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University of California Los Angeles - Bruin Life / Southern Campus Yearbook (Los Angeles, CA) online yearbook collection, 1977 Edition, Cover

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Southern Campus ' 77 FROM: ASSOCIATED STUDENTS UCLA PUBLICATIONS 308 Westwood Plaza ▪ Los Angeles, Calif. 90024 FROM THE OFFICE OF STUDENT PUBLICATIONS ASUCLA Southern Campus ' 77 FOOTBALL Levi Armstrong Raymond Bell Theotis Brown Raymond Burks Homer Butler Frank Corral Jeff Dankworth Keith Eck Oscar Edwards Harold Hardin Wally Henry Mitch Kahn Rob Kezirian Gus Koppens Dave Morton Don Pederson Pete Pele Jerry Robinson James Sarpy Pat Schmidt Frank Stephens Greg Taylor Steve Tetrick Manu Tuiasoso Wendell Tyler Ricky Walker Manu Tuiasosopo Although football is time consuming Manu believes it has much to offer, " You learn a lot such as the attitudes you take off the field, your with other players carry on and off the field and when you come off the field you act the same way. " Of the USC rivalry Manu gleams when the ' 75 victory is mentioned then saddens about the ' 76 loss. Beating SC is especially gratifying, " The thrill is bigger when you beat the best. " BASKETBALL 27 GYMNASTICS soccer rugby LA CROSSE VOLLEYBALL WRESTLING HOCKEY SAILING TEAM TENNIS baseball CREW WATER POLO MEN ' S SWIMMING CROSS COUNTRY Cross Country is one of those " unknown " sports little notoriety, and, Mark adds, " helps me to meet to know people. " " It ' s a model of life in which you have to interact with people, yet teaches self-reliance to work as an individual. " TRACK BASKETBALL VOLLEYBALL The UCLA women ' s team is led this year by two exceptional players, Terry Condon, number 34, and Lesley Knudsen, number 46. Terry is a five time United States Association All-American and has been chosen for the USA National Team seven times. She is also currently the team captain. Lesley has been on three USA National teams and was chosen as the Most Player of the UCLA Invitational tournament in which twenty-four teams competed. GYMNASTICS WOMEN ' S SWIMMING Heading our women ' s team is Kathy Heddy who won four gold medals in the Pan American Games and fifth at the Montreal Olympics in the 400 meter Despite her international fame Kathy suffers not from ego, " we ' re all pretty much alike. " Kathy belongs to a adding to her list of friends, " I really enjoy the kids on the team. " and has fallen in love with Southern California, " It ' s really nice. " Kathy Heddy Control ADMINISTRATION 1. Chancellor Charles Young 2. Chancellor Young Administration Representatives: 3. Assistant Vice Chancellor Byron Atkinson, BOC 4. Associate Dean of Students Craig Cunningham, Comm Board 5. Dean of CRA Peter Dalis, UPC 6. Assistant Dean of Students William Davis, GSA 7. Vice James Hobson, BOC 8. Dean of RL William Locklear, Reg Fee 9. Assistant Vice Chancellor Charles McClure, PTF 10. Vice Chancellor Norman Miller, COTF 11. Associate Dean of Students Rick Tuttle, SLC MEG MCCORMACK A four month controversy ended during the 1976 Fall Quarter when Undergraduate Student President Meg McCormack ending an abbreviated term in office. Ms. McCormack was the subject of two impeachment moves by the Student Council who accused her of violations, misconduct in office and mental instability. McCormack Campaign Manager Ronnie Menor confessed, " I was aware that Meg had over-spent. There were several items which she did not claim in the campaign financial statements. " In October having been censured and resolved to resign by the Student Council ' s vote of nine to two Ms. McCormack formally ended her term in office. " Ms. McCormack ' s last words were, " I am not resigning because I feel I ' m in anyway guilty. I am resigning because SLC has become a battlefield instead of a working government. " STUDENT LEGISLATIVE COUNCIL Clockwise: Secretary Sachiko Kacho, Scott Taylor, Jim Rosen, Jeff Conner, Howard Rich Levier, Diana Lou Karasik, Cynthia McClain, Dave Johnson, Faculty Representative Tom Penchoen, Hugh Miller, Alumni Richard Ebbert. SCOTT TAYLOR President JAY BUNDY General Representative DIANA SHEPHERD General Representative RON HACKER General Representative JEFF CONNER Facilities Commissioner " The Facilities Commissisoner serves on SLC, allocates SLC space and stock the proper limited functions of government activity, general students and other questions of efficiency) and is a member of University and ASUCLA committees examining optimal use and construction of campus facilities. " HOWARD SCHREIMAN Administrative Vice-President WILLIE BANKS Student Educational Policies Commissioner " The Student Educational Policies is a business or agency designed to promote the educational interest of students. It has provided me with a very valuable learning experience. " JOHN KOBARA Community Services Commissioner " This position has enabled me to enhance my classroom education by allowing me to apply and relate that acquired knowledge to real problems and situations in the a learning experience beyond CYNTHIA MCCLAIN First Vice-President HUGH MILLER Student Financial Supports Commissioner " The Student Finance Commission deals with a number of diverse financial issues concerning the student — housing, parking, employment, etc. The office has been this year with a brand new approach in mind. It is no longer specifically a commission and now focuses on problems faced by all UCLA students. " LOU KARASIK Cultural affairs Commissioner " The Cultural Affairs Commission is to the notion that education need not be confined to the classroom. In sponsering over eighty programs of highly diverse content, we attempt to provide students with an opportunity to enhance their formal education with an equally important informal one, presented in a more relaxed and setting. " RICH LEVIER Campus Events Commissioner JIM ROSEN Student Welfare Commissioner SPEAKERS Top left: Bella Abzug, Left: Burt Lancaster, Yvonne Burke, Sally Kellerman, Above: Joseph Biden. Lower Left: Bob Clampett and Cecil, Below: Lohman and Barkley, Bottom Right: Ansel Adams Left: John Tunney, Lower Left: Eugene McCarthy, Below: Angela Davis. native american students Row 1: Pat McKinley, Becky Bending, Livia Millard, Ruth Denny, Paulo Starr, Row 2: Duane Bending, Keevin Lewis, Alek Belinski, Catherine Ransom, Joe Trottier. united veterans association Dave Glazier, Mike Sondermawr SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS foreign students union Row 1: Carmen DeNeve, Rudolf Mak, Qadir Mohiuddin, Yunus Essa, Solomon Waredo, Row 2: Carmen Canselo, Godson, Alvis Chin. IFC Row 1: Wyle Welman, Scott Berg, Vic Hurtado — First Vice-President, Don Gallo — President, Glenn Leggs — Second Vice-President, Nestor Barrero, Rick Buck, Row 2: Tom Hacker, Mike Johnson, Robert Wall, Randy Rich, Josh Green, Steve Noguera, Bruce Cameron. panhellenic Row 1: Sandy Sasser — Delta Delta Delta, Becky Lenaburg, First VP — Alpha Phi, Paula Phillips — Chi Omega, Sally Smithers — Chi Omega, Amy Grauman — Alpha Delta Pi, Row 2: Shira Zabari — Alpha Xi Delta, Barbara Lubow — Alpha Xi Delta, Doris Cuneda — Delta Zeta, Sheryl Sutherland — Kappa Alpha, Janie Wigod, President — Alpha Epsilon Phi, Kathy Watson, Second VP — Delta Delta Delta, Sallie Estep — Pi Beta Phi, Joan Vernon — Kappa Alpha Theta, Donna Twiss — Gamma Phi Beta Row 3: Patty Shideler — Kappa Kappa Gamma, Luanne Stephen — Kappa Delta. gay student union Row 1: Andy Thompson, Gary Steele, Jim O ' Donnell, Gregg McGrevy, Chris Myers, Row 2: Bob Bowerman, Bob Kaufman, Steve Cronenwaldt, John DeSantos, Don Spring, Tracy Gildermeister, John Kruger, Bill Lynn, Charlie Wagner, Larry Duplechan, Row 3: Bob Strong, Ted E. Beare, Fred Burckaki, Tom Gibson, Bob Sotito, Mark Kacher, Larry. asian coalition Juliet Masculino, Alice Chung Steve Spence — Media Advisor, Donna Perea, Dick Kreuz — Publications Manager, Dorothy Wood PUBLICATIONS OFFICE daily bruin advertising Classifieds Row 1: Cornell Chulay, Susan Kane, Tad Shapiro, Gail Watanabe, Row 2: Trisha Young, Melanie Johnson, Linda Gruchy, Laurie Thomas, Elaine Feuer, Eve Tipton, Row 3: Emily Waingrow, Berry Kane, Victoria Vance, Marc Graboff. Standing: Robert David. Display Row 1: Grace Egbagbe, Pat Sheela, Leslie O ' Neal 2: Joel Roth, Donna Perea, Dorothy Wood, Diana Reeves, Tom Yamashita, Jean Yamabo, Nancy Harada. Comm Board Winston Henderson, Janice Gin, Herbert Vida, Dick Kreuz H. Keyth Reece, Mark Hokoda, Jeff Cunard Steve Spence, Joel Saltzman Donna Perea CAMPUS STUDIO Norm Schindler Terry O ' Donnell Stan Troutman Waly Vilencia Lucy Moffitt DAILY BRUIN Row 1: Frank Stallworth, Editor-in-chief Alice Short, Row 2: Paula Gibson, Mike Dashjian, Stan Sugasawara, Jeff Lapin, Soloman Ortasse, Christie Gille, Cindy Luis, Chris Cameron, Row 3: Jeff Mitchel, Alisa Weisman, Mike Griffith, Jodie Lunine, Michelle Duval, Jodi Zechowy, Marla Levine, Frank Widder, Allan Fensten, Kim Wildman, Joe Yogerst, Patti Sullivan, Kathy Dunn, Paul Photo, Row 4: Stan Sneak, Dave Whitney, Russ Wolpert, Liz Thaler, Sara Goodman, Geoff Quinn, Laura Klemer, Janie Wigod, Alan M ichael Karbelnig, John Jerk, Barry Grey, Carol Starr, Stan Kramer, Andy Waxler, Louis Watanabe, Michelle Seipp, Don Tringali, Adam Parfrey, Cathy Seipp, Howard Posner, Mike Lee, Row 5: Linda Rapattoni, Fred Harvey, Bob Walsh, George Grainy, Sally Garner, Adam Pfeffer. nommo Front: Delores Turner, Back: Lynne Clark, Michael Quant, Carolyn Goodwin, Henry Jackson, Paula Gibson, Arthina Good, Bernard Nicolas. together Row 1: Karen Foxall, Editor Olivia Goodkin, JoDeen Urban, Kathi Hoffman. Row 2: Stephanie Barber, Kathi Hyman. Row 3: Mike Lee, Sue Benner, Ann Hitchcock, Sue Sugita, Kelley Spellman. la gente Daniel Preciado, Editor Antonio Gonzales, Jose Luis Ramirez ha ' am Sol Ortasse, Maxine Pollack, Craig Preston, Editor Nadine Wildman, Annette Igra, Jeff Kahan, Sanford David Akselrad, Shoshana Amkraut. westwind Karen Robbins, C. S. Cobean, Linda Matthes 2. Photographer Doug Atkins 3. Photographer Marty Ollstein 4. Editor Beth Bonelli 5. Photographer Jack Morrison 6. Photographer Glenn Zucman SOUTHERN CAMPUS 1. Layout Editor Susy Savant 2. Photo Editor Ray Hocker 3. Business Manager Rich Hamann 4. Copy Editor Bill Indignaro Row 1: Joe Carmel, Mary Ann Thyken, Karen Landow, Dave Gordon, Amy Hiatt, Row 2: Jeff Wethern, Gina Tedesco, Chris Nevil — General Manager, Scott Marcus, Ken Stockstill, Cindy Riddle, Noreen Field, Marilyn Yager, David Scherer, Row 3: Greg Barbacai, Debbie Barnes, Paul Hale, Dave Margolis, Brian Burns, Jon Teicher, Maureen Murphy, Peter Demetriou, Dave Farber, Row 4: Brian Rouff, Mark Wiskup, John Tucker, Mary Burstein. KLA NEW GROWTH north campus facility bookstore kerckhoff coffee house I job placement center alumni center molecular biology " I get more exposure to more different people here than I would, at, say the dorms . . . some people can ' t handle the cultural diversity but I think it ' s good. " CO-OP LIVING " Each member works four hours a week, it really helps keep the rent down, all the kitchen shifts are staffed by co-opers. " " People can really get creative here, we ' ve got our own bicycle repairman, seamstress, barber, car mechanic, and even a plant doctor. " " The Co-op is totally crazy — I fit in perfectly. " LIFE IN THE DORMS " There ' s just something special here. " " Too much comes at me at one time. " " I lived outside last quarter and these dorms have a lot more to offer than people realize. " INTRAMURALS GREEKS Ice Cream Eating Contest College Bowl Toilet Bowl Derby ALPHA CHI OMEGA Row 1: Kathy McNamara, Sandy Streeter, Patricia Molnar, Patti Long, Karen Tsuneta, Barbara Rischer, Mary Bardwil, Nanette Duff, Karen Getten, Julie O ' Drain, Kathy Gorman, Susan Miller, Robin Pennington, Dana Stoike, Row 2: Claire Lacour, Lynn Hedtke, Katie Wilson, Lyle Wilson, Lisa Mammano, Pam Spurgeon, Beth Waters, Cindy Arsenault, Laura Pendleton, Jenny Miller, Dawna Nusbickel, Cindy Neeley, Vicki Glisson, Kathy Davis, Janet Steingone, Mee Lee, Donna Patapoff, Ruth Silvia, Janet McCormick, Patti Stroh, Jo Brinkmann, Cheri Norris, Carol Edgerton, Row 3: Sue Estrada, Sue Schoonover, Meryl Shader, Sue Songer, Cindy Kellman, Judy Ortner, Sue Getten, Diane Dodson, Kathleen O ' Conner, Julie Walden, Valerie Gutierrez, Susan See, Susan Vlay, Jody Asplund, ROW 4: Debbie Rohm, Jenny Little, Diane Sujata, Amy Drangsholt, Leslie DeVorin, Vicki Robbins, Lori Smith, Kathy Parsons, Mary Andrews, Patty Conrad, Peggy Jones, Lisa Brukman, Pam Stewart, Carol Flournoy, Linda Leck, Kathleen Guilfoyle, Vickie Basolo, Vicki Wilson, Patty Hoffman, Karen Westenhaver, Debbie Dutcher, Stephanie Forbes, Janet Payne, Shelley Worthen, Linda Yang, Stephanie Escobar, Lisa MacDonald. Row 1: Debi Cook, Martha Fredrickson, Lorinda Ferrell, Jan Strohmeyer, Stephanie Cole, Leslie Smith, Aline Drumm, Carla Stayboldt, Row 2: Millie Lee, Joanne Chin, Kim McCroskey, Denise Roe, Julie Shontz, Donna Gage, Cynthia Ducote, Karen Brewer, Barbara Brooks, Debbie Brady. ALPHA DELTA CHI THE CHRIST-CENTERED SORORITY ALPHA EPSILON P Row 1: Wally Samuelson, Kenneth Kaufman, Andy Liner, Martin Von Mizener, Richard Borys, Chris Paietta, Jeff Lichtig, Jeff Levy — advisor, Row 2: Brad Winchester, Jeff Appel, Richard Ito, Daniel Glenn Lewis, James T. Edwards, Mark Lange, Dan Paietta, Gary Beaston, Jeff Smith. ALPHA GAMMA OMEGA Row 1: Phil Herley, Dave Fredrickson, Russ Iwane, Rich Reinerson, Kevin Kiner, Ralph Ogata, Row 2: Ivan Cheng, Melvin Agcaoili, Jeff Pelton, John Schmidt, John Koran, Alan Kempner, Row 3: Dave Weber, Rich Buckler, Gerald Aden, Ruben Ahumada, Bill Baker, Dana Ogden, Chris Wong, Dave Atkinson, Row 4: Mark Barrett, Mike Cochrane, Dave Nichols. ALPHA DELTA PI Row 1: Amy Rice, Mary Martin, Caras, Connie Brajkovich, Sarah Fish, Debbie Zerda, Mrs. Schilling, Row 2: Donna Felkel, Rosalinda Robin Stuart, Cary Fenton, Day, Jeanine Guarneri, Cindy Rigney, Diane Rebrovich, Callie Jill Borden, Megan Schluter, Carla Berks, Marian Schunk, Sherry Joanne Meikle, Carol Shively, Row 3: Cathy Connelly, Diane Loewe, Tori Murphy, Lynn Oakes, Bonnie Ross, Janie Koenigsberg, Cynthia Naylor, Cindy Warner, Sandy Hull, Lynn Dines, Anne Barden, Kellie Michele Beland, Virginia Nelson, Row 4: Jeanne Bauer, Ellen Nancy Nelson, Linda Johnson, Debbie Pollack, Teri Boesvert, Tina Cowan, Jeannette Clawson, Linda Reed, Valerie Golden, DeeDee Leslie Fender, Jana Merryfield, Lee Fuller, Kim Novins, Christine Rogers, Row 5: Vicki Mayster, Schachtner, Pam Dean, Chris Wullschlager, Karen Graves, Stephanie Suidmak, Kathe Hunter, Celeste lida, Liz Rodgers, Ann Kristy, Marianne Maggetti, Verena Katinszky, Judy Steeneken, Row 6: Cindy Hughes, Sue Fuller, Nancy Geer, June Horton, Luanne Cesare, Vivian Blackman, Linda Claussen, Barbara Phillippi, Cheryl Novacek, Julia Kopitzke, Gayle Tamler, Lorraine Jones, Joni Tanaka, Diane Monteil, Ellie Kootsikas, Pam Robinson. ALPHA EPSILON PHI Row 1: Janet Grushow, Elaine Kanoskie, Karen Cohn, Beth Berger, Row 2: Kathy Langsam, Cheryl Raffelson, Wendy Rubin, Amy Singer, Tina Tendler, Lauri Shainsky, Row 3: Lisa Alterman, Linda Harris, Debbie Herman, Michelle Collins, Carol Begelman, Robin Wilkin, Laurie Stein, Lynn Tolkan, Becky Ramirez, Row 4: Nancy Kumetz, Claudia Anne Brown, Lisa Levin, Susan Silver, Sherilyn Adler, Jill Wein, Leslie Rosenberg, Judy Friend, Gail Hermann, Karen Fernandez, Lisa Agay, Anette Appleby, Row 5: Nancy Chaplan, Suzanne Hanen, Sue Formaker, Shelly Raskov, Andrea Lyons, Lauren Fein, Lynne Taub, Cookie Spatz, Debbie Kagan, Jodie Greenstein, Melanie Smith, Franye Graham, Leslie Maisel, Ellen Beck, Helene Franklin, ROW 6: Karen Fields, Denise Zweben, Judy Goldberg, Candy Rosenbloom, Lori Rudee, Anette Vega, Sylvia Fischer, Karen Morgen, Sheryl Roland, Lori Walpin, Lynda Powell, Renee Zelkowitz, Dana Solomon, Michelle Raffelson, Jill Greenspan. ALPHA GAMMA DELTA Row 1: Sally Huhn, Renee Smith, Katie Lindegren, Jennifer Sowell, Mary Zemansky, Beth Bunce, Terri Kaczorowski, Pam Whitmer, Toni Perkins, Olga Jo Esquivel, Diane Milham, Ruth Farrington, Sally Beamish, Cindy Luis, Mary Ann Lee, 2: Eileen Lyon, Karen Koe, Sharlene Bergonia, Marta Cederberq, Denise Lester, Annmarie Blount, Carrie Martin, Becki Trabold, Tracy Wong, Lydia Shayne, Donna Palamar, Meredith Lyon, Debbie Sindlinger, Jody Gunn, Brenda Himebaugh, Susan Chaparro, Quita Lopez, Lisa Zimmerman, Row 3: Lori Baker, Shayla Alsop, Sylvia Merino, Nancy Hanks, Karen Gross, Alice Gleason, Carol Reed, Lynn Blair, Linda Heinmiller, Melanie Sharon, Carrie Mitchell, Mariz Aguierre, Caela Casarino, Patti Gilbert, Kasey Campbell. ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA Row 1: Stephanie Van Lew, G. Ann Sullivan, Bridget D. Harvey, Cheryl Layne, Diane R. Griggs, Row 2: Alvairene L. Scott, Valencia D. Johnson, Margaret J. Broome, Row 3: Sheryl D. Sutherland, Cindy Ross, Brenda R. Jackson. ALPHA XI DELTA Row 1: Laura Avila, Kathy Glau, Karen Lackland, Lesley Davidson, Katy Wogec, Darlene Franks, Row 2: Sheri Siegel, Pam Busch, Debbie Bailey, Marian Wolff, Ann Whisenhunt, Elizabeth Ullmer, Barbara Lubow, Carolyn Henrich, Karen Jasper, Row 3: Cameron Tennyson, Laura Silverman, Shira Zabari, Alicia Bergmann, Cindy Minton, Nancy Nels on, Chris Shipman, Cami Marcus. ALPHA PHI Row 1: Gail Morrow, Sue Hastings, Jamee Jordon, Cindy Robertson, Jennifer Marks, Sylvia Mendoza, Teri Hassler, Doreen Laraway, Daveen Tyras, Susan Gordon, Nanette, Hemm, Melissa Salazar, Debi Dargert, Row 2: Shelley Ford, Jill Irwin, Cindy Philbert, Cindy Correa, Pam Symons, Lori Steiner, Tracy Beckman, Pam Phillips, Sarah Sanford, Laura Mendenhall, Row 3: Lynn Centi, Ruthie Poyser, Tracy Locking, Amy Earl, Linda McDermott, Lisa Jacks, Chris Malekos, Shelley Strachan, Krista Koeppe, Donna Mathisen, Janet Fitzgibbons, Row 4: Gwen Crook, Vickie Heller, Kathy Toledo, Sue Godejohn, Cindy Hall, Sharon Pruter, Kim Benner, Cheri Hoffman, Robin Howard, Shari Greenberg, Julie Levine, Debbie Keller, Linda Miechowicz, Michelle Winfield, Row 5: Lori O ' Brien, Ginny Levy, Kathi Donovan, Laura Mitchell, Cathy Cronin, Lorri Snyder, Sharon Creps, Dana Berkett, Gay Dixon, Carol Bullock, Anne Spearman, Mairead Mercer, Judy Kettenburg, Lynn Hick, Lisa Graham, Row 6: Linda Broderick, Beth Beulow, Kerri Zane, Nancy Jo Henriksen, Ellen Wright, Carole Coleman, Lynn Murray, Chris Powers, Blair McGovern, Sue Pasco, Diann Wingert, Kathy Kailer, Gail Canzoneri, Sandi Ushkew, Robin Chernock, Terri Benner, Agnes Kenworthy. BETA THETA PI Row 1: Chris Lape, Andy Daniels, Stuart Marquette, Kevin Loud, Don Gallo, Glenn Leggs, Paul Glidden, Mark O ' Donnell, Mike Fazio, Mike Downer, Mike Johnson, Row 2: Jim White, Jim Auble, Pete Gessert, Marty Vogel, Craig Schriepp, Jeff Klein, Randy Wood, Roger Hart, Steve Cardona, Hugh Miller, Frank Kevin Sheehan, Row 3: Doug Keeve, George Landefeld, Bill Newby, Greg Mike McLaughlin, Mike Vernon, Chuck Feyrer, Brian Clark, Mike Hammett, Row 4: Emile Bayle, Mike Clout, Mike McKay, Walt Mountford, Robbie Henderson, Curtis Creath. Row 1: Christine Shimasaki, Nancy Thompson, Robin Katherman, Michelle Kling, Vicki Kling, Karen McKenna, Jennifer Griffith, Evanthia Spanos, Susie Sutton, Patty Popejoy, Lynn Styllianides, Sally Campell, Cathy Yasuda, Paula Phillips, Terri Horwitz, Heidi Lehto, Laurie Wilkinson, Andrea Matheny, Lori Teslow, Leslie Figge, Row 2: Candy Williams, Carole Randolph, Tina Coulter, Eileen Fredrickson, Jody Buckner, Holly Lum, Lisa Muer, Cynthia Sanchez, Lisa Edgerly, Shannon Conroy, Judy Porter, Karen Laukka, Randi Gold, Rory Mestel, Stacey Kelleher, Sue Harmonson, Kathy Lane, Kim Suman, Ann Loftus, Kathy Kevorkian, Sue Soto, Michelle Hurtubise, Jane Donlon, Barbara Kraft, Nancy Huff, Row 3: Jennifer Welsh, Eve Tipton, Jane Leonard, Cindy Roberts, Sonja Webber, Kristy Sencerbox, Pat Sheela, Linda Grant, Tracy Kroyer, Stacey Lawton, Sally Smithers, Cindy Moberg, Mrs. Mary Stanley, Jeanne Griffen, Jane Miller, Terry Cook, Caryl Davis, Suzy Harding, Heather Thomas, Dawn Krieg, Barbara Florman, Cecily Lo, Shelly Moore, Jeanne Kawashima, Debbie Husen, Karen Ayres, Sheri VanMatre, Row 4: Terry Saville, Julie Boege, Rachel Hull, Janet Hayes, Sue Dworakowski, Patty Boyce, Lisa Knudsen, Lori Cameron, Karen Jackson, Vlasta Jercinovich, Clara Maehara, Row 5: Kasey, Kaufman, Brenda Sweetman, Adrienne Baldwin, Karen Trittipo, Jane Wishon, Kathleen Skillman, Laura Yetter. CHI OMEGA DELTA DELTA DELTA Row 1: Karen Brown, Kathy Friedrich, Cathy Hagy, Ellen Hayes, Sue Ollweiler, Jill Wilson, Pam Ray, Linda Trump, Carol Baele, DeAnne Fiegner, Gay Gilroy, Madilene Alfano, Denise Oyer, Stella Joyce, Cindy Fox, Carol Pickle, Linda Phillips, Elvira Muller, Jennifer Small, Row 2: Katie Osborn, Cathy Watson, Karen Long, Lori Landau, Holly Levander, Kelli Power, Cathy Peale, Karen Burgos, Tricia Cox, Marcie Podgur, Sally Stolte, Anne DeLormier, Cathy Fox, Cynthia DeBeaumont, Sue Gleckner, Roy 3: Cynthia Colasanti, Debby Grosz, Inga Weady, Lynne Werner, Kris Gail Goodell, Teresa Gayman, Pam Williams, Jane Kost, Karen Kaupke, Susy Savant, Row 4: Melissa Farrer, Barbara McNary, Sandy Sasser, Kathy Clare, Janice Koch, Mimi Martin, Nancy Herman, Nancy Ousman, MaryElla Hughes. DELTA GAMMA Row 1: Catherine Lech, Kerri Stone, Shelley McDonald, Mary Haecker, Melody Huber, Kary Kalshian, Tracy Cloyd, Nancy Bertosa, Kim Holliver, Sue Yaru, Kellie Newcomb, Row 2: Kristin Sandberg, Kay Covington, Susan Gill, Sheila McLaughlin, Diane Ekan, Sue Choy, Susan Jennings, Janet Sweeney, Terri Yashikane, Toni Greene, Row 3: Diane Giavia, Libby Spatz, Pam Sanford, Kerri Minard, Robin Case, Lorrie Provost, Jacque Kamm, Laura Fetto, Dorothy Cole, Row 4: Anne McNammee, Jeanne McDonald, Shannon Tracy, Beth Powell, Barbara Carmack, Kathy Bradley, Julie Van Lone, Marty Cutting, Ann Daly, Katy Mitchell, Row 5: Carolyn Cole, Jane Marshall, Lori Allison, Kim Stelzner, Lis Kubota, Katherine Hudson, Mary Cunningham, JoElen Levy, Wendy Martin, Mary Cutting, Row 6: Lynne Londre, Susie Bullock, Jill Karrenbrock, Julie Silver, Tricia Ballas, Tina Burdulis, Karen Kuehnle, Amy Kubin, Peggy Skomal, Melissa Wilson, Row 7: Suzy Woctson, Linda Cook, Denise Labowitz, Jeanne Lang, Karen McMahan, Karen Thorworth, Carla Becker, Lori Conti, Denise Jennings, Jeannette Chai, Row 8: Jenny Bartz, Laura Lindquist, Kris Wirtz, Rochelle Lucostic, Karen Wagner, Lisa Jacobs, Sharon Maryyama, Kathy McCann, Kelli Pearson, June Walker, Row 9: Sydney Cruce, Pam Frankel, Barbara Beaubien, Jean Brinkman, Kathy Pickett, Terry Dreher, Kristi Ellison, Row 10: Rhonda Labowitz, Debbie Sun, Debbie Rehman, Steffani Gantes, Jane Bernardi, Jamie Williams, Laurie Coit, Leslie Smith, Renee Fish. DELTA SIGMA PHI Row 1: Takeshi Kawaratani, Dana E. Weber, Milan D. Jelic, Clyde Wilson, Jeff Burke, Row 2: Teresa Sable, Renee Wilson, Brent Varshawsky, Duane Lowe, Ker Garin, Kambiz T. Kalili, Alan Robinson, Row 3: Marty Frankle, Bob Nidever, Ron Mestad, Ken Frey, John Strockis, Mark Fisher, Steve Podrovzek, Jeff Ingels. DELTA SIGMA THETA Veronica Whitfield, Glynis Albert, Renee Johnson, Nancy Hester, Mindy Furlonge, Shadaria Reese, Rhonda Thornton, Teresa Smith, Loreather Garrett, Michele Webster, Roshalda Williams, Rhonda Nelson, Michelle Rogers, Cynthia Calhoun, Marian Dickens, Deidra McAlpin, Diana Dunn, Debra Anderson, Linda Mills, Rochelle Alexander, Elizabeth Spencer, Melida Haye. GAMMA PHI BETA Row 1: Ann Williamson, Mary Moebius, Janie Sain, Gail Prokop, Lucy Kahan, Carol Gassaway, Lindy Novak, Candy Deak, Jan Teifeld, Dalila DeLeon, Debbie Lillef, Row 2: Vivian Fernandez, Donna Twiss, Patty Ferrin, Claire Stewart, Joie Lomenzo, Carol Ley, Cheryl Morck, Patty Tondorf, Debbie Laurence, Kendra Coleman, Laurie Schauerte, Tracy Burke, Sandy Turner, Sandy Morris, Row 3: Marsha Brewer, Marie Koulos, Nancy Thiel, Patti Fairchild, Kitt Correa, Sue Costello, Tracy Matthews, Joan Archbold, Wendy Wills, Judy Ditchey, Amy Haws, Laurie Redlich, Tricia Honsaker, Mollie Norcross, Patty Leslie, Nancy Wasserman, Carol Hesse, Row 4: Vickie Muller, Lynn Schroeder, Ann Schmickrath, Megan Mills, Tracy Moore, Jolene Steichen, Julie Carlson, Joan Williams, Lolli Lueke, Lorie Lynch, Cynthia Honsaker, Lynn Korytowski, Jan Offel, Kathy Fessinger, Julie Dorothy Jones, Sue Jensen. Row 1: Diane Tragurtha, Clunie Holt, Jan Shurtleff, Julie Mebane, Cynthia Sanchez, Maureen Dunn, Heidi Kresel, Annie Lynn, Linda Hoffman, Carolyn Randall, Row 2: Sandy Vreeburg, Helen Scrim, Joan Mossman, Nancy A. Ross, Dana Trapnell, Susie Diggs, Karen Kennedy, Jordan Sellinger, Carrie McCampbell, Anne Eisenhower, Rhea Dariotis, Donna Benson, Dilly Sheldon, Cassie Brogan, Rene Maratos, Mary Ann Griffith, Heidi Perham, Row 3: Irma Hurtado, Teri Covalt, Linda Kuhn, Nancy Car, Laurie Harrison, Lisa Mengel, KAPPA ALPHA THETA Alison Ledwith, Sara Slack, Pam Trauthem, Yvonne Harding, Amy Horton, Missy Mann, Cathy Van Berkhovt, Row 4: Suzanne Stranz, Mary Kay Long, Julie Dalton, Sara Kinsell, Cathy Baldacci, Sharon Friedell, Marianne Gauche, Shelley Franklin, Syd Broadbelt, Sally Santana, Richelle Laurier, Patty Van de Kamp, Mrs. Long, Cornell Chulay, Jan Shoell, Wendy Car, LeeAnn Taylor, Dana Goetten, Lori Devine, Joan Vernon, Mary Johnson, Winnie Rafferty, Ma rsha Mainland. KAPPA DELTA Row 1: Susan Pruckner, Capestany, Luanne Liz Granieri, Row 2: Garrigue, Dee Dee Davies, Shirley Dickinson, Bonnie Lynn Thompson, Karen Knudson, Je nny Zaharson, Row 3: Heidi Seawright, Laura Rubin, Maribel Fundora, Lynn Fritsche, Peggy Gale, June Row 4: Julie Thibaut, Maria Pernice, Helen Jacobe, Stephanie Hedges, Drue Karen Bullock, Kathy Karen Oakes, Linda Webb, Georgiana Hassan, Row 5: Debbie Smith, Robin Kahn, Patterson, Valerie Brekke, Ann Shapiro, Lucinda Sanman, Liz Roemer, Carol Davis, Kathy Kyne, Jacquite Kreiman, Leslie Moberg, Jenny Williams, Row 6: Susie Anderson, Jill Rector, Holly Felder, Sandy Dillis, Jeanne Thomas, Roni Adams, Connie Vodak, Linde Spuhler, Nancy Bower, Pam Rikley, Epstein. KAPPA SIGMA Row 1: Jeff Luster, Derrick Shen, Bill Casey, Grant Thornberry, Jim Harrow, Brian Kebeley, Row 2: Mike Soles, Fred Perez, Richard Tosoff, Dave Price, Jeff Roberts, Larry Shoemaker, Mark Joffe, Row 3: Steve Fishman, Mike Flynn, Scott Blake, Mike Deutsch, Bruce Bloom, William Thorpe, Row 4: Tony Beck, Mark Anderson, Kim Froke, Steve Strehlow, Xavier Anderson, Tim Rote, Randy Lum. KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA Row 1: Julie Williams, Lori Patrick, Debi Cobb, Jona Kretzu, Diane Mellor, Cyndi Bridges, Brier White, Margot Keenan, Shirley Choi, Debbie Martyn, Ann Dickey, Laurie Regan, Marla Johnson, Row 2: Janet Joanou, Carolyn Gramly, Stacey Storm, Polly Walton, Mary Keenan, Delite Emery, Leslie Whitehouse, Jill Gumbert, Wendi Wilson, Carol Meisch, Nancy Peterson, Cheryl Shepherd, Sue Kane, Dana Stanley, Janet Majors, Lisa Sockolov, Laurie Thomas, Row 3: Debbie Danielson, Ann Grapperhaus, Cardine Snyder, Patty Rambeau, Kathy Sheff, Karen Bertelson, Lynn Carlos, Laurie Cheyovich, Sally Sprecht, Kim Randle, Missy Grey, Row 4: Maria Contini, Michele Moran, Julie Johnson, Debbie McLeod, Barbara Topp, Terry Lundy, Karen Caswell, Anne Murphy, Patty Schutte, Leslie Scott, Trisha Young, Chris Folz, Katy Berry, Kim Sigworth, Janet Ahlgren, Row 5: Anna Dolby, Kathy Heddy, Lynn Sloyer, Ann Jacob, Peggy Shideler, Jamie Dayharsh, Sherry Gallivan, Terry Grossman, Connie Agnew, Sue Feehan, Cathy Smith, Lori Livingston, Ann Marmesh, Kim Rountree. LAMBDA CHI Seated: Charles Goldberg, John Lopez, Lanny Noveck, Michael Hartvikson, Vic Hurtado, Brett Rawley, Row 1 (standing): Greg Anicich, Mark Basta, Harley Stark, Gary Schwary, Chuck Phillips, David Adelman, Rick Williams, Nick Svetcoff, Drew Kohler, Greg Korth, Dave Sloyer, John Horvitz, Bob Craig, Charlie Campbell, Lenny Poirier, Jeff Korchek, Bob Richards, Ron Zinner, Ernie Marchosky, Mike Benavente, Dave Smith, Vic Caldwell, Tony Turrini, Jim Scilacci, Row 2 (standing): Terry Maroney, Lee Troxler, Jeff Zinn, Bob Amaya, George Miram, Scott Taylor, Scott Wells, Peter Spurzem, Bill Ashby, Brad Frazier, Jim Richards, Michael J. Harness, Harold Hofer, Mike Mullins, Kirk Feldman, John Bonutto, Rich Pineda, Steve Finger, John Marredakis, Row 3 (standing): John Sorich, Dave Grote, Dave Rufener, Bill Saunders, Pat Murray, Craig Bockman, Mike Cummings, Gary Messerotes, Seth Kaplan, Mark Kimball. PHI DELTA THETA Row 1: Steve Watson, Dustin McNabb, Walter Kasha, Rich Herrmann, Mike Simpson, Row 2: John Lubisch, Steve Seeger, Bill White, Bill Gastil, Row 3: Jim Pemarest, Dave Johnson, David Green, Manny Najera, Marty Avidan, Bruce Wilkerson, Mark Levy, Row 4: Paul Nestler, Randy Sakamoto, Ed Pina, Jim Picker, Kim Bishop, Row 5: Cam Larson, Dan Luksik, Scott Mendel, Steve Noguera, Row 6: Ron Carr, Tate Bartell, Ross Kim, Tom Umberg. PHI KAPPA PSI Row 1: Greg Brown, Clark MacGruder Dubreuil, Chuck Barsam, Andy Nemitz, Row 2: Dave Jarrett, Larry Sharp, Bill Moylan, Dallas Von Pohlmann, Row 3: Dave Gregory, Rick Davis, Brad Kidwell, Joe Manisco, Row 4: Kent Bloom, Dan Shugart, Nestor Barrero, Strawn, Ben Graham, Dave Kay, Row 5: John Courteney, Steve Mann, Mike Gunning, Brian Levy, Chris Anderson, Row 6: Tom Patton, Steve Bishop, Tony Gialketsis, Martin Stowe, Alan Nierob, Row 7: Mike Robinson, Scott Kafesjian, Rick Wittenberg, Dave Riley, Jeff Wallack, Martin Courtney, Steve Palmieri, Craig Bloom, Barrie Crake, Dave Eckard, Howard Weisenfeld, Kevan Lynd, Dave Shatz, Jerry Waters, Greg Lampert, Bob Raphael, Gary Donnahoo, Chip Marx, Mike Weitz, Phil Kramer, Tim Hayes, Rick Buck, Row 8: Gary Arcemont, Brad Livingston, Randy MacDougall, Rich Reed. PI BETA PHI Row 1: Sue Metcalf, Wendy Hannum, Elise Streicher, Linda Penny, Debbie Webb, Marybeth Clemens, Jannifer Havens, Karen Shelton, Mary Peshel, Kristen Carlson, Linda Holst, Dawn Putnam, Carol Weiler, Leslie Johnson, Patti Buffalino, Heidi Steinman, Ann Forkey, Karen Wallace, Jann Lincoln, Row 2: Katie Rosson, Linda Mohr, Kathy Stuart, Barb Tosti, Linda Gruchy, Michelle Moy, Jane Wittenburg, Cathy Werner, Kelene Johnson, Denise Lemesnager, Shari Feinstein, Carolyn Klein, Terry Frazer, Annette Echeverry, Jill Knowlton, Jenny Stodigal, Edie Felice, Laura Smith, Sue Cuyler, Cindy Jacobs, Jean Peterson, Marsha Shultz, Row 3: Maggie Smrekar, Molly Boyd, Kim Oden, Lynn Amundson, Marianne Bretton, Loralie Ogden, Julie LeClear, Anne Walton, Leslie Vogel, Sallie Estep, Linda Zohman, Diane Chapman, Janet Nelson, Michelle Marchetta, Sue Halverson, Robyn Child, Jennifer Rafferty, Kathie Smith, Lorilee Goodall, Melissa Garrity, Patty Renfro, Christi VanCleve, Bonnie Pilliod, Kim Worthen, Melody Williams, Jill Baldauf. SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Row 1: Dan Weil, Steve Schwartz, John Carls, Jim Ousman, Jed Robinson, Gary Grown, Dave Griffin, Bob Parmele, Mark Badraun, Row 2: Britt D.J. Hinds, Syd Highley, John Webber, Craig Perkins, Bob Henry, Jeff Townsend, John Terando, Tom Evart, Row 3: Ken Wills, Tim DeCoito, Steve Hill, Rich Bowen, Row 4 (Up stairs): Mark Harryman, Craig Windes, Rich Sherburne, Jeff Muro, Mark Watson, Row 5 (Top): John Stephens, Doug Brooks, Ken Mirch, Ron Barry, Tom Kridl, Jeff Stites, Bob Barry, Glen Shrank, John Bow, Mike Tubbs, Mike Rudow, Mike Tubbs. S IGMA CHI Row 1: Geoff Gee, Craig Rockhold, Dudleigh Stater, Dan Fleet, Milt Alksne, Corey Moore, Tom Hunt, John Gustafson, Dale McCarter, Tom Pinault, Randy Rich, Row 2: Troy Blalock, Dave Chamberlin, Art Winkleblat, Tony Piscuskus, Bob Moderious, Don Williams, John Phillips, Gail Goodell — Sigma Chi Sweetheart, Bob Stansbury, Pete Turner, Mark Bayless, Dave Stauffer, Jim Foreman, Row 3: Mark Winston, Tom Schwartz, Dan Myer, Ray Chadoin, Jim Carmack, John Lopker, Craig Valehrach, Jim Brooks, Kevin Burbank, Rick Higbee, Row 4: Rob Cobbold, John Felando, Chris Roberts, Roger Hill, Tony Krogius, Chris Wagner, Mike Duckham, Jeff Davidian, Rick Prill, Mike Boyd, Bill Newsome, Brian Anderson, Peter Crabb, Jeff Coplin, Row 5: Jim Cook, Bert Martin, Row 6: Shane Scott, Paul Barich, Dick Boranian, Steve Hill, Lynn Shimasaki, Brandt Haige, Bruce Barrett, Ward Ritter, Robert Wall, Ogar Moore, Tim Powers, Cliff Duernberger, Paul Clark. SIGMA DELTA TAU Row 1: Hester Schwach, Celia Sabin, Caren Grown, Dani Meyer, Lorilei Strauss, Marcia Berk, Lori Licht, Row 2: Sari Goodman, Shera Dolmatz, Carol Engleman, Debbie Elfant, Jean Hendricks — Sandy Stept, Sharon Gold, Debbie Kessler, Row 3: Nancy Aspaturian, Carolyn Fuson, Lyn Frosh, Debbie Posen, Lisa Jacobs, Janice Glickman, Row 4: Phyllis Kupferstein, Esther Adler, Leslie Baer, Murry Hepner, Shelley Megdal, Marcia Kamerman, Sue W olfson, Nancy Gault, Karen Kerner, Carol Perlberger, Judy Gumbiner, Jody Berman, Karla Freedman, Shelley Weisbart, Lori Snell, Ruth Amir, Helen Christie, Sue Lubin. SIGMA KAPPA Above: Row 1: Jo-Ann Yap, Tami Sanborn, Debra Gurriere, Barbara Welker, Mary Stoakes, Pam Tanaka, Row 2: Terri Hayes, Katie Kimbell, Kathy Barnes, Carey Nerad, Connie Orlowski, Lyn Hughes, Carol Dreher, Kathie Dunn, Row 3: Marcia Murray, Sara Skidmore, JoAnne Gold, Beth McCutcheon, Nancy Kulusich, Sue Belcher, Janet Cochran, Katie Kearns, Janet Farrell, Alexandra Buchanan, Diana Shepherd, Mi Sun Cho, Debra Hammond, Candice Patton, Leslie Bond. Below: Row 1: Nina Ceragioli, Lisa Alexander, Kathy Heinemann, Laura Galster, Row 2: Denise Robitaille, Carol Heukrodt, Andrea Bjornlie, Laurie Hontos, Donna Ralls, Cynthia Schemm, Rita Hoagland, Row 3: Olga Sorokin, Karen DeMarr, Dawn Clements, Julie Meau, Susan Shoemaker, Sue Cherin, Lisa Karen Hazen, Karolyn Koutun, Karen Test, Sandy Nagatani, Eva DeCarli, Jill Klessig. Row 1: Mike Linderman, Gary Schammel, Chris Dale, Dudley Weiner, Carl Davis, John Schultz, James Lees, Mark Pender, Scott Gayner, Bruce Carey, Neil Wenzel, Row 2: Carl Broderson, Don Little, Nancy McAdams, Jay Dvorsky, Russ Parker, Mark Akuna, Andy Harrah, Sandy Vreeburg, Rich McGlaughin, Seth Larson, Mitch Ostwald, Chris Wright, Chris Lagudis, Leslie Figge, Row 3: Bruce lsaccson, Tricia Ballis, Aidan Foley, Julie Ann Rafferty, Dave Clark, Don Spicer, Lynn Murry, Tom Herlihy, Ron Ormand, Bill Harris, Mike Hyman, Randy Case, Tony Farwell, T.F., Dave Clauson, Rich SIGMA NU Wodiske, Wanda Bowe, Perry Colligan, Terry Rabun, Scott Morrison, Rick Bartlett, Dan Galindau, Don White, Zach Shuman, Brent Liljestrom, Craig Harris, B.I., Dan Post, Bob Boada, Row 4: Eric Down, Andy Knox, Mike Koverman, Josh McClaglen, Rich Barden, Chuck Adams, Scott Mosher, Rick Runkle, Greg Johnson, Curt Ensign, Rob Duncanson, Todd Witthorne, Mike Ortega, Mark Costa, Row 5: Gary Collister, Bill Penny, Bernie Vogel, Pat Dunne, Steve Gilmore, Marshal Richman, Dwight Beldon, Brian Livingston, Skip Beck, Mike Dale, Tim Grant, Mark Andrews, Tim Bond, Taylor Broman, Row 6: Kevin Ahern, Mike Clarke, T.B., Keith Pipes, Pete Merlone. SIGMA PI Row 1: Greg Khougaz, Bruce Thompson, Gary Gick, Jim Curran, Dave Pulaski, Ken Raabe, Dave Shiokari, Charles Berry, Ron Freeman, Rick Myrah, Jim Paul Goto, Peter Kramer, Row 2: Jay Riggs, Bruce Peterson, Jon Lepp, Steve Schaffer, Peter Nakagawa, Scott Bourquin, Mark Helmick, Dan Row 3: Phil Thompson, Bob Tucker, Jamie Barber, Alan Alosio, Steve Stewart, Bret Furnum, Row 4: (on balcony): Dave Dunphy, Craig Connerty, Arnold Klein, Jim Korb, Kurt Rothner, Chuck Kirk, Mark Jetton, Mark Nakagawa, Dan Wright, Dave DeLuce. THETA DELTA CHI Row 1: Lee Farrell, Jeff Apodoca, Larry Coyle, Brian Roskam, Row 2: Libby Reeves — cook, Cleve Frazier, Doug Steiner, Harry Paleo Logos, Jack Peveri, Jeff Booth, John Collado, Gary Shapiro, Row 3: Joe Wilkenson, Bob Sayler, Sam Follis, Mike McCullough, Bill Chambers, Armando Navarro, Wayne Golditch, Bruce Cameron, Row 4: Dave Contreres, Dave Loyst, Josh Green, John Aston, Kevin Charles, Don Green, Craig Pletenik, Gary Bracken, Larry Challacombe, Mark Wilkenson, Stu Gondo, Rull Wiles, Row 5: Scott Reese, Mike Rebaleati, James Jones, Ralph Meschkat, Jim Kaiias, Jim Hodgeman, Tom Oliver, Russ Levikow. THETA CHI Front: " Jolly Green " Brennan, Row 1: " Big Mac " MacDonald, " Rocky " Barbato, " Schwartza " Black, " Groucho " Kutner, " Cuss " Chung, " Joe Frat " Luna, " Phantom of the Library " Cookling, " JT " Talon, " Jugs " Kodani, Row 2: " Ski " Ruczynski, " The Giff " Gifford, " Mugshot " Bridger, " Hobo " Harkey, Toth, " Frenchy " Bussoz, " Bogey " Goldstein, " Captain B " Carr, " Papa Poit " Poitras, " Shack " San Vicente, Row 3: " Huggie Bear " Castillo, " San " Griego, Doug Wildenson, " M M ' s " Sand, Mitchell P. Wade Benson Ill Esq, " HP " DeWitt, " Joe Cool " Braun, " lt ' s Casual " Sellem, " Gave Beav " Duncan, Row 4: " Beak Cherry " , " Slim Jim " Morrin, " Siv Alan " Fausal, " Ten Pin " Goddard, " Clint The Enforcer " Rooke, Bonger Blondie Bond. Kneeling: Robert Redfield, John Forgrave, Row 1: Bob Solomon, Bob Lynn, Mary Meltzer, Sheldon Wigdor, Eric Sherman, Sod Saltzman, Rich Gerhardt, Ted Lux, Jeff Kevitch, Dave Peekels, Row 2: Bruce Berman, Mark Kadden, Robert Levy, Brad Weisbren, Mike Futterman, David Weiner, Mark Ferman, Row 3: Dave Michelicek, Barry Goldberg, Mitch Krietenberg, Row 4: Adam Pfeffer, Mike Vilkin, David Shapiro, Row 5: Elliott Marcus, Keith Kramer, Chuck Morganstern, David Rainer, Ken Grossfield, Row 6: Fred Denitz, Paul Speilgelman, Bill Marcus, Robert Freed, Row 7: Mitch Krietenberg, George Konugres, David Rosen, Row 8: Chuck Cummings, Lee Lipskif, Gary Loder, David Gold, Row 9: Barry Kane, Fred Thompson, Steve Allen, Row 10: Mark Freifeld, Ken Berman, Howie Kashansky, Row 11: Allen Feldstein, Marc Gruboff, Jim Carlin, Dean Probif, Paul Gold, John Schoenfeld, Dave Soltes, Jeff Casher, Row 12: Mark Englander, Tad Shapiro, Jeff Engler, Don Aberbook, Don Gruber, Lou Karasik, Andy Bison, Gary Schwartz, Rufus Zerat, Dave Merder, Dave Wax, David Hirsch, Ken Guzick, Don Kane. ZETA BETA TAU Row 1: Leon Fromkess, Jeff Campbell, Matt Kennedy, Will Rodden, Mark Pasano, Mark Schwartz, Row 2: Dick Pelascini, Bart Halberstadt, Craig Whitten, Dan Garcia, Pete Wilk, Mike Ehret, Dennis Finnegan, Dave Palmer, Joe Fitzgerald, Row 3: Jim Schweitzer, Dick Najarian, Bill Coane, Alvaro Bonilla, Jose Fernandez, Mike Parchen, Joe Cottrell, Les THETA XI Korzilius, Craig Woods, Mark Wessel, John Kalinowski, Bill Balderrama, Mike Leedham, 4: Mike Fitzsimmons, Al Dibartolomeo, Steve Stamps, John Schaverman, Barry Stubblefield, Row 5: Greg Sayre, Jim Squires, Ron Hougardy, Mark McKee, Frank Diaz, John Marcelletti, Mark Horne, Terry Galloway, Dennis Fipps, Ray Flores, Mike Parker, Gary Pieper, Phil Beamish. ZETA TAU ALPHA Row 1 (sitting): Jenny Ragen, Laurie Marquette, Libbie Tapscott, Carolyn Bird, Ku-nae Kim, Julie Platt, Donna Butcher, Debbie Stanky, Row 2: (kneeling and sitting): Ann Nolan, Carmen Naranjo, Maggie Bryan, Nancy Pollock, Leslie Sargent, Sue Dell, Row 3 (standing): Leslie Mortimor, Alice Rodli, Lorna Mills, Aprilde Fabrey, Joan Borba, Lisa Berger, Tina Benatar, Pam Sharp, Debbie Myers, Chris McKee, Ann Fox, Kal Thomas. Organizations CPAO campus programs and activities office CPAO is operating this year with a temporary structure of two units — Activities and Programs. Lyle Dean of CPAO, heads the Activities unit while Dean Nordquist heads the unit. Any group wishing to meet and organize on campus must be registered with CPAO. Each student group is first structured within the Activities unit and then is further developed and refined in the Programs unit. The hope of the CPAO staff is to facilitate student group and funding. Their main purpose is to be of service to student programs in every way possible, as well as to supply information to the body at large about and scheduled events. CPAO staff: Rick Tuttle, Carolyn Brown, Carol Glenn, Robert Ringler, Feelie Lee, Djalma Araujo, Dee Dee Musial, Deanna Nordquist, Lyle Timmerman, Tony Garcia. Not Shown: Bill Davis, Monroe Wooton, Evelyn Smith, Catherine Yu, Linda Hernandez. MARCHING BAND ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA Row 1: Adele Canetti, Laura Winston, Karen Mack, Sharon Bleviss, Estelle Benson, Mary Jane Krebs, Row 2: Barbara Lubow, Andrea Folin, Diane Spierer, Deborah Carlsten. PHI ETA SIGMA MORTARBOARD ABOVE: Row 1: Cornell Chulay, Cindy Rigney, Nancy Contreras, Ruthbeth Finerman, Row 2: Barbara Lubow, Anita Mork, Ruth Stallknecht, Elvira Muller, Lynn Schroeder, Julie Ryan, Patrice Wasuda. Dean Mary Jane Krebs, Advisor; David Anson, Junior Advisor; Dave lwaoka, Comm. Chairman; Karl Smith, President; Norman Lepor, First Jon Marshack, Senior Advisor; Michael Chin, Secretary; Larry Morris, Second Jon Vonsolino, Activities Director; Mike Eichenseer, Treasurer. BLUE KEY Row 1: Vic Cladwell, Kevin Loud, Don Gallo, Bernard Vogel, John Philips, Mike Henton, Robert Kent, Mike Harness, Steve Noguera, Row 2: Vic Hurtado, Josh Green, Rick Runkel, James Lees, Robert Stansberry, Tad Shapiro, Rick Buck, Row 3: A. Nony Mous, John Lopker, Randy lrwin, Keith Pipers, Tom Umberg, Ron Hacker, Row 4: Paul Clarke, Robert Freed, Ferril Volpicelli, Jim Ousman, Glenn Leggs, Don White. BRUIN BELLES OFFICER: Shannon Tracy, Yolando Bell, Cecily Lo, Joyce Ken, Gail Tusan, Ruth Stallknecht, Helen Jacobs, Cindy Pearson, Gayle Tamler, Kevyn Allard, Claudine DelaTorre, MEMBERS: Melane Ali, Karren Brown, Delite Emery, Janet Glenny, Liz Hanft, Lori Hershberg, Katherine Hudson, Lisa Jacobs, Peggy Jaskowski, Jen Knoll, Jacque Kreiman, Karen Large, Sabrina LeBeauf, Nina Locke, Laura Lueke, Mary Maca, Jill Martin, Diana Plukas, Charlotte Rodgers, Kelly Sullivan, Julie Walden, Julie Yonesato, Jane Bernardi, Nina Ceragioli, Carolyn Cole, Carol Cooper, Anne Eger, Diane Elcan, Carolyn Gramly, Diane Griggs, JoJo Holden, Kasey Kaufman, Liz Kubota, Marsha Mainland, Beth Powell, Carolyn Randall, Lisa Rossi, Ann Shapiro, Allison Sifford, Julie Silver, Kathy Stuart, Lori Teslow, Nancy Wilkinson, Cheryl Zollars, Maryann Lee, Tricia Ballas, Karen Burgos, Barbara Carmack, Wendy Carr, Becky Coffey, Nancy Cornett, Dodi Cole, Gay Dixon, Kathie Dunn, Shari Feinstein, Lynn Follis, Susie Halff, Carol Hickman, Pam Hoshimiya, Melanie Johnson, Janice Koch, Nancy Kulusich, Jeanne Lang, Mollie Norcross, Cheryl Novacek, Gina Persons, Cynthia Sanchez, Melissa Wilson, Shira Zaban, Michele Beland, Vivian Blackman, Karen Bullock, Stephanie Escobar, Stephanie Hedges, Linda Holst, Dolly lto, Denise Jennings, Emi Kawasaki, Kathy Loss, Cindy Luis, Rochelle Locostic, Ruby Luzano, Wendy Martin, Patty Popejoy, Diane Rebrovich, Robin Samit, Sally Smithers, Sandy Streeter, Julie Thibaut, Sandy Turner, Patty Van de Kamp, Valerie Zettrich, Camie Maggio. Kevin Lee McAliley, Jose Luis Ramirez, Selvino Padilla, Jr. PROJECT MOTIVATION ASUCLA TUTORIAL Peggy Fried, Eric Salter, Anna Heffernan CHICANO YOUTH BARRIO Director Manuel Pacheco, Assistant Director Ben Alvarez, Not Shown: Assistant Director Leaf Monroe. PROJECT AMIGOS Director Julie Dragojevic, Director Rich Lopez, Not Shown: Dale Apodaca, Sol-Angel Campuzano. STUDENT HEALTH ADVISORY COMMITTEE Row 1: Anthony Daleo, Susan Benner, Christiane Burnison, Row 2: Margaret Mortz, Gordon Ting. EXCEPTIONAL CHILDREN ' S TUTORIAL Jan Izumi, Andi Pulido LATIN AMERICAN STUDIES Julia S. Ferrufino, Allyn Nan B. Rieman, Douglas R. Barr, Thil Gillette. STUDENT JUDICIAL BOARD B. Eric Sherman, Deborah Lederer, Kelly McCrann-Vice David A. Warshawsky-Chairman, Orlando S. Johnson, Michael H. Simon. AFRICAN LANGUAGE AND CULTURE CLUB Row 1: Patty Chung, Peggy Chung, Patty Yeung, Cathering Yu, Janifer Lam, Suellen Chang, Wei Lee Chen, Row 2: Grace Luk, Cliff Chan, Joe Yu, Reggie Lim, Joe Hsu, Stanley Yeung, David Yu, Row 3: Wing Yeung, William Tseng, Norman Yeung, John Leung, Row 4: Catalina Don, Patrick Lui, Allen Lau, Tony Yeung, Steve Fok, Ringo Cha, Peter Chu, Sen Yuen Koo, Ivy Hu. CHINESE STUDENTS ASSOCIATION REPRESENTING UCLA STUDENTS NATIONAL STATE LOCAL Cande Critchlow National Student Lobby The National Student Lobby works with the Congress and the federal government. Student concerns are presented by interns from colleges across the country. Patrick Lyden UC Student Lobby The UC Student Lobby the interests of students in Sacramento and before the Board of Regents. The Lobby is under the direction of the Body President ' s Council. Dean Zipser Metro Lobby The purpose of the MetroLobby is to provide needed student representation at, awareness of, and involvement in community, city and county-wide GRADUATE STUDENTS ASSOCIATION PRESIDENT PAULINE BRACKEEN GSA CABINET MEMBERS Mari Womack Bill Cormier Wilo Nunez David McLoed Pauline Brackeen PEER HEALTH COUNSELORS Row 1: Rick Borys, Beverly Kawamoto, Sandy Dillisk, Karen Blick, Row 2: Sue Slezak, Aileen Wong, George Konugres, Nestor Barrero, Lorna Baquiran, Lynn Fritsche, Row 3: Rich Rodner, Janie Greenberg, Lynne Tracy, Marsha Kaplan, Cheryl Raffelson, Rosealie Watsbord, Bill Vasquez. PHRATERES Row 1: Joan Winkler, Diane Wilcox, Valerie Zittrich, Margo Radin, Robin Rusmiselle, Anita Mork, Duan Saunders — Advisor, Margarita Oses, Row 2: Cheri Lee, Teri Lee, Brenda Austin-Advisor, Tracy Wachsner. RALLY COMMITTEE SPIRIT SQUAD OUTSTANDING SENIORS JEFFRE Y A. DANKWORTH ' 76 Bruin quarterback Jeff Dankworth, known nationally for his athletic accomplishments, is also an outstanding academic achiever. He was selected as a member of the NCAA ' s " Today ' s Top Five " student-athletes; one of eleven scholar-athletes by the National Football Foundation and Hall of Fame; and as a history major, was on the Dean ' s Honor List three times. He is an active leader at the regional and local levels in the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, a national organization of college athletes dedicated to youth and community work, and served as Director of the National Youth Sports Program, a develop mental camp for underprivileged children at UCLA and at other campuses around the nation. " He is a young man of exceptional character and one who will continue to be a marvelous reflection of the great things UCLA has to offer. " NEILA GARBER ' 77 A political science major with a near perfect academic record, Neila Garber has been extremely active in student government. She has served as Director of the Liason Corps for UCLA ' s student Educational Policy Commission, which is responsible for all student input to the administration and the Academic Senate; Director of the UCLA annex of the National Student lobby; and was a student representative to the University of California ' s systemwide Affirmative Action Advisory Committee. Last summer, she was selected by Governor Brown ' s office to participate in a special Internship Program, where she served as a consultant to the State Advisory Committee on Supervision and worked on several research projects of interest to the Governor. She has also worked as an intern for the University of California Student Lobby in Sacramento, and the National Student Lobby in Washington, D.C. In the fall Ms. Garber will enter UCLA Law School. The following statements are provided by the Alumni Association. KEITH G. MASSEY ' 77 Keith Massey is a pre-med student, majoring in mathematics, with a 3.9 grade point average. Wholly self-supporting, Massey has also managed to actively take part in community service projects while maintaining his academic excellence. He was a prime mover in starting a black pre-health organization, worked with UCLA undergraduate and medical students in connection with " Minorities in Medicine " forum, and served as a volunteer assistant in screening for sickle-cell anemia. Last year Massey spent fifteen hours a week tutoring chemistry in an inner-city high school to interest students in science, is tutoring for the Academic Advancement Program at UCLA, and has been a research assistant for a psychiatrist at Martin Luther King Hospital. He is most highly regarded by both the faculty and his fellow students, not only for his outstanding academic achievements, but for his demonstrated concern for others. CHRISTOPHER D. DALE ' 77 Superior academic and athletic competencies combine to make Chris Dale a most outstanding individual. A participant in the Kinesiology Department ' s Scholar Program, he is pursuing a bachelor ' s and a master ' s degree simultaneously and has received highest honors in his major. Dale is also an outstanding athlete, identified as the number one varsity diver on the Intercollegiate Diving Team, he was a Pac Eight diving finalist in 1974 and an NCAA qualifier the following year. In addition, Dale has been extensively involved in a variety of campus and community activities including serving as a counselor and tutor in the Department of Kinesiology ' s Undergraduate Assistant Program, helping with student election campaigns, and doing volunteer work at Stanford University Hospital. He plans to pursue a career as a physician, with a specialty in orthopedic medicine, or to obtain a doctorate degree in Kinesiology. CHANCELOR ' S MARSHALS SUSAN ANDERSON Visalia, Ca BA-Geog Eco ANDREW BERNSTEIN Sunnyvale, Ca BA-Poli Sci BETH BONELLI Saugus, Ca BA-Comm Studies CORINNE CANNELL Atherton, Ca BA-Comm RODERICK CARTER San Dimas, Ca BA-History CORNELL CHULAY Pasadena, Ca BA-Poli Sci DAVID CLAUSON Los Altos, Ca BA-Individual CAROL CRITCHLOW Redlands, Ca BA-Poli Sci MICHAEL CUMMINGS Pasadena, Ca MA-Design JEFFREY CUNARD Los Angeles, Ca BA-Engl Poli Sci ANNA DOLBY Laguna Beach, Ca BA-History ROBERT J. DUNCANSON III Pasadena, Ca BA-History OSCAR EDWARDS Riverside, Ca BA-Economics GARY FELDMAN Woodland Hills BA-Psych Poli Sci NANCY FELDMAN Los Angeles, Ca BA-Psychology RUTHBETH D. FINERMAN Beverly Hills, Ca BA-Anthropology MARK FLAISHER Los Angeles, Ca BA-Poli Sci DANIEL GALINDAU San Mateo, Ca BA-Geography DONALD A. GALLO Long Beach, Ca BA-Biology PETER GLAESSNER Solana Beach BA-Comm ALICE GLEASON Lemoore, Ca BA-Economics SUE GLECKNER Colton, Ca BA-English TIMOTHY E. GRANT Camarillo, Ca BA-Geog Eco JOSHUA L. GREEN Encino, Ca BA-Poli Sci LESLIE HALPERN Tarzana, Ca BA-Ethnic Arts GREGORY HARTMAN Burbank, Ca BS-Biochemistry MICHAEL HENTON Fresno, Ca BA-Sociology ROGER HILL Redwood City, Ca BA-Economics LUIS V. HURTADO Los Angeles, Ca BA-Psychobiology HELEN JACOBS Greenbrae, Ca BA-English TERESA JUE Montebello, Ca BA-Poli Sci SUSAN KANE Los Angeles, Ca BA-Comm Studies ROBERT KENT Bumford, Me BA-Poli Sci LAURA KLEMER Beverly Hills, Ca BA-Poli Sci GLENN LEGGS Los Angeles, Ca BA-Economics MARLA LEVINE Canoga Park, Ca Studies S. JAY (BUNDY) LEVY Sherman Oaks, BA-Psychology BARBARA LUBOW Monrovia, Ca BA-History CYNTHIA LUIS San Diego, Ca Studies MEREDITH LYON Northridge, Ca BA-Internat ' l Rel. KELLY McCRANN Costa Mesa, Ca BA-Poli Sci TERENCE K. MARONEY Burlingame, Ca BA-Economics GREGORY MILLER Culver City, Ca BA-Spanish ANITA MORK Van Nuys, Ca BS-Kinesiology ELVIRA MULLER Honolulu, Hi CAROL NAU LaJolla, Ca BA-Biochemistry STEVEN NOGUERA Villa Park, Ca BA-Poli Sci WILBERT OLINDE Los Angeles, Ca BA-Economics WILLIAM PALEY Encino, Ca BA-Biology CHARLES A. PARKS Long Beach, Ca BA-Poli Sci TIMOTHY POWER S El Cajon, Ca BA-Poli Sci CHERYL RAFFELSON San Diego, Ca BS-Kinesiology ALEX ROSE Los Angeles, Ca BA-Poli Sci HOWARD SCHREIMAN Hollywood, Ca BA-Sociology TAD SHAPIRO Santa Rosa, Ca BA-Poli Sci ALICE SHORT Rochester, NY BA-History KATHLEEN SKILLMAN Cypress, Ca BS-Kinesiology LYNN SLOYER Sunnyvale, Ca BA-Economics KARL A. SMITH Los Angeles, Ca DIANE SPIERER Los Angeles, Ca BA-Psychology ELLIOTT STERN Downey, Ca BA-Economics GARY STERN N. Hollywood, Ca BA-Poli Sci JOAN B. STODDARD Canoga Park, Ca BA-Psychology GREGORY TAYLOR Whittier, Ca BA-Economics THOMAS J. UMBERG La Habre, Ca BA-Poli Sci BERNARD J. VOGEL III Saratoga, Ca. BA-Economics FRED WALLACE Woodland Hills, Ca. BA-Economics KAREN L. WALLACE La Canada, Ca. BA-Comm JENNIFER WELSH Seal Beach, Ca. BA-Comm JANIE WIGOD Long Beach, Ca. BA-History KIM WILDMAN Los Angeles, Ca. BA-History JOAN WINKLER N. Hollywood, California BA-History MARK WISKUP La Crescenta, Ca BA-Poli Sci MARIANNE YAMAGUCHI Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Geography NORMAN YEUNG Canoga Park, Ca. BS-EIec Eng NANCY ZIMMERMAN San Marino, Ca BA-Design DEAN ZIPSER Los Angeles, Ca BA-Poli Sci Not Shown: David Atkins, Kathleen Barnes, Jane Beyler, Terri Brownlow, Mary Anne Cartaino, Louis D ' Elia, Carlyle Fisher, Alice Jacobs, Marques Johnson, Ivan Kallick, Jeri Ann Kelly, Rebecca Lethwaite, Mark Minich, Victor Nunez, Kenneth Paslaqua, Janet Pieter, Kathryn Rust, Glen Smith, Michael Sondheimer, Frank Stallworth, Particia Stone, Delores Turner, Patty Van De Kamp, Lisa Vogelsang, Richard Walker, Jr., Peter Young, Sue Kathryn Young. A REBECCA AADLAND Mission Hills, Ca BA-Psychology JUDITH ABARBANEL New York, NY BA-History CAROL ABBE Los Angeles, Ca BA-Biology ULDIS ABELE Simi, Ca BA-Economics JENIFER ABRAMSON Panorama City MLS-Library ANGEL ABREU Glendale, Ca BA-History DAVID ACKERT Rancho Palos Verdes, Ca BA-Economics DAVID ADELMAN Los Alamitos, Ca BA-Poli Sci MICHAEL O. ADETOYE Ibandan, Nigeria MA-French FREDERICK ADJARIAN Los Angeles, Ca BA-Geog Eco ERNEST AGATSTEIN Los Angeles, Ca BA-Bacteriology LISA AGENJO Bakersfield, Ca BA-Poli Sci PORFIRIO AGUILAR Los Angeles, Ca BS-Math Comp Sci AHMED A. AHMED Los Angeles, Ca MA-Georgraphy ROBYN AKERS Tujunga, Ca BA-Mathematics BRIAN ALEXANDER Blythe, Ca BA-Ecosystems LESLIE ALEXANDER Los Angeles, Ca BA-History MARLENE ALEXANDER Thousand Oaks BA-History PAMELA C. ALEXANDER Santa Monica BA-Dance KENNETH R. ALFRED Granada Hills BA-Economics CHRISTOPHER ALLEN Torrance, Ca BA-Psychology ANITA ALVAREZ Hawthorne, Ca JAMES AMANKULOR Nsukka, Nigeria PhD-Theater Arts REGINA AMANKULOR Nsukka, Nigeria BA-Psychology DEBORAH ANDERSON Los Angeles, Ca BA-History KAREN ANDERSON Pasadena, Ca BA-Poli Sci LYNN ANDERSON Los Angeles, Ca BS-Kinesiology SHARON ANDERSON Lafayette, Ca BA-Economics JUDITH ANTELMAN Tarzana, Ca BA-Sociology BLANCA APALATEGUI Newbury Park BA-Span Ling DENISE APCAR San Carlos, Ca BA-Comm Studies FRANK ARALIS Torrance, Ca BA-Economics JOAN ARCHBOLD Westlake VIg., Ca BA-Economics DANA ARCHER Arcadia, Ca BA-Psychology AMBER ARLINGTON Long Beach, Ca BA-Biology NETA R. ARMAGOST San Marino, Ca BA-Art History GREG ARMSTRONG Los Angeles, Ca BA-Sociology MICHAEL ARTAN Van Nuys, Ca BA-Poli Sci DANIEL ASCANI Palos Verdes, Ca BA-Econ Psych BRUNO ASKIEL Los Angeles, Ca MS-Biochemistry SALLY ASPERGER Los Altos, Ca BA-Bacteriology RHONDA AUSTIN Oakland, Ca BA-Sociology VINCENT AU-YEUNG Macao MS Engineering CHRIS AYERS Palos Verdes, Ca BA-Poli Sci B RAZI BAGHAEL Los Angeles, Ca BA-Motion Picture TV RICK BAGLEY Los Angeles, Ca BA-Psychology SURESH BAJNATH Los Angeles, Ca BA-Geography PATRICIA A. BAKER Inglewood, Ca BA-Sociology ANGELICA BALDI Los Angeles, Ca BA-French SHARON BALMUTH N. Hollywood, Ca BA-Sociology ANN BANTZ Playa del Rey, Ca BA-Sociology LORNA BAQUIRAN San Diego, Ca BA-Bacteriology ELLIOTT BARAL Los Angeles, Ca BS-Math Comp Sci SUSAN D. BARDWIL Los Angeles, Ca BA-Psychology ROBERT H. BARLAM San Marino, Ca BA-Psychology ARIE BARNES Los Angeles, Ca BA-Sociology DEBORAH J. BARNES Anaheim, Ca BA-English MICHAEL BARNES Inglewood, Ca BA-Poli Sci SALLY BARR Hawthorne, Ca BA-Biology MARIE BARRERA Los Angeles, Ca BA-Spanish DEBORAH M. BARRETT Granada Hills, BS-Chemistry LOUIS A. BARTON Copley, Ohio BA- Psychobio RICHARD BARTON Redondo Beach BA-Poli Sci STEVEN BAXTER Palo Alto, Ca BS-Kinesiology JAMES BEASLEY San Fernando BS-Elec Engr CECILIA BECERRA Pasadena, Ca BA-Psychology JOHN BECK Glendale, Ca BA-Economics MYRA BECK Downey, Ca BA-Psychology CYNTHIA K. BEDWELL Newhall, Ca BA-Sociology MICHELE BELAND Los Angeles, Ca BA-Sociology ESTER BENDIT Los Angeles, Ca BS-Kinesiology SUSAN BENNER Palos Verdes, Ca BA-Biology DEBRA BENNETT Los Angeles, Ca BA-English JANE R. BENNETT Orinda, Ca BA-Art History TERI BENNETT Torrance, Ca BS-Kinesiology JAMES P. BERAN Beverly Hills, Ca BA-Poli Sci RANDALL BERGER Piedmont, Ca BA-Economics BRUCE BERMAN Los Angeles, Ca BA-Poli Sci THOMAS BERMEL Chatsworth, Ca BA-Biology RUSSELL L. BERNEY Tarzana, Ca BA-Poli Sci SCOT BERNSTEIN Encino, Ca BA-Economics KAREN BERTELSEN Ashland, Or BA-History ADELINA BERUMEN Calexico, Ca BA-Sociology WENDY BERWEILER Tarzana,Ca BA-Math MERCEDITA BICAD Los Angeles,Ca BA-Psychology JON BIORKMAN Santa BA-Biology DEBORAH BIRNS Los Angeles,Ca BA-History MARK BISCOW Tarzana,Ca BA-Biology MICHAEL BISHOP Montery Park,Ca BS-Physics LORI BLACK Chatsworth,Ca BA-Economics RONALD K. BLACKMAN Glendale,Ca BS-Chemistry VIVIAN BLACKMAN San Diego,Ca BA-Comm LYNN BLAIR Malibu,Ca BA-Kinesiology ROBERT BLAKE Los Angeles,Ca BS-Math Comp Sci STEVE BLAKE Sunnyvale,Ca BA-Theatre Arts JEFFREY BLECHEL Santa Rosa,Ca BA-History JUDITH BLOCH Encino,Ca BA-Design SUSAN BLEOCHER Garden Grove, BA-Sociology ROSEMARY BLUMAN Los Angeles,Ca BA-Psycho Soc ROSANNA BLUME Los Angeles,Ca BA-Dance DEBORAH BOEHM Fullerton,Ca BA-Psychology SHIRLEY BOLDEN Long Beach,Ca BA-Economics DEBRA J. BOLLT Arcadia,Ca BA-Economics GERALEE BONELLI Oklahoma City,Ok MED-Education GINGER BONHAM Pasadena,Ca BA-Sociology ORLANDO BONNELLY Montrose,Ca BA ROBERT H. BORDEN Van Nuys,Ca BA-Mathematics PATRICIA BOREN Pacific Palisades BA-Comm RICHARD J. BOWEN Menlo Park,Ca BA-History DAVID BOWER Santa Monica BS-Mech. Engineering BARBARA L. BOWMAN Los Angeles,Ca BA-Art History LEORA BOXER Torrance,Ca BA-Human Services RICHARD V. BOYD Canoga Park,Ca BA-Economics CHRISTOPHER T. BRADFORD Los Angeles,Ca BA-Poli Sci KAREN BREWER Granada Hills, Ca BA-Geography BARBARA BRONSON Van Nuys,Ca BS-Nursing DOUGLAS R. BROOKS Riverside,Ca BA-Biology GLENN BROWN, JR. Burbank,Ca BA-History HERBERT BROWN Pasadena,Ca BA-Economics LEON BROWN Gardena,Ca BA-Human Services LORAINE E. BROWN Northridge,Ca BA-Sociology LORRAINE S. BROWN Compton,Ca BA-Human Serv ROBERT BROWN Pacific Palisades MBA- Accounting SONIA BROWN Sunland,Ca BS-Math Comp Sci TERRY BROWN Los Angeles,Ca BA-Theatre ARts BEVERLY BRUINS Redlands,Ca BA-Poli Sci BARBARA BRUMFIELD Aptos, Ca BA-Poli Sci JEFF BRUMMITT Coronado, Ca BA-Economics KIRA BRUNET Beverly Hills,Ca BA-Design CLAUDIA BRUST Encino,Ca BA-Sociology LOUIS BRYAN Port of Spain, Trinidad BA-Psychology JANET O. BUCHANAN Portola Valley BA-Psychology RICHARD BUCK Placentia,Ca BA-Poli Sci JODY BUCKNER Redlands, Ca BA-Design PATRICIA BUFALINO La Canada, Ca BA-Sociology SHARON BURKE Palos Verdes, Ca BA-MP TV LORI BURMAN Palos Verdes, Ca BA-Psychology CHRISTIANE BURNISON Beverly Hills, Ca BA-Bacteriology LANCE BURTON Northridge, Ca BA-Philosophy STEPHEN BURTON Downey, Ca BA-Poli Sci PAMELA BUSCH Garden Grove, Ca BA-Poli Sci MIKE BUSH Los Angeles, Ca BA-History ELIZABETH BUSHEE Los Angeles, Ca BA-Sociology DAVID A. BUSTAMANTE Orange, Ca BA-History KATHLEEN BUTLER Los Angeles, Ca BA-Poli Sci C JAN L. CAHAN N. Hollywood, Ca BA-Astronomy BONDZIE CAIQUO Pasadena, Ca BA-Economics HELEN CALIP Delano, Ca BA-Economics LYNETTE CAMERON Los Angeles, Ca BA-Sociology MARK CAMPBELL Daly City, Ca BA-Economics SCOTT R. CAMPBELL Lakewood, Ca BA-Biology ROSALINDA CAMPOS Downey, Ca BA-Poli Sci DAVID CANADY Los Angeles, Ca BA-English PEDRO B. CANELLAS Bell, Ca BS-Bio chemistry KIM CANTIL Sacramento, Ca BA-Poli Sci THOMAS CANTRELL Chatsworth, Ca BA-Economics BARBARA CARAS San Diego, Ca BA-Economics ERIC CARLESON Sacramento. Ca BA-M P TV JUDITH CARLSON Santa Ana, Ca BS-Nursing KRISTEN CARLSON Atherton, Ca BA-History ROBERT CARRIEDO Los Angeles, Ca BA-Poli Sci JOSE CARRILLO Whittier, Ca BA-Sociology DOROTHE CARRUTHERS Lafayette, Ca BA-Art History JUAN CASANOVAS Sherman Oaks BS-Engineering CAELA CASARINO Hollister, Ca BA-Sociology THOMAS P. CASEY Palos Verdes, Ca BS-Biochemistry DANIEL CENDEJAS Cerritos, Ca BA-Economics LILLIAN CHAMBRE Los Angeles, Ca BA-Human Services EUGENE C. CHAN Beverly Hills, Ca BA-Geography MARIAN CHAN Piedmont, Ca BS-Kinesiology SHUFAN CHAN Los Angeles, Ca MS-Electrical Engineering WILLY CHANG Santa Monica, Ca BS-Engineering KENT L. CHAPLIN Los Angeles, Ca BA-Poli Sci ARNE CHEIFER Los Angeles, Ca BA-Sociology JYH-SHIN K. CHEN Sherman Oaks PhD-Biology ROBIN CHERNOCK Los Angeles, Ca BA-Sociology KURT CHESEBROUGH Reseda, Ca BA-Math MICHAEL CHESKES Beverly Hills, Ca BA-Biology KWOK-MING CHEUNG Hong Kong MBA-Acctg-lnfo MITCHELL CHIANG Los Angeles, Ca MA-Urban Design SHU—SHAN CHIANG Taipei, Taiwan MS-Chemistry JOANNE CHIN Cerritos, Ca BS-Nursing LAWRENCE CHIN Tujunga, Ca BA-Biology LINDA CHING N.Hollywood, Ca BA-English BRENDA CHIU Los Angeles, Ca BA-Bacteriology DAVID CHO Gardena, Ca BS-Nuclear Engr. FRANCIS CHOI Los Angeles, Ca BS-Engineering BRUCE CHOW Los Angeles, Ca BS-Engineering JUDY CHOW Harbor City, Ca MLS-Information Science MARLAND CHOW Montebello,Ca BA-Design VICTORIA CHRISTENSEN Playa del Rey BA-English KAREN CHRISTOFFERSON Burbank,Ca BS-Math Comp Sci LAURENCE K. CHUCK Los Angeles, Ca BS-Biochemistry VIERA CHUML Santa Ana, Ca BS-Nursing PETER CHUNG Los Angeles,Ca BA-Sociology SUSIE CHUNG Los Angeles, Ca BA-Sociology YIU-TING CHUNG Monterey Park BS-Biochemistry LEE—PING CHYAN StudioCity, Ca PhD-Engineering CHRISTINE CIANCIOTTO Redlands, Ca BS-Kinesiology RICHARD N. CLARK Hacienda Heights BA-Economics JAMES N. CLAY JR. Fullerton, Ca BA-Psycho bio KEVIN CLEARY Sherman Oaks BA-Meteorology VALERIE COALE Los Angeles, Ca BA-Geography DAMIEN COBB Los Angeles, Ca BA-English CHRISTOPHER L. COCKRELL Arcadia, Ca BA-Poli Sci BENJAMIN COHEN Los Angeles, Ca BA-Biology BONINA COHEN San Mateo,Ca BA-Psychology DEBRA J. COKIN San Diego, Ca MA-French CARLEEN M. COLLINS Woodland Hills BA-Bacteriology CHERYL COLLINS Torrance, Ca BS-Nursing CLAUDIA J. COLLINS Los Angeles, Ca BA-History KATHLEEN S. COLLINS Fresno, Ca BA-Psychology KAREN CONKLIN Los Angeles, Ca BA-Economics THERESE CONNON Lawndale, Ca BS-Kinesiology JAMES CONSORT W. Los Angeles BS-Geology LORETTA CONTI Santa Ana, Ca BA-Poli Sci DEBRA COOK Burbank, Ca BA-Slavic Lang. Lit. GARY COOK Los Angeles, Ca BA-Poli Sci KEVIN COOMBS Los Angeles, Ca BA-Poli Sci MARTI COOPER Van Nuys, Ca BA-Spanish MICHELLE COOPER Van Nuys, Ca BA-Poli Sci ROBERT CORN Tarzana, Ca BA-Economics GEORGE CORRAL Glendale, Ca BA-History DIANE COSTLEY Westlake Village, Ca BA-Psychology JOHN A. COURTNEY Northridge, Ca BA-Poli Sci KAY COVINGTON Selma, Ca BA-Economics MICHELE K. COX Encino, Ca BA-Sociology PETER W. CRABB Laguna Beach BA-Economics RICHARD CRAFT Los Angeles, Ca BA-Geography LAURIE CRAIN Los Angeles, Ca BA-Psych Soc ROBERT CRAWFORD Sylmar, Ca BA-Economics CATHERINE CRINO Los Angeles, Ca BA-History STEVEN CRONENWALT Los Angeles, Ca Ba-Psychology LORRAINE CRONIN Sepulveda, Ca BA-English SCOTT CROW Los Altos Hills, Ca BA-Economics DOUGLAS CROWE Glendora, Ca BS-Elec. Engr. ABIGAIL CRUZ Riverside, Ca BA-Sociology ANNE CUCITI San Pedo, Ca BA-History JAMES CURRAN Los Angeles, Ca BA-Poli Sci VALERIE CURRIE Los Angeles, Ca BA-History CHERYL CURTIS Palmdale, Ca BA-Sociology D CHRISTOPHER DALE Palo Alto, Ca BS-Kinesiology KENNETH DALGLEISH El Segundo,Cal BS-Kinesiology CORNELIA DALY Ventura,Ca BS RN-Nursing SASAN DANESHVAR Pasadena, Ca BA-Economics JESSIE A. DANIEL San Bernardino, Ca ROLF DANRYD Rancho Palos Verdes, Ca BA-Economics RHONDA DASH Los Angeles, Ca BA-Sociology NOEL DATIN Malibu, Ca BA-Design EVA DAVIDOFF Los Angeles, Ca BA-Sociology JILL DAVINE Culver City, Ca BA-English CARL R. DAVIS Esparto, Ca BA-Comm Studies RICHARD DAVIS Sunnyvale, Ca BA-Poli Sci LILLIAN DAWSON N. Hollywood BA-History JAMES L. DEAR Gardena, Ca BA-Poli Sci KIM DECELLES W. Los Angeles BA-Sociology FRED DECKER Menlo Park, Ca BA TIM DECOITO Palo Cedro, Ca BA-Ecosystems STACIA DEGLES Los Angeles, Ca BA-Theatre Arts JACQUELINE DE HAVILAND Los Angeles, Ca BA-English GLORIA DELL Los Angeles, Ca BA-Sociology JEFFREY DELONG Inglewood, Ca BA-Economics RITA DEL ROSARIO Los Angeles, Ca BA-Mathematics ROSE DENDINGER San Diego, Ca Dance Ethnology CORBIE DENNIS Downey, Ca BS-Kinesiology ARLINE DENNY Sherman Oaks, Ca BA-Biology REBECCA DERBY Arcadia, Ca BA-Anthropology CAROLYN M. DeRIGGI Los Angeles, Ca BA-Art History ROSANNE DETRICK Carson, Ca BA-Sociology DEBRA DEUTSCH San Carlos, Ca BA-Art Hi story MARK D ' EVELYN La Habra, Ca BS-Chemistry STEVEN DIATZ W. Hollywood, CA. BA-History RONDA DICKSON Woodland Hills BS-Kinesiology GUY V. DIMAURO Glendora, Ca BA-Biology DIANA DINGLER Santa Monica BA-Liberal Studies JOSEPH DODD Westminster, Ca BA-Meteorology MARK DODD Mountain View, Ca BA-Poli Sci DIANE DODSON Tustin, Ca BA-Psychology VICKI ANN DOHENEY Culver City, Ca BA-Psychology HEIDE DOMENICK Los Angeles, Ca BA-Poli Sci RAMONA DOMINGUEZ Commerce, Ca BS-Nursing THIEN-LY H. DO Los Angeles, Ca BA-English Literature GREGORY DON Panorama, Ca BA-Bacteriology BARBARA DONAVON Los Angeles, Ca BA-Sociology FREDERICK DONG Ventura, Ca BA-Biology JANE DONLON Oxnard, Ca BS-Kinesiology JEFFREY L. DONNAN Torrance, Ca BA-Economics DAVID DONOVAN Northridge, Ca BA-Psychology RONALD DORFMAN Encino,Ca BA-Economics MARCELLINE DORMONT Los Angeles, Ca BA-Poli Sci MICHAEL DOWNER Mar Vista, Ca BA-History TONI DRAGON Malibu, Ca BA-Sociology JOHN DRAKE San Marino, Ca BA-Economics DAVID DREBEN Canoga Park, Ca BA-Psychology PAULINE DRUCKER Tarzana, Ca BS-Nursing CHERYL DUBEY Van Nuys, Ca BA-Comm Studies CLARK DUBREUIL Thousand Oaks BA-Psychology JOANN DUDA Bel Air, Ca BA-Economics CHARLES DUDLEY Los Angeles, Ca BA-History SCOTT DUGGAN Los Gatos, Ca BA-Poli Sci GARRY DUNCAN Lodi,Ca BA-Poli Sci KATHLEEN DUNNIGAN Manlo Park, Ca BA-History JAMES DUNPHY San Diego, Ca BA-Sociology MARCUS DUNSWORTH Northridge, Ca BA-Biology MICHELLE DUVAL San Pedro, Ca BA-English E DANIEL EATON Park Forest, Ill. BA-Poli Sci JERI ECKHART Yorba Linda, Ca BA-Psychology STEVEN EDELMAN Granada Hills BA-Biology CORINNE EDELSON W. Los Angeles BA-Spanish DAVID EDGAR Tustin, Ca BA-Poli Sci TONI EDWARDS Los Alamitos,Ca BA-Psychology CARLENE EDIE Jamaica, West Indies BA-Poli Sci ANDREA EGLASH Los Angeles, Ca BA-Anthropology SALVADOR EGUIA Los Angeles, Ca BA-Spanish ADRIENNE EHRLICH Van Nuy s, Ca BASpanish JEAN EICHENSEER Whittier, Ca BA-Sociology MICHAEL EICHENSEER Whittier, Ca BA-Economics ELIZABETH S. EISENBERG Los Angeles, Ca BA-History JUDITH EISIKOWITZ Van Nuys, Ca BA-Georgraphy EDITH ELIAS Los Angeles, Ca MFA-MPTV Screenwriting ERIC S. ELIAS Woodland, Ca BA-Poli Sci DAVID J. ELLIS Glendale, Ca BA-Economics JEAN ELLISON Pomona, Ca BS-Nursing JOSEPH ELMASSIAN Los Angeles, Ca BA-Biology ELIZABETH ELZIE Los Angeles , Ca BA-Sociology ERNEST EMER EUWAONU Los Angeles, Ca PhD-Sociology WILLIAM B. EMERSON San Diego, Ca BA-Geography Eco EMMA ENCINAS Los Angeles, Ca BA-Spanish CHARLOTTE R. ENDTER San Jose, Ca BA-English THERESA ENRIQUEZ Oxnard,Ca BA-Biology MATTHEW EPPLE Downey, Ca BS-Engineering GREG M. ERIZIAN Northridge, Ca BA-Biology TINA ERLBAUM Woodland Hills, Ca BA-Sociology SUSAN ERVIN La Crescenta, Ca BA-Psychology KATHLEEN L. ESPINOZA Pico Rivera, Ca BA-Spanish DIANA ESQUIVEL Diamond Bar, Ca BA-Psychology CHRISTOPHER EVANS Santa Monica, Ca BA-PSGA LANCE EVANS Los Angeles, Ca BA-Comm Studies F MICHAEL FAIN N. Hollywood, Ca BA-Biology LOUIS FALCONE Los Angeles, Ca BA—History ANITA K. FANDEY RB, Ca BA-Music LORI FARIS Glendale, Ca BA-Art Design SCOTT FARMER Arcadia, Ca BS-Kinesiology WENDELL FARRELL Inglewood, Ca BA-Economics ADRIENNE FEDOR Glendale, Ca BA-History ROBERT FEINBERG Los Angeles, Ca BA-History SHERI FEINBERG Tarzana, Ca BA-Sociology CAROL FELTON Woodland Hills, Ca BA-Poli Sci ELISE FENNING Los Angeles, Ca BA-Sociology ELLEN FENTEN Los Angeles, Ca BA-Sociology CATHY FEOLE Palos Verdes, Ca BA-History MARINEA FERGUSON Oceanside, Ca BA-Sociology DONNA FERNANDEZ Studio City, Ca BA-Sociology JESUS FERNANDEZ, JR. W. Sacramento MBA-Finance ELAINE FEUER S. Pasadena, Ca BA-Anthropology DEANNE FIEGENER Riverside, Ca BS-Kinesiology RANDALL FILLPOT San Carlos, Ca BA-Economics STEPHEN FINGER Los Angeles, Ca BA-Sociology STANLEY FINKEL N. Hollywood BA-Economics ARDEN FINKELSTEIN Los Angeles, Ca BA-Economics ELIZABETH FIRTH Los Angeles, Ca BA-Sociology JESSICA FISH Sunland, Ca BFA-MP TV DARRYL FISHER Los Angeles, Ca BA-History DEBORAH A. FISHER Beverly Hills, Ca BA-Psychology LAUREN FISHER Woodland Hills, Ca BA-Mathematics ETTA FISHMAN Los Angeles, Ca BA-English DEBRA FLORES Torrance, Ca BA-Poli Sci ROCIO FLORES Canoga Park, Ca BA-Design STEVEN FOGELSON Studio City, Ca BA-MP TV SCOTT C. FOLLANSBEE Los Angeles, Ca BA-Economics SALLY A. FORBES Monterey Park BA-History STEPHANNIE FORBES Atherton, Ca BA-English STEVEN FORMAKER Northridge, Ca BA-Poli Sci JAMES FORMILLER Hermosa Beach BA-Economics BERNARDO FOSCHETTI Los Angeles, Ca BA-Poli Sci ANDREW FOX Tarzana, Ca BA-Linguistics SANDRA FOXTON Whittier, Ca BA-Dance RENEE FRANCES Burbank, Ca BA-Mathematics DARY FRANK Los Angeles, Ca BA-Poli Sci LINNIE FRANK Los Angeles, Ca BA-Psycholo gy GAIL FRANKLIN Carson, Ca BA-History SUSAN FREDERICKS Northridge, Ca BA-Biology CANDICE FREED Key Biscayne, Fl BA-Poli Sci KARLA FREEDMAN Los Angeles, Ca BA-Psychology JOHN FREEMAN Los Angeles, Ca BA-History LISA FRIEDLANDER Culver City, Ca BA-Economics MICHAEL J. FRIEDMAN Los Angeles, Ca BA-Comm BILLIE FRISCH Los Angeles, Ca BS-Math Comp DENNIS FUHRMAN Los Angeles, Ca BS-Biochemistry G CORBY GAGE Whittier, Ca BA-Economics MARGARET L. GALE Whittier, Ca BA-English SONIA GALINDO Montebello, Ca BA-Latin Amer. PHILIP B. R. GALLANDERS Santa Monica, Ca BA-History JOSHUA GALLEGOS Pico Rivera, Ca BA-Theatre Arts JOE GAMACHE La Mesa, Ca BA-Poli Sci MARK GAMSON Los Angeles, Ca BA-Sociology ARLEEN GARCIA Los Angeles, Ca BA-Sociology DANIEL GARCIA Thousand Oaks, Ca BA-Anthropology SHELLEY GARCIA Los Angeles, Ca BA-Sociology DEBRA GARDNER Los Angeles, Ca BA-Sociology CHRISTOPHER GARRETT Canoga Park, Ca BA-Psycho bio EDYTHE GARVEY Los Angeles, Ca MN-Onocology GUADALUPE GARZA Los Angeles, Ca BA-Economics ALBERT M. GASPARIAN Huntington Beach BA-Poli Sci WENDY GASTER Beverly Hills, Ca BA-History MARTITA GAYDOU Los Angeles, Ca BA-French LORRAINE GEE Monterey Park, Ca BA-Psychology NELSON GELFAND Los Angeles, Ca BA-Biology CAROL GEMBERLING Hermosa Beach MN-Prim Ambulatory MARY—MICHAEL GEORGE Manhattan Bch., BA-Italian Art Hist. LINDA GERKEN Woodland Hills, Ca BA-Psychology STEVEN GERKEN Los Angeles, Ca BA-Biology DEBORAH S. GERSHON Encino, Ca BA-Philosophy DIANE GIAVIA Menlo Park, Ca BA-Economics MICHAEL GIBBONS Whittier, Ca BA-Comm JAY GILBERT Los Angeles, Ca BA-Poli Sci MARK GILBERT Los Angeles, Ca BA-Poli Sci EARL GILDER Chatsworth, Ca BS-Cybernetics RENEE GILLIAM Los Angeles, Ca BA-Sociology MARK GIORDANI Los Gatos, Ca BA-History JAN GLASER Harrison, NY BA-Theatre Arts RICHARD GLASNER Encino, Ca BA-Poli Sci JEFFREY GLIEBERMAN Woodland Hills BA-Psychology JONI GOFF Los Angeles, Ca BA-Psychology CHARLES GOLDBERG Los Angeles, Ca BA-Economics THERESE GOLDBLATT Los Angeles, Ca BA-Economics RALPH GOLDSEN Pacific Palisades BA-Economics SUSAN GOLDSTEIN Los Angeles, Ca BA-Psychology ROBERT GOLISH Hermosa Beach BA-Poli Sci ANITA GONZALES Santa Monica, Ca MSW-Soc Welfare DAVID GONZALES Alhambra, Ca BA-Biology MERCEDES GONZALEZ South Gate, Ca BA-Poli Sci OLIVIA GOODKIN Los Angeles, Ca BA-History CAROLYN D. GOODWIN Los Angeles, Ca BA-MP TV MARLEECE GOO SUN Los Angeles, Ca BA-Poli Sci RICHARD GOREN Los Angeles, Ca BS-Public Health MARA GOTTESMAN Granada Hills BA-Geography HILARY GOTTLEIB Long Beach, Ca BA-Psychology HUGH GOTTS Valinda, Ca BA-Anthropology MICHELE GRACE Placentia, Ca BA-Sociology DEBRA J. GRAHAM Los Angeles, Ca BA-Sociology LISA GRAHAM Sepulveda, Ca BA-Sociology SANTIAGO GRAHAM, JR. Rosemead, Ca Sci BONNIE GREEN Sherman Oaks, Ca BA-Comm CYNTHIA GREENBERG Culver City, Ca BA-Poli Sci RICHARD GREENBERG Beverly Hills, Ca BA-English CATHY GREENLY Beverly Hills, Ca BA-Psychology ONDINE GREER Los Angeles, Ca BA-Sociology DAVID G. GREGOIRE Pittsburg, Ca BA-Economics DAVID GREGORY Long Beach, Ca BA-Comm THERESE GREGORY Santa Monica BA-Geography KATHY GRELLA Van Nuys, Ca BA-Sociology NANCY GRIFFIN Venice, Ca MBA-Business CELESTE K. GRIJALVA Los Angeles, Ca BS-Kinesiology MARGARET GRIMM Oakland, Ca BA-Theatre Arts KENT GROSS Sherman Oaks, Ca BA-Theatre Arts DARYN GROSSBARD Beverly Hills, Ca BA-Sociology JONATHAN GROSSMAN Woodland Hills BA-Poli Sci ALLISON GROVES Tarzana, Ca BA-French MAURICE S. GRUN Beverly Hills, Ca BA- Comm CAROLYN GRUDER Palos Verdes, Ca BA-English JOHN O. GUMBEL Burlingame, Ca BA-Economics BARRY GUMBINER Los Angeles, Ca BA-Biology ANNA GUNN Ventura, Ca BA-Poli Sci GAIL GUTMANN Los Angeles, Ca BA-Poli Sci H MARTT J. HAAPAKOSKI Helsinki, Finland MA-English RON HACKER Los Angeles, Ca BA-Psychology ANNE HAGATA La Jolla, Ca BS-Kinesiology IRMGARD HAGEN Los Angeles, Ca BA-Spanish JANET HAIR Sacramento, Ca BA-English BART HALBERSTADT Arcadia, Ca BA-Economics CYNTHIA HALL Glendale, Ca BS-Kinesiology LORI HAUSER Beverly Hills, Ca BA-Sociology RANDY HALTER Granada Hills, Ca BA-History VERA HAMLIN La Crescenta, Ca BA-Economics EVA HAMPTON Los Angeles, Ca BA-Sociology MARIAN HANEY Los Angeles, Ca BA-History JEFFREY HANG Encino, Ca BS-Engineering JOSEPH HANG Encino, Ca BS-Chem. Engineering LYNNE S. HANZAWA San Francisco BA-Art History LAURENCE HARA Los Angeles, Ca BS-Chemistry GAIL HARADA Montebello, Ca BS-Kinesiology KENSON T. HARADA Torrance, Ca BS-Elec. Engr WILBUR L. HARDEN Los Angeles, Ca BA-English LaNETTE HARDIMAN Los Angeles, Ca BA-Psycho Soc CHERIE A. HARGIS Beverly Hills, Ca BA-Psychobiology ANDREW W. HARRAH La Jolla, Ca BS-Kinesiology GAIL HARRING Canoga Park, Ca BA-Psychology TAMARA HARRISON Los Angeles, Ca BA-English MICHAEL HARTVIKSON Pomona, Ca BA-Psychology GIUSEPPE HASSAN Los Angeles, Ca BA-Bacteriology ROLAND HASSAN Los Angeles, Ca BS-Engineering JANE M. HASSELL W. Los Angeles BA-Comm TERI L. HASSLER Concord, Ca BS-Kinesiology IRENE HATAI Los Angeles, Ca BA-Geography JENIFER HAVENS Riverside, Ca BA-History SUSAN HAYAMIZU Los Angeles, Ca BA-Economics GREGORY HAYES Placentia, Ca BA-History WILLIAM J. HEINZEN Glendora, Ca BA-Psychology CAROLYN S. HELTON Newport Beach BA-Italian Indiv. CAROL HENDERSON Los Angeles, Ca BA-Geography NANCY HENRIKSEN Palos Verdes, Ca BA-Sociology LEROY HENRY III Los Angeles, Ca BA-Poli Sci LISA HENZE Danville, Ca BA-Sociology DEBBIE J. HERMAN Sacramento, Ca BA-Sociology JERRY HERMEL Los Angeles, Ca BA-Mathematics BLESILDA HERNANDEZ Los Angeles, Ca BA-Mathematics ESTHER HERNANDEZ Los Angeles, Ca BA-History Span LIBRADA HERNANDEZ Los Angeles, Ca BA-Spanish MARIA HERRERA Tehachapi, Ca BA-Psych Span DAVID HERSKOVITZ Los Angeles, Ca BA-Poli Sci DEBORAH HESS Woodland Hills, Ca BA-Biology GLORIA HEWETT Compton, Ca BA-Poli Sci WILLIE HEYWARD Los Angeles, Ca BA-Poli Sci KATHYE A. HICKS Palos Verdes, Ca BA-Design MICHAEL HIEDA Culver City, Ca GREGORY HILL Bloomington, Ca BA-Poli Sci STEVEN HILL Sacramento, Ca BA-Economics LUANN HIJI Culver City, Ca BA-Japanese ALLEN HINE S. Pasadena, Ca BA-Poli Sci CATHERINE HIROSE Palos Verdes, Ca BS-Biochemistry EDWARD HIRTH Paramount, Ca BA-Biology BRUCE L. HITSON Fresno, Ca BS-Elec. Engr YING-WING HO Sabah, Macaysia BS-Chemistry CYNTHIA HOAG Berkeley, Ca BA-Psychology DEBORAH HOBBS Lemoore, Ca BA-Psychology HAROLD HOFER Santa Monica, Ca BS-Biology FRANCINE HOFFMAN Redondo Beach BS-Kinesiology MARK HOFFMAN Sherman Oaks BA-Psychology SHERI HOFFMAN Studio City, Ca BA-Sociology THOMAS E. HOGAN Westminster, Ca BS-Biochemistry MARK HOKODA Los Angeles, Ca BA-Psychology BRIAN HOLIWELL Bakersfield, Ca BA-Biology ERWIN HOLLIS Panorama City, Ca BA-Theatre Arts LINDA HOLST Walnut Creek, Ca BS-Kinesiology CATHERINE HONG Los Angeles, Ca BS-Math Comp Sci GIL HONG Culver City, Ca BA-Economics MATTHIAS HONG Los Angeles, Ca BS-Physics RAY HOOPS Los Angeles, Ca BA-Human Services MARIA HOPKINS Compton, Ca BA-Sociology DONALD HOPPER Canoga Park, Ca BA-Economics SUSAN HORI San Fernando, Ca BA-Sociology WILLIAM HORST Los Angeles, Ca BS-Chemistry TANIA R. HORTON Arcadia, Ca BS-Chemistry ALICE HOVESPIAN Los Angeles, Ca BA-Bacteriology ROBIN HOWARD Moraga, Ca BA-Spanish DANIEL HOWARD Woodland Hills BA-Economics GLENN HRUSKA Van Nuys, Ca BA-Psychology GINA HSU Los Angeles, Ca BA-Sociology SAMPSON C. HUANG Los Angeles, Ca MS-Engineering VIOLET HUBBS Beverly Hills, Ca BA-Motion Picture TV KEVIN HUEBSCHMAN Los Angeles, Ca BA-MP TV ANTHONY HUGHES Palo Alto, Ca BA-Mathematics SALLY A. HUGHES Long Beach, Ca BS-Nursing ERIC HUNT Los Angeles, Ca KAREN HUNT Los Angeles, Ca BA-Psychology STEVEN HUNT Garden Grove, Ca BA-Biology MICHAEL HYMAN Stockton, Ca BA-Hist Poli Sci I CELESTE IIDA Alhambra, Ca BA-Biology MICHAEL IKEDA Los Angeles, Ca BA-Biology BRIAN IMAI Pacific Grove, Ca BS-Biochemistry ROSEMARIE INDJAYAN Glendale, Ca BA-Biology RICHARD IRWIN Riverside, Ca BA-Economics RONALD ISRAEL San Francisco BA-Poli Sci MICHAEL IWAOKA Alhambra, Ca BS-Comp Sci CEDRIC IWASHINA Sun Valley, Ca BS-Math Comp Sci C. EMMY IWATA Los Angeles, Ca BA-Sociology TONIA IZU San Jose, Ca Ma-Education JANET IZUMI Monterey Park, Ca BA-Sociology J BRENDA JACKSON Los Angeles, Ca BA-Poli Sci DOUGLAS R. JACKSON Sherman Oaks, BA-Economics FRANCES JACOBS Los Angeles, Ca BS-Nursing SUSAN JACOBSON Encino, Ca BA-Liberal Arts MICHELLE I. JACOBSON Los Angeles, Ca BA-Anthropology BARRIE JAEGER Los Angeles, Ca MA-Folklore LESLIE JARRETT Danville, Ca BS-Kinesiology WARREN JARVIS Simi Valley, Ca BA-Psychobiology THOMAS W. JASEK Tiburon, Ca BA-Economics LEE JASLOW Los Angeles, Ca BS-Chemistry KAREN M. JENSEN Camarillo, Ca BS-Kinesiology ANN E. JOHNSON S. Pasa dena, Ca BS-Kinesiology MARK JOHNSON Torrance, Ca BA-Psychology MARK H. JOHNSON Encino, Ca BA-Biology MARYJO JOHNSON Malibu, Ca BA-Sociology PHILIP JOHNSON N. Hollywood, BA-Poli Sci ROBERT JOHNSON N. Hollywood BA-Economics VALENCIA D. JOHNSON Pomona, Ca BA-Psychology WAYNE JOHNSON Chatsworth, Ca BS-Chemistry DENISE A. JONES Berkeley, Ca BA-PSGA NANCY L. JONES Palo Alto, Ca BA-Music Ed ROBERT E. JORDAN Venice, Ca BA-Psych Phil. JOY JOSEPH Los Angeles, Ca BA-Poli Sci GREGORY JOSLYN Malibu, Ca BA-Latin Amer. ELAYNE R. JOVICIC Las Vegas, Nev BA-Psychology RONALD JUE Camarillo, Ca BS-Kinesiology ROBERTA JUNG Los Angeles, Ca BS-Nursing RICHARD JUREWICZ Thousand Oaks BA-Poli Sci LAURIAN JUSTICE La Canada, Ca BA-History K SACHIKO KACHO Los Angeles, Ca BA-English ANTHONY KAFESJIAN Pacific Palisades BA-Mathematics ROBIN KAHN Los Angeles, Ca BA-Sociology ROBIN KAHN San Diego, Ca BS-Kinesiology KARILYN KAKUDO Northridge, Ca BS-Kines Psych OSMAN KALDIRIM Darica, Turkey MS-Engineering GLENN KANAMORI Oxnard, Ca BA- Psychobio GARY KANEMURA Granada Hills BA-Biology MICHAEL KAPPA Los Angeles, Ca BA-Poli Sci NASIR KARAMAT Fair Lawn, N.J. MBA-Finance GARY KARAPETIAN Los Angeles, Ca BA-Design PERLA KARNEY Los Angeles, Ca BA-Lib Studies EDWIN KATAYAMA Los Angeles, Ca BA-Design DAYLE KATO Monterey Park, Ca BA-Economics KARL KATO Whittier, Ca BA-Poli Sci Econ NORMAN KATZ Los Angeles, Ca RICHARD KATZ Los Angeles, Ca HELEN R. KAUFFMAN Los Angeles, Ca BA-English LINDON K. KAWAHARA Rolling Hills, Ca BA-Biology ROBERT KAWAHARA Los Angeles, Ca BA-Psychology EMI KAWASAKI Pico Rivera, Ca BA-Biology ROBERTA KAYE Long Beach, Ca BA-Comm Studies ANN M. KEEHNER Longview, Wa BA-Bacteriology MUNSUN KEELER Cerritos, Ca BA-Mathematics JOHN KELLER Lancaster, Ca BA-Poli Sci SUSAN KELLER Los Angeles, Ca BS-Kinesiology COLLEEN KELLY El Segundo, Ca BA-Spanish Ling. CRAIG KELLY Fullerton, Ca BA-Latin Romance Lang. THOMAS F. KELLY Richland, Wa BA-Psychobio KRIS KEMMERER Los Angeles, Ca BA-Sociology BRIAN KENNEDY Canoga Park, Ca BA-Biology CONNIE R. KENNEDY Woodland Hills BA-Poli Sci LAUREL KENNER Santa Monica, Ca BA-Music MICHAEL KENNY Whittier, Ca BA-Poli Sci DOUGLAS KEYSTON Pebble Beach BA-Economics JULIA KIDDER Woodland Hills, Ca BA-Economics HAK KIM Los Angeles, Ca BA-Economics JANE KIM Chino, Ca BA-Sociology LISA KIM Monterey Park, Ca BA-Mathematics MOONSIK KIM Gardena, Ca BA-Bacteriology WANSHIN KIM Los Angeles, Ca BS-Math DENNIS KIMBALL Mountain View BA-Economics KAREN KIMBALL Torrance, Ca BA-History CAROL KIMBLE Los Angeles, CA BA-History JONATHA KING Los Angeles, Ca BA-Comm Studies ROBERT KINKEAD S. Pasadena, Ca BA-Poli Sci Hist STEPHANIE N. KISHABA Canoga Park, Ca BA-Psychology GENEVIEVE KIUCHI Los Angeles, Ca BA-Pic. Arts MICHAEL KLEIN Tarzana, Ca BA-Economics WAYNE KLEIN Canoga Park, Ca BS-Biochemistry MARSHA KLEINKAUF San Pedro, Ca BA-Sociology LORRAINE KLIZA Malibu, Ca BA-French LINDA KNAPP Van Nuys, Ca BA-Psychology MARY KNICELY Los Angeles, Ca BA-Psychology EDWARD KOBAYASHI Gardena, Ca BA-Biology BARBARA KOBRYNER Los Angeles, Ca BA-History JANICE KOPANSKI Sylmar, Ca BA-Sociology ROBERT KOPEL Northridge, Ca BA-History KAREN KOE Woodland Hills, Ca BA-Comm MICHELLE KOGAN Beverly Hills, Ca BA-Sociology ALISON KOIRE Pacific Palisades Studies JEFFREY KORCHEK Los Angeles, Ca BA- Psychobio JON KOTTKE Glendale, Ca BA-Econ Poli Sci JOH N KOULOS W. Los Angeles, Ca BA-Poli Sci JEFFREY KRAATZ Palos Verdes, Ca BA-Economics SANDRA KRAMER Santa Monica BA-Spanish STEVE KRAUSE Sepulveda, Ca BA-Economics LAURA KRIEGER Whittier, Ca BA-Psychology ANNA KRISIK Carmichael, Ca BA-Design CYNTHIA KRISTAN Los Angeles, Ca BA-Art History LOUIS KRISTIE Long Beach, Ca BA-Economics BRUCE KROHN Los Angeles, Ca BS-Engineering TERRI KRONOWITZ Los Angeles, Ca BA-History GARY KUDLO Los Angeles, Ca BA-Psychology FRANCIS KUHN Santa Maria, Ca BA-History TEH—CHAO KUO Palos Verdes, Ca BS-Engineering PAMELA KUSHNER Los Angeles, Ca BA-Biology MICHAEL KUTNICK Northridge, Ca BA-Economics SANDRA KUZNITZ Los Angeles, Ca BA-Quant. Psych CLARENCE M.B. KWAN Hong Kong BA-History L DENISE LABOWITZ Cypress, Ca BA-Sociology NADINA LABRO Santa Fe Springs, Ca BA-Spanish YVONNE LACEY-SEALS Lakeview Terrace BS-Psychology RONALD LACHMAN Culver City, Ca BA-Economics JULIA LAI Los Angeles, Ca BRIAN LALLEMENT Pacific Palisades. BA-Ecosystems KATHY LAM Los Angeles, Ca BA-Psychology MICHAEL LAMM Hayward, Ca BS-Physics RANDIE LANDER Los Angeles, Ca BA-Sociology CELESTE LANEVE Mariana Del Rey BA-Sociology KATHY LANGSAM Greenbrae, Ca BA-Poli Sci KENNETH LANN W. Los Angeles, Ca BA-Sociology RICHARD LARSEN San Marcos, Ca BA-Economics JOHN A. LARSON La Crescenta, Ca BA-Economics KENNEDY LARSON Palm Springs, Ca BS-Kinesiology KEVIN LATOUR Santa Monica, Ca CHU K. LAU Los Angeles, Ca BS-Biochemistry STEVEN C. LAU Los Angeles, Ca BA-Bacteriology SHAWN LAVIN San Jose, Ca BA-Biology TODD LAVIN Los Angeles, Ca BA-Economics DEBBIE LAWRENCE San Marino, Ca BA-History DAVID LAWSON Sherman Oaks, Ca BA-Biology CHERYL LAYNE Los Angeles, Ca BA-Economics INEKE M. LAZAR Los Angeles, Ca BA-Anthropology MARYANN LEAS Los Angeles, Ca BA-Design DEBORAH G. LEDERER Los Angeles, Ca BA-Economics ANN LEE Canoga Park, Ca BS-Engineering CATHERINE LEE Culver City, Ca BS-Biochemistry JOHN LEE San Diego, Ca BS-Engineering NAM K. LEE Los Angeles, Ca BA-Math Syst. Sci PEGGY LEE Northridge, Ca BS-Public Health ROBIN LEE Los Angeles, Ca BA-Sociology SUNG LEE Los Angeles, Ca BS-Chemistry TAEHEE LEE Los Angeles, Ca MA-Architecture CRAIG A. LEEDS Tarzana, Ca BA-Biology JONATHAN D. LEMLER San Pedro, Ca BA-Biology FRANCIS LEON La Puente, Ca BA-Poli Sci RICHARD LEONARD Sherman Oaks BA-Economics MELINDA LEONCINI San Rafael, Ca BA-Music MARK LEONG Sacto, Ca BA-Economics MARK LES Costa Mesa, Ca BA-Economics PARTICIA LESLIE Northridge, Ca BA-English STEVEN LETKO Hacienda Heights, Ca BA-Economics ROSLYN LETT Altadena, Ca Ba-Poli Sci SHERI LEVENSTEIN Westlake Vlg., Ca BA-Psychology THOMAS LEVENTHAL Los Angeles, Ca BA-Psychology ROBERT LEVY Los Angeles, Ca BA-Poli Sci CHARLES LEWINSTEIN Malibu, Ca BA-Biology JOHN L EWIS Inglewood, Ca BA-History REBECCA LEWIS Santa Monica BA-Dance PETER LEYVA San Bernardino, Ca BA-Poli Sci EDWARD LIEBERSBACH Glendale, Ca MS-Physics RENATA M. LIGGETT Anaheim, Ca BA-Anc Near East LINDA LIGHTY Orange, Ca BA-English PATRICK LIM Los Angeles, Ca BS-Elec. Engineering REGINALD LIM Los Angeles, Ca BS-Elec. Engineering JANN LINCOLN Costa Mesa, Ca BA-Psychology JEAN LINDSAY Venice, Ca BA-English BRIAN LING Tarzana, Ca BA-Biology JONI LIPMAN Van Nuys, Ca BA-Poll Sci CHARLES A. LIPOT, JR. Granada Hills BA-Psychology MERYL LIPPMAN Santa Monica BA-Poli Sci ROBIN LIPTON Montebello, Ca BA-Mathematics MARC LITTON Woodland Hills, Ca B A-History BRIAN F. LIVINGSTON Menlo Park, Ca BA-Comm CHI F. LO Kowloon, Hong Kong BS-Engineering DOUGLAS LOBATO Lakeview Terrace BA-History JOSEPH LOEVNER Arleta, Ca BA-Music JOANNE LOMENZO La Canada, Ca BA-French ELIZABETH T. LOONEY Burbank, Ca BS-Kinesiology KARL LOPEZ Lompoc, Ca BA-Psychology MARYELLEN LOPEZ Montebello, Ca BA-History CYNTHIA LORICK Los Angeles, Ca BA-Sociology KATHLEEN LOSS Sunnyvale, Ca BA-Sociology KEVIN R. LOUD Santa Barbara, BA-Economics JOHN LOVE Marina del Rey, Ca BA-Econ Poli Sci JEFFRY LOUIE Palos Verdes, Ca BA-Economics GARY LUCCHESI San Francisco BA-History STEVEN LUCE Woodland Hills, Ca BA-Geography ROCH ELLE LUCOSTIC Irvine, Ca Ba-Sociology MARK LUPFER Santa Monica, Ca BS-Astro-dynamics RUBY LUZANO Garden Grove, Ca BS-Kinesiology DENIS LYNCH Los Angeles, Ca MA-Mathematics ROBERT P. LYONS Riverside, Ca BA-Biology M VICKI MACK Los Angeles, Ca BA-Theatre Arts MARY S. MACLEOD San Marino, Ca BA-Sociology DEBRENIA MADNM Concord, Ca BA-Internat ' l Rel. ROSANNE MAEHARA Los Angeles, Ca BA-Sociology CAMIE MAGGIO Los Angeles, Ca BA-History JOHN MAGNUSON Palos Verdes, Ca, BA-Economics SARI MAHAKIAN Palos Verdes, Ca BA-Sociology PAUL MAK Los Angeles, Ca MS-Engineering JEFFREY MAKI Poway, Ca BA-Economics YVONNE MALDONADO Monterey Park. BA-Bacteriology FELICE Los Angeles, Ca BA-Psychology KATHLEEN MANNIX San Diego, Ca BA-Psychology DEBORAH MANSIR Los Angeles, Ca BA-Geography RAYMONDE MANSOUR Los Angeles, Ca BA-French ROBERT MANUWAL Van Nuys, Ca BA-Poli Sci BRIAN MARBACH Woodland Hills BA-Psychology JANE MARCHESI Westlake Village BS-Kinesiology ELLIOT MARCUS Canoga Park, Ca BA-Biology LIZBETH MARIMON Palos Verdes, Ca BA-Biology JOAN MARKLEY El Segundo, Ca Ling. JOSEPH MAROVICH San Pedro, Ca BA-Poli Sci GARY MARSH Van Nuys, Ca BA-Comm Studies LAURA MARTIN Los Angeles, Ca BA-Psychology WENDY MARTIN Los Altos, Ca BA-English LARRY R. MARTINEZ Sacramento, Ca BA-Poli Sci ARTEMIO MARTINEZ— MOYA Lynwood, Ca BA-Spanish DEBRA MARVEL Redondo Beach, Ca BA-History FRIEDA MASIEDI Los Angeles, Ca BA-Psychology RANDALL MASON Granada Hills BS-Engineering SANDRA MAST Reseda, Ca BA-Poli Sci Econ MARC MATHYS Sawger, Ca BS-Engineering KOJI MATSUDA Kyoto, Japan BS-Engineering GRETCHEN MATSUMOTO Los Angeles, Ca BA-Sociology KELLY MATSUMOTO Pasadena, Ca BA-Art LARRY MATTHEWS Los Angeles, Ca BS-Public Health STEVE MATTHEWS Van Nuys, Ca Math Comp Sci RICHARD MAYEDA Los Angeles, Ca BS-Cybernetics AMY MAYHEW Los Angeles, Ca BA-Bacteriology NANCY MAYNARD Woodland Hills BA-History THOMAS MAYS Huntington Beach, Ca BA-Poli Sci KENDALL McCARTY Woodland Hills BA-Comm TERRY MCCLANAHAN La Mesa, Ca BA-Biology JANET A. McCOY Beverly Hills, Ca BA-Economics MARY C. McDONNELL Menlo Park, Ca BA-History ETAN McELROY Los Angeles, Ca MBA-Arts Management KATHRYN McGLYNN Los Angeles, Ca BA-Psvchology BLAIR McGOVERN Palos Verdes, Ca BS-Public Health KEVIN McHENRY Hacienda Heights BA-Spanish French HAIDY McHUGH Santa Monica BA-Spanish RONALD C. McKEE Canoga Park, Ca BA-Psychology KIMSEY MCKEEVER Los Angeles, Ca BA-Art History GARY McLENNELL Los Angeles, Ca MA-English CRYSTAL McMILLAN Van Nuys, Ca BA-Poli Sci KIM E. McNALLY Van Nuys, Ca BA-Poli Sci KATHLEEN A. MCNAMARA Los Angeles, Ca BA-Economics STEVE MEISLIN Los Angeles, Ca BA-Biology VICTOR MELLON Van Nuys, Ca BA-Economics DIANE MELLOR Los Angeles, Ca BA-Psychology MARLEEN MENDOZA Anaheim, Ca BA-Psychology CHARLOTTE MENESES Hacienda Heights BA-Poli Sci SALLY J. MENKE San Diego, Ca BA-Sociology CAESAR MERCADO Los Angles, Ca BS-Engineering JOHN MERCADO Covina, Ca BA-Anthropology MARY-ANNE MERCER Ojai, Ca BA-Psychobio JOSEPH MENDEZ Oxnard, Ca BA-Theatre Arts JAMES MERRILL Los Angeles, Ca BA-English MICHAEL MESCO Playa del Rey BA-Psychology CHRISTINE METCALF Hollywood, Ca BA-Psycho bio MICHAEL METTS Simi Valley, Ca BA-Psychology MAX METZ Marina del Rey, Ca BA-Psychology DANI MAYER Northridge, Ca BA-Sociology JANICE MICCI Redondo Beach, Ca BA-Spanish GEORGE MICHAEL Athens, Greece MS-Engineering LINDA MICHEL Beverly Hills, Ca BA-Poli Sci JOANNE MICHELIN Simi Valley, Ca BA-French DONNA MILGATEN Los Angeles, Ca BS-Biochemistry FREYDA MILLER Los Angeles, Ca BA-PSGA GERALD MILLER Van Nuys, Ca BA-Poli Sci HARVEY MILLER Beverly Hills, Ca BA-Poli Sci KATHLEEN T. MILLER Los Angeles, Ca BA-French MARIA MILLER Downey, Ca BS-Kinesiology MARK MILLER Villa Park, Ca BA-Sociology MICHAEL K. MILLER Walnut Creek BA-Music RAYMOND MILLER Topanga, Ca BS-Biochemistry SCOTT MILLER Riverside, Ca BA-Economics DENIS MILLS Oakland, Ca BA-Poli Sci LINDA MILLS Inglewood, Ca BA-Poli Sci RISSA MINTZER S. Pasadena, Ca BA-Spanish NED MIRCETIC Studio City, Ca BS-Kinesiology DAVID MITCHELL Ukiah, Ca BS-Engr. App. Sci SHEILA MITCHELL Los Angeles, Ca BA-Psychobio JOANN C. MIYAGISHIMA Los Angeles, Ca BA-History ARLENE MIYAMOTO Los Angeles, Ca BA-Psychology JEANNE MIYAMOTO Los Angeles, Ca BA-Mathematics RANDY MIYASAKO Gardena, Ca BS-Engineering DENNIS MIZOGUCHI Sacramento, Ca BS-Public Health THOMAS MIZUO Gardena, Ca BS-Math Comp LESLIE MOBERG Manhattan Beach, Ca BA-Bacteriology FOSTER MOBLEY Downey, Ca BA-Poli Sci KITTY MOCK Encino, Ca BA-Sociology QADIR MOHIUDDIN Los Angeles, Ca BA-Econ Poli Sci AHSSAN MOHTASHEMI Culver City, Ca BS-Elec. Engr. MARK MOLGAARD Torrance, Ca BA-Psychology PATRICIA A. MOLNAR Palos Verdes, Ca BA-Poli Sci CHARLES J. MOODY Menlo Park, Ca BA-Psychology MUNIR MOON Los Angeles, Ca JAY MOORE Granada Hills, Ca BA-Geography KENNETH MOORE II Los Angeles, Ca BA-Poli Sci LAURENCE MOORE Oxnard, Ca BA-Math Econ CYNTHIA MOORER San Mateo, Ca BA-Sociology N BRIAN D. MORENO La Crescenta, Ca BA-Poli Sci DONNA M. MORGAN Adelanto, Ca BA-Psychology MARGARETTE MORISHIGE Hawthorne, Ca BS-Ki nesiology ELLEN MORRISON W. Los Angeles BA-Sociology PATRICIA MOSS Van Nuys, Ca BA-Psychology RICKEY MOSS Inglewood, Ca BA-History DEBRA MOST Encino, Ca BA-Sociology DEBBIE MOSTER Oakland, Ca BS-Nursing PATRICIA MU Woodland Hills, Ca BA-Economics NADINE MUUCHIN Milwaukee, Wi BA-Comm SERGE MUELA Culver City, Ca BA-Spanish Lit. NANCY E. MULEADY Manhattan Beach BA-Biology LARRY MULLER Los Angeles, Ca BA-Psychology LEIGH A. MURPHY Van Nuys, Ca BS-Math Comp Sci VICTORIA MULLER Bakersfield, Ca BA-Psychology ELAINE MUTCHNIK Scottsdale, Az BA-Poli Sci JON NADLER N. Hollywood, Ca BA-Italian MASSOOD NAEINI Los Angeles, Ca BA-Economics GERMAINE NAGARAJA Los Angeles, Ca BA-Music MARK NAGAYAMA Fullerton, Ca BA-Psychology RONALD A. NAGEL Los Angeles, Ca BA-Bateriology DANIEL NAISH Van Nuys, Ca BS-Kinesiology GLENN NAKAMURA Hacienda Heights BA-Economics LAURA NAKAMURA Los Angeles, Ca BS-Math Comp Sci PATRICIA NAKAMURA Los Angeles, Ca BA-Psychobiology JON NAKATANI Vacaville, Ca BA-Economics DEBRA NASH Los Angeles, Ca BA-Psychology MATTHEW NATALIZIO Palos Verdes, Ca BA-Economics ANAHID NAZARIAN Northridge, Ca BA-Music PERRY T. NEALY Compton, Ca BA-Poli Sci RHONDA NELSON Pasadena, Ca BA-Sociology STUART NERZIG E. Northport, NY BA-Biology MOLLY NEWLON San Mateo, Ca MA-Dance ABBE NEWMARK Beverly Hills, Ca BA-Anthropology WILLIAM NEWSOME Bonita, Ca BA-Poli Sci LAGARY NEWTON Altadena, Ca BA-Sociology JOSEPH N. NGU Cameroun, W. Africa BA-Economics DAVID NICHOLS Lancaster, Ca BA-Bacteriology MONICA K. NICOLAIDE Los Angeles, Ca BA-Design PAUL NIELSEN San Pedro, Ca BA-Economics KATHLEEN NIGRO Glendale, Ca BA-Comm THOMAS NITTI Santa Monica JD GINIKANWA OBU Enugu, Nigeria MPH-Environ. O MICHAEL ODAKA San Pedro, Ca MS-Nuclear Eng. PATRICIA OERTEL Los Angeles, Ca BA-Poli Sci RALPH OGATA Monterey, Ca BA-Psychology STEVEN OGAWA Altadena, Ca BA-Geography LORALIE OGDEN Redwood City BA-Poli Sci ANGELA OH Granda Hills, Ca BA-Psychology JILL OHARA Los Angeles, Ca BA-Mathematics THOMAS O ' HARA Encino, Ca BA-History GARY O ' HOYT Long Beach, Ca BS-Engineering THOMAS O ' LEARY La Jolla, Ca BA-English JEFFREY OLIPHANT Van Nuys, Ca BA-Economics SETH OLITZKY Venice, Ca BS-Math Comp Sci GARY OLSEN Arleta, Ca BA-History ELYSE OMORI Glendale, Ca BA-Economics MARGARET OMPHROY Sherman Oaks BA-Design RANDALL ONISHI Los Angeles, Ca BA-Math Applied RICHARD ORCHARD Santa Monica, Ca BS-Engineering JUDY ORDEN Beverly Hills, Ca BA-PSGA PATRICIA A. ORIDA Culver City, Ca BA-Sociology CONNIE ORLOWSKI La Mirada, Ca BA-Psychology JOHN L. ORNEST Sherman Oaks BA-Comm PAUL L. ORNSTEIN Los Angeles, Ca BS-Chemistry SOLOMON ORTASSE Santa Monica, Ca BA-Economics ARTHUR ORTEGA Ventura, Ca BA-Math WILFREDO ORTEGA Los Angeles, Ca BA-Economics RICHARD ORTH Arcadia, Ca BA-History JUDITH ORTNER Alameda, Ca BA-Sociology PHYLLIS OSTER Tarzana, Ca BA-Biology ALAN OTANI Los Angeles, Ca BA-Poli Sci Psych ROBERT OYE Los Angeles, Ca BA-Economics P WILLIAM PACE Van Nuys, Ca BA-Economics ALLISON PADDOCK Westwood, Ca BA-Art History PHILLIP C. PAIK Los Angeles, Ca BA-Biology JAY PALCHIKOFF Santa Ana, Ca BA-Poli Sci NAOMI A PALMOR N. Hollywood BA-Ling Psych GUO-AN PAN Taipei, Taiwan PhD-Engineering PATRICIA PARKER Carson, Ca EDWARD T. PARMELEE Los Angeles, Ca BA-Poli Sci CYNTHIA PARSONS Fullerton, Ca BA-English KIRK PASICH Escondido, Ca BA-Poli Sci DAVID PATTERSON Rosemead, Ca BA-Poli Sci GEORGE D. PATTERSON Orlinda, Ca BA-Philosophy NATE R. PATTERSON Saratoga, Ca BS-Kinesiology DEANNA PATTI Los Angeles, Ca BA-Psychology LYNNE PEARLMAN Los Angeles, Ca BA-Sociology CYNTHIA PEARSON Santa Monica BS-Kinesiology BENNETT PECK Los Angeles, Ca BA-Psychology VINCENT PECORARO Canoga Park, Ca BS-Biochemistry DICK PELASCINI Lindsay, Ca BA-Economics MARK PENDER Costa Mesa, Ca BA-Economics LINDA PENNEY Laguna Beach, Ca BS-Kinesiology YOLANDA PEREDIA Los Angeles, Ca BS-Nursing DAVID C. PEREZ Santa Fe Springs JOHN C. PERKINS Saratoga, Ca BS-Kinesiology IRIS PERL Beverly Hills, Ca BA-Spanish PAULA PERMUT Palm Springs, Ca BA-Hist Poli Sci GINA PERSONS Palmdale, Ca BA-Sociology JEROME PETERSEN Woodland Hills BS-Math Comp Sci BRUCE PETERSON Palos Verdes, Ca BA-Economics ANDREA PFLUG Los Angeles, Ca BA-Psychology JAMES PHILLIPS Palos Verdes, Ca BA-Psychology LINDA PHILLIPS San Leandro, Ca BA-Sociology CAROL PICKLE Berkeley, Ca BA-Biology ALAN PIERCE Woodland Hills, Ca BA-Biology MICHELE PIERCE Redondo Beach BA-English ALLAN PIETRASANTA Encino, Ca BA-Geography STEVEN PILCHER Sacramento, Ca BA-History VIT PINIJPORNSAWAT Bangkok, Thailand BS-Engineering CHARTCHA ' PLADISAI Los Angeles, Ca BA-Economics STEVEN M PLISKA Pebble Bch., Ca BA-Theatre Arts JOHN L. PLEUGER Chino. Ca BA-Psychobio BETH POLLOCK Sherman Oaks, Ca BA-Sociology DEBBIE POLON Los Angeles, Ca BA-Art History KATHLEEN POMEROY Beverly Hills, Ca BA-Poli Sci LESLIE A. POMEROY Beverly Hills, Ca BA-Poli Sci SI-PAU PONG Pasadena, Ca BS-Engineering DAVID POOLE Los Angeles, Ca BA-Poli Sci JOHN POPE Los Angeles, Ca JD PATRICIA POPEJOY Glendale, Ca BA-Economics STEPHEN POPPE Alex, Va BS-Math Comp Sci JOANNE POPPINK Pacific Palisades BA-Psychology DAVID PORTER Long Beach, Ca BA-Poli Sci MARK PORTER Piedmont, Ca BA-Economics DIANE S. POWELL Los Angeles, Ca BA-Linguistics QSTEVEN POWERS Sepulveda, Ca BA-Poli Sci DANIEL PRECIADO Monterey Park BA-Poli Sci ANNA B. PRICE Altadena, Ca BA-Sociology SHERRI PRICE Los Angeles, Ca BA-Poli Sci SHERRI PRICE Los Angeles, Ca BA-English LISA PROBANDT Sherman Oaks BA-Spanish KAREN PROPKER Beverly Hills, Ca BA-Sociology HENRY PUN Belmont, Ca BS-Elec. Eng. KAREN PURDIE Los Angeles, Ca BA-Poli Sci DANIEL PURKIS N. Hollywood, Ca BA-English DAWN M. PUTNAM Santa Monica, Ca BA-Hist Poli Sci RAFAEL QUESQUEN Los Angeles, Ca BA-Psychology RAYMOND QUEZADA Alhambra, Ca BA-Psychology MYRIAM QUIROGA Van Nuys, Ca BA-Psychology R MARLA B. RABIN Manhattan Beach, Ca BA-Comm ARNOLD RABINOWITZ Flushing, NY BA-Economics MARGO RADIN Redondo Beach, Ca BA-English GAYLE RADLEY W.H., Ca BA-History MONICA RAMIREZ San Diego, Ca BA-Poli Sci LINDA RAPATTONI Whittier, Ca BA-English SUSAN M. RASMUSSEN Fresno, Ca BA-Theatre Arts BARBARA BARBARA RAYBORN Palos Verdes, Ca BA-Psychology ROBERT READ N. Hollywood, Ca BA-History DIANE REBROVICH Los Angeles, Ca BA-Sociology CAROL REED Ojai, Ca BA-Poli Sci LAURIE REGAN Tarzana, Ca BS-Nursing RICHARD REINERTSON Modesto, Ca BS-Biochemistry PATRICIA REISTER Arcadia, Ca BA-Psychology CAROL A. RENTERIA Pico Rivera, Ca BA-Psychology PETER RENTERIA Pico Rivera, Ca BS-Psycho bio MICHAEL Makati, Philippines BA-Economics ROBERT REYES Santa Ana, Ca BA-Poli Sci STROS REZAIEH Burbank, Ca BS-Math Comp Sci ROBERT RICHARD Corte Medera BA-Economics MARSHALL RICHMAN Woodland Hills BA-Economics ANTHONY RICUCCI Hyattsville, Md BA-Sociology ROBERT RIDLEY Riverside, Ca BA-Economics ARTHUR RIEMAN Woodland Hills BA-Comm LINDA RIEMER Los Angeles, Ca BA-Sociology ALAN RIFKIN Encino, Ca BA-Poli Sci CYNTHIA RIGNEY W. Covina, Ca BA-Economics PAMELA RIKLEY Sierra Madre, Ca BS-Kinesiology MICHAEL RING San Francisco, Ca BA-Psychobiology SHARON RINGO Downey, Ca BA-Theatre Arts VICKI ROBBINS Fullerton, Ca BA-History JED ROBINSON Downey, Ca BA-History MICHAEL ROCKER Brentwood, Ca BA-Geog Eco ROBERTA ROCKEY Santa Monica, Ca BA-Theatre Arts KATHRYN RODGERS Los Altos, Ca BA-Latin Amer. MICHELE RODGERS Beverly Hills, Ca BA-Poli Sci LORRAINE RODRIQUEZ Saratoga, Ca BA-Poli Sci Soc DENISE ROE Inglewood, Ca BA-Biology MARJORIE J. ROGERS Santa Monica BA-Art History MARK ROGOFF Whittier, Ca BA-Poli Sci TIMOTHY M. ROHM La Habra, Ca BA-Biology DEBBY ROLLAND Studio City, Ca BS-Kinesiology ELLIOT ROMERO Los Angeles, Ca BA-Biology MARGARITA ROMO Venice, Ca BA-History ROBERT RONNE Rolling Hills, Ca BA-Hist Poli Sci LON ROOKSBY Azusa, Ca BA-Psychology JAN ROOS Los Angeles, Ca BS-Chemistry WILLIAM ROSENBAUM San Diego, Ca BA-Economics MITCHEL ROSENFELD BS- PH KENNETH A. ROSENTHAL Los Angeles, Ca BA-Poli Sci STEVEN ROSNER Beverly Hills, Ca BA-History ANITA ROSS Hawthorne, Ca BA-Poli Sci CINDY ROSS Altadena, Ca BA-Poli Sci JAMES ROSS La Jolla, Ca BS-Engineering NICK ROTAS Sacramento, Ca BA-Biology BRIAN ROUFF Panorama City, Ca BA-Comm AMBER ROULLARD Tulare, Ca BS-Kinesiology BRETT ROWLEY San Francisco, Ca BA-Poli Sci DEBORAH RUB Los Angeles, Ca BA-English MORI RUBIN Los Angeles, Ca BA-Economics SUSAN RUBIN Los Angeles, Ca BA-Art History LINDA RUCKS Woodland Hills, Ca BA-Sociology DENNIS RUDLOFF San Diego, Ca BA-Economics MICHAEL RUDOW Atherton, Ca BA-Economics DAVID C. RUFENER Westlake Village BA-Economics RAY RULLI Canoga Park, Ca BA-Psychology JEFFREY RUSHEEN Woodland Hills BA-Biology JULIE RYAN Santa Monica, Ca BA-Religion STEVEN S. RYDER Los Angeles, Ca MBA-Mgmt S ADELE RYLANDS Thousand Oaks BA-Poli Sci KATHRYN SAHL Los Angeles, Ca BA-Linguistics JANIE SAM Blythe, Ca BS-Kinesiology BRIAN SAIT Los Angeles, Ca BA-Economics LARRY SAKAGUCHI Hanford, Ca BS-Biochemistry GAIL SAKANE Los Angeles, Ca BA-Psychology SHIRLEY SAKURAI Long Beach, Ca BS-Nursing MICHAEL N. SALEMAN Los Angeles, Ca BA-Poli Sci BRUCE SALENKO Fallbrook, Ca BA-History NANETTE SALISBURY Van Nuys, Ca BA-Poli Sci Hist. JIHAD E. SALMAN Aley, Lebanon BS-Struc. Engr. JOEL A. SALTZMAN Los Angeles, Ca BS-Biology DOREEN SAM S. Pasadena, Ca BS-Engineering RICHARD SAM Santa Monica, Ca BA-Economics ROBIN SAMII LaJolla, Ca BA-Comm Studies WENDY SAMPSON Torrance, Ca BA-History CHRISTINE SANBORN Los Angeles, Ca BA-History JAMES SANDERS Los Angeles, Ca BA-Sociology GREGG SANFORD Santa Clara, Ca BA-Psychology PAMELA SANFORD Cupertino, Ca BA-Economics JOHN SANTIAGO Los Angeles, Ca BS-Elec. Engr. MARK SANTO Culver City, Ca BA-Poli Sci MARTA I. SARDINA Monterey Park BA-Mathematics STEVEN SARGENT Glendale, Ca BA-PoliSci ALAN SARKISIAN Torrance, Ca BA-Poli Sci ANNE SAUNDERS Covina, Ca BA-Psychology WILLIAM SAUNDERS Santa Monica, Ca BA-English MARGARET P. SAVAGE Los Angeles, Ca BS-Biochemistry SCOTT SAYLER San Diego, Ca BA-Mathematics MARCUS SCHAEFER Mt. Prospect, Ill. BA-Poli Sci ANNE M. SCHAUERMAN Westlake Vig., Ca BA-Poli Sci KALIA SCHEINER Los Angeles, Ca BA-Psychology LORI SCHIFF Van Nuys, Ca BA-Economics STEVEN L. SCHILLING Hemet, Ca BA-Physics ANN SCHMICKRATH Long Beach, Ca BA-English SUSAN SCHMIDT Sepulveda, Ca BA-Bio French LYNN SCHROEDER Bakersfield, Ca BA-Psychobio SALLY SCHUBERT Monterey Park BA-Anthropology WAYNE SCHULMAN Canoga Park, Ca BA-History MARGARET SCHUMACHER San Carlos, Ca BA-English FRANK SCHWARTZ San Mateo, Ca BA-Classics LEE SCHWARTZ Santa Rosa, Ca BA-Economics LESLIE SCHWARTZ Los Angeles, Ca BA-Spanish BRADLEY SCHWINDT Blythe, Ca BA-Economics THOMAS SCOTT, JR. Los Angeles, Ca BA-Sociology JEFFREY SEMEL Beverly Hills, Ca BA-Mathematics VELMA SENAGA Los Angeles, Ca BA ROBERT SENCION Los Angeles, Ca BA-Sociology ELLYN SHAFFER Costa Mesa, Ca BA-Poli Sci SHANE SCOTT Hermosa Beach BA-Geo Eco-systems PRAMOD SHARMA Los Angeles, Ca PhD-Engineering DEBRA SHATFORD Reseda, Ca BA-Sociology KAREN SHEARER Claremont, Ca BA-Sociology KAREN SHELTON Glendale, Ca BA-History RICHARD C. SHERIDAN Reseda, Ca BA-Poli Sci COLLEEN SHERLOCK Van Nuys, Ca BA-Psychology BABETTE SHERMAN Los Angeles, Ca BA-Sociology SUSAN SHERMAN La Canada, Ca BA-Poli Sci JEFF SHERTER Los Angeles, Ca BA-Poli Sci SUSAN SHIMOMAYE Sepulveda, Ca BA-Poli Sci DIKRAN SHIRINYAN Los Angeles, Ca ROBERT SHOOP Los Angeles, Ca BA-History LOUISE SILK San Marino, Ca BA-History BRIAN SIMPSON Simi Valley, Ca BS-Elec. Engr. SUSANNE SIMPSON San Diego, Ca BA-Mathematics MARCY SINGER Sherman Oaks, Ca BA-History ANAN BA-Economics BARBARA SIROLA La Canada, Ca BA-History MIENAZL K. SIU Los Angeles, Ca BA-Psychology LORI SKLAR San Diego, Ca BA-Sociology VICKI SKRYHA Van Nuys, Ca BA-Psychology KEVIN SLATTERY Los Angeles, Ca BA-Psychology CYNTHIA SLOCUM Encino, Ca BA-English JASON SMALL Los Angeles, Ca BA-Economics DEBORAH SMILLIE Rolling Hills, Ca BA-Comm ALAN SMITH Sylmar, Ca BA-Poli Sci GARY SMITH Reseda, Ca BA-History JACQUELINE SMITH San Anselmo, Ca BS-Individual RICK SMITH Anaheim, Ca BS-Struc. Engr. SELENE SMITH Lakewood, Ca BA-Psychology TERENCE SMITH Sherman Oaks BA-Economics WARREN SMITH Los Angeles, Ca MFA-Motion Picture TV SARA SMITHERS San Carlos, Ca BA-Poli Sci MARGUERITE A. SNOW Los Angeles, Ca BA-Linguistics SHERRIE SOMELSBERGER Encino, Ca BA-Psychology ALVIN SOO-HOO Los Angeles, Ca BS-Math Comp Sci HELEN SORGER Beverly Hills, Ca BA-Economics VELIA P. SORTILLION Pico Rivera, Ca BA-French LINDA SPATZ Palm Desert, Ca BA-Soc Phil. HELYN SPEARS Encino, Ca BA-Motion Picture TV ELIZABETH J. SPENCER Los Angeles, Ca BA-Psychology DAVID SPIEGEL Beverly Hills, Ca BA-Poli Sci RUBEN SPINRAD Los Angeles, Ca BA-Sociology GRACE SPONHEIM San Pedro, Ca MN-Psychiatrics JANNE STAATS Torrance, Ca BA-Sociology PATRICIA K. STAGGS Huntington Beach BA-Poli Sci RUTH STALLKNECHT Honolulu, Hi BA-Psychology JENNY STAUDIGEL Los Angeles, Ca BA-Poli Sci CARLA STAYBOLDT Los Angeles, Ca BA-Bacteriology JOLENE STEICHEN Beverly Hills, Ca BA-German ELEANOR STEIN Sherman Oaks, Ca BA-Sociology GARY STEIN Encino, Ca BA-Poli Sci DOUGLAS STEINER Los Altos Hills BA-Economics KIM STELZNER Riverside, Ca BA-Psychobiology ELLEN STEPEN Los Angeles, Ca BA-Poli Sci LUANNE STEPHEN Norwalk, Ca BA-Ecological DARLENE STERKES Los Angeles, Ca BA-Sociology KEVIN STERLING Canoga Park, Ca BA-Philosophy MICHAEL STERLING Tarzana, Ca BS-Biochemistry HELEN STERN Los Angeles, Ca BA-Poli Sci HELEN STERNLIGHT Beverly Hills, Ca BA-Sociology GREG STEVENS Whittier, Ca BA-Sociology MICHAEL STEVENS Canoga Park, Ca BS-Biochemistry LISA STEVENSON Palo Alto, Ca BA-Sociology KAREN STEWART Monte Sereno, Ca BA-French HAROLD STILL Los Angeles, Ca BA-Psychology NANCY STINSON Bakersfield, Ca BS-Kinesiology SUSAN STOEHR Belvedere, Ca BS-Kinesiology BEVERLY STOLL Long Beach, Ca BA-Comm Studies TERECE STOVALL Los Angeles, Ca BA-Psychology VICTORIA STRONG Fullerton, Ca BA-Sociology MARGARET STUART Orlinda, Ca BA-Sociology ANA SU Pasadena, Ca BS-Public Health LAURA SUDA Fresno, Ca BS-Nursing STANLEY SUGASAWARA San Francisco, Ca BS-Engineering MICHAEL SUGERMAN Los Angeles, Ca BA-Poli Sci TRACY SUGERMAN Los Angeles, Ca BA-Sociology EUGENE SUGITA San Diego, Ca BA-Psychobiology DENNIS SULLIVAN Whittier, Ca BS-Kinesiology PATTI SULLIVAN Studio City, Ca BA-History LEO R. SUMMERHAYS Los Angeles, Ca BS-Chemistry ERIC SUTPHEN Palo Alto, Ca BA-Kinesiology MICHAEL SWARTZ Beverly Hills, Ca BA-Comm ANDREW SZETO Monterey Park, Ca. PhD-Engineering T LAWRENCE SZKLARSKI Irvine, Ca BS-Engineering BELLA SZKOLNIK Los Angeles, Ca BA-Hebrew SHARILYN TAFF Rialto, Ca BA-Sociology DALE TAGUCHI W. Los Angeles, Ca BA-Economics NELS TAHTI Santa Monica, Ca BA-Mathematics MACHI TAKAHIRO Montebello, Ca BS–Engineering MITZI TAKEMOTO Los Angeles, Ca BS-Nursing STEVEN TAKEMURA Altadena, Ca BA-Biology ABELARDO TALAMANTEZ Los Angeles, Ca MA-Fine Artis HOWARD TAMANAHA Los Angeles, Ca Sci LANCE TAN Whittier, Ca BA-Comm Studies VINCENT TANGHERLINI Tarzana. Ca BS-Mech. gr STEVEN TANIGUCHI Los Angeles, Ca BA-Biology NAOMI TATSUNO Monterey Park BA-Economics NANCY P. TAYLOR Menlo Park, Ca BA-Linguistics WINSLOW R. TAYLOR, JR. Hermosa Beach BA-Poli Sci JILL TAYRIEN Canoga Par k, Ca BA-English IOLE TEDESCO W. Los Angeles BA-Theatre Arts CYNTHIA TEETERS Bakersfield, Ca BS-Chemistry MARK TEITELMAN Los Angeles, Ca BA-Poli Sci JANIS TERADA Los Angeles, Ca BA-Mathematics SUSAN TERAN Cerritos, Ca BA-History CYNTHIA TERRY N. Hollywood, Ca BA-Economics JULIE A. THIBAUT Pasadena, Ca BA-Sociology ELIZABETH THOM San Diego, Ca BS-Nursing JAMES THOMAS Los Angeles, Ca BA-Music JERLINE THOMAS Compton, Ca BA-Sociology TOM THOMAS Laguna Hills, Ca BA-Biology JAMES THOMPSON San Fernando BA-Bacteriology DIANA THORBURN Van Nuys, Ca BA-Psychology WILLIAM THORPE Glendale, Ca BA-Economics BRETT J. TIBBITTS San Marino, Ca BA-Econ Poli Sci LINDA TIBERIO Palos Verdes, Ca BA-Hisotry SHERYL TIEDEMAN Los Angeles, Ca BA-Comm DAVID TILLES San Mateo, Ca BA-Poli Sci MICHAEL R. TIMPANE Anaheim, Ca BA-Geog Eco SHARON TITHERLEV Oxnard, Ca BA-Economics ROBERT S. TODD Tujunga, Ca BA-History JAN TOGIOKA Torrance, Ca BS-Kinesiology RANDALL TOJI Gardena, Ca BA-Biology DEREK TOMITA Marina del Rey, Ca BS-Kinesiology JOSEPH TOSTI Newport Beach, Ca BA-Psychology JEFFREY TOWNSEND Bakersfield, Ca BS-Kinesiology STANLEY N. TOYAMA Rolling Hills, Ca BS-Kinesiology REBECCA TRABOLD Santa Monica, Ca BA-History SHANNON TRACY San Leandro, C a BS-Kinesiology FRED TRAMM Inglewood, Ca BS-Elec. Engr. HOAI-TRAN TRAN Canoga Park, Ca MBA-Finance CHRISTOPHER A. TROXELL Garden Grove BA-Poli Sci U SAMUEL TSIEN Kowloon, Hong Kong BA-Economics GARY TSUCHIYAMA Gardena, Ca MS-Computer DELORES TURNER Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Psychology MICHAEL UBOLDI Los Angeles, Ca. BS-Nursing HELEN UNO Los Angeles, Ca BS-Kinesiology V CHRISTINA L. VALENTINO Lo s Angeles, Ca. BA-Poli Sci LINDA VALENTY Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Poli Sci Public Adm. NICHOLAS T. VALOS Bakersfield, Ca BA-Psychology LINDA VAN CUREN Los Angeles, Ca BA-Anthropology PETRA VANDERHOEVEN Modesto, Ca BA-Psychology LISA A. VANDERJAGT Los Angel es, Ca BA-Poli Sci STEPHANIE VAN LIEW Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Psychology SHERI VAN MATRE Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Comm CLARE VENABLE Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Anthropology JEFF VENABLE Los Gatos, Ca. BA-Economics MELINDA VERCHER Lennox, Ca. BA-Spanish MARIA S. D. VERHEIN Los Angeles, Ca BA-Latin Amer. JOAN VERNON Tujunga, Ca. BS-Kinesiology MICHELE VESSADINI La Canada, Ca. BA-Comm ROBERT VILHAUER Visalia, Ca BS-Physics CELIA VILLALPANDO Carson, Ca BA-Psychology USHA VISWANATHAN Los Angeles, Ca BA-Psychology BRAD VOLKMER N. Hollywood, Ca BA-Chinese W MICHAEL WACHTFOGEL Manhattan Beach BA-Biology YAU WAH Kowloon, Hong Kong BS-Physics MARK WAKAMATSU Los Angeles, Ca BA-Economics SUSAN WALDECK Los Angeles, Ca BA-Economis ANTHONY WALKER Los Angeles, Ca BA-History JUNE WALKER Sunnyvale, Ca. BA-Psychology DANA WALLIN Encino, Ca BA-Psychology ELIZABETH A. WALLING Sunnyvale, Ca. MARC WANE Los Angeles, Ca BA-Philosophy CHIAU WANG Singapore, Singapore MBA-Mgmt. ANNETTE WARD Los Angeles, Ca BA-Poli Sci JULIA A. WARD Beverly Hills, Ca. BA-English KARINE WARD San Diego, Ca. BA-International Relations CRAIG WARGEN San Jose, Ca. RICHARD WARNER Palos Verdes, Ca. BA-Sociology RICHARD WAPNIARSKI Santa Monica BA-Theatre Arts MICHELLE WARREN Santa Barbara BA-Poli Sci TIMOTHY WARREN Livermore, Ca BA-Poli Sci DAVID R. WARRICK La Canada, Ca BA-History DAVID WARSHAWSKY Tarzana, Ca. BA-Poli Sci SYDLEE WASSERMAN Palos Verdes, Ca. BS-Public Health CAROLE WATANABE Los Angeles, Ca. BS-Kinesiology CAROL S. WATANABE Los Angeles, Ca. BA-E. Asian Studies ANNE WATERS Palos Verdes, Ca BA-Sociology JERRY WATERS Covina, Ca BA-Biology THEO C. WATKINS, JR. Rolling Hills, Ca BA-Economics RANDALL WAY Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Psychology MITCHELL WAYNE Van Nuys, Ca BS-Physics SANDY WEAVER San Marino, Ca. BA-Economics DEBORAH WEBB Palos Verdes, Ca. BA-Biology LINDA WEBB Mission Viejo, Ca. BA-History DANA E. WEBER Camarillo, Ca. BS-Biochemistry ELIZABETH A. WEBER Covina, Ca. BA-Psychology KAREN E. WEBER Encino, Ca BA-Sociology NICHOLAS WEBER Buena Park, Ca BA-Psychology ROBERTA WEGER Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Psychology RICHARD J. WEIBERT Hacienda Heights BS-Biochemistry ROBIN WEIDEMAN Santa Monica BA-Theatre Arts SUSAN M. WEISBARD Van Nuys, Ca BA-Sociology CRAIG WEISMAN Santa Monica BA-Psychology SUSAN WEITZ San Rafael, Ca BA-Biology SANDRA WELINSKY Culver City, Ca BS-Kinesiology MARILYN WELSH Los Angeles, Ca BA-Psychology MARK WENZEL Northridge, Ca BA-Poli Sci LYNNE WERNER Pacific Palisades, California BA-English TERI WERNICKE Beverly Hills BA-Spanish Ling TANYA WEST Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Psychology DOROTHY WESTMORELAND Los Angeles, Ca BA-Poli Sci ANNE WHARTON Valencia, Ca BA-Theatre Arts JUDITH JO WHILES San Diego, Ca BA-Ling French KAREN WHITAKER Orange, Ca. BA-History JACQUELINE WHITE Los Angeles, Ca BA-Sociology SCOTT WHITFIELD Huntington Beach BA-Economics DOUGLAS WHITTET Santa Monica BA-Mathematics ROGER WHITTIER Arcadia, Ca. BA-Psychology PAULA WIENER Whittier, Ca. BA-Comm Studies CAROLINA WIHARDJO BA-Oriental Lang. DIANE D. WILCOX Los Angeles, Ca. BA-English NORBERT WILD La Canada, Ca BS-Physics JENNIFER WILLIAMS S. Pasadena, Ca BA-Design SUSY WILLIAMS Los Angeles, Ca. BA-History KATHLEEN D. WILLIAMSON Venice, Ca. BA-English DAVID WILLS Arcadia, Ca BA-Poli Sci Soc ALAN WILSON Riverside, Ca. BA-Geography CYLDE WILSON Ovanhoe, Ca BA-Biology LYNDA WILSON Rolling Hills, Ca BA-Art History MARCY WINEMAN Los Angeles, Ca BA-Theatre Arts MARSHA WINKLER Northridge, Ca BA-Sociology HELENE WINNICK Citrus Heights BA-Poli Sci SUSAN WINSON Bronx, N.Y. MA-English MARSHA WITTEN Westminster, Ca. BA-History SANDRA WOLFSBERGER Torrance, Ca. BS-Public Health MARK WOLKENFELD Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Economics RUSSELL WOLPERT Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Sociology CINDY WONG Los Angeles, Ca. BA-English HELEN WONG Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Mathematics JANE WONG Los Angeles, Ca BA-Psychobiology KENNETH WONG Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Psycho-biology PAUL WONG Monterey Park, California BA-Biology SHERMAN WONG Downey, Ca. BA-Poli Sci TRACY WONG Sherman Oaks, Ca BA-Mathematics WAI WONG Los Angeles, Ca BS-Math Comp Sci DAN WOO Whittier, Ca. BS-Chemistry PATRICIA WOOD Los Angeles, Ca. BS-Cybernetics RAULETTE WOODS Sausilito, Ca BA-Design MARY K. WRIGHT Chula Vista, Ca. BA-English Y JOANN YAMADA Kingsburg, Ca BA-Psychology GEORGE YAMASHITA Gardena, Ca BA-Sociology DENISE YAMATE Los Gatos, Ca BA-Japanese MARSHA YAMAUCHI Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Mathematics KIKUE YAMAZAKI Okazaki, Japan BA-Linguistics JERILYNN YANARI Pasadena, Ca BA-Psychology LINDA YANG Harbor City, Ca. BS-Kinesiology STEVEN YANG Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Economics RANDEL YANO Kingsburg, Ca. WILLIAM YARBROUGH Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Comm MARGARET YASUDA Monterey Park BS-Nursing PATRICE YASUDA Monterey Park BA-Psychology ADELINE YEE Los Angeles, Ca. BS-Kinesiology BARTLEY YEE Inglewood, Ca BS-Biochemistry CHRISTINA YEE W. Los Angeles, California BA-Biology DAVID YEE Torrance, Ca. BS-Biochemistry GLENN YEE Sacramento, Ca BA-Psychology SANDRA R. YEE-DONG Hacienda Heights BA-Psych Soc LEEANN M. YELAVICH Saratoga, Ca. BA-French ANN YEN Santa Monic a, California BA-Economics JOHN-PAUL R. YERMIAN Santa Monica BA-Biology LAURA YETTER Whittier, Ca. BA-Psychology KIMBALL YIP Los Angeles, Ca BS-Engineering SUSIE YOU Los Angeles, Ca BS-Nursing CAROL YOUNG Torrance, Ca BA-Psychology KEVIN YOUNG Hawthorne, Ca. BA-Economics MILLIE M. YOUNG Monterey Park BA-Mathematics WILLIAM M. YOUNKIN Los Angeles, Ca BA-Economics JOSEPH Whittier, Ca. BS-Engineering BIK K. YUE Los Angeles, Ca MS-Engineering SV Anaheim, Ca. BS-Chemistry Z ISAAC ZAGHA Los Angeles, Ca BA-Psychology ZANDRA B. ZAMORA Granada Hills Ba-History RENEE ZELKOVITZ Oakland, Ca BA-Sociology PETER ZIEGLER Los Angeles, Ca BA-Psychology DEBORAH ZUCKERMAN Sepulveda, Ca BA-Psychology As So Cam editor this year I ' ve found myself with a forum at my disposal to make a statement about UCLA and its effect upon me. No one can possibly obtain an adademic education here without also being profoundly influenced by the people and situations encountered throughout the years spent here. Hopefully this message comes through in the book itself so rather than use this space to philosophize about UCLA I ' d like to express thanks to the many people who were essential to the creation of this book: The Daily Bruin photographers who generously contributed their talented works: John Bramhall, Mark Davis, Allan Fensten, Christie Gille, Randy Gille, Bill Gross, Neal Natsumeda, Sol Ortasse, Bill Schatz, and Stan Sugasawara. Daily Bruin Photo Editor Jeff Lapin for his outstanding generosity and patience along with his assistant Marla Levine. Art Atkinson and his entire staff in Printing and Duplicating for their extraordinary efforts in helping me meet deadlines. The Campus Studio staff and lab techs for mass producing photos when needed and for all the help in day to day crises. Dick Kreuz, Donna Perea and Dorothy Woods in the Publications Office for the guidance and moral support they gave. My personal supporters who helped me maintain my sanity: Anne, Charlie and Paula. And my own Southern Campus staff. This book is the result of hours of work and struggle by the entire staff and I ' d like to mention those members who put out the extra effort necessary to make this book a reality: Susy, Ray, Glenn and Jack. Many thanks to all of you for making my job that much easier and to Comm Board for all their financial support. beth bonelli The perfection of our own being, the full achievement of what is unique in each one of us, lies not in our individuali ty but in our personality; and because of the evolutionary structure of the world we can find that personality only in union with others. There can be no mind without ' synthesis: this same law holds good everywhere in created reality, from top to bottom. Pierre Teilhard de Chardin Only love can bring individual beings to their perfect completion, as individuals, by uniting them one with another, because only love takes possession of them and unites them by what lies deepest within them. For indeed at what moment do lovers come into the most complete possesion of themselves if not when they say that are lost in one another? Pierre Teilhard de Chardin You are my brother and we are the children of one universal holy spirit. You are my likeness for we ar e prisoners of two bodies formed of one clay. You are my companion on the road of life and my helper in the understanding of a truth concealed beyond the clouds... YOU ARE MY BROTHER AND I LOVE YOU Kahlil Gibran I wonder what is going to be your next step in life. I think of it and even I pray for it. May you find the path which will lead you to the highest and truest of yourself. Keep the right path upwards and hope for perpetual discovery and trust Life That ' s all. Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

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