ' s-with favorite drinks still being margueritas. Coronas, and Long Island iced teas. On the cheaper, more effi- cient side, cafes like the Elysee and Croissant Show are great for a snack accompanied by cappuccino or espresso. And, of course, Westwood wouldn ' t be the same without the multitude of yogurt places, where one can ' t go without a 2-for-l coupon, the cookie places, or the pizza parlours-all of which have almost become institutionalized with UCLA. However, for the more sophisticated taste, there are always posh L.A. resturants like the Ivy, Cocinas, Primis, and, of course, Spago-that is if you can get the reservations! - V i«»v» Students waiting for cappuccino and ice cream. 412 Dining LA No burgers here. Strictly gormet Dining LA 413 ♦ Pick-up Spots ♦ " Did you see the BABE that just walked by? " A typical conversation be- tween two students at one of UCLA ' s hot " study " spots. Where to go to study at UCLA? Try Dykstra fireside lounge--it ' s close to the frater- nities so it ' s loaded with girls; URL 4th. floor-another fraterni- ty(and therefore, sorority) favorite; the Law Library- where the undergrads can go to meet sophisticated lawyers, Ooohl And, best of all is Sunset Reel Ranked as one of the top ten pick-up spots by " Playboy, " on a warm summer day it ' s filled with great looking UCLA coedsl In Westwood for happy hour, or later for drinks, UCLA students are known to take over Acapuico and Baxter ' s. Brimming with college students, you ' re bound to meet someone new--especially when the drinki flow and the good times roll! ■ V« 1»«V» A Baxter ' s is a prime spot for meeting new people. ki[ 4 1 4 Pick-Up Spots c Acapuico IS a great place to meet old friends and make new onesi Acapuico IS a popular hangout for UCLA Bruins Picl -Up Spots 4 1 5 Sunshine Fun Hello Bruins! Yes, it ' s another beautiful day in sunny Southern California. Are you sitting in the library, sweating it out with your books (literally)? Are you sitting in class preten- ding to listen to the professor but (not so secretly) wishing you were outside soaking up the rays? Well wipe off your brow, grab your books, and ge t outside (you ' re not concen- trating anyway). If you are smart, you already have your suit and your shades on, and some oil and a towel in your backpack. If not. Jam home and head to the Rec Center or down to the beach for some real fun. This is the time for hitting the books (hah!), hitting the beach, hitting the ball, or hitting on your favorite coed. We love LA! ■ Frolicking in the sunshine. Surfinq at sunrise. »v «»i4«. I Soal ing up the rays. 416 Sunshine Fun 1. -%. ' -«»i. A hot game of volleyball on a sunny day. Sunshine Fun 41 7 ' «5? " vj Steven Grant Surfer, Age: 2 1 Major: Biology, Year: Senior I ' m an aguanus-that ' s when . . . The Age of Aquarius! favorite sport is surfing, alone type of person-not just need to be by myself why 1 surf. Sitting out t me and the dolphins--l love iti . Surf ' s up!! Steven heads for the beach. Even though I have a lot of 8.00 classes, I have to surf at least 2 times a week to keep myself sane. I ' ve body surfed and boogie boarded all my life, but my friend Jai Kim got me into surfing seriously. Now it ' s definitely a part of my lifestyle, and probably will be for a long time. I think the discipline of surfing helps me out in other areas of my life. A lot of people get discouraged when they try surfing because it ' s so hard. Sometimes when the waves are big you just get pound- ed and you ask yourself, " What am I doing out here?! " but you get used to it. After 2 or 3 hours of surfing, all 1 want to do is eat then sleep-it ' s easy to get burned out. Surfing is really challenging; it gives me a tangible goal as opposed to school, where you ' re striving for abstract things like grades. Aaahhh! Those lazy, hazy days of summer! It ' s really satisfying to know I ' m making pro- gress in something that 1 care about. It ' s real- ly back-to-nature for me, too. Once I was getting bored waiting for some waves when I saw a huge school of about 30 dolphins out a little farther, so I paddled out among them. That was memorable. 1 don ' t have a home break like most surfers. My favorite place to surf is Fisher- man ' s Cove in Laguna Beach, but it ' s rocky there. I ' ve met a lot of people surfing because we ' re down there everyday during the summer. There are some unwritten rules out there that you have to follow, like you ' re not supposed to drop in on someone ' s wave in front of them. For me, the best way to improve is by responding to different situa- tions, so I have to continually practice. ■ ▲ Tunneling The tunnels . . . you pro- bably think they ' re as real as the mutated potato tree, a fig- ment of an orientation counselor ' s fertile imagination. If that ' s the case, then keep reading. They ' re there, right under your nose or rather right under your feet. An underground maze with outlets in every building, they form a network that spans the cam- pus. In fact, you probably pass by several of these entrances on your way to class an in- conspicuous door concealing a way to a dark world of hot pipes, high voltage, low ceil- ings and, oh yes, rats the size of New York sewer alligators. So, are you ready to go down? Here are a few things to remember before you go. Don ' t overdress. Remember these are steam tunnels, so it ' s hot and humid. Watch out for those wires stretching endlessly along the wall because some of the " High Voltage " signs are missing. Be sure to bring a flashlight-not all those lights are working. And, most impor- tantly, have an experienced tunneler come along, except if you don ' t have anything plan- ned for the next few days. One last thing, don ' t get caught. You see, you ' re not really supposed to be down there, and, while we think it is so much balderdash, rumor has it that one could get expelled if caught tunneling. Nonetheless, we ' re not taking any chances, which is why the identities of the persons in these pictures have been kept secret to pro- tect the innocent . . . and not- so-innocent. ■ » 1 BV ♦A The Mark of Tunnelers Past. Lysistrata, Vesper, Elektra, Lucretia, Algernon names) pose for a group shot and Aloquious (not their real somewhere underneath Moore, 420 Tunneling m A rat ' s eye view of the tunnels. A pair of our intrepid tunnelers find the ceiling a little too low for them. id 0 Tunneling 42 1 BRUIN THOUGHTS Favorite campus hot spots . . . " Kerckhoff Coffee House. It ' s got the night club or bar effect. The type you see people hang out in when they ' re thirty to have good conversation in after work. " -Lisa Puccini I " North Campus, love to see those ever cool north campus dudes sitting on the backs of chairs on the verge of falling over. " -Tracy Hall I 424 Brum Thoughts " ESUC Tounge ' 48U1 People think engineers are boring, but there are more parties in 4801 BH than in some frats. " Brum Thoughts 425 BRUIN THOUGHTS I On campus, most happy concemed about ■r " Getting a C- on a midterm and knowing the P NP alternative ex- ists. " -Maria T. Saglimbeni 426 Brum Thoughts " The diversity of tlie UCLA community. You are able to become involved in practically any activ- ity. " ., Brum Thoughts 427 BRUIN THOUGHTS Worst pick-up line you ' ve ever heard . . . " Aren ' t you m y s o i mechanics class? (I don ' t know what soil mechanics is, let alone to be taking the class --Stephanie Ladd 428 Brum Thoughts " Hey baby, wanna come up to my room and see if we can lose a wedge out of my loft? " -Doug Mohrhoff Miss Universe. -Norma Cordova Brum Thoughts 429 BRUIN THOUGHTS Most " off the wall " thing you ' ve ever done " Broke the legs off my wooden pterodactyl Just for fun. " -Alison Orchard 430 Bruin Thougnts " Leaving a party to climb the Hollywood sign; deciding on a Wednesday night dur- ing winter quarter to drive to Mt. Baldyjust to see snow-and then driving back; and walking home nak- ed. " V J " I shot the rubber bands off my braces at an Econ professor during a boring lecture. " -Yxta Murray " Walking all of thewaynome from Virginia to Washington D.C. barefoot after I lost my shoes in the Potomac River. " -Rachel Wiesen Brum Thoughts 431 _ « BRUIN THOUGHTS To be a Bruin means . . . ' ji t B HF " Being approach- ed ten times by the sieezy little pguy on the Westwood and Le Conte corner selling ' Dianetics ' . " -Selene Kassin m 5 c a " To party, study, and still be a success. " -Erich Izdepski " Doing your best creative writing on a UCLA parking permit application, learning to fear a parking audit above anything else in life, and being able to eat at Tommy ' s at any time. " -Shawn and Bill 432 Brum Thoughts " To wear the same clothes two or three times a week. " -Sidney Sherman Brum Thoughts 433 The experience, varied. The reasons, basically the same. We all came to UCLA for the prestige. The glory. The fun. The sun. The football team. The question is, did we get what we came for? ■J y til wv k Ui I I r n t ChVLIER r ' 1 i 1 ' k I IbssJI It ' s true, UCLA has a lot to offer in every respect--academically, athletically, and social- ly. We have the resources and tradi- tions that year after year without fail bring together the top pro- fessors, athletes, scholars, and partiers o that this country has to offer. w 4J8 Closiny -4 J W IT m-i .yii " sm T4 We entered UCLA-each of us ' in- dividuals with a different concept of what this university had to offer, and dif- ferent goals we wanted to strive for. For some, the goal was to " play ball " . . , for others (those of us from colder parts of the state) it was to spend 4 luxurious years in the sun and to go home every break with a tan that can ' t help but im- press friends and family . . . and still for others it was to learn for learning ' s sake-to revel in the vast knowledge that is at any Bruin ' s fingertip provided only that he she goes to class and doesn ' t mind 3-4 hours of sleep per night. Closing 439 y440 Closing What we didn ' t realize then was that it ' s not the attainment of our individual goals that (unlike at other universities) enables us to " grow " , and to leave UCLA better people for the experience . . . not at all. Closing 441 It ' s only when the person who only has time to study finally looks up from under his stack of books, puts down his 1 2th cup of coffee, and decides to go to " the party " instead . . . or when the football player wakes up one day in class to find himself in the middle of a truly fascinating lecture . . . or when the ultimate pamer makes the realization that maybe there is more to life than the next party, and decides to go study with the roommate this time. . 44.2 Closing ' v ' - ' »,. ' - cA- ' .■ %• d d . m It ' s only when each individual with his her ' individual ' ideas and goals learns to appreciate, even if not to fully agree with, the ideas of other individuals that our minds can expand, and we can " grow " , UCLA makes this growth possible. The great diversity of in- dividuals that UCLA attracts is what makes it unique, and those who attend UCLA better people for attending. J So . . . DID WE GET WHAT WE CAME FOR? Well, yes . . . and no ... WE GOT SO MUCH MORE . . . Some of us are still discovering how much more we can get out of UCLA, whereas others of us are finished with this discovery process and are ready to set foot outside of UCLA ... to embark on yet another journey towards self-discovery ... to join THE REAL WORLD. ■Wl " THE REAL WORLD ... 3 words that inadvertently make us tremble with a mixture of fear and excitement. What is IT? What ' s out THERE? . . . THE REAL WORLD ... it awaits all of us and whatever we do find once we get there, we will look back on UCLA with only the fondest memories and the sincerest thanks. u o: we invite you to explore the career citallenges in tlie most dynamic industry in America today!!! V o accountants overload. WHEN ACCOUNTING PROBLEMS ARE ONLY TEMPORARY " fy accountants unlimited® personnel services A RECRUITING FIRM FOR THE ACCOUNTING, BOOKKEEPING AND DATA PROCESSING PROFESSIONS ACCOUNTANTS OVERLOAD ACCOUNTANTS UNLIMITED IS looking for college graduates with majors In Business and Economics who would like to pursue a career In the personnel Industry. we are a major force in California specializing In providing Accounting, Bookkeeping, Data Processing and Office Services personnel on both a permanent and temporary basis. Our goal is to be national in scope and we need motivated individuals who can demonstrate their creative talents! Benefits include an excellent salary medical, dental, bonuses, educational reimbursement and an exciting future. Send your resume and salary requirements to: ACCOUNTANTS OVERLOAD ACCOUNTANTS UNLIMITED 10920 Wllshire Boulevard, Suite 800 Los Angeles, California 90024-6599 We look forward to hearing from you. Richard E. Lewis President Offices Throughout Southern California • " A Quarter Century of Service to California Business " WEST LOS ANGELES (215) 208-1500 • DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES (213) 688-0 977 • ENCINO (818) 981-2761 WOODLAND HILLS (818) 718-1900 • PASADENA (818) 799-1005 • COVINA (818) 967-9561 • CERRITOS (215)404-2925 TORRANCE (213) 542-8581 • LONG BEACH (213) 590-8635 • ORANGE COUNTY (714) 522-0900 • (714)848-5711 EXECUTIVE OFFICES 10920 Wllshire Boulevard, Suite 800, Los Angeles, California 90024-6599 (213) 208-1600 O 450 Ads II OPPORTUNITIES UNUMITED In tcxJay ' s Coast Guard, job and career opportunities for men and women between the ages of 17 and 27 are unlimited. THE ENLISTED OPTION If you want to leam a skill — many of which are in hi-tech fields — there are over two dozen job specialties available, including electronics, aviation machinist and marine sciences. Saving lives, protecting the envi- ronment and stopping illegal drug activi- ties, are only a few of the many Coast Guard missions you may perform. You can advance quickly because promotions are based upon your own initiative and skills. THE RESERVE OPTION Even if you ' re still in high school or college, there are several options to consider. As a Coast Guard Reservist, you can attend drills one weekend per month and be paid while you are being trained. You ' ll als(j qualify for the New Reserve GI Bill and receive monthly checks to help with college expenses. Eagle photo by Dan Nemey. THE OFFICER OPTION To wear the gold bars of an officer, there are several career paths to follow. One is to enter the Coast Guard Academy in New London, Connecticut. You ' ll earn a four- year, expense-paid Bachelor of Science degree. Or, if you ' re a college graduate, you can enter our Officers Candidate School at Yorktown, Virginia. Here you ' ll complete an intensive 17- week leadership training sch(K l. Either path leads to a commission as an Elnsign. BENEFITS OF BELONGING Regardless of the career option you chixise in the Coast Guard, you ' ll get all the bene- fits ... 30 days paid leave each yeai ' . . . free medical and dental service . . . reduced prices in any military exchange ... the New Gl bill for tuition assistance, and much more. You could work in exciting places where the Coast Guard operates . . . from Japan to the Antarctic . . . Hawaii or in the continental United States. We have part- time Reserve positions and full-time career opportunities available now. Contact your local recruiter or call toll-free: 800-424-8883 THE COAST CUARD-AN ARMED SERVICE AND MORE SPECIAL AGENT CAREER OPPORTUNITIES BEGIN AT $28,860. THE FBI IS CONTINUALLY SEARCHING FOR QUALIFIED MEN AND WOMEN FOR THE POSITION OF SPECIAL AGENT. STARTING SALARY IS $28,860 00 PER ANNUM, WE OFFER A WIDE ARRAY OF CHALLENGING PROFESSIONAL OPPORTUNITIES IN THE INVESTIGATION OF COMPLEX WH ' TE COLLAR CRIME, ORGANIZED CRIME. NARCOTICS, COUNTER-TERRORISM AND FOREIGN COUNTER INTELLIGENCE MATTERS Applpcan ' .s must be U S Citizens, available for assignment anywhere m the Bureaus jurisdiction, possess a valid drivers license and m excellent physical condition allowing the use ' J firearms and defensive tactics Applicants must be over 23 years of age and not have reached their 35th birthday Other qualifications also exist. The five ditferent programs to qualify for Special Agent consideration are • LAW: Resident law school degree with two years of undergraduate work at an accredited college or university • ACCOUNTING: A baccalaureate degree with a ma|or in accounting from an accredited college or university • LANGUAGE: Baccalaureate degree plus fluency in a language for which the Bureau has a need, especially Russian. Chinese, and a variety of Slavic languages • SCIENCE: A variety of baccalaureate degrees are acceptable. • MODIFIED: Baccalaureate degree plus three years full time work experience FOR MORE INFORMATION: CALL: (213) 477-6565 EXTENSION 2191. 2192 or 2227 OR WRITE: SPECIAL AGENT-IN-CHARGE Attention: Applicant Coordinator FBI THE FBI IS AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER FBI 11000 WILSHIRE BOULEVARD LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA 90024 SUCCESS: The Ability To Convert ideas into Things. At MICOM, we know the definition of success. We see it tiappening everyday. 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Since our merger with Standard Chartered Bank of London, we ' ve con- solidated our resources and increased our impact in the field of foreign trade finance — especially with the Pacific Rim countries. Our membership in the Standard Chartered Group makes us part of a potent network of more than 2,000 offices in over 60 countries. Our unique position as The Business Bank can be your key to career advancement. Our dedication to superior service is nowhere more evi- dent than in our training program for banking professionals. A program that ' s unrivaled — and recognized throughout the banking industry as the best. At Union Bank, you ' ll receive com- prehensive, broad-based training through superior classroom and on-the- job experience. The best preparation for .vour professional banking career. We strongly believe in giving our trainees hands on decision -making responsibilities at an early stage in their training. As a result, you ' ll work side-by-side with management and deal directly with our commercial customers. In today ' s financial world, the free flow of communication is vital. Communica- tion within Union Bank is open. You ' ll find senior officers accessible and eager to share their expertise with you. Our quest is always for the best can didates — not the greatest number So plan your banking career with the best. The advantage is yours at Union Bank. See your Placement Office or write to us. Union Bank, College Recruitment, 445 S. Figueroa St., Los Angeles, CA 9007L THE BUSINESS BANK k memker of Standard CtMilered lank Croup Ki| il|,|.,Miiiiil Krii|.|.r .i II--M Ads 453 Vmssi a. Cystine, W.D. Diplomate of the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology Two La Brea Plaza (213) 412-3352 101 N. La Brea, Suite 700, Inglewood, CA 90301 826-2051 Congratulations Graduating Seniors Ton Eric Krogius astro Astro Arc Company, Automatic TUbe and Pipe Weld- ing systems experts. The leading automatic welding systems manufacturer since 1964. Our outstanding products, technical expertise and dedicated cus- tomer support has established us as the leaders in the industry. Our successful way of doing business has enabled us to expand to include Astro Arc Inter- national (AAI) and Astro Arc Field Services, Inc. (AAFSI ). AAI insures our products are distributed and supported worldwide. AATSI provides the skilled ex- pertise of factory trained engineers and technicians for those projects that must be completed effectively and efficiently the first time. Whether it be aerospace, nuclear, pharmaceutical, power utility, beverage, brewery, oil industry or any other industry, we invite you to inquire about our products and services. 10941 Latuna Canyon Road Sun Valley, California 91352 (818) 768-5560 COLUMBIA STAGE SCREEN COSMETICS Dr. Gerald Greenspan irv uiB ' lAecUtUccU rruzJeeu v cuu£ cad neltoi ' 1440 N Gower St. Hollyv ood, CA 90028 HRS. IVI-F 8-6 SAT. 10-3 Prione(213) 464-7555 Optometric Center 2370 WESTWOOD BLVD., SUITE L LOS ANGELES, CA 90064 (213)475-7602 8444 RESEDA BOULEVARD, SUITE D NORTHRIDGE, CALIFORNIA 91324 (818) 701 5060 .cRoya[ £±tujood cAAoUC Manaocr KAYE OREENBERG FRANCES FLEURY 2352 WcsTwooo Blvd. Los Angeles. Calif. 90064 Phone (2131 47S-4551 454 Ads THE CHALLEINGE OF NURSING IS TIMELESS X There was a time when nursing education meant on-the-job training and precious little else. By the 1880s, formal schooling and the pioneering success of Florence Nightengale marketfthc transition of nursing to professional status. Higher standards for patient care developed. f A century later, nurses continue to up- grade patient care in many ways. With a solid bacl ground of l«iowledge and skills, nurses are assuming leadership in man- aging the health care of their patients. As advocates, they protect the interest of their patients in the health care process. Cedara-Sinat Medical Center nursing Services 8700 Beuerly Blvd. Los Angeles. CA 90048 (215) 855-5541 Setting new standards in patient care. V oUc a WW Brentwood Bel-Air Sunset Blvd. 1-405, 170 N. Church Lane Los Angeles, California 90049 213 476-6411 " Home Away From Home For UCLA Visitors " " SPECIAL RATES FOR UCLA ' " Landmark at UCLA " Ads 455 Pioneer the future. All of the technological advancements that have been pioneered by Hughes are merely an Introduction to what will come. And what ' s coming will be astounding. In nearly every facet of modern technology, we are now poised to break the boundaries of imagination. All we ' re waiting for is that final fantastic leap of reason known as an idea. Perhaps your idea. We hope you ' ll join us in creating the next generation of technological wonders. It ' s more than an important job, it ' s a crucial one. Because the end result of all our efforts is the preservation of freedom. We have many career assignments available in the following critical areas: Electrical Engineering Computer Science Physics Mechanical Engineering Electronics Technology Manufacturing Engineering Industrial Engineering Take the first step toward the future by sending your resume to: Hughes Aircraft Company BIdg. C1 C128, Dept YALCU-687 P.O. Box 45066, Los Angeles, CA. 90045-0066. Proof of U.S. Citizenship Required. Equal Opportunity Employer. Creativity America depends on. HUGHES AIRCRAFT COMPANY Subsidiary of GM Hughes Electronics Computer G ' apn.c Melvm l P ' ue il Los auino ' o ' An and Ih Compuiar. UcGra aiionai LatKiiatory. 456 Ads I .! In today ' s complex world, only one company in California has the resources and the expertise to serve the telecom- munications needs of more than 20 million customers. That company is PACIHC TELESIS GROUP. WeYe built upon a tradition of excellence that ' s been nurtured by more than75 years of telecommunications experience. But we ' re more than just a telephone company. While Pacific Bell, our largest subsidiary, will con- tinue to provide unsurpassed tele- phone service, our other subsidiaries will be involved in a whole new array of services and products— from mobile telephone service and telecommunica- tions equipment for home or business. to marketing telecommunications services and products beyond the California boundaries. But, more importantly, PACIFIC TELESIS GROUP is much more than a company on the leading edge of technology. We ' re a company that ' s per- sonally committed to helping our customers solve all their communication needs. And, we ' re dedicated to being their one source of information. PACIFICBTELESIS Group Ads 457 TEAM UP WITH THE BEST BNR is the creative research and develop- ment arm of Northern Telecom. As a world leader in telecommunications development, BNR expertise has enabled Northern Tele- com to become the world ' s largest maker of fully digital telecommunications systems. With over 400 scientists and engineers, BNR ' s Mountain View laboratory continues to pursue bold new paths. Efforts of this lab are focused on the evolution of the Meridian SL-1 integrated services network, produced and marketed by Northern Tele- com, Santa Clara. Hailed as the most sophis- ticated voice and data communication system available to business today, the Meridian SL-1 is part of Northern Telecom ' s complete line of fully digital switching and transmission products. BNR and Northern Telecom work together X.O maintain three important objectives: • A brilliant standard of excellence • A solid lead over the competition • A great career opportunity for you BNR and Northern Telecom are Equal Opportunity Employers and U.S. citizenship or permanent residency is required. 458 Ads FACILITIES 18 stories 260 First Class guest rooms Free In House movies 1 2th floor Executive Rooms Beverly Hills and Century City nearby. Summerfield ' s Dining Room Beverly Lounge with entertainment Outdoor Pool with food and cocktail service One day valet sendee laundry service Five floors of indoor free parking for registered guests Gift shop on premises Bilingual staff Airport shuttle service available OLYMPIC BLVD PICO BLVD SANTA MONICA FRWY 10 NATIONAL BLVD 1 150 S. Beverly Drive, Los Angeles, California 90035 (213) 553-6561 " SPECIAL RATES FOR U.C.L.A. " A GenCdrp c d m p a n y 10300 NORTH TORREY PINES ROAD, LA JOLLA, CA 92037 619 455-8500 Ads 459 HOTEL 10587 WIUSHIRE BLVD. LOS ANGELES CALIFORNIA 90024 PHONE: 213 474-3511 KATIE HAUPT General Manager PHYSICISTS! ENGINEERS f PROGRAMMERSf XonTech is a highly respected, progressive R D firm specieJizing in the empirical emalysis of complex physical phenomena, eind develop- ment of advanced concepts and technologies in support of numerous defense progrzuns. Our reseeu-ch encompasses the following: • An2ilysis and evaluation of flight test data (aircraft ballistic missile, satellite), including • Trajectory reconstruction • Re-entry aerodynzunics • Navigation analysis • Orbital mechanics • Electro-optics • Research, development, and evaluation of advanced radar and weapons systems including • Signature anevlysis • System design • Performance anedysis • Signal processing • System simulation Our work is technically challenging, and offers exceptional visibility and direct client contact, with opportunities for technical and managerial advancement Positions dse avziilable at the Ph D . Masters, emd Bachelors levels Degrees must be in Physics. Mathematics, or closely related Engineer- ing fields Techniccil management experience is welcomed Qualified professionals are invited to contact our Corporate Per- sonnel Office at (818) 787-7380, or send a resume in confidence to Corporate Personnel Department, XonTech, Inc., 6862 Hayvenhurst Avenue, Van Nuys, CA 91406. XonTech, Inc. Los Angeles • Oakland • Washington, D.C. We are an equal opportunity employer M F, H V (213) 474-0102 (213) 787 ANNA 47S-2486 (Sherman Oaks) (West LA.) km YOUR FAMILY RESTAURANT of ncvcrly Hills Continental Cuisine YOUR HOSTS: And g, Mike, Tony 10929 WEST PICO BOULEVARD LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA 90064 15300 VENTURA BOULEVARD SHERMAN OAKS, CALIFORNIA 91403 H()J5 Wilshire Bouli-v.ird, Beverly Hills, California 90211 Telephone (213) 657-2446, 655-9J07 Domenii Andrt ' . nc Oon Medica 460 Ads 4 .f JOHN HANCOCK ' S TEN UCLA GRADUATES WILL EARN $40,000+ IN THEIR FIRST YEAR OUT OF COLLEGE We will be on campus April 23 and on April 24 , looking for five more candidates to do the same. Jolin Hancock ' s " Guaranteed Success School " formula defines the ingredients needed to build a career with immediate financial rewards and literal, unlimited income growth potential. Our program of career development includes: • Comprehensive Training Program • Salary Plus Lucrative Commissions And Bonuses • Career Opportunities in 3 Distinct Areas: Comprehensive Financial Planning • Corporate Benefit Planning • Personal Investment Insurance Planning Qualified candidates will possess strong selling skills and marketing instincts. Please contact the Career Placement Center to schedule an interview time. We look forward to meeting with you there. Beverly Hills 9100 Wilshire 81., Suite 300, East Tower Beverly Hills, CA 90212 (213) 278-8444 FINANCIAL SERVICES LOCATIONS: Warner Center 21600 Oxnard St., Suite 530, Warner Center Plaza One Woodland Hills, CA 91367 (213) 278-8444 AII are from the June 1985 graduating class. Must be U.S. citizen. Orange County 100 South Anaheim BL, Suite 250 Anaheim, CA 92805 (714)491-1581 Six of Hancock ' s UCLA GRAD ' s from the Beverly Hills office with the President ' s trophy. The trophy was awarded at the Beverly Wilshire for the top producing firm in the country. Ads 461 Shel ' Starkman Proprietor Old lUorld IDsstuxxxi K£StdUrdni wig westwood blvd. los angclcs. calif. 90024 telephone Um) 208-4055 Consratulations Class of 1987 from Central Engineerins Laboratories 1201 Coleman Avenue Santa Clara, CA 95052 BONA UIMG S. RECREATION CENTERS Twenty-one bowling centers in Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino and San Diego counties. Kelvin ' s UNION SERVICE COMPLETE AUTO SERVICE Af WESTWOOP -20S ' 6M ■ EVERLV QLEnJ- 74- 3H ® VISA ' BRAKES • TIRES • LUBE BATTERIES • ALIGNMENT TUNE-UP • AIR CONDITIONING Certified Smog Station 473-9281 277-0488 10389 Santa Monica Bl. LA. (Corner Santa Monica Bl Beverly Glen Bl) Best Wishes from Cetec Corporation 9900 Baldwin Place El Monte, California 91731 (818) 442-8840 ' £CIT ' Bel Air Presbyterian Church College Fellowship Sunday, 9:00 a.m., Mirman School Wednesday, 7:00 p.m., Gillette ' s 480 N. Bundy Ave., Brentwood For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord, plans for ivelfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope. Jeremiah 29: 1 1 Steven M. Marsh, Pastor of Student Ministries 16221 MulhoUand Drive Los Angeles, CA 90049 (818) 788-4200 462 Ads PEAK PERFORMANCE COMPLETE DISPLAY OF EXERCISE EQUIPMENT OWNERS: SENO BROS. TEO SAL COMPLETE LINES OF: EXERCISE BIKES ROWING MACHINES TREADMILLS PULSE METERS ANTI-GRAVITY EQUIP. HOME GYMS • BENCHES 1317 WESTWOOD BLVD., WEST LOS ANGELES, CA 90024 (213) 479-4451 ' " " -IFTING EQUIP. (VALIDATED PARKING - UA THEATRE) ETC. 5211 LANKERSHIM BLVD., NORTH HOLLYWOOD, CA 91601 (818) 761-2408 (LANKERSHIM AT MAGNOLIA) 11239 MAGNOLIA BLVD., NORTH HOLLYWOOD, CA 91601 (818) 985-6065 (BETWEEN TUJUNGA LANKERSHIM) DISCOUNT COMPETITIVE PRICES PERSONAL FITNESS TRAINING (STUDIO OR IN HOME) APARTMENT COIN HB LAUNDRY SYSTEMS M WBb WEB SERVICE COMPANY INC. 3690 FREEMAN BOULEVARD REDONDO BEACH, CA 90278-1165 DAVID W. NORRIS m ' " CHARLES B. NORRIS CO. MORTGAGE BANKERS 11661 SAN VICENTE BLVD. LOS ANQELES 90049 (213) 826-6661 ORIGINATOR (213)275-9627 (213)275-2423 ORIGINATOR ' OF THE WORLD FAMOUS CELEBRITY HAIRPIECE ' FOR MEN 363 NORTH ROBERTSON BOULEVARD LOS ANGELES. CALIFORNIA 90048 DEL ROBERTS Q DA MD TECHNICAL BOOKS, Inc. One of the most complete technical bookstores in California (213)464-4322 1033 N. SYCAMORE AVE., LOS ANGELES. CA 90038 1 BIk E. ot La Brea - Vj BIk. S. of Santa Monica Blvd. VISA - M C- AMEX 1 Day Deiivery 9:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. Phone Orders Accepted Monday thru Saturday Gary M. Gitlin ATTORNEY AT LAW EMPHASIS IN REAL ESTATE AND SECURED TRANSACTIONS . eAy ATTORNEY AT LAW LAW OrFICES OF Gary M. Gitlin PPO eSSiONAL LAW CORPORATION TELEPHONE (2131 858-7(01 SU(TE (16 20 EL CAM(NO DR(VE SEVERLT H(LLS, CALIFORNIA 902(2 8665 Wilsh(re Blvd. Penthouse Beverly Hills. Californ(a 90211 (213) 659-8165 (213) 659-8179 1874 Westwood Blvd. (213) 474-5233 yNESVNOOD COIN LAUNDRY AND ALTERATIONS for men and women z xudolf udiu.n -Knoll Zll-SVm Q Alterations Mon - Fri 10 AM - 6 PM Laundry Mon-Fri 7:30 AM - 9:30 PM Sat-Sun 6:30 AM - 9:30 PM S O Wcit $xJ eSlx cl Jloi. : ngt.Li., Cat. goo48 Ads 463 KerckhoffHalt ASUCLA The Mission of ASUCLA is to enhance the quality of life and broaden the learning experiences of the UCLA community. While ASUCLA serves the entire UCLA community, its primary orientation is toward UCLA students. — Board of Control Mission Statement Associated Students UCLA 1986-87 Board of Control Members Graduate Student Members Gregory While, GSA President Scot Spicer Robin Toma Anne Schechter (alt) Undergraduate Student Members Dean Florez, USA President Danieljordan .Michael Kim Dov Seidman (alt) Richard Barthol. Faculty Eduardo Dias, Faculty (alt) Steven Halpem. Alumni Keith Brant. Alumni (alt) Albert Selton, Administration Gloria Kroon-Stypinski, Administration Judith Holland. Administration (alt) Jason Reed, Executive Director 464 Ads The Man InThe Gray Flannel Sun The face of business is changing. For the b etter. These days gray flannel comes in two genders. American Airlines knows how it is. Today it ' s smarts and savvy that count. So we make sure tliat every business flight you take is hassle-free. With features like no-stop check-in ' ' ' ' that let you go straight to the plane instead of standing in lines. At American, making your heaic business life run smoother isn ' t just some- thing we want to do. It ' s sometliing we have to do. A m riO n Airlin Q After all, your success determines ours. MITieriOdl lij Ads 465 Congratulations Lo " BERCROMBIE FiTCH 1 M.lhlislHil 1 ' )?- I lu For those who share our appreciation of sporting life, come explore Abercrombie Fitch. Beverh Hills (213)858-0500 Beverly Center (213)652-4761 South Sax Galleria (213)371-5575 Soulh Coast Plaza (714)556-7062 BRIAN WOOD Owner COMMUNITY BRAKE WESTWOOD, INC. 11007 Santa Monica Blvd. Westwood, CA 90025 Brakes Alignment Power Steering (213)477-5224 EAGLE DEUVERY SYSTFJ S iiic eiii;ci i. iirkr uii courier RAYMOND G. MAYNARD (213) 475-61 1 1 (818) 703-B533 2940 WESTWOOD BLVD. LOS ANGELES. CA 90064 Book your clients into the nicest house in West L.A S nicest neighborhood «?t ' ADJACENT TO UCLA in the heart of Westwood Village . . . near Beverly Hills, Bel Air Century City. Free Parking Continentcil Breakfast served in room Luxury Furnishings Jacuzzi Tubs IceMaber-Refrigerator in every room $75.00 to S85.00 Single $85.00 to $100.00 Double 927 Hilgard Avenue Los Angeles 90024 Rolls Royce - Bentley Specialist SCOTT MOTORS 1620 Cotner Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90025 (213) 478-0888 Gary Prothero Owner BALLOONS FOR DAYS We Specialize In Smiles 1 1 B68 gacewsy blvd. west I.e.. ca SOOB 4 (213) .473-1056 466 Ads Reduced Rates OCEAN AIR FREIGHT SPECIAL RATES TO: ENGLAND • FRANCE • GERMANY ITALY • SWEDEN • TAIWAN •KOREA HONG KONG • PHILIPPINES • NIGERIA • SAUDI ARABIA • TRUCKING SERVICE TO ALL EUROPEAN CITIES COMMERICAL • AUTOS • HOUSEHOLD GOODS NATION WIDE, WORLD WIDE SHIPPING 213-770-6672 TOLL FREE 1-800-262-1911 International Shipping Co. 235 W. 134th Street • Los Angeles, CA 90061 CALL FOR COPY MACHINE SUPPLIES SUPPLY INFORMATION :X CENTER INC. 11727 MISSISSIPPI AVENUE LOS ANGELES, CA 90025 DOUGUa C KANNER VICE PRESIDENT [800] 354-3553 [213] 478-2011 Compliments of MORDIGANS NURSERY 6285 West 3rd Los Angeles, CA 213-655-6027 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF ' 87 from your neighborhood OACK inUCBOC CLASSIC ART FORMS INVESTMENT ART • SCULPTURE GRAPHICS • CUSTOM FRAMING ROBERT J. BENTLEY 213 • 273 • 6306 9009 BEVERLY BLVD., LOS ANGELES, CA 90048 Ads 467 } Congra tu lations UCLA Class of 1987 Swedish Attache of Technologx; 10880 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 914 Los Angeles, California 90024 (213) 475-0589 Friendship Motor Inn Adult Motel Adult films in rooms Swimming pool Water beds Mirrors Coffee Special Day Rates Room Phones Major Credit Cards phone(213) 937 1600 VISA 1148 Crenshaw Boulevard 2 min. from Koreatown LOS ANGELES (3y2 blocks So, of Wilshire Blvd.) (Crenshaw-Olympic) TAKE A WALK! Increase your success potential STEP OUT INTO OVER 50 STYLES AND COLORS OF CONVERSE ALL-STARS! COnVSRSE CONVERSE ATHLETIC SHOE OUTLET 925 W£STWCX)D BLVD . WESTWOOD VILLAGE OPEN SEVEN DAYS 824 2478 Easy to learn techniques you can use daily to build self confidence and reduce stress. Only $4.95 Get your copy now wherever paperbacks are sold. Cownght 1986 BndBe f ubl ciUant, Int Aa flIGHTS flESERVtO OUNETFCS ' ii Iridenurk «nd icrvlce mifk owned by fiTC »nd is utai oiiri ilt cetmnilon 468 Ads WHOSE BUSINESS IS HEAIIHCARE? It ' s everybody ' s business. We all pay for it, and we all gain from it It ' s also big business. In 1980, U.S. commu- nity hospitals generated nearly 85 billion in revenues. AMI (NYSE), the international health care ser- vices company, pioneered professional hospital management, and now owns or manages over 100 hospitals around the world. We also offer systems and services to facilities other than our own, including computerized financial manage- ment programs and shared diagnostic and therapy services. In all, we ' re providing health care consulting, systems and services in over 500 communities in the U.S., U.K., Europe, the Middle East, and Latin America. There is a vast new market for international health care service. Answering the demands of that market requires innovative, forward- thinking professionals. Talk to us about making our business your career. For mqre information, contact Arthur M. Stein, Vice President. AMI ©1981 The International Health Care Services Company American Medical International. 414 North Camden Drive. Beverly Hills, California 90210 Ads 469 c= This microchip can store over 256,000 bits of information. Your job will be to help make it obsolete. If you expect to work at the leading edge in microelectronics manufacturing, consider the oppor- tunities at AT T. Our tradition of innovative leadership in Information Age tech- nologies spans three decades. AT T was the first to manufacture the transistor. The first to use lasers for industrial purposes. And now the first producer of the 256K DRAM. A memory device so advanced, it packs more than a quarter of a mil- lion bits of information on a tiny chip. With average access time of 105 billionths of a second. At AT T, you ' ll work with the people who developed sophisticated new techniques for producing the 256K. Techniques such as plasma etching and metal silicide compound interconnections. Technological breakthroughs such as the 256K will be used in a wide range of Western Electric " Prod- ucts to speed the introduction of Information Age services into homes and offices. You could help discover tomorrow ' s applications for today ' s 256K. And help produce the next generation of microchips that will make it obsolete. More than any other single com- pany, AT T has stood at the fore- front of the technologies that will make the Information Age a reality Microelectronics. Lightwave com- munications. Digital systems. And software design. If you see yourself working at the leading edge in any of these technolo- gies, consider the opportunities with us. You ' ll be joining some pretty fast company. For more information, see your AT T recruiter on campus. An EquaJ Opportunity Company. AT T ii:)l983AT T 470 Ads £aton Corporation is paving the way to optimum career success for individuals determined to fulfill their lifelong ambitions! If you are truly motivated to succeed, our challenging state-of-the-art environment will provide you with ample opportunity to grow and contribute — and to enjoy true self-satisfaction as well as career advancement. As an equal opportunity employer, Eaton offers you the training, support and resources to enhance your skills and launch you on the way to fully realizing your potential. We are a Fortune 200 Company with a leading role in defensive avionics systems for high perform- ance aircraft, strategic communications systems, space technology applica- tions and air traffic control. Our Philosophy of Excel- lence Through People provides an excellent vehicle in which to utilize your talents and abilities. If you would like to pursue a career opportunity with Eaton, please write to Robert O ' Neill, College Relations, Eaton Corpora- tion, AIL Division, Deer Park, Long Island, New York 11729. We welcome response from minorities, females, veterans and the handicapped. F:T Mutual Respect and Trust _ Ads 471 Owens-Illinois. Packaging for everything but people. Packaging. The largest industrial employer in the United States. $60 billion worth of products sold last year. A major contributor to American lifestyles and the quality of life. And a lot of people take it for granted. We don ' t. We think it ' s important, challenging, exciting. We ' re a $3.6 billion organization. We make glass containers, plastic containers, cor- rugated packaging, multipack carriers and foam labels, Kimble laboratory ware, Libbey glassware. The one thing we don ' t package is people. We think everyone in our organization is unique. And we bet you ' d feel the same way. We ' re looking for individuals with backgrounds and interests in engineering, finance, accounting, sales, marketing, production management, business administration, liberal arts. People who can make a significant contribution of talent and skill to an organi- zation that thrives on new ideas, new approaches, and new people. You ' ve worked hard to get where you are today. So have we. Now let ' s talk about our tomorrows. Owens-Illinois. An Equal Opportunity Employer. Male Female OWENS-ILUNOIS 472 Ads (jbng tulatloris (Jlass of ig8y ( Jiave ' dising foK this yea ' ibooK was p iopessionally malKeted by Collegiate Concepts, Jnc, (.Atlanta, yeo ' igut We co ' iaiaUy moite inquiries pom facutiy aaviso ' is, eaito ' is and publisne ' ts ' tep ' iesentatives ' legaming a simiui ' i p ' lojed fo ' i yoWi institution- Call us coiled at (404J g S ' ijoo. Ads 473 Alvarez, Antonio 335 Baskovich, John Batal, Holly 132.300 258 Birnoff. Debbie Birns. Missy 242 135 — JV Alvarez. 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Soo Ju Q - 329. 35C Bear Laura 257 Blek, Scon 288 Abeles, Mike 79 Anderson, Jessica 348 Baer. Ally lJH .,.. 26C Beany, Clark 133 Blevins, Donna 245 Abracen, Susan 128,241 Anderson. Jon 272 Laura - -- 254 Beaudin. Kelly 250 Block. Lainie 324.351 Abramow. Lon 245 Anderson Julie 242,253,312,324 Baer, h lark --fll H Kf ' 3 Beaudine, Elizabeth 133 Block, Marsha 135 Abrams. Caryn 2 45 Anderson, Kay 130 Bagddsarian. Ec a| H H f ' 3 Bebe. Darren 133 Blois, Scon 295 Abrams, Debbie 246,312 Anderson Kelly 253 Bagdzhadzhyan. ffij Tf!?!:: 13 Beck, Cynthia 133.325 Bloom. Julie 263 Abrams, Laurel 326 Anderson, Krisia ,265 Baggort. Buffy 35C Becker, Kathryn 133 Bloom, Tamara 249 Abrams. Steve 299 Anderson fvlaria 249 Bagndassanan, Varoujan, . 13 Becker, Kimberly 133 Blount, Robert 352 Abramson, Dean ll-. Anderson Mary 130 Baik, Suyoung . 13 Becket, Debby 323 Blue. Jeff 299 Achilles, Kirsien 265 Anderson. Nick 287 Bailey. Dianne 13 Becken, Barry 133.275 Blum. Jeffrey 352 Ackerman, Jill 128 Anderson, Paige 325 B.3iley. Joseph 13 Bedlitz, Jean 101 Blumberg. Estelle 352 Acone. Adam 128 Anderson, Paul 287 Bailey, Kathleen 13 Beers, Theresa 133 Blumberg. Rob 288 Acton, David 128 Anderson. Tony 292 Bailey, Robena 25C Beh, Shen 250 Blumel. James 272 Acuna. Renee 249 Anderson, Trent 272 Bailey. Tonia 394 Behdadnia, Barmak 351 Blumhagen, Brenda 265 Adams, David 348 Andrade, Lorraine 130 Bain, Cynthia 13 Behfarin, Richard 319 Blutreich, Brian 110 Adams, Eunice 326,348 Andrew, Tracy 130 250 3aines, Mark 13 Behrens. Cathy 319 Bobo, Stacey 352 Adams, Laura 258 Andrews Alison 348 Baird, Ed 28C Behrooz, All 307 Bobys, Mark 123 Adams, Linda 254 Andrews, Jill 104 Bak-Boychuk, Nadya 260 324,326 Behrstok. Brandon 275 Boctor. Lara 241 Adams, Mark 124 Andrews Matthew 348 Baker, Adesa 124 Beig. Asra 265 Boda, Diane 325 Adamson, Deanne 335 Andrews Roxy 246 Baker, Brian 131, 27E Bell, Cathy 351 Bodinus, Robin 263 Addington, Kns 242 Andrews, Stephanie 130 Baker, Ceiia 25 Bell. David 335 Boehmer Christian 135,278 Addis. Tom 278 Andrus, Vicky 260 Baker, Chris 13 Bell, Jon 351 Boesky Keith 299 Addison Man 278 Anenberg, Kim 249 Baker, Gregory 13.- Bell, Tarni 242 Boezinger, Susan 249 Adelgais. Kathleen 348 Angel Camille 323 394 Baker, James 132,29 Bellaci. Chris 275 Bogard, Karen 253 Adiukus, Tony 288 Angeles Christina 348 Baker, John 12 Bellart, Kim 335 Bogosian. Suzanne 324 Adier, Jamie 239,265 Angelilo, Marc 271 Baker, Kenneth 350 Bellger, Jeff 272 Bogosian Tracy 265 Adter, Jeff 299 Angelas Tim 130 Ba ker, Kim 32e Beitramo, Dee Dee 257 Bohnerr, Greg 292 Adier. Malka 128 Angulo Zaida 130.265.324 Baker. Kolleen 25 Beltran. Roberto 307 Boito. Louise 246 Adrian Kristy 249 Annala Mary 130 Baker Laura 257.31 Belusa, Erie 133,272 Bolander Jeffrey 272 Afif ' Faryan 319 Anthenien, Teresa 130,241 Baker Lisa 33 ' Ben-Shmuel. Eliezer 284 Bolden. Corey 123352 Africk Andrew 284 Anthony ScotI 125 348 Baker Maureen 250 Benavidez, April 324 Bole, April 266 Agamaia, Caroline 258 Antongiovanni Marci 257 Baker. Monica 132,24. Benbow, Helen 324 Bolourtchi, Ray 302 Agbayani. Kathleen 348 Anzalone, Hallie 250 Baker. Robby 28 Bencomo. Kenneth 351 Bolster. Bob 271 Agbunag, Rosally 33 5 Aoki Melanie Appel Andrew 130 130 Baker Sarah Baker Stephen 260 Bendix Diana 132 Benetz, Danny 257 268 Bon-Durant, Christopher BonakJo. Guy 135.268 288 Agee, Meredith 25 Aghadjanian Pauline 128 Appell, Robert 130299 325 Baker Sieve 291,29. Benito, Ted 395 Bonaventura, Christa 135 Agnew Chris 288 Aorea. Daniela 249 Bakht iar, Rudabeh 350 Benkowski, Elizabeth 133 Bondi. Joe 295 Agrusa, Lisa 128325.335.484.486 Arabian Allison 271 Bal Charan 24 Benner. Valerie 133 Bone. Randall 352 Aguiar, Connie 128 Aradian Mgo 130 Baibin, Alma 132,32 ' ? Bennen, Steven 133,312 Bonilla, Jesus 352 Agu ' lar Sandy 348 Aragon, Debi 241 Balcazar, Gabnela 13. Benowitz, Brian 287 Bono, Maria 135 Aguileia, Al 295 ArakaKi, Jill 348 Baldo, Juliana 350 Benowitz, Jeff 351 Bonozo, Kathy 253 Aguinatdo, Margaret- Ann 324 Arakawa, Kathie 250 Baldo Juli nna 24( Benson, Bill 304 Bontemps, Todd 135,272 Aguirre, Julia 128 Arbizo, Sieve 130 Baldfidge, Jackie 246 Bental, David 133 Bonura, Victoria 135 Aguirre Renato 291 Archer, Barbara 395 Baldwin, Angela 318,350 Benzick. Kaihryn 134 Bonzon. Belinda 135 Aguirre Sergio 129 Archer, Evangeline 349 Baldwin. Kristy 132 Bercel, Yvene 134 Boos, Mark 305 Aguiar Vince 291 Archer Heather 258349 Baley, Tim 295 Beres, Eileen 253,351 Boring, Joshua 268 Agunde; Lysa 250 Archer Michele 239,254 337 Balian, Meg 319,335 Berg. Brian 299 Borodin. Linda 249 Ahlers, Ron 268 Areghini. Andrea 250349 Balian, Robert 1 32 Berg, Peter 287.351 Boruah Safina 352 Ahli. All 292 Arenson. ScotI 349 Ball, Denise 97 Berg, Renee 134 Borucki. Jill 258 Ahmad Barbara 324 Argue, 8etsy 246 Ball, Eric 30 Bergart, Douglas 351 Boldorf, Jim 326 Ahmadi, Reza 319 Anas, Judith 349 Ballard, Sean 325 Bergei, Aaron 351 Boion. Aliki 245 Ahrar. Kamran Aietlo, Anthony 296 348 129 Anas, Julie Arms, Jonathan 263 299 Ballinger Er:k Balzhiser, Kaihryn 280,350 Berger, Heidy 253 Berger Jonathon 134.241 317 Bottehsa an Mojgan Bouchez, David 135 135 Aieiio. Joeiie 24 6 5 Armstrong. Jim Armstrong. John 292 271 Bamshad Babak Banaies, Juiie 319,350 Berger Leah 132 Bergher. Magali 134 313 Bougher. Kimberly Bouillon. Marne 257 305 Aieilo. Linda 32 Aihara. Liane 348 Armstrong, Katrina 265349 Banich, James 132 Bergines, Barbara 134 Bouldm, Shen 95 Ainswonh. Rick 280 Arnold Edward 130292 Bank head. Tobrene 253 Berglund. Shauna 263 Bourgeois. Jill 324,352 Aiielli Lisa 129 Arnold. Glenn 296 Bannister, Marianne 266 Berglund. Victoria 134 Bowen, Kelly 352 Akely Jay 129 Arnold. Rrchard 292 Banton, Darryl 268 Bergman, Allen 299 Bower, Nancy 254 Akers Kirslen 335484,486 Arnold. Stephanie 254 Bara. Jeff 29 Bergsirom. Jenny , 888 249 Bower Susan 135 250 Alaghcband Pooran 129 Arnone, Jim 288 Barajas. Dmo 350 Berk, Anthony KHKk T34 299 Bowling, Kyra Alba Jennifer 258 Aronson Peter 271 Barak, Jennifer 263,350 Berkoft, Jill ,.,. K 253 Boyce. Aimee 135 Aibanese. Anastasia 250 Arreguin Ivan 268 Barakat Basel 337 Berkowitz, Beth ...1 H B ' Boyd Mark 304 Albane-ie Siasi 124 Arreygue, Terry 266 Barakai, Yassi 324 Berkowitz, Nma 1 Hi Boyer, Ann 106 Albarar, Renato 129 Arrieta. Phil 295 Baral, Joel 288 Berman, Monica ,,..,1 B Boyko. Lee 135 Alberghetti, Daniele Aibertazii, Anne 348 242 Airiola, Ray Arroyo, Susan Arst, Jason 271 Barbara, Sonya Barbara, Veglia Barbaio. Vincent 950 Berman. Stephanie H H 249 35) Boyle, Ruth 135.254 130 263 Berman, Wendy VHI 2 Boysen. Greta 258 Alberts Scott 271 349 132.278 Bermeo, Melissa I Pi ?57 Bozajian, Gina 352 135 258 Alborghetti, Dar n 302 Artavia. Monica 245 Barber, Ray 350 Bermeo, Robert 278 Bozajian, James Albrecht, Michelle 266 Anemofi Angelina 349 %A biAy Zenon 103 Bermudez, Liz 258 Bradach, Michelle Albrect. Calhi 250 Arvizu, Maik 275 Barcaw. Tom 305 Bernacchi, Carol 260 Brades, Clay 280 Aicock, Elizabeth 129 Aryel, Shireen 265 Bardeau, Roger 132 Beinal. Santiago 335 Bradley, Maria 250 Alderman, Carolyn 234,260 Arzaga, Louie 124 Barer. Daniel 132 325 Bernard. Christine 249 Bradley, Tom 30 Aldrich, Jim 287 Asagat, Rolando 300 Baril, Tina 265 Bernardo, Donna 134 Bradshaw, Jeff 280 Alessi, Nicole 258,335,484.486 Asari, Sandra 318 349 Barish, Gregory 350 Berninger. George 326.351 Bradwell, Lillian 136 312 324.352 Alexander, Donna 242.312 Ascencio, Ed 313 Barkate, Harold 287 Bernstein. Dina 253 Brady, Erin Alexander. James 129 Ashcraft, Michael 349 Barker, Tracey 31 Beintein Keith 299 Brady, Kelly Alexander Jim 83 Ashida, Mary 324 Barkes, Paul 295 Beroukhim. Angela 134.319 Bragonier, Elizabeth 253 Alexandra Carl 129 Ashley Lisa 325 Barlas, Mitch 295 Berry, Alison 134 Brajevich. Joseph 136.325 Airord John 129 Ashton, Scott 287 300 Barley Knsten 258 Berry Angela 134.253 Bran, Marc 136 Algazi Jessica 325 Ashworth James 130 Barman John 350 Berry Rob 134.287 Brand. Elsie 265 Algernon 420 Ashworth Scott 305 Barnacle Tracy 258 Berrons, Jennifer 245 Brand, Stephen 136 Aliaga Nicole 250 Asmar Nader 296 Barnard Laura 253 Bertozzi Lyn 266.337 Branda. Geoff 268 Al.gne. Andrew 129 Assang, Adriane 349 Barnbaum. Debbie 267 Benrell, Kns 250 Branda, Gus 268,352 136 268 245 Alimento. Kenneth 129 Asiengo Momque 254 Barnes Julia 350 Beshara, Michelle 134 Branda. Michael Ur Sean 348 Allcins. Dave 124 Barnes Kelly Barnes. Linda 350 Beueile, Anne 253 Brandel, Rachel Aiiard Mike 271 Atn, All 292 266 Beuerlein. Michele 134 Brandenberger. Wade 305 Allen, Anne 129 Attiesey, keiih 278 Barnes, Rebecca 132 Bezjian. Linda 351 Brandes, Clayton 136 Allen, Bob 348 Atwater. Gigi 249 Barness. Dean 299 Bianchina. Richard 351 Brandes. Jenny 242 Allen, Bonnie .129 Atwaler. June 266 Barnetl, Karen 249 Biba, Slefanie 258 Brandi. Kimberly 136 Allen, Chris ...291 Au, Sently 130 Barnen Theodore 132 Bibicoft Allison 258 Brandon. Erin 250 Allen Li beih 241 Aubry, Gina 130 Barney Susan 335 Bibicoff. Hillary 258 Branham, Leslie 241 352 Allen, Michael 129.272 Auertjach. Debbie 266 Barnwell, Pairicia 35 Bickel, Knss 134 Branson, Trovoyum Allen, Todd 292 Ault, Kelli 349 Barondes. Jessica 257 Bickell, Oeidra 134 234,260.261 Brant. Keiih 326 Allen Tracy 253.348 Aus()y Donna , 130 Baroumand Cindee 260 Bickenon, Diana 246 Bratkovich, Lisa 258 Aiiensworth, Sharyl 348 Ausley James,., , 125 296 Baireiro, Mariene 241 Biddy Catherine 134.242 Braun. Stephanie 249 Allice, Lance 348 Austin. Daniel 349 Barnera Brooke 254 Biddy. Shelby 266 Bray. Erin 352 Alliwn Lynn 242 Austiia Janito 130 Barrera, Ray 295 Bieber Elisa 134 Bray. Karen 324 Ailman. Stacy 129325 Austria Maria 131 Barren, Daniel 132 Biefeld, Erie 114 Breier, Lylie 245 Allnt-i Michelle 337 Autz Rich 287 Barren. Patricia 1 32 Bien. Nicole 134 Brennan. Kathleen 136.246 258 Ailoggiamenio, Chnsime 129,246 Auzene Douglas 349 Barren, Susan 250 Bierschenk Kuri 305 Brennan, Kathy AHoggiamento Tom 348 Aveiy, Chris 268 Barren. Tom 288 Biggs, Jetfry 351 Brennan, Paul 136 253,352 Allowit , Erin 312 Avery. Ai An f: 263 349 Barrick, Jennifer 250 Bihari. Barna 134 Brennan. Tracy Allwardf Dan 348 Avild, Roger 325 Barrios, Albert 132 Bilger Luke 351 Btenneisen. Laura 136,242,239 Alrneid, , Joel 348 Avina, Lindley 258 BHtrod, Lisa 253 Bilger, Mane 58.59 Brent. Daniel 291.352 Almquisr Lori 250 Axline, Sheryl 246 Barron Michael 280 Binaski. Peier 134 Bresee, Don 300 Aloquious 420 Axtell, Jeffrey 131 Barronofsky, Sam 302 Bindeman. Bill 292.351 Bresky Lisa 253 Alston, Kelly 404.405 Axtell, Jonathan 350 Barshop, Michael 132 Binder Josh 299 Breuer, Nancy 250 353 Aiinouie. Dana 129.253 Ayala, Hectoi 124 Bariake. Harold 86 Binkley, Momque 250 Brewer Emily Aliounian, Brian 129 Ayres, Tratey 26 3 Barth, Jpff 299 B " d Chnsiina 134,249 Bridges Jana 254 ji 272 i Alishule, Joe 335 Ayrres Tracey 263 Barth, Steve 326 Birjandi, Nahid 134 Briggs. Preston 136 1 Alurralde. Marcela 129 Azarloza Armando 317 BarlH-n Brw 263 Biriandi. Reza 135 Brill, Ahssa Alva Kimberly 348 Azarmehr Shahin 1 31 B- rilcn Michael 29235 Birken LiSa 249 Bnsacher. Rich 275 I Alv-irado Mike 287 Azizzadeh, Soleyman 131 BHiilt-y Shane 1 32 Birman, Dan 284 Brition. Lara 250 r erockwnk. Trace? 3J6 Cametota, Caten 137.241.326 Chappeii, Brent Jrodie, Moilyann Z63 Catntnack Sam 124 Chappell, l m Brodrwniky, Missy ibl Camp Kathenne 246 Chappeii. Vere Brody, Scon 312 Campbell, Chtistie 137.265 Charlton, Gaty 3roms Mike 287 Campbell. Douglas 137.291 Chanier. John Bfook Je« 295 Campbell. Elizabeth 353 Chase. Jeff Brooks Anqelle 326,394 Campbell. Lon 249 Chaslow, Karen Brooks John 136 Campos Sata 325 Chau, Quang JrosJfTief Kifslen 353 Camton. Jeff 305 Chau«, Dilly Brcinom Dmne , 263 Canales Tina 253 C ASi 2. LiSCia Sfougher Srpni JfOugher Kim 3roukriim Milka 287 Canellopolous Laura 254 Chave? Mark 312 Canning QatcA- n 234,241.337,353.355 Chavez Mike 319 Canning Cotinne 138,234.241,355 Chen Angela BrousdsdftJ Yvetie 266 Cannizzato Anthony 138 Chen. Charles Broustrjrx). Heatriei 335 Cantelmi, Chtislophei 136,280.323 Chen Christine Brown Betsy 242 Za fai. Peatly 138 Chen Oeanna Jrown Chuck 115 Capobianco, William 138 Chen Fet-Ming Brown DavicJ 296 Capps, Andy 291 Chen, Frank 136 r jnrn f nthia 254 Crytr . Ida Jrown DeCra v-df . v,yi t i nd Jfown Douglas 284 337 Caracctolo, Lisa 324 Chen, Isaac Jrown JaiTie 94 Cartxjnneau, Rick Cardenas, CutDerto 305 300 Chen Ivonne Brown James Brown Joanna 271 260.353 Chen, Jane Cardenas. Linda 325 Chen, Kitry hown Knstin 257 Cardinas, Audrea 325 Ch n. Lisa Brown La Oeua 353 Cardona. Thelma 393 Chen, Lisa Jfown Lenny 305 Catdoso-Duarte. Tnsha 138 Chen, Mary Ann Brown Molly 246 Cardweii. David 138 Chen, Mary S J own ReDecca 265 Careaga Mario 353 Chen, Pamela 3rown RoOerr 288 Carey Anne 257 Chen, Raymond Brown Ronni 136 Carey Carol 318 Chen, Ted Brown Shirley 318 Carey, Celeste 138 Chen, Victoria Brown Siephanie 324 Carfagno. Jean 323 Chen, William Hung-Hua Browne. Colleen 246 Cartagno, Laura 257 Chen, Woan-Ling Browne. Henry 136 Canani, Leslie 257 Chen, Vum-Chin Jrownell, Tnsha 257 Carillo, Corey 302 Chenauit, Richard drowning. Bradford 257 Canno, Gino 304 Cheng. Gia 3roxton Tamerlin 2 136250323 Carlisle. Yverte 138 Cheng, Grace Bruce. Lynette 136,253 Carlos, Rogel 275 Cheng. Lorame 3rumDach Steve 287 Carlos. Rozanne Carlson. Christina 265 138 Cheng, Louisa Brunda Kathleen 324 Cheng May 3ninne( Stephen 137 Carlson Kim 3)8353 Cheong. Wellson 3runo. Michael 353 Carlson. Knstm 258 Cherkoori. Ram 3ruz?one Lisa 137,253 Carlson, Marc 275 Cheung, Bart)ara Bryant, Jennifer Bryant KanOi 239.241.316,317.3? 137 258 5,353,484.486 Carlson, Russell 138 Cheung, May Cheung Norman Carlton, Kathy 221 BryanL Knsime 353 Carmen, Gary 138 Cheung Simon Bryant Mrke 353 Carmicheal. John 271 Chew Michelle Bryn, Sean 353 Caronan, George 138 Chew Stacey Sua Michelle 246 Carothers, Andrew Carpenter, Casey 138 226 Chew. Thayer Buchanan Came 250 Chew. Tracey Buchman Romy 242 Carpenter, Michael 353 Chi. Joseph Buck, James 137 288 Carr, Greg 288 Chi Tony Bucktin, Kathy 250 Carr. Tony 228 Chiang, Enc Budde, Ton 295 Carraceia, Madeim 138 Chiang, Ling Bueck. Pam 353 Carrasco. Kiersten 263 Chiang. Nancy Buehnng Lisa 137 Carrera, Mancruz 353 Chiang, Shun-Chen Buggy. Margaret 137 Carrol , Elizatieih 353 Chien, Ming Buhler. Melissa 137 Carsalade, Fernando 115 Chik, Norman Bulgatz. Denms 353 Caner, Chns 292 Childers. Thomas Bull. Pete 295 Carter, Elizabeth 138 Chilingarian Anahn Bunce, Chris 305 Caner, Lynn 138 Chilprm, Jeff Bunch, Tina 137,254 Caner, Michaela 260 Chin, Annie Bundoc. Michelle 353 Cartet, Rand 124 Chin, Beverly Bungalon, Horencio 137 Carry. Christine 258 Chin, Carolyn Bunnage, Stacy 137 Carvacho, Patricia 138 Chin. Darlene Bunnell- Justin 353 Casdorph, Chnstin Case, Kelley 138 138,239,258,218,219 Chin, Eric Bunner. Ed 292 Chin, Kena BurDKJge. Eric - 275 Casey. Kim 263 Chin, Marcella Burger. Lora 266.326 Cass. Rusty 291 Chitnis. Sangeeia Burgmeier, Elaine 258 Cassano. Tina 246 Chiu, Carver Burk. Kfisi 395 Cassidy, Shawn 138 Chiu, Clara Burke. Dan 271 Cassmeili, Cynthia 138,312 Chiu Michael Burke Geoff 353 Castelblanco, William 138 Cho Byonghak Burleson, Linda 239,263 Castellani. Manalaina 253 Cho, David Burley Marty 275 Casieiianos Cesar 138 Cho. Eun Jcx3 Bumiie John 137 Casteneda Carina 266 Cho, Irene Bums. Gail 137,265 Casteneda. Robert 300 Cho. James Bums Karen 353 Castillo, Cynthia 138.253 Cho, Margie Bums. Tracy 265 Castillo, Eirzataeih 354 Cho. Michael Burrows. Jim 275 CasWio. Gus 288 Cho, Yung Hoon Bum, Kathleen 353 Castonguay, Mark 272 Chodak, Lisa Busailah Muna 254 Castro, Ed 302 Choden Pema Bush. Renee 266 Castfo, John 354 Choe Chns Bush, Wendy 258 Castro, Peter 139 Choi, Chunseo Busono. Judi Bustillos. Ernest 328 137 Caton. J til 260 Choi. John Cau, Leeann 246 Choi, Linda Butaia. Sandra 258 Caulk, Jeff 354 Choi. Wonbin Butcher Carol 123 Cavoto. Janine 139 Choice, Amy BuOer. Caria 137 Cayetano, Virginia 139 Cholakian, Caren Butler. Carla 245 Cellner. Michelle 250 Chon. Samuel . BuOer. Lisa 260 Center, Steve Cenirone, Patricia 278 139 Chong, Mindy _- Butler Norman 353 Chong. Sunghi Butsko. Jill 253 Ceragioir, Matt 287 Choo Ann Butt. Oavina 353 Cenllo, Michael 354 Chough, Regina , Byland. Sam 2S4 Cerniky. Dennis 307 Chou djian. Elizabeth Byrd Cathy Byrd Gerald 253 137 Ceron, Olga 324 Chow Ben Cervenka, Gordon Cervini, Lisa 139 139 Choy Eliot Byrd Jenntter 253 Choy, Oojin Byrne John 28C Chacon. Mark Chaffin. Bill Chan, Lisa 354 313 249 Chnstensen, Casey Byrne Mrke 299 Christiansen, Bill Bywaier Jame: 137 Christie, Cory Chfistopulos, Mark Chaibers. Kathleen Chaleff. Michael 253 278 Chnsty Greg Chambers. Doran 275 Chu, Eric f m m Chambers. Lorena 312.324,354 Chung. Charles V i Chan. Andrea 249 Chung Jay % Chan, Anja 253 Chung, Jeffrey Chan, Christine 139 Chung, Yong Joe Chyr Charotte Chan, Cnstina 254 317 CaOacungan. Cns 137 Chan, Hawkin 354 Ciarcaglini, Margo Cade Julie 26C Chan, Ingrid Chan, Judy 139 312 Ciccarelli, Nancy CaDebe Anthony 137 Cic one Christine Cabot Micnete 253 Chan, Kenneth 125 Ciepley, Jessica Canill Sally 353 Chan, Michele 139 Cieslak, Kimberly Caifns Dana 326 Chan, Patricia 139 Ciganko, John Cajulis, Olivia 137 Chan, Roy 139 Claman Doug Calce, Al 29 Chan, Suzanne 249 Clark Ann Calderon Raul 353 Chand, David 354 Clark, Christopher Caldwell Slacey 335 Chandler, Peie 280 Clark, Deborah Calfas, Scon 325 Crisriq. Anna 354 Clark Michelle Calhoun Katen I37,25C Chang, Chns 139 Clarke Chrissy Calhoun. Loffaine 246 Chang. Dan 124,354 Classen, R Derek Catifalo Nicholas 353 Chang. Hwi 139 Clatand. Chns Caliguifi Paul 1 14 Chang, Isabeal 254324 Clauson, Kathy Callaghan. Steve 326 Chang, Kate 139 Clem. Joe Callaghan. Thotnas 137,295 Chang. Lauri 335 Clemans Gayle Callan. Lisa 26C Chang, Lydia 139 Clementi Tammy Callicoatt. Ben 268 Chang Sean 139 Clew Chene Callison Ann 253,353 Chang, Stella 140 Cleye Rodger Calmette, Wallet 27 Chang, Steve 140 Clifford Amy Calsyn Todd 353 Chang, Won koo Chang. Yooni 140 241 Clifton Kelli Calton Jtll 24 Clinton, Dave Camaia Dofhinic 137 Chao. Heaor 280 Clinton Kathleen Catntiell Gene 304 Chao. Tiley 354 Clinton, Olabisi Catneta Mia 250 Chapel. Laura 97 Cloud Monique Catneion, Diane 124 Chapman. Laurie 96 97 Cloutrer Brad Cameton Kainetme 253 Chapman, Lisa 246 Cloutier David 305 Cobb, Jacqueline 257,355 Ctoziet, Andiea 253 263 Coberly, Bud 271 Cfum. Nancy 253.312.335,484,486 125 Coffey, Patricia 253 Cfuz, Godoltedo 356 140 Coffin. ¥.t:r 272 Ctuzat, Bea 258 140 Cogan, Cathy 249 Csiszat, Jim 288 305 Cogan, Karen 319 Cua, Matt 271 257 Cohen, Aaron 299 Cuellar. Anihony 271 140 Cohen, Brian 302 Cumiskey, Sean 287 239 246 Cohen, Jilt 258 Cunning. Tracey 260 140 Cohen, Kipp 284 Cunningham, Eric 288 354 Cohen, Marc 284,355 Cunningham, Vicki 257 288 Cohen Rachelle 326 Cutci, Tony 305 354 Cohen Sharon 242 Cutrte, Matt 335 140 Cohen Soma 325 Cutry, Tetesa 357 140 Cohen-Sitl Daphne 245 Cuttice, R Evans 292 312 254 Cohn, Beth 241 Cunis, Dana 253 140 Cohn, Jennifer 241 Cunis, Gieg 275 140,292 Cohn, Mark 355 Cushnei, Alex 275 354 Cohn Mike 21,284 Custino, Dertick 357 140 Cokk Pam Colao Man 249 302 Cutler, Michael 292 357 140 Cyt, Tracy 250 140 Colburn Blake Colby, Trevor 271 275 140 r € N 140 Cole Chns 124 324,325 Coleman Brad 355 m m 1 1 354 Coleman Peter 299 J . J LJ 318354 Collier. Neal 355 ■ p 326 Collins, Bob 305 354 Collins, Felicia 355 D Amore, Brandi 254 288 Collins, Fulty 233 287 Dabrowski, Christine Dacut, Michele 241 266 Collins. Jason 355 335,357 354 Collins, Jenifer 253 Dada, Naila 335484,486 140 Collins, Jill 242 Daft, Jennifer 253,425 140 Collins, Lesie Coiome, Noelie 258 257 Dagget, Dave 291 140,295 Dagucon. Dawn 324 354 Colton. Bliss Colucci, Jodie 257 249 3aher, Teresa 258357 354 Dahl. Eric 295 140 Comparato, Andrea 242 Dahlinger, Candice 357 354 Conant Whit 299 Dattey, Jill 37,357 140 Concoff Andrew 299 Dale. Eric 275 140 Concoff. Corey 299 Dale, Laura 242 140 CorxJren 277 Daley. Shawn. 357 140,354 Congolon, John 277 Dalton. Jennifer 266 354 Coniue, Jeff 112 Daly. Alison 246,357 354 Conly Debbie , 260 Daly Megan 246 140 Conners. Sieffanie Connolly. Jim 312 110 Daly, Micaela 263 354 Daizeli. Candice 242357 354 Connolly, Suzanne 263 Damask. Jim 299 141 Connor Carol 263 Dameron, Susie 234,246 141 Connors Steffani 249 Dames. Peter 292 141 Conrad. Mike 271 Damore, Eddie 278 354 Conway, Mike 278 Damore. Steve 278 354 Conwell, Julie 246 Dampman. Stephanie 263 291 Conzonire, Jodi Cook, Angie 263 265 Damron. Stacy 253 141 Dang. Jacqueline 357 141 Cook, Bob 307 Daniel, Chns 287 141 Cooke, Jennifer 266 Dann, Debbie 250 141 Ccx lman, Maria 249 Danson Ted 31 124 125 Ccwns, Dee 242 Danzig, Elizabeth 239257 141 Coop, Courtney ,257 Dar. Jonathon 284 272 Coop, Krysial 260 Daspit. Robert 357 323 Cooper Craig 284 Dau, Sara 257 141 Ccxjper, Jackie 245 David, Mike 234,287 141 Cooper, Lynne 242 David, Sara 253 141 Cooper, Mark 268 Davidov, Ins 245 354 Cooper, Melissa 253 Davidson. Jonathon 284,317 324 Ccrapman, Siacey 257 Davis, Kelly 357 141 Cope, Kevin 355 Davis, Kimberly 266 141 Cope, Kristen 263 Davis, Lara 266 141 Copeland, Mike 280 Davis, Pamiia 266 141 326 Corbell. Peter 356 Davis, Steve 325 141 Cordova Lorena 356 Davis Suzi 260 329 Cordova, Norma 429 Davis. Tim 272 268 Cornejo, Carol 242 Davisson, Whitney 324.326,357 141 Cornell. Steve 287 Dawe. Tricia De Armas. Rutherford 242 329 Cornwell, Melanre 246 357 268.354 Corral Jo Ann 356 De Grosz, Kurt De La Chappei, Hank 287 329 Corral, Lucia 394 287 329 Corralejo, Paul 284 De La Loza. Cynthia 357 329 Corren, Adam 356 De Lauren. April 325 241 Corsaro. Theresa 253 De Long, Marti 324 354 Corstglia, Chns 305 De Monet, Philip 357 318 Cortese, Vince 356 DeBriere Clare 253 329 Cosbrove. Rosalind 253 DeCarvalho Alez 258 355 Cosley Cindi 242 DeCasiro, David 284 329 Cosmas. Lisa 260 DeCnsce Dean 288 .,268 Cossack, Ron 299 DeJesus, Leilam 325 24 Cossene, Michelle 253 DeKraker, Laura 21 250 ,263.355 Cost, Nancy 356 DeLaney, Jay 357 355 Cosiain, Marc 233.287 DeLeon. Alex 275 258 Coslam, Marc 287 DeLong, Marti 254 329 Cosiello Karen 312 DeMers. Dwight 295 253 Costello, Tim 280 DeMers. Larry 295 253 Cote Suzy Cotler Emily 356 245 DeSantis, Jill 249 ,355 DeSantis, Lisa 242 .312 Cotrell, Knstin 124.254 DeVera. Jaime 280 299 Coty Brian 292 DeWeese, Kelly 324 .288 Coty Paul 271 DeWitt, Caren 326 275 Couch. Tracy 265 Dealy, Mike 305 292.325 Coulbourn, Kathy 242 Deans. Rick 300 287 Course, Karen 325 Decker, Monica 335 296 Courtney, Monica 257 Deebaj, Linda 324 272 Coval. Larry 291 Deems, Chns 357 355 Covarrubias, Lilia 356 Deherrera, Shanrion 253 326 Covella Rozanna 325 Defdcer. Julie 263 355 Cowan, Bruce 275 Del Carlo. Janelle 246 312 Cowan, Kenneth 284 Del Grande. Shaun 278 329 Cowan Staci 312 Del Junco. Lourdes 357 325 Cox. Gini 249 Del Rosario, Joe 124 242 Cox Mike 304 Del Rosario. Marissa 325 257 Cox, Rich 275 DelGrande, Shawn 1124 318 Crabill, Sheri 37,356 Deleon, Marco 291 246 Cracrafi, Cnstin 250 Delfino. Rebecca 314.322 253 Craib, Betsy 395 Delgado, Carmen 265 272 Craig, Cindy 246 Delmarter, Michael 357 291 Craig, Julie 250 Demarest. Laune 253 250 Cram. LeAnne 250 Demmg, Kathleen 260 312 Cravel, Mary Pal 102 Deng. Emily 357 324 Crawford, Jacqueline 253 Denison, Allen 357 246 Creger, Bradford 272 Dennis, Linda 265 260 Creighton. LaKx a 260 Dennison Debbie 258.326 325 Creighion, Ixa 246 Dentz, Daphne 357 302 Crenna. Maria 260 Denyes Nancy 242 254 Crissman, Carole 234,318,335.350,356.484,486 Der-Megerdichian. Shant 357 325 Cnst, Annie 263 Der-Megerdichian. Tamar 325 355 Critton Lisa 241,356 Deremian. Chnsta 263 249 Croft, Andy 295 Dern. Warren 124 246 Cromack. Nicole 319 Dettmann. Steve 288 115 Crook Patrick 356 Deutsch. Adam 278 253,355 Croom Elizabeth 312 Devening, Jennifer 257 242 Crosby Sean 288 Devereaux. Chns 292 287 Croskey Lmda 356 Devore. Mark 284 253 322325 C " frm haiAvn 356 Dewm, Mary DiMaggio. Mike 257 Cfow Doug 124 278 324 Cfowell Don 296 DiMuro, Deanna 263 295 Cfowley Diane 260 Diamonr, Rachel 245 313 Cfoy Btenda 242 Diaz Donald 357 Dick man. Sherman 278 El Sayed Dorea 246 Ferrante, Chuck 288 Fraychineaud. Matthew 152.280 Gelb, Anne 265 ■ Dickler, Brian 271 Eiam, Debbie 25£ Ferraro, Amedeo ISI Frazee. Jill 253 Geib, Barbara 154.323 ■ Diego, Alice 239.241.317 Elbaum. Sharon 245,312 Ferraro. Rosy 242 Frederick Kathleen 152 Gelb Marcy 154 I Diesel, Carol 254 Elden, Monica 323 Ferret, Craig 300 Free. Dylan 152 Gelbard, Darren 299 1 Diesenhaus, Sarah .245 Etekiia 42C Feuer, Sonja 324 Freebairn-Smilh. Jennifer 152 Geleiko Janet ;ig| Dietlin, Eric 357 357 Elgin, Ccliy 257 Field, Lisa Fife. Bechanne 263 Freel. Michele ' 5 1 Freeland. Dudley Mihran 241 152.288.325 Geller Todd Difranoa, Michele Eiias. Sylvia 359 Gellman, Bruce 299 ■ Diggs, Elizabeth 257 Elkins, Brad 299,323 Frgeroa. Tomac 300 Freeland, Hovhanness 152 288.325 Geiman, Haney 361 ■ Dtllet. Karen 258324 Elkins, Cindy 266 Figueroa, Nancy 258 Freeman, Amber 260 Genova Gina 239.250 Djmuccp. Mia 357 Eliertson. Jon 295 Findling. Dave 287 Freeman, Christopher 360 Gentleman, Donna 250 Dmh. Paul 291 Elltoi, Mark 295 Finegold. Brian 278 Freeman, John 121 Geraghty Sean 361 Dion, Catherine 324 Ellis. David 299 Fink. Ashley 260 Freeman, Larry 312 Gerger, Rick 278 Dirk nn Ali J) 265,324325 324 358 325 Ellis, Lisa 324 Finkel. David Finkel. Jodi Finley, Preston Finn. Pat 151.291 Freeman, Leanne 245 Freeman, Lon 292 f rri n Ti mr 254 260 152 Gerges. Chawki Gerlach. Jennifer Gershon. Brooke 154 154 246 Divinagracia. GG Dm, Martin Dixon. Alecia Ellis, Mark 292 Elumba. Joyce Emerald Anna 312 35 5 - ■ ' ' ricti Noi 1. 1 ur ly 305 Frees, Gregory 152 Gertsman, Dixie 154 Dizon, Antoneih 358 Emmrich, Helena 3lfi Finney, Karen 102 Freidman, Slacy 254 Gervin, Valerie 154 Diif 1 ilun 265 Empringham. Scott 27 Finocchiaro. Teresa 151,246 Freitas, Mrchele 324.360 Gesas. Michelle 154 253 C C luiich. Danica 258 Encheff Danielle Enciso Dianne Eng. Craig Engel. Ton Engeisen. Stephanie 324,359 359 326 Fischer, Dena Fischer, Michael Fisher Janet 151,257 F 151 F .263 f 263 f 359 f tench. Christopher rench. Janice rench. Leona tench. Mike 360 153 I5j Gesser Hubert 296 lugosch. James 304 358 Getlelman. Julie Gevorkian, Sevak 361 361 Do. Lien 325 325 257 335 484,486 Fisher, Kaisey Fisher, Kathy 268 Gewecke. Ellen Ghag, Amerjit 151 154 Do. Nga renkel. Tamar 153 234.24 .335.484 486 Doan. Jennifer 234.260 Engsirom, Kristen 26C Fisher, Mike 295 Freund Nancy 242 Ghavsi. Simine 253 Doan. Kim 326 Ensign. Lisa 253 Fisher. Mindy 246 Frew Carly 246 Ghazarian, Sylvia 335.484.486 Dobak John 287 Ensley Tessa 359 Fisher, Terese 257 Frrck, Lana 153 Giacobbi, Ceiia 239.260 Dobbs II. Bill 358 Epelbau, Eva 323 Fishman. Brian 151 Friedenberg, Scott 124 Giaii, Dale 154 Dobson, Laurie 246 Ephraim Mike 27 Fishman, Joan 246 Frredlander Sheryl 326 Giambruno, Jeanme 246 Dobson Tracey 260 Epstein, Jeff 284 Fishman, Lisa 265 Friedman Andrew 299 Giannim, Dave 280 Dodson, Tnna 258 Epstein, Scon 284 Fite, Bndgit 257 Frredman, Eric 284 Giannotti, Bradley 154 Dohrmann, Bob 292 Erlenkolier, Bimla 359 Fitzgerald, Dee Dee 266 Friedman, Gabi 360 Gibbs. Margaret 254 Dgi, Cliff 326 Escowitz. Hal 29 ; Fitzgerald, Tara 151 260 Friedman, Jon 280 Gibson, Jerri 154.241 Dorron. Geoffrey 358 Eskanos, Amy 245 Fitzmorns. John 288 Friedman, Laurence 121 326 Gibson. John 361 Dolinko, Adam 288 Esp arza, Linda 254 Fitzmorris, John 325 Friedman, Sharon 153 245 Giedt. Jeff 361 Doilrnger, Steve 305 Espejo-Saavedra, Fernando 359 Fiizpatnc, Seamus 271 Friedrich, Irmgard 153 Gtes, Ronald 154 Dolyniuk, Chrystina 358 Espinoza, Valerie 359 Fitzpatrick, Kelly 268 Friese, Heidi - 242 Giese. Jennifer 154.241 Domantay, Rowena 241 Espiritu. Augusto 395 Fitzpatrick. Richard 1 5 1 Frimel Bill 295 C3iese Juliet 154 Dombrower, Mike 284 Espos ' io. Gena ISC Fix. Chnstine 359 Fiisco, Jacquelyn 153.266 Gilad. Yael 258312 Domingo, Calhy 249 Essner, Lee 299 Fizzolio, Denise 312 Frilsche, Wendy 153 Giiani. Sepi 326 Domingo, Janei 258 Esta ' lla, Pete 29 Flanagan, Dana 360 Frost, Angela . . 261; Gilbert, Bradley 272 Domingo. Myrna 326 Esters, Dan 292 Flanagan, Sheila 242 Frost, Gretcnen ... I24.25C Gilbert Monique 154 Dominguez, Ed 280 Esieverena. Alex 359 Flanders, Jim 292 Frost, Nicholas 36C Gilcrest Vickilyn 250 Dominguez, Susan 358 Estrada, Ernesto ISC Flattum, Susan 360 Fry, John 292 Gilkey, Sharon 154.266 Donahue, Terry 87 Estrada, John 292 359 Fleischer, Michael 284 360 Fry Kurt 115 Gill, Jennie 335 Donee. Lisa 318358 Estrada, Rose Marie 267 Fieischman. Joshua 360 Frye Amy 253 Gill. R Vaughn 125 Doolinie. Mary 99 Estrada, Sandie 3S9 Fleischman, Steven 360 Frye, Dale 272 Gillott, John 280 261 249 324 Estrada. Steve Estfella, Corinne Eitesvold. Lisa 317 ISC 106 Fleishman, Richard Fleming, Peter Hans Fletcher, Joy 360 Frykman, Bill 360 Fudge Randel 151 318 Fuentes, Bartie 27 153 254 Giimore Beatrice 361 c — ' c c Ofian, Jennifer Gilmore William Gilyot. Danielle 361 124 )or(inko. Adam 358 Dorman Darby Dormoy. Shon 250 291 Ettinger Adam Euyoque, Maria 288 325 ISC Fletcher, Mark Fletcher. Wendy 360 107 " uidak. Bren ujii. Hiromi 302 324 Gmdy. Todd 155.292 Gingold. Stephen 155.299 Dorn, Jill 257 Evans Jeffrey 359 Fleury, Yvonne 79 360 ujimoto Yuiiko 26536C Ginsberg. Mark 299 Doshi, Sonya 358 Evans, Mane 234,26C Flinn. LeeAnne 258 ' ujishage Jane 324 Gipson, Shern 155 Doty. Jill 246 Evans, Michele 359 Flood. Julie 258 ' ujishige Beth 153 Gire. Kim 242 Dougherty, Giegory 296,358 Evans, Robert 304 Floratos. Peter 307 ' ujishige. Jane 324 Gitier, Morris 361 Dougherry, Julie 257 304 272 358 249 Evans. Robin Evans Scon Evans, Susie 275 28£ 24S Florentine. Jana Flores, Monica Fiores, Ric Floresca. Renaio Florez. Dean 242 254 305 151 314 -ujishima Seiju " ullei Julie ' ullerton. Elm ' ullmei. Ian =ulmei Jack =ulton Eileen 15, 394 26f 29 280 31. 15. Glaniz Doug Glaniz, Stacey 291 326.361 Douglas. Andy Douglas. Michael Douglas, Shayam rini rmani Djhlu Glasgow. Kann Glass, Enc Glassman, Gwen 155.263 295 250 Evans Suzy Evanson, Laurel 26C 25C LJKJijiitai II, uai itia Doumini Mark 124 Evoka, Patricia ISC Flory, Mike 291 Glauberman, Adrian 245 Dowie Tamar 253 Ezeir, Alan BS ' Flynn, Patty 242 -uncher. Joseph F 42 ; Gleason, Abby 335 Dracd, John Drake, Don Dreishpoon, Mike 358 115 288 Focht. Tern 263 " ung. Julie r ungo. Fern Punk. Andrew 3732-1 12427 36C Gleason, Julia 257.335 1 » . Fogarry, Jack Fogelburg. Erik 242 124 230 Gleason, Kerry Gleason, Ruth 266 249 Dreskin. Joel 284 313,323 1 J Fohrman. Karen 324 Punk Maria 15- Glenn. Stephanie 155.245 Dreuth, Sybille Drez, Mike Dnscoll, Maura 249 278 105 253 ■ M K Fok, Mike Foley, Suzanne Folley. Christopher Fondren. James Fong. Belinda Fong, Charise Fong. Darin 307 151 151 360 151 325 Furamoto. Gaty Furumizo Stuart Fussell. Suzanne Fust. Paul 27E 15- 321 15 Glick, Michelle 245 m X f Glockner. Julie 242 I God Inez Ado if o Godinho. Michael 155 155 280 1 Dross Shann Fabros, Camilo Fade!, Karen Fagan. Thomas 359 150.33 Drucquer, Kristj Drummond Peter 246 1 14 Fymai. Stephanie 15. ijuuicy. -i ii ' jivjfji ici Goebel. Diane Goeble. Joe 155.258312 1 85 1 Dryden, Jennifer 249 360 Drysch. Paul 280 Fagen. Grace 312,35 ' : Fong. Evelyn 151 Goedecker. Cathenne 253 Dter, Dean 358 Fahn, David 29 " Fong. Kevin 296 m ¥ J Goedecker, Nandy 253 Duane George 305 Fahy. Bridget 25C Fong. Lawrence 275 K I. % 1 •» Goff Lisa 250 Dubas. Mark 288,358 Faierman. Stacey 24( Fong. Michael 27: L f» M Goland. Sigal 155 1 Dubin, Laura 266 Faierman. Stacy 32 Fong. Mitchell 312 " w Golbach, Emily 324 ' Dubordreu. Chuck Dudler, Julie 305 324 326 Fairtanks. Kathy Fairfax. Kevin 24 35 Fong. Victoria Foniana. Knsun 151 263 Gold Alison Gold Jerami 241 155 1 Gabriel, Andy il Duenas Kaihy 326 Faico Elizabeth 15( ) Foonberg, Julie 245 Gabriel. Tnsh. 250 Gold Paincia 155335 Dufel, Audrey 250 Faik Dana 15( Footman, Dana 21,151 Gabnelson, Stacy 153.25 Gold, Susan 245 Duffey, Tammy 358 Fall. James 1 50.26t Forbes. Shen 326 Gaffaney Anthony 360 Goidade Debbie 155 Dugan, Pam 121,263 Fallon, Kaihryn 15( ) Forbis. Paula 249 Gaffney, Kathy 258 Goidade, Terne 324 Duke, Beckett 249 Falso, Joe 27 Ford, Aithea 94 Gaines, Caiolyn 121.153,26 Goldberg, Cathy 155 1 Duly Kimberly 250 Fallings, Jennifer 25 Ford, James 292 Gajardo Gigi 36C rinlflhprn T rv 250 J Jt J J . IIOLJ Duncan. Knsiy 253 Fang, Jim 28i Ford. Jennifer 257 Galant, Michael 360 Goldberger, Andrew 1 55.299 Dunford, Jill 263 Fang. Wei 15 3 Ford. Jim .iMlli 305 Galanie, Donna-Mane 153.25 Goldberger. Jill 245 Dungey, Cr]ar r ing 1 18 Faraone, Diana 15 ) Ford. Samantha ■Hb " Gallagher, Kathetine 254.32 Golden. Dana 295361 Dunill, Deann 242 Farber. Laura 21,150,246,32 i Ford. Yolanda h| HHn ' ' Gallagher, Theresa 153,25 Goldenberg. Gary 155 Dunlap, Sheifeen 241,317,335 Farber. Steve 28 ) Forgy, Anne .„..„ . ..„....„„ 151 Gallardo, Cecilia 260,39 Goldfrne. Rachel 267,361 Dunn. Laurence 358 Farber, Todd 28( 3 Forouianzad Angela ISl Gallardo Stephanie 153,258 Goldin, Ariel 245 Dunne, Lisa 254 Farber, Tnsha 250.324,35 ? Forouzanpour, Fardad 151 Gallien, Gregory 15 Goldman. Cheryl 245 Durant. Adrienne 258 Fand. Amany 15 ) Forouzanpour, Mojgan i :.0 Gallivan, Megan 260 Goldman, Howard 155 Durazzo, Robert 124 Fanno, Lori 1 50,26 i Forrest, Maa iO Galluci, Gina 250 Goldman, Jeff 299 Dust, Mish 246 Farley, Rebecca 31 Forrisiaii. Rebecca 253,360 Galvan, Jaime 335 Goldman, Maria 245 Dution, Cathy 263 Farley. 32 ! Forsey. Stephanie 260 Gambill Mark 360 Goldner. Nicole 257 Dye, Brandie 253 Farney, David 31 3 Forsier, John 360 Gaminchi, Faiinousn 360 Goldstein, Apryl 246 Dyer, Michael 358 Farrah, Burke 29 Forsyth. Allyn 304 Gamon, Scott 300 Goldstein, David 156,299.323 Dv on [isa 263 Farrar, Jeffrey IS 3 Forsyth. Susan 151 Gamrin Anne 242 Goldstein, Gregory 156 Farrell, Eileen Farreli, Krisiin Farns, Juli 24 15 35 5 Fortner. Dave ' H D Fortner, Mani BP 5 Fosdick. Scon ....T " :..... _. 271.312 Gandhi, 8imal Ganguin, Ann Margaret Gann, Jennifer 153 Goldsiein, Markham 153,241 Goldstein, Rhonda 246 Goldstein, Richard 299 1 56.246.323 156.323.361 r- . A Z . 265 98 M A, Farns, Karen 24 ' Fossgreen. Anita 151 GaraPedian, Liza 360 Goliub. Sara 245 yr r Farrow, Buff 109.28 7 Foster, Greg 89 Garcia, Carlos 305 Golovchinsky Gene 156 1 M Farrow, Jodi 25 7 Fountame, Shuvea 125 Garcia, Connie 26 Golshani. Shapour 156 Farzadmehr Ramin Faiemi. Kayhan 35 281 9 Fournell Nancy 3 FouU- John 242.335 287 Garcia, Hank Garcia, Laura 291 Gomes, Stephanie 360 Gomez Lynetie 253 249 Eagan James 359 Faucett, Kelly 25 3 Fouts Laurie 152 Garcia Maria 15 Gomez Ramon 271 Eagle. Lesle 266 Faulkner, Heidi 234.31 9 Fowble Vincent 152 295 Garcia Paiiicia 25 Gonazalez Esther 253 Eagles. Caria 258 Fay Andy 28 7 Fowler Amy 265,335 Garcia. Tony 27 Gondo Nancy 361 Eakins, Julie 250 Fayyad Fanmah IS Fowler. Dave 268 Gardner Caryn 154 Gonen Hadar 260 Earies Shellece Jeanneite 359 Feather. Rebecca 15 Fox. Carol 250,360 Gardner Susan IS4 Gonouno, Rot 328 Eason Seanna 265 Feaihersione Knsien 2b 3 Fox. David 299 Garelick, David IS ' Gonzales. Angeline 156 Easion Angela 263 Feder, Scott 35 9 Fox. Jaimie 257 Garfinkle, Nancy 335 Gonzales Christine 257.335 Eaton, Michael 313 Feemster Ronnie 15 Fox, Jennifer 250 Gargone, Edward 278 Gonzalez Al 125 EbberT, Rick 278 Feiner, Cheryl 32 6 Fox. Knsten 263 Carol. Rcbeit 335 Gonzalez David 124 Eben. Patricia 265 Felber Kara 25 4 Fox, Nancy 234 Gartett. Patli 249 Gonzalez Efren 156 Eckfofd Don SSS Feld Debra 25 7 Fox. Nancy 260 Garrod, Lisa 31 Gonzalez. Gabby 361 Eckwonzel Gary 296 Feldman Laurie 26 Fox. Sally 152,263.324 Garry Paul 1 54 302 Gon alez Gene 124.361 Eddington Mary 26C Feldman, Maik 21 150.284,317.323,35 9 Fradin. Debbie 245 Gan ey Lisa 253 Gonzalez, Jeff 361 Eddow, Elaine 266 Feldman Sharon 249.3! 7 Frager. Jim 4 Fraker. Beth 271 Garza. Tan 249 Qior za e2 Leticia 156 Edelman, Susan 335.484 486 Feliciani, Anthony 12 249 Gaskill Victofia 266 Gonzalez, Mana 156 Edge. Russell 35= Felix Lisa 15 Francis. Katie 241 Gasparini. Mia 260 Gonzalez Marybelle 156 Edmiuon. Katie 2 St Feng, Wan-Lm 15 Francis. Teik 152 Gaven. John 278 Qomal z. Minam 361 Edmondson, George 39 Fenn, Patricia 15 Francis, Tia 250 Gayle. Lon 24 Gonzalez Ray 156.268 Edfick Alan 29 Fenton, James ISO 28 Franco. Margie 152 3aylord. Marni 250 Goo ShenA in 156 Edwards, Cindy 23 Fenion. Mindy 239.25 ? Franco, Nello 280 Gaynor Barry 154 Good, Craig 287 Edwards. Eddy 27 Ferges, Sieve 27 5 Francus Michelle 250 Gaynor Eric 299 GocxJall. Lisa 241 Edwards Julie 26 Ferguson, Aiesia 24 1 Frank. Lynne 121 263 Gazsi Mike 305 Goodfned. Rwrhaid 362 Ehriich, Todd 284 35 Fernandes, Anthony IS 1 Frankel. Lisa 152.257 Gazzaniga. Suzanne IS-! Goodman. Beth 254 Eichhorst. Gordon 29 Fernandez. Enc 35 9 Franklin. Brett 152.295 Gebel. Erin 249 Goodman Kenneth 156 Eidam. Gralcn 254 32 Fernandez, Kimberly 32 6 Franklin. Kurt 287 Geddis. Renee 32 Goodman Nancy 258325 Eisetman Susan 25 Fernandez. Monica 260.35 9 Franklin, Shern 152 Gee. Connie 251 Goodman Scott 284 Eisenhail Bob 30 Fernandez, Scott 3C w Fransisco, Manuel 393 Gee. Damn 326 Ckxxlman Wendy 245 Eisenstein, Kaihryn 24 5 Fernande? Soma 15 ' Franzon Karen 152.312 Geigei Craig 1S4 Goodrich Joan 257 Fi pnrr..iit ( , ' ,., 24 ' Fernswonh, Terry 29 5 Frawley, Jim 287 Geiser Steven 36 GcxxJwin Deanna 156 i Goodwin Kaihcnnr I567S7 Haddadian Ario Goon, Sieve ?78 Hadjian. Am Gool Leslie 24S Haeff Dimiifi Gofden Megan ?se Haefner. Sieve Gordon Chfii }k2 Haffey, Deanna Gordon, Gina 242 Hagan, Thomas Gordon Kdten 245 Hagedom, Michael Gordon, La Faune IS6 Hagelsion, Mark Gordon, S i iuna 2A 362 Hagen. Bermce Gordon, Stephanie 249 Hagen. David Gordon Teresa 263 Hagmo Wendy Gordy Lisa 253 Hahn. Katherine Gofji Syan 278 Haiduk, Cynthia Gorji Lena 156 «? " Gort Chnskine 254 Hakimi, Alben Gorman Tifranv 362 Hakimi-Pour, Ramm GorrT a; Manelia 335 Hakimian, Katiayoun Gornick Karin Lynn 324 362 n, Crran Gosiinger Shan 260 ' - ' Bambi Goth, Sfietl. 250 Hale. Natalie Gould Alison 242 Haley Jack Gould Jen (,2 Haley Megan Gould, Todd 362 Haley Timothy Gowadia Ashton 292 Hall, Gordon Grace Rachel 156 Hall, Jennifer Graeber Thomas 326 Hall. Kann Graff Lanssa 362 f " LaRayne Graffeo. Erica 260 Hall. Lorraine Grage Don 156 Hall, Roderick Graham Amy 260,312 335,484,486 Hall, Tracey Grannan, Andrea 257 Halpenn. Michael Gram. Chns 362 Halpern Ilisa Grant Sceven 124418,419 Halpern, Loren Gram. Wendy 242 Halsema, Valene Grantham. Jeanne 257 Halstead, Dave GrassI Sabrina 242 Halter, Carl Grate, Justus 275 Haltom, Kaihy Grauman, Tami 253 Hamada, Walter Graver Jeff 302 Hamamoto, Gwen Gray Launne 234 241,335.484.486 Hamasaki, Lon Greaber Tom 124 Hamblet, Brian Grech, Chnsttne 24 1 Hamilton, Amy Gredrickson Roger 27 1 Hamilton. James Greeley Penny 253 Hamilton, Peter Green, Sailey 362 Hamtm, Thoha Green, Debb ' e 253 Hammers, Julie Green Gaston 84.87 Hamory. Philip Green, Lisa 156 Hampel, Bemd Green Nancy 249 Hampton, Deanne Greenbaum, Todd 299 Hamson, Melinda Greenberg Karen 258 Han, Alex Greenburg, Beih 156 Han, Chan Greene 156 Han, Jin Greene Jennifer 253 Han. Richard Greene Joame 156 Han, Soo Greene Michelle 254 Han, Susan Greene Wendy 266 Hananel. Tammy Greengard Alan 288 Handel. Shen Greenwald, Charles 156 Hanes, Kellie Greenwood, Marcus 83 Haney. Robert Gregory Jan 157.258 Hankias, Mike Greissmger. Karl 362 Hanlin, Claudia Grewe, Thomas 97. 157 Hannah, Julie Gneve, Lisa 250 Hanselman, Cheryl Griffen, Ginger 242 Hansen. Brent Gnffen, John 234 Hansen, Jill Griffjn, Carolyn 157 24 Hansen Karen Gnffin, John 234,287 Hansen, Kris Griffin. Khisna 157 Hansen, Leslie Griffin, Laura 253 Hansen. Renee Gnffiih. Daniel 157 Hanson. Kevin Gngoresch, Eduard 157 Hanson, Mark Grille. El ie 157.246 Hanisch, Robert Grimes, Charlie 305 Hague. Naz Grimes, Daniia 362 Hague. Rema Grimes, Lisa 242 Haraguchi, Sherry Gnsbach. Anne-Mane 266 Harano, Jane Gnswold. Kelly 253 Harband, Jeffrey Grrven, Waller 157 Harbs. Christine Grober. Cmdy 253 Hardenburgh Larry Groeplet. Karen 157.249 Hardin John Gro ss. Bentley 318 Hardy. Kim Gross. Manm 299 Hardy. Terry Gross Manhew 157.272 Harel. Gti Gross. Michelle 265 Harjanto, Hery Gross. Randall 157 Harkins. Colleen Gross, Richard 362 Harnett, Patrick Grossfeld Steven 326 Harper. Chris,,,, Grossman, Brian 12 i Harper, Heidi . . Grossman, Gabneile 325 Harper, Hilary, . , Groth. Chrisiine 157 Hamgian, Mark Group. Heidi 157,239.245 Harnngion Mark Grove Darren 280 Harnngion. Pam Gruber, Krm . 326 Harrington Sandra Gruber, Wendy 157.245 Harris, Charles Gruchacz Joseph 157 268 Harns, Deniuia Grudl, Wendy 157 Harns, Jack Grushkm, Elizabeth 265 Harns. Jenny Grzesack. Lisa 335 484 486 Harris, Melissa Guard. Mindy 254 324 Harns, Randy Guber. Rick 295 Harris, Teresa Gueler Vivian 124 260 Harrison, David Guenn, Cheryl 249 Harnson. Michele Guest. Valerie 157 Harnss, Jenne Guevara, Art 275 Harnss, Jennifer Guiragossian, Vasken 158 Han Darlene Gutko Brad 296 Hart. Linda Gunckel, Nancy 258 Han. Robin Gundersen. Harry 158.280 Han. Victoria Gunderson, Kathy 257 Hane. Ed Gunn, Keith 305 Hanford. Lauren Gunson, Cullen 278 Hartig. Erica Gurfield. Nikos 362 Hartley, Bnan Gurovich, Dmiiry 362 Hartley. Dana Gussner. Chns 158 Hanog, Kathenne Gustafson, Richard 158 Hanono, Fifi Gustin, Knsti 250 Hanung. Dave Gusiovich, Rozanne 1 58 Harvego. Tamara Gutenmakher. Alexander 362 Harvey. Cynthia Guihtie Kathleen , 241.324 335,484 486 Hasan, Arshad Gutierrez Alex 29 Hasankesuma, Linda Gutierrez Andre 362 Hasekian, John Gutierrez, Cindy 265 Haselman. Bill Gutierrez, George 158 Hashemzadeh. Mandana Gutierrez, Lisa 158 Hashimoto. Kelly Gutierrez, Vincent 1 58 Hassen. Sean Guttenmakher, Alex 312 Hassin, Lisa Guzman, Alex 250 Hastings. Kevin Guzman, Elizabeth 158 Hatada, Kns Guzman. Mike 295 Haiaoka, Candice . ■ 4. Hattersley. Diane 111 ■ Hattis. Heather 1 L J k Halion Lisa ■ ■ r 1 r Hauck. Lauren 1 " I I Hauck. Rachel Haug. Mark 158 Haupl Mary 257 Hauser Greg 158 Hausmann Trudi 272 Haw. Jul« 158 258 Hawk. Joh ) 123.158 Hawkins. Julie Ann 158.292 Hawonh, J acqupline 158 Hayagawa Ken 3)2 Havashi. B an 124 Hayashida, Peiei 362 Hayes, Bria n 253 Hayes. Timoihy 158.263 Haynes. Carolyn 295 Haynes. Siaci 158 Haynes Susan 158 Hayues. Brian 362 Hazarabedian. Steve 254 Hazzard. Wall 362 Healy-Rolfe Debbie 158.312.323 Heaney. Diane 88.90 Heaney. Susan 250 Heath. Helene 158 Heaton. Jennifer 158 Hebble. Sally 239,249 Heben. Michael 158 Hebgen. Ann 261 Hedges. Patrick 260 Hedman. Marc 362 Heeney. Jacqueline 322.424 Heilbron. Mauncio 158.284 Heiibrunn. Elise 245,362 Heilprin, Andy 362 Heiner, Tracy 265 Heinnch, Karen 288 Heisler, Ray 158,325 Heisler, Richard 257 Hejia. Mynam 275 Helfgott, Hall 159 Helly, Randi 266 324 Helmer, Jim 159.307 Helmer, Kim 159 Helper Mimi 159 Hem, Ruby 362 Henderson. Chns 328 Henderson. Gordon 260 Hendra. John 159 Hendren, James 362 Hendnck. Brian 260 Hendnckson. Kim 159 Heneghan, Joseph 362 Henkins, Kendall 392 Henry, Caroline 268 Henry, David 159 Henry, Stephanie 159 Hensiey, Roben 362 Hepburn. Amy 159 Her. Lauren 362 Heredia, Veronica 159 Herlinger. Lisa 272 Herman. Sandra 362 Herman, Woody 246 Hermelin. David 362 Hernand, David 250,312.324 Hernandez. Alfred 302 Hernandez. Gladys 159 265 Hernandez. Luis 326 Hernandez. Rosa 249 Hertera Becki 241 Herrera, Dave 159 Herrera, Jose 124 Herrera. Lisa 292 Herrera, Rebecca 312 Hernngion, Mindy 363 Hernngton, Suzanne 363 Herron. Ruthie 254 Heiron, Vince 257 Henz, Mitchell 159.272 Henz, Tim 325 Herzberg, Kevin 363 Herzog, Heidi 272 Hessi, Dave 257 Hession, Carol 287 Heston, Charleton 159 Heihenngton, Mary Ann 328 HeurDerg, Arne-Per 159 Heydeman. Angelique 159 Heydenleldt, Dina 257 Heyn, Tanya 246 Hickey. Gayle 241 Hickman, Andre 159,280 Hicks, Kristin 305.363 Hicks. Wendy 260 Hidalgo. Anuro 159312.318 Higa, Stephen 319335 Higby. Danielle 159 Higgins, Kevin 280 High. John 242 Hilanos Mark 159 Hildenbrand. Lisa 284 Hill, Amy 159.325 Hill. Anna Mane 305 Hill, Cyndi 324 Hill, Dale 263 Hill, Douglas 159 Hill. Jennifer 159 Hill. Rsnlyn 257 Hillman, Kim 263 Hindin Suzi 159 Hines. Diana 284 Hinsvark. Symore 159,260 Hin vichs. Stephen 266 Hira, Ken 292 Hi ' onaka, Frank 253 Hirsch, Debbie 250 Hirsch, Karl 328 Hirshberg. Eric 292 Hitchcock. Kelly 160 Hittelman, Jason 160 Hix Ty 363 Hjelm. Peter 160 Hkam. Hso 160 Ho. KimDerley 1 1 2 287 Ho, Lisa 160 Ho. Melanie 160 Ho, Michael 275 Ho. Slew 312 Ho. Wei-hsiu 160,272 Hoang, Diemha 258 Hoang. Viet 363 Hoban. Gary 295 Hobin. Bill 266 Hobiit, Steve 325 Hobson. Shawn 250 Hodgkin, Kathy 160 263 Hoek. Irene 258 Hoentgman, Vmce 288 Hoey. Cheryl 254 Hoffman, David Hoffman, Kristin 315 263 97 254 Hoffman, Lon 265 g 160 Hofmeiser. Edie 249 300 Hogan, Laura 263 263 Hogan. Mark 278 m 160 Holbrow. Bill. 275 101 Holdo, £nk 271 ancu, Andie 363 HoWsworth. Curtis 105 chinaga. Amy Holguin. Lisa 325 chiuji. Anne 160 Holland, Judiih 161,323 chiuji. Judy 160 Hollander. Felice 245 deno, Craig 241 Hollatz-Casiillo. Steve 364 ge. Cynthia 324 Hollingere, Renee 250 go, Chns 258,324.326 Holloway Steven 161.304 keda. Cyndi 295 Holloway, Theresa 265,364 keda. Tyson 291 Holmstrom. Gina 113 kelman, Kimberley 92 Holt, Elizabeth 266 ler, Susie 312 Holthaus Shan 266 m. Danielle 160 HollOir, Kent 295 mmaman. John 241,335 Hollzer, Christopher 292.364 mmel, Dave 265 Holtzman, Bradley 161.395 mus. Ron 250 Hom. Daniel 161 ncaudo, Jill 257 Hom, Kathleen 161 nchun. Sue 363 Hom, Ryan 364 ngersolL Debora 242 Honda Kathleen 162,242 ngham. Francesca 304 Honey, David 292 njo, Lisa 160 Honey. Lmda 263 ran. Bob 160 Hong. Charlie 329,364 rvin. Diane 160 Hong. Jeanne 325 saacs, Stacey 245 Hong, Jin 162 saacson, Trygve 124 Hong, Steve 162 saghulian, Sepuh 160 HocxJ, Christine 325 sen, Cathenne 324 Hood, James 162 shida. Celine I6i Hoole, Heather 249 shimaru, Angela 161.305 Hopkins, Cameron 307 Ishimaru, Katsuya 363 Hopkins, Eric 326 Isom. Chauncey 245 Hopp. Melissa 62,239,241,335,484,486 Isom. Jennifer 161 Horejsi, Christine 162 Israwi, Denise 305 Horell Kim 253 Isum, Krissy 250 Horiuchi, Lisa 365 Itkin, Maria 263 Horn Andrew 299 Iverson, Keith 363 Horn. Bob 1 1 5 Iverson, Trey 363 Hornbaker, Deanne 254 Iwanaga, Maya 68.73.75 Hornbeak, Jill 260 Iwanaga. Shannon 272 Hornstein, Steve 365 Iwasaki, Alice 161 Horrell, Lori 253 Iwasaki, Debbie 292 Horsley, Kns 250 ' vvata, Karen 335 Horsimeyer. Alison 365 ' zabal, Lon 161 Honon. Shannon 162 Izdepski. Ench 260 Horwitz, Mark 162 Izuel. Leeanna 68,70,324 Hosseinzadeh. Kambod 319 363 Hosseinzadeh, Kathy 365 A 246 Hoisko. Liz 335.484.486 287,363 Hou, David 325 % 4 246 Hou, Viaor 162 M V 246 Hougen, Krista 162.325 325 Hougo, Vince 162 318 Houser. Grace 162 Jackel, Larry 161 Houshmand, Maghen 162 Jackman. Owen 363 Houtz, Steve 271 Jackson, Claire 304 Hovel son. Chene 246 Jackson, Enk 284 Howard, Brenda 162,325 Jackson, Jessie 291 Howard Kenneth 162 Jackson, Julie 363 Howard, Michelle 249 Jackson, Michael 363 Howe. Anthony 278 Jackson, Rick 161 Howe, Tony 305 Jackson, Rudy 258 Howse Andrea 162 Jackson, Timothy 271 Hoy, Angela 162.242 Jackson, Trent 161 Hsia. Irene 335 Jacob. Jerald 318 Hsieh. George 365 Jacobs. David 161 Hsu Howard 304 Jacobs. Larry 249 Hsu, Pai-Shan 365 Jacobsen, Brian 254.324,326 Hsu, Paul 365 Jacques, Jennifer 246 Huang, Adam 288 Jacuzzi, Mark 115 Huang, Enc 123.365 Jakovich. Lynda 299 Huang, Hwei-Lin 162 James, Angela 288 Huang Julie 162,325 James, Kathy 161.304 Huang, May 258 Jameson. Daniel 363 Huang, Wen-Chan 365 Jameson, Jacque 295 Hubble Eina 124.260 Jamet, Laura 263 Hudson, Lesley 253 Jamison, Anme 30 Hudson, Sarah 326 Jang, Derek 335 Huemme, Beth 324 Janowsky. Steve 363 Huetti, Sheila 266,312 Jan is, Mary 161 Huggins. Kevin 365 Javer. Alexandra 263 Hughes, Andrew 325 Jay. Larry 265 Hughes. John 162 Jay, Sharon 161 253 Hughes. Terry 305 Jaynes, Caro lyn 161 Hughs. Meredith 250 Jazayeri, Nasi 246 Huh, Jung 162 Jeans. Rachel 161 Huhn, Michael 365 Jenkins. Jennifer 292 Huidor. Caialina 162 Jenkins. Valene 125 Hull. Casey 124 Jenkins. Wendy 312 Hull. Heather .. 257 Jenkins Willie 295 Hull Roben .,,, 302 Jensen Andrew 161.268 Hume Christopher 284 Jensen, Laurel 271 Humphrey, Sharon 162 Jensen, Roben 239 258312 Humphreys, Gia 257 Jeong. James 312 Hunt. Caroline 263 Jesek, Jaime 257 Hunt, Catherine ™jjj jy253. Jessee, Mark 246 Hunt, John ffii Jimenez, Alfredo 275 Hunt Laura •wjf P Jimenez, David 161 Hum, Shelley 257 ' Jimenez, Mauniza 249 Hunter Benjamin 162 Jimenez-Chang. Perlita 161 257 Hunter. Glenn 278 Jobe. Brandt 254 Hunter. Kelly 258 Jodie Bourdet 250 Hunter Kirk 280 Joe, Michael 364 Hunter. Sean 365 Johannsen, Monica 161 Hunter. Sheila 260 John Janet 161 Hunter. Tracie 257 Johner, Tracy 364 Hunter. Tnsh 257 Johner, Tracy 302 Hur, Alben 162.292 Johns. Beth 2Ab Hur. Livia 263 Johns. Louis 278 Hurdle, Jennifer 265 Johnson, Arlene 364 Hurley, Jane 324,326 Johnson, Cindy 335 Hurley. Suelyn 324 Johnson, Dave 364 Hurley. Tracy 163 Johnson, DcAnn 364 Hurwiiz. Jenny 253 Johnson, Douglas 364 Hurwiiz. Mark 163 Johnson. Ingrid 300 Hustwit. Dan 300 Johnson. Jennifer 312 Hutchings, Adnenne 365 Johnson, Jimmy 364 Hutchingson. Cathy 263 Johnson, Kaihy 241 Hutchinson. Heather 258 Johnson. Krisa 364 Hutchinson. Scott 288 Johnson, Laura 326 Hutchison. Caroline 253 Johnson Melissa 161 Hut kin. Susan 163.265 Johnson. Ray 335.364 Huynh, Kelly 365 Johnson, Rich 125 Hwang, Annie 163.241 Johnson. Ryne 287 Hwang, Shelley 326 Johnson, Shavi 271 Hwang, Star 365 Johnson, Stephanie 292 Hwang, Young Mee 329 Johnson, Tanya 287 Hyan, Kun 278 Johnson Therol 325 Hydusik Jana 266 Johnston, Jenifer 260 Hyman Anne 326 Jolean, Smith 295 Hymes Heather 163 Jon, Karyn 249 Hyun. Mehee 163 Jonce Jeff J9I 335 326 324 163 365 307 326 163 163 257 329 304 9? 280 266 365 163 163 265 300 153 253 163 163 163 249 241 163 163 365 365 254 365 300 257 249 163 163 324 164 365 304 431 432 324 365 307 242 288.312 31 324 164 299 365 164 124 164 272 305 164,335,484.486 265 305 263 164 326 164 250 250 242 164 295 257 ,253 319 260 246 164 245 73 164.325 365 164 365 246 164 329 254 284.317 312 365 267 164 271 242 125 263 325 239,254 312 263 164 164 242 295 164.318 365 260 325 287 64,241 164,257 266.326,365 249 164 292 164 312 249 164 325 164,324 335 241 280 Jones, Andrea 2 2 Jones, Brian 164 Jones, Detra 266 Jones. Fic 275 Jones, Jennie 242 Jones, Lurin 124 Jones, Man 278 Jones, Meredun 258 Jong, MaCel 164,324 Joni, Sukhjit 366 Jordan. Enca 366 Jordan. Eva 266 Jordan, Laura 164,319.323 Jordan Lisa 164.241 Jordan Sandra 165 Joseph, Heather 253.335 JouDran Raoul - 366 Joyce Allison 335,484.486 Joyce, Erin 165 Joyner. Jacqueline 165 Ju. Otane 65 Jue. Rna 366 Jung, Kiyung 329 Jung, Lee 165 Jungwirth, Daniel James 165.304 Junkermann, Mark 96.97 Junta, Dave 278 Jurow Doree 245 JuwantJ, Sri 328 KK Kaasmann. Donna Kabwasa. Eiorence Kadish, Kim Kadkhoda?adeh, Bruce Kadogawa. Hirosni Kahan Jeraid Kahn, Dana Kahn. Obaid Kaiser. Kirk Kajrhara, Aiicia Kajrwara, Lance Kaku, Leslie Kaidi. Ktara K3Har . Afram Kallgren, Siephanie Kamfar, Kaveh Ka rDian, Harrey KarT in. Lauren Kaminsky. Gina Kamishiri. Ken Kamran, Doroaneh Kamran. Tannaz Kanan OeDra Kane Brad Kane Chene Kane. Susan Kaneda Kerry Kang, Chrissy Kang, David Kang, Donald B Kang. Donald E Kang, Don Kang. Hae Kang. Hyungwon Kang. (ksoo Kanji, Firoza Kanner Michael Kanter, John Kaplan. Bruce Kaplan, Dana Kaplan, David Kaplan Jenny Kaplan. Maneia Karaa. Karen Karatsu Doug Karayan Frederick Karch Tony Karcher, Bryan Karei Pamela Karimi Nader Karle, Dennis Karlm, L ' sa Karnow, Larry Karp. Caren Karpowich, OeDra Karraa. Karen Karstens, Vicki Kasamcsu. Grace Kasch, Joanne Kasdan, Sheldon Kashian. Jennifer KasJer. Julia Katpin. LiM Kasun. Selene Kaiaoka. Dan Kauy ama. Lisa K Myama. Mary Kaiher, Cyndie Kato Christina Kaio. Erica Katiura Kathy KaturKh Carina Katunch W fijnj KiU Snrrr, Kaunki n. TVn Kat nun. Kdren ►■ " ; Sherri Kiufrnan. Jeff Ktufm n, Melanie.. .....sji ' .•ufman, Snepparit..... jH... Kujpp, Kim v m — i duirh, Robin r. Kaut7, Twj, Kavanaugh April Kawaia Susan Kawamura Ke n Kawano Mona Kawano, Scott Kawaiaki. Paul Kawasawa. Bruce Kawase. Janice Kayasiha. JaDma Kaye, Rick Kearney Anne Marie Kearni, Chns Keeler, Donna Keene. Linda Keesee, Knsta Kehi, Kasiie Keidaisch, jim 165 366 257 165 266 366 246 299 287 165 366 258 317 165 242 165 291 304 245 249 302 165 165 165 325 249 250 263 329 329 165,329 165 292 165 r66 366 166 366 280 272 335 166.299.313 166.239,245 265 21.326 366 366 166 271 166 166 166,278 166 278 265 166 166 246 324 366 366 260 258 267 166,432 166 242 326 166,249 324 166 241 241 241 245 278 245 366 284 263 284 263 124.260.366 266 242 249 268 166 291 r66 166 254 367 288 254 287 246 166 257.3 r 7 241 312 Keidei, Ruth Keith, Ed Keith. Scott Keith, Stewart Keith. Susan Kell. Julie Keiiams, Kami Keller. Adam Keller James Keller. Mike Keller, Monika Kelley, Cindy Ketiey, Mike Ketlon, Gayle Kelsey Christopher Kempfer. Kirsten KerKJali, Alice Kendall. Tom K€r T zr . Sija Kennedy. Caragh Kennedy. Jocelyn Kennedy. Kelly Kennedy. Mark Kennedy, Susan Kenner, Detwrah Kenney. Carol Kenny. Amanda Kenny. Joe Kenny, John Kenny. Karren Kenny, Mandy Kent. Allison Kent, Bruce Kenyon, Bnan Keredian, Joseph Kerendian, Behnam Kenyan, Knsiy Kermani. Samtra. . Kern. Knsie Kernochan, Jeff KerreDrock, Gregory Kersey Karen Kessler. Debtiie Kesuma. Hasan Ketchum. K e Ketchum. Patrick Kewitsch. Anifiony Kezar. Adnanna Khd, f Jghia Khaiji. Mo Khan, Mansur Khan, ODaid Khandetwal, Manoj Khanian. RoDerr Khawani, Vyay Khows, Alan KhcxJ, Lily KiDort, Michael Kieiy, Jeannine Kiernan, Kathy Kieizmah, Kns Kikkawd. Ken Kilganff. Mary Kate Kiiger, Kraig Kilgore. Cynthia Kilkenny. Scott Kilman. Corey Kilroy, James Kim. Anna Kim, Annie Kim. Brian Kim. Carry Kim. Chong Kim. Conny Kim, Daniel Kim, Daniel Kim, Daniel Kim, David Kim, David Kim. Douhyun Kim. Erica Kim, Esther Kim, Esther Kim, Euism Kim. Grace Kim, Grace Kim. Hae Yung Kim. Han Kim. Heju Kim. Helen Kim. Hong Kim. Hyon Kim. insun Kim. Irene Kim. Jae Kim. James Kim, Janet Kim. Jason Kim. Jason Kim. Jay Kim. Jeanne Kim. Jeanne Kim, Jeanme Kim, Jennifer Kim. Jessica Kim, Ji Kim, Jimmy Kim. Jin Kim. Jin Kim, John Kim, John Kim, John Kim Jc hn Kim, Joseph Kim, Julie Kim. Karen Kim. Kattiy Kim. Kelly Kvn. K hul Kim. Kiyon Kim. Monica Kim. Myong Kim. Nicky Kim, Richard Kim. Scott Kim. So Yung Kim Song Mm Kim, Sophia Kim, Stephanie Kim, Steve Kim, Susie Kim SuSie Kim, Tong cno Kim, Yohan Kim. Yong Woo Kim. Yong Kim. Yoshiko 312 Kjm. Young 168 Kuh, Ja Hyong Kuhlman. Geoffrey Kuhh. Jill 125 Kim YLi ' Yonq . 1 367 367 Kimbrough Greg ,«E B H 292 295 KimiaDakhsh Sharawh j 168 Kula. Chns 250 Kimufa Bryan 367 Kulic, Carol Ann 166,254 Kimura Susan 168 Kumamoto. Dan 250 King Jennifer BM .254,337 :umar. Sanjay 335 Jill , HflBH 324 277 260 Kume. Stewart 271,367 Paul !! | Kune, Andrea 367 King, Stephanie - 1 Kunene. Ronald 166 King, Warren . ...! M m Kung. Gregory 260 Kinoshita. Tracy 168 Kung. Sherne 271 Kinsella, BarDara 253 Kunis. Manna III Kinsley. Linda 168.239,265.337 Kunkie. Robert 288.325 246 Kirby. Sneila 241 Juno. Gil Kircknoff. Gwen 258 Kunowskr. Herbert 260 287 Kiflt. Cneri 246 Kuo. Mary Kuo. Patty Kick. Lisa 263 254 Kirkwood. Catherine 168 Kuo. Ti-Lin 253 Kifshcnbaum, Kim 367 Kuo TsuAnn 166 Krsn Randall 367 Kurniawan Didi 260 Kisicki, Mant 288 Kushigemachi. Nobuyo 166.304.426 Kissinger, John 168 Kussler. Maren 318 Kissinger Scott 292367 Kwan. Ching 166 Kitaen. Jordan 305 Cwan, Joanne 326 Kitagawa. Megan 312.326 Kwan. Karen 166 Kitayama, John 337 Kwan. Mei 367 Kite. Larry 284 Kwan, Phillip 280 Kitileson. Diane 266 Kwan, Raymond 250 Kitlleson. John 292 Kwok Chi-Leung 260,261 Krtiredge. Anette 168,254 Kwon Eunice 246 Kivinski, John 168 Kwon, Jonghoon 167 K el Heidi 318 Kwong. Catherine 167 278 Kjos, Kathleen 253 Kwuon, Im Jung 167 Kjos Krisline 168 Kyriakides. Kyriacos 367 Klein, Cindy 263 Kysar. Craig 326 Klein, Danny 124 Kyser. Jeff 322.326 Klein, Jason 299 245 324 287 Klein. Lori Klein. Mark 278337 167 Klein. Philip 427 1 167 250 Kif tn rfinhuop 250 M m rvicii ' . jicpi ' a ' TIC: Klemberg, Ellen 168 241 i 1 328 Klernberg. Larry 288 ■ 287 Kleindensi, Fred 367 367 Kleinman. Lisa 169 La Snola. Tommy 367 Kliman, Corey 169 La Cravona. Nicholas 242 Klmg. Kendra 246 La Franchi, Mana 123 Klingensmith Kelly 257 La More, Viei 291 Klinger. Came 253 La Pan, Amy 367 Kinnn KpIIu 246 LaBeiie. Kim 167 KlotZ. Dan 291 LaBuda, Diane 367 Kiucas, Patricia 169 LaCroix, Louis 167 Kluth, Christopher 169 LaMee, Cert 167 Klulh. Kristina 169 LaMone. Jeanne 21.167 Kluth, Maire 257 LaVogna. David 167 Kluth. Tina 263 Labeiie. Kim 278 Knapp. Ten 266 Labow, Sabrma 263 Kn;)ijpr ' (• f 278 Labuda. Diane 97 Kneoel. Chnsta 249 Lacheit, Katnryn 335 Kherl, Alison 242 Lacheit. Kathy 167 Knier ElizaDeth 169 Ladd, Stephanie 324 Knier. Li2 335.484.486 Ladyzhensky. Olga 299 Knight. Derek 368 Laforreza, Nancy 167.258 Knople. Mark 169 Lagao, Amy 326 Knoll. Christina 249,368 Lagassick, Todd 278 Knoll, Christy JS7 Lai, Tinky 367 Kholts, Michelle 258 Lamer. Marina 367 Knudsen, Kelly 249 Lajoie, Denise 167 Knufowski. Richard 312 Lake Randall 329 Knulson Tami 325.326 Lakon Cynthia 250 Ko. Nina 169 Lam. Hon 367 Kooata Keith 169 Lam. Tasmine 167 Koch, Ginger 326 Lam. Tnnh 167 Koch. Phil , 368 Lamp. Kevin 268 Kocher, Chnstian .124 LamPerg Arne 367 Kodner Pam 245 Lambreton. Olga 329 KoenigsDerg, Raquel 266 Lambrose. Anastasia 367 Koh. Sarah 325 Lamkin, Jamie 167 Kohn. Jeff 284 Lamm. Loreen 254 Kohn. RotJert 368 Lamoihe Guy 329 Kohnhurst. Mafiiee ,, 241 Lamotte Jeanne 367 Kolde. David 368 Lance, Kim 329 Kolla. El aoeth 250 Lancero, Maricor 318 Kolhas, Jim 169 Lanctot, Mary 367 Komas, Jay 278 Land, Greg 312,326 Kong, Eun-sun 169 Land, Holly 268 Kong, Jeanme 329 Landau, Srenda 329 Kong, Theresa 169 Landis. Crane 367 Konkoff, Stacey 263 Landsdorf, Dana 167 Koo, Paul 169 Lane. Bna 367 Koontz Cymhia 234.241 Lane. Jennifer 167 Koopman, Wesley 169 Lane. Katy 329 Koopmans, Karen 265 Lang, Lauren 367 Kopcha, Christine 169 Langberg, David 329 Kopcha, Tina 242 Langforrt, Tracy 329 Korach, Martine 317 Langley, Chnsima 329 Korchek, Cathie 169 Langsam Elisa 329 Korn, Jessica 245 Lankarani, Na dnm 124 Korn, Michael 291 Lansman Mickpy 241 Kornfeld, Linda 242 Lapomte, Vivianne 335 Korompis, Daniel 328 Lara, Bryan 335 Korsgaard, Julie 266 Larkin. Brad 167 Kouleyan Araxte 169 Larkin, Kylie 329 Koutures, Chris 368 Larking, Nan 167 Kovacevich, Tiffanie 260.325 Larkms, Jeff 300 Kraft. Eric 304 Larson, Ginger 167 Kragh Knsten 258 Laskin. Cindy 367 169 Lasko. G ' eg 167 KraKIampoell. Manjana 169 249 Lasky, J .r-.r. 268 Kramer Elizabeth 263 Lasley, Amy 326 Kramer Margol 263 Lass Kathleen 329 Kramer Suzanne 169.266 Lasser, JcxJi 367 Kraus Leonard 169 L asset. Kan 167 Kraut. Teri 242 368 Lastilton, Eric 329 Kreos. Kathleen 169 Lau, Michael 329 Kreder Karen 257 Laue Jeffrey 312 Kreinman Karen 169 Lauritis. Elizabeth 167 329 Kreisman, Lance 295 Lauta Mary 123 Krekorian, Jill 253 Lavez o Kathy 167 Krikonan, Slake 115 Ldvezzo, Linda 168 Klikonan Dean 169 Lavin, Aivaro 329 Kfishnamurphy, Suresh 300 Lavin, Marc 329 Knstovtch, John 169 Lavin. Michelle 275 Kronen, Juli 265 Lavoie. Susan 326 KfongoW. Susie 245 Law, Paul 329 Ktop . Melanie 319 Lawrence. Ethan 325 Krougn. Chris 278 Lawrence, Paul 329 Kneizchmat. Kurt 291 Lawrence, Theresa 300 Kfueger. Srenda 246 Lawion, Angela 168 Krueger Elan 1 70.299 Layco, Janice 318 Krum. Drew 368 Layton, Sob m Kruptaw. Diane 170.258 Lazaro. Audrey M9 Ku. Jean 170 Lazo, Leah 168 Kubou. Sievefi 170 Le James 168 Kuoynski. Lois 170 Le Khanh 168 Kuebler. Kurt 280 LeCompte, Lance 329 368 254 300 246 170 170 368 170 170 170 170 249 268 368 170 325 325 123 368 328.368 170 368 296 170 368 395 170 170 170 329 170 170 170 368 368 296 368 275 326 109.246 170 368 234 124 225 292 324 292 260 253 253 368 170 257 428 170245.317 265 253 278 368 265.324.337 170 1 70278 249 368 325 171 325 280 107 280 265 258 171 242 315 318 171 171.326 250 287 249 254 368 368 250 257.368 368 335 368 304 254 275 171.265 241.368 292 171 171 257 368 234241 250 284 299 325 368 171 171 325 254 326 326 369 LeCong. Trinh LeGassick Todd LeMerr. Dana Leach, John Leach Kevin Leanna, Izuel Leasure, J P Leoens, Michael Lebrya, Roberto Lecrone. Douglas Lee Aen Lee Avis Lee Beverly Lee Brian Lee. Carl Lee. Carol Hyeun Lee Carol Lee Chang Yong Lee Chong Seo Lee Debbie Lee Dong woo Lee. Edward Lee Elmer Lee Fred Lee Gienda Lee, Gregg Lee. Helen Mm Lee Helen Lee Hermie Lee. Jacob Lee. James Lee, James Lee, Jamie Lee, Jamie Lee, Jance Lee, Janet Lee. Janice Lee Janine Lee. Janine Lee, Jeffrey Lee, Jennifer Lee, Jimin Lee, Jimmy Lee, Jina Lee. Joanne Lee. John Lee. Jonathan Lee. Joni Lee. Ju Hyeon Lee Juliene Lee Julie Lee. Julie Lee. Kelly Lee. Kelvin Lee. Kevin Lee. Kimbeny Lee. Knsten Lee Kyu Lee Lars Lee. Leah Lee Linda Lee Lisa Lee, fi ay Yee Lee Nina Lee. Phillip Lee Roger Lee, Samuel Lee, Seung-Ah Lee. Seung Lee, Shang Lee, Sook H Lee, Sook Lee, Steve Lee, Susan Lee, Tina Lee. Wayne Lee. Yong Sok Leeman. jim Leff. Sheri Lefkowitz Devoran Legere, Jean Leggett Natalie Lehmahh Jim Lehmann Lynda Lehner. Crystal Lei, Tony LeK5er Suzanne Leier KurT Leinwand Micnaei Lekki. Steve Leland. Harper Leland. Tom Lemke Katherine Leng Peggy LenharT. Ronald Lenhart. Tamara Lennan Kathy Lenry Caroline Lentz Medeighnai Leo Chris Leo Evan Leon. Hugh Leon. Pam Leonard Bruce Leonard DavK3 Leonard Stephanie Leong Joy Leonhardt John Leopow Jeff Leou Kathtyn Lerma Graciela Lerman. Tiffany Lerner Jesse Lessard Crystal Lessler Lauren Leung WingWong Kevin Levin Ellen Levin Kathy Levin Micnaei Levin, Wayne Levihe. Scon Levme Steven Leviton, Robin Levy. Bnan Levy. Jay Levy Stuart Lew Allen Lew Donna Lew. Frances Lew. Tern Lewand. Kim Lewis. Andrea Lewis. Gerri Lewis. Karen Lewis Lon Lewis Nitsa Li. flenjamrn 254 itl 295 100,271 265 295 369 100 272 329 172 172 329 125 329 265 }!• 329 335 329 172 268 124 299 326 394 329 172 319 329 172 (Trz al ti» «IKW at IK t r line itM-e 307 ,ut ilk 172 .ten 324 .ifi 123 369 ,!i» 32« .!rW 172 joiSsrav 123 m 1 " 05KI 17 tun - It ' " : ' a 1 ' " 304 Bnucrei! 369 324 KlK 17 RL 172 tJS 326 b: 329 ■CU70 36« t 329 «i 329 172.263319 «r 369 268 mt, 172 (EM 17 172 NT. Ex Ifaj- 17: etii 369 ICWI 172 tloi, 329 ( 329 369 mn 172 ;U 172 KJC 324 (kl 329 ILfy 172 ,fc« 329 Ato 172 tttn 172 ,(ft T 123 iKmt 329 lOn 37 tn 245 ton 253 Cm 288 " •m 369 ntjF 313 bi 177 an 242 h 369 " ftsw 25. 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Christina Lipman, Michelle Lippman. Kann Lipscomb. Suzene Lipsom. Laune Lipson Jeff Lisi, Garren Lisiewicz, Danica Lues. Jim Liu. Alex Liu, Amy Liu Howard Liu. Lydia Liu. Wendy Livsey. Rachel LizerCiram, Erie Llama, George Llorente. Kns Lloyd, Denise LoCaoo, Tony Locey, Erika Lock. Nicholas Locke. Julie Lockhan- Julie Loe, Carne Loeffler. Leigh Ann Loew, Richard Loffman, Scott Lofton. Robin Loftus, KenLynn Logan. Michele Logue, Chris Loh, Ben Loke, Joanne Loly. C3f a Lompardt, Patricia London, Karen Long, Secky Long, Mike Long, Pin Longenderfer Steven Longhursi. Sandra Longweil, Linda Loo, Jennifer Loomts, Tracy Lopata, Robert Lope Ei eiia Lopez, Ltzbeth Lopez, Mamn Lopez, Marvin Lopez. Valene Lorber, Frederick Lordes, Clete Lonn, Edward Loscialpo. Lauren Loskutoff. Knstan Lou. Nicole Lou, Peggy Louie, Belinda Louie, Laura Louie. Lissa Loulis, ChnsDne Loussararian, An Lovalvo Barry Love Katnna Loverde, Emmen Lovie. Ed Lovret. Lon Lovullo, Torey Lovy. Steven Low. Katrina Low. Kimberly Lowe. Ashley Lowry Jennifer Loya. Araceii Loya. Camille Loyd, MaryOeth Lozano, Michelle Lozon, Cristeta Lozon. Cristina Lu. Elmer Lu. Melinda Lu. Sabrtna Lu. Yvonne Lucas, Charles Lucas. Gen Lucas. Steven Lucidi, Carrie Luck, Adnene Lucretia Ludowitz. Jamie Lue, Thomas Luebbers, Tracy 123 370 253 370 300 296 324 174 284 284 288 302 370 174 1 74.268 174.249 268 174 329 241 370 174 275.370 292 370 370 174 370 174 121,249 250 258 174 318.324 174.246 299 250 325 254.325 174 245 174.249 265 299 300 225,370 314.322 174 174 174 174 254 124 295 304 241 325 278 174,260 174 263 175 241 263,324 175 325 322.325 175 241,370 278 370 254 324 257 266 242 292 175 175 257 175 335.370,484,486 175,253 312 175 175 79.370 312 175 175 280 299 253 263 .. 175 175 175 ,175.254 254 266 175 175 324 304 295 265 112 175 324 324 263 175,242 370 175 254 253 175 370 325 175 370 370 175 370 175 246 175 420 241 Luevano, Mary Luff Brad Lui, Kcx Lui Kui Luke. Amber Luna. Nancy Luna, Ruth Luner Sean Lunt Tamara Lufdnei Much Lutjens Tom Luu, Truong Luz, Jennifer Mane Luzano. Angela Luzon. Cnselda Luzzo Darren Ly. Thach Lyie. Heidi Lyies, Roben Lyman. Susan Lynch. Brian Lynch. Charles Lynch. Claire Lynch, Colin Lynch. Patrick Lynch Scon Lynch. Wendy Lynn, Debbie Lyon. Anthony Lyon, 8arry Lyons, Mark Lyons, Paula Lysistrata Lynon Debbie 245 176 176 176 370 267 324.325 284 253 288 176 176 176,267 258 392 291 176 176 370 254.370 53.54,55 124 249 370 176 275370 253 254 176 291 370 176,246.323 420 257 AM4 ' Ma, Alan Ma, Calvm Ma, Vincent Maag. Conrad Mabangio. Mike MacDonald, Morgan MacDonell, Wayne MacKinnon, Mary MacLaren, Emily MacMillin, Brad fulacala, Gerald Macaialad, Manny Machado Larraine Machado, Steven Machioviiz Helen Mack, Bobby Mackenzie, Mark Mac key. Suzanne Macn, Dawne Madden, Chns Madick, Mike Madrigal, Claudia Maffei. Greg Magan, Gina Magidoff, Michelle Magnussen, Bo Magpantay, Larry Magruder Paul Magsarili Andrew Maguire, Meighan Magyar Janine Magyar, Leslie Mah, Debbie Uah. Knstin Mahaffey. Scott Mahbooc Lida Mahboob. Shilva Maher. Jennifer Maher. Laura Mahgerefteh, Estella Mahnovski, Natasha Mahon, Carl Mahoney. Kathleen Mahoney. Pat Mahony, Kaihy Maier, Clare Maier. Clarolyn Maier, Russell Maier, Sonya Maiss. Eric Maiss, Lance Makiyama, Vivian Maicom, Paige Maldonado, Daniel Maldonado, Fran Maiet ' a. Viviana Malfatti, Jeff Maihotra, Jyoti Maijanian. James Malloy. Hilary Malloy, Justin Ma»oy. Mike Malfrierg, Hoiiy Matone, Patrick Matoney. Beth Maloney. Lisa Maiopy, Mark Maite Kristin ., Maltz Susan Malynn, Todd Mamsbach, Jennifer Man, David Manavi. Farshad Manchester, Craig Mancini, Kathy Mandei. Elaine Mandei, Frank Mandei. Joel Mandulay Jennifer Mangahas. Emmanuel Manibog. Arlene Manjikian. Nora Manker. Christy Mankin, Lenny Manning. Mary Manning, Roma Manolis. Chns Manosca, Milliceni Manson, Scott Mantei. Kevin Manuel, Marc Manz, Michelle fvlapies, Wendy Marble, Daniel Maitiie. Steve Marcek Ed 337 323 371 295 178 178 280 371 312 177 371 177 124 300 325 250 371 280 239.242 287 253 242 305 178 124 178 246 324 265 317,335,371,484.486 178 287 178 178 266 178 178 266 124 178 278 234 178 371 178,278 178 280,371 280 178 325 268 266 324 371 178 268.371 124,257 287 284 372 178.295 178 .263 275 242 178 275 242 372 319 305 250 265 178 335.372,484.486 250 178 326.335 317 254 319.372 241 178 287 372 288 1 78.288 304 178 178 178 278 Marchak, Patty Marchis, Rolando Marco, Irene Marcoiesco, James Marelich, Kathnne Mares. Counney Mares Mainy Maretzki, Mark Margolis, FianWIn, Margolis. Lorl.. Manani. DavKJ. Mann, Allen ,.. , Mann. Lilly Mann, Patricia Mann. Paul Marino, Monique Manscal, Greg Markman, Kenneth Markman, Sharon Marlin, Michelle Marna, Wren Margues, Frances Marquez, Jonathan Marquez, Maria Marquez. Marlon Marquez, Scott Marr. Andrea Marsch, Steve Marsh, Jennifer Marsh, Jerry Marsh, Kimberiy Marshall, Breshena Marshall. Heather Marshall, Ken Martel. Mane Mariellino. Carl Manilla. David Martin. Ar een Martin, Christian Martin, Chns Martin, Greg Martin. Lucas Martin, Michelle Martin, Mike Martin, Susan Mamn, Tami Martin. William Martinez, Angelica Martinez, Charlie Maainez, Christine Martinez, James Martinez, Jose Martinez, Laune Martinez, Lindi Manmez, Lydia Mamnez. Patricia Martinez, Tony Maruyama. Mark Marvin. Knsti Marxer, Lisa Marzullo. John Masangkay. Tricia Mascanna, Leo Mash. Bob Mason, Lon-Cns Mason, Shan Mass, Ronald Massa, Alex Massa. Mike Masuda. Caroline Masumoto, Michele Mata, Silvia Matcham, Dana Mathious, Linda Mathiowetz, BlizaDeih Mathur. Kira Matiuk, Christine Mailack, Ed Matsui. Susan Maisumoto, David Matsumoto, Donanne Matsumoto. Janice Maisumoto, Masahiko Matsumoto, Mas Matsuo, Holly Matsuura, Eric Matthews. Marc Matthews, Timothy Mattox, Brad Matuszak, Matthew Mautino, Roben Maverick, Wes. Maxs, Dawn Maxwell, Virginia Mayemura. Michele Mayer, Douglas Mayer, Glenn Mayer, Kathenn Mayer, L Randy Mayer, Nina Mayers, Tanya Mayo. Tina Mays, Dawn Mazely, Stephanie Mazolewski, Peter McAdams, Tim McAlmond, Tnsha McAneny. Suzanne McAuley, Jill McBeath. Mananne McBride. Debbie McBnde, Karen McBurney, Shawn McCahan. Molly McCali. Renee McCann, Bill McCann. Mike McCarley, Daphne McCarron. Scott McCarron, Wendy McCarthy, Adam McCarthy, Patncia McCarty Kimberly McCawley, Susan McClain, Mike McClain. Susan McClain, Tim McClay, Patrice McClellan, John McClinton. Rhonda McC oskey, Melissa McClure, Jams I McClure, Kevin McComb, Melissa McCorkle, Beisy McCormack, Chandra McCoy Dawn 325 287 305 275 179 266 325 179 272 179.326 372 280 335 326 179.253 179 372 292,312 260 180 299 246 180 305 180 180,226.288,323 241 304 326 263 335 372 265 372 253 242 372 180 372 372 180 180 275 312 296 ISO 180 307 372 372 307 180 258.324.372 263 ISO 180 246 288 180 246 324 124 241,324,326 287.398.399 124,278 176 266 176 254 266 176 176.325,335,432,484.486 263 176.324 271 271 318 271 249 370,372 246.324 250,370,372 242 305 265 305 246 177 177 250 77,234,241.335.484,486 371.372 246 254 250 253 McCracken. Brendan McCrory. Shelley McCullough, Nancy McCullough. Peter McCullough, Sean McCullough. Diane McDamel, Margaret McDermoti, Judiih McDermott. Lauraine McDonald, Jamie McDonnell, Mary McDonough, John McDonough. Kelley McDowell. Karen McDowell, Mary McEllen, Steven McElliot, Kim McElmell, Roger McEuen, Steven McFadden Debby McFadden, Rebecca McFarland, Michael McFarland, Nancy McFarlin, Jaimi McFarlin. Susan McGaqin Bruce McGhee Raymond McGill. Sandy McGinnis, Shawn McGlashan, Robert McGowan, Enn McGreevy, Nancy McGuiness. Data McHale, Maureen McHenry, Jim McHugh, Amanda Mcllroy, LeeAnne Mcintosh. Denise Mcintosh, Jeffrey Mdntyre. Dave Mclntyre. Jacque Mclntyve. Barbara Mclver, Rhea Mclver, Robin McKay, Diane McKee, Mindy McKenna, Todd McKimmy, Jacki McKinley, Jason McKinnell, Melanie McKinney. Denise McKinzie, Kathryn McKmghi, Amy Elizabeth McLain, Susan McLean, Chip McLean, Thomas McMahon, Kitty McMahon, Mima McMamgal, Lisa McMullin. Karen McNally, Mary McNamara, Chns McNamara, Missy McNicolas. Monica McNiven. Rick McNulty, Kathy McNulty. Michelle McOwan. Scott McPhernn, Kathryn McPherson. Scott McSunas, Mike McVicker. Kimberly McWilliams. Sharon Mead, Dave Mead. John Medina. JoAnn Meehan, Katie Meehan, Mike Meghoo. Colin Megquire. Jennifer Mehlhop, Janet Mehner, John Meier. Greg Meier, Henry Meya. Gabby Meisei, Josh Meisels. Michelle Meitzer. Scacey Mejia. Milton Mejia, Myriam Me ain, Susan Meihop. Janet Meline, Jennifer Mellberg, Kann Melizer, Jodi Melville. Kathleen Menck, Dana Mendoza, Kenneth Mendro, Carne Mensa, Deborah Merdler, Marci Merrick. Roben Mernfield. Mickie Mernns, Mason Mernweather, Tammy Merrow, Michael Merry, Liz Mersten. David Mertes. Rondi Mesnick, Wendy Mesones. Leslie Messiah. Nermme Messick, Kevin Messmer, Melissa Metlen, Karyn Metzger, Susan Meyer, Michelle Meyer, Rachelle Meyer, Rick Meyer. Stephanie Meyers, Glen Meyers, Howard Meyers, Jennifer Miao, Jean-Therese Michalski, Jim Michela, Pat Micheis, Marcie Middiebrook, Knsia Midever, Richard Mifsud, John Mikamt, Lynne Mikuteil, Enc Milhander, Kenneth Miiias, Elizabeth Miller Andy Miller, Bryan Miller. Cathy 84,287 263 324 177.323 325 257 177 177 177 371,372 257 241,379 371 250 177 372 254 177,242 177 177 250 266 275 177 371,372 371,372 271 177 246 257 250 278 239,258 177 318.371.372 177 291 250 326 324 335 I 77.260 257 295 319 272 266 250.325 258 324,253 371 278 177.323 99 257 177 104 254 263 250 250 271 249,325 260 177 177 287 295 ..253 258 292 124.372 ,,- . 190 234,260 .372 .250 .372 180 , ...295 272.372 .,249 291 324 372 125 372 372 246 250,323 180 245 180,250 271 180 319 180 180,254 292 257 372 335 180 265 246 266 ISO 295 260 180 249,372 266,372 250 287 181 312 284 246 312 288,317 292 257 249 185 291 181 124.278 181 1.181.253 287 295,372 181 263 Miller, Chns Miller, Cynthia Miller, Dan Miller. Elise Miller, Elizabeth Miller Julie Miller Kim Miller, Kris Miller. Kym Miller, Maryn Miller, Melinda Miller Nicole Miller, Reggie Miller Scott Miller, Williard Millts, John MiHsap, Anthony Millsiem, Alisa Milman, Kenneth Milnes, Dede Milnes, Michele Mims, Robin Mm, Seokkee Mm, Sung Mina, Joseph Mmami, Elina Minassian, Arpie Minaio, Hiroaki Minchm, Monty Minehart. Beth Miner, Paul Mmervim, Gianni Minichiello, Wendy Minkus. John Minster, Rachel Mintz, Jo Mion-Bet, Fabio Miranda, Susan Miremont, Mark Mine, Alex Miskinms, Nichelle Mliakides. Sieffo Mitchell. Alison Mitchell, Andrea Mitchell, Cathenne Mitchell, Colleen Mitchell, Darren Mitchell, Gina Mitchell, Mark Mitchell. Marvett Mitchell, Pete Mitchell. Rob Mitchell. Wang Mitielman. Robm Mitzel, Regina Miu. Beatnx Miura, Lisa Miya, Gary Miyahara, Mark Miyoshi, Julie Mizota. Linda Mizuki, April Mizuki, June Moder, Michelle Modrovich, lldy Moehnke. Michelle Moekle, Kimberly Moeller. Jann Mofiak har. Farshad Mogan, Cathie Mogharet, Siamak Moglia. Peter Mohit Abdi Mohlenbfock, Kern Mohme. Paul Mohrhoff. Doug Moiner, Chris, Molina, Vibi , Moljai Mike Molnar, Christina Moltz, Grerchen Motyneux. Thomas Monahan, Rose MonOoza. Julie Mondz. Julie Mong, Chns Monk, Jane Monkarsh. Julie Monson, Laura Montali. Julie Montalvo, Michel e Montgomery, Laura Montna. Nicole Monioya. Becky Moniua, Nicole Monus, Yvene Mooberry. Bruce Moon, Haejin Moore, Billie Moore, Jaime Moore, Jeff Moore. Linda Moore, Mynekohoa Moore, Rod Moore, Sully Moore, Susan Mora, Knsiin Morales, Gina Morales, Roanna Morales. Rodolfo Mordecai, Jennifer Morehouse. Siacey Moreno. Gina Morey, Julia Morgan, Bruce Morgan, Jacqueline Morgan, Kelly Morgan. Marissa Morgan, Mark Morhaime, Mike Mon, Audra Mon, Mike Moriany, Enn Moriany Molly Monel, David Monhiro, Danny Mono, Lame Montz. John Moriedge Beth Morns. Damon Morns. Jennifer Morns, Julia ne Morns, Roben Morris. Thomas Mornson, Anne Morrison, Laura Mornson, Stacey 292 249,372 271 253,335 373 254 253 258 266 260 257 260 91,93 181,295 271 305 ■ 81 181,241 181 246 254,323 305 242 181 271 263 278 254,313 181 181 373 272 323 124.373 278 182 266 373 241.373 315 373 280 182 287 287.373 373 245 241 182 373 182 182 249 182 182 182 233,260 263 326 241 182 182 324 319 280 182 257 272 424,429 124 246 278 373 182 125 182 253 182.241 335,373,484,486 373 249 182 246,326 245.324 182 373 246 246 246 182.300 254 94 275 ,271 .258 182 278 182.280,325 263 182.258 245 373 182 182 246,374 374 250 124.182.272 182 250 241 288 296 250,324 288 234,260 182,246 105 272 163 307 242 278 425 250 183 183 183,241,335.486,488 250 246 374 Morrison, Susan 36.37.374 Nevarez, Debbie Morrow. Diana 263.319 Nievarez. Leonard Morrow. Kevin 183.305 Nevarez, Uydia Morrow. Tracy 257 Neville, Dave Morse. Craig 183.278 Newkirk, Sharon Morse, Stefanie . .242 Newman. Bill Morse. Terr. 263 Newman, Paul Mortenson. Damei . 374 Newmark. Lisa Monon. Sydney 250 Newquisl. Gunnar Monon, Theresa 183 Newquist, Rebecca Moschell, Jill 183.241.335.484,486 Newton, Sara , . Moser. Greg 280 Neyman Jr , David Moses. Eirzabeih 183 Ng. Ho Moses, Libby 250 Ng, Ngai . Moses, Miriam , ,183 Ngo. Bon , Moses. Susan 324.325 Ngo, Quinn Moss. Ga 183.246 Nguyen, Alison Moss. Much 284 Nguyen, Bac Moss, Randy 299 Nguyen, Dam Moiherway. Tom 271 Nguyen, Palncia Motivala, Sarosh 374 Nguyen, Quynh-Mai Mou. Chns 302 Nguyen. Quy Moulton. Wendy 257 Nichols. Ben Mounts, Kim 246 Nichols, Ray Moussourros Mona 246 Nicholson, Denny Moyer. Jeff 305 Nicio. Guy Moyer. Kimberly 183.254 Nidorf. Lisa Moyers, Jennifer 234,241 Nieda, David Mozan, valerie 241 Nielsen Eric Mozena. Juiie 254337 Nielsen. Russ Mracek. Ed 325 Nielson . Man Mudzhal, Atho 328 Nielson, Christine Mueller. Dirk 183.288 Nielson, Vicki Mughni, Syafiq 328 Niemann, Lon Muhammad. Khadijah 183 Niemeyer, Joan Mukai, Chris 374 Niemeyer, Pete Mullen, Ray 374 Nierva, Gemma Muller. Cathy 260 Niesen, Andrea Muller, DeDra 183 Nigh. Heidi Mullin. Julie 263 Niland, Nancy Mulrooney Lisa 183 Niles. Gregory Mumper. Karen 318 Nishida. Fumito Mun, Jihyon 250 Nishimoio, Micchelt Muncie. Sharon 183 Nishita. Karen Mund, Karen 245 Nistle. Anton Munekata, Shen 183 Niswander. Troy Munoz. Felipe 315 Nitao. John Munoz, Marco 183 Nixon, Connie Munoz, Nora 374 Nixon, Karey Munro, Stephanie 253 No, Shirli Murakami, Gaii 183 Nobile, Tracy Murakawa. Mindy-Kay 265 Noblat. veronique Murakoshi. Jon 374 Noble, Merry Beth Munllo, John 374 Nockey. Kris Mufken. Mary Alice 263 Noe, Janet Murkovich Charles 307 Noel, Christy Murphy. Barbara 254 Noel. Kimberiy Murphy. Jim 291 Noel, Scon Murphy. Kelly 183,258 Noelle, David Murphy, Martha Celesie 257 374 Noh, Gloria Murphy, Meghan 183 Nokes. Cathy Murphy, Michael 374 Nolan. Kfis Murray, Anne Mane 257 Noma. Kayoko Murray. Bill 183 Norberg. Knsien Murray. Roger 124 Nordstrom, Adnenne Murray. Yxta 431 Norihiro, Alison Murrel. Amy 260 Nofinsky, Michelle Myers, Julie 263 Nofpchen. Lars Myers. Neisha 324 Nome. Charlie Myers. Stacy 257 Norns, Kim Myron, Barbara 183 Nostrand, Mike Nowak. Karen ■ Noy Susan Jk Wk. 1 4k. 1 Nuckols, Tina 1 l kl 1V.1 Nunez, Sasilio l 1 kl 1 1 Nunez. Daniel ir 1 ' » Nunez. Kim Nunez, Mark Nunez, Michael Naooa. Jill 250 Nunez, Sandy Nachman. David 374 Nunn. Ann Nadel. Amy 183 Nureddme, Sevme Nagano, Keiko 184,267 Nye, Melissa Nagaoka Manabu 184 Nyerges, Chado Nagle. Kun 184,268 Nygren. Lisa Nagle. Taylor 124.374 Nylund, Mark Nagy Mafia Nahama, Joe 263 )84 Nahifny Dan 108 A Naiman. Man 302 ■ ■ i Nai5h, Chfisiine 374 x. 3 w Nakagawa. Naomi-Ann 312 326 Nakama, Kan Nakamolo. Rich 326 374 Nakamura. Colleen 184 OHaia. Bill Nakamura. Paul 184 O ' Brien, Barry Nakamura RoOert 184 O ' Brien, Kevin Nakamura, Teni 325 OBrien. Kimberiy Nakane. Andrew 374 Nakano. Darren 184 O ' Connell. Kan Nakaia. Lisa 184 O ' Connell Kelly Nakawaiase. Lisa 2$0 OConnei, Kerry Nam, Pong Hwan 3i9 O ' Connor Bob Nam. Wesley ., (84 O ' Connor Carolyn Nama ie Ali 3?5 O ' Connor Came Namvar, Helen 184 O ' Connor, Christine Namvar, Hoosharig 3t9 O ' Connor. Cindy Napier. MaryEllen 184 O Connor. Kristcn Nardjuki, Joyce 3 76 O Connor. Margaret Nardoni. Margoi A O ' Connor. Scan Narey. Aimec OOtfly. J Nase, Kelly :60 ODonnell, Daniel Nassief Mark 184 ODonneli. Elizabeth Nassim. Angel 319 OOonnel). John Nathan, Maik 375 O ' Oonneii Mike Nalhanson, GeoKrey .184 ODonnell. Sean Natkin, Benjamin 375 O ' Gara. Mike Naulls. Robin .184 O ' Gorman. Steve Navarro. Alejandro 375 O ' Hara. Mary Navidbakhsh, Kamian 319 O ' Keefe. Tr cia .Navrides, Maria 258 O ' Kulshi, Daniele Neal. Oodhea ?65 O ' Leske, Michelle Nebel, Melanie .241 O ' Mailey. Owen Nedjal-Haiem. Beatrice . 185 O ' Mcarfl. Catherine Neiger. Tom 276 O ' Neal Kevin Neinstein. Jetl 284 O ' Neal Pf:er Nekcoi. Kayvan .375 0 ' Bl,»ke Nelson. Bret )85 O ' Neill Biian Nelson, Cathy 260 O ' Neill James Nelson J 185 O ' Prey. Kathy Nelson, Krislen 246.3 ' 5 O ' Reilly. Nick Nelson. Marcia 246 324 O ' Reilly. Teresd Nelson. Robin 375 OSuch K ren Neman. Firou?eri 185 Oakson. Susan Neskar. Leslie 253 Oba Ryan Ness, Richard 323 326 Oberfeld. Jessie Neuheisei Kale 34, 60 261. jjs.387.484. 4 86 Ohen Jijlif 322 Ocampo, Ramon 375 Oda. Steven 246 Odabashian. Nishan 335 Odom. David 249 Odom. Jill 300 Oeberst, Shauna 299 Oehler, Juliet 319 Ofek. Tammy 305 Oh. Andrew 185.250 Oh, Jieun 185 Oh. John Jungho 185 0 . Julie 185 Oh, Kerry 375 Oh, Myeong 185 Oh. Stanley 185 Ohara, Mary 375 Oheb. Tamir 375 Ohebsion, Mojgan .375 Ohison, Thomas ,324 Oishiver. Matt 375 Ojjnaga, Leo. 185 Okada, Derek -312 Okamoio. Hiroshi 185 Okamoto. John 185 Okamura, Cheryl 125.375 Okhovat. Niloufar 266 Okhovat, Siamak 185 Okimoto, Lon 300 Okuno. Jennifer 272 Olague, Laura 375 Olea. Andy, 260 Olea. Henry 250 Olerich. Connie 257 Oles, Dave 185,250 OWo. Tony 375 OHa, Jilt 185,395 Olquin, Rich 185 Olsen, Andrea 312 Olsen, Aubry 246 Olsen Beatrice 375 Olsen, Bill 375 Olsen, Eric 185 Olsen, Scon 185 Olsen, Valerie 1 14 Olsen, Wil iam 375 Olson, Laura 272 Olson, Lisa 250 Olson. Sharon 257 Olson, Suzanne 185 Ong, Jacqueline 246 Ong, Nita 253 Opferman. John 263 Opie, Melissa 257 Opre, Mike 250 Orabill, Sherri 250 Orchard, Alison 185 Ordm, Naomi 292 Ordonez, Ramon 185 Orellana. Ramiro . 329 Orlanes, Joselyne 250 Orlin Wayne 241 Ortoff. Tracy 185 Ormsby DonaU 258,313 Ormsby, William 241 Orona, Elizabeth 185 Orr, Robert 325 Ortega, Enck 375 Oniz, Jeffrey 287 Ortiz, Mario 257 Ortiz, Russell 278 Ory, Sabrina 257 Osadi. Sekenawan 335 Osano, Cydney 186 Osborn, Melissa 375 Osborne, Jeff 326 Oshan, y n 250 Osias, Much 74 75 Oslund Karen 74 75 Ososkie, Merritt 266 Osier, Phil 254 Osterfeld, Kaihy 186 Oswald, Vicky 250 Oiani, Christine 375 Oiera. Steven 246 On, Randy 375 Onaiano, Mela Otto, Lisa fl Ottzen, Christina Ouwendyk, Wendy 1 Overfeld. Fabian . 3 Overstreet, Amy Owen, Deborah Owen. Hilary Owsley, Kaiherine 42E Owyeung, Andrea 287 Oya. Micheie 275 Oyharcabei. Jacques 324 Oyster. Cathy 166 Ozhekim. Greg 24, 26t 26C J 1 278,316,31 J3 J I8£ m 25 26 256 m Pace, Laura 186.25 Pacelli, ?AmG a 186 32 Packer John 28C Pae, Christine 28f Pae, Peter I8i Pagter Cameron 37 Paguirgan, Roxy 28 Pak. Yun Jong 12 Pakravan. Fa rid 37 Pakula, Rma 7 Palamos. Arlene 27 Palioba SIS, Athena 186 26 Pailai. Lonanna 24 Palmer Deena 24 ' Palmer. LiesI 26 ) Palmer. Wendy 18 t Palmich Carrie 108.25 Panaia, Chris 18 i. Pancreas. Mike 275,37 J Pandy. Peria 27 Pandya, Robert 27 Pang, Nancy 37 S Papac. John 24 2 Pappas, Steven 3 Paradise. Ray 18 6 Paragary. Lisa 186.24 1 Pardo. Saul 260,26 Parecki, David 18 6 Paredes, Gabnela 24 5 Paredes. Stephanie 2S 3 Parhami, Farhad 375 Parian 1. Brian 271.377 Ph iiips. Deena 186 Park, Chin 377 Phillips, Gregory 186 Park. Christine 377 Phillips, Venetia 186,305 Park Erin 377 Phong, Dan 186 241 Park. Huftae 329 Piazza. Shaun 376 Park, Jae S. 329 Pichay, Rosario 242 Park, Jeannie 329 Pick. Jessica 241 352 Park, Jenny 326 Pico. Timothy 329 Park. Jin 329 Pierce, Michael 186 Park. Julie 329 Pierce, Susan 329 Park. Minha 329 Pierson, Brent 329376 Park. Peter 329 Pierson, Brooke 124 Park, Samuel 329 Pigati, Patricia 186 Park, Shaun 329 Pike, Leah 329 Park, Stella 188 Pinado. Patsy 325 Park, Sung Ho 377 Pine Amy 186,284 Park, Young ' Jin.. 329 Pine, Gregory 186 Parker. Karen 318 Pineda, Mana 186,272 Parker, Knstal 100,101 Pineda, Robert 124 Parker, Mark 377 Pinedo. Stephen 376 Parker Patricia 326 Pines, Carrie 376 Parker, Patrick 58,59,61 292,377 Pingatore. Lisa 186 Parker, Stacy 266 Pinkerton. Brad 186 Parks, Denise 113 Pinneker Karen 186 PauA. Michelle 188 Pinto. Julio 319 Parry, Gregory 188 Piper, Holly 187 Parsa. Nazanin 319 Piper, Ken 187 Parseghian, Missag 188 Piper, Michael 376 Partida, Yvonne 377 Piroutek Angela 241 Paniedy, Elham 188 Piriie. Sean 275 Parton, Ed 295 Pizzola, Mana 288 Paaon, Susan 254 Place, Caroline 254 Pasco. Jenco 188 Piatz, Carrie 302 Pash, Sidney 312 Pleasants, Shern 376 Pasion. Roland 335,484,486 Plebuch, Karolyn 250 Pasquil, Cornelio 377 Plessner. Ellen 275 Pasqumi. Jennifer 326 Plotkin. Stacy 246 Passy. Lisa 188 Plum, George 312 Pastor, Bree 249.377 Plummer. Polly 187 Pastrana. Anne 188 Podnos, Hilary 278 Pate, Linnea 318,377 Poirier, Andrea 376 Pate, Tnca 318,377 Poiner. Dan 278 Patel, Hetai 1S8 Poiner, Drea 239 249 Patel, Sanjay 188 Poiakoff, Sacha 187 Patridge Joseph 377 Poiena. Cosette 233,241 Parton, Marty 102 Poll, Mitch 249 Panon, Michael 188 Pollack. Wendy 187 Paul, Amy 253 377 Pollock, Kevin 376 Paul, Jodi 260 Pollock, William 326 Paufl. Mitch 377 Polion. Joseph 328 Paulsen, Enc 115 Polsky, Dave 268 Paulsen, J E 305 Pomerantz Kathy 324.376 Paulsen, William 188 Pomerantz. Nancy 292 Pa via. Ken 275 Pomye, Anne 3? Pawlick, Trevor 288 Pompa, Paula 7,322,430 Paxton 111, Edwin 325 Poppe, Harrmut 187 Payne, Curtis 325 Popper. Stephanie 187 Payne, Tony 377 Porcell, Angela 187 Pearce, Kathleen 188 Porce " . Mane 187 Pearl, Dan 299 Ponnchak, Amy 271 Pearlman, Julie 239,245 Port. Daniel 246 Pearson. Anya 377 Poner Adam 18 Peck, Evie 377 Poner, Allison 376 Peck, Karen ,,. ,254 Porter, Cary 187 Peck, Susan ' 1 88 Porter, Chnstme 187 323 Peckovich, Micheie 253 Porter. JLidy 275 Peden, Kami . 263 Poner, Kaihy 187 Peden, Karissa . 263.377 Porter. Kelsey 258 Pedro, Frank 300 Portnoy, Mark 272 Peek, Allison 250 Pose. Jackie 241 Peirona, Andy . .278 Posta. Jenny 328 Pelonis, Kern 188,239,249 Potter Carter 187 Pelio. William 189 Potter Shan 263 Pena, Steve 335 Pouiakidas, Dean 287 Penalosa. Alma 377 Pouiakidas. Jennifer 376 Penaranda. Joseph 123 Poulos. Andrea 307 Pen ha SI, E. ' at 335 Powell, Gary 376 Pentheroudakis. Paul 299 Powell. John 258 Pepin. Lon 189 Powell, Pam 284 Percival, Trisie 260 Powell. Thomas 187 Perez, Carlos 280 Powell, William 260 Perez, Carmen 189 Power, Tom 187 Perez, Christina 253 Powers, Amy 187,271 Perez, Frank 189 Prado, Dee 307 Perez, Gloria 324 Prager Susan 326 Perez, Hector 377 Preciado. Raquel 324 376 Perez, Lilia 335 Prentice. Kimberiy 324 Perez, Lisa 377 Prescott, Valerie 376 Perez, Lorraine 312 Pressler, Lon 284 Perez. Mano 335 Preston, Michael 265.324 Perez, Mano 335 Primus, James 187.325 Perez, Patricia 189 Pnngle, Robert 188.258 Perez, Regina 377 Pnpsiein, Jeremy 253,376 Perez, Rick 124 Pnslin, Da ' 325 Perez. Tina 377 Prober, Ron 188 Perm. Michelle 250 Provencio, Robby 188 Penni, Laura 266 Prudian, Janine 263,324 Pensich, John 189 Pruett, Donna 325 Perkins. Benjamin 189,291 Pryor, Douglas Perkins, Brenna Perkins. John 263 189 Puccini, Lisa Pucmelii, Danieia 1 Perkins, Julia 257 Pucinelli. Gma 3 Perl. Dons 189,325 Pucken, Kimberiy w Perl, Michel 291 Pugh, Elizabeth Perlstein, Jennifer 265,377 Pugiiese, Julia Peroomian, Vahe 189 Puhl, Shen 24 Perry, Cheryl 324.326 Pulido. Manssa 25 3 Perry. Gayle 254 Pulley, Lisa 33 5 Perry, Jeff 287 Purdell. Mark 18 3 Perry. Louise 265.335 Purvis. Richard 181 3 Perry, Scott 37 Pusich, Scott 28 3 Persyn, Mary Kelly 254,317 Putham, Annie 25 B Pesci, Jennifer 250 Putney. Chnstophe 329,37 6 Pesqueira, Leigh 241 Puzaniian Talia 188,31 24 9 Peters, Linda 6 Peterson, George 124 287 . ■ la B Peterson, Hank 115 25 3 Peterson, Julie 263 1 1 188,24 9 Peterson, Kern 263 i 31 2 Petn. Tamara 6 Petrie. Roger 250 189 246,32 26 3 Petrone. Valene 312 Quan, Mark 25 3 Pettigrew. Tama-Lee 189 Quarroz Stephanie 12 4 Pettier. Greg IJ ' Quershi, Julie 29 5 Pety Ross 304 Quevedo. Frances 37 6 Pew. Stacy 189 Quijada, Cathy 37 6 Pfisieier, Mary 265 Ouinn, Barby 124.24 2 Pllaum, Dan 302 Ouintana Benny 27 1 Pham, Bich-Ngoc 189 Oumtana. Julian 18 8 Pham, Guam 326 189 Quiro Glenn 29 5 Pham. Minh 26 Pham, Quang Xuan 189,312 27 5 Phan. Nguyen 325 37 6 Phan Trinh 189 ■ ' 242.31 2 Phelps. Janice 260 IX 249.3 2 Phifer. Suzanne 9 PhiHipi, James 190 190,295 ■ 3 263 313 377 377 123 271 190 190257.313,325 377 377 241,335 190 260 254 190 335 260 190 250 190 280.377 245 263 278 257 312 324 292 190 253312 305 249 250.337 263 190 190 258 190.257 295 96.97.190 250 190,241 378 64 378 321. 245 335 484,486 190 VXl si " aWJrJF jr 37S 265 323 190 335 258 249 325 190 263 326 326 257 190 191,295 258 378 278 241 378 323 378 260,378 266 253 191 82 191 6869.70.21.191 280 292 275 263 191 191 424 256 258 253 326 378 250 325 378 291 191 300 378 263 191 29? 25i 191 30? 378 ' 378 Rabon. I?eginaid 191 Rackiin Joseph 191 Raczka. John 191 Radakovich. Steve 278 Radetfingef. Brenda 191 Rade ' Dian 191753 Raderman, Rodger 378 Radisich. Kathryn 253 Rado. Ted 378 Rahbar. Farzad 191 Rahbar.Guria 191 Rahnama, Roshanak 319 Ratch, Michjei 299 (iaa . Jeffrey 191 Rakoczy Lou(S 29 1 Rarph Kedh 378 Ratsion Heaiher 378 Ramin, Soroush 319 378 Ramtrez Andrew 280 Ramirez John 268 Ranxis. John 325 Ramos. Susie 241 Ramsayef. Melanie 191 Randleman, Tern 191.254 Rangle. Jefl 124 Raphael. Bnan 191 Raposas. Vince 296 Rapp. Charfes 378 Rapp. Wendy 250 Rasak, Pam 263 Rashoff, Jan 191 Raskin, JefT 191 Rasmussen. Chnsitne 378 Ratchtord, Shaun 322 Rarh. Mike 300 Ratmer Seth 324 Ratio, Cathy 246 Ratusnik. Jack 191 Rauser. Scon 295 Ravetto. Carol 191 Ravin. Ross 192 Rawley. Chrts 124 Ray, Billy 83 Raymen. Lon 266 Razo, Deborah 192 Razor, Teresa 239.263 Reach, Trao 253 Read Scott 287 Rearwin Amy 260 ReDamoman, Anthony 192 Recker. Kathy 242 Reddie, Scott 378 Reed. Debbie 257 Reed. Enc 192 Reed. Felicia 253,312 Reed. Suzanne 257 Reedy Thomas 192,292 Rees, Bobby 312 Reese. Christina 250 Reese. Kelly 249 Reesing. Jim 292 Reeve, Jeff 271 Reeves, Mark 192 Reeves. Stephanie 266 Refold. Jodi 192 Regan, Leia 192 Regan, Man 287 Reggie Adam 378 Reggie Anne 192 Regrmbal. Susan 263 Reid. Scotr 234 Reid, Stuarr 192.291 Reid, Susan 254 Reiltey. Bea 239,266 Reilly, Jean 103 Reilly, Paul 305 Reiner Michelle 265.326 Remhan, Robert 292 Reinsch, Audra 378 Reisewitz, Shauna 102 Reiss. Nancy .... 245 Reizman. Neii .325 Relis. Lisa 2 i. Remedios, Paul 378 Ren, Angie .. 125 Renda. Jeff ...275 Reneker, David .378 Renezeder Carl .305 Renken. Christian . .. .378 Renshaw Karla 258 Renshaw. Michelle .... 250 Retana, Jose 192 Retana Nora 378 Reyes, Adeline .265 Reyes Sharon 242 R aldo, David 125 Reynolds, Eric 277 Reza. Guy 278 Rhee, Edmund 124,280 Rhee. Sally 241 Rhoades, Julie 312 Rhoades Percy . 379 Rhodes, Jamie 192.242 Rhodes, Julie 253 Rhodes, Karolyn 325 Rhodes. Kathy 258,379 RfKMes, Robin 192 Rhone. Oded 379 Rhorer. David 100 Rhosen, Harold .379 Ricasa, Arlie , 192 Rice. Brian 271 Rice, Daryl 288 Rrce, Jim 275 Rice, Kelly 192.246 Rrch. Chns 287 Rich, Todd 284 Richamn, Michele ,325 Richards. Barbara 241 Richards, Brandon It! Richardson, Jerome 91 Richardson. Kelly 379 Richardson, Laura 192.265 Richardson. Michelle 192 Richardson. Shell 249 Richburg. Cynthia 253 Riche. Tim 379 Rickard, Brett 379 Ricks. Kathleen 193,253 Ridd, Rocheite 324 Riddle. Phillip 193 Rider, Sebastian 292 Riebling, Peter 193 Rieden, Shanna 257 Rieman. Ray 305 Riensche, Jeanette 193.267 Rierson. Lee 275 Riggle, Kathy 263 Riggs. Jennifer 263 Riqgs Nat.isha 325 Riley. Brian |93 Riley, Stephanie 379 Riley Yale |93 Rim. Huisoo 329 Rim. Susan 193 Rimei, Christopher 288 379 Ring, Megan |93 Ringler, Adina |93 Ringles. Roben 328 Ringold, Michael ..,..379 Rioux. Kathy -254 Ritchie. Lauren . n24l Riviello, Gabriela 579 Rivier. Julie 260 Roach, Michael [-33 Robb, Linda 193,205 Robbins. Jeff ... .272 Robbms, Susan 258.312 Robert. Chnstophei 193 Roberts. Gary 1 1 5 Roberts, Keith 124 Roberts. Mike 302 Robertson, Brooke 253.261 Robinson. Chnstophei 193.278 Robinson, Jim 271 Robinson, Paul 292 Robinson, Tammy 193 Robles, Sam 326 Robsahm, Regan 193 Rochelin. Charles 92 Rochin. Mark |24 Rock. Wendy 258 Rockmaei. Keith . 193 Rockman, Dave 280.317 Rodarte. Jennifer 257 RodiHo. Rick 300 Rodrigez, Pam 249 Rodrigues. Alice 258 Rodriguez, Devara 254.31 2,324 Rodriguez, Eric 302 Rodriguez. Mark 325 Rodriguez, Michael 379 Rodriguez, Olga 335 Rodriques Alice 1 93 Roe. Melanie 193 Roedling, Alex 271 Roelli, Nancy 242 Roen, Betsy 241 Roen. Elizabeth 326 Rogeiberg. David 193,326 Rogers, April 379 Rogers. Enc 85 Rogers, Gary 271 Rognlien, Came 260 Rohacek, Don 275 379 Rohde, Peter 98 Rohlinger. George 287 Rohrbacher, Dave 271 Roig. Manuel 395 Rojas. Carlos 124 Rojas, Lisa 193 Rojo, Gerard 193 Romano, Mackie 325 Rombold, Wendy 260 Romero, Lika .. 257 Romias. Bnan 193 Rondell, Alexis 253,379 Ronyak, Rob 291 Rooke, Jodi 246 Rooney. Joyce 258 Rooney, Natalie 193,253 Rosales. Gilbeno 194 Rosales, Nisa 379 Rosandich, Peter 313 Rosas, Ralph 288 . Rosato, Margaret 312,323 Ro5Chko. David 299 Rose. Came .263 Rose. David 194 Rose. Debbie 379 Rose. Ester 245 Rose. Faryl 250 Rose, Jenniler 379 Rose Lame 260 Rose Nicholas 194.326 Rose, Pamela 194 Rose. Shellie 380 Rose. Sherry 326 Roseberg. Kenmth ... 272 Rosen, David 284 Rosen Jeff 317 Rosen, Jon . 292 Rosen. Michael 194.284 Rosen. Michelle 245 Rosenbaum. Ken 323 Rosenberg, Rick 299 Rosenbloom. Joe 284 Rosenblum. David 299 Roshdieh. Negar . 380 Rosi, Cory 304 Rosier, Gerald 272 Roskoph, Robert 194.280 Ross, Adam 380 Ross. Dawn 194.250 Ross, Judy 257 Ross. Lon 258 Ross. Stephen . 272 Ross, Steve 302 Rosso, Kim 380 Rosiamian. Faranak 194.319 Roth. Knstin 250 Roth, Linda 250 Rothblatt, Steven 194 Rothstein. Scon 380 Rotieveel. Hubon .. 278 Rotubart. Jason 380 Rouhi. Jila. 194 Rousseau. Alexis 115 Rousseloi, Amy 253 Row, David 380 Rowen. Todd 278 Rowley. Chns 263 Royce, Greg 280 Rozinskas, Richard 103.194 Ru, Lan 194 Rubel. Greg 124 Rubel. Jason 1 24 Ruben. Lisa 245 Ruben. Melinda . 245 Rubenfaer, Steve 299 Rubensiein, Sheryl Rubin. Chns Rubin Paul Rubincam, Amy Rucker. Jaime Ruckman. Sharon Rudd, Jay Rudd. Kevin Rudeiman, Ten Rudick Heidi Rudniti I, ■,!. l- ' ullin Dun K ' lii dni Girii Pliiz Geoige Ruiz, Joann . Ruiz. Robeit Pummel Bl3 e Rumsfeld, Susie Rupe. Robm RusselL Craig Russell. Howard Russell. Karen Russell,, Ted Russo, Valene Rustigian. Paul Rulberg. David Rutherford, Michael Rutledge, Craig Rulledge. Lucy Rutter. Christie Ryan, Christine Ryan, James Ryan. Michelle Ryan, Rosaleen Ryan Scott Ryan, Tara Ryan. Thomas Ryan. Tracy Ryder. Reesa Ryu, Thomas 260 272 300 250 322 194 380 115 380 257 284 325 328 265 194 253 395 194 295,380 194 250 194 288 284 194 287 245 304 299 194 82.86 258.380 380 194 381 194 381 194.280 234.260 38! 194 253 S JS Saben. Linda Saborio. Mayra Saccone, Greg Sachs, Naomi Sacks, Andy Sacks, Jodi Sadeghi. Kamelia Sadeghi, Saha Saenger. Tracey Saevke, Michelle Safier, Jon Sager. Knsty Saglimbeni, Mana Saglimbem, Sal Sahadi. Christine Sahgal, Ajay Saiki. Enc Saiki, Lynda Saindon Bill Saisho, Richard Saito, Joni Salazar. Gerald Salazar, Patricia Salazar. Richard Saleh, Betty Salem, Leon Salerno, Gina Salido. Mary Jane Saltikov, Stephanie Saltsman, Susan Saltzburg, Scott Salvinski. Greg Salwen. Jan Samarzich. Moya Samia. Linda Samith. Venetia Samples, Knsti Samson, Adena Samuels. Marc Samuelson. Mike San Juan, Marjone San Miguel, Enc Sanchez. Desiree Sanchez. Kevin Sanchez, Kim Sanchez. Michelle Sanchez. Rose Mary Sanchez, Shelly Sandelmann, Frank Sanders, Lara Sanderson, Knstin Sandtfer, Jiii Sandlemann. Bntta Sandlemann. Frank Sandler. David Sandmeier. Trudi Sandmeyef. John Sandoval. Cynthia Sandoval, Frank Sandoval, Jessy Sanseverino, Bob Santa Maria, Odilyn Santiago, Cecille Santiago. Marilyn. Santiago. Ramon Sannni. Mike Santos. Lam Santos. Virna Sapp. Andre Sappingion, Lynn Saracino. Stacy. ... Sargent. Scott Sase, Lon Saslow. Robert Satmary, Wendy Satoda. David Saucedo, David Saucedo. Gerardo Sauer. Jennifer. . Sauquillo. Patricia Sauvage. Lisa. . Savafian Novman Savage, Jordan Savage, Maria Savage, Rich Savin. Andrea Sawochka. Karen 195 195 124,241 313 257 195 326,381 257.381 195.258 272 260 195 426 381 260 195 195 195 335 195 195 195 195 307 266 195 250 266 246 253 245 381 305 195 195 266 305 102 260 196 124 196 260 257.335 234.260 242 278 1 96.288 324 124 325 302,381 196 124,278 266 196 196 381 305 263 196 292 253 257 292 263 381 246 196 296 335 381 381 263 196 381 250 291 249.317 250 Sax. Ritchie Saydman. Brent Saywitz. Barry Scala. Dorene Scandalios. J P Scanlan. Dana Scarcello, Adnennf Scarpelli, Giana Scatena. Jim Scchreiber. Linda Schachne. Bruce Schaeler. Susan Scharz, Allison Schathles, Jan Schechier. Andrea Schechier, Lisa Schecier. Steve Scheker. Glona Schenk, Debra Schenken, Carne Schersand, Joy Schienberg. Kim Schiff. Arlyn Schiffilea. Gynnae Schiffris, Cindy Schildef. Minta Schiller, Michelle Schilling. Lisa Schillo, Scott Schlar. Lisa Schloetter. Susan Schmia, Stefame Schmidt. Kathryn Schmidt. Ursula Schmitt, Edward Schmitz, Ten Schneider, Collette Schneider. Debra Schneider, Jeff Schneider, Mary Schneider, Ten Schnieder, Jane Schnieders. Barbie Schober, Michael Schoenbaum, Brent Schoenwetter, Mike Schoettmer, Cathy Scholer, Robert Schomburg, Lynda Schoner, Hugo Schraeter, Stephanie Schram, Debbie Schramm, Jennifer Schramm, Kelly Schreckinger Wendy Schieiber, Jonathan Schroeder, Heide Schfoeder, Richard Schuehle, Jennifer Schuh. Phil Schuler, Stephanie Schull. Jo Anna Schulner, Keith Schulten. Mark Schultz, David Schultz, Joanne Schultz. Thomas Schuster, Gary Schutheis, Alexandra Schuufs. Michael Schwam. Pam Schwarcz, Elizabeth Schwartz. Andrea Schwartz Kevin Schwartz, Mara Schwartz. Rob Schwarz. Paul Schweinfurih. Lynn Schweiningei-. Irene Schweitzer, Michele Schweizer, Elsa Sciarra. Anne Scorziell. Michael Scott, Nancy Scott. Timothy . Scotti, Patricia Scruggs. Tony Scupine. Jason Sears, Stacy Sears, Tara Seat. Stanley Seawnght. Annie Seawnght. Megan Sebree. Jennifer Seden, Michelle Seden. Tiffany Seely, Bruce Segal, Bill Segal, Jennifer Seidman, Dov Seigi, Adi. Sekine. Kathy Selecky, Mark Self. Kathleen Seligman. Kathryn Selk. Rebecca. Sell. Barry Seltsam, Nancy Selvian. Leslie Selzer. Jody Semerena, Melmda Semke. Jill Semones, Kaihenne Sen Gupta, Momita Seng-Lil, Jim Sennett, Beth Senneti, Elizabeth Senske, Patrick Seokolowskii, Tony Sepuiveda. Nelson Serada. Craig Serate. Bill Seriin, Debbie Serwin, Doan Setoguchi, Sharon Settles. Manhew Setyadi, Faustina Seviian. Leslie Sexton. Bill Shachory, Sarah Shackleton, Scott Shadgou, A?ita Shaevitz, Lisa Shalai. John Shaffer, Jeff Shaffer, Steven Shaheedy. Haleh 196 Shaiteles, Jan 246 281 ShaketJ, Enol,i 241 284 Shalcr. Mark , 198 196 Sfiampaiaki, Paul 382 287 Shanretd, Slacy 257 241.312,381 Shank. Susan 326 2 2 Shannon, .fndy 305 2A2 Shansby. Jay , 27f 124 Shansby, Kimberly 198 196 Shapiro, David 198 196 Sharpe, Siephanre 258 249 Sharron, Stephanie 198 245 ShaloH, Alise 246 381 Shac, Ben 382 253 Shauei, Kassie 249 196 Shaw, Richafd 198 291 Shaw. Sieve 124 196 Shea, Adam 278 196 Shea. Lisa 198,257 266 Sheals. Amy 257 254 Shearer Peggy 198.324 249 Sheann, Virgin 382 324 Sheehan, Don 300 263 Sheffer Cory 198 245 Sheldon, Debbie - ,266 395 Shelly, Tamara 246 196,325 Shellon, Amy 265 196 Shellon, Demetrius 325 196 Shenassa. Behnam 319 196 Shenefiel, Kelly 382 266 Shepard, CybiK ,349 381 Shepard, Scott 198 265 Shepherd, Anthony 382 254 Sher, Stephi ,258 381 Sherain, Robin -263 263 Sheridan, Melmda 242 242 Sherins Carolyn 246 381 Sherman, Dina 198,241 37,288.431 Sherman, Jeffrey 382,284 196 Sherman, Lisa 198,241 314,322.326,335,484,486 196 Sherman, Sidney 322,335,382,433,484.486 246 Sherman, Susan 263 257 Shermsien. Bahram 319 196 Shiban. Theresa 198 326.381 Shiley, Cynthia 246.382 299 Shimabukuio Kenji 382 241.335,484 486 Shimizu Jenny 239,242 307 Shimizu, Naomi 241 381 Shimomura. Lisa 266 196 Shin, Benjamin 198,268 260 Shin, Eungsoo 198 266 Shin, Gloria 382 265 Shin, Misook 329 325 Shine, Dan , 288 266 Shing, Mona 324 381 Shing, Monica 258 241,381 Shirian, Amir 198 124 Shirota, f ' Jelson ,198 196,254 Shite, Sheila .239 233.287 Shively Julie ,241 266 Shjerman, Susan 263 260 Shlensky, Sheba -245 288,325 Shoemaker, Sally Anne 193,260 292 Shoji, Russell 198 299 Sholars, Sheila 382 241 Shomer Paul 198,278 299 Shorago, Alisa 382 317 Shorago, Lisa 266 381 Shore Michael .299 272 Shraner, Amy 312 266 Shrewsbury, Salli 198,249 265 Shrock, Laurie 260 267 Shu. Sidney 325 197 Shu. Stanford 199 245 Shube, Steven 199 288 Shultz Jennifei 260 292.381 Shumka. Debbie 257 241 Shyp. Kathryn 199 258 Siani, Sandia 124 381 Siao. Lily 199 197 Siap, Emily 382 241 Sibulkin. Steve ,299 280 Sibulkin. Tina ,245 260 Sidano Julianto 328 197 Siddiqee, Sagheer -199 253 Siefeit, Shaion -199 295 Siegal, Jon 299 325 Siegel, Lee 275 253 Siegel, Lisa -257 266 Siegel, Mark 382 197 Siegler, John 326 97 Siemsen Renee 324 253 Siluentes Daniel 199 266 Sileo, Andrea 324-326-382 266 Slim. Mike 305 257 Silva. Virginia 263 197 Silvei. Dan 299 291 Sliver, Dave 382 325 Slver. Jay 284 197 Silver, Karen 383 222 Silverberg, Marc 288.312 197 Silveriorb Jill 241 197,305 Silverman. Jennifer 383 197 263 Silverman, Mark 299 197,241 Silverman, Robin 199,245 245 Silversiem Al 300 197 Silverslein, Amy 245,325 197 Silverstein, Daniel 199 263 Silverstein Frances 199 242 Silvestii Rob - 284 197 Sim, Sang Tae 329 2S3 Sim, Theresa 199 197 Simandjaja Natalie 199.328 313 Simison. Man -275 123 Simmons. Cheryl .383 246 Simmons, Sandy -257 197 Simms, Jenny 234 234.287 Simoes, Rubens 115.199 381 Simon. Adrian 291 307 Simon, Jon 383 302 Simon Karen 266.325 381 Simon, Mark 305 335 Simone, Tonena 253 197 Simonian, Chris 280 198 Simons Goidon 291 381 Simpkin Steve ,271 198,328 Simpson John 199.295 263 Sims. Jenny ,257 300 Sina. Maryam 199 198.322 Sinay. Patricia 266 292 Singer, Adam ,299 198 Smger, Andy 280 198.241 Singer, Bill -383 381 Singer Edward 199 295 Singer, Hillary 199 325 Singer Jennifer 326.383 319 Singer, Julie -260 l b Singleton, Michael Sifktn. Janice 383 199 Spotts, Eric Sprague. Manssa 295 Svensson. Piper 249 Svitil. Amy 263 203 Thurman. Janine 325 Thurston, Barry 275 t m % Sison. Jonathan 199 Spring, Gregory 202 Swartz, Karen 260 Ticktin, Neil 206 1 1 « % Sison, Peter 199,272 Squire, Matthew 202 Swartz, Michael 299 Tidalgo, Ernesi 335.384 484 486 1 1 % 1 Siu. Elena Wing-Vee 265 Squires. Cheryl 202 Swendsen, Joel 319.384 Tideman, Justine 324 r J M Sizgonch, Diane 326 St Amand, Lisa 242 Swift, Roger 295 Tien. Chi Yu 325 ■ Skaist, Mark 299 278 St John. Scon St Louis. Penny 1 12 Swift, Sally 326 Swift, Sarah 234.26026I 204.234 Tien, Fong Tierney, D J 325 305 Skarupa, Drew Uchiyama, Allison . ' (ft . J . Skeie, Stacy 257 St Pierre, David 104 Swift, Susan 258 Tighe. Thomas 206 335 Udhqji. Ranjeeta Skillman, Catherine 383 Stadelbacher, Valerie 202.254 Swope. David 280 384 Timmermann, RoDen 206 Ujiie. Andrew -■5( Skoda. Evie 250 Stafford, Tiffany 263 Syamsuddin, Sirajuddm 328 Tinder, Suzi 263 Ulick. Michelle « ' Skomsvold. Kfistie 199 Staht, Diane 242 Syas Staci 384 Ting, Jennifer 206 UHoa, Gabneia }« Stack Chandra 199 241 Stanfill, James 124.383 Sydow, Elizabeth 253 Tin gey Tanner 271 Ulnch, Mark 101 Slacum, Cen 253 Siaretz david 202 Syfiestad, Jane 204 Tinsley. Christine 258.324 Ulwelling, James 38! Slavich. Mike 272 Stark, Richard 383 Sykes, Janelle 254 Tinsley, Ruthann 246 Umar, Jahja 32J Sfavik. Susan 241 Starling. Kathryn 254 324 SzaOo Joanne 253 384 Tirado Joe 385 UmemoEO. Michelle 38t Siavin. Rjsa 199 Siaroba. Juiie 249 Szeio, Ted 268 326 Tischhauser, Paul 268 Underwood. Jennifer lot Sleppy. Julie 335 Starr. Allison 263 Tisherman. Debby 245 Underwood Kurt la Sloan. ReuDen 199.323 307 Starr. Brian Staten, Eric 202 383 Tisherman, Jeff Tjahjadi Markus 299 328 Unger. Scott Unno, Stephanie 30 ' lot Sloggett. Steve 0 Small, Dave 280 Staubitz. Lucas 280 r Tjahjadi Teddy 206 328 Uno. Craig lOf Small. Eric 272 Stearns, Jeff 272 1 Jw Tioa Ralph 296 Upham. Laura 25C Smason, Renee 245 Stears. Tess 202 258 1 k x Jo. Brian 385 Uptones 31 Smelkmson, Uitchel 383 Steensland. Chris 295 • Toba. Naomi 206 Urban Joni I09,24( Smelzer, John 199 278 200.265 Steffers. Susie Steiman, Jeff 335 335.484.486 T Tobey Lisa Toda, Mary 385 325 Urdahi. Scott Ursini, John, 208.271 Smiley. Jodi abata, Julie 265 Smiley. Norine 200 Stem, Alisa 253 Tabb. David 299 Togie, Robert 206 Ushiba, Kathenne 20826 ' Smith, Althea 200 Stem. Danielle 202 Tabibzadeh. Baharak 204 Toledo, Yvette 263 Ushirogata, Ted 20£ Smith, Andrea 200 Stem, Erich 202 Tabladilio, Mark 384 Tom Chris 304 Utsumi. Toshio 38 Smith, Andrea 257 Stem. Lisa 245 Tadros, Rita 384 Tom Donald 385 Utzinger. Catherine 20825 ' Smith. Andrew 200 Stem, Melissa 245 Tafoya, Maria 204 Tom, Janice 206 3 1 2 Uycoque, Cecilia 20f Smith. Blair 246 Stem, Michael 299 Taima. Yasser 296 Tom Joanne 206 Uyeno, Stella 111 Smith. Boo Smith. Dave 287 295 Steinberg. Debbie Steinberg. Phyllis 324 Takahara. Traci 202 Takahashi. Chris 258 204 Tomiapos Rumei Tomlin. Lily 304 30 Smith, Dave 304 Steinberg. Suzanne 202 Takahashi Yuki 384 Tonai Dana 206 m fl . Smith. David 200 Stemburg, David 312 Takasago. Samamha 204 265 Tong Eddie 206 ff M r . Smith, David 276 Steiner, Lon 245 Takata, Daryl 204 Tong. John 206 ff M % Smith. Eric 287 Sieinson. Eric 202 Takebayashi, Julie 384 Tonn, Robert 385 f r M Smith. Geoff 295 Steliing Lio 257 Takesako, Karen 204 326 Tonomura, Samuel 206 W Smith, Gilbert Smith, Irene 200 241.335,484 486 Stemple, Kyra Stephan, Kaiherme 250 Takota, Michelle 202 Takvam. Diana 249 257 Toohey Cynthia Tooke. William 265 325 vahedrtat Ps man -.1 Smith. Jeff 200 Stephenson, Kate 202,242 Tallman, Susie 250 Toomey, Mike 300 Vahid-Tehrani J vaJ Smith. Jolene Smith. Julie 265 260 Stephenson, Tom Stepner, Jessica 296 Talma. Valery 263 Talmadge, Tamy 272 Toossi. Mohammad 319 Valas. Sam 257 Topol, B J 260 Vaide, Jane Smith, Kelly 250 Stergion, Monica 258 383 Talor. Amy 257 Topol, Tami 234 260,261 Vaidez Jacqueline . H ' Smith. Kim 318 Sterling, Vicki 249 Tam, Wai-yun 204 Topper, Mark 224 V aien ona Guy . ' Sf Smith. Kim 325 Stern Bruce 202 Tamayo. Tina 265 Torregosa, Madeline 254 Vallas. Becky 2 St Smith, Lanavah 200 Stern. Debra 265 Tamura, Traci 204 Torres, Anioinetie 385 Vatles. Ruben 31, Smith. Laurie. 324 Stern, San 242 Tan, Chia 384 Torres. Arleen 206 Vallter. Angela 38f Smith. Lisa 394 Stern. Stacy 326 Tan, Lowell 384 Torres. Belinda 206,324 Valtierra Ernesto ?St Smith. Mike 287 Stevely. Dawna 324 TanaOe. Diane 266 Torres. Frank 300 Valverde. Pam . 4 ' Smith, Paula 200 Stevens Brett 202 Tanaka. Audrey 204 Torres, Lisa 206 Van Bebber, Doug ' ' Smith, Rebecca 260 Stevens Matt 80.84.86 Tanaka. Kimberly-Anne 204 Torres, Mary 266 Van Belleghem, Mark 272 J6t. Smith. Renee 200.318 Stevens. Muftfy 326 Tanaka Lonnie 204 Torres. Mike 275 Van Capeiie, Lisa 36 Smith. Rhonda 200234.260 Stewart, Angel 312 TanenDaum. David 284 Torres. Poma 385 van Deloo. P K ?a. Smith. Scoct 278 Stewan. David 202 Tang. Judy 204 Toshiyuki. Tam 385 Van Emple. Cindy . " ' .- Smith. St 3umr 200 Stewart. Debra 250 Tangney Brennan 278 Towery, Mark 271 Van Norman, TirtKithy ;r.- Smith, Shawn 200 Stewart, Kim 1 1 1 Tanji, Jams 204 Towey, Teresa 206.254 Van Roy- Laura 8( Smith. Sheila 318 Stewart Nancy 312 383 Tannenbaum. Suzanne 204 Towfigh Ati 385 VanBebDer Douglas 20t Smith. Sherri 326.383 Stewart Sarah 202,265 Tanner, David 204 Towner William 206 VanBlaricom Deborah 20t Smith, Sherry 200 Stewart Steve 202 Tapanes. George 204 Townsend Gregory 299 VanEmpel. Cynthia 20( Smith, Sheryl 250 Stewart, V Angel 202 Taras, Heather 245 Townsend Kelly 206 VanOrnum, Heather ;- Smith, Stephanie 246 Stiglic, Gregg 202 Tashima. Paul 204 Townsend. Kori 267 VanRemortel. Joseph . " ' I. ' .- Smith, Tobias 305 Slipanov Ann 202 Tatlor, Andre 272 Townsend, Margaret 385 VanderMolen. Monique Smock, Patricia 239.253 Stiska. Julie 254 Tatsugawa. 2ina 204 Townsend Tim 271 VanderMolen, Sharlene . " " 1. ' Snider. Warren 200 Stock, Megan 242 Tatsukawa. Shirley 204 Townsley. Janet 266 VanderWaerdt, Mike Snodgrass, Greg 278 Stoffmacher Bruce 383 Tauber, Dana 242 Toyloy-Kennedy Ktm 206 Vanderhorst. Nicole Snow Christy 246 Stokes. Deborah 202 Tawa Brad 204 Tracey. David 312 Vanole, David Snow, Jenny 257 Stokes Larry 124 Tawil, Ellen 245 Tracy. Anne 249 vanvieldt. Lilian :fy- " ■. Snow. John 200 Stone. Ashley 202,246 Taylor, Bradley 204 Tran Due 385 Varner. Scott Snyder Carey 325 Slone. Edwm .... 202 268 Taylor Brad 314. 22 Tran. James 206.385 Varner Sean Snyder Dana 200 253 Stone. Juli :03 234.253.335.427,484 486 Taylor. Casey 335.484.486 Tran, Kiet 385 Vasovic, Zorica 1. Snyder James 200 Stone Ronald 299 Taylor. Chris 249 Tran. Lan 206 Vasquez. Heron So. Amy 329 Stone Sara 249 Taylor Jeff 292 Tran, Le 206 Vasquez. Ueana So, Peter 383 Stone. Tamika 203 Taylor. Lawrence 204 272 Tran, Lynn 206 Vaiaie, Robert Soberman, Mark v - 312 Stormenr Jeanne 249 Taylor Derek 295 Tran, Nicole 208 Vautherme. Roben 20- :?.■ Sobraco Lisa ■P. 314 Storr. Allison Stovall. Tina 239 263 Tecca, Paige 24 1 Teer. Simon 249 337 307 Tran Richard Tran, Tam-Huong 208 385 VazQ iez Lynda Vedera, Laura 20 " :■:■ Sochony. Sarah Sodikoff. Mitchell r 3,2 StowelL Steve 287 Teheranizadeh, Kevin 205 Trang, Nhan 385 Vedres. Lisa Soeiarman, Basuki 328 Sirabic. Susan 257 Teig. Ginger 250 Trank. Tamara 267 Veglia, Christian 26i Soffner. Robert 200 , Stradei. Stephanie 249 Tekeriek, Alan 205 Tranquili Lisa 208 Veiasco, Dave 20 Sofro. Laura 200 Strader. T m 287 Tekunoff, Dan 275 Trapnell, Bob 124 Velenchik, Rosanna 32S Sofyan, Tony 328 Stratton, Nancy 254.323 Teller, Mauncio 384 Traub John 208 Velvarde. Regma 205 Soheila, TaDibma 204 Straus, Peter 299,383 Tellena. Debbie 249 Tra viand Tracy 250 Venegas, Michael 209.295 Sohn, Joanne 329,383 Strauss, Tom 300 Ten. Katrina 384 Trehan, Pawan 208 Venner, Bn an 296 Sohn, Michael 329 Strayhorn, Robin 335 Tenazas. Alan 205 Treyo, Juana 312 Veracruse, Richard 209 Sol, Joselito 200 Slrecker, Mark 203 Teng. Grace 205 Trejo. Alejandro 278 Verbin. Chns 288 Soliani, All 200 Streeter Michelle 245,383 Tennant, Adam 305 Trejo Juana 335.385 Vercruse. Rick 29? Soil, Kathy 249 Streifer. Roberta 245 Tennyson, Sarah 324 Tremayne. Kenneth 208 Verduzco, Roxanne 209 Solomon Aaron 272 Sireitberger. Paul 203 Tenorio. Stephanie 263 Tremayne, Ken 302 Ver20sa Dennis 209 302 Solomon, Barry 200 Strelow. Tom 268 Tepper, Kendra 265 Tremblay L ' sa 208 258 Verzosa. Veronica 266 Solomon. Cynthia 200 Stroh, Eric 278 Teresi. Elisabeth 384 Tremblay Pete 288 Vesper 420 Solomon, Lesley 250 Strong, Eric 272 Terry Chene 205 Trenholm. Mike 296 Vessadini. Barbara 263 Song, Daniel 201 329 Strong, Karen 318 Terry, Mike 288 Tressel, Willard 313 Vest. Tim 275 Song. Jay 329 Strong, Suzanne 253 384 Terry. Shyama 205 Tresser Ben 299 Veiesy. Lance 271 Song. Kyung-sook 201 Stronge. Jill 263 Terzian, Phil 275 Tn, Kim 335 Vicente. Leon 386 Soo Hoc, Michael 201 Siryker Shannon 203 Teske. Liesi 260 Tnantafyllos, John 208 Victona. Lara 249 SooHoo. Vinson 383 Stutz, Mike 280 Tessel. Bonme 205 265 Tribolei. Danielle 257 Victonno. Judy 209 Sooy. Maureen 242.383 Su Sophia 203 Testa Silvia 205 Triggs. Shelly 257 Villalobos. Lydia 433 Sorensen, Kelly 315.383 Suarez George 203 Thai, Qui 384 Trigonis. Jim 385 VillaloOos. Noima 209 Sorenson, Jeff 304 Suber, Amy 312 Thavtsn, Vipapun 205 Trinh, Vinh 208 Viiiamii. Helen 386 Sorenson. Karen 20t Subramanian, Anand 384 Thaxter Julieanne 250 Trogman Richard 208 Villaneda. Elijaberh 32A Soriano. Edmar 383 Suckerman, Michelle 384 Thiara. Balbinder 205 Trouillier Angele 246 Villanueva. Usa 258.325 Soroudi. Sabrina 201 Suddleson Eric 299 Thiet. Amy 257 324 Trulto. John 121 278 Villapando, Manna 254 Soss, Jeffrey 201 288 Sudol. Andy 384 Thiel, Nina 337 Tsai Che 296 Villarreai. Syra 267 Soiiropoulos, Georgia 326383 Sudol, Elame 249 Thistle. Francine 384 Tsai, Johnny .385 Villegas- Amelita. . 209 Sotiropoulos, Pam 383 201 Suela. Roxanne Suggett. Cynthia 203 203 250 hoensen. Kellie 254 Tsakao, Elisa Tsao. Jeanne 266 208 Viiiegas, Jennifer VrHegas Jenn 386 Soto, Thomas hom. Harold 205 246 Soulages, Jenmter 201 Suggeti Sam 250 Thomas Anne 242 Tsao. Jenny 241 Villegas. Rowena 209 Soules- Mike 326 Sugiman, Ida 203 Thomas Ernie 295 Tsao. Stephanie 208.241 Vilshtein Slava 386 Sourasky. Ronen 201 Sugirrwio, Dale 203 Thomas Greg 305 Tsay. Cassidy 326 Vilter. Carol 265,386 Sousa Kenneth 201 Suh. Jesse 329 Thomas, John 205 Tse. Bing 325 Vinarsky Emma 20 Southern Tanya 257 Suh Su 384 Thomas, John 295 Tseng. Emmilme 208 Vincent- Lisa 249 Sovey, Gregory 201 Sulit. Victor 384 Thomas. Kathenne 325 Tsibouris. Angela 335 Vincietli. Kathryn 209 Spancer, David 383 Sullivan, Irene 253 Thomas Kenya 335 Tsiiimidos. Maria 254 Viotto. Dan 271 Spangler, Timothy 326 Sullivan. Katy 250 homas. Maki 326,384 Tso Delphine 208 Virata, Thelma 209 325 Spears. Deb 325 Sullivan, Kevin 278 fhomas. Paul 292 Tsuchihashi, Julie 208 Virk. Preetinder 209 Speciale, Claudia 265 Sullivan. Rob 271 rhomas. Rebecca 242 Tsung Ronald 326 Viss. Vicki 258 Speerow. Claire 258 Sullivan, Stacey 260.325,384 rhomas. Stacy 265 TsuncxJa. Shirley 208 Visser. Dennis 287 Speers, Gina 246 Sumner. Leann 203 fhomason. Brad 287 Tubb, Can 246 Vitale. Frank 280 241 386 209 209 249 288 SiDeicher. Tnsh 246 Sun. Irene 254.324 fhompson, Billy 114 Tubb, Caroline 386 Vitols. Valda SpeigeL Michele 263 Sun, Tammy 203 hompson. Brad 205 Tucker Caria 208 Vizon, Ma Cecdia Spence. Kaihryn 257 Sung, Carol 265 hompson. Carol 242 Tuerk, Deborah 245 Vlabos, William Spence, Wendy 201.253.261 Sunga, Helen 325 Thompson. Johnnie 302 Tung, Doug 275 Voetliner, Lisa Spencer. Jeffrey 201 Sunny, Stacy 113 Thompson, Johnny 205 Tung, Thai 296 Vogler, Mark ncer Laurel 383 Supple Ann 203.257 rhompson. Pam 1 11 Tumck Gail 239 Vogler, Michael 209.288 Spencer Margaret 246 Suriadjaya, Rina 203,328 hompson, Shauna 246 Turansky Kathenne 208,249 Volpicelli, Karen 209 Spencer Suzanne 201,233,260 Surman Lisa 254 Thompson Stoane 242.384 Turley. Tom 277 Volstad, Osbjorn 106- 250- 307 Sperow. Claire 201,324 Survant. Laura 203 Thompson, Stephame 205.250 Turnage, Keith 335 Von Ruden, Nicole Spielman, Lisa 245 Sussman. Erie 284 Thomsen Anna 326 Turnbull Matthe.v 208 Von Sadovsky, Tony Spillane, Kathleen Spillane, Matt Spinks. Danae 257 300 201 Sutanio. Fifi 203.328 homsen, Theresa Thornley. Linda Thorpe, Jeff 384 205 272 Turner Marcus Turocy Beth Turtle Erm 86 242 208 Vu Linh 386 Sutherland, Kevin Sutherland. Sheryl 284 203 246 1 1 % v Spitz, Jason 299 Sutton, Francoise 265 Thorson, Cara 257 Tveitmoe Linnea 121 257 m 1r % w Spivak Jill 246 Suiion. Lindsay 260 Thrasler. Tom 280 Ty Arthur 208 JLm 1 lA Sponzilli. Gina 253 278 Sutton. Vicky Suzuki, Michelle 260 326 384 hropay Reuben 205 Tyler Jill Tyler Melissa 253 324 1 1 1 w Spotiswood, John Thuna, Doreen 206 1 1 y JChwr. Hfun 284 Vdcmer John ?09,325 W.«w Jim 395 W.nie(m »n LJurJ ?4S Wjgnei Ciroiyn 2S? Wjgner. D n 272 W. gn i J rtfC i24 Wjgnei Ken 29 Wagner Lon 209 W agner, Pjtncia i86 Wagner RoDin 2S0 Wagner T.m 305 Wagner Tom 305 Wagonhutil PMntt ?53 WagstafT Wendy 318 Wakanroto Cia-g P68 WaKarrxjlo Suzanne 209 wake Michelle 433 Wakler Tony 280 Walcher Anihony 209 Waico Lisa V6 Wald Mike i02 Wawman, Suzanne ?I0 WaWort. Gregory ?84 WaltJron Rick 272 Wafema, Elaine 386 Waigenbach, Joseph 210 Walkef Anihony 386 Walker Gary 275 Walker Ktrsten 253 Walker Lama 254 Walker. Lon 260 walker. Tyler 386 Walkes, Karen 113 Wall, Vince 280 Wallace 8ob 275 Wallace Casey 233 Wallace, Earl 305 Wallace. Marilyn 242 walien Lisa 257,313 Walsh. Julie 124 1 Walsh Kelly 263 Walsh Sean 210,292 Walsh Tami 242 Walsh, Tiffany 250 Walters Doug 210 Walters. Keilh iiilim ' " " " " Wallers, Scott j H - ' O ' S Walton. Sam BbSL .254 Walton, Sandra wBaBBm " Wang. Chesier HH|H ' 10 Wang Christine HHH. 254 Wang, Henry | H Wang, Joe IB E,.. 307.386 Wang, Karen - «iE 325 Wang. Richard . S|il. ' . 284 Wang. Simin 210 Wang. Thomas 210 Wang, Tony 210 WangDerg. Enka 210241 Wangerin Jacgueline 210 warcJ. Anne 260 Ward. Benjamin 305 Ward. Carol 210263 Ward. Jonathan 210,278 Ward Jon 121 Ward. Lee Ann 242 Ware Sheryl 210 Warm, Jaime 318 Waning. Tina 210 Warmke Richard 386 Warner Kevin 210,284 Warnick. Russ 85 Warren. Andnenne 387 I] Warsha. Valerie 242 Warshall Marc 299 Warshawsky Valane 210,323 Washington, Lindsay 260 Washington Lisa 125 Washington Marian 387 Washington Shaune 210 Wasson. Julie 387 Watkins Eric 292 Watkms. Kaihenne 260.387 Watkins. Todd 271 Watnick. Karen 253 Watrous, P m 246 257 387 1 Watson James 295 , Watson Much 284 Watson, Monique 210 Wan. Debbie 241 Waung, Raymund 210 Weaver Robert 210 Webb, Michelle 246 Weber Bi " Weber Cheryl 210,335.432 484 486 210 Weber Dana 242 Weber Mma 324 Wedaa James 210,275,395 Wedbush Gary 124,295 ™ Weede, Thomas 211 f Weersing Scott 387 Weiler. Maura 211 Weimer, Janna 387 Wemreb, Marnin 284,317 Weins, Carmen 387 Weinstein, Donald 211 Weirick. Kristen 246 Weisberger, Dana 211 Weisbrod, Linda 313 Weisman Ciaig 278 Weismuller, Helmut 295 Weiss, Debby 245 Weiss Jason 325 Weiss Monte 387 Weiss. Paul 284 Weiss, Russ 299 Weissberger, Dana 265 Weitkamp, Robert 387 Welch. Jonathan 307 Welch Tiffany 387 Weldon, Nancy 257 Weldon, Stephanie 257 Wellman. Rowena 211 Wellman Timothy 387 Wels. Kurt 296 welsch. Mary 250 Welsh. David ' . weirman. Devra 305 245 1 wendleion, Val 260 1 Wendt. Greg 387 ' Wenger, Gemma 242 Wennick, Bill 112 wenzei. Todd 287 Werner, inga 211.260 Werner, Kaihryn 2Si Werner Saralinda 239.254 West Cyndee West, Dorian West, Mane-Eiiie Westbrook James Wesion Randy Westphalen Kim Wctsel Jeff Wexler Karen WeyerNouroulis, Birgit Weyl. Jeanne Wheeler Counney Wheeler Mike Wheeler Susan Whitaker. Carol White Debbie White Deron White Elaine White, Jacalyn White Jeff White, Laura White, Sheila White, Susan Whiiehill, Casey Whiiehouse, Debbie Whidock, Jennifer Whitmire. Niko Whitmore, John Whitney. Lisa Whin, James Whittaker Kaihy Whitwonh. Kim Widenhofer Julie Widjaja, Lily Wiedemeie Edward Wieder, Jeff Wiehl, Chris Wieneke, Bryant Wiener, Jordan Wienholz. Sandra Wiesen, Rachel Wilder, Pamela Wiley, Caria Wilken, Bob Wilkers, Paul Wilkins, Jannell Wilkinson, Michelle Wilkinson Susan Will, Wendy Willaims, Shern Willard, Mike Wilihite, Roberta Williams, eobbetre Williams, Chris Williams, Daryl Williams Greg Williams. Jeff Williams, Julie Williams Karen Williams. Lon Williams, Lynne Williams. Marcus Williams Mindy Williams, Peggy Williams, Scott Williams, Sharon Williams. Sherri Williams, Susan Williams William Willie. Greg Willis, Aimee Willis, Bruce Willis. Cheryl Willson, Karen Wilson. Cindy Wilson, Dan Wilson, Debbie Wilson, Deborah Wilson, Jacquelin Wilson, Jeffrey Wilson, Kaihenne Wilson, Kaihenne Wilson, Martin Wilson, Matthew Wilson, Trevor Wiltr, Kim Wiltsey, Thomas Wimberley John Wimberly Sandelle Win, Palma Winant John Winchell. Mary Wine, Nelar Winmger Scott Winkelman, John Winkler Andrea Winnick Stacy Winograd, Carrie Winsion, Robin Winter, Jill Winters, Holly Winters, Maria Wise Bonnie Wise, Brenda Wisner, Marianne Wisnousky,Mike Wiswall, Megan Wiswaii, Molly Witemberg, Nate Withem. Aimee Wolcott, Holly Woicott, Stepha nte Wolf, Adnenne Wolf Charles Wolff, Richard Wolf son, Lisa Woltson, Melissa Wolfus Larry Wolodkm. Stephen Woloshm. Nina Wolpov, Jessica Wolthers, Bebe Wong. Alan Wong, Angela Wong. 8eih Wong, Christine Wong. David Wong. Eileen Wong, Heeman Wong, Helen Wong, Jacqueline Wong, Ken Wong, Margie Wong, Mary Wong, Sharon Wong, Sophie Wong Stacie Wong. Susan 266 Wong. Venicr 2 J . ir Wong, Wat Lam 213 211 Woe, Dcbw 213 280 Woo. John 300 387 Woo M,jrv 254 241 Woo. Sleven 389 28? Woo Victor 389 245 Wood. Chrisiophei 272 211 Wood. Jay 288 211.250 Wood. Kim 250 250324 Wood. Saran 263 291 Woodliel, Marva 213 250312 Woodman. Lon 213 242 Woodman Pilar 260 324 Woods. Jamie 263 305 Woods Regiria 324 267 Woodward, Paul 275 211 Woodward, Whuney 24 1 302 Woolery. Roger 271 387 Woolsey, Paul 213 211,265 Work, Randy 305 211.253 Workurka, Laura 258 241 Worrell 111, Raymond 213 254 Worth. Sherri 260 246 Wren, Colin 280 278 Wren, Mama 325335,389 304.430 Wright. Dana 249 257 Wright, Don 213 387 Wright Gordon 305 263 Wright Jeffrey 389 246 Wright Jennifer 239 211 Wright Jennifer 258 328 Wright. John 213 711 Wright, Laura 213 299 Wu Baldwin 326 271 387 Wu, Kenneth 213 323 Wu Ken 302 211 Wuchei f arcella 242 387 Wulffson Todd 213 211 431 Wunsch Stephanie 266 324 Wyati Pat 296 263 Wybenga Theresa 213 300 Wylie Blair .260 271 Wyfie Roderick 213 388 Wvse Don 275 750 260 246 — . b 263 " Km L M.M 124 295 A Ar 211 4 m 388 w 1 388 388 Yadegar. Thomas 389 292 Yae, John 213 107 Yaghoubian, Chnstina 214 2 1 1 246 Yahf. Heidi 389 326 Yamada. Donn MS 388 Yamada. Nami 714 266 Yamada. Yuji 714 326 Yamaga, Ardath 254 242 Yamaguchi, Brian 214 212 Yamaguchi, Emily 389 278.388 Yamanaka, Irene 214 254 Yamane. Glenn 214 263 Yamani. Akemi 242 388 Yamaoka, Debbie 326 212 Yamasaki. Chuck 288 292 Yamashita. Kimi 324 241 Yanagishita Emi 389 349 Yanez, Mike 312 241,335.385,484,486 Yang. Jamie 234.318 388 Yang. Lisa 326 241 Yang. Suera 214 388 Yang, Susie 318 324 Yang, Tso-Ming 389 212 Yap. Veronica 389 212 Yaplee, Jenelle 265 125 Yar, Veronica 389 212 Yanv, Amir 299 242 Yarling, Merrill 288 275 Yaron, Yaara 258 388 Yates, Jennifer 214 90 Yaies, Megan 214,263 242 Yates, Pete 288 212.268,323 Yates. Shelia 263 212 Yau. Paul 214 388 Yau. Vera 318 212 Yeatman, Heather 214 212 Yedidian, Gilda 319 266 Yee, Gene 389 388 Yee, Michael 125.214 388 Yee, Paul 389 212 Yee, Peter 214 246 Yee. SueAnne 214 212 Yee, Tammy 214 388 Yen, Mija 249 766 Yeo, Vickie 318 246 Yi, Dong Sup 329 258 Yi, Phoebi 214 212 Ying, Arthur 389 318 Ying, Edward 288.389 318 Ying, Julie 241 325 Yip, Elena 389 388 Yiu, Hou 214 257 Yogi, Takeshi 214 263 Yonan, Frances Yonce. Brett 32 212 28C 324 Yoo, Aen 329 754 Yoo, Brian 295 324 Yoo. Diane 324 389 Yoo, Peter 329 212.318 Yoo Reuben 329 712 Yoo, Stephanie 317 258 York, Michelle 214 217 York. Shelly 318 50 Yoft, Monty 305 213 Yoshida, Knstine 385 213 Yoshihara, Craig 385 326389 Yoshizumi, Steve 229,335 389,425,484.486 389 Young. Anne 254 389 Young, Dana 246 213 Young. David 214 318 213 Young, Debbie 265 Young. Janice 214 389 395 Young, Jennifer 253 265 Young, Joanne 324 213 Young, Julie 250.260 389 Young, Kenny 214 213 Young, Lisa 245 278 Young, Loreha 214 213 Young, Paul 271 713 Young. Roben 335 213 Youngblood, Tom 250 389 Yousefmoradi. Mojgan 214 325 Ypma, Georgia 325 213 Ytuarte, Stacey 389 ¥u, Annette Yu, David Vu, Felix Yu Heyoung Yu, Joseph Yu. Lisa Yu, Shirley Yu, Vera Yuen. Maisie Yuh. Jason Yun, Jay Yuster George 326 214 215 215 215 215 389 215 389 329 329 799 z Zabala, Kenny I24 Zahana. Andrea 253 Zahhs, Chris .305 Zaller, Michael .215 Zamora, Michael ,,,,215 Zapalac, Susan 250 Zar, Parham 319 Zaragoza. Susan 325 Zaslaw, Janet 215.253 Zavala. Angel 215 Zebrack, Lon ,,, 265 Zeile, Mike 215 Zeiler, Caroline 249 Zemrus, Tasha 258 Zenk, Kenneth 215 Zerebny, Mark 2 1 5 Z ernik. Fred 275 Zibel. Brooke 215 Ziegler, Pamela 389 Zimel. Jeff 288 Zimmer, Craig 305 Zimmerman, Cory ,271 Zimmerman, Frederick 215 Ziperovich, Marcelo 284 Zollman, Ron 215.325.335.484,486 Zoolaliar, Jim 223 Zubia. Stephanie 260 Zuckerman, Charlotte 215 Zunin, Helaina 389 Zurnamer. Kal 275 483 F.- BRUIN LIFE YEARBOOK STAFFAEt ' WIN LIFE YEARBOOK STAFF- ' . BRUIN 1 986-87 Bruinlife Yearbook Staff EDITOR-IIM-CHIEF Anne Morrison BUSINESS MANAGER Juli Stone BUSINESS STAFF Nancy Crum - BUSINESS STAFF Sylvia Ghazarian BUSINESS STAFF Amy Graham LAYOUT EDITOR Liz Hotsko LAYOUT EDITOR Katie Neuheisel LAYOUT STAFF KIrsten Akers LAYOUT STAFF Naila Dada LAYOUT STAFF Susan Edelman LAYOUT STAFF Stephanie Engelsen LAYOUT STAFF Lisa Grzesiek • LAYOUT STAFF Melissa Hopp LAYOUT STAFF Jennifer Loo L YOUT STAFF Debbie Mah LAYOUT STAFF Kathy Pomerantz LAYOUT STAFF Earnest Tidalgo COPY EDITOR Steven Yoshizumi COPY STAFF Nicole Alessi COPY STAFF Tamar Frenkel COPY STAFF Kathy Guthrie COPY STAFF Allison Joyce COPY STAFF Liz Knier COPY STAFF RonZollman PHOTO EDITOR , ASST. PHOTO EDITOR Bill Weber Brian Jacobsen PHOTO STAFF Kandi Bryant PHOTO STAFF Carole Crissman PHOTO STAFF Joel IVIandel PHOTO STAFF Chris Mong PHOTO STAFF Roland Pasion PHOTO STAFF Cathy Schoettmer ' PHOTO STAFF Sidney Sherman PHOTO STAFF Irene Smith PHOTO STAFF Jeff Steiman PHOTO STAFF Cheryl Willis PHOTO STAFF Shawn IVIcBurney GREEKS GROUPS EDITOR Janis IVIcClure GREEKVGROUPS STAFF Laurine Gray GREEKS GROUPS STAFF Jill Moschell GREEKS GROUPS STAFF Lisa Sherman SPORTS EDITOR A SPECIAL THANKS TO: ArtA ' nsoo is. ' .M 0 C a ' ,(V-e Susan Geseii .Lisa Agrusa Ga« ' Ge, ' Or, ' 9era 4 _ nnalee Ryan ( Lisa, Doug, and Manny from Prints of the City ' y or ■F . . .V PRESEIMTIIMG THE STAFF . . .• I My favorite group is che Beach Boys probably because you Jon ' t have to dress stupid or nave flourescent hair to listen to them. PRESEIMTIIMG THE STAFF . . . ♦. PRESEI I ' d rather De , an alien. If I could create my planet I would be able to change shape and form, and move through space and time OU where, oh where, has my Inchie fnend gone? ' ? Probably the most off Jhe wall ' thing I ' ve ever done when I kidnapped inchte and held hrm for ransome. Dear Staff, WE DID ITI Can you believe we ac- tually made it through all the: STRESS DEADLfNES STRESS ASSIGNMEWTS STRESS--not that I ever stress . . . BUS CRASHES-this is debatable however ... as a well known member of Tunnelers Past ' once said quite astutely, " Bus safety and Roland Pasion, can the two live together?!? " CURSES-unfortunately, this too is debatable ... the curse of Roland lives, and lives . . . and lives .... TUI ll IELING--hats off to all you brave tunnelers (Lysistrata, Vesper, Elektra, Lucretia, Algernon, and Alo- quious wasn ' t it?) on a successful first venture .... TUNNELING II, The Nightmare Continues-BUSTED . . . (for hanging up posters?) . . . come on you guys, it wasn ' t that bad . , . lighten up Shawn . . . those police officers were NICE police officers .... TAXIS ARAB MEN how many receipts were there? 60? 70?!? JJJ- JUUUUUULLLIIIIII . . . DIET COKE ADDICTIONS not that was ever an addict .... NINES--come on Steve, you didn ' t want ■ s anyway, did you? ?!?!?--you know I can ' t say it HERE . . what has 2 u ' s in it and a w and an s and an h? suwuh?! uwush? shuwu?! wushu?!? OBSCENE GLASSES--now, who brought those glasses to the Christmas party? . . . Shawn? . . . Steve? . . , Jams?!? OBSCENE ANSWERING MACHINE MESSAGES IN MY NAME come on Shawn . . . and Sidney . . . GROW UPII RANTINGS AND RAVINGS OF AN OTHERWISE COMPLETELY STRESS-FREE, EASY GOING, DEFINITELY MELLOW EDITOR - Whaaaa3aaaaaaat7 7 What a yearl Although being the Editor-in-Chief of this fine publication has taken roughly 10-20 years off my life and given me a diet coke ulcer never get rid of ... I ' ve loved every minute of it . . . thanks to you, my staff! You guys are great l couldn ' t have asked for a more wild and wonderful group of people to work with, make friends with, hopefully kill ' SC with, go tunneling with, and-uh, yah-almost get arrested with . . . ! As Graduation draws closer and closer, I know that I will always look back on my last year here at UCLA with the greatest fondness-thanks to all of you. The memories will last a lifetime . . . f r jr t Vi -nifltlie ' ' t ' 0 ' ' ' - - ,f;;1;, ' i,»-, ,,; i ' V- i? ' ■ ■,.- ' ■ ■ ■% ' ' ■; ■ » ' A.,i ; ■ ' i§iti

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