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Dawn July 1, 1977 A long time ago, at a university far, far away. . . Southern Campus University of California, Los Angeles © 1978 ASUCLA Communications Board 1920 ' S The first shovel The 1920 ' s and 30 ' s were an exciting time for UCLA students as they campaigned to raise funds for the new campus, fought to have their name changed from Southern Branch to the University of California at Los Angeles and organized the Associated Students. Students saw their dreams turn to reality when Dr. Erne st Carroll Moore (top right) turned the first shovel of earth at the site where the new Westwood campus would soon be built. Among those present on September 21, 1927, were Robert M. Underhill, Librarian John Goodwin, Dr. Edwin Janss, Harold Janss, Regent Edward A. Dickson, and Dean Charles Rieber. In 1939 (right), hundreds of students packed into the Quad to watch the crowning of the homecoming queen. 1930 ' S 1940 ' S Despite World War II, construction on campus continued at a rapid pace (top), showing signs of things to come. At left, Bruins found time to tangle with each other in the annual Frosh-Soph brawl. This battle was waged in a mud flat where Ackerman Union stands today. Are happy days ahead? 1950 ' S Cheek-to-cheek No expression could better describe the period of the 1950 ' s than Happy Days. It was a period of crew cuts, ponytails, saddle shoes, swallowing goldfish, and seeing how many fraternity pledge s could jam into one phone booth. No college year was complete without a prom. Below, a Bruin official at the prom announces UCLA ' s first invitation to the Rose Bowl in 1954. Two years later, a second invitation arrived. M-O-U-S-C A keg of beer was still the center of attraction in the 50 ' s—even in a Greek sporting event (top). With the 60 ' s came spirit groups like the Kelps (left), who shouted for the athletic teams. Mickey Mouse balloons began appearing and the melody of the day was M-O-U-S-C. The rally was becoming rowdier. We stand today on the edge of a new frontier -the frontier of the 1960 ' s, a frontier of unknown opportunities and perils, a frontier of unfulfilled hopes and threats —John Fitzgerald Kennedy, July 1960 1960 ' S A Time of war The 60 ' s. A war 7,000 miles away on the Asian continent. The struggle for racial equality here at home. Hard hats against protesters, father against son, a country divided. In Washington, a student (top) exercises flower power. At UCLA, some favored a win policy (right), while others urged withdrawal. I dreamed I saw the bombers riding shot gun in the sky turning into butterflies above our nation . . . -Joni Mitchell 1970 ' S The endless line Crowds. Lines. Frustration. A student can get lost in the crowded corridors of the 70 ' s. Alone you are a struggling student, together a struggling mass. If we could combine generations of thought and talent, we could step beyond the boundaries of this universe and into another dimension. . . " There are a hundred billion stars in our galaxy. If but one in a thousand has a planet capable of sustaining life, then there are a hundred million planets in our galaxy capable of sustaining life. If but one in a thousand planets capable of sustaining life does, then there are a hundred thousand planets in our galaxy with life, and our galaxy is but one in a hundred billion galaxies in the known universe... " —Gene Rodenberry PERPETUAL SAVINGS And back on this planet . . . The lines for Westwood movies get longer. This year ' s sensation was Star Wars and the lines surpassed those for Jaws. The old Westwood of the ' 40 ' s (right) is still but has had a definite effect on the once-quaint little village (far right). Changes, and more changes The landmark tower over the Bank of America ' s Moorish dome came down after 38 years. The bank moved across the street, and the tower was carted off to another planet . . . GLENDALE FEDERAL Stealing away Let ' s steal away in the noonday sun, it ' s time for a summertime dream. On a trip on down to wonderland in love, among the flowers where time gets lost . . . It ' s time for a summertime dream. —Gordon Lightfoot The wet Rec set Summertime is a time for UCLA students to kick back and ' forget the tensions of studies and exams. The Sunset Recreation Center, with its Olympic size pool (right) and wall to wall people sunning (below), is a popular hangout. Summer of ' 77 It ' s a time to take up new interests and take part in new experiences. This summer, UCLA students were involved in many activities: sports, concerts, plays, orientation, UniCamp and rush. They were all a part of the Summer of ' 77. Reach for the stars Star seekers enjoyed the taping of NBC ' s U.S. Against the World on Aug. 28 at Drake Stadium. On campus that day were celebrities Rich Little, Gabe Kaplan, Marty Feldman, Linda Blair, Flip Wilson, Roger Daltrey (pictured), Kate Jackson, Britt Eklund, Susan Blakely and Twiggy (top right). Meanwhile, the big names in Bruin sports had an eventful summer. Wendell " Topcat " Tyler signed with the Rams, and in his first pro game on Aug. 13, the former Bruin running back ran for 87 yards against the Philadelphia Eagles and scored a touchdown. Star-studded sports Marques Johnson (above), the Bruin basketball All-American, signed with the Milwaukee Bucks. In his first game Aug. 19, Johnson hit for 23 points against 76 ' ers superstar Julius Erving. There was a tragic note: Cyd Crampton (top left), center of the women ' s basketball team, suffered two broken legs in a car accident July 4 in which Bea Weiss, a starter on the volleyball team, was killed. By October, Cyd was walking with the help of a cane and insisted she would return one day to the court. A new ' Gary Cunningham, an assistant coach under John Wooden, was named to replace Gene Bartow, who headed South after two stormy years as basketball coach. On the opposite page, Cunningham and Denny Crum are shown with the Wizard of Westwood, John Wooden. Joining as assistant coaches were Larry Farmer (below right), a former Bruin player, and Jim Harrick (below left), an assistant coach from Utah State. The question on everyone ' s mind: Could Cunningham — or anyone else — fill the shoes of The Wizard? The stars who left us No word in contemporary America has been as overused and exaggerated as superstar. Elvis Presley may have been the original, and it ' s doubtful there will ever be another like him. The original king of rock ' n ' roll died on Aug. 16, 1977. The comic and the crooner Groucho, the most famous of the Marx Brothers, died on Aug. 19, 1977. A master this was his most famous one-liner, delivered on his TV show: Housewife: My husband and I have been married for six years and we have six children. My husband really loves me! Groucho: I love my cigar too, lady, but I take it out of my mouth once in awhile! Until rock ' n ' roll arrived, Bing Crosby ' s White Christmas was the largest-selling record in the world. The word crooner was invented for him. Der Bingle died on Oct. 14, 1977. " It ' s the laughter. . . we will remember. " Summer Stage It was a busy summer on stage at UCLA. The Chisholm Trail Went Through Here (right) by Betsy Brady Sewell began in August and was followed a week later by Lock Up Your Daughers (below) by Bernard Miles, adapted from Henry Fielding ' s Rape Upon Rape. The Marshall Tucker Band, featuring the Caldwell Brothers (opposite page) played Pauley Pavilion Sept. 18. “. . . and there ' s fire on the mountain and lightning in the air gold in them hills and it ' s waiting for me there . . . " —Toy Caldwell It was only yesterday When I heard the teacher say, patiently One and two make three We were children you and me, Let us pray for the ones They call the children of today . . . —Gordon Lightfoot 500 attend Unicamp UniCamp, UCLA ' s student-run summer camp for blind and diabetic children, was started in 1935 by 11 students. The first camp, at Big Pines, was attended by nine student counselors and 54 children from Sawtelle. In 1939, a new camp was purchased at Barton Flats in the San Bernardino Mountains. This summer, about 500 children and 50 volunteer counselors took part in the seven 10-day sessions. The camp received about $90,000 from benefactors attending the spring Mardi Gras carnival on campus. The camp offers less fortunate children a chance to take part in hiking, swimming and crafts, while providing a close look at the workings of nature. ORIENTATION The UCLA game What ' s a UCLA? is a time for finding out. Student counselors and spend a few days getting to know a place they ' ll be learning at and about for a few years. Getting to know you More than 4,000 incoming students swarmed onto campus during the summer for two-day orientation sessions. The new students were given tips on dorm life, financial aid, how to succeed in the classroom and generally were given a feel for the campus. In its tenth year and the sixth year under the guidance of Bruce Barbee, the program was conducted by a staff of 3 Assistant Directors and 21 Counselors. Staff pictured include Assistant Director Gary Taggart (above); Nancy McNary (above right); Julie Ogawa (bottom right); Grace Camatcho, Rob Watson, Professor Jules Zentner (next page, center); Tilda Crispi (next page, far right). Not pictured: Parviz Riazzi, Assistant Director; Pat Stone, ORIENTATION Assistant Director; Amparo Villablanca, Ann Azevedo, Bonnie Lindsley, Don Reeves, Dorothy Miller, Eddie Shames, Howard Cohen, Jane Eddy, Janet Rhodes, Karen Wallace, Ken Goodson, Milyn Villareal, Paul Plakos, Roger Farr, Todd Hallenbeck, Tom Wilki. The rush game Still the same... Sororities and fraternities have always played an important part in university life. Rush, a student ' s introduction to Greek life, is the beginning of an exciting and memorable college experience. the years, informal parties have provided fraternity members with a chance to meet the rushees. In 1977, fraternity members had a great time at parties with rushees (above). In the 1950 ' s, a new pledge is welcomed by fraternity members (above). In both periods, a game of poker gave frat guys and rushees a chance to get to know each other in a relaxed atmosphere (right, far right). . . . for women, too. The social atmosphere at rush is the same for women. During both decades, rush has provided new students a chance to meet sorority members and learn about the sorority ' s purposes and activities (above). In the 50 ' s, excited smiles and formal dresses were worn by new pledges as they were greeted by the houses after accepting their final bids (above). " Hello, I ' d like to make a collect call to . . .” " A bunch of girls got Bullock ' s charge cards and they ' re getting long dresses, I don ' t need one, do I? " " I actually saw bags under my eyes this morning. " " Get a nap, are you kidding!!? This is UCLA, nobody naps. " " I ' m always wearing a bra, mother. " " I don ' t even know how much my father makes. " " Today I ' m happy — Monday I ' ll be crying . . .” Over a thousand girls went through rush this summer; significantly fewer finished it. It ' s an exciting and fun time; in fact many go through rush just for the experience, yet the pressure is there, as real as any final exam.The girls begin by going to a " party " at every house on the row. After two days, sororities have the difficult task of deciding which girls to invite to their houses for the next parties. The next morning the rushees are supposed to appear at the rush office for their invitations at eight a.m. but some girls will be in line as early as six thirty. As soon as the invitations are out the phone calls to parents and friends begin. Some girls will get invited back to all eighteen sororities, others as few as three, still others will get back seventeen and never understand why that one house dropped them. Those with over fourteen invitations get their choice of which houses they want to return to and which houses they will drop. It proceeds like this for ten days, the houses and the rushees each with their quota getting smaller and smaller . . . lines Rushees leave Mira Hershey Hall in the morning and head for the rush office (top opposite page). Next they stand in line at the rush office waiting for invitations (bottom opposite page). At the end of the day the sororities serenade the rushees (top left, top middle). Individuality appears at times, even though during ' rush one is usually lost in the crowd. " We ' ve known each other fifteen years and never known each other like we do now. " " It ' s so frustrating to say something and really mean it and know they ' ve heard it so many times before and don ' t believe me. " " Particularly when your house gets really big a lot of times, you know, you don ' t get a chance to get really close to everybody. But during rush you do. I always find that the people I didn ' t get to know really well during the rest of the year, I get to know really well now. " PHA CHI PREMIERE A busy day There are many events that take place during a day of rush. Sorority members sing to greet rushees (top left); a gorilla mingles with one of the sorority members (top right); after the day, the Campus Escort Service assists the girls in their travels (middle right); Panhellenic compiles lists of who gets what house (middle left); finally, boxes of invitations are ready for distribution to rushees (bottom). Different preferences Once Panhellenic finishes their computer cards, the rushees get the good and bad news. Some girls don ' t get the bids they want, and decide to leave. For others, there ' s excitement as they make preparations for Preference Night. Preference Night is a special time as rushees and sorority members share in candlelight ceremonies, where girls attempt to decide between the final two houses. Don’t touch! Finally, pledge day comes the next morning . . . " All week long we haven ' t been able to hug or say, ‘I’m so glad you ' re here! ' " " If you have friends going through rush you wanna hug ' em and kiss ' em but other girls are gonna feel bad. " " It ' s really hard to hold yourself. " " Don ' t touch the rushees! " " A lot of them have been touching me! " " Preference night everybody breaks the rules and hugs . . . you give them a big hug and say, ' I hope we ' ll see you tomorrow. ' " In the end . . . " The good thing about rush is the way you feel when it ' s all over and you know that you did your very best and tried your very hardest and you did a spectacular job and everyone loves everybody and your pledges love you and you love your pledges. " Finding time . . . Summer, a time to slow down, step away from the rush and pause for thought . . . Although many students took advantage of the Summer Sessions offered at UCLA, some found time for a few carefree moments to stretch out, take in a few rays and watch the world pass. Package of smiles Time to reflect . . . to think about where you ' re going and where you ' ve been . . . to expand your horizons by learning things. Summer, a time to share special thoughts with good friends . . . " If I give you a package of smiles, could you give me a rainbow of thoughts? " As summer came to a close, the weather remained but ice cream from Kerckhoff Coffeehome (opposite), and the nearby Santa Monica beach kept the student body cool. Once upon a time there was the University of California, and it was at Berkeley. Then one day the great and mighty regents decided to create a " southern branch” of the university, and they put it in the city of Los Angeles . . . asucla communications board UCLA Southern Campus 1977-78 The school year for a majority of UCLA students started with Registration from September 19 to 23. 31,623 students registered for the fall quarter and everywhere you it seemed like at least half of were in line ahead of you. Registration to be an unending succession of lines the moment you first visit Dodd Hall to pay fees to the two-hour wait at the computer (only to discover your class has just been cancelled or that you are number 163 on waiting list for a class with 25 seats) to the long lines to purchase books for classes. Computer blues No UCLA student can ever forget the experience of visiting the computer. For many, the event is a frustrating experience; for others it can be very tiring as the wait sometimes lasts as long as three hours. Even after the long wait in Union ' s Grand Ballroom, students still must stand in more lines when they enter the computer area. ‘Where can I find. . The Student Store is one of the busiest spots on campus during Reg Week. Students visit the store to sell back used books and to purchase books and supplies for their fall quarter classes. the books you need for your class are sold out and you must wait until the next order comes in to purchase a book you need. For most new it is a confusing experience to locate your class and figure out what books are required for it. But after several attempts, most students adjust to the book shelving system. Meanwhile, back in line After finding the books you need, it ' s back in line and another long wait. Some students learn to adjust to the long waiting period and use the time to catch up on news of what has happened to everyone over the summer. It ' s also a time to meet new people who, like you, are stuck in a line. For others, the wait is pure tedium, as many try to balance the 34 books required for their three history classes in one arm while writing a check with the other. The 1st weeks are toughest For new students, the first weeks are a confusing time — especially after walking for 30 minutes in search of a classroom, only to discover that you are back where you started. It ' s a big campus and it seems like you wander through every building but the one you want. Luckily, though, most students are eager to lend a helping hand and after giving you a few short directions, you are able to find the way to your first lecture hall. Well, it could be worse — freshmen used to have to wear silly beanies (below, right). Bye-bye, prof Getting permission to enroll from a prof involves some un-subtle begging (left). On the first day of class, the prof makes a big mistake and turns his back (center). Bye, bye. Having escaped that first class, you head home for some shuteye, tired from all those endless lines. The ultimate light show All the light shows and card stunts on the previous two pages are the work of Rally Committee. Ron Toomey (below) directed the intricate work this year. Rally committee members (above, right) paint signs prior to a game. The cards and directions are ready in preparation for the big game (right). Beer, bands and boombah! No one needs to be told that football is a tradition at UCLA. No game is complete without the Bruin Marching Band, whose ranks swelled this year to 250, making it the largest college band on the West Coast. Song girl Lynn Carlos (below) puts on a happy face. We dropped the USC game this year, so here ' s a shot of the The Big Game that we won (left, center). The year was 1942 and the final was 14-7. The Stanford story High hopes turn into . . . Enthusiasm was high as 2,031 students made the 400-mile trip to Palo Alto for the Pac-8 Conference opener against Stanford. Students decorated vans and cars with signs in support of the team (right). The band and spirit squad leave the buses to go practice for their and halftime shows (below). GO BRUINS Despite the excitement and nervous jitters prior to the game, Timothy Bond relaxes over a bite of lunch before transforming into Jose Bruin (below, right). . . . a last-minute loss The scoreboard tells the sad story (left). At one point (top), it looked like the Bruins had another conference win. Moments later, the final score spelled defeat for UCLA. But even in defeat, two opposing players prove that it ' s still just a game as Stanford ' s James Lofton (20) chats with Bruin Frank Stephens as they walk off the field. Stanford ended up in the Sun Bowl with LSU, and the Bruins missed an invitation to the Rose Bowl after losing to cross-town rival USC, 29-27. ' Presents ' 77 ' A big day for the Greeks “Pledge presents,” a reception that sororities hold in honour of their new pledges, was held on October 2. Sororoties present new pledges to their families, and later to fraternity members. Some houses hold formal receptions while others plan cocktail-party atmospheres with actives and guests mingling informally. At Alpha Epsilon Phi (left), girls line up and prepare to meet the fraternity men. At Alpha Chi Omega, pledges stand in line to greet members of Delta Sigma Phi fraternity. One of the new Delta Gamma pledges chats with a sorority member (opposite page). Mingling and munching After meeting the pledges, guests move on to mingle with the actives and other guests and to enjoy refreshments. One of the most popular places in the sororities is the reception table where sororities provide delicious cookies, finger sandwiches, punch, tea, and coffee for their guests (right). Sorority members find a few minutes during their busy day to join their guests at the refreshment table (below). ΔΣΦ Delta Sigma Phi First row (left to right): Mike Courtright, Brad C. Pledge, Robert Lee, Paul Panepinto. Second row: Bob Nidever, Jim Helm, Ray Gaitan, Mike Housman, Brian Katz, Brian O ' Connell, John Nelson, Brent Varshawsky, James Cowing, Kambiz Khalili, Paul Bellaire, Robert B. Archibald, Jeff Burke. Third row: Tod Fraser, Ron Mestad, Douglas Richards, Hagop Dedoyan, Doug Anstine, Chris Hoard, Gary Kuipers, David Silva, John Strockis, Steven Podrouzak. Top row: Marvin Shaw, Tom Adams, Charles Franklin. ΔΓ Delta Gamma Bottom row (left to right): Jill Karrenbrock, Mel Huber, Kim Holliver, Susie Bullock, Katy Kallshian. Second row: Susan Gill, Donna Caldiero, Laura Fetto, Diane Elcan, Marty Cotting. Third row: Kathy Ford, Debbie Frank, Susie Jennings, Katherine Hudson, Tracey Cloyd. Fourth row: Linda Brogmus, Lisa Jacobs, Carla Becker, Lori Dewhirst. Fifth row: Pam Gibbs, Renee Fish, Liz Kubota, Anne Jackson, Terri Advena, Mary Haecker, Karen Kuehnle. Sixth row: Katy Davis, Dodie Cole, Jane Bernardi, Lisa Knaver, Tina Burdulis, Denise Jennings, Tricia Ballas, Lori Kovacs, Kathie Bradley, Steffani Gantes. Seventh row: Dana Ganoung, Barbara Beaubien, Amy Kubin, Liz Howard, Carolyn Cole. Eighth row: Lori Allison, Katie Curry, Kelly Egan, Pam Frankel, Ann Daly. Ninth row: Alix Doumakes, Joanna Garrett, Marcia Andressen, Terry Dreher, Toni Green. Bottom row: Ken Wills, Jeanne Lang, Lorrie Provost, Laurie Thorworth, Cindy Thorworth, Mitzie Wells, Catherine Lech. Second row: Carol McGlone, Shelley Macdonald, Sharon Maruyama, JoElen Levy, Kellie Newcomb. Third row: Anne Legallet, Janet Sweeney, Stacy Whitfield, Sue Yaru, Julie Van Lone. Fourth row: Debbie Rehman, Kelley McDonald, Robin Miller, Allison Patterson, Sheila McLaughlin, Karen Thorworth, Terrie Yoshikane. Fifth row: Cheryl Lynch, Jamie Williams, Tina Leonetti, Paula Simbro, Keri Stone. Sixth row: Susan Preston, Anne McNamme, Legh Williams, Kris Wirtz, Jeanne McDonald, Peggy Skomal. Seventh row: Carol O ' Connor, Cindy Urmer, Karen Wagner, Barbara Carmack, Rhonda Labowitz. Eighth row: Susan Pickett, Susan Perrier, Jane Marshall, Beth Powell, C.J. Vohs, Ninth row: Jane Stites, Cindy Wooten, Debbie Peacock, Karen McMahan, Sandi Selig. Tenth row: Jean Brinkmann, Laurie Coit, Julie Silver, Susan Schultz, Laura Lindquist. Eleventh row: Mary Cutting, Kathy Pickett, Haley Hickle, Kellie Pearson, Jane Siegal, Barbara Cutting. AXΩ Alpha Chi Omega First row (left to right): Judy Asplund, Laura Pendleton, Jenny Miller, Patty Conrad, Stephanie Lavezzo, Cindy McDonald, Becky Geretz. Second row: Janet Steingone, Betty Dougall, Sue Songer, Cindy Kellman, Kathy Gorman, Susan Miller, Julie O ' Drain, Dawna Nusbickel, Sandy Streeter. Third row: Sue Vlay, Terri Sarazen, Carol Banasky, Kathy Gwinn, Patty Hoffman, Sue Schoonover, Sue Zawolkow, Lynn Alvarez. Fourth row: Julie Walden Pam Gray, Michele Henriks, Stephanie Escobar, Susie McNamara, Sue Allen, Ellen Riddell. Fifth row: Mary Andrews, Kathy Peterson, Mary Googhagan, Lisa MacDonald, Tina Olsen, Beth Greaney, Anne Fousone. Top row: De bbie Dickerson, Janette Oberhaus, Diane Margulies, Kata O ' Conner, Sherri Hatley, Lynn Hedtke, Cindy Neeley. First row (left to right): Phyliss Kim, Mee Lee, Nanette Duff, Karen Getten, Mary Bardwil, Diana Chow. Second row: Sue Estrada, Leslie Devorin, Anne Blakdy, Kathy Davis, Sue Getten, Diane Fraser. Third row: Ann Allison, Lanna Thomason, Carol Flournoy, Lauril Martin, Shellie Wothen. Fourth row: Julie Uniack, Debbie Dutcher, Patti Stroh, Leslie Ehrman, Mimi Orth, Ellen Hunter. Fifth row: Carol Edgerton, Val Gutiaerney, Ruth Silvia, Amy Drangsholt, Patti Long. Sixth row: Linda Leck, Debbie Rohm, Cheri Norris, Shireen Ehrlich Kim Elivell. Sigma Alpha Epsilon Top row (left to right): Ken Marsh, Craig Hartsman, Kenn Teal, John Withers, Mike Fraeger, Richard Sheppard, John Carls, Jim Crandall, Mark Watson, Jim Simmerman, Syd Highbery, Gary Brown, Tom Crook, Rick Sherburne, Mike Fleming, Mike Lawrence, Jim Grover. Second row (left to right going up stairs): Bill Cowdry, Kevin Blankenship, John Rothstein, Steve Raber, Chris Adderberry, Gary Newkirk, Mark Harryman, Bob Barry, Mike Jones, John Webber, Mike Tubbs, Ken Wills, Cary Canoun, Craig Windes, Ray Rothfelder, Bob Baldwin, Scott Oden, Ken Buttke, Britt Hemghill, Greg Brown, Glen Schrank, Lyle Asaoka, Charles Koch. Bottom row (left to right going down stairs): Joel Schiffman, Paul Griffen, Jeff Ron Berry, Chiffer, Dave Griffen, Ernie Sullwent, Jeff Muro, John Vlay, Jed Robinson, Mike Jones, Mark Badraun, Dave Bob Parmeli. Intramurals: 9,000 strong More than 9,000 students participated in the intramural program, directed by the Office of Cultural and Recreational Affairs. Teams came from frats, dorms and independents. Playoffs are arranged each quarter and the winner is the All-U champ. In addition, the Interfraternity Council sets up an Intramural Tournament. This year, SAE fraternity won the IFC tourney, downing the ATOs, Lambda Chi and the Betas. Gary Newkirk (above) completes another pass while Jeff Townsend blocks. At right, Jeff Gorden, intercepts an ATO pass while Mike Jones looks on. INTRAMURAL SPORTS ALL-U CHAMPS Men ' s Flag Football A Champs — Adam ' s Apples B Champs — MFD II B C Champs — Hedrick Brick House Men ' s Volleyball A Champs — Lambda Chi B Champs — We ' d Rather be Balling C Champs — Turing Machine II Men ' s Racquetball Doubles A Champs — Zak, Cormier B Champs — Wooten, Whiting Frat Champs — Sigma Nu Men ' s Tennis Singles Frat champ — David Chernow (ATO) Handball Singles B Champ — Marc Guzman Frat Champ — Dan Meyer 2.1 Cross Country Run Men ' s Champ — Robert Daniels Women ' s Champ — Boni Johnson 4.5 Cross Country Run Men ' s champ — Richard Hornish Women ' s Champ — Catherine Kaspersky Women ' s Team Volleyball A Champs — Alpha Delta Pi B Champs — Un-team C Champs — Sexy Spikers Women ' s Racquetball Singles A Champs — Anita Ortega B Champs — Judy Lewinter C Champs — Diane Stetter Women ' s 3 on 3 Basketball A Champs — Go for it B Champs — Gil ' s Bills Men ' s 5 on 5 Basketball A Champs — Ramblin guys B Champs — UVE Coed Flag Football A Champs — 7-ups B Undefeated Champs — 4th Floor Rieber Coed Doubles Volleyball A Champs — Jeff Mamet Nicki Wilken B Champs — Margaret Forbes Brian Watson Coed Basketball A Undefeated Champs — Full House B Undefeated Champs — Phi Delts Gamma Xi Cold Turkey Trot Champs — the Nerds 1977 Waterpolo Scoreboard Sept. 10 — Pepperdine Tournament Pepperdine 12, UCLA 10 UCLA 17, San Diego State 4 UCLA 19, Cal Poly Pomona 9 Sept. 13 — UCLA 12, UC Santa Barbara 9 Sept. 17-18 — UC Irvine Tournament UC Irvine 8, UCLA 7 UCLA 12, Cal State Hayward 0 UCLA 12, Pepperdine 8 UC Berkeley 9, UCLA 4 UCLA 12, UC Santa Barbara 11 Sept. 24 — UCLA 8, Long Beach State 7 Sept. 30 — UC Irvine 11, UCLA 6 Oct. 1 — UCLA 21, Cal Poly Pomona 11 Oct. 7 — UC Berkeley 10, UCLA 6 Oct. 8 — Stanford 7, UCLA 2 Oct. 14 — UCLA 11, USC 10 Oct. 15 — UC Irvine 14, UCLA 10 Oct. 18 — Pepperdine 11, UCLA 8 Oct. 22 — UC Berkeley 9, UCLA 7 Oct. 25 — Long Beach State 6, UCLA 5 Oct. 29 — UC Santa Barbara 13, UCLA 12 Nov. 4 — Stanford 15, UCLA 6 Nov. 12 — UCLA 13, Alumni 5 Nov. 19 — USC 11, UCLA 6 A tough year for poloists With 10 lettermen returning, it was expected that the Bruin water polo team would literally drown the opposition. The team included All-American goalie David Rosen (upper left, opposite page) and senior John Norris (lower left, opposite page). But in the conference openers, the Bruins lost matches to Berkeley and Stanford. Losing was a new experience for the water poloists and coach Bob Horn (pictured) after ruling the conference for the past 10-12 years. When the season ended, the won-loss record added up to 10 victories and 14 defeats. The intense expression of Jim Fitzpatrick (below) illustrates the tension of a game and the frustration of the season. Despite the records, the team — led by captain Peter Peyton (page 77) —gave a growing number of fans a season packed with aquatic excitement. UCLA Women ' s Cross Country Sept. 24 — UCLA All-Comers Meet: 2nd place Oct. 1 — Cal State Northridge Invitational: 1st place Oct. 15 — UCLA Invitational: 1st place Oct. 22 — USTFF Invitational: 2nd place Oct. 29 — Ventura Invitational: 1st place Nov. 5 — Region 8 Championships: 2nd place Nov. 13 — Calif. St. Championships: 3rd place Nov. 19 — AIAW National Championships: 5th place Nov. 26 — AAU Nationals: 4th place Cross-country The 1977-78 women ' s cross-country team had quite an impressive season as they were ranked fifth in the nation. This year ' s team was under the direction of Coach Scott Chisam. An exciting season for women ' s volleyball It was an " almost " year for the women ' s team. The squad, under coach Andy Banachowski, almost beat USC in Pauley Pavilion, and they almost won the national before falling to the two-time titlist Trojans and runnerup Hawaii. It was no " almost " for Lesley Knudson, though. The team ' s captain, she won All-American honors at year ' s end. Scoreboard WOMEN ' S VOLLEYBALL (UCLA scores are first) Sept. 24 San Diego State Tournament UC Riverside 15-4, 15-6 UC Santa Barbara 15-11, 15-5 Pepperdine 15-11, 15-5 Sept. 30 Stanford 15-7, 15-8, 15-11 Oct. 1 UC Davis 15-11, 15-3, 15-6 Oct. 2 U. of Pacific 15-4, 15-5, 15-3 Oct. 6 Hawaii (at Hilo) 15-4, 15-8, 5-15, 15-6 Oct. 7 Hawaii (at Maui) 5-15, 15-7, 12-15, 1-15 Oct. 8 Hawaii (at Honolulu) 8-15, 7-15, 18-16, 15-13, 14-16 Oct. 12 Long Beach State 15-8, 15-5, 15-8 Oct. 13 CS Northridge 15-3, 15-3, 15-6 Oct. 14 Alumni All-Stars 15-6, 15-7, 13-15, 12-15, 15-6 Oct. 17 Pepperdine 15-8, 11-15, 12-15, 15-3, 17-15 Oct. 19 CS Fullerton 15-3, 15-6, 15-4 Oct. 21 San Jose State 15-9, 15-7, 10-15, 15-5 Oct. 22 UC Santa Barbara 15-2, 15-7, 15-9 Oct. 26 USC 15-7, 9-15, 15-17, 16-14, 12-15 Oct. 28 San Diego State 15-10, 11-15, 15-10, 15-8 Nov. 1 Pepperdine 15-11, 15-11, 9-15, 15-3 Nov. 5 NIVT: Long Beach State 15-6, 15-10 Utah State 15-6, 15-0 USC 15-4, 15-6 Nov. 7 Utah State 15-9, 15-10, 15-3 Nov. 9 Long Beach State 15-9, 15-7, 15-5 Nov. 11 CS Fullerton 15-9, 15-2, 15-7 Nov. 15 San Diego State 15-7, 14-16, 15-11, 16-14 Nov. 17 USC 15-12, 11-15, 7-15, 15-12, 13-15 Nov. 22 UC Santa Barbara 15-2, 15-5, 15-9 Soccer The start of the soccer season this year gave rise to hopes that UCLA ' s squad might dominate the league. The team went undefeated in its first 10 games, won three at the All-Cal tourney and didn ' t suffer a loss until Oct. 16 — a squeaker to the University of San Francisco, 2-1. Ten returning lettermen bolstered the team, including sophomore Olusegan Adewale, Tim Ngubeni and senior goalie Mike Vanneman. Coach Steve Gay led the team which competed in the NCAA Western Regionals and finished the year with 19 wins, 5 losses and 3 ties. Scoreboard Sept. 7 UCLA 2, Los Angeles Baptist 0 Sept. 8 UCLA 5, Azusa Pacific 0 Sept. 10 UCLA 3, Cal State LA. 0 Sept. 13 UCLA 17, Loyola 0 Sept. 18 UCLA 0, Simon Fraser 0 Sept. 22 UCLA 1, Whittier 0 Sept. 25 UCLA 4, Pomona, Pitzer 0 Sept. 28 UCLA 2, U.S. International Univ. 0 Oct. 1 UCLA 3, Univ. of Las Vegas 2 Oct. 5 UCLA 3, Stanford 0 Oct. 7-8 All Cal Tournament UCLA 5, UC Riverside 0 UCLA 1, California 1 UCLA 3, UC Davis 2 Oct. 11 UCLA 3, Univ of Santa Clara 2 Oct. 16 Univ. of San Francisco 2, UCLA 1 Oct. 19 UCLA 1, Westmont College 1 Oct. 23 California 1, UCLA 0 Oct. 25 UCLA 3, Biola 1 Oct. 29 USF 1, UCLA 0 Nov. 2 USC 3, UCLA 2 Nov. 5 UCLA 4, San Jose State 0 Nov. 8 UCLA 5, CS Fullerton 1 Nov. 10 UCLA 2, UC Santa Barbara 0 Nov. 13 UCLA 1, San Diego State 0 Nov. 16 UCLA 4, USC 3 NCAA West Regionals — UCLA 3, California 0 NCAA West Regionals finals — USF 4, UCLA 1 Bruins bop the Bears It was a " must win " for both football teams when the Bruins met the Cal Bears on Oct. 22. When the game was over the Bears returned home with all hopes of a conference title gone and UCLA was once again alive in the Pac-8 conference race. During the game, the Bruins were forced to keep on the gr ound as quarterback Rick Bashore became the leading rusher, gaining 90 yards on 15 carries. The game ended with a victorious score of 21-19 for the Bruins. Stepping out Despite a flawed sound system, concert-goers the rock and soul of Hall and Oates October 29. It ' s a good bet they got their fill of music . . . among other things. A wet Halloween Halloween is always a fun time. Everyone gets the chance to let their true selves out into the open. This year it was not only a bewitching, but for some, a very wet experience! K A Ф Kappa Alpha Theta Top row (left to right): Terri Miller, Suzanne Stranz, Kathleen Sullaway, Janet Rhodes, Wendy Carr, Chandra Falichandra, Nancy Wersen, Lisa Reeves, Cathy Baldacci, Sandy Ureekurg, Winnie Rafferty, Nancy Ross, Cassie Brogan, Dilly Sheldon, Denise Jaffe, Melisa Terry, Kathy Lee. Second row: Chick Porter, Nancy Carr, Irma Hurtado, Kim Martins, Erin Malone, Wendy Yoon, Robin McDonald, Sue Branerman, Sara Kinsell, Annie Willonbe, Helen Serim, Kacey Ragland, Michelle Bagan, Mary Biendorf, Rhea Dariotis, Mauree n Kelly, Heidi Krasel, Rene Maratos, Third row:Jodi Friedman, Ann Mahoney, Becky Radar, Lynn Conard, Lisa Mengel, Mrs. Long, Kathy Dunn, Julie Mebane, Lori Devine, Susie Diggs, Karen Kenedy. Fourth row: Brenda Payne, Jayne Papac, Julie Huppert, Kris Sheets, Tory Muller, Cindy Dougherty, Mimi Monaco, Diane Trequrtha, Amy Dart, Peggy Farmer, Erin Fitqpatric, Darrell Chulay, Leslie McConnell. Φ K Ψ Phi Kappa Psi Front row (left to right): Rich Reed, Kent Bloom, Steve " Skeelebeeb " Bishop, Dave " The Colt " Cully, Chuck Kenworthy, Bill Rollinson. Second row: Tony Gialketsis, Dan " Dan-o " Shugart, Randy " Midnight " MacDougall, Joe Manisco, Dave Chisessi, Martin Stowe. Third row: Chris " Bongo " Anderson, Gary Arcemont, Mike Gunning, Alan Norman, Andy Jurun, Craig Harrison, Ric Wittenberg, Andy Nemitz, Gary Donnahoo. Last row: Skip Kamm, Bob " Bobb " Kayne, Alan Nierob, Mark Byrne, Dave Case, Ray Hoyt. Not pictured: Mark " M-Lebeeb " Bishop, Dan " Cisco " Cislo, Rick Davis, Dave Jarrett, Brad " the Count " Kidwell, Mike Kinney, Gordon Kraatz, Brian Levy, Larry Sharp, Dave Shatz. Φ K Ψ Front row (left to right): Pat Mayock, Scott Chambers, Mike McLaughlin, Dale Eckard. Second row: Jim Rosen, Brad Vickery, Martin Courtney, Derek Russell, Lloyd Talbert, Howard Weisenfeld. Third row: Ben Graham, Steve Belomy, Mike " Robbie " Robinson, Tim Hayes, Nestor Barrero, Rob Mills, Marc " Kegger " Wilsey, Dave " J.C. " Kay. Fourth row: Brad Livinston, Steve Palmieri, Rob Jameson, Scott Kafesjian, Bob Adams, Jeff Wallack, Mike Weitz, Rex Fehr, Jerry " Two Stipends " Kurland. Last row: Greg Swanson, Paul " Lost Cause " Loskutoff ,Steve " Erno " Strawn, Bill Moylan, Bob Raphael, Steve Mann, Tom Patton. Not pictured: Paul Simon, Rocky Wagonhurst, Jim Stanich, Jim McCarty. It was never like this in ancient Greece! The ' Toilet Bowl ' And you thought a toilet bowl had just one purpose. Theta Chi fraternity and Alpha Chi Omega sorority proved otherwise in the 2nd Annual Toilet Bowl race, with proceeds going to the City of Hope ' s medical center. Flush, flush . . . ФΧ Theta Chi Front Row (left to right): Paul Poitras (President), Curt Collins, Albert Luna, Greg Black, Darryl Conkling. Second row: Mike Hansell, Justin Monger (Rush Chairman), Rick Higbee, Brian Cherry, Keith McDonald (Treasurer), Chris Goddard (Steward). Third row: Bob Bond, Dale Gillespie, Walter Roczynski Jr. Fourth row: Russell Chung, Denny Braun (vice president), Brad Goldstein, (secretary), Brian Kennard, Bob Gifford, Cliff Rooke, J.P. Stevens, Matt Barbato, Todd Booth, Ken Shellem, Jim Murrin (Pledge Marshall), Rick Sanvicente, Alan Fausel (chaplain). Last row: Harm Meyer, John Cloyd, Steve Koire, Greg Dewitt, Dirk Meyer, Jim Talon. Not pictured: Pete Vignoli, John Stoessel (assistant steward), Louis Toth (house manager), Doug Bridger, Roger Kodani, Mitch Benson, Mitch Gullickson. ΠBΦ Pi Beta Phi First row (left to right): Pricilla Howard, Mary Peshel, Dena Raffel, Maggie Smreker, Elise Striecher, Cathy Werner, Katie Waller, Bonnie Pilliod, Maureen McEvoy. Second row: Jule LeClear, Christi Van Cleve, Sue Halverson, Molly Boyd, Sue Gulbranson, Ellen Graham, Sherri Feinstier, Jill Baldauf, Leslie Johnson, Kim Worthen, Katie Rosson. Third row: Joan Spellitich, Laurie Warren, Kathy Smilth, Kim Oden, Linda Gruchy, Jan Fujiwara, Jenny King, Patty Schnugg, Linda Zohman, Cindy Bartells, Leslie Sherrill, Ann Striecher. Fourth row: Gretchen Brunsting, Trish Kahl, Meg Glidden, Diane Wales, Cathy Rivett, Carol Toninni, Bobbie Nichols, Liza Kulham, Leslie DeWind, Carol Waddington, Julie Haegerty, Ann Walton, Linda Hershberger, Lynn Knox, Sallie Estep, Wendy Hannum, Julie Sanders. Fifth row: Leslie Vogel, Sue Cuyler, Karen Borucki, Sue Gibson, Heidi Steinman, Kim Engstan, Lynn Almundson, Suzi Lyons, Jennifer Rafferty, Mary Kay Walton, Janet Nelson. Sixth row: Laura Smith, Ann Carlson, Lynn Good, Edie Felice, Linda Airhead, Kathy Mefford, Betsy Anderson, Sherri Hollingsworth, Marty Georgis, Mary Nevins, Ann Meyers, Michele Moy, Rille Brand, Barb Tosti, Denise Mervel, Terry Frazier, Jane Wittenberg. Never a dull moment Things are constantly happening on campus. Just walking about one runs into all sorts of interesting things — from jugglers and musicians that brighten our days (and an eclipse to darken one of them), to speakers like Josh McDowell commenting on such educational topics as " Maximum Sex. " The Beaver and the Dodger A wide variety of speakers, including John Dykstra (far left top), special-effects co-ordinator of Star Wars, spoke to UCLA students during the fall quarter. The old gang from TV ' s " Leave It To Beaver, " Jerry Mathers, who played the Beaver (left), Tony Dow (Wally), and Ken Osmond (Eddie Haskell) an old script (below). Also appearing, and receiving a standing ovation in Ackerman Union, was Dodger manager Tommy Lasorda (opposite page, far left), who led his team to the Western Division championship of the National League. That ' s show biz Record producer Clive Davis (far right), radio personality Dr. Demento (right and below), and comedian George Carlin (far right, bottom) spoke here in October and November. Carlin and Davis recapped some of their past experiences in the entertainment business. Davis, best known for the rebuilding of Columbia Records, is now head of the three-year-old Arista company. On the lighter side, Barry Hansen, KMET-FM ' s Dr. Demento demented us one day with some superdemented music not permitted on commercial stations, and a blooper tape of Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis. He was joined by UCLA senior Sue " Sulu " Lubin, who played three of her novelty songs. ' Deep Throat ' Agony and Ecstasy Chris Lamson (opposite page), the student charged with selecting speakers and programs here, found himself on the hot seat after th e film Deep Throat was scheduled for showing at Ackerman Union Ballroom. On the night of the showing, there were two bomb threats made by a female over the phone. That didn ' t stop some 5,000 students from showing up, many of them in costume. The event became a media circus, with film crews and reporters converging on campus. Congressman Robert Dornan tried to have the showing cancelled, but failed. Zap! The unique Frank Zappa dedicated his show to the " idea that rock music is absolutely preposterous, " and then went on to prove it (and the audience loved it). Zappa played to a sold-out assembly in Pauley. Kalapana, a Hawaiian group, wowed ' em at Royce in November. The game of time From the first stirrings of civilization to modern times, man has rejoiced in his games. In pursuit of our amusements, we have built great stadia, filled them with citizens . . . and cheered on our heroes. Like its namesake in ancient Rome, the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum has witnessed the great spectacles of sport. " I wish it didn ' t have to end, but someone else will fill the position as if I never left; the memory will stay with me forever... " Dance Team Lynn Carlos, Charlina Chandler, Shannon Conroy, Cynthia DeBeaumont, Laura Fetto, Megan Whitaker, Drue Whiting. Cheerleaders Fred Denitz, Bill Dorfman, Marianne Gausche, Carolyn Gramley, Kim Gregory, Jay Shepherd, Cindy Montoya. Alternates Debbie Wemeth, Paul Hale, Stacey Pittman. Bears Tim Bond, Daveen Tyras. The solid gold sound The UCLA Marching Band — largest on the West Coast — is composed of 250 musicians, a 36-member flag corp, Drum Major Kim Burdick, two " Golden Girl " baton twirlers, three graduate teaching assistants and Band Director Kelly James. The Marching Band rehearses twice weekly during the fall quarter. Noted for being one of the most publicized bands in the country, the Solid Gold Sound has travelled this year to Houston, Texas and the San Francisco Bay area and has performed on the Gong Show, The Hallmark Hall of Fame TV Special, and at the World Series. Old Bruins never die . . . They become un-BEAR-able Alumni power! Enthusiastic smiles . . . alumni band . . . gold pom poms . . . cheerleaders Terry Haugen and Geoff Strand . . . picnics outside the Coliseum and a lot of yelling. All this has come to represent the growth of one of the most spirited groups around — the UCLA alumni. It began when Director of Athletic Promotions Jerry Long set up a special seating section for the alumni at the west end of the L.A. Coliseum. The idea took hold and alumni support at football games has been growing rapidly ever since. This year the alumni hooked up their microphones with the students, creating a stronger, more unified effort in cheering the team on to victory. Lovely to look at Just prior to the UCLA-USC football game, a " Ms. Pac-8 Beauty Pageant " was held to determine who would be Ms. UCLA and Ms. USC. Cheerleader Kim Gregory (below) won the local title, and the lovely and charming Mike Duffy (in Givenchy bathing suit, opposite page) took the honors for USC. A local master of ceremonies who identified himself as " Rici Retardo " also presented awards to Ms. Washington, Ms. Washington State and two Ms. Robber Barons: Ms. Oregon and Ms. Oregon State. Turkies trot, or Which One ' s the Real Turkey? Just prior to Thanksgiving, the intramurals organization sponsored a coed Turkey Trot. An adept couple show how its done (below) and one of the winners, Kerry Turner, shows us how to blow up a balloon. On the opposite page, the prize — a turkey — is about to be devoured. At top, Mark Stiver prepares the bird. Cheers . . .and tears It was the biggest game of the year for the Bruins, with a Rose Bowl bid at stake. For cross-town rival USC, it was a chance to make up for a poor season. UCLA jumped out to a 10-0 lead, and for the next two quarters it was bad news. Midway through the third period, it was 26-10 for the Trojans. Rick Bashore hit James Owens, and with a field goal, the Bruins were in reach at With 2:51 to go, the Bruins scored and it was 27-26 and UCLA fans were seeing roses. But with two seconds to go, USC scored a heartbreaking field goal and the game — and UCLA ' s hopes — were over. :00 BALL ON THE DOWN YARDS TO GO 1 2 3 4 T FD TO UCLA 10 0 7 10 27 18 USC 0 17 9 3 29 20 1977-78 varsity football team Front row (left to right): Randy Grounds (73), Don Pederson (85), Bryce Adkins (60), Jeff Muro (81), Guy Langston (97), Frank Corral (43), Dave Morton (64), Steve Tetrick (52), Gus Coppens (70), John Fowler (92). Second row: Glenn Cannon (33), Levi Armstrong (32), James Sarpy (4), Michael Coulter (28), Lee Smith (12), Jerry Robinson (84), Raymond Bell (86), Frank Stephens (41), Homer Butler (18), Severn Reece (1), Theotis Brown (27), James Owens (3), Michael Brant (15). Third row: Vic Mayer (63), Eric Taylor (20), Jon Van Vuren (17), John Kulisich (51), Brian Baggott (8), Bobby Hosea (7), John Gibbs (6), Kenny Easley (5), Sam Taylor (47), Michael Molina (14), Steve Bukich (9). Fourth row: Ron Gueringer (26), Pat Marty (45), Howard Kipnis (58), Rick Bashore (11), Gregg Christiansen (61), Ron Wollard (54), Ken Walker (42), Bruce Davis (71), Barney Hellenbrand (10), Harley Stark (93), Lawrence Garrett (29), Dave Gomer (30), Johnny Lynn (23). Fifth row: Brent Boyd (72), Ernie Saenz (24), Rick Obbema (56), Scott Reid (57), Kent Brisbin (94), Mike Mason (62), Martin Moss (55), Dave Otey (87), Matt McFarland (37), Max Montoya (75), Glen Titensor (76), Freeman McNeil (31), Don Hopwood (96), Curt Mohl (79), Steve Sosnowski (65), Ron White (74). Sixth row: Jim Main (69), Ricky Coffman (36), Jim Simmerman (50), Scott Stauch (35), Henry Williams (25), James Forge (90), Joe Gary (53), Ron Davis (68), Brad Plemmons (99), Arthur Akers (39). Seventh row: Ronnie DeBose (83), Fred Ford (34), Marvin Morris (46), Manu Tuiasosopo (40), Woodrow Hodge, Glenn Windom (91), Chris Elias (98), Don Woolley (77), Pat Schmidt (88), Scott Westering (95), Scott Tiesing (82). Eighth row: Jed Hughes, Dwain Painter, Gary Campbell, Billie Matthews, Frank Gansz, Bill McPherson, Terry Donahue, Eddie Kezirian, Doug Kay, Foster Anderson, Don Riley, Gary " Streak " Lynch, Bill Cowdrey, Lawrence Kurtz, Ducky Drake, Shawn Wills, Chuck Garrity, Mike Wells. Scoreboard Sept. 12 Houston 17, UCLA 13 Sept. 17 UCLA 17, Kansas 7 Sept. 24 Minnesota 27, UCLA 13 Oct. 1 UCLA 34, Iowa 16 Oct. 8 Stanford 32, UCLA 28 Oct. 15 UCLA 27, Wash. St. 16 Oct. 22 UCLA 21, California 10 Oct. 29 UCLA 20, Washington 12 Nov. 5 UCLA 21, Oregon 3 Nov. 12 UCLA 48, Oregon St. 18 Nov. 25 USC 29, UCLA 27 A brisk break For skiers, it was a bonanza season — prime conditions lasted until late May — once again that there ' s no business like snow business. A weekend in the Sierras means a brief rest from schoolwork, a cool carnival of fun, freestyling — and falling down. Dear Daddy, the house bill ' s due Ten years ago, college students were rushing the administration building. Now they ' re rushing fraternities and sororities. Somehow in the last ten years we ' ve " mellowed out, " preferring winter formals and All-U parties to intellectual and political activism. Today, the Greeks offer a place to live, an opportunity to meet people and a chance to get utterly smashed every Friday and Saturday night. So roll up the sleeves of your rugby shirt, blow-dry your hair and say hi to the leaders of the blank generation. Hilgard Av 500 S Gayley Av 600 S Is there life in the dorms? Dear Mom and Dad: Well, here I am at UCLA! The dorm is gre at! Last night we filled up the elevator with cottage cheese! My R.A. deals drugs! There ' s this girl on my floor who keeps saying something about being pregnant! Did you know they served grilled buffalo spleen here?! Well, got to go — the boys and I are going to burn the lounge furniture! Send money! You can have it for $650, bathroom not included The rent was raised for the fourth time in two weeks, the plumbing makes obscene noises and all that ' s left in the refrigerator is ketchup and stale Twinkies. Hey, apartment life sure is great! Just think of the freedom ( " what do you mean the goldfish has to go? " ) and the good times ( " the party has to be over by 10:30? " ). Maybe commuting from Palo Alto isn ' t such a bad idea after all. Dive on it Getting a good seat for a UCLA basketball game takes a good pair of lungs, strong legs, and, sometimes, good blocking technique for saving seats in Pauley Pavilion. When the opponent is Notre Dame, it ' s worth the rush. This year, two of UCLA ' s three losses came from the NCAA semi-finalist Irish, 69-66 in Pauley and 75-73 at Notre Dame. A huskie-duck hunt A basketball win over UCLA is cause for celebration. In fact, in the Northwest T-shirts commemorate such victories. There was no joy this year as the Bruins whipped Oregon and Washington enroute to a 14-0 Pac-8 record. And in the Detente Bowl between the Bruins and Soviets (far left) a referee wonders how to tell Russia ' s 7-4, 300 pound Vladimir Tkachenko he ' s fouled out. And on the third floor they have pony rides and a merry-go-round... Welcome to Toyland, otherwise known as Kerckhoff Hall. Disguised as an unassuming classroom building, Kerckhoff is actually the home of campus activities like student government, the publications, the Campus Studio and the Coffeehouse. Roaming through its musty corridors are the likes of campus media advisor Steve Spence (opposite page, bottom right) who is obviously, uh, boning up on the latest media. Steve advised us on not using 300 girls eating ice cream cones. So, for you Steve, here is a double! (bottom left). Those folks saying " cheese " for the camera (below) are Campus Studio ' s own staff of (front row from left) Carole Swanson, Waly Valenica, Terry O ' Donnell, Norman " Norman Never Misses " Schindler and (kneeling) Stan Troutman, manager. Read all about it Sports staff: Front row (left to right): Todd " Shave " Ackerman, Fred " Exlaxman " Gaines, Paul " Wrecking Crew " Farhi, Neal " Whips and chains " Kipnis. Second row: Mike " Tennis " Teverbaugh, Funny Bob Heber, John " Missed deadline " Kelly, David " Track " Glassman, Fred " Invisible " Schwartz, Joe " Calm frantic editor " Yogerst. Not pictured: Steve Hartman, Nick Svetcoff, Laura Mishima, Nancy Wynn, and Jeff Later. Daily Bruin newsies attempt to appear normal for the camera. The women are, left to right: Liz Thaler, Jeanine Stein and Alisa Weisman. The guys, left to right: John Crittenden, Chris Cameron, Richard Perelman and Joe Cislowski. Front: Jeff Lapin. Front row (left to right): Rose Zoes Holsey, Neal Natsumeda, Jodi Zechowy, Robert Koehler, Sara Goodman, Frank Widder, Barry Grey, Chris Cameron, Alan Karlbelnig, Cathy Connelly, Jeremy Fishberg, David Whitney. Back row: Sally Garner, Fred Gaines, Jeff Berry, Joe Yogerst, Cathy Seipp, Joanne Eglash, Audrey Valentine Irwin, Marissa Roth, Kenny Kahn, Adam Pfeffer, Darlene Greer, Bill Gross, Joe Cislowski, John Crittenden, Tina McWilliams, Russ Wiles, Carol Tucker. Display Staff: Front row (left to right): Peggy McDougal, Jim Brandt, Laurie Thomas, Kathy Brennan, Mike Futterman. Middle row: Heidi Larson, Karen Foxall, Darrell Chulay, Tricia Young, Carol Hesse. Back row: Joanne Sanfillipo, Gail Watanabe, Eve Tipton, Melanie Johnson, Linda Gruchy. Classified Staff: Front row (left to right): Grace Egbagbe; Sheri Kawasaki, Carmen Lerma, Betty Tanaka, Janet Morita, John O ' Neal. Back row: Leslie O ' Neal, Nancy Harada, Jean Yamabe, Dorothy Wood, Joyce Sakai, Carole Coleman. They ' re big — the readership is an estimated 45,000. And they ' re respected — this year they earned an All-American rating, the highest award possible. They ' re the Daily Bruin — and they bring you the latest in sports, news, entertainment, views and cross-word puzzles. (It makes great kindling wood, too.) This year, the Bruin belted along under editor-in-chief Sally Garner. La Gente: (left to right): Barbara Carrasco—editor-in-chief, Rolando Palencia, Lucinda Moreno — business manager, Juliana Diaz, Angie Elias, Maria Reyes, David Preciado. Not pictured: Jose Luis Ramirez — managing editor, Mario Flores—city editor, Marta Lopez, Carmen Baltierra. Ha ' Am: (clockwise from bottom): Debbie Paller, Karl Zeff, Maxine Pollack, Ben Spector, Craig Preston, Joshua Teitelbaum, Jeffrey Kahan, David Shaffer, Annette Igra. Not pictured: Sandy Akselrad. Together: (left to right): Scott Silverstein, Lyn Jensen, Leslie Winston, Ann B. Goldsmith, Mary Y.C. Han, Kim L. Schwartz. Not pictured: Karen Scharff, Debra Seltzer, Rick Porter, Gary Chiang. Pacific Ties: (left to right): Neal Natsumeda, Dee Hayashi, Gail Watanabe, Kendall Jue, Greg Woo, Mary Nishimoto, Danny Mayeda, Susan lchiyama. Not pictured: John Ohashi, Carol Tomura. A special interest Westwind: (left to right): Karen Robbins, Michael Duffy, Tod McNaughton, Burt Goldstein, Cindi Riddle. Not pictured: Audrey Csendes. Nommo: Front row (left to right): Cheri Hargis — copy editor, Ottis Yette editor, Donna Wilson — managing editor, Henry Jackson — Back row (left to right): Roni Samuel—assistant photo editor, Bill Flynn —assistant production manager. For those with a special interest, there are the special interest papers which are especially interested in special themes. These folks specialize in specific cultural events and bring us up to date on current concerns within their specific community. Ha ' am writes on the Jewish culture, Nommo keeps up on the black population, Together brings in a woman ' s point of view, La Gente represents the Mexican culture, Pacific Ties educates us in the Asian view, and Westwind elaborates on poetical and artsy senses. Whatever you want, we ' ve got it. Board of control Six students, one alumnus, one faculty member and two members of the administration run the Board of Control, which runs that noted conglomerate, ASUCLA. The board determines policies governing the commercial services, examines financial reports, and approves all annual budgets and large expenditures of ASUCLA. They ' re the guys who manage Ackerman Union and someday will, hic, bring a pub to campus. Right, Don Findley, ASUCLA Executive Director, takes part in what is good for everybody . . . Those guys include undergraduate Craig Ehrlich, Jerry Kurland, Richard Tricker, Robert David; graduate reps Eric Anderson, Art Cabral, Tom MacCalla, Bill Cormier; administration reps Harland Thompson, Willaim Locklear, Ray Goldstone; faculty reps Dr. Hal Kassarjian, Dean Richard Stern; alumni rep Chuck Clustka. CPAO CPAO, an often mispronounced and, of late, denounced word, stands for Campus Programs and Activities Office. These people, headed by Lyle Timmerman (center) put together many of the fun and spirited activities around here. Everybody has a say in what goes on including Monroe Wooton, Feelie Lee, Robert Ringler, Dee Dee Musial, Djalma Araujo, Tony Garcia and Ken Heller. Communications board The Communications Board, made up of appointed students and faculty, polices all campus publications, including this yearbook. They make the decisions on finance, select editors and make rules regarding the way a publication should be run. Members, such as Richard Kruez (upper right) and chair Janice Gin (center) sit and listen tentatively to student problems. Other members include undergraduates Brett Holler, Linda Seiffert, Nadine Wildmann; graduates Lee Tubman, H. Keyth Reece, Susan Schwartz, Daizen Victoria; adm inistration rep Dr. Craig Cunningham; alumni rep Arnold Peyser; journalist Herbert Vida; faculty rep Bob Hirst; advertising coordinator Joanne Sanfilippo; media advisor Steve Spence; recording secretary Donna Perea. To the left, one student ponders the editorial outcome of this school ' s leading publication. All the president ' s men (and women) SLC — Front row (left to right): David Greifinger, General Rep; Kyle Maetani, First V-Presiden t; John Kobara, Community Services Commissioner; Bruce Cameron, Finance Chair. Standing: Marc Beilinson, General Rep; Kurt Rothner, Cultural Affairs Commissioner; Pete Gessert, Student Welfare Commissioner; Craig Ehrlich, Undergraduate President; Chris Lamson, Campus Events Commissioner; Willie Banks, Student Educational Policies Commissioner; President Ford; Hugh Miller, Financial Supports Commissioner; Kim Chait, Administrative V-President; Lee Troxler, Facilities Commissioner; Anthony Farwell, General Rep. President ' s office: seated is Undergraduate President Craig Ehrlich; standing (left to right) Barbara Grossi, secretary; Dean Morehous, Internal Affairs; Julie Mebane, Director of Metro Lobby; Don Lesser, University Budget Review; Nancy McNary, Information Director; Jerry Kurland, UC Student Lobby Director; Renee Turkell, External Affairs. Not pictured: Glen Smith, External Affairs. SLC — what is it? Why it is the Student Legislative Council of course. That stands for politics and all the stuff that goes with it . . . including the limelight, shit work, blue parking permits, the Wooden Referendum, long nights at the round table, misquotations in leading newspapers, a little bit of scandal and a lot of ego. If it sounds inviting let us forewarn you — a 2.0 GPA is required. Craig ran a successful government this year with relatively few upsets. You can see how happy he is (opposite page, bottom) while surrounded by his devoted cabinet. Although often the butt of criticism, some SLC offices like Campus Events Commission win the students over with movies like Deep Throat, Monty Python and Annie Hall; and speakers Carol Burnett, Steve Martin and Gerald Ford. Pictured (directly below) is the lovable commissioner of Campus Events Chris Lamson arid Mitch Ostwalt director of Speaker ' s Program. Speaking of Jerry, the knights of the round table (opposite page, top) had the opportunity to pose for a portrait with the former magistrate in February. Judicial Board (below, bottom) tries to impartially iron out the wrinkles of student government — keeping in mind (always) national security. The judicial authority of J Board is astounding and has often been compared to that of the Supreme Court. Student Judicial Board Standing (left to right): Kevin Ivey, clerk; Milton Alksne; Luis Rocha. Seated: Anita Cooke, Monica Lord, Michael Simon, chairperson; Eric Sherman, vice-chairperson; Miriam Aroni, clerk. Absent: Douglas Doyle; Dean Lyle Timmerman, CPAO Advisor. Something for everyone There are all sorts of clubs to join and put your talents into. Blue Key (right) is a campus service group. Phi Eta Sigma (below) is a honorary society. Rally (far top) is a spirit support group headed by Richard Verches. KLA (far middle) is our rockin ' rollin ' campus radio station. The Gay Students Union (opposite page, bottom left) is a social club. The UCLA Dance club (far bottom right) gives you a chance to swing your partner. Blue Key: First row (left to right): Vic Caldwell, vice president; Dan Post, treasurer; James Lees, President; Mike Harness, secretary; Lenny Poirer. row: Bruce Cameron, Andy Daniels, Bill Penny, Tom Pinault, Mitch Ostwald, John Phillips, Brad Rutledge, Bill Moylan. Third row: Bob Campbell Dave Hirsch, John Schoenfeld, Gary Pierot, Dwight Belden, Larry John Chapman, Rich Tom Patton. Fourth row: Randy Rich, Tony Farwell, Todd Whitthorne, Rick Runkel, Mark O ' Donnell, Don Tringali, Ian Douglas, Jeff Zinn, Greg Anicich, John Mauredakis. Phi Eta Sigma Freshman Society: Top row (left to right): Dean Mary Jane Kreb, faculty advisor; Norm Lepor, senior advisor; Dave Anson, first vice-president; Don recording secretary. Bottom row: Lloyd Tani, second vice-president; David Iwaoka, president; Dan Brown, activities director; Larry Morris, treasurer. KLA: (left to right): Mike Lieberm an, Steve Lawson, Eric Polin, Mark Morrison, Udi Schorr, Martin Goodman, Amy Hiatt, David Scherer, Jim Byers, Brian Burns, Steve Natt, John Kobara, A.J. Bay, Mike Bigelow. Second row: Ross Kim, Thair Peterson, Doug Blank, Paul Brown, Hester Schwach, Juli Fishman, Bill Booth, Joe Weissman, Laura lyama, Betty Squatrito, Tim Brown, Chris Nevil (manager), Cathy Sicilian. Third row (in center): Tracy Kennedy, Gale Weiss, Anne Geldin, Maureen Murphy, Barni Rothman, Jennifer McCleery, Monica May, Dee Hayashi, Mary Paralieu, Mike Leventhal. Fourth row: Steve Pederson, Mike Sherwood, Pat Doocy, Mike Bylinkin, Floyd Wallis, Jeff Namba, Pete Demetrio, Tristan Hickey, Mark Jaffe, Paul Hale, Mike Kaufman, Jon Teicher, Alan Elias, Ken Watts, Bob Jansen, Steve Elefant, Ed Mann, Leland Young. You can join, too! And there is a wide variety to choose from. UCLA Anchors — ROTC hostesses. Chinese Cultural Association — a cultural society. Mortar Board — campus service group. Panhellenic Council — sorority government. Bruin Belles — campus hostesses. UCLA Anchors: Top row: (left to right): Carol Edgerton, Sharon Tennyson, Shireen Elnid, Brookes Croonquist, Nancy Thompson, Vicki Pasek. Bottom row: Sandy Streeter, Leslie Ehrman, Pam Whitmer, Ellen Riddell, Mary Berdvil, Lisa Mahon, Maureen Bertorelli. Not pictured: Lorreta Gomez, Patty Arguilles. Chinese Cultural Association: Front row (left to right): Cary Wong, Helen Wong, Joyce Hui, Catalina Don. Second row: Pauline Tse, Robert Kou, Dominic Ngan, Stanley Yan, Raymond Lam. Third row: Terrence C. Wong, Becky Lee, Grace Chen, Simon Yan, Glenn Lee, Stephen Fok, Vicky Lu. Mortar Board: Kneeling: Andrea M. Folin and Valerie Kurth. Front row (left to right): Patti Ferrin, Marla Walters, Chris Shipman, Jill Greenspan, Karen Ayres, Vicki Mayster, Jeanne Bauer, Lori Green, Sandy Campbell, Maryanne Thyken. Second row: Sherry Thomas, Paul Sandberg, Gail Watanabe, Melanie Johnson, John Peterson, Julie Boege, Susan Harris. Panhellenic Council: Top right: Nancy Griffin-Alpha Gamma Delta, Nina Locke-Delta Delta Delta, Kathy Gorman-Alpha Chi Omega, Dori Stegman-Alpha Epsilon Phi, Julie Levine-Alpha Phi, Kim Holiver-Delta Gamma-Secretary, Carol Hess-Gamma Phi Beta, Janet Majors-Kappa Kappa Gamma-Publicity, Mellie Gibson-Kappa Alpha Theta, Nancy McNary-Delta Delta Delta-Intramural Chairman, Meryellea Hughes-Delta Delta Delta-First Vice President, Liz Ying-Delta Zeta-Treasurer, Becky Lenaburg-Alpha Phi-President, Luanne Cesare-Alpha Delta Pi, Debbie Devalle-Delta Zeta, Sheryl Sutherland-Alpha Kappa Alpha, Maggie Bryan-Zeta Tau Alpha, Sue Dworkowski-Chi Omega, Ann Carlson-Pi Beta Phi, Donna McNally-Alpha Chi Omega-2nd Vice President, Kathy Pickett-Delta Gamma. Bruin Belles: Front row: (left to right): Julie Yones ato-Historian, Gail Tusan-Vice President, Lori Hirschberg-Sophomore Representative, Lorrie Provost-Secretary, Beth Anne Powell-President, Kathie Dunn-Social Chairman, Carol Cooper-Junior Representative, Lori Brigantano-Freshman Representative. Second row: Mirian Dickens, Christine Hughes, Athena Ashmore, Kathy Heineman, Barbara Jacobs, Rene Nakasone, Amy Grauman, Angie Yang, Laura Stone, Marcie Brownfield, Karen Borucki, Mary El Fitzgerald. Third row: Linda Jones, Liz Kubota, Jennifer Lentz, Cindy Shimon, Terri Kaczorowski, Pamela Whitmer, Lisa Goldstein, Nancy Thiel, Stacey Whitfield, Dianne Griggs, Donna Finkel, Lynn Cummins, Heather Keeve, Dori Stegman. Fourth row: Carol Costello, Teresa Hayes, Anne Tausone, Leigh Williams, Katherine Hudson, Lisa Zola, Laurel Weaver, Kirsten Fitzgerald, Nanette De La Torre, Linda Leck, Julie Carrington, Marsha Brown, Debbie Brady, Elizabeth Calvert, Karen Jo Goodwin. Fifth row: Susan Braverman, Lori Teslow, Jane Siegal, Linda Brodmus. Yummers - kind of Like the lemonade salesman in the Sahara, the ASUCLA food service has a captive audience. Even so, the food at the Coop, the Treehouse, the North Campus Center, the Kerckhoff Coffeehouse et al, must be pretty good — well, how about " edible " — because thousands are lining up each day at lunchtime. In fact, in the course of a college career it ' s likely that the average UCLA student can tell you exactly how many sesame seeds are on the bun in a cheese basket. As for alternatives, there ' s the Food Co-op (group, bottom), run by Bill Konnerth (bottom, with Donna Perea), on the Veteran Ave. horticulture plot. Love that home-grown! End of the drought . . . Beginning of the rain Bruins afloat When he came to UCLA from the Santa Clara Swim Club four years ago, coach George Haines was already a legend, a teacher of Olympians and world record holders. Since then, he has set about making UCLA a power — with impressive results, especially this year. The Bruins finished fourth in the NCAA finals this season (their second highest placing ever) behind the three first places of Brian Goodell (opposite page), the freshman and dual Olympic gold medalist. And perhaps just as significantly, UCLA ' s swimmers beat USC, handing the Trojans their first home loss in 20 years. Meanwhile, the women ' s swim team, led by Shawn Houghton, a junior, and Tauna Vandeweghe, a freshman and an Olympian, enjoyed an equally successful year. Under coach Colleen Graham, the team surfaced in the number five position at the AIAW national championships in March. And like the men, they put together a win over USC, sometimes worth the season itself. Scoreboard UCLA 84, San Jose State 70 UCLA 106, Arizona State 69 UCLA 125, Utah State 62 UCLA 116, Brigham Young 62 Delta State 84, UCLA 78 UCLA 104, Rutgers 77 Maryland 92, UCLA 88 UCLA 97, Kentucky 72 North Carolina State 91, UCLA 81 UCLA 107, Long Beach State 94 UCLA 123, Kansas State 62 UCLA 101, Cal State Fullerton 55 UCLA 96, San Diego State 49 UCLA 88, USC 63 UCLA 94, Long Beach State 65 UCLA 109, San Francisco State 40 UCLA 99, Stanford 69 UCLA 99, Cal Poly Pomona 72 UCLA 100, Cal State Fullerton 73 UCLA 85, Stephen F. Austin 74 UCLA 104, San Diego State 44 UCLA 101, Cal Poly Pomona 72 UCLA 78, USC 50 UCLA 80, Stanford 54 UCLA 79, Long Beach State 78 UCLA 100, Nevada Las Vegas 88 UCLA 102, Brigham Young 57 UCLA 86, Stephen F. Austin 60 UCLA 85, Montclair State 77 UCLA 90, Maryland 74 (AIAW Nationals) Winter flings Up and down the greek rows, guys and gals raced to the phone after Monday night meetings to ensure themselves of the " perfect " date for that formal in six weeks. There is usually a wide variety of themes a date can choose from, such as the parvenu Sigma Nu White Rose (opposite page), the risky Paddy Murphy (this page), the illustrious Chi Omega Black Tie and many others. Paddy Murphy White Rose ΣN Sigma Nu Back row (left to right): Louie Kickoffel, Keith Pipes, Mike Clark, Dwight Belden, Bruce Nichols, Karl Broderson. Middle row: Seth Larson, Jay Dvorsky, Chris Lagudis, Craig Harris, Bill Penny, James Lees, Mike Koverman, Mark Utzinger, Chris Wright, Gary Schammel, Dan Post, Pete Merlone, Mitch Ostwald, Tom Phillips, Bruce Hartley, Rich Wodiske, Roger Wachtell, Ken O ' Rourke, Mike Slater, Scott Morrison, Craig Pinkard. Front row: Jim Helfrich, John Broderson, Jim Thomas, Mike Linderman, Chris Menninger, Sandy McDougall, Steve Fulton, Neil Wenzel, Tom Vanderhoof, Craig Brown, Mike Dale, Steve Conroy, Scott Mosher, Aidan Foley, Tony Farwell. Steps: Rick Runkel, Rich Barden, Mike Black, Perry Co lligan. Window: Chuck Adams, Todd Whitthorne. XΩ Chi Omega Front row (left to right): Eve Tipton, Suzy Harding, Tracy Kroyer, Chris Shimasaki, Dawn Krieg, Pat Sheela. Second row: Lisa Muer, Cindy Moberg, Andi Matheny, Sue Harris, Barb Kraft, Julie Boege, Judy Porter, Clara Maehara, Lisa Edgerly, Terri Horwitz, Terri Saville, Vicki Kling, Karen Ayres, Cynthia Sanchez, Stacey Kelleher. Third row: Jane Leonard, Cathy Beaumont, Kathy Doherty, Ming Yang, Jeanne Griffin, Betsy Orr, Randi Gold, Kathe Dworakowski, Andi Reeves, Heather Thomas, Kristy Sencerbox, Debbie Dootson, Diana Derebeew, Wendy Solomon, Nikki Sanoff, Evanthia Spanos, Cecily Lo, Sonja Webber, Kathy Burton, Cathy Yasuda, Michelle Kling, Nancy Adam, Cheryl Savage, Jeanne Kawashima. Fourth row: Karin Hughes, Erin Mourey, Ellen Johnson, Kevil Harrington, Janie Miller, Jenny Ryan, Kim Suman, Kathy Kevorkian, Sue Harmonson, Ann Loftus, Sally Campbell, Tina Coulter, Rory Mestel, Sue Dworakowski, Caryl Davis, Kathy Lane, Jill Martin, Fifth row: Terri Welby, Laura Neville, Linda Teslow, Debbie Lawder, Nancy Bechtel, Vlasta Jercinovich, Susie Everman, Lori Cameron, Susie Sutton, Janet Hayes, Shannon Conroy, Nancy Thompson, Robin Katherman, Karen Laukka, Karen Trittipo, Shelley Moore, Lori Teslow, Janis Byer, Gail Turner, Karen Mckenna. XAΔ Chi Alpha Delta Front row: Marcia Ito, Judi Matsukawa, Janie Nakamoto, Hannah Wong, Diane Suzuki, Cheryl Lee, Margaret Endo, Hollie Lee, Carol Murakami, Susan Okuma, Betty Tanaka, Cheri Lee, Georgia Pung, Epin Long, Lynne Wada. Second row: Margaret Yanai, Tina Namba, Rose Wong, Deedy Matsubara, Angela Kato, Jean Wong, Janice Katayama, Nancy Miyao, Karen Ikkanda, Vicki Wong, Nancy Lew, Ellen Kojima. Third row: Janis Uchizono, Carole Watanabe, Rolanda Yee, Nora Kubota, Teri Namba, Grace Wu, Donna Miyata, Joann Nishi, Amy Oda, Susan Kinoshita, Louise Tsukahara, Michele Sato. AKA Alpha Kappa Alpha Front row (sitting left to right): Karen Young, Charlette Rodgers, Sheryl Sutherland, Mozell Carroll, Dianne Griggs, Melody-Ann Morton. Second row (standing): Leslie Speights, Bridget Harvey, Vanessa Johns, Alvairene Scott. Not pictured: Jan Latimore, Bernadette Redd, Charlina Chandler, Leah Wallace, Gina Hendy and Sabrina Turner. ΦKΣ Phi Kappa Sigma First row (left to right): John Greenwood, Doug Johnson, Dave Stebbins, Tom Riccard, Mike Goldberg. Second row: Bret Megowan, Mark Barbolak, Mark Fastiggi, Steve Yegge, Steve Olson, Noe Mecado, Chris Meersman, Bob Watkins. Third row: Bob Campbell, Jim Bertram, Ryan Laughlin, Scott Anderson, Jeff Loats, David Wallace, Dan McQuoid, Doug Kaufman. Fourth row: Jeff Nelson, Kevin Ivy, Brian Moldgrafer, Mark Kermgard, Todd Pescan, Dave Stone, Jose Padilla, Brett Cameron, Kenn Dunn, Mike McGlone, Mike Maretti. Fifth row: Steve McVay, John Parker, Steve Carlton, Russell Kern, Bob Casabari. Sixth row: David Oldham, David Crowley, Henry Enos, Ned Schroeder, Rick Lam, Greg Krikorian, Lon Johnson, Greg Burns, David Pascal, Paul Scott, Dennis Pacheco, Jeff Reynolds. ΣX Sigma Chi Front row (left to right): Pete Turner, John Dowd, Corey Moore, Jeannie McDonald, Bob Maderious, Milt Alksne, Dan Fleet, Tom Hunt. Second row: Mike Boyd, Quint Gallivan, Dave Chamberlain, Don Ball. Third row: Dave Dewey, Eric Stein, Baird Bulmore, Bill Bierschenck, Dudley Slater. Fourth row: Dan Meyer, Dale McCarter, Steve Hill, Mike Hayes, Mark Zucker. Fifth row: Bruce Muir, Trey Blalock, Chris Wagner, Mike Duckhim, Kevin Burbank, Mike Stark. Sixth row: Roger Rawlings, Scott Ellyn, Ray Chadouin, Craig Valerach. Seventh row: Tom Nerschal, Craig Barto, Rob Schumaker, Randall Rich, Mark Douglas, Art Winkleblack, Rob Dawson. Eighth row: Don Harrier, Greg Pappas, Mark Sorenson, Mark Winsten. Class of ’78 They made us laugh . . . James Caan, the Godson (bottom middle), amused a Grand Ballroom audience with his bitter-sweet movie memories while Mel Brooks (far left), eased our high anxiety levels in February. Former UCLA philosophy major Steve Martin (top middle), wild and crazy kind of guy that he is, took home the 2nd annual Jack Benny Comedy Award. In April, Henry Winkler (left) proved da Fonz was no hood and Carol Burnett (top right), leaving her television show after 11 years, made us glad for the time together. They made us listen . . . The name is Gerald Ford (far upper left), and the issues were the Mid-East, the Bakke case, The Pardon and the Michigan basketball team when the former President spoke in Royce Hall in February. Ford said he cleared Nixon because the controversy “just took up too much of my time” while in office. Pete Wilson (far lower left), gubernatorial candidate, stopped by to debate with students. Science fiction writer Ray Bradbury (left), took the time to speak in the Grand Ballroom in January and from the entertainment world came Neil Simon (here in February, below), and Beau Bridges (April, far below). On stage Yeah we folks here got lots of culture, alright. For students of fine arts or just for the heck of it the Performing Arts of UCLA offer a year round program of music, drama and dance. The Fine Arts Production brings us the big name professional talent of symphonies, orchestras, the San Francisco Ballet Company and special performers like Doc Watson and Taj Mahal. The Music, Theater Arts and Dance departments explore the endless talent of UCLA students. In March, the UCLA Dance Company (pictured) demonstrated graceful movements while in April, the Music department put on the Musical Comedy Workshop. In the field of drama, the Theater Arts Productions ranged from The Vintage Season to Antigone to Dear World. Of course we are just mentioning a select few. After you ' ve spent four years here (or five) it ' s enough to make even the most hardcore Ted Nugent fan develop an appreciation for . the arts. Believe us, the list could go on forever. Why don ' t you check it out (if you haven ' t). Because it’s fun . . . Although most people believe they are, basketball and football aren ' t the only games in town. . . or on campus. There are plenty of gymnasts, badminton players, hockey players, lacrosse men, sailors and tennis and soccer players, among others, who are lurking in the broad shadows cast by the stars. They toil as hard — harder — than the big shots. But their reward is more intrinsic than extrinsic. Some, believe it or not, play intercollegiate sports because they ' re fun. We applaud their efforts. Scoreboard Nov. 26 UCLA 75, BYU 73 Nov. 27 UCLA 106, Seattle 73 Dec. 2 UCLA 104, Colorado 70 Dec. 3 UCLA 88, Santa Clara 79 Dec. 10 Notre Dame 69, UCLA 66 Dec. 16 UCLA 90, Southern Illinois 75 Dec. 17 UCLA 71, UC Santa Barbara 55 Dec. 22 UCLA 109, San Jose State 69 Dec. 23 UCLA 86, New Mexico State 67 Dec. 29 UCLA 85, Arizona 63 Jan. 6 UCLA 79, Washington 60 Jan. 8 UCLA 70, Washington State 55 Jan. 13 UCLA 90, Oregon 72 Jan. 14 UCLA 77, Oregon State 60 Jan. 22 Notre Dame 75, UCLA 73 Jan. 28 UCLA 83, USC 71 Feb. 2 UCLA 101, Stanford 64 Feb. 4 UCLA 94, California 75 Feb. 10 UCLA 78, California 64 Feb. 11 UCLA 79, Stanford 63 Feb. 17 UCLA 60, Washington State 59 Feb. 18 UCLA 104, Washington 64 Feb. 23 UCLA 96, Oregon State 58 Feb. 25 UCLA 83, Oregon 57 Mar. 4 UCLA 91, USC 78 Mar. 5 UCLA 96, Michigan 70 Mar. 11 UCLA 83, Kansas 76 (NCAA 1st Round Playoff Game) Mar. 16 Arkansas 74, UCLA 70 (NCAA West Regional Playoff) For now, it’s easy Some things in life are sure things: death, taxes, Reg fee hikes and a Bruin basketball win over USC among them. UCLA — yawn — beat the Trojans twice this year (83-71 in January in Pauley Pavilion and 91-78 in the Sports Arena in March) for the 19th and 20th straight times. But USC, with a young, talented team, may turn UCLA ' s breeze into a squeeze in years to come. And no, those aren ' t the present Bruins and Trojans with their ears lowered (below left) but the 1947 teams in action. UCLA won that one, too. 1977-78 varsity bsketball team Front row (left to right): Brad Holland (14), Raymond Townsend (22), Bill Leonard (23), Roy Hamilton (24). Second row seated: Ducky Drake, team trainer; Larry Farmer, assistant coach; Gary Cunningham, head coach; Jim Harrick, assistant coach. Third row: Kiki Vandeweghe (55), Marvin Thomas (50), James Wilkes (35), Darrell Allums (32), Gig Sims (31), David Greenwood (34), Chris Lippert (30), Tony Anderson (45), Rennie Kelly (43), Barry Morrill, team manager. On the court Beating Oregon this year gave us a big satisfaction, but beating USC has become part of the tradition. Basketball takes a lot of talent and skill and we enjoy the crowd reaction when someone does a spectacular play. There is a satisfaction from winning but we should be able to handle the agony of defeat. We have to play as a unit to win and Coach Cunningham tries for team basketball. We criticize each other, know when the other is mentally down or can ' t do the job, and try to help one another. Each team should set a goal and ours should be the National Championships. —Roy Hamilton Meanwhile, out on the playing fields . . . One out of every three UCLA students played around this year. They did it in Pauley Pavilion and in Drake Stadium, the gyms and the pools. But no need to call the vice squad — were playing around in intramurals. The campus IM program offers more than a dozen activities, a atmosphere and sports for the sake of sports. Intramurals are physical fitness, a relief from studying and an opportunity to be with your buddies. Maybe that ' s why 9,000 people played around this year. ΔTΔ Delta Tau Delta Top row (left to right): Doug Jotner, Bill Westland, Bruce Hubert, Scott Shininner, Chris Wolf, Craig Koester, John Austin, Bob Simpson, Dennis Rourke. Bottom row: Brett Chininner, Dave Lee, Rick Sleman, Tom Sanford, Mike Brannon, John Taylor, Jeff Johnson, Alan Hassel, Duane Castanada, Joe Gerace, Brian Evanshen, George Harris, Phillip Ramminis. Not pictured: Dennis Weber, Larter Tutwielder, Scott Stevens, Jon Gray, Archie Held, Dave Miller, Mark Garabedian, Tim Bakeman, Dan Wasbin, Blake Apostle. ΣΠ Sigma Pi Top row (left to right): Rick Hofman, Jim Carlisle, Dave Shiokari. Second row: Bret Farnum, Daniel Peterson, Bruce Thompson, John Friedeman. Third row: Randy Schuster, Bradford Pardinson, Alan Alosio, Ken Paller, Kurt Rothner, Mike McNutt, James Korb, Stephan Riggs. Fourth row: Mark Helnick, Phil Thompson, John Snodgrass, Steve Schaffer, Bruce Moxon, Scott Bourquin. Fifth row: Robert Boog, Jim Lipow, Mark Heywood, Ralph Day, Dave DeLuce, Joe Garcia, David PuLaski, Richard Myrah, Charles Kirk. Sixth row: George Knisley, Nicolas Sidjakow, John Biestman, Gary Gick, Mike Harvey. Seventh row: Ken Raabe, Glen Wells, Ron Obara, Andy Waxler, Arnald Klein. Eighth row: Craig Connerty, John Lepp, Brent Kunimoto, Peter Nakagawa, John Ypma, Charles Banny. AΔΠ Alpha Delta Pi Front row (left to right): Sara Killins, Lynne Oakes, Janet Anderson, Marianne Pease Chris Murnighan, Ellen Mykanner, Judy Steneken. Second row: Linda Johnson, Karen Graves-President, Jeanne Bauer, Vicki Mayster, Barbara Berg, Stephanie Jui, Linda Spangler. Third row: Wanda Bowe, Sherri Stiendorf, Susie Rennard, Jody Mortoratti, Jill Borden, Barbara Berkyto, Liz Rodgers, Carla Berks, Linda Claussen. Fourth row: Joanne Mickle, Patty Botzbach, Verena Katinsky, Julia Kopitzke, Denise Coderre, Chris Wullschleger, Leslie Fender, Lynne Dines, Jeannette Schaetner, Christy Moeller. Fifth row: Gayle Tamler, Andee Rubin, Debbie Zerda, Lori Hershberg, Sandy Hull, Mary Martin, Julie Treinen, Diane Loewe, Rene Nakosone, Diana Chamb lin. Front row: Bonnie Ross, Stacy MacKenzie, Mary Brunz, Lee Fuller, Jody Cohan, Lynn Ballard. Second row: Nancy Nelson, Marian Schunk, Beth Lewis, Karen Kay Wullschleger, Tauna kay Vandeweghe, Barbara Phillipi. Third row: Terri Boesvert, Shari Lloyd, Linda Polin, Amy Grauman, Carol Regan, Pam Robinson, Sue Wilson, Christine Rogers. Fourth row: Anne Barden, Connie Brajkovich, Robin Stuart, Nancy Geer, Dickie Dulgarian, Lorraine Jones, Val Kaplan. Top row: Diane Monteil, Megan Schluter, Callie Shively, Carol Shively, Lori Shearer, Linda K. Wood, Laurie Miller, Donna Felkel, Heidi Larson, Luanne Cesare. ΘΞ Theta Xi In pool (left to right): Alan Dibartolomeo, Daryl Hoffman, Tom Villa, Frank Pagano, Mark Schwartz, Mark Horne, Gary Pieper, Phil Hodsdon, Bob Barman, Joe Cottrell, Barry Stubblefield, Phil Beamish, Blake Schow, Pete Maimone, John Schauerman, Brian Dauk, Mark Wessel. In pool (left to right): Mike Fitzsimmons, Frank Diaz, Louis Desser, Jack, Jim Schweitzer, Terry Galloway, Joe Fitzgerald, John Kalinowski, Parker Singh, Brad Challacombe, Jeff Campbell. Those who were watershy: Mark Boberg, Alvaro Bonilla, Thurman Carver, Bob Chilton, Jean-Pierre Cole, Corey Cramin, Jeff Davis, John Dorris, Kevin Fina, Leon Fromkess, Ron Hougardy, Bert Johnson, Chris Kaddas, Tom Lang, John Marcelletti, Mike Parchen, Mike Parker, Steve Pitzek, Greg Sayre, Jim Squires, Jim Staab. ZTA Zeta Tau Alpha First row: Joanne Ortega, Becky Litchfield, Ku-Nae kim, Maggie Bran, Kal Thomas. Second row: Leslie Rimbach, Lisa Berger, Robin Campbell, Mitzi Reynolds, Pam Sharp. Third row: Debbie Hampton, President, Diana Nelson, Jeanne Sanders, Sharon Moroko, Carmen Naranjo, Julie Platt, Nancy Ypma, Pennie Pollock, Karen Alberts, Laurie Marquette. Fourth row: Sarah Bowen, Carmeron Sisk, Kathy Blank, Ann Fox, Janet Ponton. Fifth row: Debbie Meyers, Nancy Pollock, April De Fabrey, Jenny Ragan, Alice Rodli. Not pictured: Lisa Hunefeld, Nancy Biddle, Cindy Posenbloom, Karen Fluvog, Libby Tapscott, Chris Mckee, Leslie Sargent, Lori Weeferau. TKE Tau Kappa Epsilon Front row (left to right): Kathy Cecilian, Eva Decarli, Richard Sarazen Vice-President, Daniel Bank, Karen Koster, Jon Ivanhoff, Suzanne Strauss, Colleen Christian, Anna Salazar, Bill Owen, Elisa Wolfe, Bob Jansen. Second row: Dave Lewis, Duke Peters, Jeff Otto President, Wayne Gordon, Chris Draney, Duanne Chernow, David Schwartz, Allen Fensten. Third row: Mitch Kaufman, Dave Glendenning, Richard Jue, Jason Kleinheim, John Harrington, Tammy Velente, Joe Weiss, Ted Lin, John Chapman, Terry May, Dick Gulessarian. Fourth row: Ed Yang, Adam Perkel, Mark Krotoski, Mike Brand, Judy Josephson, Allan Jewett, Frank Newman, Dave Daly, Terry May, Richard Lattman, Glen Quan. Fifth row: Tom Herron, Bill Gaynor, Russ Lum, Richard Karp, Andre De Bortnowski, Jon Wittry, Kirk Bacon, Jeff Ribman. Sixth row: Mike Baltax, Bryan Buck, Dave Gilmour, Bob Gutterman, Hans Geisse. Not pictured: John Abdulian, Steve Berg, Jim Blackburn, Gary Cardinale, Doug Doyle, Bruce Fujiami, Alex Horvat, Bruce Rosen, Carl Roberts, Bill Wong, Dave Young, Dan Weiner, Dave Foster, Ken Grock, Bob Gaskin, Nil Geisse. ΔΔΔ Delta Delta Delta Front row(left to right): Susan Lacy, Kelli Power, Cynthia deBeaumont, Lori Landau, Patti Evart, Terri Sweet, Jane Kost, Julie Duran, Katie Osborn, Maria Hak, Pam Kottke, Julie Reese, Bev Verna, Marcie Podgur. Second row: Madelyn Alfano, Cynthia Hobson, Nancy Herman, Maryella Hughes, Sandy Sasser, Nancy Morrison, Cindy Fox, Kathy Watson, Pat Atterbury, Tricia Cox, Nancy Ousman, Ellen Hayes, Nancy Wynn, Deni Poletti, Karen Kaupke, Cindy Beattie, Karen Long, Nina Locke. Third row: Chris Blakeman, Christin Miller, Lynda Smith, Ann deLormier, Sally Stolte, Leslie Kumamoto, Nancy Nusbaum, Stella Joyce, Kendy McCloskey, Kathy Hockett, Barbara McNary, Cathy Peale, Linda Trump, Lori Cibattari, Janice Neff. Fourth row: Nancy McNary, Melissa Farrer, Sue Olweiller, Jennifer Small, Debbie Grosz, Susan Lebo, Cathy Hagy, Katie Lynch, Becca Minor, Sue Lesh, Leslie Amos. Back row: Shelly Engman, Laura Martin, Inga Weady, Leslie Miller, Parie Jensen, Cynthia Colasanti, Karren Brown, Jacqui Pribnow, Kelly Douglass, Linda Leishman, Heidi Roberts, Diane Glascock, Kathy Wallace, Nancy Beadle, Kathy Clark, Terri Aiken, Tracy Walton, Pam Williams. KΣ Kappa Sigma First row (left to right): Lewis Webster, Robert Allen, Steve Tishman, Marc Joffe, James Mulryan, David Ash, David Juran. Second row: Vernon Yonemura, George Browning Ill, David Blumberg, Richard J. Tasoff, Mark Lutkenhouse, Larry Shoemaker, Tim Rote, Larry Sonnenschein. Third row: Michael Harrow, Les Keyak, Mike Rebedda, Fred Perez, Eric Nicolaisen, Michael Flynn, Bruce Bloom, Roger Buf Grad, Tony Beck, Jeff Roberts. Fourth row: Derrick Shen, David Price, Kim Froke, Jim Powers, Xavier Anderson, Doug Ford, Steven Strehlow, Scott Blake, Greg Schwartz, Matt Morgan, Mark Anderson. ΔZ Delta Zeta Top row (left to right): Laurel Agee, Leslie Grubaugh, Sharon Smith, Doris Cerneka. Second row: Lucy Certoma, Winnie Kummer, Cheryl Abrahamsen, Cecilia Soh. Third row: Ruth Wallace, Carla Cruz, Mrs. Dejaifre (housemother). Fourth row: Jonilu Shimokowa, Lori Smith, Debra Devalle, Cynthia Sosin. Fifth row: Dale Begun, Deborah Carlsten, Elizabeth Ying. Sigma Delta Tau Top row (left to right): Karen Kerner, Debbie Elfant, Carol Engleman, Shera Dolmatz, Celia Sabirv, Leslie Baer, Sandra Stept, Debbie Kessler, Mirea Hepner, Esther Adler, Phyllis Kupferstein, Sue Fingerett, Judy Gumbiner, Sharon Gold. Second row: Debbie Mandel, Sue Lubin, Melissa C., Carol Perlberger, Sue Cohn, Linda Jankovic, Jessica Cahen, Noreen Field, Marcia Camerman, Sari Goodman, Melody Lubin. Bottom row: Hester Schwach, Doreen Ravet, Sue Kurit, Robin Zimmerman, Myrna Hernandez, Patti Berman, Lorilei Strauss, Edie Burns, Karen Landers, Helen Christie, Carolyn Fuson. Bruisin’ and cruisin The rugby team went international this year with a two week spring break tour of England. The squad, under U.S. national coach Dennis Storer, raised $26,000 in trip funds themselves by painting houses, selling t-shirts and hosting a (in which Storer himself ran 28 laps). On the field, the UCLA side bruised opponents for a 16-3 record and team members Del Chipman, Rob Duncanson, John Fowler and Steve Gray were named to the all-conference and American national teams. Recipe for success Take a dozen or so transfers, a handful of promising freshman and one bona fide gold medalist, stir them up with a firey head coach and what do you get? This year, it added up to a 9-5 season for UCLA ' s revitalized wrestlers. Under coach Dave Auble, the Bruins finished third in the Pac-8 as Mike Burgher won his division. He and Pan-Am gold medalist Fred Bohna (190 pounds) and Joaquin Maldonado (126) and Emmanuel Miller (150) also represented UCLA at the NCAA championships. Stroking up a storm The older order changeth — and it was the UCLA crew team that was doing the changing. At the San Diego Crew Classic in April, the varsity eight cracked the Eastern rowing bloc by making it to the grand finals for the first time in history, and ultimately finishing seventh. morning and afternoon workouts for the varsity, JV, frosh, lightweights and women paid off later in the year: the Bruins whipped cross-channel rival USC. Head coach Duvall Hecht (bottom right) ponders on how to keep the water on the outside of the boat. Another banner The wizardess of Westwood, Billie Moore (opposite page middle), and the princess of Pauley Pavilion, Ann Meyers (15), led the Bruins to their first women ' s basketball national championship. They did it in an appropriate place, too: Pauley Pavilion. In March, Meyers (below), a four-time All-American, guided the Bruins to their championship win over Maryland in front of over 9,000 fans, showing that women ' s athletics, not UCLA, was the big winner. SPRING SING Greek ' s squeak An old UCLA tradition, the Greek Spring Sing, returned this year after over a decade absence. This year ' s contest was held in the Grand Ballroom but those of yesteryear filled the Hollywood Bowl. This year a number of fraternities and sororities sang, swung and, occasionally, squeaked their way through an enthusiastic performance. Alpha Tau Omega and Sigma Kappa won the Combined Fraternity and Sorority Group and the Sweepstakes Trophy with a medley of 50 ' s songs. ATΩ Alpha Tau Omega Front row ( left to right): Kirk Hallam, Andy Goodson, Keith Robinson, Dan Wendt. Second row: Jeff Patterson, Tom Moore, Pete Siberell, Brad Rutledge. Third row: Dave Chernow, Karl Danielson, Bob St. Amand. Fourth row: Ian Douglas, Mike O ' Reefe, Tom Bradt, Tony Deichler. Fifth row: John Campbell, Mark Zweng, Jim Belan, Brian Froehler, Art Duberg. Sixth row: Chip Shimer, Scott Morrow, Mitch Jones, Kenny McGlynn, Mark Anderson. Seventh row (going up stairs): Mike O ' Brien, Mike Vanneman, Dave Nakano, Dave Kilimer, Gene Matsuda, Mark Poitras, Skip Sharer. Eighth row: Tom Packer, Mike Updike, Bob Merrill, Jack Bucci, Mark Nanamura, Felice Spinosa, Bruce Dees, Jim Allen, Steve Ehrenkranz, Matt Haley, Mike May, John Raber, Uncle Tom, Stan McElroy, Warren Sprague, Mark Glicklich, Randy Abernathy, Phil Ksarjian. Ninth row: Mark Marrama, Jim Paver, Dave Gibbs. ZBT Front row (left to right): Dave Gold, Jeff Engie, Leo Price, Bob Levy, Gary Stalin, Mark D. Terman, Ted Lux, Glenn Soled, Fred Denitz, Ron Cypers, Rick Walmark. Second row: Howard Leiter, Dave Shapiro, Scott Berg, Howard Tischler, Harry Gould, Archie Kreitenberg, Mike Rosenthal, Mark Ahn, Max Carlin, Rich Steingard, Mike Nebel, Gary Abrams, Louis Q. Knox, Zip Sucker, Steve Gordon, Richard Greene, Keith Kramer. Third row: Dave Stoltz, Mark Englander, Greg Karasik, Lou Karasik, Scott Clitman, A.J. Opper, Don Kane, Marty Wolfson, James Mahaffey, Randy Stern, Paul Gold, Steve Crane, Gary Gertler, Jeff Koz. Left Balcony and across the roof: Don Aberbook, Bruce D ' Fer, Jerry Goodman, Mark Fishman, Chuck Morganstern, Dean Prober, Mike Khan, Dave Solomon, Harland Epstein. Second row balcony: John Schoenfeld, David Rosen, Chuck Cummings, Keith Gregory, Dave Hirsch, Randy Briskin, Jeff Kevich, Mitch Eisner, Ken Guzik, Paul Spiegelman. ΣK Sigma Kappa First row (left to right): Cathy Ypma, Dawn Clements, Lisa Thackaberry, Stefanie Staviski, Kathy Heinemann, Alicia Munn. Second row: Lyn Hughes, Carey Nerad, Janet Farrell, Joanne Gold, Sandy Arnold. Third row: Eva DeCarli, Jennifer Lentz, Pam Tanaka, Laurie Hontos, Marcia Murray, Jo-Ann Yap. Fourth row: Kathie Dunn, Cindy Kenney, Janna Flad, Lisa Alexander, Jill Klessig, Donna Ralls, Annie Chui, Nancy Hawkins. Top row: Debra Guerriere, Lauren Polizzi, Alexa Buchanan, Sue Cherin, Susie Belcher, Sara Skidmore. First row (left to right): Nancy Kulusich, Carol Heukrodt, Carol Dreher, Karen Jo Goodwin, Pam Boren. Second row: Katie Kimbell, Nancy Ryder, Stephania Pellegrino, Terri Hayes, Denise Robitaille, Erin Cox, Nikki Mann. Third row: Karen Test, Ellie Thomas, Athena Ashmore, Heather Keeve, Nancy Sulkow, Kathy Takata, mary Stoakes. Fourth row: Vicki Martin, Cathy Bloome, Andrea Bjornlie, Laurie Patierno, Beth McCutcheon, Mi Sun Cho, Diana Salazar, Janet Cochran. Fifth row: Nancy Woolf, Julie Beye, Lori Cohen, Doreen Cooper, Wendy Costenbader, Patricia Rogers. AФ Alpha Phi First row (left to right): Sue Pasco, Jenny Davis, Lisa Fogle, Janet Fitzgibbons, Nadine Panos. Second row: Debi Dargert, Kirsten Fitzgerald, Lucy Brown, Bliss Berry, Kim Lynch, Allison Wyatt, Carolyn Murray, Sheri Greenberg. Third row: Ellen Wright, Gail Canzoneri, Michelle McConnell, Kathi Kailer, Nancy Arnold, Kim Seaver, Ann Griswald, Pam Smith. Fourth row: Pam Symons, Daveen Tyras, Sue McLane, Sue Hasting, Ginny Levy, Lynne Conti, Lynn Murray, Sharon Creps, Jodi Weiland, Sue St. Sure. Fifth row: Linda Kunz, Chris Rodgers, Linda Miechowitz, Mairead Mercer, Donna Mathisen, Ann Spearman, Vikki Merone, Lorri Snyder, Sue Godejahn, Cindy Philbert, Cindy Curran, Tracy Locking, Rhonda Freedman. First row (left to right): Kathi Donovan, Agnes Kenworthy, Shelly Strachan, Heidi Pence, Carol Walt, Torrey Ewart. Second row: Kathy O’Donnell, Dede Knoerle, Amy Anderson, Jill Delany, Debbie Keller, Laura Mitchell, Joan Jordan, Carol Newell. Third row: Mrs. Shehorn, Diane Wingert, Katrina Kreutzberg, Cheri Hoffman, Julie Levine, Vicki Heller, Jennifer Wallace, Liz Tinker, Cindy Correa. Fourth row: Gail Morrow, Kim Benner, Melissa Salazar, Lisa Foster, Carolyn Doherty, Julie Carrington, Lori Pivo, Jill Irwin, Michelle Winfield. Fifth row: Sue Phillips, Dana Berkett, Carol Bullock, Allison Kazarian, Debbie Wedding, Liz Hantt, Diane Bessee, Lee Lehr, Jennifer Booth, Linda Broderick, Christie Schmidt. Doreen Laraway. AΓΔ Alpha Gamma Delta From top (left to right): Nancy Shipman, Tracy Jeffries, Brenda Himebaugh, Brookes Croonquist, Melanie Sharon, Lori Baker, Nancy Griffin, Mary Aquirre, Kate Keyes, Jody Gunn, Beth Bunce, Krys Petersen, Karen Gross, Sylvia Merino, Eileen Lyon, Linda Heinmiller, Cyn Smith, Sue Latina Susan Scaffiddi, Giselle Rocha, Julie How, Patti Gilbert, Jeanie Stone, Sally Beamish, Claire Wagner, Mele Mason, Nancy Hanks, Pam Whitmer, Sylvia Pfalsgraf, Renee Smith, Denise Lester, Michelle Actchison, Dianne Milham, Claire Cosgrove, Terri Kaczorowski, Ruth Farrington, Olga Esquirel, Not pictured: Sally Huhn, Annmarie Blount, Jean Riley, Marian Green, Cindy Harvie, Alison Stec, Julie Edson, Gail Edson, Kathy Titus, Mindy Hamway, Adelia Ching, Jean Stone, Peggy Wilson. AΓΩ Alpha Gamma Omega Front row: Howard Eller, President. Second row (left to right) Ivan Cheny, Dave Weber, Russ Iwane, Dave Fredrickson, Ruben Ahumada. Third row: Randy Stager, Don Rothman, Jim Berg, Joel Wright, Kevin Kiner, Peter Kim, Paul Schuller. Fourth row: Rex Houdyshel, Steve Arreguin, John Schmidt, Greg Chadwick, Jeff Lettow, Alfred Kanzler. Fifth row: Melvin Ageaoili, Cleve McKnight, Bill Baker, Steve Cade, Dave Turnbull, Gerald Aden, Bill Haney. Sixth row: Ken Paris, Bob Whitten, Dana Ogden, Steve Fowler, Rick Richards, Tim Sturgill, Eric Miller, Mark Douglas, Mike Yetter, Kim Burdick, Mark Miller, Alan Kempner, John Koran. AEФ Alpha Epsilon Phi Front row: (left to right): Cookie Spatz, Candy Rosenbloom, Amy Singer, Tina Tendler, Cissy Seaman, Suzanne Wegener. Second row: Jane Feldman, Judy Mintz, Jill Shafton, Patti Manbach, Tami Kobernick. Third row: Wendy Moss, Leslie Hirschberg, Denise Zweben, Andi Capell, Wendi Luckhoff. Fourth row: Lori Ghilbert, Keri Platt, Julie Silver. Fifth row: Jan Hasson, Michelle Raffelson, Dori Stegman, Shellie Rosenblatt, Michelle Collins, Susan Zale. Sixth row: Rosie Miller, Carole Beagleman, Jami Abell, Shellie Cohen, Suzanne Hanen. Front row (left to right): Dana Soloman, Jill Greenspan, Laurie Stein, Pam Fein, Perri Pizer. Second row: Debbie Litwin, Aurelia Nativ, Susie Mintz, Sandy Strerer, Lisa Agay. Third row: Lauren Hoffman, Nancy Kumetz, Sharon Burde, Lynne Tolkan. Fourth row: Susan Perla, Lisa Zola, Lori Rudee, Judy Goldberg, Sylvia Fischer. Fifth row: Annette Appleby, Karen Fernandez, Debbie Kagan, Elaine Kanoskie, Marla Bell, Debbie Pollack. Sixth row: Ellen Beck, Franye Graham, Helene Franklin, Leslie Maisel, Lisa Levin. Bump, set, spike, win UCLA ' s volleyball series with Pepperdine was one of ebb and flow. First, the two teams split league matches. Then the Bruins thumped Pepperdine in the conference decider. But when it counted most--in the NCAA finals--UCLA and not the Waves, were the ones to break. Scoreboard Record Jan. 7 — All Cal Tournament Jan. 15 — Invitational Tournament Jan. 18 — Alumni (exhibition) Jan. 21 — Cal State Northridge 1-0 Jan. 29 — Collegiate Tournament at Santa Barbara Feb. 3 — 2-0 Feb. 4 — Stanford 3-0 Feb. 10 — Stanford 4-0 Feb. 15 — Long Beach State 5-0 Feb. 18 — San Diego State Feb. 26 — Japan (exhibition) Mar. 1 — UC Santa Barbara 6-1 Mar. 3 — UC Irvine 7-1 Mar. 8 — Loyola Mar. 10 — Volleyball Classic Mar. 10 11 — Volleyball Classic (Ohio State, USC Pepperdine) 9-1 UCLA defeats USC 10-1 Mar. 15 — Pepperdine 11-1 Mar. 17 — USC 12-1 Mar. 29 — Loyola 13-1 Mar. 31 — California 14-1 Apr. 7 — Long Beach State 15-1 Apr. 8 — UC Santa Barbara 16-1 Apr. 12 — USC 17-1 Apr. 14 — SDSU 18-1 Apr. 19 — UC Irvine 19-1 Apr. 22 — Pepperdine 19-2 May 5 — NCAA Semi-finals UCLA defeats Rutgers May 6 — NCAA Finals Pepperdine defeats UCLA 3-2 Net gain Take a good look at Eliot Teltscher (next page, below left). It may be your last chance to catch the Bruin freshman before he vollies off next year to pro tennis, glory and riches, in roughly that order. In his brief stop here, Teltscher, under coach Glenn Bassett (next page, above right) played No. 1 singles leading teammates John Austin (right), Bruce Nichols (below right), senior captain Tony Graham (next page, top left) and freshman Robbie Venter (next page, bottom right). The fellow below left played tennis here about the time most of this year ' s seniors were born (1955). Aaaaa, batter! Swing! If you ' re a UCLA baseball player, you know the frustration. The Bruin batters met USC six times this season, losing five — four by one run. Still coach Gary Adams ' team finished up the regular season at 39-17 to close in on a berth in the NCAA tournament. Dave Baker and Craig Johnson banged out the big hits while Floyd Chiffer did the top job on the mound. The Trojans, meanwhile, kept the key to their lock on the Pac-8 Southern Division championship. If you think Nolan Ryan is fast, check out a women ' s intercollegiate softball game on the intramural field someday. You ' ll see pitches in at up to 95 miles per hour — and that ' s underhanded. This year, the pitching of Jan Jeffers and Lisa Richardson helped UCLA to a win in the softball World Series in Omaha, both for the first time in school history. Their success was all in the wrist . . . and the elbow . . . and the shoulder . . . Look, up in the air . . . Among the world ' s great athletes is Mike Tully, UCLA ' s world record pole vaulter. With a 16-foot fiberglass pole in hand, Tully (this page, lower left) is part runner, part jumper, part gymnast. This year, he was a full-fledged star as UCLA ' s track team grabbed some glory despite dual meet losses to Oregon and USC. There were other stars, too: hurdlers James Owens (opposite page, middle left), and Greg Foster, triple jumper Willie Banks (top middle), shot putter Dave Laut and runners Donn Thompson, Shawn James and Conrad Suhr. The women, meanwhile, were led by sprinter Evelyn Ashford (bottom right) the American 200 meter record holder and a once and future Olympian. Carnival for kids HOUSE OF HORRORS The intramural field got its annual trampling at the end of April, but the cause was worth more than what it ' ll take to re-seed the turf. It was the Mardi Gras and this year the largest student-run activity in the world had its best year ever. Fraternities, sororities and clubs set up booths and shows such as Haunted House, Minskies, Showboat and the Great American Musical Revue. About 86,000 turned out to see the shows, eat the food and play the games during the three-day carnival which raised about $100,000 for UniCamp, the summer camp for underpriveleged children. Thanks, they needed that. KKΓ Kappa Kappa Gamma First row (left to right): Janet Majors, Cathy Young, Dana Stanley, Jona Kretzu, Cyndi Bridges, Laurie Thomas. Second row: Sharon O ' Brien, Janet Morita, Carolyn Gramley, Julie Williams, Lynn Carlos, Michelle Moran, Jane Givens. Third row: Debbie Danielson, Marla Johnson, Kim Macy, Karen Langley, Denise Daniels, Kerri Potter, Jill Gumbert. Fourth row: Darcy White, Lori Hock, Debbie Frederick, Donna Gustafson, Jennifer Martyn, Trisha Young. Fifth row: Ann Grapperhaus, Carol Meisch, Connie Agnew, Jody Turner, Lori Livingston, Leslie Whitehouse, Sue Feehan, Debbie Martyn, Martha Lipinsky, Wendy Wilson. First row (left to right): Kathy Brennan, Debbie Cobb, Melissa Gray, Brier White, Cim Brown, Ahlgren, Margot Keenan. Second row: Andrea Popovich, Kim Randle, Lisa Tremble, Gigi DeMocskonyi, Stacey Storm, Laurie Cheyovich, Jamie Dayharsh. Fourth row: Jane Weddington, Chris Haugen, Carrie Kidwell, Christi Meustchler, Sally Specht, Nancy Peterson, Ann Murphy, Audrey Angelo. Fifth row: Cathy Smith, Julie Johnson, Ellen Wise, Anne Muilenberg, Yvonne Katinsky, Sally Jacobus. ΛXA Lambda Chi Alpha Front row (left to right): Jim Luzzi, Mike Rhodes, John Horwitz, Keith Wolfe, Steve Robbins, Lee Troxler, Francis Gyermek, Jim Kaldem, Bill Bender, Michael J. Harness, Gary Schwary. Second row: Jeff Zinn, Charlie Campbell, Ted Jarris, Vic Hurtado, Dave Schmidt, Lanny Noveck, John Mavredakis. Third row: Mark Kimball, Rick Williams, Nick Svetcoff, Jeff Cox, Greg Korth, John Bonutto, Kirk Feldman, Mike Mullins, Bob Saunders, Rich Dineda, Ben Rubio, Mike Benavente, Ernie Marchosky, Jim Richards. Fourth row: Mike Snyder, Tim Connely, Todd Noia, Mark Wagner, Brad Frasier, Steve Bay, Brian Baggott, Martin Ensbury, Mark Kolsrud, Richards, Tom Cave, Ron Zinner, Dave Shapiro, Craig Bockman, Bob Craig, Jim Phelps, Bill Harrison, John Woodlock, Pete Phelps, Stan Hubbard, Greg Anacich, Glen Garlick, Jim Lapeter, Charlie Goldberg. Fifth row: Bob Nunez, Jeff Korchek, Ed Mann, Ed McGawley, John Lopez, Bill Waller, Lenny Poirer, Scott Carlson, Mike Wright. Sixth row: Steve Katnick, Dave Shambrom, Don Tringali. Not pictured: Doug Hart, Rod Im, Steve Sann, Rick VanBruggen, Bill Ashby, Vic Caldwell, Greg Coates, Kevin Cookingham, Mike Geller, Ron Jackson, Seth Kaplan, Drew Kohler, John Morris, George Miram, Kevin O ' Conner, Mark Ritchie, Dave Sloyer, Dave Smith, John Sorich, Scott Wells, Dave Weisner, Greg Harless, Gary Rowley. ΘΔX Theta Delta Chi First row (left to right): John Collade, Mike Rebaleati, Jack Huang, Joe Wilkinson. Second row: Larry Coyle, Mark Thorpe, Ed Farfan, Wiles, Art Menesis, Ted Panos. Third row: Sam Follis, Jeff Greb, Carl Avrit, Mike Meadows, Bill Chambers, Bill Cohn, Bruce Cameron, Vic Zimmerman. Fourth row: John Ashton, Mark Kendrick, Don Green, Charlie Bartlett, Tony Held, Armando Navarrow, Dave Loyst, Bill Seitz, Lee Farrell, Wayne Golditch, Steve Strauss, Larry Challacombe. Fifth row: Jim Hodgeman, Jim Kallas, Jeff Apodaca, Harry Paleologos, Mike Bourke, Gary Bracken, Mike McCulloch, Russ Levikow. Left to right: Alex Baldonado, Herb Kraus, Mark Davidson, Dave Haberman, Paul Krause, John Hicks, Roger Farr, Paul Trock, Craig Dial, Doug Jungwirth, George Hielscher, Eugene Vilain, Tim Helble, Dave Hook, Rick Arellanes, Bill Ditto, Rick Raser, Dave Brown. Left to right: Mark Zucherman, Herb Kraus, Prof. David F. Martin, Allan Kershaw, Roger Farr, Prof. Edward H. Taylor, Paul Krause, Alan Rugh, David Haberman, Prof. Edward P. Coleman, Prof. C. Martin Duke, Richard Arellanes, Prof. William J. Knapp, Eugene Vilain, Frederick Steiner, Dean R. R. O ' Neill. Triangle Bottom row (left to right): Dave Brown, Tim Helble, Brad Spear, Mark Davidson, Bob Nicholls, Dusty Schilling, Alex Baldonado, Paul Krause. Second row: Rick Steiner, Eugene Vilain, Paul Trock, Mark Zucherman. Third row from those standing: Dave Hook, Jay Westly, George Hielscher, Birne Binegar, John Hicks, Richard Raser, Herb Kraus, Rick Arellanes, Walt Meares, John Oki, Leonard Ruebe. Fourth row: Larry Gale, Mark Knighton. Top: Sam Yang. KΔ Kappa Delta Bottom row (left to right): Debbie Smith, Judy Kouno, Bonnie Malone, Glenda Reed, Kathy Butler, Doreen Capestany, Second row: Sue Pruckner, Liz Granieri, Kathy Kennedy, Lisa Montross, Pat Foley. Third row: Sheryl Eldridge, Carmen Fraguglia, June McMillin, Kathy Presutto, Kerry Cicotte. Fourth row: Lynn Thompson, Edith Hashimoto, Mignon Wills, Karen Leonard, Jill Rector. Fifth row: Dianne Patterson, Lynn Bonicelli, Sue Adamson, Maryel Fitsgerald, Liz Roemer, Tracy McDonald. Bottom row (left to right): Maria Pernice, Holly Drake, Laura Rubin, DeeDee Davies, Heidi Seawright, Anita Kratka. Second row: Sue Mackey, Arden Lewis, Christi Moyer, Gail Smason, Susie Sanman, Karen Malmuth. Third row: Lynn Moyses, Drue Whiting, Karen Oakes. Fourth row: Linde Sphuler, Nancy Garrigue, Kathy Carlson, Roni Adams, Val Brekke. Fifth row: Jodie Pisar, Joan McHugh, Lucinda Sanman, Nancy Bower, Lathy Kyne. Not pictured: Carol Davis, Holly Felder, Helen Jacobs, Stephanie Hedges, Sandy Dilles, Connie Vodak, Jacquie Kreiman, Shirley Dickinson, Peggy Carver, Peggy Schauerman. AEΠ Alpha Epsilon Pi Top row (left to right): Mike Klein (advisor), Gary Beaston, Lee Rosenblum, Jeff Ettinger, Paul Roth, Jeff Smith, Bill Poss, Scott Sullivan, Brad Winchester. Second row: John Leaf, Steve Durkee, Jeff Appel, Chris Paietta, Gordon Tsuji, Jim Edwards. Third row: Andy Liner, Mark Tokunaga, Saul Helfing, Carl Zeff, Paul Zeidler, Tom Meagher. Front row: Chuck McCay, Ken Kaufman, Roger Rea, Wally Samuelson, Steve Morris. ΦΔΘ Phi Delta Theta Front row (left to right): Mark Serrano, Bill Gastil, Kim Bishop, Dan Luksik, Bill White. Second row: Friend, Tyler Brown, Mike Simpson Liz Lincoln - Little Sister, John Bertrand, Marty Avidan, Bruce Wilkerson, Rich Herrmann, Friend. Third row: Mark Levy, Cam Larson, Neil Yamaguchi, Kath. McIntyre - Little Sister, Rick Nafis - President, Jim Picker, Joyce Liedtke - Little Sister, Randy Sakamoto - Treasurer, Tate Bartel. Not pictured: Ron Carr, Jim Demarest, Dave Green, Walter Kasha, Ross Kim, Andy Ko, John Lubisich, Dustin McNabb, Manny Najera, Jerry Namba, Paul Nestler. AΞΔ Alpha Xi Delta Front row (left to right): Cam Tennyson, Leslie Schirle, Cami Marcus-Social Chairman, Lesley Davidson, Sandy Sacks-pledge trainer. Second row: Karen Brennan, Marian Wolf, Karen Jasper, Ann Whisenhunt, Margie Marenus, Andrea Wolfe, Suzanne Goulet, Sarah Lynch, Liz Linda Eastman, Laura Silverman. Third row: Katy Glav, membership chairman; Shira Zabar, Linda Livingston, Nancy Nelson, Darlene Franks, Paula Nuzzo, Kate Wogel, vice-president; Karyne Sime, Karen Deeter, Amy Field, counselor; Edie Cole, Kathy Deeter, Chris Shipman, treasurer. ГΦB Gamma Phi Beta Front row (left to right): Patty Laughead, Laurie Redlich, Patty Ferrin, Donna Twiss, Laurie Schuarte, Kitt Corea, Tricia Honsacker, Debbie Lillief, Wendy Crimp. Second row: Marsha Brewer, Sandy Morris, Sandy Turner, Dalila DeLeon, Vickie Perez, Nancy Wasserman, Mary Moebius, Laurey Voiler, Patti Fairchild, Lucy Kahan, Carol Gassaway. Third row: Sue Costello, Teri Bensiek, Lisa Spencer, Marie Koulos, Katie Jackson, Debbie Laurence, Lolli Lueke, Carol Corwin, Candy Deak, Dorothy Jones, Fran Fiel, kathy Cudahy, Laura Dean, Nancy Thiel, Shannon Scherer, Jennifer Secoy. Fourth row: Carol Ley, Lynn Korytowski, Marlee Means, Louise Dixon, Teri Nedoff, Sue Jensen, Wendy Wills, Carrie McLaughlin, Wendy Wills, Lisa Palmer, Ann McDonald, Carol Hesse, Mary Anne Ostrom, Nancy Komer, Janet Glenny, Janet Offel, Barb Obendorf, Therese Tomlinson. Not pictured: Melanie Ali, Berta Burnett, Mary Callahan, Julie Carlson, Kendra Coleman, Teri Cowan, Lida Dadiou, Viv Fernandez, Kathy Fessinger, Laurie Fullerton, Madeline Greenberg, Kathy Halff, Susie Halff, Lesly Hawes, Kimm Hollander, Lorie Lynch, Tracey Mathews, Terry Meador, Heidi Merz, Megan Mills, Tracy Moore, Cheryl Morck, Mollie Norcross, Dana Phillips, Chris Schroeder, Elaine Sideris, Shelley Simpson, Julie Stephens, Claire Stewart, Maureen Sutton, Janice Toma, Kathy Washington, Nancy Webster, Terry Williams, Ann Williamson, Robin Whittle. Seniors After all the time spent in learning, studying and being taught; in having guidance and assignments, rewards and punishments; in nights of tears and days of joy — I am now expected to teach, to guide and to be on my Own. Did books and professors teach me all I need to know? Did my friends shape my mind and comfort me along the way? Now I must leave the institution that has been my protection and cradle since childhood. Maybe I ' ll just go on to grad school. Jeffrey Conner received a joint Bachelors and Masters degree in economics. He has been active in student government, acting as undergraduate commissioner of facilities, serving on the Registration Fee Committee and various other committees. Conner co-founded both the first International Students Conference on World Resources, Interdependence and Development and Corporate and Student Exchange, an agency which matches corporations with students for internships and research projects. Through it all Conner maintained a 3.89 overall GPA and received a full scholarship from Harvard University ' s economics department where he will continue his graduate studies. Julie Mebane, with her political science major, is well on her way to law school and then possibly into the political arena managed a 3.9 GPA as well as a long list of achievements. A member of the Kappa Alpha Theta Sorority, she has served her house in various offices, including scholarship and standards. Mebane has already tried her hand in politics, as she has been involved in a number of political internships including service for Hawaii Merle Lai, Representative Anthony Beilenson, and Los Angeles District Attorney John Van de Kamp. Her campus activities were many including SLC internships and director of Metro Lobby, a student group concerned with local politics and legislation. Outstanding seniors What do these four have in common? A lot of insight, ambition, dedication and hard work — yes — and success! These four received the title of Outstanding Senior, a tradition at UCLA that takes the place of a single Jeffrey Conner, John Robert Fowler, Julie Mebane, and Linde Spuhler were selected for this high honor by the Who are those guys? John Robert Fowler a biochemistry major with aspirations for medical school also leads an unbelieveable active life. Fowler was defensive linebacker on the UCLA football team as well as a member of the rugby team here. He shared the wealth by assistant coaching for the Women ' s Rugby Club, and was a counselor with the National Youth Sports Summer Program. Not just a sports enthusiast, Fowler has worked with the University Christian Fellowship, taught Sunday School to junior-high schoolers at his church, and lead Bible Studies in the dorms. And with all this still managing to keep that GPA up at a 3.6. Linde Spuhler, a kinesiology major, who plans to go to graduate school to get her Ph.D. in special education motor development, has been working toward her goal for years. She has worked with retarded children since she was a high school freshman, serving as a teacher ' s aid and becoming highly involved in the Special Olympics. Career aside, Spuhler is also active in the community. She was assistant commissioner for the Community Services Commission, served as president of the Kappa Delta Sorority, was a member of the women ' s swim team, and lent her hand to the students as ASK counselor. Her GPA? Still up there, a 3.6 . . . Alumni Association for their academic achievement and community service. Their wide range of activities and community involvement might almost be feasible if not for their near perfect academic records (or visa versa) but somehow these four managed to " do it all. " Chancellor’s marshals . . . Chancellor ' s Marshals are selected by a committee for their service and involvement in the UCLA community. Each in their own way have accomplished something creative, something unique, something for others to share or gain knowledge from or something self-satisfactory. They are recorded in this book as people who wanted something beyond the education of books and strived to enhance a special skill. Lori Allen Mill Valley BS-Kinesiology Christi Arranaga Encino BA-Economics Steven Austin San Jose BA-Communication Studies William Banks Oceanside BA-Political Science Todd Blumenkopf Encino BS-Chemistry Kathleen Brennan Palos Verdes BA-Communication Studies Harry Brown Claremont BA-Bacteriology Bruce Cameron Rancho Palos Verdes BA-Economics Sandra Campbell Culver City BA-Psychology Kimberly Chait Pacific Palisades BA-History Deborah Clark Bakersfield BA-Psychology Richard Colwell Penryn BA-Political Science Susan D ' Elia San Mateo BA-Psychology Shannon Dolan Anaheim BA-Dance Cindy Dougherty Los Altos BA-Psychology Craig Ehrlich Los Angeles BA-Political Science Chancellor’s marshals . . . Roger Farr Long Beach BS-Chemical Engineering Patricia M. Ferrin Tarzana BA-Sociology Sally Garner San Jose BA-Anthropology Jennifer Geddes Santa Ana BA-Sociology Paula Gibson Canoga Park BA-Political Science Janice Gin Stockton BA-Communication Studies Lori Greene Beverly Hills BA-Theater Arts Barry Grey Los Angeles BA-English Paul Hale Sunnyvale BA-Theater Arts James Ramsay Halverson Highland BS-Biochemistry Deborah Hammond San Marino BA-Sociology Frederick Harris Los Angeles BA-Economics Robert Heber Granada Hills BA-Communication Studies Sociology Anna Heffernan Sherman Oaks BA-Psychology History Linda Heinmiller Redondo Beach BS-Kinesiology Lee Hilborne Beverly Hills BA-Biology Dave Johnson Los Angeles BA-Political Science Kendall Jue Los Angeles BA-Geography Ecosystems Ann Karagozian Pacific Palisades BS-Engineering Jill Karrenbrock Los Angeles BA-Economics Margaret Keenan Orinda BA-Economics John E. Kobara Saratoga BA-Sociology Political Science Steven J. Kolodin Malibu BA-History Kenneth Kusumoto Watsonville BA-History James Lees San Mateo BA-Sociology Rebecca Lenaburg Walnut Creek BA-Political Science Don Lesser Pacific Palisades BA-Political Science Ann Tyman Levy Fair Oaks BA-Linguistics Psychology Chancellor ' s marshals . . . Joan Lewin Torrance BS-Biochemistry Mary L. Lubran Los Angeles BS-Public Health Patrick Lyden Woodland Hills BS-Biochemistry Vicki Mayster Fullerton BA-History Francis McKenna Whittier BA-History Nancy McNary Woodland BA-History Hugh Miller Beverly Hills BA-Economics Laura Mishima Anaheim BA-Communication Studies Mimi Monaco Atherton BA-Political Science Barry Morrill Culver City BA-Economics David Morton Los Angeles BA-Sociology Leslie C. Myers Solana Beach BA-Psychology John Oki Honolulu, Hawaii BS-Engineering Leslie O ' Neal La Jolla BA-English Sheila Parker Northridge BS-Civil System Don Pederson Pleasant Hill BA-Sociology John Phillips Riverside BA-Political Science Maxine Pollack San Diego BA-Political Science Winnie Rafferty Rancho Palos Verdes BA-Communication Studies John Runkel Redlands BA-Political Science Stanley Sakabu Montebello BA-Biology Joel Saltzman Los Angeles BA-Biology History Rhonda Scott Los Angeles BS-Kinesiology Karen Self San Diego BA-Anthropology Christine Shimasaki Lindsay BA-Kinesiology John S. Sieh San Clemente BA-Political Science Michael Simon Encino BA-Philosophy Lawrence Curtis Smoller Los Angeles BA-History Chancellor’s marshals . . . Steven Sperber Los Angeles BA-Biology Mary Ann Thyken Concord BA-Communication Studies Charles Tremper Los Angeles BA-Philosophy Richard Tricker Los Angeles BA-Economics Renee Turkell Beverly Hills BA-English Matthew Vanderhorst Los Angeles BA-Economics Milyn Villareal Sacramento BA-Linguistics David A. Warshawsky Tarzana BA-Political Science Gail Watanabe Gardena BA-Communication Studies Kathy Watson Newport Beach BA-Economics William Wee Alamo BA-Economics Kenneth Weiner Northridge BA-Psychology Glenn Wetzel Rancho Palos Verdes BS-Chemistry Nadine Wildman Menlo Park BA-Communication Studies Diann Wingert Palos Verdes Estates BA-Communication Studies John Withers Los Angeles BA-Economics Urban Studies Melanie Joy Wolf Portola Valley BA-Sociology Aileen Wong Los Angeles BA-Psychobiology Rose Carolyn AAron Los Angeles BA-Slavic Languages Andris Abele Simi Valley BS-Engineering Gerilynn R. Abracosa West Los Angeles BA-Psychology Arlene Academia National City BA-Psychology Robert V. Acker Los Angeles BA-Economics Maro Aghadjian Anaheim BA-Psychology Terry Agneessens Los Angeles BA-Psychology Joyce Agnew La Puente BA-Psychology Janet Ahlgren Sunnyvale BA-Sociology Rita Alberici Glendale BA-Economics Robin Alexander Inglewood BA-Ethnic Art Rochelle Alexander Los Angeles BA-Political Science Trina Alexander Los Angeles BA-Psychology Maria Del Carmen Alfaro Van Nuys BA-International Relations Gennie Allen Los Angeles BA-Sociology Krista Allen Los Angeles BA-History Michael Allen Gaithersburg, Maryland BS-Enginee ring Theodore S. Alpert Sherman Oaks BA-Economics Alene Amamoto Los Angeles BA-Psychology Margaret Amano San Gabriel BA-Psychology Lori Anderson Woodland Hills BA-Political Science Tracy Anderson Burlingame BA-Political Science Economics Christopher Lee Andrews Santa Monica BS-Biochemistry Nguyen Anh Los Angeles Ed.D.-Vocational Education Gregory Scott Anicich Pasadena BA-Political Science Agnes C. Aragon Santa Monica BA-Psychology Marvin Peter Aragon Santa Monica BA-Spanish Gary Arcemont Santa Ana BA-Meteorology Shanaz Ardehali San Pedro BA-German Richard J. Arellanes San Pedro BS-Math Computer Science Helen Ariga Los Angeles BA-Biology Cathy Arima Gardena BA-Biology Candace Arnold Woodland Hills BS-Nutrition Sciences El Caney Arnold Ill Woodland Hills BA-Economics James Arnwine Anaheim BA-Music Gary Asarch Los Angeles BA-History Kenneth Asarch Los Angeles BS-Biochemistry Catherine Asaro El Cerrito BS-Physical Chemistry Edmund Ashworth Anaheim BA-English Karen H. Atkinson Torrance BA-Music Gilbert Atmadja Hacienda Heights BS-Engineering Vahe Avanessian Glendale BS-Engineering Josef Avesar Ramafgan, Israel BA-Political Science Judy Axelrode Beverly Hills BA-Sociology Richard Ayala Los Angles BA-History Karen L. Ayres Truckee BA-Communication Studies Cheryl Novacek Babione Los Angeles BA-Psychology Mark Badraun So. Laguna Beach BA-Political Science Ashraf Baghaei Los Angeles MS-Architecture, Urban Design Melinda Bailie Los Angeles BA-Psychology Carolyn Baker Los Angeles BA-Geography Ecosystems Donna Baker Van Nuys BA-French Peter Baker Rancho Palos Verdes BA-Meterology William Baker Elk Grove BA-Political Science Clifton Baldwin Los Angeles BA-Geography Ecosystems Patricia Ballas Los Angeles BA-Economics Anne Barden Balboa Island BA-English Richard H. Barden Balboa Island BA-Economics Reuben Barker Los Angeles BS-Kinesiology Rodney Barker Valinda BA-Economics Eric Barnes Los Alamitos BS-Engineering Poppy Barnes Northridge BA-Art History Leslee Barnett Northridge BA-Sociology Nestor Barrero Rosemead BA-Psychology Mark Barrett Cupertino BA-Theater Arts Frederick R. Bates, II Santa Ana BA-History Jeanne Bauer Torrance BA-Economics Engineering Margarita Bautista Fairfield BS-Public Health Anthony Bay Los Gatos BA-Economics Janine Bays Clarens, Switzerland BA-Linguistics Philip Beamish Pacific Palisades BS-Electrical Engineering Barbara Beaubien Laguna Niguel BS-Kinesiology Ellen Beck Los Angeles BA-Sociology Brom Beckerman Playa del Rey BS-Bacteriology David Beech Cypress BA-Psychology Carol Begelman Tarzana BA-Sociology John Beldzik Los Angeles BA-Political Sciencg Yolanda Bell Los Angeles BA-Psychology Paul J. Bellaire, Jr. Lake Worth, Florida BS-Physics Dennis Bellavia Los Angeles BA-Political Science Michael J. Benauente Westminster BA-MP TV Jeffrey Berchin Los Angeles BA-Political Science Beth Berger Garden Grove BS-Kinesiology Keith Berlin Northridge BA-Political Science Kenneth Berman Bel-Air BA-Political Science Nancy Bertossa Santa Monica BA-Dance Robert Steven Bessin Los Angeles BS-Physics Ilan Bialer Beverly Hills BA-Sociology Barbara Biddle Torrance BA-English Janet Bieber Los Angeles BA-Ethnic Arts John P. Biestman Sausalito BA-Political Science Craig Billington Lakewood BA-Ecosystem Byron Bishop Los Angeles BA-Social Psychology Mark Bishop Arcadia BA-Economics Stanley Bitgood Mill Valley BS-Civil Engineering Gregory Black Van Nuys Political Science Donald Blake Escondido BS-Chemistry Kristen Blakeman Palos Verdes BA-History Jeffrey Jay Blatt Tarzana BS-Engineering Benny Blaydes Los Angeles BA-Sociology Joyce Biedstein Woodland Hills BA-Political Science Sherrie Block Woodland Hills BA-PSGA-Art Kent Bloom Daly City BA-English Juliet Boege Walnut Creek BA-Linguistics Psychology Heidi Boehm Yorba Linda BA-Psychology Joyce Boehm Los Angeles BA-Political Science Debbie Blosky Encino BA-Political Science Janis Bonar North Hollywood BA-French Linguistics Alvaro Juan Bonilla South Gate BA-Spanish Wendell Bonner Los Angeles BA-Political Science Jacqueline Boomer Turlock BA-Dance William D. Borden Riverside BA-Economics Gerald Steven Borts Santa Clara BA-History Vincent Boswell Los Angeles BA-Psychology Sandra Bouzaglou Studio City BA-Biology John Bow Palo Alto BS-Math Computer Science Harriet Boyd Pacoima BA-Spanish J. Michael Boyd Sherman Oaks BA-Political Science Andre Rochelle Boyer Rolling Hills BA-Economics Gary Bracken Long Beach BA-Business Economics Katherine Lynn Bradley La Mesa BA-English Kimberly Bradley Santa Ana BS-Public Health Katherine Bradstreet Visalia BA-Economics John P. Brady, lll Newport Beach BA-Biology James Brandt Los Angeles BA-Public Administration Roger Winston Bray Encino BA-Political Science Valerie Brekke Northridge BS-Kinesiology Michael Brennan Los Angeles BA-Economics Richard Brenne Los Angeles BA-Motion Pictures TV Mayer Brenner Beverly Hills BS-Bioengineering Alanna Brice Fountain Valley BA-Economics Cynthia Lee Bridges Monterey Park BA-Political Science Jean Brinkmann Tustin BA-Psychology Lisa Brisco Orange BS-Nursing Phillip L. Brock Venice Cathryn Brogan San Marino Robert Bronson Santa Clara Harold Brook Santa Monica Science Barry Brooks Van Nuys Anne Brown Los Angeles Cimberly Brown Hidden Hills Dennis Brown La Fayette Michael S. Brown Los Angeles Robin Browne Los Angeles Daniel Brunton Coronado Engineering Carol Buby Monterey Giacomo Bucci San Pedro Brooke Bulmore Los Altos Hills Kevin J. Burbank Los Altos Hills Rochelle S. Burcham Manhattan Beach BS-Geography Tina Burdulis Walnut Creek BA-Economics Lynn Burgess San Jose Douglas Burks Terra Linda BA-Meterology Richard P. Burns Covina Science Bruce Burrow Woodland Hills BA-History William Bush Los Angeles Elizabeth Butler Webster Gayle Butler Duarte Victor K. Caldwell, Jr. Rancho Palos Verdes Mary Angela Callahan Torrance Catherine Calley Woodland Hills Studies Daphne Calmes Cucamonga BA-Biology Armando Caloca Los Angeles BA-Economics Constance Alain Campbell Woodland Hills BA-History John David Campbell Los Angeles BA-Economics Richard Campbell Palm Springs BA-Political Science Daniel Cano Lomita BA-Mathematics Hallie Cantor Los Angeles BA-French Andrea Capell Tarzan BA-Sociology Scott Carbaugh Canoga Park BA-Economics Susan Caray Los Angeles BS-Kinesiology Ben Carlow Los Angeles BA-Latin American Studies Deborah Carlsten Los Angeles BA-Biology Barbara Carmack Glendale BA-Linguistics Doreen Carmichael Gardena BA-Sociology David Carr Borrego Springs BA-History Barbara Carrasco Culver City BA-PSGA Brian Carrico La Crescenta BA-Economics Leslie Carroll Santa Monica BA-English Catherine Carson Napa BA-Design Jennifer Cartmill Thousand Oaks BA-Political Science Rose Castellanos Los Angeles BA-Latin American Studies Daniel Castro Colton BA-Music Arthur Cates Inglewood BS-History John Cauble Canoga Park BA-Political Science John Caue Westminster BA-Economics Eddie Cecilio Los Angeles BS-Psychobiology Luanne Cesare Delano BA-Psychology Jason Chai Los Angeles Ph.D. Jeannette Chai Fullerton BA-Economics Lawrence Challacombe Los Angeles BA-Communication Studies Chok-ki Chan Hong Kong MS-Electrical Engineering Margaret Chan Los Angeles BS-Psychobiology Chang Chong Chong Pebble Beach BA-Bacteriology David Chang Los Angeles BS-Mechanical Engineering Diane Chapman Moraga BA-Economics John Chapman Menlo Park BA-Economics Rosemary Chavoya Oxnard BA-Spanish Chien Chen Los Angeles BS-Computer Science Thomas Chen La Canada BS-Electrical Engineering Mirin Cheung Santa Monica BA-Math and Applied Science Robyn Child Newport Beach BA-Design Charles Ching Stockton BA-History Dosook Cho Monterey BA-History Nancy Choi Kowloon, Hong Kong BA-Math Shirley Choi Los Angeles BA-History Byron Choiniere Los Angeles BS-Kinesiology Reginald Choo Inglewood BA-Economics Crystal Chow Santa Monica BA-Economics Doug Christensen Burlingame BS-Math Computer Science Frank Christine, Ill Northridge BA-Political Science Jean Chu Los Angeles BS-Psychobiology Linda L. Chu Hawthorne BA-Design Margaret Chu Monterey Park BS-Public Health Peter Chu Hacienda Heights BS-Computer Science Gregory Chudacoff Calabasas BA-Political Science Gerald Chuman Altadena BA-Geography Ecosystems Aileen Chung Los Angeles BS-Kinesiology Carmela Cicoria Rancho Palos Verdes BA-Psychology Tony Cimolino Carlsbad BA-Geography Paul Ciotek Cuperino BA-Economics Renata Cioth Rolling Hills Estates BA-French Byron Cisneros Santa Monica BA-Economics Paul David Clark Saratoga BA-Communiction Studies Linda Claussen Canoga Park BA-English Marybeth Clemens Lafayette BA-French Dawn Clements Los Gatos BA-Economics Debbie Cobb Danville BS-Kinesiology Janet Cochran San Jose BA-History Stacy Lynne Cochran Balboa BA-English Rebecca Coffey Glendora BA-Bacteriology Sara Coshlan San Francisco BA-English Rachel Cohen Woodland Hills BA-Dance Laurie Coit San Rafael BA-Sociology Dorothy M. Cole San Pedro BA-Economics Patricia Coleman Los Angeles BA-Psychology John Collado Winters BA-Economics Jeffrey Cooper Millbrae BA-Economics Todd Cooper Los Angeles BA-History Galia Coppersmith Berry Santa Monica BA-Art History Marjorie Coppersmith Encino BA-Sociology Debbie Cornett Santa Ana BS-Kinesiology Frida Corpeno Los Angeles BA-Italian Cynthia Ann Correa Downey BA-Spanish Linguistics Katherine Correa Downey BA-Psychology David Glenn Corson Lancaster BA-History James Cowman Los Angeles BS-Biology Carolyn Cox Sacramento BA-History Lee Cox Woodland Hills BA-Music Larry Coyle West Covina BA-History Sharon Creps Calabasas BA-Sociology John W. Crittenden San Francisco BA-English Cynthia Crivaro Long Beach BA-Sociology Gwen Ellen Crook Orinda BA-PSGA Clydine Crowder Cypress BA-Political Science Sydney Cruce La Canada BA-Psychology Acosta Winston Manuel Cuan Managua, Nicaragua BS-Mech. Engineering E. Jeanne Cummings Los Angeles BA-GSGA Luann Cunningham Playa del Rey BS-Geography Ecosystems Peggy Curran Northridge BA-Communication Studies David Cutler Fargo, North Dakota BA-History Marty Cutting Palos Verdes Estates BA-Sociology Donelle Dadigan Beverly Hills BA-Music Andrea Dahlin Beverly Hills BA-Motion Picture TV Stacy Dalgleish Agoura BA-Psychology Joseph Dalton Canoga Park BA-Political Science Ann Daly Los Angeles BA-Economics Pamela Damus Los Angeles BA-English Khai-Minh Dang Los Angeles BA-Political Science Tung-Lam Dang Los Angeles BA-Math Computer Science Lawrence Daniels Studio City BA-Economics Geography Debra Dargert Seabrook BA-Sociology Rhea Dariotis Carmichael BA-Psychology Gholamreza Daryush Los Angeles BA-Engineering Julie Davies Los Angeles BA-Spanish Joel Davis Los Angeles BA-Political Science Linda Davis Oakland BA-Economics Neil W. Davis Fort Worth, Texas BA-Poli Sci History Pamela Marie Davis Glendora BA-Bacteriology Vivian Davis Poway BA-Psychology Dale Davison North Hollywood BA-History Deborah Day San Marino BA-Dance James Debron Los Angeles BA-History Phyllip Dedden Marina BS-Biochemistry Karen Dequchi San Pedro BA-Mathematics Applied Science Alejandro S. Delgadillo Santa Monica BA-Political Science Richard Delong Los Angeles BA-Design Ellen DeLorenzo Palos Verdes BA-Sociology Anne M. de Lorimier Pebble Beach BS-Economics Political Science Don Del Rio Riverside BA-Political Science Peter Demetriou Sherman Oaks BA-Political Science Marliss Desens Glendora BA-English Nancy Dess Cypress BA-Psychology Michael Deutsch Encino BS-Aerospace Engineering Paula Devens Los Angeles BA-English Marian Dickens Richmond BA-Psychology Paul Dickstein San Diego BS-Psychobiology Dirk Diefendorf Pasadena BA-Psychology Jeanne Dinardo Woodland Hills BA-Psychology Lynn Dines Moraga BS-Psychobiology John DiPol Ridgecrest BS-Engineering Gay Dixon Lakewood BA-Economics James Dixon Torrance BA-Ecosystems Penny M. Dobran Marina Del Rey BA-Psychology Mark Dolan Burbank BA-Economics William Dolier Bakersfield BA-Economics Larry Domoto Los Angeles BA-Biology Catalina Don Los Angeles BA-Bacteriology Shannon Donahue Burbank BA-English Gary Wayne Donnahoo Los Angeles BA-Economics Deborah Dorenfeld Canoga Park BA-Economics John Dorris Altaloma BA-Economics Elizabeth Dougall San Francisco BA-Psychology Ian Douglas Atherton BS-Geology James Doyle Vallejo BA-Economics Stephen Drake San Marino BA-Economics Janice Drandell Los Angeles BS-Kinesiology Christopher Draney North Hollywood BA-Psychology Terry Dreher Piedmont BA-Sociology Linda Droker Hawthorne BA-Political Science Paul Drutman Woodland Hills BA-History Robert Dubbins Pacific Palisades BA-Political Science William Duckham Chula Vista BA-Political Science Cynthia Ducote Saratoga BA-Theater Arts Nanette Duff Los Angeles BA-Political Science Walter S. Duffy Los Angeles BS-Kinesiology Thomas M. Dugger Riverside MFA-Acting Lisa Duke Los Angeles BA-Philosophy Dorene Dunham Chatsworth BA-Political Science Eileen Dunkle Burbank BA-Spanish Diana Dunn Gardena BA-French Linguistics Kathleen M. Dunn Encinitas BA-Communication Studies Jeff I. Dworman Tarzana BS-Kinesiology Barbara G. Eales Los Angeles BA-Anthropology Sheila Easley Culver City BA-Sociology Lisa Los Angeles BA-Political Science James Edwards Lancaster BS-Engineering Grace Z. Egbagbe Bendel State, Nigeria MFA-TV Film Kathleen Ehlig Altadena BS-Geology Steven Ehrenkranz Los Alamitos BA-History James Eilers Los Angeles BS-Engineering Pamela Eilerson Woodland Hills BA-Communications Studies Jill Elander Los Angeles BA-Design Debra Elfant Pacific Palisades BA-Political Science Howard Eller Los Angeles BS-Engineering Katheryn Eller Los Angeles BA-Linguistics Craig Ellis Escondido BA-Meteorology Linda Sue Elowitz N. Hollywood BA-Bacteriology Mindy Emmons N. Hollywood BS-Spanish Linguistics Sandra Engeberg Los Angeles BA-Psychology Juan Engelsen Buena Park Ph.D.-History Michael Eshoff Salinas BA-Music Hamid Esmaili Shemiran, Iran BS-Civil Engineering Alaric Eu Sherman Oaks BA-Economics Drucilla Evans San Diego BA-Sociology John Evans Los Angeles BA-Political Science Thomas Evart Piedmont BA-Communication Studies Kathleen Eyre Gardena BA-Political Science Cameron Faber Danville BA-Political Science Charles B. Fainberg Northridge BA-Political Science Irene Fanos Santa Barbara BS-Geology Lee Farrell Lafayette Ph.D.-Math Computer Science Leslie Farren Woodland Hills BA-Psychology William Fay Redmond, Washington BA-MP TV Sharon Elise Feinstein Long Beach BA-Theater Lisa Feintech Beverly Hills BA-History Arlene Feldman Los Angeles BA-Sociology Donna Felkel Torrance BS-Geography Daniel Felsenthal Long Beach BA-Economics Leslie Fender Northridge BA-Psychology Karen Fernandez Rancho Palos Verdes BA-Sociology Elisapeta Filemoni Lynwood BA-Sociology Robert Finnerty Woodland BA-Political Science Psychology Gregg F. Fiscalini San Jose BA-Economics Sylvia Fischer La Jolla BA-Economics Renee Fish San Rafael BA-Communication Studies Joseph M. Fitzgerald Encino BA-Political Science Annie Fitzpatrick Santa Clara BA-Art History James F. Fitzpatrick Santa Clara BS-Kinesiology Doreen Flanagan Los Angeles BA-Spanish Catherine Flavell Santa Ana BA-Sociology Sara Flint Los Angeles BA-Semetic Languages Stephen Fok Kowloon, Hong Kong BS-Engineering Andrea Folin Los Angeles BA-History Roderick Fong Los Angeles BA-Economics William Foppiano Santa Monica BA-Political Science Joan Forder Los Angeles BA-Sociology Ann Forkey Santa Ana BA-Design Cynthia Fox Piedmont BA-French Carmen Fraguglia Los Altos BA-Political Science Laura Frank Los Angeles MPH-Public Health Helene Franklin Los Angeles BA-Sociology Robert Frassetto Salinas BA-English Cleve Frazier Santa Ana BA-Political Science David Fredrickson Palos Verdes Peninsula BA-Economics Robert Freed Saratoga BA-Economics Karen Freedman Woodland Hills BA-Geography Rebecca Freeman San Diego BA-Psychology Carmen Freiberg Redondo Beach BA-Biology Steven Friedman Van Nuys BA-Jewish Studies Mark Freifeld Los Angeles BA-Psychology Terilynne Freitas Wailuku, Maui, Hawaii BA-MP TV Theresa Frie Rancho Palos Verdes BA-Psychology Mindy Friedenberg Palm Springs BA-English Beth Fryback Carmel BS-Kinesiology Evelyn Frye Torrance BA-Biology Dwight Shigemori Fujii Thousand Oaks BA-Biology Daniel Fukumoto Oxnard BA-Biology Debra K. Fukushima Cerritos BS-Kinesiology Tim Fuller LaCanada BA-Political Science Frederick Fung Oakland MS-Biocybernetics Donald Gaarder Sepulveda BA-History Raymond Gaitan Monterey Park BA-Economics Lawrence Gale Corona BS-Chemical Engineering Alan Galitz Los Angeles BS-Cybernetics Ann Galloway Carson BA-History Terrell Galloway Los Angeles BA-Design Gisele G. Garcia Los Angeles BA-Spanish Charles H. Gardner Los Angeles BA-Political Science Mark Garlington Irvine BS-Biology Gary Garshfield Los Angeles BS-Biochemistry Brenda Garvin Los Angeles BA-Psychology Brian Geary Los Angeles BA-Liberal Studies Cathy Gee Los Angeles BA-Psychology Charlene Gertz Santa Barbara BA-Psychology Linguistics Mary Karen Getten Santa Ana BS-Mathematics Anthony Gialketsis Los Angeles BA-Biology David Gibney San Clemente BA-Music Composition Melba Gibson Thousand Oaks BA-Biology Scott Gibson Palos Verdes Estates BA-Political Science Cindy Gilbert Carlsbad BS-Kinesiology Karen Gilbert Sherman Oaks BA-Sociology Teaching Credential Patricia Gilbert Pebble Beach BA-History Kimberley Gilles Camarillo BA-English Claudia Gillespie Los Angeles BA-Motion Picture TV Nancy Gillinger Woodland Hills BA-Bacteriology Alvin L. Gilmore, Jr. Lompoc BA-Psychology Gay Gilroy Palos Verdes BA-Sociology Barbara Gilson Beverly Hills BA-Liberal Studies Michael Gitt Mission Hills BS-Biochemistry Michael Glass Cypress BA-Political Science Roni Sue Glass Woodland Hills BA-Communication Studies Kathryn Glau Downey BS-Kinesiology Robert Joseph Gleiberman Studio City BS-Engineering Janice Glickman El Segundo BA-Political Science Vicki Glisson Hacienda Heights BA-Political Science Vera Anne Gluck Northridge BA-Political Science Suzanne Godejahn Santa Ana BA-Economics Patricia Ann Coguen Sepulveda BA-English Marc Gold Van Nuys BA-Political Science Jeanne Goldberg Whittier BA-Sociology Mark Trent Goldberg San Jose BA-Theater Michael Goldberg Campbell BA-Sociology Helen Goldfeld Los Angeles BA-Sociology Michael Goldman Los Angeles BA-Economics Susan Goldstein Sunnyvale BA-Political Science Loretta A. Gomez Gardena BA-Spanish Rebecca R. Gomez Whittier BS-Public Health Patricia Gomeztrejo La Puente BA-Psycholinguistics Luis Gonzalez Los Angeles BA-Economics Marcia Gonzalez Colton BS-Kinesiology Robert Good Inglewood BA-Black Studies Gail J. Goodell Mission Viejo BS-Kinesiology Richard Goor San Diego BA-History Mark Gordon San Jose BS-Math Computer Science Stephen H. Gordon Los Angeles BA-Geography Susan Gordon San Diego BA-Sociology Kenneth Goss San Marino BA-Psychology Marilyn Gosey Inglewood BA-Political Science Harry Gott ter Linden Thousand Oaks BA-History Valerie Jo Gould Los Angeles BA-Portuguese Frances Graham Los Angeles BA-Communication Studies Melissa Gray Atherton BA-History Donald S. Green Los Angeles BA-Psychology Janet Greenberg Los Angeles BS-Kinesiology Richard A. Greenberg Sepulveda BA-Political Science Louis Greenblatt Tarzana BA-Political Science Virginia Greenebaum Pacific Palisades BA-Psychology Keith Robert Greenhouse Torrance BA-Economics Jill Greenspan Beverly Hills BA-Communication Studies Pamela Gregory Los Angeles BA-Psychology Lynne Greifinger Pacific Palisades BA-Political Science Sally Grieve Chula Vista BA-Economics Anna Grisotti Los Angeles BS-Nursing Ann Griswold Menlo Park BA-History Linda Grossenbacher Pacific Palisades BS-Chemistry Teri Grossman Salinas BA-Sociology Susan Gruenberger Van Nuys BA-Political Science Melanie Grusky Modesto BA-Psychology Lucille Guastella North Hollywood BA-Biology Gregory Guernsey Hacienda Heights BA-Psychology Kenneth L. Guernsey Santa Monica JD MBA Lavonna Gum Downey BS-Nursing Michael Gunning Newbury Park BA-Political Science Diane Gurman Palos Verdes Est. BA-Poli. Sci Comm. Studies Debra Gurriere Los Altos BA-Economics Dan Gutierrez Northridge BS-Math Computer Science Hector Gutierrez Medina Los Angeles BA-Spanish Theodore Haig S. Laguna BA-Economics Janice L. Haines Granada Hills BA-Political Science Thomas Haldorsen San Bernardino BA-Economics Renato Halili Millbrae BA-Economics Michael P. Hall Fullerton BS-Psychobiology Constance Hallam Los Angeles BA-Communication Studies Kirk Hallam Glendale BA-History Zoitsa Haloulakos Sepulveda BA-Slavic Languages Lani Jean Halverson Fullerton BA-Sociology Gail Hampton Belmont BA-Dance Susan Han Los Angeles BA-Economics Nancy Hanks Madera BS-Medical Records Science Wendy Hannum Sunnyvale BA-Economics Vickie Harada Montebello BS-Kinesiology Suzanne Harding Palos Verdes Estates BA-PSGA Sandra Harmon Los Angeles BA-Political Science Michael Harness Delano BA-Economics Alexander Haroonian-Kashi Tehran, Iran BA-Economics Linda Harris La Jolla BA-History Susan Harris Woodland Hills BA-Political Science Joan Harrison Los Angeles BA-History Paul Hartman Los Angeles BA-Political Science Constance Harvey Los Angeles BA-Political Science Penne Hasson Sherman Oaks MBA-Finance Susan Hastings La Mirada BS-Kinesiology Taeko Hasumi Los Angeles BA-Design Dee Hayashi Los Angeles BA-Communication Studies Mark R. Hayden Carmichael BA-Psychology Sociology Timothy Hayes Costa Mesa BA-History Jeffrey Haynes Long Beach BA-Sociology John S. Healey Malibu Ph.D.-Management Abdolreza Hedayati Los Angeles BS-Electrical Engineering Stephanie Hedges Garden Grove BA-Geography Ecosystems John Heidt Encino BA-Economics Claire Helfrich Newport Beach BA-French Vicki Heller Los Angeles BA-Spanish James Helm Walnut Creek BA-Geography Nanette Hemm Los Angeles BA-Sociology Britt Hemphill Walnut Creek BA-Ecosystems Analysis Judy Lynn Henderson San Bernardino BA-Design Kathleen Henderson Los Altos BA-Economics Philip Herley Orange BA-Economics Lauren Herman Studio City BA-Spanish Nikki Herman Los Angeles BA-Psychology Mindy Hermann Los Alamitos BS-Dietetics Nancy Hermann Sutter BA-Psychology Amparo Hernandez Santa Monica BA-Economics Daniel Hernandez Santa Monica BA-Mathematics Jerry Herndon San Bernardino BA-Speech Comm Human Relations David Herrera San Ysidro BA-Psychology Nancy Hester Compton BA-Psychology Lisa Hess Garden Grove BA-Bacteriology Carol Heukrodt Monterey Park BA-Psychology Loraynne Hirsch Canoga Park BA-English Gail Ho Harbor City BA-Economics Kerry Hodge Palo Alto BA-Design Carl Hodgman Altadena BA-Psychology Hanna Hoesli Los Angeles BA-Biology Cheryl Hoffman Piedmont BA-Sociology Wendy Hoffman Los Angeles Education Jerilyn Holland Beverly Hills BA-Political Science Cheryl Holloway Los Angeles BA-Economics Michael Hom Montebello BA-Biology Harriet Homsher Cerritos BA-Political Science Miriam Y. Honda Monterey Park BA-Japanese Debra Hopke Santa Ana BS-Math Computer Science Charles Hord Fresno BS-Engineering Richard Horn San Diego BA-Philosophy Frank Horning Los Angeles BA-Economics Merle Horwitz Encino BA-Psychology Terrianne E. Horwitz Santa Ana BA-Biology Chantal Houde Los Angeles BA-MP TV Kathleen Houston Los Angeles BS-Engineering Linda Houts Fullerton BS-Kinesiology Julie How Huntington Beach BS-History Rhonda Hoy Culver City BA-Psychology Stanley Hubbard Malibu BA-Psychology Melodie Huber Tustin BA-Economics Raymond Huang San Jose BA-Biology Bruce Hubert Los Angeles BA-Psychology Lyn Hughes La Jolla BA-History Cindy Hull El Segundo MBA-Industrial Relations Sandra Hull El Segundo BA-Psychology Thomas Hunt Riverside BA-Political Science Gloria Hurtado Culver City BA-Spanish Michele Anne Hurtubise Long Beach BA-Economics Hieu Huynh Los Angeles BA-Economics Barry Ickes Los Angeles BA-Political Science MA-Economics Le Ayn Ingels Los Angeles BS-Nursing Judy Inouye Los Angeles BA-East Asian Studies Stephen Intagliata Palos Verdes Estates BA-Psychology Douglas loki Los Angeles BA-Biology Donald Irvine Buena Park BA-Political Science Denis Iwamoto Los Angeles BS-Kinesiology Carolyn Iwanaga San Jose BA-History David Iwaoka Alhambra BS-Biochemistry David Jack Laguna Beach BA-Economics Germaine Jackson Los Angeles BA-German Tamara Jackson Los Angeles BA-Psychology Elise Jacobs Los Angeles BA-English Laurelle Ann James Tiburon BA-Spanish Robert Jameson Los Angeles BA-Economics Donna Janetski Tranquillity BA-Psychology Victor Jew Los Angeles BA-History Michael Jedlicka San Jose BA-Economics Denise Jennings Long Beach BS-Civil Engineering Jeffrey Jensen Menlo Park BA-Psychology Susan Jensen Orinda BA-Design II Jeung North Hollywood BA-Mathematics Susan Jiron Colorado Springs, Colorado BA-MP TV Adrienne Johnson Costa Mesa BA-English Duke Johnson Irvine BA-Biology JoAnne Johnson Woodland Hills BA-Anthropology Kari Johnson Los Angeles BA-Political Science Janice Leslie Johnston Ojai BA-Biology Melanie Johnson Mission Viejo BA-Communication Studies Craig Jones Palm Springs BA-Economics Jeffrie Lynn Jones Westlake Village BA-Economics French Michael Jones Long Beach BA-Sociology Carl Jonokuchi Chatsworth BA-Bacteriology Stella Joyce Foster City BA-Sociology Douglas Joyner Orange BA-Geography Ecosystems Ronald Joyner Canyon Country BS-Psychobiology Reina Maria Juarez Managua, Nicaragua BA-Psychology Arlene Jung Monterey Park BS-Health Record Science Douglas Jungwirth Sacramento BS-Physics Rebecca Jurado Los Angeles BA-Sociology Valerie Jurgens Encino BA-Geography Theresa Kaczorowski Cypress BS-Kinesiology Elias Kady Redondo Beach BA-Political Science Debra Kagan Sacramento BA-Sociology Carol Kahn Beverly Hills BS-Dietetics FORM ONE LINE ONLY Julie Kahn Van Nuys BA-Communication Studies Mitchell Kahn Villa Park BS-Kinesiology Susan Kaiser Sherman Oaks BA-Sociology Debra A. Kaitz Los Angeles BA-Spanish Lingu istics Katy Kallshian Los Altos BA-Sociology Joan Kamei Torrance BA-East Asian Studies Berry Kane Long Beach BA-History Elaine Kanoskie San Jose BA-Sociology David M. Kanter Santa Monica BA-Political Science History Nancy Karasawa Whittier BA-Design Marla Karwoski Los Angeles BA-Psychology Steven Kates Westwood BA-Biology Kenneth Kaufman Sacramento BA-Economics Lisa Kaufman Encino BA-Sociology Jeanne Kawashima Los Angeles BA-Political Science Clifford M. Kaye Tarzana BA-Economics Deborah Kazen Montebello BA-Psychology Richard Keavney Arcadia BA-History Walter Keller Encino BS-Biochemistry Jeffrey Kelley Altadena BA-History Cindy Kellman Beverly Hills BA-Theater Bill Kennedy Mississauga, Toronto, Canada BS-Psychobiology Susan Kennedy Canoga Park BS-Kinesiology Leslie Kent Los Angeles BA-Economics Political Science Ronald Kent Long Beach BA-English Agnes M. Kenworthy Encino BA-Economics Debra Kessler Irvine BS-Kinesiology Kambiz Khalili Los Alamitos BS-Psychobiology James Louis Kickhofel Grovetown, Georgia BA-Economics Grace Kim Los Angeles BS-Kinesiology Kyung Kim Fullerton BA-Psychology Robert Kim Belmont BA-Economics Lethi Kim-Hong Los Angeles BA-Economics Clarice Kimura Gardena BS-Psychobiology Nancy Pomeroy Kindel Calabasa MBA Scott King Baldwin Park BA-Sociology Kurtis Kishi Pasadena BA-Psychology Alan Kiyohara Anaheim BA-Biology Rita Klavins Orange BA-Dance Ann Klein Brea BA-Psychology Jon Klein Los Angeles BA-Sociology Elizabeth Klenske Santa Monica BA-Liberal Studies Vicki Kling Woodland Hills BA-English Kenton R. Klingbeil Calabasas BA-Music-Education Thomas Kniest Woodland Hills BS-Psychobiology Allyson Knoth San Diego BA-Design Lynne Marie Knox Glendale BA-Economics Janice Koch Oakland BA-Communications Studies Vera Kochan Moraga BA-Theater Arts Roger Kodani Monterey Park BS-Biochemistry Craig Kodera Fountain Valley BA-Communications Studies John Koehler Chatsworth BS-Chemical Engineering Robert Koehler Los Angeles BA-English Delicia Koeneke Los Angeles BA-History Anthropology Stuart Koenig North Hollywood BA-History Janie Koenigsberg Woodland Hills BA-Psychology Barbara Kogan Encino BS-Psyc hobiology Victor E. Koik Canoga Park MS BS Engineering (M Struct) Hideshi Komatsu Tokyo, Japan MBA-Finance Colby J. Konisek Tujunga BA-Economics Joyce Konishi Culver City BA-Economics William Konnerth Playa del Rey BA-Psychology George Konugres Beverly Hills BS-Kinesiology Sen-Yuan Koo Los Angeles BA-Mathematics Beverly Kop Fullerton BS-Nursing David P. Koppelman San Diego BA-History Youry Korinec Los Angeles BA-Economics Roberto Kou Los Angeles BS-Mechanical Engineering Knar A. Kouleyan Los Angeles BA-Political Science Barbara Kraft San Jose BS-Math Computer Science Michael Krahelski Ontario BA-Political Science Susan Krasne North Hollywood BS-Kinesiology Herbert Kraus Westminster BS-Mechanical Engineering Richard Kraus Northridge BA-Communication Studies Arthur Kreitenberg Beverly Hills BA-Mathematics Dawn Krieg Los Angeles BA-Economics Gail Krentzman Claremont BA-Economics Jona Kretzu Woodland Hills BA-Psychology Katrina Kreutzberg Walnut Creek BA-Sociology Pamela Krikorian Atherton BS-Engineering Eve Krotinger La Mirada BA-Political Science Tracy Kroyer Long Beach BA-Anthropology Susan Krupitsky Northridge BA-Sociology David Kruss Canoga Park BA-History Diane Kubota Los Angeles BA-Linguistics Karen Lynn Kuehnle Alhambra BS-Kinesiology Nancy Kumetz Beverly Hills BA-Psychology Adam Kurland Los Angeles BA-History Felice Kurtzman Sherman Oaks BA-Biology Lawrence Kurz Encino BS-Biochemistry Henry Kutlo Los Angeles BA-Mathematics Robert I. Kutner North Hollywood BA-Economics Yoko Irene Kuwaki Gardena BS-Nursing Kathryn Kyne San Mateo BA-Economics Roberta Lagomarsini Glendale BA-Mathematics Raymond Lam Ontario BS-Engineering Janice Lambert Granada Hills BA Geography L. Ley Lancero Long Beach BA-Bacteriology Kathryn Lane Empire BA-Geography Ecosystems Jeanne C. Lang Palos Verdes Estates BA-PSGA Lorna Langberg Beverly Hill BA-Sociology Lawrence Lange Los Angeles BA-Biology James Langer Northridge BS-Chemical Engineering Heidi Langsam San Francisco BA-Political Science Guy Langston Culver City BS-Electrical Engineering Wendy Lansing Los Angeles BA-Sociology Darren Larsen Whittier BA-Economics Political Science Jeffrey Later Granada Hills BA-Economics Maurice Lathouwers Jr. Flintridge BA-Economics Kim Hope Lawrence Beverly Hills BA-Economics Marlo Rene Laws Los Angeles JD Chi Hon Lau Los Angeles BA-PSGA Chung Lau Los Angeles BS-Physics Gordon Lau Los Angeles BA-Biology Stella Lau Los Angeles BA-Psychology David Laub Oakland BS-Psychobiology Randy Laue Irvine BA-Geography Patricia Laughead Belmont BA-Psychology Stacey Lawton Los Angeles BA-Economics James Lechner Belmont BA-Biology Fred Leckman Westlake Village BA-Economics Angelina Lee Los Angeles BS-Kinesiology Ellen Lee Carson BS-Nursing Jae E. Lee Inglewood BS-Math-Computer Steven Lee San Mateo BS-Aerospace Engineering Teresa Lee San Francisco BA-Political Science Yong Lee Bakersfield BA-Mathematics Roshell Leeper San Jose BA-Political Science Greg Legutki Los Angeles BA-Psychology Valerie Lehrer Los Angeles BA-Sociology Peggie Leidelmeiser Los Angeles BA-Economics Jeffrey Leist Woodland Hills BA-Political Science Betty Leister Los Angeles BA-Dance Denise LeMesnager La Crescenta BA-Sociology Jack Lenack Carlsbad BA-History Connie Leo Houston, Texas BA-Psychology Barbara Levine Los Angeles BA-Economics Michael Brian Levine Beverly Hills BA-Psychology Shelley Levine Los Angeles BA-Mathematics Dan Levy Los Angeles BA-Economics Mark Lewis New Rochelle, New York BA-History Richard Lewis Newport Beach BS-Psychobiology William N. Lewis Oxnard BA-Spanish Chen Liang Marina del Rey BA-Chinese Deborah Ann Lillef Daly City BA-Psychology Laura Linder Tarzana BA-Sociology Sally Ling Los Angeles BS-Chemistry Dennis Linthicum Marina del Rey BA-Economics Laura Listug Kentfield BS-Sex Education Rebecca Litchfield San Diego BA-Psychology Marcia Litten Los Angeles Sociology Warren Liu Torrance BS-Biochemistry Alex Lo Kowloon, Hong Kong BA-Economics Yvonne Lockhart Westminster BA-Design Gary Loder Woodland Hills BA-Theater Diane Loewe Santa Ana BA-Sociology Barbara Loitz Los Angeles BS-Kinesiology Karen Long Northridge BS-Kinesiology Eloise Lopez West Covin BS-Nursing Maria Elisa Lopez Bakersfield BS-Psychobiology Richard Lopez Lakewood BA-Biology Jonathon Lopker Anaheim BA-Sociology Monica Lord Saugus BA-Philosophy Leta Louie Los Angeles BA-Sociology Dave Loyst San Jose BA-Economics John Low Carmichael BA-Economics Shelly Lu Los Angeles BA-Biology Sheree Lubick Los Angeles BA-Design Sue Lubin Woodland Hills BA-Ethnic Arts Grace Yin-Wah Luk Kowloon, Hong Kong BS-Elect. Engineering Russell Lum Honolulu, Hawaii BA-Communication Studies Ellen Lumpkin Los Angeles BA-Political Science James Lunsford Pasadena BA-Political Science Laurie Lusher Van Nuys BA-Theater Arts Marilyn Luzano Walnut BS-Psychobiology Diane Lyew Los Angeles BS-Kinesiology Kevin Lynch Los Angeles BA-Psychology Lorraine Lynch Altadena BA-Sociology Michael Lynch Thousand Oaks BA-Economics Daria Lynn Merced BS-Kinesiology Warren Lyons Los Angeles MFA-MP TV Writing Seo Jin Ma Los Angeles BA-Economics Azad Madni Los Angeles PhD Man-Mach-Env. Systems Marla J. Magara Norwalk BS-Nursing Andrea Magistro Upland BA-Italian Ronald Mainhurst Sepulveda BS-Kinesiology Leslie Maisel Los Angeles BA-Sociology Charles Maletz La Palma BA-Biology Louis Maletz La Palma BA-Psychobiology Karen Malin Northridge BA-Psychology Lesley Mallgrave South Pasadena BA-English Kent Malone Fresno BA-Economics Mark Mamula So. Bend, Indiana BA-Biology Vincent Mangiafridda Van Nuys BS-Psychobiology Joseph Manisco Encino BA-Political Science Jeanne Mantell Encino BA-Anthropology Lee Aura Manus Los Angeles BA-English William Maranon Torrance BA-Biology Wendy Marco Los Angeles BS-Kinesiology Marc Margolies Monterey Park BA-Political Science Mark Anthony Mariani Van Nuys BS-Electrical Engineering Cesar Augusto Marin Boscan Maracaibo, Venezuela BS-Elect. Engineering Mark Marrama Highland BA-Biology Omar Orlando Marquez Brawley BA-French George Marshall Burlingame BA-Political Science Jane Marshall San Diego BA-Communication Studies Jocelyn Marshall Encino BA-Psychology Sociology Paul Marshall Altadena BA-Political Science Caroline L Martin Westwood BA-Economics Kathleen Martin Palo Alto BA-Economics Roy Marubayashi Los Angeles BS-Cybernetics Psychobiology Karl Massey Los Angeles BA-Kinesiology Mark Mata Pico Rivera BA-Anthropology Andrea Matheny Solana Beach BA-Theater Donna Marie Mathisen Wilmetle, Illinois BS-Kinesiology Laurie Matsuoka Los Angeles BA-Psychology Carol Matsumoto Los Angeles BA-Biology Marlene Mattis Rancho Palos Verdes BA-Sociology Marcie Maxham Fullerton BS-Psychobiology Jeffrey C. Mayhew Pasadena JD Bennett Ogoegbunam Mba Ogidi, Nigeria BS-Mathematics Linda McBride Los Angeles BS-Engineering Kathleen McCann Hemet BA-Psychology Kata McCarville San Jose BS-Geology Joanne McColl Bakersfield BA-Psychology Marie McCombs Huntington Park BA-French Natalie C. McCray Los Angeles BA-Engineering Tim McDonnell Palo Alto BA-Design Tom McDowell Northridge BA-Economics Debra McGinty Santa Monica BA-Anthropology Matthew A. McGovern South Gate BS-Meteorology Ann McKenzie Los Altos BA-Political Science Dan C. McLaughlin Rancho Palos Verdes BS-Kinesiology Michael McLaughlin Costa Mesa BA-Biology Sheila McLaughlin Hillsborough BA-Sociology Linda McMillan La Canada BA-History James E. McNally Laguna Hills BA-Geography Ecosystems Roc Owen McNaughton El Segundo BA-Music Education Mairi McTaggart Santa Monica BA-History Daniel J. McQuoid Los Angeles BA-Economics Steven McVay Los Angeles BA-Economics James Mead Los Angeles BS-Psychobiology Tina Melissa Meadow Palm Springs BA-Anthropology Yvonne Medina Los Angeles BA-Mathematics David J. Medrano Hacienda Heights BA-History Christopher Meersman Santa Ana BA-Design Ronald Meier Redondo Beach BS-General Chemistry Melinda Melcon Sherman Oaks BA-Linguistics Mayra Mendez Los Angeles BA-Sociology Mairead Mercer Ojai BA-Sociology Robert E. Merrill San Jose BA-Geography Ecosystems Julia Merritt Northridge BA-History French Jana Merryfield Canoga Park BS-Engineering Patricia Merwin Lakewood BA-Anthropology Susan Louise Metcalf Saratoga BA-Psychology Janet R. Metson Encino BA-History Bettye Allen Metters Inglewood BA-Sociology John Louis Meyers Pacific Palisades BA-Sociology Raul Meza Norco BA-Sociology Lauri Michaels Tarzana BA-Political Science Matthew Micka New Orleans, Louisianna BA-MP TV Jeff Micko Pasadena BS-Civil Engineering Ricky Minick Mikelman Los Angeles BA-Sociology Susan B. Miller Hillsborough BA-English Adonica Mills Los Angeles BA-Sociology History Vicki Milmeister Sherman Oaks BA-Sociology Devin Milner San Diego MLS-Library Science Denise A. Mims Lynwood BA-English George Miram Atherton BA-Economics Sassan Mohasseb Pacific Palisades BS-Civil Engineering James R. Mitchell, Jr. Hollywood BA-Psychology Laura Mitchell Woodland Hills BS-Kinesiology Nancy Miyao Long Beach BA-Economics Mohamad Mehdi Mojaradi Teheran, Iran BS-Electrical Esther Moloi Johannesburg, South Africa BA-Anthropology Eileen Moloney Mill Valley BS-Dietetics Carole M. Monroe Los Angeles BA-English Leaf Monroe San Pedro BA-History Political Science Michael D. Montesano Los Gatos BA-History Jeff Moorad Modesto BA-Political Science Karen Mooradian Fresno BA-Geography Ecosystems Thomas Moore Cypress BA-MP TV Tracy Moore Sherman Oaks BA-Political Science Dean Moren Downey BA-Political Science Robin Moretti Cypress BS-Math Computer Science Martha Margan Adelanto BA-Psychology Charles Morris Northridge BA-Economics Larry Morris Van Nuys BS-Biochemistry Edward Scott Morrow South Pasadena BS-Kinesiology Roger Mosheat San Diego BA-Philosophy Mark Mosk Canoga Park BA-Psychology Kelly Mosley Westlake Village BA-History Edward Mosman Los Angeles BA-Economics Political Science George Mouchet Canoga Park BS-Math Computer Science Bill Moylan Encino BA-History Marc S. Mullins Santa Clara BA-Psychology Iva Munthaner Long Beach BA-Sociology Peggy Muntaner Hollywood BA-Political Science Sociology Cathy Murata Torrance BA-Psychology Maureen Murphy Walnut Creek BA-MP TV Victoria Murphy Boca Raton, Florida BA-Sociology James Daniel Murtaugh San Luis Obispo BA-Biology Andrew Nadeau Encino BA-Economics Louis Nahas Los Angeles BA-Mathematics Mark Nakagawa Los Angeles BA-History Patti Nakagiri Culver City BA-Psychology Sandra Nakamura Los Angeles BA-Economics Mansour Namdar Tehran, Iran BS-Civil Engineering Lucinda Nares Wilmington BA-English Maryrose Nasr Palo Alto BA-Theater Arts Debra Nathan Lakewood BA-French Linguistics Laurie Naylor Glendale BS-Math Computer Science Virginia Nelson Fullerton BA-History Andrew Aldrich Nemits Fullerton BS-Geology Michelle Newman Los Angeles BA-History Sheree Newman Encino BA-Psychology Robert Ng Alhambra BA-Chinese Wai Chi Ng Modesto MS-Engineering Margaret Nichols Los Angeles BA-Communication Studies Eric Nicolaisen Los Angeles BA-Theater Arts Carl D. Nielsen Pasadena BA-Political Science Man Nip Los Angeles BS-Electrical Engineering Eric Nishimoto Canoga Park BA-Political Science Nancy Nishimura Los Angeles BA-Design Mark Nitikman Los Angeles BA-Political Science Laura Michelle Nolan Tarzana BA-Psychology Majorie Noland West Covina BS-Nursing Linda Nold Los Angeles BA-Economics Judith Noodleman Arcadia BA-Psychology Sandra Noriega Richmond BA-Psychology Cheryl Norris Northridge BA-Psychology Michael Kevin Norris Los Angeles BA-Political Science Economics Linda L. Northrup Westlake BA-English Frank Norton Escondido BS-Biochemistry Catherine Noseworthy Menlo Park BA-History Lanny Noveck Encino BA-Psychology Todd Noia La Canada BA-Economics Kimberly Novins Burbank BA-Communications Studies Sociology Adrian Nuanes Monterey Park BA-Biology Susana L Nunez Los Angeles BA-Sociology Chike Nwasike Enugu, Nigeria BS-Chemical Engineering Karen Oakes Palos Verdes BA-Economics Thomas Oberski Santa Monica BA-Economics Eleazu Obinna Nigeria, West Africa Education Economics Thomas F. O ' Brien Blythe BA-Economics Kathleen Anne O ' Connor Encino BA-Music Composition Mark O ' Donnell San Diego BS-Kinesiology Carole Oestreich Ridgecrest BA-English Susan Ogata Claremont BA-Psychology Sidney Ogino Los Angeles BA-Psychology Richard Okabe Los Angeles BA-Economics Cheryl Okada Torrance BA-East Asian Studies Lawrence Okuneff Sherman Oaks BA-Political Science David Oldham Monte Sereno BA-Economics Robert Olson Burbank BS-Psychobiology Kellie Oneal Corte Madera BA-Psychology Maureen O ' Nei l Los Angeles BA-Political Science Timothy O ' Neill Torrance BA-Economics Obiageli Kano, Nigeria BS-Biochemistry Dimitri Orloff Los Angeles BA-Economics Antonio Orozco Los Angeles BS-Public Health Michael Charles Ortega El Cajon BS-Kinesiology Linda Oshinomi Los Angeles BS-Psychobiology Linda Ossipoff Torrance BA-Geography Ecosystems Jesse U. Overall IV Los Angeles PhD-Higher Education Jack Owen Santa Ana BS-Chemistry Jeff Owen Canoga Park BS-Geology Ronald Owen La Canada BA-Political Science Denise Oyer Orinda BS-Kinesiology Marilyn Pabros Salinas BA-Economics Jonathon Page Los Angeles JD Richard Page Los Angeles BA-Music Teresa Page Los Angeles BA-English Frederick Pagliuca San Diego BS-Psychobiology Annette Palmer Sun Valley BA-Psychology Steven Palmieri Irvine BA-History Terry Pannkuk Thousand Oaks BA-Biology Mardra Paredes Los Angeles BA-Psychology Seung-Wong Park Northridge BS-Math Computer Science Robert Parmele Millbrae BA-Geography Kathy Parsons Danville BS-Psychobiology Susan D. Pasco San Jose BA-Design Lora Patrick LaFayette BA-Geography Ecosystems Karen Lynette Patterson Los Angeles BA-English Thomas Patton Torrance BA-Political Science Marlyn Pauley Tarzana BA-Design James Paver San Francisco BA-Political Science James Payne Westminster BA-English Thomas Payne Salinas BA-Economics Debra Peacock Santa Fe Springs BA-Psychology Barry Pearlman Woodland Hills BA-Political Science Diane Pechman Los Angeles BA-Political Science Lisa Pechthact Venice BA-History Lloyd Peckner Santa Monica BS-Physics September Pena Toluca Lake BA-Design William Francis Penny, Jr. La Jolla BA-Biology Freddy Perez Los Angeles BA-Political Science Dawn Perry Oakland BA-Sociology Markus Personeus Alexandria, Virginia BA-History Mary Peshel San Diego BA-Political Science History John Peterson Los Angeles BA-Economics Candide Petrol Modesto BA-Biology Cynthia Lou Philbert LaFayette BA-Quanitative Psychology Barbara Phillippi Canoga Park BA-Economics Psychology JoAnne Phillips Salinas BA-Italian Stephen Phillips Santa Ana BA-Political Science Thomas Phillips Redlands BA-History Jesse Pike National City BS-Civil Engineering Ricardo Pinos N. Hollywood BS-Electrical Engineering Keith Pipes Santa Ana BA-Economics Denise Platt Burlingame BA-Individual Human Behavior John Plemmons Oceanside BA-Theater Larry Podell Woodland Hills BA-Psychology Marcie Podgur Piedmont BA-Sociology Steven Poitras Woodland Hills BA-MP TV Anthony S. Polakov Van Nuys BA-Economics Elizabeth Pollock Pebble Beach BA-French Marumi Pontine Oxnard BA-East Asian Studies Richard Porras Memphis, Tennessee MBA-Gen. Mgmt. Jayne-Jo Portanova Los Angeles BS-Psychobiology Judy Porter Long Beach BA-Design Kenneth Post Buena Park MS-Electrical Engineering Lawrence Jay Poteet Seal Beach JD MBA Deborah Praw Los Angeles BA-Design Kathleen Presutto Canoga Park BS-Nursing Denice Price Long Beach BA-Sociology Carlos Priestley Los Angeles MPH-Health Services Management Richard Prochaska Conover, North Carolina BA-Biology Sharon Pruter Los Angeles BA-Economics Marleen Pysher Arcadia BA-Psychology Denise Pyeatt Santa Ana BS-Bacteriology Lorraine Quan Los Angeles BA-Psychology Don Quock Visalia BA-Economics Jeffrey Rabin Beverly Hills BA-Economics Clifford Dean Rader Northridge BA-Geography Ecosystems Muhammad Rahman Santa Monica MS-Computer Science Rocelyn Rambo Long Beach BA-Sociology Fidel B. Ramirez, Jr. Rosemead BA-Spanish Susan Ramras San Diego BA-Sociology Steven Randall Tahoe City BS-Kinesiology Wes Randall Canoga Park BA-Anthropology Debra Rappaport Davis BA-Sociology Nancy Rawding Downey BA-Anthropology Diane Ray Canoga Park BA-Political Science Robert Redfield Woodland Hills BA-Communication Studies Laurie Redlich Woodland Hills BA-Theater Arts Scott Redston Beverly Hills BA-Economics Kathryn Reesman Fullerton BA-History Dennis Regan Los Angeles BA-Bacteriology Rosemary A. Regan Camarillo BA-Biology Donovan Reiner Camarillo BA-Psychology Myra Reisman Beverly Hills BA-Economics Henry Reitzenstein Los Angeles BA-Economics Scott Resnick Pacific Palisades BA-Pscyhology Michael Charles Rexon Malibu BA-Biology Valerie Rhines Azusa BA-Pscyhology Parviz Riazi Los Angeles MBA-Management Mariah Ribeird Los Angeles BA-East Asian Studies James Richards Gardena BS-Geology Dale Richardson Lancaster BA-Sociology David Riley Woodland Hills BA-Economics Daniel Rivera San Diego BA-Political Science Karen Robbins Los Angeles BA-PSGA Scott Robertson Glendora BA-Economics Pamela Robinson Agoura BA-Economics Paul Robinson Los Angeles BA-Political Science Terri Robinson Los Angeles BA-Sociology Chris Rodgers Los Altos BA-English Raul Rodriguez Los Angeles BA-Geography Ecosystems Christine Rogers La Canada BA-History Deborah Rohm Orange BS-Kinesiology David Ronquillo Baldwin Park BA-Sociology Ruth Rodney Panorama City BA-Psychology O. Steven Rosales Los Angeles BA-Sociology David Rosen Rancho Palos Verdes BA-Communication Studies Gary Rosen Encino BA-History Larry Rosen N. Hollywood BS-Biochemistry Martin Rosen Encino BA-Economics Jaime Rosebach La Paz, Bolivia BS-Civil Engineering Cheryl Rosenbaum Topanga Canyon BA-Liberal Studies Marla Rosenberg Van Nuys BA-E conomics Candace Sue Rosenbloom Tarzana BA-Sociology Joel Rosenblum Los Angeles JD Michael Rosenhick Sun Valley BA-Economics Barbara Rosenthal Sherman Oaks BA-Geography Linda Rosner Los Angeles BA-Theater Arts Janet Roston Los Angeles BA-Dance Lori Beth Rudee San Francisco BA-Sociology Delia Ruiz Los Angeles BA-Spanish Wade Rupp Woodland Hills BA-Political Science Michael C. Rush Arleta BA-Geography Roberta Rusmiselle Simi BS-Math Computer Science Derek Russell Altadena BA-Political Science Jerald J. Russell Los Angeles BS-Mechanical Engineering Linda Russell Sherman Oaks BA-Bacteriology Shadrick Michael Sabbs Los Angeles BS-Biochemistry Barry Sacher Los Angeles BA-Economics Susan St. Sure Santa Rosa BA-Psychology Joyce Sakai Gardena BA-Ling. Oriental Languages Michael Sakasegawa Malibu BA-Poli Sci Public Admin. Linton Sakurai Gardena BA-Mathematics Patricia Salcido Los Angeles BA-Psychology Mehboobali Saleh Covina BA-Biology Frank Salomone Monte Bello BA-Political Science Susan Samuels Los Angeles BA-Sociology Cynthia Sanchez Los Angeles BA-History John Sanchez Woodside BA-Political Science Paul Sandberg Beverly Hills BA-Economics Ellen E. Sander San Diego BA-Economics Tom Sander Pasadena BA-Economics Robin Sandmeyer Burbank BS-Kinesiology Pahol Sanganetra Bangkok, Thailand, MS-Physics Lucinda Sanman Los Angeles BA-Political Science Carol Satogiwa Long Beach BA-Sociology Jo Anne Marie Eugenio Santos Los Angeles BS-Math Computer Science Ratih Santoso Los Angeles BA-Biology Richard San Vicente Huntington Beach BA-Economics Kouros Sariri Tehran, Iran BS-Electrical Engineering Sandra Sasser Whittier BA-English American Studies George Savic Alhambra BA-Biology Gary Schammel San Carlos BA-Psychology Laurie Schauerte Glendale BA-English Lynn Scheidecker Napa BA-Sociology Karen Schenker Los Angeles BA-Theater Arts Robert P. Schenker Encino BS-Public Health Debra Schiff Claremont BA-Political Science Steven L. Schilling Hemet BS-Physics Alan Schimmel Woodland Hills BA-Political Science Linda Schlatler Rancho Palos Verdes BA-Psychology Frances Schleissner Chatsworth BS-Chemistry Megan Schluter Los Angeles BA-Political Science John C. Schmidt Yorba Linda BA-MP TV John A. Schoenfeld Los Angeles BA-Economics Margaret-Ann Schofield Walnut Creek BA-Music Andrew Schnee Sepulveda BA-History Beverly Schneider N. Hollywood BA-Psychology Linda Schneider La Canada BA-Economics Jody Schrader Rancho Palos Verdes BA-Sociology Tyrrell Schultheis Rowland Heights BA-History Anne Patricia Schwartz Coronado BA-Communication Studies Denni Schwartz Sacramento BA-Latin American Studies Marlene Schwartz Los Angeles BA-Design William J. Scilacci, Jr. San Jose BA-Economics Alvairene Scott Los Angeles BA-Psychology Charles Scudiere Los Angeles BA-Biology Marisa Sebastian San Diego BS-Nursing Omer Seddig Los Angeles P hD Education Cathy Seipp Los Alamitos BA-English Joyce Seko Long Beach BA-Political Science Miryam Senensieb Sepulveda BA-Psychology Menelek Sessing Walnut BA-Political Science David Shaffer Oakland BA-Hebrew Mindy Shaffer Woodland Hills BA-Meteorology Marcia Shamray Los Angeles BS-Psychobiology Kimberly Shanks San Marino BA-Political Science Kristie Shappell Sepulveda BS-Psychobiology Patricia Sharp Santa Monica BS-Kinesiology Melanie Sharon Huntington Beach BA-History Susan B. Shatanoff Woodland Hills BA-History Kristin Sheets Sherman Oaks BA-Theater Arts Christiane Sheid La Jolla BA-Economics Randy Cra ig Sheinbein Beverly Hills BA-Political Science Robyn Shimizu Culver City BA-Biology Gayle Shimokaji Los Angeles BS-Nursing Cynthia Shimon Van Nuys BS-Kinesiology Se Shin Huntington Park BA-Economics Douglas Shinno Canoga Park BS-Engineering Keith Shiozaki Torrance BA-Economics Alexander Levi Shnairson Los Angeles BA-Political Science Math Shoffner Bakersfield BA-Economics Mariam Shokair Los Angeles BS-Biochemistry Milad Shokair Los Angeles BA-Biology Debra Shulman Los Angeles BA-Theater Arts Desiree Sigal Beverly Hills BA-Design Anita Santa Monica BA-Italian Lisa Silber Tarzana BA-Sociology David Silva Los Angeles BA-Economics Susan Meredith Silver Bonita BA-Art History Linda Silverman Long Beach BA-Sociology Paul Simon Irvine BA-Psychology Monte Simpson Arcata BS-Engineering Robert A. Sire San Diego BS-Engineering Virginia Louise Sittel Moraga BA-Communication Studies Merri Skrdla Beverly Hills BA-Psychology Sally Sladics Alhambra BA-Political Science Roberta Slater Encino BA-English Roy Slettehaugh N. Hollywood BS-Electrical Engineering Charlene Smith Lynwood BA-Political Science Deborah Elaine Smith Santa Monica BA-History Gary Smith Daly City BS-Psychobiology Kathleen Smith Los Angeles BS-Kinesiology Kathy Smith Pacoima BA-Sociology Lizabeth Smith Santa Monica BS-Kinesiology Mark E. Smith Montebello BA-Geog raphy Ecosystems Sharon Smith Woodland Hills BA-Mathematics Shawn I. Smith Los Angeles BS-Public Health Rebecca Smith Burband BA-Political Science Margaret Smrekar San Jose BA-Design Lisa Sockolov San Rafael BA-Psychology Fifilani Soetanto Los Angeles BS-Math Computer Science Therese M. Solimeno Buena Park BA-Theater Arts Malerie Solis Oxnard BA-Communication Studies Dana Solomon Stockton BA-Sociology Mindy Solomon Hillsborough BA-Sociology Celia Somers Los Angeles BA-Sociology Mason Sommers Beverly Hills BA-Psychology In Son Los Angeles BA-Economics Susan Songer Buena Park BA-English John C. Sorich Laguna Niguel BA-MP TV Shirin Sorooshian Los Angeles BS-Chemical Engineering John Soto Hayward BA-Political Science Christine Spagnoli Los Angeles BA-Political Science Kathryn Spanberger Malibu BA-Economics Glenn Sperbeck San Diego BA-Biology John C. Spindler San Pedro BA-Psycholog y Susan A. Spingeld Palos Verdes BA-Music Felice Spinosa San Pedro BA-Sociology Michael Sproul Burbank BA-Economics Aida Stamboulian Los Angeles BA-Linguistics Diana Stanich Gardena BS-Kinesiology Dana Stanley Santa Ana BA-Sociology Robert Stansbury Encino BA-Economics Robert J. Starkman Los Angeles BA-Economics Rosaleen Sonia Stearn Van Nuys BA-Economics Lauren Stein Campbell BA-Sociology Andrew Steinberg Beverly Hills BA-Political Science Laurie Stephens Venice BA-Communication Studies Sandra Stept Los Angeles BA-Psychology Craig Stevens Tarzana BA-History Political Science Cathleen Stewart Santa Monica BS-Biochemistry Claire Stewart Atherton BA-Sociology Jeffrey Stites Menlo Park BA-Political Science Mark Stiver Burbank BA-Economics John Stoessel Ridgecrest BS-Engineering Robert Stone Lakewood BA-Geography Ecosystems Gary E. Strathearn Santa Monica BS-Biochemistry Michael Strathearn Santa Monica BS-Biochemistry Suzanne Stranz San Pedro BS-Kinesiology Margaret Stratton Pasadena BS-Engineering Carolyn Strauss Granada Hills BA-Design Sandy Streeter Sherman Oaks BA-Political Science Elise Streicher San Diego BA-History Chris Strodder Ben Lomond BA-English Patricia Stroh Los Angeles BA-Sociology Esther Stromberg Los Alamitos BS-Kinesiology Mary Robin Stuart San Rafael BA-French Libbie Stull Bakersfield BA-Political Science Deborah Sturgeon Hayward BA-Philosophy Jennifer Sturges Los Altos BA-Political Science Lynn Stylianides Long Beach BS-Public Health Chi Suh Los Angeles BA-Music Diane Sujata Northridge BA-Political Science Gail Sukys Evanston, Illinois BA-East Asian Studies Nancy Sulkow Los Angeles BA-Political Science Beulynn Sullens Los Angeles BA-Psychology David Sun Monterey Park BA-Economics Lynda Sun Westminster BA-Sociology Won G. Sunu Rolling Meadows, Illinois PhD-Engineering Kim Bryan Sutton Canoga Park BA-Geography Diane S. Suzuki Loomis BS-Health Record Science Gregory Swanson Placentia BA-Political Science Scott Swinson Running Springs BA-Economics Esther Taft Los Angeles BA-Communication Studies Myra Takata Montebello BS-Engineering April Takaya Los Angeles BA-Psychology Leslie Takaya Los Angeles BA-Economics Joan Takayama Pasadena BA-Geography East Asian Studies Bryan Takeda Arcadia BA-Economics Hoda Takla Los Angeles BA-French Julienne Tam San Gabriel BA-Psychology Linda Tam Los Angeles BA-Chinese Gayle Tamler San Francisco BA-Communication Studies Christine Tanaka Oxnard BA-Economics Joni Tanaka Oxnard BA-Bacteriology Wendie Tanaka Long Beach BS-Chemistry Bradley Tanas La Crescenta BA-History Lloyd Tani Los Angeles BA-Biology Lindsee T. Tanimoto Sacramento BA-Economics Scott Tannehill Downey BS-Kinesiology Oresia Tarnowieckyi Joplin, Missouri BA-Geography Richard Tasoff Encino BS-Psychobiology Wayne Tavetian Los Angeles BA-English Political Science Katherine Taylor Rolling Hills Estates BA-English Scott Taylor Los Angeles BA-Political Science Sharmen Taylor Los Angeles BA-Sociology Rebecca Tedeschi Los Angeles BA-Italian Tadesse Teferi Los Angeles BS-Engineering Niambi Teicher Santa Monica BA-Music Domenica Tenerelli Burbank BA-Sociology Mary Lynne Thaxter Los Angeles BA-Political Science Laura Thomas San Marino BA-History Sherry Thomas Menlo Park BS-Math Computer Science Andrew W. Thompson Pasadena BA-Anthropology Michael Thompson Chatsworth BA-Economics Wendy M. Thorpe Los Angeles BA-Economics Sheri Tierney Los Angeles BA-Theater Arts Eve Tipton Tustin BA-Communication Studies Doron Tisser Los Angeles BA-Political Science Glenn Tjia Sepulveda BS-Biochemistry Mitsuko Tokuyama Los Angeles BA-Spanish Kathy Toledo Santa Clara BA-Political Science Lynn Tolkan Los Angeles BA-Sociology Yuko Tomita Tokyo, Japan BA-Economics Kim Tomomatsu Van Nuys BA-Economics Daniel Topper Los Angeles BS-Physiolo gy Raymond Townsend San Jose BA-Sociology Regina Trent Los Angeles BA-Psychology Judith Troy Van Nuys MSW-Social Welfare Diane Trucks West Covina BA-Spanish Betty Tse Los Angeles BA-Economics Nora Tsui Monterey Park BA-Mathematics Tomoko Tsuruoka Tokyo, Japan BA-Economics Allen Tuchman Los Angeles BA-Economics Rachel Tuchman Los Angeles BA-Economics Bonnie Tucker Los Angeles BA-Sociology Deborah Tucker Los Angeles BA-English JoAnn Turner Vacaville BS-Kinesiology Kerry J. Turner Alhambra BS-Kinesiology Economics Sandra Turner San Mateo BA-PSGA Gail S. Tusan Altadena BA-Psychology Yousef M. Tweini Los Angeles BS-Chemical Engineering Donna Twiss Sunland BA-Psychology Patrick Twomey Reseda BA-Bacteriology Janis Uchizono Los Angeles BA-Sociology Karen Beth Ugell Los Angeles BA-English Bruce Ujihara Anaheim BA-Economics Akira Umemoto Los Angeles BA-MP TV Joe Lakeside BA-Mathematics Sarah Underwood San Pedro BA-Political Science Michael D. Updike San Bernardino BA-Economics Jose Luis Urena Alexiades Mad rid, Spain MS-Computer Science June Ushijima Los Angeles EdD-Education Sandi Ushkow Saratoga BA-Psychology Mark Robert Utzinger Menlo Park BA-Economics Gerald Uyeno Los Angeles BS- Chemistry Craig Valehrach San Jose BA-Economics Manuel A. Valenzuelas Pico Rivera BA-Political Science Belia Vallejo Salinas BS-Nursing Rossana Valverde Pasadena BA-Psychology Dirk W. Vandebunt Berwyn, Pennsylvania BA-History Joseph Vanderhorst Los Angeles BA-Political Science Julie Van Lone Rancho Palos Verdes BA-Sociology Detria Vann Los Angeles BA-Philosophy Ronald Van Vliet Whittier BA-Economics Gina Vasquez Santa Ana BA-Design Nancy Vedera Sacramento BA-Psychology Sociology Thos Vega Hawaiian Gardens BA-Economics Miguel Velez Torrance BS-Biochemistry Patricia Vicent Los Angeles BA-Political Science Phillip Vickers Granada Hills BS-Chemistry Renaldo Victoria Los Angeles BA-PSGA Eugene A. Vilain Van Nuys BS-Engineering Systems Michael E. Vilain Van Nuys BS-Chemistry Catherine Villa Northridge BA-English Darlene Villeza Los Angeles BS-Nursing Rhonda Lynn Vincent Encino BA-Communication Studies Kip E. Virts Fort Wayne, Indiana BS-Psychobiology Ferrill Volpicelli Torrance BA-Biology Jacqueline Vrdoljak Encino BA-Linguistics Sandra Vreeburg Woodside BA-French Robert Wada La Mirada BA-Economics Beverly Wagen Altadena BA-Political Science Wendy Wagner North Hollywood BS-Nursing Rocky Wagonhurst Woodland Hills BA-Sociology Bradley Waisbren Studio City BA-MP TV Louise Waki Buena Park BA-Biology Karen Elyse Waldman Los Angeles BA-Psychology Nuruddin Waliany Los Angeles BS-Math Computer Science David Walker Canoga Park BS-Engineering David Wallace Anaheim BA-Economics Marie Catherine Walton Inglewood BA-Spanish J.P. Wammack Glendale BA-History Richard J. Ward Los Angeles BA-Economics Roger Ward Los Angeles PhD-Man-Machine Systems Suzanne Ward Monterrey BA-History Jessica Warren San Diego BA-History Suzanne Warren Los Angeles BA-Economics Kathleen L. Washington Concord BA-Economics Debra Watanuki Montebello BS-Kinesiology Rob Watkins Saratoga BA-Economics Guy Weaser Merced BA-Mathematics John R. Webber Ill Belmont BA-Political Science History Michele Webster Los Angeles BA-English Robert Wedell Woodside BA-Psychology Dudley Weiner Reseda BA-History Michael Weiner Woodland Hills BS-Psychobiology Steven Weinstein Charsworth BS-Biochemistry Sharon Weisman Los Angeles BA-Sociology Lita Weissman North Hollywood BA-Psychology Cathy Werner Los Angeles BS-Psychobiology Michael Werner Canoga Park BA-Political Science Int. Relations Julie West Agoura BA-Music Douglas Westhoff Pico Riviera BA-Political Science Jay Westly Westminster BA-Economics James B. White Inglewood BS-Chemistry David Widrig Fullerton BS-Electrical Engineering Richard Willey Burbank BA-Geography Barrie Williams Carson BS-Kinesiology Richard D. Williams Cadillac, Michigan BA-Political Science Evelyn Willis Los Angeles BA-Political Science Wendy Wills Coronado BA-Political Science Kathleen Wilson Fullerton BS-Health Records Science Ronald Wilton Granada Hills BA-History Rebecca Winard Encino BA-Biology Peter Winkler North Hollywood BA-History Mark Winston Sepulveda BS-Psychobiology Cynthia Winter Encino BA-Dance Nancy Winter Whittier BS-Engineering Monica Marie Smith Witt San Marino BA-Geography Ecosystems Richard Witt Los Angeles BA-Business and Society Eric Witten Long Beach BS-Civil Engineering Susan Whigham San Diego BA-Biology Megan Whitaker Sunnyvale BA-Political Science Brier White Corona Del Mar BA-Sociology Carol Whitling San Jose BA-Psychology Pamela Whitmer Hacienda Heights BS-Kinesiology Robin Whittle Pasadena BA-French Martin Steven Wolf Los Angeles BA-Economics Alejandro Wolff Torrance BA-Political Science Lawrence Wolff Burbank BA-Biology Steven Wolff Los Angeles BA-Economics Karen Wolfred Beverly Hills BA-Sociology Robin Wolfred Beverly Hills BA-English Andrea N. Wolk Van Nuys BA-English Cynthia A. Wong Los Angeles BS-Psychobiology Cynthia Jane Wong West Covina BA-Bacteriology Glenn Wong Los Angeles BA-Economics James Wong Los Angeles BA-Economics Judy Wong Palos Verdes BS-Psychobiology Margie Wong Malibu BA-Psychology Nuland Wong Sacramento BS-Engineering Diane Woodman Long Beach BA-Biology Michael Woodman Long Beach BA-Geography Craig Woods Fullerton BA-Biology Victor Woodworth San Diego BA-Mathematics Applied Sciences Nancy Woolf Palm Springs BS-Psychobiology Kimberly Worthen Woodland Hills BS-Kinesiology Shelly Worthen Woodland Hills BS-Kinesiology David Woznica North Hollywood BA-Psychology Markland Wyatt Vincennes, Indiana BA-History Jean Yahata Anaheim BS-Biochemistry Jean N. Yamabe Sacramento BA-Mathematics Rachel Yamaguchi Pasadena BA-History Willard Yamaguchi Montebello BA-History Peter Yamamoto Los Angeles BA-Biology Nobuyuki Yamasaki Pasadena BA-Geography Ecosystems Angela Yang Los Angeles BA-Economics Janet Yang Montebello BS-Biochemistry Samuel Yang Los Angeles BS-Engineering Systems Jo-Ann Yap Kaneohe, Hawaii BA-Math Applied Sci Economics Ron Yarris Napa BA-Political Science Gail Yeaman Lynwood BA-Psychology Khosro Yekta Los Angeles BS-Chemical Engineering Diane Yep Kerman BA-Sociology Christine Yonai Los Angeles BS-Nursing Jongnam Yoo Los Angeles BA-Mathematics Jong Sun Yoo Los Angeles BA-Mathematics Shin Yoshikawa Osaka, Japan MA-Architecture Urban Design Robert Yoshimi Los Angeles BA-Design Arlene Yoshimura Gardena BA-Economics Catherine Young Los Angeles BA-Sociology Anne Yuge Bassett BA-Psychology Dick Wong Yung Whittier BA-Biology Heather Zabarsky Costa Mesa BA-Business Economics Michael Zarra San Bernardino BA-Political Science Sandra Zeitzew Los Angeles BA-History Steven Zellmer Ridgecrest BS-Electronic Engineering Deborah Zerda Lafayette BA-Design Marsha Zoller Whittier BA-Design There still is time We do — on occasion — study here. A quiet nook in URL or Powell is a treasured spot and easy to come by — except during finals when the " Big-U " becomes the " Biz-Zoo. " Da Bosses Trivia time. Guess who these rambling; gambling guys are — you know, the ones that run the school. Time ' s up. They are (top right) Charles E. Young, Chancellor; (middle row from left): Byron H. Atkinson, Dean of Students Assistant Vice Chancellor; Charles Z. Wilson, Vice Chancellor of Academic Programs; James W. Hobson, Vice Chancellor of Administration. Bottom row from left: Norman P. Miller, Vice Chancellor of Student an d Campus Affairs; Eugen Weber, Dean, College of Letters and Science; John Shaffer, Executive Vice Chancellor. The wild and crazy kind of guy at the top left does not, contrary to popular belief, run the reg fee committee, although that group has made some pretty funny jokes, too. KEEP RIGHT RIGHT LANES MUST TURN RIGHT NO RIGHT TURN NOV CALIFORNIA UCLA 8 SIT ON A HAPPY FACE STACK PARKING AREA LEAVE IGNITION KEY WITH ATTENDENT RETAIN PARKING TICKET AND PRESENT They ' d pave paradise to put up a parking lot . . . and UCLA students would rejoice. Finding a place to put your car was harder than Nuclear Brain Surgery 101 this year. Even after pawning the family jewels and selling your soul for a parking permit, stack parking isn ' t always so convenient. Taxi . . . Time for ourselves It only seems like we ' re in class all the time. There ' s plenty of a slack time ' round here, time to check out the tables on Bruin Walk or wade in the Inverted Fountain. And an hour on the grass in Royce Quad is restful for the body — and the soul. On a good day on campus, in fact, the most popular class seems to be Suntanning I. Shake your booty Elvis lived two decades ago. The Beatles are a stage show. Acid rock took a bad trip a while ago. In the ' 70 ' s, the sound that ' s alive and boogeying is disco. Around the country — and the world — the beat goes on with the local discos overrun with victims of night fever. By the way, what ever became of the frug? GSU, yearbook at odds; group photo is at center of issue By Alisa M. Weisman Staff Writer A controversy. between the Gay Students Union and editors of UCLA ' s yearbook, Southern Campus, developed this week after one of the editors suggested that the gay students ' group picture might not be included in the yearbook. Late Thursday, the issue was yet to be resolved. Tracy Gildermeister, GSU political liaison, complained to the yearbook editors, the ASUCLA Communications Board and Undergraduate President Craig Ehrlich when he learned of the possible exclusion of his group from Southern Campus. Early this week, yearbook co-editors Leslie O ' Neal and Lori Dawe said Southern Campus was considering excluding the gays from its pages because of numerous complaints from other groups, whom O ' Neal said have expressed " distaste " for the possibility of having their group ' s pictures appearing on the page facing the GSU picture. SOUTHERN CAMPUS ’78 THE UCLA YEARBOOK We toot our own horns OK, time to feed our egos by putting our pictures in the yearbook (and without any in-jokes, either). Across the top (from far left) is Lori Dawe, co-editor; Leslie O ' Neal, co-editor; Leslie, Steve and Lori; Pat Kennedy, lay-out man. From bottom (far left) is Richard Barden, business-manager, managing editor; Nancy Maizlish, lay-out lady. Well, it ' s been a hectic six months with many frantic moments — as some of you know! We thank all those who put up with our insanity. We hope the book reflects the highlights of the year for all to enjoy. We had fun putting it together and we hope we didn ' t forget too many things; but, a yearbook never forgets. So, keep us in your memory — along with this book. Leslie and Lori Hey, we run this show, we can do whatever we want . . . news Program gives students chance to work with the mentally ill SOUTHERN CAMPUS ’78 THE UCLA YEARBOOK . . . yeah, like put more of our pictures in the book. Across the top (from far left) (if you still care): Jim McNally, photographer; Greg Masters, photographer. Bottom opposite page (from left) Bruce Neal, eccentric photographer; Jack Morrison, photographer; Leslie in a reflective, blurry mood. This page (from top left): a class that couldn ' t hack it; Paul Farhi, copy writer, who takes credit for most of the good stuff written in this book; the result after Farhi had a rough day at the off ice. Bottom (from left): former editor Glenn Zucman, who split mid-book; and Debbie Goff, copy researcher. Not pictured are occasional workers: Anne Schwartz, general work; Marcie Lepkowsky, basic researcher; Lisa Hunfeld, photo filer. (7.10 PM) 10.12.77 ADVANCED SURVIVAL P.E. X4351 HAS BEEN CANCELLED Farhi - Your staff wishes to congratulate you on being so mature KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! - credits - credits - - credits - credits - credits - credits - First and foremost we want to thank the Campus Studio Staff who not only shared a room with us but also shared their talent, sympathy and PHOTOGRAPHS . . . Stan Troutman — Studio Manager Patt Troutman — Stan ' s Manager Terry O ' Donnell — Last minute expert printing, photo and personal advice Colli O ' Donnell — Mascot Norman-never-misses Schindler — Our staff photographer referee Waly Vilenica — Portrait photographer Carole Swanson — Receptionist History — All photos of UCLA ' s past history were confiscated from those well organized CAMPUS STUDIO files . . . not to mention the pics of many important UCLA personalities of today. Seniors — Waly Vilenica was responsible for all the senior portraits taken for the book — some 1600. Thanks for your patience, Waly, and that question: " Are you going to smile? " Misc. — Thanks to the Daily Bruin photography staff who most generously gave, with very few bribes, pictures of anything or anyone we needed in the event of an " emergency. " Special thanks to Jeff Lapin. Jeff Lapin — Photo Editor Sherrie Block — Assistant Photo Editor Allan Fensten Paula Gibson Bill Gross Randall Higa John Nam Marissa Roth Dilly Sheldon Joel Shine Greeks — All Greek group shots (with the exception of Alpha Kappa Alpha, Chi Alpha Delta, Lambda Chi, Sigma Nu, Theta Xi, shot by our own Southern Campus photographers or supplied by the house) were expertly done by Bill Gross and Neal Natsumeda. They really put in a lot of hard work so we just want this opportunity to say " Good job. " (How ' d I do, Bill? How ' d I do?) Cosmic — The man in the moon (p. 8) was used courtesy of National Aeronautics and Space Administration. 1969 Mars Shot (p. 9) used courtesy of Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Other — Various photographers who contributed shots of their activities include: Bernie Boston — Picture for Peace (p. 6) The Washington Star Greg Brown — SAE intramurals John DiPol — Thanksgiving Apartment Life James Kranyak — Dance Club Bob Lineski — Sigma Nu White Rose Promotional Agencies of Elvis, Bing, and Groucho photos Karen Robbins — UCLA Band Brad Waisbren — UCLA Spirit Squad An Extra Special Thank You to anyone whose photos we used but forgot to mention — and Super Sorry — we know about those tempermental photographers. As for the Lab techs: What could we do without them? Luis Hernandez, Katy Humphrey and Bill Schatz. - credits - credits - credits - credits - credits - credits - credits - Lyrics — Why write it yourself when somebody else said it better?? Our book wouldn ' t be complete without a classic statement from Joni Mitchell ' s " Woodstock. " Siquomb Publishing Corp. All rights reserved. Used by permission. Nor without a line from " The Way We Were " by Marvin Hamlisch, Alan and Marilyn Bergman-Columbia Pictures. Rastar Productions ©1973 Colgems-Emi Music Inc. All rights reserved. Used by permission. And what would we do without Gordon Lightfoot ' s lyrics from " Summertime Dream. " Moose Music Ltd. (CAPAC). All rights reserved. Used by permission. Or " Too Late for Prayin ' " ©1974 Moose Music (CAPAC). All rights reserved. Used by permission. Copy — Printing and Duplicating type-set all our copy and what to say except Thanks P. D. for all those late nights at double pay, all those little correx, and, by the way, " just one more thing, please . . . " Art Atkinson — Typography Manager Susan Imai — Night Supervisor Janet Fuchs — Day Supervisor Hallie Cantor Doris Foley Kim Inatomi June Myers Jill Ragaway Sue Wiseman Artsy Craftsy — All artwork including the Classy Cover created by our infamous Business Manager — Rich Barden Peoples — What can we say? The entire six months we ' ve been in a bind and it seems that everywhere we turned someone lent us a helping hand or at least offered some helpful or even unhelpful advice — we got a lot of advice but a lot of help too! Thank You Steve Spence Joanne Sanfilippo Dick Kreuz Dean Atkinson Dorothy Wood Lee Monteleone Donna Perea Will Loe Ray Audino Grace Egbagbe Joe Yogerst Katie Jackson Barbara Timko Joyce Sakai Chris Lamson Mitch Ostwalt Ruth, EB, Griffin Marcia and Kennie Gale and Ann Ann Barden Ellen Wise Jill Gumbert Debbie Martin Kappa House Mike Koverbush Vic Kelley Marc Dellins Angelo Mazzone Stanley Chin Buttons Moth Oce Willie Weekley Margot Keenan Kim Galavan Anne Schwartz Lisa Hunfield Lob Pablo Ma Shaw Becky Connie Mark Aunt Widge " Jimbo " Tricia and Sara Dave And to those who asked the perennial questions: When ' s the book gonna be done? Is gonna good? Am I in it? Time for thought How should we look back? With laughter, regret, sorrow, satisfaction, peace. What will memories bring us? Time will tell. From memories we build ideas and the future gives us hope. A quiet past moment can be shared or kept secret, and yet time preserves all. The sharing of experiences brings communion, and God will give us eventual serenity. Dusk June 18,1978

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