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UCLA 1978-1979 FROM THE OFFICE OF THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR ASUCLA ucla 1978-79 Southern Campus Contents Introduction 4 Organization 14 Sports 54 Spirit 84 Class of ' 79 140 2 Introduction Living Groups 238 Administration 318 Calendar 326 Index 342 Introduction 3 4 Introduction As the calendar pages turned to the late 70 ' s, UCLA experienced a resurgence in the traditional campus lifestyles. Student organizations, on-campus living, career goals, financial success and the old college spirit exemplify what modern sociologists call the " me " generation. The Mood of the Year Introduction 5 6 Introduction Homecoming returns to UCLA-A crowd of about eight thousand lined the streets of Westwood to witness the revival of an old college tradition - Homecoming. Over 500 students, 12 floats and VIP ' s such as Chancellor Charles Young and Mayor Tom Bradley participated in the parade which took place Friday night before Saturday ' s UCLA-Oregon football game. First prize for best Greek float went to Tau Kappa Epsilon Kappa Kappa Gamma for their rendition of UCLA ' s victory over Oregon (Below). Theta Xi rivaled UCLA ' s " solid gold sound " as the " original Trojan Band " (Below, left). The Year for Homecoming Introduction 7 8 Introduction If it ' s played with a ball, an oar, in the water, on the track or on the mats, UCLA has a team for it, and chances are it ' s a winning one. In a year where it looked like UCLA would go to the Rose Bowl, and where the basketball team was rated number two in the nation in the pre-season polls, no one could complain of the lack of competitive promise which keeps UCLA sports in the national news almost every day. Sports of the Year Introduction 9 PARIS NEW YORK WESTWOOD On the fashion conscious Westwood campus, many coeds dress in the latest fashions hot off the presses of Vogue magazine. Whether it is the trendy punk-rock look or the classic tweed blazer, long skirt and boot look, UCLA girls are definitely into dressing. 10 Introduction National Lampoon ' s " Animal House " , the hit movie released in the summer of 1978 had its effect. Toga parties are the newest trend to emerge among many others. 50 ' s style beer busts and 60 ' s style partying blend in a perfect harmony as happy days are here again. Some of the men on campus have moved toward the preppy collegiate look. This look includes a wardrobe of Top-Sider shoes, a grand selection of La Coste shirts, and sweaters to be worn around the neck. The fitness trend has had a big influence on the student ' s mode of dress. The casual, athletic style is a common look on the campus. Any time of the year is the time for a tennis dress, jogging shorts, a warm-up suit and, of course pair of Nike ' s. Trends of the Year Introduction 11 This is the Year This is UCLA 14 Organizations Organization 15 SLC? No, it ' s not a spoonful of letters from a bowl of Alphabet Soup. But just what is it, anyway? Well . . . SLC is the Student Legislative Council. Now you may wonder, what ' s that thing all about? Actually, the recipe for an SLC is quite simple: take one President, add two Vice-Presidents, stir in three General Representatives, and season with seven Commissioners. (Note: above ingredients must be minimum Grade C undergraduate students in good standing). There are also three non-students thrown in for good measure: a representative from the Academic Senate, one from the Alumni Association, and a spokesman for the Chancellor. (Naturally, we don ' t vote on these folks-we just add them in). To top off the creation, garnish with two final ingredients: one student chairman of the Finance Committee (he watches over the recipe ' s budget), and one Executive Director of ASUCLA (he appears in the recipe only on rare Occasions-usually when the pot ' s about to boil over). These last two folks are what you call " ex-officio " members of SLC which in English means they don ' t vote-they just talk and spice things up a bit. When you throw them all together, you get a Student Legislative Council, plain and simple. Only it ' s not always so plain or so simple. You see, each year the recipe comes out just a bit different than before. Some times you might end up with a watered-down broth, while other years you ' d think you had a pot of chile on your hands. This years batch was, well, basically a middle-of-the-road stew, although they did have their spicy moments. Anyway, enough of this culinary funny business ... let ' s get on to the meat of the subject. . . . . 16 Organizations . . . politics at UCLA have become a big, loud, and colorful rite each Spring. In fact, if it weren ' t for that even bigger, louder, and more colorful event, Mardi Gras, (which has an uncanny way of happening simultaneously), undergraduate elections would be even more noticeable than they already are. At UCLA the month of April brings not only showers of rain, but also a downpour of buttons, campaign literature, Bruin Walk billboards, and all the other paraphernalia and hoopla that is part of " election fever " here on campus. (Remember, that ' s when you have to dodge those crazy human " sandwich signs " to avoid the flood of campaign leaflets as you traverse Bruin Walk). It ' s really quite a scene. But campaigning is only the first step. For after all the votes are in and counted, and the new crop of decision-makers are sworn into office, that ' s when it all begins. This year ' s Council, as in the past, was headquartered in the top floors of Kerckhoff Hall; in fact, the 1978-79 Student Legislative Council marked its 60th year as UCLA ' s chief undergraduate governing body. SLC followed tradition as it met through the Summer months to develop plans and ideas for the upcoming year, and to adopt its annual budget (nearly half of a million dollars); somewhere in there they also found time to go on a Retreat. By the time most of us returned for Fall Quarter, in fact, SLC had already established most of its goals - as well as a character all its own. This 60th Council Session contrasted significantly with past years, especially when it comes to the question of whose in charge. In past years the council President has usually had a free hand to run the whole show-no questions asked. But this year ' s group had its share of maverick-types who felt that responsibilities should be more decentralized, more evenly spread out. In the end, it seems that the " mavericks " won the majority over - at least for this year. But if all that seems like too much political jargon, consider some of the concerns that were most important to this year ' s group. As in the past, the Student Legislative Council worked hard to gain the student vote in the Academic Senate. The Lobbies and others vigorously fought tuition hikes which loomed even more menacingly due to Proposition 13. There was a lot of concern - and effort - over the outrageous housing crunch in Westwood. And of course the parking problem wasn ' t ignored either, except this year ' s emphasis was more on transportation alternatives rather than just more parking structures. Council worked on the question of an on-campus Pub (yes, it is coming), and it also wrestled with the ancient proposal for a Bank on campus (it ' s probably coming, but don ' t hold your breath). Of course we had Ackerman Movies (still " one dollar a head " ), the Speakers Program, concerts, and the Coffee House Entertainment. There was the Newspaper Recycling Program, the Consumer Protection Project, and the Village Food Co-op. The Community Service Commission also brought us its whole " family " of community related " outreach " efforts (despite an amazing effort by the Administration to swallow up these programs for themselves). Campus Safety. Financial Aids. Communications. Student Health. The Wooden Center. They got their share of attention too. If all this sounds like serious stuff, it is. But that ' s not to say that SLC didn ' t have its lighter side-and even its downright funny moments. And then there were the times when SLC was the butt of the joke, only not too many people were laughing. Like the time when the Daily Bruin caught President Dean Morehous with his pants down (and his campaign buttons up); and when those Morehous Recall Petitions and Impeachment flyers virtually swamped the campus. Or when you could practically flip a coin to guess whether SLC would get a quorum in any given week. And how about when those $1,800.00 " Special " Elections occurred so frequently they almost became annual practice runs. Or when you couldn ' t quite keep track of how many vacancies there actually were on Council. But through it all, SLC managed to pull it off. And they even did so in public, such as when they held their weekly meetings in places like the Rieber Hall Fireside Lounge. In this way student government showed its best side - its human side. That ' s the side where people (and students) make mistakes - and where you usually learn from them. It ' s a funny thing, student government. Kind of like that Bank commercial - you know, " the one ' s you don ' t have to think about. " Here at UCLA we go about our business and don ' t give much thought to a lot of things. We take them for granted. But end Ackerman Movies, cancel Mardi Gras, stop the Speakers Program, drop the Experimental College. Silence the student voice in the Academic Senate, at the Regent ' s Meetings, and in Murphy Hall. Throw in the towel on the parking problem, the housing shortage, Student Health. Forget the Bank, the Pub, and all the rest. Then you ' d notice SLC. Then you ' d know what they ' re all about. And then we wouldn ' t have to tell you what they do, because you ' d know for yourself. And besides, if we didn ' t have student government, we ' d be stuck with a different problem. Because then what would the Daily Bruin put on its front page? STUDENT LEGISLATIVE Clockwise from left: Steven Sann, Financial Supports Commissioner; Dori Stegman, Student Welfare Commissioner; Bert Johnson, General Representative; Don Findley, ASUCLA Executive Director, Anthony Farwell, Finance Committee Chair; Jerry Namba, First Vice President; Dean Morehous, President; Judy Juarez, Council Clerk; Chris Lamson, Campus Events Commissioner, Richard Vasquez, Community Service Commis- COUNCIL 1978-79 sioner, Gary Schwartz, Facilities Commissioner; Rick Tuttle, Chancellor ' s Representative; Jeff Breyer, Cultural Affairs Commissioner; Marcia Meoli, Educational Policy Commissioner. Not pictured: Marc Bellinson, Administrative Vice-President; Jeff Levine, Alumni Association Representative; Kendy McCloskey, General Representative; Tom Penchoen, Academic Senate Representative: Undergraduate President ' s Office Seated (left to right): Fred Gaines, U.C. Student Lobby Annex Director; Leslie Lurie, Presidential Information Office Assistant; Diane Delpit, Presidential Information Director. Standing: Harry Gould, Elections Board Chairman; Gerald Kurland, External Affairs Director; Ken Grossfeld, External Affairs Assistant; Cynthia Urmer, Internal Affairs Director; Eric Waxman, University Budget Review Task Force Director; Dean Morehous, Undergraduate President. Not Pictured: Kathy Erickson, Undergraduate Students Association Secretary; Anthony Farwell, Finance Committee Chairman; David Friedman, University Budget Review Task Force Office Assistant; Dana Trapnell, United States Student Association Annex Director; Jeff Wallack, Metropolitan Student Lobby Director Administrative V.P. Pictured: Marc Beilinson, Administrative Vice-President. Not Pictured: Daniel Bethlamy, Administrative Intern-Campus Programs and Activities; Barbara Brooks, Student Legislative Council Clerk; Christine Figgins, Administrative Intern-Alumni Association; Kathleen Gorman, Administrative Intern-Ombudsman; Russell Hagey, Administrative Intern-Vice Chancellor for Undergraduate Affairs; Janet Rhodes, Administrative Intern-Dean of Students; John Sullivan, Administrative Intern-U.C. Police Department. First Vice President Clockwise from far left: Randy Sakamoto, Administrative Assistant; Diane Shader, Office Assistant; Lee Rosenblum, Administrative Assistant; Frady Wing-Joe, Office Assistant; Paul Nestler, Administrative Assistant; Jerry Namba, First Vice-President. 20 Organizations Campus Events Commission Campus Events Commission: Standing (left to right): Seth Kaplan, Speakers Program Co-Director; Creig Nicks, Concert Program Production Director; Dave Neuman, Film Program Commission Assistant Bill Harris, Speakers Program Co-Director; Cathy Smith, Speakers Program Assistant Director; Chris Lamson, Commissioner; John Garrick, Film Program Director; Pete Lamson, Commission Photographer; Ron Felmus, Concert Program Promotion Director. Not Pictured: Jay Boberg, Concert Program Executive Director; Paula Erickson, Concert Program Commission Assistant; Fred Fehl, Concert Program Assistant; Lori Kovacs, Speakers Program Assistant Director. Community Service Commission Front Row (left to right): Laurie McElvogue, William Fragosa, Barbara Carera, Francis Carrasco, Angela Pitts, Colleen Tsutsi, John Lee, Gregory Jupiter. Row Two: David Beaston, Sylvia Robledo, Roxanne Huber, Claudia Dunn, Victor Villeaga, Maria Aguilar, Debbie Gelberg, Ken Koury, Joan Smith, Linda Lenhoff, Michael Anderson. Row Three: Diane Padilla, Danny Mayeda, Kim Lim, Dave MacHine. Back Row: Richard Vasquez, Commissioner; Matt Gichtin, Gary Kunitake, Sandy Sinclair, Associate Commissioner; Jeff Wallack, Steven Sann. Organizations 21 Financial Supports Commission Seated: Steven Sann, Commissioner. Standing (left to right): Arthur Galan, Housing Program Director; Bennett Bigman, Consumer Financial Affairs Co-Director; Kathy Butler, Financial Aids Program Assistant, Karen Malmuth, External Information Director; Randall Higa, Transportation Program Director; Mark Epstein, Financial Aids Program Director. Not Pictured: Cathy Lyons, External Liason; Jan Porusch, Consumer Financial Affairs Co-Director; " Mr.Gnome, " Office Mascot. Cultural Affairs Pictured: Jeff Breyer, Commissioner. Not Pictured: Lori Dawe, Acting Commissioner; Barry Goldberg, Coffee House Concert Program Director; Liz Gordon, Publicity Assistant; Brent Kunimoto, Student Concert Program Director; Art Olivas, Noon Concert Program Director; Neal Rabin, Administrative Assistant. Facilities Commission Pictured: Gary Schwartz, Commissioner. Not Pictured: Dan Gruber, Commission Assistant; Greg Karasik, Commission Assistant. 22 Organizations Student Welfare Commission Student Welfare Commission : Standing (left to right): Dori Stegman, Commissioner; Lynda Powell, Peer Health Counselor Student Program Director. Not Pictured: Chuck Collins, Blood Drive Student Program Advisor; Karen Kaupke, Blood Drive Program Chairman; Peer Health Counselor. Program Coordinators: Loretta Dip iri, Claire Elkin, Marlene Jacobs, Jody Lander, Kieran Nolan, Vicki Perman, Deborah Simon. General Representatives Office: Pictured (left to right): Steve Strauss, General Representative, Kendy McCloskey, General Representative. Not pictured: Heidi Roberts, Student Awareness Task Force Director; Judy Young, Student Opinion Service Director; Office Assistants: Todd Clayter, Lisa Culp, Cindy Feldman, Kathy Hockett, Susan Laufer, Ron Mintz, Bobby Zauzmer. Educational Policy Commission Front Row: Bonnie Schneider, Experimental College Assistant; Michelle Hernandez, Academic Senate Affairs Commission Assistant; Marcia Meoli, Commissioner. Row Two: Mark Lacey, Departmental Affairs Commission Assistant; Tawnya Jackson, Departmental Affairs Director; Steve Phillippi, Experimental College External Director; Mike Waltzer, Academic Senate Affairs Director; David Gurnick, Information-Research Assistant Director; J. Arnell, Office Helper. Organizations 23 Student Judicial Board Seated (left to right): Anita Cooke, Justice; B. Eric Sherman, Chair; Luis Rocha, Justice. Standing: Mark Lippman, Justice; Ken Koury, Justice; Roxanne Christ, Clerk. Not Pictured: Douglas Doyle, Justice; Lyle Timmerman, Advisor; Dan Zuckerman, Justice. Finance Committee Seated (left to right): Margaret Snow, Student Government Accounting Department Manager; Lora Livingston, Member; Garcelle Jones, Member; Becky Geretz, Member. Standing: Tony Price, Vice-Chairman; Mark Steverson, Member; Allan Duboff, Member; Anthony Farwell, Chairman. Not Pictured: David Shapiro, Member. Elections Board Clockwise from top left: Robert Ettinger, Investigations Sub-Committee Member; David Friedman, Logistics Sub-Committee Member; Russell Hagey, Logistics Sub-Committee Chairman; Darryl Schall, Logistics Sub-Committee Member; Peter Taylor, Vice-Chairman; Harry Gould, Chairman. Not Pictured: Douglas Fink, Investigations Sub-Committee Chairman; Sue Kelley, Publicity Sub-Committee Chairman; Gloria La Mont, Publicity Sub-Committee Member; Shelle Orlansky, Publicity Sub-Committee Member; Michelle Simon, Investigations Sub-Committee Member. 24 Organizations Board Of Control The Board of Control is the guiding hand, sometimes called the iron fist, that sets prices, hiring policies and menus in all the student-owned ASUCLA outlets on campus. The Board and ASUCLA employees received a setback this year when a promised raise was vetoed by Chancellor Young. Various issues before the board this year include the establishment of a pub and bank on campus and the renovating of A-level Ackerman Union. Seated (left to right): Harold Kassarjian, Academic Senate Alternate Representative; Wilo Nunez, Graduate Students Association Representative; Cathy Yasuda, Undergraduate Students Association Alternate Representative. Standing: Donald Findley, ASUCLA Executive Director; Lee Troxler, Undergr aduate Students Association Representative; Richard Stern, Academic Senate Representative; Ray Goldstone, Chancellor ' s Representative; Beth Kelly, Recording Secretary; William Locklear, Chancellor ' s Alternate Representative; Gary Aronson, Graduate Students Association Representative; Rene Ramos, Graduate Students Association Alternate Representative. Not Pictured: Charles Clustka, Alumni Association Representative; Robert David, Undergraduate Students Association Representative; Richard Ebbert, Alumni Association Alternate Representative; Dean Morehous, Undergraduate Students Association Present; Marco Palma, Graduate Students Association Internal Affairs Officer; Harland Thompson, Chancellor ' s Representative; Rachel Wilkins, Assistant Recording Secretary. Organizations 25 Southern Campus- We do it once a year If you told Southern Campus staffers last fall that there are 600 organizations at this university, we would have laughed and guessed half that number. Now we ' d like to round that figure up to 6000. Compiling a year that involved 30,000 lives into a 352 page book is no easy task. Late nights in the darkroom and early mornings in the Kerckhoff office were common experiences for the fifteen-member staff who put out the largest yearbook in eight years. Editor Greg Masters headed up the crew, which included five full-time photographers. The theme—This is The Year—reflects the variety of moods the campus experienced this year, the fiftieth anniversary of UCLA at the Westwood campus. For the yearbook staff, it was a year of hard work, but the final product was worth every effort. OPPOSITE PAGE: Jordan Sellinger, Lori Teslow, Pat Kennedy, Janet Nelson, Glenn Alterman, Julie Johnson, Greg Masters. KNEELING: Caroline Klein, Berta Burnett. TOP LEFT: Janet Nelson. TOP RIGHT: Kent Bloom Jim McNally RIGHT: The rest of the staff — clockwise from bottom: Janet Johns, Anne Bogart, Dan Weiner, Mary Anne Ostrom. 26 Organizations Daily Bruin-They do it daily 28 Organizations The Daily Bruin Staff met and killed over 130 deadlines this year as the main information source for campus brought news, sports, reviews and opinions every morning. The major issues surrounding the 78-79 year were student housing, oil on campus and the integrity of student government officials. TOP LEFT: Editorial Staff — (seated left to right): Ian Tapp, Ken Goodman, Mike Griffith, Bill Gross, Marissa Roth, Dan Weiner, Tamar Manjikian. 2nd ROW: Bruce Kaye, Nancy Gottesman, Jeannine Stein, Jeff Feld, Randall Wixen, Mary Anne Ostrom, Carol Tucker, Beth Firstman, Anne Yeager, Drew Robbins. 3rd ROW: Frank Spotnitz, Mark Mitchell, Mike Mace, Paul Fischer, Cary Walker, Paula McSpadden, Terry Jones. BOTTOM LEFT: Daily Bruin editors — (seated): Sara Goodman, Alan Fensten, Mike Griffith, Paul Farhi. 2nd ROW: Andy Waxier, Jeff Berry, Joanne Eglash, Michael Auerbach, Audrey Irwin, Steve Hartman, Jodi Zechowy, Nick Svetcoff. 3rd ROW: Chris Cameron, Bruce Hale, Bruce Neal, Todd Ackerman. LEFT: Advertising Staff — (kneeling left to right): Joe Matibag, Carolyn Davis, Annette Appleby. 2nd ROW (standing): Peter Seigel, Paula Fever, Leslie Chikahisa, Michele Suval, Sandy Cunard, Dianne Miller, Mike Hooker. 3rd ROW: Erin Fitzpatrick, Stacy Kirkpatrick, Carol Hesse, Jeff Lapin, Trisha Young. ABOVE TOP: Daily Bruin Editor-in-chief Joanne Eglash. BELOW TOP: Daily Bruin Advertising Manager Diane Miller. Organizations 29 A Special Interest HA ' AM — UCLA ' s Jewish voice — Top: Cyndi Spindell, Diana Weinberg, Sara Arditti, Mark Cooper. Bottom: Eric Birns, Bonnie Schneider, Brian Blum, Jay Kaplan. TOGETHER: A newspaper for Women —Top row (left to right): Elaine Forrester, Sara Feldmen, Judy Leon, Lynn Jensen. Bottom: Pazit Zohar, Ann Goldsmith, Rob Moshein, Cari Groman, Steve Sitkoff, Diane Tishkoff. Not pictured: Robin Ford, Laural Weintraub, Suzanne Goulet, Andy Lieberman, Karen Scharff. 30 Organizations Pacific Ties Nommo PACIFIC TIES: representing UCLA ' s Asian community — left to right: Carl Yamushiro, Ann Kluchi, Claudia Kajihara, Debbie Young, Karen Kwong. Not pictured: Debra Wong, May Ng, Mary Nishimoto, Wayne Sakimoto, Bill Kochi, Rod Miyata. NOMMO — A newspaper especially for Black students — Standing: Bridget Harvey, Michael Harris, Charlotte Rodgers, Louis Chitty. Seated: Joyce Holmes, Bobby Moulden, Donna Wilson. Not pictured: Gina Hendy, Sonja Hall, Merle Brown, Cherie Hargis, Jill Robertson. Organizations 31 Student Directory UCLA ' s version of the little black book is the 350 page annual student directory. It ' s got your number and everyone elses from Aaron to Zycher. Financial problems haunted the Greek Times as the newspaper covering fraternity and sorority news had trouble getting off the ground. Each house had a representative on the staff, in a new move this year to have input from all Greek groups. Times editors were Andy Waxler and Bev Verna. GREEK TIMES (below): ROW 1: Jeff Finkelstein, Sandy Argabrite, Mark Lassiter. ROW 2: Randy Wood, And y Waxler, Bev Verna, Sandy Stradling, Jim Cowling, Lori Teslow, Jeff Burke. ROW 3: Bill Gaynor, Jason Kleinhein, Jacque Kreiman, Andy Comiskey, Mark Lutkenhouse, Chris Wallschleger, Rhesa Gary, Mary Anne Ostrom. Greek Times 32 Organizations Westwind Westwind is UCLA ' s exclusive literary magaz ine. The quarterly publication features short stories, poetry, photographs, artwork and musical compositions of students. WESTWIND (above): Kathy Yoshihara, Burt Goldstein, Laura Shamas, Lisa Ruvelson, Audrey Csendes. MISSING: Matt Brislawn Organizations 33 Comm Board carries clout Comm Board, as it is fondly called, publishes all of UCLA ' s six newspapers, one yearbook, one magazine and operates a r adio station. The allocating of funds, selecting of editor-in-chiefs and ad managers, and running of all campus media organizations keeps the thirteen-member board busy. Linda Seiffert was the Board ' s chairperson. STANDING: Steve Spence, Donna Nevitt, Paula Dixon, Dave Greifinger, Susan Schwartz. SEATED: Daizen Victoria, Linda Seiffert, Herb Vida, Morris Thomas. NOT PICTURED: Craig Cunningham, Brett Holler, Joanne Sanfilippo. 34 Organizations KLA is on new wavelength KLA is on a different wavelength this year as the campus radio station now broadcasts on Theta cable and reaches 40,000 homes in addition to the dormitories, Co-op and Ackerman Union. 83 on the dial, KL A features weekly music and news shows. The station has a talk show where listeners can call in and talk to Bruin and off campus personalities and a date line which acts as matchmaker. KLA is broadening its horizons to include a live concert program. Station manager was John Teicher. ABOVE: KLA Staff — BOTTOM ROW: Marlyn Yeager, Joanne Pollizzi, Heidi Yellin, Janet Allen. 2nd ROW: Phil Brown, Kathy Ferguson. 3rd ROW: Eugenia Valentino, Greg Barbacovi, Charmai Powell, Warren Bowman. 4th ROW: David Green, Liz Weissman. TOP ROW: Jon Teicher, Mike Lieberman. LEFT — Management Staff — BOTTOM ROW: Marlyn Yeager (Music Dir.), Greg Barbacovi (Program Dir.), Charmae Powell (Publicity Dir.). 2nd ROW: David Green (Sports Dir.), Mike Lieberman (Ad Mgr.). TOP ROW: Jon Teicher (General Mgr.). Organizations 35 Registration Fee Committee Ever wonder where your $234 go every quarter? That is exactly what the Registration Fee Committee helps Chancellor Young decide. Acting in an advisory capacity to the Chancellor, the committee compiles a report at the end of each school year detailing where the next year ' s money should be spent. The twelve member board, chaired by student Nina Ringgold, grappled with such controversial issues as funding for Child Care and experienced internal problems with the resignation of two members. Seated: Betty Thomas, Sue Tremper, Lazette Smith, Larry Pie rce. Standing: Dr. Joseph McCutchan, Mark Rodgers, Dimitri Nibbs, Mary Anne McMillan, Allen Yarnell, Nina Ringgold (chair), Jeff Spahn, Glenn Smith, Victor Nunez, Anita Cooke. 36 Organizations Student Lobby Housing was the word for the student lobbies this year. UC Lobby Director Fred Gaines worked on state efforts to end housing discrimination against students. Metrolobby, under director Jeff Wallack, led a local fight to save fraternity and sorority rows from high rise construction and proposed an ordinance to the city that would cut rents for students. Dana Trapnell, as director of the National Student Lobby, worked with campuses nationwide to secure more grants and financial aid for students. Above, first row: Leslie McConnell, Jeff Wallack, Dana Trapnell, Fred Gaines, Julie Silber. Second row: Ron Karpati, Sue Grivas, Steve Jamieson, Sue Dworakowski, Lori Salzer, Hank Lindsey. Program Task Force Program Task Force is what o ne might call the little brother of the Registration Fee Committee. PTF channels reg free money to cultural, academic and social a proposal on how to use the money as the task force is always open to new and innovative programming. Left, front: Larry Pierce. Clockwise: Lynn Cummins, Louis Knox (Chair), Craig Moyer, Monroe Wootson, John Mersel, Steve Berson, Bard Higgins, Eloise Morales. Organizations 37 Inter-Fraternity Council IFC is the organization that represents the campus ' 24 fraternities in UCLA and outside matters. The group promotes unity among the Greek system and plays an integral part in the organization of Greek activities. Each fraternity has a representative which reports to the council. Randall Rich served as President. Above (kneeling): Jeff Zinn, Ken Grossfeld, Ernie Sullivent, Dave Shapiro, Wyle Weiman, Dan Cislo, Gary Schwartz, Quentin Gallivan. Second Row: Andy Waxler, Mike Futterman, Charles Franklin, Mark Krotoski, Tom Packer, Randall Rich, Todd Whitthorne, John Webber, Dave Gold, Bruce Barbee (Advisor), Mark Ritchie. 38 Organizations Panhellenic Council Panhellenic Council keeps communication lines open between sororities and the campus. The Greek group also promotes activities among the sororities. Panhellenic sponsors sorority rush each year and offers officer training programs and legal services. One special concern of the council this year was crime and rape prevention for sorority women. Maryella Hughes served as president. Front: Paula Simbro, Nina Locke, Leslie Kumamoto, Susie Diggs, Valerie Gutierrez. Row 2: Marianne Pease, Sue Dworakowski, Cathy Cronin, Jill Baldauf, Maryella Hughes, Robin Katherman, Becca Minor. Row 3: Carol Hesse, Marcia Meoli, Karen Kennedy, Lynn Good, Valerie Kaplan, Robin Zimmerman, Liz Ying, Suzanne Goulet, Sue Admonson, Karen Test. Blue Key Blue Key is a national men ' s honor service fraternity that recognizes students for service to the UCLA community. Though not a requirement, most are involved in Greek life, as well as in Student Government. The group throws the Annual Blue Ball and has a booth in Mardi Gras. Front Row (left to right): David Shapiro; Bob Boada; Richard McLaughlin, Treasurer; Dave Hirsch, President; Gary Pierot. Row Two: John Mavredakis; Don Tringali; Jim Helfrich; Mark Brandt; Ken Grossfeld; Lee Troxler. Row Three: Steve Bay; Mark Krotoski; Tom Pinault; Jim White. Row Four: Michael Koverman; Dan Post; Randall Rich; Todd Whitthorne; Brett Farnum; Ned Schroeder. Not Pictured: Dwight Belden, Vice-President; Bob Campbell; Charlie Campbell; Randy Dean; Anthony Farwell; Jim Foreman; Michael Futterman; Mike Johnson; Gerald Kurland; Greg Lievers; Greg MacDiarmid; Bill Moore; Bill Newby; Mitch Ostwald, Social Chairman; Lenny Poirier; Monte Preston; Dean Prober; Brad Rutledge; Dave Shapiro Organizations 39 Bruin Bells is the offcial hostess organization for UCLA. Twenty-five girls are selected from each class level to be hostesses for campus events and special visitors. They are also involved in many service activities such as Red Cross blood drives and Mardi Gras. Front row: Lori Teslow, Monica Hall, Lynn Cummins, Cathy Yasuda, Ruth Ann Dunn, Judy Young, Wendy Ward, Shelli Atlas, Muffi Beyer, Ellen Kirkbride, Shari Munson, Karen Redwick, Mary Ann Lee, Jill Gumbert, Lori Martyns, Cathy Nelson, Joan Jordan , Kathy Burton, Pam Stewart. Row Two: Kathy Doherty, Jennifer Rendle, Leana Adamson, Joy Pepperman, Roberta Nedry, Susan Wynn, Julie Carrington, Anne Eger, Nanette de la Torre, Lori Hershberg, Lorrie Provost, Lori Salzer, Carol Cooper, Lisa Zusman, Barbara Jacobs, Stephanie Stevens, Lisa Jacobs, Kathy Leetch. BRUIN BELLES Row Three: Marianne Pease,. Mary Bruns, Beth Powell, Nancy Dutra, Susan Baldacci, Virginia Levy, Katie Grebitus, Karen Large, Lynn Prendergast, Paula Winters, Vicki Smith, Nancy Geer, Christine Hughes, Lisa Goldstein, Linda Wasserman, Laurie Patierno, Nancy Levy, Linda Brogmus, Debbie Frank, Joanna Garrett, Liz Kubota, Lisa Poe, Kim Hudelson, Stacey Whitfield, Caroline Klein. Row Four: Lis Hallock, Melissa Terry, Karen Boracki, Nancy Adam, Theresa Dietz, Linda Jones, Laurel Weaver, Diane Draper, Lori Japenga, Susan Crowley, Susan Vlay, Kathy Lorenzi, Kristen Fitzgerald, Pam Smith, Debbie Brady, Reilly Doud, Julie MacMillan, Joanne Gold, Martha Lipinski, Linda Harvey, Linda Kerby, Pat Page, Tracy Roberts, Donna Edmiston, Eva De Carli, Carolyn Murray, Kim Gullivan, Leslie Mayer, Sue Preston, Diana Elcan. 42 Organizations The Solid Gold Sound was more solid than ever this year with 275 members, making it one of the largest marching bands on the West Coast. Under the direction of Kelly James, the band marched at all home football games and followed the team north to Berkeley and east to Arizona for a Christmas Day show at the Fiesta Bowl. And when basketball season rolled around, the Varsity Band took over playing " Hails to the Hills " at Pauley. FRONT ROW (left to right): Barb Cleis, Karen Hunter, Dan Keen, Jay Hull, Dan Kalatarian, Ellen Fisher, Paula Hanzel, Eric Grenier, Alyson McLamore, Jennifer Judkings, James Arnwine, Brian Goforth. 2nd ROW: Marilyn Iseri, Martine Micozzi, Sue Powers, Kerry Riddle, Steve Arriola, Stan Poey, Darlene Franks, Julie West, Jeff Shoop, Wilbur Babb. 3rd ROW: Pat Hendrix, Suzanne Ring, Mindy Shaffer, Cheryl Guder, Mary Anne Cartaino, Phyllis Fleschler, Cheryl Kronenfeld, Andy Osman, Barb Sarantitis, Ron King, Greg Arriola. 4th ROW: Luis Espinoza, Cheryl Tenneson, Steve Bucksbaum, David White, Kent Klingbeil, Greg Haake, Wally Holloman, Mark Worthge, Dave Miller, Ron Fritz, Dan Noal, Kurt Cantarano, Jeff Bellune. 5th ROW: Eric Rosenbaum, Art Kaufmann, Marc Silverstein, Mike Tenneson, Melvin Agcaoili, Chuck Shober, Dave Alexander, Harry Brown, Anthony Romo, Lance Holiday. 6th ROW: Todd Spencer, Dennis Hescox, Zan Overturf, Mike McDonald, Steve Watanabe, Fred Ginsburg, Paula Bilovsky, Dave Campbell, Jim Blackburn. 7th ROW: Matt Yuen, Lynne Feller, Cahy Box, Lori Bostick, Jack Hollander, Jim Klein, Rich Ramsey, Steve Kress, Jodie Pisar, Jack Rubens, Mike Wheat. 8th ROW: Tod McNaughton, Mary Jane Babyak, Todd Holland, Rick Ong, John Hernandez, Jan Johnson, Kathy Musial, Bob Hollingsworth, Art Ronci, Karen Latka. 9th ROW: Bob King, Joe Oster, Cliff Daniels, John Mina, Edson Smith, Joel Fierberg, Ed Zaragoza. Below Left: The marching band and flag team entertains UCLA fans during halftime. Below Center: At a basketball game in Pauley Pavilion, Chuck Barris was the guest-director. Below: The famous UCLA spellout takes form at the Fiesta Bowl game. Wind Ensemble Wind ensemble is the premier performing group of the band program. The 50 wind and percussion instrument players recorded an album using the composition of a music professor here. They also appeared at a national music convention. The Symphony Band is for less serious musicians and performed a noon concert in Schoenberg once eacy quarter. James Westbrook directs both bands. Below: Wind ensemble (cont ' d on opposite page) FRONT ROW (left to right): Eric Rosenbaum, Lynne Feller, Kathy Gottschalk, Todd Helm, Edward Doehne, Karen Hunter. 2nd ROW: Alyson McLamore, Eric Grenier, Chris Condon, Jay Hull, Bruce Michel, Nona Schmedes, Pier Moore, Noreen Field. 3rd ROW: Steve Arriola, Glenn Katz, Art Kaufmann, Lori Bostick, Karen Latka, Dave Juran, Warde Bates, Julie West. 4th ROW: Tony Martinez, Dave Wilson, Greg Haake, Albert Elegino. 5th ROW: Richmond Ramsey, Alan Satchwell, Eric Wright, Mark Eshoff, Scoff Handler, Jack Hollander. 6th ROW: Wally Holloman, Bob King, Douglas Gross, James Arnwine. BACK ROW: Jennifer Judkins, Rob Oliver, Alice Rodli, Greg Goodall. Organizations 45 Campus Programs Activities Office The Campus Programs and Activities Office is a university sponsored organization that coordinates the activities of over 400 campus groups, ranging from the Asian Coalition to the spirit squad. CPAO also serves as advisor to student government at UCLA. Top row (left to right): Assistant Deans Carolyn Brown, Feelie Lee, Monroe Wooten (standing), Dean William Locklear (seated). Middle: Assistant Deans Robert Ringer, Tony Garcia, Deanna Musial, Kenn Heller. Bottom: Student Program Assistants: Craig Kitsong, Rick Richards, Renee Nakasone, Monica Boswell. Not pictured: Assistant Dean Rick Tuttle. 46 Organizations Ask an Ask Counselor Ever run across an academic problem that has you stumped? These trained Academic Student K Counselors can advise their fellow students on college and university requirements, procedures and other problems; like what to do if you ' re flunking chemistry. Top (standing, left to right): Don Tamura, Jeff Lai, Steve Pederson, Karen Friss, Don Partier, Liz Becker. Seated: Joey Abramson, Ronny Bensimon, Sue King, Sue Tonai, Karen Toki, Seth Strichartz, Cary Fenton, Tilda Crispi, Allison Snyder (coordinator), Elane Fong, Suzanne Wegener. Organizations 47 Phi Eta Sigma Phi Eta Sigma is an academic honor society for men in their first year of college. Members are required to have a 3.5 GPA. Most of the group ' s activities are done in conjunction with Alpha Lambda Delta. ROW 1 (left to right): Ron Karpati, Jay Fujitani, Kenneth Michael Valdez, James Liao, Emil Dianysian. ROW 2: M.J. Krebs (advisor), Jon Tsuchiyam, Mike Shaler, Mark Epstein, Don Eichenseer, Herb Fuchs, Steven Laub, Michael Wolff. Mortar Board Mortar Board is a national honor society which honors senior men and women for outstanding school and community service and scholastic achievement. Members are chosen in their junior year. ROW 1 (left to right): Sharon Bleviss, Marilyn Feldman, Cathy Yasuda, Liz Ullmer. ROW 2: Marianne Gausche, Andrea Spats, Michelle Moy, Brian Jick. ROW 3: Gail Smason, Terry Meador, Sallie Estep. ROW 4: Lori Teslow, Joanne Meikel, Daniel Mayede. 48 Organizations Alpha Lambda Delta Alpha Lambda Delta is a freshman women ' s honorary open to those who earn a 3.5 or better in 12 graded units. The academic-minded group organizes charity activities and takes a trip to Catalina each year with their male counterparts of Phi Eta Sigma. ROW 1 (left to right): M.J. Krebs (advisor), Loretta L. Howard, Dorthe Bame, Laura Winston, Jean Nakashioya, Maureen Bertorelli, Sheryl Rabkin, Judy Brower. ROW 2: Lynn Yamada, Sharon Alpert, Debbie Sassoon, Sue Tonai, Estelle Benson, Elizabeth A rciuch, Gayle Gussin, Tamara Williams. Organizations 49 Bruin Democrats The Bruin Democrats involve UCLA students in the promotion of the Democratic party. Their efforts are displayed in an array of speakers, posters and leaflets supporting Democratic candidates and ballot propositions. Right: A Bruin Democrat attempts to hand out a flyer promoting a proposi tion on the November ballot. Bruin Republicans Not to be outdone, the Bruin Young Republicans give the Democrats stiff competition at election time. They involve UCLA students in backing the Republican party, with a matching set of speakers, posters and leaflets. Above: Three Younger Curb supporters on Bruin Walk are prepared to debate their side. 50 Organizations Campus Studio Besides shooting seniors for the yearbook, the folks at Campus Studio assist the UCLA Office of Public Information and Athletic News Bureau with thousands of pictures given out annually to press covering UCLA events. The Campus Studio, a service area under ASUCLA Board of Control, recently merged with Printing and Duplicating to form the new Graphic Services Department with services such as photofinishing, portraits, flyers, xeroxing, and more. Left to right: Norm Schindler, Terry O ' Donnel, Stan Troutman (manager) and Wali Valencia. Organizations 51 Stadium Executive Committee Ever wonder who coordinates the card stunts, the Band, the Spirit Squad and the halftime shows? The Stadium Executive. Committee (SEC) is behind it all. With representatives from the Athletic department, the Band, Rally Committee, the Spirit Squad, CPAO and Bruin Belles, SEC attempts to create an exciting setting for UCLA athletics. Standing (left to right): Lyle Timmerman, Julie Carrington, Maurice Blanco, Richard Verches, Beth Powell, Jerry Long (chairman). Seated: Brian Goforth, Lori Hershberg, Mike Sondheimer, Janet Joanou, Bill Dorfman. Right: Two UCLA Rally Committee members tape the card show instructions to a Coliseum seat before a football game. 52 Organizations Rally Committee The 1978-79 Rally Committee - FRONT: Mike Mason, Lida Sokolow, Richard Verches (chairman), Donna Edmiston, Paula Schwartz, uy Regla. ROW 2: Jaye Varley, Mark Underwood, Barbara, Mike Karp, Linda Agay, Maurice Blanco. ROW 3: Lois Ishizue, Bryan Leaburn, Jeff Buell, David Anisman, Amy Stein, Virginia Buendia. TOP: Odette de Lusignan. SPORTS Soccer UCLA 1 N.Texas State 2 UCLA 2 Westmonal College 0 UCLA 1 S. Methodist 2 UCLA 3 USC Fullerton 2 UCLA 5 Texas Christian 2 UCLA 4 UC Berkeley 3 UCLA 1 U. of Evabsville 0 UCLA 1 U. of Santra Clara 2 UCLA 1 Indiana U. 2 UCLA 3 USC 2 UCLA 4 U. Of Akron 1 UCLA 2 San Jose State 3 UCLA 4 Florida Int. 3 UCLA 0 USF 1 UCLA 0 U. of Portland 0 UCLA 2 Simon Fraser U. 0 56 Sports The 1978 Bruin soccer team, undermined by the loss of eight starters including first-string goalie Bruce Sallie, finished the season with a 14-8-1 record. Unfortunately for the first time in Bruin history, the soccer team did not make the NCAA play-offs. Led by Ole Mikkelsen ' s 21 goal season, the young Bruins made a determined run at the playoffs by winning five of their last six games only to fall to UCSB. The Bruins look forward to the return of their injured players and continued key plays from Yosi Mizrahi, Ole Mikkelsen, and Brad Webster for next season. Opposite: Ole Mikkelsen scores one of his 21 goals to defeat Stanford. Above: Coach Steve Gay (right), assistant coach Mike Vanneman (left). UCLA 2 Billa College 0 UCLA 2 USF 3 UCLA 2 Stanford 0 UCLA 6 USC 0 UCLA 2 San Diego State 0 UCLA 0 UCSB 2 UCLA 1 UNLV 0 Sports 57 Top row (left to right): Coach Steve Gay, Billy Bugbee, Dan Nannini, Ole Mikkelsen, Charles Fisher, Tom Battle, Jeff Gross, Aldo del Piccolo, Fred Matthis, Raul Zavaleta, Carlos Zavaleta. Bottom row: Tom Abelew, Mike Callan, Brad Webster, Jerry Schnitman, Sergio Melgar, Tim Curran, Richard Ramirez. Not pictured: Coach Mike Vanneman, Yoshi Mizrahi, Segun Adewale, Ike Enzidenna, Tim Ngubeni, Angelo Stroffolino, Bruce Sallie. 58 Sports Opposite left: Yosi Mizrahi boots the ball out of a Stanford defenseman ' s reach. Opposite center: Mike Callan, fullback, heads ball away from opponent. Bottom left: Jerry Schnitman gains control to defeat Biola 2-0. Left: Brad Webster goes up against Stanford defenseman to win the match 2- 0. Below: Morgan Miller, starting freshman, rushes for a chance to score against USF. Sports 59 This year ' s Water Polo season reflects a rare strategy in athletics — the experienced players redshirted while the young talent started. David Rosen, Rick Sherburne, Lyle Asaoko, Jeff Demott and Jeff Thornton sat out, waiting until next year to play their final season. At that time the team will have extraordinary talent with a full squad of experience. Although not reflected in the scores, the young team displayed a lot of talent and potential; especially in sophomore Ed Robinson, and freshmen Brian " Boogie " Black, Vince Tonne and Robin Leamy. Bob Gallishaw and Vic Katayama were particularly inspirational. Look out next year — the Bruin Water Polo team will be awesome! Standing (left to right): Peter Stevenson, Kirk Dawn, Lyle Asaoka, David Koorajian, Doug Kimbell, Granger Cobb, Don Murphy, Leroy Crowe, Mourice Moachawar, Tim Somerset, Toa Fonoimoawa, Victor Katayama, Dean Heck, Brian Black, Head Coach Bob Horn. Seated: David Rosen, Jeff Stites (graduate assistant), Richard Corso (assistant coach), Bob Gallishaw, Vince Tonne, Mike Linkletter, Robin Leamy, Tom Larson, Jeff Kay, Dick Najarian, Ed Robinson, Mike Fitzsimmons (captain). 60 Sports Water Polo UCLA 2 Stanford 12 UCLA 8 California 12 UCLA 6 USC 9 UCLA 5 Stanford 9 UCLA 6 California 17 UCLA 4 Arizona 3 UCLA 10 Arizona 11 UCLA 7 USC 15 61 Women ' s Volleyball Back row, (left to right: Coach Sharon McAlexander, Asst. Coach:Nina Mallhus, Wendy Baldwin, Cathy Herst, Denise Corlett, Sue Ewing, Elaine Roque, Ursula Giger, Head Coach: Andy Banachowski. Front row: (l to r) Trainer Gail Weldon,--Mandy Wickman, Linda Robertson, Claire McCarty, Sheila king, Lindy Vivas, Lisa Reeves, Yvette Duran. The UCLA Women ' s Volleybal Team, coached by Andy Banachowski and Sharon McAlexander, had an excellent year. After winning the Western Regionals earlier in the season, they went on to compete in the AIAW Nationals. They finished 2nd overall in a very tight and competitive tournament. Led by Captain-setter Denise Corlett, the team ' s offense was extremely strong. Returning hitters Ursula Giger, Lindy Vivas, and Elaine Roque were joined by freshman hitter Linda Robertson. Claire McCarty, who played as strong as ever with her perfect sets, also returned along with power hitter Lisa Reeves. Consistency and intensity were two very strong characteristics displayed by this year ' s team. Their defense was also extremely strong as shown in the final USC game: UCLA 3 USC 0. Their 33-5 season record in itself says how strong their overall ability was. Despite their loss in the Nationals, the Bruin Women ' s Volleyball Team members are the Western Collegiate Athletic Association (WCAA) conference and Western Regional Champs !!!!!! Right: Coach Andy Banachowski and his players look on. Opposite, top left: Despite the two-man block, Lindy Vivas put the ball down to score. Opposite, top right: Captain Denise Corlett assists her teammates in the passing attack at the net. Opposite, bottom: Claire McCarty goes down for a successful dig as Lindy Vivas and Elaine Roque look on. 62 Sports 63 Above: Freshman Linda Robertson shows perfect form as she gets ready to serve an ace. Above, right: Veteran Elaine Roque goes up and over USC ' s Star Clark for a point. Below, right: Ursula Giger and Denise Corlett set up the block that makes the team ' s defense one of the strongest in the league. Opposite: UCLA ' s winning form in the USC match which they took in 3 straight games. 64 Sports WCAA Conference Games AIAW Nationals W L UCLA.vs. SDSU 3 1 UCLA vs. Arizona 2 0 UCLA vs. CSUF 3 0 UCLA vs. Texas A M 2 0 UCLA vs. CSULB 3 0 UCLA vs. Pepperdine 2 1 UCLA vs. USC 2 3 UCLA vs. Southwest Missouri 2 0 UCLA vs. CSUF 3 0 UCLA vs. Florida State 2 1 UCLA vs. SDSU 3 1 UCLA vs. Brigham Young 3 0 UCLA vs. CSULB 3 2 UCLA vs.Hawall 3 2 UCLA vs. USC 3 0 UCLA vs.Utah State 1 3 UCLA vs. USC 3 1 (tie breaker) WAIAW Regionals UCLA vs. Sacramento St. 2 0 UCLA vs. SDSU 1 2 UCLA vs. Pepp erdineee 2 1 UCLA vs. Son Jose tan St. 2 0 UCLA vs. SDSU 2 0 UCLA vs. USC 3 1 UCLA vs. USC 1 0 Conference record 7-1 Overall record 33-5 Cross Country 66 Sports The 1977 Cross Country Team began to turn things around this year with their first victory over Long Beach State in 6 years. Next year will definitely be a rebuilding year though, as 5 seniors are graduating — leaving Glenn Best and Alex Gonzales the only experienced runners on the team for next year. Men ' s Cross Country Team (left to right): Glenn Best, Paul French, Vicken Simonian, David Greifinger, Mike Cahallera, Joe Dowling, Alex Gonzales. Women ' s Team: Coach Scott Chisam, Diane Lester, Brenda Falash, Kathy Chisam, Elaine Schultze, Wanda Burke. Front row, (l to r): Sheri Marshall, Linda Broderick, Sheila Ralston, Andrea Ward. Above: Linda Broderick (left) and Andrea Ward near the finish. Left: David Greifinger pushes on. SCOREBOARD UCLA Invitational 3rd Aztec Invitational 7th Southern Division Finals 4th Pac-10 Finals 7th Sports 67 Football ucla 70 Sports PAC-10 On July 1, 1978 the Pac-8 conference officially became the Pac-10 with the addition of Arizona and Arizona State. The conference teams compiled the highest winning percentage in the country as well as a season of thrills for their fans. Top left: Jim Main blocks for Rick Bashore against Washington as Bruins win crucial opening Pac-10 game, 10-7. Center: Robert Leggins (64) and Dan Dufour (78) celebrate last second victory over Stanford. Right: Bruin fans boast of new " Racket Jaws " reputation after Washington State and Stanford coaches filled a formal complaint against the UCLA rooters for making " too much noise! " Bottom left: Named a consensus All-American for the third year in a row, the only player in NCAA history to be so honored, linebacker Jerry Robinson shatters USC ' s Chuckie White ' s hopes for the Heisman. Right: Arizona Wildcats show their strength as a new conference contender. Sports 71 THE BERKELEY ROMP 72 Sports Over 15,000 Bruin alumni, students, and fans traveled north for the annual Bay Area weekend. On a crisp fall afternoon in Cal ' s Memorial Stadium, the Bruin defense set a conference record by intercepting ten California passes enroute to a 45-0 Bruin thrashing of the Bears. Opposite, left: Bruin running back Marvin Morris evades Cal tacklers. Far left: UCLA ' s defensive line. Below left: Quarterback Steve Bukich scouts downfield for a receiver. Below: Bruin Racketjaws invade Cal ' s home turf. FLASH BACK " Images of Excellence " Theotis Brown (27), an All-American honorable mention, and James Owens (3), the Bruins ' leading offensive players in 1978 display their talents against Stanford. Far right: Phil " the Hub " Hubbard (2) and All-American Kenny Easley (5) jubilate as Brian Baggott (8) falls on blocked punt for touchdown against Washington. 74 Sports Sports 75 Above: The UCLA defense closes in on Oregon ' s Dwight Robertson. Above, right: Quarterback Rick Bashore (11) confers with Coach Billie Matthews (center) and Terry Donahue (right). Far right: Rick Bashore keeps the ball against Arizona. AdJacent: " Ya see, I was headin ' over to cover their receiver, and da ball . . . you know . . . " " When on the field we are more than a team. We ' re part of an athletic tradition that carries the pride of a university in every play. " 76 Sports THE 1978 THE SCOREBOARD UCLA 10 WASHINGTON 7 UCLA 13 TENNESSEE 0 UCLA 24 KANSAS 28 UCLA 17 MINNESOTA 3 UCLA 27 STANFORD 26 UCLA 45 WASH. STATE 31 UCLA 45 CALIFORNIA 0 UCLA 24 ARIZONA 14 UCLA 23 OREGON 21 UCLA 13 OREGON STATE 15 UCLA 10 USC 17 Front row (l to r): Chuck Garrity (head manager), Gerald Jones, Kent Brisbin, Pat Marty, James Owens, Glenn Windom, Scott Reid, Jeff Muro, Max Montoya, Erik Escher, Ken Walker, Don Hopwood, Manu Tuiasosopo, Mike Molina, Bobby Hosea, Bruce Davis, Johhny Lynn, Jerry Robinson, Theotis Brown, Tony Gueringer, Marvin Morris. Second row (l to r): Scott Stauch, Brian Baggott, Billy Don Jackson, Howard Kipnis, Matt McFarland, Vic Mayer, Jim Main, gregg Chiristiansen, Rick Bashore, Johnny Gibbs, Dave Otey, Joe Gary, Arthur Akers, Peter Poermeester, Steven Reece, Doug Reeves, Kenny Eastey. Third row (l to r): Mike Barbee, Tim Wrightman, Mark Tuinei, Dave Gover, Michael Brant, Ronnie DeBose, Chris Elias, Phil Husbbard, Luis Sharpe, John Helm, Curt Mohl, BRUIN TEAM Glenn Cannon, Larry Oats, Alan Vernon, Martin Moss, Rex Gray, Dokie Williams, Eric Brown, Willie Curran. Fourth Row (l to r) : Daryl Green, Ray Tautolo Toa Saipale, John Tautolo, Larry Hall, Larry Lee, Ralph Caldwell, Mike Mason, Brad Plemmons, Brian Graham, James Forge, Mike Durden, Bernard Quarles, Ricky Coffman, Jojo Townsell, Isaac Gordon, Ron Davis, Freeman McNeil. Fifth row (l to r): Jairo Penaranda, Scot Tiesing, Vinnie Barba, Rick Sneteno, Mark Ferguson, Tom Brajkovich, Mike Jolly, Dan Dufour, Mike Hammett, Larry Thomas, Clifton Thomas, Robert Leggins, Ray Chchrane, Anthony Edgar, Dave Brown, Jimmy Turner, Bill Cowdrey (trainer), Steve Winter (trainer). Sixth row (l to r): Ray Robinson, Tom Sullivan, Brian Smith, Tom Sheffield, Norm Johnson, Rich Gray, Joe Hubbard. Back row (non-Uniformed personnel): Gary Lynch (Assistant Equipment manager), David Childs (ball boy), Shawn Wills (manager). Coaches Gary Campbell, Don Riley, Dwain Painter, Bob Field, Terry Donahue (Head Coach), Jed Hughes, Gary Blackney, Billie Matthews, Jim Zeches, Norm Anderson, Football trainer Ducky Drake, Head framer Larry Carter. Not pictured: Coaches Doug Kay and Keith Eck Bruins Tie in Arizona The Fiesta Bowl-bound Bruins could only dream of a white Christmas this year as the football team spent Christmas Day in sun-drenched Tempe, Arizona. And what Santa Claus left was no fiesta - a football game against the favored Arkansas Razorbacks. The expected pigskin romp turned into a defensive classic as the 15th ranked Bruins tied the 8th ranked Razorbacks, 10-10. Lou Holtz, Razorback coach and amateur magician, had nothing up his sleeve to surprise the UCLA defense. Bruin Coach Terry Donahue pulled a switch by starting second string quarterback Steve Bukich in place of regular starter Rick Bashore. The ball did a disappearing act several times when Bukich went to the air. But on the ground, he bewitched the Razorback defense and ran in for the Bruin ' s only touchdown. The magic stopped when Coach Donahue ' s expletive on a bum call was broadcast nationwide. And Coach Donahue proved words do speak louder than actions. (cont ' d on opposite page) 82 Sports The Fiesta Bowl marked the last game for several top senior players. Half-back James Owens shone brighter than the Arizona sun as he rushed for 121 yards and was the game ' s outstanding offensive player. It was also the end of a UCLA career for fullback Theotis Brown, noseguard Manu Tuiasosopo, cornerbacks Johnny Lin and Bobby Hosea, and three time all-American Jerry Robinson. The Christmas Day epic made a fiesta for the some 55,000 fans and a jackpot, $430,000 to be exact, for UCLA. OPPOSITE PAGE, TOP: James Owens breaks through Arkansas defensemen on the way to gaining 121 yards. OPPOSITE PAGE, BELOW: James Owens is presented with his MVP-offense award. TOP: The UCLA defense, led by Mark Tuinei (86) and Manu Tuiasosopo (40) closes in on the Arkansas quarterback. LEFT: Steve Bukich races for UCLA ' s only touchdown of the game. Sports 83 Hail to the Hills of Westwood The 1978-79 UCLA sprit squad, led by Bill Dorfman and Janet Joanou, had an exciting year leading UCLA fans to " Racketjaws " fame early on in the football season. Throughout the year, the squad willingly put in many hours practicing and preparing toward giving UCLA teams and their fans a year filled with fun and SPIRIT! Opposite, left: " Hail to the Hills of Westwood. " Left: Marianne Gausche: " U-C-L-A . . " Below, left: The UCLA band at halftime. Center: A UCLA racketjaw up close. Right: Kim Gregory, Georgie Supple, Cynthia de Beaumont, Drue Whiting, and Deane Kanenaka at the Home-coming parade. Top left: Caroline Kondo does her impersonation of King Tut. Center: The Women ' s Athletics Cheer Squad: Tanya Cole, Carolyn Gramly, Emelia Dena, Val Red-Horse. Right: A real " UCLA " family. Below, left: An anxious UCLA basketball fan rushes in for a front row seat. Center: It ' s those racketjaws again. Right: A rain-soaked Terry Donahue and his wife Andrea celebrate UCLA ' s 10-7 victory in the season opener against Washington. Spirit 87 Standingh (left to right): Cynthia deBeaumont, Deane Kanenaka, Bill Dorfman, Janice Jonnson, Marianne Gausche, Claire Williams, Greg Maher, Janet Joanou, Hollie Lee. Kneeling: George Supple, Bruce Mannis (Joe Bruin), Norma Simpson (Josephine Bruin), Drue Whiting. Front: Caroline Kondo, Kim Gregory. BASKETBALL Will the legend live on? Bruin Basketball Rides Hilly Road to Success The agony and the ecstacy, the story of a basketball team that could and couldn ' t, played all season in Pauley Pavilion. Directed by Coach Gary Cunningham and starring the Bruin basketball quintet, the 1978-79 basketball season was indeed an epic. A season marked by the agony of defeats to Stanford, Arizona and Washington also has it share of ecstacies in an away victory over Notre Dame, a number one rating by both national polls and the 1000th basketball win in UCLA history. Even the usually calm Coach Cunningham couldn ' t stay in his seat through this season. The Bruins put on some five-star finales as the fans raved and bit their nails during more than their fair share of cliffhangers. January marked last second wins over Oregon State and Oregon. A blocked shot by David Greenwood at the buzzer saved the slim one-point lead over Oregon. February brought USC to Pauley which proved to be not only a thriller but a heartstopper when the game went into overtime. The never-say-die Bruins pulled out the victory in the first overtime game ever played at Pauley Pavilion. When the Arizona State Sundevils came to town, they gave the Bruins a helluva time—UCLA won by scoring six points in the last nine seconds. 94 Sports Following the 110-86 thrashing of Arizona, the Bruins vaulted to the top of both wire service polls, the first time since 1974. After a disappointing loss to Washington, the Bruins pulled out a 110-102 triple overtime victory at Washington State—the game was tied 42-42 at halftime, 82-82 at the end of regulation play, 92-92 after the first overtime, and 96-96 after the second. It wasn ' t until late in the third overtime that Kiki Vandeweghe hit a 20 foot jumpshot and Roy Hamilton and Brad Holland made four crucial free throws to put UCLA ahead for g ood. The Bruins climaxed their 23-4 season with the 1000th win in Bruin history when UCLA humbled California at Pauley, and clinched the Pac-10 title with a final conference win over Stanford — setting the stage and Pauley Pavilion for the NCAA playoffs. Far left: Kiki Vandeweghe shows his style against Arizona State for two. Center: Three-time All-American forward David Greenwood shoots a jumper. Center, below: Coach Cunningham and players confer during a crucial time-out. Above: Brad Holland shoots one of his " patented " outside shots from 25 feet out. Sports 95 SCOREBOARD UCLA 111 China 83 UCLA 79 Boise St. 59 UCLA 111 DePaul 83 UCLA 108 Santa Clara 85 UCLA 78 Notre Dame 81 UCLA 97 S.D.State 73 UCLA 95 Fordham 64 UCLA 103 Boston Coll 81 UCLA 72 Stanford 75 UCLA 95 Cal 67 UCLA 65 Oregon St. 63 UCLA 98 Rutgers 57 UCLA 74 Oregon 71 UCLA 89 USC 86 UCLA 69 Arizona 70 UCLA 95 Arizona St. 79 UCLA 89 Wash. St. 71 UCLA 86 Washington 61 UCLA 65 Oregon 58 UCLA 69 Oregon St. 56 UCLA 102 USC 94 UCLA 56 N.D. 52 UCLA 85 Ariz. St. 83 UCLA 110 Arizona 86 UCLA 68 Washington 69 UCLA 110 Wash. St. 102 UCLA 79 Cal 68 UCLA 99 Stanford 71 The Bruins staged a real life drama in the NCAA playoffs, barely squeezing by a surprisingly stubborn Pepperdine team in the second round, 76-71. And the tragedy followed when the Bruins got snowed by De Paul in Provo, Utah to end their season and hopes for the NCAA championship. The cagers didn ' t die without a fight, however. Down by as many as 17 points, the Bruins pulled to within four points in the closing minutes, but fouls and inconsistent shooting killed any possibilities for a Bruin comeback victory. The saga ended 93-89. However, one Bruin had a good day. In his final game as number 34, David Greenwood scored a career high of 36 points to become the third all-time scorer in Bruin basketball history, behind Kareem Abdul Jabbar and Bill Walton. Greenwood in his fourth varsity year, became a two time all-American, the first Bruin to do it twice since Walton. OPPOSITE PAGE: UCLA ' s David Greenwood attempts a shot despite USC ' s Cliff Robertson ' s man-on-man coverage. TOP: UCLA fans came out of their seats and against the rope as the Bruins manage a come-from-behind victory against Arizona St. LEFT: Gig Sims prevents a sure two points by Arizona ' s 32. Sports 97 98 Sports Greenwood ' s sidekick, roommate as well as teammate Roy Hamilton, became one of UCLA ' s top ten scorers and though he had some problems at the free throw line, came through in the clutch to secure some of those last minute wins. The best shooting guard in UCLA history, Brad Holland, rarely took a shot within ten feet because his downtown shooting ability guaranteed him two points almost every time. The season culminated with Coach Gary Cunningham ' s resignation. The second year coach led the Bruins to an overall record of 508, five of the losses coming this season. Ex professional coach Larry Brown was named to replace Cunningham in late March. If the Bruins did one thing, they gave their fans a thriller season, winning over ten of their games by four points or less. OPPOSITE PAGE, LEFT: Ticket scalping at UCLA games is as sure as a win in Pauley Pavilion. TOP: Roy Hamilton sneaks inside the zone for an easy layup . BOTTOM: The 1978-79 UCLA Basketball Team — Standing: Doug Thomson, James Wilkes, Darrell Allums, David Greenwood, Gig Sims, Kiki Vandeweghe, Mike Sanders, Rennie Kelly. Seated: Larry Farmer, Jim Harrick, Gary Cunningham (head coach), Ducky Drake. On floor: Marvin Thomas, Brad Holland, Roy Hamilton, Tyren Naulls. LEFT: A david Greenwood stuff. BELOW: Tyren Naulls dribbles the ball down the court. Sports 99 Women Shoot For Title Above—UCLA ' s 1978-79 Women ' s Basketball Team; First row (L to R): Janet Hopkins, Dianne Frierson, co-captain Anita Ortega, co-captain Beth Moore, Lisa Arreola, Debbie Willie. Second row (L to R), Head Coach Billie Moore, Manager Yvette Duran, Denise Corlett, Denise Curry, Melanie Horn, Cyd Crampton, Vera James, Head Trainer Gail Weldon, Assistant Coach Colleen Matsuhara. Right: Melanie Horn taps the ball UCLA ' s way during the Oral Roberts game. 100 Sports Defending a national championship is not among the easiest things to do. But such was the case for the UCLA women ' s basketball team in the 1978-79 campaign. While at times the Bruins seemed to be in their championship form—such as a 99-80 win over USC in Pauley Pavilion to capture the WCAA title for the third consecutive year—they were plagued by inconsistency through much of the year. This, of course, was in part due to the loss of two starters from last year ' s championship squad; forward Ann Meyers and center Heidi Nestor, but also to, as coach Billie Moore put in on occasion, " a deficient mental attitude. " UCLA opened up the year with seven straight wins but then lo st four on an early season swing through the South, only to return home to lose its first game in Pauley in almost four years, 85-81, to Louisiana Tech. However, led by consistently strong performance by sophomore forward Denise Curry and graduating senior guard Anita Ortega, the Bruins managed to make it through the conference with a 7-1 mark—scarred only by their first loss in history to USC in the team ' s first seasonal meeting at the Sports Arena. The loss seemed to prove a valuable lesson for UCLA, as thereafter the Bruins appeared to begin a peak which they hopefully would carry into the AIAW post-season tournament. Top: Teammates Cyd Crampton (44) and Vera James (22) s natch a rebound—simultaneously. Left: Coach Moore and team: " GO BRUINS! " Above: Dianne Frierson shows perfect form and sinks one against Louisiana Tech. Sports 101 WOMEN ' S BASKETBALL SCOREBOARD UCLA 73 USF 58 UCLA 87 Brigham Young 79 UCLA 71 San Jose St. 65 UCLA 95 Cal Poly Pomona 76 UCLA 85 Oral Roberts 64 UCLA 100 Berkeley 87 UCLA 85 Penn State 81 UCLA 56 Maryland 71 UCLA 81 North Carolina St. 90 UCLA 60 Old Dominion 90 UCLA 74 Tennessee 88 UCLA 81 Louisiana Tech. 85 UCLA 95 Louisiana St. 85 UCLA 84 Long Beach St. 77 UCLA 100 C.S. Fullerton 87 UCLA 90 San Diego St. 30 UCLA 64 Kansas St. 60 UCLA 72 Nebraska 63 UCLA 76 Long Beach St. 74 UCLA 68 USC 78 UCLA 84 Cal Poly Pomona 77 UCLA 72 C.S. Fullerton 69 UCLA 98 Arizona 46 UCLA 84 San Diego St. 51 UCLA 99 USC 80 102 Sports Far left: Denise Curry scoots around an Oral Roberts defender for a basket. Center, Top: Anita Ortega fast breaks for two against the USC Trojans. Below, center: Coach Moore and the UCLA bench await the outcome of a crucial play. Above: Anita Ortega hangs high and aims for two. Sports 103 RUGBY 104 Sports Touted as a rebuilding year for the perennially number one rugby team in the nation, the Bruins, who lost 12 of their 15 starters from last year, looked more like they were rebuilding into another championship team. The rugby team under coach Dennis Storer have lost only eight games in their l2-year history, and beat an Australian team that had previously never lost in North America. The ruggers also whalloped Stanford in mid-season 42-9; and the Cardinals usually are one of their toughest competitors. Top Bruin players include backs Kim Johansen and Del Chipman and forwards Rob Pigott and David Otey. Chipman, who was captain and leading scorer for the past couple of seasons, played on the U.S. National team, of which Storer also coached. Far left: Steve Buckich attempts to elude an opponent. Left: A loose ball means plenty of action. Below left: The 1978-79 UCLA Rugby Team–Standing: Vic Meyers, Rob Pigott, Butch Brisbin, David Otey, Tim Wrightman, Mike Morze, Frank Kams, Don Pederson, Del Chipman. Sitting: Steve Buckich, Bob Boada, Steve Fulton, Benny Parkinson, Kim Johansen. Jeff Farrar, Bill Moore. Below, center: Vic Meyer sprints toward the goal line. Below: Rob Pigott attempts to run through a hole that wasn ' t. Sports 105 Volleyballers Set for The biggest spike UCLA volleyballers want to make this year is the NCAA championship, something that has eluded the Bruins for two straight seasons. The stakes look good this year as 17 year veteran Coach Al Scates thinks his current team is " potentially the best we ' ve ever had at UCLA " The team, which lost only three players from last year ' s runner-up, includes three-time all-American powerhitter Joe Mica, who redshirted last year, and all-Americans middleblocker Steve Salmons and setter Singin Smith. A new addition is freshman setter Karch Kiraly, who was the most sought after prep player in the country. Above: Peter Ehrman serves an ace against Long Beach State. Top, right: " Singin " Smith, 1978 first team All-American, spikes the ball through an opponent ' s block. Right: The 1978-79 UCLA Volleyball Team: Front row: Bill Cowdrey (trainer), Andrew Smith, Mark Kinnison, Peter Ehrman, Singin Smith, Dave Brown, Scott Ford, David Saunders, Karch Kiraly, Darwin Sen (manager). Back row: Denny Cline (asst. coach) Doug Rabe (Grad. asst.), Rick Amon, Gary Costantino, Steve Salmons, K. C. Keller, Joe Mica, Steve Gulnac, Brian Rofer, Bill Dolby, Mike Timmons, Al Scates (head coach). Far right: UCLA shows its winning form. 106 Winning Season Sports 107 Top: Head Coach Al Scates and team look on. Right: K.C. Keller traps the ball between himself and opponent. Opposite page, top: Karch Kiraly (31) sets the ball for Singin Smith (22). Opposite page, below left: K.C. Keller takes aim. Opposite page, below right: The team receives last minute instructions during a time out. 108 Sports Sports 109 WRESTLING SCOREBOARD UCLA 37 Berkeley 9 UCLA 14 C.S. Bakersfield 24 UCLA 28 C.S. Humboldt 10 UCLA 7 Oregon 36 UCLA 38 Fresno St. 6 UCLA 12 Michigan St. 27 UCLA 19 Washington 30 UCLA 23 Washington St. 14 UCLA 3rd place Washington Tournament UCLA 30 South Illinois 16 UCLA 13 Cal Poly SLO 28 UCLA 14 Athletes in Action 28 UCLA 3rd place San Francisco State Tournament UCLA 21 San Jose St. 18 UCLA 30 Long Beach St. 11 UCLA 3rd place Pac-10 Championships 110 Sports Wrestlers Pin Down Surprise Victories Bruin wrestlers got everything except pinned this season as they pulled out a surprise third finish in the Pac-10 championships. Led by national champion Fred Bohna, the 20-man squad ended with a 7-5 record. Bohna, who went undefeated in conference matches, and three freshmen wrestlers, Gary Gohay, Harlan Kistler and Mark Schultz went on to represent UCLA in the NCAA championships. The team ' s overall record was not indicative of the season in which they finished high in several tournaments, beating out favorites. Experience will be the key to next year ' s success as three of the four Bruins going to the championships are freshmen. Opposite page, left: Fred Bohna, national collegiate champion, attempts to take down his opponent. Center, top: Fred again– in trouble– knows how to get out of it fast. Center, below: Jeff Newman begins his bout. Top: Coach Auble confers with his team before the San Jose State match. Above: the 1978-79 UCLA Wrestling Team; Front row (kneeling) Pin M. Down (mgr.), Gary Bohay, Harlan Kistler, Joaquin Maldonado, Bob Quick, Chris Roos, Todd Clayter. Second row: (kneeling) Pat O ' Donnell, Mike Wildermuth, John Henderson, Mike Haschak, Jay Fenzke, Jeff Newman, Mark Schultz. Third row: Dave Auble (head coach), Cindy Beattie (mgr.), Russ Peterson, Doug Hotes, Mike Burgher, Steve Cauayero, Jim Mendoza, Eric White, Lori Kovacs (mgr.), Chris Horpel (asst. coach). Missing: Fred Bohna, George Leporte, Jackson Kist ler. Sports 111 Netters Need More Than Tennis team—Front row: Coach Glenn Bassett, Todd Katz, Brude Brescia, Blaine Willenborg, Marcel Freeman, Tom Loucks, Bobby Berger, Ron Cornell, (Asst coach). Second row. Mike Harrington, Dane Chapin, Dick Metz, Bill Bartlett, Robbie Venter, Mark Cullers, Fritz Buehning. 112 Sports Love Coming off a number two national rating last season, Bruin netters had to show a lot of gut if they wanted to keep their runner-up title. Losses of the top four players, Elliot Telsher and John Austin to the pro ranks and Robbie Venter and John Paley to injury, have depleted the ranks of experience. Fritz Buehning moved up this year to play both number one singles and doubles and Mike Harrington filled the second position in both events. Although there may be a lack of experience, there were strong performances from newcomers Dick Metz, Blaine Willenborg and Marcel Freeman. Below: Coach Glenn Bassett and his team go over the tournament draw sheet. Far left, below: Marcel Freeman, a freshman from New York, came to play in the California sun. Center: The Bruins number one singles and doubles player, Fritz Buehning, is one of the best collegiate players in the nation. Bottom right: Tom Loucks (left) and swinging partner Dick Metz. Sports 113 It ' s Quite a Crew Quite a Crew 116 Sports OPPOSITE PAGE, TOP LEFT: Boats row down course at Marina del Rey during race. LOWER LEFT: Joe Carlson concentrates during a power stroke. MIDDLE LEFT: UCLA ' s junior Varsity boar lines up for the start and will MIDDLE LEFT: UCLA ' s junior Varsity boat lines up for the start and will finish 2000 meters downstream about 6 minutes later. BELOW—Varsity Crew Team, top row (l-r): Rick Vawter, manager; John Nelson, Frank Kovac, Scott Case, Ron Lovely, Joe Carlson, Ben Oberlin (above), Joe Schramm, Nancy Thompson, Jerry Fitzmorris, Craig Dial, Lyle Haskell, Paullo Kuendig, Craig Johnson, Leo Parker, Mike Soles, Rigger Brown. BOTTOM ROW: Joyce Liedtke, John Sloat, Pat Kennedy, Richard Maire, Hugh Gerfin, Kevin Ivey, Carl Mason, Tim Orsley, Ron Gee. BOTTOM: The freshman 8 takes a " power 10 " in mid-race, from left are bob Neiman, Coxswain, Brett Powell, Harry Daglas, Mark Curley, David Nelson, Joe Murphy, David Arnold, Richard Doreng and Raymond Jenks. Dedication and stamina are two prerequisites for a UCLA oarsman. 5:00 a.m. practices and year-round training are part of the program that wants to better the team ' s fourth place Pac-8 showing last year. Led by team commodore Ron Lovely and Jerry Fitzmorris, the Bruins featured a varsity eight, varsity four and a junior varsity eight. All boats rowed against national competition at the San Diego Crew Classic and against California competition at the Newport Regatta. In his fourth year as varisty coach, Duvall Hecht coached the 20 oarsman and 4 coxwains from their Marina Del Rey boathouse. In the freshman program, Coach Mike Bennett led his two eights to victory against Irvine in the season opener. Sports 117 Sluggers Make a Big Hit Bruin batters came off the bench swinging hot bats this season and swept number one ranked Arizona State three games straight to open up Pac-10 play. Led by right fielder Jim Auten and all-American pitcher Tim Leary, the sluggers compiled a 21-6 record before routing an always competitiv e USC team in three games to get a good shot at the conference championship. Coach Gary Adams, in his fifth year, had lost eight players last year to the pros but brought his team into contention behind the fielding and hitting of out fielders Dan Gausepohl and Mark Miller and shortstop Vern Followell. 118 Sports Sports 119 SWIMMING UCLA 72 U of Texas, Austin 41 UCLA 65 U. of Tennessee 48 UCLA 63 Arizona 50 UCLA 69 Arizona St. 44 UCLA 72 Stanford 59 UCLA 51 Berkeley 62 UCLA 82 Long Beach 33 UCLA 90 SMCC 17 UCLA 74 USC 39 Bruin strokers paced their way to a second place Pac-10 finish and a fifth place NCAA showing behind the kick of Olympic gold medalist Brian Goodell. Goodell made three NCAA records, two national records and the team broke 13 school records this season to finish with an 8-1 record. The sole loss was against a perenially strong Berkeley team. Strong performances came from Bob Placak, Dan Stevens and freshman Robin Leamy. Clockwise from top left: 1. Joe Wagner on the move. 2. Brian Goodell (lane 3) begins the 400 meter against stiff competition in the MU finals. 3. The 1979 UCLA Swim Team. 4. Brian Goodell pours it on. 5. Ed Rid er takes the lead. Center: Coach Ron Ballatore. 122 Sports Strokers Swamp Record Book Front: Paul Stader, Matt Rye, Dale Hudson, Rob Long, Gary Gray, John Gallant, Dave Bartlett. Row 2: Chris Butler (Asst. Coach), Mike Madden, Dave Pole, Brian Goodell, Mike Saphir, Bob Placak, Eric Hendrickson. Row 3: Bill Purcell, Joe Wagner, Mark Hoffman, Taylor Howe. Row 4: Chris Woo, Nir Shamir, Eric Marks, Robin Leamy. Row 5: Gerhard Fuchs, Tony Bartle, Dan Stephenson, Ron Ballatore (head coach). Not Pictured: Paul Gutierrez, Bruce Hardcastle, Chris Lahier, Ross Myers, Marc Schaffer. Sports 123 Tough competition marred the women gymnasts ' win-loss record but did not hinder their third place conference finish and 14th place national showing. The team, coached by Lee Ann Lobdill, featured Bruin all-American Laurie Donaldson. Right: Women ' s Gymnastics Team — Left to Right: Laurie Karl, Cheryl Leader, Laurie Donaldson (captain), Donna Harris, Le Anne Karasik. Above: Steve Dohi. 124 Sports In what can be best described as a building year, Bruin gymnasts tumbled to their first losing season in fifteen years after finishing on top of the Pac-8 last year. Coach Art Shurlock is looking to a stronger season next year when his young team will have the more experience needed to put them back on top. Twelve of the 14 competitors this season were freshmen and sophomores, including the team ' s all-around man Bret Yapel and David Kandell, the team ' s only member to qualify for the NCAA championships. Left: Men ' s Gymnastics Team: Craig Tsukamoto, Joe Hopfield, Tony Yamanouye, Phil Pollock, Charles David, Robert Levin, Craig Helm, Louis Thomas, Grant Carlson, Rich Gishi, Lewis Overill, David Kandel, Glenn Takenaga, Bret Yaple, Steve Dohi. Kneeling: Coach Art Sherlock, Makoto Sakamoto (assistant). Left: Donna Harris Above: David Kandel Sports 125 Softballers Strike Up Winning Season Defending their national championship, Bruin women softballers started off the season in top form, going undefeated in their first eight games and allowing the opponents a total of three runs. Under Coach Sharon Backus, the team depended on strong performances by shortstop Cathy Collings, third baseman, Marcia Pontoni, left fielder Gail Edson and Ace pitcher Jan Jeffers. Above: The 1979 Women ' s Softball Team - Front Row: Rhonda Guilin (Manager), Debbie Willie, Cathy Collings, Cindy Oeh, Frankie Butler, Gail Edson, Marcia Pontoni, Jan Jeffers. Second Row: Becky Lewthwaite (Asst. Coach), Karen Andrews, Jan Wright, Nedra Jerry, Debbie Hauer, Lucy Innuso, Sue Sherman, Sharron Backus (Head Coach). Right: Jan Jeffers throws a fast one. Top right: A close call at home for UCLA ' s Medra Jerry. Middle right: Debbie Hauer makes the play at first. Far right: Jan Wright connects for a double. 126 Sports WOMEN ' S SOFTBALL SCOREBOARD UCLA 3, 12 USIU 0, 1 UCLA 6 Stephen F. Austin 1 UCLA 5 Angelo St. 0 UCLA 4 Missouri 1 UCLA 5, 1 UCSB 0, 0 UCLA 2 San Diego St. 0 Sports 127 GOLF 128 Sports Bruin golfers will need a stroke of luck in addition to those by the five returning first team players to catch third ranked Arizona State for the Pac-10 title. Returning from last year ' s tenth ranked team include second team All American and team captain Chuck White, second team all Pac-8 Corey Pavin, Mickey Okoi, Tom Pernece and Jeff Short. Coach Eddie Merrins expected stiff competition from Stanford, USC and Oregon, as well as the Arizona State team. Pre-season action in nationwide tournies found the Bruins holding down fourth and fifth place finishes against top-ranked teams. In individual competition, Pavin and White finished first in several collegiate events. Far left: Jim Grover-so close...yet so far. Middle left: Mickey Yokoi demonstrates the UCLA champion form. Top: Tom Randolph finishes with gusto. Left: Coach Vic Kelley (I) and Eddie Merrins. Above: The 1978-79 UCLA Golf team: Brad Sherfy, Tom Pernice, Corey Pavin, Tom Randolph, Bob Martin. 129 TRACK 132 Sports Tracksters Take It in Stride Bruin Tracksters were off and running when Tennessee tripped them up by surprise and put a mark in the loss column. The Bruins took the loss in stride and warmed up for their annual showdown with USC. The team ' s world class performers were led by high-hurdler Greg Foster, who owns an AAU record in the event. Clockwise from bottom: 1. A view of UCLA ' s Drake track stadium. 2. Anthony Curran shows perfect form in the pole vault. 3. Dokie Willims explodes for the extra inch. 4. With a sudden impulse of power, Mark Gordien lets the disk fly. 5. Greg Foster shows his world champion form in the 110 meter hurdles. Sports 133 Above: The UCLA team psyches up for the USC meet. Right: Jim Bush (head coach) and Eric Brown confer before the start of an event. Henderson Cooper (right) looks on. Above, right: Milton Weaver (left), a Tennessee trackster, and Eric Brown are neck-and-neck at the start of the 100 meter dash. Far right: Mark Bryant UMPHHH! 134 Sports 135 The Women ' s Rugby team was doing strange things this year for a 19th rated squad like beating the number one and two ranked teams in the country. Under Coach Larry Layne, the team finished first in a Northridge tournament, beating out both number one Northridge and number two Belmont Shores, and then traveled to Louisiana to finish second among the top twenty teams in the nation. Above: The 1979 Women ' s Rugby Club Front: Dana Broadbooks, Joan Ling, Kathie Maurice, DArla Reeves, Annie Fowler, Connie Horder, Monique Jones, Debbie Abramson (manager). Second row: Dave Morrison (coach), Marianne Lowenthal, Denise Lunnon, Gina Wilson, Lyunn Dorius, Tracy Golden, Mary Jo Giardi, Anitra Bryant, Karen Hammel, Malatcha Desmond, Larry Layne (coach). Third row: Martha Rojas, Denise Morales, Kathi Fischer, Megan Hayes, Jeannette Valdivia,Sue Enquist, Cindy Sprague, Diane Watanabe, Marianne Rossi, Blynis Inohara, Elten Cunningham, Liz Orbach. Above, center: Center Tracy Golden receives a pass from Darla Reeves with an open mouth instead of open arms. Above, right: Is it the thrill of victory or the agony of defeat? Right: One Bruin finds she is not going very far. Far right: " I got it " was a familiar call this season as the Bruin ruggers had a winning season. 136 Sports Women Ruggers Start Season With a Kick Sports 137 Ten Thousand Bruins Find... 138 Sports Ten thousand Bruins do it. Do you? UCLA ' s intramural program is one of the strongest amateur athletic programs in the country. Any afternoon one can find the I.M. field buzzing with activity from one of the sixty different sporting events UCLA I.M. offers whether it be football or frisbee, soccer or softball. Leff: A squad of anxious Alpha Phi ' s, their coach (Howard Tischler), and an interested fan (UCLA ' s varsity quarterback Rick Bashore) await the outcome of a 4th-and-goal play. Below left: Ultimate Frisbee-ers baffle for possession of the elusive disk. Below, center: OOPS wrong way. Inter-fraternity footballers battle it out. Below: More sorority football " This one ' s Mine! " 139 ... Fun, Of the more unusual activities, innertube water polo and ultimate frisbee are two favorites. Intramural sports here are designed for both the muscle-bound athlete who runs 10 miles a day and the person who breathes hard going up Bruin Walk. There are all different levels for dormitory teams, Greek teams or any team that wants a little exercise and a good time. In addition to the team sports, there are individual tournees in raquetball, tennis and quarterly track and field events, including the annual Turkey Trot, a cross country run near Thanksgiving in which the winner gets a turkey. Above: I.M. cross-country teams endure it to the finish. Above, right: Lacrosse Right: I.M. basketballers tip off. Far right: A Phi Psi quarterback under pursuit. 140 Sports Teamwork and Spirit Sports 141 Women ' s Soccer Shoots for a Goal Women ' s soccer is up and coming at UCLA. The two year old soccer club expanded its season this year as they joined the Southern California Intercollegiate Women ' s soccer Association. Sporting a 3-2 record, the University Recreation Association supported club entered two collegiate tournaments in the spring. Coached by Juan Engelsen, the club is made up mostly of freshmen and newcomers as women ' s soccer is making its move to become a strong sport at UCLA and eventually form an athletic team. Above The Women ' s Soccer Club: Front: Lisa Bernstein, Linda Fiero, Ama Perez, Joan Olivares. Second row: coach Juan Engelsen, Sholeh Yorami, Rochelle Law, Maxine Oyraha, Jane Babbit, Katrina Peterson. Right: Lisa Bernstein (left) and Joan Olivares almost collide in hot pursuit of the ball. Above, Right: Rochelle Law (left) and Lisa Bernstein go for a " double " kick. Below, Right: Jane Babbit (left) and Joan Olivares have a race for the elusive ball. Far Right: Rochelle Law shows what good soccer is all about ball control. 142 Sports Sports 143 Rugby Scoreboard UCLA 14 Sydney Univ. 10 (Australia) UCLA 6 Hawkesberry 8 Coll. (Aus.) UCLA 25 UCSB 8 UCLA 16 Arizona 4 UCLA 11 Arizona St. 3 UCLA 15 L.A. Rugby 21 Club UCLA 6 Berkeley 3 UCLA 17 BATS 10 UCLA 42 Stanford 9 UCLA 15 S.M. Rugby 15 Club UCLA 16 San Diego St. 0 UCLA 18 USC 6 Men ' s Gymnastics Scoreboard UCLA 195.55 Berkeley 208.15, Stanford 199.65 UCLA 191.25, Oregon 216.05, LSU 208.10, New Mexico 202.50 UCLA 184.3, Long Beach 193.45 UCLA 197.9, Stanford 202.9 UCLA 191.0, Arizona St. 212.6, USC 212.75 Volleyball Scoreboard UCLA 15,15,15 Northridge 3,9,8 UCLA 15,15,15 Berkeley 2,10,2 UCLA 15,15,15 UCSB 3,5,6 UCLA 15,15,15 CPSLO 9,7,4 UCLA 15,15,15 Long Beach 6,3,7 UCLA 1st pl. Stanford 5,3,6 UCLA 15,15,15 Rutgers Classic UCLA 15,15,15 USC 12,4,5 UCLA 13,15, 10,15,15 San Diego St. 6,7,7 UCLA 15,14, 15,15 Pepperdine 15,10, 15,10,8 UCLA 15,11,14, Loyola- 13,16, 15,15 Marymount 4,9 UCLA 15,15,15 Long Beach7,15, 16,2,10 UCLA 15,15,15 CPSLO 1,2,11 UCLA 15,15,15 USC 6,11 UCLA 15,15,15 Loyola- 6,5, Marymount 12 UCLA 1st pl. Collegiate Classic UCLA 15,15, UCSB 5,6, 13,15 15,4 UCLA 15,15, Stanford 8,3, 15,15 17,4 UCLA 15,15,15 Berkeley 3,13 11 UCLA 15,16,16 Pepperdine 7,14, 14 Golf Scoreboard UCLA 452 UC Irvine 480 UCLA 460 UC Irvine 540 UCLA 1st Place USC Partners Tournament UCLA 448 Pomona 560 UCLA 463 UC Santa Barbara 492 UCLA 1st place Cal St. L.A. Tournament UCLA 40-1 2 Univ. of San Diego 13-1 2 UCLA 1st place Pacific Coast Collegiate Championships UCLA 467 Cal State LA 491 UCLA 445 Cal State Northridge 473 UCLA 54 Pomona 0 UCLA 467 Univ. of San Diego 495 UCLA 1st place Cal Slate Northridge Matador Tournament UCLA 463 Cal State Fullerton 479 UCLA 1st place Southern California Intercollegiate Championships UCLA 1st place All-University of California Championships UCLA 1st place San Diego State Aztec Tournament UCLA 386 USC 395 UCLA 386 Northridge 405 UCLA 1st place Fresno State Classic UCLA 447 Cal State Dominguez Hills 496 Tennis Scoreboard UCLA 9 Redlands 0 UCLA 8 UCSB 1 UCLA 8 Univ. of 1 San Diego UCLA 9 Fullerton 0 UCLA 7 BYU 2 UCLA 7 Pepperdine 2 UCLA 8 1 2 UCI 1 2 UCLA 5 Arkansas 4 UCLA 8 Oklahoma 1 UCLA City U UCLA 6 SMU 3 UCLA 7 Trinity 2 UCLA 9 Tennessee 0 UCLA 6 Arizona 3 UCLA 8 Arizona St. 1 UCLA 8 San Jose St. 1 UCLA 4 USC 5 UCLA 8 Stanford 1 UCLA 6 Berkeley 3 UCLA 6 1 2 Pepperdine 21 2 UCLA 7 ASU 2 Baseball Scoreboard UCLA 6 Westmont 0 College UCLA 8 Northridge 1 UCLA 7 UCSB 3 UCLA 8 Occidental 2 UCLA 3 Chapman 1 UCLA 9 Pepperdine 10 UCLA 2 Pe pperdine 1 UCLA 16, 3 Irvine 1, 2 UCLA 7, 5 Cal St. L.A. 0, 4 UCLA 5 Long Bch. St. 6. UCLA 2 Fullerton 9 UCLA 28 Wheaton 2 UCLA 5,7,19 Arizona St. 4,6,2 UCLA 12,4,15 Arizona 4,13,10 UCLA 7 Cal St. L.A. 10 UCLA 7 Berkeley 8 UCLA 14,5 Oregon 3, 4 UCLA 6,7,20 Stanford 3,9,2 UCLA 5 San Diego St. 2 UCLA 6,7,10 USC 5,4,4 UCLA 5 Cal Poly 6 Pomona UCLA 13,6,9 Berkeley 12,5,5 12,2 18,3 UCLA 8 Loyala 3 UCLA 7 Cal State 1 Dom. Hills UCLA 4,8,6 ASU 3,4,5 UCLA 17 Loyola 15 Women ' s Gymnastics Scoreboard UCLA loss USC UCLA win Long Beach St. UCLA loss San Diego St. UCLA loss Cal St. Fullerton UCLA loss Utah State UCLA loss Utah UCLA loss Cal St. Fullerton UCLA 4th UCLA Invitational UCLA win Cal St. Northridge UCLA 3rd Conference Championships UCLA 3rd WAIAW Regionals UCLA 14th AIAW Nationals Men ' s Track Scoreboard UCLA 94 UCI 51 UCLA 91 Arizona St. 63 UCLA 102 Long Beach 43 UCLA 71 Tennessee 83 UCLA 103 Stanford 51 UCLA 86 Berkeley 68 UCLA 681 2 Univ. of Oregon 851 2 144 Sports SLC Update A third change occurred when the well-known name of Bert Johnson made news with an announcement at Christmas-time that he would be leaving UCLA permanently to pursue other interests. Replacing Bert as a General Representative was Mitch Ostwald (not pictured), who served as last year ' s Director of the Campus Events Commission Speakers Program. Also new to the Council was Lori Dawe (pictured bottom right wi th staff members Barry Goldberg, Art Olivas, and Neal Rabin), who moved up from Program Director to the top spot in the Cultural Affairs Commission. She was appointed by SLC to replace former Commissioner Jeff Breyer after he departed UCLA to transfer to Berkeley. Less visible was the replacement of Dean Rick Tuttle by colleague Lyle Timmerman (not pictured) as the Chancellor ' s representative to the SLC. Tuttle took leave from his position on Council to run a successful Spring re-election campaign for a spot on the Community College Board of Trustees. 1978-79 was a year that brought a number of new names and new faces to the corridors of Kerckhoff Hall. In a historic move, the students voted to recall Undergraduate President Dean Morehous, Since the vote occurred after the mid-point of the presidential term, Administrative Vice-President Marc Beilinson (pictured top left) replaced Morehous by succession, and assumed his duties on the SLC, the Board Of Control, and the statewide Student Body Presidents ' Council. James Bechtel (not pictured) was appointed by the Council to fill the vacancy in the Administrative Vice-President ' s Office created by Beilinson ' s move up to the Presidency. Bechtel had worked last year as a student Programming Assistant in the much-publicized Campus Programs and Activities Office. 145 Outstanding Seniors Marianne Gausche Beth Moore Don Tringali Daniel Stephenson Chancellor ' s Marshalls Joey Abramson Melvin Hirano Agcaoili Maria Elizabeth Aguilar Tim Ammentorp Steven E. Arriola James J. Atkinson, Jr. May Ann Azevedo James R. Bechtel Sheryl Lynn Bieber Sharon Leslie Bleviss Robert Christopher Boada Monica Ann Boswell Susan Works Bullock Grace Maria Camatcho Lynn L. Carlos Margaret Carver Daryl Beth Cohen Shannon Mary Conroy Gerianne Craft Mary Kathleen Day Frederick B. Denitz Claudia Marie Dunn Jerome Jay Eisenberg Sallie Ann Estep Anthony Farwell Laura Michelle Fetto Christine Figgins Karen Leslie Freedman John Garrick Mary Gaudino Marianne Gausche Sharon Lynn Gee Peter J. Gessert David Ronald Gold Joanne Gold Tracy G. Golden Robin Ann Gorelick Carolyn Gramly David Greifinger Tamir Hacker William J. Harris Roy Hamilton Bard Higgins David Jeffrey Hirsch Kimberly Lo Holiver Brad Holland Raymond Burton Holland Brett F. Holler Maryella Hughes Janet Joanou Kathryn Mary Johnson Michael A. Johnson Spoma Jovanovic Steven Sungwhen Kang Katherine Patricia Kimbell Lesley Gayle Knudsen Chris Lamson Larry Stuart Lee Karen Leonard Bonnie L. Lindsley Bernard Edward Lyons Jr. Karen Sandra Mack Irene Sue Maizlish Stuart Haines Marquette Michael Matsuda Daniel Mark Mayeda Kendy Leigh McCloskey Valary J. McGuire Marcia Meoli Ann Elizabeth Meyers Milena Mihich Senka Mihich William W. Milroy Beth Moore Dean Morehous Anita Mae Mork Nancy Lee Morrison Willis I. Morrison Scott Mosher Michele Helen Moy Victor M. Nunez Marianne Louise Pease Stanley Biansioe Poey Beth Anne Powell Jacqueline Pribnow Douglas Edward Rabe Catherine F. Ratcliffe Janet E. Rhodes Randall M. Rich Kerry David Riddle James Reed Rosen Nancy Barr Ross Andrew Rowley Daniels Gary Schwartz David Brian Sheldon Ronald Glenn Shiraishi Mark R. Sieke Catherine Lynn Smith Andrea Joyce Spatz Barbara McNary Spindler Julia Anne Stanek William L. Steel Dori Stegman Sharon Steindorf Daniel Stephenson Sheryl Dianne Sutherland William Dale Sutton Lori A. Teslow Doug Thomson Judith Denise Thompson Wilki Tom Susan Reiko Tonai Donald John Tringali Cynthia R. Urmer Kenneth Michael Valdez Richard B. Vasquez Eric Waxman John R. Webber II Suzanne Louise Wegener Kenneth Wills John Woodlock Cathy Tomi Yasuda Terrie Tomoyo Yoshikane David Yu Jeffery Andrew Zinn 148 Seniors Rochelle Abraham BA-Psychology Jocy Abramson BA-History Russell James Adams BA-Political Science Hector Aguilar BA-English Keith Akiyama BA-English Daniel Alberstone BA-Economics Karen Alberts BA-Theater Madelyn Alfano BS-Psychology Jalal Alisobhani Ph.D-Electrical Engineer Anthony Allard BS-Mathematics Richard Vincent Allen II BA-History Al Aly BS-P.B. Jerome Louis Amante BA-Political Science Paul Amante, Jr. BA-Political Science Thomas Ambrose BA-Biology Marianne Amende BA-Communications Isabel Amorim BA-Biology Gerald Anderson BS-Economics Audrey Angelo BA-Economics Christopher Annal BA-Geography BA-Motion Picture Television Allan Armstrong BS-Biochemistry Kathleen Armstrong BA-Psychology John Asano BA-Biology Fariba Assil BS-Biochemistry Albert Atmadoa BS-Civil Engineering Melody Bacha MPH-Public Health Zoe Ballas BS-English Lorig Barbar AB-Sociology Chris Barber BS-Engineering Seniors 149 Katherine H. Barhydt BS-Mechanical Engineering Ledeen Barnett BA-History Cynthia Bartels BA-English Raymundo Bautista BS-Biology Susan Becker BA-Sociology Keith Beckwith BS-Electrical Engineering Elizabeth Beerman BA-Communication Studies Mary Jane Benbrooks BA-History Katherine J. Benn BA-Theater David Benzwi BA-Motion Picture Television Ellen Bernstein BA-Biology Alison Bianco BA-Sociology Michael Biggs BS-Electrical Engineering Mark Boberg BS-Mechanical Engineering Dale Bohannon BA-Political Science Ellen Bohm BA-Political Science Taylor Browman BA-Political Science Craig Brown BA-Political Science Ellen Brownstein BS-French Elliott Bubis Ph.D-Education Charles I. Buckley BS-Geology Sande Buhai BA-English Homer B Butler, III BS-Psychology David Alan Butterfield BS-Math-Computer Science James Byers BA-Political Science Nora Cacandindin BS-Kinesiology Gregory R. Campbell BA-Anthropology History Willie Campbell BA-Political Science Cynthia Cannady BA-Political Science Lynn Carlos BA-Economics 150 Seniors Kathleen Carlson BA-Sociology Pete Carlson BS-Psychobiology Amy Carlton BA-Design Barbara Carmack BA-Linguistics Gilbert Carmona BA-Psychology James Caro BS-Cybernetics Loren Carr BA-Political Science Margaret Carver BA-Biology Lisa Case BA-History Paul Castillo BS-Math Computer Science Vincent S. Chan MBA-Management Joseph Cheng BS-Mechanical Engineering Allaoua Cheraitia BS-Engineering Paul Chinn BS-Biochemistry Shin-Kwang Cho BA-Classics James Chow BS-Chemistry Helen Christie BA-Economics Alein Chun BS-Biochemistry Shiu-land Chung BA-Microbiology Maureen Clark BA-Anthropology Michael R. Cohen BA-Theater Arts Seniors 151 Sheldon Cohn BA-English Perry Colligan BA-Economics Silvana P. Cordoba BA-Political Science Michael Corlew BA-Economics Carol Costello BA-English Linda A. Cottingham BS-Public Health Michael Coulter BS-Sociology Janice Cound BS-Biochemistry Wendy Crimp BS-Biology John Cruz BA-Sociology Juan F. Cruz Jr. BA-History Michael Cummings BA-Psychology J.E. Mike Cunningham BA-Anthropology Thomas Curran BA-Economics Jeb Dailey BA-Sociology Julie Dalton BA-Sociology Ann Daly BA-Economics Hanh Dang BS-Chemistry Timothy James D ' Angelo BA-Economics Andrew R. Daniels BA-Political Science Dorite Dassa BS-Cybernetics Lori Dawe BA-History Spanish Jeannine de Barros BA-Political Science Bruce C. Dees BS-Psychobiology Paulo Delazari BS-Electrical Engineering Manuel Diaz BS-Biology Alan Dibartolomeo BA-Geography Ecosystems Michael Diller BA-Sociology Toby Dobrin BA-Economics Ann Dougherty BA-Design 152 Seniors John Duggan BA-Psychobiology Jefferson Davis Dunbar Jr. BS-History Robin Dunkleman BA-Ethnic Arts Willie Edwards BA-Political Science Elie El Haddad MS-Civil Engineering Delbert Ellison Jr. BA-Atmospheric Science Lyla EI-Sayed BS-Chemistry Ada Eng BA-Psychology Tom Eng BS-Civil Engineering Cynthia Farris BA-Sociology Joshua Feld BS-Political Science Arlene Feldman BA-Sociology Garry Fenzke BA-History Virginia Fernandez BS-Nursing Armando R. Figueroa BA-Political Science Gerald Fitzmorris BS-Chemical Engineering David Fleet BA-Political Science Dan Fleischman BA-Psychology Philip Fond BA-History Linda Forst BA-Political Science Michael Fosmire BA-Spanish Charles Joseph Fracoeur BA-Economics Sue Ann Francoeur BA-Spanish Yousef A. Frayha MBA-Management Robert Freedman BA-Theater Richard Freeman BS-Psychobiology Rebecca Fritz BA-Latin American Studies Sumio Fukazawa MBA-Business Administration Arden Fung BA-Political Science John Furakawa BA-Mathematics Seniors 153 Arlene Fushiki MSW-Social Welfare Steven Gallardo BA-Psychology Joshua Gallegos MFA-Theatre Daniel Gallucci BS-Geology Monica Garfield BA-Biology Andrea Garrett BA-History John Garrick BA-English Christopher Garrity BS-Earth and Space Science Carol Gassaway BA-Architecture Leslie Geber BA-Economics Kerri Gertz BA-Psychology Charles Gilbert BA-Economics Mark Glicklich BA-Biology Valerie Golden BA-Biology Caren Elaine Goldman BA-Dance Andrew Goodson BA-Economics Vera Gor BS-Engineering Richardo Granados BA-Sociology Brian Grant BA-Political Science Ruth Grant BA-History Corey Green BA-Economics Juanda Green BA-Psychology Christine Greene BA-Economics David Greifinger BS-Physics Kathleen Griffiths BA-Political Science Gary S. Gross BA-Mathematics Randy Grounds BS-Sociology Edward Gruen BA-Economics Hiltrud Guenther BA-English John M. Gustafson BA-Business Economics 154 Seniors Tamir Hacker BA-Psychology Brantley Haigh BS-Engineering Sheri Halfon BA-Political Science Miriam Hamlin BS-Nursing William Hanagami BA-Microbiology Economics Kevin Harbour BA-Psychology Larry Harris BA-History William J. Harris BA-Economics Leslie Hartzman BS-Math Computer Science Patricia Hattersley BA-Philosophy Toshio Hayakawa BS-Engineering Karen Hayashi BA-Math System Science Timothy Helble BA-Geography Lisa Helfend BA-Communication Studies Elizabeth Helmbold BA-Psychology Michael G. Henry BA-Psychology Eddie Hersh BA-Psychology Deirdre Hickey BA-Psychology Bryan Hidalgo BA-Psychology Colette Higa BA-Linguistics Rolen Higashida BS-Psycho-Biology William H. Hightower BA-Biology Seniors 155 Noparorn Hiranrat BS-Electrical Engineering Son Hoang BS-Electronics Judy Hofflund BA-Psychgology Diana Holsinger BS-Biochemistry Gloria Holt BA-Sociology Mark Horne BA-Ecosystems Bonita Claire Hornstein BS-Psychobiology Bobby Hosea BA-Sociology Ron Hougardy BA-Music Nancy Jo Howell BA-Economics Steve Hsu BS-Electrical Engineering Bruce Hulbert BS-Electrical Engineering Lucia Hwong BA-Music Dorothy Hyte BA-English Linda Irizarry BA-Sociology Agnes Isa BA-Geography Charles Island BA-Political Science David Ivans MD-Medicine Machiko Ito BS-Kinesiology Lorrie Ivas BA-Design Reggie Jackson BA-Economics 156 Seniors Massood Jahanbegloo Ph.D.-Electronics Paul James BA-Business Economics Margaret Jensvold BS-Biochemistry Michael Johnson BA-Psychology Pamela Jones BA-Political Science Russell Jones BA-Economics Terry Lee Jones BA-English Robert Jung BS-Chemical Engineering Nancy Kagawa BS-Kinesiology Jahandar Kakvand BS-Enginering Homi Kapadia MS-Computer Science Barry Katz BA-Economics Mitchell Kaufman BS-Psycho-Biology Steven Kawahara BS-Engineering Yumi Kawaratani BS-Kinesiology Ingrid Keimel BS-Engineering Junko Kika BA-Economics Santha-Veronica Kinkead BA-Psychology Spanish Jeffrey Klein BA-Sociology David Klinkicht BA-Political Science Michelle Knowlden BS-Engineering Craig Koester BA-Economics Alice Koga BA-Economics Andrew Kohler BA-Economics Seniors 157 Chang-Chu Kong BS-Geophysics Melinda Kossoff BA-Geography Shalin Koushyar BS-Structural Engineering Gordon Kraatz BS-Geography-Eco Systems Sheryl Kramer BA-Linguistics Psychology Philip Jerome Eugene BA-Sociology Mark Kruer BS-Engineering Laura Kuhn BA-Psychology Kazuhiro Kusunose Ph.D-Fluid Mechanics Sharon Kvamme BA-Biology Diane LaBomme BA-Psychology Jody Lander BS-Nutritional Science Chris Lamson BA-English Robert A. Larson BS-Geology Edmund Law BS-Biochemistry Michael Leaffer BA-Economics Andi Lee BA-Psychology Inkyu Lee BA-Biology Steve Lee BA-Psychology Sung-Ja Lee BA-Art James Leighton BA-Political Science Beth Leitner BA-Art James Levesque BA-English Economics Lori Levi BS-Sociology Bonnie Levin BA-Political Science Rhonda Levine BS-Mechanical Engineering Helen Lew BA-Anthropology Carol Ley BA-Political Science John Liang BS-Biochemistry Chiusty Lin BA-Microbiology 158 Seniors Lawrence Lincoln BA-Communication Studies Kevin C. Lindgren BA-Political Science Robert Lippert BA-Philosophy David Liu BA-Economics Brenda Lloyd BA-Sociology Roger Ying-Kuen Lo MS-Computer Engineering Joseph Antonio Long BA-Political Science Andrew Lorand BS-Psychobiology Gary Louie BS-Psychobiology Ronald Lovely BA-Kinesiology William Low BA-Political Science Mary Winchester Lubran MPH-Public Health Eileen Wai-Ling Lui BA-Economics Jeannette Maginnis BA-Geography Eric Magnusson BA-History Irene Maizlish BA-Psychology Paul Malamphy BA-Theater Joseph Man BS-Nuclear Engineering David H. Mantel BS-Psychobiology John Marcelletti BA-Sociology Ethan Harold Margalith BA-Philosophy Ronald Masaoka BS-Electrical Engineering Christopher Marx BS-Psychobiology John Mason BA-Theater Kimiko Matsumoto BA-English Stauroula Mavromatis BA-Psychology Kenneth McGlynn BA-Economics Stephen McKinney BA-Political Science Susan McNamara BA-Economics Massood Mehrinfar PhD-Engineering Structures Seniors 159 Mary E. Mendoza BA-English Sylvia Merino BA-Biology Sadie Mestman BS-Psychobiology David Millen BA-Political Science Christine Mills BS-Political Science Kenneth Miller BS-Math Computer Science Leslie Miller BA-Design Linda Miller BA-History Alison Minnis BA-English Adrian Mirea BS-Biology Jerry Mitchell BS-Psychobiology H. Carvel Moore Jr. BA-English Lawrence A. Moreno BA-History Janet Morita BA-Economics S. Scott Mosher BA-History Balick Movsessian-Kenarki BS-Sociology Steven Muenter BS-Electrical Engineering Rieko Mura BA-Economics Gail Murayama BS-Kinesiology Sheila Murphy BA-Design Robert Myatt BA-Psychology 160 Seniors Valerie McDona ld BA-Psychology Susan McLane BA-Communication Studies Clarence McWhinme BA-Psychology Frederick W. Nafis BS-Geography Alice Nakashima BS-Electrical Engineering Nasrollah Navid PhD-Electrical Engineering Terrie Nedoff BA-Political Science Shellwyn Nelson-Nathan BA-Mathematics Vada Nelson BA-History Rebecca Netzley BA-Geography Chris Nevil BA-History Alexandra M. Nicholson BA-History Audrey Noda BA-Political Science Karen E. Norris BA-Economics Michael O ' Keefe BA-Economics Jolie V. Oliver BA-Theater Steven Orenstein BA-Sociology Ghazali Othman PhD-Education Virginia Pacquing BS-Math Computer Science Alice Palmquist BA-French Harry Paraiso BS-Electr ical Engineering JOse Pardo BS-Electrical Engineering Kathleen Park BA-Design Louise Parsons BA-English Seniors 161 Naresh Pathak BA-Biology Emma Maria Perez BA-History Randall Peters BA-Political Science Thomas H. Pettit BA-Economics Jack Peverl BA-Theatre Jeffrey Pfeifer BA-Psychology Deborah Nadine Phillips BA-Theatre Paula M. Phillips BS-Psychobiology Gary Pierot BA-Economics Cheryl Plevin BA-Psychology Laura Pollak BA-Design Andrew Pollak BA-Geography Lisa Popper BA-Design Wallace Post Daniel BA-History Christine Powers BA-Psychology Ruth Praw BA-Psychology Charles Price BA-Socioogy Rita Prochaska BA-Anthropology Giselle Raab BS-Psychobiology Mel Raab BS MS-Engineering Neal Rabin BA-History Mark Radocay BA-Political Science History Vida Rahban BA-Microbiology Raymond Ramming BA-Economics Sociology 162 Seniors Andrea R. Reed BA-Individual Richard B. Reed BA-Business-Economics Julie Reid BS-Anthropolgy Kent Reimann BA-History Jeff Ribman BA-Political Science Laura Renee Richardson BA-Economics Christopher Roberts BA-Political Science Deborah G. Roberts BA-Political Science James Robertson BA-Business Economics Lee Robinson BA-History Patricia Ann Robinson BA-Theatre Arts Ann Rome BA-Psychology Martha E. Romero-Marchitelli BA-History BA-Psychology James Rossen BA-History Carol Rosenberg BS-Nursing Brian Roskam BA-Political Science Timothy Herbert Rote BA-Economics Hojat Salehi BA-Econ-Political Science Byron Sansom BS-Electrical Engineering James Sams BA-English Deborah Sassoon BA-Microbiology Judith Sauaso BS-Geology Karen Sauter BA-Economics Seniors 163 Steven Savoldelli BA-History Economics Rick Schneck BA-Biology Eva Segert BA-History Laura Shamas BA-Theater Arts Roxana Shapiro BA-Sociology Anne Shaw BA-Economics Marvin Shebby BA-Political Science John Sheehan BA-English Daniel Shugart shugarl BA-History Patrick Shuss BS-Chemistry Maria Silva BA-English Selma R. Sleven Ed.D.-Education Sharon Sloan BA-Political Science History Donale E. Small BA-Geography Ecosystems Russell Small BA-Economics Hugh Richard Smith BA-Political Science Jimmy L. Smith BA-Communication Studies Laura Smith BA-Design Jim S. Soewadji BS-Electrical Engineering Mark Sonnenberg BA-Communication Studies Eric Sornborger BS-Math Computer Science Susan Marie Soto BS-Kinesiology 164 Seniors Deborah Spies BA-Design William Lloyd Steel BA-Political Science Richard Steingard BA-History Steven Stockton BA-Economics Laura M. Stone BA-English Irven Lee Stowe BA-Sociology Friedrich Straub PhD-Engineering Structures Eileen Su BA-Economics Karen Suzawa BS-Psychobiology Keyghobad Taheri-Hakkak BS-Structural Engineering Yumiko Taimi BA-Linguistics Yoko Tamasumi MSW-Social Welfare Debra Ann Taylor BA-Psychology Scott Taylor BA-History Karl Teuschl BA-Linguistics Bruce Thomas BA-Political Science Bruce Thomas BS-Engineering Heather Anne Thomas BA-Motion Picture T.V. Fariba Torbati-Moghaddam BA-English Literature Mark Torbiner BS-Psychobiology Carol Trammel BA-Psychology Quy V. Tran MBA-Man. Acc Inf. Systems Seniors 165 Trung Trinh BS-Chemical Engineering Tse, Egbert Sau-Nam PhD-Mechanics Structures Wilma M. Turner BA-Political Science Lawrence Twicken BA-Political Science Julie Uniack BS-Math Computer Science Valerie Valle BA-Sociology Pamela Vallerga BA-Geography Darla Vessadini BA-Economics Patrick Visciglia BA-Political Science Claire Wagner BA-French Linguistics Bruce Wasson BA-Psychology Craig Watanabe BS-Psychobiology Alan Watson BS-Psychology Adam Wayne BA-Political Science Carl Wayne BA-Political Science Eril Waxman BA-Economics David Weinberg BS-Biochemistry Allan Weiss BA-Biology James Wells BA-History Neil Wenzel BA-Political Science Gabrielle White BA-History Danny Wiesel BA-Economics Julie Ann Williams BS-Kinesiology Cindy Wills BA-Political Science 166 Seniors Kenneth Wills BA-Political Science Marion Douglas Willis BA-Economics Dean Wilson BA-Economics Michelle Winfield BA-Political Science Jeffery R. Wisnom BA-Economics Mark Wolfson BS-Psychobiology Steven Wong BS-Computer Science Randall Wood BA-International Relations Hagit Worona BA-Design Anita Wulff BA-History John Wei-Wu Yang MS BS-Engineering Anthony Young Phd-Biological Chemistry Maha Youssef BA-Psychology Kathleen Yoza BS-Engineering Richard Zrehigian BA-English Mark Zucker BA-Business Economics Daniel Zuckerman BA-Economics Seniors 167 Linda Abbott BA-Slavics Gary Abrams BA-Economics Mary Yuanita Adiedo BA-Political Science Dennis Adler BA-Biology Kathleen Adler BA-Communication Studies Roni Adams BA-History Joseph Afong MS-Public Health Navid Afsharian BS-Systems Engineering Melvin Agcaoili BA-Sociology Connie Agnew BS-Psychobiology Elizabeth Aguilar BA-Political Science Gerald Ahigian BS-Biology Syed Ahmad BA-Psychology Charlene Ajifu BA-Political Science Firas A-Karim MA-Architecture Sanford Akselrad BA-Political Science Kevyn Allard BA-Communications Bonnie Allen BA-Mathematics Jack M. Alter BA-Economics Glenn Brian Alterman BA-Political Science Fusako Amino BA-Italian Tim Ammentorp BA-English 168 Seniors Robert Amodeo BS-Engineering Kenneth Amos BA-Economics Dena L. Anderson BA-Sociology Janet Anderson BA-Sociology Jenine Anderson BS-Engineering Michael Robert Anderson BA-Economics Mark W. Anderson BS-Bacteriology Robert Anderson BA-Political Science History Marcia Andressen BA-Economics Richard Angelini BA-History Mary Anton PhD-Chemistry Elias Antoun BS-Electrical Engineering Mary Antypas BA-Economics Regina Anyangwe BS-Health Education Lisa Aoto BA-Sociology Shizuya Aoyagi MS-Computer Science Cynthia Apfel BA-Sociology Jeffrey S. Apodaca BS-Physics Seniors 169 James Aralis BS-Math Applied Science Janet Arcand BA-English Lorraine Arellano BA-Economics Craig Armstrong BA-Economics William Ashby BA-Biology Richard Assad BA-Political Science James Atkinson Jr. BA-History Gilbert Sugito Atmadja MS-Electrical Engineering Susi Atmadja BS-Math Computer Science Ricky Au BS-Economics Marshall August BA-Political Science Dannie Austin BA-Political Science Nona Avilla BA-Sociology Maria Ayala BA-Psychology Barbara Azeka BA-Sociology Ann Azevedo BA-Dance Vicki Bacigalupi BA-Theater Richard Bacio BA-Political Science History Paul Backer BA-English Charlotte Backman BA-English Alberto Baena BA-Economics Carolyn Baier BA-Biology Kristi Baird BA-Political Science Razi Baghaei MFA-Motion Picture TV 170 Seniors James Bagley BA-Political Science Laura Bailey BA-Mathematics Beth Baird BA-Theater Arts Michele Bakan BA-Political Science Ronald Baker BA-Political Science Russell Baker BA-Political Science Jill Baldauf BA-Political Science John Baltan BA-English Jeffrey Ball BA-Psychology Theodore Ball BS-Geology Martin Balo BS-Math-Computer Science Leslie Ann Barewald BA-Music Bryan Barnes BS-Math Applied Science James Barnes BA-Econ Political Science Thomas Bartasi BA-History Craig Barto BA-Economics Daniel Barzman BA-Comparative Literature Brian Bashner BS-Kinesiology Vicki Basolo BA-Geography Richard Batenhorst BS-Engineering Geology Robin Bauman BA-Linguistics Psychology Victor Beauchamp BS-Mechanical Engineering Carter Beavers BA-Political Science Julie Ann Beavers BA-Psychology James Beck BA-Psychology James Bechtel BA-Economics Cynthia Becker BA-History Kevin Paul Becker BA-Biology Steven Behrews BA-Economics Donald Beier BA-Economics Seniors 171 Jose Benavides BA-Economics Gary Benjamin BS-Chemical Engineering Beatrice Benkmann BA-Microbiology David Benner BA-Political Science Kimberly L. Benner BA-Economics Bruce Cameron Bennett BA-Political Science Ronny Bensimon BA-Economics Estelle Benson BA-Economics Scott David Berg BA-Design Stephen Berg BA-Economics Steven Berg BA-Design Tamara Bergman BA-History Alicia Bergmann BA-Economics Barbara Berkyto BA-Economics Jodi Berman BA-Linguistics French Jane Marie Bernardi BS-Mathematics Susan Bernhardt BA-Economics Greg Bernstein BA-Economics James Bertram BA-Economics Christopher Bevan BA-Microbiology Julie Beye BA-Economics David Biagas BA-Sociology Arneld Bias BS-Math Computer Science Nancy Biddle BA-Sociology Sheryl Bieber BA-Psychology Deborah Biegun BA-Psychology Virginia Rae Bieser BA-Design Suzanne Bigelow BS-Nursing Maria Bing BA-Spanish Portuguese Anne Binstock BA-Political Science 172 Seniors Andrea Bjornlie BA-Geography Scott Blake BA-Economics Rhona Elizabeth Blaker BA-English Timothy Blase BS-Engineering Sharon Bleviss BA-Psychology Bob Boada BA-Biology Teri Lynn Boesvert BA-Communications Studies Ronald Boiko BS-Electrical Engineering Timothy M. Boles BS-Engineering Lynn E. Bonicelli BA-Economics Gilbert M. Borboa Jr. BS.-Civil Engineering Jill Borden BS-Kinesiology Andrew Borg BA-Political Science Alberto Borrero BA-Political Science Monica Boswell BA-Economics Robert Michael Bouknight BA-Motion Pictures T.V. Rose Bourland BA-Music Scott Bourguin BA-Economics Fadi Boustani MS-Mechanics Structures Phillip Boutte BS-Math-Computer Science Nancy Bower BA-Economics Laura Bracamonte MA-Dance Mary Bradford BA-Design Connie Brajkovich BS-Psychobiology Stuart Bramer BA-Psychology Rille Brand BA-Political Science Mark Brandt BS-Economics Harlan Bransky BA-Political Science Jonathon Braun BA-Motion Pictures T.V. Jacqueline Braunstein BS-Public Health Seniors 173 Carol Brenner BA-History Marsha Anne Brewer BS-Math-Computer Science Meryle Brezinsky BA-Communications Studies Sandra Bricker BA-Economics Sigrid Broderson BS-Nursing Michael Brodsly BS-Biochemistry Monika Brondijk BA-English Chris Brooks BA-Economics James Brooks BS-Civil Engineering Daniel Brown BA-Microbiology David P. Brown BS-Mechanical Engineering Gary Brown BS-Mechanical Engineering Janice Brown BA-Economics Dorinda Brown BA-History Tim Browne BS-Sociology Jeff Brubaker BS-Civil Engineering Debbie Bruchez BA-Economics Roberta Bruder BS-Kinesiology Katherine Brunell BA-Psychology Benedict Bruno BS-Math-Computer Science Bryan A. Buck BA-Sociology Richard Buckler BA-History Steven Bucksbaum BS-Engineering Systems Frank Buda BA-Political Science 174 Seniors James Buell BA-History Carol Bullock BA-Sociology Susan Works Bullock BA-Sociology Debora Burch BA-Psychology Kim Maureen Burgess BA-Political Science Jack Burke BS-Engineering Gregory Burns BA-Economics Marina Butowitsch BA-Linguistics Kenneth Buttke BA-Economics Kim Byron BA-Sociology Lezli Byrum BA-French Albert P. Caban BS-Chemical Engineering Lynn Cadwalader BA-Sociology Donna Caldiero BA-Sociology Grace Maria Camatcho BS-Biochemistry Charles Campbell BA-Economics Dorian Campbell BA-Anthropology Robert Campbell BA-Political Science Scott Campbell BA-Business Economics Gail Ann Canzonern BA-Sociology Linda Caplan BA-Spanish Linguistics Seniors 175 Steven Cardona BA-Economics Jim Carlisle BA-Economics John Carls BA-Economics Bruce Carlsten BS, BA-Physics Mathematics Scott Warren Carlson BA-Economics Ronald Carr BA-Philosophy Benigra R. Carrillo BA-History Thermon Carver BA-Political Science Kim Cary BA-Biology Patricia Cassin BA-Design Catherine Cederberg BA-Business Economics Nina Ceragioli BA-English Jon David Ceretto BA-Geography-Eco Systems Lucia Certoma BS-Kinesiology Elie Chalala BA-Political Science Chok-ki Chan MS-Electrical Engineering Darlene Chan BA-Dance Shirley Chan BA-Psychology Suzy Chan BA-Psychology Dorcas Chang BS-Kinesiology Raymond Chaudoin BS-Political Science Yoonhee Chee BS-Biochemistry Donald Cheetham BA-Economics Alexander Chen BA-Economics David Chernow BA-History Duane Chernow BS-Political Science Robert Cheung BS-Mechanical Engineering Joy Chew BS-Psychobiology David Cheung BS-Systems Engineering Mel-Tsu Chiang BS-Math Computer Science 176 Seniors Floyd J. Chiffer BA-History Leslie Chikahish BA-Political Science Yolanda Elaine Childers BA-English Joyce Chin BA-Psychology Candice Chinn BA-Design Ming-Cheung Chu MS-Computer Science Raymond Chu BS-Electrical Engineering Robert Chu MS-Computer Science Stephen Chuck BS-Math Computer Science Robert H. Chuman BA-Political Science Debbie Regina Chinski BA-Philosophy Aeri Choe BA-Design Jung Choi BA-Math Systems Ronald Choo BS-Engineering May Chong BA-Economics Carolyn Chow BA-Psycholog y Daniel Chow BS-Engineering Margaret Chow BS-Math Computer Science Siu Chow BS-Math Computer Science Tom Christie BA-Motion Pictures T.V. John Yiao-Liao BS-Biochemistry Peggy Chung BS-Math Computer Science Alice Chung BA-Biology Patricia Chung BS-Math Computer Science Ann Marie Clark BA-Political Science Mark A. Clark BA-Political Science Greg Clarke BA-Psychology Nancy Clotworthy BA-Economics Daryl Cohen BA-Quantitative Psychology Honey Cohen BA-Sociology Seniors 177 Joseph Cohen MA-Architecture Carolyn Cole BA-Economics Dan Cole BA-History Carole Coleman BA-Sociology Michele Coleman BS-Math Computer Science Richard Collins BS-Math Computer Science Victor Collins BA-Political Science Cathy Collings BS-Kinesiology Susan Comer BA-Economics Brian Comroe BS-Electrical Engineering Thomas Comstock BA-Political Science Claudia R. Conlin BA-History Patricia Conrad BA-Economics Shannon M. Conroy BA-Art History Lynne Conti BA-English Diane Contreras BA-Sociology Stephen Patrick Conwell BA-Political Science John Ijames Cookston BS-Cybernetics Carol Lynn Cooper BA-French Stephanie Coronado BS-Biochemistry Maria Coto BA-Spanish Michael Courtright BA-Communications Studies Douglas Coutts BA-Political Science Tina Cowen BS-Biology William Cowdrey BS-Psychobiology Kines. Donna Cox BA-Design Patricia Cox BA-Political Science Geri Craft BA-Psychology James Creasman BA-Economics Audrey Csendes BA-English 178 Seniors Elizabeth Jeanne Cummings BA-Design Sandra Cunard BA-Psychology Brenda Curry BA-Psychology Biology Charles S. Custer BS-Engineering Alex Cutler BA-Political Science Mark Cutler BS-Geology Michael Dale BA-Political Science Debra Danielson BA-Communication Studies Mehdi Darvish PhD-Operations Research Danny R. Davenport BA-Economics Robert Joel David BA-Econ. Political Science Kerri Davidove BS-Psychobiology Catherine Davis BS-Kinesiology Barbara Dow BA-Mathematics Kathy Day BS-Kinesiology Jamie Dayharsh BA-Psychology Jonathan Dayton BA-Motion Picture T.V. Gerlinda DeBaca BA-Psychology Seniors 179 Sommai Dechgan BS-Electrical Engineering David Dana de Haas BS-Biochemistry Patty De Jong BA-Theater Mary de la Garza M Ed-Education Catherine del Rey BA-French Mary Delsol BA-Biology James Demarest BS-Math Gisele de Mocskonyi BA-Sociology Betty Denitz M Ed-Education Frederick B. Denitz BA-Psychology Sociology Diana F. Derebeew BA-Psychology Charles D ' Huart BA-Economics Ann Dickey BA-Sociology Peter Dinno BS-Physics Loretta Anne DiPeri BA-Sociology Louise Dixon BA-History Elizabeth Dobashi BA-History Barbara Anne Dobies BA-Economics 180 Seniors William Doggett BA-Political Science Mary Katherine Doherty BA-Theater Brook Doidge BA-Economics Sheron Dolmatz BA-English Lawrence Dolph BS-Psychobiology Mark Dorfman BA-Political Science Cecilia Doty BA-Biology Ellen Douglas BA-English Kelly Douglass BA-Communications Emily Dow BA-Linguistics John Doyle BA-English William Dresser BA-Sociology Bambi Lynn Drisko BS-Nursing Barbara Duda BA-English Jose M. Duenas BA-History Dickie Dulgarian BA-Psychology Nancy Dunaetz BA-Political Science Diana Duncan BA-Design Lorraine Duncan BA-Sociology Claudia Dunn BA-Sociology Elizabeth Dunn BA-Communications Lawrence G. Dunn BA-Linguistics Spanish Amentha J. Dymally BA-Motion Pictures T.V. David Edwards BS-Math Computer Science Greg Edwards BS-Econ. Psychobiology Anne M. Eger BS-Political Science Leslie Ehrman BA-Theater Donald Eichenseer BA-Economics Michael Eichenseer MBA-Accounting Finance Dawn Eilers BA-Psychology Seniors 181 Gail Eisen BA-Sociology Jerome Jay Eisenberg BA-Econ. Political Science Steven Eisengberg BS-Biochemistry Susan Ekizian BA-French Diane Elcan BA-History Randall Ell BA-Economics Juanita E. Elliott BA-Sociology Mark L. Elliott BS-Psychobiology Adrienne Ellis BA-Theater Janet Gurley Ellis BA-Psychology Venetya Ellis BA-French Ruperto Elpusan Jr. BS-Math Computer Science Jack Dean Elser Jr. BA-Economics Carol Engelman BA-Sociology Stanley Enomoto BS-Biochemistry Henry Enos BA-Sociology Barbara Epstein BA-Psychology Lawrence Epstein BS-Psychobiology Elvia T. Espinoza BA-Sociology Maria Guadalupe Espinoza M Ed-Education Sallie Estep BA-Political Science Margaret Estwick BA-Political Science Lucille " Malaika " Evans BA-Theater Arts Teri Evans BA-History Edward Fain BA-Political Science Kathryn Fairbrother BA-English Dominick Falzon BA-History Donald Fanning BS-Physics Michael Conrad Farr BA-Mathematics Janet Farrell BS-Kinesiology 182 Senior Cameron Welo Farrer BA-Sociology Anthony Farwell BA-Economics Corinne Fat BA-Communication Studies Susan Feehan BA-Sociology Ron Feinberg BA-Psychology Charles Feld MS-Electrical Engineering Holly C. Felder BA-Economics Marilyn Feldman BA-Psychology Mark Feldman BS-Geology Samuel L. Feldman BA-Geography Robin Felsen BA-Communication Studies Peter Feltrup BA-Political Science James Fenton BS-Chemical Engineering Allan M. Fensten BA-Political Science Cary Fenton BS-Psychobiology Lilliam Fernandez BA-Spanish Vivian Fernandez BA-Psychology Antonio Ferrey BA-Biology Antonio Ferri BS-Electronics Engineering Laura Fetto BA-Spanish Linguistics Judith Feuer BA-Communication Studies Gary Fiebia BS-Economics Christine Figgins BA-French Mike M. Figuracion BS-Civil Engineering Elliott Fils BA-Sociology Paul Finegold BA-Economics Steve Fink BA-Economics Michael Finkelstein BA-Economics Elisa G. Finnie BS-Math Computer Science Denise Fischer BS-Kinesiology Peggy Fischer BA-Dance Stacy Fischer BA-History Sarah Fish BA-Biology Anita Sue Fishbein BA-Communication Studies Julianne Fishman BA-Psychology Brian Fitzgerald BA-English Margaret Fitzgerald BA-Theater Mary Fitzgerald BA-English L. Janet Fitzgibbons BA-English Fred J. Flatley BS-Geology Cathie Fleig BA-Sociology Karen Fluvog BA-Music Patricia Foley BA-Economics Elaine Fong BA-Biology Warren Foon BA-Biology Shelley Ford BA-Dance Elaine Forrester BA-Political Science Denise Fotis BA-Spanish Anne Fox BA-Psychology Salvador A. Franco BA-Spanish Joan Frank BA-Geography 184 Seniors Steve Frankel BA-Econ Fish Physiology Dianne Fraser BA-French Bradley L. Frasier BS-Biochemistry Harry Wilton Frazee III BA-English Theresa Frazer BA-Psychology Leslie Frederick BS-Kinesiology Perry Fredgant BA-Political Science Kim Mary Fredrickson BA-Psychology Tracie Freeman BA-English Jay Friedman BS-Math Computer Science Jay S. Friedman BA-Biology Lonn Friend BA-Sociology Brian Froehler BS-Biochemistry Lance Frohman BA-Economics Math Alon Fromchenko MBA-Individualized Leon Fromkess II BA-Political Science Steven Fujll BA-Economics Anne Fukano BS-Nursing Jill Fukuda BA-English Karen Fukushima BA-Psychology Lavona Lee Fuller BA-Design Cara Lynn Gadebusch BS-Economics Brian P. Gallogly BA-Economics Bonita Lynn Galt BS-Nursing Garry Galvan BA-Psychology Marcy Garber BA-Political Science Michael Garcia BA-Political Science Seniors 185 Glenn Garlick BS-Kinesiology Lawrence Alcuin Garrett BA-Psychology Loreather Garrett BA-Sociology Nancy Garrigue BS-Mechanical Engineering Charles W. Garrity BA-Political Science Judith Garrone BA-Design Merrill Gaskin BA-English Mary Gaudino BS-Kinesiology Marianne Gausche BS-Psychobiology Carla Gavin BA-Communication Studies Teresa Gayman BA-Design Cynthia J. Gee BA-Sociology Helen Gee BA-Psychology Sharon Gee BA-Microbiology Nancy Jane Geer BA-History Cynthia Geisser BA-Psychology Milan Georgevich BA-Math Applied Science Cheryl Gertler BA-Sociology Peter Gesserl gessert BA-Political Science Barbara Gest BA-Political Science Susan Getten BS-Math Garo Ghazarian BA-Psychology Dominique Ghekiere BA-Political Science Mary Jo. Giagiari BS-Kinesiology David Gibbs BA-Economics Susan L. Gibson BA-Economics Patricia Gilbert BA-Sociology Michael Steven Gill BA-Economics Paul Gin BA Nathan Ginosar BA-Math Systems Science 186 Seniors Marti Gioris BA-English Marguerite Glidden BA-Sociology Janet Glucksman BA-Political Science David Gold BA-Political Science Joanne Gold BS-Math Computer Science Paul Gold BS-Math Computer Science Randi Gold BS-Kinesiology Caron Golden BA-English Tracy Golden BS-Psychobiology Lori Goldrich BA-Sociology Larry M. Golub BA-Political Science Hortensia Gomez BA-Spanish Mark F. Goodkin BA-Psychology Sara Goodman BA-History Sari Beth Goodman BA-Psychology Scott Craig Goodwin BS-Psychobiology David Gordon BA-Biology Jennifer Gordon BA-Psychology Robin Gorelick BA-Econ. Political Science Kathleen Gorman BA-English Nancy Gottesman BA-English Steven Gradow BA-Economics Carolyn Gramly BA-Communications Eric M. Grammatikas DDS-Dental Sari Grant BA-Psychology Ann Grapperhaus BS-Kinesiology Amy I. Grauman BA-Design Karen Graves BS-Kinesiology Georgia Gray BA-English David Green BA-Mathematics Seniors 187 Eileen Green BS-Kinesiology Valerie C. Green BA-Political Science Jay Greenberg BA-Biology Jeanne Griffin BA-Economics Kathleen Dobbins Griffin BS-Kinesiology Paul Griffin BA-Economics Diane Griggs BA-Psychology Iris Grinstead BA-History Patricia Gros MBA-Finance Mark Gross BS-Psychobiology John L. Guldimann BA-History Jill Gumbert BA-Sociology E ileen Gurevitz BA-Mathematics Linda Gutierrez BA-Psychology Valerie Gutierrez BA-Economics Nancy Melinda Guttry BS-Kinesiology Debra Guy BA-English Laura Guzik BA-French Grace Haas BA-Biology Robert Haddad BS-Geology Vickie Hague BA-Psychology Violet Hakimianpour BS-Computer Science Bruce Hale BS-Economics Matthew Haley BA-Political Science Brenda Hall BA-Sociology Elena Halpert BA-Sociology Stacey Halprin BA-Sociology Susan Halverson BA-Design Julie T. Hamaguchi BS-Kinesiology Ronald Hamill BA-Sociology 188 Seniors Michele Hammons MA-Biology Joseph F. Hampton IV BA-Math William Hampton BS-Aerospace Engineering Steven Handelman BA-Psychology Linda Handford BA-Design Suzanne Hanen BA-Business Economics Paul Hansen BA-History Frank J. Hanzel BS-Math Computer Science Darlene Harding BS-Psychology Marjorie Harding BA-Geography Ecosystems Susan Harmonson BA-Economics Kathleen H. Harner BA-Art History Craig Harris BA-Economics Lauri Harrison BA-English Robert Hart BA-Psychology Bridget Harvey BA-Biology Michael Harvey BA-Political Science Gwendolyn Harville BA-Sociology Giuseppe J. Hassan BA-French Sherri Hatley BA-Sociology Diane Hattori BA-Economics Melida Haye BA-Psychology Seniors 189 Edward Hayes MBA-Accounting Ellen Diane Hayes BA-Economics Judith Hays BS-Nursing Theresa Hayes BA-Theater Lynne Hedtke BS-Economics Leslie Hee BA-Psychology Steven Heifetz BA-Biology Saul Helfing BS-Public Health Eiman Helmy BA-French Roland Helvanjian BA-Political Science Carolyn E. Henrich BA-Political Science David Herman BA-Economics Nancy Herman BA-Anthropology Rawl Herrera BA-Political Science Richard Herrmann BA-History Vivien Herskovits BA-History Anthony Hewitt BA-Political Science Bonnie A. Hibl BS-Kinesiology Janis Hickey BA-Sociology Carol Hickman BA-Psychology Randall Higa BS-Engineering Yvonne Higa BS-Psychobiology Dean Hilborne BA-Economics Wendy Hill BA-Psychology 190 Seniors Maggi Hines BA-Theater Spencer Hirotsu BS-Mechanical Engineering Alan Hirsch BA-Economics David Hirsch BA-Political Science Linda Ho BA-Economics Steven Ho BA-Biology Wai Ho MS-Engineering Ying Har Ho BA-Mathematics Holly Hoag BA-History Albert Hoblit BS-Math Computer Science Peter Hockenmaier BS-Mechanical Engineering Kimberly Holiver BA-Dance Brad Holland BA-Sociology Brett Holler BA-Communication Studies Gilda Hollis BA-Sociology Cynthia Hollos BA-Sociology Kristin Holmes BA-Political Science Patricia Honsaker BA-Sociology Seniors 191 Carol Horak BA-English Daniel Horwitz BS-Math Computer Science David Hoshzaki BS-Psychobiology Lori Hoshizaki BA-Design Shawn Houghton BS-Kinesiology Christen Houlahan BA-Communication Studies Myra Howard BA-Economics Priscilla Howard BA-Communications Yen-wei Hsieh BS-Math Computer Science Fiona Hu MA-English Roxanne Huber BA-Psychology Kim Hudelson BA-Sociology Nancy M. Huff BA-Economics Maryella Hughes BA-Communication Studies Hang-cheung Joyce Hui BA-Economics Michael Hui BA-Sociology Bryan Hull BA-Economics Ross Hummell BA-Psychology Kathleen Hunter BA-Sociology Kathleen Hunter BA-Economics Susan Frances Huntington BS-Anthropology Julia Huppert BA-Business Economics Leslie Hurwitz BA-Political Science Deborah Husen BA-Political Science Robert J. Hutchins BA-Black Studies Paul Hwee BS-Biochemistry Economics Alan Iba BA-Economics Susan Ichiyama BA-Design Robert lezman BS-Psychobiology Karen Ikkanda BA-Design 192 Seniors Rod Im BA-Economics Jamilee Inman BA-Creative Writing Lawrence Eugene Ivey BA-Political Science Alexander Iwach BS-Electrical Engineering Ronald S. Jackson BA-Business Economics Ann Jacob BS-Kinesiology Fred Jacob BA-French Cynthia Jacobs BA-Sociology David Jacobs BA-History Diane Jacobs BA-Anthropology Lauri Jacobs BA-Sociology Steven Jacobsohn BA-Economics David Jacobson BA-Jewish Studies Sally K. Jacobus BA-Economics Steven Jager BA-Psychology Donna Lee Jahn BA-English STeven Jakob BA-Political Science Chris Jamieson BA-Political Science Michael J. Januzik BA-Econ. Political Science Robert Jarrett BA-Linguistics Lori Jenkins BA-Biology Seniors 193 Mary Jo Jenkins BS-Health Records Bryan Jick BA-Psychology Thomas Jimbo BA-Political Science Aileen Jitsumyo BA-Biology Psychology Janet Joanou BA-History Eric Johansen BA-Psychology Kim Johansen BA-Kinesiology Glen Johnsen BS-Math Computer Science Charles Johnson BA-Economics Christine D. Johnson BA-Sociology Doretta Lynn Johnson BA-Linguistics Spanish Janice Johnson BA-Economics Johnnie Johnson BA-Political Science K. Carol Jeanne Johnson BA-Linguistics Kathryn Johnson BS-Mechanical Engineering Keith P. Johnson BA-Anthropology Marla Johnson BA-Linguistics Spanish Rebecca Johnson BS-Kinesiology Virginia Johnson BA-Psychology Yolanda Johnson-Bush BS-Anthropology Lynelle Jolley BA-Geog. Political Science Garcelle Jones BA-Political Science Gerald T. Jones BA-History Linda Jones BA-Economics Lorraine M. Jones BA-Political Science Lynda Jeanne Jones BS-Chemistry Sherman Jones BA-Biology Benkin Jong BS-Engineering Spoma Jovanovic BA-Political Science David Judson BA-Political Science 194 Seniors Kevin Judy BA-Geography Brenda Jue BA-Psychology Jeanne Jurgens BA-Psychology Richard Kacik BA-English Mark Kadden BA-Economics Scott Kafesjian BS-Engineering Cheryl Kagen BA-Sociology Terri Kahn BS-Linguisitics Psychology Dennis A. Kain BA-Philosophy Gloria Kalb BA-Sociology John Kalinowski BA-Economics Anna Kalman BA-Biology Kimberley Suma Kanatani BA-Japanese Nils Kandelin BS-Industrial Engineering Randall Kanemoto BS-Electrical Engineering Shin Kang BA-Sociology Steven Kang BS-Chemistry Valerie Kaplan BA-Sociology Richard Karp BA-Biology DeAnne Kash BA-Sociology Walter Kasha BS-Microbiology Yasmine Kashfi BA-Anthropology Janice Katayama BA-Design Verena Katinszky BA-Sociology Diane Kato BA-Biology Alice Katz BA-French Literature Gail Katz BA-Sociology Kyle Katz BA-Sociology Laura S. Katz BA-Psychology Donald Kaufman BA-Economics Biochemistry Seniors 195 Kasey Kaufman BA-History Karen Kaupke BA-Political Science Fred Kawashima BA-Geography David W. Kay BA-Biology Denise Kay BA-Psychology Lisa Kay BA-Communication Studies Paul Kay BA-Business Economics Yukie Kayahara BS-Computer Science Robert Kayne BS-Kinesiology Anna Penny Kelen BA-Economics Stacey Kelleher BA-Economics Kathryn Kendrick BA-Sociology Kathryn Kennedy BA-Political Science Matthew Kennedy BA-Theater Arts Tracy Kennedy BA-Political Science Sharon Kerfoot BA-Linguistics Spanish Russell Kern BA-Economics Dale LaJuan Kerr BA-History Judy Ketlenburg BA-Economics Jeff Kevich BA-Ecosystems Beverly Keyes BA-Ethnic Arts Terry Lee Keyson BA-Anthropology Kambiz Khalili BS-Psychobiology Nancy Kierulff BA-Theater David Kilmer BS-Kinesiology Aeran Kim BA-Design Aeyun Kim BA-Design George J. Kim BS-Physics Grace Kim BS-Math Computer Science Hae Kim BA-Chinese 196 Seniors In Kim BS-Mechanical Engineering Jin Kim BS-Physics Judy Kim BA-Economics Kwang Hun Kim BSC-Electrical Engineering Kyungsoo Kim BA-Psychology Lori Kim BS-Biochemistry Lyndon Kim BA-Political Science Myung-Keun Kim BS BA: Physics Math Rose Kim BA-Math Sang K. Kim BS-Electrical Engineering Won Kim BS-Electrical Engineering Yong Kim BS-Engineering Yong Ri Kim BA-Economics Yonghoon Kim BS-Electrical Engineering Katherine Kimbell BA-English Ann Kimoto BA-East Asian Studies Kim Kimura BA-Sociology Bradford John King BA-Psychology Seniors 197 Jeffrey King BS-Geology Jennie King BS-Civil Engineering Susan King BA-Psychology William Kirkwood BS-Engineering Jeanne Kistner BS-Public Health Shinichi Kitada PhD-Biological Chemistry Jay Kleckner BA-Communication Studies Carolyn Klein BA-Design Deborah Klein BA-History Paul Klose BS-Math Computer Science Elizabeth Knauer BA-Economics Mary Knepper BA-Political Science Ken Knifsend BA-Geography Andrea Knight BA-English Sandra Kay Knight BA-History Steven Knox BA-Biology Lesley Knudsen BS-Kinseiology Karen Knudson BS-Kinesiology Andrew Ko BS-Chemistry Jason Ko BA-Political Science Cynthia Kobayashi BA-Economics Yoshinori Kobayashi BA-Art History Charles Koch BA-Economics Jill Kochendorfer BA-Design Elaine Kootsikas BA-Anthropology Julia Kopitzke BS-Kinesiology Paul Koretz BA-History Alexandra Korin BS-Psychobiology Michael Kortan BA-Political Science Judy Koshimizu BA-Math Computer Science 198 Seniors Sharon Koshiyama BA-Psychology Steven Kotlowitz BA-Sociology Keith Kramer BA-Political Science James Edward Kranyak BS-Math Computer Science Mitch Kreitenberg BA-Communication Studies Paul Krzemien MS-Engineering Elizabeth R. Kubota BA-Theater Linda Kubry BA-Theater Akihiko Kumagai BA-Economics Ru-li Kung BS-Engineering Carmen Kunstman BS-Engineering Peter Kuo MBA-Finance Teh-chao Kuo MS-Electrical Engineering Catherine Kussman BA-Sociology Harusumi Kutsazawa BA-Mathematics Karen Kwong BA-Design Marian Kwong BA-Psychology Demetrios Kyriacou BA-Biology Seniors 199 Lee Kyung BA-Art Design Rhonda Labowitz BA-History Michael Lachuk BS-Physics Susan Lacy BA-Economics Ronald Lafler BS-Computer Engineering Christopher Lagudis BA-Economics Jeffrey R. Lai BA-Psychology Han-May Lai MA-Education John Lambdin BS-Civil Engineering Teresa Lamm BS-Nursing Denise A. Landau MA-Art History George Landefeld BA-Economics Karen Landow BA-Communication Studies Mitchell Lane BA-Economics Shelley Lane BA-Communcation Studies Luanne Langevin BA-English Dolores Langtry BA-English Jan Latimore BA-History African Studies Barry Latner BS-Bacteriology Corinna Lau BA-Economics Lisa Lau BA-Economics Vivien Lau M Ed-Education Waileung Lau MBA-Business Thomas LaVaut BA-Political Science Debi Lazar BA-Psychology Ronald E. Leach DDS-Dentistry William K. Leas BA-Geography Ecosystems Catherine Lech BA-English Linda Leck BA-Political Science Julie LeClear BA-History 200 Seniors Cynthia Lee BS-Math Computer Science Ellen Lee BA-Economics Esther Lee BA-English Gregory Lee BA-Psychology Anita Lee BS-Psychology Huan Lee BS-Engineering Hyung Lee BS-Physics MaryAnn Lee BA-Linguistics Myung Lee BS-Electronics Rebecca Lee BA-Economics Sharyn Lee BA-Psychology Sung Lee BA-Psychology Karen Leigh BA-Theater Scott Leland BA-Economics Phychology Rosemarie Lendenmenn BA-Psychology Karen Leonard BA-Sociology Susan Lesh BA-Political Science Diane Lester BS-Kinesiology Janice Lester BS-Kinesiology Erin Letsch BS-Political Science Gail Lev BS-Kinesiology Lisa Levin BA-Design Francine Lynn Levine BA-Jewish Studies Julie Levine BA-Psychology Louis A. Levinson BA-Econ. Political Science JoElen Levy BA-Psychology Ratman Levy BA-Biology Virginia Levy BA-History Carolyn Lew BA-Psychology Wing F. Lew BS-Electrical Engineering Seniors 201 Robin Lewis BA-Psychology Vera Lewis BA-Psychology David Licht BA-Political Science Deborah Ritvo Lieberman BA-Political Science Gregory Lieverg BA-English Dennis Lim BS-Engineering Seung-Hyang Lim BA-Psychology Sociology Marlene Linares BA-Spanish Laura Lindquist BS-Kinesiology And rew Liner BA-Biology Martha Marcella Lipinski BS-Kinesiology Sujin Lipack BS-Math Applied Science James Lipschultz BA-Economics David Lui BS-Math Computer Science Floyd Livingston Jr. BS-Biology Linda Livingston BS-Phychobio Biochemistry Lora Livingston BA-Political Science Lori Livingston BA-Business Economics Michelle Llorens BA-Psychology Ceeily Lo BA-English Lee Lobell BA-Economics Sharon Lobell BA-Mathematics Ann Loftus BA-Psychology Carol Login BA-Sociology 202 Seniors Patrisha Long BA-English Shari Loo BA-Political Science Donald Lopez BA-Economics Enraquita Lopez BA-Biology John W. Lopez BS-Psychobiology Kathleen Lopez BA-Political Science Norma Lopez-Cirlos MA-Architecture Etan A. Lorant BA-Political Science Kathleen Lorenzini BA-Communication Studies Isabel C. Loriente BA-Psychology Paul Loskutoff BA-Psychology Lisa Lossos BA-Psychology Melvin Louie BA-Economics Debbie B. Lowe BA-History Dana Loy BA-Spanish Elizabeth Lozano BA-Biology Annamarie Lucatorto BA-Italian Russell J. Lucia BA--Economics Danny Lui BS-Engineering Patrick Lui BA-Economics Shirlon Lum BA-Spanish Patricia Lustig BA-English Jon Lutz BA-Biology Catherine Lynch BA-Communication Studies Lawrence Lyons BA-History Alisa Ann MacDonald BA-Business Economics Seniors 203 Harry Wm. Machnov BA-History Karen Mack BA-Communication Studies Kim Macy BA-Economics Clara Reiko Maehara BA-History Lesa Maffin BS-Psychology Donnie Maher BA-Psychology Heather Mahood BA-Political Science Nickolas Mahtensian BA-Political Science Peter Maimone BS-Electrical Engineering Marsha Mainland BA-Psychology Janet Majors BA-Sociology Philip Bernard Malamuth BA-Psychology Bonnie Malone BA-History Debbie Mandell BA-History Rick Manke BA-Psychology Edward A. Mann BA-Economics Nancy Mann BA-Psychology Davoud Maouchehri BS-Mechanical Engineering George Maranon BA-Psychobiology Irene Maratos BA-Sociology Janet Marcellus BA-History Ernesto Marchosky BA-Economics Eli Margolin BS-Industrial Engineering Richard Marias BS-Psychobiology Michael D. Mark BA-Political Science Rochelle Marmorstein BA-Art Design Laurie Marquette BA-Economics Stuart Marquette BS-Psychobiology Kenneth Marsh BS-Engineering Lynne Marshall BS-Public Health 204 Seniors Wade Marsten BA-English Catherine Martin BA-Economics Kathleen Martin BS-Nursing Maryly Martin BA-Sociology Fraces Martinez BA-Biology Patrick A. Marty BA-Psychology Deborah Marlyn BA-Sociology Grace Marumoto BS-Engineering Mele Mason BA-Motion Pictures TV, Katherine Masters BA-Economics Gena Mastrogeorge BA-Anthropology Lawrence Mathews BA-Economics Jose Matibag BA-Economics Sociology Eugene Matsuda BA-Economics Michael Matsuda BA-English Fumaiki Matsuoka BA-Philosophy Helen Mattingly BA-Liberal Studies Steve Mauk BA-Psychology John Mavredakis BS-Business Economics Terrence A. May BA-Pub. Admin. Poli. Sci. Seniors 205 Daniel Mayeda BA-Communication Studies Rene Maza BA-Political Science Robert Keith McAfee Jr. BA-Biology Julie McAllister BS-Psychobiology Louise McCabe BA-Economics Sociology Dale McCarter BS-Psychobiology Worthy McCartney BA-Design Glenn E. McClellan BA-Psychology Karen McClinton BA-Spanish Kendy Leigh McCloskey BA-Psychology Julie McCluskey BA-Psychology Catherine C. McCollom BA-Chinese Michael R. McCulloch BA-Economics Beth McCucheon BA-Com. Stu. Economics Jeanne McDonald BA-Economics Shelley McDonald BA-Political Science Caroline E. McDonnell BA-Sociology Stanley McElroy BA-Economics Maureen McEvoy BA-Political Science Colleen McFaul BS-Kinesiology Deborah McGrew BA-Psychology Keith McHugh BA-Economics Cindy Mcintyre BA-Political Science Karen McKenna BS-Psychobiology 206 Seniors Richard F. McLaughlin III BA-Economics Karen A. McMahan BS-Sociology June McMillin BA-Psychology Ann McNary BA-Romance Languages Carol McNutt BA-Economics Christopher McNutt BA-Economics Brian McShane BA-Economics Terry Meador BA-Economics Anne Medeiros BA-Sociology Joanne Meikle BA-Economics Carol Meisch BS-Kinesiology Karen Melick BS-Engineering Martin Meltzer BA-History Gene Arthur Meneses BA-History Marcia Meoli BA-Political Science Helena G. Mercado BA-Political Science Susan A. Mercer BS-Aerospace Engineering Anita Merina BA-History Peter Merlone BA-Economics Stuart Mermel BA-Economics Rory Mestel BA-Sociology Helen Metzger BA-Geography Ann Rhombert Meyer BA-Design Dan Meyer BS-Psychobiology Seniors 207 Ann Meyers BA-Sociology Larry Meyers BA-Psychology Trudi Michel BA-Psychology Anne Middlebrooks BA-Sociology Linda Miechowiez BA-Sociology Margot Miglins BA-Psychology Milena Mihich BA-Economics Senka Mihich BA-Economics Albert Miles BA-Geography Diane Miller BA-Psychology Madeline Miller BA-History Melissa Miller BA-Psychology William P. Miller BA-English Raymond Millette BS-Biology William Milroy BS-Electrical Engineering Beth Milstein BA-Motion Pictures Television Linda Joy Mintz BA-Sociology Michael Mitchell BS-Psychobiology Shirley Mitsuhashi BS-Mechanical Engineering Donna Miyata BA-Psychology Mari Miyazaki BA-Psychology 208 Seniors Paul Mizuki BS-Engineering Jon Mochizuki BS-Civil Engineering Carmen Montano BA-Psychology Diane Monteil BA-Geography-Ecosystems Corey Moore BA-Economics Elsa R. Moore BA-Philosophy Laurie E. Moore BA-Theater Arts Thomas Moore BA-Economics Yvonne Moore BA-Sociology Patricia Moorhead BA-Communication Studies Anna Moraga BA-Political Science Dean A. Morehous BA-Political Science Diane Morey BA-Sociology Ronald Morinishi BS-Engineering Glen Morita BS-Mechanical Engineering Kathleen Morley BS-Kinesiology Glenn Moromisato BA-Psychology Mark Morrison BS-Mechanical Engineering Nancy Morrison BA-Psychology Willis Irwin Morrison BA-Political Science Emil Moskowitz BA-Art History Seniors 209 Wendy Moss BA-Psychology Daniel Mosunich BA-Psychology Erin Mourey BA-Geography-Ecosystems Michele Moy BS-Kinesiology John Mueller BS-Mechanical Engineering Roland Mueller II BA-Biology Caren Mukai BA-Psychology Kim W. Munson BA-Motion Pictures TV Cathy Muranaka BA-Economics Maria Murillo BA-Psychology Marcia Murray BS-Engineering Marilyn Murray BS-Kinesiology 210 Seniors Denise Murrin BS-Chemistry, French James Murrin BS-Engineering Marino Muyco BA-Design Cathy Jean Myers BA-Economics Elaine Nadell BA-Economics Sandra Nagatani BA-Geography-Ecosystems Eiko Nakamura BA-Psychology Yuki Nakamura BA-Political Science Carol Nakashioya BS-Nursing Soo Nam BS-Psychobiology Jerry Namba BA-Psychology Virgis Narbutas BA-Biology Tony Natoli BA-Theater Arts Barbara Neal BA-Psychology Sociology Blythe Neaman BA-Sociology Janice Neff BA-Psychology Harvey Negoro BS-Biochemistry Richard Negvesky BS-Mechanical Engineering David Nelson BA-French Linguistics Janet Nelson BA-Design Nancy Nelson BA-Design Nancy Leigh Nelson BA-Mathematics Kellie A. Newcomb BA-Art History Verna Newland BS-Political Science Frank Newman BA-Economics Jacqueline T. Ng MS-Computer Science Hai Nam Nguyen BS-Econ. Systems Scie Son Nguyen BS-Mechanical Engineering Robert J. Nicholls BS-Nuclear Engineering Eric Nicolaisen BA-Theater Arts Seniors 211 Alan Nierob BA-Communication Studies Helene Nimer BA-Communication Studies Martin Nishi MBA-Management Cheryl Nishikawa BA-Psychology Marlene Nishimoto BA-Psychology Jerry Nishinaka BA-History June Nitti BA-Psychology Cheryl Noren BA-Economics Ronald M. Norman MFA-Theater Arts Kim Normington BA-Economics Rhonda Carol Northrup BA-Psychology Alfred Nunez BA-Psychology Wilo Nunez JD-Law Azusa O ' Brien BA-East-Asian Studies Frances Kathleen O ' Brien BA-Theater Arts Suchai O ' Chareon BS-Engineering Kevin P. O ' Connor BS-Psychobiology Timothy O ' Connor BA-Economics Geography Lori Anne Oddino BA-Psychology Tayseer Odeh BS-Mechanical Engineering Stephen O ' Dell BA-Economics Kimberly Oden BA-Economics David Oderberg BS-Math Computer Science Julianne O ' Drain BA-Psychology Marjorie Ogata BA-Sociology Linda O ' Hirok BS-Geography Kyung Ohm BS-Biochemistry Gregg Okada BA-Economics Linda Okazaki BA-Psychology Walter Okitsu BS-Math Computer Science 212 Seniors Yumi Okubo BA-Communication Studies Rochelle Oliensis BS-Psychobiology Susan Ollweiler BA-Political Science Thomas D. Ormond BA-Economics Renato S. Ornedo BS-Nuclear Engineering Jesus Orozco-Henriquez MA-Law Mimi Orth BA-Design Janis Oshiki BA-Biology Joseph Jude Oster BA-Biology Mitchell Ostwald BA-Political Science Ellen Otani BA-Microbiology Therese C. Ott BA-Psychology James Ousman BA-Geography-Ecosystems Thomas A. Packer BA-Political Science Melinda Pacpaco BA-Psychology Diane Pae BA-Psychology Angelika Pa gel BA-Art History Deborah Pailet BA-Economics John S. Palmeri BS-Civil Engineering Michael Parchen BA-History Cynthia Parish BA-Political Science Andrew Park BA-Geography-Ecosystems Chung Park BA-Math KwAngho Park BS-Chemistry Se Hoon Park BS-Math Gale Parker BA-Psychology John Parker BA-Economics Russell Parker BA-Design Brad Parkinson BA-Economics Pamela Parr BS-Economics Seniors 213 Cynthia Pasion BA-Psychology Dina C. Passi-Cohen BA-Spanish Catherine Peale BS-Engineering Sharon Pearl BA-Jewish Studies Emily Pearson BA-Biology Kelli Pearson BS-Kinesiology David B. Pechman BS-Chemistry William H. Peck BA-History John Peel BA-Psychology Bernie Peleg BA-Biology Brian A. Pena BA-Economics Esther Perez JD-Law Maria Pernice BA-History Orli Peter BA-Psychology Elizabeth Peters BS-Engineering Michael Peters BA-Psychology Dawn Peterson BA-History Freddie D. Pettis BA-History Karen Pfister BA-Psychology John Philbrick BA-Psychology Dana Phillips BS-Nursing Susan Phillips BA-French Bonnie Pilliod BA-Sociology Patricia Pillon BS-Biochemistry Annette Pinel BA-Sociology Cathy Pitts BA-Theater Arts Laurence Pitts BA-Psychology Nancy Plotkin BA-Design Stanley Poey BA-Biology Charles A. Pollock III BS-Psychobiology 214 Seniors Alfred Ponticelli BS-Biochemistry Marcia Pontoni BS-Kinesiology Annie Man-Ying Poon BA-Economics Andrea Popovich BA-Psychology Renee Portenier BS-Kinesiology George Arthur Portillo BA-Theater Arts Beth Anne Powell BS-Kinesiology Lynda C. Powell BA-Psychology Nancy S. Powell BA-Sociology Natalie Powell BA-Political Science Jacqueline Pribnow BS-Econ Urban Planning Christopher Carl Price BA-Microbiology Pamela Pritsker BA-Economics Dean Prober BA-Political Science Marla Provencio BA-English Jeffrey Prsha BS-Electrical Engineering Susan Pruckner BA-Political Science Claudia Puig BA-Communication Studies Marjorie Purdum BS-Kinesiology Catharine Quist BA-Economics Seniors 215 Lisa Quong BA-Applied Mathematics Kenneth Raabe BS-Geology Douglas E. Rabe BA-Economics Barbara Raben BA-Sociology John Raber BA-French Sheryl Rabkin BA-History Terence G. Rabun BA-Sociology Dena Raffel BA-Design Julianne Rafferty BA-History Marketta Ragin BA-Political Science Hanim Rachman M Ed-Education Rudolf Rallis BA-Econ Political Science Agustin Ramos BA-History Erik Ramsdal MBA-Finance Richard A. Ramsey BA-Psychology Carolyn Randall BS-Engineering Systems Wilbur Randall Jr. BA-History Kim Randle BA-Sociology Ruth Rappaport BA-English Mark Rastello BA-Economics Andrew Ratner BA-Economics 216 Seniors Michael Rebaleati BA-Political Science Mark Anthony Reda BA-English Debbie Redfern BS-Kinesiology Cathleen Reems BA-Mathematics Keiki Reems BA-Psychology Donald Simon Reich BA-Psychology Gregory Reid MBA-Marketing Elizabeth Helen Reinen BS-Geology Edward S. Reisman BA-Biology Deborah Remy BA-Psychology Marfel R. Rendon BA-Psychology Penelope Ress BA-Communication Studies Jeffery P. Reynolds BA-Economics Jeong Rhee BA-Design Janet Rhodes BA-Sociology Kathleen Ribardo BA-Psychology Roberto Ricasa BS-Psychology Amy Rice BA-Political Science Carol Anne Rice BA-Biology Margaret Rice BS-Biochemistry Randall Rich BA-History Catharine Richards BA-Music Rick Richards BA-Communication Studies Colleen Richardson BS-Public Health Vikki Richardson BA-English Laura A. Rios BA-Sociology Hannah Judith Ritter BA-History Najma Rizvi PhD-Anthropology Diane Robb BA-Economics Pat Roberts BA-Psychology Seniors 217 Stephen Robertson BA-Economics Linda Rock BS-Engineering Violeta Rodriguez BA-Spanish Timothy W. Rogan BA-English Mark D. Rogers BA-Political Science Deanne Rohe BS-Psychology Antonio Rolon BA-Theater Arts Mary Romo BS-Nursing Arthur William Ronci BA-English Mickey Rosado BA-Political Science Loretta Rosales BA-Psychology James C. Rose BS-Electrical Engineering Jedd Rosen BS-Engineering Judith Ellen Rosen BA-Sociology Leslie Rosenberg BA-Political Science Kenneth Rosenblatt BA-History Shellie Rosenblatt BA-Psychology Dan Ross BS-Biochemistry Elise A. Ross BA-Political Science Harriet Ross BA-History Nancy B. Ross BA-History Lisa F. Rossi BA-Economics Karen Rotenberg BA-Sociology Marissa Roth BA-Design Janet Rothstein BA-Design Kurt Rotter BS-Economics Psychology Jack Rubens BA-Economics Debra Rubenstein BA-Psychology Roberto Ruiz BS-Engineering M. Yvonne Russell BA-Economics 218 Seniors Brad Rutledge BS-Kinesiology Kevin Ryan BA-English Nancy Ryder BA-Sociology Randall Ryti BA-Biology Teresa Sable BA-Sociology Sohrab Sadeghpour BS-Physics Sara Sagastume BA-Political Science Keith Sakai BA-Economics Regina Sakaida BA-Mathematics Elaine Sakamoto BA-Japanese Johnny Sakioka BS-Mechanical Engineering Isabel Salgado BA-Spanish Linguistics Mark Saltzman BA-Psychology Vicky Sampson BS-Kinesiology Dolores Samuelian BA-History Hazel Sanders BA-Latin American Studies Jeannie Sanders BA-Art History Sandra Sandoral BA-Spanish Seniors 219 Thomas Sanford BA-Economics Nikki Sanoff BA-English Richard Sapien BA-Latin American Studies Dawn Sapp BS-Biology Ted Sasaki BA-English Michele Sato BA-Japanese Mark Scatolini BA-Political Science Jeanette Schachtner BA-Spanish John P. Schauerman BS-Electrical Engineering Nathan Schiff BA-Biology Leslie Schirle BA-Economics Thomas Schlemmer BA-Economics Karen Schmidt BA-Biology Craig Schniepp BA-Economics Patty Schnugg BA-Sociology Keith Schoenheit BA-Psychology Jean Schroepfer BA-German Robert J. Schumacher BA-Economic s Marian Schunk BS-Kinesiology Psychology Solange S. Schwalbe BA-Motion Picture Television Robin Schwantes BA-Economics Gary Schwartz BA-Political Science Jonathan Schwartz BA-Political Science Katherine Schwartz BA-Sociology Marie Schwartz BA-Economics Thomas Schwartz BA-Sociology 220 Seniors Gerard Schwary BA-Political Science Andrea Schwethelm BA-Near Eastern Studies Maria Scott BA-Economics William C. Seitz BA-Economics Lorraine Seki BS-Kinesiology Nancy Semsroth BA-English Kristy Sencerbox BA-Communication Studies Cecelia Seoman BA-Psychology Menelek Sessing BA-Political Science Gregory Severn BS-Physics Susan Shaffer BA-Communication Studies Azar Shahryarinejad BS-Chemical Engineering Steven Shane BA-English Ann Shapiro BA-Design Barry Shapiro BA-Motion Picture Television David B. Shapiro BA-History Hui-Fang Shaw BS-Biochemistry Patricia J. Sheela BA-Theater Arts Elizabeth Sheldon BA-Design Susan Shellworth BA-Design Seniors 221 Sandra Amy Shibukawa BS-Nutritional Science Patricia Shideler BA-Political Science B ahram Shily BA-Psychology Russell Shimomura BA-Economics Janet Shinno BS-Kinesiology Christine Shipman BA-Economics Ron Schiraishi BA-Biology Thomas E. Shirtcliff BA-Political Science Kenneth Shishido BA-Economics Isaac Shokair BS-Nuclear Engrineering Alexander Shokrian BA-History Leonara L. Shonka BA-Sociology Michael Shulkin BS-Mathematics Gail Shulman BS-Psychobiology Peter Dickson Siberell BA-Communication Studies Jane Siegal BA-Design Robert S. Siegel BS-Physics Mark Sieke BA-Economics Amy Silen BA-Art History Julie Silver BA-Psychology Sandy Silver BA-Psychology 222 Seniors David Silverman BA-Motion Picture Television Nancy Silverman BA-Psychology Charlene Silverstein BA-Psychology Lorna Silverton BA-History Ruth Silvia BS-Public Health Deborah Simon BA-Psychology Anahid Simonian BA-Psychology Vicken lshkan Simonian BA-History Timothy Simpson BA-Sociology Charles Siu-Cheung Sin BS-Chemical Engineering Amy Singer BA-Psychology Leslie Sinkunas BA-Sociology Carol A. Sipowicz BA-Psychology Freda Katherine Skaggs BA-History Dudley Slater BS-Geophysics Steven Slavitt BA-Political Science Jennifer Jane Small BA-Psychology Gail Smason BA-Political Science Catherine Smith BA-Communication Studies Cecilia Smith BA-Anthropology Deborah Smith BA-Economics Jeffrey Smith BS-Mechanical Engineering Karen A. Smith BS-Math Computer Science LaVern Smith BS-Chemistry Seniors 223 Matthew Marc Smith BA-Biology Renee Smith BA-Psychology Richard Smith BS-Physics Teresa Smith BA-Political Science Beth Snider BA-Communication Studies Caroline Martin Snyder BS-Kinesiology Jane Sobo BA-Design Morely Beth Sobo BA-Design Alexander Sokolow BA-Philosophy Glenn J. Soled BA-Economics Phillip Sollenberger BS-Chemistry Brian Solomon BA-Political Science Kenton SooHoo BA-Economics Lisa Sopkin BA-Economics Charles Sosnick BA-Political Science Judith Spades BA-Economics Evanthia Spanos BA-History Andrea Spatz BA-Economics Anne Spearman BA- Geography Deborah Spielman BA-Sociology Barbara McNary Spindler BA-English Debra Spingeld BA-Theater Arts Joel Spivak BA-Political Science Di-Ann Spolidoro BA-English 224 Seniors Peter Spurzem BA-Philosophy Trina Stacey BA-French Teresa Standefer BA-Economics Cathy Stander BA-Liberal Studies Julia A. Stanek BA-Economics Kevin Stapleton BA-Philosophy Harlan Stark BA-Sociology Carol Starr BA-English John Starr BA-Theater Arts W. David Stauffer BS Biochemistry Roxanne St. Claire BA-Communication Studies Judy Ann Steeneken BA-Economics Gretchen Solveig Steer BA-History Dori Stegman BA-History Debo rah Stein BA-Communication Studies Sharon Steindorf BS-Kinesiology Heidi Steinmann BA-Sociology Peter Stephan BA-Biology Michael J. Stern BS-Engineering-Materials Gregory Stevenson BA-Psycholo gy Sandra Stewart BA-English Seniors 225 Jane Stites BA-Economics Joanne Stites BA-Psychology Brian Stitzinger BS-Kinesiology Mary Stoakes BS-Kinesiology Anita Stober BA-German Geography David Stolien BA-Communication Studies Sally Stolte BA-English Frederick Stone BA-Biology Keri Stone BA-Art History William Stone BA-Mathematics Stacey L. Storm BA-English Ken Stovitz BA-Communication Studies Martin D. Stowe BA-Economics Shelley G. Strachan BA-Political Science Lauri Strayer BA-Spanish Linguistics Ernest Sullivent BA-Mathematics Fred Sumi BS-Kinesiology Debbie Sun BS-Psychology Sheryl D. Sutherland BA-Linguistics William Sutton BA-English Michele Suval BA-Design Biravij Suwanpradhes BA-Political Science Lisa Swanson BA-Geography-Ecosystems Janet Sweeney BS-Kinesiology Merry Sze BA-Mathematics Systems Russell David Tafoya BA-Political Science 226 Seniors Russell Takahata BS-Electrical Engineering Steven Takemoto BS-Psychobiology Ronald Keith Takeuchi BS-Psychobiology Joni Takuma BA-Music Maritza Tamayo BA-Spanish Virginia Tamblyn BA-Biology Jeffrey Scott Tanaka BA-Quantitative Psychology Pamela Tanaka BA-Sociology Lilian Tang MS-Computer Science Richard Tanner BA-Geography-Ecosystems Joann Tappon BA-Biology Leyla Tarlan BA-Business-Economics Yasko Tashiro BA-Linguistics Geoffrey Taylor BA-Political Science Art Alex Tcherkezian BS-Biochemistry Jan Elizabeth Teifeld BA-Communication Studies Steve Teller BA-Economics Bettina Tendler BA-Dance Seniors 227 Seiju Terada BA-Biology Lori Teslow BA-Economics Adriana Tessieri BA-Political Science Alexander Tessler PhD-Engineering-Structures Karen Test BA-Psychology Nancy Thiel BA-Sociology Debi Thomas BA-Psychology Kimberly Thomas BA-Communication Studies Tammy Thomas BA-Psychology Nancy Irene Thompson BA-Economics Judith Thompson BA-Political Science Doug Thomson BA-Slavic Languages Kim Thorn BS-Psychobiology Alfonzo Thrower BA-Political Science Susan M. Tobins BA-Political Science Jerry Tokunaga BA-Poll Sci Economics Arlene Tom BA-Microbiology Charles S. Tomaszewski BS-Kinesiology Wilki Tom BA-Economics Laura Tomita BA-Microbiology Susan Tonai BA-Economics 228 Seniors Carol Lyn Tonini BA-Sociology Nancy Tookey BS-Psychology Barbara Topp BA-Psychology Angelo Torres BA-Sociology Maria E. Torres BA-Spanish Barbara J. Tosti BA-Psychology Desiree Tournier BA-Linguistics Lisa Tremble BS-Sociology Donald J. Tringali BA-Economics Ronald L. Triplett BS-Psychobiology Cindy Tuch BA-Sociology Gail Turner BA-Psychology Anthony Turrini BA-English Elizabeth Ueland BA-Political Science Matthew Troidl BA-Economics Esther Trosow BA-English Lee W. Troxier BA-Political Science Linda A. Trump BA-Psychology Ho Troung BS-Electrical Engineering Sheerie Tsai BA-Math Applied Science Rosa-Marie Tscheekar BA-Spanish Dennis Tso BA-Microbiology Christina Tu BS-Math Computer Science Michael Tubbs BA-Economics Seniors 229 Shadrack Engubia Ukum BA-History Elizabeth Ullmer BA-English Kenneth Umeda BS-Civil Engineering Edward Ung BS-Psychobiology Nancy Uno BA-Economics Frank Urenda BS-Mechanical Engineering Cynthia Urmer BA-Psychology Poli Sci Shigeki Usui BA-English Calvin Uyeda BS-Mechanical Engineering Silvina Vaccaro BA-Sociology Kenneth Valdez BS-Psychobiology Jeanne Valentine BA-Political Science Bogdan Valkov BS-Mechanical Engineering Margie Vallejo BS-Nursing Thomas Robert Vallier BA-History Christi VanCleve BA-Design Ingrid Van Dorn BA-Sociology Jonathan Vanlepp BA-Anthro Economics Mitchell Vann BA-Theater Arts Judy VanSteenkiste BA-Theater Arts Judith Van Zuylen BS-Psychobiology 230 Seniors Richard B. Vasquez BA-Political Science Vida Vazin BS-Engineering Emma Vecht BA-History Mark A. Velarde BA-Design Anil Venkatrao BS-Engineering-Materials Patrick A. Verbeke MBA-Management Kathleen Vick BS-Public Health JoAnn Villa BA-Psychology Susan Vlay BA-Anthro Sociology Leslie Vogel BA-Sociology Carole J. Vohs BA-Economics Alexine von Keszycki BA-Art History Christian Wagner BA-History Karen Wagner BA-History Jennifer Wallace BA-Sociology William Waller BA-Economics Carolyn Walt BA-History Patti L. Walters BA-Sociology Anne Walton BA-Economics Arlene Wang BA-Design Jean Wang BA-Economics Seniors 231 Diana Waste BS-Math Computer Science John Waters BA-Economics Edward Watson BA-Theater Arts Kenneth Watts BA-History Monica Waxman BA-Geography John Webber III BA-History Poli Sci Sonia Webber BA-Sociology Cindy Wedding BA-Theater Arts Katherine Wedemeyer BA-Biology Martha Weeks BS-Kinesiology Suzanne L. Wegener BA-Psychology Daniel Weiner BA-Economics Michael Weinstein BA-Economics Michele Weisbart BA-Communication Studies Gisela Weiser BS-Psychobiology Alisa M. Weisman BA-History Darrow Weiss BA-Psychology Mindy Weitz BA-Psychology 232 Seniors Deane T. Wellman BA-Psychology Barry Welsch BA-History Daniel We ndt BS-Kinesiology Mark Stephen Wessel BA-English Debra S. Wexler BA-Sociology Andre Russe White Jr. BA-Sociology Cynthia White BA-Spanish Joleen White BA-Psychology Economics Marc L. Whitman BA-Economics Todd Whitthorne BS-Kinesiology Donna Wick BA-Psychology Frank Widder BA-English Jill Wiese BA-Political Science Wanda Wilburn BA-Biology Robin Wilkin BA-Economics Paul Wilkins BA-History Marlene Willauer BA-English Daphne G. Williams BA-Sociology Deborah A. Williams BS-Nursing Karen Williams BA-Psychology Kenneth Williams BA-Economics Pamela Williams BA-Economics Seniors 233 Wanda Williams BA-History Gail P. Willumsen BA-Motion Pictures T.V. Kelley Wilson BA-Psychology Paul Wilson BA-His tory Renee B. Wilson BA-Linguistics Psychology Susan Wilson BA-Economics Wendy Wilson BA-English Craig A. Windes BS-Mechanical Engineering Leon Winer BS-Electrical Engineering Art Winkleblack BA-Business Economics Laura Winston BS-Nursing Paula Winter BA-Political Science Jan Renee Wirth BA-Biology Ellen Wise BA-Sociology Jocelyn Withrow BS-Kinesiology Michael Wo BA-Economics Ric Wo MBA-Management Catherine Wogec BA-Music Education Melissa Wohl BA-Theater Susan B. Wolf BA-Psychology Marian Wolff BA-Biology 234 Seniors Shelley Wolff BA-Psychology Amy Wolin BA-Theater Ernest Hwei-Lan Woo BS-Engineering Evelyn Woods BA-Psychology Mary-Ann Woods BA-Communication Studies David Woon BS-Electrical Engineering Danny Kwock Chew Wong BA-Economics Gin W. Wong BS-Chemical Engineering Mark Wong BS-Electrical Engineering Sandor Woren BS-Psychobiology Mark Worthge BS-Civil Engineering Janet Waznica BA-Psychology Joel Wright BA-Study of Religion Eugenia Y.H. Wu BA-Psychology Grace Wu BA-Psychology Stacey Wulkan BA-Sociology Christine Wullschleger BA-Psychology Corinne Xavier BA-Biology Rick Yamada BA-Biology Edmund Yang BA-Bacteriology Frank Yashar BS-Engineering Cathy T. Yasuda BA-Communication Studies Joan Yeager BS-Kinesiology Alice Yee BA-History Robert Yee BS-Engineering Systems Sandra Grace Yee BA-Psychology Lester Yen BS-Biochemistry Grace Yeung BA-Sociology Robert Yim BA-Psychology Ramona Ying BS-Chemical Engineering Seniors 235 Craig Yoneyama BA-Economics See Huong Yong BA-Economics Calvin H. Yoon BS-Mechanical Engineering Steven Yorita BS-Mechanical Engineering Kathryn Yoshihara BA-Design Terrie T. Yoshikane BS-Psychobiology George Youdeem BS-Civil Engineering Haven Young MA-Education Karen Young BA-Linguistics Michael Young BA-Philosophy Millie Young MA-Math Applied Science Quintin Young BS-Psychobiology 236 Seniors Gwen A. Yount BA-Spanish Linguistics Fel Yturralde BA-Psychology Hummock Yum BS-Electrical Engineering Sunhee Yun BA-Psychology Jar-fee Yung PhD-Biology Shira Zabari BA-Sociology Steve Zabuska BA-Political Science History Jenny Zaharson BA-Psychology Patricia Zajec BS-Kinesiology Lauren Zakwin BA-Psychology Donna Zane BA-Ethnic Arts Kerri Zane BA-Sociology Jodi Zechowy BA-Econ. Political Science Tijana Zivkov BA-Economics Vladimir Zlatkov BA-Psychology Janine Zone BA-Art History Seniors 237 Living Groups 239 The dorms- A different way of life Turkey dinners and Tommy Fans, Monte Carlo Nights and midnight fire alarms are just a sampling of experiences to be lived through in a year at the dormitories. Though rooms may be small, it has been proved that a little imagination can turn the drear into the dazzling. Though the food may not be awarded t he cordon bleu, the vending machines are just a quarter away. And there are always opportunities to go to Palm Springs or Mammoth on a floor trip. The dorms are a completely student-oriented community. The resident assistants (R.A. ' s), front desk staff and dorm officers organize all the events. The main attraction each year is Monte Carlo Night when all the fun becomes Vegas style. Proceeds go to charities and not the pocket, however. The dorms will have to have a new addition next winter when the suite complex under construction will be finished. An additional 700 students will be housed. 240 Living Groups ADULTS ONLY Living Groups 241 You ' re your own in an apartment 242 Living Groups This is the year of the high rise . . Rents, luxury apartments and waiting lists are on the increase as Bruins face the bare facts of apartment living. Although the average one-bed-room unit close to campus rents for $400 per month, students prefer to live with a lighter pocketbook than with no roof over their heads. Corporations have bought up the few remaining lots surrounding campus and are building multi-unit complexes which will rent for multi dollars. But once the carpet and curtains match, it doesn ' t take long to reap the benefits of privacy or to settle into the routine of cooking meals, doing dishes and throwing impromptu Bruin victory bashes. And that most frustrating routine of apartment hunting should be easier next time around due to an anti-discimination bill before t he legislature. Landlords would no longer be able to turn down students without breaking the law. Living Groups 243 It ' s all GREEK to me 244 Living Groups This is the year of the return of tradition to Greek life—homecoming, the dance marathon, big rushes, the toga, and a Greek Week full of inspiration. Over 3000 members of fraternities and sororities hailed tradition like the campus hasn ' t seen in twenty years. The nostalgia craze reached all the way back to the days of Rome as fall ushered in the first annual Toga Olympics. The Greek system played a big part in the revival of Homecoming, making floats and marching in the parade. Greek Week brought Greek Sing back out in the spotlight and the dance marathon was reborn during the 36-hour epic in Ackerman Union. And the annual Greek tradition which has never been lost, Mardi Gras, turned the intramural field into a real Animal House for one week-end. Starting with one of the biggest rushes ever in September, UCLA Greek community has grown in reputation and size to become one of the largest in the nation. Living Groups 245 Alpha Delta Chi FRONT: Jennie Malonek, Debbie Eakin, Kristin Colton, Cathy Barnett, Cheryl Thompson, Mickey Rosado, Pam Clark. ROW 2: Iris Grinstead, Tammy Muir, Mandy Hicks, Pamela Carkey, Melody Eells, Wendy Larson, Ruth Wallace, Debbie Jugend, Elissa Emmons, Lida Lee Hallock. ROW 3: Jennifer McCleery, Karen Tullsen, Nancy Carlson, Jaonie Stayboldt, Kathy Cole, Donna Gage, Debra Lynn Brady, Susan Wulfing, Candice Uriu. ROW 4: Joi Van Deventer, Leslie Smith, Julie Nelson, Barbara Brooks, Janet Lee. MISSING: Amy Becker, Stefanie Cole, Regina Davis, Sharon Kvamme, Cecile Shea, Julie Shontz. 246 Living Groups Alpha Kappa Alpha FRONT: Velora Brown, Patricia Harris, Bridget Harvey. ROW 2: Melanie Sterling, Denise Jones, Stephane Sterling. ROW 3: Yolanda White, Julia Dade, Natasha Hall. ROW 4: Charlette Rodgers, Vicki Thompson, Karen Young, Sheryl Sutherland. ROW 5: Diane Griggs, Azeldria McCarns, Laureen Byant (Graduate Advisor). Living Groups 247 Alpha Chi ROW 1: Robin Pennington, Kathy Davis, Jennifer Miller, Amy Drangsholt, Karen Westenhaver, Patti Long, Sue Dibs, Lisa Mamano, Lori Smith, Janet Steingone, Cindy McDonald, Kim Hollenbeck. ROW 2: Laura Pendleton, Julie O ' Drain, Leslie Devorin, Sue Schoonover, Becky Geretz, Laura Peterson, Donna Patapoff, Anne Blakely, Kathy. Gwinn, Sandy Farmer, Ann Allison, Stephanie Lavezzo, Mary Bardwil, Michelle Henricks, Linda Leck. ROW 3: Tina Olsen, Dawna Nusbickel, Vicky Sausedo, Jill Lauderdale, Mariam Aroni, Currie Dunn, Michelle Tate, Jennifer Lakritz, Janice Johnson, Harlee Monkarsh, Ann Bennett, Judy Kanoskie, Carol Hyams, Dianne Fraser, Susan Getten, Patty Conrad. ROW 4: Sheri Hatley, Dana Stoike, Peggy Jones, Debbie Dickerson, Terri Sarazen, Patty Hoffman, Jane Netzen, Meg Molumphy, Laura Omega Omori, Val Red Horse, Linda Shatz, Susie Farinet, Sara Nealon, Carol French, Deidre Sheedy, Carrie Brown, Margie Kim, Carol Edgerton, Phyllis Kim. ROW 5: Kathy Petersen, Sue Vlay, Carol. Banasky, Diane Rogers, Liz Pingel, Sandi Leopold, Janie Keaton, Linda Westman, Kay Wolking, Maryann Gunderson, Ann Schorno, Debbie Bidwell, Marissa Le Masters, Mary Goaghagan, Lisa MacDonald Jeanette Oberhaus. ROW 6: Diane Marguiles, Vickie Basolo, Dana Sackett, Tracy Blyth, Teresa Bardwil, Sheri Kowalke, Shannon Strybel, Grace Esclamado, Shireen Ehrlich, Sandy Minasian, Kim Elwell, Sue Delohery, Ginger Hoereth, Aileen Morello, Leslie Ehrman, Mimi Orth. MISSING: Sue Allen, Diana Chow, Anne Fausone, Kathy Gorman, Pam Gray, Val Gutierrez, Lynn Hedtke, Jenny Lithe, Ellen Riddell, Sue Ridgeway, Ruth Silvia, Pam Stewart, Sue Wight. FRONT: Erin Gathrid, Lisa Menaker, Denise Beland, Jone Greenberg, Joan Tandowski, Tammy Duncan, Liz Neeper. ROW 2: Cindy Ramberg, Liz Coker, Cindy Bogard, Susan Hunter, Rhonda Miller, Karen Armstrong, Katie Horton, Misty Holweger, Lori McKnight, Gwen Gorham, Sherry Steindorf. ROW 3: Laura Krall, Christy McNight, Erin Burnham, Dianna Shin, Janet Letson, Jeryll Lipke, Donna Edmiston, Lisa Whitney, Debbie Marshall, Susan Nicholas, Kelly Vickers, Lori Mackey, Mary Delsol, Mary Martin. ROW 4: Donna Reiss, Kim Division, Susan Wynne, Pam Beckman, Janet Nehrenberg, Shannon Davis, Karen Schonwit, Patti Pepper, Alic Sarkisian, Jeannine Sullivan, Kathy Schachtner, Joy Pepperman, Julie Davis, Maria Blue, Charlotte Boniols, Lori Shearer. 250 Living Groups Alpha Delta Pi ROW 5: Linda Johnson, Jody Cohan, Callie Shively, Christy Moeller, Anne Harlan, Barbara Berkyto, Julia Kopitzke, Mary Charlesworth, Val Kaplan, Stacy MacKenzie, Linda Spangler, Cynthia Naylor, Ellen Mykkanen, Sara Killins, Lee Fuller, Sue Wilson, Liz Rodgers. ROW 6: Judy Steeneken, Amy Grauman, Jill Borden, Nancy Geer, Kathe Hunter, Carol Shively, Lynn Ballard, Linda Wood, Julie Treinen, Lynn Prendergast, Diane Monteil, Amy Rice, Carla Berks, Linda Polin, Lori Hershberg, Janice Pollack, Susie Rennard, Marianne Pease. TOP ROW: Chiris murningham, Denise coderre, Barbara Berg, Tauna Vandeweghe, Stephanie Jiu, Karen Wullschleger, Karen Graves, Carol Regan, Tina Cowan, Chris Wullschleger, Joanne Meikle, Cary Fenton, Marian Schunk. Living Groups 251 Alpha Epsilon Pi ROW 1: Susan Zale, Cece Freeman, Tina Tendler, Amy Singer, Lauren Fein, Shelli Rosenblatt, Patty Mombach, Wendy Luckoff, Nicole Mandel, Susan Ward, Nancy Gootnick, Eilene Kurtzman, Wendy Sukman, Tami Strauss, Arie Yuster, Sharon Burde, Shelli Graff, Michelle Collins, Lisa Agay. ROW 2: Sherri Pollack, tami Kobernik, Sue Olshanksy, Lisa Levin, Suzanne Hanen Hanen, Beth Titlebaum, Suzanne Wegener, Marla Sherman, Jane Feldman, Pam Stusser, Sue Gruskin, Debbie Davidson, Jami Abell, Lisa Goldman, Leslie Rosenberg. 252 Living Groups ROW 3: Rosie Miller, Kerri Platt, Pam Fein, Cheryl Goldberg, Ann Barbour, Jill Tannenbaum, Rhonda Birndorf, Melissa Gordon, Carrie Goldstein, Mae Dorfman, Lori Berson, Kim Stein, Leslie Wise, Debbie Litwin, Debi Lazar, Cissy Seaman, Lori Gilbert, Dori Stegman, Susan Perla, Annette Appleby, Lori Geller. ROW 4: Jody Moss, Wendy Moss, Elena Malitz, Beth Leshgold, Cindy Novak, Karen Gayner, Terry Schwartz, Randy Gilbert, Karen Greenberg, Kim Neistadt, Julie Silber, Sheri Goodman, Nancy Chaplan, Lori Cohn, Jan Hasson, Diane Silverberg, Andi Lyons, Karen Africk, Debbie Pollock, Sari Stone, Susie Mintz, Nancy Sipe, Judy F ox, Shelli Cohn, Judy Mintz, Stacey Weinman, Suzi Zebrack, Lauri Shainsky, Erin Horowitz. Living Groups 253 Alpha Gamma FRONT: Valerie Bloom, Kathy Bosworth, Olga Jo Esquivel, Jean Stone, Dana London, Cindy Howie. ROW 2: Charlotte Cosgrove, Renee Smith, Cecilia Menas, Denise Lester, Claire Cosgrove, Kim Smith. ROW 3: Linda Hogan, Anne Selmer, Susan Latina, Shannon Gordon, Elena Freshman, Susan Scaffidi, Jennifer Sowell, ROW 4: Jean Riley, Brookes Croonquist, Kathy Fitzmorris, Lori Gerkins, Krysten Peterson, Julie Edson, Judith Katterman, Kris Odencranz. 254 Living Groups Delta FRONT: Tracey Benedict, Sandra Stradling, Marilyn Acker, Evelyn Galeon, Becky Gomez, Leslie Soo Hoo, Lisa Knerr, Diane Milham, Annmarie Blount. ROW 2: Mele Mason, Nancy Griffin, Mary Lou Gilbert, Pam Mink, Cindy Crowder, Ruth Farrington, Giselle Rocha, Lynne Marshall. ROW 3: Denise Kinsley, Cindy Terry, Doreen Heywood. ROW 4: Debbie Teasdale, Sally Beamish, Sylvia Pfalzgraf, Beth Bunce, Cathy Bushnell, Tori Coakley, Claire Wagner, Stephanie Beverage, Jody Gunn, Monte Tripp, Eileen Lyon. MISSING: Adelia Cheng, Lynn Milligan, Tracy Jeffries, Marian Green. Marsha Meol. Living Groups 255 Alpha phi FRONT: Jeanine Vaughn, Cindy Curran, Robin Brigham, Cathy Smith, Sandy Campbell, Janie Dale, Judy Young, Juie Rice, Kristin Lundstrom, Nancy Miechowicz, Lisa Fogle, Lynne Fraser, Julie Levine. ROW 2: Cathy Cronin, Gina Garrett, Nadine Panos, Marla Stein, Daveen Tyras, Nancy Levey, Carolyn Murray, Kim Lynch, Debbie Wedding, Allyson Wyatt, Cathie Batson, Linda McDermott, Julie Duerenberger, Kathi Kailer, Heidi Pence, Kathy O ' Donnell, Torrey Ewart, Lucy Brown, Karen Riley. ROW 3: Gail Cansoneri, Marianne Kearney, Jill Rossi, Faith Rodarte, Beth Allegretti, Kim Cooper, Chris Powers, Shelley Strachan, Kim Benner, Janet Fitzgibbons, Carol Walt, Joan Jordon, Nancy Riela, Judy Kettenberg, Ellen Santon. ROW 4: Ginny Levy, Laura Panosian, Ellen Wright, Ruth Poyser, Gail Morrow, Linda Benevente, Pam Symons, Nancy Arnold, M.B. Sorensen, Lory Treadaway, Carol Newman. 256 Living Groups ROW 5: Jennifer Booth, Liz Tinker, Liz Hanft, Lori Pivo, Jodi Hewson, Debbie Keller, Julie Marsella, Kirsten Fitzgerals, Julie Carrington, Vicky Dunk, Jodi Weiland, Kimi Seaber, Katie Grebitus, Jill Delaney, Allison Kazarian, Jenny Davis, Lisa Lockwood, Pat Newman, Shari Greenberg, Mary White, Lorri Snyder, Shelley Ford. ROW 6: Julie Croner, Anne Spearman, Rhonda Freedman, Linda Miechowicz, Dana Berkett, Carol Bullock, Linda Broderick, Lori Steiner, Christi Schmidt, Linda Kunz, Terri Kahn, Lindy Mauch, Rhonda Leach, Danna Kurtzman, Mary Helen Murphy, Lynn Murray. MISSING: Vickilynn Hubbell, Sue McLane, Susan Phillips, Jenifer Wallace, Michelle Winfield, Kerri Zane, Tracy Beckman, Caroline Kondo, Doreen Laraway, Lori O ' brien, Pam Smith, Amy Anderson, Bliss Berry, Hilary Brown, Carolyn Doherty, Carol Newell, Sherri Devereaux, bonnie Dumm, Caity Dunn, Nora Frank, Brenda Halkais, Gail La Franchi, Diana Mudgeway, Celia Salter, Beth Schaffel, Rene Sellers. Living Groups 257 Alpha Xi Delta ROW 1: Karyn Sime, Leslie Schirle, Diane Velasco, Cameron Tennyson. ROW 2: Margie Marenus, Lesley Davidson, Leyla Tartan, Kathy Deeter, Chris Shipman, Liz Topkis, Carolyn Cox, Marijke Bekken. ROW 3: Nancy Turner, Karen Brennan, Karen Deeter, Suzanne Goulet, Darlene Franks, Linda Livingston. MISSING: Judy Alvarado, Marissa Cortez, Sarah Lynch, Inge Poey, Karen Sapa, Janet Stegman, Elizabeth Ullmer, Ann Whisenhunt, Katy Wogec. Sigma Delta Tau FRONT: Marcia Kamerman, Shelley Weisbart, Karen Finkle, Gwendy Silver, Lisa Karp, Debbie Mandell, sue Cohen, ROW 2: Robin Zimmerman, Laran Bernstein, Lori Fenston, Shelley Megdal, Judy Gumbiner, Esther Adler, Carol Periberger, Jody Berman, ROW 3: Marcie Katz, Larilei Strauss, Ilene Shapiro, Suzee Kurit, Terri Breitman, Valeri Mellman, Linda Agay, Dana Chortkoff. ROW 4: Edie Bens, Carolyn Fuson, Noreen Field, Suzanne Charleston, Hester Schwach, Jill Cohen, Melody Lubin, Sue Schwartz, Debbie Seidoff. MISSING: Melissa Seisser, Ilene Greenberg, Patti Berman, Doreen Ravett, Susan Fingerett, Karen Landers, Lise Rosengard, Beth Samuelson, Tali Fogel, Shanni Ginsberg, Lori Aranoff, Lisa Saunders, Abby Berns, Karen Kerner, FRONT: Lori Teslow, Karen McKenna, Cathy Beaumont, Cathy Yasuda, Anne Loffus, Rory Mestel, Tina Coulter, Barb Gest, Debbie Husen, Jeanne Griffin, Randi Gold, Nancy Huff, Kathy Doherty, Karen Lewis. ROW 2: Sandy Kuebler, Debbie Dootson, Kathy Lane, Lisa McClain, Elyse Shapiro, Robin Ritner, Jenny Ryan, Cecily Lo, Sonja Webber, Ellen Johnson, Roxanne Galloro, Nancy Adam, Kristy Sencerbox, Linda Teslow, Katrina Secoy. ROW 3: Robin Windes, Susan Meisel, Debbie Watson, Sue Dworakowski, Elizabeth Smith, Evanthia Spanos, Cynthia Oh, Jane Schoneman, Jacque Bowe, Afina Van Zyl, Shelly Moore, Kevil Harrington, Kim Suman, Kathy Burton, Nancy Marshment, Kathy Kevorkian, Jolie Barnett, Caryl Davis. ROW 4: Anne Leamy, Mary Del Favero, Cathy Williams, ROW 5: Laurie Weaver, Andrea Spanos, Diane Popp, Monica Hall, Barbara Early, Sandy Teslow, Cheryl Leader, Sally Campbell, Vlasta Jercinovich, Lynn Cummins, Diana Derebeew, Sandy Soto, Ann Argabright, Kari Nansen, Marjorie Skouras. 260 Living Groups Chi omega ROW 6: Jan Byer, Robyn Andres, Kelly Burton, Michele Jaffe, Kathy Dworakowski, Diane Tejera, Debbie Lowder, Lori Cameron, Susie Sutton, Stephanie Pearl, Cathy Campbell, Andi Reeves, Jennifer Roberts, Cathy Frank, Donna Wick, Teri Levin. ROW 7: Diane Shader, Laura Neville, Gina Zayed, Tracy Hodge, Ming Yang. TOP ROW: Terri Welby, Barbara Snyder, Susie Everman, Karen Toms, Robin Katherman, Rachel Hull, Nancy Bechtel, Wendy Solomon, Jane Leonard, Leslie Stone, Cathy Salt, Cheryl Savage. MISSING: Adrianne Ahern, Beth Becker, Olivia Beroud, Laurie Birenbaum, Shannon Conroy, Cheryl Crandall, Danilla Da Rodda, Barb Florman, Sue Harmonson, Janey Hayes, Karen Hughes, Kasey Kaufman, Michelle Kling, Patty Flockhart, Susan Laufer, Karen Laukka, Holly Lum, Jill Martin, Vicki Mestel, Janie Miller, Cindy Moberg, Erin Mourey, Lisa Muer, Pamela Neely, Betsy Orr, Cynthia Post, Cindy Roberts, Kathleen Schiro, Sue Soto, Shauna Spellman, Heather Thomas, Nancy Thompson, Karen Trittipo, Janet Trompeter, Gail Turner. Living Groups 261 Delta Gamma FIRST ROW: Kathy Leetch, Lisa Poe, Debbie Frank, Leslie Mayer, Tina Leonetti, Linda Brogmus, Jane Bernardi, Kellie Newcomb, Kelly Egan, Andre Lake, Anne Jackson, Liz Stalder, Laura Fetto, Molly Foley, Susie Jennings, Anne Legallet, Jane Siegal. ROW 2: Rhonda Labowitz, Debbie Rehman, Terrie Yoshikane, Liz Pendo, Jill McColm, Alison Wright, Allison Patterson, Terri Advena, France Szeto, Karen Thorworth, Karen McMahon, Katie Curry, Cindy Wooten, Stacey Whitfied, Robin Miller, Sue Preston, Cathy Davisson, Leslie Cane, Kim Holiver, Kathy Kataoka, Jeanne McDonald, Catherine Lech. ROW 3: Lori, Allison, Keri Stone, Carla Becker, Julia Poppen, Tracy Roberts, Laura Lindquist, Diane Elcan, Laura Thorworth, Lorrie Provost, Susan Bullock, Karen Weiss, Cheryl Rehman. ROW 4: Sally Wood, Robin Morris, Laurie Hoff, Karen Swanson, Karen Wagner, Mindy Weiman, Julie Stock, Kerry Minard, Liz Kubota, Kathy McVay, Cheryl Taylor, Carol McGlone, Lynne Larsen, Lor i Kovacs, Steffani Gantes, Lorie Dewhirst, Kathy Pickett. ROW 5: Jo Elen Levy, Lisa Knaver carolyn Cole, Jalio Silver, Kelli Pearson, Joanna Garrett, Paula Simbro, Jacque Kamm, Kim Siehl, Beth Cotter, Carol O ' Connor, Lisa. Zusman, Kristen Schow, Tome Bednar, Barb Bixby, Alix Doomakes, Bridget Boland, Nancy Jacobson, Jennifer Gerich, Ada Lange, Lydia Kubin, Kelley McDonald, Amy, Kubin, Darryl Einhorn, Linda Galceran, Lisa Jacobs, Pam Frankel. FRONT: Nancy Ousman, Katie Lynch, Alison Maxwell Anne O ' Brien, Lori Martyns, Julie Fried, Julie Hayek, Monica Kreps, Kathy Burce, Deni Poletti. ROW 2: Rhonda Ossipoff, Molly Olson, Margo Ehrman, Lori Hartman, Becca Minor, Greta Meyerhoff, Ellen Dolfie, Pam Beckstrom, Caryn Markus, Nancy Bothwell, Wendy MacDiarmid, Judy Ward, Nancy Nahin, Vicki Street. ROW 3: Sue Ollweiler, Marilee Morford, Leslie Kumamoto, Nancy Nusbaum, Jennifer Small, Janet Maderious, Mica Magee, Patrice Pearson, Alyson Edgerton, Cindy Beattie, Ptrice Joachim, Debbie Gerlock. ROW 4: Cathy hagy, Nicole Street, Carin Badger, Lisa Zdybel, Beth Burgess, Lori Landau, Sue Lebo, Liz Dorn, Madelyn Alfano, Leigh Baker, Nancy Wynn, Lori Ciabitarri, Jeanne Hendrickson, Debbie Richards, Pati Evart. 264 Living Groups Delta Delta Delta ROW 5: Kim Torchio, Linda Leishman, Katie Osborn, Kelli Power, Cynthia de Beaumont, Lori Low, Maria Hak, Shelley Engman, Kendy McCloskey, Melissa Merta, Diane Glascock, Jennifer Black, Julie Reese, Nancy Morrison, Karen Warner, Holly Levander. ROW 6: Kathy Wallace, Cathy Peale, Suzanne Larson, Pam Atteberry, Kathy Hockett, Kirsten Berg, Cynthia Hobson, Denise Rocchietti, Jill Wilson, Sue Lesh, Lori Ives, Lynda Smith, Janice Neff, Tricia Cox. ROW 7: Kelly Douglass, Nancy Herman, Sue Lacy, Nina Locke, Jill Tracy, Cynthia Colisanti, Karren Brown, Linda Steck, Laurie Gordon, Pam Williams, Nancy Beadle, Parie Jensen, Christin Miller, Karen Kaupke, Jacqi Pribnow, Emily Pearson. Living Groups 265 Gamma Phi Beta FRONT Wendy Crimp, Lourse Dixon, Cindy Wills, Nancy Thiel, Katie Jackson, Laurie Redlich, Tricia Honsaker, Nancy Webster, Adrienne Benedict, Sue Costello. ROW 2: Roberta Burnett, Chris Schroeder, Lisa Welge, Mary Anne Ostrom, Lucy Kahan, Chris De Leon, Allyson Seelinger, Cathy Sernett, Vikki Perez, Laurey Voiler, Teri Oberman, Dalila De Leon. ROW 3: Dorothy Jones, Marlee Means, Carol Corwin, Therese Tomlinson, Kathy Halff, Wendy Ward, Kathy Cudahy, Laura Dean, Lori Fields, Felicia Settle. ROW 4: Denise Meyers, Tracy Hatch, Carrie McLaughlin, Patty Fairchild, Nancy Archibald, Lori Fine, Arlyne Metaxes, Helene Gradow, Fran Fiel, Debbie Laurence. ROW 5: Shelly Simpson, Sandy Eustes, Kerry Robinson, Jennifer Sanders, Karen Odell, Lolli Lueke, Laurie Fullerton, Linda Benning, Lynn Kinghorn, Claudiq Jeffs, Melane Ali, Carol Botdorf. ROW 6: Lisa Swallow, Julie Havens, Madeline Greenberg, Nancy Komer, Julie Stephens, Carol Hesse, Donna Popoff, Terri Nedoff, Pam Merrill, Carol Miley. ROW 7: Ann MacDonald, Heidi Merz. Kappa Alpha Theta FRONT: Amy Horton, Clunie Holt, Missy Mann, Mardi Jett, Pam Conner, Jayne Papac, Rene Maratos, Heidi Krasel, ROW 2: Mary Lou Hotsko, Jordan Sellinger, Kacey Ragland, Nancy Wersen, Jill Soled, Janet Rhodes, Nancy Schreiner, Julie Rubino, Nancy Ross, Gaby Arranaga, Sue Shellworth, Cheryl Fraser, Joanne Murphy, Joanne Rhodes, Robbie Ross, Lori Schadalios, Nancy Carr, Kim Martens. ROW 3: Cindy Engel, Sandy Dougherty, Geri Craft, Michele Bakan, Julie Huppert, Kathy Brune Kathy Dunn, Colleen Byrne, Arlyne Ignacio, Peggy Farmer, Amy Dart, Donna Benson, Drista Jacobsen, Chick Porter. ROW 4: Hoppy Maharry, Becky Rader, Christa Belardi, Lisa Mengel, Sara Kinsell, Mrs. Long, Nansi Clotworty, Lauri Harrison, Marianne Gausche, Carolyn Randall Adrieenne Matthews, Peggy Porter, Rosann Courtney, Lesley Knoth, Kim Jacobsen, Kathleen Rogers, Janet Johns, Amy Pryor, Maryanne Griffith, Linda Kuhn, Cathy VanBerkhout, Bridget Tweedie, Lori Devine, Laura Spence, Sue Braverman. 268 Living Groups FRONT: Drue Whiting, Glenda Reed, Barbara Davidson, Elena Brazil, Kathy Butler, Ruth Ann Dunn, Karen Reager, Liz Aguilar. ROW 2: Sue Wasicek, Doreen Capistany, Mary Ann Damon, Donna Carter, Sue Foster, Lynn Bonicelli, Kerry Cicotte, Holly Drake, Maria Pernice, Jenny Seitz, Jennifer MacFarlane, Cathy Bartz. ROW 3: Adrienne Folley, Susan Gentile, Sue Krupsaw, Pat Foley, Karen Malmuth, Michelle Solomon, Kathy Carlson, Sue Adamson, Cathy Dekoster, Debbie Albert, Shelly Davis. Kappa Delta ROW 4: Linda Tibbits, Carol Stocking, Carrie Scott, Joan McHugh, Nancy Bower, Janet Ward, Liz Roemer, Jacquie Kreiman, Jill Rector, Lori Eastes, Eillen Schauerman, Moll Watkins. MISSING: Peggy Carver, Holly Felder, Kathy Kennedy, Karen Leonard, Bonnie Malone, June McMillin, Christiy Moyer, Diane Patterson, Sue Pruckner, Gail Smason, Shirley Dickinson, George Hassan, Anita Kratka, Jodie Pisar, Dorothy Rydell, Susie Sanman, Mary-El Fitzgerald, Arden Lewis, Mignon Wills, Kristin Buehler, Caren Church, Jill Cochran, Liz Coyne, Lisa Freitas, Linda Harvey, Kerry Killian, Maureen Kuptz, Deanna Martin, Julie Thornburg. 271 Kappa Kappa FRONT: Debbie Martyn, Caroline Snyder, Ann Grapperhaus, Sue Feehan, Carolyn Knox, Cathy Snith, Ann Jacob, Julie Williams, Jill Gumbert, Wendy Wilson, Kim Randle, Lisa Tremble, Kim Macy, Gigi DeMocskonyi, Stacey Storm, Carolyn Gramly, Janet Morita, Andrea Popovich, Marla Johnson, Debbie Danielson, Anne Middlebrooks. ROW 2 Patty Shider, Connie Agnew, Sally Jacobs, Carol Meisch, Leslie Whitehouse, Ann Dickey, Ellen Wise, Lori Livingston, Janet Elliot, Peggy McDougall, Debbie Albin, Nancy Peteson, Anne Murphy, Debbie McLeod, Wendy Hundley, Nancy Holt, Da rcy Linn, Nancy Brennan, Simone Katz, Kim Gonzales. Gamma ROW 3: Barb Topp, Sheila Beglin, Sally Spect, Laurie Cheyovich, Darci Mueller, Shelly Rich, Mary Hogan, Trisha Young, Julie Johnson, Chris Wormald, Lynn Rowley, Beth Firstman, Eleka Soshnick, Karen Caswell, Michelle Moran, Jennifer Martyn, Jane Givens, Kristy Mutschler, Darcy White, Julie Dahlberg, Kelly Lynch, Lisa Bartow, Corinne Crothers. ROW 4: Cindy Roe, Sandy Schultz, Jenny Bain, Ann Muilenberg, Donna Gustafson, Terry Lundy, Martha Lipinski, Robyn Watkin, Mary Pike, Allison Light, Gerogie Supple, Carolyn Reinhart, Karen Uchiyama, Chris Folz, Marleigh Stuart, Stacy Kirkpatrick, Sandy Schildmeyer, Renee Gibson, Chris Regan, Amy Gusman, ROW 5: Mary Knox, Mary Short, Yvonne Katinsky, Anne Yeager, Janet Morris, Erin Ellis, Janet Elliot, Sherri Vawter, Lucy DeMocskonyi, Jean Phillips. FRONT: Cindy Bartels, Pricilla Howard, Rille Brand, Meg Glidden, Debbie Bruchez, Caroly n Klein, Jill Baldauf, Ann Walton, Annie McMenomy, Audrey Urban, Sue Halverson, Jan Fugiwara. ROW 2: Kim Engstrom, Julie Leclear, Sallie Estep, Christi Van Cleve, Dena Raffel, Kim Oden, Terry Frazer, Hiedi Steinman, Barb Tosti, Julianne Rafferty, Janet Nelson, Molly Boyd, Laura Smith, Marty Georgis. ROW 3: Ann Striecher, Katie Rosson, Lorrie Warren, Stacy Proctor, Pattie Marshall, Delores Briquileur, Connie Young, Leslie Johnson, Nannette Mayer, Nanett Gunkel, Cynthia Hansen, Laura Wilhite, Colleen Kettenhofen, Missy Pash, Janet Fraser. ROW 4: Julie Haggerty, Linda Hershberger, Jean Peterson, Laurie Polich, Jerelyn Wright, Mel issa Garrity, Karen Boruki, Debbie Egleston, Juliette Dienum, Gretchen Brunsting, Lori Good, Barb Howland, Pam Berkson, Linda Mohr Jane. Pi Beta Phi ROW 5: Trish Kahl, Sherri Hollingsworth, Debbie McConnell, N Henze, Cheryl Guder, Katie McCrory, Johanna Supple, Shari Munson, Liza Kuhlman, Theresa Tomasic, Meg Butler, Bridget Rafferty, Carrie Hoover, Sue Forte. Mary Lou Arnett, Joan Spelltich, Krista Carleson, Louise Kohler, Connie Duncan, Bev Boozer Wendy Wisbon Ruth Dobbie, Jeanne Hall, Becky McCafferty Mary Kay Walton, Denise Mervel ROW 7: Nancy Fraklin, Mary Nevins, Beth Joslyn, Susie Kellogg, Kate Finley, Patty Pastre, Michelle Gaubert, Sara Gerwe, Ann Carlson, Beppy Krause, Jennifer Rafferty. Sigma Kappa Front: Patricia Rogers, Wendy Costenbader, Andrea Bjornlie, Barbare Welker, Pam Tanaka, Audrey Hokoda. ROW 2: Linda Flyer, Katie Gorion, Debbie Turner, Vectoria Martin, Sue Belcher, Mary Stoakes, Sue Cherin, Karen Test, Karenjo Goodwin, Cathy Martin, Jeanne Kistner. ROW 3: Kathy Foley, Nina Ceragioll, Stefanie Davis, Theresa Hayes, Beth McCutcheon, Erin Cox, Ginger Crone, Kathy Ikemiya, Janet Greenbaum, Stacey Budgett, Tamara Fenton, Cathy Nelson, Pam Mabry, Jenny Marshall, Nancy Mann. ROW 4: Joanne Gold, Pam Boren, Jan Flad, Eva DeCarli, Karen Coughlin, Catherine Parker, Sandra Arnold, Steph Pelligino, Janet Farrell, Cheryl Davis, Nancy Hawkins, Lisa Becker, Nancy Ryder, Diana Hariton, Eva Hamilton, Alicia Munn, ROW 5: Karen Rauchman, Kathy Savitt, Kim Swanson, Kathy Langer, Julie Meares, Edna Warner, Gail Gilfillan, Audrey Watts, Lauren Polizzi, Terry Espinoza, Karen DeMarr, Laurie Patierno, Elisa Wolfe, Diana Salazar, Ellie Thomas, Doreen Cooper. Zeta Tau Alpha FRONT: Karen Flubog, Lisa Berger, Beth Thompson, Stephanie Nixen, Jennifer Field, Heather Smith, Debbie Diquattro, Liticia Hart, Pam Sharp. ROW 2: Leslie Rimbach, Kathy Cecilian, Lorraine Kassarjian, Diana Nelson, Debbi Sanders, Andrea Halperin, Lacey Stanley, Stayce Wright, Nancy Ypma, Kathy Wheeler. ROW 3: Nancy Webb, Karen Layman, Karen Alberts, Alex Miller, Suz Sachs, Maureen Reilly, Tracy Kennedy, Carmen Narnajo, Pennie Pollock, Lorie Silva, Julie Bernatz, Francoise Lou, Mary Frances Ypma, Lori Wetterau. ROW 4: Kal Thomas, Tracy Harrison, Sandy Myers, April deFabry, Diane Hehnke, Rae Connett, Kris Hendrichsen, Molly Swanson, Lorraine Burgener, Angie Frank, Kathy Jennett, Stephanie Lou, Nancy Biddle. 278 Living Groups Delta Sigma Theta First row: Christine Johnson, Renae Johnson, Teresa Smith, Gail Garrett. Second row: Cheryl Gully, Karen Smith, Sandra West, Mary Etta Knox. Third row: Rhonda Patton, Valerie Thomas, Fasha Liley. Not pictured: Patricia Bateman, Tanya Cole, Veronica Whitfield, Roshalda Williams. FRONT: Richard Yant, Walter Allan, Gorm Mikkelsen, Paul Goldman. ROW 2: William Graham, John Monroe, Jeff Finkelstein. ROW 3: John O ' Connell, Mark Silverman. ROW 4: Scott Worthage, Scott Campbell. ROW 5: Josh Adelson, Larry Scharfstein, Robert Shaw, Ron Alatorre. ROW 6: Keith Tobias, Jeffrey Luster. ROW 7: Kenneth Shovey, David Einstein, Alex Duke, David Safier. ROW 8: David Devning, Craig Siva. 280 Living Groups Alpha Epsilon Pi FRONT: Tony Goodrich, Jeff Effinger. ROW 2: Saul Helfing, Dale Slone, Ron Maroko, Marty Ross, Brian Blum, Joel Cherman, Keith Sakai. ROW 3: Towm Meagher, Craig Adkins, Eric Rosenbaum, Jon Leaf, Jon Belleville, Sam Cohan, Roger Rea, John Easton, Tom Lorenzen. ROW 4: Brad Winchester, Jay Erb, Steve Miles, Dan Einstein, Joel Kornfeld, Chuck McCay, Steve Sloan (advisor), Andy Liner. ROW 5: Mark Tokunaga, Steve Morris, David Turner, Steve Durkee, Ed Zimmerman, Scott Sullivan, Perry Zuckerman. ROW 6: Arnold Brier, Lee Rosenbloom, Ron Garrity, Karl Zeff Karl Tunberg, Steve Flaum, Paul Kanarek, Wally Samuelson. MISSING: David Green, Jeff Hazeltine, Lowell Murray, Jeff Smith, Paul Roth, Paul Zeidler, Richard Ito, Danny Lewis, Richard Fewell, Joseph Spivak, Iggy Cat, Tom White. Living Groups 281 Alpha Gamma Omega FRONT: Bernard Ela, John Myhre, Dave Turnbull, Clay Watkins, Clarence Au, Joe Sun, Daryl Banton. ROW 2: Andy Comisky, Rex Houdyshel, Greg " Marques " Chadwick, Jeff Pelton, Kevin Kiner, Kim Burdick, Paul Hodson, Jeff Lettow, Don Rothman, Mark Lassiter. ROW 3: Rich Robinson, Steve Arreguin, Ivan Cheng, Guy Yarter, Bruce Chalmers, Ken Paris, Alex Gonzales, Ken Slack, Kim Cary. ROW 4: Brad Myers, Ted " TNT " Thompson, Mark Miller, Brad Armstrong, Steve " Surfcat " Cade, Rick " Disco " Richards, Paul Schuler, Dana Ogden, Mark Wilmot, Gerald Aden, Eric Miller, Mike Lehman, Mike Vetter. ROW 5: Joel Wright, Ruben Ahumada, Jim Davila, Mike Buckley, Jim Berg, Mel " Schemer " Agcaoili. 282 Living Groups Alpha Phi Alpha FRONT: Eugene Hall, Terry C. Brown, Michael Lucien. ROW 2: Greg Taylor, Milton Watson, Quintin Young, Hascal O. Humes II, Chet Williams III, Paul D. Campbell. MISSING: Chuck Gore, Spencer Holmes Jr., Bert Johnson, Henry Williams. Living Groups 283 Beta Theta Pi FRONT: Tom Haley, Curtis Creath, John Peterson, Brian Theriot, Steve Cardona, Chuck Feyrer. ROW 2: Gary Pierot, Jim Forester, Jeff Cavignac, Paul Flieglman, Bruce Sallie, Dan Bryant, Greg Lievers, Steve Zamolo. ROW 3: Tom Shirtcliff, Emile Bayle, Randy Wood, Mike Cardona, Steve Chase, Ole Mikkekesen, Mike McCarthy, Frank Meehan, Ron Field, Grant Carlson, Gerry Flintoff. ROW 4: Charlie Fisher, Mike Callan, Greg Neville, Chris Houge, Bill Steckbauer, Bob Purciful, Pete Gessert, John Sischo, Rick Muringham, Mike McKay, Walt Mountford. 284 Living Groups ROW 5: Chris Lape, Mike Johnson, Bryan Snyder, Jeff Hires, Jim White, Mike Hammett, Gary Stone. MISSING: Mike Began, Fritz Beuhning, Brian Clark, Mike Clow, Jim Davies, Randy Dean, Dave deHuff, Ed Gatejen, Scott Gould, Brad Greely, Jack Jaeger, Mike Jennings, Spyro Kemble, Doug Keeve, Jeff Klein, George Landefeld, Tim Leary, Greg MacDiarmid, Mike McLaughlin, Stuart Marquette, John Nesler, Bill Newby, Mark Newlun, Danny Potter, Craig Rodgers, Kirk Rodgers, Dan Roundtree, Phil Ruland, John Siefert, Todd Stoddard, Duane Van Gordon, Marty Vogel. Living Groups 285 Alpha Tau Omega FRONT: Mitch Bramen, Dave Kilmer, John Raber, Gene Matsuda, Rob Beach, Tom Corson. ROW 2: Brian Froehler, Ken Sims, Pete Siberell, Brad Rutledge, Mark Anderson, Nigel Endersby, Mike Kell. ROW 3: Mitch Jones, Kenny McGlynn, Tom Packer, John Howard, Bob St. Amamd, Andy Goodson, Alan Ehrenkanz, Adrian Mahr. ROW 4: Mike May, Chip Shimer, Stan McElroy, Mark Glicklich, Art Duberg, Karl Danielson, Mike O ' Brien, Dave Gibbs. ROW 5: Gordy Dolfie, John Tatsuno, Gregg Albright, Brian Young, Bob Keehn, Eric Henze, Mike O ' Keefe, Ted Yu, Ray Cochran. 286 Living Groups Delta sigma Phi FRONT: Steve Podrovzek, Kambiz Khalili, Jeff Lauber, Robert Archibald, Hagop Bedoyan. ROW 2: Gary Tam, Lloyd Chapman, Michael Housman, Stephen Havas, Dave Solberg, Douglas Richards. ROW 3: Robert Gaitan, John Sun, Jim Cowing, Sandy Argabrite, Steven Tyksinski, Sherwin Seraffi, Richard Bacio, Chris Hoard. ROW 4: Brian O ' Connel, Jeff Schur, John Strokis, Todd Fraser, Steve Wizan, John Nelson. Living Groups 287 Kappa Sigma FRONT: Greg Bray, Mike Gottlieb, Dave Blumberg, Steve Jamieson, Dave Crump, Jim Schafer, Kirt Hannaford, Ashok Mukhey, Mark Joffe. ROW 2: Larry Sonnenschein, Eric Nicolaisen, Leonard Torrealba, Jon McGaw, Mike Asawa, Alan Arnall, Mike Flynn, Marty Herman, Warde Bates, Byron Lane, Tom White, Mike Grossi, Dave Ash. ROW 3: Dave Juran, Dave Lambert, Greg Schwartz, Derrick Shen, Ross Myers, Ed Knobbe. ROW 4: Paul Van Peborgh, Steve Strehlow, Mike Rebuldela, Mark Rothschild, Kevin Sasaki, Doug Ford, George Browning, Scott Blake, Mark Lutkenhouse, Tom Christian. 288 Living Groups Phi Gamma Delta FRONT: Aki Kiriyama, Greg Moore, Wayne Aozasa. ROW 2: Steve Brooks, Michael Stumpe, Rob Oliver, Pete Jollymour. ROW 3: Craig Woo, N. Brad Allen, Al Hirsch. ROW 4: Chuck Gilbert, Frady Joe, Phil de Toledo, Rick Ryngis. ROW 5: Bob Arp, Brian Taylor, Bill Schatz, Dan Bethlahmy. ROW 6: Steve Kaplan, Michael Kaufman, Mark Batza, Ken Johnson, Arno Viggen, Brent Mattingly. MISSING: Phil Isaac, Andrew Scully, Gene F. Stone, Doug Sidow, Neal Sokoler. Lambda Chi Alpha Left Section (left to right) Front Row (seated): John Lopez, Bob Richards, Emie Marchosky. Row 2: Nick Svetcoff, John Horowitz, Jeff Cox, Dave Shanbrom, Jim Kaldem, (kneeling). Row 3: Mike Taylor, Tom Kittleson, Gary Rowley, Kirk Feldman, Carl Dispenziere, Bon Saunders, Brian Dietz. Row 4: Ron Housman, Arthur Galan, Bill Ashby, B.J. Violett, Matt Booker. Row 5: Rod Im, Mark Wagner, Scott Cunningham, Brett Stover, Francis Gyermek. Row 6: Dave Smith, David Greenwood, Dan Godwin, Michael Peters, Mike Snyder, Mike Geller, Martin Ensbury, Rich Van Bruggen, Cameron Dye. Row 7: Rob Dunning, Scott Carlson, Tom Cave, Don Tringali, Lenny Poirer, Mike Mullins. Right Section (left to right): Front Row (kneeling): Dave Weisner. Row 2: Greg Hariess (hidden), Gary Scwary, Steve Smith, John Morris, Ed McGawley, Ron Sarian. Row 3: Paul Cannel, Seth Kaplan. Row:4 John Waters, John Weiglin, (hidden), Ben Rubio, Mike St. Denis, Kevin O ' Connor, Ed Mann, Jeff Pollack, Drew Kohler, Steward. Row 6: Jeff Zinn, Chris Proctor, Tim Gudim, Bill Bender, Dave Shapiro, Steve Adler. Row 7: Brian Baggott (vertical). Not pictured: Rich Atwood, Steve Bay, Kevin Becker, Craig Bockman, Charlie Campbell, Bob Craig, Steve Duralde, Eric Fernald, Brad Frasier, Doug Hart, Vic Hurtado, Ron Jackson, Ted Jarvis, Steve Katnik, Mark Kolsrud, John Mavredakis, George Mon, Joe Natole, Bob Nunez, Richard Pineda, Mike Rhodes, Mark Ritchie, Steven Sann, Peter Spurzem, Gerald Sauer, Florida Taylor, Cook, John Taylor, Cook, Pat Toohey, Lee Troxler, Tony Turrini, Steve Walbridge, Bill Waller, Scott Wells, John Woodlock, Ron Zinner. Phi Kappa Psi FRONT: Jim Rosen, Larry Sharp, Chris Anderson, Ben Graham, Alan Nierob. ROW 2: Brian Ten, Dave Chisessi, Steve Belomy, Mark Robinson, Dave Kay. ROW 3: Terry Eidson, Jack Noe, Duke Fenady, Mark Milstien, John Striff, Martin Stowe. ROW 4: Al Lindy, Jerry Kurland, Ray Greenlee, Phil Schnider, Peter Reikes, Steve Bishop, Gary Arcemont. 292 Living Groups FRONT: Rich Reed, Bob Raphael, Biran Levy, Randy MacDougall, Dan Cislo, Howard Weisenfeld. ROW 2: Mark Messersmith, Paul Loskutoff, Dan Shugart, John Dewey, Ray Hoyt, " Bongo, " Craig Harrison, Nick Alston, Bill Iliff, Jim Harger, Chuck Kenworthy, Pat Mayock. ROW 3: Dave Case, Brett Sarnoff, Mark Byrne, Steve Mann, Duke Fenady, Rex Fehr, Dave Chissessi, Jeff Wallack, Louis Raymond, Bob Adams, Dave Eckard. Living Groups 293 FRONT: Brian Johnson, Steve Ehrenfried, Jeff Loats, Will Binegar, Ryan Laughlin, Jose Padilla, Ken Dunn, Doug Borland, Kevin Ivey, Gary Robinson, Mark Gruner, Warren Farmer. ROW 2: Ned Schroeder, Mike Flaherty, Paul Klien, Steve Olson, Scott Gelb, Jack Starnes, Don Drews, John Greenwood, Garry McCarthy, Mark Barbolak; Rick Bash, Todd Line Pescan, Jim Carbone, Mark Biller, Tim Meyers, Doug Kaufman, Greg Watkins, Brett Cameron, Bob Campbell, Tom Riccard. Phi Kappa Sigma ROW 3: Jay Gardner, Jon Wieler, Lon Johnson, Jim Kililea, Eric Firstman, Dave S tone,. Greg Krikorian, Dennis Pacheco, Dave Crowley, Rick Natelson, Alex Schroeder, Scott Anderson, Clint Gee, John Parker, Mike " Capt " Moretti, Brian Stitzinger, Henry Enos, Greg Burns. MISSING: Bob Washburn, Ben Dune, Jeff Nelson, Mark Beisswanger, Steve Carbone, Doug Carniglia, John Davis, John Carson, Gerry Desmond, Mark Kermgard, Russ Kern, Dave Stebbins, Jim Tomasek, Jim Klinger. Sigma nu FRONT: McLivaine. ROW 1: Bob Weever, Neil Wenzel, Scott Schowen, Jeff Burt, Ken O ' Rourke, Jay Shepard, Steve Layton, Matt Dufendis, Pierre Lubette, Kevin Ditto. ROW 2: Matt Obaggy, John Broderson, Bill Harris, Bill Moore, Craig Pinkard, John Dale, Mike Koverman, Dan Post, Craig Harris, Rich McLaughlin, Sandy McDougall, Steve Fulton, Tom Perrier, Dave Reed. ROW 3: Don Spicer, Jim Thomas, Monty, Preston, Brett Powell, Roger Wachtell, Kurt Ensign, Jim Young, Mark Vopicelli, Craig Brown, Gary Seaber, John Hopkins, Steve Conroy, Dwight Beldon, Phil Butts, Chris Menninger, Court Shanno. ROW 4: Rob Isackson, Mark Steverson, Karl Broderson, John Morris, Kurt Heisel, Taylor Broman, Bob Boada, Dan Davenport, Russ Parker, Mitch Oswald, Pete Merlone. Sigma Chi Front: Steve Bernardy, Dan Fleet, Dave Dewey, Scott Ellyn. Row 1: Keith Yetto, Chris Hawke, Tom Nirschl, Keith McAfee, Don Slaught, Gary Little. Row 2: Matt Mayerson, Steve Osborn, Steve Hill, Mark Douglas, Mike Roder, Kent DePue, Pete Turner, Dave Greenberg, Dave Gustafson, Steve Porath, Baird Bulmore, Sam Richardson, Corey Moore, Jef Coplin, Mark Sweeney, John Jeter, Tom Beermann, Kevin Klausey, Carl Levander. Row 3: Ward Clay, Mike Stark, Greg Block, Eric Stein, Mark Geiger, Dan Horan, Dave Chamberlain, Alan Emery. 298 Living Groups Sigma Alpha Epsilon Bottom of the stairs working up: Dick Najarian, Greg Brown, Tracy Singh, Doug Lama, Dave Griffen, Mike Jones, Mick Schaefer, Gary Newkirk, Mike Lawrence, Paul Griffen, Rick Myers, Steve Raber, Craig Hartzman, Scott Tiesing, Ken Marsh, Kenn Teel, Peter Evans, David Swann, Alan Vogt, Brian Goodell, Ken Butke, Charlie Koch, James Bechter, Mark Harryman, Timothy Demshki, Dave Cobert, John Webber, John Rothstein, Curt Mohl, Richard Granados, Mike Mason, Ray Rothfelder, Mike Fleming, John Vlay, Tom Brajkovich, Craig Bloom, Mike Tubbs, Richard Shepard, Mike Frager, Karim Canoun, Vince Dileva. MISSING: Joel Schiffman, Jim Grover, Bob Henry, John Kelly, Victor Wagner, Michael McKone, Randy Erwin, Lyle Asaoka, Bob Berry, Chris Attebury, Michael Saphir. Living Groups 299 Sigma Pi FRONT: Mike McNutt, Mark Helmick, Dave Deluse, Joe Schuchert. ROW 2: Ralph Day, Tom Yu, Ron Obara, Jim Carlisle, John Ypma. ROW 3: Dan Peterson, Rick Myrah, Mark Erlich, Tom Concannon, Jay Mercado, Barry Higby, Bruce Morton. ROW 4: Bill Booth, Jim Rorb, John Freidieman, John Snograss. ROW 5: Dave Shiokarre, Dorn Ward, Jamie Paterko, John Van Lepp, Bob Fischer, Bruce Allan, Scott Bounquin, Nick Sidjaron, Phil Thompson, Steve Stwart, Russ Stronte. ROW 6: Brad Parkinson, Ken Paller, Joe Garcia. BACK: George Krisley, Brett Farnahm, Ken Raobe, Chris Perkins. 300 Living Groups Delta Tau Delta FRONT: Rick Siemens, Dave Motte, Marc Holland, Maxwell Von Westland (mascot), Carter Tutweiler, Jim Farring. ROW 2: Chris Perry, Craig Weinstein, Mark McDermitt, Duane Casteneda, Robert Simpson, Brett Perlmetter, Mike Brannon, Chip Hasley. ROW 3: Hubbie Smith, Craig Koester, Tom Sanford, Jeff Johnson, Jeff Goehring, Phillip Ramming, Scott Schinnerer. ROW 4: Brian Rourke, Dave Lee, Chris Wolf, John Husler, Bob Maltbie. Living Groups 301 Tau Kappa Epsilon FRONT: Dan Weiner, Richard Sarazen, Jeff Ott. ROW 2: John Abdulian, Michael Levine, Allen Fensten, Matt Wright, " Spacey " Lacey, Willie Wong, Bruce Fujinami, Jonathon Bem, Joe Dickson. ROW 3: Limey Lewis, Sgt. Kirk Bacon, Dave Schwartz, JU JU Jue, Dave Forster, William L. Owen, Jason Kleinheim. ROW 4: Dave Daly, Jeff Ribman, Frank Newman Ed Yang, Al Lieban, Mike Baltaxe, Jon lvanschmoe, Tom Herron, Steve Berg, Alex Horvat. ROW 5: Andre Bortnowski, Bill Gaynor, Dave Young Rick Karp, Larry Beuder, Bryan Buck, Bob Jansen, Daniel Jackson. Theta Chi FRONT: Jeff Narmi, Mike Hansell, Ron Fields, John Jost. ROW 2: Greg DeWitt, Jim Murrin, Curt Collins, Bob Gifford, Bill Davis, Alan Fausel. ROW 3: Bill Meyer, Jon Sand, Joe St. Georges, Dave Clissold, Jody Hall, Denny Braun. ROW 4: Ken Shellem, Bruce Golin, Todd Ostling, Russ Chung, Dirk Meyer, John Terveer, Gary Marantz, Mitch Gullikson. MISSING: Steve Belilove, Todd Booth, Ron Carr, Dan Clark, Brad Goldstein, Bruce Gross, Kelly Harkey, Rick Higbee, Brian Kennard, Steve Koire, Albert Luna, Keith MacDonald, Steve Messenger, Justin Monger, Paul Poitras, J. P Stevens, Gustav Vafadari, Peter Vignoli. Living Groups 303 Theta Delta Chi FRONT: Mike Rebaleati, Bill Seitz, Tony Held, Al Gardea, Carl Avrit, Ed Farfan. ROW 2: Jack Huang, Bill Chambers, Jeff Greb, Joe Wilkinson, Mark Thorpe, Harry Paleologos, Armando Navarro, Russ Wiles, Ron Holliman, Wayne Golditch, Stu Gondo. ROW 3: Bill Schumann, Larry Austin, Frank Crimi, David Bek, Robert Wilkins, Clark Latterell, Sam Follis, Marty Katz, Mike Starr, Mark Prushan, Jeff Peters, Roger Johanson. 304 Living Groups Triangle FRONT: David Haberman. ROW 2: Mike Becker, Walter Bahm, Chuck Bass. ROW 3: Dan Roller, Tom Wing, Leonard Ruebe, Mark Saliman, Bill Ditto. ROW 4: Bob Nicholls, Dan Penney, Allan Kershaw, Carlos Avila, Alan Rugh. ROW 5: Dan McMonagle, Dawson Kesling, Armando Llanes, Ken Atkins, Dale Brant. ROW 6: Bob Siegal, Stan Surbatovich, Marty Larcabal. Living Groups 305 Theta Xi FRONT: Armondo Pedroza, Bob Weinberger, Ken Buckstaff, Mark Sexton. ROW 2: Howard Sklar, Jeff Davis, Tony Hirshman, Jim Scallon, Phil P.W. Hodsoon. ROW 3: Bill Ferrari, Mike Parchen, Parker Singh, Todd Wayne, Roy Tuxedo, John Ostrom. ROW 4: Rusty Tucker, Steve Milner, Carl Larson, Alan Dibartolomeg, Matt Ober, Jimi Hendrix. ROW 5: Rick Parret, Gary Piper, Mike Shankman, Blake Schow, John Schmauerman, Dave Macintyre, Jeff Strabaca. 306 Living Groups FRONT: Brian Dauk, Mike Fitzimmons, Chad Dimarco, Michael Parker. ROW 2: Gary Mar, Darryl Hoffman, Mark Horne, Jim Nachreiner, Mark Schwartz, Louis Desser, Chris Petrini, Bob Barkman, Jeff Campbell, Keith Pelky. ROW 3: Joe Cottrell, Kevin Fina, Eugene Putnam, John Kalinowski, Jim Squires, Brad Boswell. ROW 4: Frank Vem Jr., Cary Post, John Marcelletti, Pete Gottfried, Steve Pitzek, Greg Sayer. Living Groups 307 Zeta Beta Tau FRONT: Jim Carlin, Steve Glaser, Keith Kramer, Mike Kahn, Bob Solomon, Ron Cype rs, Mark Steres, Brad Berman, David Shapiro, David Hirsch. ROW 2: Ken Guzik, Rich Steingard, Brian Naftulin, Sheldon Wigdor, Jeff Schoenfeld, Neal Marder. ROW 3: Marty Wolfson, Jerry Eisenberg, Mitch Krietenberg, Wally Kantor, Howie Kausansky, Howard Leiter, Bongs Epstein, Mark Ahn, Gary Segal, Scott Howard, Mitch Eisner, Bruce Licht, Fred Denitz, Sammy Marder, Mike Futterman, Gary Ross, Dave Gold, Mike Rosenthal. ROW 4: Jeff Kevich, Harry Gould, Brian Shane, Ken Grossfield, Jeff Okyle, Scoff Berg, Fred Gaines, Craig Honick, Howard Tischler, Marty Meltzer, Jim Mahaffey, Jeff Engler, David Rainer, Richard Walmark. 308 Living Groups FRONT: Ted Lux, David Wank, Jerry Goodman, Greg Karasik, Paul Gold, Tony Price, Peter Schoenfeld, Neal Moritz. ROW 2: Mark Wolgin, Ken Jacobs, Dean Prober, Robert Levy, David Benson, David Hirsch, Ron D ' Cruz, Craig Honick, Jeff Engler, David Klein, Howard Leiter, Dan Gruber, Mike Nebel, Richard Green, Lee Berg, Steven Berson. ROW 3: Steven Crane, Jeff O ' Kyle, Don Aberbook, Steve Moritz, Howie Kaushansky, Ken Grossfield. ROW 4: Brian Shane, Steve Gordon, Bruce Mannis, Fred Gaines, Louis Ortega, Mike Baron, David Michalechek, Scott Berg, Bruce Licht, Ross Goldstein, Jody Helfin, Gary Segal, Arlen Opper, Harry Gould, Rich Steingard, Glen Kantor, Rick Goldfarb. Living Groups 309 Zeta Psi FRONT: Sandy Silver, Mike Schennesen, Steve Clapp, Jay Kapitz. ROW 2: Phil Yamahiro, Rich Zaylor, Earle Brooks, Rick Speizer, Johandar Kakvand. ROW 3: Adam Feerst, Joe Peragine, Jon Halvorsen, Mike Bailey, Rich Glowe, Cliff Long, Mike Dalton, Dan Zwirn, John Ellis, Craig Tilson, Wes Hurst. 310 Living Groups It ' s 2 a.m. . . . After the partying, fun, and good times, its back to being a student again .. . and you have a paper due . . . . . 8 a.m. tomorrow morning. Inter-Residence Hall Council Cutting budgets to keep dorm fees to a minimum was the main goal of the Inter Residence Hall Council this year. The council, consisting of the four dorm presidents, managed to chop the several million dollar dorm budget by $70,000. On the campus scene, IRHC sponsored dances and movies and made endorsements for the spring student government elections. IRHC — (left to right): Eric Fernald, Dykstra President; Mark Krotoski, Rieber President; Katherine Kitchens, Advisor; Russ Hagey, IRHC newsletter editor; Diane Bodurka, secretary; Paul Savoldelli, Sproul President; Susan Folmer, publicity commissioner; John Echeto, SLC liason; Milan Dubravcic, Hedrick President. We Call it Home... Living Groups 313 " We are happy to inform you that you have been accepted at the University of California at Los Angeles . . . " Mom, Dad - I ' m accepted! ! ! Fine. Where are you going to live? Live? You know, sleep, eat and study? Oh! In the dorms of course. That should be a familiar conversation to some 5000 past and present dormies. To continue .. . Hey sis, what ' s a Hendrix? Any relation to Jimmi? No, dummy. It ' s Hedrick. Is it a good place to live? Oh ya. It ' s right next to the pool and it ' s where all the cute swimmers live. It ' s called the Top of the Hill but it should be the Top of the Mountain. 314 Living Groups It ' s not Just what you do It ' s where You do it. Is this one in a swamp? How come they call it Ribbit? It ' s Rieber. What do they do at Ribbit? — Croak. I mean Rieber. Oh! They have some of the wildest dances. Music - allright. Supertramp ever play there? Just on the stereo. The main attraction is Captain Disco. Gosh these dorms have funny names. What is this one -Sprout? Sproul. That ' s where you should live. It ' s where all the freshmen do their stuff. What kind of stuff? Blast stereos, dance in the streets, eat pizza at their own pizzaria and they even go parachuting on the weekends. Well, there is one more - Dykstar. That must be where all the sci-fi freaks hang out. Try Dykstra. It ' s where all the football players live. How do you know? Anyone can tell by all the holes in the doors and walls. Gosh, where should I live if I am a swimming, discoing, pizza eating freshman football fan? If you don ' t mail that application in the next second, you ' re not going to have to worry. You ' re not going to have a place to worry about. 316 Living Groups Administration 319 Charles Young Cha ncellor 320 Administration Norm Miller Vice Chancellor of Student and Campus Affairs Byron Atkinson Dean of Student Administration 321 Stanley Chin Registrar Charles Wilson Vice Chancellor of Academic Services 322 Administration James Hobson Vice Chancellor of Administration Elwin Svenson Vice Chancellor of Institutional Relations Administration 323 J.D. Morgan Men ' s Athletic Director Men ' s athletics SEATED: Doug Hobbs, Faculty Athletic Representative; Angelo Mazzone, Assistant Athletic Director; Bob Fischer, Associate Director; Vic Kelley, Sports Information Director. STANDING: Glenn Toth, Game Management Assistant; Gene Bleymaier, Academic Counselor; Andy Warner, Financial Affairs Coordinator. 324 Administration Judith Holland Women ' s Athletics Director Women ' s athletics LEFT to RIGHT: Sandy Vivas, Sports Information Assistant; Nancy Espejo, Administrative Asst.; Sherry Moody, Assistant to the Director for Fiscal Affairs; Michael Sondheimer, Sports Information Publicity and Promotions Director; Sharon McAlexander, Assistant Athletic Director; Diane Setter, Administrative Asst. Administration 325 326 Calendar , Calendar 327 calendar 328 Calendar Brown Visits UCLA OCTOBER - Chancellor Young (left page) played host to over 2000 students at the first freshmen reception held in 20 years. The occasion marked the fiftieth freshmen class to enter UCLA at the Westwood campus. Besides a handshake from the head man, students were also treated to refreshments and a disco dance. Governor Brown, (above) in the midst of heavy campaigning for the re-election, swung by UCLA on a sunny day to tell over 5000 students he is not in favor of UC tuition and he doesn ' t attend many Regent ' s meetings because they are boring. The governor also enlightened the crowd to the fact, in his own words, that he is not running for President in 1980. Calendar 329 CALENDAR NOVEMBER - Peter Gabriel, (below) former lead singer of Genesis, played to a sold out Ackerman Grand Ballroom. Martin Mull, (below, right) host of the now defunct comedy talk show " America 2night: " told jokes to an Ackerman Ballroom audience. Robert Blake, (below, left) alias Baretta, was given a special award commemorating the completion of his 100th film. Talk show host Griffin presented him with the award. Talking Heads, (right) gave a free outdoors concert on a Sunday afternoon which drew 10,000 people from all walks of life. 330 Calendar Calendar 331 Calendar Calendar 332 Sixteen year old Diane Diamond rocked and rolled UCLA with her musical talent (opposie page, left) JANUARY- Kenny Loggins (left) talked about his musical career and played a medley of his top songs to the delight of the Grand Ballroom crowd. On a different note, the Greeks voiced themselves in song as 23 choruses competed for awards in the traditional January Greek Sing. (above) Calendar 333 Calendar FEBRUARY- In their first American appearance, the British group Sad Cafe (above) played to over 1000 students. Chevy Chase, former Saturday Night Live host, (opposite page) was awarded UCLA ' s third annual Jack Benny award for outstanding achievement in the field of entertainment. A Royce Hall packed to the rafters found his jokes and crazy antics indeed outstanding, as he received a standing ovation. Daniel Ellsburg, (right) famous for his involvement with the Pentagon Papers, came to speak out against the university ' s involvement in the development of nuclear arms. 334 Calendar Calendar 335 Calendar The world renowned French mime Marcel Marceau, (above) proved to UCLA that one expression is worth a thousand words, as he did his repetoire of mimes, including his famous character Bip, for two nights in Royce Hall. Al Jarreau, (right) jazzed his audience with original pieces and unique compositions. 336 Calendar Campus Events did is once again by hosting comedian Bob Hope (left) at Ackerman in late February. Hope kept the capacity Grand Ballroom audience laughing with his continual battery of one-liners. After speaking, he took questions from the audience and answered them in typical Hope style. MARCH As the winds of March began, a new flag was raised to fly in them (below). UCLA Golden Year committee officials (from left: Don Prell (chairman), Coach John Wooden, Chancellor Charles Young) raised the flag signifying UCLA ' s 50th year at the Westwood campus. Assisting are Drue Whiting, Georgie Supple and Janet Joanou. Calendar 337 Calendar APRIL The evening of the first day of classes brought the rock group " Tubes " to Royce Hall, on a tour promoting their new album. The group entertained thousands of concertgoers with their explosive style and " tounge in transistor " parodies of several modern TV shows. 338 Calendar Later in April, " A Cry of Players " opened at MacGowan Hall ' s Little Theater (above). The play, portraying William Shakespeare during the early part of his life, was run totally by UCLA students involved in scenery, lighting, costuming and advanced Theater Lab courses. All of the Golden Year talk you heard during 1978-79 had its origins in this chancellor-appointed committee (left): Don Prell (chairman), vice-chancellor Elwin Svenson, Warren Palmer, A. Theodore Forrester and Breck Hill display their banner. Calendar 339 Calendar 340 Calendar Mardi Gras Once a year for three short days in April, UCLA is magically transformed into one big fun house. The nerves and pressures of school give gladly away to the chills and excitement of the carnival rides, mystery rooms, and live student entertainment. This was the year of the 38th annual Mardi Gras and was highlighted by over 25 booths and rides specializing in everything from frisbees and ferris wheels to horrors at the haunted house and burlesque at Minsky ' s. Two new attractions were a clown factory and the Turf Club where people could bet on taped horse races. The proceeds, which exceeded $100,000, go to Unicamp, a camp for underprivileged children which is sponsored by the UCLA student body. Competitions are held for the most original and moneymaking booths run by a variety of campus groups sororities, fraternities, dormitories and oncampus clubs. Mardi Gras has definitely become an institution at UCLA. Opposite page: Is this really the I.M. field? Left; Lambda Chi Alpha and Delta Gamma ' s " Fun House " was a big hit. Below Left: Alpha Chi Omega and Theta Delta Chi teamed up at Minsky ' s. Below: This young Mardi Gras goer got lucky. Calendar 341 Abbott, Linda 168 Abdulian, John 302 Abelew, Tom 58 ABerbook, Don 309 Abell, Tami 252 Abraham, Rochelle 149 Abrams, Gary 168 Abramson, Debbie 136 Abramson, Joey 47, 148, 149 Acker, Marilyn 255 Ackerman, Todd 29 Adam, Nancy 41, 260 Adams, Bob 293 Adams, Gary 118 Adams, Roni 168 Adams, Russell 149 Adamson, Leana 40 Adamson, Sue 270 Adelson, Josh 280 Ader, Gerald 282 Adewale, Segun 58 Adiedo, Mary Yuanita 168 Adkins, Craig 281 Adler, Dennis 168 Adler, Esther 259 Adler, Kathleen 168 Adler, Steve 291 Admonson, Sue 39 Advena, Terri 262 Agay, Linda 53, 259 Agay, Lisa 252 Afong, Joseph 168 Africk, Karen 253 Afsharian, Navid 168 Agoaoili, Melvin 43, 148, 268, 282 Agnew, Connie 272, 168 Aguilar, Hector 149 Aguilar, Liz 270, 168 Aguilar, Maria 21, 148 Ahem, Adrianne 261 Ahigian, Gerald 168 Ahmad, Syed 168 Ahn, Mark 308 Ahumada, Ruben 282 Ajifu, Charlene 168 A-Karim, Firas 168 Akers, Arthur 79 Akiyama, Keith 149 Akselrad, Sanford 168 Albert, Debbie 270 Alberts, Karen 149, 278 Albertstone, Daniel 149 Albin, Debbie 272 Albright, Gregg 286 Alexander, Dave 43 Alfano, Madelyn 149, 264 Ali, Melane 267 Alisobhani, Jalal 149 Allan, Bruce 300 Allan, Walter 280 Allard, Anthony 149 Allard, Kevyn 168 Allegretti, Beth 256 Allen, Bonnie 168 Allen, Richard 149 Allen, Sue 249 Allison, Ann 248 Allison, Lori 262 Allums, Darrell 99 Alpert, Sharon 49 Alston, Nick 293 Alter, Jack 168 Alterman, Glenn 26, 168, 350 Alvarado, Judy 258 Aly, Al 149 Amante, Jerome 149 Amante, Paul 149 Ambrose, Thomas 149 Amende, Marianne, 149 Amino, Fusako, 168 Ammentorp, Tim 118, 148, 168 Amodeo, Robert 169 Amon, Rick 106 Amorim, Isabel 149 Amos, Kenneth 169 Anderson, Amy 257 Anderson, Chris 292 Anderson, Dena 169 Anderson, Gerald 149 Anderson, Janet 169 Anderson, Jenine 169 Anderson, Mark 169, 286 Anderson, Michael 21, 169 Anderson, Norm 78 Anderson, Robert 169 Anderson, Scott 295 Anisman, David 53 Andres, Robin 261 Andressen, Marcia 169 Andrews, Karen 126 Andgelini, Richard 169 Angelo, Audrey 149 Annala, Christopher 149 Anton, Mary 169 Antoun, Elias 169 Antypas, Mary 169 Anyangwe, Regina 169 Aoto, Lisa 169 Aoyagi, Shizuya 169 Apfel, Cynthia 169 Apodaca, Jeffrey 169 Appleby, Annette 29, 253 Aralis, James 170 Aranoff, Lori 259 Arcand, Janet 170 Arcemont, Gary 292 Archibald, Nancy 267 Archibald, Robert 287 Arciuch, Elizabeth 49 Arditti, Sara 30 Argabright, Ann 260 Argabrite, Sandy 32, 287 149 Armstrong, Allan 149 Armstrong, Brad 282 Armstrong, Craig 170 Armstrong, Kathleen 149 Armstrong, Karen 250 Arnell, J. 23 Arnett, Mary Lou 275 Arnold, Nancy 256 Arnold, Sandra 277 Arnwine, James 45, 43 Aroni, Mariam 248 Aronson, Gary 25 Arranaga, Gaby 268 Arreguin, Steve 282 Arrellano, Lorraine 170 Arreola, Lisa 100 Arriola, Greg 43 Arriola, Steve 45, 43, 148 Asano, John 149 Asaoko, Lyle 60, 299 Ashby, William 170, 291 Assad, Richard 170 Assil, Fariba 149 Atkins, Ken 305 Atkinson, Byron 321 Atkinson, James Jr. 170, 148 Atlas, Shelli 40 Atmadda, Albert 149 Atmadja, Gilbert S. 170 Atmadja, Susi 170 Atteberry, Pam 265 Attebury, Chris 299 Atwood, Rich 291 Au, Clarence 282 Au, Ricky 170 Auerbach, Michael 29 August, Marshall 170 Austin, Dannie 170 Austin, John 350 Austin, Larry 302 Auten, Jim 118 Avila, Carlos 305 Avilla, Nona 170 Avrit, Carl 304 Ayala, Maria 170 Azeka, Barbara 170 Azevedo, Mary Ann 170, 148 Babb, Wilbur 43 Babbit, Jane 142 Babyak, Mary Jane 43 Bacha, Melody 149 Bacigalupi, Vicki 170 Bacio, Richard 170, 287 Backer, Paul 170 Backman, Charlotte 170 Backus, Sharron 126 Bacon, Kirk 302 Baena, Alberto 170 Badger, Carin 264 Baggott, Brian 79, 291 Baghaei, Razi 170 Bagley, James 171 Bohm, Walter 305 Baier, Carolyn 170 Bailey, Laura 171 Bain, Jenny 273 Baird, Beth 171 Bakan, Michele 268, 171 Baker, Leigh 264 Baker, Ronald 171 Baker, Russell 171 Baldacci, Susan 41 Baldauf, Jill 171, 39, 274 Baldwin, Wendy 62 Ball, Jeffrey 171 Ball, Theodore 171 Ballard, Lynn 251 Ballas, Zoe 149 Ballatore, Ron 123 Bolo, Martin 171 Balton, Jill 171 Baltaxe, Mike 302 Bame, Dorthe 49 Banachowski, Andy 62 Banton, Daryl 282 Barba, Vinnie 78 Barbacovi, Greg 35 Barbar, Lorig 149 Barbee, Bruce 38 Barbee, Mike 79 Barber, Chris 149 Barbolak, Mark 294 Barbour, A nn 253 Bardwil, Mary 248 Bardwil, Teresa 249 Barewald, Leslie Ann 171 Barhydt, Katherine 150 Barkman, Bob 307 Barnes, Bryan 171 Barnes, James 171 Barnett, Cathy 246 Barnett, Jolie 260 Barnett, Ledeen 150 Baron, Mike 309 Barris, Chuck 43 Bartosi, Thomas 171 Bartels, Cindy 274, 50 Bartle, Tony 123 Bartlett, Bill 112 Bartlett, Dave 123 Barto, Craig 171 Bartow, Lisa 273 Bartz, Cathy 270 Barzman, Daniel 171 Bash, Rick 294 Bashner, Brian 171 Bashore, Rick 79, 71, 76, 139 Basolo, Vicki 171, 249 Bass, Chuck 305 Bassett, Glenn 112 Bateman, Patricia 279 Batenhorst, Richard 171 Bates, Warde 45 Batson, Cathie 256 Battle, Tom 58 Bauman, Robin 171 Bautista, Raymundo 150 Bawasky, Carol 249 Bay, Steve 39, 291 Boyle, Emile 284 Beach, Rob 286 Beadle, Nancy 265 Beamish, Sally 255 Beaston, David 21 Beattie, Cindy 111, 294 Beauchamp, Victor 171 Beaumont, Cathy 260 Beavers, Carter 171 Beavers, Julie Ann 171 Bechtel, James 171, 148 Bechtel, Nancy 261 Bechter, James 299 Becker, Amy 246 Becker, Beth 261 Beck, James 171 Becker, Carla 262 Becker, Cynthia 171 Becker, Kevin Paul 171, 291 Becker, Liz 47, 277 Becker, Mike 305 Becker, Susan 150 Beckman, Tracy 257 Beckman, Pam 250 Beckstrom, Pam 264 Beckwith, Keith 150 Bednar, Tomi 262 Bedayan, Hagop 287 Beerman, Elizabeth 150 Beermann, Tom 298 Began, Mike 285 Beglin, Sheila 273 Behrews, Steven 171 Beier, Donald 171 Beilinson, Mark 19, 20 Beisswanger, Mark 295 Bek, David 304 Beckken, Marijke 258 Beland, Denise 250 Berardi, Christa 268 Belcher, Sue 276 Belden, Dwight 39, 296 Belleville, Jon 281 Bellune, Jeff 43 Belomy, Steve 292 Bem, Jonathon 302 Benavides, Jose 172 Benbrooks, Mary 150 Bender, Bill 291 Benedict, Adrienne 266 Benedict, Tracey 255 Benevente, Linda 256 Benjamin, Gary 172 Benkmann, Beatrice 172 Benn, Katherine 150 Benner, David 172 Benner, Kimberly 172, 256 Bennett, Ann 248 Bennett, Bruce Cameron 172 Benning, Linda 267 Bens, Edie 259 Bensimon, Ronny 47, 172 Benson, David 309 Benson, Donna 268 Benson, Estelle 49, 172 Benzwi, David 150 Berg, Barbara 251 Berg, Jim 282 Berg, Kirsten 265 Berg, Lee 309 Berg, Scott David 172 308 Berg, Stephen 172, 302 Berger, Bobby 112 Berger, Lisa 278 Bergman, Tamara 172 Bergman, Alicia 172 Berkett, Dana 257 Berks, Carla 251 Berkson, Pam 274 Berkyto, Barbara 172, 251 Berman, Brad 308 Berman, Jodi 172, 259 Berman, Patti 259 Bernardi, Jane Marie 172, 262 Bernatz, Julie 278 Bernhardt, Susan 172 Bernardy, Steve 298 Berns, Abby 259 Bernstein, Ellen 150 Bernstein, Greg 172 Berson, Lori 253 Bernstein, Laran 259 Bernstein, Lisa 142 Beroud, Olivia 261 Berry, Bliss 257 Berry, Bob 299 Berry, Jeff 29 Berson, Steve 37, 309 Bertorelli, Maureen 49 Bertram, James 172 Best, Glenn 67 Bethlamy, Daniel 20 Beuder, Larry 302 Beuhning, Fritz 285, 112, 113 Bevon, Christopher 172 Beverage, Stephanie 255 Beye, Julie 172 Beyer, Muffi 40 Biagas, David 172 Bianco, Allison 150 Bias, Arneld 172 Biddle, Nancy 172, 278 Bieber, Sheryl 172, 148 Biegun, Deborah 172 Bieser, Virginia Rae 172 Bigelow, Suzanne 172 Biggs, Michael 150 Bigman, Bennett 22 Biller, Mark 294 Bilovsky, Paula 43 Biowell, Debbie 249 Binegar, Will 294 Bing, Maria 172 Binstock, Anne 172 Birenbaum, Laurie 261 Birndorf, Rhonda 253 Birns, Eric 30 Bishop, Steve 292 Bixby, Barb 262 Bjelland, Tim 118 Bjornlie, Andrea 173, 276 Black, Brian 60 Black, Jennifer 265 Blackburn, Jim 43 Blaker, Rhona Elizabeth 173 Blake, Scott 173 Blakely, Anne 248 Blanco, Maurice 53, 52 Blase, Timothy 173 Bleviss, Sharon 48, 148, 173 Bleymaier, Gene 324 Blackney, Gary 78 Block, Greg 298 Bloom, Kent 26, 351 Bloom, Valerie 254 Bloom, Craig 299 Blount, Ann Marie 255 Blue, Maria 250 Blum, Brian 30, 281 Blyth, Tracy 249 Boada, Bob 39, 105, 148, 173, 297 Boberg, Jay 21 Boberg, Mark 150 Bockman, Craig 291 Bodurka, Diane 312 Boermeester, Peter 79 Boesvert, Teri Lynn 173 Bogard, Cindy 250 Bogart, Anne 26, 350 Boland, Ridget 262 Bohannon, Dale 150 Bohay, Gary 111 Bohm, Ellen 150 Bohna, Fred 110 Boiko, Ronald 1 73 Boles, Timothy 173 Bollens, Scott 118 Bonicelli, Lynn 270, 173 Boniols, Charlotte 250 Booker, Matt 291 Booth, Bill 300 Booth, Jennifer 257 Boozer, Bev 275 Boracki, Karen 41 Borboa, Gilbert 173 Borden, Jill 173, 251 Boren, Pam 277 Borg, Andrew 173 Borland, Doug 294 Borrero, Alberto 173 Bortnowski, Andre 302 Boruki, Karen 274 Bostick, Lori 45, 43 Boswell, Brad 307 Boswell, Monica 46, 148, 173 Bosworth, Kathy 254 Botdorf, Carol 267 Bothwell, Nancy 264 Booknight, Robert 172 Bounguin, Scott 300 Bourland, Rose 1 73 Bourguin, Scott 173 Boustani, Fadi 173 Boutte, Phillip 173 Bowe, Jacque 260 Bower, Nancy 271, 173 Bowman, Warren 35 Box, Cahy 43 Boyo, Mouy 274 Brascamonte, Laura 173 Bradford, Mary 173 Brady, Debbie 41, 246 Brajkovich, Connie 173 Brajkovich, Tom 78, 299 Bramen, Mitch 286 Brames, Stuart 173 Brand, Rille 173, 274 Brandt, Mark 39, 173 Brannon, Mike 301 Broderson, Karl 296 Broman, Taylor 296 Bransky, Harlan 173 Brant, Dale 305 Brant, Michael 79 Braun, Denny 303 Braun, Jonathon 173 Braunstein, Jacqueline 173 Braverman, Sue 268 Brazil, Elena 270 Breitman, Terri 259 Brennan, Karen 258 Brennan, Nancy 272 Brenner, Carol 174 Brescia, Bruce 112 Brewer, Marsha Anne 174 Breyer, Jeff 19, 22 Brezinsky, Meryle 174 Bricker, Sandra 174 Brier, Arnold 281 Brigham, Rboin 256 Brisbin, Kent 79, 105 Brislawn, Matt 33 Brigueleur, Delores 274 Broadbrooks, Dana 136 Broderick, Linda 67, 257 Broderson, John 296 Broderson, Sigrid 174 Brodsly, Michael 174 Brogmus, Linda 41, 262 Brondijk, Monika 174 Brooks, Barbara 20, 246 Brooks, Chris 174 Brooks, James 174 Brower, Judy 49 Browman, Taylor 150 Brown, Carolyn 46 Brown, Carrie 249 Brown, Craig 150, 296 Brown, Daniel 174 Brown, David 174, 78, 106 Brown, Dorinda 174 Brown, Eric 78, 134 Brown, Gary 174 Brown, Greg 299 Brown, Harry 43 Brown, Hilary 257 Brown, Janice 174 Brown, Karren 265 Brown, Larry 99 Brown, Lucy 256 Brown, Merle 31 Brown, Phil 35 Brown, Rigger 117 Brown, Terry 283 Brown, Theotis 79, 83 Brown, Velora 247 Browne, Tim 174 Brownstein, Ellen 150 Brubakes, Jeff 174 Bruchez, Debbie 174, 274 Bruder, Roberta 174 Brunell, Kathy 174, 268 Bruno, Benedict 174 Bruns, Mary 41 Brunsting, Gretchen 274 Bryant, Anitra 136 Bryant, Dan 284 Bryant, Laureen 247 Bryant, Mark 134 Bubis, Elliott 150 Buck, Bryan 174, 302 Buckley, Charles 150 Buckstaff, Ken 306 Buhai, Sande 150 Bukich, Steve 73, 79, 82, 83, 105 Buckler, Richard 174 Buckley, Mike 282 Bucksbaum, Steven 174, 43 Buda, Frank 174 Budge, Stacey 276 Buehler, Kristin 271 Buehning, Fritz 112 Buell, Jeff 53, 175 Buendia, Virginia 53 Bugbee, Billy 58 Bullock, Carol 175, 257 Bullock, Susan 148, 175, 262 Bulmore, Baird 298 Bunce, Beth 255 Burce, Kathy 264 Burde, Sharon 252 Burch, Debora 175 Burdick Kim 88, 282 Burgener, Lorraine 278 Burgess, Beth 264 Burgess, Kim Maureen 175 Burgher, Mike 111 Burke, Jack 175 Burke, Jeff 32 Burke,Wanda 67 Burnett, Berta 26, 266 350 Burnham, Erin 250 Burns, Gregory 175, 295 Burt, Jeff 296 Burton, Kathy 40, 260 Burton, Kelly 261 Bush, Jim 134 Bushnell, Cathy 255 Butke, Ken 299 Butler, Chris 123 Butler, Franltie 126 Butler, Homer 150 Butler, Kathy 22, 270 Butler, Meg 275 Butowitsch, Marina 175 Butterfield, David 150 Buttke, Kenneth 175 Butts, Phil 296 Byer, Jan 261 Byers, James 150 Byrne, Colleen 268 Byrne, Mark 293 Byron, Kim 175 Byrum, Lezli 175 Caban, Albert P. 175 Cacanindin, Nora 150 Cade, Steve 282 Cadwalader, Lynn 175 Caldiero, Donna 175 Cahallera, Mike 67 Caldwell, Ralph 78 Callan, Mike 58, 59, 284 Camatcho, Grace M. 148, 175 Cameron, Brett 294 Cameron, Chris 29 Cameron, Lori 261 Campbell, Cathy 261 Campbell, Charles 39, 173, 291 Campbell, Dave 43 Campbell, Dorian 175 Campbell, Gary 78 Campbell, Gregory 150 Campbell, Jeff 307 Campbell, Paul 283 Campbell, Robert 39, 175, 294 Campbell, Sandy 256 Cambell, Sandy 260 Campbell, Scott 175 280 Campbell, Willie 150 Cane, Leslie 262 Cannady, Cynthia 150 Cannel, Paul 291 Cannon, Glenn 78 Canoun, Karim 299 Cansoneri, Gail 256 Cantarano, Kurt 43 Canzonem, Gail Ann 175 Capistany, Doreen 270 Caplan, Linda 175 Carbone, Jim 294 Carbone, Steve 295 Cardona, Mike 284 Cardona, Steven 176, 284 Carera, Barbara 21 Carkey, Pamela 246 Carleson, Krista 275 Carlin, Jim 308 Carlisle, Jim 176, 300 Carlos, Lynn 148, 150 Carls, John 176 Carlson, Ann 275 Carlson, Grant 125, 284 Carlson, Joe 117 Carlson, Kathleen 151, 270 Carlson, Nancy 246 Carlson, Pete 151 Carlson, Scott Warren 176, 291 Carlsten, Bruce 176 Carlton, Amy 151 Carmack Barbara 151 Carmona, Gilbert 151 Camiglia, Doug 295 Caro, James 151 Carr, Coren 151 Carr, Nancy 268 Carr, Ronald 176 Carrasco, Francis 21 Carrington, Julie 257 Carrillo, Bengra R. 176 Carrington, Julie 40, 52 Carson, John 295 Cartaino, Mary Anne 43 Carter, Donna 270 Carter, Larry 78 Carver, Margaret 148, 151 Carver, Peggy 271 342 Index Carver, Thermon 176 Cary, Kim 176, 282 Case, Dave 293 Case, Lisa 151 Case, Scott 117 Cassin, Patricia 176 Casteneda, Duane 301 Castillo, Paul 151 Caswell, Karen 273 Cauayero, Steve 11 Cave, Tom 291 Cavignac, Jeff 204 Cederberg, Catherine 176 Center, Andy 118 Ceragioli, Nina 176, 276 Cerelto, Jon David 176 Certoma, Lucia 176 Chadwick, Greg 282 Chalala, Elie 176 Chalmers, Bruce 282 Chamberlain, Dave 298 Chambers, Bill 304 Chan, Chok-ki 176 Chan, Darlene 176 Chan, Shirley 176 Chan, Suzy 176 Chan, Vincent 151 Chang, Dorcas 176 Chapin, Dane 112 Chapman, Lloyd 287 Chaplan, Nancy 253 Charleston, Suzanne 259 Charlesworth, Mary 251 Chase, Steve 284 Chavdoin, Raymond 176 Chee, Yoonhee 176 Cheetham, Donald 176 Chen, Alexander 176 Cheng, Adelia 255 Cheng, Ivan 281 Cheng, Joseph 151 Cheraitia, Allaoya 151 Cherin, Sue 276 Cherman, Joel 281 Chernow, David 176 Chernow, Duane 176 Cheung, David 176 Cheung, Robert 176 Chew, Joyce 176 Cheyovich, Laurie 273 Chiang, Mei-Tso 176 Chiffer, Floyd J. 177 Chikahisa, Leslie 29, 177 Childers, Yolanda E. 177 Childs, David 78 Chin, Joyce 177 Chin, Stanley 322 Chinn, Candice 177 Chinn, Paul 151 Chinski, Debbie R. 177 Chipman, Del 105 Chisam, Kathy 67 Chisam, Scott 67 Chisessi, Dave 292, 293 Chitty, Louis 31 Cho, Shin-Kwang 151 Choe, Aeri 177 Choi, Jung 177 Choo, Ronald 177 Chong, May 177 Chortkoff, Dana 259 Chow, Carolyn 177 Chow, Daniel 177 Chow, Diana 249 Chow, James 151 Chow, Margaret 177 Chow, Siu 177 Christ, Roxanne 24 Christiansen, Gregg 79 Christie, Helen 151 Christie, Tom 177 Chu, Ming-Cheung 177 Chu, Raymond 177 Chu, Robert 177 Chuck, Stephen 177 Chuman, Robert H. 177 Chun, Alein 151 Chung, Alice 177 Chung, John Y. 177 Chung, Patricia 177 Chung, Peggy 177 Chung Russ 303 Chung, Shiu-Land 151 Church, Caren 271 Ciabitarri, Lori 264 Cicotte, Kerry 270 Cislo, Dan 38, 293 Clark, Ann Marie 177 Clark, Brian 285 Clark, Mark A. 177 Clark, Maureen 151 Clark, Pam 246 Clarke, Greg 177 Clay, Ward 298 Clayter, Todd 23, 111 Cleis, Barb 43 Clissold, Dave 303 Cline, Denny 106 Clotworthy, Nancy 177, 268 Clow, Mike 285 Clustka, Charles 25 Coakley, Tori 255 Cobb, Granger 60 Cobert, Dave 299 Cochran, Jill 271 Cochrane, Ray 78, 286 Coderre, Denise 251 Coffman, Ricky 78 Cohan, Jody 251 Cohan, Sam 281 Cohen, Daryl 148, 177 Cohen, Honey 177 Cohen, Joseph 178 Cohen, Jill 259 Cohen, Michael R. 151 Cohen, Sue 259 Cohn, Cori 253 Cohn, Shelli 253 Cohn, Sheldon 152 Coker, Liz 250 Cole, Carolyn 178, 262 Cole, Dan 178 Cole, Kathy 246 Cole, Stefanie 246 Cole, Tanya 87, 279 Coleman, Carole 178 Coleman, Michele 178 Colisanti, Cynthia 265 Colligan, Perry 152 Collings, Cathy 126 Collins, Chuck 23 Collins, Curt 303 Collins, Michelle 252 Collins, Richard 178 Collins, Victor 178 Collings, Cathy 178 Colton, Kristin 246 Corner, Susan 178 Cormiskey, Andy 32, 282 Comroe, Brian 178 Comstack, Thomas 178 Concannon, Tom 300 Condon, Chris 45 Conlin, Claudia R. 178 Conner, Pam 268 Connett, Rae 278 Conrad, Patricia 178, 248 Conroy, Shannon 148, 178, 261 Conroy, Steve 296 Conti, Lynne 178 Contreras, Diane 178 Conwell, Stephen P. 178 Cooke, Anita 24, 36 Cookston, John 178 Cooper, Carol 40, 178 Cooper, Doreen 277 Cooper, Henderson 134 Cooper, Kim 256 Cooper, Mark 30 Coplin, Jeff 298 Cordoba, Silvana P. 152 Dorlett, Denise 62, 64, 100 Corlew, Michael 152 Cornell, Ron 112 Cornell, Ron 112 Coronado, Stephanie 178 Coronado, Stephanie 178 Corso, Richard 60 Corson, Tom 286 Cortez, Marissa 258 Corwin, Carol 266 Cosgrove, Charlotte 254 Cosgrove, Claire 254 Costantino, Gary 106 Costello, Carol 152 Costello, Sue 266 Costenbader, Wendy 276 Coto, Maria 178 Cother, Beth 262 Cottingham, Linda 152 Cottrell, Joe 307 Coughlin, Karen 277 Coulter, Michael 152 Coulter, Tina 260 Cound, Janice 192 Courtney, Rosann 268 Courtright, Michael 178 Coutts, Douglas 178 Cowan, Tina 251 Cowdrey, Bill 78, 178, 106 Cower, Tina 178 Cowing, Jim 32, 287 Cox, Carolyn 258 Cox, Donna 178 Cox, Erin 276 Cox, Jeff 291 Cox, Patricia 178, 265 Coyne, Liz 271 Craft, Geri 148, 178, 268 Craig, Bob 291 Crampton, Cyd 100 Crandall, Cheryl 261 Crane, Steven 309 Creasmar, James 178 Creath, Curtis 284 Crimi, Frank 304 Crimp, Wendy 266, 152 Crispi, Tilda 47 Crower, Julie 257 Cronin, Cathy 39, 256 Croonquist, Brookes 254 Crothers, Corinne 273 Crowe, Ginger 276 Crowder, Cindy 255 Crowley, Dave 295 Crowley, Susan 41 Csendes, Audrey 33, 178 Cruz, John 152 Cruz, Juan F. Jr. 152 Cudahy, Kathy 266 Cullers, Mark 112 Culp, Lisa 23 Cummings, Elizabeth 179 Cummings, Michael 152 Cummings, Ron 118 Cummins, Lynn 37, 40, 260 Cunard, Sandy 29, 179 Cunningham, Craig 34 Cunningham, Elten 136 Cunningham, Gary 94, 99 Cunningham, JF Mike 152 Cunningham, Scott 291 Curley, Mark 117 Curron, Anthony 133 Curran, Cindy 256 Curran, Thomas 152 Curran, Tim 58 Curron, Willie 78 Curry, Brenda 179 Curry, Denise 100, 103 Curry, Katie 262 Custer, Charles S. 179 Cutler, Alex 179 Cutler, Mark 179 Cypers, Ron 308 Dade, Julia 247 Dahlberg, Julie 273 Dailey, Jeb 152 Dale, Janie 256 Dale, John 296 Dale, Michael 179 Dalton, Julie 152 Daly, Ann 152 Daly, Dave, 302 Damon, Mary Ann 270 Dang, Hanh 152 D ' Angelo, Timothy James 152 Daniels, Andrew R. 152 Daniels, Cliff 43 Danielson, Debra 179 272 Danielson, Karl 286 Da Rodda, Danilla 261 Dart, Amy 268 Darvish, Mendi 179 Dassa, Dorite 152 Dault, Brian 307 Davenport, Danny K. 179, 297 David, Robert 25, 179 Davidove, Keiti 179 Davidson, Barbaa 270 Davidson, Debbie 252 Davidson, Lesley 258 Davies, Jim 285 Davila, Jim 282 Davis, Bill 303 Davis, Bruce 79 Davis, Carolyn 29 Davis, Caryl 260 Davis, Catherine 179 Davis, Charles 125 Davis, Cheryl 277 Davis, Jeff 306 Davis, Jenny 257 Davis, John 295 Davis, Julie 250 Davis, Kathy 248 Davis, Regina 246 Davis, Ron 78 Davis, Shannon 250 Davis, Shelly 270 Davis, Stefanie 276 Davisson, Cathy 262 Dawe, Lori 22, 152 Dawn, Kirk 60 Day, Kathy 148, 179 Day, Ralph 300 Dayharsh, Jamie 179 Dayton, Jonathon 179 D ' Cruz, Ron 309 Dean, Laura 266 Dean, Randy 39, 285 Debaca, Gerlinda 179 de Barros, Jeannine 152 de Beaumont, Cynthia 85, 89, 265 De Bose, Ronnie 79 De Carli, Eva 41, 277 Dechgan, Sommai 180 Deefer, Karen 258 Deefer, Kathy 258 Dees, Bruce C. 152 de Fabry, April 278 de Haas, David Dana 180 de Huff, Dave 285 De Jong, Patty 180 Dekoster, Cathy 270 de la Garza, Mary 180 Delaney, Jill 257 de la Torre, Nanette 40 Delazari, Pavlo 152 De Leon, Chris 266 Del Favero, Mary 260 del Piccolo, Aldo 58 Delpit, Diane 20 del Rey, Catherine 180 Delsol, Mary 180, 250 Delohery, Sue 249 Deluse, Dave 300 de Lusignan, Odette 53 Demarest, James 180 DeMarr, Karen 277 DeMocskonyi, Gisele 272, 180 DeMocskonyi, Lucy 273 Demshki, Timothy 299 Dena, Emelia 87 Denitz, Betty 180 Denitz, Frederick B. 148, 180, 308 De Pue, Kent 298 Derebeew, Diana 180, 260 Desmond, Gerry 295 Desmond, Matcha 136 Desser, Louis 307 Devereaux, Sherri 257 Deventer, Joi Van 246 Devine, Lori 268 Devning, David 280 Devorin, Leslie 248 Dewey, Dave 298 Dewey, John 293 Dewhirst, Lorie 262 DeWitt, Greg 303 D ' Hvart, Charles 180 Dial, Craig 117 Dianysian, Emil 48 Diaz, Manuel 152 Dibartolomeo, Alan 152, 306 Dibs, Sue 248 Dickerson, Debbie 248 Dickey, Ann 180, 272 Dickinson, Shirley 271 Dickson, Joe 302 Dienum, Juliette 274 Dietz, Brian 291 Dietz, Theresa 41 Diggs, Susie 39 Diguattso, Debbie 278 Dileva, Vince 299 Diller, Michael 152 Dimarco, Chad 307 Dino, Peter 180 Dipiri, Loretta Anne 23, 180 Dispenziere, Carl 291 Ditto, Bill 305 Ditto, Kevin 296 Division, Kim 250 Dixon, Louise 266, 180 Dixon, Paula 34 Dobashi, Elizabeth 180 Dobbie, Ruth 275 Dobies, Barbara 180 Dobrin, Toby 152 Dodson, Pat 118 Doehne, Edward 45 Doggett, William 181 Doherty, Carolyn 257 Doherty, Kathy 40, 260 Doherty, Mary Katherine 181 Dohi, Steve 124, 125 Doidge, Brooks 181 Dolby, Bill 106 Dolfie, Ellen 264 Dolfie, Gordy 286 Dolmatz, Sheron 181 Dolph, Lawrence 181 Donahue, Andrea 87 Donahue, Terry 87, 78, 76, 82 Donaldson, Laurie 124 Dootson, Debbie 260 Dorfman, Bill 52, 89 Dorfman, Mae 253 Dorfman, Mark 181 Dorius, Lyunn 136 Dorn, Liz 264 Doty, Cecilia 181 Doud, Reilly 41 Dougherty, Ann 152 Dougherty, Sandy 268 Douglas, Ellen 181 Douglas, Mark 298 Douglass, Kelly 181, 265 Doumakes, Alix 262 Dow, Barbara 179 Dow, Emily 181 Dowling, Joe 67 Doyle, Douglas 24 Doyle, John 181 Drake, Ducky 78, 99 Drake, Holly 270 Drangshold, Amy 248 Draper, Diane 41 Dresser, William 181 Drews, Don 294 Drisko, Bambi Lynn 181 Duberg, Art 286 Duboff, Allan 24 Dubravcic, Milan 312 Duda, Barbara 181 Duenas, Jose M. 181 Dverenberger, Julie 256 Dufendis, Matt 296 Dufour, Dan 71, 78 Duggam, John 153 Dulgarian, Dickie 181 Duke, Alex 280 Dumm, Bonnie 257 Dunaetz, Nancy 181 Dunbar, Jefferson D. Jr. 153 Duncan, Connie 275 Duncan, Diana 181 Duncan, Lorraine 181 Duncan, Tammy 250 Dunk, Vicky 257 Dunkleman, Robin 153 Dunn, Caity 257 Dunn, Corrie 248 Dunn, Claudia 21, 148, 181 Dunn, Elizabeth 181 Dunn, Kathy 268 Dunn, Ken 294 Dunn, Lawrence G. 181 Dunn, Ruth Ann 40, 270 Dunning, Rob 291 Duralde, Steve 291 Duran, Yvette 62, 100 Durden, Mike 78 Durkee, Steve 281 Dutra, Nancy 41 Dworakowski, Kathy 261 Dworakowski, Sue 39, 260, 37 Dye, Cameron 291 Dymally, Amentha 181 Eakin, Debbie 240 Early, Barbara 260 Easley, Kenny 79 Easton, John 281 Ebbert, Richard 25 Echeto, John 312 Eck, Keith 78 Eckard, Dave 293 Edgar, Anthony 78 Edgerton, Alyson 264 Edgerton, Carol 249 Edmiston, Donna 41, 53, 250 Edson, Gail 126 Edson, Julie 254 Edwards, David 181 Edwards, Greg 181 Edwards, Willie 153 Eells, Melody 246 Egan, Kelly 262 Eger, Anne 40, 181 Eglash, Joanne 29 Egleston, Debbie 274 Ehrenfried, Steve 294 Ehrenkanz, Alan 286 Ehrlich, Shireen 249 Ehrman, Leslie 181, 249 Ehrman, Margo 264 Ehrman, Peter 106 Eichenseer, Donald 48, 181 Eichenseer, Donald 48, 181 Eidson, Terry 292 Eilers, Dawn 181 Einhorn, Darryl 262 Einstein, Dan 281 Einstein, David 280 Eisen, Gail 182 Eisenberg, Jerome J. 148, 182, 308 Eisergberg, Steven 182 Eisner, Mitch 308 Ekizian, Susan 182 Ela, Bernard 282 Elcan, Diane 41, 262, 182 Elegino, Albert 45 El Haddad, Elie 153 Elias, Chris 79 Elkin, Claire 23 Ell, Randall 482 Elliot, Janet 272 Elliot, Juanita E. 182 Elliot, Mark L. 182 Ellis, Adrienne 182 Ellis, Erin 273 Ellis, Janet Gurley 182 Ellis, Venetya 182 Ellison, Delbert Jr. 153 Ellyn, Scott 298 Elpusan, Ruperto Jr. 182 EI-Sayed, Lyla 153 Elwell, Kim 249 Emery, Alan 298 Emmons, Elissa 246 Endersby, Nigel 286 Eng, Ada 153 Eng, Tom 153 Engel, Cindy 268 Engelman, Carol 182 Engelsen, Juan 142 Engler, Jeff 309 Engman, Shelley 265 Engstrom, Kim 274 Enomoto, Stanley 182 Enos, Henry 182, 295 Enquist, Sue 136 Ensbury, Martin 291 Ensign, Kurt 296 Enzidenna, Ike 58 Epstein, Barbara 182 Epstein, Gary 308 Epstein, Lawrence 18 Epstein, Mark 22 Epstein, Mike 48 Erb, Jay 281 Erickson, Kathy 20 Erickson, Paula 21 Erlich, Mark 300 Eruin, Gary 118 Erwin, Randy 299 Esclamado, Grace 249 Escher, Erik 79, Eshoff, Mark 45 Espejo, Nancy 325 Espinoza, Elvia 182 Espinoza, Luis 43 Espinoza, Mary G. 182 Espinoza, Terry 277 Esquivel, Olga Jo 254 Estates, Lori 271 Estep, Sallie 48, 148, 182, 274 Estwick Margaret 182 Ettinger, Jeff 281 Ettinger, Robert 24 Eustes, Sandy 267 Evans, Lucille 182 Evans, Peter 299 Evart, Pati 264 Everman, Susie 261 Ewart, Torrey 256 Ewing, Sue 62 Fairbrother, Kathryn 182 Fairchild, Patty 267 Falash, Brenda 67 Falzone, Dominick 182 Fanning, Donald 182 Farfan, Ed 304 Farhi, Paul 29 Farinet, Susie 249 Farmer, Larry 99 Farmer, Peggy 268 Farmer, Sandy 248 Farmer, Warren 294 Farnaham, Brett 300 Farnum, Brett 39 Farr, Michael C. 182 182 Farrar, Jeff 105 Farrell, Janet 182, 277 Farrer, Cameron W. 183 Farring, Jim 301 Farrington, Ruth 255 Farris, Cynthia 153 Farwell, Anthony 18, 20, 24, 39, 148, 183 Fat, Corinne 183 Fauland, Herb 118 Fausel, Alan 303 Fausone, Anne 249 Feehan, Susan 183, 272 Fehi, Fred 21 Fehr, Rex 293 Fein, Lauren 252 Fein, Pam 253 Feinberg, Ron 182 Feld, Charles 183 Feld, Jeff 29 Feld, Joshua 153 Felder, Holly C. 183, 271 Feldman, Arlene 153 Feldman, Cindy 23 Feldman, Jane 252 Feldman, Kirk Feldman, Marilyn 48, 183 Feldman, Mark 183 Feldman, Samuel 183 Feldman, Sara 30 Feller, Lynne 45, 43 Felmus, Ron 21 Felsen, Robin 183 Feltrup, Peter 183 Fenady, Dulte 292, 293 Fensten, Alan 29, 302 Fensten, Allen M. 183 Fenston, Lori 259 Fenton, Cary 47, 183, 257 Fenton, James 183 Fenton, Tamara 276 Fenzke, Garry 153 Fenzke, Jay 111 Ferguson, Kathy 35 Ferguson, Mark 78 Fernald, Eric 291, 312 Fernandez, Lillian 183 Fernandez, Vivian 183 Ferrari, Bill 306 Ferrey, Antonio 183 Ferri, Antonio 183 Fetto, Laura 148, 183, 262 Fever, Judith 183 Fever, Paula 29 Fewell, Richard 281 Feyrer, Chuck 284 Fieba, Gary 183 Fiel, Fran 267 Field, Bob 78 Field, Jennifer 278 Field, Noreen 45, 259 Field, Ron 284 Fields, Lori 266 Fields, Ron 303 Fierberg, Joel 43 Fiero, Linda 142 Index 343 Figgins, Christine 20, 148, 183 Figueroa, Armando 153 Figuraaon, Mike M. 183 Fils, Elliott 183 Fina, Kevin 307 Findley, Don 18, 25 Fine, Lori 267 Finegold, Paul 183 Fingerett, Susan 259 Fink, Douglas 24 Fink, Steve 183 Finkelstein, Jeff 32, 280 Finklestein, Michael 183 Finkle, Karen 259 Finley, Kate 275 Finie, Elisa G. 183 Firstman, Beth 29, 273 Firstman, Eric 295 Fischer, Bob 300 Fischer, Bob 324 Fischer, Denise 183 Fischer, Kathi 136 Fischer, Paul 29 Fischer, Peggy 184 Fischer, Stacy 184 Fish, Sarah 184 Fishbein, Anita Sue 184 Fisher, Charles 58, 284 Fisher, Ellen 43 Fishman, Julianne 184 Fitzgerald, Brian 184 Fitzgerald, Kristen 41 Fitzgerald, Margaret 184 Fitzgerald, Mary 184 Fitzgerald, Mary-El 271 Fitzgerals, Kirsten 257 Fitzgibbons, L. Janet 184, 256 Fitzmorris, Gerald 117, 153 Fitzmorris, Kathy 254 Fitzpatrick, Erin 29 Fitzsimmons, Mike 60, 307 Flad, Jan 277 Flaherty, Mike 294 Flatley, Fred 184 Flaum, Steve 281 Fleet, Dan 298 Fleet, David 153 Fleig, Cathie 184 Fleischman, Dan 153 Fleming, Mike 299 Fleschler, Phyllis 43 Flieglman, Paul 284 Flintoft, Gerry 284 Flockhart, Patty 261 Florman, Barb 261 Fluvog, Karen 184, 278 Flyer, Linda 276 Fogel, Tali 259 Fogle, Lisa 256 Foley, Kathy 276 Foley, Molly 262 Foley, Patricia 184, 270 Folley, Adrienne 270 Follis, Sam 304 Followell, Vern 118 Folmer, Susan 312 Folz, Chris 273 Fond, Philip 153 Fong, Elane 47, 184 Fonoirnoawa, Toa 60 Foon, Warren 184 Ford, Robin 30 Ford, Scott 106 Ford, Shelley 184, 257 Forge, James 78 Foreman, Dick 118 Foreman, Jim 39 Forester, Jim 264 Forrester, Elaine 30, 184 Forst, Linda 153 Forster, Dave 302 Forte, Sue 275 Fosmire, Michael 153 Foster, Greg 133 Foster, Sue 270 Fotis, Denise 184 Fowler, Annie 136 Fox, Anne 184 Fox, Judy 253 Frager, Mike 299 Fragosa, William 21 Franco, Salvador 184 Francoeur, Charles Joseph 153 Francoeur, Sue Ann 153 Frank, Angie 278 Frank, Cathy 261 Frank, Debbie 41, 262 Frank, Joan 184 Frank, Nora 257 Frankel, Pam 202 Frankel, Steve 185 Franklin, Charles 38 Franklin, Nancy 275 Franks, Darlene 43, 258 Fraser, Cheryl 268 Fraser, Dianne 185, 248 Fraser, Janet 274 Fraser, Lynne 256 Fraser, Todd 287 Frasier, Bradley L. 185, 291 Frayha, Yousef A. 153 Frazee, Hary Wilton, III 185 Frazer, Terry 274 Frazer, Theresa 185 Frederick, Leslie 185 Fredgant, Perry 185 Fredrickson, Kim Mary 185 Freedman, Karen 148 Freedman, Rhonda 257 Freedman, Robert 153 Freeman, Cece 252 Freeman, Marcel 112 Freeman, Richard 153 Freidieman, John 300 Freitas, Lisa 271 French, Carol 249 French, Paul 67 Freshman, Elena 254 Fried, Julie 264 Friedman, David 24, 20 Friedman, Jay 185 Friedman, Jay S. 185 Friend, Lonn 185 Frierson, Dianne 100 Friss, Karen 47 Fritz, Rebecca 153 Fritz, Ron 43 Froehler, Brian 185, 286 Frohman, Lance 185 Fromchenko, Alon 185 Fromkess, Leon 185 Fuchs, Gerhard 123 Fuchs, Herb 48 Fugiwara, Jan 274 Fujinami, Bruce 302 Fujitani, Jay 48 Fujll, Steven 185 Fukano, Anne 185 Fukazawa, Sumio 153 Fududa, Jill 185 Fukushima, Karen 185 Fuller, Lavona Lee 185 Fuller, Lee 251 Fullerton, Laurie 267 Fulton, Steve Fulton, Steve 105, 296 Fung, Arden 153 Furukawa, John 153 Fushiki, Arlene 154 Fuson, Carolyn 259 Futterman, Michael 39, 38, 308 Gadebusch, Cara L. 185 Gage, Donna 246 Gaines, Fred, 20, 137, 308 Gaitan, Robert 287 Galan, Arthur, 22, 291 Galceran, Linda 262 Galeon, Evelyn 255 Gallant, John 123 Gallardo, Steven 154 Gallegos, Joshua 154 Gallego, Mike 118 Gallishaw, Bob 60 Gallivan, Quentin 38 Gallogly, Brian P. 185 Galloto, Roxanne 260 Gallucki, Daniel 154 Galt, Bonita 185 Galvan, Garry 185 Gantes, Steffani 262 Garber, Marcy 185 Garcia, Joe 300 Garcia, Michael 185 Garcia, Tony 46 Gordea, Al 304 Gardner, Jay 295 Garfield, Monica 154 Garlick Glenn 186 Garrett, Andrea 154 Garrett, Gail 279 Garrett, Gina 256 Garrett, Joanna 41, 262 Garrett, Lawrence 186 Garrett, Loreather 186 Garrick John 21, 148, 154 Garrigue, Nancy 186 Garrity, Christopher 154 Garrity, Chuck 79, 186 Garrity, Melissa 274 Garrity, Ron 281 Garrone, Judith 186 Gary, Joe 79 Gaskin, Merrill 186 Gassaway, Carol 154 Gatejen, Ed 285 Gaty, Rhesa 32 Gaubert, Michelle 275 Gausche, Marianne 45, 85, 89 Gathrid, Erin 250 Gaudino, Mary 148, 186 Gausche, Marianne 85, 88, 48, 148, 186, 268 Gausepohl, Dan 118 Gavin, Carla 186 Gay, Steve 58, 57 Gaynor, Bill 32, 302 Gayner, Karen 253 Geber, Leslie 154 Gee, Clint 295 Gee, Cynthia 186 Gee, Helen 186 Gee, Ron 117 Gee, Sharon 148, 186 Geer, Nancy 41, 251, 41, 186, 251 Geiger, Mark 298 Geisser, Cynthia 186 Gelb, Scott 294 Gelberg, Debbie 21 Geller, Lori 253 Geller, Mike 291 Gentile, Susan 270 Georgevich, Milar 186 Georgis, Marty 274 Geretz, Becky 248 Gerfin, Hugh 117 Gerakos, Mike 118 Geretz, Becky 24 Gerich, Jennifer 262 Gerlock, Debbie 264 Gerkins, Lori 254 Gertler, Cheryl 186 Gertz, Kerri 154 Gerwe, Sara 275 Gest, Barbara 186 Gessert, Pete 148, 186, 284 Gest, Barb 260 Betten, Susan 186, 248 Ghazarian, Garo 186 Ghekiere, Dominique 186 Glagiari, Mary Jo 186 Glardi, Mary Jo 136 Gibbs, Dave 186, 286 Gibson, Renee 273 Gibson, Susan 186 Gichtin, Matt 21 Gifford, Bob 303 Giger, Ursula 62, 64 Gilbert, Charles 154 Gilbert, Lori 253 Gilbert, Mary Lou 255 Gilbert, Patricia 186 Gilbert, Randy 253 Gilifillan, Gail 277 Gill, Michael 186 Gin, Paul 186 Ginosar, Nathan 186 Ginsburg, Fred 43 Ginsberg Shanni 259 Gioris, Marti 187 Gishi, Rich 125 Guiseppe, Hassan 189 Givens, Jane 273 Glascock Diane 265 Glaser, Steve 308 Glicklich, Mark 154, 286 Glidden, Marguerite 187 Glidden, Meg 274 Glucksman, Janet 187 Goaghagan, Mary 249 Godwin, Dan 291 Goehring, Jeff 301 Goforth, Brian 43, 52 Gohay, Gary 111 Gold, Dave, 38, 148, 187, 308 Gold, Joanne 41, 148, 187, 277 Gold, Paul 187, 309 Gold, Randi 187, 260 Golden, Caron 187 Golden, Tracy 136, 148, 187 Golden, Valerie 154 Goldberg, Barry 22 Goldberg, Cheryl 253 Goldfarb, Rick 309 Goldman, Lisa 252 Goldman, Caren 54 Goldman, Paul 280 Goldrich, Lori 187 Goldsmith, Ann 30 Goldstein, Burt 33 Goldstein, Carrie 253 Goldstein, Lisa 41 Goldstein, Ross 309 Golditch, Wayne 304 Goldstone, Ray 25 Galin, Bruce 303 Golub, Larry 187 Gomez, Becky 255 Gomez, Hortensia 187 Gondo, Stu 304 Gonzales, Alex 67, 282 Gonzales, Kim 272 Good, Lori 274 Good, Lynn 39 Goodall, Greg 45 Goodell, Brian 123, 299 Goodkin, Mark 187 Goodman, Jerry 309 Goodman, Ken 29 Goodman, Sara 29, 187 Goodman, Sari Beth 187 Goodman, Sheri 253 Goodrich, Tony 281 Goodson, Andy 286 Goodson, Andrew 154 Goodwin, Karenjo 276 Goodwin, Scott 187 Gootnick, Nancy 252 Gor, Vera 154 Gordien, Mark 133 Gordon, David 187 Gordon, Isaac 78 Gordon, Jennifer 187 Gordon, Laurie 265 Gordon, Melissa 253 Gordon, Liz 22 Gordon, Steve 309 Gore, Chuck 283 Gorelick, Robin 148, 187 Gorham, Gwen 250 Gorian, Katie 276 Gorman, Kethleen 20, 187, 249 Gotlesman, Nancy 187 Gottfried, Pete 307 Gottschalk, Kathy 45 Gottesman, Nancy 29 Gould, Harry 20, 24, 308 Goulet, Suzanne 30, 39, 258 Gover, Dave 79 Gould, Scott 285 Gradow, Helene 267 Gradow, Steven 187 Graham, Brian 78 Graff, Shelli 252 Graham, Ben 292 Graham, Brian 118 Graham, William 280 Gramly, Carolyn 87, 148, 272 Grammatikas, Eric 187 Granados, Richard 154, 299 Grant, Brian 154 Grant, Ruth 154 Grant, Sari 187 Grapperhaus, Ann 187, 272 Graves, Karen 187 Grauman, Amy 187, 251 Gray, Gary 123 Gray, Georgia 187 Gray, Pam 249 Gray, Rich 78 Gray, Rex 78 Greb, Jeff 304 Grebitus, Katie 41, 257 Greely, Brad 285 Green,Christine 154 Green, Carey 154 Green, Darryl 78 Green, David 35, 187, 281 Green, Eileen 188 Green, Juanda 154 Green, Richard 309 Green, Marian 255 Green, Valerie 188 Greenbaum, Janet 276 Greenberg, Dave 298 Greenberg, Ilene 259 Greenberg, Jay 188 Greenberg, Jone 250 Greenberg, Karen 253 Greenberg, Madeline 267 Greenberg, Shari 257 Greenlee, Ray 292 Greenwood, David 95,99, 97 Greenwood, David 291 Greenwood, John 294 Gregory, Kim 85, 89 Greifinger, Dave 34, 67, 148, 154 Grenier, Eric 43, 45 Griffen, Dave 299 Griffin, Jeanne 188, 260 Griffin, Kathleen 188 Griffin, Paul 188 Griffen, Paul 188, 299 Griffin, Nancy 255 Griffith, Maryann 268 Griffith, Mike 29 Griffiths, Kathleen 154 Griggs, Diane 188, 247 Grinstead, Iris 186, 246 Grivas, Sue 37 Gruber, Dan 22 Groman, Cari 30 Gros, Patricia 188 Gross, Bill 29 Gross, Gary S. 154 Gross, Douglas 45 Gross, Jeff 58 Gross, Mark 188 Grossfeld, Ken 20, 39, 38, 308 Grover, Jim 299 Grounds, Randy 154 Gruber, Dan 309 Gruen, Edward 154 Gruner, Mark 294 Gruskin, Sue 252 Guder, Cheryl 43, 275 Gudim, Tim 291 Guenther, Hiltrud 154 Gueringer, Tony 79 Guilin, Rhonda 126 Guldimann, John 188 Gulnac, Steve 106 Gully, Cheryl 279 Gullikson, Mitch 303 Gullivan, Kim 41 Gumbert, Jill 40, 188 272 Gumbiner, Judy 259 Gunderson, Maryann 249 Gunkel, Nanett 274 Gunn, Jody 255 Gurevitz, Eileen 188 Gurnick David 23 Gussin, Gayle 49 Gusman, Amy 273 Gustafson, Dave 298 Gustafson, Donna 273 Gustafson, John 154 Gutierrez, Linda 188 Gutierrez, Paul 123 Gutierrez, Valerie 39, 188, 249 Guttry, Nancy 188 Guy, Debra 188 Guzik, Ken 308 Guzik, Laura 188 Gwinn, Kathy 248 Gyermek, Francis 291 Haake, Greg 45, 43 Haas, Grace 188 Haberman, David 305 Hacker, Tamir 155, 148 Haddad, Robert 188 Hagey, Russell 24, 20, 312 Haggerty, Julie 274 Hague, Vickie 188 Hagy, Cathy 264 Haigh, Brantley 155 Hak, Maria 265 Hakimianpour, Violet 188 Hale, Bruce 29, 188 Haley, Matthew 188 Haley, Tom 284 Halff, Kathy 266 Halfon, Sheri 155 Haliday, Mike 43 Halkais, Brenda 257 Hall, Brenda 188 Hall, Eugene 283 Hall, Jeanne 275 Hall, Jody 303 Hall, Larry 78 Hall, Monica 40, 260 Hall, Natasha 247 Hall, Sonja 31 Hallock, Linda Lee 246 Hallock Lis 41 Halperin, Andrea 278 Halpert, Elena 188 Halprin, Stacey 188 Halverson, Susan 188, 274 Hamaguchi, Julie 188 Hamill, Ronald 188 Hamilton, Eva 277 Hamilton, Roy 99, 148 Hamlin, Miriam 155 Hammel, Karen 136 Hammett, Mike 78, 285 Hammons, Michele 189 Hampton, Joseph 189 Hampton, William 189 Hanagami, William 155 Handelman, Steven 189 Handford, Linda 189 Handler, Scott 45 Hanen, Suzane 189, 252 Hanft, Liz 257 Hansell, Mike 303 Hansen, Cynthia 274 Hansen, Paul 189 Hanzel, Frank 189 Hanzel, Paula 43 Harbour, Kevin 159 Hardcastle, Bruce 123 Harding, Darlene 189 Harding, Marjorie 189 Harger, Jim 293 Hargis, Cherie 31 Hariton, Diana 277 Harlan, Anne 251 Harless, Greg 291 Harmanson, Susan 189, 261 Harner, Kathleen 189 Harrick, Jim 99 Harrington, Kevil 260 Harrington, Mike 112 Harns, Bill 21 Harris, Bill 296 Harris, Craig 189, 296 Harris, Donna 124 Harris, Larry 155 Harris, Michael 31 Harris, Patricia 247 Harris, William J. 155, 148 Harrison, Craig 293 Harrison,Lauri 189, 268 Harrison, Tracy 278 Harryman, Mark 299 Hart, Doug 291 Hart, Liticia 278 Hart, Robert 189 Hartman, Lori 264 Hartman, Steve 29 Hartzman, Craig 299 Hartzman, Leslie 155 Harvey, Bridget 31, 247, 189 Harvey, Linda 41, 271 Harvey, Michael 189 Harville, Gwendolyn 189 Haschak, Mike 111 Haskell, Lyle 117 Hasley, Chip 301 Hassan, George 271 Hasson, Jan 253 Hatch, Tracy 267 Hatley, Sherri 189, 248 Hattersley, Patricia 155 Hattori, Diane 189 Hauer, Debbie 126 Havas, Stephen 287 Havens, Julie 267 Hawke, Chris 298 Hawkins, Nancy 277 Hayakawa, Toshio 155 Hayashi, Karen 155 Haye, Melida 189 Hayek, Julie 264 Hayes, Edward 190 Hayes, Ellen 190 Hayes, Janey 261 Hayes, Megan 136 Hayes, Theresa 190, 276 Hays, Judith 190 Hazeltine, Jeff 281 Heck, Dean 60 Hedtke, Lynne 190, 249 Hee, Leslie 190 Hehnke, Diane 278 Heifetz, Steven 190 Heisel, Kurt 296 Helble, Timothy 155 Held, Tony 304 Helfend, Lisa 155 Helfin, Jody 309 Helfing, Saul 190, 281 Helfrich, Jim 39 Heller, Kenn 46 Helm, Craig 125 Helm, John 79 Helm, Todd 45 Helmbold, Elizabeth 155 Helmick, Mark 300 Helmy, Eiman 190 Helvanjian, Roland 190 Henderson, John 111 Henrichsen, Kris 278 Henricks, Michelle 248 Hendrickson, Eric 123 Hendrickson, Jeanne 264 Hendrix, Pat 43 Hendy, Gna 31 Henrich, Carolyn 190 Henry, Bob 299 Henry, Michael G. 155 Henze, Eric 286 Henze, Kathleen 275 Herman, David 190 Herman, Nancy 190, 265 Hernandez, John 43 Hernandez, Michelle 23 Herrera, Rawl 190 Herrmann, Richard 190 Herron, Tom 302 Hersh, Eddie 155 Hershberg, Lori 40, 52 Hershberg, Lori 251 Hershberger, Linda 274 Herskovits, Vivien 190 Herst, Cathy 62 Hescox, Dennis 43 Hesse, Carol, 29, 39, 267 Hewitt, Anthony 190 Hewson, Jodi 257 Heywood, Doreen 255 Hibl, Bonnie 190 Hickey, Deirdre 155 Hickey, Janis 190 Hickman, Carol 190 Hicks, Mandy 246 Hidalgo, Bryan 155 Higa, Colette 155 Higa, Randall 22, 190 Higa, Yvonne 190 Higashida, Rolen 155 Higby, Barry 300 Higgins, Bard 37, 148 Hightower, William 155 Hilborne, Dean 190 Hill, Steve 298 Hill, Wendy 190 Hines, Maggi 191 Hiranrat, Nopakorn 156 Hires, Jeff 284 Hirotsu, Spencer 191 Hirsch, Alan 191 Hirsch, Dave 39, 308 191, 148 Hirshman, Tony 306 Ho, Linda 191 Ho, Steven 191 Ho, Wai 191 Ho, Ying Har 191 Hoag, Holly 191 Hoang, Son 156 Hoards, Chris 287 Hobbs, Doug 324 Hoblit, Albert 191 Hobson, Cynthia 265 Hobson, James 323 Hockenmaier, Peter 191 344 Index Hockett, Kathy 23, 265 Hodge, Tracy 261 Hodsdon, Phil 306 Hodson, Paul 282 Hoereth, Ginger 249 Hoff, Laurie 262 Hofflund, Judy 156 Hoffman, Darryl 307 Hoffman, Mark 123 Hoffman, Patty 248 Hogan, Linda 254 Hogan, Mary 273 Hokoda, Audrey 276 Holiver, Kimberly 191, 262, 148 Holland, Brad 95, 99, 191, 148 Holland, Judith 325 Holland, Marc 301 Holland, Todd 43 Hollander, Jack 45, 43 Hollenbeck, Kim 248 Holler, Brett 34, 191, 148, Holliman, Ron Hollingsworth, Bob 43 Hollingsworth, Sherni 275 Hollis, Gilda 191 Holloman, Wally 45, 43 Hollos, Cynthia 191 Holmes, Joyce 31 Holmes, Kristin 191 Holmes, Spencer 283 Holsinger, Diana 156 Holt, Clunie 268 Holt, Gloria 156 Holt, Nancy 272 Holweger, Misty 250 Honick, Craig 308, 309 Honsakes, Patricia 191, 266 Hooker, Mike 29 Hoover, Carrie 275 Hope, Bob 337 Hopfield, Joe 125 Hopkins, Janet 100 Hopkins, John 296 Hopwood, Don 79 Horak, Carol 192 Horan, Dan 298 Horder, Connie 136 Horn, Bob 60 Horn, Melanie 100 Horne, Mark 156, 307 Hornstein, Bonita C. 156 Horowitz, Erin 253 Horowitz, John 117 Horpel, Chris 111 Hortow, Katie 250 Horton, Amy 268 Horvat, Alex 302 Horwitz, Daniel 192 Hosea, Bobby 79, 156, 83 Hoshzaki, David 192 Hoshizaki, Lori 192 Hotes, Doug 111 Hotsko, Mary Lou 268 Houdyshel, Rey 282 Hougardy, Ron 156 Houge, Chris 284 Houghton, Shawn 192 Houlahan, Christen 192 Housman, Michael 287 Housman, Ron 291 Howard, John 286 Howard, Loretta 49 Howard, Myra 192 Howard, Priscilla 192, 274 Howard, Scott 308 Howe, Taylor 123 Howell, Nancy Jo 156 Howie, Cindy 254 Howland, Barb 274 Hoyt, Ray 293 Hsieh, Yen-wei 192 Hsu, Steve 156 Hu, Fiona 192 Huang, Jack 304 Hubbard, Phil 79 Hubbard, Joe 78 Hubbell, Vickilynn 257 Huber, Roxanne 21, 192 Hudelson, Kim 41, 192 Hudson, Dale 123 Huff, Nancy 192, 260 Hughes, Christine 41 Hughes, Jed 78 Hughes, Karen 261 Hughes, Maryella 39, 192, 148 Hui, Joyce 192 Hui, Michael 192 Hulbert, Bruce 156 Hull, Bryan 192 Hull, Jay 45, 43 Hull, Rachel 261 Humes, Hascal 283 Hummell, Ross 192 Hundley, Wendy 272 Hunter, Karen 45, 43 Hunter, Kathe 251, 192 Hunter, Kathleen 192 Hunter, Susan 250 Huntington, Susan 192 Huppert, Julia 192, 268 Hurtado, Vic 291 Hurwitz, Leslie 192 Husen, Debbie 192, 260 Husler, John 301 Hutchns, Robert 192 Hwee, Paul 192 Hwong, Lucia 156 Hyams, Carol 248 Hyte, Dorothy 156 Iba, Alan 192 Ichiyama, Susan 192 Iezman, Robert 192 Ignacio, Arlyne Ignacio, Arlyne 268 Ikemiya, Kathy 276 Ikkanda, Karen 192 Iliff, Bill 293 Im, Rod 291, 193 Inman, Jamille 193 Innuso, Lucy 126 Inohara, Blynis 136 Ivans, David 156 Ivas, Lornie 156 Irizarry, Linda 156 Irwin, Audrey 29 Isa, Agnes 156 Isackson, Rob 296 Iseri, Marilyn 43 Ishizue, Lois 53 Island, Charles 156 Ita, Machiko 156 Ito, Richard 281 Ivanhoe, Jon 302 Ives, Lori 265 Ivey, Kevin 294, 117 Ivey, Lawrence 193 Iwach, Alexander 193 Jackson, Anne 262 Jackson, Billy Don 79 Jackson, Daniel 302 Jackson, Katie 266 Jackson, Reggie 156 Jackson, Ron 291 Jackson, Ronald 193 Jackson, Ta wnya 23 Jacob, Ann 193, 272 Jacobs, Barbara 40 Jacobs, Cynthia 193 Jacobs, David 193 Jacobs, Diane 193 Jacob, Fred 193 Jacobs, Ken 309 Jacobs, Lauri 193 Jacobs, Lisa 40, 262 Jacobs, Marlene 23 Jacobs, Sally 272 Jacobsen, Drista 268 Jacobsen, Kim 268 Jacobsohn, Steven 193 Jacobson, David 193 Jacobson, Nancy 262 Jacobus, Sally 193 Jaeger, Jack 285 Jaffe, Michele 261 Jager, Steven 193 Jahanbegloo, Jahanbegloo, Massood 157 Jahn, Donna Lee 193 Jakob, Steven 193 James, Kelly 43 James, Paul 157 James, Vera 100 Jamieson, Chris 193 Jamieson, Steve 37 Jansen, Bob 302 Januzik, Michael 193 Japenga, Lori 41 Jarrett, Robert 193 Jarvis, Ted 291 Jeffers, Jan 126 Jeffries, Tracy 253 Jeffs, Claudia 267 Jenkins, Lori 193 Jenkins, Mary Jo 194 Jennett, Kathy 278 Jennings, Mike 285 Jennings, Susie 262 Jensen, Lynn 30 Jensen, Parie 265 Jensvold, Margaret 157 Jercinovich, Vlasta 260 Jerry, Nedra 126 Jeter, John 298 Jett, Mardi 268 Jick, Bryan 48, 194 Jimbo, Thomas 194 Jitsumyo, Aileen 194 Jlu, Stephanie 251 Joachin, Patrice 264 Joanau, Janet 52, 89 194, 337, 148 Johansen, Eric 194 Johansen, Kim 105, 194 Johos, Janet 26, 268 350 Johnson, Bert 18, 283 Johnson, Brian 294 Johnson, Carol 194 Johnson, Charles 194 Johnson, Christine 194 Johnson, Christine 279 Johnson, Craig 117 Johnson, Doretta 194 Johnson, Ellen 260 Johnson, Jan 43 Johnson, Janice 194 Johnson, Janice 248 Johnson, Janice 89 Johnson, Jeff 301 Johnson, Johnnie 194 Johnson, Julie 350 Johnson, Julie 26, 273 Johnson, Kathryn 194 148 Johnson, Keith 194 Johnson, Leslie 274 Johnson, Linda 251 Johnson, Marla 194, 272 Johnson, Michael 157, 148 Johnson, Mike 39 Johnson, Mike 285 Johnson, Norm 78 Johnson, Rebecca Johnson, Rebecca 194 Johnson, Renae 279 Johnson, Virginia 194 Johnson-Bush, Yolanda 194 Johsen, Glen 194 Jolley, Lynelle 194 Jolly, Mike 78 Jones, Dorothy 266 Jones, Garcelle 24, 194 Jones, Gerald 79, 194 Jones, Lorraine 194 Jones, Linda 41, 194 Jones, Lynda Jeanne 194 Jones, Monique 136 Jones, Mike 299 Jones, Mitch 286 Jones, Pamela 157 Jones, Peggy 248 Jones, Denise 247 Jones, Russell 157 Jones, Sherman 194 Jones, Terry 29 Jones, Terry Lee 157 Jong, Berkin 194 Jordan, Joan 40, 256 Joslyn, Beth 275 Jost, John 303 Jovanovic, Spoma 194, 148 Juarez, Judy 18 Judkins, Jennifer 45, 43 Judson, David 194 Judy, Kevin 195 Jue, Brenda 195 Jugend, Debbie Jugend, Debbie 246 Jung, Robert 157 Juran, Dave 45 Jurgens, Jeanne 195 Kacik, Richard 195 Kadden, Mark 195 Kafesjian, Scott 195 Kagawa,Nancy 157 Kagen, Cheryl 195 Kahan, Lucy 266 Kahl, Trish 275 Kahn, Mike 308 Kahn, Terri 195, 257 Kailer, Kathi 256 Kain, Dennis 195 Kajihara, Claudia 31 Kakvand, Jahandar 157 Kalatorian, Dan 43 Kalb, Gloria 195 Kalinowski, John 195 307 Kalman, Anna 195 Kamm, Jacque 262 Kameman, Marcia 259 Kams, Frank 105 Kanatani, Kimberley 195 Kandel, David 125 Kandelin, Nils 195 Kaldem, Jim 291 Kanarek, Paul 281 Kanemoto, Randall 195 Kanenaka, Deane 85, 89 Kang, Shin 195 Kang, Steven 195, 148 Kanoski, Judy 248 Kantor, Glen 309 Kantor, Wally 308 Kapadia, Homi 157 Kaplan, Jay 30 Kaplan, Seth 21, 291 Kaplan, Valerie 39, 195, 251 Karasik, Greg 22, 309 Karasik, LeAnne 124 Karl, Laurie 124 Karl, Laurie 124 Karp, Lisa 259 Karp, Mike 53 Karp, Richard 195, 302 Karpati, Ron 37, 48 Kash, De Anne 195 Kasha, Walter 195 Kashfi, Yasmine 195 Kassarjian, Harold 25 Kassarjian, Lorraine 278 Katoaka, Kathy 262 Katayama, Janice 195 Katayama, Victor 60 Katherman, Robin 39, 261 Katinsky, Yvonne 273 Katinszky, Verena 195 Katnik, Steve 291 Katterman, Judith 254 Kato, Diane 195 Katz, Alice 195 Katz, Barry 157 Katz, Gail 195 Katz, Glenn 45 Katz, Kyle 195 Katz, Laura 195 Katz, Marcie 259 Katz, Marty 304 Katz, Simone 272 Katz, Todd 112 Kaufmann, Art 45, 43 Kaufman, Donal 195 Kaufman, Doug 294 Kaufman, Kasey 196, 261 Kaufman, Mitchell 157 Kaupice, Karen 196 Kaupke, Karen 23, 265 Kausansky, Howie 308 Kawahara, Steven 157 Kawaratani, Yumi 157 Kawashima, Fred 196 Kay, Dave 196, 292 Kay, Denise 196 Kay, Doug 78 Kay, Jeff 60 Kay, Lisa 196 Kay, Paul 196 Kayahara, Yukie 196 Kaye, Bruce 29 Kayne, Robert 196 Kazarian, Allison 257 Kea, Roger 281 Kearney, Marianne 256 Keaton, Janie 249 Keehn, Bob 286 Keen, Dan 43 Keefer, Jom 350 Keeve, Doug 285 Keimel, Ingrid 157 Kelen, Anna 196 Kell, Mike 286 Kelleher, Stacey 196 Keller, Debbie 257 Keller, K.C. 106, 108 Kelley, Sue 24 Kelly, Beth 25 Kelly, John 299 Kelly, Rennie 99 Kelley, Vic 129, 324 Kellogg, Susie 275 Kemble, Spyro 285 Kendrick, Kathryn 196 Kennedy, Karen 39 Kennedy, Kathryn 196, 271 Kennedy, Matthew 196 Kennedy, Pat 26, 117 350 Kennedy, Tracy 196, 278 Kenworthy, Chuck 293 Kerby, Linda 41 Kerfoot, Sharon 196 Kerngard, Mark 295 Kern, Russell 196, 295 Kerner, Karen 259 Kerr, Dale LaJuan 196 Kershaw, Allan 305 Kesling, Dawson 305 Ketlerburg, Judy 196 Kettenberg, Judy 256 Kettenhofen, Colleen 274 Kevich, Jeff 196, 308 Kevorkian, Kathy 260 Keyes, Beverly 196 Keyson, Terry Lee 196 Khalili, Kambiz 196, 287 Kierulff, Nancy 196 Kililea, Jim 295 Killian, Kerry 271 Killins, Sara 251 Kim Aeran 196 Kim, Aeyun 196 Kim, George 196 Kim, Grace 196 Kim, Hae 196 Kim, In 197 Kim, Jin 197 Kim, Judy 197 Kim, Kwang Hun 197 Kim Kyungsoo 197 Kim, Lori 197 Kim, Lyndon 197 Kim, Margie 249 Kim, Myung-Keun 197 Kim, Phyllis 249 Kim, Rose 197 Kim, Sang K. 197 Kim, Won 197 Kim, Yong 197 Kim, Ri Kim 197 Kim, Yonghoon 197 Kimbell, Doug 60 Kimbell, Katherine 197, 148 Kimoto, Ann 197 Kimura, Kim 197 Kiner, Kevin 282 King, Bradford John 197 King, Bob 45, 43 King, Jeffrey 198 King, Jennie 198 King, Ron 43 King, Sheila 62 King, Sue 47, 198 Kinghorn, Lynn 267 Kinnison, Mark 106 Kinsell, Sara 268 Kinsley, Denise 255 Kika, Junko 157 Kinkead, Santha Veronica 157 Kipnes, Howard 79 Kipnis, Neal 350 Kirkbride, Ellen 40 Kirkpatrick, Stcy 29 273 Kirkwood, William 198 Kiraly, Karch 106,108 Kistler, Harlan 111 Kistler, Jackson 111 Kistner, Jeanne 198, 276 Kitada, Shinichi 198 Kitchens, Katherine 312 Kitsong, Craig 46 Kittleson, Tom 291 Klausey, Kevin 298 Kleckner, Jay 198 Klein, Carolyn 274, 41 198, 26 Klein, David 309 Klein, Deborah 198 Klein, Jeffrey 157, 285 Klein, Jim 43 Kleinhein, Jason 32, 302 Klein, Paul 294 Kling, Michelle 261 Klingbeil, Kent 43 Klinger, Jim 295 Klinkicht, David 157 Klose, Paul 198 Kluchi, Ann 31 Knaver, Lisa 262 Knauser, Elizabeth 198 Knerr, Lisa 255 Knepper, Mary 198 Knifsend, Ken 198 Knight, Andrea 198 Knight, Sandra Kay 198 Knoth, Lesley 268 Knowiden, Michelle 157 Knox, Carolyn 272 Knox, Louis 37 Knox, Mary 273 Knox, Mary Etta 279 Knox, Steven 198 Knudsen, Lesley 198, 148 Knudson, Karen 198 Ko, Andrew 198 Ko, Jason 198 Kobayashi, Cynthia 198 Kobayashi, Yoshinori 198 Kobernik, Tami 252 Koch, Charlie 198, 299 Kochendorfer, Jill 198 Kochi, Bill 31 Koester, Craig 157, 301 Koga, Alice 157 Kohler, Andrew 157 Kohler, Drew 291 Kohler, Louise 275 Kolsrud, Marck 291 Komer, Nancy 267 Kondo, Caroline 87, 89, 257 Kong, Chang-Cho 158 Koorajian, David 60 Kooshyar, Shahin 158 Kootsikas, Elaine 198 Kopitzke, Julia 198, 251 Koretz, Paul 198 Korin, Alexandra 198 Kornfeld, Joel 281 Kortan, Michael 198 Koshimizu, Judy 198 Koshiyama, Sharon 199 Kossoff, Melinda 158 Kotlowitz, Steven 199 Koury, Ken 21, 24 Kovac, Frank 117 Kovacs, Lori 21, 111, 262 Koverman, Michael 39, 296 Kowalke, Sheri 249 Kraate, Gordon 158 Krall, Laura 250 Kramer, Keith 199, 308 Kramer, Sheryl 158 Kranyak, James 199 Krasel, Heidi 268 Kratka, Anita 271 Krause, Beppy 275 Krebs, Mary Jane 49, 48 Kreiman, Jacque 32, 271 Kreitenberg, Mitch 199 Kreps, Monica 264 Kress, Steve 43 Krietenberg, Mitch 308 Krikorian, Greg 295 Krischer, Philip 158 Krisley, George 300 Kronenfeld, Cheryl 43 Krotoski, Mark 39, 38 , 312 Kruer, March 158 Krupsaw, Sue 270 Krzemien, Paul 199 Kubin, Amy 262 Kubin, Lydia 262 Kubota, Liz 41, 199 262 Kubry, Linda 199 Kuebler, Sandy 260 Kuendig, Paullo 117 Kuhlman, Liza 275 Kuhn, Laura 158 Kuhn, Linda 268 Kumagai, Akihiko 199 Kumamoto, Leslie 264 Kung, Ru-li 199 Kunitake, Gary 21 Kunstman, Carmen 199 Kunz, Linda 257 Kuo, Peter 199 Kuo, Teh-chao 199 Kuptz, Maureen 271 Kurit, Suzee 259 Kurland, Gerald 39, 20, 292 Kurtzman, Danna 257 Kurtzman, Ellene 252 Kussman, Catherine 199 Kusunose, Kazuhiro 158 Kumamoto, Leslie 39 Kunimoto, Brent 22 Kutsazawa, Harusumi 199 Kvamme, Sharon 158, 246 Kwong, Karen 31,199 Kwong, Marian 199 Kyraicou, Demetrios 199 Kyung, Lee 200 La Bomme, Diane 158 Labowitz, Rhonda 262 200 Lacey, Mark, 23 Lachuk, Michael 200 Lacy, Susan 200, 265 Lafler, Ronald 200 La Franchi, Gail 257 Lagudis, Christopher 200 Lahier, Chris 123 Lai, Han-May 200 Lai, Jeff 47, 200 Lake, Andre 262 Lakritz, Jennifer 248 Lama, Doug 299 Lambdin, John 200 Lambton, Dave 118 Lamm, Teresa 200 La Mont, Gloria 24 Lamson, Chris 18, 158, 148, 21 Lamson, Pete 21 Landau, Denise 200 Landau, Lori 264 Landefeld, George 200, 285 Lander, Jody 23, 158 Landers, Karen 259 Landow, Karen 200 Lane, Kathy 260 Lane, Mitchell 200 Lane, Shelley 200 Lang, Roger 118 Lange, Ada 262 Langer, Kathy 277 Langevin, Lauanne 200 Langtry, Dolores 200 Lape, Chris 285 Lapin, Jeff 29, 350 Laraway, Doreen 257 Larcabal, Marty 305 Large, Karen 41 Larsen, Lynne 262 Larson, Carl 306 Larson, Robert A. 158 Larson, Suzanne 265 Larson, Tom 60 Larson, Wendy 246 Lassiter, Mark 32 Lassiter, Mark 282 Latimore, Jan 200 Latina, Susan 254 Latka, Karen 45, 43 Latner, Barry 200 Latterell, Clark 304 Lau, Corinna 200 Lau, Lisa 200 Lau, Vivien 200 Lau, Waileung 200 Laub, Steven 48 Lauber, Jeff 287 Lauderdale, Jill 248 Laufer, Susan 23, 261 Laughlin, Ryan 294 Laukka, Karen 261 Laurence, Debbie 267 Lavaut, Thomas 200 Lavezzo, Stephanie 248 Law, Edmund 158 Law, Rochelle 142 Index 345 Lawder, Debbie 261 Lawrence, Mike 298 Layman, Karen 278 Layton, Steve 296 Lazar, Debi 200, 253 Leaburn, Bryan 53 Leach, Rhonda 257 Leach, Ronald 200 Leader, Cheryl 124, 260 Leaf, Jon 281 Leaffer, Michael 158 Leamy, Anne 260 Leamy, Robin 60, 123 Leas, William 200 Leary, Tim 118, 285 Lebo, Sue 264 Lech, Catherine 200, 262 Leck, Linda 200, 248 LeClear, Jule 200, 274 Lee, Andi 158 Lee, Anita 201 Lee, Cynthia 201 Lee, Dave 301 Lee, Ellen 201 Lee, Esther 201 Lee, Feelie 46 Lee, Gregory 201 Lee, HoIlie 89 Lee, Huan 201 Lee, Hyung 200 Lee, Inkyo 158 Lee, Janet 246 Lee, John 21 Lee, Larry 78, 148 Lee, Mary Ann 40, 201 Lee, Myung 201 Lee, Rebecca 201 Lee, Sharyn 201 Lee, Steve 158 Lee, Sung-Ja 158 Lee, Sung 201 Leetch, Kathy 40, 262 Legallet, Anne 262 Leggins, Robert 71, 78 Lehman, Mike 282 Leigh, Karen 201 Leighton, James 158 Leishman, Linda 265 Leiter, Howard 308 Leitner, Beth 158 Leland, Scott 201 LeMasters, Marissa 249 Lendemenn, Rosemarie 201 Lenhoff, Linda 21 Leon, Judy 30 Leonard, Jane 261 Leonard, Karen 201, 271, 148 Leonetti, Tina 262 Leopold, Sandi 249 Leporte, George 111 Lesh, Sue 265 Lesh, Susan 201 Leshgold, Beth 253 Lester, Denise 254 Lester, Diane 67, 201 Lester, Janice 201 Letsch, Erin 201 Letson, Janet 250 Lettow, Jeff 282 Lev, Gail 201 Levander, Carl 298 Levander, Holly 265 Levesque, James 158 Levey, Nancy 256 Levi, Lori 158 Levin, Bonnie 158 Levin, Lisa 201, 252 Levin, Robert 125 Levin, Teri 261 Levine, Francine 201 Levine, Jeff 19 Levine, Julie 201, 256 Levine, Michael 302 Levine, Rhonda 158 Levinson, Louis 201 Levy, Biran 293 Levy, JoElen 201, 262 Levy, Nancy 41 Levy, Ratman 201 Levy, Robert 309 Levy, Virginia 41, 201, 256 Lew, Carolyn 201 Lew, Helen 158 Le, Wing F. 201 Lewis, Arden 271 Lewis, Danny 281 Lewis, Dave 302 Lewis, Karen 260 Lewis, Robin 202 Lewis, Vera 202 Lewthwaite, Becky 126 Ley, Carol 158 Liao, Janes 48 Liang, John 158 Licht, Bruce 308 Licht, David 202 Lieban, Al 302 Liberman, Andy 30 Lieberman, Deborah 202 Liedtke, Joyce 117 Lievers, Greg 39, 202, 284 Light, Allison 273 Liley, Fasha 279 Lim, Denis 202 Lim, Kim 21 Lim, Seung-Hyang 202 Lin, Christy 158 Linares, Marlene 202 Lincoln, Lawrence 159 Lindgren, Kevin 159 Lindquist, Laura 202, 262 Lindsey, Hank 37 Lindsley, Bonnie 148 Lindy, Al 292 Liner, Andrew 202, 281 Ling, Joan 136 Linkletter, Mike 60 Linn, Darcy 272 Lipack, Sujin 202 Lipinski, Matha 41, 202, 273 Lipke, Jeryll 250 Lippert, Robert 158 Lippman, Mark 24 Lipschultz, James 202 Little, Gary 298 Little, Tenny 299 Litwin, Debbie 253 Liv, David 159 Liu, David 202 Livingston, Floyd Jr. 202 Livingston, Linda 202, 258 Livingston, Lora 24, 202, 272 Livingston, Lori 202 Llanes, Armando 305 Llorens, Michelle 202 Lloyd, Brend 159 Lo, Cecily 202, 260 LO, Roger Ying-Kuen 159 Loats, Jeff 294 Lobell, Lee 202 Lobell, Sharon 202 Lobdill, LeeAnn 124 Locke, Nina 39, 265 Locklear, William 46, 25 Lockwood, Lisa 257 Loftus, Ann 202, 260 Login, Carol 202 London, Dana 254 Long, Jerry 52 Long, Joseph 159 Long, Kip 118 Long, Patrisha 203 Long, Patti 248 Long, Rob 123 Loo, Shari 203 Lopez, Donald 203 Lopez, Enraguita 203 Lopez, John 203 Lopez, Kathleen 203 Lopez, John 291 Lopez-Cirlos, Norma 203 Lorand, Andrew 159 Lorant, Etan 203 Lorenzen, Tom 281 Lorenzini, Kathleen 41, 203 Loriente, Isabel 203 Loskutoff, Paul 203, 293 Lossos, Lisa 203 Lou, Francoise 278 Lou, Stephanie 278 Loucks, Tom 112 Louie, Gary 159 Louie, Melvin 203 Lovely, Ronald 159 Low, Lorie 265 Low, William 159 Lowe, Debbie 203 Lowenthal, Marianne 136 Loy, Dana 203 Lozano, Elizabeth 203 Lubette, Pierre 296 Lubin, Melody 259 Lubran, Mary Winchester 159 Lucatorto, Annamarie 203 Lucia, Russell 203 Lucien, Michael 283 Luckoff, Wendy 252 Lueke, Lolli 267 Lui, Danny 203 Lui, Eileen Wai-Ling 159 Lui, Patrick 203 Lum, Holly 261 Lum, Shirlon 203 Lundstrom, Kristin 256 Lundy, Terry 273 Lunnon, Denise 136 Lurie, Leslie 20 Luster, Jeffrey 280 Lustig, Patricia 203 Lutkenhouse, Mark 32 Lutz, Jon 203 Lux, Ted 309 Lynch, Catherine 203 Lynch, Gary 78 Lynch, Katie 264 Lynch, Kelly 273 Lynch, Kim 256 Lynch, Sarah 258 Lynn, Debra 246 Lynn, Johnny 79, 83 Lyon, Eileen 255 Lyons, Bernard 148 Lyons, Andi 253 Lyons, Cathy 22 Lyons, Lawrence 203 MacDiarmid, Greg 39 MacDiarmid, Wendy 264 Mac Donald, Alisa 203 Mac Donald, Ann 267 Mac Donald, Lisa 249 Mace, Mike 29 Mac Farlane, Jennifer 270 Machnov, Harry 204 Macintyre, Dave 306 Mack, Karen 148, 204 MacKenzie, Stacy 251 Mackey, Lori 250 Mactline, Dave 21 MacMillan, Julie 41 Macy, Kim 204, 272 Madden, Mike 123 Maderious, Janet 264 Maehara, Clara 204 Maffin, Lesa 204 Magee, Mica 264 Maginnis, Jeannette 159 Magnusson, Eric 159 Mahaffey, Jim 308 Maharry, Hoppy 268 Mahes, Donnie 204 Maher, Greg 89 Mahood, Heather 204 Mahr, Adrian 286 Mahtensian, Nicholas 204 Maimone, Peter 204 Main, Jim 71, 79 Mainland, Marsha 204 Maire, Richard 117 Maizlish, Irene 148, 159 Majors, Janet 204 Malamphy, Paul 159 Maldonado, Joaquin 111 Malamuth, Philip 204 Malitz, Elena 253 Malmuth, Karen 22, 270 Malone, Bonnie 204, 271 Malonek, Jennie 246 Maltbie, Bob 301 Mamano, Lisa 248 Man, Joseph 159 Mandell, Debbie 204, 259 Mandel, Nicole 252 Manjikian, Tamar 29 Manke, Rick 204 Mann, Edward 204, 291 Mann, Missy 268 Mann, Nancy 204, 276 Mann, Steve 293 Mannis, Bruce 89 Mantel, David 159 Maouchehri, Dovoud 204 Mar, Gary 307 Maranon, George 204 Marantz, Gary 303 Maratos, Irene 204, 268 Marcelletti, John 159, 307 Marcellus, Janet 204 Marchosky, Ernesto 204, 291 Marder, Neal 308 Marden, Sammy 308 Marenus, Margie 258 Margalith, Ethan 159 Margolin, Eli 204 Marguiles, Diane 249 Marias, Richard 204 Mark, Michael 204 Marits, Eric 123 Marks, Eric 123 Markus, Caryn 264 Marmorstein, Rochelle 204 Maroko, Ron 281 Marguette, Laurie 204 Marguette, Stuart 204 285, 148 Marsella, Julie 257 Marsh, Kenneth 204, 299 Marshall, Debbie 250 Marshall, Jenny 276 Marshall, Lynne 204, 255 Marshall, Pattie 274 Marshall, Sheri 67 Marshment, Nancy 260 Marsten, Wade 205 Martens, Kim 268 Martin, Bob 129 Martin, Catherine 205, 276 Martin, Deanna 271 Martin, Jill 261 Martin, Kathleen 205 Martin, Mary 250 Martin, Victoria 276 Martinez, Tony 45 Marty, Patt 79, 205 Martyn, Deborah 205 Martin, Maryly 205 Martinez, Fraces 205 Marumoto, Grace 205 Martyn, Debbie 272 Martyn, Jennifer 273 Martyns, Lori 40, 264 Mary, Christopher 159 Masaoka, Ronald 159 Mason, Carl 117 Mason, John 159 Mason, Mele 205, 255 Mason, Mike 53, 78, 299 Masters, Gregory 26, 350 Masters, Katherine 205 Mastrogeorge, Gena 205 Mathews, Lawrence 205 Matibag, Joe 29, 205 Matsuda, Gene 205, 286 Matsuda, Michael 148, 205 Matsuhara, Colleen 100 Matsumoto, Kimiko 159 Matsuoka, Fumaiki 205 Matthews, Adrienne 268 Matthews, Billie 78, 76 Matthis, Fred 58 Matthus, Nina 62 Mattingly, Helen 205 Mauch, Lindy 257 Mauk, Steve 205 Mauredakis, John 291 Maurie, Kathie 136 Mavredakis, John 39, 205 Mavromatis, Stavroula 159 Maxwell, Alison 264 May, Mike 286 May, Terrence 205 Mayeda, Danny 21, 48, 206, 148 Mayer, Leslie 41, 262 Mayer, Nannette 274 Mayer, Vic 79 Mayerson, Matt 298 Mayock, Pat 293 Maza, Rene 206 Mazzone, Angelo 324 Meador, Terry 48, 207 Meagher, Tom 281 Means, Marlee 266 Meares, Julie 277 Medeiros, Anne 207 Meehan, Frank 284 Megdal, Shelley 259 Mehrinfar, Massood 159 Meikel, Joanne 48, 257, 207 Meisch, Carol 207, 272 Meisel, Susan 260 Melgar, Sergio 58 Melick, Karen 207 Mellman, Valeri 259 Meltzer, Martin 207, 308 Menaker, Lisa 250 Menas, Cecillia 254 Meneses, Gene 207 Mendoza, Jim 111 Mendoza, Mary 160 Mengel, Lisa 268 Menninger, Chris 296 Medi, Marcia 19, 23, 39, 148, 207, 255 Mercado, Helena 207 Mercado, Jay 300 Mercer, Susan 207 Merina, Anita 207 Merino, Sylvia 160 Merlone, Peter 207, 297 Mermel, Stuart 207 Merrill, Pam 267 Merrins, Eddie 129 Mersel, Kohn 37 Merta, Melissa 265 Mervel, Denise 275 Merz, Heidi 267 Mestel, Rory 207, 260 Messersmith, Mark 293 Mestel, Vicki 261 Mestman, Sadie 160 Metaxas, Arlyne 267 Metz, Dick 112 Metzger, Helen 207 Meyer, Ann 207 Meyer, Bill 303 Meyer, Dan 207 Meyer, Dirk 303 Meyers, Ann 148 Meyerhoff, Greta 264 Meyers, Denise 267 Meyers, Larry 208 Meyers, Tim 294 Meyers, Vic 105 Mica, Joe 106 Michakchek, David 309 Michel, Bruce 45 Michel, Trudi 208 Mickens, Glenn 118 Micozzi, Martine 43 Middlebrooks, Anne 208, 272 Miechowiez, Linda 208, 257 Miechowicz, Nancy 256 Miglins, Margot 208 Mihich, Mileng 148, 208 Mihich, Senka 148, 208 Mikklelsen, Gorm 280 Mikkelsen, Ole 57, 58, 284 Miles, Albert 208 Miles, Steve 281 Miley, Carol 267 Milham, Diane 255 Millen, David 160 Milles, Alex 278 Miller, Christin 265 Miller, Dave 43 Miller, Diane 29, 208 Miller, Eric 282 Miller, Janie 261 Miller, Jennifer 248 Miller, Kenneth 152 Miller, Leslie 160 Miller, Linda 160 Miller, Madeline 208 Miller, Mark 118, 282 Miller, Melissa 208 Miller, Morgan 59 Miller, Norm 321 Miller, Rhonda 250 Miller, Robin 262, 350 Miller, Rosie 253 Milligan, Lynn 255 Mills, Christine 160 Milner, Steve 306 Miller, William 208 Millette, Raymond 208 Milroy, William 148, 208 Milstein, Beth 208 Milstien, Mark 292 Mina, John 43 Minard, Kerry 262 Minasian, Sandy 249 Mink, Pam 255 Minnis, Alison 160 Minor, Becca 39, 264 Mintz, Judy 253 Mintz, Linda 205 Mintz, Ron 23 Mintz, Susie 253 Mirea, Adrian 160 Mitchell, Jerry 160 Mitchell, Mark 29 Mitchell, Michael 208 Mitsuhashi, Shirley 208 Miyata, Donna 208 Miyata, Rod 31 Miyazaki, Mari 208 Mizrahi, Yoshi 58, 59, 57 Mizuki, Paul 209 Moachawos, Tim 60 Moberg, Cindy 261 Mochizuki, Jon 209 Moeller, Christy 251 Mohl, Curt 79, 298 Mohr, Linda 274 Molina, Mike 79 Molumphy, Meg 248 Mombach, Patty 252 Mon, George 291 Monkarsh, Harlee 248 Monroe, John 280 Montanari, Dave 118 Montano, Carmen 209 Monteil, Diane 209, 251 Montoya, Max 79 Moody, Sherry 325 Moore, Beth 100, 148 Moore, Bill 39, 105, 296 Moore, Billie 100 Moore, Carvel 160 Moore, Corey 209, 298 Moore, Elsa 209 Moore, Laurie 209 Moore, Pier 45 Moore, Shelly 260 Moore, Thomas 209 Moore, Yvonne 209 Moorhead, Patricia 209 Moraga, Anna 209 Morales, Denise 136 Morales, Eloise 37 Moran, Michelle 273 Morehous, Dean 16, 18, 20, 25, 148, 209 Morello, Aileen 249 Moreno, Lawrence A. 160 Moretti, Mike 295 Morey, Diane 209 Morford, Marilee 264 Morgan, J.D. 324 Morinishi, Ronald 209 Morita, Glen 209 Morita, Janet 160, 272 Moritz, Neal 309 Mork, Anita Mae 148 Morley, Kathleen 209 Moromisato, Glenn 209 Morris, Janet 273 Morris, John 291 Morris, John 297 Morris, John 297 Morris, Marvin 79, 73 Morris, Robin 262 Morris, Steve 281 Morrison, Dave 136 Morrison, Mark 209 Morrison, Nancy 148, 209, 265 Morrison, Willis 148, 209 Morrow, Gail 256 Morton, Bruce 300 Morze, Mike 105 Moshein, Rob 30 Mosher, S. Scott 148, 160 Moskowitz, Emil 209 Moss, Jody 253 Moss, Martin 78 Moss, Wendy 210, 253 Mosunich, Daniel 210 Motte, Dave 301 Moulden, Bobby 31 Mourey, Erin 210 Movsessian-Kenarki, Balick 160 Moy, Michelle 48, 148, 210 Moyer, Christi 271 Moyer, Craig 37 Mountford, Watt 284 Mourey, Erin 261 Mudgeway, Diana 257 Mueller, Darci 273 Mueller, John 210 Mueller, Roland 210 Muenter, Steven 160 Muer, Lisa 261 Muilenberg, Ann 273 Muir, Tammy 246 Mukai, Caren 210 Mullins, Mike 291 Munn, Alicia 277 Munson, Kim 210 Munson, Sherri 40, 275 Mura, Rieko 160 Muranaka, Cathy 210 Murayama, Gail 160 Murillo, Maria 210 Murningham, Chris 251 Muringham, Rich 284 Muro, Jeff 79 Murphy, Anne 272 Murphy, Don 60 Murphy, Joanne 268 Murphy, Mary Helen 257 Murphy, Sheila 160 Murray, Carolyn 41, 256 Murray, Lynn 257 Murray, Lowell 281 Murray, Marcia 210 Murray, Marilyn 210 Murrin, Denise 211 Murrin, James 211 303 Musial, Deanna 46 Musial, Kathy 43 Mutschler, Kristy 273 Muyco, Marino 211 Myatt, Robert 160 Myers, Brad 282 Myers, Cathy 211 Myers, Rick 299 Myers, Ross 123 Myers, Sandy 278 Myhre, John 282 Mykkanen, Ellen 251 Myrah, Rick 300 McAfee, Keith 298 McAfee, Robert 206 McAlexander, Sharon 325, 62 McAllister, Julie 206 McCabe, Louise 206 McCafferty, Becky 275 McCarns, Azeldria 247 McCarter, Dale 206 McCarty, Garry 294 McCarthy, Mike 284 McCartney, Worthy 206 McCarty, Claire 62 McCay, Chuck 281 McClain, Lisa 260 McCleery, Jennifer 246 McClellan, Glenn 206 McClinton, Karen 206 McCloskey, Kendy 19, 23, 265, 206, 148 McCluskey, Julie 206 McCollom, Catherine 206 McColm, Jill 262 McConnell, Debbie 275 McConnell, Leslie 37 McCrory, Katie 275 McCucheon, Beth 206, 276 McCulloch, Michael 206 McCutchan, Joseph 36 McDermitt, Mark 301 McDermott, Linda 256 346 Index McDonald, Cinday 248 McDonald, Jeanne 206, 262 McDonald, Kelley 262 McDonald, Mike 43 McDonald, Shelley 206 McDonald, Valerie 161 McDonnell, Caroline 206 McDougall, Peggy 272 MacDougall, Randy 293 McDougall, Sandy 296 McElroy, Stanley 206, 286 McElvogue, Laurie 21 McEvoy, Maureen 206 McFarland, Matt 79 McFaul, Colleen 206 McGawley, Ed 291 McGlone, Carol 262 McGlynn, Kenneth 159, 286 McGrew, Deborah 206 McHugh, Jaon 271 McHugh, Keith 206 McIntyre, Cindy 206 McKay, Mike 284 Mckenna, Karen 206, 260 Mckinney, Stephen 159 McKone, Michael 299 McLamore, Alyson 45, 43 McLamore, Alyson 45, 43 McLane, Sue 161, 257 McLaughlin, Carrie 267 McLaughlin, Mike 285 McLaughlin, Richard 39, 207, 296 McLeod, Debbie 272 McMahan, Karen 207, 262 McMenomy, Annie 274 McMillan, May 36 McMillin, June 207, 271 McMonagle, Dan 305 McNally, Jim 26, 350 McNamara, Susan 159 McNary, Ann 207 McNeil, Freeman 78 McNight, Christy 250 McKnight, Lori 250 McNoughton, Tod 43 McNutt, Carol 207 McNutt, Christopher 207 McNutt, Mike 300 McShane, Brain 207 McSpadden, Paula 29 McVay, Kathy 262 McWhinnie, Clarence 161 Nabin, Nancy 264 Nachreiner, Jim 307 Nadell, Elaine 211 Nafis, Frederick W. 161 Naftulin, Brian 308 Nagatani, Sandra 211 Najarian, Dick 60, 299 Nakamura, Eiko 211 Nakamura, Yuki 211 Nakashima, Alice 161 Nakashioya, Carol 211 Nakashioya, Jean 49 Nakasone, Renee 46 Nan, Soo 211 Namba, Jerry 211 Namba, Jerry 20, 18 Namini, Dan 58 Nansen, Kari 260 Natole, Mark 291 Natoli, Tony 211 Narbutas, Virgis 211 Narmi, Jeff 303 Namajo, Carmen 278 Natelson, Rcik 295 Naulls, Tyren 99 Navarro, Armando 304 Navid, Nasrallah 161 Naylor, Cynthia 251 Neal, Barbara 211 Neal, Bruce 29 Nealon, Sara 249 Neaman, Blythe 211 Nebel, Mike 309 Nedoff, Terri 267 Nedry, Roberta 40 Nedoff, Terrie 161 Neely, Pamela 261 Neeper, Liz 250 Neff, Janice 211, 265 Negoro, Harvey 211 Negvesky, Richard 211 Nehrenberg, Janet 250 Neiman, Bob 117 Neistadt, Kim 253 Nelson, Cathy 40, 276 Nelson, David 211 Nelson, Diana 278 Nelson, Janet 26, 274 211, 350 Nelson, Nancy 211 Nelson, Jeff 295 Nelson, John 117, 287 Nelson, Julie 246 Nelson, Vada 161 Nelson-Nathen, Shellwyn 161 Nesler, John 285 Nestler, Paul 20 Netzen, Jane 248 Netzley, Rebecca 161 Neuman, Dave 21 Nevil, Chris 161 Neville, Laura 261 Nevitt, Donna 34 Newby, Bill 39, 285 Newcomb, Kellie 211, 262 Newkirk, Garry 299 Newland, Verna 211 Newell, Carol 257 Newlun, Mark 285 Newman, Carol 256 Newman, Jeff 111 Newman, Frank 211, 302 Newman, Pat 257 Nevins, Mary 275 Neville, Greg 284 Ng, Jacqueline 211 Ng, May 31 Ngubeni, Tim 58 Nguyen, HaiNam 211 Nguyen, Son 211 Nibss, Dimitri 36 Nicholls, Robert 211 Nicholson, Alexander Magdalena 161 Nicholas, Susan 250 Nicholls, Bob 205 Nicks, Creig 21 Nicolaisen, Eric 211 Nierob, Alan 212, 292 Nitti, June 212 Nimer, Helena 212 Nirschl, Tom 298 Nishi, Martin 212 Nishikawa, Cheryl 212 Nishimoto, Marlene 212 Nishimoto, Mary 31 Nishinaka, Jerry 212 Nixen, Stephanie 278 Noal, Dan 43 Noda, Audrey 161 Nolan, Kieran 23 Noe, Jack 292 Noren, Cheryl 212 Norman, Ronald 212 Normington, Kim 212 Norris, Karen E. 161 Northrup, Rhonda 212 Novak, Cindy 253 Nusbaum, Nancy 264 Nusbickel, Dawna 248 Nunez, Alred 212 Nunez, Bob 291 Nunez, Wilo 25, 212 Nunez, Victor 36, 148 Oats, Larry 78 Obaggy, Matt 296 Obara, Ron 300 Ober, Matt 306 Oberhaus, Jeanette 249 Oberlin, Ben 117 Oberman, Teri 266 O ' Brien, Anne 264 O ' Brien, Azusa 212 O ' Brien, Frances 212 O ' Brien, Lori 257 O ' Brien, Mike 286 Odell, Karen 267 Oden, Kim 274 O ' Donnell, Terry 51 O ' Chareon, Suchai 212 O ' Connel, Brian 287 O ' Connell, John 280 O ' Connor, Carol 262 O ' Conner, Kevin 212 291 O ' Connor, Timothy 212 Oddino, Lori Anne 212 Odeh, Tayseer 212 O ' Dell, Stephen 212 Oden, Kimberly 212 Odencranz, Kris 254 Oderberg, David 212 O ' Donnell, Kathy 256 O ' Donnell, Pat O ' Drain, Julianne 212 248 Oeh, Cindy 126 Ogata, Marjorie 212 Ogden, Dana 282 Oh, Cynthia 260 O ' Hirok, Linda 212 Ohm, Kyunda 212 Okada, Gregg 212 Okazaki, Linda 212 O ' Keffe, Mike 286, 161 Okitsu, Walter 212 Okoi, Mickey 129 Okubo, Yumi 213 Okyle, Jeff 308 Oliensis, Rochelle 213 Oliveres, Joan 142 OIivas, Art 22 Oliver, Jolie V. 161 Oliver, Rob 45 Ollweiler, Susan 213, 264 Olshanksy, Sue 252 Olsen, Tina 248 Olson, Molly 264 Olson, Steve 294 Omori, Laura 248 Ong, Rick 43 Opper, Arlen 309 Orenstein, Steven 161 Orlansky, Shelle 24 Osborn, Katie 265 Osborn, Steve 298 Oshiki, Janis 213 Osman, Andy 43 Ossipoff, Rhonda 264 Oster, Joe 43, 213 Ostling, Todd 303 Ostrom, John 306 Ostrom, Mary Anne 26, 29, 32, 266, 350 Ostwald, Mitchell 213, 39, 297 Otani, Ellen 213 Otey, Dave 79, 105 Othman, Ghagali 161 Oh, Therese 213 Ott, Jeff 302 Orbach, Liz 136 Ormond, Thomas 213 Ornedo, Renato 213 Orozco-Henriquez, Jesus 213 O ' Rourke, Ken 296 Orr, Betsy 261 Orsley, Tim 117 Ortega, Anita 100, 103 Ortega, Louis 309 Orth, Mimi 213, 249 Ousman, Nancy 264 Ousman, James 213 Overill, Lewis 125 Overtuf, Zan Owen, William Owen, William 302 Owens, James 79, 83 Oyraha, Maxine 142 Pacheco, Dennis 295 Packer, Tom 38, 213 286 Pacpaco, Melinda 213 Pacquing, Virginia 161 Padilla, Diane 21 Padilla, Jose 294 Pae, Diane 213 Page, Ken 118 Page, Pat 41 Pagel, Angelika 213 Pailet, Deborah 213 Painter, Dwain 78 Paleologos, Harry 304 Paller, Ken 300 Palma, Marco 25 Plameri, John 213 Palmquist, Alice 161 Panos, Nadine 256 Panosian, Laura 256 Paraison, Harry 161 Parchen, Michael 213, 306 Pardo, Jose 161 Paris, Ken 282 Parish, Cynthia 213 Park, Andrew 213 Park, Chung 213 Park, Kathleen 161 Park, Kwangho 213 Park, Se Hoon 213 Parker, Catherine 277 Parker, Gale 213 Parker, John 213, 295 Parker, Leo 117 Parker, Michael 307 Parker, Russell 213, 297 Parkinson, Benny 105 Parkinson, Brad 213, 30 300 Parret, Rick 306 Parsons, Louise 161 Partier, Don 47 Pash, Missy 274 Pasion, Cynthia 214 Passi-Cohen, Dina 214 Pastre, Patty 275 Patapoff, Donna 248 Paterko, Jamie 300 Pathak, Naresh 161 Patierno, Lauri 41, 277 Patterson, Allison 262 Patterson, Diane 271 Patton, Rhonda 279 Pavin, Corey 129 Peale, Catherine 214, 265 Pearl, Sharon 214 Pearl, Stephanie 261 Pearson, Emily 265, 214 Pearson, Kelli 214, 262 Pearson, Patrice 264 Pease, Marianne 41, 39, 251, 148 Pechman, David 214 Peck, William 214 Pederson, Don 105 Pederson, Steve 47 Pedroza, Armondo 306 Peel, John 214 Peleg, Bernie 214 Pelky, Keith 307 Penney, Dan 305 Pelligino, Steph 277 Pelton, Jeff 282 Pena, Brian 214 Peraranda, jairo 78 Pence, Heidi 256 Penchoen, Tom 19 Pendo, Lix 262 Pendleton, Laura 248 Pepper, Patti 250 Pepperman, Joy 40, 250 Perez, Ama 142 Perez, Esther 214 Perez, Maria Emma 162 Perez, Vikki 266 Perkins, Chris 300 Perla Susan 253 Perlberger, Carol 259 Perlmetter, Brett 301 Perman, Vicki 23 Pernice, Maria, 214, 270 Pernice, Tom 129 Perrier, Tom 296 Perry, Chris 301 Pescan, Todd 294 Peter, Orli 214 Peters, Elizabeth 214 Peters, Jeff 302 Peters, Michael 214, 291 Peters, Randall 162 Petersen, Kathy 249 Peterson, Dan 300 Peterson, Dawn 214 Peterson, Jean 274 Peterson, John 284 Peterson, Katrina 142 Peterson, Krysten 254 Peterson, Laura 248 Peterson, Nancy 272 Peterson, Russ Peterson, Russ 111 Petrini, Chris 307 Pettis, Freddie 214 Pettit, Thomas Jr. 162 Peveri, Jack 162 Pfalzgraf, Sylvia 255 Pfeifer, Jeffrey 162 Pfister, Karen 214 Philbrick, John 214 Phillippi, Steve 23 Phillips, Dana 214 Phillips, Deborah Nadine 162 Phillips, Jean 273 Phillips, Paula M. 162 Phillips, Susan 214, 257 Pickett, Kathy 262 Pierce, Larry 36, 37 Pierot, Gary 39, 162, 284 Pigott, Rob 105 Pike, Mary 273 Pilliod, Boonie 214 Pillon, Patricia 214 Pinault, Tom 39 Pineda, Richard 291 Pinel, Annette 214 Pingel, Liz 249 Pinkard, Craig 296 Piper, Gary 306 Pisar, Jodie 43, 271 Pitts, Angela 21 Pitts, Cathy 214 Pitts, Lawrence 214 Pitzek, Steve 307 Pivo, Lori 257 Placak, Bob 123 Platt, Kerri 253 Plemmons, Brad 78 Plevin, Cheryl 162 Plotkin, Nancy 214 Podrovzek, Steve 287 Poe, Lisa 41, 262 Poey, Inge 258 Poey, Stan 43, 214, 148 Poirier, Lenny 39, 291 Pole, Dave 123 Poletti, Deni 264 Polich, Laurie 274 Polin, Linda 251 Pollack, Janice 251 Pollack, Jeff 291 Pollack, Sherri 252 Pollak, Andrew 162 Pollak, Laura 162 Pollizzi, Joanne 35 Polizzi, Lauren 277 Pollock, Charles 214 Pollock, Debbie 253 Pollock, Pennie 278 Pollock, Phil 125 Ponticelli, Alfred 215 Pontoni, Marcia 126, 215 Poon, Annie Man-Ying 215 Popac, Jayne 268 Popoff, Donna 267 Popovich, Andrea 215, 272 Popp, Diane 260 Poppen, Julia 262 Popper, Lisa 162 Porath, Steve 298 Porter, Chick 268 Porter, Peggy 268 Portenier, Renee 215 Portillo, George 215 Porusch, Jan 22 Post, Cary 307 Post, Cynthia 261 Post, Daniel 39, 162, 296 Potter, Danny 285 Powell, Beth 41, 52, 215, 148 Powell, Brett 117, 296 Powell, Charmai 35 Powell, Lynda 23, 215 Powell, Nancy 215 Powell, Natalie 215 Power, Kelli 265 Powers, Christine 162, 256 Powers, Sue 43 Praw, Ruth 162 Prell, Don 337 Prendergst, Lynn 41, 251 Presser, Mark 350 Preston, Monty 39, 296 Preston, Sue 41, 262 Pribnow, Jacqueline 215, 265, 148 Price, Cha rles 162 Price, Christopher 215 Price, Tony 24, 309 Pritsker, Pamela 215 Prober, Dean 39, 215, 309 Prochaska, Rita 162 Proctor, Chris 291 Proctor, Stacy 274 Provencio, Marla 215 Provost, Lorrie 40, 262 Prsha, Jeffrey 215 Pruckner, Susan 215, 271 Prushan, Mark 304 Pryor, Amy 268 Purcell, Bill 123 Puriful, Bob 284 Purdum, Marjorie 215 Puig, Claudia 215 Putnam, Eugene 307 Quarles, Bernard 78 Quick, Bob 111 Quist, Catharine 215 Quong, Lisa 216 Raab, Mel 162 Raab, Giselle 162 Raabe, Kenneth 216 Rabe, Doug 106 216, 148 Raben, Barbara 216 Raber, Steve 299 Raber, John 216, 286 Rabkin, Sheryl 216 Rabin, Neal 22, 162 Rabkin, Sheryl 49 Rabun, Terence 216 Rachman, Hanim 216 Rader, Becky 268 Radocay, Mark 162 Raffel, Dena 216, 274 Rafferty, Bridget 275 Rafferty, Jennifer 275 Rafferty, Julianne 216 274 Ragin, Marketta 216 Ragland, Kacey 268 Rainer, David 308 Rhaban, Vida 162 Rallis, Rudolf 216 Ralston, Sheila 67 Ramberg, Cindy 250 Ramirez, Richard 58 Ramming, Raymond 162 Ramming, Philip 301 Ramos, Augstin 216 Ramos, Renef 25 Ramsdal, Erik 216 Ramsey, Richmond 45, 43 Ramsey, Richard 216 Randolph, Tom 129 Randall, Carolyn 217, 268 Randall, Wilber 217 Randle, Kim 216 272 Raobe, Ken 300 Raphael, Bob 2934 Raphael, Bob 293 Rappaport, Ruth 216 Rastello, Mark 216 Ratner, Andrew 216 Rauchman, Karen 277 Ravett, Doreen 259 Raymond, Louis 293 Reager, Karen 270 Rebaleati, Michael 217, 304 Rector, Jill 271 Reda, Marck 217 Redfern, Debbie 217 Red Horse, Val 87, 249 Redlich, Laurie 266 Redwick, Karen 40 Reece, Severn 79 Reed, Andrea R. 163 Reed, Dave 296 Reed, Glenda 270 Reed, Richard B. 163, 293 Reems, Cathleen 217 Reems, Keiki 217 Reese, Julie 265 Reeves, Andi 261 Reeves, Darla 136 Reeves, Doug 79 Reeves, Lisa 62 Rehman, Cheryl 262 Regan, Carol 251 Regan, Chris 273 Regla, Guy 53 Rehman, Debbie 262 Reich, Donald 217 Reid, Julie 163 Reid, Gregory 217 Reid, Scott 79 Reikes, Peter 292 Reilly, Maureen 278 Reiman, Kent 163 Reiner, Elizabeth 217 Reinhart, Carolyn 273 Reisman, Edward 217 Reiss, Donna 250 Remy, Deborah 217 Rendon, Marfel 217 Rendle, Jennifer 40 Rennard, Susie 251 Ress, Penelope 217 Reynolds, Jeffery 217 Rhee, Jeong 217 Rhodes, Janet 20, 217, 268, 148 Rhodes, Joanne 268 Rhodes, Mike 291 Ribardo, Kathleen 217 Ribman, Jeff 163, 302 Ricasa, Roberto 217 Rice, Amy 217, 251 Rice, Carol 217 Rice, Julie 256 Rice, Margaret 217 Rich, Randall 39, 38, 217, 148 Rich, Shelly 273 Richards, Bob 117 Richards, Catharine 217 Richards, Debbie 264 Richards, Douglas 287 Richards, Rick 217, 282, 46 Richardson, Colleen 217 Richardson, Laura Renee 163 Richardson, Vikki 217 Richardson, Sam 298 Riddle, Kerry 43, 148 Ridgeway, Sue 249 Riddell, Eleen 249 Riela, Nancy 256 Riley, Don 78 Riley, Karen 256 Riley, Jean 254 Ring, Suzanne 43 Ringer, Robet 46 Ringgold, Nina 36 Ritchie, Mark 38, 291 Ritter, Hannah 217 Ritner, Robin 260 Rios, Laura 217 Rizvi, Najma 217 Robb, Diane 217 Ribbins, Drew 29 Roberts, Christopher 163 Roberts, Cindy 261 Roberts, Deborah G 163 Roberts, Hiedi 23 Roberts, Jennifer 261 Roberts, pat 217 Roberts, Tracy 41, 262 Robertson, James 163 Robertson, Jill 31 Robertson, Linda 62, 64 Robertson, Stephen 218 Robinson, Ed 60 Robinson, Gary 294 Robinson, Jerry 79, 71, 83 Robinson, Kerry 267 Robinson, Lee 163 Robinson, Patricia Ann 163 Robinson, Ray 78 Robinson, Rich 282 Robinson, Mark 292 Rbledo, Sylvia 21 Robledo, Sylvia 21 Rocchietti, Denise 265 Rocha, Giselle 255 Rocha, Luis 24 Rock, Linda 218 Rodarte, Faith 256 Roder, Mike 298 Rogers, Charlotte 31, 247 Rodgers, Craig 285 Rodgers, Kirk 285 Rodgers, Liz 251 Rodgers, Mark 36 Rodli, Alice 45 Rodgriguez, Violeta 218 Roe, Cindy 273 Rofer, Brian 106 Roemer, Liz 271 Rohe, Deanne 218 Rogan, Tomothy 218 Rogers, Diane 249 Rogers, Kathleen 268 Index 347 Rogers, Mark 218 Rogers, Patricia 276 Rogue, Elaine 62, 64 Rojas, Marth 136 Roller, Dan 305 Rome, Ann 163 Romero-Marchitelli, Matha 163 Romo, Anthony 43 Romo, Mary 218 Ronci, Art 43 163 Ross, Chris 111 Rorb, Jim 300 Rosales, Loretta 218 Rosado, Mickey 246 Rose, James 218 Ros en, David 60 Rosen, James 163, 148 Rosen, Jedd 218 Rosen, Jim 292 Rosen, Judith 218 Rosenbaum, Eric 281 Rosenberg, Carol 163 Rosenberg, Leslie 218, 252 Rosenblatt, Kenneth 218 Rosenblatt, Shellie 218, 252 Rosenblum, Lee 20, 281 Rosenbaum, Eric 45, 43 Rosengard, Lise 259 Roskam, Brian 163 Ross, Dan 218 Ross, Elise 218 Ross, Harriet 218 Ross, Nancy 218, 268, 148 Ross, Robbie 268 Ross, Gary 308 Ross, Marty 281 Rossi, Jill 256 Rosson, Katie 274 Rossi, Marianne 136 Rosenthal, Mike 308 Rote, Timothy Herbert 163 Rotenberg, Karen 218 Roth, Marissa 29, 218 Roth, Paul 281 Rothfelder, Ray 299 Rothman, Don 282 Rothslein, Janet 218 Rothstein, John 299 Rotter, Kurt 218 Rourke, Brian 301 Rowley, Gary 291 Rowley, Lynn 273 Rolon, Antonio 218 Ronci, Arthur 281 Rosado, Mickey 218 Rubens, Jack 43, 218 Rubenstein, Debra 218 Rubio, Ben 291 Rubino, Julie 268 Ruebe, Leonard 305 Rugh, Alan 305 Ruiz, Roberto 218 Ruland, Phil 285 Russell, M. Yvonne 218 Rutledge, Brad 219, 286, 39 Ruvelson, Lisa 33 Ryan, Kevin 2219 Ryan, Jenny 260 Ryder, Nancy 219, 277 Ryder, Ed 123 Rydell, Dorothy 271 Rye, Matt 123 Ryti, Randall 219 Sable, Teresa 219 Sachs, Suz 278 Sackett, Dana 249 Saceghpour, Sohrab 219 Safier, David 280 Sagastume, Sara 219 Saipale, toa 78 Sakai, Keith 219, 281 Sakaida, Regina 219 Sakamoto, Elaine 219 Sakamoto, Makoto 125 Sakamoto, Randy 20 Sakimoto, Wayne 31 Sakoika, Johnny 219 Sakowski, Steve 118 Salazar, Diana 277 Salehi, Hojat 163 Saldgado, Isabel 219 Saliman, Mark 305 Sallie, Bruce 58, 57 284 Salmons, Steve 106 Salt, Cathy 261 Salter, Celia 257 Saltzman, Mark 219 Salzer, Lori 37, 40 Sampson, Vicky 219 Sams, James 163 Samuelian, Dolores 219 Samuelson, Beth 259 Samuelson, Wally 281 San, Jon 303 Sanders, Debbi 278 Sanders, Haxel 219 Sanders, Jennifer 267 Sanders, Jeannie 219 Sanders, Mike 99 Sandoral, Sandra 219 Sanfilippo, Joanne 34 Sanford, Tom 301 220 Sanman, Susie 271 Sann, Steven 18, 22, 290, 350 Sanoff, Nikki 220 Sansom, Bryon 163 Santon, Ellen 256 Sapa, Karen 258 Saphir, Mike 123, 299 Sapier, Richard 220 Sapp, Dawn 220 Sarantitis, Barb 43 Sarazen, Richard 302 Sarazen, Terri 248 Sarian, Ron 291 Sarkisian, Alic 250 Sarnoff, Brett 293 Sasaki, Ted 220 Sassoon, Deborah 49, 163 Stachwell, Alan 45 Sato, Michele 220 Sauer, Gerald 291 Saunders, Bob 291 Saunders, Dave 106 Saunders, Lisa 259 Sausedo, Vicky 248 Sauter, Karen 163 Savage, Cheryl 261 Savaso, Judith 163 Savitt, Kathy 277 Savoldelli, Paul 312 Savoldelli, Steven 164 Sayer, Greg 307 Scaffidi, Susan 254 Scallon, Jim 306 Scates, Al 106 Scatolini, Mark 220 Schachtner, Jeanette 220 Schachtner, Kathy 250 Schadalios, Lori 268 Schaefer, Mick 299 Schaffel, Beth 257 Schaffer, March 123 Schall, Darryl 24 Scharff, Karen 30 Schartstein, Larry 280 Schaverman, Eillen 271 Schaverman, John 220 Schiff, Nathan 220 Schiffman, Joel 299 Schild meyer, Sandy 273 Schindler, Norm 51 Schinnerer, Scott 301 Schiraishi, Ron 222 Schirle, Leslie 258, 220 Schiro, Kathleen 261 Schlemmer, Thomas 220 Schmauerman, John 306 Schemedes, Nona 45 Schmidt, Christi 257 Schmidt, Dave 118 Schmidt, Karen 220 Schniepp, Craig 220 Schneck, Richard 164 Schnider, Phil 292 Schnitman, Jerry 58, 59 Schnugg, Patty 220 Schoenfeld, Jeff 308 Schoenfeld, Peter 309 Schoenheit, Keith 220 Schnieder, Bonnie 30, 23 Schoneman, Jane 260 Schonwit, Karen 250 Schoonover, Sue 248 Schorno, Ann 249 Schow, Blake 306 Schow, Kristen 262 Schowen, Scott 296 Schramm, Joe 117 Schreiner, Nancy 268 Schroeder, Alex 295 Schroeder, Chris 266 Schroeder, Ned 39, 294 Schroepter, Jean 220 Schuchert, Joe 300 Schuler, Paul 282 Schultz, Mark 111 Schultz, Sandy 273 Schultze, Elaine 67 Schumacher, Robert 220 Schumann, Bill 304 Schunk, Marian 220, 257 Schur, Jeff 287 Schwach, Hester 259 Schwalbe, Solange 220 Schwantes, Robin 220 Schwartz, Dave 302 Schwartz, Gary 19, 22, 38, 220, 148 Schwartz, Jonathan 220 Schwrtz, Katherine ;220 Schwartz, Marie 220 Schwartz, Mark 307 Schwartz, Paula 53 Schwartz, Sue 259 Schwartz, Susan 34 Schwartz, Terry 253 Schwartz, Thomas 220 Schwary, Gerard 221 291 Schwethelm, Andrea 221 Scott, Carrie 271 Scott, Maria 221 Seaber, Gary 296 Seaber, Kimi 257 Seaman, Cissy 253 Secoy, Katrina 260 Seelinger, Allyson 266 Segal, Gary 308 Segert, Eva 164 Seiffert, Linda 34 Seigel, Peter 29 Seigel, Robert 222 Seitz, William 221 Seisser, Melissa 259 Seitz, Bill 304 Seitz, Jenny 270 Seki, Lorraine 221 Selfdorf, Debbie 259 Sensroth, Nancy 221 Sellers, Rene 257 Sellinger, Jordan 26, 350, 268 Selmer, Anne 254 Sen, Darwin 106 Sencerbox, Kristy 221, 260 Seoman, Cecelia 221 Seraffi, Sherwin 287 Sernett, Cathy 266 Sessing, Menelek 221 Setter, Daine 325 Settle, Felicia 266 Severn, Gregory 221 Sexton, Mark 306 Shader, Diane 20, 261 Shaffer, Mindy 43 Shaffer, Susan 221 Shahryarinejad, Azar 221 Shainsky, Lauri 253 Shaler, Mike 48 Shamas, Laura 33, 164 Shamir, Nir 123 Shanbrom, Dave 291 Shane, Brian 309 Shane, Steven 221 Shankman, Mike 306 Shanno, Court 296 Shannon, Gordon 254 Shapiro, Ann 221 Shapiro, Berry 221 Shapiro, David 221, 291 Shapiro, David 308 Shapiro, Dave 39, 38 148, 24 Shapiro, Elyse 260 Snapiro, Ilene 259 Shapiro, Roxana 164 Sharp, Larry 292 Sharpe, Luis 79 Sharp, Pam 278 Shatz, Linda 249 Shaw, Anne 164 Shaw, Hui-Fang 221 Shaw, Robert 280 Shea, Cecile 246 Shearer, Lori 250 Shebby, Marvin Sheffield, Tom 78 Sherman, Marla 252 Sheedy, Deidre 249 Sheehan, John 164 Sheldon, Elizabeth 221, 148 Shellem, Ken 303 Shellworth, Susan 221, 268 Shepard, Jay 296 Shepard, Richard 299 Shiraishi, Ronald 148 Sherburne, Rick 60 Sherfy, Brad 129 sherlock, Art 125 Sherman, B.Eric 24 Sherman, Sue 126 Shibukawa, Sandra 222 Shideler, Patricia 222 Shider, Patty 272 Shily, Bahram 222 Shimer, Chip 286 Shimomura, Russell 222 Shin, Dianna 250 Shine, Joel 350 Shinno, Janet 222 Shiokarre, Dave 300 Shipman, Christine 222 Shipman, Chris 258 Shirtcliff, Thomas 222, 284 Shishido, Kenneth 222 Shively, Callie 251 Shively, Carol 251 Shober, Chuck 43 Shokair, Isaac 222 Shokrian, Alexander 222 Shonka, Leonard 222 Shontz, Julie 246 Shoop, Jeff 43 Short, Jeff 129 Short, Mary 273 Shovey, Kenneth 280 Shurgart, Dan 164, 293 Shulkin, Michael 222 Shulman, Gail 222 Shuss, Patrick 164 Siberell, Pete 286, 222 Siefert, John 285 Sidjaron, Nick 300 Siegal, Bob 305 Siegal, Jane 262, 222 Siehl, Kim 262 Sieke, Mark 222 148 Siemens, Rick 301 Silber, Julie 37, 253 Silen, Amy 222 Silva, Lorie 278 Silva, Maria 164 Silver, Gwendy 259 Silver, Julie 262, 222 Silver, Sany 222 Silverberg, Daine 253 Silverman, Daivd 223 Silverman, Mark 280 Silverman, Nancy 223 Silverstein, Charlene 223 Silverstein, Marc 43 Silverton, Lorna 223 Silvia, Ruth 223, 249 Simbro, Paula 39, 262 Sime, Karyn 258 Simon, Deborah 23, 223 Simon, Michelle 24 Simonian, Anahid 223 Simonian, Vicken 67, 223 Simpson, Norma 89 Simpson, Robert 301 Simpson, Shelly 267 Simpson,Timothy 223 Sims, Gig 99, 97 Sims, Ken 286 Sinclair, Sandy 21 Singer, Amy 223, 252 Singh, Parker 306 Singh, Tracy 299 Sinkunas, Leslie 223 Sipe, Nancy 253 Sipowicz, Carol 223 Sischo, John 284 Sitkoff, Steve 30 Siu-Cheung, Charles 223 Siva, Craig 280 Skaggs, Freda 223 Sklar, Howard 306 Skouras, Marjorie 260 Slack, Ken 282 Slater, Dudley 223 Slaught, Don 298, 118 Slavitt, Steven 223 Sleven, Selma R. 164 Slone, Dale 281 Sloan, Sharon 164 Sloan, Steve 281 Sloat, John 117 Small, Jennifer 223, 264 Small, Russell 164 Smason, Gail 223, 271 Smith, Andrew 106 Smith, Brian 78 Smith, Catherine 223, 148 Smith, Cathy 21, 256 Smith, Cecilia 223 Smith, Dave 291 Smith, Deborah 223 Small, Donalee 164 Smith, Edson 43 Smith, Elizabeth 260 Smith, Glenn 36 Smith, Heather 278 Smith, Hubbie 301 Smith, Hugh Richard 164 Smith, Jeff 281 Smith, Jeffrey 223 Smith, Jimmy L. 164 Smith, Joan 21 Smith, Karen 279, 223 Smith, Kim 254 Smith, Laura 274 Smith, Lavern 223 Smith, Leslie 246 Smith, Laura 164 Smith, Lori 248 Smith, Lynda 265 Smith, Lazette 36 Smith, Matthew 224 Smith, Renee 254, 224 Smith, Richard 224 Smith, Singing 108, 106 Smith, Steve 291 Smith, Teresa 279, 224 Smith, Vicki 41 Smith, Pam 41, 257 Sneteno, Rick 78 Snider, Beth 224 Snith, Cathy 272 Snograss, John 300 Snow, Margaret 24 Snyder, Allison 47 Snyder, Barbara 261 Snyder, Bryan 285 Snyder, Caroline 272, 224 Smith, Steve 291 Snyder, Lorri 257 Snyder, Mike 291 Sobo, Jane 224 Sobo, Morely 224 Soewadji, Jim S. 164 Sokolow, Alexander 224 Sokolow, Lida 53 Solberg, Dave 287 Soled, Glenn 224 Soles, Mike 117 Soled, Jill 268 Sollenberger, Phillip 224 Solomon, Bob 308 Solomon, Brian 224 Solomon, Michelle 270 Solomon, Wendy 261 Somerset, Tim 60 Sondheimer, Mike 52, 325 Sonnenberg, Mark 164 Soo Hoo, Kenton 224 Soo Hoo, Leslie 255 Sopkin, Lisa 224 Sorensen, M. B. 256 Soshnick, Elecka 273 Sosnick, Charles 224 Soto, Sandy 260 Soto, Sue 261 Soto, Susan Marie 164 Sowell, Jennifer 254 Spades, Judith 224 Spahn, Jeff 36 Spangler, Linda 251 Spanos, Andrea 260 Spanos, Evanthia 260, 224 Spats, Andrea 48, 224, 148 Spearman, Anne 257, 224 Spect, Sally 273 Spellman, Shauna 261 Spelltich, Joan 275 Spence, Laura 268 Spence, Steve 34 Spencer, Todd 43 Spicer, Don 296 Spielman, Deborah 224 Spies, Deborah 165 Spindell, Cyndi 30 Spindler, Barbara 224, 148 Spingeld, Debra 224 Spivak, Joel 224 Spivak, Joseph 281 Spolidoro, Di-Ann 224 Spotnitz, Frank 29 Sprague, Cindy 136 Spurzem, Peter 291, 225 Squires, Tim 307 St. Amamd, Bob 286 St. Claire, Roxanne 225 St. Denis, Mike 291 St. Georges, Joe 303 Stacey, Trina 225 Stader, Pual 123 Stalder, Liz 262 Stander, Cathy 225 Standefer, Teresa 225 Stanek, Julia 148 Stanley, Lacey 278 Stapleton, Kevin 225 Starek, Julie 225 Stark, Harlan 225 Starnes, Jack 294 Starr, Mark 304 Stark, Mike 298 Starr, Carol 225 Starr, John 225 Stauch, Scott 79 Stauffer, W. David 225 Stayboldt, Jaonie 246 Stebbins, Dave 295 Steck, Linda 265 Steckbauer, Bill 284 Steel, William L. 165, 148 Steely, Dann 1 Steeneken, Judy 251, 225 Steer, Gretchen 225 Stegman, Dori 253, 225, 18, 148, 23 Stegman, Janet 258 Stein, Amy 53 Stein, Deborah 225 Stein, Eric 298 Stein, Jeannine 29 Stein, Kim 253 Stein, Marla 256 Steindorf, Sharon 225, 148 Steindorf, Sherry 250 Steiner, Lori 257 Steingard, Richard 165, 309, 308 Steingone, Janet 248 Steinman, Heidi 274 Steinmann, Heidi 225 Stephan, Peter 225 Stephens, Julie 267 Stephenson, Dan 123, 148 Steres, Mark 308 Sterling, Melanie 247 Sterling, Stephane 247 Stern, Michael 225 Stern, Richard 25 Stevens, Stephanie 40 Stevenson, Gregory 225 Stevenson, Peter 60 Steverson, Mark 296, 24 Stewart, pam 40, 249 Stewart, Sandra 225 Stites, Jane 226 Stites, Jeff 60 Stities, Joanne 226 Stitzinger, Brian 226, 296 Stoakes, May 276, 226 Stober, Anita 226 Stock, Julie 262 Stocking, Carol 271 Stockton, Steven 165 Stoddard, Todd 285 Stoike, Dana 248 Stolien, David 226 Stolte, Sally 226 Stone, Dave 295 Stone, Frederick 226 Stone, Gary 285 Stone, Jean 254 Stone, Keri 226, 262 Stone, Laura M. 165 Stone, Leslie 261 Stone, Sari 253 Stone, William 226 Storm, Stacey 226, 272 Stover, Brett 291 Stovitz, Ken 226 Stone, lrven L. 165 Stowe, Martin 292, 226 Strabaca, Jeff 306 Strachan, Shelley 256, 226 Stradling, Sandra 32, 255 Straub, Friedrich, 165 Strauss, Larillei 259 Strauss, Steve 19,23 Strauss, Tami 252 Strayer, Lauri 226 Street, Nicole 264 Street, Vickie 264 Strichartz, Seth 47 Striecher, Ann 274 Striff, John 292 Stroffolino, Angelo 58 Strokis, John 287 Stronte, Russ 300 Strybel, Shannon 249 Stuart, Marleigh 273 Stwart, Steve 300 Stuart, Steve 300 Stusser, Pam 252 Su, Eileen 165 Sukman, Wendy 252 Sullivan, Jennine 250 Sullivan, Jeannine 250 Sullivan, John 20 Sullivan, Scott 281 Sullivan, Tom 78 Sullivent, Ernest 226 Suman, Kim 260 Sumi, Fred 226 Sun, Debbie 226 Sun, Joe 282 Sun, John 287 Supple, Georgie, 85, 89, 273, 337 Supple, Johanna 275 Surbatovich, Stan 305 Sutherland, Sheryl 148, 226, 247 Sutton, Susie 261 Sutton, William 148, 226 Suval, Michele 226 Suwanpradhes, Biravis 226 Suzawa, Karen 165 Svenson, Elwin 323 Svetcoff, Nick 29, 290 Swallow, Lisa 267 Swann, David 299 Swanson, Karen 262 Swanson, Kim 277 Swanson, Lisa 226 Swanson, Molly 278 Sweeney, Janet 226 Sweeney, Mark 298 Symons, Pam 256 Sze, Merry 226 Szeto, France 262 Tafoya, Russell 226 Taheri-Hakkah, Keyghobad 165 Taimi, Yumiko 165 Takahata, Russell 227 Takesumi, Yoko 165 Takemoto, Steven 227 Takenaga, Glenn 125 Takeuchi, Ronald 227 Takuma, Joni 227 Tam, Gary 287 Tamayo, Maritza 227 Tamblyn, Virginia 227 Tamura, Dan 47 Tanaka, Pam 276 Tandowski, Joan 250 Tannenbaum, Jill 253 Tanaka, Pamela 227 Tanaka, Jeffrey 227 Tang, Lilian 227 Tanner, Richard 227 Tapp, Ian 29, 350 Tappan, Joann 227 Tarlan, Leyla 227, 258 Tashiro, Yasko 227 Tate, Michelle 248 Tatsuno, John 286 Tavtolo, Ray 78 Tavtolo, John 78 348 Index Taylor, Cheryl 262 Taylor, Debra Ann 165 Taylor, Florida 291 Taylor, Geoffrey 227 Taylor, Greg 203 Taylor, John 291 Taylor, Mike 291 Taylor, Peter 24 Taylor, Scott 165 Tcherkezian, Art 227 Teasdale, Debbie 255 Teel, Kenn 299 Teicher, Jon 35 Teifeld, Jan 227 Teuschl, Karl 165 Tejera, Diane 261 Teller, Steve 227 Temeson, Mike 43 Ten, Brian 292 Tendler, Bettina 227, 252 Tenneson, Cheryl 43 Tennyson, Cameron 258 Terada, Seiju 228 Terry, Cindy 255 Terry, Melissa 41 Terueer, John 303 Teslow, Linda 260 Teslow, Lori 26, 32, 40, 48, 148, 228, 260, 350 Teslow, Sandy 260 Tessieri, Adrianna 228 Tessler, Alexander 228 Test, Karen 39, 228, 276 Theriot, Brian 284 Thiel, Nancy 228, 266 Thomas, Betty 36 Thomas, Bruce 165 Thomas, Bruce 165 Thomas, Clifton 78 Thomas, Debi 228 Thomas, Ellie 277 Thomas, Heather Anne 165, 261 Thomas, Jim 118 Thomas, Jim 296 Thomas, Kal 278 Thomas, Kimberly 228 Thomas, Larry 78 Thomas, Louis 125 Thomas, Maruin 99 Thomas, Morris 34 Thomas, Tammy 228 Thomas, Valerie 279 Thompson, Beth 278 Thompson, Cheryl 246 Thompson, Doug 228 Thompson, Harland 25 Thompson, Judith 148, 228 Thompson, Nancy 117, 228, 261 Thompson, Phil 300 Thompson, Ted 282 Thompson, Vicki 247 Thomson, Doug 148 Thorn, Kim 228 Thornburg, Julie 271 Thorpe, Mark 304 Thorton, Jeff 60 Thorworth, Karen 262 Thorworth, Laura 262 Thomson, Doug 99 Thrower, Alfonzo 228 Tibbits, Linda 271 Tiesng, Scot 78, 299 Timmerman, Lyle 24, 52 Timmons, Mike 106 Tinker, Liz 257 Tischler, Howard 139, 308 Tishkoff, Diane 30 Titlebaum, Beth 252 Tobias, Keith 280 Tobins, Susan 228 Toki, Karen 47 Tokunaga, Jerry 228 Tokunaga, Mark 281 Tom, Arlene 228 Tom, Wilki 148, 228 Tomasek, Jim 295 Tomasic, Theresa 275 Tomaszewki, Charles 228 Tomita, Laura 228 Tomlinson, Therese 266 Toms, Karen 261 Tonai, Sue 47, 49, 148, 228 Tonini, Carol 229 Tonne, Vince 60 Toohey, Pat 291 Tookey, Nancy 229 Topkis, Liz 258 Topp, Barbara 229, 273 Torbati-Moghaddam, Fariba 165 Torbiner, Mark 165 Torohio, Kim 265 Torres, Angelo 229 Torres, Maria 229 Tosti, Barbara 229, 274 Toth, Glenn 324 Tournier, Desiree 229 Townsell, Jojo 78 Tracy, Jill 265 Trammel, Carol 165 Trammel, Ken 118 Tran, Quy V. 165 Trapnell, Dana 20, 37 Treadaway, Lory 256 Treinen, Julie 251 Tremble, Lisa 229, 272 Tremper, Sue 36 Tringali, Don 39, 148, 229, 291 Trinh, Trung 106 Triplett, Ronald 229 Tripp, Monte 255 Trittipo, Karen 261 Troidl, Matthew 229 Trompeter, Janet 261 Trosow, Esther 229 Troung, Ito 229 Troutman, Stan 51, 350 Troxler, Lee 25, 39, 229, 291 Trump, Linda 229 Tsai, Sheerie 229 Tschee, Rosa 229 Tse, Egbert Sav-Nam 166 Tso, Dennis 229 Tsuchiyam, Jon 48 Tsukamoto, Craig 125 Tsutsi, Colleen 21 Tu, Christina 229 Tubbs, Michael 229, 299 Tuch, Cindy 229 Tucker, Carol 29 Tucker, Rusty 306 Tuiasosopo, Manu 79, 83 Tuinei, Mark 79, 83 Tullsen, Karen 246 Tunberg, Karl 281 Turnbull, Dave 282 Turner, David 281 Turner, Debbie 276 Turner, Gail 229, 261 Turner, Jimmy 78 Turner, Nancy 258 Turner, Pete 298 Turner, Wilma M. 166 Turrini, Anthony 229, 291 Tuttle, Rick 19, 46 Tutweiler, Carter 301 Tuxedo, Roy 306 Tweedie, Bridget 268 Twicken, Lawrence 166 Tyksinski, Steven 287 Tyras, Daveen 256 Uchiyama, Karen 273 Ukim, Shadrack 230 Ullmer, Elizabeth 48, 230, 258 Umeda, Kenneth 230 Underwood, Mark 53 Ung, Edward 230 Uniack, Julie 166 Uno, Nancy 230 Urenda, Frank 230 Urban, Audrey 274 Uriu, Candice 246 Urmer, Cynthia 20, 148, 230 Usul, Shigeki 230 Uyeda, Calvin 230 Vaccaro, Silvina 230 Valdez, Kenneth 148 Valencia, Wali 51 Valentino, Eugenia 35 Valdivia, Jeannette 136 Valencia, Wali 350 Valentine, Jeanne 230 Valkov, Bogdan 230 Valle, Valerie 166 Vallerga, Pamela 166 Vallier, Thomas 230 Van Berkhout, Cathy 268 Van Bruggen, Rich 291 Van Cleve, Christi 230, 274 Van Dorn, Ingrid 230 Vandeweghe, Kiki 95, 99 Vandeweghe, Tauna 251 Van Gorden, Duane 285 Vanlepp, Jonathan 230, 300 Vann, Mitchell 230 Vanneman, Mike 58, 59 Van Steenkiste,, Judy 230 Van Zuylen, Judith 230 Van Zyl, Afina 260 Varley, Jaye 53 Vasquez, Richard 18, 21, 148, 231 Vawter, Sherri 273 Vawter, Rick 117 Vaughn, Jeanine 256 Vazin, Vida 231 Vecht, Emma 231 Velasco, Diane 258 Velarde, Mark 231 Venkatrao, Anil 231 Verbeke, Patrick 231 Vem, Frank 307 Venter, Robbie 112 Verches, Richard 53, 52 Verna, Bev 32, 350 Veland, Elizabeth 229 Vernon, Alan 78 Vessadini, Darla 166 Vick, Kathleen 231 Victoria, Daizen 34 Vida, Herb 34 Villeaga, Victor 21 Villa, Jo Ann 231 Violett, B J. 291 Vickens, Kelly 250 Vivas, Linday 62 Vivas, Sandy 325 Vlay, Susan 231. 249, 41 Valy, John 299 Vogel, Leslie 231 Vogel, Marty 285 Vogt, Alan 299 Vohs, Carole 231 Von Keszycki, Alexine 231 Voiler, Lawrey 266 Vopicelli, Mark 297 Valdez, Kenneth 230, 48 Wachtell, Roger 296 Wagner, Christian 231 Wagner, Claire 166, 255 Wagner, Claire 166, 255 Wagner, Joe 123 Wagner, Karen 262, 231 Wagner, Mark 291 Wagner, Victor 299 Walbridge, Steve 291 Walker, Cary 29 Walker, Ken 79 Wallace, Kathy 265 Wallace, Jennifer 231, 257 Wallace, Jennifer 231 Wallace, Ruth 246 Wallack, Jeff 20, 21, 37, 293 Waller, Bill 231, 291 Walmark, Richard 308 Walt, Carol 231, 256 Walton, Anne 231, 274 Walton, Mary Kay 275 Waltzer, Mike 23 Walters, Patti 231 Wang, Arlene 231 Wang, Jean 231 Wank, David 309 Ward, Andrea 67 Ward, Dorn 300 Ward, Janet 271 Ward, Judy 264 Ward, Susan 252 Ward, Wendy 40, 266 Warner, Andy 324 Warner, Edna 277 Warner, Karen 265 Warren, Lorrie 274 Washdburn, Bob 295 Wasicek, Sue 270 Wasserman, Linda 41 Wasson, Bruce 166 Waste, Diana 232 Watanabe, Craig 166 Watanabe, Diane 136 Watanabe, Steve 43 Waters, John 232, 291 Watkin, Robyn 273 Watkins, Clay 282 Watkins, Greg 294 Watkins, Molly 271 Watson, Alan 166 Watson, Debbie 260 Watson, Edward 232 Watson, Milton 283 Watts, Audrey 277 Watts, Kenneth 232 Waxler, Andy 29, 32, 38 Waxman, Eric 20,148, 166 Waxman, Monica 232 Wayne, Adam 166 Wayne, Carl 166 Wayne, Todd 306 Waznica, Janet 235 Weaver, Laurel 41 Weaver, Laurie 260 Weaver, Milton 134 Webb, Nancy 278 Webber, John 38, 232, 299, 148 Webber, Sonia 232, 260 Webster, Brad 58, 59, 57 Webster, Nancy 266 Wedding, Cindy 232 Wedding,Debbie 256 Wedemeyer, Katherine 232 Weever, Bob 296 Weeks, Martha 232 Wegener, Suzanne 47, 232, 252, 148 Weiglin, John 291 Weiland, Jodi 257 Weiman, Minday 262 Weiman, Wyle 38 Weinberg, David 166 Weinberg, Diana 30 Weinberger, Bob 306 Weiner, Dan 26, 232, 302, 350 Weinman, Stacey 253 Weinstein, Michael 232 Weintraub, Laurel 30 Weinstein, Craig 301 Weisenfeld, Howard 293 Weiss, Allan 166 Weiss, Darrow 232 Weissman, Liz 35 Weisbart, Michele 232 Weiser, Gisela 232 Weisman, Alisa 232 Weisner, Dave 291 Weiss, Karen 262 Weisbart, Shelley 259 Weitz, Mindy 232 Welby, Terri 261 Weldon, Gail 62, 100 Welge, Lisa 266 Welker, Barbara 276 Wellman, Deane 233 Wells, Scott 291 Wells, James 166 Welsch, Barry 233 Wendt, Daniel 232 Wenzel, Neil 166, 296 Wersen, Nancy 268 Wessell, Mark 233 West, Julie 45, 43 West, Sandra 279 Westenhaver, Karen 248 Westman, Linda 249 Wetterau, Lori 278 Wexler, Debra 233 Wheat, Mike 43 Wheeler, Kathy 278 Whisenhunt, Ann 258 White, Andre 233 White, Chuck 129 White, Cynthia 233 White, Darcy 273 White, David 43 White, Eric 111 White, Gabrielle 166 White, Jim 39, 285 White, Joleen 233 White, May 257 White, Tom 281 White, Yolanda 247 Whitehouse, Leslie 272 Whitfield, Stacey 41, 262 Whitfield, Veronica 279 Whiting, Drue 85, 89, 270, 337 Whitman, Marc 233 Whitney, Lisa 250 Whitthorne, Todd 39, 38, 233 Wick, Donna 233, 261 Wickman, Mandy 62 Widder, Frank 233 Wieler, Jon 295 Wiese, Jill 233 Wiesel, Danny 166 Wigdor, Sheldon 308 Wight, Sue 249 Wilburn, Wanda 233 Wildermuth, Mike 111 Wiles, Russ 304 Wilhite, Laura 274 Wilkes, James 99 Wilkin, Robin 233 Wilkins, Paul 233 Wilkins, Rachel 25 Wilkins, Robert 304 Wilkinson, Joe 304 Will, Dave 118 Willenborg, Blaine 112 Wills, Cindy 166 Wills, Kenneth 148 Willaver, Marlene 233 William, Julie Ann 166 Williams, Cathy 260 Williams, Chet 283 Williams, Claire 89 Williams, Daphne 233 Williams, Deborah 233 Williams, Dokie 78, 133 Williams, Henry 283 Williams, Julie 272 Williams, Karen 233 Williams, Kenneth 233 Williams, Pamela 233, 265 Williams, Roshalda 279 Williams, Tamara 49 Williams, Wanda 234 Willie, Beth 100 Willie, Debbie 126 Willis, Marian Douglas 167 Wills, Cindy 266 Wills, Kenneth 167 Wills, Mignon 271 Wills, Shaun 78 Willumsen, Gail 234 Wilnot, Mark 282 Wilson, Charles 322 Wilson, Dave 45 Wilson, Dean 167 Wilson, Donna Wilson, Gina 136 Wilson, Jill 265 Wilson, Kelley 234 Wilson, Paul 234 Wilson, Renee 234 Wilson, Susan 234, 251 Wilson, Wendy 234, 272 Winchester, Brad 281 Windes, Craig 234 Windes, Robin 260 Windom, Glenn 79 Winer, Leon 234 Winfield, Michelle 167, 257 Wing, Tom 305 Wing-Jo, Frady 20 Winkelblaclt, Art 235 Winstron, Laura 234 Winter, Paula 234 Winter, Steve 78 Winters, Paula 41 Wirth, Jan 234 Wisbon, Wendy 275 Wise, Ellen 234, 272 Wise, Leslie 253 Wisman, Jeffery R. 167 Withrow, Jocelyn 234 Wittenburg, Jane 274 Wixen, Randall 29 Wizan, Steve 287 Wo, Michael 234 Wo, Rick 234 Wogec, Catherine 234 Wogec, Katy 258 Wohl, Melissa 234 Wolf, Chris 301 Wolf, Susan 234 Wolfe, Elisa 277 Wolff, Michael 48 Wolff, Shelley 235 Wolgin, Mark 309 Wolfson, Mark 167 Wolfson, Marty 308 Wolking, Kay 249 Wolin, Amy 235 Wong, Bill 302 Wong, Danny 235 Wong, Debra 31 Wong, Gin 235 Wong, Mark 235 Wong, Steven 167 Woren, Sandor 235 Worthge, Mark 235 Woo, Chris 123 Wood, Linda 251 Wood, Randy 32,167, 284 Wood, Sally 262 Wooden, John 337 Woodlock, John 291, 148 Woods, Evelyn 235 Woods, May 235 Woon, David 235 Wooten, Cindy 262 Wooten, Monroe 37, 46 Worena, Hagit 167 Wormald, Chris 273 Worthage, Scott 280 Worthge, Mark 43 Wright, Alison 262 Wright, Ellen 256 Wright, Eric, 45 Wright, Jan 126 Wright, Jerelyn 274 Wright, Joel 235, 282 Wright, Matt 302 Wright, Stayce 278 Wrightman, Tim 79, 105 Wu, Eugenia 235 Wu, Grace 235 Wulff, Anita 167 Wulff, Marian 234 Wulfing, Susan 246 Wulkan, Stacey 235 Wullschleger, Christine, 32, 235, 257 Wullschleger, Karen 251 Wyatt, Allyson 256 Wynn, Nancy 264 Wynn, Susan 40 Wynne, Susan 250 Xavier, Carinne 235 Yamanouye, Tony 125 Yamada, Rick 235 Yamushiro, Carl 31 Yamada, Lynn 49 Yang, John Wel-wu 167 Yang, Ed 302 Yang, Edmund 235 Yang, Ming 261 Yant, Richard 280 Yasuda, Cathy 40. 48, 25, 260, 235,148 Yashar, Frank 235 Yarnell, Allen 36 Yaple, Bret 125 Yarter, Guy 282 Yeager, Anne 29, 273 Yeager, Joan 235 Yeager, Marilyn 35 Yee, Alice 235 Yee, Robert 235 Yee, Sandra 235 Yeung, Grace 235 Yen, Lester 235 Yellin, Hiedi 35 Yelto, Keith 298 Yetter, Mike 282 Ying, Liz 39 Ying, Ramona 235 Yim, Robert 235 Yoshihara, Kathy 33 Yoshikane, Torrie Tomoyo 148 Yorami, Sholeh 142 Yoneyama, Craig 236 Yong, See 236 Yoon, Calvin 236 Yorita, Steven 236 Yoshikane, Terrie 236 Yoshihara, Kathryn 236 Yoshikane, Terrie 262 Youdeem, George 236 Young, Anthony 167 Young, Brian 286 Young, Charles 337, 320 Young, Connie 274 Young, Dave 302 Young, Debbie 31 Young, Haven 236 Young, Jim 296 Young, Judy 23, 40, 256 Young, Karen 236, 247 Young, Karen 236, 247 Young, Matt 118 Young, Michael 236 Young, Millie 236 Young, Quintin 236, 283 Young, Trisha 29, 273 Yount, Gwen 237 Youssef, Maha 167 Youza, Kathleen 167 Ypma, John 300 Ypma, Mary Frances 278 Ypma, Nancy 278 Yturralde, Fel 237 Yu, David d148 Yu, Tom 300 Yu, Ted 286 Yuen, Matt 43 Yum, Hummack 237 Yung, Jar-fee 237 Yun, Sunhee 237 Yuster, Arie 252 Zabari, Shira 237 Zabuska, Steve 237 Zakswin, Lauren 237 Zaharson, Jenny 237 Zajec, Patricia 237 Zamolo, Steve 284 Zale, Susan 252 Zane, Donna 237 Zane, Kerri 237, 257 Zaragoza, Ed 43 Zauzmer, Bobby 23 Zavaleta, Carlos 58 Zavaleta, Raul 58 Zayed, Gina 261 Zdybel, Lisa 264 Zebrack, Suzi 253 Zeches, Jim 78 Zechowy, Jodi 29, 237 Zeff, Karl 281 Zeidler, Paul 281 Zinn, Jeff 39, 291, 48 Zinner, Ron 291 Zimmerman, Ed 281 Zimmerman, Robin 39, 259 Zivkov, Tijana 237 Zlatkov, Vladimir 237 Zohar, Pazit 30 Zone, Janine 237 Zrehigian, Richard 167 Zucker, Mark 167 Zuckerman, Daniel 29, 167 Zuckerman, Perry 281 Zusman, Lisa 40, 262 Index 349 Behind the Scenes EDITOR- IN-CHIEF : Greg Masters MANAGING EDITOR: Lori Teslow ART DIRECTOR: Pat Kennedy COPY EDITOR: Mary Anne Ostrom PROMOTIONS AND SALES: Julie Johnson Janet Johns LAYOUT DESIGN: Kent Bloom Anne Bogart Carolyn Klein Janet Nelson Jordan Sellinger PHOTOGRAPHY: Glenn Alterman Roberta Burnett Greg Masters James McNally Daniel Weiner CONTRIBUTING WRITERS: Neal Kipnis Mark Presser Steven Sann CONTRIBUTING PHOTOGRAPHERS: John Austin Tom Keefer Jeff Lapin Robin Miller Joel Shine Ian Tapp Stan Troutman Wali Valencia Bev Verna COVER and ARTWORK: Janet Nelson INDEXER: Mary Anne Ostrom 350 Credits The staff of the 1978-79 Southern Campus gratefully acknowledges the assistance of the following people, without whose help this book would not have been possible: Janet Allen ASUCLA Communications Board Art Atkinson Byron Atkinson Stanley Chin Anita Cotter Charlie Galvani Judith Holland Vic Kelley Mary Jane Krebs Chris Lamson Jerry Long Lina Graphics Kathy Lundgren Angelo Mazzone Bruce Neal Newell Color Lab Marianne Pease Michele Rheingold Dan Sadler Joanne Sanfilipo Linda Seiffert Micheal Sondhiemer Lyie Timmerman Glenn Toth Patt Troutman Stan Troutman UCLA Publication Services Wail Valencia John Woodlock Charies Young Sue Young Ray Zak Special thanks go to the ASUCLA Communications Board, Southern Campus publisher, for making the book possible. PRINTING NOTES: This edition was printed by Josten ' s American Yearbook Company, Visalia, California. All pages were prepared camera-ready by the Southern Campus staff, and all but a few of the photos were printed on Kodak Polycontrast Rapid RC paper, " F " surface by our photography staff. All type was set on Comp-set 500 machines, in Avant-Garde medium. Photographs were reproduced using 150-line halftone screens. Credits 351 UCLA GOLDEN YEAR 1979 352

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