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UCLA ©1976 ASUCLA Communications Board Southern Campus ' 76 Editor-in-Chief Sectional Editors Photographers Production Assistant Artist Darkroom Technicians Publications Manager Derrick Garland Coy Paul Iwanaga Cedric Moore Sunny Wise Rick Becker Stan Himes Jeffrey Lapin Marty November David Pallack Glenn Seki Campus Studio Anne Schwartz Jodi Solomon Matt ladarola David Gralnik Jeffrey Lapin Dick Kreuz 2 Introduction As individuals, we often have to stop our mad rush of activities and take stock of our lives reassessing where we are, where we ' re coming from, and where we ' re going. As a university, we also make reassessments, and it seems necessary and fitting that we d o so in this Bicentennial year when, as Americans, we look back on our country ' s history. Much is being said about these last two hundred years as a nation, but few of us, as students, know anything about UCLA other than what we see in the few years that we spend here. With this in mind, the staff of Southern Campus ' 76 has produced a yearbook that attempts to take stock of UCLA ' s life, assessing where we are, where we ' re coming from, and where we ' re going. We ' ll go back as early as 1900 when UCLA was known as the State Normal School, and later as the Southern Branch — an offspring of the University of California, Berkeley. We ' ll travel up through the years, from the 30s to the 60s, seeing growth, changes, and personalities; and we ' ll look at the way we are today, hopefully with a better perspective and appreciation for the years that we will have spent here. Finally, for those leaving us this year to go and take their places out in the world, we ' ll offer some practical suggestions on how to start. We hope that this yearbook will be meaningful for you and that it will reflect the essence of your years here at UCLA. Long after you will have gone from campus, the halls and classrooms will still echo with the sounds of students, but for you, these pages of Southern Campus will be your most vivid record of one of your own years — 1976. 3 4 5 GEORGE I. COCHRAN H. L. CARNAHAN MRS. M. S. SARTORI VIERLING KERSEY JOHN R. HAYNES ROBERT A. CONDEE ' ON university of California At Angeles HE YOUTH, the the present faith and the future promise of the of California at Los is the nascent fulfillment of an ideal that was conceived in the minds of a few men in the declining seventies, who saw in the rush of material progress a need for cultural growth. In the early part of 1881, provision was made, by act of the state legislature, for the creation of a normal school at Los Angeles. This action was followed immediately by the acquisition of five acres of land in the heart of the city, a gift of 200 loyal citizens, and instruction began in August of 1882, with a total enrollment of sixty-one students and three faculty members. In 1911 the growth of the school necessitated further legislative action, and a new campus of twenty-five acres was selected on North Avenue. Two years later, in honor of Dr. Jesse F. Millspaugh, who had presided over the school since 1904, the cornerstone of Millspaugh Hall was laid, and in 1914 the new quarters were ready for occupancy. As a result of the faithful efforts of Dr. Millspaugh and Dr. E. C. Moore, the property of Normal School was transferred to the state on July 24, 1919, and became the University of California, Southern Branch, and later the University of California at Los Angeles. On September 21, 1927, Director Ernest Carroll Moore broke ground on the site of a rancho for the new campus of the and in 1929 the University moved bodily to Westwood. Regents of the University of California which supervise the University at Los Angeles are Mrs. Margaret Rishel Sartori, Vierling Kersey, H. L. Carnahan, George I. Cochran, E dward Augustus Dickson, John Haynes, and Robert A. Condee. These pages from the 1929 Southern Campus 6 [Rancho San Jose de Buenos ,lyres offered a landscape well adapted to the architecture of Lombardy.] N THE spring of 1923 a group of citizens of the State of California, headed by Edward Dickson, jour- neyed to the Wolfskill Ranch, ten miles west of Los Angeles, and standing knee deep in way- ' ng fields of wild grain, broken in the foreground by oaks, and framed in the distance by the high Sierras, resolved to obtain if possible a new campus for the University of California at Los Angeles among these hills. On September 2, 1927, Director Moore turned the first shovel full of earth that broke ground for the creation of the new site for the institution. Q1 When Westwo was chosen after much careful de- liberation from among the many sites offered, it was evident that Fate had kept this vast tract unoccupied for nearly fifty years, in spite of the attempted encroachment of progress, for Rancho San Jose de Buenos Ayres offered a perfect set- ting upon which to create. in great unimpeded glory the physical design of the University. Per- haps it was merely coincidental that such land- scape was typically characteristic of the prov- inces of Lombardy and of Northern Italy. As the site of the University at Westwood is truly representative of the ideals and aspirations for which the people of California have struggled, so are the buildings on this site representative, but of an even greater heritage, for the ideals of centuries, rather than of decades, have deter- mined the form and design of these structures. While the architects, David C. Allison, design- er of Royce Hall, the designer of the Library, George W. Kelham, the decorator, Julian E. Garnsey, and the many others identified with the conception and construction of the buildings have realized the importance of delving into the past for spiritual inspiration, they have at the same time created something genuinely new, not merely presented a reincarnation of a past age. Such has resulted in a symbol of the true spirit of the university, a recognition of the worth and beauty of things of the past, and a realization of the value of the living present. An enduring edifice is being created which will ever recall to the student the progress of his precursors in the field of education, and his obligation to scholars of the past. yearbook tell the story of UCLA ' s origin. 7 It began here at the State Normal School, seen in the background of this 1900 photograph of a LA street. Later, at the North Vermont Ave. Campus, students went to classes . . . 8 Art by Jodi Solomon took part in and supported the popular sport of boxing . . bought their California Grizzly, later called The Daily Bruin . . . joined the ROTC and practised war and defense . . 9 performed classical Greek plays and dances . . posed in some eyebrow-raising formations . . and even shed their long, sober dresses and street clothes for the practical pants and shirts of the women ' s rifle team . . . and for the baggy, high-waisted uni- form of the football squad. 11 But by 1929 Westwood village merchants and residents were welcoming the arrival of the Southern Branch. westwood Hills before construction started on the campus. 12 Royce Hall, one of the first buildings on the new campus, was nearly finished. In fact, when the scaffoldings finally came down, there were — not one but — three beautiful brick buildings that formed the nucleus of the campus. 13 As if to herald the new beginning, snow covered the campus — and Southern California — for the first time in recorded history, and someone decided to grace the steps of Royce Hall with his Model A Ford. In the following years, UCLA was to produce some outstanding and controversial students and alumni. They were . . . 14 Lloyd Bridges (1936), a handsome and popular young man about campus, who was not only a Sigma Alpha Epsilon brother, a basketball forward, and a Na- tional Prelegal Fraternity member, but was an outstanding drama student who went on to become famous as the TV actor in such series as " Sea Hunt " and " Joe . . . 15 Tom Bradley (1940), a UCLA track star who become mayor of Los Angeles over 30 years later . . . and Jackie Robinson (1941), an out- standing basketball, football, and track star who became the first black player to break into major league professional baseball. Bill Ackerman, (above) a graduate who later became tennis coach of the UCLA squad for many decades, and for whom the student center is named . . . 16 In 1941, America was forced into World War II by circumstances such as the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, and UCLA contributed many of its men and women to the armed forces. They could be seen everywhere, even at dances where uniforms, not suits, were the mode of dress. But the war affected campus life in other ways too: 17 Chi Alpha Delta, A sorority, disappeared from the pages of the 1943 yearbook for the first time since its founding in 1929. In fact, its members and the entire Japanese- American student popu- lation disappeared from UCLA for the next four years because they were part of 112,000 Japanese- Americans who were moved from the Pacific coast and locked away in internment campus in Arkansas, California, Colorado, Utah, and other states. Iva Ikuko Toguri, a 1939 zoology graduate of UCLA, was stranded in Japan during the war and was forced to broadcast anti-American speeches to the US forces in the Pacific. She was nicknamed Tokyo Rose by the American troops and was subsequently sentenced to prison by US officials and stripped of her American citizenship. She now lives in Chicago, steadfastly declares her innocence, and is fighting to clear her name. 18 The 50s brought further growth, not only in campus facilities such as a new university hospital, but in increased student enrollment. Among them were . . . Sherrill Luke, 1950 President of the Student Council, and Dorothy Wright Nelson, Vice-President. Luke is now an attorney in LA, and Nelson is Dean of the USC law school. The 50s also saw the arrival of . . . 20 Donn Moomaw (top, left), a UCLA all-American football player who later became a minister at the Bel Air Presbyterian Church . . . a new basketball coach, John Wooden . 21 and a new look — the crew cut. The 60s had its light moments in such things as rock and roll, the bossa nova . . . the annual Spring Sing at the Hollywood Bowl . 22 and the capturing and shaving of USC invaders who had come to paint the campus just before the UCLA-USC game. But it also had somber aspects such as the American involvement in Vietnam, the subsequent antiwar demonstrations . . . 23 President J.F. Kennedy ' s death, the news of which stopped the 1963 homecoming celebrations and left its mark on the faces of a shocked nation . . . and the assassination of a great fighter for civil rights and human dignity — Dr. Martin Luther King. 25 It was also a time when the traditional homecoming celebrations, such as choosing a queen, were dropped from UCLA ' s student life. 26 The turbulent 60s finally gave way to a more serene time when students drifted back to their Middle American goals, getting good grades, good jobs, and rare passes to see UCLA star players such as . . . Lew Alcindor (later called Kareem Abdul Jabbar) . . 27 Bill Walton, and . . . 28 Jimmy Connors. Today 31 Today, we ' re over 30,000 strong. We can be seen all around campus . . . 32 33 often listening to crowd gatherers . . . 34 proselytizers . . . 36 and even regulars and newcomers to the Walk market place. 38 SAVE THE TREES! Help us save the TREES in the Treehouse. RECYCLE the plasticware in the plasticware in the trashcans. Thanks the cooper family We ' re often at the eating places . 39 STUDENT HEALTH SERVICE SUGGESTIONS Symptom Diagnosis the health service . . . the child care center . . 40 the music library . . . and the computer lines. 4 Some of us live in dorms . . . 43 show the old school spirit... join the stars . . 45 demonstrate 46 for causes . . and perform our arts in various ways and settings. 48 We take part in events as engineering week. . . 50 " Alice Doesn ' t " day, or... 51 Black History week . . . 52 53 and for those of us who need a quiet refuge far from the 54 crowds, we turn to the gardens . . .for a little while . . . 55 then life goes on. Sports 59 FOOTBALL UCLA football followers can the 1975 season without using simply recall the digits contained in dramatic 23-10 Rose Bowl victory over nation ' s number one ranked Ohio State and its 25-22 triumph over crosstown USC. 1975 season ended with a fine 9-2-1 and fifth ranking in the final national representing one of the best Bruin football in the school ' s history. senior All-American quarterback Sciarra culminated his four-year collegiate at Westwood by leading the Bruins over Ohio State in the 1976 Rose Bowl, a game watched by over 105,000 spectators. Sciarra received the game ' s Most Valuable Player award for his efforts followed by numerous other athletic and scholastic honors. The 1975 Bruins finished in a first place tie California in the Pacific 8 Conference race a 6-1 mark, receiving the Rose Bowl bid of having defeated the California Bears, 28-14 in the Los Angeles Coliseum. Bruin junior halfback Wendell Tyler became 37 Iowa State 21 34 Tennessee 28 20 Air Force 20 20 Ohio State 41 31 Stanford 21 37 Wash. State 23 28 California 14 13 Washington 17 50 Oregon 17 31 Oregon St. 9 25 USC 22 60 PASADENA GRANDDADDY OF THEM ALL EST. PRICE 14.50 ADM TAX .50 TATOL $ 15.00 NEW YEAR JANUARY1,1976 2.00 P.M. FREE AUTO PARKING INTER COLLEGEIATE FOOTBALL 6 TUNNET 54 ROW 15 SEAT ENTER GATE C greatest single season rushing leader in the history with 1216 yards, breaking Johnson ' s yardage total of 1129 in 1973. now has 2006 yards in his career in regular play and will most likely surpass career total of 2495 next season. The rushing leader averaged a superb 6.5 yards carry. defense established itself as one of the units in the country by season ' s end and largely credited for UCLA ' s success in 1975. Only USC and Ohio State could score on the in the first quarter all season long and only USC could put points on the scoreboard before the Bruins. defense was led by senior nose guard Cliff Frazier, who made 74 tackles during the season. Terry Tautolo led the Bruins with 80 tackles with Raymond Bell contributing 63, safety Pat Schmidt (58), Dale Curry (54), Raymond Burks (49). HUNTER KAPLAN 61 Photo by Bliss Aerial Photos ROSE BOWL 1976 Pregame activities feature Kate Smith as the 1976 Rose Bowl Grand accompanied by the UCLA band bearing roses and heralding the 1975-76 Pac-8 champions as they enter the field. 64 The Buckeye Attack Griffin (45) leads State on an early that promises to be repeat of the Buckeyes ' of UCLA early the season. But by the quarter, Ohio was score only 3 points, to a superb Bruin defense. The Big Blue-and-Gold Machine? Not quite. Just good ol ' John Sciarra and his offensive line hammering away at the Buckeyes the first half. There be no big payoff — just a 3-3 score by time — but it is to put spirit and frenzy into the Bruins. Ohio State seem so invincible 66 Occupational Hazard They call it " getting decked, " and it can to anyone, especially you ' re carrying the ball. Bruin defense here a few Ohio players the course of the game, quarterback Sciarra isn ' t going to be left out the fun — not if four players can it. Left: Scenes from a New Year ' s Day afternoon, including those at half time. By the beginning of the second half, the Bruins adjust their strategy and start their big drives (above and below). On the following pages, you ' ll see the kind of offensive and defensive plays that finally devastated Ohio State. 69 • 4 _ Wally " Hollywood " Henry recieves a pass from Sciarra and outruns the field to make Touchdown 2 is in the making when, from the 33-yard line, Sciarra ' s pass finds Henry, This exciting 54-yard run by Wendell Tyler brings touchdown 3 and the score to 79 touchdown 1. who again outdistances the Ohio State defense. White completes one his successful kicks for personal total of 5 23-10 75 HAPPY NEW YEAR Co - BRUINS Co. Vermeil and family among the happy celebrating UCLA ' s first Rose Bowl in 10 years. 78 A tired Wally Henry (8) heads back to the dressing alon g with fellow players Bruce Davis (71), Levi Armstrong (32), Gus Coppens (70), Mitch Kahn (62), Cliff Frazier (76), and Manu Tuiasosopo (40). 79 80 Opposite page: The Bruin dressing is packed with happy team members, well-wishers, and reporters interviewing Coach Vermeil, Wendell Tyler, and John Sciarra. Terry Tautolo, with a satisfied look, has his protective bandages removed from his feet. Right: After a shower and change, meet supporters, friends, autograph seekers outside. Below: Darkness covers an almost stadium and the 1976 Rose becomes history. 181 1976 UCLA PAC 8 AND ROSE BOY WHITE P.PK AYERS - LH ANDERSEN - SE BAGGOTT - ILB PERSON - RC CROSS - RG DEMARTINIS - RT MCKINNELY - LG VERMEIL STILES MCPHERSON DOWHOV TOMEY FLORES LONG PETERSON HARDEN. W.S COULTER - S STEPHENS - LB PELE - DLT SAENZ - LH ROBINSON - SE CRAWFORD - DRT BURKS- OLB 82 BRUINS WL CHAMPIONS Ohio St.10 ZABY - LH CURRY - OLB FRAZIER - NG REYES - LT TAUTOLO - ILB SCIARRA - QB SMITH - S TYLER - LH BEAMON - ILB LYNN - LC ECK - BG MAIN - RT COPPENS - LT VASSAR - ILB TUIASOSOPO - DRT SARPY - SE MURO - ILB EDWARDS - RC FOWLER - OLB TETRICK - NG HERRERA - C PEDERSON - TE WALKER - TE PAO PAO - RH 83 VERMEIL DEPARTS . . . DONAHUE TAKES OVER. Hunter Kaplan headlines read: " UCLA football coach Dick Vermeil leaves Westwood for the Philadelphia Eagles. " first, it was hard to believe that the 39-year old coach had UCLA for the professional ranks, especially after the Bruins to a spectacular 23-10 victory over the nation ' s number-one ranked Ohio State Buckeyes over a month earlier on New Year ' s Day, 1976. on February 7, Vermeil announced he was accepting an opportunity he said, " You only get once in your lifetime. " be a fool not to take it, " he added. decision was a surprise to even UCLA ' s athletic J.D. Morgan, who had been told that his head coach had previously turned down the Philadelphia a few days prior to February 7. had been contacted by Eagle owner Leonard Tose days prior to signing with the Eagles and originally the offer. But a few days later he changed his mind discussing the matter more seriously with Tose, coaching-friend George Allen, and his assistant coaches at UCLA. An ex-college quarterback at both Napa Junior College San Jose State, Vermeil served as a high school coach in San Jose area and as head coach at Napa J.C. prior to accepting an assistant coaching job under John Ralston at Stanford in 1965. moved to the professional ranks as an assistant coach the Los Angeles Rams under George Allen in 1969. He on with the Rams under head coaches Tommy (ex-UCLA head coach) and Chuck Knox as either an coordinator or " special teams " coach, before Pepper Rodgers as the UCLA head coach two years ago. Vermeil signed a five-year contract with Philadelphia, which he called " generous, " believed to be in excess of one million dollars. " I loved this place so much that I ' m emotionally down, " said Vermeil after signing. " I can ' t get really excited. When you ' re not looking to leave for some place, it ' s amazing how fast things can happen. " year old Terry Donahue was named as UCLA ' s head football coach on Wednesday, February 11, 1976 UCLA athletic director J.D. Morgan. Donahue was a defensive tackle on Tommy Prothro ' s victorious 1966 Bruin Rose Bowl team which defeated the number one ranked Michigan State Spartans, 14-12 for UCLA ' s first Rose Bowl win. " This is the greatest day of my life, " said the new Bruin coach upon receiving word of Morgan ' s announcement. who was one of the smallest defensive linemen the country during his playing days, became one of the assistant coaches in the nation nine years ago when Pepper Rodgers hired him as a graduate assistant at the University of Kansas. Donahue came to UCLA when Rodgers was named head football coach here in 1971, replacing Tommy Prothro. When Rodgers left UCLA to tak e the head job at Georgia Donahue remained at UCLA under new coach young age doesn ' t bother his confidence. " If age means anything at all, I think it is an advantage, " he " I think maturity is the most important aspect of coaching, not age. I was fortunate to be able to coach both and defense as an assistant coach in addition to doing a lot of recruiting, and I learned all aspects of what it takes to a head coach. " The timing of Vermeil ' s departure put pressure on UCLA select a new coach in a hurry. The opening day for signing letter-of-intents for the following season was less than two weeks away. selecting a current UCLA assistant coach, J.D. Morgan to retain most of the Bruin assistant coaches. His selection of Donahue was fully backed by UCLA Chancellor Charles Young. will have 13 returning starters next season from team which defeated USC and Ohio State. " We will retain the veer offense but I intend to pass a bit more, " said Donahue. " Our defense improved as much last year as any college team I ' ve seen. " 84 BASKETBALL 27 WINS 5 LOSSES UCLA 64 Indiana 84 UCLA 90 San Jose St. 80 UCLA 81 So. Illinois 60 UCLA 101 San Diego St. 86 UCLA 83 Missouri 71 UCLA 106 Seattle 72 UCLA 96 Baylor 75 UCLA 52 Santa Clara 48 UCLA 99 Purdue 86 UCLA 111 Denver 79 UCLA 86 Notre Dame 70 UC LA 62 Oregon 61 UCLA 58 Oregon St. 75 UCLA 68 Stanford 67 UCLA 80 California 71 UCLA 64 UC Santa Barbara 50 UCLA 85 Notre Dame 95 UCLA 68 USC 62 UCLA 92 Washington 92 UCLA 91 Washington St. 71 UCLA 104 Washington St. 78 UCLA 78 Washington 76 UCLA 78 Oregon State 69 UCLA 45 Oregon 65 UCLA 113 California 93 UCLA 120 Stanford 74 PAC-8 CONFERENCE GAMES UCLA 74 San Diego St. 64 UCLA 70 Pepperdine 61 NCAA WEST REGIONALS UCLA 82 Arizona 66 UCLA 51 Indiana 65 UCLA 106 Rutgers 92 WOMEN ' S 92 UCLA OPPONENT 77 Sacramento State 37 73 Cal State Fullerton 68 89 Fresno State 44 84 Nevada Las Vegas 80 75 Long Beach State 62 81 Cal State Northridge 56 97 Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo 35 90 UC Santa Barbara 71 91 San Diego State 39 90 USC 48 96 Fresno State 47 56 Cal Poly Pomona 82 67 Long Beach State 62 86 Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo 41 101 UC Santa Barbara 41 73 Cal Poly Pomona 55 69 Cal State Fullerton 74 96 USC 59 77 Long Beach St. (Western Regionals) 78 97 Nevada Las Vegas 77 NATIONAL WOMEN ' S INVITATIONAL TOURNAMENT 76 W. Texas St. 63 80 Belmont College 71 77 Wayland Baptist College 90 94 BASEBALL 96 RUGBY won its ninth consecutive national collegiate rugby championship, finishing with a perfect 6-0 collegiate record and 11-3 mark overall. The Bruins ended up the season with a third place finish in the Monterey Rugby Classic, the most prestigious of American rugby events. The Bruins were ranked third in the country behind the Bay Area Touring Side (Bats) and Santa Monica Rugby Club. National rankings include both collegiate and club teams. WATER POLO Bruin water polo team tied Berkeley for the Pac-8 title, placed 3rd in the NCAA championships. 98 SWIMMING MEN ' S TENNIS 100 WOMEN ' S TENNIS 102 SOCCER 103 MEN ' S VOLLEYBALL 105 WOMEN ' S VOLLEYBALL 1975 SCWIAC Champions (14-2) Overall National Standing - 1st with 30-2 record 106 SKIING ICE HOCKEY WRESTLING 110 TRACK FIELD 115 SPIRIT SQUAD ALPHA XI DELTA 1. Nancy Nelson, 2. Cindy Minton, 3. Shira Zabari, 4. Sheri Siegel, 5. Tam ara Torosian, 6. Carolyn Williams, 7. Barbara Lubow, 8. Liz Ullmer, 9. Linda Eastman, 10. Fran Taboada, 11. Penny Phillips, 12. Elaina Habeeb, 13 Sororities Wuest, 14. Cathy Glau, 15. Donna Herbel, 16. Carolyn Henrich, 17.Karen Jasper, 18. Katy Wogec, 19. Marian Wolff, 20. Linda Livingston, 21. Debbie Bailey, 22. Alicia Bergmann, 23. Pamela Busch. 119 ALPHA DELTA PI Front row: Cindy Rigney, Janie Koenigsberg, Teddy Parker, Ellie Kootsikas, Judy Steeneken, Jeanine Hunter, Dee Dee Thorburn, Diane Pam Robinson, Bonnie Ross, Sandy Skale, Zerda. Second row: Sharon Garabedian, Virginia Nelson, Cary Fenton, Sylvia Leon, Lorraine Jones, Connie Braukovich, Merle Horwitz, Anne Barden, Sue Fuller, Michele Chris Wullschleger, Julia Kopitzk e, Barbara Berkyto Lynn Dines, Cindy Hull, Lynda Williams, Sandy Hull, Leslie Farren. Top row: Kim Novins, Cathy Connelly, Robin Stuart, Bell, Anne Cartaino, Barbara Caras, Jana Merryfield, Leslie Fender, Donna Felkel, Pam Dean, Day, Holdam, Christine Rogers, Jeanette Clawson, Joanne Miekel, Paula Hird, Vicki Mayster, Beth Hughes, Valerie Golden, Erin Stephanie Siudmak, Diane Monteil, Vivian Blackman, Barbara Phillipi, Lori Black, Linda Claussen, Linnea Wigren, Pam Vallerga, Amy Rice, Cindy Warner, Jeanne Bauer, Michele Beland, Renee Bush, Vicki Kapitany. Not pictured: Wendy Berweiler, Rosalinda Campos, Sarah Fish, Michele Grace, Amy Graumin, Karen Graves, Celeste Iida, Peggy Klesges, Mary Martin, Julie Scholar. ALPHA CHI OMEGA Front row (L-R): Kathy McNamara, Pam Spurgeon, Valerie Gutierrez, Sue Schoonover, Judy Ortner, Beth Waters. Second row: Shelly Worthen, Susan Miller, Katie Julie Crothers, Sue See, Karen Clayton, Jane Obedowski, Dianne Fraser, Laura Pendleton. Third row: Donna McNally, Kathy Carson, Kathy Kathy Gorman, Irene Honda, Virginia Frise, Walker, Anne Teaford, Susie McNamara. Fourth row: Cindy Powell, Susan Getten, Patti Stroh, Vicki Robbins, Cindy Zerman, Nancy Clark, Karen Fifth row: Cheri Norris, Linda Leck, Laura Anchondo, Lynn Martin, Teri DeMent, Vicki Busolo, Gail Jones. Top row: Julie Uniacki, Anne Saunders, Vicki Glisson, Jean Casucci, Nancy Caton, Kate Donahue. Not pictured: Mary Andrews, Judy Atencio, Jo Brinkman, Julie Brown, Sharon Burke, Chris Campbell, Carmen Castillo, Debbie DeGroot, Diane Dodson, Carol Flournoy, Stephanie Forbes, Karen Getten, Laurie Carol Kickman, Sherry Judge, Dana Keeton, Little, Louise Mosich, Julie O ' Drain, Janet Payne, Debbi Pendleton, Carrie Pickman, Diane Randolph, Cindy Ricks, Barbara Risher, Linda Schlatler, Sandy Streeter, Stephanie Wong, Linda Yang, Debbie Yetto. 122 123 ALPHA EPSILON PHI 124 Front row (L-R): Sylvia Fischer, Kathy Baron, Diane Fernbacher, Paula Wiener, Cissy Seaman, Renee Kathy Langsam, Franye Graham, Nancy Kim Byron. row: (short row starting in middle): Suzanne Dana Solomon, Sheila Field, Leslie Maisel, Beth Malitz, Marla Gelman, Marla Holland, Patricia Heidi Richtel, Valerie Horn, Shellie row: Bettina Tendler, Amy Singer, Cheryl Debbie Herman, Naomi Mishima, Lynda Powell, Carole Maltzman, Sharon Marcus, (above), Lisa Silber Julie Kessler, Laura Klemer, Janie Wigod, Harris, Sheri Hoffman, Linda Glushon, Lori Beber, Kraus (above), Lisa Fenning (below), Andi Sue Krupitsky, Lauri Stein. row: Nancy Levens, Dori Stegman, Karen Bond, Cantor, Cindy Burg, Beth Berger, Debbie Nance Richmond, Gail Landy, Robin Wilkin, Janet Karen Fields, Claudia Greenspoon, Donna Diane Miller, Ellen Goldstein, Linda Lippett, Lynn Tolkan, Renee Turkell, Candy Rosenbloom, Debi Wendy Moss 125 ALPHA PHI 1.Jeanne Needham, 2. Gere Bright, 3.Chris Powers, 4. Lori Synder, 5.Leslie Drummond, 6.Jennifer Marks, 7.Ruthie Poyser, 8.Gwen Crook 9. Linda Miechowicz, Cindy Hall, 11. Sue St. Sure, 12. Kathy Toledo, 13. Vickie Heller, 14. Sue Davis, 15. Vickie Riley, 16. Jamee Jordan, 17. Kim Benner, 18. Lynn Bonilla, 19. Sharon Pruter, 20. Carole Coleman, 21. Judy Henderson, 22. Marie Miechowicz, 23. Cindy Pearson, 24. Judy Schmidt, 25. Pat Sankey, 26. Blair McGovern, 27. Pat Gutierrez, 28. Kathy Cummings, 29. Julie Allen, 30. Pam Phillips, 31. Lynn Ruzek, 32. Joan Helvey, 33. Cindy Philbert, 34. Krista Koeppe, 35. Teri Hassler, 36. Agnes Kenworthy, 37. Cheri Hoffman, 38. Nannette Hemm, 39. Sue Gotejahn, 40. Nancy Jo Henriksen, 41. Robin Howard, 42. Robin Chernock, 43. Chris Malekos, 44. Lynn Conti, 45. Julie Levine, 46. Cathy Moe, 47. Laura Listug, 48. Mary Jo McNally, 49. Sue Hastings, 50. Rosanne Nocciolo, 51. Lisa Foster, 52. Sue Pasco, 53. Wingert, 54. Sue Fry, 55. Anne Spearman, 56. Linda Algren, 57. Lisa Graham, 58. Dana Archer, 59. Clair Choate, 60. Debi Beckwith, 61. Shelly Strachan, 62. Debbie Dargert 63. Becky Lenaburg, Jeannie Sullivan, 65. Cindy Robertson CHI OMEGA row (L-R): Sonja Webber, Sue Harris, Jeffrie Melinda Mark, Janice Bickel, Kate Supple, Eve Patty Popejoy, Dana Schoenfield, Terri Saville, Rager, Anne Schwartz, Cathy Yasuda, Andrea Barb Kraft, Eileen Fredrickson, Sheri Van row: Kathleen Skillman, Terri Horwitz, Holly Lum, Ann Loftus, Lynn Stylianides, Francesca Frey, Judy Porter, Jennifer Griffith, Mary Winchester, Laura Nancy Wilder, Michele Hurtubise, Julie Harwood, Donlan, Kim McLane, Jeanne Griffin, Vicki Kling, 128 Laura Yetter, Dolly Ito. row: Shannon Conroy, Gonzalez, Karen McKenna, Suzi Harding, Jody Buckner, Mona Wells, Carolyn Kent, Laurie Wilkinson, Debbie Husen, Gail Julie Boege, Dawn Krieg, Jennifer Welsh, Stacey Silvina Vaccaro, San Blazel, Lawton, Edgerley, Susan Shemmer, Kaey Kaufman, Baldwin, Clara Maehara , Teri Cook, Carole Sharon Small, Theresa Fry, Chris Shimasaki. row: Helen Mann, Nancy Tormey, Geri Molina, Moberg, Cynthia Sanchez, Lisa Muers, Heather Toni Griggs, Kristy Sencerbox, Paula Phillips, Sheela, Andi Matheny, Heidi Lehto, Sue Soto, Betsy Barb Florman, Smithers, Donna Bruhn, Bev Susan Hoover, Ranch Gold, Robbin Smith, Anna Brenda Sweetnam, Marilyn Sweetnam, Karen Ayres. pictured: Beaumont, Sue Bernhardt, Linda Jane Hassell, Terry Hyman, Jeanne Kawashima, Kroyer, Karen Malin, Janie Miller, Eileen Poxon, Ressler, Trina Stacey, Candy Williams, Lori Wagner. 129 Sue Gleckner, 2. Lynne Werner, 3. Sandy Sasser, 4. Linda Phillips, Karen List, 6. Claudia Gillespie, 7. Jojo Holden, 8. Gay Gilroy, 9. Marimon, 10. Maryella Hughes, 11. Carol Pickle, 12. Nancy 13. Anne deLormier, 14. Mary Pat Zumach, 15. Elvira 16. Ellen Hayes, 17. Linda Trump, 18. Lori Miller, 19. Sherry 20. Nancy McAdams, 21. Jill Flanagan, 22. Vicki Way, 23. Allen, 24. Susie Savant, 25. Kathy Watson, 26. Karen Helgans, 27. Kendy McCloskey, 28. Kelly Douglass, 29. Holly Levander, 30. Fiegner, 31. Sue Ollweiller, 32. Julie Prichard, 33. Cindy 34. Vickie Fink, 35. Karen Shearer, 36. Marcia Bankes, 37. Janet 130 DELTA DELTA DELTA 38. Barbara Sirola, 39. Nancy Morrison, 40. Denise Oyer, Kathy Nymoen, 42. Marie Clark, 43. Susie Lynne, 44. Kathy 45. Mimi Martin, 46. Marcie Podgur, 47. Kris Blakeman, 48. Madocks, 49. Karen Long, 50. Emily Pearson, 51. Joni 52. Beth Bonelli, 53. Jane Bennett, 54. Jann Fenner, 55. Sally 56. Sally Menke, 57. Sue D ' Elia, 58. Peggy Knapp. pictured: Carol Baele, Ginger de Lormier, Kim Doane, Kathy Gail Goodell, Shirley Gorman, Marilyn Hopkins, Lisa Joan Long, Nan Martin, Gail Neff, Connie Robinson, Jody Sandy Weaver, Wolfsberger. 131 DELTA GAMMA row (L-R): Nancy Kanzler, Anne Kane, Kelli Tina Burdulis, Katy Kallshian, Barbara Caren Siehl, Cheryl Huggs, June Walker, McGee, Laurie Coit, Kristen Sandberg, Cole, Denise Jennings, Karen Moore, McMahan, Diane Costley, Denise Labowitz, Peacock, Lori Etkin, Lynne Trevisin, Andrea Marguerite Pollitt, Mary McDonnell, Martin, Robin Case, Robin Freeman, Cole, Linda Cook, Janet Sweeney, Jennifer Suzanne Watson. row: Barbara Mason, Sidney Cruce, Kim Stelzner, Kay Covington, Jeri Johnston, Pam Miller, Elcan, Diane Giayia, Lisa Rossi, Jane Nancy Bertossa, Ruby Luzano, Katherine Kristi Ellison, Cathy Smith, Mimi Jeanette Chai, Jill Johnson, Jane Rizzi, Huber. Susan Bullock. row standing: Sue Choy, Laura Fetto, Marty Beth Powell, Katy Mitchell, Tracey Cloyd, Wagner, Pam Miller, Laura Thorworth, Thorworth, Michelle Atzei, Tricia Ballas, McNammee, Janice Giles, Laura Lindquist, Powell, Lisa Dick. row sitting: Jeanne McDonald, Arlene Lynne Londre, Melissa Wilson, Julie Barbara Beaubien, Lori Conti, Renee Fish, Supple, Shannon Tracy, Jeanne Perkins, McLellan, Debbie Sun. shown: Suzanne Helton, Jill Karrenbrock, Lucostic, Kathy McCann, Sheila Carol Neher, Polly Stocking, Carol Kristi Mottert Catherine Quist, Lynda Sun, Urmer. DELTA SIGMA PHI Front row, left to right: Jack Hasson, Jeff Burke, Ker Garin, Takeshi Kawaratani, Sid, Pete Vaerst, Duane Lowe, Jim Helm, Clyde Wilson. Middle row: Fred Uriarte, Scott Schniderman, Lee Dinstman, Chuck Garrett, Dave Silva, Jim Mayer, Doug Richards, Dana Weber, Marty Mechsner, Burt Bennett, Alan Robinson, Milan Je lic. Back row: Chris Demetre, Jon Gilwee, Dan Ascani, Gary Kuipers, Ken Frey, Steve Dendy, Marty Frankel, Jeff Baumgartner. 134 Front row, (L-R): Michelle Oliver, Marne Brown, Linda Garrett, Valerie Cummings, Linda Mills, Rayvette Drawn, Andrea Owens, Rochelle Alexander, Elizabeth Spencer, Lynn Johnson. 2nd row: Sheryl Ledbetter, Marian Dickens, Deborah Anderson, Terry Brown, Regina Trent, Hope Wilson, Nikki Ballou. 3rd row: Deidra McAlpin, Rhonda Nelson, Michelle Rogers, Lequita Thompson, Susan Melton, Joy Lawson, Cece Harper, Diana Dunn, Cynthia Calhoon. DELTA SIGMA THETA 135 GAMMA PHI BETA Front Row (L-R): Marsha Brewer, Shirley Palmer, Luck Ong, Sandy Turner, Donna von Mizener, Sandy Twiss, Sue Jensen, Paula Henderson, Joni Forder. Trisha Honsaker. Row 2: Maureen Sutton, Patty Ferrin, Joni Goff, Laurie Shauerte, Robin Whittle, Laura Wetzell, Carol Ley, Debbie Lillef, Nancy Thiel. Row 3: Terry Bennet, Alison Christen, Laurie Saunders, Ann Schmickrath, Amy 136 Haws, Kendra Coleman, Diane Williams, Cathy Mari, Jan Teifeld, Vicki Muller, Patty Tondorf, Cheryl Morck, Gerine Ongkeko, Terrie Keen, Karen Harlen, Gail Prokop, Kathy Washington. Row 4: Janie Sain, Kelly Walls, Lynn Schroeder, Lori Lynch, Julie Stephens, Donna Twiss, Elyse Ausmus, Cindy Herrling, Claire Stewart. Not pictured: Nancy Rawding, Patty Leslie, Joan Archbold, Susie Krasne, Candy Deak, Vivian Fernandez, Carol Gassoway, Stacy Hagen, Suzi Halff, Tracy Moore, Lindy Novak, Janet Watson, Mary Callahan, Kathy Fessinger, Shirley Strazulla, Patty Herman, Cindy Bartus, Mary Jane Babyak, Leslie Miller, Lucy Lundegard. 137 KAPPA ALPHA THETA 1 38 3rd row: Paula Six, Dana Jones, Kathleen Flannery, Susanne Lind, Carole Hall, Randy Hill, Ann Harmon, Debbie Samson, Kim Delaney, Susan Williams, Vicki Vance, Allvson Knoth, Cathy Butcher, Dilly Sheldon, Maureen Dunne, Carolyn Randall, Rhea Dariotis, Julie Huppert, Lczlie Sinkunas. 4th row: Dawn Sapp, Lauri Harrison, Kathy Loss, Mrs. Long, Sue Pipal, Susan Handy, Kris Sheets, Alix Platz, Debbie Hartman, Christi Houlahan, Leigh Allnutt, Winnie Rafferty, Sally Post, Marsha Mainland. Front row (L-R): Mellie Gibson, Barbara Bowen, Suzanne Stranz, Debbie Garside, Denise Jaffe, Joan Mossman, Karen Zaleski, Laura Farrer, Margot Day, Corbie Dennis, Staci Pittman, Alyson Ledwith, Julie Ostare llo, Anne Eisenhower, Julie Mebane, Corinna Cannell, Nikki Timm. 2nd row: Liz Eldredge, Chandra Jalichandra, Richelle Zauner, Jan Shoell, Nancy Merritt, Janet Buchanan, Laura Bowlby, Cathy Baldacci, Sharon Freidell, Jan Bryggman, Kim Nilsson, Reenie Maratos, Janie Pearce, Claire Helfrich, Kathy Brunell, Linda Janssen, Lisa Hausmann, Cynthia Sanchez, Joan Vernon, Carrie McCampbell. 139 KAPPA DELTA (1) Christie Weinberg, (2) Linda Webb, (3) Liz Barnes, (4) Ann Shapiro, (5) Valerie Brekke, (6) Peggy Carver, (7) Leslie Moberg, (8) Vickie Anderson, (9) Susie Anderson, (10) Karen Knudson, (11) Suzanne Campion, (12) Helen Uno, (13) Melanie Massey, (14) Chelle Burcham, ( 15) Helen Jacobs, (16) Jeanne Thomas, (17) Luanne Stephen, (18) Mary Ann Mercer, (19) Mary Beth Hildebrand, (20) Kathy Presutlo, (21) Liz Aguilar, (22) Darlene Gossick, (23) Carol Davis, (24) Diane Mitchell, (25) Karen Bullock, (26) Kathy Van Schaa ck, (27) Cindy Bonner, (28) Roni Adams, (29) Lynn Fritsche, (30) Julie Thibaut, (31) Kathy Kyne, (32) Barbara Nygard, (33) Pam Rikley, (34) Julie Palmer, (35) June McMillan, (36) Robin Kahn, (37) Cindy Parsons, (38) Diana Lopez, (39) Stephanie Hedges, ( 40) Pat Foley, (41) Marsha Witten, (42) Vicky Shelton, (43) Meg Jones, (44) Linde Spunler, (45) Sandy Shibukawa, (46) Anna Lacy, (47) Jenny Williams, (48) Diana Holland, (49) Diane Patterson, (50) Christiane Sheid, (51) Sandy Dillis, (52) Lucinda Sanman, (53) Connie Vodak, (54) Karen Oakes, (55) Debbie Smith, (56) Nancy Garrique, (57) Paula Brandt, (58) Cathy Carlson, (59) Peggy Gale, (60) Linda Robinson, (61) Diane Tuck. Not shown: Leslie Paschall, Maria Pernice, Nancy Winters, Pam Brown. KAPPA KAPPA - GAMMA Front row, (L-R): Lori Livingston, Dana Stanley, Laurie Thomas, Lisa Sockolov, Ann Marmesh, Joan Hart, Debbie Cobb, Marla Johnson, Anne Young (President) 2nd row: Briar White, Diane Mellor, Carolyn Gramley, Delight Slotemaker de Bruine, Cathy Young, Marcia Blanke, Jill Gumbert, Shirley Choi, Margot Keenan, Janet Morita, Janet Joanou, Shauna West, Jane Bouton. 3rd row: Caroline Snyder, Debbie Danielson, Ann Dickey, Wendy Wilson, Peggy O ' Hara, Tina Hansen, Jayne Voeltz, Carol Meisch, Louise Silk, Kerry Hodge. 4th row: Nancy Vickers, Ann Grapperhaus, Marilyn Yardley, Sue Taylor, Cindy Clark, Laurie Swett, Emily Waingrow, Kathy Broderson, Kathy Randolph, Lynn Sloyer. 5th row: Linda Fitch, Anna Dolby, Connie Agnew, Jan Wilson, Gail Maddrell, Karen McConnell. 6th row: Karen O ' Brien, Debbie Martyn, Leslie Whitehouse, Cathy Smith, Kim Roundtree, Anne Williamson, Ann Jacob, Susan Cody, Cindy Bridges. 7th row: Lori Patrick, Missy Gray, Barbara Hoffman, Sue Feehan, Ellen Wise, Patty Shideler, Debbie Hodgins, Jo Ellen Rickey, Teri Grossman. 142 ALPHA GAMMA DELTA 1. Margy Jensvold, 2. Karen Anderson, 3. Terri Kaczorowski, 4. Celia Somers, 5. Liza Babel, 6. Eileen Lyon, 7. Cada Casarino, 8. Beth Bunce, 9. Laurie Huggard, 10. Sharlene Bergonia, 11. Cindi Kurowski, 12. Kris Griffin, 13. Tracy Wong, 14. Jeannette Chiang, 15. Mary Ann Lee, 16. Elinn Cook, 17. Carrie Mitchell, 18. Meredith Lyon, 19. Liane Wittenkelller, 20. Olga Esquivel, 21. Debbie Rowe, 22. Ruth Farrington, 23. Pam Whitner, 24. Karen Koe, 25. Alice Gleason, 26. Linda Heinmiller, 27. Patty Snyder, 28. Gloria Palomo, 29. Robin Nolan, 30. Linda Schneider, 31. Sally Beamish, 32. Kathy McGlynn, 33.Lori Baker, 34. Ginny Mason, 35. Denise Lester, 36. Sue Schutzbank, 37. Teri Tomlinson, 38. Mary Aguirre, 39. Gayle Hodgkins, 40. Jody Gunn, 41. Allyndreth Stead, 42. Cindy Luis, 43. Vicki Anderson, 44. Sylvia Merino, 45. Pam Steel, 46. Lynn Blair, 47. Sue Lukens. 48. Marcy James, 49. Mary Bradford, 50. Patti Gilbert, 51. Donna Palamar, 52. Melanie Sharon, 53. Carol Reed. Not pictured: Bambi Burton, Pam Easter, Sue Flain, Elaine Floratos, Kathy Goodwin, Kay Kawaratani, Jean Marie Kleye, Janelle Linzmeier, Carrie Martin, Toni Perkins. ALPHA GAMMA OMEGA 1. Rich Reinertson, 2. John Larson, 3. Paul Todhunter, 4. Dave Fredrickson, 5. Dave Atkinson, 6. Ed Fong, 7. Ralph Ogata, 8. Steve Traylor, 9. Jim Hoffman, 10. John Koran, 11. Jeff Pelton, 12. Howard Nordeen, 13. David Yu, 14. Ed Stanfill, 15. Jeff Holt, 16. Dave Weber, 17. Bruce McCammon, 18. Jay Hargis, 19. Mark Barrett, 20. Grant Burdick, 21. Joe Grieco, 22. Rick Richards, 23. Peter Stephan, 24. Ron Main, 25. Harold Moores, 26. Lawrence Gutierrez, 27. John Schmidt, 28. Mike Cochrane, 29. Alan Kempner, 30. Chris Wong, 31. Phil Herley. Not pictured: Chris Crossan, Howie Eller, David Nichols, Paul Schuller, Marty Stephens, Steve Toal, Kim Burdick, Glenn Jordan. 144 PI BETA PHI Front Row, (L-R): Patty Schnugg, Andrea Hackim, Janice Slovak, Madeleine Kafader, Markay Hannum, Melinda Searles, Marian Chan, Kathleen Hackim, Susan Bony, Jan Baker, Laurie Clements. 2nd Row: Carol Bettles, Michele Marchetta, Jeanne Bettles, Julie LeClear, Jean Jeffereds, Ann Walton, Cindy Jacobs, Loralie Ogden, Priscilla Howard, Dottie Green, Karen Wallace. 3rd Row: Becky Hamilton, Stacy Belleville, Marybeth Clemens, Pamela Hackim, Patty Jones, Sallie Estep, Jill Bauldauf, Jill Knowlton, Elise Streicher, Barbara Tosti, Molly Boyd, Julianne Rafferty, Marianne Bretton, Diane Talmage. 4th Row: Robyn Child, Bonnie Pilliod, Jenny Staudigel, Ann Meyer, Caroline McDonnell, Carol Weiler, Heidi Boardman, Mrs. Mary Stanley, Patti Buffalino, Terry Frazer, Carolyn Klein, Julie LeClear, Kim Worthen, Christi Van Cleve. 5th Row: Laura Smith, Donna Matics, Nina Dall ' Armi, Ann Forkey, Linda Holst, Pat Plyney, Wendy Kroger, Kathy Stewart, Nori Newton, Dawn Putnam, Carol Tonini, Sue Halverson, Sue Metcalf, Janet Nelson, Darla Vessidini, Mary Lynne Barbis, Kelene Johnson. 6th Row: Karen Shelton, Mary Peshel, Wendy Mannum, Jennifer Havens, Debbie Webb, Lisa Biersh, Linda Penny, Peggy Sember, Ann Craddock, Kristen Carlson, Sheila O ' Connell, Diane Chapman, Suzie MacLeod, Brooke Bulmore, Taffy Ryder, Ann Sember, Marcia Schultz, Nanci Heitzman. SIGMA DELTA TAU Front row (L-R): Shelly Weisbart, Sari Goodman, Sunny Wise, Sharon Gold, Housemother Jean Hendricks, Sue Lubin, Gail Ritter, Helen Christie (Social Chair), Debbie Elfant (Secretary). Second row: Patrice Yasuda, Shera Dolmate, Phyllis Kupferstein, Sandy Stept, Debbie Kessler, Charmaine Durda (Panhell Rep), Judy Marx, Lyn Frosh, Carol Engelman (Treasurer), Janet Greenberg, Gloria Dell (House Mgr.). Third r ow: Lori Weisberg, Sharon Kaplan, Barbara Siegel, Jodi Berman, Karla Freedman ( Rush Chair), Sue Tsuda. Not pictured: Ruth Amir (Historian), Rhonda Byer, Joanne Dennison, Linda Dennison, Sari Fenton, Wendy Goldberg, Caryny Grown, Jane Kass (V.P.), Maxine Luskin, Linda Moraga (President), Barbara Roseman, Linda Rutner, Celia Sabin, Claire Schwartz, Debbie Villens Jan Weisbert, Sue Wolfson. 146 SIGMA KAPPA Front row, (L-R): Cindy Schemm, Beth McCuetheon, Kathie Dunn, Mary Smith, Susan Shoemaker, Karen Melick, Maureen Schroeder, Kathy Mann. 2nd row: Nina Ceragioli, Debra Gurriere, Joanne Yap, Marcia Murray, Cheryl Cox, Leslie Jarrett, Theresa Hayes, Nancy Ryder, Cindy Hoover, Katie Kimbell, Helen Wright, Deb Hammond. Front row: Jeff Bell, Doug Wilkinson, James Offner, John Fuchs, George MacPherson, Rick San Vicente, AlLuna, Darrell Conkling. Back row: Ralph Torres, Alan Fausal, Cliff Rooke, Walt Ruczynski, Louis Toth, Rob Kutner, Jon Mrgudick, John Stoessel, Brian Cherry, Bob Gifford, Denny Braun, Jim Talon. THETA CHI 147 PHI KAPPA PSI 148 1. David Kay, 2. Dan Shugart, 3. Dallas von Pohlmann, 4. Joe Manisco, 5. Rich Marasco, 6. Steve Strawn, 7. Rick Buck, 8. Rex Fehr, 9. Tim Moore, 10. Andy Nemitz, 11. Jim McCarty, 12. Bill Moylan, 13. William Klatte, 14. Doug Cosman, 15. Dan Aguilera, 16. Vic Ramirez, 17. Kent Bloom, 18. David Gregory, 19. Nestor Barrero, 20. Clark Dubreuil, 21. Chris Anderson, 22. Derek Russell, 23. Mike Sasbel, 24. Martin Stowe, 25. Tom Spivak, 26. Cliff Moore, 27. Rocky Wagonhurst, 28. Tom Patton, 29. David Jarrett, 30. Ben Graham, 31. Greg Brown, 32. Bruce Fernandez, 33. Brad Kidwell, 34. Tom Miller, 35. Les Weeks, 36. Kevin Coombs, 37. David Gorney, 38. Bill Farrer, 39. Chip Mark, 40. Gary Whittaker, 41. Chuck Barsam, 42. Gary Donnahoo, 43. Larry Lincoln, 44. Larry Sharp, 45. Phil Kramer, 46. Jerry Watters, 47. Mike Wittern 149 SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON 150 1. Jeff Townsend, 2. Jeff Stites, 3. Craig Windes, 4. Dan Weil, 5. John Stevens, 6. Brad Anderson, 7. Ken Mirch, 8. John Webber, 9. Bob Barry, 10. Don Pederson, 11. Don Hall, 12. Greg Sizemore, 13. Doug Brooks, 14. Mike Stevens, 15. Rich Bowen, 16. Ken Wills, 17. Ron Barry, 18. Bruce Krumpolz, 19. Dave Howard, 20. Fd Efron, 21. Tim DeCoito, 22. Tom O ' Leary, 23. Steve Baxter, 24. Syd Highley, 25. Rick Clark, 26. Mike Tubbs, 27. Kip Virts, 28 Jed Robinson, 29. Jim Ousman, 30. Rick Thomas, 31. Victor Katayama, 32. Ben Parkinson, 33. Ian Sommers, 34. Bob Withers, 35. Gary Brown, 36. Jeff Muro, 37. Mike Cunningham, 38. Mike Rudow, 39. Mark Ritter, 40. Jeff Gorder, 41. Tom Kridl, 42. Neil Stanton (cook), 43. Jim Doyle, 44. Todd Grubin, 45. Craig Perkins, 46. Bob King, 47. Don Pierro, 48. Steve Hill 151 SIGMA CHI Front row, (L-R): Rich Rhea, Tom Stefanoni, Ward Rotter, Bill Newsome, Brad Thorpe, John Phillips, Jeff Lewis, Bob Dubbins, Steve Curtis, Kelly McCrann, Mike Garcia, John Duorak. 2nd row: John Gustafson, Jan Harzan, Mike Boyd, Mike Lindberg, Geoff Gee, Jeff Board, Sam Fernandez, Wayne Ordos, Rob Kent, Dirk Diefendorf, Dave 152 dave MokeyBear, Scott Frame, Pete Crabb, Bruce Salenko, Mike Henton, Jim Cook, Paul Barich, Mark Bayliss, Scott Simon, Steve Elmer, Bill Ledendecker, Jim Pietsch, Steve Sharpe, Don Reeves, Bob Wall. 3rd row: Tony Krogius, Rick Prill, Ben Key, sweetheart Gail Goodell, Harmon Brown, Barrow Emerson, Bob Tiedemann, Bob Stansbury, Guy Boccasile, Jim Carmack, Dean Issacs, Mongo. 4th row: Don Williams, Keith McAfee, Larry Thatt, Randy Rich, Phil Gonzales, Chris Wagner, Craig Kodera, Win Roney, Craig Vahlerach, Bruce Barrett, Bob Modeirious, Bert Martin, Griff Pifer, Kevin Kennedy, Brian Carrico, Larry Moore, Tone Piscskus, Jim McNamara, Ron Ermord, Shane Scott. 153 SIGMA NU 1. Mike Hyman, 2. Mark Wenzel, 3. Claude Akins, 4. Pat Dunne, 5. Stanley Barchan, 6. Greg Meidel, 7. Aidin Foley, 8. Randy Case, 9. Keith Pipes, 10. Brent Liljestrom, 11. Bruce Carey, 12. Gary Schammel, 13. Christ Wright, 14. Ton Phillips, 15. Dan Guidera, 16. Rich Barden, 17. Mark Utzinger, 18. Guy Stanley, 19. Zack Shumam, 20. Kip Bennett, 21. Russ Parker, 22. Rich Runkel, 23. Bill Penny, 24. Craig Harris, 25. Doug Kaewert, 26. Taylor Bromand, 27. Mark Mamula, 28. Andy Harrah, 29. Don Little, 30. Carl Davis, 31. john Fufferd, 32. Lou Kickhofel, 33. Rob Duncanson, 34. Scott Gayner, 35. Kevin Ahern, 36. James Lees, 37. Rich McLaughlin, 38. David Clarke, 39. Rudy Nieto, 40. Mike Ortega, 41. Mark Pender, 42.Tom Herlihy, 43. Jon Zaich, 44. Andy Knox, 45. Perry Colligan, 46.Kevin Lindgren, 47. Don White, 48. Eric Down, 49. Mitch White, 50. Greg Johnson, 51. Todd Whitthorne, 52. Dana Jordan, 53. Dan Galindau, 54. Tim Grant. 154 SIGMA PI 1. Peter Kramer, 2. Chuck kirk, 3. Paul Goto, 4. Evan Fong, 5. Ken Raabe, 6. Mark Rosman, 7. Bruce Peterson, 8. Gary Gick, 9. Bob Tucker, 10. Jim Lipow, 11. Steve Schaffer, 12. Jeff Leiter, 13. Alan J. Crivaro, 14. Robert Boog, 15. Jamie Barber, 16. Robert Clary, 17. Peter Houser, 18. Fred Campbell, 19. Mike Rausch, 20. Mark Helmick, 21. John Snodgrass, 22. Dan Peterson, 23. Robert Montgomery, 24. John Beistman, 25. Jim Curran, 26. Mike Dykstra, 27. Craig Connerty, 28. Mark Jetton, 29. Kevin Dempsey, 30. Greg Hill, 31. Phil Vuncannon, 32. Nick Sidjakov, 33. Ardale Wright, 34. Charles Berry, 35. John Lepp. Not pictured: Ronald Freeman, Will Short, Geoff Quinn, Richard Konrady, Tom McDowell, Greg Khougaz, Bill Fearnside, Dave Dunphy, Glenn Wells, Kurt Rothner, Karl Brewer, David Pulaski, David Shiokari, Jeff Benson, Sheldon Simons, Mark Nakagawa, Mike Hieda. 157 158 THETA XI 1. Dave Palmer, 2. Alvaro Bonilla, 3. Mark McKee, 4. Jim Schweitzer, 5. Mike Parchen, 6. Jeff King, 7. Pete Wilk, 8. Leon Fromkess, 9. Joe Fitzgerald, 10. Dan Garcia, 11. Alan DiBartolomeo, 12. Steve Wolter, 13. Bill LeClear, 14. Mike Fitzsimmons, 15. Steve Schwartz, 16. Phil Beamish, 17. Frank Diaz, 18. Gene Leary, 19. Jim Milner, 20. Larry Horwitz, 21. Bart Halberstadt, 22. Mike Parker, 23. Dennis Finnegan, 24. Barry Stubblefield, 25. Mark Horme, 26. Jack-in-the-Box, 27. John Schauerman, 28. Mike Ehret, 29. Craig Whitten, 30. Dick Pelascini, 31. Craig Woods, 32. Bill Murphy, 33. Gary Dahman, 34. Ned Kraebacher, 35. Rick Dahmen, 36. Terry Galloway, 37. Mark Miller, 38. Scott Nimelstein. 159 ZETA BETA TAU 1. Brad Waisbren, 2. Alan Rosenbloom, 3. Mike Rossini, 4. Fredric B. Gluck, 5. Dean Prober, 6. David Karp, 7. Stu Silverstein, 8. Howard Horwitz, 9. Jeff Kevich, 10. Gary Schwartz, 11. Bob Levy, 12. Lee Lipsker, 13. Paul Buker, 14. Joel Saltzman, 15. Bob Schuit, 16. Ken Berg, 17. Larry Pitts, 18. Berry Kane, 19. Chuck Morris, 20. Fred Denitz, 21. Matt Kater, 22. Ilan Justh, 23. Bill Yarbrough, 24. Steve Axelroad, 25. Joel Brill, 26. Steve Wolff, 27. Dave Peckles, 28. Eric 160 eric Sherman, 29. Bruce Berman, 30. Rich Gerhardt, 31. Mark Tamarin, 32. George Konugres, 33. John Forgrave, 34. Mike Vilken, 35. Andy Bisom, 36. Dave Hirsch, 37. Fred Schwatz, 38. Tad Shapiro, 39. Steve Fishman, 40. Steve Segal, 41. Mel Greenspan, 42. Dave Noskin, 43. Jeff Ducummun, 44. Ron Gluusman, 45. Marc Graboff, 46. Ken Berman, 47. Alan Fisher, 48. Dave Gold, 49. Mike Condon, 50. Dave Gould, 51. Randy Berger, 52. Mark Freifeld, 53. John Schoenfeld. STUDEMT LEGISLATIVE COUNCIL Left to right, sitting: General Representatives Jerry Herndo n, Scott Taylor and Willie Banks; John Schroeder (Administrative Vice President), Lindsay Conner (President), Debby Berry (SLC Secretary), Brian Eisberg (NSA Representative), and Don Lesser (Financial Supports Commissioner). Standing: Dennis Mitchell, Student Welfare Commissioner; Ivan Kallick, ASIS Co-Director; Melissa Moss, Internal Organizations Internal Affairs Coordinator; Mike Galizio, External Affairs Coordinator; Rudy Nieto, Campus Events Commissioner; Craig Ehrlich, ASIS Co-Director; Ken Mido, Educational Policies Commissioner; John Withers, Cultural Affairs Commissioner, Tom Penchoen, Faculty Representative; Mike Losev, Finance Committee Chairperson; Sue Melton, First Vice President; Nancy Siemion, Student Facilities Commissioner; Pete Moraga, Community Services Commissioner. Not pictured: Richard P. Ebbert, Alumni Representative; Rick Tuttle, Associate Dean of Campus Programs and Activities. 163 Office of the President LINDSAY CONNER About to board the Westwood Bus are Lindsay Conner and Los Angeles County Supervisor Ed Edelman. Administrative Assistants to the President are (l-r) Sue Dutcher and Debby Berry. 164 Melissa Moss Internal Affairs Mike Galizio External Affairs Ivan Kallick Associated Students Craig Ehrlich Information Service FIRST VICE PRESIDENT Sue Melton ADMINISTRATIVE VICE PRESIDENT John Schroeder 165 Scott Taylor Jerry Herndon Willie Banks GENERAL REPRESENTATIVES FRESHMAN INTERNS 166 Project Amigos Exceptional Childrens Tutorial Project Whoever finds this I Need You Whoever finds this I Want You I Ain ' t Got No One To Talk to Whoever finds this I LOVE YOU! Asian Education Project COMMUNITY SERVICES COMMISSION Pete Moraga 167 John Withers Commissioner SLC Talent Show CULTURAL AFFAIRS COMMISSION 168 CAMPUS EVENTS COMMISSION Rudy Nieto SPEAKERS PROGRAM 169 MARDI GRAS 171 NSA REPRESENTATIVE Brian Eisberg FACILITIES COMMISSIONER Nancy Siemion STUDENT EDUCATIONAL POLICIES COMMISSIONER Ken Mido FINANCIAL SUPPORTS COMMISSIONER Don Lesser DEBATE AND FORENSICS Andrew Demetriou and Michael Hartman, members of the UCLA Debate Squad, ranked among the top ten debate teams in the nation for 1975-76. Left to right: Associate Dean Alexander White, Christie Dodson (International Programs), Andrea Marks (Local Affairs), Fran Prosise (Secretary), Tina Oakland (National Programs). EXPO 173 PTF Program Task Force Members are, from left to right, sitting: Larry Pierce, Winston Brooks (Chairperson), Julie Scholar. Standing: Roberto Flores, Don Sanders, Robert Holeman, Djalma Araujo (CPAO Ass. Dean). Not Pictured: Robert Mori and Monroe Wooton. RICK TUTTLE Associate Dean Campus Programs and Activities 174 Left to right, first row (top): Greg Johnson, President; Stanley Barchan, David G. Bergenson, Douglas Birnie. Second Row: Bruce Braun, Harmon Brown, Vic Caldwell, Richard Cook, Scott Downie, Edward Efron. Third Row: Don Gallo, Todd Grubin, Ron Hacker, Mike Henton, Victor Hurtado, Ben Key. Fourth Row: Michael La Croix, James H. McNamara, Rudy Nieto, Wayne Ordos, Peter Phelps, Donald Pierro. Fifth Row: Robert Rivero, Tad Shapiro, Wendell Simon, Mark Tamarin, Bernard Vogel, Robert Webb, II BLUE KEY 175 GSA Cabinet, left to right: Alex Spataru, Commissioner of Budgetary Affairs; Sandy Cohen, First Vice President; Martin Nishi, President; Keyth Reece, Commissioner of Community Services; Pauleen Brackeen, Second Vice President; Mary Womack, Commissioner of Academic Affairs. Not Pictured: Bill Cormier, Commissioner of Research and Planning. Mary Myers Administrative Assistant GSA Senators 176 Fine Arts Council GRADUATE STUDENTS ASSOCIATION MARTIN NISHI President 177 BLACK STUDENT ALLIANCE L-R: Mike Davis (VP), Anita La Veaux (Pub. Comm.), Fred McKinney (Pres.), Ramona Man (Exec. Sec.), Al Young (Prog. Coord.). 178 INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL Front (L-R): Dean Isaacs (Treasurer), Mike Johnson (Asst. Exec. Sect.), Glenn Leggs (Campus Relations). Middle row: Don Pierro (Pres.), Alan Crivaro (Frat. Expansion Development), Ben Key (V. Pres.). Back row: Harmon Brown (Exec. Sect.), Mike Rudow (Intermural Chairman), Bruce Barbee (Advisor). 179 DAILY BRUIN - Classified Front row (L-R): Donna Perea, Glenn Nakagiri, Grace Egbagbe, Tom Yamashita, Cathy Yasuda, Pat Sheela, Kate Supple, Anne Schwartz, Nancy Harada, Sue Pipal. Back row: Allyson Knoth, Dorothy Wood, Pat Gutierrez, Carole Watanabe, Carole Coleman. DAILY BRUIN — Editorial 1. Luann Cunningham, 2. Jeff Lapin, 3. Marty November, 4. Marla Levine, 5. Michelle Duval, 6. Mike Lee, 7. Jim Stebinger, 8. Sol Ortasse, 9. Mike Sondheimer, 10. Glenn Seki, 11. Rick Becker, 12. Jim Richardson, 13. Laura Jones, 14. Barry Grey, 15. Bary Grey, 15. Jodi Zechowy, 16. Neal Natsumeda, 17. Ker Garin, 18. Carrie Pickman, 19. Linas Kojelis, 20. Cathy Connelly, 21. Brady Alexander, 22. Pete Berson, 23. Alice Short, 24. Marc Dellins, 25. Dick Kruez, 26. Stuart Silverstein, 27. Sara Goodman, 28. Denise Dorosheff, 30. Linda Rapattoni, 31. Robert Walsh, 32. Debbie Panish, 33. Frank Widder, 34. Alan Karbelnig, 35. Holly Kurtz, 36. Patti Sullivan, 37. Jane Wigod, 38. Roberta Slater, 39. Mike Dashjian, 40. Lori Weisberg, 41. Hunter Kaplan, 42. Frank Stallworth, Unnumbered: Between 15 26 Patti Crost, Between 21 22 Pat Healy, Between 22 23 Mary Beth Murril, Between 23 24 Tony Peyser, Between 11 12 Charles Fenstein Back from Left: Dave Whitney, Paul Farhi, Louis Watanabe, Jim Peltz, J. Nathan Jones, Eric Mandel, Kim Wildman, Laura Klemer, Mark Ramljak, Mike Finegold. DAILY BRUIN - Display Kneeling (L-R): Anne Young (Bus. Mgr.), Susan Kane (Ass ' t. Bus. Mgr.), Scott McGalliard. Standing: Cornell Chulay, Emily Waingrow, Jan Brandt, Greg Johnson, Elaine Fever, Donna Perea, Kathy Brennan. In tree: Tad Shapiro, Kinny Berg, Vicki Vance, Berry Kane. 181 ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA Kneeling, left to right: Barbara Lubow (Secretary), Cathy Arima (Treasurer), Diane Spierer (Pres.), Barbara Willmer (V. Pres.), Carole Wolf (Senior Advisor). Back row: Wendie Tanaka, Andrea Folin, Margaret Robe, Nancy Kumetz, Margy Jensvold, Ruthbeth Kinerman, Lori Green, Hannah Hoesli, Marlene Magenheim, Valerie Kurth, Susan Gordon, Dean Mary Jane Krebs (Advisor), Debie Carlsten. ANGEL FLIGHT Seated (L-R): Kay Kawaratani and Valerie Zittrich. Standing: Diane Hamilton, Diane Wilcox, Claudia Horne, Julie Palmer. TOGETHER Left to right: Laura Jones, Mile Lee, Kerry Lobel, Carol Coy. NOMMO Left to right: Carolyn Goodwin, Azubuike Edekobi, Reggie Jackson, Joy Lawson, Paula Gibson, Steve Finley. Lynne Clark. MORTAR BOARD Bottom row (L-R): Donna Solomon, Susan Bony (President), Susan Williams, Anne Young, Peggy da Silva, Carole Wolf. Middle row (L-R): Cynthia Beeger, Rhonda Byer, Jean Talmage, April Orr, Linda Moraga. Top row (L-R): Margaret Robe, Barbara Goorevitch, Sandy Weishart, Janis Penton, Marlene Magenheim. Members not pictured: Cheryl Bascom, Barbara Bronson, Lori Feldman, Keefe Millard, Julie Pastor, Miriam Prum, Alice Rademacher, Andrea Resnick, Gail Ruetten, Karen Segawa, Debra Sharon, Valerie Smith. Terece Stovall, Kate Supple, Lori Weisberg, Deborah Wenck. Claire Schwartz Sunny Wise 184 PHRATERES Front row (L-R): Theresa Hagan, Marjorie Rogers, Rita Del Rosario, Marilyn n Phelps, Roberta Rusmiselle, Diane Wilcox. Second row: Margo Radin, Anita Mork, Cynthia Rigney, Joan Winkler, Eiman Helmy, Tracy Wachsner. Third row: Marina Butowitsch, Carole Wolf, Judy Spades. Not pictured: Jeanette Biewers, Ana Briseno, Stephanie Cota, Tilda Crispi, Shera Dolmatz, Judy Froessel, Connie Godwin, Vivien Herskovits, Colombe Jodar, Patrice Liston, Laurie Moore, Rebecca Ryan, Cathy Sammartano, Sandy Stept, Mona Strehler, Valerie Zittrich, Maxine Zuest. Advisors: Dean MaryJane Krebs, Sandy Rogers, Dawn Saunders. 185 BRUIN BELLES 1.Toyce Ken (Soph. Rep.), 2. Shannon Tracy (Jun. Rep.), 3. Cherie Miller (Vice-Pres.), 4. Herb Smith (Advisor), 5. Julie Pastor (Pub. Rel. Soc. Chair.), 6. Emi Kawasaki (Sec.), 7. Camie Maggio (Spirit Historian), 8. Roxanne Lew (Pres.), 9. Michele Gurrola (Sen. Rep.), 10. Linda Webb, 11. Pam Phillips, 12. Kevyn Alla rd, 13. Cindy Pearson, 14. Jessie Lucas, 15. Helen Jacobs, 16. Linda Maggio, 17. Jeanne Neeham, 18. Anna Dolby, 19. Karen Bullock, 20. Eve Tipton, 21. Tish Quinn, 22. Caroly Gramly,23. Leslie Figge, 24. Shira Zabari, 25. Diana Lopez, 26. Cindy Hull, 27. Bambi Van Tilburgh, 28. Jojo Holden, 29. Ruth Stallknecht, 30. Michele Moy, 31. Susie Halff, 32. Lynn Carlos, 33. Kasey Kaufman, 34. Jane Siegal, 35. Lori Teslow, 36. Kathie Dunn, 37. Mary Ann Lee, 38. Kathy Civet, 39. Beth Berger, 40. Nancy Wilkinson, 41. Shari Feinstein, 42. Kathy Kessler, 43. Carol Cooper, 44. Sherry Silver, 45. Kim Bates, 46. Lisa Hallock, 47. Becky Coffey, 48. Julie Thibaut, 49. Vickie Anderson, 50. Stephanie Hedges, 51. Robbin Smith, 52. Anne Barden, 53. Diane Rebrovich, 54. Marne Brown, 55. Susan Bullock, 56. Denise Jennings, 57. Joanie Vernon, 58. Loralie Odgen, 59. Beth Malitz, 60. Julie Silver, 61. Suzanne Wegener, 62. Toni Green, 63. Karen Wallace, 64. Gina Persons, 65. Linda Holst. 187 MP TV- A Great Department That Could Be Greater. By John Thurman Walden UCLA ' s Department of Motion Picture and Television is one of the finest in the world. It is part of the Theater Arts School from which an impressive list of famous alumni such as Francis Ford Coppola, Carol Burnett, Hugh O ' Brien, Colin Young, and Lloyd Bridges have come, and to which a high quality of artists are selected. Thousands of applications are made from people around the world each year, and admission to the school is one of the most difficult. However, the department is not without its problems. The Melnitz Hall facility of the MP TV department was designed to accommodate only about three hundred and fifty students. There are now over four hundred students within the department, and current conditions are crowded. Students fear that this might make them less prepared for many professional challenges awaiting them in the outside industry. They suggest that smaller classes be created to give them more use of the equipment, more time to complete their projects, work with teachers more closely, and, subsequently, learn more. Teaching methods used to be more individualized when the department was smaller. But with an increase in student enrollment and a cut in the department ' s budget, this type of instruction is no longer possible. As an alternative, some students have suggested that the department create a split program-one for continuing students who plan to make a career in motion picture and television, and another for those who just want to get their degrees. Student-faculty communication within the department also needs improvement, but there is no doubt that the student body newsletter, The FTT News, edited by Ron Norman and Claudia Queen, provides an important link in the chain of administration-faculty-student communication. The FTT News conducted a survey of student opinions on existing conditions in the department and found that the major shortcoming was the lack of sufficient scholarships and grants. Film making remains the most expensive art form or medium to produce, and many students have to compromise on the kind of film they want to make because the scholarships or grants are not available. The simplest 16 mm films often cost several hundreds or thousands of dollars to produce. However, a solution is at hand in the form of video tape. With the help of newly improved video methods and equipment bought in the Spring, students can now shoot in video tape and transfer the edited print to 16 or 35 mm film—a method that is much cheaper, cleaner, and faster than film. Students can, therefore, now afford to make their dream films—cheaply and quickly. John Young, Chairman of the division is aware of existing problems, and feels that because the department is underbudgeted, rapid progress is blocked. He says, " We ' re about twenty thousand dollars underbudgeted this year, so we have to deal with our priorities first. I felt that the television department was a priority, we installed the color studio there, and added a new guest faculty member (Shirley Clark). We do not have the money to do all the things that need to be done, but I am confident that we will get the money in the future to alleviate many problems that are now facing us. " Walden is a graduating Senior in the MP TV department. 188 Feature Articles Over $300,000 worth of needed lighting equipment have also been purchased to improve the school. But many more things are needed, such as a post-production sound stage, a double system projector, repairs, more TV porta pacs and other items that add up to a healthy sum—which no one has to give. The Film and Television Students Association was recently formed to bring about improvements in the division. The organization has applied for affiliated status with the university so that it will be eligible for funding to improve the MP TV department. Chairman Young is receptive to student views and wants to bring progressive change to the division. He says, " Next September we are establishing a Students Affairs Office within the division itself. We hope to create closer ties with our students, and thereby get to the root of their problems a lot quicker. " A sizeable number of Third World students are in the department ' s student body, and Chairman Young says that a conscientious effort is made to admit minorities each year. Third World students also express a strong desire to have a Third World faculty member on the Full-time teaching staff, one who would reflect and cultivate the needs, values, and attitudes of the Third World community. Subsequently, a student faculty committee has been formed and is looking over qualified applicants for a Fall ' 76 position. Unlike some film schools which train specialized technicians such as soundmen, cameramen, and production managers, UCLA turns out filmakers knowledgeable in many areas of TV and motion pictures production. It is for this reason that many students in the MP TV division agree that, though it has its shortcomings, UCLA is one of the best places for young film makers to learn their art. They point out that it is one of the few institutions that offer students full artistic control while giving them wide training in the MP TV field. It is for this reason also that one can find a UCLA graduate in almost every department of any major motion picture or TV studio in Hollywood. Students know that they are being given adequate training to meet the rigors of the industry, but they know too that it is up to each one of them to make the most of that training when he or she gets out there. Herein lies the challenge, and only time will tell just how many will be outstanding film makers. 189 JAMAA-FANAKA By Winston T. Henderson The UCLA Motion Picture and Television Department has once again gained honor through the achievements of one of its talented students, Jamaa-Fanaka, a MFA candidate. Fanaka performed the outstanding feat of not only writing, directing, editing, and producing a feature length movie, Welcome Home Brother Charles, but also found national and international distribution for it. This is his second student film. The first was a gripping super 8mm film on Black life affected by drugs. Both films represent outstanding achievements, and Fanaka plans to make another film before he receives his MFA degree and enters the professional world of motion pictures. Originally intent on becoming a writer, Fanaka was awed and intrigued by the communication power of films. He was part of a close-knit group of ten Black film students who encouraged each other and provided a vibrantly warm atmosphere in which to make their films. He was born Walter Gordon, but later adopted the name Jamaa-Fanaka, Swahili for " Success through Togetherness, " as a means of furthering his Black identity and identifying himself and his ancestry to the world. " I remember watching Hopalong Cassidy. I used to think that I was Hopalong Cassidy. Today I am aware of the impact of movies and how they influence people, especially young people. I think that people should be more aware of these things so that they can understand the impact of the medium and cope with it. " Married and the father of two daughters, Fanaka is sensible about his art. " Film making is the most expensive art form in existence, and if you don ' t have money, if you don ' t have some sort of resource, you ' re not going to be able to make a film. I had to compete for money to make my films. The Film Department does not energetically seek funds for students to make films, and many film makers have difficulty making the film they dream of due to lack of funds. The Department provides excellent technical facilities and equipment, but when I started making my first feature, there was an undercurrent of derision felt from the department. Not until I started editing did I get any real cooperation from the department. No student has ever made a feature film as his second film project and so I wasn ' t taken seriously. " Born in Jackson, Mississippi and reared in South Los Angeles, Jamaa-Fanaka has achieved a dream that many people desire—he makes films. And he will continue to make films. " I just wanted to do something myself. It was my first full-length feature and I really got down. It wound up being new and well made. I want people of all backgrounds and cultures in the Black experience to make movies too. I have to make the type of movie that is true to me... I never particularly dug butterflies. I ' m pretty much a street person; I have a street background and most of my films will probably reflect that. I have a family, I have love and hate and the feelings that everybody else has, and these are the things—along with my street experience—that I must be true to, and from which I must create. " Otherwise, I might as well go somewhere and sit down. " Henderson is a graduate student in the MP TV department. 190 Southern Campus ' 76 Career Guide ' DECIDED TO FINALIZE YOUR PLANS, TOM? ' From " WHICH NICHE? " by Jack Shingleton and Phil Frank The articles in this section were prepared by the staff of the UCLA Placement and Career Planning Center. They attempt to inform you of the Center ' s services, and to help you in your search for a job and career. OUTLINE Career Planning Guide Sources of Jobs Bibliography of Career Resources The Labor Market for UCLA ' s 1976 Graduates — Fact and Fiction Preparing a Resume Resume Outline Alternatives to the Resume The Cover Letter The Job Interview Fifty Questions Asked by Employers During the Interview with College Seniors UCLA Placement and Career Planning Center. Student Job Information Unit Satellite Offices 191 CAREER PLANNING GUIDE The purpose of this first article is to help you use a logical and systematic process to determine career goals suitable to you, and to engage in an effective search that will lead you to those goals. It will also serve as a guide to the services of the UCLA Placement and Career Planning Center, as well as assist in using additional resources and supplementary self-exploration exercises. STEP ONE: WHAT DO I WANT TO DO? What do you want to do? What are you capable of doing? These are the first questions you should ask yourself on starting your campaign. Many students feel that because they majored in English or sociology or some other major. that they should enter a career specifically related to that major. Consequently, the question which often arises is " what do people in (major) do? " Unfortunately, it ' s not quite that easy, and that question may be quite misleading. Some college majors are more specifically career oriented than others. Career oriented majors typically provide more preparation for a more narrow range of careers. Less career-oriented majors provide less specific preparation, hut for a wider range of career fields. Consider for example a major in Electrical Engineering as compared with a major in Anthropology. Consequently, thinking about a career in terms of college major may not be appropriate for you. Rather it may be more appropriate to think about a career in terms of: (1) your interests (2) your skills (aside from and as a result of your academic and previous experiences) (3) your personal values (what ' s important to you) (4) your personality traits Consideration of these factors may help you in deciding what you want to do, and what you can do. You can find out more about these factors by utilizing Placement and Career Planning Center Services in such areas as Career Counseling The Center provides individual and group career counseling. A staff of professional career counselors is available to assist you in determining and evaluating your interests, skills, values, and traits. Appointments with a counselor can be made by phone or at the intake desk at the Center. As a helpful tool in this first step the Center provides vocational interest testing. The test compares your interests with males and females working in a variety of occupations. The test is self administered and takes about 43 minutes to complete. When you return the test you are signed up for either a group or individual interpretation. Supplenzental Exercises An additional exercise involves evaluating these factors for yourself or with a friend - e.g., writing an " experience summary. " This would cover your work, volunteer, and academic experiences, and some of your key experiences in life when you felt you were functioning at your highest levels of effectiveness. Next, extract all of those factors that indicate your strengths or skills, your interests, your values, and any unique traits you feel you possess. You may want to discuss each of these factors with a close personal friend whom you trust as a sound advisor. He or she can act as a good sounding board and may be able to add additional qualities or skills that you may have overlooked. STEP TWO: SELECT TENTATIVE CHOICES Step II is probably the most difficult and the most important step in identifying the career directions suitable to you. After gathering information about yourself and what you might like to do, make some tentative choices and evaluate them in terms of your personal factors. To evaluate these choices you should consider — (a) type of work done (b) training requirements (c) work setting and environment (d) career progression opportunity (e) geographical preferences (f) stability and security and (g) income. You can get information by utilizing the Center ' s Career and Educational Information Library. It comprises an array of information sources that can prove invaluable in your career planning. Whether you need to learn about the requirements and opportunities in a particular field or about educational programs that can expand your career horizons... or if you would merely like to browse in order to strike some new, creative sparks inside, the Library probably has what you ' re looking for. The Center Library is staffed by an Occupational Librarian, whose job it is to answer any questions you might have about career information in the Library or elsewhere. The Librarian can also suggest graduate programs of interest, assist you in your search for additional information about careers or educational programs, and locate other sources of career and corporate information. The Library contains a comprehensive collection of materials ranging from trade publications to occupational analyses, and to reports from the Center station the current career environment. Included in this collection are- General career information on a wide range of occupations and professions. Professional directories that help you " target " your job search — at home or abroad. Educational directories and college catalogs — from community colleges to four-year colleges and professional schools. Special information, including job search techniques, foreign employment, women and minorities, and career trends. Alternatives such as starting a commune, a new school, a business, or serving as a volunteer for important social causes. This section provides you with directories of others attempting to do the same, clues you to the rewards and discouragements, and generally prepares you for stepping outside the more traditional forms of employment and career development. Periodicals that explore the topical concerns of various occupations and professions. It also maintains current collections of some trade magazines — MAC, Variety, APA Monitor, Western Cities, and others — with listings of openings and positions available for graduates. Alumni Career Resources File listing UCLA alumni in various career fields who have agreed to serve as resources in their career areas. Students can contact these alumni for direct information about the career field. Additional Resources Public Library References Most public libraries maintain a wide variety of books and pamphlets covering different occupations. The reference librarian is a valuable source here. Field Interviews People working in various career positions are quite often willing to provide information about their career areas. Personal resources may be located through friends, parents, associates, etc., but you may also consider contacting someone you don ' t know for an appointment. It could prove beneficia! Academic Departments Staff and professors in your academic departments may be useful sources of career information. STEP THREE: EVALUATE YOUR CHOICES When you have reached Step III, you have gathered information about yourself and about possible career choices. Now you want to choose those career directions that, based upon systematic evaluation, are most suitable to you. You can do this with the help of a career counselor at the Center. If you saw a counselor in Step I you should consider seeing the same counselor again to discuss your findings. Your counselor may be able to suggest overlooked factors to consider and can help you determine the degree of certainty you have about your final choices. 192 STEP FOUR: LOCATE A STARTING POSITION By the time you reach Step IV you have a purpose, and are now looking for a position. From your career information research, you should have an idea of the kinds of entry level positions that would be appropriate for that field. Here are some suggestions on how to find the entry job that you want: A. Utilize the Center ' s services in Direct Referral Various business, industrial, government and educational institutions list a variety of full-time career positions with the Placement and Career Planning Center. These employers represent local, regional, national, and international organizations. The direct referral service provides ready access to a large number of currently available jobs in a variety of organizations. The Center accepts and processes single and multiple listings of job orders by telephone, letter, and personal contact. These are categorized by major function or discipline, arc displayed in the Center lobby, and are continually monitored for accuracy and availability. In addition to accepting job listings from local arid national employers, the Center allocates considerable staff time to job development through field visits, radio and television spot announcements, and various other community, campus, and professional activities. As University of California students or alumni, you are eligible to use the direct job referral services. Employers usually request that graduating students and alumni apply for the positions by submitting a resume or calling for an appointment. Referrals are given to all individuals whose qualifications meet the employers ' requirements. On-Campus Interview Program Hundreds of companies visit the campus to recruit recent graduates. Students are eligible during their last year and for one quarter after graduation. If you haven ' t used this system, don ' t despair. You can still interview during the Fall Quarter. Schedules for the Fall will be out in September and available in the Center ' s lobby. You may also obtain a copy of an alphabetical listing of companies that have interviewed during the past three years. Job Search Strategy Seminars A weekly seminar on job search strategies is conducted to equip you with the necessary information and materials to conduct a systematic and organized job search. Topics covered in the seminar include: how to undertake preliminary planning and research; how to identify and use available campus and community resources and references: resume preparation; letters of application, inquiry and follow-up; salary negotiation; techniques for successful interviewing; and how to identify and use diverse sources of job information. The seminars are conducted by career counselors and are scheduled on various days of the week and last for teen hours. Prior sign-up for the seminars is necessary and can be done at the intake desk. Resume Preparation The resume has been called the jobseeker ' s single most important tool, It is a visual summary of your career objectives, background, skills, and general qualifications and, although people rarely are employed on the basis of the resume alone, it often determines whether or not you will be invited in for an interview. Counselors at, the Center can help you prepare your resume so that it reflects the best skills you have to offer an employer. To take advantage of this service, you need only to type up a rough draft of your resume and bring it to the intake desk. Depending upon personal preference, time schedules, and the complexity of the material, you may choose to see a counselor or may sign up for one of the resume workshops. Video Tape Interviews Career counselors are available to assist you in improving your interviewing skills, through the use of video tape. The practice sessions are generally one hour long and are conducted, in privacy, in the video tape room of the Placement and Career Planning Center. During this hour, a counselor assumes the role of a prospective employer and leads you through a typical employment interview. The tape is then replayed so that you and the counselor can observe, judge, and discuss the interview, in order that you may understand the critical factors in an effective interview. Particular attention is focused on how to communicate and conduct yourself during the interview. B. Additional Resources Personal Friends Personal associates can be valuable in providing information on openings. possible job locations, and recommendations, so check on them. Making Personal Contacts You may also contact persons in various companies and agencies who hire for the kinds of jobs you are seeking. Potential employers are often impressed with the candidate who takes the initiative to seek out positions and make contacts even when there are no jobs advertised. Personal calls can pay off in a variety of ways: the employer may know of a position that will open in the near future, or may be aware of other potential opportunities. REVIEW Okay! You ' ve now seen the steps to a logical and systematic approach to starting your career, while utilizing Placement and Career Planning Center services in the most effective way. Let ' s review the steps and get started. The outline below provides a brief summary of the steps and indicates the Center ' s services useful at each step. STEP ONE: Determine What You Want to Do Placement and Career Planning Center Services -Individual and Group Career Counseling -Vocational Interest Testing Supplemental Exercises STEP TWO: Select Tentative Choices What kind of information should you consider? How can you get information? Placement and Career Planning Center Services -The career and educational information library -Alumni career resources file Additional Resources -Public Library references -Field interviews Academic departments STEP THREE: Evaluate Your Choices Placement and Career Planning Center services -Career counseling Supplemental exercises STEP FOUR: Locate A Starting Position Placement and Career Planning Center Services -Direct job referral -Job search strategy seminars -Resume preparation -Practice Interviews Additional Resources -Personal friends - Making personal contacts There they are! The steps and the services! You are now ready to go back to the beginning and follow the steps in sequence. Sounds like a lot of work? Yes it is! However, based upon experience, your work will probably require less time, be more productive, and achieve more satisfying results than a non-systematic approach. Good luck!!! ' I UNDERSTAND YOU ' RE PRETTY INVOLVED IN STUDENT ACTIVITIES, RAY! ' From " WHICH NICHE? " by Jack Shingleton and Phil Frank 193 COLLEGE PLACEMENT BEREAU ' I JUST WENT IN TO USE THEIR PHONE AND I GOT A $9000 A YEAR JOB! ' From " WHICH NICHE? " by Jack Shingleton and Phil Frank SOURCES OF JOBS Job opportunities arise from many sources and in many ways — both formal and informal. Not all of these sources can be listed and described, but there are several more important and useful ones you should consider. UNIVERSITY PLACEMENT AND CAREER PLANNING CENTERS As a graduate of UCLA you are eligible to use the Placement Centers of all campuses of the University system. If you remain in California, be sure to check with these centers. The services at the UCLA Placement and Career Planning Center are described in the previous section. Note particularly the direct job referral system and the on-campus interview program. If you should relocate in another state and are near a college placement service, be sure to visit it. Even if you are not eligible for the current listings, it is a rare center that will turn you away without offering some suggestions for job-hunting in that area. CIVIL SERVICE SYSTEM Civil Service is government — federal, state, county and city. Most fill their positions through some form of examination — generally written, but in many cases, an oral interview may constitute an examination. Entry level positions for liberal arts graduates with the Federal government are generally filled through the Professional Administration Career Examination (PACE). The PACE is administered several times a year and you should check with the local Federal Job Information Center for exact dates. In some special professional categories, the PACE is not required and not all agencies of the Federal government fill positions through this examination. Any of the sixty-five Federal Job Information Centers in the country should be able to provide information about these special circumstances. Within California, positions with state, city and county government are filled through examinations for the specific opening. There are no general entrance examinations for these levels of government. Be sure to call or visit the various personnel offices regularly to receive the most current job information. The following are local addresses and telephone numbers: LOS ANGELES COUNTY DEPARTMENT OF PERSONNEL 222 North Grand, Room 493 Los Angeles, California 974-2791 (974-2711 — 24 Hour Job Announcement Service) LOS ANGELES CITY PERSONNEL DEPARTMENT City Hall South; Room 100 111 East First Street Los Angeles, California 485-2441 U.S. CIVIL SERVICE COMMISSION 851 South Broadway, Room 1021 Los Angeles, California 688-3360 (Technical — 688-3575) CALIFORNIA STATE PERSONNEL BOARD 107 South Broadway, Room 1021 Los Angeles, California 620-2790 A " Guide to Civil Service " is available at the Placement and Career Planning Center. EMPLOYMENT AGENCIES State Employment Service – Employment Development Division This is a free service run by the Department of Labor and is basically the same in every state. All jobs are listed in a computerized job bank and updated continuously. Although not a major source of professional level jobs, this service is still worth using. Be sure to make an appointment with the Employment Counselors who are most knowledgeable about professional opportunities. They can be helpful in suggesting organizations for you to contact. All branch offices have the same information. Use the one most convenient for you. Private Employment Agencies If you plan to use employment agencies, be sure to check the Employment Agency Directory — a state-by-state listing of agencies and some of their special areas of focus. This Directory is available at college or public libraries or can be obtained by writing to: National Employment Association 2000 K, Street, N.W. -Washington, D.C. 20006 All reputable agencies will be members of this Association. Another aspect of the private agency is the fee system. A fee is always charged, either to the applicant or to the employer, depending upon the position and or the agency. Be fully aware of what your obligation is likely to he, before you go out on an interview and certainly before you accept a job. TRADE JOURNALS, COMPANY NEWS LETTERS, AND HOUSE ORGANS There are, literally, thousands of trade journals — publications devoted to information about a special field or industry. Some are very technical, others semipopular in format. Similarly, there are thousands of house magazines published by individual companies. These may take two forms: a publication that the company distributes to a designated public, or, an inhouse publication for employees only. Trade journals not only provide a great deal of current information about an industry, but may also list actual job openings. Such job listings may not be as regular a feature of newsletters and house organs, but you can use these (as well as trade journals) to place your own " position wanted " ad where it may be seen by those in a field or company of your interest. LABOR UNIONS Although unions have functioned, primarily, as organizations for blue-collar workers, in recent years there has been an increase in unionization of government workers and of many professionals. If the field you have chosen is covered by a union, investigate it as a source of valuable information. You can become familiar with apprenticeship programs, methods of entry into certain fields and, perhaps, gain access to current job openings. PROFESSIONAL AND TRADE ASSOC IATIONS These are particularly valuable if you have a special field of interest and want to remain within that field or enter some area peripheral to it. Many associations provide placement services, all publish journals or newsletters which may include vacancies, and almost all have annual meetings. Much job and career information is exchanged 194 and some preliminary hiring takes place at such meetings, so, if feasible, you might consider attending those within your field of interest. These meetings also provide an opportunity to broaden your base of personal contacts among people with similar career interests. For a complete list or associations, use the Encyclopedia of Associations and the Directory of National Trade and Professional Associations of the U.S. Both are available in college or public libraries. WANT-ADS Want ads, no matter where they are placed, should provide an honest statement of the nature of the position, the necessary qualifications, company, location and salary. Such ads may be placed by individual companies or by agencies. Respond to these in whatever way is requested. Many companies, for a variety of reasons, prefer to have all correspondence sent to a box number — the description may be complete except for the name. These are legitimate ads (in the Wall Street Journal most high salaried jobs are advertised this way), and are worth following, but response from such ads may be a little slower. The ads to avoid are those that are unclear as to the exact nature of the position, offer exciting, glamorous titles not warranted by the job description, or require little background but offer unrealistic rewards. In most cases, the jobs either do not exist, but have been advertised to create a pool of applicants, or the description is written to obscure a really low-level position or undesirable working situation. PERSONAL CONTACTS Ultimately, this is probably your best source. To build a pyramid that can lead to the job you want, start with the most Obvious - family, friends, relatives, professors. Expand this group to include people you may meet during the course of a week in the conduct of your life — neighbors, bankers, doctors, clergymen, storekeepers, members of special interest groups. Let them know that you ' re in the job market, describe your interests and the kind of work you prefer. If each person on your list can provide the name of one other person, the list will multiply rapidly. Continue this method when following up contacts. Ask each one for suggestions about additional people and sources. If you have satisfactory job interviews that did not result in employment, perhaps because there were no immediate openings, ask the interviewer for suggestions about making other contacts. One critical aspect of this process is keeping organized. By whatever method is comfortable for you, maintain a written record of all of your activities and experiences. Keep a list of your contacts and of companies; record the dates of your letters, applications and interviews so you can follow these up at the approp riate time. After each interview, make some notations about your perceptions, the attitude of the interviewer hold other information that may be useful should you choose to-contact the company again. BIBLIOGRAPHY OF CAREER RESOURCES American Council of Independent Laboratories Directory. American Council of Independent Laboratories, Inc. Art Career Guide, Holden, Donald, Watson-Guptill Publications, New York, 1973 Art Direction Buyer ' s Guide of Art and Photography. Annual. New York: Art Direction. Audio Visual Marketplace. R. R. Bowker Company, New York, New York, 1970. Ayer ' s Directory of Newspapers and Periodicals. Annual. Philadelphia: N.W. Ayer Sons, Inc. Bradford ' s Director of Marketing Research Agencies, and Management Consultants in the U.S. and the World. Broadcasting Yearbook, 1975. Broadcasting Publications, Inc., Washington, D.C. California International Business Directory, 3rd Edition, ' The California Department of Commerce, Division of International Trade, Sacramento, California, 1974. California Manufacturers Annual Register, 28th Edition, Times Mirror Press, Los Angeles, California 1975 College Placement Annual. College Placement Council, Inc., Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Annual publication. Directory of American Firms Operating in Foreign Countries, Angel, Juvenal (Editor), 7th Edition Directory and Buyers Guide, Southern California Business Directory and Buyers Guide. Compiled by the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce, Converse, James R. (Editor), Civic Data Corporation, Los Angeles, 1975. Directory of Consumer Protection and Environmental Agencies. Academic Media, Orange, N.J., 1973 Directory of Corporate Affiliations ( " Who Owns Whom " ), National Register Publishing Company, Skokie,111. 1975. Directory of Foreign Firms Operating in the US., Angel, Juvenal (Editor) Directory of Health, Welfare, Vocational and Recreation Services in Los Angeles County. information and Referral Service of Los Angeles County, Inc., 1971 Editor and Publisher International (Yearbook), Editor and Publisher Company, Inc., New York, 1974 Educators Placement Guide, Greenfield, Phyllis 0., National Center for Information on Careers in Education, 1972. Encyclopedia of Associations. Volume I: National Organizations of the U.S., Detroit: Gale Research Company, 1970 Encyclopedia of Business Information Sources. (2 Volumes) Detroit, Michigan: Gale Research Company, 1970 Funk and Scott Index of Corporations and Industries, Predicasts, Inc., Cleveland, Ohio Gebbie House Magazine Directory, 7th Edition, National Research, Burlington, Iowa, 1974 Guide to American Directories, Klein, Bernard (Editor), Eighth Edition, Klein Publications, New York, 1972 Guide to American Educational Directories. Bernard Klein, Second Edition. New York: McGraw-Hill Company Helping Others, A Guide to Selected Social Services Agencies and Occupations, Haimes, Norma, Tire John Day Company, New York, 1974 Industrial Research Laboratories of the U.S. Jecques Catteil Press Edition, New York: R. R. Bowker Company, 1970 Jane ' s Major Companies of Europe, McGraw-Hill Book Company, New York, annual publication Literary Marketplace, R. R. Bowker Company, New York, 1974 1974 National Trade and Professional Associations of the United States (and Labor Unions) Volume 9, Colgate, Craig, Jr. (Editor), Columbia Books, Inc., Washington, D.C., 1974 Poor ' s Register of Corporations, Directors and Executives. Research Centers Directory, Gale Research Company, Detroit, 1968, 3rd Edition. Standard Directory of Advertising Agencies, National Register Publishing Co., Inc., Skokie, Illinois, 1975 The Standard Periodical Directory. Oxbridge Publishing Company, New York, N.Y., 2nd Edition, 1967 Trade Directories of the World, Groner, U.H.E. (Compiler), Croner Publications, Inc., New York West Coast Theatrical Director)), H. M. Gousha Company, San Jose, California, 1974 World Directory of Environmental Research Centers, (2nd Edition), Wilson, William K., Dowd, Morgan, Sholtys, Phyllis, editors, The Oryz Press, Scottsdale, Arizona, 1974 The Writers Handbook, Burack, A.S., The Writers, Inc., Boston, 1972 195 THE LABOR MARKET FOR UCLA ' S 1976 GRADUATES — FACT AND FICTION There is currently a great deal of information being presented by the popular media on the labor market for college graduates. Some of it is very accurate, some of it is very misleading and all of it seems to be anxiety producing. The purpose of this following article is to sort out the facts from the fiction. Question: What is the reality of the labor market and will it be as bad as has been predicted? No! There are currently more Americans working than at any time period in U.S. History. The overall unemployment figure for California remains at an extraordinarily high rate plover 9%, but that represents all occupations. White collar or so-called professional jobs tend to run 3-4 percentage points below the overall unemployment percentage. The large majority of you will predictably be employed in white collar occupations where unemployment is still at a manageable rate. The declines in the number of employment offers you have been readi ng about are mainly only reflective of the on-campus interviews, not overall employment. The oncampus interviews are mostly applicable to the Engineering and Business Administration graduates. In these two areas, even though the number of offers may have declined from last year, graduates are still highly employable. When checking with the Placement and Career Planning Centers of other Los Angeles area colleges, we have discovered that overall employment seems to be on the upswing. These indicators are not intended to predict a boom year for college graduates from all degree levels and majors, but rather a hopeful barometer incheating that most of you will find suitable employment. It will require an extensive and comprehensive job search that may be a number of months in length, but the large majority of graduates will find jobs. Question: Are college graduates really finding jobs, and, if they are, what kinds of jobs? Yes! The UCLA Placement and Career Planning Center conducts an annual survey of all June graduates. It has consistently been the best indicator of employment levels and the types of jobs in which UCLA ' s graduates will be employed in. As of September 1975, the overall job commitment rate of UCLA ' s 1975 graduates was 76.5%. There was a great deal of variation among different degree levels and majors, but, overall, more than three fourths of all graduates found work by September. There is also some evidence, mainly questionnaires returned late, that although Liberal Arts graduates take longer to locate employment, they do find employment. Graduates at the Master ' s level enjoyed an 85.3% employment rate, the Doctorate graduates ' percentile was 84.5 %, with the Bachelor ' s level being lowest at 69.6 The types of organizations in which graduates are employed has a predictable outcome as to the types of jobs. Private industry still remains the largest single type of employer of college graduates. This is true for all degree levels except the teaching credential. A whopping 48.2% of 1975 ' s graduates went to work in private industry. At the Bachelor ' s degree level it was 58.1 %, even though UCLA does not have an undergraduate business major. This may offer you some clues as to where most of the jobs are—in private industry. The largest category of jobs available at the Bachelor ' s and Master ' s degree level are in the Administrative Management Business related areas. Government employment is the second largest employer of college graduates by industry. In Government, as in private industry, most positions arc administrative in nature. This is not to say all of you are committed to administrative jobs in private industry or Government, but rather that this area of administrative jobs will probably be the largest area of available jobs. At the Master ' s and Ph.D. level, there is a high degree of relationship between the major field of study and type of employment. This is particularly true among the professional schools. At the Bachelors degree level, excluding Engineering and the Sciences, the relationship between field of study and employment area is a weak relationship at best. Bachelor degree graduates, as well as many advanced degree graduates, enter a wide range of occupations that may have very little to do with the actual subject content of what they studied. What this says is, those of you in the Liberal Arts have the freedom to pursue an almost endless array of occupations that are of interest to you. Employers still seek unique individuals who possess many qualities, among them, a certain level of education and potential for learning. Question: What kind of salary can I expect? The salary levels you can expect will vary a great deal with the type of position, degree level, section of the country, previous employment, etc. ... The Placement and Career Planning Center has a nationwide survey of salaries available, as well as salary levels for last year ' s UCLA graduates. There is such a broad range of salaries that it is highly advisable to check the average salary for your particular background. From " WHICH NICHE? By Jack Shingleton and Phil Frank ' YOU REALIZE YOUR COLLEGE MADE OF ORIEMAL PHILOSOPHY DOESN ' T TIE IN A WHOLE LOT WITH BUSINESS MACHINES! ' ' I HAD NO IDEA THERE WAS SUCH A SHORTAGE OF ENGINEERS! ' From " WHICH NICHE? by Jack Shingleton and Phil Frank ' FROM THE LOOKS OF YOUR RESUME TOM, YOU HAVEN ' T DONE A WHOLE HECK OF A LOT! ' SAAAY.., YOU MUST BE QUITE A GUY! ' PREPARING A RESUME The resume you prepare is one of the most important tasks that you will undertake in seeking your future career, and definitely deserves your best effort in its preparation. It should reveal all relevant factors that make you unique and desirable to a potential employer. The resume should be the consummation of thought and research related to the kinds of activities and skills you wish to utilize in a particular work environment. Some thoughts you will want to keep in mind in the preparation of your resume arc the following: A resume is often the only means by which an employer may determine who will be invited for an interview and should contain enough pertinent information for that decision to be made. A resume is a vehicle for presenting yourself in the most positive may possible and should not contain any information that could be considered questionable or undesirable. There is no one definite way to organize a resume. Employers prefer to review resumes that are brief, well organized, and neatly typed on 81 2 " x11 " paper. The preferred length is usually one page, with a maximum of no more than three pages. White paper is standard, with manila or other shades acceptable only in unique circumstances. You should review the resume outline or pick up our booklet on how to prepare a resume and then type a rough draft of your own resume. If you have any questions or would like a critique of the draft, bring it to the Intake desk at the Placement and Career Planning Center and a counselor will review it with you. When you have arrived at a desired format, prepare a typed copy for printing. Printing is available on campus in the Printing and Duplicating Service, located in Kerckhoff Hall, room 121. If you are planning an extensive job search, be sure to have an ample supply or resumes printed for use in mailing to prospective employers, as well as for your interviews on and off campus. RESUME OUTLINE Type in neat easy-to-read format on no more than three pages (preferably one). Name Complete Address Area Code and Telephone Numbe r CAREER OBJECTIVE Prepare a concise statement about goals and type of position desired. EDUCATION In reverse chronological order, list the names of the Universities and colleges attended (high school is usually not included), the date of graduation for each, degrees received or expected to receive, degree or -dates of attendance, related course work (or areas of course work you may want to emphasize), and CPA, if significant. Dissertation and thesis topics are also included in this section. HONORS AND AWARDS Academic honors, (Dean ' s list, honor societies), special awards of any kind. (List only if applicable) EXPERIENCE In reverse chronological order, list most recent job first. List dates (month and year), for each position. List the position, name of organization and location (city and state only). Include a description of your responsibilities, tasks performed and any special contributions you may have added to the job. This section may include your full-time, part-time, volunteer, military and any internship experience. A summary statement of part-time and temporary jobs can be included if they are numerous and non-career related. A statement of the percentage of college expenses earned can be included if you were self-supporting or close to it. ACTIVITIES AND INTERESTS Include if related to career objective or reveal something unique about yourself. OTHER BACKGROUND INFORMATION If you have other assets, skills or experiences significant to your career-objective, which are not easily organized or included under another heading, you may want to include them here. PERSONAL DATA Most of the items in this section arc optional. Some of the information you may want to include are: date of birth, marital status (either single or married), citizenship, security clearance. REFERENCES It is not necessary to list references on your resume. Simply state that references are available upon request. ALTERNATIVES TO THE RESUME More people have recently been utilizing alternatives to the resume in job seeking. Such alternatives are often referred to as " tailored letters " , " letters of inquiry " or " letters of application " . Although the formats may vary, the basic content and strategies involved in their utilization are similar. Resumes often function to screen applicants out because of the perceived unrelatedness of the information contained to the actual requirements of the job. Information not specific to the requirements of the job one is applying for may actually serve as " deselectors " in the screening process. Tailored letters may be viewed as " mini-resumes " that are custom built to the particular requirements for a specified position. In addition to minimizing the possibilities of deselection, the tailored letter may generate more interest than the standard resumes. Further information and examples of such letters are available in the Placement and Career Planning Center. 197 THE COVER LETTER A cover letter should always accompany a resume that is being mailed or dropped off to an employer. The cover letter is always typed and usually no longer than one page. A separate cover letter that is written for each job you are applying for is highly preferable to a copy of a standard letter. It is preferable to address a letter to a specific individual in an organization rather than to an anonymous " Personnel Director " or " To Whom It May Concern. " A cover letter serves three basic purposes and is divided into paragraphs accordingly: Opening Paragraph: State the reason for your letter, including the type or job title of the position you are seeking, if possible, and mention how you became aware of the position and or organization. Middle Paragraph (s): Refer to the enclosed resume or application form, and, if feasible, refer to and possibly amplify any facts within it that you particularly want the employer to notice. Include any relevant interpersonal skills that are not mentioned in the resume. Closing Paragraph: Request an interview appointment. Ask that the employer contact you to set a mutually convenient time or suggest that you will call ( " during the following week, " etc.) to set up an appointment. Be positive in your attitude. Expect an appointment. THE JOB INTERVIEW Just as the resume is the key to securing an interview, the interview is regarded as the key to landing a job. It is during these 20 to 30 minutes that many factors will be weighed which may lead to a decision that could exert a significant influence upon the rest of your life. During the initial interview, the interviewer (recruiter) is looking for a Lot of facts in a short amount of time. The purpose is to obtain enough information to decide whether the recruiter wants to accept the applicant as one of the final job candidates. Contrary to what many people may think, the " firm handshake " and " looking the recruiter directly in the eyes " —all behavioral and social techniques designed to convey confidence and facilitate communications—are not by themselves the keys to successful interviewing. A job interview is a subjective and factual communication experience, usually between two people, in which the compatibility of the applicant ' s interests and qualifications are being measured and matched against the job requirements and the recruiter ' s personality. On the objective (factual) side, the applicant must identify his her qualifications, and on the subjective side, the applicant must be able to convey those qualifications, effectively, to the recruiter. How To Get Ready For The Interview Two important words to consider here are " prepare " and " practice. " In order to prepare for the interview, you will have to do some basic, thorough research into 1) yourself, and 2) the organization. A " selfinventory " is a must. Ask yourself— " What kind of a job do I want now?-5 or 10 years from now? " Although interests very often change—look at " peak " experiences you ' ve had in your life when things seemed to be going right. What internal and external factors were operative to create these joyful and successful experiences? Try to identify your skills, achievements, interests—look ' I GUES I COULD BRING MY SALARY DEMAND DOWN A BIT. ' From " WHICH NICHE? " by Jack Shingleton and Phil Frank 198 198 at your educational experiences. What classes did you like and do well in, which ones were less interesting, more difficult? Do the same with previous jobs and extracurricular activities—analyze your strengths and weaknesses. Preparing your own resume will help you discover your interests and qualifications. It will also help you organize them in a logical manner. Remember, your counselor can help you here, too. Ultimately, the self-inventory process should enable you to take into the interview, not a memorized speech about your qualifications, but a " flexibly organized " body of material about yourself, knowing in advance what to discuss with the interviewer. In order to maximize the effective presentation of interests and qualifications, you must know specific information about the employer. It is up to you to demonstrate how your skills, assets, experiences and goals are compatible with the position for which you ' re applying. Some considerations in researching a company are: the nature of the industry or occupational area, the specific job requirements for the position you ' re seeking, the corporate image, policies and philosop hies of the company, product line, size, income, training programs, organizational structure, career paths and promotional opportunities, benefits and job locations. (Is relocation necessary?) In trying to maximize the match between the employers ' requirements and your interests and qualifications, be confident and realize that very few individuals fulfill all the requirements. As long as the basic requirements are met, oftentimes a fifty percent match can produce a wellqualified candidate. Keep in mind that careful and relevant research into the particular job and organization is considered by recruiters to be a good indication of initiative and interest in the employer. Assistance in researching a company can be obtained from brochures and publications available in the Placement and Career Planning Center and Graduate School of Management libraries. As stated earlier, preparation and practice are two key considerations for successful interviewing. To help you practice for the " real thing " , the Placement and Career Planning Center has video-tape equipment to be utilized for individual interview rehearsals with a career counselor. What To Wear Having an appropriate appearance for a job interview is very important. In light of the multi-faceted trends in current fashions, it may seem difficult at times to determine what is " appropriate. " A g ood, general recommendation would be: present a " businesslike " appearance. In most instances, this would mean a coat and tie for men and dresses or pantsuits for women. The Actual Interview Now, you ' ve prepared and practiced, you ' ve got your appearance together, you know where the interview will be held, and when, you ' ve checked to get the correct name and pronunciation of the company and the interviewer. Now what? Make sure you have a copy of your resume in case the recruiter doesn ' t have one yet; check to see if you have a pen and paper in case you want to jot something down after the interview. (Taking notes during the interview can be distracting.) Now get started so you ' ll arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the interview time. As you ' re waiting for the recruiter to call your name, you ' ll probably be a little nervous—this is common and anticipated by most recruiters. It is their job, however, to help make you comfortable so that relevant and honest communication can take place. Review the major questions you may wish to ask in the interview. Remember to emphasize your strengths and not to belabor your weaknesses. Try to be poised, alert and honest. Above all, rely on your own native understanding of social courtesy and common sense, taking your cues from the interviewer at the start. As your name is called, the interviewer will usually introduce himself (or herself as the case may be) and offer a handshake and an invitation to have a seat. It is during these first Few minutes that the recruiter will be responding subjectively to the initial impressions you make as he she tries to establish a rapport with you. The interview will usually move swiftly into the " probing phase. " This is the critical part of the interview wherein the recruiter will attempt to determine what you ' re like. what you want, what you ' ve done, and what you can contribute to the company. In determining what you ' re like, the recruiter is only trying to form a general picture of you, not a deep psychological profile. The ability to communicate with poise, logic, relevancy and purpose are factors in addition to general personality traits (i.e., active or passive, optimistic or negative) and social skills, that will be assessed. A commonly asked opening statement may be " Tell me about yourself. " Don ' t get sidetracked with a rambling biographical sketch of yourself, but rather, re-direct the question by discussing your interests and activities as they are related to the position for which you are applying. The recruiter may be interested in any further educational plans of yours. (If graduate education is not immediately compatible with the interests of the particular job, do not mention it at this point.) This is when you may be asked about your plans for the future. (Where do you expect to be 5 to 10 years from now?) Questions of preferred location may arise. (Are you willing to relocate?) At this time questions about expected salary may also come up. Never quote a set figure, but rather give a salary range. Employers usually know what they will offer you, but may want to see what You think you ' re worth and whether it is realistic. Schedules of salaries currently offered for various occupations, majors and degree levels are available at the Placement and Career Planning Center. Another commonly asked question is " Why are you interested in this company? " In responding to this question, tell why you are interested, first, in that career area or profession, and second, in the particular company or organization. If you ' ve researched thoroughly, then you may note what is particularly innovative, interesting or desirable about the company. Relate your interest to specific experience (work, educational, extra-curricular) or skills that are identifiable. In determining what you ' ve done, most recruiters will use your resume or application form as a guide for questioning. You will be asked about your work experience (paid and volunteer), grades, special interests or training, and extra-curricular activities. This is your opportunity to discuss your qualifications in specific detail, relating them to the requirements of the specific position. If you can effectively describe what you ' ve done in response to the recruiter ' s ultimate query, " What can you contribute to this company? " , then you ' ve achieved your primary purpose for the interview. While delineating your qualifications for the specific job, you should relate your best qualities to something concrete, e.g., " I financed 50% of my college education " is a better statement than " I ' m a hard worker and can carry responsibilities. " Make sure that your good points get across— recruiters will not necessarily kno w them unless you tell them—but do so factually and sincerely, not with arrogance or conceit. Assertiveness is necessary, but do not " oversell " yourself or dominate the interview. If there have been experiences in your past history that may be misinterpreted or potentially damaging if brought to light, be very careful in discussing them. A good rule-of-thumb is: never volunteer information that may be controversial, unless you ' re sure of your ability to convey it effectively or unless you ' ve discussed it first with a counselor. Be honest in your responses, but be very careful. Remember that you also have the right to refuse to answer questions that may be inappropriate or irrelevant to the job interview. In general, avoid any negative self-evaluations, display positive attitudes and sincerity in your responses. Typically, after having made some basic assessments of your qualifications, the recruiter will begin to see if the company has a job area that would match your interests. Meanwhile, if the recruiter feels you would be a highly desirable employee, he she may attempt to " sell " the merits of his organiza- 199 tion and see just how much interest you evidence. After talking about the organization and particular positions available, the recruiter will usually ask if yon have any questions. If you ' ve prepared ahead of time, you may have some relevant questions to ask, or perhaps you may ask the recruiter to explain further some things that were covered only briefly, either in the company brochure or in the recruiter ' s presentation to you. In any case, it is wise to demonstrate your interest and have at least a couple of meaningful questions to ask. As the interview draws to a close, the recruiter may ask if you have anything to add or discuss, then simply re-state your interest in the position, and thank the interviewer for his her time and consideration, recruiter will usually indicate to you if there will be further communication. Thank you notes are optional and further contacts with the recruiter usually occur only if you are under active considerat ion. If so, you can expect an invitation to a second interview, probably at a company location. You may also be asked to provide additional information (such as college transcripts, etc.). The Second Interview If you were successful in your initial interview, you probably will be invited For a second interview. This would involve a personal visit to a plant or home office. If extensive travel or an overnight stay is involved. keep your receipts, for many employers will reimburse reasonable expenses incurred. During this interview, job responsibilities would be discussed with other personnel of the organization. A tour might be included, with a chance to observe the company operations and to see if your interest and qualifications match those of the company and the people with whom you would be working. Occasionally, testing, if required, will be conducted. Since most applicants who are invited for employer visits usually receive job offers, accept the visit only if you are sincerely interested. From WHICH NICHE? " by Jack Shingleton and Phil Frank FIFTY QUESTIONS ASKED BY EMPLOYERS DURING THE INTERVIEW WITH COLLEGE SENIORS 1. What are your long range and short range goals and objectives, when and why did you establish these goals and how are you preparing yourself to achieve them? 2. What specific goals, other than those related to your occupation, have you established for yourself for the next 10 years? 3. What do you see yourself doing five years from now? 4. What do you really want to do in life? 5. What are your long range career objectives? 6. How do you plan to achieve your career goals? 7. What are the most important rewards you expect in your business career? 8. What do you expect to be earning in five years? 9. Why did you choose the career for which you are preparing? 10. Which is more important to you, the money or the type of job? 11. What do you consider to be your greatest strengths and weaknesses? 12. How would you describe yourself? 13. How do you think a friend or professor who knows you well would describe you? 14. What motivates you to put forth your greatest effort? 15. How has your college experience prepared you for a business career? 16. Why should I hire you? 17. What qualifications do you have that make you think that you will be successful in business? 18. How do you determine or evaluate success? 19. What do you think it takes to be successful in a company like ours? 20. In what ways do you think you can make a contribution to our company? 21. What qualities should a successful manager possess? 22. Describe the relationship that should exist between a supervisor and those reporting to him or her. 23. What two or three accomplishments have given you the most satisfaction? Why? 24. Describe your most rewarding college experience. 25. If you were hiring a graduate for this position, what qualities would you look for? 26. Why did you select your college or university? 27. What led you to choose your field or major study? 28. What college subjects did you like best? Why? 29. What college subjects did you like least? Why? 30. If you could do so, how would you plan your academic study differently? Why? 31. What changes would you make in your college or university? Why? 32. Do you have plans for continued study? An advanced degree? 33. Do you think that your grades are a good indication of your academic achievement? 34. What have you learned from participation in extra-curricular activities? 35. In what kind of a work environment are you most comfortable? 36. How do you work under pressure? 37. In what part-time or summer jobs have you been most interested? Why? 38. How would you describe the ideal job for you following graduation? 39. Why did you decide to seek a position with this company? 40. What do you know about our company? 41. What two or three things are most important to you in your job? 42. Are you seeking employment in a company of a certain size? Why? 43. What criteria are you using to evaluate the company for which you hope to work? 44. Do you have a geographical preference? Why? 45. Will you relocate? Does relocation bother yo u? 46. Are you willing to travel? 47. Are you willing to spend at least six months as a trainee? 48. Why do you think you might like to live in the community in which our company is located? 49. What major problem have you encountered and how did you deal with it? 50. What have you learned from your mistakes? -1975 Endicott Report- 200 UCLA PLACEMENT AND CAREER PLANNING CENTER The Placement and Career Planning Center consists of a central office which houses the Career Development Unit, the Student Job Information Unit, and the Campus Interview Program. In addition, there are three satellite offices that serve the unique needs of the schools they represent. The central office is located in Building 1G at the top of Bruin Walk (or possibly in early summer 1976 a new facility, currently under construction, directly adjacent to Building IG). STUDENT JOB INFORMATION UNIT Are you looking for part-time or temporary work to help defray the costs of your college education? Then, the Student Job Information Unit can be of service to you. We receive 30-70 job listings daily from employers throughout the Los Angeles area (particularly from those near campus) and from academic and service departments throughout the UCLA Campus. These listings are made available continuously for students to review throughout each day. In addition, a staff of student employment representatives is available to assist you, in your job search efforts, should special help be desired. WHAT ABOUT THE JOBS THAT ARE AVAIL ABLE? An increasing number of career-related opportunities are being developed through personal staff visits with and special mailings to potential employers. However, the majority of the opportunities received are in the categories of clerical, food service and general labor jobs. Working hours range from 15-30 hours per week for part-time jobs and 40 hours per week for full-time summer and holiday opportunities. Generally, the part-time hours are flexible and can be arranged to fit around class schedules. Salaries range from minimum wage, $2.30 per hour, for unskilled jobs to $5.00 or more an hour for positions requiring special academic preparation and work experience. In addition: (1) Temporary work and tutoring opportunities are made available to students who do not wish t he commitment of a regular part-time job. These students set their own rates of pay and work at their own convenience. (Note: Only juniors, seniors and graduate students with a 3.0 or better grade point average may qualify as tutors.) (2) Room and board in exchange for work and commission sales public files are maintained. (3) Lists of students interested in occasional child care are compiled quarterly for distribution to the public upon request. WHO IS ELIGIBLE? Currently enrolled undergraduate and graduate students of the University of California. Spouses of currently enrolled undergraduate and graduate students of the University of California. Undergraduate and graduate students of the University of California, who were enrolled during the previous quarter. Recent graduates of the University of California—one quarter following graduation. WHAT IS THE PROCEDURE? Job descriptions and requirements are posted several times daily in the lobby area for you to review. Contact information may be obtained after your student status has been verified and you have been screened for the minimum job requirements. To verify your student status, simply present your current registration card, previous quarter ' s registration card, or letter of acceptance, whichever is appropriate, to the reception area staff. Foreign students must also present a work permit issued by the Foreign Student Office. WHAT ARE MY CHANCES OF FINDING A PART-TIME OR VACATION JOB? Recent studies indicate that a successful job search requires persistence and regular review of the posted job listings. In addition, job seekers who have 3 to 4 hour blocks of free time available daily, have reliable transportation, and are flexible in their choice of job opportunities have a much greater chance of finding a job within a 1 to 3 week period. SATELLITE OFFICES EDUCATIONAL CAREER SERVICES The Educational Career Services Office, ECS, located in the Math-Science Building, Room 4223, provides career assistance to those seeking elementary and secondary teaching careers, community college (2-year college), and four-year college and university teaching or administrative positions. ENGINEERING AND PHYSICAL SCIENCES DIVISION The Engineering and Physical Sciences Division of the Placement and Career Planning Center is located in 7420A Boelter Hall for the convenience of students and alumni in Engineering, Physics, Math and Chemistry. Its purpose is to assist students and alumni in these fields with career planning and job placement. THE GRADUATE SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT DIVISION The Graduate School of Management Division of the Placement and Career Planning Center exists to assist students and alumni of the Graduate School of Management (GSM) in their efforts to locate challenging and responsible positions. It is operated in association with GSM and extends a full-range of career counseling and placement services. From " WHICH NICHE? ' by Jack Shingleton and Phil Frank ' OUR SON – WHERE DID WE FAIL HIM? ' 201 202 OUTSTANDING SENIORS The following outstanding seniors were selected by the UCLA Alumni Association Lindsay Conner Pacific Palisades, Ca. RA — Political Science Linas Kojelis Santa Monica, Ca. BA — History Economics John Sciarra Alhambra, Ca. BA — Sociology Victor Wong Monterey Park, Ca. BS — Gen. Chemistry 203 A Jason Abber Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Biology Zvia Abbott Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Anthropology Douglas Abendroth Tustin, Ca. BA-Poli. Sci. Gerard Abrams Pacific Palisades, Ca. BS-Geology Greg Abrams Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Communication Studies Denise Abramson San Francisco, Ca. BA-Communication Studies Alan Adams Van Nuys, Ca. BA-Economies Craig Adler Mission Hills, Ca. BA-Biology Daniel Aguilera Thermal, Ca. BA-Spanish Paula Aldridge Toluca Lake, Ca. BA-History Cindy Robin Alexander Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Economics Reynold T. Alford Los Angeles, Ca. BA-History Julie Allen Newport Beach, Ca. BA-Sociology Stephen Aller Santa Monica, Ca. BA-Communication Studies Bonitace Maria Jose Alves California BA-Portuguese Thomas Amabile Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Biology Barbara Anderson Roswell, N. Mex. BA-English Brad Anderson Fremont, Ca. BS-Biology Rodney Carl Anderson San Gabriel, Ca. BA-Sociology Victoria J. Anderson Cedar Glen, Ca. BA-Poli Sci Warner Anderson Altadena, Ca. BA-Sociology Janet Andrews Newport Beach, Ca. BS-Kinesiology Larry Anduha Playa Del Rey, Ca. BA-Economics Walter Richard Anglada West Los Angeles, Ca. BA-History Ifeanyichukwu Aniebo Los Angeles, Ca. BA-English 204 Graduates Bachelors Robert Anker Sherman Oaks, Ca. BA-Economics Norma Anspach Maplewood. N.J. BA-Biology Linda Antablin Santa Ana, Ca. BA-Music Antonio Antonio Los Angeles, Ca. BS-Chem Engineering Thomas Aoki Long Beach, Ca. BA-Psychobiology Barry Appel Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Poli Sci. Armando Aquino Los Angeles, Ca. BS-Math Computer Science Timothy Arlen Pasadena, Ca. BA-Biology Lynne Arnold Los Angeles, Ca. BS-Biochemistry Gary Aronson Dulzura, Ca. BA-Economics Bonnie Jean Asada San Diego, Ca. BA-Sociology Carol Asada San Diego, Ca. BA-Psychobiology Edward Atlas San Jose, Ca. BA-Geography Ramin Azad Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Psychology Edekobi Azubuike Los Angeles, Ca. BS-Engineering 205 B Beverly Baba Northridge, Ca. BA- Psychology Jan Baker Orinda. Ca. BS-Kinesiology Joette Baker Westlake Village, Ca. BA- Psychology Karen Baker Van Nuys, Ca. BS-Biology Lorita Bank Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Psychobiology Marcia Bankes Northridge, Ca. BA-English Alvaro Barake Los Angeles, Ca. BS-Engineering Gloria Baran Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Communication Studies Stanley S. Barchan, III Arcadia, Ca. BA-Psychology Woodrow Barfield, Jr. Oceanside, Ca. BA-Psychology Marcia Bargueiras Glendale. Ca. BA-Spanish Grant Bartholomew Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Psychology Thierry Barkley Reseda, Ca. BA-Poli Sci Pablo Barrera Fallbrook, Ca. BA-Spanish Lisa Barocas Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Sociology Michael P. Bartolic Newport Beach, Ca. BA-History Richard Barone Granada Hills, Ca. BA-Poli Sci Cheryl Bascom North Hollywood, Ca. BA-Linguistics Sheree Barthoff Beverly Hills, Ca. BA-Biology Ronald Bates Santa Monica, Ca. BA-English Anna Goldie Baum San Francisco, Ca. BA-Basic Studies in Disease Processes Barry Baumgardner Menlo Park, Ca. BA-Economics Roberto Beaton Glendale, Ca. BA-Biology Doron Becker Los Angeles, Ca. BS-Biochemistry Richard Becker Inglewood, Ca. BS-Engineering 206 Deborah Lee Beckwith Newport Beach. Ca. BS-Kinesiology Cynthia Berger Atherton, Ca. BA-Psychology Betty Bell Altadena, Ca. BA-Poli Sci Clarissa M. Bell Los Angeles, Ca. BA- History Jonathan G. Belzer Culver City, Ca. BA-Poli Sci Rochelle L. Benbenisty Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Communication Studies Jim Benfer, Jr. Rolling Hills, Ca. BA-Poli Sci Comm. Studies Dale Bengston Arleta, Ca. BS-Biochemistry Gloria Benjamin Encino, Ca. BA-Psychology Robert Bennett Pasadena. Ca. BA-Poli Sci David G. Bergeson West Los Angeles, Ca. BS-Psychology Wendy Berry Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Music Peter Berson Newhall, Ca. BA-History Larry Berger Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Economics Ken Berg Monte Sereno, Ca. BA-English Janice Karen Bickel Glendale, Ca. BA-Econ. English Larry Bickford Lincoln, Ca. BS-Math Computer Elizabeth Biderman Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Spanish Douglas Birnie Downey, Ca. BA-Economics Mona Bishara Sherman Oaks, Ca. BA-French Gary Bishop San Gabriel, Ca. BS-Biochemistry Gary Black Monte Sereno, Ca. BA-Geography Sandra Black Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Communication Studies Bonnie J. Blair Calabasas, Ca. BA-Economics Charlotte M. Bland Inglewood, Ca. BA-Economics 207 Marcia Blanke Rolling Hills Estates, Ca. BA-Sociology Gary Blankstein Whittier, Ca. BA-Psychobiology Thomas Blanton Santa Ana, Ca. BA-Economics Poli Sci Richard Blay Corona, Ca. BA-Poli Sci Mark Bleiweis Encino, Ca. BA-Psychology Richard Anthony Bocci Millbrae, Ca. BA-Economics Ann Marie Bonicelli Los Altos, Ca. BA-Communication Studies Cynthia A. Bonner Glendale, Ca. BA-Biology William Joseph Bonner, III Santa Monica, Ca. BA-English Susan Bony Palos Verdes Estates, Ca. BS-Public Health Joyce Boone Los Angeles, Ca. BS-Biochemistry Raymond Boone Van Nuys, Ca. BA-Economics Dawn Bostic Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Design Bruce Bothwell Long Beach, Ca. BA-History Michael Bowles Pacific Palisades, Ca. BA-Sociology Charlotte J ulianne Bowlin Altadena, Ca. BA-Anthropology Mayme Ann Boyd Pacoima, Ca. BA-English Susan Brady Ontario, Ca. BA-English Janet Bragg Pasadena, Ca. BA-French Ruth Bragg Compton, Ca. BA-Sociology Miles H. Bresee, III Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Economics Kim Braun Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Economics Robert Breilh Oakland, Ca. BA-Poli Sci Bruce Braun Yonkers, New York BA-Psychology Sandra Branson La Canada, Ca. BA-Philosophy 208 Lauchlin E. Briggs Studio City, Ca. BA-Spanish Joel Brill Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Biology Kathleen Brodersen La Canada, Ca. BA-History Betty Brodie Los Angeles, Ca. BA-History William Brogan Oxnard, Ca. BA-Mathematics Alan Broidy N. Hollywood, Ca. BA-Poli Sci Jerry Bronner Los Angeles. Ca. BS-Poli Sci Elliot A. Bronstein Venice, Ca. BA-Philosophy Steven Brower Corona Del Mar. Ca. BA-Poli Sci Garry L. Brown Santa Ana, Ca. Sci Harmon Brown Northridge. Ca. BA-Economics Poli Sci Bruce Brownlee Sierra Madre, Ca. BA-Int ' l Relations Askiel Bruno Los Angeles, Ca. BS-Biochemistry Paul Buchberg Los Angeles, Ca. BA- Philosophy Emerson Buckhalter Pasadena, Ca. BA-Biology Grant Burdick Arcadia, Ca. BA-Biology Stephen Burns Burbank, Ca. BA-English Donald F. Burr, Jr. Lindsay, Ca. BA-Geography Grady Burt Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Econ. Sociology Steven Burton Woodland Hills, Ca. BA-Economics C Rhonda Clare Byer Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Soc. Education Karen Caldwell Los Angeles, Ca. BA-History Bernadette Cynthia Calhoun Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Sociology Edward Calkins Woodland Hills. Ca. BS-Biochemistry 209 Diego Cardoso Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Latin Amer. Studies Poli Sci Diana Jean Carloni Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Spanish Portuguese Dan Carnell Reseda, Ca. BA-Music Flora Peters Carter Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Sociology Ronald Carter Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Poli Sci Rose Carter Palmdale, Ca. BA-Biology Francisco Casado Montebello, Ca. BA-Psychology Randolph Case Encino, Ca. BA-Geography Carmen Castillo San Marino, Ca. BA-Biology Christine Castro Ontario, Ca. BA-Spanish Nancy Caton San Francisco, Ca. BA-History Alexandre Cazazian Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Poli Sci Delfina Cervantes San Gabriel, Ca. BA-English Betty Chan Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Economics Mi-Yee Chan Los Angeles, Ca.. BA-Bacteriology Jaemin Chang Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Economics Ruby Chang Monterey Park, Ca. BA-Psych. Sociology Daniel Chapman N. Hollywood, Ca. BA-Mathematics Gary Charlton Diamond Bar, Ca. BA-Math Geography Amy Chau Placentia, Ca. BS- Psy chology Ramesh Chaudry Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Psychology David Cherniss Hemet, Ca. BA-Psychology Stella Chew San Mateo, Ca. BA-Design Heidi Chin Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Bacteriology Betty Chow Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Chinese 210 Lonni Clarke Thousand Oaks, Ca. B.A-History James Ciglan Hawthorne, Ca. BA- Psychology Sandra Chu Los Angeles, Ca. BS-Math Computer Science Liza Chow Los Angeles, Ca. BA- Psychology Alison Christen San Mateo, Ca. BA-English Maureen Coady Northridge, Ca. BA-Mathematics Debra Cohen Van Nuys, Ca. BA-Design Adrienne Cole Rochester, New York BA-Psychology Kevin Coleman Northridge. Ca. BA-History Linda Coleman Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Sociology John Collet, Jr. Ventura, Ca. BA-Bacteriology Debra Colletti Saratoga, Ca. BA-History John B. Cologne San Diego, Ca. BA-Biology Michael Alii Colton Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Economics Phillip Combest Divide. Colorado BA-Economics James Beynon Conner, Jr. Santa Barbara, Ca. BS-Gen. Chemistry Stephen Connors Canoga Park, Ca. BS-Kinesiology Mark Constant Inglewood, Ca. BA-Poli Sci Ken Contini N. Hollywood. Ca. BS-Kinesiology Elin K. Cook El Segundo, Ca. BA-Art History Richard Cook Redlands, Ca. BA-Economics Cathleen Cooper Santa Ana, Ca. BA-Bacteriology Janice Cooper Los Angeles, Ca. BS-Sociology Sharon Corben Marina Del Rey, Ca. BA-Economics Pamela Cordova Beverly Hills, Ca. BA-Theater Arts 211 Karen Corwin Beverly Hills, Ca. BA-Communication Studies Nancy Costa La Crescenta, Ca. BS-Cybernetics Sally Cote San Diego, Ca. BA-Ethnic Arts Lili Nanine Covington San Diego, Ca. BA-English Edward Cowan Honolulu. HI. BS-Kinesiology Marilyn Cowan Los Angeles. Ca. BS-Public Health Jane Craig Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Biology D Melinda Crane Pasadena, Ca. BA-Mathematics Barbara Craver Los Angeles, Ca. BA-French Susan Crawford Van Nuys, Ca. BA-Sociology Patricia Crost Woodland Hills, Ca. BA-Psychology Julie Crothers Thousand Oaks, Ca. BA-Sociology Terri Cuen Alhambra, Ca. BA-Psychology Anthony Cueva Los Angeles. Ca. BA-Economics Michael Cully Venice, Ca. BS-Biochemistry Judith Curry Inglewood, Ca. BA-Art History Peggy daSilva San Francisco, Ca. BS-Public Health Marva Curry Santa Monica, Ca. BS-Sociology Gary Hans Dahl Mar Vista, Ca. BA-Psychology Michael Cveyich Los Angeles, Ca. BA-English Kathryn Dailey Whittier, Ca. BA-Linguistics Selig Cynman Los Angeles, Ca. BS-Bioche mistry Bob D ' Angelo Los Angeles, Ca. BS- Kinesiology Antoinette Daniels Marina Del Rey, Ca. BA-Psychobiology 212 Mary Daniels Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Biology Willie Darby, Jr. Los Angeles, Ca. BS-Poli Sci Cynthia Davidson Simi Valley, Ca. BA-PSGA Heidi Davis Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Biology Juanita N. Davis Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Sociology Kim Davis Van Nuys, Ca. BA-Economics Sarah Davis Inglewood, Ca. BA-History Christine Dawson Redondo Beach, Ca. BA-Spanish Linda Dawson Newport Beach, Ca. BA-Ling. Spanish Virginia deLorimier Pebble Beach, Ca. BA-Design Sheryl Deems La Jolla, Ca. BA-Design Ronald Defibaugh Gardena, Ca. BA-Economics Kimberly Adair Delane Westlake Village, Ca. BA-Biology Linda Delao Long Beach, Ca. BA-Sociology George delCastillo N. Hollywood, Ca. BA-Latin American Studies Marc Dellins N. Hollywood, Ca. BA-Poli Sci Jack DeMartinis Los Angeles, Ca. BS-Economics Andrew Demetriou Sherman Oaks, Ca. BA-Economics Derek Derdivanis Salinas, Ca. BA-Poli Sci John Dermand Canoga Park, Ca. BS-H istory Dennis Devine El Monte, Ca. BA-Psychology Ann Diamond Santa Monica, Ca. BA-Biology Leonard Diaz San Gabriel, Ca. BS- Kinesiology John Diemer Newport Beach, Ca. BA-History Italia Dito Norwalk, Ca. BA-Italian Secial Fields 213 Steve Dixon Dallas, Tex. BA-Theater Arts Claudia Dorman Woodland Hills, Ca. BA-Communication Studies Richard Dorval Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Biology Laurie Doumakes Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Economics James Dowda Van Nuys, Ca. BS-Kinesiology Susan Louise Down San Diego, Ca. BA-Economics Scott Downie Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Economics Rayvette Drawn Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Sociology Ralph Drollinger La Mesa, Ca. BA-Geog. Ecosystems Edmond Ducommun Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Psychobiology Roger S. Duff Torrance, Ca. BS-Elec. Engineering Roberta Duncan Glendale, Ca. BA-Spanish Laura Duran Paramount, Ca. BA-Spanish Charmaine Durda Santa Ana, Ca. BA-Psychology Reginald Joe Durham Hollywood, Ca. BS Poli.Sci E Eva Duvall Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Sociology Pamela Easter Burbank, Ca. BA-Poli Sci Linda Eastman Westminster, Ca. BA Poli Sci Julianne Easton Hacienda Heights, Ca. BA-Psychology Edward Efron Menlo Park, Ca. BA-Psychology Judith Ann Eisenberg Los Angeles, Ca. BA-History Trudy Eiwen Glendale, Ca. BA-German Farouk El-Ansari West Los Angeles, Ca. BS-Chem. Engineering Marvin Elder, Jr. Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Poli Sci 214 Steve Elmer Canoga Park, Ca. BA-Industrial Design Carlo Elnakat Fiih Elkoura, Lebanon BS-Struc. Engineering Ghassan El-Nakat Fiih El-Koura, Lebanor BS-Civil Engineering Henry Empenio, Jr. National City, Ca. B.A-Poli Sci John Emry Lake Oswego, Or. BA-Economics Emma H. Encinas Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Spanish Carol Endow Los Angeles, Ca. BS-Public Health Diatetics Andrew C. Epple Downey, Ca. BA-Geography Terry J. Erdmann Los Angeles, Ca. BA-English Elke Shushana Ereshefsky Culver City, Ca. BA-PSGA Michael Erickson West Covina, Ca. BA-Theater Arts Sandra Essex Zionsville, Indiana BA-Economics Bahram Etemad Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Economics Joan Evans West Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Design Nathaniel Evans Malibu, Ca. BA-Psychology F Jim Everett Torrance, Ca. BS-Kinesiology BA-Poli Sci Linnette Fagent Playa Del Rey, Ca. B.S.-Kinesiology Nancy Fainbarg Newport Beach, Ca. BA-Sociology Elmer L. Falk, Jr. Van Nuys, Ca. BA-Poli Sci Keith Farrell W. Los Angeles, Ca. BS-Geology William Farrer Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Anthropology Firooz Farzad Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Economics Collin Fat Sacramento, Ca BS-Kinesiology Irwin Feinberg Pacific Palisades, Ca. BA-History 215 Michael Feinman Woodland Hills, Ca. BS-Biochemistry Sari Fenton Pacific Palisades, Ca. BA-Psychology Herbert Fenwyck Los Angeles, Ca. BA-History Maryann Feo Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Sociology Jill Ferguson Hidden Hills, Ca. BA-Sociology Bruce Fernandez Walnut Creek, Ca. BS-Biochemistry Linda Lee Fernandez Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Theater Arts Santiago Fernandez Palm Desert, Ca. BA-Poli Sci Soc. Michael Festa Santa Monica, Ca. BA-Economics Sammy Feuerlicht Los Angeles, Ca. BS-PH Gen. Albert Fiedler Los Angeles, Ca. BS-Biochemistry Barbara Fisher Culver City,Ca. BA-English Lit. Sheila Field Van Nuys, Ca. BA-Theatre Arts Jill Fisher Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Sociology John Finkenherg Sunnyvale, Ca. BS-Psychobiology Steven A. Fisher Riverside, Ca. BA-Economics Martin Fink Bonita, Ca. BA-Bacteriology Keven Flammer Sepulveda, Ca. BA-Biology Diane Maura Fishburn Los Angeles. Ca. BA-English Catherine Flanigan Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Economics Kathleen Flannery Salinas, Ca. BA-Sociology Ruth Ellen Fleming Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Math Stephen Fleschler Chatsworth, Ca. BA-PoliSci Rogelio R. Flores Santa Maria, Ca. BS-Poli Sci Terry Flores Los Angeles, Ca. BA-History 216 Mark Flory Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Poli Sci Elmer L. Flye Inglewood, Ca. BA-Hum, Ser. Linda Fodor Houston, Texas BA-Anthropology Evan Fong Monterey Park, Ca. BA-English Maria Fordero Los Angeles, Ca. BA-French Berengere Forstall Santa Monica, Ca. BA-Spanish Valerie Anne Foster Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Poli Sci Gary Fox Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Biology Norman Frame Corona del Mar, Ca. BA-History Rita Ann Spizzirri Frantz Studio City, Ca. BA-Art History Armando Franco Pasadena, Ca. B.S- Poli Sci Dory Frank Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Poli Sci Laura Frank Los Angeles, Ca. BS-Public Health Ileen Frankel Fresno, Ca. BA-Psychology Harlean Franklin Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Sociology James Fraser Irvine, Ca. BA-Poli Sci Valorie Frederick Danville. Ca. BA-English Robin Freeman Pacific Palisades, Ca. BA-Sociology Vicki E. Freeman Marina del Rey, Ca. BA-Art Design Norman E. Frey San Pedro, Ca. BA-Economics Patrick A. Frey Torrance, Ca. BA-Economics Ron Frezieres Granada Hills, Ca. BA- Biology Kenneth Frieda Cypress, Ca. BA-Economics Dennis Frisman Torrance, Ca. BS-Biochemistry John Fuchs Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Poli Sci 217 Robin Fujn Gardena, Ca. BA-Economics Susan Fujikawa Los Angeles, Ca. BA-History Sharlene Fukuhara West Los Angeles, Ca. BS-Economics Sharon Fukuhara Anaheim Hills. Ca. BA-Psychology George Funk Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Poli Sci G Lawrence J. Funk Long Beach, Ca. BA-Biology Bruce M. Gale Marina del Rey, Ca. BA-Psychology Lory Furse W. Hollywood, Ca. BA-English Susan Gallego Commerce, Ca. BA-Psychology Linda Gach Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Sociology Raynald Gallego Seaside, Ca. BA-Sociology Evelyn Gadia Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Bacteriology Rudy Garcia San Pedro, Ca. BA-History John A. Gaidelis, Jr. Granada Hills, Ca. BS-Elec. Engineering Linda Garrett Compton, Ca. BA-Economics Craig Garris EI Cajon, Ca. BA-French Paul Gautreau West Covina, Ca. BA-Philosophy Marla Gelman Woodland Hills, Ca. BA-Communication Studies Anneliese Gerl Santa Monica, Ca. B.A.-German Libby Helen Getz San Francisco, Ca. BA-Sociology Rayed Ghali Beverly Hills, Ca. BA-Poli Sci James Gibson Venice. Ca. BS-Mathematics Diana Gigante Woodland Hills, Ca BS-Physics Clifford Gilbert Sherman an Oaks, Ca. BA-Communications (Honors) Marilyn Gilbert Woodland Hills, Ca. BA-Poli Sci 218 Michael Gilden Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Poli Sci Phyllis Gilmore Torrance. Ca, BA-English Janice Givich Sunnyvale, Ca. BA-Psychology Belinda Glatstein Encino, Ca. BA-Poli Sci Diane Glimp Newman, Ca. BA-Psychology Brad Globe Beverly Hills. Ca. BA-Poli Sci Ronald Eric Glousman Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Biology Frederic Alfred Golchan Beverly Hills, Ca. BA-Economics David Goldberg Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Bacteriology Mark Gregory Goldberg Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Poli Sci Wendy Lyn Goldberg Campbell, Ca. BA-Sociology Wilma Golden Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Sociology Nora Goldenberg Anaheim, Ca. BA-Psychology Arlene Goldfarb Lakewood, Ca. BA-Sociology David E. Goldman Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Poli Sci Lewis Goldstein West Los Angeles, Ca. BA-MP TV Steven Gomez Colton, Ca. BA-Linguistics Lucy S. Gonda Beverly Hills, Ca. BA-Dance Therapy Xavier Gonzales Newbury Park, Ca. BS-Poli Sci Dean B. Goodfellow Canoga Park, Ca. BA-Economics Gary Goodman Woodland Hills. Ca. BA-Biology K Louis Goodman Susanville, Ca. BA-Biology Elke Gordon Santa Monica, Ca. BA-Linguistics Steven W. Goss Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Biology Karin J. Gettheiner San Jose, Ca. BA-Sociology 219 Alan Gottlieb Beverly Hills. Ca. BA-Soc. Urban Studies Phyllis Gould Bellingham, Washington BA-Sociology Annamarie Grana Los Angeles, Ca. BS-Math. Computer Sci. Scott Grandi Los Angeles, Ca. BA-History Susan Grant Studio City, Ca. BA-Economics Karen Graumann Moraga, Ca. BS-Kinesiology Felicia Grays Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Poli Sci Patricia Greaney Van Nuys, Ca. BS- Kinesiology Abe Green Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Biology Betty Green Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Black Studies Charles Green Malibu. Ca. BA-English Kathleen Green W. Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Math Computer Sci. Rickey Green Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Poli Sci Stephen Greenberg Los Angeles, Ca. BS-Biochemistry Laura Joy Greene Santa Monica, Ca. BA-Sociology Peter Greenwald Sherman Oaks. Ca. BA-Economics Hope Sandra Gribow Santa Monica, C a. BA-Sociology Jos eph Grieco Rolling Hills Est., Ca, BA-Psychobiology Kristene Griffin Northridge, Ca. BA-History Toni Jeanne Griggs Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Communication Studies Robert Grosfeld Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Poli Sci Ann L. Grubensky Woodland Hills, Ca BA-French Todd Grubin Orinda, Ca. BS-Engineering Michele Gurrola Studio City, Ca. BA-Communication Studies Patricia Hogsett Gurganus Canoga Park. Ca. BA-Theater Arts 220 Patricia Gutierrez Whittier, Ca. BA-Poli Sci Theresa Hagan Northridge, Ca. BA-Sociology Carole Lynn Hall Brentwood, Ca. BS-Biology Donald Hall Los Alamitos, Ca. BA-Poli Sci Michele Hamilton Bakersfield, Ca. BA-English Edward Hamlin Pittsburgh, Pa. BA-English Georgeann Hand La Canada, Ca. BA-Poli Sci Beverly Hanes San Clemente, Ca. BA-Economics Kathy Hank San, Jose, Ca. BA-Biology Margaret Hannum Sunnyvale. Ca. BS-Kinesiology Christina L. Hanson Whittier, Ca. BA-Art History Nels Hanson Los Angeles, Ca. BA-English Jay Hargis Potterille, Ca. BA-History Jill Harmatz Long Beach, Ca. BA-Sociology Ann Mainwaring Hannon Whittier, Ca. BA-French Frances M. Harvey Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Sociology James G. Harvey San Jose, Ca. BA-Economics Wendy Harvey Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Economics Terry Haugen Moraga, Ca. BS-Kinesiology Joseph Haydel Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Poli Sci Geraldine Hayes Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Theater Arts Ann Heck Riverside, Ca. BS-Mathematics Vernon Hee Honolulu, Hawaii BA-Bacteriology Eric Hcinzelman West Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Art History 221 John Hernandez San Gabriel, Ca. BA-Poli Sci Richard Herrera Los Angeles, Ca. BS- Psychobiology Norbert Herzog Glendale, Ca. BA-Bacteriology Gregory Higson Downey, Ca. BA-Economics Mary Beth Hildebrand Fullerton. Ca. BA-History Randy Hill Los Angeles, Ca. BS-Kinesiology Sandra Hill Los Gatos. Ca. BA-Art History David Hilleary Atherton, Ca. BA-Economics Richard W. Hintz Anaheim. Ga. BA-History JanetHiraoka Monterey Park, Ca. BA-Design Karen Hochstrasser Long Beach, Ca. BS-Geology Denise Hodges Oakland, Ca. BA-Communication Studies Gary L. Hofer Granada Hills, Ca. BA-Liberal Studies Vivian Hofman Beverly Hills, Ca. BA-Sociology Wendy Hoffman Woodland Hills, Ca. BA-English Diane Holdich Long Beach, Ca. TESL Cert. Marla Holland Beverly Hills, Ca. BA-Art History Sybil E. Holland Inglewood, Ca. BA-Human Services James Hollander Pacific Palisades, Ca. BA-Geography Shelley Hollenbeck Palm Desert, Ca. BS-Kincsiology Susan Holliday Westlake Village, Ca. BA-Music Susan Honda Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Mathematics Fujiaki Hondo Hokkaido, Japan TESL Cert. Mona Hong Foster City, Ca. BA-Design Mary-Ellen Hooten Poway, Ca. BA-Theater Arts 222 Susan Hoover Solana Beach, Ca. BS- Kinesiology Marilyn Hopkins Northridge, Ca. BA- Music Dennis Horwitz Los Angeles, Ca. BS-Elec. Engineering Howard Horwitz Canoga Park, Ca. BA-Psychology Lawrence Horwitz Northridge, Ca. BA-Poli Sci Thad Howard Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Psychology Lisa M. Howard Santa Monica, Ca. BA-Poli Sci Robert Howells Arroyo Grande, Ca. BA-English Donna Hoyt No. Hollywood, Ca. BA-Psychology David Hubbard, Jr. Carson, Ca. BA-Sociology Valerie Huber So. Pasadena, Ca. BA-Sociology Ronald Hudson Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Theater Arts Cindy Hull El Segundo, Ca. BA-Psychology David Humiston Marina, Ca. BA-Economics Robert Humphrey Los Angeles, Ca. BS-Sociology I James Hyun Rosemead, Ca. BS-Chemistry Pam Husband Van Nuys, Ca. BA-Poli Sci Joyce Hurley Long Beach, Ca. BS-Economics Lucinda W. Hurst Whittier, Ca. BA-Philosophy Albert Iamele Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Economics Harvmi Ida Gardena, Ca. BA-Japanese David H. Ikkanda, Jr. Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Psychology Deborah N. Ikemi Westminster, Ca. BA-Psychology Mary Angela Imamura Los Angeles, Ca. BA-French 223 Jan Imhoff Pasadena, Ca. BS- Kinesiology Deborah A. Ingram Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Economics Kelvin Ishigo Gardena, Ca. BS-Quant. Psychology Christine Ito Montebello, Ca. BA-Japanese Richard Ito Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Biology Ronald Ito Los Angeles, Ca. BS-Sociology Paul Iwanaga Pasadena, Ca. BA-Design Shirley Jackson Los Angeles, Ca. BA-English Steven ,Jaksha Monterey, Ca. BS-Kinesiology Evelyn Jazmin Delano, Ca. BA-Communication Studies Warren E. Jeffries Los Angeles, Ca. BS-Economics Milan Jelic Long Beach, Ca. BA-Economics Ricardo Jimenez Codinach San Ysidro, Ca. BS-P.H. Nutrition David Jiu Eastview, Ca. BA-Biology Rima Jodele Los Angeles, Ca. BS-Biochemistry Carla Johnson Los Angeles, Ca. BS-Poli Sci Elaine Johnson Turlock, Ca. BA-Theater Arts Gary R. Johnson Saratoga, Ca. BA-History Gregory Mark Johnson Los Angeles, Ca. BA-History Jill Johnson Los Angeles, Ca. BA-French Mellonise Johnson Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Psychology Dana Jones Modesto, Ca. BA-English Kathryn M. Jones Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Sociology Shirley Jonice Compton, Ca. BA-Psychology 224 K Matthew Judnich Palo Alto, Ca. BA-History Bessie Jue Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Geography Ismael E. Juson Inglewood, Ca. BS-Nuclear Engineering Richard Kahanowitch N. Hollywood, Ca. BA-Psychology Robert Kahn Tarzana, Ca. BA-Economics Suzanne Kahn San Diego, Ca. BA-History Paul Kaiser Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Spanish Nancy Kakita Gardena, Ca. BA-History Joseph W. Kammen Laguna Hills, Ca. BA-Liberal Studies Winnie Kan Sacramento, Ca. BS-Math Computer Sc Bryna Kane Long Beach, Ca. BA-Spanish Pamela Mary Kao Covina, Ca. BA-English Hunter Kaplan Los Angeles, Ca. BA-History Larry Kaplan Placentia, Ca. BA-Poli Sci Mohan Karkhanis Torrance, Ca. BS-Economics David Ira Karp Canoga Park, Ca. BA-Economics Ivan Karuza Monterey Park, Ca. BS-Electronics Kristen Kasell Camarillo, Ca. BA-Design Jane Kass Encino, Ca. BA-MP TV Michael Kato Los Angeles, Ca BA-Economics Elaine Katsuro Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Quant. Psychology Jerry Katz Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Economics Dewey Kawamoto Norwalk, Ca. BA-Psychology Kay Kawaratani Laguna Beach, Ca. BA-Bacteriology 225 Diane Kawashima Pasadena, Ca. BA-Psychology Bradley Keane Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Poli Sci Robert Keating Ventura, Ca. BA-Biology Donald Keene Washington, D.C. BA-Economics Frederick Henry Keeve Santa Monica, Ca. BA-Music Steven Kelem Santa Monica, Ca. BS-Math Computer Sci. Scott Kelly Canoga Park, Ca. BA-History Lorna Kemmerer South Laguna, Ca. BS-Anthropology George Kennedy Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Poli Sci Ben David Key Fresno, Ca. BA-Economics Yung Kim Hollywood, Ca. BS-Mech. Engr. Ron Kimura West Hollywood, Ca. BA-Economics Larry Kinoshita Bakersfield, Ca. BA-Biology Thomas J. Kipnes Santa Monica, Ca. BA-Hist. Poli Sci Alma Kitchens Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Sociology Deborah Klein Brea, Ca. BA-Poli Sci Noreen Klein Sherman Oaks, Ca. BA-Design Keith Shelburne Knight Houston, Texas BA-Meteorology Lori Knopf Beverly Hills BA-Linguistics Andrew Knox Walnut Creek, Ca. BA-Hist. Poli Sci Halyse Kolom Los Angeles, Ca. BA-PGSA Steven Korshak Encino, Ca. BA-Psychology Jeff Kossack Van Nuys, Ca. BA-Psychobiology Mark David Kramer Santa Monica, Ca. BA-Economics Donna Sue Krasno Sherman Oaks, Ca. BS-Public Health 226 Kathy Jo Kraus Palos Verdes, Ca. BA-Sociology Daniel Theodore Kresteller San Francisco, Ca. BS-Economics Roger F. Kropf Santa Monica, Ca. BA-Astronomy Stacey Kruger Los Angeles, Ca. BA-English Patricia Kubiak No. Hollywood, Ca. BS-Psychology Jean Kubota Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Japanese Michael E. Kuhn Beverly Hills, Ca. BA-Economics Elliot Kuritzky Lakewood, Ca. BA-Psychobiology Lynne Kuromi Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Psychology Cynthia M. Kurowski Oceanside, Ca. BA-Poli Sci Karl Kurucz Santa Monica, Ca. BS-Engineering Eileen Kuznetz Encino, Ca. BA-Ethnic Arts Shan-Lang Kwan Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Linguistics Joseph Kwok Los Angeles, Ca. BS-Chemistry Byung Kwon Gardena, Ca. BA-Biology L Linda Lamoreaux Goleta, Ca. BA-Biology Michael LaCroix Burbank, Ca. BA-Psychobiology Steven Land Encino, Ca. BA-Poli Sci Donald LaFontaine Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Poli Sci Ruth Landau Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Mathematics Lynda La Fontaine West Covina, Ca. BA-Sociology Daniel Landen Encino, Ca. BA-Poli Sci Econ. June Lagmay Hollywood, Ca. BA-Sociology Gail Frances Landy San Francisco, Ca. BA-Sociology 227 Robert Steven Lapham Newcastle, Ca. BA-History Howard Larson La Habra, Ca. BS-Engineering Neal Lascoe Van Nuys. Ca. BA-Biology Stephen Lasicka Encino, Ca. BS-Poli Sci Peggy Lasko El Cajon, Ca. BS-Kinesiology Diane Launer Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Poli Sci Socio Bone Hugh Laurence Santa Monica, Ca. BA-English Alison Laurie Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Sociology Denise May Lawrence Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Poli Sci Joy Lawson Los Angeles, Ca. BA-English Tanya Layne Santa Monica, Ca. BA-Bacteriology Thomas Lazar Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Anthropology Gail Leamy Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Design Linda Lebovitz Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Psychology Bill Le Clear Balboa Island, Ca. BA-Economics Sheryl Ledbetter Sunnymead, Ca. BA-Mathematics William Ledendecker III Pasadena, Ca. BS-Mech. Engineering Marjorie Lee Montebello, Ca. BA-East Asian Studies Patricia Lee Culver City, Ca. BA-Bacteriology Shih-Mei Lee Pasadena, Ca, BS-Math Computer Sci. Teresa Lee Los Angeles, Ca. BS-Biology Warren Lee Los Angeles, Ca. BA-History Susan Lefevre Los Angeles, Ca BA-Economics Myrna Leidelmeijer Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Spanish Jeffrey Leiter La Mirada, Ca. BA-Economics 228 Leonard Lerner Van Nuys, Ca. BA-Poli Sci Robert E. L. Leslie III W. Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Poli Sci Jonas Leung Sacramento, Ca. BS-Biochemistry Tat-Ming Leung Los Angeles, Ca. BS-Biochemistry Michael Brent Levin Breverly Hills, Ca. BA-History Richard Levine Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Poli Sci Laurie Lew Long Beach, Ca. BA-French Roxanne Lew Watsonville, Ca BA-Sociology Cindy J. Lewis Van Nuys, Ca. BA-Geography Linda Libman Rancho Palos Verdes Pen., Ca. BA-English Gary Lieberstein Tarzana, Ca. BA-Poli Sci Lori-Ann Lightner Los Angeles, Ca. BA-History Magdalene Ling Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Mathematics Seung Lim Los Angeles, Ca. BS-Engineering Susanne Lind Hillsborough,Ca. BA-History F. Craig Lipke Granada Hills, Ca. BA-Design Linda Lippett La Jolla, Ca. BA-Sociology Raquel Lisogurski Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Spanish Karen List Pebble Beach, Ca. BA-Mass Communications Nanette Littlestone Pacific Palisades, Ca. BA-Spanish Jeane Loden Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Sociology Jennie Loh Tustin, Ca. BA-Chinese Diana Lopez Reseda, Ca. BA-Poli Sci Soc. Alayne Loran Sunnyvale, Ca. BA-Mathematics Walter Louie Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Economics 229 Leslie D. Lowe Montebello. Ca. BA-Biology David M. Luboff N. Hollywood, Ca. BA-History Robert Martin Lucewicz N. Hollywood, Ca. BA-Psychology Nancy Luckie Temple City, Ca. BS-Biochemistry Lorna Lueck San Fernando, Ca. BA-Sociology Kenneth B. Lundgren Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Biology Joseph Lung Los Angeles, Ca. BS-Math Comp. Sci. Lorraine Lupin Sherman Oaks, Ca. BA-Sociology Loretta Lynch Thousand Oaks, Ca. BA-Sociology Mary Kathryn Lyon Napa, Ca. BS-Kinesiology Warren Lyons Los Angeles, Ca. BA-MIP TV M Louis MacAnany Monrovia, Ca. BA-English Dan Machnes Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Economics Don MacKenzie Los Angeles, Ca. BS-Geology Gail Maddrell Sunnyvale, Ca. BA-Design Dale Walter Maeder Hollywood, Ca. BA-Mathematics Kenji Makiuchi Pasadena, Ca. BS-Engineering Olga Maldonado Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Psychology Beth Malitz Whittier, Ca. BA-Communication Studies Robert Mancini Santa Ana, Ca. BA-Economics Sylvia Mandre Sherman Oaks, Ca. BA-History Bruce Alan Mann Beverly Hills, Ca. BA-Biology Helen Mann Downey, Ca. BA-Psychology Romona M. Mann Marina del Rey, Ca. BA-History 230 Jacqueline Manning Inglewood, Ca. BA-Poli Sci Eric Mansker Los Angeles, Ca. BA-MP TV Gabriel Shota Margve N. Hollywood, Ca. BA-Biology Eva Marik Torrance, Ca. BS-Biology Joseph Marinello Reseda, Ca. BA-Psychobiology Tomas Marquez Compton, Ca. BA-Psychology Marian Dale Marks No. Hollywood, Ca. BA-History Robert Martin Canoga Park, Ca. BS- Physics Greg Marx Studio City, Ca. BS-Poli Sci Julie Masters Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Spanish Darling Mata Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Sociology Margaret Matsui Los Angeles, Ca. BS-Nursing Keiji Matsumoto Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Hist. Oriental Lang. Stephanie Maxwell Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Biology Lila Vane Mayberry Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Sociology Robert Mayercheck Cypress, Ca. BA-Design Karen McConnell Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Design Barbara McCullough Los Angeles, Ca. BS-Communication Studies Edith F. McDowell Hacienda Hts., Ca. BA-Sociology Thomas McGalliard Northridge, Ca. BA-Bacteriology Ann McGoldrick Los Altos, Ca. BS-Kinesiology Jeffrey McGuire Beverly Hills, Ca. BA-Economics Frederick McKinney Santa Monica, Ca. BA-Economics Kim McLane San Jose, Ca. BA-Communication Studies Melvine McMurray Youngstown, Ohio BA-English 231 Mary Jo McNally Beverly Hills, Ca. BS-Kinesiology Sean P. McNally Azusa, Ca. BA-Poli Sci James H. McNamara Reseda, Ca. BA-Economics Kevin McReynolds West Covina, Ca. BA-History Sharon Ann McVay King City, Ca. BA-Mathematics Paul Meadows Pacific Palisades, Ca. BS-Biochemistry Martin Mechsner San Gabriel, Ca. BS-Kinesiology Gary Medof Encino, Ca. BA-Poli Sci Kathleen Mellon Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Biology Susan Dolores Melton Los Angeles, Ca. BA-History Shoshannah Mermel La Puente. Ca. BA-Sociology Nancy Jean Meyers Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Biology Miriam Mezey Los Angeles, Ca. BA-History Angela Mickelson Van Nuys, Ca. BA-Poli Sci Psych. Lawrence Mietus Sherman Oaks, Ca. BA-Biology Christopher Miletta Alhambra, Ca. BA-Economics Michael Milhaupt Stockton, Ca. BA-History Cherie L. Miller Palo Alto, Ca. BS-Sociology Dean H. Miller Livermore, Ca. BA-Biology Mary Jo Miller San Marino, Ca. BA-English Pamela Miller Canoga Park, Ca. BA-Psychology Phyllis Miller Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Sociology Ronald Mino Los Alamitos, Ca. BS-Biology Diane Mitchell Tustin, Ca. BA-German Jeffrey Scott Mio Wilmington,Ca. BA-Psychology 232 Marilyn Miyake Stanton, Ca. BA-Mathematics Amir Mobasser Beverly Hills, Ca. BS-Biochemistry Michael Modin Anderson, Ca. BA-Economics Jeffrey Modisett Windfall, Indiana BA-Poli Sci Gerald Mogahian Calabasas, Ca. BS-Poli Sci Massoud Moghissian Canoga Park, Ca. BS-Elec. Engineering Lynndee Moore Hawthorne, Ca. B S- K inesiology Todd Mohrfeld Torrance, Ca. BA-History Ronald M. Monitz Studio City, Ca. BS-Biology Michael Mooradian Fresno, Ca. BA-Psychology Clifford Graham Moore Marina del Rey, Ca. BA-Poli Sci Timothy Moore Cupertino, Ca. BA-History William Moore, Jr. Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Sociology John Moran Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Theater Arts Debra Susan Moreno Long Beach, Ca. BA-Theater Arts Christopher Morrow San Pedro, Ca. BA-History Melissa Moss. Del Mar, Ca. BS-Poli Sci Susan Moss Encino, Ca. BA-Sociology Deborah Most Encino, Ca. BA-Sociology Benjamin Moszkowski Los Angeles, Ca. BS-Math. Computer Sci. Shirlee Mott Ventura, Ca. BA-Psychology Beth Mueller Los Angeles, Ca. BS-Cybernetics James C. Muir Manhattan Beach, Ca. BS-Biochemistry Thomas Muller Culver City, Ca. BA-History Larry Murakami Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Sociology 233 N Mary Elizabeth Murphy Sherman Oaks, Ca. BA-Sociology Mary Myers Pon Hueneme, Ca BS-Biochemistry Lance Mykita Los Gatos, Ca. BA-Psychobiology Iris Nadir Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Psychology Scott Nagatani Delano, Ca. BA-Biology Barbara Nagel Sherman Oaks, Ca. BA-Sociology Meir Naghi Tehran, Iran BS-Chemistry Kenneth Nally Tujunga, Ca. BA-Geog. Ecosystems Gary Napper Long Beach, Ca. BA-Poli Sci Carmelita Rose Navarro Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Sociology Paula Neal Sierra Madre, Ca. BA-Poli Sci Jeanne Needham El Macero, Ca. BS-Biochemistry Curtis Neff Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Psychology Roger Neipris Rancho Palos Verdes, Ca. BA-Poli Sci Sharon Nerenstein Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Psychology Peter Newton Sunnyyale, Ca. BA-Economics Minh-Lien Nguyen Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Economics Rudy Nieto Hacienda Hts., Ca. BA-Economics Jonathan Nimitz Van Nuys, Ca. BS-Chemistry Michael Nishiki Palo Alton, Ca. BA-Geog. Ecosystems Gary Nitti Santa Monica, Ca. BA-Biology Rosanne I. Nocciolo Saugus, Ca. BA-History Pamela Norris Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Psychology 234 Nancy Noski Sherman Oaks, Ca. BA-Economics Christina Nyman Rolling Hills Estates, Ca. BA- French O Jane Obedowski Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Sociology Karen O ' Brien Newport B each, Ca. BA-Sociology Ruben Ochoa San Fernando, Ca. BA-Spanish Jorge O ' Leary Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Poli Sci John Oehrlein Buena Park, Ca. BA-Communication Studies Herman Oliver Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Philosophy Helen Ogden Woodland Hills, Ca. BA-Spanish Michelle Oliver Los Angeles, Ca. BA-English Sharon Ohmoto Torrance, Ca. BA-Linguistics Luck Ong Blythe, Ca. BA-Sociology Randal Okamura Encino, Ca. BA-Econ. Poli Sci Pamela Orahood Lawndale, Ca. BS-Biochemistry Wayne Ordos Laguna Niguel, Ca. BA-Sociology Constantine Ordovsky Los Angeles, Ca. BS-Biochemistry April Orr Woodland Hills, Ca. BA-Economics Emilio Ortega Maywood, Ca. BA-Theater Arts Amy Oshita Altadena, Ca. BA-Geography P Ron Ostrin Culver City, Ca. BA-Communication Studies Andrea Owens Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Poli Sci Sondra Owens Los Angeles, Ca. BA-English George B. Pacheco, Jr. Montebello, Ca. BA-Poli Sci 235 Cynthia Pacheco Torrance, Ca. BA-Bacteriology Hyong Paik Los Angeles, Ca. BS-Elec. Engineering Lourdes Palacios Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Spanish Donna Palamar Huntington Beach, Ca. BA-Art History Clinton Palmer Newport Beach, Ca. BA-Design David Palmer La Mirada, Ca. BS-Geography Julie Palmer Northridge, Ca. BA-English Ana Parodi Northridge, Ca. BS-Biology Denton Parmer San Diego, Ca. BA-Psychology Shelley Parness Los Angeles, Ca. BA-History Poli Sci Sandra M. Parrado Inglewood, Ca. BS-Biology Julie Pastor Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Sociology Larry K. Patrick Compton, Ca. BA-Psychology Alana Cash Paul Los Angeles, Ca. BA-English Barbara Payn e Los Angeles, Ca. BA-French Joan B. Payne Santa Clara, Ca. BA-Psychology Thomas Payne Phoenix, Ariz. BA-Linguistics Moises Paz Chula Vista, Ca. BA-Sociology Gloria Peck San Diego, Ca. BA-Mathematics Gerald Peeke Palos Verdes Estates, Ca. BS-Kinesiology Laura Peletz Santa Rosa, Ca. BA-Sociology Max Z.C. Pena Brawley, Ca. BA-Poli Sci Angelita Peredia Los Angeles, Ca. BS-Nursing Jeanne Perkins Burlingame, Ca. BA-Art History John Perram Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Economics 236 Audrey Perry Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Poli Sci Codean Perry Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Spanish Daniel Petrocelli Claremont, Ca. BA-Economics Peter Phelps, Jr. Kentfield, Ca. BA-Geog. Ecosystems Margaret Phillips Woodland Hills, Ca. BA-Poli Sci Patricia Arm Phillips Monrovia, Ca. BA-Poli Sci Robert V. Pickett Santa Barbara, Ca. BA-Sociology Donald Pierro Long Beach, Ca. BA-Economics James Pietsch Glendale, Ca. BA-Poli Sci Ina Piette Los Angeles, Ca: BA-Human Services David Pill Sherman Oaks, Ca. BA-Poli Sci Beverly Pinto Petaluma, Ca. BA-Social Groupwork Susan Pipal Santa Ana, Ca. BA-Art History Radmila Piroski West Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Economics Patrice Poffenroth Palo Alto, Ca. BA-Economics Clifford Popejoy Glendale, Ca. BS-Biochemistry Penny Poplin Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Psychology Joseph Porges Temple City, Ca. BA-Geography Victoria Ann Porto Upland, Ca. BA-English Howard Posner Chatsworth, Ca. BA-English Robert Jeffrey Price Woodland Hills, Ca. BA- Mathematics Alison J. Powell Belvedere, Ca. BA-Art History Aleita V Price Fremont, Ca. BA-Psychology Hiolanda Prado Macau BA-Design Ann Powelson Sherman Oaks, Ca. BA-Soc. History 237 Q Maureen Prosser La Canada, Ca. BA-Communication Studies Nadyne Putnick San Gabriel, Ca. BA-Mathematics James Quiat Santa Monica, Ca. BA-Poli Sci Pamela Quimby Los Altos Hills, Ca. BA-Art History R Jeffrey Rabin Los Angeles, Ca. BS-Physics Math. Alan B. Rabkin Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Poli Sci Ahmed Rahal Montebello, Ca. BS-Math Computer Science Jana Raines Anaheim, Ca. BS-Nutrition Eileen Ramsey Pico Rivera, Ca. BA-Theater Arts Dieter Rapp Culver City, Ca. BA-Communications Studies Martin Rede San Pedro, Ca. BA-Mathematics Marc A. Reich Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Economics Peter Reich Los Angeles, Ca. BA-History Steven Reich N. Hollywood, Ca. BA-Theater Arts Cynthia Reiff Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Sociology Susan C. Reilly Chula Vista, Ca. BS- Kinesiology Andrea Resnick Long Beach, Ca. BA-Psychology Robert Reyes Santa Ana, Ca. BA-Poli Sci Yolanda Reyes Los Angeles, Ca BA-Economics William. Reynolds madison, Wisconsin BA-Geography Khosrow Rezvani Southgate, Ca. BS-Elec. Engineering Robin Rhinehart Los Angeles, Ca. BS-Kinesiology Mildred Richard Los Angeles, Ca. BA-MP TV 238 Anton Richardson Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Poli Sci Lauren Richardson Los Angeles, Ca. BA-PSGA Romina Richmond Santa Monica, Ca. BA-Art History Charles Rinck Los Angeles, Ca. BS-Engineering Maria Rincon Los Angeles, Ca. BS-Psychology Melody Rithaler Altadena, Ca. BA-Psychology Gail Ritter Palo Alto Hills, Ca. BA-Sociology Robert Rivero Santa Ana, Ca. BA-History Margaret Robe Los Angeles, Ca. BA-English David 0. Roberts Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Psychobiology Sheila Roberts Los Angeles, Ca. BA-French Edward Robison Cypress, Ca. BA-Biology Linda Denise Robinson Lancaster, Ca. BA-English Vernon Robinson Los Angeles, Ca. BS-Economics Rosa Maria Rodriguez Inglewood, Ca. BS-Biology William James Roertgen Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Geog. Ecosystems Anthro Margaret Yvonne Romero Palm Desert, Ca. BS-Kinesiology Marjorie Rogers Santa Monida, Ca. BA-Art History Carmen Rook Pacific Palisades, Ca BA-Spanish Richard Rojo Los Angeles, Ca. BA-History Cat Rosales Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Sociology Joe Roman Baldwin Park, Ca. BS-Math Computer Science Grady Rosborough Compton, Ca. Sci Steven Rome Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Psychobiology Dennis Rose Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Mathematics 239 Barbara Roseman Maplewood, N.J. BA-Economics Marilyn Roseman Lakewood, Ca. BA-Theater Arts Ellen Rosenberg Tustin, Ca. BA-History Mark Rosenthal Los Angeles, Ca. BS-Electronic Circuits Alan Rosman Beverly Hills, Ca. BS-Biochemistry Armen D. Ross Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Psychology Janne Ross Tarzana, Ca. BA-Psychology Jeffrey Ross Rosemead, Ca. BA-Biology Philip Ross N. Hollywood, Ca BA-Poli Sci Cathy Rosenstein Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Sociology Michael Rossini Modesto, Ca. BS-Health Education Arlene Rothman Lakewood, Ca. BA-Sociology Bruce Rothman Los Angeles, Ca BA-Psychology Mark Rothstein Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Biology Sheryl Rothstein Northridge, Ca. BA-Sociology Moshe Rozdzial Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Psychobiology June Rubin La Jolla, Ca. BS-Anthropology Barbara Rudee San Francisco, Ca. BA-Linguistics Janet Hinary Rudnick Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Sociology Dorothy Ruiz Los Angeles, Ca. BA-History Libby Anne Ressler San Bernadino, Ca. BA-Theater Arts Ethnic Arts Timothy Ryan S Davenport, Iowa BA-Psychology Majid Sadat-La Rijani Los Angeles, Ca. BS-Engineering Maryani Sadeli Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Economics 240 Helene Sage Encino, Ca. BA-Sociology Michael O ' Neil Sajbel Appleton, Wisconsin BA-Motion Pictures Jeffrey Salberg Van Nuys, Ca. BA-Biology Richard D. Salyer Downey, Ca. BA-Poli Sci Howard Samuels Culver City, Ca. BA-Poli Sci Carlos Samuelson Los Angeles, Ca. BS-Poli Sci Deborah Samson Fullerton, Ca. BA-English Blademar Sanchez, Jr. El Monte, Ca. BA-Economics Brad D. Sanders Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Sociology Gregorio R. Sandoval Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Poli Sci Patricia Sankey Coeur d ' Alene, Idaho BS-Kinesiology Thomas Sapien Carson, Ca. BA-History Rosemary Sara Glendale, Ca. BA-Liberal Studies Marion Schales Fair Oaks, Ca. BA-M usic Stephanie Schank Santa Monica, Ca. BA-Biology Veronica Schlesinger Lakewood, Ca. BA-Psychology Sandra Schmitz Torrance, Ca. BA-Psychology Dana Schoenfield Anaheim, Ca. BA-Communications Julie Scholar Long Beach, Ca. Poli Sci Sally Schoor North Hollywood, Ca. BS-Sociology Nancy Schreiner Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Design Robert Schuit Los Angeles, Ca. BA-History Louis Keith Schwartz Pacific Palisades, Ca. BS-Psychology Marc Schweitzer Woodland Hills, Ca. BA-Sociology David Scott Woodland Hills, Ca. BS-Electronics 241 Katherleen Scott Santa Monica, Ca. BA-Psychology Katherine Scott Santa Monica, Ca. BA-Psychology Fa ' asalalau Sea Filoialii Lynwood, Ca. BA-Sociology Andrea Seagraves Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Poli Sci Melinda Searles Menlo Park, Ca. BA-Communication Studies Gary Se e Los Angeles, Ca. BS-Elec. Engineering Stephen Segal Pasadena, Ca. BA-Economics Vicki Serianni Westlake Village, Ca. BA-Economics Martin Serota Hawthorne, Ca. BA-Biology Wai Seto Los Angeles, Ca. BS-Elec. Engineering Antoine Sfair Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Poli Sci Pamela S. Sgambelluri Agana, Guam B A-Poli Sci Briggs Shade Santa Ana, Ca. BA-Biology Samir Shammas Ahmadi, Kuwait BA-Economics Daniel Shapiro Los Angeles, Ca. BA-History Linda Shapiro San Francisco, Ca. BA-Sociology David Shatz La Crescenta, Ca. BA-Bacteriology Christine Shaw Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Art History John Shaw Westlake Village, Ca. BA-Biology Econ. Guy Shea Newhall, Ca. BA-Poli Sci Linda Sheffield Woodland Hills, Ca. BA-History Lois Sheridan Reseda, Ca. BA-Sociology Glenn Sherman Encino, Ca. BA-Economics Joyce Shimizu Rancho Palos Verdes, Ca. BS-Japanese James Shiraishi Granada Hills, Ca. BA-Biology 242 Steven Short Los Angeles, Ca. BS-Chemistry Marietta Shreiber Mar Vista, Ca. BA-Linguistics Teresa Renee Sidney Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Sociology Christina Marie Sieg Beverly Hills, Ca. BA-English Marla Siegel Van Nuys, Ca. BA-Psychology Richard Siegel Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Psychology Sherri Siegel Topanga, Ca. BA-History Steven Siegel Los Angeles, Ca. BS-Struct. Engineering Caren Joy Siehl Huntington Beach, Ca. BA-French Linguistics Sherry Silver Hillsborough, Ca. BA-Sociology William Silverman Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Biology Stuart Silverstein Los Angeles, Ca. BA-History Kenneth Sim Tarzana, Ca. BS-Biochemistry Wendell Simon Victorville, Ca. BA-Poli Sci Heidi Singh Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Study of Religion Darrell Singleton Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Sociology Robert Sinow Los Angeles, Ca. BS-Biochemistry Sheryl Sitser N. Hollywood, Ca. BA-English Paula Six La Mirada, Ca. BA-Sociology Sandra Skale San Mateo, Ca. BA-Sociology Wendy Slavkin Tarzana, Ca. BA-Poli Sci Delight Louise Slotemaker de Bruine Oakland, Ca. BA-Dance Paul Ralph Smith Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Economics Donald Snyder Pico Rivera, Ca. BA-Psychology Douglas Snyder Sherman Oaks, Ca. BA-Quant. Psychology 243 Eric M. E. Snyder San Antonio, Texas BA-Poli Sci Chris Soldo Encino, Ca. BA-MP TV Allan Solomon Los Angeles, Ca. BS-Chem. Engineering Donna Solomon Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Geography Jerry Solomon Beverly Hills, Ca. BA-History, Lori Ann Solomon Long Beach, Ca. BA-Psychology Paul Spencer Chatsworth, Ca. BA-Economics Omer Sozutek Adana, Turkey BS-Mech. Engineering Roy Squires Los Angeles, Ca. BA-History James Lee Sparkman Santa Monica, Ca. BA-Quant. Psychology Steven Stabler Beverly Hills, Ca. BA-MP TV Leslie Speer Woodland Hills, Ca. BA-Poli Sci Roberta Stambaugh Corona, Ca. BA-Poli Sci Theresa Spehar Playa Del Rey, Ca. BA-PSGA Charles Stanley Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Psychology Edward M. Stanton San Diego, Ca. BA-Sociology Daryl Steen Rosemead. Ca. BA-Sociology Thomas Stefenoni Sebastopol, Ca. BA-Economics Robert Steighner Baldwin Park, Ca. BA-History Jann Steiner Gardena, Ca. BA-English Linda Stone Marina Peninsula, Ca. BA-Art History Jerry Allan Subar N. Hollywood, Ca. BS-Biochemistry Jeffrey Sugar Canoga Park, Ca. BA- Psychobiology Judith A. Sugiyama Harbor City, Ca. BA-Biology Jeannine Sullivan Hawthorne, Ca. BA-Sociology 224 Juanita M. Summers Santa Monica, Ca. BA-Anthropology Kate Supple Palm Springs, Ca. BA-Sociology Ann Svenson Sherman Oaks, Ca. BA-Design Scott Swanson Los Altos, Ca. BA-History Peter Swarth Long Island, N.Y. BA-Poli Sci T Marilyn Sweetnam Claremont, Ca. BA-Anthropology Carol Sword San Pedro, Ca. BA-Design Rayna Takiguchi Torrance, Ca. BA-Economics M. Jean Talmage Glendale, Ca. BA-English May Tam Menlo Park, Ca. BA-Chinese Mark Wilfred Tamarin Studio City, Ca. BA-Biology Alan Tang Houston, Texas BA-Economics David A. Tanner Santa Fe Springs, Ca. BA-Psych. Sociology Margaret Tanner Glendora, Ca. BA-Sociology Phillip Tatsukawa Glendale, Ca. BA-Poli Sci C. Anne Teaford Riverside, Ca. BA-Communication Studies Vladimir Telarik Santa Monica, Ca. BA-German Donald Tenconi Martinez, Ca. BA-Bacteriology Alice Thacker Northridge, Ca. BA-Linguistics Robert Thielen Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Psychobiology Tiong Ho Thio Jakarta. Indonesia MS-Soil Mechanics Richard Thomas Huntington Beach, Ca. BS-Poli Sci William Thomas Torrance, Ca. BS-Mathematics Robin Michael McCloud Thompson Altadena, Ca. BA-English 245 Kenneth Thrasher Sunland, Ca. BA-Psychobiology Gary Tripp Torrance, Ca. BS-Math Computer Science Paul Todhunter Highland, Ca. BA-Geog. Ecosystems Lisa Tompkins Santa Barbara, Ca. BA-History Jeffrey Topper Los Angeles, Ca. BS-Physics Mathematics Linda Torn Riverside, Ca. BA-Sociology Hugo Torres West Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Spanish Glenn Toth Santa Ana, Ca. BA-Economics Marie Trapesonian Lakewood, Ca. BA-Sociology Saundra Trulove Torrance, Ca. BS-Biology Mavis Tsai Santa Monica, Ca.. BA-Psychology Maureen Tsu Harbor City, Ca. BS-Biochemistry Russell Tsuji Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Economics Lester Mitchel Tubman Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Poli Sci Leonard Tucker Hawthorne, Ca. BS-Engineering Lourdes Tumbokon Stockton, Ca. BA-Psychology Julie Tutelman Woodland Hills, Ca. BA-Psychology Sandra Twiss Sunland, Ca. BA-Psychology Scott Twomey Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Economics Byron Tyler Los Angeles, Ca. BA-History U James Ulvestad Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Astronomy Alfred Uriare San Gabriel, Ca. BA-Poli Sci Michelle Urmer Northridge, Ca. BA-Psychology Steven Usdansky Torrance, Ca. BS-Geology Math. 246 V Scott Van Dellen Glendale, Ca. BA-Poli Sci Gilbert R. J. Van Herbert Inglewood, Ca. BA-Scandinavian Languages Bambi Gay Van Tilburgh Los Angeles, Ca. BA-English Alma Valenzuela Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Spanish Enrique R. Valenzuela Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Spanish Victoria Vance Rancho Palos Verdes, Ca. BA-English Bernard Vanderfin Travis AFB, Ca. BA-Economics Wayne Vaughn Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Music Anthony Velasquez Rosemead, Ca. BA-Psychology Beverly Ventriss Burbank, Ca. BA-Theatre Arts Albert Vicent Salinas, Ca. BA-Poli Sci Nancy Vickers Oakland, Ca. BS-Sociology Leola Vicknair Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Psychobiology Andrew Villanueva Rancho Palos Verdes, Ca. BA-Biology Jayne VoeItz Rancho Palos Verdes, Ca. BA-Design Janelle Vogt Santa Clara, Ca. BA-Sociology Donna Marie vonMizener Fullerton, Ca. BA-Anthropology Helena Von Rosenberg Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Dance Jeffrey Vopal Simi Valley, Ca. BA-Economics W Emily Waingrow Claremont, Ca. BA-Design Kenneth H. Waldeck Sacramento, Ca. BS-Math Comp. Sci. John Thurman Walden Los Angeles, Ca. BFA-MP TV Daniel Walker Westlake Village, Ca. BA-Psychobiology 247 Sherry Anne Walker Carson, Ca. BA-Psychology Don Wallace Hacienda Hts., Ca. BA-History Helen Wallace San Marino, Ca. BA-Psychology Kelly Walls Long Beach, Ca. BA-Sociology Marlene Wassman Long Beach, Ca. BA-Poli Sci Nobuyo Watanabe Los Angeles, Ca. BS-Nursing Mary Watson Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Psychology Sharon Watts E. Palo Alto, Ca. BS-Sociology Victoria Way Los Angeles, Ca. BA-History Becky Webb Riverside, Ca. 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BA-Economics Steven J. Wong Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Biology John Kirke Wrench La Jolla, Ca. BA-Economics Suet-Ying Wong Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Bacteriology Steven Wright Granada Hills, Ca BS-Physics Jeanette Woo Los Angeles, Ca. BS-Sociology Daniel Wu Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Economics Han-Lien Wu West Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Design Hsiung Wu Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Biology Yau-Ching Wu Kowloon, Hong Kong BS-Dynamics Rochelle R. Wandzura Los Angeles, Ca. BA — Psychology Dean Yabu Gardena, Ca. BA-Psychology Y Maria-Luisa Yanquez Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Latin Amer. Studies Poli Sci Mary Ellen Yarc Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Poli Sci Eric Yeakey Tarzana, Ca. BA-Psychology Bond Yu-Pong Ying Los Angeles, Ca. BS-Elec. Engineering Michael York San Gabriel, Ca. BA-Poli Sci Joan Yoshida Monterey, Ca. BA- Psychology Setsuko Yoshimoto West Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Economics Bruce Yoshiwara Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Mathematics Grant Yoshioka Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Zoology Diane Yotsuya Turlock, Ca. BA-Sociology 250 Anne Young Claremont, Ca. BA-History Edward M. Young, Jr. Tarzana, Ca. BA-Biology Mark Young Wilmington, N.C. BA-English Sonia Young N. Hollywood, Ca. BA-Sociology Allen Yourman, Jr. Calexico, Ca. BS-Civil Engineering Eddie I. Yousefian Hollywood, Ca. BA-Poli Sci Meimei Yuen Los Angeles, Ca. BA-Bacteriology Z Patricia Zaferis Los Angeles, Ca. BS-Sociology Helena Zajf Culver City, Ca. BA-English-World Lit. Jon Zaich Palos Verdes Estates, Ca. BS-Kinesiology Thomas Zambito Sepulveda, Ca. BA-Philosophy Jan Zemplenyi Sherman Oaks, Ca. BS-Biochemistry Cindy Zerman Glendale, Ca. BS-kinesiology Marilyn Zuvela San Pedro, Ca. BA-Sociology Masters Doctorates Valerie Zittrich Riverside, Ca. BA-Psych. Sociology Samira Abdelmalak Los Angeles, Ca. MA-French Olatundun Adetoye Los Angeles, Ca. MBA-Int ' l Business Bruce Allen, Jr. Yazoo City, Ms. Dr.P.H.-Health Services Admin. Steven Allen, Northridge, Ca. MS-Computer Science Maria Cecilia Alvarado Sun Valley, Ca. MPH-Health Ad MA-Latin American Studies 251 Amelia Anderson West Los Angeles, Ca. MFA-Motion Picture Film Production Benilda Ang Encino, Ca. MPH-Health Science Admin. Renato S. Angeles Lakewood, Ca. MBA-Finance Aderson M. Aquino Los Angeles, Ca. Ph.D.-Molecular Biology Brenda L. Austin Los Angeles, Ca. MN-Medical-Surgical B Misha Babayan Tehran, Iran MS-Struc. Engineering Vickie Bachus Los Angeles, Ca. MA-Education School Psych. Mohsen Baghaci Los Angeles, Ca. MS-Engineering George Bergeman Los Angeles, Ca. MS-Elec. Engineering Annette Berry Los Angeles, Ca. MSW-Social Work Mary T. Torres Blackburn Los Angeles, Ca. M.Ed.-Teacher Ed Sutja Boonyachut Bangkok, Thailand Ph.D.-Soil Mechanics Loren Bowie Santa Monica, Ca. MFA-Theater Arts Charles David Brooks, III Los Angeles, Ca. MFA-Theater-Directing Charles Bruno Pittsburgh, Ca. MS-Civil Engineering C Eleanor Carper Carson, Ca. MPH-Public Health Ramon Chacon Maracaibo, Venezuela ME-Engineering Henry Chan Los Angeles, Ca. MPH-Environmental Health David S. Chaney Los Angeles, Ca. JD Kar-Shing Cheng Hong Kong MS-Engineering Timothy Sek-Hung Cheng Hong Kong MS-Computer Science Ue-Lin Chung Los Angeles, Ca. MN-Nursing Frank Cipolla Los Angeles, Ca. MS-Elec. Engineering 252 Roger Clemens Reseda, Ca. Dr.P.H.-Nurtrition D Robert Earl Doriabedian Fresno, Ca. M.Arch-Architecture E John Edelston Van Nuys, Ca. MS-Biology Richard J. Enochs Calhoun City, Miss. Dr. P.H.-Health Services Admin. F Richard Fierro Los Angeles, Ca. MSW-Social Welfare Roduner Fish burn Los Angeles. Ca. MS BS-BioMed Engineering Ronald Fountain Los Angeles, Ca. Ph.D.-Dynamic Control Sys. Karl Fowlkes Los Angeles, Ca. M.S.W.-Social Welfare Mary Frakes Pomona, Ca, Ed.D.-Education Lazaro A. Franco Rio de Janeiro, Brazil MA, MPH-Public Health David Frost Los Angeles, Ca. M.Ed.-Comprehensive Curriculum G Jessie Ruth Gaston Eupora, Mississippi MA-African Studies Homayoun Ghani Los Angeles, Ca. MS-Elec. Engineering Sam Gin Los Angeles, Ca. MBA- Finance Kamal Golabi Los Angeles, Ca. Ph.D.-Operations Research Manizhe Golabi Los Angeles. Ca. MPH- International Health Diane Graff Biloxi, Mississippi MA-History Debra Paige Granfield Chula Vista, Ca. J.D. H Daniel Haley Venice, Ca. MLS-Information Sci. Carlos Haro Los Angeles. Ca. Ph.D.-Comparative Ed. 253 Steve Hearn Los Angeles, Ca. MBA-Computers Info. Systems Donald W. Hennes, III Hacienda Hts., Ca. MBA.Gen Management Thomas L. Hollowaty Monterey Park, Ca. MSW-Social Welfare Shirley Hopkins Marina Del Rey, Ca. Ph.D.-Ed. Admin. Taiping Hsiung Ping-Tung, Taiwan MS-Communications System J Steven Jacobs West Long Branch, N.J. MS-Computer Sci. Tracy L. Johnson Riverside, Utah MS-Elec. Engineering Gary Kenneth Jordano Royal Oak, MI MFA-Theater Artsor K Miriam Kahan Los Angeles, Ca. MPH-Public Health Alexandre Kimenyi Los Angeles, Ca. Ph.D.-Linguistics Kiroyuki Kusunoki Takarazuka, Hyogo, Japan MS-Computer Science L David Lafage Carcassonne, Francs MA-African Studies Edmund Wai-Ming Lau Happy Valley, Hong Kong MS-Computer Science Kyu Lee Manhattan Beach, Ca. MBA-Management Jai Lee Los Angeles, Ca. MS-Engr. Systems Gary S. Lewis Marina del Rey, Ca. J.D. Franklin Littman Los Angeles, Ca. MS-Solid Mechanics Crystal Londres Palos Verdes, Ca. MA-Dance M Rafiuddin Mahmood Karachi, Pakistan MBA-Finance, Esmail Mahsoul Beverly Hills, Ca. MS-Elec. Engineering Armand Makowski Brussels, Belgium MS-System Science 254 Arthur Manger Geneva, Switzerland MPH-Public Health Wendy L. Mednick Los Angeles, Ca. MSW-Social Welfare Phyllis Manger Long Beach, Ca. Geneva, Switzerland MA-French Literature Virginia E. Meek Los Angeles, Ca. DDS-Dentistry Jack Martin Long Beach, Ca. JD Michael Messner Los Angeles, Ca. MFA-Fine Arts Suzanne Matthews Riverside, Ca. MLS-Library Info. Sci. Stanley Mindel Los Angeles, Ca. MFA-Theater Arts Madelyn Murray Los Angeles, Ca. MBA-Management Marguerite Nzengolo Matuzolo Songololo, Republic of Zaire MPH-Public Health Roger Murry Santa Monica, Ca. MS-Mech. Engineering Glen Musicer Culver City, Ca. MS-Computer Science Laura Kotsiris Mysorski Los Angeles, Ca. JD N Arun Naik Kumta Karnatak, India MS- Engineering David Nemani Tehran, Iran MS-Engineering Roger P. Nielsen Los Angeles, Ca. MBA- Management Wilo Nunez Los Angeles, Ca. MBA-Org. Behavior Canan Nurkan West Los Angeles, Ca. MBA-Marketing O Fumiko Okamura Los Angeles, Ca. MA-TESL Jay T. Ornellas Pasadena, Ca. MBA-Marketing P Mary Palacios Los Angeles, Ca. MA-Spanish Petros Panagopoulos Los Altos Hills, Ca. MA-Urban Planning 255 Dennis Pereyra Fountain Valley, Ca. MS-Elec. Engineering ' Wilma Pinder Los Angeles, Ca. JD Q Elvia Quijano Los Angeles, Ca. MA-Spanish R Byrna Rai Rackusin Van Nuys, Ca. MA-Art History Doris Elaine Ross Los Angeles, Ca. MA-Education Itala Rutter Santa Monica, Ca. Ph.D.-Comparative Literature S Stephanie Scher Whittier, Ca. JD Michael Schumacher Lakewood, Ca. MBA-Accounting Finance Lynette Schuster San Diego, Ca. MA-Sociology Philip Schwartz Pasadena, Ca. EdD-Education Craig Scott Los Angeles, Ca. MS-Elec. Engineering Larry Scurlock Granada Hills, Ca. MAT-Mathematics Thomas Seidler Burbank, Ca. MS-Engineering Efraim Shaket Netanya, Israel MS-Computer Science Shabbir M. Shekhali Karachi-3, Pakistan MBA-Finance Raymond Sidrys Streator, Ill. Ph.D.-Anthropology Gary Sievers Los Angeles, Ca. MA-Theater Arts Mary T. Smith Los Angeles,Ca. MA-Latin Amer. Studies John. E Sparks Los Angeles, Ca. MFA-Theater Arts Alvin Spector Buffalo, New York MBA-Arts Management Robert Spira Los Angeles, Ca. JD Beatrice Joy Braun Stone Los Angeles, Ca. JD 256 T Friedrich Straub Hannover, W. Germany MS-Engineering Tin Choi Tai Los Angeles, Ca. MS-Engineering Nadine Taylor Canoga Park, Ca. MN-Nursing William Teague Ventura. Ca. Ed.D.-Business Economics U Chavalit Techapaibu Bangkok, Thailand MBA-Finance Kenneth Terry Whittier, Ca. MSW-Social Welfare Eloy Torrez Thousand Oaks, Ca. MS-Electrical Science Carolyn Troupe Northridge. Ca. MN-Nursing W Harriet Uhl Van Nuys, Ca. MFA-Theater Arts Yoshiaki Uno Los Angeles, Ca. M. Arch.-Architecture Susan Uy Los Angeles, Ca. MBA-Finance Accounting Michi Wada Bergenfield, N.J. MS-Elec. Engineering Shelby Wagner Diamond Bar, Ca. Ed.D.-Ed. Admin. Ruth Elizabeth Wakefield Torrance. Ca. M. Ed.-Reading Specialist Darlene Walsh N.Hollywood. Ca. J.D. Hazel Warfield Lynwood, Ca. MN-Community Health Osaaki Watanuki Hayama, Kanagawa, Japan MS-System Science Lois Tuckerman Weinberg Tarzana, Ca. Ph.D.-Education Jimmie White Los Angeles, Ca. JD Chandralekha Wickramasekaran Glendale, Ca. MS-Computer Science Gail Winkler Miraleste, Ca. MA-Education John Richard Winter Beverly Hills, Ca. MBA-Accounting 257 Kirby Yarbrough Los Angeles, Ca. MBA-CIS Int ' l Bus. Y Midori Yoshida Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan MA-TESL Z Jay Zvorist Los Angcles, Ca. JD 258 259 Derrick Coy Editor-in-Chief SWAN SONG Well, the production on this year ' s Southern Campus is at an end — and what an experience! I could write about the headaches and the heartburns, but I won ' t — because the high moments far outweigh the low ones, and the satisfaction we feel as we see the book taking shape is sweet indeed. Producing the book was especially challenging to me. Not only had I never worked on a yearbook before, but I was new to California and to UCLA. But with nine years experience in advertising and publishing, and with the help of three sectional editors knowledgeable in campus affairs, I felt that I could meet the challenge. There was another dimension to that challenge: increasing student awareness of the yearbook. There has been an aversion to yearbooks on many campuses since the late Sixties, and we felt that we had to reshape the image of the yearbook from the high school level to one that is positive, relevant to university students, and one that would be of value today and years from now. How successful we have been is yet to be seen, but from initial reactions to our promotion during the year, we feel that we ' re on the right track. We welcome any suggestions that you might care to give us in improving subsequent yearbooks. We would like to thank all of you students for making this book possible. It reflects UCLA — yesterday and today — and it reflects you, individually and as a group; without you there would be no reason to have a book. We ' d like to thank — those alumni who shared their memories with us in our promotion interviews — Mayor Tom Bradley, Rev. Donn Moomaw of Bel-Air Presbyterian Church, and Dean Dorothy Wright Nelson of USC those who contributed prizes for our promotion — Dean Atkinson, Don Findley, members of the various ASUCLA departments, Bel-Air Camera and Hi-Fi, Security Pacific National Bank, and The Pacific Drive-In and Walk-In Theatres. and all those who worked on the yearbook in some way — Dick, Donna, Dorothy, Brandy, Cathy, Stan, Wally, Terry, Norm, Jeff, Matt, Dave, Winston, Thurman, Jodi, Will Loe and Josten ' s American Yearbook, P D, and numerous others. Finally, I ' d like to express a deep appreciation for the many friends I found in the past few months while working on the book. You ' ve all made me feel at home at UCLA, and your openness, warmth, and friendship are making my studies here pleasurable. Thank you for that. Southern Campus ' 76 261 261 Paul Iwanaga Sectional Editor 262 Cedric Moore Sectional Editor 263 Sunny Wise Sectional Editor 264 Anne Schwartz Production Assistant 265 Staff Photographers Glenn Seki Stan Himes Rick Becker Martin November Dave Pallack Campus Studio Terry O ' Donnell, Jana Bedwell, Waly Vilencia, Stan Troutman, Norm Schindler 267 Special PANHELLENIC COUNCIL Front row (L-R): Kay Kawaratani (Secretary), Becky Lenaburg (Treasurer), Toni Griggs (President), Karen McLellan (2nd V.Pres.), Joan Vernon, Karen Jasper, and Melanie Sharon. Back row: Kathy Watson, Dana Schoenfield, Marilyn Yardley, Luanne Stephen, Mary Peshel, Debbie Walker, Jane Marshall, Joan Forder, and Doris Cerneka. Not pictured: Charmaine Durda, Sue Davis, Pam Dean, Lori Levinson, Carolyn Williams, Janie Wigod (1st V.Pres.), and Cindy Hoover. 268 Thanks to: COMMUNICATIONS BOARD Left to right: Peter Paterno, Herbert J. Vida, Arnold Peyser, Donna Perea, Richard J. Kreuz, Winston T. Henderson (Chairman), Mark Hokoda, Jeff Cunard, Dean Byron Atkinson, and Dr. Alfred E. Osborne. Not pictured: James Roberson, and Joel Saltzman. 269 Richard J. Kreuz Publications Manager Dean Byron H. Atkinson 270 Donald E. Findley Executive Director, ASUCLA Chancellor Charles E. Young 271 Mayor Tom Bradley For Southern Campus " I attended UCLA over 30 years ago and have fond memories of my years on campus. Sometimes I look through my old yearbooks and reminisce about those days. I didn ' t realize the full significance of my yearbooks back then, but as the years go by I ' ve come to cherish them because they ' re lovely records of a special time in my life. " I ' d like to encourage all you graduating students to have your portraits included in the yearbook. It ' s a good way to remember your college years. " Contact Campus Studio, Tel. 825-0611, Ext. 271, to arrange for graduation pictures. Deadline: March 26th. Southern Campus ' 76 272 Dorothy Wright Nelson Speaking for Southern Campus. " I ' m Dean of the USC Law School and the former 1949-50 ASUCLA Vice-President. " Now that our children are getting ready for college, they often look through my UCLA yearbooks and take an interest in how things were during my college days, and this gives me great pleasure and enjoyment. They recently gave my husband and me a surprise party for our 25th wedding anniversary, and invited quite a few guests whom they selected from among our old friends in our yearbooks. " Here at USC we put out a law school yearbook, and I often say to our law students, ' You may not think you need it now but in terms of long-term professional, business, and social relationships, the yearbook can become very important. ' We know of law firms that, when they have openings, will go over yearbooks five or ten years old, looking at pictures and descriptions of people as potential associates for their firms. " Also, as you become more involved in community Activities, you often look for people to assist you in various enterprises. You can often locate just the right people to help you meet those needs — by going back to your yearbooks. " So, in terms of future associations and your own personal family pleasure, your yearbook is invaluable. That ' s why I ' m very pleased to encourage graduating students to include their pictures in this year ' s Southern Campus. " Contact Campus Studio, Tel. 825-0611, ext. 271, to arrange for your graduation pictures. Deadline: March 6th. Southern Campus 76 273 Donn Moomaw Speaking for Southern Campus. " I ' m pastor of the Bel Air Presbyterian Church and a 1950, ' 52 All-American linebacker for the Bruins. " The other day I ran into someone who said that he was a classmate of mine. I didn ' t recognize him after 20-odd years, so I checked my yearbook and found him there. The same thing happened when I met a former girlfriend whom I hadn ' t seen in years. I went back home and looked her up in the old annual, and it brought back some very lovely memories. In both cases, it linked me back to my history and it was a great experience. " I like to go down the nostalgic path every now and then with the help of my yearbooks, but I also like to do it because of what it does for my kids. Sometimes they forget that I ever had a past. They don ' t feel that I was ever a child, that I ever bled where they bleed, hurt where they hurt, or ever danced where they dance. But they love to go through my yearbooks, for they see me in my fraternity house or in my football pictures, and it brings great delight to them — and pride to me — that they can see where I was. " I think that I ' ve received a great deal from having a yearbook. My only sorrow is that I haven ' t got all four yearbooks from my years at UCLA, only two. Maybe I needed someone back then to tell me just how important these books are. " I hope more students take an interest in Southern Campus this year and get their graduation pictures in there. These books last a lifetime, but more importantly — the memories last a lifetime. " Contact Campus Studio, Tel. 825-0611, ext. 271, to arrange for your graduation pictures. Deadline: March 26th. Southern Campus ' 76 Index of Graduates, Sororities, Fraternities, and Organizations A Abbate, Andrea 132 Abbott, Zvia 204 Abdelmalak, Samira 251 Abendroth, Douglas 204 Abrams, Gerard 204 Abrams, Greg 204 Abramson, Denise 204 Adams, Alan 204 Adams, Roni 141 Adetoye, Olatundun 251 Adler, Craig 204 Aguilar, Liz 141 Aguilera, Daniel 149,204 Agnew, Connie 142 Ahern, Kevin 154 Akins, Claude 154 Aldridge, Paula 204 Alexander, Brady 181 Alexander, Cindy 204 Alexander, Rochelle 135 Alford, Reynold 204 Algren, Linda 127 Allard, Kevyn 186 Allen, Bruce 251 Allen, Julie 127,204 Allen, Lori 130 Allen, Steven 251 Aller, Stephen 204 Allnutt, Leish 189 Alpha Chi Omega 123 Alpha Epsilon Phi 124 Alpha Delta Pi 120 Alpha Gamma Delta 143 Alpha Gamma Omega 144 Alpha Lambda Delta 182 Alpha Phi 126 Alpha Xi Delta 118 Alvarado, Maria 251 Alves, Boniface 204 Amabile, Thomas 204 Anchondo, Laura 122 Anderson, Amelia 252 Anderson, Barbara 204 Anderson, Brad 151,204 Anderson, Chris 149 Anderson, Debrah 135 Anderson, Karen 143 Anderson, Rodney 204 Anderson, Susie 141 Anderson, Vicki 143 Anderson, Vickie 141,187 Anderson, Victoria 204 Anderson, Warner 204 Andrews, Janet 131,204 Anduha, Larry 204 Ang, Benilda 252 Angel Flight 182 Angeles, Renato 252 Anglada, Walter 204 Aniebo, lfeanyichukwu 204 Anker, Robert 205 Anspack, Norma 205 Antablin, Linda 205 Antonio, Antonio 205 Aoki, Thomas 205 Appel, Barry 205 Aquino, Aderson 252 Aquino, Armando 205 Aguirre, Marry 143 Araujo, Djalma 174 Archbold, Joan 137 Archer, Dana 127 Arima, Cathy 182 Arlen, Timothy 205 Arnold, Lynne 205 Aronson, Gary 205 Asada, Bonnie 205 Asada, Carol 205 Ascani, Dan 134 Atkinson, Dean Byron 269,270 Atkinson, Dave 144 Atlas, Edward 205 Atzei, Michelle 133 Ausmus, Elyse 137 Austin, Brenda 252 Axelroad, Steve 160 Ayres, Karen 129 Azad, Ramin 205 Azubuike, Edekobi 205 B Baba, Beverly 206 Babayan, Misha 252 Babel, Liza 143 Bachus, Vickie 252 Baghaei, Mohsen 252 Bailey, Alicia 119 Bailey, Debbie 119 Baker, Jan 145,206 Baker, Joctee 206 Baker, Karen 206 Baker, Lori 143 Baldacci, Cathy 139 Baldwin, Adrienne 129 Ballas, Tricia 133 Bank, Lorita 206 Ballou, Nikki 135 Banks, Willie 162,166 Bankes, Marcia 130,206 Barake, Alvaro 206 Baran, Gloria 206 Barbee, Bruce 179 Barber, Jamie 157 Barbis, Mary Lynne 145 Barchan III, Stanley 154,175,206 Barden, Anne 121,187 Barden, Rich 154 Barfield, Woodrow 206 Bargaeiras, Marcia 206 Barich, Paul 153 Barkley, Thierry 206 Barnes, Liz 141 Barocas, Lisa 206 Barrero, Nestor 149 Barthoff, Sheree 206 Bartholomew, Grant 205 Barrett, Bruce 153 Barrett, Mark 144 Barrera, Pablo 206 Barry, Bob 151 Barry, Ron 151 Balsam, Chuck 149 Baetolic, Michael 206 Bartus, Cindy 137 Bartz, Jennifer 132 Bascom, Cheryl 184,206 Bates, Kim 187 Bates, Ronald 206 Bauer, Jeane 121 Bauldauf, Jill 145 Baum, Anna 206 Baumgardner, Barry 206 Baumgartner, Jeff 132 Baxter, Steve 151 Bayliss, Mark 153 Beamish, Sally 143 Beaton, Roberto 206 Beaubien, Barbara 133 Beber, Lori 125 Becker, Richard 181,206,266 Beckwith, Deborah 127,207 Bedwell, Lana 267 Beeger, Cynthia 184,207 Beistman, John 157 Bell, Betty 207 Bell, Clarissa 207 Bell, Jeff 146 Bell, Judy 121 Beland, Michele 121 Belleville, Stacy 145 Belzer, Jonathan 207 Benbenisty, Rochelle 207 Benfer, Jim 207 Bengston, Dale 207 Benjamin, Gloria 207 Benner, Kim 127 Bennet, Terry 136 Bennett, Burt 134 Bennett, Jane 131 Bennett, Kip 154 Bennett, Robert 207 Berg, Ken 160,181,207 Bergmann, Alicia 119 Bergeman, George 252 Berger, Beth 125,187 Berger, Randy 161 Bergeson, David 207 Bergenson, David 175 Bergonia, Sharlene 143 Berkyto, Barbara 121 Berman, Jodi 146 Berman, Bruce 161 Berman, Ken 161 Berry, Annette 252 Berry, Charles 157 Berry, Debby 162,164 Berry, Wendy 207 Berson, Peter 181,207 Bertossa, Nancy 133 Bettles, Carol 145 Bettles, Jeanne 145 Bickel, Janice 128,207 Bickford, Larry 207 Biderman, Elizabeth 207 Biersh, Lisa l45 Birnie, Douglas 175,207 Bishara, Mona 207 Bishop, Gary 207 Bisom, Andy 161 Black, Gary 207 Black, Lori 121 Black, Sandra 207 Black Student Alliance 178 Blackburn, Mary 252 Blackman, Vivian 121 Blair, Bonnie 207 Blair, Lynn 143 Blakeman, Kris 131 Bland, Charlotte 207 Blanke, Marcia 142,208 Blankstein, Gary 208 Blanton, Thomas 208 Blay, Richard 208 Blaze!, San 129 Bleiweis, Mark 208 Bloom, Kent 149 Blue Key 175 Board, Jeff 152 Boardman, Heidi 145 Boatwright, Patricia 125 Boccasile, Guy 153 Bocci, Richard 208 Boege, Julie 129 Bond, Karen 125 Bonicelli, Ann 208 Bonelli, Beth 131 Bonilla, Lynn 127 Bonilla, Alvaro 159 Bonner, Cynthia 141,208 Bonner III, William 208 Bony, Susan 145,184,208 Boog, Robert 157 Boone, Joyce 208 Boone, Raymond 208 Boonyachut, Sutja 252 Bostic, Dawn 208 Bothwell, Bruce 208 Bouton, Jane 142 Bowen, Barbara 139 Bowen, Rich 151 Bowie, Loren 252 Bowlby, Laura 139 Bowles, Michael 208 Bowlin, Charlotte 208 Boyd, Mayme 208 Boyd, Mike 152 Boyd, Molly 145 Brackeen, Pauleen 175 Bradford, Mary 143 Brady, Susan 208 Bradley, Katherine 133 Bragg, Janet 208 Bragg, Ruth 208 Brandt, Jon 181 Brandt, Paula 141 Branson, Sandra 208 Braukovich, Connie 121 Braun, Bruce 208,175 Braun, Denny 147 Braun, Kim 208 Breilh, Robert 208 Brekke, Valerie 141 Brennan, Kathy 181 Bresee III, Miles 208 Bretton, Marianne 145 Brewer, Marsha 136 Bridge, Kathy 131 Bridges, Cindy 142 Briggs, Lauchlin 209 Bright, Geri 127 Brill, Joel 209,160 Brodersen, Kathleen 209 Broderson, Kathy 142 Brodie, Betty 209 Brogan, William 209 Broidy, Alan 209 Bromand, Taylor 154 Bronner, Jerry 209 Bronson, Barbara 184 Bronstein, Elliot 209 Brooks, Doug 151 Brooks III, Charles 252 Brooks, Winston 174 Brower, Steven 209 Brown, Gary 151 Brown, Garry 209 Brown, Greg 149 Brown, Harmon 153,175,179,209 Brown, Marne 135,187 Brown, Terry 135 Brownlee, Bruce 209 Bruhn, Donna 129 Bruin Belles 186 Brunell, Kathy 139 Bruno, Askiel 209 Bruno, Charles 252 Bryggman, Jan 139 Buchanan, Janet 139 Buchberg, Paul 209 Buck, Rick 149 Buckner, Jody 129 Buker, Paul 160 Buffalino, Patti 145 Bullock, Karen 141,186 Bullock, Susan 133,187 Bulmore, Brooke 145 Bunee, Beth 143 Burcham, Chelle 141 Burdick, Grant 144,209 Burdick, Kim 144 Burg, Cindy 125 Burke, Jeff 134 Burns, Stephen 209 Butowitsch, Marina 185 Burr, Donald 209 Burt, Grady 209 Burton, Steven 209 Busch, Pamela 119 Bush, Renee 121 Busololo, Vicki 122 Butcher, Cathy 139 Byer, Thonda 184,209 Byron, Kim 125 C Caldwell, Karen 209 Caldwell, Vic 175 Calhoon, Cynthia 135 Calhoun, Bernadette 209 Calkins, Edward 209 Callahan, Mary 137 Campbell, Fred 157 Camption, Suzanne 141 Cannell, Corinna 139 Cantor, Stephanie 125 Caras, Barbara 121 Carbs, Lynn 187 Cardoso, Diego 210 Carey, Bruce 154 Carloni, Diana 210 Carlson, Cathy 141 Carlson, Kristen 145 Carlsten, Debie 182 Carmack, Jim 153 Cornell, Dan 210 Carper, Eleanor 252 Carrico, Brian 153 Carson, Kathy 122 Cartaino, Anne 121 Carter, Flora 210 Carter, Ronald 210 Carter, Rose 210 Carver, Peggy 141 Case, Robin 132 Casado, Francisco 210 Casarino, Carla 143 Case, Randolph 154,210 Castillo, Carmen 210 Castro, Christine 210 Caton, Nancy 210 Casucci, Jean 122 Cazazian, Alexandre 210 Ceragioli, Nina 147 Cerneka, Doris 268 Cervantes, Delfina 210 Chacon, Ramon 252 Chai, Jeanette 133 Chan, Betty 210 Chan, Henry 252 Chan, Mi-Yee 210 Chaney, David 252 Chang, Jaemin 210 Chang, Ruby 210 Chapman, Daniel 210 Chapman, Diane 145 Charlton, Gary 210 Chau, Amy 210 Chau, Marrian 145 Chaudry, Ramesh 210 Cheng, Kar-Shing 252 Cheng, Timothy 252 Cheng, Brian 147 Chern iss, David 210 Chernock, Robin 127 Chew, Stella 210 Chi, Omega 128 Chiang, Jeannette 143 Child, Robin 145 Chin, Heidi 210 Choate, Clair 127 Choi, Shirley 142 Chow, Betty 210 Chow, Liza 211 Choy, Sue 133 Christen, Alison 136,211 Christie, Helen 146 Chu, Sandra 211 Chulay, Cornell 181 Chung, Ue-Lin 252 Ciglan, James 211 Cipolla, Frank 252 Civet, Kathy 187 Clark, Cindy 142 Clark, Lynne 183 Clark, Marie 131 Clark, Nancy 122 Clark, Rich 151 Clarke, David 154 Clarke, Lonni 211 Clary, Robert 157 Claussen, Linda 121 Clawson, Jeanette 121 276 Clayton, Karen 122 Clemens, Roger 253 Clemens, Marybeth 145 Clements, Laurie 145 Cloyd, Tracey 133 Coady, Maureen 211 Cobb, Debbie 142 Cochrane, Mike 144 Cody, Susan 142 Coffey, Becky 187 Cohen, Debra 211 Cohen, Sandy 176 Coit, Laurie 132 Cole, Adrienne 211 Cole, Carolyn 132 Cole, Dorothy 132 Coleman, Carole 127,180 Coleman, Kendra 137 Coleman, Kevin 211 Coleman, Linda 211 Collet, John 211 Colletti, Debra 211 Colligan, Perry 154 Cologne, John 211 Colton, Michael 211 Combest, Phillip 211 Conkling, Darrell 147 Connelly, Cathy 121,181 Coy, Carol 183 Coy, Derrick 260 Crabb, Pete 153 Craddock, Ann 145 Craig, Jane 212 Crane Melinda 212 Craver, Barbara 212 Crawford, Susan 212 Crivaro, Alan J. 157,179 Crook, Gwen 127 Crost, Patricia 181,212 Crossan, Chris 144 Crothers, Julie 122,212 Cruce, Sidney 132 Cuen, Terri 212 Cuerva, Anthony 212 Cully, Michael 212 Cummings, Kathy 127 Cummings, Valerie 135 Cunnard, Jeff 269 Cunningham, Luann 181 Cunningha, Mike 151 Cupell, Andi 125 Curran, Jim 157 Curry, Judith 212 Curry, Marva 212 Curtis, Steve 152 Cuton, Nancy 122 D Davis, Juanita 21 Davis, Kim 213 Davis, Mike 178 Davis, Sarah 213 Davis, Sue 127 Deason, Christine 213 Dawson, Linda 213 Day, Debbie 121 Day, Margot 139 Dean, Pam 121 De Corto, Tim 151 De Lorimier, Virginia 213 Dempsey, Kevin 157 Deems, Sherry 130 Deems, Sheryl 213 Defibaugh, Ronald 213 Del Rosario, Rita 185 Delaney, Kimberly 139,213 Delao, Linda 213 Del Castillo, George 213 Dell, Gloria 146 Dellins, Marc 181,213 Delta Delta Delta 130 Delta Gamma 132 De Martinis, Jack 213 Delta Sigma Phi, 134 Delta Sigma Theta, 134 Dement, Teri 122 Dorval, Richard 214 Douglass, Kelly 130 Doumakes, Laurie 214 Dcwda, James 214 Dowland, Jane 128 Down, Susan 214 Down, Eric 154 Downie, Scott 175,214 Doyle, Jim 151 Drawn, Rayvette 135,214 Drollinger, Ralph 214 Drummond, Leslie 127 Dubbius, Bob 152 Dubreull, Clark 149 Ducommun, Edmond 214 Ducummun, Jeff 161 Duff, Roger 214 Duncan, Roberta 214 Dunn, Diana 135 Dunn, Kathie 147 Dunne, Maureen 139 Dunne, Pat 154 Duorak, John 152 Duran, Laura 214 Durda, Charmaine 214,146 Durham, Reginald 214 Dutcher, Sue 164 Duval, Michelle 181 Conner, James 211 Conner, Lindsay 162,164,203 Connerty, Craig 157 Connors, Stephen 211 Constant, Mark 211 Conti, Lori 133 Conti, Lynn 127 Contini, Ken 211 Convoy, Shannon 129 Cook, Elin 143,211 Cook, Jim 153 Cook, Linda 132 Cook, Richard 175,211 Cook, Teri 129 Coombs, Kevin 149 Cooper, Carol 187 Cooper, Cathleen 211 Cooper, Janice 211 Corhen, Sharon 211 Cordova, Pamela 211 Corwin, Karen 212 Cosman, Doug 149 Costa, Nancy 212 Costley, Diane 132 Cote, Sally 212 Covington, Kay 133 Covington, Lili 212 Cowan, Edward 212 Cowan, Marilyn 212 Cox, Cheryl 147 Cutting, Marty 133 Cveyich, Michael 212 Cynman, Selig 212 Da Silva, Peggy 212 Dahl, Gary 212 Dahman, Gary 159 Dahmen, Rick 159 Dailey, Kathryn 212 D ' Angelo, Bob 212 D ' Elia, Sue 131 Dall ' Armi, Nina 145 Daniels, Antoinette 212 Daniels, Mary 213 Darby, Willie 213 Dargeit, Debbie 127 Dariotis, Rhea 139 Davidson, Cynthia 213 Davidson, Debbie 142 Davis, Carol 141 Da Silva, Peggy 184 Daily Bruin-Classified 180 Daily Bruin - Display 181 Daily Bruin - Editorial 180 Davis, Carl 154 Dashjian, Mike 181 Davis, Heidi 213 Demetre, Chris 134 Demetriou, Andrew 173,213 Dendy, Steve 134 Dennis, Corbie 139 Denitz, Fred 160 Derdivanis, Derek 213 Dermand, John 213 Devine, Dennis 213 Di Bartolomeo, Alan 159 Diamond, Ann 213 Diaz, Frank 159 Diaz, Leonard 211 Dick, Lisa 133 Dickens, Marian 135 Dickey, Ann 142 Diefendorf, Dirk 152 Diemer, John 213 Dillis, Sandy 141 Dines, Lynn 121 Dinstman, Lee 134 Dito, Italia 213 Dixon, Steve 214 Dodson, Christie 173 Dolby, Anna 142,186 Dolmate, Shera 146 Donahue, Kate 122 Donnahoo, Gary 149 Doriabedian, Robert 253 Dorman, Claudia 214 Dorosheff, Denise 181 Duvall, Eva 214 Dykstra, Mike 157 E Easter, Pamela 214 Eastman, Linda 118,214 Easton, Julianne 214 Eddman, Ed 164 Edekobi, Azuburke 183 Edelston, John 253 Edgerley, Lisa 129 Egbagbe, Grace 180 Efron, Edward 151,175,214 Ehret, Mike 159 Ehrlich, Craig 162,165 Eiwen, Trudy 214 Eisberg, Brian 162,172 Eisenberg, Judith 214 Eisenhower, Anne 139 El-Ansari, Farouk 214 Elcan, Diane 133 Elder, Marvin 214 Eldredge, Liz 154 Elfant, Debbie 146 Eller, Howie 144 Ellison, Kristi 133 Elmer, Steve 215,153 Elnakat, Carlo 215 277 El-Nakat, Ghassan 215 Emerson, Barrow 153 Empeno, Jr., Henry 215 Emry, John 215 Envious, Emma 215 Endow, Carol 215 Engelman, Carol 146 Enochs, Richard 253 Epple, Andrew 215 Erdmann, Terry 215 Erdmann, Terry 215 Ermond, Ron 153 Ereshefsky, Elke 215 Erickson, Michael 215 Esquivel, Olga 143 Estep, Sallie 145 Essex, Sandra 215 Etemad, Bahram 215 Etemad, Bahram 215 Etkin, Lori 132 Evans, Joan 215 Evans, Nathaniel 215 Everett, Jim 215 F Fagent, Linnette 215 Fainbarg, Nancy 215 Fiedler, Albert 216 Fiegner, Deanne 130 Fierro, Richard 253 Figge, Leslie 187 Findley, Donald E. 271 Finegold, Mike 181 Fink, Martin 216 Fink, Vickie 130 Finkenberg, John 216 Finley, Steve 183 Finnegan, Dennis 150 Fish, Renee 133 Fischer, Sylvia 125 Fishburn, Diane 216 Fishhurn, Roduner 253 Fisher, Alan 161 Fisher, Barbara 216 Fisher, Jill 216 Fisher, Steven 216 Fishman, Steve 161 Fitch, Linda 142 Fitzgerald, Joe 159 Fitzsimmons, Mike 159 Flanagan, Jill 130 Flanigan, Catherine 216 Flannery, Kathleen 139,216 Fleming, Ruth 216 Fleschler, Stephen 216 Flores, Rogelio 174,216 Flores, Terry 216 Frazer, Terry 145 Frederick, Valorie 217 Fredrickson, Dave 144 Fredrickson, Eileen 128 Freedman, Karla 146 Freeman, Robin 217,132 Freeman, Vicki 217 Freidell, Sharon 139 Freifeld, Mark 161 Frey, Francesca 128 Frey, Ken 134 Frey, Norman 217 Frey, Patrick 217 Frezieres, Ron 217 Frieda, Kenneth 217 Frise, Virginia 122 Frisman, Dennis 217 Fritsche, Lynn 141 Fromkess, Leon 159 Frosh, Lyn 146 Frost, David 253 Fry, Theresa 129 Fuchs, John 147,217 Fufferd, John 154 Fujikawa, Susan 218 Fukuhara, Sharlene 218 Fujii, Robin 218 Fukuhara, Sharon 218 Fuller, Sue 121 Funk, George 218 Gelman, Marla 125,218 Gerhardt, Rich 161 Gerl, Anneliese 218 Getten, Cindy 122 Getz, Libby 218 Ghali, Rayed 218 Ghani, Homayoun 253 Giavia, Diane 133 Gibson, James 218 Gibson, Mellie 139 Gibson, Paula 183 Gibler, Karen 122 Gick, Gary 157 Gifford, Bob 147 Gigante, Diana 218 Gilbert, Clifford 218 Gilbert, Marilyn 218 Gilbert, Patti 143 Gildcn, Michael 219 Giles, Janice 133 Gillespie, Claudia 130 Gilmore, Phyllis 219 Gilroy, Gay 130 Gilwee, Jon 134 Gin, Sam 253 Givich, Janice 219 Glatstein, Belinda 219 Glau, Cathy 119 Gleason, Alice 143 Gleckner, Sue 130 Falk, Elmer 215 Fanaka, Jamaa 190 Farni, Paul 181 Farrell, Keith 215 Farrer, Laura 139 Farrer, Bill 149 Farrer, William 215 Farrington, Ruth 143 Farzad, Firooz 215 Fat, Collin 215 Feehan, Sue 142 Fehr, Rex 149 Feinberg, Michael 216 Feinstein, Shari 187 Felkel, Donna 121 Fenner, Jann 131 Fenning, Lisa 125 Fenton, Sari 216 Fenwyck, Herbert 216 Fen, Maryann 216 Ferguson, Jill 216 Fernandez, Bruce 149,216 Fernandez, Linda 216 Fernandez, Sam 152 Fernandez, Santiago 216 Fernbacher, Diane 125 Fernstein, Charles 181 Fetto, Laura 133 Feuder, Leslie 121 Feuerlicht, Sammy 216 Fever, Elaine 181 Field, Sheila 125,216 Fields, Karen 125 Flory, Mark 217 Flye, Elmer 217 Fodor, Linda 217 Foley, Aldin 154 Foley, Pat 141 Folin, Andrea 182 Fong, Ed 144 Fong, Evan 157,217 Forder, Joan 268 Fonder, Joni 136 Fordero, Maria 217 Forkey, Ann 145 Forman, Barb 129 Forstall, Berengere 217 Foster, Lisa 127 Foster, Valerie 217 Fountain, Ronald 253 Fowlkes, Karl 253 Fox, Cindy 130 Fox, Gary 217 Foy, Sue 127 Frakes, Mary 253 Frame, Norman 153,217 Frantz, Rita 217 Franco, Armando 217 Franco, Lazaro 253 Frank, Dory 217 Frank, Laura 217 Frankel, Ileen 217 Frankel, Marty 134 Franklin, Harlean 217 Fraser, Diane 122 Frasner, James 217 Funk, Lawrence 218 Furse, Lory 218 G Gach, Linda 218 Gadia, Evelyn 218 Gaidelis, John 218 Gale, Bruce 218 Gale, Peggy 141 Galinoau, Dan 154 Galizio, Mike 162,165 Gallego, Susan 218 Gallego, Raynald 218 Gallo, Don 175 Galloway, Terry 159 Gamma Phi Beta 136 Garabedian, Sharon 121 Garcia, Dan 159 Garcia, Mike 152 Garcia, Rudy 218 Garin, Ker 134,181 Garmack, Barbara 132 Garrett, Chuck 134 Garrett, Linda 135,218 Garrique, Nancy 141 Garris, Craig 218 Garside, Debbie 139 Gaston, Jessie 253 Gautreau, Paul 218 Gaynor, Scott 154 Gee, Geoff 152 Glimp, Diane 219 Glisson, Vicki 122 Globe, Brad 219 Glousman, Ronald 161,219 Gluck, Frederic B. 160 Glushow, Janet 125 Glushow, Linda 125 Goff, Joni 136 Golabi, Kamal 253 Golabi, Manizhe 253 Golchan, Frederic 219 Gold, Randi 129 Gold, Sharon 146 Goldberg, David 219 Goldberg, Mark 219 Goldberg, Wendy 219 Golden, Valerie 121 Golden, Wilma 219 Goldenberg, Nora 219 Goldfarb, Arlene 219 Goldman, David 219 Goldstein, Ellen 125 Goldstein, Lewis 219 Gomez, Steven 219 Gonda, Lucy 219 Gonzales, Phil 153 Gonzales, Xavier 219 Gonzalez, Mercy 129 Goodell, Gail 153 Goodfellow, Dean 219 Goodman, Gary 219 Goodman, Sari 146,181 Goodman, Louis 219 278 Hoyt, Donna 223 Hsiung, Taiping 254 Hubbard, David 223 Huber, Valerie 223 Huber, Melodic 133 Hudson, Ronald 223 Huggard, Laurie 143 Huggs, Cheryl 132 Hopkins, Shirley 254 Horn, Valerie 125 Horne, Claudia 182 Horne, Mark 159 Horwitz, Dennis 223 Horwitz, Howard 160,223 Horwitz, Lawrence 159,223 Horwitz, Merle 121 Hughes, Cindy 121 Hughes, Maryclla 130 Hull, Cindy 121,187,223 Hull, Sandy 121 Humiston, David 223 Huppert, Julie 139 Husea, Debbie 129 Humphrey, Robert 223 Hunter, Kathy 121 Horwitz, Terri 128 Houlahan, Karen 139 Houser, Peter 157 Howard, Dave 151 Howard, Lisa 223 Howard, Priscilla 145 Howard, Robin 127 Howard, Thad 223 Howells, Robert 223 Goovevitch, Barbara 184 Gorder, Jeff 151 Gordon, Elke 219 Gordon, Susan 182 Gorman, Kathy 122 Gurney, David 149 Goss, Steven 219 Gossick, Darlene 141 Gofejahn, Sue 127 Goto, Paul 157 Gottheiner, Karin 219 Gottlieb, Alan 220 Gould, Dave 161 Gould, Phyllis 220 Graboff, Marc 161 GSA 177 Graff, Diane 253 Graham, Ben 149 Graham, Frauge 125 Graham, Lisa 127 Gramley, Carolyn 142,187 Grandi, Scott 220 Grana, Annamarie 220 Granfield, Debra 253 Grant, Susan 220 Grant, Tim 154 Grapperhaus, Ann 142 Graumann, Karen 220 Gray, Missy 142 Grays, Felicia 220 Greaney, Patricia 220 Green, Abe 220 Green, Betty 220 Green, Charles 220 Green, Dottie 145 Green, Kathleen 220 Green, Lori 182 Green, Rickey 220 Green, Toni 187 Greenberg, Janet 146 Greenberg, Stephen 220 Greene, Laura 220 Greenspan, Mel 161 Greenspoon, Claudia 125 Greenwald, Peter 220 Gregory, David 149 Grey, Barry 181 Gribow, Hope 220 Grieco, Joseph 144,220 Griffin, Jeanne 128 Griffin, Kristene 143,220 Griffith, Jennifer 128 Griggs, Toni 129,220,268 Grosfeld, Robert 220 Grossman, Teri 142 Grubensky, Ann 220 Grubin, Todd 151,175,220 Guarneri, Jeanine 121 Guidera, Dan 154 Guilf oyle, Kathy 122 Gumbert, Jill 142 Gunn, Anna 129 Gunn, Jody 143 Gurriere, Debra 147 Gustafson, John 152 Gurrola, Michele 121,186,220 Gurganus, Patricia 220 Gutierrez, Lawrence 144 Gutierrez, Patricia 127,180,221 Gutierrez, Valerie 122 H Habeeb, Elaina 118 Hacker, Ron 175 Hackim, Andrea 145 Hackim, Kathleen 145 Hackim, Pamela 145 Hagan, Theresa 185,221 Halberstadt, Bart 159 Haley, Daniel 253 Halff, Susie 187 Hall, Carole 139,221 Hall, Cindy 127 Hall, Donald 151,221 Hallock, Lisa 187 Halverson, Sue 145 Hamilton, Becky 145 Hamilton, Diane 182 Hamilton, Michele 221 Hamlin, Edward 221 Hammond, Deb 147 Hand, Georgeann 221 Handy, Susan 139 Hanes, Beverly 129,221 Hank, Kathy 221 Hannum, Margaret 221 Hannum, Markey 145 Hansen, Tina 142 Hanson, Christina 221 Hanson, Nels 221 Harada, Nancy I80 Hardins, Suzi 129 Hargis, Jay 144 Harlen, Karen 137 Harmatz, Jill 221 Harmon, Ann 139,221 Harper, Cece 135 Harrah, Andy 154 Haro, Carlos 253 Harris, Craig 154 Harris, Linda 125 Harris, Sue 128 Harrison, Lauri 139 Hart, Joan 142 Hartman, Debbie 139 Hartman, Michael 173 Harvey, Frances 221 Harvey, James 221 Harvey, Wendy 221 Harwood, Julie 128 Harzan, Jan 152 Hasson, Jack 134 Hastings, Sue 127 Hassler, Teri 127 Haugen, Terry 221 Hausmann, Lisa 139 Havens, Jennifer 145 Haws, Amy 137 Haydel, Joseph 221 Hayes, Ellen 130 Hayes, Geraldine 221 Hayes, Theresa 147 Healy, Pat 181 Hedges, Stephanie 141,187 Hearn, Steve 254 Heck, Ann 221 Hee, Vernon 221 Heinmiller, Linda 143 Heinzelman, Eric 221 Heitzman, Nanci 145 Helfrich, Claire 139 Helgans, Karen 130 Heller, Vickie 127 Helm, Jim 134 Helmick, Mark 157 Helmy, Einman 185 Helvey, Joan 127 Hemm, Nannette 127 Henderson, Judy 127 Henderson, Paula 136 Henderson, Winston 190,269 Hendricks, Jean 146 Henney III, Donald 254 Henrich, Carolyn 119 Henrikson, Jo Nancy 127 Henton, Mike 153,175 Herbel, Donna 119 Herley, Phil 144 Herlihy, Tom 154 Herman, Debbie 125 Hernandez, John 222 Herndon, Jerry 162,166 Herrera, Richard 222 Herrling, Cindy 137 Herzog, Norbert 222 Highley, Syd 157 Higson, Gregory 222 Hildebrand, Mary Beth 141,222 Hill, Greg 157 Hill, Steve 151 Hill, Randy 139,222 Hill, Sandra 222 Hilleary, David 222 Himes, Stan 266 Hintz, Richard 222 Hiraoka, Janet 222 Hird, Paula 121 Hirsch, Dave 161 Hochstresser, Karen 222 Hodge, Kerry 142 Hodges, Denise 222 Hodgins, Debbie 142 Hodgkins, Gayle 143 Hoesli, Hannah 182 Hofer, Gary 222 Hoffman, Barbara 142 Hoffman, Ceri 127 Hoffman, Jim 144 Hoffman, Sheri 125 Hoffman, Wendy 222 Hofman, Vivian 222 Hokoda, Mark 269 Holdam, Peggy 121 Holden, JoJo 130,187 Holeman, Robert 174 Holdich, Diane 222 Holland, Diane 141 Holland, Marla 125,222 Holland, Sybil 222 Hollander, James 222 Hollenbeck, Shelley 222 Holliday, Susan 222 Hollowaty, Thomas 254 Hoist, Linda 145,187 Holt, Jeff 144 Honda, Irene 122 Honda, Susan 222 Honda, Fujiaki 222 Hong, Mona 222 Honsaker, Trisha 136 Hooten, Mary 222 Hoover, Cindy 147 Hoover, Susan 129,223 Hopkins, Marilyn 223 279 Hurley, Joyce 223 Hurst, Lucinda 223 Hurtado, Victor 175 Hurtubise, Michele 128 Husband, Pam 223 Hyman, Mike 154 Hyun, James 223 I Iamele, Albert 223 Ida, Harvmi 223 Ikkanda, David 223 Ikemi, Deborah 223 Imamura, Mary 223 Imhodd, Jann 224 Ingram, Deborah 224 Interfraternity Council 179 Ishigo, Kelvin 224 Issacs, Dean 153,179 Ito, Christine 224 Ito, Dolly 129 Ito, Richard 224 Ito, Ronald 224 Iwanaga, Paul 224,262 J Jackson, Reggie 183 Jackson, Shirley 224 Jacob, Ann 142 Jacobs, Cindy 145 Jacobs, Helen 141,186 Jacobs, Steven 254 Jacobson, Joni 131 Jaksha, Steven 224 Jaffe, Denise 139 Jalichandra, Chandra 139 James, Marcy 143 Jarrell, Leslie 147 Jarrett, David 149 Jasper, Karen 268 Janssen, Linda 139 Jazmin, Evelyn 224 Jeffereds, Jean 145 Jeffries, Warren 224 Jelic, Milan 134,224 Jenson, Sue 136 Jennings, Denise 132,187 Jensvold, Margy 143,182 Jetton, Mark 157 Jimenez Codinach, Ricardo 224 Jiu, David 224 Hoanou, Janet 142 Jodele, Rima 224 Johnson, Carla 224 Johnson, Elaine 224 Johnson, Gary 224 Johnson, Greg 154,175,181,224 Johnson, Jill 133,224 Johnson, Kelene 145 Johnson, Lynn 135 Johnson, Marla 142 Johnson, McIlonise 224 Johnson, Mike 179 Johnson, Tracy 254 Johnston, Jeri 133 Jones, Dana 139,224 Jones, Gail 122 Jones, Jeffrie 128 Jones, Kathryn 224 Jones, Laura 181,183 Jones, Lorraine 121 Jones, Meg 141 Jones, Patty 145 Jonice, Shirley 224 Jordan, Dona 154 Jordan, Glenn 144 Jordan, Jamee 127 Jordana, Gary 254 Judnich, Matthew 225 Jue, Bessie 225 Juson, Ismael 225 K Kaczorowski, Terri 143 Kaewert, Doug 154 Kafader, Madeleine 145 Kahan, Miriam 254 Kahanowitch, Richard 225 Kahn, Robert 225 Kahn, Robin 141 Kahn, Suzanne 225 Kaiser, Paul 225 Kakita, Nancy 225 Kallick, Ivan 162,165 Kallshian, Katy 132 Kammen, Joseph 225 Kan, Winnie 225 Kane, Anne 132 Kane, Berry 160,181 Kane, Bryna 225 Kane, Susan 181 Kanzler, Nancy 132 Kao, Pamela 225 Kapitang, Vicki 121 Kaplan Hunter 181,225 Kaplan, Larry 225 Kapland, Sharon 146 Kappa Alpha Theta 138 Kappa Delta 140 Kappa Kappa Gamma 142 Karbelnig, Alan 181 Karkhanis, Mohan 225 Karp, David 160,225 Karuza, Ivan 225 Kasell, Kristen 225 Kass, Jane 225 Katayama, Victor 151 Kater, Matt 160 Kato, Michael 225 Katsuro, Elaine 225 Katz, Jerry 225 Kaufman, Kasey 129,187 Kawamoto, Dewey 225 Kawasaki, Emi 186 Kawaratani, Kay 182,225,268 Kawaratani, Takeshi 134 Kawashima, Diane 226 Kay, David 149 Keane, Bradley 226 Keating, Robert 226 Keen, Terrie 137 Keenan, Margot 142 Keene, Donald 226 Keeve, Frederick 226 Kelem, Steven 226 Kelleher, Staccey 129 Kelly, Scott 226 Kemmerer, Lorna 226 Kempner, Alan 144 Ken, Joyce 186 Kennedy, George 226 Kennedy, Kevin 153 Kent, Caroline 129 Kent, Rob 152 Kenworthy, Agnes 127 Kessler, Debbie 146 Kessler, Julie 125 Kessler, Kathy 187 Kevich, Jeff 160 Key, Ben 153,175,179,226 Kidwell, Brad 149 Kim, Yung 226 Kimbell, Katie 147 Kimenyi, Alexandre 254 Kimura, Ron 226 Kinerman, Ruthbcth 182 King, Bob 151 Kinoshita, Latty 226 Kipnes, Thomas 226 Kirk, Chuck 157 Kitchens, Alma 226 Klein, Carolyn 145 Klatte, William 149 Klein, Deborah 226 Klein, Noreen 226 Klemer, Laura 125,181 Kleve, Jean 143 Kling, Vicki 128 Knapp, Peggy 131 Knight, Keith 226 Knoph, Lori 226 Knoth, A Ilyson 139,181 Knox, Andrew 154,226 Knudson, Karen 141 Koeningsberg, Janie 121 Koeppe, Krista 127 Kojelis, Linas 181,203 Kolom, Halyse 226 Konugres, George 161 Kootsikas, Ellie 121 Kopitzkee, Julia 121 Koran, John 144 Korshak, Steven 226 Kossack, Jeff 226 Kraebacher, Ned 159 Kraft, Barb 128 Kramer, Mark 226 Kramer, Peter 157 Kramer, Phil 149 Krasno, Donna 226 Kraus, Kathy 125,227 Krebs, Dean Mary Jane 182 Kresteller, Daniel 227 Kreuz, Richard J. 181,269,270 Kridl, Tom 151 Krieg, Dawn 129 Kroger, Wendy 145 Krogius, Tony 153 Kropf, Roger 227 Kruger, Stacey 227 Krumpolz, Bruce 151 Krupitsky, Sue 125 Kubiak, Patricia 227 Kubota, Jean 227 Kuhn, Michael 227 Kuipers, Gary 134 Kupferstein, Phyllis 146 Kuritzky, Elliot 227 Kuromi, Lynne 227 280 Lipow, Jim 157 Lippett, Linda 125,229 Lipsker, Lee 160 Lisogurski, Raquel 229 List, Karen 130,229 Listug, Laura 127 Little, Don 154 Littlestone, Nanette 229 Littman, Franklin 254 Livingston, Linda 119 Livingston, Lori 142 Lobel, Kerry 183 Loden, Jeannie 229 Loffus, Ann 128 Loh, Jeannie 229 Londre, Lynne 133 Londres, Crystal 254 Long, Karen 131 Long, Mrs. 139 Lopez, Diana 141,187,229 Loran, Alayne 229 Losey, Mike 162 Loss, Kathy 139 Louie, Walter 229 Lowe, Duane 134 Lowe, Leslie 230 Lubin, Sue 145 Kurowski, Cindi 143 Kurowski, Cynthia 227 Kurucz, Karl 227 Kusunoki, Kiroyuki 254 Kutner, Rob 147 Kuznetz, Eileen 227 Kurth, Valerie 182 Kwan, Shan-Lang 227 Kwok, Joseph 227 Kwon, Byung 227 Kymetz, Nancy 125 Kyne, Kathy 141 L Labovitz, Denise 132 LaCroix, Michael 162,227 Lacy, Anna 141 Lafage, David 254 LaFontaine, Lynda 227 LaFontaine, Lynda 227 Lagmay, June 227 Lamoreaux, Linda 227 Land, Steven 227 Landau, Ruth 227 Landen, Daniel 227 Landy, Gail 125,227 Langsam, Kathy 125 Lapham, Robert 228 Lapin, Jeff 181 Larson, Howard 228 Larson, John 144 Lascoe, Neal 228 Lasicka, Stephen 228 Lasko, Peggy 228 Lau, Edmund 254 Launer, Diane 228 Laurence, Bone 228 Laurie, Alison 228 LaVeaux, Anita 178 Lawrence, Denise 228 Lawson, Joy 135,183,228 Lawton, Stacey 129 Layne, Tanya 228 Lazar, Thomas 228 Lazav, Debi 125 Leamy, Gail 228 Leary, Gene 159 Lebovitz, Linda 228 Le Clear, Bill 159,228 Le Clear, Julie 145 Ledbetter, Sheryl 135,228 Ledendecker III, William 153,228 Ledwith, Alyson 139 Lee, Kyu 254 Lee, Jai 254 Lee, Marjorie 228 Lee, Mary Ann 143,187 Lee, Mike 181 Lee, Mile 183 Lee, Patricia 228 Lefevre, Susan 228 Lee, Shih-Mei 228 Lee, Teresa 228 Lee, Warren 228 Leek, Linda 122 Lees, James 154 Leggs, Glenn 179 Lehto, Heidi 129 Leidelmeijer, Myrna 228 Leiter, Jeffrey 157,228 Lenaburg, Becky 127,268 Leon, Sylvia 121 Lepp, John 157 Lerner, Leonard 229 Leslie III, Robert 229 Lesser, Don 162,172 Lester, Denise 143 Leung, Jonas 229 Leung, Tat-Ming 229 Levander, Holly 130 Levens, Nancy 125 Levine, Julie 127 Levine, Marla 181 Levin, Michael 229 Levine, Richard 229 Levy, Bob 160 Lew, Laurie 229 Lew, Roxanne 186,229 Lewis, Cindy 229 Lewis, Gary 254 Lewis, Jeff 152 Ley, Carol 136 Libman, Linda 229 Lieberstein, Gary 229 Lightner, Lori-Ann 229 Liljestrom, Brent 154 Lillef, Debbie 136 Lincoln, Larry 149 Lindberg, Mike 152 Lindgren, Kevin 154 Ling, Magdalene 229 Linguist, Laura 133 Lim, Seung 229 Lind, Susanne 139,229 Lipke, Craig F. 229 Luboff, David 230 Lubow, Barbara 118,182 Lucas, Jessie 186 Lucewicz, Robert 230 Luckie, Nancy 230 Lueck, Lorna 230 Luis, Cindy 143 Lukens, Sue 143 Lum, Holly 128 Luna, Al 147 Lundgren, Kenneth 23 ' Lung, Joseph 230 Lupin, Lorraine 230 Luzano, Ruby 133 Lynch, Loretta 230,137 Lynne, Susie 131 Lyon, Eileen 143 Lyon, Mary 230 Lyon, Meredith 143 Lyons, Warren 230 M MacAnany, Louis 230 Machara, Clara 129 Machnes, Dan 230 MacKenzie, Don 230 Maddrell, Gail 142,230 Madocks, Ruth 131 Maeder, Dale 230 Mainland, Marsha 139 Maltzman, Carole 125 MacLeod, Suzie 145 MacPherson, George 147 Magenheim, Marlene 182,184 Maggio, Camie 186 Maggio, Linda 186 Mahmood, Rafiuddin 254 Mahsoul, Esmail 254 Main, Ron 144 Maisel, Leslie 125 Makiuchi, Kenji 230 Makowski, Armand 254 Maldonado, Olga 230 Malitz, Beth 125,187,230 Mamula, Mark 154 Man, Ramona 178 Mancini, Robert 230 Mandel, Eric 181 Mandre, Sylvia 230 Manger, Arthur 255 Manger, Phyllis 255 Manisco, Joe 149 Mann, Bruce 230 Mann, Helen 129,230 Mann, Kathy 147 Mann, Romona 230 Manning, Jacqueline 231 Mannum, Wendy 145 Mansker, Eric 231 Marasco, Rich 149 Maratos, Reenie 139 Marchetta, Michele 145 Marcus, Sharon 125 Margve, Gabriel 231 Mari, Cath y 137 Marik, Eva 231 Marimon, Liz 130 Marinello, Joseph 231 Mark, Anita 185 Mark, Chip 149 Mark, Melinda 128 Marks, Andrea 173 Marks, Jennifer 127 Marks, Marian 231 Marmesh, Ann 142 Marquez, Tomas 231 Marshall, Jane 133,268 Martin, Bert 153 Martin, Lynn 122 Martin, Jack 255 Martin, Mimi 131 Martin, Robert 231 Martin, Wendy 132 Martyn, Debbie 142 Marx, Greg 231 Marx, Judy 146 Mason, Barbara 132 Mason, Ginny 143 Masters, Julie 231 Mata, Darling 231 Matheny, Andi 129 Matics, Donna 145 Matre, Sherri Van 128 Matsui, Margaret 231 Matsumoto, Keiji 231 Matthews, Suzanne 255 Matuzola, Marguerite 255 Maxwell, Stephanie 231 Mayberry, Lila 231 Mayer, Jim 134 Mayercheck, Robert 231 Mayster, Vicki 121 Mc Adams, Nancy 130 McAfee, Keith 153 Mc Alpin, Deidra 135 McCampbell, Carrie 139 McCammon, Bruce 144 McCann, Kathy 133 McCarty, Jim 149 McCloskey, Kendy 130 McConnell, Karen 142,231 McCrann, Kelly 152 McCuetheon, Beth 147 McCullough, Barbara 231 McDonald, Jeanne 133 McDonnell, Caroline 145 McDonnell, Mary 132 McDowell, Edith 231 McGalliard, Thomas 181,231 McGee, Michelle 132 McGlynn, Kathy 143 McGoldrick, Ann 231 McGovern, Blair 127 McGuire, Jeffrey 231 McKee, Mark 159 McKenna, Karen 129 McKinney, Frederick 178,231 McLane, Kim 128,231 McLellan, Karen 133,268 McLaughlin, Rick 154 McMahan, Karen 132 McMillan, June 141 McMurray, Melvine 231 281 McNally, Donna 122 McNally, Mary Jo 127,232 McNally, Sean 232 McNamara, Kathy 122 McNamara, James 153,175,232 McNamara, Susie 122 McNary, Nancy 130 McNammee, Anne 133 McReynolds, Kevin 232 McVay, Sharon 232 Meadows, Paul 232 Mebane, Julie 139 Mechsner, Martin 134,232 Mednick, Wendy 255 Medof, Gary 232 Meek, Virginia 255 Meisch, Carol 142 Meidel, Greg 154 Melick, Karen 147 Mellon, Kathleen 232 Mellor, Diane 142 Melikos, Chris 127 Melton, Susan 135,162,165,232 Menke, Sally 131 Mercer, Mary Ann 141 Merino, Sylvia 143 Mermel, Shoshannah 232 Merritt, Nancy 139 Merryfield, Jana 121 Messey, Leslie 141 Messner, Michael 255 Metcalf, Sue 145 Meyer, Ann 145 Meyers, Nancy 232 Mezey, Miriam 232 Mickel, Joanne 121 Mickelson, Angela 232 Mido, Ken 162,172 Miechowicz, Linda 127 Miechowicz, Marie 127 Mietus, Lawrence 232 Miletta, Christopher 232 Milhaupt, Michael 232 Miller, Cherie 186,232 Miller, Dean 232 Miller, Diane 125 Miller, Lori 130 Miller, Mark 159 Miller, Mary Jo 232 Miller, Pam 133 Miller, Pamela 232 Miller, Phyllis 232 Miller, Susan 122 Miller, Tom 149 Mills, Linda 135 Milner, Jim 159 Mindel, Stanley 255 Mino, Ronald 232 Minton, Cindy 118 Mirch, Ken 151 Mishima, Naomi 125 Mitchel, Diane 141 Mitchell, Carrie 143 Mitchell, Dennis 162 Mitchell, Diane 232 Mitchell, Kathy 133 Mio, Jeffrey 232 Miyake, Marilyn 233 Mobasser, Amir 233 Modeirious, Bob 153 Modin, Michael 233 Modisett, Jeffrey 233 Moe, Cathy 127 Mogalian, Gerald 233 Moghissian, Massoud 233 Mohrfeld, Todd 233 MokeyBear, Dave 153 Molina, Geri 129 Mongo 153 Monitz, Ronald 233 Monteil, Diane 121 Montgomery, Robert 157 Mooradian, Michael 233 Moore, Cedric 263 Moore, Clifford 149,233 Moore, Karen 132 Moore, Larry 153 Moore, Lynndee 233 Moore, Timothy 149,233 Moore, William 233 Moores, Harold 144 Moraga, Linda 184 Moraga, Pete 162,165 Moran, John 233 Mosberg, Cindy 129 Morck, Cheryl 137 Moreno, Debra 233 Morris, Debbie 125 Morita, Janet 142 Morris, Debbie 125 Morris, Chuck 160 Morrison, Nancy 131 Morrow, Christopher 233 Mortar Board 184 Mosberg, Leslie 141 Moss, Melissa 162,165,233 Moss, Susan 233 Moss, Wendy 125 Mossman, Joan 139 Most, Deborah 233 Moszkowski, Benjamin 233 Mott, Shirlee 233 Moy, Michele 187 Moylan, Bill 149 Mrgudick, Jon 147 Mueller, Beth 233 Muers, Lisa 129 Muir, James 233 Muller, Elvira 130 Muller, Thomas 233 Muller, Vicki 137 Murakami, Larry 233 Muro, Jeff 153 Murphy, Beth 121 Murphy, Bill 159 Murphy, Mary 234 Murray, Madelyn 255 Murray, Marcia 147 Murril, Mary Beth 181 Murry, Roger 255 Musicer, Glen 225 Myers, Mary 176,234 Mysorski, Laura 255 Mykita, Lance 234 N Nadir, Iris 234 Nagatani, Scott 234 Nagel, Barbara 234 Naghi, Meir 234 Naik, Arun 255 Nakagiri, Glenn 180 Nally, Kenneth 234 Napper, Gary 234 Natsumeda, Neal 181 Navarro, Carmelita 234 Neal, Paula 234 Needham, Jeanne 127,186,234 Neff, Curtis 234 Neito, Ruby 154 Neipris, Roger 234 Nelson, Janet 145 Nelson, Nancy 118 Nelson, Rhonda 135 Nelson, Virginia 121 Nemani, David 255 Nemitz, Andy 149 Nerenstein, Sharon 234 Newsom, Bill 152 Newton, Nori 145 Newton, Peter 234 Nguyen, Minh-Lien 234 Nichols, David 144 Nielsen, Roger 255 Nieto, Rudy 162,234 Nilsson, Kim 139 Nimelstein, Scott Nimitz, Jonathan 234 Nishi, Martin 176,177 Nishiki, Michael 234 Nitti, Gary 234 Nocciolo, Rosanne 127,234 Nordeen, Howard 144 Nolan, Robin 143 Norris, Cheri 122 Norris, Pamela 234 Noski, Nancy 235 Noskin, Dave 161 Novak, Lindy 137 November 181,267 Novins, Kim 121 Nunez, Wilo 255 Nurkan, Conan 255 Nygard, Barbara 141 Nyman, Christina 235 Nymoen, Kathy 131 O Oakes, Karen 141 Oakland, Tina 173 Obedowski, Jane 122,235 O ' Brien, Karen 142,235 O ' Connell, Sheila 145 Ochoa, Ruben 235 Odgen, Laralie 187 O ' Donnell, Terry 267 Oehrlein, John 235 Offner, James 147 Ogata, Ralph 144 Ogden, Helen 235 Ogden, Loralie 145 O ' Hara, Peggy 142 Ohmoto, Sharon 235 Okamura, Fumiko 255 Okamura, Randal 235 O ' Leary, Jorge 235 O ' Leary, Tom 151 Oliver, Herman 235 Oliver, Michelle 135,235 Ollweiller, Sue 130 Ong, Luck 136,235 Ongkeko, Gerine 137 Orahood, Pamela 235 Ordos, Wayne 152,175 Ordow, Wayne 235 Ordovsky, Constantine 235 Ornellas, Jay 255 Orr, April 184,235 Ortasse, Sol 181 Ortega, Emilio 235 Ortega, Mike 154 Ortner, Judy 122 Osborne, Dr. Alfred E. 269 Oshita, Amy 235 Ostarello, Julie 139 Ostrin, Ron 235 Ousman, Jim 151 Owens, Andrea 135,235 Owens, Sondra 235 P Pacheco, George 235 Pacheco, Cynthia 236 Paik, Hyong 236 Palacios, Lourdes 236 Palacios, Mary 255 282 Rede, Martin 238 Reece, Keyth 176 Reed, Carol 143 Reeves, Don 153 Reich, Marc 238 Reich, Peter 238 Reich, Steven 238 Reiff, Cynthia 238 Reilly, Susan 238 Reinertson, Rich 144 Resnick, Andrea 128,184,238 Ressler, Laura 128 Reyes, Robert 238 Reyes, Yolanda 238 Reynolds, William 238 Rezvani, Khosrow 238 Rhea, Rick 152 Rhinehart, Robin 238 Rice, Amy 121 Rich, Randy 153 Richards, Doug 134 Richards, Rick 144 Richard, Mildred 238 Richardson, Anton 239 Richardson, Jim 181 Richardson, Lauren 239 Richmond, Nance 125 Richmond, Romina 239 Richtel, Heidi 125 Rickey, Jo Ellen 142 Rigney, Cindy 121,185 Rikley, Pant 141 Riley, Vickie 127 Rinck, Charles 239 Rincon, Maria 239 Rithaler, Melody 239 Ritter, Gail 146,239 Ritter, Mark 151 Rivero, Robert 175,239 Rizzi, Jane 133 Robe, Margaret 182,184,239 Roberts, David 239 Roberts, Sheila 239 Robertson, Cindy 127 Robins, Vicki 122 Robison, Edward 239 Robinson, Alan 134 Robinson, Linda 141,239 Robinson , Pam 121 Robinson, Vernon 239 Rodriguez, Rosa 239 Roertgen, William 239 Rogers, Christine 121 Rogers, Marjorie 185,239 Rogers, Michelle 135 Rojo, Richard 239 Roman, Joe 239 Rome, Steven 239 Palamar, Donna 143,236 Pallack, Dave 267 Palmer, Clinton 236 Palmer, David 159,236 Palmer, Julie 141,182,236 Palmer, Shirley 136 Palomo, Gloria 143 Panagopoulos, Petros 255 Panhellenic Council 269 Penish, Debbie 181 Parchen, Mike 159 Parker, Mike 159 Parker, Russ 154 Parker, Teddy 121 Parkingson, Ben 151 Parmer, Denton 236 Parness, Shelley 236 Parodi, Ana 236 Parrado, Sandra 236 Parsons, Cindy 141 Pasco, Sue 127 Pastor, Julie 186,236 Paterno, Peter 260 Patrick, Larry 236 Patrick, Cori 142 Patterson, Diane 141 Patton, Tom 149 Paul, Alana 236 Payne, Barbara 236 Payne, Joan 236 Payne, Thomas 236 Paz, Moises 236 Peacock, Debbie 132 Pearce, Janie 139 Pearson, Cindy 127,186 Pearson, Emily 131 Pearson, Kelli 132 Peck, Gloria 236 Peckles, Dave 160 Pederson, Don 151 Peeke, Gerald 236 Pelascini, Dick 159 Peletz, Laura 236 Pelson, Jeff 144 Peitz, Jim 181 Pena, Max 236 Penchoen, Tom 162 Pender, Mark 154 Pendleton, Laura 122 Penney, Linda 145 Penny, Bill 154 Penton, Janis 184 Perea, Donna 180,181,269 Peredia, Angelica 236 Pereyra, Dennis 256 Perkins, Craig 151 Perkins, Jeanne 133,236 Perram, John 236 Perry, Audrey 237 Perry, Codean 237 Persons, Gina 187 Peshel, Mary 145,268 Peterson, Bruce 157 Peterson, Dan 157 Petrocelli, Daniel 237 Peyser, Tony 181 Phelps, Marilynn 185 Phelps, Peter 175,237 Phi Kappa Psi 149 Philbert, Cindy 127 Phillipi, Barbara 121 Phillips, John 152 Phillips, Linda 130 Phillips, Margaret 237 Phillips, Pam 127,186 Phillips, Paula 129 Phillips, Patricia 237 Phillips, Penny 118 Phillips, Tom 154 Phrateres 185 Pi Beta Phi 145 Pickett, Robert 237 Pickle, Carol 130 Pickman, Carrie 181 Pierce, Larry 174 Pierro, Donald 237 Pietsch, James 153,237 Pierro, Don 151,175,179 Piette, Ina 237 Pifer, Griff 153 Pill, David 237 Pilloid, Bonnie 145 Pinder, Wilma 256 Pinto, Beverly 237 Pipal, Susan 139,180,237 Pipes, Keith 154 Piroski, Radmila 237 Piscskus, Toni 154 Pittman, Staci 139 Pitts, Larry 160 Platz, Alix 139 Plyney, Pat 145 Podgur, Marcie 131 Poffenroth, Patrice 237 Pollitt, Marguerite, 132 Popcjoy, Clifford 237 Popejoy, Patty 128 Poplin, Penny 237 Porges , Joseph 237 Porter, Judy 128 Porto, Victoria 237 Posner, Howard 237 Post, Sally 139 Powell, Alison 133,237 Powell, Beth 133 Powell, Cindy 122 Powell, Linda 125 Powelson, Ann 237 Powers, Chris 127 Poyser, Ruthie 127 Prado, Hiolanda 237 Presutto, Kathy 141 Price, A leita 237 Prichard, Julie 130 Price, Robert 237 Prill, Rick 153 Prober, Dean 160 Prokop, Gail 137 Prosise, Fran 173 Prosser, Maureen 238 Prater, Sharon 127 PTF 174 Putnam, Dawn 145 Putnick, Nadyne 238 Q James 238 Quijano, Elvia 256 Quimby, Pamela 238 Quin, Tish 187 R aabe, Ken 157 Rabin, Jeffrey 238 Rabkin, Alan 238 Rackusin, Byrna 256 Radin, Margo 185 Raffelson, Cheryl 125 Rafferty, Julianne 145 Rafferty, Winnie 139 Rager, Maureen 128 Rahal, Ahmed 238 Raines, Jana 238 Ramirez, Vic 149 Ramljak, Mark 181 Ramsey, Eileen 238 Randall, Carolyn 139 Randolph, Carole 129 Randolph, Kathy 142 Rapaftoni, Linda 181 Rapp, Dieter 238 Rausch, Mike 157 Rebrovich, Diane 121,187 Romero, Margaret 239 Roney, Will 153 Rook, Carmen 239 Rooke, Cliff 147 Rosales, Cat 239 Rosborough, Grady 239 Rose, Dennis 239 Roseman, Barbara 240 Roseman, Marilyn 240 Rosenberg, Ellen 240 Rosenblatt, Shelli 125 Rosenbloom, Candy 125 Rosenbloom, Mike 160 Rosenthal, Mark 240 Rosman Alan 240 Rosman, Mark 157 Ross, Armen 240 Ross, Bonnie 121 Ross, Doris 256 Ross, Jamie 240 Ross, Jeffrey 240 Ross, Philip 240 Rossi, Lisa 133 Rossini, Michael 160,240 Rothman, Arlene 240 Rothman, Bruce 240 Rotter, Ward 152 Rosenstein, Cathy 240 Rothstein, Mark 240 Rothstein, Sheryl 240 Roundtree, Kim 142 Rowe, Debbie 143 Rozdzial, Moshe 240 Rubin, June 240 Rucynski, Walt 147 Rudee, Basbara 240 Rudnick, Janet 240 Rudow, Mike 151 Ruiz, Dorothy 240 Runkel, Rich 154 Rusmiselle, Roberta 185 Russell, Derek 149 Russler, Libby 240 Rutter, Itala 256 Ruzek, Lynn 127 Ryan, Timothy 240 Ryder, Nancy 147 Ryder, Taffy 145 S Sadat - La Rijani, Majid 240 Sadeli, Maryani 240 Sage, Helene 241 Sain, Janie 137 Sajbel, Michael 241 Salberg, Jeffrey 241 Saltzman, Joel 160 Salyer, Richard 241 Samuels, Howard 241 Samuelson, Carlos 241 Samson, Deborah 139,241 San Vicente, Rick 147 Sanchez, Bladenmar 241 Sanchez, Cynthia 129,139 Sandberg, Kristen 132 Sanders, Brad 241 Sandoval, Gregorio 241 Sankey, Patricia 127,241 Sanman,Lacinda 141 Sapien, Thomas 241 Sapp, Dawn 139 Sara, Rosemary 241 Savant, Susie 130 Sasbel, Mike 149 Sasser, Sandy 130 Saudigel, Jenny 145 Saunders, Anne 122 Saunders, Don 174 Saunders, Laurie 136 Saunko, Bruce 153 Saville, Terri 128 Schaffer, Steve 157 Schales, Marion 241 Schammel, Gary 154 Schank, Stephanie 241 Schauerman, John 159 Scher, Stephanie 256 Schemm, Cindy 147 Schindler, Norm 267 Schlesinger, Veronica 241 Schmickrath, Ann 136 Schmidt, John 144 Schmidt, Judy 127 Schmitz, Sandra 241 Schneider, Linda 143 Schniderman, Scott 134 Schoenfeld, John 161 Schoenfield, Dana 128,241,268 Schnugg, Patty 145 Scholar, Julie 174,241 Schoonover, Sue 122 Schoor, Sally 241 Schreiner, Nancy 241 Schroeder, John 162,165 Schroeder, Lynn 137 Schroeder, Maurreen 147 283 Schuit, Robert 160,241 Schuller, Paul 144 Schulman, Mimi 133 Schultz, Marcia 145 Schumacher, Michael 256 Schuster, Lynette 256 Schutzbank, Sue 143 Schwartz, Anne 128,180,265 Schwartz, Claire 184 Schwartz, Fred 161 Schwartz, Gary 160 Schwartz, Louis 241 Schwartz, Philip 256 Schwartz, Steve 159 Schweitzer, Jim 159 Schweitzer, Marc 241 Sciarra, John 203 Scott, Craig 256 Scott, David 241 Scott, Katherleen 242 Scott, Katherine 242 Scott, Shane 153 Scurlock, Larry 256 Sea-Filoialii, Faasalalau 242 Seagraves, Andrea 242 Seamen, Cissy 125 Searles, Melinda 145,242 Sec, Sue 122 See, Gary 242 Segal, Stephen 242 Segal, Steve 161 Seidler, Thomas 256 Seki, Glenn 181,266 Sember, Ann 145 Sember, Peggy 145 Serianni, Vicki 242 Serota, Martin 242 Seto, Wai 242 Sfair, Antoine 242 Sgambelluri, Pamela 242 Shade, Briggs 242 Shaket, Efrain 256 Shammer, Susan 129 Shammas, Samir 242 Shapiro, Ann 141 Shapiro, Daniel 242 Shapiro, Linda 242 Shapiro, Tad 161,181,175 Sharon, Melanie 143,268 Sharp, Larry 149 Sharpe, Steve 153 Shatz, David 242 Shauerte, Laurie 136 Shaw, Christine 242 Shaw, John 242 Shea, Guy 242 Shearer, Koran 130 Sheela, Pat 129,180 Sheets, Kris 139 Sheffield, Linda 242 Sheid, Christiane 141 Shekhali, Shabbir 256 Sheldon, Dilly 139 Shelton, Karen 145 Shelton, Vicky 141 Sheridan, Lois 242 Sherman, Eric 160 Sherman, Glenn 242 Shibukawa, Sandy 141 Shideler, Patty 142 Shimasaki, Chris 129 Shimizu, Joyce 242 Shiraishi, James 242 Shoell, Jan 139 Shoemaker, Susan 147 Short, Alice 181 Short, Steven 243 Shreiher, Marietta 243 Shugart, Dan 149 Shuman, Zack 154 Sidjakou, Nick 157 Sidney, Teresa 243 Sidrys, Raymond 256 Sieg, Christina 243 Siegel, Barbara 146 Siegel, Jane 187 Siegel, Marla 243 Siegel, Richard 243 Siegel, Sheri 121 Siegel, Sherri 243 Siegel, Steven 243 Siehl, Caren 132,243 Siemion, Nancy 162,172 Sievers, Gary 256 Sigma Alpha Epsilon 150 Sigma Chi 152 Sigma Delta Tau 146 Sigma Kappa 147 Sigma Nu 154 Sigma Pi 157 Silber, Lisa 125 Silk, Louise 142 Silva, Dave 134 Silver, Julie 133,187 Silver, Sherry 187,243 Silverman, William 243 Silverstein, Stu 160 Silverstein, Stuart 181,243 Sim, Kenneth 243 Simon, Scott 153 Simon, Wendell 175,243 Singer, Amy 125 Singh, Heidi 243 Singleton, Darrell 243 Sinkuras, Leslie 139 Sinow, Robert 242 Siplerer, Diane 182 Sitser, Sheryl 243 Sirola, Barbara 131 Six, Paula 139,243 Sizemore, Greg 151 Skale, Sandra 121,243 Skillman, Kathleen 128 Slavak, Janice 145 Slavkin, Wendy 243 Slater, Roberta 181 SLC 162 Slotemaker de Bruine, Delight 142,243 Sloyer, Lynn 142 Small, Sharon 129 Smith, Cathy 133,142 Smith, Debbie 141 Smith, Herb 186 Smith, Laura 145 Smith, Mary 147,256 Smith, Paul 243 Smith, Robbin 129,187 Smithers, Sally 129 Snodgrass, John 157 Snyder, Caroline 142 Snyder, Donald 243 Snyder, Douglas 243 Snyder, Eric 244 Snyder, Lori 127 Snyder, Patty 143 Sockolov, Lisa 142 Soldo, Chris 244 Solomon, Allan 244 Solomon, Donna 125,184,244 Solomon, Jerry 244 Solomon, Lori 244 Somers, Celia 143 Sommers, Lau 151 Sondheimer, Mike 181 Soto, Sue 129 Sozutek, Omer 244 Spades, Judy 185 Sparkman, James 244 Sparks, John 256 Spartaru, Alex 176 Spearman, Anne 127 Spector, Alvin 256 Speer, Leslie 244 Spehar, Theresa 244 Spencer, Elizabeth 135 Spencer, Paul 244 Spiro, Robert 256 Spivak, Tom 149 Spunler, Linde 141 Spurgeon, Pam 122 Squires, Roy 244 St. Sure, Sue 127 Stabler, Steven 244 Stalkweeht, Ruth 187 Stallworth, Frank 181 Stambaugh, Roberta 244 Stanfill, Ed 144 Stanley, Charles 244 Stanley, Donna 142 Stanley, Guy 154 Stanley, Mrs. Mary 145 Stansbury, Bob 153 Stanton, Edward 244 Stauton, Neil 151 Stead, Allyndreth 143 Stebinger, Jim 181 Steel, Pam 143 Steen, Daryl 244 Stefenoni, Thomas 152,244 Stegman, Dori 125 Steighner, Robert 244 Stein, Lauri 125 Steiner, Jann 244 Stelzner, Kim 133 Stephan, Peter 144 Stephens, Julie 137 Stephens, Luanne 141,268 Stephens, Marty 144 Stept, Sandy 146 Stevens, John 151 Stewart, Claire 137 Stewart, Kathy 145 Stites, Jeff 150 Stoessel, John 147 Stolte, Sally 131 Stone, Beatrice 256 Stone, Linda 244 Stowe, Martin 149 Strachan, Shelly 127 Stranz, Suzanne 139 Straub, Friedrich 257 Strawn, Steve 149 Streicher, Elise 145 Stroh, Patti 122 Stuart, Robin 121 Stubblefield, Barry 159 284 Stylianides, Lynn 128 Subar, Jerry 244 Sugar, Jeffret 244 Sugiyama, Judith 244 Sullivan, Jeannie 127 Sullivan, Jeannine 244 Sullivan, Patti 181 Summers, Juanita 245 Sun, Debbie 133 Supple, Catherine 133 Supple, Kate 128,186,245 Sutten, Maureen 138 Svenson, Ann 245 Swanson, Scott 245 Swarth, Peter 245 Sweetnam, Brenda 129 Sweetnam, Marilyn 129,245 Sweetney, Janet 132 Swett, Laurie 142 Sword, Carol T Taboada, Fran 118 Tai, Tin 257 Takiguchi, Rayna 245 Talmage, Diane 145 Talmage Jean 184,245 Talon, Jim 147 Tam, May 245 Tanner, David 245 Tanner, Margaret 245 Tatsukawa, Phillip 245 Taylor, Nadine 257 Taylor, Scott 162,166 Taylor, Sue 142 Teaford, Anne 122,245 Teague, William 257 Techapaibul, Chavalit 257 Teifeld, Jan 137 Telarik, Vladimir 245 Tenconi, Donald 245 Tendler, Bettina 125 Terry, Kenneth 257 Teslow, Lori 187 Thacker, Alice 245 Thatt, Larry 153 Theta Chi 147 Thibaut, Julie 141,187 Thielen, Nancy 136 Thio, Tiong 245 Thomas, Heather 129 Thomas, Jeanne 141 Thomas, Laurie 142 Thomas, Richard 245 Thomas, Rick 151 Thomas, William 245 Thompson, Lequitta 135 Thompson, Robin 245 Thorburn, Dee Dee 121 Thorpe, Brad 152 Thorworth, Cindy 133 Thorworthy, Laura 133 Thrasher, Kenneth 246 Tiedemann, Bob 153 Timm, Nikki 139 Tipton, Eve 128,187 Tripp, Gary 246 Toal, Steve 141 Todhunter, Paul 144,246 Together 183 Tolkan, Lynn 125 Toledo, Kathy 127 Tomlinson, Teri 143 Tompkins, Lisa 246 Tondorf, Patty 137 Tonini, Carol 145 Topper, Jeffrey 246 Tormey, Nancy 129 Torn, Linda 246 Torosian, Tamara 118 Torres, Hugo 246 Torres, Ralph 147 Torrez, Eloy 257 Tosti, Barbara 145 Toth, Glenn 246 Toth, Louis 147 Townsend, Jeff 151 Tracy, Shannon 133,186 Trapesonian, Marie 246 Traylor, Steve 144 Trent, Regina 135 Trevism, Lynne 132 Troutman, Stan 267 Troupe, Carolyn 257 Trulove, Saundra 246 Trump, Linda 130 Tsai, Mavis 246 Tsu, Maureen 246 Tsuda, Sue 145 Tsuji, Russell 246 Tubbs, Mike 151 Tubman, Lester 246 Tuck, Diane 141 Tucker, Bob 157 Tucker, Leonard 246 Tumboken, Lourdes 246 Turkell, Renee 125 Turner, Gail 129 Turner, Sany 136 Tutelman, Julie 246 Tuttle, Rick 174 Twiss, Sandra 136,246 Twomey, Scott 246 Tyler, Byron 246 Uriarte, Fred 134 Uhl, Harriet 257 Ullmer, Liz 118 Ulrich, Betsy 129 Ulvestad, James 246 Umacki, Julie 122 Une, Yoshiaki 257 Uno, Helen 141 Uriarte, Alfred 246 Urmer, Michelle 246 Usdansky, Steven 246 Utzinger, Mark 154 Susan 257 V Vaccoro, Silvina 129 Vaerst, Pete 134 Vallerga, Pam 121 Van Cleve, Christi 145 Van Dellen, Scott 247 Van Herbert, Gilbert 247 Van Schaacb, Kathy 141 Van Tilburgh, Bambi 187,247 Vahlerack, Craig 153 Valenzuela, Alma Valenzuela, Enrique 247 Vance, Vicki 139,181 Vance, Victoria 247 Vanderfin, Bernard 247 Vaughn, Wayne 247 Velasquez, Anthony 247 Ventriss, Beverly 247 Vernon, Joan 139,187,268 Vessidini, Darla 145 Vicent, Albert 247 Vickers, Nancy 142,247 Vicknair, Leola 247 Vida, Herbert J. 260 Vileucia, Waly 267 Vilkin, Mike 161 Villanueva, Andrew 247 Virts, Kip 151 Vodak, Connie 141 Voeltz, Jayne 142,247 Vogel, Bernard 175 Vogt, Janelle 247 Von Mizener, Donna 136,247 Von Pohlmann, Dallas 149 Von Rosenberg, Helena 247 Vopal, Jeffrey 247 Vun Connon, Phil 157 W Wachsner, Tracy 185 Wada, Michi 257 Wagner, Chris 153 Wagner, Karen 133 Wagner, Shelby 257 Wagonhurst, Rocky 149 Wail, Bob 153 Waingrow, Emily 142,181,247 Waisbren, Brad 160 Walsh, Robert 181 Wakefield, Ruth 257 Waldeck, Kenneth 247 Walden, John 188,247 Walker, Debbie 122,268 Walker, June 132 Walker, Daniel 247 Walker, Sherry 248 Wallace, Don 248 Wallace, Helen 248 Wallace, Karen 145,187 Walls, Kelly 248,137 Walsh, Darlene 257 Walton, Ann 145 Wandzura, Rochelle 250 Warfield, Hazel 257 Warner, Cindy 121 Washington Kathy 137 Wassman, Marlene 248 Watanabe, Louis 180 Watanabe, Nuboyo 248 Watanabe, Nuboyo 248 Watanuki, Osaaki 257 Waters, Beth 122 Watson, Janet 137 Watson, Kathy 130,268 Watson, Mary 248 Watson, Suzanne 132 Waiters, Jerry 149 285 Watts, Sharon 248 Way, Vicki 130 Way, Victoria 248 Webb, Becky 248 Webb, Debbie 145 Webb, Linda 141,186 Webb, Robert 248 Webb, II Robert 175 Webber, Sonja 128 Weightman, Deborah 248 Weil, Dan 151 Weiler, Carol 145 Wemberg, Christie 141 Weinberg, Lois 257 Weisberg, Lori 146,181,184,248 Weishart, Sandra 184,248 Weller, Wendy 248 Wells, Mona 129 White, Don 154 White, Gloria 248 White, Jimmie 257 White, M itch 154 Whittaker, Gary 149 Whitten, Craig 159 Whitehouse, Leslie 142 Whittle, Robin 136 Whitehouse, Leslie 142 Wilcox, Diane 182,185 Wilgren, Linnea 121 Wilder, Nancy 128,248 Wildman, Kim 181 Wilk, Pete 159 Wilkin, Robin 125 Wilkinson, Doug 147 Wilkinson, Laurie 128 Wilkinson, Nancy 187 Webber, John 151 Weber, Dave 144 Weber, Dana 134 Weber, Howard 248 Weekes, Donald 248 Weeks, Les 149 Weerasinghe, Pearl 248 Wegener, Philip 248 Wegener, Suzanne 125,187 Welsh, Jennifer 129 Wenck, Deborah 184 Wenzel, Mark 154 Werber, Robin 248 Werner, Lynne 130 West, Shauna 142,248 Wetzell, Laura 136 White, Alexander 173 White, Briar 142 Whitner, Pam 143 Whitney, Dave 181 Whitthorne, Todd 154 Wick, Michael 248 Wickramasekaran, Chandralekha 257 Widder, Frank 181 Wiener, Paula 125 Wigod, Janice 125,181 Wilbert, Gary 248 Willey, Jams 249 Williams, Carolyn 118,249 Williams, Clarence 249 Williams, Diane 137 Williams, Don 153 Williams, Ellen 249 Williams, Jenny 141 Williams, Howard 249 Williams, Lynda 121 286 Williams, Susan 139,184,249 Williams, Violet 249 Williamson, Anne 142 Wilmer, Barbara 182 Wills, Ken 151 Wilson, Clyde 134 Wilson, Hope 135 Wilson, Jan 142 Wilson, Katie 122 Winn, Ross 249 Winograd, Susanna 249 Winter, John 257 Winter, Randal 249 Winters, Nancy 141 Winthrop, Ellen 249 Winton, Randall 249 Winton, Roderick 249 Wise, Basbara 249 Wolf, Carole 182,184,185,249 Wolf, Gregory 249 Wolff, Marian 119 Wolff, Steve 160 Wolgat, Ray 249 Wollner, Gary 249 Wolter, Steve 159 Womack, Mary 176 Wong, Albert 249 Wong, Victor 203 Woo, Jeanette 250 Wood, Dorothy 180 Woods, Craig 159 Worona, Ike 250 Worten, Kim 145 Worten, Shelly 122 Wray, Galen 250 Wrench, John 250 Wilson, Melissa 133 Wilson, Wendy 142 Wilson, Sharon 249 Winchester, Mary 128 Windes, Craig 151 Wing, Keith 249 Wingert, Diann 127 Winkler, Gail 257 Winkler, Joan 185 Wise, Ellen 142 Wise, Sunny 146,184,249,264 Withers, Bob 151 Withers, John 162,168 Withers, Robert 249 Witten, Marsha 141 Wittenkeller, Liane 143 Wittern, Mike 149 Wogec, Katy 119 Wong, Chris 144 Wong, Jan 249 Wong, Jenny 249 Wong, Karen 250 Wong, Mamie 250 Wong, Steven 250 Wong, Stephanie 122 Wong, Suet-Ying 250 Wong, Tracy 143 Wright, Ardale 157 Wright, Chris 154 Wright, Helen 140 Wright, Steven 250 Wu, Daniel 250 Wu, Han-Lien 250 Wu, Hsiung 250 Wu, Yau-Ching 250 Wuest, Basbara 119 287 Wulkchleger, Chris 121 Y Yabu, Dean 250 Yamashita, Tom 180 Yanquez, Maria 250 Yap, Joanne 147 Yarbrough, Kirby 258 Yarbrough, Bill 160 Yardley, Marilyn 268 Yasuda, Cathy 128,180 Yasuda, Patrice 146 Yarc, Mary Ellen 250 Yardley, Marilyn 142 Yeakey, Eric 250 Yetter, Laura 129 Ying, Bond 250 York, Michael 250 Yoshida, Joan 250 Yoshida, Mideri 258 Yoshimoto, Setsuko 250 Yoshioka, Grant 250 Yoshiwara, Bruce 250 Yotsuya, Diane 250 Young, Al 178 Young, Anne 142,181,184,252 Young, Cathy 142 Young, Chancellor Charles E. 271 Young, Edward 251 Young, Mark 251 Young, Sonia 251 Yourman, Allen 251 Yousefian, Eddie 251 Yu, David 144 Yuen, Meimei 251 Z Zabari, Shira II, 187 Zaferis, Patricia 251 Zajf, Helena 251 Zaich, Jon 251,154 Zaleski, Karen 139 Zambito, Thomas 251 Zauner, Richelle 139 Zechowy, Jodi 181 Zelkowitz, Renee 125 Zemplenyi, Jan 251 Zerda, Debbie 121 Zeman, Cindy 122,251 Zeta Beta Tau 160 Zittrich, Valerie 182,251 Zumach, Pat Mary 130 Zuvela, Marilyn 251 Zvorist, Jay 258 288

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