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' • ' : )[)[ .)- ) !i {: lV i-:vt: ' ,l [)i iv: ' ' T TiTOTFTTTTT— ttvmTTTSjT TT; southern cam MC univ c .-• :, r ' 1--. - .» ' » - ' vjii, southern: camptis 6f ;6alifowiaril0li ntMes Ty - cy 7777Z 777rrrr Tuf l- » ' U I i V " ' : •- . y 77T n II 1 1 111- J 1 1 i x V www nnm VYWN ' 1 r TT 35 the year 105 adftiinistration 117 queensv 127 sports 209 graduates academics 293 asucia 329 organizations 365 living groups 483 index iirr iTrnnw :- - .X -V --»4 ' . s:: • 4 M „ ma ifesSsW ijii» ill, ' ii j(J: ' N. . V « ' {.H. ' 0 J i i fr | t{ |5.Wf Hp H -v :t 1 ! iiiVh, iif j:g .-:.: :1 1— •• -l. .. .:s«,._i, eiei»Sfe it- " i i-:ili- - l " . f i ' i 7 --meiL- ' » -: ♦■■% f ' i ; : .. :-ti ty f ' i ..V- ■■,■ ;:.■ ! ( " »,, ' 5 V m : :t «4 m J » ' ;ifct9»,L .,, 4 M JM rjH I - :._ ,, w 1 l;0tM:b SjJiMy ' Jff i ' - f3aii .. " ;: ' Z£jif: the year the year the year the year the ' VElfe year the year the year the year the year " (V ' v s V l ' V " »A- T. S • k iB dk k|MV. 1 K ■ hm i : V I fW -- - — - % mA " ■ ' . ■■ l.T llT- ' W " ! J ' MNM| t. „. . ImMSI B ' - ' ' ■.■ " •• ' ' ' s » - ,. ' , ,. ' ' pM 1 ■■■■ ' 4. ' » " ■v ' " " ,. ' ;v ' -. " ' ' ' - ' ' .- " ' ».y- ' ;AW ' i-t - ' -. " •irtajJ 1- J. r : " ••;-!? « r-£V,.,. ' ■ t ■ t. i i ■ ■ ■ ' ' ' ' ' . ' ' ' ' r ::. ' :: . HSi H But did it really help? UniPrep is supposed to help prepare the poor incoming freshman for life and good times at this great multiversity. We do see to it that he meets a few of his prospective professors and talks to the campus student " leaders. " We do le t him live in the dorm for a few days to test out living away from home. We do put on stunts and activities to make him feel at home here. But UniPrep is not UCLA, as the freshman discovers when he ' s trying to run for classes. 37 38 Line after line: the waiting game, UCLA style So you got back your reg pack in the mail and there was that class you really wanted - marked closed. So there you stand in line, waiting. Four hours later you make it up to the desk. Sorry, that class is closed. Would you like to sign the waiting list? You ' re number 154. First day of class you stumble into your bio section. There are 800 kids for 1 75 chairs. The TA explains. There ' s been a mistake .... Noon. So you go over to the Union for a sandwich. After standing in line for forty-five minutes there ' s barely enough time to get to class, let alone eat too. There must be 30,000 students at UCLA and every one of them is in line ahead of you. Pauley is barely large enough to hold Speakers Program this year. And remember that morning you tried to find a parking space in that metered lot near the Union? And the afternoon you stood in line for a half hour at the Cashier ' s Office to get a check cashed? The waiting game, UCLA style. 39 first hundred years California, like most states iri ' fUflJIII n in the 1860 ' s, took advantage of the Morill Act to set up a state university. The Morill Act granted 150,000 acres of land from federal reserves to any state establishing an educational institution to teach agriculture and mechanical arts. Building from tiny College of California, created in 1855 from Contra Costa Academy, the University was founded on March 23, 1868. On that day Governor Henry H. Haight sigfied-the charter organizing the University of California. A site in some farmland outside the " land of oaks " was selected, and Berkeley opened its doors with 189 students in 1873. - ' -■ As we are merely the " southern campus " of the University, centennial eelebrations centered up at Berkeley. A time capsule s buried, a centennial tree planted, and fireworks f.explodeci! • • • . - „ - - ♦from 1868 untilthis, the centennial year, the University " has been making great strides forward in educational excellence. It is our fervent hope that the current policies. „ of our governor will not force the Universrty to move backwards after sp brilliant afirst hundred years. ' ••- ' f ' ' " f Alone in a strange land The foreign student arrives at LA I nternational Airport. She is young, away from home for the first time, alone in a strange land. At the International Student Center lessons in " American " are given along with large doses of " smotherlove. " There is a full calendar of activities and space in which to take refuge from a confusing outside world. The new foreign student soon learns that most of her problems with U.S. living -from an arrest for an unpaid parking ticket to getting a student visa renewed - can be solved by " Skip, " otherwise known as Thomas J. Scully, Dean of Foreign Students. Wb:K-Y HiGHl GHTS im:s m) ' Tgf ph@r mG. I eTaTV ' ' . •I R ' srcVolaGr 43 The new arrival goes to classes and tries to fade into the mass of Americans. But problems with language and new patterns of thinking force self-reexamination. Some foreign students quickly change majors or drop classes. Others just give up and go home. The American casual friendship is not understood by the foreigner. In her country, a friend was someone she could depend on, no matter what. Here a friend is someone who says Hi. She withdraws from American social life and the wall goes up. Nationality clubs help erase the loneliness. Here is one group in which the foreigner no longer feels foreign. These people speak her language, share her culture. They most often become her only friends here. But some seek friends hips outside the tight ethnic group. For the men, the soccer team is one solution. The UCLA team is composed of students from more than a dozen nations-and even includes some Americans. During her stay at UCLA the foreign student remains apart. Although more than 7 per cent of the student body comes from abroad, few American students make any effort to reach out a hand. Will the foreign student always leave America knowing nothing of Americans? 46 : A- Get the point Every year, twice a year we have a Blood Drive. Every year, twice a year most UCL students are too cinicken to go in and bleed. Even for a good cause. The especially brave ones are the ROTC cadets, who have to. And the fraternity guys, who do it to prove their manhood. But the rest of us just walk by the Ping Pong Room and shudder. Every year, twice a year. 49 ¥ %. ' . ■- » r -v -, , ■-,• ' " V rV . » But who came home? Homecoming this year turned out differently than its chairman thought it would. UCLA students, it seems, are no longer interested in such former necessities of college life as bicycle and turtle races. All we care about now is the parade, the concert and the game. The parade- and what a parade! Invariably watched by more Westwood homeowners than students, it rivals the Rose Parade for ingenuity and color. Except for the Fijis, who have the same outdated theme every year, floats centered around " Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, " honoring the Centennial of the University of California. And it is rumored that this year ' s Grand Marshall actually enjoyed every minute. Homecoming Queen Julie Kincaid was crowned at the Supremes Concert that began the week ' s activities. And the game, of course, we won. Don ' t we always win at Homecoming? 51 52 V A ' |k| | |. : ' C m M . 4 , . _ i| j g i " ■■flHl il ' - zJi te P iu P •VI fUCLA and I Rave one thing in common We ' ll do anything for a laugh. " — Bob Hope Bob Hope gave us a benefit performance last November in Pauley Pavilion for the UCLA Alumni Association ' s scholarship fund. And we gave him enough taped footage for his television special a few weeks later. 9mm i Nothing has changed If wmT mEmn - UCLA students, no longer content with less newspaper coverage than Berkeley gets, staged their own riots this year. The avowed purpose was to prevent the University from allowing war-related industry to recruit on campus. The real purpose seems to have been to relieve frustration at not being able to do anything about President Johnson ' s war in Vietnam. The triggering incidents were connected with the presence of two Dow Chemical Corporation recuiters in the Placement Center. For several days hundreds of students milled about the building, sometimes harrassing the campus police, sometimes just singing or chanting. The only outcome was a campus referendum. And the Administration indicated early it would not be bound by the results. Five students were later identified as having broken certain University regulations and appeared before the Student Conduct Committee in January. Jerry Palmer, officer in the campus VDC-SDS was suspended, and four other students were censured for their participation in the Dow Row. And nothing has changed. Th e war continues. And so will the demonstrations. 57 We the students of UCLA support 58 Ten thousand of us turned out to vote last November in a referendum sparked by the Dow Row. In a close decision we decided that we didn ' t want an immediate cease-fire in Vietnam, but perhaps the results would have been different if the statement had been written without the word " immediate. " We did overwhelmingly reject endorsement of the track stadium. But the construction work continues on the old Lot 1 1 site, and it looks like we ' ll have a stadium whether we want it or not. The current Placement Center policies were supported. Those who wanted Dow and other war-related industries denied access to the Placement Center turned out to be just about y4of the total s tudent body. Clearly a minority. Predictably, we supported legalization of marijuana and the distribution of birth-control pills for coeds at the med center. Although some Kelps were demanding that a list be published of those coeds who request the Pill. One surprise was that a third of those voting said that they had smoked marijuana and 660 admitted having taken LSD. Now, if we ' d all been honest . . . 59 ..K m - mm 60 A shell for creativity It isn ' t often that a concert band plays before a bikini- clad audience, but at UCLA such things do happen. An inviting maze of post and beam buildings, winding paths, patios, and balconies adorns a sloping hill on the edge of campus offering a new approach to the enjoyment of leisure time. The concept for a facility that would encourage closer relations between students and faculty in an informal setting was first envisioned by Dean Norman P. Miller, University Recreation Coordinator. Carefully constructing on a non-rectangular plan, the architects Smith and Williams created a shell for creativity, expecting the campus community to develop its own activities. " All the facility can do is allow things to happen, " explains Wayne Williams, and for two years now, things have been happening. The Sunset Canyon Recreation Center is far enough away from the bustling UCLA campus that students can feel that they have escaped fromthe frantic pace of university living, yet the cultural elements of the university have made their way through the terrain to bring concerts, poetry readings, and art exhibits to be enjoyed in a relaxed manner. 61 Sun worshipers can stu dy for exams while catching a few rays, and the high squeals of the children of students and faculty can be heard in the distance as they splash in their own, smaller, family pool. Every individual in the campus community was considered in planning the center, and you find them all here. Foreign students and their friends gather around the large Olympic-size pool and speak comfortably in their own language. Young men gaze at the collection of well-tanned young lovelies and decide it ' s a good place to meet people. At night, as the quiet pool glows in the background, the center is the location for dinners, student meetings, parties, and dances. The winding steps and balconies, the low ceilings, and the strong wood construction add a friendly and informal warmth to any gathering as people get away from the plastic and stainless steel side of UCLA. 63 A failure to communicate I The concept of The Upstairs seemed valid: there was no personal communication between faculty and students. And, as personal communication was A Good Thing, we must create some. The GSA Lounge, once the habitat of dark-leather-and-wood furniture and dim lighting, became crowded with new- plastic-and-metal seating modules - and all the burned out lightbulbs in the chandeliers were replaced. But nothing happened. Professors would come and sit for hours, talking to only the The Upstairs hostesses. The Studiers returned. Signs were erected to warn them that they couldn ' t stay if they weren ' t talking. But no one else was there. The Upstairs people began charging lOC a cup for the free coffee. Nobody bought it. The Upstairs is a failure. Students would rather see professors only in class, and spend their free time doing their own thing. 65 One way to get an education 66 mvi So you don ' t find the courses you want to take in this great multiversity. Why don ' t they offer ballet? You say. Well, brace yourself. The Experimental College offers not only ballet, but Yiddish, parapsychology and Marxist philosophy. So get off your . . . well, get up to the Experimental College office as soon as you can and find out where the action is. If there isn ' t a class you like, organize your own! With the Experimental College, your education is in your hands. Study something you want to study for a change. jt-. 67 Murphy moves The election of Ronald Reagan has been followed by many changes in the higher education system of California. Our library has not been able to acquire the number of volumes it needs to keep pace with a changing student body and a changing world. We are most likely going to have a tuition imposed upon us for the first time in the one hundred year history of the University. And now our Chancellor has decided to leave us, accepting an executive position with the Los Angeles Times - Mirror Corporation. We just can ' t help thinking that this, too, is an omen. with the Times 68 . n . m •»- ,•«. Big wind in tlie mountains 70 What makes someone want to go up into the mountains for a weekend in the wintertime? Sure, there is the chance to see snow up dose for maybe the first time. And there are other kids up there who are pretty nice. And the fireplace is warm. And the food not unbearable. But a colloq uium weekend is more than just snow or fire ... or even than just people. Colloq uia are a chance to get away from the rush of Los Angeles living and sort things out in the fresh mountain air. Somehow everything seems clearer up there. Up there it is possible to discover the " games people play " or the true meaning of black power or the place of God in modern life. There ' s a lot of talking, but a lot of listening and thinking too. A colloquium weekend is a chance to think about reasons for living. 71 Powell A majority of minorities Spock 74 McCarthy 75 Bradbury Speakers Program headed by Aaron Grunfeld, stands out as one of the most successful ASUCLA events this year. 8500 of us went to hear Senator Eugene McCarthy. 6000 went to hear Adam Clayton Powell and almost as many heard Dr. Benjamin Spook. During fail quarter numerous cancella- tions disrupted the schedule of speakers. But winter and spring quarters brought us outstanding men. As well as Powell ' s $500 motel bill. Salisbury - i ■ m Unruh Brown Hen party " Awareness " was the theme. But few on campus were made aware of the variety of activities going on during Women ' s Week. The panels and discussions went unnoticed. Even a best-dressed coed contest had a hard time attracting contestants. Teas were held to introduce women students to women faculty, women students to women alumnae, and women students to women businessmen. But with sororities and service clubs already, is there any further need to supply feminine companionship? Wouldn ' t we all rather associate more with the men on campus? The whole night was a gamble Some of us like to gamble. So we go to Monte Carlo Night. There werethe usual Las Vegas games. The usual drawings for " thousands of fabulous prizes. " But we couldn ' t win any money. The band in the Terrace Room had played for us in Meyerhoff Park at noon. They had been great then. But rather hard to dance to. And it was terribly hot. And the band was probably tired from their noontime exertion. We were supposedly raising money for an ASUCLA charitable event. But it seems there must be a better way to do that. Student activities are truly escapism and not designed to serve serious purposes. 80 Clean minds, strong bodies, intramurals The strength to face your lion 84 Counsel: to be listened to; to be supported while you gather your forces and get your bearings; to survey your alternatives, to discover new ones, explore their consequents; and make decisions; In private interview, to face a crisis or concern; to clarify your goals, and who you are and what you want to be; to clarify your feelings; I n small grou p, if you choose, to experience how others, your peers, have faced these same, and common questions; to learn to relate to others, and they to you; In Reading and Study Counsel, to seek help with necessary skills . . . The Student Counseling Services at UCLA. km . .- .,. » -? ' » Good for the soul Tutorial Project is finding a child who doesn ' t know which way is north. And teaching him. Tutorial Project is having a child who doesn ' t get breakfast bring you an apple. Tutorial Project is feeling the child is giving you more than you give him. Tutorial Project is having a child depend upon you. And not disappointing him ever. Tutorial Project is soul food. 1 89 wr;5-«, Amigos means friends Every vacation and some weekends 50 to 100 UCLA students go down to Tijuana and blow their minds. Literally: out go Vietnam, finals and ottner preoccupations and in come friendslnip and love. Call it a work trip if you like, for the Amigos, in their unique way, do manage to build a wide variety of useful things. 90 -. ' .% -.. There ' s a school for the deaf in Colonia Durango that we put up. There are also clinics and warehouses, playing fields, walls, each created through hours of digging, mixing, hammering and a lot of help from our Mexican friends. But better than any physical creation is the flowering of friendship. We see Tijuana not as the two sordid streets of the tourist trade, but as a collection of warm, interesting people whose culture has much to teach us. And in this peaceful environment we see ourselves with heightened clarity. 1 Sn( w Cefft e Vision of another world Project India allows an opportunity for the well-fed, well-clothed, well-sheltered American college student to see what it is like to be hungry, cold and left in the sun to die. However, it also allows the Indian college or university student to gain a truer, closer, more accurate picture of the United States than is brought to him through misleading international news media and motion pictures. Americans learn that there is much in India besides rice paddies, saris, and sacred cows. Indians learn that there are very few cowboys left in the United States. Since 1952, Porject India has been attempting to erase these misconceptions on a student-to-student level. For three months last summer, six UCLA students, one UCR student, and an adult advisor travelled to sixteen of India ' s cities, visiting Indian colleges and universities, meeting Indian students. Through stage presentations, classroom discussions, seminars, national and local radio and press coverage, and, most importantly, through personal face-to-face communication, the Americans show their country. Then, home again in California, they relate their experiences toother Americans. Project India is the first step to a new understanding. Andy Lewis, Milton Anderson, Ambassador Chester Bowles, Claire Carlson, Jor- dan Potash, Leslie Harbottle, Reynaldo Macias, Mrs. Bowles, Michael Mandel, and Jeanette Webb. 93 Shrove Tuesday a few months late Mardi Gras is billed as the world ' s largest collegiate activity. And it probably is. Preparation began a year ago when the chairman and executive board were chosen. And the stationery printed up. Planning went on for months. A theme was chosen. Booths and rides were decided upon. The date was set. And then it was here. The carnival exploded for a riotous weekend of lights, action, frenzied activity and merrymaking. Especially by teeniboppersfrom Uni high. Mardi Gras, even if it isn ' t really on Shrove Tuesday, is probably the most fun we have all year. 95 .,-t » ■■-■•fS i ' ■■ -. jLJAf.fin-wn ■ Martin Luther King .■M ' ' ' . is dead It was a sudden and painful shock, and we didn ' t know how to react. What could we do? We honored the man and the ideals he stood for. Seven thousand members of the UCLA community gathered around Janss steps to pay tribute to Martin Luther King, Jr. the day after the civil rights leader had been gunned down in Memphis. Chancellor Murphy and John Kenneth Galbraith spoke to the crowd, afternoon classes were called, and a student march began to wind out through the campus. But the real effect must be felt in constructive changes, and it is not enough to honor a dead man without making sure that his ideals live on. J ' . -. ' -. tkVj s N I ' -«%■ i 4Br 1 UniqueCamp I Ats ' ♦ ' - MN 98 ■ . Why do they want to be counselors? Why do they give up summer jobs for money or summer school for credits? When the buses roll into camp, and one hundred screaming kids arrive, they wonder too. But a counselor is there when the kids are lying in their sleeping bags counting the stars, so many more than can ever be found in the city. He is there when his unit gets the clean unit flag, and giggles through their campfire skit, and almost but not quite wins the lizard race. And he is also there calming the feuds, fist fights, and name calling that seem to come so quickly and easily, especially at the beginning. UniCamp has been up there for over thirty years, growing and changing, starting with a session for underprivileged children, adding a session for diabetic children, then one for blind children, and now one for teenagers. The forest service wants their mountains back so that the weekend fishermen from Los Angeles can have a stream to play in. It ' s sad that they can ' t share the campground with children who can ' t afford to go to camp except when the UCLA students send them. At the end of the ten-day session, when muscles all ache from over work and lack of sleep, and no one has had a clean t-shirt on in a week, suddenly it ' s all worth it as each one sees his eight close friends sadly get back on the bus to return to the city. No, they probably won ' t hear from all of them, but some of them will write. 99 -_ — •- — » - ' 4 ' But the work doesn ' t end when the kids get back on the bus. Ten days are easily forgotten, even a very special ten days in the mountains, when a child returns to the city. So there is a reunion at a football game. The campers are brought to UCLA for a day to see just what those counselors do all year. Units get together perhaps for a picnic or a trip to the museum. And then there is Camp Drive to help raise enough money for next summer ' s sessions. Woodsey t-shirts invade the campus from time to time, hopefully to spread the message. Why do they want to be counselors? There must be a reason, because they keep coming back, year after year. 101 There you are after the last final you ' re ever going to take. Just what did you get out of your four years of college? There were all those new friends. You ' ll meet them again in the outside world -in business, the army, neighborhood laundromats. And classes -some good, some forgotten the minute you closed the Blue Book. Will you ever get around to reading that book you started in Humanities IB, but never finished? It ' s too late Will you miss homecoming and basketball games and noon rallies in Meyerhoff? Or the long hours spent in the libraries, the all-nighters before a final, the innumerable cups of coffee before that 8 o ' clock class? Did you ever get around to finding out what that rock is doing out by the Administration Building? Or why that huge yellow flag is flying only sometimes? Did you ever see the Japanese Gardens or attend a Coffee Concert at noon? It ' s too late now. You ' re a college graduate and must leave us -to enter the real world. 102 103 administration administration w ff- administration administration administration President of the University On January 1, 1968, CharlesJ. Hitch assumed his new position as president of the University of California. Hitch had previously been the UC vice- president for administration when he was unanimously elected by the Board of Regents as successor to Clark Kerr. H y — l .Vfti ' JS , • • ■ M m.. 4 1 m. i ' J wr I g J Bk. fcr» f 106 In taking over his office, Hitch con- tinues the decentralization policies begun by Kerr. " I am a great believer in the autonomy of the various cam- puses and the concept of decentrali- zation, " he said. " University autonomy, like freedom, is something you have to fight for all the time. It ' s always in danger. If you find a university that is not striking some sparks, you can assume that it is dead. " -Up- Hr Mrs. Edward Heller Harry Wellman Edward Carter Frederick Dutton Philip Boyd Norton Simon Einar Mohn DeWittHiggs William Coblentz William Roth John Canaday Edwin Pauley - W Mrs. Dorothy Chandler H.R. Haldeman William Forbes Allan Grant Theodore Meyer Ronald Reagan Board of Regents The Board of Regents is designated in the California State Constitution as the governing body of the University of California. Sixteen of the twenty- four members are appointed by the Governor for sixteen year terms- thus removing these members from poli- tical pressure. The remaining eight members are ex officio and sit on the Board by virtue of an elective position they hold. The location of the monthly meetings is rotated among the several DC cam- puses. The Regents discuss and vote upon reports dealing with all segments of the University ' s opera- tion: statewide organization, fmancial operations, campus autonomy, student political activities and University admi- nistrators. While the Regents hold ultimate authori- ty within the University structure, that authority depends in practice on the information given them by two sources: the statewide academic senate and the President ' s office. 109 Laurence Kennedy, Jr. Robert Finch Jesse Unruh Mrs. Randolph Hearst Chancellor Ending his eight year stay at UCLA this year is Chancellor Franklin D. Murphy. During his long term here, Murphy has been known amongst ; the Regents and administrators as running a " tight ship " , unplagued by the political problems which have created a rapid administrative turn over at Berkeley. Since Murphy first came to this cam- pus in 1960, UCLA has gained recogni- tion as one of the nation ' s most dis- tinguished universities. The campus has grown in both enrollment and physical stature, and the chancellor ' s " marketplace of ideas " now has be- come a supermarket. Athletics, too, have gained national prominence under Murphy ' s vigorous enthusiasm, as UCLA has produced several national championship teams, most notably in track and basketball. There is no doubt that the chancellor has left his mark in developing the current personality of the campus. Once he has left it is hoped that the " meaningful dialogue " , Murphy ' s signature in dealing with students, will not be lost. 110 m Rosemary Park Vice-Chancellor Educational Planning and Programs Charles E, Young Administrative Vice-Chancellor Vice Chancellors Foster H.Sherwood Vice-Chancellor- Academic Affairs im:p I I uj uu ' ii Si -:tr I William G.Young Vice-Chancellor Physical Planning and Construction mtw James W. Hobson Vice-Chancellor Business and Finance 113 Administrative Officers William T. Puckett Registrar 114 «t ' ' ; Thomas J. Scully Dean of Foreign Students Charles McClure Dean of Student Activities Mm . ' ' .• ' ' . ' .-v- ' xa I queens queens queens queens I ' -S , is;; lueens queens queens queens queens ' i V. ' : ' t Gae McElhany Judy Poliquin IT 4 Colleen Brown :. ' s,i,Wji . ' iv,nv«6t )W;V. ;,g ' ,.y..;y;. ' ; Sandra Glauser !|H|||||. X .-. Chris Alder ete Interfraternity Council Queen Judy Reich Zeta Beta Tau Sweetheart Michele Mobious Military Queen 123 Joy Leonard Theta Delta Chi Red Carnation Queen Casey Zant Sweetheart of Sigma Chi B Lisa Brungess Sigma Nu White Rose Queen ' L 124 Robin Collins Alpha Epsilon Pi Calendar Girl Val Hermann Alpha Epsilon Pi Sweetheart 125 ■ ' ' Xi sports sports sports sports spoil sports sports sports sports sports ■ ' ■- - " r J. -T ' " ' ' ::;i%r i ; Name the most successful team in UCU athletic history. Basketball? Football? Wrong. Would you believe water polo? So powerful is this UCU team that the winning streak is talked of in number of years rather than games. It has been over three years (and 47 games) since Coach Bob Horn ' saquamen have lost. The 1967 team added on fourteen big ones to the mounting pile of victories. They won theirfourth straight AAWU championship. And for toppers they were voted the nation ' s number one team by theAmerican Swimming Coaches Association for the third consecutive year. UCLA ' s domination of intercollegiate water polo continues. Is there no end in sight? Hopefully not. jf 128 Water Polo " ' ' «.A «» M4 " « « Bottom row: John Montrella, Stan Cole, Russ Webb. Second row: Bob Teele, Coach Horn, Ken Smith, Jim Slatton, Bruce Bradley, Tom Omdahl, Dennis Moonier. Top row; Chuck Bergman, Steve Fletcher, Dale Thomson, Dave Follette, Doug Anderson, Jim DeLacy, Jim Kauff- man, Garrett Whittkopp, Roger Siegal. The 1967 season began on a shaky note -the Bruins beat SC by only one point. The next day in Santa Barbara, the Bruins attoned for their ways by beating Cal Poly by twenty-one goals and UC Santa Barbara by twelve. The AAWU Conference race wasn ' t one at all. There was no significant competition until UCIJ traveled to Palo Alto. Stanford ' s Indians almost pulled off the biggest water polo upset of all time when they jumped to a strong 4-0 lead. The Bruins huddled with their coach and went to work. Stan Cole, a threeyear Ail-American and UCLA ' s record holder, lead the charge as the Bruins came back to win 8-7. The season ended on a harmonious note as SC drowned 8-3. Four other Bruins made theAII-American Team: forward Russ Webb, Capt. Ken Smith, Goalie Jim Slatton, and forward Bruce Bradley. 130 . . and the wins • -v) -5»ca K»r™ just keep on coming 131 UCLA Football 1967 UCLA Records Set Pass Completions- One Game 17 Total Offense -One Game 333 Yds. Touchdowns Scored - One Game (tie) 3 Total Offense -Season 2073 Yds. Yards Passing -Season 1483 Yds. Touchdowns Scored -Season 14 Total Offense -Career 5358 Yds. ♦includes 1966 Rose Bowl Most Yards Passing - Career 4087 Most Passes Attempted - Career 465 Most Passes Completed - Career 243 Most Touchdowns -Career 35 Most Points Scored - Career 214 Touchdowns Responsible For -Career 58 . . . With a little help from his friends. You don ' t play to win trophies, you play to win games. " -GaryBeban ' 4 with a little help from his friends Offense No. Name Pos 16 Gary Beban QB 18 Bill Bolden QB 22 Harold Busby RH 33 Rick Purdy FB 36 MikeGarratt LH 38 Steve Stanley FB 39 Steve Price LH 43 Greg Jones LH 45 Paul Derflinger LH 51 Zenon Andrusyshyn PK 56 John Erquiaga C 58 Jim Oliver C 63 Ken Bajema LG 67 Dennis Alumbaugh LG 68 Dennis Murphy RG 69 Rick Perttula RG 70 Tory Matheson LT 71 Wayne King RT 75 Mike Arnold RT 77 Larry Slagle(Co-Cpt.) RT 79 Gordon Bosserman LT 85 George Farmer RH 86 Gwen Cooper RE 87 Rich Spindler RE 88 Ron Copeland LE 89 DaveNuttall LE Defense 134 No. Name Pos. 20 Andy Herrera RH 21 Sandy Green S 23 Lynn Hindshaw LH 25 Paul Goodrich S 26 Mark Gustafson LH 28 Gary Bernstein RH 50 Don Manning RLB 55 Don Widmar LLB 57 Mike Ballou LLB 60 Bruce Jorgens RT 61 Vince Bischof LT 62 Alan Claman RT 64 Dan Johnston LG 65 Hal Griffin LT 72 Larry Agajanian LG 73 Tony Steponovich LG 74 Floyd Reese RG 76 Willie Smith RG 80 VicLepisto(Co-Cpt.) LE 82 Wade Pearson RLB 90 Lee McElroy LE 91 Kim Griffith RE 92 Steve Smalley RE 1 S ' . Coaching Staff Back Row: John Jardine-offensive line, Lew Stueck- assistant coach, Tommy Prothro- head coach, Jim Camp - offensive backs and ends. Bob McKittrick - defensive ends and linebackers. Front Row: Ron Siegrist- offensive line, Tony Kopay- defensive backs, Jerry Long - defensive line, John Farrell- assistant coach, J imColletto- freshman coach. 137 ' ■■■ ., m ' MiBm fWiHiii- ■ %,- ' m- Tommy Prothro is not a man who easily gets angry or excited. But way back in 1965 when his Rose Bowl bound team lost a disputed 37-35 game to the Ten- nessee Volunteers, Tommy Prothro got very angry and very excited. The 1967 — season schedule was headed by a much the same Tennessee team. The Bruin coach had said he wanted this one more than anything. This game you don ' t Volunteer for. But strangely the Bruins needed to be jolted before exerting them- selves. For the first two times a Bruin touched the football he fumbled it and Tennessee soon had two touchdowns. Finally with a good steady running attack consisting of sophomore Greg Jones and junior Rick Purdy, the Bruins started to come back. But time was running out. The Bruins had a fourth down-one-to-go situation in Tennessee territory with only 4:10 left. Gary Beban, known for his past miracles, took the bail wide on a sweep, cut back to his left, and f utilely pursued by half the Tennessee team, galloped joyously into the end zone. Final score UCLA20-Tennesseel6. •Jtf - • ,- ■ Ji ' CJ ' Ri J35 «! kI - ' B ftMfc-. „- ' " O; I V4i ,: ' ! ;. Revenge with 4:10 remaining Three weekends, 6300 miles, 108 points, and three victories Taking the show on the road for three consecutive weekends, the Bruins toyed with two weak opponents, Washington State 51-23 and Pittsburg 40-8, and held offtheEast ' sstrongestinPenn State 17-15 (not pictured). The Washington State Cougars had been off the UCLA schedule for seven years since the old Pacific Coast Conference break-up, and the Bruins quickly discovered they had been missing a good thing. The Pitt Panthers did a lot of clawing but couldn ' t catch the running Bruins, the best of whom was Greg Jones. One eastern trip a season isan experience, but two is an ordeal. The Bruins simply wore out their welcome in Pennsylvania. Despite a heavy down pour of boos from their ungrateful hosts, the Bruins suc- ceeded in a late fourth quarter comefrom behind touchdown drive. Beban was again the hero. The first Bruin TD was not as heartthrobbingbutthetimingwas good as Vic Lepisto blocked a Penn State punt so that his teammate, Hal Griffin, could recover it for the score. Bruins trip out over Beri eley A . - W Playing football with the Cal Bears is like wrestling with your sister -you know who will win. A 37-14 win to be exact. The Bruins have done better but they have also done worse. Passing was the big weapon as Beban twice threw to split end Dave Nuttall, and sub quarterback Bill Bolden, who didn ' t get into the game until late, found just enough time (20 seconds to go) to hit Mike Garratt for another. Fullback Rick Purdy, who must be a good sister wrestler, destroyed the Cal defense while averaging six yards per carry. : Fun and games on the Farm The trip north this year, as in every year, is a weekend of parties, drinking. North Beach, drinking, and, oh yes, a victory over either Stanford or Berkeley. This time it was Stanford ' s turn 21-15. But some- how, someone forgot to tell the Indians. They almost didn ' t lose as they were sup- posed to. The Bruins were in the frightful position of having to watch Stanford fail with last second passes into and out of the end zone. Thethree UCLATD ' s proved just enough: Mike Garratt elbowed his way for the first, and for the other two Gary Beban fooled not only Stanford, but his teammates as he twice faked the ball to fullback Rick Purdy and scampered home with the ball and twelve points. 144 »TH ' ' 1 h Stanford m M yf vta , Uhi .Jtk kdi .,i ,4 v, iV . 1k. l;l 16-16 On Monday Coach Prothro predicted that neither UCLA nor USC would have a perfect record when they met. By Satur- day, the prediction came true. Oregon State tied up the Bruins ' offense and displayed a powerful one of their own. Nevertheless, the Bruins kept the lead throughout most of the game because of Zenon Andrusyshyn ' s three field goals including a record-breaking 52 yarder. But the Beavers kicked a tying field goal with just 1:14 remaining. TheBruinstook the kick off and hurriedly blitzed into Beaver country. Another Beban miracle? Twelve seconds left. Time out. Time for a winning field goal. The public address system blared its message, " and here comes Andrusyshyn! " In the somber UCLA dressing room, Prothro issued another statement which also proved to be prophetic. " The field goal attempt didn ' t get much height . . . and if it doesn ' t get up too high, it ' s going to be blocked. " 149 " tr ' V- f V ii - V Washington - and for one brief shining moment -- we were " Remember last year " cried a Bruin from the sideline to his teammates on the field, " Make ' em pay! " And indeed they did as the Washington Huskies were crushed 48-0 on the sunny and dry Coliseum turf. Last year UCLA suffered its only loss in Seattle, in a game that could have passed for a swim meet, but this was an altogether different season. Washington coach Jim Owens described The game, " That first play shocked us and we never did recover. " That first play was a 59-yard Gary Beban to Ron Cope- land bomb. After three minutes the score was 7-0. After six it was 14-0. At half time the scoreboard flashed " UCLA 40- Washington 0. " Though Beban had his best offensive day as a Bruin, with 333 yards, the defensive unit not once allowed the Huskies past midfield as Floyd Reese and Mike Ballou consistently made tackles in the Washington backfield. After the outcome was no longer in doubt, Bruin fans and players alike turned their attention to the radio broadcast of the USC-Oregon State game. " WE ' RE NUMBER ONE! " roared thefans as SC ' s defeat was announced. But everyone knew it wouldn ' t last if UCLA failed to win the biggest game ever just seven days away. number one -.4 ,ffe " 49 ■■ ' ' Wi) Washington 1 i J» :- - 21-20, it was closer than the score indicated. A twelve yard run by Greg Jones, a 53 yard pass to George Farmer, and a 20yarder to Dave Nuttall -twenty points. One more and it ' s Happy New Year in Pasadena. Where did it go? An intercepted pass, two blocked field goals, and of all things, a missed extra point. For a touch of tragedy, recall the bruised ribs of Gary Beban and those painful, desperate last moments. For the Trojan fans recall two electrifying runs by O.J. Simpson. For 90,000 plus in the Coliseum and millions of TV spectators a remem- berence of this game as one of the mile- stones in college football history. use - The biggest game ' -i r .• . % 7 ¥ use ? .;■%;,;■• mM ' ,: .H: ua- ' -. .y- ,»•■■: ■ ' -■ ' " rSi: ■ litkJ M m ■ 1 i ' mun 1 i i i " • V. ' c ' ? ? I ? 1? IIIU— KI Mm tW 1 1 ( L 1 • ' i Lji 1 X The game was advertised as the decider for the conference championship, the national championship, the Heisman Trophy, and most important of all, the Los Angeles City championship. UCLA salvaged not only the Heisman award for its heroic quarterback, but a stadium full of pride for its entire team. Losing to Number One by merely one is nothing to be ashamed of. But Bruin fans will be saying " Only if ... " for a long time to come. 160 Syracuse -- one game too many . JS: •■) ; When the UCLA football players trotted out of the tunnel that Saturday afternoon, the day they were to play (Who was it?) Syracuse, each one of them must have privately said to himself, " What am I doing here? The season is over. " This was supposed to be Gary Beban and the rest of the Bruin seniors ' send off. One final moment of glory. It wasn ' t to be. Syracuse, led by All-American fullback Larry Csonka and a quarterback named Rick Cassata, ponderously, yet effort- lessly crushed the spiritless Bruins. The score was 35-14. So inept was the Bruin offense that coach Prothro substituted quarterback Bolden for quarterback Beban who spent the remainder of his UCLA career on the bench accompanied only by the injured All-American line- backer, Don Manning. Bolden ' s passing was about the only bright spot on a very dark day. One pass was a 97 yard super-bomb to Ron Copeland. But on the longest day of the season it was Syracuse which had the last laugh. They scored a touchdown on the final play of 1967. WffBB 164 " Happiness is Rugby " proclaimed the flashy green bumperstickers seen sticking to bumpers around campus this year. By the end of the season, " Frustration is Rugby " would have been more appropriate. When Coach Dennis Storer ' s seven man and fifteen man sides (teams) roared to twenty-three straight wins, all was happiness. After two narrow defeats to Stanford and Long Beach, the mood began to change. The low point came when UCLA ' s exciting and technically proficient side battled USC ' s conservative eleven and lost 14-6 in the final minutes. Bouncing back momentarily, the Bruins exploded for a 26-14 win over Pomona College. However, what could have been sweet revenge for the ruggers at the Monterey Tournament turned into anguish. A semi-finals 10-9 loss to Tournament Champion Stanford again in the closing moments was exceptionally disappointing, UCLA finishing fourth. But overshadowing six losses were the Bruins ' twenty-nine wins. Coach Storer, who was voted Pacific Coast Conference Coach of the Year named David Olsen, Ron Nisbet, Doug Purdy, John Gilpin, Vic Lepisto and the hookers Mike Coyle and Gordon Moir as responsible for UCLA ' s most successful rugby season. Rugby Handicapped by a lack of returning lettermen, Coach Jim Colletto ' s Brubabes succeeded in winningly only one of their four games. A more plausible explanation for the poor season is the fact that the freshmen concentrate their practices on fundamentals, individual improvement, and impersonating the varisty ' s opponents. Since there was little time left to work on team coordination, the freshmen went into the Cal game armed with a repetoire of merely six plays. The score? 39-0. Against Stanford, at Palo Alto, the Brubabes showed much improvement in a tough 21-20 defeat. Fullback Don Manning was the leading UCLA ball carrier against the Papooses with 131 yard. In the next game quarterback Rick Pope scored two touchdowns as the Brubabes beat UC Santa Barbara 13-0. The final game was a loss to SC in the coliseum. Among theother Brubabes who showed promise were quarterback John Murphy, halfbacks Greg Sims and Jim Coleman, and injury ridden fullback Mickey Cureton. Frosh Football ±Xsiv i j J». ' £ .- 166 Wrestling :i " - Coach Dave Hollinger is a modest man. He is proud of his team ' s 9-5 record and does not complain much about the losses, even though they were at the hands of the nation ' s top teams, Oklahoma State, Iowa State, Cal Poly at San Luis Obispo. Nor does Coach Hollinger dwell on the Bruins ' one point losses. Instead, he points out that his grapplers finished the 1967 season second in the conference and thirteenth in the naton, the best ever for UCLA. The top Bruin, little Sergio Gonzales, advanced to the NCAA finals in the 1 15 lb. class losing only to the champion. John Hahn and Rick Whittington took firsts in the conference tournament and Ron Vallance and Gonzales won second place standing. With only two seniors, Whittington and heavyweight Kurt Sachau, on his squad, plus a strong freshman team, it will be hard for Coach Hollinger to remain modest next season. Cross Country Handicapped by numerous injuries, Jim Bustn ' s skeleton cross country team failed to win a single conference meet. With only four healthy runners at any one time, the Bruins were unable to place enough of them for wins. Although the Bruins won only their initial practice meet with Fullerton, individual performances stood out in the otherwise bleak season. Number one man Rick Romero was the fastest Bruin taking a first against Stanford and a second versus USC. In theAII-Cal meet, George Husaruk finished second while breaking the UC San Diego course record previously held by Olympics champion Billy Mills. Bruins Dan Preston and Jim Duarte improved greatly during the season and provided hope for better, next season. 167 Soccer As of the tenth of September, 1957, the UCLA soccer team had no players. On the twenty-third of the month an embryonic body of soccer-playing UCLA students defeated a team from Cal Poly Pomona 5-1, thus initiating NCAA soccer at UCLA. This achievement would be amazing enough even if the team had a so-so record, but the Bruins won thirteen out of fourteen matches and just missed getting the NCAA National Championship! No wonder Dennis Storer - who doubles as rugby coach - won Coach of the Year honors. Storer, with much help from Captain Roberto Cano and Juan Englesen, attracted twenty-nine players representing twenty-one nationalities and molded this mixture of backgrounds and styles into an exceptionally well balanced team. Taking advantage of his material, Storer employed an unorthodox but potent double forward attack, led by high scorers Bernard Qkoyeand Tony Nemer. Frank Marshall and Luis Ortiz added strength at forward for the Bruins whose only loss was to USF 1-0 in the NCAA finals. 168 If fiSaR iW k- ri e most awesome college basketball team of all time? aSibiiiia ■ • " ■ ' :wy- ' ' ' lii Bottom row: Jim Nielson, Bill Sweek, Kenny Heitz, Lynn Shackelford, Gene Sutherland, Neville Saner. Top row: a friend, Lew Alcindor, Lucius Allen, Mike Warren, Mike Lynn. " Mm ' ' K: H5 Ikib Mike Lynn - sr, forward 172 The Fabulous Fantastic Five Lew Alcindor-jr. center, All-American Lucius Allen-jr. guard, Ail-American Lynn Shackelford -j ' r. forward Mike Warren - sr. guard, All-American 1 i V V;f i, . J • 174 Rick Mount, who had been popping them in from outside all night, stood at the free throw line. The score was tied 71 all and he had two shots coming. There were seven seconds left in the game as the first shot rolled off the rim. As 14,000 Purdue fans roared their encouragement, the second hit the rim and Lew Alcindor gobbled it up for the frantic UCLA Bruins. Six seconds. . .five . . .Mike Warren got the clear-out pass from Lew. . .four. . .a quick dribble and a pass. . .three. . .to Bill Sweek thirty feet away from the goal . . .two. . .SWISH! Thus began the season or the collegiate basketball team that will be remembered as one of - if not the - greatest of all time. The best of all time? Did this team go undefeated? No. Did it win Coach or Player of the Year awards? No. How then the greatest, most impressive, awesome, etc. etc. etc.? Jerry Norman - asst. coach Simply because by the end of the season it became apparent to basketball " affecionados " that the 1967-58 Bruins could be as good as they wanted to be. And when the goal was high - a revenge duel or a tournament championship - no one could come close. No matter who they were. Often times UCLA played poorly and barely won. 73-71 over Purdue. 84-77 to top Boston College. A 55-52 thriller at Oregon State. All of these victories come on the road where everything from rooters to referees is against you. And in all these games - but one - the Bruins walked off with the victory. Fast breaking, pressing, dead-eye shooting, the Bruins literally ran most opponents off the court. To Bruin fans the awaited moment was known as the blitz, to the opposition it was as inevitable and welcome as death itself. Just ask the coaches of SC, California, Notre Dame, Stanford, Houston. On second thought - don ' t. _ I ■ iatrt! .TT- . i MS - John Wooden - head coach Lew Alcindor takes a pass from Mike Lynn fakes right, fakes a pass, whirls to his left, and from high above the court and the rest of the players he fires a shot through the net. The press is on as the opposing guard attempts to inbound the pass. Struggling to get around super quick Lucius Allen and Mike Warren the helpless guard throws the ball to a teammate - who isn ' t there. ST. nsm siv L-V -■ ? S Jf? VK M: BH •• :j : y s! : tf i .!».f, T ' T — ' -• " «i n .iv%i:f Hey-Blue Power! " , Here come the Bruins. Lynn f Shackelford is free in the right corner - twenty two feet out. The ball, ■-2B seemingly in orbit, arches near the e again. This time the opposition succeeds - in getting the ball upcourt only to have a hastily taken shot slapped away by Alcindor. Or they miss and Lew grabs the rebound clearing the ball to the already streaking Warren, who stops at his favorite spot - the top of the freethrow circle and shoots. And hits. Or if covered, guard Mike spots guard Lucius who cannot be covered. Whether met by roaring approval or silent awe the Bruins impressed all. ;A P On thenightof Jactti. " of the nation ' s sports fan. PiE »»--—•■ .-I Astrodom teams and tvvS sRetball giaiiia. TUr. i« t °. ' ° of one of those giants inything. The week efore in Berkeley, Lew AlcindoH a4 eid_eQta " y been scratched on the-eye , Can oyepzealous Bear. In Houston, the v ougar sensed an upset. On a night when Elvin Hayes couldn ' t do anything wrong and the Bruins couldn ' t do anything right the upset occurred. 71-69. The Bruins ' 7 game win streak was broken. ' . ' The fcl.ead! " proclaimed the ™ €ougars.X r l? i " " S ' -s: w mmm w rrr . I 4 Rematch and Revenge These two words were carried in the back of the mind of every Bruin player and rooter alike, growing in proportion as the NCAA tournament approached. The press was most inappreciative (and it can now be told) innaccurate in awarding Number One team coach and player to another school. UCLA has met its match, they said. The Bruins are through. In Albequerquethe Bruins played well enough to prove they were not through, beating psyched-up New Mexico State 58-49 and psyched-out Santa Clara 87-66. The rematch had been guaranteed. iM ' m " 1 s.- 12Q4 Pii ¥ ' J the greatest exhibition of basketball 4 »i S ? ■• ■-r li ' SS Anyone who witnessed The Game will never forget it. It was a classic. " It was the greatest exhibition of basketball I ' ve ever seen, " drawled Houston coach Guy Lewis. His previously undefeated Cougars, number one in the polls, had just been caught, caged, and chopped up into little bits of soft fur by the almighty Bruins. Revenge at 101-69. And it could have been worse. Unleashing an attack so devastating and so perfectly balanced, UCLA proved who was really Number One All five starters scored in double figures as if they had taken turns shooting and scoring, which they did. The big story was defense, as Coach Wooden ' s custom-made " diamond and one " so harrassed Houston that they could only score on 28% of their shots. And the Big E Elvin Hayes discovered what it ' s like to play basketball with a shadow, Lynn Shackelford by name. Now, Little E by name. " We wanted to teach some people some manners, " said Lucius Allen after the game. Everyone was a believer now. " We had Lew at full strength and we played them in the Sports Arena, not Houston, " said a gracious John Wooden. Oh, you devilish John Wooden. il ' VIA ii V, t V , i: 5 1 i - ' -Si -i 1- ?! % " IJ IIJ m om ' ,ss3S» ■V ■V v.;5iit ' |t. ' ;- : ■S :?. w :?5;:. ' -.; l - ' i ' ' ' - ' ; , Ml:, ;?- i w» ,CU- We ' re Number One! In the Championship game the North Carolina Tarheels played exactly as their name implies -stucl to the floor. A slower game than the previous night, but the LA fans loved it nonetheless. The score was an irrelevant 78-55. UCLA was crowned King of College Basketball for the fourth time in the last five years. Gary Cunningham -frosh coach :r »«iag Superfrosh The classified ad in the Daily Bruin read " Any freshman interested in trying out for basketball meet in the Men ' s Gym at 3 p.m. today. " Recruiting? Hardly. Pleading is a better word. Only City Player of the Year Curtis Rowe was on scholarship, but Coach Gary Cunningham landed seven volunteers and somehow molded this group into one of the best freshman basketball teams in UCLA history, with a 19-0 record that puts them in great company. The highlight of the season came on the final night when the SC frosh were defeated 6 l-6QLbi .aiast- second shot. Javelin: EgilSundbye 234 ' 4y2 ' .l:.:. High Jump: Rick Sloan I ' Vi ' Long Jump: John Johnson 25 ' 6 ' The 1968 season began with equal parts of hope and despair. Hope, because of the many outstanding returning lettermen and junior college transfers. Despair, because after only three weeks of competition, Coach Jim Bush ' s athletes had suffered a season ' s worth of injuries. The talent was there-enough perhaps for a conference championship and a high placing nationally-butthere was doubt that the Bruins were going to be healthy in time. UCLA ' s best were almost certain to be point winners in the big conference and national meets, and there was a handful of Olympic contenders. Track and Field ' •y - ' nw v r ' - - tu. ' -r -gt? n—.: ' - " tt i y r x :■■v c» »•i! »W Pole Vault: Rick Sloan 16 ' 8 " Discus: KirkWassel 182 ' 3 " 440 yards: Len Van Hofwegen 47.1 Don Domansky 46.1 Steve Marcus 52 ' 6y2 ' 100 yards: Russ Hodge 9.4 Harold Busby 9.4 John Johnson 9.5 " w ' 4m i i - ■ ,jiei»- i£ if • .■• Russ Hodge 58 ' 31 4 " ii -J « .•rf5»«» ■ " •KSaEStoB, Freshmen Reggie Robinson and Wayne Collet John Vaughn Ty Two mile: George Husaruk 8:54.8 194 : Slk George Farmer 15.0 Dan Kaiser 14.4 880 yards: Gene Gall 1:52.0 Triple Jump: Gerald Lee 5r9 ' Gary Ross 6 ' 8y4 " Doug Ford 50 ' 3 ' 195 rr. ' r v 196 ■-i Gymnastics Has success spoiled Art Shurlock? His gymnasts ' dual meet record was a " so-so " 5-3, disappointing to the Bruin coach. " We just didn ' t live up to our potential, " was his explanation for a fourth place conference finish, although only one point separated UCLA from number two Washington. It was that close. Not as close was the Bruins ' championship of the UCLA Invitational Tournament which featured a victory over the NCAA champ-to-be California. Shurlock ' s team, led by Olympic intender Kanati Allen, Micky Chaplan, Ken Sakoda, and Larry and Sandy Bassit, had the potential to be great but . . . that old adage " Wait until next year " rides again. S-M - Z " . I I I I I I ;js . ' ■ JL itj " " ti ' ; " ' ' u -; i :: ' th. M ' " -.J - " Ac - m Jtt 198 , , Swimming The starter raised his gun, and the shot reverberated inside of Dartmouth ' s pool stadium which was the site of the 1968 NCAA swimming tournament. The event was the grueling 1650-yard freestyle-the liquid mile. Mike Burton of UCLA was the favorite, and he quickly proved why. The echo of the starter ' s gun had hardly died when the crowd realized that Burton was freestyling through the water at a world record pace. The roaring crowd was thrilled beyond belief when the time was announced: Burton had broken the 16-minute barrier by six-tenths of a second--the fastest race ever. Earlier in the tournament. Bruin Zac Zorn had furiously fought his way through a field of the nation ' s best 100-yard sprinters in the record time of 45.4. Zorn, eager for his share of the fame, torpedoed to another first in the50-yard freestyle. Although Coach Bob Horn ' s team finished only eighth in the NCAA meet, they provided much of the excitement for the eastern crowd. The dual meet season too was not without thrills. In the big meets with Stanford and use, the Bruins lost but by tight scores, 57-56 and 65-48. iife V-vy , «AV x ' ' " ;jK;-: «sLA_S S X 1 i - A Tennis Tennis is at least 50 per cent psychology. A good player who is " up " can beat a much better player who isn ' t. This is what happened when UCLA ' s confident Roy Barth beat use ' s cautious Bob Lutz in the Bruin ' s 6-3 upset win over the previously undefeated Trojans. The Bruin ' s overall depth carried them to a perfect mid-season 9-0 team record. Remaining undefeated in team meets was on Coach Glenn Basset ' s mind although there was another match with the Trojans coming up. But the Bruins weren ' t the betting favorites. A large part of the hope for an undefeated season, a conference championship, and a high national finish rested on the forearms of ffl Bruin Gary Rose and ff2 Barth. Another large part rested on their minds. Front row: John Houghton, Ed Grubb, Ron Bohrnstead,Tom Karp. Back row; Coach Glenn Basset, Roy Barth, Steve Tidball, Gary Rose. 201 Would the 1968 Pacific-Eight Conference pennant finally fly from a UCLA flag pole at the end of the season? " I ' m as steamed up this year as I ' ve ever been, " beamed Coach Art Reichle, " I think we ' re going to win. " UCLA proved it could win by whomping 23 opponents in 32 pre-conference games. Not famed for their speed, the Bruins were winning games on rip-snorting hitting and precision pitching. Steve Runk, Gary Sanerino, and Steve Shed were doing most of the ripping with a .350 Batting average. And Sanerino was leading the nation ' s collegians with eight home runs. If Pitchers Alan Hoops and Guy Hansen were putting notches in their games for each game won, the odds were that by the end of the season they would be playing barehanded. Their combined " exhibition game " record was an outstanding 12-2. Maybe that pennant would fly over a UCLA baseball diamond after all. A bigger problem was getting the diamond-UCLA is the only major college in the United States without an on-campus ball field. Baseball k Mi . . _ mm W m.-r- .;»;. 203 Golf Vic Kelly ' s golf squad enjoyed some good individual matches, but the team play was inconsistent. UCLA ' s Don Briggs and co- captain Larry Benson finished one-two in the All-Cal tournament as the Bruins won the team honors. In an ironic turn of events, co-captain Brad Lozares had his best day shooting for a score of 217 to place third in the Fresno State Classic, buttheteamfinished last out of a field of eight. On the final, windy day of theWestern I ntercollegiate Tournament, the UCLA golfers had the best team score to finish in sixth place out of 27. And in the dual match against USC, the Bruins lost 29-25 literally on blind chance as a Trojan somehow found the cup in the dark. Volleyball " It ' s the deepest team we ' ve ever had, " said Coach Al Scates almost regretfully as he tried every combination of players to get a starting six. With only two standout volleyballers, All-American Andy Banachowski and Olympic hopeful MikeAllio, but with a hoard of good ones, Scates wasn ' t getting much sympathy from opposing coaches. The Bruins won two of their first three matches and were anticipating championship efforts in the NCAA Far Western and National Tournaments. " We should do no worse than third in the Nationals, " said the quietly confident coach. And why not? Since 1963, UCLA has come in first twice and second the other three times. First row: Mike Allio, Mike Ryan, Dale Eicks, Chris Lee, George Conkey, Mike McCann, Steve Fritzen, Eddie Machado. Second row: Richard Rayburn, Bruce Herring, Pat Donahue, Den Strausse, Stan Gordon, Pat Ryan, Mike Madison, Bob Thompson, Bob Leyden, Coach Allen Scates. 205 Last year ' s crew won Western Intercollegiate Sprints for the first time and took ninth place in the Intercollegiate RowingAssociation race. This year ' s crew team inherited a big shell to fill. Coach John Bisset was optimistic. " I think we can finish in the top four or five in the nation. " I n their first race the Bruins were pressed by Loyola and set the La Ballona course record at six minutes even. The following week the Bruins were upset by a greatly improved Loyola boat-the UCLA ' s first regular season upset loss since 1966. Coach Bisset had been experimenting with a different style of rowing-new to the UCLA crew. If the stroke position is settled between Eric Johnson and Butch Pope, the remainder of the season looked bright though challenging. Last year ' s oarsmen Craig Bleeker, Walt Brennan, Richard Love, Carl Marscellas, Pat Moran, and Robert Newan had set high standards. But these lettermen also madeup thecrewof the 1968 boat. 206 When the Bruins faced undefeated California in the march race of the year the pressure was on. Meeting the challenge the UCLA boat swamped the Bears by almost three lengths. It looked like another great year for crew. graduates academics gra duates academics graduates academics ,-- :5 = CD S ta to (T a in tr ° R .y T . 00 S 00 CO fc n ) in coo roT3 " S g r . ' .-•lV» J ' .:;fK-. •- ' if ' 9 i a j j i « i 1 1 y u ffi TO E « r-H! .52 fe -Co — C Q) (V- 5 U ■ a c t " 5 J - c nj a = « -6 «x m ' 50 8! ? ™g S ill l fS »- - C Q) 3 ■55 - 0) o - r- 5 c Q. U) « i n, 03 ♦; m " 5 lj. -: X -I c -33 J 1 c Q Sharor er, Pet rf, Ben 3b Mor c Rob Bttm: . u c i oul, arry Rrn c r7 Z = t ' 3-, a. z E E 5 c Paulson, kmann, Welch c 8! )n, Bob B nster, Ga Martin h c - is ' ■ " « C N-i - i ■5 c Si c 2 ■ m snnigsc eve Fe hnson, ly, Ord ann, SI )ander, 161 C rrv Bo . « af P m 00 - c .3J " ™ iD ™ o z -:: w ; 31 in . u) " JQ fe c- 35 p z TO $ ra 0) c u £ .S CO) - Sf ; U3 fc " o -o £ 0 93 oj c 2 ,o|8§ 2 jz «; r E fe " - .2 (3 £ c Wil yk, Virg )ohn !f ! t; (U -rf in c £i a Jack Step Ayle Mae r« S T3 Q Q 55 Ci . . 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TO-r- U-- ? lA , Cecil ickson. y TO . ._ 43 _r i LU O X Q c E c2 O TO c in = 0) TO (O S 0) $ Ll.(02 . °, " 1 0= ii to " rot j:: _■ ' MO Q O -C - into (u E a •—0) u JC S5s.y OQ = i C ) C 3 in " F c x 2 1 m c TT) TO _i T3 -6 TO SZ. q: 1 in c TO 2 43 c ni E oT £■ Q 3 n ' !E o: S oo -. c = 00 - o 00° TO Q_ 0 U is E C TO 15 Q TO o in xo-g TO 5 5 TO -.25 E 0) a L CD -C E . ■ - LU r- PI ' m TO 2 " S02 00 a, . ■00 ■D OQ • " S-S r " - m c5 c g 03 2Pt) 1. - c C TO 3 !?.■ ' = ™ S " ni3 - S?iS5 i:.i ■fM: Honor Seniors 1968 :Ss „- o in I in 2 1-1 i= JI in 3 m " O _ r-- CC 53 CC vb tf) S C JD cm " StrtCQ - TO S Eq E 2 - TO = - °°£ 5 3 aj - O 3 m S 3 0} ro a i Li U) _ O) -1- CSS S , mo _ _ o M ctK-s ccoi: • C (J a _ ra 2 3 §■ i ' sf 9 OflO o Z Jj g ' 2 Jr, - S E § c u 3 u =; Q- inW c ' J " C o 1 jc in 1- 3! (U " S i..- c! 5 S-o . W 0) 3 m_ S8 " = ? o nj u Ci3 c c to .« If 00 c g -■ ■u ' ? -- 2 00 b ■ ni - - !r lU fi a DO ij .y 55 ANSON, APRIL Los Angeles French Mortar Board, Pres. Regents Scholar Varsity Song Girl Bruin Belles UniCamp Board Pi Delta Phi CalClub ARES, ANITA Los Angeles Spanish Prytaneans, Pres. Bruin Belles AWS, Sec.-Treas. Bruinettes, Hist. Sophomore Sweethearts, Sec. cj -iso: ' - J - fe -E , ■+: c ni d) XI JD J-l b !25 (J = J3 3 . " o a: !B 8 £ oj o 5 a 5 -il ' t «) -g- O 00 ni o - ro ro 9 E2 .:§! - o c ? " j . Q i:tr io 00 be opo U TO £? r TO ( _ ' in ' =°£ c g fe E C BEBAN.GARY Redwood City History 1968 HeismanTrophyWinner All-American Quarterback Varsity Quarterback, 3 yrs. Established 13 UCLA Records Dolly Cohen Scholarship Award All-AAWU Quarterback All-Coast Quarterback CARRJUDY Downey Political Science Rieber Hall House Advisor Diana House, Sproul Hall, Pres. UniCamp Counselor, Board American Field Service Bus Chaperone Honors Program Sophomore Sweethearts CHANTER, SUE Los Angeles Physical Education Chi Omega Panhellenic, Pres. Prytaneans Women ' s Golf Team Bruinettes AWS President ' s Board DAVIS, ROSALIND Los Angeles Anthropology Daily Bruin, Associate Editor Washington Internship Program, Co-Chairman CalClub DEUTSCH,RON Student Conduct Comm. Sproul Hall Judicial Board Administrator Inter-Residence Hall Judicial Board Chairman Titan House, Sproul Hall, Pres. 212 GORMLY, FAY Gilroy English CalClub Mortar Board Teen Opportunities Program, Chmn. Hedrick Hall Commissioner Prytaneans GRIDER, DALLAS Arvin Geography Football, 2 year letterman Alumni Award for Highest Scholarship of Senior Player Dean ' s List 1965 Rookie of the Year All-Conference Team GRUNFELD. AARON Los Angeles Political Science Associated Students Speakers Program, Chmn. Washington Internship Program, Chm. Sacramento Internship Program, Founding Chmn. Order of the Golden Bruin Blue Key Board of Control HARBOTTLE, LESLIE Topsfield, Mass. English Project India Spring Sing Mortar Board Westwood House Prytaneans HARRIS, LAURIE Beverly Hills Political Science AWS, Pres. UniCamp Board Washington Internship Program Bruin Belles Spurs, Pres. UniPrep, Chmn. HIETBRINK, JAMES North Hollywood Systems Engineering Sigma Nu Finance Committee Chmn. Academic Senate Rep. Tau Beta Pi Blue Key MICICVERA Los Angeles Art CalClub Women ' s Week, Chmn. AWS, Vice Pres. Sophomore Sweethearts, Pres. AWS Woman of the Month Mardi Gras Exec. Comm. PHILIPS, GALE Long Beach Geography Gamma Phi Beta, Pres. Mortar Board, Vice Pres. AWS Woman of the Month Alpha Lambda Delta, Pres. Prytaneans, Vice Pres. Bruinettes 213 PINNELL, PAMEU Los Angeles Spanish Delta Gamma Honors Program Prytaneans Mortar Board CalClub Departmental Scholar ROTH, STEPHANA Red lands English Gamma Phi Beta Mortar Board UniCamp Board Daily Bruin News, Campus Editor Graduated Cum Laude SHAFTEL, TIMOTHY Tustin Information Systems Engin. Himalaya House, Pres., Sec. Tau Beta Pi All-Dorm Championship Teams, Football, Vollyball, Basketball Engineering Society Mardi Gras Spring Sing Blood Drive STAHL, VIRGINIA West Los Angeles Political Science Alpha Delta Pi Bruin Belles Spring Sing, Chmn. Finance Comm. Homecoming Exec. Comm. Spring Sing Exec. Comm., VIPChmn. STANDRIDGE, LINDA Monterey Park Individual Field of Concentration tsf: Cal State at LA L S Honors Program Chimes Pre- Legal Society, Founder Senior Class, Pres. STENEN, DIANA Brea Psychology Delta Gamma Bruin Belles, Vice Pres. Mortar Board Dean ' s List Alpha Lambda Delta Prytaneans Chimes Spurs TINBERG, HAROLD Los Angeles Zoology LIFE, Organization of Undergraduates in the Life Sciences, Founder and Pres. WARREN, MIKE South Bend, Ind. Theater Arts Varsity Basketball, 3 yrs. Basketball Capt., ' 67- ' 68 Ail-American Honorable Mention Academic Ail-American Team All-Conference VERNON, ROBERT Los Angeles Anthropology UCLAmigos, Chmn. UniCamp Counselor UniCamp Board Commissioner of Community Service VICTOR, LISA Buffalo, N.Y. English Freshman Class, Pres. ASUCU 1st Vice Pres. Project India Bruin Belies Prytaneans WEBB, RUSSELL Yorba Linda Chemistry Phi Kappa Psi, Pres, Vice Pres I FC, Vice Pres. Blue Key Kelps All-American Swimming Ail-American Water Polo Sec. Judicial Rep. ZIMMERMAN, KURT Redlands Astronautical Engineering Varsity Football Tau Beta Pi Phi Eta Sigma Himalaya House 215 I H » The most active area studies center on campus is located in Social Sciences 10343. Here the Latin American Studies people have their own graduate and undergraduate degree programs, run overseas branches, carry on research, and publish -watched over by Director J. Wilbert. There is an interdisciplinary seminar here, and regional research and training centers in Brazil, Venezuela, Columbia and Mexico. The exchange of academic personnel between UCLA and Latin American universities originates at the Center. Visiting Latin American scholars and students are given the red carpet treatment by the Center staff. Each year, for example, the 20 law students from the University of Chile (exchanged, temporarily, for 20 from the UCLA Law School) are feted royally during their two-week stay on campus. The Center of Latin American Studies sponsors a monograph series, " Latin American Studies, " in addition to publishing an ever-growing number of documentary publications. 216 Latin American Center if 217 Prof. Johannes Wilbert, Director Director P.O. Proehl presides over an office forever bustling with frenetic excitement. TInere is more to do tlian just administer the usual interdisciplinary undergraduate and graduate degree programs in African studies. There are all those grants and fellowships to be awarded to graduate students and faculty on all campuses of the University of California for research on Africa. And, of course, the necessity of keeping up on sources of extramural research support. If that wasn ' t enough, the Center sponsors an interdisciplinary colloquium each quarter, arranges for leading specialists on Africa to make appearances on campus, and runs public education programs in Africa. Peace Corps trainees-about 200 per year- bound for Nigeria, Ghana, Ethiopa, the Congo, are trained here, supervised in part by the Center. And this year the Center for African Studies grabbed a new first-it began publishing a bi-lingual magazine on Africa: Art of Africa Arts d ' Afrique. Prof. Paul 0. Proehl, Director 218 African Studies Center 220 Prof. Gustavevon Grunebaum, Director Near Eastern Center r x Gustave E. von Grunebaum is tine director of one of the more exotic area studies centers. The term " Near East " is interpreted rather broadly at UCIJ and includes southwestern Asia and North Africa-Pakistan, Turkey, Iran and the Sudan as well as the " usual " Middle East of the Arab countries and Israel. The emphasis is on individual and collaborative research by the faculty assisted by graduate students in Islamic Studies. There is a real cam raderie-Dr. Andreas Tietze, professor of Turkish and chairman of the Department of Near Eastern Languages is famous for his student-faculty Sunday brunches. The Center sponsors several visiting professors each term. Experts in anthropology, art, history. Near Eastern languages are " imported " from universities in Holland, Turkey, Morocco. And after all, the Middle East is where the action is these days. . . . Prof. Andreas Tietze 221 Seniors, College of Letters and Science AARONSON, BRIAN AARONSON, EDWARD AARONSON, SUSAN ABRAMS, ROBERT Van Nuys Economics Dean ' s List Intramural Basketball Sherman Oaks Psychology Los Angeles English Spurs Soph. Sweethearts Pacific Palisades Economics tst: Cal Poly at Pomona UCLAKarateClub.Pres Intramural Football ACOSTA. VINCENT ADAMS, CAROL ADLER, FRANKLIN ADLER, RICHARD Pico Rivera Los Angeles Tarzana Los Angeles Psychology Sociology Political Science History tsf: East LA Col. tst: LACC Varsity Basketball tsf;SMCC Mira Hershey Hall Election Review Board Residents ' Assn. Daily Brum President Pre- legal Society General Manager, " The Lemming " MHH MardiGras Chmn.. 1967 ADRIAN, PATRICIA AKAHOSHI, PATRICIA AKIRA. DONNA ALLEN, BEVERLY Syracuse. N.Y. Los Angeles Pasadena Newport Beach Theater Arts Physical Education Bacteriology Sociology Alpha Omicron Pi tsf:SMCC Sabers Rifle Team tsf: Orange Coast Col. ALLEN, ELAINE ALLEN, JACQUELINE ALLEN, ROBERT ALLENSTEIN, JULIA Orange Columbus, Ga. Long Beach Los Angeles Mathematics Mathematics History tsTFullertonJC tsf: Lft Harbor Col. tsf: Long Beach CC ALLISON, RON ALM, ROSEMARY ALMADA, DAVID ALPERN,GARY Los Angeles Los Angeles History Zoology tsf: East LA Col. Alpha Epsiolon Pi LIFE ALTMAN.MARY ALTSHULER, MIKE ANDERSON, ELINOR ANDERSON, HANS Newport Beach Los Angeles Santa Monica Political Science Psychology Zoology tsf: Dominican Col. URA Executive Kappa Kappa Gamma Committee Activities Chmn. Alpha Tau Omega Little Sister ANDERSON, ANDERSON, PETER ANDREWS, ANGUS. ALICE ANNE PENELOPE Los Angeles ELIZABETH Ventura Pacific Palisades Political Science, Anaheim Political Science English Oriental Languages Anthropology tsf UC Davis Sigma Kappa tsf: UC Santa Barbara Women ' s Glee Club Tutorial Proiect ANNES, ANNIGIAN, GREGORY ANSON, APRIL ARATA, JACQUELINE SANDRA MARIE West Covina Los Angeles Fresno Highland Park, III Political Science French Social Welfare History Sigma Pi Mortar Board Pres. tsf: Fresno Stat Col. tsf: Washington Univ Regents Scholar Mardi Gras ' 68 Food Varsity Song Girl Booth Chmn. Brum Belles UniCamp Board CalClub Pi Delta Phi ARES, ANITA ARMEN, DAVID ASHCRAFT, FRED AU, ALEXANDER Los Angeles Woodland Hills Las Vegas, Nev. Spanish History Psychology Prytaneans, Pres. Calif, Col. Republicans, Alpha Tau Omega Bruin Belles Pres. Frosh Track AWS, Sec.-Treas. URA Photo Club Bruinettes, Hist. Sophomore Sweethearts Sec. BABOW, CAROLE BAILEY, NANCY BAKER, FREDERIC BAKER, JANET San Francisco Lakewood Garden Grove North Hollywood English Speech History Psychology tsf: Univ. of Colorado Alphi Phi Theta Xi Alpha Chi Omega Ahchors Social Chmn. Vice Pres. Sophomore Sweetheart; People- to- People Blood Drive, Sec. Tutorial Project Tutorial Project Dean ' s List University Chorus BAKER, JERRY BANDIERA, MICHAEL BANKS, DUKE III BARKER, WILLIAM Menio Park Antioch Pasadena Detroit, Mich, Psychology Political Science Political Science, Economics NROTC tsf: Diablo Valley Col. International Relations tsf: Univ. of Conn. Calif. Republican Rieber Hall Judicial Alpha Kappa Psi League Board Univ. of Conn. Student Pre-Legal Society Body Rep. BARRY, DIANE Inglewood English Delta Gamma AWS Fashion Board One of Ten Best Dressed Coeds BAUTISTA, ALFRED Fairfield Psychology tsf: Sacramento State Col. BASS, ANDREA Los Angeles English Chi Delta Pi BAXTER, LINDA Glendale Bacteriology Alpha Chi Omega Calif. Republican League BATHO, PAUL Los Angeles French tsf: LACC Phi Kappa Psi Tutorial Project BEARD, BARBARA Upland Nursing tsf: UC Riverside Regents Scholar BAUCH, CATHLEEN Riverside English tsf: Univ. of Redlands Alpha Omicron Pi Mortar Board Prytaneans, Chimes BEASLEY, BrrTY San Pedro History tsf: LA Harbor Col. BEASLEY, JILL Chicago, III. Spanish Alpha Mu Gamma Colloquium Ejcecutive Board BECK, DANIEL San Francisco Political Science tsf: San Mateo Col. Zeta Beta Tau BECKER, ALICE Los Angeles BECNEULOVIDA Los Angeles SSET Alpha Kappa Alpha Tutorial Project BEELER,KIRSTEN BENES, VICTORIA BENIGNO, BENNETT, TERRY Greenbrae Hollywood MARGARET Panorama City Psychology Political Science Los Angeles Political Science Campus Crusade Senior Committee SSET Rieber Hall, Advisor for Christ Newsletter Asst. Ed. Oleo Show Ski Club Tutorial Protect Sailing Club Monte Carlo Nite Frosh Senate BENSON, GORDON BENULIS, CYNTHIA BENZ, BERG, THOMAS Sherman Oaks Pasadena CHRISTOPHER Sepulveda Political Science English Encino Political Science Zeta Beta Tau Angel Flight Chemistry Pi Gamma Mu Blue Key Commander Pi Si gma Alpha Kelps Retarded Children ' s Tutorial Project Coordinator 223 _ BERGER. JERRY BERGMAN, RON BERINGER. SUSAN BERKMAN, LESLIE 1 1 Los Angeles Los Angeles Encino Los Angeles 1 H History Public Service History English ! H Alpha Phi Omega tsf; Cal State Alpha Lambda Delta u " HF Long Beach English Honors h Finance Committee Dean ' s List Mardi Gras Student Intern Sailing Club Brum Young Democrats Pre- Law Society A BERKOSKY. Program BERMAN. STEVEN BERMAN, VIKI ■ H m BERRY, MARIE 1 M PATRICIA Los Angeles Van Nuys Arcadia 1 M Burbank Political Science Psychology English J M Meteorology Daily Bruin Photog. tsf: UC Berkeley tsf: Univ. of Santa Clara ' M tsf: LA Valley Col. Pre- Legal Society Sigma Delta Tau Chi Delta Pi - •- , H Alpha Tau Omega Honors Program M l l Little Sister Dean ' s List F B Junior Panhellenic V S Monte Carlo Nite Committee m H BICKERT.JEAN BILL, MARY BILLMEYER, CATHY BILLS, PAUU ■■ 1 Canoga Park Elkhorn.Wis. Covina San Juan Capistrano f9 1 Pre-Social Welfare Tolima House, Hedrick Geography Project India Geography Delta Gamma Sociology T H f I " l Hall. Pres., Hospitality A Capella Choir Bruinettes. Spurs k • ? t M Chrm. Uni-Prep Counselor Chimes i 5 Tutorial Project Dean ' s List Tutorial Project Alpha Lamda Delta Tutorial Project Phi Delta Theta LLi BLAINE, DONNA BLODGtII, Little Sister BLONSKY, GLORIA ■■ H BOAL, MICHAEL 1 1 FLORENCE Sherman Oaks Sepulveda PV B Escondido English Psychology rr I H Spanish Alpha Epsilon Phi Sigma Nu U M tsf: Palomar Col. Delta Tau Delta M Princess BOEHM, PHYLLIS Harbor City Political Science Beaucatcher House, Hedrick Hall, Pres. Tutorial Project BOORSTEIN, DOREEN North Hollywood BOETTCHER.ANNE Concord History tsf: UC Davis BOGGERO.ANNE Fresno Psychology BOOZ, CYNTHIAJANE Palos Verdes Estates SSET Anchors BORDON, ROBERT Los Angeles Political Science BOLTON, BARBARA LaJolla Italian Delta Gamma Bruinettes EAP-ltaly Tutorial Project for Mentally Retarded BOSHINSKY, ROBERT Mahanoy City, Penn. Political Science BOSLEY, LINDA San Dimas English tsf:Mt. San Antonio JC Alpha Gamma Delta Sabers BRADLEY. BRUCE Long Beach Psychology Sigma Alpha Epsilon Blue Key, Kelps Varisty Water polo Varsity Swimming BOTZ,ANNA Granada Hills Sociology tsf: SFVSC Wash. Intern. Program Hedrick Hall Residents ' Assoc. Exec. Sec. Women ' s IM Tennis Westwood House BRANDMAN. MICHAEL West Los Angeles Zoology BOYDSTUN, SHARON Alhambra History tsf: Pasadena CC Bruin Belles Snow Ski Club Tutorial Project BREGDER. KATHERINE Garden Grove English Honors at Entrance Pi Delta Pi Tutorial Project BOZICEVICH, MARIO San Pedro Economics Beta Theta Pi BRENDING, CHERYL Los Angeles Sociology 224 BRENNER. RICHARD BRIZENDINEJOAN BREWER, MARY JANE BRODY. BEVERLY Van Nuys San Gabriel Los Angeles Chicago. III. Psychology English History History Kappa Kappa Psi Alpha Delta Chi AWS Rep. tsf: LA Valley Col. Symphonic Wind Anchors Ensemble Homecoming Comm. Varsity and Marching Bands Percussion Ensemble BRODY, STUART BROFFMAN, SUSAN BRONSTEIN. JUDITH BROWN. CAROLYr Culver City Arcadia Los Angeles South Gate Political Science Sociology SSET Psychology Tau Delta Phi tsf: Pasadena CC Daily Bruin Pi Beta Phi Tutorial Project Bruinettes Soph. Sweethearts Tutorial Project BROWN. COLLEEN BROWN. ELAINE BROWN. JENNIFER BRYSON. ROZANNE West Los Angeles Oxnard Tustin Redondo Beach Geography Psychology Sociology Mathematics Pi Beta Phi tsf: San Jose State Col. Alpha Phi tsf: Bakersfield Col, Brum Belles Bruinettes Southern Campus Sophomore Princess Sweethearts IFC Queen BUMB.MARY BUFFUM. RONALD BUKUNT. PAUL BUCKHALTER. Pacific Palisades Santa Monica Arcadia CYNTHIA Zoology History Political Science Pasadena tsf: UC Santa Barbara Varsity Crew Sociology Phrateres Varsity Rowing Club AFROTC Tutorial Project BURDICK. CYNTHIA BURKE. ROBIN BURMEISTER, BURNETT. PAUL Canoga Park Los Angeles SHARON Manhattan Beach Anthropology Burlmgame Economics tsf: SFV State Col, Surf Club Daily Brum URA Exec. Comm, Photographer URAPres, Sunset Canyon Rec, Center Board Project Amigos BURNS. CHERYL BURROUGHS. HELEN BURRIN. SUSAN BURTON, KAREN Long Beach Beverly Hills Fullerton Burbank English History English Political Science tsf: Long Beach CC tsf: SFV State Col, tsf: use Delta Gamma Gamma Phi Beta Alpha Phi Bruinettes Chimes Sophomore Tutorial Project Sweethearts Delta Sigma Phi Little Sisters BUTZLAFF.JEFF CAMREN.MARY CANNELL. YOLANDA CAPALDI. LOUIS Los Angeles Whittier Los Angeles Canton. Ohio Political Science Spanish Political Science tsf: UC Santa Barbara tsf: Mt, St. Mary ' s Col tsf: LACC Pi Beta Phi CAPLAN.JANE Sepulveda English Vahalla. Dykstra Hall. J, Board Pres, Greek-Balkan Chorus CARLSON. RICHARD Gardena Zoology tsf El CammoJC Rieber Hall Residence Assoc. Lutheran Student Movement CARPENTER. CAROL Woodland Hills Psychology CARTER. CHARLOTTE Apple Valley Spanish Delta Gamma Anchors. Spurs EAP-Madrid Mortar Board Honas Program 225 CARTER, SANDRA Altedena English tsf: Pasadena CC CARTIER. PAUL III San Gabriel Bactefiology tsf: Pasadena CC CASS, LIZA Los Angeles Political Science tsf: Univ- of Penn. Pi Sigma Alpha Volleyball Team CAYETANO, BENJAMIN Honolulu, Ha. Political Science Pre-Legal Society CARTLEDGE, CHRISTOPHER Downey French tsf: UC Riverside NROTC Battalion Maison Francalse (UCR) CELCE, DANIEL Batna, Algeria French URA Soccer Club CARVER, CAROL Sherman Oaks Political Science tsf: UC Santa Barbara CHANTER, SUE Los Angeles Physical Education Chi Omega Panhellenic Pres. Prytaneans Women ' s Golf Team Bruinettes AWS President ' s Board CHAUDOIN, LINDA CHAO, HARRY Los Angeles Zoology tsf: Cal State LA UCLA A Cappella Choir CHENG, ELLEN Hong Kong. China English Dean ' s Ust CHAO, RUTH Los Angeles English Daily Brum Best Reporter Award. 1966-67 CHOATE, DENNIS Manhatten Beach Political Science Phi Kappa Psi Blue Key, Kelps Scuba Club CERVANTES, ELIZABETH North Hollywood Spanish tsf: LA Valley Col. Alpha Mu Gamma Inverness House, Rieber Hall, Pres. CHASE, ELAINE Boron English tsf: UC Santa Barbara CHOOLIIAN. NANCY Fresno English Alpha Gamma Delta Angel Flight Tutorial Project CHRISTOPHER, CLARK, PATRICIA CLARK, PETER CLARK, SUSAN LONNETTA Inglewood Miami, Okla. Piedmont Glendora Zoology English Sociology Geography NROTC Kappa Alpha Theta Pi Beta Phi CLEVELAND. COCAGNE, CHERYL COGEN, HARVEY COHEN. IRMA RICHARD Sherman Oaks Encino Los Angeles San Jose History Meteorology Sociology Political Science tsf: Mt. St. Mary ' s Col- Sigma Alpha Mu Delta Sigma Phi Pi Beta Phi Chi Epsilon Pi Rugby. Kelps Aardvarks Homecoming Comm. COHEN, JACQUELINE COHN.BLI lY COLE, BRUCE COLE. CURTIS Huntington Park Los Angeles Torrance San Diego Anthropology Hebrew Political Science Economics Angel Flight Alpha Mu Gamma Hillel Alpha Tau Omega COLE. GERALD North Hollywood Political Science Pi Sigma Alpha Intramural Activities Sailing Club COLE. PATRICIA Los Angeles Psychology tsf: Pasadena CC Sproul Residence Hall COLES, PATRICIA Los Angeles COLLEN, LOUISE Los Angeles Mathematics Bruinettes Finance Comm University Chorus Computer Club 226 COLLINS, CAROLYN COLLINS, RICHARD COLLOM, EDWARD COMPTON, MARY Newport Beach Los Angeles Atherton Long Beach Economics Bacteriology Geography tsf: ElCaminoCol. Sigma Alpha Epsilon Dean ' s List Alpha Kappa Psi Blue Key Regents Scholar Omicron Delta Epsilon Tutorial Project MINEX Exchange Assoc, of Students and Spring Sing Exec. Student-Nigeria Business Comm. Honors Program CONNELL.JANE CORENMAN, SUSAN COUGHLIN, SUSAN COVERDALE, Torrance Los Angeles Los Angeles CYNTHIA History Sociology History Newport Beach tsf: El CaminoCoL Project Action Gamma Phi Beta Psychology Anchors Tutorial Project Delta Tau Delta Little Sister Anchors COX. ROGER COYNE, JUDITH CRANE, LESLIE CREASON, STEPHEN San Diego Los Angeles Los Angeles Los Angeles English Sociology English English Chaos House, Phrateres Pres. tsf: UC Berkeley Hedrick Hall Pres., Sailing Club English Honors House Advisor AWS President ' s Board Experimental College Daily Brum Intramural Sports CRESSEY, PAMELA CRINKLAW. JANET CROAD, SHERRY CROOKS, RAYMOND Glendale San Jose Chicago, III. Guthrie, Okla. History History English Political Science Kappa Alpha Theta tsf: UC Santa Barbara tsf: Glendale JC tsf: Central State Col. Pres., Treas. Delta Gamma Anchors CROUCH, CROWDER, SCOTT CURRIE, PHYLLIS DAMSKI.EVA CHARLESJR. Los Angeles Los Angeles Van Nuys Encino Political Science Political Science Economics Political Science tsf: Pierce J C Honorary A DANA, KARLYNN DANIELS, LYNETTE DASH, KAREN DAUBER, BONNIE North Hollywood Los Angeles Los Angeles Los Angeles Sociology History English Anthropology tsf: Cal, Lutheran Col Dean ' s List Kappa Delta Masonic Affiliate Club Young Republicans DA VANZO, FRANK DAVIS, DONNA DAVIS, ELIZABETH DAVIS. ROSALIND Long Beach North Hollywood Beverly Hills Los Angeles History Sociology Anthropology Anthropology Tutorial Project Alpha Omicron Pi tsf: Wellesley Col. Daily Brum Shell and Oar Pres. Honors Program Assoc. Editor AWS President ' s Board Washington Internship Program Co-Chmn. Cal Club DEDEAUX, MARY LIN DEGROFF, WILLIAM DEJONGE, DE LEGAL, LARRY Sociology Alhambra ELIZABETH Glendale Alpha Chi Omega Economics Torrance Psychology AWS Fashion Board tsf UC Santa Barbara English tsf: Glendale CC Spring Sing Kappa Kappa Gamma Phi Epsilon Pi Mardi Gras Bowery Show Show, 1967 227 DEL FRANCO, DELSON, SHEILA DENTON, ROBIN DESS, WILLIAM CHARLES Harrisburg, Pa. La Canada Riverside Philadelphia, Penn. Pre- Social Welfare French, Psychology Social Science tsf: El CammoCol. Political Science Alpha Tau Omega Theta Xi Pres. Kennedy Child Study tsf: UC Davis Wrestling, Blue Key Blue Key, Kelps Center Tutor Gamma Phi Beta Kelps, AUSA Dean ' s List Babysitting for EAP-Bordeaux Bagpipe Band Bruin Young Married Students Democrats Retarded Children ' s Intramural Sports Tutorial Project Spring Sing Exec. Sales DICKEY, GARY Dl DONATO, LOUISA DILLOW, PAMELA DOBERNIG,JOSE Los Angeles Los Angeles Orange Mexico City, Mexico History Spanish Psychology Economics tsf; Santa Monica CC tsf: UC Riverside tsf: National Univ. of Grammar School Tutor Mexico Uassion for Foreign Students Computer Club Soccer Club Karate Club DODGE, ALLEN DOFFLEMYRE, DOLIM. DIANE DONESLEY, PAMELA Los Angeles MICHAEL Los Angeles Los Angeles West Los Angeles Economics Physical Education History Angel Flight tsf: SMCC Sigma Alpha Epsilon Commander Masonic Affiliate Club UniCamp Board Camp Drive Exec. Board University Chorus DONNER, LAUREL DONNEY, KENNETH DOOLEN, GLORIA DOUGHERTY, El Segundo Burbank Anaheim PAMELA English Political Science English San Pedro tst:EICaminoJC Phi Gamma Delta tsf: Cal State LA Economics Masonic Affiliate Club Dean ' s List Hedrick Hall Staff. People of Plenty Wilson Foundation Officer Colloquium Scholar, UCLA Law Spring Sing Comm. Alumni Colloquium School Tutorial Project DOW, NORMAN DRAKES, ROBERT DREYER, STEVEN DREYFUSS,JOANN North Torrance Pacific Grove Huntington, N.Y. North Hollywood Geography NROTC Political Science Sociology Varsity Football Frosh Baseball tsf: UC Berkeley Himalaya House Pres. Political Science Phi Sigma Sigma Residence Hall All-Star Honors Program Tutorial Project Football Coach UniShine DUBIN. BARRY DUBROW, PHYLLIS DUMONT, DUNCAN, ANNE Los Angeles Oakland STEPHANIE Whittier Political Science Sociology Oxnard Sociology Pi Lamda Phi tsf: UC Davis Anthropology tsf: Cal State Fullerton Daily Brum Copy Ed. tsf: Ventura Col. Alpha Gamma Delta Southern Campus Copy Ed. DUNN, MARY DUNNINGTON, DUQUE, MADELINE DURAND, SUSAN Los Angeles JANICE Bogota, Colombia Torrance History Whittier International Relations History Physical Education tsf;EICaminoJC tsf: UC Santa Barbara DYE, ROBERT Detroit, Mich. Bacteriology ZetaPsi Homecoming Chmn. Spring Sing Art Comm. Southern Campus Publicity ' 67 DYER, DEXTER Lynwood Social Psychology DYER, RAYMOND EDE, RICHARD San Diego Burbank Economics Physics NROTC tsf: LA Valley Col. NROTC 228 EDELSTONE, DANIEL EDMONDS, CYNTHIA EDWARDS, THOMAS ELKIND. ANNETTE North Hollywood Los Angeles Pomona Downey Zoology Pre- Social Welfare Political Science English Hednck Hall Residents ' Delta Sigma Theta Sigma Nu Hillel Assoc., Vice Pres. Blue Key Foreign Students Concert and Marching Assoc. Bands ELLEY, MICHAEL ELLIS, MICHAEL ELLIS, SUSAN ENGLE, MICHAEL West Covina Los Angeles Chula Vista Manhattan Beach Lambda Chi Alpha History Economics ERLICH, HARVEY ESQUIVEL, ETTINCGARY EVANGELISTA, Los Angeles RAYMUNDO Van Nuys MARILYN History Azusa Psychology Van Nuys tsf: Sonoma St. Col. Spanish German EVANS, JAMES EVANS, KRISTINE EVANS, LAWRENCE EVANS, SANDRA North Hollywood Piedmont Riverside Redlands Political Science English Latin American Studies Psychology Sigma Chi Tutorial Project Delta Sigma Phi, Pres. tsf: Univ. of Wisconsin Uni-Prep Coordinator Alpha Tau Omega Little Kelps Pi Beta Phi Freshman Class Pres. Sisters, Pres. Blue Key AWS Fashion Board General Rep. Daily Bruin Staff Hillel Newman Club Sigma Chi LittleSisters Dean ' s List North American Tether Sigma Nu Princess Yeomen Ball Champion EWALD, HOLLACE FABIANO,ROSE FAIGIN, DOUGLAS FARBSTEIN,TZIPY Los Angeles Los Angeles Hollywood Los Angeles Psychology Mathematics Philosophy Sociology Chi Omega tsf: SMCC Daily Bruin Political Ed., Alpha Epsilon Phi Graduate Ed., Editorial Bruinettes Board Member MardiGrasComm. Sigma Delta Chi Homecoming Comm. Sec.-Treas. Wash. Internship Yeomen Order of Golden Bruin FARLEY, ANDREA FARMER, LYNDA FARRELL, NANCY FAWELL, SUSAN Culver City Pasadena Downey Rolling Hills History Psychology Anthropology SSET Chi Omega tsf: Pasadena CC Alpha Lambda Delta Angel Flight Bruin Belles Gamma Phi Beta Southern Campus Folksong Club FEIGENBAUM, FEINBERG,JOHN FELLER, ROBERT FERGUSON, SARA HOWARD Whittier West Covina San Bernardino Los Angeles English English Diversified Social History Alpha Gamma Omega tsf: use Science tsf: UC Berkeley Judicial Council- tsf: UC Berkeley Weyburn Hall Kappa Kappa Gamma FIELDS, JERRI Los Angeles Sociology Phi Sigma Sigma Alpha Lambda Delta Pi Gamma Mu FINK,JERROLD Torrance Political Science Pi Sigma Alpha, Pres. Phi Eta Sigma, Vice Pres. R Gamma Mu Alpha Mu Gamma FISCHER, CLAUDE West Hollywood Sociology Regents ' Scholar Debate Union Phi Eta Sigma Pi Gamma Mu Franz Hall Regulars FISCHER, HERMAN Los Angeles Physics 229 FISCHER, JOHN FISCHER, LUCIE FISHER, ALAN FISHER, GLENN Los Angeles Sherman Oaks Los Angeles La Mesa Economics Geography Economics Geography Beta Theta Pi tsf: UC Santa Barbara Departmental Scholar Tutorial Project in Economics Omicron Delta Epsilon Phi Eta Sigma bean ' s List FITZGERALD, FLEISCHMAN, FLINT, KAARINA FLOD, NATALIE GERALD ROCHELLE Lomita Glendora LaMirada German Economics History Ph rater es ' VIphaTau Omega, tsf: Cal State Fullerton = re%. Tutorial Project Dorm Floor Secretary and Social Chairman FLOOD. JOHN FOREMAN, BETTY FORTH, MARY FOSTER, NORA La Verne San Marino Arcadia Arcadia Economics English Mathematics English tsf: Claremont Men ' s Delta Delta Delta tsf: use Delta Gamma College Tutorial Project Omicron Delta Epsilon Sopjjomore Sweethearts Sigma Nu Big Sister FOX, SHARON FRANKLIN, BARBARA FREDRIKSSON, FREEMAN, ALMA Westchester Los Angeles CLAUDIA Los Angeles Italian Political Science Fullerton tsf: UC Santa Barbara tsf: UC Santa Barbara English Alpha Mu Gamma Sigma Kappa tsf: UC Santa Barbara Alpha Phi Sophomore Sweethearts Tutorial Project FREEMAN, RICHARD FREMDLINCANNE FRICKE, CARL FRIEDUVND, SUSAN Santa Ana Santa Monica Whitti er Los Angeles Economics English History Music tsf: UC Santa Barbara Delta Gamma, 1st Vice tsf: Cal Poly (Pomona) High School Honors Sigma Chi President Beta Theta Pi Program Sigma Alpha Epsilon Alpha Mu Gamma, UCLA Honors Program Little Sisters Spanish NPI Volunteer International Programs Colloquium Madrid, Spam Symphonic Band Ski Team FRIEDMAN, ANDREW FRIEDMAN, ROBERT FU, SANDRA FUENTES, ALFRED Los Angeles Watsonville Hong Kong El Monte Political Science Political Science Bacteriology Political Science tsf: Cal State LA Zeta Beta Tau Pi Sigma Alpha Blue Key Graduated Student Cultural Magna Cum Laude Commission Honors Program Phi Beta Kappa FUJIMOTO, FULLER, MARILYN FYBEL, RICHARD GAGE, CURTIS KATHLEEN South Gate Los Angeles Los Angeles Los Angeles Psychology Political Science History English Chi Omega Tau Epsilon Phi, Most Sigma Chi Alpha Delta Chi Brum Belles Valuable Member Senior Homecoming Award, Vice Pres. Princess Redgefather Sigma Nu Big Sister FRASZ, CAROL GALLEGOS, NADINE GANDIN, RICHARD GARBER, LEONARD Tustin Grand Junction, Colo. Oxnard Los Angeles English Anthropology Economics Political Science tsf: Colorado State Univ Phi Sigma Delta Tutorial Project ' 64 Blood Drive ' 66 MardiGras ' 67, ' 68 Phi Epsilon Pi 230 GARSIDE.GAYLE GAVALDON, EDWARD GEBHARD.JOHN GEDGAUDAS, Alhambra Gardena KESTUTIS Economics Psychology Santa Monica Zeta Psi Yeomen Mathematics Psi Chi tsf: SMCC Fencing Team EAP- Birmingham, England GEE, MARY 6ERING, MICHAEL GERO, PETER GERSTSEN, MARIE Inglewood Los Angeles History tsf:GlendaleCoL Monte Carlo Nite Los Angeles Los Angeles GIANETTO, ROBERT GILSTRAP, LUANA Emmaus, Pa. Psychology tsf; Lehigh Univ. Band Computer Club Los Angeles English Regents Scholar Dykstra Hall Sec. LDS Student Assn. Publicity Chmn. GIMBEL, SUSAN San Marmo Anthropology tsf: Arizona State Univ. GINSBURG, DIANA Los Angeles English GLENN, CAROLYN 6LAUSER, SANDRA GOERTZEN, DEEANA GOFF. HARRIET Pacific Palisades Downey Tustin Los Angeles Bogota, Colombia Anthropology Psychology Anthropology Anthropology tsf: UC Riverside tsf: use tsf: Univ. delos Andes Delta Gamma Alpha Delta Chi AWS Fashion Board, Chrmn. Brum Belles Off icer Homecoming Queen Finalist GOLD, BARRY GOLD, BRUCE GOLD, CYNTHIA GOLD, SUSAN Van Nuys Los Angeles Beverly Hills North Hollywood Psychology Political Science Spanish Sociology Intramurals tsf: SanFranciscoState Phi Beta Kappa Sculpture Departmental Scholar GOLDBERG, AIMEE North Hollywood Psychology GOLD, THOMAS Glendale Mathematics Alpha Gamma Omega Pres., Treas. Blue Key Project India GOLDMAN, BARBARA GOLDMAN, DALE Los Angeles Los Angeles History English tsf: UC Santa Barbara Alpha Epsilon Phi Spurs GOLDBERG, NEIL Beverly Hills Political Science GOLDFARB, SUSAN Arleta Pre- Social Welfare tsf: SFVSC Honors Program GOLDMAN, STEPHEN Los Angeles Economics GOLDSTEIN, GLORIA Los Angeles Speech tsf: San Diego St. Col. Alpha Epsilon Phi GOLDSTEIN, J ERALD GONZALEZ VEGA, GOODMAN, BEVERLY GOODMAN, JILL Union, NJ. FERNANDO Los Angeles Sherman Oaks German Managua, Nicaragua Social Science Psychology tsf: Clemson Univ. Economics Alpha Delta Pi Alpha Epsilon Phi ThetaXi INTAC Finance Comm. Frosh Class Treas. Wrestling Homecoming Exec. Bd. Bruinettes Military Ball Princess Sophomore Homecoming Queen Sweethearts Finalist EAP-Sussex, England Mardi Gras Exec. Bd. Alpha Lambda Delta «! ! GORDON. SAMUEL GORDON, STAN GORELICK, GORMLY, FAY Los Angeles Los Angeles SEYMOUR Gilroy History Political Science Los Angeles English Phi Epsilon Pi Zeta Beta Tau Bacteriology CalClub Army ROTC Blue Key Mortar Board Hillel Varsity Volleyball Teen Opportunities Program Chmn. Hedrick Hall Comm. Prytaneans GOULD, SUSAN GOYA, SHARON GRACE, DONNA GRANDLTIM Los Angeles Temple City Redlands Los Angeles Political Science English History History Theta Kappa Phi Daily Bruin Board of Governors UniCamp Beta Theta Pi GRANT, DONALD GRASSIA.JOHN GRAY. BEVERLY GREEN, SANDRA El Toro Sherman Oaks Los Angeles La Jolla Political Science English Economics tsf;FullertonJC EAR- Tokyo Chi Omega Zeta Psi Mortar Board Alpha Tau Omega Chimes Little Sister Dean ' s List Angel Flight Elections Board Sophomore Sweethearts GREENE, MICHELE GREENLEE, CROCK, MIRA GROSS, IRV Encino PATRICIA Studio City Los Angeles Political Science Holtville French Political Science tst: San Jose St. Pre- Social Welfare Alpha Lambda Delta Phi Sigma Delta tsf: Chapman Col Alpha Mu Gamma Honors Program UCLAmigos Hillel Council Pi Sigma Alpha Honors Program Student Judicial Bd. EAP-Bordeaux Sacramento Internship Program Chmn. GROSSMAN, LESLIE GRUBBS, MELINDA GRUNER,SANDEE GUNTHER, HARRY Canoga Park Pasadena Los Angeles Los Angeles Political Science Psychology Psychology Alpha Chi Omega Blue Key Sophomore Varsity Yell Leader Sweethearts UniPrep Chmn. Tutorial Project GUSINOW, GUSS, GARY GUTIERREZ, GUZIN. LAWRENCE MARGARET Santa Monica VIOLETA Los Angeles Los Angeles Physics Havana, Cuba English Anthropology tsf: SMCC Chemistry Zeta Beta Tau Alpha Epsilon Phi Alpha Lambda Delta Blue Key Cuban Club LA Ephebian Society Spring Sing Exec, Comm. Chi Delta Pi HACHIYA. FUMIKO HAEHN. OLIVIA HAGEMANN,KARL HAHN.CHRISTEL Harbor City Sherman Oaks Northridge Los Angeles Anthropology English Mathematics German Sophomore tsf: use tsf: SMCC Sweethearts Pres. Alpha Mu Gamma AWS Presidents Board UniPrep Counselor HALL. EDWIN HALL. RUTHANNA HALLIDAY. KAREN HALPERT, SUZANNE Inglewood Venice San Diego Van Nuys Physical Education History English English Frosh Football Varsity Golf 232 HAMILTON, SHARON La Habra English Hednck Hall, Tolima House Pres. Anchors Pres. Dykstra House Advisor HARER. ROBERT Long Beach Zoology tsf: Long Beach CC HAN NA, THOMAS San Jose Mathematics tsf: Kansas Univ, Computer Club HARRIS, THELMA Los Angeles French Delta Sigma Theta Angel Flight Spurs Sproul Hall Staff HASKINS, JACKIE Belleville, III. Oriental Languages Honors Program Alpha Mu Gamma Japan Study Group HARMON, GLORIA Pasadena SSET tsf: Pasadena CC Delta Gamma Sophomore Sweethearts Tutorial Project HARRY. HESTER Los Angeles English Bruin Christian Fellowship Tutorial Project HANWAY, NANCY HARBOTTLE, LESLIE Newbury Park Topsfield, Mass. Latin American Studies English Project India Spring Sing Mortar Board Westwood House Prytaneans HARMON, STEPHEN HARRIS, LAURIE West Covina Political Science Rieber Hall Honorary Rieber Hall Pres. House Advisor HART, RICHARD Ventura Psychology tsf: Ventura Col. Beverly Hills Political Science AWS President UniCamp Board Wash. Intern. Program Bruin Belles Spurs, Pres. Uni Prep Chrmn. HASKELL, DIANE Hinkley Psychology tsf: Barstow Col. HAWKINS, BEVERLY HAWKINS, JOHN Los Angeles Political Science Alpha Kappa Alpha Fullerton Political Science Spring Sing Exec. Comm. Mardi Gras Comm. HAY ASH I, FAITH Torrance Mathematics HEDLEY, EILEEN HEFFERAN, Los Angeles MARY ANN Sociology Culver City tsf : Orange Coast Col- English HEIFETZ, LAURENCE HEIN,LESLYE Beverly Hills La Habra Economics SSET Phi Sigma Delta tsf: Mt. San Antonio Yeomen Col. HEINTZ, KENNETH Torrance Economics tsf: UC Santa Barbara Alpha Kappa Psi HELD, PAMELA La Crescenta Sociology tsf: UC Santa Barbara Kappa Kappa Gamma HELLER, JACK Glendale Psychology tsf: Glendale J C Psi Chi HENNIG, THOMAS Los Angeles Geography Kappa Kappa Psi Alpha Phi Omega Pres. Mardi Gras Exec. Comm. Brum Gold Co., AUSA Distinguished Military Graduate HIRANO, KAREN Cupertino Psychology tsf: Foothill Col. HEWLETT, LAURA Los Angeles History Delta Sigma Theta Mardi Gras Spring Sing Black Student Union HJELT, STEPHEN San Mateo Political Science tsf: Col. of San Mateo Intramurals HILLEMANN. WALTER San Fernando Mathematics tsf LA Valley Col. HOBBS, KATHLEEN Los Angeles Sociology Chi Omega UniCamp Counselor UniCamp Board HENDRIX, LINDA North Hollywood Political Science Alpha Phi Board of Governors Mortar Board Prytaneans Alpha Lambda Delta Mardi Gras Exec. Comm. HINDY, ROBERT Canoga Park Chemistry Alpha Tau Omega Sec. Blue Key Arnold Air Society Commander Alpha Chi Sigma AFROTC Drill Team SAACS Engineering Society HOBDEN, CONSTANCE Los Angeles Anthropology Honors Program Tutorial Project 233 HOFFMAN, ANDREW HOFFMAN, RONALD HOGUE,JEAN HOGUE, MORRIS Marina Del Rey Lennox Stockton Stockton Psychology Geography Psychology English Tutorial Project Frosh Track tsf: UC Berkeley Chi Delta PI People-to- People Varsity Rugby INTAC Experimental Col. Sproul Hall Spring Sing HOL, NANCY HOLMES, CURTIS HOLMES. NATHAN HOLT, ROGER Hong Kong Glendora North Hollywood Beverly Hills Mathematics Zoology Political Science Political Science tsf: Morehead St. Col. tsf: Citrus Col. Phi Sigma Delta Computer Club Sigma Pi Vice Pres. Honors Program Students Judicial Bd. Chmn. Frosh Senate Washington Internship Program Pi Sigma Alpha HONEYCHURCH, HONG, STEVEN HONIGBERG, GAIL HOOK, CAROL DENIS Los Angeles Sherman Oaks Los Angeles Berkeley Physics Anthropology SSET History tsf: LACC tsf: San Francisco St. Masonic Affiliate Club tsf Univ. of the Pacific Sigma Pi Sigma Valley State Sigma Alpha Epsilon Blue Key HORN, RICKY Manhattan Beach Economics tsf: Univ. of Maryland Omicron Delta Epsilon Intramural Volleyball Intramural Basketball Spring Sing HOWARD, JUDITH Los Angeles Political Science Phi Sigma Sigma Sophomore Sweethearts HORROCKS.JOHN Van Nuys Physics tsf: Cal Tech Sigma Pi Sigma Phi Eta Sigma Citizens ' Comm. of Inquiry HUBLER, STANLEY Los Angeles Physics tsf: ElCaminoJC Best Dressed Coed ' 66 HORSTMAN, WILLIAM HOTING, CAMILLIA Riverside Psychology Phi Delta Theta Dean ' s List Baldwin Park Psychology Experimental College Women ' s Gymnastic Club Rieber Hall Publicity Chmn, Computer Club Psi Chi HUDSON, ELAINE HUDSON, RONALD Milpitas Woodland Hills English Chemistry Calif. StateScholarship Ski Club Rally Comm. HUGHES, COLLEEN HUGHES, MARGARET HURST, DONNA HUTCHINGS, Riverside Los Angeles Woodland Hills LORRAINE Latin American Studies Psychology Burbank Alpha Gamma Delta tsf: El Camino Col. English Alpha Mu Gamma Psi Chi Chi Delta Pi Alpha Mu Gamma Alpha Gamma Sigma HUTT, EDWARD ICHIMURA, RICHARD INGBER, JANET INGRAM, JOHN Fresno Los Angeles Malibu Long Beach Geography History International Relations Chemistry Phi Kappa Sigma Beta Theta Pi Varsity Football Blue Key Delta Gamma Frosh Senate Chmn Anchor Man Frosh Football Coach IRVINE, JANIS IWASHITA, CHERYL JACKSON, KAREN JACKSON, MARTIN Anaheim Los Angeles Harbor City Harbor City Public Service History History Kappa Alpha Theta Alpha Gamma Delta Vice Pres. Chimes Board of Governors Anchors Chmn Theta Chi Little Sister Assn ofCollegeUnions Zeta Psi Little Sister Regional Vice. Pres. Tutorial Project Dean ' s List Prytaneans 234 JACOBSEN, ELAYNE JACOBSON, ELLEN JALLO, MIKE JAMES, TERRY Petal u ma Waco, Texas Los Angeles Azusa Geography Sociology Political Science tsf; UC Davis tsf: Univ. of Texas Sigma Chi Delta Gamma Delta Phi Epsilon Mardi Gras Sophomore Panhellenic Sec. USMCR-PLC Sweethearts Mardi Gras Mardi Gras Southern Campus Publicity Comm. Staff Southern Campus Spring Sing Staff Greek Wk. JAYNE, MICHAEL JENKINS, JOHN JEROME, KATHLEEN JOE, BOBBY Sepulveda Santa Rosa Whittier Los Angeles English English Political Science Delta Sigma Phi Alpha Phi Kappa Kappa Psi Conscience Chmn. Band JOHNSON, CHERYL JOHNSON,JIMMIE JOHNSON, SANDRA Bellflower Los Angeles Long Beach Bacteriology Philosophy Political Science Hershey Hall Zeta Beta Tau JOHNSON, YVONNE Redwood City Slavic Languages Anchors JOLLY, PAMELA JONES, DONALD JONES, ROBERT JORGENSEN, Palos Verdes Santa Monica South Gate FRANCES Peninsula Physics Physics Antioch Social Sciences tsf: Univ. of Wash. tsf: East LA Col. History Pershing Rifles tsf: Fresno State Exec. Officer Scabbard and Blade Brum Gold Co of AUSA JUDGE, DALE JURIST, STEVEN KALSETSUMI KABA, GASTON Santa Maria Santa Monica Los Angeles Niamey, Niger F Zoology Sigma Pi Varsity Crew English KALOUDIS, PETER KAMINS, BARBARA KANEGAE, THOMAS KANNO,AMY Santa Barbara Los Angeles Newport Beach Los Angeles Geography Psychology Zoology Social Science NROTC tsf: UC Santa Barbara LIFE tsf: Cal State LA Mardi Gras Pi Gamma Mu Spring Sing Pi Delta Phi Homecoming People-to- People KAPLAN, TERRY KARAS, REGINA KARCHMER, FELICE KARLIN, MAUREEN Studio City Boston, Mass- Los Angeles Sepulveda Political Science Sociology Sociology Spanish Pi Gamma Mu tsf: Boston Univ. Regents Scholar People- to- People Hillel Departmental Scholar INTAC Student Zionist Org. Alpha Lambda Delta Spurs Dames Sigma Delta Pi Alpha Mu Gamma Academic Research Council KARNOS, KARP, THOMAS KARTON, DAVID KASABIBIAN, JEAN-PIERRE Los Angeles Beverly Hills PATRICIA Pans, France Economics Political Science Whittier Political Science Zeta Beta Tau Phi Sigma Delta History Varsity Soccer Varsity Tennis Pi Sigma Alpha Sigma Kappa Honors Program UniCamp Board Chair for Great Men, Chrmn. Student Relations Board, Chrmn. KASEM.ATA KASS, MARILYN KATZMAN. MARK KAUFMAN, JERROLD Jerusalem. Jordan Los Angeles Los Angeles Los Angeles Mathematics Sociology Psychology Political Science tsf: SMCC tsf: SFVSC tsf: SFVSC Tau Epsilon Phi NROTC Vice Pres., Treas. Washington Internship Program Exec. Comm. Local Internship Program Chmn, KAUFMAN. RONALD KAWAKAMI,JANE KEEN, JAMES KEENER, KARL Los Angeles Sepulveda Los Angeles Richmond Zoology History Political Science Political Science Phi Kappa Sigma tsf: SFVSC tsf:CerritosJC tsf: UC Santa Barbara Theta and Sigma Pi Gamma Mu Bruin Veterans Varsity Swimming Varsity Water Polo Dean ' s List KELLER, VIRGINIA KELLNER, RENEE KELSEY. DAVID KENNAMER,GLENDA Lomita Los Angeles Long Beach Northridge Sociology Political Science English Pi Beta Phi Theta Delta Chi Phi Eta Sigma NROTC Battalion Commander Alpha Delta Chi KENNEDY, KENT, RODERICK KERTES, JOSEPH KH AN 1, JANET ROBERTJR. Spring Valley Upland Beverly Hills Torrance Chemistry Psychology Political Science Skin ' n Scuba Club Tutorial Project Band Ski Club Intramurals KIMBLE, ROSE KINCAID.JULIE KING, KATHLEEN KING, KERRY Whittier Covina Hacienda Heights Phoenix, Ariz. Sociology English English Mathematics Alpha Omicron Pi Delta Delta Delta tsf: UC Riverside Anchors Homecoming Queen Kappa Delta Shell and Oar Sigma Alpha Epsilon Little Sisters Vice Pres, MardiGras Queen Bruin Belles Sailing Club KING. PAMELA KIPPUR. STEPHEN KIRSCH,BETHAMY KIRVAN, LINDA Monrouia Denver, Colo, Tarzana Santa Susana Latin American Studies History Speech Sociology tsf: UC Santa Barbara Phi Sigma Delta Tutorial Proiect Tutorial Project Proiect India Finalist UniPrep Mardi Gras KLAUSEN, STEPHEN KLEBAN, BARBARA KLIEWER,LEE Santa Ana North Hollywood Shatter History Anthropology English Phi Kappa Sigma Tutorial Project Kelps Honors Program Varsity Baseball KNEISEL, BILLIE Long Beach English tsf: Long Beach CC Regents Scholar KNEISEL, ROBERT Long Beach Geophysics tsf: Long Beach CC Regents Scholar Alpha Mu Gamma KOEHLER, MARY Los Angeles KLOMAN, LARRY Los Angeles Political Science Tau Epsilon Phi Army ROTC, Scholarship Award Athletic Award KOEHLER, MARY Pasadena tsf: Pasadena CC 236 KOERPERJEAN KOHN, EDWARD KOJIMA, HARUO KOOSED, LAURAYNE San Bernardino Sunland AmagI, Japan San Diego Sociology Mathematics Physics English tsf: use tsf: UC Santa Barbara tsf: Univ. of Colorado Alpha Chi Omega, Sec. Sigma Delta Tau Shell and Oar Spurs Anchors AWS Tutorial Project KOOR.ZELDA KOSAKO, MASAKO KOTZIN, ELLEN KOYANAGI, FAYE Los Angeles Los Angeles Los Angeles Honolulu, Ha. Political Science Mortar Board Anthropology Masonic Affiliate Club Alpha Lamda Delta tst: Univ. of Hav»aii KRAMER, BARBARA KRAMER, BRUCE KREGER, ELIZABETH KROSCH.WYLA North Hollywood Brooklyn, N.Y. Santa Monica Culver City Anthropology International Relations SSET SSET Pi Sigma Alpha tsf: SMCC Residence Hall Evaluation El Capitan, Treas., Assembly Rep. Dean ' s List KRUPSAW, PAUL KUO, PERCY KUPC HA, RALPH KURILICH, FRANCES San Diego Los Angeles Chula Vista Fontana Political Science Political Science English Alpha Epsilon Pi Brum Gold Co, tsf:ChaffeyJC Pi Sigma Alpha Yeomen Colloquium UniPrep Counselor KURIMOTO, SYDNEY KURLAND, STUART KURZ, JEAN KUSMIDER, LAUREN Los Angeles Modesto Oakland Allentown. Pa Psychology Economics English tsf: Modesto J C tsf: UC Davis tsf: Bard College Phi Sigma Delta Sigma Kappa KVAAS, ROBERT LABOSCHIN, NANCY LAIRD, NANCY LAMBKIN, LINDA Santa Barbara Los Angeles Pasadena Long Beach Physics History Political Science tsf: UC Santa Barbara tsf: Pasadena CC Masonic Affiliate Club Sigma Pi Sigma Phi Kappa Sigma Little Pre- Law Society Flying Club Sister Mountaineering Club Calif. Republican League Snow Ski Club LANDBERG. NANCY LANZER, WILLIAM LAPATAUSKAS, LARKEY, DEBORAH San Jose Rutherford, N.J. ALDONA Fullerton Psychology Psychology Santa Monica Psychology tsf: UC Berkeley Psychology Psi Chi Psi Chi tsf: SMCC Water Ski Club Intramural Basketball LAU,ANN LAWLOR.JOEL LAWRENCE, JOAN LEABOW, ROXAINE Gardena Glendora Burbank Los Angeles Mathematics Public Law English French Stevens House, Pres. tsf: UC Berkeley tsf: Valley Col. 237 LEAR, CYNTHIA LEAVITT,JEAN LE BLANC, INGRID LEE, ANTHONY Santa Ana Torrance Del Mar Los Angeles Pre- Social Welfare Bacteriology History International Relations tsf: Christian Col. Rieber Hall tsf; Whittier Col. Baha ' i Club Kappa Delta Phi Eta Sigma Ski Club Tutorial Proiect UniCamp Board LEE, MICHAEL LEHR, MARGERY LEIB.BARNETTE LEUNG, SIMON Los Angeles Los Angeles North Hollywood Hong Kong Mathematics History Bacteriology Alpha Omicron Pi Tutorial Project Sigma Alpha lota LEVENSON, EDITH Los Angeles Physical Education, Psychology tsf: UC Santa Barbara People-to-People Colloquium LEWIS, SHARON E. Long Beach English Delta Phi Upsilon LEVIN, NORMAN Encino Political Science Southern Campus Sports Ed, Band Photography Staff LEWIS, SHARON L Miraleste Social Sciences Kappa Kappa Gamma Bruinettes AWS LEVINE, LEONARD Los Angeles Political Science tsf: SFVSC Zeta Beta Tau LIANG, RANTY Hong Kong Chemistry tsf: Whittier Col. Epsilon Pi Delta LEWIS, DIANNE Beverly Hills Psychology Alpha Xi Delta Sabers Elections Board LIBERMAN, LUIS San Jose, Costa Rica Economics Alpha Kappa Psi.Treas. Jefferson House, Pres. LIBUSER, LAWRENCE LIEBERMAN, MARK LIGHT, BONNIE LIGHTWINE, Santa Monica Chicago, III. Los Angeles VICTORIA Psychology Psychology- Pre- Dental English Los Angeles Pi Lambda Phi English Yeomen Alpha Phi Bruinettes Panhellenic Scholarship Sophomore Sweethearts LIM, MICHAEL LIPSON, KIKI LIPTON, MARTIN LLOYD, LAWRENCE Sacramento Encino Los Angeles Long Beach Psychology Italian Political Science Political Science Rally Comm. Honors Program tsf: UC Santa Barbara Zeta Beta Tau EAP- Italy Pi Sigma Alpha Alpha Mu Gamma Washington Internship Program LOGAN, FAY Los Angeles Economics Daily Bruin Asst- Sports Ed. Dean ' s List Rieber Hall Officer Varsity Baseball Scorekeeper LORD, NANCY Little Rock, Ark. Mathematics tsf: Southwestern Univ. Zeta Tau Alpha LONGPRE, KAREN Monrovia LOOMOS, DEAN Los Angeles English Beta Theta Pi Student WelfareComm Blue Key, Vice Pres. Kelps LOOS. THEODORE Palo Alto Political Science LOUGHEED, LINFORD Santa Barbara International Relations Tutorial Project Ski Team LOUKS, JOHN Studio City Psychology tsf: Univ. of Oregon Graduated ' 67 LOVALLO, WILLIAM Los Angeles Psychology UniCamp 238 LOVE. RICHARD LOVELESS. ALAN LOVINGER.LONNIE LUBIN, SHEILA West Covin a Palo Alto Encino Los Angeles Psychology History French PsiChi Phi Kappa Sigma tsf: Grenoble Univ. Bruin Kelps Spurs Young Democrats Golf Residence Hall Pres. Newman Club Tutorial Project Ski Club LUCCA. DUANE LUESCHEN, NANCY LUI.ELSONJr, LUMSDEN.GUY South Gate La Habra Los Angeles Alameda Political Science English Mathematics Political Science Himalaya House tsf; LACC Varsity Swimming NROTC NROTC Battalion Commander LUNDY.DORIEN LUPPI. MICHAEL LYMAN, RICHARD LYNCH, DANIEL Los Angeles West Hollywood Manhattan Beach Los Angeles English Political Science Political Science English tsf: Li CC Kappa Tau Alpha tsf: El CaminoCol. Newman Club Journalism Award Phi Kappa Psi Intramural Football Pi Sigma Alpha Intramural Basketball Dean ' s List LYON.VICKI LYONS, LAURENCE LYTLE, ROBERT MABRY. LYNDA Los Angeles Los Angeles Riverside Los Angeles English Mathematics, Political Science Latin American Studies tsf: Syracuse Univ. Meteorology Delta Sigma Phi Alpha Mu Gamma Alpha Xi Delta Phi Epsilon Pi Alpha Lambda Delta Sabers Band Phi Gamma Mu Panhellenic Chi Epsilon Pi Sigma Delta Pi Ski Club MAC DUFF. PATRICIA MAC MILLAN. NORMA MAGEE, PAMELj MAHLER, KATHERINE Glendale Palo Alto Pomona Ontario History English History Kappa Alpha Theta tsf: Univ. of Exeter tsf: Chapman Col. Alpha Lambda Delta Mardi Gras Exec. Sec. Chi Omega Sigma Nu Big Sister University Chorus Bruin Belles Alpha Tau Omega Little Citadel House Sister Residence Hall Newspaper Co-Ed. Chi Delta Pi MAHLOW. PAUL MAIENSCHEIN. MAJORS. LENORA MALCHOW, LYNDA Fresno JOSEPH Los Angeles Whittier Economics San Mateo Spanish Pre- Physical Therapy Zeta Psi Pres Mathematics Delta Sigma Theta Tutorial Project tsf: Santa Barbara CC Alpha Gamma Omega Sigma Chi Little Sister Marching Band MALLET, FRANCINE MANDEL, BARBARA MANGUS. SHARON MANN. ALLAN North Hollywood Pacoima Los Angeles Sherman Oaks Sociology Geography Sociology Psychology Tutorial Project tsf: Indiana Univ, Alpha Epsilon Pi Daily Brum Associate Editor Order of the Golden Brum MANN, CHARLES MARCUS, KATHLEEN MANOV, KAREN MARINELLI, HARRY Los Angeles Santa Monica Los Angeles Geography Anthropology Delta Zeta East LA Tutorial Project Alpha Mu Gamma Project Amigos 239 MARISSAEL, CAROLE MARSHALL, FRANK MARSTON, ELLEN MARTIN, MAUREEN Los Angeles Newport Beach Redwood City Redondo Beach French Political Science Geography English Alpha Mu Gamma Pres. Alpha Tau Omega Delta Gamma Pres. tsf: UC Santa Barbara Prytaneans Blue Key, Kelps Sigma Alpha Epsilon Pi Delta Phi Vice Pres. Varsity Soccer Little Sister 1 hratefes Best Pledge Inter- Fraternity S:;iClub Council Presidents ' Council MARTIN, ROBERT MARTINEZ, JOHN MASON, JOHN MASSAGLIA, PAMELA Onnda Los Angeles North Hollywood Los Alamitos Political Science Psychology Political Science Sociology tsf: UC Santa Barbara Theta Delta Chi Pi Sigma Alpha tsf UC Santa Barbara Sigma Alpha Epsilon Greek Week Senior Class Vice Pres Delta Zeta Blue Key Mardi Gras Pre- Law Society Frosh Tennis Army ROTC Honors Program MASSOW, KATHERINE MASUKAWA, LEONA MATALON,RENEE MATTHEWS, BARRY Los Angeles Los Angeles Burbank Inglewood Anthropology Zoology History History Hershey Hall tsf: El CaminoJC MATZA, EVALYNN MAY, CAROL MAYS, WILLIAM MC CALLISTER, Inglewood West Los Angeles San Diego MYRNA History Pre-Social Welfare Political Science Muncie, Ind. Sigma Delta Tau tsf: UC Berkeley CORE French Sophomore Alpha Delta Chi Intramural Track Alpha Chi Omega Sweethearts Gifted Students Forun- 1 Alpha Lamda Delta UniPrep Counselor Alpha Mu Gamma Regents Scholar EAP-Bordeaux Dean ' s List Honors Program MC CARTY, MCCLAIN, JERRY MCDOWELLJOHN MCENTEER, CONSTANCE Pasadena Los Altos WILLIAM Jr. Pacoima Political Science Economics Menio Park Political Science Sigma Nu tsf: Foothill Col Psychology Beaucatcher House, Ten Outstanding Sigma Alpha Epsilon tsf. San Jose State Col. Hedrick Hall Juniors Blue Key Chaos House, Varsity Baseball Dean ' s List Vice Pres., Treas. Blue Key Vice Pres. Intramural Council Varsity Rugby Spring Sing MC EWEN, DAVID MCFARLAND, MARY MCGINNIS, MCGUIRE, KAY Ontario Arcadia CATHERINE Political Science Spanish Piedmont Theta Delta Chi Alpha Xi Delta Sociology AFROTC tsf: UC Santa Barbara Band Tutorial Project Arnold Air Society FAMACS MC HUGH, JOHN MCKESSON, LESLEY MCKNIGHT, BONNIE MC LAREN, NANCY Encino San Diego Stockton Woodland Hills Political Science Bacteriology Sociology Physical Education tsf: UC Santa Barbara Tutorial Proiect Chi Omega Chi Omega Pi Sigma Alpha Dkystra Hall Elections Board Shell and Oar, Pres Vice Pres. Publicity Chmn. Alpha Tau Omega Delta Tau Delta UCLAmigos UniCamp Little Sister Little Sister URA Mountaineers URA Soccer MCMULLIN, ROBERT MC PHERSON, MC SWEENEY, MC WAID, KATHLEEN Woodland Hills BONNIE KATHLEEN Los Angeles Slavic Languages Hermosa Beach Studio City Social Science tsf: Pierce CC Anthropology English-Speech Kapp Delta Alpha Gamma Omega tsf: San Diego State Kappa Alpha Theta Shell and Oar Alpha Mu Gamma Chi Delta Pi, Sec. Anchors URA Slavic Club Sigma Pi Little Sister Brum Christian Fellowship 240 MEDINA, MELENDEZ, ROMEC 1 MELNICK, ROSALIND MENDELSOHN, AUGUSTIN JR El Salvador North Hollywood LESLIE San Bernardino Zoology English, Speech San Marino Political Science Alpha Phi Omega Hebrew Phi Eta Sigma LIFE Pi Sigma Alpha Lions Club UMAS Karate Club MENN, ROBERTA MERSITS, LYNN METAMEDI.SHAHLA MEYER, BARBARA Troy, NY, Whittier Los Angeles Los Angeles History English English Sophomore Concert Band Sweethearts Anchors Sabers Navy Color Girl MICHINO, MORIYASU MIELE.CECILIA Los Angeles English tsf: LACC MILICOV.JOYCE Los Angeles English Phi Sigma Sigma Chi Delta Pi Homecoming Mardi Gras MILLER, DAVID North Hollywood Political Science MILLER, KAREN MILLER, PAMELA MILLER, ROLLIE MILLER. SHIRLEY New York, NY. Fullerton Los Angeles Inglewood Psychology History Zeta Psi History Psi Chi UniCamp tsf: El Camino JC Tutorial Project Spring Sing Mardi Gras Anchors MILLER, SUSAN Los Angeles Psychology Sigma Delta Tau Sophomore Sweethearts Frosh Senate MISAWA, NANCY Cleveland, Ohio Psychology MINDLING, GAYLE Los Gatos SSET Gamma Phi Beta MISITY, DAVID Los Angeles History MINNEY, CYNTHIA Newport Beach Psychology tsf: UC Santa Barbara Delta Gamma Intercollegiate Women ' s Volleyball Frosh Camp Counselor Sophomore Class Council MITCHELL, EMILY Whittier Sociology tsf: Whittier Col. Kappa Kappa Gamma Alpha Tau Omega Little Sister Shell and Oar Honors Program MINTZ, MARSHALL Los Angeles Political Science Pi Sigma Alpha MITCHELL, SANDRA Encino Psychology Alpha Epsilon Phi Tutorial Project MIYAMOTO, JUNE MITCHELL, SHIRLEY MIYAJI, ROGER Gary, Ind. Los Angeles Los Angeles Mathematics English Italian tsf: Indiana Univ. tsf: Univof NotreDame Alpha Mu Gamma Daily Brum EAP-Padua Judo Club Cinema Club URC Social Issues Conference MIYAMOTO, ROBERT Culver City Mathematics MOCK, SUSAN MOCK, VICKI ANN Van Nuys Los Angeles English English tsf: Lewisand Clark Col. Honors Program MOHRMAN.MARY Los Angeles English University Chorus Collegium Musicum MONAHAN, ALISON Manhattan Beach SSET tsf: UC Santa Barbara Delta Gamma MONTIZ.ERIKA MOOMAW, JANE MOON, RONALD MOONEY, PATRICIA Los Angeles Santa Ana Los Angeles Palos Verdes Estates Political Science Enghsti Physical Education English tsfSFV State Col tsf: Santa Ana JC tsf: LACC tsf: Long Beach CC Alptia Epsilon Phi Delta Delta Delta Scuba Club Vice Pres. Alpha Delta Pi Chimes Surfing Club Bruin Belles MORAN, PATRICK MOREHEAD, MORGENS. SADIE MORIHARA, BYRON Costa Mesa ANTOINETTE Redlands Long Beach Geograptly Leaksville. N.C. French History tsf Orange Coast JC Psychology Phi Delta Phi Varsity Crew Capt. Alpha Kappa Alpha UMAS Rowing Club Pres. MORONEY, CHERYL MORRIS, PATRICIA MORRISON, MORRISON, Los Angeles Temple City MARGARET RICHARD Physical Education Upland San Pedro tsf: UC Santa Barbara English Alpha Omicron Pi Pres- tsf: Univ. of Conn. Panhellenic Council Chi Omega Anchors MORROW, MICHAEL MOSS, ROBERT MOSSBERG.CARL MOULTON, Hollywood Johnstown, Pa. La Canada MARJORIE Psychology Psychology Chemistry Hillsborough Army ROTC Alpha Epsilon Pi Pres. tsf: Glendale Col. English Mountaineers Blue Key Alpha Phi Pres. Computer Club Varisty Yell Leader Alpha Lamda Delta Brum Christian Yoemen Fellowship Freshman Crew Crosscountry MULFORD,JEFFREY MUNK.JUDITH MURAKAMI, DIANE MURDOCK, NANCY Palo Alto Burbank Gardena San Pedro H istory History Anthropology Sociology tsf: SFV State Col. Theta Kappa Phi tsf: UC Santa Barbara Rieber Hall Sec. Rieber Hall Honorary MYERLY, LUCIE NASH, LARRY NATHANSON, PHILIP NEELY, WILLIAM Beirut, Lebanon Northridge Altadena Riverside French History Economics Sociology Alpha Mu Gamma Sigma Pi tsf: Pasadena CC tsf: UC Riverside Omicron Delta Epsilon Rieber Hall Floor Pres., Dean ' s List Treas Honors Program Rieber Hall Honorarium Rieber Hall, Treas, Res. Hall Visitation Comm. NELLIS, BRYAN NELLIS, MICHEL NELSON, BETTY NELSON, DAVID Ontario Ontario San Bernardino Granada Hills Psychology History English Political Science Intramural Sports tsf: use tsf: San Bernardino Theta Delta Chi Tutorial Proiect Valley Col. Hednck Hall House Advisor NELSON, JANET NELSON, JOSEPH NETTER, LINDA NEWMAN, LAURA Granada Hills Encino Los Angeles Beverly Hills German Political Science Anthropology Zoology tsf:Uniu.of Utah Mortar Board tsf: Univ. of Illinois Pi Sigma Alpha Prytaneans Phrateres, Hist. LDSSA Tean Opportunities World of Travel, Program E; ec. Comm. Alpha Lamda Delta Homecoming Parade Pi Gamma Mu Comm. 242 NIMMO, ALICE NISSEN. DONNA NORMAN, DONALD NOSKIN, MARSHA Los Angeles Los Angeles Los Angeles El Cajon History English Delta Phi Epsilon Alpha Epsilon Phi Daily Bruin Advertising Vice Pres. Horsebackriding Club Mardi Gras Exec. Comm, Sophorriore Sweethearts Phi Sigma Delta Sweetheart NOVICK. NATALIE NOZERO, VICTORIA NUSSBAUM, OBERTINO, San Pedro Anaheim RICHARD CONSTANCE Sociology History Psychology Kansas City Tutorial Project Washington Honors Program English Daily Bruin Internship Program Psi Chi tsf: Univ, of Missouri Alpha Comma Delta O ' CONNOR, OGDEN, GREGORY OKAZAKI, MAVIS OKUDA, NOBUKO GERALDINE Glendale Los Angeles Hawthorne Los Angeles Sociology History Physical Education History tsf;GlendaleJC Alpha Gamma Omega Pres, tsf: UC Santa Barbara Chi Alpha Delta OLEY.JARLATH OLMERT, CAROL OLSON, KAREN OLSON, KATHERINE Los Angeles San Francisco Los Angeles Encino History Pre- Social Welfare Psychology History tsf: UC Davis tsf: SMCC tsf: UC Santa Barbara Rally Comm Pi Beta Phi Intramural Program Hillel ORSWELL, KATHRYN Pasadena Sociology tsf: Pasadena CC Delta Gamma OWASHI, KATHLEEN PACKER, SUSAN San Diego SSET Theta Kappa Phi Nisei Brum Club Tutorial Project Los Angeles English Alpha Lambda Delta PALMQUIST, TERRY Orinda Political Science Kappa Alpha Theta Brumettes Brum Belles Little Sisters of Minerva PANG, HENRY PANICH,SHARILYN PAPER, RONNA PARK, JAMES Los Angeles Burbank Stockton Chino Zoology English Pre- Social Welfare Psychology tsf: LACC tsf: UC Berkeley tsf: Mt. San Antonio JC Epsilon Pi Delta Alpha Epsilon Phi Sigma Pi Nisei Bruin Club Sailing Club Dean ' s List Denim Dolls Publicity and Public Relations Social Dance Club PARK, SUSAN PARKER, MICHAEL PARKS, JAMES PARNAVELAS,JOHN Evanston, III. Los Angeles El Varano Veria, Greece History Physics tsf: Northwestern Univ. tsf: SMCC Southern Campus Copy Ed. International Week ' 67 Chmn. Kerckhoff Kommandos PARSONS, RODNEY PASCOE, DENNIS PASHALIDES, PAYNE, TERRI Fullerton Los Angeles JOANNE San Pedro Economics Psychology La Habra English Sigma Chi Navy ROTC History Dean ' s List Band, Financial Mgr. tsf: UC Santa Barbara Alpha Gamma Delta Tutorial Project 243 i . PEARLMAN, DANIEL PENA, JORGE PERKINS, LAWRENCE PERRIN, ISABELLA Los Angeles Havana, Cuba Redwood City Inglewood Psychology Psychology Economics Italian tsf: Nevada tsf: Col. of San Mateo tsf: Mt. St. Mary ' s Col Southern Univ. Theta Delta Chi Alpha Phi Cuban Club Pres. Chaos House Cultural Commissioner Honors Program PERRIN, KATHLEEN PESETSKI, PETTINGELL, PETTIT. ELLEN Northrldge LAWRENCE SONDRA Los Angeles Geography, English Los Angeles Los Angeles Alpha Omicron Pi History English Triangle tsf: Pasadena CC Intramural Football All-Stars Newman Club PFAFF, PAULA PHILIPS, GALE PHILLIPS, EVELYN PHILLIPS, KEITH Hawthorne Long Beach Los Angeles Van Nuys Mathematics Geography French Political Science Alpha Xi Delta Pres. Gamma Phi Beta Pres. Alpha Gamma Omega Mortar Board Mortar Board Vice Pres Little Sister Prytaneans AWS Woman Lambda Chi Alpha of the Month Crescent Alpha Lambda Delta Sabers Treas- Pres. Alpha Lambda Delta Prytaneans Vice Pres Bruinettes PHILLIPS, RICHARD PI NNELL, PAMELA POLITO, ROSEMARY POLIZZI.NICK Van Nuys Los Angeles Chicago, III. Gardena English Spanish Pre- Social Welfare Geography Delta Gamma tsf: Pasadena CC Sigma Pi Honors Program Horseback Riding Club Yeomen Prytaneans Sabers Circle K Pres. Mortar Board Brum Frosh Council Cal Club Young Republicans Homecoming Masonic Affiliate Club Publicity Comm Pre- Law Society PONDICK. JANET PONEDEU SUSAN POUDER, BRUCE PRELLE, KAREN Covma Los Angeles Newport Beach Glendale History Sociology History Geography tsf: Cal Poly State Col. Tutorial Project Ski Club PRENSKY, WILLIAM PRESCOTT, FRENCH PRESTON, ALVA PREUSS. EILEEN Mexico City Los Angeles Malibu Los Angeles Psychology History Psychology English tsf: Univ. of the Chi Omega Psi Chi Americas Honors Program National Science Foundation Fellow Brain Research Inst Fellow PROSSER. DORIS PUTERMAN. HANA QUINT. CAROLE RAGGHIANTI Burbank Ramat Gan. Israel Los Angeles San Rafael Speech Economics English tsf: Emerson Col. tsf: SFV State Col. Phi Sigma Sigma Hedrick Hall Spring Smg RAMEY, BEATRICE RAND. CAROLE RAND. MICHAEL RAY, BARBARA Los Angeles Granada Hills Studio City Baldwin Park Sociology English English English Delta Sigma Theta Delta Zeta tsf LA Valley JC Gamma Phi Beta Sabers Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sigma Pi Little Sister Young Republicans Flying Club Alpha Sigma Phi Little Sisters 244 RAZAVI.HOSSEIN READER, SANDRA Los Angeles Anthropology REDMOND, REGENA Spokane, Wash. Psychology tsf; Victor Valley Col. Alpha Kappa Alpha Treas. REHM,VICKI Los Angeles REICH, JACQUELINE REINHARD, ROBERT REINHARDT, Santa Ana Social Science RHODES, LINDA Long Beach French EAR- Bordeaux Dykstra Hall Social Chmn. La Canada Psychology, Mathematics Brum Veterans Christian Science Org. Circle K Masonic Affiliate Club Pledge Class Pres. RICHARDSON, BETTY LOU Pacific Palisades Political Science MARGARET Arcadia Anthropology Westwood House. Hednck Hall RICHARDSON, CHARLES Philosophy tsf Compton JC Pre- Law Society REYNOLDS, MARILYN Downey Physical Education Alpha Chi Omega Brumettes Brum Belles RICHMAN.MAXINE Los Angeles Economics RIDER, HANS RILE Y. LEONARD RITCHIE, CHERIE RITZ, MICHAEL San Diego Bradley Beach. N.J. Los Angeles Los Angeles Psychology Mathematics NROTC Wesley Found. Pres. Hedrick Hall Judicial Board Admin. Inter- Residence Hall Judicial Board RIVARD, PATRICIA ROBBINS.JOSEPH ROBERTS.VIRGIL RODRIGUEZ, Santa Ana Coronado Ventura VICTORIA English English Political Science Canoga Park Alpha Omicron Pi tsf;NMMI tsf: Ventura Col. SSET Retarded Children ' s Sigma Nu Pi Sigma Alpha Tutorial Proiect NROTC Women ' s Week Art Comm. ROOKE, JAMES ROSATI, MARIO ROSE, LORRAINE ROSEN, STEVEN Tustin Walnut Creek West Covina Los Angeles Physics History SSET Pre- Physical Therapy Regents Scholar Chi Omega Varsity Fencing Sigma Pi Sigma Sec. Tutorial Proiect Honors Program ROSENBERG, SOPHIE Los Angeles French ROSENBLATT, SALLY ROSENBLOOM. ALMA ROSENFELD, Los Angeles Biological Illustration Delta Phi Epsilon, Pres Los Angeles History tsf: UC Santa Barbara Daily Brum Young Democrats University Orchestra LAWRENCE Los Angeles English tsf UC Santa Barbara ROSENTHAL. ALLAN ROSENTHAL, MIRIAM ROSENTSWEIG, ROSMAN, DALIA H Van Nuys Huntington Park STEVEN Los Angeles H Political Science Political Science Los Angeles Anthropology J Phi Sigma Alpha Mathematics tsf: LACC ■Pf ! Yeomen Alpha Mu Gamma I V Jif Debating Squad r V;; Sailing Club ki 245 ROSS. ANDREA Los Angeles Political Science Sigma Delta Tau ROSS, RICHARD Sherman Oaks History Pi Lambda Phi, Pres. Yeomen, Vice Pres. IFC ROSVALL, WALLACE Los Angeles History ROTHMAN. MARCIE Woodland Hills Political Science ROTH, STEPHANA Redlands English Gamma Phi Beta Mortar Board UniCamp Board Daily Brum News, Campus Editor Graduated Cum Laude RUTLEDGE, SHEILA RYAN, JOHN Los Angeles San Mateo Geography Political Science Alpha Xi Delta Phrateres Rally Committee Senior Rally Committee ROTH, SHEILA Livingston, N.J. Latin American Studies Alpha Mu Gamma Spanish Club Latin Am. Studies Club ROWE, REBECCA RUSSELL, JANE Covina Shandon SSET English tsf: Mt. San Antonio Col. Ski Club Newman Club Spring Sing Comm. Homecoming Comm. Sproul Hall Floor Controller SALKIN,LYNN Los Angeles French Pi Delta Phi Alpha Mu Gamma SALVA, CAROL Fair Oaks Political Science tsf: Chapman Col. Ski Club Sailing Club SACHAU.KURT Hermosa Beach History Phi Kappa Psi Varsity Wrestling Kelps SALZMAN, KENNETH Van Nuys Psychology tsf: SFVSC Theta Delta Chi Alpha Phi Omega, Brum Bear ' 56, ' 67 SACKS, TESSA Fullerton History tsf: Cal State Fullerton Alpha Epsilon Phi Tutorial Project Mardi Gras SANDELL.JOEL Los Angeles Economics SANDS, N.RICHARD SANFORD, CLARICE SASAKI, YOUJI SATCADELE Glendale Los Angeles Yochiho, Japan Cerritos History History Sociology History Acacia Alpha Kappa Alpha tsf: Keio Univ., Japan tsf: Cerritos Col. Alpha Mu Gamma Graduated ' 67 Young Republicans LDS Student Assoc. SAUNDERS, SUSAN Palo Alto Sociology tsf: UC Santa Barbara Sailing Club SAWYER, CANDIDA Encino Anthropology tsf: UC Santa Barbara SAXE, SUSAN Sherman Oaks Psychology Psi Chi SAYLOR, BRUCE Lancaster Zoology SCHARF, MARTIN North Hollywood SCHECTER, HOWARD Los Angeles SCHER.LES Palo Alto SCHIFF, IRENE Beverly Hills Slavic Languages Alpha Mu Gamma Student Cultural Comm, Chrmn of Concerts Mardi Gras Comm, Chrmn of Campus Decorations SCHLOSSBERG, KENNETH Canoga Park Philosophy SCHNEIDER. TIMOTHY Whittier Political Science tsf Portland St Col Kappa Sigma SCHETTLER,LEANNE Escondido History tsf Palomar JC Alpha Chi Omega Chimes Tutorial Project SCHON. JANET Burlmgame English Chi Omega 246 SCHREIBMAN, SCHREIBMAN, MYRL SCHROTE,AVA SCHULMAN, GEORGE LAURA Los Angeles Los Angeles Beverly Hills Political Science Psychology Rally Comm. Sigma Delta Tau Mardi Gras Comm. Alpha Lambda Delta PsiChi Univ. Honors Program Psych Honors Program SCHWAB, MARVIN SCHWARTZ, SCHWARTZ, JOAN SCHWARTZ, LLOYD Alhambra BERNARD New York, NT. Palms Zoology Los Angeles Sociology LIFE Psychology SCHWIMMER, SCOTT, ROBERT SCOTT, SHERYL SCOVILLE, CAROL MARTIN Ontario Oakland Torrance Los Angeles Economics Spanish English Psychology tsf: Chaffey Col. Alpha Kappa Alpha tsf: UC Santa Barbara Himalaya House Angel Flight IP ' - ' I i 4 SCULLY, MARY ANN SEARS, RICHARD SEDLER, ROSS SEIDL, GERARD Burbank San Mateo Milwaukee, Wis. Los Angeles Sociology History Botany Political Science Alpha Epsilon Pi Sigma Alpha Mu Theta Delta Chi Intramural Football, Blue Key Sierra Greek Week Chmn. ' 68 Distinguished Military Student SELLERS, PAMELA SENG, BARBARA SERENY, JOSEPH SHAFER, SUZANNE Sunland Altadena Haifa, Israel North Hollywood Political Science English Chemistry Physical Education Daily Bruin Kappa Delta Alpha Chi Sigma Dean ' s List UniCamp Anchors ISO Bruin Christian Prytaneans Mardi Gras Comm. Honors Program Fellowship Panhellenic Mardi Gras Chmn. Women ' s Intramural Track and Field Championship Team SHAND, CANDACE SHANEDLING,JOAN SHANKS, MARTHA SHANTON, STACEY La Habra Beverly Hills Northridge Avalon Political Science Political Science English English Alpha Phi Sigma Delta Tau Angel Flight Vice Pres., Sec. Shell and Oar Spring Sing ' 67 Mardi Gras Comm, Dean ' s List Homecoming Comm. Spring Sing Ejiec. Bd. Theta Delta Chi Little Sister Pi Sigma Alpha SHAPIRO, SHAPIRO, NORMA SHATUN, BONNIE SHAW, MARY GRETCHEN North Hollywood Los Angeles Arcadia Madison, Wis. English English Philosophy Anchors tsf; Univ. of Wisconsin Delta Phi Upsilon SHEKOYAN,MARY SHIBATA,GENE SHINKAI.JOAN SHOJLKENT Fresno Indio Los Angeles Sepulveda English Mathematics English Zoology Sigma Pi Dykstra Award Yeomen Frosh Senate Soph Senate Homecoming Comm. 247 SHULMAN. DEEDEE SIGAFOOS, JAMES SIGLER, DIANNE SILVER, HELENE Fresno Los Angeles Sherman Oaks Piedmont Psychology History tsf:SMCC Theta Xi NROTC English SIMMONS, SCOTT Hollywood Structural Engineering ESUC Hedrick Hall, Bowery House Pres., Social Comm. Dorm All-Star Football Team SINGER, MICHAEL Los Angeles Psychology SKOLICH,DAVE Compton Mathematics tsf: Compton Col. SMITH, CAROLINE Berkeley Anthropology tsf; UC Santa Barbara Alpha Delta Pi, UCSB EAP-Lund, Sweden California Republican League Chimes Angel Flight SMITH, PAULA El Centre Spanish tsf: Imperial Valley JC SIMON, THERESE Larkspur Political Science tsf: UC Berkeley SINGERMAN,CARL Los Angeles Zoology Gifted Students Program Honors Program Dean ' s List Scuba Club SKOLNICK, GEORGETTE Los Angeles Physical Education Dean ' s Honor List Phys. Ed.Jr. Rep. Rally Comm. SMITH, DAVID Sun Valley Physics Himalaya House Sigma Pi Sigma, Treas. SMITH, THOMAS Ventura Political Science Phi Kappa Psi Kelps Varsity Rugby Frosh Swimming SOMERVILLE, SUSAN SONNTAG, ALBERT Arcadia English tsf: Pasadena CC, UC Santa Barbara Northridge History Honors Program SPECTOR, LOIS Los Angeles English SPELLMAN, JUDITH Woodland Hills English SIMONIAN, MARGARET Physical Education SIVERSON, PAM Belmont SLOAN, GARY Los Angeles SMITH, DONALD Reseda Chemistry Alpha Chi Sigma SNELL, DIANE Glendale History tsf: UC Santa Barbara Delta Gamma Brum Belles SOUTHWORTH, PAMELA San Leandro Political Science tsf: Cal State Hayward Masonic Affiliate Club Christian Science Org SPEZIALE, ROBERT Los Angeles Political Science Varsity Crew Varsity Fencing Chi Delta Pi SIMONIS,JONE Santa Barbara SKAGGS, KENNETH Scotia Economics Alpha Kappa Psi Pres. Sports Car Club Vice Pres. Dykstra Hall Pres., Summer Sessions SMITH, BARBARA Los Angeles SSET SMITH, MICHAEL Oklahoma City, Okla. Music A Capella Choir University Chorus Spring Chorale ' 67 SOBEL, JEFFREY Beverly Hills English Phi Eta Sigma Tutorial Project Honors Program Chi Delta Pi SPATZ, ELIZABETH Los Angeles Psychology tsf: UC Santa Barbara Alpha Chi Omega Los Angeles Psychology tsf: UC Santa Barbara Alpha Chi Omega Homecoming Exec Comm. ' 67 SPONENBERG, SUSAN Norman, Okla. French Pi Beta Phi EAP- Bordeaux 248 STAFFORD, CHARLES STAHL, JERRY STAHL, VIRGINIA STANDIFER, Long Beach Phoenix. Ariz. West Los Angeles PATRICIA Political Science Mathematics Political Science Los Angeles Pre-Legal Society Alpha Delta Pi Sociology Dykstra Hall Assembly Brum Belles Sierra House Vice Pres., Spring Sing Chrmn. Judicial Board Member Finance Comm. Intramural Sports Homecoming Exec. Comm. Spring Sing Exec. Comm, VIP Chrmn. STANDRIDGE, LINDA STARKWEATHER, STEIMAN, AUDREY STEIN, JANE Monterey Park CYNTHIA North Hollywood Williston Park, NY, Individual Field of Atherton English Psychology Concentration History tsf: NY State Col. at tsf: Cal State at LA Chi Omega New Paltz L S Honors Program Women ' s Week Alpha Mu Gamma Chimes UniCamp Drive Spring Sing Mortar Board Mardi Gras Pre-Legal Society, Homecoming Comm. Founder Senior Class, Pres. STEIN, RICHARD STEINBERG, STEINMAN, PATRICIA STENEN, DIANA Los Angeles ROBERTA Santa Barbara Brea Psychology North Hollywood Spanish Psychology Mardi Gras Publicity Social Sciences tsf: Brigham Young Delta Gamma Tutorial Project Univ. Brum Belles, Vice Pres Chimes Kappa Delta Mortar Board Anchors Dean ' s List AWS Social Comm. Alpha Lambda Delta Alpha Mu Gamma Prytaneans Brum Young Chimes Republicans Spurs STEVENS, KAREN STEWART, GORDON STEWART, SUSAN STOCKTON, Glendora La Ha bra Santa Ana RICHARD Chemistry Psychology Mathematics Hollywood Alpha Tau Omega History tsf: LACC Naval ROTC Conning Tower STONE, TONI STRAMPE, LINDA STRIBLEY, STROMBERG, NevK York City, NY Arcadia ADRIENNE MARGARET Psychology English Lindsay Balboa tsf: NevK York Univ, Kappa Kappa Gamma Sociology History Delta Phi Epsilon tsf: Col.oftheSequoias tsf: UC Santa Barbara PsiChi Alpha Delta Chi, Alpha Delta Pi-UCSB Honors Program Vice Pres Tutorial Project Hershey Hall, Judicial Tutorial Project Bd, Administrator, Sports Car Club Activities Chrmn. Tutorial Project STUART, GAIL STUART, SUSAN STUEBER.RENEE STUMP, PHILLIP Torrance Whittier Westchester San Diego English English Anthropology History Tutorial Project tsf: Cal St, Fullerton Chi Omega tsf: LA Valley Col. Chi Omega Varsity Song Girl Brum Belles One of Ten Best Dressed Coeds Homecoming Queen Finalist A Capella Choir SUBURU, DANIEL SUED, AARON SUFFIN, STEPHEN SURFAS, BARBARA Bakersfield New York City, NY Long Beach Los Angeles Geography History Zoology Sociology Campus Crusade tsf: Kingsborough For Christ Community Col. SWALLOW, LANNY Manhattan Beach Mathematics SWEET, ELAINE Los Angeles Psychology Psi Chi Rally Comm. SWITZER, MAIDA Sylmar SSET Chi Omega AWS Fashion Board Head Song Girl, ' 66, ' 67 Sigma Alpha Epsilon Little Sister SYMONDS,GARY Washington, DC. Political Science 249 TAKAKI, CAROLE TANAKA.ORIAN TANAKA.TOSHIYUKI TANG, SALLIE Gardena Harbor City Torrance Los Angeles English Political Science Chemistry Bacteriology tsf; BakersfieldJC tsf: Univ. of San Francisco AROTC 1 : TANIGUCHI, TANNEY, MAXINE TARICA, SAMUEL TARSEY, LISA DOROTHY Los Angeles Los Angeles Beverly Hills Thermal Anthropology Zoology English Biological Illustration UniCamp Board Life, Vice Pres. Chi Delta Pi, Pres. UniCamp Bruinettes Monte Carlo Queen Project Discovery Finalist Sigma Alpha Mu Little Sisters, Pres. Representative to ASUCLA Speakers Bureau TAVETIAN, ROBERT TENNESEN, THOMAS THACKARA, WILLIAM THAYER, MARY Los Angeles Los Angeles La Canada Ventura English English Economics Sociology tsf: Fullerton JC Phi Gamma Delta, Pres. tsf: Ventura Col. Marching and Kelps Sproul Hall Residents ' Concert Bands Assn. THOMAS, MACK TIBBETTS, MARK TRANDEM,TONNI TREIMAN, DAVID Costa Mesa Stamford, Conn. Covina Los Angeles International Relations Economics Sociology International Relations Lambda Chi Alpha tsf: UC Riverside Model United Nations, Arnold Air Society Pres. Pi Sigma Alpha Pi Gamma Mu Phi Eta Sigma Sailing Club TROEGER, GARY TROUT, PATRICIA TURCIOS, LUIS TURNER, PAMELA Los Angeles Bakersfield San Salvador, Inglewood Physics Spanish El Salvador Psychology Sigma Pi Sigma Kappa Delta Political Science Psi Chi Ski Club Tutorial Project tsf: Univ. of El Salvador Mardi Gras Comm. Varsity Soccer Spanish Center Judo Club Photo Club UCHIDA,JOAN UCUZOGLU, FRAN UHRIK, GEOFFREY UJIIE,TSUNEO Los Angeles Inglewood Los Angeles Paia, Maui, Hawaii Physical Science- History Zoology History Mathematics Sigma Delta Tau Rieber Hall, 7th Floor Theta Kappa Phi Soph. Sweethearts NevKman Club Bruinettes Dean ' s List LIFE Nisei Brum Club Alpha Tau Omega Little Sister UniPrep Counselor Boat and Ski Club UNELL, ELLEN UNO.TORU URNER, MARLENE VANDEGRIFT, Los Angeles Japan Fall brook ROGER English International Relations History Pacific Palisades Homecoming Exec. tsf: Univ. of Minnesota Alpha Omicron Pi Mathematics Comm, Sec. Shell and Oar Kappa Sigma Spring Sing Exec. Elections Board Comm., Sec. Mardi Gras, Secretary ' s International Week Comm Exec. Comm., Sec. VANDERBURG, VANDEWATER.ANNE VAN SCOYK, VANSICKLE,JOSEPH JANET Los Angeles JONATHAN Downey La Mirada tsf: Univ. of Wash. Los Angeles Public Service Social Science (SSET) Mortar Board History- Pre- Dental tsf: Cal St. Long Beach Alpha Lambda Delta Phi Delta Theta Sigma Alpha Epsilon Delta Phi Upsilon Varsity Swim Team IFC, Publicity Rep. Freshman Water Polo Mardi Gras Exec Team Comm. 250 VANHAERLEM, VEDDER, HELEN VICTOR, LISA VITRY, GEORGES PATRICIA Sacramento Buffalo, NY Paris, France Sepulveda Sociology English Political Science Spanish tsf: UC Davis Freshman Class Pres. tsf:GlendaleCC Spurs Anchors ASUCLA 1st Vice Pres Social Science Chimes Prytaneans Honorary Society Mortar Board Project India Prytaneans Bruin Belles EAP-Spain VOLL, CHRISTINA VOLL, JOHN WAECHTER, MIKE WALCH, BLANCHE Orinda Coalinga Beverly Hills New Yorl , N.Y, English Psychology Alpha Kappa Psi Pres, Psychology Kappa Alpha Theta tsf: UC Santa Barbara Southern Campus Varsity Football at Queen UCSB Brum Belles Fashion Board Prytaneans WALKER, WALTERS, WARD, KATHLEEN WARDEN, LINDA SUSAN LOUISE JACQUELINE French Los Angeles Mission Hills tsf: Bal ersfield Col. Political Science History tsf:SMCC.VassarCol, Pi Beta Phi Vice Pres. Pi Sigma Alpha Alpha Tau Omega Pi Gamma Mu Little Sister WARDLE, CAROLYN WARE, SONDRA Los Angeles Los Angeles Sociology Psychology tsf: UC Santa Barbara tsf: UC Berkeley WASSERMAN, LYNNE Los Angeles English WATANABE, SHIGERU Hawthorne History Army ROTC Omega Sigma Tau WAX, JOYCE WEAVER, DONN WEBB,JEANETTE WEBB,MOONYEEN Los Angeles Cocoa Beach, Fla. Los Angeles San Bruno French Political Science Oriental Languages Speech Alpha Mu Gamma Dykstra Hall tsf: Int. Christian Univ tsf: UC Santa Barbara UniCamp House Advisor Kappa Alpha Theta Delta Sigma Rho Tutorial Project Mortar Board Sec Tau Kappa Alpha UniPrep Counselor Elections Bd Chmn. Dean ' s List Project India Speakers ' Bureau, Women ' s Week Comm Forensic Squad UCSB Chmn. Books for India Drive WEBB, RUSSELL WEEKS, RICHARD WEEKS, SUSAN WEIGEL, WILLIAM Yorba Linda Van Nuys Santa Monica Altadena Chemistry Zoology Physical Education Physical Education Phi Kappa Psi Pres., tsf: Pierce JC Varsity Swimming Phi Kappa Psi Vice Pres., Sec. Varsity Track Dorm Vice Pres. Frosh Basketball IFC Vice Pres., Cross Country Frosh Baseball Judicial Rep. Mardi Gras Blue Key, Kelps All American Swimming, Water Polo WEINER, STEPHEN WEINGART, ISAAC WEINSTEIN, ROBIN WEINSTEIN, STAN Los Angeles Los Angeles Pasadena Los Angeles English Political Science English Mathematics Zeta Beta Tau Honors Program Tutorial Project tsf: LACC Student Advisory Bd Graduated ComLaude Tutor, Vista Del Mar Spring Drive Phi Eta Sigma UniPrep Counselor Homecoming Pi Sigma Alpha Phrateres Spring Exec. Comm. Colloquium Mardi Gras E ec Comm WEINTRAUB,CARL WEISS, BRIAN WEISS, NIKI WEISS, SHERYL Los Angeles Northridge Los Angeles Monrovia English Anthropology Political Science History Alpha Tau Omega Daily Bruin Tutorial Project IFC, Judicial Rep. Editor-in-Chief Blue Key Sigma Delta Chi Kelps Pres. Order of the Rugby Golden Brum WEITZMAN. FARRYL Los Angeles History WELCH, DENNIS Los Angeles WELSH, BARBARA Long Beach Social Science Delta Gamma Brum Belles, Rec. Sec. AWS Fashion Board Prytaneans Blue Key Queen Homecoming Queen Finalist Spurs WEXLER, MARK Los Angeles Political Science f " I Gamma Delta •■ - PS WELLES, PATRICIA Pasadena Bacteriology tsf: Pasadena CC Alpha Delta Chi Bruin Christian Fellowship WESSEL, ELISABETH WEST, ROGER WELLMERLING, LYNN Los Angeles Oslo, Norway Psychology North Hollywood Political Science Delta Tau Delta WETZEL, JANET Los Angeles WHEADON, DONALD Los Angeles English Beta Theta Pi WHITAKER, LINDA Sherman Oaks English Delta Gamma WHITE, BETTY New Orleans, La. SSET tsf: Compton JC WHITE, MARY Los Angeles Spanish Tutorial Project Boat and Ski Club WHITE, STEPHEN La Verne Psychology WIDMANN, GLORIA Los Angeles English WILKS, SANDRA Los Angeles Biological Illustration Phrateres Pres.. Treas. Weyburn Hall Floor Vice Pres. WHITE, TERESA Los Angeles Political Science tsf; Occidental Col. Hedrick Hall House Advisor WILLENS, SUSAN Culver City Psychology Sigma Delta Tau Tutorial Project WHITING, DONALD Los Angeles Political Science WILLIAMS, CHARLOTTE Los Angeles WILLIAMS, URITH WINER, JACQUELINE WINSTON, RICHARD WINTER, KATHLEEN Winnipeg. Canada Los Angeles Los Angeles San Jose English Political Science Psychology Speech tsfUnivofWash, Phi Sigma Sigma Pres. Phi Sigma Delta Delta Delta Delta Mardi Gras Brumettes Pres. Exec, Comm. Sophomore Theta Xi Little Sister Sweethearts Pres. Sophomore Mardi Gras Princess Sweetheart Sigma Alpha Epsilon Panhellenic Advisor Little Sisters, Pres. WINTERS, CAROL WISWELL, ROBERT WHITAKER, JO ANN WITKIN, JANET Santa Ana Long Beach La Jolla Encino English History Psychology English Delta Delta Delta Beta Theta Pi Alpha Chi Omega Brumettes Brum Belles Varsity Baseball Spurs Spurs Prytaneans PsiChi Honors Program Spurs Pi Gamma Mu AWS Fashion Board Ski Club WITLIN, BARBARA WOLF, JEFFREY WOLFE, JAMES WOLIN, BARRY Beverly Hills Northridge Los Angeles Los Angeles Psychology Zoology Zoology Political Science Phi Sigma Delta Phi Eta Sigma Zeta Beta Tau Alpha Mu Gamma Little Sister Tutorial Project Bru-Vets Tutorial Project Dorm Food Service PsiChi Comm. Honors Program Academic Senate Library Comm. Student Rep GSA Library Comm. Rep. 252 WOLSTAN, BARRY WONG, ANNETTE WONG. FLOSSIE WONG, KAY Los Angeles Los Angeles Hong Kong Hong Kong Economics Psychology Bacteriology Bacteriology Phi Sigma Delta tsf: LACC Regents Scholar tsf: La Sierra Col. People- to People Theta Kappa Phi Epsilon Pi Delta Student Abroad Alpha Gamma Omega Program Little Sisters. Vice Pres. Nisei Bruin Club WONG.KWOK WOO.PRISCILLA WOOD. DAVID WOOD, PATRICIA Hong Kong Los Angeles Los Angeles Los Gatos Chemistry Pre- Social Welfare Political Science Bacteriology tsfWm, Carry Col, Tutorial Project tsf: LA Harbor Col, Chinese Club Pre- Law Society Pres, California Republican League Young Republicans WOODSON, CLAIRE WORTRICH.KATHE WORTRICH, WRIGHT, STEPHEN Pacific Palisades Los Angeles THEODORE Moberly, Mo. Political Science Physical Education Los Angeles History Kappa Alpha Theta tsf: FulltertonJC Physical Education Prytaneans Tutorial Project tsf: Claremont Washington Rally Comm. Men ' s Col, Internship Program Volleyball Intramurals Scuba Club UniCamp Board Badminton Intramurals Intramural Football Skiing, Golf WYMAN, DONALD YALE. LAUREE YANAGA, SUSAN YANAGIHARA, IRENE Los Angeles Los Angeles Los Angeles Carpinteria History Political Science History Oriental Languages CalClub Tutorial Project Theta Kapp Phi EAP- Tokyo Student Cultural Pledge Captain Comm Chmn. Nisei Brum Club Alpha Mu Gamma Vice Pres., Corr, Sec, Board of Governors Model United Nations YANCEY, VICKI YASSIM, BEVERLY YOUNG, HARRY YUGE. AKEMI Bakersfield Los Angeles Downey Altedena Economics Sociology Psychology Bacteriology tsf: UC Santa Barbara PsiChi Alpha Sigma Phi tsf: Pasadena CC World of Travel Circle K International Week Dean ' s List Tutorial Project Homecoming AWS Social Comm Entertainment Sailing Club ZARATE, DEBORAH ZATLIN, KENNETH ZECCHINI, THOMAS ZELITZKI, TALMA Inglewood Elmont. N.Y- Los Angeles Tel-Aviv. Israel Spanish Mathematics History Mathematics Alpha Xi Delta Alpha Phi Omega Honors List Sabers Pres. Army ROTC Prytaneans Spring Sing Shell and Oar Exec. Comm, Honors Program Women ' s Rifle Team ZESCH, LINDA ZIMAN, BYRON ZIMRING, STUART ZISKIND, KAREN Mission Viejo Los Angeles Studio City Los Angeles Geography Psychology History English Christian Science Org tsf: UC Berkeley Phi Epsilon Pi tsf: UC Santa Barbara UniCamp Counselor Men ' s Glee Club ZISKIND, TRUDI Los Angeles English Alpha Lamda Delta Bruin Mountaineers GIBSON, ROBERT JR. Beverly Hills Political Science tsf: SFVSC Young Republicans Young Democrats Young Americans for Freedom Great Books Scholarship Award 253 254 College of Engineering UCLA College of Engineering is revamping its whole curriculum to meet the urgent needs of both the present and future. Pure scientists discover what already is, but the engineer today makes use of what never was before, whether is is teflon, Saturn V, or the amplified cacaphony of the Jefferson Airplane. One project currently under investigation in the Biotechnology Department (human factors), in conjunction with the Physical Education Department is broaching the new frontier of man in an underwater environment. Little is known of man ' s capabilities relating to task execution and problem solving abilities of man underwater. Some preliminary results have shown that in general man takes longer to work problems under water (compared to a dry land simulation) and suffers a vision impairment similar to night blindness, but during daylight under water. 265 Seniors, College of Engineering ALLEN. WILLIAM APPEL, ALBERT ARAVANIS, BARKER, ROBERT Hollywood Inglewood THEOPHANIS Cypress Engineering Engineering Lefkas, Greece Electrical Engineering Alpha Tau Omega IEEE Engineering Surfing Club Tau Beta Pi ESUC tsf: UC Berkeley Karate Club Kelps Varsity Soccer Weight Lifting Club Blue Key Los Angeles Apollo Skin and Scuba Club Graduated Soccer Team Computer Club Magna Cum Laude BECHDOLT, PHILIP BEGUWALA, MOIZ BELL, JOHN BENNETT, JAMES Hawthorne Bombay. India Los Angeles Arcadia Engineering Engineering Civil Engineering Ocean Engineering Theta Chi tsf: St. Xavier ' s Col. tsf: Pasadena CC Intramural Council Tau Beta Pi Triangle Fraternity ESUC House Manager ESUC Sailing Club BIENSTOCK, BORRUD. ROBERT BROWN, WAYNE CARLSON, RICHARD BERNARD Northridge South Gate Pasadena Los Angeles Engineering Mechanical- Structural Engineering Engineering Engineering tsf: Pasadena CC Tau Beta Pi Dykstra Hall American Society of Kappa Kappa Psi American Society of Mechanical Engineers Marching Band Mechanical Engineers Computer Club Varsity Band UniCamp CARNAHAN. CASTLE. DONALD CHANSLER, CHIN. ROBERT DOUGLAS Lakewood ROBERT II Kingston, Jamaica Canoga Park Management Inglewood Chemical Engineering Engineering Engineering Engineering ESUC Sigma Nu Varsity Rugby Frosh Football Kelps Theta Chi CONKEY, GEORGE COZENS.JEFFREY DIXON, DAVID DOTY, WILLIAM Los Angeles Long Beach Santa Paula Los Angeles Engineering Managerial NucI, Engineering Engineering Phi Kappa Psi Engineering tsf; Ventura Col. UniCamp Blue Key Tau Delta Phi LIFE Tau Beta Pi American NucI. Society Spring Sing Varsity Volleyball Tutorial Project Homecoming FLOURNOY, SCOTT FOX. ROBERT GANAJA, LUIS GARON, ROBERT Visalia Anaheim Lima, Peru Los Angeles Engineering Engineering Engineering Materials Engineering tsf: Col. of theSequoias tsf: Cal St. Long Beacl- 1 tsf: East LA Col Theta Chi ThetaXi AIAA Varsity Soccer Frosh Crew Tau Beta Pi American Society of ESUC Mardi Gras Mechanical Engineers Christian Science Org. Intramurals GILDER.JOHN GLADMAN, DENNIS GONZALEZ, JOSE GOOD, ROBERT Westchester Tustin McAllen, Texas La Canada Electrical Engineering Electronics Engineering Engineering Engineering Zeta Psi Sigma Nu Vice Pres. tsf: East LA Col. tsf: Pasadena CC Tau Beta Pi ESUC ESUC Phi Kappa Psi Phi Eta Sigma URA Sailboat Racing Team HAMAGUCHI.TONY HARDMAN, RICHARD HARRISON, JAMES HAYS, JOHN Brea Long Beach Redondo Beach Hawthorne Mech Engineering Engineering Engineering Mech Engineering tsf: Fullerton St. Col. tsf: Long Beach CC Mountaineering Club tsf: El CaminoJC Tau Beta Pi INTAC Photographer intramurals 2 56 HIETBRINK, JAMES HUMPHREY, JOHN IWATA, JENSEN, EDWARD North Hollywood Los Angeles CHRISTOPHER Avon, Conn. Systems Engineering Structural Engineering Los Angeles Electrical Engineering Sigma Nu Alpha Gamma Omega Electronics tsf: LA Valley Col. Finance Comm, Chmn. Alpha Phi Omega ESUC Academic Senate Rep. Dykstra Hall, Tau Beta Pi Sierra House F res. Blue Key ESUC Computer Club JOHNSEN.LEE JOHNSON, ROGER KAHANE, ROBERT KAMEGAWA, Santa Monica Los Angeles Los Angeles MICHAEL Engineering Electrical Engineering Electrical Engineering Los Angeles Lambda Chi Alpha tsf: LACC tsf: LACC NE.EE ESUC ESUC IEEE Computer Club IEEE AIAA Tau Beta Pi KANE, JACK KWAN. ANDREW LEVANTINE, MARTINEZ, TED Los Angeles Hollywood MICHAEL Los Angeles Electronics Engineering Tarzana Engineering Engineering tsf; LACC Electrical Engineering tsf: East LA Col. Tau Beta Pi Band ESUC ESUC Regents Scholar ESUC Bowery American Society of Phi Eta Sigma IEEE Recipient Engineering Civil Engineers IEEE Faculty-Friends Prize ESUC MAY. DEAN MC CARTER. MEILICH, ABRAHAM MICHELSON.GAVUS Torrance CARTHAL Los Angeles Santa Barbara Engineering Inglewood Engineering Engineering tsf;EICaminoJC Industrial Engineering ESUC Theta Delta Chi Triangle Fraternity Delta Tau Delta ASM E Student Scuba Club Scuba Diving Chapter Pres. ASM E Sec. Surfing Hedrick Hall AIAA ESUC MOSLEY. CHARLES MUNSON, LESLIE MURPHY, DENNIS NAKAMURA, ROY Columbus, Ohio Fullerton, Alaska Sherman Oaks Thermal Electrical Engineering Engineering Industrial Engineering Engineering tsf: LACC Delta Sigma Phi Phi Kappa Sigma tsf: Col. of the Desert ESUC Blue Key Football ESUC Computer Club Monte Carlo Nite Rugby SHRA Exec. Comm. ESUC Blue Key NELSON, DAVID NICHOLS. AWN ONO, DEAN PALANGO, TOIVO Canoga Park Anaheim Los Angeles Los Angeles Aeronautical Chemical Engineering Electrical Engineering Engineering Engineering Sigma Pi tsf: SMCC Theta Delta Chi House Manager ESUC ASME ESUC ESUC Crew PATTERSON, ROBERT PEREIRA,ODIR PODOLOFF, SARAH PRILL, FRED Huntington Beach Sao Paulo, Brazil San Diego Los Angeles Engineering Science Engineering Engineering Mechanical Regent Scholar tsf: SMCC Engineering Tau Beta Pi SMCC Man of ASME Phi Eta Sigma Distinction ' 64 Rotary Scholarship Kiwanis Scholarship Alcoa Foundation Scholarship OUAN,GARY RAYE, RONALD REITAN, EDWIN RICKMAN, DENNIS Los Angeles Redondo Beach Omaha, Neb. Detroit, Mich. Structural Engineering Electrical Engineering Computer Sciences Industrial Engineering ESUC tsf;EICaminoCol. Triangle Vice Pres. Delta Tau Delta ASCE Lamda Chi Alpha ESUC Football Water Ski Club Treas. ASIE 257 RUSSELL, MICHAEL SAAME,JAAK SANDERS, EDWIN SCHROEDER,CARL Reseda Burbank Los Angeles Fullerton Engineering Engineering Electrical Engineering Mech. Engineering ESUC tsf: LA Valley Col. tsf: LACC ASME President Tau Beta Pi Tau Beta Pi ESUC President ASME IEEE ESUC Computer Club SCHUSTER, SAMUEL SERVICE, GREGG SEYLLER, DAVID SHERMAN. JAMES Guadalajara, Mexico Chem. Engineering Van Nuys Glendale Electronics Engr, Engineering Civil Engineering Kappa Kappa Psi Sigma Chi AUSA UCLA Band ESUC American Instituteof Aeronautics and Astronautics Instituteof Electrical and Electronics Engrs. SMITH, BLANCHE STEIN, GENE SUGAR, RONALD SUPNIK, PAUL Burley, Idaho Los Angeles Miami, Florida San Diego Engineering Information Systems Electrical Engineering Engineering tsf: Utah St. Univ. Engineering tsf: Phoenix Col. tsf: San Diego State Pres., Godwin-Austin Tau Beta Pi, Delta Sigma Phi, Sec. House Phi Theta Kappa lEEEChmn, Tau Beta Pi, Vice Pres. ESUC ESUC Computer Club Instituteof Elect ical Monte Carlo Nite Pub. ESUC and Electronics Engrs. Chmn. TAM, MATTHIAS TANJI.SHIGEO TORRES, TITO TRAPP, LARRY EE Los An gel ess San Francisco San Bernardino Epsilon Pi Delta Electrical Engineering Structural Engineering Engineering Phi Eta Sigma tsf: San Franciso State tsf: San Bernardino Nisei Brum Club Col. Valley Col. Engineering Dept. Beta Theta Pi ESUC Scholar ESUC Weyburn Hall, President Scholar Student Counselor Sigma Pi Sigma VAN SAUN, DAVID VERKOZEN. THOMAS WONG, PHILIP WOODWARD, COLLIS Long Beach San Francisco Kingston, Jamaica Altadena Civil Engineering Management Engr. Electrical Engineering Engineering Sigma Pi Alpha Tau Omega tsf: LACC tsf: Pasadena CC ESUC Tau Beta Pi Sigma Tau Sigma Sigma Chi IFC Judicial Rep. Academic Senate International Students Cricket Team Outstanding Scholar, Alpha Tau Omega Phi Beta Kappa Club YOSHOIKA, ZIMMERMAN, KURT YOSHIMITSU Red lands Harbor City Astronautical Engr. Electrical Engineering Varsity Football NROTC Tau Beta Pi Phi Eta Sigma Himalaya House 258 ' " : ,- ' ,. ' ■■ ' ' ■ ' ,1 ' ■■-V r ' r- ' ' ' " ■ ' ,-, ' -- ' • " , ' - ' -. ' ' - " ■ ■ ' : ' ' - ;-,. " ■ ' ' ' -r ' ' i ' . ' }. ' }.:yn --- ;•- ' • ' „ ■ ' ■- . .- ' ' v - ■■ ' .• ' ■W ' - ' J : :;:. ' - ;v ' ■ ' :■• ' -•■ ' ' ' ; 5 •■: ' ., ' ■■.■■■ College of Fine Arts r-i 260 Choreography is concerned with the discoveries and relationships of man to himself and to others. The dance is " a metaphor which expresses through movement the feelings of human experience. " It is the outward extension of emotional manifestations. The tensions and patterns developed by the dancers recall the whole of that experience which we label " human. " All human beings take journeys through their lives and return from these to a fuller state of existence. The dance is an expression of this fulfillment. I n the efforts of two young choreographers, Diane Fletcher and Marc Ozanich, the spectator sees reflected himself and the rest of his world. 261 Seniors, College of Fine Arts ADAN SON, PATRICIA Lynwood Art ADLER, ELAINE Culver City Art History Little Sisters of Alpha Phi Omega, Pres, Bowling Team ANDERSON, LAURIE Santa Monica Art History Chi Omega, Pres. Tutorial Project Little Sister of Alpha Tau Omega BERRIS. KENNETH BRAMSON, ROBERTA BUMATAY, ANDREW Hawthorne Art Daily Bruin ASUC LA Publicity Frosh Golf CERNY, PAUL Prague. Czechoslovakia Motion Pictures Film Comm, Director ' s Cinemathique Series Chmn. COOK, KAREN Grover City Art History tsf: UC Riverside Masonic Affiliate Club DASHIELL, TERESA Woodlake Design tsf: use FESLER, SHARON Burbank Graphic Design Kappa Kappa Gamma Sophomore Sweethearts GAVIATI, RONALD Kentland Theater Arts GOTTLIEB, KIM Los Alamitos Motion Pictures tsf UC Berkeley Dean ' s List UCB " Tower Flame " Cameraman on Wm Kerby ' s Master ' s Thesis Film Peace and Freedom Party Tarzana Design tsf; Univ. of Oklahoma Sigma Delta Tau Vice Pres. Chimes, Prytaneans Panhellenic Publicity Chmn. Greek Week Co-Chmn. CHCSUNGJA Seoul, Korea Design GEORGE, JO DEAN Riverside Art History tsf: UC Riverside Alpha Gamma Delta Dean ' s List Tutorial Project GOUGH, BARBARA La Habra Pictorial Art tsf: UC Santa Barbara Delta Gamma Dean ' s List Delano Music tsf: Bakersfield JC Kappa Kappa Psi University Symphony University Wind Ensemble CHURUKIAN, ALICE Los Angeles Pictorial Arts Alpha Delta Pi COX, SANDRA San Francisco Graphic Design tsf: Col. of Notre Dame Theta Xi Little Sister Ski Club Dean ' s List DUBIN.HALI West Covina Pictorial Arts tsf: Mt. San Antonio College UniCamp Board Camp Drive Executive Board Tutorial Project Homecoming Queen Committee FLOYD, NUBRA Los Angeles CRAVEY, BARRY Evansville Film tsf ElCammoJC EBERT, CHARLENE Los Angeles Theater Arts tsf: LACC FOELSCH, RICHARD Los Angeles Motion Pictures GODFREY, ANN Oxnard Pictorial Arts Chi Omega Spurs Sophomore Sweethearts Dean ' s List GRADY. VICTOR Orange Motion Pictures tsf: Fullerton JC Varsity Track-Javelin Animation ANDERSON, PAMELA Los Angeles Theater Arts tsf: ElCammoJC BURGESS, ROBERT San Pedro Television tsf: Cal State Long Beach Dean ' s List COLLINS,JUDITH Culver City Pictorial Arts tsf: SMCC Tutorial Project Dean ' s List Daily Bruin CRAVEY, LARRY Inglewood Motion Pictures tsf: ElCammoJC EINSTEIN, SUSAN Los Angeles Art History Phi Sigma Sigma FURBUSH, HELEN Pasadena Music Education tsf: Cal State Los Angeles Little Sisters of ThetaXi Opera Workshop Musical Comedy Workshop GOLDEN, BARBARA Riverside Theater Arts Alpha Epsilon Rho HACSI, ANTHONY Redondo Beach Motion Pictures 262 HALBREICH, EMILY HANOVER, CONRAD HEDRICK, JUDITH HERSHENSON, Beverly Hills Design Inglewood Music Kappa Kappa Psi Band HUTTON, ANDREA Oakland Design tsf: UC Davis Alpha Omicron Pi Anchors Shell and Oar JACOBSON, MERLE Los Angeles Art History ISGUR. BARBARA Los Angeles Art tsf: SFVSC Fashion Design Pasadena Graphics Gamma Phi Beta Chimes Upstairs Hostess Mortar Board ISGUR, DIANE Los Angeles Art tsf: SMCC Fashion Design KELLEY. KAREN Los Angeles Art History Delta Delta Delta Bruinettes Little Sigma KIMURA, DIANA Los Angeles Pictorial Art BRENDA Beverly Hills Design tsf: San Fernando Valley State JACKSON, AMELIA Altadena Music Rodger Williams Fellowship Tutorial Project KNOTTS, LUAN San Bernardino Pictorial Arts tsf: UC Santa Barbara Tutorial Project KORN. DAVID KOSKI, MICHAEL KWAN, CHRISTINA LEE, SUSAN Sherman Oaks Southfield, Michigan Hong Kong . Palo Alto Motion Pictures Motion Picutres Design Design tsf: Valley College tsf: Mich, State Univ, tsf: Chapman College tsf: College of Notre Deans List Dame Graduated Cum Laude Art Council Award Eta Pi Delta, PubChm LIBUSE, CREIG LINDEN, AUDREY MANIS,JUDITH MATSUSHITA, KAREN Omaha, Neb. Los Angeles Fond du Lac, Wis Watsonville Art Design Bruinettes Soph Sweethearts Tutorial Project UniPrep Counselor Textile Design McCOMB.GERI MEIKLEJOHN, MICICVERA MILLER, LINDA Los Angeles PATRICK Los Angeles Ventura Design Hollywood Art Theater Arts Motion Pictures California Club Kappa Kappa Gamma Daily Bruin Chairman Women ' s Bruin Belles Newman Club Club AWS Vice Pres,, Woman of the Month Sophomore Sweethearts Pres, MINER, LINDA MOK, PEARL MONTIJO, EDITH MYNARD, CAROL Reseda Tokyo, Japan La Mesa Piedmont Design Graphic Design Music Theater tsf: Whittier CoL tsf: UC Irvine Kappa Delta Dean ' s List Brum Ski Club NEILL, LOU ANNE Portland, Ore, Music tsf: Willamette Univ. NISHIMURA.THEO OBERG, HOLLIS OMIBIYI, Parher Los Angeles MOSUNMOLA Art Education Music Education Ibadan, Nigeria tsf: Fresno State Col. tsf: Los Angeles State Music tsf: Univ. of Nigeria 263 RASCH, KAREN RASCH, LINDA REE, NICHOLAS REED, CLAUDE Washington, D.C. Hawthorne Los Angeles Los Angeles Theater Fashion Design Pictorial Art Music Washington Internship Sigma Nu Big Sister, tsf: LACC Alpha Sigma Phi Comm. White Rose Princess Alpha Phi Omega Phi Eta Sigma National Merit Scholar Shell and Oar I.S.C. Dean ' s List Alpha Lambda Delta Gifted Students Sierra Club Men ' s Glee Club Program Young Republicans Honors at Entrance Newman Club REICHLINE, NEIL RENKOW, BARBARA SALLEY, CLAUDE SCHROER, DAVID Van Nuys Los Angeles Riverside Redondo Beach Motion Pictures Design Pictorial Art Graphic Design Daily Bruin tsf: UC Riverside Freshman Track Editor-m-Chief Varsity Track (3) Dean ' s List Honorable Mention, Inter- Collegiate Package Design SCOTT, CHARLES SEVERY, CAROL SIAMON.ANN SMITH, FRITZI Walnut Creek Hollywood Canoga Park North Hollywood Industrial Design Art Pictorial Arts Dance Alpha Xi Delta, Hist. Pi Beta Phi Intramural Rep. Newman Center Volunteer Work at Brentwood V.A. Hosp. STACHER.LESLEE STAULZ,JANE STELLA, DEVRA STOCK, GAIL Los Angeles San Diego North Hollywood Los Angeles Television Pictorial Arts Pictorial Arts Design Delta Phi Epsilon tsf : San Diego State Sproul, Hershey, tsf: SFVSC Dean ' s List Dykstra Halls SVENDSTORP,SJAK TANI, DENNIS TAYLOR, MELANIE TEITELBAUM,ERIC Copenhagen, Los Angeles Los Angeles Palm Springs Denmark Graphic Design Pictorial Arts Pictorial Arts Television Alpha Delta Pi tsf; Ohio State Univ. Alpha Mu Gamma Zeta Beta Tau Phi Eta Sigma Delta Sigma Phi President ' s Scholar THALER, TERESA UCHIYAMA, WENHE, ALICE WESTPHALL, CAROLE Santa Maria J.HONAMI San Diego Los Angeles Design Los Angeles Films tsf: Univ. of Missouri Design tsf: Cal Poly Dean ' s List Alpha Phi Ephebian Society Calif. Scholarship Federation WHITNEY, JANET WILKENING, CATHY WILLEY, MARTHA YOSHII, LILIAN Los Angeles Vista Corona Torrance Art History Music Graphic Design Design Delta Phi Epsilon, Hist. tsf: Palomar JC Anchors University Orchestra Homecoming Comm. Wind Ensemble Mardi Gras Comm. Symphonic Band ZAH ED I, SHAH LA Tehran, Iran Design Graduate School of Business Administration 265 Yessiree, kiddies, it ' s the Captain Video Show again. You remember, with the flashing lights, the army surplus flashlight that was supposed to be a super-death-ray, and the halo-like wire that they made you believe was a special force-field space helmet. . . . And now you ' re Captain Video, himself, kiddies, with your flashing lights, exotic push buttons and your scientific sounding clickity- clack noises. Only now, you ' re doing it for four units of credit, and you haven ' t shaved or slept since the A K Psi bender on Friday night, and they ' ve just announced that your program has a number 9 error and all the flashing lights are for YOU! Sometimes you wonder if all this space-age technology is really worth it. Whatever happened to the good ol ' slide rule and the log tables at the back of your trig book? Push the start button. ... At least then you didn ' t have to stand in line to do your computations, or break your back over a keypunch machine when you never learned how to type (maybe a curvature of the spine will keep you out of the draft). . . . Push the start button again, dammit. , . . Besides you ' re a business major, not a math major. When you ' re a tycoon you ' ll be able to hire some other poor slob to do your dirty work for you. . . . Clear the machine, correct the error, get back in line. iim«iiia«A ' i»9«ws!if . yvvvvvvvvvxYXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXVyxxyyxvVYY. X V XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXvyxx V ■■ Av . . X X X X X y XX X X X X X y X x x ., « v . x x x X X X X X V XX X K X ' xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxv JOB 277 ACCOUNTING TOTAL 704 ' ' TIMF ,-, .- -I A TOTAL 70Q0 TIMe n ;■ " TOTAL CARDS RPAD 000 ' ?19 " ' ' " TAL CARDS PUNCHED ? CO 020 TTAI I TMFS OCitNTf 02 3 aaaoQi Seniors,Graduate School of Business Administration TMM AN, CHANG AULD, RICHARD AVERY, EUGENE BATTS, RODNEY Korea Long Beach Redondo Beach Hempstead, L.I., N.Y. Business Admin. Business Admin. Bus. Admin. Bus. Admin. tsf: Pasadena CC tsf: Long Beach CC tsf: El Camino College Dykstra Hall Judicial Sigma Nu Board Finance Comm. BECK, KENNETH BLAINE, JACK BOILEAU, PATRICIA BOSTWICK, EVELYN Oroviile Santa Barbara Danville Palm Springs Bus. Admin. Bus. Admin. Bus. Admin. Business UCLA Wind Ensemble Phi Delta Theta Chi Omega tsf: Col. of the Desert Marching and Varsity Football Varsity Bands Frosh Football Kappa Kappa Psi BUCHER.CLEM BYER, HARRIET CABIN, RICHARD CHRISTIANSON, Van Nuys Los Angeles Los Angeles BARBARA Business Admin. Accounting Bus. Admin. San Diego Phi SigmaSigmaTreas. tsf: LACC Bus. Admin. Bruinettes Phi Sigma Delta tsf: Calif. Lutheran Col. Sophomore Tutorial Project Sweethearts Beta Alpha Psi, Sec. Phi Sigma Sigma, Treas. COLE, STANLEY COLEMAN, MARK COLLINS, ROBERT Jr. CULBERTSON, Whittier La Crescenta Mission Viep ROGER Bus. Admin. Bus. Admin. Acctng. General Bus. Riverside Phi Kappa Sigma tsf:Glendale JC tsf: FullertonJC Bus. Admin. Swimming Dykstra Hall Judicial Delta Sigma Phi Water Polo Board Blue Key Delta Sigma Phi Vice Pres. Landfair Dart Throwing Champion CUTROW, ALLAN DAVIS, RICHARD DOMANSKY, BOHDAN DOSS, ROBERT Hollywood Los Angeles Port Arthur, Ontario, Laguna Hills Accounting Accounting Canada Finance Zeta Beta Tau Vice Pres tsf: Long Island Univ Business Admin. Sigma Nu Blue Key Pres. Sigma Nu, Social Blue Key Uni-Camp Boara Chrmn., Rush Chrmn. Memorial Activities Freshman Swimming, Track Team, Captain Center Board of Water Polo Letterman Blue Key Governors Zeta Beta Tau, Homecoming Vice Pres. Chairman ' 65 DRESNER, RONALD DUBE, BRUCE DULGARIAN, DURBIN, STEVEN Los Angeles Los Angeles GEORGE Los Angeles Bus. Admin. Business Admin. Los Angeles Beta Theta Pi tsf: UC Berkeley Business Admin. Kelps Alpha Kappa Psi Blue Key Assn. of Students Varsity Football and Business Intramurals EDWARDS, TOM II ELFERS, THOMAS ELSER,JACK EPSTEIN, ALLAN Palo Alto Arcadia Granada Hills Los Angeles Bus. Admin. Business Admin. Bus. Admin. Bus. Admin. Alpha Tau Omega Quantitive Methods tsf: Pierce College Alpha Kappa Psi, tsf: Pasadena CC Alpha Kappa Psi Master of Rituals Theta Chi Alpha Beta Psi Assn. of Students Business Mardi Gras Committee FELDMAN, BARBARA FISCHEL, DENNIS FORD. BARRY FURUMOTO, TAKESHI La Canada Lancaster Calcutta, India Los Angeles Business Accounting Business Admin. Business tsf: Univ. of Colorado tsf: Antelope Valley UCHA Delta Gamma Alpha Epsilon Pi Varsity Track Team Mardi Gras Committee 268 GAINES, STEVEN GINSBURG,PAUL GODWIN, MICHAEL GONICK, TIMOTHY Tulsa, Oklahoma Los Angeles Los Angeles LosAlamitos Accounting Bus. Admin. Business Admin. Bus. Admin. Zeta Beta Tau Alpha Kappa Psi Sigma Pi Blue Key UCLA Band Daily Bruin URA Sailing Club GREENSTADT.ALAN GREFE, REID HANKIN, ROCK HARANO,WOODROW Los Angeles Buffalo, N.Y. Los Angeles Los Angeles Bus. Admin. Quantitative Methods Accountmg Business Admin. Pi Lambda Phi, Pres. tsf: State Univ. of N.Y. tsf: LACC Varsity Swimming Soc. for theAdvan. Blue Key of Management Beta Phi Rho Computer Club Intramural Basketball Intramural Volleyball HAUSER, PHIL INGLES, MARTHA JENSEN, GILBERT JUNG, DON Redlands Los Angeles San Fernando Bakersfield Business Admin. Marketmg Bus. Admin. Business Admin. Lambda Chi Alpha Alpha Phi Sigma Chi tsf: Bakersfield J C Alpha Kappa Psi KLEIN, LESLIE Los Angeles Accounting Alpha Beta Psi KUSHINS, EDWARD Monterey Park Finance Sigma Nu, Vice Pres. Blue Key Soccer KRAMER, JEFFREY KRUG, LARRY West Los Angeles South Pasadena Bus. Admin. Bus. Admin. tsf: Ohio State Col., USC tsf: Glendale College Sigma Nu Finance Committee House Adviser LAMBERT, THOMAS LASKER. MARTIN Manhattan Beach North HollyvKOOd Business Admin. Bus. Admin. Mountaineers tsf: L VC KUENZLY, SUZANNE Los Angeles Quantitative Methods Beta Gamma Sigma LERNER, ARNOLD Overland Park, Kan. Accounting Sigma Nu Beta Alpha Psi Himalaya House, Social Chrmn. LOCKE, MELVIN JR. LOGAN, RICHARD LOVGREN, RICHARD McCLELLj ND.ARDEN Woodland Hills Saratoga Buena Park Columbus, Mont, Bus. Admin. Finance Accounting Business- Pre- Law tsf: UC Davis Sigma Nu Kappa Kappa Psi tsf: Oregon State Univ, Alpha Kappa Psi, Pres, Blue Key Marching Band Phi Delta Theta Army ROTC Varsity Golf Concert Band McHUGH, PETER Boston, Mass, Accounting tsf: Boston University Alpha Kappa Psi Assn. of Students Business Brum Mountaineers NELSON, STEPHEN San Gabriel Business Admin. McKINNEY, NANCY MILLER, CLARK Newport Beach Business Admin, tsf: UCSB Delta Gamma Glendale Business Admin. Arnold Air Society MILLER, THOMAS Jr. Long Beach Finance Alpha Kappa Psi NIEDERMAN, MICHAEL San Diego Business Admin. Sigma Nu Blue Key Bruin Gold Co. OSHEROFF, GARY Los Angeles Accounting Alpha Epsilon Pi,Treas Golf Team PAXSON, TIMOTHY Pasadena Business Admin, tsf: UCSB Phi Delta Theta 269 PEARSON, RALPH Jr San Jose Business Admin, tsf: San Jose State CoL PEGEEJOANN Los Angeles Business Admin. Alpha Delta Pi Spurs Debate Squad Sabers Lionettes PHILLIPS, CHARLES Los Angeles Business Admin, PlATT, STUART Coral Gables, Florida Business Admin. ThetaChi -Pledge Marshall -Social Chairman, -Vice President PLUTSKY, SHELL North Hollywood Business Admin. House Advisor Hedrick Hall POINDEXTER, LARRY POLENTZ, ROBERT POWERS, DENNIS REEVES, STUART Los Angeles Business Admin, tsf; LACC Beta Alpha Psi Downey Finance Phi Kappa Psi Blue Key Kelps Varsity Wrestling Kiowa- Barrington Men ' s Honorary ROEHM, TERENCE Los Angeles Business Admin. Alpha Kappa Psi Fullerton Finance Phi Kappa Psi SAKS, DANIEL Torrance Business Admin, tsf: El Camino Col. Assn. of Students Business Alpha Kappa Psi, Sec. SALVETER, SANDRA Redondo Beach Business Admin. Alpha Lambda Delta Beta Gamma Sigma ROSEN, MARC Los Angeles Business Admin Tau Epsilon Phi Blue Key Assn. of Students and Business Society for Advance- ment of Management Phi Eta Sigma SMALL, KENNETH Los Angeles Business Admin. STEPHENS, ROGER STERN, DENNIS Los Angeles Los Angeles Business Admin. Business Admin. Sports Car Club, Pres., Phi Sigma Delta, Pres. Vice Pres, Rallyemaster Frosh Senate Editor So. Cal. Council of Gimmick Rallye Clubs Computer Club THOMPSON, ROBERT TUNG, JOHN San Bernardino Taipei, Taiwan Business Admin. Marketing tsf; Univ. of Colorado Epsilon Pi Delta VELAZQUEZ, EDWARD Sunnyvale Finance Phi Kappa Psi Kelps Blue Key WILEY,JOHN Los Angeles Finance tsf; SMCC Society for the Advancement of Management Boat and Ski Club Chess Club TANAKA,JOHN Hawthorne Business Admin. WATENMAKER,ALAN Los Angeles Accounting Alpha Epsilon Pi Blue Key BetaGama Sigma Beta Alpha Psi Yeomen WILLIAMS, JOAN San Francisco Business Admin, tsf; UCSB Delta Gamma Prytaneans Chimes SAE Little Sister UNGER,GARY Garden Grove Real Estate Delta Tau Delta California Alumni Scholar WAYNE, JAY Jr. Palmdale Management WOODS, JEANNE Los Angeles Business Admin. Assn. of Students Business Accounting Society, Sec.-Treas. PhiChiTheta Computer Club Flying Club South Gate Business Admin, tsf; UC Riverside ThetaChi SAATJ IAN, RONALD Canoga Park Business Admin. Alpha Kappa Psi SNIDER, EVAN Sepulveda Business Admin. Cricket Team THOMPSON, EDWARD Lexington Park, Mo. Business Admin. NROTC VAN BIBBER, JAMES Los Angeles Accounting-Marketing Alpha Kappa Psi,Treas. UniCamp Counselor- 1967 WEISS, ROBERT Denver, Colo. Accounting Phi Sigma Delta Yeomen Beta Gamma Sigma ZWEBEN, ARTHUR Culver City Business Admin. ThetaChi 2 70 School of Public Health Sick and dying mice and bottles of growing tissue hold the keys to research now being done at UCLA on encephalitis. The mice and tissue cultures are used to grow both thevirus which is thought to produce the disease and its antigen, which can hopefully be used to affect cures in those suffering from encephalitis. The research is not particularly pleasant to a lay mind. The stench of hundreds of animals is overpowering in the research area. The thought of so many white mice being exterminated is repugnant, even if it may be necessary. But it is with thesetools, within strange-looking and sterile laboratories cluttered with glass tubing, small black-lettered labels, stainless steel, and animal cages, that Dr. Telford Work, head of the encephalitis research project, hopes to find concrete insight into the causes and cures of this disease. 271 Dr. Telford Work School of Nursing 272 His name is " Sickly Simon " and he ' s a plastic man who lives in the School of Nursing. He ' s there to give student nurses someone to practice medical treatments on and improve their " bedside manner. " " Sickly Simon " ispartoftheSchool of Nursing ' s supplementary Resource Unit for Independent Study (RUFIS) which was instituted two years ago with the aid of a federal grant. Its purpose is to provide material that student nurses can utilize without being under stress in the classroom or with a patient. The senior year emphasizes clinical nursing and working with patients. Student nurses are first given complete responsibility for one patient, and in the seventh and last quarter they serve as members of a nursing team to plan care for groups of patients. The focus is on nursing care, medical treatment and working with others. 273 Seniors, School of Nursing ALTMAN, NAOMI Los Angeles Nursing Alpha Tau Delta APPLEBEE, SUSAN Claremont Nursing tsf: DC Santa Barbara Alpha Tau Delta Social Chairman of Nursing Class BLACKETT. LYNN Torrance Nursing tsf: Cal State LB Kappa Kappa Gamma, Philanthropy Chrm. Greek Week Queen COOKE, RITA Redlands Nursing tsf: San Bernardino Valley JC Helen Matthewson Club Alpha Tau Delta Panhellenic Schlshp, HMC Scholar ship SNAC ENGESSER, MARGARET Carpinteria Nursing Alpha Xi Delta MCKEE, KATHLEEN Riverside Nursing tsf: Westmont Col- Alpha Delta Chi, Sec., Chaplain Little Sisters of Alpha Gamma Omega PAGE, CAROL Kailua, Hawaii Nursing Regents Scholarstiip BAUMP, KAREN Orange Nursing BENEDICT, MARILYN Santa Barbara Nursing tsf: Univ. of Iowa Sigma Kappa BOEHMER, SHARON BOWEN, ROWENA BURTOFT, KATHLEEN Pacific Palisades Nursing Chi Omega Regents Scholar Los Angeles Nursing Alpha Tau Delta SNAC Soph, Sweethearts Harambee Helen MathewsonClub DEARRIETA, CHERYL DIEHL, IRENE RAE Los Angeles Canoga Park Nursing Nursing Kappa Delta Masonic Affiliate Club SNAC FLYNN, DRENA Los Angeles Nursing tsf: SMCC PREY, LOUISE Reseda Nursing tsf: Pierce J C SNAC, Treas. GILLETTE, MURIEL Los Angeles Nursing tsf: Western Col. Delta Zeta Sabers, Vice Pres. Little Sisters of Acacia, Treas. Province Action Comm. Pres,, Sec. JOHNSON, KAY Los Angeles Nursing Alpha Tau Delta Rieber Hall GOBLE, KATHLEEN Whittier Nursing tsf: Fullerton JC Alpha Gamma Delta Sabers Nursing Class Pres SNAC LOOFBOUROW, JANET Glendale Nursing tsf: Glendale Col. Alpha Tau Delta, Pledge Marshal School of Nursing Senior Class Pres. MOUZAKIS, VIRGINIA Couina Nursing SNAC PORTER, MARY Santa Barbara Nursing tsf: UC Santa Barbara Brum Young Democrats GOTHOLD, CHRISTINE Whittier Nursing Alpha Tau Delta Student Medical Conf. Angel Flight MAINHURST, MARTHA Sepulveda Nursing Alpha Tau Delta Sr. Nursing Class Sec. NOBLE, JUDY Nursing POWER, LYNNE Pacific Palisades Nursing Kappa Kappa Gamma President Women ' s Extramural Volleyball Team Pittsburgh, Penn. Nursing DOYLE, DIANNE Anaheim Nursing tsf Fullerton JC Alpha Tau Delta GERHART,JULIE Los Angeles Nursing HAYES, ANN Pasadena Nursing tsf: Pasadena CC MCALLISTER, MARILYN Wrightsville, Penn Nursing tsf: Brigham Young Univ. LDS Student Assn. OPPELT, SUSAN Anaheim Nursing tsf: Fullerton JC Alpha Tau Delta RAE, DIANA Tustin Nursing Alpha Phi Anchors Little Sisters of Theta Delta Chi, Pres. 2 74 RUDOLPH, KAY SANDERS, LINDA SCHOLZ.ANN SCOTT, PATRICIA La Mesa Orange Anaheim Anaheim Nursing Nursing Nursing Nursing Anchors tsf: Santa Ana JC tsf:FullertonJC Pres,, Browning House, Alpha Tau Delta Hershey Hall Brum Christian Fellowship SNAC SMITH. LINDA TREEBS, CAROL VENABLE, JANET WATTERS. MARY Inglewood Cleveland, Ohio Nursing Los Angeles Nursing Nursing Alpha Tau Delta, Sec. UCLA Lifeguard Rec. Nursing WHYTE, KAREN WICKLUND,GAIL WITTEN, PAULA Huntington Beach San Bernardino San Fernando Nursing Nursing Nursing tsf; SMCC Soph, Sweethearts tsf: LA Valley Col. Alpha Tau Delta, Treas. URA Choral Club Alpha Tau Delta SNAC Spring Sing Speakers and Rules Committee Seniors, School of Public Health ADACHI.HARUYE BROWN, KAY FORMAN. MARC LUM.TREIS Los Angeles Riverside Santa Monica Stockton Public Health Nursing Nutritional Science Public Health Nutrition Alpha Omicron Pi tsf:GlendaleJC Youth for McCarthy Young Democrats Nisei Bruin Club Chinese Club RAZ,SHMUEL SKAGLUND. LINDA VANIS, RICHARD WEBER, PAUL Ramat-Gan, Israel Los Angeles Los Angeles Beverly Hills Public Health Dietetics Environ, Health Public Health Kappa Delta Phi Delta Theta Alpha Epsilon Pi Anchors Kelps Yeomen Homecoming Comm. Rugby Mardi Gras Comm. Monte Carlo Nite Comm. 2 75 School of Medicine They are a fraternity of sorts. A very special fraternity whose membership is not limited by sex or age or education or race. There is only one q ualif ication for membership which is also the reward for belonging: to have had a successful kidney transplant, in other words, to be alive. In scientific endeavors a 67 per cent rate of success would be disappointing, but when this 67 per cent is applied to a fatal disease whose only hope for a cure ten years ago was for a twin transplant, the success rate is phenomenal. After transplant surgery, the patient must spend weeks, months, years under hemodialysis (filtering the blood to remove impurities which the new kidney can not yet handle), and will need special medicines to stymie the body ' s reaction against the new kidney for the rest of their lives. Dr. Donald Martin, Surgery H Their faces are flushed, blood-red, and swollen from the treatment at the clinic. They are Rubenesque cherubs, glowing with the force of a new life. And each time they meet, they count the faces of their small fraternity, hoping. 277 Dr. Ralph Goldman, Medicine School of Law Wallace Farrell, Chief Justice, Moot Court Each entering student soon discovers tlnat the curriculum in law school involves the study of the law as it is interpreted and applied by appellate courts. Behind the decisions of every appellate court is the effort of practicing attorneys, manifested by the briefs and oral arguments. The purpose of the attorneys is not only to present the law as it currently exists, but, more importantly, to persuade the bench that one interpretation should prevail over another. The efficacy of the arguments depends largely upon the coherency of the brief and the eloquence and persuasiveness of the oral presentation. These attributes are indispensable to the successful attorney and should be developed as early as possible. Thus, the purpose of the Moot Court Program is to aid in the development of these skills by affording each law student the opportunity to write an appellate brief and deliver an oral argument. The first phase of the Moot Court Program is the mandatory program for first-year students. As this is the only exposure to appellate advocacy for most students, the first-year competition is designed primarily as alearning device. During the latter two quarters of the academic year, each student is req uired to prepare an appellate brief from a transcript of a hypothetical trial. The cases are then argued before benches composed of members of the Honors Program. In the second phase, an honors competition of a select group of students who combine academic achievement with proficiency in oral and written argumentation during the first year program, the candidates present their cases to benches comprised of prominent judges and attorneys. The Honors Program affords the unique opportunity for contact with the practicing profession in an atmosphere simulating the requirements and challenges of actual appellate practice. 279 School of Dentistry Dr. Arthur Johnson doesn ' t live in Orange County. Which is probably a good thing, since he ' s busy devising a new and more efficient way of flouridating teeth. Since flouridated water produces only a minimal increase in the flouride concentration in teeth, Dr. Johnson has attempted to build up the amount of flouride in the teeth without incurring the problems of too great a concentration of flouride in the rest of the organism. Dr. Johnson has been able to accomplish this by using pressure-injection needle-less guns which concentrate the flouride around the still imbedded (pre-erupted) teeth of children. Extensive tests have demonstrated that the pre-erupted tooth absorbs much more flouride than the fully erupted tooth. Test injections of colored dye into gelatin molds surrounding extracted teeth and into test animals and human cadavers have proven the effectiveness of Dr. Johnson ' s approach. So there may be hope for healthy teeth in the children of tomorrow. Despite OrangeCounty. Dr. Arthur Johnson 281 School of Architecture and Urban Planning h 282 One might think that things are taking a turn for the better. While you and I are busy building castles in the air, the students of the School of Architecture and Urban Planning are building them out of cardboard. Urban design-city planning-is becoming increasingly important as the unprecedented rate of growth of the world ' s population has set in motion huge efforts to providefor man ' s needs to live and work in close proximity with other men. A new technology of city building is being evolved to keep pace with the accelerated rate of urban growth. The Urban Design Program at UCLA is based on the conviction that Urban Design education is closely linked to a number of inter-related disciplines. The curriculum is organized to respond sensitively to the creative and experimental ideas of those disciplines to permit the dynamic interaction of contrasting approaches. The UCLA program incorporates related scientific and technological disciplines into the design studio asan integral partof the design process. 283 Graduate School of Education 284 Joe Lucero, Audio Visual Dept. Moore Hall 326 is a television studio- almost. In stark surroundings, under bright lights, student teachers here present prepared lessons to a video camera which records their actions and later allows students to see themselves as their own students will someday. The room feels far removed from the standard classroom, but with a few props-blackboard behind and a table of fellow students to whom one can talk-the would-be teacher gets a fair idea of his future role. Since 1962, the audio-visual section of the Department of Education has worked to train students in the operation of all audio-visual equipment; each year it produces numerous educational films for students and teachers to use in their classes; now, through the use of the studio and a mobile video-tape camera, audio-visual aids is yet another facet of teacher training. 285 " iff ( ii, d ' ' t . J,s , School of Library Service Dr. Seuss is buried in Powell Library, and there he is alive! Since 1961, the Department of Special Collections of the College Library has been acquiring theoriginal manuscripts and drawings of the Dr. Seuss books. ' v ■ fj % 286 In anareaofPowell RESERVED FOR PATRONS OF THE DEPARTMENT ONLY, filing cabinets and map drawers hold 32 years of the doctor ' s classic children ' s literature alongside the original works of Erasmus, Aldous Huxley, Ray Bradbury, Henry Miller, and others. Special Collections is dusty preservation- without dust. Centuries of literature are here filed efficiently away, to be recalled to light and life on those occasions when portions of the various collections are put on public display or when some advance researcher reopens the pages in hopes of first-hand insight into the minds of the past. Brooke Whiting, Special Collections 287 1 1 ■ 1 School of Social In relation to the current busing of children between schools to improve their educational experience, four students in the School of Welfare have conducted a study at the Psychology Clinic School for their PhD theses. This study, under the direction of Dr. Harry Kitano, investigates the impact of a research demonstration program concerned with the remediation of learning problems on disadvantaged children during the 1966-67 school year. Fourteen boys who had attended PCSfulltime during the previous year under this program, and their parents, were interviewed. Grades, attendance, and teachers ' evaluations of classroom behavior at the public schools to which they returned were obtained for these students and a control group. Would there be any significant changes in the education progress of these boys once they returned to their original school and familiar environment? 288 Clay McCravey, Ruth Flack, ReneTihista, Prof. Harry Kitano, Marion Pastor V V 289 Graduate Degrees AMANO.MATSUKICHI AYUYAO, SAVACION BAMBOYE, BOLAJI BARN ETT, TOM Sagamihara, Japan Ormoc City, Leyle Lagos, Nigeria Los Angeles PhD Philippines MA MBA Business Admin. MA Education Business Admin. tsf: Meiji Gakuin Univ. Speech Communications Media Alpha Kappa Psi tsf: Univ. of St. Tomas tsf: USAID: Nigeria " A Study of Employ- Filipino Club Projects ment Patterns and a Speech Graduate " Audio-Visual Materials Measurement of Student Assn. and Equipment in the Employee Attitudes in ToyI Delega te Secondary Schools and Japanese Firms at Teacher Training Col- Los Angeles. " leges of Lagos, Nigeria " BELOSICROY BERMAN, COLETTE BLANKENSHIP, BUTTS, OMERIA Covina Los Angeles DOUGLAS Los Angeles MS MA Louisville, Ky. MS Marketing Business Education PhD Nursing Honors at Entrance " An Analysis of the Political Geography EOP Master Tutor Problems and Practices tsf: Univ. of Kentucky Assn. of Students and Relating to the Format " Analysis of Theoriesof Business and Style of Written World Power and Newman Club Communications at UCLA- Control " CLEMENTS, CHARLES COOPER, ANDREW DAVID, GEORGE EMMANOVILIDES, Albuquerque, N.M. Burbank Los Angeles DEMETRIUS MS MBA MBA Rolling Hills Estates Quantitative Methods Business Admin. Business Admin. MS Alpha Kappa Psi tsf: UC Riverside Alpha Kappa Psi Electrical Engineering Pi Mu Epsilon UniCamp Board Alpha Kappa Psi Karate Club ERDYNAST.AL FIELDS, ROBERT FILICE,ALAN FISHER, ALAN Los Angeles Burbank Gilroy Los Angeles MBA MPH MS MA Management Theory Medical Care Geology Economics Cal Club Chmn. Organization and tsf: San Jose State Departmental Scholar Proiect India Administration in Economics Order of the Golden Omicron Delta Epsilon Bruin Pi Gamma Mu Comm.on Education Alpha Mu Gamma and Society FORNESS, STEVEN GLUCKSMAN, MARC GRIFFIN,JEROLD GROSSBERG, EGON Denver, Colo. Los Angeles Arcadia Elwood, Victoria EdD Mathematics MA Australia Special Education " A Study of Higher Economics MBA " Laterality in Retarded Order Congruences " Scuba Club Pres. Commercial Law Readers with Brain Omicron Delta Epsilon tsf: Melbourne Univ. Dysfunction " " Application of Computers to Accounting " HART, CHARLES HSIEH, NAN-CHANG HUSAIN,AKHTAR ITAGAKLKINGORD MA Tainan, Taiwan Hyderabad, India Glendale PhD MS MBA Statistics Systems Engineering Business Admin. Beta Gamma Sigma Univ. Cooperative Housing Assn. AIAA ASME Computer Club ESUC KANEKO, KYORO KANG,HYE-JO LAZARUS, DARRELL LEE, SHAO-JU Los Angeles Nagata-Ku, Kobe Fresno Taipei, Taiwan MA Japan MPH MS Journalism MBA Community Health Quantitative Methods Business Admin. Education tsf: Fresno State Col. Delta Beta Lambda " C ommunity Health Education in Action " LEW, STEPHEN LIM, PAULINO JR. LUTZ,JOAN MC COURT, JAMES Los Angeles Camalig, Albay Garden City, N.Y. Los Angeles Phd Philippines MLS MBA Meteorology PhD Library Service Management Theory English tsf: Univ. of Colorado tsf: Kansas State Univ. " The Style of Students of Library Alpha Kappa Psi Byron ' s Rays " Service Delta Mu Delta Library Service Society for the Class Pres. Advancement of Management Rifleand Pistol Club 2 90 MC DONALD, MIGUEL, FE NICKERSON, NICKLE, NEIL RICHARD Cabatuan, Isabela EVERETT Glendale Los Angeles Philippines Santa Barbara MS MA PhD Geology Education Meteorology tsf: Cal State LA " An Application of an " Geology of the Integral Method to the Southern Part of the Problem of Circular Buena Vista Hills, Covette Flow " Churchill County, Nevada " OCHI.TOSHIO PETERS, HELEN PUGH, DENNIS QUON. WILLIAM ikuta-ku, Kobe Biafra Salina, Kansas Los Angeles Japan MA MS MA MS English Quantitative Analysis Mathematics Business Admin. African Students Assn. Japances Student Vice Pres. Assn. Board of Directors, Central City International Center Biafran StudentsAssn. RODRIGUEZ. ROSSMAN, JERRY ROST,JEROLD RUDKIN. RON ROBERTO LLB Bridgeport, Conn. Los Angeles Los Angeles Law MBA MS MA Management Operations Managemt. Art tsf: SFVSC tsf: Univ. of Havana Alpha Kappa Psi Newman Center RUSK, PATRICIA SHENG, LAN-PYAY STANISLAWSKI, STEINHAUER. DONNA Los Angeles Taipei. Taiwan CAROL Clovis MPH MA Milwaukee, Wis. MFA Public Health Mathematics PhD Acting tsf: UC Berkeley Clinical Psychology tsf: Fresno State Col. Riding Club Vice Pres. " The Effects of Best Actress Award ' 67 Student Photographer Dependency Arousal Mountaineering Club on Learning " Newman Graduate Group TOBIAS, ROBERT TUCEY. RICHARD WANG, KUAN-CHUNG WONG. PHILIP Los Angeles Long Beach Taipei, Taiwan Arcadia LLB MBA MS MS Law Business Admin. Business Admin. Management tsf; Hastings Law Sch Society for the IEEE Phi Delta Phi Advancement of Management, 1st, 2nd Vice Pres. 291 asucia asucia asucia a : ' m -m fj COMMISSIdNER EDUCATION! -- M iM AIOO L It 1,, l iRsifitea« cla asucia asucia asucia ASUCLA Executive Director Returning to UCLA after a brief absence is Adoiph T. Brugger who took over the post of Executive Director of ASUCLA last summer, succeeding the retiring William C. Ackerman. Brugger, who received his BA, MEd and EdD degrees at UCLA, held the position of Dean of Men from 1961 to 1965 here, and then transferred to the UC Riverside campus where he served two years as Dean of Students. In taking over his new position, Brugger began by carefully studying ASUCLA and its functions in serving the campus community. " We compli- ment rather than compete with those services that are available in the community and provide the oppor- tunities that the university is uniquely equipped to do. " 295 Ralph Stilwell Student ' s Store Manager Managers and Directors ASUCLA Harry Morris Publications Manager 296 DaleSpickler Program and Activities Manager Donald Walden Business Manager Robert Herre Food Services Manager 297 i Joe Rubinstein ASUCLA President I ' m a poor leader, but I ' m not supposed to lead. Undergraduate Student ' s Association Richard Gross Administrative Vice President The vice presidents ' jobs are irrelevant. Not the people, just the offices. Lisa Victor First Vice President The first vice president doesn ' t do much, and what is done could be handled by the president ' s secretary. Rosalee Sass Cultural Affairs Commissioner I have no influence on SLC at all. Dwight Smith Student Welfare Commissioner Everyone is doing his own thing and we ' re not concerned with legislating. Ross Munoz Educational Policy Commissioner We bring things up and we argue, but nothing really significant is done. Student Legislative Council Zach Franks General Representative So far I ' ve had only two visitors come into my office to talk to me. Susan Goldman Student Facilities Commissioner My role, in reality, is a lot of aggravation. 300 Bob Vernon Community Service Commissioner We can ' t become so insulated as to think there is nothing beyond this campus. Steve Jacobson NSA Representative As for himself, Jacobson said he is not trying to keep from being spread too thin. Les Scher General Representative I have raised political consciousness in student government about 100 percent. Glenn Leichman Campus Events Commissioner There is no limit to how much money we can make in the future. Eddie Anderson General Representative No matter what happens SLC is always ed. note: All the comments are taken entertaining, and there is nothing like from the Winter Quarter Daily Bruin good vaudeville. series of articles on SLC. Graduate Student Association The policy making body of the Graduate Students ' Association is the GSA council, which elects the president of the Association-this year, Harry Whitaker. The council is composed of elected representatives from each school or department in the University which has 15 or more graduate students. The work of the Association is divided into three main categories: providing services aimed to meet the needs of graduate students; sponsoring social and intellectual programs and activities for graduates; and representing graduate students ' interests in the field of academics and to the campus community. In addition to a variety of special cultural presentations, GSA sponsors symposia, departmental seminars, and speakers that are requested bygraduatestudents. The Association also supports such graduate-related groups as Singrads, the Furniture Co-op, and Married Students ' Housing. • . Edward B.Johns Ad Brugger Byron H.Atkinson Board of Control Board of Control exercises final authority on financial matters involving the Associated Students. All budgets are prepared under the direction of the Board and are applied, expended, and discharged as the Board determines. Joe Rubinstein Harry Whitaker Doug Neillson Paul C. Hannum Roger Howard Doug Kinsey GMAN AT h, ■ " ss tnat nii. ' es ,1 new 1 :11. An .i.iiiliietin; pgttor iances ' On iiKPSl iisif aefiieiTiciii anflnynipliomani.i this Befg ' !i3l!i:|t(rst IS ttie most sjiochmg lilm ! ha vt; evi ' f ipeii I i,oiji;V; t IIMGMaR BERGMAN S C=. JIM, C.I. LIMDB o r l UCLA Film Commission Cultural Commission Front row: Chris Wood, Chairman; April Anson, Tony Reif, Valerie Oleon, Vytas Barauskas. Bacl row: Don Willis, Deanna Nordquist, Paul Cerny, Les Otis, Jon Wright, Don Gottesman. Bottom row: Rosalee Sass, Joyce Bennett, Lillian Wilds, Renata Landres. Top row: Bob Friedman, Don Wyman, Paul Boumbulian, Jay Heifitz. Elections Board Bottom row: Gary Payer, Carol Gilbert, Ron Kadish, Top row: Jeanette Webb, Chairman; Ann Flemming, Steve Kolb, Lloyd Foote, Jeff Oblath, Jackie Bell, SueOblinger. Finance Committee Steve Breitstein, Craig Auld, Mark Chambers, Jim Heitbrink-chairman, Rich Marks, Ginny Stahl, Bill Pennington. Freshman Cheering Squad Bottom row: Diane Suda, Cathy Rothenberger, Ester Friedman. Second row: Ci ndy Held, Debbie Palmquist, Chris Teeple. Top row: Allan Pollchik, Dave Eggleston, Evanne Levin, Jim Feld, Jerry Cans. Freshman Executive Council Joan Ulrey, Tom Bergner, Darlene Velicki, Harry Sloan, Mark Armbruster, Terry Friedman. ' ■■■■fiiln AWS Presidents Board Left row, front to back: Carol Rubinger, Anita Ares, Judi Coyne, Audrey Teren, Sue Chanter, Vera Micic, Linda Goldenberg, Vicki Harris, Jane Myers, Ellen Turner, Bea Svoboda. Right row: Randy Johnson, Judy Wood, Debbie Zarate, Terry Soder, Laurie Harris, April Anson, Lisa Victor, Sandy Glauser, Claire Carlson. Associated Women Students Best Dressed Coed Jeanie Kronberg Linda Golden berg-secretary- treasurer, Sandy Glauser-fash- ion board chairman, Laurie Harris-president, Audrey Teren- publicity. Vera Micic-vice president. Fashion Board 1 Bottom row: Sue Grant, Janis Van Buskirk, Crissy Vol!, Sandy Giauser- chairman, Sandy Essen, Jan Fox, Mary Jane Stricklin. Second row: Desi Pagliuso, Leah Mittleman, Judy Poliquin, Diane Barry, Linda Bradshaw, Ann Stiles. Top row: Carolyn Johns, Robyn McCleary, Margo Doran, Nancy Rethmeier, Laurie Buffington, Cynthia del Rosario. Homecoming Bottom row: Betty Spaere, Kathy Keane, Rom Werner, Shan Butler, Bill Pennington, Valene Marlow, Sandy Shapiro, Sharon Krevitz, Gmny Stahl. Top row: John Barrie, Rich Morese, Larry Cohen, Judy Milman, Glen Leich- man, Sol Weisel, Kathy Masterson, Nancy Shapiro, Lynn Shulem. Monte Carlo Nite Bottom row: Laine Kossly, Paul Supnik, Kathy Keane, Bert Kleinkauf, Vickie Harris. Top row: Glenn Leichman, SteveHauser, Duane Oliveira, Les Munson, Bonnie Blomberg, Rich Morese, Paula Nowels, J_an Ryder, Sherry Rose, Nancy Mozur. Mardi Gras Bottom row; Robyn Hickey, Jackie Winer, Linda Goldenberg, Bob Einriich- chairman, Siierry Frankel, Julie Kincaid, Audrey Teren. Top row; Jim Agazzi, Ray Brogliatti, Larry Weiss, Stuart Rutkin, Marsha Noskin, Doug Gillies, Dave Silverman, Stan Shoemaker, Ken Richards. Spring Sing Bottom row: Jim Farley, Paula Benford, Barry Schreiber, Lee Meisenheimer, Linda Osuch, Don Otto, Linda MIeziva, Joe Ward, Joan Shanedling, Venita Herman. Top row; Jane Robbins, Holly Hutchins, Gloria Cervenak, Ginny Stahl, Sue Gordon, Jody Zeimer, Judy Milman, Larry Kohn, Evanne Levin, Jenney Sands. 1 r |M il » «—? International Week Clockwise: Anna Drumlewlczy, Chuck Reld, Paul Slaven-chairman, Steph- anie Barbanell, Tracy Reed, Steve Chips, Mark Armbruster. UnlPrep Terri Robinson-assistant chairman, Val Oleon-dance chairman, Harry Gun- ther-chairman. Holly Hutchins-dancechairman, Chuck Miller-concert chair- man. ' VHk % UniCamp Board Bottom row: Jim Murray, Bill Lovallo, Claire Woodson, Greg Gregory, Dave Mammons, Maxine Tanney, Mike Dofflemyre, Cyndi Lear, Al Cutrow, Charlie Windon. Second row: Dave Karton, Andy Cooper, Ron Javor, Tom Caswell, Earl Weitzman, Rock Litten, Sheri Kawahara. Top row: Laurie Harris, Stephana Roth, Ann Rieber, Gale Barsamian, Mali Dubin, Kathy Hobbs, Georgene Bloodgood, Mary Jane Hopper. Senior Council Leslie Berkman, Senior News Editor; Ed Moore, Secretary; Linda Standridge, President; John Mason, Vice-President; David Treiman, Treasurer; Vicki Benes, Publicist. J u Song ' Girls s«(» ' l» t ■ m 1 m. ri ■J m " Yell Leaders Jeff Lebow V ' J ■p= •J Daily Bruin Brian Weiss Editor-in-Chief 316 Roz Davis Assistant Managing Editor Larry May City Editor Allan Mann Managing Editor staff 318 .319 LaneWipff Photographer and Consulting Editor Pat Sours Secretary Norm Levin Sports Editor and Photographer Ann Rieber Editor-in-Chief and Designer Southern Campus Sue Park Copy Editor 321 Pat Connelly Organizations Editor ElayneJacobson Secretary Dena Lieberman Business Manager Sandy Glauser Secretary Photography Staff Bottom row: Len Hartkemeier, Al Dubas, Dean Mordecdi, Dean Berkui. Top row: Stanley MIndel, Stretch Hussey, Nancy Heller, Frank Halberg, Karen Birkenes, Norm Schindler, Stan Troutman. 323 I? v KLA 83 324 Why is KLA one of the nation ' s top college radio stations? A few news scoops, a lot of first plays, the biggest dance in the history of ASUCLA, two brand new studios, lo-power A.M., a Christmas goose, a couple of rebellions, Dave Stern ' s vocabulary, Johnny Lindy ' s sense of humor, Charley ' s and Barry ' s screaming. Summer ' s suaveness, Polon ' s and Lacy ' s engineering. Berton ' s beard, Ted Mack ' s control, a station leprechaun, Scott ' s telephone bill, Cogan ' s U.P.I., Rita ' s traffic. Art ' s week- end extras and General Bauer ' s bill managing. Any other questions? 325 Satyr Larry Grobel Editor O 0° Mark Hoffmann Art Editor Diana Selk Managing Editor Of all the possible organizations one can join on this vast complex multiplicit superextraordinary campus the most secretive, the most exclusive, the most interesting, the most abnormal, the most hungry, the most amusing, the most sane, the most most, is of course, the organization represented on these two pages. Why? Because. Because it is a place one can come in and feed our pet mouse and not feel hung up by outside pressures. Because it is a place where one can do their most awful thing and no one will say No or Get Out. Because it is a place where one can cometo escape the whole -up universe. Because it is a place where one can meet others exasperated and frustrated and seeking that great in the sky to fly us high on the whirlwinds of our mind. Because WE JUST DON ' T GIVE A HOLY . And that has made all the difference. Between living the life of a normal stupid apathetic student and an abnormal stupid . student. In fact, we don ' t even consider ourselves students. At least, not students FIRST. No, first, we ' re people. Sound like ? it is, naturally, but nevertheless there are so few people and so many many students. As our efficient Managing Editor, Diana Selk, just said - I ' m making our office sound like an " obscene ♦ + . " She is absolutely 100% correct. For there is humor in obscenity. And we should know, for practice makes perfect and we are perfection personified (all except Diana who is nice and innocent and happy because she doesn ' t understand all the words shouted in natural fun in our office. Diana, you see, is Satyr ' s very own flower child. So nice to have one of everything). There are other " types " around here too. There ' s the dual bobsietwin combo ' s of Kellerman and Elias (more like Siamese twins) and Cherry and Josephs (Wesley is often unhappy because Bob is already married. They meet here secretly when Wesley ' s girlfriend isn ' t looking). And there ' s the " All-American " Boy, Mr Clean himself, Stephan Rustad. A pity about him -he ' s the type who would go on the " Dating Game " and claim membership to the Glee Club rather than Satyr. He ' s alsothetype who wouldn ' t be picked. He ' s a little too clean. But he ' s a of an illustrator and we all sort of like him for bolstering our image to the outside world. (Need tables? Talk to a janitor. Better send Steve, he LOOKS clean.) Scott Lynd and his friend Mike will be around next year and he ' s really crazy, really . . . CRAZY . . . unbelievably crazy, no kidding, gotta watch out for this one, thinks he ' s a rock star, always getting , always seeing stars (nyah nyah, learn to put up with these puns, people. Pray). Jonny Greenspan - here ' s your name. Now sell ads! Hey, did I leave out Baby Jane? Can ' t leave out our very own , who never did get to take those nasty pictures but who comes in looking sweet and innocent and lovable (much like the editor only we know about him, don ' t we Comm Board!) Don ' t get things wrong, Jane R. was only going to pose as something she ' s not. I mean, Jane ' s great, really . . . just like Scot is crazy and R. Stephan Hayes has a mustache. He does, too. And a motorcycle helmet which he wears around the office to avoid the dirty words being thrown at him. We only curse at our friends. Speaking of dirty words and people-the absolute dirtiest old man of them all is undoubtedly by popular and unpopular election and selection one Mark Hoffmann, never failing-to-criticize-our-beloved-editor whenever-he-can-in-perfctly-despicable-words-and phrases . . ones that can ' t even be printed in this beautifully colorful uptight yearbook which is depicting all the things and should be displaying our office and mouse in four color psychedelic spreads with a fold out of Mark blowing his nose and coughing at the same time, something he ' s damn well good at, believe me you. Ah, but Mark ' s a fine lad, a fine lad. We love him dearly. Yes. Yes, we do, we do. Poor Mark, only got one lung. Poor Mark, 4-F ' d from the army. Poor poor Mark. (Mark cuts out the dirty pictures he draws for us before showing the magazine to his mother - isn ' t that cute? Well, Mark, better not show them this yearbook-or they ' re gonna get a little suspicious. Poor Mark). Speaking of not showing things we never even get to see our favorite dirty man, old Mr. 4Q himself, Tony Auth. Tony graduated years ago but can ' t seem to say no and can ' t get out of the bag, so he appears and saves us from financial failure each and every time. Thank you Tony. And now, the best for last, the editor. He is a noble savage. Well built, good looking, friendly, witty, talented singer, writer, reader, player, emotionally hysterical, paranoic about things like Amurica and grown-ups and responsibility and making money and Time and things like that, you know? But otherwis e this ugly groveling stinking heap of is a beautiful person. He speaks gently to all, bestows his kingly love to all, blesses and waters down the trough of slobs that corner him in the office and force him to edit, reject, write, scream . . . that him publicly and then slap his wrist, that promise him understanding and then cast off his ideas in out and crap and stuff him into the Daily Bruin and burn the whole mess. But Larry will go far. He is above all the and bother and redtape that exists down below in the -ly offices of the university. Grobel will it. He will. He really will. HE WILL, I TELL YOU, I WILL .... Goo bye . . . goo bye . . . goo bye sweet ladies ta ta goo bye 327 ■ ' % •. ' rVj? organizations organizations organization! ■:- ;%f organizations organizations organizations Alpha Kappa Psi Alpha Kappa Psi, professional fraternity in business administration and economics, enjoyed a very successful year under the administration of Mel Locke-Michael Waechter and Ken Skaggs-Bill Barker. Again we won the coveted National Efficiency Award. Dr. Maurice Goudzwaard served as our faculty advisor, replacing Dr. Clarence Huizenga who left for Stanford University. As in the past, professional activities were equal to social and athletic events. Our two Mardi Gras publicity parades, featuring beautiful Playboy Playmate " Tish Howard " and actress Christopher West, were received well by UCLA ' s male thoroughbreds. Mardi Gras Playmate-Tish Howard 9 vfe m m Bill Barker Curtis Barnes Jerry Boessler Clem Bucher Charles Clements Richard Collins Andrew Cooper George David Ron Dresher Jack Elser Allan Epstein Roger Fox Bill Freschi Paul Ginsburg Phil Mauser Kenneth Heintz Luis Liberman Peter McHugh Tom Miller Terence Roehm Ron Rudkin Ron Saatjan Alan Sachs Daniel Saks Ken Skaggs Jim Van Bibber Mike Waechter Jon Wolfson 330 Cindy Benulis Susan Birdsall Laurie Bitter Buffy Black Ellie Booth Cindy Caldwell Barbara Gate Diane Dolin Rica Duff Marti Ellertson Martha Farrington Susan Fields Janice Furey Gayle Garside Louise Gorfain Jill Hevrdejs Judy Howard Tern Manheim Paula Mazzereno Jane Meier Michele Movius Sue Nichols Karen Oakley Kathy Peterson Mary Polito Rose Schappek Kandi Shand Patty Stinemates Christine Tannehill Virginia Van Osdel Paulette Wang Angel Flight Angel Flight, the honorary auxiliary of the Arnold Air Society returned to campus under the leadership of Diane Dolin and presented sixteen new pledges. A beach party with Arnold Air tipped off fall activities which included attendance at Conclave in San Francisco, participation in Homecoming, and holding of a " Chain Gang " Pledge-Active party. At Chandelle, the semi-annual dinner-dance with Arnold Air Society, the pledges were initiated and Cindy Benulis installed as Commander. The Angels worked to finish the Cerebral Palsy Recreational Clinic and took underprivileged girls to the Los Angeles Zoo as community service. Spring found the Angels devoted to National Conclave and MardiGras. Hard at work on their Rummage Sale Anchors Anchors, the women ' s auxiliary to the Navy ROTC, commenced another busy year of fun and activities under the leadership of Lynda Richardson. Beginning with Rush, the Anchor log included participation in Homecoming, exchanges with the midshipmen, Anonymous Anchors, College Student for a Day, and a ski trip. Honorary Anchors were presented at Anchor Review in February. Also at the Review, the newly formed drill team was introduced. With Carol Thorsen as Drill Captain, the group performed at Tempo, Disneyland, and Stanford. Spring found the Anchors occupied with the Anchor Luncheon, Mardi Gras, and entertaining orphans at McClaren as a service project as well as participation in the Chancellor and Sunset Reviews with the Midshipmen. Chris Alberts Nancy Bailey Cherie Baker Marv Beaubien Mary Jane Brewer Patricia Brown Barbara Burnett Charlene Burr Stephanie Carr Cathy Chapman Susan Cifranic Patricia Connelly Nancy Cook Linda Cooper Jill Cunningham Margaret Eaton Pamela Grobecker Caryn Hutsinpeller Holly Hutchins Karen Jackson YvonneJohnson Rosemary Kimble Chris Lagenfeld Dena Lieberman Mary Ellen Lopez Jo Ann Magee Helen McCullough Chen Mitchem Lynda Richardson Randi Riley Linda Shaw Sherry Shaw Linda Skaglund Shirley Strachan Sue Strong Carol Talpis 332 Patricial Watt Beth Young Jody Zeimer Bruinettes Bruinettes serve as the official hostesses of the freshman class. Selected annually on the basis of poise, appearance, personality, and spirit, they greet members of visiting teams about to tackle the Brubabes. In addition to exchanges with the frosh team, activities include service projects and instilling pep at freshman athletic events. Andrea Booth Karen Britt Wendy Brooks Kathi Colclasure Karen Connolly Carolyn Crawford MelanieEngel Pat Fitzmorris Felice Freeman Ester Friedman Amy Glantz Terry Hammond Connie Henderson Karen Honnell Anne Jung Carol Klein Linda Kline Robin Koosed Reg ma Lax Barbara Levitzky Debby Lones Vicki Long Mane MacKay Laura Martin Cathy Medoff Mariane Mitchell Randy Morrison Lynn Ohren Debbie Palmquist Lyn Pettier Rhonda Pieter Suzanne Pulsifer Sue Randall Knsti Rasmussun Christine Swartz Pam Thomas Ellen Turner Barbara Weiner Stephanie Wong Joan Ulrey Joanne Yoffee Jacqueline Yip 333 Blue Key (Left to right) Gordon Benson-chaplain, CharlieCiark-rabbi, Deal Loomos-vice president, Al Cutrow-president. Blue Key is the Upper Division Men ' s Honorary. Less than 107o of the male students at UCLA are in Blue Key. Blue Key performs many outstanding services for the UCLA campus. We were ushers for the Alumni Banquet. We contribute money to UniCamp. We hold intellectual discussions. We had a lecture on the Bushes Anhueseres by an expert botanist. Dr. Alan Greenstadt put on a juggling exhibition with 45 plates of food. And our own Richard Gross, when he wasn ' t running for office, put together the first Blue Key speakers program. Also, we received $200 from SLC. Among the many rewards that were given to the UCLA campus community was the Blue Keyhole of the Month. The award alternately went between UCLA athletic trainer Larry Carter, and " Elenor of the Student Store, " with Lyndon Baines Johnson copping the award in June by a landslide vote of all graduating seniors. M. .Jfe „:: ' 2k f1 H l l Al Cutrow Roy Barth Gordon Benson Bruce Bradley Ray Brogliatti Dennis Choate Charlie Clark Ed Collom George Conkey Roger Culbertson William Dess Bob Doss Tom Edwards Dave Fonfara Steve Gaines Tom Gold Stan Gordon Richard Gross Harry Gunther Lawrence Guzin Mike Hateley 334 Jim Hietbrmk Jim Hybiske Bob Hindy John Jenkins Ed Kushins Howard Krepack Andy Lewis Rich Logan John Lucan Dick Lynn Charles Mann Frank Marshall Bob Martin Gary Martin Mike Morrow Robert Moss Les Munson Dennis Murphy Doug Neillson Mike Niederman Mike Ovitz Greg Pawlik Bill Pennington Wayne Redfearn Marc Rosen Gerry SeidI Steve Stearns Steve Walker Alan Watenmaker RussWebb iiiife 4t Mi L. l ' U LI M t T Ji Pj " ' z mM:miM H lr ' 1 1 1 u % J ' m 1 m .4 s : — 1 ns ' 1 K Hi 335 Bruin Belles Bruin Belles are the official hostesses of UCLA. A wide variety of activities include greeting the visiting football teams and hostessing for Federal Career Day, the World of Work Conference, UCLA Open House, and Charter Day ceremonies. Belles also sponsor w w the Cal-Weekend Brunch and welcome the Homecoming and Mardi Gras judges. Social activities include exchanges with the Kelps and the Bruin Football Team, topped off with the annual Bruin Belle-Beau Banquet in May. Denyse Ames April Anson Anita Ares Jeanne Baker Judy Barrie Susan Barton Mary Beaublen Barbara Beenken Kathy Block Mary Bomba Sharon Boydstun Linda Bradshaw Sue Braithwaite Colleen Brown Shirley Buss Susan Carroll Josle Chan Nancy Chien Tisha Cole Susan Conwell Stacy Evans Mary Fahey Andrea Farley Janis Findlay Beth Fortmueller Kathy Frost Marilyn Fuller Sandy Glauser Judy Golub Judy Golum Laurie Harris Nancy Hedlund Robyn Hickey Mary Izzo JcAnne Kashiki Julie Kincaid Kathy Klelnkauf Andrea Korkas Lora Krotz Cathy Landrum Lalnle Larkins Diane Leek Cynthia Lew Marni Magda Pam Magee Cassandra Malry Stacy Mann Kathy Masterson Suzy McDermald Gae McElhaney Jane Moomaw Maureen Mosher Arlane Mustad Janet Nakamura Cheryl Nelson Desi Pagliuso Terry Palmquist Kathleen Perrlne Betty Putchkoff Judy Reich Nancy Rethmeier Suzanne Rustin Rosalee Sass Sandy Shapiro Leslye Shelley Ginny Stahl Diana Stenen Renee Steuber Ann Stiles Shirley Strachan 4i| Vicki Tong Bobbie Tongco Lisa Victor Barbara Welsh Barbara Welty Mary Lou Williams Carol Winters Mary Zant Chimes Chimes, the junior women ' s honorary and service organization, selects twenty-five girls on the basis of a 2.75 g.p.a. and recommendations from two other major campus activities. Clad in gold sweaters and brown skirts. Chimes experienced another exciting year by selling " Ding SC " cow bells at football games to promote spirit and by organizing licorice sales to boost funds. The Spur-Chime Breakfast and All-Honorary Dinner, participation in traditional service projects, Mardi Gras, the Uni-Camper Zoo Trip, and the Women ' s Week Children ' s Party for Married Students ' Housing were supported enthusiastically under the leadership of President J udy Wood, Vice President Carol Rubinger, Secretary Marilyn Harris, Treasurer Judy Poliqum, and Historian Vera Micic. Lydia Rudametkin Diane Shevers Audrey Teren Ronnie Weinir Judy Wood Chris Alberts Anne Ayres Betty Bogamez Ann Brooks Barbara Burnett Susan Caldwell Susan Carter Cindy Catton Ginger Fulton Linda Goldenberg Marilyn Harris Jo Ann Kashiki Sharon Krevitz Shelley Leftgoff Janie Martin Vera Micic Judy Millman Maureen Mosher Pat Mulvey Judy Poliquin Jann Reitter 338 Chi Alpha Delta Under the leadership of President Beverly Yorimoto, the Chi ' s enjoyed another year of service and social activities. Beginning with Rush Week the Chi ' s welcomed fifteen new members into sisterhood. The annual Christmas Dance held at the Ambassador Hotel and the Formal Initiation of the pledges at the Century Plaza Hotel high- lighted the year. Parties, more activities and service projects made members of Chi Alpha Delta experience another meaningful and successful year. President Beverly Yorimoto Carole Doiwchi Janice Fujikuni Cathy Fukui Kay Funakoshi Carolyn Gee June Ikemoto Chayl Iwashita Ivy Iwashita Joanne Izumo Eva Jew Dianne Jue Kim Kamoto Patti Kamoto Peggy Kobayas hi Sachi Kodama Patty Kokubun Judy Maruyama Jane Monhara Karen Nakajima Joyce Nishmaga Julie Nishizu PatOkuda Candy Ota Susan Ryang Candi Saito Carolyn Saito Susan Shimuzu Penny Shinohara Laura Shiozaki Grace Tanihara Thalia Taomae Naomi Uyeda Mary Ung Nancy Uyemura Diane Watanabe 339 California Club April Anson Al Erdynast Fay Gormly Richard Gross Leslie Harbottle Stephens Harter Vera Micic Marsha McGaugh Pam Pinnell Ann Rieber Sharon Storm Don Wyman California Club is an all-University club founded in 1934 by Robert Gordon Sproul, then President of the University. There are now nine chapters, one on every UC campus. Basically, Cal Club serves as an agency for communication of opinions between students and the President on matters concerning the University. This year the emphasis was placed on the problem of undergraduate education, as the UCL7 chapter considered the Kneller Report, the communication problems of the Dow incident, and the considered tuition. Members of the Administration and of the faculty were invited totheeveningdiscussion meetings. The Cal Club convention was at the Davis campus this year, so the UCLA members got a glimpse of agriculture as well as a chance to speak with both President Hitch and former President Kerr. The all-University spirit prevailed as student leaders from all campuses compared and discussed current problems. Chi Delta Pi Chi Delta Pi is the English Honor Society at UCU . Students with a high scholastic average in English are rewarded with membership. Lisa Tarsey has led them through several coffee hours with distinguished novelists, poets, and playwrights. Lisa Dea Tarsey 340 Members of Cal Club are chosen to represent every aspect of the student body, both undergraduate and graduate. They are given a chance to evaluate closely their experiences at UCLA and to make suggestions to both the faculty and Administration for improvements and changes in the ever growing University. Bottom row: Andrea Bass, Denise Vandenberg, Judy Motel. Lisa Tarsey- president, Pat Looney, Joyce Keliner, Bob Levine. Second row: Virginia Ik- kanda, Wendy Rawson, Susan Smith. Cheryl Moroney. Kathy Bregder, Mir- iam Jurland, Jay Kenoff. Top row: Larry Grobel, Cal Oltrogge, Mane Ma- g uire. Robert Speziale, Richard Schenker, Marty Hogue. Not pictured: Pat- rice Tarsey, Kathleen McSweeney, Ryba Tregilgas, Darrell Eckensley, Jeffrey Sobel, Michaela Iwasiuk. Christian Science Organization The Christian Science Organization provides an opportunity for students of Christian Science to share their religion with the University Public. Christian Science scientifically explains to this age the way to experience the all-embracing care of God. Students of Christian Science join in order to share experience and draw support from the application of the teachings of the religion. The building is open for regularly scheduled testimony meetings, and for the study of the Bible and the writings of Mary Baker Eddy, the discoverer and founder of Christian Science. i Sigma Alpha Bottom row: Gerald Cole, Candace Shand, Eva Damski, Susan Louise, Fes- senden Walker, Eve Duval, Andrew Friedman. Second row: Charles Mann. Allan Rosenthal, David Treiman, John Mason, Michael Luppi. Top row: Dav- id Karton, John Ryan, Bruce Kramer, Jerrold Fink-president, Martin Lipton, Marshall Mintz, Roger Holt, John McHugh. Not pictured: Paul Krupsaw- vice president. Norm Kulla- secretary, Augustin Medina Jr., Mark Resnik, Stuart Rutkin, Larry May, Cynthia Sonns, Paul Marcus, Benny Frydman, Boon Hiok Lee, Alexander Balla, Robert Mandel, William Goldsmith, Melvin Bernstein, Virgil Roberts. Conning Tower Conning Tower, as the professional and social organization of the Naval ROTC unit at UCLA, is open to all Midshipmen of the battalion. Conning Tower promotes friendship and helps to unify members as well as offering practical experiences on field trips and cruises on the open sea. Activities include exchanges with theAnchors (women ' s auxiliary to the Navy), publication of the unit yearbook, Porthole, and presentation of the Stripe and Star Ball. James Adams Jerry Baker Chris Cartl edge Robert Drakes Bruce Dube Ray Dyer Timothy Gonick John Helm Peter Kaloudis David Kelsey Duane Lucca Leonard Meads David Nelson Gene Rider Joseph Robbins David Seyller Richard Stockton Edward Thompson Douglas Weber Yoshimitsu Yoshioka 342 Patty Bostwick Karen Cook Cheryl DeArrieta Joseph DeBold Donna Doll Laurel Donner Susan Ellis Carolyn Ferkel Douglas Gilbert Michael Hess Carol Hook George Jensen Nancy Kiefer Maxine Klein Margie Lehr Terri Manheim Wendy Matthews Gerrie Morgan Bonnie Nickel Gregg Pumphrey John Randall Linda Rumsey Louise Strauss Masonic Affiliate Club Starting the year with a successful orientation program highlighted by a Hawaiian Luau, the Masonic Affiliate Club gained more than thirty new pledges. Under the leadership of President Margery Lehr, they participated in Homecoming and won the theme prize for their float. Philan- thropically, the Affiliates served Thanksgiving dinner for needy children at their annual All-Nations banquet. The Initiation and Christmas Party with the theme of Nutcracker Suite ended the Fall Quarter. With Greg Smith as leader in the winter and spring, the Affiliates held their second annual Happening, a Car Rally, dances, a dinner-dance reception for the Grand Master of California, and participation in both Mardi Gras and Spring Sing. Harambee Harambee . . . which is Swahili for " pull together " . . . is a relatively quiet student activist group founded for the purpose of raising money. The group is composed of Black Economic Power advocates. Members Ardie Ivie, Anthony Alexander and Charles Edward Anderson III have been working to initiate a student funded scholarship and student recruitment program designed to focus upon the needs of South East Los Angeles and Watts. Harambee presented in January a major concert in Pauley Pavilion featuring Miriam Makeba, Oscar Brown Jr., Jean Pace, the Association, and the Stone Poneys with finances from local entrepreneurs. Such a concert was heretofore unprecedented. Harambee is a financial branch of the UCLA Black Student ' s Union. Its goal ... to increase the black student population at UCLA. The Harambee Scholarship and Recruitment program will someday become an annual reality. Charles Edward Anderson Ardie Ivie and Anthony Alexander 344 Oscar Brown, Jr. Miriam Makeba Jean Pace s VWW ' Sk -n April Anson Cathleen Bauch Charlotte Carter Fay Gormly Beverly Gray Leslie Harbottle Judity Hedrick Linda Hendrix Ellen Kotzin Mortar Board The Agathai Chapter of National Mortar Board enjoyed an interesting and meaningful year of leadership and service at UCLA. Dinner meetings including ajoint 50th Anniversary celebration with the USC chapter proved enjoyable for all. Mortar Board also hosted the UPSTAIRS, sponsored a Women ' s Week panel on Birth Control and World Population and helped with Project India Book Drive. Strenuous selection procedures for the new chapter highlighted Spring Quarter with the traditional Awards Banquet and Mortar Board ' s beautiful tapping ceremony. Officers: Front row: Fay Gormly-treasurerjeanette Webb-secretary. Back row: Gale Philips- vice president, April Anson- president, Stephana Roth- historian. Linda Netter Paula Pfaff Gale Philips Pamela Pinnell Stephana Roth Dians Stenen Anne Van De Water Patricia Van Haerlem Jeanette Web b 348 Nisei Bruins The NBC calendar of events for 1967-68, headed this year by president Terry Matsumoto, opened with its annual Frosh Reception, while Homecoming saw the Nisei Bruins enter, for the first time, a float which won Third Place for " Most Beautiful. " Nancy Uyemura and Harry Manaka may be credited for carrying the heaviest workload and for doing a great job. For the second consecutive year, NBC won first prize for the best game booth at the Mardi Gras with their Horseracing booth. Other activities over the year included a beach party, Nisei Week, and an Open Dance. Lanny Kusaka, Athletic Coordinator, has worked hard to organize the Tea League Bowling Tournament, intramural football, volleyball, the very successful basketball team as well as a swimming team. Thomas Asliimoto Neil Chan Vernon Chmen Carole Dolwchi Nancy Fujihi ro Bob Fujiu Janice FujikunI Kay Funakoshi Cathy Fukui Carolyn Gee Merilynne Hamano Larry Higashi Kathy Hiramatsu Barbara Hirashima Howard Hiyoshlda Ann Honda Namy li|ima Richard lizuka June Ikemoto Marsha Inana Ronald Inouye Ivy Iwashita Dorie Iwata Joanne Izumo Phil Jenkin Eva Jew Jeannie Joe Dianne Jue 349 Tom Kaizuka Janice Kamiya Kim Kamoto Patti Kamoto Joyce Kawahata Steve Kawata Pat Kitagawa Peggy Kobayashi Sachi Kodama Patty Kokubun Mary Ann Kurashita Cynthia Lew Treis Lum Harry Manaka Judy Maruyama Terry l atsumoto Matt Matsushita Priscilla Mio Beverly Miyamoto Barbara Mizuno Jane Morihara Diane Murakami Keiko Murata Ben Nagano Nancy Nakaji Karen Nakajima Ray Nakatani Glenn Nakayama Janice Nakayama Hiro Nishi Joyce Nishinaga Joan Nozaki Alan Ohashi Peggy Oka Martin Okabe Beverly Okamoto James Okazaki Dennis Onoda Tad Oshita Candy Ota Kathy OwashI Shirley Quong Candi Saito Carolyn Saito Steve Sato Deane Satow Denise Senzaki Douglas Sera Susan Shimizu Laura Shiozaki Judy Shiozawa Steve Takaya Diane Takenaga Conrad Tamanaha Karen Tanlguchi Grace Tanihara Thalia Taumae Kathy Tokirio Coleen Towata Ron Toyama Joan Uchida Mary Ung Naomi Uyeda Mary Uyematsu Nancy Uyemura Diane Watanabe Ron Watanabe Shig Watanabe Annette Wong Ronald Yagi Sam Yamokishi Linda Yamasaki Susan Yanaga Howard Yata Helen Yee Jacqueline Yip Dennis Yonemura Beverly Yorimoto Wayne Yoshizaki Bill Zaima Omega Sigma Tau Omega Sigma Tau, a service and social organization, was new to the UCLA campus this year. Under President Dennis Onode, the Omegas participated in Homecoming by helping the Nisei Bruin Club with their float. In addition to various service projects, members enjoyed a successful New Year ' s Party and participated in Mardi Gras. Other officers included First Vice President Gilbert Nishimura, Second Vice President Ron Watanabe, Recording Secretary Jake Watanabe, Treasurer Tad Oshita, Corresponding Secretary Ron Toyama, and Parliamentarian Wayne Yoshizaki. Bob Fujiu Larry Higashi Howard Hiyoshlda Ronald Inouye Richard lizuka Tom Kaizuka Steve Kawata Matt Matsushita Ben Nagano Ray Nakatani Hiro NIshi Martin Okabe James Okazaki Dennis Onoda Tad Oshita Steve Sato Steve Takaya Conrad Tamanaka Ron Toyama Ron Watanabe Shig Watanabe Ronald Yagi Dennis Yonemura Wayne Yoshizaki fW9wm 352 VIPS ' s at the Phrateres Pledge Tea: Linda Kaplan-secretary, Carole Lovinger-advisor, Dean Stark-dean of women, Mrs. Chilstran-Prateres grand national president, Barbara Honig -pledge mom. Phrateres " Famous For Friendliness " -that ' s Phrateres! Open to any interested UCLA coed, Phrateres offers all the varied activities, hard work and unlimited fun of a service and social sorority, plus Big Brothers. Want proof? . . . For Homecoming, " Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow, " Phrateres with Alpha Phi Omega built the Queen ' s Float. Phrateres sold pizza at Mardi Gras, entered Spring Sing, hosted at Monte Carlo Night, lent a helping hand to the Spastic Children ' s Foundation and the Wayward Girls ' Home .... But that ' s not all! Phrateres served pancakes to their fathers at the Father-Daughter Breakfast, held a Mother-Daughter Tea, had an Initiation-Dinner Dance at the Santa Ynez Inn, organized a theater party to see " Alfie, " sold Swap-A-Pops, and held exchanges. So . . . " Fun and Activities " -that ' s Phrateres, too! Phrateres work with Alpha Phi Omega on Queen ' s Float for Homecoming. Mary Bumb Beverly Bushner Roberta Cohen Judy Coyne Denise Deets Gail Feverlicht Mary Ghesquiere Ellen Gold Jo Ann Goodman Patricia Gordon Brenda Harvey Betty Hom Barbara Honig Linda Kaplan Linda Klein Cathy Lacoste Sandy Lesner Lisa Magnet Marjorie Miller Laura Newman Esther Radom Tobi Schechner Paula Skale Cindy Smith Marilynne Springer Becky Walton 353 Prytaneans April Anson Anita Ares Bobbe Bramson Shan Butler Sue Chanter Gayle Garside Sandy Glauser Fay Gormly Sylvia Gutierrez Leslie Harbottle Laurie Harris Linda Hendrix Janis Irvine Shelly Leftgoff Kathy MacKay Carole Marissael Vera Micic Valerie Oleon Paula Pfaff Gale Philips Rosalee Sass Diana Stenen Diana Tonsich Lisa Victor Ronni Wienir Joan Williams Carol Winters Judy Wood Claire Woodson Debby Zarate f € § Membership in Prytanean is given to upper division women who have contributed distinguished service to the University. As an upper division honorary, Prytanean tries to promote faculty-student relations. This year, members enjoyed a successful Annual Dinner for Outstanding Professors. Prytanean joins the Alumne Chapter every year to make Christmas stockings for the children at the UCLA Medical Center as a philanthropy project. The officers for 1968 include: President Anita Ares, First Vice-President Jana Pantazelos, Second Vice-President Gale Philips, Corresponding Secretary Leslie Harbottle, Recording Secretary Terrell Clark and Treasurer Joan Williams. 354 Patricia Akahoshi Linda Bosely Debbie Boughn Maria Brown Phyilis Cascade Julie Cinque Kathy Decider Anna Drumlewicz Emily Gellman Kathy Goble Sabers Sabers, the women ' s auxiliary to the Army ROTC. is a social and service organization dedicated to promoting the ideals and ambitions of the Army. Serving as hostesses as well as observers of tactical problems, Sabers also hold various social activities with the Brigade, such as the Military Ball for which the Army Queen is chosen. Sabers contributes money to an orphanage in South Vietnam and works annually for the Blood Drive with the Red Cross. The newly- formed women ' s rifle team has competed and placed in several matches. The spirit and enthusiasm of its members and cadets in the Brigade make Sabers an active and proud organization. Suzanne Halpert Hallie Herman Karen Kalstrom Chris Larkin Melanie Linder Vicky Lyon Laura McAvoy Paula Pfaff Carole Rand Wendy Roellick Cindy Rubin Kay Rustand Barbara Staley Linda Woestemeyer Rosemary Wright Debby Zarate General Richardson (commander, U.S. 5th Army, now retired) addressing the Sabers on the drill field. atf fl kA " -fcii; y V ■ ilr. ., 4 " N % Joe Balasco Bruno Bornino Harriet De Louise Kathy Duehren Rona Dworsky Mary Feeiey Marilyn Goshman Gloria Gutierrez Tim Haldeman Richard Impett Lucille Jigamian Maureen Karlin Mimi Kelley Hal Kurz Jerry Lee Howard Levy Henry Lew Terry Markowitz Janet Martello Richard McGrath Janet McMillan Linda Melanie Gay Miller Veronica Miller Mark Nielson Carol Olmert Cynthia Osborne Jim Parks Mike Patonal Jane Pnvaloff La Vern Porche Joan Ramen Jim Rowlands Leslie Sternhill Louise Strauss Robert Takasaki Rally Committee Last year Rally Committee put in over 9,000 man hours to produce 7 haiftime performances at football games. In addition to organizing and directing the rooting section in these presentations, Rally Committee also plans campus spirit rallies, sells spirit buttons, handles the powerful airhorns at football games, and is charged with the safekeeping of the large UCLA banner. UCLA has gained national recognition for its skillful and original animated card stunts. Among those especially noted are UCLA ' s uniqueteletypeand evening flashlight stunts. Rally Committee owes its successful season to Chairman, Jim Rowlands, Vice- Chairman, Dana Gurnee, Head Artist, Mark Nielsen, and Secretaries, Harriet De Louise and Linda Leon. 356 Gordon Ting Nora Titus Lanaii Torkelson Sue Wiidman Jeb Woodhouse Judy Yarmus Noel Yslas (left to right) Mark Nielson-head artist, Dana Gurnee-vice chairman, Linda Leon-social secretary, Jim Rowlands-chairman, Harriet DeLouise-executive secretary, Jim Bow-section supervisor. Chris Ackema Karen Anderson Missy Anderson Carol Blaylock Ann Brooks Terryl Carillo Susan Cifranic Carolyn Crawford Sue Day Christine DeAinza Maureen Eastwood Dolly Englert Janet Gaudin Kathy Griffiths Patti Gunter Jan Harb ugh Linda Hubbard Jacquelyn Jesse Front row: Sue Rossi-rush chairman, Carolyn Kaiser-vice president, Genie Taylor -secretary. Analee Wulfkle. Back row: Ann Brooks-social chairman, Nancy McLaren- president, Margo Parmenter- publicity. Shell and Oar 358 Sue Jesse Carolyn Kaiser Nancy Kaupp Mary Jane Martin Hillary Maveety Nancy McLaren Kathy McWaid Michele Movius Patty Mulford Patsy Mulvey Cindy Murray Cherri Myers Nancy Nakaji Debby Olsen Margo Parmenter Suzanne Pulsifer Kristi Rasmussen Denise Ray Heddy Richter Linda Robinson Linda Rodriguez Sue Rossi Carol Schottland Kandi Shand Kathy Sherreitt Janet Sieg Donna Smart Kimberley Smith Barbara Staley Linda Steinberg Lee Strauss Gene Taylor Helen Thomas Ellen Turner Marlene Urner Susan Winslow Annette Woodling Janelle Yancey Debby Zarate Jody Zeimer 359 Sophomore Sweethearts has lived up to its name this year. There are fifty sophomore girls, dressed in burgundy, and ready to serve UCLA, hostessing at such university functions as Monte Carlo Nite, high school group tours, Mardi Gras, and Journalism Day. With equal enthusiasm, the girls support UCLA ' s No. 1 water polo team and swim team. Sophomore Sweethearts This year, Sweethearts have had many major philanthropy projects, including a Valentine ' s Day Party in Pediatrics Ward at UCLA, a Christmas Party at Westminster ' s Children Center, and a successful candy sale. Also a highlight in this year ' s activities was the presenta- tion of the annual Spring Sing trophy for the most original group. Glenda Aaron Vicki Bartlett Constance Blair Bonnie Blomberg Catherine Chapman Sheila Clark Joyce Dasilva Linda Davis Louise Egly Sandi Essen Connie Finch Betty Flo Carol Fraser Mary Gora Victoria Harris Cindy Kent Elana Kolom Carol Liptz Marlene Litvak Kathy Macias Denise Mathey Helen McCullough Judy Meisenheimer Lolly Melnick Annie Monk Eleanor Mosauer Nancy Nakaji Cathy Nelson Luann Overmyer Pat Phillipes Patty Pollak Kathy Post La Donna Reiner Nancy Shapiro Suzanne Simmler mm NrN j V 360 Sophomore Sweethearts are led by Vicki Harris, president, Christy Snyder, vice-president, Vicki Bartlett, secretary, Helen McCullough, membership secre- tary, Lee Meisenheimer, treasurer, Nancy Mozur, historian, Carol Dische, activities ' chairman, Louise Egly, social chair- man, Connie Henderson, sports ' chair- man, and Cheryl Vienna, philanthropy chairman. Alison Singer Christy Snyder Kathy Stout Mary Jane Stricklin Jill Strom Suzanne Thoman Jan Thompson Cheryl Vienna Jeanne Wallace 361 Spurs spurs . , , spirit, pep, unity, rep . . . is the sopinomore women ' s national honorary. Selected on the basis of scholarship, leadership, and service. Spurs maintain an ideal of service to campus and community. Members participate in activities such as working as volunteers at the Jules Stein Eye Institute and coordinating the Faculty Women ' s Tea as well as many other outstanding service projects. Jeanne Baker Melody Bennett Cheryl Burch Nancy Chien Martha Ellertson Ernestine Forrest Susan Garb Linda Golden berg PattiGunter Caryn Hutsmpiller Andrea Korkos Jean Kronberg Hillary Maveety Evy McNitt Annie Monk Nancy Mozur Mary Nastronero Barbara Piatt Jen Posner Sherry Rose Roberta Schultz Ten Soeder Adnanne Stanton AnaleeWulfkuhle 362 Theta Kappa Phi Theta Kappa Phi, a service-social sorority, participates in a variety of school and community projects. On campus they sponsor an annual Victory Dance after the UCLA-USC game, help raise funds for Uni-Camp, and boast the best Mardi Gras food booth award for the past two years. During the summer they are active in the Nisei Week festivities. Heading the ' 67- ' 68 cabinet was senior Joan Uchida. She was assisted by service vice-president Sharon Goya and pledge mistress Marsha Inana. Front row: Helen Yee, Beverly Okamoto, Brenda Uyemura, Barbara Mizuno, Mary Uyematsu, Janice Kamiya, Merilynne Hamano, Cynthia Lew, Kathy Tokirio. Back row; Annette Wong, Done Iwata, Nancy Fujihiro, Beverly Miya- moto, Namy lijima, Kathy Hiramatsu, Jeanne Tashima, Denise Senzaki, Mary Ann Kurashita, Linda Yamasaki, Diana Takenaga, Priscilla Mio. Front row: Joan Nozaki, Colleen Towata, Janice Nakayama, Sharon Goya, Joan Uchida-president, Marsha Inana, Judy Hamasaka, Barbara Hirashima, Amy Uyematsu, Back row: Susan Yanaga, Diane Murakami, Sandi Iwataki, Karen Ito, Kathleen Furumura, Kathy Owashi, Frances Ung, Julia Kawabata, Evelyn Nowaki, Peggy Oka, Gwen Tsuruda, ' : ii fl U ' 4 ' «4l living groups living groups living grc ps living groups living groups living groups 366 It all began in such a hurry. The year began early if you went through rush. Long before even Regis- tration the girls moved into Weyburn attempting to prepare for the agoni- zing week. Each day the number of invitations decreased, and so did the number of girls going through. But finally after the tense waiting you were in, if you made it all the way to pledging, and the situation began to relax. No more hats and teacups. You began to see your sisters as they really are, without the put-on smiles and the ridiculous songs that often remind one of soap advertisements. If only Rush could give an accurate picture of sorority life. 367 Panhellenic Panhellenic, an organization of UCLA ' s twenty-one national sororities, is composed of the President and Rush Chairman of each individual sorority. The rules and regulations formed by this council govern such aspects of sorority life as the intricate rushing system and pledge ptograms. It is devoted to maintaining high educa- tional, cultural and social standards. This year, the success of the organi- zation was quite evident in its spon- sorship of Greek Week and the joint Panhellenic-IFC collection of $5,000 in scholarships for the underprivileged. This money raised through Greek Week activities brings the joint scholarship fund to $25,000. In addition, Panhellenic concucted a Fall Workshop aimed at discussing problems common to all sororities such as rush procedures, member- ship equalization, and pledge training. The Winter quarter was highlighted by a joint luncheon retreat with the Inter- fraternity Council at which chapter officers were honored guests. This provided an opportunity to increase the already growing spirit of coopera- tion between Panhellenic and IPC. 368 Acting as official hostesses of UCLA, Panhellenic has entertained such prominent personalities as Rod Serling and provided classroom space in sorority houses for the Experimental College. Seated: Marsha Frausel, Jackie Winer, Karen Olson, Diane Barry, Sue Chan- ter, Barbara Manheimer, Leslie Sternhill, Sheila Mann, Paula Pfaff. Stand- ing; Melanie Taylor, Ellen Marston, Paula Porter, Lynn Morris, Cheri Co- cagne, Sylvia Gutierrez, Sue Rossi, Gale Philips, Donna Higgins, Karen Keys, Pam Cressey, Robin Collins, Linda Harrer, Linda Kelly, Colleen Hughes, Stephanie Carr, Robin Steinhardt, Carol Monsanto. 369 Alpha Chi Omega After staging the most successful Rush on the Row, Alpha Chi Omega went into hibernation, coming out only for beer busts, exchanges, campus activities, and occasionally classes. A Chi O ' s did not participate in the VDC, the Dow Chemical Protest, or the wrestling team, but no other organ- ization escaped the red and green. The year wouldn ' t have been complete without . . . The Winter Formal which was voted Great Sorority Party of the Year, the post-Formal football game in the upstairs hall being even more fun . . . The Tree Trim Party, again a smashed success as we got into the Christmas spirit with some very good egg nog. This event was highlighted by the appearance of three grubby ATO ' s who left without the treethis year . . . The annual Luau, which was again visited by the Great Pineapple Chief who came to do a little cutting up. The Pledge Class invited the actives to spend Saturday Night at the Movies. 120 Bonnies and Clydes? . . . They also provided dinner for the actives, due to an unfortunate bet . . . The Toad of the Week Contest was revived because of the quality of fraternity men on campus . . . The Pink, Blue, and Green called a truce after the disappearance of the Oatmeal Kid . . . Mark Eden was named honorary Big Lyre for his efforts to round out the house . . . And as we close, Carolyn has finally passed her candle. BARBARA HANOIJSEK 370 Cheryl Armelli Janet Baker Vicki Bartlett Elizabeth Bogomez Ann Brooks Anita Brown Patricia Brown Barbara Burnett Jody Carpenter Susan Carroll Nancy Cherney DianneChiary Kathryn Christians Becky Christner Nancy Clark Carolyn Cox Lynn Cummings Christine DeAinza Maureen Eastwood Kathy Erwood Sandra Essen Martha Finley Julie Fix Carole Francis Cathy Graf SandeeGruner Kathy Grzesik Barbara Hanouser Carol Hornish Sarah Kinsman Jean Koerper Lora Krotz Kathryn Kuhl Sue Leishman Vicki Lewis Nancy Lewis Nancy Losey Valerie Marlowe Laura Martin Myrna McCallister Helen McCullough Patricia Mingus Susan Moore Susan Morton Michele Movius Susan Oblinger Deborah Parker Kathleen Perrine Christy Samuelson Melody Schallon LeanneSchettler Mary Lou Simpson Betty Spatz Kathleen Steele Sherril Swan Pam Ward Terri Williams Tomi Williams Charmaine Witus Barbara Younger 371 Alpha Delta Chi Alpha Delta Chi started its year with a Rush of events in- cluding a Mother and Daughter Tea and a Candy Making Party. To work off those additional calories, we played an exciting and strenuous round of golf. The Alpha Delta Chi and Alpha Gama Omega chapters from the Southland re- treated to the woods for a weekend of fun and fellowship. Other activities of the year included a workday with Teen Challenge; two luncheons with fashion shows, one to cele- brate the founding of the sorority and another with the alumns; fraternity exchanges; " Little Kids " pledge party, which brought out the youth in all of us; a project to help World Vision in sending things of use to the people in Viet Nam; and our formal initiation banquet. JEANTRAUTWEIN Patricia Anderson Ann Bigelow Joan Brizendine Patricia Campbell Carol Ferguson Sylvia Gardner Marie Gertsen Dee Ana Geortzen Annelle Jessen Glenda Kennamer Linda Kennamer Emily Lowe Lily Lowe Barbara McCormick Kathi McKee Virginia Mateo Claudia Norby MardaQuon Judy Reeves Linda Russell Nancy Sanders Kathy Sisel Kelleen Smith AdrienneStribley Sharon Svendson JaquieTomke Jeanne Trautwein Patricia Welles 372 Diane Wickersham Gayle Whitmer Elaine Yee Carol Zuck Sally Seidenthal Linda Smith Laurel Wortman Sherry Young Penny Anderson Cheryl Baker Jean Baughn Marilynn Benedict Jan Berkness Ruth Anne Berkness Dolly Englert Helen Forkner Barbara Franklin Bonnie Carton Venita Herman Hallie Herndon Linda Johnson Carolyn Kaiser Pat Kasababian Linda Kelly Maxine Klein Jean Kurz Cheryl Mitchem Wendy Nelson Christine Philp Sigma Kappa The year began, as always, with a hectic Rush and a great new Pledge Class. Following the three sides of the Sigma Kappa triangle, we filled the year socially, spiritually, and academically. Socially, we were busy around campus as never before. We were active in Anchors, Sabers, Shell and Oar, Alpha Lambda Delta, Masonic Club, Mardi Gras, and Homecoming, where our tortoise, Herman, ran off with the S(peediest) L(egs) 0(f) W(estwood) trophy in the Great Turtle Race. Our fourteen fraternity Little Sisters, exchanges, coed intramurals, a Pledge-Active Hayride, and another successful Violet Ball ended up with seven more Monday night candle passings in the Fall. On the spiritual side of the triangle we worked with under- privileged children in Hawthorne and donated to our National philanthropy, the Maine Seacoast Mission, as well as working for Uni-Camp. Striving to strengthen our bond of sisterhood, we took our Pledges on a woodsey retreat, and hosted our Long Beach and San Diego State sisters and our Los Angeles alumnae at a Founders ' Day brunch. Academically, we had a Faculty Dinner to meet our profs on a personal basis - but we had to go to class anyway. We made our grades and stayed near the top of the G.P.A. list. LINDA SMITH 373 Alpha Delta Pi This year Alpha Delta Pi again proved itself outstanding in all aspects of campus life. Organizations such as Bruin Belles, Sophomore Sweethearts, Spurs, Fashion Board, Tutorial Project, Uni-Camp, and various fraternity Little Sister groups all had enthusiastic ADPi ' s as members. We are es- pecially proud of Ginny Stahl, this year ' s Chairman of Spring Sing, whose past work in Bruin Belles and on Homecoming, Mardi Gras, and Spring Sing Executive Committees has won her a nomination to Who ' s Who in American Colleges and UCLA ' s Outstanding Senior award. It was also a " fun " year socially, with exchanges and parties, highlighted by the traditional Diamond Ball held at the beautiful LaVenta Inn in PalosVerdes honoring our new initiates. Most important of all, the well-known " mansion on the hill " continued to be more than just an active sorority, but rather a real home for the most spirited and friendly girls on the row. MARSHA FRAUSEL 374 Anne Acton Paula Benford Melody Bennett Edie Biesheuvel Brooke Bower Gloria Cervenak JosieChan Alice Churukian Nancy Cook Mary Cowett Jill Cunningham Patti Daugherty Sheri Dederian Janis Findlay Sandy Finkelman Marsha Frausel Linda Classman i Sharon Johnson Vicki Kronick Donna La Hue Patti Levine Bonnie McClung Ginny Martin Pat Mooney EvieNattrass Jerri Ohisson Luann Overmeyer Cathy Pert u it Linda Rasak Arlene Rebrovich La Donna Reiner Pam Rettberg Connie Ross Ginny Stahl Melanie Taylor Janis Van Buskirk Pat Ware Jeannie Watts Christy Williams Alice Yosgott 375 Alpha Epsilon Phi Alpha Epsilon Phi ' s social and campus activities were brought into full swing this year with the addition of seven- teen new faces. The new school year also saw the initiation of last spring ' s pledge class. Active on campus were Doreen Adelstein, junior finalist for Homecoming; Rosalee Sass, Cultural Affairs Commissioner; Laurie Holland, Freshman Council Executive Secretary; Gloria Blonsky, AEPi calendar girl, and Jackie Blatt, Sigma Nu Princess. Phi ' s also participated in Bruin Belles, Sopho- more Sweethearts, Bruinettes, Communications Board, Prytaneans and Fashion Board. A beautiful pledge formal, dinner and dance, was held at the Monsigneur Room of the Hilton Hotel. Our philanthropic project was held for the Well Baby Clinic. Funds were raised by giving a Theatre Party. Zowie! We are pleased to see that a certain social Berrier vanished as fast as the white mice. This could be the start of something rich! ALEXIS SCOTT Doreen Adelstein Diane Adier Judy Beer Carol Bernson Jackie Blatt Gloria Blonsky Harriet Braiker Ronda Brown Shari Butler Rosalyn Fraider Linda Friedman Sue Friedman Alice Friss Laurie Glass Dale Goldman Joanne Golden Judy Golum Jill Goodman Jill Greenberg Leslie Gusinow Minah Harris Besslyn Hockman Laurie Holland Jill Jubelier Cindy Kent Jean Kronberg Nancy Loboschin Linda Lee 376 Karen Levey Jody Kitow Marlene Litvak Karen Mack Lolly Melnick Ellen Miller Gay Miller Sandra Mitchell Carol Newberger Jill Noskin Marsha Noskin Jane Pearlman Patricia Pessin Pat Phillipes Tallulah Reed Pat Robinson Rochelle Rosenstock Tessa Sacks Rosalie Sass Barbara Schwartz Beth Shulman Lexy Scott Melinda Small Jill Strom Heidi Weisbaum Beryl Weiss Dianne Weiss Ronnie Wienir 377 Alpha Gamma Delta 1967-68 was an active year for Alpha Gamma Delta, starting with a pledge-active retreat at the San Moritz Club to pre- pare for the quarter system and to forget what stop week wasn ' t. We started the year with 27 new and enthusiastic pledges who " surprised " the actives with a successful (?) ditch and repented with the pledge-active Shipwreck Party where the ship really did go down in the pool by accident (?). " Flower Power " or Jersey 13 added another trophy to our collection as the Alpha Gam-Zeta Psi float won Most Beauti- ful in the Home coming Parade. Alpha Gams were very busy on campus with quota member- ship in all branches of the service: Anchors, Angel Flight, Sabers, and Little Sister Organizations; and active participa- tion in such events as Bruin Belles, Sophomore Sweethearts, Spurs, Chimes and Shell and Oar. Exchange students in France, Norway, Mexico and Hawaii (?) and Peace Corps volunteers in Samoa added to the cultural interests of the house. We also had a record six people on the Dean ' s List and even a member on the Mademoiselle Fashion Board! Other events crowded into the social calendar included our spring formal at the Beverly Hilton, a Christmas Party and Family Night Dinner, Mardi Gras, exchanges and a super fast turtle. COLLEEN HUGHES 378 Susan Balding Barbara Becker Mary Ann Belbusti Bonnie Berke Susan Bertrand Susan Blackwell Ellie Booth Linda Bosely Deborah Boughn CharleneBurr Suzanne Burr Stephanie Carr Nancy Chooljian SueCoady Nancy Core Terry Crawford Kathy Decker Carole deVries Anne Duncan Linda Eaves Susan Fischer % i f I Christine Frettum Janice Furey Jane George Jo Dean George Kathy Goble Colleen Hughes Holly Hutchins Karen Jackson Karen Kalstrom Joyce Lew Laura McAvoy Mary McGoey Marygrace Miller Debbie Mills Linda Mitchell Judy Morehouse Joanne Pashalides Taffy Patton Susan Roche Barbara Russell Kay Rustad Nikki Jo Sanders Christie Savage Linda Shambaugh Mary Stein Carol Stewart Shirley Strachan Sue Strong Linda Thole Lucinda Travis Barbara Veile Emily Wendt Rosemary Wright Joanna Zamberlin Alpha Omicron Pi AOPi ' s 1967-8 began with a bang at the annual retreat held this year at Lake Arrowhead and progressed through a calendar star-studded by parties that ranged from a gala formal initiation ball in January to a come-as-you-were ship- wreck party in May. We try to blend participation in school activities with our study and sorority unity. AOPi ' s can be found active in school functions such as Homecoming and organizations such as Anchors, Shell and Oar, and Mortar Board. But, too, friendship is strong and some of the most enjoyabletimesof the year can be a warm-night gathering around the patio fireplace for roasted marshmallows and folk songs. We also like to include our families in our activi- ties, so in November we introduced our pledges ' families to AOPi with a family dinner. This year also, with the Arthritis Foundation as our new national philanthropy, we began a program of helping at Foundation centers by viewing a film on arthritis. Since arthritis strikes many college women we are happy to be abletoservein this way. Thus this has been both an enjoy- able and worthwhile year for us and we are looking forward to an even better 1968-9. LYNN MORRIS Pat Adrian Beryl Arbit Janice Bagge Cathy Bauch Janis Coleman Carol Gladden Virginia Haynie Rose Mary Kimble Linda Kitching Marilyn Kruse Margie Lehr Shiela Leventhal Mary Ellen Lopez Terri McConnell GerrieMaloof Valerie Marin Janice Mitchell Lynn Morris Jean Murphy Nadenia Newkirk Kathy Perrin Pat Rivard Kathleen Roth Kemary Sitterley MarnieSnow Carol Stich Lee Strauss Betty Jane Stuppy 380 Marry Watters Bonnie Whitley Susan Winslow Carol Wohl Jody Zeimer 381 Alpha Phi The sisters of Alpha Phi were active on campus this year, as they say in yearbooks. We had our share of Bruin Belles, Mortar Boards, Prytaneans, Chimes, Spurs, Sophomore Sweethearts, Bruinettes, Little Sisters, Anchors, Angel Flights, Shell and Oars- not to mention princesses (Blue Key, Lambda Chi, Theta Delt) and a Partridge in a Pear Tree. The Homecoming float we built with the Delta Sig ' s won the " First Place, Humorous " trophy. We didn ' t deny the value of these activities, but neither did we let ourselves yawn in the sleepy security which is often a product of the collegiate Land of Rah. Life was outside. We found out about it and mixed ourselves up in it. We watched newscasts and argued. The front page beat " Dear Abby " in gross popularity at the breakfast table. We invited professors to dinner and listened to them (talk, not eat). We didn ' t perform in the Placement center extrava- ganza, but our pledges made Thanksgiving decorations for those who were dining at the Veteran ' s Administration that day. All of us knocked on plenty of doors, collecting for the Heart Fund. Nine Alpha Phi ' s read text books to blind stu- dents. Individual girls have involved the house in their endeavors: UCLA ' s Tutorial Project, Holiday Happiness, working with neurologically handicapped and mentally re- tarded children. It was a good year. We looked around and reacted. Cindy Audino Nancy Austin Nancy Bailey Sandy Bossert Marilee Bowman Sharon Brewster Jen Brown Joanne Campbell Terrell Clark Anita Dorney Pat Fitzmorris Betty Flo Claudia Fredlcl sson Sylvia Gutierrez Judy Gwinn Terry Hammond Victoria Harris Linda Hendrix Chris Henry Corliss Hitchcock Ann Humphreys Marty Ingles Kathy Jerome Nancy Kaupp Kathy Kleinkauf Leslie Landgreen Jean LaTourette Carol Leonetti 382 Sally Lobherr Linda Lusk Kathy Mader Carmen Miller Maureen Mosher Mary Mudd Terry Nowell Margo Parmenter Isabella Perrin Renee Peyton Diana Rae Carey Resch Laurie Reynolds Kathy Ritchey Cherie Ritchie Sue Rossi NikkiSalet Kandi Shand Barbara Sheehan Jenny Sheldon Linda Smith Joan Staniek Christine Swartz Jan Thompson Gail Thoreson GayleTollefson Bena Torres Patty Wells JEANNIEMOULTON Diane Wiemeyer AnaleeWulfkuhle 383 Alpha Xi Delta Standing before 80 coeds gathered for the annual Alpha Xi Delta Scholarship Tea, Nola Stark, Dean of Women, an- nounced that Alph Xi had achieved the highest scholastic overall average ever attained by any social group in the history of the University of California. The Dean ' s comments included announcement of other scholastic honors ranging from a Phi Beta Kappa and six Regents Scholars to Mortar Board. But " Fuzzies " certainly don ' t limit themselves to purely academic activities; they ' re in and out of everything on cam- pus; Sabers, Shell and Oar, Angel Flight, Prytaneans, Phra- teres, Daily Bruin staff and the Tutorial Project. Among their members are Little Sisters of many fraternities, an Army Queen and a " Dream Girl. " " Fuzzie " pledges got the ' 67- ' 68 year off to a great start with their Ditch with Zeta Psi - on a chartered yacht to Catalina no less. They were considerate enough to kidnap Social Chairman, Debby Zarate ... in her nightgown. A few weeks later the pledge-active party- Cosa Nostra style, brought out all the gangsters and gun molls. For Christmas, they put on a puppet show for an orphanage, written and directed by Diane Heene. The puppets were all handmade and operated by girls who had never tried pup- petry before. Alpha Xi ' s are individual and diversified; girls in the house range from five pre-med students to two art majors. The 23 pledges climaxed their pledgeship with a formal Ini- tiation Dance at the Airport Marina Hotel. PAULA PFAFF 384 Bonnie Baker Maria Anne Brown Sandra Card Susan Carlson Carolyn Conley Janet Duvardo Susan Joanne Edberg Margaret Engesser Janet Epps Susan Fisher Nancy Freeman Jane Goodman Nancy Hays Diane Heene Susan Isell Christine Larkin Dianne Lewis MelanieLinder Darlene Lorenz Vicky Lyon Mary McFarland ' t P i. H 9 t A i $ iMi 1 i A . 1 1 i, -- ■M Harriet Wilburne Debby Zarate Donna Mclntyre Janet McMillan Nancy Miles Leslie Mirman Chris Murray Thora Lee Orzechowski Paula Pfaff Wendy Marie Rickard Wendy Karen Roellick Sheila Rutledge Jean Marie Schaefer Carol Severy Mary Frances Shafer Barbara Sharon Susan Shaw Kimberley Smith Joan Stevens Patricia Ann Thomas Paulette Wang Janet Weintraub Corinne Wilburne 385 Joann Alford DenyseAmes Karen Andersen Judy Armstrong SydneeArth Mary Beaubien Sharon Boehmer Pat Boileau Kay Bradley Teryl Carrillo Sue Chanter Bonnie Child Kay Christensen Kathy Collister Kathy Cook Alice Debenedetti Debbie Dikeman Nancy Dutcher Holly Ewald Andrea Farley Beth Fortmueller Marilyn Fuller SueGilcrest Sandy Green Linda Hagood Linda Hildreth Kathy Hobbs SueJenks 386 1. . ' ! ' 1 9zi 1 1 i i 1 , " - i ■ Chi Omega With the coming of Fall, Chi Omegas began another busy and successful year under the leadership of President Kathy Collister. Chi O ' s took an active part in many phases of campus life, participating in Bruin Belles, Bruinettes, Sophomore Sweethearts, Prytanean, Uni-Camp Board, and Homecoming and Spring Sing Executive Boards. In Intra- murals, Chi Omega took first place in swimming, third in track and field, and also had a winning tennis team. Outstanding Chi Omegas on campus were Sue Chanter, Panheiienic President, and Marilyn Fuller, Senior Princess for Homecoming as well as treasurer of Bruin Belles. Socially Chi O ' s enjoyed a full schedule with the Winter Formal at the La Canada Country Club highlighting the Fall quarter. The Pledge-Active and Initiation Dance filled the Winter quarter, while the Spring Party and Senior Brunch closed out the school year. Chi Omegas also enter- tained their families at Family Night, Dads Night Dinner, and Mothers Day Brunch. It was a busy year for the enthu- siastic Chi O ' s, filled with scholastic and social schievement. KATHY COLLISTER Sue Stuart ReneeStueber Diane Suda SueVenturino Cindy Welch Fran Kohoutek Pamela Lacy Cathy Landrum Deb by Jones Janet Luedeking Bonnie McKnight Nancy McLaren Pam IVIagee Kathie Masterson Linda MIeziva Maggie Morrison Cherri Myers Nancy Nolen Marilyn Ostrin Linda Osuch Paula Porter French Prescott Cathy Rice Lorraine Rose Beverly Rudolph Kris Samuelson Helen Scanlan Linda Schleh Lorelei Schneider Janet Schon Sue Shaffer Janet Sieg Donna Smart 387 388 Jeanne Baker Martha Baker Susan Barton Miml Beales Barbara Beenken Susan Benson Karen Berlle Christina Bland Sally Bothwell Alexis Bourg Chris Bridges Jill Busch Claire Carlson SueConwell JuleCottini Carolyn Crawford Janet Eadie Candy Fleener Betty Foreman Julie Francis Janet Gaudin Marilyn Harris Suzanne Haywood Nancy Hedlund Janet Hicks Susan Hoy Karen Kelley Julie Kincaid LeeAnn Little Suzy McDermaid Marsha McGaugh Evy McNitt Delta Delta Delta FLASH Sigma Chi -Delta Delta Delta shafted by Mickey Mouse FLASH Two varsity songleaders announced FLASH Bruin Belle President returns from bath in Ganges FLASH Actives held in chapter " prison " room while pledges riot FLASH McGaugh elected to Cal Club membership FLASH Steve McQueen regrets " presents " invite FLASH 1st annual masquerade ball traditional success FLASH " Teeps " dances for UCU frosh FLASH Weir deemed worthy for Sig Chi Sweetheart princess FLASH Julie Kincaid strikes twice- Homecoming and Mardi Gras Queen FLASH Delta ' s dog food judged " Most Original " FLASH Betas given " Most Persistent " award in annual Christmas tree battle FLASH FINALS F-L-A-A-A-S-H CAROL WINTERS Mary Jane Martin Jane Meier Jane Moomaw Nancy Moore Cindy Murray ArianeMustad Jackie Nelson Susan Nelson Linda Nielsen Robin Osborn Carol Osbrink Linda Otto Bonnie Perkins Judy Poliquin Christine Powers Suzanne Pulsifer Betty Putchkoff Monica Robiczek Caprice Rothe Julie Siever Suzanne Simmler Julie Smith JaneStenehjem Sandy Sweet Christine Teeple KathyTompson Cindy Warf Linda Wier 389 ELLEN MARSTON Delta Gamma In September everyone ran to classes, ran to meetings, and ran the ratings high in the DG house. There was a lot of action on campus. Diana Stenen, Robyn Hickey, and Sandy Glauser served as Bruin Belle officers, while Pam Pinnell, Cesca Carter, and Diana Stenen were tapped for Mortar Board. Sandy Glauser served as AWS Fashion Board presi- dent, reigned as a Southern Campus princess, and made Homecoming Queen finals along with Barbara Welsh. Jan Fox was completing her year as Sweethear of Sigma Chi and Chris Alderete reigned as IFC Queen. Laurel Brunner spent her junior year in Germanyjust as Barbara Bolton returned from Italy and Cesca Carter from Spain. DG ' s made the roll call lists on Bruin Belles, Fashion Board, Bruinettes, Prytaneans, and Sophomore Sweethearts. Meanwhile back at the house, things were jumping too-the house retreat to Malibu, Homecoming with the Beta ' s, the Halloween party the ATO ' s didn ' t let us forget, the Christmas party, Dad ' s Night, the Beta-Sigma Nu surprise dinner exchange (what dinner?), the pledge-active, the scholarship banquet, the winter formal with the Kappa ' s and SAE ' s, making mittens for the blind school, and to end a perfect year, the annual Luau where the anchor man and his crew were crowned. And to top it all off, the DG grey matter contributed to an overall 2.8-h, maintaining our second place scholarship rating on the row. 390 Chris Alderete Cathy Alleman Diane Barry Eileen Barry Lynn Baumgardner Denice Bierl Cathy Billmeyer Barbara Black Kim Bockus Barbara Bolton Andrea Booth Ann Bridges Laurie Buffington Karen Burton Mary Ann Carmichael Cesca Carter Sharon Chestnut Loren Cooper Margy Daugherty Margo Doran Claudia Fecho Kay Foster Jan Fox Carol Eraser AnneFremdIing Kathy Frost Sandy Glauser Sharon Hawkins Hillary Haycox Linda Hedman Robyn Hickey Nancy Hongola Kathi Jacobs EiayneJacobsen Linda Kako Bonnie Knight Virginia Koelsch Vicky Kump Leah Ledford Marcia Lemon Marni IVIagda Ellen Marston Bonnie Michaels Diane Miller Cheryl Nelson Cathy Newton Tori Palmer Theresa Parkening Pam Pinnell Sue Reller Nancy Rethmeier Claire Robinson Jeanne Russell Linda Schultz Margie Senechal Diane Snell Penny Spiess Laura Spooner Trish Spradlin Diana Stenen Mary Jane Stricklin Rochelle Thomas Pat Vandergrift KrisVicklund Linda Wallace Linda Wallin Barbara Welsh Janice Weyhrauch Linda Whitaker Winkle Wolfe 391 Betty Adier Linda Casserd AnneCuhodas Dorothy Ekerling Roberta Freedland Ellen Goodman Florence Greenfield Roberta Groner Susanne Heimann Valerie Hermann Alison Holtzman Ellen Jacobson Toby Jenkins Terry Kaplan Susy Klane Linda Klatzker Robin Kramer Barbara Levine Sharon Levitt Marlene Magenheim Barbara Manheimer Bonnie Rosenblatt Judy Rosenfeld Linda Rusonick Jeannie Schneider Laura Schreyer Geni Schultz Elaine Schwartz Michelle Siegel Wendy Silverman Leslie Sternhill RenaTenenbaum Susan Turkel Linda Weber Janet Whitney Delta Phi Epsilon 1967-68 has seen DPhiE ' s in the midst of many and varied activities, being represented in: Alpha Epsilon Pi Sweetheart (Val Herrmann), Panhellenic Secretary (Barbara Manheimer), Angel Flight (Anne Cohodas), Mademoiselle ' s College Board (Shane Adier), Bruinettes (Marlene Magenheim), UCLA A Cappella Choir (Linda Rusonick), UCLA Women ' s Choir (Sharon Levitt), Rally Committee Production Supervisor (Leslie Sternhill). DPhiE ' s were also little sisters to several fraternities and were active on Monte Carlo, Mardi Gras, Homecoming, Spring Sing, and Greek Week committees. Social activities for the year included a theatre party to see " Camelot, " Active Party-Hayride, Pledge cocktail party, and the annual Spring Formal. This year, the philanthropic project of the Pledge Class was to provide gifts for children in a local orthopedic hospital. A Car Rally was planned for Spring Quarter, as well as another theatre party. In addition there were numerous exchanges. Patricia Alexander ■ H Janice Boedecker jK pr H Valerie Breuer n jJ ' H Jane Marie Butt Bi» l jS Diana Carlson Plr sei. JV| JuiieCinque wl W- l ] Ann Cole Jpr Kathy Cunningham DeniseDeets W Nancy Dolezal r p Patricia Dolezal F 1 Susan Donnell 1. ' m Emily Gellman Muriel Gillette m AnneHinkle Susan Hughes Carol Irish Lynn Maxwell Karen Olson Margaret Peterssen Cheryl Richter Carol Sand berg Susan Smith Marti Truax Maureen Vidas 394 Delta Zeta This has been a vintage year at Delta Zeta. Even the pace- setting time limitations of the quarter system did not inter- rupt our academic and social activities. The panorama of memories we can recall in retrospect w ill remain forever close to our hearts: building the float for homecoming in the theme of Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, enjoying the pleasure of our pledges company at the Pledge-Active Party in December, joining holiday spirits with our parents at the annual Christmas Party, enthusiastically participating in UCLA ' s traditional Greek Week festivities, the special thrill of making our largest philanthropy. Flame Fantasy, a success at the Century Plaza Hotel, honoring our new initiates at their Initiation Formal in February at the Ambassador Hotel, ringing out notes loud and clear for Spring Sing, and that final fling for a year of remembrances, the Hawaiian Luau in May. This, indeed, has been a vintage year at Delta Zeta because we have worked together hard and long enough to make our aspirations actualities. Under the effective leadership of our president, Karen Olson, we have not only maintained a varied range of house activities, but campus activities as well. Delta Zeta ' s have a fair representation in Sabers, Cam- pus Crusade, Tutorial Project, The Daily Bruin, UCLA Amigos, Phrateres, and little sisters of Acacia, Zeta Psi, Theta Chi and Lambda Chi Alpha. p-mr KAREN OLSON 395 Gamma Phi Beta 1968 -another year under the quarter system, another Rose Bowl disappointment, another Basketball champion- ship - and for the Sisters of Gamma Phi Beta, another year of active participation in campus and community activities. Elaine Ickes, U.C.LA. ' s Golden Girl, twirled her way thru the football season. Gamma Phi ' s were tapped for Bruinettes, Spurs, were elected Presidents of these groups, and three Gamma Phi ' s were selected for Mortar Board. The year included participation in Chimes, Anchors, Sopho- more Sweethearts, Shell and Oar, fraternity little sisters, as well as in the Education Abroad Program in England. Sand- wiched in between finals and campus activities were the Crescent Ball and Spring Luau. Faculty favorites, and Mothers and Dads were feted at special dinners. The academic demands, exchanges, ditches, campus service and social functions of 1967-1968 proved more than ever to the Gamma Phi Betas that there is no rest for the wicked. k •Jf GALE PHILIPS An n Ayers Gail Lynn Borden Cheryl Burns Suzan Caldwell Patricia Cantley Marguerite Cardinelli Susan Carter Cheryl Chlad Kathi Colclasure SueCoughlin Cheryl Creech Robin Denton Gail Dillion Patti Elley Lynda Farmer Maureen Fullerton Ginger Fulton Gay Gibson Kathy Griffiths Pam Grobecker Rosemary Hanna Jan Harbaugh Jo Ann Hauch Carolun Hayes Marsha Hebden Judy Hedrick Donna Higgins Linda Hubbard 396 Kay Hunter Elaine Ickes Kristin Jenkins Pris Jew Ellen Klingensmith Kristin Lindberg Denise Mathey Hillary Maveety GayleMindling Nancy McLennan Joan Mohr Kathy Nielson Gale Philips Janet Pingree Barbara Ray Ginny Reardon Linda Rodriguez Stephana Roth Jennifer Sands Krista Schmidt Nancy Strang AdrienneThouin Ellen Turner Patricia Watts Danielle Whitehead Cathy Young Kari Young Cathy Zobgy PAMCRESSEY Judy Barrie Jackie Bell Karin Bentley Marta Betzler Sue Ann Braithwaite Lisa Brungess Shirley Buss Mary Butler Carol Clinite Becky Chute Cindy Clegg TishaCole Robin Collins Pam Cressey Linda Lupac Pat MacDuff Jayne Maga Dale Manolakas Sue Manske Carol Matthews Jeannie Matthews Jo Ann Kashiki Kris Kelly Karen Keys Lainie Larkins Sandy Larue Diane Leek Cyndy Lengnick Marie McGaffigan Cathie McSweeney Marianne Mitchell Marilee Moss Carol Moulton Patti Mowrey Patty Mu If ord Kappa Alpha Theta Thetas have had an active year under the leadership of president Pam Cressey. We won Sweepstakes in 1967 Greek Week, served as hostesses for the New Zealand Inter- national Rugby Team, and received the Sweepstakes Trophy in 1967 Spring Sing with the SAE ' s. Casey Zant reigned as Sigma Chi Sweetheart. Leslye Shelley and Judy Reich were Homecoming Princesses. Thetas participated in Mortar Board, Bruin Belles, Fashion Board, the Tutorial Project and the Academic Research Council. Claire Woodson served on the Uni-Camp Board and worked for the Washington Intership Program. Jeanette Webb worked in India under the Project India Program. Janis Irvine served as chairman of the Board of Governors. Debbie Palmquist Terry Palmquist Pam Piatt Sue Randall Judy Reich Lou Robinson Dorothy Rounsavell Mary Rounsavell Leslye Shelley Pam Silverson Pat Sours Ann Stiles Sharon Storm Trudi Sturgeon CrissyVoll Judy Walker Barbara Welty Linda Wickstrom Cathy Williams Mary Lou Williams Claire Woodson Casey Zant 399 Mary Alderson Marianne Alessio Gwen Bennett Holly Catchings Barbara Gate GatherineGhapman DianneGhapman ChloeGlements Karlynn Dana Sue Day Cheryl RaedeArrieta Rica Duff Janice Dunbrack Rosemary Dymond GayleGarside Bette Giles Meg Gomph Sandra Grundvig Joyce Jesswein Kathy King Gyndy Lear Kappa Delta 403 Returning to campus with a surge of enthusiasm, Kappa Delta ' s were proud to present 31 lovely pledges to the university community. Even rain could not dampen our spirits when we cycled through Griffith Park or water skied and sunned (!?) at Balboa on our annual retreat. Turning our attention to the more serious side of college life, the KDs were successful in raising the house grade point average and placing several girls on the dean ' s list. In the midst of all our studying, the KD ' s still found time to participate actively in widely varied campus activities such as Madrigals, Tutorial Project, numerous Little Sister Pro- grams, and tri-service organizations. Kappa Delta was proud to be represented in Spurs, Chimes, Sophomore Sweethearts, Pryteneans, and to have T.J. Seabold chosen to sing in the Young Americans and Cyndi Lear to serve as Uni-camp counselor and board member. The always-busy (!?!) pledges also contributed to the spirit of Uni-Camp by taking campers on a picnic. Always in the mood for rockin ' out, the KD ' s attended house social activities throughout the year: the annual Diamond Dagger, the pledge-active Suppressed Desire party, the Initiation Formal at the Ambassador Hotel, and the Spring Fling. And keeping in mind the advantages, we entertained our parents at a get-acquainted dinner. Dad ' s Day Brunch and football game, and Mother ' s Club Luncheon. The year ' s end found Kappa Delta ' s closer to each other and to the university as we strived for fulfillment of our motto: " Let us strive for that which is honorable, beautiful and highest. " BARBARA SENG Colleen Littel Phyliss Malcomson Terri Manheim Toni McKay Kathy McWaid Carol Mynard Mary Nastronero Susan Nichols Bonnie Nickel Gail Ghanesian Peggy Personius Carol Peifer Carol Phelps Jill Pierson Susan Reed Randelle Riley Mary Saas Diane Scherer " Todi " Seabold Barbara Seng Harriet Shields Diane Sievers Linda Skaglund Patti Stein man Chris Tannehlll Gene Taylor Tobi Toboada Pat Trout Victoria Williams Annette Woodling Michele Young Kappa Kappa Gamma Kappa has survived through another inspiring year of beer busts and Christmas tree rampages with minor casualties and much enthusiasm. This fall marked the first anniversary of the quarter system with everyone studying more and enjoying it less. In our nonexistent leisure time, we enjoyed many rewarding and richly stimulating activities. Our athletics program has been vigorous and has provided unusual entertainment. We captured first and second place in intramural volleyball, but were soundly defeated in a fun, if not to say funny game of football on the Santa Barbara campus with an amazingly agile DG group. Our social activi- ties spotlighted a Tom Jones Pledge-Active (which could have been filmed in itself), and a great Winter Formal with the DCs and SAE ' s in the seaside atmosphere of the Bel Air Bay Club. Along with participation in campus groups and events, the year has been most fulfilling in coordinating the social and academic calendars. LYNNE POWER 402 Madalyn Altman Dee Dee Anderson Sally Anderson Krysia Banachowski Teresa Beck Sheila Berg Lynn Blackett LynneBrocoff Robin Cleary Pat Collins Joyce Da Silva Barbara De Franco LizdeJonge Donna Devarona Dru Doheny Louise Egly Stacy Evans Sharon Fesler Susan Grant Judy Griffith AndreeGurnee Cindy Held Pam Held Tinka Hess Martha Hummer Candy Wilcox Annette Wiley Judy Wood Carolyn Johns Chris Keith Carole Knaul Marcia Ling Louise Litschke Tracy McDonald Gae McElhany Molly McKinney Sue McWethy Louise Macatee Susan MacNeill Becky Matteson Cathy Matthews Linda Lee Miller Emily Mitchell Carol Mochizuki Bunny Morse Susan Morton Kathy Nelson Peggy Nelson Karen O ' Kane Aleta Osborn Desi Pagliuso Linda Paul Melinda Perego Lynne Power Sue Priest Marilyn Ray Linda Strampe Susan Swenson Nancy Thomas SuzanneVon SchnabI ■ , i ' I. ' - xf ' W 403 Anne Adashek Stephanie Barbanell Sue Behrstock Lynn Berman Sharon Berman Karon Brodie Harriet Byer Jan Coppersmith Linda Eisenberg Jerri Fields Ron Finder Carol Garber Laurel Garvin Mary Gora Karen Graff Lisa Harris Alice Harrison Ann Heller Lottie Hornung Judy Howard Anne Jung Karin Kaplan Kathy Kaplan Tern Kaplan Jan Kaufman Kathy Keane Ruth Kline Lainie Kosslyn Linda Kramer Alison Krough Linda Kuby Diana Lanterbach Judy Lee Sharon Markenson Joan Michel Joyce Milicov Susan Moss Nancy Mozur Linda Nathan Marilyn Nisenbaum Phi Sigma Sigma It ' s all for spirit -all for fun -all for enthusiasm -all for ex- panding our life at UCLA. This year found Phi Sig ' s very active in campus activities as well as also making contribu- tions within the community. The " People Lovers, " the fall pledge class, brought new excitement to the year ' s antics of Phi Sigma Sigma. Phi Sig ' s worked hard and effectively on Homecoming, Monte Carlo, Mardi Gras, and Spring Sing Executive Boards while others found time to participate on the committees for these special activities. Extra jewelry of Bruinettes, Sophomore Sweethearts, Spurs, and Chimes was worn by participating members. And AWS involved several on Executive Board and various committees. The house took pride in our fashion member and our Home- coming Queen finalist. Good scholarship was also achieved by everyone and this led some to be accepted by honorary fraternities. Perform- ances of various plays and a musical comedy brought much applause from all audiences. Outside of campus activities, Phi Sig ' s found themselves always having some sort of spontaneous fun. Little Sisters were chosen by several fraternities. Our retreat was held during January in Arrowhead where toboggans and candied applies dominated. Several underprivileged children were taken to the circus during Spring vacation by the House and that day proved to be one of the most rewarding of the entire year. Everyone had a great time amid clowns, popcorn, and painted animals. JACKIEWINER Perhaps the most spirit-the most fun and the most enthu- siasm was displayed during that early morning pie throwing contest that won ' t be forgotten and will always serve as our way of celebrating birthdays. Debbie Oliff Susan Perlmutter Patti Polansky Carol Quint Nancy Renkow Terry Robinson Linda Roller Sherry Rose Susan Rosenfeld Doreen Rotman Lyn Schulem Gail Schwartz Karen Schwartz Carol Scott Diane Seigle Nancy Shapiro Linda Siegel Judy Silver Ellen Silverman Livia Stein StevieTaube MarciaTenenbom Audrey Teren Terry Topin llene Weinstein Mimi Weisel Diane Weisen berg Helena Wigodsky Jackie Winer Diane Wirth LynneZawolkow 405 Pi Beta Phi Beginning last Spring Pi Beta Phi was honored several times, with Sally Anderson as I FC Princess and Colleen Brown as IPC Queen and Southern Cannpus Princess. Pi Phi ' s won trophies for our combined efforts in Spring Sing with Phi Delt ' s and in Mardi Gras with ZBT ' s. With rush completed Pi Phi ' s began this year with 22 new pledges. Pledging was followed by the Big Sister-Little Sister Kidnap Breakfast, the Pledge-Active, and culminated with initiation and the Initiation party in the Spring. Other activities in which Pi Phi ' s participated were Bruin Belles, Bruinettes, Spurs and Tutorial Project. We had ten Sophomore Sweethearts with Christy Snyder as vice- Presi- dent. Cathy Rothenberger was Freshman Song Girl, and Joy Leonard wasThet a Delta Chi Red Carnation Queen. Homecoming week began with two Homecoming Queen Finalists and was climaxed by the Pi Phi-SAE float winning the Queens ' Trophy and the Most Original Trophy. Additional events of the year included our annual Dad ' s Night, Family Dessert, and Spring Luau. STEVI MITCHELL Jams Avery Janice Ball Constance Blair Beverly Blout Ludy Bradley Carolyn Brown Colleen Brown Pam Burton Linda Campbell Lonnie Christopher Cheri Cocagne Linda Davis Carole Dische Kathi Dure Dana Dunn Sandy Evans Eleanor Fearman Russa Field Kathy Fields Connie Finck Janet Fish Anne Fleming SueGoerke Mary Halloran Sally Hamlin Sue Harsell Connie Henderson Alexis Hix Alice Hix Shiela Hurley MaryJoKattus Ginger Keller Betsy Kimball Donna Lazerus Joy Leonard Vicki Lewin Lemora Martin Stevi Mitchell Vicki Murphy Nadine Napier Anne Nichols Susan Pebley Katie Perkins Karen Recia Cathy Rothenberger SueSamuelson Joan Shaver Fritzi Smith Sue Smith Christy Snyder Susan Sponenberg Joani Stillman Anne Supple Lynda Teter Caroline Walker Jeanne Wallace Jackie Walters Suzanne Watson Vicki West Connie Wheeler Sharon Wilkinson Suenell Yankie 407 Sigma Delta Tau The year has been a memorable for Sigma Delta Tau. Excited over a newly decorated third floor and additions of study room, sun deck, and kitchenette, our enthusiasm spread to many fun filled activities. Our big honor of the year was winning " Sweepstakes " in the Homecoming float competi- tion. Our fantastic pirate-ship float, built with Phi Sigma Delta, also captured First Place in both " Most Beautiful " and " Most Original " categories. Julie Neustadt was honored as a finalist in the Homecoming Queen Contest. SDT was notably distinguished in campus activities. Sharon Krevitz, Judy Millman, and Sandy Shapiro were members of Homecoming Executive Committee. Sherry Frankel and Linda Golden berg worked on Mardi Gras Executive Committee, and Susie Gordon, Judy Millman, and Joan Shanedling participated on Spring Sing Executive Committee. Evanne Levin was a freshman cheerleader and helped keep our spirit strong as we went on to win League in coed volleyball. Thethemeof our really great fall party was " Pick a Pair, " and Sig Delts and their dates came dressed as clowns, Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy, and even as Arabs and Amos and Andy. A good time was had by all at our winter retreat to San Diego ' s Vacation Village. SHEILA MANN 408 Aunt Mickie Kohn Gayle Abrams Noga Amir Linda Bowman BobbeBramson Sheryl Bratman Margie Braun Marsha Brown Linda Ciaman Holly Cole Susan Colen Joan Fleishman Barbara Fond Sherry Frankel Felice Freeman Sandi Gaviola Linda Goldenberg Susan Gordon Alison Gould Maggie Grais Linda Greenstein Mimi Grey Cathy Hailperin Bonnie Halperin Judy Hausman Kathy Hoffman Sue Kartsman MelanieKempton Robin Koosed Sharon Krevitz Margo Lessner Donna Levin Evanne Levin Carolyn Linsk Judi Lomkin . « ., . . Jk V t Ellie Wasserman Susie Weingarten Gail Weinger Roberta Winston Ellen Manheimer Sheila Mann Stacy Mann April May Karen Michel Judy Millman Sonia Milrod Annie Monk Randy Morrison Cathy Nadler Julie Neustadt Pamela Oringel Judith Paris Kathy Post Jane Bobbins Jan Shanedling Sandy Shapiro JudyScheff Alison Singer Adrianne Stanton Robin Steinhardt 409 But how do you really get to know them? The room is dark. The band blares so loud that you can ' t even hear your- self think, much less attempt to speak to anyone else. You have another beer. You watch the moving shadows on the dance floor. ..then a slap on the back, a few more beers, a pledge pin, and you ' ve begun a truly " meaning- ful " part of your college career. You ' re it-- a fraternity man. 410 411 The Greek Rebellion This year ' s Greek Week proved to be a tremendous success as the Greeks responded to the theme, " Greek Rebellion, " by raismg over five thou- sand dollars to set up a scholarship fund for the Education Opportunities program. The Week ' s event s included a house banner contest, all-star fraterni- ty-dorm football game, and the first sorority-dorm powder-puff football game. Friday afternoon, the Greek Olympics were held, with a variety of events including the traditional chariot race, and that night the week was ended with the Greek Classic Dance. Highlights of the dance included the presentation of awards by Gerry SeidI and Karen Keyes, Greek Week Co- chairmen. Sweepstake honors for Greek Week went to Chi Omega for the sororities and to Theta Xi for the fraternities. To climax the evening, Miss Chris Aldrete was crowned as the 1968 IFC Queen. ' SS!SSSsesssisssis»ss ' Si 412 413 Interfraternity Council Terry Maas- President Russ Webb-Judicial Representative, Bob Munger-Vice President, Terry Mass- President, Harry Egger -Judicial Representative, Rich Stansbury-Judicial Representative, Randy Rubenstein-Executive Secretary. DOUG ZIMMERMAN ♦ " - Acacia Once having fully recovered from the advantages of its sorority row location, Acacia furthered its traditional " love- thy-neighbor " policy which resulted in the limitations of social probation. After successfully corrupting our fall pledge class, the brothers returned to the rigors of the academic world. Not to be overwhelmed by the demands of their campus professors, Acacians indulged in the usual assort- ment of campus activities, athletics, intramurals, and social events. Our Gal-weekend beer bust marked a first for sorority row, while the Black and Gold formal and the U-Bang-i Ball highlighted the winter and spring quarters. 416 imii: J.ift 4 Joe Achor Bill Adkins Randy Allen Dave Anduri Jay Augustenborg John Avitabile Rick Baber Tom Bergner Chris Bowles Dan Chavez Steve Chips Rick Collins Rick Copeland Randy Danta John Davis Jim Day Keith Ducote Gary Engel Rodger Farrell Bill Frady Grover Gentry Dennis Hamel Mike Jallo John Jensen Bill Pennington Reilly Ridgell Drew Rusnak Rick Sands Kent Shearer Paul Slaven Mike Smith Ross Tanner Joe Ward Doug Zimmerman 417 Alpha Gamma Omega This year at AGO we have truly discovered the meaning of a fraternity, as being a brotherhood. Men, who have dedicated their lives to Jesus Christ, are able to share them openly with their brothers. It has been a tremendous experience getting to know and become concerned for each other. The social activities this year have been most interesting. We started the year off with a great Little Sister Rush fun and game party. A weekend retreat up by Lake Arrowhead with the Alpha Delta Chi sorority gave us a time to relax and deepen our lives. Then the Christmas Banquet found us at the S. S. Princess Louise for a romantic night of the ocean. The pledge ditch left the actives finding a foot of alfalfa spread throughout their rooms and all the House ' s furniture piled in the living room. These are just a few of the highlights. Academically we are still functioning. We placed 4th among all the fraternities last year. Intramurals have been a great time of T. R. (tension release), plus some great success. But the uniqueness of the fraternity and thething we want to be known for is our Christian fraternal atmosphere. The officers this year have been: Greg Ogden, President; Bob McMullin, Vice President; Wes Sagawa, Secretary; and Steve Pease, Treasurer. Mom ' s Night AGO Atmosphere of song 418 GREGOGDEIV Bob Schaper Mike Stump Steve Terwilliger Tim Weber Bob Andersen Monnie Brewer Bill Brizendine Ed Demaree Dave Farmer John Garrisi Tom Gold Stan Gryde Jerry Haugh Chet Herbst Mark Hoyt Doug Humphrey Rick Lawson Bob McMullin Tom McReynolds Ed Moore Jon Moore Stan Mote Greg Ogden MikeOrnee Steve Pease 419 Bill Allen Frank Anderson John Baker Steve Ball Ron Bohrnstedt Chris Brittle Gary Brockman Rich Bruck Don Cataldo Bruce Cole Jeff Cotter Jay Dess Dan Douglass Tom Edwards Jeff Epstein Jerry Fitzgerald Greg Franklin Jim Gallagher DaveGiguere Pete Gold bach Bob Hindy Scott Howell Steve Jacobson Eric Joyce Eric Juline John Lucan Frank Marshall MikeMcCombs Rob McLinn Mark Nielsen Mark Richards Jeff Saltzman Gordon Stewart Jeff Sunderman Larry Swenson Chuck Thomas Tom Verkozen Dave Wangsness Carl Weintraub John Williamson Elliot Witkow 4k rti Early morning finds the ever-dapper Taus on their way to school protestmg nakedness in Africa. 420 Alpha Tau Omega This year the " Flying Taus " continued to soar high with the return of several brothers on sabatical. We started things out with a bang as the brothers rode the Kappa Kappa Gamma Train into second place during Homecoming. The end of Help Week found 15 pledges initiated, three residing at Camarillo and two at NPI. Out National Philanthropic Organization once again was R.E.A.M.E.D. (Redistribution of Economic Aid and Materials for Educational Development). Our social season was highlighted by an exchange with I Phelta Thi and was marred only by low grunts from the nearby slaughterhouse. Unfortunately during the annual weekender, some of the brothers were layed-out on the slopes, much to the dismay of those watching from below. Luckily, Ben Dover ' s date came hoofing through the snow with her keg of brandy tied securely around her neck. Brother Allen also came. It was a year of rebuilding for the all-powerful Tau gridders. Practice had to be cancelled several times while brothers were called upon to defend the House against the Mad Dykstra Sniper. Last reported action found three critically wounded and others blind. Twenty three Little Sisters were gotten. The brothers are lurking forward to a similarly rewarding year in ' 68. FRANK MARSHALL JERRY FITZGERALD City Health Inspector Earl Graves (Pledge Class Spring ' 68) lectures on the dangers of cross breeding flies on a freshly baked roast. 421 Alpha Epsilon Pi After being remodeled, the AEPi house was very active this year, especially during the AEPi vs. Beta 1st Annual Holy War. Some of the outstanding brothers include Allan Mann, DB Managing Editor; Larry May, DB City Editor; Mark Goodman, DB Associate City Editor; Fred Douglas, cheer- leader; Gregg Gittler, Pi Sigma Alpha and Yeomen President; Cliff Frieden, Yeomen; Rob Moss, Blue Key; Elden Rosenthal, Debate Team; Stu Rutkin, Mardi Gras Asst. Chmn.; Larry Weiss, Mardi Gras Business Manager; and Ron Green, Holiday Happiness Chmn. The AEPi house was well represented in all intramural sports. AEPi ranked high in basketball and was 2nd in all fraternity Softball. Phyllis Diller was made honorary house mother of AEPi last year, and this year Joan Parker, the Dodge Fever Girl, was made an honorary little sister to add to AEPi ' s select group of 25 little sisters. The brothers of AEPi anxiously await their 5th straight Mardi Gras trophy, after being the Mardi Gras Sweepstakes winner for the last 4 years in a row for their House of Horrors. Coming out soon will be AEPi ' s 2nd UCLA school calendar, which will contain pictures of the most beautiful girls on campus. ROBERT MOSS HAROLD M.MOSKOVITZ Steve Ad ler Gary Al pern John Bloom Mark Branner Fred Douglas Cliff Frieden Jerry Cans Howard Glassman Mark Goodman Ron Green Neal Howard Arnold Kaminsky Steve Kuhn Allan Mann Paul Matz Larry May Tim McAuliffe Harold Moskovitz Rob Moss Wayne Naphtal Steve Needle Joel Parker Paul Rappaport Lee RIchman Fred Rosenfield Richard Schad Roger Schimmel Robert Siever 422 Steve Tendrock Neil Ticker Alfred Warsavsky Alan Watenmaker Paul Weber Jeff Wissot Honorary Little Sister -the Dodge Fever Girl MICHAEL RYAN RICHARD STANSBURY Beta Theta Pi Despite a self-imposed 8:30 curfew, the brotlners of Beta Theta Pi still seemed to find time for a minimum of creative expression. Setting the tone for the year, we got a rotten one for President, though only at the expense of a Pooh. Nevertheless, led by D.C., the newly appointed " crimes against nature " chairman, the Betas were still able to remain at the tippy top of the fraternity ladder. Again, Beta Theta Pi had representatives in all the Varsity balling sports, foot-, basket-, volley-, base- etc. In a similar athletic vein, the final score of the Religious Bowl read Christians 47-Lions 0. More important however, was the spirit of brotherhood prevailing in the house. Where else would a brother be willing to forsake $141 just for the pleasure of playing cards with a brother? Congratulations to the Stud as well. Rumor has it he recently received a beautiful lei, though he claims he ' s never even seen Hawaii. But social activities topped the year, though it proved to be a long winter season. The lovely girls of Delta Delta Delta were surprised to see what may have been Westwood ' s first White Christmas as the snow poured down following the gift of the Delta Delta Delta tree to the brothers. The snow then followed the brothers to June Mountain for the traditional weekender -although several young damsels complained of too much snow inside, and not enough out. Capping off a beautiful year was Little Stevie Wonder ' s Krappa serenade- proving once and for all, dear Krappas, our bell certainly does toll for you . . . dong! dong! dong! Betas psychmg-up for the raid. Thetas get hosed down as tree leaves the piano. Thetas sandwich defenseless Beta. Mike A rmstrong John Bergstedt Bill Bishop Mike Bongiorno Mario Bozicebich Bob Emmett Chuck Ferrero Steve Ferris John Fischer Larry Fischer Glen Chase David Clark Bill Cunningham Gary Cunningham Bob Dornin John Forbes Carl H.Fricke III Dan Gandara Kevin Goff TimGrandi Guy Hansen Dave Hrachovy John Ingram John Kendrick Lea son Leeds Paul Mayfield Tom McConnel Doug Miller George Nichols Don Otto Mike Packard Dick Perkins Rick Purdy Kim Ringwald Jim Rodriguez Mike Ryan Pat Ryan Neville Saner Gary Sanserino Sam Sibert Chris Smith Jerry Staines Rich Stansbury Gene Sutherland Dave Thomas Tito Torres PeteVanTrigt Steve Walker John Wilkes Bob Young 425 LARRY EVAN Delta Sigma Phi College . . . the four best years of your life . . . the founda- tion of your livelihood . . . culture, knowledge, mental maturity. College at UCLA . . . education and personal enrichment in a beautiful setting . . . dynamic, challenging, stimulating. Fraternity life . . . status, tradition, brotherhood, social maturity. Four years at Delta Sig: Workdays- 1 thought pledges did all the work Chapter meetings - 1 never knew how much these guys hated each other. Status-the largest pop top chain on the row. Togetherness -they all went to Mom ' s and I ' m not 21, Brotherhood - something. Social life-the street, room 3, fake being smooth -too late- Birdman grossed her out. Parties -the red death, lousy band, who took my date home? Exchanges -it was fun. Homecoming -two weeks work for first place most humorous. It was sadism, sickness, perversion. I love it. God, I don ' t want to leave. Lee Bergstrom Dave Birdman Ron Boldt Richard Cleveland Roger Culbertson Peter Dreyfus Louie Eng Larry Evans Jack Fredrickson Jerry Harlan Dan Himelstein Mike Howe Mike Jaye Bill Killen Bob Lytle Pat Morgan John Morris Les Munson MikeNicolleti Mike O ' Brien Pat O ' Connor Bob Parrish Paul Preitauer Sid Rosenblatt 426 MikeSklanowsky Greg Stoehr Brian Stone Bob Stumpf Paul Supnik Herm Trabish Carl Zaptiff Why is this man laughing? We dug up our old housemother to help us cele- brate our 40th anniversary. Paul Alessini Paul Berkson Thomas Burke Bob Campbell Dave Carrol Morris Chubb Ken Cram David Ferguson Steve Ferry John Garagliano Jack Getziaff Steve Griswald Rey Harju Greg Kanne Tom Kukuchi Wade Lam bson John LeGros Scott Neely Greg Pawlik Kevin Pawlik Pat Plamondon Alan Salas Bert Syms Jim Tagawa Gary Yomontas 428 " What light through yonder window breaks? " And what ' s our scholarship advisor doing up here? Impromptu visor meeting Delta Tau Delta You wake up. It ' s noon, just in time to miss your last class of the day (1. Delts are clever; they get early classes- it ' s easier to sleep through them). Now you are faced with your first (and last) major decision of the day: Do you get out of bed or don ' t you? All that thinking - you go back to sleep. A half-hour later you ' re awake again. Hunger. You leap out of bed and trip over the keg on the floor. (2. Delts are clumsy; they placed tenth on the All-Fraternity Intramural list. And 3. Despite our reputation as teetotalers, we do drink-on occasion.) Enticing aromas waft up to you from th e kitchen. Pastrami fat boiling in oil. Peanut butter soup simmering on the stove. Your mouth waters; your stomach turns; you reconsider. Secure in the knowledge that you have contributed to the welfare of the national economy you return from devouring a tasty, tempting L ' s burger. Now it ' s time to study. (4. Delts do study-sometimes.) You sit down at your desk and select an appropriate book. As an afterthought you get up and place some sounds on the stereo (5. Delts appreciate good music). Back at the desk you open the book and proceed to listen attentively to the hifi. -ifimm. tmay Ml ■ m -■■ ' :: M ,o»,.. «M« S Y RRp WSWWW W " W W ■..iin »t •■ -m 1 1 9 f i JOHNGARAGLIANO After a solid half hour of time profitably spend at the books you decide to take a short break. You close your eyes, and sleep through dinner. It ' s eight o ' clock. Your roommate runs in and shakes you. You almost missed your favorite tube show. But then you remember, tonight is your night to do your duty for the House. Groaning, you reflect upon the awesome responsi- bilities which go along with Fraternity life. Dressing warmly, with your jug of coffee and a bottle of Vat 69, you retire to the third deck to spend your evening scanning a certain apartment window with the House binoculars. The difficult and trying life of Delta Tau Delta. 429 Lambda Chi Alpha Dear Mom and Dad, It was another fun year here at the house. What with the whole crew team moving in, we needed more room. So we go and float a 60-thou loan just so as we can be original - does Zion Banking and Trust follow suit? Are the Sigma Nus really happy? So we got our hew house and our gilded door closers and a new (and staggering, so to speak) addi- tion to the basement. The wretched Hilgard sweats spurned us once again -oh well, there ' s always the weekend traffic up Strathmore, and after all, Mom, it ' s all pink on the inside. The Kraut got money from the Fatherland for a separate apartment. Well, at least someone in this house is piling. Chrome-dome Barth was elected Pres. of the gun club - he finally got a bang. Had a wonderful Thanksgiving-celebrated with a 12-lb.TEP. Hump Rocks, Phil Ashio P.S. -The Zebes just moved in next door, and already house bills have gone down. pu feU J H 1 F] K S t pi | W r . H H W KkS H ■k ' I TOM WHEELER DAVE GARY Terry Maas, IPC President, wines and dines a new TrI-Delt pledge, proving that RFmg is an integral part of the house ' s activities. Herr Jasinsky, " Ve vill haf vays off dealink wit Zebes. " 430 Mike and four others await the next Zionist assault. In the future, the annual conflict with the Israelis mak have a different outcome. Jerry Bagger Michael Baker Craig Bleeker Howard Brightman Gary Brown Timothy Bryant Terry Coffee Don Craig Richard Davies Michael Elley Robert Evans Joseph Thomas Fagan Lloyd Foote John Fryberger Steve Hauser Kenneth Jablonski Gilbert Jansen Michael Jasinsky Lee Johnsen Terry Kaspar John Langpap Mollis Lenderking Al Lundy Jerri Mass Don McGann Michael Moody William Moran Richard Morese Bruce Nash Norm Nelson Robert Newman Terry Oftedal DuaneOliveira Isabella Perrin Ronald Picco Lance Pugh Ron Raye Larry Rinek Kemper Shaw Larry Smith Michael Sod er berg Paul Speckman Stan Terry Mack Thomas Danny Wexler 431 GARY SLOAN DENNIS WELCH Phi Epsilon Pi The Brothers of Phi Ep, in true spiritual reverance, asked forgiveness for their sins from the Illustrious One, the Buddha. Upon viewing the films of the past year, we, en masse, declared the whole show-verschtunken. The Brothers led by the sturdy and upright Nard and the straight-shooting and effervescent Roadrunner, described the UCLA group as " nice girls. " Amidst the philosophical debates, the inmates found time to truck over to Pink ' s after our continued success in the greatest of all experimental failures, the UCLA Homecoming fiasco. Athletics proved successful as the oblique spheroiders climaxed a dynamic season with a thrilling touchdown that boggled the minds of the electrified fans. Off to this outstandingly mediocre start we forged into roundball, constantly blowing cripples. Social endeavors ranged from the ridiculous to the sublime, yet a mundane time was had by all. The Night in Hell tradition was carried on to its natural conclusion, and was aptly named. Thefirst annual Winter Formal was a climax in its own right. After a slow start, the Brothers tapered off academically from a social standpoint. Intrapersonal rela- tionships and personal introspection form the basis of all knowledge anyway. So ahh John Chase Cornel Colin Scott Dattan Jeff Drobman Gary Fujiyama Gerald Goldstein Sam Gordon Phil Gottlieb Alan Green Mitch Lynn Larry Lyons Richard Metz Oscar Miranda David Silverman Gary Sloan Dennis Welch Oblique spheroiders on parole from San Diego Zoo. Pi Lambda Phi What ' s up?-Jus about everything that isn ' t nailed down. The chains of love lay heavy upon the Duke, Wasl ie and Gold bar to which Popeye replies with a cup and a window- Feig is merging. Grumer is diverging- Meyerson is selling Konitz over the counter - Shapiro gives a little push here and there. Smaler is getting larger, nightly. Ninglenorf lost his antagonist. London Bridge is falling because Kollitz isn ' t calling - Konitz takes vitamin " E. " Things are getti ng Wendy since Cookler left the window open. Klein found a new hampster and died - Meselson looks for El Pigo Suprema and lives. Speir comes through clear as a bell, Thurm never did look too well. Jon Greenfield won ' t you please take off your hat. Randy Greenwald is quite adamant about that. Herr Hecht, with blond hair and blue eyes ordered a funny arm band the other day, and good old Buddy searches for a naked prey. Le Bell doesn ' t ring often enough. Barney stole her. Blumenfeld probably wants to give her back - Baker is apalling but no one is worse than chaplan, ask DePicciotto and he ' ll ask Dylan for you. Sacks can ' t hold his living. Freeman dribbles, Berkus snaps, Hirsch crashes, Rubin does nothing, and me? I ' m the only zookeeper who moonlights as one of the animals. ALAN GREENSTADT Paul Baker Dean Berkus Mike B lumenfeld Ron Chaplan Andy Cookler Elli De Picclotto Wayne Freeman Martin Goldhaber Jon Greenfield Alan Greenstadt Randy Greenwald Fred Hecht Peter Hirsch Steve Howard Jack Konitz Bud Kling Rich Lebell Andy Meselson Larry Meyerson Rick Ross Terry Rubin Dave Sacks BillSchaefer Ron Shapiro Tony Smaler Don Speir Howard Wasserman 433 James Adams Joseph Audino Julian Bailey Ronald Bayer James Bell Vincent Bischof Gordon Bossermar William Brainard WillemBroekhof James Buese Bradford Cullison Andrew Daggatt Robert Dames Timothy Deakers Clark Dikeman Gene Dorney Sean Duggan Harry Egger John Fairbank William Fallon Kirk Finley Jack Hassler William Horstman Richard Howorth Robert Larkin Frank Lee William Magruder Arden McClelland Patrick Naylon Gregory Nickerson Joel Ostroff William Partridge Timothy Paxson Terry Pol ley Carter Provo Eric Rosa Edwin Sauve Scott Steele Robert Tchirkow Richard Vanis Robert Vogt Trip Webster Pledge Class -Fall ' 67 Phi Delta Theta Hey, the place is still in one piece . . . amazing! I would Inave thought for sure that the protesters would have burned it down or that the sparerib plaguers would have had the place indefinitely quarantined. Even after the brown bomber bashes and the infamous molotov melees, glorious old 535 stood erect and ready for more. And she got more as Ricky returned to us with tales from abroad, and Tommy gave it one last fling before putting an end to an era. Even Zach was to test the strength of our impregnable abode, and although he caused a bit of a chill, conditions soon returned to normal. Gordie and Vince wrestled, H. J. and Julie stoned the house, and Hulk snored so loud that The Dags was forced to go to Turok ' s room to seek solace, but still our mansion shook not a quiver (well, maybe a little one when Helen kept bumping into walls). Yeah, it was a good year. GENEDORNEY HARRY EGGERS Phis are brotherly and patriotic creative Phi Gamma Delta other houses brag about their trophies and plaques which highlight the preceeding years activities. The men of PHI GAMMA DELTA did not win that many trophies last year but that is not to say that we do not have an impressive list of accomplishments. To give you an idea we ' ll list just a few: Two weeks social probation with two years suspended social probation for the SC DG affair. Passed 6-0-0 IPC Judiciary- UCLA. Two years social probation. Passed 19-0-0. IPC Judiciary-SC. One quarter social probation for Inter-school exchange. Passed 6-0-0. IPC Judiciary-UCLA. Permanent social probation. Passed 40-0-0. IPC Judiciary- El CaminoJC, Cerritos JC, Pierce JC and Valley State. Two quarters liquor probation and two years suspended probation for Weyburn Hall outrage. Passed 6-0-0. IPC Judiciary-UCU . Permanent expulsion from Weyburn Hall MIKETENNESEN or as Jacl Lindquist, President of Weyburn Hall, so eloquently put it, " If I see one more of those guys step foot in this place, I ' m going to call the cops. " and, still to be brought up before IPC Judiciary Council, Possible Charter revocation for Southern Campus layout. John Achuff Larry Agajanian Doug Bagby Ken Bajema Gary Berstein Bob Biggs Tony Carr Robert Cohen Joe Curtis Rich Deakers Matt Deal Ken Don nay Robert Dome Rod Edmonds Karl Englert Jeff Felz Phil Flores Steve Freitas Paul Galen Dexter God bey Tom Grant Mike Gray Vance Harris Jim Hoover Wayne King Pete Kranske Sky Krebs Pete Liekkio Andy Maisner Drew Middleman David Miller Lance Miller Ralph Moreno Jim Oliver Doug Peake Mike Pringle Ted Raess Randy Raysbrook Bruce Rochford Joe Rosenberg Lorry Ross Jim Sayer Roger Schnurr Rich Spindler Bob Stiles Michael Susak MikeTenneson Dean Westly Mark Wexler Phi Kappa Psi if you really want to hear about it and not believe me a mountebank of fun by doubting all i cannot tell you ' ll have to come leaving inhibitions at a ruddy door with me to the crest of verdant wave and sit poised with us on that spirit never languished even in a futile quest down paneled halls of brother ' s doors in search of missing dates come with me to the matinee and see the mounting of a debt we owe each other see the food we share with rodents the shower tiles cushioned in green battle with us the stork and the mood complacency so little oz and grovel so much that ' s hard to see no real hurry a rainy day schedule of life rolling in hedonistic squalor on a puddled winter court see stiff cold fingers knitted in the clasp of brotherhood GEORGE CONKEY DENNIS CHOATE Curtis Alder Doug Anderson Ted Baker Ed Bergstrom Mike Burton Ron Butler Dennis Choate George Conkey Jack Davis Pat Donahoe Bob Good Gary Gray Tim Harris Rick Hayes Bruce Herring Al Lewandowski Mike Matthias Bob Metcalf Tyke Morris JimNettleton John Perkins Bob Polentz John Pru frock Bob Sessler Dick Sessler Kent Stevens John Tholen 438 Bob Vanderet Ed Velazquez Jim Veltmann RussWebb Torreey Webb Bill Weigel Imagine contrived situations. 439 Contrive imagined situations. us. Entertainment Adam Baum Jerry Brewer Stork Briggs Al Camarillo Mike Carty Stan Cole Kent Corzine Doug Diebolt Eller Ellermeyer Mike Fay Fred Gray Randy Gregory Robert Howe Eddie Hutt Steve Klausen Phil Klein Jim Kok Ted Martin Dick Millet Dennis Murphy Pete Nestingen Charles Phillips Pete Richards Mike Ronne Packy Roundtree Steve Shedd Bill Sitz John Slater 440 Al Smith Brian Smith Ken Smith Greg Snyder BOB HOWE JEFFELLERMEYER Phi Kappa Sigma This year our yellow chrysanthemum burst outward illumi- nating our adobe mansion. As in the past, the brothers of Phi Kappa Sigma, brilliantly attired, attended the annual " Lord of the Flies Laboronic Ball. " Arrangements were furnished by Miss Heute Hute which included all pre-fiasco entertainment and her traditional " defraud the house event. " But aside from this, Phi Kappa Sigma has achieved an all time high. The brothers presently are striving for their second consecutive all " U " intramural title. Functions and parties have also reached an all time high. We are in the process of reviving our " Gaza Strip " gargan- tuan uprising (!) along with our neighboring gentiles. We plan to have the " party of the year. " Our academic record has however not reached an all time high, but we feel the future offers unquestionable achieve- ment. We the brothers of Phi Kappa Sigma however, pride ourselves that our house is probably not the sturdiest but the oldest and most sincere house on the Row. r.f. Seriousness! 441 442 David Bright BobCadish Rate Cohen Larry Cohn Jim Cowen Richard Gandin Bruce Glickfeld Herb Glicksman Dicl Glucksman Jim Goodman Mike Gottsegan Jerry Gronfein Irv Gross Alan Halfon Larry Heifetz Steve Heller Roger Holt Mike Kahn Dave Karton Steve Kippur Howard Knee Steve Krivit Sandy Kronick Randy Lacoe Richard Maggio Mark Malter Robert Marcus Chuck Minsky Bob Quint Larry Rabkin Ken Ravitz Bob Rosen Randy Rubenstein Robert Schroeder Matt Sher Rick Stambul Martin Stein Bob Susnow BobTenenbaum David Wahl Don Weinhouse Richard Weissman Barry Wolstan William Wortman Al Ziman Phi Sigma Delta Venturing into new horizons, the Phi Sigs started out the new year with a bang! Looking back on 1967 created a feeling of nostalgia. They lived an existence, sporting an overall GPA of 2.84. They still had time for a prolific social life. Homecoming found the Phi Sigs building the sweepstakes winning float, a pirate ship, with the SDT ' s providing a sunken chest. Excitement also ran feverish over the traditional pledge party, although it was feared the impotent pledges couldn ' t come. The party finally climaxed in an orgy of verbosity. Turning to the sports scene, the Spartan Phi Sigs dominated most sports, but particularly those held indoors such as bear baiting, wine tasting and ball handling. DENNIS STERN CHARLES MINSKY t " .W ' • t ' r ' ftj,. 2%. i? " w , ■ .- - j tAT ' .v t-A " y : -l. ' v i Tom Apodaca Jim Bamber John Barrie Lar Best Robert Blakey Bruce Bradley Kent Bridwell Paul Bickenbauch Steve Boughton Bruce Choate Bob Cockle Ed Collom Brian Craig Jon Craig 444 Tim Crosby Ben Cuaressa Jim Delacy Dan Downmg Geoffrey Duncan Frank Eldridge Steve Fletcher Dave Fonfara Phil Fonfara Bill Frank Geoff Groat Gary Godward Frey Heath Wayne Holland Ross Hoffman Denis Honeychurch Tim Kelly Robert Lind Kevin Loftus Dan Marter Bob Martin John McDowell Ted Mathewson Robert Moler Bob Mouradian Tom Murray William Newkirk Jeff Oderman Mike Rand Drew Sones Steve Scarborough Joe Van Sickle Dan Vasilovich Perry Willson Terry Zamanigan Jim Zander dk JOHN McDUALLL DENNIS HONEYCHURCH Little sisters come over every Tuesday night for dinner. Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sigma Alpha Epsilon once again dominated the Southern Campus scene. While maintaining an overall house GPA of 3.69, the brothers still found time to capture the intramural football championship crown; Sweepstakes in Spring Sing, intramural Softball title, " Theme " and " Queen ' s Favorite " trophies for Homecoming, and a few stray women. ■ ■« ■■■ «■ mmm JOHN BRAVERMAN EDWARD CRONICK Sigma Alpha Mu This year, Sammies had a very full social calendar. Each weekend saw either a wild party at the house or a very intimate get-together after a campus activity. All the fratres went to Las Vegas after the first quarter where President John Braverman amazed everyone by breaking the bank?? Our winter formal was a two night trip to Lake Arrowhead where the brothers and their dates frollicked in the snow. Studying isn ' t neglected, though as long as there isn ' t a card game going on or a rousing game of thumper in the living room. A night of studying at the house. 446 Zach Berkowitz Robert Blanton Ron Block John Braverman Ruben Buchak Harvey Cogen Michael Cohen Ed Cronick Dean Eric Richard Fauman Dennis Garrison Jeff Glassman Joel Gottesfeld Bernie Greenfield Alan Jarrick Steve Levy Norm Miller Phil Radell Ed Rosen Bob Rubin Bill Shapiro GarySindell Don Stambler JaakoTaarviarji BobTeitelbaum Mark Volmert Norm Weir DaveWeitz Bob Ayer Tom Bartlett Stu Brody Jeff Butzlaff Mike Dwyer Lew Flores Jeff Jacobson Andrew Katz Paul Kaufman John Landis Mike Moacanin Larry Perle Tau Delta Phi Chi chapter of Tau Delta Phi kicked off the New Year with an all star pledge class. Despite the grossness of the actives, the pledges came back with some fine R.F. ' s. One particularly ingenious one featured the removal of all the faucets until the actives found them. Beard growing became quite fashionable. Tau Delta Phi was active in intramurals. Football and volley- ball games were a real source of entertainment and recreation for the members. The Pledge Dance " Five Days Before the Twenty-Sixth Anniversary of the Bombing of Pearl Harbor Day Dance, " was a schizophrenic delight with half the decorations Oriental and half American. " When you are number two you try harder, " was the house motto referring to the 2.89 house GPA second on the row. However serious, study and academic pressures found release in such nonsense as shaving cream fights and shower dunkings. This kind of spirit helped make the 1967- 68 fraternity year a memorable one for the men of Tau Delta Phi. STEVEN FINKEL " What do you mean " Quiet hours ' ? " Building a Homecoming float. Sigma Chi From the pages of " Darling " to the memorable words of " Twelve Days of Christmas " brothers and pledges alike stumbled through a year of triumph and TJ runs. Showing a shrewd business sense, Jacques picked up a slightly used bike for $850 in Newport, but where ' s the key? Things have really been popping for Lynn, but Mason chose to follow a zig-zag course through college. Meanwhile, armed guards have been posted at Marineland against the day when Taylor expands his affinity for goldfish. Though grades are important, as evidenced by the fact that Vern and Roger will join Bill in haunting the Med Center halls this fall, Vern knows that contacts help. Kimball bowed out, but Clark and Elliott accepted the inevitable, following the path of Thayer, Wingfield, Gentry, Wiese, and Stevens. All honor to their names. Phil, what do you think about your pledge class? And besides, she lets me drive her Camero. 448 Robert Vigil Tim Wade George Wood Tim Yatcak Greg Yost David Ackernan Edward Agran Ronald Allison Tom Allsbury Bob Bauer Marc Bean David Benvenuti John Bersinger Richard Callaghan Stephen Carlton William Carter Brian Casserly Stephen Chatfield David Christofferson David Conover Rob Disharoon Philip Fixler Gavin Fox Lee Garson Perry Grant Daniel Groszkruger Dennis Hudson James Izu John Jenkins Scott Johnson Gary Ketelsen Bert Klemkauf Eric Lawton James Lewis Dick Lynn Joe Maienschein Richard Mason Thad Mathis Mike Moran Greg Nunn MikeOdell Rod Parsons George Pastre Carl Peters James Reeves Kenneth Richards James Robbins David Seyller Stan Shoemaker William Simms Stephen Taylor John Teal Robert Thomson Rod Tysdal 449 Raping and pillaging Watching a snake sliow A pledge learns the tine points ot hustling. Craig Auld Jerry Ball Roy Barth Dennis Beach Larry Benson Mike Boal George Buckley Don Burgess Darrell Butler Larry Canarelli Jeff Chernove Charlie Clark Jeff Corliss Rick DeBaere Bohdan Domansky Bob Doss John Downard Scott Duyan Tom Edwards Jim Carol John Gebb Dennis Gladman BobGreenhaIgh Edmon Hages Don Harder Dave Hartshorn Jim Heitbrink Al Hoops Sigma Nu This was the year of the snake at the Sigma Nu House, and some of the guys l ept pet snakes. Some of the snakes got pretty big and scared all the girls. The Alumni realized the danger of this, and ordered all the guys to do their snake stuff away from 501 Gayley. Now everybody is happy, but some guys still keep snakes in their rooms. Besides raising their snakes as often as they could, guys did other stuff too. Lots of guys had cycles, on which they would ride into small towns to rape and pillage. That was pretty much fun. The bird ventured into organized crime, out of which came the Great Record Swindle. The house achieved a record high GPA, fitting reward for long study hours at nite skool, and nobody flunked out. Vandals attacked our house on Halloween, and the DG ' s were nice enough to come over and help us clean up. When they were done, some borrowed our showers, some used our hoses, but they all left feeling " really clean. " This year, a good time was had by all. MIKENIEDERMAN Robert James Rodger Johnson Wally Kaltenborn Ted Kaye Larry Krug Ed Kushins Arnie Lerner John Light Rich Logan Randy McDevitt Tim McMahon Mike Morrow Mike NIederman Jim Price Blake Rankin Wayne Redfearn Joe Robbins A! Roberson Mickey Roslen Dave Schmidt Jerry Schutte Bob Siefker Dave Stearnes Jim Sterblntz Danny Thomas MIkeTindall Jack Wright Pete Zanzot 451 Sigma Pi Lately the Bros, have been asking, " Where ' s 007, or who put the pot in the brownies? " The Bros, enjoyed our tradi- tional dirty Thursday presented by our Pledge Class and including several delights from Fifth and Main. A few of the Bros, took a ride on the choo-choo that was held in the lower pledge dorm during our annual Pajamarino. As you may notice, mustaches are becoming all the rage . . . especially with the hairiips in the house. JOHN LATIMER 4 52 Doug Brown Chris Carver Chris Cochran Don Cox Dave Decamp James Flack Rich Frank Al Hanson Paul Hastings John Latimer Mike McGovern Robert Moore Al Nichols James Park Greg Pigeon Chuck Reid Steve Rogers Pat Schmickrath Greg Scott Bob Searight John Seidel Kent Shoj Ken Small Dave Van Saun Ken Welshimer William Young The Brothers take a study break? Sig Pi Little Sister - " The Great White Whale " 453 Sig Pi scores in intramural volleyball CHARLES MAURICE MILLER MICHAEL POLLOCK Tau Epsilon Phi 1968 was great. The brothers of Tau Epsilon Phi once again proved that TEPS ARE TOPS. In the over-all GPA we were fifth on the row. Next year TEPS will be number 2 because our girls try harder. Our athletic superiority was proven in Greek Week for the second year in a row. ' 68 was the year of the SCUM . . . over 1000 buttons sold in one hour by the TEPS. In the " annual pledge hunt " the pledges stooped to new heights (but the picture was unfortunately censored). Social activities in the first quarter included 1 1 parties and exchanges, all with live bands-the Electric Prunes, the Hollywood All-Stars and the Boston Tea Party. Community Service covered all sorts of activities. Among these were Uni-Shine (which we did with a relatively unknown sorority), a Christmas Party for an orphanage, and our weekly Tijuana Run for any girls who got schtupped-up during theyear. Yes, if it was great in ' 68 Dave Allen Steve Auer bach Tom Denove Joel Fox Rich Fybel Bill Hanafee David Ingram Bob Jacobson Irwin Joseph Jerry Kaufman Larry Kloman Harvey Levine Charles Mann Eric Meller Sol Meller Chuck Miller Merwyn Miller Phil Nameth Joel Nord Tracy Okida Mike Pollock Tom Ratner Ed Relfman Marc Rosen Larry Rosenberg Alan Samow Marc Scott Paul Steier 4 54 Stever Stemerman Nell Strassman Mike Weaver Phill Welssman Joel Zazulia The Hollywood All-Stars Santa at UCLA Med Center TEP house cleaning Athletic Superiority! 1 TEP ' s Christmas Party 455 Theta Chi Though frustrated in their attempts to legalize night racing in parking structure 8, the brothers of Theta Chi neverthe- less, remained undaunted in their search for the ultimate, all-pervading, vital force which governs the universe and guides us all. A majority found it was the quarter system. In the meantime, however, the house rocked, the athletes rolled (in laughter?), and everybody (excluding pledges) had a good time. The year was studded with several memorable moments, to wit: " The Phantom " taking the AII-TC rot-gut championship hands down (though everything else came up), Mr. Stolpman deftly giving lessons in back seat etiquette during the pledge ditch, Hubiske winning fame as " Super Cop " (disguised as a mild-mannered and unbelievably smooth yell leader), Hybiske and Martin both being initiated into Blue Key (which is an interesting comment on that organization). The social calendar was more than a match for the lusty brothers (as many a date found out). The parties ranged all the way from the psychedelically suave Holloween Nocturnal to the Freeloader ' s Jubilee, otherwise known as New Year ' s. In all, it was a fme year for TC, and finding ourselves fourth on the row in g.p.a. proved somebody had to be studying somewhere! . GARY MARTIN Steve Alt Phil Bechdolt Stan Beskin Bob Bethune Chuck Bumburger Ken Buzzell Max Gather Bob Ghansler George Clark Vic Cochran Phil Dalton Jim Deguelle Tom Elfers Chris Feybush Jim Hybiske Guy Jahnson Rod Kolesnik Gary Martin John McGuire Jim Mosher Ed Oeser Bob Owens James Owens Stu Piatt Jeff Proust Ed Rockman Tom Stolpman Rich Truax 4 56 Dream Girl of Theta Chi Theta Delta Chi after a summer of recuperating from last year (which was spent chowing in the quarter system) we discovered we needed new little sisters so we sent out our super-pledges led by " the riddler " (later voted most valuable tool by the attitude committee) and they found a veritable gold mine of female pulchritude on a hillside up by governor ronnie ' s farm. the little darlings were wonderful for evening study breaks but even with their aid not all of us could face the frustra- tions brought about by current revelation of academia as was proved by the self-immolation of one and the almost simul- taneous marital unions of three others. this sudden loss plus the rude expulsion of our intermural sodomy team from tiajuana left us nothing to do but race tearfully home leap into bed assume the prenatal position and turn the electric blanket up to nine. MIKEHATELEY Presenting the 196 Theta Delt Little Sisters 458 Quarter system fan bailing out with style. Phil Ajioka Doug Archibald Rick Biswell Ray Brogliatti Steve Brown Mark Chambers Gary Covington Garrett Dailey Larry Doan Blaine Ewing Jim Forman Larry Fox Kelly Hartman Mike Hat eley Paul Hiley Bob Hunter Gary Jones Dave Kelsey Bruce King Jeff Lock wood Rick Love Bob Martinez John Martinez Dave McEwen Dennis McNeal Gajus Michelson Doug Neillson Dave Nelson Toivo Palango Larry Perkins John Quinn Mike Reeslund Charles Robinson Randy Rolfe Ken Salzman Gerry SeidI Don Stolley Dan Straus Fernando Suarez Michael Vermette 459 Theta Xj Fun. Understanding. Cooperation. Knowledge. These were the key words for Theta Xi this year. The Luau complete with " Hawaiian leis, " Pajamarino in the grand bedroom, and New Year ' s Eve led the constant barrage of parties. Homecoming was celebrated with the Theta Xi float, a beer bust which floated the entire school in the pool. Friday nights found Brother Keith leading the group in fun and games, followed by three hours of clean-up. Brother Davis proved a competent leader in boosting morale, attitude, and scholarship. With the graduation of our six year men, the average house age dipped to 21 while the GPA hit 2.7. Special attention must go to the Little Sisters, who used their own techniques during rush. And finally, noting that our pool is once again clean, we must give special thanks to ourselves to making this entire year possible. PAT DAVIS Fredric Baker Douglas Bald Wayne Bartolme Patrick Davis Steve Eisenman Eugene Elling Gary Erbeck Robert Fong Alex Friedland Samuel Goins Jerald E. Goldste David Haisten Thomas Henning Charles Hooper Chris Isley Ty Isley Steve Kaplan Thomas Keith J. Steve Kyser Donald Lawson Ronald Lee Craig LIttenberg Theodore McNevin Bob Movius Richard Najarian Marvin Dean Oberr James Pike BobReid Jr. Zeta Psi After twenty-two years on Sorority Row, the Zete chapter returned to Gayley. For blocks around the old house, the neighbors, in disbelief, heard the brothers dismember the structure. More relieved than annoyed, they let us raise hell, since we are no longer a health hazzard to the community. We managed to keep from under crashing walls and sinking floors, but got a few spectators with flying brick and breaking windows. We hold sentiments for the traditions established at the old place, but are presently on an extensive reconstruction program to house the brotherhood, creating a harmonious atmosphere for study and pleasure. One of the Zete traditions is progress, meeting the needs of new undergrads. It takes more than kegs of beer to mellow the temperaments of individuals into a close-knit, working nucleus. We have been successful thus far and look forward to an even better year. The brothers enjoyed the activities of the past year: parties, exchanges, and general b.s. sessions. The success secret is not just a fraternal mystic cult, but that we enjoy each other ' s company and have eliminated friction. We are proud to be Zetes. PAULMAHLOW MIKEDENNISON Robert Blatt James Burnett Steven Carter Kevin Chesebro Michael Coyle Michael Denison Robert Dye Rick Edick Don Grant David KIrkeby Roger Lindley Paul Mahlow William Marshaiek Rollie Miller Frank Newton Glenn Ota Joseph Peters Lyie Randies David Same Glenn Seim Tom Soderquist Leigh Torgeson Ken Turner 4 61 Triangle Enthusiasm ran rabid around Trianglethis year. TheV.D. squad was out in full representation, but it turned out to be a Little Sister RF. Another venture undertaken was sports mania but several things were broken in warm-ups. Partici- pation was increased with the addition of thirteen initiates and a baker ' s dozen of Little Sister pledges. In outdoor sports, we continued to improve our record. Our social menu left many with drooping heads and empty mugs. The annual T.J. run was pre-empted by such func- tions as our tenth annual P.J. party, exchanges, beach parties, skiing accidents, weekend overhauls, and lube jobs. In our annual contest to come up with any use for a slide rule, we discovered several useful applications. However, Brother Lipari was informed that it was not practical to use as a depth gauge as we found, after involved experi- mentation, that it couldn ' t be worked out with logs. In the future we hope to continue to develop individual interests within a framework of a unified brotherhood commensurate with the attributes, technology, incongruities, OH,----!!! JOEHOEFNER RON HEACOCK i ,- : ' s r- 1 ' ' lI ' B " W 462 i) ■ Ho MA RO Triangle Lonely Hearts Club Band jH( ' m M% ,- JW Arthur Arellanes Luis Arroyo Tom Bachman Phil Bailey Bob Barton James Bennett Marv Blanton Joseph Chamberlain Rod Combs Mike Cox Tim Cyr Alan Dippel Tom Fletcher Gary Fox Bonnie Gator JoeGenovese Tom Gilliland Doug Grabhorn Kent Harrison Ron Heacock Ruben Hernandez Joseph Hoefner Paul Hoffman John Howard Paul Johnson Tap Kartiala Richard Keller Kurt Krumes Gary Lee Chris Leng Jim Lipari Dean May Joe Nagel RanierOtto Ron Paine Larry Pesetski Ed Reitan Richard Stanavige Jim Smith Jim Wasson Gene Wemstine Dave Whitby tf ii iik 463 Finesse? Hell yes! 464 Preparing for Sweepstakes Spring Sing ' 67 MikeAltshuler Sam Austin Dan Beck Paul Beeclien Bruce Benjamin Gary Benson Gordon Benson Mitch Blumenfeld Steve Cahn Bruce Cohen Rick Critchfield Steve Cron Al Cutrow Gary Ezor Rick Finkelstein Ken Freeman Steve Gaines Rob Gandin Larry Ginsburg Hand Goldsmith Stan Gordon Ted Green Larry Guzin NateHalprin Doug Haynes Bruce Hensel Jeff Jens Mark Kahn Zeta Beta Tau Under the reign of brother King Ovitz, the empire of Zeta Beta Tau once again reached a great climax. Through a massive joint effort the brothers reached new highs in camps activities. With the aid of the Chi O ' s we shot the works at Spring Sing climaxing in the sweepstakes cup. Recovering from a hard night at the Bowl we pointed toward Homecoming. We scored with theTri-Delts also, winning first place in our division. In spite of nasal disadvantages the big Corona found a permanent home due to the mass pinning ceremonies held thrice weekly. Despite all these other activities we created new heights in student government, athletic and scholastic rating, and still initiated seven men into Blue Key. With ZBT ' s moving into the new house we look forward to even greater heights. MIKE OVITZ Steve Karon Gary Kaseff Steve Kurzius Howard Krepack Dennis Lawton Joe LeBovic Glenn Leichman Marc Levinson Len Levine Jeff Lewinter Andy Lewis Rich Magasin Rich Marks Paul Mines Mike Ovitz Jim Pflaster Flip Phillips Chris Polk Nardy Samuels Barry Sandler Gary Schneider Mark Schneider Howard Schwartz Shel Singer Steve Stearns Bruce Stuart Jerry Tarlow Steve Tator Dykstra Hall: Jefferson House Manhattan House Bottom row: Riley Racer, Roger Scott, Leigh Webb, Jeff Snapp, Dennis Phelan, William Jung. Second row; Harry Yan, Ron Peterson, Derrick Henry, Butch Levenbrown, John Wray, Kerry Ricketts, Paul Hovesepian, Stuart Lilly, Luis Liberman, Tyle Pon, Bob Malone, Mark Fisher, Larry Collette, Richard Foxman, Rodney Batts, Don Bryant. Top row: Bob Tavetian, Check Sum, Charles Negri, Ken Quigley, Bill Aldrich, Dave Robb, Randy Slaughter Paul Johnson, Ozzie Reinoso, Rafioloah Gabai, Charlie Jackson, Denton Kimball, Joe Brabander, Larry Lavenberg, MikeTurre, Dave O ' Brien. Bottom row: J. Barlow, J. Sogg, J. Sax, J. Monk, R. Laufer, M. Oliver. Second row; M. Hankins, S. Stewart, S. Sorouchi, G. Skolnick, P. Monget, S. Greenstein, B. Tompson, R. Gurkewitz, J. Ruebsamen. Third row; R. Levin, S. Walther, K. Friedman C. Cristian, Y. Bai, D. Lee, E. Trow, E. Bass, C. Northrup, S. Wolf, D. Claypool, R. Zendel, M. Skully, M. Green. Top row: D. Norris, J. Kenny, C. Clinite, J. Ryan, L. Steinberg, B. Gaylord, C. Hackett, J. Romer, C. Dickinson, P. Metz, C. Wilson, E. Rush. J rt n Pacific House Sierra House Foreground: Chris Iwata. Bottom row; Mukul Ram, Steve Graham, Jack Weisgerber, Pravij Chlttivaranon, Yas Ohba, Roy Amerine, Jose Dobernig, Spamonga Aslmgeles, Bob Carson. Dave Valeska, Koichi Nakajima, Samson Bottom row: K. Etow, B. Stotts, J. Osseran, R. Rizzo, M. Hurwitz, M. Stull, D. Goetschel, H. Grossberg, A. Cyrus, F. Lee, D. Nuttall, S. Mills. Second row: C. Millett, D. English, J. Ward, M. Bossen, B. Allison, R. Waddell, L. Biegel, K. Smith, D. Sugano, J, Rudoy, P. Mestad, L. Kaplan, J. Olson, M. Pangburn, C. McCrimmon, D. Reich. Top row: K. Lauby, G. Guenther, B. Goldsmith, S. Kukic, D. Baughman, R. Stivers, D. Haisten, R. Patterson, D. Mednick, J. Waldrop, N. Browne, P. Ralls, M. Brantley, M. Gliksohn, B. Beck, R. Collins. Pun, Tom Wilson,. Second row: Ed Scannell, Ron Lau, Bruce Goodmiller, Greg Ogden, Norb Zink, Doug McConnell, Sheldon Levy, John Bloom, Steve Kelly, John Louchran, Jon Radtke, Gordon Baxter, Leonn Satterthwait, Don Stivers, Mike Terry. Third row: Mike Vera, Alan Bosen, Shris Maack, Jonathan Klar, Chuck Shenk. Fourth row: Bud Pate, Dan Graham, Dennis Abraham, Don Koblin, Steve Maron, Mark Katzman, Jim Lazar, John Gee, Mike Phelan, Bob Karon, Roberto Dobles, Jim Henkel, Chuck Stafford, John Livie, Robert Gotten, Greg Roberts, Lew Grossman. € . € John Apper son Brian Barstow Chris Besemer Richard Brubaker, Athletic Director Ken Cassidy Thomas Corbett, House Advisor Steve Covington Norman Dow, President Joseph FInegold John Finalyson, Sunshine Chairman Tim Glldden Thomas Hall Ralph Trieselmann Bob Walters Sam Hayakawa David Hedberg, Cultural Chairman Rex Hunter Fred Kamansky Hedrick Hall: Himalaya House Les Katow Ted Loos, Treasurer Duane Lucca Bob Manning Bill McCafferty Ken McClellend Nancy Mosier John Murphy Bill O ' Brien Bruce O ' Hara John Reider Russ Reinberg, Vice Pres Four years ago, a cluster of perverts, pimps, drunks, faggots, jocks, and a wet nurse joined together to give birth to a unique brotherhood of spirit. This typical dorm floor called itself The Himalaya Beavers, and established, poste haste, a tradition of Winning. They beat off all challengers in order to win three consecutive all-dorm I ntramural championships. The Beavers continued to put out in an orgasmic effort in order to win major trophies in both Spring Sing and Mardi Gras. The Beavers have expanded themselves in all areas of socializing during overnight parties at the beach, in the Malibu mountains, and on snow trips. During one period of their history, The Beavers outbled all comersto win theAII-U Blood Brive television. To stimulate even greater spirit, the Bone Trophy spurs the Beavers on to further climactic heights. Leonard Riley James Rooke, Proctor of Bone Marty Schwimmer, Social Chairman David Smith Thomas Stone Doug Stryker Steve Suffin RexTakahashi Some people have tried to defile our spotless name. But Himalaya categori- cally denies the following feats: stealing toilet seats, appropriating shower handles, removing cafeteria chairs, misplacing silver- ware, apprehending Pink Pussycat Bus Benches, lifting cafeteria trays, bestow- ing early visits upon other floors, and shooting slimy debris at Uni-Cops. We especially deplore the accusations that we have even been thinking of planning a 3 a.m. girls ' bed check. No wonder the Daily Bruin exclaims, " Himalaya has a waiting- list to get on to their floor (sick). " Dear Herbie- " We categorically deny... ' Annual SC party after the Mallbu game. Beavers score 2 in the annual Himalaya Invitational Basketball Tournament. Wl The Green Wave rolls to its third straight All-Dorm Football Crown. 469 Tara House Bottom row: Rita Stollman, Joy Longfellow, Sherry Tamkink, Vicki Lewin, Beth Young. Second row: Judy Davis, Kathy Walowitt, Kathleen McCoy, ' Francis Nevstadter, Andi Eger, Jody Steele, Margo Dillon, Susan Racklin! Ellen Davis, Adrienne Shupin, Barbara Philips, Sharon Hamilton. Top row: Wendy Maricich, Ellen Shapiro, Rosalee Golub, Bonnie Davidson, Bonnie Blomberg, Gloria Huerta, Kathy Hackett, Adele Einsiedler, Elizabeth A Bibby. Shalimar House I Bottom row: D. Johnson, P. Miller, L Huey, K. Cordill, S. Ackerman, A. Becker, B. Wilson, L. Burrell, S. Hoban, M. McLaughlin, K. Hirano, P. Moromoto, J. Steward, A. Clark. Second row: B. Murata, N. Sumitani, A. Alltounian, C. Dabbs, N. Shapiro, L Hicks, K. McMahon, M. Watts, J. Gordon, A. Glantz, D. De Pierre, P. Kitagawa, J. Reynolds, D. Agata, K. McKeithen, E. Troispoux. Third row: N. Ediun, L. Landgreen, C. Hall, R. Schultz, V. Breeland, G. Simons, K. Stephens, J. Campbell, L. Batavia, K. Kraus, P. Reinberg, S. Whittemore, S. Gerhardt. Top row: G. Wetzel, T. Thompson, D. Glasser, G. Yatabe, L. Gordon, N. Katz, C. Reynard, J. Yancy, K. Sherreitt, S. Unangst. J k nhlltiW( Hershey Hall: Austen House iljlil ■Hiilli «■■ Dickinson House Bottom row: Ruby Wong, Nancy Fraley, Judy Adier, Connie Obertino, Annette Leve, Perm Vakhana, Donnie Boudreau, Lyn Alexander. Second row: Bess Derfler, Karen Anderson, Wendy Johnson, Joelle Dobrow, Claudia Grinkevich, Cheryl Forbes, Elizabeth Reinhart, ErI Fujita, Althia Brown, Lily Lee, Louise Hong, Tamara Wong, Top row: Theoni Trangas, Nancy Bartholemew, Ellen Fenger, Marianne Odell, Sue Kerns, Alice Horn, Kathy McKay, Linda Gismot, Sksan Longbothan, Mary Lee, Jennie Torn, Lois Lee, Karen Sherbahn. Eri Fujita Claudia Grinkevich Kathy Klotz Kathy MacKay Vicki Payne Kay Rustand Linda Sanders Teri Soeder Mary Woolsey Hershey Hall Resident ' s Association Rieber Hail: Brigand House oWKS Glencairn House Shannon House o Bottom row: Eva Jew, Linda Meese, Kathy Lamb, Diana Hissey, Michele Kort, Sue Gottesman, Janet Grubel, Denise Mezsey, Jacl ie Plaut. Second row: Peggy Kobayashi, Lola Mendoza, Cheryl! Smith, Lonna Kooyers, Joanne Hirsch, Dianne Jew, Lillian Endow, Margaret Scott, Sharon Wilkinson, Audrey Well. Third row: Elmore Fowler, Sue Nawa, Anne Jung, Louise Dilley, Paula Padilla, Vicky Rogers. Sproul Hall: Daphne House Persephone House Bottom row: Gloria McCauley, Paulette Hopkins, Randi Barnhill, Stephanie Dailey, Laura Peddrew, Ola Fuller, Helaine Kurtzman, Charlene Duke, Marcu Bottom row: Kit Fisher, Lori Miller, Joyce Yuen, Maxine Richman, Susan Weiss, Carol Settle, Lil Yoshii. Second row: Kristi Rasmussen, Gail Whatley, Sandy Tamasy, JaneKawakami, Chris Pitzer, Diane Scherer, Carol Peterson, Suzi Nordlin, Donna Clontz, Patti Godwin, Kathi Sipman. Top row: Alison Lee, Michele Worthing, Barbara Blanco, Carolyn Potter, Karen Cole, Kathleen Wichmann, Claire Wichmann, Chris Ackema, Karen Later, Janie Connell, Nelley Kirmer, Pam Messer. Mendelsohn, Mary Thayer. Second row: Lynn Sauser, Janet Martorello, Leslye Hein, JoLynn Dickins, Glenda Rodney, Donna Sloan, Louise Manuel, Dana Swanson, Sue Somerville. Third row: Jackie Arata, Janis Lister, Diana Schaffner, Beryl Steinberg, Jan Weissman, Elizabeth Skipicki, Annette Finnley, Anita Wymer, Susan Gimbel, Sandy Vallone, Daiva Simonis, Judy Kossy. Top row: Sandi Hart, Barbara Gellman, Carol Threewitt, Barbara Breeden, Bonnie Lyons, Nancy Woods, Cathy Jo Sheppard, Carol Nakai, Linda Heckman, Pat Howard, Darlene Doriot. Sparta House Bottom row: Joe Trujillo, Bob Genoa, Doug Hescox, Ron Kimberling, Don " Oh Damn! " Stratton, Jeff Jones, Mike " Big Red " Andrew, Gary Risse, Regan Steelman, Dennis Smith. Second row: Bob Takasaki, Conrad Cla- borne. Bob Chaffee, Mike Murphy, Chris Forehan, Rick Witt, Ed Ramirez. Third row: Dan Essin, Kim Wiley, Jim " Barstow Kid " Duarte, Dave 4.0 Chan, Rapp. Weyburn Hall: Interim Council Chris Estrada, Jim Goldman, John Home, Rick Tate, Paul Chang, Bruce Barnum, Larry Fischer, Roger Barrett. Fourth row: Bob McClennan, Bill Johnson, Mick Softer, Larry Tash, Jim Schafer, Jeff Oderman, Les Thornton, Doug " Sunshine " Armstrong, Tom Wurster, Larry Trenam, Brett Gourley, Bill " Weanie " Patrick (H.A.). Top row: Mike " O.J. " Sanford, Bill Bynagte, Bryce Allen, Don Sealy, Scott " Eagle " Robertson, Mike Kachic, The Phantom, Walt Brennan, Bruce Weaver, Bill McCann, Jack Nelson, Dave Fuller, Bill Foreground: Winstron Martin. Standing: Teryl Murphy, Mary Feeley, Tom Norminton, Shirley Mohalez, Merilee Black, Larry O ' Connor, Cindy Caldwell, Karl Englert, Terri Grant, Art Hayes, Heidi Hoffman, Lance Fergusen. - - V ; -.v jpl Thirteenth Floor Stevens House Bottom row: Merilee Black, Karen Winjum, Linda Schulman, Joyce Metcalf, Karen Whyte. Second row: Lynnette Daniel, Carol Stewart, Jeanette Christensen, Lee Vochko, Suzanne Rustin, Susie Watson, Sharon Anderson. Third row: Suzanne Cadorette, Amy Michaels, Tern Markowitz, Pam McElhany, Sala Spiegel, Carol Thorsen, Vivian Uwate. Top row: Lanette Sandy, Linda Stine, Lam Thomas, Sandy Hanson, Nancy Landberg, Karen Miller, Mane Coppock, Mary Ghesquire, Pat Palmer. Index of activities and organizations Acacia, 416 Alpha Chi Omega, 370 Alpha Delta Chi, 372 Alpha Delta Pi, 374 Alpha Epsilon Pi, 422 Alpha Epsilon Phi, 376 Alpha Gamma Delta, 378 Alpha Gamma Omega, 418 Alpha Kappa Psi, 330 Alpha Omicron Pi, 380 Alpha Phi, 382 Alpha Tau Omega, 420 Alpha Xi Delta, 384 Anchors, 332 Angel Flight, 331 Austen House, 471 Beta Theta Pi, 424 Blue Key, 334 Brigand House, 473 Bruinettes, 333 California Club, 340 Chi Alpha Delta, 339 Chi Delta Pi, 340 Chimes, 338 Chi Omega, 386 Christian Science Organization, 341 Conning Tower, 342 Daphne House, 474 Delta Delta Delta, 388 Delta Gamma, 390 Delta Phi Epsilon, 392 Delta Sigma Phi, 426 Delta Tau Delta, 428 Delta Zeta, 394 Dickinson House, 471 Gamma Phi Beta, 396 Glencairn House, 473 Harambee, 344 Hershey Residents ' Assn., 472 Himalaya House, 468 InterFraternity Council, 414 Jefferson House, 466 Kappa Alpha Theta, 398 Kappa Delta, 400 Kappa Kappa Gamma, 402 Kelps, 346 LambdaChi Alpha, 430 Manhattan House, 466 Masonic Affiliate Club, 343 Mortar Board, 348 Nisei Bruin Club, 349 Omega Sigma Tau, 352 Pacific House, 467 Panhellenic, 368 Persephone House, 4 5 Phrateres, 353 Ph Ph Ph Ph Ph Ph Ph Delta Theta, 434 Epsilon Pi, 432 Gamma Delta, 436 Kappa Psi, 438 Kappa Sigma, 440 Sigma Delta, 442 Sigma Sigma, 404 Pi Beta Phi, 406 Pi Lambda Phi, 433 Pi Sigma Alpha, 341 Prytaneans, 354 Rally Committee, 356 Sabers, 355 Shalimar House, 470 Shannon House, 474 Shell and Oar, 358 Sierra House, 467 Sigma Alpha Epsilon, 444 Sigma Alpha Mu,446 Sigma Chi, 448 Sigma Delta Tau, 408 Sigma Kappa, 373 Sigma Nu, 450 Sigma Pi, 452 Sophomore Sweethearts, 360 Sparta House, 475 Spurs, 359 Stevens House, 47 Tara House, 470 Tau Delta Phi, 447 Tau Epsilon Phi, 454 Theta Chi, 456 Theta Delta Chi, 458 Theta Kappa Phi, 352 Theta Xi, 460 Triangle, 462 Weyburn Hall, 476 Zeta Beta Tau, 464 Zeta Psi, 461 Index Aoron. Glendo, 361 Aaronson, Brian. 222 Aoronson, Edward, 222 Aaronson, Susan, 222 Abraham, Dennis, 467 Abroms, Gayle, 408 Abrams. Robert, 222 Achor, Joe, 416 Achutf, John. 436 Ackema, Chris, 359 Ackerman, David, 448 Adserman, S.. 470 Acosta. Vincent, 222 Acton, Anne, 374 Adocbi, Haruye, 275 Adams. James, 434 Adams, James H., 342 Adams. Carol, 222 Adamson, Patricia, 262 Adashek, Anne. 405 Adelstein, Doreen, 376 Adkins, Bill, 416 Adier, Betty, 392 Adier, Diane, 376 AdIer, Elaine, 262 Adier, Franklin, 222 Adier. Judy, 471 Adier, Richard, 222 Adier, Steve, 422 Adrian, Patricio, 222, 380 Agajonion, Larry, 436 Agato, D., 470 Agazzi, Jim, 31 1 Agron, Edward, 448 Aiioko. Phil. 458 Akohoshi. Potricia. 222, 355 Akira, Donna, 222 Alberts, Chris. 332, 338 Alder, Curtis, 438 Alderete, Chris, 390 Alderson, Mary, 400 Aldrich. Bill. 466 Alexander, Anthony. 349 Alexander, Lyn, 471 Alexander, Patricia, 394 Alexander, Tony, 314 Alessini, Poul, 428 Alessio. Morianne. 400 Alford. JoAnn. 387 Alleman, Cathy. 390 Allen. Beverly, 222 Allen, Bryce, 475 Allen, Dove, 454 Allen, Elaine, 222 Allen, Jacqueline. 222 Allen. Randy. 416 Allen, Robert, 222 Allen, William, 356, 420 Allenstein, Julia. 222 Allison, B.. 467 Allison, Ronald, 222, 448 Allsbury, Tom, 448 Aim, Rosemary, 222 Almodo, David, 222 Alpern, Gory, 222, 422 Alt. Steve. 456 Altman, Modalyn, 402 Altman, Mary, 222 Altman, Naomi, 274 Altshuler, Mike, 222, 465 Alltounion. A., 470 Amano, Matsukichi, 290 Amerine, Roy, 467 Ames, Denyse, 336, 387 Amir, Noga, 408 An, Chang, 268 Anderson, Elinor, 222 Andersen, Karen. 387 Andersen. Robert, 418 Anderson, Chorles E. Ill, 344 Anderson, Dee Dee, 402 Anderson. Doug. 1 30. 438 Anderson, Eddie, 301 Anderson, Frank, 420 Anderson, Hans, 222 Anderson, Karen, 359, 471 Anderson, Laurie, 262 Anderson, Missy, 359 Anderson, Pamela, 262 Anderson, Patricia, 372 Anderson, Penelope, 222. 373 Anderson, Peter, 222 Anderson. Sally. 402 Anderson, Sharon, 475 Andrew, Mike, 475 Andrews, Elizabeth, 222 Anduri, Dove, 416 Angus, Alice Anne, 222 Annes, Sandra, 222 Annigian. Gregory, 222 Anson, April, 222, 305. 308, 314, 336, 340, 348. 354 Apodaco, Tom, 444 Appel, Albert, 356 Apperson. John. 468 Applebee, Susan. 274 Arata, Jacqueline, 222, 474 Arovonis, Theophonis. 356 Arbit. Beryl. 380 Archibald. Doug, 458 Arellones, Arthur. 462 Ares, Anita, 223, 308, 336, 354 Armbruster, Mark, 307, 312 Armelli, Cheryl, 370 Armen, David, 223 Armstrong. Doug, 475 Armstrong, Judy. 387 Armstrong. Mike. 424 Arroyo. Luis, 462 Arlh, Sydnee, 387 Ashcroh. Fred, 223 Ashimofo. Thomas. 349 Aslongeles. Spamonga. 467 Atkinson. Byron H.. I 14, 304 Au, Alexander, 223 Audino. Cindy, 382 Audino, Joseph. 434 Augustenborg, Jay, 416 Auld, Craig, 306, 450 Auld, Richard, 268 Austin, Nancy, 382 Austin, Sam, 465 Auerback. Steve, 454 Avery, Eugene, 268 Avery, Jonis. 406 Avitabile, John. 416 Ayer, Bob, 447 Ayers, Ann, 338, 396 Ayuyoo, Salvacion. 290 Bober, Rick, 416 Babow, Carole, 223 Bochmon, Tom, 462 Bagby. Doug, 436 Bogge, Janice, 380 Bagger, Jerry. 430 Boi, Y.. 466 Bailey, Julian, 434 Bailey, Nancy, 223, 332. 382 Bailey, Phil, 462 Bajemo. Ken. 436 Baker. Bonnie. 386 Baker, Cheryl, 332, 373 Baker, Frederic, 223. 460 Baker. Janet. 223, 370 Baker, Jeanne. 336. 362, 388 Baker, Jerry, 223, 342 Baker. John, 420 Baker, Martha, 388 Baker, Michael, 430 Baker, Ted, 438 Bald, Douglas, 460 Balding, Susan. 378 Ball, Janice, 406 Ball, Jerry, 450 Ball, Steve, 420 Balla. Alexander. 341 Bomber, Jim. 444 Bomgboye. Bolaji. 290 Bonochowski. Keysia. 402 Bondiero. Michael, 223 Bonb, Duke III. 223 Borauskos. Llytos. 305 Borbonell. Stephanie. 312.405 Barker. Bill, 223, 330 Barker, Robert, 356 Barlow. J.. 466 Barnes, Curtis, 330 Bornetl, Tom, 290 Barnhill, Randi, 474 Barrett, Roger. 475 Barnum, Bruce, 475 Borrie, John, 310,444 Barrie, Judith, 336, 398 Barry. Diane, 223, 309, 369. 390 Borry. Eileen, 390 Borsamian. Gale. 31 3 Barstow. Brion. 468 Borth, Roy. 334, 450 Bortholemew, Nancy. 471 Bartlet), Tom, 447 Bartlett,Vicki, 361,370 Bartolme, Wayne. 460 Barton. Bob. 462 Barton. Susan. 336. 388 Boss. Andrea. 223. 340 Bass, E. 466 Bassen. M., 467 Batavia, L., 470 Batho, Paul, 223 Batts, Rodney, 268, 466 Bouch, Cathy, 223, 348. 380 Bauer, Bob, 448 Bauqhman, D., 467 Baughn, Jean, 373 Baum, Adam. 440 Baumgardner, Lynn, 390 Boump, Karen. 274 Boutisto, Alfred, 223 Baxter, Gordon, 467 Boxter, Linda. 223 Bayer. Ron. 434 Beach. Dennis, 450 Beales, Mimi, 388 Bean. Marc, 448 Beard, Barbara, 223 Beosley, Betty, 223 Beosley, Jill, 223 BeauBien. Mary. 332. 336. 387 Bechdolt. Phil. 356. 456 Beck, B.. 467 Beck. Daniel. 223. 464 Beck, Kenneth, 268 Beck, Teresa, 402 Becker, Alice, 223, 470 Becker, Barbara, 378 Becnel. Lovida, 223 Beechen, Paul, 465 Beeler, Kirsten, 223 Beenken, Barbara. 336. 388 Beer, Judy, 376 Beguwola, Moiz, 356 Behrstock, Sue, 405 Belbusli, Mary Ann, 378 Bell, Jackie. 306. 398 Bell. James, 434 BelUohn. 356 Belosic, Roy, 290 Benedict, Marilynn, 274. 373 Benes, Vicki, 223, 313 Benevenuti, David, 448 Benford, Paulo, 311 Benford, Paulo. 374 Benigno. Margaret, 223 Benjamin, Bruce. 465 Bennett. Gwen. 400 Bennett, James, 356, 462 Bennett, Joyce, 305 Bennett. Melody, 362, 374 Bennett, Terry, 223 Benson. Gary. 465 Benson. Gordon. 223, 334 Benson, Gordon, 334. 465 Benson, Lorry. 450 Benson. Susan. 388 Bentley, Korin, 398 Benulis, Cynthia, 223, 331 Benz, Christopher, 223 Berg, Sheila, 402 Berg, Thomas, 223 Berger. Jerry, 224 Bergman, Chuck, 130 Bergman, Ron, 224 Bergner, Tom, 307, 416 Bergstedt. John, 424 Bergstrom, Ed. 438 Bergstrom. Lee, 426 Beringer. Susan, 224 Berke. Bonnie. 378 Berkmon, Leslie, 224. 313 Berkness, Jon, 373 Berkness, Ruth Anne, 373 Berkosky, Patricio, 224 Berkowitz, Zach, 446 Berkson, Paul, 428 Berkus, Dean, 323 Berlie, Koren, 388 Berman, Colette, 290 Bermon, Lynn, 405 Berman, Sharon, 405 Bermon, Steven. 224 Berman, Viki, 224 Bernson, Carol, 376 Bernstein, Melvin, 341 Berris, Ken, 262 Berry, Marie. 224 Bersinger, John. 448 Berstein. Gary, 436 Bertrond, Susan, 378 Besemer, Chris, 468 Beskin, Stan, 456 Bessemer. Cheryl. 473 Best, Lor, 444 Belhune, Bob, 456 Betzler, Marty. 398 Bibby, Elizobeth A., 470 Bickenboch, Paul, 444 Bickerl, Jean, 224 Biegel, L., 467 Bienstock, Bernard, 356 Bierl, Denice, 390 Biesheuvel, Edie, 374 Bigelow, Ann, 372 Biggs, Bob, 436 Bill. Mary, 224 Billmeyer, Cathy, 224, 390 Bills, Paula, 224 Birkenes, Karen, 323 Birdmon, Dave, 426 Birdsoll, Susan, 33 I Bischot, Vince, 434 Bishop. Bill, 424 Biswell, Rick, 458 Bitter, Laurie, 331 Black. BuHy, 331, 390 Black, Marilee. 475 Blockelt. Lynn. 274, 402 Blackwell, Susan. 378 Blaine, Donna. 224 Blaine. Jack, 268 Blair, Constance, 361. 406 Blakey. Robert. 445 Blanco, Barbara, 474 Bland, Christina, 388 Blonkenship, Douglas, 290 Blonton, Marv, 462 Blanlon. Robert, 446 Blott, Jackie, 376 Blotl, Robert, 461 Bloylock. Carol. 359 Bleeker, Craig, 430 Bloch, Kathy. 336 Blodgett, Florence, 224 Blomberg, Bonnie. 310. 361. 470 Blonsky. Gloria, 224, 376 Block. Ron, 446 Bloodgood, Georgene, 313 Bloom, John, 422, 467 Blout, Beverly, 406 Blumenteld, Mitch, 465 Bool, Michael, 224, 450 Bockus, Kim, 390 Boedecker, Janice, 394 Bochm, Phyllis, 224 Boehmer, Sharon, 274, 387 Boessler, Jerry. 330 Boettcher. Anne, 224 Bogomaz, Elizabeth. 338, 370 Boggero, Anne. 224 Bohmstedt, Ron. 420 Boileou, Patricia, 268, 387 Boldt, Ron. 426 Bolton. Barbara, 224, 390 Bomba, Mary, 336 Bongiorno, Mike, 424 Boorstein, Doreen, 224 Booth, Andrea, 333, 390 Booth. Ellie, 331, 378 Booz. Cynthia, 224 Borden, Gail Lynn, 396 Bordon. Robert. 224 Borrud. Robert, 356 Bosely, Linda, 224, 355, 378 Boshinsky, Robert, 224 Bossermon, Gordon. 434 Bossert. Sandy, 382 Bostwick, Evelyn 268 Bostwick, Potty, 343 Bothwell, Sally. 388 Botz, Anno. 224 Boudreou. Connie, 471 Boughn, Deborah, 355, 378 Boughton, Steve, 444 Boumbulian, Paul. 305 Bourg. Alexis, 388 Bow, Jim. 357 Bregder, Kothy, 340 Bowen. Roweno, 274 Bower, Brooke, 374 Bowles, Chris, 416 Bo wman, Linda, 408 Bowman. Marilee, 382 Boyd. Philip, 108 Boydstun, Sharon, 224. 336 Bozlcebich. Mario. 224, 424 Brabonder, Joe, 466 Bradley, Bruce, 130, 224, 334, 445 Brodley, Koy, 387 Bradley. Lucy, 406 Brodshaw, Linda, 309, 336 Broiker. Harriet, 376 Broinord, William, 434 Broithwoite, Sue Ann, 336, 398 Bromson, Bobbe. 262, 354, 408 Brondmon, Michael, 224 Bronner. Mark, 422 Brantley, M., 467 Bralman, Sheryl, 408 Braun, Margie, 408 Bravermon, John. 446 Breeden. Barbara. 474 Breeland, V., 470 Bregder, Katherine, 224 Breitstein, Steve, 306 Brending. Cheryl, 224 Brennon, Walt. 475 Brenner, Richard, 225 Breuer, Valerie, 394 Brewer, Jerry. 440 Brewer, Mary Jane, 225, 332 Brewer, Monroe D., 418 Brewster, Sharon, 382 Bridges. Ann. 390 Bridges, Chris, 388 Bridwell. Kent, 445 Briggs. Stork. 440 Bright. David. 442 Brightman, Howard, 430 Britt, Karen, 333 Brittle, Chris, 420 Brizendine. Bill. 418 Brizendine. Joan, 225. 372 Brockmon, Gary. 420 BrocoH, Lynne, 402 Brodie. Karen. 405 Brody, Beverly, 225 Brody, Stuart. 225, 447 Broekhof, Willem, 434 Broffman. Susan, 225 Brogliatti, Ray. 31 1. 334, 458 Bronstein, Judith. 225 Brooks, Ann, 338, 359. 370 Brooks. Wendy, 333 Burnett. Borbaro, 332. 338 Brown. Althio. 471 Brown. Anita. 370 Brown. Carolyn. 225, 406 Brown, Colleen, 120. 225. 336, 406 Brown, Doug, 452 Brown. Eloine, 225 Brown, Gory, 430 Brown. Jennifer. 225. 382 Brown. Kay. 275 Brown, Mario Anne, 355, 386 Brown. Marsha, 408 Browne, N., 467 Brown, Patricio, 332, 370 Brown. Rondo, 376 Brown, Steve, 458 Brown, Woyne, 356 Browne, N., 467 Bruboker, Richard, 468 Bruck, Rich, 420 Brugger, Ad. 295. 304 Brungess. Lisa. 398 Bryont. Don, 466 Bryont. Timothy. 430 Bryson. Rozonne. 225 Buchak, Ruben. 446 Bucher, Clem, 268, 330 Buckholter. Cynthia, 225 Buckley. George, 450 Buese, Jomes. 434 BuWington, Laurie, 309, 390 Butfum, Ronald, 225 Bukunt, Paul, 225 Bumotoy, Andrew, 262 Bumb, Mory, 225, 353 Bumborger, Chuck, 456 Burch, Cheryl, 362 Burdick, Cynthia, 225 Burgess. Don. 450 Burgess. Robert. 262 Burke. Robin. 225 Burke. Thomas. 428 Burmeister. Sharon. 225 Burnett. Barbara, 332, 338, 370 Burnett, James, 461 Burnett. Paul, 225 Burns, Cheryl. 225. 396 Burr. Charlene, 332. 378 Burr, Suzanne, 378 Burrell, L., 470 Burrin. Susan. 225 Burroughs, Helen. 225 Burtoft, Kothleen. 274 Burton, Karen. 225. 390 Burton. Mike. 438 Burton, Pom, 406 Busch. Jill. 388 Bushner. Beverly. 353 Buss, Shirley, 336. 398 Butler. Darrell, 450 Butler, Mary, 398 Butler. Ron. 438 Butler. Shori. 310. 354. 376 Butt. Jane, Marie, 394 Butts, Omerio, 290 Butzlalf. Je«. 225. 447 Buzzell. Ken. 456 Byer, Harriet, 268, 405 Bynagte, Bill, 475 Cabin, Richard, 268 Cadish, Bob, 442 Cadorette, Suzanne, 475 Cahn, Steve, 465 Caldwell. Cindy, 331,475 Coldwell, Suzan, 338, 396 Colloghon, Richard, 448 Comorillo, Al, 440 Campbell, Bob. 428 Campbell, J., 470 Campbell. Joanne. 382 Compbell. Linda. 406 Campbell, Potricia, 372 Comren. Mary. 225 Canady. John. 108 Conor elli. Larry, 450 Connell. Yolando. 225 Contley, Patricia. 396 Copaldi, Louis, 225 Caplon, Jane, 225 Cord, Sandra. 386 Cordinelli. Morguerite. 396 Carlson. Cloire. 308.388 Carlson. Diana, 394 Carlson, Richard, 356 Carlson, Richard L 225 Corlson, Susan, 386 Carlton. Steve. 448 Carmichoel, Mary Ann, 390 Carnohom, Douglas. 356 Corpenter. Carol. 225 Corpenter. Jody. 370 Corr, Stephanie, 332, 369, 378 Carr, Tony, 436 Corrillo. Teryl, 359, 387 Corroll. Dove. 428 Carroll. Susie. 336, 370 Carson, 467 Carter, Cesco, 225, 348, 390 Carter, Edward, 108 Carter. Sandra. 226 Carter. Steven. 46 I Corler, Suson. 338, 396 Carter, Williom, 448 Cortier, Paul, 226 Cortledge, Chris, 226. 342 Carty.Mike. 440 Carver. Carol, 226 Carver, Chris, 452 Coscade, Phyllis, 355 Coss, Lizo. 226 Cosserd, Linda, 392 Casserly, Brian. 448 Cossidy, Ken, 468 Castle, Donald. 356 Caswell. Tom, 313 Cotoldo, Don. 420 Catch ings. Holly. 400 Cote. Barboro. 331. 400 Gather. Max, 456 Cotton. Cindy, 338 Coyetono. Benjamin. 226 Celce. Daniel, 226 Cerny, Paul, 262, 305 Cervantes, Elizabeth, 226 Cervenak, Glorio, 311. 374 Chofee, Bob, 475 Chomberlain, Joe, 462 Chambers, Mork. 306. 458 Chan, Dove, 475 Chan, Josie. 336, 374 Cha n, Neil. 349 Chandler. Mrs. Dorothy, 108 Chang, Paul, 475 Chonsler. Bob. 356. 456 Chanter. Sue. 226. 308, 354, 369. 387 Chao. Harry. 226 Choo, Ruth, 226 Chapman, Catherine, 332, 361, 400 Chopmon, Dianne, 400 Chose, Elaine M.. 226 Chose. Glen, 424 Chose, John, 432 Chotfield, Stephen, 448 Chaudoin, Linda, 227 Chavez, Dan, 416 Cheng. Ellen, 227 Cherney, Nancy, 370 Chernove, Jeff, 450 Chesebro, Keven, 461 Chestnutt. Sharon, 390 Chiory, Dionne, 370 Chi en, Nancy, 336. 362 Child. Bonnie, 387 Clements, Chloe, 400 Cleveland, Richard, 227, 426 Clinite, Carol. 398, 466 Clontz, Donno, 474 Coady, Sue. 378 Coblentz, William, 108 Cocogne, Cheri, 227, 369. 406 Collom, Ed, 227. 334, 444 Combs, Rodney, 462 Compton, Mary, 227 Conkey, George. 256, 334, 438 Conley. Carolynn, 386 Connell, Jone. 227, 474 Connelly, Patricia, 322. 332 Chin, Robert, 356 Chinen, Vernon, 349 Chipps. Steve. 312, 416 Chittivoronow, Provj, 467 Chlad, Cheryl, 396 Cho, Sung. 262 Choate, Bruce. 444 Choote. Dennis, 227, 334, 438 Chooljian, Nancy, 227. 378 Christensen, Jeannette, 475 Christensen, Kay, 387 Christian. C., 466 Christians, Kothryn. 370 Christiansen. Borb, 268 Christner, Becky, 370 Christofferson, Dovid, 448 Christopher, Lonnle, 227, 406 Chubb. Morris, 428 Churukian, Alice, 262. 374 Chute. Becky, 398 Cifranic, Susan, 332. 359 Cinque. Julie, 355. 394 Claborne, Conrod, 475 Claman, Linda, 408 Clark. A., 470 Clark. Charlie. 334, 450 Clark, Dove, Clark, George, 456 Clork. Nancy. 370 Clork, Patricia, 227 Clark, Peter. 227 Clark, Sheila, 361 Clark. Susan. 227 Clark, Terrill. 382 Claypool. D., 466 Cleory, Robin, 402 Clegg, Cyndio, 398 Clements, Charles. 290. 330 Cochron, Chris. 452 Cochran, Vic, 456 Cockle, Bob. 444 Coffee. Terry, 430 Cogen. Horvey. 227, 446 Cohen, Bruce, 465 C ohen. Irma. 227 Cohen, Jacqueline. 227 Cohen, Larry. 310 Cohen. Michael. 446 Cohen. Rafe, 442 Cohen, Robert, 436 Cohen, Roberta. 353 Cohn, Betty, 227 Cohn, Larry, 442 Cohodos, Anne, 392 Colclosure, Kothi, 361, 396 Cole, Ann, 394 Cole, Bruce, 227, 420 Cole, Curtis, 227 Cole. Gerald, 227, 341 Cole. Holly. 408 Cole. Karen, 474 Cole. Patricio. 227, 336. 398 Cole, Stanley. 1 30. 268, 440 Coleman. Janis, 380 Colemon, Mork, 268 Col en, Susan, 408 Coles, Patricio, 227 Colin, Cornel, 432 Collen, Louise, 227 Collette, Larry, 466 Collins. Richard, 227, 330 Collins. Rick, 416 Collins. R., 467 Collins. Robert, 268 Collins, Robin. 369, 398 Collister, Kathy, 387 Connolly. Karen, 333 Conover. David, 448 Conwell, Sue, 314. 336, 388 Cook, Karen, 262, 343 Cook, Kathy. 387 Cook, Nancy. 332. 374 Cooke. Rita, 274 Cooper, Andrev , 290, 313, 330 Cooper, Linda, 332 Cooper, Loren, 390 Copelond, Rick, 416 Coppersmith. Jon, 405 Coppock. Marie, 475 Corbett, Thomas, 468 Cordill, K., 470 Core, Noncy, 378 Coreman, Suson, 227 Corliss, Jeff, 450 Corzine, Kent. 440 Cotter, Jeff, 420 Cottini, Jule, 388 Cotten, Robert, 467 Coughlin, Susan, 227, 396 Coverdole, Cynthia, 227 Covington, Gary, 458 Covington, Steve, 468 Cowen, Jim, 442 Cowett, Mary, 374 Cox, Carolyn, 370 Cox. Don. 452 Cox, Mike. 462 Cox, Roger, 227 Cox, Sandra, 262 Coyle, Michael. 46 i Coyne, Judy, 227, 308.353 Cozens, Jeffrey, 356 Craig, Brian, 444 Craig, Don, 430 Craig, Jon, 444 Cram, Ken, 428 Crane, Leslie, 227 Crovey, Borry, 262 Crovey, Larry, 262 Crav ord, Carolyn, 333, 359, 388 Crawford, Terry. 378 Creech, Cheryl, Creason, Stephen, 227 Cressey, Pom. 227, 369, 398 Crinklav . Jonet, 227 Critchfield, Rick, 465 Crood, Sherry. 227 Cron, Steve, 465 Cronick, Ed, 446 Crooks, Raymond, 227 Crosby, Tim, 444 Crouch. Charles McCormtck Jr., 227 Crowder. Scott, 227 Cuoresmo, Ben, 444 Culbertson, Roger, 268, 334, 426 Cullison, Bradford, 434 Cummings, Lynn. 370 Cunntnghom. Bill, 424 Cunningham. Gory, 424 Cunningham, Jill, 332, 374 Cunningham. Kathy. 394 Currie. Phyllis, 227 Curtis. Joe. 436 Cutrow, Al. 268. 313. 334, 465 Cyr, Tim, 462 Cyrus, Andy. 314. 467 Dabbs, C. 470 Daggat. Andrew, 434 Dailey, Garrett, 458 Daily, Stephanie, 474 Dalton, Phil, 456 Dames, Robert, 434 Damski. Eva. 227, 341 Dana, Karlynn, 227, 400 Daniels, Lynette, 227. 475 Donto, Randy, 416 Dash, Karen, 227 Doshiell, Teresa, 262 Da Silva, Joyce, 361, 402 Dottan, Scott, 432 Dauber, Bonnie, 227 Dougherty, Margy, 390 Dougherty, Potti, 374 Da Vonzo. Frank. 227 David, George, 290, 330 Davidson, Bonnie, 470 Davies, Richard, 430 Davis, Donna, 227 Davis, Elizabeth, 227 Davis, Ellen. 470 Davis. Jack. 438 Davis, John, 416 Dovis, Judy, 470 Davis, Linda, 361, 406 Davis, Patrick, 460 Davis, Richard, 268 Dovis, Roz, 227,326 Day, Jim, 416 Day, Sue, 359, 400 De Ainzo, Christine, 359, 370 Deckers, Rich. 436 Deckers, Timothy, 434 Deal, Matt. 436 De Arriela. Cheryl Roe, 274, 343, 400 De Boere, Rick, 450 De Benedilli, Alice, 387 De Bold, Joseph, 343 Decomp, Dave, 452 Decker, Kolhy, 355, 378 Dedeoux, Mary Lin, 227 Dederion, Sheri, 374 Deets, Denise, 353, 394 De Fronco, Barbara, 402 DeGroff, William, 227 Deguelle, Jim, 456 De Jonge, Elizobeth, 227, 402 DeLocy, Jim, 130,444 De Legal, Larry, 227 Del Franco, Charles, 228 Delouise, Harriet, 357 Del Rosario, Cynthia, 309 Delson, Sheilo, 228 Demoree, Ed, 4 1 8 Denison, Mike, 46 I Denove, Tom, 454 Denton, Robin, 228, 396 De Pierre, D., 470 Dess, Wm.. 228, 334, 420 De Varona, Donna, 402 De Uries, Carole, 378 Dickens, Jo Lynn, 474 Dickey, Gary, 228 Dickinson, C, 466 Di Donato, Luiso, 228 Diebolt, Doug, 440 Diehl, Irene, 274 Dikeman, Clork, 434 Dikeman, Debbie, 386 Dilley, Louise, 473 Dillion, Gail, 396 Dillon, Margo, 470 Dillow, Pamela, 228 Dippel, Alan, 462 Dische, Carole, 406 Dishoroon, Rob, 448 Dixon, David, 356 Doan, Lorry, 458 Doberling, Jose, 228 Dobernig, Jose, 467 Dobles, Roberto, 467 Dobrov , Joelle, 471 Dodge, Allen, 228 Dottlemyre, Michael, 228, 313 Doheny, Dru, 402 Dolwchi, Corole, 339, 349 Dolezal, Nancy, 394 Dolezol, Patricio, 394 Dolim, Diane Doll, Donna, 343 Domansky, Bohdan, 268, 450 Donohoe, Pot, 438 Donesby, Pomelo, 228 Donner, Laurel, 228, 343 Donnell, Susan, 394 Donney, Kenneth, 228, 436 Doolen, Gloria, 228 Doran, Margo, 309, 390 Dore, Katie, 406 Doriol, Darlene, 474 Dome, Robert, 436 Oorney, Anita, 382 Dorney, Gene, 434 Dornin, Bob, 424 Doss, Bob, 268, 334, 450 Doty, William, 356 Dougherty, Pomelo, 228 Douglas, Fred, 314, 422 Douglass, Dan, 420 Dov , Normon, 228, 468 Dovv ' nard, John, 450 Downing, Don, 444 Doyle, Dionne, 274 Drakes, Robert, 228, 342 Dresher, Ronald, 268, 330 Dreyer, Steven. 228 Dreyfus, Peter, 426 Dreyfuss, Jo Ann, 228 Drobmon, Jeff, 432 Drumlewicz, Anno, 312, 355 Duarte, Jim 475 Dube, Bruce, 268, 342 Dubin, Barry, 228 Dubin, Mali, 262, 313 Dubrow, Phyllis. 228 Ducote, Keith, 416 DuH, Rico Amm, 331,400 Dugos, Al, 323 Duggon. Sean, 434 Duke. Chorlene, 474 Dulgarian, George, 268 Dumont, Stephanie, 228 Dunbrock, Janice, 400 Duncon. Anne. 228. 378 Duncan. Geoffrey. 444 Dunn. Dona. 406 Durfler. Bess, 471 Dunn. Mary. 228 Dunnington. Janice. 228 Duque. Madeline, 228 Durond, Susan, 228 Durbin. Steven, 268 Dutcfier, Nancy, 386 Dufton, Frederick, 108 Duval, Eve, 34! Duvordo, Janet, 386 Duyon, Scott, 450 Dwyer, Mike, 447 Dye, Robert, 228, 461 Dyer, Dexter, 228 Dyer, Roy, 228, 342 Dymond, Rosemary, 400 Eadie, Jonet, 388 Eastv ood, Maureen, 359, 370 Eaton, Margaret, 332 Eaves, Linda, 378 Ebert, Chorlene, 262 Eckensley, Darrell, 340 Edberg, Susan Joanne, 386 Ede, Richard, 228 Edelstone, Doniel, 229 EdickRick, 461 Ediun, N., 470 Edmonds, Cynthia, 229 Edmonds, Rod, 436 Edwords, Tom G- II., 268 Edwards, Thomas, 229, 334, 450 Edwards, Tom, 420 Eger, Andi, 470 Egger, Harry, 415, 434 Eggteston, Dove, 307 Egly. Louise, 361, 402 Ehrlich, Bob, 311 Einsiedler, Adele, 470 Einstein, Suson, 262 Eisenberg, Linda, 405 Eisenmon, Steve, 460 Ekerling, Dorothy, 392 Eldridge, Frank, 444 Elfers, Thomas, 268, 456 eikind, Annette, 229 Ellermeyer. Eller. 440 Ellerlson. Martha. 331. 362 Elley. Michael. 229.430 Elley. Patti. 396 Filing, Eugene. 460 Elliott. Eloine, 398 Ellis, Michoel. 229 Ellis. Susan. 229, 343 Ellis, Susan, 343 Elser, Jock, 268, 330 Emmonovilides, Demetrius, 290 Emmett, Bob, 424 Endow, Lillian, 473 Eng, Louie, 426 Engel, Gary, 416 Engel, Melonie, Dee, 333 Engesser, Morgaret, 272, 386 Engle, Michael, 229 Englert, Dolly, 359, 373 Engl ert, Karl, 436, 475 English, D., 467 Epps, Janet, 386 Epstein, Alton, 268. 330 Epstein. Jeff. 420 Erbeck, Gory, 460 Erdynost, Al, 290, 340 Eric, Dean, 446 Eriich, Harvey, 229 Erwood, Kathy, 370 Esquivel, Roymundo, 229 Essen, Sondra, 309, 361,370 Essin, Don, 475 Estrada, Chris, 475 Etting, Gory, 229 Etow, K., 467 Evongelista, Marilyn, 229 Evans, James E., 229 Evans, Kristine, 229 Evans, Lowrence, 229, 426 Evans, Robert, 430 Evans, Sandra, 229, 406 Evans, Stacy, 314,336, 402 Ewold, Holly, 229, 386 Ewing, Blaine, 458 Ezor, Gary, 465 f Fabiano, Rosmarie, 229 Fagan. Joseph Thomas, 430 Fohey, Mary Ann, 336 Fojgin, Douglas, 229 Fairbonk, John 434 Fallon, William, 434 Farbskin., 229 Farley, Andrea, 229, 336, 386 Farley, Jim, 31 1 Farmer, Dave, 418 Farmer, Lynda, 229, 396 Farrell, Nancy, 229 Farrell, Rodger, 416 Farrington, Martha, 331 Fauman. Richard, 446 Fawell, Susan, 229 Fay, Mike, 440 Fearman. Eleanor, 406 Fecho, Claudia, 390 Feeley, Mary, 475 Feigenbaum, Howard, 229 Feinberg, John, 229 Feld, Jim, 307 Feldman, Barbara, 268 Feller, Robert. 229 Felz, Jeff, 436 Fenger, Ellen, 471 Ferguson, Cord, 372 Ferguson, David, 428 Fergusen, Lance, 475 Ferguson, Sara, 229 Ferkel, Carolyn, 343 Ferrero, Chuck, 424 Ferris, Steve, 424 Ferry, Steve, 428 Fesler, Sharon, 262. 402 Fessendenwalker, Susan Louise, 341 Feuerlicht, Gail, 353 Feybush, Chris, 456 Field, Russa, 406 Fields, Jerri, 229, 405 Fields, Kathy, 406 Fields. Robert, 290 Fields, Susan, 331 Filice, Alan, 290 Finck, Connie, 361, 406 Finch, Robert, 108 Finder, Rori, 405 Findloy, Janis, 336, 374 Finegold, Joseph, 468 Fink, Jerrold E., 229, 341 Finkelman, Sandy, 374 Finkelstein, Rick, 465 Finlayson, John, 468 Finley, Kirk, 434 Finley, Martha, 370 Finnley, Annette, 474 Fischel, Dennis, 268 Fischer, Claude, 229 Fischer, Herman, 229 Fischer, John, 230. 424 Fischer, Larry, 424 Fischer, Lucie, 230 Fischer, Susan, 378 Fish, Janet, 406 Fisher, Alan A., 230, 290 Fisher, Glenn, 230 Fisher, Kit, 474 Fisher, Lorry. 475 Fisher, Mark, 466 Fisher, Susan, 386 Fitzgerald, Jerry, 230, 420 Fitzmorris, Pat. 333. 382 Fix. Julie, 370 Fixler, Philip. 448 Flack, James, 452 Flommong, Janet, 398 Fleener, Coney, 388 Fieischman, Rochelle, 230 Fleishman, Joon, 408 Fleming, Anne, 306, 406 Fletcher, Steve, 130, 444 Fletcher, Tom, 462 Flint, Koarina. 230 Flo. Betty, 361,382 Flod, Natalie, 230 Flood. J. David, 230 Flores, Lew, 447 FJores. Phil, 436 Flournoy. Scott. 356 Floyd. Nubra. 262 Flynn, Drena, 274 Foelsch, Richard, 262 Follette, Dave, 130 Fond, Barbra, 408 Fonfara, Dave, 334, 444 Fonfora, Phil, 444 Fong, Robert, 460 Foote. Lloyd, 306, 430 Forbes. Cheryl, 471 Forbes, John, 424 Forbes, William, 108 Ford, Borry. 268 Forehom, Chris, 475 Foreman, Betty, 230, 388 Forkner, Helen, 373 Forman, Jim, 458 Formon, Marc, 275 Forness, Steven, 290 Forrest, Ernestine, 362 Forth, Mary, 230 Fortmueller, Beth. 336, 386 Foster, Koy, 230. 390 Fovrfler, Elinore, 473 Fox, Gory, 462 Fox, Gavin, 448 Fox. Jan, 309. 390 Fox, Joel, 454 Fox, Larry, 458 Fox. Robert, 356 Fox, Roger, 330 Fox, Sharon, 230 Foxmon, Richard, 466 Frady, Bill. 416 Froider. Rosalyn, 376 Froley, Nancy, 471 Francis, Carole, 370 Francis. Julie, 388 Frank, Bill, 444 Frank, Rich, 452 Frankel, Sherry, 408 Franklin. Barbara. 230, 373 Franklin, Greg, 420 Franks, Zoch, 300 Fraser, Carol, 361, 390 Frasz, Corol, 230 Fraugel, Marsha, 369, 374 Fredrickson, Jack, 426 Fredricksson. Cloudia, 230, 382 Freedlond, Roberto, 392 Freeman. Alma, 230 Freeman, Felice, 333, 408 Freemen, Ken, 465 Freeman, Nancy, 386 Freeman, Richard, 230 Freitas, Steve, 436 Fremoling, Anne, 230, 390 Freschi, Bill. 330 Frettum, Christine, 378 Frey, Louise, 274 Fricke, Corl, 230. 424 Frieden, CIlH, 422 Friedland, Alex, 460 Fried land, Susan, 230 Friedman, Andrew . 230, 341 Friedman, Bob, 305 Friedman, Ester, 307, 333 Friedman, K., 466 Friedman, Linda, 376 Fuller, Dove, 475 Fuller, Marilyn. 230. 336, 386 Fuller, Ola, 474 Fullerton, Maureen, 396 Fulton, Ginger, 338, 396 Funakoshi. Koy, 339, 349 Furbush, Helen, 262 Furey, Janice, 331, 378 Furumuro, Kathleen. 363 Furumoto, Takeshi, 268 Fybel, Rich, 230. 454 g Gabai, Rofiolioh, 466 Gage, Curtis, 230 Goines, Steven, 269, 334, 465 Galen, Paul, 436 Garside, Gayle, 231, 331, 354, 400 Garson, Lee, 448 Gorton, Bonnie, 373 Garvin, Laurel, 405 Gaudin, Janet. 359, 388 Gaus, Jerry, 307 Gavaldon, Edv ard, 231 Gaviati, Ronald, 262 Gaviola, Sandi, 408 Gaylord, B. 466 Gebb. John, 450 Gebhord, John, 231 Gedgoudas, Kestutis, 231 Gee, Carolyn, 339, 349 Gee, John, 467 Gee, Mary, 231 Gellman, 474 Gellman Emily, 394 Genoa, Bob, 475 Friedman, Robert, 230 Friedman, Sue, 376 Friedman, Terry, 307 Friss, Alice, 376 Frost, Kothy, 336, 390 Fryberger. John, 430 Frydman, Benny, 341 Fu, Sandra, 230 Fuentes, Alfred, 230 Fujihiro. Nancy, 349, 363 Fujikuni, Janice, 339, 349 Fujimoto, Kathleen, 230 Fujito, Eri. 471,472 Fujiu, Bob, 349, 352 Fujiyama, Gary, 432 Fukui, Cothy, 339. 349 Gallagher, Jim, 420 Gallegos, Nadine, 230 Ganajo, Louis, 356 Gondaro, Don, 424 Gcndin, Richard, 430 Gandin, Robert, 465 Gans, Jerry, 422 Gorogliono, John, 428 Garb, Susan, 362 Gorber. Carol, 405 Garber, Leonard, 230 Gardner, Sylvia, 372 Garol, Jim, 450 Garon, Rober, 356 Garrisi, John, 418 Garrison, Dennis, 446 Genovese, Joe, 462 Gentry, Grover, 416 George, Jonie, 378 George, Jo Dean, 262, 378 Geortzen, Dee Ana. 372 Gerhardt, S. 470 Gerhort, Julie, 274 Gering, Michael, 231 Gero, Refer, 231 Gertsen. Marie, 231, 372 Gertsen, Marie, 372 Getzloff, Jock, 428 Ghesquiere, Mary, 353, 475 Ghesquire, Mary, 475 Gianetto, Robert, 231 Gibson, Gay, 396 Gibson, Robert Jr., 253 Giguere, Dave, 420 Gilbert, Carol, 306, 398 Gilbert, Douglas, 343 Gilcrest, Sue, 387 Gilder, John, 356 Giles, BeHe, 400 Gillette, Muriel, 274, 394 Gilliland, Thomas, 462 Gillman, Emily, 355 Gilstrap, Luana, 231 Gimbel, Suson, 231 Gimbel. Susan, 474 Ginsburg, Diana, 231 Ginsburg, Larry, 465 Ginsburg, Paul, 269, 330 Gismot, Linda, 471 Gladden, Carol, 380 Gladman, Dennis, 356, 450 Glantz, Amy, 333, 470 Glass, Laurie, 376 Glasser. D.. 470 Glassman, Howard, 422 Glassman, Jeff, 446 Giassman, Linda, 374 Glauser, Sandy, 120, 231, 308, 309, 322, 336. 354, 390 Glenn, Carolyn, 231 Glickfeld. Bruce, 442 Glicksman, Herb, 442 Glidden, Lim, 468 Gliksohn, M., 467 Glucksman, Dick, 442 Glucksman, Marc, 290 Goble, Kathleen, 274, 355, 378 Godbey, Dexter, 436 Godfrey, Ann, 262 Godward, Gary, 444 Godwin, Michael, 269 Godwin, Patti, 474 Goerke, Sue, 406 Goertzen, Dee Ana, 231 Goetschel, D., 467 GoH, Harriet, 231 Goff, Kevin, 424 Goins, Samuel, 460 Gold, Barry, 231 Gold, Bruce, 231 Gold, Cynthia, 231 Gold, Ellen, 353 Gold, Susan, 231 Gold, Tom, 231, 334,418 Goldbock. Pete, 420 Goldberg, Aimee, 231 Goldberg, Neil, 231 Golden, Barbara, 262 Golden, Jo Anne, 376 Goldenberg, Linda, 308, 309. 311, 338, 362, 408 Goldfarb, Susan, 231 Goldmen, Borboro, 231 Goldmon, Dole, 231,376 Goldman, Jim, 475 Goldman, Stephen, 231 Goldman, Susan, 300 Goldsmith, B., 467 Goldsmith, Hank, 465 Goldsmith, William, 391 Goldstein, Gerald, 432 Goldstein, Gloria, 231 Goldstein, Jerald C, 231, 460 Golub, Judy, 336 Golub, Rosolee, 470 Golum, Judy, 336, 376 Gompf, Meg, 400 Gonick, Timothy, 269, 342 Gonzalez, Fernando, 231 Gonzalez, Jose, 356 Good, Bob. 356. 438 Goodman, Beverly, 231 Goodman, Ellen, 392 Goodman, Jane, 386 Goodman, Jill. 231.376 Goodman. Jim, 442 Goodman, Jo Ann, 353 Goodman. Mark, 422 Goodmiller, Bruce, 467 Gora, Mary, 36 1 , 405 Gordon, J., 470 Gordon, L., 470 Gordon, Patricio, 353 Gordon, Sam, 232. 432 Gordon, Sharon, 398 Gordon, Stan, 232. 334, 465 Gordon. Susan, 311, 408 Gorelick, Seymour. 232 Gorfain, Louise, 331 Gormly, Fay, 232. 340. 348, 354 Gothold, Christine, 274 Gottesfeld, Joel, 446 Gottesmon, Don. 305 Gottesmon, Sue, 473 Gottlieb. Kim, 262 Gottlieb, Phil, 432 Gottsegan. Mike, 442 Gough. Barboro, 262 Gould, Alison, 408 Gould. Susan, 232 Gourley, Brett, 475 Goya. Sharon, 232, 363 Grabhorn, Doug, 462 Grace, Donna, 232 Grady, Victor, 262 Graf, Cathy. 370 Graff, Karen, 405 Graham. Dan, 467 Graham. Steve. 467 Grois, Maggie, 408 Grandi, Tim, 232, 424 Grant, Allon. 108 Grant, Don. 232, 461 Grant, Perry, 448 Grant, Susan, 309, 402 Grant, Terri, 475 Gront. Tom, 436 Grassia, John, 232 Gray, Beverly, 232, 348 Gray, Fred, 440 Gray, Gory, 438 Gray, Mike, 436 Green, Alon, 432 Green, M., 466 Green, Ron, 422 Green, Sandra, 232, 387 Green, Ted, 465 Greenberg, Jill, 376 Greene, Michele, 232 Greenfield, Bernie, 446 Greenfield, Florence, 392 Greenholgh, Bob, 450 Greenlee. Patricia, 232 Greenstadt, Alan, 269 Greenstein, Linda, 408 Greenstein, S., 466 Grefe, Raid, 269 Gregory, Greg, 31 3 Gregory, Randy, 440 Grey, Mimi, 408 Griffin, Jerry, 290 Griffith, Judy, 402 Griffiths, Kothy, 359, 396 Grinkevich, Claudia, 471, 472 Griswald, Steve, 428 Groat, Geoff, 444 Grobecker. Pom, 332. 396 Grobel, Larry, 326, 340 Grock, Mira, 232 Groner, Roberta, 392 Gronfein, Jerry, 442 Gross, Irv, 232. 442 Gross, Richard, 299. 334, 340 Grossberg, Egon, 290 Grossberg. H., 467 Grossman, Leslie, 232 Grossman, Lew, 467 Groszkruger, Dan, 448 Grubel, Janet, 473 Grubbs, Melinda, 232 Grundvig, Sandra, 400 Gruner, Sandee, 232, 370 Guenther, G., 467 Gunther, Horry, 334 Gunther, Harry, 232, 312. 314, 334 Gunter, Patti, 359. 362 Gurkewitz, R., 466 Gurnee, Andree, 402 Gurnee, Dona, 357 Gusinow, Leslie, 376 Gusinow, Margaret, 232 Guss, Gary H., 232 Gutierrez, Sylvia. 354, 369, 382 Gutierrez, Violeta, 232 Guzin, Lawrence 232, 334, 465 Gwinn, Judy, 382 Gryde, Stan, 418 Grzesik. Kathy, 370 Hachiya, Fumiko, 232 Hackett, C. 466 Hackett, Kothy, 470 Hocsi. Anthony, 262 Haehn, Olivia, 232 Hogie, Edmon, 450 Hogemonn, Karl, 232 Hagood. Linda, 387 Hohn, Christel, 232 Hailperin, Cathy, 408 Hoisten, David, 460, 467 Holberg. Frank. 323 Holbreich, Emily, 263 Haldeman. H.R. Halfon, Alan. 442 Holl, C, 470 Hall, Edwin, 232 Holl, Ruthonna, 232 Hall. Thomas, 468 Holliday, Karen, 232 Halloran, Mory, 406 Holperini, Bonnie, 408 Holpert, Suzanne, 232, 355 Holprin, Note, 465 Homaguchi. Tony, 356 Homono, Merilynne. 349, 363 Homosoko. Judy, 363 Hamel, Dennis, 416 Hamilton, Sharon. 233, 470 Hamlin, Sally, 406 Hammond. Terry, 333, 382 Hammons, Dove, 313 Hancfee, Bill, 454 Honkins, M.. 466 Honking, Rock, 269 Honno, Rosemory. 396 Hanna, Thomas, 233 Honnum. Paul C. 304 Hanousek, Barbara, 370 Honover, Conrad. 263 Honsen. Guy. 424 Hanson, Al, 452 Honson, Sandy, 475 Honway. Nancy. 233 Harono, Woodrow. 269 Harbaugh, Jon, 359, 396 Harbottie, Leslie, 233, 340. 348, 354 Harder, Don, 450 Hardmon, Richard, 356 Harer, Robert, 233 Horju, Rey, 428 Harlan, Jerry, 426 Harmon, Gloria, 233 Harmon, Stephen, 233 Harrer, Linda, 369 Harris. Laurie, 233. 308, 309, 313, 336, 354 Harris, Lisa, 405 Harris. Marilyn, 338, 388 Horris, Minoh, 376 Horris, Thelma 233 Harris. Tim, 438 Harris, Vance, 436 Harris, Vicktoria, 308, 310, 361, 382 Harrison, Alice, 405 Harrison, James, 356 Harrison, Kent, 462 Harry, Hester, 233 Horsell, Sue, 406 Hart, Charles. 290 Hart, Richard, 233 Hart. Sondi, 474 Harter, Stephens, 340 Hortkemeier, Len, 323 Hartman, Kelly, 458 Hartshorn, Dave, 450 Harvey, Brendo, 353 Haskell, Diane, 233 Haskins, Jackie. 233 Hassler. Jack, 434 Hostings. Paul. 452 Hateley, Mike. 334, 458 Hollch, Jo Ann, 396 Hough. Terry, 41 8 Hauser, Phil, 269, 330 Housen, Steve, 310, 430 Housman, Judy, 408 Hawkins, Beverly, 233 Hawkins, John, 233 Hawkms, Sharon, 390 Hayakowa, Som, 468 Hayashi. Foith. 233 Haycox, Hillary, 390 Hayes, Ann Marie, 274 Hoyes, Art, 475 Hoyes, Carolyn, 396 Hoyos. Rick, 438 Haynes. Doug, 465 Haynie, Virgino, 380 Hays, John, 356 Hays, Noncy, 386 Haywood, Suzonne, 388 Heocock, Ron, 462 Heorst, Mrs. Randolph, 108 Heath, Froy, 444 Hebden, Marsha, 396 Heckmon, Lindo, 474 Hedberg, David. 468 Hedley, Eileen, 233 Hedlund. Noncy, 336, 388 Hedman. Linda, 390 Hedridc. Janet. 398 Hedrick. Judith, 263, 348, 396 Heene, Diane, 386 Hefferon, Mary Ann, 233 Heifetz. Larry, 233, 442 Heifitz, Jay. 305 Heimann, Susanne, 392 Hein. Leslye, 233, 474 Heintz, Kenneth, 233, 330 Held. Cindy, 307. 402 Held, Pam, 233, 402 Heller, Ann, 405 Heller, Mrs. Edward, 108 Heller, Jack. 233 Heller, Nancy, 323 Heller, Steve, 442 Helm, John. 342 Henderson, Connie, 333, 406 Hendrix, Linda, 233. 348. 354, 382 Henkel, Jim, 467 Hennig, Thomas, 233 Henning, Thomas, 460 Henry, Chris, 382 Henry, Derrick, 466 Hensel, Bruce, 465 Herbst, Chef, 418 Herman, Venita, 311, 355, 373 Hernandez, Ruben, 462 Herndon, Hallie, 373 Herre, Robert, 296 Herring, Bruce, 438 Herrmonn, Valerie, 392 Hershenson, Brenda, 263 Hescox, Doug, 475 Hess, Michael, 343 Hess, Tinko. 402 Hevrdejs. Jill, 331 Hewlett, Laura, 233 Hickey, Robyn, 31 1, 336. 390 Hicks, Janet, 388 Hicks, L.. 470 Heitbrink. Jim, 257, 306, 334, 450 Higoshi, Lorry, 349, 352 Higgins, Donna, 369, 396 Higgs, Dewitt, 108 Hilbermon, Joe, 314 Hildreth, Linda, 387 Hiley, Pout. 458 Hillemonn, Walter, 233 Himelstein, Don, 426 Hindy, Robert. 233, 334, 420 Hinkle, Anne, 394 Hiramotsu, Kathy, 349, 363 Hirano, Karen, 233, 470 Hiroshima, Barbara, 349, 363 Hirsch, Joanne, 473 Hissey, Diana, 473 Hitchcock. Corliss, 382 Hix, Alexis, 406 Hiyoshida, Howard, 349, 352 Hielt, Stephen, 233 Hoban. S., 470 Hobbs, Kathy, 233,313,387 Hobden, Constance, 233 Hobson, James W,, I 12 Hockmon, Besslyn, 376 Hoffman, Andrew, 234 Hoffman. Heidi, 475 Hoffmon, Kathy, 408 Hoffman, Mark, 326 Hoffman, Paul, 462 Hoffman, Ron, 234 Hoffman, Ross, 444 Holderness, Ann 398 Hoefner. Joseph, 462 Hogue, Jean, 234 Hogue, Marty, 340 Hogue, Morris, 234 Hoi. Nancy, 234 Holland, Laurie, 376 Holland, Wayne, 444 Holmes, Curtis, 234 Holmes, Nathan. 234 Holmes. Solly, 398 Holt, Roger, 234. 341,442 Holtzmon. Alison, 392 Horn, Betty, 353 Hondo, Ann, 349 Honeychurch, Denis, 234, 444 Hong, Louise, 471 Hong, Steven, 234 Hongola, Nancy, 390 Honig, Barbara, 353 Honigberg, Gail, 234 Honnell, Karen, 333 Honnold, Moryonne, 398 Hook, Carol, 234, 343 Hooper, Charles, 460 Hooper, Martha, 398 Hoops, Al, 450 Hoover, Jim, 436 Hopkins, Paulette, 474 Hopper, Mary Jane, 313, 398 Horn, Alice, 471 Horn, Ricky, 234 Home, John, 475 Hornish, Carol, 370 Hornung, Lottie, 405 Horrocks, John, 234 Horstman. Bill. 234 Horstmon, Bill, 434 Hoting, Camillia, 234 Hovsepion, Paul, 466 Howard, John. 462 Howord, Judy, 331 Howard, Judy, 234. 405 Howard, Neol, 422 Howard, Pat; 474 Howord, Roger, 304 Howe, Mike, 426 Howe, Robert. 440 Howell, Scott, 420 Howorth, Richard, 434 Hoy, Susan, 388 Hoyt, Mark, 418 Hrochovy. Dave. 424 Hsieh, Non-Chang, 290 Hubbard, Linda, 359, 396 Hubler, Stanley, 234 Hudson, Dennis, 448 Hudson, Elaine, 234 Hudson, Ronald, 234 Huerta, Gloria, 470 Huey, L, 470 Hughes, Colleen, 234, 369, 378 Hughes, Margaret, 234 Hughes, Susan, 394 Hummer, Martha. 402 Humphrey, Doug, 418 Humphrey. John. 357 Humphreys, Ann, 382 Hunter, Bob, 458 Hunter, Kay. 396 Hunter. Rex, 468 Hurley. Shielo, 406 Hurst, Donna, 234 Hurwitz. M., 467 Husain. Akhtar, 290 Hussey, Stretch, 323 Hutchings, Ho Hutchlns, Hol ly, 21 1. 213. 332. 378 Hutsinpiller, Coryn, 332, 362 Hutton, Andrea, 263 Hutt, Edward. 234, 440 Hybiske, Jim, 314,334,456 • I Ichimuro. Richard, 234 Ickes. Elaine, 396 iijimo. Nomy, 349, 363 lizucka, Richard, 349, 352 Ikeguchi, Vickee, 363 Ikemoto, June, 339, 349 Ikkondo. Virginia, 340 Inana, Marsha, 349, 363 Ingber, Janet, 234 Ingles, Martha, 269, 382 Ingram. David, 454 Ingram, John. 234, 424 Inouye. Ronald, 349, 352 Irish, Carol, 394 Irvine, Jonis, 234, 354. 398 Iseli, Susan, 386 Isgur, Diane, 263 Isgur, Barbara, 263 Ishikowo. Peggy, 398 Isley, Chris, 460 Isley, Ty, 460 Itagoki, Kingoro, 290 Ito, Koren, 363 Iverson, Aoron, 31 4 Ivie, Ardie, 344 Iwoshita, Cheryl, 234, 339 Iwashito, Ivy, 339. 349 Iwosiuk, Michoela, 340 Iwata, Chris, 357, 467 Iwata, Dorie, 349, 363 Iwatoki, Sondi, 363 Izu, Jimmy, 448 Izumo, Joanne. 339, 349 Izzo. Mary, 336 Jcblonski. Kenneth, 430 Jackson, Amelia, 263 Jackson, Charlie, 466 Jackson, Joan, 398 Jackson. Karen, 234, 332, 378 Jackson, Martin, 234 Jacobs, Kathi, 390 Jacobsen, Eloyne, 235, 322, 390 Jacobson, Bob, 454 Jocobson, Christina, 398 Jacobson, Ellen. 235. 392 Jacobson, Jeff, 447 Jacobson, Merle, 263 Jacobson, Steve. 301, 420 Jallo, Mike, 235, 416 James, Terry, 235 Jansen, Edward, 257 Jonsen, Gilbert, 430 Jarrick, Alan, 446 Josinsky, Michael, 430 Jaye, Michael, 235 Jovor, Ron, 31 3 Jaye, Mike. 426 Jenkin, Phil, 349 Jenkins, John, 235, 334. 448 Jenkins, Kristin, 396 Jenkins, Toby. 392 Jenks, Sue, 386 Jens, Jeff, 465 Jensen, George, 343 Jensen, Gilbert, 269 Jensen. John, 416 Jerome, Kathleen, 235, 382 Jesse, Jocquelyn, 359 Jesse, Sue, 359 Jessen, Annelle, 372 Jesswin, Joyce, 400 Jew, Dionne, 473 Jew, Eva, 339, 349, 473 Jew. Pris, 396 Joe, Bobby, 235 Joe, Jeannie, 349 Johns, Carolyn, 309, 402 Johns, Edward B., 304 Johnson, Lee, 257, 430 Johnson, Bill, 475 Johnson, D., 470 Johnson, Cheryl, 235 Johnson, Guy, 456 Johnson, Jimmie, 235 Johnson, Kay, 274 Johnson, Linda, 373 Johnson, Paul, 462, 466 Johnson, Randy, 308 Johnson, Roger. 257. 450 Johnson, Sandra, 235 Johnson, Scott, 448 Johnson, Sharon, 374 Johnson, Wendy, 471 Johnson, Yvonne, 235, 332 Jolly, Pam, 235 Jones, Donald, 235 Jones, Gary, 458 Jones, Jeff, 475 Jones, Robert, 235 Jorgensen, Frances, 235 Joseph, Irwin, 454 Joyce, Eric, 420 Jubelier, Jill, 376 Judge, Dole, 235 Jue, Dionne, 339, 349 Juline, Eric, 420 Jung, Anne. 333, 405, 473 Jung, Don, 269 Jung, William, 466 Jurist, Steven. 235 Jurlond, Miriam, 340 Kobo, Gaston, 235 Kochic, Mike, 475 Kodish, Ron, 306 Kahn, Mark. 465 Kohn, Mike, 442 Koi, Setsumi, 235 Kaiser, Corolyn, 359, 373 Koizuko, Tom, 350, 352 Kako, Linda, 390 Kolipp, Nancy, 359 Koloudis, Peter, 235, 342 Kalstrom, Karen, 355, 378 Koltenborn, Wolly, 450 Komone, Robert, 357 Komansky, Fred. 468 Komagowa, Michael, 357 Kamjns. Barbara. 235 Kominsky. Arnold. 422 Kamiya, Janice, 350, 363 Komoto, Kim, 339, 350 Komoto, Patti. 339, 350 Kane. Jack, 257 Kanegae, Thomas, 235 Kaneko, Kyoko, 290 Kang, Hye-Jo, 290 Konne, Greg, 428 Kanno, Amy, 235 Kaplan, Korin, 405 Kaplan, Kathy, 405 Kaplan, Linda, 353 Kaplan, L., 467 Kaplan, Steve, 460 Kaplan, Terri, 405 Kaplan, Terri, 392 Koplon, Terry, 235 Karas, Regina, 235 Karchmer, Felice, 235 Karlin, Maureen, 235 Karnos, Jean-Pierre, 235 Karon, Bob, 467 Karon, Steve, 465 Korp, Tom, 235 Kartiola, Top, 462 Korton, David, 235. 313, 391 , 442 Kartsmon, Sue, 408 Kosababian, Patricio, 235, 373 Kasetf, Gary, 465 Kosem, Ata, 236 Kashiki, Jo Ann. 336, 338. 398 Kaspar, Terry. 430 Kass, Marilyn, 236 Katov , Les, 468 Kattus, Mary Jo, 406 Katz, Andrew, 447 Kotz, N. 470 Kotzmon, Mark, 236, 467 Koufman, Jon, 405 Kaufman, Jerry, 236, 454 Kouffman, Jim, 130 Kaufman, Poul, 447 Kaufman, Ronald, 236 Kaupp, Nancy, 382 Kowobato, Julio, 363 Kov ohara, Sheri, 313 Kawohota, Joyce, 350 Kowokomi, Jane, 236, 474 Kowato, Steve, 350, 352 Koye, Ted. 450 Keane, Kathy, 310,405 Keen, James, 236 Keener, Karl, 236 Keith, Chris, 402 Keith, Thomos, 460 Keller, Ginger, 406 Keller, Richard, 462 Keller. Virginia, 236 Kelley, Karen, 263. 388 Kellner, Renee, 236 Kelley, Kristen, 398 Kelly, Linda, 369, 373 Kelly, Steve, 467 Kelly, Tim. 444 Kellner, Joyce. 340 Kelsey. Dove, 236, 342, 458 Kempton, Melonie, 408 Kendrick, John, 424 Kennomer, Glendo, 236, 372 Kennomer, Linda, 372 Kennedy, Laurence Jr., I 08 Kennedy, Robert, 236 Kenny, J., 466 KenoH. Joy, 340 Kent. Cindy, 361, 376 Kent, Roderick, 236 Kerns, Sue, 471 Kertes, Joseph. 2 6 Ketelsen, Gary, 448 Keys, Karen, 369, 398 Khani, Janet, 236 Kiefer, Nancy, 343 Killen, Bill, 426 Kimuro, Diono, 263 Kimball. Betsy, 406 Kimball. Denton, 466 Kimberling, Ron, 475 Kimble, Rosemary, 236, 332, 380 Kincoid, Julie, 236, 311, 336, 388 King, Bruce, 458 King. Kathy. 236, 400 King. Kerry, 236 King, Pamela, 236 King. Woyne, 436 Kinsey, Doug. 304 Kinsman, Sarah, 370 Kippur, Steve, 236, 442 Kirkeby, David, 461 Kirmer. Nelly, 474 Kirsch, Bethomy, 236 Kirvan, Linda, 236 Kitogowa. Pat. 350, 470 Kitching, Linda, 380 Klone, Susy, 392 Klotzker, Linda, 392 Klar, Jonothon, 467 Klausen, Steve, 236, 440 Klebon, Barbara, 236 Klein, Carol, 333 Klein, Leslie, 269 Klein, Linda, 353 Klein, Moxine, 343, 373 Klein, Phil, 440 Klienkauf, Bert, 310, 448 Kleinkauf, Kathy, 336, 382 Kliewer, Lee, 236 Kline, Linda, 333 Kline, Ruth, 405 Klingensmith, Ellen, 396 Kloman, Lorry, 236, 454 Klotz. Kothy, 472 Knaul, Carole, 402 Knee, Howord, 442 Kneisel. Billie, 23o Kniesel, Robert, 236 Knight, Bonnie, 390 Knotts, Luon, 263 Kobayoshi, Peggy, 339, 350, 473 Koblin. Don, 467 Kodama.Sachi.339. 350 Koehler, Mary, 236 Koehler, Mary E., 236 Koelsch, Virginia, 390 Koerper, Jean, 237, 370 Kohn, AuntMickie, 408 Kohn, Edward. 237 Kohn. Larry. 31 1 Kojima, Horud. 237 Kok, Jim, 440 Kokubun, Potty, 339, 350 Kolb, Steve, 306 Kolesnik. Rod, 456 Kolom, Elana, 36 1 Koltouteck. Fran, 387 Koosed, Laurayne, 237 Koosed. Robin, 333, 408 Kooyers, Lonno, 473 Korkos. Andrea, 336 Korn. David, 263 Korr, Zelda, 237 Kort. Michele, 473 Kosoko, Mosako, 237 Koski, Michoel, 263 Kosslyn, Lainie. 310. 405 Kossy. Judy, 474 Kotzin. Ellen. 237,348 Kayanagi, Faye, 237 Kramer, Barbara, 237 Kramer, Bruce, 237, 34) Kramer, Jeffrey. 269 Kromer. Linda, 405 Kromer, Robin, 392 Kranske, Pete, 436 Kraus, K.. 470 Krebs, Sky. 436 Kreger, Elizabeth, 237 Krepack, Howard, 334, 465 Krevitz, Shoron, 310. 338, 408 Krivit. Steve, 442 Kronberg. Jeon, 308, 362. 376 Kronick. Sandy. 442 Kronick. Vicki. 374 Krotz, Lora, Krosch, Wyla, 237 Krotz, Lora, 336, 370 Krug, Lorry. 450 Krug. Larry. 269, 450 Krumes, Kurt, 462 Krupsaw, Paul, 237, 341 Kruse, Marilyn, 380 Kuby, Linda, 405 Kuenzly, Suzanne, 269 Kuhl.Kothryn, 370 Kuhn, Steve, 422 Kukic, Steven. 467 Kuckuchi, Tom, 428 Kulla, Norm, 341 Kump. Vicky, 390 Kuo. Percy, 237 Kupcho, Ralph. 237 Kurilich, Frances. 237 Kurimoto, Sydney, 237 Kurland. Stuort, 237 Kurtzmon, Helaine, 474 Kurashita, Mary Ann, 350. 363 Kurz, Jean. 237, 373 Kurzius, Steve, 465 Kushins. Ed, 269. 334, 450 Kusmider, Lauren, 237 Kvoos, Robert. 237 Kwan, Christina Kwon, Christina, 263 Kyser, J. Steve, 460 Lo Boschin. Nancy, 237, 376 Locol, Rudy, 442 Locoste, Cathy, 353 Lacy, Pamela, 387 La Hue, Donno, 374 Laird, Nancy, 237 Lamb, Kothy. 473 Lambert, Thomas, 269 Lambkin, Linda, 237 Lambson, Wade, 428 Landberg, Nancy, 237, 475 Landgreen, Leslie, 382, 470 Landis, John, 447 Landres, Renoto, 305 Londrum, Cathy, 336, 387 Langenfeld, Chris, 332 Langpap, John 430 Lanzer, William, 237 Lapotauskos, Aldrono, 237 Lorkey, Deborah, 237 Lorkin, Christine, 355, 386 Larkin, Robert, 434t Larkins. Lainie, 314, 336, 398 Lo Rue, Sondy. 398 Loskir, Martin, 269 Later, Karen, 474 Latimer, John, 452 La Taurette, 382 Lou, Ann, 237 Lou, Ron, 467 Louby, K., 467 Laufer, R., 466 Lauterbach, Diano, 405 Lavenberg, Lorry, 466 Lowtor, Joel, 237 Law rence, Joan, 237 Lowson, Donold, 460 Lowson, Rick, 418 Lav4on. Dennis, 465 Lav»fton, Eric, 448 Lax, Regina, 333 Lozar, Jim, 467 Lazarus. Darell. 290 Lazarus, Donna, 406 Leobow. Roxaine, 237 Lear. Cyndi, 238, 313, 400 Leavitt, Jean, 238 Le Blanc, Ingrid, 238 Le Bovic, Joe, 465 Lebov . Jeff, 314 Leek, Diane, 336, 398 Ledford, Leah, 390 Lee, Alison, 474 Lee, Anthony, 238 Lee, Boon Hick, 341 Lee, D., 466 Lee, F., 467 Lee, Frank. 434 Lee, Gory, 462 Lee, Judy, 405 Lee, Lily, 471 Lee, Linda, 376 Lee, Lois, 471 Lee, Mary, 471 Lee, Michael, 238 Lee, Ronold, 460 Lee, Sao-ju, 290 Lee, Suson, 263 Leeds, Leoson, 424 Leftgoff. Shelley,338. 354, 376 Le Gros, John, 428 Lehr, Margie, 238, 343, 380 Lehtman, Sharon, 376 Leib, Bornette, 238 Leichman, Glenn, 301, 310, 465 Leishman, Sue, 370 Lemon, Morcio, 390 Lenderking, Hollis, 430 Leng, Chris, 462 Lengnick, Cyndy, 398 Leon, Linda, 357 Leonard, Joy, 406 Leonetti, Carol, 382 Lerner, Arnold, 269, 450 Lesner, Sandy, 353 Lessner, Morgo, 408 Leung, Simon, 238 Le Vontine, Michael, 357 Leve, Annette, 471 Levenbrown, Butch, 466 Levenson, Edith, 238 Leventhol, Shiela. 380 Levey, Karen, 376 Levin, Donno. 408 Levin, Evanne, 307,311,408 Levin, Norman, 238, 320 Levin, R., 466 Levine, Barbara, 392 Levine, Bob, 340 Levine, Harvey, 454 Levine, Leonard, 238, 465 Levine, Patti, 374 Levinson, Marc, 465 Levitt, Sharon, 392 Levitzky, Barbara, 333 Levy, Sheldon, 467 Levy, Steve, 446 Lew, Cynthia. 336, 350, 363 Lew, Joyce, 378 Lew, Stephen, 290 Lewandowski, Al, 438 Lewin, Vicki, 406, 470 Lewinter, Jeff, 465 Lewis, Andy, 334, 464 Lewis, Dionne, 238, 386 Lewis, James, 448 Lewis, Sharon, 238 Lewis, Sharon, 238 Lewis, Vicki, 370 Liang, Ranty, 238 Liberman, Luis, 238, 330, 466 Libuse, Creig, 263 Libuser, Lawrence, 238 Lieberman, Deno, 332 Liebermon, Mark, 238 Liekkio, Pete, 436 Light, Bonnie. 238 Light, John. 450 Lightwine, Victoria, 238 Lilly, Stuart, 466 Lim, Michael, 238 Lim, Paulino Morquez, 290 Linberg, Kristin, 396 Lind, Robert, 444 Linden, Audrey, 263 Linder, Melonie, 355, 386 Lindley, Roger, 461 Ling, Morcio, 402 Linsk, Corolyn, 408 Lipori, James, 462 Lipson, Kiki,238 Lipton. Martin, 238. 341 Liptz, Carol, 361 Lister, Jonis, 474 Litow. Jody, 376 Litschke, Louise, 402 Littet, Colleen. 400 Litten, Rock, 313 Littenberg, Croig, 460 Little, Lee Ann, 388 Litvok, Morlene, 361, 376 Livie, John, 467 Lloyd, Lawrence, 238 Lobherr, Satly, 382 Locke, Melvin, 269 Lockwood, Jeff. 458 Loftus, Kevin, 444 Logon, Fay, 238 Logon, Richard, 269, 334, 450 Lomkin, Judy. 408 Lones, Debby, 333, 387 Long, Vicki, 333 Longbothon, Suson, 471 Longfellow, Joy, 470 Longpre, Koren, 238 Loofbourow, Janet, 274 Loomos, Deon, 238 Looney, Pot, 340 Loos, Ted. 238, 468 Lopez, Mary Ellen, 332, 380 Lord, Nancy, 238 Lorenz, Dorlene, 386 Losey. Nancy, 370 Louchran, John. 467 Lougheed, Linford, 238 Louks, John, 238 Lovollo, William, 238, 313 Love, Richard, 239 Love, Rick, 458 Loveless, Alan, 239 Lovinger, Lonnie, 239 Lovgren, Richard, 269 Lowe, Emily, 372 Lowe, Lily, 372 Lubin, Sheilo. 239 Lucca, Duane, 239, 342, 468 Lucon. John 334, 420 Luedeking, Janet, 387 Lueschen. Nancy, 239 Lui, Elson, 239 Lum, Treis, 275 Lum, Treis R., 350 Lumsden, Guy, 239 Lundy, Al. 430 Lundy, Dorien. 239 Lupac, Linda. 398 Luppi. Michael. 239, 341 Lusk, Linda, 382 Lutz, Joan, 290 Lyman, Rick, 239, 438 Lynch, DanieL 239 Lynn, Dick, 334. 448 Lynn, Mitch, 432 Lyon, Vicki, 239, 355, 386 Lyons, Bonnie, 474 Lyons, Larry, 239, 432 Lytle, Bob, 239, 426 m AAaack, Chris, 467 Maas, Jerri, 430 Mobry, Lynda. 239 Macotee, Louise, 402 MacDuff. Patricia, 239 MacDuff, Pat. 398 Macias, Kathy, 361 Mack, Karen, 376 MacKay, Karen, 376 MocKoy. Kathy, 354, 472 MacKay, Morie, 333 MacMillan, Norma, 239 MacNeill, Susan, 402 Moder. Kathy. 382 Maga, Jayne, 398 Magasin, Rich, 464 Mogda, Marni. 336, 390 Magee, Jo Ann. 332 Magee, Pam. 239, 336, 387 Magenheim, Marlene, 392 Maggio, Richard, 442 Magnet, Lisa. 353 Magruder, William, 434 Maguire. Marie, 340 Mahler, Kathenne, 239 Mahlow, Paul, 239, 461 Maienschein, Joseph. 239. 448 Moinhurst, Martha, 274 Maisner, Andy, 436 Majors, Lenoro, 239 Malchow, Lynda, 239 Malcomson. Phyliss, 400 Mallet, Froncine. 239 Malone, Bob. 466 Maloof. Gerrie, 380 Molry, Cassandra, 336 Malter, Mark, 442 Manako, Horry, 350 Mandel, Barbara, 239 Mandel, Robert, 341 Mongus, Sharon Sue, 239 Manheim, Tern, 331, 343, 400 Monheimer, Barbara, 369, 392 Manheimer, Ellen, 408 Manis, Judy, 263 Mann, Allan, 239, 326, 422 Mann, Charles, 239 Mann, Sheila, 369, 408 Mann, Stacy, 336, 408 Manning, Bob, 468 Manolakas, Dale, 398 Monov, Karen, 239 Monske, Susan, 398 Manuel, Louise. 474 Marcus, Bob, 442 Marcus, Kathleen. 239 Marcus, Paul. 341 Maricich, Wendy, 470 Marm, Valerie, 380 Mormelli, Harry, 239 Morissael, Carole, 240, 354 Morkenson, Shoron, 405 Morkowitz, Terri, 475 Marks, Rich, 306, 314, 464 Marlowe, Valerie, 310, 370 Moron, Steve, 467 Marsholecr, William. 461 Marshall. Fronk, 240, 334, 420 Marston, Ellen, 240, 369, 390 Morter, Don. 444 Martin, Bob, 334. 444 Martin, Gory, 334, 374, 456 Martin, Laura, 333, 370 Martin, Lemora, 406 Martm, Mary Jone, 338, 359, 388 Martin, Maureen. 240 Martm, Robert, 240 Mortm, Ted, 440 Marlm, Wmston, 475 Martinez, Bob, 458 Martinez, John, 240, 458 Martinez, Ted, 357 Mortorello, Janet, 474 Maruyama, Judy, 339, 350 Mason, John, 240, 313. 341 Mason, Richard, 448 Moss, Terry, 41 4, 41 5 Massaglia, Pamela, 240 Massow, Kotherine, 246 Mosterson, Kathie, 310, 336, 387 Mosukowa, Leona, 240 Matalon, Renee, 240 Mateo, Virginia, 372 Mothewson, Ted, 444 Mathey, Denise, 361, 396 Mathis, Thod, 448 Matsumoto, Terry, 350 Matsushita, Karen, 263 Matsushita. Matt. 350, 352 Matteson, Becky, 402 Matthews, Barry, 240 Matthews. Carol, 398 Matthews. Cathy, 402 Matthews, Jeanme, 398 Matthews, Wendy. 343 Matthias. Michael, 438 Matz, Paul, 422 Motzo, Evolynn, 240 Maveety, Hillary, 359, 362. 396 Maxwell, Lynn, 394 May, April. 408 May, Carol, 240 May, Dean, 357, 462 May, Lorry, 326, 341. 422 Moyfield. Poul. 424 Mays, William, 240 Mazzerino, Paula, 331 McAuliffe. Tim, 422 McAvoy, Laura, 355. 378 McCafferty, Bill, 468 McCallister, Marilyn. 274 McCallister, Myra, 240 McCallister, Myrna, 370 McCann. Bill, 475 McCarter, Corthol, 357 McCarty. Constonce, 248 McCauley, Gloria, 474 McClaine, Jerry, 240 McCleary, Robyn, 309 McClellond, Arden, 269, 434 McClellend, Ken. 468 McClennan, Bob, 475 McClung, Bonnie, 374 McClure, Charles, 1 14 McComb, Geri, 263 McCombs, Mike, 420 McConnell, Doug, 467 McConnell, Terri, 380 McConnell, Thomas, 424 McCormick, Borboro, 372 McCourl, James, 290 McCoy, Kathleen, 470 McCrimmon, C, 467 McCullough, Helen, 332. 361, 370 McDermaid, Suzy, 336. 388 McDevitt, Randy. 450 McDonald, Richard. 291 McDonald, Tracy, 402 McDowell, John, 240, 444 McElhany. Gae. 102. 336, 402 McElhany. Pom, 475 McEnteer, William, 240 McEwen, Dave. 240, 458 McForlond, Mory, 240, 386 McGoffigon. Mane. 398 McGann, Don, 430 McGough, Marsha, 314. 340, 388 McGinnis, Cathy, 240 McGoly, Mary, 378 McGovern, Mike, 452 McGuire, John, 456 McGuire, Kay, 240 McHugh, John, 240, 391 McHugh, Peter. 269, 330 Mclntyre. Donna, 386 McKay, Kathy. 471 McKay. Toni, 400 McKee, Kathi, 274, 372 McKeithen, K., 470 McKesson, Lesley, 240 McKinney, Molly, 402 McKinney, Noncy, 269 McKnight, Bonnie. 240. 387 rAcLore ., . w,,vy. . ' 40. 359, 387 McLoughlin, M., 470 McLennan, f Jancy, 396 vicLinn. Rob, 420 McMahon. K.. 470 ;v cMahon, lim, 450 McMillan. Janel. 386 McMullin, Bob. 240.418 McNeal. Dennis. 458 McNevin, Iheodore. 460 McNilt, Evy. 362, 388 McPherson. Bonnie, 240 McReynolds, Tom. 418 McSweeney, Cothie, 240. 340. 398 McWoid. Kalhy, 240, 359. 400 McWethy, Sue, 402 Meods. Leonard, 342 Medina, Auguslin Jr., 241. 34) MedoH. Debby. 333 Meese. Linda, 473 Meier, Jane, 331, 388 Meiklejohn, Patrick, 263 Meilich, Abrohom, 357 Meisenheimer, Judy, 361 Meisenheimer. Lee, 31 1 Melendez, Romeo, 241 Meller, Eric, 454 Metz. Richard, 432 Meyer. Barbora, 241 Meyer. Theodore, 108 Mezsey, Denise, 473 Michoels, Amy, 4 5 Michaels, Bonnie, 390 Michel, Joan, 405 Michel, Koren, 408 Michelson, Gajus, 257. 458 Michino, Moriyosu, 241 Micic. Vera, 263, 308, 309, 338. 340 354 Middleman. Drew. 436 Miele. Cecilia, 241 Miguel. Fe, 291 Miles, Nancy, 386 Milicov. Joyce, 241, 405 f.MWer, Carmen, 382 Miller, Chuck, 312, 454 Miller, Clork, 269 Miller. David. 241, 436 Miller, Diane. 390 Miller, Doug, 424 Miller, Eileen, 263. 376 Miller, Gay, 376 Miller, Keren, 241,475 Miller, Lance, 436 Meller, Sol. 454 Melnick, Lolly, 361,376 Melnick, Rosalind, 241 Mendelsohn, Leslie, 241 Mendelsohn, Morcu, 474 Mendnick, D., 467 Mendozo, Lola, 473 Menn, Roberro, 24 1 Mersils, Lynn, 241 Messer, Pom, 474 Meslua, P., 467 Metomedi, Shohlo. 241 Metcalf. Bob, 438 MetcoK, Joyce. 4 5 Metz, P., 466 Miller, Linda Lee, 402 Miller, Lori, 474 Miller, Marjorie, 353 Miller, Mary Grace, 378 Miller, Merwyn, 454 Miller. Norm, 446 Miller. P., 470 Miller, Pomelo. 24 1 Miller, Rollie, 241, 461 Miller. Shirley, 241 Miller, Susan, 241 Miller, Tom, 269. 330 Millel, 46 Millet, Dick. 440 Millman. Judy. 310,311, 338. 408 Mills, Debbie. 378 Mills, S.. 467 Milrod, Sonio. 408 Mindel. Stan, 323 Mindling, Gayle, 241, 396 Miner, Lindo, 263 Mines, Paul, 464 Mingue, Patricio, 370 Minney, Cynthia. 241 Minsky, Chuck, 442 Mintz, Marshall, 241, 341 Mio. Priscillo, 350, 363 Miranda. Oscar, 432 Mirmon, Leslie, 386 MisQwo, Nancy, 241 Misify, David, 241 Mitchell, Emily, 241. 402 Mitchell, Janice, 380 Mitchell. Linda, 378 Mitchell, Marianne, 333, 398 Mitchell, Sandra, 241. 376 Mitchell, Shirley, 241 Mitchell, Stevi, 406 Mitchem, Cheryl, 332, 373 Mittlemon, Leah, 309 Miyaji, Roger, 241 Miyamoto, Beverly, 350, 363 Miyamoto, June, 241 Miyamoto, Robert, 241 Mizuno, Barb, 363 Mizuno, Barbara, 350, 363 Mleziva, Linda, 31 1, 389 Moaconin, Mike, 447 Mochizuki, Carol, 402 Mock, Susan, 241 Mock, Vicki, 241 Moholez, Shirley. 475 Mohn, Einar. 108 Mohr, Joan, 396 Mohrmon. Mary, 241 Mok. Peorl. 263 Moler. Robert. 444 Monahon, Alison, 241 Monget, P., 466 Monitz, Eriko, 242 Monk, Annie. 361, 362, 408 Monk, J., 466 Monsanto, Corol, 369 Montijo, Edith. 263 Montrello, John, 130 Moody, Michael, 430 Moomaw, Jane, 242, 336, 388 Moon, Ronald, 242 Mooney, Pot, 242, 3 4 Moonier, Dennis, 130 Moore. Ed., 313, 418 Moore, Jonothon. 418 Moore, Nancy. 388 Moore. Robert. 452 Moore. Susan, 370 Moron, Mike, 448 Moron, Patrick, 242 Moron, William, 430 Mordecoi, Dean. 323 Moreheod, Antoinette, 242 Morehouse, Judy, 3 8 .Aoreno, Rolph, 436 Morese, Rich, 310,430 Morgon, Ger, ie, 343 Morgan. Pot, 426 Morgens, Sadie, 242 Morihoro, Byron, 242 Morihara, Jane, 339, 350 Moromoto, P., 470 Moroney, Cheryl, 242, 340 Morris, liorry, 296 Morris. Patricia. 242 Morris, John, 426 Morris, Lynn. 369, 380 Morris. lyke, 438 Morrison, Morgoret. 242, 387 Morrison, Randy, 333. 408 Morrison, Richard, 242 Morrow, Michael, 242. 334. 450 Morse, Bunni, 402 Morton, Susan, 370 Morion, Susan, 402 Mosover, Elenor. 361 Mosher, Jim, 456 Mosher, Maureen, 336, 338, 382 Mosier, Nancy, 468 Moskovitz, Harold, 422 Mosley, Charles, 357 Moss, Marilee, 398 Moss, Robert, 242, 334, 422 Moss, Susan, 405 Mossberg, Carl, 242 Mote, Stan, 418 Motef, Judy, 340 Moulton, Carol, 398 Mouton, Marjorie, 242 A ourodion, 444 Mouzokis, Virginia, 274 Movius, Bob, 460 Movius, Michele, 331. 359, 370 Mowrey, Potti, 398 Mozur, Nancy, 310. 362, 405 Mudd, Mary, 382 Mullord, Jeffrey, 242 Mulford, Patty, 359, 398 Mulvey, Potsy, 338, 359 Munger, Bob, 41 5 Munk. judith, 242 Munoz, Ross, 301 Munson. Les, 257. 310, 334. 426 Murakami, Diane, 242, 350, 363 Murato, B., 4 0 Murato, Keiko, 350 Murdock, Nancy, 242 Murphy, Dennis, 25 , 334, 440 Murphy, Jean, 380 Murphy, John, 468 Murphy, Mike, 475 Murphy, !ery I, 4 5 Murphy, Vicki, 406 Murroy, Chris, 386 Murroy. Cindy. 359, 388 Murray, Jim, 3 1 3 Murroy, lom, 444 Mustod, Ariane, 336, 388 Myere, Cherri, 387 AAyerly, Lucie, 242 yers, Jane, 308 Myers, Cherri, 359 Mynard. Carol, 263, 400 n Nodler, Cothy, 408 Nagano, Ben, 350, 352 Nagel, Joe, 462 Nojarion, Richard, 460 Nokoi, Carol, 474 Nokaji, Nancy, 350,359,361 Nakajima, Karen, 339, 350 Nakojimo, Koichi, 467 Nakomura, Janet, 336 Nokomura, Roy, 357 Nokatani, Ray, 350, 352 Nakayama, Glenn, 350 Nakayamo. Janice, 350, 363 Nometh, Phil, 454 Naphlal, Wayne, 422 Nopier, Nodine, 406 Nash, Bruce, 430 Nosh, Larry, 242 Nastronero, Mary, 362, 400 Nathan, LincJa, 405 Nathonson, Philip, 242 Nattrass, Evie, 374 Nawa, Sue, 473 Naylon, Patrick, 434 Needle, Steve, 422 Neely, Scott, 428 Neely, William G., 242 Negri, Chorles, 466 Neill, Lou, 263 Neilson, Doug, 304, 334, 458 Nellis, Bryan, 242 Nellis, Michel, 242 Nelson, Betty, 242 Nelson, Cathy, 36 1 Nelson, Cheryl, 336, 390 Nelson, David, 242, 342, 458 Nelson, David, 257 Nelson, Jack, 475 Nelson, Jackie, 388 Nelson, Janet, 242 Nelson, Joseph, 242 Nelson, Kalhy, 402 Nelson, Norm, 430 Nelson, Peggy, 402 Nelson, Stephen, 269 Nelson, Susan, 388 Nelson, Wendy, 373 Nestings, Pete, 440 Netler, Linda, 242, 348 Nelllelon, Jim, 438 Neusladt, Julie, 408 Neustadter, Francis, 470 Nev berger, Carol, 376 Newkirk, Nadenia, 380 Newkirk, William, 444 Newman, Laura, 242, 353 Newman, Robert, 430 Newton, Cothy, 390 Newton, Frank, 461 Nichols, Al, 257,452 Nichols, Anne, 406 Nichols, George, 424 Nichols, Sue, 331, 400 Nickel, Bonnie, 343, 400 Nickerson, Everett, 291 Nickerson, Gregory, 434 Nickle, Neil, 291 Nicoletti, Mike, 426 Niederman, Mike, 269, 450 Nielsen, Linda, 388 Nielsen, Mark, 357, 420 Nielson, Kathy, 396 Nimmo, Alice, 243 Nisenbaum, Marilyn, 405 Nishi, Hiro, 350, 352 Nishimura, Theo, 263 Nishinaga, Joyce, 339, 350 Nishizu, Julie, 339 Nissen, Donna, 243 Noble, Judy, 274 Nolen, Nancy, 387 Norby, Claudia. 3 2 Nord, JncI, 454 N " ordlin, Suzi, 474 Nordquist, Deanna, 305 Norman, Donald Alan, 243 Norminton, Tom, 475 Norris, D., 466 Northrup, C, 466 Noskin, Jill, 376 Noskin, Marsha, 243, 311, 376 Novick, Natalie, 243 Nowaki, Evelyn, 363 Nowels, Paulo, 310 Nowell, Terry, 382 Nozaki, Joan, 350, 363 Nozero, Victoria, 243 Nunn, Greg, 448 Nussbaum, Richard, 243 Nutlall, O,, 467 Oakley, Karen, 331 Oberg, Mollis, 263 Oberman, Marvin Dean, 460 Obertino, Constance, 243, 471 Obloth, Jetf, 306 Oblinger, Susan, 306, 370 O ' Rrian- Dave, 466 O ' Brien, Bill, 468 O ' Brien, Mike, 426 Ochi, Toshio, 291 O ' Connor, Geraldine, 243 O ' Connor, Larry, 475 O ' Connor, Pat, 426 Odell, Marianne, 471 Odell, Mike, 448 Oderman, Jeff, 444, 475 Oeser, Ed, 456 Ofledol, Terry, 430 Ogden, Greg, 243, 418, 467 Ohanesion, Gail, 400 O ' Haro, Bruce, 468 Ohashi, Alan, 350 Ohbo, Yos, 467 Ohisson, Jerri, 374 Ohren, Lynn, 333 Oka, Peggy, 350, 363 Okobe, Martin, 350, 352 Okamoto, Beverly, 350, 363 O ' Kone, Karen, 402 Okazaki, James, 350. 352 Okazaki, Mavis, 243 Okido, Tracy, 454 Okuda, Pal, 243, 339 Oleon. Vallerie, 305,312,354 Oley, Jarloth, 243 Ohff, Debbie, 405 Oliveira, Duone, 310, 430 Oliver, Jim, 436 Oliver, M., 466 Olmerl, Carol, 243 Olsen, Debby. 359 Olson, J„ 467 Olson, Karen, 243, 369, 394 Olson, Kotherine, 243 Oltrogge, Cal, 340 Omdohl, Tom, 130 Omibiyi, Mosunmola, 263 Ono, Dean, 357 Onodo, Dennis, 350, 352 Oppell, Susan, 274 Oringel, Pamela, 408 Ornee, Mike, 418 Orswell, Cathy, 243 Orzechowski, Thoro Lee, 386 Osborn, Aleta, 402 Osborn, Robin, 388 Osbrink, Carol, 388 Oserans, J., 467 Osheroff, Gory, 269 Oshito, Tad, 350, 352 Ostrin, Morilyn, 387 Ostroff, Joel, 434 Osuch, Linda, 311,387 Ota, Glenn, 461 Ola, Candy, 339 350 Otis, Les, 305 Otto, Don, 311, 424 Otto, Lindo, 388 Otto, Rainer, 462 Overmyer, Luonn, 361, 374 Ovitz, Mike, 334, 464 Owashi, Kathy, 243, 350, 363 Owens, Bob, 456 Owens, James, 456 Packard, Mike, 424 Packer, Susan, 243 Padilla, Paulo, 473 Page, Carol Marie, 274 Pogliuso, Desi, 309, 336, 402 Paine, 462 Palango, Toivo, 257, 458 Palmer, Pal, 475 Palmer, Tori, 390 Polmquisl, Debbie, 307, 333, 398 Palmquist, Terry, 243, 336, 398 Pang, Henry M., 243 Pangburn, M., 467 Panich, Sharilyn, 243 Paper, Ronna Lou, 243 Paris, Judith, 408 Pork, James, 243, 452 Park, Rosemary, I 1 2 Pork, Susan, 243,321 Parker, Deborah, 370 Parker, Michael, 243 Parker, Joel, 422 Parks, James, 243 Pormenler, Margo, 359, 382 Parnavelas, John, 243 Porrish, Bob, 426 Parsons, Rodney, 243, 448 Pascoe, Dennis, 243 Poshalides, Joanne, 243, 378 Poslre, Larry, 448 Partridge, William, 434 Pale, Bud, 467 Patrick, Bill, 475 Patterson, R., 467 Patterson, Robert, 257 Ration, Taffy, 378 Paul, Linda, 402 Pauley, Edwin, 108 Pawlik, Greg. 334, 428 Powlik, Kevin, 428 Paxson, Timothy, 269, 434 Payer, Gary, 306 Payne, Terri, 243 Payne, Vicki, 472 Peoke, Doug, 436 Pearlman, Daniel, 244 Pearlmon. Jane, 376 Pearson, Rolph Jr., 270 Pease, Steve, 41 8 Pebley, Susan, 406 Peddrew, Lauro, 474 Pegee, Jo Ann, 270 Peiler, Corol, 400 Peno, Jorge, 244 Pennington, Bill, 310, 334, 416 Perego. Melindo, 402 Pereiro, Odir, 357 Perkins, Bonnie, 388 Perkins, Dick, 424 Perkins, John, 438 Perkins, Larry, 244 Perkins, Katie, 406 Perkins. Larry, 458 Perle, Lorry, 449 Perlmutter, Susan, 405 Perrin, Isabella, 244, 382, 430 Perrin, Kathleen, 244, 380 Perrine, Kathleen, 336, 370 Perry, Cheryl, 370 Personius, Peggy, 400 Perluil, Calhy, 374 Pesetski, Larry, 244, 462 Pessin, Patricio, 376 Peters, Carl, 448 Peter s. Helen. 291 Peters, Joseph, 461 Petersen, Carol, 474 Peterson, Kathy, 331 Peterson, Ron, 466 Peterssen, Margaret, 394 Pettingell, Sondro, 244 Pettil, Ellen, 244 Pettier, Lyn, 333 Peyton, Renee, 382 Ploff. Paulo. 244, 348, 354, 355, 369. 386 PHosler, Jim, 464 Phelan, Dennis, 466 Phelon, Mike, 467 Phelps, Cord, 400 Philips, Borboro, 470 Philips, Gole, 244, 348. 354, 369, 396 Phillipes. Pol, 361,376 Phillips, Chorles, 270, 440 Phillips. Evelyn, 244 Phillips, Flip. 464 Phillips, Keith. 244 Phillips, Richard, 244 Philp, Christine, 373 Picco, Ronold, 430 Pierson, Jill, 400 Pieter, Rhonda, 333 Pigeon, Greg, 452 Pike, James, 460 Pingree, Janet, 396 Pinnell, Pom, 244. 340, 348, 390 Pitzer. Chris, 474 Plomondon, Pot, 428 Piatt, Borboro, 362 Plott, Pomelo, 398 Plan, Stu. 270, 456 Plout. Jackie, 473 Pluntsky, Shell. 270 Podoloff, Sarah Jane. 357 Poindexter, Larry. 270 Polonsky. Potti, 405 Polentz, Bob, 270, 438 Polifronti, Kathy, 473 Poliquin, Judy, 120. 309. 338. 388 Polito, Mary. 331 Polito, Rosemory, 244 Polizzi, Nick. 244 Polk, Chris, 464 Pollok, Potty. 361 Polley. Terry. 434 Pollchik, Allan, 307 Pollock, Mike, 454 Pon, Tyle, 466 Pondick, Janet. 244 Ponedel, Susan. 244 Porter, Mary, 274 Porter, Paulo, 369, 387 Posner. Jeri, 362 Post, Kathy, 361, 408 Potter, Carolyn, 474 Pouder, Bruce, 244 Power, Lynne, 274, 402 Powers, Christine, 388 Powers, Dennis, 270 Preitover. Paul, 426 Prelle, Karen. 244 Prensky, Williom. 244 Prescott. French. 244. 387 Preston, Alvo. 244 Preuss, Eileen, 244 Price, Jim, 450 Priest, Sue, 402 Prill, Robert. 357 Pringle, Mike, 436 Prosser, Doris. 244 Proust, Jeff, 456 Provo, Carter, 434 Prufrock, J. Alfred, 438 Puckett, Williom T., 114 Pugh, Dennis, 291 Pugh, Lance, 430 Pulsifer, Suzonne, 333. 359 388 Pumphrey, Gregg. 343 Pun, Samson. 467 Purdy, Rick, 424 Pulchkoff, Betty. 336. 388 Putermon. Hona, 244 Quon, Gary, 357 Quigley, Ken, 466 Quinn, Jon. 458 Quint, Bob, 442 Quint. Carol. 244. 405 Quon. Mordo. 372 Quon, William, 291 Quong. Shirley, 350 Robkin, Larry, 442 Rocer, Riley, 466 Racklin, Susan, 470 Radell, Phil, 446 Rodom, Esther. 353 Rodtke. Jon, 467 Roe, Diona, 274. 382 Roess. Ted. 436 Rogghionti, 244 Rolls. P.. 467 Ram. Mukul. 467 Ramirez, Ed. 475 Rond. Carole. 244. 355 Rand. Michael. 244. 444 Randall. Sue. 333, 398 Randall, John, 343 Randies, Lyle, 461 Rankin, Bloke, 450 Ropp, Bill. 475 Roppoport, Poul, 422 Rappleye. Kathy. 244 Rosak. Linda, 374 Rosch. Karen, 264 Rosch, Linda, 264 Rasmussen, Kristi. 333. 359. 474 Ratner. Tom, 454 Rovitz. Ken, 442 Rawson. Wendy. 340 Ray, Barbara, 244. 396 Roy. Denise. 359 Roy. Marilyn. 402 Roye, Ron, 257, 430 Roysbrook, Randy. 436 Raz. Shmuel. 275 Rozavi. Hossein, 245 Reader. Sandra, 245 Reogon, Ronald, 1 08 Reordon. Ginny, 396 Rebrovich, Arlene, 374 Redo, Karen. 406 Redfeorn. Wayne. 334, 450 Redmond, Regeno, 245 Ree, Nicholos, 264 Reed, Mark, 264 Reed. Susan, 400 Reed, Irocey, 312,376 Reeslund. Mike. 458 Reeves, Jomes, 448 Reeves. Judy, 372 Reeves, Stuart, 270 Rehm, Vicki, 245 Reich, 0. 467 Reich, Jacqueline. 245 Reich. Judy. 336, 398 Reichline. Neil, 264 Reid, Bob Jr., 460 Reid. Charles, 312, 452 Reider, John, 468 Reif, Tony. 305 Reifman. Ed. 454 Reinberg. P.. 470 Reinberg. Russ. 468 Reiner. Lo Donno, 361, 374 Reinhord, Robert, 245 Reinhart, Elizabeth, 471 Reinhordt, Margaret. 245 Reinoso, Ozzie, 466 Reitan. Edwin. 257, 462 Reitter. Jonn. 338 Reller, Sue, 390 Renkow, Borboro, 264 Renkow, Nancy. 405 Resch. Corey. 382 Resnik, Mark, 341 Rethmeier, Nancy, 309, 336, 390 Rettberg, Pom 374 Reynord, C . 470 Reynolds, J., 470 Reynolds. Laurie, 382 Reynolds, Marilyn. 245 Rhodes. Linda. 245 Rice. Kathy. 387 Richards. Kenneth, 3 I 1 . 448 Richards. Mark. 420 Richards. Pete, 440 Richardson, Betty L. 245 Richordson, Charles, 245 Richardson, Lynda, 332 Richmon, Lee. 422 Richman. Moxine. 245. 474 Richler. Cheryl. 394 Richter, Heddy. 359 Richord. Wendy Marie, 386 Rickette, Kerry, 466 Rickmon, Dennis, 357 Rider, Gene, 245, 342 Ridgell, Reilly, 416 Rieber, Ann. 313. 321. 340 Riley, Leonard, 245, 468 Riley, Randelle. 332. 400 Rinek. Lorry, 430 Ringwald, Kim. 424 Risse. Gory, 475 Ritchey, Kathy, 382 Ritchie, Cherie, 245, 382 Ritz, Michoel, 245 Rivard, Pol, 245. 380 Rizzo. R., 467 Robb, Dove, Robbins, Jamt " Robbins, Jane. 3. 18 Robbins. Joseph. 2 3. 342. 450 Roberson. Al. 450 Roberts, Greg, 467 Roberts, Virgil, 245. 341 Robertson. Scott. 475 Robiczek, Monica, 388 Robinson, Charles, 458 Robinson. Claire. 390 Robinson. Linda. 359. 398 Robinson. Pot, 376 Robinson, Terry, 312, 405 Roche, Susan. 378 Rochford. Bruce, 436 Rockmon. Ed. 456 Rodney. Glendo, 474 Rodriguez, Jim. 424 Rodriguez, Linda, 359, 396 Rodriguez, Roberto, 291 Rodriguez, Victorio, 245 Roehm, Terence, 270, 330 Roellick, Wendy Karen, 355. 386 Rogers. Steve. 452 Rogers, Vicky. 473 Rolfe. Randy, 458 Roller, Lindo, 405 Romer, J., 466 Ronne, Mike. 440 Rooke, James, 245, 468 Rosa, Eric, 434 Rosoti, Mario, 245 Rose, Lorraine, 245, 387 Rose, Sherry, 310, 362,405 Rosen, Alan, 467 Rosen, Bob, 442 Rosen, Ed. 446 Rosen. Marc. 270, 334. 454 Rosen. Steven. 245 Rosenberg, Joe. 436 Rosenberg, Lorry, 454 Rosenberg, Sophie, 245 Rosenblatt, Bonnie. 392 Rosenblatt, Sally. 245 Rosenblatt. Sid, 426 Rosenbloom, Alma, 245 Rosen feld. Judy. 392 Rosenfeld, Lawrence, 245 Rosenfeld, Susan. 405 Rosenfield. Fred, 422 Rosenstock, Rochelle, 376 Rosenthal. Allan, 245.341 Rosenthal, Miriam. 245 Rosentsweig, Steven. 245 Rosien. Mickey, 450 Rosman, Delia. 245 Ross, Andrea, 246 Ross, Connie, 374 Ross, Lorry, 436 Ross, Richard. 246 Rossi, Sue, 359. 369, 382 Rossman, Jerry. 291 Rost. Jerold, 291 Rosvall, Wallace, 246 Roth, Kathleen, 380 Roth. Shiela. 246 Roth, Stephana. 246. 313, 348, 406 Roth, Williom, 108 Rothe, Caprice. 388 Rothenberger, Cathy, 307, 406 Rothman, Marcie, 246 Rotmon, Doreen, 405 Roundtree, Packy, 440 Rounsavell, Dorothy, 398 Rounsavell.Mary, 398 Rowe, Rebecca, 246 Rowlands, Jim, 357 Ruben, Frank. 447 Rubinstein, Joe, 298, 304 Rubenstein, Randy, 41 5. 442 Rubin, Bob, 446 Rubin. Cindy. 355 Rubinger, Carol, 308 Rudametkin, Lydio, 338 Rudkin, Ron, 391.330 Rudolph, Beverly, 387 Rudolph, Kay. 275 Rudoy, J., 467 Ruebsamen, J., 466 Rumsey. Linda, 343 Rush, E., 466 Rusk, Patricia, 291 Rusnak, Drew, 416 Rusonick, Linda, 392 Russell, Barbara. 378 Russell, Jane. 246 Russell. Jeanne, 390 Russell, Linda, 372 Russell. Michael, 358 Rustand. Kay, 355. 378, 472 Rustin. Suzanne. 336 Rustin. Suzanne, 475 Rutkm, Stuart. 311,341 Rutledge. Sheila, 246, 386 Ryan, John, 246. 341 Ryan, J,, 466 Ryan, Mike, 424 Ryan, Pot, 424 Ryang, Susan, 339 Ryder, Jon, 310 Saab, Mary. 400 Saoome, Jack, 358 Sontian. Ron. 270, 330 Sachau, Kurt, 246 Sachs, Alan, 330 Socks, Tessa, 246, 376 Saine, David, 461 Soito, Condi, 339. 350 Saito, Carolyn, 339,350 Solas, Alan, 428 Saks, Daniel. 270, 330 Salet, Nikki. 382 Salkin, Lynn, 246 Salley, Claude B. Jr.. 264 Soltzman. Jeff, 420 Salvo, Carol, 246 Salveter, Sandra, 270 Solzman. Ken, 246. 458 Somow, Alan. 454 Samuels, Nordy. 464 Somuelson. Christy, 370 Somuelson, Kris. 387 Somuelson, Sue, 406 Sonberg. Carol, 394 Sondell, Joel, 246 Sanders, Edwin, 358 Sanders, Linda, 275, 472 Sanders, Nancy, 372 Sanders, Nikki Jo, 378 Sandler, Barry, 464 Sands, Jennifer, 31 1 , 396 Sands, Rick, 246, 416 Sandy. Lanette. 475 Saner, Neville. 424 Sanford, Clarice, 246 Sanford. Mike. 475 Sonserino. Gary. 424 Sasaki. Youji, 246 Soss. Rosalee. 31 1 . 305, 336, 354, 376 Sato, Adele, 246 Soto. Steve, 350. 352 Sotow, Deone. 350 Satterthroit, Leonn, 467 Saunders, Susan, 246 Sauser, Lynn, 474 Sauve, Ed., 434 Savage, Christie, 378 Sox, J., 466 Sawyer, Candida, 246 Soxe, Susan, 246 Sayer, Jim, 436 Saylor. Bruce, 246 Scanlan, Helen, 387 Scannell, Ed., 467 Scarborough, Steve, 444 Schod, Richard, 422 Schoefer. Jean Marie, 386 Schafer, Jim, 475 Schaffner, Diana, 474 Schallon, Melody, 370 Schoper, Bob, 418 Scharf, Martin, 246 Schappek, Rose, 33 I Schechner, Tobi, 353 Schecter, Howard, 246 Schenker. Richard. 340 Scher, Les. 246. 301 Scherer, Diane, 400. 474 Schettler, Leonne. 246. 370 Schiff, Irene, 246 Schimmel, Roger. 422 Schindler. Norm, 323 Schleh, Linda. 387 Schlossberg, Kenneth, 246 Schmickroth, Pat, 452 Schmidt, Dove, 450 Schmidt. Knsto. 320. 396 Schneider, Gary. 464 Schneider, Jeannie. 392 Schneider, Lorelei, 387 Schneider. Mark. 464 Schneider. Timothy, 246 Schnurr, Roger. 436 Scholy. Ann Marie. 275 Schon. Janet, 246. 387 Schottland. Carol, 359 Schreibmon. MyrI, 247 Schreider. Barry, 3 1 1 Schreidman. Laura. 247 Schreyer. Laura. 392 Schroeder. Carl, 358 Schroeder. Robert. 442 Schroer, David. 264 Schrote. Ava. 247 Schulem. Lyn, 405 Schulman, George. 247 Schulmon, Linda. 475 Schultz, Geni, 392 Schultz. Linda. 390 Schultz, Roberta. 362 Schultz. R.. 470 Schuster, Samuel, 358 Schutte. Jerry, 450 Schwartz. Barbara. 376 Schwartz, Bernard, 247 Schwartz. Elaine. 392 Schwartz. Gail. 405 Schwartz, Howard. 464 Schwartz. Joan, 247 Schwartz. Karen. 405 Schwartz. Lloyd, 247 Schwab, Marvin, 247 Schwimmer. Martin, 247. 468 Scott, B.. 467 Scott. Charles, 264 Scott. Carol. 405 Scott, Greg, 452 Scott, Lexy. 376 Scott, Marc. 454 Scott, Margaret, 473 Scott. Patricio, 275 Scott, Robert, 247 Scott. Roger. 466 Scott, Sheryl. 247 Scoville, Carol, 247 Scully. Mary Ann. 247 Scully. Thomas J-, 114 Seobold. TJ., 400 Seoly, Don, 475 Searight, Bob, 452 Sears, Richard, 247 Sedler. Ross, 247 Seidel, John, 452 Seidenthol. Sally, 373 Seidl. Gerard. 247. 334. 458 Seigle, Diane. 405 Seim. Glenn, 46 I Selk, Diane. 326 Sellers, Pamela, 247 Senechal, Margie. 390 Seng, Barbara. 247, 400 Senzoki. Denise, 350, 363 Sera. Douglas, 350 Sereny, Joseph, 247 Service. Gregg. 358 Sessler. Dick, 438 Sessler. Robert, 438 Settle, Carol. 474 Severy. Carol, 264. 386 Seyler. David, 342, 358, 448 Shafer, Mary Frances, 386 Shofer, Suzanne, 247 Shaffer, Sue, 387 Shombough, Linda, 378 Shand, Kandi,247, 331, 341, 359, 382 Shanedling, Joan. 247, 31 1. 408 Shanks, Martha, 247 Shonlon, Slocey. 247 Shapiro, Bill, 446 Shapiro, Ellen, 470 Shapiro, Gretchen, 247 Shopiro. N., 470 Shapiro, Noncy, 310, 361, 405 Shapiro, Norma, 247 Shapiro, Sandy, 310, 336, 408 Sharon, Borbora, 386 Shaton, Bonnie, 247 Shaver, Joan, 406 Show, Kemper, 430 Show, Linda, 247, 332 Show. Sherry, 332 Show, Susan, 386 Sheorer, Kent, 416 Shedd, Sieve, 440 Sheehon, Barbara, 382 SheH, Judy, 408 Shekoyon, Mary Ester. 247 Sheldon, Jenny, 382 Shelley. Lesly 6,336,398 Shenk, Chuck, 467 Sheng, Lon-pyoy, 291 Sheppord, Cathy Jo, 474 Sher, Matt, 442 Sherbahn, Koren, 471 Shermon, James, 358 Sherreitt. Kothy, 359, 470 Sherwood, Foster H., 112 Shewey. Don, 447 Shibato, Gene, 247 Shields, Horriet, 400 Shimizu, Susan, 339, 350 Shinkoi, Joan, 247 Shinoharo, Penny, 339 Shiozoki, Lojro, 339, 350 Shiozawo, Judy, 350 Shoemaker, Stan, 311, 448 Shoji, Kent, 247, 452 Short, George. 460 Shulem, Lynn, 31 Shulmon, Beth, 376 Shulmon, Dee Dee, 248 Shupin, Adrtenne, 470 Siomon, Ann, 264 Sibert, Som, 424 Siefker, Bob, 450 Sieg, Jonel. 359, 387 Siegol, Roger, 130 Siegel, Lindo, 405 Siegel, Michelle. 392 Siever, Julie, 388 Siever, Robert. 422 Sievers. Dione, 338, 460 Sigofoos, James Robert, 248. 460 Sigler. Dionne. 248 Silver, Helene, 248 Silver, Judy, 405 Silvermon, David, 311, 432 Silverman, Ellen, 405 Silvermon, Wendy, 392 Simmler, Suzanne. 361 , 388 Simmons, Scott, 248 Simms, William, 448 Simon, Norton, 108 Simon, Therese, 248 Simonion, Margaret, 248 Simonis, Dovio, 474 Simonis, Jone, 248 Simons, G., 470 Simpson, Mary Lou, 370 Sindell, Gory, 446 Singer, Alison, 361,408 Singer, Michoel, 248 Singer, Shelden, 464 Sincji ' rmon. Carl. 248 Sipmon, Kathi, 474 Sisel, Kothy, 372 Sitterley, Kemory, 380 Sitz, Bill, 440 Siverson, Pom, 248, 398 Skogys, Ken, 248, 330 Skoglund, Linda. 275. 332, 400 Skole, Poulo, 353 Skipicki, Elizabeth, 474 Sklonowsky, Mike, 426 Skolich, Dave, 248 Skolnick, Georgette, 248. 466 Skully, M,, 466 Slater, John, 440 Slotton, Jim, 130 Slaughter, Rondy, 466 Sloven, Paul, 416 Sloan, Donna, 474 Sloon, Gory, 248, 432 Sloon, Horry, 307 Smoll, Kenneth, 270, 452 Small, Melinda. 376 Smort. Donno, 359 387 Smith. Al,440 Smith, Barbara, Jeon 248 Smith, Blonche, 358 Smith, Brion, 440 Smith, Caroline, 248 Smith, Cheryl. 473 Smith. Chris. 424 Smith. Cindy. 353 Smith, David. 248. 468 Smith. Dennis. 475 Smith, Donold. 248 Smith, Dwight, 300 Smith, Fritzi, 264, 406 Smith, Jim, 462 Smith, Julie. 388 Smith. Kelleen. 372 Smith, K., 467 Smith, Ken, 130. 440 Smith, Kimberley, 359 386 Smith, Lorry, 430 Smith, Lindo, 275, 373 Smith, Linda, 382 Smith, Michoel, 248 Smith, Mike, 416 Smith. Paula. 248 Smith. Sue. 406 Smith. Susan. 340. 394 Smith. Thomos, 248 Snopp, Jeff, 466 Snell, Dione, 248, 390 Snider, Evon, 270 Snow. Mamie. 380 Snyder. Christy, 361, 406 Snyder, Greg, 440 Sobel, Jeffrey, 248, 340 Soder, Terry, 308 Soderberg, Michael. 430 Soderquist, Tom, 461 Soeder, Teri, 362, 472 Soffer, Mick, 475 Sogg, J., 466 Somerville, Susan, 248, 474 Sones, Drew, 444 Sonns, Cynthia, 341 Sonntog, Albert, 248 Sorouchi, S., 466 Sours, Pot, 320, 398 Southworth, Pom, 248 Spoere, Betty, 310 Spatz, Elizobeth, 248, 370 Speckman, Paul, 430 Spedor, Lois, 248 Spellmon. Judith. 248 Speziole, Robert. 248. 340 Spickler. Dole, 296 Spiegel, Solo, 475 Spiess. Penny, 390 Spindler, Rich, 436 Sponenberg, Suson, 248, 406 Spooner, Laura, 390 Sprodlin, Trish, 390 Springer. Moritynne. 353 Stocher, Leslie. 264 Stafford. Chorles, 249 Stafford. Chuck, 467 Stohl, Jerry, 249 Stohl, Ginny, 249. 306. 3 1 0. 3 1 1 . 336. 374 Staines. Jerry, 424 Stoley, Barbara, 355, 359 Stombler, Don, 446 Stambul, Rick, 442 Stonovige, Richard, 462 Stondifer, Patricio, 249 Stondridge, Linda, 313. 249 Stonick. Joan. 382 Stonislowski, Carol, 291 Stonsbury, Rich, 415, 424 Stanton, Adrianne, 362. 408 Stark, Nolo, 114 Storkweather. Cynthia, 249 Stovlz, Jane, 264 Stearns, Dave, 450 Stearns, Steve, 334. 464 Steele, Jody, 470 Steele, Kathleen, 370 Steele, Scott, 434 Steelmon, Regan, 475 Steier, Poul, 454 Steimon, Audrey, 249 Steimmon, Patricia. 249 Stein. Gene, 358 Stein. Jane, 249 Stein, Livio, 405 Stein. Martin, 442 Stein. Mary. 378 Stein, Richord, 249 Steinberg, Beryl. 474 Steinberg. L.. 466 Steinberg, Linda, 359 Steinberg, Roberta, 249 Steinhardt, Robin, 369, 408 Steinhouer. Donno. 291 Sleinmon. Potti. 400 Stello, Devra, 264 Stemerman, Steve, 454 Stenehjem, Jone, 388 Stonen, Diana, 249, 336, 348, 354,390 Stephens, K,, 470 Stephens, Roger, 270 Sterbentz, Jim, 450 Stern. Dennis, 270 Sternhill, Leslie, 369, 392 Stevens, Joan, 336, 386 Stevens, Karen, 249 Stevens, Kent, 438 Steward. J., 470 Stewart, Corol, 378, 475 Stewart, Gordon. 249. 420 Stewart, Susan, 249 Stewort. S.. 466 Stich, Carol. 380 Stiles. Ann, 309, 336. 398 Stiles. Bob, 436 Stillmon, Jooni, 406 Stilwell, Rolph, 296 Stine. Lindo. 475 Stinemotes. Potty. 331 Stivers, Don, 467 Stivers, R., 467 Slock, Gail, 264 Stockton, Richard, 249, 342 Stoehr, Greg, 426 Stolley, Don, 458 Stollmon, Rita, 470 Stolpmon, Tom, 456 Stone, Brian, 426 Stone, Thomos, 468 Stone, Toni, 249 Storm, Sharon, 340. 398 Stout, Kothy, 361 Strochon. Shirley, 332, 336, 378 Strompe, Lindo, 249, 402 Strang, Nancy, 396 Strossmon, Neil, 454 Slrotton, Don, 475 Straus. Don. 458 Strouss, Lee, 359, 380 Strauss, Louise, 343 Stribley, Adrienne, 249, 372 Stricklin, Mory Jane, 309, 361, 390 Strom. Jill, 361,376 Stromberg, Morgoret. 249 Strong, Sue, 332, 378 Stryker, Doug, 468 Stuart, Bruce, 464 Stuort, Gail, 249 Stuart, Susun, 249, 387 Stueber. Renee. 249, 387 Stull, M., 467 Stump, Mike, 418 Stump, Phillip, 249 Stumpf, Bob, 426 Stuppy, Betty Jone, 380 Sturgeon, Trudi, 398 Suarez, Fernando, 458 Suburu, Daniel, 249 Sudo, Dione, 307, 387 Sued, Aaron, 249 Sutfin, Steve, 249. 468 Sugono. P., 467 Sugor, Ronald D,, 358 Sum. Check, 466 Sumitoni, N., 470 Sundermon, Jeff, 420 Supnik, Poul, 310, 358, 426 Supple, Anne, 406 Surfas, Borbora. 249 Susok, Michael. 436 Susnow. Bob. 442 Sutherlond. Gene. 424 Svendson. Sharon. 372 Svendstord. Sjok. 264 Suobodo, Bea. 308 Swallow, Lonny, 249 Swan, Sherill, 370 Swonson, Dana, 474 Sworlz, Christine, 333. 382 Sweet, Eloine, 249 Sweet. Sandy. 388 Swenson, Lorry, 420 Swenson, Susan, 402 Switzer, Moido, 249. 314 Symonds, Gory. 249 Syms. Bert. 428 TagawQ, Jiro, 428 Takohashi, Rex. 468 Takoki, Carole. 250 Takasoki. Bob. 475 Takayo, Steve. 350, 352 Takenoga, Diane, 350, 363 Talpis, Carol, 332 Tom. Matthias, 358 Tamonaha, Conrad, 350, 352 Tomasy, Sandy, 474 Tamkin, Sherry, 470 Tanoko, John, 270 Tanaka, Orion. 250 Tonaka, Toshiyuki, 250 Tang, Solly, 250 Toni, Dennis. 264 Toniguchi. Dorothy, 250 Toniguchi, Karen, 350 Tanihoro, Grace, 339, 350 Tonji, Shigeo. 358 Tannehill, Christine, 331,400 Tanner, Ross, 416 Tonney, Moxine, 250. 350 Taomoe, Tholio, 339, 350 Tarica, Samuel, 250 Tariow. Jerry, 464 Tarsey. Lisa Deo, 250, 340 Tarsey, Potrice, 340 Tarsey. Lisa, 340 Taarviarii, Jaako, 446 Tosh, Lorry, 475 Toshimo, Jeanne, 363 Tosoff, Jock. 460 Tote. Rick, 475 Totor. Steve, 464 Toube, Stevie, 405 Tavetian, Robert, 250 Tavetion, Bob. 466 Taylor. Gene, 359. 400 Taylor, Melanie. 264, 369, 374 Taylor, Stephen, 448 Tchirkow, Robert, 434 Teal. John, 448 Teele, Bob, 130 Teeple, Christine. 307, 388 Teitelbaum, Bob, 446 Teitelbaum, Eric, 264 Tendrock, Steve, 422 Tenenbaum, Reno, 392 Tenenboum, Robert, 442 Tenenbom, Morcia, 405 Tenneson, Mike, 250, 436 Teren, Audrey. 308, 309, 311, 338. 405 Terry, Mike, 470 Terry, Stan, 430 Terwilliger, Steve, 418 Teter, Lynda, 406 Thockera, Williom, 250 Tholer, Teresa, 264 Thayer, Mary, 250, 474 Thole, Linda, 378 Tholen, John, 438 Thoman, Suzanne, 361 Thomas, Chuck, 420 Thomas, Danny, 450 Thomas, Dove. 424 Thomas, Helen, 359 Thomas, Lani, 475 Thomas, Mock, 250, 430 Thomas, Nancy, 402 Thomas, Pom, 333 Thomas, Patricio Ann, 386 Thomas, Rochelle, 390 Thompson, B., 466 Thompson, Edvs ' ord, 270, 342 Thompson, Jan, 361, 382 Thomson, Robert, 270, 448 Thompson, T.. 470 Thomson, Dale, 130 Thoreson, Gail, 382 Thornton, Les, 475 Thorsen, Carol, 475 Thouin, Adrienne, 396 Threev itt. Corol, 474 Tibbetts, Mork. 250 Ticker, Neil. 422 Tindall. Mike, 450 Tobios, Robert, 291 Toboodo, Tobi, 400 Tokirro, Kothy, 350, 363 Tollefson, Gayle, 382 Tomke, Joquie, 372 Tompson, Kothy, 388 Tong, Vicki, 336 Tongco, Bobbie, 336 Tonsich, Diana, 354 Topin, Terry, 405 Torgerson, Leigh, 461 Torn, Jennice, 471 Torres, Beno, 382 Torres, Tito, 358, 424 Towata, Colleen, 350, 363 Toyomo, Ron, 350, 352 Trabish, Herm, 426 Trongos, Theoni, 471 Trondem, Lonni, 250 Tropp, Larry, 358 Troutwein, Jeonne, 372 Travis, Lucindo, 378 Treebs, Carol, 275 Tregilgos, Ryba, 340 Treiman, David, 250 Treiman, David, 313, 341 Trenom, Lorry, 475 Trieselmonn, Ralph, 468 Troeger, Gary, 250 Troispoux, E., 470 Trout, Pot. 250, 400 Troutmon, Stan, 297, 323 Trow, E., 466 Truax, Marti, 394 Truox, Rich, 456 Trujillo, Joe, 475 Tsurudo, Gwen, 363 Tucey, Richard, 291 Tung, John, 270 Turcios, Luis, 250 Turkel, Suson, 392 Turner, Ellen, 308, 333, 359. 396 Turner, Ken, 461 Turner, Pamela, 250 Turre, Mike, 466 Tysdol, Rod, 448 U Uchido, Joan. 250, 350, 363 Uchiyama, J. Honami, 264 Ucuzoglu, Fran, 250 Uhrik. Geoffrey. 250 Ujiie, Tsuneo, 250 Ulrey, Joan, 307. 333 Unangst. S., 470 Unell. Ellen, 250 Ung, Mary, 339, 350 Ung, Frances, 363 Unger, Gory. 270 Uno, Toru. 250 Unruh. Jesse. 108 Urner. Morlene. 250. 359 Uwate. Vivian, 475 Uyedo, Naomi. 339. 350 Uyematsu. Amy. 363 Uyemolsu. Mary. 350, 363 Uyemuro, Brenda, 363 Uyemuro. Nancy, 339. 350 Vokhona. Perin. 471 Valeska. Dove. 467 Velicki. Darlene. 307 Volione. Sandy. 474 Van Bibber. Jim, 270, 330 Von Buskirk, Janis, 309, 374 Vandegrirt, Pal. 390 Vondegrift. Roger. 250 Vandenberg. Denise. 340 Vonderburg. Janet, 250 Vanderel, Bob, 438 Van de Water, Anne, 250, 348 Van Hoerlem, Patricia, 251. 348 Vanis. Ricfiord. 275. 434 Van Osdel. Virginia. 33 1 Von Saun. David. 358. 452 Van Scoyk. Jonathan. 250 Van Sickle. Joe. 250. 444 Van Trigl, Pete, 424 Vosilovich. Dan. 444 Vedder. Helen. 251 Veile. Borbora. 378 Velazquez. Edward. 270, 438 Veltmann, Jim, 438 Venable, Janet. 275 Venturino. Sue. 387 Vera. Mike, 467 Verkozen. Tom. 358. 420 Vermette. Micfiael, 458 Vernon. Bob. 301 Vicklund. Chris. 390 Victor. Lisa. 251, 299. 308, 336, 354 Vidos, Maureen, 394 Vienna, Cheryl, 361 Vigil. Robert, 448 Vitry. Georges. 251 Vochko. Lee. 475 Vogt. Robert. 434 Voll. Crissy. 251,309, 398 Voll, John, 251 Volmert, Mark, 446 Vonschnabc, Suzanne, 402 w 330 Woddell, R., 467 Wade, Tim, 448 Woechter. Mike, 25 Wahl. David. 442 Walch. Blanche. 251 Walden. Donald. 297 Waldrop, J.. 467 Walker. Caroline. 406 Walker. Judy. 398 Walker. Steve, 334, 424 Walker, Susan Louise, 251 Wallace, Jeanne, 361, 406 Wolloce. Linda, 390 Wolowitt, Kathy, 470 Walson, Susie, 475 Walter, Bob. 468 Walters. Jacqueline. 251 Walters. Jackie, 406 Walther. S., 466 Walton. Becky. 353 V ng, Kuan-Chung, 291 Wong, Poulette, 331, 386 Wangsness, Dove, 420 Ward, Joe. 311.416. 467 Ward. Kolhleen. 251 Word. Pam. 370 Warden. Linda. 251 Wardle. Carolyn, 251 Wore, Pat, 374 Ware, Sonda, 251 Warren, Helen. 473 Warren. Sheldon. 456 Warsafsky. Alfred. 422 Wart. Cindy. 388 Wasserman. Lynne. 251 Wasserman, Ellie, 408 Wasson, Jim 462 Watanabe, Dione, 339, 350 Watanabe, Ron, 350, 352 Watanabe, Shig. 350, 352 Watanabe, Shigeru, 251 Wotenmoker, Alan. 370. 334. 422 Walters. Mary. 275 Watson. Suzanne. 406 Walters, Mary, 380 Watts, Eric. 456 Watts. Jeannie. 374 Watts, M.. 470 Watts. Patricia. 332. 396 Wax. Joyce. 251 Wayne, Jay C. Jr., 270 Weaver, Bruce, 475 Weaver, Donn, 251 Weaver, Mike, 454 Webb, Jeanettte, 251 , 306, 348 Webb. Leigh. 466 Webb, Moonyeen. 251 Webb, Russ, 130, 251, 334. 415. 438 Webb. Torreey. 438 Weber, Douglas. 342 Weber, Linda. 392 Weber. Paul. 275. 422 Weber. Tim. 418 Webster. Trip, 434 Weeks, Richard, 251 Weeks, Susan, 251 Weigel, Bill, 251, 438 Werner, Barbara, 333 Werner, Roni, 310 Weiner, Steve, 251 , 464 Weingart. Isaac, 251 Weingarten, Susie, 408 Weinger, Gail, 408 Weinhouse. Don. 442 Weinman. Josh. 464 Weinstein, llene, 405 Weinstein, Robin, 257 Weinstein, Stan, 251 Weinstine, Gene, 462 Weintraub, Carl, 251, 420 Weintraub, Janet, 386 Weir, Linda. 388 Weir, Norm, 446 Weisboum, Heidi, 376 Weisel, Mimi, 405 Weisel, Sol. 310 Weisenberg. Diane. 405 Weisgerber, Jock. 467 Weiss, Beryl, 376 Weiss, Brian, 251,326 Weiss, Dianne, 376 Weiss, Larry, 3 1 1 Weiss, Niki, 251 Weiss, Robert, 270 Weiss, Sheryl, 251 Weiss, Susan, 474 Weissman, Jan, 474 Weissman, Phill, 454 Weissman, Richard, 442 Weilz, Dove, 446 Weirzman, Earl, 313 Weitzman, Farryl. 252 Welch, Cindy, 387 Welch, Dennis. 252. 432 Well, Audrey, 473 Welles, Polricia, 252. 372 Wellman, Horry, 108 Wellmerling, Lynn, 252 Wells. Pally. 382 Welsh. Barbra. 252. 336, 390 Welshimer, Ken, 452 Welly, Barbaro, 1 1 8, 336, 398 Wendt, Emily, 378 Wenhe, Alice, 264 Wessel, Elisobeth, 252 West, Roger. 252 West. Vicki, 406 Weslley. Deon. 436 Westpholl, Carole, 264 Welzel, G., 470 Wetzel, Janet, 252 V fexler, Danny. 430 Wexler. Mork. 252 Wexler. Mark, 436 Weyhrouch, Jonice, 390 Whotley, Gail, 474 Wheodon, Donald, 252 Wheeler, Connie, 406 Wheeler, Thomos, 430 Whitaker, Horry. 304 Whitoker. Linda. 252, 390 Whitby, David, 462 White, Betty, 252 White, Jeff, 314 White. Mary. 252 While, Mike, 458 While, Stephen, 252 White. Teresa. 252 Whiting, Don, 252 Whitley, Bonnie, 380 Whitmer, Goyle. 372 Whitney. Jonet, 392 Whitehead. Danielle. 396 Whitney. Janet. 264 Whiltemore, S.. 470 Whittkopp. Garrett, 130 Whyle, Karen Linda, 275, 475 Wichmonn. Cothleen, 474 Wicklund, Gail, 275 Wichmonn, Claire, 474 Wickershom. Dione. 372 Wickslrom. Linda. 398 Widmann, Gloria, 252 Wiemeyer, Dione, 382 Wienir. Ronni. 338. 354, 376 Wigle. Jomes. 434 Wigodsky. Heleno, 405 Wilburne, Corinne. 386 Wilburne, Horriel. 386 Wilcox. Cindy. 402 Wilds. Lillion. 305 Wiley. Annette. 402 Wiley, John, 270 Wiley, Kim. 475 Wilkening. Colhy, 264 Wilkes. John. 424 Wilkes. Terry. 388 Wilks, Sandra, 252 Wilkinson, Sharon, 406, 473 Willens, Susan. 252 Willey. Mortha, 264 Williams. Cothy. 398 Williams, Chorlotte, 252 Willioms, Christy, 374 Williams, Joon, 270, 354 Williams, Mory Lou, 336. 398 Williams, Tomi, 370 Williams, Urilh, 252 Williams, Victoria, 400 Williamson, Jon, 420 Willis. Don. 305 Willis. Mike. 462 Willott. Jim 462 Willson, Perry, 444 Wilson, B., 470 Wilson, C, 466 Wilson. Jack. 460 Wilson. Tom. 467 Winder, Williom Albert, 430 Windon, Chorlie, 313 Winer, Jackie, 252, 311,369 Wtnjum, Karen, 475 Winslow, Susan. 359, 380 Winston, Richard, 252 Winter, Kothleen, 252 Winters, Carol, 252, 336, 354, 388 Winter, Kathy. 388 Winer, Jackie, 405 Winfield, John, 464 Winston, Roberto, 408 Winthrop, Marc, 464 WippH, Lone, 320 ia f f r r Wirth. Dione. 405 Wissel. Jeff. 422 Wiswell. Robert. 252 Witoker, Jo Ann, 252 Wilkin. Janet, 252 Witkow, Elliot. 420 Witlin. Borboro. 252 Witt, Rick. 475 Witten, Paulo, 275 Wilus, Chormoine, 370 Woestemeyer, Linda, 355 Wohl, Corol, 380 Wolf, Jomes. 252 Wolf, Jeffrey, 252 Wolf. S., 466 Wolfe. Winkie, 390 Wolfson, Jon, 330 Wolin. Barry L. 252 Wolston, Barry, 253, 442 Wong, Annette, 253, 350. 363 Wong, Flossie, 253 Wong, John, 462 Wong, Kay, 253 Wong, Kwok, 253 Wong, Philip, 391,358 Wang, Ruby, 471 Wong. Stephanie, 333 Wong, Tamoro, 471 Woo, Priscillo, 253 Wood, Chris, 305 Wood, Dovid, 253 Wood, George, 448 Wood, Judy, 308, 338, 354, 402 Wood, Patricio, 253 Woodling, Annette. 359, 400 Woods, Nancy, 474 Woods, Jeanne, 270 Woodson, Claire, 253, 313, 354, 398 Woodword, Collis, 358 Woolsey, Mary, 472 Worthing, Michelle, 474 Wortmon, Lourel, 373 Wortmon, Wm.. 442 Worlrich, Kolhe, 253 W ortrich. Theodore. 253 Wroy. John. 466 Wright, Jack, 450 Wright, Jon, 305 Wright, Rosemary, 355, 378 Wright, Stephen, 253 Wulfkuhle, Anolee, 362, 382 Wurster, Tom, 475 Wymer, Anita, 474 Wymon, Donald, 253. 305 Wymon. Don, 340 Yogi, Ronald, 350, 352 Yohogo. Susan. 363 Yole, Lauree. 253 Yomakoshi. Som. 350 Yomosoki. Linda, 350, 363 Yamozoki, Mary, 339 Yon. Horry. 466 Yanogo. Suson. 253. 350. 363 Yonogihoro, Irene, 253 Yancey, Jonelle, 359,470 Yoncey, Vicki, 253 Yonkie, Suenell, 406 Yossim. Beverly, 253 Yolo, Howard. 350 Yotabe. G.. 470 Yotcok. Tim. 448 Yee, Elaine, 372 Yee, Helen. 350. 363 Yig. Lee. 464 Yih. Lee. 464 Yip. Jacqueline. 333. 350 Yoffee. Joonne, 333 Yomontos, Gory, 428 Yonemura, Dennis, 350, 352 Yordan, Corl, 458 Yorimoto, Beverly, 339, 350 YosgotI, Alice, 374 Yoshii, Lilian, 264, 474 Yoshioko, Yoshimitsu. 342, 358 Yoshizoki, Wayne, 350, 352 Yost, Greg, 448 Young, Beth, 332, 470 Young, Bob, 424 Young, Cathy, 396 Young, Charles E., 112 Young, Kori, 396 Young, Horry, 253 Young, Michele, 400 Young, Sherry, 373 Young, William. 452 Young. Williom G.. 1 12 Yuen, Joyce, 474 Yuge, Joyce, 253 Yunger, Borboro. 370 Zohedi, Shohlo, 264 Zoimo. Bill, 350 Zamonigan, Terry, 444 Zomberlin, Joanna, 378 Zander, Jim, 444 Zont, Mary, 336, 398 Zanzot, Pete, 450 Zoptiff, Carl, 426 Zorote, Debby, 253, 308, 354, 355, 359 386 Zotlin, Kenneth, 253 Zowolkowi, Lynne, 405 Zozulio, Joel, 454 Zecchini, Thomas. 253 Zeimer. Jody. 311.332, 359,380 Zelitzki, Tolmo, 253 Zendel, R , 466 Zesch, Lindo, 253 Zimon, Al, 442 Zimon, Byron, 253 Zimmerman, Doug, 416 Zimmerman, Kurt, 358 Zimring, Stuart, 253, 432 Zink. Norb. 458. 467 Zirgulis. Allan, 462 Ziskind, Karen, 253 Ziskind, Trudi, 253 Zogby, Cathy, 396 Zrake, Jim, 450 Zuck, Corol, 372 Zweben, Art, 270, 456 ,.$, « ' ?» ' . :r ' »» ' » »M« ' • «i i ♦ - ty- ' ' Ki K ' ' -♦»»,. ' Vf -yj - -M: ' m.. V « ■•? ' " . ' ' •?5 vA»«.; :.S ' - . Communication is the underlying theme of this book, although sometimes it lies so far under that it ' s difficult to find. Rather than dedicate this book to an individual, this year ' s editors chose to follow an idea: that we are not students, faculty, administration, and staff, but people. We all want to sav what we have to say and to find someone to listen. The University provides us with a multitude of channels for communication, and it is up to us to discover them, develop them, and use them to get our message across. We hope that we have presented a few new sides of UCLA and perhaps have caused you to re-examine the familiar and traditional aspects we often take for granted. SOUTHERN CAMPUS 68 Published by the Associated Students University of California, Los Angeles. Editor-in-Chief and Designer: Ann Rieber Consulting Editor and Photographer: Lane Wipff Sports Editor and Photographer: Norm Levin Copy Editor: Sue Park Assistant Copy Editor: Phyllis Dubrow Business Manager: Dena Lieberman Greek Editor: Krista Schmidt Organizations Editor: Pat Connelly Secretaries: Sandy Glauser, Elayne Jacobsen, Pat Sours, Vicki Rieber, Christine Whitiock Editing Engineer: Bart Sokolow Index Assistant: Zero Southern Campus is a friendly staff with a friendly window. Sue, your copy was superb, and quite unique, yearbookwise. You said what we wanted to say and never got wishy-washy half way through. Hope you enjoy Indianapolis, and don ' t give up trying to convert them. Dena, you were a brave business manager, and I thank you for taking on that impossible task so bravely. But all was not lost-Dac will remain in our hearts. Krista, you couldn ' t have worked harder or have been more cheerful about your job. Norm, you made sports into something I could understand and appreciate. Your section is your own, and you can always be proud of your excellent photography, copy, and layouts. Danny and Zero, thank you for your long and friendly hours of encouragement. Hail to thee, oh Bob, ye fiddle-footed entrepeneur. My thanks to the Photography Department, Printing and Production, Publications Office, and Mr. Morris for all their time and hard work. Lane, I never could have survived without you, your dedication, your ph otography, and your inspiration. This book is really a part of you. ASUCLA Photography: Stan Troutman, Manager, Frank Halberg, Asst. Manager, Norm Schindler, Stretch Hussey, Stanley Mindel, Len Hartkemeier, Dean Berkus, Al Dugas, Nelson Salez Typography: ASUCLA Printing and Production Printer: American Yearbook Company Cover: S.K. Smith-Pacific And so, it ' s time to say goodby and move on. The second time is really harder. Southern Campus is a part of me now, and I have grown and learned from the experience of two years. I hope it ' s made a difference, because it ' s a very loving memory. Ann Rieber Editor-in-Chief Southern Campus 68 -30-

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