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UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA LOS ANGELES YEARBOOK UCLA 1983 BRUIN LIFE 1983, THE YEARBOOK AT UCLA, VOLUME 64. COPYRIGHT © 1983 BY THE ASUCLA COMMUNICATIONS BOARD. COVER, POSTER, AND CONTENTS PAGE: " ROYCE HALL NUMBER ONE " COPYRIGHT © 1982 BY MICHAEL LOGAN. USED BY PERMISSION OF THE ARTIST. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. SENIORS 320 O ORGANIZATIONS 398 422 THE END 4 48 ADVERTISEMENTS 462 OF HOLLYWOOD 4 OPENING A. We were talking,the other day, about the crowds, and the smog, and the pollution, and John was saying how he might like to get away for a while, go breathe air again up in Oregon, when suddenly I realized - L.A. is the world. The city encompassing UCLA. Ours. The lights stretch out for miles, a sparkling, slithering giant, winking and beckoning, a 200 year-old matriarch whore. The pulse of it, the life! Sunset Blvd. isn ' t the half of it. Inside the jazz clubs, the blue air hangs fog-like and clings to the sweat of clapping hands. Down the street, an actor looks out from behind velvet curtains to the mink coats and black jackets awaiting him. He catches his breath and steps out. Enter PROSPERO. It ' s a magic city. It keeps time to the ocean, rolling, a perpetual motion of life and energy. A sea of People. Old people, young people, rich people, poor people, black people, white people. OPENING 5 On Vine Street a white limousine stops at the corner for a light. The chauffeur sees a woman, her clothing soiled, a bag on her arm, poking through the trash with an old umbrella. She looks up, but their eyes do not meet. On the Santa Monica interchange, a girl in a bikini rolls down the top of her convertible and her blonde hair blows out behind her, scattering gold on the white lines of the freeway. In the mornings the businessmen march solemnly in brown suits to thirty-story edifices of concrete and chrome on Wilshire Blvd. On the twenty-third floor a young woman in glasses places a rose in a Smuckers jar. And, oh, those warm summer nights. At the Griffith Observatory, couples in blue jeans sit out on the lawn, holding hands, watching the stars keep time to ' The Clash. ' A rock and roll kaleidoscope. And here in the middle is us. UCLA. Los Angeles within Los Angeles. A life within a life. Us. 6 OPENING Well, everyone was tired of pizza at the Coop, and the mush at the Treehouse, and so someone, (I think it was Mark) said, well, let ' s go to Westwood and see what ' s going on. West Los Angeles. The Village. A street singer with nicks in his guitar sings imitation Elvis, while the sun fades into orange, the moon rising in the east. His guitar case is open and a student in khakis with long brown braids throws change into his open guitar case. More students gather around, and start to clap their hands and smile. This is Westwood, and everything ' s all right. The Mann Bruin ' s playing Pink Floyd ' s ' The Wall ' and the line curls around the edge of the theatre and into the alley. At the croissant shop across the street, onlookers smile with bemused tolerance; the world forever divided between Pink Floyders and non-Pink Floyders. 8 OPENING OPENING An empty store declares in the window that it will be an athletic supply store and students pause, write the number down, and keep walking. Madame Kennedy offers psychic and spiritual readings, her ad saying that she will even reunite the separated, " but a group of girls giggle, and keep walking. A girl in flat heels and an army green mini-skirt spoons ice cream into a smiling alligator-shirted preppie at a table in front of Haagen-Dazs. Horns beep. Someone curses. The crowd keeps walking. The village is loud, punky, magnetic. Youth dominates, flexes its muscles, and keeps walking. OPENING Margie surprised us one day by showing up with the back of her head shaved, in cowboy boots and a metallic jumpsuit, and Dave howled and yelled, What the hell is that? Margie, quite gracefully, replied, It ' s style. Style. Fashion. At UCLA, as cosmopolitan as we are, we just can ' t help it, we divide up into groups. Fashion groups. Preppies. Punkers. Le Chic. What was In yesterday is Passe today, and In today, Passe tomorrow. Preppies are top-siders, plaid polo button-downs, monogrammed sweaters. Their fashion mates don pink bows, french braids and pearls. Never never ever rolled tee-shirts, gauchos and square-toed boots. Oh, an effervescent heaven of multi-colored polo ponies! IT Punkers are hip, cool, too hot. They slam through Mirth Campus in skin-tight Hack and white lipstick. Punk is lively; it jumps in green hair and metal. Lots of metal. Headbands are baad, bow ties are not. Wire- rimmed glasses are junk but Devo glasses are the most.Too hot, too hot. Vive le chic. The Vogue look. Lots of mini-skirts, some metal (not too much) and lots of boots. Red tights are in and so are long sweat shirts on top of skirts. This year ' s model can ' t go wrong in Hack (but not too much black,) and short hair is a must. Not too hot, make the fashion scene. After the Preppies, the Punkers, and the Vogue look, there ' s only one group left: The rest of us. 14 OPENING 15 " The yearbook photographer risked his neck to bring to t he 1938 ' Southern Campus ' this unusual ' dizzy ' view of the main quad. It was taken while leaning far out the window of the Goodyear Blimp. " UCLA SOUTHERN CAMPUS, 1938 18 COLLEGE LIFE COLLEGE LIFE 19 Mary was taking a history class that seriously qestioned tradition, and she was very excited about it. She wouldn ' t let up on us about what our traditions were, but no one could think of any except the ones we ' ve all formed here at UCLA. Rivalry between us and USC. They say that sports control aggression, but whoever " they " are, they ' ve never seen 30,000 students yelling, " Destroy ' em, kill ' em! " Lines. There are lines everywhere at every time of day, and for anything and everything. Lines for books. Lines for check cashing. Lines for priority tickets. Lines for the registrar. Lines for the computer. Dead Body Outlines. The story goes that back in the days when UCLA was a fledgling university, and professors had to prove their worth by being REALLY tough, students were forced to put an end to the tedium of midterms and papers by jumping off the top of Bunche Hall. Now, in memorium to the pain of tests, papers, and the most horrible nemesis, Murphy Hall, around midterms and finals, chalk figures are ' drawn by aspirin g artists upon the grounds and steps of Bunche Hall. Mardi Gras. Usually commencing in late April, the flavor of Mardi Gras with it ' s clowns, many balloons, games and costumes infects the whole campus. Begun in 1941 to benefit Unicamp, the University ' s summer camp for underprivileged children, the Mardi Gras is now one of the biggest events on campus. Spring Sing. Testing the musical variety and talent of UCLA students, students can compete in 7 categories for musical excellence. Started by the Phi Psi Fraternity in the forties, it soon became popular throughout the Greek system, and finally throughout the school. Held usually in May, Spring Sing is a musical extravaganza not easily forgotten. Yearbook. This year we break tradition. For many years the yearbook at UCLA was called Southern Campus. It was so named in the days when there were only two campuses; Berkeley, the northern one, and us, the southern one. Therefore, Sothern Campus. In recent years, however, Southern Campus became associated with the southern part of this campus (i.e. Boelter Hall, Young,) and was not representative of the campus as a whole. With a stroke of genius, it was renamed Bruin Life. So much for tradition. 20 COLLEGE LIFE COLLEGE LIFE 21 I heard only last year about Michael s success in New York, and it reminded me of that day that Karen was dozing in the lounge across from Kerckhoff, and Michael was studying at Powell and how odd we thought it was, later, when they talked about it, that they had been thinking about the same thing at the same time. History. Architecture. The beauty of those ugly gargoyles. We all loved Royce, Kinsey, Powell and Haines, of course, but they felt something special, something exciting about those old buildings that seemed to go beyond the rest of us. Through years and years of changing faces, from the war effort of the forties to the war resistance of the seventies, the buildings of UCLA remain immutable to time and change. The original buildings, Royce, Kinsey, Haines and Powell were originally the foundation of the campus, and modelled upon Italian Renaissance architecture. Inside Powell a student studying finds himself distracted by the high arched ceilings, covered with frescoes. In Royce, painted glass turns the mind from English to beauty to art more live than any class can teach. Inside the nooks and niches students curl up, womb-like, and look out - a moment of silence amid the bustle they must too soon rejoin. Away from the gargoyles, history is in process. Red brick gives way to grey cement, and spires to antennae. Classic Royce fades into the waffle-like Bunche, with more of the same to follow suit. The Health Sciences complex is second in corridor length only to the Pentagon. The construction of the Factor building has created a UCLA skyline to rival even Modern Westwood. On the Math Science roof, telescopes cluster like villages of high-tech igloos, and turn their massive eyes upon the gothic spires of Kerckhoff. The Wooden Center, under construction, is anything but " wooden. " It is bursting with all that is modern, solid grey concrete with smoked grey glass rocketing out the center, like an angry volcano. The bloo d and guts of UCLA lie in the south, pumping light and heat through a maze of tangled power lines that encircle the campus. The intermingling of old and new is a reminder that this is a vibrant place - one that can encompass both the beauty of the old and the power of the new. COLLEGE LIFE 25 26 COLLEGE LIFE HANGOUTS We always knew where to find John because he never ventured far from the grassy knolls beneath Bruin Walk. He said it was just a hangout, but those knolls kept him out of the city and reminded him of home. Eventually we just accepted that he wanted to be there, in the same way that Margie could never pull herself away from the Sculpture Garden and Laura loved the coffee house. They were our hangouts. Eventually, everyone settles in. North Campus is great to get together with friends, but it ' s lousy for studying. The Kerckhoff lounges, with over-stuffed chairs and long, wide couches are great for sleeping, but anything louder than a whisper won ' t be tolerated. The pizza at the Coop is almost as good as pizza in the real world, and the wide screen T.V. entices a lot of sports fans away from studying. The Bombshelter appeals to the more scientific minded, while the Corner Pocket appeals to those outdoor types. No one hangs out on Bruin Walk, but everyone passes by; religious zealots scream of Jesus and new causes are hawked to passers by. But if the hustle-bustle gets to be too much, there ' s always a corner somewhere to crawl into - an arch at Royce or a window in Powell. On this campus, there ' s a place for everyone. COLLEGE LIFE 27 ROUTINES AND Early on, Laura got into the habit of stopping off at the coffee house (because she had a French class at eight) for a cappucino and soon after that it became a reflex to grab a Daily Bruin at the kiosk to go with her coffee. It didn ' t take the rest of us long, bleary-eyed as we were, to follow suit. The greatest clues to individuality may be the routines we form, but all of us are subject to many of the same ones. Standing in line to buy books. Yelling at clerks in Murphy Hall. Stumbling to school too tired to move. Breath that reeks of coffee at midterms and finals. Got to study one more hour. Pressure, pressure. If that wasn ' t enough, the laundry ' s got to be done, and there hasn ' t been any food in the house for a week and a half. The check from financial aid hasn ' t come yet and the rent ' s due tomorrow. Still... it isn ' t all bad. There are those Thursday lunches with everyone at North Campus and the bowling team on Tuesdays. Sunlight sparkling through the trees makes history just a bit easier to digest and URL eventually becomes pleasingly familiar. Coffee keeps us vitalized and friends ease the burden. Grades are in and school is out, and finally, when it ' s all over, we realize that those routines weren ' t bad at all. No, not bad at all. COLLEGE LIFE 28 Central Ticket Office COLLEGE LIFE 29 101 USES FOR A REG. A group of us were sitting around one day (it was after midterms) and we were all so tired and wired with caffeine that none of us could talk without laughing. Jim, who ' d been up all night, and was perhaps a trifle less sane than usual goaded us into what follows: 101 uses for a reg card photo I.D. I. Cash a checK 2. Get tickets to a sporting event 3. Get in to see the computer 4. Get into the rec center 5. Get discount tickets for the performing arts 6. Get transcripts 7. Get grades 8. Enroll in recreation classes 9. Get a library card 10. Pick your teeth 11. Use it as a fake ID 12. Pick a lock 13. Spread cake frosting 14. Check razor stubble 15. Use it as a straight edge 16. Use it as a potatoe peeler 17. Scrape excess ketchup off hamburgers 18. Use it as a shoe horn 19. Re-sole old shoes with holes 20. Scale fish 21. Scrape gum off your shoe 22. Scrape ice off of your windshield 23. Use them as book marks 24. Use them in place of business cards 25. Wallpaper your room with them 26. Use them as Christmas tree ornaments 27. Use them to open doors that are stuck 28. Use them as play toys for cats 29. Use them as New Wave sunglasses 30. Use it as a bandaid 31. Make card houses with them 32. Collect them and sell them to friends 33. Frame them and give them as gifts 34. Chop coke with the ID and snort it with the reg card 35. Use them as sink stoppers 36. Have them perma-plaqued and hang them next to your diploma 37. Use the reg card as an ink blotter 38. Stuff reg cards in your bra for a hot date 39. Put them between the spokes of your bicycle to make " vrooom ' ' -ing noises 40. Change the magnetic code to get you into lot 6 41. Use the magnetic strip to erase your friends ' MasterCards 42. Use it as a letter opener CARD PHOTO I. D. CARD PHOTO I.D. 43. Use it as a divider between your half of the room and your roommate ' s 44. Trade them like baseball cards (one Bill Walton is worth twenty H.R. Haldemans) 45. Use it as a fan 46. Use it as a major credit card 47. Impress friends and strangers 48. Intentionally lose it so you can take a better picture 49. Part your hair with it 50. Use it as a flyswatter 51. Use it as a back scratcher 52. Use it as a food clinger 53. Make New Wave jewelry out of it 54. Use it as an example of the oppressive bourgeois capitalist numeric system of identifying proletariat students 55. Use it as a dustpan 56. Section grapefruit with it 57. Spread peanut butter with it 58. Carve Cornish hens with it 59. Burn it instead of a draft card 60. Use it as a wedge for a shaky loft 61. Stir Spaghetti-Os with it 62. Use it to fend off rapists 63. Use it as a screwdriver 64. Use it to break into automated tellers 65. Use it to strain martinis 66. Use it as a pooperscooper for your pets 67. Use it in place of pasties 68. Use it to make a hat,a broach, or a pteradactyl 69. Use it as a contraceptive device 70. Use it as a sun visor at a baseball game 71. Clasp a tie with it 72. Buckle your pants with it 73. Wear it as a necklace 74. Use it as a Kleenex 75. Use it as a clandestine Betty Crocker coupon 76. Use it as a beverage coaster 77. Stir coffee with it 78. Put them under table legs to even the table out 79. Use them under furniture legs to protect the carpet from getting crushed 80. Construct lamp shades out of them 81. Use them as kindling for fires 82. Use them as mini-frisbees 83. Use them as check-OK cards at Food King 84. loss your teeth with it 85. Test the direction and force of the wind (by tossing it up in a brisk breeze especially around Bunche Hall) 86. Clean underneath your toe nails with it 87. Scrape chewing gum off your face with it 88. Use it as a door stop 89. Paint with it in your ultra-modern art class 90. Use it as the topic of conversation with people you casually meet at dorm parties or in large classes 91. Make origami out of it 92. Make small paper airplanes out of it 93. Have someone punch holes in it for fun 94. Spread suntan oil all over your baking body with it 95. Use it as a toothbrush when you forget your real toothbrush on camping expeditions and junkets into Mexico (when you can ' t stand it any longer) 96. Play it as a musical instrument (or to help play the guitar, violin, etc.) 97. Use it as a very small file divider 98. Examine it, read it, and memorize it instead of studying for finals 99. Use it as a substitute teething ring for your younger brother. sister, nephew, neice, or cousin 100. Use it to cut cash saving coupons out of the Times when you can ' t seem to be able to find your goddamn scissors 101. Impress your parents with it; it will let them know you are actually in school COLLEGE LIFE 31 ALMAMATER Hail to the hills of Westwood, To the mighty sea below . . . Hail to our alma mater, She will conquer every foe. For we ' re loyal to the Southland, Her honor we ' ll uphold. We ' ll gladly give our hearts to thee... To the Blue and to the Gold. 32 COLLEGE LIFE FIGHT SONG We are Sons of Westwood, And we hail the Blue and Gold. True to thee our hearts will be Our love will not grow old. Bruins roam the hills of Westwood By the blue Pacific Shore And when they chance to see A man from USC Every Bruin starts to roar! U (rah! rah! rah!) C (rah! rah! rah!) L (rah! rah! rah!) A (rah! rah! rah!) UCLA fight! fight! fight! FALL CALENDAR Summer surprised us with its strength; flowers wilted and withered and the grass singed a coppery brown. The heat was so oppressive that for days we did nothing but sit and read and sit and talk and finally just sat, waving old newspapers in front of us to conjure a breeze. Classes commenced for us in shorts and skirts, and our skin gleamed bronze in the shade. Summer continued all the way into November, and we began to believe that it would always be this way; it would always be bright; it would always be warm; it would always be summer. But it did not remain. Winter hit on a Tuesday afternoon, so cold and so biting, that it stripped us of the belief that each day slides into the next languidly, without consequence, the one being so much the same as the next that there are no apparent differences. The skies broke in darkness; lightning struck; and suddenly the campus was littered with corpses of old trees, and water lay stagnant in pools on top of the grass. We awoke to fin d the quarter half over, with midterms to take and papers to be written. 34 COLLEGE LIFE COLLEGE LIFE 35 Still, there was time for other things. Jack Mack and the Heart Attack ' new waved ' us through the day in Meyerhoff Park and Jaimie James and the Kingbees ' slam-banged ' us through the night in the Grand Ballroom. Greg Kihn made a visitation to UCLA Halloween night and the crowd was not the least bit afraid of his new hit single, The Break-up Song. Lord, how we loved music. Jim couldn ' t work without the radio on, and Kim couldn ' t study without humming. At the beginning of the quarter, we were stunned to find Emmylou Harris and Linda Ronstadt right here on our own campus, playing a non-partisan rally for the upcoming gubernatorial race. Although they only played for about 45 minutes, we were all transfixed. John was more serious, and so he found time to attend Jack Anderson ' s speech about political responsibility, although sheer beauty was the only reason any of us gave to see Morgan Fairchild, heroine of Flamingo Road. Judy Mazel came to talk about her best selling Beverly Hills Diet, and though we tried to follow it religiously, none of us ever lost any weight. Everyone ' s favorite was George Burns receiving the Jack Benny Award (we stood in line for an hour to get in) from two bright bouncing UCLA cheerleaders. (Even George, at 85 must have appreciated that.) And still there were papers to write and tests to take. 36 COLLEGE LIFE TOP: GEORGE BURNS. ABOVE: THE WHO ' S ROGER DALTRY. RIGHT: JACK MACK AND THE HEART ATTACK. TOP LEFT: THE BRASS BAND. FAR LEFT: ITZHAK PERLMAN. LEFT: RALLY. 37 COLLEGE LIFE BOUND BRUINS The Bruins won the Rose Bowl 24 to 14 over Michigan. Everyone has heard that by now many times. Many people, at least those who attended the game, are also aware that UCLA ' s official home territory this year and hopefully for many more is the Rose Bowl located in Pasadena. Being well aware of this fact, a little bit of coverage on the lesser important aspects of a football game are in order here. The day at a football, itself is not much different then any day except if you happen to be a fan of the UCLA Bruins. The lines at a Bruin game are long ones, the cheering sections and card sections are crazy and complex, the fans are fabulous, now you must be getting the picture. A UCLA game with all of its glitter and glamour is not just a game it is..., for lack of better words, an " adventure. " 38 COLLEGE LIFE Rose Bowl WELCOME UCLA “Lines are long, cheering and card sections are crazy, fans are fabulous. . . ” In November, Menachem Begin appeared and there was hell to pay. The Jewish Defense League hosted an anti-Begin rally which eventually got very ugly, and several reporters were hurt, There were a number of peace rallies and anti-nuke rallies and rabid rallies which finally culminated in the born-again Christian preachers which took over Bruin Walk and told us to save ourselves before it was too late. It was practically impossible to get tickets for the USC game, and some of us went to extraordinary lengths, but generally to no avail. UCLA won in the final moments with a play that for all time will be considered history. Spirits began to soar when we realized that UCLA had a chance to go to the Rose Bowl, but it was still just too incredible when it really happened. Pasadena. Roses. Parades. Victory. At night when studying got to be too much, there were movies in Melnitz and if we had money in our pockets we drifted into Westwood to laugh at John Cleese ' s hilarious The Missionary, or cry at the end of Six Weeks. Creepshow was properly horrifying, but even a hard core horror freak like Ken turned green around the gills when cockroaches devoured the old guy at the end. And still there were papers to write and then, before we ever really felt ready, before we ever quite caught up, there were the last papers to write and finals to take. But after the hustle and bustle of finals had passed, very quietly and without much fuss, as summer had passed into fall, so fall passed into winter; Christmas came and went, and in the dead of winter a new quarter began. 40 COLLEGE LIFE TOP RIGHT: EMMYLOU HARRIS AND LINDA RONSTADT. TOP LEFT: JACK KLUGMAN . BOTTOM RIGHT:VINCENT PRICE. ABOVE: THE MARLINS. FAR LEFT: STEVE SAX. LEFT: JACK ANDERSON. 41 COLLEGE LIFE HOME COMING Westwood Boulevard is lined with people and we ' re waiting for the parade to start, shifting from foot to foot, blowing on our hands to keep warm. It is Homecoming, and it has been raining all week, making a soggy mess out of all the banners on Bruin walk, blue and gold running together in streaks on the sidewalk. The band starts, and we smile nervously at each other, not wanting to seem too excited. Danielle Black and David Neuman, this year ' s royal couple smile regally at the crowd. The floats pass by in a maze of color, all of them going much too fast for us to look closely. This year ' s hottest new item, E.T. found his way into a few floats, and there are plenty of bears; bears in the shower, bears pulling apart cardinals, bears studying and bears drinking beer - all to accomodate this year ' s theme: Life ' s a Bear. But it was the game that excited the crowd into a frenzy, making it seem as though the stands were nothing but a mass of blue and gold pom-poms. The Bruins held a 14-0 lead for the first quarter, but Stanford quickly closed the gap by ten points. From then on it was a horse race of sorts with the Bruins setting the pace all the way through to a final victory of 38-35. The evening news delighted in showing us at Yesterdays, drinking and yelling, even the most passive of us drawn into the excitement, and we laughed, and kept drinking, not thinking about the morning, or midterms, but kept drinking and laughing, to wander back in a loving drunken haze to our homes and remember our victory. Eventually life slowed down to the more familiar grind of classes and papers, and the beer and champagne went flat - but that didn ' t mean that our lives went flat at all; it was positively bearish. 42 COLLEGE LIFE " There are plenty of bears: in the showers, bears studying and drinking-- all to accommodate this year ' s theme: Life ' s a Bear. " COLLEGE LIFE 43 Banners and posters, ribbons and streamers, king and queen...all are part of the UCLA Homecoming festivities. The lights of Westwood and the mess on fraternity row stir feelings of excitement and spirit as the king and queen are crowned. Homecoming Week has often been associated as being one of the major activities of the year, and rightly so. The grandeur and splendor of this year ' s parade reflected the mass interest and involvement of the student body, administration and so many friends. Hopefully these pictures will cause people to reflect back and reminisce of the past yet very successful Homecoming Week. 44 COLLEGE LIFE “. . . mass interest and involvement of everyone.” 46 COLLEGE LIFE WINTER CALENDAR Christmas ' 82 came and went. We won the Rose Bowl (do you think there is anyone who does not know yet?). But, the fruits of victory gave way to the long, long lines at the computers, at the registrar ' s office, the ASUCLA bookstore, the bagline, even the " good ol ' John ' ' switched from " first come, first serve ' ' to priority by students who had their reg cards validated. Even Winter Quarter started off wrong. The cold weather gave way to shorts, sandals, and some very complementary tans. COLLEGE LIFE 47 Looking around, however, we realized nothing much had changed. The special interest groups were still at each other using the Daily Bruin as a fighting ground. Governor " DUKE " was putting the royal squeezer on student fees and the administration was once again announcing the hundredth budget cut in the departments, faculty help, and every other necessary college requirement. There was no despair, though, because even though there was no money to be spent on education, we all could eventually forget our troubles on the future tennis courts and recreation center. In between classes and jobs, many a student enjoyed going to watch the better half of the once " Sonny and Cher. " Yes, Cher came on cam pus and addressed a rather full house in the Union and gave her insights on subjects dealing with her career and new movie to answering a barrage of personal questions. For those with a taste more for music, Kenny Rankin strummed his guitar while six members of the Dodger Organization came to swing support for the UCLA Baseball Team. X, Alley Cats, Strange Daze, Rain, Randy Hansen, and Rob Hanna provided all rock and new wave fans with some good entertainment. As aired its final episode, Campus Events provided us with Diva, Shock Treatment, The Wall, Tootsie, and many other top hit movies. 48 COLLEGE LIFE FAR LEFT: ANTI-TUITION RALLY. LEFT: CHER. MIDDLE LEFT: CHARLTON HESTON. ABOVE LEFT: BROTHER JED, EVANGELIST. ABOVE RIGHT: LOS ANGELES DODGERS. COLLEGE LIFE 49 While people were watching all the entertainment offered the slow chains of organizations were slowly being set into motion as Spring Sing and Greek Week were coming closer, and even Mardi Gras. Yet all of this was for the future. In early January, Bruin basketball reached the top spot on the AP and UPI poll listings. People were arguing and protesting about reg fee increases. Homeowners were trying to horde parking spaces. Yet, if all of this was getting you down and you needed a lift, there was always the crazy antics and wild theological discussions of Preacher Jed and his faithful assistant. But this passed very quickly as all of California was blasted with the worst storm since about fo rty years ago. We survived the storm as well as finals, and continued along our way as Spring Quarter 1983 closed in on us. 50 COLLEGE LIFE OPPOSITE PAGE, FAR LEFT: STORM DAMAGE. OPPOSITE PAGE, LEFT: EXENE FROM X. LEFT: DENNIS WEAVER. ABOVE: ROB HANNA ' S SALUTE TO ROD STEWART. TOP: FINAL FILMING OF GREEK WEEK In the fifth year since its re-establishment in 1979, Greek Week proved once again to be a very important facet of Greek life and the UCLA community. This year, the week was closed to the campus except for the fraternities and sororities. With Miller Beer helping to sponsor the week of exciting events, most notable was the Special Olympics. Hundreds of volunteers and mentally retarded children and adults, together enjoyed themselves in athletic competition. Everyone involved found the games to be rewarding and worth all the effort they put into it. Meanwhile the Greeks lived it up every day of the week, beginning with the Variety Show on Monday evening. Tuesday was the movie entitled " Terror Strikes Fraternity Row. " Wednesday, the Greeks sweated and huffed in competition at the Greek Olympics and in the Greek Watergames. Thursday was an evening of lecture, as the Greeks were spoken to on the dangers of hazing. Friday gave way to the Scavenger Hunt, and Saturday morning the Gree ks hosted the Special Olympics. The week ended in a final bash, as hundreds of Greeks went wild at the All-Greek Party. The overall winners of the week were, in first place, Delta Sigma Pi and Kappa Delta, while close behind in second place was Sigma Pi and Zau Tau Alpha. All in all, the Greeks enjoyed themselves thoroughly with very few accidents occurring. The Greeks definitely have reinstated Greek Week to be once again an important facet of Greek life as it was in the past. 52 COLLEGE LIFE " ...ended in a final bash, as hundreds of Greeks went wild at th e All-Greek Party. " COLLEGE LIFE 53 SPRING CALENDAR And so it goes, the final quarter of the school year 1982-83 dawned upon us. It was now a one-way sprint to the glorious summer months in St. Tropes, Cote d ' Azur, or Sherman Oaks. No matter what people had planned for the summer, there was still spring life at UCLA with the beginning of Reg Week at Murphy Hall and the computer line in Ackerman Grand Ballroom. Many arguments were still around from Winter Quater, namely reg fee increases, the remodeling of Bruin Walk, the necessity of new tennis courts, and the ever-annoying parking situation. These moments of frustration and anger gave way to fun and thrills as Spring Sing and Mardi Gras helped aleviate many problems-- at least temporarily. 54 COLLEGE LIFE COLLEGE LIFE 55 Many speakers graced the campus: Donald Sutherland (actor), Harold Brown (former Secretary of Defense of the Carter Administration), Alvin Ailey (dancer extraordinaire), Fred Rodgers, and Mike Farrell (actor). Their topics of speech ranged from careers, government policy critiques, U.S. involvement in El Salvador and Honduras, all the way to advice on a future in dance. Yet if all these speakers were not pleasing to the mind, there were always the countless smaller musical groups which came on campus in the Coffee House, the Cooperage, or wherever there was an audience willing to listen. For those who were still not pleased, General Hershey Bar could be seen in Meyerhoff Park protesting war, the " Peeper " could be glimpsed sneaking across campus, progress could be seen being made on the tennis courts, and the Wooden Center was officially opened. Movies were being premiered in Ackerman Grand Ballroom, art shows flaired in North Campus, and the engineers ventured their projects into the sun for all to enjoy. Even Spring Quarter came to an end even though many thought it wouldn ' t. Now it was time for sun and fun unless you happened to be one of the unfortunate souls who was not graduating or who was taking summer courses. For the rest it was time to forget the past, present and future and to live life instead of read about it, at least temporarily. 56 COLLEGE LIFE BOTTOM, FAR LEFT: Wooden Center. FAR LEFT: Jack Lemmon. LEFT: Damage from the heaviest rain storms to hit California ' s coast in years. BELOW: Mike Farrell. COLLEGE LIFE 57 58 COLLEGE LIFE MARDI GRAS As Spring Quarter comes nearer and nearer, the excitement is already in the air. This gives way to tears and sweat as the aggravations and joys of Mardi Gras 1983 are realized. The committee, comprised of countless students, has labored long and hard to try to succeed in bringing to the UCLA community an enjoyable and relaxing event. Just weeks before Spring Quarter, as finals drain every ounce of fluid from students, Mardi Gras will be there for one final bash. And needless to say, the event was successful. Yet while thousands of people will be having a wonderful time, few will appreciate the time involved in these pre-Mardi Gras essentials: judges and travelling carnival companies had to be contracted, publicity needed to be generated to attract large crowds, fraternities, sororities, organizations, and clubs had to be coordinated to set up the game and food booths. This year ' s Mardi Gras took place on the weekend of the 20th throu gh the 22nd of May. It was the 42nd year that Mardi Gras has been put on, and this year, like in the past, the production was to benefit UniCamp, the UCLA-supported camp for underprivileged children. It offers UCLA students the oppurtunity to work with a different age gro up and to to give of themselves through service to the community. Founded in 1935 by the University Religious Conference, UniCamp became the official charity for Mardi Gras in the 1940 ' s. Since that time, thousands of children have participated in UniCamp. The children are brought into contact with UniCamp through social service agencies, their schools, and neighborhood centers all over the Los Angeles area. The two camps of Unicamp are located at Barton Flats in the San Bernardino National Forest. The camps benefit anywhere from 650 to 800 children and teaches them such skills as swimming, hiking, and arts and crafts. The camp, as well as all the work done by students with the children, provides a healthy environment and offers a rewarding experience for all parties involved. COLLEGE LIFE 59 This years Mardi Gras was very successful. Besides providing healthy support for UniCamp once again, thousands thoroughly enjoyed themselves at such attractions as the Ladder-Climb, Muscleman, Basketball Toss, House of Horrors, etc. Various types of foods were available, from the standard hotdog to the more exotic hamburger could please the palate of even the most finicky eaters. With the addition of music and fireworks, the thrill and exitement did not die down until the clean-up crews emerged and next year ' s committee began working for Mardi Gras 1984. Even though it appeared to be over so quickly and with very little thanks to all those who helped, there was more than enough thanks from those bright-eyed and wide-grinned faces of the thousands of children whom Mardi Gras is truly meant for. 60 COLLEGE LIFE " ...bright-eyed and wide-grinned faces of the thousands of children whom... " COLLEGE LIFE 61 " January 15, 1932—a day long to be remembered in the annals of Westwood. At seven o ' clock the for the first time, was peacefully and tranquilly blanketed in white. At eight o ' clock the battle began. Net results: two men were injured and three women received black eyes; Dean Miller offered to pay for all damages, which incidentally amounted to a broken lamp post, smashed chandeliers, and fourteen shattered windows. " UCLA SOUTHERN CAMPUS, 1932 LIFE ON CAMPUS THE STRANGE WAYS OF Some friends and I were having dinner recently, and I started thinking about what it was that bound this strange group together: we ' d all grown up at UCLA. Jennifer came here from a small town in Massachusetts, eighteen, shy, and very confused. Six months later she ' d cut off all her hair and started slamdancing at the Starwood. She started out as a music major, but that got too strange after a while. In fact, she just about got thrown out of school. Three years later, she ' s about to graduate with honors in Design, and she ' s got a great job lined up with an agency in San Francisco. Rachel sailed through the English department, or so it seemed to the rest of us. No existential crises here, just quiet, steady work. She ' s really a tremendous writer now, but she ' ll never believe it. She was our the rest of us were changing a-mile-a-minute, Rachel was always there to lend some sane advice. Brian was our trouble child, too idealistic to cope with the crowded, impersonal aspects of UCLA. He was dismissed during his freshman year, but he came back after a year at LACC: he ' s graduating with a 3.8 in psychobiology and a reputation as a wonderkind. UCLA works in strange ways, sometimes. Our failures here can be crushing—and often the most important experiences of our lives. The successes, of course, are exhilarating. Both help us to grow up, which is usually what we ' re really here to do, anyway. 64 ON CAMPUS NORTH CAMPUS A few years before we got here, Clay once told us, ASUCLA held a contest to decide on a name for the new North Campus Facility. After sifting through a deluge of submissions, ASUCLA decided (in typical bureaucratic fashion) on the name North Campus Food Facility. The thousands of people who frequent the place, however, have a better name for North Campus: home. We all have our favorite North Campus hangouts, too. Jim loves the fireplace; Jennifer sunbathes on the lawn. For Kelly, it ' s the smoking room, always filled with actors and artists and thin white haze. She just can ' t face her nine o ' clock class without a North Campus coffee break first. And if the coffee break lasts til four, and she blows off all her classes, well that ' s life at the big U. No matter where we hang out, everybody ' s favorite North Campus activity is people watching. Girls in magenta hair and matching microminis watch frat boys in Izod and chinos. Mods in butch haircuts and trenchcoats watch actors in tights and leg warmers. The occasional refugee from the Bombshelter stares at everyone, amazed at the difference between Science and Art. " To the thousands who frequent the place, the North Campus Food Facility is home. " One of the first UCLA legends many of us hear is the story of Running Man and Tujunga Woman. They live in the Sculpture Garden. Once upon a time, it seems, Running Man spied Tujunga Woman standing by the path between Dickson and Bunche, and fell madly and completely in love with her. He courted her for a time, (or a few times, anyway) and soon they were wed. But Running Man had Wandering Eyes, and Tujunga Woman became jealous. One day she caught Running Man with one of the pretty young bronze torsos in the garden; in her rage, she ripped off his arms and head. 68 ON CAMPUS SCULPTURE GARDEN There is no moral here. This fable, though, is good preparation for the hard, cold realities of life at UCLA. But seriously folks... the Sculpture Garden is more than the set for some inanimate soap opera. Many of the greatest modern artists are represented here, from Joan Miro and Auguste Rodin to architect Louis Sullivan. The garden is a favorite hangout for lunches studying, even outdoor classes on sunny days. It ' s also an experimental space for student artists. " Running Man and Tujunga Woman live in the Sculpture Garden. " ON CAMPUS 69 ART AND DESIGN Being an art or design major can really be embarrassing-- people stare. You ' ve seen us climbing Bruin Walk carrying two tackle boxes, a backpack, and an art pad the size of a dining table - or sitting in the sculpture garden staring intensely for hours at a tree or a water fountain. Once Jon and I had to wander the streets of West LA at midnight, in the rain, searching for a branch. Not just any branch, mind you; we needed a branch we could draw... a branch with character. And then there was Tirza who kept trying to explain to her roommates that she just had to borrow their blowdryers in order to to dry her watercolors, or they ' d smear. They didn ' t quite understand, but finally gave in anyway. Being an artist is especially embarrassing during finals week. None of us has slept since Wednesday of ninth week (two paintings, a collage and a photo essay all due in three days and I haven ' t even started!) but we ' re finished, and all our friends in Econ and Poli Sci are making wisecracks about what lightweights we are because we don ' t have to take any tests. " You ' ve seen us climbing Bruin Walk carrying two tackle boxes, a backpack, and an art pad the size of a dining table. " 70 ON CAMP US Sometimes it does seem a little like Romper Room, even to us--like the time Jon and I had to paste little pieces of colored paper together to create optical illusions. Generally, though, we work as hard as anyone on this campus. Those four-hour classes can really dominate your life, especially if you ' ve got three of them in one quarter. But we do get our revenge every spring when we drag all those Econ and Poli Sci friends of ours to the undergraduate exhibits in the Wight Gallery, point to our work, and say " See--I did that! " ON CAMPUS 71 THEATER ARTS Theater Arts isn ' t all playacting: students do all the backstage and advance work for their shows, as well. A couple of years ago Glenn got obsessed with Stephen Sondheim, and had us all quoting Company ( " Sometimes I think smoking is what separate s man from the lower forms. " ). Suzie still wanders around campus singing " Glitter and Be Gay, " wondering why everyone ' s looking at her like she ' s crazy. Theater Arts isn ' t all fun and games, though--we all work hard. We all have to know Shakespeare backwards and forwards, not to mention lighting, costuming, set design, construction, and theater history. All the backstage and advance work for Theater Department shows is done free by the students. We have to do what often amounts to a full-time job, for just two units of credit. On top of everything else, there are always shows. Theater Arts ' main stage, Freud Playhouse, is just the beginning. There are always little shows going on, student-directed shows put on with no money and practically no time. Appropriately enough, the students have dubbed them " Noon Miracles. " The Motion Picture Television people are usually less manic than the others, but just as committed. While Glenn and Suzie are pulling all-nighters in the lighting lab, Kevin is shooting endless short films, spending a fortune of his own (scarce) money. Oh, but the thrill! The applause! We say it ' s the coffee, but it ' s really the dreams of fame that keep us going, keep us working, keep us dreaming. ON CAMPUS 73 SOUTH CAMPUS Located in the Southern Campus Complex is the College of Letters and Sciences, Molecular Biology, Life Sciences, and Engineering. Along with the educational departments there are three ASUCLA food services: The Bomb Shelter, The Cooperage and the Corner Pocket. The Bomb Shelter Deli and the Burger Bar offer an assortment of deli sandwiches and salads. Genuine falafel is also offered for lunch. South campus also houses the medical center, the botanical gardens, and such buildings as Young, Boelter, and Life Sciences. At the beginning of the complex are such impressive institutes as the the Reed Institute, The Lewis Center, and the Jules Stein Eye Institute. The closer one walks towards Westwood Village along south campus, the more unfamiliar (to the vast majority) these structures become to the average student. Yet in all the long winding and seemingly never ending hallways of the southern campus complex, many students majoring in math, biology, engineering, physics and many other degrees have come to call this their home away from home. 74 ON CAMPUS " Yet in all the long winding, and seemingly never-ending hallways, many a student has come to South Campus their home away from home " ON CAMPUS 75 SHS MED CENTER Located in south campus is the Student Health Service (SHS). SHS is a fully-equipped general medical clinic, with supporting speciality clinics. Services are free except for all medications, routine physicals and required health evaluations, dental services, immunizations, contraceptive devices and medications. The services range from allergy, birth control, dental, to X-ray clinics. The Peer Health Counselors work within the various clinics of the SHS, as well as on campus. They provide information, counseling and referrals for health-related concerns. The SHS offers it services on a walk-in basis or by appointment, Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to noon and I :00 to 5:00 pm; Tuesday, service begins at 9:00. Deep into the heart of South Campus is located the UCLA Medical Center. With its vast array of winding sterilized halls, few students are aware of the numerous medical breakthroughs which have taken place at the " med center " and many more near to completion. The UCLA Medical Center is available to everyone, even if not connected in any way with the campus or any branches. All in all, the Medical Center has a very important task and responsibility to uphold, basically the physical welfare and well-being of the UCLA community as a whole. 76 ON CAMPUS " ...winding sterilized halls; being available to everyone without being connected... " ON CAMPUS 77 BOTANICAL GARDENS " The garden contains over 35,000 species of plant life. There are eucalptus, laurel, fig, cork, redwood, and even carob trees. " 78 ON CAMPUS The Mildred E. Mathias Botanical Garden started in 1929 when UCLA was first established on this campus. Located in the southeastern part of campus, the garden covers over eight acres, serving primarily as a teaching facility for classes in botany and ornamental horticulture, with some lab classes even being held in the garden. The garden contains over 35,000 species of plant life. There are eucalyptus, laurel, fig, cork, redwood and even carob trees. There ' s also a tropical region where birds of paradise, palms, bamboos, and gingers banana trees flourish in the sunny SouthernCalifornia weather. ON CAMPUS 79 CENTRAL CAMPUS Central campus is that area of the most historical importance to UCLA. When the Westwood campus of UCLA was first founded in 1929 the campus consisted of a small grouping of buildings, focused around what is known as Dickson Plaza. The original structures sat isolated out in the middle of a great expanse of acreage, with great revines dividing the campus into sections, almost like islands. The stories all of you have listened to about there once being a bridge across Dickson Plaza are true, there actually was a bridge that linked the Dodd Hall-Murphy side of campus with the Royce-Haines side. Although now covered the bridge is still there, and there are hopes of one day restoring i t to its former status. Central campus is the heart of the campus, and it is the focal point from which the rest of UCLA has grown. When the campus was moved to Westwood, I am sure the founders had no idea of the size UCLA would grow to be. Starting with a small quad of buildings UCLA has grown into a massive complex maze of buildings. 80 ON CAMPUS Central campus is the heart of the campus, and it is the focal point from which the rest o UCLA has grown. " ON CAMPUS 81 The Museum of Cultural History was established at UCLA in 1963, Originally designated The Museum and Laboratories of Ethnic Arts and Technology, it was to serve as a center for the consolidation of campus ethnic collections and provide a means by which the university community and the general public could effectively utilize these invaluable resources. In the fifteen years since its inception, t he museum has flourished. It is now internationally known for the quality of its collections, programs, publications, and exhibitions. The Museum of Cultural History houses over 120,000 objects, representing contemporary, historic, and pre-historic cultures of Africa, Oceana, the Americas, Asia, the Near East, and Europe. The museum ' s role is primarily that of an educational institution. It collects objects of scholarly or aesthetic value, preserves and maintains them in the most favorable conditions, carries out documentary research on them, and exhibits and interprets them for students, faculty, and the general public. Each year, the museum develops one major exhibition which is shown in UCLA ' s Frederick S. Wight Art Gallery and is accompanied by a substantial catalogue. The museum also sponsors activities concomitant with its exhibitions, including lectures, performances,and symposia. In addition to the major exhibition, the museum maintains hall cases in various buildings on campus and installs changing exhibits throughout the year. The Museum of Cultural History is a valuable tool for students, as well as the general public. 82 ON CAMPUS THE CULTURAL HISTORY MUSEUM " The museum ' s role is primarily that of an educational institution. " ON 83 DANCE The Dance Department is housed in the women ' s gym and covers almost all aspects of dance; production, choreography and technique. Class level ranges from beginning to professional, the more advanced classes giving students the opportunity to see first hand what the life of a professional dancer is like. The men and women of the dance major are allowed to work in a creative environment, exploring many aspects of dance throughout their career at UCLA. Their training is intensive and demanding; students are taught to plan lighting for shows, as well as work with travelling dance companies that come to visit the campus. One of the big plus advantages to the department is the fact that the major offers such a wide variety of classes. Someone specializing in ballet can also take advantage of the ethnic dance courses, or perhaps experiment with modern dance concepts. The dance department also puts on several creative productions throughout the year, which are open to the public. 84 ON CAMPUS " Men and women of the dance major are allowed to work in a creative environment, exploring many aspects of dance throughout their careers at UCLA. " ON CAMPUS 85 MURPHY Murphy Hall - the place of mass confusion. The halls are filled with signs forever leading to the wrong direction, and once you find the place you were looking for, be prepared to stand in a line. After all, what would life at UCLA be like without a line to stand in? Murphy Hall unfortunately houses everything relevant for a student ' s existance at the University of California at Los Angeles. Money related offices, such as financial aid and the cashier have the longest lines, but admissions and the registrar ' s office seem to generate the most aggravation. Pity the poor freshman entering Murphy Hall to see his counselor. He wanders down the halls, completely lost, arriving at 3:45 for a 3:00 appointment, only to be told that his counselor cannot see him now and that the next available appointment is in six months. Even veterans of Murphy still cringe at the thought of wandering confusedly about the halls and standing in long lines. As veterans, however, some are able to appreciate some of the finer qualities of the building itself. The deco-style clocks and lettering over the Admissions office are natural attention getters. The stairways also have a unique quality of their own, with curved wood banisters gliding down from one floor to another. For most students, however, Murphy Hall is only a place to be dreaded and to avoid as much as possible. " Even veterans of Murphy still cringe at the thought of wandering confusedly about the halls and standing in long lines. " 86 ON CAMPUS ON CAMPUS 87 ADMINISTRATION Murphy Hall. The name strikes fear into the hearts of many a student. To an innocent bystander or tourist it ' s just a place, another building, in a rather inconspicuous location on the UCLA campus. " I have to clear a grade change! Oh, no. Where to go? " Transcripts. Reg Cards. Late fees. Reg Fees. Transfer units. Degree check. Window A. Window B. After never reaching the correct destination, one wonders if this ad ministrative pyramid ever ends. Well, there is an apex to this convoluted figure-- it ' s the Chancellor ' s Office. An impressive list of offices and departments fall under the jurisdiction of the Chancellor ' s Office-- faculty relations, graduate programs, student affairs, research programs, professional schools, libraries, and various other specialized units operate under the rubric of " The Office " . Yet, the students are most likely deal with the respective Deans of the various undergraduate colleges, if the student must deal with an authority figure at all. The man on the throne of the Chancellor ' s office (on the second floor, down the hall), is Charles Young. Dr. Young is in his fifteenth year as Chancellor here at UCLA. Under his direction, UCLA has joined the ranks of the top five major research universities in America today. With his guidance, UCLA will undoubtedly continue to grow and prosper. ABOVE RIGHT: Chancellor Charles E. Young. ABOVE FAR RIGHT: Provost Raymond L. Orbach. RIGHT, RIGHT TO LEFT: Dean Harold K. Ticho (Physical Science), Dean John D. O ' Connor (Life Science), Dean Robert H. Gray (Fine Arts), Dean Anthony R. Orme (Social Science), Dean Philip Levine (Humanities). 88 ON CAMPUS " Quite an impressive list of offices and departments fall directly under the jurisdiction of the Chancellor ' s Office... " ON CAMPUS 89 90 ON CAMPUS COLLEGE HONORS Since 1979 College Honors has sought to engage UCLA ' s young intellectuals in the challenging pursuit of quality education. College Honors encourages and facilitates the creation of a program of studies to stimulate and challenge each student, realizing that superior students do their best work within a program adjusted to their abilities. The philosophical construction for College Honors holds that students ' participation in their own education assures them the best education. Between the breadth of interdisciplinary approaches to learning on the lower division level and the depth of research in a specific discipline during the senior year, College Honors suggests and guides students to a variety of colloquia, seminars, and courses providing honors experience. These students enjoy a number of special benefits to assist them in carrying out their individualized academic programs. The distinction of College Honors is the highest academic award that the College of Letters and Science confers on its undergraduates. " Participation in their own education assures them the best education. " ON CAMPUS 91 KERCKHOFF Kerckhoff Hall, the original student union, was built fifty-two years ago when UCLA moved from its original location. Its architecture and style were dictated by the late Mr. Kerckhoff ' s will: he felt that the student union should be built in the then-popular Collegiate Gothic style rather than the Romanesque of UCLA ' s original buildings. Kerckhoff Hall is the main headquarters for ASUCLA Publications, and also houses the student employment agency, as well as the Bohemian coffee house-- a popular meeting place for students. The Daily Bruin enjoys the lion ' s share of the first floor, along with the special interest papers and Bruin Life, the yearbook at UCLA. It also houses all the student government offices and contains the most favored study lounges on campus. Before Ackerman Union was built, the student store was also housed in Kerckhoff, and curious alumni wandering through are often surprised to find it gone. " Before Ackerman Union was built, the student store was also housed in Kerckhoff, and curious alumni wandering through are often surprised to find it gone. " " These people do things, and important things, too. 94 ON CAMPUS STUDENT GOVERNMENT For most of us, student government is something we read (and laugh) about in the Bruin. It often seems that our student leaders are just playing inconsequential power games, and wasting a lot of our money doing it. But, despite the protests of the Hopelessly Cool, these people really do things, and important things, too. Without the representation of student government, we would have absolutely no input in the giant bureaucracies of the University and ASUCLA. Student government keeps the Institutions accountable to the students. This year ' s Undergraduate President is Bobby Grace.The Undergraduate President ' s Office is responsible for setting policies on various student-oriented issues, from fee increases to housing discrimination. The President ' s Office includes a number of lobbying organizations: UCLA ' s chapters of the National Student Lobby and the U.C.Student Lobby, plus the local Metro Lobby and UCLA Housing Lobby. These organizations keep student interests well represented in City Hall, Sacramento, and Washington. ON CAMPUS 95 Aaron Katz, the Administrative Vice President, is responsible for hiring the secretarial staff. Beyond this task, the VP and his staff are wide open to any project they want to promote. This is the experimental arm of student government, where students can propose anything they ' d like to see done and, maybe, get the money to do it. Student interests in academic matters are represented by the Student Educational Policy Commission, which places (non-voting) student members on all kinds of University boards and committees. One of SEPC ' s most interesting projects is the Student Mini-Grant program, which funds experimental classes and class presentations. 96 ON CAMPUS " The VP and his staff are wide open to any project they want to promote. " ON CAMPUS 97 " The fee students pay for all these services hasn ' t risen since World War II. " OPPOSITE, UPPER RIGHT: Student Judicial Board. Joey Adashek (Chief Justice—Spring), Randy Wasserman (Chief Justice—Fall Winter), Bob Fisher, Bob Dellavalle, Jennifer Harris, Morgan Chen, Lyle Timmerman (Advisor). NOT PICTURED: Kim Roberts, Beckey Burton. 98 ON CAMPUS A number of other committees and commissions help to promote our causes, as well. The Student Welfare Commission deals in social issues, like the UCLA Blood Drive, the Peer Health counselors, and the Evening Van program. Financial Supports Commission tries to maximize availability and awareness of financial aid. They sponsor the Compudollar scholarship search service, as well as programs like the Bank Days and the " starving students " exposition (that one pointed out the incredible array of freebies and discounts available to UCLA students). Campus Events is perhaps the most visible arm of student government, and surely the most entertaining: they sponsor the Ackerman movies, the speakers program, and a great concert series, plus all kinds of miscellaneous entertainment events. The Communications Board oversees campus media (that ' s us!), and the Judicial Board makes sure everybody plays fair. The Board of Control doles out the money for all of this hoo-haw. By the way, the fee students pay for all these services hasn ' t changed since World War II—it might be the Last Bargain in all of Los Angeles, so enjoy. ON CAMPUS 99 DAILY BRUIN FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: David Carey (Business Manager), Robina Luther (Operations Manager), James Allen (Sales Manager), Indre Leskys (Classified Manager), Jennifer Ashworth (Classified Rep). SECOND ROW: Caren Rosen (good artist), Denise Lawson (went to Europe last summer), JoAnn Ogawa (design major), Dick Sublette (Publications Director; drinks a lot), Tian-Tzy Li (groovy chick), Dale Nishimura (wild woman), Curt Fauntleroy (conscientious with cash), Nancy Dauer (took Speech I). THIRD ROW: Marla Pepper (Hillel ad rep), Pam Slate (currently in Salzburg), Lois (Dusty) Davidson (english major), Mark Jansheski (always late with ads), Andrea Weissman (former rush counsellor), Mike Pack (Creative Director; preppy), Jeanette Smith (Intern), Micgael Gottlieb (very athletic), Theresa Beaulieu (blond), Biff M. Brody (obnoxious but fun). FOURTH ROW: Susan Goodman (CASS woman), Eric Nakamura (alias Nak-Man), Rob Long (blows glass), Randy Schwab (as in drugstore), Lillian Sama (Theta Xi woman), Richard Bohannon (he ' s tall). FIFTH ROW: Sheryl Bendar (businesslike), Tore Dietrich (Student Directory Editor; amazing), Mara Kidsinger (cute), Susan Wolfe (foxy), Sean Hillier (wishes he was in advertising). 100 ON CAMPUS Reading the Daily Bruin is one of the activities, like drinking coffee, that all students share. In a sense one can ' t truly be a Bruin without it. Your day isn ' t complete without a daily dosage of film reviews, a brief outline of the " World News " , and the all important-Biff to Scooter-personals. This far reaching periodical keeps its readers in on the administrative, ossurances and changes in University proceedure. This combination of writers, photographers, advertising staff and editors put out a paper that keeps students informed as well as entertained. It is their work that keeps The Daily Bruin on the college newspaper chart. DAILY BRUIN. FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Kevin Modesti, Robina Luther, Greg Turk, Kevin Frankel. SECOND ROW: Milan Lazitch, Jennifer Kim, Sabrina Gledhill, Caryl McKay, Velda Fennell, Cynthia Martinez, Michael-Ann Brown. THIRD ROW: Jeff Wexler, Bonnie Gold, Nancy Ann Cutler, Brian Lowry, Keith Gorman, Alan Reifman, Stu Simone, Andy Schlei, Jane Rosenberg, Katie Bleifer, Kim Cohn, Michael Javier. FOURTH ROW: Douglas Lucas, Stuart Minskoff, Michael Mace, Richard Maritzer, Clint McKnight, Brian Fuller, Michael Lipman, Sean Hillier, Rick Kraus, Lee Goldberg, Shahe Najarian, Frank Mogavero, Gary Lee Seto, Kim Cohn, Susan Wolfe, MaryAnn Wymore, Ellen Jaskol. FIFTH ROW: Art Atkinson, Lee Monteleone, Denise Andres, Joel Klein, David Carey, Lynne Weil, Suneel Ratan, Connie Guglielmo, Cameron Jobe, Brainard Pardines, David Sutton, Nick Souza, Carolyn Capehart, John Wirtz, Dick Sublette, John Kohut. " Your day isn ' t complete without a daily dosage of film reviews, world news, and the all-important--Biff to Scooter--personals. " SPECIAL INTEREST PAPERS The special interest papers are a representation of the minority groups on the Bruin campus. These are publications specifically for minority groups. They include La Gente for Latinos; Nommo for Blacks; Ha ' am for Jews; and Pacific Ties for Asians. Women are represented by Together and gays and lesbians through Ten Percent. TENPERCENT. FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: John Dennis, Francis Lam, David Case. SECOND ROW: Christopher Jones, Tony Espinoza, David Kinnick, Kerry Matthews, Danny Wilson. NOT PICTURED: Belinda Darcey, Devon Clayton, Vince Cummings, Steve Simon. PACIFIC TIES. FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Rani Do, Valerie Soe, Rick Oishi, Stephanie Endo, Chin-Hay Lue. SECOND ROW: Lynne Nomura, David Suruki, Cynthia Gow, Tito Shaw, Clement Yang, Brian Oshima, Keith Lee. LA GENTE. LEFT TO RIGHT: Becky Rivera, Jose Conrado Gomez, Roberta Ponce, Martha Arguello, Blanca Almeida, Rosa Serrano, Angel Zapata, Isidro Rodriguez, Francine Diaz, Orlando Suarez. RECLINING: Tomas Gaspar NOMMO. FRONT ROW: Wilbur Babb, Duane Morris, Doug Lofton, Merri Ann Osborne, Angela Benson, Omowale Jabali, John Thomas. SECOND ROW: Lisa Weir, ——, Tonya Fitzgerald, ——, Staci Cowan, Vida Bottom, Dimitna Clayton. THIRD ROW. Pete Sheppard, Greg Nelson. " These papers are circulated all over campus and serve as an effective means of communication for special interest groups " ABOVE LEFT: TENPERCENT. LEFT: PACIFIC TIES. BELOW: LA GENTE. BOTTOM: NOMMO. ON CAMPUS 103 " Westwind includes poetry, drama, photography and prose, reflecting the total spectrum of Bruin life. " LEFT: HA ' AM. BOTTOM LEFT: TOGETHER. BELOW: WESTWIND BOTTOM: KLA These papers focus on the needs and interests of the minority students. They provide information regarding current events, literature and various services available to students of each race, sex, and orientation. These special interest papers are available to ever yone and can be used as a source of information to other students about activities and gatherings of each group. These papers are circulated all over campus and serve as an effective means of communication for special interest groups. HA ' AM. FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Maurice Friedman, Paul Radesky, Ruth Wallach. SECOND ROW: Staff Mascot, Lisa Karlin, Steve Lopez, Lisa Golden, Martin Berman. TOGETHER. FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Corinne Grossman, Diana Singleton, Chase. SECOND ROW: Ann Yamnamura, Diane Rosen, Ann Wheelock, Kim McGillicuddy. 104 ON CAMPUS WEST WIND AND KLA UCLA ' s journal of the arts, Westwind, serves as a forum from which the artistic innovators of UCLA may express their craft. Existing in publication since 1957, Westwind is distributed three times a year by the ASUCLA Communications Board. In an effort to stimulate its readers to set their own standards for artistic and literary quality, Westwind includes poetry, drama, photography, and prose, reflecting the total spectrum of creativity in Bruin life. KLA Radio Station is broadcast on carrier current on and off campus on the FM dial at 83. On campus, KLA can be heard in all five residence halls, the University Co-op, Ackerman Student Union and Kerckhoff Hall. During the past few years, KLA has been heard on the FM channel of Theta Cable. Entirely student-run, KLA has a staff of nearly 200 people, including advertising sales representatives, disc jockeys, office staff, newspeople and management. The station offers its listeners a variety of programs, interspersing rock music with talk, news, public service, sports and special live programming on a 24-hour per day basis from September through June. Also, for the first time, KLA is now able to broadcast play-by-play coverage of UCLA football and basketball games. WESTWIND. LEFT TO RIGHT: Kate Mason, Leigh Ann Locke , Becky Blake, Richard Raphael, Minnaloushe (the cat), Sheri Plummer, Tom Duley, Allen Halcrow, Janet Klein. NOT PICTURED: Tom Lombardo, Bonnie Seligman, Faye Weinstein, Kim Gregg, John Sullaway. KLA. FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Michelle Peters, Ruthy Glickfeld, Theresa Shiban, Jim Cordes, Theresa Garra, Dave Safer, Mark Breese, Ron Dibartolme. SECOND ROW: Nancy Tirass, Steve Trauner, Zeb Ottobre, Tommy Prothro, Bob Anderson, THIRD ROW: Jean Broderick, Scott Dreyer, Steve Hoffman, Annalee Ryan, Steve Ramirez, Mike Riley. FOURTH ROW: David Philips Gilbert Wright, David Bloome, Haue Left, Dennis Krebler. ON CAMPUS 105 106 ON CAMPUS A S U C L A June and I were trying to sell back our fall quarter books last December when the true mission of ASUCLA finally dawned on me. As June lit up her fourth Virginia Slim and I my third B H Menthol Ultralight, I realized that ASUCLA serves a very necessary function in my life: it supplies lines for me to stand in. What satisfaction would there be in the buying and selling of textbooks, the procurement of lunch or lecture notes or photocopies, the placing of a Bruin classified, without the half-hour of waiting in line? We ' d all become spoiled brats. ASUCLA supplies us with lines of all shapes and sizes, and many different purposes. Most of these lines offer the opportunity to buy something—ASUCLA sells just about everything a struggling college student could ask for. ON CAMPUS 107 " We all own at least a couple of UCLA sweats; so do our parents, most likely. " The ASUCLA Students ' Store is (or at least was, last time we checked) the second largest college store in the country. In addition to the main store in Ackerman Union, there are satellites all over campus, and even a branch in downtown LA. Beyond the obvious texts, pens, and notebooks the Students ' Store offers a truly literate general book selection, a dizzying array of art supplies, a mini-market, and a discount sportswear department. And, of course, Bearwear. We all own at least a couple of UCLA sweats; so do our parents, most likely. But it is the macabre fascination of Europe and Asia with " Ooklay " clothing that keeps Bearwear, and ASUCLA, in the money. A few summers ago, Princesses Grace and Caroline of Monaco (!) even breezed through to pick up some new togs. ON CAMPUS 109 ASUCLA also operates the many ca mpus eating places— " food service units ' ' for you future-GSM types. Vegetarians and junk food junkies alike can find sustanance at North Campus or the Cooperage, where choices range from a large salad and papaya juice to a bacon cheeseburger, fries, and a Tab. The Coffee House, the Bomb Shelter deli and the Campus Corner frozen yogurt stand cater to more specialized tastes. Campus vending machines are almost as lucrative a business as Bearwear. Everywhere you look on campus, there ' s a bank of machines dispensing icecream sandwiches, cigarettes and staples of tenth week all nighters. 110 ON CAMPUS " Vegetarians and junk food junkies alike can find sustanance at North Campus or the Cooperage. " In addition to the stores and cafeterias, ASUCLA runs some really unlikely enterprises. The Travel Service offers some great student-oriented discount vacations. Graphic Services provides a complete printing, typesetting, and photofinishing shop. Heck, we ' ve even got our own bowling alley. In the works: a pub (still) and a bank of automated teller machines. With all these services at our fingertips here on campus, it ' s no wonder so many of us never seem to leave. " With all these services at our fingertips, it ' s no wonder so many of us never seem to leave. " 112 ON CAMPUS " UCLA ' s influence doesn ' t stop at its boundaries. We are as active off-campus as we are on. " CAMPUS WIDE AND BEYOND UCLA ' s influence doesn ' t stop at its boundaries. We are as active off-campus as we are on. For openers there is the Community Service Commission (CSC). Through this program students can help people who are in need of assistance or companionship. Presently there are thirteen branches of this project: Amigos Del Barrio, whose tutoring and motivation techniques provide support for Latino students; Asian Education Program helps Asian immigrant children by assisting them in English and providing them with cultural and educational activities and opportunities; Community Theatre Workshop encourages students ' academic, social and personal growth by emphasizing reading and the ' readers theatre ' as its educational vehicle; Consumer Protection Project maintains a 24-hour hotline offering information and referrals for consumer complaints; Exceptional Children ' s Tutorial Project provides special attention through various educational programs to children who are handicapped; Project MAC offers recreational sports, activities, and emotional support for abused children living away from home; Project Motivation provides disadvantaged Chicano and Latino high school students with encouragement to pursue higher education; Prison Coalition sends UCLA volunteers to juvenile probation camps to tutor and help inmates; Senior Citizen ' s Project is designed to offer companionship to senior citizens; Student Education Exposure Project helps academically and emotionally disadvantaged black high school students by showing them the positive aspects of higher education; UCLA Special Olympics program which provides sports training and athletic competition; the UCLA Village Co-op is a student-run cooperative located in Westwood; and last but not least, Unicamp provides children, who otherwise would not have the opportunity, with the chance to go to our special camp designed just for these kids. So... as one can plainly see, UCLA is not a self-involved university. Bravo. 114 ON CAMPUS ON 115 OUTREACH " ... form which is known as the outreach programs here at UCLA. " 116 ON CAMPUS PROGRAMS 825-HELP or 825-7646 (UCL-POGO) You see them with their blue milk carton crates, folding tables and chairs at strategic points all over campus answering questions about university policies. You see others with folding tables and chairs dispensing health information. You feel depressed and call someone and they talk to you. These groups of people form what is known as the Outreach programs here at UCLA. Academic Student Counselors (ASK, it ' s the phonetics of the thing, OK?) are positioned in seven various spots at UCLA. Staffed by students, ASK are all trained and well-versed in university academic policy to answer a great majority of questions the typical L S student might have. Peer Health Counselors (PHC) offer information and counselling in health-related areas such as weight control and nutrition, stress reduction, fitness, and birth control. For more serious cases, they can supply referrals. Helpline is exactly what its name is. Student-run and staffed, it provides a " non-establishment " help line to distressed callers who want to discuss their problems with someone. Formed in 1970, areas discussed on the help line have included drugs, sexual problems, family problems, and rape. ON CAMPUS 117 UNICAMP " During spring quarter, Unicamp counselors recruit interested students. " 118 ON CAMPUS ' Unicamp is U ' re Camp ' was this year ' s theme for UCLA ' s official charity. Activities such as a 10K run, a chili cook-off, and bucket collections were designed for students to have fun while helping out this worthy cause. The other portion of the needed funds came from Unicamp alumni, UCLA faculty and staff, businesses, and various organizations throughout the Los Angeles community. Beginning its 49th season this year, Unicamp has brought fun and opportunity into the lives of more than 36,000 underprivileged children since 1935. Founded in the midst of the Depression by the Student Board of the University Religious Conference, Unicamp has brought love and laughter to thousands. Unicamp is operated year-round by a 20-member board of directors, half being students and half, non-students. They are responsible for all the behind-the-scenes work and decision-making necessary to make such a program a success. During spring quarter, Unicamp counselors recruit interested students on campus to be counselors for their ten-day sessions of summer camp. Unicamp operates at two campsites located in the Barton Flats region of the San Bernardino National Forest. This past summer the UCLA Special Olympics had its own Unicamp session, since many handicapped children are also underprivileged. Unicamp continues to be a unique and exciting experience for all involved, and promises to get even better as more and more people become involved in this invaluable aspect of the UCLA experience. ON CAMPUS 119 EXPO EAP The Education Abroad Program, or EAP, is the only undergraduate student program that can be found on all nine campuses of the UC system. In the past twenty years the EAP has sent 10,000 students from California to other parts of the world. Most students that are involved in the EAP are juniors, and they live and study overseas for one year, with the exception of those who study for a shorter time in Leningrad. There are always more applicants than positions available in the program, requiring that all applicants be competitively screened. The students who are selected will actually study in their host college in that country ' s native language and get credit here for the courses they take. The EAP presently has connections with forty colleges in twenty-three countries on seven continents. A support system, consisting of a number of UC professors who work for two years overseas as study center directors, help the student whenever possible. The students who actually get placed in any foreign college do not spend all of their time studying under the watchful eyes of their study center directors; they also get around and see the country that they are in, as well as other surrounding countries. 120 ON CAMPUS " The EXPO Center, which handles about 32,000 visits a year, is one of the busiest student service offices on campus. " The EXPO Center, which handles about 32,000 visits a year, is one of the busiest student service offices on campus. This is partly because it offers so many programs for students to get involved in. The most noted of these is the internship program that allows UCLA students to work in other parts of the United States, usually Washington, Sacramento, or New York. The students that apply and are accepted into the program stay in their positions for one quarter and have the opportunity to meet influential people in their field of study. Students who wish to study overseas and do not fit into into the EAP can also go the EXPO Center and get help through the Overseas Study Counseling Service and find schools that they can attend in a foreign country. The EXPO Center is also responsible for organizing and sending delegations annually to the Model United Nations in New York. These delegates go through extensive studying and training in order to accurately voice the positions of the country that they are representing in the mock UN meeting. The Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program helps people that require assistance with their income tax forms. People who volunteer to help in this program are trained to fill out the the forms by representatives from the IRS. ON CAMPUS 121 ARC LEARNING CENTER " ...designed to help students with one of the more difficult aspects of college life—studying. " 122 ON CAMPUS Academic Resources Coordination (ARC) was designed to help students with one of the more difficult aspects of college life; studying. Tutors are available on an ongoing basis for lower division math science, and the math lab offers drop-in tutoring for all the undergraduate math courses. The math lab and tutorial center is located in 3973 MS. The Composition Tutoring Lab, located in 280 Powell Library, was designed to help students enrolled in English composition and ESL classes. The Learning Laboratory, located in 290 Powell Library, was established so that students could have trained counselors to diagnose academic skills problems. Self-paced instructional programs include audio, video, and written modules for improving reading comprehension and rate, English and mathematical skills, writing approaches, and study and test-taking techniques. Counselors assist students in using the available materials and record their progress. ON CAMPUS 123 The University Recreation Association is an association of special interest clubs. These clubs give students an opportunity to regain the ' P.E. ' of high school and meet others with similar recreational interests. The membership of the clubs ranges in skill from the most basic to expert. Close to 4,000 students join per year. The only criteria is to possess that nifty reg card and photo ID card with you. The activities include: Aikido, Amateur Radio, Bowling, Cricket, Dance, Flying, Golf, Ice Hockey, Judo, Jujitsu, Lacrosse, Sailing, Skiing, and Rugby for both men and women. " The membership of the clubs ranges in skill from the most basic to expert. " ON CAMPUS 125 " These programs offer a number of sporty entertainments... " 126 ON CAMPUS INTRAMURALS With the increased interest in physical activity and awareness, the involvement in this UCLA program has jumped. There has been a full 145% increase in the last seven years. This is not a part of the breadth requirements that will enable a student to graduate from this illustrious U.; it ' s a program specifically designed for fun. The program is divided into four groups: men, women, co-ed and open . These programs offer a number of sporty entertainments; volleyball, flag football, basketball, tennis, golf and cross country are some of the few offered to expend a bit of that stress. Intramurals offer competition for most everyone. The only thing necessary is to choose your skill level and go for it against other UCLA students, staff and faculty members. With the increased awareness of the benefits of physical fitness, this program promises to become even more popular in the years to come. ON CAMPUS 127 " The day in the life of this Particular co-ed, Irene Madaras, begins with a good long stretch and several minutes spent in contemplating forthcoming events, and in recalling fond memories of the night before. " UCLA SOUTHERN CAMPUS, 1938 LIVING GROUPS LIVING AT UCLA Everyone at UCLA must live somewhere. Local residents are fortunate enough to live at home and walk to campus - a truly rare occurance. The rest of us, however, must find alternate means of housing. Dorms, suites, apartments, fraternities, sororities and co-ops are just a few of the options open to UCLA students. The advantages of living close to campus are many: campus access, college environment, and few parking hassles. If the almighty computer does not choose to bless one with a dorm room, though, it can become very difficult to find somewhere else to live. Westwood, although very popular, has a vacancy rate of less than one percent, and apartments can also run as high as $1500 for a one-bedroom. Since where one lives is as much a part of the college experience as the courses one takes and the friends that one makes, we have donated a whole section to living groups, otherwise known as the varied and eccentric ways that students choose to exist while they ' re in college. 130 LIVING GROUPS " Everyone at UCLA must live somewhere. The problem is finding the ' right ' spot. " COMMUTING " The biggest with commuting is parking. If the computer blacklists one quarter, Lot 32 may be a blessing the next " 132 LIVING GROUPS Commuting can often solve the problem of high-priced Westwood apartments or sharing a bathroom with ten other people. It does, however, bring its own problems. Parking permits are always a problem. Bribing will not work. Lying will result in suspension. One can not always get away with sneaking into lot 8 at six in the morning. Parking permits are few and far between, and many students would trade one year of their lives for them. Gas prices are always on the rise as well as car prices and car repair prices. The very worst problem, though, is traffic. Even a seemingly simple twenty-mile drive can turn into a vicious nightmare when attempted at seven in the morning. Take, for example, the drive from Northridge at the Northwestern corner of the San Fernando Valley to UCLA. The commute starts on the Simi Valley freeway, already heavy, and filled with cranky commuters with the morning sun in their eyes. As the San Diego Freeway approaches, cars dart in and out of lanes, invariably causing a pile-up in one of the two southbound lanes. Once on the San Diego Freeway, the traffic really gets bad, especially where it meets the Ve ntura Freeway. From this point on traffic is stop-and-go until the Sunset Blvd. off-ramp. Often traffic progresses at the incredible rate of five miles per hour. Once near the campus, the commuter without a parking permit (fully 85%) must find a place to park. LIVING GROUPS 133 " Moving into your first apartment proves to be a tremendous learning experience. The best part of it is that you ' re on your OWN. " APT. LIFE Those students that tire from the perpetual noise and excitement of the dorms may try to find solace in apartment life. Students begin to scramble madly in June for living space in September and often in the process make strange bedfellows; take, for instance, Kathleen, the Catholic ultraconservative that roomed with my friend Kate, an outspoken nuclear protester, or Jim, the shy boy from the country who met his first " evil city woman " in the form of Darlene, who had red toenails. Hopefully, the student ' s first move to life on his own is not as problematic as these two examples. Many people often forget (especially around finals) that roommates (when they ' re not borrowing your clothes or other miscellaneous articles) can be (occasionally in a pinch) wonderful, understanding human beings. Of course, unlike dorm life, there are other problems with apartment life. The Bills (a reason to hate the first of every month). The Plumbing (a reason to buy a set of wrenches). The Landlord (a reason to always ask who it is before opening the door). There are, however, rewards. In the words of a mother, you get to pretend that you ' re an adult, you get to pretend that you know how to run your own life, and you get to drive your parents crazy with worry. From one student to another, though, you and I know that what we really do is wonder what life might be like if we had enough time and money to really enjoy being on our own. LIVING GROUPS 135 CO-OP The Co-op is probably the best financial deal for living at UCLA. Student owned and operated, it is the ideal situation for students who want to really feel that they ' re a part of their living community. Residents pay a nominal quarterly fee and work four hours per week in a capacity of their choice. Many occupations are available - anything from dishwashing to art director. Co-op residents also contribute a few hours per quarter toward a special project that improves the Co-op ' s appearance. The Co-op is located on Landfair Avenue past the fraternities and consists of three tall grey buildings that many students have come to call home. 136 LIVING GROUPS " For those students who want to help out in their living community, the Co-op is the answer. " LIVING GROUPS 137 SPROUL Sproul Hall, what makes this dorm seem so special? Many things, one of the most important being the enthusiasm that the residents seem give to all that visit. With their annual stree t dance the weekend before school starts, the dorm attracts hundreds of dorm residents and friends. It ' s a great way for to get to know each other, and an way to introduce the freshmen to the This year was a special one for Sproul residents, especially residents from past years. This was the year the long awaited cafeteria was finally opened, enabling the residents to finally eat in their own dorm. The was somewhat improved, and the atmosphere was one hundred-fold. No longer do the residents have to suffer glares of resentment from the Dykstra residents. Sproul too, like all the other dorms takes an active place in school events. Their floats in the Homecoming parade are usually among those winning awards, and the residents are always supportive of all events. Intramurals are big events as well, and when it comes to Mardi Gras, Sproul always comes up with a booth. There ' s always something happening at Sproul. 138 LIVING GROUPS ABOVE: R.A. STAFF. MICHAEL LAMPHERE, SUZANNE TILL, JANICE ERDMAN, GREG SMITH, JANE HELMECZI, BILL MATHEWS, FRAN SIMON, THERESA ZEDEK, JOAN ORGON, CHARLES JULIEN, DAVE PIERICK LIVING GROUPS 139 140 LIVING GROUPS DYKSTRA Dykstra Hall is the largest and oldest of UCLA ' s residence halls, but by no means an ordinary dormitory. Within its confines it houses over 800 students, ranging from freshman to senior. During the day when most people are in class, the long halls of Dykstra remain quiet except for an occasional vacuum cleaner, or stereo. In the evening the quiet hours are occasionally observed, but not often. Almost every floor comes to life with people socializing, eating popcorn, and every now in then picking up a book and trying to study. Like all the dorms, Dykstra offers a wide variety of activities for its residents. There ' s the usual basketball, and frisbee but the most popular activity seems to be the first-run movies that come to the dorms. Dykstra is also known for having two of the biggest social events, Las Vegas Night and the Luau. Now and then there are dances with live bands that also draw big crowds from all over campus. ABOVE: R.A. STAFF. RUBEN LIZARDO, DANELLE BLACK, TOM LARSEN, JUDY JOHNSON, SHEILA HOFFMAN, NANCY HAIGHT, KARYL NOPP, JOHN PROTHRO, MARTHA GORENBERG, GEORGE BAMBER. LIVING GROUPS 141 RIEBER Rieber Hall, close to the top, but not quite. Rieber is known for many things, two of the most notable are, their new cafeteria and, of course, those all-famous shouting matches with the residents of Sproul Hall. For the first of these notable items Rieber has reason to be proud; the new cafeteria is quite enjoyable, and with new quality in atmosphere the food seems to have also improved. In fact, Rieber was the first of the dorms to have their cafeteria rennovated, and as a result, became one of the most popular dorms to eat at. In the beginning this caused such problems that they had to start making restrictions on who could eat there; residents of course, and then people from the other dorms on a basis of ticket bought the day before. Now about those shouting felts with Sproul, and occasionally Hedrick. I realize that it ' s all in fun, but when they start going til 1:00 a.m. that ' s where I start to get a little upset. One of the dorms will usually start this ritual off by yelling insults at the other dorm, and in turn the other dorm will start yelling and then it will go on for hours. 142 LIVING GROUPS Let ' s not forget the regular funtions of the dorm. The main desk sorts and distributes its residents mail, checks out room keys as well as supplying residents with recreational equipment for games like basketball, volley ball, pool and ping-pong. Like the rest of the dorms, Rieber provides their residents with the standard forms of entertainment; movies, dances, and the rest of that dorm stuff. With each year, Rieber seems to improve and always stay one step ahead of the other dorms. ABOVE RIGHT: R.A. STAFF. SUSAN KLEES, TRACY CORBO DAVE WOWCHUK, RICHARD BROMLEY, GWEN SABO, RUTH ACKERMAN, TOREY RISO, TED POPE, BARBARA CALLAGHAN, ELIZABETH GREEN, CURTIS FLOYD, KIP RITHNER. LIVING GROUPS 143 144 LIVING GROUPS HEDRICK Known as " ' The Top of the Hill. ' Hedrick Hall holds a reputation of individuality with a special character all its own. Being one of the newer dorms Hedrick has a lot to offer its residents. Intramurals are popular, as well as the Hall government that gives students the opportunity to influence the dorm in which they live. Although Hedrick might occasionally seem aloof from the rest of the dormitory system, they are active participants. Each year they manage to put a float in the Homecoming parade, and when Mardi Gras comes around they ' re always there with a booth. Other popular dorm functions are the formals that give the residents an opportunity to dress up; and the special theme dinners that and variety to a sometimes dull dorm existence. Although they may seem way up and removed, the residents of Hedrick are friendly and always willing to chat. ABOVE: R.A. STAFF. BRENDA GENTRY, ROBERT MEKJIAN, SUZY KRUECKEBERG, KERRY HIRASUNA, JIM HOLMEN, KAREN JOHNSON, GREG YOSHIDA, SHELLEY DAVIS, FRANK DUNKLIN, MALORY GREENE, RAYMOND NASR. LIVING GROUPS 145 SUITES The suites are like a combination of the dorms and an apartment, they offer the next best thing to life in an apartment. For the nearly 700 students lucky enough to receive housing in the suites, life is a pretty good deal. The privacy of an apartment with the carefree attitude of the dorms. The suites offer two bedrooms, bathroom facilities, and a living room, all furnished. Each of the suites also has a service building where all of the laundry facilities and the vending machines can be found. The only facility the suites seem to be lacking is that of the cafeteria, but never fear, only a few yards away are Rieber and Hedrick. These dorms satisfy the eating needs of the suite residents, and as troublesome as the walk may seem, it ' s better than no food at all. Although the suites may seem a long walk up the hill, they ' re worth it, just ask anyone who lives there. 146 LIVING GROUPS " The suites offer the student a combination of apartment and dorm life. " GREEKS Greek life didn ' t burden our education - it was an education. A different sort of education. We laughed, cried and worked together for four years - and gained a kind of knowledge that wasn ' t to be learned in any book or class. The names and the faces come back easily. Tom, Andy and I all met during rush week. Party after party, name tags, superficial conversation - but we made it and at the end proudly pledged, placing our pins upon our chests. We took a bus to the Rose Bowl, drinking and singing songs. By the time we got there, we weren ' t quite sure where we were, except that it felt good to be surrounded by friends with beer in our bellies and the sun on our backs. Homecoming was cold and rainy, but we gritted our teeth and kept on, our fingers aching from the yards and yards of chicken wire that we poked through tiny holes. For the house. For UCLA. The best memories, however, were the long, serious philosophical talks with roommates at 3 a.m. over a cold, wax-like Domino ' s pizza. We fought with other houses, threw paint in swimming pools, smashed bottles and groggily awoke the next morning to take midterms. And all of us kept saying how we wished it would end, how we wanted to hurry up and graduate, while deep down we hoped that it would never end. How abruptly everything ended! We gathered together for one final bash, and then before we knew it, it was graduation and our brothers and sisters came to wish us well. The sun soaked us under our caps and gowns as we savored our last moments as undergrads, and then it was over, gone, and Tom was going to grad school, Andy went to work for his father and I was left here to remember, to wonder whether it was worth it or not, knowing it was, knowing there would never, ever be anything like it ever again. " Party after party, name tags, superficial conversation-- but we made it at the end proudly pledged, placing our pins upon our chests. " 148 LIVING GROUPS FREDDY FRAT SUSIE SORORITY Stetson left over from the " Roy Rogers and Trigger. Exchange " ($80). Vuarnets-- the preppies choice (Peeper keepers are a must $40). Lauren, Izod and Brooks Bros. are the only acceptable shirts ($30-$40). Daily Bruin - Just the sports and personals of course (Free). The beginnings of a beer gut (They ' re hereditary, you know). L.L Bean sweater. 100% Virgin Wool ($30-$40). The only Trojan a Bruin trusts (Free from student health with reg-card and photo I.D.). Madras slacks-- that ' s Plaid to you and me. ($6 at K-Mart, $40 from Jos. Banks and Co.). Banged up knees from last week ' s rugby match. Paddle to keep pledges in their place. Top Siders: Bass Boaters just won ' t do ($50). Visor left over from dad ' s day ($5.95). $2,000 smile from daddy ' s golfing buddy ' s dental office Mummy ' s pear ls (Priceless due to sentimental value). Just pinned....again. Crazy horse or Cable Car Clothiers ' finest ($30-$40). Greek letter monogram. (A must for new actives). Wilted flower from presents party ($4). Tab: to make up for last night ' s two-fisted dessert binge ($2.29 a six-pack). Gold Cartier with genuine crocodile band purchased at Tiffany ' s ($1,000 plus). Walking shorts: mail order from Lands ' End. To hide those C.R.T. ' s (Charging Rhino Thighs) ($30-$40 duck whistle not Tassled loafers: hand-stitched Cole Haan ' s from At-Ease, Newport Beach.($80-$100) LIVING GROUPS 149 PANHELLENIC Panhellenic, the governing body of all sixteen sororities, strives for a unification of all the different houses, as well as an awareness of all that affects our college years. The newly-created positions of Row Relations, Scholarship and Philanthropy have just begun to meet the needs of an ever-expanding sorority system. This year Panhellenic became more involved in student government, as a legitimate special interest group of its own, and in the newly formed Women ' s Coalition. Within the Greek system, Panhellenic and Council have worked closer together than ever before. Stressing awareness and interaction, quarterly barbecues, joint President ' s Councils, and the annual banquet encouraged communication between the groups. In the years to come Panhellenic ' s goal is to continue to promote a positive image within and outside the Greek system. PANHELLENIC. FRONT ROW: Margaret Murphy (Special Interest Group Liaison), Angela Agrusa (Secretary), Vicki Baldwin (Scholarship Chairman). SECOND ROW: Laurie Riccard (Publicity Chairman), Janet Reid (Treasurer). THIRD ROW: Laura Bajuk (First Vice President), Jayme Fryer, (IM Chairman), Lisa Massey (Second Vice President), Cheryl Clarke (President), Lee Leonard (Row Relations), Terese Dankowski (Philantrophy Chairman). 150 LIVING GROUPS IFC IFC, Inter Fraternity Council, consists of 20 elected or appointed fraternity men, along with a representative from each of the 28 houses. Funded under the first vice-president ' s office as a special interest group, IFC is the official link between the Greek fraternity system and the administration of UCLA. IFC sponsors such events as Greek Week, Homecoming and Mardi Gras in conjunction with Panhellenic, as well as six major interfraternity athletic tournaments in football, volleyball, soccer, water polo, basketball and softball. Fraternity rush, which involves about 3000 students, is also sponsored by IFC. Flyers are mailed out with every reg packet, and interested respondents are sent IFC ' s Fraternity Rush Magazine (a new addition this year). The 64-page magazine includes two pages of write-ups and pictures for each of the 28 fraternities, a key explaining the Greek letters, and a map of the campus and Fraternity Row. In addition to providing a rush magazine, IFC also sponsors the first day of rush with free pizza and coke. An orientation meeting follows, with row tours of all the houses and advice for rushees. The council itself meets bimonthly on Thursdays for a formal dinner at one of the fraternity houses. Their philanthropic events this year included working for the UCLA Blood Donor Center and the Hemophilia Foundation. IFC encourages leadership skills in fraternity men as well as giving them the opportunity to make strong friendships outside of their own houses. IFC. FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Clark Bloom, Mike Pappas, Tim Ryan, Sorel Ashmall, Brian Cameron, Rieh Aries, Brad Serwin. SECOND ROW: Tom Sestanovich, Scott Saguchi, Terry Krekorian, Lane Sheperd, Gary Schoenfeld, Rob Bernhardt, Matt Whealan, Jeff Harper, Carl Galaz, Jerry Ernst, Bob Morse, Peter Weiler, David White. LIVING GROUPS 151 RUSHING Girls in perfectly matched suits stand on Hilgard Avenue, looking strangely out of place against the hoard of students in jeans and tee-shirts that crowd past them. Some talk and some laugh, but most stand quietly, shifting from one foot to the other. This phenomenon is called Rush, specifically the end of rush, when the sorority houses make their final choices as to who they will pick to join their house. Invariably there are some tears, as some girls get rejected, but most are ecstatic over their good luck, already looking forward to those wonderful Greek parties that are infamous campus-wide. The fraternities also go through their Rush or selection process, although most members of the Greek system will admit that the fraternity rush consists of more parties than anything else. Rush week is both heaven and hell. Many talk about it as having the most fun, and yet being under the most pressure. Rush, as many alumni will tell you, is also when some of those wonderful friendships (and romances) begin to blossom into life-long relationships. " Invariably there are some tears, as some girls get rejected, but most are ecstatic over their good luck. " LIVING GROUPS 153 FAR LEFT: PAM SCURR AND KENT IVY. BELOW: JACKY BORDEN AND BLAKE HOLLER. RIGHT: LEE TYLER AND ARGABRITE. 154 LIVING GROUPS PINNING The girls gather together, giggling with excitement. A hush falls over the house as the lights are dimmed and the candle is passed from one girl to the next. Faces are searched; it was rumoured that Mary knew who was going to be pinned, but she kept obstinately quiet when questioned. Finally the candle stops at Peggy, and she smiles shyly as there are cries of exclamation and happiness. Steve comes over to place his pin on the front of h er dress. Peggy is lovely in a black formal, and Steve is grinning proudly. Soon the girls rush up to hug her, and Steve ' s fraternity brothers gather together to serenade the new couple. Although traditions differ from house to house, pinning is an intricate part of Greek life. The girls are not permitted to say exactly how the traditions differ, since that ' s a secret that is known only to the members of the house, but each house adds their own touches that make the event special to the couple being pinned. Although many claim that marriage and romance are on their way out of our society, they continue to be alive and well within the Greek system. LIVING GROUPS 155 ORDER OF OMEGA The Gamma Sigma chapter of Order of Omega established itself on the UCLA campus last year. Order of Omega is a national honor fraternity which recognizes outstanding leaders of the Greek System. Membership is based on excellence in scholarship, significant contributions to the Greek System and interactive campus involvement. The order is comprised of those juniors and seniors who have contributed to the strength and continued development of the UCLA Greek System. Order of Omega was proud to host Mrs. Eileen Stevens, founder of CHUCK a honarary member of Order of Omega, for an educational forum during Greek Week this year. Mrs. Stevens discussed the merits of the Greek System and the inherent danger of hazing. Since the dragic death of her son, Mrs. Stevens has been instrumental in successfully lobbying for anti-hazing laws nation-wide while continuing to emphasize the benefits associated with greek life and individual personal growth. The Gamma Sigma chapter of Order of Omega will continue its committment to improving the quality of Greek Life on the UCLA campus. ORDER OF OMEGA. 1.Gary Schonfeld 2.Richard Aries 3.Gary Kim 4.Leslie Pellerin 5.Arturo Zaldivar 6.Soren Ashmall 7.Cheryl Mende 8.Brian Cameron 9.Jeff Nebel 10.Steve Krongold 11.Christine MacLaughlin 12.Bob Rovzar 13. Tim Ryan 14.Steven Klimczuk 15.Michael Gottlieb Wandrocke 17.Michael James. Not Pictured: Matt Doretti, Steve Noeller. GREEK WEEK COMMITTEE The Greek Week Committee is the group responsible for planning and instigating the six days of exciting events designed to stimulate social, cultural and philantropic awareness amongst the Greek system and campus community. Greek Week is an excellent opportunity for fraternities and sororities to unite and channel their energies into productive and worthwhile causes. Greek Week ' 83 is a culmination of the most exciting programs from previous years as well as several creative additions. Many of this year ' s individual activities began on a small scale and have since grown into major student events. Under the direction of Karen Derr and Scott Tsugita, the 34-member committee were able to boast one of the most successful Greek Weeks up to this date. GREEK WEEK COMMITTEE. 1.Jeff Sargent 2.Jamie Chusid 3.Jeff Lerman 4.Phil Hayman 5.Ed Zimmerman 6.Jill Brock 7.Becky Takeda 8.Jim Auerbach 9.Tracy Sandler 10.Mark Porizky 11.Tami Bishop 12.Lindsey Johnson 13.Elizabeth Much 14.Debbie Luckey 15.Nancy Walton 16.Lyn Olsen 17.Greg Kodres 18.Kristin Long 19.John Wasley 20.Mary Kripner 21.Jeff Nebel 22.Anne Mallonee 23.Joe Lambert 24.David Miles 25.Karen Hallerman 26.James Francis 27.Marcia Tinkler 28.Lisa Gator 29.Joan Bergna 30.Michael Ozawa 31.Kelley Conlon 32.Karen Derr 33.Scott Tsugita. ALPHA DELTA CHI Alpha Delta Chi ' s goals are to promote higher scholastic standards, provide social interaction, and strengthen the spiritual lives of the members. For instance, we have participated in Spring Sing, intramurals, Christian Coalition and Mardi Gras. Our purpose in participating is to tell others about God ' s free gift of eternal life. We also work to build one another up in our relationships with Christ through praying together and devotionals. As the years go by, changes occur in ADChi as in any other organization, manifesting progress or attempting to conform to the times. But just as people are humanly the same through changing eras, we believe the fundamental structure and ideals of our sorority will endure and underlie any aspects of outward change. ALPHA DELTA CHI. 1.Nancy Wagner 2.Stacy Hart 3.Elizabeth Cosbey 4.Sharon Swanson 5.Connie Olson 6.Sue Morris 7.Liz Griego 8.Karen Mumper 9.Michelle Mitchell 10.Cathy Arreguin 11.Tammy Horton 12.Cynthia Hocking 13.Loretta Huttger 14.Ramona Eroy 15.Cathy Gunn 16.Cecilia Lazard 17.Lisa Leabres 18.Jane Yang 19.Stephanie Sato 20.Chris Carey 21.Kathleen Lai 22.Aileen Chan 23.Kari Oki 24.Pinky Alvano 25.Gloria Bugay 26.Kelley Houlihan 27.Linda McManus 28.Joi VanDeventer 29.Lark White 30.Susan Wulfing 31.Cathy Egorov 32.Jennifer Hughes 33.Wendi Morris 34.Vicki Martinez 35.Diana Montanez 36.Marla Miller 37.Susie Waddington. 158 LIVING GROUPS AKA ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated is an international organization of 80,000 college women with undergraduate and graduate chapters at leading colleges and universities. Alpha Kappa Alpha is committed to service in every community where it is located. The unifying objective is the improvement of human life through service to others. ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA. 1.Michelle Jerald 2.Natalie Walker 3.Kim Roberts 4.D ' ynce Williams 5.Brenda Harvey 6.Vida Bottom 7.Lori Smith 8.Michele Moore 9.Regina Owen 10.Lynne Moore 11.Lisa Cagnolatti 12.Sheree Scott. ALPHA CHI OMEGA Our symbol is the lyre, our colors are scarlet red and olive green. Our flower is the carnation. We are known as Alpha Chi Omega. There are over one hundred and thirty women in Alpha Chi, and even though the number may be large we have a unique bond that unites us as a whole. Our house is strong with individuality, creativity, generosity, and diversity. Alpha Chi originated as a music sorority. Now, close to one hundred years later, our house is filled with a variety of special interests such as: medicine, politics, law, business, dance, drama, art, and of course music. Even though we all have such diverse interests we all have one thing in common. Alpha Chi ' s have a bond of friendship and loyalty to each of their sisters. We encourage each other to strive for the best. We won the Bruin Cup with Delta Sigma Phi for our novelty act in Spring Sing. Our quartet won the sweepstakes award and we also came in second place in the Sigma Chi Derby Days. We also participate in Greek week, Mardi Gras, Special Olympics, and the Blood Drive. We have Dads ' Day, Moms ' Day, Family Night, Pledge Retreat, House Trip to Mammoth, Seniors Get-Away, Bar-B-Q ' s, Spring Luau, Winter Formal, Masquerade Ball, and a Pledge Active party. The Alpha Chi ' s love a challenge so we also play sports against other sororities. We have a football, volleyball and softball team. ALPHA CHI OMEGA. 1.Nancy Morrison 2.Rina Flores 3.Corrine Hubbell 4.Moira Jones 5.Robin Love 6.Carla Kentle 7.Michelle Platman 8.Linda Reimann 9.Tobi Yoakum 10.Laura Crauer 11. Lisa Gillette 12.Jamie Sperling 13.Lisa Feldman 14.Julie Jeffers 15.Liz Switzer 16. Erin Bates Bradsher 18.Lisa Latham 19.Nancy Dabao 20.Laura Black 21. Wendy Wagstaff 22.Nancy Binder 23.Tina Ventzke 25.Margo Mar 26.Kathleen Cranwell 27 .Melanie Fuentavilla 28.Heather Daly 29.Sue Isensee 30.Laurie Kolitz 31.Marla Orloff 32.Jacqueline McGrory 33.Lisa Walski 34.Julie Darden 35.Lauren Effron 36.Genevieve Herman 37.Rose Fink 38.Mandy Wileman 39.Lisa Sabbagh 40.Lisa Palmigiano 41.Sharyl Goetsch 42.Donna Desmond 43.Dana Clark 44.Wendy Wagstaff 45.Michelle Bolton 46.Kelly Townsend 47.Christina Yaghoubian 48.Mayra Sa borio 49.Jennifer Koines 50.Deborah Strugelmeyer 51.Johanna Rose 52.Leslie Dinaberg 53.Michele Walpert 54.Marganet Barany 55.Barbara Roberts 56.Jennifer McElvany 57.Suzanne Bacon 58.Nancy Wilson 59.Jennifer Linton 60.Leah Cruthers 61 .Angela Stevebs 62.Valerie Boda 63.Kathy Whittemore 64.Janice French 65.Samara Rabenstine 66.Laura Van Deventer 67.Laura Catura 68.Julie Englander 69.Felice Kanzel 70.Sheira Nadar 71 .Melissa O ' Brien 72.Barbara Overlie 73.Teri Panting Herana 75.Lorette Lavin 76.Lisa Shaevitz 77.Sherry Lin 78.Stephanie Granto 79.Tracy Kaperl 80.Marilyn Weinstein 81.Alison Diamond 82.Donna Blazewich 83.Andrea Ricchione 84.Diana Guglielmo 85.Marie Trapnell 86.Jennee Tawil 87.Tracy Andrews 88.Vicky Schinnerer 89.Kar en Ball 90.Alecia Lucas 91.Lori Addis 92.Suzy Voshall 93. Julie Hurlburt 94.Alice Gleghorn 95.Gabriela Wells 96.Ann Schladen 97.Susan Smith 98.Jeanne Bernstein 99.Chrissy Haggard 100.Emily Andree Nelson 102.Connie Garcia 103.Glenda Miner 104.Anna Alba 105.Mary McEachen 106.Mary Jones 107.Liz Templin 108.Joy Duncan 109.Wendy Gruel 110.Sally Zvanut 111.Chris MacGlaughlin 112.Leslie Pellerin 113.Connie Guglielmo 114.Pam Scurr. LIVING GROUPS 161 the post-preference pledge dorm party (do we remember that?) midnight marauding • diane-kristy found a place for presents? • by the way katie, how was presents? • julie your damn car the lot! • dynasty • road trip! cal or bust (probably bust!)• over the shower and through the your big sister you shall crawl • tuesday night does anyone want a facial? • psi phi exchange-can play quarters with elvira? • relay • zbt-is homecoming a bear or is it a cherry? • great rat fink pledged (or should we say police?) • will room 10 ever air out? • those chaotic kiddies-was it past your bedtime danna?• Dad ' s day- " tinkle tinkle dear old dad, can ' t believe the beer you had! oh what sorrow, oh what pain,you went right in the 1 lane! " • 20-19 hey still the one? • heather you little guard • chipped diamond • beta pinning- gina, the prezes fave rave, how red were your eyes? • finals deal with it! • turkey pals • thanks washington state . do believe in miracles • hey out! • keelie- how many people live in the house? • 21 club-heated • active lock-out where ' s the secret room? • why do eat first? • gag me with the food! • greek week-sigma chi should we win or lose? • theta xi-we surrender too • pledge active-can you keep a secret? • go spirit squad-suzie z, ruthie, lisa, and Susie f • skip around the table • elections win or lose we live for each other • initiation-slip the grip • all my star is (dawn harris you fox) • spring quarter: palm springs, santa barbara, mardi gras, open house, spring sing at the greek, waynsky, 2nd quarter pledge, last day do we have free? • graduation toys! ALPHA DELTA PI. 1.Cathy Friedman 2.Kathy Fleisher 3.Amy Brasseur 4.JiII Hoffman 5.Ruthie Hall 6.Amy Woodward 7.Stephanie Alexious 8.Cara Corren 9.Priscilla Chang 10.Vicky Destin 11.Donna Knickman 12.Kathy Fliller I 3.Sandra Viducich 14.Kim McGee 15.Lisa Yee 16.Kathleen Oriessel 17.Caroline Ditmyer 18.Denise Spatafora 19.Cheryl Romer 20.Lacia Lynne Bailey 21.Dende Hildebrand 22.Carol Kenney 23.Tracey Frasen 24. Kim Brandi 25.Wendy Wilson 26.Cindy Rasmussen 27.Lara Welch 28.Nancy Breitman 29.Kim Allendorf 30.Marci Levine 31.Lisa Lipson 32.Barbie Hall 33.Kathleen Hezrn 34.Katie Becker 35.Kathleen Howe 36.Michelle Antony 37.Jan Morris 38.llone Karme 39.Susie Friday 40.Michelle Rossetti 41.Vicky Churchman 42.Kathy Casterson 43.Lisa Hedenberg 44.Janice Sirkin 45.Julie Perkal 46.Debbie Kozenelson 47.Vaierie Klein 48.Amy Quermann 49.Tian-Tsy Li 50.Jennifer Bedford 51.Tiffany Heitzenrader 52.Lianne Stein 53.Lisa Kelton 54.Cheryl Miller 55.Stacey Drant 56.Julie Hinman 57. Vicky Kettelman 58.Debbie Strano 59.Linda James 60.Nancy Givens 61.Bea Chestnut 62.Shannon Horton 63.Sharon Clements 64.Tina Coulbourn 65.Ellen Clocker 66.Lisa Waltuch 67.Dawn Harris 68.Cheryl Richardson 69.Wendy Shue 70.Susie Zachik 71.Kristy Odermatt 72.Laura Hinton 73.Lindsay Graber 74.Melissa Dingwell 75.Lynn Margherita 76.Nicky Bader 77.Jackie Meaney 78.Danna Cements 79.Pamn Clark 80.Cynthia Davis 81.Hilary Hilton 82. Heather Hellman 83.Martha Miller 84.Cindy Allen 85.Rosalind Auzenne 86.Jennifer Shank 87.Loree Patterson 88.Ann-Marie Fliller 89.Lauren Latimer 90.Kathie Nirschl 91.Debbie Harwell 92.Maggi Donnelly 93.Marlene Colucci 94.Kim Pressley 95.Keelie Maly 96.Marty Hirsch 97.Mari Newton 98.Diane Bruns 99.Jennifer McClure 100.Stacey Feller 101.Stephanie Underhill 102.Genette Del Rosario 103.Diane Kratzle 104.Vicky Baldewin 105. Barbara Zieglgansberger 106.Lyndal Owsley 107.Paula Sarkisian 108.Lucy Rector 109.Lisa Wenger 110.Cathi Campbell 111.Joy Anderson Downs 113.Jeannine Dupuy 114.Heidi Joy Resnik 115.Lori Talley 116.Barbie Clarke 117.Marina Baskin 119.Andrea Marcone 120.Pam McKibbin 121 .Carol McEnaney 122.Evie Hill. 162 LIVING GROUPS It ' s been a PHI-tastic year... Rush... Presents... cops join the fun... " Life ' s a Bear " -Homecoming with Theta Chi... Hollywood highlights with Phi Kapps... El Torito Poppers... sunrise kidnap at McDonalds... dream up a Fantasy at Braemar country club... Mrs.Fields loves Haagen-Dazs... " Whats the name of the game " ... " How do you play " ... " You Thump " ... Birthday strip-o-gram takes it off... " pass the giraffe, please " ... Dads watch as rain intercepts the football game... A rose is a rose is a Rosebowl in ' 83... " wanna buy a See ' s sucker ' ' ... " Wanna buy a calendar-- you should see Mr. September " ... " wanna meet the sweet Phis at the top " ... Sheraton Universal... " If they could see us now " ... Multa Corda Una Causa... " Who jammed the Tab machine " ... Raising hopes and smiles... Chaim Sheba... Special Olympics... Unicamp... jump for the HEART of it... sundaes for Sundays... Families picnic at the rec. center... our big bros are Numero Uno... Seniors crank on their prank... remember to check your attitude... Phi ' s and Pi ' s tune-up for Spring Sing... " with many loving friends I see, visions of the things to be, this house I know was meant for me, these girls have brought the best in life to me " ... LML. ALPHA EPSILON PHI. 1.Vicki Bernstein 2.Ann Pedowitz 3.Stephanie Ray 4.Debbie Fohrman 5.Nina Korchien 6.Ronni Peterman 7.Allison Cowitt 8.Robin Tolmas 9.Leslie Jacobs 10.Holly Leff 11.Cheryl Goldman 12.Lori Hochman 13.Sheri Redke 14.Susan Klinenberg 15.Lisa Ehrlich 16.Alice Jacobs 17.Laurie Julien 18.Laura Berton 19.Vicky Rabow 20.Jody Fox 21.Ann Fragen 22.Daron Yuster 23.Nancy Azaren 24.Karen Pevsnek 25.Susie Deutsch 26.Allison Glen 27.Wendy Golden 28.Laurie Shapiro 29.Jodi Frey 30.Allison Liebhaber 31.Alane Goodman 32.Arlyn Egers 33.Lonnie Hoffman 34.Lynn Drasin 35.Heidi Calof 36.Stacy Effron 37.Liz Turner 38.Pam Brand 39.Lianne Tarica 40.Jodi Abrams 41.Robin Rich 42.Randi Helfand 43.Marla Stevens 45.Sheryl Kipper 47.Jill Federman 49.Judy Frankel 50.Lisa Lindo 51.Jill Cooper 52.Kim Williams 53.Tammy Fahn 54.Amy Rand 55.Juliet Yawitz 56.Jill Weinstein 57.Kim Daniel 58.Alisa Deutsch 59.Randi Gelfand 60.Shelley Gross 61.Susan Winer 62.Sara Pappelbaum 63.Cindy Poise 64.Jennifer Gardner 65.Sandi Glassman 66.Lori Nemhauser 67.Nancy Yaffee 68.Nancy Pomerantz 69.Suzanne Engler 70.Nicki Glass 71.Randi Gerstenfeld 72.Kim Beber 73.Linda Cypers 74.Missy Birns 75.Beth Astor 76.Michelle Ehrlich 77.Michelle Balowitz 78.Dana Levin 79.Laura Margolin 80.Joni Graboff 81.Beth Koerner 83.Diane Weissman 84.Andrea Sherman 85.Kim Diamond 87.Melanie Aoki 88.Shari Birndorf 89.Wendy Tuch 90.Debbie Fox 91.Janice Azaren 92.Laura Mende 93.Jodi Stein 94.Pam Rose 96.Lisa Landis 97.Cheryl Mende 98.Sue Fine 99.Susie Sugerman 100.Patricia Werner 101 .Laurie Barish 102.Jil Tucker 103.Andrea Weissman 104.Jenny Engel 105.Alaina Bernstein 106.Ann Fishman. Not Pictured: Lauren Berman, Laurie Cooperman, Fabienne Darbouze, Eileen Friedman, Leslie Goldberg Wendy Jaffe, Wendy Kirshner, Aylene Lazar, Joo-Yen Lim, Ronit Mandelbaum, Rodi Mauer, Ferne Miller, Tracy Neistadt, Patti Pollack, Ann Samborne, Roni Schmelz, Pam Schwartz, Donna Sanders, Randi Shafton, Tina Stearn. LIVING GROUPS 165 ALPHA EPSILON PI One of the finest members of UCLA ' s Greek community, Alpha Epsilon Pi, is known for both its winning traditions and its trend setting. In the past, AEPi has been top in many aspects of Greek life. Just a few of the areas in which we have been rewarded for outstanding achievement include College Bowl, Spring Sing, Homecoming and Mardi Gras. It is very seldom that the house comes home from any competition without a trophy or a ribbon. However, to the brothers of AEPi, greek life is not all fun and games. We are always busy establishing new ways to serve our community. Our latest ventures include a restructuring of our house so that it serves the needs of one of the largest Jewish campus populations on the west coast. By taking an active role in L.A. ' s Jewish community, AEPi is making a name for itself as being more than just an organization of civic-minded young men preparing themselves for leadership in the world beyond college. ALPHA EPSILON Pl. I.Jory Barrad 2.Bill Papanickolas 3.Evan Littman 4.Mark Tuey 5.Sam Gonzales 6.Bob Remstein 7.Steve Girsky 8.Ron Part 9.Mike Grossblatt 10.Craig Wasserman 11.Hal Marenus 12.Ted Rittmaster 13.Joel Cherman 14.Jon Weiss 15.Mike White 16.Jason Pemstein 17.Juan Rocha 18.Alex Demyanenko 19.Phil Hain 20.Jeff Kropf 21.Jason Song 22.Rueben Moningding 23.Scott Warner 24.Jay McAtee 25.Alan Knolos 26.David Mermelstein 27.Steve Lanusa 28.Stan Lerner 29.Peter Sison 30.John Heinz. Not Pictured: Andy Willis, Ed Zimmerman, Russ Ghitterman, Irwin Wittlin. Mike Larile, Rob Salinger. 166 LIVING GROUPS ALPHA GAMMA OMEGA. 1.Garth Watney 2.Britt McPheeters 3.Manuel Arreguin 4.Kim Cary 5.Doug Dinnsen 6.Frank Peters 7.Brian Owens 8.Jim Dougher 9.Jim Fall 10.Mike Wright 11.Scott Morsch 12.Doug Tithedy 13.Bob Lancaster 14.Mike Wakamuja 15.John Ritchie 16.Bryan Brady 17.Jim Edwards 18.Jason Willoughby 19.Steve Kemp 20.Brent Mishler 21.Dave Zag Rodney 22.Tom Strelow 23.Lyndell Asbenson 24.Ben Shin 25.Francisco Mena 26.Dan Valdez 27.Byron Fong 28.Steve Chang 29.Craig Wall 30.Steve Lee 31.James Mu 32.Dave Killion 33.Darryl Branton 34.Burton Lee 35.John Magie 36.Brian Kinzel 37.Mark Blais 38.Ric Eller 39.Duanne Okamoto 40.Johnny Fong 41.Dan Maljanian 42. Philip Wang 43.Warren Schoonover. Alpha Gamma Omega is the only Christ-centered fraternity at UCLA, and our purpose is to glorify our Lord and Savior in all that we do. Amidst the busy schedule of classes, athletics, and social events, the brothers of AGO strive to keep their eyes focused on God and to continously cultivate personal relationships with his son, Jesus Christ. The members of Alpha Gamma Omega harbor many different interests and pursue a variety of goals. With depth in many academic areas, men at the house often seek help from each other, creating a closer body. High scholastic standards are set, and everyone is constantly being challenged to meet them. To counterbalance the pressures of academics, AGO ' s social and athletic calendar offers many diversions. Members participate in a variety of intramural sports. Other than sports, the fraternity holds retreats and exchanges with our auxiliary, the Little Sisters of Maranatha, and our sister sorority, Alpha Delta Chi. The uniqueness of AGO lies in our emphasis on personal spiritual growth. The house conducts a Bible study every Wednesday night. With so many Christians living together, encouragement to apply these insights can come from many sources. The task is to train men in living the Godly life, for only through that can the house continue to remain a Christ-centered organization. Herein lies the greatest challenge of all: daring to draw closer to the living God. ALPHA GAMMA OMEGA LIVING GROUPS 167 Alpha Phi ' s Beta Delta chapter arrived here at UCLA in 1924. Since that time we have continued to grow in strength, tradition and size. With the addition of this year ' s fall pledge class, the sisterhood of Alpha Phi now binds the hearts of over 160 girls together. This bond of sisterhood, however, does not inhibit the diversity which each member brings to Alpha Phi. Scholastically, Alpha Phi has one of the highest combined GPAs on the row. In addition, many members are involved in campus organizations such as Pep Squad, Bruin Belles, Daily Bruin, Mardi Gras committees, Bruin Life, and University Choru s, just to name a few. We are proud of this diversity, because we feel it enhances our functioning as a house, as well as adding excitement to our activities. This year was a busy, yet exciting year for Alpha Phi. Starting this summer, our chapter had cause for celebration as we took many top honors at the Alpha Phi national convention. This spirit of pride and enthusiasm carried over into other activities such as rush, Homecoming, Greek Week, Spring Sing, and Mardi Gras. All of these events found Alpha Phis coming away with top honors-- whether it was a Phintastic pledge class or Phinominal trophies. Such a busy, fun-filled, and successful year doesn ' t wear out the Alpha Phis, it only makes us more anxious and enthusiastic for the year to come. The only reason that we may feel less anxious for the coming year will be the absence of our graduating sisters--we ' ll miss you, and good luck. We know we ' ll do you proud. ALPHA PHI. 1.Kathy Grace 2.Keri Greer 3.Lisa Ohtomo 4.Lise Berg 5.Karin Krug 6.Lisamarie Kennedy 7.Kelly Ellis 8.Pam Hosegood 9.Susan Selecky 10.Lisa Katona 11.Gillian Garcia 12.Becky Hansen 13.Jennifer Heckman 14.Claudia Hoover 15.Denise Gelfand 16.Julie Kjos 17.Gigi Giraudo 18.Cathy Lentz 19.Teri Daly 20.Theresa Barulich 21.Shawn Erlin 22.Joanne Rogers 23.Kelly Brown 24.Sally Graves 25.Robin Goldman 26.Laurie Riccard 27.Sarah Sontheimer 28.Erin Ferguson 29.Lori Price 30.Lenette Ball 31.Diane Nicholson 32.Danna Sigal 33.Kirsten Kemper 34.Megan Dobrott 35.Sally Hugh 36.Sharon Pratt 37.Carolyn Cory 38.Barbara Merrill 39.Lee Leonard 40.Debbie Morgan 41.Cindy Helsley 42.Joanne McCormick 43.Lisa George 44.Laurie Holmes 45.Janet Henrickson 46.Patty Yelle 47.Liz Moussouros 48.Glynnie Benner 49.Carole Baker 50.Laura McFarland 51.Pam Mason 52.Rozze Scholey 53.Libby Spearman 54.Leslie Simon 55.Lucinda Hamill 56.Rhonda Basham 57.Diane Song 58.Lori Bardwil 59.Ann Good 60.Ann Killion 61.Andrea Nevens 62.Marchell Brennen 63.Lisa Pierozzi 64.Andrea Lefitz 65.Lianna Hatfield 66.Ilizza Lev 67.Abby Alleman 68.Linda Browm 69.Diana Wolf 70.Debbie Smolarski 71.Joannie Burstein 72.Diana Wilson 73.Faith Esterson 74.Sherry Baker 75.Coleen Carey 76.Julie Schwarz 77.Wendi Temkin 78.Maureen Devine 79. Stephanie Grossman. ALPHA PHI. 1.Lyndy Marron 2.Kelly Anselmo 3.Edie Ghielmetti 4.Linda Arneal 5.Ann Loesch 6.Lisa Feinstein 7.Patrice Milton 8.Jacque Hamilton 9.Alison Gausman 10.Anne Magoffin 11.Victoria Johnston 12.Whitney Milk 13.Jennifer Goodwin 14.Lori Ocheltree 15. Susie Silver 16.Jill Silver 17.Kerin Hall 18.Mary Jersin 19.Elise Rovens 20.Sabrina Tallon 21.Cindy Christian 22.Helga Van Herle 23.Chelle Francis 24.Karen Sternbach 25.Teresa Nocciolo 26.Susie Frankel 27.Laura Lucky 28.Judy MacMorran 29.Gretchen Nickels 30.Karen Soloman 31.Jody Blomquist 32.Liz Brody 33.Andrea Esterson 34.Debbie Weitzman 35. Renee Roux 36.Ellen Gewecke 37.Irene Karas 38.Debbie Hulit 39.Andrea del Regno 40.Julie Kottler 41.Karin Mason 42.Tracey Groper 43.Mara Faierman 44.Susan Ritterman 45.Marisa Zarate 46.Nancy Orford 47.Debbie Janssen 48. Sherri Ricci. 168 LIVING GROUPS Delta Chi Chapter of Alpha Tau Omega represents a cohesive unit comprised by brothers of diverse backgrounds. With majors ranging from economics and computer science to design and theatre arts, the Taus represent the entire spectrum of academics. The brothers are equally diverse demogaphically with home ports ranging from Hawaii to New Jersey. This variety of backgrounds and of personalities helps to culturally educate each brother in such a way not possible in other living situations. Besides providing different perspectives to life ' s events Alpha Tau Omega insures each brother of a healthy social life. Our little sister program was highlighted by Little Sister Initiation, the Annual Tahoe Ski week extravaganza, and the mind wrecking Palm Springs Weekender. The ATOs entered a unique float in the homecoming parade and were accompanied by the beautiful Kappa Alpha Thetas. In spring, Mardi Gras was a success, both in dollars raised and in the celebrations with our co-workers, the incredible Alpha Delta Pi ' s. The social side of fraternity living was mixed with philanthropic events such as raising money for Unicamp and painting a home for runaways, the Option House. On campus involvement was stressed at the ATO house. Jim Cunneen was one of three undergraduate General Representatives. Lane Shepard held a gavel as one of the IFC ' s justices, while Tom Sestanovich filled the position of IFC Campus Relations Officer. Shepard, Rick Wandrocke, and Steve Krongold participated in Order of Omega, while Wandrocke and Ken Tomlinson were members of Blue Key. Mark Valentine was on the campus Financial Committee, dishing out portions of our ever-increasing registration fees. Wandrocke was also in the Pi Gamma Mu and Mortar Board honor societies. Henry Weiner and Phil Hayman landed major parts in several campus theatrical productions. Mike Riley was a disc jockey for the school radio station, KLA, and Bill Desser and Les Sarff both accompanied the Bruin football team to the Rose Bowl as members of the marching band. ATOs were also on many intercollegiate teams. Augie Johnson and J.D. Deming stroked for crew, Mark Flanigan and Sandy Isaac hustled on Lacrosse, Mark Kinnison and Steve Gulnac pounded down balls in volleyball, Pete Troedsson jousted in fencing and Desser was king pin in bowling. Brothers actively participated in clubs such as undergraduate business and law, ski, and sailing. ALPHA TAU OMEGA. 1.Dave Emanuel 2.Peter Isola 3.Bill Desser 4.Mike Filardo 5.Rick Chancellor 6.Thomas R. Sestanovich 7.Les Sarff 8.Tom Levee 9.Ed Quan 10.John Riordan 11.Doug Coffins 12.Jon Katz 13.Michael Hess 14.Joe Lange 15.Andrew Hadra 16.Craig Moyer 17.Mike Goldstein Koelln 19. Jamie Graupner 20.Dave Cannon 21.Roger Grant 22.Pat McAlister 23.Peter Troedsson 24.Mark Flanagan 25.Pat Constantini 26.Ben Clark 27.Jon Bayha 28.Mike Riley 29.J.D. Deming 30.Jeff Cunningham 31.Doug Lynberg 32.Bill Neff 33.Sandi Isaac 34.Ken Mauch 35.Mark Tamar 36.Dave Taylor 37.Paul McGhee 38.Lane Shepherd 39.Phil Hayman 40.Lee Ehrenkranz 41.J.B. Luzar 42.Steve Sims 43. Jeff Pollock 44.Randy Fontana 45.R.K. Nyman 46.Steve Krongold 47.David Payne 48.Scott Aal 49.Mark Valentine 50.Ray Bolanos 51.Rick Wandrocke 52.Mark Hsi 53.Danny Goldberg. 170 LIVING GROUPS ALPHA TAU OMEGA BΘΠ BETA THETA PI Since our November 12 reinstatement, Beta Theta Pi has returned to prominence in UCLA ' s Greek system. Our renewed rush program gave us over thirty new members and we are continuing to grow and prosper. Participation in Greek week, Mardi Gras, UCLA Blood Drive, Special Olympics, Cerebral Palsy, and other philanthropic events are only a few of our recent endeavors. With our new enthusiasm we are looking forward to similar successes in our future. Thanks to loyal support from alumni and our general fraternity, Beta has endured difficult times and is now reaping the benefits of many months of hard work and dedication toward our current flourishing status. BETA THETA Pl. 1.John Chu 2.Paul Hoffman 3.Jeff Dixon 4.Jay Pettit 5.Tom Bakkila 6.Mike Guingona 7.Tom Carmichael 8.Jim Frager 9.Duke Dulgarian 10.Rob Gray 11.Erik Halvorsen 12.Geoff Clark 13.Preston Raisin 14.Nick Kahrilas 15.Jim Bray 16.Scott Sweeney 17.David Klein Harrah 19.Matt Bryant 20.Jay Reisbaum 21.Bill Paschane 22.Devon Atlee 23.Erik Vigna 25.Dan Villgrreal 26.Peter Aronson 27.Brett Buffington 28.Germain Seri 29.Kevin Crawford 30.George O ' Gorman 31.Joel Tzinberg 32.Mike Perez 33.Bob Doukas 34.Jim Pool 35.John Cranston 36.Jim Friery 37.Mike Harrison 38.Juan Morales 39.Steve Noller 40.Lee Wieseneck 41.Dave Stewart 42.Dave Harding 43.Dan O ' Connell 44.Larry Dressler 45.Jeff Hunt. Not Pictured: Marc Belluomini, Marc De Saint Hippolyte, Marc Goodman, Bruce Lathrop, Reed Miller, Don Murphy, Bob Rose, Dan Sartori, Blair Stoddard, Ed Wright, Jeff Reeve. LIVING GROUPS 173 CHI OMEGA XΩ 174 LIVING GROUPS Chi Omega leads the row with number one achievements! The Chi-O house was the first sorority house at UCLA, built way back in 1926. As the number one sorority in the country, Chi Omega boasts the largest nationwide membership. The present 145 members of the Gamma Beta chapter are proud to carry on our long tradition of caring, sharing, and friendship. The ' roaring twenties ' was the theme for our fall party, held in November. We had a great time participating in Homecoming with Lambda Chi Alpha, and at exchanges with Zeta Beta Tau and Alpha Tau Omega. The Chi-O girls also took their Dads to the Stanford-UCLA game for Dads Day, and later in the month we kidnapped our pledges and took them to breakfast in their jammies! Special dinners were given at the Chi-O house to honor escorts and professors. Winter quarter held many exciting activities, including Greek Week fun with the Sigma Nus and our annual formal. It was study, study when the Chi-O ' s got together en masse at URL-before we were sent over for mid-term munchies. In the spring we had our annual mother daughter day and invited our fraternity big brothers over for dinner. Mardi Gras was a blast with Sigma Chi and Spring Sing was great with Alpha Tau Omega. The Chi Omegas enjoyed the 1982-83 year together! CHI OMEGA. 1.Lauri Friedman 2.Dalet Brady 3.Lisa Matkowski 4.Cammi Cohen 5.Doreen Lane 6.Clare Wolf 7.Joan Berend 8.Colleen O ' Rourke 9.Libby Scarano 10.Kim Sykes 11.Carli Sigerseth 12.Denise Worrall 13.Desiree Vierra 14.Danice Courtney 15.Melissa Kelley 16.Karen Gichtin 17.Nancy Gichtin 18.Kristin VanAtta 19.Lisa Leventhal 20.Patty Samaniego 21.Sally McDonald 22.Anita Juhola 23.Sherry Johnson 24.Jill Holwager 25.Karen Sencerbox 26.Lisa Clifford 27.Dana Rather 28.Michelle Reese 29.Karen Stephenson 30.Kim Stroh 31.Cheryl Clark 32.Kristin Fluegel 33.Shannon Boyd 34.Beth Dworakowski 35.Cindy Cannon 36.Sherrilyn Tycer 37.Lynn Lyneis 38.Kathlynn Johnson 39.Annette Gonzales 40.Sheryl Wilson 41.Pam Covin 42.Karen Simpson 43.Chris Baytosh 44.Beth Rowan 45.Susan Okun 46.Julie Johnson 47.Gerilyn Andrews 48.Yvette Murphy 49.Stacy Blaney 50.Lynn Loeb 51.Ann Kadenacy 52.Sue Brennan 53.Lilly Guiol 54.Maria Banks 55.Jenny Mowery 56.Kim Saltikov 57.Melissa Effron 58.Carol Curry 59.Cindy Tester 60.Kim Shansby 61.Marina Koukis 62.Kim Schroeder 63.Mary Tsai 64.Laura Whitescarver 65.Chris Haase 66.Jill Arthur 67.Debbie Bernstein 68.Suzanne Gersbach 69.Kim Wiskeman 70.Anne Schillinger 71.Grace Kujiraoka 72.Lisa Berry 73.Kristin Rains 74.Susan Sharpe 75.Katie Rocky 76.Monique Gilbert 77.Valerie Kincade 78.Janet Conser 79.Tiffany Schroeder 80.Dorothy Stefanki 81.Judi Fishman 82.Paula Shepanek 83.Valentina Kacani 84.Martina Furr 85.Melanie Turner 86.Sherry Twomey 87.Laurie Poston 88.Kathy Murnigan 89.Karen Perles 90.Amy Hamilton 91.Marjie Saban 92.Laurenne Crockette 93.Barbara Stordahl 94.Lynn Norman 95.Corrie Smith 96.Debbie Lam 97.Debbie Warner 98.Linda DeSota 99.Marisa Tranquilli 100.Katie Balestra 101.Becky Overstreet 102.Chrissie Miller 103.Betsy Stansell 104.Suzanne Askew 105.Kendall Baldwin 106.Lynn Hamilton 107.Susie Ostrander 108.Eveline Desbarats 109.Kathy Burke 110.Alexis Gleiter 111.Tracy Corbo 112.Song Cho 113.Leslie Solomon 114.Joanne Arden 115.Kim Crockette 116.Sandy Pasini 117.Lisa Haughey 118.Martha Potter 119.Tracy Levin. LIVING GROUPS 175 We interrupt this yearbook to bring you a special news bulletin...Delta Delta Delta sorority. Although Delta Delta Delta, at 862 Hilgard, sits on the Bottom of sorority row, their strength and enthusiasm places them at the top. Established in 1929, Tri Delta continues to increase in numbers and diversity. The objective of Rush ' 82 was " Catch the Stars ' ' --we did--58 of them. Over 180 girls strong, Tri Deltas involve themselves on campus as well as in their own sorority. Many girls hold responsible positions in organizations, such as Accounting Society, Campus Crusades, Bruin Belles, Campus Events and Daily Bruin. We also have two DJ ' s on KLA, and a member in the Comedy Club. Tri Delta also represents UCLA with our own cheerleader and Golden Girl. As if papers and midterms aren ' t enough, Delta Delta Delta accumulates a full and lively social calender throughout the year. Events such as our Ice Cream Brownie Social and Toga Party with Delta Tau Delta help raise money for our philanthropy, the Children ' s Hospital. Fall quarter the pledges burst into UCLA with undying energy! Raiding SX and SAE were among our ' shy ' girls first moves as well as snagging an exchange with the Betas. The actives responded in kind and showed them how to have fun and the Theta Xi exchange, and at our fall party " Somewhere in Time. ' ' Homecoming with Phi Psi was also fantastic, as expected. Winter quarter Greek Week proved to be the same. Donned in white visors (a handsome group) the UCLA-Stanford game, at 38-35, proved to be a great way to party with our Dads. Spring quarter proved to be as full, if not more so than fall and winter. Always strong in intramurals (taking the trophy three consecutive years) our football team was ready to go. Also, with numerous exchanges, Mardi Gras, Greek Week, Spring Sing (just to name a few) as the summer rolls around. We ' re tired but happy Delta ' s. DELTA DELTA DELTA. Hammond 2.Julie Isenman 3.Sharon Sterlin 4.Elise Owens 5.Becky Sornsen 6.Leslie Schneider 7.Ellen Boothby 8.Paula Dugan 9.Anne Crowley 10.Annette Rivezzo Casey Oberte 13.Paige Becker 14.Diane Bailey 15.Julie Anderson Wright 17.Kelly Muter 18.Linda Ryan 19.Alison Mashin 20.Debbie Clark 21.Denise Cosgrove 22.Anne-Marie Mihatov 23.Carol Ng 24.Dusty Davidson 25.Melissa Gaines 26.Kate Zovich 27.Karen Mora 28.Betsy Bergmak 29.Becky Taylor 30.Helen Stosel 31.Leslie Willaims 32.Marie Piersol 33.Martha Dolfie 34.Jacqui Logan 35.LeaAnne Stubbs 36.Dianne Drake 37.Amy Stathos 38.Jennifer Chard 39.Catherine Dodd 40.Pam Slate 41.Alyson Pearlman 42.Claudia Desmarais 43.Kathi Sweet 44.Lucia Coyoca 45.Nancy Phillips 46.Susan Yamada 47.Katie Fitzgerald 48.Susan Shelia 49.Courtney McNicholas 50.Holly Hennike 51.MaryLynn Small 52.Janice Karel 53.Karen Davidson 54.Connie Hering 55.Sheila Morris 56.Carol Liu 57.Thia Christensen 58.Sally Lieber 59.Diane Griffin 60.Lynne Butler 61.Diette Richmond 62.Danelle Cosgrove 63.Patty Lieske 64.Lisa Cesario 65.Michelle Moshay 66.Jennifer Verity 67.Lyn Leslie 68.Betsy Jarvis 69.Holly Crain 70.Cathy DuBridge 71.Kathy Henrickson 72.Quinn Owen 73.Jenny Edson 74.Laura Pender 75.Angela Lawrence 76.Stacey Seamon 77.Shelly Myers 78.Kelly Givas 79.Andrea Sloane 80.Shawna Chambers 81.Patti Sachs 82.Diane Haub 83.Loretta Falcone 84.Melinda McCullum 85.Renee Roski 86.Cori Libby 87.Nanette Salley 88.Kathy Barrick 89.Sarah Phllipson 90.Dana Black 92.Gail Slutzky 93.Elise Newman 94.Lori Stone 95.Heather George 96.Susie Stein 97.Karen Pederson 98.Susan Adams 99.Shelby Deaderick 100.Tricia Vierra 101.Mary Zovich 102.Clarissa Coyoca 103.Shannon Rodriguez 104.Cindy Benneyan 105.Mary Easley 106.Corrina Seiby 107.Ann Riley 108.Lisa Walsh 109.Candy Bowers 110.Shelly Myers 111.Judy Apodaca 112.Mary Anderson 113.Lisa Daigle 114.Anneke Nelson 115.Jill McWilliams 116.Diane Duprey 117.Chris Nixon 118. Tracey Ludwick 119.Sara Duran 120.Mary Chiapuzio 121 .Melinda Williams 122.Sara Penn 123.Clare Murray 124.Debbie Geller 125.Karen Holloway 126.Valerie Lee 127.Linda Cellar 128.Margaret Rosato 129.Carrie Dolce 130.Nieves Millar. 176 LIVING GROUPS ΔΔΔ DELTA DELTA DELTA Delta Gamma was founded over one hundred years ago in Oxford, Mississippi. Today, it is recognized as one of the nation ' s top sororities and represents friendship, scholarship and community service for young women all over the country. With spring quarter came Mardi Gras and Delta Gamma worked with Phi Psi to produce the House of Horrors, one of the most successsful booths at the carnival. Other activities included a professor dinner, Mom ' s Day, the annual Palm Springs weekender and the traditional Luau. " Anchor Man, " Chris Schaefer of Sigma Chi and a crew of four were elected at last year ' s Luau to serve as DG ' s favorite big brothers. Delta Gamma is the major supporter of Blind Children ' s Center in Los Angeles--the most outstanding facility of its kind on the west coast. Fundraisers for the year included the popular " Anchor Splash, " a swimmi ng competition between campus fraternities and various other teams. Another event, the Delta Gamma jogathon, raised over $4,000 for the blind! DELTA GAMMA. 1.Jane Byrnes 2.Shelley Oveson 3.Diane Sherman 4.Nancy Cutting 5.Melinda Graves 6.Lisa Massey 7.Kathy Duffy 8.Jody Faust 9.Jenny Kann 10.Valerie Jelinek 11.Becky Kubin 12.Julia Davis 13.Lisa DeBella 14.Shelly Williams 15.Melinda Hartle 16.Danai Katsufrakis 17.Malory Greene 18.Kristen Hansen 19.Connie Johnston 20.Susan Bauer 21.Lynda Hewitt 22.Debbie Soloman 23.Carolyn Binsacca 24.Trudi Leonhart 25.Susie Berkenbile 26.Heather Robertson 27.Julie Davis 28.Susan Gile 29.Diane Pratt 30.Stephanie King 31.Holly Tennyson 32.Stacy Weinberg 33.Jill Brock 34.Sandra Radlobvic 35.Lisa Minter 36.Simone Sabbagh 37.Leslie Roepke 38.Mina Charn 39.Diane Papan 40.Julie Lozano 41.Anne Lord 42.Cheryl Becker 43.Linda Hanna 44.Roni Calagagan 45.Sheila Krigel 46.Susan Hickey 47.Shari Bredendick 48.Heather Janis 49.Kristen Kiefer 50.Ava Verdes 51.Erin Patton 52.Lisa Young 53.Janet Koewler 54.Cathy Scott 55.Tia Dott 56.Christine Coffey 57.Stacy Howiler 58.Cindy Kerby 59.Kathleen Cowderoy 60.Cindy Choisser 61.Maria Wollschlaeger 62.Kay Sweeney 63.Kari Markussen 64.Katie McGaughey 65.Stacy Watson 66.Tonie Escobedo 67.Andrea Gesas 68.Cindy Waggoner 69.Andrea Fein 70.Deena Laufer 71.Sheila Lord 72.Kathleen Kearney 73.Kathy Lyons 74.Tenney Fox 75.Mary Lockington 76.Susan Incledon 77.Mindy Morrison 78.Shawn Lund 79.Diane Brodie 80.Carol Joslin 81.Heidi Amacher 82.Angela Muller 83.Christa Henricks 84.Maria Smith 85.Lisa Kitchen 86.Kari Grant 87.Debbie Haynes 88.Marla Fischer 89.Kathleen Gallagher 90.Peggy Grimes 91.Susie Fleming 92.Michelle Spencer 93.Nancy Cho 94.Thais Bailey 95.Sonya Goumas 96.Lisa Jiu 97.Beth Shelton 98.Debbie Kaloper 99.Pam Fenton 100.Nina Segbarth 101.Lory Towle 102.Felicia Arnold 103.Holly Janis 104.Linda Ropel 105.Bethanne Fife 106.Nancy Moe 107.Jackie Dale 108.Lisa Brown 109.Julie Johnson 110.Teri Anderson 111.Cathering Menard 112.Laura Rowan. Not Pictured: Jenny Ashworth, Marlene Atkinson, Sandra Bakke, Kim Bedell, Sheryl Bednar, Jini Bernstien, Pam Bile, Mindy Cowan, Maria Crosetti, Becky Dean, Diane Dodrill, Darrelyn Dormer, Julie Doud, Julie Downes, Laurie Farwell, Bridget Flynn, Karen Gilsleider, Kelly Gilmore, Leslie Grayson, Karen Gurley, Sandy Harper, Donna Hogle, Heidi Hohener, Brenda Holden, Kelly Jones, Kerry Kearn, Sharon Koffler, Kim Kovacs, Robyn Larson, Dayna Lowry, Peggy Lech, Janet Lenk, Stacie Levitz, Barbie Lowe, Kit Marchel, Michelle Marchetti, Christian Martin, Karen Mendez, Mitzi Merino, Sharon Muldoon, Patrice Murray, Carrie O ' Keefe, Kathryn Peirano, Nancy Porter, Debbie Roberts, Pam Scott, Sharon Seleine, Diane Sherman, Amy Spring, Linda Stanten, Elena Stiteler, Denise Surina, Joan Williams. 178 LIVING GROUPS ΔГ DELTA GAMMA ΔΣΦ DELTA SIGMA PHI Where else can you eat steak, prime rib and lobster, live in fully air-conditioned rooms, and socialize with the best-looking girls on the UCLA campus? Delta Sigma Phi has long been referred to as the trend-setter of fraternity row. Our brothers enjoy the best of living and study conditions as they experience the true benefits of a top-notch fraternity. There are absolutely no faults with this fine organization. Academically, Delta Sigma Phi excels mainly, through intrinsic intelligence. Our brothers consistently graduate with top honors in each of their respective majors. Last year, 15 brothers were named to Phi Beta Kappa. So, it is no small wonder that our house GPA is upwards of 3.9. Yet, a Delt Sig will never be seen in a library-- we don ' t need them. We have extensive test and note files, and also numerous " close " connections with secretaries in every department, so even Chem or Math 31A can be a breeze . Our social program is spectacular. Each fall, thousands of beautiful UCLA coeds, 90% blonde, flock to Delta Sigma Phi in literal droves to become members of the finest little sister program in existence. Numerous raids and exchanges also fill up our social program. And, Delt Sigs consistently place first in Homecoming, Greek Week, and Spring Sing. Delta Sigma Phi does not participate in Mardi Gras because it coincides with our cook ' s nephew ' s birthday. We at Delta Sigma Phi also know that there are many people who are not as fortunate as us, so we participate in many philanthropies for the underprivileged. For example, we volunteer our services for the Special Olympics, we assist the March of Dimes in the fight against birth defects, and we donate money each year so that other UCLA students can be counselors at UNICAMP. Delta Sigma Phi also has some of the most famous alumni in the world. In fact, our alumni are so famous and prestigious that we couldn ' t do justice and list them all here. Delta Sigma Phi is also a very athletically oriented fraternity. We consistently win first place in every IM sport-- without even trying. Delta Sigs love competition, but somehow we are just never challenged by the teams we face. DELTA SIGMA PHI. 1.Tim Rosebrough 2.Dave Anderson 3.Bill Walthal 4.Greg Kerrebrock 5.Scott Land 6.Jeff Truitt 8.Brian Altovnian 9.Ed Solley 10.Steve Wolfson 11.Alex Jampel 12.Larry Compton 13.Tony Schmidt 14.Dale Haithcock 15.Rob Haney 16.Bob Stropky 17.Mark Kawanami 18.Scott Kuby 20.Dan Dougherty 21.Steve Hong 22.John Dekalaita 23.Steve Elliot 24.Kevin Palm 25.Jeff Katofsky 26.Jay Rosenthal 27.Jerry Ernst 28.Phil Elhai 29.Tim Ross 30.Jerry Ferrara 31.Dave Miles 32.Scott Lorenz 33.Eric Frerer 34.George Sarantinos 35.Vince Mendillo 36.Larry Taylor 37.Joe Ng 38.Jim Goydos 39.Stuart Hoshide 40.Joe Costa 41.Matt Gross 42.Bill Amsbary 43.Dave Ohman 44.Christopher Zyda 45.Bob Randall 46.Ben Hunter 47.Carlton Masi. LIVING GROUPS 181 ΔTΔ DELTA TAU DELTA 182 LIVING GROUPS The brothers of Delta Tau Delta highly recommend: Toga! Toga! Toga!...chicken basketball...bad manners...Fluid Drive...Swedes...sector E...graveyard...clean jacuzzi...edible and more beer...Hussong ' s...Corona beer... " Pull over! " " Never mind. " ...beach ...winter rush...Heather Locklear...Vespa...coitus 15...t.v. party... " Go off! " ...Josie Cotton - " Phone home! " racos...cloves...4-leaf clover...tattoos...Velvet Jones... " Kicked in the butt by love " ...totally ' s Tremendous Tuesday... " Shower! " bills...$200 fine...Excalibur... " Piss-off! " ...the Cruiser and the valleys... " Nuke the gay whales. " ...homophobia...La bozos...varsity Tripp...The English Beat...white tie and tails...Bluto...The Twilight Zone...Dan ' s portfolio...the Poor Man...Krieger ' s brother...Mr. and Mrs. Whiner... " Eat, bite... " ...the pinning...piece of the rock...chorizo...chile... " ching-ching " ...quarters. ..AKA...2.0... " Welcome to Extension. " ...Rastafarians ...reg. card...McGinty ' s...bag women...The Village...the Rose Bowl...The Hose Boat...he-she... " Wow! " ...hard-bodies... " Candy, little girl?? " ...1943... " Does she hose? " ...Ho ' s door... " Wipe it off! " ...eighty-six... " Locals only! " ...Delt omelettes... " Who wants to be a chicken? " ...The Question... 1...chew...mung... " Look at you! " ...Skoal...atomize... " Stella! " ...big red wheel...$5,000 debt...all-nighters... " I was born in the woods, " ...scam... " Bend over, I ' ll drive! " ...kamikaze...beware of the train... " Dap! " ... " Boom, m.f. " ...cruel but fair...Mod...tired of writing...etc.. Good luck to all, The Delts. DELTA TAU DELTA. 1.Barry Beckett 2.Jon " Badfinger " Lee 3.Brian " The Dog " Nelson 4.Kevin " Zippy " Venable 5.Peter " Zoom " Chase 6.Mike " Moik " Simon 7.Doug Dalton 8.Phil " Phildo " Blankenship 9.Jim " The Mod " Wedaa 10.Richard Bachet 11.Rob " 3 ' s Company " Johnson 12.Romeo " Void " Baldeviso 13.Paul " Suicide " Rodriguez 14.Mark Johnson 15.David " Piss Off! " Lira 16.Daniel " Stargazer " Larkin 17.Cliff " Stiff " Gelman 18.Greg " Augie " Michael 19.Seth " Alan " Siegel 20.William " Stu " Schneider 21.Harry " Huck " Yim 22.Scott " Soupy " McCauley 23.Jeff " Zatman " Zatlin 24.Chris " Jake the Snake " Schoen 25.Lloyd " Pink " Linder 26.Ho " Ho-Dad " Yun 27.Mark " McD " McDermott 28.Kristian " Kegger " K rieger 29.David " Alfalfa " Marquez 30.David " Raging Bull " Gerardi 31.Fouad " Precious " LoGreco 32.Grant " Vally " Pew 33.James " The Head " Alderete 34.Timothy " Buffy " Metzinger. LIVING GROUPS 183 The past year was one of innovation for Gamma Phi Beta; it has been a year to expand, explore and come closer to reaching goals. Every girl ' s combined effort of contributing to the sorority and campus has been the prime focus. Around campus Gamma Phi ' s can be found in numerous activities and projects. Intramural sports were the place to be; the spotlight this year was on our undefeated championship football team accented by volleyball, softball, running, badminton, and tennis participation. Debate Team, Model United Nations, KLA, Homecoming Committee, Daily Bruin, Panhellenic Executive Board, ASUCLA, and Greek Week Comimittee were swarming with GPB ' s. Some special Gamma Phis could be seen weekly leading our teams to victory. As a whole the house ' s social; calendar was busy with activities; highlights include " Fantasize With The Gamma Phis, " the Crescent Ball, Champagne Raids, Beach Bum Burt ' s exchange, Mardi Gras, beach party, pinnings, and " A Year To Remember. ' ' Our newest endeavor was the Big Brother Program started this fall that blossomed into a success, destined to be an ongoing tradition. On a more serious side, the less priveleged have not been forgotten. Contributions to Oxfam have been stressed this year in addition to support going to the international Gamma Phi Beta camp in Canada. Individuals also choose to volunteer on and off campus; even pledges got into the picture with a Halloween visit to a convalescent home. In a nutshell, the year was one of success. It meant growth, understanding, and togetherness. For Gamma Phi Beta it was living up to a name and an ideal--it was truly being Top of the Row. GAMMA PHI BETA. 1.Yvonne Kwa 2.Anita Lande 3.Pam Baker 4.Jill Holley 5.Lisa Green 6.Hilary Johnson 7.Vicki Steiman 8.Leslie Hanna 9.Linda McDonald 10.Carrie Young 11.Heatherun Whipple 12.Patti Thoman 13.Leslie Taylor 14.Lisa Kell 15.Suzanne Garrison 16.Susan Lintz Mattice 18.Shari Lee 19.Kristen Rood 20.Rosita Haga 21.Rusan Cheleden 22.Jami Rucker 23.Suzy Smith 24.Lori Dryden 25.Alison Russell 26.Brenda Stainfield 27.Tracey Musgrove 29.JoAnn Magno 30.Julie Brown 31.Maria Dion 32.Tracy Sandler 33.Michelle Winhall 34.Laura Lemmo 35.Deborah Aylott 36.Marta Carrington 37.Carrie Bealey 38.Carolyn Lee 39.Adrienne Englis 40.Julie Simpson 41.Karen Jones 42.Lori Hines 43.Linda Newmark 44.Jenny Rager 45.Lisa Kruttschnitt 46.Lesley Lloyd 47.Judi Horwitz 48.Christine Silk 49.Laurie Markson 50.Carrie Wise 51.Nancy Mayer 52.Courtney Covert 53.Stacy Serber 54.Stacey Michaels 55.Pam Cuendet 56.Teresa Nebelon 57.Kathleen McLaughlin 58.Athena Scourkes 59.Debra Nelson 60.Naomi Nakagama 61.Beth McDonell 62.Barbara Vento 63.Kathy Sheets 64.Carye Campbell 66.Dori Robinson 67.Daina Fernandez 68.Becky Lynch 69.Heidi Penner 70.Kelley Murphy 71.Vera Sapp 72.Erika Schlarmann 73.Ann Shepird 74.Sue McBride 75.Lee Tyler 76.Cheryl Becker 77.Melissa Lent 78.Chris Flores 79.Brenda Borst 80.Patty Rosenwald 81.Margie Dicks 82.Sandra Gehrt 83.Cathy Clardy 84.Elaine Zubko 85.Regina Wright 86.Whitney Mathews 87.Lori Farber 88.Rhonda Gowdy 89.Lynne Robinson 90.Kristen Straehley 91.Kathi Moreen 92.Suzy Wasserman 93. Audrey Kleister. 184 LIVING GROUPS ΓΦB GAMMA PHI BETA Founded on January 27, 1870, in what is now De Pauw University, Kappa Alpha Theta has a long and proud history as the first greek letter fraternity for women. Our own Beta Xi chapter of Theta began when UCLA moved from the Vermont location downtown to Westwood in 1925. Besides the traditional events and activities like homecoming, exchanges, parties, scholarship and professor nights, internships, and Mardi Gras, Thetas are also involved in philanthropic endeavors. We sponsor and support a little girl from Thailand, raise money for national charity of Logapedics (problems of speech and hearing, located in Kansas), and offer classes in CPR for the house. Presently at just over 200 members we are the largest house at UCLA, which lends itself to a unique and diverse membership. Thetas can be found in various organizations and honors both on campus and in the community: e.g. Josephine Bruin mascot, Spirit Squad, Homecomimg Queen and Court, Sigma Chi Sweetheart, Mortar Board, UCLA soccer team, Phi Beta Kappa National Honor Society, and Order of Omega just to name a few. But most importantly our diversity is culminated in our love and respect of each other as we unite our house into a home of lifelong friendships, with our housemother Mrs. Long providing us the example. KAPPA ALPHA THETA. 1.Drea Dedona 2.Shari Mulrooney 3.Nancy Potter 4.Kim Singer 5.Lisa Orgolini 6.Kelly Lee 7.Rosanna Loccisane 8.Laura Mahone 9.Barbara Tarvin 10.Heather Dobbs 11.Molly Middleton Johnson 13.Lisa Bailon 14.Chelane Schuler 15.Kathy Miller 16.Lori Gunderson 17.Sue Yolland 18.Kristen Collen 19.Susan Convirs 20.Victoria Irwin 21.Kelly Kostlan 22.Kerry Kostlan 23.Carol George 24.Patty Pearson 25.Kathy Cranston 26.Betsy Beattie 27.Annie Kimsell 28.Kathy Hays 29.Rhody Davis 30.Daniella DaDonna 31.Linda Wolf 32.Theresa DeCastro 33.Gina Rugolo 34.Beht Harrison 35.Paula Ferrigno 36.Mary Dougherty 37.Kathy McLaughlin 38.Karen Wallace 39.Cathy Barber 40.Gina Salerno 41.Kristi Bergland 42.Melissa Wicknan 43.Karen Ellerson 44.Shirley Convirs 45.Kelly Cannell 46.Patty Robinson 47.Kathy Francis 48.Mindy Miller 49.Krisann Pulos 50.Laura Curtiss 51.Shannon Redfoot 52.Romi Straussman 53.Kendall Koontz 54.Jenny Manriquez 55.Deena Estenson 56.Juli Taormina 57.Susan Spira 58.Melanie Kagan 59.Nancy Derwin 60.Jennifer Hervi 61.Cathy Sasson 62.Keely Enright 63.Julie Calton 64.Laura Short 65.Susan Stefani 66.Cindy White 67.Denise Blanda 68.Susan Balland 69.Kathleen McCaffrey 70.Leanne Kuhn 71.Sheri Cobb 72.Madeline Crabb 73.Jennifer Looper 74.Laura Wilson 75.Anne Schillinger 76.Allyson O ' Hare 77.Bridget Gleason 78.Lynne Ritchie 79.Nancy Leiman 80.Liz Knowlton 81.Lisa Horn 82.Mary Foster 83.Jill Peasley 84.Julie Badroun 85.Sally Convirs 86.Kristen Gunn 87.Susanne Peterson 88.Katie Lamson 89.Judy Johnson 90.Elizabeth Byrne 91.Paula Baker 92.Hillary Sellinger 93.Karen Marmion 94.Jana Goldsworthy 95.Kathy Lovin 96.Caradawn Anderson 97.Debbie Quigley 98.Vicki White 99.Erika Bunner 100.Kathy Hannon 101.Stephanie Peterson 102.Kristi Kafazopoulous 103.Gerit Mulholland 104.Karen Wood 105.Betsy Capifoni 106.Lynn Andres 107.Valencia Giacco 108.C.C.Porter 109.Elise Renwick Renda 111.Elizabeth Milner 112.Chris Tompkins 113.Joan Vail 114..Janie Bryant 115.Lauren Enrenfeld 116.Tori McJenken 117.Maria Reid 118.Tracy Decker 119.Susan Dreyfuss 120.Allyson Pizzo 121.Kelly Halligan 122.Martyne Radjic 123.Leslie Schwarz 124.Julie Young 125.Sue Condon 126.Cheryl Gabbard 127.Kim Goldstn 128.Kelly Groves 129.Celia Coulter 130.Leslie Krusoff 131.Sandy Gustafson 132.Holly Gould Worrell 134.Maria Newkirk 135.Darcy Lee 136.Susan Kuhn Boyd 138.Jody Israekhy 139.Terry Hirotsu 140.Lynne Levin 141.Swati Adarkar 142.Kati Kessler 143.Housemother--Mrs. Long Eisner 145.Elizabeth Barondes 146.Carolyn.Ignacio 147.Krissy Simbro 148.Robina Luther 149.Kristen Rights 150.Tracy Breuner 151.Gail Harrison 152.Gena Huddox 153.Elizabeth O ' Hare 154.Alli Acker Wilke 156.Leigh Baker 157.Mary McMullen 158.Robin Buxton 159.Lori Schindel 160.Joan Gilbert 161.Kari Bjorkland 162.Tami Tsuji Waters 164.Krissy Norby 165.Donna Riley 166.Lisa Thurston Long. 186 LIVING GROUPS KAΘ KAPPA ALPHA THETA KAPPA DELTA KΔ With over 150 active members, Kappa Delta has not lost the intimacy that is associated with smaller numbers. We carefully and successfully maintain that bond of sisterhood which is meant to be experienced by each one of us, for each one of us. Something that we refuse to forfeit, despite our collective size, is our personal individuality. Our unity is not based on conformity; rather, it is forged through helping one another grow, while at the same time allowing each other to retain their own identity. Kappa Delta can boast of an outstanding record of achievements and leadership capabilities that our members display outside of the sorority and on campus as well. KD ' s were found this year holding directorship positions in Homecoming, Greek Week and Spring Sing; directing Student Government programs including Campus Events concerts and Project Mac; holding elected positions in the Panhellenic Council; serving as Unicamp counselors and participating in the administration of Unicamp programs There is a richness found in our sisterhood, shared love, and diversity that we feel is unique to the members of Kappa Delta, and with each others encouragement we help one another, as sisters, to grow in directions that will best enrich our own lives and interests. KAPPA DELTA. 1.Anna Forssen 2.Ann-Marie Liggett 3.Lori Rand 4.Tina Lund 5.Janet Griest 6.Patti Lavenson 7.Karen King 8.Sandre Bohay 9.Michelle Dynowshi 10.Dana Theos 11.Lori Pegg 12.Lynn Tavarozzi 13.Lynn Felty 14.Kris Long 15.Erin Baker 16.Jayme Fryer 17.Collette Pankopf 18.Michelle Melone 19.Kate Thornley 20.Patti Lindewall 21.Jenny Carr 22.Donna Nieson 23.Cheryl Borden 24.Lori Hamilton 25.Karen McNeil 26.Shelli Stockton 27.Tracy Borucki 28.Linda Murphy 29.Tracy Kiuchi 30.Jil Hatamiya 31.Jacque Bourland 32.Cindy Ross 33.Lauri James 34.Pam Marton 35.Michelle Mendenhall 36.Roxana Smith 37.Rachael Winston 38.Victoria Rollins 39.Natalie Blatchford 40.Caren Lieberman 41.Linda Placak 42.Lynne Weil 43.Cindy Call 44.Susan Bell 45.Jennifer Bell 46.Lynn Bailey 47.Lisa Caran 48.Stacy Bauman 49.Karin Abend 50.Karen Abbey 51.Jamie Chusid 52.Kathy Winfrey 53.Laura Bajuk 54.Kelly Winterrowd 55.Mackey Matthews 56.Joanne Smith 57.Janet Gorman 58.Pellie Jones 59.Wendy Phillips 60.Jackie Gambino 61.Karen Hallerman 62.Odette DeLusignan 63.Beth Rustigan 64.Sue Lewis 65.Indra Turn 66.Aneta Bates 67.Becky Takeda 68.Teresa Smith 69.Kelly Kelso 70.Mary Kay Hafeman 71.Barbara Perez 72.Kathy Otis 73.Anne Hutchinson 74.Lee Nicholson 75.Carolyn Corley 76.Christie Willich 77.Charlaine Landis 78.Lori Grospitz 79.Sheryl Ingber 81.Shawn Allen 82.Kerri McKinnis 83.Sandra Watson 84.Patrice D ' Amico 85.Stephanie Meyer 86.Kathy Kimball 87.Kathe Rea 88.Teri Longarini 89.Mary Alexander 90.Megan Ring 91.Carol Witter 92.Brenda Palo 93.Wendy Anders 94.Robin Kirchoff 95.Amy Pucker 96.Dana Ashburn 97.Robin Sturmthal 98.Judy Roehrich 99.Misti Dawson 100.Susan Berman 101.Jill Broderick 102.Wendy Rischar 103.Lorena Coward 104.Jolene Welch 105.Leanne Ritchie 106.Petrea Lindegren 107.Leslie Hendricks 108.Molly Martinsen 109.Carolyn Peltin Conley 111.Meryl Manson 112.Lana Frick 113.Nancie Portor Pellizon 115.Beth Cole 116.Kim Carlton 117.Rachele Nyssen 118.Sandra Tubbs 119.Teresa Wolf 120.Audrey Lee 121.Christa Franklin 122.Giorgi Duvall 123.Jeni Walker 124.Katie Kimball 125.Jacquie Goldstein 126.Jackie Broussarrd 127.Debbie Attwood. LIVING GROUPS 189 KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA KKΓ 190 LIVING GROUPS Bang! Kappa Kappa Gamma was off to a great start with sixty-eight new pledges. In October the girls were able to express their enthusiasm by part icipating in Homecoming with Theta Xi Fraternity. Our float ' s theme " Life ' s a Bear When You Can ' t Phone Home, " took the top two awards. Two by two we boarded the Catalina Cruiser for the UCLA basketball team. The Rose Bowl influenced our winter party theme, " Wide World of Sports. " Our sorority doubled up with Kappa Alpha Theta sorority for Greek Week. Celebrating the end of our winter quarter, Kappa ' s and dates attended a semi-formal cocktail party. Spring quarter was kicked off in elegance and style with the Spring Formal. For the second year in a row, Kappa Kappa Gamma and Lambda Chi Alpha teamed up to build the two story ' Fun House ' for Mardi Gras. This ended our year full of spirit, togetherness, and memorable moments. KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA. 1.Sue Schneider 2.Kimber Pennington 3.Jill Cook 4.Michele Nelson 5.Jill Britten 6.Erica Bucher 7.Shelley Brown 8.Leslie MacDiarmid 9.Patty Demerest 10.Joy Williams 11.Shannon Toomey 12.Tammey Woolfe 13.Jennifer Coppo 14.Mindy Rubin 15.Melissa Buckelew 16.Colleen Hurty 17.Mariska Hargitay 18.Paula McElligott 19.Babette Penny 20.Laura Roberts 21.Lisa Wang 22.Jane Haskell 23.Ce leste Phanuet 24.Sara Johnson 25.Linda Glick 26.Marijo Bos 27.Martha Delamadrid 28.Leslie Crockett 29.April Johnson 30.Debbie Wylie 31.Susie Bearen 32.Becky Fenger 33.Fran Smith 34.Casey McCarthy 35.Sue Perry 36.Cathie Voigt 37.Mimi Krogius 38.Poly Whipple 39.Christi Anderson 40.Becky Krogius 41.Carolyn Clark 42.Sera Sanderson 43.Leslie Newby 44.Eve Szurley 45.Susan Terry 46.Lucy Hooton 47.Kit Moulton 48.Robin Brigham 49.Hilarie Roope 50.Beth Kenny 51.Beth Richardson 52.Susie Spiekerman 53.Mary Givens 54.Diana Grippo 55.Kathy McCrills 56.Donna Sieminski 57.Vicki Shipkowitz 58.Nancy Bierschenk 59.Gloria Cardenas 60.Mary Wakefield 61.Mary Hildeburn 62.Kerrie Stannard 63.Elizabeth Hoover 64.Pam Perry 65.Kelly Neece 66.Jo Brickner 67.Susan Choisser 68.Brenda Griffin 69.Gretchen Boom 70.Lisa Karamanos 71.Lisa Doan 72.Molly Nobin 73.Ann Wiley 74.Lisa Alderman 75.Lisa Epsen 76.Julia Harrell 77.Vivienne Vella 78.Missy Wells 79.Tina Britt 80.Cathy Davison 81.Cathy Sedgwick 82.Lisa Mangiameli 83.Pam Kelly 84.Kathy Doll 85.Adele Jacob 86.Colleen Mooney 87.Michele Katz 88.Lianne Hanson 89.Meg Johnson 90.Julie Milian 91.Joni D ' Amato 92.Becky Conroy 93.Beth Karlsberg 94.Laura Kim 95.Pam Zettas 96.Cindy Garcia 97.Carrie Crandall 98.Jamie Friedman 99.Jill Wakeman 100.Caroline Dunn 101.Heidi Durant 102.Stephanie Young 103.Stacey White 104.Susan Martyn 105.Lori Hyman 106.Jan Franklin 107.Kathy Constantine 108.Denise Turner 109.Marion Cardenas 110.Annie Peterson 111.Katie Hummer 112.Tammey Taylor 113.Cheri Dickerson 114.Nancy MacDonald 115.Sally Schoellkopf 116.Clare O ' Donnell 117.Janie Sinclair 118.Kathy Farrow 119.Nancy LeValley 120.Laura Falk 121.Heidi Stockwell 122.Lisa Stock 123.Mary Senske 124.Tracy Ryder 125.Mary Anderson. LIVING GROUPS 191 Up here at 11024 Strathmore, the Kappa Sigs had a great year. We continued a tradition of excellence and perseverence which stretches back to 1926. Our tradition was evident in everything we did. Athletically we mauled our opponents in football, played well in volleyball and climaxed at our Pledge Active Football Game. In fact, it took our infamous soccer calendar to calm us down. Put plainly, we doubled our little sister program, staged the " Festival of " and enjoyed the luxury of the Bonaventure Hotel at our Sweet Heart Invitational Fall Date Party. Throughout the winter the K Sigs kept up the spirit. The highlight of the quarter was easily the six-way exchange featuring the surf sounds of The Ventures. On a more formal note, we looked fine at the Star and Crescent Ball. Rolling into Spring, we " Rocked the Casbah " with the revival of the Arabian Nights Invitational. Athletics didn ' t stop either with individual champions in track and field and an equally strong showing in water polo. Overall for the year Kappa Sigma boasted members on UCLA Crew, track, rugby, baseball and swimming teams. The Daily Bruin carries articles by K Sigs. Even Student Government and ASUCLA ran with our members! Alumni this year move on to such schools as Harvard Law, Darthmouth LaW and UCLA Medical Schools. And all this was accomplished without a single brother being convicted of a felony. As Kappa Sig Alumnus John Elichman once said, " We are above the Law. " KAPPA SIGMA. 1.Ker Gibbs 2.David Goodwin 3.Jeff Romeo 4.Mike Grim 5.Mike Shkolnik 6.Barnaby Barry 7.Rob Bigelow 8.Perry Jones 9.Alex Acimouic 10.Steve Stattery 11.Roan H. Blacker 12.Thom Jones 13.Dan Weingart 14.Vic Marfori 15.Mike Molinaro 16.Ric Caunan 17.Ted Ramirez 18.Todd Garabedian 19.Rick Andrade, Not Pictured: Paul Lewis, Joe Marren, Samtani, Mark Shaler, Paul Thatcher. Brendan Durrett, Brian Kelly. KAPPA SIGMA KΣ 192 LIVING GROUPS 1982-83 heralded another banner year for the brothers of Lambda Chi Alpha. The social scene was incredibly hectic and included a " Reggae-Mod-Ska " exchange with the Pi Phis, the third annual Little Sister " Crescent Classic ' Golf ' Tournament, " and an incomparable " Crime and Punishment " bash. During Homecoming our " Life ' s a Bear " float and post celebration with the Chi Omegas proved conclusively that " Life ' s a Beer, " and was highlighted by the selection of brother David Neuman as UCLA ' s Homecoming King. Winter Quarter ushered in the elegant Crescent Ball at the Hotel del Coronado, and honored the 1983 Crescent Queen, Linda Glick. Greek Week was again a rousing success with the Delta Gamma House as we earned another spectacular victory in the Greek Olympics and captured top honors as " Best Screenplay " for our filmed version of " Terror Strikes Fraternity Row. " The annual Dee Gee " 100 Club " madness provided a fitting way to celebrate. Saving the very best for last was the hallmark of Spring Quarter. Our award-winning " Fun House " at Mardi Gras proved once again to be the most popular booth on the field, raising more than $15,000 for UniCamp in collaboration with the ladies of the Kappa Kappa Gamma House for the second consecutive year. The third annual " Playboy Classic " at Flannigan ' s in the Marina sent everyone scrambling for a coveted invitation to this perennial favorite benefit bash for UniCamp. Continuing a proud heritage of campus leadership, the Lambda Chis were again prominent in all areas of campus life including Rhodes Scholar finalist, ASUCLA Board of Control member, and " Outstanding Senior " winner David Neuman, USAC Campus Events Commissioner Daniel Godwin, Spring Sing Executive Chairman and UniCamp Board member Steven Sann, and Blue Key President John Gebhardt. The 120 members of the House flourished under the leadership of president Stephen Aylward, and beloved cooks Florida Taylor and John Ward were welcomed back for their incredible 17th year! 1983 was indeed a very good year; it embodied the good old times, the grand old times, the great old times, and demonstrated once again why Lambda Chi Alpha continues to stand in the forefront of fraternities at UCLA. LAMBDA CHI ALPHA. 1.Robert Katnik 2.Thomas Goll 3.Kevin Cassidy 4.Michael Pappas 5.Stephen Pisarik 6.Keith Michael 7.Stephen Iversen 8.Lee Goldberg 9.Robert Mekjian 10.Mark Gordon 11.Bryan Troxler Gordon 13.David Mastan 14.Christopher Dyrek 15.Nicholas Frederick 16.James Neiger III 17.Pierre Steele 18.Christopher Connolly 19.Eron Martin 20.Thomas Toohey 21.Dane Farnum 22.Royce Scharf 23.Jonathan Congdon 24.Willard Reese 25.Leo Roos, Jr. 26.Mois Navon 27.Dorian Khouri 28.Thomas Marshall 29.Bruce Schuman 30.Christopher Dhaliwal 32.Steven Sann 33.John Cellar 34.Sean Maher 35.Thomas Knauer 36.Ross Berry 37.Sean O ' Brien 38.Steven Klein 39.Michael Lejeune 40.Charles Silvia, Jr. 41.David Neuman 42.Daniel Isenberg 43.Robert Iversen 44.David Hahn 45.Scott Chalmers 46.Kevin Abbott 47.Brett Grimes 48.Lawrence Cane 49.Frank Lentz III 50.Steven Hanle 51.Drew Dusebout 52.Allan Heck 53.Reuben Franco 54.Keith Klein 55.Stephen Aylward 56.Eric Spitz 57.Donald Beck 58.John Mayer IV 59.William Cudmore, Jr. 60.Daniel Hatch 61.Timothy MacDonald 62.Mark Weisbrod. 194 LIVING GROUPS ΛXA LAMBDA CHI ALPHA ΦΔΘ PHI DELTA THETA 196 LIVING GROUPS Becoming a member of a fraternity can be one of the most enjoyable experiences of a young man ' s life. In fraternities; fun, friendship, and mutual growth combine with the security and identity of membership to produce a very enjoyable and productive college environment. Our fraternity is your opportunity to experiment in leadership, competition, working together and service - to take measure of yourself and your peers. It is an arena for thought and emotions where students serve, in four years, an apprenticeship to life. Though there are many good fraternities here at UCLA, all of us have been attracted to the smallness and uniqueness of Phi Delta Theta. Phi Delta Theta is acknowledged to be one of the biggest brotherhoods of any fraternity in the national college system. Founded in 1848 around the three cardinal principles of friendship, sound learning, and moral rectitude, Phi Delta Theta has become the third largest international fraternity, with nearly 150 chapters and over 140,000 initiates. Phi Delta Theta alumni have distinguished themselves in all walks of life, including astronaut Neil Armstrong, baseball greats Lou Gehrig and Ron Cey, and architect Frank L. Wright. Our local chapter, California Gamma, was founded in 1924 and has seen 884 men sign the most notable article in the fraternity world, the bond of Phi Delta Theta. The question is, are you the type of person who becomes a Phi? Can you kick a ball or swing a bat? Can you sing, or at least fake it? Can you sleep with the ever present threat of being tied and blindfolded at 2:00 a.m. by our enthusiastic " Sister, " and being forced fed champagne and cake? These are just some of the wild, fun-filled activities that happen at Phi Delta Theta. Athletically we do very well at all levels. We have brothers that are our teammates with whom we play football, softball, basketball, soccer, and co-ed innertube waterpolo. Most important of all, we are friends who will last a lifetime. At Phi Delta Theta, we enjoy ourselves through the help and enthusiasm of the brothers. This is truly " a fraternity for life. " PHI DELTA THETA. 1.Ker Gibbs 2.David Goodwin 3.Jeff Romeo Grim 5.Mike Shkolnik 6.Barnaby Barry 7.Rob Bigelow 8.Perry Jones 9.Alex Acimouic 10.Steve Slattery 11.Roan Blacker 12.Thom Jones Weingort 14.Vic Marfori 15.Mike Molinaro 16.Ric Caunan 17.Frank Johnson 18.Todd Garabedian 19.Rick Andrade. Not Pictured: Paul Lewis, Joe Marren,Rajan Samtani, Mark Shaler, Paul Thatcher, Brendan Durrett, Brian Kelly. LIVING GROUPS 197 PHI GAMMA DELTA ΦΓΔ 198 LIVING GROUPS No matter what your background or ambitions may be, one of the most important things in your life or anyone ' s life are friends. Phi Gamma Delta prides itself on promoting friendship, lasting friendship. At Phi Gamma Delta this friendship is fittingly titled brotherhood. Figis are brothers for life. For us, there is no such thing as alumni; we have graduate brothers. Phi Gamma Delta encourages the development of both academic excellence and leadership abilities. We realize that the essence of the university experience far exceeds the limitations of the classroom. One learns most and is best prepared to meet the challenges of everyday life by sharing, discussing, and understanding the ideas of those who are of different cultural, economic, and social backgrounds. Our greatness lies in our membership. The varied background and beliefs of our members make our house one of the most diverse on campus. Every fraternity has its own concept of what Greek living should accomplish. The Fijis take pride in having developed a house around its members rather than developing its members around a house. Phi Gamma Delta offers you the opportunity to be yourself; to be able to put forth your own ideas, personality and creativity into a solid organization. Everyone has their own potential and interests whether it includes spending the afternoon with orphanage kids, riding a bicycle 200 miles in the rain for charity, competing in athletics, aceing an exam, or just getting out and raising a little hell. Phi Gamma Delta is here to help you realize and fully develop that potential. Phi Gamma Delta is an international fraternity that is undisputably ranked within the top five national and international fraternities. Included within the ranks of Fiji men are many notable people including a United States President, Vice-Presidents, and Nobel Prize winners. Our graduate relations program is, without a doubt, one of the best on campus. For the thousands of men that have been initiated into the Fraternity, Phi Gamma Delta has not been for college days alone. Phi Gamma Delta does not ask its members to surrender their independence, we only ask that it be shared. It is from each other that we learn and we grow. PHI GAMMA DELTA. 1.Angel CaIvo 2.Kent Keeler 3.Brad Epstein 4.Jeff Downey 5.Jeff Katz 6.Rick Bromley 7.Eric Demangate 8.John Thompson 9.Greg Castle 10.Ed Oldfield 11.Dan Rubin 12.Chris Mercurio 13.Kirk Bocek 14.Ken MacArthur 15.Garry Hill 16.Dave Fernandez 17.Jon Primer 18.Ken Lustig 19.Craig Woo 20.Jeff Miller 21.Richard Oberreiter 22.Dave Rothstein 23.Daniel Gong 24.Lito Calimlim 25.Aki Kiriyama 26.Scott DePeel 27.Steve Salas 28.Steve Trotter. Not Pictured: Steve Stanley, Dave Hancock, Manos Khandelwal, Mark Howard, Joe Buchman, John Warner, Steve Ralston, Ray Vose. LIVING GROUPS 199 The California Epsilon chapter of PH Kappa Psi, consistently considered one of UCLA ' s leading fraternities, experienced yet another outstanding year in 1982-1983. At summer ' s end came Fall Rush, an incredible success, as 21 new pledges were bid. This great rush set the tone for one of Phi Psi ' s best years to date. Fall quarter ' s packed social calendar was highlighted by exchanges with Delta Gamma and Alpha Delta Pi, a wild Pledge-Active, held at a local racquetball club (complete with jacuzzi), and the traditional all-brother Christmas party. The annual " Bago " trip to Berkeley was unbelievable. Winter saw an exchange with the Pi Phi ' s and a unique exchange with the SAE ' s, Phi Psi ' s and both houses ' little sisters. The winter date party, and the Pajamarino was its usual success. Spring quarter ' s wild times included Phi Psi ' s premiere date party, the Black Tie Formal ' 83 and UCLA ' s most popular spring-invite party, the infamous Viva Zapata! As always, Phi Psi ' s joined with the Tri-Delts for a winner Homecoming float and Greek Week. Although last year ' s first-place award winning Mardi Gras booth, the Phi Psi " House of Horrors " was a tough act to follow, the Phis Psi ' s and Dee Gee ' s, under the direction of brother Dave Byrd, were successful again. Another tough act to follow was the ' 81- ' 82 athletic season. In athletics, Phi Psi was without a question number one after its first place overall IFC intramural championship last year. And, by winter quarter this year Phi Psi had already won the IFC football championship for the second year in a row and looked well on its way to another banner season. All-around, Phi Psi excelled, perpetuating its reputation as one of UCLA ' s most successful, " top ' ' houses. PHI KAPPA PSI. 1.Craig O ' Rourke 2. " T " Rodman 3.Mark Smelzer 4.David S. Byrd 5.Biff Hallin 6.Mike Prestridge 7.John Trulio 8.Earl Hewell 9.Bill Richards 10.Chris Gleiter 11.Jeff Noe 12.Jack Noe I 3.Rick Riley Bernd 15.Bob Fisher 16.John Effron 17.John O ' Connor 18.Mike Tobian 19.Darin Puhl 20.Dave Duray 21.Mike Gleason 22.Douglas R. Marshall 23.Laird Perkins 24.Andy Reikes 25.Dan Shugart 26.J.J. Kukawka 27.John Tidlen Wasley 28.Kevin Clarke 29.Jeff Coyle 30.Steve Kehela 31.John Irons 32.Ed Furey 33.Steve Guinn 34.Tony Lyons 35.Jim Roth 36.Bill Gillis 37.Mike Chang 38.Kent Miyamoto 39.Richard Kim 40.Brian Morelan 41 .George Brenseke 42.John Shepherd 43.David Luke 44.Scott Goodin 45.Bob Morse 46.Tom Foster 47.Joe Huhn 48.Perry Shenas 49.Tony Morales 50.Dave Wehrly 51 .Dan Toomey 52. Dave Burrows 53.Rock Lane 54.Jeff Kliman 55.Brady Melody 56.Kenny Luck 57.Paul Orbuch 58.Ben Vandebunt 59.George LePorte 60.Warren Dennis 61 .Terry Thompson. Not Pictured: Rick " Poodle " Bradley, Peter Barbis, Matt Byrne, Vince Cameron, Jack Cline, Duke Fenday, Matt Hagen, Tom Jensen, Matt Vande Wydeven, John Vlautin, Robert Wallen, Dave " H” Larimer, Charles Young. 200 LIVING GROUPS ΦKΨ PHI KAPPA PSI This past year on Phi Kap Hill has left us with many fond and lasting memories, thanks to numerous people, places, and events. We would like to sincerely thank: Bob at Kings Liquors, Hoyt Estes " The Miller Man, " Barney the Cat, The Talpa, Eddie Bauer, " The Dewey Pest Control Man, " Larry Farmer and the Basketball Bruins, Mike from Rolling Disco, The North Campus Bag Lady, The Peek-a-boo man, Toms 5, L.L. Bean, Dr. Warren C. Pepper, The Bratskellar, Neal " the Squaredance Caller " Grossman, John Livie, the following football teams: USC, Washington, Arizona St., and Michigan; Joe " the Breadman, " Mike " the Milkman, " Lands End, Don Volpert, Dean Peter Weiler, Girls who do, Mom, Dad, Guaranteed Student Loans, Matt the Shitpie, the Open Doors on Boelter Hall ' s Roof, our Hawaiian guests, Yosemite National Park Service, and many others too numerous to mention here. No thanks to: The College of Letters and Science Counselors, The Interfraternity Council, the Towers Apartments, Macho Mike the Rugby Knucklehead, the fucking Xi ' s, the LA County Fire Department, Local Highschool Dirtheads, the Bros. from Berkeley, Unreasonable Parking Enforcement, High Fashion Clothing, the Bruin Walk Pamphlet Pushers, Balley Maggots, Professors who rake in the royalties through annually revised text editions, Special Interest Publications, the UCLA Baseball Players, Tuition, Rich " Pumpkin Head " Aries, the Landfair Jackhammer Gang, GTE, Crocker, Security Pacific, Rose Bowl Ticket prices, Girls who don ' t, the Beave, the Career Placement Center, I " heart " Bumperstickers, the Blackjack dealers of Las Vegas, and 8 O ' clock classes. PHI KAPPA SIGMA. 1.Richard " oo " Baldwin 2.Dave Michels 3.Steven Smith " Carbie " Carbone 4.Jeff Cravens 5.Jim " Tundra Head " Adams 6.Kam Marheine 7.Jose Slaughter 8.Jack Gottsche 9.Davey " Wavey " Wong " Doug " 10.Mike " Sleepy " Estrada 11.Doug Qehler 12.Jack " Skinny " Starnes 13.Mark Tracey 14.Clay Brandes 15.Jeff Skubic 16.Kevin " Big Bird " Murray 17.Joe Lambert 18.Michael Uzelac 19.Fritz Forgy 20.Vince Parina 21 .Chris Beneduce 22.John Norris 23.Pete Chandler 24.Dave Goerz 25 .Steve " Lazy " Lico 26.Rob " Bernie " Bernhardt 27.Bruce Clawson 28.Scott Komar 29.Tim " Tiny " Emanuels 30.Steve skubic 31 .Harry Gundersen 32.John Balling 33.Kevin " Pissface " McNulty 34.Rick " Spot " Arneal 35.Rob Collins 36.John Hutt 37.Colonel Gary Robertson 38.Dave " Curly " Callegas 39.David " Bootleg Wayne " Butler 40.Kevin " K.P. " Pedretti 41.Michael Patrick Flaherty " Big Frank " 42.Rich Petrulio 43.Bam Bam 44.Bruce " Happy " Mattick 45.Tom " Fly " Pearson 46.Andy " Buzzard " Hunter 47.Paul Burstein 48.George Rogers 49.Jay " Splane " Spillane 50.Mark Kelly 51.John " Cubby " Foster 52.Bill " Misera " Dunn. Not Pictured: Gary Berke, Brian Cameron, Bob Dureault, Aaron Fausone, Brett Gottlieb, Dave Janes, Ted Killilea, Peter Kraatz, Steve Light, Kerry Kirwin, John Mason, Andy Murphy, Jeff Poppenhagen, Rich Reitz, Tim Seeberg, Richard Siao, Mark Walsh, Thomas Watson, Doug Webster, Rich Caligaris, Dan Jansen, Jim Wagoner, Bill Melater, B.B. Crab, Bud Anderson, Bessie the Cow, Barney the Cat, Sequoya Walker, Zimbalist Walker, Marie Jones, Alan Simple, Chuck " 502 " Young, Dirty . Larry, and other traditional favorites. 202 LIVING GROUPS ΦKΣ PHI KAPPA SIGMA Strength and determination have been the key to success for Phi Mu ' s first year back on campus. Representing the second oldest and one of the largest sororities in the nation, the Phi Mu women of UCLA have worked hard to maintain their ideals and traditions while still emphasizing their individuality. Given the unique opportunity to build a house their own way, each Phi Mu has contributed a part of herself to make the group at 646 Hilgard Avenue very special. Uninhibited by the " usual " approach to things, the girls have had fun this year creating new ideas for themselves and introducing some of these ideas to other campus organizations. Although beginners in the Greek system, the Phi Mu ' s have not allowed their newness to delay their participation in anything. Greek Week, Mardi Gras, Dad ' s Day, Special Olympics, Spring Sing and contribution to a prize-winning Homecoming float are just a few of the activities that have allowed them to " show their stuff. " Further involvement in groups such as Bruin Belles, Student Government, Little Sisters, Honor Societies, Panhellenic Committee, ISVT Volleyball, Blood Drive and Unicamp has allowed each girl to concentrate on her specialty. Whether a social or scholastic activity, the Phi Mu ' s have met each new endeavor with an open mind and a willingness to learn. Courage to say yes to a challenge is what makes the UCLA Phi Mu ' s outstanding and has brought about love and close friendships among members. PHI MU. I .Theresa Beaulieu 2.Sharon Phelan 3.Allison Smith 4.Sabrina Hul sey 5.Randi Teichman 6.Eileen Simon 7.Kim Moore 8.Joan Goodfellow 9.Andrea Gilbert 10.Laura Hyman 11.Lori Mader 12.Liz Brady Shea 14.Laura Mounce 15.Heidi Poncette 16.Gail Janin 17.Cynthia Schultz 18.Roma Manning 19.Paula Nelson 20.Christine Ryan 21.Sally Smith 22.Laura Russo 23.Gwyn Dilday 24.Lynne McGowan 2 5.Tricia Halloran 26.Joan Harnish 27.Cindy Mushet 28.Janet Traut 29.Angela Mandic 30.Andrea Biddle 31.Lisa Dolab 32.Mary Shipp 33.Tara Waskin 34.Teresa Lee 35.Lisa Stiller 36.Keevil Markham 37.Melissa Sammel 38.Brenda Gant 39.Jody Foreman 40.Teresa Garra 41 .Diana Reed 42.JoAnne Harzan 43.Tracey Ryan 44.Missy Mote 45.Tracy Hilpert 46.Suzanne Cole 47.Michelle Rauch 48.Debbie Luckey 49.Tami Bishop 50.Chris Karayan 51.Janet Reid 52.Rena Einhorn 53.Candee Sumner 54.Dana Brody 55.Julie Roxburgh 56.Lisa McKinnis 57.Beth Marits. Not Pictured: Christina Branger, Valerie Hopkins, Madoka Nadahara, Sue Nieman, Linda Olivi, Sandy Zahlen, Beth Lasky, Shelley Lee, Trish Duncan, Ginny Sogomonian. ΦM PHI MU LIVING GROUPS 205 ΠBΦ PI BETA PHI A dynamic, enthusiastic, intelligent, artistic, athletic, political, musical, talented and involved group of individuals all come together to create an organization known to the Bruins of UCLA as Pi Beta Phi. Pi Phis ' goals and aspirations are among many important aspects of college life. Socially we are always very busy. Pi Phi ' s first date party this year was our annual Presents Party, held at the beautiful home of Cynthia Campoy in San Marino. Next was our fall party with the crazy theme of " The Blue Jean Formal. " We Pi Phis always treat our dads to a funfilled day of football for Dad ' s Day. This season dads and daughters helped cheer on the 1983 Rosebowl Champions as they defeated Stanford in UCLA ' s Homecoming game. The second annual Crush Party was a smash this year with Phil Hayes crowned King Crush. As winter quarter rolled on we found ourselves in the midst of elegance, champagne, and handsome men. Spring quarter we again experienced the comfortable, casual time of the annual luau. The list of achievements and fabulous fun times Pi Phi has endured goes on, however the most memorable aspect of sorority life we will look back on in the years to come is the loving support and everlasting friendship we all have found in our home of PI BETA PHI! PI PHI. 1.Robin Assaf 2.Dana Kopfer 3.Kristi Kreh 4.Kelly Thies 5.Angela Agrusa 6.Jill Jones 7.Lisa Osterhout 8.Kim Barbis 9.Kathy Stolte 10.Paula Beck 11.Alex Wilson 12.Michele McCracken 13.Adele Carlson 14.Susan Dick 15.Cathy Crawley 16.Kirstin Frandsen 17.Trish Sigler 18.Adrienne Kfoury 19.Anne Baldwin 20.Kelly Pagni 21.Jane Campbell 22.Shelley Frey 23.Heidi Ernst 24.Terri Walsh 25.Kathy Hickey 26.Nancy Furlong 27.Claire Long 28.Dana Waldmire 29.Rebecca Plot 30.Nancy Dobies 31 .Diane McMullen 32.Troy Kaupp 33.Kristy Schwendinger 34.Alison Gee 35.Libby Wilhite 36.Christy Hobart 37.Megan Bigelow 38.Lisa Owen 39.Kim McKee 40.Charlotte MacLeod 41.Lindsey Haines 42.Kim Nelson 43.Margie Troy 44.Jayne Albert 45.Janie Sibbett 46.Setta Asorian 47.Miiko Chaffey 48.Patti Coglianes 49.Dana Fillinger 50.Tracy Salciccia 51.Andi Ceragioli 52.Gayle Parker 53.Mary Kay Behrens 54.Jan Harder 55.Vicki Algeo 56.Cindy Oldham 57.Lisa Koutouratsas 58.Karen Oddy 59.Juliet Johnson 60.Ann Clifford 61.Joyce Mavredakis 62.Mary Hayward 63.Julie Lockhart 64.Lisa Ellman 65.Cindy Gannon 66.Sue Paciulli 67.Jennifer Roan 68.Lacy Johnston 69.Jody Peterson 70.Barbara Farrington 71.Chris Boyd 72.Mary Kimmel 73. JoAnn Farrington 74.Erin Davis 75. Anita Anderson 76.Ginny Beattie 77.Tina Casssni 78.Jane Porter 79.Linda Merrihew 80.Kellie Duncan 81.Erin Lagerberg 82.Jennifer Long 83.Christine Stiven 84.Kerry Kindig 85.Susie Parsons 86.Lynn Grassi 87.Susan Lettween 88.Kim Deterline 89.Carrie Sweeney 90.Louise Frova 91. Lisa Whyte 92.Jane Richter 93.Sandra Gherini 94.Kelsey Hill 95.Heidi Frandsen 96.Nadine Brown 97.Diane Angier 98.Karen Cope 99.Katheen Gregory 100.Elizabeth Kemmer 101.Fiona McCallion 102.Joanie Rountree 103.Monica Osborne 104.Carla Sisca 105.Rachel Wells 106.Polly Plumer 107. Kathleen Gagnier 108. Martha O ' Haren 109.Margie Norton 110.Catherine Wood 111.Lisa Watson 112.Rhonda Rickel 113.Nancy Placak 114.Cathy Stanley 115.Leslie DeWitt 116.Nancy Hendrickson 117.Beth Johnson 118.Marcia Tinkler 119.Katy Lilliard 120.Pam Roskam 121 .Brooke Carmen 122.Joy Tandy 123.Nancy Walton 124.Maria Richards 125.Mitsi Moon 126.Nancy Cox 127.Dana Rais ch 128.Pari Anest Brown 130.Carrie Bashaw 131.Tracy Peterson 132.Kat Forrester 133.Karen Derr 134.Caroline Walrond 135.Linda Hanson Kangas 137.Carol Lin 138.Linda Diestal 139.Heidi Gerhart Bergna 141.Linda Gurley. Sigma Alpha Epsilon has been a part of the UCLA Greek system since the school opened in 1929. For over fifty years, the California Delta chapter of SAE has been building a strong tradition of brotherhood and leadership, as well as academic excellence. This year is no different; our tradition and pride are exemplified by the unrivaled support of our alumni organization, both financially and in an advisary capacity. Over the years, many of California Delta ' s alumni have gone on to notable success after college. This typifies our everlasting brotherhood and life-long friendships that are created beneath the roof of SAE. Sigma Alpha Epsilon is proud of their athletic excellence in both intercollegiate as well as intramural sports. The SAE ' s have All-Americans in several sports including swimming, water polo, track field, and cross-country. In rugby, Tom Smith made the All-American team as well as the prestigious All-World team in ' 82. Brian Godell won gold and silver medals in the ' 76 Olympics as well as setting numerous American records. Some of those records, however, have been broken by our active member Robin Leamy. Chris Silva is also involved in an American record. Through swimming Silva has developed an awesome physique and was recently chosen by the Olympic committee to model his body for an olympic statue. Steve Ortiz, another athlete proud to be an SAE, was the first American to cross the finish line in the 10,000 meters at the NCAA track field championships in ' 82. Ortiz was recently chosen by Runner ' s World Magazine to be a strong contender in the ' 84 Olympics. The UCLA water-polo team, as usual, finished in the top three in the nation. The reason could be the fact that five of the starting seven are SAE ' s. One of the stars of the team is NCAA swimming champion and Olympic hopeful Robin Leamy. He tallied 63 goals throughout the season to lead the Bruins. Also, Scott Thorton the teams ' second leading scorer belongs to the Cal-Delta chapter of SAE. Thorton has two more years of eligibility and is sought as the most explosive player. These are just two of the five SAE ' s that start on the varsity, others are All-American Brian Black who was the ' 82 team captain and most dependable player. Bruce Black, brother of Brian, and All-American Dave Towle were both large contributions to the team ' s success in ' 82. At SAE we let our actions show people how well we do academically, as well as athletically. While doing all our activities, we have a lot of fun, uphold true brotherhood, and believe in the " true gentleman " year round. 208 LIVING GROUPS ΣAE SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON. 1.Tyrone Washington 2.Bradley E. Raserhead 3.Branny 4.Tom Miller 5.Brendan Q. 6.Dave McSkinny 7.Blenderman 8.Stray Katz 9.Bob Holden 10.Dante Morrison 11.Athanasious loanis Adamopoulus 12.Bruce Ridgely Black 13.Lew 14.Doc Smith 15.Shake Regaret 17.Ronald Julius Rakunas 18.Reef Travis 19.Hank 20.Steve Cezh 21.Skipper 22.Ken Mandang Ernst 23.Janle 24.Paco de la Huevos Rancheros Caluillo. Not Pictured: Chris Harrison, Tom Hangarden, Ben Douer, Kirk Dun, Steve Woni, Rod Gozmyou, Jadde Cranston, Swanny, Stanton Beal, Rob Long, Robin Leamy, Boogie Black, Scott Thompson, Vince Tonne, Mr. E, Doug Albo, Steven Nord Holland, Oz, Bob Tobiason, Dan and Steve McDermott, Stan and Steve Cook, Kirk and Kevin Dun, Bob and Brett Holden, Jeff and Scott Thorton, Jeff and Chris Heitman, Mike and Ken Gevertz, Jim Dunnton, Paul Flanners, Scott Barrett, Todd Sherman, Mohan Mililani, John Melbon, John Holmes, Paul Braynt, Ed Hayek, Romurel Espejo Aguilar, Mojo Jr., Sham O ' Brien, Doug Slabough, Scott Melon, Pete Densuiove, Doug Sacobsen, Dave Mueller, Kevin Watne, Jim MacKenzie, Steve Coffman, Blake Mather, Charles Manock, Jim Shipman, Barry Eggers, Dave Livingston, Bruce Gordon, John Krutzer, Uncle Tom Leary, John Duffy, John Davis, Dana Shaffer, Tom Feaney, Bob Crandall, Brad Schaffer, Kurt Meyer, Roy Carls, Brian Bueler, Scott Cook, Al Poive, Brian Huvhusky, Phil Jones, Griff Emery, John Dyrek, Mike Ozawa. LIVING GROUPS 209 The Delta Eta Chapter of the Sigma Chi Fraternity at UCLA has continuously been honored as one of the top fraternities in the United States. Along with many national honors, Delta Eta has built a solid reputation as one of the most outstanding houses on the row. Much of this success results from the wide diversity of our fraternity members as well as a strong brotherhood. Scholastically, the overall house GPA rates consistently above the university men ' s average, with the past winter pledge class posting near perfect marks. An extensive social calendar is highlighted by our annual Shipwreck Party and the extravagant Sweetheart Ball. Athletically, Sigma Chi perennially finishes among the top three houses in the IFC sports program, always striving for that number one standing. With the active chapter of over 100 members and a Fall Rush that produced a very qualified pledge class, Sigma Chi seems assured of its continued success as one of UCLA ' s top fraternities. SIGMA CHI. 1.Barry Horton 2.Rags Ronsdale 3.RMF Muror 4.Horshead 5.Daniel William Cooper 6.Greg Bongo 7.Jeff Scott 8.Garfield Joanson 9.Sweet Pea Meckler 10.Torso Hog Roy 11.Sonny Bono 12.Randy Sherwood 13.Chris Cirraulobird 14.Jasper Griffin 15.Andy Shanon 16.Rafeal Garcia 17.Truncke Newton 18.Skele Carpenter 19.Opie Herschberger 20.Craig Huddlestone 21.Rubbie Merkin 22. " Garvey " Henze 22.Billy Poe 24.Boo-Boo Hartney 25.Dove V.G. 26.The Square Dance Kid 27.Charlie Wilson 28.P.R. Kit Lenihan 29.Tom Woosthoff 30.Affiliate 31.Janson Ricketts 32.Pete O ' Sullivan 33.C.W. Post 34.Lewy 35.Disco Mitchell 36.The Greek Deodes 37.Tom Waggy 38.Bill Ditman 39.Ernie Kaufman 40.Chowman Pearson 41.Mr. Potato Head 42.Walt Briggs 43.Hodgie Rangel 44.Gilligan Carroll 45.T.C. Carrington 46.Chris Harano 47.Dantana Mortom 48.Charlie Brickersan 49.Paul Tini 50.Paul Heringbone 51.Jomping Josh Woodard 52.G.Q. Rhoades 53.E.T. Feltshans 54.Adam Acone 55.Spiderman Hubbard 56.Twacy Chalmers 57.Kibbles-n-Bits St.Claire 58.J.J. SIGMA CHI ΣX Sigma Delta Tau sorority has enjoyed an eventful 56th year as part of the Greek life on the UCLA campus. After winning the Most Profitable Booth Award for their Showboat Booth at Mardi Gras, 1982, Lambda chapter proudly sent their President, Randy Minck, Rush Chair Rebecca Bernstein, and Social Chair, Lori Kaplan, as representative to Sigma Delta Tau ' s 65th Anniversary Convention in Nashville, Tennessee. There, they received the Torch Award. Sig Delt spirit shone during Homecoming 1983. Keeping with the theme of ' Life ' s a Bear ' , the Sig Delts ' float was ' Take me out to the Bear Game ' , with Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Steve Ho we. True Bruin fans at heart, the Sig Delts also had a Daddy-Daughter Day at the UCLA-Washington game. Raids, exchanges, and parties were events not to be missed. This fall was the " S Situation Social, " where everyone dressed as a favorite ' skier, singer, skater, sailor, etc... In winter, a road trip was in order for the Pledge-Active party in Palm Springs. February brought Valentine ' s Day and the Torchlight Ball at the Castaways. Come June, the Sig Delts traditionally prepare for summer with their Luau. They also honor their seniors with a Senior Farewell. Sig Delt members are active participants in campus organizations inluding KLA, Student Legislative council, the Women ' s Resource Center, and the Blood Drive. Their national philanthropy is the prevention of child abuse. SIGMA DELTA TAU. 1.Jamie Lazar 2.Terri Worchell 3.Tami Tarica 4.Amy Levitt 5.Pamela Farber 6.Lori Kaplan 7.Laura Liberman 8.Judy Goodman 9.Karin Christopher 10.Lori Greenbaum 11.Rebecca Bernstein 12.Wendy Carson 13.Rebecca Fish 14.Adrienne Lane 15.Randy Minck 16.Sara Rosenthal 17.Susie Mano 18.Lori Rubenstein 19.Laura Schwartz 20.Andrea Weiss 21.Ann Winkleman 22.Rachael Pittler 23.Fran Lickhalter 24.Gaylen Ducker 25.Caroline Buttman 26.Robin Gertler. Not Pictured: Beth Lee, Karen Maltz, lane Beltz, Lori Galper, Beth Landa, Cari Smith. SIGMA DELTA TAU ΣΔT LIVING GROUPS 213 ΣK SIGMA KAPPA Sigma Kappa has had a year of non-stop fun and campus involvement. Spring ' 82 brought a Mardi Gras project that showed the star in all of us: Theta Delta Chi ' s burlesque show, Minsky ' s. We sang and danced with such spirit and energy that the Daily Bruin listed Minsky ' s as one of the highlights of Mardi Gras. To finish off the quarter our Spring Party was held at the Lobster House in Marina Del Rey, which was transformed into the Sigma Kappa Yacht Club for an evening. Fall ' 82 began with a fabulous rush, both in terms of pledges and renewing our sisterhood bonds. To celebrate, we had a beautiful Presents dance at the Bel Air Sands Hotel. Homecoming was one of the high spots of Fall ' 82, especially since our " Parking ' s A Bear " float with Delta Sigma Phi won the Bruin Award for best animation in the parade. The Homecoming football game against Stanford the next day was the site for our annual Dad ' s Day, where father and daughter cheered the Bruins side by side. Winter ' 83 saw our formal dinner dance, the Violet Ball, held at the Los Angeles Biltmore Hotel, in two spectacular ballrooms. Sigma Kappa was one of the top three donors to the Greek Blood Drive. Greek Week brought us together with Kappa Sigma to film a movie, participate in Greek and Special Olympics, and enjoy a Greek-theme exchange. It was a fun and exciting year, but Sigma Kappas expect no less! SIGMA KAPPA. 1.Marta Laken 2.Karen Goldstein 3.Susan Yorshis 4.Jennifer Morris 5.Caron Westland 6.Meryl Schwartz 7.Deanna Kidd 8.Jane Sandberg 9.Renee Munns 10.Elizabeth Byun 11.Martha Gorenberg 12.Joanna Pieper 13.Lorraine O ' Connor 14.Diane Krause 15.Heidi Freudenstein 16.Marlene Kuether 17.Genevieve Mow 18.Suzanne Holtz 19.Lisa Headley 20.Jennifer Cody 21 .Rhonda DeMore 22.Amy Handel 23.Diane Clark 24.Kristy Walker 25.Mercy Mendoza 26.Jan Kitabayashi 27.Linda Yuan 28.Lee Rhein 29.Laura Tannas 30.Stacy Baker 31.Debbie Steinberg 32.Elaine Oh 33.Kathey Yesson 34.Marla Schlom 35.Pam Wong 36.Dani Feiles 37.Michelle Ellison 38.Valerie Susman 39.Gina Tru ncale 40.Hillary Black 41.Lauren Kanig 42.Susan Agee 43.Jane Power 44.Mara Papatheodorou 45.Hillary von Teuber 46.Denise LaBruyere 47.Karyn Metlen 48.Trisha Murakawa 49.Suzy Vernoff 50.Jocelyn Kennedy 5I.Denise Greene 52. Laura Cohn 53.Izzy Marrero 54.Alana Michlin 55.Linda Ronan 56.Debbie Berkis 57.Veronica Ockert 58.JoAnn Ogawa 59.Laurie McDaniels 60.Marilyn Wiley 61.Debi Nichols 62.Stacey Woo 63.Kathryn Pratt 64.Becky Granite 65.Marcie Geco 66.Janice Sherman 67.Shirleen Oplustic 68.Jonna Washauer 69.Laura Wunsch 70.Pam Davis 71.Anne Mulkern 72.Laura Meyer 73.Donna Lipson 74.Beht Bowman 75.Coral Newberry 76.Brigitte Sanford 77.Sheryl Louis 78.Courtney Loder 79.Debbie Kanan 80.Ann Sato 81.Julie Rubin 82.Lisa Mathern 83.Janet Lindboe 84.Janette Covington 85.Kelly Harrity 86.Indre Leskys 87.Nanette Matsui 88.Nicole DeLaurentis 89.Laurie Eisenberg. LIVING GROUPS 215 Sigma Nu Fraternit y is recognized as one of the leaders of UCLA ' s outstanding Greek system. This strength stems from the longstanding tradition of excellence in academic, leadership, athletic and social endeavors. At Sigma Nu, academics are not taken lightly; as evidenced by the house grade point average which consistently ranks above the fraternity and all men ' s averages. Many brothers graduate with high honors and advance to graduate school in areas such as medicine, law, management and engineering. Ohters enter directly into the job market upon graduation, where their fraternity experiences serve to g reatly enhance their careers. Sigma Nu is also very proud of its contribution as a charity fund raiser on campus. Every year the house teams up with a sorority to build a booth for Mardi Gras, with all proceeds going to Unicamp. Past fund raising efforts have benefited such worthy causes as the UCLA Foundation for Research on Fredreich ' s Ataxia, the Morrison Leukemia Fund and the City of Hope. Athletics are another important facet of fraternity life. Sigma Nu has always been a bastion of athletic strength at both t he intercollegiate and intramural levels. Presently, the varsity football, and rugby teams are represented by Sigma Nu ' s. Due special recognition is brother Rick Neuheisel who was back-up quarterback this last fall on the nationally ranked Bruin football team. Sigma Nu is a perennial intramural power, fielding teams on all levels of athletic ability. Year in and year out, Sigma Nu resides among the top six houses fighting for the coveted All-Fraternity Sports Trophy. In addition to the tenaciously competitive " A " division, the " B " and " C " teams represent the house on a more casual level. Sigma Nu is also known and respected throughout the Greek system for its peerless social calendar. Sorority exchangers are blended with outstanding parties such as the Halloween, Pledge Active, Cowboy and Indian and one of the most talked about parties of the year, the White Rose Formal. This year it was staged at the world renowned Hotel Del Coronado located on the beach in San Diego. Creating additional excitement is our outstandilng " Little Sister " program, comprised of 150 of the most beautiful co-eds on campus. Rounding out our social calendar is the amazing Spring Weekender. There is never a proverbial " dull moment " at Sigma Nu. SIGMA NU. 1.Ron Kessler 2.Charlie Schwarz 3.Randy Hatley 4.Bob Harris 5.OId Wing Hall 6.Bruce Carlson 7.Dean Powell 8.Chris Shwartz 9.Craig Springbett 10.Bill Peckovich 11.Capt.Fun 12.Steve Rothert 13.Ted Martin 14.Ned Finkle 15.Fred Voss 16.Robert Beal 17.Mark Schuh 18.Bob Flarety 19.Doug Mathews 20.Tom Deluca 21.Scott 22.Greg Easton 23.Dennis Trammel 24.Giles Allison 25.Rick Hobson 26.Mike Lizard Miller 27.Brent Howard 28.John Newby 29.Jim Boada 30.Leon Miller 31 .Stan Bear 32.Joh n Erdiakoff 33.Arnando Trejo 34. Rich Bendetti 35.Brad Gardner 36.Mark Krommenhoek 37.Scavn Hobson 38.Rich Vanduzer 39.Jon Miller 40.Bob Smith 41.Mike Manookian 42.Jeff Harper 43.Bozo Heisel 44.Mike McClenehan 45.Pay Millay 46.Bobby Griffin 47.Greg Broms 48.John Brunson 49.Greg Stull 50.Pua Rochlen 51.1982 White Rose Queen-Denise Turner 52.Mike Puls 53.Emmet McEleny 54.Chris Elsea 55.Jamie Miller 56.Bryan Hanse 57.Mike Scandalios 58.John Duffy 59.Doug Huntington 60.Steve Kalmbach 61.Mark Burns 62.Bob Johnson 63.Craig Johns 64.Jeff Levin 65.Mike James 66.Bob Rovzar 67.Scott Seagers 68.Jim Lawson 69.Eric Johnson 70.Cook:Essex. 216 LIVING GROUPS ΣN SIGMA NU Tau Kappa Epsilon ALPHA OMEGA 1982 1983 University of California Los Angeles KURT RAMIREZ RUDY VALVERDE DAVID SHAW SERGEANT-AT-ARMS JOHN McNICHOLAS CHAPLAIN MATTHEW WRIGHT PLEDGE TRAINER COLIN JONES VICE PRESIDENT DAVID NIXON PRESIDENT TODD KETANI TREASURER SCOTT STANE SECRETARY ANDERS PLETT HISTORIAN JUSTIN LINAM TED OHNSTAD PAUL FRANKEL MICHAEL SCARR GEOFFREY KNIGHT GORDON PREND JACK LENELL SOREN ASHMALL STEVE RAMEY MARK BEST LANCE EASLEY SEAN KAVANAGH DWAYNE COOPER CARL KLEIN ROGER CEDILLO KURT HENRICKS STEVE BRAHY JOSEPH PUTERBAUGH MARK FALCONER GRANT JOHNSON ERIC HAALAND LARRY ALBINSKI ERWIN WILLIAMS ROBERT WESTLAKE CHRISTIAN MURRAY JAMES CORDES ALBERT PEREZ KEVIN FISCHER BILL McCALLICK SCOTT BURNS WILLIAM POWER MARC GRABIS SUE AGEE SWEETHEART TRINO LOPEZ PETER SCHLAUS DANIEL GAVIN ROBERT BRONOW PETER SZALAY TKE TAU KAPPA EPSILON Because TKE is the largest and one of the oldest fraternities we have one of the strongest national organizations in the country. Our alumni include many famous individuals including President Ronald Reagan, Conrad Hilton, and Terry Bradshaw. For college students, participation in athletics is a very beneficial and often necessary study break. We at TKE have had consistent success in the intramural sports program. Athletics are an integral part of our fraternity, but success in the classroom is given top priority. A well-rounded college education includes social as well as academic pursuits. The fraternity sponsors a number of theme parties during the school year. In the past, brothers and their dates have danced the slam to the sounds of " Black Flag " and the " Dead Kennedys " at our Hawaiian Punk party and the spirit of Ja was clearly present at our Rastafarian Toga parties. The highlight of the year comes with the elegant Red Carnation Ball, in which tuxedos and eventing gowns glide across the dance floor. In addition, our exchanges with sororities give the brothers a great chance to party with the ladies in a casual and entertaining surrounding. Our Little Sister program is also very popular and active in the fraternity. Whether it be a party out by our pool, a Dodger game, or one of their infamous early morning breakfasts or late night surprise parties, this little sister chapter of TKE is a BIG part of ou r fraternity. TAU KAPPA EPSILON. 1.Kurt Ramirez 2.Rudy Valverde 3.David Shaw 4.John McNicholas 5.Matthew Wright 6.Colin Jones 7.David Nixon 8.D.Todd Iketani 9.Scott Stane 10.Anders Plett 11.Justin Linam 12.Ted Ohnstad 13.Paul Frankel 14.Michael Scarr 15.Geoffrey Knight 16.Gordon Prend 17.Jack Lenell 18.Soren Asmall 19.Steve Ramey 20.Mark Best 21.Lance Easley 22.Sean Kavanaugh 23.Dwayne Cooper 24.Carl Klein 25.Roger Cedilo 26.Kurt Henricks 27.Steve Brahy 28.Joseph Puterbaugh 29.Mark Falconer 30.Grant Johnson 31 .Eric Haaland 32.Larry Albinski 33. Erwin Williams 34. Robert Westlake 35.Christian Murray 36.James Cordes 37.Albert Perez 38.Kevin Fischer 39.Bill McCallick 40.Scott Burns 41.William Power 42.Marc Grabis 43.Sweetheart-Sue Agee 44.Trino Lopez 45.Peter Schlaus 46.Daniel Gavin 47.Robert Bronow 48.Peter Szalay 49.Paul Eagleton 50.James Dagdigian 51.Chris Skiff 52.Thomas Wong 53.Alexis Alexander 54.Jeff Crusberg 55.Stanley Seat 56.James Kim 57.Kevin Thomas 58.Gary Stobbe 59.Danny Pinchasi 60.Eric Emanuels. LIVING GROUPS 221 222 LIVING GROUPS ΘX THETA CHI Beta Alpha chapter of Theta Chi Fraternity was founded at UCLA on April 10, 1931. Brotherhood This year has been terrific with one of the best rushes in our chapter ' s history. We have grown to a membership of eighty men, making us one of the top houses on the row in size as well as quality. Social Our social program is highlighted by our annual Black Tie Formal at the Beverly Hilton, the Beta Alpha Polynesian Luau, and our Little Sister Program including weekend trips to Catalina and Mammoth, and the fabulous Decline of Western Civilization. Scholarship " Alma Mater first, Theta Chi for Alma Mater " is a motto we stand by. By stressing high academic standards in our pledge program, we are helping to insure that our brothers will maintain good scholarship throughout their college careers. Athletics Once again, Theta Chi ' s formidable intramural squads participated in every major sport, finishing high in the overall standings. From football to track, basketball to skiing, Theta Chi teams were a force to be reckoned with. Intercampus Participation We participated in many campus events including Greek Week, Homecoming, Mardi Gras, and Spring Sing with great results and a lot of fun. These are many of the fond memories of 1982-83. THETA CHI. 1.Mike Fealy 2.Jeff Reeves 3.Steve Oetting 4.Bob Baker 5.Jim Baker 6.Steve Baker 7.Mark Norman 8.Frank Chen 9.Max Rans 10.Scott McKenney 11.Sean Waters 12.Dana Collins 13.Mark Powers 14.Trevor Kensey 15.Alan Sechrest 16.Chris Romberg 17.Adam Calmenson 18.Chip Manning 19.Bill Palmer 20.Phil Bryden 21.Steve Duram 22.Howard Postley 23.Mark Shmagin 24.Jeff Waldow 25.Brent Koah 26.Rick Verenise 27.Don Kang 28.Brian Smith 29.Mitch Markowitz 30. Eric Overstreet 31.Mike Weinstein 32.Terry Silampa 33.Howard High 34.Ed Ruth 35.Tom Reedy 36.Kent Henderson 37.Carl Galaz 38.Neil Weichel 39.Paul Puskar 40.Dave Acre 41.Jean Paul Rousseau 42.Ladd Richland 43.Steve Meyer 44.Alex Myers 45.Brad Stumpf 46.Pierre Castagnetto 47.Mason Merrins 48.Danzo Loftus 49.Chip Schner 51.Alex Morales 52.Mark Karge 53.Ming Wu 54.Bill Lavigna 55.Ihab Shahawi 56.Bryan Waters 57.Dave Farkas 58.Terry Krekorian 59.Todd Gindy 60.Mike Hellman. Not Pictured: Scott Covell, Rob Higbee, Jonathan Peterson, Scott Campsie, Steve Maeda, Matt Muldoon, Gregg Rondinelli, Mike Rider, Dan Danielsen, Kevin Devito, Mike Waldon, Tony Clark, Scott Gorzeman, Matt Linden, Sam Triantis, Charles Athy, Michail Ayotte, Brian Boydston, Jay Brown, Randy Burt, Bob Dohrmann, David Gillen, Rob Turafsky, Jason Luckett, Jack Marden, George Mychaliska, Paul Robinson. LIVING GROUPS 223 Theta Delta Chi fraternity at UCLA is a brotherhood founded on the principles of academics, athletics, and insanity. Our membership is comprised of some of the most unique individuals on the UCLA campus. As such, we pursue active terrorism and disobedience in manners distinctive from the common fraternity clones. At Theta Delta Chi we also believe strongly in the development of athletic abilities along with academics. Our pool, basketball volleyball court, weight room, sauna, jacuzzi, racquetball tennis court, and driving range putting course are always open for conditioning and relaxation. Moreover, since nearly all of our members have competed in high school varsity sports, we field teams in every possible intramural sport (including tanning). We at Theta Delta Chi also keep an active social calendar to balance out our scholarly and athletic pursuits. Our little sisters are often parachuting out of planes with us, in addition to other natorious social events. Other highligths on our social calendar include the Halloween Party, the Pajama Party, the Red Carnation Formal, the UCLA Band Jams, the Virgin Islands Luau, the Tahoe ski gamble weekender, Minsky ' s Mardi Gras Burlesque Show, and road trips to our private Swiss chalet. The legend lives on. THETA DELTA CHI. 1.Brent Davis 2.Kevin Amato 3.Marty Katz 4.Eric Belle 5.Jack Calof 6.Rex Black 7.Stefan Baur 8.Joel Liberty ' Hershey ' 9.Bill Schumann 10.Lee Wolf 11.Darren Conroy 12.Marc Hamilton 13.Geoff Meneses 14.Jonathon Berger 15.Mark Sauage 16.Pete Lacombe Stephenson 18.Dave Reaves 19.Matt Tucker 20.Jay McCandless 21.Bob Lewin 22.Pete Czajkowski. Not Pictured: Jan Sweetnom, Dan Lubell, Scott Malynn, Jami Francis, Dean Katz, Pat Pieper. 224 LIVING GROUPS Theta Delta Chi The Alpha Zeta chapter of Theta Xi has been active on the UCLA campus since its founding in 1929. Ever since that founding our brotherhood has grown and strengthened itself to become a leading fraternity at UCLA. Its members have always enjoyed a rich social life and this year is no exception. We started off the year by winning Homecoming ' s " Grand Sweepstakes Award " for the second year in a row; this year with Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority. Then it was off to the ranch with the Pledge-Active Barnyard Romp where several of our guests left a little saddle-sore. Winter quarter opened up with our annual Little Sister ski trip to June Mountain. This year our formal will take place in Las Vegas at the MGM Grand Hotel. For Spring quarter we are looking forward to putting on another spectacular show at Mardi Gras with the lovely ladies of Tri Delt. To end the year, unfortun ately we have to, we have our infamous Tropical Madness Party which sets an example for all parties to come. THETA XI. 1.Jeff Strabala 2.John Duff 3.Steve Leslie 4.John Trapnell 5.Mike Elliott 6.Ron Perkins 7.Mike Dowling 8.Bob Peralta 9.Bob Westland 10.Cary Cook 11.Dave Madriaga 12.Steve Copeland 13.Mark Sexton 14.Seth Stark 15.Mike Berchtold 16.Mike Greuner 17.Tony Kaufman 18.Jeff Walker 19.Cameron Riddle 20.Bill Snape 21.Rob Pedicord 22.Jim Bougarides 23.Greg Nathanson 24.Balfour Kay 25.Paul Laris 26.Dong Bishop 27.Dick Jones--Chapter Advisor 28.Mark Blesius 29.Blair Brown 30.Eugene Putnum 31 .Kelly Scott 32.Derek Wrobel 33.Bill McClain 34.John Parmelee 35.Jim Mallon 36.Jeff Roach 37.Marty Maylse 38.Joe Bollingen 39.Brian Gates 40.John Bauer 4I.Rob Epplin 42.Greg Garner 43.Mark Hanley 44.Chris Cook 45.Rob Maitland 46.Kevin Howard 47.Kevin Keating 48.Wes Nedel 49.Steve Dunn 50.Bill Fair 51.Dave Brown 52.Kevin Mahoney 53.Robert Blank 54.Rich Harris 55.Nick Tomasic 56.Eric Wargin 57.Mike Goetch 58.Richard Cunningham. Not Pictured: Stewart Ferry, Mark Green, Brad Eilertsen, Tom Murphy, Rick Chalemedos, Mike Meston, Mark Albin, Rick Telles, Bob Martinez, Andy Kaye, Hal Abrahms, Eric Brugger, Bob Dowling, Fritz Miller, Dave Rohdy, Mike Ingle, Jeff Graham, Ron Johnson, John Mintz, Scott Miller, Richard Sipos, Jim Beatty. 226 LIVING GROUPS 228 LIVING GROUPS The UCLA chapter of Triangle Fraternity just entered its 25th year at UCLA. During these past 25 years, the house has gone through major renovations both in and out. Triangle ' s commitment to excellence was evident in academics and many extracurricular activities, as well as, the improvements made on the house. The brothers personally installed a spanking new jacuzzi that is the center of attention at our parties. Purchasing new furniture and re-surfacing the walls and floor really helped bring a new look to our dining room. Academically, Triangle ' s GPA was above 3.0 each quarter of the past academic year. Not bad considering the blood-alcohol content of each brother was also above 3.0 each quarter. If you ever hear " SOCIAL! " at Triangle, get ready to start pouring some cool tall ones! The infamous F.U.B.A.R. and the annual Halloween Party were among the most memorable parties of the year. F.U.B.A.R. (an acronym for something we can ' t print) scared the neighbors a " little, " as brothers demonstrated the practical applications of fluid dynamics with beer being the liquid. During F.U.B.A.R., one civil engineer experimented with throwing kegs at the house and then carefully took data on the structural damage to the house and windows. As for Mardi Gras, Triangle ' s dedication to Unicamp and hard work helped garner " Most Profitable Booth " for the fourth time out of the past five years. The attractiveness of our stage acts and " Bottle-Bang " game really brought the crowds over to our booth, SHOWBOAT. Though Steve Carlton would have had a rough time winning a stuffed snake throwing softballs at our " cleverly " set up bottles, a good time was had by all involved with Mardi Gras. The past year saw the house flex its muscles in intramural sports. During spring quarter, Triangle was a dominating force in " A " league basketball as we won the consolation division for " A " teams. Since many of the brothers have been living together for the last three, four, even five years, the friendship and togetherness is probably greater than it has ever been in the past 25 years. TRIANGLE. I .Chris Messick 2.Ed Flickinger 3.Mike Frate 4.Che Tsai 5.Bill Sambolich 6.Erich Kroy 7.Manuel Alonso 8.James Lundblad 9.Erik Olson 10.Marty Larcabal 11.Joe Engler 12.Dan McMonagle 13.Dean Jennings 14.John Lutkenhouse 15.Paul Anderson 16.Agaluma Filoialii Gomes 18.Dan Roller 19.Carlos Auila 20.Wilson Ramos 21 .Henry Jung 22.Arthur Itkin 23.Greg O ' Neil 24.Mark Saliman 25.Arvin Relan 26.Dawson Kesling 27.Brett Wander 28.Ron Kokawa 29.Paul Burnett. Not Pictured: Alex Au. LIVING GROUPS 229 230 LIVING GROUPS Brothers of ZBT are involved in every facet of campus life, including academics, athletics, social and campus and community service. We at ZBT are a brotherhood of individuals with interests that go well beyond the average organization. Maintaining the highest standards of academic excellence has always been a priority at Zeta Beta Tau. ZBT at UCLA has the most distinguished academic reputation of all ZBT chapters nationwide, having won the Bijur Memorial Scholarship for the second year in a row, signifying the highest chapter GPA. Zeta Beta Tau is one of the strongest houses in athletics, placing high in fraternity intramural standings. We participated in over twenty sports throughout the year. Furthermore, one of the most enjoyable aspects of life at ZBT is being able to always find a partner for a quick afternoon tennis match, a workout, two-on-two basketball at our house or an evening jog. Our social activities included two pledge theme parties, buses to all football games, parents activities, a formal in San Diego and little sister events ranging from Halloween and Valentine ' s parties to wine and cheese and movie night study breaks. Lastly, on March 5th we sponsored the single largest Greek party of the year on campus-- the Red Light Affair. Being one of the largest fraternies at UCLA, the Brothers of ZBT participated in a wider range of campus and community activities than members of any other organization. Also, many brothers participated in a wide range of humanitarian services such as UniCamp and Special Olympics. Pictures and words can only touch on what ZBT is all about. A fraternity can be no more than the people who are in it. We at ZBT are a brotherhood which stands for diversity in membership and activities. At ZBT there exists the real essence of friendship and brotherhood. ZETA BETA TAU. I .Mark Tannenbaum 2.Jeff Dintzer 3.Craig Kain 4.Jonathan Rader 5.Dana Perlman 7.Jeff Broudy 8.Chuck Spielman 9.Mike Sheron 10.Blake Holler 11.Brad Schy 12.Alberto Simone 13.Kevin Bort Mason 15.Doug Orens I 6.Howard Lovus I 7.Glenn Hamovitz Galaif I 9.Gary Futterman 20.David Zebrack 21.Jeff Crausman 22.Marc Sloan 23.Adam Venit 24.Larry Benson 25.Jerry Sher 26.Jeff Lerman 27.Howard Braunstein 28.Mike Gross 29.Jon Africk 30.Gary Schoenfeld 31 .Ross Hirschmann 32.Adriene Darboule 33.Dirk DeHars 34.Ernie Krietenberg 35.Dave Assil 36.Steve Edelman 37.Brad Luff 38.Don Reigrod 39.Dave Kingsdale 40.Brian Wieder 41.Scott Mund 42.Barry Crane 43.Brady Connell 44.Mike Sachs 45.Keith Elkins 46.Jeff Nebel 47.Jeff Osser 48.Craig Marcus 49.Robert Barish 50.Eddie Blau 51 .Mike Baruch 52.Adam Rich 53.Dan Galaik 54.Greg Feinberg and Roommater 55.Stu Baum 56.Mike Ross. LIVING GROUPS 231 Trophy Fever became an epidemic at the Zeta Tau Alpha house in 82. It all began when II Zetas returned from St. Louis and the Zeta National Convention with the trophy for having travelled the farthest in total combined miles and a helping hands award for helping other Zeta chapters at other universities. We returned to school for rush to find a brand new living room and a refurbished chapter room. Then came the outrageous Omicrons, ZTA ' s outstanding fall pledge class. Fall quarter found Zetas doing everything imaginable. We had members involved in such things as Bruin Belles, Homecoming, and Peer Health Counselors. Zetas were chosen for Greek Week committee and Panhellenic Council as well. Numerous Zetas also helped spice up football games as members of the marching band and rifle corps. Fall quarter also bestowed more honors on the proud Zetas as we received the Chancellor ' s Trophy in Homecoming, spiked our way to first place in intramural volleyball and competed in the UCLA-USC Sorority All-Star Football Game. But the highlight of fall quarter came the night before the USC football game, when we held our fall party at the Marina del Rey Hotel. The theme was nautical pirate and the costumes were fabulous. Winter quarter brought even more fun as the Omicrons were initiated and we were joined by the Pi ' s, our super winter pledge class. Third week found the UCLA Zeta house more crowded than normal as Zetas from all over the state joined us for a slumber party reminiscent of younger days. Greek Week found Zetas participating in many different events and coming home with even more trophies. Spring quarter brought many back from our exciting annual ski trip. All enjoyed beautiful spring skiing and terrific Zeta-style partying. Spring quarter also found Zetas participating in Mardi Gras and Spring Sing as well as administrating these events on the committees. Overall, the 1982-83 school year was a tremendous Zeta success. We had every reason to be proud of our individual sisters and ourselves as a house. We look forward to an exciting and fun-filled summer, where many L.A.-area Zetas carry on the Monday Night Meeting tradition with Monday get-togethers and nights on the town. ZETA TAU ALPHA. 1.Chris Fina 2.Ami Unger 3.Marta Golding 4.Margaret Murphy 5.Deanne Brixey 6.Barbara Garcia 7.Joan Saywell 8.Carolyn Higa 9.Sue Neben 10.Yuki Shamoto 11.Rachel Diaz 12.Cathy Johnson de Luna 14.Suzanne Cooper 15.Marita Thompson Roth 17.Laurie Jean Weissman 18.Karen Conroy 19.Shari Aronson 20.Lynn Howard 21 .Kath Bartlett 22.Pam Farthing 23.Robin Kelly 24.Sandy Klingbeil 25.Sini Rebane 26.Nadia Hammond 27.Katie Rock 28.Leigh Hodges 29.Rondi Werner 30.Karen Halpin 31.Carin Adamson 32.Jane Baudistel 33.Catherine Phillips 34.Leslie Vogel 35.Valerie Campbell 36.Felicia Sison 37.Christina Musso 38.Kristen Wong 39.Cathy Stratigopoulos 40.Roxanne Shea 41 .Moreen Clark 42.Debbie Best 43.Elyce Addleson 44.Carolyn Durant 45.Georgia Liakopoulis 46.April Pinchot 47.Amy Gibson 48.Lori Schwartz 49.Diana Mar 50.Lori Gilchrist 51 .Fern Broadwin 52.Ronda Werner 53.Dorette Craft 54.Amy Strauss 55 .Angelica Martinez. 232 LIVING GROUPS " Carry the fight to your opponent and keep it there all afternoon. Hit hard and hit first. " UCLA SOUTHERN CAMPUS, 1958 In other schools a single NCAA championship would be a major accomplishment, whereas at UCLA success is only considered major by winning numerous national honors. UCLA continues its tradition of reigning supreme as the nation ' s king and queen of sports champions. The UCLA men ' s program has been judged the finest in the country, winning the award for " National All-Around Excellence " five tim es and placing second the other seven years the all-sports championship has been awarded. This award involves a point system in which points are given to schools for winning championship competitions. The women ' s program at UCLA also captured the same honors in 1982 for the fifth consecutive year. This year the Bruin sports program seems to be on their way to competing for another all-sports championship award. UCLA has acquired some incredible all-sports records. They now own forty two NCAA men ' s championships, the second highest total of any school in the nation and have been at their best since the beginning of the 1970s. These NCAA titles include: Basketball in ' 64, ' 65, ' 67, ' 68, ' 69, ' 70, ' 71, ' 72, ' 73, ' 75 under John Wooden. Swimming in ' 82 coached under Ron Ballatore. Tennis in ' 50 coached under William Ackerman, ' 52, ' 53, ' 54, ' 56, ' 60, ' 61, ' 65 under J.D. Morgan, ' 70, ' 71, ' 75, ' 76, ' 79, ' 82 under current coach Glenn Bassett. Track and field in ' 56, under Ducky Drake, ' 66, ' 71, ' 72, ' 73 under Jim Bush. Volleyball in ' 70, ' 71, ' 72, ' 74, ' 75, ' 76, ' 79, ' 81, ' 82 under Al Scates and Water Polo in ' 69, ' 71, ' 72 under Bob Horn. 236 SPORTS TADITIONAL EXCELLENCE " UCLA holds 44 NCAA championships, the second highest total of any school in the nation. " SPORTS 237 The football team has attended four post-season bowls since 1976 including the Liberty Bowl in 1976, the Fiesta Bowl in 1978, the Bluebonnet Bowl in 1981 and the Rose Bowl in 1983. They also went to the Mirage Bowl in Japan in 1980 during their regular season. From 1969-1970 through 1981-1982 UCLA has won twenty seven team titles, the most of any school in the country. We are the only school to ever win four NCAA men ' s championships in a year more than once: 1969-70- Basketball, tennis, volleyball and outdoor track. 1970-71- the same as the previous year. 1971-2- basketball, volleyball, outdoor track and water polo. The Bruins men ' s teams also placed second in gymnastics, fifth in track and field and cross-country and sixth in golf and water polo. The women hold national titles in track and field and softball, and second place finishes in tennis and volleyball. The UCLA athletic program is the first school ever to win five NCAA championships in a single year and sixth or better finishes in no less than twelve intercollegiate sports. Women ' s athletics at UCLA have been extremely successful since 1978 when they first won the National all-around championship and they have won this award ever since. All of UCLA ' s ten women ' s sports - basketball, coed badminton, crew, golf, gymnastics, softball, swimming and diving, tennis, track and field, cross-country and volleyball are nationally recognized. In 1981-82 softball and track and field won the school ' s first NCAA titles, tennis, volleyball, golf and gymnastics all earned top seven finishes. 238 SPORTS " UCLA continues its tradition of reigning supreme as the nation ' s king and queen of sports champions. " Many of the athletes continue their success in sports after school. Nearly 100 former UCLA men ' s and women ' s athletes are now engaging in major league professional athletics. This includes thirty six in football, thirty two in tennis, fifteen in basketball, twelve in baseball, two in golf and two in soccer. More former UCLA athletes are playing professional basketball and competing on the pro tennis circuit than from any other university in the nation. This year UCLA seems to be holding up its reputation so far with the water polo team finishing third nationally and the cross-country team finishing fifth nationally. The men ' s basketball team won the pac-IO championships and made the NCAAs. Men ' s volleyball team beat Santa Barbara, number one in the country. The men ' s gymnastics team beat Nebraska, last year ' s champions and finally our Rose Bowl victory over Michigan. This may be another national all-around sports winning year! SPORTS 239 FOOTBALL How could one describe this year ' s Bruin football season? Fast, exciting, boring, upsetting, unpredictable, hopeful, or miraculous. As a matter of fact, all the above words could describe, in one way or another, the most memorable UCLA football season since the days of Coach Tommy Protho and UCLA ' s only Heismann winner, Gary Beban. It was a season of ups and downs, but it definitely ended on a sweet note for all associated with UCLA. The season proved that UCLA football is a Pac- IO powerhouse and a team not to be taken lightly. Also not to be taken lightly were the returnees to the Bruin squad. Quarterback Tom Ramsey, All-American defensive tackle Eatman, defensive back Lupe Sanchez, receivers Jojo Townsell and Cormac Carney, noseguard Karl Morgan, and running backs Kevin Nelson and Frank Cephous. These men, the rest of their teammates, and some new and talented players prepared themselves for a long, tough season. The team had experienced players and fans, administration, and coaches all predicted a good season. But no one was willing to say for sure how the season would turn out. That unwillingness and skepticism seemed to ride like a monkey on the backs of everything and everyone associated with UCLA football. The fans were skeptical about quarterback Tom Ramsey. He hadn ' t been too impressive his last two seasons as quarterback. The administration wondered how fans would react to a LEFT: UCLA VS. USC, NOV 20, 1982. TOP: SAIPALE VS. USC, NOV 20, 1982. ABOVE: CEPHOUS VS. STANFORD NOV 13, 1982. SPORTS 241 change in fields to the Rose Bowl, with the drive to Pasadena and the traffic. But, if some skepticism seemed to cloud the Bruins at first, it certainly vaporized as pre-season play progressed. The press, fans, and coaching staff, along with the players glorified in their fast start. The Bruins had impressive wins over Cal State Long Beach (41-10), Wisconsin (51-26), Michigan (31-27), and Colorado (34-6). Certainly the most gratifying pre-season win took place in Ann Arbor. Along with Michigan ' s 100,000 ' screaming fans, Bo and his team were looking to upset the Bruins once again. The Wolverines had embarrassed the Bruins almost a year earlier at the Bluebonnet Bowl in Houston. The Bruins, down 21-0 late in the second quarter, rallied with a 46-yard pass to Dokie Williams and by halftime they had cut the lead to 24-14. As the second half commenced, the Bruins came out smoking. Ramsey ' s pass to Townsell and the extra point by kicker John Lee cut the Wolverine lead to 24-21. Michigan scored next with a 48-yard field goal to make it 27-21. At the third quarter ' s end, the Bruins took the lead with a 2-yard touchdown run from Kevin Nelson, making it 28-27. The only scoring in the fourth quarter was a UCLA 26-yard field goal by freshman Lee. The tough Bruin defense, lead by Don Rogers, Blanchard Montgomery, Neal Dellocono, Karl Morgan, and Sanchez, held the Wolverines to 3 points in the second 242 SPORTS TOP: BUENAFE VS. USC. NOV 20, 1982. ABOVE: EATMAN VS. UNIVERSITY OF OREGON, OCT 30, 1982. TOP RIGHT: ROGERS VS. WASHINGTON STATE, OCT 16, 1982. ABOVE RIGHT: UCLA VS. STANFORD, NOV 3, 1982. FAR RIGHT: NELSON VS. WASHINGTON STATE, OCT half. Final score - 3.1-27. And if fans were skeptical about Tom Ramsey, they had no reason to be after the pre-season. He passed for a total of 1235 yards and lead the Bruins to undefeated pre-season play. Playing at the Rose Bowl became a dream come true. The Bruins could not have asked for a better place to call its new home. A home not shared with that other " school " across town in their own backyard, where the Bruins always felt unwelcome. The Rose Bowl provided spacious grass area for tailgate picnics, free parking, and a friendly atmosphere. On October 9th, that friendly atmosphere overflowed as the sun was ahining and the Bruins started Pac-IO play against a tough Arizona team. A huge banner hanging from the ivy clad walls of the Bowl welcomed every Bruin fan. Although the Bruins lead the Wildcats for most of the game, Arizona came back from a 21-14 deficit to take the lead 24-21 late in the fourth quarter. But luckily, quarterback Tom Ramsey spurred a late drive that lead to John Lee ' s game-tying 36-yard field goal with two seconds. Ramsey also set school records that day for completions and yards by hitting 29 of 43 passes for 345 yards. SPORTS 243 For their sixth game of the season, the Bruins were pitted against Washington State. Again the Bruins found themselves trailing late in the third quarter, but another Ramsey spurt and precision catching by Carney and Williams gave UCLA a 43-17 victory that afternoon. Cormac the Magnificent ' s five catches that day gave him 92 total to set a new school career record. Next, the Bruins traveled north to Berkeley to meet Joe Kapp ' s Cal Bears. Once again the Bruins lost their lead in the third quarter when the Bears tied the game at 31-31. But the big-play Bruins proved they could work under pressure. The Bruins came back to beat the Bears 47-31 with Ramsey setting a school record by compiling 397 yards passing. At this point the Bruin ' s were 6-0-1. Only the Washington Huskies had a better record. But it wasn ' t back to sunny Southern California for the Bruins. The way it was raining at the Rose Bowl one would have thought they were in Oregon. Needless to say the Ducks felt quite at home. But that ' s probably where they wished they had stayed after the Bruins routed them 40-12. The only exciting thing about the whole game was the Bruin running game helped by senior Irv Eatman ' s first start on offense. But while the Bruins were playing in the rain down south, Stanford ' s Cardinals upset first ranked Washington in Palo Alto. The best news yet for the Bruins and their run for the roses. The Bruin ' s next game against Washington might decide their Rose Bowl fate. So the Bruin team traveled to Seattle and it was a cold, wet day that many Bruins won ' t forget. All hopes for Rose Bowl play January first slipped through the fingers of tailback Danny Andrews. That last drive ended deep in Husky territory and seemed to take TOP LEFT: ANDREWS VS. STANFORD, NOV 13, 1982. BOTTOM LEFT: BRUIN BENCH. TOP: EATMAN VS. USC, NOV 20, 1982. ABOVE LEFT: MOORE VS STANFORD, NOV 13, 1982. ABOVE RIGHT: UCLA VS. LONG BEACH STATE, SEPT 11, 1982. LEFT: UCLA VS. UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON, NOV 6, 1982. ABOVE: WILLIAMS VS. LONG BEACH STATE, SEPT II, 1982. SPORTS 245 UCLA out of the Rose Bowl race. The Huskies upset the Bruins 10-7. The only way the Bruin ' s could make it to the Rose Bowl depended on an improbable six-way parlay involving Washington, Washington State, Arizona, Arizona State, UCLA, Stanford and USC. As UCLA squeeked by Stanford 38-35 in a great offensive show, the Washington Huskies beat the Arizona State Sun Devils. 246 SPORTS TOP LEFT:.UCLA ' S VICTORY OVER USC. NOV 20, 1982. TOP RIGHT: YOUNG AND SANCHEZ, VS. USC. NOV 20. 1982. ABOVE: UCLA VS. WASHINGTON STATE. OCT 16, 1982. TOP FAR RIGHT: UCLA VS. WASHINGTON STATE. OCT 16, 1982. ABOVE FAR RIGHT: MONTGOMERY IN AN INTERVIEW WITH AN ABC REPORTER. RIGHT: ANDREWS VS. WASHINGTON STATE, OCT 1982. UCLA ' s last conference game was the traditional battle with USC; at the same time Washington scrimmaged against Washington State. The Rose Bowl attendence topped out at 95,763. Nobody really remembers the whole game, or even cares. The most important part of the game came down to the last play when regulation time had run out on the clock. USC had scored previously and they were going for a two-point conversion that would win the game. The Bruin defense, which had already played a spectacular game, came up with the clutch play. Senior noseguard Karl Morgan broke through the USC front line and sacked quarterback Scott Tinsley. The Bruins beat USC 20-19. We had avenged our 22-21 loss of the year before. UCLA fans coul dn ' t have been happier until they heard the news that the Cougars upset the Washington State Huskies. The Arizona Wildcats upset the Sundevils 28-18 and that dropped the Bruins right into the Rose Bowl. UCLA ' s football season surely was fast, exciting, and upsetting. With the main highlight of the RoseBowl. ROSE BOWL The setting on January I couldn ' t have been more perfect. The sun rose crystal clear over the San Gabriel Mountains to showcase the event and the only clouds in the sky were benevolent, without the slightest hint of grey. Days before, thousands of loyal Bruins had converged on Pasadena with sleeping bags, tents and campers, hoping for a good street-side seat for the Rose Parade as well as the Bruin game. Now the excitement began to rise in the air as fans migrated to the stands, some as early as 11 a.m. The UCLA Marching Band kept Bruin spirit at its peak until the Bruin football team appeared. Then the band was drowned out by the wild cries of the fans. For the television viewer, the stands were only a single mass of blue and gold. Finally the long awaited moment arrived - the kickoff. The two football teams battled it out on the field, settling an old score. Each time the Bruins gained even a few yards the crowd went wild on both sides, with the Bruins chanting feverishly and Michigan groaning loudly. SPORTS 249 The Bruins, of course, were victorious. The football team ' s performance in the Rose Bowl game was nothing short of spectacular. Terry Donahue managed to keep a lid on the Wolverines throughout the entire game, and Tom Ramsey ' s passing was tremendous. The final score: Bruins-24, Wolverines-14. As the Bruin teammates carried Terry Donahue off the field in victory, the atmosphere was electric. The Bruin fans were so charged by the victory that they didn ' t even leave at the end of the game. They stayed and listened to the band play the Alma Mater, savoring the victory. Slowly, very slowly, the stands cleared out as the fans headed to Westwood to continue the celebration. This, of course, was not just another football game: this was the Rose Bowl. The Bruins have gone down in history as the Rose Bowl champions of 1983 something that has made every Bruin forever proud. 250 SPORTS UCLA FOOTBALL TEAM ROSTER:Jim Alexander, Danny Andrews, Sean Armstrong, Dave Baran, Mike Barbee, Frank Batchkoff, Paul Bergmann, Chris Block, Greg Bolin, Paul Bombolis, Steve Bono, Frank Bruno, Kevin Buenafe, Ron Butler, Cormac Carney, Frank Cephous, Jeff Chafin, David Clinton, Lyndon Crawford, Kevin Cronin, Neal Dellocono, Doug Donatelli, Karl Dorrell, Dan Dufour, Mike Durden, Irv Eatman, Greg Francois, Mark Ferguson, Bob Garibaldi, Joe Gasser, Steve Gemza, Joe Goebel, Scott Gordon, Chester Goynes, Rex Gray, Mike Harneier, Drake Hodge, Harper Howell, Steve Jarecki, Lee Knowles, Walter Lang, Danny Lauter, John Lee, Eugene Leoni, Duval Love, Mike Mahan, Don Mahlstedt, Mark Mannon, Jim Mastera, Jim McCullough, Gene Mewborn, Blanchard Montgomery, Terry Moore, Terry Morehead, Karl Morgan, Kevin Nelson, Rick Neuheisel, David Norrie, Kenny Page, TorPankopf, Tony Phillips, Ron Pitts, Ken Potter, Tom Ramsey, David Randle, Don Rogers, Eric Rogers, Craig Rutledge, Toa Saipale, Lupe Sanchez, Burness Scott, Mike Sherrard, Matt Stevens, Tom Sullivan, Tommy Taylor, Derek Tennell, Larry Thomas, Jojo Townsell, Jimmy Turner, Mark Walen, Herb Welch, Doug West, Bryan Wiley, Dokie Williams, Steve Williams, Leonard Wilson, Blake Wingle, Chris Yellich, Mike Young, Onno Zwaneveld. " This, of course, was not just another football game... " SPORTS 251 SPIRIT Winning the Rose Bowl was perhaps our proudest collective moment as Bruins. The game generated such excitement, such enthusiasm, such spirit. That kind of spirit is the product of a lot of hard work by a lot of dedicated people: the UCLA Spirit Squads. The UCLA Song Girls and Cheerleaders, for instance, often spend three to five hours a day preparing and rehearsing their routines. The song girls even do their own choreography, and the cheerleaders perform stunts that even the gymnastics teams respect. Beyond their halftime performances at football and basketball games, both groups act as goodwill ambassadors for UCLA, appearing at alumni and charity functions and teaching at cheerleading camps. 252 SPORTS SPORTS 253 The Solid Gold Sound of the UCLA Marching Band has graced soundstages, theatre stages, and recording studios, as well as football fields. Over 250 of UCLA ' s most talented musicians and more than 1,800 man-hours go into each 7½-minute routine. The band ' s professional credits include the Academy Awards show, a Bob Hope television special, and recordings for " Love Boat, ' ' " Private Benjamin, " and numerous commercials. " More than 1800 man-hours go into each 7½-minute band routine. " 254 SPORTS And let ' s not forget the Rally Committee. They ' ve been co-ordinating UCLA ' s world-famous card stunts for over thirty years. A Rally Comm card stunt was even used in ABC-TV ' s introduction to last year ' s bowl games—the band aren ' t the only Bruin TV stars. Finally, what would a UCLA game be without Joe Bruin, Josephine, and the Big Bruin Bear (aka Ruthie Hall, Elizabeth Milner and Dieter Michaels)? Our mascots are especially popular with the younger Bruin fans. 256 SPORTS " What would a UCLA game be without Joe Bruin, Josephine, and Big Bruin Bear? " SPORTS 257 258 SPORTS MEN ' S SPIRIT SQUAD ROSTER: YELL LEADERS: David Miles, Matthew Muldoon, Marc Oka, Ciema Salem, Pam Smith Susan Wagoner, Joshua Woodard, Susan Yamamoto. DANCE TEAM: Carrie Begley, Lisa Curtin, Gail Haake, Mindy Miller, Chun-Mae Wang, Ann White, Diana Wilson. MASCOTS: Ruthie Hall, Dieter Michels, Elizabeth Milner. WOMEN ' S SPIRIT SQUAD ROSTER: YELL LEADERS: Margie Barany, Susie Friday, Christine Jackson, Greg Owens. DANCE TEAM: Joanne Harris, Barbara Tomooka, Margaret Yasuda, Susie Zachik. MASCOT: Ruthie Hall. SPORTS 259 LEFT: FIELDS VS CALIFORNIA. FAR LEFT: HOLTON VS. STANFORD. BELOW: SONG GIRLS; UCLA BAND. It ' s been eight years since the UCLA basketball team was dethroned. We ' d been such consistent winners for so long that the NCAA Championships were in danger of being renamed the UCLA Invitational; since 1975, we haven ' t managed to regain the crown once. For a while, 1983 looked like the year, but it was not to be. 260 SPORTS MEN ' S BASKETBALL The Bruins weren ' t perfect during the regular season, but they were very good, playing a number of really brilliant Washington, for earn a creditable 23-5 record. The problems surfaced in the final regular season game against Arizona State, a game the Bruins didn ' t really need to win. When Washington State lost to Washington, we had the Pac-10 title by default, so the Bruins let the Arizona State game slip. The team had gotten cocky, and that cockiness cost us our chance at the NCAAs. Some blamed it on Larry Farmer, calling him more a babysitter than a coach. Some blamed it on " selfish " players more interested in personal statistics than in winning basketball games. TOP: Fields. ABOVE: Jackson, Daye, Gray vs. Washington State. RIGHT: Gray. 262 SPORTS For whatever reason, we simply fell apart at the NCAA Tournament in Boise, losing to a 17-13 team that one Bruin assistant compared to Cal. That ' s not a complement. The team just didn ' t want the win enough. They played without emotion, without drive. By the time the Bruins began playing hard, it was too late—they ' d squandred an early five-point lead and couldn ' t get it back. OPPOSITE PAGE. LEFT: DAYE VS. ALABAMA. BELOW LEFT; RIGHT: CHEER STUNTS AT HALFTIME. THIS PAGE. LEFT: GREY VS. NOTRE DAME. BELOW: FOSTER VS. ALABAMA. BOTTOM: HOLTON VS. WASHINGTON STATE. So, it ' s another case of " next year will be a pivotal one for the Bruins " —a tune we ' ve all been hearing for too long. We ' ve got some real potential coming in as Freshmen, and Farmer is getting hungrier. " You ' re only as good as your last victory, " he ' s said. " Or your next one. " TOP LEFT: Fields. TOP CENTER: Foster. RIGHT: Daye. 266 SPORTS FRONT ROW: Montel Hatcher, Ralph Jackson, Michael Holton, Rod Foster, Randy Arrillaga. SECOND ROW: Ducky Drake, Chris Lippert (Ass ' t Coach), Craig Impelman (Ass ' t Coach), Larry Farmer (Coach), Kevin O ' Connor (Ass ' t Coach). THIRD ROW: Curtis Knight, Kenny Fields, Gary Maloncon, Stuart Grey, Brad Wright, Darren Daye, Nigel Miguel. SPORTS 267 WOMEN ' S BASKETBALL 268 SPORTS Women ' s Basketball cam e on strong last year, and this year ' s team has all the potential of last season ' s, and a lot more. With the entire front line back from the 81-82 season, added speed in the backcourt, and the excellent guidance of Coach Billie Moore, womens basketball is looking good at UCLA. " We are definitely improved over last year, " stated Moore. Much of the team ' s success is dependent on Necie Thompson; one of the nations best centers, and leading the Bruins in her junior year. Other important players are, sophmore Char Jones, who is joining the front line after an outstanding freshman year; Jackie Joyner, Tonya Alston, and Deborah Thurston all add their expert talents. " We are definitely improved over last year. " " I ' m comfortable with our frontline ' s defensive and rebounding capabilities, " added Moore, " however, I would like people like Joyner and Jones to become a little more offensive minded so some of the pressure can be taken off of Necie. " Nationally, Moore sees 1982-83 to be perhaps the most balanced season ever with no clear-cut favorite. With the NCAA finals again at Norfolk, Virginia, Old Dominion will be among the favorites as will two-time defending national champion Louisiana Tech, Tenessee, and USC. BACK ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Head Coach Billie Moore, Jackie Joyner, Char Jones, Necie Thompson, Tonya Alston, Deborah Thurston, Asst. Coach Jane Rosenkrans, Asst. Coach Anita Ortega. FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mgr. Pam Grochacz, Anne Dean, Michelle McCoy, Mary Hegarty, Dorice McFadden, Angel Hardy, Mgr. CeCe Alemania. SPORTS 271 MEN ' S VOLLEYBALL FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Wally Martin, Art Rasmussen, Tim Otterman, Kurt Gunderson, Doug Partie, Steve Gulnac, Ricci Luyties, Reed Sunahara, Roger Clark. BACK ROW: Asst. Coach Denny Cline, Ecko Osorio, Bill Morris, Brian Thompson, Neil Riddell, Scott Swartzbaugh, Andy Klussman, Kelly Ferris, Wally Goodrich, Grad Asst. Coach Mark Kinnison, Head Coach Al Scates. Not Pictured: Arne Lamburg, Steve Stovitz, Grad. Asst. Coach Karch Kiraly. 272 SPORTS " The team work, sheer size and track record are enough to intimate any team. " No school has dominated volleyball like UCLA. The UCLA volleyball team finished in the number one position for the 1982 season. Since All-American star, Karch Kiraly, graduated last June one wonders whether or not UCLA can, once again, have a typical winning season. The possibility of finishing on top again is fair. Since 1970, when volleyball became a NCAA sport, UCLA has participated in twelve of thirteen NCAA Tournaments and has secured nine NCAA titles, including two straight and three of the last four. Nine titles over the past twelve years? The biggest reason is the coach, the other " Wizard of Westwood, " Al Scates. Scates is entering his 21st year as Head Volleyball Coach. His supporting crew helped and certainly deserve recognition: Peter Ehrman, Mike Timmons (both ex-Bruin volleyballers), Denny Cline, and trainer Mike Wells certainly do their share. And the again, there are the actual volleyball players. The teamwork, calls for assistance-- " I got it " and " Yeaaaaah " --on the court, their sheer size (the UCLA team is rather tall) and their track record are enough to intimidate any team. All we can do is cheer them on and wish them our best. SPORTS 273 Women ' s Volleyball " This may be the most flexible team I ' ve coached in that we have many players who can execute all aspects of the game and can play different positions. " Since UCLA Women ' s Volleyball Coach Andy Banachowski came to UCLA, one thing has been a constant in the rich Bruin program -- no UCLA team has failed to finish out of the top four nationally. The 1982 Bruin squad returns four starters including 6-0 senior All-American setter Jeanne Beauprey and 5-8 junior power hitter Patty Orozco. Junior National All-American Merja Connolly (sophomore) and senior Cammy Chalmers both received ample starting time last year. This year promises the same. The 1983 bench strength lays in returning players Coleen Koop, Dawn Kenny, and Tracy Sayring. All three players have improved over the off-season and played well at the Junior Nationals this summer. The Junior Nationals also displayed the new Bruin recruits and confirmed feelings that 1982 could be the best recruiting crop in school history. All three recruits-- Liz Masakayan, Bev Lidyoff and Michelle Boyette-- should see plenty of action and will be vying for starting spots. This crew is not only a good bet to keep its final-four streak intact, but is also one of the favorites to capture the NCAA title. " 1 feel we can ultimately be a stronger team than we were last year, ' ' stated Banachowski. " The key to our success will be how the team chemistry meshes together and our ability to stay healthy. " TEAM ROSTER: Sheila Cornell, Coleen Koop, Michelle Boyette, Merja Connolly, Jeanne Beauprey, Cammy Chalmers, Dawn Kenny, Bev Lidyoff, Liz Masakayan, Patty Orozco, Tracy Sayring, Nina Matthiew (Ass ' t Coach), Andy Banachowski (Coach), Charlie Brande (Ass ' t Coach), Rose Dieffenbach. SPORTS 275 WATER POLO “The Bruin won a solid 3-3 of their Pac-10 meets, not to mention matches with teams from Germany and Japan.” UCLA h as always been a strong school in Water Polo, with three national championships to our credit, and 1982-3 was no exception. The Bruins finished their season with a 20-7 record, and won a solid 3-3 of their Pac- I 0 meets, not to mention matches with teams from Germany and Japan. Graduate student Robin Leamy (a four-year undergrad letterman, and currently an assistant Swimming coach) led the team with a total of 63 goals. Dave Thornton followed with 60, and goalie Peter Gordon made a staggering 116 saves. FRONT ROW: Scott Thorton, Marc Sanders, Dave Tiger, Monty Yort, Gary Roberts, J.R. Salvatore, Phil Montgomerie, Phil Matchett, Fernando Salabarria. SECOND ROW: Boogie Black, Dave Towle, Peter Gordon, Robin Leamy, Dave Baird, Tim Shumate, John Marsh, Tom Martinez, Bruce Black. THIRD ROW:Coach Bob Horn, Greg Horn, Chuck Brown, Tim Stevens, Adam Sophio, Alan Ma, Steve Hanle, Mike Rowle, Don Wright. FOURTH ROW: Jeff Chase, Carl Repins, Don Drake, Mike Knight, Larry Jacobs, Donald G. Weber. SPORTS 277 The 1982-3 UCLA Men ' s Swimming team had a lot to live up to—the 81-2 Bruins won the NCAA championship. And, sure enough, this year ' s team qualified eleven swimmers and one diver for the championship meet. Although the team ended their dual meet season with a 5-2 record; a number of individual swimmers closed the season with perfect or near-perfect records. Sophomore Bruce Hayes won every 500-meter freestyle match he swam. Freshman sprinter Tom Jager won all but one of his races. Chris Silva and Tri-Captains Stu Macdonald, Ron Zhiss, and Raphael Escalas all had outstanding seasons as well. FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Hector Chao, Mike Strauch, Jon Real, Ron Zhiss, Rafael Escalas, Chris Silva. SECOND ROW: Bruce Hayes, Bill Ryan, Steve Martz, Pat Thomas, Roger Svenssen, John Kratzer, John Mayer. THIRD ROW: Craig VanLaningham, John Sauerland, Franz Mortensen, Tom Jager, Stu Macdonald, Maris Laipenieks, Craig Nadel. TOP ROW: Coach Ron Ballatore, Asst. Coach Marc Caleb, Diving Coach Dennis Taylor, Doug Heinz, Walt Beddeo, Bruce Dorman, Scott Powell, Dave Chernek. 278 SPORTS MEN’S SWIMMING " A number of swimmers season with perfect or near-perfect records. " SPORTS 279 WOMEN’S SWIMMING Coaches Tom Jahns and Jerrie Weiss guided a very young Women ' s Swimming and Diving team through a creditable 8-2 season, but were disappointed by a 25th-place showing in the NCAA nationals: they had hoped to best last year ' s 17th-place mark. Returning swimmers included All-American and USA National Team sprinter Julie Williams and school record holder flyer Nancy Placak. Returning divers included Cindy Bailey and Laura Schwartz. TEAM ROSTER: Cindy Bailey, Kathy Clarke, Cassie Cochran, Julie DeHaven, Patrice Delaney, Dawn Doten, Ellen Ferguson, Diane Graner, Kelli Hanes, Tammy Harvego, Jackie Heeney, Tawny Hood, Sarah Hutchinson, Linda Koval, Laura Kremer, Jennifer Luhn, Caryn McClelland, Jenny McMahon, Tanya Nielsen, Chris Numano, Linda Placak, Nancy Placak, Corinna Seibt Cathy Slingsby, Stacy Smith, Beth Sydow, Julie Williams. COACHES: Tom Barb Jahn, Jerrie Weiss, Cindi Gallagher. 280 SPORTS " The team finished with a record of 8-2. " " Working out at 7:30 a.m. every day has paid off for the team. " MEN’S CREW 1983 is the golden anniversary of the UCLA Men ' s Crew Team. Preparation for the spring racing season began early in the school day by 7:30 am, the crews glided onto the glass-flat waters of Marina del Rey, where the UCLA boathouse is located. The year ' s competition matched the crew against Harvard, Yale, Washington, Cal, and Stanford, among others. Bob Newman, in his fourth year as Varsity coach, has molded the crew into one of the top three programs in the Pac-10 Still improving, the Bruins are now regarded as a major collegiate rowing power. This has been a banner year for the Freshman crew as well, undre coach Jim Sims. Winners of the freshmen event at the San Diego Crew Classic and triumphant over Cal at the Estuary, the Frosh certainly offer promise for the future. WOMEN’S CREW " ... gearing up to win the big the crews in the north.” 284 SPORTS Women ' s sports have been coming to the fore in the last few years and female athletes taken a lot more seriously. The fifty women in the UCLA Women ' s Crew squad train six days a week, twice a day in search of the big victory—upsetting the big guns in Northern California and Washington that dominate the sport. David Cowell, the new crew coach, had been a competitive rower in England before joining UCLA. Assistant Coach Wendy Larson stroked varsity for four years with the Bruins, winning two outstanding athlete awards her last year. Last seaon was won regional championships in both the Varsity and Novice divisions. This season got off to just as outstanding a start when the Novice eight broke the course record at Head of Harbor in San Pedro, after only four weeks of experience. Varsity has been winning consistently against Long Beach, San Diego State, and in the Washington ' s Birthday Regatta. TEAM ROSTER: Diane Foray, Coren Paalman, Laura Whitescarver, Lisa Baker, Mina Norona, Sheila Flanagan, Ellen HodeII, Rachelle Nyssen, Winifred Clements, Melani Ramsayer, Lori Farkaer, Suzanne Gazzangia, Rose Dissenbach, Laura Ruggles, Diana Romero, Anthea Hartig, Moreen Kane, Tanya Johnson, Carde Clarke, Christina Branger, Bess Lasky, Karen Jensen, Carleen Krelovich, Carlene Salonites, Teri Walsh, David Cowell (Coach), Wendy Larson (Ass ' t Coach). SPORTS 285 SOCCER 286 SPORTS " The UCLA soccer team should easily improve on last year ' s record. " FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Paul Krumpe, Dale Ervine, Mark Clay, Paul Caligiuri, Kieth Sutton, David Vanole, Tim Harris, Tibor Pelle, Erik Mikkelson, Doug Swanson, David Brennan, Mike Arya. BACK ROW: Coach Sigi Schmid, Asst. Coach Steve Sampson, Pat Miller, Bill Nelson, Gary Kretzschmar, Angelo Stoffolino, Mark Jennings, Ante Buljan, Gary Smith, Mike Getchell, Ulrich Hoeninghausen, Tres Reid, Roland Schmid, Grant Clark, Gil Fine - Mgr., Asst. Coach Marine Cano. With the return of one of the country ' s best defenses, a reconstructed offense, complemented by an outstanding group of freshmen, the 1982-83 UCLA soccer team should easily improve on last year ' s 12-5-3 record. Junior goalkeeper Tim Harris heads the list of returnees. " Tim is one of the best goalies to play at UCLA and he should become one of the country ' s premiere goalies in the next few months, " says head coach Sigi Schmid. " We look to him to be the dominant force of the defense. ' ' But no goalie blanks as many opponents as Harris without the help of a tough back line. Junior Bill Nelson and sophomore Mark Clay certainly do their share. Roland Schmid and Mark Jennings, both redshirting last year, will compete for the sweeping position. Top subs include juniors Dave Brennan and Grant Clark along with sophomores Ante Buljan and Gary Smith Offensively, the Bruins return two of their three top scorers and both starting forwards. Senior forward Gary Kretzschmar will pair with senior Tibor Pelle, one of the quickest forwards on the west coast. Three-year letterman Angelo Stroffilino has the edge on the midfeild position, but he ' ll be pushed hard by freshmen Paul Caliguri, Doug Swanson, and Dale Ervine. The players talent, coupled with head coach Sigi Schmid, and the assistant coaches, Steve Sampson and Marine Cano, should make this season prove successful. SPORTS 287 MEN ' S GYMNASTICS The men ' s gymnastics team has more talent now than ever. Their top five performers include senior Peter Vidmar, the NCAA All-Around Champion, the holder of every UCLA school gymnastics record but two, and definitely one of the best athletes in UCLA history; junior Tim Daggett, who finished third at the nationals last year; senior Mark Caso, an eighth place NCAA finisher; Chris Caso, an NCAA tenth place finisher and senior All-American rings specialist Alex Schwartz. Unfortunately Mitch Gaylord was ineligible this season but he will be back next year. Other very strong gymnasts on the team are rings specialist, sophomore Tom Rouse, seniors Eric Gaspard and Kirby Real in the floor exercise, vault and parallel bars specialists and all-arounders Mark Miyaoka, Rob Campbell, Jeff Dodson and Luc Teurlings. Head Coach Art Shurlock thought that with the athletes they have, they could beat anyone in the country if they had a good meet. They proved this when they beat the defending NCAA team champions, Nebraska in the UCLA Invitational, probably the climax of the year so far. That was the first time that the Bruins had beaten Nebraska. The team is looking towards a national championship this year. FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Head Coach Art Shurlock, Tom Rouse, Kirby Real, Tim Daggett, Mark Miyaoka, Chris Caso, Asst. Coach Makoto Sakamoto. SECOND ROW: Jeff Dodson, Rob Campbell, Alex Schwartz, Peter Vidmar, Luc Teurlings. BACK ROW: Mitch Gaylord, Mark Caso, Richard Tower, Eric Gaspard. 288 SPORTS " This year ' s team has more talent now than they ' ve ever had in the past. " WOMEN ' S GYMNASTICS The Bruins who placed sixth nationally last year, are one of the favorites to win the NCAA title this year, coach Jerry Tomlinson believes. This is his fourth season coaching at UCLA and he feels that they have a very strong team if everyone stays healthy. This year ' s team lost Sharon Shapiro, their top all-around gymnast along with other key members, but they had a fantastic recruiting year. They gained four of the top freshmen in the nation: Kris Montera, a 1981 and 1982 U.S. National team member; Tracy Curtis, all-around champion of the 1981 Maccabiah games and 1980 Olympic trials participant; Gigi Ambandos, a U.S. National team member and the 1982 CIF " Gymnast of the Year, " and Rhonda Schwant, who placed second in the 1978 and 1979 world games trials. She is redshirting this year because of an injury. They also have outstanding Kemp who finished sixteenth in the all-around at the NCAAs last year and All-American Anne Kitabayashi. Other strong gymnasts on the team include Suellen League, Janet Ferrari, Karen Cogan, Deanne Koulos, Michelle Ehrlich and Kim Berry. They have more depth now than any other team in the country. Their most threatening competition came from Cal State Fullerton who they defeated in a dual meet, and the University of Utah who they lost to in a meet at Utah. The team tied for second with USC behind Utah in the UCLA Invitational. FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Asst. Coach Valorie Kondos, Kim Berry, Janet Ferrari, Tracy Curtis, Kris Montera, Rhonda Schwant, Head Coach Jerry Tomlinson. SECOND ROW: Asst. Coach Scott Bull, Suellen League, Ann Kitabayashi, Karen Cogan, Gigi Ambandos. BACK ROW: Donna Kemp, Deanne Koulos, Michelle Ehrlich. 290 SPORTS " The team has more depth now than any team in the country. " SPORTS 291 MEN ' S TENNIS This year the Bruins are without all-Americans Marcel Freeman, Robbie Venter, Blaine Willenborg and Bruce Brescia, numbers 1,2,3 and 5 from last year ' s NCAA championship team because of graduation. At first glance, this would seem to be a major setback but the Bruins have a lot of talent ready to replace these athletes. Senior Danny Saltz who swept through the NCAA team singles play last year without a loss, is the Bruins number one player this year. Just behind Saltz are strong players, sophomore Jeff Klaparda and junior John Davis. Other very talented people on the team include juniors Randy Part and Craig Venter, sophomores Mark Basham and Jeff Livingston, and freshman Jimmie Pugh. Because of the mature play of freshmen Barry Buss, Chuck Willenborg and Michael Kures, the Bruins have been very successful so far. FRONT ROW: Todd Katz. SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Michael Kures, Barry Buss, John Davis, Danny Saltz, Jimmie Pugh, Craig Venter, Brett Buffington. BACK ROW: Asst. Coach Ron Cornell, Asst. Coach Blaine Willenborg, Mark Basham, Randy Part, David Livingston, Bobby Berger, Jeff Klaparda, Chuck Willenborg, Head Coach Glenn Bassett. 292 SPORTS UCLA BRUINS " The team ' s new wave of talent has the potential to lead them to another national championship. " SPORTS 293 WOMEN ' S TENNIS UCLA BRUINS 294 SPORTS A national championship in women ' s tennis? With four strong returnees and three top freshmen additions, the ' 83 team is stronger than ever, according to head coach Gayle Godwin. The Bruins won the national championship in 1981 and finished in second place last year. Godwin feels that the combination of returning players along with the addition of this year ' s freshmen, will make ' 83 an excellent season. The four top returning players are All-Americans Heather Ludloff and Helena Manset, plus senior Karin Huebner and junior Karen Dewis. New additions to the team include three of the finest players in the country, Barb Gerken, Penny Barg and Andrea Kriva. The team lost collegiate All-Americans Katherine Keil and Shelley Solomon to the professional circuit. Lynn Lewis, an NCAA doubles champion, is redshirting this year due to a knee injury. Other gifted players on the team include junior Andrea Bruno, senior Jill Jablonow, freshmen Pam Kim and Karina Walters, and one of UCLA ' s best female athletes in its history, three-time All-American volleyball standout, senior Linda Robertson. Last year the Bruins lost to Stanford in the NCAA finals, 6-3, finishing second in the nation. This year the Bruins are strong contenders for the NCAA title, as they are rated number three in the 1983 pre-season poll. FIRST ROW: Becky Bell (Ass ' t Coach), Karen Dewis, Karin Huebner, Heather Ludloff, Karen Dewis, Penny Barg, Barbara Gerken, Pam Kim. SECOND ROW: Bill Zaima (Ass ' t Coach), Karina Walters, Linda Robertson, Andrea Kriva, Helena Manset, Jill Jablonow, Andrea Bruno, Gayle Godwin (Coach). " With four strong returnees and three top freshmen additions, the ' 83 Bruins are stronger than ever. " SPORTS 295 MEN ' S TRACK AND CROSS COUNTRY The UCLA Men ' s Cross Country Track " Team " umbrellas so many aspects of track and field that it isn ' t considered one team. Pole vaulting, shot-put, javelin, high jump, broad jump, I mile, sprints, marathon, relays; plus, all share the same title. Our Cross Country and Track teams do not defy UCLA ' s tradition of excellence in sports. UCLA has one of the most respected track and feild programs in the country. Last year the Bruins won the Pac- I 0 Championship and placed fifth in the NCAA meet. The Bruins own five NCAA crowns in this sport and have finished in the top five nationally 15 times in the last 18 years. So UCLA is recognized as one of the best. Our 1983 team(s) looks like it ' s no exception. 296 SPORTS " UCLA has one of the most repected track and field programs in the country.” SPORTS 297 TEAM ROSTER: Tonya Alston, Jamie Anderson, Deziree Benson, Jeanette Bolden, Dawan Boyles, Terrie Brown, Michele Bush, Vickie Cook, Karen Copper, Arlise Emerson, Julie Frew, Heidi Griese, Dori Fullerton, Linda Goen, Kari Gosswiller, Florence Griffith, Karie Gruber, Shelly Hazlett, Heather Howard, Missy Jerald, Jackie Joyner, Janet Lam, Kathy Lass, Sandy Leung, La Shon Nedd, Kimber Pennington, Brenda Peterson, Polly Plumer, Susie Ray, Ann Regan, Karen Robinson, Shannon Stryker, Stacey Threadgill, Deborah Thuston, Lindy Toman, Robyn Utu, Annabelle Villaneuva, Scott Chisam (Coach), Bob Kersee (Ass ' t Coach), Roberta Bruder Chisam (Ass ' t Coach). " The things this UCLA team share are the field they appear on and possibly their locker rooms. " 298 SPORTS WOMEN ' S TRACK AND CROSS COUNTRY Like the men ' s team, the UCLA Women ' s Cross Country and Track Team is not made up of one group of team members, but several groups that share a single title: Track and Field. The things they share are the field they appear on and possibly their locker rooms. From the 100-yard dash to discus throwing, these Bruins do their damnedest to continue UCLA ' s tradition of athletic excellence. Our track and field team is one of the most respected in the country, having captured and defended a number of titles. This year looks like no exception. In woman ' s athletics alone, the Bruins own II national championships. These woman are " go getters " and definitely true Bruins. SPORTS 299 Jackie Robinson Stadium Home of the UCLA Bruins Ball Strike Out 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 R H E Visitors UCLA " UCLA ' s young, enthusiastic team is ranked highly in the country and they are looking towards a strong finish. " FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Jeff Pries, Chuck Yaeger, Mike Young, Ken Bloom, Bob Larimer, Pete Beall, Tony Perri, Mike Burkland. SECOND ROW: Tom Baine, Lindsay Meggs, Pat Clements, Vince Lopez, Vince Beringhele, Matt Morrison, Mark Blesius. BACK ROW: Asst. Coach Ken Gaylord, Asst. Coach Glenn Mickens, Tom Harmon, David Alarid, Brent Breakbill, Chris Schulz, Rich Amaral, Shane Mack, Asst. Coach Chris Krug, Head Coach Gary Adams. Not Pictured: Bob Westland, Jeff Scott, Gary Berman. 300 SPORTS BASEBALL The baseball team is doing well this year; currently ranked seventh in the country and one of the top teams in the nation. The team is relatively young with no senior starters, and only two seniors total on the team. Bob Westland, the Bruin ' s most dependable pitcher last year who saved numerous games; and senior Tony Perri who is hitting over .300 and driving in runs. The Bruins are " one game out of first place in the Pac- 10 and one game out of last place,” said Head Coach Gary Adams. The Pac-10 is a tight league right and the title very heavily contested, with Stanford likely the team to beat. The batters beat highly-ranked Arizona State in two out of three games at Arizona earlier this season. That was the first time that A.S.U. had been beaten in a series at their home field since 1980, so this was a high point for the Bruins so far this season. Some outstanding players include sophomore Jeff Pries, an ace pitcher and designated hitter. He pitched a one-hitter for a complete game victory over Cal at Berkeley. Other important players include three year starters, Vince Beringhele, Lindsay Meggs, and Pete Beall, who have all contributed with the bat. SPORTS 301 SOFTBALL SOFTBALL NATIONAL CHAMPIONS FRONT ROW: Mary Ricks, Janet Pinneau, Barb Booth, Leslie Rover, Shelly Aguilar, Stacy Winsberg, Dot Richardson, Priscilla Rouse, Diane Batham. SECOND ROW: Sue Enquist (Ass ' t Coach), Sheila Cornell, Barbara Young, Debbie Doom, Lori Warkentin, Tracy Compton, Sure Eskierski, Sharron Backus (Coach). " Softball coach Sharron Backus has pushed the Bruins up into the ranks of one of the top softball programs in the country.” 302 SPORTS One often wonders whether or not a softball team at UCLA does exist. If it weren ' t for the Daily Bruin ' s constant coverage of this team and their performances we probably would be left in the dark, considering the location of the field on which the Bruins practice and play. It is located up, above, and behind the infamous recreation center. Despite their location, the softball team has an excellent track record. UCLA softball players combine the perfect blend of talent and experience comprising one of the nation ' s leading teams. Softball coach Sharron Backus had a good recruiting year in addition to the return of several key players. This is Backus ' s eighth year at UCLA. Her hard work has helped push the Bruins up into the ranks of one of the top woman ' s softball programs in the country. They have unlimited potential and should be no disappointment this season. SPORTS 303 MEN ' S GOLF After 13 tournament victories in 20 outings, a sixth place finish in the NCAA Tournament, a 26-shot victory in the Pac- 10 Conference Chanpionships, a No. I ranking in Golf magazine, Corey Pavin ' s selection as College Golfer of the Year and First Team All-American along with Jay Delsing, and finally, District 8 Coach of the Year honors for head coach Ed Merrins, the proverbial question faces Merrins as he enters his eighth season at UCLA. What do you do for an encore? Certainly an NCAA Championship would be nice, but Merrins and his Bruins won ' t be gearing only for the NCAA Tournament. " A national championship is more of a dream than a goal for us this year, ' ' says Merrins, a three-time All-American at LSU in the early 1950 ' s. " We will take this year ' s tournaments one at a time, and when the time comes, we will prepare ourselves mentally and physically for the NCAA ' s.” To be sure, the returning lettermen now realize that winning 60 percent of their tournaments, earning college golf ' s top ranking and having its best player helps, but teams teams don ' t win NCAA champions on their season laurels; although Merrins certainly has done a good job of it. He has guided the Bruins from virtual obscurity to national prominence. FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Greg Starkman, John Perles, Brad Bell, Jay Delsing, Roger Gunn, David Rhorer. BACK ROW: John Grund, Asst. Coach Ray Snyder, Sr. Asst. Coach Ken Fox, Paul Garry, Tom Weede, Louie Bartoletti, Mark Metzger, Oliver Rheinfurth, Scott Lorenz, Bruce Taylor, Greg Lane, Kent DeRocher, Steve Pate, Guy Hertfelder, Brian Mahon, Mark Levander, Jeff Cracolice, Head Coach Ed Merrins. 304 SPORTS “Driving, putting, depth, and youth are all on the Bruin golfers ' side this season. " WOMEN ' S GOLF TEAM ROSTER: Kay Cockerill, Fran Epstein, Susanna Ferlito, Julie Fulton, Diane Irvin, Sophie LaPaire, Ann Lindee, Judy McDermott, Barbara McKenzie, Nancy Mockett, Cindy Scholefield, Jennifer Steiner, Jackie Steinmann (Coach), Amy Alcott (Ass ' t Coach). 306 SPORTS " This team has super and a great mental outlook. " The UCLA women ' s golf team, after finishing in fifth place nationally in 1981 and taking seventh place in the NCAA ' s for 1982, has the potential to finish similarly in 1983. Head Coach Jackie Steinmann, entering her sixth year at the Bruin helm, has one of her most talented teams. Five of the nine golfers expected to see the most action are either freshmen or sophomores. The talent is spread evenly with no clear-cut number one player. Sophomore Sophie Lapaire is the only returning player fro m last year ' s top five. She, along with senior Cindy Scholefield, give UCLA an experienced nucleus. Steinmann expects freshman Susanna Ferlito to make an immediate contribution. Junior Fran Epstein, sophomores Nancy Mockett and Jennifer Steiner, and freshmen Kay Cockerill and Judy McDermott, will see a great deal of action. Steinmann isn ' t wholly responsible for the success of these women. 1980 U.S. Open Champion, Amy Alcott is in her fourth year as assistant coach. UCLA alumna Janet Coles and Pennt Pults are the team ' s consultants, and three of the LPGA ' s top players will work closely with the team. Steinmann is confident her team will be well prepared for thr 1983 NCAA Tournament. " This team has super spirit and a great mental outlook, " said Steinmann. " I think we have the talent to finish among the top ten teams in the nation. " SPORTS 307 GEARING UP FOR Five new major sport facilities comprise the major pre-Olympics building project which is to be are told—by early 1984. Most, if not all, of the construction work you encounter when waundering around campus is the precursor of the Olympic complex which is envisioned for our campus. Surprisingly enough, this project is funded completely independent of the California taxpayer. The multi-million dollar capital investment is derived from student fee assessments, gift campaigns, and parking ticket revenue. The facilities which we have been talking about are—the Los Angeles Olympic Organizing Committee UCLA Office Building, the John Wooden Recreation Sports Center, the Memorial Activities Center " D " Athletic Support Services Building, the J.D. Morgan Intercollegiate Athletics Center, and the Los Angeles Tennis Center. When these in-progress projects are completed, they will be added to UCLA ' s existing athletic Pavilion, Drake Stadium, Spaulding Football Field, the 50-meter Olympic-sized Park Pool, and the Jackie Robinson Baseball Stadium. In told, the entire spectrum of sports facilities will properly accomodate UCLA ' s athletics progams as they deserve to class. We have decided to close the sports section this year with a look into UCLA ' s athletic future. And since we already take it for granted that we will remain nationly ranked in our sports programs, we are left with the athletic facilities which will provide the backdrop for our future atheltic achievement. The Los Angeles Olympic Organizing Committee-UCLA Office Building (quaintly abbreviated as LAOOC-UCLA) has three-levels, 55,000-square feet and recently been completed. It is that concrete layered looking t hing on the southern border of campus at the junction of Broxton and LeConte accross the street from Westwood. The facility will serve as the main administrative headquarters of the LAOOC until December of 1984 after which UCLA will obtain full rights to. Rumor has it that the building will be use to house general UCLA programs in an attempt to ease the space crunch on campus. The John Wooden Rec Sports Center is slated to completed by the time you will be reading this in early June. (If I remember correctly, this unending 308 SPORTS THE OLYMPICS " ...the precursor of the Olympic complex which is envisioned for our campus. " SPORTS 309 “. . . to properly accomodate UCLA ' s athletics programs as they deserve to be. . .” 310 SPORTS construction site has been promised for the past I wouldn ' t hold my breath. My point is just that it should be finished, but...) You really can ' t miss this four-level, multipurpose structure. It is located adjacent to Pauley Pavilion and for all intents and purposes has altered the migration path of the dorm and fraternity residents for the past three years. The building has two levels of underground parking for 450 cars and the two above-grade levels house three separate gymnasiums, ten racquetball courts, two squash courts, a weightlifting room, a martial arts room, an aerobics exercise room and administrative offices and lounges for the campus ' intramural sports and recreational club programs. A special feature of the building will also be a salute to John Wooden, the legendary former UCLA basketball coach in whose honor the structure has been named. What used to be the undersized football locker room on the west side of Pauley Pavilion is now the ever-so-spacious Memorial Activities Center " D " . By expanding the once meak building to a 30,000-square foot structure, MAC " D " is now more properly seen as the most comprehensive athletic support services facility in the country. An 8,000-square foot weight room, separate medical training rooms for UCLA ' s men and women varsity athletes with a common SPORTS 311 sports medicine rehabilitation clinic, seven football films rooms, and enlarged locker room and equipment storage areas for not only the UCLA football team but also the entire women ' s intercollegiate athletic program. What is even more amazing about this facility is that it is actually already finished and being utilized as we speak. The former box-like, two level building on the east side of Pauley Pavilion has recently been gutted on the inside to make way for the J.D. Morgan Intercollegiate Athletics Center. The new facility will not only be a complete renovation of the previous structure, but a handsome two-level expansion to the east (that ' s the part that looks like a moderne MX missle site). When completed in the fall of 1983, this new building will house all of the offices of both the men ' s and women ' s intercollegiate athletics programs at UCLA. Of special concern though is what the hell they are planning to put in the silo-esque portion of the structure. This appendage will house the UCLA Athletic Hall of Fame which is well needed to show off all of our trophies and other athletic hoo-haw. The building is named in memory of J.D. Morgan, former UCLA athletic director who reigned over UCLA ' s growth to athletic excellence. 312 SPORTS “ . . . providing the best capus facilities possible for UCLA’s championship intercollegiate athletic program. . .” SPORTS 313 " ...has been promised for the past year—so I wouldn ' t hold my breath. " 314 SPORTS Remember that small parking area to the west of Pauley Pavilion? Well, it will soon be a very big Tennis Center for Los Angeles. Included within this major new stadium will be the 5,800-permanent seat grandstand, eight illuminated courts, and a 4,000-square foot clubhouse meeting room area. Scheduled for completion in early 1984, the new stadium is scheduled to play host to the 1984 Union 76-Pacific Southwest Tennis Open Championships in April 1984, followed by the NCAA Women ' s Division I Tennis Championships the following month. But, don ' t rush out to reserve your seat—tickets won ' t be going on sale until they ' re sure the thing will be complete or not. Spurred on by the variety of roles that UCLA ' s facilities will play in the staging of the 1984 Olympics, this capital program will be completed (maybe) by early 1984 or else the Olympics will not be a pretty sight. Each of these five major facilities is slated for critical functions in the LAOOC planning of the UCLA Olympic Village and various sports competitions scheduled for UCLA, as well as providing the best campus facilities possible for UCLA ' s championship intercollegiate athletic program during the rest of the 1980 ' s. SPORTS 315 MEN ' S SCOREBOARD BASKETBALL vs. Brigham Young 85-82 vs. DePaul 73-70(OT) vs. Notre Dame 65-64 vs. San Jose State 94-71 vs. Iowa 75-66 vs. Louisianna State 82-68 vs. Maryland 79-80(OT) vs. Louisville 76-72 vs. Arizona 92-87 vs. Arizona State 87-86 vs. Oregon 97-69 vs. Oregon State 99-77 vs. UC Berkeley 68-63 vs. Stanford 101-87 vs. Alabama 67-70 vs. Notre Dame 59-53 vs. Washington State 89-87(OT) vs. Washington 84-65 vs. Oregon 67-56 vs. Oregon State 65-69 vs. Stanford 99-86 vs. UC Berkeley 70-60 vs. USC 77-60 vs. USC 71-64 vs. Washington 90-66 vs. Washington State 68-70 vs. Arizona 111-58 vs. Arizona State 76-78 vs. Utah 61-67 RECORD: W23-L6 vs. Long Beach State 41-10 vs. Wisconsin 51-26 vs. Michigan 31-27 vs. Colorado 34-6 vs. Arizona 24-24 vs. Washington State 42-17 vs. UC Berkeley 47-31 vs. Oregon 40-12 vs. Washington 7-10 vs. Stanford 38-35 vs. USC 20-19 vs. Michigan (Rose Bowl Game) 24-14 RECORD: W10-L1-TI GOLF as of April I : Nevada-Reno Wolfpack Classic 3rd place Butler National Invitational 2nd place UOP Autumn Invitational 4th place Fresno State-Pepsi Classic 18thplace Southwestern Intercollegiate Championships 5th place vs. Stanford; USC 3rd place vs. Cal State Dominguez Hills 2nd place vs. Santa Barbara 2nd place vs. UC Irvine; Cal State Long Beach 1st place UCLA-Bill Bryant Invitational 1st place vs. USC tie Pomona National Best Ball 1st place John A. Burns Collegiate Invitational 1 st place Pacific Coast Golf Classic 1st place Sandpiper Pacific Coast Tournament 4th place Oklahoma State Invitational 7th place GYMNASTICS vs. Long Beach State; Long Beach City College 1st place vs. Arizona State 1 st place vs. Cal State Fullerton 1st place UCLA INVITATIONAL: vs. Nebraska; SIU-Carbondale; Louisianna State; New Mexico; Minnesota; M ichigan 1st place vs. San Jose State; UC Berkeley 2nd place vs. Nebraska 2nd place vs. Cal State Fullerton 1st place PAC-10 INVITATIONAL: vs. Arizona State; BYU; New Mexico; Stanford; Cal State Fullerton; UC Berkeley; San Jose State; Washington 1st place RECORD: WI1-L2 vs. Wisconsin-Green Bay 2-1 vs. Fresno State 1-2 vs. Adelphi 5-0 vs. Duke 1-2 vs. Vermont 3-1 vs. Loyola-Marymount 6-0 vs. Cal State Northridge 3-0 vs. Portland 2-0 vs. UC Berkeley 2-1(OT) vs. US International 3-2 vs. San Diego State 4-1 vs. San Diego 2-0 vs. Cal State Fullerton 2-1(OT) vs. San Francisco 1-2 vs. Stanford 3-2 vs. UC Santa Barbara 1-3 vs. Nevada-Las Vegas 1-0 vs. Long Beach State 4-0 vs. Santa Clara 4-1 vs. San Jose State 2-2(OT) RECORD: W16-L4-T1 316 SPORTS SWIMMING as of April 1: vs. Mission Viejo 73-40 vs. Long Beach State 83-48 vs Calgary 70-43 vs. Stanford 47-66 vs. UC Berkeley 49-64 vs. UC Santa Barbara 64-46 vs. USC 85-28 SMU Mustang Invitational 3rd place Pac-10 Championships 4th place RECORD: W5-L2 TENNIS as of April 1: vs. Redlands 9-0 vs. UC Irvine 9-0 vs. San Diego State 9-0 vs. Brigham Young 9-0 vs. Pepperdine 3-6 vs. San Diego 8-1 vs. Wichita State 7-2 vs. Trinity 5-4 vs. Fresno State 9-0 vs. Long Beach State 7-2 vs Chapman College 9-0 vs. San Jose State 8-I vs, UC Santa Barbara 9-0 vs. South Carolina 5-2 vs. Arkansas 8-1 vs. SMU 4-5 vs. Princeton 7-2 vs. Clemson 8-1 RECORD as of April I: WI6-L2 VOLLEYBAL L as of April 1: vs. UC San Diego 2-0 vs. UC Santa Barbara 2-1 vs. USC 3-0 vs. Brigham Young 2-0 vs. UC San Diego 2-0 vs. Stanford 2-0 vs. Long Beach State 2-0 vs. Manitoba 2-0 vs. UC Santa Barbara 2- I vs. San Diego State 1-3 vs. UC San Diego 3-0 vs. Pepperdine 2-3 vs. Loyola 3-0 vs. USC 3-0 vs. Long Beach State 3-2 vs. Hawaii 1-3 vs. Stanford 3-I vs. UC Santa Barbara 3-0 vs. Ohio State 3-2 vs. Loyola 3-2 vs. Pepperdine 3-2 RECORD as of April 1: W 18-L2 WATERPOLO vs. Malibu Waves 10-8 vs. Air Force 16-8 vs. Pepperdine 13 I 1 vs. Loyola-Chicago 13-8 vs. Alumni 15- l 0 vs. Stanford 9-12 vs. San Francisco State 21-2 vs. Wasserfreunde 4-8 vs. UC Santa Barbara 9-7 vs. USC 9-5 vs. Long Beach State 9-5 vs. UC Irvine 6-10 vs. UC San Diego 6-2 vs. Pepperdine 9-5 vs. UC Irvine 8-9 vs. USC 9-7 vs. Long Beach State 10-9 vs. Japan National Team 11-5 vs. Fresno State 10-6 vs. UC Santa Barbara 8-6 vs. Stanford 3-8 vs. UC Berkeley I 1-5 vs. Pepperdine 14-3 vs. UC Santa Barbara 11-10 vs. Long Beach State 8-5 vs. UC Irvine 6-9 vs. UC Berkeley 7- I I vs. UC Santa Barbara 10-5 vs. Stanford 8-9 vs. USC 7-6 RECORD: W20-L7 SPORTS 317 BASKETBALL vs. BYU 96-86 vs. Notre Dame 82-54 vs. Georgia 75-57 vs. University of the Pacific 89-62 vs. DePaul 74-48 vs. Oregon State 71-81 vs. Oregon 59-74 vs. California 94-75 vs. Stanford 70-68 vs. Missouri 61-62 vs. Hawaii 82-57 vs. Arizona 66-65 vs. Arizona State 66-42 vs. Cal State Long Beach 63-81 vs. Cal State Fullerton 82-62 vs. Louisiana Tech 59i-84 vs. San Diego State 72-56 vs. Notre Dame 84-53 vs. Cal State Long Beach 60-82 vs. Alabama Birmingham 74-68 vs. Penn State 70-79 vs. Arizona State 61-73 vs. Arizona 79-55 vs. USC 75-83 vs. Cal State Fullerton 80-70 vs. San Diego State 100-58 vs. Stanford 92-69 vs. USC 62-82 RECORD: W18-L10 vs. USC 180.55-171.40 vs. Arizona State 181.15-186.25 vs. Arizona 183.65-178.35 vs. Cal State Fullerton 180.40-184.10 vs. Utah 180-55-186.95 vs. Utah State 181.85-180.55 vs. UCLA Invitational 2nd place vs. Cal State Fullerton 183.40-178.25 WCAA Conference 3rd place NCAA West Regionals 2nd place NCAA Championships 6th place RECORD: W4-L3 vs. CS Dominguez Hillsd 6-0; 1-0 vs. CS Northridge 4-0; 3-0 vs. Creighton 7-0;1-0 vs. UC Santa Barbara 1-0;4-0 vs. Cal Poly Pomona 2-0;2-3 vs. Arizona State 1-2; 2-0 vs. Arizona 4-0; 5-0 vs. Cal State Fullerton 4-1; 0-5 vs. Idaho State 1-0 vs. USF 4-0 vs. Oregon State 1-0 vs. USIU 0-2 vs. Cal State Long Beach 8-0; 2-1 RECORD: W18-L4 SWIMMING vs. Cal State Long Beach 108-41 vs. Arizona 79-70 vs. Arizona State 83-66 vs. Southern Illinois 94-55 vs. Colorado State 103-45 vs. UC Santa Barbara 92-19 vs. San Diego State 104-35 vs. Stanford 40-100 vs. California 82-67 vs. USC 43-106 WCAA Meet 256(4th place) Nationals 25th place RECORD: W8-L2 318 SPORTS WOMEN ' S SCOREBOARD TENNIS vs. Cal State Long Beach 6-1 vs. USD 9-0 vs. UC Irvine 6-3 vs. Cal State Fullerton 7-1 vs. Michigan 8-1 vs. USC 3-6 vs. Arizona 9-0 vs. Arizona State 9-0 vs. Indiana 8-1 vs. Clemson 7-1 vs. Trinity 4-5 vs. Stanford 4-5 vs. Cal State Fullerton 8-1 vs. San Diego State 5-4 vs. Pepperdine 8-1 vs. UC Santa Barbara 8-1 vs. Rollins 8-1 vs. Texas 9-0 vs. Trinity 3-6 vs. USC 4-5 RECORD: W15-L5 VOLLEYBALL vs. California 2-0 vs. Santa Barbara 2-0 vs. Pepperdine 3-1 vs. UC Irvine 2-0 vs. Fresno State 2-0 vs. Arizona State 0-2 vs. UC Riverside 2-0 vs. CS Northridge 2-0 vs. Pepperdine 2-0 vs. Arizona 2-0 vs. CS Long Beach 3-1 vs. San Diego State 3-2 vs. Hawaii 2-3 vs. Hawaii 0-3 vs. Hawaii 3-0 vs. Santa Barbara 3-2 vs. Arizona 2-3 vs. Arizona State 1-2 vs. USC 0-3 vs. Pepperdine 3- I vs. CS Fullerton 3-0 vs. Stanford 1-3 vs. San Diegoi State 2-3 vs. Hawaii 2-2 vs. UC Santa Barbara 3-1 vs. CS Long Beach 3-0 vs. Lamar 2-0 vs. Cal Poly SLO 2-0 vs. Washington 2-0 vs. Arizona State 2-1 vs. Montana 2-0 vs. San Diego State 0-2 vs. CS Fullerton 3-0 vs. Stanford 2-3 vs. USC 2-3 vs. Arizona State 3-0 vs. Arizona 3-1 vs. Santa Barbara 3-0 vs. Cal Poly SLO 3-0 vs. Louisville 3-0 vs. BYU 3-0 San Diego State 1-3 SPORTS 319 " Evalyn Pugh: One of the Pugh sisters, Phi Mu; because of good looks, prowess along forensic lines, and membership in several worthwhile honoraries, she fills the office of Vice-President of the Senior Class both capably and with deserved popularity. " UCLA SOUTHERN CAMPUS, 1932 FEAR OF FLYING Eminent graduation from college can cause a very odd ailment called Senioritis--also known as Fear of Flying. There are so many changes, so many experiences we ' ll never have again. No more last-minute phone calls to Mom Dad to tell them you had to MasterCharge the rent. No more reading (well, sort of) both volumes of the Shorter Cambridge Medieval History two hours before the final. No more sleeping ' til one on Tuesdays and Thursdays. No more heart attacks when the grade cards show up. No more Cooperage burgers. No more lines for registration, classes, grades, books, pizzas, lecture notes, buyback, basketball tickets, football tickets, concert tickets, bus tokens, check cashing, financial aid, or counseling. No more Mardi Gras, Spring Sing, Homecoming, ' SC games, Cal games, or Ackerman Movies. No more Biology, Geology, Astronomy, History, Sociology, Psychology, Philosophy, English, French, Music, Design, or Classics. No more bluebooks, highlighters, flash cards, lecture notes, or scantrons. No more pencils. No more books. No more teachers ' dirty looks. So long, UCLA. We ' ll miss you. 322 SENIOR CLASS G. Gregory Abel B.A. Pot Sci Soc Keyvan Abselet B.A. Econ Steven M. Acevedo B.A. Design Allison-Claire Acker B.A. Poli Sci Ruth A. Ackermann B.A. Math Robert A. Acquarelli B.S. Physics Math Cheryl L. Adams B.A. Comm Studies Lori E. Addis B.A. Design Elyce F. Addleson B.A. Econ Bryan Z. Agbabian B.A. Econ Susan D. Agee B.A. Psych Anahid V. Agemian B.A. Poli Sci Annette Aghadjanians B.A. Linguistics Mary M.S. Aguas B.S. Nursing Lupe P. Aguilar B.A. Spanish Michael M. Aguilar B.S. Psychobio Michele D. Aguilar B.A. Poli Sci Minsun Ahn B.A. Psych History Mikie Aikawa B.S. Math System Sci Allacin M. Akers B.A. Hist Clas Civ C. Gregory Albers B.A. Biology Lawrence J. Albers B.A. Psych Deborah Anne Albert B.A. History Francisco J. Alberti B.A. Math Kris G. Alesna B.S. Kinesiology Barbara Grace Alexander B.A. Linguistics Jody Alexander B.A. Art History John B. Alexander, Ill B.A. Poli Sci Engl Julie L. Alexander B.S. Psychobio Ernest P. Algorri B.A. Poli Sci Jonathan Alkin B.A. Poli Sci Cynthia E. Allen B.A. Ling Scan Lang Douglas A. Allen B.S. Engineering James R. Allen B.A. Psych Daniel W. Allice B.S. Elect Engr Julie Alper B.A. English Tamara R. Alterman B.A. Psych Gabriela V. Alurralde B.A. Econ Corazon B. Alvano B.A. Sociology Leslie Amass B.S. Psychobio Monica E.Nik Amboss B.A. History Julia K. Ambrose B.A. Psych 324 SENIOR CLASS SENIOR SHOWCASE Name: Karen McNeil Hometown: Orinda, California Major: Political Science Future Plans: Unfocused Activities: Housing Lobby, Undergraduate Presidential Campaign Staff, KD Sorority Karen describes herself as a confirmed GDI (i.e., a God-Damned Independent). She is archtypical of the student who finds the whole greek identity system either standardly stupid or outright revolting. What makes Karen of special note is the fact that she is the president of her sorority house. Is this possible? Yes, quite so. Karen sees herself as proof that the Greek System is not a cloning system-- rather a niche which anyone can find enjoyment in. Shahla Amir-Jahed B.A. Design laila Amirvafaei B.A. Poli Sci Gita Amona B.A. Psych Rosemarie C. Ancajas B.S. Nursing Brian D. Anderson B.A. History Jamie Robin Anderson B.A. Math Joy L. Anderson B.A. Econ Katryn L. Anderson B.A. English Robert Kyle Anderson B.A. Math William A. Anderson B.A. Math Emily Katherine Andree B.A. Poli Sci Tracy Jeanne Andrews B.A. Psych Pari E. Anest B.A. Econ Catherine D. Angier B.A. Psych David E. Anisman B.S. Psychobio Marla Anthony B.A. History Kenneth H. Aoki B.S. Microbiology Peggy Apelian B.A. Sociolgy Michael A. Arago B.A. English Kumi Arata B.A. Ling Japanese Mary Archer B.A. Comm Studies Kambiz Ardebili B.S. Computer Engr Joanne S. Arden B.A. Sociology Jonathan W. Arenberg B.S. Physics SENIOR CLASS 325 Anne-Lauren Arenson B.A. Psych Aysin A. Arguden B.A. Psych Richard D. Aries B.A. History Daniel L. Arkoff B.A. Econ Julie L. Armstrong B.S. Nursing Felicia C. Arnold B.A. Psych Sharyl W. Aronson B.A. Psych Judith J. Arrigo B.A. MP TV Michael H. Arshagouni B.A. Music Vivian R. Artenstein B.A. Poli Sci Jody A. Artzt B.A. Econ Azita Arvani B.S. Math Comp Sci Paul N. Aryeh B.A. Econ Ron M . Aryel B.A. Comm Studies Soren P. Ashmall B.A. Theater Blakesley Atkin B.A. Econ Ronald G. Atmur B.S. Mech Engr Betsy L. Atwell B.A. Ecosystems Philip W. Au B.S. Bio-Engr Erin J. Aubry B.A. English Linda M. Auch B.A. Econ Yvette J. Augus B.A. Psych Rosalind M. Auzenne B.A. Econ Amgad A. Awad B.A. Psych SENIOR SHOWCASE Name: Rudy Bermudez Hometown: La Mirada, California Major: Sociology Future Plans: Law School Activities: ZBT Fraternity, Mardi Gras, M.E.Ch.A. Rudy is a college student who just wouldn ' t give up. He could have easily quit after finishing up his first quarter at UCLA with a GPA of Amazingly enough, Rudy has overcome the numerous hurdles which UCLA deals out quite frequently and now has an impressive 3.2. Rudy ' s success in the face of eminent academic failure shines as an example of the drive one encounters at UCLA. It ' s students like Rudy which help UCLA hold onto it ' s top academic standing. 326 SENIOR CLASS Margarita L. Ayala B.A. Geography Grace Ayers B.A. Design Ramin Azadegan B.A. Poli Sci Econ Shirley Azadegan B.A. Econ Nancy Azaren B.A. Design Wilbur W. Babb, Jr. B.A. History Nancy Joanne Babros B.A. Econ Behrooz Bagheri B.S. Psychobio Jeffrey Cole Bailey B.A. History David S. Baird B.S. Psychobio Stacy Allene Baker B.A. Theater Arts Vicki L. Balcorta B.S. Kinesiology Wendy Lynne Baldwin B.S. Kinesiology Katherine A. Balestra B.A. Poli Sci Susan Ellen Ballard B.A. Comm Studies Gail Bancroft B.S. Mech Engr Pamela L. Banks B.A. Psych Wissam Tanal Barakat B.S. Physics Michael Duane Barbee B.A. Sociology Bonnie L. Barber B.A. Psych Marcus A. Barber B.S. Psychobio Laurie Anne Barish B.A. Psych Jeffrey L. Barkin B.A. Bus Econ Cheryl Ann Barnett B.S. Nursing James Richard Barnett B.A. English Denise Anne Bartalini B.S. Kinesiology Edward J. Bartylak, Jr. B.A. Poli Sci Carrie D. Bashaw B.A. English Wayne S. Basist B.A. History Carlene Baskevitch B.A. Geog Ecosystems Maureen Leigh Baskin B.A. Econ Karen E. Basting B.A. History Robert A. Basque B.S. Mech Engr Elaine E. Bauer B.A. Theater Arts Ana Arizmendi Bautista B.A. Sociology Margaret R. Bavaro B.A. German Jon E. Bayha B.A. Bus Econ Kevin D. Bazzell B.S. Nuclear Engr Michael L. Bazzo B.A. Classics Lawrence A. Beall B.A. Poli Sci Cynthia A. Beattie B.A. Poli Sci Daniel B. Beauvais B.S. Math Comp Sci SENIOR CLASS 327 Carmen Becerra B.A. French Lit Cheryl Mindy Becker B.A. Design Claire L. Becker B.S. Mech Engr Kathryn A. Becker B.A. History Shari Lynn Becker B.A. English Erika D. Beckert B.A. Econ Sheryl L. Bednar B.A. Econ Elisa N. Beerbohm B.A. Art History Tahmineh Behnam B.S. Math Comp Sci Reza Behrashi B.S. Engr David J. Bek B.S. Engr Marijke Lynne Bekken B.S. Psychobio Heather A.L. Bell B.A. Geog Ecosystems Steven R. Belleville B.A. Econ Josephine A. Belmonte B.A. Econ Mario Bobby Beltrano B.S. Kinesiology David Scott Bender B.S. Nutrition Emery G. Beneby B.S. Psychobio Kamran Benji B.S. Comp Engr Craig S. Benner B.A. Econ Jay D. Bennett B.A. Econ Ps ych John S. Benson B.A. Bus Econ Karin A. Benz B.A. Linguistics Lee James Berg B.S. Mech Engr Rene H. Bergero B.S. Chemistry Kristine Dee Berglund B.A. Poli Sci Joan M. Bergna B.A. Sociology Cathy L. Bergsman B.A. Comm Studies Lori M. Berk B.A. English Katherine S. Berkenbile B.S. Civil Engr Lauren Devra Berman B.A. Theater Arts LeeJay Berman B .A. Econ Martin R. Berman B.A. Poli Sci Todd Berman B.A. Econ History Rudolph A. Bermudez B.A. Sociology Ross T. Berry B.S. Econ System Sci Gretchen L. Berumen B.A. Poli Sci Rochelle M. Berwick B.S. Math Comp Sci Lynne Marie Bianco B.A. Psych Barbara Bidermann B.A. Psych William Bierschenk B.A. Econ Tami J. Bige B.A. English 328 SENIOR CLASS Henry L. Bisharat B.A. History John R. Bitzer B.A. English Brian H. Black B.A. Design Douglas P. Black B.A. MP TV Shelli J. Black B.A. Econ Marc N. Blais B.A. Econ David D. Blancett B.A. Psych Denise L. Blanda B.A. Sociology Deborah N. Blatt B.A. Psych Jody L. Block B.S. Math Comp Sci Brian J. Bloom B.A. Econ Philos Nancy K. Blyth B.A. Econ James Patrick Boada B.A. Sociology Juan Alberto Boada B.A. History Diane C. Bodurka B.S. Psychobio Patricia T. Bogaty B.A. History Matt Bogen B.A. English Nancy S. Bokman B.A. English James Michael Bolek B.S. Elect Engr Keith C. Bong B.A. Econ Poli Sci Diane L. Boone B.A. Econ Barbara D. Boone B.A. Psych Douglas R. Bontemps B.A. Econ Fenton C. Booth B.A. Econ SENIOR SHOWCASE Name: Laurie Richelieu Hometown: Palos Verdes Estates, California Major: Sociology Future Plans: Law School Activities: Bruin Belles, Government Internship Program Laurie has succeeded at UCLA in a very unique way. She is the proud owner of a parking permit in lot 6. (Yes, the one next to the Alumni Center.) What makes Laurie even more mentionable is the fact that Laurie lives in an apartment about one mile away from campus. Laurie is a fine example of the true blue senior who has learned the fine art of finagling the red tape of the parking service-- what better prep for the real world? SENIOR CLASS 329 SENIOR SHOWCASE Name: Mohan Mulani Hometown: Singapore Major: Political Science Future Plans: Business School Activities: UCLA Business Society (President), SAE Fraternity, Student Government (President ' s Office), International Student Center Mohan had always dreamt of obtaining his college education in the US. He chose UCLA because of the commanding reputation it enjoys in the Far East. Mohan sees UCLA as an absolutely cosmopolitan campus, and he represents one part of its diversity. Being able to fulfill his goal of an American education at UCLA has set him on the road to success in the corporate world. Corlyn D. Borden B.A. Sociology Jaclyn D. Borden B.A. Sociology Catherine M. Borelli B.A. Philos Women ' s Std Carlos Fernando Bosch B.A. Poli Sci Niloufar Bostani B.S. Math Comp Sci James A. Botko B.A. Econ Tracy L. Bott B.S. Nursing Ina G. Bouche B.A. German Gail M. Boucher B.A. Psych Cliff F. Bourland B.A. Poli Sci Bridget Bousquet B.S. Psychobio Lydia Ruth Bouzaglou B.A. English Lit Katherine Ann Boyce B.A. Fine Arts Terri D. Boykins B.S. Psychobio Catherine Mary Boyle B.A. English Brian Vahan Bozajian B.A. Econ Barbara A. Brace B.A. Econ Charles W. Bracken B.A. Playwriting James C. Brady, Jr. B.A. Econ Kathleen M. Bragg B.A. Theater Arts Margaret Kim Brame B.A. English Danny A. Bramlett B.A. English Dennis J. Brand B.S. Engr Rebecca A. Brand B.A. Italian Lit 330 SENIOR CLASS Kelly M. Brandon B.A. English Keith E. Brant B.A. MP TV John J. Bratmon B.S. Kinesiology Julie A. Braverman B.A. Poli Sci Deborah S. Bravin B.A. Poli Sci Melanie Ruth Bray B.A. Design Julie S. Brechwald B.A. Comm Studies Stephanie Breier B.A. Design Terri S. Breitman B.A. Sociology James P. Brennan B.A. Poli Sci Marchell M. Brennan B.A. Econ Tracy Ann Breuner B.A. Econ Tangerine M. Brigham B.A. Econ Gail M. Bristo B.A. Psych Deanne K. Brixey B.A. Psych Natalie H. Broidy B.S. Kinesiology Barbara Gene Broka B.A. English Helena V. Brooks B.A. Sociology Linda G. Brooks B.A. Music Rosemary A. Brooks B.A. Econ Elaine J. Broutt B.A. Econ Bennie M. Brown B.A. History Blair R. Brown B.A. Bus Econ Christina G. Brown B.A. Comm Studies David A. Brown B.A. Econ Laurel Anne Brown B.A. Poli Sci Lori A. Brown B.S. Kinesiology James Robert Brown B.A. Psych Steven P. Brown B.A. Design Terri L. Brown B.A. Psych H. Paul Bryant B.A. Comm Studies Terri L. Bryant B.A. Bus Econ Michelle A. Buchanan B.A. Sociology Joan Marie Bucher B.A. Econ Melissa A. Buckelew B.A. Econ Mark E. Bucklin B.A. Econ Harold K. Buchman B.A. Design Rosemary C. Budiongan B.S. Biology William D. Bugbee B.S. Biology Cuong Huy Bui B.S. Elect Engr Anna Valetta Buising B.S. Geology Scott J. Bullard B.S. Biology SENIOR CLASS 331 Kelly L. Bullock B.A. Poli Sci Cynthia K. Burke B.A. Poli Sci Kathryn M. Burke B.A. English Michael F. Burke B.A. Psych Amy Leigh Burland B.A. English Elizabeth I. Burnat B.A. Sociolgy Erin M. Burnham B.S. Kinesiology Mark A. Burns B.S. Engr Toni Burrell B.A. Comm Studies David T. Burrowes B.A. Poli Sci Sylvia M. Burton B.A. Geography Kelly F. Burson B.A. Psych Joannie G. Burstein B.A. Comm Studies Paul Burstein B.A. Poli Sci Agrippino R. Buscemi B.A. English Lit David Butler B.A. Poli Sci David B. Butts B.S. Physics Robin G. Buxton B.A. Design J.R. Buzzell B.S. Psychobio David M. Byrd B.A. Comm Studies Elizabeth F. Byrne B.A. History Armando I. Cabral B.A. Poli Sci Eleanor L. Calica-Cawley B.A. English Lito A. Calimlim B.A. Econ Psych Tricia P. Callas B.A. English Daniel B. Callaway B.A. History Julie A. Calton B.A. History Angel L. Calvo B.A. Poli Sci Alfredo E. Camacho B.S. Math Comp Sci Maria Teresa Camarero B.A. Spanish Michael A. Camber B.A. History Deborah J. Campanelli B.S. Engr Asya Campbell B.S. Math Comp Sci Catherine L. Campbell B.A. English David E. Cane B.A. Geography David E. Cannon B.A. Poli Sci Amelia J. Cano B.S. Math Comp Sci Wendy L. Cano B.A. Music Cheryl A. Canty B.A. History Lisa Joan Caram B.A. Poli Sci Steven S. Carbone B.A. Poli Sci John A. Carbonneau B.S. Math Comp Sci 332 SENIOR CLASS SENIOR SHOWCASE Name: Ami Unger Hometown: Los Angeles, California Major: Sociology Future Plans: Retail Management Activities: ZTA Sorority, Marching band Ami was more familiar with UCLA her freshman year than most every other incoming freshman. Why? Well, she had already graduated once... from the University Elementary School. This previous experience added a new dimension to Ami ' s undergraduate career, as she had longed for it ever since she watched the college world rush by her through the fence around the UES. Bruce Daniel Carlson B.A. History Christopher A. Carlson B.A. Econ Geography Elizabeth Alair Carlson B.A. History Linda B. Carlson B.A. Sociology Richard T. Carnevale B.S. Math Comp Sci Francesco Carobolante B.S. Engr Jeffrey G. Carr B.S. Psychobio David D. Carrington B.S. Psychobio Suzanne V. Carter B.A. Psych Tanya L. Carter B.S. Psychobio Denise A. Castilleja B.A. Comm Studies Rosa M. Castillo B.A. Psych Gregory F. Castle B.A. Econ Marissa B. Castro B.A. Poli Sci Elizabeth Soriano Casuga B.S. Psychobio John W. Cavers B.A. Econ Ronald S. Cavola B.S. Biochemisty Michael L. Cawley B.S. Engr John J. Cesario B.S. Biochemistry Robert Ciccia-MacLean B.A. Psych Tina Chakarian B.A. Design Shanna Sue Chambers B.S. Kinesiology Aileen R. Chan B.A. Psych Cynthia S. Chan B.S. Math Comp Sci SENIOR CLASS 333 Easter M. Char B.S. Math Comp Sci Kevin T. Chan B.S. Elect Engr Sally Mei-Ling Chan B.A. Design Shun-Chen Chan B.A. Econ Margaret Chandravirojkul B.S. Math System Sci Paul E. Chason B.A. Biology Judson L. Chase B.A. Econ Christie Chazan B.A. Poli Sci James A. Chee B.S. Computer Engr Janice Ann Chelinger B.A. Econ Benjamin C. Chen B.S. Cybernetics Carol Chen B.A. Econ Bus Gorden H. Chen B.S. Math Comp Sci Grace Y. Chen B.A. Econ Joy C. Chen B.S. Geology Leanna Chen B.S. Elect Engr Ling-Sheng Chen B.S. Math Comp Sci Shen-Chia Chen B.S. Elect Engr Susan Chen B.A. Econ Tong S. Chen B.S. Engr Daniel S. Cheng B.S. Kinesiology David W. Cheng B.S. Biochemistry Walt A. Chenoweth B.A. Poli Sci Mancy A. Chetron B.A. Comm Studies SENIOR SHOWCASE Name: Brian Knapp Hometown: Saugus, California Major: Political Science Future Plans: Graduate School in Public Administration Activities: Elections Board, Homecoming Committee (Chair), Olympic Committee An emphasis on school service is clearly evidenced by Brian ' s four years here. What with E Board, Homecoming Chairmanship and his work with the Olympic Committee here on campus it is a wonder he has managed to squeeze an undergraduate education in. Brian has become a master of making things work at UCLA to the benefit of his fellow students. He is a true master of bureaucracy and red tape-- skills which will come in handy when he links up with the United States Government. 334 SENIOR CLASS Stephen S. Cheung B.S. Biochemistry Tia Chew B.A. Ling Psych Rosanne V. Chiachi B.A. Anthro Christina H.A. Chiang B.S. Engr Fu-Min Chiang B.S. Elect Engr Elisabeth M. Chicoye B.A. Ling Spanish Josephine Chien B.A. English Tracey S. Chikahisa B.A. Bus Econ Kathy V. Chiljan B.A. History David K. Chiu B.S. Engr Hui-Mei Joy Chiu B.S. Chemistry Colleen A. Chin B.A. Econ Elizabeth A. Chin B.A. Psych Geogory E. Chin B.A. Geog Ecosystems Marian S. Chin B.S. Chemistry Denetta P. Ching B.A. Poli Sci Karen S. Chinn B.S. Nursing David J. Cho B.S. Mech Engr James B. Cho B.S. Elect Engr SongNam Cho B.A. Econ Ann E. Choi B.A. History Deuck Yong Choi B.A. Econ lnyoung Choi B.A. Math Kevin Sukkeun Choi B.S. Elect Engr Kyo H. Choi B.S. Math Comp Sci Michelle M. Choi B.S. Math Comp Sci Allyson C. Chow B.S. Math Comp Sci Anita W. Chow B.A. Ling Orient Lang Chi Hui Chow B.S. Engr Danny Chow Math System Sci Jade Y.H. Chow B.A. Econ Jenny K. Chow B.A. Math Jimmy Chow B.S. Engr Raymond Chow B.S. Econ System Sci Susan T. Chow B.A. Econ Lisa Ann Choy B.A. Econ Sharron L. Chrisman B.A. History Eric A. Christensen B.S. Mech Engr Thia Marie Christensen B.A. History Thomas Xavier Christian B.A. Econ Nicos M. Christofi B.S. Math Comp Sci Maria Chrysikos B.A. Econ SENIOR CLASS 335 David W. Chu B.S. Engr Hyunchul Chung B.S. Math Comp Sci Tanwei Chung B.S. Elect Engr Minju Chung B.A. Design Ronald P. Claeys B.A. Sociology Yolanda A. Claiborne B.A. Poli Sci Cathleen C. Clardy B.A. Psych Angela R. Clark B.A. Psych Ben Clark B.A. Psych Cheryl Lynn Clark B.A. Anthropology Michael S. Clark B.A. Psych Pamela Clark B.A. Poli Sci Richard J. Clark B.A. MP TV Mary-Louise Class B.A. Antro Joseph C. Clauss B.S. Mech Engr Catherine M. Cleary B.A. English Peter W. Clerides B.A. English Craig K. Cleveland B.A. Poli Sci Econ Karen M. Cleveland B.A. English Kimberly D. Clifner B.A. Math Kenneth L. Cockerill B.S. Math Comp Sci Susan C. Coe B.A. Design Steven D. Cohan B.A. Econ Susan W. Cohan B.A. Econ Adrianna B. Cohen B.A. MP TV Alan Gregg Cohen B.A. Design Gordon A. Cohen B.S. Kinesiology Jodie A. Cohen B.A. Relig Stds Psych Larry B. Cohen B.S. Engr Mehran Ben Cohen B.S. Bus Econ Psychobio Michael Cohen B.A. Comm Studies James H. Colby B.S. Engr Paul A. Colichman B.A. Poli Sci Keith S. Collins B.A. History Carolyn J. Comparet B.A. Comm Studies Robert D. Conklin B.S. Elect Engr Kelly M. Conlon B.A. Comm Studies Pegeen Mary Connolly B.A. History Michaela M. Conroy B.A. History Lisa M. Contratto B.A. Psych Susan L. Convirs B.A. French Lit Mark S. Coon B.A. Poli Sci 336 SENIOR CLASS Suzanne E. Cooper B.S. Biology Peter Coopersmith B.A. MP TV James C. Cope B.A. Sociology Tracy J. Corbo B.A. English Teresa R. Cordova B.A. Comm Studies Silvana M. Coria B.A. Poli Sci Garry N. Corman B.A. Poli Sci Cathleen A. Cornelius B.A. Psych Joseph Robert Cornet B.A. English Jennifer L. Corston B.A. Comm Studies Elizabeth M. Cosbey B.A. Music Deborah Rose Cotton B.A. Psych Beverly A. Coughlin B.A. English David W. Courdy B.S. Math Comp Sci Kendall A. Cowan B.A. Psych Sharon Deen Cowan B.A. English Kathleen M. Cowderoy B.A. Psych Lucia E. Coyoca B.A. Poli Sci Hist Chet A. Cramin B.A. Poli Sci Joanna Caron Crandall B.A. Econ Psych Kevin F. Crawford B.A. English Kimberley S. Crockett B.A. Psych Bret Ira Cross B.A. Econ Douglass Cross B.A. Econ SENIOR SHOWCASE Name: Evan Skopp Hometown: Los Angeles, California Major: Philosophy Future Plans: Law Name: Debby Blatt Hometown: Brooklyn, New York Major: Psychology Future Plans: Women ' s Health Care Evan and Debby are fiances. What is interesting is the fact that their relationship bloomed here at UCLA. Debby uprooted herself from Brooklyn College (her hometown ' s institute of higher learning) and enrolled at UCLA. Evan worked his way up through a JC, a state U only to find himself completing his baccalaureate degree at UCLA. This cross continental relationship was drawn to UCLA and exemplies a rare breed at UCLA-- serious couples. SENIOR CLASS 337 Cynthia A. Crossland B.A. Bus Econ E. Laurel Crossley B.A. MP TV Susan M. Crowley B.S. Public Health Oona Estelle Crusell B.A. Poli Sci Rosiemarie M. Cruz B.S. Psychobio Jacquetta T.M. Cubie B.A. Math Celia B. Cudiamat B.A. Psych Cindy L. Cumbess B.A. English Anthony E. Cunha B.A. Poli Sci. Jeffrey D. Cunningham B.A. Econ History Susan J. Curie B.A. Psych Jacklyn E. Curran B.A. Sociology Johanna N.E. Currie B.A. Theater Arts Lisa M. Curtin B.A. Psych Laura A. Curtiss Psych Paul A.O. Cutone B.A. Theater Arts Hirout Dagnew B.A. Psych Renee D. Dale B.A. Sociology Breton T. Daley B.A. Psych Econ Katherine J. Daley B.A. History Kimberly B. Daniel B.A. Psych Gordon M. Dankberg B.S. Engr Comp Sci Terese M. Dankowski B.A. Econ Marcy P. Dann B.A. Sociology Elena M. Dapremont B.A. Econ Robert A. Darke B.S. Psychobio Nancy R. Dauer B.A. Sociology John M. DaVega B.A. Poli Sci Dusty Davidson B.A. English Rachel N. Davidson B.A. English Theresa Davidson B.A. Economics Charles T. Davies B.A. Psych Cameron Lisa Davis B.A. Poli Sci Jeffrey M. Davis B.A. Econ Rodney L. Davis B.S. Math Comp Sci Sharon L. Davis B.A. Poli Sci Grant Richard Dawdy B.A. Math Frank Dawoodjee B.A. Poli Sci Rebecca Lynn Dean B.S. Knesiology Michael R. DeKovner B.A. Econ Scott S. Delaplane B.S. Poli Sci Genette Del Rosario B.A. Econ 338 SENIOR CLASS SENIOR SHOWCASE Name: Aaron Katz Hometown: San Marino, California Major: Political Science Future Plans: Law School Activities: Undergraduate General Rep, Administrative Vice-President of USAC Aaron has spent his four years at UCLA as a student government person. Everything from committee work to special projects (such as the Bruin Bargain Book) are included on Aaron ' s agenda of student government involvement. His future plans include politics and Aaron has garnered quite a preparatory education for that in the tower of Kerckhoff Hall. Odette L. de Lusignan B.A. Sociology Sirvart Demirjian B.A. Psych Valerie R. Demos B.A. English Doreen Frances Denitz B.A. Comm Studies Hilary A. DePrez B.A. History Kent A. DePue B.S. Systems Engr Elizabeth M. Derebeew B.A. Comm Studies Karen T. Derecho B.A. Karen Tracy Derr B.A. Econ Donna L. Derrick B.A. Psych Hovsep Der-Yeghiayan B.A. Poli Sci Eveline Desbarats B.A. Comm Studies Laurie L. DeSelms B.A. Psych Linda J. deSoto B.A. Theater David E. Deutsch B.A. English Anthro Vivian N. Deutsch B.A. Comm Studies Andrea C. Devay B.A. Econ Leslie Claire DeWitt B.A. Psych Alan S. Diamond B.S. Psychobio Bethamy Diamond B.A. Sociology Jacqueline B. Diamond B.A. Econ Francine Marie Diaz B.A. Poli Sci Suzanne Janine Dibie B.A. Econ French Laurie A. Dickerson B.A. Bus Econ SENIOR CLASS 339 SENIOR SHOWCASE Name: Jaime Piero Hometown: Christchurch, England Major: Sociology Future Plans: Grad School in Counseling Jaime was born in the UCLA Medical Center, but Los Angeles is not her home town. She grew up in England, yet has always yearned wanted to return to UCLA for her college education. What makes Miss Piero so notable is the fact that through her connections in England, she is always at the forefront of the music world. One step ahead of the rest one might say. Be it New Wave, Ska, or just plain modern dance music, Jaime is in tune months ahead of the rest of us. Margaret S. Dicks B.A. Psych Melody A. Diehm B.A. Psych Linda L. Diestel B.A. Psych Bruce W. Difley B.A. Math Catherine L. DiLoreto B.A. Psych Bedros G. Dilsizian B.S. Comp Sci Michael V. DiMucci B.S. Nursing Carl J. Dispenziere B.S. Psychobio James Nghia Do B.S. Engr Khanh D. Do B.S. Elec Engr Victoria M. Dodds B.A. Math Kathleen L. Doll B.A. English Raul B. Domingo B.A. Econ Steven Dominguez B.S. Public Health Douglas R. Donaldson B.A. Geography Leungyau Dong B.A. Fine Arts Daniel J. Dooros B.A. Econ Matt J. Doretti B.A. Bus Econ Mae R. Dorfman B.A. Psych Mary M. Dougherty B.S. Nursing Candy A. Dowler B.S. Mech Engr Leilani R. Downer B.A. Comm Studies David D. Downes B.A. Poli Sci Jeffrey M. Downey B.A. Poli Sci 340 SENIOR CLASS Kathleen Downs B.A. Bus Econ Samuel K. Drew B.A. Sociology Dianne Marie Drake B.A. Econ Elana Dror B.S. Engr Systems Sci Gaylen Ducker B.A. Creative Writing Michael R. Duckworth B.A. Bus Econ Eileen Frances Duffy B.A. Poli Sci Soc Patrick L. Duke B.S. Engr Mary Teresa Duncan B.A. Theater Kirkland G. Dunn B.S. Math Applied Sci Ruth Ann Dunn B.A. Linguistics Psych William C. Dunn B.A. Econ Paul S. Dunning B.A. Econ James L. Dunton B.A. Econ Duc H. Duong B.S. Biochem Nicholas G. Dupas B.S. Mech Engr Jeannine M. Dupuy B.A. History Poli Sci Rebecca D. Dusatko B.A. Econ Michelle R. Dynowski B.A. Comm Studies David M. Edelstein B.S. Engr Dianne M. Edenfeld B.A. Bus Econ Steven C. Effertz B.S. Comp Sci Lynn M. Eger B.A. Econ Psych Brian L. Eisenrich B.S. Engr Nada A. El Bitash B.A. Comm Studies Soc Philip G. Elhai B.A. Theater Arts Bassil H. El Khayri B.S. Civil Engr MaiBritt Ellingson B.A. Design Tom J. Elliot B.A. Econ Timothy G. Emanuels B.A. Bus Econ Arlise D. Emerson B.A. Poli Sci Mark Edward Emmons B.A. Comm Studies Shon Edward Encinas B.S. Elect Engr Pamela Joan Endler B.S. Geophysics Stephanie E. Endo B.A. English Angela H. Eng B.S. Psychobio Edward P. Eng B.S. Engr Jean Z. Eng B.A. Econ Stephanie D. Eng B.S. Kinesiology Christien M. Engelman B.A. Econ Debbie A. Engle B.A. History Joseph F. Engler B.S. Engr SENIOR CLASS 341 Lori Jean Ensley B.A. English Alvin H. Epstein B.A. Sociology Janice L. Erdman B.A. Psych Hallie Esbin B.A. Sociology Kristine Eschenbruecher B.S. Nursing Eva M. Escobar B.S. Biochemistry Fabio Escobar, Jr. B.S. Civil Engr Fardad Esmailian B.S. Biology Anthony F. Esparza B.A. Design Michael L. Etkins B.A. Bus Econ Clara Y. Eum B.A. History Everette Adam Evans B.A. Poli Sci David W. Fahrner B.A. Econ Amal Ali Fakhro B.A. Psych Mark S. Fall B.A. Poli Sci Lori Anne Farber B.A. Econ Fariba Farkhani B.S. Math System Sci Roya Farkhani B.S. Math Comp Sci Nooshin Farivar B.S. Psychobio Katharine M. Farrow B.S. Nursing James H. Fasola B.A. Bus Econ Andrea B. Fein B.A. Sociology David B. Feinstein B.A. Poli Sci Brenda C. Feldman B.A. Comm Studies Lynne A. Feller B.A. Design Donald W. Feltham B.A. Econ Lynn E. Felty B.A. Econ John A. Fenady B.A. English Wan Jung Feng B.S. Microbiology Robert M. Fera B.S. Math Comp Sci Rachel L. Ferdman B.A. Comm Studies Mark S. Ferguson B.A. Patrick E. Ferguson B.A. Econ Celia Fernandez B.A. Design Warren L. Ferrell B.A. Psych Jeffrey E. Feuer B.A. Econ Corinna U. Fiedler B.S. Psychobio Eve P. Fielder B.A. Sociology Preston B. Fields B.A. Psych Ronald M. Fields B.A. Econ Edward J. Filardo B.S. Microbiology Michael J. Filardo B.S. Elect Engr 342 SENIOR CLASS Jeffrey D. Filley B.A. Econ David Scott Fine B.S. Biology Lori L. Fine B.A. Psych Susan Carol Fine B.A. Bus Econ Susan L. Fine B.A. Psych David W. Fink B.S. Computer Engr Ned A. Finkle B.S. Engr William Matthew Fish B.A. Bus Econ Jack Fischer B.S. Elect Engr Lisa R. Fisher B.A. Psych Debbie L. Fishman B.S. Psychobio Catherine M. Fitzgerald B.A. Bus Econ Colleen M. FitzGerald B.A. Theater Arts Michael D. Flaherty B.A. Econ Steven E. Flaum B.A. Comm Studies Thomas M. Fletcher B.S. Physics Victoria L. Fletcher B.A. Econ Anthony J. Flier B.A. Poli Sci Martha E. Fling B.A. Poli Sci Michael Flint B.A. Comm Studies Melodie Flores B.A. Theater Arts Kelly M. Flynn B.A. Psych Deena Sue Fogle B.A. Psych Alan D. Foley B.A. Econ SENIOR SHOWCASE Name: Keith Ryono Hometown: Lakewood, California Major: Psychology Future Plans: Grad School in Medical Illustration Activities: Phi Eta Sigma, Spring Sing Comm, Publication Office, Yearbook Staff, Medicus Keith has a reputation in design circles-- he ' s very talented. Then why is he majoring in psych? The Design Department wouldn ' t accept him. It just shows what they know-- Keith is a very " in demand " designer, he doesn ' t need the Design Department for success. With the number of free lance projects Keith has under his belt, he has no concern about " missing out ' ' on an education. Keith is a great example of what a big university overlooks through its system of pre-reqs and red tape. SENIOR CLASS 343 David A. Fong B.A. Econ David F. Fong B.S. Engr Donald Fong B.S. Chemical Engr Margo Fong B.S. Kinesiology Joseph E. Ford B.S. Physics James Forester B.S. Mech Engr Katherine K. Forrester B.A. Poli Sci Patricia G. Forrester B.A. English Linda D. Fort B.A. History Teri Ellen Foster B.A. Sociology Fotios F. Fotinatos B.A. Econ Psych Anne W. Fowler B.S. Kinesiology Kerry J. Foy B.S. Physics John E. Franceschi B.A. Econ Psych Reuben D. Franco B.A. Econ Kevin A. Frankel B.A. MP TV Janette E. Franklin B.A. Design Gerald W. Franz B.A. Econ Karen P. Frei B.S. Psychobio Douglas J. Freret B.A. Econ Carol L. French B.A. Music Eileen Friedman B.A. Bus Econ Ellen-Jo Friedman B.A. English Lauri B. Friedman B.A. Psych SENIOR SHOWCASE Name: Caren Rosen Hometown: New Haven, Connecticut Major: Fine Arts-- Painting, Sculpture, Graphic Arts (PSGA) Future Plans: Graduate School in Painting Have you ever seen those students marching through the vicinity of North Campus Eating Facility carrying funny blue tackle boxes and large conglomerations of cardboard, poster board and the like? (You know, the one ' s who dress on the fringes of reality.) These illustrious persons are the Art students and Caren is one of them. What makes her special though is the fact that for some unknown reason UCLA mystically assigned her to the without asking her about it. Caren calls it fate, some call it UCLA. She is one of a vanishing breed since the PSGA major is now being phased out. Roxanne Friend BA. Theater Arts Lauren E. Frischer B.S. Biology Greg Froomer B.A. Psych Martha M. Frutos B.A. Psych Jayme M. Fryer B.A. Poli Sci Antony Fu B.S. Computer Engr Stanley K. Fujii B.S. Elect Engr Kelly A. Fujinaka B.A. Sociology Rhonda G. Fukushima B.A. Econ Brian H. Fuller B.A. English Dorie L. Fullerton B.A. Design Tracey A. Fulmer B.A. Econ Julie A. Fulton B.A. Sociology Antony H. Fung B.S. Computer Engr Kathleen M. Fung B.A. Poli Sci Steven N. Funk B.A. History Cecelia C.A. Fusich B.A. Poli Sci Gary P. Futterman B.A. Comm Studies Melissa A. Gaines B.A. Psych Robert J. Gaitan B.A. Poli Sci Damian P. Gallagher B.A. Econ Kathleen E. Gallagher B.S. Microbiology Daniel W. Galaif B.S. Psychobio James A. Gallucci B.A. Geog Ecosystems Horacio Galvan B.A. History Frank P. Gangi B.A. Econ Maureen E. Gant B.A. Sociology Carlos E. Garcia B.S. Psychobio Plinio Jorge Garcia B.A. Econ Latin Amer Stds Brooke N. Garman B.A. Psych Shauna R. Garr B.A. Psych Helen L. Garrett B.A. Econ Danon P. Garrison B.S. Biology Sharm L. Gaspar B.A. Sociology Psych Karen L. Gater B.A. Psych John A. Gebhardt B.A. Econ Marcie M. Geffner B.A. English Andrew J. Gellens B.A. Microbiology Gabriele G. Gentilli B.A. Art Hist Italian Gilberto Gentilli B.A. Psych Elias T. Georgandas B.A. Econ Deborah A. Gerdes B.A. Psych SENIOR CLASS 345 Heidi L. Gerhart B.A. Sociology Michael Alan Gevertz B.A. Comm Studies Vahan Ghazarian B.S. Engr Suzanne J. Gibson B.S. Kinesiology Matthew Jaime Gichtin B.A. Econ Sara J. Gidan B.A. Social Psych Loretta Doris Giese B.A. Poli Sci Joan E. Gilbert B.A. Psych Sheila A. Gilbertson B.A. Comm Studies Jenifer T. Gill B.A. History Lena M. Gilliam B.A. English Kelly Anne Gilmore B.A. Psych Scott D. Gilmore B.A. MP TV Michael S. Givens B.A. MP TV Bernard Jerald Glasser B.A. Econ Psych Cynthia Joy Glassman B.A. Poli Sci Michael Braley Gleason B.A. Econ Alice Ann Gleghorn B.A. Psych Anthro Douglas M. Gleichman B.S. Engr Alexis S. Gleiter B.S. Math Applied Sci Helen Gabrielle Gliniak B.A. History Kay E. Gorman B.A. English Wayne W. Godlewski B.S. Physics Jeffrey Francis Goehring B.A. Design Michael J. Goetsch B.A. Econ Firouzeh L. Gohari B.A. Poli Sci Psych Peter J. Golbetz B.A. Econ Temra J. Gold B.S. Psychobio Daniel J. Goldberg B.A. Econ Poli Sci Jeffrey S. Goldberg B.A. Poli Sci Lee R. Goldberg B.A. Econ Sheri Beth Goldberg B.S. Kinesiology Douglas J. Golden B.A. Econ Andrea M. Goldenberg B.S. Psychobio Rick L. Goldfarb B.A. Comm Studies Sylvia Jo Goldman B.A. History Karen L. Goldstein B.A. Ethnic Arts Samuel Gomez B.A. Poli Sci Alex R. Gonzales B.S. Kinesiology Leticia P. Gonzalez B.A. Latin Amer Stds William H. Good, Jr. B.S. Math Comp Sci Daniel L. Goodkin B.A. Econ 346 SENIOR CLASS SENIOR SHOWCASE Name: John M. Kohut Hometown: Austintown, Ohio Major: Economics Future Plans: J.D. M.B.A. program combined with the entertainment industry Activities: Undergraduate Economics Society (President), Publication Office Management Assistant, Undergraduate Accounting Society (Chairman), Government Internship Program (Director) Most graduating seniors have to worry about their future, but for John the worry is two-fold-- he has a promising option open to him in the modeling entertainment world (which recently came his way after winning the Western Models and Talent Competition this past October) and an equally attractive future in the business world. These unexpected career options come to an undergrad who pulled up his roots from a small midwestern town in Ohio and aimed for adventure in Los Angeles. He certainly found it and then some. John is one senior with his foot in the door of two real worlds. Mark S. Goodman B.A. English Marc B. Goodstein B.A. Art David W. Goodwin B.A. Econ Nancy Elizabeth Goosmann B.A. Theater Arts Michael L. Gorczyea B.A. Psych Jeffrey S. Gordon B.A. History Econ Greg H. Gordon B.A. Econ Mark J. Gordon B.A. Econ Martha K. Gorenberg B.A. Poli Sci Keith T. Gorman B.A. Creative Wrtng Poetry Elaine K. Goto B.S. Math System Sci Michael T. Gottlieb B.A. Econ Colleen Gould B.A. Psych Rhonda R. Gowdy B.S. Kinesiology James S. Goydos B.S. Microbiology Marita J. Grabiak B.A. MP TV Jenny Susan Graham B.A. Poli Sci Diane D. Gramly B.A. Psych Lisa M. Granich B.A. Sociology Adrienne Grant B.A. Comm Studies Valerie Grant B.S. Psychobio Christopher M. Graves B.S. Math Comp Sci George Greanias B.S. Engr Valerie Gregory B.A. Psych SENIOR CLASS 347 Barbara J. Green B.A. History Donald Philip Green B.A. Poli Sci History Kenneth Philip Green B.S. Biology Janet S. Green B.A. History Laurence R. Greene B.S. Geology Seth Greiner B.S. Chem Materials Sci Wendy J. Greuel B.A. Poli Sci Janet L. Griest B.A. Econ Julia E. Griffen B.A. Geography Regina A. Griffey B.A. English Adonis R. Griffith B.A. Poli Sci Sharon R. Gross B.A. Psych Sarah Beth Grossman B.A. Theater Arts Sandy F. Grushow B.A. Comm Studies Eric Guaglione B.A. MP TV Rebecca Guerrero B.A. Latin Amer Stds Capri Guess B.A. Art History Concetta R. Guglielmo B.A. Poli Sci Janet E. Guinn B.S. Kinesiology Leilani M. Gulliver B.S. Biochemistry Linda E. Gurley B.A. Comm Studies Edward P. Gurrola, Jr. B.A. Psych David M. Gursky B.A. Psych James D. Gustafson B.A. History Sandra L. Gustafson B.A. Poli Sci Lori A. Gutheim B.A. Bus Econ Armando J. Gutierrez B.A. Psych Mary-Lou Gutierrez B.A. Psych Caroline L. Guttman B.A. Econ William L. Guttman B.A. Poli Sci James M. Haar B.S. Aerospace Engr Gena L. Haddox B.A. Comm Studies Mary Kay Hafeman B.A. Econ Linda Jean Hagu e B.A. Psych David J. Hahn B.A. Comm Studies Hyun S. Hahn B.A. Design Nancy A. Haight B.A. Psych Phillip S. Hain B.A. Sociology Armen Hairapetian B.A. Econ History Allan R. Halcrow B.A. English Amer Stds Nico John Halekakis B.A. Poli Sci Jeffrey J. Halfen B.A. Poli Sci 348 SENIOR CLASS William F. Halfen B.A. Econ Lance J. Haliday B.A. Geog Ecosystems Barbara J. Hall B.A. Sociology Elizabeth Ann Hall B.A..English Econ Jeanne L. Hall B.S. Psychobio Ruthie E. Hall B.A. Psych Whit W. Hall B.A. Sociology Karen S. Hallerman B.A. Sociology Paul William Hallin B.A. Bus Econ Andrea L. Halperin B.A. Econ Mona R. Halprin B.A. History Poli Sci James A. Haluska B.S. Math Comp Sci Darryl T. Hamamoto B.S. Microbiology Pamela C. Hamanaka B.A. Engl Women ' s Stds Virginia K. Hamer B.S. Geology Brian P. Hamilton B.A. Econ Kirk Loren Hamilton B.A. Geography Lori Lyn Hamilton B.A. Linguistics Marc A. Hamilton B.S. Math Comp Sci Leopold I. Hanami B.A. Japanese Cheryl Lynne Hanes B.A. Poli Sci David Lee Hankin B.A. Econ Mitch Hanlon B.S. Biology J.B. Hannis B.A. Design SENIOR SHOWCASE Name: Beth Johnson Hometown: Moraga, California Major: Art Future Plans: Graduate School in Education Activities: Pi Beta Phi Sorority, ASUCLA Operations, Graphic Services There ' s one thing a student at UCLA has very little of-- free time. Beth knows the feeling well; She works 20 ' hours per week, is active in her sorority and spends many an hour in the art studios of Dickson. It is all quite natural for Beth though, she ' s heard many stories of how thriving things are at UCLA from her mother, her two sisters and her aunt who all attended UCLA over the years. UCLA is not only an experience for Beth, but a family tradition. SENIOR CLASS 349 John D. Hansen B.S. Physics Math Barbara J. Hanson B.A. Econ Eric C. Hanson B.A. Poli Sci Linda M. Hanson B.A. Econ Gregory R. Hanzel B.A. Geog Ecosystems Judith L. Harders B.A. Econ Ramin Hariri B.S. Math Comp Sci Jeffrey Paul Harker B.A. Religious Stds Cheryl L. Harney B.A. Psych Coretta K. Harris B.S. Mech Engr Durae O. Harris B.A. Graphic Arts John Robert Harris II B.A. Econ John W. Harris IV B.A. Psych Karen L. Harris B.A. English Wendy R. Harris B.A. Poli Sci Gail L. Harrison B.A. Design Heidi S. Hart B.A. Psych Michael A. Hart B.A. Econ James M. Harter B.A. History Perla Hartman B.A. English Carol D. Harvey B.A. Design Wayne M. Hasebe B.A. Econ Mark D. Hasen B.S. Math Comp Sci Tissa R. Hata B.S. Biochemistry SENIOR SHOWCASE Name: Michael Schwartz Hometown: Chicago, Illinois Major; Political Science Future Plans: Law School Every once in a while people complain that education just isn ' t linked to the real world. Well, that ' s not the case for Michael. His work here at UCLA doing research in the Poli Sci Department has lent itself directly to his work with the Justice Department. In Michael ' s case the education he is garnering at UCLA is going to be the stepping stone to bigger and better things in the real world. With his degree in Poli Sci, Michael is going on to law school. Then as a lawyer he plans to dedicate himself to the protection of individual rights as afforded us by our Constitution. 350 SENIOR CLASS Daniel R. Hatch B.A. Psych David A. Hatfield B.A. Econ Anie Hatzikian B.S. Chemical Engr Lisa J. Hauff B.S. Econ Systems Sci Timothy N. Hawke B.A. English Cynthia C. Hazard B.A. Econ Michael J. Hearle B.A. Theater Arts Helen Hearn B.A. Psych Allan P. Heck B.A. Psych DorLisa Hedgepeth B.A. Poli Sci Barbara L. Heil B.S. Psychobio John Heinmiller B.A. Math Paul J. Heinrich B.A. Philosophy Ronnda Heinrich B.A. Sociology Diane Christine Heise B.A. Psych Ricardo Hekimian B.A. MP TV Craig J. Helm B.S. Biochemistry Jane L. Helmeczi B.S. Kinesiology Carolyn F. Hemann B.A. English John P. Hemingway B.A. History Nancy L. Hendrickson B.A. Bus Econ Kristen M. Henrichsen B.A. Ecosystems Susan C. Henriksen B.A. English Debra L. Henry B.A. Poli Anna Elizabeth Hensel B.A. Music Deirdre Michelle Hepburn B.A. MP TV William A. Hepler B.S. Chemical Engr Paul J. Hering B.A. Econ Bradley J. Herman B.A. Poli Sci Jennifer Rose Herman B.A. English Rozanne M. Hermelyn B.A. Design Carmela Hernandez B.A. Sociology Jose L. Hernandez, Jr. B.A. Math Diane Herring B.A. Psych Kim Herrington B.A. Econ Kathleen J. Herse B.A. Psych John A. Hess B.A. Psych Earl Brian Hewell B.A. Econ Steven Paul Heyne B.S. Biochemistry Misa Hidaka B.A. Microbiology Carl C. Higgins B.A. Psychology Howard S. High B.A. Slavic Lang Lit SENIOR CLASS 351 SENIOR SHOWCASE Name: Kim McGillicuddy Hometown: Pasadena, California Major: Political Science Sociology Future Plans: Law School Activities: New York Internship Program (Placement Director), UniCamp Head Counselor, Washington Internships, Prision Coalition, Project MAC, Bruin Belles, Together (Staff Writer), Sproul Hall (Front Desk Staff), Chicano Studies Field Project Kim sees something wrong with the typical undergraduate student. Students here at UCLA come in and become isolated from the rest of the world. Then what ' s worse is that they go on to become unrealistic about what they are going to do in the real world. What we all don ' t realize is that the world goes on without us while we are sheltered on campus for four years. In order to make a difference in the world, Kim thinks that one must go out into the community and apply the " higher education " to the real troubles of the world as one goes-- or else the college graduate will be out of touch and unable to make anything any better at all. Cari Linn Hildebrandt B.A. Comm Studies Joseph Earl Hill IV B.A. Econ Janet Linda Hillary B.S. Chemistry Hilary A. Hilton B.A. Sociology Kerry M. Hirasuna B.A. Design Nathlyn T. Hirohama B.A. Psych Haym B. Hirsh B.S. Math Comp Sci Jan M. Hirshman B.A. History Alice K. Ho B.A. Econ Anna M. Ho B.S. Psychobio Sally Ho B.S. Math Comp Sci Hai Hoang B.S. Math Comp Sci Hien B. Hoang B.S. Math Comp Sci Son M. Hoang B.S. Engr Leigh Anne Hodges B.A. Music Catherine A. Hoeven B.A. Comm Studies Alan R. Hoffman B.A. Individual Jerzy R. Hoffman B.S. Physics Math Rolf Hoffman B.A. English Sheila S. Hoffman B.A. Poli Sci Andrea L. Hogan B.A. Theater Arts Carol A. Hogan B.A. Sociology Michael H. Hogeland B.A. Econ Craig S. Holick B.A. Econ 352 SENIOR CLASS Todd K. Holland B.A. MP TV Blake M. Holler B.A. History Brian D. Holmes B.A. Psych Bus Admin Curtis C. Holmes II B.A. Geography Derek N. Holmes B.A. Econ Amy Hom B.S. Mech Engr Robbin Denise Honbo B.A. Econ Alfred Hong B.S. Math System Sci Lucile C. Hooton B.A. Poli Sci Claudia Jane Hoover B.A. Econ Richard H. Hori B.A. Geography Tammy Kay Horton B.A. Comm Studies Michael D. Horvat B.A. English Carl M. Horvath B.S. Engr Gary B. Horwitz B.A. Psych Brian L. Hoshiko B.S. Math Comp Sci Kobra Hosseinmardi B.S. Chemistry John Hotta B.A. Philosophy Brent A. Howard B.A. Poli Sci Carrie J. Howard B.A. English Lorraine E. Howard B.S. Microbiology Lynn Howard B.A. Psych Mark J. Howard B.A. Econ Mark J. Howard B.A. Econ Curtis Mark Hoy B.A. Econ Psych John Bowen Hoyt B.A. Poli Sci Mark T. Hsi B.A. English Ray J. Hsiao B.S. Elect Engr Robert C. Hsu B.S. Computer Engr Peter Teh-Chien Hua B.S. Elect Engr Jocylan Tzu-Jung Huang B.A. Math Applied Sci Victor C. Huang B.S. Chemistry Bijou S. Huber B.A. English Rick E. Hudson B.A. Poli Sci Brian E. Hughes B.A. Math Jennifer L. Hughes B.A. Applied Music Ye Sook Huh B.A. Music Gary T. Hum B.S. Biology Andrew R. Hunter B.A. Comm Studies Julie A. Hurlburt B.S. Math Comp Sci Irma I. Hurtado B.A. Spanish Ling Meena Husein B.S. Math Comp Sri SENIOR CLASS 353 Christine R. Husnak B.A. Econ Buu Quoc Huynh B.S. Math Comp Sci Laura T. Hyman B.A. Psych Lori J. Hyman B.A. Comm Studies Roy Hyun B.S. Math Comp Sci Frances M. Hwang B.S. Microbiology Yunhui Hwang B.S. Math Comp Sci Craig H. Ichinose B.A. East Asian Stds Nicolino I. lezza B.A. Econ Michele M. lida B.A. Math Rew K. Ikazaki B.A. Econ Ogbonne Omamgbe Ikpa B.A. Econ Alexander P. Iles B.A. Econ Linda T. Imagawa B.A. Psych Laurel L. Impett B.A. Sociology Jennifer Kei Inadomi B.S. Chemical Engr Jerianne Eileen Ireland B.A. Psych David Isenberg B.A. Econ Susan E. Ishioka B.S. Biology Frederick K. Isobe B.A. Econ Lynne S. Itamura B.A. History Roger Y. Ito B.A. Econ Natalie C. Iwach B.S. Elect Engr Joyce M. Iwamoto B.A. Psych JoAnn W. Ivy B.A. Sociology Ricky H. Izumi B.A. Econ Daniel L. Jackson B.S. Elect Engr Tamara L. Jackson B.A. Ec on Jennifer M. Jacobs B.A. Sociology Sharon B. Jacobs B.A. Psych Matthew F. Jacobson B.A. Poli Sci Jerilyn Dee Jaffe B.A. Biology Roger A. Jaffe B.S. Sci Wendy Susan Jaffe B.A. Poli Sci Leslie A. Jagger B.A. English Kristin A. Jakobsen B.A. Anthro R. Michael James B.A. Econ Wendy J. Jameson B.S. Public Health Mark J. Jansheski B.A. Econ Saghar Javanshir B.S. Kinesiology Michael C. Javier B.A. English Edward Neil Jenkins B.S. Econ Systems Sci 354 SENIOR CLASS Gary C. Jenkins B.S. Math Comp Sci Thomas C. Jensen B.A. Econ Rosanna M. Jew B.S. Nursing Linda L. Jiang B.S. Math Comp Sci Jess V. Jimenez B.A. Poli Sci Craig S.J. Johns B.A. Poli Sci Beth L. Johnson B.A. Art Debra J. Johnson B.A. Anthro Glen M. Johnson B.S. Physics Judy Ann Johnson B.A. Sociology Karen L. Johnson B.A. Comm Studies Lindsay S. Johnson B.A. Econ Mary L. Johnson B.A. Bus Econ Maureen G. Johnson B.A. MP TV Robert S. Johnson, Jr. B.A. English Sheldon R. Johnson B.A. Econ Michelle Jolton B.S. Kinesiology Cynthia A. Jones B.A. Geog Ecosystems Kevin E. Jones B.S. Engr Michele R. Jones B.A. Art Yvonne M. Jonke B.A. English A. Kevin Jordan B.A. Psych William B. Jordan B.A. Bus Econ Carolina De Fatima Juarez B.A. Poli Sci SENIOR SHOWCASE Name: Steve Katz Hometown: San Fernando Valley, California Major: Philosophy Future Plans; Law School Activities: TKE Fraternity, KLA Disc Jockey Steve is one of the 20,000 commuting students of UCLA. He swings down from the Valley five days a week, regularly lunches at the Treehouse, and dines at the Cooperage. For commuters like Steve, UCLA remains a nice place to visit, but.... Being a commuter also adds a new dimension to Steve ' s humor. This thread of humor ties the commuters together, because one has to have a good sense of humor to live through traffic reports, on-ramps, parking permit-mania, and the long drive home. SENIOR CLASS 355 SENIOR SHOWCASE Name: Jane Rosenberg Hometown: Hollywood, California Major: Political Science Future Plans: Novelist Activities: Daily Bruin Staff Writer Jane thinks of herself as the typical graduating senior-- she entered UCLA with grand aspirations of greatness. Then after four years of higher education, Jane is now optimistically cynical. Unable to muster the discipline required to scratch her way to the top, Jane found herself refined by education-- that is, Jane is now serious. Jane is a shining example of what becomes of each and every one of the 32,000 students at UCLA. Kathleen Sue Juergensen B.S. Microbiology Lorraine M. Jumelet B.A. Bus Econ Marie A. Juncosa B.S. Math Comp Sci Rohidi Junus B.S. Elect Engr Christianne D. Kafetzopoulos B.A. Econ Janet Kahenian B.A. Econ Mary Ellin Kahmann B.S. Kinesiology Christopher M. Kahn B.A. Comm Studies Nicholas S. Kahrilas B.A. Poli Sci Econ Craig D. Kain B.A. Psych Daniel Kalina B.A. Poli Sci Mitchell M.T. Kam B.A. Microbiology Sunderraj M. Kamaleson B.A. Econ Margaux M. Kambara B.A. History Deborah Anne Kamin B.A. MP TV Terese L. Kaminskas B.A. Sociology Anne-Marie G. Kammerlander B.A. French Linguistics Harris J. Kane B.A. Psych Patricia L. Kangas B.A. Math Applied Sci Janet K. Kantz B.A. English Amy B. Kaplan B.S. Econ Systems Sci Jon Bradley Kaplan B.A. Econ John C. Karapetian B.S. Biology Patricia L. Karasawa B.A. Design 356 SENIOR CLASS Christine M. Karayan B.A. Poli Sci Dennis Eric Karlsson B.A. Poli Sci Vipada Kasemsri B.S. Math Systems Sci Cara M. Kates B.A. Psych Danai M. Katsufrakis B.A. Poli Sci Aaron H. Katz B.A. Poli Sci Cherol B. Katz B.A. English Martin R. Katz B.A. Poli Sci Moshie D. Katz B.A. Poli Sci Samuel M. Katz B.S. Elect Engr Steven M. Katz B.A. Philosophy Todd M. Katz B.A. Econ Kathy M. Katzaroff B.S. Kinesiology Timothy L. Kaufman B.A. Linguistics Sean A. Kavanagh B.A. Poli Sci Carl Kawabe B.A. Poli Sci Thomas T. Kawakami B.A. Econ Andrew S. Kaye B.A. Biology Kelly A. Kearney B.A. Psych Rodney L. Kearney B.A. Poli Sci Judith A. Keifer B.A. Psych Allen P. Kelly B.A. English Donna M. Kelly B.A. Econ Jean Anne Kelly B.A. Psych Pamela Kelly B.A. French Ling Sandra F. Kelly B.A. Sociology Ernest Kemeny B.A. Comm Studies David B. Kennedy B.A. Bus Econ Terry Cornell Kennedy B.A. Econ Arnold Gary Kent B.A. Econ Raulee J. Kent B.A. Classics Kenneth S. Keppler B.S. Engr Kim M. Keppler B.A. Design Gary N. Kernick B.A.Theater Arts William D. Kesling B.S. Engr Kim-Huat Khoo B.S. Civil Engr Sima Khosrova B.S. Math Comp Sci Richard K. Kiel, Jr. B.A. Biology Elizabeth S. Kil B.A. Sociology Ann E. Killion B.A. Comm Stds History Brian K. Kim B.S. Physics Chan Kwang Kim B.S. Psychobio SENIOR CLASS 357 Chang M. Kim B.A. Poli Sci Econ Deborah Kim B.S. Math Systems Sci Gina Kim B.S. Kinesiology Hyang J. Kim B.S. Math Comp Sci II-Ran Kim B.A. Psych In-Soo Kim B.S. Math Comp Sci Jae H. Kim B.A. Design Jane Soonmee Kim B.S. Math Comp Sci Jenny J. Kim B.A. Psych Econ Jin Sook Kim B.A. Psych Juliana Y. Kim B.A. East Asian Stds Jung Hwan Kim B.S. Computer Engr Jung Joo Kim B.A. Math Julie Anne Kim B.S. Math Comp Sci Seung-Min Kim B.S. Electronics Si Kwan Kim B.S. Math System Sci Soyeen C. Kim B.A. Art Tanya E. Kim B.S. Math System Sci Tony K. Kim B.A. Econ Young I. Kim B.S. Biochemistry John D. Kimball B.A. History Poli Sci Ernest A. King B.A. Sociology Joel M. King B.A. Econ Johnathan P. King B.S. Engr Karen L. King B.S. Chemical Engr Kurtis R. King B.A. Poli Sci Suzanne M. King B.A. English Gary M. Kinghorn B.S. Engr Phillip J. Kirihara B.A. Econ Aki A. Kiriyama B.A. English William L. Kirker II B.S. Econ System Sci Shari L. Kirkland B.A. Psych Daniel L. Kirsch B.A. Biology Kerry B. Kirwan B.A. Poli Sci Gretchen L. Kiser B.A. Biology Kelvin R. Kishaba B.A. Psych Robert I. Kishlansky B.S. Elect Engr Aaron D. Kishlansky B.S. Elect Engr John R. Kiszla B.A. MP TV Robin L. Kitagawa B.S. Microbiology Betty P. Kiu B.A. Math Julie Ann Kjos B.A. Poli Sci 358 SENIOR CLASS SENIOR SHOWCASE Name: Don Lavi Hometown: Thousand Oaks, California Major: Philosophy Future Plans: Law School Don is a normal, middle-of-the-road, mainstream UCLA student. He is one of those persons who really makes up the majority of the 32,000 students here. Don used to be in a fraternity, he works on campus (at the Central Ticket Office), he commutes, he is graduating in the favored four years, and he is planning to go on to grad school. All in all, Don is the person who you will remember years from now as the guy you had in some class or another. Lisa M. Klearman B.A. Music David J. Klein B.S. Math Comp Sci Ralph H. Klestadt B.A. Engr Stephen J. Klimczuk B.A. Econ Heidi R. Klimp B.A. German Susan B. Klinenberg B.A. Sociology Brian David Knapp B.A. Poli Sci John J. Knight B.A. Psych Karyl Lynne Knopp B.A. Comm Studies Eunhee Ko B.A. Bus Econ Sumei T. Ko B.A. Psych Ralph Peter Koelln B.A. Econ German Chris Chong Koh B.A. Econ Keith T. Koketsu B.A. Econ Gregory M. Kolakowski B.S. Computer Engr Elizabeth M. Kornblum B.A. Biology Myra Terry Kornfeld B.A. Design Ken T. Koshimizu B.A. Econ Sigi Kottler B.A. English Lit Raechelle Denise Kouby B.A. Econ Kim S. Kovacs B.A. History Timothy T. Koyama B.S. Chemical Engr Brenda L. Kramer B.A. Econ Joanna L. Kramer B.A. Poli Sci SENIOR CLASS 359 Varoujan A. Kranian B.A. Biology Diane R. Kratzle B.A. Psych Carleen M. Krelovich B.A. Poli Sci Lisa S. Kremer B.A. Econ Brian H. Krikorian B.A. English Steve L. Krongold B.A. Econ Karen J. Kubota B.A. Psych Marta J. Kuehl B.A. German Kathleen Y. Kuida B.S. Elect Engr Kr istan L. Kuhn B.A. Sociology Kathleen K. Kuritani B.S. Kinesiology Lyndell Kung B.S. Biochemistry Nancy C. Kung B.A. Econ Shawn Y. Kuo B.S. Mech Engr Shirley H. Kuramura B.A. Sociology Janis Irene Kurihara B.S. Psychobio Michael J. Kurth B.S. Biology Kevin R. Kuykendall B.A. Psych Tai I. Kwak B.S. Elect Engr Hoi Luen Kwan B.S. Engr Christopher J. Kwolek B.A. Econ Elene R. Laff B.A. Poli Sci John A. Lagudis B.A. Econ Marc Anthony Lalli B.A. Econ SENIOR SHOWCASE Name: Christy McKnight Hometown: Palos Verdes, California Major: Business Economics Future Plans: Graduate School in Taxation Activities: Bruin Belles, ASK Counselor, Mentor Program, UniCamp Counselor, Homecoming Committee, Student Accounting Society (President) Name: Lori McKnight Hometown: Palos Verdes, California Major: Business Economics Future Plans: Graduate School in Management Activities: Bruin Belles, UniCamp Couselor, Mentor Program, UCLA Sailing Club, Sigma Chi Little Sister, ASUCLA Student Management Staff, Alpha Lamda Delta, Student Accounting Society For four years people have had a funny feeling that someone was all over campus-- well, let the truth be known. That someone is Christy and Lori, identical twins. In additions to being sisters, Christy and Lori are best friends, schoolmates, and roommates. Yet above and beyond this they are two true, blue Bruins. They have invested their individual interests into their education here and are looking forward to the real world. 360 SENIOR CLASS Amy M-T. Lam B.A. Econ Karen M. Lam B.A. Sociology Tuan Q. Lam B.S. Math Comp Sci Lori A. Lanctot B.S. Kinesiology Mark A. Landis B.A. Comm Studies Wilson S. Lane B.A. Math Joseph J-M. Lange B.A. Bus Econ Christopher C. Lanier B.A. Econ Marty Larcabal B.S. Mech Engr Thomas H. Larsen B.A. Bus Econ Rand D. Larson B.S. Geog Ecosystems Tinyiu Lau B.S. Math Comp Sci James D. Laur B.A. Poli Sci Philosophy Colette B. Laurencot B.S. B.A. Ecosystems Psych Ann M. Lavelle B.A. History Patricia J. Lavenson B.A. English Donald L. Lavi B.A. Philosophy Sharon E. Lavin B.A. Psych Kimberly T. Law B.A. History Afro-Amer Stds Lori Michele Lawlor B.A. Sociology David J. Lawrence B.A. History Cheryl B. Lazar B.A. Psych G. Michael Lazarou B.A. Theater Arts Milan G. Lazich B.A. Econ Psych Khanh Thu Le B.S. Chemistry Lan Phuong Le B.S. Math Comp Sci Toan V. Le B.S. Biology Tuan A. Le B.S. Chemical Engr Cheryl Beth Leader B.A. English Women ' s Stds Janet M. Leahy B.A. Fine Arts Margaret M. Lech B.A. Psych Matthew H. Leddy B.A. Psych Alfred Lee B.S. Elect Engr Andrea Lee B.A. History Beth Lee B.A. Psych Brian G. Lee B.S. Math System Sci Charles H. Lee B.S. Math Comp Sci Deborah A. Lee B.A. History Derek S. Lee B.S. Math Comp Sci Esther M. Lee B.A. Psych James H. Lee B.S. Elect Engr Johanna S. Lee B.A. Psych SENIOR CLASS 361 Nancy S. Lee B.A. Classical Civ Mike M. Lee B.S. Biochemistry Ronald R. Lee B.A. Math Sandra Y. Lee B.A. English Susan M. Lee B.A. Sociology Taryn C. Lee B.S. Kinesiology Teresa S. Lee B.S. Math Comp Sci Wonhee Lee B.S. Elect Engr William D. Legg B.A. Econ Psych David E. Leifer B.S. Math Comp Sci Andrea Leigh B.A. Theater Arts Maurice I. Lemons, Jr. B.A. English Melissa K. Lent B.A. History Linnie Caye Lentych B.A. Theater Arts Sandra H. Leon B.A. Comm Studies J. Lee Leonard B.A. Psych Brenda Yuk Mui Leong B.A. English Eugene P. Leoni B.S. Kinesiology George R. LePorte II B.A. Bus-Econ Psych Jeffrey E. Lerman B.A. Poli Sci Lori M. Lerman B.A. Econ Arthur J. Lessard B.S. Computer Engr Doris M. Lesser B.A. Psych Dieter K. Letsch B.S. Geology Edmund T. Leung B.S. Mech Engr Howard H. Leung B.A. Econ Allison L. Levi B.A. English Jeffrey R. Levin B.A. Econ Steven J. Levine B.A. Comm Studies Sally A. Levinson B.A. Poli Sci Marc R. Levis B.A. Econ French David H. Lew B.S. Kinesiology Denise Y. Lew B.S. Chemical Engr Myron H. Lew B.S. Biochemistry Sandra E. Lew B.A. Spanish Linguistics Stephen A. Lew B.A. Econ Sandra J. Lewallen B.A. Poli Sci James R. Lewis B.A. Poli Sci Robert C. Lewis B.A. Poli Sci Georgia Alexander Liakopoulos B.A. Poli Sci Keith Liang B.S. Kinesiology Sharon Y. Liao B.A. Econ 362 SENIOR CLASS Ted E. Liao B.S. Engr Jennifer K. Lick B.A. English Johhny Lie B.S. Elect Engr Raleigh A. Lieban B.A. Poli Sci Caren M. Lieberman B.A. Poli Sci Danny L. Lieu B.S. Engr Systems Tracy A. Lieu B.S. Psychobio Kathryn R. Lillard B.A. Design Jaewon Lim B.A. Sociology Eugene G. Lim B.S. Computer Engr Haelan Lim B.A. Design Huey L. Lim B.S. Elect Engr James D.J. Lim B.S. Psychobio Nerissa M. Lim B.A. Pysch Shirly L. Lim B.S. Engr Sung-Min Lim B.S. Chem Material Sci William E. Lin B.S. Biochemistry Yao H. Lin B.S. Math Comp Sci Jonathan A. Lincoln B.S. Math Comp Sci Lori B. Lindstrom B.A. History Suzanne Marie Lindstrom B.A. Psych Craig J. Ling B.A . Psych David R. Lira B.A. Poli Sci Donna C. Lisciandro B.A. Poli Sci SENIOR SHOWCASE Name: Howard High Hometown: Cerritos, California Major: Slavic Languages Literature Future Plans: ROTC, Asian Coalition, International House Building Committee Howard is one of the very few graduating seniors around who have what, one may call, direction. That is to say, Howard knows where he is going to, what he wants to accomplish, and how to apply his degree towards his goals. Through his involvement in ROTC and his major-- Slavic Languages Literature-- Howard hopes to make a mark on the world through work in the State Department sometime in the future. That goal is quite a bit more defined than anyone else jumping into the real world in June. SENIOR CLASS 363 David S. Littenberg B.A. Poli Sci Evan Kruse Littman B.A. History Carol S. Liu B.S. Engr Sabrina Liu B.A. Econ Lisa E. Livingston B.A. Poli Sci Heung-Chuen L. Lo B.A. Econ Marian Lo B.A. Econ Jacqueline E. Logan B.A. Design Donna L. Logsdon B.A. English Alvin F.C. Long B.S. Engr Kristin A. Long B.A. Sociology Robert C. Long B.A. Design Stephanie G. Lopez B.A. Econ Geoffrey E. Loren B.A. Math H. Peter Lorenz B.A. Biology Marianne E. Louie B.S. Computer Engr Teresa Love B.A. Comm Studies Jonathan D. Lowenson B.S. Biochemistry Barbara A. Lozano B.A. English David A. Lubarsky B.A. Econ History Alecia V. Lucas B.A. Psych Douglas J. Lucas B.A. Econ Samuel M. Lucero B.A. Math Applied Sci Lester J. Luck B.S. Biochemistry SENIOR SHOWCASE Name: Kris Eschenbruecher Hometown: Agoura, California Major: Nursing Goal: Nursing School Activities: Orientation Counselor, Student Health Committee Kris is what you might initially want to stereotype as a South Campus person. After all, the nursing program revolves around south campus-mania-- chem, bio, pub health.... But Kris transcends her major ' s concentration in the south and has not a llowed herself to become locked into a border there. She has always been intent upon experiencing all facets of life which UCLA had to offer. As a nursing major, she is very concerned about the future of her major as an undergraduate program here. This concern has led her to take par t in sit-ins, rallies, lobbying, etc.-- something one doesn ' t expect from South Campus. 364 SENIOR CLASS Jack Lue B.A. Econ Lydia Y. Lum B.S. Kinesiology Nancy Mei Jun Lum B.S. Mech Engr Cindy V. Lumpkin B.A. History Steven D. Lund B.A. Econ Kristin L. Lundstrom B.S. Kinesiology Alison J. Luzar B.A. Bus Econ Jonathan Blake Luzar B.A. Econ Elizabeth C. Lynch B.A. Spanish Ling Erin M. Lynch B.S. Geology Shelley A. Lyons B.A. Psych Kenneth Ho-Yin Ma B.S. Math Comp Sci Dana Louise Mack B.A. English Philip W. Mack B.S. Microbiology Steven D. Mack B.S. Engr Christine A. MacLaughlin B.A. Comm Studies Kourosh Maddahi B.S. Psychobio Lori A. Mader B.S. Psychobio Janet M. Maderious B.A. Comm Studies Bonnie S. Mahler B.S. Psychobio Julie M. Mahoney B.A. Sociology Gregory M. Maldonado B.A. Music Karen D. Mallet B.S. Math Applied Sci Carol B. Malouf B.A. History Karen Maltz B.A. Linguistics Keelie I. Maly B.A. History Miriam Mamann B.A. Art History Stephanie Elise Mann B.S. Psychobio Ali Manoochehrian B.A. Math Helena R. Manset B.A. Poli Sci Michelle M. Marchetti B.A. Design Frank S. Marino B.A. Poli Sci Daniel S. Mark B.S. Math Comp Sci Albert John Marquez B.S. Kinesiology Megan D. Marquez B.A. Psych Sylvia Marquez B.A. Psych Joyce A. Marrone B.A. Psych Douglas R. Marshall B.A. Econ Elizabeth A. Martin B.S. Psychobio Eron James Martin B.S. Kinesiology Sally J. Martin B.A. Psych Teresa L. Martin B.A. En glish SENIOR CLASS 365 Kathleen A. Martinez B.A. Sociology Victoria L. Martinez B.A. Psych Pamela Jean Marton B.A. Sociology Susan K. Martyn B.A. Psych Terry Y. Masaoka B.A. Comm Studies Lawrence J. Mason B.S. Chemical Engr Susan M. Massarik B.A. Psych Virginia Maria Mastroianni B.A. History Women ' s Stds Thomas G. Mathews B.A. Theater Arts William D. Mathews B.A. Psych Sharon H. Mathog B.A. Design Lisa M. Matkowski B.A. Comm Studies Dale Ken Matsubara B.S. Mech Engr Sheryl Anne Matthaeus B.A. Comm Studies Bruce R. Mattick B.A. Econ Bruce H. Mau B.S. Engr Helen Mauchi B.A. Design Robert H. Mauk B.A. Biology Ruth E. Mauri B.A. Econ Victoria F. Maus B.A. History Allan Akira Mayemura B.S. Math Comp Sci Leslie H. Mayron B.A. Design Suzanne M. McBride B.A. Poli Sci Kathleen A. McCaffrey B.A. History Kathleen J. McCarthy B.A. Comm Studies Clint McClanahan B.S. Psychobio Jennifer L. McClure B.S. Kinesiology Roger D. McCracken B.A. Biology Laurie E. McDaniel B.A. History Mark A. McDermott B.S. Physics Douglas J. McDougall B.A. Poli Sci Eileen M. McEvilly B.A. History Laura L. McFarland B.A. Psych Sociology Daniel P. McGeever B.A. History Kimberly Brita McGillicuddy B.A. Poli Sci Sociology Robert A. McGinness B.A. Comm Studies Sean O ' Meara McGoey B.S. Geology Debra A. McKenna B.S. Physics Christy Kay McKnight B.A. Bus Econ Lori Ann McKnight B.A. Bus Econ Kelly Bryce McLeod B.A. Poli Sci Patrick C. McMillan B.A. Design 366 SENIOR CLASS SENIOR SHOWCASE Name: Greg Owens Hometown: Struthers, Ohio Major: Theater Arts Future Plans: Motion Picture Production Activities: Marching Band, Women ' s Athletic Cheerleader, Fine Arts Department Productions, Bearwear Model People transfer to UCLA. Greg did. He attended Ohio State for two years. Greg came to watch Ohio State vs. USC in the Rose Bowl way back in 1979, and he swung by UCLA while he was out here. He immediately decided that this was the place to be. Now that he ' s been here and is ready to graduate Greg is positive that he made the correct decision. His involvement here has opened the door for his future career goals in the entertainment industry-- and opening doors the one ' s future is exactly what a university is supposed to do. Mary A. McMullen B.A. Psych Daniel D. McNeil B.S. Engr David D. McNeil B.S. Engr Karen M. McNeil B.A. Poli Sci Kevin C. McWilliams B.S. Kinesiology Michael J. Means B.A. Econ D Mel Mecham B.A. Geography Maria Elena Medellin B.A. English Max P. Medema B.A. History Robert H. Medema B.A. History Dawn D. Melcher B.A. Psych Sociology Carla S. Melendez B.A. History Cheryl J. Mende B.A. Comm Studies Karen A. Mendez B.A. Comm Studies Mercedes Mendoza B.S. Kinesiology Rochelle Mendoza B.A. Design Katherine F. Menzia B.A. English Monica G. Mernes B.S. Math Comp Sci Michael David Mertens B.A. Music Christopher P. Mertes B.A. Econ Sheldon Meshulam B.S. Bioengineering Edmond Mesrobian B.A. Math Comp Sci Johanna Metzger B.A. Oriental Lang Japanese Rebecca L. Meyer B.A. Geography SENIOR CLASS 367 Scott A. Meyers B.A. Poli Sci Steven E. Meyer B.A. B.S. Poli Sci Econ-Sys Sci Lynne A. Michael B.A. Design Keith A. Michael B.A. Psych Dana Michels B.S. Kinesiology Gloria Liz Miguel B.A. Poli Sci Bart M. Miles B.A. Sociology Iris E. Milian B.A. Sociology Diana Helen Miller B.A. Poli Sci Paul R. Miller B.A. Biology Stephen J. Miller B.A. Poli Sci Tom D. Miller B.A. Psych Deborah Ann Mills B.A. English Raffi Minasian B.A. Design Randy B. Minck B.A. English David C. Miner B.A. History Glenda Diane Miner B.A. Geography Ann Mari Mineta B.A. Comm Studies Philip Stuart Mirkin B.A. Psych Geography Janine S. Miskjian B.A. Sociology Danielle L. Missman B.A. Philosophy Georganne Mitchell B.A. Sociology Jay A. Mitchell B.A. Poli Sci Tracy A. Miya B.A. Econ SENIOR SHOWCASE Name: Tammy Ryan Hometown: Hemet, California Major: Communications Studies Future Plans: Law School Activities: Education Abroad Program, Bruin Belle Tammy hails from a small town where she was the cream of the crop academically. She entered UCLA with a pre-med education as her goal. Yet her small town high school didn ' t quite prepare her for Chem 11 A, Math 31 A, and the rest of the South Campus core courses. Tammy immediately rebounded to greener pastures in North Campus which she found she was more at home with. Tammy came to discover that you can mix business with pleasure and still graduate-- that is, once you find your place in the broad range of options here at UCLA. 368 SENIOR CLASS Darryl T. Miyaguchi B.S. Elect Engr Soraya Mobasser B.A. French Lit Gregory J. Mock B.A. Psych Cynthia J. Moe B.A. Sociology Tod E. Moffett B.A. Poli Sci Robert J. Mohn B.S. Psychobio Martha A. Molina B.A. Sociology Elizabeth Irene Molyneaux B.A. MP TV Terrence L. Monreal B.S. Elect Engr Manuel H. Montemayor B.S. Biochemistry Mary L. Montiel B.A. English Gabriela Montoya B.A. Spanish Ling Eva Monty B.A. French Melisa E. Moon B.A. Econ Gregory S. Moore B.S. Engr Marcus K. Moore B.A. Econ Michele M. Moore B.A. Comm Studies Thermon Lee Moore, Jr. B.S. Econ System Sci Sharon R. Mooshagian B.A. Biology Kathryn E. Moreen B.A. Sociology Brian K. Morelan B.A. History Angela B. Moreno B.A. Sociology Paulette A. Moreno B.A. Psych Karl M. Morgan B.A. Sociology Connie S. Mori B.S. Kinesiology Brendan Morris B.A. History Regina L. Morris B.A. Econ Sheila Rae Morris B.A. Sociology Susan R. Morris B.A. Music Kay Linton Morrow B.A. Latin Amer Stds Jerry D. Mosher B.A. English William F. Mosk B.A. Econ Ronald A. Mossier B.A. Psych Sharon E. Mosunic B.S. Math Comp Sci Bahram Motamenpour B.A. Geog Ecosystems Arsalan Mottahedin B.A. Art E. David Motte B.A. Psych Darlene S. Moy B.A. Poli Sci Craig A. Moyer B.A. Econ Stan L. Muenter B.A. Geography Lynn E. Mueting B.A. English James H. Muh B.A. Psych SENIOR CLASS 369 Richard R. Mukai B.A. MP TV Mohan Mulani B.A. Poli Sci George J. Murakawa B.S. Microbiology Bridget A. Murphy B.A. Sociology Cynthia A. Murphy B.A. History Donald D. Murphy B.S. Geology Kelley Leigh Murphy B.A. Psych Paul Vincent Murphy B.S. Kinesiology Cynthia M. Mushet B.A. Anthropology Deborah D. Musselman B.A. History Christina M. Musso B.S. Kinesiology Irene R. Mutchnik B.A. English Scott David Myer B.A. Econ Barbara A. Myers B.A. History Ross Myers B.A. Psych Reza Nabavi B.S. Math Comp Sci Christine Harumi Nagatani B.A. Comm Studies John W. Nagle B.A. Econ Eric Y. Nakamura B.A. Design Laurie T. Nakano B.A. Psych Wayne K. Nakano B.A. Bus Econ Lori M. Nakayama B.S. Nursing Kap Namkoong B.S. Engr Kwang S. Namkoong B.S. Chemical Engr Thomas R. Napoli, Jr. B.A. Econ Ken-Ichi Narumi B.A. Art Ken S. Nasongkhla B.S. Engr David R. Navarrete B.S. Chemistry Dora Nazarian B.A. Econ Robert R. Neiman B.S. Math Comp Sci Tracy C. Neistadt B.A. Sociology Collen C. Nelson B.S. Engr Joyce C. Nelson B.A. Econ Michael Lee Nelson B.A. Bus Econ Stephen J. Nelson B.A. Econ Edward P. Nemiroff B.A. Econ Diane M. Neuman B.A. Spanish David A. Neuman B.A. Comm Studies Andrea L. Nevens B.S. Math Comp Sci Vincent J. Newell B.S. Chemistry Mari E. Newton B.A. Psych Jeffrey R. Ng B.A. Econ 370 SENIOR CLASS SENIOR SHOWCASE Name: Alex Ross Hometown: New York, New York Major: Public Health Future Plans: Medical School Activities: Mortar Board, Student Health Advisory Comm, Blood Drive Comm, Committee for the Arts, International Student Center With interests which span the breadth of UCLA community involvement, Alex is quite the " Renaissance Man. " What impresses one most about Alex ' s involvement here is his concern in the area of health care. Public Health Committees, training, and work abound on his resume. It is obvious that Alex is a prime example of the driven pre-med out to serve the community. Mario K. Ngan B.S. Biochemistry Thuy V. Ngo B.S. Mech Engr Vipa Sae Ngow B.S. Comp Sci Duc H. Nguyen B.S. Chemistry Duc M. Nguyen B.S. Comp Sci Bang H. Nguyen B.A. Econ Huy Duc Nguyen B.S. Elect Engr Lien P. Nguyen B.A. French Mai Bach Nguyen B.S. Math System Sci Phu Dac Nguyen B.S. Elect Engr Tho X. Nguyen B.S. Math Comp Sci Trung Dinh Nguyen B.S. Math Comp Sci Tuyet-Tam Thi Nguyen B.S. Math System Sci Kim Phung Nguyen-Phuoc B.S. Math System Sci Jeffrey L. Nichols B.A. Poli Sci Comm Studies Kimberlee T. Nickerson B.A. Ethnic Arts Steven W. Nickerson B.S. Kinesiology Thelma P. Nickols B.A. English Margaret J. Nielsen B.A. Biology Poli Sci Donna E. Niesen B.A. Math Applied Sci Kenneth S. Nishida B.S. Elect Engr Jan Nishikawa B.S. Econ System Sci Susan Toshiko Nishikawa B.S. Psychobio Sheri Nissinger B.A. Art History SENIOR CLASS 371 SENIOR SHOWCASE Name: Naomi Roth Hometown: Woodland Hills, California Major: Political Science Future Plans: Politics or Government A senior showcase advertisement in the Daily Bruin called for a " Down to Earth Bruin-- one that is active, but not necessarily an ultra-active Bruin. " Naomi insists that she fits the description to a tee. She raves about the beauty of the campus here, the academic reputation, the athletic prowess, etc., etc. Naomi exemplifies the senior who will actually cry at graduation, will truly be sad to leave and who will mean it. Michelle Nobile B.A. Econ James A. Noblet B.S. Geology W. Craig Noblett B.S. Biology Hiroko Noda B.S. Psychobio Tanya M. Noda B.A. Design Jack T. Noe B.A. Econ Sandra S. Noh B.A. Psych Laurie M. Nomoto B.A. Econ Shahab Noorvash B.S. Biochem Psychobio Kristin C. Norby B.A. Econ Stephen M. North B.A. Poli Sci Connie E. Norton B.A. Comm Studies Elizabeth W. Novak B.A. Econ Cynthia J. Nulty B.A. History Joy Monique Nussen B.A. Psych Leslie A. Nyman B.A. Sociology Sean A. O ' Brien B.A. Poli Sci Econ Brian W. O ' Connell B.A. Geog Ecosystems Yvonne J. O ' Dell B.A. Poli Sci Kirk C. Odencrantz B.A. Math Mary M. Oeffling B.A. Design Marlon T. Ogata B.A. Psych JoAnn Ogawa B.A. Design Susan Ritsuko Ohye B.A. Psych 372 SENIOR CLASS Leslie C. Oishi B.S. Engr Cheryl Lynne Oka B.A. Psych Quinn Y. Okamoto B.A. Poli Sci Kelvin D. Okimoto B.A. Econ Lori A. Okuma B.A. Econ Psych James N. Okumura B.A. Econ Karen Olan B.A. Sociology Hakan Olcay B.A. Econ J. Art Olivas B.A. History Lynnea J. Olsen B.A. Econ Poli Sci MaryRose O ' Neil B.S. Kinesiology Stacie C. O ' Neil B.A. Ethnic Arts Jennifer F. Ongcapin B.A. Psych Ricardo Ordonez B.A. Spanish Tara A. O ' Reilly B.A. Psych Joanne M. Oriba B.A. Psych Sociology Frances E. Orme B.A. History Christopher Brian Ormsby B.A. Psych Leslie A. Orticke B.A. Poli Sci Marilyn Ann Osborn B.A. English MerriAnn Osborne B.A. Poli Sci Mark E. Oseas B.S. Biology Joyce R. Osora B.A. Bus Econ Jeffrey S. Osser B.A. Theater Arts Susan Marie Ostrander B.A. Econ David R. Osuna B.A. Psych Linda H. Ota B.A. Comm Studies Greg T. Owens B.A. Theater Arts Margaret K. Oyama B.A. Econ Michael M. Ozawa B.A. Bus Econ Hector O. Pacheco B.S. Psychobio Michael J. Pack B.A. Sociology Henry D. Pae B.A. History Hyo S. Pak B.S. Chemistry Richard C. Pali B.A. History Charles J. Palmer, Jr. B.A. Psych Larry R. Palmer B.A. Econ Manisha Pandit B.S. Nursing Michael P. Panikowski B.A. History Vivi Papadopoulos B.S. Biology Michael E. Pappas B.A. Comm Studies Kambiz Parhami B.S. Elect Engr SENIOR CLASS 373 Harry J. Park B.A. Econ Hee-Sung Park B.A. Sociology Hoon Sil Park B.A. East Asian Stds Jeeyong Park B.S. Comp Sci Sow Shim Park B.S. Psychobio Sungkie Park B.A. Poli Sci Yong Ho Park B.A. Econ Ashley M. Parker B.A. Psych Joseph L. Parker B.A. Poli Sci David C. Parkinson B.A. Econ Lori A. Parkman B.S. Computer Engr Linda L. Parr B.A. English Pamela A. Parsons B.A. Econ William R. Paschane B.A. Poli Sci Sandra Gay Pasini B.A. Econ Sandra Lee Pasion B.S. Psychobio Joy B. Paster B.S. Kinesiology Peter Robinson Pastre B.A. Poli Sci Sunilkumar S. Patel B.S. Biochemistry Lorraine A. Patterson B.A. Econ Psych Marlene L. Paul B.S. Engr Rosemary S. Payne B.S. Engr Sharilyn R. Payne B.A. Latin American Stds Andrew L. Pearce B.S. Math Bradford A. Pearl B.A. Bus Econ Thomas M. Pearson B.A. Econ Ann B. Pedowitz B.A. English Lori Elaine Pegg B.A. Poli Sci Leslie Louise Pellerin B.A. History Becky J. Pellett B.A. Psych Chandra F. Penderland B.A. Sociology Heidi E. Penner B.A. Econ Jacqueline Peoples B.A. English James T. Perez B.A. Anthro Ellen B. Perkins B.A. Comm Studies Laird Allan Perkins B.A. Econ Barbara Perlin B.A. Design Dana M. Perlman B.A. Econ Michael A. Perlmutter B.A. Econ Thomas A. Perrier B.A. Poli Sci Econ Babette Lorraine Perry B.A. Comm Studies Deborah L. Perry B.S. Nursing 374 SENIOR CLASS Jeanette M. Perry B.A. Econ Jill Christina Perry B.A. Sociology Pamela J. Perry B.A. Sociology James J. Peterka Ill B.S. Mech Engr Daniel E.C. Peterson B.A. Sociology Sara E. Peterson B.A. Econ Bess L. Petlak B.A. Comm Studies Edwin Petrossian B.S. Biology Karen L. Pevsnek B.A. Psych Daren D. Pham B.S. Engr Hoang-Lien T. Pham B.S. Chemical Engr Thuy T. Pham B.S. Math System Sci Sharon S. Phelan B.S. Cybernetics Sandra B. Phelps B.A. English Nancy Louise Phillips B.S. Kinesiology Steven K. Phillips B.S. Kinesiology Wendy M. Phillips B.A. Sociology Donald T. Pian B.S. Elect Engr Jeanette M. Pichotta B.A. Econ Aliece M. Pickett B.A. Literature Scott G. Pickles B.S. Civil Engr Jaime E. Piero B.A. Sociology Lisa M. Pierozzi B.A. Psych Marie T. Piersol B.S. Math System Sci SENIOR SHOWCASE Name: Arthur Wang Hometown: Redlands, California Major: Philosophy Future Plans: Law School Activities: UCLA Debate Team, External Affairs Director for SLC, Undergraduate Presidential Campaign Staffs, Asian Coalition, Student Lobby, Mortar Board, Phi Eta Sigma, Government Intership Program The early 1980 ' s were noted for lackadaisical student political activity and general apathy on college campus. Even so there were a couple of exceptions to this rule-- and Arthur was a moving force in each case at UCLA. He conceived, planned and executed the largest on-campus student demonstration at UCLA since the 1960 ' s. The anti-tuition rally held on Governor Brown ' s visit here in 1981 and another demonstration concerning the nuclear freeze were both brought forth with Arthur playing a big part behind the scenes. Tracy E. Pierson B.A. English Karen A. Pikulin B.A. English Meriam D. Pineda B.A. Sociology Bruno Z. Pinto B.A. French Christopher L. Pircher B.A. Econ Francene M. Pirri B.A. Sociology Norma Placensia B.A. Psy ch Michael A. Pniewski B.A. Theater Arts William C. Poe V B.S. Psychobio Nancy J. Poerstel B.A. Poli Sci Comm Stds David C. Pole B.S. Kinesiology Linas T. Polikaitis B.S. Math Comp Sci Patricia R. Pollack B.A. Sociology Ramona G. Pond B.S. Engr Karen Jeanne Ponton B.A. Poli Sci David J. Pope B.A. Poli Sci Steven Charles Porter B.S. Civil Engr Catherine Patricia Portillo B.A. English Deena J. Portnoff B.A. Dance Jay L. Posner B.A. Poli Sci Martha S. Potter B.A. Psych Melvia J. Powell B.A. Sociology Deborah Jane Power B.S. Kinesiology Sylvia P. Preciado B.S. Biology Monica Anne Pressley B.A. Bus Econ Donna L. Price B.A. Poli Sci Lisa K. Provost B.A. Econ Deborah J. Pinkston B.A. Comm Studies Richard Pulido B.S. Math System Sci Krisann Pulos B.A. Theater Arts Eugene S. Putman, Jr. B.S. Econ System Sci Jade J. Pyle B.A. Poli Sci Edward C. Quan B.A. Econ Rizalino S. Quiliza B.A. Econ Colisha J. Quinton B.A. Psych Regina F. Quon B.A. Econ Psych Deborah Lee Radin B.A. Poli Sci Stephen A. Rados B.A. Econ Janet Rahbarpour B.S. Math Comp Sci Kiumars K. Rahimi B.S. Microbiology Sophia Rahmani B.A. Psych Richard A. Rainen B.S. Engr 376 SENIOR CLASS SENIOR SHOWCASE Name: Jenny Graham Hometown: Los Angeles, California Major: Political Science Future Plans: Law School Activities: Political Science Honor Society (President), Pi Alpha Sigma (President), Campus Parking Office UCLA has thousands of Poli Sci students-- Jenny is one of them. Within the major itself there are numerous alternatives to specialize in. So even once you pick Poli Sci as your major out of the montage of majors offered at UCLA, you are beholden to select another. Jenny has experienced the trauma of the whole Poli Sci spectrum it seems. She has bounced from International Relations to Public Administration and all the way over to Public Law. What a way to spend one ' s undergraduate education! Yet this experience is all too familiar to the other Poli Sci majors running about the campus. Theresa D. Ramelb B.S. Math Comp Sci Deborah Ann Ramirez B.A. Sociology Kurt Ramirez B.A. Geog Ecosystems Teodoro Ramirez, Jr. B.A. Sociology Joanna L. Ranheim B.S. Nursing Lynn J. Ra nsone B.S. Microbiology Greg A. Ratliff B.A. Geography Robert B. Ratliff B.A. History Mark D. Rayman B.S. Psychobio James J. Razler B.A. Econ Marshall Rea B.A. Latin American Stds Lori Christy Reaves B.A. Econ Yolanda Rebollo B.A. Psych Nanci J. Redin B.A. Design Kevin J. Reedy B.A. English Galen Reese B.A. Theater Arts Darla Elaine Reeves B.S. Math Comp Sci Monica R. Regal B.A. Comm Studies Charissa I. Renardo B.A. History Rebecca E. Reid B.A. Scandinavian Craig L. Rice B.A. Design Debra M. Richards B.A. French Lit Maria Rose Richards B.A. Econ Laurie Grace Richelieu B.A. Sociology SENIOR CLASS 377 SENIOR SHOWCASE Name: Andrew Hunter Hometown: Terra Linda, California Major: Communications Studies Future Plans: Law School Activities: Academic Resources Center (Tutor), Phi Kappa Sigma Fraternity, Spring Sing, Mardi Gras, Homecoming, Intramurals Andrew sees himself as one of those loyal Bruins who truly bleed Blue Gold. His claim to fame is being one of those people who spends the night outside of Pauley for front row seats. He ' s one of those people who goes to all the football games. He ' s one of those people who has had one of his ultimate dreams fulfilled when UCLA went to the Rose Bowl. He ' s just one of those people who are really Bruins to the bone. Andrew B. Richman B.A. Econ Steven C. Richman B.A. History Rhonda M. Rickel B.A. Design Andrew P. Rifkin B.A. Psych Econ Jon Tyra Rikimaru B.S. Kinesiology Donna A. Riley B.A. Comm Studies Robin M. Riopelle B.A. Poli Sci Santiago Rios, Jr. B.A. Math Robin R. Ritner B.A. Sociology Eva C. Ritvo B.S. Psychobio Ricardo A. Rivas-Plata B.A. Biology Monica D. Rivera B.S. Public Health Alice C. Rhee B.A. Poli Sci Ervin Oliver Rheinfurth B.A. Econ Sunjeong Ro B.A. Math Jeffrey S. Roach B.S. Kinesiology Andrea L. Robbins B.A. Poli Sci Charles F. Robbins B.A. Philosophy Mark Robbins B.A. Poli Sci Michelle D. Robbins B.A. Psych George F. Robertie B.A. P oli Sci Alann E. Roberts B.A. Psych Cynthia L. Roberts B.A. History Kimberly J. Roberts B.A. Poli Sci 378 SENIOR CLASS Mary S. Robertson B.A. History Traci C. Robertson B.A. Econ Sociology Cassandra F. Robinson B.A. Afro-American Stds Gary Andrew Robinson B.A. Econ Psych Jenny Robinson B.A. Sociology Lynne D. Robinson B.A. Comm Stds History Marcie Renee Robinson B.A. Poli Sci Sharon Anne Robinson B.A. English Angela L. Rodgers B.A. History Anthony M. Rodman B.A. English Grant W. Rogero B.S. Biochemistry JoAnne Rogers B.S. Kinesiology Sanford E. Rodgers B.A. Psych David M. Rohdy B.A. Econ Daniel J. Roller B.S. Math Comp Sci Margaret L. Roller B.S. Kinesiology Charles Joseph Rollins B.A. Geography Marina Rome B.A. Psych Jeffrey S. Romeo B.S. Microbiology Ramona A. Romero B.A. Psych Fariba Roofian B.S. Math Comp Sci LeeAnn Root B.S. Psychobio Kevin N. Roque B.S. Biology Efren E. Rosas B.S. Kinesiology Sandy I. Rosas B.A. Poli Sci Erik Paul R ose B.S. Engr Rick G. Rose B.A. Sociology Sandra Rose B.A. English Caren E. Rosen B.A. Fine Arts Charles J. Rosenbach B.A. Econ Andrew S. Rosenberg B.A. History Caryn Jaye Rosenberg B.A. Italian Poli Sci Jane Lee Rosenberg B.A. Poli Sci Marla B. Rosenberg B.S. Public Health Edward Isaac Rosenblatt B.S. Astronomy Debra E. Rosenthal B.S. Elect Engr Patricia D. Rosenwald B.A. Poli Sci Gilda M. Roshandel B.S. Math Comp Sci Pamela J. Roskam B.A. History Alex Ross B.S. Public Health Cynthia H. Ross B.A. Sociology Kathryn J. Ross B.S. Psychobio SENIOR CLASS 379 Naomi Jean Roth B.A. Poli Sci Lynn Rousso B.A. Sociology Robert P. Rovzar B.A. Poli Sci Brien M. Rowe B.A. Psych Hannele Rubin B.A. Art Hist Poli Sci Janet Rubin B.A. Sociology Michael H. Rubin B.A. Psych Thomas B. Ruby B.A. Poli Sci Stacey Ruda B.A. Geography Jennifer G. Rudd B.A. Sociology Monica A. Rudolph B.A. Sociology Ted S. Rusek B.A. Psych Julie L. Ruskin B.A. History Steven Craig Russak B.S. Microbiology David E. Russ o B.A. Comm Studies Gail Therese Russo B.A. History Jill M. Russom B.S. Biology Maria J. Ryan B.A. Math Tammy Jane Ryan B.A. Comm Studies Timothy M. Ryan B.A. Econ Poli Sci Craig D. Rydquist B.A. Econ Keith O. Ryono B.A. Psych Paul Saber B.S. Computer Engr Julia L. Sabin B.S. Biochemistry Michael D. Sachs B.A. History Bahman Sadeghi B.S. Biochemistry Leslie Anne Sadler B.S. Geology Cynthia E. Saenz B.A. Sociology Annette Sahakian B.S. Math Comp Sci Ellen G. St John B.S. Biochemistry Kenji B. Saisho B.S. Biochemistry Katsuyuki Saito B.S. Chemistry Daryl K. Sakaida B.S. Engr Patrick T. Sakasegawa B.S. Math Comp Sci Ofelia Salcido B.A. Sociology History Laura L. Salciunas B.A. Linguistics Psych Fereshteh Salehi B.S. Math System Sci Erika P. Sales B.A. Econ Pejman Salimpour B.S. Chemistry Lydia R. Salinas B.S. Kinesiology Diane P.T. Salomone B.S. Nursing Celia L. Salter B.A. Poli Sci 380 SENIOR CLASS Kevin D. Salter B.S. Physics Di Ann Sanchez B.A. Poli Sci Marcia Amelia Sanchez B.A. Psych Stacie W. Sanders B.A. History Steven David Sann B.A. Poli Sci Ellen Santon B.A. Sociology Thomas N. Santos B.S. Math System Sci Kenneth M. SanVincente B.S. Math Comp Sri Cristina P. Sanz B.A. Poli Sci Karen A. Sapa B.A. Geog Ecosystems David Saponaro B.A. Bus Econ Robert T. Saray B.A. Psych Kelli M. Sargent B.A. Poli Sci Maral Ingrid Sassouni B.A. Design Thomas B. Sato B.A. Biology Thomas Tad Sato B.S. Psychobio Shelly M. Saunders B.A. English Sherman A. Saunders B.A. English Susan R. Savitt B.A. History Russell Wayne Sawyer B.S. Psychobio Joan M. Saywell B.A. Psych Spanish David T. Scalzetto B.A. Poli Sci Eco Bruce C. Schaaf B.A. Psych Poli Sci Eric J. Schacher B.S. Mech Engr SENIOR SHOWCASE Name: Stacie Sanders Hometown: San Anselmo, California Major: History Future Plans: Law School Activities: Black Student Alliance, Black Campus Ministry, Orientation Counselor, Programs Activities Board, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority While many graduating seniors look forward to going to law school, Stacie is looking forward to serving the community through her future law degree. Stacie feels that the future well-being of our country is based in the youth of America. Unfortunately, she points out, far too many people are locked into disadvantaged neighborhoods. She plans to do something about this. Many college graduates spend their time solely working for their own selfish goals. Stacie, on the other hand, exemplifies those concerned with others and who plan to change what is wrong with in the world. SENIOR CLASS 381 Carl J. Schack, Jr. B.S. Chemical Engr Julie Ann Schaeffer B.A. History Kevin K. Schalk B.A. Philosophy Diane Catherine Schill B.S. Psychobio Mary J. Schiller B.A. Music Lori A. Schindel B.A. Poli Sci Vicky A. Schinnerer B.A. Bus Econ James H. Schladen B.A. Bus Econ Erika M. Schlarmann B.A. Econ Mickey M. Schleien B.S. Chemistry Craig W. Schlue B.A. Econ Anne F. Schluter B.A. History Gail E. Schmidt B.A. Linguistics Psych Bonnie Debra Schneider B.A. Comm Studies Gregory J. Schneider B.A. Design Alan M. Schnitzer B.A. Poli Sci Cynthia M. Scholefield B.A. Econ Jodie Scholz B.A. Theater Arts Karen Lee Schonbrun B.A. Sociology W. Rock Schoonover B.S. Engr David L. Schorr B.A. Econ Alexander L. Schroeder B.S. Geo Engr Jan W. Schrumpf B.A. Sociology Bruce E. Schuman B.A. Econ SENIOR SHOWCASE Name: Jeffrey Osser Hometown: Los Angeles, California Major: Theater Arts Future Plans: Law School Activities: Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity, Mardi Gras Everyone always tells a college senior that the real world is where you will receive your true education. Jeffrey can attest to that fact. He took two years off from UCLA to get some experience in the entertainment world. The highlight of that break was his work with Gene Kelley in the Movie Xanadu. Jeffrey taught him new Jazz steps and Mr. Kelley showed Jeffrey some old tap steps.The most important outcome of the jaunt into the real world was that now Jeffrey has a better foothold on his post-graduation goals than the average Bruin. Dana Schwartz B.S. Comp Engr David Schwartz B.A. Geography Douglas B. Schwartz B.S. Physics Lori A. Schwartz B.S. Kinesiology Psych Meryl A. Schwartz B.A. Poli Sci Michael D. Schwartz B.A. Poli Sci Pamela Jo Schwartz B.A. Sociology Paula G. Schwartz B.A. History Tzivia Schwartz B.A. Jewish Stds Sheree D. Scott B.S. Psychobio Baxter S. Scruggs B.A. Poli Sci Econ Pamela A. Scurr B.S. Kinesiology Scott W. Segars B.A. Econ Elsa S. Seguritan B.S. Chemical Engr Mark D. Seiver B.A. Music Hillary T. Sellinger B.A. Theater Arts Clayton E. Serbin B.S. Computer Engr Simon S. Serhan B.S. Engr Michael George Serra B.A. Poli Sci Bradley K. Serwin B.A. Bus Econ Gary Lee Seto B.S. B.A. Biology Engl Lori J. Severson B.A. Comm Studies Robert T. Sgroi B.A. Psych Majid Shahbaz B.S. Biochemistry Merritt A. Shair B.A. Math Laurie A. Shaker B.S. Psychobio Judy L. Sharf B.A. Econ Mark F. Sharlow B.S. B.A. Physics Philos Martha J. Sharrer B.A. Comm Studies James D. Shaw B.S. Computer Engr Mark L. Shaw B.S. Engr Shiva Shayani B.S. Math Comp Sci Susan L. Shellabarger B.A. Design Bret A. Shelton B.S. Math Comp Sci Karen M. Shepard B.S. Theater Arts John W. Shepherd B.A. English Ann L. Shepphird B.A. Comm Studies Donna Kim Sherman B.A. English Katherine A. Shiban B.A. Art History June Yuko Shigaura B.S. Kinesiology Patricia Naomi Shigetomi B.A. Design Roy M. Shildt B.A. Psych SENIOR CLASS 382 SENIOR SHOWCASE Name: Karen Veteran Hometown: Los Altos, California Major: Philosophy Future Plans: Graduate School in Education Counseling Activities: Marching Band, Varsity Band, Universtiy Chorus, UCLA Madrigal Singers, Bruin Belles, Orientation Counselor, Orientation Program (Undergraduate Coordinator) UCLA has a lot to offer. Karen knows. She started out in the Theater Arts Department and then shifted over to be a Music major. Finding herself behind in the required program there, Karen switched to South Campus for a while as an Atmospheric Sciences major. Once again, not quite satisfied with that aspect of her many faceted interests, Karen signed up with the Philosophy Department. What ' s the matter, can ' t she make up her mind? Yes and no. There is so much her which appeals to Karen that she doesn ' t want to leave any corridor untraversed. Too many of us are too timid to venture beyond the confines of our declared major. Karen wasn ' t and she ' s all that much more educated than the rest of us. Yong Seop Shim B.S. Physics Yolanda E. Shimada B.A. Spanish Ling Douglas M. Shinoda B.A. Econ Vicki B. Shipkowitz B.A. Design Carol M. Shirai B.A. Psych Jill Mari Shiraki B.A. English Karen A. Shishino B.A. Bus Econ Mark Alan Shmagin B.A. Econ Sylvia Helene Shniad B.A. Fine Arts William H.R. Shockey, Jr. B.A. Poli Sci Sally T. Shore B.A. Art History Vickie L. Shriver B.A. Geography Barbara I. Shubin B.S. Psychobio Linda S. Shulman B.A. Religious Stds Jenny Yee Man Shum B.S. Math Comp Sci Douglas H. Shumway B.A. Japanese Hal M. Shwimer B.A. Geog Ecosystems Jill Ellen Siegal B.A. Philosophy Marc D. Siegel B.A. Econ Richard Sieger B.S. Math Applied Sci Steven V. Sidore B.S. Elect Engr Johnny Arthur Sight B.S. Math System Sci John T. Sileo B.A. Econ Deborah L. Silver B.S. Psychobio 384 SENIOR CLASS Ilene Beth Silverman B.A. History Caryn B. Silvers B.A. Jewish Stds Julie A. Silverstein B.A. Psych Charles P. Silva, Jr. B.S. Kinesiology Helen Hee Sim B.A. Music Myung-dae Sim B.A. Econ Sima Simantob B.A. Econ Ivan J. Simon B.A. Psych Michael S. Simon B.A. Econ Royce H. Simon, Jr. B.A. Econ Sarah K. Simon B.S. Kinesiology Psych Stuart R. Simone B.A. English Frances Edith Simons B.A. English Allan P. Simpson B.A. Econ Kathleen D. Singer B.A. Poli Sci Richard A. Sipos B.A. Poli Sci Marc Sirkin B.A. Poli Sci Karen E. Skelton B.A. English Evan A. Skopp B.A. Philosophy Kenneth Thomas Slack B.A. Math Rachela G. Slote B.S. Kinesiology Psych Bryan D. Smith B.A. Econ Psych Colleen Marie Smith B.A. Poli Sci Diane M. Smith B.A. Comm Studies Dick Smith IV B.A. Econ Julie A. Smith B.S. Math Comp Sci Lila Jean Smith B.A. Psych Lisa L. Smith B.A. English Nina Smith B.A. Design Shelley J. Smith B.A. Psych Sheryl L. Smith B.S. Physics Math Susan E. Smith B.S. Geology Jonathan Lewis Smoller B.A. History Poli Sci Byron B. Snider B.A. Econ Julie Dee Snodgrass B.S. Kinesiology Psych Susan L. Snouse B.S. Kinesiology Alayne F. Snowden B.A. Psych Patricia Snyder B.A. Linguistics Jennifer C. So B.A. Econ Ivania Sobalvarro B.A. History Angela Leonida Sodeika B.A. English Kenneth A. Solomon B.A. Sociology Bus Adm SENIOR CLASS 385 Debra Jo Sommers B.S. Elect Engr Kenlyn Somppi B.S. Engr James C. Soriano B.S. Engr Rebecca A. Sornsen B.A. Psych Sima Sorour B.S. Biology Mark Jay Sosnick B.A. Poli Sci Tony G. Sotery B.S. Math Comp Sci Lisa K. Spears B.A. Poli Sci Jay M. Spillane B.A. Poli Sci Margaret H. Sprague B.A. Poli Sci Dana Sprute B.A. Poli Sci Darren B. Star B.A. English Seth Owen Stark B.A. Comm Studies Linda M. Staton B.A. Design Joan G. Stayboldt B.A. Psych Richard P. Steeb B.S. Engr Joanne L. Steele B.S. Math Comp Sci Marilyn S. Stein B.S. Math System Sci Dennis E. Steinert B.A. Biology Anne D. Sterling B.A. Poli Sci Kenneth Miles Stermer B.A. Theater Arts Leslie E. Stevens B.A. Econ Mary Stevens B.A. English Scott M. Stevenson B.A. MP TV Karen M. Stewart B.A. MP TV Robert T. Stidham B.A. Econ Kevin R. Still B.A. Biology Pier E. Stiny B.A. Poli Sci Lisa C. Stock B.A. Psych Blair K. Stoddard B.A. Poli Sci Cathy M. Stone B.A. Econ Michael S. Stone B.A. Poli Sci Wade J. Stone B.S. Engr Deborah L. Stoner-Ma B.S. Biochemistry Helen Stosel B.S. Psychobio Kristen Louise Straehley B.S. Econ System Sci Barbara Gay Straus B.A. English Nancy E. Strayer B.A. Ling Spanish Russell J. Strenk B.A. Poli Sci Angelo Stroffolino B.A. Geography Jeffrey L. Stroud B.A. Music Nancy E. Strugo B.A. Econ 386 SENIOR CLASS Joni L. Stuart B.A. Design Cheryl A. Stubbs B.S. Biochemistry Kenneth L. Subotnik B.A. Psych Frank B. Sue B.A. Psych Steven J. Sue B.A. Design Susie Sugerman B.A. English Julie J. Suhr B.A. English Erin M. Sullivan B.A. Comm Studies Marie Darsell Sullivan B.A. Theater Arts Steven J. Sullivan B.A. Psych Thomas E. Sullivan B.A. Poli Sociology Sara C.Y. Sun B.A. Design Winston Y. Sun B.S. Engr Betty U. Sunabe B.A. East Asian Stds Jean-Jacques Sunier B.A. Econ Lisa A. Sussman B.A. Poli Sci Adam C. Sutkus B.A. Geography Lola Y. Suzuki B.A. Psych Jeffrey S. Svoboda B.S. Physics English Heidi Anne Swanbeck B.A. English Dorothy Ann Sweeney B.A. History Julie A. Sweeney B.A. History Mark D. Swenson B.A. Econ Poli Sci Debra L. Swidler B.A. Bus Econ SENIOR SHOWCASE Name: Steven Sann Hometown: Los Angeles, California Major: Political Science Future Plans: Public Affairs Activities: UniCamp Head Counselor and Board Member, Spring Sing Committee (Chairman), All-U Sing (Co-Chair), UCLA Dance Marathon (Co-Founder), Greek Week Committee, Golden Year Committee, Financial Supports Commissioner, Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity As reflected by his long list of activities, Steve has been a man on the move at UCLA. But, his involvement is only the surface of his other claim to fame-- UCLA ' s historian and memorabilia collector. Steve wrote a book on UCLA which chronicles the history of the campus and the like. He is always at the forefront of tradition here, and has left an indelible mark on many major events. Along with producing this years 30th annual Spring Sing extravaganza, Steve was the one who dreamed up the idea of having a Bruin Bear riding a Clydesdale horse at the USC game this year. Known to his friends and colleagues as someone always ready to lend a hand, Steve will go down in the books as a true, blue Bruin-- one whose creativity and energy have been for the enrichment of his fellow students. SENIOR CLASS 387 SENIOR SHOWCASE Name: Connie Guglielmo Hometown: Brooklyn, New York Major: Political Science Future Plans: Journalism Activities: Daily Bruin Staff Writer, Alpha Chi Omega Sorority (Pledge Trainer), Political Science Honor Society, Pre-Law Society, UniCamp Counselor, Homecoming, Spring Sing, Special Olympics Program Connie says that people just don ' t rush to give her awards or trophies-- yet she is one of those " Little People " that make all of those academic, social, and community activities happen. But, don ' t get Connie wrong. She is very proud to be one of these involved people. It has enabled her, like so many others, to make UCLA more than just an academic educational experience. UCLA has shown Connie what life is really about and that ' s the way it should be. Anita Szeio B.A. Design Mai-Khanh Tuong Ta B.S. Econ System Sci Mary R. Tahan B.A. English Naguib F. Tahan B.A. History Norio Takada B.S. Chemistry Jeffrey H. Takahashi B.S. Microbiology Rick S. Takahashi B.S. Biology David D. Talbot B.A. Math Comp Sci Paul L. Talbot B.A. Econ Sabrina E. Tallon B.A. Econ Weyton W. Tam B.S. Biochemistry Susan A. Tamaki B.A. Econ Taye Tamru B.A. Poli Sci Loreen M. Tamura B.A. Linguistics Psych Patricia A. Tanaka B.A. Psych Joy Eden Tandy B.A. Psych Patrick C. Tang B.S. Math Comp Sci Nancy T. Tani B.A. Psych Bus Adm Mark S. Tannenbaun B.A. Econ Lance H. Tapper B.A. History Harry L. Tarnoff, Jr. B.S. Computer Engr Barbara L. Tarvin B.A. Sociology Anahit Tataryan B.S. Chemistry Anthony D. Tate B.A. Poli Sci 388 SENIOR CLASS Nazar Hihran Tatiossian B.S. Biology Lynn M. Tavarozzi B.A. Math Tracy T.Y. Tay B.S. Math Comp Sci Brian D. Taylor B.A. Geography Karen M. Taylor B.A. Comm Studies D ' Artanyon R. Tett B.A. Music Blance M. Teyssier B.A. History Christopher K. Thoben B.S. Engr Juan C. Thom B.A. Poli Sci History Caroline P. Thomas B.A. Math Larry C. Thomas B.A. History Burton D. Thompson B.A. Econ Lucinda Thompson B.A. Psych Merritt M. Thompson B.A. Linguistics Bruce K. Thomson B.A. History Lizabeth K. Thornley B.A. Poli Sci Brett L. Threlkeld B.A. English Lit History Joseph R. Thurner B.A. Psych Lisa A. Thurston B.S. Kinesiology Suzanne M. Till B.A. English Craig D. Tilson B.A. Psych Leilani S. Timtiman B.S. Psychobio Marcia P. Tinkler B.A. Econ Michael K. Tobin B.S. Engr Edward Y. Tom B.A. Econ East Asian Stds Lila Tom B.S. Math Comp Sci Patricia E. Tom B.S. Kinesiology Rose Tom B.S. Psychobio Melinda M. Toman B.A. Econ Robin C. Toncre B.A. Theater Arts Camean Tong B.A. Biology Janice S. Tong B.A. Bus Econ Annette E. Torbiner B.A. Psych Andrew F. Torok B.A. Poli Sci Econ Stephanie T. Torrance B.A. Anthro Gonzalo R. Torres B.A. Psych Joseph P. Torres B.A. Psych Michelle J. Torres B.A. Comm Studies Touraj Tour B.A. Econ Paul W. Townsend B.A. Theater Arts Chuong V. Tran B.S. Elect Engr Dan T. Tran B.S. Elect E ngr SENIOR CLASS 389 Giang V. Tran B.S. Elect Engr Khang N. Tran B.S. Math Comp Sci Phong Q. Tran B.S. Math Comp Sci Trung Van Tran B.S. Math Comp Sci Marisa Tranquilli B.A. Theater Arts Stephen L. Trauner B.A. Psych Bus Econ James A. Treadaway B.S. Civil Engr Amy L. Treanor B.A. Econ Saundra L. Barnes Treister B.A. Ethnic Arts Anthro Armando Trejo B.A. Econ Yvonne K. Trilling B.S. Bioengineering Nancy L. Trop B.A. Poli Sci Cynthia H. Tropper B.A. History Donna T. Trujillo B.A. English Jinyi C. Tsai B.S. Engr Fong L. Tse B.S. Mech Engr Jil Lauren Tucker B.A. Sociology Patricia Adriana Tucker B.A. Psych Mark W. Tuey B.S. Engr Lynne M. Tullsen B.A. Econ Tamara J. Tunnicliffe B.A. Comm Studies Gregory G. Turk B.A. History John Anthony Turturro B.A. Poli Sci Lee Harris Tyler B.A. English Brian S. Twitchell B.A. Comm Studies Jerry Tzou B.A. Biology Chong M. U B.A. Math Christopher M. Uchiyama B.S. Biology Maggie M. Ueng B.S. Elect Engr Elizabeth L. Ullrich B.S. Econ System Sci Ma Sonya A. Umali B.S. Chemical Engr Ami F. Unger B.A. Sociology Amedeo A. Ursini B.A. Comm Studies Rika Uto B.A. Geography Econ Tammy K. Uyehara B.A. Econ Donna-Lisa Valencia B.A. Design Lilibeth A. Valencia B.A. Psych Cheryl D. Valentine B.A. Poli Sci Mark J. Valentine B.A. English Kristina J. Van Buskirk B.A. Art History Joi Lynn Van Deventer B.A. Linguistics Katherine M. Vanderveer B.A. Poli Sci 390 SENIOR CLASS SENIOR SHOWCASE Name: David Neuman Hometown: Champaign, Illinois Major: Communications Studies Future Plans: Writing, Producing, Directing Motion Pictures Activities: Student Regent, Homecoming King, Campus Events Commissioner, Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity What ' s a nice midwestern guy like Dave doing in a place lik e Los Angeles? Well, he is the classic small town boy strikes it big in California. Dave set his sights on UCLA because of its proximity to the entertainment industry which he is looking forward to joining. He became involved in UCLA affairs i n a big way and exemplifies the top quality people which UCLA draws from across the country. Kathleen Van Saun B.A. Econ Joseph F. Van Winkle B.A. Poli Sci Econ Lynne E. Vanzeeland B.S. Kinesiology Henriqetta Vargas B.S. Kinesiology Ruben A. Vassolo B.A. Econ Richard W. Vawter B.S. Aerospace Engr Sheri L. Vawter B.S. Math Comp Sci Mark Vela B.S. Math Comp Sci Luis Federico Velez B.A. Psych Lawndia Lynett Venerable B.A. Psych Karen Jean Veteran B.A. Philosophy Tracy D. Vida B.A. Econ Peter G. Vidmar B.A. Econ David Joseph Viggiano B.A. Econ Kenneth J. Villa B.S. Biology Sinohe Villalpando B.S. Elect Engr Andres Villanueva B.A. Poli Sci Robert S. Villanueva B.A. Poli Sci Paolo E. Vinci B.A. Poli Sci Jeffrey A. Vinnick B.A. Poli Sci Hanh T. Vo B.S. Math System Sci Marianne Voeste B.A. English Leslie F. Vogel B.S. Psychobio Kirk D. Von Zup B.S. Geology SENIOR CLASS 391 Antonia M. Vorndran B.S. Math Comp Sci Rita Vorperian B.A. Near Eastern Stds Suzanne L. Voshall B.A. Econ Georgia D. Wadsworth B.A. Poli Sci Yuria Wagatsuma B.A. Japanese Ling-Psych Susan Lynn Wagoner B.A. B.S. Econ Kinesiology Julie Dianne Wahl B.A. Bus Econ Craig Y. Wakamiya B.S. Math Comp Sci Suzanne K. Wakamoto B.A. Ethic Arts Theater Arts Mary L. Wakefield B.A. Econ Deborah A. Wald B.A. Psych James M. Walker B.S. Elect Engr Natalie R. Walker B.A. Econ Sarah E. Walker B.S. Kinesiology Saraly V. Wallace B.S. Comp Sci Susan A. Waller B.S. Public Health Robert J. Wallstrom B.A. Econ William C. Walter, Jr. B.S. Elect Engr Mary A. Walters B.A. Poli Sci Patricia G. Walters B.A. Ling Oriental Lang Nancy L. Walton B.A. Comm Studies Michael G. Wan B.A. History Rick A. Wandrocke B.A. Econ Arthur M. Wang B.A. Philosophy SENIOR SHOWCASE Name: Susan Smith Hometown: San Bruno, California Major: Geology Future Plans: Graduate School Activities: Alpha Chi Omega Sorority, Greek Week Special Olympics (Event Chairman), Earth Space Sciences Departmental Newsletter Staff, Intermurals, Little Sister Poor Sue, she ' s a Geology major. Wrong. One shouldn ' t feel sorry for her, in fact some may find themselves quite jealous of her position. No one realizes how great the Geology majors are. Sure it ' s on South Campus, but this doesn ' t stop Sue from being ultra-involved and quite the socialite. Sue wanted to make sure she let everyone know that the Geology majors aren ' t merely into rocks-- there ' s an important need for energy in the future and the Geology majors are at the forefront of that quest. 392 SENIOR CLASS Lisa L. Wang B.S. Math Comp Sci Pen-Chau J. Wang B.S. Math Comp Sci Y. Jean Wang B.A. Psych Andrea G. Ward B.A. Psych Carolyn J. Ward B.A. Design Mark A. Ward B.S. Engr Stephanie Ann Wark B.A. Comm Studies Jeffrey P. Warling B.S. Mech Engr Scott David Warner B.S. Geology Michael J. Warren B.A. MP TV Scott K. Warren B.A. Bus Econ Patrice L. Washington B.A. Fine Arts Susan A. Wasserman B.A. Psych Roman L. Wasylyn B.A. Econ Catherine L. Walters B.A. English Sean J. Waters B.A. Econ Lisa C. Watson B.A. Comm Studies Milton D. Weaver B.A. Poli Sci Stephen J. Webb B.A. Poli Sci G. Donald Weber Ill B.A. Psych Susan P. Weideman B.A. Psych Maxime Shore Weiman B.A. Art History Mindy J. Weiman B.A. Bus Econ Stacy Lynn Weinberg B.A. Social Psych Jill A. Weinstein B.A. Poli Sci Andrea L. Weissman B.A. English Laurie Jean Weissman B.A. Design Christopher B. Welker B.A. Industrial Psych Richard A. Wellerstein B.A. Comm Studies Gabriela M. Wells B.A. Econ Theresa A. Wen B.S. Biochemistry Steven D. Westerman B.S. Atmospheric Sci Robert A. Westland B.A. Econ Kristina L. Wetterholm B.A. English Robert P. Wheaton B.A. MP TV Georgory M. Whilden B.A. Psych Tabitha O. Whitaker B.A. Theater Arts Ann White B.S. Chemistry Cheryle M. White B.A. Anthro David A. White B.S. Physics Kathleen Anne White B.A. Linguistics Lark A. White B.A Design SENIOR CLASS 393 Stacy A. White B.A. Psych John E. Whitely III B.A. Econ Yanti Widjaja B.A. Psych Mark J. Wiede B.A. Econ Karen D. Wiggan B.A. Poli Sci Brian S. Wiggins B.A. Poli Sci Marilyn G. Wiley B.A. Geography Iris M. Wilfong B.A. Design William H. Wilkes B.A. Psych Alesia Diane Wilkin B.A. Sociolgy Catherine A. Williams B.A. Sociology Catherine E. Williams B.S. Nursing Glen B. Williams B.A. Psych Jim C. Williams B.S. Comp Sci Mark Steven Williams B.A. History Poli Sci Mary E. Williams B.A. Econ Mary M. Williams B.S. Biochemistry Robert W. Williams, Jr. B.A. Engl Creative Writing Timothy A. Williams B.A. MP TV Britta M. Wilson B.A. Sociology Christopher L. Wilson B.S. Econ System Sci Laura J. Wilson B.A. Econ Kenneth L. Wilton B.A. History Anne M. Winiarski B.S. Kinesiology Steven A. Winter B.A. Bus Econ Renard M. Winters B.A. Poli Sci Emily S. Winthrop B.A. History Cynthia D. Witkin B.A. Poli Sci Paul D. Witman B.S. Math Comp Sci Irwin M. Wittlin B.A. Bus Econ Julia S. Wolf B.S. Nursing Kari L. Wolf B.A. French Julie A. Wolfram B.A. Spanish Shana Haeyoung Won B.A. Sociology Psych Brian P. Wong B S. Elect Engr Cedric L. Wong B.S. Math Comp Sci Chaplon L. Wong B.S. Econ System Sci Clifford K. Wong B.A. Psych Ernest E. Wong B.S. Psychobiology Jeanne Mae Wong B.A. Econ Jen H. Wong B.S. Biology Kelly L. Wong B.A. Econ 394 SENIOR CLASS Larry H. Wong B.A. Econ Rosy S. Wong B.S. Chemistry Sanny Wong B.S. Kinesiology Sandy M. Wong B.S. Biology Carol Z. Woo B.A. Psych Frederick Wood B.S. Biochemistry Wendalyn A. Wood B.A. Psych Valerie C. Woods B.A. History Pamela F. Worth B.A. Poli Sci Denise L. Worrall B.A. Econ Linda Caryl Wray B.A. English Edward G. Wright B.A. Philosophy Carol W. Wu B.A. History Flora Mei-Chi Wu B.A. Linguistics Comp Sci Jerry T. Wu B.A. Poli Sci Susan C. Wulfing B.S. Kinesiology Nelson T. Yamagata B.S. Psychobio Ken Yamaguchi B.S. Biology Roger S. Yamaguchi B.A. Microbiology Gary K. Yamamoto B.S. Microbiology Rodney H. Yamamura B.S. Microbiology Jane S. Yang B.S. Kinesiology John C. Yang B.A. Econ Kuang-Ping Yang B.S. Elect Engr SENIOR SHOWCASE Name: Kris Alesna Hometown: San Bruno, California Major: Kinesiology Future Plans: Physical Therapist Family and Money. These two vastly influencial terms linger behind every action an undergraduate makes. Yet, for Kris these factors seem to be even more forceful. Kris is the first member of his entire family (and all previous generations) to pursue an education at the university level. Beyond this heavy burden of blazing the trail to success, Kris has his whole family watching him and expecting only the best. He has had to work to put himself through school, too. Yet, Kris has survived the ups and downs of this family pressure and has decided that he wants this for himself also-- that fact is the key to success at college. Lisa Yang B.S. Math Comp Sci Paul H. Yang B.S. Math Comp Sci Rhonda Yang B.A. Econ Young Joo Yang B.S. Elect Engr Lely Yashar B.A. Design Kenneth B. Yasaki B.S. Kinesiology Juliet Ann Yawitz B.A. English Lam-Kang Yeap B.A. Econ George Yee B.S. Engr Tana Yee B.A. Bus Econ Berng V. Yeh B.A. Econ Heidi D. Yelin B.S. Biology George M. Yermanos B.S. Biochemistry Raffi Yessayantz B.S. Biology Carlos N. Yguico B.A. History Youngsup Yi B.S. Chemical Engr Felix H. Yiu B.S. Aerospace Engr Teresa A. Yokobata B.A. Sociology Steven Yokomizo B.A. Econ Michiko Yoneda B.A. Ethnic Arts Jeffrey S.C. Yong B.A. Poli Sci Dean C. Younce B.S. Mech Engr Barbara J. Young B.S. Kinesiology David G. Young B.S. Math Comp Sci Joanne D. Young B.S. Psychobio Julie A. Young B.A. History Laurence M. Young B.A. English Ronald D. Young B.S. Engr Sandra K. Young B.S. Computer Engr Stephanie L. Young B.S. Psychobio Annette M. Yu B.A. Math Katherine K. Yu B.S. Biochemistry Thomas T. Yu B.S. Elect Engr Tei Yukimoto B.A. Comm Studies Yang Jin Yun B.A. Design Kenneth Man Yung B.S. Engr Mike Zadravek B.A. Poli Sci Bijan Zahir B.S. Math Comp Sci Siamac Zakhor B.S. Biochemistry Arturo M. Zaldivar B.A. English Lisa R. Zaleski B.A. Psych Richard S. Zalkin B.A. Poli Sci 396 SENIOR CLASS SENIOR SHOWCASE Name: Michael Logan Hometown: Scranton, Pennsylvania Major: Geography Future Plans: Publication Design and or Comic Book Illustration Activities: Bruin Life Yearbook (Art Director), TenPercent (Former Editor), Men ' s Glee Club Michael is a senior, but he isn ' t graduating this year: he ' s one of those people who goes to UCLA forever. He entered UCLA like most of us-- confused. Michael has changed his major a few times, withdrew a few times, spent a few quarters on probation. Right now, he ' s deciding whether or not to spend one more year here finishing up (he ' s been here for five already). Still, Michael says that UCLA has been a tremendous positive force in his life. Moving 3000 miles from home fresh out of high school was pretty traumatic; the discipline of college provided some order in the chaos and really helped him figure out what he wanted from life. Michael ' s experience at UCLA is a good reminder that there ' s a lot more to college than a diploma. Angel Zapata-Pantoja B.A. Poli Sci Mohamad A. Zarazvand B.S. Engr Gale M. Zatz B.A. Sociology Bradley J. Zebrack B.A. Sociology Eitan C. Zeira B.S. Bio Engr Sharon B. Zeitlin B.S. Psychobio Susan D. Zeitlin B.A. Psych Darryl R. Zengler B.A. Econ Stephanie E. Zervas B.A. English David S. Zielan B.A. Psych Joshua L. Zigman B.A. Econ Edward Henry Zimmerman B.A. History Louis Zimmerman B.A. Poli Sci Heidi D. Zion B.A. Psych Gina Zirbes B.A. Econ Jamie L. Zitnick B.A. Comm Studies Ari D. Zlotnik B.S. Math Comp Sci Samuel A. Zollman B.A. Psych Elaine T. Zubko B.A. Econ Sally J. Zvanut B.A. Econ Scott O. Zwirn B.A. Psych " ' Mother ' McClellan of the Associated Students holds office hours from two to three ' most every afternoon, ' presides at the weekly freshman teas, and requisitions ping-pong balls and hot water bottles for the Women ' s Lounge. spare m oments Mary Lee attends to other odd jobs, classes, and her collection of maps. " UCLA SOUTHERN CAMPUS, 1940 " With this increase in the number of ORG members, many question what it is that has heightened in student groups. " 400 ORGANIZATIONS O R G S Participation in campus organizations has been rapidly increasing in popularity, as UCLA now has over 400 registered groups. These organizations, which range from the Advocates for the Arts to the Zen Studies Association, are associated through the Organizational and Interorganizational Relations Office (ORG). With this increase in the number of ORG members, many question what it is that has heightened involvement in student groups. Among the possible answers are ever-changing attitudes of UCLA students and the desire to be a part of a group of people that share similar ideas and goals. Today, problems in the political and economical world are important to students, and they no longer feel content to bask in the apathy of their late seventies counterparts. They want to have some say in matters that concern them. The Chicano Community Medicine Organization, for example, seeks to establish Chicanos and Latinos in the field of medicine while the Gay and Lesbian Association provides both educational and social support for its members. Besides the political, religious, and ethnic groups, athletic clubs are also affiliated with the ORG. A few of these groups are the sailing, hockey, and rugby clubs. They provide competitive action against other colleges but are considered a member of the ORG, not the NCAA. Students ' attitudes and desires are bound to change in the future, but the importance of being a member of a group will not. It is safe to assume that the number of organizations will increase, making the ORG an even bigger force tha n it is today. ORGANIZATIONS 401 PUBLICATIONS OFFICE The publications office staff consists of career employees who act in an administrative capacity for the student media at UCLA. LEFT TO RIGHT: Dick Sublette (Publications Director), John Wirtz (Publications Accounting Manager), Denise Andres (Assistant Publications Director), Art Atkinson (Typography Manager), Lee Monteleone (Administrative Assistant), MaryAnn Wymore (Media Adviser), Susan Wolfe (Administrative Assistant). 402 ORGANIZATIONS COMMUNICATIONS BOARD The Communications Board is the publisher of the student publications of UCLA. The Board includes administrators, faculty, graduate, and undergraduate representatives who serve as the governing body of the student media. FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Steve Harmon, Brian Cantor, Susan Wolfe, Michelle Moore, Hannele Rubin (Chair), MaryAnn Wymore. BACK ROW: Nathaniel Grossman, Deanna Peterson, Karen Armstrong, Gregory Stone, Hal Fuson, Dirk Van de Bunt, Richard Sublette. NOT PICTURED: Dion Raymond, Prentice Deadrick. ORGANIZATIONS 403 BOARD OF CONTROL The Board of Control is the board of directors of the corporation called ASUCLA FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: George Maranon (GSA), Jane Wishon (GSA), Bobby Grace (USA President), Ray Goldstone (Administration), Dave Neuman (USA). BACK ROW: Jason Reed (Executive Director), Steven Jung (USA), Judy Kahn (GSA), Steve Salm (administration), Cindy Chernow (Recording Secretary), Christian Smith (Administration), Ivania Sobalvarro (USA), Carolyn Vena (Alumni), Dick Ebbert (Alumni), Jay Barney (Faculty). 404 ORGANIZATIONS CAMPUS EVENTS The Campus Events Commission provides a wide variety of programs including concerts, celebrity speakers and feature films. FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Adam Fierro, Christy Brown, Melissa Effron, Paul Colichman, Katie Waitman, Barry Wilson, Bryan Troxler, John Neiggeman, Mike Chang, Greg Richardson. SECOND ROW: Kim Yost, Nancy LeValley, Carolyn Ignacio, Milda Chang. BACK ROW: Stacy Harris, Dan Godwin, Doug Golden, Ken Heller (Staff Adviser). NOT PICTURED: Diane Gordon. ORGANIZATIONS 405 COMMUNITY The Community Service Officer program provides our campus and surrounding community with a safe and efficient escort service. STAFF ROSTER: Susan Adams, Pari Arnest, George Bamber, Peter Barbis, Brett Barnes, Bob Barton, John Bauer, Robert Beam, Darren Bebe, Eric Bernd, Andrea Biddle. Greg Bigley, Dave Blancett, Phil Blankenship, David Blinn, Barbra Brawner, Dennis Broguiere, Earle Brooks, Earle Brooks, Valerie Brown, Hunt Burdick, Charles Burke, Dave Byrd, Joan Cahill, John Callender, Dave Caponero, Paul Capraro, Kacey Carpenter, Ron Carr, Alice Carter, Bob Cartwright, Ricardo Cauhan, Charlie Chen, Mark Clarke, Kenneth Collins, Bob Conklin, Kevin Conowitch, Murrey Correa, Mike Cortez, Danielle Cosgrove, Lydia Coto, Jeff Cravens, Doug Dalton, Gina Delpozo, Tom Deluca, Brian Devaney, Derek Ealy, Carl Ecklund, Chi Wai Eng, John Erdiakoff, Mark Fall, Joe Fisch, Chris Flammer, Mark Flanagan, Tracey Fraser, Pete Garibaldi, Anthony George, David Gerardi, Jeffrey Glenn, Mike Gorczyca, Caroly Gray, Jack Greene, Daran Grenier, Louie Grinfeld, Pam Gruchacz, Kirk Hamilton, J.B. Hannis, Christian Hansen, Ed Hayek, Phil Hayman, Pablo Helman, Cynthia Helsley, John Henze, Kathleen Henze, Brett Holden, Chuck Hyland. Edwin Ilano, Alexander Iles, Peter Imwalle. George Ishkanian, Dan Jeffries, Chris Jennings, Jim Jones, Mitch Kam, Andy Kanter, Chris Kavanagh, Bob Kelly, Manoj Knandelwal, Dorian Khouri, J.J. Kukawka, Mike Leifer, Robert Lewis, Howard Lieberman, Mike Lowenson, Tim MacDonald, Lori Mader, Don Mahoney, Javier Maldonado, Melody McCormick, Timothy McGivern, Scott Meehan. 406 ORGANIZATIONS SERVICE OFFICERS Michele Messersmith, Tim Metzinger, Steven Meyer, Gorm Mikkelsen, Lisa Minter, Patrick Monroe, Tony Morales, John Morgan, Craig Moyer, David Mueller, Allison Nathe, Andy Osman, Sheri Plummer, Brad Posey, Joseph Potts, Ted Prohov, Darin Puhl, Art Rangel, Richard Raphael, Jeff Rigby, Kevin Robertson, Mike Rose, Jane Sandberg, Stuart Schneider, Garry Seaber, Richard Shane, Singhal, Mark Slater, Christopher Smith, Seth Stark, Joe St. Georges, Delia Story, Cathy Stoughton, Jim Sullivan, Trent Suzuki, Fred Sylvia, Les Szabo, Chip Tardif, Cherie Terry, Gary Theard, Doug Todd, Kelvin Tolbert, John Traub, Adam Trout, Brian Troxler, Richard Vance, Joe Vanwinkle, Ava Verdres, Peter Velau, Jimmy Vigon, Martin Vonkanel, Susan Wegemer, David Wehrly, Jon Weinberg, William Weiss, Terry Williams, Don Yee, Sung Yoon, Troy Yuifo, Don Zaremba, Rich Zipnick, Bruce Zisser. The UCLA Community Service Officer (CSO) Program began in 1977 with seven students who volunteered to provide a night-time escort service. Intended as a rape-prevention program, the Escort Service was instituted as a means of making the campus more accesible to women at night. In 1977, escorts averaged around fifteen per week; by 1983, they were handling an average of 2000 calls per week. The popularity and success of this service has allowed the CSO Program to expand considerably. The program now boasts an employee roster of nearly two hundred students, who are paid employees of the Dept. of Community Safety. In addition to the Escort Service, the uniformed and radio-equipped CSO ' s now provide many services to the UCLA community. A sample of CSO functions includes the residence hall patrol, police dispatching, evening van, bike patrol, CHS patrol, emergency medical services, CPR instruction, and special events. The rapid growth of the program has not been at the expense of qual ity. The UCLA CSO Program was named as an exemplary crime prevention program by the California Crime Resistance Task Force. The once small, volunteer program is now the largest of its kind in the world, and its four student administrators are responsible for balancing an annual budget of over one million dollars. The Escort Service is still going strong. Escorts are available 365 days a year, from dusk until 1 a.m. This service is available to all students, faculty, staff, and visitors to UCLA, and it is free of charge. Escorts are provided for the entire UCLA campus and parts of the surrounding community. They are available within 15 minutes of calling the Escort Service: 825-1493 ORGANIZATIONS 407 HOMECOMING FRONT ROW: Brian Knapp (Chair), Bill Gillis, Susan Lewis, Janet Green. SECOND ROW: Bob Arp, Jody Bleckman, Christine Chin, Mary Fukuto, Ellen Schned. In handling everything from parades to rallies, the Homecoming Committee promotes enthusiasm both on campus and for the alumni. 408 ORGANIZATIONS SPRING SING Creating the 30th annual Spring Sing at the Greek Theatre on May 7 was the achievement of the UCLA Spring Sing ' 83 Committee. STAFF ROSTER: Steve Sann (Exectutive Chair), Brady Connell, Eftihia Danellis, Ed Muramoto, Gary Shapiro, Elaine Bauer, Lauen Berman, Sue Berman, James Boyd, Sherry Brennan, Sue Bromley, Garrett Caine, Christopher Carothers, Christina Chang, Christine Chin, Susan Cohan, Paul Cutone, Mark Decarlo, Alex Demyanenko, Greg Dietrich, Georges Droogmans, Gary Duboff, Libby Dunevant, Elena Fong, Johnny Fong, Reuban Franco, Gina Freel, Susan Goodman, Stacey Gordon, Janet Gorman, Lucinda Hamill, Mitch Hanlon, Linda Hanna, Lisa Hedenberg, Bob Hepler, Linda Hobson, Erin Ickes, John Ison, Kathy Johnson, Susie Kapamaci, Thad Kemp, Laura Kim, Janna King, Tracy Kiuchi, Kregg Klein, Kurt Knop, Michael Larice, Michael Lawshe, Denise Lawson, Janet Leahy, Dave Maib, Gina Marino, Thom Mathews, Richard Maxfield, Kandy Mink, Paul Natzke, Tracy Neistadt, Linda Newmark, Matthew Rossie, Keith Ryono, Natalie Saylor, Cynthia Schultz, Allison Spencer, Kenneth Stermer, Marc Oka, Lynnea Olsen, Scott Parry, Allyson Pearlman, Scott Prewett, Lucas Richman, Lisa Rose, Deena Suffin, Becky Taylor, Kelly Thies, Robin Toncre, Jeff Wachtel, Maria Wamsley, Bryan Winter, Jessica Wodinsky, Susan Henricksen. ORGANIZATIONS 409 The Bruin Belles serve as UCLA ' s official hostesses at many campus events. BRUIN BELLES FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Sharon Cowan, Andrea Howse, Jil Hatamiya, Susan Ishii, Serena Walker, Karen Silten, Lori Matsuoka, Maryann Vallario, Laura Whitmyer. SECOND ROW: Caroline Lim, Nicola Shocket, Elaine Goto, Gail Harada, Debbie Luckey, Theresa Beaulieu, Jean Eng, Andrea Choo, Joy M. Nussen, Renee Michelle Roski, Stephanie Costello, Kimberly Brown, Melinda Hanes, Patricee Harry, Marisa B. Castro, Shellie Kyle, Sue Genard, Donna-Aleen Miller, Joan, Renee Vail, Ava Vedres, Yvette Wang, Donna Lew. THIRD ROW: Marisa Zarate, Lynn Eger, Linda Vickers, Debbie Steinberg, Linda Koffman, DiAnne Sanchez, Carolyn Hemann, Andrea Devay, Laurie Richelieu, Cathy Davison, Marcy Walters, Sheryl Cohen, Vicki Davis, Cindy Call, Karen Abbey, Lorena Coward, Sandra Siani, Kathy Whittemore, Betsy Mordecai, Sheryl Cocker. FOURTH ROW: Janet S. Green, Anne Winiarski, Laura Whitescarver, Cathlynne Johnson, Leslie Stevens, Karin Mason, Cecilia Anderson, Michele Rabaca, Teri Shulz, Carrie Wise, Gerilyn Andrews, Colleen Robinett, Alli Acker, Debbie Bass, Esther Lar, Becky Takeda, Lisa Caram, Stephanie Yost, Elliott Denise Greene, Grace Sakaguchi. FIFTH ROW: Debbie Fohrman, Laura L. Salciunas, Joni J. Parson, Maya Iwanaga, Kimberley Jean Casey, Karen Goldstein, Tracy Neistadt, Sharon Zeitlin, Eveline Desbarats, Yvonne Guiol, Carla Primack, Shawn Allen, Kim McGillicuddy, Lori Ann McKnight, Karyl Knopp, Barbara Callaghan, Shirleen Oplustic, Kathleen Barrick, Julie Isenman, Kelley Fitzgerald. BACK ROW: Johanna Fitzpatrick, Arlene Yang, Bonnie Solomon, LuAnne Orgambide, Pamela R. Davis, Caryn Buckenberger, Martha K. Gorenberg, Christy Bethell, Dalisa Cohen, Kelly Kostlan, Stacey Feller, Christine Sennewald, Carolyn Gade, Kari Wolf, Rosemarie Padovani, Irene Suzuki, Shelli Stockton, Lynne M. Oakley, Lynn M. Caverly, Nancy Love Haight, Lynn Weisberger, Julie Guinn, Julie Johnson. 410 ORGANIZATIONS BLUE KEY The Blue Key is a national honor fraternity and serves the campus as official hosts. FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mark Tannenbaum, Christine Sanz, Rick Wandrocke, Scott Meehan, Lee Wieseneck, John Shepard, Scott Ritsema, Emmett McEleney, Bob Morse. SECOND ROW: John Gebhardt (president). Jay Spillane, Ben Van de Bunt, Allen Latta, Carl Dispenziere, Bob Eiselman, Steve Noller (social chairman), Mark Burns (treasurer), Bob Rovzar (vice-president), Tom Wuesthoff (secretary), John Cannon, Greg Harlan, Dave White. THIRD ROW: Tom Wyngarden, Pete Lorenz, Mark Blessius, Stan Baer, Jeff Dixon, Ken Tomlinson, Matt Doretti, Mark Bucklin. BACK ROW: John Irons. Jeff Carr, Bob Fisher, Mike Pappas, Bryan Troxler, Steve Carbone, Mike Gottlieb, Mike Cavana, Ric h Aries, Gary Schoenfeld. ORGANIZATIONS 411 MARDI GRAS The Mardi Gras Committee is responsible for the largest, student run, fund raising activity in the free world. STAFF ROSTER: Dave Rohdy, Christine Tran, Robin Parisse, Charles Messerly, Karen Gater, Tammy Lish, Susie Sugerman, Mark Weber, Scott Blum, Genevieve Herman, Peter Kim, Judy Lichtman, Michelle Platman, Peggy Tobin, Nolito Tungpalan, Sharon Yamamoto, Sherri Johnson, Mike Rubin, Debbie Kan, Shari Silverman, Laura Mitchner, Cheryl Becker, Andrea Sherman, Roxanne Shea, Korinda Chin, Kim Williams, Phil Talsky, Monica Douglas, Robert Greif, Ian Chick, Cindy Becker, Paul Abramson, Randee Gerstenfeld, Martha Rosener, Peter Sison, Wayne Hasebe, Eric Belle, Jack Calef, Shawn Erlin, Samuel Gonzales, Susie Kim, Paul Laris, Ruben Maningding, Mike Minami, Roy Morales, Mark Savage, Jean Tremper, Rita Shiang, Allen Rosen, Homer Tom, David Kingsdale, Breann Coleman, Kim Crow, Allison King, Shirley Kuramura, Emily Roske, Charles Sather, Dan Rubin, Bob Layton, Doug Walters, Ingrid Lau, Megan Becker, Stephanie Yost, Libby Donevant, Sue Einstein, Susie Frankel, Shelly Gross, Elise Paul, Rachel Samuels, Francine Jolton, Laurie Holmes, Kenny Rosenblatt, Lacia Bailey, Holly Sneed, Janice Yamaga, Tammy Fahn, Lianne Tarica, Susan Fine, Sue Sherman, Kathleen Brundo, Kenny Stermer, Diana Brand, Carla Primack, Pamela Brand, Renee Roski, Karen Steinbach, Christine Chin, Andrea Tobias, Howard Braunstein, Lisa Watson, Gena Haddox, Glenn Jaffe, Elizabeth Much, Debbie Gralnik, Robin Burnstein, Ellen Schned, Andrea Weissman, Julie Darden, Lisa Landis, Cathi Cambell, Amal Fakhro, Cindy Kain, Eric Bauer, Dale Nishimura, Liz Pleshe, Jennifer Tawil, Terry Ward, Phil Leibovitz, Gary Leshgold, Tod Rathbone, Scott Galloway, Rich Cunningham, Michelle Katz, Tori Soloman, Susan Cohen, Lauri Friedman, Ferne Miller, Mimi Teller, Steve Salek, Jeff Dintzer, Karen Alexander, Susan Neben, Rudy Bermudez, Wendy Gruel, Lisa Caprioglio, Angela Lawrence, Lori Schindel, Craig Marcus, Loretta Giese, Andrea Lefitz, Dusty Davidson, Dana Perlman, Lisa Pierozzi, Allison Liebhaber, Michelle Kenney, Steve Uesugi, Angelica Martinez, Rodi Mauer, Jolie Wah, Michael Baruch, Doug Orens, Ellen Lafair, Lisa Schlar, Sandra Radlovic. 412 ORGANIZATIONS ORIENTATION COUNSELORS YWCA Aside from showing incoming freshmen the campus, the Orientation Counselors help these prepare for their quarter at UCLA. STAFF ROSTER: Larry Albers, Joy Anderson, Julia Bae, George Bamber, Chris Beneduce, Joyce Bowie, Keith Brant, Duane Castaneda, Steve Clemons, Marlene Colucci, Kristine Eschenbruecher, Tonie Escobedo, Anthony Esparaza, Jon Grizel, Jim Holman, Stefan Kampe, Mark Landis, John Leary, Marc Lens, Tracy Lieu, Steve Maeda, Marcia Ryan, Sharon Schultz, Darren Star, Mary Stevens, Ken Subotrik, Karen Veteran, Pauline Yamagata, Annette Yu, Annette Zabatta, Christie Bethell, Dave Burrowes, Sherrill Klein, Brian Knapp, Linda Stanton, Doug Valentine, Bruce Barbee. NOT PICTURED: Martha Diaz, Christian Boyce, Chip Anderson, Jeff Cravens, Mary Kripner. This religious organization offers Christian women both a place to live and a place to pray. FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Teuila Alailima-Utu, Kathy Sheets, Eleanor Cabulong, Doreen Yu, Laurie Chan, Andrea Halperin. SECOND ROW: Janet Naugayan, Nancy Chiang, Rosa Gonzales, Pam Mock, Thelma Rojas, Lillian Galicia. BACK ROW: Eufemia Tsui, Grace Chiang, Agnes Ko, Ruth Luna, Sally Chan, Shirl Watson, Diane Slocum, Sheila Preston, Euhnee Ko, Sharon Jacobsen, Mavis Matsumoto, Lisa Chu, Easter Chan, Tricia Rodolf, Vivian Villapondo, Lori Mockler, Pam McArthur, Penny Karchai, Emmie Lim, Huong Do. ORGANIZATIONS 413 SHADES OF GREY FAN CLUB This illustrious, and ever so exclusive club is composed of the gallant Bruins who dared to publish a yearbook with a maroon and yellow cover. LEFT TO RIGHT: Stacy Ann Shramm, Blakesley Atkin, Karen Harautuneian, Jim Laur, Heather Hellman, Marianne Kearney, Keith Ryono, Irene Kruppa, Blake Kuwahara. 414 ORGANIZATIONS YBK YBK? Why not? Some of the most sought after social butterflies on campus, the members of YBK are too cool and that ' s about it. (Well, Sort of.) LEFT TO RIGHT: Bill Nassen, Francoise Giacalone, Jolie Wah, Caren Rosen, Angela DuRoss, Georges Droogmans, Jim Laur, Lisa Waltuch, Mary Robertson, Lory Dixon, Michael Logan, Tirza Kaplan, Keith Ryono, Karen Pevsnek, Nicole Frees. NOT PICTURED: Cindy Christian, Randy Gee, Kurt Knop, John Trainor, Jeff Harband. ORGANIZATIONS 415 CHINESE STUDENTS ASSN All of the activities sponsored by and participated in this year by the CSA are focused on social, educational, and cultural aspects of the Chinese American culture. FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: John King, George Hsu, Maggie Ueng, Tsway-Lwun Liu, Shari I, Kenny Liu, Roger Chan. SECOND ROW: Angela Sun, Hsiao-ming Hsu, Susan Wang, Lily Wu, Vivian Chou, Tiling Chow, Tuchen Chan, Ming. THIRD ROW: Jerry Wu, Shari Tom, Edward Tom, Jimmin Chang, David Mong, Jade Wong, John Chau, Stanly Wong, Dean Chiang, Ben Chu, Robert Cu, David Tong, Ed Ng, Peter Louie. NOT PICTURED: Amy Wu, Rosaline Chow, Lowell Wong, Richard Ding, Marvin Hwang, Diana Fu, Helen Lim, Annie Liang, Hsiao-Fung Cheng, Anthony Fu, Wendar Hsu, Judy Lin, Bill Chu, Pamela Hsiao, Pauline Tseng, Grace Chow, David Sih. 416 ORGANIZATIONS STUDENT ACCOUNTING SOCIETY The Student Accounting Society was organized to help develop career goals in the field of Accounting. LEFT TO RIGHT: Jim Laur, Georges Droogmans, Nicole Frees, Caren Rosen, Karen Pevsnek, Angela DuRoss, Jolie Wah, Lisa Waltuch, Mary Robertson, Michael Logan, Tirza Kaplan, Bill Nassen, Lory Dixon, Keith Ryono. NOT PICTURED: Cindy Christian, Randy Gee, Kurt Knop, John Trainor, Jeff Harband. MEMBERSHIP ROSTER: Dan Arkoff, Joel Beder, Sheryl Bednar, John Benson, Jewell Bossemeyer, Libby Dunevant, Ken Cecil, Tracey Chikahisa, Val Chuba, Bruce Clawson, Christopher Connally. Clay Croluis, Bret Cross, Cynthia Crossland, Diane Dai, Laurie Dickerson, Kathleen Dolbee, Dianne Drake, Dianne Edenfeld, Michelle Edenfeld, Bill Fish, Henry Fitzpatrick, Janine Fowler, Lisa Franceska, Lisa Gater, Sandra Gong, Mary Johnson, Lorraine Jumelet, David Kennedy, Robert Kim, Bill Losch, Alison Luzar, Victoria Mires, Christy McKnight, Lori McKnight, Mike Nelson, Sidney Porter, Craig Rydquist, Kristen Right, Dave Saponaro, Ann Sato, Alisa Schwarzstein, Sandy Soto, Craig Tilson, Davey Wong, John Wong, Lisa Wu, Tana Yee, Diane Nicholson, Marcela Vasconcellos, John Nagel. ORGANIZATIONS 417 MEN ' S GLEE CLUB The Men ' s Glee Club performs at numerous events, and is known for its sound, versatility and showmanship. FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Edward Shin, Kenneth Wong, Kirk Bocek, Daniel MaIjanian, Michael Rose, David Artadi, Andrew Furco SECOND ROW: Kevin O ' Neal, Norm Thomas, Ken Stermer, Mark Koehler, Michael Robin, Garry Corman, Michael Arshagouni, Dave Parkinson, Kelly Pickard, John Wogec, Greg Pierson, Bret Chisessi. THIRD ROW: Geoffrey Alch, Laurence McFalls, David Schreier, David Kuehn, Josh Bernard, Richard Cook, Steve Wittner, Paul Bynam. FOURTH ROW: John Pendley, Yung Suh, Herb Van Hemert, John Doak, Chris Skiff, Tony Balcena, John De Kelatia, Carlton Van Putten. Not Pictured: Michael Daniels, Mitch Hanlon, Bob Kubilos. 418 ORGANIZATIONS GOSPEL CHOIR UCLA ' s Gospel Choir is renowned for their performances throughout Southern California FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Marjorie Johnson (Vice President), Marjorie Smith, Sandra Kelly, Cheryl Lewn, Debbie Wilkins, Louise Williams. SECOND ROW: Charles Johnson, Dr. Dje Dje (Director), Naida Pearson, Shirley McCombs, Vickie, Kimberly Law (President), This group of seniors unfortunately missed the senior portrait deadline this past fall. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: David C. Stremic, Mary Lynn Wallace, David Burke. SECOND ROW: Bruce A. Marks, lbolya Jahn Huston. Stephanie Foreman, Rick Wintrob. ORGANIZATIONS 419 MELNITZ MOVIES The Melnitz movies provide UCLA ' s student body with quality movies; both recent and cultural. LEFT TO RIGHT: Mike Church, Peter Coopersmith, Daniel Stewart. 420 ORGANIZATIONS MORTAR BOARD Mortar Board is a national honor society for seniors which recognizes scholastic ability, outstanding leadership and service to the community. MORTAR BOARD. Allison Acker, Ruth Ackerman, Lawrence Albers, David Antion, Sheryl Bednar, Lynne Bianco, Diane Bodurka, Kelly Burson, Joanne Burstein, Susan Convirs, Nina Craft, Karen Derr, Matt Doretti, Michael Duckworth, Paula Dugan, Susan Fine, Donald Green„ Jennifer Brodberg, Sheila Hoffman, Rew Ikazaki, Margaret Kambara, Ann Killion, John Kimball, Brian Knapp, Mark Landis, Tracy Lieu, Cheryl Mende, Debra Richards, Patricia Rodolf, Alex Ross, Karen Shishino, Karen Skelton, Bryan Smith, Helen Stosel, Rick Wandrocke, Cary Porter (Adviser). ORGANIZATIONS 421 " The Frosh-Soph brawl: For the first time in six years, the Freshman turned back their older brothers in the traditional brawl for lower class supremacy, winning three of the five events on the program. Officers of Blue C maintained order in the bleachers, and prohibited open, unorganized fighting. " UCLA SOUTHERN CAMPUS, 1932 LIFE AS AN UNDERGRAD When I first visited UCLA, I was overwhelmed with its size, the multitude of faceless students. Why did I decide on UCLA? No friends here. Maybe it was the smile from the girl when I couldn ' t find Ackerman. Things moved fast. Now I am a part of the mass, an undergrad. There were lessons to be learned at the big U, not the kind you get out of books. Like the time Judy told me to keep my reg card and photo i.d. taped to my leg to prevent their loss. Always a kidder. Jaime claims that you haven ' t had the " college experience " until you ' ve lived in the dorms. And she ' s right. There ' s nothing quite like being awakened by screams at three in the morning, or forced to eat that stuff they serve, or just co-existing with so many people. But ask Jaime, she wouldn ' t trade the experience for anything. Classes. Cavernous lecture halls and the small dot in the front that you barely identify as the professor. Geez I wish Tim would hurry so we could get a closer seat. But at least he was never late for the important events, like the speaker we wanted to see in the Grand Ballroom. Or the art exhibit. Or the movies. What a place. You can barely find enough time. But you find niches for yourself, or a shortcut or a path you like to think no one else has taken. That ' s important when you call a place as big and diverse as UCLA home. 424 UNDERCLASSMEN " haven ' t had the ' college experience ' until you ' ve lived in the dorms. " UNDERCLASSMEN 425 Steve Acterman Freshman John Adams Junior Bo Adan Sophomore Kathryn M. Ades Junior Joseph D. Agliozzo Sophomore Gilbert Aguilar Freshman Lupe P. Aguilar Junior Andrea Akita Sophomore Scott Alberts Freshman Verna Tapunia Ale Junior Courtney D. Alexander Freshman Russell Alexander Junior Ken Alimento Freshman Mike Allen Freshman Howard W. Altman Freshman Samuel Amos Freshman John R. Anderson Sophomore Michael Angel Freshman Angelito Angeles Freshman Kelly Anselmo Sophomore Stacey Anthony Freshman Mary Ann Apodaca Sophomore Steve Arbizo Freshman Ilene Arluk Freshman Linda Arneal Freshman David Arnott Sophomore Linda M. Artley Freshman Jennifer Ashworth Junior Kamy Assil Senior Beth Astor Freshman Donna Ausby Sophomore Doug Auzene Freshman Maria T. Avila Sophomore Brenton Babcock Freshman Phillip V. Babcock Junior Ali Bagherzadeh Freshman Ron Baham Sophomore Brian Baker Freshman Jim Banich Freshman Jack Barlow Sophomore Margaret L. Barany Sophomore Joan-Carrol Baron Junior Erico J. Barrera Jr. Sophomore Oscar Barrios Freshman Megan Barron Junior Robert Barrone Junior Donna Barrow Junior Lisa Barukh Sophomore Julie Bates Freshman Annette Batfish Junior Renieka Batfish Junior Roxanne Batfish Junior Dennis Batucal Freshman Robert Beam Junior Paul Bearer Freshman Theresa A. Beaulieu Junior Cheryl E. Becker Junior Barry Beckett Freshman Joel Beder Junior Anthony E. Bell Junior Eric C. Belle Junior Brian Bement Freshman Brian C. Benson Sophomore 426 UNDERCLASSMEN John C. Bercsi Freshman Steven Berman Freshman Donna Bernardo Freshman Richard A. Bernheimer Jr. Sophomore Michael Berns Sophomore Dokui Bibiyan Sophomore Scott Bickle Freshman David Bigley Junior Farhad Bina Sophomore Aaron S. Bingham Freshman Angela Birdsong Freshman Missy Birns Freshman Tami Bishop Junior Angela Blife Freshman SPOTLIGHT: BRUIN LIFE The cover tells you its Bruin Life, but you ' ve always known it to be Southern Campus, and you ask yourself what gives. After sixty-four years the name of the yearbook at UCLA has been changed to Bruin Life. The old name served very well for a long time, but developed problems after a number of years. At first there were only two campuses in the UC system. In the north, Berkeley, the south, Los Angeles. Thus it was appropriate in a way that the yearbooks for the two schools were originally titled Northern Campus and Southern Campus. As the University of California grew into the nine campus system that it presently is, the names of the two books lost that appropriateness, but gained a certain charm that reminded us of tradition and times past. We decided to hold on to our name; however, Berkeley did see reason to change their name to its present The Blue and the Gold. In time this decision began to be hard to live with as the name " Southern Campus ' ' began to have a meaning and connotations of its own. There were some who felt that the yearbook actually concentrated on students of the sciences, geographically located in the southern part of campus, while not giving equal treatment to students who spent most of their time on the " northern ' ' side of campus. The answer to that problem in recent years has been for the theme of the yearbook to almost be the title that the annual would go by for that year. That did not cause any actual production problems, but instead of having a confused name, the yearbook then seemed to acquire no name at all. The final answer to all of this comes in this edition with a name that leaves no confusion that this is a permanent yearbook for all of UCLA. UNDERCLASSMEN 427 Bill Blife Sophomore Boots Blife Senior Caren Blife Junior Cindy Blife Freshman Francoise Blife Sophomore Georges Blife Freshman J.D. Blife Senior Jeff Blife Freshman John Blife Freshman Karen Blife Junior Kurt Blife Freshman Lisa Blife Freshman Lory Blife Freshman Mary S. Blife Senior Michael Blife Senior Nicole Blife Freshman Randy Blife Sophomore Tirza M. Blife Sophomore David Bluestein Freshman Ronald A. Blum Sophomore Sharon Bohan Sophomore Michele R. Bolton Sophomore Michael K. Bond Freshman Cheryl Borden Sophomore James W. Boyd Sophomore Aaron Boye Junior Diana Brand Junior David J. Brown Sophomore Kelly M. Brown Sophomore Terrie Brown Sophomore Philip E. Bryden Freshman Joseph Buchman Sophomore Tam B.T. Bui Freshman Jane Burnt Freshman Robert D. Bush Sophomore SPOTLIGHT:CHIMES OF POWELL Chimes of Royce? Powell? Schoenberg! Where else, but at UCLA can the sound of bells be heard all over campus as if in salute to some heavenly being. Where else, but at UCLA can bells be heard all over campus and baffle everyone as to their whereabouts. Yes folks, that ringing sound that informs us of the time every hour on the hour comes from the depth of our very own music building, Schoenberg. Lurking in the depths of the basement of Schoenberg lies the secret console, which magically pipes the beautiful prerecorded bell sound to the speakers of Powell. It is then heard all over the campus, especially by all the late class goers. At the hands of master controller Laura Brown various sonata ' s are played at ten minutes to twelve every day. Laura is a graduate of UCLA ' s class of 1949. She has been the chimes mistress since 1959. UCLA has very few real traditions left but it seems that the chimes of Schoenberg is one of the few. Next time you hear the beautiful sound of the chimes stop and appreciate the last of the dying traditions. 428 UNDERCLASSMEN Douglas Bystry Junior Olivia Cajulis Freshman Richard T. Caligaris Sophomore Cindy Call Junior Bobbie Campbell Junior Aquendolyn Cannon Sophomore Lisa Caprioglio Sophomore David Cardwell Freshman Roy J. Carls Freshman Marty Carrillo Freshman Thomas A. Carrington Junior Tony Carroll Freshman Kimberly Jean Casey Freshman Gregory Cason Sophomore Christophe Cassidy Freshman Lynn Caverly Freshman Laura Cervini Senior Lisa M. Cervini Freshman Kim Chafin Sophomore Michele Chan Freshman Mike Chang Sophomore Gary J. Charlton Freshman Jeff Chase Freshman Steven L. Chavez Freshman Misty M. Cheney Sophomore Elizabeth Cheng Junior Francis Cheng Freshman Barbara Cheng Freshman Ming L. Chien Freshman Edward J. Chiu Freshman Beverly J. Chin Freshman Terry D. Chin Sophomore Wallaya Chirathivat Junior Rita Choi Freshman Vince Choi Sophomore Nicole Chriqui Junior Cynthia Christian Freshman Karin Christopher Junior Lisa Chu Sophomore Yangna Chung Freshman Jamie Chusid Sophomore Franklin Claprotz Freshman Piper Clark Freshman M ary M. Clarke Freshman Mark D. Clay Sophomore Devon Clayton Junior Macie Cleary Sophomore Jeff Cline Junior Douglass Cobb Sophomore Howard Coburn Sophomore Anne F. Cochran Freshman Kay Cockerill Freshman Karen Cogan Sophomore Suzanne Cole Sophomore Breann Coleman Freshman Richard Contreras Sophomore Shirley Convirs Freshman Kevin D. Cook Freshman John Cookston Junior Sammy Cooper Sophomore Leone S. Cordova Sophomore Robert Cordova Sophomore Tina Coulbourn Sophomore UNDERCLASSMEN 429 Staci Cowan Freshman Dorette Craft Junior Russ Cramm Junior Laurenne Crockett Junior Charles D. Crompvoets Junior Kimberly Crow Freshman Oliver Cromwel Sophomore Maria A. Cruz Freshman Vincent M. Cummings Sophomore Dave Curlender Junior Robert Cusick Freshman Ayele F. Dagne Junior Jill D ' Agnenica Freshman Nancy A. Damiani Sophomore James D ' Andrea Sophomore Angela Daneshrad Sophomore Michael DAniels Sophomore Barbara D ' Ardenne Junior Denise M. Davis Junior Eartha Davis Freshman John C. Dean Freshman Stacey de Back Freshman Dirk de Haas Freshman Caroline M. De La Rosa Freshman Joseph DelReal Senior J. D. Deming Freshman Howard Demroff Junior Dory A. Dennis Freshman Terri Derrickson Freshman Peter V. Derycz II Sophomore Craig Desoer Junior Marion Deutsch Sophomore Rachel E. Diaz Junior Kristin Dietz Sophomore Gwyn Dilday Sophomore Son Le Dinh Sophomore Lory Dixon Freshman Thach Do Junior Marcia E. Dockstader Sophomore Diane Dodrill Junior Odina Domingo Freshman Lonnie Dommond Freshman Ludswig Dooman Junior Traci L. Dotson Freshman Donald L. Drake Jr. Freshman Georges Droogmans Freshman Lucia Dube Junior David Dubinsky Freshman Dana Dubovsky Junior James Duffin Sophomore Kellie A. Duncan Sophomore Steve Dunn Freshman Brendan Durrett Sophomore Terri Dyer Sophomore Tracy Earle Senior Mary Easley Freshman Judith E. Edgers Junior Alyse Edwards Senior Stanley Egger Sophomore John Eknoian Freshman Anthony M. Ellis Junior Michael Enguidanos Sophomore Bill Erkus Freshman 430 UNDERCLASSMEN SPOTLIGHT: INVERTED FOUNTAIN Standing in the courtway between Knudsen and Schoenberg and glancing in the direction of Franz Tower, one might believe the story that the Inverted Fountain was built to resemble a toilet. Or maybe you believe the one about it being a sacrificial place for the USC virgins. Could you possibly have heard the story that it was created to sound like a roaring river? It seems that none of these rumors are true. In fact, the fountain was not even intended to be there at all; it was just the markings on a blueprint that started it all. In the 1960 ' s, Chancellor Murphy was looking for a spot to build a possible student plaza. Howard Troller, in charge of design and planning, drew circles for possible locations on the blueprint of the school. Franz, Kinsey and Schoenberg were not built yet and there was plenty of room. A few years passed and the spot where Ackerman is today was chosen for the plaza. However, Chancellor Murphy had come up with a donor for something to be built on campus and asked Troller what he intended to build in the circle on the blueprint. Troller and Ralph Cornell, supervisor of landscape and architecture came up with the idea of a fountain. The first suggestion was to build a fountain similar to the DWP fountain downtown. They designed a 60-ft. jet stream with smaller streams blending in. A rendering was done by Jim Preston and the design was presented to the planning committee of which Murphy was a member. After seeing it, Murphy ' s comment was, " Can ' t you guys build something that doesn ' t shoot water in the air? " Their next plan was to fashion it after the Morning Glory, a pool in Yellowstone, with a cone and bubbling water. The cone was proposed to be 6 ft. deep, but the school questioned its safety. Finally Troller came up with the idea to make the water go down and thus an Inverted Fountain was created. It originally did not have the rocks in the middle or the caging in the center, but when students began dissappearing under the falls and reappearing later, it was redone for the safety of all. Now that you know the whole story who do you believe? UNDERCLASSMEN 431 Anibal Erazo Jr. Junior Jill Espinoza Freshman Hui-Wen Eu Freshman Carlet Evans Sophomore Vivian E. Evora Freshman Kevin C. Farr Junior Ronnie Feemster Freshman Stacey Feller Sophomore Wan-Lin Feng Freshman Susanna Ferlito Freshman Celeste Ferre Sophomore Michael A. Fischer Freshman Michael L. Fletcher Sophomore Guy Flint Sophomore SPOTLIGHT: ROYCE HALL Royce Hall. Every day students pass by the the brick building and take it for granted. If you were to ask someone about the single biggest landmark on our campus in any detail, it is likely that you would not get much of an answer. Most students would probably tell you that the building is symmetrical, but they couldn ' t be more wrong. Some close inspection will show that Royce Hall is indeed assymetrical. Royce was modeled after the church of San Ambrogio in Milan, Italy. At the time that San Ambrogio was designed and built, people commonly held the belief that nothing could be perfect except God. And with that in mind, it was simply not acceptable to construct a church that was perfectly symmetrical. Therefore, some deliberate flaws were added into the blueprints. The tower to the right of the main doors has three large openings at the top on each side, and the tower to the left of the do ors has only two. Smaller windows lower on each tower are also positioned to break the symmetry of the building for those who hesitate to gaze up. When it came time to build the Westwood campus for UCLA, the architects went back to that Milanese church for the exterior of what was to be the main building on campus. Needless to say, the interior was reworked, but those flaws that had been incorporated into the original design were not changed. And Royce Hall has born the marks of deliberate imperfection since 1928. 432 UNDERCLASSMEN Rodrigo Flores Sophomore Chan FongLin Freshman Violet Fonseca Sophomore William Foote Freshman Dana M. Footman Freshman Janice J. Ford Junior Anne M. Forgy Freshman Barbara F. Francis Junior Dylan R. Free Freshman Nicole Frees Freshman Susie Friday Sophomore Wendy Fritsche Freshman Emma Fukui Freshman Paul Fullner Freshman Stephan Fymat Freshman Raquel Gaba Junior Harold H. Gamityan Sophomore Andrew Gantman Sophomore Benjamin V. Garcia Senior Connie Garcia Junior Jeffrey Garcia Junior Ted Garcia Sophomore Katherine E. Garrett Freshman Holly Gay Freshman Randolph Gee Sophomore Linda Gendal Sophomore Michael Gersten Freshman Hans R. Charrari Freshman Edie Ghielmetli Sophomore Steve Ghysels Freshman Francoise Giacalone Sophomore Sung Gill Junior David Gillen Freshman Kelly Givas Sophomore Christopher J. Gleiter Junior Robert Goldbaum Freshman Karen Goldberg Freshman Phillip Goldfine Sophomore Daniel Goldman Sophomore Pete Goldschmidt Sophomore Bernadette Gomez Freshman Jenny L. Gonsalves Freshman Maria Gonzalez Freshman Alane Goodman Junior Raquel Gordon Sophomore Richard A. Gottron Freshman Cynthia G.K. Gouw Sophomore Nancy Grass Freshman Daniel Green Sophomore Beth Greenberg Freshman Liz Griego Sophomore Dan Griffith Freshman Randy Gross Freshman Stuart Grossbard Freshman Joseph Gruchacz Freshman Wendy Grudt Freshman Bernard Guerreru Freshman Angelique Gulermovich Freshman Ava Hacopian Sophomore Lori Hagino Freshman Jennifer Hainstock Sophomore Ron Halcrow Sophomore Brad Hales Senior UNDERCLASSMEN 433 Michael A. Halperin Freshman Nora Halpern Senior Frederick Ham junior Michele Hamada Junior Jacki Hamilton Junior Mani Hanaoka Junior Robert P. Hancock Sophomore Helen Handa Junior Leslie S. Hanna Freshman Jeffrey F. Harband Freshman Fernando Haro Freshman Diane Hawkins Sophomore Sheila Hawkins Freshman Jessica Hawks Sophomore Kevin Hayashida Freshman Edwin Hayek Junior Brian Hayes Sophomore Lisa A.K. Headley Junior Mike Hellman Sophomore William T. Henderson Sophomore Rosa Hernandez Freshman Virginia Hernandez Freshman Nancy Jean Hertel Junior Tom Hicks Sophomore Ursula Hill Freshman Brenda Himebaugh Junior Leina M. Hirayama Junior Russell J. Hirsch Junior Harry Hirschman Freshman Jane Ho Sophomore Alan C. Hodo Junior Bruno Hollenstein Sophomore Charlene Holloway Freshman Janet Holmes Freshman Edgar G. Hom Freshman Sylvin Hom Sophmore Reynaldo Honrado III Freshman Anita Hoogasian Sophomore Kim Hordiner Sophomore Roderick Hori Soph omore Ameen M. Hossain Junior Steven Houtz Freshman Brenda Howard Freshman Emmie S. Hsu Sophomore Tsuey-Wei G. Hsu Junior Chaonan E. Huang Senior Brooks Huffman Sophomore Paul Huffman Sophomore Mike Hughson Junior Brenda Huie Junior Debie Hulit Freshman Janet B. Hunt Freshman Michael A. Hunter Junior Wanida S. Huq Junior Scott Hutchinson Freshman John R. Huttl Junior Erin Ickes Junior Jose D. Inostroz Freshman John Ireland Sophomore Loveen G. Israni Sophomore DeWayne Jackson Senior Valerie Jenkins Freshman Chris Jennings Junior 434 UNDERCLASSMEN Lawrence King Freshman David L. Kingsdale Freshman David Kinnick Sophomore Kevin Kinsey Junior Gary Klein Freshman Jeffrey Klein Sophomore Sherrill Klein Junior Geoffrey W. Knight Senior Joseph L. Knill Freshman Debbie Knowles Sophomore Jaturan Kochaon Junior Beth Koerner Junior John Kohut Senior Glenn Kopelson Sophomore Katy Kostyzak Senior Chikao Koyama junior Izumi Kozawa Junior Stephanie L. Krajchir Junior John C. Kratzer Sophomore Diane J. Krause Junior Paul E. Krumpe Sophomore Eric Kurth Sophomore Becky Kubin Sophomore Helen Kuo Sophomore Melvyn Kwan Junior Wei Y. Kwok Junior Paul F. La Freniere Junior Renee Lahti Junior Kenneth A. Laitin Sophomore Janet Lam Freshman Scott T. Lamp Junior Douglas Langdale Sophomore Sophie Lapire Sophomore Karen Lash Senior Ingrid Lau Junior Steven K.C. Lau Junior Lorraine Law Junior Tonnette Law Junior Angela W. Lawrence Freshman Martin J. Lax Sophomore Anni Le Freshman My-Hang T. Le Junior Jeffery Leach Freshman Beth Lebowsky Sophomore Leah Lee Freshman Shelly E. Lee Frehsman Benjamin A. Leeds Junior Jeannie M. LeFevre Sophomore Bruce Leonard Freshman Robert S. Leonard Freshman Gerard Leong Junior Viviana Levi Junior Joel Levin Freshman Felicia Leviton Freshman Donna J. Lew Sophomore Ann Lewis Junior Paul M. Lewis Junior Tamara Lewis Junior Laura Liberman Junior Judy Lichtman Sophomore Francine Lickhalter Sophomore Eric A. Lieberman Freshman Martin Lieurance Junior UNDERCLASSMEN 437 Carol Lim Sophomore Susan Lim Junior Shu-Chuan Lin Junior Shu-Yuan Lin Freshman Janet Lindboe Freshman Marybeth R. Literatus Freshman Rosanna Loccisano Sophomore Denita Long Sophomore Trino Lopez Sophomore Ann Loureiro Freshman Michael Low Freshman Charles Lucas Freshman Susanne Lukas Junior Nancy Luna Freshman Robina Luther Junior Daniel Ma Senior James Ma Freshman Michele C. Mack Sophomore Shane Mack Sophomore Marta Madrigal Junior Son-Mi Maeng Sophomore Joel Magerman Senior Sergio P. Maggi Junior Mike Maifeld Freshman Rob Maitland Junior James S. Malinovsky Senior Dan Maljanian Sophomore Cynthia C. Manalac Freshman Arturo E. Marchand Jr. Junior Andrea Marcome Sophomore Romeo B. Mariano Junior Richard Maritzer Junior Judith R. Mark Junior Laurie A. Markson Freshman Michael Martin Freshman Cindy Martinez Sophomore Carlos Martinez Junior Christopher Mason Freshman Masahiko M. Matsumoto Freshman Vince Mazzi Freshman Rex McBridge Junior Judith K. McDermott Freshman Charles McDonald Freshman Andy McGough Junior Lisa McTear Sophomore Jack Mehoff Sophomore Crystal Melcher Junior Guillermo Mendiola Freshman Deborah Mensa Freshman Albert W. Mercado Junior Linda Merrihew Sophomore Stephanie Meyer Freshman David M. Kitnick Senior Jeff Miles Sophomore Kimberly A. Miller Junior Reed Miller Junior Kevin Mills Senior Lori L. Mills Freshman Monique Mingleton Freshman Anne T. Mishica Junior Jeanne Mitchell Sophomore Kelly Mitchel Sophomore Marsha Mitchell Freshman 438 UNDERCLASSMEN SPOTLIGHT: CAMPUS ECCENTRICS Airports, theatres and college campuses attract all kinds of interesting people. Here at UCLA, besides the usual students, professors, administrators, there is a large group of visitors everyday. Several of these visitors come expounding their philosophies and attempting to proselytize. Others come to entertain. Some juggle. Some dance. Some sing. There are also the visitors that have unique qualities. All of these people have come to be known as the " campus characters. ' ' Three of these men can be found in front of Kerkhoff or near Bruin Walk nearly every week. " Jed " and " Gus, ' ' two of these men, talk to passerbys about God and Jesus and the second coming. They raise their hands to the sky and speak like the powerful evangelists on the tube. " Listen to me! " proclaims Gus, surrounded by a cluster of curious onlookers. " God is King and you will burn in Hell if you deny it. " Swammie-X " also cries out to listeners about his attitudes and ideals. His are not religious concerns, rather political. He believes in brotherly love and peace, similar to the sixties movement. He fears that evil men are leading the world toward a nuclear disaster and a nuclear war. But other frequent visitors at UCLA, tend to look on the brighter side of life. The " Streetsingers " are a man and woman who make time in between classes very enjoyable. Sitting on a bench under a shady tree, the Streetsingers play the harmonica and guitar. Singing old folklore tunes, their voices ring out in Meyerhoff Park. A welcomed couple, many sit, listen, and watch. Sometimes, however, it is the " character ' ' who is doing the watching. Such is the case with " The Peeper. ' ' The Peeper can be seen all over campus with a newspaper or book held in front of his face. This little man " peeps " over the edges of whatever he has in his hands and makes faces to the world on the other side. He smiles or contorts his face into all kinds of humorous configurations. " General Hersheybar " is a man who knows about war, so he claims. Clad in high-top tennis shoes and a filthy army coat laden with all sorts of buttons, Hershey Bar salutes the passing students as they go by. In fact, several of these people can offer a smile or induce a chuckle. They add to the cosmopolitan make-up of UCLA. They add to the flavor and excitement found only in a place like UCLA. UNDERCLASSMEN 439 SPOTLIGHT: JANSS STEPS After a strenuous workout in the gym, it is difficult to shower quickly and make it to class on time. It is harder when one has to run up Janss Steps toward north campus. Invariably, the person, still shaky from exercise, will falter as he approaches the infamous sixth step. This isn ' t from sheer exhaustion. Instead, the person fears the superstition that Janss himself is buried underneath the long brick step. Disturbing this sacred grave could have severe consequences. The person who stepped on that particular stair could possibly not graduate in the usual four year period! Instead, an extra year of time and money must be devoted toward a degree. And so, no matter what an effort it takes to reach the top of the beautiful brick staircase, the superstitious student can always find enough reserve energy to hop over the sixth step. Todd D. Mitchell Junior April H. Mizuki Freshman Frank Mogavero Jr. Junior Karen R. Moller Junior Todd Montgomery Freshman Demetrice Moore Sophomore Deborah J. Moorer Sophomore Roger Moore Junior Sully Moore Freshman Isreal A. Mora Sophomore Dennis Morris Sophomore Sherry Morris Freshman Marc Moscowitz Junior Lisa Moske Sophomore Gail Murakami Sophomore Cris Murillo Sophomore Roberta Muse Sophom ore Tracey Musgrove Junior John W. Mustafa II Sophomore Alexander Myers Girlfriend Sheiva Nader Junior Toshio Nagamoto Junior Shane Najarian Sophomore Paul S. Nakamura Freshman Kent Naruse Freshman Bill Nassen Sophomore Sue Neben Sophomore Kenneth Nelson Sophomore Mark T. Newton Sophomore Gretchen Nickels Freshman DAvid Nidorf Freshman Kimberly Niuos Sophomore Dale Nishimura Sophomore Mary Noble Freshman Ruriko Nomura Junior 440 UNDERCLASSMEN Alison Norihiro Freshman Carolyn D.Norman Junior Lynne Norman Sophomore Margie Norton Sophomore Manuel Nuno Freshman Ronnie Ockert Junior John M. O ' Connor Junior Gus Ohm Freshman John M. Okamoto Freshman Koichi Okamoto Sophomore Juanita O. O ' Leary Junior Efrain Oliva Sophomore Connie L. Olson Junior Shirleen Oplustic Junior Joan Orgon Junior Joselyne Orlanes Freshman Bob Orr Freshman John B. Owens Sophomore Larry K. Owen Senior Lester Padilla Sophomore Roc Paez Sophomore Unmi Pak Freshman Karen Palladino Freshman Steven C. Palomino Junior Laurie Pang Junior Michele Parent Sophomore Kathi Park Sophomore Sunmin Park Freshman Yong S. Park JUnior Pamela Patrusky Freshman Susan D. Payne Sophomore Kevin Pedretti Junior Paul Penne Junior Arnaldo Perez Freshman Doris Perl Freshman Jan Perlstein Sophomore Leonard R. Perez Sophomore Paul W. Petersen Junior Tania-Lee Pettigrew Freshman Nicole E. Pettey Sophomore John Phillips Freshman Brent P. Pierson Freshman Ma L. Pinzon Sophomore Sherro Pleasants Freshman Jeff Pollock Junior William Pollock Freshman Edward J.A. Pope Senior Elizabeth J. Porter Freshman Stephen Post Freshman Kathryn Pratt Freshman Guillermo Preciado Jr. Freshman Chiquitha Prescott Freshman Danna Prosser Freshman Douglas Pryor Freshman Craig Pynes Freshman Benny Quintana Freshman Tom Racanelli Freshman Paul Radensky Sophomore Melanie J. Ramsayer Freshman David L. Ransom Jr. Freshman Richard A. Raphael Senior Suneel Ratan Sophomore Eric Rehwoldt Sophomore UNDERCLASSMEN 441 Alan Reifman Junior Patricia Reith Sophomore Bob Remstein Ju nior Anthony B. Reyes Freshman DeAnita M. Richardson Freshman Bill Rietman Sophomore Howard Rimerman Junior Cesar A. Rios Sophomore Anthony J. Rista Senior Jennifer Robbins Junior Karen Robinson Sophomore David P Rochlen Junior Kathleen M. Rock Junior Angel Rodriguez Freshman Thomas D. Rodriguez Freshman Anthony Roide Freshman Michael Rogie Sophomore Brian K. Romias Freshman Anthony Romo Junior Diane Romo Freshman Diane Ropp Junior Diane Rosen Junior Alan Rosenbaum Freshman Steven S. Rothblatt Freshman Nari L. Rotter Freshman Joanie Rountree Freshman Becky Rubenacker Sophomore JoMarie Ruckh Freshman Dwight Rudd Junior Anna M. Ruef Sophomore Rhonda Runyan Sophomore Ritu Sadana Sophomore Adam B. Sadoff Freshman Corey G. Saenz Freshman Yvette Sahakian Sophomore Richard Sahara Freshman Patti Samaniego Junior Tracy Sandler Sophomore Brian Sato Sophomore Natalie Saylor Sophomore Lisa P. Schlar Freshman Paul D. Schmidt Sophomore Eric C. Scott Sophomore Lee A. Schaub Junior Gerald H. Scher Sophomore Andrew Schiff Freshman Altie J. Schmitt Sophomore Bonnie Scholz Sophomore Julie Schrader Freshman Steve Schwab Sophomore Lisa Schwartz Freshman Mark I. Sedig Sophomore Corinna D. Seibt Junior Paul Seidner Freshman David A. Selig Freshman Richelle M. Semenza Sophomore Jean Seymour Sophomore Elizabeth Sergeyevsky Sophomore Tom Sestanovich Junior Marla Shauer Sophomore Richard Shaw Freshman Roxanne Shea Freshman Zi-Wen Shen Junior 442 UNDERCLASSMEN Steven Sheriff Sophomore Lisa Sherman Freshman Theresa Shiban Freshman Lind Shishino Sophomore Nicola Shocket Junior Sandra Siani Freshman Terry L. Silampa Freshman Fran Simon Junior Robert P. Singleton Freshman Felicia Sison Junior Peter Sison Freshman Sandra Skeeter Junior Steve Sloan Freshman Ross Smillie Freshman Greg Smith Junior Gustave S. Smith III Junior James H. Smith Sophomore Lori Smith Sophomore Rachel K. Smith Freshman Scott M. Smith Freshman Teresa Smith Sophomore Shahraum S. Sobhani Junior Philip D. Sokol Junior Joselito P. Sol Freshman A. Joseph Soong Sophomore Jeff Soss Freshman Bruce D. Spell Junior Chris Spitler Sophomore SPOTLIGHT: UCLA ON FILM Have you been asked to participate in a commercial or walked by during a television filming? Have you seen the photographers using Royce or some other decorative building as the background for still photos? While walking on campus it is not uncommon. It seems that studios have an eye for the scenic beauty of UCLA. Simon and Simon and Quincy are a couple of the big name shows who have shot scenes on campus. This does not even touch on the number of documentaries, still photos and just plain photographers that have used UCLA as its backdrop. With all this activity it may seem that anyone can come on campus and film wherever and whenever they want, this is not the case. Campus Activities Service Office (CASO) sets guidelines for who can film on campus and when. According to the CASO office they recieve on the average of three phone calls a day concerning using UCLA as a filming spot. Several things are taken into account in order to film on campus. First and foremost is that none of the activity can interfere with the university business. All scripts are read as not to reflect the university in a negative light. The next step is to check the availability of the building in question. From then on it is LIGHTS! CAMERA! ACTION! UNDERCLASSMEN 443 SPOTLIGHT: VICTORY BELL This year UCLA is the proud possessor of the Victory Bell by virtue of our football victory over the Trojans. Turpentine was brought out and the maroon and gold color scheme on the bell ' s mounting was replaced by a coat of blue. It has not always been that way though. The bell once adorned a locomotive on the Southern Pacific line until given to the school by the UCLA alumni association in 1939. From that time to 1941, the Victory Bell was an undisputed part of UCLA and went to all of the Bruin ' s football games to toll each point we won. However, in 1941 the bell was stolen from the Bruins by some members of the Sigma Epsilon fraternity at USC. They simply snatched the keys to the truck that the bell was being transported in, and drove it off. That started a wild goose chase that lasted for a year. The bell was hidden in the Hollywood Hills, under a haystack, in Santa Ana, and a few places in between for a full year. A cryptic note was left in front of a UCLA sorority house. Even the police got into the action. All this naturally leaded to crosstown raids between the Bruins and Trojans. These raids led to the student body presidents from each of the two schools finally meeting one year later and agreeing to share the bell. USC had to pay for half of the bell in order claim a stake in its ownership, but after that the bell belonged to whichever school won the crosstown football game that year. In the case of a tie any year, the school that originally had the bell was able to keep it. That same year, 1942, the Bruins beat the Trojans and got to take the bell home. Needless to say, a great deal of festivity ensued around the heavily guarded bell when it got here. Since then the bell has changed addresses many times, but has become another UCLA tradition. 444 UNDERCLASSMEN Drexel R. Spivey Freshman Sophia Sripifiswaf Sophomore James A. Starke Junior Deborah A. Stassi Junior Bill Stein Freshman Victoria Sterling Freshman Shelli Stockton Sophomore Tamika Stove Freshman Steve Stovitz Freshman Amy Strauss Sophomore Maria Strong Sophomore Gregg Stuart Freshman William R. Stuart Sophomore Pamela Stubblefield Senior Judy M. Sullivan Freshman Maragaret Sullivan Freshman Gregory L. Surman Junior Trent Suzuki Sophomore Brent Sverdloff Freshman Karen Taggart Freshman Alice Tai Freshman Becky Takeda Freshman Tracy L. Talbot Sophomore Taye Tamru Senior Craig Tanimoto Sophomore Williaim Taselli Sophomore Natalie Tawil Freshman Bruce A. Taylor Freshman Kevin L. Teel Sophomore Clement Tong Junior Mark E. Tracey Sophomore John G. Trainor Freshman Judy Tritel Freshman Gina Truncale Junior Emmeline Tseng Freshman Pauline Tseng Junior Diana L. Tubao Junior Janet Turner Sophomore Carole E. Twitmyer Junior David A. Tyau Junior Gina Utterberg Sophomore Mohamed Umarji Freshman Carolyn Uyeda Sophomore Yuko Uyesugi Senior Joan R. Vail Junior Andree Valdry Freshman Margarita G. Vasquez Junior Ron Vaughn Sophomore Gina Vecchione Senior Elizabeth Velazquez Junior Karen L. Ventimiglia Junior Bruce D. Vernoff Junior Leticia Victorin Sophomore Rowena Villaneva Freshman Daisy Vinzon Freshman Trung D. Vo Junior Mark von der Au Freshman Tru M. Vuong Junior Susan Waddington Junior Jeffrey S. Wagner Sophomore Ken Wagner Freshman Roxanne Wagner Freshman Jolie Wah Sophomore UNDERCLASSMEN 445 Julie Waldron Sophomore Maria Walsh Freshman Doug Wa lters Sophomore Maria Wamsley Sophomore Terry Ward Junior Ion M. Warner Freshman Diane de Warren Freshman Larry Watanabe Junior Michael W. Williams Sophomore Lynne Weil Sophomore Sarah Weinberg Freshman Daniel Weiner Freshman Mark J. Weiner Freshman Lisa C. Weir Freshman Jamie A. Weite Freshman Dana F. Welch Sophomore Warren Wellen Senior Elizabeth Wenger Sophomore Ronda L. Werner Junior Rondi L. Werner Junior Sean Whalen Freshman Tommy Wheeler Freshman Dave White Junior Laura Whitescarver Sophomore Cindy Wickel Sophomore Melisse Wickman Junior Charles Wilbur Sophomore Dwight Williams Sophomore Kourt Williams Junior John Winkelman Freshman Stacy Winnick Freshman Holly Wolcott Freshman Teresa Wolf Sophomore Brian Wong Sophomore Frances Wong Sophomore Harold Wong Sophomore Kristin Wong Sophomore Monique Wong Freshman Sharon Wong Freshman Susan Wong Freshman Wesley Wong Fresman Debbi Woo Freshman Victor Woodlief Sophomore William Woska Freshman Michelle M. Wrenn Freshman Gordon Wright Freshman Trenier Wright Sophomore Charles Wu Freshman Ou Wu Junior Yoshiko Yamazaki Junior Laurence Yee Sophomore The Yentas Junior Olive Yip Freshman Erich Yost Freshman Gary Young Junior Jaquelyn Yu Sophomore Sandra K. Zahlen Junior Farid Zaltash Sophomore Mahdokht Zarrazvand Freshman Carla Zeitlin Freshman Jan Zemanek Freshman Tuowen Zhou Sophomore Chris Zyda Sophomore 446 UNDERCLASSMEN SPOTLIGHT: EUCALYPTUS TREES UCLA is known for its austre brick buildings and lush green parks all across the campus. This beauty extends to even the farthest edges of UCLA, including the entry to the school along Westwood Boulevard. Tall, shady eucalyptus trees line the boulevard enhancing the lively atmosphere of the campus. But besides their nice appearance, these trees also offer a kind of tribute to our nation ' s past presidents. Planted in 1929 (one for each of the presidents up to that time) by the Daughters of the American Revolution, these trees have grown symbolizing the growth of UCLA students throughtout the ages. Also, on a warm day, they are very inviting to relax under and catch up on some reading. UNDERCLASSMEN 447 " Who is this woman? Who does she think she is? Who does she wish to be? And are those bears really alive? Don ' t ask us; we ' re clueless. We found her in a file drawer at the `UCLA Monthly. ' But how could we pass up such a great picture? " PHOTO COURTESY OF UCLA MONTHLY That ' s all, folks... we ' ve said just about all we had to say. Besides, we ' re sure you ' re tired of reading by now — you ' ve been doing it for years or you wouldn ' t be at UCLA. So we thought we ' d make the last few pages a little easier for you. You just have to look at the pictures. 450 THE END CHARLES YOUNG MARYLAND MECH US ARMY WORLD WAR I SEPTEMBER 15 1880 JANUARY 14 1966 THE END 457 458 THE END THE END 459 BRUIN LIFE STAFF OPPOSITE PAGE, TOP: Kurt Knop, Cindy Christian. BOTTOM: John Trainor, Jeff Harband. THIS PAGE: 1.Bill Nassen 2.Michael Logan 3.Jolie Wah 4.Angela DuRoss 5.Lisa Waltuch 6.Mary S. Robertson 7.Karen Pevsnek 8.Caren E. Rosen 9.Boots 10.Jim Laur I I .Georges Droogmans Kaplan 13.Lory Dixon 14.Nicole Frees. NOT PICTURED: Randy Gee, Francoise Giacalone, Leigh Herman, Veronica Vera, Pat Laur (Jim ' s Mother). EDITOR-IN-CHIEF JAMES D. LAUR ART DIRECTOR MICHAEL LOGAN ASS ' T. ART DIRECTOR TIRZA KAPLAN DESIGNERS GEORGES DROOGMANS CAREN ROSEN LISA WALTUCH PHOTO EDITOR KEITH RYONO PHOTOGRAPHERS JEFF HARBAND BILL NASSEN RICHELLE SEMENZA JOLIE COPY EDITOR RANDY GEE WRITERS LEIGH HERMAN GROUPS KAREN PEVSNEK KURT KNOP CINDY CHRISTIAN BUSINESS MANAGER MARY S. ROBERTSON BUSINESS ASSISTANTS FRANCOISE GIACALONE NICOLE FREES CONTRIBUTORS DAILY BRUIN (PHOTO) CHRIS ZYDA (COPY) INTERNS LORY DIXON ANGELA DUROSS JOHN TRAINOR PUBLICATIONS DIRECTOR SUBLETTE MEDIA ADVISOR MARYANN WYMORE ADVERTISING COORDINATOR SUSAN GESELL TYPOGRAPHY MANAGER ART ATKINSON MEDIA REPRESENTATIVE BRIAN CANTOR CAMPUS STUDIOS TERRY O ' DONNELL SENIOR PORTRAITS WALLY VILLENCIA TAYLOR REPRESENTATIVE DICK LOPACHIN " With two of the team returning to their alma mater, the Four Preps set up recording gadgets to their UCLA effort part of musical posterity. The ' collegiate ' songsters evoked peals of laughter from the audience, which undoubtedly pleased their recording technicians. " ADVERTISEMENTS Photo by Terry O ' Donnell, ASUCLA Photography ASUCLA The Mission of ASUCLA is to enhance the quality of life and broaden the learning experiences of the UCLA community. While ASUCLA serves the entire UCLA community, its primary orientation is toward UCLA students. — ASUCLA Board of Control Mission Statement 464 ADVERTISEMENTS BRUIN LIFE PATRONS BRIAN CANTOR RICHARD M. WILBUR FRANK A. TENNANT (SOUTHERN CAMPUS ED., ' 49) ROBERT AND PATRICIA LAUR ALICE AND GLENN ROBERTSON GLYNIS AND GERRARD TRAINOR ENORMOUS THANKS CHRIS LUHNOW EDROSSI SUSAN GESELL ANNE PAUTLER JACKIE FOOKS MARYANN WYMORE SUSAN WOLFE DENISE ANDRES DICK SUBLETTE MONICA DUNAHEE JOHN KOHUT SHERI PLUMMER THE WESTWIND STAFF COLOPHON BRUIN LIFE 1983 WAS PRINTED BY TAYLOR YEARBOOK COMPANY, DALLAS TEXAS. THE PAPER IS 80 POUND MEAD GLOSS ENAMEL. THE COVER IS PRINTED IN FOUR PANTONE COLORS ON TAYLOR DUROLITH COVER MATERIAL. HEADLINE AND BODY TYPE THROUGHOUT IS VARIOUS WEIGHTS OF GILL SANS, CREATED IN THE 1920 ' s BY NOTED BRITISH CALLIGRAPHER AND DESIGNER ERIC GILL. COLOR PRINTS ARE BY INADA PHOTO LAB, LOS ANGELES. " The dignified Captain Charlton E. Battle is just a sailor-boy at heart. When he is not indulging in a round of golf or a rubber of bridge, he can, usually be found teaching his Naval ROTC classes or playing with his guns. " UCLA SOUTHERN CAMPUS, 1940 INDEX Aal, Scott I 70 Abbey, Karen 189. 410 Abbott, Kevin 193 Abel, G. Gregory 329 Abend, Karin 189 Abilima-Utu, Teuila 413 Abramson. Paul 218, 412 Abselet, Keyvan 324 Acevedo, Steven 324 Acimovic Alex 196 Acker, AIi 187 Acker, Allison-Claire 324, 410 Ackermann, Ruth 324 Acone, Adam 210 Acquarelli, Robert 324 Acre, Dave 222 Acterman, Steve 426 Adams, Cheryl 324 Adams, Jim 203 Adams, John 426 Adamson, Carin 232 Adams. Susan 176, 406 Adan, Bo 426 Adarkar, Swati 187 Addis, Lori 160, 324 Addleson, Elyce 324, 232 Ades, Kathryn M 426 Africk, Jon 231 Agbabian, Bryan 324 Agee, Susan 219. 324 Agemian, Anahid 324 Aghsdjanians. Annette 324 Agliozzo. Joseph D 426 Agrusa, Angela 150, 206 Aguas, Mary 324 Aguilar, Gilbert 426 Aguilar, Lupe 324 Aguilar, Lupe P 426 Aguilar, Michael 324 Aguilar, Michele 324 Ahn, Minsun 324 Alkawa. Mikie 324 Akers. Allacin 324 Akita, Andrea 426 Alba, Anna 160 Albers, C. Gregory 324 Albers, Lawrence J 324.413 Albert, Deborah 324 Albert, Jay ne 206 Albert, Francisco 324 Alberts, Scott 926 Alderete. James 182 Alderman. Lisa 190 Ale, Verna Tapunia 426 Alesna, Kris 324. 395 Alexander. Barbara 324 Alexander Courtney D 426 Alexander. Jody 324 Alexander. John. III 324 Alexander. Julie 324 Alexander. Karen 412 Alexander. Mary 189 Alexander. Russell 426 Algeo. Vicki 206 Algorri Ernest 324 Alimento. Ken 426 Al-Jamie, Laith 218 Alkin, Jonatan 324 Alleman, Abby 168 Allen, Cynthia 163, 324 Allen, Douglas 324 Allen, James 100, 324 Allen, Mike 426 Allen, Shawn 189, 410 Allendorf, Kim 163 Alexiou. Stephanie 163 Allice. Daniel 324 Allison.Giles 216 Almeida. Blanca 105 Alonso. Manuel 229 Alper. Julie 324 Alterman. Tamara 324 Altman. Howard W 926 Altovian. Brian 180 Alurralde. Gabriela 324 Alvano. Corazon 324 Amacher. Heidi 179 Amass. Leslie 324 Amato. Kevin 224 Amboss. Monica 324 Ambrose. Julie 324 Amir-jahed. Shahla 325 Amirvafaei. laila 325 Amona.Gita 325 Amos.Samuel 426 Amsbary. Bill 180 Ancajas. Rosemarie 325 Anders. Wendy 189 Andersen, Julie 176 Anderson, Anita 206 Anderson, Brian 325 Anderson, Caradawn 187 Anderson, Cecilia 410 Anderson, Christi 190 Anderson, Dave 180 Anderson, Jamie 325 Anderson, Jack 41 Anderson, John R 426 Anderson, Joy 163, 325, 413 Anderson, Kathryn 325 Anderson, Mary 176, 190 Anderson, Paul 229 Anderson, Robert 325,103 Anderson, Teri 179 Anderson, William 325 Andree, Emily 160, 325 Andres, Denise 404 Andrews, Danny 245, 246 Andrews, Gerilyn 174, 410 Andrews, Lynn 187 Andrews, Tracy 160, 325 Androde, Rick 196 Anest, Pari 206, 325, 406 Angel, Michael 426 Angeles, Angelito 426 Angier, Catherine 325 Angier, Diane 206 Anisman, David 325 Ankeny, Michelle 163 Anselmo, Kelly 426 Anthony, Marla 325 Anthony, Stacey 426 Aoki, Kenneth 325 Aoki, Melanie 164 Apelian, Peggy 325 Apodaca, Judy 176 Apodaca, Mary Ann 426 Arago, Michael 325 Aratsa, Kumi 325 Arbizo, Steve 426 Archer, Mary 325 Ardebili, Kambiz 325 Arden, Joanne 174, 325 Arenberg, Jonathan 325 Arenson, Anne 326 Argabrite, Sandy 155 Arguden, Aysin 326 Arguello, Martha 105 Aries, Richard 151, 156, 326, 411 Arkoff, Daniel 326, 417 Arluk, llene 426 Arminio, Anita 218 Armstrong, Julie 326 Armstrong Karen 403 Arneal, Linda 426 Arneal, Rick 203 Arnold, Ed 222 Arnold, Felicia 179 Arnott, David 426 Aronson, Peter 172 Aronson, Sharyl 232, 326 Arreguin, Manuel 167 Arrigo, Judith 326 Arshagouni, Michael 326, 418 Artadi, David 418 Artenstein, Vivian 326 Arthur, Jill 174 Artley, Linda M 426 Artzt, Jody 326 Arvani, Azita 326 Aryeh, Paul 326 Aryel, Ron 326 Asbensen, Lydell 167 Ashburn, Dana 189 Ashmal, Sorel 151 Ashmall, Soren 156.326 Ashworth, Jennifer 100 Askew, Suzanne 174 Asorian, Setta 206 Assaf, Robin 206 Assil, Dave 231 Assil, Kamy 426 Astor, Beth 164. 426 Atkin, Blakesley 914 Atkin, Blakesley 326 Atkinson, Art 404 Atlee, Devon 172 Atmur, Ronald 218. 326 Attwood, Debbie 189 Atwell, Betsy 326 Au, Philip 326 Aubry, Erin 326 Auch, Linda 326 Auerbach, Jim 157 Augus, Yvette 326 Auila, Carlos 229 Ausby, Donna 426 Auzene, Doug 426 Auzenne, Rosalind 163, 326 Avila, Maria T 426 Awad, Amgad 326 Ayala, Margarita 327 Ayers, Grace 327 Aylward, Stephen 193 Azadegan, Ramin 327 Azadegan, Shirley 327 Azaren, Janice 164 Azaren, Nancy 164. 327 Babb, Wilbur. Jr 105, 327 Babcock, Brenton 426 Babcock, Phillip V 426 Bachet, Richard 182 Bacon, Suzanne 160 Bader, Nicky 163 Badraun, Julie 187 Bae, Julia 413 Baer, Stan 411 Bagheri, Behrooz 327 Bagherzadeh, Ali 426 Baham, Ron 426 Bailey, Diane 176 Bailey, Jaffrey 327 Bailey, Lacia Lynne 163, 412 Bailey, Lynn 189 Bailey, Thais 179 Bailon, Lisa 187 Baird, David 327 Bajuk, Laura 150, 189 Baker, Bob 222 Baker, Brian 426 Baker, Carole 168 Baker, Erin 189 Baker, Erin 222 Baker, Leigh 187 Baker, Paula 187 Baker, Sherry 168 Baker, Stacy 214, 327 Baker, Steve 222 Bakkila, Tom 172 Banich, Jim 426 Balcena, Tony 418 Balcorta, Vicki 327 Baldeviso, Romeo 182 Baldewin, Vicky 163 Baldwin, Anne 206 Baldwin, Kendall 174 Baldwin, Richard 203 Baldwin, Vicki 150 Baldwin, Wendy 327 Balestra, Katherine 174. 327 Ball, Karen 160 Ball, Lenette 168 Ballard, Susan 187, 327 Ballew, Brandy 409 Balling, John 203 Balowitz, Michelle 164 Bamber, George 406, 413 Bancroft, Gail 327 Banks, Maria 174 Banks, Pamela 327 Banton, Darryl 167 Barakat, Wissam 327 Barany, Margaret L 160, 426 Barbee, Michael 327 Barber, Bonnie 327 Barber, Cathy 187 Barber, Marcus 327 Barbie, Bruce 413 Barbis, Kim 206 Barbis, Peter 406 Bardwil, Lori 168 Barish, Laurie 164, 327 Barish, Robert 231 Barkin, Jeffrey 327 Barlow, Jack 426 Barnes, Brett 406 Barnett, Cheryl 327 Barnett, James 327 Baron, Joan-Carrol 426 Barondes. Elizabeth 187 Barrad, Jory 164 Barrick, Kathleen 176, 410 Barrera, Erico. Jr 426 Barrios, Oscar 426 Barron, Megan 426 Barrow, Donna 426 Barrone, Robert 426 Barry Barnaby 196 Bartalini. Denise 327 Bartlet, Kath 232 Barton, Bob 406 Baruch, michael 412 Barulich, Theresa 168 Bartylak, Edward. Jr 327 Barukh, Lisa 426 Basham, Rhonda 168 Bashaw, Carrie 327 Basist, Wayne 327 Baskevitch, Carlene 327 Baskin, Maureen 327 Bass, Debbei 410 Basting, Karen 327 Basque, Robert 327 Bates, Aneta 189 Bates, Erin 160 Bates, Julie 426 Batfish, Annette 426 Batfish, Renieka 426 Batfish, Roxanne 426 Batucal, Dennis 426 Baudister, Jane 232 Bauer, Eric 412 Bauer, Elaine 327, 409 Bauer, John 226, 406 Bautista, Ana 327 Bauer, Susan 179 Baum, Stu 231 Bauman, Stacy 189 Baur, Stefan 224 Bavaro, Margaret 327 Bayha, Jon 170. 327 Baytosh, Chris 174 Bazzell, Kevin 327 Bazzo, Michael 327 Beal, Robert 216 Beall Kenneth 193 Beall, Lawrence 327 Beam, Robert 406, 426 Bear, Stan 216 Bearer, Paul 426 Bearer, Susie 190 Beattie, Betsy 187 Beattie, Cynthia 327 Beattie, Ginny 206 Beaulieu, Theresa A. 100, 205, 410, 426 Beaubais, Daniel 327 Bebbington, Jon 218 Bebe, Darren 406 Beber, Kim 164 Becerra, Carmen 328 Beck, Donald 193 Becker, Cheryl 179, 328, 412, 426 Becker, Cindy 412 Becker, Claire 328 Becker, Cathryn 328 Becker, Katie 163 Becker, Megan 412 Becker, Paige 176 Becker, Chari 328 Beckett, Barry 182, 426 Beckert, Bednar 328 Beder, Joel 417, 426 Bedford, Jennifer 163 Bednar, Sheryl 417 Beerbohm, Elisa 328 Behar, Hari 218 Behnam, Tahmineh 328 Behrashi, Reza 328 Behrens, Mary 206 Bek, David 328 Bekken, Marijke 328 Bell, Anthony E 426 Bell, Heather 328 Bell Jennifer 189 Bell, Susan 189 Belle, Eric C 224, 412, 426 Belleville, Steven 328 Belmonte, Josephine 328 Beltrano, Marlo 328 Bement, Brian 426 Bendar, Sheryl 100 Bender, David 328 Beneby, Emery 328 Beneduce, Chris 203 Benji, Kamran 328 Benner, Craig 328 Benner, Glynnie 168 Bennett, Jay 328 Benneyan, Cindy 176 Benoetti, Rila 216 Benson, Angela 105 Benson, Brian C 426 Benson, John 328, 417 Benson, Larry 231 Benz, Karin 328 Berchtold, Mike 226 Bercsi, John C 427 Berend, Joan 174 Berg, Lee 328 Berg, lisa 168 Berger, Jonathon 224 Berger, Rene 328 Bergland, Kristie 187 Berglund, Kristine 328 Bergmark, Betsy 176 Bergna, Joan 157, 206, 328 Bergsman, Cathy 328 Berk, Lori 328 Berkenbile, Susie 179 Berkis, Debbie 214 B erlenbite, Katherine 328 Berman, Lauren 328 Berman, Leejay 328 Berman, Martin 104.328 Berman, Steven 427 Berman, Susan 189, 409 Bermudez, Rudolph 326, 328, 412 Bernard, Josh 418 Bernardo, Donna 427 Bernd, Eric 201, 406 Bernhardt, Rob 151, 203 Bernhelmer, Richard Jr 427 Berns, Michael 427 Bernstein, Alaina 164 Bernstein, Debbie 174 Bernstein., Jeanne 160 Bernstein, Rebecca 212 Bernstein, Vicki 164 Berton, Laura 164 Berry, Lisa 1 74 Berry, Ross 193, 328 Berumen, Gretchen 328 Berwick, Rochelle 328 Best Debbie 232 Bethell, Christy 410.413 Bianco, Lynne 328 Bibiyan, Dokul 427 Bickle, Scott 427 Biddle, Andrea 205, 906 Biederman, Barbara 328 Bierschenk, Nancy 190 Berschenk, William 328 Bige, Tami 328 Bigelow, Megan 206 Bigelow Rob 196 Bigley, Greg 406 Bigley, David 427 Bina, Farhad 427 Binder, Nancy 160 Bingham, Aaron S 427 Binsacca, Carolyn 179 Birdsong, Angela 427 Birndorf, Shari 164 Birns, Missy 164, 427 Bisharat, Henry 329 Bishop, Doug 226 Bishop, Tami 157, 205, 427 Bitzer, John 329 Bjorkland, Kari 187 Black, Brian 329 Black, Dana 176 Black, Douglas 329 Black, Hillary 214 Black, Rex 224 Black, Laura 160 Black, Shelli 329 Blacker Roan 196 Blais Marc 329 Blais, Mark 167 Blake, Becky 103 Blancett, David 329, 406 Blanda, Denise 187, 329 Blaney, Stacy 174 Blank, Robert 226 Blankenship, Phil 182, 406 Blatchford, Natalie 189 Blatt, Deborah 329 Blazewich, Donna 160 Blessius, Mark 226, 411 Blife, Angela 427 Blife, Bill 428 Blife, Boots 428 Bleb Caren 428 Blife, Cindy 428 Blife, Francoise 428 Blife, Georges 428 Blife, J.D 428 Blife, Jeff 428 Blife, john 428 Blife, Karen 428 Blife, Kurt 428 Blife, Lisa 428 Blife Lory 428 Blife, Mary 428 Blife, Michael 428 Blife, Nicole 428 Blife, Randy 428 Brie Tirza 428 Blinn, David 406 Block, Judy 329 Bloom, Brian 329 Bloom, Clark 151 Bloome, David 103 Bluestein, David 428 Blum, Ronald A 428 Blum, Scott 412 Blyth, Nancy 329 Boada, James 216, 329 Boada, Juasn 329 Bocek, Kirk 918 Boda, Valerie 160 Bodurka, Diane 329 Bogaty, Patricia 329 Bogen, Matt 329 Bohan, Sharon 428 Bohannon, Richard 100 Bohay, Sandra I89 Bokman, Nancy 329 Bolanos, Ray 170 Bolek, James 329 Bollinger, Joe 226 Bolton, Michael R 160, 928 Bond, Michael K 928 Bong, Keith 329 Bongo, Greg 210 Bono, Sonny 210 Boom, Gretchen 190 Boone, Diane 329 Boone, Barbara 329 Bontemps, Douglas 329 Booth, Fenton 218, 329 Boothby, Ellen 176 Borden, Cheryl 189, 428 Borden, Corlyn 330 Borden, Jaclyn 155, 330 Borelli, Catherine 330 Borucki, Tracy 189 Bos, Marijo 190 Bosch, Carlos 330 Bossemeyer, Jewell 417 Bostani, Niloufar 330 Botdorf, Jim 193 Botko, James 330 Bott, Tracy 330 Bottom, Vida 105 Bottom, Vita 159 Bouche, Ina 330 Boucher, Gail 330 Boulgarides, Jim 226 Bourland, Cliff 330 Bourland, Jacque 189 Bousquet, Bridget 330 Bouzalou, Lydia 330 Bowers, Condy 176 Bowie, Joyce 413 Bowman, Beth 214 Boyce, Katyherine 330 Boyd, Chris 206 Boyd, Eolene 187 Boyd, James W 409, 928 Boyd, Shannon 174 Boye, Aaron 428 Boykins, Terri 330 Boyle, Catherine 330 Bozajian, Brian 330 Brace, Barbara 330 Bracken, Chatles 330 Bradsher, Nancy 160 Brady, Bryan 167 Brady, Dalet 174 Brady, James 330 Brady, Liz 20S Bragg, Kathleen 330 Brame, Margaret 330 Brasmlett, Danny 330 Brand, Dennis 330 Brand, Diana 412, 428 Brand, Pamela 164, 412 Brandes, Clay 203 Brand, Rebecca 330 Brandon, Kelly 331 Brandt, Kim 163 Branger, Christina 205 Brasseur, , Amy 163 Brant, Keith 331, 413 Bratmon, John 193, 331 Bratzler, Jeff 193 Braunstein, Howard 231, 412 Braverman, Julie 331 Bravin, Deborah 331 Browner, Barbra 406 Bray, Jim 172 Bray, Melanie 331 Brechwald, Julie 331 Bredendick, Shari 179 Breese, Mark 103 Breier, Stephanie 331 Breitman, Nancy 163 Breitman, Terri 331 Brennan, James 331 Brennan, Marchell 168, 331 Brennan, Sherry 409 Brennan, Sue 174 Brenseke, George 201 Breuner, Tracy 187, 331 Brickner, Jo 190 Briggs, Walt 210 Brigham, Robin 190 Brigham, Tangerine 331 Bristo, Gail 331 Britt, Tina 190 Britten, Jill 190 Brixey, Deanne 232, 331 Broadwin, Fern 232 Brock, Jill 157, 179 Broderick, Jean 103 Broderick, Jill 189 Brodie, Diane 179 Brody, Dana 205 Brody, Biff 100 Broguiere, Dennis 406 Broidy, Natalie. 331 Broka, Barbara 331 Bromley, Susan 409 Brows, Greg 216 Brooks, Earle 406 Brooks, Helena 331 Brooks, Linda 331 Brooks, Rosemary 331 Brother Jed 49 Brothers, Jeffrey 218 Broudy, Jeff 231 Broussard, Jackie 189 Broutt, Elaine 331 Brow, Kenneth 218 Brown, Bennie 331 Brown, Blair 226, 331 Brown, Christina 206, 331, 405 Brown, David 226, 331 Brown, David J 428 Brown, James 331 Brown, Kelly M 168, 428 Brown, Kimberly 410 Brown, Laurel 331 Brown, Linda 168 Brown, Lisa 179 Brown, Lori 331 Brown, Nadine 206 Brown, Shelley 190 Brown, Steven 331 Brown, Terri 331 Brown, Terrie 428 Brown, Valerie 406 Brundo, Kathleen 412 Bruns, Diane 163 Bryant, H, Paul 331 Bryant, Janie 187 Bryant, Matt 172 Bryant, Terri 331 Bryden, Philip E 222, 428 Bryttegard, Robert 193 Buchanan, Michele 331 Bucher, Joan 331 Buchman, Joseph 428 Buchner, Erica 190 Buckelew, Melissa 190, 331 Buckenberger, Caryn 910 Bucklin, Mark 331.411 Buchman, Harold 331 Budiongan, Rosemary 331 Buffington, Brett 172 Bugbee, William 331 Bui, Cuong 331 Bui, Tam B.T 428 Buising, Anna 331 Bullard, Scott 331 Bullock, Kelly 332 Burdick, Chuckie 193 Burdick, Hunt 406 Buriner, Erika 187 Burke, Charles 406 Burke, Cynthia 332 Burke, David 419 Burke, Kathryn 174, 332 Burke, Michael 332 Burland, Amy 332 Burnat, Elizabeth 332 Burnett, Paul 229 Burnham, Erin 332 Burns, George 37 Burns, Mark 216, 332.911 Burnstein, Robin 412 Burnt, Jane 428 Burrell, Toni 332 Burrows, David 201, 331, 413 Burstein, Joannie 168 Burton, Sylvia 332 Bushaw, Carne 206 Burson, Kelly 332 Burstein, Joanne 332 Burstein, Paul 203, 332 Buscemi, Agrippino 332 Bush, Robert D 428 Butler, David 203.332 Butts, David 332 Buxton, Robin 187, 332 Buzzell, J.R 332 Bynam, Paul 410 Byrd, David 201, 332, 406 Byrne, Elizabeth 187, 332 Byrnes, Jane 179 Bystry, Douglas 429 Byun, Elizabeth 214 Cabral, Armando 332 Cabulong, Eleanor 413 Cahill, Joan 406 Cahulis, Olivia 429 Caine, Garrett 409 Calagagan, Roni 179 Caldern, Brian 156 Calef, Jack 412 Calica-Cawley, Eleanor 332 Caligaris, Richard 429 Calimlim, Lico 332 Call, Cidy 189, 410, 429 Callaghan, Barbara 410 Callahan, Paul I 93 Callas, Tricia 332 Callaway, Daniel 332 Callegas, Dave 203 Callender, John 406 Calmenson, Adam 222 Calof, Jack 224 Calton, Julie 187, 332 Calvo, Angel 332 Camacho, Alfredo 332 Camarero, Maria 332 Cambell, Cathi 412 Camber, Michael 332 Cameron, Brian 151 Campanelli Deborah 332 Campbell, Asya 332 Campbell, Bobby 429 Campbell, Catherine 163, 332 Campbell, Jane 206 Campbell, Valerie 232 Cane, David 332 Cane, Lawrence 193 Cannell, Kelly 187 Cannon, Aquendolyn 429 Cannon, Cindy 174 Cannon, David 170, 332 Cannon, John 411 Cano, Amelia 332 Cane, Wendy 332 Cantor, Brian 403 Canty, Cheryl 332 Capitoni, Betsy 187 Caponero, Dave 406 Capraro, Paul 406 Caprioglio, Lisa 412, 429 Carabolante, Francesco 333 Caram, Lisa 332, 410 Caran, Lisa 189 Carbone, Steven 203, 332, 411 Carbonneau, John 332 Cardenas, Gloria 190 Cardenas, Marion 190 Cardwell, David 429 Carey, David 100 Carls, Roy 429 Carlsom, Bruce 333 Carlson, Adele 206 Carlson, Bruce 216 Carlson, Christopher 333 Carlson, Elizabeth 333 Carlton, Kim 189 Carlson, Linda 333 Carmichael, Tom 172 Carnevale, Richard 333 Carothers, Christopher 409 Carpenter, Andy 218 Carpenter, Kasey 406 Carr, Jeffrey 333, 411 Carr, Jenny 189 Carr, Ron 406 Carrillo, Marty 429 Carrington, David 333 Carrington, Thomas 429 Carrington, T.C 210 Carrol, Chris 193 Carroll, Gilligan 210 Carroll, Tony 429 Carter, Alice 406 Carter, Suzanne 333 Carter, Tanya 333 Cartwright, Bob 406 Case, David 105 Casey, Becky 176 Casey, Kimberly 410, 429 Cason, Gregory 429 Cassani, Tina 206 Cassidy, Christopher 429 Cassidy Kevin 193 Castagnelia, Pierre 222 Castaneda, Duane 413 Casterton, Kathy 163 Castilleja, Denise 333 Castillo, Rosa 333 Castle, Gregory 333 Castro, Marissa 333, 410 Casuga, Elizabeth 333 Catura, Laura 160 Caunan Ric 196, 406 Cavana, Mike 193, 411 Caverly, Lynn 429 Caverly, Lynne 410 Cavers, John 333 Cavola, Ronald 333 Cawley, Michael 333 Cecil, Ken 417 Cellar, John 193 Cellar, Linda 176 Cephous, Frank 241 Ceragioli, Andi 206 Cervini, Laura 429 Cervini, Lisa 429 Cesario, John 333 Cesario, Lisa 176 Chaffey, Miiko 206 Chafin, Kim 429 Chakarian, Tina 333 Chalmers, Scott 193 Chambers, Tracy 210 Chambers, Shanna 176, 333 Chan, Aileen 333 Chan, Cynthia 333 Chan, Easter 334, 413 Chan, Kevin 334 Chan, Laurie 413 Chan, Michele 429 Chan, Sally 334, 413 Chan, Shun-Chen 334 Chancellor, Rick 170 Chandler, Pete 203 Chandravirojkul, Margaret 334 Chang, Christina 335, 409 Chang, Fu-Min 335 Chang, Mike 201, 405, 429 Chang, Priscilla 163 Chang, Steve 167 Chard, Jennifer 176 Charlton, Gary 429 Charn, Mina 179 Chason, Paul 334 Chase, Jeff 429 Chase, Judson 334 Chase, Marjorie 104 Chase, Peter 182 Chavez, Steven 429 Chazan, Christie 334 Chee, James 334 Chelinger, Janice 334 Chen, Benjamin 334 Chen, Carol 334 Chen, Charlie 106 Chen, Frank 222 Chen, Gordon 334 Chen, Grace 334 Chen, Joy 334 Chen, Leanna 334 Chen, Ling-Sheng 334 Chen, Shen-Chia 334 Chen, Susan 334 Chen, Tong 334 Cheney, Misty 429 Cheng, Barbara 429 Cheng, Daniel 334 Cheng, David 334 Cheng, Elizabeth 429 Cheng, Francis 929 Chenoweth, Walt 334 Cher 49 Cherman, Joel 164 Chestnut, Bea 163 Chetron, Nancy 334 Cheung, Stephen 335 Chew, Tia 335 Chiachi, Rosanne 335 Chiang, Grace 413 Chiang, Nancy 413 Chiapuzio, Mary 176 Chick, Ian 412 Chicoye, Elisabeth 335 Chien, Josephine 335 Chien, Ming 429 Chikahisa, Tracey 335, 417 Chiljan, Kathy 335 Chin, Beverly 429 Chin, Christine 409, 412 Chin, Colleen 335 Chin, Elizabeth 335 Chin, Gregory 335 Chin Korinda 412 Chin Marian 335 Chin, Terry 429 Ching, Denetta 335 Chinn, Karen 335 Chirathivat, Wallaya 429 Chisessi, Bret 418 Chiu, David 335 Chiu, Edward 429 Chiu Hui-Mei 335 Cho, David 335 Cho, James 335 Cho, Song 174, 335 Choi, Ann 335 Choi, Deuck 335 Choi lnyoung 335 Choi Kevin 335 Choi, Kyo 335 Choi, Michelle 335 Choi, Rita 429 Choi, Vince 429 Choisser, Cindy 179 Choisser, Susan 190 Choo, Andrea 410 Chow, Allyson 335 Chow, Anita 33S Chow, Chi 335 Chow, Danny 335 Chow, Jade 335 Chow, Jenny 335 Chow, Jimmy 335 Chow, Raymond 335 Chow, Susan 335 Choy, Lisa 335 Chriqui, Nicole 429 Chrisman, Sharron 335 Christensen, Eric 335 Christensen, Thia 176, 335 Christian, Cynthia 429 Christopher, Karin 429 Christofi, Nicos 335 Chrysikos, Maria 335 Chu, David 336 Chu, John 172 Chu, Lisa 413, 429 Chuba, Val 417 Chung, Hyunchul 336 Chung, Tanwei 336 Chung, Milda 405 Chung, Minju 336 Chung, Yangna 429 Churchman, Vicky 163 Chusid, Jamie 189, 429 Ciccia-MacLean, Robert 333 Cirraulobird, Chris 210 Clacke, Kevin 201 Claeys, Ronald 336 Claiborne, Yolanda 336 Claprotz, Franklin 429 Clardy, Cathleen 336 Clark, Angela 336 Clark, Ben 170, 336 Clark, Carolyn 190 Clark, Cheryl 174 Clark, Cheryl-Lynn 336 Clark, Dana 160 Clark, Debbie 176 Clark, Diane 214 Clark, Geoff 172 Clark, Michael 336 Clark, Moreen 232 Clark, Pamela 163, 336 Clark, Piper 429 Clark, Richard 336 Clarke, Barbie 163 Clarke, Cheryl ISO Clarke, Mark 406 Class, Mary-Louise 336 Clauss, Joseph 336 Clawson, Bruce 203, 417 Clay, Mark 429 Clayton, Devon 429 Clayton, Dimitna 105 Cleary, Catherine 336 Cleary, Macie. 429 Clements, Danna 163 Clements, Sharon 163 Clemons, Steve 413 Clerides, Peter 336 Cleveland, Craig 336 Cleveland, Karen 336 Clifford, Ann 206 Clifford, Lisa 174 Clifner, Kimberly 336 Cline, Jeff 429 Coakley, Lynne 410 Cobb, Douglass 429 Cobb, Sheri 187 Coburn, Howard 429 Cochran, Anne 429 Cocker, Kay 429 Cocker, Sheryl 410 Cockerill, Kenneth 336 Cody, Jennifer 214 Coe, Susan 336 Coffey, Christine 179 Cogan, Karen 429 Coglianese, Patti 206 Cohan, Susan 409 Cohen, Adrianna 336 Cohen, Alan 336 Cohen, Cammi 174 Cohen, Dalisa 410 Cohen, Gordon 336 Cohen, Jodie 336 Cohen, Larry 336 Cohen, Mehran 336 Cohen, Michael 336 Cohen, Sheryl 410 Cohen, Steven 336 Cohen, Susan 336, 412 Cohn, Laura 214 Colby, James 336 Cole, Beth 189 Cole, Susanne 429 Cole, Suzanne 205 Coleman, Breann 412, 429 Colichman, Paul 336, 405 Collins, Dane 222 Collins, Doug 170 Collins, Keith 336 Collins, Kenneth 406 Collins, Rob 203 Colucci, Marlene 163, 913 Comparet, Carolyn 336 Compton, Larry 180 Condon, Sue 187 Congdon, Jonathan 193 Conklin, Robert 336, 406 Conley, Cathy 189 Conley, Mark 418 Conlon, Kelly 336 Connally, Christopher 417 Connell, Brady 231, 409 Connolly, Christopher 193 Connolly, Pegeen 336 Conowitch, Kevin 406 Conroy, Becky 190 Conroy, Darren 224 Conroy, Karen 232 Conroy, Michaela 336 Conser, Janet 174 Constantine, Kathy 190 Constantine, Pat 170 Contratto, Lisa 336 Contreras, Richard 429 Convirs, Sally 187 Convirs, Susan 187, 336 Convirs, Shirley 429 Cook, Cary 226 Cook, Chris 226 Cook, Jill 190 Cook, Kevin 429 Cook, Richard 418 Cookston, John 429 Coon, Mark 336 Cooper, Daniel W 210 Cooper, Sammy 429 Cooper, Suzanne 232, 337 Coppersmith, Peter 337 Cope, James 337 Cope, Karen 206 Copeland, Steve 226 Coppo, Jennifer 190 Corbo, Tracy 174, 337 Cordes, Jim 103 Cordova, Leone 429 Cordova, Robert 429 Cordova, Teresa 337 Coria, Sylvana 337 Corley, Carolyn 189 Corman, Garry 418 Corman, Gary 337 Cornelius, Cathleen 337 Cornet, Joseph 337 Correa, Murrey 406 Corren, Cara 163 Corry, Kim 167 Corston, Jennifer 337 Cortez, Mike 406 Cosbey, Elizabeth 337 Coscia, Shawn 193 Cosgrove, Danelle 176, 406 Cosgrove, Denise 176 Costa, Joe 180 Costello, Stephanie 410 Coto, Lydia 406 Cotton, Deborah 337 Coughlin, Beverly 337 Coulbourn, Tina 163, 429 Coulter, Selia 187 Courdy, David 337 Courtney, Danice 174 Covin, Pam 174 Covington, Janette 214 Cowan, Kendall 337 Cowan, Staci 105.430 Cowan, Sharon 337, 410 Coward, Lorena 189, 410 Cowderoy, Kathleen 179, 337 Cox, Nancy 206 Coyle, Jeff 201 Coyoca, Clarissa 176 Coyoca, Lucia 176, 337 Crabb, Madeline 187 Craft, Dorette 232, 430 Crain, Holly 176 Cramin, Chet 337 Cramm, Russ 430 Crandall, Carrie 190 Crandall, Joanna 337 Crane, Barry 231 Cranston, John 172 Cranston, Kathy 187 Cranwell, Kathleen 160 Crausman, Jeff 231 Cravens, Jeff 203, 406 Craver, Laura 160 Crawford, Kevin 172, 337 Crawlet, Cathy 206 Crockett, Kimberly 337 Crockett, Laurenne 430 Crockett, Leslie 190 Crockette, Kim 174 Crockette, Laurenne 174 Croluis, Clay 417 Crompvoets, Charles 430 Cromwel, Oliver 430 Cross, Bret 337, 417 Cross, Douglass 337 Crossland, Cynthia 338, 417 Crossley, E, Laurel 338 Crow, Kimberly 412, 430 Crowley, Anne 176 Crowley, Susan 338 Crusell, Oona 338 Cruthers, Leah 160 Cruz, Maria 430 Cruz, Rosemarie 338 Cube, Jacquetta 338 Cudiamat, Celia 338 Cudmore, William Jr 193 Cullen, Kristen 187 Cumbess, Cindy 338 Cummings, Vincent 430 Cunha, Anthony 338 Cunningham, Jeffrey 170, 338 Cunningham, Rich 226, 412 Curie, Susan 338 Curlender, Dave 430 Curran, Jacklyn 338 Currie, Johanna 338 Curry, Carol 174 Curtin, Lisa 338 Curtiss, Laura 187, 338 Cusick, Robert 430 Cutone, Paul 338, 409 Cutting, Nancy 179 Czajkowski, Pete 224 Dabao, Nancy 160 DaDonna, Daniella 187 DaDonna, Drea 187 Dagne, Ayele F 430 D ' Agnenica, Jill 430 Dagnew, Hirout 338 Dai, Diane 417 Daigle, Lisa 176 Dale, Jackie 179 Dale, Renee 338 Daley, Breton 338 Daley, Katherine 338 Dalton, Doug 182, 406 Daltry, Roger 37 Daly, Heather 160 Daly, Kevin 193 Daly, Teri 168 Dalzell, Steve 193 D ' Amato, Joni 190 Damiani, Nancy A 430 D ' Amico, Patrice 189 Danellis, Eftihia 409 Daniel, Kimberly 164 Daniels, Michael 430 Dankberg, Gordon 338 Dankowski, Terese 150, 338 Dann, Marcy 338 Daprernont, Elena 338 Darbouze, Adriene 231 Darden, Julie 160, 412 D ' Ardenne, Barbara 430 Darke, Robert 338 Dauer, Nancy 100, 338 Daughters, Chris 218 DaVega, John 338 Davidson, Dusty 176, 338, 412 Davidson, Karen 176 Davidson, Lois 100 Davidson, Rachel 338 Davidson, Theresa 338 Davies, Charles 338 Davis, Brent 224 Davis, Cameron 338 Davis, Cynthia 163 Davis, Denise M 430 Davis, Eartha 430 Davis, Erin 206 Davis, Jeffrey 338 Davis, Julia 179 Davis, Julie 179 Davis, Mike 218 Davis, Pamela 214, 410 Davis, Rhody 187 Davis, Rodney 338 Davis, Sharon 338 Davis, Vicki 410 Davison, Cathy 190, 910 Dawdy, Grant 338 Dawoodjee, Frank 338 Dawson, Misti 189 Deaderick, Shelby 176 Dean John C 430 Dean, Rebecca 338 de Back, Stacey 430 DeBella, Lisa 179 DeCarlo, Mark 409 DeCastro, Theresa 187 Decker, Tracy 187 De Haas, Dirk 231, 930 De Kelatia, John 180, 418 DeKovner, Michael 338 Delamadrid, Martha I90 De La Rosa, Caroline M 430 De Laurentis, Nicole 214 Delpozo, Gina 406 DelReal, Joseph 430 Del Rosario, Genette 338 Deluca, Torn 216, 406 de Luna, Marlou 232 DeLusignan, Odette 189, 335 Demanenko, Alex 905 Demerest, Patty 190 Deming, J.D 170, 430 Demirjan, Sirvart 335 De More, Rhonda 211 Demos, Valerie 335 Demroff, Howard 430 Demyanenko, Alex 169 Denitz, Doreen 335 Dennis, Dory A 430 Dennis, John 105 Dennis, Warren 201 DePrez, Hilary 339 DePue, Kent 339 Derebrew, Elizabeth 339 Derecho, Karen 339 Derr, Karen 157, 339 Derrick, Donna 339 Derrickson, Teri 430 Derwin, Nancy 187 Derycz, Peter V 430 Der-Yeghiayan, Hovsep 339 Desbarats, Eveline 174, 339 DeSelms, Laurie 339 Desmarais, Claudia 176 Desmond, Donna 160 Desoer, Craig 430 DeSoto, Linda 174, 339 Desser, Bill 170 Destin, Vicky Deutch, Craig Deutsch, Alisa 164 Deutsch, David 339 Deutsch, Marion 430 Deutsch, Susie 164 Deutsch, Vivian 339 Devaney, Brian 406 Devay, Andrea 339 Devine, Maureen 168 De Vito, David 417 Derr, Karen 206 Desbarats, Eveline 410 Deterline, Kim 206 Devay, Andrea 410 DeWitt, Leslie 206 Dhaliwal, Christopher 193 Diamond, Alan 339 Diamond, Alison 160 Diamond, Bethamy 339 Diamond, Jacqueline 339 Diamond, Kim 164 Diaz, Francine 105, 339 Diaz, Rachel E 232, 430 Dibie, Suzanne 339 Dick, Susan 206 Dickerson, Cheri 190 Dickerson, Laurie 339, 417 Dicks, Margaret 340 Diehm, Melody 340 Diestel, Linda 340 Dietrich, Gregory 409 Dietrich, Tore 100 Dietz, Kristin 430 Difley, Bruce 340 Dilday, Gwyn 205, 430 DiLoreto, Catherine 340 Dilsizian, Bewdros 340 DiMucci, Michael 340 Dinaberg, Leslie 160 Dingwell, Melissa 163 Dinh, Son Le 430 Dinnisen, Doug 167 Dintzer, Jeff 231, 412 Dispenziere, Carl 340, 411 Ditman, Bill 210 Ditmyer, Caroline 163 Dixon, Jeff 172, 411 Dixon, Lory 415, 430, 461 Do, Huong 413 Do, James 340 Do, Khanh 340 Do, Rani 105 Do, Thach 430 Doak, John 418 Doan, Lisa 190 Dobbs, Heather 187 Dobies, Nancy 206 Dobrott, Megan 168 Dockstader, Marcia E 430 Dodd, Catherine 176 Dodds, Victoria 390 Dodrill, Diane 430 Dolbee, Kathleen 417 Dolce, Carrie 176 Dolfie, Martha 176 Doll, Kathleen 190, 340 Domingo, Od ina 430 Domingo, Raul 340 Dominguez, Steven 340 Dommond, Lonnie 430 Donaldson, Douglas 340 Donnelly, Maggi 163 Donevant, Libby 412 Dong, Leungyau 340 Dooman, Ludswig 430 Dooros, Daniel 340 Doretti, Matt 340, 411 Dorfman, Mae 340 Dotson, Traci L 430 Dott, Tia 179 Dougher, Jim 167 Dougherty, Dan 180 Dougherty, Mary 187, 340 Douglas, Monica 412 Doukas, Bob 172 Dowler, Candy 340 Dowling, Mike 226 Downer, Leilani 340 Downes, David 340 Downey, Jeffrey 340 Downs, Kathleen 163, 341 Drake, Dianne 176, 417 Drake, Dianne 341 Drake, Donald L., Jr 430 Drake, Peter 218 Drant, Stacey 163 Dram, Lynn 164 Dressler, Larry 172 Drew, Samuel 341 Dreyer, Scott 103 Dreyfuss, Susan 187 Droogmans, Georges 409, 430, 415, 461 Dror, Elana 341 Dube, Lucia 430 Dubinsky, David 430 Duboff, Gary 409 Dubovsky, Dana 430 DuBridge, Cathy 176 Ducker, Gaylen 212, 391 Duckworth, Michael 341 Duff, John 226 Duffin, James 430 Duffy, Eileen 341 Duffy, John 216 Duffy, Kathy 179 Dugan, Paula 176 Duke, Patrick 341 Duley, Tom 103 Dulgarian, Duke 172 Duncan, Joy 160 Duncan, Kellie 206, 430 Duncan, Mary 341 Duncan, Trish 205 Dunevant, Elizabeth 409 DuneVant, Libby 417 Dunn, Bill 203 Dunn, Caroline 190 Dunn, Kirkland 341 Dunn, Ruth 341 Dunn, Steve 226, 430 Dunn, William 341 Dunning, Paul 341 Dunton, James 341 Dupuy, Jeannine 163 Duprey, Diane 176 Duram, Steve 222 Duran, Sara 176 Durant, Carolyn 232 Durant, Heidi 190 Duray, Dave 201 Durrett, Brendon 430 Duong, Duc 341 Dupas, Nicholas 341 Dupuy, Jeannine 341 DuRoss, Angela 415, 461 Dusatko, Rebecca 341 Dusebout, Drew 193 Duvall, Giorgi 189 Dworakowski, Beth 174 Dyer, Terri 430 Dynowski Michelle 189, 341 Dyrek, Christopher 193 Ealy, Derek 406 Earle, Tracy 430 Easley, Mary 176, 430 Easton, Greg 216 Eatman, Irv 245 Ecklund, Carl 406 Edelman, Steve 231 Edelstein, David 341 Edenfeld, Dianne 341, 417 Edenfeld, Michelle 417 Edgers, Judith E 430 Edson, Jenny 176 Edwards, Alyse 430 Edwards, Doug 193 Edwards, Jim 167 Effertz, Steven 341 Effron, John 201 Effron, Lauren 160 Effron, Melissa 174, 405 Effron, Stacey 164 Eger, Lynn 341, 410 Egers, Arlyn 164 Egger, Stanley 430 Ehrenfeld, Lauren 187 Ehrenkranz, Lee 170 Ehrlich, Lisa 164 Ehrlich, Michelle 164 Einhorn, Rena 205 Einstein, Sue 412 Eiselman, Bob 411 Eisenberg, Laurie 214 Eisenrich, Brian 341 Eisner, Pepper 187 Eknoian, John 430 El Bitasg, Nada 341 Elhai, Philip 180, 341 El Khayri, Bassil 341 Elkins, Keith 231 Ellekson, Karen 187 Eller, Ric 167 Ellingson, MaiBritt 341 Elliot, Steve 180 Elliot, Tom 341 Elliott, Mike 226 Elliott, Stephanie 410 Ellis, Anthony M 430 Ellis, Kelly 168 Ellison, Michelle 214 Ellman, Lisa 206 Elsea, Chris 216 Emanuel, Dave 170 Emanuels, Timothy 203, 341 Emerson, Arlise 341 Emmons, Mark 341 Encinas, Shon 341 Endler, Pamela 341 Endo, Stephanie 105, 341 Eng, Angelea 341 Eng, Chi Wai 406 Eng, Edward 341 Eng, Jean 341, 410 Eng, Stephanie 341 Engel, Jenny 164 Engelman, Christien 341 Englander, Julie 160 Engle, Debbie 341 Engler, Joseph 229, 341 Engler, Suzanne 164 Enguidanos, Michael 430 Ensley, Lori 342 Enright, Kelly 187 Epplin, Rob 226 Epsen, Lisa 190 Epstein, Alvin 342 Erazo, Anibal Jr 430 Erdiakoff, John 216, 406 Erdman, Janice 342 Erkus, Bill 432 Erlin, Shawn 168, 412 Ernst, Heidi 206 Ernst, Jerry 151, 180 Esbin, Hallie 342 Eschenbruecher, Kristine 342, 364, 413 Escobar, Eva 342 Escobar, Fabio, Jr 342 Escobedo, Tonie 179, 413 Esmailian, Fardad 342 Esparza, Anthony 342, 413 Espinoza, Jill 432 Espinoza, Tony 105 Essex, Cook 216 Estenson, Deena 187 Esterson, Faith 168 Estrada, Mike 203 Etkins, Michael 342 Eu, Hui-Wen 432 Eum, Clara 342 Evans, Carlet 432 Evans, Everette 342 Evora, Vivian E 432 Fahn, Tammy 164, 412 Fahrner, David 342 Fair, Bill 226 Fakhro, Amal 342, 412 Falcone, Loretta 176 Falk, Laura 190 Fall, Jim 167 Fall, Mark 342, 406 Farber, Lori 342 Farber, Pamela 212 Farkas, Dave 222 Farkhani, Fariba 342 Farkhani, Roya 342 Farivar, Nooshin 342 Farnum, Dane 193 Farr, Kevin C 432 Farrell, Mike 57 Farrington, Barbara 206 Farrington, JoAnn 206 Farron, Kathy 190 Farrow, Katharine 342 Farthing, Pam 232 Fasola, James 342 Fauntleroy, Curt 100 Faust, Jody 179 Fealy, Mike 222 Federman, Jill 164 Feemster, Ronnie 4 32 Feiles Dani 214 Fein, Andrea 179, 342 Feinberg, Greg 231 Feinsteon, David 342 Feitshans, E.T 210 Feldman, Brenda 342 Feller, Lynne 342 Feller, Stacey 163, 410, 432 Feltham, Donald 342 Felty, Lynn 189, 342 Fenady, John 342 Feng, Wan 342 Feng, Wan-Lin 432 Fenger, Becky 190 Fenton, Pam 179 Fera, Robert 342 Ferdman, Rachel 342 Ferguson, Erin 168 Ferguson, Mark 342 Ferguson, Patrick 342 Ferlito, Susanna 432 Fernandez, Celia 342 Ferrara, Jerry 180 Ferre, Celeste 432 Ferrell, Warren 342 Ferrigno, Paula 187 Feuer, Jeffrey 342 Fischer, Michael A 432 Fiedler, Corinna 342 Field, Robert 218 Fielder, Eve 342 Fields, Pres ton 342 Fields, Ronald 342 Fierro, Adam 405 Fife, Bethanne 179 Filardo, Edward 342 Filardo, Michael 170, 392 filey, Jeffrey 343 Fillinger, Dana 206 Filoialii, Agaluma 229 Fina, Chris 232 Fine, David 343 Fine, Lori 343 Fine, Susan C 164, 343, 412 Fine, Susan L 343 Fine, William 218 Fink, David 343 Fink, Rose 160 Finkle, Ned 216, 343 Finn, Matthew 21d8 Fisch, Joe 406 Fischer, Jack 343 Fischer, Marla 179 Fish, Rebecca 212 Fish, William 343, 417 Fisher, Bob 201, 411 Fishman, Ann 164 Fishman, Debbie 343 Fishman, Judi 174 Fitzgerald, Catherine 343 Fitzgerald, Colleen 343 Fitzgerald, Katie 176 Fitzgerald, Kelley 410 Fitzgerald, Tonya 105 Fitzpatrick, Henry 417 Fitzpatrick, Johanna 410 Flaherty, Michael 203, 343 Flammer, Chris 406 Flaum, Steven 343 Flanagan, Mark 170, 406 Flarety, Bob 216 Fleisher, Kathy 163 Fleming, Susie 179 Fletcher, Michael L 432 Fletcher, Thomas 343 Fletcher, Victoria 343 Flickinger, Ed 229 Flier, Anthony 343 Fliller, Ann-Marie 163 Fliller, Kathy 163 Fling, Martha 343 Flint, Guy 432 Flint, Michael 343 Flores, Melodie 343 Flores, Rima 160 Flores, Rodrigo 433 Fluegel, Kristin 174 Flynn, Kelly 343 Fogle, Deena 343 Fohrman, Debbie 164, 410 Foley, Alan 343 Fong, Byron 167 Fong, David A 344 Fong, David F 344 Fong, Donald 344 Fong, Elena 409 Fong, Johnny 167, 409 Fong, Margo 344 Fong, Lin Chan 433 Fonseca, Violet 433 Fontana, Randy 170 Foomey, Shannon 190 Foote, William 433 Footman, Dana M 433 Ford, Janice J 433 Ford, Joseph 344 Forden, Todd 193 Foreman, Jody 205 Foreman, Stephanie 419 Forester, James 344 Forgy, Anne M 433 Forgy, Fritz 203 Forrester, Katherine 206, 344 Forrester, Pastricia 344 Forssen, Anna 189 Fort, Linda 344 Foster, Jon 203 Foster, Mary 187 Foster, Teri 344 Foster, Tom 201 Fotinatos, Fotios 344 Fowler, Anne 344 Fowler, Janine 417 Fox, Debbie 164 Fox, Jody 164 Fox, Tenney 179 Foy, Kerry 344 Fragen, Ann 164 Frager, Jim 172 Franceschi, John 344 Franceska, Lisa 417 Francis, Barbara F 433 Francis, James 157 Francis, Kathy 187 Franco, Reuben 193, 344, 409 Frandsen, Heidi 206 Frandsen, Kirstin 206 Frankel, Judy 164 Frankel, Kevin 344 Frankel, Susie 412 Franklin, Christa 189 Franklin, Janette 190, 344 Franz, Gerald 344 Fraser, Tracey 163, 406 Frate, Mike 229 Frederick, Nicholas 193 Free, Dylan R 433 Freel, Regina 409 Frees, Nicole 415, 433, 461 Frei, Karen 344 French, Carol 344 French, Janice 160 Frerer, Eric 180 Freret, Douglas 344 Freudenstein, Heidi 214 Frey, Jodi 164 Frey, Shelley 206 Frick, Lana 189 Friday, Susie 163, 433 Friedman, Cathy 163 Friedman, Eileen 344 Friedman, Ellen-Jo 344 Friedman, Jamie 190 Friedman, Lauri 174, 344, 412 Friedman, Maurice 104 Friend, Roxanne 395 Friery, Jim 172 Frischer, Lauren 345 Fritsche, Wendy 433 Froomer, Greg 193, 345 Frova, Louise 206 Frutos, Martha 345 Fryer, Jayme 150, 345, 189 Fu, Antony 345 Fuentavilla, Melanie 160 Fujii, Stanley 345 Fujinaka, Kelly 345 Fukui, Emma 433 Fukushima, Rhonda 395 Fuller, Brian 345 Fullerton, Dorie 345 Fullner, Paul 433 Fulmer, Tracey 345 Fulton, Julie 345 Fun, Captain 216 Fung, Antony 345 Fung, Kathleen 345 Funk, Steven 345 Furco, Andrew 418 Furey, Ed 201 Furlong, Nancy 206 Furr, Martina 174 Fusich, Cecelia 345 Fuson, Hal 403 Futterman, Gary 231, 345 Fymat, Stephan 433 Gaba, Raquel 433 Gabbard, Cheryl 187 Gade, Carolyn 410 Gagnier, Kathleen 206 Gaines, Melissa 176, 345 Gaitan, Robert 345 Galicia, Lillian 413 Gallagher, Damian 345 Gallagher, Kathleen 179, 345 Galaif, Daniel 231, 345 Galaif, Jon 231 Galloway, Scott 412 Galaz, Carl 151, 222 Galucci, James 345 Galvan, Horacio 345 Gambino, Jackie 189 Gamityan, Harold H 433 Gangi, Frank 345 Gann, Rick 193 Gannon, Cindy 206 Gant, Brenda 205 Gant, Maureen 345 Gantman, Andrew 433 Garabedian Todd 196 Garcia, Barbara 232 Garcia, Carlos 345 Garcia, Cindy 190 Garcia, Connie 160, 433 Garcia, Gillian 168 Garcia, Jeffrey 433 Garcia, Plinio 345 Garcia, Rafeal 210 Garcia, Ted 433 Gardner, Brad 216 Gardner, Jennifer 164 Garibaldi, Pete 406 Garman, Brooke 345 Garmen, Brooke 206 Garner, Greg 226 Garr, Shauna 345 Garra, Theresa 103, 205 Garrett, Helen 345 Garrett, Katherine E 433 Garrison, Danon 345 Gaspar, Sharm 345 Gaspar, Tomas 105 Gater, Katen 345, 412 Gater, Lisa 417 Gates, Brian 226 Gator, Lisa 157 Gay, Holly 433 Gebhardt, John 411 Geco, Marcie 214 Gee, Alison 206 Gee, Randolph 415, 433, 461 Geffner, Marcie 345 Gelfand, Denise 168 Gelfand, Randi 164 Gellens, Andrew 345 Geller, Debbie 176 Gelman, Cliff 182 Gendal, Linda 433 Gentilli, Gabriele 345 Gentilli, Gilberto 345 Georgandas, Elias 345 George, Anthony 406 George, Bob 218 George, Carol 187 George, Heather 176 George, Lisa 168 Gerald, Michelle 159 Gerardi, David 182, 406 Gerdes, Deborah 345 Gerhart, Heidi 206, 346 Gersbach, Suzanne 174 Gersten, Michael 433 Gerstenfeld, Randi 164, 412 Gertler, Robin 212 Gesas, Andrea 179 Gevertz, Michael 346 Gfiffin, Jasper 210 Gharrari Hans R 433 Ghazarian, Vahan 346 Gherini Sandra 206 Ghielmetli, Edie 433 Ghysels, Steve 433 Giacalone, Franciose 415, 433, 461 Giacco, Valencia 187 Gibbs Kere 196 Gibbs, Scott 21d8 Gibson, Amy 232 Gibson, Suzanne 346 Gichtin, Karen 174 Gichtin Matthew 346 Gichtin Nancy 174 Gidan, Sara 346 Giese, Loretta 346, 412 Gilbert, David 103 Gilbert, Joan 187, 346 Gilbert, Monique 174 Gilbert, Teresa 205 Gilbertson, Sheila 346 Gilchrist, Lori 232 Gile, Susan 179 Gill, Jenifer 346 Gill, Sung 433 Gillen, David 433 Gillette, Lisa 160 Gilliam, Lena 346 Gillis, Bill 201 Gilmore, Kelly 346 Gilmore, Scott 346 Gindy, Todd 222 Giraudo, Gigi 168 Girsky, Steve 164 Givas, Kelly 176, 433 Givens, Mary 190 Givens, Michael 346 Givens, Nancy 163 Glass, Nicki 164 Glasser, Bernard 346 Glassman, Sandi 164 Glassman, Cynthia 346 Gleason, Bridget 187 Gleason, Michael 201, 346 Gleghorn, Alice 160, 346 Gleichman, Douglas 346 Gleiter, Alexis 174, 346 Gleiter, Christopher J 201, 433 Glen, Allison 169 Glenn, Jeffrey 406 Glick, Linda 190 Glickfield, Ruthy 103 Gliniak, Helen 346 Glockner, Ellen 163 Gorman, Kay 346 Godlewski, Wayne 346 Godwin, Dan 405 Goehring, Jeffrey 346 Goerz, Dave 203 Goetch, Mike 226 Goetsch, Michael 346 Goetsch, Sharyl 160 Gohari, Firouzeh 346 Golbetz, Peter 346 Gold, Temra 346 Goldbaum, Robert 433 Goldberg, Anny 170 Goldberg, Daniel 346 Goldberg, Jeffrey 346 Goldberg, Karen 164, 433 Goldberg, Lee 193, 346 Goldberg, Sheri 346 Golden, Douglas 346, 405 Golden, Lisa 104 Golden, Wendy 164 Goldenberg, Andrea 346 Goldfarb, Rick 346 Goldfine, Philip 433 Goldman, Cheryl 164 Goldman, Daniel 433 Goldman, Robin 168 Goldman, Sylvia 346 Goldschmidt, Pete 433 Goldstein, Jacque 189 Goldstein, Karen 219, 346, 410 Goldstein, Mike 170 Goldston, Kim 187 Goldsworthy, Jana 187 Goll, Thomas 193 Gomes, John 229 Gomez, Jose 105 Gomez, Bernadette 433 Gomez, Samuel 346 Gong, Sandra 417 Gonsales, Jenny L 433 Gonzales, Alex 346 Gonzales, Annette 174 Gonzales, Leticia 346 Gonzalez, Maria 433 Gonzales, Rosa 413 Gonzales, Samuel 164, 412 Good, Ann 168 Good, Wiliam Jr 346 Goodfellow, Joan 205 Goodin, Scott 201 Goodkin, Daniel 346 Goodman, Alane 164, 433 Goodman, Judy 212 Goodman, Mark 347 Goodman, Susan 100, 409 Goodstein, Marc 347 Goodwin, David 196, 347 Goosman, Nancy 347 Gorczyea, Michael 347, 406 Gordon, David 193 Gordon, Jeffrey 347 Gordon, Greg 347 Gordon, Mark 193, 347 Gordon, Raquel 433 Gordon, Stacey 409 Gorenberg, Martha 214, 347, 410 Gorman, Janet 189, 409 Gorman, Keith 347 Goto, Elaine 347, 410 Gottleib, Michael 100, 156, 193, 347, 411 Gottron, Richard A 433 Gottsche, Jack 203 Gould, Colleen 347 Gould, Holly 187 Goumas, Sonya 179 Gouw, Cynthia G.K 433 Gow, Cynthia 105 Gowdy, Rhonda 347 Goydos, James 180, 347 Graber, Lindsay 163 Grabiak, Marita 347 Graboff, Joni 164 Grace, Kathy 168 Graham, Theodore 193 Graham, Jenny 347, 377 Gralnik, Debbie 412 Gramly, Diane 347 Granich, Lisa 347 Granite, Becky 214 Grant, Adrienne 347 Grant, Kari 179 Grant, Roger 170 Grant, Valerie 347 Granto, Stephanie 160 Grass, Nancy 433 Grassi, Lynn 206 Graupner, Jamie 170 Graves, Christopher 347 Graves, Melinda 179 Graves, Sally 168 Gray, Carolyn 406 Gray, Robert 88, 172 Greanias, George 347 Gregory, Valerie 347 Green, Barbara 348 Green, Daniel 433 Green, Donald 348 Green, Janet 348, 410 Green, Kenneth 348 Green, Janet 348 Greenbaum, Lori 212 Greenberg, Beth 433 Greene, Jack 406 Greene, Denise 214, 410 Greene, Laurence 348 Greene, Malory 179 Greer, Keri 168 Gregory, Kathleen 206 Greif, Robert 412 Grenier, Daran 406 Greiner, Seth 348 Greuel, Wendy 348 Greuner, Mike 226 Griego, Liz 433 Griessel, Kathleen 163 Griest, Janet 189, 348 Griffen, Julia 348 Griffey, Regina 348 Griffin, Bobby 216 Griffin, Brenda 190 Griffin, Diane 176 Griffith, Adonis 348 Griffith, Dan 433 Grim Mike 196 Grimes, Brett 193 Grimes, Peggy 179 Grinfeld, Louie 406 Grippo Diana 190 Grizel, Jon 413 Grospitz, Lori 189 Gross, Matt 180 Gross, Mike 231 Gross, Randy 433 Gross, Sharon 348 Gross, Shelley 164, 412 Grossbard, Stuart 433 Grossblatt, Mike 164 Gross man, Corinne 104 Grossman, Nathaniel 403 Grossman, Sarah 348 Grossman, Stephanie 166 Groves, Kelly 187 Gruchacz, Joseph 433 Gruchacz, Pam 406 Grudt, Wendy 433 Gruel, Wendy 160, 412 Grunson, John 216 Grushow, Sandy 348 Guaglione, Eric 348 Gueard, Sue 410 Guerrero, Rebecca 348 Guerreru, Bernard 433 Guess, Capri 348 Guglielmo, Concetta 348, 388 Guglielmo, Connie 160 Guglielmo, Diana 160 Guingona, Mike 172 Guinn, Janet 348 Guinn, Julie 410 Guinn, Steve 201 Guiol, Lilly 174 Guiol, Yvonne 410 Gulermovich, Angelique 433 Gulliver, Leilani 348 Gunderson, Harry 203 Gunderson, Lori 187 Gunn, Kristen 187 Gurley, Linda 206, 348 Gurrola, Edward, Jr 348 Gursky, David 348 Gustafon, Sandra 187, 348 Gutheim, Lori 348 Gutierrez, Armando 348 Gutierrez, Mary-Lou 348 Guttman, Caroline 212, 348 Guttman, William 348 Haar, James 348 Haase, Chris 174 Hacopian, Ava 433 Haddox Gena 348, 412 Hadra, Andrew 170 Hafeman, Mary 189, 348 Haffen, Jeffrey 348 Haggard, Chrissy 160 Hagino, Lori 433 Hague, Linda 348 Hahn, David 193, 348 Hahn, Hyun 348 Haight, Nancy 348, 410 Hain, Philip 348 Haines, Lindsey 206 Hainstock, Jennifer 433 Hairapetian, Armen 348 Haithcock, Dale 180 Hakim, Joe 193 Halcrow, Allan 103, 348 Halcrow, Ron 433 Halekkakis, Nico 348 Halfen, William 349 Haliday, Lance 349 Hall, Barbara 399 Hall, Barbie 163 Hall, Elizabeth 349 Hall, Jeanne 349 Hall, Ruthie 163, 349 Hall, Whit 349 Hallerman, Karen 157, 189, 349 Halligan, Kelly 187 Hallin, Biff 201 Hallin, Paul 349 Halloran, Tricia 205 Halperin, Andrea 349, 413 Halperin, Michael 434 Halpern, Nora 434 Halpin, Karen 232 Halprin, Mona 349 Haluska, James 349 Halvorsen, Erik 172 Ham, Frederick 434 Hamada, Michele 434 Hamamoto, Darryl 349 Hamanaka, Pamela 349 Hamer, Virginia 349 Hamill, Lucinda 168, 409 Hamilton, Amy 174 Hamilton, Brian 349 Hamilton, Jacki 434 Hamilton, Kirk 349, 406 Hamilton, Lori 189, 349 Hamilton, Lynn 174 Hamilton, Marc 224, 349 Hammond, Dana 176 Hammond, Nadia 232 Hamovitz, Glenn 231 Hanami, Leopold 349 Hanaoka, Mani 434 Hancock, Robert 434 Handa, Helen 934 Handel, Amy 214 Handrickson, Nancy 206 Hanes, Cheryl 349 Haney, Rob 180 Hankin, David 349 Hanle, Steven 193 Hanley, Mark 226 Hanlon, Mitch 349, 409 Hanna, Leslie 434 Hanna, Linda 179, 409 Hannis, J.B 349, 406 Hannon, Kathy 187 Hanse, Bryan 216 Hansen, Becky 168 Hansen, Christian 406 Hansen, John 350 Hansen, Kristen 179 Hanson, Barbara 350 Hanson, Eric 350 Hanson, Lianne 190 Hanson, Linda 206, 350 Hanzel, Gregory 350 Harada, Gail 410 Harano, Chris 210 Harautuneian, Karen 414 Harband, Jeffrey 434 Harder, Jan 206 Harders, Judith 350 Harding, Dave 172 Hargitay, Mariska 190 Hariri, Ramin 350 Harker, Jeffrey 350 Harlan, Greg 218, 411 Harmon, Steve 403 Harney, Cheryl 350 Harnish, Joan 205 Haro, Fernando 434 Harper, Jeff 151, 216 Harrah, Eddie 172 Harrell, Julia 190 Harris, Bob 216 Harris, Coretta 350 Harris, Dawn 163 Harris, Durae 350 Harris, Emmylou 41 Harris, John R, II 350 Harris, John W, IV 350 Harris, Karen 350 Harris, Rich 226 Harris, Stacy 405 Harris, Wendy 350 Harrison, Beth 187 Harrison, Gail 187, 350 Harrison, Mike 172 Harrison, Warren 218 Harrity, Kelly 214 Harry, Patricee 410 Hart, Heidi 350 Hart, Michael 350 Harter, James 350 Hartle, Melinda 179 Hartman, Perla 350 Harvey, Brenda 159 Harvey, Carol 350 Hartney, B.B 210 Harwell, Debbie 163 Harzan, Jo-Anne 205 Hasebe, Walter 350 Hasebe, Wayne 412 Hasen, Mark 350 Haskell, Jane 190 Hata, Tissa 350 Hatamiya, Jil 189, 410 Hatch, Daniel 193, 351 Hatfield, David 351 Hatfield, Lianna 168 Hatley, Randy 216 Hatzikian, Anie 351 Haub, Diane 176 Hauff, Lisa 351 Haughey, Lisa 174 Hawke, Timothy 351 Hawkins, Diane 434 Hawkins, Sheil 434 Hawks, Jessica 434 Hayashida, Kevin 434 Hayek, Edwin 434 Hayek, Phil 406 Hayes, Brian 434 Hayman, Phil 157, 170 Haynes, Debbie 179 Hays, Kathy 187 Hayward, Mary 206 Hazard, Cynthia 351 Hazelwood, Mark 218 Headley, Lisa 214, 434 Hearle, Michael 351 Hearn, Helen 351 Hearn, Kathleen 163 Heck, Allan 193, 351 Heckman, Jennifer 168 Hedenberg, Lisa 163, 909 Hedgepeth, DorLisa 351 Heil, Barbara 351 Heinmiller, John 351 Heinrich, Paul 351 Heinrich, Ronnda 351 Heinz, John 164 Heise, Diane 351 Heisel, Bozo 216 Heitzenrader, Tiffany 163 Hekimian, Ricardo 351 Helfand, Randi 164 Heller, Ken 405 Hellman, Heather 163, 414 Hellman, Mike 222, 434 Helm, Craig 351 Helman, Pablo 406 Helmeczi, Jane 351 Helsley, Cynthia 168, 406 Hemann, Carolyn 351, 410 Hemingway, John 351 Henderson, Kent 222 Henderson, William 434 Hendricks, Leslie 189 Hendrickson, Nancy 351 Hennike, Holly 176 Henrichsen, Kristen 351 Henricks, Christa 179 Henriksen, Susan 351 Henricksen, Janet 168 Henricksson, Kathy 176 Henry, Debra 351 Hensel, Anna 351 Henze, Garvey 210 Henze, Kathleen 406 Henzer, John 406 Hepburn, Deirdre 351 Hepler, William 351 Herana, Julie 160 Hering, Connie 176 Hering, Paul 351 Heringbone, Paul 210 Herman, Bradley 351 Herman, Genevieve 160, 412 Herman, Jennifer 351 Hermelyn, Rozanne 351 Hernandez, Carmela 351 Hernandez, Jose Jr 351 Hernandez, Rosa 434 Herpes, Leigh 497 Herring, Diane 351 Herrington, Kim 351 Herschberger, Opie 210 HersheyBar, General 224 Herse, Kathleen 351 Hertel, Nancy Jen 434 Hertler, Spencer 218 Hervi, Jennifer 187 Hess, John 351 Hess, Michael 170 Heston, Charlton 49 Hewell, Earl 201, 351 Hewitt, Lynda 179 Heyne, Steven 351 Hickey, Kathy 206 Hickey, Susan 179 Hubs, Tom 434 Hidaka, Misa 351 Higa, Carolyn 232 Higgins, Carl 351 High, Howard 222, 351 Hildebrand, Dende 163 Hildebrandt, Cari 352 Hildeburn, Mary 190 Hill, Douy 193 Hill, Evie 163 Hill, Joseph IV 352 Hill, Kelsey 206 Hill, Ursula 434 Hillier, Sean 100 Hilpert, Tracy 205 Hilton, Hilary 163, 352 Hilton, Hilary 352 Himebaugh, Brenda 434 Hinman, Julie 163 Hinton, Laura 163 Hirasuna, Kerry 352 Hirayama, Leina 434 Hirohama, Nathlyn 352 Hirotsu, Terry 187 Hirsch, Marty 163 Hirsch, Russel 434 Hirschman, Harry 434 Hirschmann, Ross 231 Hirsh, Haym 352 Hirshman, Jan 352 Ho, Alice 352 Ho, Anna 352 Ho, Jane 434 Ho, Sally 352 Hoang, Hai 352 Hoang, Hien 352 Huang, Son 352 Hobart, Christy 206 Hobson, Linda 409 Hobson, Rick 216 Hobson, Scaun 216 Hochman, Lori 164 Hodges, Leigh 232, 352 Hodo, Alan 434 Hoeven, Catherine 352 Hoffman, Alan 352 Hoffman, Jerzy 352 Hoffman, Jill 163 Hoffman, Lonnie 169 Hoffman, Paul 172 Hoffman, Roff 352 Hoffman, Sheila 352 Hoffman, Steve 103 Hogan, Andrea 352 Hogan, Carol 352 Hogeland, Michael 352 Holden, Brett 406 Holick, Craig 352 Holland, Todd 353 Hollenstein, Bruno 434 Holler, Blake 155, 231, 353 Holloway, Charlene 434 Holloway, Karen 176 Holmes, Curtis II 353 Holmes, Derek 353 Holmes, Janet 434 Holmes, Laurie 168, 412 Holmen, Jim 413 Holtz, Suzanne 214 Holwager, Jill 174 Hom, Amy 353 Hom, Edgar 434 Hom, Sylvin 434 Honbo, Robin 353 Hong, Alfred 353 Hong, Steve 180 Honrado, Reynaldo 434 Hoogasian, Anita 434 Hooton, Lucile 353 Hooton, Lucy 190 Hoover, Claudia 168, 353 Hoover, Elizabeth 190 Hordiner, Kim 434 Hopkins, Valerie 205 Hori, Richard 353 Hori, Roderick 434 Horn, Lisa 187 Horton, Barry 210 Horton, Shannon 163 Horton, Tammy 353 Horvat, Michael 353 Horvath, Carl 353 Horwitz, Gary 353 Hosegood, Pam 168 Hoshide, Stuart 180 Hoshiko, Brian 353 Hossain, Ameen 434 Hosseinmardi, Kobra 353 Hotta, John 353 Houtz, Steven 434 Howard, Brenda 434 Howard, Brent 216, 353 Howard, Carrie 353 Howard, Kevin 226 Howard, Lorraine 353 Howard, Lynn 232, 353 Howard, Mark J 353 Howard, Mark J 353 Howe, Andrea 410 Howe, Kathleen 163 Howiler, Stacy 179 Hoy, Curtis 353 Hoyt, John 353 Hsi, Mark 170, 353 Hsiao, Ray 353 Hsu, Emmie 434 Hsu, George 416 Hsu, Hsiao-ming 416 Hsu, Robert 353 Hsu, Tsuey-Wei 434 Hua, Peter 353 Huang, Chaonan 43f4 Huang, Jocylan 353 Huang, Victor 353 Hubbard, Spiderman 210 Hubbell, Corrine 160 Huber, Bijou 353 Huber, Steve 218 Huddlestone, Craig 210 Haddox, Gena 187 Hudson, Rick 353 Huffman, Brooks 434 Huffman, Paul 434 Hugh, Sally 168 Hughes, Brian 353 Hughes, Jennifer 353 Hughson, Mike 434 Huh, Ye 353 Huhn, Joe 201 Huie, Brenda 434 Hulit, Debie 434 Hulsey, Sabrina 205 Hum, Gary 353 Hummer, Katie 190 Hunt, Janer 434 Hunt, Jeff 172 Hunter, Andrew 203, 353 Hunter, Ben 180 Hunter, Michael 434 Huntington, Doug 216 Huq, Wanida 434 Hurlburt, Julie 160, 353 Hurtado, Irma 353 Hurty, Colleen 190 Husein, Meena 353 Huston, lbolya 419 Husnak, Christine 354 Hutchinson, Anne 189 Hutchinson, Scott 434 Huttl, John 203, 434 Huynh, Buu 354 Hyland, Chuck 406 Hyman, Laura 205, 354 Hyman, Lori 190, 354 Hyun, Roy 354 Hwang, Frances 354 Hwang, Yunhui 354 I, Shari 416 Ichinose, Craig 354 Ickes, Erin 409, 434 Iezza, Nicolino 354 Ignacio, Carolyn 187 Ignacio, Doug 405 Iida, Michele 354 Ikazaki, Rew 354 Ikpa, Ogbonne 354 Ilano, Edwin 406 Iles, Alexander 354, 406 Imagawa, Linda 354 Impett, Laurel 354 Imwalle, Peter 406 Inadomi, Jennifer 354 Incledon, Susan 179 Ingber, Sheryl 189 Inostroz, Jose D 434 Ireland, Jerianne 354 Ireland, John 434 Irons, John 201, 411 Irwin, Victoria 187 Isaac, Sandy 170 Isenberg, Daniel 193 Isenberg, David 354 Isenman, Julie 176, 410 Isensee, Sue 160 Ishkanian, George 406 Ishioka, Susan 354 Isobe, Frederick 354 Isola, Peter 170 Ison, John 409 Israelsky, Jody 187 Israni, Loveen 434 Itamura, Lynne 354 Itckin, Arthur 229 Ito, Roger 354 Iversen, Robert 193 Iversen, Stephen 193 Iwac, Natalie 354 Iwamoto, Joyce 354 Ivy, JoAnn 354 Ivy, Kent 154 Iwanaga, Maya 410 Izumi, Ricky 354 J Jabali, Omowale 105 Jackson, Daniel 354 Jackson, DeWayne 434 Jackson, Tamara 354 Jacob, Adele 190 Jacobs, Alice 164 Jacobs, Jennifer 354 Jacobs, Leslie 169 Jacobs, Sharon 354 Jacobsen, Sharon 413 Jacobson, Matthew 354 Jaffe, Glenn 412 Jaffe, Wendy 354 Jaffe, Roger 359 Jagger, Leslie 359 Jakobseon, Kristin 354 James, Lauri 189 James, Linda 163 James, Michael 156, 216, 354 Jameson, Wendy 354 Jampel, Alex 180 Janin, Gail 205 Janis, Heather 179 Janis, Holly 179 Jansheski, Mark 100, 354 Jarvis, Betsy 176 Javanshir, Saghar 354 Javier, Michael 354 Jeffers, Julie 160 Jeffries, Dan 406 Jelinek, Valerie 179 Jenkins, Edward 354 Jenkins, Gary 355 Jenkins, Valerie 434 Jennings, Chris 406, 434 Jennings, Dean 229 Jensen, Robert 435 Jensen, Thomas 355 Jew, Rosanna 355 Jang, Linda 355 Jimenez, Jess 355 Jiu Lisa 179 Joanson Garfield 210 Joaquin, John 434 John, Robert Jr 355 Johns, Craig 216, 355 Johnson, April 190 Johnson, Augie 435 Johnson, Beth 187, 206, 349, 355 Johnson, Bob 216 Johnson, Catherine 232, 435 Johnson, Cathlynne 410 Johnson, Craig 435 Johnson, Debra 355 Johnson, Eric 216 Johnson, Frank 196 Johnson, Glen 355 Johnson, Judy 187, 355 Johnson, Julie 179, 179, 410 Johnson, Juliet 206 Johnson, Karen 355 Johnson, Kathlynn 174 Johnson, Kathy 409 Johnson, Lindsay 157, 355 Johnson, Mark 182 Johnson, Mary 355, 417 Johnson, Maureen 355 Johnson, Meg 190 Johnson, Rob 182 Johnson, Sara 190 Johnson, Sheldon 355 Johnson, Sherri 174, 412 Johnson, Steve 218 Johnston, Connie 179 Johnston, Lacy 206 Johnston, Victoria 435 Jolton, Francine 412 Jones, Alan K 435 Jones, Amos L 435 Jones, Christopher 105 Jones, Cynthia 355 Jones, Dick 226 Jones, Jill 206 Jones, Jim 906 Jones, Kevin 355 Jones, Kim 435 Jones, Mary 160 Jones, Michelle 355 Jones, Moira 160 Jones, Pellie 189 Jones, Perry 196 jones, Thom 196 Jones, Tina 435 Jonke, Yvonne 355 Jordan, A, Kevin 355 Jordan, William 355 Joslin, Carol 179 Juarez, Carolina 355 Juergensen, Kathleen 356 Juhola, Anita 174 Julien, Laurie 164 Jumelet, Lorraine 356, 417 Juncosa, Marie 356 Jung, Henry 229 Jung, Sandra 435 Junus, Rohidi 356 Jusko, Jim 435 Kacane, Valentina 174 Kadenacy, Ann 174 Kafazopoulous, Kristi 187 Kaffetzopoulos, Christianne 356 Kagan, Melanie 187 Kahenian, Janet 356 Kahmann, Mary 356 Kahn, Christopher 356 Kahrilas, Nick 172, 356 Kain Cindy 412 Kain, Craig 356 Kalina, Daniel 356 Kalmbach, Steve 216 Kaloper, Debbie 179 Kam, Mitch 356, 406 Kamaleson, Sunderraj 356 Kambara, Margaux 356 Kamin, Deborah 356 Kaminskas, Terese 356 Kammerlander, Anne-Marie 356 Kampe, Stefan 433, 435 Kan, Debbie 412 Kan, Mitch 193 Kanan, Debbie 214 Kane, Harris 356 Kang, Do n 222 Kangas, Patricia 356 Kania, Stephen 435 Kanig, Lauren 214 Kann, Jenny 179 Kanter, Andy 406 Kantz, Janet 356 Kanzel, Felice 160 Kapamaci, Susie 409 Kaperl, Tracy 160 Kaplan, Amy 356 Kaplan, Jon 356 Kaplan, Steven 218 Kaplan, Tirza 415, 435, 461 kaplin, Lori 212 Karamanos, Lisa 190 Karapetian, John 356 Karasawa, Patricia 356 Karayan, Christine 205, 357 Karch, Anthony 193 Karchai, Penny 913 Karel, Janice 176 Karge, Mark 222 Karlin, Lisa 104 Karlsberg, Beth 190 Karlsson, Dennis 357 Karme, llone 163 Kasemsri, Vipada 357 Kass, Michelle J 435 Kates, Cara 357 Katnik, Robert 193 Katofsky, Jeff 180 Katona, Lisa 168 Katsufrakis, Danai 179, 357 Katz, Aaron 339, 357 Katz, Cherol 357 Katz, Jon 170 Katz, Marty 224 Katz, Michelle 190, 412 Katz, Moshie 357 Katz, Samuel 357 Katz, Steven 355, 357 Katz, Todd 357 Katzaroff, Kathy 357 Kaufman, Ernie 210 Kaufman, Timothy 357 Kaufman, Tony 226 Kaupp, Troy 206 Kavanagh, Sean 357 Kavanaugh, Chris 406 Kawabe, Carl 357 Kawakami, Thomas 357 Kawanami, Mark 180 Kay, Balfour 226 Kaye, Andrew 357 Kazenelson, Debbie 163 Kearney, Kathleen 179 Kearney, Kelly 357 Kearney, Marianne 414 Kearney, Rodney 357 Keating, Kevin 226 Kehela, Steve 201 Keitelkamp, Vicky 163 Keller, Judith 357 Kelly, Allen 357 Kelly, Bob 406 Kelly, Donna 357 Kelly, James P 435 Kelly, Jean 357 Kelly, Mark 203 Kelly, Melissa 174 Kelly, Pamela 190 357 Kelly, Robin 232, 435 Kelly, Sandra 357 Kelso, Kelley 189 Kelton, Lisa 163 Kemeny, Ernest 357 Kemmer, Elizabeth 206 Kemp, Steve 167 Kemp, Thad 409 Kemper, Kirsten 168 Kennedy, David 417 Kennedy, Jennifer M 435 Kennedy, Jocelyn 214 Kennedy, Kevin 435 Kennedy, Lisamarie 168 Kennedy, Terry 357 Kenney, Carol 163 Kenney, Michelle 912 Kenny, Beth 190 Kenney, Trevor 222 Kent, Arnold 357 Kent, Melissa 935 Kent, Raulee 357 Kentle, Carla 160 Keppler, Kenneth 3S7 Keppler, Kim 357 Kernick, Gary 357 Kerrebrock, Greg 180 Kesling, Dawson 229 Kesling, William 357 Kessler, Ron 216 Keys, Steve 435 Kfoury, Adrienne 206 Khandelwal, Manoj 406 Khanna, Sunil 435 Kholos, Alan 164 Khoo, Kim-Huat 357 Khosrova, Sima 357 Khouri, Dorian 193, 406 Khouri, Dorian 193 Kidd, Deanna 214 Kidsinger, Marci 100 Kiefer, Kristen 179, 435 Kiel, Richard Jr 357 Kiel Elizabeth 357 Kilgore, Kit 218 Kilgore, Ann 168 Killion, Dave 167 Killon, Ann 357 Kim, Brian 357 Kim, Chan 357 Kim, Chang 358 Kim, Debbie 435 Kim, Deborah 358 Kim, Eileen 435 Kim, Gary 156 Kim, Gina 358 Kim, Hyang 358 Kim, ll-Ran 358 Kim, In-Soo 358 Kim, Jae 358 Kim, Jane 358 Kim, Jenny 358 Kim, Jin 358 Kim, Juliana 358 Kim, Julie 358 Kim, Laura 190, 409 Kim, Peter 412 Kim, Richard 201 Kim, Robert 417 Kim, Seung-Min 358 Kim, Si 358 Kim, Soyeen 358 Kim, Susie 412 Kim, Tanya 358 Kim, Terry 435 Kim, Tony 358 Kim, Un J 435 Kim, Young 358 Kimball, John 358 Kimball, Kathy 189 Kimball, Katie 189 Kimmel, Mary 206 Kimsell, Annie 187 Kincade, Valerie 174 Kindig, Kerry 206 King, Allison 412 King, Ernest 358 King, Joel 358 King, John 416 King, Jonathan 358 King, Karen 189, 358 King, Kurtis 358 King, Lawrence 437 king, Stephanie 179 King, Suzanne 358 Kinghorn, Gary 358 Kingsdale, David 231, 412, 437 Kinnick, David 105, 437 Kinnick, Brian 167 Kipper, Sheryl 164 Kirby, Cindy 179 Kirchoff, Robin 189 Kirihara, Phillip 358 Kiriyama, Aki 358 Kirker, William II 358 Kirkland, Sheri 358 Kirsch, Daniel 358 Kirwan, Kerry 358 Kiser, Gretchen 358 kishaba, Kelvin 358 Kishlansky, Robert 358 KishlanSky, Aaron 358 Kiszla, John 358 Kitabayashi, Jan 214 kitagawa, Robin 358 Kitchen, Lisa 179 Kin, Betty 358 Kiuchi, Tracy 189, 409 Kjos, Julie 168, 358 Klearman, Lisa 359 Klein, Daniel 359 Klein, David 172 Klein, Gary 437 Klein, Janet 103 Klein, Jeffrey 437 Klein, Keith 193 Klein, Kregg 409 Klein, Sherrill 413, 437 Klein, Steven 193 Klein, Valerie 163 Klestadt, Ralph 359 Kliman, Jeff 201 Klimczuk, Stephen 156, 359 Klimp, Heidi 359 Klinenberg, Susan 164, 359 Klingbeil, Sandy 232 Klugman, Jack 41 Knapp, Brian 335, 359, 413 Knauer, Thomas 193 Knickman, Donna 163 Knight, Geoffrey W 437 Knight, John 359 Knill, Joseph L 437 Knop, Kurt 409, 415, 461 Knopp, Karyl 359, 410 Knowles, Debbie 437 Knowles, Horshed 210 Knowlton, Liz 187 Kodres, Greg 157 Koerner, Beth 164 Koewler, Janet 179 Koines, Jennifer 160 Kolitz, Sue 160 Komar, Steve 203 ko, Agnes 413 Ko, Euhnee 359, 413 Ko, Sumei 359 Koch, Brent 222 kochaon, Jaturan 437 Koehler, Mark 418 Koelln, Peter 170 Koelln, Ralph 359 Koerner, Beth 437 Koffman, Linda 410 Koh, Cnris 359 Kohut, John 347, 437 Kokawa, Ron 229 Koketsu, Keith 359 Kolakowski, Gregory 359 Koontz, Kendall 187 Kopelson, Glenn 437 Kopfer, Dana 206 Korchien, Nina 164 Kornblum, Elizabeth 359 Konfilded, Myra 359 Koshimizu, Ken 359 Kostlan, Kelly 187, 410 Kostlan, Kerry 187 Kostyzak, Katy 437 Kottler.Sigi 359 Kouby, Raechelle 359 Koukis, Martha 174 Koutouratsas, Lisa 206 Kovacs, Kim 359 Koyama, Chikao 437 Koyama, Timothy 359 Kozawa, lzumi 437 Krajchir, Stephanie L 437 Kramer, Brenda 359 Kramer, Joanna 359 Kranian, Varoujan 360 Kratzer, John C 437 Kratzle, Diane 163, 360 Krause, Diana 214, 437 Krebler, Dennis 103 Kreh, Kristi 206 Krekorian, Terry 222 Krelovich, Carleen 360 Kressler, Katie 187 Krieger, Kristian 182 Krekorian, Terry 151 Kremer, Lisa 360 Krietenberg, Ernie 231 Krigel, Sheila 179 Krikorian, Brian . 360 Kripner, Mary 157 Krogius, Becky 190 Krogius, Mimi 190 Krommswhoek, Mark 216 Krongold, Jeff 156 Krongold, Steve 170, 360 Kropf, Jeff 169 Kroy, Erich 229 Krug, Karin 168 Krumpe, Paul E 437 Kruppa, Irene 414 Krusoff, Leslie 187 Kubin, Becky 179, 437 Kubota, Karen 360 Kuby, Scott 180 Kuehl, Marta 360 Kuehn, David 418 Kuether, Marlene 214 Kuhn, Leanne 187 Kuhn, Susan 187 Kuhn, Kristan 360 Kuida, Kathleen 360 Kujiraoka, Grace 174 Kukawka, J.J 201.406 Kung, Nancy 360 Kuo, Helen 437 Kuo, Shawn 360 Kuykendall, Shirley 360, 412 Kurihara, Janis 360 Kuritani, Kathleen 360 Kurth, Eric 437 Kurth, Michael 360 Kuwahara, Blake 414 Kuykendall, Shirley 360 Kwak, Tai 360 Kwan, Hoi 360 Kwan, Melvin 437 Kwok, Wei Y 437 Kwolek, Christopher 360 Kyle, Shellie 410 La Bruyere, Denise 214 Lacombe, Pete 224 Lafair, Ellen Joy 412 Laff, Elene 360 La Freniere, Paul 437 Lagerberg, Erin 206 Lagudis, John 360 Lahti, Renee 437 Laine, Stephen 218 Lake, Thayer 218 Laken, Martha 214 Laili, Marc 360 Lam, Amy 361 Lam, Debbie 174 Lam, Frances 105 Lam, Janet 437 Lam, Karen 361 Lam, Tuan 361 Lambert, Joe 157, 203 Lamp, Scott 437 Lamson, Katie 187 Lan, Esther 410 Lanctot, Lori 361 Land, Scott 180 Landcaster, Bob 167 Landis, Charlaine 189 Landis, Lisa 164, 412 Landis, Mark 361, 413 Lane, Adrienne 212 Lane, Doreen 174 Lane, Rock 201 Langdale, Douglass 437 Lange, Joseph 170, 361 Lanier, Christopher 361 Lanusa, Steve 164 Lapire, Sophie 437 Larcabal, Marty 229, 361 Lance, Michael 409 Laris Paul 226, 412 Larkin, Daniel 182 Larsen, Thomas 361 Larson, Rand 361 Lash, Karen 437 Lasky, Beth 205 Latham, Lisa 160 Latimer, Lauren 163 Latta, Allen 411 Lau, Ingrid 412, 437 Lau, Steven 437 Lau, Tinyiu 361 Laufer, Deena 179 Laur, James D.(MTABO).361, 414, 415, 461, 496 Laurencot, Patricia 361 Lavelle, Ann 361 Lavelle, Patricia 361 Lavenson, Patti 189 Lavi, Donald 359, 36! Lavigna, Bill 222 Lavin, Lorette 160 Lavin, Sharon 361 Law, Kimberly 361 Law, Lorraine 437 Law, Tonnette 437 Lawlor, Lori 361 Lawrence, Angela 176, 412, 437 Lawrence, David 361 Lawshe, Michael 409 Lawson, Denise 100, 409 Lawson, Jim 216 Lax, Martin 437 Layton, Bob 412 Lazar, Cheryl 361 Lazar, Jamie 212 Lazarou, G, Michael 361 Lazich, Milan 361 Le, Anni 437 Le, Khanh 361 Le, Lan 361 Le, Toan 361 Le, Tuan 361 Leach, Jeffrey 437 Leader, Cheryl 361 Leahy, Janet 361, 409 Leary, John 413 Lebowsky, Beth 437 Lech, Margaret 361 Leddy, Matthew 361 Lee, Alfred 361 Lee, Andrea 361 Lee, Audrey 189 Lee, Beth 361 Lee, Brian 361 Lee, Burton 167 Lee, Charles 361 Lee, Darcy 187 Lee, Deborah 361 Lee, Derek 361 Lee, Esther 361 Lee, James 361 Lee, Jon 182 Lee, Johanna 361 Lee, Keith 105 Lee, Kelly 187 Lee, Leah 437 Lee, Nancy 362 Lee, Mike 362 Lee, Ronald 362 Lee, Sandra 362 Lee, Shelly 437 Lee, Steve 167 Lee, Susan 362 Lee, Taryn 362 Lee, Teresa 205, 362 Lee, Valerie 176 Lee, Wonhee 362 Leeds, Benjamin 437 Le Fevre, Jeannie 437 Leff, Holly 164 Lefitz, Andrea 168, 412 Left, Haue 103 Legg, William 362 Lehmur, Kenneth 218 Leibovitz, Phil 412 Leifer, David 362 Leifer, Mike 406 Leigh, Andrea 362 Leiman, Nancy 187 Lejeune, Michael 193 Lemmon, Jack 57 Lemons, Maurice Jr 362 Lenihan, P.R 210 Leonard, Bruce 437 Leonard, Robert 437 Lent, Melissa 362 Lentych, Linnie 362 Lentz, Cathy 168 Lentz, Frank III 193 Leo, Ilissa 168 Leon, Sandra 362 Leonard, J, Lee 362 Leonard, Lee 150, 168 Leong, Brenda 362 Leong, Gerard 437 Leonhart, Trudi 179 Leoni, Eugene 362 LePorte, George, II 201, 362 Lerman, Jeffrey 157, 231, 362 Lerman, Lori 362 Lerner, Stan 169 Leshgold, Gary 412 Leskys, Indre 100, 214 Leslie, Lyn 176 Leslie, Steve 226 Lessard, Arthur 362 Lesser, Doris 362 Letsch, Dieter 218, 362 Lettween, Susan 206 Leung, Edmund 362 Leung, Howard 362 LeValley, Nancy 190, 405 Levee, Tom 170 Leventhal, Lisa 174 Levi, Allison 362 Levi, Viviana 437 Levin, Jeffrey 216, 362 Levin, Joel 437 Levin, Lynne 187 Levin, Tracy 174 Levine, Marci. 163 Levine, Philip 88 Levine, Steven 362 Levin, Dana 164 Levinson, Sally 362 Levis, Marc 362, 413 Leviton, Felicia 437 Levitt, Amy 212 Lew, David 362 Lew, Denise 362 Lew, Donna 410, 437 Lew, Myron 362 Lew, Sandra 362 Lew, Stephen 362 Lewallen, Sandra 362 Lewin, Bob 224 Lewis, Ann 437 Lewis, 362 Lewis, Paul 437 Lewis, Robert 362, 406 Lewis, Sue 189 Lewis, Tamar 437 Li, Tian-Tzy 100, 163 Liakopoulos, Georgia 232, 362 Liang, Keith 362 Liao, Sharon 362 Liao, Ted 363 Liberman, Laura 437 Libby, Cori 176 Liberman, Laura 212 Liberty, Joel 224 Lichtman, Judy 412, 437 Lick, Jennifer 363 Lickhalter, Francine 212, 437 Lico, Scott 203 Lie, Johnny 363 Lieban, Raleigh 363 Lieber, Sally 176 Lieberman, Caren 189, 363 Lieberman, Eric 437 Lieberman, Howard 406 Liebhaber, Allison 164, 412 Lieske, Patty 176 Lietcow, Robert 218 Lieu, Danny 363 Lieu, Tracy 363, 413 Lieurance, Martin 437 Liggett, Ann-Marie 189 Lillard, Kathryn 206, 363 Lim, Carol 410, 438 Lim, Emmie 413 Lim, Eugene 363 Lim, Haelan 363 Len, Huey 363 Lim, James 363 Lim, Jewson 363 Lim, Nerissa 363 Lim, Shirly 363 Lim, Sung-Min 363 Lim, Susan 438 Lin, Sherry 160 Lin, Shu.Chuan 938 Lin, Shu-Yuan 438 Lin, William 3 63 Lin, Yao 363 Lincoln, Jonathan 363 Lindboe, Janet 214, 438 Lindegren, Petrea 189 Linder, Lloyd 182 Lindewall, Pati 189 Linda, Lisa 164 Lindstrom, Lori 363 Lindstrom, Suzanne 363 Ling, Craig 363 Linton, Jennifer 160 Lipson, Donna 214 Lipson, Lisa 163 Lira, David 182, 363 Lisciandro, Donna 363 Lish, Tammy 412 Literatus, Marybeth 438 Littenberg, David 364 Littman, Evan 164, 364 Liu, Carol 176, 364 Liu, Kenny 416 Liu, Robert 416 Liu, Sbarina 364 Liu.Tsway-Lwun 416 Livingston, Lisa 364 Llanes, Melinda 410 Lo, Heung-Chuen 364 Lo, Marian 364 Loccisano, Rosanna 187, 438 Locke, Leigh 103 Lockhart, Julie 206 Lockington, Mary 179 Loder, Courtney 214 Loeb, Lynn 174 Lofton, Dog 105 Loftus, Danao 222 Logan, Jacqueline 176, 364 Logan, Michael 397, 415, 461 LoGreco, Fouad ' 82 Logsdon, Donna 364 Long, Alvin 361 Long, Denita 187, 438 Long, Jennifer 206 Long, Kristin 157, 189, 364 Long, Robert 100, 364 Longarini, Teri 189 Looper, Jennifer 187 Lopez, Stephanie 364 Lopez, Steve 104 Lord, Anne 179 Lord, Sheila 179 Loren, Geoffrey 364 Lorenz, Peter 364, 411 Lorenz, Scott 180 Latch, Bill 417 Louie, Marianne 364 Louie, Peter 416 Louis, Sheryl 214 Loureiro, Ann 438 Love, Robin 160 Love, Teresa 364 Lovin, Kathy 187 Lovus, Howard 23 i Low, Michael 438 Lowe, Tony 193 Lowenson, Jonathan 364 Lowenson, Mike 406 Lozano, Barbara 364 Lozano, Julie 179 Lubarsky, David 364 Lucas, Alecia. 160 364 Lucas, Charles 438 Lucas, Doughlas 364 Lucero, Samuel 364 Luck, Kenny 201 Luck, Lester 364 Luckey, Debbie 157, 205, 410 Ludwick, Tracey 176 Lue, Chin-Hay 105 Lue, Jack 365 Luff, Brad 231 Lukas, Susanne 438 Luke, David 201 Lum, Lydia 365 Lum, Nancy 365 Lumpkin, Cindy 365 Luna, Nancy 438 Luna, Ruth 413 Lund, Shawn 179 Lund, Steven 365 Lund, Tina 189 Lundblad, James 229 Lundstrom, Kritin 365 Lutkenhouse, John 229 Luther, Robina 100, 438 Luzar, Alison 365, 417 Luzar, J.B 170 Luzar, Jonathan 365 Lynberg, Dpoug 170 Lynch, Elizabeth 365 Lynch, Erin 365 Lyneis, Lynn 174 Lyons, Kathy 179 Lyons, Shelley 365 Lyons, Tony 201 Ma, Daniel 438 Ma, Kenneth 365 Ma, James 438 Mac Diarmid, Leslie 190 Mac Donald, Nancy 190 MacDonald, Tim 193, 406 Mack, Dana 365 Mack, Michele 438 Mack, Philip 365 Mack, Shane 438 Mack, Steven 365 MacLaughlin, Christine 156, 160, 365 MacLoed, Charlotte 206 Maddahi, Kourosh 365 Mader, Lori 205, 365, 406 Maderious, Janet 365 Madriaga, Dave 226 Madrigal, Marta 438 Maeda, Steve 413 Maeng, Son-Mi 438 Magerman, Joel 438 Maggi, Sergio 438 Maher, Sean 193 Mahler, Bonnie 365 Mahone, Laura 187 Mahoney, Don 406 Mahoney, Julie 365 Mahoney, Kevin 226 Maib, David 409 Maifeld, Mike 438 Maitland, Rob 226, 438 Maldonado, Gregory 365 Maldonado, Javier 406 Malinovsky, James 438 Maljanian, Dan 167, 418, 438 Mallet, Karen 365 Mallon, Jim 226 Mallonee, Anne 157 Malouf, Carol 365 Maltz, Karen 365 Maly, Keelie 163, 365 Mamann, Minam 365 Manalac, Cynthia 438 Mande, Laura 164 Mandie, Angela 205 Mangiameli, Lisa 190 Maningding, Ruben 164, 912 Mann, Michael 218 Mann, Stephanie 365 Manning, Chip 222 Manning, Roma 205 Manion, Pat 193 Mano, Susan 212 Manoochehrian, Ali 365 Manookian, Mike 216 Manset, Helena 365 Mansfied, C.S 193 Manson, Meryl 189 Mar, Dana 232 Mar, Margo 160 Marchand, Arturo 438 Marchetti, Michelle 365 Marcome, Andrea 438 Marcone, Andrea 163 Marcus, Craig 231, 412 Marenus, Hal 164 Marfoni Vic 196 Margherita, Lynn 163 Margle, John 167 Margolin, Laura 164 Marheine, Kam 203 Manano, Romeo 438 Marino, Frank 365 Marino, Gina 409 Maritzer, Richard 438 Mark Daniel 365 Mark, Judith 438 Markham, Keevil 205 Markowitz, Mitch 222 Marks, Bruce 419 Markson, Laurie 438 Markussen, Kary 179 Marmion, Karen 187 Marquez, Albert 365 Marquez, David 182 Marquez, Megan 365 Marquez, Sylvia 365 Marrero, Izzy 214 Marrone, Joyce 365 Marshall, Douglas 201, 365 Marshall, Thomas 193 Martin, Elizabeth 365 Martin, Eron 193, 365 Martin, Michael 938 Martin, Sally 365 Martin, Ted 216 Martin, Teresa 365 Martinez, Angelica 232, 412 Martinez, Cindy 438 Martinez, Carlos 438 Martinez, Kathleen 366 Martinez, Victoria 366 Martinsen, Molly 189 Martis, Beth 205 Marton, Pam 189 Martonb, Pamela 366 Martyn, Susan 190, 366 Masaoka, Terry 366 Mashin, Alison 176 Masi, Carlton 180 Mason, Christopher 438 Mason, Karin 410 Mason, Kate 103 Mason, Lauren 231 Mason, Lawrence 366 Mason, Pam 168 Massarik, Susan 366 Massey, Lisa I50, 179 Mastan, David 193 Mastroianni, Virginia 366 Mathern, Lisa 214 Mathews, Doug 216 Mathews, Thom 409 Mathog, Sharon 366 Matkowski, Lisa 174, 366 Matsubara, Dale 366 Matsui Nanette 214 Matsumoto, Masahiko 438 Matsumoto, Mavis 413 Matsuoka, Lori 410 Matthaews, Sheryl 366 Matthews, Kerry 105 Matthews, Mackey 189 Matthews, Thomas 366 Matthews, William 366 Mattick, Bruce 203, 366 Mau, Bruce 366 Mauch, Ken 170 Mauchi, Helen 366 Mauer, Rodi 412 Mauk, Robert 366 Mauri, Ruth 366 Maus, Victoria 366 Mavredakis, Joyce 206 Maxfield, Richard 409 Mayernura, Allan 366 Mayer, John IV 193 Maylsz, Marty 226 Mayron, Leslie 366 Mazzi, Vince 438 McAlister, Pat 170 McArthur. Pam 413 McAtee, Jay 164 McBride, Suzanne 366 McBridge, Rex 438 McCaffrey, Kathleen 366 McCallion, Fiona 206 McCandless, Jay 224 McCarthy, Casey 190 McCarthy, Kathleen 366 McCauley, Scott 182 McClain, Bill 226 McClanahan, Clint 366 McClenehan, Mike 216 McClure, Jennifer 163, 366 McCormick, Joanne 168 McCormick, Melody 406 McCracken, Michele 206 McCracken, Roger 366 McCrillis, Kathy 190 McCullum, Melinda 176 McDaniel, Laurie 366 McDaniels, Laurie 214 McDermott, Douglas 366 McDermott, Judith 438 McDermott, Mark 182 McDonald , Charles 438 McDonald, Robert 218 McDonald, Sally 174 McEachen, Mary 160 McEleney, Emmett 411 McEleny, Emmet 216 McElliott, Paula 190 McElvaney, Jennifer 160 McEnaney, Carol 163 McEvilly, Eileen 366 McFalls, Laurence 418 McFarland, Laura 168, 366 McGaughey, Katie 179 McGee, Kim 163 McGeever, Daniel 366 McGhee, Paul 170 McGillicuddy, Kimberly 109, 352, 366, 410 McGinness, Robert 366 McGivern, Timothy 406 McGoey, Sean 218, 366 McGough, Andy 438 McGowan, Lynne 205 McGrory, Jacqueline 160 McJenken, Tori 187 McKee, Kim 206 McKenna, Debra 366 McKibbin Pam 163 McKinizie, Dave 193 McKinnis, Kerri 189 Mckinnis, Lisa 205 McKnight, Christy 417 McKnight, Kristy 360, 366 McKnight, Lori 366, 410, 417 Mclaughlin, Kathy 187 McLeod, Kelly 366 McMullan, Patrick 366 McMonagle, Dan 229 McMullen, Diane 206 McMullen, Mary 187, 367 McNeil, Daniel 367 McNeil, David 367 McNeil, Karen 189, 325, 367 McNicholas, Courtney 176 McNulty, Kevin 203 McPheeters, Britt 167 Mctear, Lisa 438 McWilliams, Jill 176 McWilliams, Kevin 367 Means, Michael 367 Mecham, D, Mel 367 Meckler, S.P 210 Medelin, Maria 367 Medema, Max 367 Medema., Robert 367 Meehan, Scott 406, 411 Meggs, Scott 216 Mekjian, Robert 193 Melcher, Crystal 438 Melcher, Dawn 367 Melendez, Carla 367 Melone, Michelle 189 Meloy, Brady 201 Melson, Kim 206 Mena, Francisco 167 Mende, Catherine 179 Mende, Cheryl 156, 164, 367 Mendenhall, Michelle 189 Mendez, Karen 367 Mendiola, Guillermo 438 Mendoza, Mercedes 367 Mendoza, Mercy 214 Mendoza, Rochelle 367 Meneses, Geoff 224 Mensa Deborah 438 Menzia, Katherine 367 Mercado, Albert 438 Merchat, Roger 218 Merdillo, Vince 180 Merkin, Robbie 210 Mermelstein, David 164 Mernes Monica 367 Merrihew, Linda 206, 438 Merrill, Barbara 168 Merrins, Mason 222 Mertens, Michael 367 Mertes, Christopher 367 Meshulam, Sheldon 367 Mesrobian, Edmond 367 Messerly, Charles 412 Messersmith, Michele 406 Messick, Chris 229 Metlen, Karyn 214 Metzger, Jahannna 367 Metzinger, Timothy 182, 406 Meyer, Craig 170 Meyer, Laura 214 Meyer, Rebecca 367 Meyer, Stephanie 189, 438 Meyers, Scott 368 Meyer, Steven 222, 368, 406 Mezney, Jackie 163 Michael, Greg 182 Michael, Keith 193, 368 Michels, Dave 203 Michels, Dana 368 Michlin, Alana 214 Middleton, Molly 187 Miguel, Goria 368 Mihatov, Anne-Marie 176 Mikkelsen, Gorm 406 Miles, Bart 368 Miles, Dave 157, 180 Miles, Jeff 438 Millan, Iris 368 Millan, Julie 190 Millar, Nieves 176 Millay, Pay 216 Miller, Cheryl 163 Miller, Christie 174 Miller, Dana 368 Miller, Donna-aleen 410 Miller, Ferne 412 Miller, Jamie 216 Miller, Joh 216 Miller, Kathy 187 Miller, Kimberly 438 Miller Leon 216 Miller, Martha 163 Miller, Mike 216 Miller, Mindy 187 Miller, Paul 368 Miller, Reed 438 Miller, Stephen 368 Miller, Tom 368 Mills, Deborah 368 Mills, Kevin 438 Mills, Lori 438 Milner, Elizabeth 187 Minami, Mike 412 Minasian, Raffi 368 Minck, Randy 212, 368 Miner, David 368 Meer, Glenda 160, 368 Mineta, Ann 368 Mingleton, Monique 438 Mink, Kandy 409 Minter Lisa 179, 406 Mires, Victoria 417 Markin, Philip 368 Mishica, Anne 438 Mishler, Brent 167 Miskjian, Janine 368 Missman, Danielle 368 Mitchel, Disco 210 Mitchell, Georganne 368 Mitchell, Jay 368 Mitchell, Jeanne 438 Mitchell, Kelly 438 Mitchell, Marsha 438 Mitchell, Todd 439 Mitchner, Laura 412 Michael, Lynne 368 Miya, Tracy 368 Miyaguchi, Darryl 369 Miyamoto, Kent 201 Mizuki, April 439 Mobasser, Soraya 369 Mock, Gregory 369 Mock, Pam 413 Mockler, Lori 413 Moe, Cynthia 369 Moe, Nancy 179 Mok, Peter 193 Moffett, Tod 369 Mogavero, Frank, Jr 439 Mohn Robert 369 Molina, Martha 369 Molinaro Mike 196 Moller, Karen 439 Molyneaux, Elizabeth 369 Mong, David 4l6 Monreal Terrence 369 Monriquez Jenny 187 Monroe, Patrick 406 Monteleone, Lee 404 Montemayor, Manuel 369 Montgomery Blanchard 246 Montgomery, Todd 439 Montiel, Mary 369 Montoya, Gabriela 369 Monty, Eva 369 Moon, Melisa 369 Moon, Mitsi 206 Mooney, Colleen 190 Moore, Demetrice 439 Moore, Debora 439 Moore, Gregory 369 Moore, Kim 205 Moore, Marcus 369 Moore, Lynne 159 Moore, Michele 159, 369, 403 Moore, Roger 439 Moore, Sully 439 Moore, Thermon Jr 369 Mooshagian, Sharon 369 Mora, Isreal 439 Mora, Karen 176 Morales, Alex 222 Morales, Juan 172 Morales, Roy 412 Morales, Tony 201, 406 Mordecal, Betsy 410 Moreen, Katherine 369 Morelan, Brian 201, 369 Moreno, Angela 369 Moreno, Paulette 369 Morgan, Debbie 168 Morgan, John 406 Morgan, Karl 369 Mori, Connie 369 Morris, Brendan 369 Morris, Dennis 439 Morris, Duane 105 Morris, Jan 163 Morris, Jennifer 214 Morris, Regna 369 Morris, Sherry 439 Morris, Sheila 176, 369 Morris, Susan 369 Morrison, Mindy 179 Morrison, Nancy 160 Morrow, Kay 369 Morsch, Scott 167 Morse, Bob 151, 201, 411 Morton, Dantana 210 Moscowitz Marc 439 Moshay, Michelle 176 Mosher, Jerry 369 Mosk, William 193, 369 Moske, Lisa 439 Mossler, Ronald 369 Mosunic, Sharon 369 Motamenpour, Bahram 369 Mote, Missy 205 Motthedin, Arsalan 369 Motte, E, David 369 Moulton, Kit 190 Mounce, Laura 205 Moussouros, Liz 168 Mow, Genevieve 214 Mowery, Jenny 174 Moy, Darlene 369 Moye, Christopher 218 Moyer, Craig 369, 406 Mu, James 167 Much, Elizabeth 157, 412 Mueller, David 406 Muenter, Stan 369 Mueting, Lynn 369 Muh, James 369 Mukai, Richard 370 Mulani Mohan 330, 370 Mulholland, Gerrit 187 Mulkern, Anne 214 Muller, Angela 179 Muller, Kelly 176 Mulrooney, Shari 187 Mond, Scott 231 Munns, Renee 214 Murakami, Gail 439 Murakawa, George 370 Murakawa, Trisha 214 Muramoto, Edward 409 Murar, RMF 210 Murillo, Cris 439 Mornigan, Kathy 174 Murphy, Bridget 370 Murphy, Cynthia 370 Murphy, Donald 370 Murphy, Kelley 370 Murphy, Linda 189 Murphy, Margaret 150, 232 Murphy, Paul 370 Murphy, Yvette 174 Murray, Kevin 203 Murrey, Clare 176 Muse, Roberta 439 Musgrove, Tracey 439 Mushet, Cynthia 205, 370 Musselman, Deborah 370 Musso, Christina 232, 370 Mustafa, John 439 Mutchnik, Irene 370 Myer, Scott 370 Myers, Alexander 222 439 Myers, Barbara 370 Myers, Ross 193, 370 Myers, Shelly 176 Nabavi, Reza 370 Nadahara, Madoka 205 Nader, Sheira 160 Nader, Sheiva 439 Nagamoto, Toshio 439 Nagatani, Christine 370 Nagel, John 417 Nagle, John 370 Najarian, Shane 439 Nakam ura, Eric 100, 370 Nakamura, Paul 439 Nakano, Laurie 370 Nakano, Wayne 370 Nakayama, Lori 370 Namkoong, Kap 370 Namkoong, Kwang 370 Napoli, Thomas Jr 370 Narumi, Ken-Ichi 370 Naruse, Bill 439 Nasongkhla, Ken 370 Nassen, Bill 415, 439, 461 Nathanson, Greg 226 Nathe, Allison 406 Natzke, Paul 409 Naugayan, Janet 413 Navon, Mois 193 Navarette, David 370 Nazarian, Dora 370 Nebel, Jeff 156, 231 Neben, Susan 223, 412, 439 Nedel, Wes 226 Neece, Kelly 190 Neff, Bill 170 Neiger, James III 193 Neiggeman, John 405 Neiman, Robert 370 Neims, Brad 218 Neistadt, Tracy 370, 410 Nelson, Anneke 176 Nelson, Brian 182 Nelson, Collen 370 Nelson, Greg 105 Nelson, Joyce 370 Nelson, Kathy 160 Nelson, Kenneth 409, 439 Nelson, Michael 370, 417 Nelson, Michele 190 Nelson, Paula 205 Nelson, Stephen 370 Nemhauser, Lori 164 Neomroff, Edward 370 Neuman, David 193, 370, 391 Neuman, Diane 370 Nevens, Andrea 168, 370 Newberry, Coral 219 Newby, John 216 Newby, Leslie 190 Newell, Vincent 370 Newkirk, Maria 187 Newman, Elise 176 Newmark, Linda 409 Newton, Mari 163, 370 Newton, Mark 439 Newton, Truncke 210 Ng, Carol 176 Ng, Ed 416 Ng, Jeffrey 370 Ng, Joe 180 Ngan, Mario 371 Ngo, Thuy 371 Ngow, Vipa 371 Nguyen, Duc 371 Nguyen, Bang 371 Nguyen, Huy 371 Nguyen, Lien 371 Nguyen, Mai 371 Nguyen, Phu 371 Nguyen, Tho 371 Nguyen, Trung 371 Nguyen, Tuyet-Tam 371 Nguyen-Phuoc, Kim 371 Nichols, Debi 219 Nichols, Jeffrey 371 Nicholson, Dane 168, 417 Nicholson, Lee 189 Nickels, Gretchen 439 Nickerson, Kimberlee 371 Nickerson, Steven 371 Nickols, Telma 371 Nidorf, David 439 Nieman, Sue 205 Niesen, Donna 371 Nieson, Donna 189 Nirschl Kathie 163 Nishida, Kenneth 371 Nishikawa, Jan 371 Nishikawa, Susan 371 Nishimura, Dale 100, 412, 439 Nissinger, Sheri 371 Niuos, Kimberly 439 Nixon, Chris 176 Nobel, Mary 439 Noble, Michelle 372 Nobin, Molly 190 Nobelt, James 372 Noblett, W, Craig 372 Noda, Hiroko 372 Noda, Tanya 372 Noe, Jack 201, 372 Noe, Jeff 201 Noh, Sandra 372 Noller, Steve 172, 411 Nomoto, Laurie 372 Nomura, Lynne 105 Nomura, Ruriko 439 Noorvash, Shahab 372 Norby, Krissy 187 Norby, Kristan 372 Norihiro, Alison 440 Norman, Carolyn 940 Norman, Lynn 174 Norman, Mark 222 Norris, Christopher 218 Norris, John 203 North, Stephen 372 Norton, Connie 372 Morton, Margie 206, 440 Novak, Elizabeth 372 Nulty, Cynthia 372 Nuno, Manuel 440 Nussen, Joy 372, 410 Nyman, Leslie 372 Nyman, R.K 170 Nyssen, Rachele 189 Oberle, Melissa 176 O ' Brien, Melissa 160 O ' Brien, Sean 193, 372 Ockert, Ronnie 441 Ockert, Veronica 214 O ' Connell, Brian 372 O ' Connell, Dan 172 O ' Conner, John 88, 201 O ' Connor, John 441 O ' Connor Lorraine 211 Oddy, Karen 206 O ' Dell, Yvonne 372 Odencrantz, Kirk 372 Odermatt, Kristy 163 O ' Donnell, Clare 190 Oeffling, Mary 372 Denting, Steve 222 Ogata, Marlon 372 Ogawa, JoAnn 372 Ogawa, Joanne 100 214 O ' Gorman, George 172 Oh, Elaine 214 O ' Hare, Allyson 187 O ' Hare, Elizabeth 187 O ' Haren, Martha 206 Ohm, Gus 441 Ohman, Dave 180 Ohtomo, Lisa 168 Ohye, Susan 372 Oishi, Leslie 373 Oishi, Rick 105 Oka, Cheryl 373 Oka, Mark 109 Okamoto, Duane 167 Okamoto, John 941 Okamoto, Koici 441 Okamoto, Quinn 373 Okamoto, Kelvin 373 Okuma, Lori 373 Okumura, James 373 Okun, Susan 174 Olan, Karen 373 Olcay, Hakan 373 Oldham, Cindy 206 O ' Leary, Juanita 441 Oliva, Efrain 441 Oliva, Linda 205 Olivas, J, Art 373 Olsen, Lyn 157 Olsen, Lynnea 373, 409 Olson, Connie 991 Olson, Erik 229 O ' Neil, Greg 229 O ' Neal, Kevin 418 O ' Neil, Mary 373 O ' Neil, Stacie 373 Ongcapin, Jennifer 373 Oplustic, Shirleen 214, 410, 441 Orbach, Raymond 88 Orbuch, Paul 201 Ordonez, Ricardo 373 O ' Reilly, Tara 373 Orens, Doug 231, 412 Orgambide, LuAnne 410 Orgolini, Lisa 187 Orgon, John 941 Oriba, Joanne 373 Orlanes, Joselyne 441 Orloff, Marla 160 Orme, Anthony 88 Orme, Frances 373 Ormsby, Christopher 373 O ' Rourke, Colleen 174 O ' Rourke, Craig 201 Orr, Bob 491 Orticke, Leslie 373 Osborn, Marilyn 373 Osborne, MerriAnn 105, 373 Osborne, Monica 206 Oreas, Mark 373 Oshima, Brian 105 Osman, Andy 106 Osora, Joyce 373 Oster, Jeffrey 231, 373, 382 Osterhout, Lisa 206 Ostrander, Susan 174, 373 O ' Sullivan, Pete 210 Osuna, David 373 Ota, Linda 373 Otis, Kathy 189 Ottobre, Zeb 103 Ouigley, Debbie 187 Overlie, Barbara 160 Overstreet, Becky 174 Overstreet, Eric 222 Oveson, Shelley 179 Owen, Lisa 206 Owen, Quinn 176 Owens, Brian 167 Owens, Elise 176 Owens, Greg 367, 373 Owens, John 441 Owens, Larry 441 Owens, Regina 159 Owsley, Lyndal 163 Oyana, Margaret 373 Ozawa, Michael 157, 373 Pacheco, Hector 373 PaciuIli, Sue 206 Pack, Michael 100, 373 Padilla, Lester 441 Padovani, Rosemarie 410 Poe, Henry 373 Paez, Roc 441 Pagni, Kelly 206 Pak, Hyo 373 Pak, Unmi 441 Pakiz, Derek 193 Pak, Richard 373 Palladino, Karen 441 Palm, Kevin 180 Palmer, Bill 222 Palmer, Charles, Jr 373 Palmer, Larry 373 Palmigiano, Lisa 160 Palo, Brenda 189 Palomino, Steven 441 Pandit, Manisha 373 Pang, Laurie 441 Panikowski, Michael 373 Pankopf, Collette 189 Panting, Teri 160 Papac, Jill 187 Papadopoulos, Vivi 373 Papan, Diane 179 Papanickolas, Bill 164 Papatheodorou, Mara 214 Pappas, Michael 151, 193, 911 Pappelbaum, Sara 164 Parent, Michele 441 Parhami, Kambiz 373 Parina, Vince 203 Parisse, Robin 412 Park, Henry 374 Park, Hee-Sung 374 Park, Hoon 374 Park, Jeeyong 374 Park, Kathi 441 Park, Sow 374 Park, Sungkie 374 Park, Sunman 441 Park, Yong 374 Park, Yong S 441 Parker, Ashlet 374 Parker, Gayle 206 Parker, Joseph 374 Parkinson, David 374, 418 Parkman, Lori 374 Parmelee, John 226 Parr, Linda 374 Parry, Scott 409 Parson, Joni 410 Parsons, Pamela 374 Parsons, Susie 206 Part, Ron 164 Paschane, William 172, 374 Pasini, Sandra 174, 374 Pasion, Sandra 374 Paster, Joy 374 Pastre, Peter 374 Patel, Snilkumar 374 Pating, Chris 193 Patrusky, Pamela 441 Patterson, Loree 163 Patterson, Lorraine 374 Patton, Erin 179 Paul, Elise 412 Paul, Marlene 374 Payne, David 170 Payne, Rosemary 374 Payne, Sharilyn 374 Payne, Susan 441 Pearce, Andrew 374 Pearl, Brdford 374 Pearlman, Alyson 176, 409 Pearson, Chowman 210 Pearson, Patty 187 Pearson, Thomas 203, 374 Peasley, Jill 187 Peckovich, Bill 216 Pederson, Karen 176 Pedicord, Rob 226 Pedretti Kevin 203, 441 Pedowitz, Ann 164, 374 Pegg, Lori 189, 374 Pellerin, Leslie 156, 160, 374 Pellett, Becky 374 Pellizon, Patty 189 Peltin, Carolyn 189 Pemstein, Jason 164 Pender, Laura 176 Penderland, Chandra 379 Pendley, John 418 Penn, Sara I76 Penne, Paul 441 Penner, Heidi 374 Pennington, Kimberly 190 Penny, Babette 190 Peoples, Jacqueline 374 Pepper Marla 100 Peralta, Bob 226 Perez, Arnaldo 441 Perez, Barbara 189 Perez, James 374 Perez, Leonard 441 Perez, Mike 172 Perkal, Julie 163 Perkins, Ellen 374 Perkins, Laird 374 Perkins, Ron 226 Perl, Doris 441 Perles, Karen 174 Perlin, Barbara 374 Perlman, Dana 231, 374, 412 Perlman, Itzhak 37 Perlmutter, Michael 374 Perlstein, Jan 441 Perny, Sue 190 Perrier, Thomas 374 Perry, Babette 374 Perry, Deborah 374 Perry, Jeanette 375 Perry, Jill 375 Perry, Pamela 190, 375 Peterka, James, III 375 Peterka, Jamie 218 Peterman, Ronni 164 Peters, Frank 167 Peters, Michelle 103 Peterson, Annie 190 Peterson, Daniel 375 Peterson, Deanna 903 Peterson, Jody 206 Peterson, Paul 193, 441 Peterson, Stephanie 187 Peterson, Susanne 187 Peterson, Tracy 206 Petrulio, Rich 203 Pettey, Nicole 441 Pettigrew, Tania-Lee 437 Pettit, Jay 172 Pevsnek, Karen 164, 915, 461 Pew, Grant 182 Peyterson, Sara 375 Petlak, Bess 375 Petrossian, Edwin 375 Pevsnek, Karen 375 Pham, Daren 375 Pham, Hoang-Lien 375 Pham, Thuy 375 Phelan, Sharon 375 Phelps, Sandra 375 Phanuef, Celeste 190 Phelan, Sharon 205 Phillips, Catherine 232 Phillips, John 491 Phillips, Nancy 176, 375 Philips, Steven 375 Phillips, Wendy 189, 375 Phillipson, Sarah 176 Pian, Donald 375 Picchione, Andrea 160 Pichotaa, Jeaneyte 375 Pickard, Kelly 418 Pickett, Ailece 375 Pickles, Scott 375 Pieper, Joanna 214 Piero, Jaime 340, 37S Pierozzi, Lisa 168, 375, 412 Piersol, Marie 176, 375 Pierson, Brent 441 Pierson, Greg 418 Pierson, Tracy 376 Pikulin, Karen 376 Pinchat, April 232 Pineda, Meriam 376 Pinto, Bruno 376 Pinzon, Ma 441 Pircher, Christopher 376 Parri, Francene 376 Pisarik, Stephen 193 Pittler, Racheal 212 Pizzo, Allyson 187 Placak, Linda 189 Placak, Nancy 206 Placensia, Norma 376 Platman, Michelle 160 412 Pleasants, Sherro 441 Pleshe, Liz 412 Plot, Rebecca 206 Plumer, Polly 206 Plummer, Sheri 406 Pniewski Michael 376 Poe, William V 210, 376 Poerstel, Nancy 376 Pole, David 376 Polikatis, Linas 376 Pollack, Patricia 376 Pollock, Jeff 170, 491 Pollock, William 441 Polse, Cindy 164 Pomerantz, Nancy 164 Ponce, Roberta 105 Poncetta, Heidi 205 Pond, Ramona 376 Ponton, Karen 376 Pool, Jim 172 Pope, David 376 Pope, Edward 491 Porizky, Mark 157, 218 Port, Kevin 231 Porteer, Steven 376 Porter, C.C 187 Porter, Jane 206 Porter, Elizabeth 941 Porter, Sidney 417 Portillo, Catherine 376 Portnoff, Deena 376 Portor, Nancie 189 Posey, Brad 406 Posner, Jay 376 Post, Stephen 441 Postley, Howard 222 Poston, Laurie 174 Potter, Martha 174, 376 Potter, Nancy 187 Potts, Joseph 906 Powell, Dean 216 Powell, Melvia 376 Power, Deborah 376 Power, Jane 214 Powers, Mark 222 Pratt, Kathryn 214, 441 Pratt, Sharon 168 Prattle, Diane 179 Preciado, Guillermo 991 Preciado, Sylvia 376 Prescott, Chiquitha 441 Pressley, Kim 163 Pressley, Monica 376 Preston, Sheila 413 Prestridge, Mike 201 Prewett, Scott 409 Price, Donna 376 Price, Lori 168 Price, Vincent 41 Primack, Carla 410, 412 Prohov, Ted 406 Prosser, Danna 441 Prothro, Tommy 103 Provost, Lisa 376 Pryor, Douglass 441 Pinkston, Deborah 376 Pucker, Amy 189 Puhl, Darin 201, 406 Pulido, Richard 376 Pulos, Krisann 187, 376 Puls, Mike 216 Puskar, Paul 222 Putman, Eugene Jr 226, 376 Pyle, Jade 376 Pynes, Craig 441 Quan, Edward 170, 376 Quermann, Amy 163 Quilza, Rizalino 376 Quintana, Benny 441 Quinton, Colisha 376 Quon, Regina 376 Rabaca, Michele 410 Rabenstine, Samara 160 Rabow, Vicky 164 Racanelli, Tom 441 Radensky, Paul 441 Rader, Jonathan 231 Radesky, Paul 104 Radin, Deborah 376 Radjic, Martyne 187 Radlovic, Sandra 179, 412 Rados, Stephen 376 Rahbarpour, Janet 376 Rahimi, Kiumars 376 Rahmani, Sophia 376 Rain, Craig 231 Rainen, Richard 376 Rains, Kristin 174 Raisch, Dana 206 Raisin, Preston 172 Ramelb, Theresa 377 Ramirez, Deborah 377 Ramirez, Kurt 377 Ramirez, Steve 103 Ramirez, Teodoro Jr 377 Ramos, Wilson 229 Ramsayer, Melanie 441 Rand, Amy 164 Rand, Lori 189 Randall, Bob 180 Rangel, Art 406 Rangel, Hodgie 210 Ranheim, Joanna 377 Ransdale, Rags 210 Ransom, David, Jr 441 Ransone, Lynn 377 Raphael, Richard 103, 406, 441 Rasmussen, Cindy 163 Ratan , Suneel 441 Rathbone, Tod 412 Rather, Dana 174 Ratliff, Greg 377 Ratliff, Robert 377 Rauch, Michelle 205 Raus, Max 222 Ray, Stephanie 164 Rayman, Mark 377 Razler, James 377 Rea, Kathe 189 Rea, Marshall 377 Reaves, Dave 224 Reaves, Lori 377 Rebollo, Yolanda 377 Rector, Lucy 163 Redfoot, Shannon 187 Redin, Nancy 377 Redke, Sheri 164 Reed, Diana 205 Reedy, Kevin 377 Reedy, Tom 222 Reese, Galen 377 Reese, Michelle 174 Reese, Willard 193 Reeves, Darla 377 Reeves, Jeff 222 Regal, Monica 377 Rehwoldt, Eric 941 Reid, Janet 150, 205 Reid, Maria 187 Reid, Rebecca 377 Reid, Stuart 218 Reitman, Alan 442 Reigrod, Don 231 Reikes, Andy 201 Reimann, Linda 160 Reisbaum, Jay 172 Rwith, Patricia 442 Relan, Arvin 229 Remstein, Bob 164, 442 Renardo, Charissa 377 Renda, Dominque 187 Renwick, Elise 187 Resnik, Heidi 163 Revane, Sini 232 Reyes, Anthony 442 Rhee, Alex 378 Rhein, Lee 214 Rheinfurth, Ervin 378 Rhoades, G.Q 210 Riccard, Laurie 150 Rice, Craig 377 Rich, Adam 231 Rich, Robin 164 Richards, Bill 201 Richards, Debra 377 Richards, Maria 206, 377 Richardson, Beth 190 Richardson, Ceryl 163 Richardson, DeAnita 442 Richardson, Greg 405 Richelieu, Laurie 329, 377, 410 Richland, Ladd 222 Richman, Andrew 378 Richman, Lucas 409 Richman, Steven 378 Richmond, Diette 176 Richter, Jane 206 Rickel, Rhonda 206, 378 Ricketts, Jason 210 Riddle, Cameron 226 Riecard, Laurie 168 Rietman, Bill 442 Rifkin, Andrew 378 Rigby, Jeff 906 Rights, Kristen 187, 417 Rikimaru, Jon 378 Riley, Ann 176 Riley, Donna 187, 378 Riley, Mike 103, 170 Riley, Rick 201 Rimerman, Howard 442 Ring, Megan 189 Riopelle, Robin 378 Riordan, John 170 Rios, Cesar 442 Rios, Santiago Jr 378 Rischa r, Wendy 189 Rista, Anthony 442 Ritchie, John 167 Ritchie, Leanne 189 Ritchie, Lynne 187 Ritner Robin 378 Ritsema, Scott 193, 411 Rittmaster, Ted 164 Ritvo, Eva 378 Rivas-Plata, Ricardo 378 Rivera, Becky 105 Rivera, Monica 378 Rivezzo, Annette 176 Ro, Sunjeing 378 Roach, Jeffrey 226, 378 Roan, Jennifer 206 Robbins, Andrea 378 Robbins, Charles 378 Robbins, Jennifer 442 Robbins, Mark 378 Robbins, Michelle 378 Robertie, George 378 Roberts, Alann 378 Roberts, Barbara 160 Roberts, Cynthia 378 Roberts, Kimberly 159, 378 Roberts, Laura 190 Robertson, Heather 179 Robertson, Kevinb 406 Robertson, Mary S 379, 415, 461 Robertson, Traci 379 Robin, Michael 418 Robinett, Colleen 410 Robinson, Cassandra 379 Robinson, Gary 203, 379 Robinson, Jenny 379 Robinson, Karen 442 Robinson, Lynne 379 Robinson, Marcie 379 Robinson, Patty 187 Robinson, Sharon 379 Robinson, Tom 218 Rocha, Juan 164 Rochlen, David 442 Rochlen, Pua 216 Rock, Kathleen 232, 442 Rocky, Katie 174 Rodgers, Angela 379 Rodman, Anthony 379 Rodolf, Tricia 413 Rogero, Grant 379 379 Rogers, George 203 Rogers, JoAnne 379 Rodegrs, Sanford 379 Rodriguez, Angel 442 Rodriguez, Isidro 105 Rodriguez, Shannon 176 Rodriguez, Thomas 442 Roehrich, Judy 189 Roepke, Leslie 179 Rogers, Joanne 168 Rogie, Michael 442 Rohdy, David 379, 412 Roide, Anthony 442 Rojas, Thelma 413 Roller, Daniel 229.379 Roller, Maargaret 379 Rollins, Charles 379 Rollins, Victoria 189 Romberg, Chris 222 Rome, Marina 163, 379 Romeo, Jeffrey 196, 379 Romer, Cheryl 163 Romero, Ramona 379 Romias, Brian 442 Romo, Anthony 442 Romo, Diane 442 Ronan, Linda 214 Ronstadt, Linda 41 Roofian, Fariba 379 Root, LeeAnn 379 Roope, Hilarie 190 Roos, Leo Jr 193 Ropel, Linda 179 Ropp, Diane 442 Roque, Kevin 379 Rosario, Genette 163 Rosas, Efren 379 Rosas, Sandy 379 Rosato, Margaret 176 Rose, Johanna 160 Rose, Lisa 409 Rose, Mike 406, 418 Rose, Pam 164 Rosebrough, Tim 180 Rosen, Allen 412 Rosen, Caren 100, 344, 379, 415, 461 Rosen, Diane 109, 442 Rosenbach, Charles 379 Rosenbaum, Allan 442 Rosenberg, Andrew 379 Rosenberg, Caryn 379 Rosenberg, Jane 356, 379 Rosenberg, Marla 379 Rosenblatt, Edward 379 Rosenblatt, Kenny 912 Rosener, Martha 412 Rosenthal, Debra 379 Rosenthal, Jay 180 Rosenthal, Sara 212 Rosenwald, Patricia 379 Roshandel, Gilda 379 Roskam, Pamela 206, 379 Roske, Emily 412 Roski, Renee 176, 410, 412 Ross, Alex 371, 379 Ross, Cynthia 189, 379 Ross, Kathryn 379 Ross, Mike 231 Ross, Tim 180 Rosseau, Jean-Paul 222 Rossetti, Michelle 163 Rossie, Matthew 409 Roth, Jim 201 Roth, Naomi 372, 380 Rothblatt, Steven 442 Rothert, Steve 216 Rotter, Nari 442 Roundtree, Joanie 206, 442 Rousso, Lynn 380 Rovzar, Robert 156, 216, 380.911 Row, Brien 218 Rowan, Beth 174 Rowan, Laura 179 Rowe, Brien 380 Roxburgh, Julie 205 Roy, T.H 210 Rubenacker, Becky 492 Rubenstein, Lori 212 Rubin, Dan 412 Rubin, Hannele 380, 903 Rubin, Janet 380 Rubin, Julie 214 Rubin, Michael 380, 412 Rubin, Mindy 190 Ruby, Thomas 380 Ruckh, JoMarie 942 Ruda, Stacey 380 Rudd, Dwight 442 Rudd, Jennifer 380 Rudolph, Monica 380 Ruef, Anna 442 Rugolo, Gina 187 Runyan, Rhonda 442 Rusek, Ted 380 Ruskin, Julie 380 Russak, Steven 380 Russo, David 380 Russo, Gail 380 Russo, Laura 205 Russom, jill 380 Rustigan, Beth 189 Ruth, Ed 222 Ryan, Annalee 103 Ryan, Christine 205 Ryan, Linda 176 Ryan, Maria 380, 413 Ryan, Tammy 368, 380 Ryan, Timothy 151, 156, 380 Ryan, Tracy 205 Ryder, Tracy 190 Craig 380, 417 Ryono, Keith Boots 343, 380, 409, 415, 461 Saban, Marjie 174 Sabbagh, Lisa 160 Sabbagh, Simone 179 Saber, Paul 380 Sabin, Julia 380 Saborio, Mayra 160 Sachs, Michael 213 , 380 Sachs, Patti 176 Sadeghi, Bahman 380 Sadler, Leslie 380 Sadoff, Adam 442 Saenz, Cynthia 380 Safier, Dave 103 Saguchi, Scott 151 Sabakian, Annette 380 Sahakian, Yvette 442 Sahara, Richard 442 Saipale, Toa 241 Saisho, Kenji 380 Saito, Katsuyuki 380 Sakaguchi, Grace 410 Sakaida, Daryl 380 Sakasegawa, Patrick 380 Salciccia, Tracy 206 Salcido, Ofelia 380 Salciunas, Laura 380, 410 Salehi, Fereshteh 380 Salek, Steve 412 Salerno, Gina 187 Sales, Erika 380 Saliman, Mark 229 Salimpour, Pejman 380 Salinas, Lydia 380 Sale, Nanette 176 Salomone, Diane 380 Salter, Celia 380 Salter, Kevin 381 Saitikov, Kim, 174 San, Lilian 100 Samaniego, Patti 174, 442 Sambolich, Bill 229 Sammel, Melissa 205 Samuels, Rachel 412 Sanchez, Di Ann 381 410 Sanchez, Lupe 246 Sanchez, Marcia 38. Sandana, Ritu 442 Sandberg, Jane 214, 406 Sanders, Stacie 381 Sanderson, Sera 190 Sandler, Tracy 157, 442 Sanford, Brigitte 2.4 Sann, Steven 193, 381, 387, 409 Santiago, Dan 193 Santon, Ellen 381 Santos, Thomas 381 SanVicente, Kenneth 381 Sanz, Christina 381.411 Sapa, Karen 381 Saponaro, David 381, 417 Saratines, George 180 Saray, Robert 38i Sarff, Les 170 Sargent, Jeff 157, 218 Sargenty, Kelli 381 Sarkisizn, Paula 163 Sasson, Cathy 187 Sassouni, Marai 181 Sather, Charles 412 Sato, Ann 214, 417 Sato, Bran 442 Sato, Thomas B 381 Sato, Thomas T 381 Saunders, Shelly 381 Saunders, Sherman 381 Savage, Mark 224, 412 Savage, Richard 218 Savitt, Susan 981 Sawyer, Russell 381 Sax, Steve 41 Saylor, Natalie 409442 Saywell, Joan 232, 381 Scalzetto David 381 Scandalios, Mike 216 Scarano, Libby 174 Schaaf, Bruce 38. Schacher, Eric 38 Schack, Carl Jr 382 Schaeffer, Julie, 382 Schalk, Kevin 382 Scharf, Royce 193 Schaub, Lee 442 Scher, Gerald 442 Schiff, Andrew 442 Schill, Diane 382 Schiller, Mary 382 Schillinger, Anne 174, 187 Schindel, Lori 382, 412 Schinder, Lori 187 Schinnerer Vicky 160, 382 Schladen, Ann 160 Schladen, James 382 Schlar, Lisa 412, 442 Schlarmann, Erika 382 Schleien, Mickey 382 Schlom, Marla 214 Schlue, Craig 382 Schluter, Anne 382 Schmidt, Gail 382 Schmidt, Paul 142 Schmidt, Tony 180 Schmitt, Altie. 442 Schned, Ellen 412 Schneider, Bonnie 382 Schneider, Gregory 382 Schneider, Leslie 176 Schneider, Stuart 406 Schneider, Sue 190 Schneider, William 182 Schner, Chip 222 Schnitzer, Alan 382 Schlonfield, Cynthia 382 Schoellkopf, Sally 190 Scholey, Rozze 168 Schoen, Chris 182 Scholz, Bonnie 942 Scholz, Jodie 382 Schonbrun, Karen 382 Schonfeld, Gary 156, 411 Schooenfeld, Gary 151, 231 Schoonover, Warren 167 Schoonover, W, Rock 382 Schorr, David 382 Schrader 442 Schreier, David 418 Schroeder, Alexander 382 Schroeder, Kim 174 Schroeder, Tiffany 174 Schrumpf, Jan 382 Schuh, Mark 216 Schultz, Cynthia 205, 409 Schuitz, Sharon 413 Schulz, Teri 410 Schuman, Bruce 193, 382 Schumann, Bill 224 Schwab, Randy 100 Schwab, Steve 442 Schwartz, Charlie 216 Schwartz, Chris. 216 Schwartz, Dana 383 Schwatrz, David 383 Schwartz, Douglas 383 Schwartz, Laura 212 Schwartz, Lisa 442 Schwartz, Lori 232, 383 Schwartz, Meryl 714, 383 Schwartz, Michael 350, 383 Schwartz, Apmela 383 Schwartz, Paula 383 Schwartz, Tzivia 383 Schwarz, Julie 168 Schwarz, Leslie 187 Schwarzstein, Alisa 417 Schwendinger, Kristy 206 Schy, Brad 231 Scott, Cathy 179 Scott, Eric 442 Scott, Jeff 210 Scott, Kelly 226 Scott, Sheree 159, 383 Scruggs, Baxter 383 Scurr, Pamela 154, 160, 383 Seaber, Garry 406 Seagers, Scott 216 Seamon, Stacey 176 Sechrost, Alan 222 Sedgwick, Cathy 190 Sedig, Mark 442 Seagers, Scott 383 Segbarth, Nina 179 Seguritan, Elsa 383 Seibt, Corinna 176, 442 Seidner, Paul 442 Seiver, Mark 383 Selecky, Susan 168 Selig, David 442 Sellinger, Hillary 187, 383 Semenza, Richelle 442 Sencerbox, Karen 174 Sennewald, Christine 410 Senske, Mary 190 Serbin, Clayton 383 Sergeyevsky, Elizabeth 442 Serhan, Simon 383 Seri, Germain 172 Serra, Michael 383 Serrano, Rosa 105 Serwin, Bradley 151 383 Sestanovich, Tom 151, 170, 442 Seto Gary 383 Severson, Lori 383 Sexton, Mark 226 Seymour, Jean 442 Sgroi Robert 383 Shadford, Lynne 176 Shaevitz, Lisa 160 Shahawi, Ihab 222 Shahbaz, Majid 383 Shair, Merritt 383 Shaker, Laurie 383 Shamoto, Yuki 232 Shane, Richard 406 Shank, Jennifer 163 Sharon, Andy 210 Shansby, Kim 174 Shapiro, Gary 409 Shapiro, Laurie 164 Sharf, Judy 383 Sharlow, Mark 383 Sharpe, Susan 174 Sharrer, Martha 383 Shauer, Marla 442 Shaw, James 383 Shaw, Mark 383 Shaw, Richard 442 Shaw, Tito 105 Shayani, Shiva 383 Shea, Brian 193 Shea, Maureen 205 Shea, Roxanne 232, 412 442 Sheets, Kathy 413 Shella, Susan, 176 Shellabarger, Susan 383 Shelton, Beth 179 Shelton, Bret 383 Shen, Zi-Wen 442 Shenas, Perry 201 Shepanek, Paula i 74 Shepard, Karen 383 Sheperd, Lane 151 Shepherd, John 201, 383, 411 Shepherd, Lane 170 Sheppard, Pete 105 Shepphird, Ann 383 Sher, Jerry 231 Sheriff, Steven 443 Sherman, Andrea 164, 412 Sherman, Diane 179 Sherman, Donna 383 Sherman, Janice 214 Sherman, Lisa 442 Sherman, Sue 412 Sheron, Mike 231 Sherwood, Randy 210 Shiang, Rita 412 Shiban, Theresa 103, 443 Shigaura, June 383 Shigetomi Patricia 383 Shildt, Roy 383 Shim, Yong 384 Shimada, Yolanda 384 Shin, Ben 167 Shin, Edward 418 Shirioda, Douglas 384 Shipkowitz, Vicki 190, 384 Shipp, Mary 205 Shirai, Carol 384 Shiraki, Jill 384 Shishino, Karen 384 Shishino, Lind 443 Shkolnik Mike 196 Shmagin, Mark 222, 384 Shniad, Sylvia 384 Shocket, Nicola 410, 443 Sharkey, William Jr 384 Shore, Sally 384 Short, Laura 187 Shramm, Stacy Ann 414 Shriver, Vickie 389 Shubin, Barbara 384 Shue, Wendy 163 Shugart, Dan 201 Shulman, Linda 384 Shum, Jimmy 384 Shumway, Douglas 384 Shwimer, Hal 384 Siani, Sandra 410.493 Sibbett, Janie 206 Siegal, Jill 384 Siegal, Marc 384 Siegel, Seth 182 Sieger, Richard 384 Sidore, Steven 384 Seminski, Donna 190 Sigal, Danna 168 Sigerseth, Carli 174 Sight, Johnny 384 Sigler, Trish 206 Silampa, Terry 222, 443 Silten, Karen 110 Silver, Deborah 389 Silverman, Ilene 385 Silverman, Shan 412 Silvers, Caryn 385 Silverstein, Julie 385 Silvia, Charles Jr 193, 385 Sim, Helen 385 Sim Myung-dae 385 Simatob, Sima 385 Simbro, Krissy 187 Simon, Eileen 205 Simon, Fran 443 Simon, Ivan 385 Simon, Leslie 168 Simon, Michael 182, 385 Simon, Royce Jr 385 Simon, Sarah 385 Simone, Alberto 231 Simone, Stuart 385 Simons, Frances 385 Simpson, Allan 3B5 Simpson, Karen 174 Sims, Steve 170 Sinclaire, Janie 190 Singer, Kathleen 385 Singer, Kim 187 Singhal, Vijay 406 Singleton Diana 4O4 Singleton, Robert P 443 Sipos, Richard 385 Sirkin, Janice 163 Sirkin, Marc 385 Sisca, Carla 206 Sison Felicia 232443 Sison, Peter K 164, 443, 412 Skeeter, Sandra 943 Skelton, Karen 385 Skiff, Chris 418 Skopp, Evan 337, 385 Skubic, Jeff 203 Skubic, Steve 203 Slack, Kenneth 385 Slate, Pam 100, 176 Slater, Mark 406 Slattery Steve 196 Slaughter, Don 193 Slaughter, Jose 203 Sloan, Marc 231 Sloan, Steve 443 Sloane, Andrea 176 Slocum, Diane 413 Slote, Rachela 385 Slutzky, Gail 176 Small, Mar y Lynn 176 Smelzer, Mark 201 Smille, Ross 443 Smith, Allison 205 Smith, Bob. 216 Smith, Brian 222 Smith, Bryan. 385 Smith, Christopher 906 Smith, Colleen 385 Smith, Corrie 174 Smith, Diane 385 Smith, Dick IV 385 Smith, Fran 190 Smith, Greg 443 Smith, James 443 Smith, Jeanette 100 Smith, Joanne 189 Smith, Julie 385 Smith, Lila 385 Smith, Lisa 385 Smith, Lon 159, 443 Smith, Maria 179 Smith, Nina 385 Smith, Rachel 443 Smith, Roxana 189 Smith, Sally 205 Smith, Scott 218, 443 Smith, Shane 218 Smith, Shelley 385 Smith, Sheryl 385 Smith, Singin 218 Smith, Susan, 160, 392 Smith, Teresa 189, 443 Smolarski, Debbie 168 Smoller, Jonathan 385 Snape, Bill 226 Sneed, Holly Jeanne 412 Snider, Byron 385 Snodgrass, Julie 385 Snowden, Alayne 385 Snyder, Patricia 385 So, Jennifer 385 Sobalvarro, lvania 385 Sobhani, Shahraum 443 Sodeika, Angela 385 Soe, Valerie 105 Sogomonian, Ginny 205 Sokol, Philip 443 Sol, Joselito 443 Solley, Ed 180 Soloman, Tori 412 Solomon, Bonnie 410 Solomon, Debbie 179 Solomon, Kenneth 385 Solomon, Leslie 174 Sommers, Debra 386 Somppi, Kenlyn 386 Song, Diane 168 Song, Jason 164 Sonthemer, Sarah 168 Soong, A, Joseph 443 Soriano, James 386 Sornson, Rebecca 176, 386 Sorour, Sima 386 Sosnick, Mark 386 Sass, Jeff 443 Sotery, Tony 386 Soto, Sandy 417 Sozuki, David 193 Spatafora, Denise 163 Spearman, Libby 168 Spears, Lisa 386 Spell, Bruce 443 Spencer, Allison 409 Spencer, Michelle 179 Spiekerman, Susie 190 Spielman, Chuck 231 Spillane, Jay 203, 386, 411 Spira, Susan 187 Spitler, Chris 443 Spitz, Eric 193 Spivey, Drexel 445 Sprague, Margaret 386 Springbett, Craig 216 Sprute, Dana 386 Sripiswat, Sophia 445 Stanley, Cathy 206 Stannard, Kerrie 190 Stansell, Betsy 174 Stanton, Linda 413 Star, Darren 386, 413 Stark, Seth 226, 386, 406 Starke, James 445 Starnes, Jack 203 Stassi, Deborah 445 Stathos, Amy 176 Staton, Linda 386 Stayboldt, Joan 386 Steeb, Richard 386 Stein, Bill 445 Steele, Pierre 193 Stefani, Susan 187 Stefanki, Dorothy 174 Sterele, Joanne 386 Sterling, Victoria 445 Stein, Jodi 164 Stein, Lianne 163 Stein, Marilyn 386 Sten, Susie 176 Steinberg, Debbie 214, 410 Steinbach, Karen 412 Steinert, Dennis 386 Stephenson, Karen 174 Stephenson, Ken 224 Sterling, Anne 386 Sterling, Sharon 176 Stemmer, Kenny 412. 418 Sterner, Kenneth 386 Stevens, Angelea 160 Stevens, Leslie 386, 910 Stevens, Marla 164 Stevens, Mary 386, 413 Stevenson, Scott 386 Stewart, Dave 172 Stewart, Karen 386 St, Georges, Joe 406 Stidham, Robert 386 Still, Kevin 386 Stiller, Lisa 205 Stiny, Pier 386 Stipanov, John 193 Stiven, Christine 206 St, John, Ellen 380 Stock, Lisa 190, 386 Stockton, Shelli 189, 410, 495 Stockwell, Heidi 190 Stoddard, Blair 386 Stolte, Kathy 206 Stone, Cathy 386 Stone, Gregory 403 Stone, Lori 176 Stone, Michael 386 Stone, Wade 386 Stoner-Ma, Deborah 386 Stordahl, Barbara 174 Story, Delia 406 Stosel, Helen 176, 386 Stoughton, Cathy 106 Stove, Tamika 495 Stovitz, Steve 445 Strabala, Jeff 226 Strano, Debbie 163 Stratigopoulos, Cathy 232 Straus, Barbara 386 Strauss, Amy 232, 445 Straussman, Romi 187 Strayer, Nancy 386 Streehley, Kristen 386 Strelow, Tom 167 Stremic, David 419 Strenk, Russell 218, 386 Stroffolino, Angelo 386 Stroh, Kim 174 Strong, Maria 445 Stropky, Bob 180 Stroud, Jeffrey 386 Strugeimeyer, Deborah 160 Strugo, Nancy 386 Strumpf, Brad 222 Stuart.Gregg 445 Stuart, Joni 387 Stuart, William 445 Stubblefield, Pamela 445 Stubbs, Cheryl 387 Stubbs, Lea Anne 176 Stukin, Stacie 164 Stun, Greg 216 Sturmer, Kenneth 409 Sturmthal, Robin 189 Suarez, Orlando 105 Sublette, Dick 100, 403, 904 Subotnik, Kenneth 387 413 Sue, Frank 387 Sue, Steven 387 Suffin Deena 409 Sugarman, Susie 164, 387, 412 Suh, Yung 418 Suhr, Julie 387 Sullivan, Erie 387 Sullivan, Jim 406 Sullivan, Judy 445 Sullivan, Mairie 387 Sullivan, Margaret 445 Sullivan, Steven 387 Sullivan, Thomas 387 Sumner, Candee 205 Sun, Angela 916 Sun, Sara 387 Sun, Winston 387 Sunabe, Betty 387 Surlier, Jean-Jacques 387 Surman, Gregory 445 Suruki David 103 Susman, Valerie 214 Sussman, Lisa 387 Sutkus, Adam 387 Suzuki: Irene 410 Suzuki, Lola 387 Suzuki, Trent 406, 945 Sverdloff, Brent 445 Svoboda, Jeffrey 387 Swanbeck, Heidi 387 Sweeney, Carrie 206 Sweeney, Dorothy 387 Sweeney, Julie 387 Sweeney, Kay 179 Sweeney, Scott 172 Sweet, Kathi 176 Swendon, Mark 387 Swider, Debra 387 Switzer, Liz 160 Sykes, Kim 174 Sylvia, Fred 406 Szabo, Les 406 Szeio, Anita 388 Szurley, Eve 190 Ta, Mai-Khanh 388 Taggart, Karen 145 Tahan, Mary 388 Tahan, Naguib 388 Tai Alice 445 Takada, Norio 388 Takahashi, Jeffrey 388 Takahashi, Rick 388 Takeda, Becky 157 189 410 495 Talbot, David 388 Talbot, Paul 388 Talbot, Tracy L 995 Talley, Lori 163 Tallon, Sabrina 388 Talsky, Phil 412 Tarn, Weyton 388 Tamaki, Susan 388 Tamar, Mark 170 Tamashiro, Kevin 193 Tamru, Taye 388, 495 Tamura, Loreen 388 Tandy, Joy 206 Tanimoto, Craig 445 Tanka, Patricia 388 Tandy, Joy 388 Tang, Patrick 388 Tani, Nancy 388 Tannas, Laura 214 Tannenbaum, Mark 231, 388, 911 Tapper, Lance 388 Tardif, Chip 906 Tarica, Lynne 164, 412 Tarica, Tami 212 Tarnoff, Harry Jr 388 Taormina, Juli 187 Tarvin, Barbara 187, 388 Taselli, William 445 Tataryan, Anahit 388 Tate, Anthony 388 Tatiossian, Nazar 389 Tavarozzi, Lynn 189, 389 Tawil, Jennee 160 Tawil, Jennifer 412 Tawil, Natalie 445 Tay, Tracy 389 Taylor, Becky 176, 909 Taylor, Brian 389 Taylor, Bruce 445 Taylor, Dave 170 Taylor, Karen 389 Taylor, Larry 180 Taylor, Tammey 190 Teel, Kevin 995 Teichman, Randi 205 Teller, Mimi 412 Tett, D ' Artanyon 389 Temkin, Wendi 168 Templin, Liz 160 Tenorpo, Daryk 218 Tennyson, Holly 179 Terry, Cherie 406 Terry, Susan 190 Tester, Cindy 174 Teyssier, Blance 389 Theard, Gary 406 Thies, Kelly 206, 409 Theus, Dana 189 Thoben, Christopher 389 Thom, Juan 389 Thomas, Caroline 389 Thomas, John 105 Thomas, Larry 389 Thomas, Norm 918 Thompson, Bruce 218 Thompson, Burton 389 Thompson, Lucinda 389 Thompson, Marita 232 Thompson Merritt 389 Thompson, Terry 201 Thomson, Bruce. 389 Thornley, Kate 189 Thornley, Lizabeth 389 Threkeld, Brett 389 Termer, Joseph 389 Thurston, Lisa 187, 389 Ticho, Harold 88 Till, Suzanne 389 Tilson, Craig 389, 917 Timtiman, Leilani 389 Tini, Paul 210 Tinkler, Marcia 157, 206, 389 Tirass, Nancy 103 Tithecly, Doug 167 Tobian, Mike 201 Tobias, Andrea 412 Tobin, Michael 389 Tobin, Peggy 412 Todd, Doug 906 Tolbert, Kelvin 406 Tolmas, Robin 164 Tom, Edward 389, 416 Tom, Homer 412 Tom, Lila 389 Tom, Patricia 389 Tom, Rose 389 Tom, Shan 416 Toman, Melinda 389 Tomasic, Nick 226 Tomlinson, Ken 411 Tomplerns, Chris 187 Tonore, Robin 389, 409 Tong, Camean 389 Tong, Clement 945 Tong, David 416 Tong, Janice 389 Toohey, Thomas 193 Toomey, Dan 201 Torbiner, Annete 389 Torok, Andrew 389 Torrance, Stephanie 389 Torres, Gonzalo 389 Torres, Joseph 389 Torres, Michelle 389 Tour, Touraj 389 Towle, Lory 179 Townsend, Kelly 160 Townsend, Paul 389 Tracey, Mark 203, 445 Trainor, John 415, 445, 416 Trammel, Dennis 216 Tran, Choung 389 Tran, Christine 412 Tran, Dan 389 Tran, Giang 445 Tran, Khang 445 Tran, Pnong 445 Tran, Trung 445 Tranquilli, Marisa 174 Trapnell, John 226 Trapnell, Marie 160 Traub, John 406 Trauner, Stephen 103 Traut Janet 205 Trejo, Armando 216 Tremper, Jean 412 Tritel Judy 445 Troedsson, Peter 170 Trop, Nancy 445 Tropper, Cynthia 445 T rout, Adam 406 Troxler, Bryan 193, 405, 406, 411 Troy, Margie 206 Truitt, Jeff 180 Trujillo, Donna 495 Trulio, John 201 Truncale, Gina 214, 445 Tsai, Che 229 Tsai, Jjinyi 445 Tsai, Mary 174 Tse, Fong 495 Tseng, Emmeline 945 Tseng, Pauline 995 Tsugita, Scott 157 Tsui, Eufemia 413 Tsuji, Tami 187 Tsusita, Scott 218 Tubae, Diana 445 Tubbs, Sandra 189 Tuch, Wendy 164 Tucker, Jil 164 Tucker, Matt 224 Tuey, Mark 164 Tungpalan, Nolito 912 Turn, lndra 189 Turner, Denise 190, 216 Turner, Janet 445 Turner, Liz 164 Turner, Melanie 174 Turturro, John 445 Twitchell, Brian 44S Twitmyer, Carole 445 Twomey, Sherry 174 Tyau, David 445 Tycer, Sherrilyn 174 Tyler, Lee 155 Tzinberg, Joel 172 U, Chong 390 Uchiyama, Christopher 390 Uehler, Doug. 203 Ueng, Maggie 390, 416 Uesugi Steve 412 Ulrich, Elizabeth 390 Umali Ma 390 Umarji, Mohamed 445 Underhill Stephanie 163 Unger, Ami 232, 333, 390 Ursini, Amedeo 390 Uto, Rika 390 Utter, Gary 218 Utterberg, Gina 445 Uyeda, Carolyn 445 Uyehara, Tammy 390 Uyesugi Yuko 945 Uzelac, Micael 203 Vail, Joan 187, 945 Valdez, Dan 167 Valdry, Andree 445 Valencia, Donna-Lisa 390 Valencia, lilibeth 390 Valentine, Cheryl 390 Valentine, Doug 413 Valentine, Mark 170, 390 Vallario, Maryann 410 Van Atta, Kristin 174 Van Buskirk, Kristina 390 Vance, Richard 406 Van de Bunt, Ben 201, 411 Van de Bunt, Dirk 903 Van Deventer, Joi 390 Van Deventer, Laura 160 Vanderveer Katherine 390 Vanduzer, Rich 216 Van Hemert, Herb 418 Van Putten, Carlton 418 Van Saun, Kathleen 391 Van Winkle, Joseph 391, 406 Vanzeeland, Lynne 391 Vargas, Henriqetta 391 Vasconcellos, Marcela 417 Vasquez, Margarita 445 Vassolo, Ruben 391 Vaughn, Ron 445 Vawter, Richard 391 Vawter, Sheri 391 Vecchione, Gina 445 Vedres, Ava 179, 406 Vela, Mark 391 Velau, Peter 906 Velazquez Elizabeth 445 Velez, Luis 391 Vella, Vivienne 190 Venable, Kevin 182 Venerable, Lawndia 391 Venit, Adam 231 Ventimiglia, Karen 445 Ventzke, Tina 160 Vercruse, Rick 222 Verdes, Ava 410 Verity, Jennifer 176 Vernoff, Bruce 445 Vernoff, Suzy 214 Veteran, Karen 384, 391, 913 Vickers, Linda 410 Victorin, Leticia. 945 Vida, Tracy 391 Vidmar, Peter 391 Viducich, Sandra 163 Vierra, Desiree 174 Vierra, Tricia 176 Viggiano, David 391 Vigna, Erik 172 Vigna, Jimmy 406 Villa, Kenneth 391 Villalpando, Sinohe 391 Villapando, Vivian 413 Villaneva, Rowena 445 Villanueva, Andres 391 Villanueva, Robert 391 Villareal, Dan 172 Vinci, Paolo 391 Vinnick, Jeffrey 391 Vinzon, Daisy 445 Vishall, Suzy 160 Vo, Hanh 391 Vo, Trung 445 Voeste, Matianne 391 Vogel, Leslie 232, 391 Voight, Cathie 190 Von der Au, Mark 445 Vonkanel, Martin 406 Von Teuber, Hillary 214 Von Zup, Kirk 391 Vorndran, Antonia 392 Vorperian, Rita 392 Voshall, Suzanne 392 Voss, Fred 216 Vuong, Tru 445 Waddington, Susan 445 Wadsworth, Georgia 392 Wagamatsu, Yuria 392 Waggoner, Cindy 179 Waggy, Tom 210 Wagner, Jeffrey 445 Wagner, Ken 445 Wagner, Roxanne 445 Wagoner, Susan 392 Wagstaff, Wendy 160 Wah, Joie 412, 415, 995, 961 Wahl, Julie 392 Wai, Eng Chi 2108 Waltman, Katie 405 Wain, Phil 164 Wakamiya, Craig 392 Wakamiya, Mike 167 Wakamoto, Suzanne 392 Wakefield, Mary 190, 392 Wakeman, Jill 190 Wald, Deborah 392 Waldmire, Dana 206 Waldo, Dale 218 Waldron, Julie 446 Waldow, Jeff 221 226 Walker, James 392 Walker, Jeni 189 Walker Kristy 214 Walker, Natalie 159, 392 Walker, Sarah 392 Walker, Serena 410 Wallace, Karen 187 Wallace, Mary 419 Wallace, Saraly 392 Wallach, Ruth 104 Waller, Susan 392 Wallstrom, Robert 392 Walpert, Michele 160 Walrond, Caroline 206 Walsh, Lisa 176 Walsh, Maria. 446 Walsh, Terri 206 Walski, Lisa 160 Walstrom, Rob 193 Waiter, William Jr 392 Walters, Doug 412, 446 Walters, Marcy 410 Walters, Mary 392 Waiters, Patricia 392 Walthal, Bill 180 Walton, Nancy 157, 206, 392 Waltuch, Lisa 163, 915, 461 Wamsley, Maria 409, 446 Wan, Michael 392 Wander, Bill 229 Wandrocke, Rick 156, 170, 392, 411 Wang, Arthur 375, 392 Wang, Lisa 190, 393 Wang, Pen-Chau 393 Wang, Philip 167 Wang, Susan 416 Wang, Y, Jean 393 Wang, Yvette 410 Ward, Andrea 393 Ward, Carolyn 393 Ward, Mark 393 Ward, Terry 412, 996 Wargin Eric 226 Wark, Stephanie 393 Warling, Jeffrey 393 Warner, Ion 446 Warner, Scott 164, 393 Warner, Tammi 174 Warren, Diane 496 Warren, Michael 393 Warren, Scott 393 Washauer, Jonna 214 Washington, Patrice 393 Waskin, Tara 205 Wasley, John 157, 201 Wasserman, Craig 164 Wasserman, Susan 393 Wasylyn, Roman 393 Walters, Catherine 393 Watanabe, Larry 446 Waters, Bryan 222 Waters, Cathie 187 Waters, Sean 222, 393 Watney, Gaith 167 Watson, Lisa 206, 393, 412 Watson, Sandra 189 Watson, Shirl 413 Watson, Stacy 179 Weaver, Milton 393 Webb, Stephen 393 Weber, G, Donald, III 393 Weber, Mark 412 Webster, Robert 218 Wedaa, Jim 182 Wegemer, Susan 406 Wehrly, Dave 201, 406 Weichel, Neil 222 Weider, Brian 231 Weiderman, Susan 393 Weihrauch, Phi-Martin 193 Weil, Lynne 189, 496 Weiler, Peter 151 Weiman, Maxime 393 Weiman, Mindy 393 Weinberg, Jon 406 Weinberg, Sarah 446 Weinberg, Stacy 179, 393 Weiner, Dane 946 Weiner, Mark 446 Weingart Dan 196 Weinstein, Jill 164393 Weinstein, Marlyn 160 Weinstein, Mike 222 Weir, Lisa 105, 446 Weisberger, Lynn 410 Weisbrod, Mark 193 Weiss, Andrea 212 Weiss, Jon 164 Weiss, William 906 Weissman, Andrea 100, 164, 393, 412 Weissman, Dane 164 Weissman, Laurie 232, 393 Weite, Jamie 946 Welch, Dana 446 Welch, Jolene 189 Welch, Lara 163 Welker, Christopher 393 Wellen, Warren 446 Wellerstein, Richard 393 Wells, Gabriela 160 393 Wells, Missy 190 Wells, Rachel 206 Wen, Theresa 393 Wenger, Elizabeth 446 Wenger, Lisa 163 Werner, Patricia 169 Werner, Ronda 232, 446 Westerman, Steven 393 Westland, Caron 214 Westland, Robert 226, 393 Wetterholm, Kristina 393 Whalen, Sean 496 Whealan, Matt 151 Whealer, Matthew 218 Wheaton, Robert 393 Wheeler, Tommy 446 Wheelock, Ann 104 Whilden, Georgory 393 Whipple, Polly 190 Whitaker, Tabitha 393 White, Ann 393 White, Cheryle 393 White, Cindy 187 White, Dave 151, 393, 911, 446 White, Kathleen 393 White, Lark 393 White, Mike 164 White, Stacy 190, 394 White, Vicki 187 Whitely, John III 394 Whitescarver, Laura 174, 410, 446 Whitmyer, Laura 410 Whittemore, Kathy 160, 410 Whyte, Lisa 206 Wickel Cindy 446 Wickman, Melisse 187, 446 Widjaja, Yantyi 394 Wiede, Mark 394 Weseneck, Lee 172, 411 Wiggan, Karen 394 Wiggins Brian 394 Wilbur, Charles 446 Wilde, Ed 193 Wileman, Mandy 160 Wiley, Ann 190 Wiley, Marilyn 214, 394 Wilfong, Iris 394 Wilhite, Libby 206 Wilker, Susie 187 Wilkes, William 394 Wilkes, Ale. 394 Williams, Catherine A 399 Williams, Catherine E 394 Williams, D ' Nyce 159 Williams, Dokie 245 Williams, Dwight 446 Williams, Glen 394 Williams, Jim 394 Williams, Joy 190 Williams, Kim 164, 412 Williams, Kourt 446 Williams, Leslie 176 Williams, Mark 394 Williams, Mary E 394 Williams, Mary M 394 Williams, Melinda 176 Williams, Michael 446 Williams, Robert Jr 394 Williams, Shelley 179 Williams, Terry 406 Williams, Timothy 394 Wi llich, Christie 189 Willoughby, Jason 167 Wilson, Alex 206 Wilson, Barry 405 Wilson, Britta 394 Wilson, Charlie 210 Wilson, Christopher 218, 394 Wilson, Danny 105 Wilson, Diana 168 Wilson, Kenneth 394 Wilson, Laura 187, 394 Wilson, Nancy 160 Wilson, Sheryl 174 Wilson, Wendy 163 Winer, Susan 164 Winfrey, Kathy 189 Winiarski, Anne 394, 410 Winkelman, John 446 Winkleman, Ann 212 Winnick, Stacy 446 Winston, Rachael 189 Winter, Bryan 409 Winter, Steven 193394 Winterroud, Kelly 189 Winters, Renard 394 Winthrop, Emily 394 Wintrob, Rick 410 Wirtz, John 404 Wise, Carrie 410 Wiskeman, Kim 174 Witkin, Cynthia 394 Witman, Paul 394 Witter, Carol 189 Wittlin, Irwin 394 Wittner, Steve 418 Wodard, Josh 210 Wodinsky, Jessica 409 Wogec, John 418 Wolcott, Holy 446 Wolf, Clare 174 Wolf, Julia 394 Wolf, Kari 399, 910 Wolf, Lee 224 Wolf, Linda 187 Wolf, Teresa 189, 446 Wolfe, Susan 100, 403, 404 Wolfe, Tammey 190 Wolfram, Julie 394 Wolfson, Steve 180 Wollschlaeger, Maria 179 Won, Shana 394 Wong Brian 394 Wong, Brian 496 Wong, Cedric 394 Wong, Chaplon 394 Wong, cliffoprd 394 Wong, Davey 203.417 Wong, Ernest 399 Wong, Frances 446 Wong, Harold 446 Wong, Jade 416 Wong, Jeanne 394 Wong, Jen 394 Wong, John 203, 417 Wong, Kelly 394 Wong, Kenneth 418 Wong, Krisin 446 Wong, Kristen 232 Wong, Larry 395 Wong, monique 446 Wong, Pam 2.4 Wong, Rosy 395 Wong, Sanny 395 Wong, Sandy 395 Wong, Sharon 446 Wong, Stanly 416 Wong, Susan 446 Wong, Wesley 446 Woo, Carol 395 Woo, Debbi 446 Woo, Frederick 395 Woo, Stacey 214 Wood, Catherine 206 Wood, Karen 187 Wood, Wendalyn 395 Woodlief, Victor 446 Woods, Valerie 395 Woodward, Amy 163 Woosthoff, Tom 210 Worchell., Terri 212 Worth, Pamela 395 Worrall, Denise 174, 395 Worrell, Anne 187 Woska, William 446 Wray, Linda 395 Wrenn, Michele 410 Wright, Edward 395 Wright, Gilbert 103 Wright, Gordon 446 Wright, Mike 167 Wright, trenier. 446 Wright, Vicki 176 Wrobel, Derek 226 Wu, Carol 395 Wu, Charles 196 Wu, Flora 395 Wu, Jerry 395, 416 Wu, Lily 416 Wu, Lisa 417 Wu, Ming 222 Wu, Ou 446 Wuesthoff, Tom 411 Wulfing, Susan 395 Wunsch, Laura 214 Wylie, Debbie 190 Wyrnore, MaryAnn 404 Wyngarder, Tom 411 X...................... 41 Yaffee Nancy 164 Yaghoubian, Christina 160 Yamada, Susan 176 Yamaga, Janice 412 Yamagata, Nelson 395 Yamagata, Pauline 413 Yamaguchi, Ken 395 Yamaguchi, Roger 395 Yamamoto, Gary 395 Yamamoto, Sharon 412 Yamamura, Ann 104 Yamamura, Rodney 395 Yamazaki Yoshiko 446 Yang, Arlene 410 Yang, Clement 105 Yang, jane 395 Yang, John 395 Yang, Kuang-Ping 395 Yang, lisa 396 Yang, Paul 396 Yang, Rhonda 396 Yang, Young 396 Yashar, Lely 396 Yasaki Kenneth 396 Yawitz, Juliet 164 Yeap, Lam-Kang 396 Yee, Don 406 Yee, George 396 Yee, Laurence 446 Yee, Lisa 163 Yee, Tana 396, 917 Yeh, Berng 396 Yeh, Heidi 396 Yelie, Patty 168 Yentas, The 446 Yermanos, George 396 Yessayantz Raffi. 396 Yesson, Kathy 211 Yguico 396 Yi, Youngsup 396 Yim, Harry 182 Yip, Olive 446 Yiu, Felix 396 Yoakum, Tobi 160 Yokobata, Teresa 396 Yokomizo, Steven 396 Yoiland, Sue 187 Yoneda, Michiko 396 Yong, Jeffrey 396 Yoon, Sung 906 Yorshis, Susan 2 i 4 Yost, Erich 446 Yost, Kim 405 Yost, Stephanie 412 Younce, Dean 396 Young, Barbara 396 Young, Charles 88 Young, David 396 Young, Gary 446 Young, Joanne 396 Young, Julie 396 Young, Laurence 396 Young, Lisa 179 Young, Ronald 396 Young, Sandra 396 Young, Stephanie 190, 396 Yu, Annette 396, 4.3 Yu, Doreen 413 Yu , Jaquelyn 446 Yu, Katherine 396 Yu, Thomas 218, 39 Yuan, Linda 219 Yukimoto, Teri 396 Yulfo, Troy 406 Yun, Ho 182 Yun, Yang 396 Yung, Kenneth 396 Yuster, Daron 164 Zabatta, Annette 413 Zachik, Susie 163 Zadravek, Mike 396 Zagrodney, Dave 167 Zahir Bijan 396 Zahlen, Sandra 446 Zahleni, Sandy 205 Zakhor, Arturo 396 Zaladar, Arturo 156 Zaleski, Lisa 396 Zalkin Richard 396 Zaitash, Farid 446 Zapata, Angel 105 Zapata Pantoja, Angel 397 Zarate, Marisa 410 Zarazvand, Mahamid 397 Zaraazvand, Mandokht 446 Zaremba, Don 406 Zaretsky, Dan 218 Zatlin, Jeff 182 Zatz, Gale 397 Zebrack, Bradley 397 Zebrack, David 231 Zeira, Eltan 397 Zeitlin, Carla 446 Zeitlin, Sharon 397, 410 Zeitiln, Susan 397 Zemanek, Jan 446 Zengler, Darryl 397 Zervas, Stephanie 397 Zettas, Pam 190 Zhou, Tuowen 446 Zieglgansberger, Barbara 163 Zielan, David 397 Zigman, Joshua 397 Zimmerman, Edward 157, 397 Zimmerman, Louis 397 Zion, Heidi 397 Zipnick, Rich 406 Zirbes, Gina 397 Zisser, Bruce 406 Zitnick.jlamie 397 Ziotnick, Ari 397 Zollman, Samuel 397 Zovich, Kate 176 Zovich, Mary 176 Zubko, Elaine 397 Zvanut, Sally 160, 397 Zwirn, Scott 397 Zyda, Christopher 180, 446 TOPIC INDEX Academic Resource Center 122-123 Administration 88-89 Asian Coalition 916 Alma Mater 33 Alpha Delta Chi 158-159 Alpha Chi Omega 160-161 Alpha Delta Pi 162-163 Alpha Epsilon Phi 164-165 Alpha Epsilon Pi 166 Alpha Gamma Omega 167 Alpha Phi 168-169 Alpha Tau Omega 170-171 Apartment Life 134-135 Architecture, Campus 22-25 Art Design 70-71 ASK Counselors 116-117 106-113 Band 258-259 Baseball 300-301 Basketball, Men ' s 260-267 Basketball, Women ' s 268-271 Beta Theta Pi 172-173 Blue Key 411 Board of Control 404 Botanical Gardens 78-79 Bruin Belles 410 Bruin Life Yearbook 415, 428, 460-461 Calendar, Fall 34-45 Calendar, Spring 54-61 Calendar, Winter 46-53 Campus Events Staff 405 Central Campus 80-85 Cheerleaders 258-259 Chi Omega 174-175 Communications Board 403 Community Service Officers 406-407 Commuting 132-133 Co-op 136-137 Crew, Men ' s 282-283 Crew, Women ' s 284-285 Daily Bruin 100-101 Dance 84-85 Delta Delta Delta 176-177 Delta Gamma 178-179 Delta Sigma Phi 180-181 Delta Tau Delta 182-183 Dorms 138-145 EXPO EAP I 20- 12 I Fight Song 32 Football 240-251 Gamma Phi Beta 184-185 Golf, Men ' s 304-305 Golf, Women ' s 306-307 Gospel Choir 419 Greek Week 52-53, 157 Gymnastics, Men ' s 288-289 Gymnastics, Women ' s 290-291 Gyms 84-85 Ha ' am 102-105 Hangouts 26-27 Hassels 28-29 Helpline 116-117 Homecoming 42-45, 408 Honors College 90-91 IFC 150-151 Intermurals 126-127 Kappa Alpha Theta 186-187 Kappa Delta 188-189 Kappa Kappa Gamma 190-191 Kappa Sigma 192-193 Kerckhoff Hall 92-93 Lambda Chi Alpha 194-195 Le Gente 102-105 Los Angeles 4-7 Mardi Gras 58-61, 412 Mascots 258-259 Melnitz Movies 420 Memorial Activities Center " D " 311-312 Men ' s Glee Club 418 Morgan Intercollegiate Atheletics Center 312-313 Mortar Board 421 Murphy Hall 86-87 Natural History Museum 82-83 NOMMO 102-105 North Campus 66-73 Olympics 308-309 Order of Omega 156 Orientation Counselors 413 Outreach Program 116-117 Pac Ties 102.105 Panhellenic 150-151 Peer Health Counselors 116-117 Phi Delta Theta 196-197 Phi Gamma Delta 198-199 Phi Kappa Psi 200-201 Phi Kappa Sigma 202-203 Mu 204-205 Pi Beta Phi 206-207 Pinnings 154-155 Publications Office 402 Rally Committee 258-259 Rose Bowl 38-39 Rose Bowl Game 248-251 Routines 28-29 Rushing 152-153 Scoreboards 316-319 Sculpture Garden 68-69 Seniors Who Missed 419 Shades of Grey Fan Club 414 Sigma Alpha Epsilon 208-209 Sigma Chi 210-211 Sigma Delta Theta 212-213 Sigma Kappa 214-215 Sigma Nu 216-217 Sigma Pi 218-219 Soccer 286-287 Softball 302-303 Song 258-259 South Campus 74-79 Spirit 252-259 Spring Sing Comm 409 Student Accounting Society 417 Student Health Services 76-77 Style 12-14 Suites 146-147 Swimming, Men ' s 278-279 Swimming, Women ' s 280-281 Tennis Center 314-315 Tennis, Men ' s 292-293 Tennis, Women ' s 294-295 TenPercent 102-105 Theater Arts 72-73 Theta Kappa Epsilon 220-221 Theta Chi 222-223 Theta Delta Chi 224-225 Theta Xi 226-227 Together 102-105 Track Cross Country, Men ' s 296-297 Track Cross Country, Women ' s 298-299 Traditions 20-21 Triangle UniCamp 118-119 University Recreation Association 124-125 USAC 94-99 Volleyball, Men ' s 272-273 Volleyball, Women ' s 274-275 Water Polo 276-277 Westwind 102.105 Westwood 8-11 Wooden Rec Sports Center 310-311 YBK 415 YWCA 413 Zeta Beta Tau 230-231 Zeta Tau Alpha 232-233 PHOTO CREDITS Jeff Harband: 110, 112, 260, 264-265, 272-273, 278-279, 282-285, 288-291 Bill Nassen: 12, 14, 17-18, 26-28, 30-31, 42-43, 56, 76-77, 80-81, 84-85, 90-91, 94-99, 100-103, 105, 109, 111, 114, 116-117, 122-123, 125-126, 130-131, 138-148, 151-152, 166, 170, 172, 209, 2i7, 225, 228, 230, 241-242, 245-247, 256, 262-263, 265-267, 268-271, 276-277, 280-281, 292-299, 302-303, 312, 403, 405, 411-412, 418-419, 424-425, 428, 431, 435, 451, 454-455 Keith Ryono: 4, 6-15, 20-24, 28-33, 35, 38-39, 42-43, 46, 63, 72-73, 75, 78-79, 86-89, 101-102, 104, 105, 108, 113, 117, 124, 127, 129, 136-137, 148-149, 152-153, 156, 158-159, 164, 180, 198, 201-202, 210, 212, 233, 235, 240-241, 243-249, 253-257, 261, 269-270, 272-273, 282-285, 305, 312-315, 321, 324-397(showcases), 399, 402, 408-409, 415-417, 419-421, 450-457, 460-462, 483, 496 Richelle Semenza: 10-11, 13-14, 21, 27, 32-33, 55, 74-75, 80-83, 92-93, 116, 222, 243, 246-247, 249, 254, 413 Jolie Wah: 66-67, 86-87, 104, 125, 127, 131-133, 135, 194, 226, 236, 238, 400-401, 410, 447, 453, 456 Wilbur Babb: 249 Bobrow Thomas Associates: 436 Kelly Brown: 36, 450-451 Campus Studios, 88, 250-319(team portraits), 310, 312, 314-315, 404, 444 Clay Doyle: 4-5, 22, 24-25, 106 Steve Engelman: 286-287 Ellen Jaskol: 37, 49, 458, 459 Cameron Jobe: 45, 48 Rick Kraus: 36, 40-41, 49, 320, 458 Jim Laur: 343 Michael Logan: 4-5, 24-25, 41, 65-71, 109-110, 113, 452-453, 457 Mardi Gras files: 58, 60-61 Sylvia Marquez: 443 Frank Mogavero: 37, 51, 286 Daniel Motz: 51, 300-301, 311 Shahe Najarian: 37, 56, 274-275 Brainard Pardines: 40-41, 44-45, 50, 52-53, 157, 300-301 Caren Rosen: 130-131, 134-135 Bruce Sanchez: 57 Andy Schlei: 50, 495 Nick Souza: 57 John Trainor: 427, 432, 439-440 Jeanne Mae Wong: 36, 40-41, 269, 271, 459 Note: All photos not credited above were provided to the yearbook staff by their respective organizations. EDITOR ' S LETTER This achievement marks the death of an endeavor. While others will rush to praise our achievement, I am here to mourn the end. There ' s something strange about working on a yearbook staff. After nine years on a yearbook staff, I haven ' t quite figured it out—the more I strive to complete the book, I am increasingly drawn to hope for prolongment of the project. Once the yearbook is complete, so is the year and so is our time together. Flicking through these pages will bring joy, tears, curses and pride to everyone who has taken part in the year at UCLA. That ' s what a yearbook is for. Yet for me, these feelings increase tenfold. Throughout my life, the yearbook staff will live within these pages (no matter how hard I try to forget!). I encourage you to go back now and enjoy the book. We did it just for you. The rest of this letter is directed to my staff and really is none of your business. It is beyond my better judgement to indulge in this way and play favorites, but who cares, I am the editor. Seriously, even though kind words can be said about the staff as a whole, I insist upon singling out each and every one of them for one last, embarrassing time. (You know you want it.) OK, ladies first (well sort of): MARY S.—Really, I am glad you didn ' t abandon ship. That ' s just the way we yearbookers are. TIRZA M.—Sometimes, just when I was convinced all was lost, you were there to agree with me. Fun times, huh? KAREN CINDY—If I had another arm I ' d continue to pat you two on the back or thereabouts. CAREN LISA—Layouts? Copy? Pictures? Format?! Deadline? Tomorrow? You hardly ever let me down (did you?). NICOLE FRANCOISE—One is eating for two (Pasadena and herself), while the other became popular after giving out swamp diseases like laryngitis. LORY, ANGELA, JOHN—What a crew. You know you loved it. I ' m really quite proud of most of your hard work anyway. MICHAEL—OK, you win. The book is done. But what a hard-to-find tool it was. What are you going to do without me to whine about deadlines? Oh, yah, there ' s always Clay. PHOTOGS—Where ' s your camera when you need it? Where has your camera been? Good job. RANDY—Mmm? Copy Editor, yeah, right. Try not to be so pushy and you may go far. (That is, if your available.) BOOTS—OK. I ' m sorry I won ' t be around for Uncle Juan ' s. But thanks anyway for asking and staying and helping and driving and eating and laughing and staying and eating and driving to eat. KURT—I sometimes think you work and or worry too much. But, I am sure that you eat enough for a family of four. I know you ' ll make it big someday (one way or another). GEORGES—Aw, golly gee. There is little I can say here, in public anyway. I ' m stumped. (My...) But what ' s a yearbook staff without someone like you? (Hmm.) Couldn ' t ever be as fun, could it? Is there any room here to slip Veronica in? (Did that come out right?) Even though you can ' t relive a whole year on a single page, I am beholden to mention just one more thing. The staff would never rest if I didn ' t thank palmtrees and my parents—especially my mother. ( " But Jim, I thought your mother was... " Never mind.) Well, I have to go now. And you ' ll never really know quite how much I regret leaving. I just hope someday there will be a time when we are all available for a YBK reunion. You know you want it—and I know I do too. I will willingly say goodbye to UCLA, but as for the rest of you, I hope to see you later. Thanks for everything. Capriciously yours, James D. Laur Editor-in-Chief P.S. I can ' t say what we went through was all fun, but I ' m glad I went through it with you guys.

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