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shades of grey 1981 Shades of Grey. the 1980-81 edition of UCLA ' s Campus Yearbook has undergone a facelift Traditionally, annuals have had a name which remains with the book until the school ' s demise, our title from the beginning has been " Southern Campus " . Many wonder if there are two yearbooks at UCLA one for North Campus and one for South (after all, UCLA is a big school...), but the name comes from a time when only two-yearbooks were being published by University of California schools—Berkeley (Northern Campus) and Los Angeles (Southern Campus). our traditional name didn ' t seem to reflect a year spent at UCLA. College life is a time of transition. old ties are broken, new ones made; things aren ' t black and white anymore, merely shades of grey. We ' ve the old name too, and we hope that you enjoy a fresh look at the University of California at Los Angeles cover photo Ronald Samuel southern campus shades of grey university of california at los angeles volume 62 1981 shades of grey introduction 4 student life 16 sports 88 living groups 184 seniors 280 index 346 conclusion 354 westwood village Los Angeles. The City of the Angels. The movie capital of the world. The capital of credit. " El Lay. " The home of UCLA. Seldom has a city provoked such a diverse set of images. " The Westwood street scene...punk rockers coexisting with movie stars. " Hollywood, often seen as one and the same with L.A., has brought Los Angeles renown. In true fashion, it sought publicity by every available means, whether it be good or bad. As a result, in the world ' s eyes, every L.A. waitress is a potential starlet, every other shop is a suntan saloon, and anyone who isn ' t getting into shape already is. Los Angeles is a city bombarded by a media montage of images. Westwood Village the L.A. image. by such well-known as Bel-Air, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica and Hollywood, it has emerged as the entertainment center for the Westside chic. True to the L.A . image, the Westwood street scene is one of punk rockers coexisting with movie stars and high school The true Village person is either teen-aged, or of a similar sporting satin tennis shoes, a gold lame sweatsuit, and a chartruese lightning bolt in the hair. People flock to Westwood to wait in line for the latest movies, buy the latest clothes or listen to the Hare Krishna ' s latest chant. Westwood. north village what else do you do in Westwood besides eat, see a movie and try to find a parking place? The Bruin demands more excitement from life than this. Refusing to simply blend into the Westwood street scene, the UCLA community has attempted to " The Bruin demands more excitement from life. " inject the elements of college life into the fast paced village lifestyle. But the Bruin is limited at best. It is not until you enter the North Village that you sense that Westwood is not only a miniature Hollywood, but a student town too. Leaving the glitter and glamour of Westwood backpacks, bearwear and biology books appear. So does noise. Bands blare wildly from fraternity parties, while stereos compete in the dorms. Blue and gold seems to cover the landscape, and UCLA decals can be seen plastered in the rear windows of the sea of cars lining the streets. north village UCLA identity is not limited to a superficial level. Being a student volves slipping into a unique mindset and lifestyle, where a year is not divided into months, but quarters, and everyone ' s biorhythms in the same ten week cycle. It is a period of life where late nights abound, rents are easily simplified by sneaking that fourth into your single It is a period of life that brings up unique experiences .. . like finals week. Finals week is a case study in panic. Lines form at the " Everyone ' s revolve in the same ten week cycle. " Coffee House, where bleary eyed students come for double espresso breaks the illusion that their blood caffeine level to 60% will overcome the fact that they ' ve only had three hours sleep in the last three nights. Students even speak in a special language code. " How many you got? " " Two left. One ' s a mick though. " The mick turns out to be your hardest final and you end up with a " D " in Armenian history to explain away. Somehow everyone The English major standing behind you at 1 AM in the coffee line just to take a quarter of last year for the heck of it and knows the answer to the problem you ' ve been over for the last two hours. Yes, life does go on after finals. It is, if not one of the most pleasurable aspects of college, certainly one of the most memorable. ucla tradition a century ago, UCLA consisted of four huddled together around a dusty quad on some in a place called The UCLA of today is no longer simply a stretch of beanfields, but a major and the four original structures have multiplied to eighty-four. In spite of this growth, UCLA has held on to tradition, and the UCLA of today is a mixture of the old with the new. UCLA ' s first building in terms of both history and sentiment is Royce Hall. Designed in an architectural style that was the rage in Northern Italy about 850 years ago, Royce Hall is the symbol of UCLA, and the building people think of most when they conjure up an image ot the campus. A more subtle, but just as memorable, feature of UCLA is the campus chimes. atop Powell library, their deep-throated sounds mark the hours with the familiar Westminster Abbey tune, serving as a subtle reminder to sauntering Bruins that class is about to begin. Although campus rumor has it that the bells are actually a tape, they do exist. For the past twenty-one years, the " mistress of the chimes " , Laura Lee Brown, has played the chimes daily. Originating from a double keyboard located in the basement of Schoenberg Hall, the chimes boom out the hours. The noon musical numbers however, are played by the " chimesmistress " herself, who disappears at 11:30 AM daily into Schoenberg ' s and bolts the door to practice her selections for the day. Then, at exactly ten minutes to twelve, she begins to play, usually a selection of sacred music followed by any one of a number of classical pieces. While buildings and bells conjure up traditional images of campus, the strongest sense of Bruin tradition and spirit can be felt in their strong support of UCLA ' s athletic program. Bruin alums, dressed in blue and gold, dot the landscape at pre-football game picnics and cheer the Bruins to victory with their own band, and rowdy rooting section. Not to be outdone by their predecessors, of rowdy Bruins can be seen rolling off fraternity row toward the Coliseum hours before the game in search choice seats. Those left t home are found congregating around TV sets with friends sending an echoing roar of cheers and moans Gayleyville with each successive touchdown and fumble. It just goes to show you, even after fifty years, that old Bruins never die . . they just become a little more " grizzly " at times (sorry!). " Bruin alums, dressed in blue and gold, . . cheer the Bruins to victory with their own band . . . " routines Once the wide-eyed freshman has overcome the " wonders of Westwood " and the " awesomeness " of UCLA tradition, he usually slips into that routine called college life. Although this experience varies from the bookworm whose life revolves in ten week cycles of " eat, sleep, study, " to the more carefree Bruin whose college days blend into one continuous cycle of " party, recover, party... " , there are some routines universal to the UCLA experience. For example, who hasn ' t experienced a UCLA game, an Ackerman movie or a speaker in Meyerhoff Park? " Who hasn ' t panicked at the thought of losing their reg. card...? " What Bruin has found academic success without his trusty lecture notes, yellow highlighter and spiral UCLA notebook? Who hasn ' t panicked at the thought of losing their reg. card, or spent a dollar at the Country Store one Friday afternoon so that they could write a check for over the amount and have cash for Friday night? And finally, what Bruin has graduated from UCLA having taken at least one hike up Bruin walk with their backpack in one hand and a Daily Bruin in the other? Routines. What would life be like without them? hassles says that life has to be easy? Certainly not the administration at UCLA. It appears that there are some things UCLA forgot to in their brochure, for getting around the Big-U is no piece of cake, but rather somewhat of a hassle. Standing in line, something every Bruin can relate to, appears the single most popular pastime at the start of the quarter. If you ' re not slowly shuffling along in the bookstore line, chances are that you ' re at the Book Buy Back line trying to sell back your forty-five dollar textbook from last year. Another choice line leads to the computer, where desperate students are found pleading with exhausted computer terminal to sneak them into Jazz, even though they ' re number 199 on the wait list. " Getting around the Big-U is no piece of cake . . . " If you ' re not waiting in a line, chances are that you ' re walking about campus. Even this is reduced to a chore. When you ' re not hiking up Janss steps, you ' re weaving your way down Bruin Walk amongst what appears to be a majority of the 36,000 UCLA students. To make matters worse, the unwary Bruin is continually assaulted by religious and political groups handing out pamphlets and fliers. The commuter has a breed of problems, at the core of which lies the parking permit. If he had one, great, if not he may as well consider transferring schools, parking illegally at Bullocks, only taking classes with lecture notes or simply resigning himself to a year of parking tickets. Life at UCLA can be a hassle, but there must be something holding us here. Could it be the people, parties, football games, spirit, dorm life, greek houses . . . student life watch listen, enjoy. interact participate, belong. fall calendar spells, cold nights. Santa Anas that spread fires through the dense chaparral in the San Bernadino and Santa Monica mountains. Saturday football games at the Coliseum. How fun to have a winning least for a while. And who cares if we can ' t go to the Rose Bowl—we ' ll get a tan, drink a beer (or two) and party at the game. Sorority rush and fraternity rush paved the way for fall quarter. The dorms opened up, and the freshmen moved in, not what to expect in the year to come. How was your summer? I had to work...have to pay for school, you know. I really missed the Summer Olympics. I felt so sorry for all those athletes who couldn ' t go. Did you see Shogun on TV? All that scenery and such a sad ending...I almost cried. Wanna see my new kimono? " I ' ve got to get another job; housing rates went up again... " And those lines at school, I swear, they were longer this year. Two and one-half hours to buy books (not to mention the $75 it cost to buy four paperbacks), three hours to get a photo ID, and another hour to get a pair of football tickets and to get a blood test (whoops, wrong line...I thought it was for coffee). And I won ' t even mention that hideous computer line, up-down-up-down, kinda like a yo-yo. What shall I take as a buffer class this quarter? Astro 3? Jazz? I hope that art teacher gives me permission to enroll; I wonder if he ' ll believe that I ' m a graduating senior. And those poor freshmen, lost in all this don ' t know which line is which, let alone what class to drop. But how exciting it is to be writing your first check ... and your ... and your third... What about you seniors? Did you declare your major yet? Taking all (continued on page 20) fall calendar (continued) " I had to wait two extra months to see...who really shot J.R. Ewing... " (continued from page 18) those lower division classes with the confused freshmen so you can fulfill your breadth requirements! Or finally learning where the library is ' cause you saved all your theory classes until your last year. and Thanksgiving are just around the corner and Christmas swiftly approaches—shop early! Did you see the World Series? The Philadelphia Phillies beat the Kansas City Royals, four games to two. Did you know that this was the first time the Phillies ever won the World Series in its 98 year history? I rooted for the Phillies ... they ' re so cute! Wasn ' t it ironic on November 4th—the presidential election fell on the same day as the first anniversary of the American takeover in Iran! The United Dr. Jerry Buss, November 13 States made a right turn that day when ex-California governor Ronald Reagan (Rep.), along with running mate George Bush, presidential incumbent Jimmy Carter (Dem.). Did you vote? I ' ve got to get another job; housing rates went up again (so what else is new?). More lines, more waiting; my phone took three months to install! The quarter moves on . . The actors ' strike is finally over! Why did they have to go on strike this year?! I had to wait two extra months to see if Jessica Tate really died on Soap, and to find out who really shot J. R. Ewing on Dallas! But I knew it was Kristin all along . . .I never did like her. Midterms, they never seem to end. If and when they do, it ' s usually because finals week is less than two weeks away. Hey, did you see the USC game (or shall I call it the Probation Bowl?)? Wasn ' t it fantastic? That ' ll teach those SC people! Finals ... yucch! That has got to be the longest week of the quarter. But then comes a month of pure ecstasy ... Christmas break! ' Tis the season to ... go SKIING! Winter is here! Now let ' s reminisce about the events that shaped fall On October 8th, Mayor Tom Bradley visited the campus. Mayor of Los Angeles since 1973, he officially announced his candidacy for a third term to begin in 1981. On October 10th, Mike Farrell, who portrays " B.J. " on the popular TV series M A S H, spoke to students in Ackerman ' s Grand Ballroom. He showed slides from his trip to Southeast Asia, including Cambodia and Thailand. The slides were of actual refugees and real-life M A S H units. Farrell is the spokesman for a group called CONCERN that works with world hunger aid programs. On the lighter side, if you were on Bruin Walk on October 10th, you probably would ' ve seen Mr. Heads, a decorating contest put on by the California Avacado Commission to promote their bumper crop this year. They also (continued on page 22) Mayor Tom Bradley, October 8 Sorority Rush, September fall calendar (continued) (continued from page 21) co-sponsored the movie " 10 " for that week and gave away 700 The winner received $50 and three wishes (for Bo Derek?). Changing Seasons, another movie starring Bo Derek, was shown in Royce for free, and the line stretched all through the quad and down the side of Powell Library. After the showing, sexual counselors, and Seasons actor Michael Brandon conducted a seminar which dealt with changing sexual roles in our society today. Mellow rock was featured in Royce Hall on October 15th, when the group Ambrosia visited UCLA. Noted for their fine harmonies and outstanding vocals, the group mesmerized their audience during that one-night performance. Janss steps is a frequent site for political talks, where students lie on the grass, chuck some frisbees and listen to speakers while working on their tans. Last year, Governor Jerry Brown spoke to students; this year, Andrew Young, former US Representative to the United Nations, was there to speak. Two days later came Halloween, and for the moment, serious issues and reality in general, were Vampires scouted campus, searching for prey (or docile freshmen), while pumpkins the North Campus Facility. The weather was clear and the energy high as werewolves came out of hiding (and dorm rooms) and parties were thrown all over Los Angeles. ASUCLA sponsored a Ha lloween party in Ackerman Union which included a live band, door prizes, a costume contest, and 25% off on Student Store If you were watching the Rocky Horror Picture Show in Hollywood or walking down Blvd., you encountered more than the normal share of Halloween freaks. One of the most popular events on campus has got to be Ackerman Movies. Where else can you go see one or two big motion pictures for a buck? Definitely not in Westwood! (continued on page 24) Norman Lear, November 7 Ambrosia, October 15 " The weather was clear and the energy high as werewolves came out of hiding (and dorm rooms). " Andrew Young, October 29 unknown vampire, October 31 Mr. Avacado heads, October 10 Sam Ervin, November 19 fall calendar (continued) (continued from page 22) During fall quarter, Ackerman presented these films: the French comedy La Cage Aux Folles; " 10 " with Bo Derek; the 007 thriller Moonraker with Roger Moore; American Gigolo starring Richard Gere; a Halloween double feature, Hitchcock ' s Psycho and Love at First Bite with George Hamilton; 1979 Academy Award winning Kramer vs. Kramer starring Dustin Hoffman and Meryl Streep; a special USC violence festival with Bruce Lee in Enter the Dragon and Dirty Harry with Clint Eastwood; and, finally, Electric Horseman starring Robert Redford and Jane Fonda. A facet of Bruin life that sets UCLA apart from smaller is the variety and caliber of speakers featured on campus. Norman Lear, creator of the series All in the Family, was here giving students a better idea of life after graduation in the world of television. Dr. Jerry Buss, owner of the Los Angeles Lakers and the Forum sports complex, to name only two of his business endeavors, is an American success story in himself. His flamboyant talk about investing in the business world was another of the interesting talks that some students experienced this quarter. Sam Ervin, survivor and in the notorious Watergate scandal, was also in Ackerman this quarter. For entertainment, there is always a concert in Royce, a recital in Schoenberg or a theatrical production in Melnitz. Guitarist Leo Kottke played on campus in Then a week after Kottke ' s performance, the cast from ABC ' s hit show Fridays was here to entertain students. UCLA had a special treat this quarter. As a part of the LA Bicentennial ' s Berlin Los Angeles festival, UCLA was honored to host the Berlin production of the Sinking of the Titanic. Royce Hall was transformed into the ill-fated ship just for the occasion. The opera starts with the boarding of the audience (second class and ends with the evacuation of passengers to nearby life boats. But the quarter was soon over and finals hit. The libraries with frantic, caffeine-wired students. The quarter went so fast, just like it always does... " This was the first time the Phillies ever won the World Series in its 98 year history. " Mike Farrel, October 10 tke, November 18 Mr. Avacado Heads, October 10 winter calendar No rain, no snow, warmth throughout break. The closest Bing Crosby could have gotten to a White Christmas around here would have been to hold a freezer defrosting party. I waited all of break the snow to fall, but it never came .. . " I thought we ' d go to Chippendales and see the male strippers... " But I did get to catch up on my soap operas! I didn ' t miss one episode of All My Children or General Hospital during break . . . . I was soooooooo happy when Nina and Cliff got back together again. Weren ' t you? But I ' m starting to get a little mixed up with the characters. With Joe divorcing Ruth to be with Leora, Heather killing Diana to get PJ back, Brooke and Tom involved in an drug ring, and Wally getting a little tired of being married to Devon, his alcoholic and suicidal wife, it ' s getting much more difficult to keep up with all the hot . . . Oh, wow, already two weeks into the quarter and I ' m already I have 7 midterms this quarter and four are going to be on the same day!! What a drag . . . . " Hello, Kathy? This is Jennifer. What are you doing tonight? No, I ' m not speaking to him right now . . . We had our first fight last week. He wanted to go to a female mud wrestling match Friday night and I told him that he was sexist. Then we got into this big argument about his male chauvinist attitude . . . . That ' s why I ' m calling you . . . . I don ' t have anything to do tonight . . . What did I have in mind? Well, I thought we ' d go to Chippendales and see the male strippers . . . . " Yeah! The hostages are finally free! I wonder how much of a coincidence it was that the were freed from Iran on the same day that Reagan was sworn into office . . . . Midterms again . . . . Have you ever had four in one day? Believe me, it ' s truly an experience to savor (Even though it does leave a bad taste in your mouth). I was so wired on caffeine that it took me a week to remember how to blink again! . . . . Time for some NCAAction! Wait ' til we show those guys from BYU what they ' re messin ' with! We ' re gonna go to the top! Watch out Oregon State . . . What a bummer . . . . We lost to BYU in the first round of the tournament and then Larry Brown quits as coach. I wish he didn ' t leave, he ' s such a nice guy (and a good dedicated coach!) . . . . Finals time again . . . . I think we should get a bill through the California Assembly that would ban finals on the grounds that it is a form of cruel and unusual . . . At least spring break is coming up. Palm Springs, here I come . . . again . . . . (continued on page 29) winter calendar (cont.) (continued from page 27) Winter quarter had much to offer this year by way of both news and on-campus happenings . . . . In the news, Christmas break got off to a very somber start when the news of John Lennon ' s death hit the airwaves. It was a shock to everyone . . . by the end of the week, many major cities had held candlelight vigils in his memory, including London, NYC, and L.A. And exactly one week after death, another death but this one was much closer to home . . . J.D. Morgan, UCLA ' s Athletic Director until his retirement in June of 1980, passed away on December 15, 1980 (see page 180). He will truly be missed by all . . . By far, the biggest news of the quarter occurred in January. On January 20, 1981, the day Ronald Reagan was inaugurated into office as the 40th President of the United States, the 52 American hostages in Iran were finally freed. The 52 Americans had spent a total of 444 days in captivity. Also, January marked the month of Super Bowl XV, held this year in (continued on page 31) Jack Lemmon, February 19 Timothy Leary, February 11 Female fantasy... John Gibson, Chippendales dancer and co-star on " The Young and the restless " soap opera Mary Crosby, March 11 Dudley Moore, January 28 Winter calendar (cont.) (continued from page 29) New Orleans, Louisiana. The Oakland Raiders battled it out with the Philadelphia Eagles to win by a score of 24-10. February brought us a controversy regarding the link between radioactivity and cancer. Appropriately called the Cancer ... the 52 American hostages in Iran were freed. " Connection, the controversy around the 40+% cancer rate among the cast and crew of the 1954 film The Conqueror, which happened to be filmed downwind from a nuclear testing site in Nevada. Among those associated with the film who died of cancer were stars John Wayne and Susan Hayward, co-star Agnes (of TV ' s Bewitched fame), and Conqueror director Dick Powell. March brought us back into the ol ' school spirit . . . how temporary it may have been. Our basketball (continued on page 32) New Residence Halls opened Winter Quarter winter (continued from page 31) team entered the NCAA Basketball Tournament seeded 10th in the nation. Unfortunately, we lost in the first round, along with seven other top-ten teams . . . . But not only did we lose the Tournament, we also lost Coach Larry Brown. He moved on to the pro leagues (the New Jersey Nets to be exact). Reasons for his resignation were that he was offered six times UCLA salary to coach the Nets, and that, equally importantly, there was too much pressure from the student body and the alumni on winning and how to coach the team. On campus, UCLA had a very impressive line of speakers, and overall happenings. As in every quarter, Ackerman Movies had a fantastic selection of films. Winter quarter began with Francia Ford Coppola ' s The Black Stallion, followed by The Shining, starring Jack Nicholson. Next, came another Francis Ford Coppola extravaganza, Apocalypse Now, with Martin Sheen and Marlon Brando. Then came the Drug Week Festival — a full week of " films to watch while you ' re stoned. " Among the films shown that week were Cocaine Fiends, Reefer Madness, New Residence Halls opened Winter Quarter Cheech and Chong ' s Next Movie, Kentucky Fried Movie, and The Wizard of Oz. Rounding off the remainder of the quarter were All That Jazz, with Roy Scheider; John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd in The Blues Brothers; Caddyshack with Bill Murray and Rodney Dressed to Kill starring Angie Dickinson; a Son of Violence Festival with The Warriors and The Wild Bunch; and, to top it all off, the " death " ly funny Harold and Maude, starring Ruth Gordon and Bud Cort. Winter also boasted an group of speakers. Who could go wrong with big stars like Dudley Moore (of " 10 " fame); Raquel Welch (beauty and brains); Rodney Dangerfield, who was the recipient of this year ' s Jack Benny Award for Excellence in Comedy; and Jack Lemmon, who stopped by to discuss his tremendous career and to screen his latest movie Tribute. Other well-known speakers who came by to enlighten our dreary lives were Mary Crosby, the Kristen on Dallas; the colorful and off-beat Timothy Leary; Dr. Sidney Wolfe, one of " Ralph Nader ' s Raiders " ; Rev. Jesse Jackson and the cast of Fridays. Concerts also entertained the UCLA population through the talents of Bobby and the and the San pop satire band, the Toons. The Toons were featured along with the Fantastic Animation Festival. Last, but not least, we were also blessed with a piddling of comedy. Gary Muledeer came by during Greek Week and kept the audience rolling (in the aisles, not j ' s) . . . Spri ng quarter, here we come... I was so happy when Cliff and Nina got back Cast of Fridays, March 12 Rev. Jesse Jackson, February 18 back to the old grind. For the seniors it ' s the final turn into the stretch, for the freshman, it ' s only the drive into the first turn. But it ' s time to rest for everyone, to take stock of what the future holds for us, to bask in the sun, to start that exercise program we ' ve been promising ourselves we would, to read that book we ' ve had on our shelf collecting dust since and to clean that room that we didn ' t get a chance to do during the break. Say it is true. But no, in the quarter system the pace never. slows. I mean, I was behind from the first day of classes, as usual. And the pace goes on. It seems to me that classes are getting harder to get every quarter. One of my roommates didn ' t get any classes, and she ' s a graduating senior. And who needs a new reg. card number anyway. Mine from freshman year is just fine. I ' ve only lost forty pounds, cut my hair, had my braces off—well, maybe, but it means I ' ll have to change my reg. card number on my checks, it ' s never only one thing. And the search for classes goes on, the intro classes are stuffed, with seniors fulfilling breadth requirements and everyone else just trying to fit in any class. Did anyone get jazz? And so we move through the first few weeks, partying at the frats by night (and working on yearbook deadlines by day). Midterms just crept up, and all of a sudden they were there. But how could I have remembered, I was so distracted with the pink and green all over campus that celebrated " Too Hip " week for the yearbook. Isn ' t the yearbook great, I mean the people who wrote all that terrific, unparalled . . . sorry, got away from myself. But midterms came and went, fairly easily, I guess the profs were out at the beach along with the rest of us. And Mardi Gras, what a beautiful sight, with the lights and sound at night. And all that busseling activity getting ready for it. It truely makes one excited about the collegiate experience. We spring calendar all cruised through the rest of the quarter, for not too much was planned in the aftermath of Mardi Senioritis took hold of many, which infected the rest of us. " But remember, if you don ' t study, and this class, you might not graduate, " repeated out parents over and over, and that drove us into the library, even as the days grew more beautiful. Some were finished early, but it had to be, a final 3-6 on Friday, but I NEEDED to take Class. That ' s the way the cookie crumbles, or something like that. Gaduation was exciting, all those and gowns out in Drake Field. world is yours they said, we you can have it. One student friend of mine, when asked what she would pursue said, " Who knows, but thank God I can type eighty words per minute. " Life goes on, and students come and go. And who has the time for vacations anyway. I ' ve got to find a job this summer, my twin brothers are going to college next year and I ' ve got to earn some money. It just never seems to end. The campus in spring is always a busy time, always full of events. And this spring was no different. On April 22, Ted Patrick spoke to a fascinated crowd in Ackerman about his experiences as a who works with religious cult members. The next day, April 23rd, Joseph Benti, news on channel 2 spoke about local T.V. and news reporting. How about it all you Communications majors! Erica Jong came on May 7th to promote her new book. Yet the biggest crowd was drawn by Gene Wilder, funny man from such great movies as The Producers, Silver Streak, and his latest Stir Crazy. The UCLA theatre department put on a play called " Hooray Hollywood, " a parody on the movies of the thirties and forties. And while on the theatre side, Marcel Marceau was here again on campus, gracing us with his (continued on page 36) Marcel Marceau, April 11 spring calendar (cont.) (continued from page 35) amazing trade in the art of mime. Other events this quarter included a UCLA Design Students ' Art Exhibit, a health faire held in the Schoenberg Quad, the SLC elections, and an event-packed Engineers ' Week which included a treasure hunt and a paper airplane contest. And Ackerman Movies . . . Need we say more? As always, we were bombarded with a bevy of fantastic films. There was an especially good range of films to choose from this quarter. Comedy, thrills, adventure, sex, and overall honky-tonkity was available for our viewing pleasure. Starting out the quarter was Urban Cowboy, starring John Travolta. Again the trendsetter as in Saturday Night Fever, Travolta made " The Cowboy Look " very chic (But for some reason, spiked leather boots, designer jeans, and a belt buckle the size of a frisbee just can ' t compare to the real thing). Rounding out the first half of the quarter were the disaster movie satire Airplane; Fame, whose title song won the Best Song Oscar; and a Dustin Hoffman Festival, featuring The Graduate, Marathon Man, and Midnight Cowboy. Second half of the quarter was welcomed in with Private Benjamin starring Goldie Hawn; a Woody Allen Festival, featuring Annie Hall and Manhattan, both with Diane Keaton, and Everything You ' ve Always Wanted To Know About Sex; and the Humphrey Bogart classic, Casablanca. Then came the successor to fall quarter ' s Violence Fest and winter quarter ' s Son of Violence Fest . . . the Bride of Violence Festival, featuring Stanley Kubrick ' s Clockwork Orange and the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Climaxing the year of Ackerman Movies were two excellent films . . . Being There starring Peter Sellers, and Breaking Away, the surprise hit of 1979. Talk about good timing . . . Breaking Away gave us just the boost we needed entering into finals week (get psyched guys!!!) While encapsulated on campus for five days a week (for the average Jose Bruin, anyway) it is easy to become isolated from the cold, cruel world. Even while learning what makes the world go around, clocks tick, chemicals combine and societies subsist, I Wheelchair ramp Larry Farmer, succeeded Larry Brown as head basketball coach can always find myself amazed at how much time had passed off ca mpus before I reacquainted myself with the events beyond Circle Drive. The first thing that affected the scene around us was something which we had the first word about — " UCLA gets a new head basketball coach. " This sent ripples across the college sport circle following our gloomy play in the NCAA playoffs. After dropping out in our first game, Larry Brown jumps out of the driver ' s seat an d Larry Farmer bounced into it. While all the upsetting news of our basketball future was dying down, an assassination attempt on President Ronald Reagan slapped out at us — it really did wonders for out outlook on the President. He ' s so popular now. Speaking of popular, it was great to find out what were the hot movies this past year. The Oscars were not even left untouched by the assassination attempt— they were postponed. But what ' s one day ' s wait to find out who was too hip and Max Factor Building dedicated March 1981 (continued from page 37) who wasn ' t so hip? On the hip side, Robert Redford and his Ordinary People snared (among other things) the Best Movie, Best Director and Best supporting Actor Oscars. Robert " don ' t call me a ' Raging Bull ' " DeNiro was Best Actor and Sissy Spacek won Best Actress Oscar for Coal Miner ' s Daughter. And of course, this gives them " Fame " — the Best Song. After immediately running down to Westwood to make sure " Ordinary People " was worth such Oscarite attention, many people were reminded of a date that will go down in infamy — April 15th. " Oh no! Don ' t be mean to me Mr. Taxman . . . " Taxes are what make this country great — somebody has to pay for it. And as my grandmother always says, " If you don ' t pay for something, you tend to misappreciate it and its true value. " This is quite true granny, except when you ' re talking about the weather. Talk about appreciating something that is free! Give me a spring calendar (cont.) Jon Voight, Vietnam Rally, Janss Steps, march 9 long Beach Grand prix, March 15 The Space Shuttle (orbitted April 12-14) suntan and I ' m set for life (or at least a few days). It is amazing at how easily the spring slipped by without drenching us with April showers to bring May ' s flood water. But you know the only trouble with Spring quarter (other than trying to study at the Rec center) is that there is no holiday break. I don ' t count a measly Memorial Day Weekend a holiday! What ever happened to the good ol ' Easter vacation I used to have? I miss my Easter Basket! While we were missing out on the Easter Bunny, the conquest of space marched on. The Space Shuttle finally got off the ground. Just think, maybe they can build some dorms on the moon if the Space Shuttle works. (But can you imagine getting a parking permit for your shuttle craft!) The only other exciting goings on around us was a mayoratorial race and the new baseball season. Yes, that ' s the way it is; good night, and have a pleasant tomorrow. (we ' re gonna miss ya Uncle Walter). mardi gras Mardi Gras at UCLA! Not only does it provide a break in the mid-Spring quarter blues, it also puts the school in the local limelight for something other than sports. It ' s a fund raiser for UCLA ' s summer camp for innercity kids. UniCamp, but more that it represents weeks and months of work and planning that build up to a short but exuberating weekend. The Mardi Gras committee had been working on the 1981 version ever since the 1980 version ended. Publicity, judges, and contracts with traveling carnival companies had to be contacted long before most anyone even started thinking about it. Yet Winter quarter was when it all started happening. Fraternities wooed sororities to come their way and work on a booth with them, while on-campus clubs and organizations finalized their booth intentions. Even some dorm floors got into the act, but the competition was great for the few remaining game and food booths, that everyone who wished to participate didn ' t get the chance. As Mardi Gras drew closer, the whole campus was buzzing with an excited air. The publicity campaigns were making their last push in advertising, including radio, newspaper and billboard advertisement. The final polishing of the entertainment booths was taking place, as well as the final touches on the prefabricated booths. The Saturday before the opening of the Gras, the big booths started to put together their elaborate structures. Almost overnight, Phi Psi ' s and Chi Omega ' s House of Horrors and Lambda Chi ' s and DG ' s Funhouse took shape. The game and food booths had their facades put up and the rides were trucked in, in anticipation of the beginning of Mardi Gras weekend. " But Friday night came very quickly, and once the gates were opened, there was no turning back " Thursday night was a special time for the groups sponsoring the various booths. The grounds and the rides were opened up for the groups, and a special, exclusive, uncrowded night was given to those who had spent so much time to make the event successful. But Friday night came very quickly, and once the gates were opened, there was no turning back. Mardi Gras attracts any and all types of people, from the high school students seeking the excitement of college life, to the parents who bring their children to enjoy the games, rides, and sights and sounds of a carnival. Both Friday and Saturday nights attracted huge crowds of people, and lines for the more popular rides and booths were always long. Yet the music blared from the stage, and the entertainment of the Mardi Gras clowns provided distractions and added to the festive mood. All too soon, though, the Gras was over, and in a matter of days, the booths were taken down and the IM field was returned to its normal use. Yet the excitement of the weekend wears on; the memories of the parties in the backs of the booths, the songs that continue to run through your head, and that little kid you bent the rules for so he could win a prize. But behind all the frolic of Mardi Gras lies a very worthy cause... The revenue acquired through Mardi Gras goes to benefit Unicamp — the official UCLA charity. Just like Mardi Gras, Unicamp is a student-run organization. It provides week-long summer camps for children from lower-income families. The Unicamp staff works with various community service agencies (such as public schools, boys ' clubs) throughout the Southern California area to choose (continued on page 42) Mardi Gras Committee 1981 unicamp (continued from page 41) youngsters who would benefit most from Unicamp. Unicamp was started in 1935 by students in the University Religious Conference. At that time, all monies for charity had to come strictly through the solicitation of funds. But because of its popularity " UniCamp has played host to over 10,000 kids. " among students, Unicamp became the official charity for Mardi Gras and UCLA in the early 1940 ' s. Since its start 46 years ago, Unicamp has played host to over 10,000 kids. The two Unicamp camps, both located in the Barton Flats area of the San Bernardino National Forest, holds groups of 80 and 65 kids. But this year ' s Unicamp staff, under the guidance of Director Shirley Walch, hopes to double that number this year. So, when you think of all the fun you had at Mardi Gras this year, think of all the fun you ' re creating for those kids who will be attending Unicamp this summer. I guess you can say that Mardi Gras produces twice the happiness at half the price (how ' s that for inflation fighting!). UNICAMP EVALUATION CAMPER QUESTIONS 1. What did you like most about UniCamp? because every night We have campfire and we go swimming. We have lots of fun. 2. What things didn ' t you like? I do not like when we have to go home. Thats the part I do not like. 3. How did you feel about the counselors and staff? I feel fine are counselor was good to us. UNICAMP EVALUATION CAMPER QUESTIONS 1. What did you like most about Unicamp? We went Camping, Hiking, Cooking, Sleeping out, ect. 2. What things didn ' t you like? I didn ' t hate anything only one thing Bug Bites. 3. How did you feel about the counselors and staff? Like they were my mother. Lee Rosenblum Karen Malmuth Leslie Valentine student legislative council Winter quarter and Kerckhoff Hall is buzzing. Inside gossip is running rampant about who is running for this or that office. Yes, student body elections are coming up, and the speculation of who the candidates are, will be known in a matter of weeks. For many of the soon-to-be candidates, preparation has been going on for months, with campaign contacts and promises already in the works. The rest of the school goes on with its everyday lives, unaware of the bustling turmoil going on inside the backhalls of government. " Flyers and pamphlets are distributed at key points along Bruin walk. ..along with sandwich boards. " And then comes the beginning of Spring quarter when the candidates are known and the push for involvement and concern on the part of the student body start. Meetings in dorms, with greeks and special interest groups are scheduled. Contacts with influential groups and people are cemented, and as many students as possible are met, for word of mouth is an impor tant vote getter. A week before elections and the pace quickens. Flyers and pamphlets are distributed at key points, or wherever they can find a place to stand on Bruin walk. Billboards are placed in strategic locations along the walk, designed to catch the eye of the unsuspecting student and subliminally affect him. Personals are placed the Bruin and sandwich boards are the rule rather than the exception all over campus. The average student gets involved. A few days before the elections, those crucial endorsements come out. For if the Bruin, the BOC, the Greeks and the dorms support Josephine Bruin, Joe Bruin by all means should vote for her. But then the two days of elections come and the word on campus is " vote. " The important thing now is to " get out the vote " and show the power that the student body is capable of. The last hour of the last day, candidates hang around Ackerman with their supporters waiting for the results. After, parties will be held for the winners while the losers return home to plot next year ' s campaign or do that reading for history been putting off. For Joe Student, much of his interest stops here, but for those elected, that end is only a for them. SLC is the Undergraduate Legislative Council that meets o nce a week to decide how to monies, solidify official government policies and and discuss what can be done to make the students ' life safer, more comfortable, and more stimulating. Yet the scope of involvement in student government exceeds the board itself. The in student government and input has increased dramatically and the breadth of SLC ' s is exceeded by no other Associated Students Association in the nation. There are various elected and appointed offices, volunteer programs, " Student government makes a big school like UCLA much smaller and more exciting. " committee and campaign work. Fred Gaines, as president, had an enormous job. He acts as the representative to the UCLA Administration, faculty, UC the State Legislature and the general public. He also presides at all meetings of the SLC, sits on the Board of Control and the Statewide Student Body President ' s Council. This year, Fred and his board have accomplished many projects that they started out to work on at the beginning of their terms. The Board of Control has finished work on the pub in Union, which the board has worked very hard to complete. ASUCLA has divested its funds from the Bank of America, who supported the government in South Africa, and SLC is now for a " clean " investment. Another project was lobbying for student housing, which has sent delegates to both the state and city governments for more and cheaper housing for UCLA students. The board is also comprised of three General Representatives, Bobby Zauzmer, Susan Schwartz and Michelle Goldberg, who state the views of the common student, the Community Service Matt Gichtin, Cultural Affairs Commissioner Scott Roeb and David Neuman, Campus Events Commissioner, to name but a few. In all, the Board has thirteen students and five administrative personnel. Each officer heads an even bigger commission of that collectively form UCLA student government. " Student government gives the students an opportunity to make valuable contacts with professors and many of the top students in the school, develop leadership skills, provide some travel and allow one to work in an administrative and competitive atmosphere, " states Sheila Hoffman, member of the Student Lobbying Council. " It makes a big school like UCLA much smaller and more exciting. " STUDENT LEGISLATIVE COUNCIL 1980-81 Officers Fred Gaines, President Lee Rosenblum, Administrative Vice President Sheila Bankhead, First Vice President Bobby Zauzmer, General Representative Susan Schwartz, General Representative Michelle Goldberg, General Representative David Neuman, Campus Events Commissioner Matt Gichtin, Community Services Commissioner Scott Roeb, Cultural Affairs Commissioner David Gurnick, Student Educational Policy Commissioner Karen Malmuth, Student Financial Supports Commissioner Alan Goldman, Student Facilities Commissioner Leslie Valentine, Student Welfare Commissioner Council Members Leslye Louie, Finance Committee Chair Rick Tuttle, Administrative Representative Richard Barthol, Faculty Representative Lindsay Conner, Alumni Representative Don Findley, Executive Director ASUCLA Leslye Louie Fred Gaines, President cultural affairs Commissioner Scott Roeb " It ' s the ' in ' for student talent on campus " Sure you ' re a student; you ' re supposed to devour books, enjoy three-hour monotone lectures, and get into homework assignments. But did you ever want to pull your secret guitar out of the closet and land on a stage, or break away from the books and go watch a comedy show? Then Cultural Affairs can help you. " It ' s the ' in ' for student talent on campus, " says Cultural Affairs Commissioner Scott Roeb. Located in 404 Kerckhoff, in coordination with the SLC and often the Board of Control or the Student Committee for the Arts, Cultural Affairs sponsors things from the display cases in Kerckhoff to spring noon concerts, and those insane and wonderful street entertainers you see wandering through campus—jugglers, minstrels, and even a quite authentic Shakespearean character who can almost quote MacBeth from cover to cover. " Differing from Campus Events, Cultural Affairs is more student-oriented, " says Scott, and it ' s true; 99% of the programs are free to students, and many programs involve student talent. The Coffee House, a main outlet for Cultural Affairs ' efforts, sports free comedy shows featuring professional L.A. comedians on Kerckhoff ' s " Monday Night Live. " Student Performance Night at the Coffee House is when those secret guitars come out of hiding, and students also perform theatric drama and original comedy. Special events organized in the Coffee House this year were Theme Nights (such as " Western, " " Blues, " and " Bluegrass " nights), which were great fun for all who attended. Another effort appreciated by music-lovers are the major concerts organized by Cultural Affairs once a quarter. For example, Ambrosia visited Royce Hall in the fall. Also, C.A. works with groups such as the Black Student Association, and the Student Committee for the Arts, to name only two of the several special interest groups that participate with Scott and his staff in coordinating fun and sometimes experimental events for students. " The main goal of the organization, " says Scott, " is to flavor student life on campus, and create a more diverse, fun college experience. " And college should be fun, too, right? student government involvement It ' s fall quarter, you ' re fresh out of high school and you want to jump right into life at UCLA and get involved. Your forte has always been student government, but how can a freshman become a member of SLC? It ' s possible, eventually, but student government is much more than the highly visible governing body of SLC. It ' s comprised of almost five hundred students in varying capacities—from SLC, to committee chairs, to starting interns, and to volunteers for programs such as the Community Service Commission. Almost any area a student could possibly be interested in can be found in the upstairs halls of Kerckhoff. To begin involvement, SLC has an open house that recruits interns for their various commissions and special projects. This orientation is the big push for active student involvement. After this, applications are filled out, and the commissioners form their committees, providing internships to approxi mately 200 students, excluding those involved with CSC. After a year or so with the intern program, many people further their interest in government. In the Spring, not only are SLC elections held, but the electees have various appointments that need filling, such as committee workers and student representatives for BOC, Communications Board, Inter-campus Athletics Advisory Board, Student Health Advisory Committee and the Student Parking Review Board. Who knows? If you ' re really ambitious, and build up enough experience (and friends), you could someday be undergraduate president such as the likes of Rafer Johnson, undergrad president 1958-1959 and Olympic gold Medalist in 1960. SLC ' s sponsored programs range in great variety, headed in each case by the elected members of SLC. The president ' s office offers programs such as the UC and housing lobbies. The first V.P ' s office offers help to the special interest groups who are looking for interested students to represent American Indians, Asians, Blacks, Gays, Greeks, Chicanos and Jews. The Campus Events staff offers involvement in the speakers program, Ackerman movies and concerts program. The Cultural Affairs Commission has the noon concerts and Coffee House entertainment programs. SEPC, the Student Educational Policies Commission, a growing office, is responsible for allocating movies and sitting on committees that deal with the academic, classroom-teacher side of life. Student Welfare has programs such as the UCLA Blood Drives and the Peer Health Counselors. And lastly, the Community Service Commission, perhaps the largest office in student government, makes available to the UCLA student opportunities to get involved in the community. Work with the Latino and Asian communities, with inmates of juvenile correction institutions and with community workshops are only a few of the " Student government . . . is comprised of 500 students in varying capacities. " projects that CSC is involved in. Some of the higher positions are paid, but all are great for those resumes. Wherever the student ' s interests lie, there is a program for him in the student government. community service commission What one student organization at UCLA can offer you an education in consumer affairs, enrichment through better community relations, and experience in tutoring and motivation? The Community Service Commission (better known as CSC) is the single source for acquiring any or all of these benefits. Through its " splinter " groups, over 1,000 students each year donate their time and energies to many Los Angeles neighborhoods in need. The main office of the Community Service Commission is located in Kerchoff 408. Included in the long list of " splinter " groups operating under CSC are: Project MAC, camping trip Project MAC Exceptional Children ' s Tutorial project Asian Education Project —AMIGOS DEL BARRIO Amigos del Barrio provides academic and emotional support for Latino students in primary education through tutoring and motivation techniques. —ASIAN EDUCATION PROJECT The Asian Education Project offers children who are Asian immigrants English language skills and provides them with cultural, social, and educational activities and opportunities. —COMMUNITY THEATER WORKSHOP The Community Theater Workshop emphasizes reading by employing Reader ' s Theater as an educational vehicle to enhance and encourage the student ' s individual academic, social, and personal growth. —CONSUMER PROTECTION PROJECT The Consumer Protection Project maintains a 24-hour hotline offering an informational and referral service for consumer complaints. Other activities include an out-reach program for senior citizens. —EXCEPTIONAL CHILDREN ' S TUTORIAL PROJECT The Exceptional Children ' s Tutorial Project addresses the need for special attention to children who are emotionally, mentally, and physically handicapped. —KOREAN TUTORIAL PROJECT The Korean Tutorial Project helps Korean high school students with English and other academic studies while encouraging them to obtain a higher education. —PROJECT MAC Project MAC offers recreational sports, creative dance, and other activities for children who are abused, neglected, and unwanted. It is designed to lift their spirits and offer inspiring new experiences. —PROJECT MOTIVATION Project Motivation provides Chicano Latino high school students who are academically and economically disadvantaged with encouragement and motivation for pursuing an education beyond the high school level. —PRISON COALITION The Prison Coalition sends UCLA volunteers to juvenile probation camps to tutor and reinforce educational and social values for the inmates. —STUDENT EDUCATIONAL EXPOSURE PROJECT The Student Educational Exposure Project helps Black high school students who are academically and economically disadvantaged by encouraging, motivating, and directing their steps toward higher education. —UCLA SPECIAL OLYMPICS UCLA Special Olympics is a program that builds self-confidence in children and adults who are mentally retarded by providing sports training and athletic competition. asucla What makes you think of ASUCLA? What do those letters actually mean? No, they ' re not Greek! You write them on just about every check you ' ve written since arriving at the Big U. Have you ever really counted how many checks you ' ve written to ASUCLA? Unimaginable huh! But believe it or not, those abbreviated letters happen to mean something. Associated Students of the University of California at Los Angeles; that ' s a mouthful to say, but did you know that you ' re al ready a member of this fine organization? That ' s right, every time you pay your registration fees you automatically become a member. The Association is not Check cashing joebruin 308 westwood plaza los angeles, ca 90024 2-10-1981 pay to the order of ASUCLA $ SIXTEEN 03 100 dollars barebank 81 grizzlyave bigbear, ca 92346 :122000661 : 0293 00992 trying to sell you land in Upper Siberia, their purpose is to serve you and your needs. The Association is made up of many different divisions—just like the military. Each has its own " ASUCLA? What do those letters actually mean? No, they ' re not Greek! " unique job to perform, with many people serving in the ranks. But, of course, like every organization in the forces, it must have a chief executive. ASUCLA calls its chief executive The Board of Control. They assist in policy making which, in turn, affects every person in the ranks. Below the Board of Control, the Association hierarchy begins with the Executive Director. He is the mediator between the Association and the Board. He must tell the Board the latest news of the activities of the Association. This way the needs and demands of the ranks can be met. Next are the officers of the corps, or otherwise known as the Division Directors. They are responsible for the activities which occur within thier individual companies. Then come the Division Managers; the sergeants of the ranks. They, along with their corporals, the Service Area Managers, make sure that each individual department is operating smoothly. Doesn ' t this sound like the military? There are seven divisions in this Association and each has a specific duty to perform. " Mess Call! " Food Services—they provide all that yummy food you gobble down in ten minutes before every class. " Move ' Em Out! " The Services Divison provides lecture notes, typing assistance, photographs, printing and duplicating copies, travel aid, or any new service in which the Association becomes involved. They do it so fast you can get to where you ' re going. " Now Hear This! " The Personnel Division, who handles all the recruiting and screening of all job applicants and oversees all the personnel policies throughout the Association, wants you! " Yo! " The Finance Division is there to direct all the financial administration of the Association. " Atten-hut! " The Publications Director functions as the Business Manager, as well as the advisor, for the independent ASUCLA Communications Board which oversees the different newspapers published on campus. " Front and Center! " The Student Union Operations Division is responsible for the recreational facilities and all special events. There is some fun in the combat zone of school! And pulling up the ranks is the Student Store, which happens to be the largest division within the Association. The store is its own little battalion within the mighty force of the Association. " At Ease! " Now that you know what you belong to, it ' s pretty impressive. So, what are you going to say soldier when someone asks what ASUCLA means? Well, you can stand up straight, stick out your chest, suck in your gut, and hold your head high when you say, " Associated Students of the University of California at Los Angeles! " " Dismissed! " Student Store employee ' s vest Food Services Don Findley Board Meeting board of control Call it the Board, call it the BOC, or call it The Board of Control; but whatever you call it, whoever you are, UCLA needs one. With an organization as big as ASUCLA, you need someone or something that has an understanding of the basic concepts of the Association. The members of the Board include three undergraduate students, three graduate students, two administrative personnel, one faculty member, one alumni, and the Executive Director (who is an ex-officio, non-voting member). All the members must know the history of the Association, its basic goals and objectives, its constitution, bylaws, and legal status, its current organization, its basic financial structure, the facilities under its jurisdiction, and its long-term plans. That ' s a lot to remember, but they learn it all so they can work in your best interest. The important thing to remember is that they are not trying to dominate the Association. They are there to assist and provide all the necessary knowledge that is needed to run an organization smoothly and efficiently. The Board has committees to specialize in specific areas of the Association. This way each area of concern to the Association can be looked over carefully. The committee members stay familiar with all aspects of each assigned area. They establish criteria for assessing the quality of each area, they assist Chairman of the Board Fred Gaines Cindy Chenow in determining pricing policies, they study long-term needs for each area for increased facilities service or product offerings, they communicate facts about the assigned areas to the campus community (all you have to do is read those facts), they discuss the problems and opportunities facing the area and assist in their solution, they receive input from other committees about their area, and finally, they review and recommend policies relative to their area. They do not leave a stone unturned when it comes to the Association —which just happens to be yourself! At the end of each school year, the committees give a report of the activities and conclusions reached and presents them to the Board in writing. These reports contain recommendations and guidances for the next individual committee of each area. This way, ideas that have been generated can keep shining and possibly progress into something that might benefit the Association. The Board of Control may establish policies and where such policies exist, any action taken by the Board and management must comply with such policies. Most of the policies set by the Board are on a yearly basis, so you know that any decisions that the Board undertakes is not rash. Careful planning and much discussion go into enacting policy. Some of the policies the Board has exercised this year are the New Food Pricing Policy, the Key Priority Goals Policy (which gives students priority over faculty in areas such as post office boxes in Kerckhoff), Student Employee Discounts, and the most controversial policy which maintains that ASUCLA shall not continue a Principal Banking Relationship with a Financial Institution if either the Financial Institution or its Parent Corporation maintains a relationship with a South African Entity or if it holds as part of its investment portfolio securities issued by the South African Government. The reason for this decision is based on the situation between the government of South Africa and the Apartheid. The Apartheid are the oppressed black people of the nation that have (continued on page 56) " They do not leave a stone unturned when it comes to the Association — which happens to be yourself! " Lecture Notes counter The book store students ' store: pencils, paper, (continued from page 55) no say in their government. It was the feeling of one of the Board members that ASUCLA should take a stand on this issue. But if you want to learn more about ASUCLA and the issues that confront it, go to one of the Board meetings. But plan to stay long because when it comes to the Association, the Board of Control is concerned about your well being. It ' s eight o ' clock in the morning and the beginning of another day. But this is no ordinary day, nosiree-bub, it ' s the beginning of your adventures as an employee of ASUCLA ' s Student Store. Being an employee isn ' t as easy as it seems. There are places you should know, things you should see and questions you should be able to answer. One of the most popular questions is, " Where ' s the bathroom? " So before getting down to the nitty gritty (aka work) you must take Le Grande Tour! The first stop is the mammoth Textbook Division and General Books Division. Together they arouse the curiosity of any bookworm with their wide variety of reading material. From Shakespeare to Vogue—the reading materials in these divisions can stimulate the intellects of a wide variety of people visiting the campus. Remember when you first got here and you couldn ' t wait to get " . . . seven busloads of tourists had bought out all the shirts and shorts in your size. " your paws on some Bruin wear? The Bearwear Division is the place for all true-blue Bruins. It offers a wide selection of items bearing the UCLA name. This includes class rings, adult clothing, children ' s clothing, gifts, and souvenirs. But when you went to buy your first real piece of Bruin clothing, you found. texts, sportswear, bearwear. . . The Country Store out that seven busloads of tourists had bought out all the shirts and shorts in your size. You were upset then, but later you found out that the sales of UCLA insignia merchandise is the largest of any college store in the United States. Trail Mix, Texas Instruments, Calvins, Dolphins, and Pelikans round up the other sorts of items that make up the General Merchandising Division of the Ackerman Union Store. Not a day goes by unless one student or another buys " zoo food " (trail mix), punches in 7734 on the calculators in Electronics, spends money on Calvins before paying the rent, runs to buy Dolphins in Men ' s Sportswear, or writes with a Pelikan from School and Art Supplies. But where ' s the bathroom? Did you know that the Student Store has a facility South of the Border (aka Math Sciences)? It does! Really! It ' s none other than the Health Sciences Store. If you cut the store wide open you can find many interesting discoveries. They sell much of what the Ackerman Union Store does but with an emphasis on medical supplies and books. So, if you ' re ever down south, don ' t forget to drop in on your neighbors in Health Sciences. WARNING: Roaming the halls of Health Sciences can be hazardous to your health. The corridors are extremely confusing, so take one map and call a physician for help (continued on page 58) Baby Bearwear students ' store: (continued from page 57) immediately if lost or confused. " Brrr, it ' s cold up here! " But where else could you get the grade card you forgot ten minutes before your final in Dickson? The North Campus Facility—it may be way up North, but it offers the satisfaction of comfortable feet. What? Yes, comfortable feet, because you didn ' t have to walk all the way back to the Ackerman Union Store for those last chance items. But don ' t just go there for last minute selections—take advantage of the convenience it offers! Operations—This Division could be compared metaphorically with a medical operation. An operation is to correct and iron out the problems in the body and also to make sure everything is running smoothly in its proper place. That ' s exactly what the Operations Division of the Student Store does. Each Department of Operations could be seen as a vital organ, a vital link in the big body of the Store. Each link has a responsibility that must be filled. The blood flows fast within the body and the operation is a success because the team works well together and the heart keeps pumping away. Still thinking about going into town to buy all those goodies that you ' ve been wanting for a while? Well forget it! The Student Stores have everything you need. Besides you can ' t beat the prices! They sell everything direct to you at or below the suggested retail prices. What more could you ask for? Don ' t say an " A " in your chemistry class, that ' s one thing we don ' t sell here! Your first day at work is coming to a close and you ' ve learned so " Don ' t say an ' A ' in your chemistry class, that ' s one thing we don ' t sell here! " much that you don ' t know if you ' ll be able to remember it all. " Don ' t worry! " It will become clockwork within a matter of weeks. Oh! And where is the bathroom? Ask any employee, they ' ll know! Men ' s Sportswear North Campus Student Center ackerman union, north campus, med center. . . Have you ever eaten on campus? " Of course, " you respond with a reverberating confidence. But the next question is, " Did you know that every morsel of food that is bought and consumed on campus is operated through ASUCLA? " You may respond with saying, " Who gives a hoot? " But the important point is that all those glorious candy bars, health foods, sandwiches, Cokes, Tabs, ice cream cones, salads, hamburgers and fries are brought to you by you yourself. Your reg fees have helped to erect over six eating establishments, not to mention the 17-odd vending machine conglomerates sprinkled across campus in strategic points. Ne ' er a day goes by without the clink-clank of another junk food junkie reinforcing his habit at the (continued on page 60) Health Science Book Store North Campus Student Store School Texts food services: sandwiches, ASUCLA Owned and Operated Food Services (continued from page 59) vending machines en route to his next class. When it comes time for some serious consumption, you have your choice of foods for the day—from Belgian waffles to sandwiches-by-the-inch and everything in between. Whether you find yourself in existential north campus or calculator-ridden south campus, you can find a place to absorb some nutrition (on south campus) or relate to some organic veggies (on north campus). Now, to be more precise, let ' s take a look at these cosmic eateries. The Treehouse in Ackerman Union is the largest cafeteria on campus and is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Here you can find a carved-to-order roast beef sandwich and a make-your-own salad bar; the Truck Farm which offers fresh fruit and freshly baked specialties; La Quicherie with spinach salad, fruit flan and 25 different types of quiche; and one line of deluxe cafeteria fare. Adjacent to the Treehouse is the Sandwich Room where you can find low-cost traditional sandwiches, along with Belgian waffles for breakfast and roast beef sandwiches in barbeque sauce for lunch. The North Campus Eating Facility, located near Bunche Hall, offers a full range of menu options including entrees, deli-type sandwiches, a salad bar, hamburgers and french fries and special garden sandwiches. North Campus is open for breakfast, lunch and (guess " are merely eating at an ASUCLA food facility and not in the Twilight Zone... " what). . .supper. The Bombshelter Deli and Burger Bar near the Court of Sciences has an assortment of the best deli sandwiches and salads. In addition, you can get hamburgers and fries or a genuine falafel for lunch. Gypsie breakfasts are served in the morning. Campus Corner is on Bruin Walk across from Meyerhoff Park. This is the oldest of the food facilities on campus and offers hamburgers, french fries, frozen yogurt and Vending Machines are everywhere Campus Corner - Bruin Walk Coffee House - Kerckhoff coffee, ice cream, the vending machines... pocket sandwiches which can be made to include a wide variety of concoctions. Kerckhoff Coffee House is in Kerckhoff Hall (for some strange reason) and is the home of Baskin-Robbins 31 Flavors Ice Cream Store and the Coffee House. The Coffee House is a regular night spot which offers live entertainment as a nightly attraction. These elements combine to bring forth out of the dark corners of campus the night people and groupies who come to the Coffee House to talk about things not unrelated to world affairs. And waiting in the woodworks (where the old Coop used to hang out) there will be (someday in the future) the Pub. This facility will cater to the 21-ish students who are alcoholicly inclined or just like to be around beer-breath. The construction of this certain-to-be-a-hangout - after - it - is - finally - built facility has been through a number of legal and materialistic (i.e. construction-like) hangups. But, take heart, rumor (and the Daily Bruin) has it that construction has resumed on the as-so-far-ill-fated Pub. So there is still hope for all the (continued on page 62) Royce Simon — Comm Board Chairman COMM board (continued from page 61) groupies at Kerckhoff Coffee House to be able to become alcoholically activated as a change from their current cafe addiction activities. So whether it is a treehouse or a bombshelter, a coffee house or a pub—rest assured that you are merely eating at an ASUCLA food facility and not in the Twilight Zone . . . do-do-do-do, do-do-do-do . . . You may be interested in this further note about ASUCLA Food Services—they also provide a and banquet service. And you know what that means—that ' s right, now you can bring campus food into your home! The ASUCLA Communications Board is the publisher of nearly all the student media on the UCLA campus. The Communications Board (known as Comm Board) presides over the Daily Bruin, with a circulation of about 45,000; radio station KLA 83; the one-of-a-kind yearbook, the Southern Campus; and such unique publications as the Westwind literary magazine and the six special interest papers — Nommo, La Gente, Ha ' am, Pacific Ties and Approximately 83% of Comm Board ' s revenues are generated from advertising and the sale of publications. The Daily Bruin provides 64% of all Comm Board revenues with display, classified, and subscription sales. UCLA reg fees provide the rest, which is approximately $6 per student. The ASUCLA Publications office has advisors which provide logistical, administrative, training and technical support to the Daily Bruin and other Comm Board media. Have you ever heard about the radio station of UCLA? You know, it ' s hard to miss it (unless you spend your time living in a cave). KLA the sound of UCLA — broadcasts to over 135,000 homes on Theta Cable. 45,000 homes hear KLA on 99.9 cable FM and the dorms can tune in at 83 on the AM dial. KLA is also played in Union where you buy your books, play pinball and bowl a frame or two. Because of Theta, KLA is heard in many Los Angeles communities — in the San Fernando Valley and Westside areas. The addition of 99.9 cable FM this year has more than doubled KLA ' s audience, making KLA the fastest growing radio station in Los Angeles. (Planned for this year — on expanding to the regular FM band!) KLA is proud of its extensive kla record library, consisting of not only rock albums, but jazz, classical and soundtrack albums as well. A " singles archive " is also maintained, containing virtually every popular 45 from the past 20 years. In the studio, KLA keeps over 1000 albums for regular airplay. Over the past years, KLA has experimented with many formats. Whether these formats focused on top-40 hits, rock album cuts, or new music, KLA has always offered an innovative alternative to the insipidity of many professional radio station formats. Presently, KLA stresses popular, established groups as well as lesser-known new bands. Acts such as " X " , Oingo Boingo, and the B-52 ' s can be heard, as well as established groups like the Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin and the Cars. Proud of its extensive news and sports coverage, KLA keeps its audience informed. KLA subscribes " KLA is proud of its extensive record library . . . " to the AP news service, and has a large network of news beats. News and sportscasts are given every two hours, lasting approximately ten minutes. KLA news and sportscasts often include special reports and interviews. UCLA ' s radio station is able to provide a complete background in radio (incuding not only on-the-air news, sports and management, but also in commercial production). Each quarter, KLA holds open meetings in which UCLA students interested in radio are invited to apply for various positions on the KLA staff. KLA is one of the few self-supporting college radio stations in California. The station maintains a strict standard of professionalism with a staff of over 200. KLA provides a valuable background for students interested in the field of broadcasting by providing practical expertise in all aspects of radio. the daily bruin Many a student ' s day would not be complete without first skimming through the Daily Bruin. How could UCLA survive without its daily dosage of Bruin Review, Viewpoint, and the personals? But who knows what goes on behind those hallowed doors of the DB office in Kerckhoff 112. . . 8:00 am. No one is in the office. It stands silent, dark, and empty, patiently waiting for the start of a new day. 9:00 am. The receptionists arrive, turn on the lights, the advertising staff opens its window for business. 10:00 am. The pace quickens. More staffers drift in and out. The phone rings occasionally. " Daily Bruin . . . No, this is editorial. To place an ad you should call . . . No, this phone won ' t do transfers . . . Hey, I don ' t care if you ' re calling from Alaska, I can ' t transfer you . . . Oh yeah? Well, I doubt that ' s physically possible, but I bet you have fun practicing on yourself . . . Yeah, same to you! " The phone slams down. Things remain pretty quiet. 11:00 am. More people — including a few editors — arrive. Some writers begin to work on stories. Again, the phone comes in handy. " Hello? Is Professor Johnson in? . . . Um, do you know when he will be? . . . Three weeks? . . . Oh, I see. Acapulco . . . Well, I ' d wanted to talk to him for a story, but I don ' t think . . . Yeah, thanks anyway. Stuart? Remember that interview I promised you? Do you really need it today? " 12:00 noon. As usual, a protest begins in Meyerhoff Park. Students stroll past on Bruin walk, almost completely ignoring the noise. 12:10 pm. " Frank, do you want someone to cover the protest? " " I dunno. What ' s the crowd like? " " Ten people, maybe. " " Hmm . . . Take some pictures. If we ' re short on copy, we can run a photo essay. " 1:00 pm. Things begin to pick up. Most of the staffers have now finished their classes for the day. Typewriters clack, editors talk. Stories are due in one hour. " Hmm...Take some pictures. we ' re short on copy, we can run a photo essay. ' " 2:00 pm. Deadline. Half the stories are done by this time. The others are still being typed, written, or researched — or are just now being assigned. In spite of this, the editorial meeting begins. All the editors go into a room. Close the door, and do . . . what? Nobody knows. Some speculation: " They sleep. " " They have orgies. " " They listen to Springsteen records. " While the editors are in their meeting, the office is momentarily quiet. 2:45 pm. The meeting ends. The editors charge out, ready to attack the job at hand. " Tracy, where ' s your story? " " Right here, I ' m almost finished. " " How long is it? " " Five inches, I think. " " Five? You told me twenty an hour ago! " " Well, I didn ' t have quite as many quotes as I ' d thought. " This, along with many other bits of bad news, is sent to Mary, the news editor. She is at the hub of the Daily Bruin ' s system: she lays out the pages. " What? Only five inches? I dummied it for twenty! What ' ll I do? A picture . . . No, wait — we didn ' t assign one. Wait, I know! A cartoon! Clint! " Clint, the Art Director, springs into action. " Yes, Mary? " " Clint, dear, I need a cartoon—fast. " " You can ' t sweet talk me, Mary. You didn ' t even notice I polished my boots. " " Clint, dear, I love the boots. I ' ll kiss them if you want. Just give me a cartoon, okay? " " Well . . alright. I ' ll try. " 4:00 pm. From the news editor, the story goes to the copy editor, who rewrites it into legible English. He then sends it back to be typeset. " ' How long is it? ' `Five inches, I think. ' `Five? You told me twenty an hour ago! ' " The Viewpoint letters, sports stories, and Review commentaries on the futility of the exploitative capitalist system all go back to typesetting, too. 8:00 pm. By now, in theory, the paper has been typeset, and is ready to be pasted up (i.e. the copy, ads, and picture spaces are all pasted onto a white cardboard sheet, which is then photographed DAILY BRUIN ADVERTISING STAFF: first row: Howard Braunstein, Joni Greenberg, Wendy Beirman, Martha Miller, Sean Hargarden, Suzie Mintz, Vicki Maus, Mary Ellen Valyo, Scott Jordan, Allison Luzar; second row: Steve Smith, Paula Feuer, Mike Baron, Bruce Mannis, Shelly Friedman, Mike Hooker; third row: Peter Siegel, Joel Spolin, Robina Luther, Lani Dishington. the Daily Bruin office DAILY BRUIN STAFF. first row: Rose Holsey (secretary), John Kelly, Jane Rosenberg. Andy Schlei, Tracy Lieu, Steve Kaplan, Stuart Wolpert, Mitzi Geges, Lew Purdue (media advisor), Brian Fuller, Randy Farhi, Colin Crawford, Michael Lipman, Ghislaine Patthey, Frank Spotnitz; second row: Lee Goldberg, Tony Lewis, Laura Boucher, Jill Farhi, Clint McKnight, Craig Andrus, Jeanne Mae Wong, Sean Hillier, Bruce Sanchez, Suz Sachs, Donna Prokop, Terry Lee Jones, Roxanne O ' Neal, Brian Hanrahan, Colin MacLeod, Kevin Frankel, Libby Molyneaux, Michael Auerbach, Martian Fred Gaines (former sportswriter); third row: Kirk Thatcher, Michael Mace, Bob White, Lee Rosenbaum, Mark Reda, Rick Kraus, Jay Posner; not pictured: Mary Astadourian, Adam Gold, Michael Griffith, Chris Hoard, David Kahn, Mary Anne Ostrom, Jay Alan Samit, Susan Steade, Heidi Swanbeck, Stan Tom, Greg Tucker, Rusty Tucker, Greg Turk, Elisa Williams, Randall Wixen. to make the printing plate). The night editor (a rotating job) gets to stay until 1:00 am, watching the pages get pasted up. Typical conversation between night editor and person doing paste-up: " That line isn ' t straight. " " Ye s it is. " " No, it isn ' t. It slants down over there. " " It ' s straight. Where ' s the ruler . . . Here, see? " " Hmm . . . It must be the copy that ' s crooked. Or the headline ... Look, why don ' t we just throw out this page and start over? " 1:00 am. Sometime late at night, the finished pages are sent to the printer, who usually messes them up. If he doesn ' t, someone else probably will. By this time, the office is usually empty—unless there ' s a party, in which case the mature, responsible staffers get drunk and throw beer all over the place. NOMMO Nommo Westwind Special Interest Papers? I ' ve never been positive. What are the Special Interest Papers? " " You ' re not interested, I can tell. Why should you care? " " I ' m supposed to write something on them for the yearbook, " " Oh, alright. Well, there are six of them. They are partially funded by student registration fees, they print 10,000 copies six times a year, and they get distributed on and off campus. And they deal with the issues of minorities, on and off campus. " " Ok, so then, minorities are the special interests? " " Right. Like I was saying, there are six of them. One for blacks, Nommo; La Gente for Latinos; one called Pacific Ties, for Asians; Ha ' am, for Jews; Together, for women... " " Wait, women aren ' t a minority. " " Right. But they ' re not exactly mainstream, either. And the last one is called TenPercent, for gays and lesbians. So there are six Special Interest Papers. They ' re all involved with advocacy journalism, fighting oppression—stuff like that. " " Minorities aren ' t oppressed at UCLA, are they? " (continued on page 68) Pacific Ties LA GENTE La Gente Westwind NOMMO STAFF. first row: Jeffrey Richardson, Laurel Selffert, Gina Hendy, Todd Clayter; second row: R.V. Lee, Derick Oubre, Prentice Deadrick, Azeldria McCarns, Anthony Jackson; not pictured: Chid Williams, Cardell Webster, Marzy Bedford, Cherly Gully, Cynthia Warner, Shalonda Garnett. LA GENTE STAFF. first row: Frances Carraslo, Lydia Becerra, Sylvia Cruz, Carmen Mendivil, Adela Enochs; second row: Cindy Lopez, Jesse Coronado, Sylvia Robledo, David Avila. WESTWIND STAFF. l to r: Carol Tucker (Prose Editor), David Joseph Butler (Graphic Arts Editor), Lisa Schullman (Editor-in-Chief), Theresa Montemorra (Theatre Arts Editor), Chris Hoard (Poetry Editor), Burt Goldstein (Music Editor). special interest papers sip ' s (continued from page 67) " Well, one of the things these papers try to do is tie UCLA to the rest of the world. And you do have to come through the world to get into UCLA, see? And out in the world, there is lots of racism, sexism, anti-Semitism and homophobia. " One of the things these papers try to do is tie UCLA to the rest if the world. " On top of that, there is even some of that kind of oppression here on campus. " " You ' re kidding! " " Not at all. That ' s why these papers were established, starting back in the ' sixties. The mainstream campus press has always been largely oriented to and run by white males. Mainstream people. But the mainstream is shrinking, and more minorities—especially the racial ones— are dropping in enrollment on campus. " " So why should the students continue to fund these papers? " " Well, two reasons. One is that these minorities, by their active presence, are encouraging more minorities to come to UCLA. " " What ' s the other reason? " " Minority awareness. Which could be called awareness of progressive social issues. See, for minorities and non-minorities, an understanding of all aspects of society is a very important part of education. " " You ' ve got a point. " " You bet we do. " Ha ' am HA ' AM STAFF. I to r. Josh Green, Natalie Gluck, Noah Taft, Vivian Artenstein, Cindy Rogoway, Karen Deutch, Rod Brettler, Hannele Rubin, Matthew Stern; not pictured: Aiton Birnbaum, Nat Ezray, Sandy Fabian, Sandra Fried, Lee Goodglick, Alan Kipust, Debbie Ruzinsky, Carl Schrag. TOGETHER STAFF. first row: Peter Szurley, Anne Blakely, Pam Hamanaka, Janet Kinosian, Darcy Sullivan; second row: Eileen Kessler, Greta Nash; third row: Suzanne Goulet, Anne Richards, Dorian Gossy; not pictured: Charles Bornstein, Gregg Camfield, Terry Kellman, Eliane Laidig, Jeanne Slater, Linda Marie Smith, Nancy Toy, Judi Trout. Together ten percent Bruin Belles, sponsored by the Alumni Association, is a group of involved women who basically represent the school at social functions and athletic events. They host dinners and special cocktail parties and give tours around the campus to honored visitors. One of their most important jobs during athletic seasons is to greet incoming teams and send off our UCLA teams to their away games; they also usher at smaller athletic events and are there at any important school functions that need responsible people to represen t the student body. Bruin Belles are picked new each fall quarter, and is an excellent way to give service to the school. Barbara Jacobs President Susan Wynne Vice President Serena Walker Secretary Maria Gerace Treasurer Noreen Johnson Public Relations Lisa Zusman Social Chairman Paula Dugan Spirit Historian Nancy Dutra Senior Representative Kathy Nelson Junior Representative Lynn Eger Sophomore Representative Alli Acker Susan Adamson K.J. Alexander Cindy Allen Joy Andersen Anna Araujo Susanne Askew Kimberly Austin Lisa Barnet Nancy Beadle Kristine Berglund Debbi Blatt Karen Borucki Marchell Brennan Cindy Brewer Kimberly Briggs Laurel Brown Mary Bruns Tina Burdue Elizabeth Bryne Julie Carrington Tracy Casamiquela Darcy Champion Danna Clements Laura Collier Susan Convirs Sharon Cowan Nannette de la Torre Katherine DeChow Andrea DeVay Dianne Drake Reilly Doud Christine Dumas Vicky Dunk Stacy Dunn Alyson Edgerton Laura Emmons Jean Eng Robyn Finn Mary Fitzgerald Karen Fox Lisa Gater Nancy Givens Wendy Greuel Cheryl Goldberg Terri Grissom Karen Hallerman Leslie Hazlett Heather Hilton Sandy Hoffman Lucille Hooton Karen Imagawa Tami Jackson Wendy Jansky Katie Johnson Linda Johnston Deanne Kanenaka Simone Katz Lynn Kebow Sara Killins Laura Kim Jeri Kirschner Julie Kjos Karyl Knopp Stephanie Kow Lauren Kravetz Helen Larkin Rhonda Leach Anne Legallet Melinda Llanes Stephanie Lou Robin Love Julie Lozano Debbie Luckey Lori Mackey Jill McColm Mary McEachen Christy McKnight Jacqueline Meaney Crystal Melcher Melissa Miller Elizabeth Milner Nell Morine Merri Jane Morrison Katharyn Muniz Nancy Nahin Roberta Nedry Barbara Nelson Cathy Nelson Kim O ' Connor Sybilla Peitzmann Krysten Peterson Patricia Radolf Marcy Raiklen Margaret Rhodes Tracy Roberts Terree Rola Robin Rosansky Donna Rose Jill Rossi Nancy Rudningen Tammy Ryan Leza Salvador Laura Salzer Diann Sanchez Laurette Schiff Diana Schulz Rochelle Schwetz Lisa Setzer Nicola Shocket Mary Short Trish Sigler Norma Simpson Felicia Sison Connie Sjursen Andrea Sloan Cathy Smith Julie Smith Jill Tannenbaum Dana Theus Lima Thimmian Maryann Vallario Susan Vinik Suzanne Wakamoto Wendy Ward Dana Wechter Michelle Welsh Dana White Laurie Whitmyer Anne Winiarski Kari Wolf ask counselors " I have no classes and it ' s Friday of the second week. I ' ve tried to get into everything but nothing works! What am I going to do! " This and many less fatal are asked every day of the Academic Student Counselors (ASK). They are students just like you and me who can give us the student ' s point of view on classes to take, teachers not to take, problems with units and just basic of where to go to get more help. They are stationed all over campus from the Court of Sciences to Bunche Hall (as well as in the dorms), located for the convenience of the student. They are very personable people who are easy to talk to and who can empathize with the trials and tribulations of the student. So the next time you ' re looking for the department of micro-economics or the dean of sixth-year seniors, bop by your neighborhood ASK Counselor and see if they can help! blue key BLUE KEY. first row: Waldo Phelps (advisor), Steve Walbridge, Hans Berggren, Matt Booker, Mark Byrne, Gary Little, Scott Roeb, Tom O ' Rourke, Kurt Heisel, Tom Sheffield, Joe Schuchert, Bob Hwang; second row: Steve Kappos, Doug Wickham, Harry Gould, Mark Evens, Scott Millington, John Shepherd, Dave Miclean, Gerry Flintoft, Dave Obbagy (president), Howard Tischler, Bret Powell, Steve Layton, Dan Cislo, Brian Dauk, Peter Weiler (advisor), Jon Meiners, Chad DiMarco; third row: Sean Hargaden, Luke Palmo, Neal Marter, Mike Gottlieb, Jay Shepherd, Sandy MacDougall, Pat Jones, Mark Gustafson; not pictured: Chuck Bachman, Kevin Baldridge, Ron D ' Cruz, Matt DeFendis, Fred Gaines, Bruce Hartley, Mark Hoffman, Steve Jamieson, John Jeter, John Kelly, Walt Mountford, Gary Weiner, Gary Ross, Mark Rowen, Scott Sellens, Steve Walbridge, Gary Weiner, Jom White. ASK COUNSELORS: Brad Pakula (center); first row: Tricia Winter, Carrie-Lee Early, Janet Letson, Michelle Reynolds, Lori Low, Sue Hernandez, Alice Chalian, Christy McKnight, Ruth Sun, Alison Snyder; second row: John Hotta, Steve Lipman, Jeff Roschan, Larry Albers, Allen Ginsborg, Gary Wong, Blake Kuwahara; not pictured: Sandra Kossacoff, Greg Rosenblum. Key is a campus service organization akin to Bruin Belles. It is comprised mostly of fraternity men; however, it is not associated with the Greek system, thus it encourages non-Greek men to be involved in charitable acts. This year, the Blue Key men brought groups of underprivileged children to UCLA sports such as football, volleyball, and gymnastics. They ran a booth during Mardi Gras and held an " All-U " where the proceeds went to the Heart At the end of the year they have a formal dance to send off the graduating seniors and to celebrate the end of a successful year. international student center It ' s amazing how a student can attend UCLA for months and not know about such a fun and social organization as the International Student Center, located at 1023 Hilgard. The ISC is a place where students and professionals from West L.A. can get together and socialize; in the process, new foreign students learn about American life while American students can experience the flavor and excitement of different cultures, not to mention new relationships and interesting events. The way the Center works: admitted foreign students are welcomed by letter to UCLA, then invited to participate in the diverse and helpful programs offered: for example, the Host-Family program which helps to maintain the family-like atmosphere which uprooted foreign students have left behind. The student spends holidays, weekends or other arranged times with host-families in the community and it ' s a great learning experience for all concerned. The Housing Office is another service offered at the ISC; it is open daily and run by volunteers to help foreign students face the housing crisis and find a place to live. Socia l interaction happens at events such as " Rap Sessions " where newly arrived students can just talk about themselves or get to know Americans; students ' wives meet other wives, professionals meet students and vice-versa, various ages all interact in a casual, friendly atmosphere. ALL students and faculty are welcome! What struck this UCLA student was the warmth and sense of comradery emanating from the place—the smiling faces, the people willing to listen and help. Other interesting programs include the Speaker ' s Bureau, where representatives of several foreign countries speak outside of UCLA, for instance at the Rotary Club, and various high schools. These expose mainstream white " It ' s a great learning experience for all concerned. " Mia Valert middle class persons to different viewpoints and help to broaden their own perspectives. There are also English Speaking classes daily and evenings where emphasis is put on practicing English obtaining volunteer from the community, and better yet, the subject matter is open and unstructured so that foreign students can really get a feel for American life. It would be impossible to mention all the valuable and interesting functions happening on Hilgard at the ISC, but some closing notes here seem appropriate. Aiding the foreign student in the physical and psychological transition into academic and social experiences in our country is the major goal of the International Student Center, but by helping them learn to they reciprocate and enrich the lives of Californians with new ideas and exciting tales from other lands. Once again: ALL students and faculty and surrounding community members are welcome, so come together. ISC Staff Orientation Meeting Associate Dean White a government intern on the job expo center Have you ever thought about studying abroad? How about a " Semester at Sea? " Have you ever wondered how things really are in the US Congress, the state legislature or the city council? Have you ever dreamed of representing a country in the United Nations? Have you ever wanted to traverse the country with a fellow student? In fact, if you are interested in almost any off-campus learning you should be interested in the EXPO Center. The EXPO Center is the headquarters for all kinds of special programs geared to off-campus learning. These include the International Washington government internships, foreign university " study abroad " program, " Semester at Sea " program, the Model United Nations, the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program and the " Ride Board " for shared cross country travel as well as other exchange listings. " Have you ever dreamed of representing a country in the United Nations? " Throughout the year the EXPO Center holds orientation meetings for these various programs and it only takes an interest on the part of the student to become involved in them. If you are interested in going half way around the world or only up the coast, you can find the EXPO center as the best place to start. The EXPO center is located on the " A " level of Ackerman Union and is headed by Associate Dean Alexander White. The EXPO center is there t o provide the student with the opportunity to gain an education, which is not limited to the campus — but extends beyond the campus, across the country and around the globe. So, what will it be — a blase existence on campus or an enlightenment in a European university? If it is an education you want, just remember that you only go around once and you have to reach for all the gusto you can get — and there is a lot of gusto off campus to grab — so go for it, Joe Bruin! expo center EXPO Center on A-level Ackerman Union " Ride Board " on A-level Ackerman Union interns outside the Washington Monument cpao sr How much do you think you know about UCLA? " Well, for one thing, UCLA is a big, academic university that is impossible to become involved in and, in fact, doesn ' t have much to offer other than studying at the library unless you ' re in a frat or a sorority. Right? " Wrong! Have you ever heard of the Campus Events Cultural Affairs " From the Alumni Association of Tsui Hsing High School to the Zen Studies Association, UCLA is bursting with organizations. " activities? Did you know that " Airplane, " " Carny, " and " The Great Santini " were shown for free at Melnitz Theater this year? Did you know that you could have rented an original work of graphic art for the school year? Did you ever go to one of the film series presented at Melnitz or Ackerman Union? Do you know what all of these events have in common? Other than the obvious fact that they are all " art culturally " related, they are all implemented with the assistance of CPAO SR, which also serves in an advisory capacity for these events. Do you know what the Society of Hispanic Engineers, the Communist Youth Brigade, the UCLA Prison Coalition and the Panhellenic Council have in common? Other than the obvious, these are all student organizations on campus here at UCLA. In fact, these are mere examples of the 350+ student organizations on campus. That ' s right, from the Alumni Association of Tsui Hsing High School to the Zen Studies Association, UCLA is bursting with organizations. And you thought there was nothing at UCLA but libraries and fraternities! " Well, what does all this have to do with CPAO SR? In fact, what is CPAO SR? " I ' m glad you asked. First of all, CPAO SR (known phonetically as " KAPOW! " ) is the Campus Programs and Activities Office Student Relations. And it is the arm of the university that is concerned with all that I have mentioned above: cultural events, Melnitz Movies and Film Series, Art Rental Program and campus organizations. The mere CPAO SR office in Kerckhoff 161 CPAO Falre, open house for registered clubs bulletin board displaying activities of each division fact that UCLA is so big and that there are so many activities and organizations which are above and beyond the normal university programs (i.e. classes and lectures), brings in the need for a CPAO SR. CPAO registers all organizations that function on campus and acts as a counsel to these organizations in developing and implementing programs and activities. The size factor (i.e. UCLA ' s size and the number of organizations) also requires a set of guidelines which each organization agrees to abide by; and CPAO SR has the responsibility of interpreting these guidelines and enforcing them. The office is headed by Dean Rick Tuttle, who also acts as the Chancellor ' s representative to the Student Legislative Council. CPAO SR has a staff of Associative and Assistant Deans, who act as " consultants " to the different organizations on campus, with each consultant specializing in a different area of activities (i.e. music, films, etc. as well as a Community Service component). Organizations are free to utilize the services offered by the office and, in fact, many do go for advice on how to cut through the red tape that is involved in having an activity or program at UCLA. Whether it is holding a club meeting or planning a film festival, CPAO SR is there to help the student community do more than just study in the library. So, what do you say — is the studying scene the only thing happening at UCLA? Maybe, but why don ' t you check into the organizations here at UCLA? Many people did at CPAO ' s annual Club Fair where some of the clubs at UCLA were represented in the Grand Ballroom — all open to prospective club members. Even if you are already a member of an organization, I ' ll bet you haven ' t participated in too many activities this year, so why don ' t you check into the CPAO SR office and see if they can help you out. Come on Joe and Josephine Bruin, get involved! madrigal singers wind ensemble madrigal singers wind ensemble music In North Campus, where most of the Art, Motion Picture Television (MPTV) and Drama courses are taught, one can see students rushing for classes while carrying a wide assortment of books, bags, portfolios, tape and video reels, and everything from a glass project to a set of leotards. It is here that imagination hatches into films, photographs, ceramic pieces, musical productions and new concepts in the arts. During the first few weeks of each quarter, students clamor for lockers while their clay is drying up or their drawing boards are getting on in the stampede. Others are (continued on page 82) (continued from page 81) devising new schemes to get into already over-crowded design studios. Dickson Art Center, which houses furnaces for glass blowing, kilns for ceramic firing, darkrooms and other working areas, is where you can find the typical art major buried in clay, blowing glass, or posing for an artsy photograph. Aesthetics is often the name of the game; but what is aesthetically pleasing, and to whom? Walking past you may find a major traffic jam in the loading dock as a ceramics student unloads a pounds of clay while arguing with a parking officer. Meanwhile, someone else figures they, too, will beat the parking problem and has stationed his trailer-sized portable darkroom there, blocking traffic in every direction. The art major ' s life revolves around his projects. What is sleep when you have to have a twenty-foot inflatable dinosaur ready for presentation the next day and you can ' t find a model? If you see a student dancing by in purple leotards, full makeup and other stage regalia, he is probably a Theater Arts major. Theater Arts for the student can mean acting, directing, producing, learning set design, lighting, theory and even theater management. In McGowan Hall there are workshops with sophisticated equipment that students can use to help them with projects and get better acquainted with the theater field. Productions are frequently put on in the Little Theater, Freud Playhouse, and 1340, which is a versatile classroom theater, all located up in North Campus. Under the direction of the faculty, students study classic plays along with contemporary and original works. Emphasis is on the students participating in projects. Projects also determine the lives of the Motion Picture Television (continued on page 84) theater (continued from page 82) majors. Students have access to equipment ranging from units, which are used for going on-location for things such as sporting events, to editing equipment and studios. Many problems can come up if you are a " Students study classic plays along with and original works. " film student trying to shoot some footage. Technical mishaps, such as your dog using your film canister for a frisbee, the starring actor of your production suddenly the political insight which you wished to bring to light is not approved by a municipal (since you were shooting in his living room). These are the trials and tribulations and all the frantic shooting sessions and rehearsals that go with being in theater arts. In addition to the variety of media studies you can find at Melnitz Hall, you may also find speakers and visiting professionals from all over the world trying to give students an idea of the real world of production. The MPTV department here is well noted across the country and also internationally. Several famous actors, actresses, directors, and cinematographers are UCLA graduates. There is always a certain amount of excitement created when one of these comes back to campus and gets involved in student projects, which is often the case. Another form of the arts is music, and if you are a music major, (continued on page 86) (continued from page 85) practice, practice, practice. Some music majors are performance specialists, and they put on recitals as juniors and seniors. The butterflies and the details must be dealt with. Composition specialists learn to write original music in the classical genre. To be a music major is to spend half the quarter trying to get into a practice room in the " dungeon " of Schoenberg Hall. There you will find rooms pianos of every brand and quality of tone. Students are encouraged to practice at least a few hours a day. Most productions are presented in Schoenberg and some of the larger ones are presented in Royce. Up in the quad in front of Dickson Art Center, you suddenly come upon a classful of students out on the grass inflating their art projects, or the latest grad student ' s strung up between the on wires. Hallucinations? No, just another day in the life of the arts major. If you see a throng of people walking around in the Sculpture Garden with looks of awe and wonder on their faces, they are probably taking one of the many tours given in North Campus. Their minds are definitely expanded when they see the 20-foot inflatable dinosaur careening over their heads. Behind Dickson, next to the ceramics studio, you will find the industrial arts section where students are more industrially oriented. Students cut off their hands on the saws while designing the latest industrial wonder. They are into their project enough not to notice a minor detail like missing hands. All over the art wings and around the theater, MPTV and " Heated debates rage: What is art? " music buildings you will find that rapt, almost hypnotic attitude as students dash for a class, rehearsal, or a presentation. Between classes or at lunch, the North Campus Facility is the spot most of these people congregate. Mass quantities of coffee are consumed. Heated debates rage: What is art? Will the second act work? Will the frustrated music major get his second movement written? Will the desperate film student meet his deadline? Is there a solution to this graphics problem? The questions are there, but so is the creativity. sports discipline commitment physical invigorating. a combination of team effort and individual perserverance. some call it violence. Some call it entertainment. we call it sport. bruin football Ramsey vs. Stanford, 10 11 80. Sharpe vs. Arizona State, 11 15 80. " This year ' s UCLA football team underwent a revamping. The once predictable and conservative offense has become exciting and entertaining. With the addition of coaches like Homer Smith and Jim Colletto, and the determination of the Bruin players to prove their worth, the squad was off to its best start in the past few years. Despite the preseason setback of a Pac-10 sanctioned probation, which prevented UCLA from participating in any post-season bowl activity, the Bruin team didn ' t seem to be affected in their play. The offense, under the guidance of Terry Donahue and Homer Smith, had equipped themselves with not only better play calling and better play selections, but more creativity and less predictability. With an addition of about thirty new plays, the offensive unit had moved from obscurity to national The Bruin defensive unit, led by All-American Kenny Easley and sophomore standout defensive tackle Irv Eatman, proved that they, too, were a force to be reckoned with. Under the tutelage of defensive (continued on page 95) " The offense had equipped themselves with...more creativity and less predictability. " Donahue Smith Ponaranda vs. Stanford, 10 11 80. Ramsey vs. Stanford, 10 11 80. McNeil vs. Stanford, 10 11 80. bruin football team 2 Walter Lang 3 Kevin Nelson 4 Terry Morehead 5 Kenny Easley 6 Lyndon Crawford 7 Jay Schroeder 8 Norm Johnson 9 Avon Riley 10 Rick Neuheisel 11 Steve Bono 12 Bernard Quarles 14 Tom Ramsey 15 Michael Brant 17 Kevin Buenafe 18 Willie Curran 19 Toa Saipale 20 Larry Thomas 21 Lupe Sanchez 22 Jairo Penaranda 23 Chester Goynes 24 Freeman McNeil 25 Terry Moore 26 Jojo Townsell 27 Blanchard Montgomery 28 Don Rogers 29 Mike Durden 30 Dokie Williams 31 Eric Brown 32 Tom Sullivan 33 Glenn Cannon 35 Jimmy Turner 36 Ricky Coffman 37 Matt McFarland 39 Arther Akers 40 Karl Morgan 41 Larry Hall 42 Frank Bruno 43 Dan Lauter 44 Scott Stauch 45 Darryl Green 46 Frank Cephous 47 Brian Smith 48 Chris Yelich 50 Mark Ferguson 51 Dave Otey 52 Brad Helm 53 Joe Gary 54 Gene Mewborn 55 Martin Moss 56 Mark Mannon 57 Randy Dickerson 58 Lee Knowles 59 Dan Dufour 60 Steve Williams 61 Rex Gray 62 Donnie Mahlstedt 63 Vic Mayer 65 Kevin Cronin 66 John Tautolo 67 Luis Sharpe 68 Blake Wingle 70 Gregg Christiansen 71 Steve Jones 73 Mike Mason 74 Steve Gemza 75 Irv Eatman 76 Mike Jolly 77 Larry Lee 79 Curt Mohl 82 Mike Young 83 Cormac Carney 85 Tom Sheffield 86 Ron Butler 87 Glenn Windom 89 Mike Barbee 90 James Forge 91 Tim Wrightman 92 Ike Gordon 93 Doug West 94 Paul Bergmann 95 Ronnie DeBose 96 Kenny Page 97 Harper Howell 98 Chris Elias 99 Brad Plemmons b ruin coaching staff Head Donahue Assistant Coach............ Jim Colletto Assistant Hayes Assistant Hudson Defensive Coordinator..... Jed Hughes Assistant Coach............ Don Riley Offensive Smith Assistant Coach............ Howard Tippett Assistant Coach............ Ted Williams Assistant Andersen Assistant Coach............ Jim Zeches Assistant Coach............ Bryce Adkins Football Secretary......... Bea Kass Head Student Manager... Larry Kurtz Sharpe Dufour Lee vs. Stanford, vs. Wisconsin, 9 27 80. Easley vs. Wisconsin, 9 27 80. Brant Johnson vs. USC, 11 22 80. (continued from page 91) coordinator Jed Hughes, the stingy Bruins defensive unit stifled traditionally powerful offensive teams like Stanford and Ohio State. " After three disappointing football seasons, the seniors felt it was their obligation to prove themselves... " The 1980-81 senior class, led by the likes of Freeman McNeil and Kenny Easley, was said to be the premiere recruits in the nation in 1977. After three disappointing football seasons, the seniors felt it was their obligation to prove themselves and have a successful season. Demonstrating great leadership and poise in many crucial and unfavorable situations, the senior class was instrumental in leading the team to many hard-fought victories. For these the members of this gifted class will recall their role in making the 1980-81 season one of UCLA ' s most memorable and rewarding. Schroeder vs. Wisconsin, 9 27 80 Rlley vs. Oregon, 11 8 80 McNell vs. Stanford, 10 11 80. Cronin vs. Stanford, 10 11 80 Barbee vs. Ohio State. 10 4 80. the season: up and down Sept. 13—vs Colorado-56-14 The unranked Bruins open the season with an overwhelming win over the Buffaloes, moving UCLA up to 17th in the UPI rankings. Sept. 20—vs The energ etic Bruins push by the Boilermakers to move up to 14th in the nation. Sept. 27—vs The well-played Bruins stunningly shut-out the Badgers in the and thereby joined the ranks of the top 10 college football teams in the nation. Oct. 4—vs Ohio The Bruins crush the Buckeyes in enemy territory with a shut-out upset which shoots the Bruins up to 5. Oct. 11—vs In a breath-taking come back, the Bruins streak past the awe-struck Cardinals and inch up to the 4 position in the rankings. Oct. 25—vs Cal The awesome Bruins shove past the Bears and are pushed up the ranks to the 2 spot in the nation. Nov. 1—vs Arizona-17-23 The hard fought Bruins have the win over the Wildcats stolen away from them by a miss-call on a touchdown play which sl ides the Bruins down to the 8 spot. Nov. 8—vs The disgruntled Bruins have another heartbreaking loss, this time to the Ducks, which shoves the Bruins back to where they were at the beginning— 17. Nov. 15—vs. Arizona The Bruins fight back to reverse their losing " streak " by overcoming the Sun Devils. Unfortunately the Bruins slip back another notch in the ranks despite the win—now 18th in the ratings. Nov. 22—vs The " Probation Bowl " is one of the most hard fought games of the season and definitely the highlight of the season. The penalty ridden Bruins slash the Trojans despite the bad turns against UCLA and slide back up the ranks to 14. Nov. 29—vs Oregon In an exhibition game, the " Mirage Bowl " , in Tokyo, Japan, the Bruins fight it out with the Beavers by capping off one of their best seasons in a long time with another victory. This leaves the Bruins ranked 12 in the nation. basketball: " I am excited about our team and our attitude, but I ' m very concerned with not having a senior class and the fact that we are limited in terms of experience. . .We have some outstanding athletes and I ' m sure there will be times when we beat a team we shouldn ' t and that we will have some games where we are inconsistent because of our youth. I do feel we have great depth and that there is no reason we cannot improve and again be a factor late in the season. " —Coach Larry Brown in the ucla tradition Sanders Fields Jackson Pruitt vs. Notre Dame, 11 29 80. Sears Fields Daye vs. Holton vs. Arizona State, 1 16 81. basketball The Bruins opened the 1980-81 season with an impressive 6-0 record, making it their best since kicking off the 1974-75 season with 12 straight wins. With no seniors on the varsity squad, the Bruins relied on the seven returning lettermen to form the nucleus of the team boasted by four new recruits; together they achieved a 20-6 season record and assured a spot in NCAA competition. Early in the season, head coach Larry Brown voiced his concern with this year ' s team, " I don ' t think we ' re that physically impressive. I worry about us against a physical team, and I worry about us because of our inexperience. But experience was no problem in the back court with sophomores Rod Foster, who came off one the best freshman seasons in UCLA history, and teammate Michael Holton. Steadiness was found in junior forward Michael Sanders who was selected as the Most Outstanding Player of the NCAA West Regionals in 1980. Averaging 15.5 points in conference play, he was a pivotal player and helped to elevate the Bruins to the level of a seasoned team. Continuing to play excellent basketball were returnees Tony Anderson, Randy Arrilaga, Darren Daye and Cliff Pruitt. Daye had a particularly good season, averaging 12 points a game. In his second year as head coach, Brown demonstrated keen ability by signing up two junior college performers and two prep All-Americans. Mark Eaton, a 7-2 center from Cypress Junior College grabbed 49 for the season. " Mark has been a pleasant surprise in He is a diligent worker who see ms to get better every day and he wants to improve as much as any player I ' ve ever been associated with, " commented Brown. Of Dean Sears, UCLA ' s other junior college (continued on page 105) " With no seniors on the varsity squad, the Bruins relied on the seven returning lettermen to form the nucleus of the team . . . " Holton Sears vs. Oregon State, 1 29 81. Eaton vs. Oregon State, 1 29 81. Hey Oregon State - when it rains.. basketball " We ' ve been practicing for three weeks now, and it ' s time the kids played in a game-like situation. They need to play in front of a crowd. Last season our students and fans helped us overcome some difficult situations and I ' m anxious for them to see our new group. " —Coach Larry Brown Nov. 5, 1980 " It doesn ' t matter how the team is doing now. I have confidence in them, as a matter of fact, I ' ve already sent in my check for the NCAA Finals. " —Paul Tanner Jan. 12, 1981 " The team is going to peak in two or three years. It ' s ridiculous to think that Larry Brown could with the same success John Wooden in the many years that he was basketball coach. It will take time for things to even out, but eventually I feel Larry Brown will bring the Bruins to the same level of excellence enjoyed the Wooden years. We are starting another of UCLA Basketball history and it looks like it ' s going to be great! Just John Wooden didn ' t beat USC the first time! " —Leslie Ann Sargent, student Feb. 9, 1981 Pruitt vs. Athletes in Action, 11 18 80. basketball (continued from page 100) recruit, Brown said, " Dean is fundamentally sound in many areas. He is a terrific defensive player and is extremely unselfish. " Having excellent first seasons were incoming freshmen Kenny Fields and Ralph Jackson. Defensively, the Bruins did not do as many different things as they tried to do last season but still remained strong throughout the season. The Bruins utilized a quick, aggressive, pressure man-to-man defense in the scoring area and as the season progressed, pushed further up the floor defensively. " We may press, but only after we feel we are fundamentally sound on our half court defense, " said Brown. As an offensive attack, the Bruins basically ran off their defense. When the fast break wasn ' t they utilized the high post offense which proved to be last year. Although the performance of the Bruins was better than the 17-9 record achieved last year, the season was not without its myriad of problems. Their playing was demanding, meeting the likes of DePaul, Notre Dame and Temple in addition to their Pac-10 conference games. Less than 12 hours after playing Evansville, the Bruins flew to Tokyo, Japan for exhibition games with the Japan All-Stars and Temple, making it UCLA ' s longest road trip in history and the first appearance by a Bruin basketball team in a foreign country. Students were taken aback when midway through conference Coach Brown announced that he had removed Kenny Fields from the team, citing in " the best interest of Kenny as well as our program. " Field ' s dismissal came about as a result of parental interference which with Brown ' s coaching philosophy. After some soul searching however, Brown retracted his " The Bruins utilized a quick, aggressive, pressure man-to-man defense in the scoring area . . . and pushed further up the floor defensively. " earlier statement that he would not coach Fields again and allowed the freshman to return to the line up to finish up the season. MEN ' S BASKETBALL TEAM. first row: Randy Arrilliaga, Ralph Jackson, Michael Holton, Rod Foster, Mark Kitabayashi; second row: Asst Coach Keith Glass, Asst Coach Larry Farmer, Head Coach Larry Brown, Trainer Elvin C. " Ducky " Drake, Kevin O ' Connor, Manager Victor Sison; third row: Michael Sanders, Cliff Pruitt, Kenny Fields, Mark Eaton, Dean Sears, Darren Daye, Tony Anderson. Sanders vs. Cal, 1 24 81. DANCE TEAM. clockwise from top left: Julie Hayek, Diane Bessee, Azeldria McCarns, Hazel Bracey, Melanie Sue, Renee Gibson, Krisanne Poulos, Jayne Papac (head). spirit... We here at UCLA pride ourselves on the deep, sociological meanings we put into we say or do — from the Sculpture Garden to the inscription inside Royce Hall Auditorium. Take this cheer for example: lcky la boomba, lcky la picky wicky, Ahful la dahful wahful, Oo—ke—tee—ahhhhhhhhh! Intense, isn ' t it?! Don ' t you see the social implications of icky wicky ' s on dahful wahful ' s? No? Well, then drop the subject. . . Speaking of cheerleading, did you know that UCLA ' s spirit squad is comprised of 3 groups? (How ' s that for a cop-out way to lead into a story on spirit?) Yessiree, it sure is. There ' s the cheerleaders, the (continued on page 108) (continued from page 107) marching band, and the rally committee. Cheerleaders — Considered to be the best looking of the three groups, the cheerleaders try to maintain the fans ' spirits when we ' re ahead and try to rev up the fans when we ' re down (which is no small feat). The cheerleading squad is comprised of two smaller groups — the yell squad and the song girls, or the dance team. The one requirement to be on yell squad is a LOUD VOICE. This group was led this year by Dave White. They m.c.ed the " Beat USC " rally that was televised on KABC (Channel 7) before the Probation Bowl, and they also accompanied the football team to the Mirage Bowl. The prerequisite to be on dance team has got to be energy. Led by Janey Papick, these girls are constantly dancing and waving pompoms. In Japan, these girls became overnight superstars. They appeared on Japanese TV and were approached by hundreds of photographers and autograph hounds. Tanya Cole, Homecoming rally spirit: the band, cheers, rally comm... Marching Band — Sporting close to 300 members, the marching band never fails to get your adrenaline flowing when they play the UCLA fight song. Led this year by Jennifer Judkins, the band played at UCLA sporting events and marched in several parades. The band, not necessarily made up of music majors, is a very close knit group of people who have a certain chemistry that really puts bite into the songs that they play. Rally Committee — Aside from alumni, this bunch of crazies can be considered the official UCLA groupies. Whether we ' re winning or losing, they are always there at sporting events to cheer for the home team. For a small group of people, they can sure make a lot of noise! I accidentally sat next to them at a basketball game; couldn ' t (continued on page 113) 1. James Arnwine 2. Jennifer Judkins 3. Bob Lazzarini 4. Patty Bogaty 5. Claudia Camp 6. Lori Milian 7. Cathy Williams 8. Shari Horn 9. Joan Jordan 10. Tammy Muir 11. Judy Bossert 12. Kandy Mink 13. Susan Stanley 14. Jennifer McCarthy 15. Cathy Potapczuk 16. Angie Eads 17. Wendi Morris 18. Ann White 19. Linda Andrews 20. Paula Nuzzo 21. Gina Amadeo 22. Deborah Campanelli 23. Wilbur Babb 24. Greg Hanzel 25. Dave Wilson 26. Paul DeWeese 27. Kristy Rohdy 28. Dennis Hescox 29. Ricky Hoyt 30. Mike Reilly 31. Harold Buchmann 32. Lori Bostick 33. Evi Desser 34. Jim Bolek 35. Kris Henrichsen 36. Eileen Holt 37. Ron King 38. Laurie Holbrook 39. Matt Yuen 40. Kim Drutz 41. Mike Buckley 42. Gil Ashley 43. Cliff Daniels 44. Bill Adler 45. Phil LaPolt 46. Mark Karbo 47. Mike Zadravec 48. Calvin Mah 49. David Keyes 50. Kim Mallow 51. Ron Ramos 52. Les Sarff 53. Charlie Trent 54. Doug Ayers 55. Dorthe Bame 56. Diana Salazar 57. Ken Wilton 58. Rich Wales 59. David Cho 60. Ed Alvarez 61. Bob King 62. Randy Testut 63. Dave Silverman 64. Joel Fierberg 65. Bryan Lanser 66. Greg Owens 67. Mark Kemple 68. Alex Iles 69. Chip Meyer 70. David White 71. Mike Montague 72. Dan Lucas 73. Kevin Pedretti 74. John Hansen 75. Paula Bilovsky 76. Tony Romo 77. Cheryl Guder 78. Dan Keen 79. Debbie Cotton 80. Cheryl Kronenfeld 81. Jeff Shoop 82. Julie Marso 83. Rick Ponce 84. Monica Jones 85. Steve Cormier 86. David Safier 87. Rob Oliver 88. John Spence 89. Robert Crisman 90. Steve Graham 91. Paul Natzke 92. Jacquo Haon 93. Art Kaufmann 94. Terry O ' Neal 95. Sally Matuck 96. Steve Tobenkin 97. Lorraine Kassrjian 98. Dean Blodgett 99. Anne Lord 100. Martine Micozzi 101. John Adams 102. Janet Leahy 103. Andy Stock 104. Ken Just 104. John Mina 105. Ed Zaragosa 106. Craig Shoda 107. Brian Wickersheim 108. Mark Geiger 109. Peggy Roller 110. Alyson McLamore 111. Todd Spencer 112. Lynne Feller 113. Shelli Black 114. Greg Yoshida 115. David Alexander 116. Lori Shearer 117. Lance Haliday 118. Shirley McCombs 119. David Juran 120. Billy Desser 121. Randy Hage 123. Todd Holland 124. Frank Silva 125. Mitch Speltor 126. Bill Bradbury 127. David Kiser 129. Harry Schmed 130. Jeff Lawrence 131. James Matsuda 132. Oleg Chaikovsky 133. Paula Hanzel 134. Joanna Pieper 135. Laurie Whitmyer 136. Marc Silverstein 137. Mark Abramowitz 138. Suzie Stoke 139. Odis Medley 140. Mary Archer 141. Sheryl Osato 142. Dorthe Bame 143. Tracy Scott 144. Ralf Christe 145. Robert Friend 147. Edson Smith 148. Bill Kulchin 149. Mel Avanzado 150. Jeff Miller 151. John McGinnis 152. Terry Williams 153. Karen Veteran 154. Sharon Hollingsworth 155. Connie Olson 156. Leigh Hodges 157. Jeff Warling 158. Chris Zyda 159. Karen Hunter 161. Eric Sternbach 162. Marilyn Patterson 163. Jens Riege 164. Ron Shields 165. Mike Madokoro 166. Todd Helm 167. Marty Campman 168. Jay Turner 169. Jack Hart 170. Jeff Ruderman 171. Tim Gillespie 172. David Cieslak 173. Greg Oatey 174. James Blair 175. Kevin Weed 176. Don Mitchell 177. Mike Mersens 178. Melody Diehm 179. Ann Lavelle 180. Steve Herin 181. Randy Jones 182. Paul Morgan 183. Larry Watanabe 184. Diane Crandall 185. Sandra Washington 186. Jeff Peterson 187. Naomi Norwick 188. Ron King 189. Steve Silverman 190. Craig Bailey 192. Mike Greenfield 193. Ron Webb 194. Keith Elliott 195. Greg Arriola 196. Greg Haake 197. Brian Walter 198. Mike Kurth 199. Sue Snouse 200. Mike Anderson 201. Naomi Rota 202. Andrea Goldenberg 203. Inge Poey 204. Hilbert Hakim 205. Mast Wood 206. Steve Watanabe 207. Paul Anderson 208. Misa Hidaka 209. Barb Sarantitis 210. Jeff Hogan 211. Dwayne Ramos 212. Julie Ambrose 213. Brian Diamond 214. Bill Pinto 215. Scott Norvell 216. Jack Hollander 227. Mike McDonald 239. David Sack 250. Amy Mulcahy 217. Pam Farthing 228. Barb Cleis 240. Rich Lamb 251. Sandra Gee 218. Mark Emmons 229. Shelly Hara 241. Sharann Hisamoto 252. Sheri Gaughen 219. Eric Grenier 230. Dave Rohdy 242. Julie Pang 253. Debbie Goff 220. Dan Kalantarian 231. Alex Matsumoto 243. Wendy Nomura 254. Karen King 221. Caroline Walrond 232. Rand Larson 244. Laurie Pang 255. Angie Frank 222. Julie Infante 233. Karen Latka 245. Joy Nakamura 256. Pam Burrell 223. Ernest Mata 234. Rob McCoy 246. Carol Lim 257. Jean Collins 224. Melvin Agcadili 235. Dave Carr 247. Celia Cudiamat 258. Carol Klingbeil 225. Chuck Schober 236. Joe Oster 248. Theresa Kretzschmar 259. Diane Klingbeil 226. Erik Rose 238. Alice Rodli 249. Bonnie Hunter 260. Craig Rolkhold YELL SQUAD. top to bottom: Debbie Anding, Dave White (head), Josephine Bruin (Katie Horton), Steve Kappos, David Edelstein, Tanya Cole; not pictured: Fred Ginsberg, Joe Bruin (Maurice Lemons), big Bruin (Brady Connell). spirit: rallies, bruins, alumni... (continued from page 109) hear for a week! (Deafness has its good points, though; didn ' t have to listen to my econ prof for a week!) Rally Comm is also in charge of the world-famous, internationally renowned card stunts (you know, the show that they do at the football halftimes where the cheering section holds up colored cards and makes pictures and designs . . . ). Rally Comm is responsible for everything involved with the production of that show - from the conception of theme ideas, to designing of the panels, to placing the cards under everyone ' s seat before the game, to execution of the acutal show (not exactly a simple task). Yessiree . . . You can ' t say us UCLA people ain ' t full of it - spirit, that is . . . RALLY COMMITTEE 1. Greg Meier social director 2. Eileen Asmus chairman 3. John Weiss 4. Caroline Sisneros first vice chairman 5. Kelly Flynn workroom supervisor 6. Linda Wheat 7. Dave Darling section supervisor 8. Bonnie Barber executive secretary 9. Kris Odencrantz 10. Claudia Hart 11. Jaye Varley art director 12. Steve Lee 13. Paula Schwartz 14. JJ Kukawka 15. Bob Alpert 16. Kathleen Bonner second vice chairman 17. Wayne Disher 18. Libby Hill 19. David Anisman 20. Colleen Nelson 21. Kristi Houk 22. Liz Topkis 23. Syna Dennis 24. Rebecca Stewart 25. Kim Christensen 26. Carole Huie 27. Alan Ragins 28. Peter Weiler 29. Brian Gilbert 30. Larry Porras 31. Greg Mock 32. David Tyau 33. Joanne Pollizzi 34. William Hyatt not pictured.. . Baker Bloodworth Cece Brooks Phil Doles Tarric El Sayed Jose Estrada Amal Fakhro Sarah Grossman Diane Heise Melissa Marker Whitney Mathews Sheryl Matthaeus Mark Miller Mara Papatheodorou Amy Stein Andy Takahashi Schuyler Van Dyk Yell Leaders the band - at play Rally Comm Staff Chalmers Robertson Herse, NIVT, 10 31 80. Beauprey Baldwin vs. Japan College All-Stars, 10 22 80. Beauprey Robertson Herse Baldwin vs. Japan College All-Stars, 10 22 80. Reeves Herse Women ' s volleyball Have you been reading the Bruin lately? Well, if you have, you ' ve not only been reading about our winning football team but also about our outstanding 1980 volleyball team. Having lost only two girls from last year ' s varsity team, coach Andy started off with probably the best chance of winning an elusive fourth AIAW (Association for Intercollegiate Athletics for Women) National Championship since the Bruins won the crown in 1975. Andy Banachowski has been coaching this team for the last 14 years and is the most successful volleyball coach in the history of the AIAW. his volleyball career as a member of the UCLA men ' s volleyball team, he has since risen to national reputation and was recently elected to a 2-year term on the AIAW National Volleyball Committee. With this kind of coaching and their high expectations, this team that was " coming of age " had their great season. They were 31-10 for their season and 10-2 in conference play, which included such teams as USC, San Diego and Cal State Long Beach. UCLA ranked 3rd in the nation. One of the highlights of their season came with the winning of their own tournament hosted in Pauley Pavilion on October 31 - November 1. The National Volleyball Tournament (NIVT) includes every legitimate AIAW title contender. The winner of this tourney, eight out of the last nine years, has gone on to claim the title of AIAW championship. But most importantly are the women themselves, who dedicate much of their time to a sport called volleyball. The excitement and challenge of the game is felt by players and crowds alike. The women players are highly proving that they can play as skillfully as the men. The addition of full time women ' s cheerleaders and the appearance of the dance team at all the home games has added much support to the team and to the enthusiasm of the crowd. This year ' s team has had some outstanding players, including Juniors Linda Robertson and Kathleen Herse, both named to the first team all-conference, and Sophomore Jeanne Beauprey, named to second team The team is made up of mostly local girls, as are most of the members of the other nearby teams. Thus most of the girls have played either with or against each other on many occasions, adding to the atmosphere of friendly sportsmanship. WOMEN ' S VOLLEYBALL TEAM. front row: Head Trainer Gail Weldon, Linda Robertson, Suzie Crone, Lisa Reeves, Debbie Dick, Patty Orozco, Suzy Bearer, Mi-Lou Trask back row: Head Coach Andy Banachowski, Mandy Wickman, Cammy Chalmers. Herse, Wendy Baldwin, Jeanne Beauprey, Assistant Coach Nina Matthies, Graduate Assistant Denise Corlett. " This team that was ' coming of age ' had their expected great season. " SO CAM, Men ' s Soccer Team MEN ' S SOCCER TEAM. first row: Melgar, Joe D ' Annunzio, Gustavo Corona, Andy Bonchonsky, Tim Harris, Martin Lemon, John Glenn, Jose Tibor Pelle, Aldo Del Piccolo, Asst. Coach Matt Klasila; second row: Head Coach Sigi Schmid, Peter Ken Moreen, Roland Schmid, Gary Kretzschmar, Charles Fisher, Ole Mikkelsen, Mike Kinsbergen, Bill Bugbee, Mike Callan, Tom Abelew, Harry Tweedie, Asst. Coach Jeff Hale. soccer We have depth at the position such as UCLA has never had before. They (the defense) have proved solid and tenacious. We ' re very fast. We ' re a very direct team up front; we don ' t fiddle around a lot . . " Sound good? These are the words of Sigi Schmid, head coach of soccer at UCLA. Although he is new to coaching soccer on the collegiate level, he is no stranger to the profession. Almost as soon as his UCLA playing career had ended, he took over as coach at his old high school, leading the team to a league title and a spot in the CIF playoffs. It didn ' t take Schmid very long to establish himself as a successful college coach; he has led the Bruins to their best record since 1973 when the team scored 19 wins, one loss, and 4 ties, and went on to finish second in the nation. With the help of the assistant coaches Matt Klasila and Jeff Hale, the 1980 Final Regular Season results were 18-1-2. The team went on to the NCAA Western Regional Playoffs, but lost to the University of San Francisco, 2-1. Some exceptional players this year were goalies Martin Lemon and Tim Harris; both of whom have attractive records: Lemon has allowed only 16 goals in 10 games; and has 29 saves to his credit. " Martin has very good hands and extremely quick reactions, " says Coach Schmid. Tim Harris has only allowed 5 goals in his ten games and has 38 saves in his name. The most phenomenal player this year was senior forward Ole Mikkelsen, 5 ' 11 " , 155 pounds, from Palos Verdes. he is the most productive goal-scorer in school history: he scored 27 goals this season, and is the only player in school history to score 19 or more goals in three different seasons. Ole was a member of the 1978 Olympic Soccer Team. " Ole ' s extremely competitive and somehow always finds a way to score goals, " Schmid. It would be to mention the strong points of each player, but it is necessary to note that all the team members deserve credit for an outstanding season. " He has led the Bruins to their best record since 1973. " Ole Andy Bonchonsky Oritz cross country athletic team can achieve excellence without, of course, depending heavily on the talents of its members. But it is the unity of these individuals that make up the backbone of a winning team. For the women ' s cross country squad it was just such a group effort that provided the fuel for their season. Finishing 11th in 1979, the Bruins, under the direction of head coach Scott Chisam, placed an outstanding 7th in the nation this year, the highest ranking ever achieved by the UCLA team. Their continued consistency in practice and competition was reflected in their season record, placing first at the UCLA and the Northridge and placing second at the Aztec Invitational and the WCAA and WAIAW Championships. Demonstrating exceptional strength was sophomore Linda Goen, the first Bruin to garner an All-American title in women ' s cross country. Goen finished a 11th out of a field of 214 runners at the AIAW held in Seattle, Washington. Also putting in fine performances were seniors Sheila Ralston and Heidi Perham. Although none of the athletes had any solid cross country their steady improvement as a group allowed each runner to gradually work towards gaining maturity in the sport while at the same time enhancing the of the whole team. For members of the men ' s cross country team, training is virtually a year long process, conditioning and running eighty to one hundred miles a week in order to maintain a necessary momentum. Such paid off, however, as the Bruins became the first team other than Oregon or Washington State to win the Pacific-10 title since the championship was instituted in 1969. The Bruins, who finished 15th last season, were led by seniors Steve Ortiz and Ron Cornell and junior Dave Daniels. All three ran extremely well throughout the year and dominated the competition on the West Coast. Ortiz was in all his races prior to coming down with a respiratory illness which affected his at the Pac-10 Cornell, who finished first at the Pac-10 meet, became the first or Washington State runner to win the individual title, clocking in with a time of 30:26. He has been an amazingly consistent runner, placing second at the Stanford Invitational and third at the Pac-10 Southern Division Championships. Finishing second to Cornell at the Pac-10 Championships with a time of 30:39 was Daniels who went unbeaten by a non-Bruin the whole season. In five races, he finished no lower than third, and then only behind either Ortiz or Cornell, or both. The men ' s cross country team has done exceptionally well since Bob Larsen became head coach last season. Larsen believes that much of the success of the team can be attributed to the overall consistency in performance and the invaluable comradery developed among the athletes. MEN ' S CROSS COUNTRY TEAM. front row: Alex Gonzales, Ron Cornell, Steve Ortiz, Felipe Gonzalez, Dave Pascal, Dan Brady; back row: Joe Avila, Rick Rose, Dave Daniels, Ken Ernst, Coach Bob Larsen, Steve Webb, Jeff Woodland, Mark Lewis, Don Moses. WOMEN ' S CROSS COUNTRY TEAM. first row: Elaine Schultze, Linda Goen, Lisa Ehrenreich, Heidi Perham. second row: Scott Chisam (head coach), Sheila Ralston, Lisa Scaduto, Ann Regan. Suzie Beugen, Roberta Bruder (assistant coach). " Training is virtually a year-long process, conditioning and running eighty to one hundred miles a week. " Ralston Goen Cornell S.Tonne vs. Standford, 10 11 80 waterpolo They were a fast team; they had talent, innovation and desire — characteristics of a winning team. They were also young, with a string of injuries and bad luck. Such was the situation for this year ' s water polo squad and their season. Excelling in their man-to-man full court press and with a powerful counterattack, the Bruins, who were ranked second in the nation last year, began the season with warranted optimism. Injuries to fine players, Brian Black, Steve Tonne, David Rosen, Peter Gordon, Lyle Asaoka and Bob Barry, however, put the team one step back from reaching their goals. Participation in the Brown Invitational, against many Ivy League schools, and their tournament with Nippon College, Japan ' s National Collegiate championship water polo team, provided a cultural exchange which seasoned the team and helped to develop continuity among its members. Although with a Pacific-10 record of 0-5, many of their losses were determined in overtime play. Still, key individuals, Vince Tonne, Dave Rosen and Ed Robinson, had an exceptional season. Hole forward Tonne and Robinson scored 51 and 30 goals, respectively, this season while goalie Rosen surpassed his previous year ' s total in the number of saves. The Bruins, who have experi- enced great success under the discipline of head coach Bob Horn, have enjoyed growing support from students, a definite inspiration to a gifted team that played well despite a challenging and frustrating year. " The Bruins, who were ranked second in the nation last year, began the season with warranted optimism. " WATER POLO TEAM. first row: Dave Rosen, Lyle Asaoka, Tim Somerset, Bob Barry, Ed Robinson, LeRoy Crowe, Bill Cohn, Mike Bustard; second row: Steve Holland, Peter Gordon, Steve Tonne, Vince Tonne, Bob Gallishaw, Bob Robinson, Dave Baird, Dean Heck, Sam Gilliland; third row: Grant Foster, Craig Kausen, Chris Blow, Pat Nelson, Robin Leamy, Mike Burke, Tom Schnugg; fourth row: Coach Bob Horn, Cathi Van Valkenburg (manager), Doug Kartel, Dave McLaughlin, Jeff Horn, Phil Matchett, Tom Larson, Dave Towle, Lonnie Finkel, Rich Corso (assistant coach); not pictured: Brian Buehler, Ken Foss, Brian Gates, Todd Sherman, Chris Wheaton. Asaoka vs. Standford, 10 11 80 E. Robinson V. Tonne vs. Stanford, 10 11 80 Gallishaw women ' s basketball you meet the women ' s basketball team there are a few things that you notice right away — enthusiasm, togetherness and youthfulness. The team have a close-knit relationship with each other, both on and off the court. They have youth, which gives them enthusiasm, along with inexperience. Now, when I say inexperience, don ' t get the idea that this is a team without any promise. Even with the youthfulness (with five freshmen), there is leadership (with three seniors) and national ranking. The team is having its best start in school history and has been consistently ranked in the top-ten nationally. In fact, UCLA is to be regarded as a contender for the AIAW National Title. With two-time All-American senior Denise Curry, the team is equipped with the best women ' s basketball player in the country. Denise is the all-time high career scorer at UCLA. (Yes, that ' s including Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.) She averaged an awesome 28 points per game (which is a good reason for her career score of over 2,500 points). Coach Billie Moore has great confidence in the team this year and believes that they have the ability to win the WCAA Title. Coach Moore, the 1976 U.S. Coach, led the Bruin team to the AIAW Title her first year here, and seems to have a contending team this year. The season was marked by a long winning streak of 12 games, including on the road upsets over Texas and Tennessee. Another note of interest for the 80-81 team is the Cal State Fullerton game, which was the first live regular season women ' s basketball game ever televised on commercial TV. WOMEN ' S BASKETBALL. first row: Mary Hegarty, Deborah Thurston, Debbie Willis, Jackie Joyner, Janet Hopkins; second row: Asst. Coach Jane Rosenkrans, Coach Billie Moore, Denise Curry, Asst. Coach Greg Hayes; third row: Trainer Gail Weldon, Kendee Eulert, Jeanne Beauprey, Melanie Horn, Necie Thompson, Susie Swenson, Manager Stephanie Hart. Curry vs. Cal State Fullerton, 1 20 81 Thurston vs. Cal State Fullerton, 1 20 81. Curry vs. Cal State Fullerton, 1 20 81. Willie vs. Louisiana Tech, 1 29 81. Willie vs. USC, 2 6 81. Curry vs. USC, 2 6 81. WOMEN ' S JV BASKETBALL TEAM. first row: Becky Bell, Dot Richardson, Gina Vecchine, Lori Farber; second row: Karen Callison, Manager Kim Horne, Coach Greg Hayes, Nedra Jerry; third row: Cathy Reid, Jean Holm, Joyce Van Winkle, Frankie Butler, Heather Bell, Romona Barnett, Stephanie Lazarus. Thurston vs. Old Dominion, 1 6 81. the bench—Coach Billie Moore Kiraly vs. USC, 4 4 81. Amon, Gulnac. Luyties, and Saunders vs. Japan, 2 7 81. Luyties, Slevcove vs. USC, 4 4 81. men ' s volleyball volleyball: a tradition. What took England centuries to build has only taken the men ' s volleyball teams a decade to achieve. Under the coaching of Al Scates and his assistants, the rules of all his teams have been that of determination and excellence. This year ' s squad was no exception to those rules. It was ultimately the team to beat. Called the " New Wizard of Westwood " , Coach Al Scates fits the title well. His Bruin teams have won seven NCAA titles (only three less than basketball) in the last ten years. But Scates spreads his magical touch to many aspects of the sport. He has had twenty years in which to do so and not a minute of his time has been wasted. He has coached twenty-one NCAA All-Tournament Players, twice as many All-Americans, several teams to USVBA National Championships, volleyball camps, and has coached teams internationally (playing such teams as Japan and the Republic of China). His teams have brought the largest volleyball crowds in the United States to Pauley Pavilion. Excitement was always the name of the game when this year ' s Bruins took to the court. This year ' s team had fifteen exceptionally talented players (some considered the premier volleyball players in the United States). Scates considered this team his deepest yet and he reiterated, " I did not hesitate to go to the bench this year to improve the lineup because I had in all of the players who suited up for the varsity. If one of our starters had an off-game then a substitute would improve the And what a line-up! In the front line at setter were Karch Kiraly (All-American) and freshman sensation Ricci Luyties. Back-up setter included freshman recruit Kent Smith, senior Mike Timmons, and junior Scott Ford. At the middle-blocking position were Steve Salmons (two time Steve Gulnac Mark Slevcove, Wally Martin, and senior Brian Rofer. The returning players at power-hitter were junior Dave Saunders (All-American), and senior Peter Ehrman(two-time The back-up setters included senior Andrew Smith, junior Mark Kinninson, and senior Rick Amon (All-American). With a line-up like that it ' s no wonder that the Bruins were ranked number one in the pre-season polls and the favorites to capture the NCAA crown for the eighth time. Is Bruin volleyball a tradition? Well, the saying for the basketball team is The Dynasty Strikes Back, but the saying for volleyball should be The Dynasty Continues. Al Scates and his teams will definitely continue to be the dominant force in collegiate volleyball. Bruin volleyball is a winning tradition! MEN ' S VOLLEYBALL TEAM. first row: Mike Timmons, Kent Smith, Peter Ehrman, Karch Kiraly, Mark Slevcove, Roger Clark, Dave Saunders; second row: Grad Asst Mark Kinnison, Greg Giovanazzi, Steve Gulnac, Doug Partie, Ricci Luyties, Rick Amon, Wallace Martin, Asst Coach Dave Olbright, Head Coach Al Scates; not pictured: Scott Ford, Brian Rofer, Steve Salmon, Andrew Smith, and Asst Coach Singin Smith. " What took England centuries to build has only taken the men ' s volleyball teams a decade to achieve. " Coach Mike Shaw Caso, USC Dual Meet, 3 8 81. men ' s gymnastics bars, rings, pommel horse, floor exercise, vaulting, and the horizontal bars made up the six events that the UCLA men ' s gymnasts had to excel in this ’81 season. This mission might have been difficult, but the Bruins were luckier than most teams. The team returned with all of its top gymnasts from the previous year. Peter Vidmar (1980 Olympian and All-American), Mitch Gaylord (USA National Team), and Carlos Spivey (USA National Team and Bruin Team Captain) returned as the top All-Arounders. These men were also joined by Tim Daggett (a freshman standout), JC John Mayabb, senior Bret Yaple and sophomore Eric Gaspard who also compete in the The remainder of the team was comprised of senior specialists Joe Hopfield, David Kandal and Glenn Takenaga, junior specialists Les Yee and Lewis Averill and freshman Brian Bagnall. Yet one more teammate has to be for - Mark Caso. An All-Aaround gymnast, Mark has made a fantastic recovery from an accident due to a fall while competing. This year he was one of the keys to the team ' s success. But the men who hold the keys to the Bruin success were themselves two accomplished gymnasts. Art Shurlock (the Pac-10 coach of the 1980 year) entered his seventeenth season as UCLA Head Coach. He competed in the 1964 Olympic Games in Tokyo and won the 1960 AAU National Titles in the pommel horse and horizontal bars. His recruiting and skill have started UCLA on a path to a top national program. Makoto Sakamoto (Asst. Coach) had his fourth season coaching this year. He has had many achievements in his own gymnastic career. He won record of seven National All-Around Titles and represented the United States at the 1968 and 1972 Olympic Games. Makoto has been to the success at UCLA. The season saw much success and the ultimate goal of all the men was to capture the NCAA Title. The teams to overcome in the NCAA ' s were Nebraska and Oklahoma. Both teams had exceptional (Jim Hartung and Bart Conner respectively). But bad luck befell the Bruin team once more during the two day competition. Freshman hopeful Tim Daggett dislocated his ankle upon landing during his floor exercise routine thus he was unable to compete in the second day of the competition. Nevertheless the team pulled together and many of the events were close. When it was all over the Cornhuskers were number one and the Bruins were third. Yet the 1981 season was the best ever for the men gymnasts in the history of the school. The team has improved a considerable amount (from last place in the Pac-10 two years ago to third in the NCAA ' s.) Top All-Arounder Vidmar, Caso, Gaylord, and Daggett will return next year and, for 1982, the can move over because the Bruins are going to have corn on the cob next year. MEN ' S GYMNASTICS TEAM. first row ' Asst. Coach Makoto Sakamoto, Head Coach Art Shurlock; second row ' Mark Caso, Tim Daggett, Bret Yaple, Glenn Takenaga, Eric Gaspard, Les Yee, Lewis Averill, David Kandel, Mitch Gaylord, John Mayabb, Brian Bagnell, Peter Vidmar, Joe Hopfield, and Carlos Spivey. " . . . from last place in the Pac-10 two years ago to third place in the NCAA ' s. " Spivey, UCLA Invitation, 1 30 81. Jerry Tomlinson. women ' s gymnastics The Women ' s Gymnastics Teams had its best season in UCLA history last year under the coaching of Jerry Tomlinson. The women finished a school best of fifth in the nation with Sharon Shapiro AIAW Titles in the All-Around, Vault, Uneven Bars, Balance Beam, and Floor Exercise. But this year the situation changed. The team had added pressures to deal with and so did the coach. The more experienced team faced the problems of a new scoring system, " nit-picky " judges, and being the team was out to beat. " The new scoring system us. I think it even confused some of the judges, " explains Tomlinson, " There would be times when we would hit all the technical tricks and the judges would say that it wasn ' t artistic enough or visa versa. It was frustrating because Shapiro vs. USC, 3 8 81. League, UCLA Invitational. when the girls would hit on all their techniques, I knew that they were near perfect. " Because of such confusion and indecision, the Bruins were to go into national ranked in sixth position. competition hurt us this year because the judges gave consistently " . . .When the girls would hit on all their techniques, I knew that they were near perfect. " lower scores than the judges out of state. That was partially the reason for the low ranking in the nationals this year. Next year will be much better because the girls will be more familiar with the scoring and so will the judges, " said Tomlinson. This year has also been tough for the defending AIAW Champion, All-American, and perhaps the number one gymnast in the nation Sharon Shapiro. Being number one led to a lot of pressure coming down on her shoulders. " How can I say this? " Tomlinson explains, " When Sharon finally did lose I was, in a way, glad because it alleviated much of her worries and pressures. Sometimes she would worry too much about winning. But now she can relax and concentrate on other competitors and not have to feel that the other competitors are out to get her. " But even Tomlinson sometimes feels that his peers are out to get him. " There are definitely some people who think I don ' t belong here, " explains Tomlinson, " They ' re just waiting for me to fall on my nose. I try not to let this bother me. " Tomlinson is the first to admit that he has got much to learn. " If I don ' t know how to teach something that well, say a move, I ' ll bring someone in who does to help. I ' m not afraid to do that like most coaches are. It also helps me because I learn too and if it helps the girls then I ' m all for it. I ' m doing the best job that I can and that ' s all I can hope for. " What Tomlinson can count on are his girls doing the best job that they can. UCLA has excellent women gymnasts and with most of them returning, the school can look forward to seeing some of the best gymnastics competition at Pauley Pavilion in ' 82. WOMEN ' S GYMNASTICS TEAM. first row: Asst. Coach Bonnie Jordan, Kristin Suellen League, Anne Kitabayashi, Cheryl Leader, Dawn Melcher, Dena Geiger, Sharon Shapiro, Donna Harris, Diane Dovas, and Peggy Wilson; kneeling: Asst. Coach Scott Bull and Head Coach Jerry Tomlinson. Harris vs. Stanford, 1 17 81. women ' s tennis There are two good things (for starters) about this year ' s women ' s tennis team. For one, they have half of last year ' s team returning; this means stability and strength. Secondly, they have the highest ranking freshmen coming into the program this year than any other year for UCLA (Kathrine Keil, Shelly Soloman and Karen Dewis); " They are consistently, year after year, ranked in the top five nationally. " this means new strength and freshness. It always seems to be either the one or the other for most other teams—but, noooo, our women ' s tennis team this year had both. Just like Certs, but instead of " two mints in one, " the tennis team had two strengths in one. The UCLA women ' s tennis team has always had a reputation of doing better than what everyone (other than the team) had expected of them. They are consistently, year after year, ranked in the top five nationally. Even though t hey have never won the national title, this year they seem suspiciously of grabbing it. The top three teams this year includes UCLA (of course), Stanford and USC (who?). The tennis team is coached by Gayle Godwin. Ms. Godwin is a UCLA alum and is in her fifth year here as head coach. She was a member of the tennis team when she was a student here from She is looking for a championship this year, and she just might have her chance. This year ' s team is lead by the team ' s sole senior, Liz Stalder, as co-captain with Karen Huebner. WOMEN ' S TENNIS TEAM. first row: Cindy Campbell, Mary Ellis, Andrea Bruno, Katherine Keil, Shelly Solomon, Karin Huebner, Ann Henricksson, Liz Stalder; second row: Coach Gayle Godwin, Asst. Coach Jenny Geddes, Helena Manset, Angela Walker, Kathy O ' Brien, Jill Jablonow, Karen Dewis, Asst. Coach Bill Zaima. Solomon Ellis rugby a 12-6 record (as of March 18, 1981) and a possible playoff spot, it was a slightly season for UCLA Rugby fans who are normally used to seeing the Bruins at the very top, year in and year out. The return of only four starters didn ' t help the team, which had perhaps the toughest schedule in the nation. Outstanding performances from U.S. National players John Fowler " Outstanding performances gave the team prolific scoring potential when good possession was obtained. " and Tommy Smith along with Vic Mayer and Greg Campbell gave the team prolific scoring potential when good possession was Dirk Mayer, one of the four rookies who played on varsity was brilliant as a runner. Highlights included winning the All-Cal tournament for the consecutive time, a new win in the finals of the San Diego Tournament and a 19-7 victory at Long Beach State. Also very impressive wee victories over the visiting ‘Brothers ' Rugby Club from Australia and the powerful Los Angeles Rugby Club. But the absence of UCLA footballers on the rugby squad since 1979 is hurting a program that has utilized football players in its outstanding successes of past years. MEN ' S RUGBY TEAM. first row: Greg Dean Panfilli, Jim Muir, Mark Tommy Smith, Rob Huizenga, Doug Marshall, Chris Sheedy; second row: Jim Treadaway, Mark Morre, Steve " Bronco " Layne, Guy Woodman, Rob Hikson, Joel Schiffman, Ron Boyajian; third row: John Fowler, Scott Bender, Don Sanders, Vic Howard Tischler, Brett Power, Marcello Sciurano, John Helm, Coach Dennis Storer. Placak vs. Arizona St., 1 30 81. Silva vs. ASU, 1 30 81 Goodell vs. Santa Barbara, 1 24 81. Leamy and Ballatore. men ' s swimming among the teams in the Pac-10 is the toughest competition in the nation and this year ' s Bruin team competition proved that fact when they had to swim against such team as Cal (1980 NCAA Champs), Texas (second), USC (sixth), SMU Arizona (eight), and Stanford (tenth). But despit e that line-up, this year ' s Bruin swimmers ' goal was to win the NCAA Title. Training to reach that goal started early in the year with heavy concentration on weight training and light swimming. This past year ' s weight program has been a new addition that Coach Ballatore had a tremendous effect on total swimming program. Another thing that has had a effect on this year ' s was team captain Brian (1980 NCAA Champion). has accomplishd (in four years) more than any other Bruin swimmer in history. He has won two gold medals (Montreal ' 76). He currently over a half-dozen school records, three NCAA records, and two American records. He was the team ' s driving force in their quest for their first NCAA title. Complementing Goodell in Record holder Bill Barrett. Bill has accomplished many things while swimming at UCLA and he was an important component in an ever improving team. Other returning NCAA included Bob Placak (100 yard butterfly), Robin Leamy (all freestyle events), Stuart MacDonald (400 yard freestyle relay), Mike Saphir (400 yard individual relay), and Ronald Zhiss (200 yard breaststroke). Coach Ballatore has been one of the reasons for the Bruin success in the past. In his first few years here he has set many school, NCAA, American and World Records. He has also coached nineteen But his overall goal this year, along with his team, was to win the NCAA Title. But, alas, their luck ran out. During the NCAA Tournament, team captain Brian Goodall was swam, but, unfortunately, not at his usual level. UCLA had to settle for second behind Texas; but, the Bruins improved over their fourth place finish of the 1980 season. With great team work and endless spirit (the swimmers can be heard all over campus when they cheer in between laps while practicing at the men ' s gym), the 1981 Bruins have achieved many things. The UCLA campus can look forward to an exciting and successful 1982 swimming season. MEN ' S SWIM TEAM. first row: Jeff Swiger, Robert Placak, Mike Saphir, Brian Goodell, Jonathan Real, Henry Komrij, Travis Stockman, Douglas Titherly; second row: Bill Barrett, Roger Svansson, Walter Beddeo, Stephen Barncoat, Stuart MacDonald, Dan O ' Keefe, Dave Pole, Douglas Wilson, Fred Webber; third row: Christopher Silva, Jim Higgins, David Forrest, Dave Madden, Chris Lanier, Gary Gray, Robert Long, William Purcell, Ronald Bregman, Ron Zhiss; fourth row: Diving Coach Dennis Taylor, Asst Coach Tony Bartle, Brad Hales, Ross Myers, Jean-Marc Francois, Edmund Ryder, Steven Forrest, Rafael Escalas, Eric Walter, Graig Nadel, Robin Leamy, Asst Coach Rich " . . . the swimmers can be heard all o ver campus when they cheer inbetween laps while practicing . . . " women ' s swimming UCLA ' s women ' s swim team has always produced some of the most outstanding athletes associated with the sport. It has seen the likes of Jenny Chandler, Shirley and recent star Tauna Vandeweghe (who leaves the school as best individual event swimmer). It has attracted an exceptional caliber of swimmers and has never produced teams out of the top ten nationally. This year ' s team, in its second year of a four year rebuilding program, saw much success and improvement. " We sent seven girls to national competition last year in individual events and this year we sent fifteen, " explains Head Coach Mike Shaw. " We Were 100% better this year over " The swim team . . . has attracted an exceptional caliber of swimmers and has never produced teams out of the top ten last year and we expect to be 50% to 70% better next year when our national competition will be at the NCAA level. " The level of competition is not the only thing that ' s moving up; so are the level of swimmers of the future. " We ' re sophomored, juniored, and freshmened to death which is great! We ' re in the same position as the basketball team. We ' re young and trying to rebuild. What we want to do is get the girls rounded out, " reiterates Shaw. One goal for the team in the future is to break into a nd become of the top four teams in the nation. Though it might take a couple of years yet, Shaw is convinced that the program will continue to improve. To say the least, the 81-82 season promises to be an exciting and winning year for the young women swimmers. Alexander vs. Mission Viejo, 2 7 81. WOMEN ' S SWIMMNG. first row: Claudia Noaes, Linda Placak, Tauna Vandeweghe, Tanya Nielsen, Jody Alexander, Ellen Ferguson, Janet Parkinson, Judith Kathy DiMaggio, Tracy Smith; second row: Mike Shaw (head coach), Nancy Placak, Cyndi McCullum, Eve Walton, Stacy Smith, Mary Barron, Marianne Gibbs, Nancy Hansen, Abby Birns, Cindy Schilling (asst. coach). men ' s crew Crew members, along with their stars. The total and absolute unison medals, this year ' s crew team is women ' s swimming UCLA ' s women ' s swim team has always produced some of the most outstanding athletes associated with the sport. It has seen the likes of Jenny Chandler, Shirley and recent star Tauna Vandeweghe (who leaves the school as best individual event swimmer). It has attracted an exceptional caliber of swimmers and has never produced teams out of the top ten nationally. This year ' s team, in its second year of a four year rebuilding program, saw much success and improvement. " We sent seven airls to national nation. Though it might take a couple of years yet, Shaw is convinced that the program will continue to improve. To say the least, the 81-82 season promises to be an exciting and winning year for the young women swimmers. The JV Eight vs. UCSan Diego, 4 11 81. men ' s crew members, along with their coaches, are up working out every morning at 5:30 am, when most of us are still asleep. They are up running, lifting and often rowing in the misty morning light of Marina Del Rey. Intense practice begins in fall, twice a day, for a season that will not begin until Spring. The men workout five months of the year for a season that lasts two months, with a combined racing time totalling approximately one hour, or six minutes a race. And why do these men aspire for a sport that on the surface seems to offer little? Crew is considered, even today, a rising sport. Yet it ' s history is deep in tradition, in America going back to the beginning of the Ivy League, where crew was the first sport. The unspoken communication and understanding discernable between any two crew people, be they young or old, Russian or American, is perhaps the answer to the question posed above. For the composite athlete, crew is true sport. It taps the participant both mentally and physically asking and challenging him her " How much better can you be? " and offering that chance every time they stroke. Yet crew is not an individual sport, it is a team sport, where their is no room for stars. The total and absolute unison of the team as a finely tuned instrument wins races, and as a result creates a special comradery between the team members. It is a positive sport, traditionally injury free, and offers the collegiate athlete the chance of participation in a sport he she most probably has never done before, and will never do again. " For the composite athlete, crew is true sport " On the West Coast, crew has not been as popular as it has been on the East Coast, but is gaining ground every year. Crew was organized here at UCLA in 1933, but it was not until thirty years la ter, in 1963, that UCLA crew took hold as a major sport. It was in this year that J.D. Morgan hired permanent freshmen and varsity coaches and built a boat house down in Marina Del Rey. In 1967, Bob Newman, the present coach, was brought in from Orange Coast College and led the newly equipped team to a victory in the Western Sprints, winning again in 1970. With Washington and Berkeley the teams to beat, Cal with a history of three Olympic gold medals, this year ' s crew team is coming up strong. The teams this year have several new boats, made out of carbonfiber, that, because they weigh sixty pounds lighter than the older boats and have a stiffer ride than traditional wooden boats that absorb energy, delivered their promise of a faster team. For although the benefits of tip-top conditioning, the gained aesthetic appreciation and fraternal between members are the end result of winning makes all the time, effort and often times pain seemingly worthwhile. MEN ' S CREW TEAM. Head Coach Bob Newman, Fre shman Coach Mike Bennett, Lightweight Coach Kirk Hansen, and help from Rigger Brown aka Paul Herrick. Varsity 8: Coxswain Kirk Urata, Russel Rowell, Dave Nelson, Scott Case, Joe Carlson, John Daglas, John Nelson, Matt Smith, Dave Arnold. JV 8: Coxswain Brian Knapp, Kevin Jones Harry Daglas, Charlie Hughes, Craig Tilson, Dave Fahrner, Tim Emanuels, Ted McLoone, Tim Orsley. Varsity 4: Augie Johnson, Zostan Pali, Milan Lazich, Alain Shelburne. Freshman 8: Coxswain Vickie Mattia, Andy Murphy, Guy Speers, Chris Wheaton, Jim Schnauss, Brad Nixon, Ed Schatz, Pat Cotter, Kevin Wolfgram. Novice 8: Coxswain Henry Ting, Steve Thompson, Link Herron, Brent Carson, Kevin Still, Steve Waskul, Nick Nicholas, Ted Prohov, Craig O ' Rourke. Alternates: Dave Colins, Craig Schmidt, Al Chan. The Women’s Crew Team Taking the boat in Trial race Coach Larry Daugherty women ' s crew If you thought getting up for an eight o ' clock class was bad, how ' d you like to get up at five in the A.M. everyday? Well that is what you have to do when you ' re a part of women ' s crew. I say " a part " for a reason: crew is a team sport. There is no " star " athlete of the team. The team is a total combination of all the individual efforts. This makes an important for this sport—there are no glory seekers here. Being a self-supported sport, the people who are a part of the team really want to be. This strong will comes out after three quarters of preparation for eight races of the season. The strong will is seen in the results of all this preparation. Last year the women ' s crew placed first in the regionals and sixth in the nationals. Not bad for an independent effort on their part. Independent, that is, with the help of Coach Larry Daugherty. He runs the team for the same reasons that the members come out for the sport—the experience of it all. There is no financial attraction to it, there is only an interest in the sport. But there is more to this sport than the glory of being 1. There seems to be something about a " This is the maximal experience of crew, something which most of the world will never get a chance to feel. " synchronized team effort going on with you enveloped within it. As this team " spirit " is produced, the sun is rising— " It ' s beautiful in the boat and it ' s beautiful outside the boat. " This is the maximal of crew, something which most of the world will never get a chance to feel. WOMEN ' S CREW TEAM. first row: Melanie Austin, Cecelia Radeski, Wendy Larson, Cathy Schauerman, Tia Graves; second row: Sheri Lochner, Helen Ellsberg. Susan Akiyama, Tess Castello, Carin Fujisaki, Koren Paalman, Sophia Sotelo, Brenda Flynn; third row: Cathy Bushnell, Sandy Lewallen, Linda Wheat, Alison Graves, Julie Nelson, Coach Larry Daugherty, Karen McColloch, Jennifer Margolis, Carleen Krelovich, Kathleen Blakistone, Heide Jenkins. men ' s golf “What we have here is a good team. " That is to say, that even though the men ' s golf team isn ' t ranked in the top ten nationally, it doesn ' t mean it is a lousy team. It is just that the team has lost five of their top seven players and needs a chance to rebuild. Last year the team was consistently in the top ten so you can ' t say they aren ' t a team to contend with this year. UCLA men ' s golf team is as an ever improving team. And this is the philosophy of the team — constantly improving over the preceding tournaments. Head Coach Norm Nedelman, who was the assistant coach for the past two years, is optimistic about the team, even with its youth. With only one sole senior on the team, Pac-10 player of the year Tom Pernice, it is easy to realize just how young the rest of the team is. But the good thing about a young team is that they always get stronger. So, we find the team looking ahead into next season, And with good reason — with a little more experience and continuity, the next season seems extremely bright. And what ' s even better is a good recruiting year which also adds to the future team. Bud don ' t get me wrong. I ' m not saying that this year ' s team has nothing going for it —it is a UCLA team, isn ' t it? So, right now with the standards here at UCLA, it would be impossible to say that a team isn ' t top notched. It ' s just nice to know that even a strong team can look forward to more strength. MEN ' S GOLF TEAM first row: Marco Durante, Duffy Waldorf, John Perles, Jay Delsing, Jeff Johnson, Captain Tom Pernice, Joel Farkas; second row: Assistant Coach Ray Snyder, Louie Bartoletti, Steve Pate, Mitch Lieber, Greg Starkman, Stuart Smith, Oliver Rheinfurth, Kenn Teel, Bob Call, Coach Norm Nedelman. Tom Pernice, Pac-10 player of the year Mary Enright women ' s golf after an 11th place AIAW National finish in 1980 and a 9th place AIAW finish in 1979, is again shooting for the top 10 in women ' s golf for 1981. Talent is at an all-time high for the Bruins and optimism reigns. In the past four years, UCLA has created a nationally recognized women ' s golf program under the direction of head coach Jackie Steinmann, who is assisted by professional standout Amy Alcott. UCLA is now invited to all of the major national events because of its record. " We have our best women ' s golf team in history this season, " said Steinmann. " The four returning players have the competition experience to put UCLA again in the top ten nationally, and with the added strength from our new members, UCLA ' s depth is " We have our best women ' s golf team in history this season. " " Our national schedule is very important to the success of the team, " said Steinmann. " I want our team to play on all types of courses and have the chance to compete against all of the nation ' s top teams, so we will not have any surprises when we reach the AIAW Nationals this June, in Georgia. " WOMEN ' S GOLF TEAM. first row: Cindy Scholefield, Carol Hogan, Mary Enright, Tara Zielenshi, Loretta Alderete; second row: Asst. Coach Amy Alcott, Manager Christy Moeller, Marianne Huning, Jenny Davis, Wendy Wisbon, Head Coach Jackie Steinmann. Russell Daniels Rose vs. UC Irvine Fresno State, 2 28 81. Banks Philips vs. UC Irvine Fresno State, 2 28 81. Anderson vs. UC Irvine Fresno State, 2 28 81. Phillips vs. Cal State Long Beach, 3 15 81. Curran vs. Cal State Long Beach, 3 15 81. track and field In the past 12 years, UCLA has garnered five Pac-10 and, aside from 1970 and 1976, has never finished lower than fifth in NCAA competition. In addition, the Bruins, who finished second in the 1980 NCAA finals after capturing the Pac-10 title by 47 points, was selected by Track and Field News as the top dual meet team for the sixth time in the 11-year history of the award. Such accomplishments are not easily matched and are equally hard to live up to. But despite the loss of superb athletes to graduation such as three-time NCAA champion Greg Foster (high hurdles and 200) and quarter-miler Donn Thompson, the Bruins maintained their dominance in track and field competition during the 1981 season. Leading the way were defending decathlon champion Mark Anderson, NCAA scorers Anthony Curran (pole vault), Dokie Williams (triple jump and 400 meter relay), Eric Brown (100 meters and 400 meter relay), Chip Benson (triple jump) and Tony Banks (400 meter relay), and Pac-10 champions Lee Balkin (high jump) and Andre Philips hurdles and mile relay). Distance runners Steve Ortiz and Ron Cornell, two of the finest distance runners in UCLA history, were joined by fellow cross country All-American Dave Daniels to put in powerful performances. The list of stars may seem long, but it is by no means casually compiled; each truly excels in his sport. What head coach Jim Bush has in his 1981 squad is balance — the essential and sought after combination of fine athletes in each of the 18 events — a crucial factor in dual meet competition. With a majority of the athletes having competed last year, their maturity and excellent effort displayed during workouts and meets alike were key ingredients for a winning team. Earlier in the season assistant coach Bob Larsen commented, " Our top athlete in every event is going to be very competitive as well as our backup men who are equally capable. We have a very strong track team and we are very fortunate in having good people. " " What head coach Jim Bush had in his 1981 squad was balance . . . a crucial factor in dual meet competition. " Gourdlne Cumbess Gutowski, Cumbess women ' s track Everything revolves around the fact that this is one of the best, deepest teams in women ' s track history, " said Coach Scott Chisam. This year the team was predominantly sophomores, and recruited. In fact, Chisam and his staff of assistants Steve Wennerstrom, Robert Kersee and Roberta Bruder fielded perhaps the most talented team in UCLA history. " ' I think we are capable of being the best dual meet team in women ' s collegiate history . . . ' " The Bruins had superb sprint strength in transfers Jeanette Bolden and Florence Griffith. Bolden was a 1980 Olympian at 100 meters and Griffith made the Olympic Trials final in the 200. Bahamas Olympian, Oralee Fowler added sprinting depth and was also a strong factor in the 400. UCLA landed the top recruit in the nation at 200 400 meters in Olympian and World Cupper Sherri Howard. Howard was also an outstanding relay runner who competed in a number of different events throughout the season. There were three key seniors on the team this year: Lisa Gourdine, who ran the 100 meter hurdles and competed in the long jump; Heidi Kauti, who competed in the shot put; and Sheila Ralston, who competed in the 1500 meter race and the 2 mile relay. These three outstanding seniors have competed for four consecutive years in the National Championships. " I think we are capable of being the best dual meet team in women ' s collegiate history and that we have the necessary talent, " said Coach Chisam mid-season. The Bruins had an opportunity to excel at meets; most importantly were the University of Oregon dual meet and the UCLA Pepsi Invitational where men and women, open and collegiate, competed and showcased their talent. And, of course, the most important were the Nationals. All in all, it was a versatile team with depth and quality and one of the best UCLA has ever had. WOMEN ' S TRACK TEAM. first row: Cindy Cumbess, Sheila Ralston, Linda Goen, Kim Law, Cherie Williams, Michele Bush, Elaine Schultze; second row: Missy Jerald, Sherri Howard, Terrie Heid, Roxanne Banks, Dina Seerden, Diana Carman; third row: Oralee Fowler, Carolyn Binsacca, Deann Gutowski, Karen Copper, Heidi Kauti, Ann Regan; fourth row: Florence Griffith, Kathy Mintie, Suzy Beugen, Lisa Scaduto, Jamie Susie Ray; fifth row: Carol Norman, Arlise Emerson, Stephanie Thornton, Marta Kuehl, Jacque Nelson; not pictured: Jackie Joyner, Deborah Thurston, Tonya Alston, Heidi Perham, Lisa Gourdine, Jeanette Bolden. Women ' s Track Perham On your mark softball This year ' s team was out to avenge the disappointment of 1980. The majority of their top players returned from last year and joined with top new players for an exciting season. UCLA contended with Arizona state and Cal State Fullerton for the WCAA title. " We have a more experienced team than ever before and it is the most talented women ' s softball team in school history, " said Head Coach Sharron Backus. She agreed with Assistant Owens, Vecchione, Jerry, Hauer Booth, Vecchione, Young, Richardson, Eskierski Hauer Coach Sue Enquist that the key was " jelling as a team. " This year saw good speed, power and along with a solid pitching staff. One of the top pitchers is Karen Andrews, who holds most of the UCLA pitching records and had a streak of 127 innings without allowing an earned run. " This year saw good speed, power and defense, along with a solid pitching staff. " All three catchers from last year returned for the 1981 season and UCLA ' s infield was as strong as ever. In the outfield there was a lot of depth. The team had the most power up and down the lineup of any previous UCLA team. They were more capable of pushing across the first run of the game this year, as was shown in their games versus Oklahoma and Cal State Fullerton, to name only two. UCLA ' s most critical loss from a year ago was team MVP Gail Edson, who led UCLA in virtually every offensive category and was leading hitter. But with the additions of Richardson, the leading collegiate hitter in 1980, Eskierski and Cornell, Coach Backus believes she improved the overall attack. " We are a more mature team this year because of the experience of losing last year, " said Backus (they came in 3rd). " We have seen both sides of the fence and each game will be more meaningful for us. " SOFTBALL TEAM. first row: Karen Sheila Cornell, Barbara Young, Lori Warkentin, Jan Jeffers, Sue Eskierski, Barb Booth; second row: Assistant Coach Sue Enquist, Shelley Aguilar, Gina Vecchione, Nedra Jerry, Debbie Hauer, Karen Owens, Dot Richardson, Head Coach Sharon Backus. Head Coach Sharon Backus Willenborg vs. SMU, 1 14 81. men ' s tennis Domination has become with the UCLA tennis team, almost a middle name you might say and for a good reason. The Bruins have won 13 NCAA team championships, more than any other school; they lead all NCAA tennis teams in past and present players achieving points with 27, and has the only NCAA tennis coach to have been a player, an assistant coach and a head coach for his alma mater. It seems a natural though that UCLA ' s most successful sport in terms of championships be tennis. Southern California lifestyle almost mandates that children learn the fine art of a backhand as surely as they learn to walk. But oddly enough, the 1981 squad ' s top three players were prepped elsewhere. Currently ranked No. 1 in the nation in college tennis is junior Robbie Venter who hails from Johannesburg, South Africa. Venter, a fine singles player, returned this season as an and was a key factor throughout the season. Head coach " Though weaker in doubles than in years past, the Bruins maintained their ranks as the sport ' s top collegiate team. " Glenn Bassett praised Venter stating, " He ' s very strong and possesses a fine all-around game and has the ability to beat anyone in college tennis. " From Miami, Florida, is junior Blaine Willenborg, a consistent performer but a fiery competitor. " Besides his competitiveness, he ' s a very steady player with a great forehand hit with tremendous . . . truly a player with a great team spirit. " Coming off a great season last year, was All-American Marcel Freeman who carried his right into the new season. A two-time New York State HS champion, Freeman is an doubles player who remained an important force for the Bruins. New to the UCLA squad was freshman Craig Venter and John Davis. Both tremendous doubles players, they should prove to be key performers in upcoming seasons. The Bruins played in top form showing good depth. Though weaker in doubles than in years past, the Bruins still maintained their ranks as the sport ' s top collegiate team. MEN ' S TENNIS TEAM. first row: Randy Part, Blaine Willenborg, Todd Katz, Bruce Brescia, Mark Rifenbark, Marcel Freeman; second row: Asst. Coach Mike Harrington, Craig Venter, Jacques Manset, John Davis, Coach Glenn Bassett, Danny Saltz, Dane Chapin, captain Robbie Venter, Asst. Coach Ron Cornell. vs. SMU, 1 14 81. Davis vs. SMU, 1 14 81. intramural sports UCLA—the epitome of academe. A fine institution of higher learning and know-how. But no student ' s schedule is complete without some form of physical activity. Granted, the trek from Hedrick to GSM or from Young to Bunche is enough to tire any trained runner, but many students forsake their Chem One book, lecture notes and all the artifacts of their academic life for just a few hours a week. They enjoy the intrinsic sense of exhilaration that individual participation in sports generate. For one-third of all enrolled undergrads, their choice is to participate in Intramural (IM) Sports. The IM program offers a wide variety of activities including squash, football, tennis and in men ' s, women ' s, and coed division. IM offers turkey relays, inner tube water polo and power weight lifting for those who want to try something a little different. By far the most popular IM sport is volleyball, attributed in part to the excellent varsity and the fact that proficiency in the sport is expected if you are a true Southern Californian. Greek houses, dorm floors, classes, jobs or just a group of friends are all potential places where IM teams are born. And if the participation isn ' t enough, consider if you will just the sheer creativity that goes into naming the teams. Some imaginative entries this year were: Diminished Capacity, Kareem in Your Shorts, Prominent Nucleoli, Mochi Men and the Westchester Northstars. Al Chavez, Director of Intramural Sports, sees the program as a diversified one appealing to a wide range of students. " We run the program to meet the needs of different people. For example, some see it as a form of release through intense competitio n while others see it as an opportunity to exercise. For some the social interactions are important and for others it affords the time to practice a particular skill. Many students enjoy IMs because it guarantees them a time and place to play their particular sport, for example, racquetball. " There is currently a 65%-35% ratio of men to women who in IMs. The number of women involved in IMs increases each year, more part icipating in the coed category than in the all women ' s class. Although men ' s and (continued on page 156) " Consider just the sheer creativity that goes into naming the teams . . . Diminished Capacity, Prominent Nucleoli, Mochi Men . . . " intramurals (continued from page 155) women ' s classifications do exist, no person can be excluded from competing in either category on the basis of sex. Providing 60 different activities throughout the year, the IM runs smoothly and efficiently. The only real setback is the lack of facilities and field space. " We are pretty limited to the program we have right now because of the situation we find ourselves in. " To add to the program we almost have to take something out, and we do this on a fine tuning basis. Year to year we will take out sports that students really don ' t express any interest. The first year something falls flat we don ' t drop it, but when there is a trend away from a particular sport we will suspend it. By the same token, if there seems to be a sport or an activity that is either presented to us or comes to our attention through our professional affiliations, and it seems to have merit, we will put it in our program. Ultimate frisbee was the last sport added. " For most, the comraderie they develop between other students involved in IM sports supersedes winning the actual competition. The philosophy of the IM program is to emphasize participation while deemphasizing extrinsic rewards. " The IM program has always enjoyed a lot of student support, " says Chavez. " Among the ongoing activities on campus, it is probably one of the largest, if not the largest nonacademic extracurricular So what we think we are doing is providing a valuable service the students genuinely appreciate. " " The philosophy of the IM program is to emphasize participation while deemphasizing extrinsic rewards. " home coming Celebrate, good times, COME ON! And we did! It was a weekend full of fun, frolic, festivities, and football. The theme for the weekend was that of Los Angeles ' Bicentennial and our football team was back in the national rankings. graduates, and alumni alike were excited for participation, parading, and partying. The festivities all began with a rally at noon on November 7th at the base of Janss Steps. Terry Donahue and the " boys " were all there, along with the marching band and the infamous cheerleaders, to spark some excitement into the people that would light the fire for the beginning of a fantastic weekend. The team thanked the fans for their support and reassured them that they would try to do their best against the Ducks of Oregon. Later on that evening was the homecoming parade. Mayor Tom Bradley (a graduate of UCLA) was at hand to be the Grand Marshall. And what a parade it was! Dozens of neatly handcrafted floats and many marching groups made their way down Westwood Blvd. There were entries from many different all over campus, including the fraternities and sororities. Who could forget the Pi Phi ' s and Theta Xi ' s parading as prophylactics with kazoos trumpeting " Fight On " , (they were otherwise known as The Trojan Marching Band.) At the end of the parade, all the entries gathered at James E. West " . . . parading as kazoos trumpeting ' Fight On ' . " Center to await the announcement of the winner of the competition and to watch an explosive firework display on the intramural field. The climax of the day was the street dance. This was held near Lot 6 and all of the fraternities. Many people worked up a sweat and worked off some pounds while dancing all night to thesounds of disco, new wave and, a slow tune. But the crowd thinned out early so they wo uld be ready for the big game the next day or, should I say, later on that morning. The Coliseum was packed and alumni banners were everywhere. Everyone was having a good time picnicking before the game-it was a perfect weekend so far. But as they " Once a Bruin, always a say, " All good things must come to an end. " And the end of what was to be a perfect weekend, the Bruins suffered defeat at the hands of the Oregon Ducks 20-14. Yet while everyone was upset and depressed, a song comes to the mind of every Bruin at the end of all games- " And true to thee our hearts will be, to the blue and to the gold! " And true to UCLA is every Bruins heart, whether it ' s an undergraduate or an alumni-Once a Bruin, always a Bruin! the probation bowl The series of cross-town rivalry games between UCLA and USC is half a century old, always important to the teams and their fans, and always, it seems, decided in the last minute. This year, since both teams were put on probation (excluding them from playing in the Rose Bowl) for what the Pac-10 calls " academic irregularities, " students nicknamed the game " The Probation Bowl. " Five teams out of ten in the Pacific conference were put on probation this season: UCLA, USC, Arizona State, Oregon, and Oregon State. But although no major bowl game was at stake, UCLA and USC battled it out with the continuing frenzy of the cross-town rivalry. On November 22, 1980, before 83,000 fans in the Coliseum, UCLA overturned the 4-year-running USC domination with a brand new defensive alignment and an front which had been and refined in the weeks preceding the game. " Although no major bowl game was at stake, UCLA and battled it out with the continuing frenzy of the rivalry. " Victory was accomplished in the last play of the game when USC, opting not to go for a field goal, failed to complete a drive at the UCLA 29 yard line, leaving the score at 20-17, UCLA. The Trojans were leading 10-7 early in the second half and 17-14 early in the fourth quarter. USC quarterback Scott Tinsley had been virtually untested; therefore, USC mounted considerably less offense than usual. UCLA ' s defense was strong, and so was their offense; USC offense gained 255 yards during the game compared to UCLA ' s 329. UCLA had some bad luck—two roughing-the-punter calls, an illegal substitution call during another punt, two lost fumbles and two interceptions. But UCLA had some good luck, too. Early in the fourth quarter, Bruins trailing 17-14, the ball on the UCLA 42: sophomore quarterback Jay Schroeder threw long to tailback Freeman McNeil. After a deflection off of USC Cornerback Fisher (and major gasps from the crowd), Freeman McNeil, with the grace and accuracy of a dancer, collected the deflection and ran with the ball for a 58-yard The winning touchdown. It was a dramatic finish to a very memorable game. McNeil Coach Donahue Schroeder baseball the team is young this year, " says Head Coach Gary Adams, " we ' re improving and starting to look very good. " The team lost a lot of players to graduation and professional teams " The team developed and worked tightly together. " last year. Also, in Coach Adams ' seven-year history here at UCLA, there have never been more than two freshmen on the varsity team; this year there were seven. the players had a lot of work to do in performing as a team, and the DelaTorre Jackie Robinson Stadium Home of the UCLA Bruins Ball Strike Out 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 R H E Visitors UCLA season didn ' t start off very well; they lost seven out of their first thirteen games. They had a total of 58 games to play through. Against the odds, the team was working to uphold the precedent of seven years of winning seasons: in 1976 and 1979, the team placed first in the league. Also in 1979, the Bruins finished 21-9 to run away with the first Pac-10 Southern Division title. Coach Adams has been named Conference Coach of the Year twice since coaching for UCLA. In the other seasons since 1975, the team has never placed lower than third in the league. This year ' s team ' s hitting was good, and though there were struggles with the pitching at first, the team developed and worked tightly together. The Co-Captains were Mike Gallego and Eric The leading hitter was Brian Graham. The home games were played in the new Jackie Robinson Stadium. UCLA BASEBALL TEAM. first row: Head Coach Gary Adams, Mike Gallego, Brian Graham, Steve Moscaret, David Montanari, Paul Conley, Neal Marder; second row: Assistant Coach Chris Krug, Tim Gudim, Vince Beringhele, Chris Smith, Greg Norman, Rick Krikorian, Patrick Clements, Assistant Coach Glenn Mickens; third row: Julian DeLaTorre, Lindsay Meggs, Carles Yaeger, Andy Center, Colin Ward, Eric Broersma, Jeff McDonald, Pete Beall. Norman Gallego The John Wooden Center Jackie Robinson Stadium new sports facilities To the relief and anticipation of many athletic - minded Bruins this year, two new sports facilities appeared on campus. One, the Jackie Robinson Stadium, now home-diamond of Bruin baseball, was just recently finished. It was named after Robinson, who was a four-sport letterman at UCLA in football, basketball, track and baseball. In 1947, he became the first black baseball player in the major leagues when he joined the Brooklyn Dodgers. The field is smooth and green, and surrounded by a royal blue backboard. The stands are clean and spanking new, with a capacity for hundreds of cheering fans. Located off Sepulveda, north of Wilshire, on Constitution Avenue, it ' s not hard to find and well worth the search. It is a beautiful addition, and a sorely needed home field. The second of UCLA ' s new sports facilities, yet to be completed as of June 1981, is the John Wooden Recreation and Sports Center. It is named after one of the greatest basketball coaches in the history of the college game, a man who once said, " Success is the direct result of " This is the spirit of the project that carries his name. " self-satisfaction in knowing you did your best to become the best you are capable of becoming. " John Wooden brought home ten NCAA championship banners while he was coach of our basketball team. He is also a dedicated teacher. This is the spirit of the project that carries his name. The center is now under contruction near the southeast corner of the intramural field, due north of the James E. West Center. When completed, it will house badminton, volleyball, basketball and racquetball courts. There will also be space for gymnastics, fencing, weight training and other activities. It will be a welcomed facility and students are excitedly anticipating its opening. the mirage bowl Congrats for Easley ' s first TD. The Japanese youth were enthralled by the pageantry. over 80,000 spectators crowded into Tokyo Stadium for the game. The idea of younger athletes was carried out almost to the maximum. The song girls in one of the many parades through Tokyo. He ran through the streets, looking for refuge. They were after him. He tried to shake ' em off, but it was to no avail. All around him, his comrades were in the same " danger. " But there was nothing he could do about it. In a last ditch effort, he scaled a nearby six-foot wall — only to find himself confronting an even large mob on the other side. Surrounded. Nowhere else to go. He was stuck. Stranded in unknown territory. Everywhere he looked, natives, armed and ready to shoot. They were expecting him. His life passed before his eyes. " Noooooo! " They fired. Click, click, click. Off went 18 Nikons, 12 Yashicas, 5 Canons, and 3 Minoltas (and a partridge in a pear tree. . .). Everywhere, cameras! Men, women, children, dogs. . .everyone with cameras! Aimed at him! But he was relishing every minute of it. . . This was pretty much the consensus of every member in the UCLA party who traveled to Japan during Thanksgiving Week to participate in the Mirage Bowl. The Mirage Bowl is an annual event in Japan, sponsored by the Mitsubishi Car Company which (continued on page 168) japan (continued from page 167) produces the Mirage car (sold in the U.S. as the Dodge Colt). In their annual attempt to popularize the sport of football in Japan, the game itself usually gets buried under all the pageantry associated with the marching bands and the But no biggie, revelry is the real purpose of sport, anyway, right? This year was somewhat though. This year, UCLA went. UCLA is bigger in Japan than it is in hometown L.A.!! In addition to the usual UCLA Bearwear, some Japanese products also bear the UCLA name — including soft drinks and bicycles. Even a song called " UCLA Feelings " hit the Top Ten charts in Japan. Now this was real revelry! Wearing anything official from UCLA was all that was necessary to produce an overnight star. from the press to local high school kids, took pictures and asked for autographs. Says band member Brian Diamond, " It was great getting a taste of celebrity life just for a few days. I loved it! It was like a dream. . .” In addition to the football game itself, many activities were planned for everyone in the UCLA party. The cheerleaders, possibly the focal point of the entire trip (upstaging both the football team and the band), appeared on Japanese TV on a show to our " Johnny Carson Show. " The band marched in two parades through Tokyo in addition to pregame, postgame, and halftime shows at the football game. The game itself was pretty spectacular. Even though the entire concept was lost to most of the spectators, UCLA romped on Oregon State, 34-3. But this was not the big news of the day. Freeman " At was great getting a taste of celebrity life just for a few days.It was like a dream. ' " McNeil rushed for 109 yards, breaking the school record of 3181 career yards set by Wendell Tyler in 1976. Kenny Easley also caught his first interception all season and converted it to a touchdown. After the game, rest! No more practice. The entire UCLA party took a trip to Kamakura to visit the ancient shrines and the giant Buddha. Then came the day to go home. The party was finally over, but everyone would remember the past week for a long time to come. The parties, the attention, the pride of being from UCLA, the celebrity treatment — who wanted to forget? But, alas, the plane touched down in LAX and it was time to return to school. Finals were less than a week away. Welcome home. . . Somewhat of a repeat performance was given in mid-December when the UCLA basketball team and the song girls traveled to Japan to participate in some exhibition games and the Suntory Bowl. The excitement was still there, but very little blatant revelry due to the fact that the bands stayed home this time. The basketball team played the Japan All-Stars and Temple University. UCLA won both, winning by scores of 94-55 and 73-49, respectively. This trip was very low-key compared to the Mirage Bowl trip (especially here at UCLA), partly because UCLA was on winter break at the time. But in Japan, UCLA was still UCLA. Pictures, autographs (could Rodney Dangerfield ask for so much respect?!) . . . there was absolutely no escape for the basketball team. It is kind of hard to be discreet when you stand a foot and a half above the masses. . . The band in some post-bowl entertainment. Azeldria McCarns, Michael Holton at the Suntory Welcome Breakfast Katie " Josephine Bruin " Horton amuses a toddler. Anderson Sears vs. Japan All-Stars, Tokyo, 12 18 80. Penaranda McNeil vs. Oregon State, Mirage Bowl, 11 30 80. 1984 olympics Where will you be when the summer of 1984 comes rolling along? It ' s not that far away! Will you be pounding the pavement trying to find a job, still working on breadth requirements, or in a galaxy, far, far away? Well forget all that for awhile and come home because (UC)LA ' s the pLAce to be! You may be thinking, " What for? " Because Southern California is going to be the site of much excitement; in fact, more excitement than this place has seen in a long time. In case you haven ' t heard, Los Angeles and most of Southern California is going to be the site of the XXIII Olympiad! The University, along with other sites all over Southern California, will be transformed into its own mini-Olympic village and be one of the centers of festivities. UCLA ' s Olympic Village will be located at the Western end of the campus. Approximately 4300 athletes will be living, eating, and sleeping (Just like the comforts of home?) in the dorms and the newly built suites. The best part of this deal is that the taxpayers won ' t have to pay a cent because the facilities for the are already built! There will be security around the village with guard dogs and patrolmen on " you saw... Dorothy Hamill ' camel ' her way into the hearts of America! " horseback, but UCLA ' s Olympic Organizing Committee is hoping to make it a low-key issue. The committee wants the athletes to L.A. Coliseum " Sammy " the mascot of the XXIII Olympiad XXIII olympiad, los angeles, california enjoy themselves while they ' re here. Remember when you used to watch the Olympics on television when you were young? The coverage you received as you saw Bruce Jenner capture the Decathlon, Mark Spitz swim his way to seven gold medals, the U.S. Hockey Team put a check on the Russians, and Dorothy Hamill " camel " her way into the hearts of America! And who brought you all these wonderful memories? ABC! You know, the Thrill of Victory and the Agony of Defeat! Come on, you know, the one where that guy falls off the ski jump each week! They might be making their headquarters on our own Spaulding Field. Wouldn ' t that be exciting? You might accidentally get on TV and be seen all over the world! What about the events? Well, the Coliseum will be the locale for the opening and closing ceremonies with the rest of the events to be scattered all over Southern from Ventura to San Diego. UCLA has the honor of hosting gymnastics in Pauley Pavilion. Maybe another Olga or Nadia will be discovered among the many aspiring young gymnasts of today. Nevertheless, the community and college will play an important part in the success of the Games. yet you still may be wondering, " What does this have to do with me? " Well, students will be employed as tickettakers, interpreters, and goodwill ambassadors. Up to 20,000 jobs will be created for people all over Southern California. So stick around and become a part of history! Lacrosse Galaxy university recreation association What is the URA? No, it ' s not a terrorist group in Ireland and it ' s not an Unidentified Resident A ssistant . It ' s the University Recreation Association, a unit of Cultural and Recreational Affairs. The URA is an alternative to intercollegiate athletics; it is a chance for anyone in the university to get involved in his or her favorite activities or hobbies. The URA consists of no less than thirty-eight clubs in which to choose from—backgammon, flying, judo, La Crosse, sailing, skiing, scuba, windsurfing, and ultimate frisbee, to name just a few. And it ' s very easy to join (or even start a new club). Joining a new club is as easy as walking up a few flights of steps to Kerckhoff 601 and presenting your student ID card along with a current registration card and completing an application for a URA club card. " No, it ' s not a terrorist group in Ireland ... " But the best part about joining a URA club (besides meeting new people and getting exercise) is that it is free! And what if current clubs don ' t appeal to a person ' s particular taste? They can start their own club. This can be done by the club ' s interest with Bob Henry, the URA supervisor. He will assist the planned club with its program. The club must complete a program proposal and develop a statement of purpose with on the activity, its needs, and its objectives. Plus the club must have ten registered members. The last step is the approval of the club by the URA Executive Counsel. So all the jocks out there that didn ' t get a full collegiate scholarship, don ' t worry about it—the University Recreation Association has many diversified clubs from which to choose from. It ' s a great and alternative. behind the scenes in sports In every sport, be it football, rugby, track, waterpolo, or badminton, there are those behind the scenes moments and situations which every athlete encounters and which spectators only glimpse. There is the electric anticipation of the starting gun to sound, or that secret play on the edge of There are the long sweaty sessions of warmups and the practices where is demanded but not always received. The dedication of the true athlete is a personal commitment, a commitment that overcomes sleepless nights, the threat of finals, and the broken love affair. Every athete can sympathize with stories of a bad game, an off-day, or a pulled tendon. In every athlete ' s mind lurks the hidden fear of an accident on the field, of cramps in the pool, or of a bad fall on the court. Many hazards go along with being a dedicated athlete, and slipping schoolwork is only one of them. Never having any time to really relax is another, and training can sometimes be a heavy burden. There are also the stares and whispers of other students if someone like THE Bruin sits in a class, looking like a fish out of water — but that is a misconception often voiced by other students — others are just used to seeing that athlete on the field. He looks natural there, and indeed, he is. But good athletes can also have brains and be good students, too, which is something no one should take for granted. There are the good times behind the scenes; times that make up for the off-days. There are the games or meets where everyone is everything running as as if willed by fate. There are also the trips to other " There are the moments when athletes can he seen before a great race drinking orange juice and yelling to friends on the team. " universities where athletes get to know one another as friends, as companions with shared goals. There are the crazy blasts in the pizza parlour after a hard-won victory when the most serious challenge is to see who can chug-a-lug the longest. And there are the moments when athletes can be seen before an event, in warmups, (continued on page 176) behind the scenes in sports etc (continued from page 175) drinking orange juice and yelling encouragement to friends on the team. These moments are often missed by the press. And of course there are the rap-sessions and the card games on the bus home from an away game. Sometning which the spectator can only guess at is the dedication and relationship of the coach to the team. The coach can often make or break a game and a word from him her can often add that spark of " The spectator can only guess the dedication and relationship of the coach to the team. " support that takes the athlete over the edge to victory, even when defeat was clearly in sight only moments before. A good coach will give the team great support, but also not hesitate to discipline and even punish the unalert player — the swimmer whose flip-turn wasn ' t keenly timed. A good athlete will learn everything a coach has to offer and will strain to follow the suggestions. Sometimes there are clashes of will, which spectators view mostly through the dramatic eyes of the press. But what really happens down there on the turf, at poolside, or on the field, court, or diamond, is between the people involved — the readiness to compromise or to take the risk and go for it, to work together while always challenging that most competitive opponent of all: oneself. j.d. morgan: good-bye to a winner Larry Farmer (Assistant Coach), Charles Young, Garry Cunningham (Basketball Coach, 1977-1979), J.D.Morgan Winners attract winners, " quoted J.D. Morgan, speaking in regards to the UCLA Bruins. Yet it is a quote that speaks of him, a winner, in every sense of the word. J.D. Morgan was UCLA ' s Athletic Director until he was forced to retire because of illness in March, 1980, and passed away shortly after retirement in December of t he same year. Yet this looming figure will remain in the hearts and memories of Bruin fans for many years to come. J.D. ' s past is as colorful as UCLA ' s recent sports history; perhaps because he had such an instrumental part in it. In his college years at UCLA, coming from Cordell High School in Oklahoma, he played on the tennis team under Bill Ackerman, and was the team captain during his senior year in 1941. He was classmates with the likes of Dodger baseball player Jackie Robinson, football player Kenny Washington and present Los Angeles Mayor Tom Bradley. After World War II, where he commanded a torpedo boat in the South Pacific, J.D. again crossed paths with Bill Ackerman who hired J.D. as an assistant tennis coach and accountant at UCLA. In 1951, J.D. became head tennis coach and led his team to the NCAA championships in 1952, ' 53, ' 54, and ' 56, starting UCLA ' s winning tradition. While coaching tennis, J.D. became Associate Business Manager of UCLA and was influential in building the four undergraduate dormitories. During these years, his tennis team again were the NCAA champions in 1960 and ' 61. But it was in 1963, that J.D. Morgan was to get his biggest promotion that has led to one of the most successful dynasties in sports history. Franklin D. Murphy hired J.D., to the surprise of many, as Athletic Director. J.D. now had the Pavilion, Drake Stadium and Ackerman Union. He was dubbed " the Genius of Westwood " and was the guiding hand in making UCLA sports what it is today. Chancellor Charles Young has said of J.D. Morgan, " You do not replace a J.D. Morgan, you succeed " He was dubbed the ' Genius of Westwood ' and was the guiding hand in making ' UCLA sports what it is today. " chance to save UCLA ' s quickly falling sports program. He hired winning track and football coaches who took UCLA to the Rose Bowl. He was a prime mover in making both volleyball and waterpolo recognized NCAA sports, and was influential in completing Pauley him " , which is most appropriate for this man. J.D. will always be remembered as giving all he had to UCLA. During his seventeen year reign, J.D. witnessed thirty NCAA championships tor UCLA, the transition of the Pac-Eight into the Pac-Ten and the Wooden Basketball era. He has left behind him many loyal friends and admirers all over the world. " The primary concern of collegiate sports in the 1970 ' s, " wrote J.D., contemplating the future, " will be to earn the continued interest and respect of the students, faculty, administration, employees and alumni of the respective institutions. If this is achieved in our present social climate of extreme unrest and dissidence in our universities and colleges, it will be a monumental accomplishment that will be rewarded by community support of our collegiate sports program. " John Wooden, J.D. Morgan soccer Vs. Cal St, LA 2-1, 1-0 Vs. Cal St. Northridge 4-2, 2-0 Vs. Portland 2-1, 3-0 Vs. Washington 2-0, 4-0 Vs. Simon Fraser 3-2, 5-0 Vs. San Diego St. 2-0, 6-0 Vs. Cal State Fullerton 4-3, 7-0 Vs. UNLV 3-0, 8-0 Vs. Simon Fraser 1-5, 8-1 Vs. California 3-1, 9-1 Vs. UC R iverside 2-0, 10-0 Vs. UC Davis 4-0, 11-1 Vs. USC 1-0, 12-1 Vs. Stanford 5-1, 13-1 Vs. Brigham Young 2-2, 13-1-1 Vs. UCSB 3-1, 14-1-1 Vs. USF 1-1, 14-1-2 Vs. Loyola 3-0, 15-1-2 Vs. USC 4-1, 16-1-2 Vs. San Jose St. 1-0, 17-1-2 Vs. Santa Clara 2-0, 18-1-2 Vs. USF 1-2, 18-1-2 All Cal Tournament in Riverside volleyball Vs. UCSD win 2 of 2 Vs. UCSB lose 2 of 2 Vs. BYU win 3 of 4 Vs. Pepperdine win 3 of 4 Vs. Pepperdine+ win 2 of 2 Vs. CSULB+ win 2 of 3 Vs. UCSB+ win 2 of 2 Vs. UCSB+ win 2 of 2 Vs. CSULB win 3 of 3 Vs. Japan win 3 of 4 Vs. LMU win 3 of 3 Vs. Stanford win 3 of 3 Vs. Pepperdine win 3 of 4 Vs. SDSU win 3 of 3 Vs. Hawaii win 3 of 4 Vs. Pepperdine win 3 of 3 Vs. USC win 3 of 4 Vs. USC lose win 3 of 4 Vs. CSULB win 3 of 3 Vs. Stanford win 3 of 3 Vs. Stanford win 3 of 3 Vs. USC win 3 of 4 Vs. Loyola win 3 of 3 All Cal Tournament at UCSB Tournament at UCSB swimming Vs. Texas 75-38 Vs. SMU 68-48 Vs. Cal St. Long Beach 70-45 Vs. Tennessee 71-42 Vs. UCSB 71-44 Vs. Arizona State 94-39 Vs. Arizona 76-36 Vs. Stanford 77-41 Vs. California 75-38 Vs. USC 98-15 tennis Vs. Fresno St. 8-1 Vs. San Diego St. 8-1 Vs. Redlands 8-1 Vs. UCSB 9-0 Vs. Clemson 8-1 Vs. Trinity 7-2 Vs. UCI 9-0 Vs. Vanderbilt 8-1 Vs. Pepperdine 2-7 Vs. Southern Methodist 7-2 Vs. San Jose St. 9-0 Vs. San Diego 7-2 Vs. Pepperdine 8-1 Vs. Arizona 7-2 waterpolo Vs. Alumni 12-9 Vs. Cal. State Fullerton 13-8 Vs. Pepperdine 14-6 Vs. Air Force 13-6 Vs. Pepperdine 8-12 Vs. UCSB 9-11 Vs. UCSD 6-15 Vs. USC 9-5 Vs. Cal St. Long Beach 9-11 Vs. USC 5-8 Vs. Stanford 3-9 Vs. UCI 2-6 Vs. UCSB 10-9 Vs. Cal St. Long Beach 6-5 Vs. Pepperdine 7-7 Vs. Nippon 9-5 Vs. Stanford 5-10 Vs. UC Berkeley 6-10 Vs. UC Berkeley 7-8 Vs. UCI 6-9 Vs. UCSB 12-13 Vs. Pepperdine 6-10 men ' s scoreboard football Vs. Colorado Vs. Purdue 23-14 Vs. Wisconsin 35-0 Vs. Ohio St. 17-0 Vs. Stanford 35-21 Vs. California 32-9 Vs. Arizona 23-17 Vs. Oregon 14-22 Vs. Arizona St. 23-17 Vs. USC 20-17 Vs Oregon St. 34-3 cross-country Vs. UCLA Invitatonal 1st Vs. San Diego Aztec Invitational 1st Vs. Stanford Invitational 1st Vs. Pac-10 Southern Divison Championships 1st Vs. Pac-10 District Championships 8 1st Vs. NCAA Championships 5th baseball Vs. Loyola 3-9 Vs. Cal Poly Pomona 5-6 Vs. UCI 12-3 Vs. Pepperdine 6-9 Vs. Pepperdine 3-4 Vs. UCSB 2-11 Vs. UCSB 5-8 Vs. Chapman 10-3 Vs. Long Beach St. 3-1 Vs. Long Beach St. 4-1 Vs. Long Beach St. Vs. Cal State Fullerton 2-5 Vs. Cal State LA 7-9 Vs. UCI 2-5 Vs. Loyola 1-5 Vs. Ariz. St. ( 429) 9-13 Vs. Ariz. St. ( 741) 1-10 Vs. Ariz. St. ( 590) 5-15 Vs. UCSD 11-6 Vs. La Verne 4-2 Vs. Arizona ( 3541) 5-2 Vs. Arizona ( 3086) 9-10 Vs. Oral Roberts 8-2 Vs. San Diego State Vs. Cal State Fullerton 5-14 Vs. Stanford ( 444) 5-1 Vs. Stanford 3-20 Vs. Stanford ( 689) 2-8 Vs. California ( 1250) 5-11 Vs. California ( 700) 2-3 Vs. California ( 600) 3-4 Vs. USC ( 696) 1-9 Vs. USC ( 611) 3-5 Vs. USG ( 741) 3-6 track and field Vs. Irvine 104-38½ Vs. Fresno State 104-33½ Vs. UCI 106-38 Vs. Fresno State 109-36 Vs. Arizona State 75-70 Vs. CSLB 110½-33½ Vs. Tennessee 96-58 Vs. California Vs. Bruce Jenner Classic (No team scoring) Vs. Stanford 115-35 basketball Vs. VMI 99-61 V. Notre Dame 94-81 Vs. St. Mary ' s 113-70 Vs. Pepperdine 81-63 Vs. Evansville 69-62 Vs. Temple 73-49 Vs. De Paul 77-93(-) Vs. Washington 96-74 Vs. Washington St. 87-61 Vs. USC 66-68(-) Vs. Arizona St. (3-OT) 74-78(-) Vs. Arizona 79-76 Vs. Stanford 85-58 Vs. California 75-61 Vs. Oregon St. 67-81(-) Vs. Oregon 75-69 Vs. USC 76-62 Vs. Notre Dame 51-50 Vs. Arizona 90-79 Vs. Arizona St. 64-61 Vs. California 72-66 Vs. Stanford 72-74(-) Vs. Oregon 98-75 Vs. Oregon St. 76-82(-) Vs. Washington St. 59-50 Vs. Washington 91-72 Vs. BYU 55-78(-) women ' s scoreboard tennis Vs. Cal State Northridge 9-0 Vs. UCSB 8-1 Vs. UCI 9-0 Vs. UCSD 9-0 Vs. Cal State Bakersfield 9-0 Vs. Cal State Fullerton 9-0 Vs. Arizona State 7-2 Vs. Arizona 9-0 Vs. San Diego State 6-3 Vs. Cal State Long Beach 9-0 Vs. Pepperdine 8-1 Vs. California 9-0 Vs. Texas 7-2 Vs. Clemson Vs. Cal St. Fullerton (rain makeup) Vs. South Carolina (Nike Tourney) 9-0 Vs. Miami (Nike Tourney) 8-1 Vs. Stanford (Nike semi ' s) Vs. Trinity (Nike 3rd Place) .... 5-2 swimming Vs. Arizona 48-90 Vs. Arizona State 72-85 Vs. UCSB 90-40 Vs. San Diego St. 85-45 Vs. USC 62-77 Vs. WCAA Championships 3rd place Vs. AIAW Championships 4th place golf Vs. BYU Golf Tourney Vs. CS Fullerton Invitational 1st Vs. Georgia Invitational 1st Vs. UCLA Invitational 1st Vs. Stanford Invitational 2nd Vs. USIU Invitational 1st Vs. Aztec Invitational 1st Vs. USC Invitational Vs. CS Fullerton Invitational Vs. Husky Invitational Vs. San Jose Invitational 4th Vs. UCLA Invitational 1st volleyball Vs. SDSU win 3 of 4 Vs. Hawaii win 3 of 4 Vs. UOP lose 3 of 4 Vs. USC lose 3 of 4 Vs. Utah St. win 3 of 3 Vs. UC Berkeley win 2 of 3 Vs. UTEP win 2 of 2 Vs. Utah win 2 of 3 Vs. ASU win 2 of 2 Vs. U. of Ariz. win 2 of 2 Vs. USC lose 2 of 2 Vs. SDSU lose 2 of 2 Vs. Hawaii lose 3 of 3 Vs. U. of Ariz. win 3 of 3 Vs. ASU win 3 of 4 Vs. SDSU win 3 of 4 Vs. CSUF win 3 of 3 Vs. U of Wash. win 3 of 5 Vs. U. of Wash. win 3 of 5 Vs. Portland St. win 3 of 3 Vs. CSULB win 3 of 3 Vs. UCSB win 3 of 4 Vs. USC lose 3 of 5 Vs. USC lose 3 of 4 Vs. Japan win 3 of 5 Vs. ASU win 3 of 4 Vs. UA win 3 of 4 Vs. Alumni win 3 of 4 Vs. SJS win 2 of 2 Vs. Pepperdine win 2 of 3 Vs. Hawaii lose 2 of 2 Vs. Texas lose 2 of 3 Vs. BYU win 2 of 2 Vs. Stanford win 2 of 3 Vs. USC win 2 of 2 Vs. Hawaii win 2 of 2 Vs. CSUF win 3 of 4 Vs. SDSU win 3 of 4 Vs. CSULB win 3 of 3 Vs. UOP lose 3 of 3 Vs. Stanford win 3 of 5 Vs. Pepperdine win 3 of 3 Vs. USC lose 3 of 5 Vs. USCB win 3 of 5 Vs. USC lose 3 of 4 Vs. CPSLO win 2 of 3 Vs. Hawaii lose 1 of 2 Vs. Univ. of III. win 2 of 2 Vs. Stanford win 2 of 2 Vs. UCSB win 2 of 2 Vs. SDSU win 3 of 4 Vs. UOP lose 3 of 5 Vs. Hawaii lose 3 of 3 track and field Vs. Arizizona St. 138.50-139.0 Vs. Stanford 141.50-127.50 Vs. Utah 148.0 Vs. UCLA 142.75 Vs. OSU 142.10 Vs. Penn St. ... 143.50-148.10 Vs. Oregon+ 86.05 Vs. UCLA+ Vs. USC Double Dual Vs. WCAA Conf. Meet 1st Vs. USC Double Dual Vs. WCAA Conf. Meet 1st place-145.95 Vs. AIAW Reg. 1st place-148.95 Vs. AIAW Nationals UCLA Invitational +Oregon St. Invitational softball Vs. Oklahoma 3-2, 11-0 Vs. Nevada Las Vegas ... 7-0, 12-0 Vs. San Diego St. 1-0, 3-0 Vs. Cal. State Long Beach 11-0, 13-1 Vs. Cal. State Fullerton 0-2, 1-7 Vs. Weber State 2-1, 1-0 Vs. Arizona St. 2-0, 5-1 Vs. Arizona 3-2, 6-3 Vs. Cal. Poly Pomona .... 1-0, 6-1 Vs. Nevada Las Vegas .. 12-0, 10-0 Vs. Chapman College .... 2-0, 2-0 cross-country Vs. UCLA Invitational .... 1st place Vs. Northridge 10km Race 1st place Vs. San Diego St. Invitational ' 5th place Vs. WCAA Championships (ASU) 2nd place Vs. AIAW Regionals Long Beach 2nd place Vs. Nationals (AIAW) Vs. Seattle, Wash. 7th place gymnastics Vs. Oregon 276.45 Vs. Arizona St. 268.50 Vs. New Mexico 267.60 Vs. LSU 265.20 Vs. Minnesota 264.05 Vs. Arizona 246.70 Vs. California 264.95 Vs. Houston Baptist 264.15 Vs. USC Vs. Pac ific-10 Championships 1st place UCLA Invitational basketball Vs. UCI 96-30 Vs. California 92-77 Vs. San Jose St. 78-63 Vs. Stanford 78-67 Vs. Texas A M 97-64 Vs. Oregon 92-88 Vs. E. Wash. Vs. Kansas State 83-70 Vs. USF 90-65 Vs. Penn State 85-74 Vs. Texas 78-65 Vs. Tennessee 65-62 Vs. S. Carolina 81-86 Vs. Old Dominion 74-91 Vs. Memphis State 82-71 Vs. Hawaii 106-44 Vs. Arizona St. 84-55 Vs. Arizona Vs. Cal State Fullerton Vs. Cal State Long Beach 85-76 Vs. Louisiana Tech 61-99 Vs. Delta State 90-65 Vs. San Diego State 56-64 Vs. USC 81-79 Vs. Arizona 89-80 Vs. Arizona State Vs. Cal State Long Beach Vs. Cal State Fullerton 86-88 Vs. USC 87-83 Vs. San Diego State 82-61 Vs. USF 92-68 Vs. USC 85-102 Vs. San Diego St. 61-54 Vs. Oregon State 72-65 Vs. Kansas 73-71 Vs. Louisiana Tech. 54-87 living groups noise privacy fast food no food beer busts roommates chaos, comfort retreat home. living at ucla Hello, Ma?! This is Joey . . . You know darn well . . . Joey Bruin, your son. The one that made it into college . . . Whaddaya mean ' How much? ' Do you think I call home, where all my family and friends are, just to ask for money? . . . Thanks a lot, Ma . . . How ' s everyone at home? How are you doing? And Dad? How are the twins, Jimmy and Josh? How about Jill and Jezebel, are they doing OK? Say hello to Uncle Jacob and Aunt Josephine . . . Yes, Ma, I ' m feeling fine . . . Yes, I ' ve been taking the Flintstones vitamins that you packed in my suitcase.. . How are my classes? My classes are OK, I guess . . . My grades? Well . . . I ' m not on academic probation . . . yet . . . So what ' s new in Hicktown, Wyoming? Any juicy gossip I should hear about? Is it true that the mayor was convicted of . . . (Operator: " Your threeeee have almost expired . . . Pleeease deposit $1.30 for the next threeeeeee minutes . . . Thank Youuuuuu!) Yes, Ma, I ' m at a pay telephone . . . No, I can ' t get one put in . . . No, it ' s not because the landlord won ' t let me . . . My address? Yes, I know I haven ' t sent it to you yet. You want it now? . . . Well, my mailing address is P.O. Box 33, Los Ange . . . I know it isn ' t an address address, Ma . . . No, it ' s not because my landlord won ' t give me one . . . What ' s my living address? . . . Well, Ma . . . to tell you the truth, my place of residence doesn ' t get mail . . . I know it doesn ' t make sense. Let me explain. When I drove over here in September, I didn ' t know it was going to be so hard to find an apartment. The ones I did find were way out of my price range. when Mrs. Higgins down the street raised the prices at her boarding house to $50 a month and you went to the City Council to protest high prices? Well, add another zero onto that figure and you ' ll come up with an average bachelor apartment in including food! . . . The dorms? I found out that I was supposed to apply for the dorms a year ago! And now there ' s over 2000 people on their waiting list! . . . So, I had to find a way to buck the system . . . How? . . . Welllll, Ma, to tell you the truth, I ' m kinda living in the Toyota right now . . . Ma . . . Hello, Ma? . . Did you faint on me? . . . Ma! . . . This phone call is costing a fortune! . . . Wake up, Ma! . . . Living in the car costs absolutely nothing! . . . I knew that would wake you up, Ma . . . Calm down, Ma . . There is nothing wrong with sleeping in a car . . . Ma, ' Thou shalt not sleep in (continued on page 188) (continued from page 187) thy auto ' is not one of the Ten Commandments! . . . The relatives won ' t think anything either, Ma . . . (They don ' t know how!) . . . No, I didn ' t say anything; I was just mumbling to myself . . . It ' s very cheap . . . It only costs $27 a quarter for a parking space . . . And I ' m even parked in Lot 5, that ' s about as close to class as anyone can get . . . And Lot 5 is a parking structure, so I still have a " ' Well, I ' m kinda living in the Toyota right now. . " roof over my head—it ' s not like I ' m stuck out in the cold. How do I study? Well, I do most of my studying in the library. If I need to study late at night, I just open the door and the little light comes on. . . How do I keep clean? . . . Yes, Ma, I know that cleanliness is next to godliness . . . Yes, Ma, I do take showers . . . I have a locker in the men ' s gym on campus . . . Sure, it ' s working out fine. Well, actually, I almost got arrested for indecent exposure once when I accidentally dropped my towel on the way to the gym. . . Food? I ' m glad you asked. I ' ve got this down to a science now . . . I bought a two-by-two-foot that is powered by the cigarette lighter in the car. It takes care of my cold cuts and my drinks. For hot food, I bought a book in Westwood called Cook on Down the Road; it gives recipes for food that can be cooked by the heat of the engine . . . For example, maybe you want some hot dogs. Just wrap the weiners in foil and place them next to the carburetor. Then drive approximately 6 miles—and ' Voila! ' The best hotdogs outside of Hicktown . . . That was a Ma . . . Here ' s some more . . . two times around Lot 5 and I have a pot of coffee . . . scrambled eggs and bacon require just a short trip to Beverly Hills . . . downtown L.A. for spaghetti . . . and for a special meal, roast turkey can be cooked on a trek to Disneyland . . . Not only do the meats cook well, but they also marinate themselves when you hit a pothole in the road... So, whaddaya think? . . . You approve! Great! . . . I really didn ' t think you would approve . . . What? You think I should do this for all my four years at UCLA? . . . You ' re kidding, aren ' t you . . . You aren ' t?! Now hold it Ma . . I didn ' t say I wanted to do it until I graduate . . . I just wanted to do it this year since I couldn ' t find a place to live . . . Ma! Are you listening!? . . . No, Ma, I do not want you to make curtains for my car .. . No, I don ' t want a knitted steering wheel cover . . . no bearskin floor mats either . . . Maaaaaaaaaaa! " Note: The story you have just read might or might not be true; how would we know?! Anyway, the names have been changed to protect the innocent (or the guilty for that matter) . . . We apologize for any insult incurred by the Wyoming Tourists Council . . . whether or not there really is a Hicktown in Wyoming. COME ROCK dykstra hall for the dorm life, that great of communal living, where you and forty other people on your side of the hall can brush your teeth at the same time. If you ' re on the bottom floors of the building, showering is fine anytime, but those upper floors have to get clean early so they have the use of at least some of the hot water. " Dykstra offers residents a chance to be involved, meet friends, and be Every dorm is different, so they say, with a flavor and attitude all its own. Dykstra is no different. " Being locationally separated from the other three undergraduate dorms, " says Regina Lifset, Dykstra Hall President, " makes us depend on ourselves for entertainment. We turn inwardly for the activities. " A ski trip during the three-day Washington ' s Birthday weekend, Disneyland excursions, Intramural sports, a luau during the spring and ever-occuring floor theme parties are only a few things that Dykstra residents have a chance to get involved in. " Residents come in from all over the country, many have never been away from home before. Dykstra offers them a way to get involved, meet friends, and be active, " states Regina. The residents themselves have flavor, too. This year many of the basketball and football team members are stationed at the dorm, which makes pretty wild times as well as an sink mate to brush your teeth with. hedrick Music blaring, pool sticks hitting cue balls at the pool table, skateboards riding up and down the halls, blow dryers screaming, wet blond beauties (male or female) drying their chlorinated hair in time for their next swim practice, popcorn crackling in the microwave and a few people diligently studying in the lounge downstairs. These are only a few of the sights and sounds of dorm life; particularly those of Hedrick Hall, the Hedrick is an exciting dorm with a special character all its own. It ' s the newest of all four dorms and as a result, looks better than most of them. It ' s filled with all types of people—swimmers, greeks, jokers and studiers. Mostly just plain folks, " ' Hedrick is just plain a fun dorm, ' states Patty Suicker, ' What can I say, it ' s home! " which describes the atmosphere perfectly. Everyone is friendly with each other, which makes dinner time loud and long. There ' s always a door open and someone to chat with. Hedrick has much to offer the new and returning residents. Hall government by the floor system offers the ambitious a chance to get involved. IM teams are organized through each floor, along with Mardi Gras booths and floats for Homecoming. There ' s a winter formal for those so inclined, and plenty of meet-your-neighbor parties during the first quarter that always seem to carry on into the rest of the year. Special dinners are arranged for special occasions of the year. " Hedrick is just plain a fun dorm, " states Patty Suicker, a two-year dorm resident. " What can I say, it ' s home! " rieber hall Art on the stalls of 3N that would put Michelangelo to shame. Shouting matches with Sproul and Hedrick that turn into all out war. Getting locked out of your room—with only a towel around your waist and a mop of wet hair. A real fire during finals week. A keg party—for just you and your roommate. " What the...who stole all the @% handles from the showers?! " Rieber movies with pillows and microwave popcorn close at hand. Winning the banner competition for Homecoming. Sewer on the stairwell. Boasting to your friends in Dykstra that you live in know, the one with the new cafeteria. " Things are changing in good ol’ Rieber Hall—changing for the better. Constructed during the summer break, a remodeled cafeteria filled with plants, woodwork, and track lighting welcomed Rieber residents this fall. Modular and platform seating arrangements provide intimate dining for two or accommodations for a whole floor. Earth tones now pervade the new cafeteria adding a s ense of warmth lacking in the former dining area. All were " All were impressed with the new eating . . ' It even makes the food seem better ' " impressed with the new eating environment and commented one resident, " It even makes the food seem better. " Rieber ' s other eatery, the Subway Deli, finished its second phase of development adding a movable stage for performers, video games and increasing its seating capacity. Many a Rieberite could be seen heading down to the Subway for a midnight snack of a roast beef (with pickles) and frozen yogurt. When residents were not fueling up (remember, a student marches on his stomach) they found time to study. Aiding them this year was the Residence Hall Academic Assistance Program (RHAAP). The program provided students with a computer listing of other residents taking the same courses and allowed them to form their own study groups. During dead week, RHAAP organized study sessions for popular classes and had teaching assistants available for additional help. Originally started as a program for Rieber residents, RHAAP was received with such enthusiasm that it became instituted in the other three undergraduate dorms as well. Along with the RA Dating Game, Casino Night, and the Starlight Invitational, the dorm ' s " semi-formal, " " Westwood Comes to Rieber " was added to their calendar of events. Westwood street artists, normally seen on corners and near store fronts in the Village, brought their talents to Rieber Hall ' s Fireside Lounge for a very special sproul hall If you have ever overheard a couple of dormies conversing about " the best dorm " or " the dorm wth the best food " or " the party dorm, " you were exposed to the philosophy of Sproul. Sprouls Sprouts (as they are known in the dorm newsletter) consider them- selves the best of all the with good reason. Sproul is close to campus, is known for their ever-present party life, and holds that their food is better than the ordinary dorm food. Sproul have at their beckon call a library, a weight room, a TV room, a game room, a pizzaria and the dorm assignment office. When approaching the front of Sproul Hall you can ' t help but notice the blare of someone ' s " Many a night is by the voice of someone bellowing stereo screaming down from some undiscernable window up above you. It only takes a moment to become enveloped by the constant flow of people going in and out of the lobby and up and down the elevators. Yet, among this stream of people there is can recognize friends, classmates, floormates and This is common to all dorms, but in Sproul it overwhelms you. Athletes, faculty, greeks and just plain old Joe Bruins can be found hanging around. Members of the tennis, track and baseball teams have their residence in Sproul. Doc ( " don ' t call me Robert " ) Stevenson can be found chatting with someone or another as the faculty-in-residence at Sproul. Yet, the main characteristic of the people at Sproul is their love of partying. When the basketball team went to the NCAA finals, a couple of couches found their way out of the lounge windows amidst the par- tying. Many a night is highlighted by the not-so-distant voice of someone bellowing up to the neighboring dorm. When all these trivial activities come together there is " 20th Century Sproul. " This event is a party deluxe—Sproul style. Each floor is designated as a decade and thereby becomes a theme floor—each representing a separate era: from the roaring 20 ' s to the rocking 50 ' s up through the subdued 70 ' s. As you can guess from all of this, it is certain that Sproul is the party dorm, but when it comes to the food . . . if that ' s the best, I ' d hate to see what Reiber dishes up! university co-operative housing association The University Cooperative Housing Association (UCHA), the oldest of all cooperative organizations here at UCLA, is a democratic organization owned and operated by the students who live there. Each student at the works four hours a week for the organization, and work shifts range from preparing dinne r in the kitchen to planting flowers for the gardening crew. The Co-op sponsors numerous social activities, such as dances, films, and ski trips. In addition, UCHA promotes an ongoing of c ooperative education. The emphasis at UCHA is on working together. Without a effort by the membership, the Co-op would cease to exist. This requirement makes the Co-op a unique living experience on the UCLA campus. the co-op making it through LA’s cloverleafs you ' re a commuter by chance or choice, you deserve special kudos for just making it to UCLA, let alone graduating. The parking situation here has often been alluded to: Goldie Hawn in Butterflies Are Free said that she would have come to UCLA, but she couldn ' t find a parking space. Bob Hope, whose witticism graces the cover of this campus ' commuting guide, stated: " UCLA is a four-year institution — unless you park in lot 32. " But for the over 18,000 commuters, driving to school is no laughing matter. Actually, commuting has a reputation worse than its bite. Some transients enjoy the sheer amusement provided by watching other commuters. For commuters on the Pasadena Freeway, the little ol’ lady clinching the steering wheel of her 1964 Nova (mint condition) is an inevitable sight. Granted, she ' s a sweet thing, but putting along at 45 mph when you ' re already 10 minutes late for class, Grams becomes one of the commuter ' s greatest foes. Passing on the " Matron of Freeways " is always a futile effort — one of Grams ' bridge partners is sure to lie ahead. Besides, trying to pass on this freeway is like trying to squeeze an elephant into a VW; it just can ' t be done gracefully, not to mention the Pauli Exclusion Principle. Patience is therefore a virtue all commuters must develop in order to make it through the year minus gray hair and ulcers. Congestion is probably at its worst on the Santa Monica Freeway where Civic Center employees, fellow Bruinsand commuters to that other school merge like it was Mecca. " People watching " on this route is particularly amusing. Have you ever noticed that whenever you throw a glance at the guy in the car next to you, and eye contact is made, that both of you immediately look straight ahead pretending that you never looked each other ' s way? Always entertaining are those trying to put on makeup in moving traffic and winding up with a streak of lipstick across their cheeks (or maybe that ' s just a new way of wearing lipstick — like wearing a streak of red in your hair). Any seasoned commuter, of course, has close at hand his HI Sign which is easily accessible to flash at a flick of the wrist. For the Joe Shmoe who just graduated from Acme Driving School, " YOU TURKEY " or " LEARN TO DRIVE " are good choices. For the maiden in the RX7, " HI THERE " and " WANNA PARTY " are the definitive greetings. Once off the freeway, Wilshire Boulevard is the next area of attack. Always bumper-to-bumper, the Wilshire Blvd. Westwood Blvd. intersection has been sited as one of the top-ten most dangerous intersections in L.A. Luckily for Bruins, Wilshire comprises only a small portion of the trip to UCLA. Once on campus, the real challenge and adventure begins — to find a parking space. If you park in lot 32 there is usually a space open somewhere and with the new depot built, the bus ride to main campus isn ' t all that bad. If you park in lot 8, that ' s a different story. If your car is your baby, and you don ' t like anyone else driving it, plan on parking before 9:00 a.m. or else expect to have it stack parked. Once you ' ve made it through L.A. ' s cloverleafs, and found a place to park, you deserve the right to let out a big sigh — the recreation and pains of commuting have come to an end. Enjoy your classes. And just think, you get to do the whole thing over again on the way home. for rent, for May 7, 1980—Got a letter from UCLA today! Was kinda scared to open it, but mom got to it first (of course) and broke the news to me . . . I MADE IT!!! I ' m part of the Big U. A real Bruin!! Go Rod Foster! Ohh, I ' m sooo excited. Better get a backpack, Topsiders and some button downs . . . June 25, 1980—Found my dorm application under my bed this morning. The deadline date says June 24th!—but hey, I ' ll get all, I was student body president. Can ' t wait till the trip! July 17, 1980—Just came back from Hawaii. The drinking age is only 18! No wonder they call it paradise. School starts in only 2 months—I wonder why I haven ' t heard from the dorms yet? Ohh, I hope I get into Sproul—I hear all the tennis players live there . . . " Streets of Westwood BEWARE—a determined apartment hunter is on way " July 30, 1980—AAAAAARRGGHH!! I didn ' t get into the dorms! I can ' t believe it! What am I going to do? I just got a new tennis outfit and my racket restrung. My tan is fading, I ' m getting split ends—everything is going wrong! Mom called the Residence Halls but . . . no go Joe. I ' m 2573 on the waiting list. I guess I better get my walking shoes on and bring a pocket full of dimes — streets of Westwood BEWARE — a determined apartment hunter is on her way . . . August 15, 1980—Whew, am I tired! Walking the beat in Westwood, Brentwood, Palms and Santa Monica armed with my Evening Outlook but found nothing. Well there was one. It had a jacuzzi, sauna and tennis court, but at $1,200 a month Mummy would have a cow . . . August 30,1980—Went to the Office of Residential Life in Dudd (?) Hall (continued on page 204) lease, four hundred? Forget it! Bills, bills, bills! Breakfast of Champions (continued from page 203) (or something like that) to find an apartment. The place is great. It carries day-to-day listings of available apartments in the West L.A. area. But boy, those going rate is $500 for a single “North of Wilshire or south of Wilshire. Furnished or unfurnished. Decisions decisions . . .” and about $600-700 for a two bedroom apartment. The rent is about $75-100 cheaper away from the " student ghetto " by frat row. North of Wilshire or south of Wilshire. Furnished or unfurnished. Decisions, decisions. Mom, where are you when I need you??!! September 5, 1980—Desperation time. Went down to Westwood for the last time. Just as I was about to give up, I saw in the distance a flash of red. Could it be? Was it? Yes! It was! A newly posted " For Rent " sign—and for only $385 a month for a one bedroom and on Landfair too. apartment life: this is the life? Bless this Mess I ' m sooo excited; I can be just like Mario Thomas in " That Girl " ! Better buy some plants, baskets, pots and pans, a poster of Christopher Reeve, pack my albums and ohhh yeah—get a roommate. September 6, 1980—Went back to the housing office (it ' s in Dodd Hall) and placed an ad for a roomie on the " share board " . September 7, 1980—Was flooded with calls today. Made a lunch date with one of the prospective Oh, I hope she ' s nice . . . September 8, 1980—Susie is such an awesome person! She ' s too cute. She skis, has a stereo, loves frozen yogurt and we have the same major—undeclared, ha ha ha. We have so much in common . . . November 2, 1980—Tried out mom ' s new recipe for taco salad. It needed something. Apartment life is great—peaceful, lots of privacy, and I ' m becoming a pretty good cook! The only problem is with the phones! Nuke GTE! February 26, 1981—Mom sent my collection of Taco Bell cartoon glasses just in time for the big party tonight. Friends, frolic, fun, fun, fun. . . February 27, 1981—Woke up at noon today to answer the door. It was the manager (uh-ohh, were we too loud last night?). He had an eviction notice with him! (I didn ' t think we were that loud). Then Susie and I read the letter—Condo Conversion! We have to be out of here by the end of June. That means we ' ll have to look for another apartment! Well, here we go again . . . 1409 MIDVAL AVE. Luxurious FURNISHED UNFURNISHED SINGLES 1 2 BEDROOMS RECREATION ROOM HEATED POOL FIRE PLACES AIR CONDITIONED ELEVATOR S M C REAL CORP VACANCY Vacancy?! fraternities and sororities News Flash: " Ten beautiful girls today were seen dashing after an unsuspecting young male. After a fast-paced chase across the UCLA campus, the sought after derby was retrieved by one of the young ladies. " Yes, it ' s Sigma Chi ' s Derby Days, only one of the many crazy things that Greeks are seen doing all year long. Have you ever driven down Hilgard at three in the morning and seen a sorority sing ing outside their house in their nightgowns? Or how about the IM field during the Greek Olympics when such things as an ice cream feed and banana passing (between the legs?) can be seen? Yes, the Greeks have the reputation of doing some wild and crazy things, dating back to the goldfish swallowing and telephone booth stuffing of the 20 ' s. Yet behind the hoopla and lies a system that supports and encourages the member while a student at UCLA. The Greek system has much to offer the UCLA student, including fun, excitement, social contacts, security, housing and, believe it or not, academic assistance. The Greek system offers leadership and organizational opportunities, relatively inexpensive housing (depending on the space available in the respective houses) close to campus, test files for those so inclined, scholarships, an available social circle in which to travel in, informal opportunities to be involved the greeks year by the fraternities and including Sigma Nu ' s White Rose, Sigma Chi ' s Sweetheart, and SAE ' s Patty Murphy, these being national traditions. The traditions, sports, social events and just plain fun offered by the Greek system contribute to the well-rounded student and make college life exciting and in almost any type of competitive intramural sport offered on support in the bad times and friends to celebrate the good times with. Philanthropies are also an part of the Greek system. Money is raised through bake sales, raffles, All U ' s, sucker and orchid sales for such causes as cystic fibrosis, the Heart Association, cancer research, the Ronald MacDonald “ . . . Beer fests at the football games; and midnight Kahlua and champagne raids . . . ” house in Los Angeles, and various children ' s hospitals that many of the national organizations support. Participation in Mardi Gras and the Greek Week dance help support groups such as UniCamp and the Heart Yet, as most apparent, the Greeks have their light moments. They include non-stop parties during reg. week and the first week of school; sorority, fraternity and little sister rushes; beer fests at the football games; and periodic midnight Kahlua and champagne raids by the fraternities on the sororities. There are some famous and infamous parties given each greek week BANG! " And Janie receives the banana, waddles over to Kurt and successfully passes it to him...they ' re off to a good start. Now Kurt has it and he must endeavor to pass it to Kitty, but Kitty ' s pretty short, can they make the connection? Yes, they did it! It " Kurt passes it to Kitty, but Kitty ' s pretty short, can they make the connection? Yes, they did it! Where there ' s a there ' s a way. " took a little bit of doing, but where there ' s a will there ' s a way!... And the banana has reached the last team member, Susie, and as the crushed banana sinks slowly into the bucket, the team of Alpha Delta Pi and Fiji wins the banana pass race in the Greek Olympics. " Yes, on that fateful day of the Greek Olympics such events as the banana pass, the ice cream eating contest, the obstacle course and the traditional chariot race tested the many faceted skills of the Greek participants. Judged by such notables as Sen. John Tunney, Dean C.Z. Wilson and Perry O ' Brien, former UCLA student and Olympic track and field man, the teams of Kappa Alpha Theta and Alpha Epsilon Pi came away with the day ' s highest point total. Yet Greek Week does not limit itself to the exercising of physical prowess. The brain has it ' s chance to be recognized in the College Bowl this year headed by Bobby Zauzmer and Susan Krupsaw. Basic trivia questions regarding history, geography, medicine and TV, created competition for proof of the most well rounded team, of which the team of The Stanford Waiting List beat Alpha Epsilon Pi. Ah, but would you have guessed where Sri Lanka is? I know, it ' s on the tip of your tongue. The week ended with a thirty-six hour danc e marathon fund raiser for the American Heart Association, sponsored by Dannon Yogurt, Susan Leskovitz " Preppy " Clothes Store, and Hot Tub Fever. This year ' s rules were expanded to include as many contestants as a house could provide and provisions for partial points to the overall total for those dancers that only wanted to go the six, twelve or twenty-hour route. Highlights included an All-U party that culminated with a roll call on Friday night (to psyche up the dancers) and a " preppy " contest sponsored by Susan Leskovitz where couples in such categories as most preppy, most expensive outfit, and most layered preppy outfit were chosen. The top winners won a hundred dollar gift certificate for clothing from the Susan store. Also included in the week ' s activities, but not exclusively an event, was the University Sing. This sold-out event was held in Royce Hall and marks its third year of revival and the continuing excellence of the entries. This year ' s Grand Sweepstakes Award went to Phi Kappa Psi and Pi Beta Phi for their original rendition of " There ' s No Place Like Farms " which included dancing pigs (a la Miss Piggy), singing sheep, and frolicking cows. . . truly creative. . . Greek Week is a chance for the sororities and fraternities (and some non-Greeks) to band together in friendly competition. It gives each team a chance to prove themselves in a variety of areas; yet winning the event is not the most important aspect of the week. The enjoyment is the important thing—togetherness and unity. alpha chi omega 1. Jill Peck 2. Alice Miano 3. Kathy Kashh 4. Rosemary Brooks 5. Sally Zuanut 6. Aileen Morello 7. Suzi Farinet 8. Janey Keaton 9. Lisa Hammitt 10. Wendy Grevel 11. Lori Reynolds 12. Marla Rubinoff 13. Pamela Gray 14. Jennifer LaKritz 15. Carol Hyams1 16. C.J. Yoon 17. Karen Carminati 18. Tracy Andrews 19. Mary Walters 20. Ginger Hoereth 21. Anne Fausone 22. Allison Williams 23. Doris Slawoff 24. Tracy Blyth 25. Debbie Bidwell 26. Gillette 27. Alecia Lucas 28. Susan Duff 29. Susy Vashall 30. Sue Boyle 31. Julie Esherick 32. Marti Portwood 33. Cindy Roberts 34. Marissa LeMasters 35. Connie Burge 36. Marie Trapnell 37. Laura Van Deventer 38. Nancy Morrison 39. Cathy East 40. Yolanda Feldman 41. Ann Blakely 42. Stephanie Norman 43. Kay Wolking 44. Liz Templin 45. Linda Westman 46. Nancy Bradsher 47. Joann Wiseman 48. Sandy Minasian 49. Teresa Bardwil 50. Arline Orner 51. Joy Duncan 52. Chris McLaughlin 53. Val Red-Horse 54. Meg Molumphy 55. Sue Delohery 56. Margaret Tooch 57. Lisa Feldman 58. Marla Orloff 59. Liz Burnat 60. Carol Schweitzer 61. Andi Hogan 62. Pam Scurr 63. Ann Bennett 64. Jennifer Rogers 65. Michele Tate 66. Sara Nealon 67. Beverlee Baker 68. Lisa Kupsala 69. Lynn Hemmings 70. Kathy Sasaki 71. Keri Flynn 72. Connie Garcia 73. Cynthia Beattie 74. Felice Kanzel 75. Laura Crover 76. Valerie Klein 77. Lindsey Haines 78. Robin Weller 79. Leslie Pellerin 80. Linda Black 81. Anna Alba 82. Joy Brumm 83. Sandy Leopold 84. Connie Guglielmo 85. Fran Orme 86. Gretchen Todd 87. Kathy Whittemore 88. Sheri Gaughen 89. Alice Gleghorn 90. Jennifer Koines 91. Mary McEachen 92. Robin Satterlee 93. Donna Blazewich 94. Kim Campbell 95. Alison Dramond 96. Nanette Edwards 97. Yvette Augus 98. Julie Hurlburt 99. Vicky Schinnerer 100. Sue Allen 101. Jennifer Tawil 102. Shelia Sullivan 103. Betty Brasky 104. Megan Marquez 105. Harlee Monkarsh 106. Ann Allison 107. Miriam Utrilla 108. Kathy Cronwell 109. Michele Hendricks 110. Tobi Yoakum 111. Glenda Miner 112. Jones 113. Pam Marino 114. Victoria Yust 115. Ann Warner 116. Elaine Bauer 117. Ellen Riddell 118. Linda Schack 119. Dawn Bridges 120. Sheila Borland not pictured... Emily Andree Sue Dibs Debbie Dickerson Grisel Feldfeber Carol French Lisa Kadley Judy Kanoskie Kathy Peterson Liz Pingel Sue Rodebaugh Diane Rogers Dana Sackett Ann Schorno Lori Stephens Shannon Strybel AXΩ 1. Pam Pizzo 2. Joy Anderson 3. Tammy La Tour 4. Lori Duperon 5. Lauren Latimer 6. Cathi Campbell 7. Gina Ralke 8. Kathy Nirschi 9. Kathy Fleisher 10. Lindsay Graber 11. Connie Sjursen 12. Daphne Satter 13. Martha Miller 14. Susan Weinstein 15. Amy Woodward 16. Lori Talley 17. Anne Belinn 18. Julie O ' Malley 19. Diane Kratzle 20. Mary Williams 21. Pam Clark 22. Margo Boston 23. Diane Bruns 24. Wren Baldwin 25. Monica Regal 26. Elise Margolis 27. Jackie Meaney 28. Kristi Rohdy 29. Shelly Wilson 30. Heather Hellman 31. Nancy Givens 32. Marlene Colucci 33. Vicky Churchman 34. Kim Pressley 35. Michelle Welsh 36. Agnes Kienle 37. Linda James 38. Cathy Friedman 39. Dana White 40. Debbie Riordan 41. Jody Downs 42. Julie Hinman 43. Gina Zirbes 44. Lisa Hedenberg 45. Shannon Spellman 46. Gigi Tierney 47. Stacey Durant 48. Kelly Grewe 49. Heidi Resnik 50. Kristy Odermatt 51. Cindy Davis 52. Laura Collier 53. Kathy Downs 54. Lorraine Carlson 55. Sherri Silveira 56. Nancy Knorr 57. Leslie Armstrong 58. Kristy Maroy 59. Diana Shin 60. Betsy Panting 61. Mari Newton 62. Cindy Allen 63. Genette Delrosario 64. Dana Clemments 65. Denise Beland 66. Susan Wynne 67. Barb Magpusao 68. Stacy MacKenzie 69. Mary Bruns 70. Christy Moeller 71. Bridget Murphy 72. Julie Davis 73. Alice Sarkisian 74. Marian Koltai 75. Teresa Siriani 76. Lisa Curtin 77. Helen Tanner 78. Julie Smith 79. Jennifer McClure 80. Debbie Marshall 81. Kathy Vanderveer 82. Dana Bourquin 83. Karen Redgwick 84. Cindy Crusberg 85. Bonnie Goodman 86. Katie Harton 87. Renee Amen 88. Shelly Smith 89. Shannon Holt 90. Linda Pfiffner 91. Janice Pollack 92. Julie Wenzel 93. Laurie Miller 94. Julie Treinen 95. Lynn Prendergast 96. Patty Pepper 97. Susan Hunter 98. Keelie Maly 99. Cindy Ramberg 100. Wendy Jansky 101. Betsy Barnett 102. Anne Harlan 103. Linda Seitz 104. Lori Mackey 105. Joy Pepperman 106. Heather Hilton 107. Gwen Gorham 108. Dawn Barrett 109. Katie Becker 110. Amy Burland 111. Roni Pettis 112. Jane Lambe 113. Janet Letson 114. Corinna Fiedler 115. Marina Rome 116. Dana Fredlund 117. Melanie Moore 118. Shannon Davis 119. Linda Spangler 120. Beth Lewis 121. Jody Cohan 122. Kathy Schactner 123. Sarah Killins 124. Karen Wullschleger 125. Tauna Vandeweghe not pictured . . . Laurie Allen Karen Argoud Karen Armstrong Marie Blue Cindy Bogard Charlotte BonioIs Patti Botzbach Jeanne Boyce Kim Briggs Erin Burnham Kimberly Clark Liz Coker Kathleen Conway Jeannie DuPuy Donna Edminston Toni Figler Ellen Flemke Erin B. Gathrid Nancy Goosman Patti Gorham Lori Gutheim Misti Holweger Nancy Huffaker Vail Jiminez Nori Johnson Leora Kimeldorf Laura KraII Kim Michie Pam Mooney Chris Murnighan Marian Mykkanen Susan Nicolas Carol Regan Donna Cat Reiss Kathy Ross Donna Sorenson Suzanne Stebner Jeanine Sullivan Joan Tandowsky Kelly Vickers Donna Weary Jill Williams AΔΠ acacia 1. Don Earl 2. Ronald Allatoree 3. Dock Yu 4. Paul Townsend 5. Albert Gonzales 6. Walter Allan 7. Jeff Luster 8. Bill Graham 9. Patrick Dornblazer 10. Craig Siva 11. David Saunders 12. Eric Munoz 13. Bill Bethre 14. Dave Amori 15. John Bryan 16. Alex Duke 17. Dan Bauler 18. Bill Cooper 19. Douglas Wickham alpha phi alpha 1. Eric White 2. Benny Brown 3. Brian Woods 4. Michael Lucien 5. Hascal Humes II 6. Bobby Grace 7. Gregory Taylor 8. Craig Williams 9. David Alexander 10. Marvin Ussery not pictured. . . Marcus Barber Fred Bostick Terry Brown Paul Campbell Robert Gillespie Charles Gore Spencer Holmes Nate Stewart Chet Williams Brett York alpha epsilon phi 1. Susan Sanders 2. Sheri Nissinger 3. Lisa Skaist 4. Laurie Ghan 5. Laura Rubin 6. Robin Tolmas 7. Susie Sugarman 8. Kim Daniels 9. Sheri Goodman 10. Tracy Neistadt 11. Lisa Alper 12. Robin Bernstein 13. Ellen Alberts 14. Alisa Deutsch 15. Dafna Wu 16. Alaina Bernstein 17. Ronit Makdlebaum 18. Sue Gruskin 19. Beth Titlebaum 20. Susan Cohan 21. Lisa Landis 22. Alane Goodman 23. Suzie Mintz 24. Lisa Ehrlich 25. Kim Stein 26. Arlyn Egers 27. Katie Smith 28. Ann Fragen 29. Elena Malitz 30. Mae Dorfman 31. Fran Wiriott 32. Laurie Barish 33. Lynn Drasin 34. Sandi Gerber 35. Leslie Goldberg 36. Pame Michaels 37. Ronie Schmelz 38. Pam Fein 39. Karen Pevshek 40. Sandy Rose 41. Judy Mintz 42. Andi Weissman 43. Sandra Kossacoff 44. Karen Africk 45. Jill Tucker 46. Susie Stengel 47. Judy Fox 48. Karen Gaynor 49. Jody Fox 50. Stephanie Ray 51. Debbie Davidson 52. Wendy Jaffee 53. Stephanie Hall 54. Saney Landen 55. Cory Borden 57. Lee Riskin 58. Haya Handel 59. Michi Gilbert 60. Lili Weinstein 61. Mina Fenton 62. Tamara Jurman 63. Jenny Engel 64. Jill Tannenbaum 65. Patti Pollack 66. Ann Samborn 67. Pam Schwartz 68. Vicki Rabow AEΦ alpha gamma delta 1. Jean Wagner 2. Laura Blair 3. Joanna Kramer 4. Emiko Yamamoto 5. Holly Sneed 6. Pam Young 7. Sheryl Stratton 8. Carolyn Ellis 9. Heather Bell 10. Kim Smith 11. Sylvia Pfalzgraf 12. Sharon Qua 13. Cary Taylor 14. Jean Bass 15. Bonnie Barber 16. Kris Odencrantz 17. Cathy Williams 18. Leslie Soo Hoo 19. Mas Yamada 20. Dana London AΓΔ 1. Brian Mercer 2. Steven Lee 3. Bernard Ela 4. Greg Chadwick 5. Joe Marshall 6. Paul Hodson 7. Dan Valdez 8. Rex Houdyshell 9. Ken Slack 10. Keith Park 11. Andy Low 12. Mark Kamaelson 13. Ken Pavis 14. Manuel Arreguin 15. Marc Blais 16. Ben Melendez 17. Doug Titherley 18. Mike Yetter 19. David Zagrodney 20. Mark Zastrow 21. Warren Schoonover 22. Thom Matthews 23. Mike Occipinti 24. John Nagle 25. Carl Ecklund 26. Byron Fong 27. Darryl Banton 28. Mark Miller 29. Brad Houdyshell 30. Brad Armstrong 31. Edmund Du Pont 32. Rand Larson 33. Jay Yepp 34. Art Stine 35. Greg Bodine 36. Fernando Caballero 37. John Myre not pictured... Steve Arreguin Clarence Au Chris Blow Mike Buckley Steve Chang Ivan Cheng Andy Comisky Bob Evans Gustavo Galindo Alex Gonzalez Richard Greeley David Killion Ron Mead Brad Myers Brian Owen Sherman Saunders Brian Walters alpha gamma omega AΓΩ phi gamma delta 1. Scott Scrivner 2. Pete Pastore 3. Ross Arakaki 4. Neil Sokoler 5. Manoj Khandelwahl 6. Dan Cohn 7. Rob Oliver 8. Jeff Miller 9. Aki Kiriyama 10. Steve Brooks 11. Kan Johnson 12. Doug Sydow 13. Andy Stock Jim Ely 14. Steve Trotter 15. Gary Hamrick 16. Tarry Kramer 17. Ken McArthur 18. Dave Rothstein 19. Jon Primer 20. Greg Moore 21. Bob Arp 22. Steve Kaplan 23. Dan Gong 24. Jamie McNamara 25. Brian Taylor 26. Mike Stumpe 27. Frady Joe 28. Ron Fremont 29. Ed Schatz 30. Mark Elliot 31. Al Dawson 32. Brad Allen 33. Brad Ratliff 34. Arno Vigen 35. Greg Proulx 36. Kevin Gallivan 37. Brad Epstein 38. Craig Woo 39. Steve Stanley not pictured. . . Wayne Azousa Dan Bethlahmy Rick Bromley Eric Demangate Terry Fundak Mike Kaufman Mike O ' Donnel ΦΓΔ alpha phi 1. Val Chuba 2. Sarah Alexander 3. Wendy Temkin 4. Maria Trompas 5. Cathie Batson 6. Cathy Lentz 7. Sharon Pratt 8. Karryn Johnson 9. Gabriella Marangone 10. Pam Scott 11. Amy Portwood 12. Laura Hughes 13. Lindy Mauch 14. Laurie Bloom 15. Kristin Lundstrom 16. Kathleen Coffey 17. Ellen Santon 18. Laura Sudman 19. Faith Rodarte 20. Deena Portnoff 21. Colleen Carey 22. Gayle Nelson 23. Robin Goldman 24. Lori Treadaway 25. Mandy Hix 26. Marianne Kearney 27. Diane Campo 28. Jill Rossi 29. Jennifer Herman 30. Lori Lerman 31. Kendall Cloidt 32. Laurie Riccard 33. Roberta Koz 34. Sally Goll 35. Lee Leonard 36. Susan Isaacs 37. Becky Hansen 38. Suzy Crawford 39. Carol Newman 40. Rhonda Leach 41. Susan Reed 42. Lisa Fisher 43. Lyn Olsen 44. Julie Rice 45. Steffi Grossman 46. Carole Baker 47. Jeanine Vaughan 48. Michelle Goldberg 49. Kirsten Fitzgerald 50. Joanne Purdum 51. Lisa Fogle 52. Carolyn Cory 53. Joanne McComick 54. Jenny Heckman 55. Lise Berg 56. Libby Spearman 57. Susan Henriksen 58. Bliss Berry 59. Kim Lynch 60. Kim Cooper 61. Joan Jordan 62. Vicky Dunk 63. Julie Mayeson 64. Pam Mason 65. Lorraine Tapia 66. Nancy Arnold 67. Sherri Devereaux 68. Liz Seidner 69. Robin Brigham not pictured. . . Theresa Barulich Maria Blaser Jennifer Booth Marchell Brennan Cindy Brewer Christine Brinkerhoff Kelly Brown Julie Carrington Roxanne Christ Lauren Cohen Julie Croner Teri Daly Jenny Davis Diane Dickinson Rhonda Freedman Lisa Fried Vicki Friedman Dathy Grace Sally Graves Keri Greer Cindy Gelsley Terri Hermans Michelle Hernandez Sheila Hoffman Claudia Hoover Jill Jacobson Lisamarie Kennedy Ann Killion Julie Kjos Karin Krug Maureen Kuptz Kathleen Lamphere Karen Leitner Suzanne Lock Julie Marsella Laura McFarland Carla Melendez Diana Mudgway Carolyn Murray Andrea Nevens Carol Newell Diana Nicholson Denise Norton Colleen Palmer Laura Anosian Heidi Pence Jade Pyle Liz Roberts Joanne Rogers Dawnienne Rundel Celia Salter Laurette Schiff Lisa Schonfelder Linda Sherman Julis Simon Amy Smith Cathy Smith Jill Smith Debbie Smolarski Sarah Sontheimer Kristen Speers Julie Sporer Patty Suiker Dawn Swiech Julie Wahl Debbie Wedding Maria Willback Sharon Williams Bambi Wills Karen Wilson Diana Wolf Julie Zachs Julie Zarrow AΦ alpha tau omega 1. Mark Kallen 2. Paul Gregory 3. Mike Kell 4. Len Torres 5. Doug Chu 6. Mitch Braman 7. Alan Chalk 8. Peter Koellin 9. Joe Lange 10. J.B. Luzar 11. Bill Legg 12. K.C. Stromgren 13. Doug Lindholm 14. Ken Tomlinson 15. Sam Yaziji 16. Dave Wilson 17. Brian Devaney 18. Mark Valentine 19. Steve Rados 20. Dave Lacombe 21. Brian Young 22. J. Jona Jism 23. Steve Krangold 24. Dave Dietrich 25. Rob Beach 26. Rick Chancellor 27. John Riordan 28. Owen Hedley 29. R.K. Nyman 30. Burke Large 31. Crandall Addington 32. Rich Bushnell 33. Tom Corson 34. Ken Sims 35. Bob Keehn 36. Rick Wandrocke 37. Dana Wandrocke 38. Jack Meoff 39. Craig Moyer 40. Bruce Tobey 41. Radds ' Twin 42. Doug Collins 43. Hiding Person 44. Scott Howard 45. Steve Gulnac 46. John Haschak 47. Augie Johnson 48. Dave Henriks 49. Ted Yu 50. B.J. Rundquist 51. Jeff Cunningham 52. Gordon Dolfie ATO beta theta pi 1. Rich Burns 2. Ron Field 3. Gerry Flintoft 4. Mike Jennings 5. Mike Badamo 6. Todd Stoddard 7. Dave Pople 8. Gary Stone 9. Mike Cardona 10. Jim Friery 11. Steve Chase 12. Mike McCarthy 13. Warren Gold 14. Danny Potter 15. Chuck Feyrer 16. John Raisin 17. Jack Jaeger 18. Dan Roundtree Dave Harding 20. Tom Jameson 21. John Cranston 22. Bill Payne 23. Peter Riordan 24. Mark Newlin 25. Jeff Hines 13. Brian Snyder 14. Chris Houge 15. Greg Rosicky 16. Kevin Sheehan 17. Jim Harfer 18. Greg Houge 19. Mitch Yankowitz 20. Grant Carlson 21. Mark Goodman 22. Ed Wright 23. Kevin Still 37. Davis-Bader 38. Matt Bryant 39. Jim Soash 40. Jeff Clark 41. Jim Bohannon 42. Chris Hang 43. Rick Murnighan 44. Mike Harrison 45. Ed Schmidt 46. Guy Langlow 47. Mike Perez 48. Dave Tiger 49. Nick Kahrilas 50. Larry Dressler 51. Curtis Creath not pictured. . . Bill Berger Dave Bleiweiss Dan Bryant Walt Chenowitch Ned Dibble Jeff Dixon Jim Forester Ed Gatejen Scott Gould Mike Hammett Chris Holliday Carl Kawabe Craig Kushon Bruce Lathrop Paul Meyer Juan Morales Walt Mountford Steve Noller Steve Ortize Chris Palmondon Matt Thompson Steve Warner Jim White BΘΠ chi omega 1. Laura Branch 2. Laurie Weaver 3. Susie Evermann 4. Monica Hall 5. Laurie Connor 6. Lee Jenkins 7. Laurie Richelieu 8. Maureen Mulady 9. Patty Parker 10. Cammie Cohen 11. Kim Sykes 12. Anne Leamy 13. Leslie Stone 14. Susanne Askew 15. Carol Malouf 16. Debbie Brady 17. Lisa McClain 18. Joanne Arden 19. Amy Kaplan 20. Georgia Sproul 21. Sheri Mason 22. Laurie Villasenor 23. Nancy Krisilas 24. Sharon Cicero 25. Elyse Shapiro 26. Song Cho 27. Dana Heichman 28. Terese Dankowski 29. Leslie Solomon 30. Sandy Delaplane 31. Nancy Deiter 32. Linda Teslow 33. Carol Curry 34. Melissa Effron 35. Sandy Kuebler 36. Mimi Grosz 37. Elaine Fresch 38. Donna Pasini 39. Eliz Smith 40. Jane Schon eman 41. Jolie Barnett 42. Vicki Mestel 43. Susan Meisel 44. Leslie Hazlett 45. Linda De Soto 46. Gail Russo 47. Melanie Muir 48. Joan Berend 49. Andrea Silver 50. Donna Boesky 51. Randi Gittleman 52. Leslie Litt 53. Kathe Dworakowski 54. Nancy Marshment 55. Laurie Friedman 56. Tracy Corbo 57. Lisa Matkowski 58. Carlene Hardesty 59. Barb Snyder 60. Andrea Spanos 61. Kathy Williams 62. Lawny Varhol 63. Lynn Michaels 64. Alexis Gleiter 65. Daviann Brooks 66. Barb Early 67. Lynne Vanzeeland 68. Kathy Burke 69. Denise Warhol 70. Mary Del Favero 71. Beth Becker 72. Thea Nesis 73. Cynthis Coleman 74. Lisa Psaniello 75. Jennifer Witt 76. Tracy Hodge 77. Elizabeth Derebeew 78. Jill Holwager 79. Cynthia Surface 80. Cheryl Savage 81. Terri Welby 82. Kayla Conroy 83. Sherri Johnson 84. Gina Frager 85. Kim Saltikov 86. Carri Cameron 87. Chris Baytosh 88. Julie Johnson 89. Laura Neville 90. Juliet Falce 91. Kelly Page 92. Brianne Gelston 93. Sandy Teslow 94. Katie Balestra 95. Susie Ostrander 96. Carol Bergers 97. Sandra Pasini 98. Julie Campbell Not pictured…. Robyn Andres Ann Argabright Kendall Baldwin Kelli Benston Olivia Beroud Laurie Birenbawm Jacqi Bowe Andrea Buller Jan Byer Cathy Campbell Darcy Champion Cheryl Clark Cheryl Crandall Kim Crockett Marilyn Early Patti Flockhart Cathy Frank Roxanne Galloro Maria Gerace Kevil Harrington Terrie Heikkila Karen Hughes Sharon Jacobs Michelle Jaffe Caren Langhammer Cheryl Leader Tracy Levin Kim Loomis Suzanne Marshall Shelley Norden Becky Overstreet Carolyn Paysee Stephanie Pearl Judy Peterson Cynthia Post Robin Ritner Lyn Rossi Jenny Ryan Laura Saffer Vicki Schweitzer Diane Shader Rebecca Smith Sharon Soble Sandy Soto Shawna Spellman Leslie Stevens Diane Tejera Karin Tronsrue Cathie Voigt Robin Windes Ming Yang XΩ delta delta delta 1. Liz Dorn 2. Lori Ives 3. Carol Ng 4. Jill Tracy 5. Lisa Klaustermeyer 6. Leslie Williams 7. Mia Bendixson 8. Carin Badger 9. Nancy Bothwell 10. Lori Magnus 11. Anne Marie Mihatov 12. Jami Thompson 13. Cathy Lendzion 14. Kathy Dechow 15. Cathy Dewey 16. Becky Taylor 17. Alyson Edgerton 18. Lori Lawlor 19. Courtney McNicholas 20. Terry Sadowski 21. Julie Anderson 22. Liz Perkins 23. Sally Lieber 24. Terri Sousa 25. Darrell Zack 26. Christine Dumas 27. Julie Jeter 28. Connie Herring 29. Paula Dugan 30. Debbie Campanelli 31. Tami Acosta 32. Kate Zovich 33. Kris Fredicksen 34. Martha Dolfie 35. Jeanne Hendricksen 36. Debbie Richards 37. Nancy Nahin 38. Caryn Marcus 39. Judy Harders 40. Julie Fried ΔΔΔ 41. Lori Martyns 42. Pam Beckstrom 43. Carol Liu 44. Anne Maxwell 45. Karen Davidson 46. Mary Lynn Small 47. Caty DuBridge 48. Lisa Setzer 49. Nancy Phillips 50. Judy Warde 51. Liz Kendrick 52. Jeane Hardwicke 53. Dianne Drake 54. Julie Hayek 55. Monica Kreps 56. Melissa Merta 57. Shelley Engman 58. Mica Magee 59. Kristy Keup 60. Jamie Gunderson 61. Jacqi Logan 62. Tammy Ryan 63. Diane Bailey 64. Kathy Erickson 65. Joanne Devlin 66. Geri Wheelis 67. Beth Ullrich 68. Robin Bren 69. Sharon Stahl 70. Jeanne Malmo 71. Cynthia Crossland 72. Laura Pender 73. Colleen Morse 74. Susan Fulmer 75. Dale Race 76. Anne Forschler 76. Missy Kooistra 77. Ann Forschler 78. Darlene Davenport 79. Sara Peterson 80. Jennifer Hicklin 81. Toni Dunham 82. Karen Gator 83. Kathy Katzaroff 84. Katie Fitzgerald 85. Micki Bryson 86. Marie Piersol 87. Lisa Gator 88. Debbie Cunningham 89. Yvonne O’Dell 90. Cathy Dukes 91. Theresa Davidson 92. Linda Evans 93. Sheila Morris 94. Terri Aiken 95. Wendy MacDiarmid 96. Nancy Beadle 97. Jenny Edson 98. Carol Parkinson 99. Janet Silvera 100. MaryJane Morrison 101. Susan Shellabarger 102. Denise Rocchettii 103. Leigh Baker 104. Kim Rivers 105. Lucia Coyoca 106. Betsy Jarvis 107. Janice Karel 108. Leslie Amos 109. Nancy Nusbaum 110. Holly Hennike 111. Pam Atteberry 112. Siri Jostad 113. Janis Randolph 114. Becca Minor 115. Lisa DiLucca 116. Kym Belger 117. Paulette Ditzler 118. Heather Levin 119. Julie Guinn 120. Maria Ryan 121. Tracey Fulmer 122. Ingrid Chestnut 123. Cynthia Hobson 124. Parie Jensen 125. Ellen Dolfie 126. Lynda Smith 127. Anne O’Brien 128. Leza Salvador 129. Becky Sorenson 130. Lee Pope 131. Linda Johnston 132. Joan Bucher 133. Leann Chancler 134. Heidi Jenkins 135. Blair Woodward 136. Melissa Gaines 137. Paige Becker 138. Kathy Wallace 139. Diane Glascock 140. Alison Maxwell 141. Colleen Tate not pictured. . . Bev Bauman Maria Boles Susan Lebo Cyndy Jenkins Vicki Street Karen Warner ΔΓ delta gamma 1. Cheryl Becker 2. Julie Davis 3. Maria Savasta 4. Kathleen Cowderoy 5. Julie Downes 6. Tia Dott 7. Kari Markussen 8. Raime Quick 9. Roni Caligagan 10. Carol Pedersen 11. Sandy Harper 12. Carolyn Binsacca 13. Shelley Ovesen 14. Shannon Healy 15. Marlene Atkinson 16. Julia Davis 17. Christine Martin 18. Katie McGaughey 19. Mary Coughlin 20. Marci Pool 21. Beverly Kwong 22. Linda Hanna 23. Ava Vedres 24. Jaci Chevalier 25. Kathy Duffy 26. Nancy Cutting 27. Julie Lozano 28. Carrie O’Keefe 29. Leslie Roepke 30. Anne Lord 31. Lisa Lindgren 32. Staci Watson 33. Betsy Brunell 34. Shelly Williams 35. Sharon Lindgren 36. Andrea Gesas 37. Brenda Babcock 38. Christine Coffey 39. Brenda Holden 40. Karen Johannesson 41. Sharon Seleine 42. Robin Miller 43. Julie Turner 44. Joan Williams 45. Nancy Porter 46. Bridget Flynn 47. Kit Marchel 48. Mina Charn 49. Kim Bedell 50. Sue Vinik 51. Linda Stanten 52. Kim Kovacs 53. Carol Clarke 54. Kathy Bliss 55. Sheryl Bednar 56. Dayna Lowry 57. Lisa Massey 58. Tammy McCallum 59. Blair Lowry 60. Donna Hogle 61. Sandra Bakke 62. Kathryn Peirano 63. Pam Scott 64. Jill McColm 65. Donna Sherman 66. Lydia Kubin 67. Kay Sweeney 68. Tracey Roberts 69. Tarni Hoops 70. Sharon Sigillito 71. Adella Kenyon 72. Kathy McVay 73. Anne Legallet 74. Alison Gardner 75. Tina Leonetti 76. Liz Pendo 77. Linda Kerby 78. Jennifer Gerich 79. Renee Martin 80. Laura Ann Emmons 81. Liz Hall 82. Cheryl Taylor 83. Aileen Gram 84. Ada Lange 85. Randi Goldstein 86. Shannon Hayes 87. Pam Bile 88. Linda Galceran 89. Mindy Weiman 90. Cheryl Rehman 91. Lisa Zusman 92. Laurie Feller 93. Peggy Lech 94. Barbara Burlin 95. Liz Gitner 96. Tomi Bednar 97. Laurie Hoff 98. Cindy Wooten 99. 100. Allison Patterson 101. Linda Elm And Carol Berru 102. Kelly Gilmore 103. Julia Poppen 104. Barb Bixby 105. 106. Paula Simbro 107. Kristen Schow 108. 109. Barb Cutting 110. Alix Doumakes 111. Becky Dean 112. Leslie Mayer 113. Sue Richardson 114. Molly Foley 115. Missy Cockrell 116. Kelly Egan 117. Kathy Browning 118. 119. Therese McFadden 120. Karen Swanson 121. Carol O’Connor 122. Liz Stalder 123. Katie Curry 124. Robin Morris 125. Shannon Ludwick 126. Celina Wang 127. Beth Cotter 128. Susan Schaefer 129. Cindy Campbell 130. Danai Katsufrakis 131. Susan Pickett delta sigma phi 1. David Zanbarsky 2. John Urban 3. Scott Land 4. Stuart Hoshide 5. Tony Schmidt 6. Chuck Aghoian 7. Tom Sowards 8. Scott Kuby 9. Doug Bontemps 10. Chris Zyda 11. John Sun 12. Mike Housman 13. Carlten Masi 14. Jeff Schurr 15. Dave Solberg 16. Sandy Argabrite 17. Joe Ng 18. Ken Bauer 19. George Serantinos 20. Kent Sugino 21. Lloyd Chapman 22. David Leather 23. David Miles 24. Larry Compton 25. Chris Hoard 26. Doug Richards 27. Dick Smith 28. John Fiero 29. David McCarthy 30. Neal Elzinga 31. Steve Havas not pictured. . . Hal Bastian Hagop Bedoyan Tim C. Joe Costa Phil Elhai Charles Franklin Eric Frerer Gary Gibson Mike Hogaland Keith Leonard John Nelson Brian O ' Connel Zoltan Pali Sherwin Seyrafi Mike Sharuck Wally Shiba John Strokis Bob Stropky Jeff Truit John Whipple Steve Wizen Matt Wood Ray Worrel ΔΣΦ delta tau delta 1. Perry 2. Buffy 3. Rick Smith 4. Orson 5. Soupy 6. McD 7. Grant Pew 8. Rooney 9. Badfinger 10. Moike 11. Jeff Goehring 12. Raging Bull 13. Bake 14. Whimpy 15. Aye Lady 16. Kegger 17. Mutt 18. Chuckles 19. Spanky 20. V 21. Dr. T 22. Phildo 23. Jerry Kirkman 24. Tripp 25. Hib 26. Eduardo Ernesto Delgado Pietro Batres not pictured. . . Todd Bernstein Duane Castenada Brent Hale Bob Maltbie Dave Motte Frank Patti Norm Policar Roger Roberts Phil Rossi Dave, John, Bill, and Pete ΔTΔ lambda rho 1. Leah Ridge 2. Lori Ensley 3. Anneke Nelson 4. Denise Cosgrove 5. Marilyn Patterson 6.Susie Ng 7. Alejandra Lambertini 8. Chris Ybernas 9. Felicia Arnold 10. Cheri Ikerd 11. Julie Kennedy 12. Michelle Balowitz 13. Laura 14. Leslie 15. Kathy Bragg 16. Julie Plotkin 17. Lynn Allison 18. Vivian Kebewan 19. Orm Chivarivat 20. Renee Whipple 21. Tessie Sullivan 22. Peggy Bittle 23. Carol Neu 24. Danielle Cosgrove 25. Jenny Granger 26. Brenda Saborio 27. Bambi Goldstein 28. Mary Rossen 29. Nell Morine 30. House Mother: Rita Briggs 31. Bonnie Cheeseman 32. Frances Ricks 33. Caroline Fraser 34. Pualine Yamagata 35. Jo-Jo Chin 36. Regina Nunley 37. Sylvia Marquez 38. Barbara 39.Cheryl Markham ΛP gamma phi beta 1. Pam Merrill 2. Lauri Fullerton 3. Laura Dean 4. Cathy Sernett 5. Wendy Ward 6. Elaine Sideris 7. Carol Miley 8. Marlee Means 9. Karen Odell 10. Lisa Welge 11. Sandy Eustis 12. Allyson Greene 13. Alicia Hollinger 14. Kathy Cudahy 15. Leslie Baccaro 16. Heidi Merz 17. Madeline Greenberg 18. Donna Popoff 19. Elaine Landucci 20. Nancy Archibald 21. Eleanor Young 22. Cathy Clardy 23. Leigh-Anne Browning 24. Karen McCrea 25. Tracy Hatch 26. Sue Mcbride 27. Lee Tyler 28. Laurie DeSelms 29. Erika Schlarmann 30. Lori Fields 31. Allison Seelinger 32. Laurie Gooch 33. Norma Simpson 34. Kathy Zanaboni 35. Liz Huprich 36. Michele Simon 37. Jennifer Sanders 38. Sheryl Rosenthal 39. Regina Wright 40. Barbi Sparks 41. Kristi Jaekel 42. Linda Benning 43. Sharon Flower 44. Ann Shepphird 45. Lynn Flemer 46. Debbie Kamin 47. Jan Awni 48. Whitney Mathews 49. Lynne Robinson 50. Kristin Straehley 51. Chris Flores 52. Vera Sapp 53. Cheryl Becker 54. Teree Rola 55. Pam Brundage 56. Sheila Dow 57. Cindy Chapman 58. Marta Carrington 59. Debbie Aylott 60. Margot Hackett 61. Karol Koulos 62. Carmel White 63. Donna Grandy 64. Chris Husnak 65. Kelly Murphy 66. Kathi Moreen 67. Elaine Zubko 68. Brenda Stainfield 69. Sylvia Burton 70. Carrie Begley 71. Heidi Penner 72. Julie Havens 73. Sue Becker kappa theta 1. Sandy Hansen 2. Mary Llougherty 3. Tami Alterman 4. Bridget Gleason 5. Donna Riley 6. Jennifer Rakow 7. Jennifer Hervi 8. Kristen Gunn 9. Leigh Baker 10. Julie Calton 11. Elizabeth Byrne 12. Gail Harrison 13. TRacy Robbins 14. Lisa Mykytuik 15. Kristi Berglund 16. Cheryl Fraser 17. Amy Pryor 18. Allison Claire 19. Colene Boyd 20. Jody Israelisky 21. Laura Spence 22. Cathy Barber 23. Rae Sanchini 24. Krista Jacobson 25. Sally Convirs 26. Kristin Cullen 27. Elizabeth Milner 28. Pam Conner 29. Dominique Renda 30. Lynn Witherspoon 31. Cynthia Heyn 32. Kim Cunningham 33. Terri Levinson 34. Julie Taormina 35. Nancy Ornasa 36. Joan Gilbert 37. Sheri Cobb 38. Pepper Eisner 39. Kelly Brock 40. Lesley Knoth 41. Mary Lou Hotsko 42. Nancy Schriener 43. Darrell Chulay 44. Leslie McConnell 45. Brenda Payne 46. Nancy Koch 47. Jill Soled 48. Peggy Farmer 49. Mrs. Long 50. Kathleen Rogers 51. Susan Braverman 52. Erin Fitzpatrick 53. Arlyne Ignacio 54. Kacey Ragland 55. Meg Freeman 56. Beth Johnson 57. Lynn Rousso 58. Jill Passalaqua 59. Cathy Waters 60. Paige Pennell 61. Laura Curtiss 62. Susan Convirs 63. Cindy White 64. Shelby Scarbough 65. Teri Jones 66. Karen Bates 67. Ivy Okamura 68. Kristen Rights 69. Sue Otterman 70. Roberta Nedry 71. Krissann Pulos 72. Victoria Ball 73. Joanne Rhodes 74. Shelly Friedman 75. Susan Wilke 76. Ann Berg 77. Barbara Jean Frova 78. Kelly Groves 79. Lisa Citron 80. Theresa Miller 81. Carolyn Ignacio 82. Anne Worrell 83. Mary Foster 84. Kathleen Dainko 85. Kendle Koontz 86. Kathleen McCaffrey 87. Adrienne Matthews 88. Elizabeth Borkowski 89. Nicole Nassir KAΘ kappa delta 1. Sheila Irani 2. Jayme Fryer 3. Lori Pegg 4. Ann-Marie Liggett 5. Laura James 6. Tina Lund 7. Christine McNerney 8. Racheal Winston 9. Roxana Smith 10. Lee Nicholson 11. Stacy Kow 12. Tracy Kinchi 13. Jackie Gambino 14. Caren Lieberman 15. Dani Carlis 16. Carol Shaeffer 17. Vicki Greenberg 18. Joan Mancini 19. Indra Turn 20. Patti Lindewall 21. Beth Schram 22. Odette deLusignan 23. Laura Bajuk 24. Melinda Nordhaus 25. Barbara Perez 26. Jenny Carr 27. Dana Theus 28. Donna Popkop 29. Gretchen Sidener 30. Donna Nieson 31. Jeri Dewey 32. Carrie Salinger 33. Karen King 34. Cathy Keller 35. Holly Drake 36. Sue Adamson 37. Lynn Center 38. Caroline Hawkins 39. Jenny Jacobs 40. Patti Lavenson 41. Sandi Thistlewaite 42. Sheryl Eldredge 43. Mary Kay Hareman 44. Susie Krupsaw 45. Jill Gabrielli 46. Kris Long 47. Carrie Scott 48. Karen O ' Neil 49. Lisa Obrect 50. Carrie Miller 51. Kelley Conlon 52. Susie Wasicek 53. Terri Mammano 54. Linda Harvey 55. Janet Ward 56. Pam Marton 57. Joan McHugh 58. Kristi Kopp 59. Kathy Otis 60. Kim Mellor 61. Sue Lewis 62. Mignon Wills 63. Sue Zechter 64. Susie Carter 65. Lisa Sanman 66. Karen Hallerman 67. Barbara Davidson 68. Janet Griest 69. Kristin Buehler 70. Rosanne Hermelyn 71. Sue Coe 72. Jil Hatamiya 73. Wendy Rude 74. Corrin Yep 75. Anna Forssen 76. Cindy Ross 77. Brenda Palo 78. Katie Waitman 79. Tarin Olsen 80. Debbie Parish not pictured. . . Cathy Bartz Jenny Boakes Elena Brazil Susan Brooks Caren Church Kerry Cicotte Lori Eastes Robyn Finn Lisa Freitas Susan Bentile Janice Graham Susie Krupsaw Arden Lewis Karen Malmuth Tracy McDonald Allison MoweIl Victoria Nichols Valerie Spencer Kathy Van Saun Phyllis Whitmarsh kappa kappa gamma 1. Kerry Hutchings 2. Karen Uchiyama 3. Stacey White 4. Lisa Bartow 5. Erin Ellis 6. Gwen Hindt 7. Adele Jacob 8. Julie Dahlberg 9. Lucy Hooten 10. Leanna Adamson 11. Jan Holland 12. Kym Kish 13. Janet Morris 14. Jan Franklin 15. Libby Call 16. Casey McCarthy 17. Sally Escher 18. Robin Riopelle 19. Donna Duncanson 20. Colleen Mooney 21. Jewel Consience 22. Marleigh Stuart 23. Cynthia Kramer 24. Sherri Vawter 25. Mary Wakefield 26. Susan Martyn 27. Julie Sweeney 28. Mary Senske 29. Karen Haverty 30. Lynee Saddler 31. Carrie Crandall 32. Lisa Stock 33. Tina Morris 34. Lisa Doan 35. Cheryl Canty 36. Nancy Le Valley 37. Nancy Bierschank 38. Cathy Case 39. Patty Purciful 40. Rose Nguyen 41. Kathy Doll 42. Janet Guinn 43. Angela Rains 44. Jody Turner 45. Mary Short 46. Lori Hyman 47. Stephanie Young 48. Kim Krall 49. Colleen Smith 50. “Freddy” 51. Helen Larkin 52. Susan Terry 53. Beth Oschner 54. Marion Chardenas 55. Susan Choisser 56. Lisa Collins 57. Mimi Krogius 58. Cindy Harper 59. Janie Sinclair 60. Annie Peterson 61. Laura Falk 62. Ann Mileunberg 63. Ann McFarland 64. Lisa Epsen 65. Susan Pearl 66. Becky Conroy 67. Beth Karlsberg 68. Pam Perry 69. Claire O’Donnell 70. Laurie Morrow 71. Gail Slack 72. Denise McCalla 73. Lisa D’Amato 74. Amy Gusman 75. Kim Oakes 76. Chris Regan 77. Kim Wells 78. Cheryl Schaefer 79. Terri Hunter 80. Denise Turner 81. Kristie Nelson 82. Ann Wiley 83. Tamey Taylor 84. Carolyn Clark 85. Lisa Burns 86. Melissa Bickelew 87. Megan Fitzgerald 88. Elizabeth Hoover 89. Katie Hummer 90. Wendy Polson 91. Julie Brechwald 92. Chris Wormald 93. Carolyn Reinhart 94. Carolyn Davis 95. Pam Kelly 96. Cindy Hoffman 97. Marci Fortner 98. Ellen Kirkbride 99. Tracy Ryder 100. Sera Sanderson 101. Helen Weatherell 102. Pam Zettas 103. Laura Roberts 104. Karen Boyd 105. Ellen Sullivan 106. Michelle Katz 107. Allison Light 108. Cynti Lewis 109. Coreen Crothers 110. Colleen Christian 111. Nancy Brennan 112. Cindy Burke 113. Yvonne Katinsky 114. Leeann Hanson 115. Tammy Saario 116. Maureen Rogne 117. Abbey Supple 118. Brenda Griffin 119. Lisa Karamanos 120. Heather Hudson 121. Mary Freedom 122. Polly Walton 123. Heidi Durant 124. Dana French 125. Eve Szurley 126. Debbie Schaeder 127. Gill Siegal 128. Elaine Plows 129. Suzy Beugen 130. Simone Katz 131. Mary Johnson 132. Carrie Leeb 133. Shari Boggess 134. Jennifer Martyn 135. Kelly Lynch 136. Marisa Covey 137. Cathy Pendo 138. Sheila Beglin 139. Darci Linn 140. Rene Gibson 141. Kathy Farrow 142. Lisa Zaleski 143. Donna Gustafson 144. Julie McMillan 145. Jody Hurlock 146. Carrie Stannard 147. Suzanne Simone 148. Barbara Young 149. Georgie Supple 150. Shelley Rich not pictured Dayna Basler Lynn Bowley Janice Galletly Jane Givens Kim Gonzales Chris Haugan Carrie Kidwell Mary Knox Susan Lucas Lisbeth Lundy Darcy Mueller Kristy Mutschler Carrie Patter Mary Pike Sandy Schultz Darcy White KKΓ kappa sigma 1.Joe Hakim Ash Hoffman Sasaki Mok Jamieson Lodes 8.Bill Mosk 9. Heng I Lu 10. Todd Forden 11. Ed Wilde 12. Mike Asawa 12.a. Todd Moffett 13. Kris Alesna 14. Bob Louk 15. Rick Gaan Pat Bennett 17. Dave Suruki 18. Rob Wallstrom 19. John Dodd 20.Mike Cavana 21. Tom White 22. Scott Hendricksor 22.a. Tom Christian 23. Mike Platto 24. John Bratmon 25. Alan Arnall 26. Greg Schwartz 27. Grea Froomer 28. George Browning 29. Lloyd White 30. Mitch Kan 31. Jeff Brown 32. Shawn Coscia 33. Mike Gottlieb 34. Scott Ritsema not pictured... Robert Allen Eric Ameperan Steve Appier Tony Beck Doug Ford Victor Gian Kurt Hannaford Dave Juran Noah Manduke Pat Manion John McGaw Mike Rebudela Brian Shea Leonard Torrealba Lewis Webster lambda chi alpha 1. Byron Violett 2. Andre Lake 3. David Cullinane 4. Duane Clark 5. Steven Sann 6. Scott Sellens 7. James Silvia 8. Hans Berggren 9. Keith Michael 10. Eron Martin 11. Timothy Gudim 12. Russell Hirsch 13. Gary Horwitz 14. Gerald Goldstein 15. Stephen Aylward 16. Steven Smith 17. Eric Fernald 18. Milton Stumpus 19. Kevin Cassidy 20. Joseph Zuccaro 21. Arthur Galan 22. Sandra Bakke 23. William Bender 24. James Botko 25. David Neuman 26. Peter Siegel 27. Lee Goldberg 28. Gregg Giansiracusa 29. Mark Phillips 30. Scott Cunningham 31. Robert Hoffman, Jr. 32. Reuben Franco 33. Eric Spitz 34. John MayaII 35. Bruce Schuman 36. Timothy Goodman 37. James Christensen 38. Angel Quintanilla 39. Michael Pappas 40. Michael Snyder 41. Scott Kay 42. Christopher Plows 43. Philip Berlioz 44. Daniel Rothschild 45. Steven Westerman 46. Jeffery Zinn 47. Daniel Hatch 48. Joshua Heard 49. Steven Klein 50. Ross Berry 51. Mark Gordon 52. Roger Clay, Jr. 53. Matthew Gichtin 54. Patrick Toohey 55. Matthew Harris 56. Matthew Morgan 57. Thomas Kelly 58. Robert Katnik 59. Carl Dispenziere 60. Daniel Godwin not pictured... Wayne Basist Matthew Booker William Bradbury Larry Brown John Cellar Mark Clagett Douglas Cole William Cudmore, Jr. Cameron Dye Richard Figueroa Scott Forman Kenneth Foss David Frank Gregory Gardner Dean Gittleson David Greenwood Allan Heck John Horwitz Ronald Housman Thomas Hughes George Ishkanian Dorian Khouri Richard Kiel, Jr. Thomas Kittleson Michael Leos Timothy MacDonald Robert Mekjian Harold Owens,Jr. Scott Phillips Jeffrey Pollak Christopher Proctor Mark Ritchie Gregory Roberts Mark Rowen Benjamin Rubio David Shanbrom George Siegal Charles Silvia, Jr. Timothy Skelly Brett Stover Florida Taylor John Taylor Michael Taylor Keith Van Dyke Stephen Walbridge Jon Weiglin Peter Williams III theta delta chi 1. Joel “King Tut” Liberty 2. Wayne “Chip” Golditch 3. Greg “Jr. Worm” Martzolf 4. Mike “Omar” Miller 5. Brent " Bert” Davis 6. Jesse “Ricky Ricardo” Pledge 7. Geoff “Rocky” Meneses 8. Stefen “Jughead " Bauer 9. Stewart “Elmer” Roseman 10. Jan “Serge” Sweetnam 11. Jay “The Beaver” Mecandless 12. Lenny “Lenny” Rosenbaum 13. Tim “Ken” Gutridge 14. Marty “Mardy” Katz 15. Steve “Worm” Brichant 16. Steve “Jocko” Coker 17. Darin “Ernie” Conroy 18. Steve “Skip” Richardson 19. Mike “Popeye” Messih 20. Bill “Goat” Schumann 21. 22. Robert “Sarge” Wilkins 23. Dave “Nexkbrace” Bek 24. Scott “Disco Scoot” Malynn 25. Gary “X” Kim 26. Dave “Disciple” Timmerman 27. Jeff “Grub Steak” Greb 28. Pete “Le Man” Swift 29. Marc ‘Murray” Hamilton ΘΔX phi kappa psi 1. Chris Williams 2. Mike DiRoma 3. Phil Schneider 4. Paul Pellizon 5. Jeff Mamet 6. Mark Evans 7. Dan Cislo 8. Tony Rodman 9. Tom Middleton 10. Sean Hargaden 11. John Woodhead 12. Mike Khougaz 13. Duke Fenady 14. Mark Byrne 15. John Shepard 16. Jim Silverstein 17. Don Bohay 18. Kevin Clarke 19. Brian Ten 20. Kurt Seelig 21. Brian Levy 22. Mark Deneen 23. Jeff Silver 24. Jeff Lewis 25. Peter Pellizon 26. Breck Middleton 27. Eric Bernd 28. Robert Chamberlain 29. Robert Wallan 30. Jack Noe 31. Randy Schnack 32. Brad Black 33. John Gallugly 34. Lewis Averill 35. Steve Davis 36. Bob Mosbaugh 37. Mike Prestridge 38. George Brenseke 39. Andy Center 40. Yun Sand Choun 41. Vince Cameron 42. Dave Burrowes 43. Bob Morse 44. Joe Huhn 45. Tom Reineke 46. Kip Long 47. Bill Rollinson 48. Mark Travolta not pictured. . . Dave Byrd Scott Delaplane Ray Geenlee Craig Harrison Mark Messersmith Jim Roth Kevin Wardrop John Wesley ΦKΨ phi kappa sigma 1. Rob Collins 2. Lon Johnson 3. Brad Brooks 4. Kenny Moreen 5. Jim Killilea 6. Jon Foster 7. Rob Nelson 8. Rob Bernhardt 9. Rick Arneal 10. Bob Washburn 11. Dog " Shithead " 12. Shahab Ameli 13. Doug Borland 14. Garry McCarthy 15. Jay Gardner 16. Othis the Main Fish 17. Todd Pescan 18. Tom Pearson 19. Chris Lemler 20. Darrel F. Kuntz 21. Bob Dureault 22. Kerry Moser 23. Andy Hunter 24. Steve Carbone 25. Mark Walsh 26. Rick Lee 27. Rich Siao 28. Will Bingegar 29. Chris Romero 30. Dave Pascel 31. Greg Krikorian 32. Ted Killilea 33. Bill Dunn 34. Brett Cameron 35. Firechief Mike Moretti 36. Richard Bash 37. Tim Emanuels 38. Eric Autor 39. Rick Natelson 40. Pete Kratz 41. Bruce Mattick 42. Gary Robinson 43. Andy Murphy 44. David Stone 45. Ron Hirsch 46. Dave Butler 47. Brett Threlkeld 48. Dan Grimm 49. Brian Cameron 50. Steve Ehrenfried 51. Dave Crowley 52. Jack Starnes 53. Warren Farmer 54. Rich Petrulio 55. Kent Ivey 56. Mark Kermguard 57. Tom Elliot 58. Rich Baldwin 59. Jim Adams 60. Gary Coleman 61. Mike Flaherty 62. Frank Trontwine 63. Kevin Pedretti 64. Michael Gold 65. Ken Dunn 66. Alex Schroeder 67. Mark Beisswanger 68. Charles Wagon 69. Ted Tomasek 70. Jim Carbone 71. Tom Riccard 72. Mike Vzelak not pictured .. Clint Gee Steve Demetriou Mark Gruner Jim Levin Dennis Pacherco Jim Tomasek Curtis Quillen Siemon Perez ΦKΣ pi beta phi 1. Mary Nevins 2. Missy Pash 3. Barb Howland 4. Leslie Dewitt 5. Nanette Gunkel 6. Kim Baker 7. Linda Hershberger 8. Gretchen Brunsting 9. Debbie Allen 10. Laura Bralley 11. Karen Boruki 12. Susan Forte 13. Kendy Massas 14. Marci Muller 15. Meghan Horsl ey 16. Nancy Franklin 17. Jerelyn Wright 18. Heidi Gerhart 19. Linda Gurley 20. Claudia Lampner 21. Laura Wilhite 22. Diane Mcmullen 23. Conni Young 24. Joan Bergna 25. Julie Sanders 26. Patti Tom 27. Julie Young 28. Sarah Hartley 29. Julie Haggerty 30. Lorrie Warren 31. Janis Potter 32. Mitzi Moon 33. Karen Derr 34. Adele Carlson 35. Stephanie Caldwell 36. Carol Lin 37. Allison Murad 38. Katy Coate 39. Mari Mineta 40. Michele McCracken 41. Claire Long 42. Michiko Katamine 43. Cathy Stoughten 44. Libby Wilhite 45. Marcie Tinkler 46. Lisa Koutouratsas 47. Sue Gulbrandson 48. Jane Campbell 49. Suzy Jones 50. Kelly Pagni 51. Tracy Peterson 52. Dana Waldmire 53. Patty Pastre 54. Cheryl Guder 55. Stephanie Wark 56. Susan Dick 57. Renee Mathis 58. Linda Diestel 59. Kathy Gavin 60. Nancy Walton 61. Nancy Hendrickson 62. Ann Baldwin 63. Patty Kangas 64. Lisa Owen 65. Janet Fraser 66. Beth Johnson 67. Paula Beck 68. Rebecca Plott 69. Becki McCafferty 70. Carrie Bashaw 71. Kathleen Murrau 72. Dana Raisch 73. Michelle Gaubert 74. Nancy Furlong 75. Laurie Polich 76. Sara Gerwe 77. Christy Brown 78. Claire Smrekar 79. Cheryl Adams 80. Deena Fogle 81. Stephanie Brier 82. Cindy Ann Felton 83. Linda Hanson 84. Joy Tandy 85. Brooke Garman 86. Kim Barbis 87. Shari Munson 88. Teresa Tomasic 89. Laura White 90. Dee Marcinkowski 91. Rhonda Rickel 92. Robin Assaf 93. Kathy Gillaspie 94. Caroline Walrond 95. Anna Mallonee Not Pictured… Mary Lou Arnett Tracy Bott Lisa Brownell Meg Butler Cynthia Campoy Ann Carey Libby Carlson Ann Clifford Nancy Cox Kathleen Crawley Leslie De Wind Carrie Lee Early Sheila Felton Kate Finley Kathleen Gagnier Sandy Gherini Ellen Graham Jane Harrington Kathy Johnson Trish Kahl Susie Kellogg Barb Lowalczyk Beppy Krause Heidi Krieger Janice Lenke Katy Lillard Nanette Mayer Laura Morrison Patti Page Stacy Proctor Susie Reinstein Kim Richards Maria Richards Susie Roh Pam Roskam Sofie Salit Dana Schlobohm Trish Sigler Kath Stolte Ann Streicher Hilary Whiting Wendy Wisbon alpha epsilon 1. Ed Hyak 2. Camp Branstetter 3. Steve Gustafson 4. Rising from the Ashes 5. Rick Myers 6. Paul Fla ther 7. Stan Cook 8. Phil Uright Brothers 9. Stanton Beal 10. Jon Mieners 11. Raskin 12. Suanny 13. Pete Lorenzo 14. Hoop 15. Brendan Morris 16. Steve Raber 17. Carim Canoun 18. Mike McCone 19. Robert Charles Long 20. Jeff Thornton 21. King Jay 22. Kreko 23. Craig Hartzman 24. One inch Long 25. Mike Shriveletter 26. Dizzy Gillespe 27. Jim Sphincter 28. King Kurt 29. Aldo Del Pickelnoes 30. Clark Bloom 31. Jay Jarvis 32. Tom WynGarden 33. George Yamashiro 34. Rob Hixon 35. John Hixon (hanging) 36. John Helm (w surfboard) ΣAE sigma chi ΣX 1. Mark Merrick 2. Dan Noal 3. Paul Hering 4. Jay Mitchell 5. Dave Gam bill 6. John Jeter 7. Doug Van Gadler 8. Clark Lavine 9. Danny Goodkin 10. Tom Wuestoff 11. Tracy Chalmers 12. Chris Pierson 13. Rod Cobertson 14. Mark Gieger 15. Dave Greenberk 16. Paul Mangiantini 17. Mike Mergenthauler 18. Gary Little 19. Greg Molitas 20. Kevin Clousey 21. Matt Doretti 22. Chris Hank 23. Russ Huvall 24. Dan Finigan 26. Ron Langer 27. Rob Carpenter 28. Tim Ryan 29. McNeil 30. Don Harrier 31. Mike Stark 32. Jeff Gordon 33. Steve Osborn 34. Scott Salazar 35. Mark Gordon 36. Eric Allamen 37. Gordon Singer 38. John Sileo 39. Brian Pierson 40 Sam Richardson 41. Dean Panfili 42. Matt Meyerson 43. Brian Compton 44. Dave Dosk 45. Mike Mediano 46. Craig Hendrickson 47. Dave White 48. Scott Ellyn 49. Greg Block 50. Rick Milke sigma delta tau 1. Stephanie Post 2. Wendy Carson 3. Elizabeth Schiff 4. Rachael Pittler 5. Andrea Weiss 6. Aleyda Arriaga 7. Janis Cohen 8. Robin Gertler 9. Angela Herman 10. Lori Rubinstein 11. Alicia Wilkin 12. Francine Pirri 13. Sara Rosenthal 14. Irene Arm 15. Laura Lieberman 16. Karin Christopher 17. Diane Nadell 18. Lynn Reed 19. Lia Pollock 20. Patti Rusheen 21. Sally Shore 22. Lori Fenston 23. Rhesa Gary 24. Mindy Fox 25. Heather Glassmar 26. Linda Agay 27. Debbie Kelman 28. Karen Maltz 29. Terri Breitman 30. Ellen Gebler 31. Debbie Davis 32. Tammy Matz 33. Petra Kune 34. Caroline Guttman 35. Lauran Bernstein 36. Lisa Saunders 37. Sigi Koettler 38. Jackie Diamond 39. Lesa Levi 40. Susan Fingerett 41. Randy Minck 42. Laurie Aronoff 43. Ilene Shapiro 44. Ellen Friedman 45. Melissa Seisser 46. Susan Roseman 47. Susan Cohen 48. Karen Landers 49. Lee Karp 50.Susan Schwartz 51.Tricia Dorff 52.Leah Weil 53.Valerie Mellman 54.Tali Fogel 55.Carole Schnier ΣΔT sigma kappa 1. Marci Robinson 2. Debbie Steinberg 3. Michaela Nedovic 4. Marta Laken 5. Laurie McDaniels 6. Gail Gilfillian 7. Lauren Polizzi 8. JoAnn Ogawa 9. Lori Carlson 10. Kim Swanson 11. Lisa Becker 12. Rosanna Giordani 13. Erin Cox 14. Michele Ellison 15. Steph Zervas 16. Valerie Susman 17. Shari Baer 18. Terry Patterson 19. Andrea Edleman 20. Susan Reff 21. Bess Petlak 22. Marilyn Wiley 23. Vick Martin 24. Janine Weisman 25. Jane Power 26. Ronnie Ockert 27. Katie Gorian 28. Karen Goldstein 29. Lauren Kanig 30. Mara Papatheodorou 31. Mignon Dubreuil 32. Deanne Kidd 33. Lori Carle 34. Michele Werstuk 35. Debbie Almo 36. Betty Pok 37. Cyd Brandvein 38. Annie Chow 39. Marlene Kuether 40. Kathy Langer 41. Karen Basting 42. Cheryl Davis 43. Gretchen Moltz 44. Diana Salazar 45. Audrey Watts 46. Janice Yamaga 47. Karen DeMarr 48. Ellie Thomas 49. Elaine Oh 50. 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John Barth 11. Tom Weling 12. Gary Hooper 13. Mike Keating 14. Clay Hough 15. Rob Isackson 16. Craig Johns 17. Dan Davenport 18. Randy Mendoza 19. Joe D ' Esopo 20. John Brunson 21. John Tweedie 22. Bob Rovzar 23. Sandy MacDougall 24. Scott Showen 25. Jeff Burt 26. Steve Layton 27. Bob Johnson 28. Dave Miclean 29. Gary Messick 30. Greg Davis 31. Tom Perrier 32. Ted Martin 33. Bret Parker 34. Mike Lynch 35. Armando Trejo 36. Dave Taylor 37. Ken O ' Rourke 38. Adam Godfrey 39. Mark Volpicelli 40. Jeff Gloss 41. John McCutcheon 42. Jim Manasen 43. Mike McClenahan 44. Steve Kappos 45. Pat Jones 46. Gary Seabar 47. Jon VanBronkhorst 48. Scott Stevenson 49. George Pappas 50. Josh Levin 52. Eric Macy 53. Chris Williams 54. Stan Baer 55. Jim Young 56. Doug Dickinson 57. Devin Garrity 58. Phil Butts 59. Bryan Holvey 60. Brad Gardner 61. Mark Burns 62. Court Shannon 63. Curt Ensign 64. James Arenot 65. Chris Garner 66. Pierre Loubet 67. Mike McCollum 68. Tom Sheffield 69. Mark Hoffman 70. 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Dieter Letsch 38. Jeff Ryder 39. Brock McDonald not pictured. . . Criag Brothers Jeff Brothers Tom Concannon Mike Davis Bill Fish John Friedeman Joe Garcia Rob George Rob Gorman Barry Higbee Bill Korb Brent Kunimoto Rick Lesserman Mark Moore Chris Moxe Bruce Moxon Ian Moxon Rick Myrah Chris Norris Wayne Smith Kevin Tamoshira Deryk Tenerio Steve Travners John Tsukahira Chris Wilson Tom Yu tau kappa 1. John McNicholas 2. Jay Nuez 3. Steve Craven 4. Kim Stewart 5. Bob Gutterman 6. Soren Ashmall 7. Steve Kornball 8. Kon Laui 9. Dave Forster 10. T. Jack 11. Bo Johnson 12. Dave Nixon 13. Rich Oliver 14. Steve Ramey 15. J.Bem 16. Steve Elefant 17. Ron Blintz 18. B.Zarree 19. Dan Drexer 20. Grant Johnson 21. Fuzzy Gaynor 22. Erec Haaland 23. Bernd Hauschildt 24. Joe Puterbaugh 25. Jimi Hendrix 26. Steve Bach 27. Kurt Ramirez 28. Lar Bob 29. Chris Hollister 30. Chris Burr 31. Ron Bodner 32. Mark Falconer 33. Will Perry 34. Andre De Bortnowski not pictured… Dan Adam Danny Bank Chuck Bauhman Carlos Cabral Paul Cairns Dave Daly Lance Eisher Mark Epstein Paul Frankel Bruce Fujiami Plinio Garcia Jim Gaynor Dave Gilmour Ken Grock Frank Gubar John Harrington Stonewall Jackson Colin Jones Geoff Knight Brad Krasnoff Bill Kulchin C. Mark Lacey Charlie Lampe Buff Lieban Larrs Lohan Ted Ohnsted Larry Owen Ben Pearson Adam Perkal Anders Plett Ken Ralidas Ed Rossi Stan Schriger Marty Slee Tom Vanderford Bob Westlake Cliff Williams Matt Wright Angus Young TKΣ theta chi 1. Ed Ruth 2. Matt Muldoon 3. Mike Hansell 4. Steve Belilove 5. Greg Rondinelli 6. Mark Shmagin 7. The Rev. Trevor Kensey 8. Brently Koch 9. Todd Ostling 10. Scott Campsie 11. Neal 12. Dave Johnson 13. Scott McKenney 14. Kelly Bruce 15. Eric Overstreet, O.D. 18. Scott Covell 17. Mark Karge 18. Chris Romberg 19. Mike Bubman 20. Dan Dan Danielson 21. Bill Lavigna 22. Mark Delgado 23. Paul Puskar 24. Chuck Cortez Becker 25. Kerry Stuart Anthony Nicholson, esq. 26. Bryan Smith 27. Brian Wawa Waters 28. John Jostie 29. Howie ' s High 30. Jeff Wally Waldow 31. Mardon Hom 32. Dave Farkas 33. Raul Carl Galaz 34. Scott Foos Bruce 35. Rob Bones Higbee 36.Bill Bilmer Palmer phi delta theta 1. Thor Challgren 2. Steve Agnew 3. Brian Kavanagh 4. Jeff Romeo 5. Rajan Samtani 6. Mark Shaler 7. Thom Jones 8. Anthony Goldsmith 9. Barnaby Barry 10. Paul Lewis 11. Lon Mehlman 12. Rick Andrade 13. Roan Blacker 14. Mike Shkolnik 15. Mark L evy ΦΔΘ triangle 1. Rajeev Aneja 2. Shin Ueno 3. Steven M. Goldstein 4. Arthur G. Itkin 5. Paul M. Burnett 6. Bill Sambolich 7. Mark Ford 8. Mark Saliman 9. Dean Jennings 10. Oren Meytes 11. Dave Hook 12. Mike Landau 13. Daniel Roller 14. Drew Gerard 15. John Gomes 16. Rex Perry 17. Paul Anderson 18. Eric Nelson 19. Dale Brant 20. Marty Larcabal 21. Eric Steele 22. Daniel McMonagle not pictured… Ken Atkins Carlos Avila Craig Castle Joe Engler Leslie Greenfield Stephen Kanim Dawson Kesling Charles Patterson Daniel Penney Chris Reynolds Bradley Spear Gerald Wheeler theta xi 1. Jim Mallon 2. Frank Yea 3. Eugene Putnam 4. Tom Hoff 5. Blair Brown 6. Chad DiMarco 7. Chris Petrini 8. Dimitre Gauthier 9. Seth Stark 10. Cory Cramin 11. Armando Pedroza 12. Rusty Tucker 13. Jim Nachreiner 14. Todd Wayne 15. Mike Meston 16. David Berman 17. Greg Garner 18. Bob Hwang 19. Chuck Fuller 20. John Ostrom 21. Randy Woodward 22. Doug Hillary 23. Mark Sexton 24. Bruce Kink 25. Derek Wrobel 26. Dan Tietscheid 27. Chet Cramin 28. Steve M. Levy 29. Jeff Kay 30. Richard Sipos 31. Mike Dowling 32. The Gigolo 33. Tom Foster 34. Dave Mclntyre 35. Hal Abrams 36. Bill Losch 37. Paul Oster 38. Carl Larson 39. Jeff Graham 40. Tony Kaufman 41. Mark May 42. Jeff Campbell 43. Daryl Hoffman 44. Bob Martinez 45. Steve Marchetti 46. Rod McFadden 47. Robert Epplin 48. Brian Dauk 49. Brutus not pictured… Joe Aiello Mark Albin Howard Berman Mark Blesius Eric Brugger Bob Dowling Bill Ferrari Brian Gates Mark Green Rich Harris Brian Hirsch Scott Houston Ron Johnson Andy Kaye Allan Latta Steve Leslie Bill McBride Dave Pinder Peter Rath Dave Rohay Blake Schow Mike Shankman Marlo Shigamatsu Stuart Shim Roy Stark Chris Stenzel Brad Stolshek Jeff Strabala Rick Tellis Robert Weinberger Bob Westland zeta beta tau 1. Mark Steres 2. Brian Naftulin 3. Gary Gertler 4. Dave Benson 5. Brad Schy 6. Mitch Eisner 7. Howard Leiter 8. Jerry Goodman 9. Eric Gidentor 10. Mike Baron 11. Jeff Rosichan 12. Harry Gould 13. Keith Gregory 14. Greg Karasik 15. Rich Green 16. Craig Honick 17. C.B. Diamond 18. Dave Wank 19. Gary Futterman 20. Brad Pakula 21. Kerry Assil 22. Harry Zinn 23. Brady Connell 24. Ron D’Cruz 25. Mike Wank 26. Aaron Zigman 27. Ken Jacobs 28. Bill Auerbach 29. Jeff Schoenfeld 30. Marty Green 31. Mark Wolgin 32. Stuart Baum 33. Harlod Kreitenberg 34. Jeff Nebel 35. Andy Costin 36. Jeff Goldberg 37. Mike Sachs 38. Jeff Lerman 39. Glen Jaffe 40. Dave Friedman 41. Larry Benson 42. Erni Kreitenberg 43. Scott Forman 44. Scot McCallister 45. John Soled 46. Steve Crane 47. Adrien Darbonze 48. Steve Kreitenberg 49. David Gurnick 50. Ken Rosenblatt 51. Rich Aries 52. Dave Leiman 53. Keith Elkins 54. Sandy Volpert 55. Alan Ben Porat 56. Paul Schwartz 57. Howard Lovus 58. Ricky Wolfson 59. Josh Zigman 60. Gary Schoenfeld 61. Gary Segal 62. Bruce Licht 63. Fred Rosenthal 64. Howard Tischler 65. John Horn 66. Rob Pedowitz 67. Craig Kain 68. Scotty Howard 69. Mark Shinbane 70. Joel Rudick 71. Greg Rosenblum not pictured Mare Andres Todd Becker Steve Berson Ron Bernstein Steve Cohn Mitch Chupack Mike DeKouner Alan Diamond Charlie Duff Bob Eiselman Todd Feinman Jeff Forman Brad Friedman Mauricio Fux Gred Gaines Dan Galaif Steve Glaser Rick Goldfarb Ben Goldwyn Randy Green Jody Helfend Andy Hersh Blake Holler Randy Kuak Jon Lieberman Mark Levie Neal Marder Marty Menin Matt Ober Mike Price Jon Rader Jay Refold Gary Ross Mike Ross Steve Rosson Gary Rubel Brad Serwin Brian Shane Mike Sheron Steve Schultz Shawn Skelton Derrell Skinberg Mark Tannenbaum Jeff Taylor Larry Urena Greg Weinberg Gary Weiner Jeff Wise Marty Wolfson zeta tau alpha 1. Felicia Sison 2. Maggie Bryan 3. Belinda Alcantara 4. Liz Maldonado 5. Chris Fina 6. Lorie Silva 7. Leslie Rimbach 8. Lacey Stanley 9. 10. Laurie Jean Weissman 11. Jennifer Field 12. Suz Sachs 13. Meg Marks 14. Lisa Berkowitz 15. Martha Craddock 16. Ami Unger 17. Georgia Liakopolis 18. Roxan Sanborn 19. Janet Ponton 20. Christina Musso 21. Susane Plaza 22. Elaine Carvalho 23. Karen Frei 24. Stayce Wright 25. Lynn Howard 26. Viviana Levi 27. Deanne Brixey 28. Karen Veteran 29. Leslie Vogel 30. Rondi Werner 31. Catherine Phillips 32. Lisa Ramer 33. Nomi Roth 34. Cyndi Glassman 35. Karen Halpin 36. Karen Conroy 37. Leigh Hodges 38. Kath Bartlett 39. Ronda Werner 40. Kathy Jennet 41. Lori Kadden not pictured… Elyce Addieson Julie Ambrose Lorry Caurie Kathy Ceeilian Carolyn Durant Damela Farthing Ellen Fisher Angie Frank Lori Gilchrest Sali Gold Tracy Harrison Valerie Hastings Diane Hehnke Kris Hennchsen Kim Henry Merry Jayne Howar Jachuee Hwang Mauren Johnson Karen Julian Anne Katz Kathy Kerber Sandy Klingbeil Gloria La Mont Alexander Miller Sandy O’Toole Pam Parsons Meg Phillipps Katie Rock Debbi Sanders Joan Saywell Teresa Scholl Beth Thompson zeta psi 1. Mike Weiss 2. Mike Gorcyka 3. Rick Speizer 4. Earle Brooks 5. Callen McMurtry 6. Adam Feerst 7. Dave Duemler 8. Gary Kiser 9. Dave Sapanaro 10. Adam Lux 11. Mike Stroud 12. Joe Peragine 13. Brian Reich 14. Dan Zwirn 15. Mike Dalton 16. Wes Hurst 17. John Bickle 18. Sheldon Norberg 19. Steve Horning not pictured… Phil d’Elia John Ellis Rick Glowe John Grandetti Jon Halvorsen Gary LaFranese Cliff Long Tony Seber Stuart Simone Craig Tilson Phil Yamahiro seniors commencement a time for celebration, emotion, transition; we stand at a crossroad. Erin Patricia Abbott BA Econ Psych Linda I. Abbott MLS Library Science Timothy C. Abe BA Poli Sci Thomas Aloen Abelew BS Kinesiology Jami Lyn Abell BA Marla D. Abramovitz BA Sociology David Irvin Abrams BA Poli Sci Nancy Elizabeth Adam BA Poli Sci Susan A.Adamson BA Poli Sci Michael A. Adelson BA Psychology Frank Mark Adkisson BA Psychology Sandra M.Adler BA Economics Suzanne Agatstein BA Psychology Natalie E. Aguinaldo BA Psychology Sung-Soon Ahn BS Chem Engr Joanne Haunani Ahuna BS Nursing Terri Lynn Aiken BA History John AiteIli BA History Fern Izumi Akasaka BA Psychology Abdullah I. Al-Askar MA History (Graduated Spr ' 80) Christine V. Alcantara BS Chem Engr Kirk P. Alexander BA Psychology Lisa C. Alexander BA Ling French Christine A. Allen BA English Debra L. Allen BA Poli Sci Robin L. Allen BA Ethnic Arts Susan B. Allen BA Kinesiology Ann E. Allison BA Psychology Tonia M. Allison BS Kinesiology Dominick Amento BA Poli Sci Shigeo Amino BA E Asian Studies Daniel Hollerbach Amos BA Spanish Leslie M. Amos BA Psychology Chong S. An BA Math Amy C. Anderson BA Psychology Amy D. Anderson BA History Edward M. Anderson Jr. BA Poli Sci Kristina L. Anderson BA English Shelley D.Anderson BA Economics Linda M. Andrews BA Sociology Robert Antinoro BS Math-Comp Sci seniors Kei R. Aoki PhD Pharmacology Lauri M. Apelian BA Theater Arts Craig K. Arakaki BS Biochemistry Gary N. Arce BS Geology Nancy S. Archibald BA Economics Elizabeth D. Arcluch BA Economics Sara Arditti BA Art Janice M. Arita BS Psychobiology Alan C. Arnall BA Geography Valerie Arnold BA Sociology Miriam Carmel Aroni BA Economics Robert S. Arp BA Poli Sci History Esteban J. Arreguin BS Engineering Aurora Arreola BA Spanish Gary s. Artzl BA Economics Sylvette Artinian BA French Lit Lyle K. Asaoka BA Sociology David Lowell Ash BA Economics M. Eileen Asmus BS Civil Engr Kerry K. Assil BS Biology Steven U. Atmur BS Engineering Pamela J. Atteberry BA Quant Psych Play-full LA Angeles, entertainment capital of the world, to come alive when the pinkish-orange sky over the Pacific Ocean starts to turn a hazy grey. When that grey turns to black, the people of the city like vampires search out for their life sustaining blood. They stalk such places as the Pantages, the Shubert, the Ahmanson. the Wilshire Theatre and our own Playhouse. The night life preys upon one of the most exciting art forms the play. The City of the Angels has been front stage center for the productions of My Fair Lady, Best Little in Texas, Ain ' t Misbehavin ' , and Camelot. But perhaps the most successful play this past year has been the Tony and Grammy Award-Winning Evita. Based on the corrupt life of Eva Peron, Evita ' s run began in our fair city and then proceeded to move to Broadway. It was a tremendous success. After ending its engagement on Broadway, the play moved back to Los Angeles and just recently had its one year anniversary at the Shubert Theatre. But alas, as the sun begins to peak over the mountains in the east, the night life goes back to its daily business. But soon the heart of the city will be pumping again and it will be the end of another day. The blood will begin to flow, the vampires will begin to stalk and prey and the victims will be the plays of L.A. mortarboard Todd W. Auerbach BA Biology Kimberley A. Ausgood BA Sociology Derek D. Ayers BS Math-Comp Sci Econ Carole Ruth Azran BA Psychology Charles W. Bachman BA History Gary A. Bacio BA History Michael V. Badamo BS Civil Engr Stella S. Bae BA Biology Bret Oien Baird BA Economics Kim A. Baker BA Design Christine Balderas BA Spanish History Cory A. Balian BA Art History Joseph F. Ballestrasse BA Poli Sci Thomas J. Ballo BA Psychology Gregory J. Barbacovi BA Poli Sci Philip E. Barber BA Economics Annelle B. Barksdale BA Poli Sci Lisa E. Barnet BA English Catharine A. Barnett BA Psychology Stuart Ian Barney BA Economics Jennifer Lynn Barron BS Engineering D. Randall Barth BA Economics Richard S. Bash BA Economics Dayna Lynn Basler BA Comm Studies Nagi H. Basta BA French Patricia E. Bateman BA Sociology Karen Bates BA Psychology seniors Eduardo E. Batres BA Geography Tony J. Baumgartner BS Mech Engr Denise E. Beacom BA English Nancy A. Beadle BA Comm Studies Lisa L. Becker BA Sociology Tomi M. Bednar BA Comm Studies Hagop T. Bedoyan BA Poli Sci Thomas G. Beermann BS Psychology William H. Bender BA Economics Ann Elizabeth Bennett BA Poli Sci David C. Benson BS Psychobiology Keith S. Bereskin BA Bus Economics Randy Alan Berg BA Poli Sci Steven J. Berger BA Economics Marcia Carol Berkowitz BA Poli Sci Bradley H. Berman BS Economics Bruce Lee Berman BS Psychobiology Claudia M. Berman BA Poll Sci Larry F. Berman BS Psychobiology Sheri L. Bernstein BA Sociology Elizabeth A. Bernucci BA Classical Civ Olivia A. Beroud BA French Bliss Berry BA Sociology Maureen G. Bertorelli BA Philosophy Diane Bessee BA Span Span Lit Stephanie L. Beverage BA History Lise D. Biermacher BS Nursing William L. Binegar BA Economics Bradford Dickson Bissell BA Design Barbara L. Bixby BA Sociology I know that it has something to do with seniors, but what is it? Some kind of special plaque to glue their diplomas on? The thing they wear on their head when they graduate? Oh, I remember, is that National Honors Society I hear about. I think that you apply as a Junior, have to have a 3.0 G.P.A and only 35 out of approximately 300 get in. Wow! Maybe I ' ll apply. My friend told me that they look for exciting people with a commitment to do work for both the campus and community. In fact, I hear that this year they threw a party for the kids in the Neuropsychiatric and worked with the California Home for the Aged. I think they work with student government people are pretty also heard they ' re funding two $250 scholarships this year for UCLA students. That sounds pretty neat! Well, I ' m sold. I think I ' ll go apply for Mortarboard. It ' s better than sitting around with senioritis next year! MORTARBOARD. I to r: Lida Sokolow. Ellen Popp-Billingham, Kerry Sheu, Amy Weinman, Joe Cislowsk, Sue Braverman, Leslie McConnel, Stacey Weinman, Mark Epstein. focus A toilet bowl?! Now, how crude can one get when speaking of a work of art! If you must call th e Inverted Fountain by something other than its proper name, at least try to sound and intelligent! I mean, you are from UCLA! Think of the Inverted as our very own " black hole " — too deep . . Ann Elizabeth Blakely BA Microbiology Reid Charles Blank BA Comm Studies Cheryl E. Blasco BA Music David Jay Block BS Math-Comp Sci Elliot W. Block BA Poli Sci Susan B. Bluestein BA Psychology Jose Ricardo Boada II BA Poli Sci History robert A. Boden BA Theater Arts Lori A. Body BA Sociology Cindy L. Bogard BA Sociology Bridget J. Boland BS Psychology Michael S. Boldrick MS Engineering Cecil Orlando X. Bonner BA History Michael J. Bonner BA Design Matthew C.R. Booker BA Poli Sci Elizabeth C. Bookstein BS Kinesiology Jennifer A. Booth BA Poli Sci Thomas A. Bopp BA Music Douglas Todd Borland BA Theater Arts Nora C. Bortnowsky BA Psychology Karen A. Borucki BS Kinesiology seniors David G. Boss BA Economics Lorna L. Bostick BA Music Ed Carol A. Botdorf BA Design Susan Elizabeth Boyle BA Design Mary L. Bradley BA Sociology Laura Lynn Bralley BA Psychology Michael Brand BS Engineering Cyd Sheryl Brandvein BA Poli Sci Charles J. Brash, Jr. BA English Susan G. Braverman BS Kinesiology Deborah M. Brewer BA Spanish Stephen H. Brichant BA Geography Kimberly M. Briggs BA Sociology Cecilia L. Brooks BA Economics Katrina G. Brooks BA Bus Economics Sandra Melanie Bross BS Nursing Amy M. Brosseau BA Scandinavian Std Judith Ann Brower BA Comm Studies Andrea P. Brown MBA Business Daniel A. Brown BA Bus Economics David W. Brown BA Comm Studies Hilary A. Brown BA Economics Katherine Brown BS Sociology Stuart Eugene Brown BA Theater Arts Terry C. Brown BA History Kathleen A. Browning BS Kinesiology Leigh-Anne Browning BA History Paris D. Brunner BA Poli Sci Mary Elizabeth Bruns BA Economics Gretchen Louise Brunsting BA Economics Beverly J. Bruschi BS Psychology Maggie Bryan BA Theater Arts Tara Marie Mapuana Buniel BA Psychology Pamela J. Burnett BA English Jeffrey Burt BA Poli Sci Haesung Byon BA Design Mark Andrew Byrne BA Poli Sci Paul S. Cairns BA Poli Sci Brett G. Cameron BA Geography Julia J. Cameron BA Spanish Cynthia Louise Campbell BA Psychology Jeffrey Campbell BA Economics Leslie L. Campbell BA Poli Sci Sandra J. Campbell BA Psycho logy Steven Camps BA Bus Economics Kurt S. Cantarano BS Math-Comp Sci Peter T. Cantarano BS Math-Comp Sci Janet L. Capestany BS Psychology Aglaia Cardona BA Biology Lori Ann Carle BA Music-Vocal Kathleen L. Carlton BA History Susie Carrillo BA Psychology Julia L. Carrington BA Economics Nancy Cartwright BA Theater Arts Janice M. Caston BA Art Stephan B. Cavayero BA Sociology Kathleen A. Cecilian BA Bus Economics Lynn Daryl Center BA Psychology Jon David Ceretto MS Computer Sci Gregg A. Chadwick BA Art Lynn Kyung Chai BA Sociology Alice M. Chalian BS Psychobiology Alan B. Chalk BA Economics Scott E. Chalom BA Anthropology Tawili E. Chambers BA French Johnny C. Chan BS Mech Engr Kam-Kee V. Chan MS Engineering Mary Ann T. Chang BS Biochemistry Meehee Chang BS Math-Camp Sci Mina Chang BA Psychology Deborah C. Chao BS Psychobiology Mary F. Charlesworth BS Psychology Teresa L. Charlesworth BA History Grace Kown-Fong Chen BA Psychology Michel Chenelle BA Theater Arts seniors a place to hide away the hassles of on Wilshire Boulevard " driving " your blood pressure sky high? Is the thought of having to brush your teeth one more time along side of twenty other dormies making you blue? Is the mellow sound of KNX-FM just not enough to soothe your nerves? Are you as - mad - as - hell - and-not - going - to - take - it - any (Do you feel that if you hear one more thing in this copy you ' re going to gag?) Don ' t despair — not far from campus, situated in Bel Air, is the UCLA Japanese a place for peaceful contemplation, where the worries of the day are washed away among the serene pools filled with fanciful koi (carp). Created in 1961 by Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Guiberson in memory of his mother, Edith L. Guiberson, this garden is modeled after those in Kyoto, Japan. Representing a paradise of Buddah, visible patterns of form, texture and color accent the philosophical,. religious and symbolic elements which are very prevalent in the design of the garden. Nagao Sakuri, a leading landscape architect, this forested importing antique stone carvings and from Japan. Except for the old native coast live oaks, which antedate the garden, nearly all the trees and plants belong to species that are grown in Japan. The key elements in this garden are water, stones " A place for peaceful contemplation, the worries of the day are washed away ... " and plants. The Japanese, being situated on an island, have a special closeness to water and in a chisen style garden, a pond or lake occupies the most portion. At the edge of the body of water are groups of stones representing a rocky seashore. Try relaxing in the tranquil environment and forget all the headaches of life. It is a place where plants become interwoven with people. But unlike the UCLA main campus, the trees far outnumber the people. Li-Fung Cheung BS Elec Engr Katherine G. Chin BA Economics Ronald A. Chin BS Engineering Olga D. Chiodi PhD Hisp Lang Lit Grace Y. Choi BS Chemistry Young O. Choi BS Math-Comp Sci Eric W. Choo BA Poli Sci Loretta B. Chou BS Chemistry Mayce A. Chow BA Economics Petrus K. Choy BS Elec Engr Colleen J. Christian BA Biology Gregg R. Christiansen BS Sociology Lucie Lynn Chroman BA Poli Sci Douglas F. Chu BS Psychobiology Winnie Chu BA Psychology Janet M.L. Chuck BA Biology Jinny Chun BA Poli Sci Wing Man Chung BS Civil Engr focus tower in Westwood: have you ever noticed it amidst the hubbub of the village? Denise A. Cicourel BA French Lit Lori Anne Circle BA English Lit Daniel M. Cislo BS Engineering Joseph A. Cislowski BA Poli Sci Arturo Martus Cisneros BA Poli Sci Lisa A. Citron BA Design Stephen R. Clapp BA Economics Abraham E. Claproth BS Elec Engr Charles R. Clark BA History Kenneth A. Clark BA History Todd W. Clayter BA Poli Sci Barbara Jean Cleis BS Math-Comp Sci JoAnn E. Clendening BA Economics Richard A. Clute BS Engineering Melissa S. Cockrell BA Sociology Jody Lynn Cohan BA MP TV Robert S. Cohen BS Kinesiology Susan A. Cohen BA Linguistics Daniel Arthur Cohn BA Sociology Steven J. Coker BA Bus Econ Ed Eriko T. Cole BA Bus Econ Psych Kevin F. Coleman MBA Acct Finance seniors Kevin Michael Collins BS Math-Comp Sci Math Sharon Odette Collins BA History Thomas Collins BA Comm Studies R. Brian Compton BA Economics Christine Margarita Comulada BA Biology Kathryn K. Cooper BA Comm Studies Wendy J. Cordeiro BA Psychology Mark Thomas Cotter BA Economics Denise A. Corlett BA Math Andrew R. Coulson BS Physics Marisa G. Covey BA Sociology Cheryl Crandall BA Theater Arts Corey S. Cramin BA Poli Sci Psych Kyle Edward Cranston BA Theater Arts Colin G. Crawford BA Poli Sci Susan G. Crawford BA Comm Studies Stephen D. Creagh BS Chemistry Curtis J. Creath BA Biology Rodney D. Crosby BA Design John A. Jr. BA History George D. Crowley, Jr. BS Engineering Claudia M. Cuevas BS Anthropology Laurie S. Cutler BA Sociology Lida Dadjou BA Poli Sci Deborah A. Dahl BA Design Michael J. Dalton BA Economics Mary Ann Damon BA Art John BS Math-Comp Sci Laura L. Darke BA Psychology Carolyn E. Davis BA History Charles P. Davis BA History Econ Cheryl Anne Davis BS Economics Shannon M. Davis BA Psychology Ron K. D ' Cruz BS Psychobiology Laura L. Dean BA Psych Econ William J. DeGeneres BS Physics Brian E. Delahaut BA Poli Sci Claudine B. de la Torre BA Poli Sci Rowena M. del Rosario BA Art Donald R. Delzell BA Psychology Karen Lynn DeMarr BA Sociology Steven J. Demetriou BA Biology seniorities Well, Jack, it ' s spring quarter of our senior year. What should we do, it ' s only two o ' clock? Go to the rec. center? Buzz up? Blast the stereo for a while? Are you crazy, man, whada ya Mark A. Deneen BA Bus Economics Dennis T. Derecho BA English Philip de Toledo BA Economics Michael Deutsch MS Engineering Marsheila A. DeVan BA Poli Sci Stacey Elizabeth Devlin BA Sociology John D. Dewey BA Bus Economics John W. De Witt BA Geog Ecosystem Alex B. Deyan BS Psychobiology Larry J. Diamond BA Psychology Emil Dianysian BS Bioengineering John A. Diaz BA Poli Sci Debra A. Dickerson BA Sociology Phong Gia Diep BS Biology Reny Sianlan Djie BS Chemistry Linh T. Doan BS Elec Engr Trisha L. Dorff BA History Poli Sci Elizabeth S. Dorn BA Art History Marie Carole Dorsaint BA French Mark Stephen Douglass BA Bus Economics Mary Eileen Doyle BA Anthropology Dennis J. Drag PhD Mech Struc Domenic C. Drago BA Poli Sci Hollis L. Drake BA Poli Sci Loren Elden Drake BS Kinesiology Debra L. Duffin BA English Jeffrey K. Duke MA Latin Amer Std Christina Dumas BA Economics Jeanine M. Dumont BA English Michael P. Dunn BA English Silas K.E. Dunn, Jr. BA Economics Belinda F. Dunnick BA Psychology Preston E. Dunphy BA Poli Sci History Susan P. Durfee BA History Geog Steven G. Durkee BA Geog Ecosystem Michael C. Dutton BA Poli Sci seniors mean go to my two o ' clock class?! I ' m a senior! I ' m about to graduate! Don ' t you know that seniors don ' t go to class? It ' s just not cool. . . I know that I ' m bored stiff, but I don ' t care, I ' m a senior, man, I have the right to be bored! I ' ll just sit here and catch some z ' s, drink a couple o ' kegs, and watch a few girls walk by...that oughta kill some time until the beer bust tonight. Hey, Jack, what time is it now? Two-ten? Oh... Oh, no particular reason, I was just asking. I guess I was having soooooo much fun relaxing that I was afraid the afternoon had slipped by already. You know how it is, the fun-filled life of a senior! Well, I think I might stop into my two o ' clock class after all. It ' s California Geography; a lot of cute girls take that class. See, that way I won ' t have to read the lecture notes the night before the test. It ' s such a drag studying when you ' re a senior. Anyway, catch ya later Jack... Constance J. Dwankowski BA Psychology Katherine A. Dworakowski BA Poll Sci Diane Earl BA Sociology John E. Easton BA Math Jeffrey A. Eck BS Elec Engr Donna Marie Edmiston BA Economics Julie A. Edson BS Kinesiology Cynthia D. Edwards BA Comm Studies David M. Ehrlich BS Math-Comp Sci Mitchell H. Eisner BA Poli Sci Bernard L. Ela BS Biology Steven M. Elefant BA Poli Sci John G. Ellis BA Bus Economics Tarric M. EI-Sayed BS Chem Engr LauraAnn Emmons BA English Margaret Endo BA Psychology Michael R. Engelman BA Economics Mark L. Englander BA Bus Economics Bob Jay Epstein BA Poli Sci Mark Howard Epstein BA Poli Sci Patricia Escobar BA Psychology Seheil EshraghiNajafabadi BS Mech Engr Naheed P. Esmail BA Biology David R. Esparza BA Psychology Elizabeth A. Essey BA Comm Studies John Sherman Eubanks BA Economics Mark Hamilton Evans BA Comm Studies Robert W. Evans BA Psychology Susie D. Evermann BA Comm Studies Sanford P. Fabian BA Poli Sci Econ Judith A. Fadem BA Psychology Suzanne M. Farinet BA Psychology Margaret N. Farmer BS Psychology Warren J. Farmer BS Engineering Cynthia J. Farris BA English Anne-Marie Fausone BA Design Pamela K. Fein BA Comm Studies Lisa A. Feldman BS Geography Maurice Feldman BA Economics Douglas C. Fenton BA History Jacqueline Fernandez BA Economics Jennifer L. Field BA Economics Ronald D. Field BS Psychobiology Lori A. Fields BA English Toni Lynne Figler BA Economics Anna M. Filipelli BA History Ruth Finck BA Psychology Saul Finck BS Chemistry Robert W. Findlay BS Psychobiology Susan L. Fingerett BA Economics Rhonda D. Finkelman BA Economics Mindy S. Finkelstein BS Psychobiology Peter S. Firestone BA Economics Ellen E. Fisher BA History Fred N. Fisher BA Poli Sci Econ Paul Etan Fisher BA English Robert James Fisher BA Poli Sci Kirsten Fitzgerald BA Economics Colleen Mary Fitzsimmons BA Psychology Phyllis D. Fleschler BA Music Gerald P. Flintoft BA Economics Keith A. Flowers BS Elec Engr seniors focus the sixth step lies brother Janss, placed beneath when just a man. Watch out! Don ' t step on him—he ' ll haunt you if he can. ron samuel Lizabeth Ann Fogle BS Psychobiology Molly Jane Foley BA Comm Studies Angela Lee Fong BA Linguistics Bruce P. Fong BS Math-Comp Sci Jorge J. Fong BS Math-Comp Sci Kim K. Fong BS Math-Comp Sci Vera Fong BA Psychology David L. Forster BA Geog Ecosystem Amy A. Foster BA English Margaret Taylor Forbes BA Poli Sci Linda K. Ford BA Psychology James W. Forkey BA Economics Susan E. Forte BA Poli Sci Cleo Foster BA Art History Karen B. Fox BA Poli Sci Mitchell Jay Fox BA Poli Sci Cathy M. Frank BA MP TV Lassa Frank BA Psychobiology Michelle Susan Frank BA Psychology Nancy Lynne Franklin BA Economics Victoria M. Franklin BA Ethnic Arts Darlene J. Franks BA English Todd C. Fraser BA Econ Psych Kim K. Freeberg BA German Rhonda Beth Freedman BA Psychology Lynn Good Freeman BA Psychology Meg Freeman BS Comm Studies Lisa Rose Freitas BA Poli Sci Sherrill A. French BA Psychology Elena Ruth Freshman BA Poli Sci David C. Friedman BA Economics Laurie E. Friedman BA Art Stanley L. Friedman BA Psychology John F. Friedemann BA English Joan M. Friedrich BA Comm Studies Bruce K. Fujinami BS Engineering Carin T. Fujisaki BA History Laurie J. Fullerton BA Psychology Mindy Michelle Furlonge BA Sociology Gregory Furness BA Economics Arleen T. Furukawa BA Poli Sci Delores Ann Gaines MBA Human Resources Mgmt Fred Neil Gaines BA Econ Poli Sci Valerie A.Gaitan BA Social Psych Elvis A. Galima BS Chem Engr Roxanne Galore BA Poli Sci Sammie E. Galloway Ill BS Psychology Edward B. Gamble, Jr. BS MS Engineering Beth F. Garber BA English Cesar V. Garcia BS Biochemistry Jimmy R. Garcia BA English Alison A. Gardner BA Econ Psych Gina Garrett BA Psychology Nick T. Garris, Jr. BA Economics Rhesa C. Gary BA English Valerie Jene Gasio BA English Joyce A. Gassman BA Sociology Suzanne M. Gaudineer BS Nursing Gary C. Gausman BA Math-Appl Sci Geraldine K.H. Gaw BA Psychology Robert A. Gaylord BS Math-Comp Sci Gregory A. Gearn BA History Ellen Marla Gebler BA Psychology Clinton Gee BS Economics Susan E. Gentile BA Poli Sci Kevin Patrick Gerrity BS Chem Engr Pealy Giang BS Math-Comp Sci Lori Y. Gibson BA Economics Yvonne Gilmore BA Poli Sci Meryl H. Ginsberg BA English seniors focus A photographer in front of the lens? That ' s They ' re they shoot the pictures. A photographer is always the last person to have his picture taken. We had to use the oldest trick in the book to get this picture of our photo editor, Ron Samuel. " Hey Ron, stand still for a minute, I need to adjust the focus on my lens " . . . Click! Fred Ginsburg BA Economics Leland G. Giovanazzi BA History Kenneth J. Girvetz BA Poli Sci Gail D. Gitter BA Economics Jane A. Givens BA History Diane A. Glascock BS Math-Appl Sci Laura Ann Glover BA German Paul M. Glowienke BS Psychobiology William H. Goelzer BS Engineering Debra L. Goff BA Poli Sci Michael Allan Gold BA Psychology Cynthia Goldberg BA Psychology Gabriel A. Goldberg BA History Martin Ian Goldberg BA Economics Wendy L. Golden BA Psychology Robert H. Goldfield BA Geog Ecosystem Alan S. Goldman BA Economics Jodi G. Goldman BS Public Health Lisa Ann Goldstein BA Sociology Randi M. Goldstein BA Sociology Elisa Goldwyn BA Sociology Armineh Golnazarian BA Design Barbara E. Gonser BS Kinesiology Laurie A. Gooch BA Sociology Lori E. Good BA Design Bonnie S. Goodman BA Psychology Timothy L. Goodman BA Geog Ecosystem Karenjo Goodwin BA Music-Vocal Barry Mark Gordon BA Theater Arts Bruce B. Gordon BA Economics Laurie S. Gorsline BA Poli Sci Dorian E. Gassy BA English Harry R. Gould BA Comm Studies Derek L. Grace BS Math-Comp Sci Ellen L. Graham BS Kinesiology Mark E. Graham BA BS Sci Nellie A. Graham BA Psychology Stephen R. Graham BA Poli Sci Vinton F. Graham BA Economics Debra S. Grant BA English Pamela A. Gray BA History Joshua M. Green BA Economics Melissa C. Green BA Economics Richard C. Green BA MP TV Steven A. Green BS Biochemistry Ilene J. Greenberg BA Sociology Joni H. Greenberg BA Comm Studies Esther A. Greenspon BA Poli Sci Michael R. Greeson BA Japanese James J. Gregg BA Poli Sci Keith M. Gregory BA Comm Studies Janice Kay Griffeth BS Kinesiology Mary Ann Griffith BA Math-Appl Sci Richard S. Grill BS Psychology Douglas J. Gross BA Music Marie R. Grosz BA Psychology John L. Guldimann MA History Cheryl M. Gully BA Sociology Judy Beth Gumbiner BA Sociology Jeff M. Gunderson BS Chem Engr Nanette S. Gunkel BA German David Carl Gurnick BA English William J. Guss BS Psychobiology Gayle S. Gussin BA Sociology Donna L. Gustafson BS Kinesiology Karen M. Guz BS Psychobiology seniors Tanner: All That Jazz Here ' s a riddle for you: Athletes boast about it. Sophomores gloat about it. Bob Hope jokes about it. Sorority girls are jazzed about it. No, it isn ' t sex, it is Jazz (officially known as Music 132) with Paul This year marks the end of a tradition. Mr. Tanner, a UCLA alum himself, has decided to call it quits. This is no rumor this time—He is telling the truth. He has taught here for 23 years, and he is really going to retire this year. But " retire " is a bad word for it. Mr. Tanner is planning to donate his jazz album collection to the school (which is a collection larger than what your local Wherehouse store has on stock!). The only catch about donating things to UCLA is that it has to be catalogued. This means that in his " spare time " Mr. Tanner will be busily his collection for the donation. But, anyway, now that you all know the reason for such a young prof. to retire before his time, we can get back to the point—Jazz with Tanner is going adios. The class will be staying, but for those of you who haven ' t taken Jazz yet, it won ' t be the same. Paul Tanner is a legend in his own time here at UCLA and beyond. (It ' s so fun to write these passages!) Paul has led an action-packed life so far. He was a player with the Glenn Miller Orchestra and others. He spent 17 years on the road playing gigs. He then went on to work at ABC for 16 years and somewhere within that time he attended UCLA. Thereafter he a lecturer here and has been teaching here ever since. In addition to all these action packed occupations, he has made movies, played background music for been an inventor and has helped on many, many records and TV shows. I think it is interesting to know that he played on the Beach Boys ' " Good and that he is the one who made the " cosmic sounds " for " My Favorite Martian " whenev er was levitated with Uncle Martin ' s finger. Isn ' t that neato? Gee, it ' s hard to describe how Mr. Tanner is in class. He is the prof you ' ve always dreamed about. (That ' s dreamed, not nightmared.) He actually tells funny jokes, roots for the teams along with you, steers away from what bores you, and lets you out a little early on nice days. He is an that teaches you as he goes. You even come out knowing what the difference between jazz and a hole in the ground is. Julie Haggerty BA Math-Appl Sci Charlotte B. Haines BA Anthropology Olga Hajek BA Bus Economics Deborah Hakim BA Design Himawan Halim BS Chemistry Terri L. Hall BA History Christopher D. Halliday BA Economics A. Hamlin BA English Michael H. Hammett BA Economics Lisa A. Hammitt BA Design Louie Y. Hane BS Kinesiology Debortha Ann Hanna BA Poli Sci Michael A. Hansell BA Economics Sarah E. Hanst BA Poli Sci Frank J. Hanzel, Jr. MS Computer Sci Paula M. Hanzel BS History Grace M. Hara BA History Leslie A. Harden BA Eng Sociology Anne G. Harlan BA History John Day Harrington BS Chem Engr Kevil M. Harrington BA History Mike Harrington BA History focus “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or the right of the people to peaceably assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.” Patrice Elaine Harris BA English Craig F. Harrison BA Bus Economics Claudia A. Hart BA Psychology Craig Hartzman BA Poli Sci John S. Haschak BA History Poli Sci Karen R. Hasegawa BA Japanese E Asian Studies Miriam P. Haselkorn BA Sociology Shahrokh Hashemi-Yeganeh BS Engineering Lyle Haskell BS Kinesiology Tracy Hatch BA Economics Christine L. Haugan BS Poli Sci Ellen Y. Hayashi BA Biology Miyako Hayashi BA Poli Sci Dana L. Haynes BS Civil Engr Susan Haynes BA Psychology Karen Lynn Heck BA History Mark Alan Helsing BA History Pamela Jo Henderson BA History Gina Louise Hendy-Needham BA Spanish Lit Craig Henrichsen BS Civil Engr Michele M. Henriks BA Psychology Robert H. Herrman BA Bus Economics Linda A. Hershberger BA Comm Studies Susan J. Heytens BA Design Barry Higbee BA Biology Jin H. Ho BS Elec Engr Christopher L. Hoard BA Geog Ecosystem Cynthia E. Hobson BS Math-Comp Sci Ginger Hoereth BS Math-Comp Sci Karin Hoesli BA Music seniors Laurie J. Hoff BA English Daryl K. Hoffman BS Psychobiology Anne M. Hogan BA Theater Arts Erin K. Holloway BS Kinesiology Kevin Holm BS Engineering Jennifer L. Holmes BA Psychology Spencer D. Holmes, Jr. BA Psychology Marian R. Honegger BA Psychology Erica L Hoot BA Psychology Denise M. Hori BA Economics Meghan M. Horsley BA History Ann M. Horstman BA Psychology Bradford J. Houdyshel BA Geography Rexford E. Houdyshel BS Math-Comp Sci Michael E. Housman BA Economics David A. Howard BA History Barbara A. Howland BA Comm Studies Eric J. Hoy BS Engineering Scarlet lehui Hsieh BA Chinese William Chris Hsieh BA Poli Sci Shuh-Yueh S. Hsu PhD Engineering Phillip Hubbard Ill BA Psychology Lela J. Huckabee BA History Robert J. Hudack BA Geog Ecosystem Robert D. Hudson BA BS Econ Poli Sci Karen S. Hughes BA Comm Studies Thomas S. Hughes BS Mech Engr Hascal O. Humes II BA Biology Julie A. Humphries BA Comm Studies Sandra G. Humphry BS Psychobiology Karen D. Hunter BA Music Education Johanna L. Hurlock BA Psychology Wesley D. Hurst BA Psychology focus Oh my god, where am I going to park my car tonight? All the spots on Gayley and Hilgard are gone, and besides, it ' s one inthe A.M.! I could park the car in the lot and wake up at seven tomorrow morning and go look for a space, or buy a ticket at lot 2 and park it there. I could also park on the bottom of lot 2, I never get ticketed there! No, I ' ll just park in 11 and take my chances when I wake up at 10. Besides, even if I do have $450 in ticket fines, they have to let me graduate. Don ' t they?! Robert Q. Hwang BS Physics Mark E. Hyman BS Engineering Kana Janice Iwal BA E Asian Std Peggy Ai Iwata BS Nursing Arlyne M. Ignacio BA Economics Joyce U. In BS Biology Kim C. Inatomi BS Kinesiology Julie M. Infante BA History Bruce M. loki BS Elec Engr Marilyn K. Iseri BA Music Carol R. Isobe BA Psychology Eric P. Israel BA Economics Robbin L. Itkin BA Comm Studies Mark M. Ito BA Economics seniors Cynthia L. Jacinto BS Public Health Tri V. Jackson BA Economics Beth S. Jacobs BS Engineering Deborah M. Jacobs BA Biology John F. Jaeger BA Bus Economics Kristine L. Jaekel BA Poli Sci Judy V. Jahoda BA Psychology Derek J. Jakovich BA Poli Sci Stephen A. Jamieson BA Poli Sci Robert Jansen BA Psychology James K. Jaskol BS Elec Engr Keith V. Jefferies BS Math-Comp Sci Janet M. Jeffers BS Public Health Daphne I. Jenkins BA Sociology Kathleen Jennett BA Poli Sci Michael B. Jennings BS Mech Engr Patricia G. Jensen BA Economics Nedra E. Jerry BA Sociology Rodney G. Jeu BA Economics Frady W. Joe BA Poli Sci Janet L. Johns BA History Craig B. Johnson BA History Gayle E. Johnson BA Psychology Lon A. Johnson BS Chem Engr Margaret A. Johnson BA Art Patricia L. Johnson BA Poli Sci Sociology Ronald T. Johnson BS Chem Engr William F. Johnson BS Chemistry Daniel C. Johnston BA French Lit Susan Eve Johnston BA English Lit Daryl K. Jones BA Poli Sci Helen M. Jones BS Biochemistry Patrick L. Jones BA Biology Patrick T. Jones BA History Lisa L. Jong BA Psych Sociology Stella Foh-Chuan Jou BS Chemistry Judith Michelle Juarez BA Poli Sci Econ Jane Marie Judge BA Bus Economics David C. Juran BA Music Irma Justiniani BA Economics Michael S. Kagan BS Poli Sci Patricia Lee Kahl BA Poli Sci Laura H. Kahn BS Nursing Dara L. Kaiser BA Psychology Claudia K. Kajihara BS Poli Sci Cornelia R. Kalt BA Psychology Dian A. Kaneko BS Kinesiology Judith A. Kanoskie BA Comm Studies Alexander Kapelnikov BS Math-Comp Sci Andrew J. Kaplan BA Economics Deborah A. Kaplan BA Indi vidual Michael G. Karapetian BS Comp Engr Gregory N. Karasik BA Economics Glenn K. Kasai BS Chem Engr Judith A. Katterman BS Kinesiology Shoshana Katz BA English Julie Irene Kaufman BA Comm Studies Arthur F. Kaufmann BS Math-Comp Sci Heidi L. Kauti BA Sociology Mldori Kawamura BA Comm Studios Haruko Kawasaki BA History Nobie Kawasaki BA Economics Lucille Y. Kawate BA Psychology Linda J. Keefe BA Poli Sci Robert Franklin Keehn BA Poli Sci Daniel E. Keen BA Sociology Poli Sci Kimberley C. Kehoe BA History Kevin D. Kelly BA Psychology Mirna E. Kelly BA Psychology Richard J. Kennedy BA Biology Adele W. Kenyon BS Economics Linda J. Kerr BS Kinesiology Susan J. Kerwin BA Sociology Alka Khosla BA Anthropology Michael L. Kichaven BA MP TV Mark L. Kiefer BA Poli Sci Sara V. Killins BA Comm Std Sociology Den Y. Kim BA Economics Connie S.K. Kim BA Microbiology Glan H. Kim BA Economics Hui S. Kim BS Chemistry Iljae H. Kim BS Kinesiology Joong Sup Kim BS Chemistry Jung Sup kim BS Chem Engr seniors focus “Dr. (Franklin) Murphy and Mr. (Ralph) dreamed not alone of a green open space but of a collaboration between and man which would combine the creative genius of the sculptor with the constantly changing of plant life in an intimate setting: Man made works to be set into a of nature. " -Gerald Nordland greg tucker Kyun g M. Kim BA Design Michael D. Kim BS Engineering Mira Kim BS Psychobiology Misook J.Kim BS Math-Comp Sci Sung S. Kim BS Math-Comp Sci Vivian E. Kim BA Spanish Ling Wanjin Kim BA Design Yong S. Kim BA German Deborah L. King BA Economics Donald Frederick King BS Physics Nancy L. King BS Psychobiology Etsuro Kinoshita MA Urban Planning Susan M. Kinoshita BA Japanese Michael Kinsbergen BA Economics Thomas F. Kirchoff, Jr. BA Pot Sci Kristina L. Kish BA Psychology Benjamin Kiss BA Economics Paul K. Klein BA History Karen Ann Kleiner BA Comm Studies Mark L. Kleinman BA History Peggy Allene Knapp BA Linguistics nature ' s study hall It ' s the weekend before finals and you need a place where you can study. The dorm lounges are out (distractions abound); reading rooms are packed to the max, and there ' s already a line to get a seat in t he stacks; URL is too noisy, physics library is too quiet; Kerckhoff lounge is too comfortable (ZZZZZ) and the chem library is too stark. Suddenly you recall a scene out of " Paper Chase " and you grab your books en route to a local motel where you check in for some heavy studying . . . . Well, save the motel room for more interesting because nestled the Botany building and the Center for Health Sciences is the Botanical Garden; a student sanctuary complete with plants and little tributaries. This South Campus hideaway is lined with flora from all parts of the world, and depending where you are in the garden, is reminiscent of a tropical forest or a wooded retreat. All of nature ' s best come together here to provide the perfect for hitting the books. Sunlight gently filters through the foliage overhead supplying the best reading illumination, (usually used for are scattered throughout, and the of the wind and birds the white noise. Lesley J. Knoth BA Theater Arts I-Mei Ko BA Psychology Bruce Harold Kobayashi BS Econ-Systems Sci Tami L. Kobernick BA Sociology Nancy A. Koch BA Sociology Richard M. Koda BA Psychology Steven N.Koire BA Biology Lisa J. Kolkowicz BA Poli Sci Jean Y. Konishi BS Geology Andrew A. Kopania BS Geology Yoshiyuki Koseki MS Computer Sci Lori A. Kovacs BA English Laurel Ann Kovnat BA English Sheri L. Kowalke BA Comm Studies Carol J. Kozberg BA Psychology Katherine A. Kraas BA Poli Sci Sandra Felice Krainess BA History Michael J. Kramer BA Art History Scott W. Krebs BS Econ-Systems Sci Gregory M. Krikorian BS Mech Engr Gregory G. Krisilas BS Elec Engr BA Economics seniors Cheryl L. Kronenfeld BA Linguistics Susan J. Krones BA History Janet J. Krueger BA Microbiology Susan D. Krupsaw BA Economics David M. Krutcik BS Engineering Sandra M. Keubler BA Economics Gary R. Kunin BA Economics Janice Kunin BA Psychology Tokiyo Kuromiya BA Poli Sci Laurence A. Kurtz BA History Dorothy C. Kurz BA Poli Sci Scott D. Kutner BA Economics Sungill Kwak BA Design Judy Kwan BS Biochemistry Barbara J. PhD Music Soon J. Kwon BS Math-Comp Sci Diane G. Lachman BA Psychology Maureen E. Ladley BA Economics Gail C. LaFranchi BA Psychology Dorene E. Lake BA English Dora Y. Lam BS Math-Comp Sci Kitty Lam BS Math-Comp Sci Lisa K. LaMoreaux BA Theater Arts John D. Landau BA Economics Michael D. Landau BA Biology Karen S. Landers BA Sociology Jeffery F. Landsman BA Theater Arts Kathleen M. Langer BS Psychobiology Ronald J. Langer BS Math-Comp Sci Sharon R. Lani BA English Burke S. Large BA Geography Carl Anthony Larson BA English Susan R. Latina BA English Karen M. Latka BA Math Michael J. Lawrence BS Engineering Hung Q. Le BS Mech Engr Ly M. Le BS Elec Engr Minhhang T. Le BS Math-Comp Sci Susan G. Lebo BA Economics Scott C. Ledbetter BA Economics Albert W.M. Lee PhD Chemistry Danyus Y. Lee BS Math-System Sci Deborah E. Lee BS Nursing Hyo S. Lee BA Linguistics Janice C. Lee BS Engineering Robert D. Lee BA English Robert H. Lee BA Economics Sandy Kyung Lee BS Math-Comp Sci Sinclair C. Lee BS Chem Engr Steven F. Lee BS Psychobiology Sunglee S. Lee BA Art Susan H. Lee BS Math Walter A. Lee BS Engineering Won Y. Lee BS Linguistics Anne Legallet BA Psychology James F. Lennon BA Psychology Tina L. Leonetti BA Sociology Carmen P. Lerma-B. BA Psychology Lawrence D. Lerman BS Kinesiology Michael Lesser BA Astronomy Raymond M. Levine BS Chemistry Susan D. Levine BA Math Russ Lloyd Levitan BS Psychobiology Susan Lori Levitan BA Sociology Brian M. Levy BA Economics Lawrence S. Levy BS Kinesiology Eric J. Lew BA Biology Eva Lew BA Economics Nancy Lew BA Psychology Ronnie M. Lew BS Economics Beth A. Lewis BS Kinesiology Karen S. Lewis BA History Richard L. Leyton BS Math-Comp Sci Jeffrey R. Lezak BS Math-Co mp Sci Jia-Dong Liang MA Industrial Design Fred E. Liao BA Economics Robert A. Lieban, Jr. BA Poli Sci Debra L. Lieberman BS Nursing Fasha F. Liley BS Psychobiology Daniel D. Lim BA Economics Linda Lim BS Psychobiology Janet Lin BA Psychology Katherine G. Lindegren BA Sociology Paula S. Linder BA Economics seniors focus Gras is a fund raiser for Unicamp, a fun time for the booth sponsors, and good PR for the school, but most of all, it ' s for the wide-eyed kids who are dazzled by the bright lights, cuddly prizes and friendly clowns. Rhonda J. Ling BS Math-Comp Sci Lisa A. Linowes BA Geography Thomas E. Linton BA Bus Economics Jeryll Sue Lipke BA Comm Studies Cynthia Denise Lipkins BA Sociology Penny L. Lippman BA Poli Sci Gary Robert Little BS Engineering Deborah C. Litwin BA Psychology Sang T. BS Mech Engr Dana L. London BA Sociology Gary Loo BS Math-Comp Sci Suzanne Loo BS Biochemistry Jennifer A. Lopez BA Music Pierre E. Loubet BA Sociology From The People Who Bring You Movies For A Buck Hope you didn ' t miss the vampire walking around Bruin walk on Halloween advertising the movie " Love at First Bite " , or two deviant heads in a sea of Avacados. Who are these crazy people? They and many others are members of the Campus Events staff. Yes, those wonderful people that brought us this year such popular speakers as Dudley Moore of " 10 " fame, Norman Lear and Rodney But the staff is more, much more. Campus Events brings us everything from political speakers such as Mayor Tom Bradley and Andrew Young to popular public figures like Mike Farrell of M A S H and Jerry Buss, owner of the Forum and the Lakers. Their speaker is geared to be as well as This year it tried to cover the wide range of interests that the UCLA community requires. The Ackerman movies that are brought to you at the low, low price of only one, yes, ladies and one buck, are also brought to the student body by this multi-talented staff in Kerckhoff 300. Top run movies such as All That Jazz, American Gigolo and The Shining, are available to the student for one dollar in Ackerman most Thursday and Friday nights. That sure beats the price in Being a member of the staff offers the student participant valuable in the entertainment and advertising field. contacts and resume material can be made. Yet the star-struck are not encouraged to work for the staff, because a air and a love of the business are the important qualities to have. Most of the staff have worked their way up from the ranks of to full-fledged working members, thus allowing a good training time for the advancing staff member. Kendall B. Louie MS Engineering Leslye M. Louie BA Poli Sci Econ Lori Ann Low BS Psychobiology S. Blair Lowry BA Poli Sci Thomas A. Lu BS Chem Engr Elena A. Lubow BA History Michael C. Lucien BS Psychobiology Wendi T. Luckoff BA Design Francine Lue BS Psychobiology Wayne W. Lui BS Elec Engr Fred K. Luk BA Economics Mark T. Luke BS Engineering Catherine Lum BA Microbiology Leslie K. Lurie BA Poli Sci Comm Studies Stephanie A. Lustig BS Chem Engr Muneer S. Lutfi BS Biochemistry Nhue Ly BS Math-Comp Sci Kimberly F. Lynch BS Poli Sci Sarah E. Lynch BA History Dana Lynne Lyons BA Geog Ecosystem Pamela M. Mabry BA Psychology seniors Alexander G. MacDougall BA Bus Economics Jennifer L. MacFarlane BA Economics Trascey K. Maclntosh BA Music Stacy A. MacKenzie BA Psychology Deborah S. Macofsky BA French Julie A. Magasinn BA English Greg R. Maher BA Design Artin Mahmoudi BS Biochemistry Christopher S. Maile BA History Yuk-King K. Mak BA Chinese Barbara Ann Malarek BA English Joaquin BA History Nagwa H. Malek BA Psychology Joshua L. Mallin BA History Karen L. Malmuth BA Comm Studies Jennie S. Malonek BS Kinesiology BA Sociology Emily R. Mangohig BA Biology Barbara M. Manix BA Sociology Psych Mary Allison Mann BS Kinesiology Cynthis D. Mar BA English Gary G. Mar BS Econ-System Sci Gabriela S. Marangone BS Economics Kristina G. Marcy BA Psychology Annie L. Mardikian BA French Ellyn M. Marshall BA Psychology Sheri Linn Marshall BA Math Julie M. Marso BA Music Kimberly Karen Mart BA Theater Arts Robert W. Martin BA Economics Elma Martinez BA Spanish Ling Jennifer A. Martyn BA English Anne Jeanette Mason BA Biology Julie G. Mason BA Poli Sci Kendra R. Massas BA Poli Sci Charla M. Masters BA Music Susan L. Masters BS Psychobiology Kathleen Anne Masterson BA History Karen L. Mathison BS Psychobiology Sally A. Matlick BA Music Don H. Matsumoto BS Engineering Keith T. Matsunami BS Math-Comp Sci Eulanda Lynn Matthews BA Poli Sci No respect I tell ya, no respect at al watch what you ' re stepping on here! " Everyday street shoes stomp on it, top-siders trample on it, clogs clomp on it, sneakers step on it, and high heels homp on it. I bet you are all thinking — Bruin Walk! " Well you ' re wrong—it ' s the seal of UCLA inlaid in the floor of Powell Library. And you think you ' re so smart, don ' t you? Did you know that this seal is the symbol of your school? Well, OK, so knows that one. Did you know symbols are supposed to be respected? You knew that too? Well, if you know that, then why the hell do you walk all over the seal of your school? Were you brought up in a barn or something? No, just because you ' re a lazy bum doesn ' t count — you are supposed to show some respect for your school by walking the seal. Is that too much to ask? Is that so hard? Next time you see someone trot across the seal, yell " Hey, don ' t you know you’re defacing your higher of learning? What are you, some kind of communist or something?” This is sure to get results. Just make sure you are wearing your Nikes so you can sprint away if he she starts to ramble on about bourgeois capitalistic-pig elitist brainwashing “respect plot to stifle the true will of the masses. Brahm E. Mauer BA Economics Janet L Mayeda BS Kinesiology Lindagwenn Mayer BA Sociology Elizabeth M. Mayfield BA Comm Studies Becki L. McCafferty BS Kinesiology Azeldria McCarns BA Psychology Michael D. McCarthy BA Economics Debra L. McConnell BA Psychology Shawn M. McCormick BA Bus Economics Kelley A. McDonald BA Poli Sci Michael C. McDonald BA Poli Sci History Tracy Carolyn McDonald BA Poli Sci Therese A. McFadden BA Design Marcy L. McFarlane BA Psychology Michael F. McFarlin BA History Carole M. McGlone BS Economics Kevin P. McGorman BA Economics Joan E. McHugh BA Economics Tina D. McKnight BA Sociology Kathi A. McLemore BA Sociology Julie A. McMillan BA History Harold Callen McMurtry BA Poli Sci John G. McTigue BS Engineering Margaret Lee Means BA Poli Sci seniors Lon D. Mehlman BA Econ Sociology Robert M. Meier BS Chem Biology Thelma Esther Melendez BA Sociology Claudia Mendoza BA Spanish Jay C. Mercado BA Poli Sci English Pamela J. Merrill BA Psychology Heidi E. Merz BA Design Guy Michel Messenger BA English Steven B. Messenger BA Sociology Dirk Meyer BA Biology Greta R. Meyerhof BA Psychology David A. Michalicek BA Economics Kimberly Anne Michie BA Bus Economics David J. Miclean BA Poli Sci Breck J. Middleton BA Poli Sci Kathryn M. Middo BA Psychology Thomas J. Mihara BS Math-Comp Sci Carol E. Miley BA Psychology Bryan J. Miller BS Engineering Eva M. Miller BA English Mark A. Miller BS Aerospace Engr Mark P. Miller BA Biology Molly Jo Miller BA Poli Sci Robin L. Miller BA Political Sociology Robin M. Miller BA English Theresa L. Miller BA Psychology Lynn A. Milligan BA Poli Sci Kay V. Mills BS Chemistry Lynn A. Mills BA English John M. Mina BS Math-Comp Sci Sandra J. Minasian BA Linguistics Steven A. Mindel BA Economics Jill S. Mines BS Biochemistry Reaecca Ann Minor BS Kinesiology Judith M. Mintz BA Economics Suzie C. Mintz BA History Pardis Mirzai BA Biology Claudia Marie Mitchell BA English Debra L. Mitchell BA Poli Sci Placement and Career Planning Center, job hunting made easy Seventy-five people are camped outside of the Placement and Career Center at 8:00 on a cold Monday morning in Have they moved the student basketball sales from Pauley, or are they giving out free dollars? Actually not, the center is again releasing the names and schedules of companies that are interviewing on the campus for the week. But this is only one of the large variety of services that the Placement Center makes available to the student. Career counseling and career exploration groups as well as classes to help write a complete resume or interviewing techniques help the student (or prepare for " life after school " . For the beginning student there are part-time and full-time job referrals, internships, placement and vocational interest testing. And for those interested in further education, they have complete files for graduate school information. So if you want help with your hopeless resume or are looking for a job during the summer in Oregon, the placement center can help. " Help the student prepare for ' life after school ' . . . " J. Scott Mitchell BA Geography Curtis D. Mohl BA Sociology Justin Catherwood Monger BS Elec Engr Angelica M. Montoya BA Chicano Std Lisa A. Montross BA Economics Willaim T. Moore BA Biology Karen K. Moran BS Kinesiology Aileen Cecilia Morello BA Design Albert Morhaim BA Psychology Steven M. Mori BA Economics Robert Keiji Morimizu BA Psychology Kunio Derek Moriuchi BA Psychology Anne K. Morris BA Design Robin A. Morris BS Kinesiology Howard C. Morton BA Psychology Robert D. Mosbaugh BA Poli Sci History obert M. Moshein Economics aniel M. Moshi Economics Homayoun Movahed-Ezazi BS Comp Engr Bruce Cairns Moxon BS Engineering A. Mueller BA Psychology Tamara R. Muir BA Economics seniors Amy Rita Mulcahy BA Spanish Michael S. Mullen BA Economics Marcelle E. Muller BA Sociology Katharyn O. Muniz BA Poli Sci Christine M. Murnighan BA Psychology Carolyn J. Murray BS Public Health Theresa E. Murrin BA Geography Kristy L. Mutschler BA Bus Economics Heidi Myer BA Music Jaclyn A. Myers BA Music Kerry L. Myers BA Psychology Warren D. Myers II BS Engineering James N. Nachreiner BA Bus Economics Nelia C. Nadal BA Psychology Lori Nafshun BA MP TV Robert M. Nagy BA Biology Layne L. Nakakura BA Economics Rene Colleen Nakasone BA Math Jonas Nartey PhD Linguistics Richard S. BA Economics Aurelia Nattiv BS Psychobiology Raymond J. Navarro BA Psych Poli Sci Richard Navarro BA Poli Sci Mark L. Nazarian BS Biochemistry Rachel E. Neff BA English Lit Ted Russell Neff BA MP TV Kim Ann Neistadt BA Sociology Barbara G. Nelson BA Economics Kimberly A. Nelson BA History Gail S. Nesson BA Psychology Mary W. Nevins BA Economics Carol Jean Newell BA Poli Sci Mark David Newlin BA Econ Psych Janice M. Newman BA Economics David Ng BS Engineering Thanh T. Nghiem BS Math-System Sci Dung Thi Tuyet Nguyen BS Math-Comp Sci Lu T. Nguyen BA Poli Sci Phu Phuong Nguyen BS Math-System Sci Son H. Nguyen BS Elec Engr Thanh Van Nguyen BS Elec Engr Toan Q. Nguyen BS Chem Engr Vihn T. Nguyen BS Psychobiology Victoria G. Nichols BA English Kerry S. Nicholson BA History Thomas H. Nienow BA Econ Psych Guy T. Niizawa BS Physics Jaime M. Nishimoto BA Economics Russell D. Nishimura BA Microbiology Sally K. Nishimura BA Psychobiology Wonhee No BA Psychology Paul M. Noble BA Poli Sci Myunghee Noh BS Math-Comp Sci Kieran P. Nolan BA Economics Kathleen A. Noonan BS Nursing Debra S. Northrup BA Psychology Nancy A. Nusbaum BA Psychology Nkeiruka Bernadette Nwoye MA Counseling Sunhee O BA Math Ron O ' Bara BA Economics Lorraine T. Obata BA Econ Sociology Cynthia G. Oberman BA Comm Studies David R. Obershaw BA Econ History Carol J. O ' Connor BA Economics Kim ANn O ' Connor BA Sociology Karen Sue Odell BA Sociology Colleen C. O ' Donnell BA Theater Arts Kathleen M. O ' Donnell BA Poli Sci Naomi Ogami BA Japanese Mark T. Ogino BA Microbiology Abraham K. Oh BS Computer Sci Judy M. Okada BA Japanese seniors focus can a student escape to from all the hustle and bustle of a hectic school day. He or she might visit Frederick S. Wight. No, it ' s not a psychoanalyst. In fact, in this case, it ' s not even a person. Frederick S. Wight is UCLA ' s own art exhibit gallery located in Dickson Hall. The gallery exhibits forms of graphic arts, arts from foreign countries, printmaking, draftmanship, and new art done by art and design majors. These exhibits will let the mind escape from all the hard concrete realities of the times into a state of extreme pleasure. It ' s like a natural high. The colors are vibrant and the crafts are masterful. Tired of the outside world? Well, get away from it all and step inside Frederick S. Wight Art Gallery. It ' s good therapy! Grant T. Okawa BA Honors Bio Susan Okuma BA Psychology Seth L. Olitzky MS Computer Sci Joseph M. Oliver BS Kinesiology Sin Min Ong BS Engineering Daryl K. Ono BA Bus Economics JoAnn F. Ortega BA Psychology Daniel M. Ortiz BS Chem Engr Donald E. Osborn BA Psychology Paul J. Oster BA Poli Sci Todd B. Ostling BA Poli Sci Anita E. Oswald BA Psychology Scott Otterness BA Psychology Nathaniel L. Oubre BS Public Health William L. Owen BS Mech Engr Marc C. Paez BA English Hyun H. Pak BA Physics Jong T. Pak BS Chem Engr Theodore Jim Panes BS Poli Sci Jayne M. Papac BS Sociology Christopher A. Park BA Poli Sci Haejung Park BS Math-Comp Sci Joonmi Park BS Psychobiology Kisung K. Park BS Mech Engr Brent Bertran Parker BA Biology S. Jeff Parker BS Nursing Samuel W. Parnes MA Music History Donna J. Pasini BA Economics Caren Paskil BS Public Health John M. Passanante BA Poli Sci Behind the Scenes On the northernmost end of the UCLA campus, what seems miles away from Life Sciences, stands a place that houses the future for the film industry. Melnitz Hall never sleeps! Film students can be found working any time of the day or night on productions or other that might take weeks, months, and even years. Such dedication can hardly be seen elsewhere. It ' s these tireless professionals behind the eye of the camera that bring us all the funny, sad, exciting, and horrifying moments in all the right places. So the next time a movie comes on the television, look past all the glitter and glamour of the stars and try to focus on all the hard work that a combination of people had to go through to get that scene or awesome special effect on the screen. Henri C. Patey BA Chinese Allison L. Patterson BA Economics Franklyn R. Patti BA Poli Sci Anna F. Pavlov BA Psychology Andrew R. Pawlowicz BA Poli Sci Econ Brenda Payne BA Sociology Gregg R. Pearl BA History Robert A. Pedowitz BS Psychobiology Stephenia M. Pellegrino BA Economics Daniel T. Pence BA Poli Sci Jenny W. Peng BS Biology Ricardo E. Perez BA Poli Sci Paulete J. Perfumo PhD Education Law Heidi Perham BS Kinesiology Chris Perkins BS Engineering Todd L. Pescan BA Econ Psych Kathleen O. Petersen BA Sociology Krysten Ann Petersen BA Poli Sci Randy L. Peterson BS Psychobiology Christopher J. Petrini BA Bus Economics Sylvia Alexandra Pfalzgraf BA Economics Doan-Trang T. Phan BS Chem Engr Luan V. Phan BA Biology Mark K. Phillips BA Bus Economics Patricia Phung BS Math-Comp Sci Susan G. Pickett BA Sociology Lisa C. Pierotti BA Public Health Ewa Margaret Pigna BS Math-Comp Sci Elizabeth A. Pingel BA Economics Tina M. Pisenti BA Economics Christopher A. Plamondon BA Economics Gary L. Platt BA English American Studies Carolyn A. Poer BA Theater Arts Betty P.M. Pok BA Design Art Teri K. Polcene BA Psychology Lauren E. Polizzi BA Theater Arts Joanne M. Polizzi BA Theater Arts Janet L. Ponton BA Art History Daniella Z. Popoff BA Poli Sci Jo-Ann Portanova BS Public Health Leslie Lynn Porter BA Economics Janet Porush BA Poli Sci Cary A. Post BA Bus Economics Catherine M. Potapczuk BA Psychology Kerri W. Potter BA English Bonnie M. Powell BA Comm Studies Charmae R. Powell BA Sociology Isela B. Prado BA English F.J. Pratt BA Theater Arts Ingrid Pratt BA English Marcia A. Prentice BA Economics Craig A. Preston BA Economics James A. Prietto BA Spanish Pamela Sue Pritchard BS Nursing David E. Proffer BS Math-Comp Sci Economics Marie Antoinette Protzner BA Psychology Patty Purcifull BS Psychology Ingrid A. Purmalis BA Sociology Mary T. Purpura BA Bus Economics Thomas E. Pyke BA Poli Sci focus glass 1:a hard brittle usu. transparent or substance made by melting sand and other materials and used for windows and lenses. 2: something made of glass. —Glass Exhibit, The Wight Gallery in Dickson, Winter 1981. Jose A. Quintanilla BA Bus Economics Rebecca Rader BA English Suzanne L. Radl BA French Psych Kacey Ruth Ragland BA Psychology Michael J. Raidy BA Poli Sci Cynthia Lee Ramburg BS Kinesiology Hector G. Ramirez BA Biology John B. Ramljak BA Economics Patrick H. Payermann BA Physics Anne V. Reach BA English Valerie Red-Horse BA Theater Arts R. Redlich BA Comm Studies Glenda E. Reed BS Psychobiology Jon D. Reede BA History Cathleen S. Reams MS Biostatistics Andrea K. Reeves BA Psychology John M. Reff BA History Guy A. Regla BA Sociology Carol A. Regan BA Poli Sci Sociology Elizabeth A. Reid BA Comm Studies Severino Profeta Reyes BA Economics Michelle L. Reynolds BA English Margaret J. Rhodes BA Poli Sci Thomas J. Riccard BA Economics Michelle Rich BS Public Health Cathy A. Richards BA Bus Economics Ellen J. Riddell BA English Suzanne Lynette Ridley BA Psychology seniors Celia Rifkin BS Kinesiology Dominique C.Rincon BA Poli Sci Leslie R. Rimbach BA English Michael D. Rittenberg BA Biology Math Kim E. Rivers BA Sociology Majorie S. Robbins BA English Carol A. Robertson BA Poli Sci Dance L. Robinson BS Atmospheric Sci Edna M. Robertson BA English James A. Robinson BA English Julie A. Rochlin BS Sociology Micheal J. Roder BA Economics Guillermo Rodriguez-Ortiz PhD Computer Sci Scott Phillip Roeb BA Poli Sci History Diane E. Rogers BA Art History Venetta T. Rogers BA English Natasha Roit BA Chinese Lisa Keely Rolfe BA Theater Arts William W. Rollinson BA Design Peter K. Rollison BA Economics Susan I. Rosales BA Psychology Gordon D. Rose BA Psychology Kenneth M. Rose BA Economics Stephanie P. Rose BA History James P. RoseIi BA History Fredrick J. Rosenthal BS Elec Engr Sheryl A. Rosenthal BS Psychobiology Jeffrey B. Rosichan BA Economics Richard M. Ross BS Math-Comp Sci Joan L. Rossiter BA Sociology Stephen M. Roth BA History Dora Elizabeth Rowan BS Kinesiology Allen D. Rowe BS Kin esiology Lynn E. Rowley BA Poli Sci Barbara L. Rozanski BA Psychology Benjamin A. Rubio BS Civil Engr Benton James Runquist BS Psychobiology Hobert E. Russell II BA Economics Albert E. Saisho BA Biology Rhonda M. Sakaida BS Computer Sci Linda E. Salo BA Psychology Lori B. Salzer BA Poli Sci focus Some walk, some run. Some drive sporty cars, some drive their parents ' car, some drive a beat up ol ' thing that barely makes it each time. Some use some use Some bus it, some hit chhike it. But there are a few, not like Davis or Santa Barbara mind you, that bike it to school. It ' s cheap, fast, good exercise, and a good, clean way to get around! Dara Sabahi BS Civil Engr Donna A. Sakaguchi BS Kinesiology Fidel Salas BS Biochemistry Liza P. Samoy BS Kinesiology Rosa Susana Sam-Vargas BA Poli Sci Bruce D. Sanchez BA Econ Ecosystems Rose Marie Sanchez BA Spanish Ling Todd R. Sandburg BA Economics Julie Lynn Sanders BA English Leslie Ann Sargent BA English Afsaneh Sariri BA Design Hector E. Sartori BA Economics Vicki L. Sasaki BS Kinesiology Nobuo Sato MA French seniors Marvin B. Sauer BS Math-Comp Sci Cheryl R. Savage BA Psych Sociology Deborah R. Savett BA Sociology Paul B. Savoldelli BA Poli Sci Span Russell N. Schaadt BA Economics Catherine J. Schauerman Kinesiology Sandra F. Schildmeyer BS Kinesiology Joseph Schimmel BA Econ Poli Sci Donna L. Schleif BA Comm Studies Cindy D. Schlessinger BA Psychology Christine A. Schmidt BA Economics Karen R. Schonwit BS Sociology Joseph H. Schramm, Jr. BS Econ-Systems Sci Nancy Schreiner BA History Crystin C. Schroeder BA Poli Sci Joseph S. Schuchert BA History Mark A. Schuessler BA History Luiza C. Schultheis BA Linguistics Laurie P. Schultz BA Psychology Diana E. Schulz BA Comm Studies Allison Jan Schwartz BA Sociology Gregory L. Schwartz BS Math-Comp Sci Mark A. Schwartz BA Economics Irene J. Seager BA Psychology Juliet T. Sebastian BS Psychobiology Bernadette G. Sebban BS Nursing Gary M. Segal BA Poli Sci Linda D. Seitz BA Economics Karin A. Seltzer BA English Catherine A. Sernett BA Sociology Larry P. Serraino BA MP TV Feli cia Renee Settle BA Theater Arts Kathy B. Seuthe BA Economics Sherwin Seyrafi BA Poli Sci Abdul M. Shaban BS Engineering Diane H. Shader BA English David A. Shafer BA Poli Sci Michael D. Shafer BA History Jill Shafton BA Sociology Lizabeth A.D. Shahinian BA History Altaf A. Shamji BA Biology Charles C. Shao BS Engineering Ilene S. Shapiro BA Sociology Randolph M. Sharon BA Philosophy Luana Sharp BA Psychology Cynthia L. Shatz BA Dance Daniel M. Shavit BA Sociology Hui - Yin Shaw BS Chem Engr Barbara G. Shea BS Nutrition Kevin F. Shea BA Economics Jay F. Shepherd BA Bus Economics Diane R. Sherman BS Nursing Pamela K. Sherman BA Spanish Cynthia L. Shimizu BA English Diana M. Shin BS Psychobiology Craig K. Shoda BS Engineering Lori Anne Sholty BA Ling Psych Scott William Showen BA Economics Stacy A. Shramm BA Fine Arts Design Susan L. Shulman BA Psychology Hadar Shy BS Math-Comp Sci Elaine M. Sideris BA Poli Sci George Siegal BA Poli Sci John A. Sieffert BS Biochemistry Robert S. Siegel MS Elec Engr Lorie C. Silva BA Psychology Deanna A. Silver BS Econ-Systems Sci David Silverstein BA Poli Sci Marc A. Silverstein BA Biology Paula Louise Simbro BA Psychology Lynn Simon BA Economics Mira L. Simm BA Comm Studies Charles R. Simpson BA Economics Norma Kaye Simpson BA Psychology Susan H. Sims BA Poli Sci Charles Montague Singer BA Economics Sheryl E. Singer BA Psychology Naresh P. Singh BS Psychobiology Parker Singh BA Poli Sci Tracy K. Singh BA Economics B. Caroline Sisneros BA Psychology Victor E. Sison BA Economics Leslie A. Skinner BA Economics Claudia F. Sloan BA Theater Arts seniors Health Advocates and Peer Health Counselors, keeping UCLA HEALTHY a cold coming on, and no Mom with noodle soup to chase those sniffles away? Well, if you live in the dorms, a sorority, a fraternity, the or the YWCA, the next best thing to Mom is your Student Health Advocate. The program, sponsored by the Student Health Service, specially trains students to provide heal th care, and referrals to the various student living groups. They are equipped to take care of minor illnesses and accidents with non-prescription medication, and have the knowledge of where to direct a student if the problem needs professional help. The cost is free, but the patient must be a student. (But who else would live in the dorms?!) Ah, but what if you were a regular old student who just wanted some information about personal health. The Peer Health Counselors are there to fill that gap. It ' s a student-funded outreach program which provides health education services in a variety of self-help clinics on campus, sponsored by the Student Health Service and Student Legislative Council. The Cold Clinic, Self-help Nutrition Center, Women ' s Health Service, and Physical Fitness Clinic are only a few of the many places to investigate. Yes, UCLA certainly does take care of its students! Kimberly K. Sloan BS Poli Sci Juliet M. Smith BA Poli Sci Lori M. Smith BS Elec Engr Lynda Ann Smith BA Biology Margaret Smith BA Japanese Paul R. Smith BS Anthropology Ross M. Smith BA History Susan Deborah Smith BA History Susan E. Smith BA Psychology Barbara Ann E. Snyder BA French Michael R. Snyder BA Economics John J. Sobel BA Geog Ecosysten Alex Seong H. Sohn BS Engineering Neil S. Sokoler BA Sociology Jeffrey A. Sokoloff BA History Lida R. Sokolow BA Economics Jill K. Soled BA Sociology Michelle L. Solomon BA History Outstanding Seniors of 1981 Let him come out of this a trifle high. But of high? High, I think, like someone you love coming up on the porch, grinning, grinning, after three hard sets of tennis, victorious tennis, to ask you if you saw that last shot he made. Yes. Oui. " —J.D. Salinger, from Seymour an Introduction Russell A. Steinberg Leslie Karen Lurie David Charles Friedman John Morgan Caldwell, Jr. Evelyn T. Soo BA Sociology Jocelyn D. Soriano BA Economics Joanna L. Spak BA Psychology Linda D. Spangler BA Psychology Andrea D. Spanos BA Sociology Ramona Y. Speck BA Psychology Joel B. Spolin BA Economics Jennifer Staats BS Psychobiology Erika Lia Staff BA History Lori L. Stanley BA Theater Arts Tara Starr BA Music Valerie J. Stedman BA Psychology Darrell S. Steinberg BA Economics Mandy Steinman BA Sociology Tova A. Stepner BS Bioengineering Mark W. Steres BA Bus Economics Arthur N. Stern BA Poli Sci Yoram Stern BS Systems Engr seniors Troy A. Sternberg BA Comm Studies Jeffrey M. Stevens Bus Economics Karen L. Stevens BA Art History Anne K. Stewart BA History Nathan Stewart Elec Engr A. Stewart Psychology Jane E. Stimpson BA English Arthur F. Stine BA Psychology Daphne K. Stiny BS Sociology Karen E. Stites BA Design Andrew H. Stock BS Kinesiology Christa E. Stone BA Psychology David L. Stone BS Engineering Jeanmarie Stone BS Chemistry Steven D. Strauss BA Poli Sci Anne Strelcher BA Art History John D. Strockis BA Economics Herbert A. Stroh BA Poli Sci Barry R. Stubblefield BA Economics Dorothy Helen Stuka BA Economics Lauren A. Sturken BA English Melanie Lynn Sue BA Sociology Nancy M. Sugino BS Kinesiology Nancy K. Suenaga BA Math Renan I. Sugarman BA Economics Naoto Sugino BA Economics Shynn Suh BA Math Kathleen Margaret Sullaway BA Bus Economics Scott T. Sullivan BS Math-Comp Sci Darcy M. Sullivan BA English Stuart S. Sumida BA Biology Winnie W. Sun BA Economics Won J. Sunu BS Mech Engr Georgeanna Supple BA Dance June Juanita Sutton BA Sociology Peter Campbell Swift BS Bus Economics Joseph M. Swinger BA Psychology Ching Hung Sze BA Bus Economics Gholam Reza Tabandeh BS Elec Engr Ann M. Taft BS Psychology Ahmad D. Tajbakhsh BS Engineering Doris L. Takayama BA Psychology Honors I don ' t want to tell you facts and figures. If you want to know the of College Honors, you can inquire at the College Honors office in Murphy Hall. I do want to tell you something that you may not know about Honors. But first let me ask you a question—Why did you decide to go to UCLA? You may say, " To get away from home, " " It ' s inexpensive, " I didn ' t want to go too far, " or " It has a good athletic program. " These may all be reasons that helped to decide in the end, but why did you think of UCLA in the first place? There are many colleges in this area — Cal State LA, Santa Monica City College, USC. What made UCLA so different? " Well, it ' s famous. My mom said it was a good school. " Now we ' re getting closer. UCLA is not only a " good school, " it is one of the top ten universities in the A degree from UCLA is worth more than a degree from most other schools. You don ' t always have to pay more to get the best. This is the reason a lot of people come to UCLA. If you wanted " inexpensive, " or " near, " or " far, " there are plenty of other colleges but if you want excellence there is UCLA. Now, back to College Honors—what makes a top-ten material? A good faculty, good curricula, a good library and excellent students. An important reason eminent professors go to a certain university is the student body. Intelligence thrives on intelligence. So, in order to facilitate the means by which a university becomes top-ten in the nation we need a College Honors. College Honors was here in 1979 to help attract top level to UCLA. With its emphasis on colloquia, seminars, discussions and research, College Honors offers certain advantages most often associated with small, selective liberal arts colleges. And by bringing the outstanding scholars to the campus, the rest of the student body are benefited. The education that we all receive here is amplified by outstanding professors and outstanding students. The prestige of a UCLA is kept polished in this way—why do you think you came here in the first place? Susan E. Takel BA Biology Nancy J. Tallan BS Kinesiology Wing K. Tam BS Civil Engr Joan Renee Tandowsky BA Bus Economics Jill E. Tandy BA Theater Arts Nancy R. Tang BA Microbiology Gary S. Tani BA Economics Lori S. Tanimura BA Japanese Kevin K. Tanioka BA Economics Mehran M. Taslimi BS Civil Engr Julie Tatsugi BA Econ Poli Sci Julie K. Tauber BA English Ann Tavsanli BA Economics Richard T. Tay BS Biochemistry Brian F. Taylor BS Psychobiology Gregory A. Taylor BA Economics Rebecca K. Taylor BA English Debora M. Teasdale BS Math-Comp Sci Gail Lynne Teller BA History Cameron N. Tennyson BA Geography Steve M. Teppeman BA Poli Sci Arthur M. Teranishi BS Math-Comp Sci seniors Sharon N. Teraoka BA Biology Carol D. Terry BS Kinesiology Clifton E. Thomas BA Sociology Ellie Thomas BA Design Karen L. Thompson BA Psychlogy Matthew T. Thompson BA Economics Philip S. Thompson BA Geog Ecosystem Stacy A. Thompson BA Psychology Vicki Louise Thompson BA Sociology Howard A. Tischler BA Economics Bruce D. Tobey BA Comm Studies Paul D. Tolleson BS Atmospheric Sci Nadine H. Tomooka BA E Asian Std Rosanne E. Tompkin BA Sociology Elizabeth Topkis BA History Jodi L. Tose BA Sociology David M. Toyofuku BS Engineering Jill Susanne Tracy BA Poli Sci Julie A. Treinen BA Economics D. Michael Tremblay BA French Yvette Marie Trinh BS Chemistry Vicki L. Triplett BS Biochemistry Wisaksono W. Trisulo BS Civil Engr Nlcholas L. Trotta BS Engineering Phuoc Minh Truong BA Biology David A. Tso BS Kinesiology Vincent J. Tso BS Psychobiology Jon A. Tsuchiyama BA English Gordon D. Tsuji BA Economics Louise M. Tsukahara BA Psychology Virginia Wei-Gia Tuan BS Math-Comp Sci J. Tucker BA Economics Debbie Turner BA Sociology Robert A. Tway BA Math Denise C. Twomey BA History Edward Steven Tyau BA Microbiology Nonye E. Udo BA French Karen M. Ujihara BS Engineering Joni K. Ukegawa BA Art Kimberly kG. Ulrich BA Poli Sci Amy S. Underhill BS Kinesiology Mark L. Underwood BS Chem Engr John S. Urban BA Geography Leslie A. Valentine BA Poli Sci Robert E. VanBelleghem BA Bus Economics Susan L. Vance BA Bus Economics Schuyler D. VanDyk BA Astronomy Jeanine M. Vaughn BA Design Jaye R. Varley BA E Asian Std Nina Beijan Vassilian BS Public Health Terrell F. Velasquez BS Kinesiology James L. Vellutato BS Psychology LaVera Venters BS History Claire B. Venze BA Poli Sci Kelly Ann Vickers BA Psychology Leo L. Vicknair, Jr. BA Economics Frank Mario Antonio Vidjak BS Biology Arturo Aurelio Villa BA Design Laurie L. Villasenor BA Economics Arlene G. Vinnick BS Nursing Elizabeth K. Virata BA Poli Sci G. John Vlay BA Bus Economics Roger B. Wachtell BA Econ Poli Sci Julia Ann Wagner BA Poli Sci Martha S. Waite BA Psychology Judith E. Wakahiro BA Japanese Milford W. Walker, Jr. BS Chem Engr Sherrell D. Walker BA Psychology Michael J. Wallace BS Mech Engr Colleen E. Walsh BA Psychology Kevin L. Walsh BA History Michael C. Walter BA Poli Sci Marilyn C. Wang BA Geography Janet C. Ward BA Psychology Wendy Dianne Ward BA Sociolo gy seniors focus “The object of the game is to knock down all the little white pins with the black ball. Oh yeah, strikes are good. " Bernard Ware BA Poli Sci Kenneth P. Ware BA Math Elizabeth M. Warf BS Nursing Ann V. Warner BA History Booker TaIiford Warren BS Psychobiology Yvonne Y. Washington MA Computers Info Systems Linda A. Wasserman BA Comm Studies Rochelle T. Wasserman BA Biology Mandy M. Wasserman BA Geography Lynette H. Watchempino BA Sociology Anne L. Watson BS Psychobiology Audrey Lynn Watts BA Psychology John J. Weede BS Mech Engr Amy Weinman BA Economics Stacey Weinman BA Economics Todd L. Wayne BA Bus Economics Deborah A. Wedding BS Kinesiology June L.K. Wee BA Economics Amy L. Weinsheink BA English Lorna Weisbrich BA Sociology Elizabeth A. Weissman BA Comm Studies " A Royce by any other name. . .” Royce Hall. That building of great events. That inspiring center-stone of campus. Royce Hall, that pillar of UCLA, was actually after the Church of Sant ' Ambrogio in Milan and was named after that city ' s patron saint. It was built in the 11th century. When the design, viewed as and " college-like, " was chosen, it was modified in several ways: The front cloister of the entrance was removed, and an arched facade running across the " Royce Hall, that pillar of UCLA " entire front of the building replaced it. Also, the towers of the Sant ' Ambrogio are different heights and widths; UCLA ' s architects equalized the proportions of the yet retained that famous difference: yes, there really were meant to be only two windows in one tower and three in the other. Marriell V. Wells BA History Afro-Amer Std Yu Wen BS Mech Engr Henry A. Wendt BS Civil Engr Nancy A. Wersen BA History Gordon D. West BA Theater Arts Rhonda B. West MBA Marketing Karen L. Westenhaver BA Psychology Diane L. Westreich BA Psychology Elizabeth Whalen BA Economics Philip M. Wheaton BS Chem Engr Charles J. White BA Geography Edwin James White BA Poli Sci Regina Walkkein White BA Sociology Sarah Chrisley White BA Theater Arts Yolanda Eileen White BA Psychology Allison G. Wilson BS Chemistry Jane A. Whitmore BA Sociology Lisa M. Whitney BA Comm Std seniors Bruce W. Wickersheim BA Music Michael A. Wienandt BA Economics Patrick D. Wilde BA Economics Marla E. Willback BA Psychology Kevin M. Wilk BA Poli Sci Chet Williams BA Poli Sci Tamara D. Williams BA Psychology Mignon L. Wills BA Economics Pamela A. Wilson BA Psychology John M. Winslow BS Atmospheric Sci Bridget M. Wirth BA Music Leslie J. Wise BA Sociology Gale L. Withey BA Comm Studies Ralf H. Woebken BA History Poli Sci Michael J. Wolff BA Phy sics BEnne M. Wong BA History Bill Wong BS Elec Engr Bradley A. Wong BS Kinesiology Edmund P.Y. Wong BA Economics Gary H. Wong BS Psychobiology Hannah M. Wong BA Psychology Helen Ka-Yu Wong BS Public Health Irwin Lane Wong BA History Jamie P. Wong BA History Michael A. Wong BA Biology Rose Marie Wong BA Psychology Jeanie Woo BA Biology Margaret J. Wooden BA Psychology Brian L. Woods BA Psychology Cynthia L. Wooton BA Sociology Kenneth K. Wu BS Civil Engr Karen K. Wullschleger BS Math-Applied Sci Arthur Wybenga BS Biochemistry Vahe V. Yacoubian BA Poli Sci Shirley Yamahata BA Poli Sci Tomoko Yamakawa BS Anthropology Comm Studies Gordon Yamamoto BS Chem Engr Michael G. Yamane BS Psychobiology Clyde K. Yamashita BS Biochemistry Patricia A. Yamate BA Economics Christine C. Yang BS Biochemistry Linda L. Yang BS Biochemistry Tae W. Yang BS Elec Engr Larry C. Yarchever BA Economics Anne E. Yeager BA Comm Studies Marlyn Yeager BA Psychology Debbie S. Yee BA Economics Susan S. Yee BS Math-Comp Sci John E. Yenny BA Economics Morgan H. Yeung BS Math-Comp Sci Polly O. Yiu BS Math-Comp Sci Keith Daniel Yim BA Economics Agnes H. Yoon BA Economics C.J. Yoon BA Design Richard W. Yoon BS Elec Engr Jenny N. You BS Psychobiology Natalie K. Young BA Psychology Sandra K. Young BS Kinesiology Tami L. Young BS E Asian Studies Stanley S. Yue BS Engineering Matthew T. Yuen BA Comm Studies Gloria S. Yun BA History Christine C. Yung BS Math-Comp Sci Dave D. Zabel BA Economics Victor Zahn BS Engineering Kathleen M. Zanaboni BA Economics Paul Zeidler BA Economics Lee Adam Zeller BA Economics Sassy M. Zelmat BS Chem Engr Mary kF. Zemansky BA Psychology Michelle A. Zender BA Psychology Fred M. Zerez BS Math-Comp Sci Paul R. Zimmer BS Elec Engr Russell P. Zink BS Math-Comp Sci Harry A. Zinn BA Poli Sci Esther R. Zollman BS Psychobiology Yasamin Abadian BS Kinesiology Mehrdad Abbassian Ardestani BA Biology Edward E. Abdullah BS Biochemistry Jody A. Abrahams BA Theater Arts Joyce B. Abrahams BS English seniors focus In case you never noticed, this is the other side of Bunche Hall. Cosmic, isn ' t it? keith ryono Craig R. Adkins BA Sociology Jodi K. Adkins BA Sociology Fathalla M. Ahmed BS Chem Engr Ayo E. Ahn BS Physics Mariam Ania Ajdari BA Design Behrokh BA Poli Sci French Lit Ahmad Akrani BS Civil Engr Hamad A.A. Al-Attyia BS Elec Engr Rowena R. Alcantara MS Nursing Melanie S. Ali BA Biology Song-Haur An MS System Sci Maura Anedda-Ammendola BA Italian Nguyen T.Anh EdD Education Hossain Anwar BS Biology Jacquelind A. Armstrong BA English Leslie P. Armstrong BA English Charles N. Arndt BS Kinesiology Scott K. Arnold BS Elec Engr Patricia C. Asebez BA Psychology Aram C. Avanessians BS Biochemistry Ralph Avila BA Economics focus on quiet moments. Daun E. Baker BA Economics Bernardo Baran MA Industrial Design Vincent J. Barba BA Economics Jenny Barsumian BA Geog Ecosystem Karen L. Berg BA Sociology Gabriel D. Bergman BA History Jayesh R. Bhakta BS Elec Engr Pravin R. Bhakta BS Chem Engr Simon J. Blattner III BA Poli Sci Sue Carol Bodine BS Kinesiology Sherry R. Brunnemann BS Psychobiology Daniel B. Brussell BA Economics Patricia L. Buchanan BA Economics Jeffrey C. Buell MS Mech Engr Tracy C . Buie BA English Alison K. Burk BA Psychology Katherine Ann Burton BS Kinesiology Qedusizi E. Buthelezi MA African Std Cert in TESL Susan E. Cady BA Economics Nicholas G. Calico BS Psychobiology Claudia J. Camp BA English Amer Std seniors Diane K. Campo BA Economics Susan K. Cantwell BA Sociology Andrew J. Center BA Economics Myung H. Chai BA Microbiology Lai-Ching Chan BS Engineering Nilubon R. Chandravirojkul BS Math-Comp Sci Joseph Y. Chang BS Elec Engr Po Hung B. Chang BA Philosophy Lisa D. Chavez BS Biochemistry Microbiology Eric W. Cheng BS Math-Comp Sci Lily S. Chia BA Psychology Margaret Chiang BA Economics Frances H. Chiu BA Bus Economics Steve S. Cho BA Psych Econ Thomas Kwok Ming Choi BS Biochemistry Annie C. Chong BA Economics Pui-Tak Peter Chow BS Math-Comp Sci Ivy A.H. Chu BS Math-Comp Sci M. Darrell Chulay BA Design Margaret Chun BS Math-Comp Sci Kerry Jean Cicotte BA French Lit Steven Bruce Clements BA Economics Kevin J. Cloughesy BA Bus Economics Victoria M. Coakley BA Math-Applied Sci Robin L. Coates BA Economics Victor Concepcion BA Sociology Timothy L. Conkin BS Mech Engr Jonathan T. Corob BA Bus Economics Eladio Correa BA Economics Julie Crommelin BA German Cynthia A. Crusberg BA Sociology Leonard G. Cruz BA Bus Economics Jennifer G. Davis BA Psychology Hestor J. De Los Santos MS Elec Engr Susan D. Dibs BS Psychobiology Robert MacGregor Dickson BA Poli Sci Paula D. Dixon BA History Carol D. Doyle BA Anthropology T. Ray Duryea BA Hist Poli Sci Lisa Ann Ehrenreich BA History Curtis W. Ensign BA Economics Denise Falcioni MS Nursing betcha didn ' t know this one... freshmen we ' ve all heard the one about the guy buried under Janss Steps (he ' s under the sixth step isn ' t he?), the green ribbon on Royce Hall, the river that ran between Dodd and Murphy, and—ohh, you didn ' t know that one, huh? Yepp, it ' s true. In fact, during the depression years, a girl was found living under the bridge (which was over the gully) because she didn ' t have enough money to pay for her education (sounds familiar, huh?). The Chancellor took pity on her and raised the money. She repaid the university and established a scholarship for young women which still Mehdi Shahab Ferdows BS Biochemistry Scott J. Figg BA Economics Charles G. Fisher BS Kinesiology Judy A. Fisler BA Greek Erin B. Fitzpatrick BA Design Elizabeth A. Flory BS Kinesiology Christopher P. Flynn BA English Cindy S. Foat BA French Joyce-Lee Foder BA Economics Gregory Foster BA Psychology Stanley R. Foster BA PSGA Yvette Fowler BA History Steven A. Franks BA Poli Sci Karen G. BA Jewish Studies Mark Y. Fukumoto BA Economics Melissa J. Fulton BS Public Health Janice K. Galletly BA Economics Julie A. Garvin BA Psychology Hans C. Geisse BS Kinesiology Cheryl A. Gelfand BS Kinesiology John C. George III BS Microbiology Almandi I. Ghallab BS Engineering William T. Gillespie BA History Kimberly Suzan Gold BA Poli Sci Carrie A. Goldstein BA Comm Studies Gerald Goldstein BA MP TV Laurie L. Goldstein BA Psychology Stewart A. Gondo BA Poli Sci seniors exists today. If you think that ' s interesting, did you know that: —UCLA is the largest in total enrollment of all UC schools but is smallest in land area (411 acres)—try convincing a dormie that has a class in Life Sciences of that one. —Founder ' s Rock weighs 72 tons and is from Perris Valley. —The Art History Library has the greatest resource for the study of Da Vinci in the world. —Playboy once noted that the Sunset Canyon Center was the number one place in Los Angeles for singles to meet. —The Center for Health Sciences has 18 miles of corridor making it one of the largest single complexes in the country (even larger than the Pentagon). —Our Afro-American Center is the only one west of the Mississippi. —Commencement were once held in the Hollywood Bowl. —Chancellor Young is the " youngest chancellor " the University of California ever had (hey, that ' s kind of a sideways palindrome). —Bunche Hall was built facing east west, but the glare from the caused too many accidents on Sunset Blvd. so they turned it north south. and if you believe that one, I ' ve got this choice piece of swamp land I ' d like to sell ya. . . Arnulfo G. Gonzales BA Biology Cheryl D. Grant BA Sociology Gerald E. Greene BA Bio Econ Deanna J. Gulian BS Math-Comp Sci Maria-Theresa S. Gumacal BA Psychology M. Holly Hackman BA Psychology Kathleen M. Hadfield BA Design Keisuke Hagiwara BA Math Sharon T. Hamanaka BA Psychology Carol T. Hammon BS Nursing Frank Han BS Elec Engr William Kurt Hannaford BA Poli Sci Karen Harautuneian BA Comm Studies Alfreda A. Harris BA English Minnie L. Hastings BA Afro-Amer Std Stanley P. Hebert Ill MA Management Heather A. Hilton BA Sociology Jerome P. Himmelberg, Jr. BA Economics Kin Wah Glenda Ho BS Math-Comp Sci Ha Hai Hoang BS Biochemistry Douglas T. Hotes BA Bus Economics Mary Louise Hotsko BA English Peter L. Howard BA Economics Margaret M. Hughes BA History Sascha Jamall BA Economics Carolyn I. Jarynowski BA Quant Psych Mohammed Riyad Jazzar MA Education Craig H. Johnson BA Biology Michael S. Jones BA Econ Psych William V. Jones BS Engineering Judy Kahanowitch BA English Pirooz Ali Kamali BS Engineering Michael S. Karon BA Chinese Caron Helene Kass BA Music Peter E. Kassel BA Psychology Mindy A. Kaufman BA Economics Lynn M. Kebow BA English K. Brian Keegan BA Economics Catherine A. Keller BA Economics Taraysa Kelly BS Anthropology Farzin Khalkhali BS Engineering Heeseung Kim BS Math Heiryung Kim BA Linguistics He-Kyung K. Kim BS Chemistry Jin K. Kim MS Physics Meehae Kim BS Economics Myung H. Kim BA Sociology Shinjae S. Kim BA Economics Yong Mi Kim BS Economics Y. Kina BS Civil Engr Michelle S. Kling BA PSGA Mary Jane BA Spanish Bob J. Kopecek BS Chem Ecosysten Michael D. Kornet BA English Joel T. Kornfeld BA Psychology Annette K. Kratka BA Design Steven M. Kraus BA Economics Eliot Franklin Krieger BA Philosophy Agnes A. Krisvoy BA Sociology Paulo W. Kuendig BA English Mary Ellen Kullman BS Public Health Cathleen W. Kuo BS Math-System Sci Teresa P. Lau BA Biology Alice Y. Law BS Engineering Deborah A. Law BA Psychology Tam Huu Le BS Chem Engr Viet Q. Le BS Mech Engr Brent Z. Lee BA Economics Hollie A. Lee BA Economics Kyung J. Lee BA Design seniors Bernard Howard Leibovitch BA Poli Sci Gisella M. Leone BA Italian Arden T. Lewis BA Theater Susan Elisabeth Lewis BS Nursing James K. Liao BS Chemistry Robert A. LincoIn BS Math-Comp Sci James W. LindeIien BS Engineering Patricia C. Linton MA Education James O. Littrell BA History Carl Chih-Hsun Liu BS Math-Comp Sci Ruling Liu BA Microbiology Anne J. Logie BA Philosophy Epin Long BA Economics Jean Luey BA Microbiology Carolyn G. Luskin BA English John Edward Mackel III BS Economics William D. Maffit BS Engineering Erin Lynn Malone BA History Adrianne Maltese MS Nursing Evelyn R. Mann BA Poli Sci Michael Manning BA Design Thibaldo F. Manrique B. BS Biochemistry Farid Manshadi BS Psychobiology Michelle Marie Marcus BA History John G. Markoff BA Poli Sci Robert Andrew Marrs BS Mech Engr Bahman Mashian BA Econ Poli Sci Faramarz Mashian BS Chem Engr Mimi K. Matsumune BA Comm Studies Yasuhiko Matsushiro MA Architecture Victor J. Mayer BA Sociology Vaughn C. McBride BA Sociology Kathleen B. McClellan BA Poli Sci Darryl C. McClendon BS Chemistry Leslie McConnell BA Poli Sci Mary Paxton McCully BA French Laurie M. McElvogue BA Sociology Deborah P. McIntosh BA English Kathryn McMenamin BA Poli Sci Farshad Meshkinpour BS Engineering Julia M. Miller BA History Albert Mindel BA Biology Lewin G. Minter BA English Steven A. Mittleman BA Economics Peyman Mohasseb BS Engineering Elisabeth D. Monk BA Sociology Alicia A. Munn BA English Delight L. Murphy BA Economics Ashok S. Murthy BS Math-Comp Sci Gregory K. Myers BS Math-Comp Sci Leslie Ann Myers BA Economics Sheri Anne Myers BA Design James E. Naphas BA Economics Nina Nazarian BA Art Mark S. Neagle BA Economics Herman T. Ng BS Elec Engr John K. Ngan BS Math-Comp Sci Dong T. Ngo BS Mech Engr Hieu P. Nguyen BS Elec Engr Hoa P. Nguyen BS Elec Engr Kim-Khanh T. Nguyen BS Public Health Diane S. Nichols BA Poli Sci Michael C. Ning BA Poli Sci Farhad Novian BA Poli Sci Econ Luis G. Nunez BA Philosophy Chicano Studies Victor C. Nuno BA Economics Michael J.Occhipinti BA Bus Economics Angela O ' Connor BS Kinesiology Kenneth G. Okimoto BA English Krister Paul Olmon MA Industrial Design GRace Maura O ' Malley BA Poli Sci Internat’l Relations David T. Oriba BA Bus Economics Gregg L. Orloff BA Economics MaryAnne Ostrom BA English Sung W. Paik BS Biochemistry Marguerite T. Paradela BA Psychology Bukil Park BS Elec Engr Susan B. Peck BA Design Jeff S. Perrin BA History Barbara Louise Peterson BA Biology Minh-Ngoc T. Phan BA Economics Fred S. Phillips BA Geog Ecosystem Paul Nathan Phillips BA Psych Poli Sci Suzanne L. Phinney Phd Environmental Sci Engineering seniors Mary P. Pike BA Sociology Lorraine Pittman BA English Lee R. Porter BA Poli Sci Donna M. Prokop BA English Stephen R. Prokop BS Elec Engr Patricia Ann Rabito BA Sociology Alfonso Ramirez BA Poli Sci John K. Rasmussen BA Biology Scott M. Reese BA Music Steven J. Rice BA Bus Economics Michael J. Rigby BA Poli Sci Cynthia M. Riofrio BA Dance Jim M. Rishwain, Jr. BA Poli Sci Luis M.J. Rocha BA Econ History Lynne E. Rodriguez BA Sociology Rosanna R. Rodriguez BA Latin Amer Std Pastore M. Roldan BA Psychology Christopher A. Roos BA Poli Sci Joseph Saleh Phd Computer Sci S. Ronald Samuel BA Economics Arun K. Saraf BA Bus Economics James E. Sasselli BS Mech Engr Karen A. Schuerger BS Kinesiology Ethel Seltzer BA Poli Sci Mitchell A. Rose BA Poli Sci Lee A. Rosenblum BA Psychology Mitchell S. Rudman BA Psychology Linda R. Rusali BS Chemistry Ingrid Karin Ruthenberg BA Latin Amer Std Sohrab Sadeghpour MS Physics Demetria A. Simmons BS Sociology Stuart D. Simon BA Economics Julian A. Simonis BA History Kimber L. Sineri BS Biochemistry Mary Ann Skinner BS Kinesiology Dorothy Elizabeth Smith BS Poli Sci Norman E. Sharrer, Jr. MA Math Margaret M. Shinoda BA Japanese Carolyn V. Sibley MS Public Health Kim E. Siehl BA Economics Melissa I. Siesser BA Theater Arts Gwendy Ellen Silver BA Geography Thomas J.B. Smith BA Music Gregory L. Socha BA Theater Arts Linda K. Sonoda BS Psychobiology Calvin P. Spadoni BS Math Steven M. Spector BA Economics Miriam Statland BA Psychology Mead Chase Stone BA MP TV Hiroshi Suematsu BS Cybernetics David Sulam BS Psychobiology Terese Summer BA History Daniel C. Y. Sun BA Economics Cindy Hui-Fan Sung BS Math-Comp Sci Michael M. Suzuki BA Biology Alan I. Takara BA Biology David Tang BS Elec Engr Vatche P. Tchakerian BA Geography Viken P. Tchakerian BA Economics Liana A. Tee BA Math-Applied Sci Diane L. Tejera BA History James D. Thomas, Jr. BA Economics Spencer H.M. To BA Bus Economics Lorna Michie Tokunaga BS Chemistry Arturo Torres, Jr. BA Economics Kenneth Trammell BA Poli Sci Gordon D. Trounson BA Poli Sci Maya V. Tsuji BA Anthropology Alicia G. Tuvida MS Nursing Benjamin C. Tysch BA Economics Gary L. Tysch BA Poli Sci Karen Y. Uchiyama BA English Richard A. Uyeno BA Bus Economics Alex H. Vasquez BS Poli Sci Richard L. Verches BA Spanish Lit Cal Vesely BS Mech Engr Jeanette L. Viau BA English Paula J. Voegtle BS Ethnic Arts seniors Melissa Wadsworth BA English Leslie M. Walker BA Psychology Meryl A. Wallis BA Sociology John S. Watts, Jr. BA English Alan J. Wax BA Poli Sci Nancy E. Wechsler BA Psychology Thomas S. Wei MS Engineering Michele G. Wein BA Psychology Lawrence A. Weinberg BS Psychobiology Cynthia C. Weiner BA Cultural Hist Darla R. Weiss BS Psychology James L. Wellman BA Economics Richard F. Wilder BA History Robert T. Wilkins BA Economics Craig A. Williams BA Sociology Norman M. Williams BA Economics Terry L. Williams BS Nursing Wendy A. Wisbon BA Psychology Joan D. Woodlock BA English Louisa Kit-Fong Wong MA Music Steven K. Yamada BA Economics Ann T. Yamamoto BA Japanese Janice Yamaoka BA Poli Sci Moschel E. Yamate BA Ling Psych Susie Y. Yang BS Economics Wing Y. Yee BA Biology Sunae Yi BS Math Chayong Yoon BA Bus Economics Kaiting Yu BA Chinese Raymond K. Yu BS Engineering Thomas S. Yu MS System Sci Jean H. Yuh BA Psychology Theresa M. Zemko BS Psychobiology David Zuniga BS Elec Engr Daniel K. Zwirn BA Poli Sci Russell A. Steinberg BA Music A Abbott, Russell 268 Abelew, Thomas 116 Abramowitz, Mark 110 Abrams, Hal 274 Acker, Alli 70 Acosta, Tami 230 Adams, Cheryl 256 Adams, Jon 110 Adamson, Leana 244 Adamson, Susan 70, 242 Addington, Crandall 224 Addleson, Elyce 278 Adler, William 110 Africk, Karen 217 Agay, Linda 262 Agcadili, Melvin 111 Agee, Susan 264 Aghoian, Charles 235 Aguilar, Michele 151 Ahearn, Terry 199 Aiello, Joseph 274 Aiken, Terri 231, 282 Akiyama, Susan 143 Alba, Anna 211 Albers, Lawrence 146 Alberts, Ellen 217 Albin, Mark 274 Alcantara, Belinda 278 Alderette, Lorette 145 Alesna, Kris Alexander, David 110, 215 Alexander, Jody 139 Alexander, K.J. 70 Alexander, Sarah 222 Allen, Cynthia 70 Allen, Debra 256 Allen, Marcus 146 Allen, Susan 211 Allison, Ann 211 Allison, Lynn 233 Almo, Debbie 264 Alper, Lisa 217 Alpert, Bob 112 Alston, Tonya 147 Alvarez, Edward 110 Ambrose, Julia 111, 278 Amodeo, Gina 110 Amon, Richard 127 Amos, Leslie 230 Anderson, Jamie 147 Anderson, Joy 70 Anderson, Julie 230 Anderson, Mark 146 Anderson, Michael 111 Anderson, Paul 111, 273 Anderson, Tony 105, 169 Anding, Deborah 112 Andree, Emily 211 Andres, Marc 276 Andres, Robyn 228 Andrews, Karen 151 Andrews, Linda 110 Andrews, Tracy 211 Andrus, Craig 65 Aneja, Rajeev 273 Anisman, David 112 Araujo, Anna 70 Archer, Mary 110 Archibald, Nancy 239 Arden, Joanne 228 Arenot, James 267 Argabright, Ann 228 Argabrite, Sandy 234 Aries, Richard 276 Arm, Irene 263 Arnall, Alan 247 Arnett, Mary 256 Arnold, David 141 Arnold, Felicia 233 Arnold, Nancy 222 Arnwine, James 110 Aronoff, Laurie 262 Arriaga, Aleyda 262 Arrillaga, Randy 105 Arriola, Gregory 111 Artenstein, Vivian 68 Asaoka, Lyle 120 Ash, David 246 Ashley, Gilbert 110 Askew, Susanne 70, 228 Asmus, M. Eileen 112 Assaf, Robin 256 Assil, Kerry 276 Astadourian, Mary 65 Atkin, Blakesley 366 Atkins, Kenneth 273 Atkinson, Art 367 Atkinson, Marlene 232 Atmur, Ronald 268 Atteberry, Pamela 230 Auerbach, Michael 65 Auerbach, William 276 Augus, Yvette 210 Austin, Kimberly 70 Austin, Melani 143 Avanzado, Melvin 110 Averill, Lewis 129, 252 Avery, Chip 268 Avila, Carlos 273 Avila, David 67 Avila, Joda 146 Avila, Joseph 118 Awni, Janan 238 Ayers, Douglas 110 Aylott, Deborah 238 B Babb, Wilbur 110 Babcock, Brenda 232 Baccaro, L esie 238 Badamo Michael 226 Bader, Davis 226 Badger. Carin 230 Baer, Christopher 267 Baer, Shari 264 Bagnall, Brian 129 Bailey, Craig 111 Bailey, Diane 230 Bailey Mark 146 Baird, David 120 Bajuk, Laura 242 Baker, Beverlee 210 Baker, Carole 222 Baker, Kimberly 256 Baker, Leigh 231 Bakke, Sandra 232 Baldwin, Anne 256 Baldwin, Kendall 228 Baldwin, Wendy 114 Balestra, Katherine 228 Balkin, Lee 146 Balowitz, Michelle 233 Bame, Dorthe 110 Banachowski, Andy 114 Bankhead, Sheila 44 Banks, Anthony 146 Banks, Harriet 146 Barbee, Michael 97 Barber, Bonnie 112, 219 Barber, Marcus 215 Barbis, Kimberly 256 Bardwil, Teresa 210 Barish, Laurie 217 Barksdale, Annelle 284 Barnet, Lisa 70 Barnett, Jolie 228 Barnicoat, Stephen 137 Baron, Michael 64, 276 Barrett, William 137 Barron, Mary 139 Barry, Robert 120 Barth, John 267 Barthol, Richard 45 Bartlett, Kathleen 278 Bartow, Lisa 244 Bartz, Catherine 242 Barulich, Theresa 222 Bashaw, Carrie 256 Basler, Dayna 245 Bass, Jean 219 Bastian, Harold 235 Basting, Karen 264 Batson, Catherine 222 Bauer, Elaine 211 Bauer, Kenneth 234 Bauer, Steve 251 Baum, Stuart 276 Bauman, Beverly 231 Baytosh, Christine 228 Beach, Robert 224 Beadle, Nancy 70, 231 Beal, Stanton 258 Beall, Peter 162 Bearer, Suzanne 114 Beattie, Cynthia 210 Beauprey, Jeanne 114, 122, 125 Becerra, Lydia 67 Beck, Paula 256 Becker, Beth 228 Becker, Cheryl 239 Becker, Cheryl 232 Becker, Lisa 264 Becker, Paige 230 Becker, Sue 239 Becker, Todd 276 Beckstrom, Pamela 230 Beddeo, Walter 137 Bedell, Kimberly 232 Bedford, Marzette 67 Bednar, Sheryl 232 Bednar, Tomi 232 Bedoyan, Hagop 235 Beermann, Thomas 285 Begley, Carrie 239 Beglin, Sheila 244 Bek, David 251 Belger, Kymberli 230 Bell, Heather 219 Bender, David 134 Bendixsen, Mia 230 Bennett, Ann 210, 285 Bennett, Pat 246 Benning, Linda 239 Benolt, Stan 153 Ben-Porat, Alan 276 Benson, Dalton 146 Benson, David 276 Benson, Lawrence 276 Benston, Kelli 228 Berend, Joan 228 Berg, Lise 222 Berger, Bobby 153 Berger, William 227 Bergers, Carol 228 Berglund, Kristine 70 Bergna, Joan 256 Beringhele, Vince 162 Berkowitz, Lisa 278 Berman, David 274 Berman, Howard 274 Bernd, Eric 252 Bernstein, Alaina 217 Bernstein, Lauran 263 Bernstein, Robin 217 Bernstein, Ronald 276 Beroud, Olivia 228 Berru, Carol 232 Berry, Bliss 222 Berson, Steven 276 Bessee, Diane 106 Beugen, Suzy 118, 147, 244 Bickelew, Melissa 244 Bickle, John 279 Bidwell, Debra 210 Bierman, Wendy 64 Bierschenk, Nancy 244 Bille, Pamela 232 Bilovsky, Paula 110 Binsacca, Carolyn 147, 232 Birenbaum, Laurie 228 Birnbaum, Aiton 69 Birns, Abigail 139 Bittle, Peggy 233 Bixby, Barbara 232 Black, Bradley 252 Black, Hillary 264 Black, Linda 211 Black, Shelli 110 Blair, James 110 Blair, Laura 219 Blakely, Ann 211 Blakely, Anne 69 Blakistone, Kathleen 143 Blansett, Lisa 264 Blaser, Maria 222 Blatt, Deborah 70 Blazewich, Donn 210 Bleiweiss, David 227 Blesius, Mark 274 Bliss, Kathleen 232 Blodgett, Dean 110 Bloodworth, Baker 113 Bloom, Clark 258 Bloom, Laura 222 Blow, Christopher 120 Blyth, Tracy 210 Boakes, Jennette 242 Boesky, Donna 228 Bogart, Ann 367 Bogaty, Patricia 110 Boggess, Sharon 244 Bohannon, James 227 Bohay, Don 252 Bolden, Jeanette 147 Bolek, James 110 Boles, Maria 231 Bonchowsky, Andrew 116 Bonner, Frederick 215 Bonner, Kathleen 112 Bontemps, Douglas 234 Booth, Barbara 151 Booth, Bill 268 Booth, Jennifer 222 Borden, Corlyn 217 Borden, Jaclyn 217 Borland, Sheila 211 Bornstein, Charles 69 Borucki, Karen 70, 256 Bossert, Judy 110 Bostick, Lori 110 Bostick, Peter 215 Bothwell, Nancy 230 Bott, Tracy 256 Boucher, Laura 65 Bowe, Jacqi 228 Bowley, Lynn 245 Bowman, Gloria 367 Boyajian, Ronald 134 Boyd, Karen 244 Boyle, Susan 210 Bracey, Hazel 106 Bradbury, William 110 Bradley, Mary 264 Bradsher, Nancy 211 Brady, Daniel 118 Brady, Debra 228 Bragg, Kathleen 233 Bralley, Laura 256 Braman, Mitchell 224 Branch, Laura 228 Brandvein, Cyd 264 Branstetter, Scott 258 Brant, Dale 273 Brasky, Betty 211 Bratmon, John 247 Braunstein, Howard 64 Braverman, Susan 284 Brazil, Elena 242 Brechwald, Julie 244 Bregman, Ronald 137 Brietman, Terri 263 Bren, Robin 230 Brennan, Marchell 70, 222 Brennan, Nancy 244 Brenseke, George 252 Brescia, Bruce 153 Brettler, Rod 68 Brewer, Cynthia 70, 222 Brichant, Stephen 251 Bridges, Dawn 211 Brier, Stephanie 256 Briggs, Kimberly 70 Brigham, Robin 222 Brinckerhoff, Christine 222 Brixey, Deanne 278 Broersma, Eric 162 Brooks, Cecelia 113 Brooks, Daviann 228 Brooks, Earle 279 Brooks, Rosemary 210 Brooks, Susan 242 Brothers, Craig 268 Brothers, Jeffrey 268 Brown, Bennie 146, 215 Brown, Blair 274 Brown, Christina 256 Brown, David 146 Brown, Eric 146 Brown, Jeffrey 247 Brown, Kelly 222 Brown, Larry 99, 102 Brown, Laurel 70 Brown, Pat 268 Brown, Terry 215 Brownell, Lisa 256 Browning, George 247 Browning, Kathleen 232 Browning, Leigh-Anne 239 Bruder, Roberta 118 Brugger, Eric 274 Brumm, Joy 211 Brundage, Pamela 239 Brunell, Elizabeth 232 Bruno, Andrea 131 Bruns, Mary 70 Brunson, John 267 Brunsting, Gretchen 256 Brutus 274 Bryan, Margaret 278 Bryant, Daniel 227 Bryant, Mark 146 Bryant, Matthew 226 Bryson, Michelle 230 Bucher, John 230 Buchman, Harold 110 Buckley, Michael 110 Buehler, Brian 120 Buehler, Kristin 242 Bugbee, William 116 Buller, Andrea 228 Bunting, Fred 199 Burdue, Tina 70 Burge, Connie 211 Burke, Cynthia 244 Bur ke, Kathryn 228 Burke, Michael 120 Burlin, Barbara 232 Burnat, Elizabeth 210 Burnett, Paul 273 Burns, Lisa 244 Butts, Phillip 267 Byer, Janis 228 Byrd, David 253 Byrne, Elizabeth 70 Byrne, Mark 252 C Caldwell, Stephanie 256 Caligagan, Rondalyn 232 Call, Elizabeth 244 Callan, Michael 116 Calvette, Deanna 264 Cameron, Carri 228 Cameron, Vincent 252 Camfield, Greg 69 Camp, Claudia 110 Campanelli, Deborah 110, 230 Campbell, Cynthia 131, 232 Campbell, Greg 134 Campbell, Jane 256 index Campbell, Jeffrey 274 Campbell, Julie 228 Campbell, Kimberly 210 Campbell, Paul 215 Campman, Martin 110 Campo, Diane 222 Campoy, Cynthia 256 Canoun, Karim 258 Canty, Cheryl 244 Cardona, Michael 226 Carey, Anne 256 Carey, Colleen 222 Carle, Lori 264 Carlis, Dani 242 Carlson, Adele 256 Carlson, Grant 227 Carlson, Joseph 141 Carlson, Libby 256 Carlson, Lorraine 264 Carman, Diana 147 Carminati, Karen 211 Carr, David 111 Carr, Jenifer 242 Carrasco, Frances 67 Carrington, Julia 70, 222 Carrington, Marta 239 Carson, Brent 141 Carson, Wendy 262 Carter, Suzanne 242 Carvalho, Elaine 278 Casamiquela, Tracey 70 Case, Catherine 244 Case, Scott 141 Caso, Mark 129 Castelo, Terisita 143 Castle, Gregory 273 Caurie, Lory 278 Cavana, Michael 247 Cecilian, Kathleen 278 Center, Andrew 162, 252 Center, Lynn 242 Chaikovsky, Oleg 110 Chalk, Alan 224 Chalmers, Camille 114 Chamberlain, Robert 252 Champion, Darcy 70, 228 Chan, Allen 141 Chancellor, Lee Ann 230 Chancellor, Richard 224 Chapin, Dane 153 Chapman, Cynthia 239 Chapman, Lloyd 234 Chardenas, Marion 244 Charn, Mina 232 Chase, Steven 226 Chavez, Al 155 Cheeseman, Bonnie 233 Chenow, Cindy 55 Chenoweth, Walter 227 Chesnut, Ingrid 230 Chevalier, Jacqueline 232 Chin, JoJo 233 Chisam, Scott 118 Chivarivat, Orm 233 Cho, David 110 Cho, Song 228 Choisser, Susan 244 Choun, Yun Sand 252 Chow, Ann 264 Christ, Roxanne 222 Christe, Ralf 110 Christensen, Kim 112 Christian, Colleen 244 Christian, Thomas 246 Christopher, Karin 263 Chu, Douglas 224 Chuba, Valerie 222 Chuich, Caren 242 Chupack, Mitchell 276 Cicero, Sharon 228 Cicotte, Kerry 242 Cieslak, David 110 Cislo, Daniel 252 Cislowski, Joseph 284 Clardy, Cathleen 239 Clark, Carolyn 244 Clark, Cheryl 228 Clark, Jeff 227 Clark, Roger 137 Clarke, Carol 232 Clarke, Kevin 252 Clayter, Todd 66 Cleis, Barbara 111 Clements, Danna 70 Clements, Patrick 162 Clifford, Ann 256 Cloidt, Kendall 222 Gloss, Jeffrey 267 Coate, Katie 256 Cockrell, Melissa 232 Coe, Susan 242 Coffey, Christine 232 Coffey, Kathleen 222 Cohan, Susan 217 Cohen, Cammie 228 Cohen, Janis 262 Cohen, Lauren 222 Cohen, Susan 262 Cohn, Steve 276 Cohn, William 120 Coker, Steven 251 Cole, Tanya 108, 112 Coleman, Cynthia 228 Collier, Laura 70 Collins, David 141 Collins, Douglas 224 Collins, Jean 111 Collins, Lisa 244 Compton, Larry 234 Concannon, Kevin 268 Conley, Paul 162 Conlon, Kelley 242 Connell, Brady, 112, 276 Conner, Lindsay 45 Connor, Laurie 228 Conroy, Karen 278 Conroy, Michaela 228 Conroy, Rebecca 244 Constance, Jewel 244 Convirs, Susan 70 Cook, Stanley 258 Cooper, Doug 261 Cooper, Kim 222 Copper, Karen 147 Corbo, Tracy 228 Corlett, Denise 114 Cormier, Steve 110 Cornell, Ronald 118, 146 Cornell, Sheila 151 Corona, Gustavo 116 Coronado, Jesse 67 Corso, Rich 120 Corson, Thomas 224 Cory, Carolyn 222 Coscia, Shawn 247 Cosgrove, Danielle 233 Cosgrove, Claire 233 Costa, Joseph 235 Costanzo, John 146 Costin, Andrew 276 Cotter, Beth 232 Cotter, Patrick 141 Cotton, Deborah 110 Coughlin, Mary 232 Covey, Marisa 244 Cowan, Sharon 70 Cowderoy, Kathleen 232 Cox, Erin 264 Cox, Nancy 256 Coyoca, Lucia 231 Craddock, Martha 278 Cramin, Chet 274 Cramin, Corey 274 Crandall, Carrie 244 Crandall, Cheryl 228 Crandall, Diane 111 Crane, Steven 276 Cranston, John 226 Cranwell, Katharine 211 Crawford, Colin 65, 367 Crawford, Susan 222 Crawley, Kathleen 256 Creath, Curtis 227 Crisman, Robert 110 Crockett, Kimberley 228 Crone, Suzanne 114 Croner, Julie 222 Cronin, Kevin 97 Crossland, Cynthia 231 Crothers, Corrine 244 Crowe, Leroy 120 Crumpler, Robert 146 Cruz, Sylvia 67 Cudahy, Kathleen 238 Cudiamat, Celia 111 Cumbess, Cindy 147 Cunningham, Deborah 231 Cunningham, Jeffrey 224 Curran, Anthony 146 Curry, Carol 228 Curry, Denise 122, 125 Curry, Katie 232 Cutting, Barbara 232 Cutting, Nancy 232 D Daggett, Timothy 129 Daglas, Harry 141 Daglas, John 141 Dahlberg, Julia 244 Dalton, Michael 279 Daly, Teri 222 D ' Amato, Lisa 244 Daniel, Kimberly 217 Daniels, Clifford 110 Daniels, David 118, 146 Dankowski, Terese 228 D ' Annunzio, Joseph 116 Darbouze, Adrien 276 Darling, David 112 Dauk, Brian 274 Davenport, Danny 267 Davenport, Darlene 230 Davidson, Barbara 242 Davidson, Deborah 217 Davidson, Karen 230 Davidson, Theresa 231 Davis, Brenton 251 Davis, Carolyn 244 Davis, Cheryl 264 Davis, Deborah 263 Davis, Delvon 146 Davis, Gregory 267 Davis, Jennifer 145, 222 Davis, Julia 232 Davis, Julie 232 Davis, Michael 268 Davis, Stephen 252 Daye, Darren 99, 105 D ' Cruz, Ronnie 276 Deadrick, Prentice 66 Dean, Laura 238 Dean, Rebecca 232 Decarli, Margaret 264 Dechow, Katherine 70, 230 DeFendis, Matthew 267 Dieter, Nancy 228 Dekovner, Michael 276 Delaplane, Sandra 228 Delaplane, Scott 253 De La Torre, Claudine 162 De La Torre, Julian 162 De La Torre, Nanette 70 Del Favero, Mary 228 d ' Elia, Phil 279 Delohery, Susan 211 Del Piccolo, Aldo 116, 258 De Lusignan, Odette 242 DeMarr, Karen 264 Deneen, Mark 252 Dennis, Syna 112 Derebeew, Elizabeth 228 Derr, Karen 256 DeSelms, Lauri e 238 D ' Esopo, Joseph 267 DeSoto, Linda 228 Desser, Evelyn 110 Desser, William 110 Deutch, Karen 68 Deutsch, Alisa 217 Devaney, Brian 224 Devay, Andrea 70 Devereaux, Sherri 222 Devlin, Joanne 230 DeWeese, Paul 110 Dewey, Catherine 230 Dewey, Geraldine 242 DeWind, Leslie 256 Dewis, Karen 132 DeWitt, Leslie 256 Diamond, Alan 276 Diamond, Alison 210 Diamond, Brian 111, 168 Diamond, C.B. 276 Diamond, Jacqueline 263 Dibble, Ned 227 Dibs, Susan 211 Dick, Debra 114 Dick, Susan 256 Dickerson, Debra 211 Dickinson, Diane 222 Dickinson, Douglas 267 Diehm, Melody 110 Diestel, Linda 256 Dietrich, David 224 Dillon, Bruce 268 Dilucca, Lisa 230 Dimaggio, Katherine 139 Dimarco, Chad 274 Diroma, Michael 252 Disher, Wayne 112 Dishington, Lani 64 Ditzler, Paulette 231 Dixon, Jeffrey 227 Doan, Lisa 244 Dodd, John 247 Doles, Philip 113 Dolfie, Ellen 230 Dolfie, Gordon 224 Dolfie, Martha 230 Doll, Kathleen 244 Donahue, Terry 161, 166 Dorff, Trisha 263 Dorfman, Mae 217 Dorn, Elizabeth 230 Dott, Tia 232 Doud, Reilly 70 Doukmakes, Alexandra 232 Dovas, Diane 131 Dow, Sheila 239 Dowling, Michael 274 Dowling, Robert 274 Downes, Julie 232 Drake, Dianne 70, 231 Drake, Hollis 242 Drasin, Lynn 217 Dressler, Lawrence 227 Drutz, Kim 110 Dubridge, Catherine 231 Duemler, David 279 Duff, Charles 276 Duff, Susan 210 Duffy, Katherine 232 Dugan, Paula 70, 230 Dukes, Cathleen 231 Dumas, Christina 70, 230 Duncan, Joy 210 Duncanson, Donna 244 Dunham, Antoinette 230 Dunk, Vicky 70, 222 Dunn, Stacy 70 Durant, Carolyn 278 Durant, Heidi 244 Dutra, Nancy 70 Dworakowski, Katherine 228 E Eads, Angela 110 Early, Barbara 228 Early, Carrie-Lee 256 Early, Marilyn 228 Easley, Kenneth 166, 168 East, Cathy 211 Eastes, Lori 242 Eaton, Mark 105 Edelman, Andrea 264 Edelstien, David 112 Edgerton, Alyson 70, 230 Edson, Jennifer 231 Edwards, Nanette 210 Effron, Melissa 228 Efron, Donna 264 Egan, Kelly 232 Eger, Lynn 70 Egers, Arlyn 217 Ehrenreich, Lisa 118 Ehrlich, Lisa 217 Ehrman, Peter 137 Eiselman, Robert 276 Eisner, Mitchell 276 Eldredge, Sheryl 242 Elhai, Philip 235 Elkins, Keith 276 Elliott, Keith 111 Ellis, Carolyn 219 Ellis, Erin 244 Ellis, John 279 Ellis, Mary 132 Ellison, Michelle 264 Ellsberg, Helen 143 Elm, Linda 232 EI-Sayed, Tarric 113 Elzenga, Neal 234 Emanuels, Timothy 141 Emerson, Arlise 147 Emmons, Laura 70, 232 Emmons, Mark 111 Eng, Chi 268 E ng, Jean 70 Engel, Jennifer 217 Engler, Joseph 273 Engman, Shelley 231 Enochs, Adela 67 Enright, Mary 145 Ensign, Curtis 267 Ensley, Lori 233 Epplin, Robert 274 Epsen, Lisa 244 Epstein, Mark 284 Erickson, Kathy 230 Ernst, Kenneth 118, 146 Escalas, Rafael 137 Escher, Sally 244 Esherick, Julie 210 Eskierski, Suzanne 151 Estrada, Jose 113 Eulert, Kendee 122, 125 Eustis, Sandy 238 Evans, Linda 231 Evans, Mark 252 Evermann, Susanne 228 Ewing, Suzanne 186 Ezray, Nathaniel 69 F Fabian, Sanford 69 Fahrner, David 141 Fakhro, Amal 113 Falce, Juliet 228 Falk, Laura 244 Farhi, Jill 65 Farinet, Suzanne 210 Farrer, Webb 267 Farrow, Kathy 244 Farthing, Pamela 111, 278 Fasel, Gerard 186 Fausone, Anne 210 Feerst, Adam 279 Fein, Pamela 217 Feinman, Todd 276 Feldfeber 211 Feldman, Lisa 211 Feldman, Yolanda 211 Feller, Laurie 232 Feller, Lynne 110 Felton, Cindy-Ann 256 Felton, Sheila 256 Fenady, Duke 252 Fensten, Lori 262 Fenton, Mina 217 Ferguson, Ellen 139 Ferrari, William 274 Feuer, Paula 64 Feyrer, Chuck 227 Field, Jennifer 278 Field, Ronald 226, 367 Fields, Kenneth 98, 105 Fields, Lori 238 Fierberg, Joel 110 Fiero, John 234 Fina, Christine 278 Findley, Don 45, 54 Fingerett, Susan 262 Finkel, Lonnie 120 Finley, Catherine 256 Finn, Robyn 70, 242 Fish, William 268 Fisher, Charles 116 Fisher, Ellen 278 Fisher, Lisa 222 Fisher, Robert 268 Fitzgerald, Catherine 264 Fitzgerald, Kirsten 222 Fitzgerald, Mary 70 Fitzgerald, Megan 244 Flad, Janna 264 Flather, Paul 258 Flemer, Lynn 238 Flintoft, Gerald 226 Flockhart, Patricia 228 Flores, Christine 238 Flower, Sharon 238 Flynn, Brenda 143 Flynn, Bridget 232 Flynn, Kelly 112 Flynn, Keri 211 Fogel, Atalia 263 Fogle, Deena 256 Fogle, Lizabeth 222 Foley, Molly 232 Ford, Mark 273 Ford, Scott 137 Forden, Todd 246 Forester, James 227 Forman, Jeffrey 276 Forman, Scott 276 Forrest, David 137 Forrest, Stephen 137 Forschler, Anne 231 Forssen, Anna 242 Forte, Susan 256 Fortner, Marcellina 244 Foss, Kenneth 120, 137 Foster, Grant 120 Foster, Rod 102, 105 Foster, Thomas 274 Fowler, Ann 367 Fowler, John 134 Fowler, Oralee 147 Fox, Jody 217 Fox, Judith 217 Fox, Mindy 263 Fragen, Ann 217 Frager, Gina 228 Francois, Jean Marc 137 Frank, Angela 111, 278 Frank, Cathy 228 Frankel, Kevin 65 Franklin, Charles 235 Franklin, Janette 244 Franklin, Nancy 256 Fraser, Caroline 233 Fraser, Janet 256 Fredricksen, Kristin 230 Freed, Donna 264 Freedman, Rhonda 222 Freedom, Mary 244 Freeman, Marcel 153 Frei, Karen 278 Freitas, Lisa 242 French, Carol 211 French, Dana 244 Frerer, Eric 235 Fresch, Elaine 228 Fried, Julie 230 Fried, Lisa 222 Fried, Sandra 69 Friedman, Bradley 276 Friedman, David 276 Friedman, Ellen 262 Friedman, Lauri 228 Friedman, Shelley 64 Friedman, Vicki 222 Friend, Robert 110 Friery, Jamed 226 Froomer, Brett 247 Fryer, Jayme 242 Fujisaki, Carin 143 Fuller, Brian 65 Fuller, Charles 274 Fullerton, Laurie 238 Fulmer, Susan 231 Fulmer, Tracey 230 Furlong, Nancy 256 Futterman, Gary 276 Fux, Mauricio 276 G Gaan, Richard 246 Gabrielli, Ji ll 242 Gagnier, Kathleen 256 Gaines, Fred 44, 55, 276 Gaines, Melissa 230 Galaif, Daniel 276 Galceran, Linda 232 Gallego, Michael 162 Galletly, Janice 245 Gallishaw, Robert 120 Gallogly, John 252 Galloro, Roxanne 228 Gambino, Jacquelyn 242 Garcia, Connie 211 Gardner, Alison 232 Gardner, Bradley 267 Garman, Brooke 256 Garner, Christian 267 Gerner, Gregory 274 Garnett, Shalonda 67 Garrity, Devin 267 Gary, Rhesa 262 Gaspard, Eric 129 Gatejen, Edmond 227 Gater, Karen 230 Gater, Lisa 71, 231 Gates, Brian 120, 274 Gaubert, Michelle 256 Gaughen, Sheri 111, 210, 211 Gauthier, Dimitri 274 Gavin, Kathleen 256 Gaylord, Robert 129 Gaynor, Karen 217 Gebler, Ellen 263 Gee, Sandra 111 Geenlee, Ray 253 Geges, Mitzi 65 Geiger, Dena 131 Geiger, Mark 110 Gelsley, Cindy 222 Gelston, Brianne 228 Genstel, Susan 242 Gerace, Maria 71, 228 Gerard, Drew 273 Gerber, Sandra 217 Gerhart, Heidi 256 Gerich, Jennifer 232 Gertler, Gary 276 Gertler, Robin 262 Gerwe, Sara 256 Gesas, Andrea 232 Ghan, Laurie 217 Gherini, Sandra 256 Gibbs, Marianne 139 Gibson, Gary 235 Gibson, Renee 106, 244 Gichtin, Matthew 45 Gidentor, Eric 276 Gilbert, Brian 112 Gilbert, Michelle 217 Gilchrist, Lori 278 Gilfillan, Gail 264 Gillespie, Kathleen 256 Gillespie, Robert 215 Gillespie, Timothy 110 Gillespie, William 258 Gillette, Lisa 210 Gilliland, Sam 121 Gilmore, Kelly 232 Ginsburg, Fred 112 Giordani, Rosanna 264 Giovanazzi, Leland 137 Gitner, Elizabeth 232 Gittleman, Randi 228 Givens, Jane 245 Givens, Nancy 71 Glascock, Diane 231 Glaser, Steven 276 Glassman, Cynthia 278 Glassman, Heather 262 Gleghorn, Alice 211 Gleiter, Alexis 228 Glenn, Jon 116 Glowe, Rick 279 Glowienke, Paul 268 Gluck, Natalie 68 Godfrey, Adam 267 Goen, Linda 118, 147 Goff, Debra 111 Gold, Adam 65 Gold, Sali 278 Gold, Warren 226 Goldberg, Cheryl 71 Goldberg, Jeffrey 276 Goldberg, Lee 65 Goldberg, Leslie 217 Goldberg, Michelle 44, 222 Goldenberg, Andrea 111 Goldfarb, Rick 276 Golditch, Wayne 251 Goldman, Alan 44 Goldman, Robin 222 Goldstein, Bambi 233 Godstein, Burt 66 Goldstein, Karen 264 Goldstein, Randi 232 Goldstein, Steven 273 Goldston, Larry 146 Goldwyn, Benzion 276 Goll, Sally 222 Gomes, John 273 Gonzales, Alexander 118, 146 Gonzales, Kimberly 245 Gonzalez, Felipe 118 Gonzalez, Phil 146 Gooch, Laurie 137 Goodell, Brian 137 Goodglick, Lee 69 Goodman, Alane 217 Goodman, Jerry 276 Goodman, Mark 227 Goodman, Sheri 217 Gorczyca, Michael 279 Gordon, Peter 121 Gore, Charles 215 Gorian, Katherine 264 Gossy, Dorian 69 Gottlieb, Michael 247 Gould, Harry 276 Gould, Scott 227 Goulet, Suzanne 69 Gourdine, Lisa 147 Grace, Kathleen 222 Grace, Robert 215 Graham, Ellen 256 Graham, Janice 242 Graham, Jeffrey 274 Graham, John 162 Graham, Stephen 110 Gram, Aileen 232 Grandetti, John 279 Grandy, Donna 238 Granger, Jennifer 233 Graves, Alison 143 Graves, Sally 222 Graves, Tia 143 Gray, Gary 137 Gray, Pamela 211 Greb, Jeffrey 251 Green, Joshua 68, 367 Green, Mark 274 Green, Martyn 276 Green, Randall 276 Green, Richard 276 Greenberg, Joni 64 Greenberg, Madeline 238 Greenberg, Vickie 242 Greene, Alison 238 Greenfield, Leslie 273 Greenfield, Michael 111 Greer, Keri 222 Gregory, Keith 276 Gregory, Paul 224 Grenier, Eric 111 Greuel, Wendy 71, 211 Griest, Janet 242 Griffin, Brenda 244 Griffith, Florence 147 Griffith, Mike 65, 367 Griscom, Douglas 367 Grissom, Terri 71 Grossman, Sarah 113 Grossman, Stephanie 222 Grosz, Mimi 228 Gruskin, Susan 217 Guder, Cheryl 110, 256 Gudim, Timothy 162 Guglielmo, Connie 211 Guinn, Janet 244 Guinn, Julie 230 Gulbrandson, Susan 256 Gully, Cheryl 67 Gulnac, Steven 137, 224 Gunderson, Jamie 230 Gunkel, Nanette 256 Gurley, Linda 256 Gurnick, David 44, 276 Gusman, Amy 244 Gustafson, Donna 244 Gustafson, Stephen 258 Gutowski, Deann 147 Guttman, Caroline 263 Guttridge, Timothy 251 Guzman, Jose 116 H Hackett, Margot 238 Hage, Randl 110 Haggerty, Julie 256 Haines, Lindsey 211 Hakim, Hilbert 111 Hakim, Joseph 246 Hakke, Greg 111 Hale, Jeff 116 Hales, Bradley 137 Haliday, Lance 110 Hall, Elizabeth 232 Hall, James 267 Hall, Monica 228 Hall, Stefanie 217 Hallerman, Karen 71, 242 Halliday Chris 227 Halpin, Karen 278 Halvorsen, Jon 279 Hamanaka, Pamela 69 Hammett, Michael 227 Hammitt, Lisa 210 Handel, Haya 217 Hang, Chris 227 Hanna, Linda 232 Hanrahan, Brian 65 Hansen, John 110 Hansen, Nancy 139 Hansen, Rebecca 222 Hanson, Lianne 244 Hanson, Linda 256 Hanzel, Gregory 110 Hanzel, Paula 1 10 Haon, Jacquo 110 Hara, Shelly 111 Harautuneian, Karen 367 Harders, Judith 230 Hardesty, Carlene 228 Harding, David 226 Hardwicke, Jean 231 Hareman, Mary 242 Hargaden, Sean 64, 252 Harlan,Gregory 268 Harper, Cynthia 244 Harper, Sandra 232 Harrington, Jane 256 Harrington, Kevil 228 Harrington, Michael 253 Harris, Donna 131 Harris, Richard 274 Harris, Timothy 116 Harrison, Craig 253 Harrison, Michael 227 Harrison, Tracy 278 Hart, Claudia 112 Hart, Jack 110 Hart, Stephanie 122, 125 Harter, James 227 Hartley, Sarah 256 Hartzman, Craig 258 Harvey, Linda 242 Haschak, John 224 Hastings, Valerie 278 Hatamiya, Jil 242 Hatch, Tracy 239 Hauer, Deborah 151 Haugan, Christine 245 index Havas, Stephen 234 Havens, Julia 230 Haverty, Karen 244 Hawkins, Caroline 242 Hayek, Edwin 258 Hayek, Julie 106, 231 Hayes, Greg 122 Hays, Shannon 232 Hazlett, Leslie 71, 228 Healy, Lyn 232 Heck, Dean 120 Heckman, Jennifer 222 Hedenberg, Kristin 131 Hedley, Owen 224 Hedrickson, Scott 247 Hegarty, Mary 122, 125 Hehnke, Diane 278 Heichman, Dana 228 Heikkila, Terrie 228 Heise, Diane 113 Helfend, Jody 276 Hellman, Heather 367 Helm, John 134, 258 Helm, Todd 111 Hemmings, Lynn 211 Hendrickson, Jeanne 230 Hendrickson, Nancy 256 Hendy, Gina 67 Hennike, Holly 230 Henrichsen, Kristen 110, 278 Henricksson, Ann 132 Henriks, David 224 Henriks, Michele 211 Henriksen, Susan 222 Henry, Kim 278 Herin, Steven 111 Herman, Angela 262 Herman, Jennifer 222 Hermanns, Theresa 222 Hermelyn, Rozanne 242 Hernandez,Michelle 222 Herring, Connie 230 Herron, Selden 141 Herse, Kathleen 114 Hersh, Andrew 276 Hershberger, Linda 256 Hertler, Spencer 268 Hescox, Dennis 110 Hicklin, Jennifer 230 Hidaka, Misa 111 Hide, Terri 147 Higgins, James 137 Hikson, Ron 134 Hill, Lewis 146 Hill, Libby 112 Hillary, Doug 274 Hillier, Sean 65 Hilton, Heather 71 Hindt, Gwendolyn 244 Hines, Jeff 226 Hirata, Erick 202 Hirsch, Brian 274 Hisamoto, Sharann 111 Hix, Mandy 222 Hixon, John 258 Hixon, Rob 258 Hoard, Christopher 64, 234 Hobson, Cynthia 231 Hodge, Tracy 228 Hodges, Leigh 111, 278 Hoereth, Ginger 211 Hoff, Laurie 232 Hoff, Thomas 274 Hoffman, Cynthia 244 Hoffman, Daryl 274 Hoffman, Marc 246 Hoffman, Mark 267 Hoffman, Sheila 222 Hoffman, Sandra 71 Hogan, Andi 211 Hogan, Carol 145 Hogan, Jeffrey 111 Hogeland, Michael 235 Hogle, Donna 233 Holbrook, Laurie 110 Holden, Brenda 232 Holland, Jan 244 Holland, Steven 121 Holland, Todd 110 Hollander, Jack 111 Holler, Blake 276 Hollinger, Alicia 238 Hollingsworth, Sharon 111 Holmes, Spencer 215 Holt, Eileen 110 Holsey, Rose 65 Holton, Michael 105, 169 Holwager, Jill 228 Honick, Craig 276 Hook, Dave 273 Hooker, Michael 64 Hooper, Gary 267 Hoops, Tarni 232 Hooton, Lucile 71, 245 Hoover, Claudia 222 Hoover, Elizabeth 244 Hopfield, Joe 129 Hopkins, Janet 122 Hopkins, Janet 125 Horn, Bob 121 Horn, Jeffrey 120 Horn, John 276 Horn, Melanie 122, 125 Horn, Shari 110 Horning, Steven 279 Horsley, Meghan 256 Horton, Katie ' Josephine Bruin ' 50, 107, 112, 169 Hoshide, Stuart 234 Houge, Christopher 227 Houge, Gregory 227 Hough, Clayton 267 Houk, Kristi 112 Housman, Michael 234 Houston, Scott 274 Howard, Lynn 278 Howard, Merry 278 Howard, Scott 224 Howard, Scott 276 Howard, Sherri 147 Howland, Barbara 256 Hoyt, Richard 110 Hudson, Heather 244 Huebner, Karin 132 Hughes, Charles 141 Hughes, Karen 229 Hughes, Laurie 222 Huhn, Joseph 252 Huie, Carole 112 Huizengan, Ron 134 Humes, Hascal 215 Hummer, Katherine 244 Huning, Marianne 145 Hunter, Bonnie 111 Hunter, Karen 111 Hunter, Terri 244 Huprich, Elizabeth 2 39 Hurlburt, Julie 211 Hurlock, Johanna 244 Hurst, Wesley 279 Husen, David 267 Husnak, Christine 238 Hutchings, Kerry 244 Hwang, Jaehuee 278 Hwang, Robert 274 Hyams, Carol 211 Hyatt, William 112 Hyman, Lori 244 I Ikerd, Cheri 233 Iles, Alexander 110 Imagawa, Karen 71 Infante, Julie 111 Irani, Sheila 242 Isaacs, Susan 222 Isackson, Robert 267 ltkin, Arthur 273 Ives, Lori 230 J Jackson, Anthony 66 Jackson, Ralph 99, 105 Jackson, Tamara 71 Jacob, Adele 244 Jacobs, Barbara 71 Jacobs, Jennifer 242 Jacobs, Kenneth 276 Jacobs, Robert 267 Jacobs, Sharon 229 Jacobson, Jill 222 Jaeger, Jack 227 Jaekel, Kristine 239 Jaffe, Glenn 276 Jaffe, Michelle 229 Jaffe, Wendy 217 Jakovich, Derek 268 James, Laura 242 Jameson, Thomas 226 Jamieson, Stephen 246 Jansky, Wendy 71 Jarvis, Betsy 231 Jarvis, Jay 258 Jeffers, Janet 151 Jenkins, Cynthia 231 Jenkins, Heide 143, 231 Jenkins, Lee 228 Jennett, Kathleen 278 Jennings, Dean 273 Jennings, Michael 226 Jensen, Patricia 231 Jerald, Michele 147 Jerry, Nedra 151 Jeter, Julie 231 Johanannesson, Karen 232 Johns, Craig 267 Johnson, Augie 141, 224 Johnson, Beth 256 Johnson, Julie 228 Johnson, Karin 222 Johnson, Kathy 71, 256 Johnson, Lindsay 268 Johnson, Mary 244 Johnson, Maureen 278 Johnson, Noreen 71 Johnson, Robert 267 Johnson, Ronald 274 Johnson, Sherri 228 Johnston, Linda 71, 231 Jones, Aaron 146 Jones, Kevin 141 Jones, Monica 110 Jones, Patrick 267 Jones, Randy 111 Jones, Suzanne 267 Jones, Terry 65 Jordan, Jill 264 Jordan, Joan 110, 222 Jordan, Scott 64 Jostad, Siri 231 Joyner, Jacqueline 122, 147 Judkins, Jennifer 110 Julian, Karen 278 Juran, David 110 Jurman, Tamara 217 Just, Kenneth 110 K Kadden, Lori 278 Kadley, Lisa 211 Kahl, Patricia 256 Kahn, David 65 Kahrilas, Nicholas 227 Kain, Craig 276 Kalantarian, Daniel 111 Kellen, Mark 224 Kamin, Deborah 238 Kan, Mitchell 247 Kandel, David 129 Kanenaka, Deanne 71 Kangas, Patricia 256 Kanig, Lauren 264 Kanim, Stephen 273 Kanoskie, Judith 211 Kanzel, Felice 211 Kaplan, Amy 228 Kaplan, Steven 65 Kappos, Stephen 112, 267 Karamanos, Lisa 244 Karasik, Gregory 276 Karbo, Mark 110 Karel, Janice 230 Karlsberg, Elizabeth 244 Karp, Lee 263 Kartel, Douglas 121 Kasha, Kathleen 211 Kassarjian, Lorraine 110 Katamine, Michiko 256 Katinszky, Yvonne 244 Katsufrakis, Danai 232 Katterman, Judith 139 Katz, Anne 278 Katz, Martin 251 Katz, Michele 244 Katz, Simone 71, 244 Katz, Todd 153 Katzaroff, Kathy 231 Kaufman, Anthony 274 Kauffman, Art 110 Kausen, Craig 121 Kauti, Heidi 147 Kawaba, Carl 227 Kay, Jeff 274 Kaye, Andrew 274 Kearney, Marianne 222, 367 Keating, Michael 267 Keaton, Janette 211 Kebebew, Vivian 233 Kebow, Lynn 71 Keehn, Robert 224 Keen, Daniel 110 Keil, Kathrin 132 Kell, Michael 224 Keller, Catherine 242 Keller, Mark 146 Kellman, Terri 69 Kellogg, Susan 256 Kelly, John 65 Kelly, Pamela 244 Kelman, Deborah 262 Kemple, Mark 110 Kendrick, Elizabeth 231 Kennedy, Julie 233 Kennedy, Lisamarie 222 Kenyon, Adele 232 Kerber, Kathy 278 Kerby, Linda 232 Kesling, Dawson 273 Kessler, Eileen 69 Keup, Christine 231 Keyes, David 110 Khougaz, Michael 252 Kidd, Deanna 264 Kidwell, Carrie 245 Kilgore, Kit 268 Killins, Sara 71 Killion, Ann 222 Kim, Gary 251 Kim, Laura 71 Kimball, John 53 Kinchi, Tracy 242 King, Jay 258 King, Karen 111, 242 King, Kurtis 258 King, Robert 110 King, Ronald 110 Kink, Bruce 274 Kinosian, Janet 69 Kinsbergen, Michael 116 Kipust, Alan 69 Kiraly, Charles 137 Kirkbride, Ellen 244 Kirschner, Jeri 71 Kiser, Gary 279 Kish, Kymberly 244 Kitabayashi, Anne 131 Kitabayashi, Mark 105 Kjos, Julie 71, 222 Klasila, Matt 116 Klaustermeyer, Lisa 230 Klein, Valerie 211 Klingbeil, Carol 111 Klingbeil, Diane 111 Klingbeil, Sandra 278 Knapp, Brian 141 Knopp, Karyl 71 Knox, Mary 245 Koelln, Peter 224 Koines, Jennifer 211 Komrij, Henri 137 Kooistra, Melissa 231 Kopp, Kristi 242 Kotite, Erika 264 Kottler, Sigi 263 Koulos, Karol 238 Koutouratsas, Lisa 256 Kovacs, Kim 232 Kow, Stacy 242 Kow, Stephanie 71 Kowalczyk, Barbara 256 Koz, Roberta 222 Kral, Kimberly 244 Kramer, Cynthia 244 Kramer, Joanna 219 Kraus, Richard 65 Krause, Diane 264 Krause, Beppy 256 Kravetz, Lauren 71 Kreitenberg, Ernie 276 Kreitenberg, Harold 276 Kreitenberg, Steven 276 Krelovich, Carleen 143 Kreps, Monica 231 Kretzschmap, Gary 116 Kretzschmar, Theresa 111 Kreiger, Heidi 256 Krikorian, Ricky 162 Krisilas, Nancy 228 Krogius, Mimi 244 Krohngold, Steven 224 Kronenfeld, Cheryl 110 Krug, Karin 222 Kruppa, Irene 366 Krupsaw, Susan 242 Kuby, Scott 234 Kuebler, Sandra 228 Kuehl, Marta 147 Kuether, Marlene 264 Kukawka, J.J. 113 Kulchin, William 110 Kune, Petra 262 Kupsala, Lisa 211 Kuptz, Maureen 222 Kurth, Michael 111 Kushen, Craig 227 Kuwahara, Blake 189, 367 Kwong, Beverly 232 Kwong, Lewis 203 LaCombe, David 224 La Franese, Gary 279 Laidig, Elaine 69 Laken, Marta 264 LaKritz, Jennifer 211 Lamb, Richard 111 Lambertini, Alejandra 2 33 LaMont, Gloria 278 Lamphere, Kathleen 222 Lampner, Claudia 256 Land, Scott 234 Landau, Michael 273 Landeros, Sandra 217 Landers, Karen 263 Landis, Lisa 217 Landucci, Elaine 239 Lange, Ada 232 Lange, Joseph 224 Langer, Kathleen 264 Langhammer, Caren 229 Langlo, Guy 227 Lanier, Christopher 137 Lanser, Bryan 110 LaPolt, Philip 110 Larcabal, Marty 273 Large, Burke 224 Larkin, Helen 71, 244 Larsen, Bob 118 Larson, Carl 274 Larson, Rand 111 Larson, Thomas 120 Larson, Wendy 143 Lathrop, Bruce 227 Latka, Karen 111 Latta, Allen 274 LettereII, Clark 251 Laur, James 366 Lavelle, Ann 111 Lavenson, Patricia 242 Law, Kimberly 147 Lawlor, Lori 231 Lawrence, Jeffrey 110 Lawrence, Michael 146 Layne, Steve 134 Layton, Steven 267 Lazich, Milan 141 Lazzarini, Robert 110 Leach, Rhonda 71, 222 Leader, Cheryl 131, 229 League, Suellen 131 Leamy, Anne 228 Leamy, Robin 121, 137 Leatherberry, David 234 Lebo, Susan 231 Lech, Margaret 232 Leddy, Matthew 146 Lee, R.V. 66 Lee, Steve 112 Leeb, Caroline 244 Legallet, Anne 71, 232 Legg, William 224 Lehmer, Kenneth 268 Leiman, David 276 Leiter, Howard 276 Leitner, Karen 222 LeMasters, Marissa 211 Lemon, Martin 116 Lemons, Maurice ' Joe Bruin ' 107, 112 Lendzion, Catherine 231 Lenke, Janice 256 Lentz, Cathy 222 Leonard, Lee 222 Leonard, Keith 235 Leonetti, Tina 232 Leoni, Eugene 146 Leopold, Sandra 211 Lerman, Jeffrey 276 Lerman, Lori 222 Leslie, Steven 274 Letsch, Dieter 268 Lettow, Kris 146 Le Valley, Nancy 244 Levi, Lesa 262 Levi, Viviana 278 Levie, Mark 276 Levin, Heather 231 Levin, Josh 267 Levin, Tracy 229 Levy, Brian 252 Levy, Steven 274 Lewallen, Sandra 143 Lewis, Arden 242 Lewis, Craig 367 Lewis, Cynthia 244 Lewis, Jeffrey 252 Lewis, Mark 118, 146 Lewis, Susan 242 Lewis, Tony 65, 367 Liakopoulos, Georgia 278 Liberty, Joel 251 Licht, Bruce 276 Lieber, Sally 230 Lieberman, Caren 242 Lieberman, Jon 276 Lieberman, Laura 263 Lieu, Tracy 65 Lifset, Regina 190 Liggett, Ann-Marie 242 Light, Alison 244 Lillard, Kathryn 256 Lim, Caroline 111 Lin, Carol 256 Lindewall, Patricia 242 Lindgren, Lisa 233 Lindgren, Sharon 232 Lindholm, Douglas 224 Linn, Darcy 244 Lipman, Michael 65 Litt, Leslie 228 Liu, Carol 230 Llanes, Melinda 71 Lochner, Sheri 143 Lock, Suzanne 222 Lodes, Lee 245 Logan, Jacqueline 231 London, Dana 219 Long, Claire 256 Long, Clifford 279 Long Kip 252 Long Kristin 242 Long, Robert 137, 258 Loomis, Kimberly 229 Lopez, Cynthia 67 Lord, Anne 110, 232 Lorenzo, Pete 258 Losch, William 274 Lou, Stephanie 71 Loubet, Pierre 267 Louie, Leslye 44 Louk, Robert 246 Love, Robin 71 Lovus, Howard 276 Lowry, Dayna 232 Lowry, Blair 232 Lozano, Julie 71, 232 Lu, Heng-I 246 Lucas, Alecia 210 Lucas, Susan 245 Lucien, Michael 215 Luckey, Debra 71 Ludwick, Shannon 232 Lund, Tina 242 Lundstrom, Kristin 222 Lundy, Lisbeth 245 Luther, Robina 64 Lux, Adam 279 Luyties, Ricci 137 Luzar, Alison 64 Luzar, Jonathan J.B. ' 224 Lynch, Kelly 244 Lynch, Kimberly 222 Lynch, Michael 267 M MacDiarmid. Wendy 231 MacDonald, Stuart 137 MacDougall, Sandy 267 Mace, Michael 65, 367 Mackey, Lori 71 MacLaughlin, Christine 211 MacLeod, Colin 65 Macy, Eric 267 Madden, Don 137 Madokoro, Mike 110 Magee, Micolyn 231 Magnus, Lori 231 Mah, Calvin 110 Maldonado, Elizabeth 278 Malitz, Elena 217 Mallon, James 274 Mallonee, Anne 256 Mallow, Kim 110 Malmo, Jeanne 231 Malmuth, Karen 44, 242 Malouf, Carol 228 Maltz, Karen 262 Malynn, edward 251 Mamet, Jeffrey 252 Mammano, Terri 242 Manahan, John 267 Mancini, Joan 242 Mandelbaum, Ronit 217 Mannis, Bruce 64 Manset, Helena 131 Manset, Jacques 153 Marangone, Gabriela 222 Marchel, Kit 232 Marchetti, Stephen 274 Marcinkowski, Dee 256 Marcus, Caryn 231 Marder, Neal 162 Margolis, Jennifer 143 Marino, Nancy 211 Marker, Melissa 113 Markham, Cheryl 233 Marks, Meg 278 Markussen, Kari 232 Marquez, Megan 211 Marquez, Sylvia 233 Marsella, Julie 222 Marshall, Douglas 134 Marchall, Suzanne 229 Marshment, Nancy 228 Marso, Julie 110 Martin, Christine 232 Martin, Renee 232 Martin, Ted 267 Martin, Victoria 264 Martin, Wallace 137 Martinez, Robert 274 Marton, Pamela 242 Martyn, Jennifer 244 Martyn, Susan 244 Martyns, Lori 231 Martzolf, Gregory 251 Masi, Carlton 234 Mason, Janet 264 Mason, Pamela 222 Mason, Sheryl 228 Massas, Kendra 256 Massey, Lisa 232 Mata, Ernesto 111 Matchett, Phil 121, 137 Mathews, Whitney 113, 238 Matkowski, Lisa 228 Matlick, Sally 110 Matsuda, James 110 Matsumoto, Alex 111 Matthaeus, Sheryl 113 Matthies, Nina 114 Mattia, Vicki 141 Matz, Tamara 263 Mauch, Carolyn 222 Maus, Victoria 64 Maxwell, Alison 231 Maxwell, Anne 231 May, Mark 274 Mayabb, John 129 Mayer, John 137 Mayer, Leslie 232 Mayer, Nanette 256 Mayer, Stephan 146 Mayer, Victor 134 Mayerson, Julie 222 McBride, Suzanne 238 McBride, William 274 McCafferty, Becki 256 McCalla, Denise 244 McCallister, Scot 276 McCallum, Tamara 232 McCarns. Azeldria 66, 106. 169 McCarthy, Casey 244 McCarthy, David 234 McCarthy, Jennifer 110 McCarthy, Michael 226 McClain, Lisa 228 McClenahan, Michael 267 McColloch, Karen 143 McCollum, Michael 267 McColm, Jill 71, 232 McCombs, Shirley 110 McConnell, Leslie 284 McCormick, Joanne 222 McCoy, Robert 111 McCracken, Michele 256 McCrea, Karen 239 McCullam, Cynthia 139 McCutcheon, John 267 McDaniel, Laurie 264 McDonald, Brock 268 McDonald, Jeffery 162 McDonald, Michael 111 McDonald, Tracy 242 McEachen, Mary 71, 211 McFadden, Rod 274 McFadden, Terese 232 McFarland, Anne 244 McFarland, Laura 222 McGaughey, Catherine 232 McGinnis, John 111 McGoey, Sean 268 McHugh, Joan 242 McIntyre, David 274 McKnight, Christy 71 McKnight, Clinton 65 McKone, Michael 258 McLamore, Alyson 110 McLaughlin, David 121 McLoone, Edward 141 McMillan, Julie 244 McMonagle, Daniel 273 McMullan, Diane 256 McMurtry, Callen 279 McNeil, Freeman 97, 161, 168 McNerney, Christine 242 McNicholas, Courtney 231 McVay, Kathleen 232 Meaney, Jacqueline 71 Means, Marlee 239 Macandless, Jay 251 Medley, Odis 110 Meggs, Lindsay 162 Meier, Gregory 112 Meiners, Jon 258 Meisel, Susan 228 Melcher, Crystal 71 Melcher, Dawn 131 Melendez, Carla 222 Melgar, Sergio 116 Mellman, Valerie 263 Mellor, Kimberly 242 Mendivil, Carmen 67 Mendoza, Rochelle 367 Mendoza, Randall 267 Meneses, Geoffrey 251 Meoff, Jack 224 Mercado, Jay 268 Merrill, Pamela 238 Merta, Melissa 231 Mertens, Michael 111 Merz, Heidi 238 Messersmith, Mark 134, 253 Messick, Gary 267 Messih, Michael 251 Mestel, Vicki 228 Meston, Michael 274 Metz, Dick 153 Meyer, Chip 110 Meyer, Paul 227 Meytes, Oren 273 Miano, Alice 210 Michael, Lynne 228 Michael, Pamela 217 Miclean, David 267 Micozzi, Martine 110 Middleton, Breck 252 Middleton, Thomas 252 Mihatov, Anne-Marie 231 Mikkelsen, Ole 116 Miles, David 234 Mileunberg, Ann 244 Miley, Carol 239 Milian, Lori 110 Miller, Alexandra 278 Miller, Carrie 242 Miller, James 247 Miller, Jeffrey 111 Miller, Mark 113 Miller, Martha 64 Miller, Melissa 71 Miller, Michael 251 Miller, Robin 232 Milner, Elizabeth 71 Mina, John 110 Minasian, Sandra 211 Minck, Randy 262 Miner, Glenda 211 Mineta, Mari 256 Minett, Jeff 110 Mion-Bet Fabil 153 Minor, Rebecca 231 Mintz, Judith 217 Mintz, Suzanne 64, 217 Mitchell, Donald 111 Mock, Gregory 112 Moffett, Todd 246 Mok, Peter 246 Moltz, Gretchen 264 Molumphy, Meg 211 Molyneaux, Libby 65 Monkarsh, Harlee 211 Montague, Michael 110 Montanari, David 162 Montemorra, Theresa 66 Moon, Mitzi 256 Mooney, Colleen 244 Moore, Billie 122 Moore, Thermon 146 Morales, Juan 227 Moreen, Kathryn 238 Moreen, Kenneth 116 Morello, Aileen 211 Morgan, Paul 111 Morine, Nell 71, 233 Morre, Mark 134 Morris, Brendan 258 Morris, Janet 244 Morris, Robin 233 Morris, Sheila 231 Morris, Tina 244 Morris, Wendi 110 Morrison, Laura 256 Morrison, Merrijane 71, 231 Morrison, Nancy 211 Morrow, Laurie 244 Morse, Colleen 231 Morde, Robert 252 Mosbaugh, Robert 252 Moscaret, Steven 162 Moses, Donald 118, 146 Mosk, William 246 Mounce, Laura 264 Mountford, Walter 227 Mowell, Allison 242 Moyer, Craig 224 Mudgway, Diana 222 Mueller, Darci 245 Muir, Jim 134 Muir, Melanie 228 Muir, Tamara 110 Mulcahy, Amy 111 Muleady, Maureen 228 Mullen, Linda 264 Muller, Marcelle 256 Muniz, Katharyn 71 Munson, Sharon 256 Murad, Allison 256 Murnighan, Rick 227 index Murphy, Andrew 141 Murphy, Kelly 239 Murray, Carolyn 222 Murray, Kathleen 256 Musso, Christina 278 Mutschler, Kristy 245 Myers, Richard 258 Myers, Ross 137 N Nachreiner, James 274 Nadel, Craig 137 Nadell, Diane 263 Naftulin, Brian 276 Nahin, Nancy 71, 231 Nakamura, Joy 111 Nam, John 367 Nash, Greta 69 Natzke, Paul 110 Nealon, Sara 211 Nebel, Jeffrey 276 Nedovic, Michaela 264 Nedry, Roberta 71 Neistadt, Tracy 217 Nelson, Anneke 233 Nelson, Barbara 71 Nelson, Catherine 71 Nelson, Colleen 112 Nelson, David 141 Nelson, Eric 273 Nelson, Gayle 222 Nelson, Jacqueline 147 Nelson, John 141 Nelson, John 235 Nelson, Julie 143 Nelson, Kristine 244 Nelson, Patrick 121 Nesis, Thea 228 Neu, Carol 233 Neuman, David 44 Nevens, Andrea 222 Neville, Laura 228 Nevin, Gerald 267 Nevins, Mary 256 Newell, Carol 222 Newlin, Mark 226 Newman, Carol 222 Ng, Carol 230 Ng, Joseph 234 Ng, Susie 233 Nguyen, Rose 244 Nicholas, Nick 141 Nichols, Victoria 242 Nicholson, Diane 222 Nielsen, Tanya 139 Niesen, Donna 242 Nissinger, Sheri 217 Nixon, Bradley 141 Noakes, Claudia 139 Noe, Jack 252 Noller, Steven 227 Nomura, Wendy 111 Norberg, Sheldon 279 Norden, Michelle 229 Nordhaus, Melinda 242 Norman, Carolyn 147 Norman, Gregory 162 Norman, Stephanie 211 Norton, Denise 222 Norvell, Scott 111 Norwick, Naomi 111 Nunley, Regina 233 Nusbaum, Nancy 231 Nuzzo, Paula 110 Nyman, Robert 224 O Oakes, Kim 244 Oatey, Gregory 111 O ' Bara, Ronald 268 Obrecht, Lisa 242 O ' Brien, Anne 231 O ' Brien, Kathleen 131 Ockert, Roni 264 O ' Connell, Brian 235 O ' Connor, Carol 232 O ' Connor, Kevin 105 O ' Connor, Kim 71 O ' Connor, Lorraine 264 Odell, Karen 239 O ' Dell, Yvonne 231 Odencrantz, Kristina 219 Odermatt, Kris 112 O ' Donnell, Clare 244 O ' Donnell, Terry 367 Ogawa, Joann 264 Oh, Elaine 264 O ' Keefe, Carrie 232 O ' Keefe, Daniel 137 Olsen, Lynnea 222 Olson, Constance 111 Olson, Tarin 242 Olwer, Robert 110 O ' Neal, Roxanne 65 O ' Neal, Terry 110 O ' Neil, Karen 242 Orloff, Marla 211 Orme, Frances 211 O ' Rourke, Craig 141 O ' Rourke, Kenneth 267 Orozco-Nubia, Patricia 114 Orsley, Timothy 141 Ortiz, Steven 118, 146, 227 Osato, Sheryl 110 Oschner, Beth 244 Oster, Joe 111 Oster, Paul 274 Ostrander, Susan 228 Ostrom, John 274 Ostrom, Mary 65 Otis, Kathleen 242 O ' Toole, Sandra 278 Oubre, Derek 66 Overstreet, Rebecca 229 Ovesen, Shelley 232 Owen, Lisa 256 Owens, Greg 110 Owens, Karen 151 P Paalman, Koren, 143 Page, Kelly 228 Pale, Patricia 256 Pagliery, Jose 146 Pagni, Kelly 256 Pakula, Bradley 276 Pali, Zoltan 141, 235 Palmer, Colleen 222 Palmo, Luke 267 Palmondon, Chris 227 Palo, Brenda 242 Panfili, Gaeton 134 Pang, Julie 111 Pang, Laurie 111 Panosian, Laura 222 Papac, Jayne 106, 108 Papatheodorou, Mara 113, 264 Pappas, Gregory 267 Parish, Deborah 242 Parker, Bret 267 Parker, Joseph 146 Parker, Patricia 228 Parkinson, Carol 231 Parkinson, Janet 139 Parkinson, Michael 146 Parsons, Pamela 278 Partie, Robert 137 Pascal, David 118, 146 Pash, Missy 256 Pasini, Donna 228 Pasini, Sandra 228 Passalacqua, Mark 267 Pastre, Patricia 256 Patter, Carrie 245 Patterson, Allison 232 Patterson, Charles 273 Patterson, Marilyn 111, 233 Patterson, Terry 264 Patthey, Ghislaine 65 Payne, William 226 Paysse, Carolyn 229 Pearl, Stephanie 229 Pearl, Susan 244 Peck, Jill 211 Pedersen, Carol 232 Pedowitz, Robert 276 Pedretti, Kevin 110 Pedroza, Armando 274 Pegg, Lori 242 Peirano, Kathryn 232 Peitzmann, Sybilla 71 Pelle, Tibor 116 Pellegrino, Stephania 264 Pellerin, Leslie 211 Pellizzon, Paul 252 Pellizzon, Peter 252 Penaranda, Jairo 169 Pence, Daniel 268 Pence, Heidi 222 Pender, Laura 231 Pendo, Catherine 244 Pendo, Elizabeth 232 Penner, Heidi 239 Penney, Daniel 273 Peragine, Joseph 279 Perez, Barbara 242 Perez, Michael 227 Perham, Heidi 118, 147 Perkins, Christopher 268 Perkins, Elizabeth 230 Perrier, Thomas 267 Perry, Pamela 244 Perry, Rex 273 Petersen, Kathleen 211 Petersen, Krysten 71 Peterson, Anne 244 Peterson, Jeffrey 111 Peterson, Judy 229 Peterson, Karen 222 Peterson, Sara 231 Peterson, Tracy 256 Petlak, Bess 264 Petrini, Christopher 274 Pevsnek, Karen 217 Pfalzgraf, Sylvia 219 Philipps, Margaret 278 Phillips, Andre 146 Phillips, Catherine 278 Phillips, Nancy 231 Pickett, Susan 232 Pieper, Joanna 110 Piersol, Marie 231 Pike, Mary 245 Pinder, David 274 Pineiro, Linda 264 Pingel, Elizabeth 211 Pinto, William 111 Pirri, Francene 263 Pisaniello, Lisa 228 Pittler, Rachael 262 Placak, Linda 139 Placak, Nancy 139 Placak, Robert 137 Platto, Michael 247 Plaza, Susane 278 Plotkin, Julie 233 Plott, Rebecca 256 Plows, Elaine 244 Poey, Inge 111 Pok, Betty 264 Pole, David 137 Polich, Laura 256 Polizzi, Lauren 264 Pollack, Patricia 217 Pollizzi, Joanne 112 Pollock, Lisa 263 Polson, Wendy 244 Ponce, Richard 110 Ponton, Janet 278 Pool, Marci 232 Pope, Lee 231 Pople, David 226 Popoff, Donna 239 Popp-Bellingham, Ellen 284 Poppen, Julia 232 Porras, Larry 112 Porter, Nancy 232 Portnoff, Deena 222 Portwood, Amy 222 Portwood, Marti 211 Posner, Jay 65 Post, Cynthia 229 Post, Stephanie 262 Potapczuk, Catherine 110 Potter, Danny 227 Potter, Janis 256 Powell, Brett 267 Power, Brett 134 Power, Jane 264 Pratt, Sharon 222 Prestridge, Michael 252 Proctor, Stacy 256 Prohov, Theodore 141 Prokop, Donna 65, 242 Pruitt, Clifford 99, 103, 105 Pulos, Krisann 106 Purcell, William 137 Purcifull, Patricia 244 Purdue, Lew 65 Purdum, Joanne 222 Putnam, Eugene 274 Pyle, Jade 222 Q Qua, Sharon 219 Quick, Raime 232 R Raber, Stephen 258 Rabow, Victoria 217 Race, Dale 231 Radeski, Cecelia 143 Radolf, Patricia 71 Rados, Stephen 224 Ragins, Alan 112 71 Rains, Angela 244 Raisch, Dana 256 Raisin, John 227 Ralston, Sheila 118, 147 Ramer, Lisa 278 Ramirez, Richard 146 Ramos, Dwayne 111 Ramos, Ron 110 Randolph, Janis 230 Rath, Peter 274 Rauchman, Karen 264 Ray, Stephanie 217 Ray, Susan 147 Real, Jonathan 137 Reda, Mark 65 Red-Horse,Valerie 211 Reed, Lynn 263 Reed, Susan 222 Reeves, Lisa 114 Reff, Susan 264 Regan, Ann 118, 147 Regan, Christine 244 Rehman, Cheryl 232 Reich, Brian 279 Reilly, Michael 110 Reinecke, Thomas 252 Reinhart, Carolyn 244 Reinstein, Susan 256 Reynolds, Chris 273 Reynolds, Lori 211 Rhodes, Margaret 71 Riccard, Laurie 222 Rice, Julie 222 Rich, Michelle 244 Richards, Anne 69 Richards, Debra 231 Richards, Doug 234 Richards, Kimberly 256 Richards, Maria 256 Richardson, Dorothy 151 Richardson, Jeffrey 66 Richardson, Steven 251 Richelieu, Laurie 228 Rickel, Rhonda 256 Ricks, Frances 233 Riddell, Ellen 211 Ridge, Leah 233 Riege, Jens 111 Riley, Avon 96 Rimbach, Leslie 278 Riopelle, Robin 244 Riordan, John 244 Riodan, Peter 226 Riskin, Lee 217 Ritner, Robin 229 Ritsema, Scott 247 Rivers, Kim 231 Roberts, Cynthia 211 Roberts, Elisabeth 222 Roberts, Laura 244 Roberts, Tracy 71, 232 Robertson, Linda 114 Robinson, Edward 121 Robinson, Lynne 238 Robinson, Marcie 264 Robinson, Robert 121 Robinson, Thomas 268 Robledo, Sylvia 67 Rocchietti, Denise 231 Rock, Kathleen 278 Rodarte, Faith 222 Rodebaugh, Susan 211 Rodli, Alice 111 Rodman, Anthony 252 Roeb, Scott 44, 46 Roepke, Leslie 232 Rofer, Brian 137 Rogers, Diane 211 Rogers, Jennifer 211 Rogers, Johnna 222 Rogne, Maureen 244 Rogoway, Cynthia 68 Roh, Suzanne 256 Rohdy, David 111, 274 Rohdy, Kristin 110 Rola, Terree 71, 239 Rolfe, Lisa 264 Rolkhold, Craig 111 Roller, Daniel 273 Roller, Peggy 110 Rollinson, William 252 Romo, Anthony 110 Rosansky, Robin 71 Rose, Donna 71 Rose, Erik 111 Rose, Richard 118, 146 Rose, Sandra 217 Roseman, Stewart 251 Roseman, Susan 262 Rosen, David 120 Rosen, Mary 233 Rosenbaum, Leonard 65, 251 Rosenberg, Jane 65 Rosenblatt, Kenneth 276 Rosenblum, Gregory 276 Rosenblum, Lee 44 Rosenkrans, Jane 122 Rosenthal, Frederick 276 Rosenthal, Sara 263 Rosenthal, Sheryl 239 Rosichan, Jeffrey 276 Rosicky, Gregory 227 Roskam, Pamela 256 Ross, Cynthia 242 Rossi, Jill 71, 222 Rossi, Lyn 229 Roth, James 253 Roth, Naomi 111, 278 Rounds, Daniel 227 Rovzar, Robert 267 Rowell, Russell 141 Rubenstein, Lori 262 Rubin, Hannele 68 Rubin, Laura 217 Rubinoff, Marla 211 Rude, Wendy 242 Ruderman, Jaffrey 111 Rudick, Joel 276 Rudningen, Nancy 71 Rundel, Dawnienne 223 Runquist, Benton ' B.J. ' 224 Rusheen, Patricia 263 Russell, Brian 146 Russell, Elizabeth 264 Russo, Gail 228 Ruzinsky, Debra 69 Ryan, Jennifer 229 Ryan, Maria 231 Ryan, Tammy 71, 231 Ryder, Edmund 137 Ryder, Jeffrey 268 Ryder, Tracy 244 Ryono, Keith 367 S Saario, Tammie 244 Saborio, Brenda 233 Sachs, Michael 276 Sachs. Suz 65, 278 Sackett, Dana 211 Sacks, David 111 Sadler, Dan 367 Sadler, Lynee 244 Sadowski, Terry 230 Saffer, Laura 229 Safier, David 110 Salazar, Diana 110, 264 Saliman, Mark 273 Salinger, Carrie 242 Salit, Sofia 256 Salmons, Steven 137 Salter, Celia 223 Saltikov, Kimberly 228 Salvador, Leza 71, 231 Salzer, Laura 71 Sambolich, William 273 Samborn, Anne 217 Samit, Jay 65 Samuel, S. Ronald 367 Samuelson, Jeff 268 Sanborn, Roxan 278 Sanchez, Bruce 65, 367 Sanchez, Di Ann 71 Sanders, Debra 278 Sanders, Donald 134 Sanders, Jennifer 239 Sanders, Julie 256 Sanders, Michael 98, 105 Sanders, Susan 217 Sanderson, Sera 244 Sanman, Lisa 242 Santon, Ellen 222 Saphir, Michael 137 Saponaro, David 279 Sapp, Vera 239 Sarantinos, George 234 Sarantitis, Barbara 111 Sarff, Leslie 103 Sasaki, Katherine 210 Sasaki, Kevin 246 Satterlee, Robin 211 Saunders, David 137 Saunders, Lisa 263 Savage, Cheryl 228 Savasta, Maria 232 Saywell, Joan 278 Scaduto, Lisa 118, 147 Schaadt, Russell 268 Scheck, Linda 211 Schaeder, Debbie 244 Schaefer, Cheryl 244 Schaefer, Susan 232 Schaffer, Steve 268 Schatz, Eddie 141 Schauerman, Catherine 143 Schellenberg, Sylvia 141 Schiff, Elizabeth 262 Schiff, Laurette 71, 223 Schiff man, Joel 134 Schilling, Cindy 139 Schindler, Norm 367 Schinnerer, Vicky 211 Schlarmann, Erika 238 Schlei, Andrew 65 Schlobohm, Dana 256 Schmed, Harry 110 Schmelz, Ronie 217 Schmid, Roland 116 Schmid, Sigi 116 Schmidt, Anthony 234 Schmidt, Craig 141 Schmidt, Edward 227 Schnack, Randall 252 Schnausss, James 141 Schneider, Philip 252 Schnier, Carole 263 Schnugg, Thomas 121 Schober, Chuck 111 Schoenfeld, Gary 276 Schoenfeld, Jeff 276 Scholefield, Cynthia 145 Scholl, Teresa 278 Schoneman, Jane 228 Schonfelder, Lisa 223 Schorno, Ann 211 Schow, Blake 274 Schow, Kristen 232 Schrag, Carl 69 Schramm, Elizabeth 242 Schriver, David 146 Schroeder, Jay 91, 161 Schuchert, Joseph 268 Schullman, Lisa 66 Schultz, Sandra 245 Schultze, Elaine 118, 147 Schulz, Diana 71 Schumann, William 251 Schur, Jeffrey 234 Schwartz, Chris 267 Schwartz, Gregory 247 Schwartz, Meryl 264 Schwartz, Pamela 217 Schwartz, Paul 276 Schwartz, Paula 112 Schwartz, Susan 44, 263 Schweitzer, Carol 211 Schweitzer, Vickie 229 Schwetz, Rochelle 71 Schy, Brad 276 Sciurano, Marcelo 134 Scott, Carrie 242 Scott, Pamela 222 Scott, Pamela 232 Scott, Tracy 110 Scurr, Pamela 211 Seabar, Gary 267 Sears, Dean 99, 105, 169 Seber, Tony 279 Seelig, Kurt 252 Seelinger, Allyson 238 Seerden, Dina 147 Segal, Gary 276 Seidner, Liz 222 Seiffert, Laurel 66 Seisser, Melissa 262 Seleine, Sharon 232 Senske, Mary 244 Sernett, Catherine 238 Serraino, Larry 268 Setzer, Lisa 71, 231 Sexton, Mark 274 Seyrafi, Sherwin 235 Shader, Diane 229 Shaeffer, Carol 242 Shankman, Michael 274 Shannon, Courter 267 Shapiro, Elyse 228 Shapiro, Ilene 262 Shapiro, Sharon 131 Sharuck, Mike 235 Shearer, Lori 110 Sheedy, Sean 134 Sheehan, Kevin 227 Sheffield, Thomas 267 Shelburne, Alain 141 Shellabarger, Susan 231 Shepherd, John 252 Shepphird, Ann 238 Sherman, Donna 232 Sherman, Linda 223 Sherman, Todd 120 Sheu, Kerry 284 Shiba, Wally 235 Shields, Ronald 110 Shigamata, Marlo 274 Shim, Stuart 274 Shinbane, Mark 276 Shocket, Nicola 71 Shoda, Craig 110 Shoop, Jeffrey 110 Shore, Sally 262 Short, Mary 71, 245 Showen, Scott 267 Shramm, Stacy 366 Sidener, Gretchen 242 Sideris, Elaine 239 Siegal, Jill 244 Siegel, Peter 64 Sigillito, Sharon 232 Sigler, Patricia 71, 256 Silva, Christopher 137 Silva, Frank 110 Silva, Lorie 278 Silveira, Janet 231 Silver, Andrea 228 Silver, Jeffrey 252 Silverman, Dave 110 Silverman, Steven 111 Silverstein, James 252 Silverstein, Marc 110 Simbro, Paula 232 Simon, Julie 223 Simon, Michele 239 Simone, Stuart 279 Simone, Suzanne 244 Simpson, Norma 71, 238 Sims, Kenneth 224 Sinclair, Jane 244 Sipos, Richard 274 Sisneros, Caroline 112 Sison, Cynthia 71, 278 Sjursen, Constance 71 Skaist, Lisa 217 Slack, Galen 244 Slater, Jeanne 69 Slawoff, Doris 211 Slevcove, Mark 137 Sloan, Andrea 71 Small, Mary 231 Smith, Amy 137 Smith, Andrew 137 Smith, Catherine 71, 223 Smith, Christopher 162 Smith, Colleen 244 Smith, Dick 234 Smith, Edson 110 Smith, Eliz 228 Smith, Homer 900 Smith, Jill 223 Smith, Julie 71 Smith, Katie 217 Smith, Kent 137 Smith, Kimberly 219 Smith, Linda 69 Smith, Lynda 231 Smith, Matthew 141 Smith, Rebecca 229 Smith, Roxana 242 Smith, Stacy Ann 139 Smith, Stanford 268 Smith, Steven 64 Smith, Thomas 134 Smith, Tracy 139 Smolarski, Deborah 233 Smrekar, Claire 256 Sneed, Holly 219 Snouse, Susan 111 Snyder, Barbara 228 Snyder, Bryan 226 Soash, James 226 Soble, Sharon 229 Sokolow, Lida 284 Solberg, David 234 Soled, John 276 Solomon, Shelly 131 Solomon, Leslie 228 Somerset, Timothy 121 Sontheimer, Sarah 223 Soo Hoo, Leslie 219 Sornson, Rebecca 231 Sotelo, Sophia 143 Soto, Sandra 229 Sousa, Terri 230 Sowards, Tom 234 Spanos, Andrea 228 Sparks, Barbara 239 Spear, Bradley 273 Spearman, Libby 222 Spector, Mitchell 110 Speers, Guy 141 Speers, Kirsten 223 Speizer, Rick 279 Spellman, Shauna 229 Spence, John 110 Spencer, Todd 110 Spencer, Valerie 242 Spitzer, Ruth 264 Spivey, Carlos 129 Spolin, Joel 64 Sporer, Julie 223 Spotnitz, Frank 65 Sproul, Georgia 228 Stahl, Sharon 231 Stainfield, Brenda 239 Stalder, Elizabeth 131, 232 Stanley, Lacey 278 Stanley, Susan 110 Stannard, Kerrie 244 Stanton, Linda 232 Stark, Roy 274 Stark, Seth 274 Stauch, Scott 146 Staudhammer, Anne 352 Steade, Susan 65 Steele, Eric 273 Stein, Amy 113 Stein, Kimberley 217 Steinberg, Deborah 264 Stengel, Susan 217 Stenlund, Gary 146 Stenzel, Christopher 274 Stephens, Lori 211 Steres, Mark 276 Stern, Matthew 68 Sternbach, Eric 111 Stevens, Leslie 229 Stevenson, Robert ' Doc ' 196 Stevenson, Scott 267 Stewart, Nathan 215 Stewart, Rebacca 113 Stewart, Steven 268 Still, Kevin 141, 226 Stock, Andrew 110 Stock, Lisa 244 Stockman, Travis 137 Stoddard, Todd 226 Stoke, Suzanne 110 Stolshek, Bradley 274 Stolte, Kathleen 256 Stone, Gary 226 Stone, Leslie 228 Stoughton, Catherine 256 Strabala, Jeffrey 274 Straehley, Kristen 239 Stratton, Sheryl 219 Street, Vicki 231 Streicher, Anne 256 Strenk, Russell 268 Strokis, John 235 Stromgran, Kenneth 224 Stropky, Robert 235 Stroud, Michael 279 Strybel, Shannon 211 Stuart, Marleigh 244 Stull, Gregory 146 Sudman, Laura 222 Sudol, Mark 268 Sue, Melanie 106 Sugarman, Susan 217 Sugino, Kent 234 Suiker, Patricia 192 Sullivan, Darcy 69 Sullivan, Ellen 244 Sullivan, Sheila 211 Sullivan, Teresa 233 Sun, John 234 Supple, Georgeanna 244 Supple, Abigail 244 Surface, Cynthia 228 Suruki, David 246 Susman, Valerie 264 Svensson, Roger 137 Swanbeck, Heidi 65 Swanson, Karen 233 Swanson, Kimberly 264 Sweeney, Julie 244 Sweeney, Kay 233 Sweetnam, Jan 251 Swenson, Susan 122, 125 Sweich, Dawn 223 Swift, Pete 251 Swiger, Jeffrey, 137 Sykes, Kimberly 228 Szurley, Eve 244 Szurley, Peter 69 T Taft, Noah 68 Takahashi, Andrew 113 Takenaga, Stephen 129 Tandy, Joy 256 Tannenbaum, Jill 71, 217 Tanner, Paul 103, 299 Tapia, Lorraine 22 Tardif, Chip 268 Tate, Colleen 231 Tate, Michelle 211 Tawil, Jennifer 211 Taylor, Cary 219 Taylor, Cheryl 232 Taylor, David 267 Taylor, Gregory 215 index Taylor, Rebecca 231 Taylor, Tamey 244 Teitscheid, Daniel 274 Tejera, Diane 229 Telles, Rick 274 Temkin, Wendi 22 Templin, Elizabeth 211 Ten, Brian 252 Terry, Susan 244 Teslow, Linda 228 Teslow, Sandra 228 Testut, Randall 110 Thatcher, Kirk 65 Theus, Dana 71, 242 Thilken, William 146 Thimmiah, Lima 71 Thistlewaite, Sandra 242 Thomas, Alyson 264 Thompson, Elizabeth 278 Thompson, Jami 231 Thompson, Matthew 227 Thompson, Necie 122, 125 Thompson, Philip 268 Thompson, Sidney 146 Thompson, Stephen 141 Thornton, Jeff 258 Thornton, Stephanie 147 Thurston, Deborah 122, 147 Tiger, David 227 Tilson, Craig 141, 279 Timmerman, David 251 Timmons, Michael 137 Timmons, Stuart 367 Ting, Henry 141 Tinkler, Marcia 256 Tischler, Howard 134, 276 Titherley, Douglas 137 Titlebaum, Beth 217 Tobenkin, Bruce 224 Todd, Gretchen 211 Tolmas, Robin 217 Tom, Patricia 256 Tom, Stanley 65 Tomasic, Teresa 256 Tomlinson, Kenneth 224 Tonne, Steven 121 Tonne, Vince 121 Tooch, Margaret 211 Topkis, Elizabeth 112 Torres, Len 224 Torres, Marisela 264 Towle, David 121 Toy, Nancy 69 Tracy, Jill 230 Trapnell, Marie 211 Trask, Marie 114 Travolta, Mark 252 Treadaway, James 134 Treadaway, Lory 222 Trear, Anthony 153 Trejo, Armando 267 Trent, Charles 110 Trifunovich, Peter 116 Trompas, Maria 222 Tronsrue, Karin 229 Trout, Judi 69 Truitt, Jeffrey 235 Tsugita, Scott 268 Tsuruda, Judy 264 Tucker, Carol 66 Tucker, Greg 65, 367 Tucker, Jill 217 Tucker, Rusty 65, 274, 367 Turk, Gregory 65 Turn, Indra 242 Turner, Denise 244 Turner, Jay 111 Turner, Jody 245 Turner, Julie 232 Tuttle, Rick 45 Tweedie, Harry 116 Tweedie, John 267 Tyau, David 112 Tyler, Lee 238 U Uchiyama, Karen 244 Ueno, Shin 273 Ulrich, Elizabeth 231 Unger, Ami 278 Urata, Kirk 141 Urban, John 234 Ussery, Marvin 215 Utrilla, Miriam 211 Uyeno, Richard 186 V Valentine, Leslie 44 Valentine, Mark 224 Valert, Mia 74 Vallario, Maryann 71 Valyo, Mary Ellen 64 Van Bronkhurst, Jon 267 Vandeventer, Laura 211 Vandeweghe, Tauna 139 Van Dyk, Schuyler 113 Van Saun, Kathleen 242 Van Valkenberg, Catherine 121 Vanzeeland, Lynne 228 Varley, Jaye 112 Varnol, Lawney 228 Vashall, Suzy 211 Vaughan, Jeanine 222 Vawter, Sheri 245 Vecchione, Gina 151 Vedres, Ava 232 Venter, Robert 153 Vernatchi, Robin 186 Vetera n, Karen 111, 278 Vidmar, Peter 129 Villasenor, Laurie 228 Villenica, Wally 367 Vinik, Susan 71, 232 Vogel, Leslie 278 Voigt, Catherine 229 Volpert, Sandy 276 Volpicelli, Mark 264 W Wagner, Jean 219 Wahl, Julie 223 Waitman, Julia 264 Waitman, Katherine 242 Wakamoto, Suzanne 71 Wakefield, Mary 245 Waldmire, Dana 256 Wales, Rich 110 Walker, Angela 131 Walker, Serena 71 Wallace, Kathleen 231 Wallan, Robert 252 Wallstrom, Robert 247 Walrond, Caroline 111, 256 Walsh, Shirley 42 Walter, Brian 111 Walter, Eric 137 Walton, Eve 139 Walton, Nancy 256 Walton, Polly 244 Wandrocke, Dana 224 Wandrocke, Rick 224 Wang, Celina 232 Wank, David 276 Wank, Michael 276 Ward, Colin 162 Ward, Janet 242 Ward, Wendy 71, 238 Warde, Judy 231 Wardrop, Kevin 253 Wark, Stephanie 256 Warkentin, Lori 151 Warling, Jeffrey 110 Warner, Cynthia 67 Warner, Karen 231 Warner, Steven 227 Warren, Lorraine 256 Washington, Sandra 111 Wasicek, Susan 242 Waskul, Stephen 141 Wasley, John 253 Watanabe, Larry 111 Watanabe, Steven 111 Watson, Stacy 232 Wattles, Carole 264 Watts, Audrey 264 Wayne, Todd 274 Weatherell, Helen 244 Weaver, Laurel 228 Weaver, Milton 146 Webb, Ron 111 Webb, Stephen 118, 146 Webster, Cardell 67 Wechter, Dana 71 Wedding, Deborah 223 Weed, Kevin 111 Weil, Leah 263 Weiler, Peter 113 Weiman, Mindy 232 Weinberger, Robert 274 Weinman, Amy 285 Weinman, Stacey 284 Weinstein, Lili 217 Weisberger, Lynn 264 Weisman, Janine 264 Weiss, Andrea 262 Weiss, John 112 Weiss, Mike 279 Weissman, Andrea 217 Weissman, Laurie 278 Welby, Terri 228 Weldon, Gail 114, 122 Welge, Lisa 239 Weling, Thomas 267 Weller, Robin 21 I Wells, Kimberley 244 Welsh, Michelle 71 Werner, Ronda 278 Werner, Rondi 278 Werstuk, Michelle 264 West, Jeffrey 146 Westland, Robert 274 Westmann, Linda 211 Whealen, Matthew 268 Wheat, Linda 112, 143 Wheaton, Christopher 120, 141 Wheeler, Gerard 273 Wheelis, Geri 231 Whipple, John 235 Whipple, Renee 233 Whitcomb, Steven 146 White, Alexander 76 White, Ann 110 White, Carmel 238 White, Dana 71 White, Darcy 245 White, David 108, 110, 112 White, Eric 215 White, Jim 227 White, Laura 256 White, Lloyd 247 White, Robert 65 White, Stacy 244 White, Thomas 247 Whiting, Hilary 256 Whitmarsh, Phyllis 242 Whitmyer, Laura 71, 110, 264 Whittemore, Katheen 210 Wickersheim, Brian 110 Wickman, Amanda 114 Wilde, Edward 246 Wiley, Ann 244 Wiley, Jerry 146 Wiley, Marilyn 264 Wilhite, Libby 256 Wilhite, Laura 256 Wilkin, Alesia 262 Wilkins, William 251 Willback, Maria 223 Willenborg, Blaine 153 Williams, Alison 211 Williams, Catherine 110, 219 Williams, Chet 215 Williams, Chid 67 Williams, Christopher 267 Williams, Christopher 252 Williams, Craig 215 Williams, Dokie 146 Williams, Elisa 65 Williams, Joan 232 Williams, Kathy 228 Williams, Leslie 231 Williams, Norman 267 Williams, Sharon 147, 223 Williams, Shelly 232 Williams, Terry 110 Willie, Deborah 122 Wills, Bambi 223 Wills, Mignon 242 Wilson, David 110, 224 Wilson, Douglas 137 Wilson, Karen 223 Wilson, Margaret 131 Wilton, Kenneth 110 Windes, Robin 229 Winiarski, Anne 71 Winston, Rachael 242 Wiriot, Fran 217 Wisbon, Wendy 145, 256 Wise, Steven 146 Wiseman, Joanne 211 Witt, Jennifer 228 Wixen, Randall 65 Wizan, Steven 235 Wolf, Diana 223 Wolf, Kari 71 Wolfgram, Kevin 141 Wolfson, Richard 276 Wolking, Kay 211 Wolpert, Stuart 65 Wong, Jeanne Mae 65, 367 Wood, Matthew 111, 235 Woodhead, John 252 Woodland, Jeffrey 118, 146 Woodman, Guy 134 Woods, Brian 215 Woodward, Blair 231 Woodward, Randall 274 Wooten, Cynthia 232 Wormald, Christine 244 Worrell, Ray 235 Wright, Edward 227 Wright, Jerelyn 256 Wright, Regina 239 Wright, Stacy 278 Wrobel, Derek 274 Wu, Dafna 217 Wycoff, Delbert 146 Wyngarden, Thomas 258 Wynne, Susan 71 Y Yaeger, Charles 162 Yamada, Masami 219 Yamaga, Janice 264 Yamagata, Pauline 233 Yamahiro, Phil 279 Yamamoto, Emiko 219 Yamashiro, George 258 Yang, Michael 188 Yang, Ming 229 Yankowitz, Mitchell 227 Y aple, Bret 129 Yaziji, Sam 224 Ybiernas, Christina 233 Yee, Annette 129 Yeh, Frank 274 Yep, Corrin 242 Yoakum, Tobi 211 Yoon, Chung-Jin 211 York, Brett 215 Yoshida, Gregory 110 Young, Barbara 244 Young, Barbara 151 Young, Brian 224 Young, Conni 256 Young, Eleanor 239 Young, James 267 Young, Julie 256 Young, Pamela 219 Young, Stephanie 244 Yu, Ted 224 Yuen, Matthew 110 Yust, Victoria 211 Z Zabarsky, David 234 Zack, Darrell 230 Zacks, Juliet 223 Zadravec, Mike 110 Zaleski, Lisa 244 Zanaboni, Kathleen 238 Zaragoza, Edward 110 Zarrow, Julie 223 Zauzmer, Robert 44 Zechter, Susan 242 Zervas, Stephanie 264 Zettas, Pamela 244 Zhiss, Ronald 137 Zielenski, Tara 145 Zigman, Aaron 276 Zigman, Joshua 276 Zin, Harry 276 Zovich, Kate 231 Zubko, Elaine 239 Zusman, Lisa 71, 232 Zvanut, Sally 211 Zwirn, Daniel 279 Zyda, Christopher 111, 234 fashion Fashion is . . . a state of mind that everyone is aware of. No matter how little someone may care about clothes, no matter how his jeans or how faded her T-shirt, they are still displaying " a fashion. " Fashion is anything beyond that first primal need for " cover. " Fashion is a button, a bell bottom. Fashion can be a whole way of life. " Fashion is a symptom of our culture. " Fashion is very big in Los Angeles. People become a fashion. Rollerskates were a fashion here. Anything is a fashion in this town. Fashion reflects one face of a society. Fashion is a of our culture. Fashion is one toe to top ensemble. Fashion is one tiny hair comb. Fashion is a luxury item. Extra money. Spare money. Every dime you own often goes for fashion. When was the last time you really bought clothing you needed it? Alright did you really need that pair of beige Don ' t you already have ten pairs of shoes in that closet . . . ? Fashion. fashion Choosing an identity is simply a matter of wearing the right shirt. Fashion walks around campus and proclaims itself. It tells a story. " Hello, as you can see from my T-shirt, I ' m into rock ' n ' roll; as you can see from my tattered blue jeans, I ' m also mellow and poor. . . " " Hi, I ' m sure you can tell by my shirt, with the little polo player insignia, that paying a lot of money for clothe s is important to me, but even more important is making sure people know that I do. And, as you might notice, my topsiders are in a rare color because I still want to be unique, even in my Years from now our will tell our story. They will be laughed at, puzzled over, and, of course, reborn as the " Nostalgic Look. " So, save your designer jeans, your adidas tennis shoes, your Sex Pistols your Lecoste shirt, your Oxford shirts, and your vinyl backpacks. Someday they ' ll be collector ' s items. " Years from now our fashions...will be...reborn as the ' Nostalgic Look ' . " studying, or just sitting back and watching the crowd go by. Everyone has their One of the most popular places to eat and generally socialize is North Campus. It ' s the place to go for art students, Greeks and most of the Liberal Arts people. In fact, so many people North Campus that to even get a table one has to wait in line. Or how about Kerckhoff Coffee House. A wide cross section can be seen doing almost anything there, from studying in a corner, to listening to one of the many variety of acts that appear there nightly. Third floor Boelter is a popular spot for the Southern Campus majors. It ' s the engineering lounge, yet almost any other major will show up there for their short breaks between classes, if, of course, they ' re not at the Bombshelter Deli. How about the Residence Halls? You can have dinner from 4:30 to around 7, at which point your group finally decides it ' s time to go the chairs are being put up around you. Which brings us to another important activity here at UCLA . . . studying. Fourth and fifth floor URL are usually pretty crowded, many people occupying their favorite stall. What a bummer to arrive and find it taken! Powell reading rooms are popular and usually much more quiet than URL. And of course there is the " Undergrads . . . spend many waking hours there consuming large quantities of caffeine. " hangouts Biomed library on the north end of the medical complex. Undergrads as well as students spend many waking hours there large quantities of But school isn ' t all North Campus, Royce quad, Kerckhoff Hall steps, and the corner of Strathmore and Gayley are prime spots for people watching, another one of the students ' favorite pastimes. Have we missed your spot? OINGO BOINGO DANIEL WEBSTER THE VIEW UCLA students, the campus is not the only place that students are prone to hang-out. Many of those free nights and weekends are spent away from campus, soaking up typical Southern California scenes. On sunny weekends (and even some weekdays) Bruins! can be found sunning at Santa Monica and Will Rogers Beaches. If you ' re a real devoted fan of the sun, you may even venture as far up as Malibu and Zuma. Roller skating has become a real big fad, and the place to do it is Venice. Strolling on Balboa Island, or biking in Marina del Rey are also popular activities to in. There are many night spots in Los Angeles that students also frequent. Many so-called " dive " bars such as The Oar House, The Flame on Santa Monica or the Tenth Inning on Westwood. Fun places for hangouts many friends to socialize together and forget that awful midterm they had that day. Back in Westwood, there ' s Ah Fongs with its Lapu-Lapus; Acapulco ' s with its and Chuck ' s Steak House with its live entertainment. And who can forget Thursday nights at Yesterdays. The locations that UCLA students hang-out at are as varied as the student body itself. It could be 31 Flavors for some and the Thinnery for others. Are you lonely? Do you need a hangout? Do you need someone to hang out with? Well, I can fix you up with this really cute automatic teller in Westwood. . . " And who can forget Thursday nights at Yesterdays. " off campus in the world do Bruins go to get some R R (Rest and Relaxation)? Just about EVERYWHERE in the world. Because of the diverse tastes and lifestyles among the UCLA population, every student ' s idea of is unique in itself. While one Bruin may go off to deepest, darkest Africa on a thrilling safari, another Bruin may be more content at home in front of his TV set (perhaps watching Wild Kingdom with Marlin Perkins). Many students consider home to be the place to get away from the rat race. One girl confessed that, rather than go out on the town, she prefers " to stay home, cozy up to a good book, and attack a five-pound bag of popcorn. " On the other hand, there is the party giver. He ' s the guy who invites a few of his friends over, turns the ol ' stereo on full blast, and then takes bets on the amount of time it will take for the police to arrive with a complaint from the neighbor upstairs (possibly the girl who wishes to attack her popcorn in peace). Then there are those who want a change of scenery. Guided by a free spirit, a little intuition, and, frequently, their pocketbooks, these souls take off for destinations such as Europe, Hawaii, San Francisco, Palm Springs, and the nearby San Bernardino Mountains. So, whether it ' s shootin ' the rapids of the Colorado River, attacking the powdery slopes of Aspen, breaking the bank at Las Vegas (fat chancel), or just pedaling over to Santa Monica Pier, we Bruins know how to make good use of our free time. Anyone for Rome this weekend? " Then there are those who want a change of scenery. Guided by a free spirit, a little intuition, and . . . their pocketbooks . . . " It ' s not just a bunch of buildings occupying an old beanfield. . .UCLA is people. Many people (Corny, but deep. . .) Students. Professors. We are all one, big, happy family! (gag me!) Students make up the bulk of UCLA population, coming in all shapes and sizes, and from every race, color, creed, and lifestyle. Many times, students are subdivided into two groups: North Campus majors and South Campus majors. The extreme found between these two groups attest to the vastness of the UCLA Unfortunately, many have trouble the North Campus majors from the South Campus majors. To aid these poor souls, here is a short, stereo-typical guide to identifying North and South Campus majors. . . The North Campus student: Very creative. Has a good sense of intuition. hums Bolero on every date. Able to find beauty and the meaning to life ' s existence in a half-empty tube of Crest. Has been known to quote Socrates while discussing the profound implications of the " Rocky Horror Picture Show " upon our society. Thinks the mathematical term " Taylor Series " is a new movie which chronicles the many of Elizabeth Taylor. The South Campus student: Very intellectual. Also very logical and practical. Thinks " The North Campus student. . .subliminally hums Bolero on every date. " the people of ucla southern campus staff editor: Stacy ann shramm layout staff art director: karen harautuneian layout designers: heather hellman, marianne kearney, Irene kruppa, blake kuwahara, Jim laur business staff managing editor: blakesley atkin business promotions: entire staff photography staff photography editor: ron samuel assistant photography editor: rochelle mendoza photographers: douglas griscom, greg tucker contributing photographers: colin crawford, ron field, Joshua green, mike griffith, tom hughes, Craig lewis, tony lewis, john nam, bruce sanchez, andy schlei, dave Sutton, stan tom, jeanne mae Wong copy staff copy editor: keith ryono copywriters: entire staff contributing writers: anne bogart, michael mace, stuart timmons special credits asucla publications director: don ferrell asucla ad coordinator: dawn da costa asucla communications director: anne pautler campus studios staff: terry o ' donnell, norm schindler, wally villenica daily bruin photography: editors: Colin crawford and rusty tucker service area manager gloria bowman services director: dan sadler typography managers: art atkinson and ann fowler pancho villa ' s for the use of their glass elevator (opposite page) and a special thanks to dave sorenson, josten ' s american yearbook representative

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