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FROM THE OFFICE OF STUDENT PUBLICATIONS A S U C L A ' - table of contents the year royalty asucla sports administration the arts seniors and graduates organizations living groups ; ffl 7 f Hat A- J Spring dawn brings the day; the light; the beginning. It ' s time to get up and start out our coffee-spoon measured day, our mechanical motions, our programmed existence. Only today it ' s not youth-rock which blasts away our subconscious picture of death -today a flash bulle- tinbulletinbulletin sets off the spark which tells us we ' d better awake and listen. The world has come to an end as of late last night. The collision of a yo-yo with some violent jello has caused existence to pause, and none of us who are hearing this broadcast are hearing this broadcast. Well, that ' s pleasant news to change our lives. So now we hop out of bed and are, for the first time, totally aware that there is no coffee to be measured and sipped. When the world ended yesterday we lost our stereotypic day to day routine. It ' s time to establish new methods and so today is the beginning; and In The Beginning There Was The Bulletin. The quintessence of nothing we have known kaleidoscopically flashes for- ward, and we are taken on a visual trip through Now-and-AlwaysLand. Prismic colors glued to dust stretch across the tightrope horizon of our cerebral cortex. Movement has been temporarily suspended -except for ours-and we glide over and slide under the old, plashing breakthrough-like into the forever Now. And we keep our cool. We always keep our cool. Instant images ricochet off our impressionistic and form question marks. But we extend our arms upward and spit out motion points, for we are Now and Now is what Is. We Be, and being demands assertions - so we must now assert ourselves and cast aside our chewing gum. Outside it is summer. The nothing ' s every- thing is in full bloom, and we are educated to the reasons How and Why and learn to answer with Because but soon realize this is not what really is and all is fraudulent but not anymore. And now, for the second time since the world ended, we are made inwardly con- scious of our own hypocrisy and decide that before the Fall we must become semi-colons. It is a long and arduous odyssey, but we are willing and begin through tradition and remem- brances, stepping up to artificial imitation and striking at the gong of originality. A few of us reverberate. We are on the move. We are moving but so are paper napkins. We don ' t believe it but already it is Autumn and we know there ' s not much time. But we are well advanced by now and even sing out that we are ones and are still aware that the world has ended and remind ourselves for the third time that whatever we are to be we must already be. And so we are. If there were such a thing as snow, then it would be falling now. We have changed a great deal and that old vice of the times before the world ended nostalgia is begin- ning to bug us. But before it totals us we, |for the fourth and last time, realize what ' ; happening and ask out and, once again, the world has ended. Only somewhere, someplace, a radio automatically turns on and there ' s a special flash bulletin . . . Lawrence GrobeL ' .,: - ' :,: Hi JMLHi I5LJILM 3 0) E o - c 6 ? ' E C D a = P 5 CD c s yi ' OOOoo.2c jl, t . ' : V ' ' O _Q i-Sl " D CO .0 o 8 ' o 5 " S ? JO [. ' ' ' ' : i i : ' I a 0 D -0 C o s -T) CN D O cn _ . " -Sl ; - [ ' ' J CO . .- CO 0) 35 in a - c 1 r i _Q O ce y _c ul 0) 8 1 1:i l E O c 0) -C CO 1 _c CO O c _ 12 1 3 a C 1 isl io 3 8 ; : :=-g =. a) Sc c c o E S S-o o 1 III . l 1 || c|f|||? : 1 j| ISlM -g l 1 _ , c - o Q 5 CXL 0c ' tj ! 1 CD 2 3 o o - m S -e c c o u_ J 0- i 6 i Jg . 0) O CO ilnl i I p j?lKiS MA! " . | 01 u_ ssi a JJ. | z | 1 o c M i |s7 5J|, So o c 01 w x-oQ l co " uOc -rf ' " i ' - ' o iS o OJ 5 iiS| S Z o o s ? 1 3 jL .n- : : " D A -r. I i Oi 1 c UJ . 01 CD C g 01 ' p U " . 1 1 o IB o ill J- o 3 i :Q ' i o. ? - JE oa. ( ) C . S Q. a- E s!S t Louise Kosches Donald -C 3 Q oj 0) 1 am Gene Frumkin Howar er Mary Ann Muckenhirm Marshall Vorkink Harolt E 1 _0) -C U _c U Peter Harwick VicHochee ' e Nelson Harry Sherman Harry Brissacher Rue Core ,inor Donn Moomaw Jeai June Tanner Jack Weber :e Gushing Diane Donoghu aron McLean Robert Nagar rnard Segal Majeed Sherai aid Brogg Robert Brewster inne Garard Al Greenstein t Ralph Melaragno Curt ' aggart Ralph Melaragno - n_-l T_..l__ lOSA D: : ' Pijti ' iiii H|jj:: UlliHllr iWliiiii! i ai -Q - 0) 0) O - D - " S o 0) " - S 2 - to n O O c c 7 J 1 I 5 " ijl ' u ' ' ' 9 V o o I|I 1 i " S _D x o O _c U " ' 4 1 0) | 7 " f 1 " o ; iirli. ' ' | _c c 1 . O CO . c S " 5 C CO CO - o ' .E % ' 3 1?. 4 i i i c 2 i-5 : a i; _c P C d OJ O U | K 1 o o U O 01 " g t o c o o|-5 . -E 0) _Q qj O c |J |Vil| z; !jj|j; c D 1 2 A QC O c o tr o 00 ug E o co a; O co E - ao E IE , 8 - ' o o -s o o c g g a J (J -r oj _c _0 1 annant " -0 ra S O - r Q :2 . - _c i H - ? ! 0 o ijfjyi ' _ E 01 M UJ o a S c Sf J o -5 U " " 5 |-o | ' ?;ih : : ' . t 7 111 OJ c D ||| o CO 6 ' a? i 1 gjljjtl ! " ; [% ' Flj _c u (i eg cn c ' c " L_ ?H E 1 -? i " o X c 01 y a) -a -|- ' u i - o E 5 ZO .E c o o c E 1 1 1 |i " 5 o E " o jjjjfa; CO Q 0 c " " " " -2 T) | c _c Q S " " o E 111 01 j - . ! C o -8 f 8-f J c Jo 3 :; i i o a) c ? g a- o " o OO Q) C S " 3 O O j o ii: | 2 O S 00 CO CO 55 X co v5c5 E Zi 5 j5j;5: 1111 CI l t o J, c c -Q c z= 3O 1 - C 1 0) c 5 M | e- Q _c E o Q} O D c N c c O i- }j ' ]-. ' 7 " 5;- D 0 o u_ C c - c UJ S " o X Q_5_C djcO Opr " 5C !5 j;;c|Cj|}; , 1 . fjs -V 0) 0) D 1 r u " - co o S f u. il: il 5 o -J O Q a o w D -c C -o 0) CT S O Qi Q ii O O i_ s c5oJ5 ; ' : - -. - | I c c c 5 - .? ; ffi o 5 E t-t 1 1 " - : I o " o ,-; : . ' 5 :; 1 3 x o -c to D 4) (3 0) _c . " o = ' jS, ' , !:3Jj ; 1 o_ 0) " s c 3 C o o Ul ScS.7 -pog C }l ' -l -. i ' - ' : I " " " i J " S _W ID E - o Q o E . S o a ' -i " c UJ Li_ ,_ " 2 _ 2 s o) -= " " 5 Z u :-: ! . : - ; H E D o o c I-: o " " -a i _C |. o .2 ? " 5 a i llll l; .: - " :jj! . i_ CN U_ O c li S " c o ;2 o | U - . CJ JK Jj " l|| I 0) CO OJ " oi CO i= ' i s-g, U c 5 o -s?l E l Do roth S o oi_c u S " i - " 2 -9 S c iO COO " mO ' C g = | ' -0 7J |j-t] ' j {JJIjJ 1 " ID o - r e 5 t U_ o 9 - D O _c CD OS- :E c loiOi)!? ' |J I : ' 55 _Q . f i X 1 CO Hollingswo " aj D -g ' -g 1 - ' 1 CN O 1 Jz -111 llr 5 14 6 . 01 ce | S 8 " 5 ilK f 1 5 Q -X TZ: o O S a s " LU s- -Q O " c 5 .E ' 5 o = -? 1 - ' o CO D cn S E CO .c a o T3 C O 0) VJ Frampton Fern Gardner Thelma Gibs ss s o3 | 5 S7 sfl LL , s; in 0) u " D " B ' CO s | I?- 5 " 6 CO c LL. J U c O o D Q o e o CTi O oft Sylvia Livingston Marian Pettit John Jackson Helen Johnston Ned M ribner Birlenbach Barbara Brinkerhoff ' D . i _c o c 0) M CD C 1 o D O rederickson Ruth Gooder Stanley Gou h Piper Mabel Reed Marion Walker 1 Brown Jack Clark Lawrence Houston Ici-sr isi ' ll E 54 n -o C T u- . T J22r m . J = F 5o 0) ; -5 c-SSJ c " 2-21iii,s ? " E . | 5-1 iJiflJif]; S-sl-i- - S.-51 ..aP shi r :E?i|t SSe-Ct-Sc 1 ! 2 a i:=oo.EaJci Sj -oJ-Sctf 5 I- il S 5 oi j ? ! u Si " pIpRll n o 01 k. F O _ w n O Q o a. o 15 " o 1 0) C D o co iJs; a I _o 11- a ;||lll|l p|i|| ljiSj J 1 Harolson Irene P Delsasso meyer o 0) I- u- s . c 5 t A _ t i | ' el ' s 85 2 | fifiiiiii ui_iU Seal u_ tvso " 1 : 5 jit I BftiK B sl Ejljtil ' liiij " - . ; :H - i - : : i - - ' ! i ' ::]-- ' i- ' h 1 ' i-s; ' itftoj :li ' h {ijjjjii ' HJ ' . ' ' ii ; - ' |S " J.i.-CC j-LO)01=5 .S- - .Ci-C = C CeCC ViliHip?i|i{!i fi$]ff hJiiJiJi a n 5 ?, S a. d_moU " -7 S ' S lt ?i lu l 5 M j ? 5 z si-ii iziifl- J- ; i - -f E Oo.U - c J: ' iJ - Q Dicg= - a 1J - ' m:- 00 3. ;: p i ' li llB-fSiWlilMW ' JI-Sfl fel!| ' 73s t . Jii : l firM7ii%i.i i j iliiti r p l;]iJiiJiiJj;IJi- Sllf ll r flli is. ssil lv;3. -fi. . ;.j WjIJtl ftlljtijJfl|ijji|ItHii: I ' il rr flLNlijIffM SlS I fiil? filj!IHiiffri!:li!s|i!|l |] Jijii ] lf-i:l:!JI;l ' J ' Ui Jj] J . " 5 " o-2 ' " ' mooE-gOjjro t ?5 fr b ? ||ff |4||;|||l|; ff3J;7|||lg|iif 5 " 5 " j " 5g;. Jtf c " " " 1::Uc ? " 5Sg ' c S ' -3t " a) - - ! -cj c S O- " 5 nj-j 2 co O 1 " = S- -o " : ' ff B 2 ' - ' O " _CD_ ' o EC - ZO S SSi- " r : 5 5 I " !5 ' " j: 3 o i " S Q " ci -2 o. 5k_- Q O " O " -- i ' l) S u c 3 o c z: S ' . - Eg oj; ._ " ) = g " " oE og-Q g a g -S : Z ; j pijpi{|iji||fpii||iii|ijjiyi i ' a; 5ilJj |-e_ If l f " i-llf 1= Pi gi II : - : lcl (35 || ; S I ' i ' f L t47 ; " ' ' ' l ' 5i ; 5 7f " 5 o o il o ' ( 3 oJ8-- ' - 1) o-c!o- a) . c 5- o = J: : .IftlfiiTiii i ril?iirSilJifl?liff . 1. fls-st ' i siPs l liilici 8 !!!! !- ( ul-g aj o c c E.S o oJ c o c " - S _- aJ o -. ; . ! O-C ' " n 1 " - ? S - D D O - _fl I ) _c 2? Z C B O _Q ,S ' .SJ.E " 2-- O 7 " ' 10 c t7 oa) oS . 5.- 5SJ " o 3) 5-2 c - " 55 Sic S " m T - ' c 2 ' -? _c oo - ' -iXLil o c? | 1 1 1 -s 1 i s 1 1 |f ij 1 1 1 s 3 ? s 1 f s V " 1 i ' il iV|c|i|7l|||lal|||f ?|4l?f|iD ||. : ;i.j] c 8 !T t -g - a 2 . c ' c ' :: c Cl f0 -?in - ( - " I -g " -c ) 9 c y ioo)5o _c2 ' p i n ' j ' oi IJO OQ " 5 -2 o o) ' jj ?|, 2 oS J | Q 82: " S :r -c o 9 i i : 7 oS 1 :?: = jj " " 3! S ujS Q. 3 S 3 ; lJ -g 1 - )X -J ' Q: .-1.-- i if - - : i 1 1 " o S O ' a " 8 P o2 " S_g " 2 " 5-- oi;-S : i fe ' xp isy i | s|s|| irlj i u Q l ' ! , o tiJ -2 i c ' = Sr 5 " iJiSo :iis j ol c x e t V-2 " " -- " o 1 i S -2 S7 " iS 55 O i , I |j c n " a lo r O) e- i = " - Q o- ' - " ? ccxiE 1 " 5u " o o-9 iS-5 . t2 S -3 S - cci c c o .tS ' Hi . ' j ! : i r 1 ! : : Hsf] ' li ' f!i ' i!d -JlfSfiWillHiiitfiji-IO-fifjii ijlJitl 4- ??ti. ipilHfJilttii a 7 " 5.S - CD " S 5 u -E x 5.x l - ' - c 1 -- a ' E-S II- fli|j- -1-111 1 1? itiillljy il B-|t|j:i!ll|6 ls|48l|;|.t itjis- iiSjiljiBft?H iS OMfi?? tlJifJilf ' tl ra2 oQ| g " c 1 $ | 5 2: .7 :E " i 1 ?Bc Q o " 5-? ffj S Ijii ' iJJM jX,U po EQ . 2 " ' ' ' " " s ' u 00 " S- ' o I ' d t. " " jPif sJoili , g 8?- S S " | li: i o5 ' |i = . | ; |.g ) ' -D {iSjlfitj jfi ii ' U i ui i- tiii-iy iJHtffj n I " ij- j J - ' C ff A " -jj - o J . o7 SEux| l iT-sl.4.7 t 5,. I iElcS l tut : Dennis Antenore Ray Armstrong Gale Barsamian Lenny Borer Solveig Bugge Dave Clark Mike Douglas Dean Duelke Irwin Dutcher Chris Emerson Jim Evans Larry Higby Roger Howard Ron Javor Judy Leslie Art Levine Chris Marshall Dexter McNamara Bob Michaels Judy Ondrasik Perry Oretzky Jim Perisho Ann Rieber Al Weisblott Larry Weise Jon Wolf son Len Unger Dedicated to Franklin D. Murphy, Chancellor . the year Drawn and quartered You say you don ' t un- derstand why it ' s necessary to pre-enroll for next quarter when you haven ' t even decided if this one is your type? You say you don ' t understand how you can take a midterm the seventh meeting of the class? You say you feel insecure when the profes- sor announces that the assignment of fifteen books has remained unchanged from the Semester Age because he wants to see what the class can do ... and you have three other professors who said the same thing? Off in the distance the solution to your problem forms in the sky. . . . Turn On, Tune In, and Drop Out. Scotch-taped smiles and warm beer Ask any Greek aboutRushandwatch him cringe and mutter unintelligible phrases like " scary, hectic, phony, ex- hausting, awful, pressure, pain, tension . . . hell. " For the sorority rushee, Rush Week is glitter and tinsel and phoniness and " I spilled my coffee on their brand new carpet " ... " I tripped coming down- stairs and my shoe beat me to the bottom " ... " I try to be sophisticated but my foot gets tangled in my tongue " ... " I bought a beautiful wardrobe of fall wool outfits and it ' s 95 degrees. " . . . " Their president is wearing the same dress today that I was going to wear on Tea Day. " . . . " I ' vegottotalk to this girl for fifteen more minutes and I can ' t think of a thing to say. " . . . " One more step and I ' ll die " . . . " Howcome the sorority girls look so calm and com- posed. " . . . " I ' m going to give it up and get an apartment. " For the fraternity rushee, it ' s more along the lines of " I wonder why they don ' t turn the lights on " . . . " I wonder if the food ' s any better than the beer " . . . " Do they serve beer and pretzels every night before dinner? " . . . " I don ' t even like beer " . . . and " I don ' t remember if I pledged that house last night or not. " But, ask any Greek about fraternal life and you ' ll get a warm, sincere reaction because, after that first awful week before pledging, a student can find deep and meaningful relationships in any house, on either row. .-I - - i ' jWK fl .. v v -. v r - . . UCLA ' s camp for over privileged freshmen What is Uni Prep? A three day orientation for freshmen held in the dorms just prior to fall registration . A girl bringing eight dresses, a hair-dryer, a hi-fi, six pairs of shoes, cut-offs and a tennis skirt, as well as two suitcases, to spend her first three days away from home. . . . It ' s Uni Prep when the guys shooting pool in Rieber wear ties and don ' t smoke . . . . . . . After a maximum temperature of 84 all summer, it ' s that time again . . . because it ' s 98 degrees and 47 teenyboppers insist on seeing " that statue of the naked lady by the library " . . . and you didn ' t know there was one . . . It ' s definitely Uni Prep when the girl getting on the " Men ' s Wing elevator (she didn ' t realize there was a difference) is holding her loafers and sloping sharply to the right under the weight of her first shoulder-bag. . . . Uni Prep is when the girls look older than the guys . . . and no one cares. This year Uni Prep was a list of 29 people who missed lockout the first night. Twenty-four were counselors. Uni Prep is conceived of as a learning experience as a type of freshman N.P.I. - as UCLA ' s Camp for Over Privileged Freshmen. : Jf IT c F SVJGS :: cs;- V j- The game of confusion 1! The game is called Registration. (Anyone who wants to play line up in front of the Administration Build- ing.) Any number can play from one to twenty eight thousand. Usually the best time to play this game is right before the quarter begins. The object is to see how long it takes for a person to have a nervous breakdown. The rules are simple and con- sist of three basic points: (1) standing in a line which has no beginning and no end, (2) standing for two hours in a line which has no beginning and no end, and (3) standing for two hours in a line which has no beginning and no end and then discovering that you have been standing in the wrong line. Of course, there are also a few minor rules which must be followed. One must first fill out the reg pack (which comes with the game) or as it is com- monly refered to: see how much information you can write on a line one-sixteenth of an inch wide; become utterly disgusted; and go directly to the Dean, do not pass Royce Hall, do not collect eighty dollars and fifty cents; or if you are playing and are not from California, go directly to the Dean, do not pass Royce Hall, do not collect four hundred and fifty dollars and fifty cents. Oh, yes, there is also one small detail that is now a rule: it must rain. If it doesn ' t, the administration invariably post- pones this fun-fest until the sky is a heavy black. If your local university doesn ' t carry this particular past-time, be sure to ask for it by its other name Campus Chaos. 29 REG FIRST STB THIS EITRAICE X , t i They had invited us to come, but I guess they hadn ' t expected us to come because when 5,000 Bruinsstormed the Cal football stadium Saturday morning there were but 3,000 seats for all of us. We made do. And the weekend had really begun. . . . Cal made hysterical attempts at the southland ' s beloved surf sounds, while a couple of the bears stole off with Joe Bruin ' s club. But we retaliated with a tremendous " B.A. " from ourbeloved yell-leaderrawly showing the Bears who was No. 1. Needless to say, we beat Cal 28 to 15. Then, on to the beer busts and par- ties. With UCLA there, Cal ' s row rocked probably for the first time this year. Some found their way to San Fran- cisco, where topless was the scene and the brave ventured to Finnochios. The 12 midnight rally at Union Square ended in a bang injuring several of the song girls and cheerleaders. By Sunday, after three days of no sleep and no soap, we were all ready to make it . . backtoBOSSANGELES. Fall Drive, an annual week long event to raise funds for the UCLA Scholarship Fund, saw its biggest success ever in 1966. Theweekfeatured a queen contest which raised a record $1000, a concert by the world renown (except in Los Angeles) President ' sOwn Marine Band, and Monte Carlo Nite. Marryl Dee Cacive became Queen by a close margin in the penny-a-vote contest. She used to be just a wee tad richer than her competitors. Climaxing Fall Drive was Monte Carlo nite, which attracted a record 3000 gambling enthusiasts and featured music by the Drifters, Out- siders and Coasters, who showed up one hour late in good spirits. Scholarship roulette I The construction of the six million dollar Jules Stein Eye Institute was finished this year and UCLA saw the dedication of the new center for eye research and clinical study. The multi-faceted institute features research into ophthamology, or the science of the eye and eye diseases of all kinds. It also offers instruction and training for students of ophthamology. And it is a center which works to treat ailments of the eye. Much energy is spent studying the causes of blindness in hope of the dis- covery of a way to prevent this tragic disease. Mr. Stein, who has two roles- one as a leading ophthamologist and the other as a leader in the entertain- ment world donated over 1.5 million dollars to the institute so that the amount of research to prevent blindness could be increased. An eye for an eye , neye.. . a tooth for a tooth UCLA ' s three-year-old School of Dentistry found a home with the dedication of the new $8 million Dental School last September. The Dental School features research into all fields of dentistry, the teaching and training of new dentists, and the treatment of oral ailments. The Institute for Dental Research provides a mul- titude of opportunities for dental students to see and learn of new approaches to oral health research. All fields of dentistry are available for study at the new school. And, all facets of dentistry are covered from the basic science to the clinical aspect. ' ' S V JH vo No stain on the left THIS TEACH-IN COSTS $3000. PLEASE MAKE A DONATION ft,. REAGAN FM eOVERNOR . . . no stain on the right " These SLC meetings get better every time. " Oh, thay, you thilly thavage. 38 Homecoming Queen Sandra Hunt is surrounded by her court of Tiffany Powell, Sheryl Ullman, Crissy Voll, and Donna Laughlin. Belafonte crowns queen Homecoming ' 66 began with a big Day O as Harry Belafonte sang, swayed, and soared through a varied selection of songsfrom his international folk repertoire. Belafonte crowned Homecoming Queen Sandra Hunt at this Homecoming Concert and Home- coming ' 66 was off. 39 The usual homecoming events followed. The Olio Show, with MC Morey Amsterdam, found Uni-Camp Board ' s Jug Band winning the novelty division; Alpha Gamma Delta and Acacia won sweepstakes. 40 L Homecoming I salutes Hollywood I I I The Armenian Salvation Army strikes again. The street dance, in lot W-5, found hundreds of couples crushed around the band very little room for walking, much less room for dancing the Philly Skate. Then, everyone crossed their fingers, prayed or invoked their favorite god and because of all these efforts, and the resultant lack of rain, the Homecoming Parade, the first in four years, was held. Gamma Phi Beta and Sigma Pi won the parade sweep- stakes as floats from all living groups competed for top honors. Pretty flower, isn ' t it? This is our town Then, Saturday . . . The Bruins took the field and showed the Trojans that this is our town-by the score of 14 to 7. On Monday, jubilant Bruins rallied in Pauley Pavilion. No longer number two, Norm Dow, and his fellow team members spoke to ecstatic Bruins, all of whom were waiting for the Rose Bowl bid. When it didn ' t come, Bruins began to riot and the First Annual Pillage-the-Village began. Hey, you, in the cheap seats, can you hear me? " This moment of softness. . . " Are you sure he ' s number two? " . 1 1 so we pillage the village Tt n B PBHV W ttT t - " i But he doesn ' t act. . No stain on the right, no stain on the left. . . Song girls and crepe paper Holly Borowialc Renee Steuber Lynn Switzer Candy Willson Lainie Larkins Linda Loclcwood Donna Laughlin Out of the blue, not a bird nor a plane; Olde Eddie A. and his yell leaders came. With spirit and laughs they made quite a noise, Eddie ' s Gertrude Stein men and big B. A. boys. Kudos to all Bruin rooters, too. For rallying ' round the Gold and Blue. They were clever and witty and made us aware, Of the pervasive nature of (rah!) Bruin hair. And through every sport the enthusiasm grew, To make " We ' re No. 1 " a yell that was true. A tribute to all of the guys is in line; They were just great and Eddie ' s so fine. Each of the seven contributed his share, To a year filled with victory ' cause we had " Mohair. " m m Finals for Christinas The Quarter System broughtto UCLA many changes and some unusual com- binations of events. The most unusual must be Christmas and finals. Because of bad timing on the part of God and the Administration, Christmas and finals occurred almost simultaneously. And Bruins fought on through it all. First, there were two days to cram in both studying and shopping. There were the early Christmas gifts of Blue- books, complete with answers; these were noticeably rare. There was the trimming of trees - - complete with ornaments, lights, and tinsel to serve as a study break. There were Bruins who couldn ' t enjoy parties because they were hung-over from finals or vice versa. And, there was the waiting for Christ- mas cards and receiving grade cards instead . 47 Mark Lane Norbert Schlei They came, they spoke . . . mm . . we listened Rod Serling Floyd McKissick 49 Strom Thurmond u Mark Lane Wesley J. Liebeler 51 Timothy Leary Intramurals: for absolutely everybody The primary objective of the Intra- mural Office at UCLA is to provide organized sports activities for all mem- bers of the University population. There are four divisions in the Intramural Office men ' s, women ' s, coed, and ex- tramurals for women. Eachdivision pro- vides a variety of activities from which students and faculty may choose the ones in which they would enjoy some competition, physical activity and fun. Team sports, dual sports and individual sports can be found among the 21 dif- ferent activities which make up the Intra- mural program. The job of the Intra- mural Office is to organize, adminis- trate, supervise, and see that each activity is properly run from beginning to conclusion until an All-University Champion has been crowned for each activity. The year 1965-66 was the finest in UCLA history. Statistically speaking, to- tals in activities, teams games, par- ticipants and participations were all new highs. The most impressive statis- tic was in participations, where we had over 30,000. 53 54 ; I ! : r Jt-, firirs 1 m . " ,- - THE COLLOQUIUM University of California, Los Angeles It. The People of Plenty Jan 20, 21 and 22 AID A unique opportunity for undergraduates to sil down and talk with each other and with faculty in a relaxed serene atmosphere . . and it ' s a bargain! Transportation, room and board is only $4.00. What are Americans doing with their affluence? What does " Plenty " cost? Who pays? These and other questions you have will be the topics of discussion. Mr. Art Seidenbaum. columnist for the Los Angeles Times will be our guest and deliver the keynote address. Applications are available at the Student Activities Office, Kerck- hoff Hall 312. Student Union ' s Information Desk, and at depart- mental offices. V . . . When you see this poster, believe all it says that Colloquium will offer you. You ' ll get that and a lot more; a lot more that all the words in a week- end full of discussion can ' t define. - President Kerr dismissed 58 On January 20, Clark Kerr was dismissed from his position as president of the University of California. The next day, over 8000 students poured into the Memorial Activities Center Pa- vilion, some to observe, others to participate in a carefully or- ganized protest rally over tui- tion, the budget cut, and the firing of Kerr. Rallies, marches, meetings, discussions, and the organization of student protest groups followed the initial rally as students became keenly aware of the government and leadership of the University and assumed their responsibility in determining its future. 59 i % in m u This year ' s Greek Week, entitled the " Greek Affair " was a tremendous success as the Greeks extended a help- ing hand to the UCLA Prenursery School for Cerebral Palsy Victims by raising a total of $4731.17 in theWinterDrive. Other highlights of the " Greek Affair " included a house banner contest, IFC queen contest, all-star fraternity-dorm football game, the annual GreekOlym- pics, and the always popular Greek Classic Dance. Greek Week Sweepstakes honors went to Kappa Alpha Theta for sorori- ties and Theta Xi for fraternities. Terry Maas, Greek Week Chairman, pre- sented these awards and many others, at the Greek Classic Ball. Chris Robin- son of " Twelve O ' Clock High " crowned Miss Coleen Brown of Pi Beta Phi as the 1967 IFC Queen. l.ll A 60 All -Star Fraternity Foot- ball Team defeated the All-Star Dormies, 20-6. Theta Xi pulls ahead to win the Greek Olympics Chariot Race. Dieter Balke, Cerebral Palsy Poster Boy with Chris Robinson of " Twelve O ' Clock High " , Robin Collins of Kappa Alpha Theta, Barry Del Franco of Theta Xi, and Jim Black, Publicity Director for Cerebral Palsy. Visit Europe: a campus every quarter First created in 1961, by ac- tion of the Board of Regents, the Education Abroad Program has now developed fourteen study centers in eleven countries. This is a statewide University Pro- gram, administered on theSanta Barbara campus, and this year, among the three hundred and twenty-eight University of Cali- fornia students participating, seventy-nine were from UCLA. Centers are located in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, England, Scotland, Greece, Japan, Hong Kong, and Sweden. 63 Rising above it all I 64 - UCU CUBAN GUI : : Mft ; ..H ' i l T " Tamara begins International Week International Week ' 67 began at noon Monday in the SUGB with 1400 students watching Tamara teach head yell leader Eddie Anderson how to " do as a bellydancer does. " Tuesday saw an International Forum featuring booths by various campus political and special interest groups such as the Bruin YD ' s, the Baha ' i Club and Cross- roads Africa. Speakers during the For- um were Lloyd Hand, formerU.S. Chief of Protocol, and Robert Gibson, foreign editor of the LA Times. I Weekcontinued with a series of coffee hours, each dealing with a separate area of the world, an evening of foreign student films, and two days of travel infor- mation and foreign films during World of Travel. The week was concluded Fri- day night with a Latin American dance held at the International Student Cen- ter. A highlight of the evening was the filming of a segment of a German television special on UCLA. 67 ing ' CAAAP BOARD: First Row : Greg Gregory, Tom Coswell, Dean Duelke, Lois Schellman. Second Row: Dex McNamara, Earl Weitzman, Andy Cooper, Hali Dubin, Bev Goodman. Third Row: Jana Pantazelos, Bobbie Matsumoto, April Anson, Judy Busch, Ron Javor, Stephana Roth, Laurie Harris. Fourth Row: Gale Barsamian, Rock Lytton, Claire Wood- son, Judy Carr, Mark Malter, Jack Pivko. Woodsey invaded the Campus the week of April 10-14 bring- ing with it some of the spirit of UniCamp. While ostensibly the purpose was to raise money to send some 800 hundred blind, diabetic, and underprivileged children to camp this summer, some of the highlights of the Drive were aimed at showing that UniCamp is fun too. The campus was treated to a Mandatory Jug Band performance to kick off the week, and on Wednesday students were invited to sit in at Meyerhoff Park and join in the Camp Out. A model of sanitary excellence presided over the activities. Incidentally, close to $4,000 was raised through Classroom and Parking Lot collections, Biffy Button sales, Penny Lane, and Uni-Shine. camp ff MARDI GRAS f i Mardi Wras ' 67 transformed UCLA ' s athletic field into a color-filled clamorous and colossal carnival. The " World ' s Largest Collegiate Activity " ' was presented by over 5000 students on April 28 and 29. Mardi Gras cele- brated its twenty-sixth anniversary this year, and, as always, all proceeds were donated to UniCamp. Saturday afternoon brought Mardi Gras ' famed Kiddy Day with all games and attractions catering to the younger set. Friday and Saturday evenings were dominated by Mardi Gras ' carnival atmosphere. A special concert was presented Saturday night featuring the Lively Set, Tim Morgan and the world premiere of the Ballroom. While the overriding influence of Mardi Gras was to earn money for UniCamp, campus organizations competed fiercely for the twenty trophies awarded to the best attractions. Food booths, carnival games, wierd and wild entertainment entries and the mask contest provided a profitable and memor- able weekend. I Sweatiest dance of the season It was greasy. It was groovy. It was up-tight and quite clean out of sight. Never outdone in purpose or perversion, the Kelps succesfully alienated and entertained a sweat pocket of over three thousand punched, popped and pot- ted IBM cards at UCLA ' s version, subversion, of a senior prom. " Mr. Uncon- trolable, " Little Richard, stormed, screamed and finally smiled igniting a soulful fire that burned, indeed charred, the very pulsating walls. The " joint " did not cease to rock. It was a " colorful " crowd and planned passion was the name of the game. The evening pitched and bumped toward an excit- ing climax that was enjoyed by all. A short pause for heavy breath- ing, and then a final rise in action seduced an en- raptured audience. With arm-pits " leaking " individ- uals fled the scene and a subtle grin revealed all. VJ ' ' His Imperial Majesty Haile Selas- sie I, Elect of God, Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah, King of Kings, 225th Emperor of Ethiopia, de- livered the Charter Day address commemorating the 99th anniver- sary of the founding of the Uni- versity. With pomp and ceremony befitting the reception of the Em- peror, UCLA faculty, deans, and regents, dressed in full academic robes, joined the colorful proces- sion into Pauley Pavilion. Selassie received a standing ovation from the 10,000 persons present as he stepped to the pod- ium to deliver his address, first in Amharic then translated into Eng- lish. The Emperor congratulated the University on its interest in developing societies in Africa. UCLA has a number of connec- tions with the African country of Ethiopia, including a cooperative program between the UCLA Law School and that of Haile Selassie I University to strengthen the law faculty there. UCLA has trained 906 Peace Corps volunteers for Ethiopian service, primarily as secondary school teachers, and a number of Ethiopian students have come to UCLA for undergraduate or graduate work. Haile Selassie speaks at Charter Day 75 II! ni Spring freeze- sing UCLA ' s Spring Sing celebrated its twenty-first birthday at the glamorous Hollywood Bowl, with the contempo- rary theme of " Turn On, Tune In, Sing Out. " Eighteen groups vied for top honors in chorus, instrumental, novelty and oddball divisions. It was a star-filled night where col- legiate talent shone alongside top per- sonalities from Hollywood ' s musical entertainment world. Dedicated to William C. Ackerman, retiring Executive Director of UCLA ' s Associated Students, the Sing donated its proceeds to student scholarships. And finally graduation fil 4 78 Laurel Yoder Kappa Alpha Theta SOUTHERN CAMPUS QUEEN This year we were lucky to have Mr. Rafer Johnson as our final judge. Rafer is a past UCLA Student Body President, and outstand- ing athlete. The former U.S., Olympic, and World record holder in the decathalon is presently working as a sportscaster and re- porter for KNBC News, plus many community projects. We would like to thank Rafer as well as Dean Hartsock, Lt. Keatley, and Dan Gold- man for making the contest a success. 82 Sheri McCloud Colleen Brown Delta Delta Delta Pi Beta Phi Nancy Norton Delta Gamma sponsored by Theta Delta Chi Robin Collins Kappa Alpha Theta Dee Dee Anderson Theta Delta Chi 84 Susan Manske Zeta Beta Tau Sandra Hunt Homecoming Queen Marsha McGaugh Lambda Chi Alpha Jan Fox Sweetheart of Sigma Chi Linda Tip ton Sigma Nu 86 , Colleen Brown IFC Queen Margie Dougherty Delta Sigma Phi Herb Smith, Building Superintendent Clint Elliott, Food Services Manager Don Sawyer, Student Union Manager Ralph Still well, Student Store Manager Frances Hostetter, Ticket Office Manager Stan Reel, Purchasing Agent ASUCLA Dale Spickler, Program Manager William Ackerman, Executive Director Kay Koffman, Publicist and Deanna Nordquist, Program Supervisor Harry Morris, Director of Publications Stan Troutman, Manager of Photography - jUtf M n Larry Hibgy Administrative Vice President Linda LeFevre First Vice President Bob Mich It was bfSWi o year not only lem, bm sures crucial (if Besides missal, 1 tion sent ment to valiant l ( Michaels; spo-j ' : . " fltionol | SIC co Bob Michaels - ASUCLA President It was an eventful year for Student Government a year which ushered in not only the quarter sys- tem, but political pres- sures which demanded crucial decisions from SLC. Besides Clark Kerr ' s dis- missal, the threat of tui- tion sent student govern- ment to battle under the valiant leadership of Bob Michaels; quick and re- sponsible action received national publicity. SLC continued to cater to the UCLA students ' vast range of interests: an ex- cellent speakers program, Washington Intern- ship, Student Relations Board, Convocation of Undergraduate Education were all designed with the student in mind, as well as SLC support for Stop Days, extended library hours and the usual rah rah activities. ' Twos an expensive but very successful year for SLC. 93 STUDENT LEGISLATIVE COUNCIL De: Gary Rowse Educational Policy Comm. April Anson General Representative Larry Kramer Student Facilities Comm. Nardy Samuels General Representative Dean Loomos Student Welfare Comm. Leonard linger NSA Representative Richard Gross Campus Events Comm. Dwight Smith - General Representative 95 Lisa Victor Cultural Affairs Comm. Larry Kramer BOARD OF GOVERNORS Janis Irvine The Board of Gover- nors, operating under a new constitution and by- laws, served another year as the policy making body for the Student Union. B.O.G. members under- took such projects as Wel- come Week ' s sponsorship, departmental exhibits, dis- plays of student art, con- tinuance of the book dis- count, expansion of the student center facilities, installation of a coffee house . . . and headed special committees, con- cerning space allocation, recreational facilities and maintenance, bookstore - student store and food services. William Ackerman Doug Neilsson .1 Finance Committee is the screening body for all financial matters and monies expended by the Student Legislative Coun- cil. With a spice of wit tempered by a concern for serious business, Fl- COM plays an important roll in establishing finan- cial policies for the many organizations which re- quest funds. FINANCE COMMITTEE 1 i uue DeanVuelke U b Notable achievements of the Asso- ciated Women Students 1966-1967 have been a new constitution, publi- cation of an AWS booklet, and the announcement of the AWS Women of the Month. Replacing the annual Women ' s Week was a series of events co-sponsored by AWS and individual women ' s organizations Spurs, Faculty Women ' s Tea, Mortar Board, Seminars on Marriage, Bruinettes Powder Puff Derby with USC, and Fashion Board ' s Valentine Show. Led by President Judy Leslie, the year was climaxed by the Women ' s Recognition Banquet in May, where new members were tapped for or- ganizations and girls received special merits, the Associated Women Stu- dents deemed their 1966-67 a " Swing- ing Success. " Judy Leslie, President Presidents ' Board comprised of all the presidents of all the women ' s organizations on campus. EXECUTIVE BOARD: FIRST ROW: Margie Lewis, Vice president; Judy Leslie, President; Linda Pagliuso, Fashion Board Chairman. SECOND ROW: Linda Kramer, Publicist; Anita Ares, Secretary. NOT PICTURED: Laurie Harris, Special Events Chairman. i :: : |M :: : : -. F AWS 100 - I Via president T herd Gain. Student Relations Board is designed to serve as a liaison for students be- tween the faculty and ad- ministration. It deals with problems that affect UC- LA ' s students and tries to solve them. It also initiates programs which help stu- dents, e.g. coffee-house for discussions, buffet luncheons for varied eat- ing facilities and forums for open discussion. It is composed of repre- sentatives from dorms, fraternities, sororities and commuters. STUDENT RELATIONS BOARD FRESHMAN ACTIVITY COUNCIL FIRST ROW: Debby Schild, Margaret Scott, Richard Marks, Nanci Shapiro, Jan Boyden. SECOND ROW: Joe Hilberman, Linda Meese, Patty Pollak, Holly Cole. THIRD ROW: Nina Namouli, John Davis, Rich Gross, Glenn Leichman, Paul Galan, Marlene Braverman, Sharon Krevitz, Henry Lew. Harry Gunther (co-chairman), Laurie Harris (co-chairman), Sue Goldman, Don Wyman, Rosalee Sass. Not Present: Lainie Kosslyn. UNI-PREP ACADEMIC RESEARCH COUNCIL FIRST ROW: Janet Oliver, Jean Pavone, Ronnie Cook, Sharon Johnson, Jean Asell. SECOND ROW: Jim Goodman, Mike Smooke, Len Linger, Perry Oretsky, Gary Rowse (chairman), Marv Cohen, Jim Anas, Jerry Liboff. 1 V, 7 Av (- Susan Goldman, Laurie Harris, Richard Marks, Steve Feldman, Richard Gross, Harry Gun- ther, Joanne Schwartz, Mike Bergman, Hank Adler, Larry Weise. CAMPUS EVENTS COMMISSION MONTE CARLO NITE FIRST ROW: Kathy Keane, Linda Kramer, Glenn Leichman (chairman), Terry Robinson, Sue Goldman. SECOND ROW: Neal Millard, Sol Weisal, Joe Feldman, Bill Pennington. Not Present: Steve Feldman, Pam Kent. ii 11 FIRST ROW: Robyn Mickey, Sandy Glauser, Diane Adler, Hank Adler (co-chairman), Mike Bergman (co-chairman), Jackie Weiner, Marsha Noskin. SECOND ROW: Earle Goodman, Joe Van Sickle, Vere Micic, Larry Stuppy, Val Oleon, Dave Burgess, Jay Kenoff, Jan Berk- ness, Stu Rutkin, Sue Goldman, Roy Amerine. MARDI GRAS HOMECOMING FIRST ROW: Lainie Kosslyn, Ellen Unell, Larry Weise (chairman), Stevi Mitchell, Kathy Marvin. SECOND ROW: Jim Whitsett, Deanna Nordquist, Chris Wood, Joy Goldfarb, Steve Feldman, Craig Miller, Sandy Shapiro, Steve Raines, Rosalee Sass, Ron Baker. FIRST ROW: Ellen Unell, Ronni Weiner, Jim Whitsett, Steve Feldman (chairman), Shari Butler, Rosalee Sass. SECOND ROW: Joanne Reich, Kathy Keane, Ginny Stahl, JoAnne Schwartz, Sharon Krevitz, Sandy Shapiro, Glenn Leichman. THIRD ROW: Steve Arditti, Richard Gross, Bob Feldman, Bill Pennington. Not Present: Debby Olds, Samuel Tenen- baum, Ken Zatlin, Bill Asbury. SPRING SING INTERNATIONAL WEEK FIRST ROW: Glenn Leichman, Steve Feldman, Bob Azoff, Bob Friedman. SECOND ROW: Susan Park, Chairman of International Week; Diane Danehy, Susan Goldman, Chairman of World of Travel; Mary Beth Powers, Patty Pollack, Kathy Keane, Jackie Winer, Kathy Kaplan, Laura Newman. ALUMNI ASSOCIATION A major goal of the UCLA Alumni Association this year has been to establish or reacti- vate at least fifty alumni clubs throughout the nation and abroad. One of the most suc- cessful programs bringing in new alumni interest has been a series of regional conferences designed to present a part of " UCLA Today " to thousands of alumni living in communities geographically removed from the Westwood campus. Such a conference was held in San Francisco in December, as stu- dent leaders, administrative officers, and eminent UCLA scholars traveled north to pre- sent a new view of UCLA to Alumni in the Bay Area. UNI-CAMP " It ' s a rough ten days. When those busses come rumbling down the road you realize that you ' re just as scared of those kids as they are of you. You wonder what they will be like, and you worry about whether you ' ll be able to do anything for them. You find out pretty soon that all of the kids have problems, and you begin to feel that ten days just isn ' t enough time to do anything for them. But you know you have to try. And one day thai kid who ' s always fight- ing and saying he hates Uni- Camp, comes running to you to fell you that he ' s learned to float; and after that he doesn ' t fight as much as he did before. You know that probably won ' t last long, but the one thing you can count on is that the genuine concern that you and the other counselors have shown for him is going to help him. Just know- ing that someone cares about him is going to give him some incentive. So you try and you have to because you really can make a difference with these kids. When they leave you, you know some of the kids will be swallowed up again by the city, the poverty, the bare-knuckle society, but none of them will ever forget their ten days at Uni-Camp and some of them will write you letters as soon as they get home. " ' ; I- IT Wf z 4 9sr ' . f..- iR ' - Join Tutorial Project and get involved! Find out what ' s happening beyond the ivy covered walls cf Westwood. This was the new tone and emphasis of the UCLA Tutorial Project this year, and with the new stress came an expanded variety of programs within the Project. For example, there was a community and parent involvement emphasis in the Venice area program; and UCLA tutors were working in community centers and tutees ' homes in Watts. In Culver City, grammar school students were tutored in classrooms after school hours. Tutorial Project is a completely student-run organiza- tion with over 500 tutors from all major fields including graduates, undergraduates, and employees working with students of all ages. The Project is run by a staff of about twenty student coordinators and administrators who have seen the Project grow from a group of fifty tutors in 1963 to its present status as the largest student organization on campus. 112 ma QwM lhab tfo tuMal .- } " il TUTORIAL PROJECT 113 PROJECT INDIA One individual man was transferred from the familiar to the frightening. Yet, this journey of ex- changing moods seems the road man must always travel. The succulent fruit is only attainable through the cold wind of growth. India is a laughing and a crying, all which equal me. ... As quiet all around, amid the deadened shouts; man calls out . . . I ' m here. The city of oranges and movie stars was left for the world of elephants and snake-charmers, or that is what I was told. The miracle of Kitty Hawk did shift the man before the man could shift himself. As our silhouette did circle, I stirred uneasily in my seat and many thoughts rushed the dam of under- standing. Only hope may exist that they would be carried back by the current of life for future thirst. India was pleading with my soul to gain admittance. Here I stood as the child with eyes first time opened to breathing of another world. I set it as simplistic view, a black and white departure. And so I showed my ignorance. Man I knew to be a shading of the spectrum but thought his world a world apart. Reality appears a blinded haze. India is the fine wine of ages, a wine that needs to be rolled slowly over the tongue; an elixer sipped through understanding and allowed to flow ever trembling down a channel of concern. Resignation comes early to lands, where hope comes not; with India, futility too often is the pass- word. A child, alone, escapes the shrinking growth of adulthood . . . maturity is a swollen belly ' s feed- ing of itself. Hunger and begging employ a parallel 114 I scale. Pain is here the common place, tendered by joy, the barren isle, in a grey tear sea. A mother feels the child within her grow and feeds it the strength of her breast so he may wobble long enough to search the gutter. Brave of heart to cry, and so with this heart to live. With India, my world reversed. The cow I saw for milking was shifted to a god. The man I saw as begging bum was shifted to a priest. My clothes and food I ate, an American society stamp, soon lost to stars of greater height. I went to India be- cause I loved too much that which was behind. Soon I ' d leave this India, this different beat of life. Rice paddies and saris would be replaced by tract homes and Diors. Had I ever been here or merely passing through? Was it just another sum- mer or a glaring stage of life? Did I ever touch or only stand and watch? Were these really people or a page of someones ' book? How would I sing of India? What was this India to me? My old familiar bed seemed alien to me. The lights that shined so brightly, had settled to a dim. What strange land. I found myself within. Was I here, or had I gone? Beside the door there laid an application for Project India. It was a message from the past. My mind was clouded by the thought of browning grass. A fading spring was left for me to clasp. But, India was never lost in the parting of a sun. It moves by night and breathes with me. I will never let it die. Come inside my India my new found land. Taste a slice of life. A | wiesblott FIRST ROW: All Erdynast, Al Wiesblott, Sue Eckerman, Sen. Murphy, Mary Bill, Sen. Kuchel, DeDe Boyack, Bill Hessel. SECOND ROW: Craig Cunningham, Vince Benson, Carol Imura, Ann VandeWater, Tom Anderson, Lisa Victor, Rob Kay, Arnie Kassoy, Dan Mosher. I ., ---; E , 8 PROJECT AMIGOS 116 ' , . r t The project was born during Thanksgiving 1963 when 30 students transformed a shack into a literacy school in Tijuana. Since that initial project, Amigos has been a dynamic and expanding group. It does not seek to bring general joy and sunshine to the Sin City, but tries to promote human understanding and friendship between Americans y nuestros ami- gos al sur. To promote this understanding, Amigos offers several programs involving a main construc- tion project in Mexico where Mexicans and Ameri- cans join forces on a mutual goal, such as a school for the deaf; offers a speakers program featuring Latin American interests and problems; has a tutorial project with deaf children; and has an exchange program designed to bring our Mexican friends, especially students, to visit America where people can ' t hide behind their sunglasses. It is an oppor- tunity to find out a little of others, of what they think and are. It is an opportunity to find out a little about yourself . . . 17 COMMUNICATIONS BOARD M 1 . Steve Lovas 2. Dennis Antenore 3. Chris Emerson 4. Rick Cooper 5. Dwight Smith 6. Diane Adler 7. Harry Morris 8. Maxwell McCombs 9. Dick Haiman 10. Bob Michaels 1 1. Jesse Tarwater 1 2. Susan Atwater EdiloriillM Sport Eft NmBfcf CwHfcr CampuUhf SptttriBte Iniro MM A wit Oft HM - AsmialiNmllk- Copy Sport Mn i Neil Reichline Editor-in-Chief Neil Reichline, Editor-in-chief Managing Editor Brian Weiss City Editor Allan Mann Editorial Directors Howard Clyman, Mayer Resnick Sports Editor Larry Rubin News Editor Stephana Roth Copy Editor Donna Grace Campus Editor Judi Bronstein Spectra Editor Mike Rogozen Intro Editor Digby Diehl Associate City Editors Roz Davis, Larry May, Pam Sellers Associate News Editor Judy Fisher Copy Readers Ruth Chao, Tina Nides, Debbie Stark, Allison Yates Sports Writers Phil Miller, Shelley Presser, Steve Raines Assistant Campus Editor Sue Redstone Senior Staff Writers Suzanne Bellany, Judy Dawson, Mark Goodman, Ann Hasegawa, Joe Kornwasser, Buff McDannel, John Parker, Carol Phillips, Evelyn Renold, Diana Selk, Lynn Walters, Neal White EDITORIAL BOARD 19 DAILY BRUIN ! 120 Allan Mann City Editor Brian Weiss Managing Editor Howard Clyman Editorial Director Larry Rubin Sports Editor mm r . fe jr : 7, nil Mark Hoffman, Art Editor FRONT: Larry Grobel, Editor; Mike Kerley, Associate Editor. BACK: Mike Abbey; Gary Rowse, Contributor; Bart Sokolow, Photographer; Elliot Hessayon, Cartoonist; Ellen Shapiro, Assistant Art Editor; Marsha Ross, Problem Child. Al Weisblott, Business Manager Larry Grobel, Editor Mike Kerley, Associate Editor MONOLOGUE OF A SATYR EDITOR LOSING HIS MIND Well figuratively, anyway. I ' d like to fancy up these two pages with a whole bunch of fun- nies that would be uncommon in a yearbook but then again I ' d like to do a lot of things. The point is, here I am, DEADLINE staring me in the goddamn face, expected to rattle off some words in a different tone than the opening es- say, if any of you happened to read it. Well, over here on this page, the world hasn ' t ended; but, one particular world has: my own little World of Satyr. Mike Kerley, our assitant edi- tor for the past two years is now serving time in a governmental prison (The U.S. Army, ta da!). Mark Hoffmann, our zoologist art editor is still alive and doing well in Argentina; and, if I can persuade him, maybe he ' ll try his illit- erate hand at editing Satyr next year. Which is to say, chitlin ' s, that this editor has decided that after two years it ' s time to either volun- tarily surrender my mind to science or to leave this magazine and try my hand at the real world (Whatever the hell that means.) Actually, Satyr is really a reflection of the world around us, seen through a couple of warped eyes; eyes like Gary Rowse, whoud would be ok except for his insane political beliefs (he likes to think he ' s in the middle of the road; but the rest of the staff has more correctly labeled that road Destruction); and Elliot Hessayon, whose great space-filling cartooned essays nobody has yet been able to figure out; and Tony Auth who has made 4Q not just a figure of speech but a way of life; and Bob Cherry and his crazy friend Azdair who have fantastic cartoonable minds and will, one day, go far in the outside world once released from NPI where they are being studied for the balloons over their heads; and Jon Kellerman and Bob Elias who have a Christ fixation and are definitely hostile behind their cute, cherubic faces; and good old Ted Raess who will one day be a famous cartoonist if he ever gets off his ass; and Bart Sokolow who keeps his camera ready but never mana- ges to snap the right picture (but we love you anyway Bart, for your poems); and our girl-in- waiting, Ellen Shapiro, who came in one day with a life size drawing of herself nude sliding down this goddamn pole which she casually proceeded to paste on the wall and which all the rest of us refuse to look at out of embar- rassment; and the others like swell-headed Weisblott who would make a much prettier girl; Marsha who is either going up or coming down (the elevator, she likes taking trips); and Diana, who spends five hours thinking of what not to do the sixth. And then there ' s me; and at that I exit. " river run, past Eve and Adam ' s from swerve of shore to bend . KLA EXECUTIVE STAFF: Program Director-Robert Scroggin, General Manager-Bill Bauer, News Director Vin D ' Bona, Absent Chief Engineer Glenn Winters. KLA D.J. ' s: Larry Boxer, Pete Scolney, John Besnard, Mike Hagler, J. Walter Crane KLA EXECUTIVE STAFF: Program Director-Robert Scroggin, General Manager-Bill Bauer, News Director- Vin D ' Bona, Absent Chief Engineer- Glenn Winters. KLA D.J. ' s: Larry Boxer, Pete Scolney, John Besnard, Mike Hagler, J. Walter Crane. H Ui K , sports WATER POLO Row One: assistant coach " Buzz " Thayer, Ken Smith, Bob Teele, Jay Campbell, Roger Siegel, Garrett Wittkopp, Tim Cannis, head coach Bob Horn. Row Two: Stan Cole, Tyke Morris, Torreey Webb, Rody Davis, Dave Follette. Row Three: Jim Delacy, Russell Webb, Bruce Brad- ley, Jim Slatton, Steve Mandell. Led by co-captains Stan Cole and Russ Webb, the two leading scorers, coach Bob Horn ' s water polo team captured their second straight " mythical national cham- pionship, " third consecutive AAWU title, and extended their winning streak to 33 over a three year span. Four Bruins were named to the All-American and All-Cal Tourna- ment teams: Cole, Russ and brother Tor- reey Webb, and goalie Jim Slatton. Ingoing 15-0 this year, the aquamen were involved in only two close matches. Against Stan- ford, Cole ' s seven goals, including one with five seconds to play, provided the Bruins with a 9-8 win. In the last contest of the year, USC made a run at the Uclans, but four goals by Cole and three by Torreey Webb gave the Bruins a 8-7 victory. Three Bruins, Cole, Torreey Webb, and Slatton were named to the AII-AAWU team, while Russ Webb made the second team and Bruce Bradley and Ken Smith were named as Honorable Mention. The other starter on Horn ' s " magnificent seven, " Jay Cambell, was the only senior on the first string. CROSS COUNTRY Bob Goodson, Kurt Klein, Rick Romero, Kevin Goff, Bob Branch, Vic Krohn, Arnd Kruger After having his forces depleted via the graduation and injury route, cross country coach Jim Bush predicted that the Bruin harriers would be lucky to win even one meet. But Rick Romero developed into the mainstay of the squad and led them to a 5-1 season record, the only loss being a 27-28 decision to DSC. Bush ' s Bruins twice beat the best team that UC Berkeley had ever had and did the same to a fine group of Stanford runners. The fifth win came over the Air Force Academy. Besides Romero, the harriers were supported by Kurt Klein, Bob Goodson, Bob Branch, Arnd Kruger and Kevin Goff. The harriers decided to bypass the West Coast Championships in Stanford in favor of the AAU Nationals where Romero placed 26th in a field of about 200. Three of the Bruins top six will return next year, although Klein, Goodsonand Kru- ger will be graduated from the Southland school. 134 I ' ll take care of those Stanford runners 135 SOCCER 136 Although handicapped by injuries, soc- cer coach Jock Stewart came through with his usual winning formula. Al- though a coach with a 17 win, three loss, and two tie record has few prob- lems, Stewart had a very unique one his team consisted of players from 14 different countries. The high scorer on the team, who is also a member of the Pan American games team and the Olympic team was Tony Pierslin. On loan from Jim Bush ' s track squad, Bernard Okoye was the number two goal-getter. Also starringfortheBruins were Alehlou Hadjie, an alternate on the Olympic team, and Theose Ara- vanis. Saying that it ' s hard to learn the names of some of Stewart ' s players is an understatement, and the coach ' s solution was to change players ' names to ones that he could pronounce in his British accent. The major highlight of the season was the Uclans 6-2 victory over the Olympic team. FOOTBALL Mel Fair was " all every- thing " this year, from the " Most Valuable Player " on the Bruins to the first team halfback on the " All-Ameri- can " squads. Farr gained 809 yards during the season, averaging 5.87 yards a try. He also was tied for the team lead for td ' s with 10, and grabbed 12 passes for 225 additional yards. Since taking over the helm at Westwood two years ago, Tommy Prothro has steered the Bruins to 17 wins and a tie while being run aground only three times. The Uclans also captured their first vic- tory in the Rose Bowl and de- feated cross-town rival DSC each year. )TBALL the -? : -- FRONT ROW: Tony Kopay, John Jardine, Ron Siegrist, Bob McKittrick BACK ROW: John Cooper, Pepper Rodgers, Tommy Prothro, Lew Stueck, Jerry Long Trainer Ducky Drake managed to keep the team together during the season. " ' The largest frosh squad in recent years (52 mem- bers) sandwiched a 36-15 win over the Stanford Papooses around 6-21 and 0-21 losses to the Cal Cubs and USC Trobabes. Leading coach Tony Ko- pay ' s Brubabes were Bill Bolden and Galen Pavelko, who shared the signal-calling chores. Rounding out the backfield were Greg Jones, who netted 1 36 yards and George Farmer, on the receiving end of four passes for 131 yards. Leading the de- fensive unit were Kent Roberts, Tim Osterling, Lee McElroy, Gordon Bosserman and Wayne King. Rick Gallagher, handling the punting assignment, proved to be a welcome addition to the scrubs, averaging over 40 yards per try. .! UCLA ,6 First Row: Ed Hutt, Steve Durbin, Erwin Dutcher, John Richardson, Terry Donahue, Rich Deckers, Dallas Grider, Dick Donald, Mel Farr, Tom Ware, Cornell Champion, Mike Roof. Second Row: Rick Paul, Alan Claman, Steve Stanley, Kurt Zimmerman, Norman Dow, John Erquiaga, Andy Herrera, Sandy Green, Wade Pearson, Vic Lepisto, Harold Busby, Larry Cox, Mike McCaffrey. Third Row: Tory Matheson, Dennis Murphy, Rich Spindler, Rick Purdy, Mike Bergdahl, Dennis McAdams, John Champlin, Gary Holmes, Larry Agajanian, Steve Bern, EAM I 1 J u J - Pnce Mark Gustafson, Larry Slagle, Don Manning. Fourth Row Mike Arnold Chuck Ferrero, Tim McAteer, Dave Nuttall, Bob Heckman Gary Bernstein, Bob Biggs, Jim Damron, Ken Bajema, Jim Sayre ' Doug Bagby, Gary Smith, Tom Heustis, Gary Beban. Fifth Row Bob Lark,n, K,m Rmgwald, Tom Roggero, Mickey Gordon, Dan Johnston PaT,l M n Tu ' D J SchmitZ ' R n Tretter ' Tod Friend - PotO ' Neil Paul Mayf,eld, Rod Ludington, Hal Griffin, Jim Softer. Wayne Kline Terry Pearson, Mickey Erlich. Mel Forr (with ball) picks up a first down by going over the Panther defense - End Dave Nuttall (89) eludes the Pitt secondary before grabbing an aerial strike jyfc Defensive tackle Alan Claman gets through the Panther line en route to bringing down the ball-carrier UCLA ' s Cinderella Rose Bowl Champions opened their 1966 season looking as though they were in- tent upon returning to the New Year ' s classic by trouncing the University of Pittsburgh 57-14 in the Coliseum. With its quarterback-half back punch of Gary Beban and Mel Farr (the famous half of the " dream backfield " ) accounting for over half (263 of 466) of the team ' s total yardage, the Bruins quickly left little doubt as to the eventual outcome of the game. They marched 64 yards after the open- ing kickoff for the first of their eight touchdowns. Running and passing behind good blocking by the lve ' ine, lor On Hie scorj x ing the bep m , reserves : Cutting in between two Panther defensemen, end Harold Busby (84) snares a quick pass for a first down Kurt Zimmerman connects on one of eight conversions he made against Pitt; Norm Dow holds the ball in place : the offensive line, Tommy Prothro ' s machine put 29 points on the Scoreboard in the first half while the defense held Pitt scoreless. By the time the Panthers finally scored, the first-line Bruin defense was watch- ing the reserves work. Although the game didn ' t keep many UCLA fans tense, there were a few note- worthy happenings. Mel Farr tied a school record for td ' s rushing in a game by scoring three times, sophomores Rick Purdy and Harold Busby played key roles, and Norman Dow proved to be a " super sub " quarterback for Beban, leading the team to three scores. Andy Herrera (20) returns intercepted pass setting up a The Bruin machine journeyed to the University of Syracuse to play their road opener, and sloshed through the mud to a 31-12 win over the Orange- men. The success of the Bruins was in part due to their containment of Syracuse All-American halfback Floyd Little. The speedster was able to net only 18 yards in 12 carries with the pigskin. For the second week in a row, the Bruin first-line defense held the opposition scoreless while the offense was having a field day. But it was the defensive unit that gave the Bruins the break that led to their first td. During the second period, Mike Roof started things for the Uclons when he n the Orange 15 ?c Bebon scored and Before the Wf hod a 21-0 lead and circle in the On quick-opener up the middle, fullback Rick Purdy (with ball), picks up first down Mark Gustafson (26) cuts in front of Syracuse man to intercept pass H . Fw Hie second - ' IMMIM! lot gave I fair (MM.: ' K Uclans when he recovered a Syracuse fumble on the Orange 15 yard line. Five plays later, Gary Beban scored and the machine started to roll . . . Before the half had ended, the Bruins had mounted a 21-0 lead and they coasted into the winner ' s circle in the second half. Standing out among the many Bruin heroes was defensive halfback Andy Herrera, whose interception of a Syracuse pass set up the third Bruin tally. Sophomore Harold Busby also played a fine game, grabbing five passes for 121 yards, one of the catches setting up a UCLA score. Mell Farr (22) goes around end for gainer Head coach Tommy Prothro, always in the mood to lend a helping hand, makes sure the officials realize that the Bruins have scored The Bruins made it three wins in a row by defeating the ball up and down the field, butmanaged to sport highly ranked Missouri 24-15. In the firsthalfof play, only a 3-0 lead at the half, as Kurt Zimmerman split UCLA looked more like a marching band than the the uprights for a three pointer. But the offense highest scoring team in the nation. The Bruinsmoved started to click in the second half, withMel Farr scor- 148 With the Bruins providing excellent blocking, Mel Farr gets loose up the middle js ' - - . Behind blocker Alan Claman (62), Dallas Grider (55) re- turns intercepted pass close to paydirt Gary Beban (16) tries to shake off a pesky Tiger defenseman ing twice and Steve Stanley tallyingonce. All was not third down, 13 yard gallop up the middle. A dis- fun and games though, as the Tigers madea game of it in the fourth quarter by closing the gap to 17-15. With 1:34 remaining, Farr scored the clincher on a tressing note was that defensive co-captain Dallas Grider (offensive co-captain was Rich Deckers) sus- tained a knee injury and missed the second half. 149 It took a Kurt Zimmerman field goal in the last 1 1 seconds to give the Bruins a 27-24 win over the Rice Owls, but for a while it looked as though the Bruins would not be lucky. There was little worry in the first half, as the Owls ran off the field with a 10-8 lead. The Bruins were the highest scoring team in the country and UCLA fans were waiting for the second half push. Well, it was a little delayed in coming, but it came. With less than four minutes remaining in the game, and Rice leading 24-16, linebacker N H O M tf B in " t . Defensive back Sandy Green (with ball) is stopped after returning intercepted pass. Don Manning (50) helped lead the interference w. j in the ; . j ujnQ J ij Wade Pearson recovered an Owl fumble on the Rice 40. Three plays later, Gary Beban threw a 33-yard scoring strike to Harold Busby, who took the ball away from two Owl defenders. Rice still led by two, but Mel Farr ' s conversion run ended that. Follow- ing the kickoff, tackle Larry Agajanian pounced on another Owl fumble. Not gambling on a pass, the Bruins ran the ball to the one yard line with only 1 1 seconds. Zimmerman ' s field goal attempt was good, and the Uclans had their fourth win in a row. Ray Armstrong (43) returns a punt for long yardage before being stopped by an " Owler " Fullback Steve Stanley (with ball) gains some yardage on a trap play Mike Bergdahl (with ball) gains some yardage with Rick Paul (79) tne With Norm Dow keeping the pigskin in place, Kurt Zimmerman kicks the " automatic " extra point Gary Beban (16) finds halfback Cornell Champion (25) in the open UCLA ' s powerhouse reduced the Nittany Lions of Penn State to purring kittens in the Coliseum, as the Uclans rolled to their fifth straight win 49-11. The Bruin offense got a real workout, as it ran up 533 total yards in the seven touchdown affair. Gary Beban and Mel Farr led the attack, as Beban carried the ball 1 1 times for 48 yards and hit on eight of 13 passes for 132 yards, while Farr lugged the pigskin 9 1 yards on 1 1 chances. Each also scored a pair of touchdowns. The Bruins ran almost Mel Farr (22) dives for the first down The Bruins give it the old offensive charge as Gary Beban (16) readies to hand the pigskin off at will, behind excellent blocking by the offensive line, as eight Uclans averaged four yards or better carrying the ball. Sophomores Mike Bergdahl and Rick Purdy turned in fine performances running with the pigskin. After taking the reins from Beban, " su- persub " quarterback Norman Dow led the team to the final three scores. The game was marked by fierce blocking and tackling, as Beban and defensive stars Alan Claman, Vic Lepisto, and John Richardson accumulated some bumps and bruises. w Cornell Champion (25) side-steps Bear defender en route to big gainer Bruins set up blocking for Don Manning (center) on interception return After five " no count " contests, the Bruins finally opened their conference season, by defeating the California Golden Bears 28 - 15. Mel Farronce again played a key role, notching two touchdowns, one on a spectacular run in which he broke through three Bear tacklers, and one on a short pass from quarter- back Gary Beban. Finding the going very tough against a keyed up Bear defense, Ray Armstrong set up the Bruins ' first score by returning a punt deep into Cal territory. UCLA had to work for its points as the Golden Ones ran off many more (74-58) plays than did their Los Angeles counter- J fe nsiy e role Center Paul Mayfiedl (57) blocks out Cal lineman on trap play Ed Hutt (41) helps bring down Cal back Gary Beban (16) tries to find some way around the " two big Bears EKIMi parts. But it was the defense that saved the game for the Bruin machine, which had come into the game as the most potent offensive unit in the coun- try. Sophomore Mark Gustafson, junior Don Man- ning, and senior John Richardson played the largest defensive roles for the Uclans. Gustafson intercepted two passes, (one when Cal had driven to the Bruin 10 yard line) and also recovered a Cal fumble on the UCLA two yard line. Manning intercepted a Bear pass and returned it 35 yards for a score that liter- ally broke the Bears ' back, and Richardson was a mammoth on the rush, being credited with 10 tackles. and then starts toward Bruin goal Don Manning intercepts Falcon aerial The Air Force Academy tried towing pastthe Bruins, but the Uclan marksmen shot the Falcons from the sky 38-13. Notching their seventhvictoryofthecam- paign, UCLA rolled up 404 yards total offense. It was the big half of the " dream backfield " that led the barrage, as Gary Beban hit on nine passes for 152 yards and a score and also ran for 24 more and two td ' s. Mel Farr picked up 1 19 yards on 15 carries and crossed the goal line once. Butittook the Bruins a full thirty minutes before theyfinally gotunwound, Sp r S slim |4.| |, Halfback Mike Bergdahl (46) gets behind Air Force defense to nab long gainer Air Force won ' t get Farr. Tod Friend (28) also gets into the burgulary business | 15 carries - ' sporting a slim 1 4-10 lead atthe halt. After Kurt Zim- merman kicked a 28-yard field goal for the Bruins near the start of the third period, there was just no stopping the Uclans. Helping the cause were four interceptions that the UCLA defense came up with, the most spectacular one being Sandy Green ' s, which he returned 71 yards to set up the second UCLA score. Don Manning, Andy Herrera, and Tod Friend registered the other interceptions. For the first time since 1 955, the Bruins won seven straight. A|uoai|j papjAOjd |Do6p|ai.j pouad |sj|.} s Diujaiuunz pa66oq jo6 sumjg aqj ' joajap D inoL iM saLuo6 uaAas jjn -p o }noi|j!M SDM V1DR I D H sjoaX OMJ jsji Jja LjOnoji 6u|o6 jajjy ' |so| poq sumjg ai)j isouup u|- awujsjjj aij4 SDM j| ' -91 saj )sn|_| am Aq -aujD6aLH ja o uouDjqapo ou SDM ajaijj |nq ' asua o ua|oaq aja A puo pnuj puo UJDJ 3) 035 aijj m uMOp o o JO pjooaj Vl n aLLJ !l-|| D UD as uoqag AJDQ Fullback Steve Stanley (38) picks up four yards on a first down play Gary Beban (16) skirts left end en route to his last touchdown of the season The Bruins got back on the winning road by beating Stanford 10-0 in the Coliseum, but the win cost them the services of quarterback Gary Beban, who broke his liight ankle. For the second straight week the Bruins were involved in a sloppy affair. It wasn ' t raining as in Washington, but both teams still had trouble holding on to the ball. Stanford fumbled nine times and the Bruins bobbled the ball on four occasions. UCLA set a conference record by recover- ing six of the Indian miscues. The only touchdown of offensive team and someof rhecoaches watch the defensive unit work for the shutout Erwin Dutcher (51), with Andy Herrera (20) lending a helping hand, brings down the Indian ball-carrier yftf a record : ' - 1 - the afternoon came in the first period, when Beban ran around left end for 24 yards. The other scoring was during the final stanza, when Kurt Zimmerman booted a 21-yard field goal to culminate a 60-yard drive led by Beban ' s substitute, Norman Dow. Mel Farr was the biggest offensive power for the Bruins, gaining 128 yards on 19 tries. A stout UCLA defense allowed the Indians only 114 yards rushing. Tim McAteer, with two pass interceptions and a fumble recovery, starred in the Bruin defensive secondary. O ti H ffi H B - .--,,. . a ' ' . ;- r. " " . . " - ' f4 " Super Sub " Norm Dow shows his talent in his last game at UCLA. Homecoming week ended perfectly at UCLA, as the Bruins defeated SC before 81,980 fans and a na- tional television audience. The win gave the Uclans a 9-1 record, their bestsince the 1954 season. Nor- man Dow became the man of the hour when, taking over for the injured Gary Beban, he guided the Bruins to a 14-7 win. After the teams battled to a scoreless tie in the first half, UCLA drove 42 yards in seven plays to take a 7 - lead early in the third period, as Dow swept around right end for the final five yards. On the first play of the second half, the Bruins sustained another injury, as line- backer Don Manning suffered a shoulder separation. The Trojans tied the score in the third period when rmeij 26 : Mark Gustafson puts the icing on the cake with a fourth quarter interception. Cornell Champion scores the second Bruin touchdown on a 25-yard sprint. r - SC fullback Mike Hull broke through the Bruin line for 57 yards to the one yard line. SC evened the count on the next play. The Bruins though, pulled it out in the final period, going 53 yards in seven plays. Two key plays highlighted the drive, as Dow squirmed 26 yards on a second down and 27 sit- uation, and Cornell Champion broke off tackle for 21 yards and the winning score. Leading the heroics for the Bruins was Mike Roof, who was named line- man of the game on the strength of eight tackles, including one of Trojan quarterback Troy Winslow for a six yard loss on the UCLA seven yard line, while Dow was just as spectacular on offense and was tabbed as back of the game. SKETBALL NCAA CHAMPS Kenny Heitz, Mike Warren, Don Saffer and Assistant Coach Jerry Norman. Dick Lynn, Lynn Shackelford and Gene Sutherland. " Ducky " Drake, Student Trainer Ted Henry, Joe Chrisman, Bill Sweek, Lucius Allen, Lew Alcindor, Jim Nielsen, Neville Saner and Coach John Wooden. ri k, 4) ucla 105 use 90 ucla 88 duke 54 ucla 107 duke 87 ucla 84 Colorado state 74 ucla 96 notre dame 67 ucla 100 Wisconsin 56 ucla 91 georgia tech 72 ucla 107 use 83 ucla 76 Washington state 67 ucla 83 Washington 68 ucla 96 California 78 ucla 116 Stanford 78 ucla 122 portland 56 ucla 119 santa Barbara 75 ucla 82 loyola 67 ucla 1 20 Illinois 82 ucla 40 use 35 ucla 76 Oregon state 44 ucla 1 00 Oregon 66 ucla 34 oregon 25 ucla 72 oregon state 50 ucla 71 Washington 43 ucla 100 Washington state 78 ucla 75 Stanford 47 ucla 103 California 66 ucla 83 use 55 ucla 109 Wyoming 60 ucla 80 pacific 64 ucla 73 houston 58 ucla 79 dayton 64 j. -. ' . -: , w. i L f V I Duke, last year ' s third place fin- isher in the NCAA Tournament, put three men on Lew Alcindor and held him to only 19 points. But with Mike Warren hitting for 26, Lucius Allen 19 and Lynn Shackelford 13, the Bruins ran the Blue Devils off the court. Trail- ing 9-6 after five minutes of play, UCLA reeled off ten straight points and the Blue Devils could never catch up. The following evening, the Bruins gained 52-34 halftime edge and were never in trouble after intermission. Alcindor dom- inated both ends of the court, scoring 38 points (including 18-22 from the field) and grabbed 22 rebounds. Shackelford had one of his best nights from the field, hitting on 10 of 13 shots and2-2 from the foul line for a season ' s high of 22 points, while Allen added 20 more. The Bruins double win avenged last year ' s twin loss to the Blue Devils when the Woodenmen had traveled East. During the Bruins ' 28-2 NCAA championship season of 1964, though, the Bruins defeated Duke in the NCAA finals. , 173 A 1 . the Bruins opened play during Christman vacation by beating both Colo- rado State and Notre Dame in Pauley. Against CSU, the Uclans faced their toughest early season game and they found the going rough under the boards against the heavier Rams. UCLA used its fast break effectively during the first half, and led by as many as 15 points before settling for a 41-34 halftime lead. The Rams made a run at UCLA in the second half, scoring eight points in a row to narrow the gap to 63-62, but Lew Alcindor scored eight quick points to put the game on ice. Against the Fighting Irish the following evening, the Bruins made the first six points on baskets by Kenny Heitz, Shackelford, and Mike Warren, and never relinquished the lead. Despite a poor team shooting percentage, Alcindor scored 25 and grabbed 14 rebounds while Allen made 21 points, Shackelford 14 and Warren 12. Bill Sweek led both teams with 16 rebounds. t k: UA ; -. v .fc - For the fifth time in a row, UCLA won the LA. Basketball Classic In the opener against Wisconsin, tight defense by the Bruins coupled with 30 per cent shooting by the Badgers enabled John Wooden ' s team to break the game open by half- time. Lew Alcindor led UCLA with 24 points and 16 rebounds while captain Mike Warren hit for 21, Lynn Shackel- ford got 14, and Gene Sutherland added a dozen. Jim Nielsen gave the Bruins some added board strength by grabbing 11 rebounds. In the semi- final, Georgia Tech gave the Uclans a battle for the first 1 1 minutes, trailing by only 23-26. But six points by Alcin- dor and four more by Shack helped the Bruins open a 47-34 halftime lead. The teams played almost even in the second half, with UCLA not trying to overwhelm the smaller Yellowjackets. Alcindor had 18 points and 24 re- bounds, Warren scored 17, Nielsen 16, Allen 14 and Shack hit for 13. In the finals, the Bruins scored the first 14 points against SC to crush any plans the Trojans may have had for their first championship in the co-hosted tour- ney. Alcindor was named Player-of- the-Tournament and both he and War- ren were unanimous choices for the All-Tourney team. it 1PC A r ' f With his 61 point effort (high in the NCAA this year), Lew Alcindor broke his own school single game scoring record, the AAWU mark and led the Bruins to a win which clinched their fifth Conference Championship in the past six years. Lew also added 24 rebounds to the Bruin cause, which remained in doubt until the last six minutes when Alcindor, with UCLA leading 7467, poured in 12 points in a minute and a half to break the game open. Sweek added 13 markers to the Uclan total while Mike Warren accounted for another dozen. The Bruins had previously played their first road game of the season against the Cougars in Pullman, Wa., where they faced one of their stiffest tests of the season. The game was close throughout, with the Cougars leading at one point in the second half. But the Bruins pulled it out of the fire in the l ast few minutes. Alcindor led the scoring with 28 points and also nabbed 12 rebounds. Lucius Allen had 15 points and 13 rebounds and Lynn Shackelford scored 11. m If you don ' t succeed at first, try, try again, " so the old saying goes. And although the Bruin football team ran into disaster against Washington, John Wooden ' s basketball squad took double revenge on the northerners. In extending their victory string to 10 in a row over the meeting, Lew Alcindor and Lynn Shackelford let the Bruins to a comfortable win. Lew scored 28 points and grabbed 14 rebounds and Shack netted 16 and pulled down nine rebounds. Also adding to the Uclan cause were Lucius Allen with 14 points, Mike Warren with 12 and Jim Niel- sen with eight and seven rebounds. When the Huskies tried to play " a little slower " than usual in Pauley, the Bruins ran them off the court. After opening up a 34-15 lead in the first half, mostly on the strength of Alcindor ' s 18 points, UCLA had no trouble the rest of the way. Al- cindor finished with 27 points and 18 rebounds while Warren chipped in with a dozen more. The Bruins, countering rough play underneath the boards and deadly outside shooting by the Cal backcourt with their own 60 per cent shooting, faced one of their stiffer tests in the MAC before breaking the game open with five minutes left in the second half. The Bruins and Bears al- most traded basket for basket in the first half, with UCLA taking a 4542 advantage. The second half was a repeat performance until Lew Alcindor, with UCLA leading 77-71, put in seven of the 1 1 straight points that the Bruins made to put the game out of reach. Alcindor ended up with 26 points while Lynn Shackelford had 21, Lucius Allen 18, Mike Warren 14 and Kenny Heitz 10. When the Bruins invaded the Bay Area however, they made short work of Cal, opening up a 50-25 halftime lead and then breezing to an easy victory. Alcindor topped the scoring again with 30 points while Warren had 16, Shack 15, Allen 13, and Donnie Saffer had 10. The Stanford Indians came down off the Farm on the warpath, but the Bruins were waiting and ambushed them mercilessly. The Injuns scored the first two points but UCLA hit for 15 of the next 17 to break the game open. At the 11 minute mark, the Bruins had a 40-14 lead, and found smooth sailing the rest of the way. Lew Alcindor and Lucius Allen made the Indians dizzy by scoring 37 and 24 points respectively. In addition, Alcindor hit on 16-19 from the field and five of six from the foul line. Mike Warren ended the game with 1 1 points and Jim Nielsen put in 10 more for the Bruins. On their sojourn up to the Stanford Barn, the Bruins sabotaged the Indian goal, stop- ping Stanford from scoring a field goal until more than 13 minutes had elapsed. By then The Bruins were long gone. Alcindor led UCLA with 20 points and 1 1 rebounds while Lynn Shackelford, Bill Sweek and Allen scored 10 each. The Bruins had their highest scoring weekend of the season and broke the school single game scoring record against Portland as Jim Nielsen scored at the final buzzer on a pass from Dick Lynn. UCLA scored the first ten points against the Pilob and it was never close, the Bruins taking a 59-27 halftime lead. Lew Alcindor was high man for the Bruins with 27 points while Mike Warren added 21, Lucius Allen had 17 and Bill Sweek and Lynn Shackelford had 12 each. The following night UCLA ran up its highest halftime score of the season, leading 66- 39 at intermission before mopping up in the second half. Allen had a season ' s high of 37 points as he hit on 17 of 25 from the field and 3-3 from the foul line. Kenny Heitz also scored a season ' s high with 23 points. Alcindor netted 34 points and grabbed off 23 rebounds while Shackelford scored 12 and had 10 rebounds. In their two games against the Ducks, the Bruins played run-and-gun once and wait-and-see the other time. In their Pauley encounter, Mike Warren ' s two steals and baskets within 13 seconds of one another gave the Bruins a quick 4-0 lead and UCLA was never behind. With the backcourt tandem of Warren and Lucius Allen leading the attack with 17 and 20 points, the Bruins had one of their best shooting nights of the season, hitting on 60 per cent of their shots. All five of the starters hit double figures as Kenny Heitz scored 10, Lynn Shackelford 12 and Lew Alcindor had 16 plus 15 rebounds. When UCLA traveled to Oregon, the Ducks tried to play keep-away and to combat the stall, John Wooden ' s team employed their own slow-down tac- tics, keeping the ball for as much as seven minutes at a stretch. Alcindor led the Bruins with a dozen points while Shack added eight. The Bruins " tripped " out and ended up in the worst bliz- zard that Chicago has ever had. It took them a while to get warmed up, partially due to their own ball control errors and Loyola ' s slow-down play, and consequently UCLA led by only 36-30 at the half, before pulling away in the second period. Against Illinois though, the Bruins rolled to a 62-28 halftime lead and then coasted home. The weather had no effect on Lew Alcindor, as he netted 35 points against Loyola and came back to score a Stadium record of 45 the following day. UCLA hit on 52 per cent of their shots for the two games and Lynn Shackelford scored 28 points, Mike Warren 26, Lucius Allen 21 and Kenny Heitz chipped in with 18. After losing a game and the conference championship to Oregon State last year, the Bruins came back this season to win two games in easy fashion from the Beavers. OSU tried to slow the game down each time, but deadly shooting by the Bruins broke their backs. In their Pauley encounter, UCLA hit on 59.6 per cent of their shots to run away from their nor- thern foes. Lucius Allen and Lew Alcindor led the Bruins with 22 points each while Bill Sweek came off the bench to hit six for six from the floor and finish with a dozen points. With Al- cindor ' s usual impressive performance, The Beavers had just as bad luck when the two teams met in Corvallis. Lynn Shackelford and Allen scored 15 and 13 points respectively to add to Big Lew ' s 28 in the Bruins ' easy victory. 185 STALLS It was three never-a-chance games and one almost for Southern Cal, as UCLA extended its winning steak over SC to 14 games by beating the Trojans in the first and last regular season games, in the finals of the L.A. Basket- ball Classic and in overtime at the Sports Arena. Lew Alcindor started his varsity career by breaking the school single game scoring record with a 56 point effort in the first game in addition to nabbing 21 rebounds. Mike War- ren and Lucius Allen added 17 and 14 points respectively while Allen and Neville Saner grabbed nine rebounds each. In the Classic, the Bruins scored the first 14 points and were never headed; six Bruins hit for double figures with Alcindor top man with 25 points while Lucius Allen had 22, Mike Warren 20, Lynn Shackelford 14, Jim Niel- sen 12 and Kenny Heitz 10. At the Sports Arena, SC used the " Great Stall " to near perfection before losing in over- time. With four minutes left in the game, and UCLA down 27-31, Warren hit a jumper and two minutes later, Allen tied the score with a pair of free throws. In the overtime, Bill Sweek ' s two steals and two baskets and Warren ' s two foul shots in the last minute put the game out of reach of SC. For the regular season finale, the Bruins cashed in on early SC errors and rolled to their 26th win in a row. frosh basketball It took coach Gary Cunningham more than a year to feel what it ' s like to be the losing coach in a game (last year ' s Lew Alcindor contingent was 21 -0), but he seemed to prefer the usual Bruin victory song, as his Brubabes, offer dropping two of their first three games, finished with a 16-2 record. Leading the Brubabes was center Steve Patterson, No. 35, who averaged 21.9 points per game and 20.2 rebounds a contest. The other four frosh starters averaged in double figures also, as Fred Gray hit for 15.8 p.p.g., while No. 54 George Farmer (who went on to complete his football to basketball to tr ack circuit) averaged 15.7, John Ecker 12.1 and No. 20 Lee Walauk 10.9. I y V .A f The road to the Bruins third National Championship in four years was one with only three or four bumpy places where the Uclans could have been de- railed from their 30-0 path. Their oppo- nents came in all shapes and forms, from minute Georgia Tech to medium sized USC and massive Houston. But out of it all came the most dominating college basketball team of all time. The Bruins rolled over their NCAA tournament op- ponents - Wyoming, Pacific, Houston and Dayton in mismatch fashion. Not only did UCLA have the best team, but also the best player, best supporting cast and best director in the land. Sophomore lew Alcindor was named Player-of-the- Year by every recognized poll, in addi- tion to being the Player-of-the-Tourna- ment in the Regional and Final NCAA playoffs. The Bruin backcourt tandem of captain Mike Warren and Lucius Allen were also named to both All-Tourney teams and coach John Wooden was hon- ored for the second time as Coach-of- the-Year. The Bruins wrapped up their 30th win in easy fashion, leading by more than 20 points at times and putting the lid on the season with the last point of the college basketball year, a free throw by Joe Chrisman. GYMNASTICS The UCLA gymnastics team finished their most successful season in the past eight years by winning the AAWU Championships. In addition, the Bruins captured the UCLA In- vitational Meet and compiled a 8-3 dual meet record. Coach Art Shur- lock ' s team madefourteen seasonal high scores at the AAWU Cham- pionships; they were led by Kanati Allen, a member of the 1 966 World Championship Team, who took first in the free exercise event, finished in a tie for second on the parallel bars, placed third on the high bar, tied for fourth on the long horse, tied for fifth on the rings and fin- ished third in the all-around. Co- captain Al Luber placed fifth on the high bar and the parallel bars and tied for fifth on the rings. The other Bruins that finished high in the Conference were: Mickey Chaplan, second on rings; Steve Lerner, se- cond on trampoline; Sandy Bassist, third in free exercise; Don Arthur, fourth on long horse; (Co-captain) Larry Wiese, fourth on side horse; and Chris Castner, fourth on tram- poline. The Bruins ' 187.60 score in the AAWU Championships was one of the top eight scores among NCAA schools. In the NCAA Championships, the Bruins placed second in theRegion- als and sixth in the finals. Allen led the Bruins by taking third in both the all-around and side horse FIRST ROW: Mickey Chaplan, Andy Koder, Sandy Bassist, Don Arthur, Larry Wiese, Andy Katz, Barry Field. SECOND ROW: Jeff Tabes, Jim Andrews, Wayne Marcus, Christ Castner, coach Art Shurlock, John Lindeke, Dave Kelly, Al Luber, Steve Lerner. Missing are Kanati Allen and Ken Sakoda, the manager. 190 WRESTLING Although taking second place in the AAWU cham- pionships, coach Dave Hollinger ' s matmen had a first class season, finishing with a 14-4-1 record. Three Bruins won national recognition: co-captain Lee Ehrler was named to the All-American second team in addition to winning his weight class in the AAWU championships, while the other co-captain Ralph Orr was picked as Honorable Mention, as was John Hahn, who compiled the best record on the team, 18-1-1. Both Orr and Hahn took second in the conference. Bob Buehler also won his division in the conference while Sergio Gonzalez and Doug Leigh-Taylor placed second and Curt Sachau and Gary White won third place honors. Armando Muniz also performed well for the Bruins, although he did not place in the championships. FIRST ROW: Joy Dess, John Honn, Sergio Gonzolez, Armondo Muniz, Sieve Alt. SECOND ROW: Cooch Dave Hollinger, Gary While, Bob Buehler, Ralph Orr, Lee Ehrler, Doug Leigh-Taylor, Kurt Sachau. The UCLA rugby team fought its way to one of its most successful seasons in 1967. The Bruin ruggers compiled a 22-12-1 overall record, and included in their credits victories over previously unbeatable Brigham Young and DSC, and first place in the early season La Canada Sevens Tournament. Major highlights of the season were games with Auckland University, Church College of Hawaii, and the University of British Columbia, in which the Bruins managed to come away with- out a win. The UCLA rugby coach was Dennis Storer who was formerly coach at USC, but finally saw the light. Storer installed a wide-open offense that made use of the quickness of the UCLA backs. The strategy produced a season average of over twenty points a game. Stars of the Varsity included kicker Tom San- dor, the team ' s leading scorer; John Gilpin, swift backfield ballcarrier; Lyle Timmerman, speedy defensive backfield man and Vic Lepisto and Terry Stewart, leaders of the forwards. RUGBY A ?LS S 3 8 -fl The Junior Varsity, playing against local college varsities, compiled a 4-3-1 record, good enough for fifth in the ten-team Southern California Rugby Union College League. Ron Andris and Fred Horn- beck captained the squad while Rick Cooper and Ron Hoffman were standouts. FIRST ROW: Scott Carter, Andy Banachowshi (captain), Greg Miller, Bob Becker, Mike Ryun, Stan Gordon. SECOND ROW: Aii ' t. coach Rudy Suwara, Pot Ryun, Don Strauss, Mike McCann, Chris Lee, John Korn- handler, Dave Schaeffer, coach Al Scates. VOLLEYBALL Under the guidance of coach Al Scates and assistant Rudy Suwara, the UCLA volleyball team was ranked as the number three squad in the land. With the season half over, the Bruins had collected a third and two second place finishes in AA play in addition to pick- ing up a first in A competition. The Bruins were led by two Ail-Americans, Ernie Suwara and Greg Mikler along with Mike Allio and Andy Banachow- ski. Othermembersofthesquad include Scott Carter, Bob Becker, George Con- key, Mike Ryan, Stan Gordon, Mike McCann, Chris Lee and John Shafer. ' Although they finished third in the conference this season, coach Bob Horn ' s swimming team (Buzz Thayer is ass ' t. coach) had a 10-2 dual meet record in addition to winning the All- Cal relays, breaking seven school records and eclipsing one AAWU and NCAA mark. Leading the Bruins were sophomores Mike Burton and Zac Zorn, both hopefuls for the Pan American and Olympic games. Burton broke the NCAA and AAWU record in the 1650 yard freestyle and also established school marks for the 500 yd. freestyle, 200 yd. butterfly and the 400 yd. individual medley. Zorn set the school standards in both the 50 and 100 yd. freestyle. Stan Cole broke the other record in the 100yd. butterfly. In the conference champion- ships, the Bruins took four firsts. The medley relay team of Zorn, Cole, Mike Berger and Russ Webb captured that event while Burton took the 200 yd. butterfly, Webb won the 100 yd. breaststroke and Jim Monahan tied for the first in the 100 yd. backstroke. In the NCAA Championships, the Bruins placed fifth, although the 400 yard medley relay team captured a first in American record breaking time and Mike Burton also set a new American record in the 1,650 yard freestyle. Zac Zorn was the only other Uclan to win an event, taking honors in the 50 yard freestyle. f. . FIRST ROW: Jerry Brainin. Paul Henne. Torreey Webb. Miles Chedekel. SECOND ROW: Mike Burton, Stan Cole, Char- lie Clark (co-capl.), Russ Webb (co apt.j, Don Thompson, Tom Murray. THIRD ROW: Bruce Bradley. Evan Evonsen, Jim Delacy, ZocZorn. STANDING: Al Cutrow - man., Chuck Bergman - man., Mike Berger, Ilkka Aejmelaeus, Tyke Morris. Barry Snyder, Jim Keller, Bob Teele, JimMonahan, Garrett Wittkopp, Bob Horn, Coach. MISSING: Buzz Thayer, Ass ' t. Coach. The 1967 UCLA baseball team was a highly inexperienced squad, composed of mostly sophomores and juniors. There were only two lettermen in the starting line- up. Yet the team ranked as one of the nation ' s finest. The early season highlight was the Bruins ' team championship in the Riverside National Tournament held during the spring break. Compiling a 6-1 record, the Bruins defeated such teams as the 1966 NCAA champion Ohio State, SEC champion Mississ- ippi State and other high ranking teams like Brigham Young, Wyoming, Yale, Wash- ington and UC Riverside. In the tournament, UCLA third baseman John Lung was voted the " Most Valu- able Player " while junior pitcher Rick Kester won three of the Bruins ' six games. - Competing in the AAWU baseball conference for the first time, the Bruins were challenging three of the finest teams in the nation. USC, Stanford and Washington State were rated numbers one, two and six respectively by the pollsters. Some of the leading players on the 1967 team included pitchers Rick Kester, Bob Wiswell, Guy Hansen, Bob Boyer and Dave Tollman. In addition, catchers Jim Colletto and Fred Stapenhorst, infielders Ross Hoffman, Charlie Petrilla, Gary Sanser- ino and John Lung were valuable additions. Others were outfielders Aaron McGuire, Gene Cooper, Steve Klausen and Bill Ratkovic 1967 was intended to be a strict rebuilding year for UCLA, but coach Art Reichle ' s team ' s determination and spirit propelled it into the national limelight as one of the best teams in the land. I FIRST ROW: Barry Botterman, Bob Boyer, Aaron McGuire.CharliePetrilla. Bob Siefker, Bob Cross, Rod Tysdal. SECOND ROW: Rick Kester, Steve Shedd, Gary Sanserino, John Lung, Art Arellanos, Ross Hoffman, Jim Rodriquez. THIRD ROW: Coach Art Reichle, Steve Klausen, Jim Colletto, Allan Hoops, Mike Carty, Dave Tollman, Bob Wiswell, Bill Ratkovic, Mike Chase, Fred Stapenhorst, Guy Hansen, Ron Hanson, Ass ' t. Coach Glenn Mickens. MISSING: Gene Cooper. ' Vf i . i f CREW After beating California ' s Golden Bears last year for the first time since the intra-University rivalry started in 1933, coach John Bis- set ' s crew team would be out to put a couple more feathers into the hat. And while everything was still in the future, Bisset ' s team was hoping to make it two in a row over Brother Bear in addi- tion to placing higher in the Inter- collegiate Rowing Regatta (the Bru- ins finished 13th last year) which they have been invited to for the second year in succession. Bisset had the crewmen using a variety of exercises to get into top shape. The oarsmen used the exer-genie, a piece of equipment that exer- cises the same muscles as rowing, in addition to doing some rope climbing and actual rowing. Part of the crew team ' s prospects relied on the job done by the stroke where Eric Johnson and John Rockwell were battling it out with last year ' s stroke Jim Sims. t TRACK What next? That ' s the question track coach Jim Bush can ' t answer. After his 1966 Bruin spikers went through an undefeated dual meet season, including UCLA ' s first win over USC in 34 years, and finished up by winning the NCAA championship while compiling the largest victory point spread ever, the only way Bush ' s squad could improve their stature is by winning a second straight NCAA crown. Of course, USC may not be quite willing to let the Bruins do that, but Bush ' s squad has enough talented athletes so that USC may not have too much to say about the matter. The Bruins Rick Sloan Gercc- were led by co-captains Ron Copeland, Roger Johnson and Tom Jones. Copeland was last year ' s NCAA high hurdles champion in 13.6 seconds, a new UCLA record. He was also a member of the first-place 440 and mile relay teams. Copeland highlighted one of the Bruin early season performances by winning three events and also running on a winning relay team. Jones stole the show in the ' 66 AAWU meet, capturing the 100 and 220 dashes and running on two winning relay teams. In the NCAA meet, he captured the 220 and was a member of the victorious 440 relay squad. Ron Copeland 202 j Gerald Lee Steve Marcus 203 f The third tri-captain for the Bruins, Johnson, also added to the NCAA victory by picking up eight points, includ- ing a second place finish in the 440 hurdles, a distance over which he holds the Bruin record. But the main asset of Bush ' s and field event coach Ken Shannon ' s squad was its depth. In the triple jump the Bruins had Gerald Lee, Doug Ford and Jeff Patterson. Against Stanford, Lee jumped 51-9 to break the school record by 10 inches. Ford is the number four man in TJ marks for UCLA. Lee and Patterson also competed in the long jump where Alan Bergman gave the Bruins a valuable addition. In the pole vault, UCLA had two of the world ' s best in Dick Railsback and Rick Sloan who have reached 16-6$ and 16-1 respectively. Sloan also doubled in the high jump, where his best is 6-11. Larry Fischer and Mike Weinreich were also going over the bar for the Bruins. For the first time in UCLA history, three Bruins tossed the steel shot put over 55 feet in one meet. Jack Hale took the top honors with Kirk Wassell and Steve Marcus close behind. During the season, all three provided tough competi- tion, not only in shot put, but also in the discus event. Throwing the javelin for the Uclans was Dick Selby (the Bruin record holder) and Vic Grady. Selby added six points to the Bruins NCAA winning score last year. Mike Pringle, with the school record, led UCLA in the hammer throw. While the Bruin depth in the field events is a great asset, the " speed boys " were taking most of the headlines. In the short sprints, Bush kept moving many of his runners into and out of events, hoping to find the right combinations everywhere. In the 440 dash, Don Domansky, Paul Hoytand Gene Gall led the squad. Domansky is the 440 record holder in his native Canada. He ran on last year ' s NCAA 880 and mile relay teams in addition to turning in the third fastest 440 time (44.6 relay) of all-time in last year ' s Empire Games. Moving in the short sprints, the Bruins had some of the world ' s best in Harold Busby (who tied an NCAA frosh 220 dash mark of 20.6 last year), Norm Jackson (UCLA record holder in the 100 and 220) in addition to co-captains Copeland and Don Domansky Tl - - ' . ,1 Bernard Okoye Harold Busby Paul Hoyt t Rick Romero Arnd Kruger - ,- : - Jones. In the high hurdles, the Bruins had Copeland, Mike Swaim and Dan Kaiser while co-captain Johnson and Dave Schroer topped the intermediate hurdlers. Going in the longer distances, the UCLA ' s tracksters were led by Arnd Kruger in the 880 with Les Fendia also adding some strength. Rick Romero, Kurt Klein and Bob Goodson led the Bruins in the mile while George Husaruk and Romero carried the load for the spikers in the two mile. All four of the long distance men, in addition to Kruger doubled on Bush ' s cross country squad. 207 Gary Rose TENNIS Tom Karp In his initial year at the helm of UCLA ' s NCAA runner-up tennis team, Glenn Bassett looked forward to continuing the Bruin net success. Taking over from Athletic Director J. D. Mor- gan, whose squads compiled seven national championships and finished in the number two slot four times, Bassett ' s team also has the per- sonnel to add to the Bruin laurels. The number one netter at Westwood this year is Ian Crook- enden, who has won the NCAA doubles cham- pionship for the past two years (in 1965 team- ming up with Arthur Ashe and last year with Charles Pasarell). Crookenden also reached the semi-finals of the NCAA singles play last year. In addition, the Bruins have junior Ed Grubb, senior Gary Rose, sophomore Steve Tidball, sophomore Ron Borhrnstedt, junior Tom Karp, junior Craig Harter, and sophomore Roy Barth. The Bruins were undefeated in early season matches with only Southern Cat ' s NCAA Champions coming up. Ed Grubb 208 Ron Bohrnstedt Ian Crookenden Roy Barth GOLF Entering his 20th year as coach of the golf team, Vic Kelley, who doubles as manager of the Athletic New Bureau, was hoping for some fine performances from Mark Gustafson, Mike Higgins, and Rich Logan to help the Bruins grab some honors this year. Also stroking the ball for the Bruins were Dennis McNeal, Don Briggs, Brad Lozares, Larry Benson and Al Loveless. 210 FENCING While capturing the sweepstakes trophy in the UCLA Invitational Fencing Meet and third in the Western Intercollegi- ate Fencing Champion- ships, coach Mel North ' s swordsmen extended their four year record to 46-1. RIFLE UCLA ' s varsity rifle team, coached by graduate stu- dent Gary Olsen, finished their season with an un- beaten record to rank as one of the finest squads in the country. All-Ameri- can Chris Bowles led the Bruins with John and Jim Willott and Doug Spencer rounding out the four man team. administration CHANCELLOR Always moving and rarely alone, Dr. Franklin D. Murphy is the image of UCLA to most people. Since he first came to this campus in 1960, UCLA has come of age in its national and international reputation. Visiting dignitaries have come to usfrom all over the world, and we have become renowned as an intel- lectual and cultural center, without losing any of our old college traditions. With thechan- cellor ' s complete support, UCLA has also gained recognition for its outstanding athletic per- formances, producing national champion teams in trackand bas- ketball as well as our first Rose Bowl victory. 215 Harry Wellman REGENTS The dismissal of PresidentClark Kerr and the dispute over the proposed budget cut brought the students closer to the actions of the Regents this year. Unfor- tunately, very few students could say how many Regents thereare, who they are, and just whattheir authority is. The Board of Regents is desig- nated in the California State Con- stitution as the governing body of the University of California. Sixteen of the twenty-four mem- bers areappointed by theGover- nor for sixteen year terms thus removing these members from political pressure. The remaining eight members are ex officioand sit on the Board by virtue of an elective position they hold. The location of the monthly meetings is rotated among the several UC campuses. The Re- gents discuss and vote upon reports dealing with all segments of the University ' s operation: statewide organization, financial operations, campus autonomy, student political activities and University administrators. While the Regents hold ulti- mate authority within the Uni- versity structure, that authority depends in practice on the in- formation given them by two sources: the statewide Academic Senate and the President ' s Office. Mrs, Randolph Htcr Mrs. Edward Heller Frederick Dutton Laurence Kennedy, Jr. Edward Carter Robert Finch Jesse Unruh Mrs. Randolph Hearst DeWitt Higgs H. R. Haldeman William Coblentz Einar Mohn Theodore Meyer Norton Simon Philip Boyd Mrs. Dorothy Chandler Charles Young, Vice Chancellor Administration Charles Speroni, Director of Summer Sessions UNIVERSITY ADMINISTRATORS Donald MacKinnon, Director Student Health Service Thomas Scully, Associate Dean of Students Foreign Students Byron Atkinson, Dean of Students ] Foster Sherwood, Vice Chancellor- Academic Affairs ' Siaions TORS Students William Puckett, Registrar William Young, Vice Chancellor- Planning Charles McClure, Associate Dean of Students Student Activities Nola Stark, Dean of Women Norman Miller, Associate Dean of Students- Cultural and Recreational Affairs 221 Sv ... or is art " up for rental? 1 Can you have an ' art sale? 7 Is a motion picture x art? ' I In this day when the sculptor is more apt to use a socket wrench and table saw than a mallet and gouge in his work, these are a few among many thought provoking questions. We hope that the following pages, dedicated to some of the most original expressions of art on our campus, will be equally provoking. NOON CONCERT with the Feri Roth Quartet o oc. o D 8 u O O oo O O u O CL 0) U Irving Weinstein MEDIEVAL FESTIVAL I i i I AN EVENING OF MAGIC AND SURREALISM Jean Cocteau ' s " Orphee " the Theater Division, Theater Arts Department 232 A DAY ' S WORK 234 Take it from every con- ceivable angle . . . and then shoot it again. Project I by Lane Wipff ON LOCATION 1 I I I seniors and graduates H 0) tf i Dennis Antenore Communications Board Student Legislative Council Upper Division Men ' s Rep. Ray Armstrong UCLA Football Team Gale Barsamian Chairman of UniCamp Board All-American Scholarship Team Prytaneans UCLAmigos Pres. and Publicity Chairman of dorm floor Lenny Borer Solveig Bugge Director of Tutorial Project Mortar Board UCLA Delegate to NSA Congress Bruin Belles Resident Advisor, Weyburn Hall Student Judicial Board American Field Service Dave Clark ASUCLA Vice-President Project India Blue Key California Club Gold Shield Scholarship Award Student Legislative Council Mike Douglas Education Abroad Program California Club Project India Blue Key Dean Duelke Finance Committee Chairman Honors Program UniCamp Board Camp Drive Executive Committee Blue Key Student Counseling Center Advisory Panel Jris Emerson Umunicofi lalionol College ft lationol Officer o ' lolifornio oger Howard oard of Control issociatec i Progror fcliington Inters Co-Choirmor Irwin Dutcher UCLA Varsity Football ' ' Camp Board Chris Emerson Jim Evans Jlommunications Board Chairman Board of Control i lational College Young Republicans SLC General Representative lational Officer of NSA UniPrep Chairman, Coordinator Club Sigma Chi Rush Chairman Freshman Class President Larry Higby ASUCLA Administrative Vice-President SLC General Repres entative Blue Key - =-. " ;,? e Council Roger Howard Board of Control Chairman Associated Students Speakers Program Chairman Washington Internship Program Co-Chairman Ron Javor Community Service Commissioner California Club UCLAmigos Tutorial Project UCLA Delegate to NSA Congress Judy Leslie AWS President Mortar Board Participant in Washington Internship Program California Club ' ' ' r Levine Associated Students Speakers Program Chairman ilue Key lalifornia Club ' eomen )ean ' s List Chris Marshall Mortar Board Goodwill Ambassador to Peru Bruin Belles Homecoming Queen Finalist Prytaneans President and Rush Chairman of Alpha Chi Omega Dexter McNamara UniCamp Board Chairman Camp Drive Executive Board Blue Key Sigma Nu Bob Michaels Sophomore Class President Student Welfare Commissioner ASUCLA President Blue Key Washington Internship Program Co-Chairman Judy Ondrasik California Club Chairman Bruin Belles Mortar Board Homecoming Queen Finalist President of Delta Delta Delta Perry Oretzky Member of Student Welfare Commission Elections Board Chairman Jim Perisho Finance Committee Chairman UCLA Band Board of Control Ann Rieber Len Unger Southern Campus Editor-in-Chief ASUCLA Representative to NSA Camp Drive Executive Board UCLA Delegate to NSA Congre: Mortar Board Pi Sigma Alpha President of Gamma Phi Beta Al Wiesblott Project India SLC General Representative Blue Key Vice President Kelps President California Club Sophomore Senate Chairman Sigma Chi Larry Wiese Jon Wolfson Homecoming ' 66 and ' 67 Chairman Rally Committee Chairman Gymnastics Team Co-Captain Stadium Executive Committee California Club Blue Key Phi Eta Sigma .LEGE OF ETTERS AND S ABBEY, WILLIAM ADEM, OZDEN ADLER, CAROL ADLER, PHYLLIS Conogo Pork Ankara, Turkey Los Angeles Northridge Psychology Mathematics Spanish English Recording Sec ' y UCLA Otthestra of Prytanean Daily Bruin Photo- Chrmn., Dykstra Hall grapher Judicial Board Pres. of Inverness Alpha Mu Gamma Uni-Prep Counselor Asst. Vice-Pres. of Sabers AGAN, PATRICIA Garden Grove Mathematics Alpha Omicron Pi Chimes Anchors Vice-Pros, of Alpha Omicron Pi ALLEN, DIANE Hindsboro, III. History AHLQUIST, STEPHEN ALBRIGHT, WILLIAM Los Alamito San Deigo Economics English Alpha Gamma Omega Chi Delta Pi ALKASLASSY, ROXANN California ALLEN, JUDITH San Gabriel Sociology Pi Beta Phi ALLENSTEIN, ROY Beverly Hills Political Science ALLES, JUDITH North Hollywood Bacteriology State scholar Tutorial project ALM, ROSEMARY San Francisco Psychology Communications Bd. Bruinettes Spurs Phidelphians Campus radio station ALPERT, SHELDON ALTSHULER, DAVID AMIRIAN, SANDRA Los Angeles English Atwater Kent award for violin Principal violinist UCLA symphony orch. Los Angeles Los Angeles Political Science Mathematics U. S. Air Force Officer Training School ANDERSON, JANICE ANDERSON, SALLY ANDO, HOWARD Long Beach Burbank Reseda Sociology Mathematics Physics Hedrick Hall Judicial Pi Beta Phi Sigma Pi Sigma Board Bruin Belles Delta Sigma Phi dreamgirl Fa macs Homecoming Exec. Pres. of Pi Beta Phi APARICIO-VERA, ARANOFF, LESLIE ARASE, AMY MIGUEL Los Angeles North Hollywood Guantanamo, Cuba Social Welfare Public Health French Bruin Young Dems. Tutorial project Alpha Mu Gamma UCLAmigos ANGELLO, DON San Fernando History Phi Kappa Sigma Frosh and varsity baseball Grant-in-aid athlete Theta of Phi Kappa Sigma Chaos house advisor Intramural sports ARMSTRONG, CAROL Los Angeles History Chi Omega Sabers Army princess ARM EH, BARBARA Torrance History ARNOLD, SHEILA Chula Vista Anthropology PhiMu ARONSON, DIANE Los Angeles English Tutorial project ASBURY, WILLIAM Fresno Economics Phi Delta Theta Bus. mgr. of Spring Sing Bus. mgr. of Homecoming ASHMORE, CAROL Riverside English Tutorial project ATWELL, GAYLE Los Angeles Political Science Alpha Chi Omega AU, ALEXANDER California AUYANG, YING CHI Hong Kong Physics Dean ' s list Alpha Lambda Delta AZOFF, ROBERT Endno Political Science Alpha Mu Gamma Pres. of UCLAmigos Asst. chrmn. of International Week INTAC Exec. Bd. Student Zionist Org. BAGGE, JANICE Inglewood Geography Alpha Omicron Pi BANISADRE, MUSSA Tehran, Iran Zoology INTAC Iranian Student Club of UCLA BARASCH, RONALD Los Angeles Spanish Pres. of Alpha Mu Gamma 1 BARDOS, JAMES Cononsburg, Penna. History BARER, ELLEN Encino French Sigma Delta Tau Honors program Alpha Lamda Delta Pi Delta Phi Prytanean BARKER, JAMES San Bernardino History Delta Sigma Phi Junior varsity rugby BARNETT, BETSY Newport Beach History Delta Delta Delta BARRIE, JAMES Altadena Anthropology Alpha Tau Omega Circle K BARSAMIAN, GALE BATES, GLORIA Pasadena Lynwood English Educational-Psych. Rieber Hall hon. soc. GSA Prytanean Chairman of Uni-Camp Bd. Uni-Camp Drive Exec. Committee Pres. of House of Borondoun BEAVERS, GAY Los Angeles History BECKER, DOUGLAS Los Angeles Sociology BEDARD, JANEEN Westchester Social Science BEDEL, PHILIP Northridge Anthropology BELCHER, DOUGLAS Arcadia Political Science BELL, JAMELLE BELL, ROSALYN BENARD, ROBERT BENEDETTI, CHERYL Los Angeles Sherman Oaks Lynwood Mitlbrae German Sigma Delta Tou Geography Political Science and Alpha Chi Omega Bruinettes Zeta Beta Tau Geography Tutorial project Spurs Kelps Tutorial project Sigma Alpha Epsilon Soph. Sweethearts Frosh football INTA C little sister Mardi Gras Campus tour guide Educ. Abroad Prog. Dean ' s list Bruinettes Soph. Sweethearts BENNETT, JOYCE BENSON, GRACE Kingston, Jamaica Hermosa Beach Anthropology History INTAC Sec ' yofHedrickHall Internot ' l Stu. Center Assn. of West Indian Students BENSON, VINCENT BERES, EVA Los Angeles Los Angeles English French Exec, and membership vice-pres. of Alpha Phi Omega Project India BERKOWITZ, JEFFREY BERMAN, SUSAN BERNSTEIN, SANDRA BESEMER, CHERYL Pacoima Economics Phi Eta Sigma Regents ' Scholar Wood row Wilson Fellow BETTEN, JOANNE Los Angeles Bacteriology Phrateres Honors program Los Angeles Los Angeles Sociology Sociology Tutorial project Tutorial project Mardi Gras comm. UCLAmigos Homecoming comm. BEZDJIAN, TERRY Culver City Spanish Rally comm. Red Cross College Bd. BIEGEL, STUART Los Angeles English Fullerton Political Science and Spanish House adviser Educ. Abroad Prog. Intramurals BIRNBAUM, MARLIN Los Angeles Sociology BISHOP, CYNTHIA Boston, Mass. English UCLAmigos ' 66 Colloquium Chorus Daily Bruin BITTER, LAUREL San Gabriel English PhiMu Prytanean Treas. of Angel Flight Spurs Acacia Little Sisters Pres. of Phi Mu BLACKBURN, CHERI Alameda Spanish Spurs Chimes BLEY, KARLENE Sacramento History BLOOM, BARBARA Van Nuys English Alpha Epsilon Phi Spurs Soph. Sweethearts BOCK, WENDY Santa Barbara Sociology BOES, MARTHA San Jose BOOKMAN, LAWRENCE Los Angeles History Phi Sigma Delta 243 BORAD, DIANE BORER, LEONARD North Hollywood Los Angeles Sociology Psychology SproulHall Director of Tutorial project Resident adviser of Weyburn Hall Alternate to NSA Congress BRADFORD, GEORGE BRADLEY, BETH Wilmington Spanish Alpha Mu Gamma Rolling Hills Estates Social Science PhiMu BOROVSKY, DOV BOXER, JOa Hadar-Am, Israel Los Angeles Bacteriology History Sigma Delta Chi Editor-in-Chief of Daily Bruin Chrmn. of ASUCLA Dist. Spkrs. Prog. Comm. Board California Club BRANDSTETTER, BETTE BRAULT, DONALD Noperville, III. South Gate English Political Science Alpha Delta Chi Bruin Christian Fwshp. University Chorus BRAUN, TRUDY Los Angeles History Bruin Belles California Club Spurs Chimes Prytanean BROCK, JUDITH Long Beach Sociology Delta Gamma BRILL, EDWARD Los Angeles Mathematics Phi Eta Sigma Pi Mu Epsilon BRIONES, HECTOR BRITTON, BRENDA Juarez, Mexico Los Angeles International Relations History Delta Delta Delta BRODY, DAVID End no Sociology Zeta Beta Tau BRONSON, MARLENE BROOK, EZRIEL Los Angeles Jerusalem, Israel Anthropology Economics Bruin Young Dems. Uni-Camp Calif. Fed. of Students BROOKS, MARCIA Huntington Park Zoology Alpha Epsilon Phi Alpha Lambda Delta BROOKS, PAMELA Long Beach English Pi Beta Phi Dean ' s list Homecoming Comm. Spring Sing Comm. Tutorial project BROWN, KATHLEEN Los Angeles History Chi Omega Mortar Board Chimes Spurs Prytanean Pi Gamma Mu BROWN, MARILYN North Hollywood English BROWN, RICHARD Oxnard Political Science BROWN, ROBERT San Bernardino Political Science Delta Sigma Phi Crew Varsity Rowing Club Soccer BROWN, RONALD Los Angeles English BROWN, STEPHEN Los Angeles Political Science Delta Tou Delta BROZOVICH, MARGARET Altodena English Gamma Phi Beta Delta Tau Delta little sister UCLAmigos BRUNO, CHARLES Monterey Park Psychology BRUCE, WILLIAM BRUCK, ERIC Pomona Westchester Politico! Science Political Science Sigma Alpha Epsilon Theta Xi Blue Key Interfraternity Council " Man of the Year " NSA Conf. Delegate Spring Sing Exec. Com. NIC Delegate BRUNNER, AVIVA Los Angeles Social Science Outstanding Soph. Frosh sec ' y Soph, sweetheart Spurs Lower div. women ' s representative BRYANT, PHYLLIS Torronce English Alpha Delta Pi BUCHNESS, RICHARD BUGGE, SOLVEIG Minonk, Illinois Mathematics Computer Club Rena, Norway Political Science Mortar Board Bruin Belles Model United Nations Pi Sigma Alpha INTAC BURKART, MICHAEL Huntington Pork Political Science Delta Tau Delta 244 BURNS, CAROLYN Glendale French Spurs Soph. Senate PI Delta Phi Prytaneon BURNS, DOUGLAS Los Angeles Political Science Sigma Alpha Epsilon Soph. Treasurer Yeomen Blue Key Homecoming Comm. Dubln Ball Comm. BUSBY, MARY Redondo Beach Psychology 1 CALDWELL, SANDRA CAMPBELL, JAY CAMPBELL. KATHLEEN CARFAGNO, LINDA Los Angeles Downey Whittier Beverly Hills Spanish English Varsity water polo Spanish Alpha Mu Gamma English Kappa Alpha Theta Letterman El Centra Hispanico Pros, of Frosh water polo Homecoming Comm. Kappa Alpha Theta Mardi Gras Comm. Pros, of Rieber Hall hostess Pres. of Alpha Tau Omega little sisters Tutorial project CARLIN, LORNA CARTER, JEFFREY CAVIGLI, HENRY CAVANILLAS, Los Angeles Beverly Hills Rio Vista ANNA MARIA Zoology History Economics Los Angeles Frosh golf letterman Treasurer of UCB symphony orch. Himalaya House Tutorial project Tutorial project Bruin Young Reps. Hedrick Hall Charter Committee CHACON, GEORGE Los Angeles English CHAIKIN, BARBARA Inglewood French Pi Delta Phi Alpha Lambda Delta Tutorial project Project Upward Bound Educ Abroad CHAN, ELIZABETH Hong Kong Bacteriology CHANDLER, BARBARA Whittier Social Science Kappa Delta Angel Flight Spring Drive Comm. CHANG, CHARMAINE Hong Kong Chemistry CHAPMAN, HENRY CHAPMAN, LARRY CHAPMAN, MOLLY Long Beach Mathematics Phi Kappa Psi Valinda Pubic Health Sigma Nu Dean ' s list Alpha Gamma Sigma Honor Roll A.P.M.A. Los Angeles Social Science Delta Gamma CHEETHAM. BARBARA CHERNICK, RICHARD Son Francisco Los Angeles English English CHERNIN, NORMAN Los Angeles International Relations Red Cross Col. Bd. COIN Model UN CHEUNG, SYLVIA Los Angeles Social Science CHIN, MARIE LOUISE Hong Kong Bacteriology CHRISTENSEN. ERIC Culver City History Theto Chi CICIN-SAIN, BILIANA Los Angeles CLAMAGE, SUSAN Los Angeles Sociology CLARK, CATHERINE Downey English Alpha Gamma Delta Sobers Frosh class editor Soph, class editor SoCam CLARK, CHARLES Santa Monica Psychology Sigma Nu Blue Key Varsity swimming Varsity water polo CLAWSON, VIRGINIA CLIFT, SUSAN Los Angeles Bell english English CLUTE, MICHAEL Pasadena History Doubles champion, Intramural handball tournament CLYMAN, HOWARD Chicago, Illinois English Editorial Dir. of Daily Bruin Coll. Exec Comm. COGAN, BRUCE Burba nk Political Science Intramural sports COLE, FRANCES Los Angeles English Angel Flight Daily Bruin Young Democrats COLE, LINDA Los Angeles Anthropology Bruin Young Dems. Angel Flight COLE, TERRY Downey Political Science COILEN, ROBERT Los Angeles Mathematics Zeta Beta Tau Phi Eta Sigma Dean ' s list COLLINS. ROBERT Los Angeles Political Science 245 COMBS, WILLIAM Van Nuys Psychology Sigma Chi Chrmn., Military Ball Phi Eta Sigma Honors Program Scabbard and Blade Psi Chi COMMONS, CANDACE Chicago Social Science Delta Gamma BOG Prog. Comm. Soph. Sweethearts CONTRERAS, MATT Calexico Political Science Scabbard and Blade COOKE, CHRISTINE CORDARO, CHARLES CORNFORTH, Los Angeles History Alpha Gamma Delta Bruinettes Spurs Angel Flight Tutorial project Mardi Gras Comm. COVERT, SIENCER Compton Political Science Kappa Kappa Psi Bruin Band Yell leader Debate squad CROSS, NOELLE Beverly Hills Sociology Kappa Alph Theta Alpha Tau Omega little sister DALE, PATRICIA Bakersfield Zoology Delta Gamma California SANDRA La Puente Anthropology Alpha Phi CRAFT, RUTH California COWAN, RICHARD Los Angeles Psychology Zeta Beta Tau Unicomp Tutorial project Intramural handball Advanced Army ROTC Spring Sing Comm. CROUCH, SHARON CUSHMAN, PHILIP Hartsville, S. C. Social Science Chi Omega Bruin Belles Alpha Tau Omega little sisters DAMMOYER, DONALD Los Angeles Economics fjn Diego English Tutorial project Educ. Convocation UCR Varsity Golf DANIELS, JEWELL San Bernardino Spanish DAWES, DANIEL Oxnard Physics Vice-Pres. of Phi Eta Sigma Sigma Pi Computer Club Torridon House Spring Sing - Reiber DELGADO, MARY DELPHEY, CRAIG Los Angeles Fallbrook Latin American Studies Chemistry DEYBROOK, JEANETTE Canoga Park Bacteriology Alpha Mu Gamma DIAZ, RAMON DICKEY, DALE Havana, Cuba California Latin American Studies Bruin Cuban Club Water Polo COOK, TIMOTHY Glendoro Mathematics Gordon McNeil Schol. Milton Phillips Schol. COURTNEY, LUCIEN Los Angeles Psychology NROTC CRESSEY, JOHN Hollywood English CUTLER, WAYNE Los Angeles History DAVIS, MARILYN La Habra History Chi Omega Spurs Chimes Pres. of Mortar Bd. AWSPres. ' Bd. Pi Gamma Mu DEVRIES, DOUGLAS Pasadena Political Science DICKINSON, CAROL La Verne History DIMSDALE, JEFFREY Los Angeles Mathematics Sigma Alpha Mu DOI, MARI San Dimas Geography Mardi Gras Comm. Geography Club DOLAN, GAIL El Cajon Psychology Anchors Spurs KUCW- Bruin Radio Announcer DOLL, LINDA Glendale Sociology DOMPE, MICHAEL DORECK. RACHEL DORNE, ROBERT Sunnyvale Monterey Park Los Angeles History Tutorial project Political Science Sigma Alpha Epsilon Alpha Mu Gamma Phi Gamma Delta 246 DOUGLAS, JERRY Bellflower Mathematics Theto Xi Bruin Young Reps. Intercol. Soc of Individualists Mardi Gras Comm. DOWNEY, WILLIAM DRAGOJEVIC, SILVIA DRUCKER, CAROL DUBIN, LORNE Modesto Los Angeles International Relations Psychology DUDLEY, LLEWELLYN Glendora Political Science Zeta Psi Pros, of Zeta Psi IFC Pres. ' Council ASUCLA FiComm DUKE, JAMES Coronado Political Science Phi Kappo Sigma North Hollywood English Pres. of fifth floor SproulHall Theme copy of SoCam DUNN, KATHLEEN Rosemeod political Science North Hollywood Psychology DWANKOWSKI, CAROL Downey English Gamma Phi Beta Women ' s swim team Sigma Nu big sisters Sigma Chi little sisters Homecoming Comm. Intramurals chrmn. of Hershey Hall EDELMAN, EIERMANN, SUSAN EINSTEIN, STEPHEN EISENBERG, RAYMOND Pacific Palisades Pacoimo LEONARD Los Angeles Mathematics Hebrew Los Angeles History Gamma Phi Beta Phi Eta Sigma Mathematics Sigma Alpha Mu SoCam Alpha Mu Gamma Hillel Council Honors Program Tutorial project Farband Award for Frosh tennis - UCB Triangle little sisters Excellence in Hebrew Tower Flame Rally Committee Regents Scholar Tutorial project EKMAN, KERSTIN San Gabriel Sociology Alpha Delta Chi ELKINS, BARBIE Canoga Park ELLIOTT, RENEE Los Angeles Political Science Pi Sigma Alpha Chrmn., MUN Chrmn., CCUN Alpha Lambda Delta ELLIS, LYNN Glendale English EMERSON, EMERY, KAY ENDERS, MARGARET EPPING, FRED CHRISTINE Sacramento Los Angeles Culver City Santa Ana English English German Political Science Alpha Epsilon Phi Tutorial project California Club Chrmn., Comm. Board NSA nal ' l officer Nat ' l Col. Young Reps. EPSTEIN, ARLENE Los Angeles Bacter iology ERB, MARY La Jolla Sociology Alpha Phi Chimes Citadel House Sec ' y of Rieber Hall ESCOBAR, MARLENE ESKIN, AUDREY Sunland Los Angeles International Relations Spanish UniCamp counselor EVANS, JOHN Los Angeles EWAN, JOEL San Diego Mathematics Phi Delta Theta Kelps Varsity Rugby Pres. of Phi Delta Theta FARBER, MARILYN FAUGH, SANDRA Los Angeles Pacific Palisades History Psychology Young Democrats Alpha Phi Peace Corps-Tanzania FEARMAN, NANCY FEENBERG, GYLES FEINFIELD, CAROL FELTZS, EVELYN Palos Verdes Beverly Hills Los Angeles Los Angeles Sociology History Presocial Welfare Pre-medicine and Pi Beta Phi Phi Epsilon Pi Alpha Epsilon Phi Speech Soph. Senate KLA Sports Director UniCamp counselor Delta Sigma Theta Spring Sing Comm. Advisory Board for Tutorial project Rally Committee Tutorial project Pauley Pavilion CORE Pres. of Spring Sing Junior Panhellenic Manager of Nat ' l Charity League Varsity Footbajl FENERIN, MICHAEL Palo Alto Political Science Delta Sigma Phi Frosh tennis Varsity rugby FENSTER, JUDITH Beverly Hills Spanish Delta Phi Epsilon FEO, KATHRYN Long Beach Political Science FERGUSON, ROBERT Santa Barbara History Sigma Nu 247 FERRARI, GARY FESSENDEN, SHIRLE FEY, BARBARA Long Beach Pasadena Palm Springs History Social Sciences Psychology Dykstra Hall Cabinet Kappa Delta UniCamp Angel Flight Mardi Gras Outstanding Angel Pres. of NX little sister Eighth Fir. Dykstra Young Republicans FIELDS, JUDITH FILE, LORRAINE FINCK, LONNIE South Gate Los Angeles Los Angeles History History Zoology Alpha Lambda Delta Vice-Pros, of Phrateres FIECHTER, LAURA Los Angeles Bacteriology FINE, RONALD Los Angeles Political Science Prelegal Society Ski Club FINEMAN, THOMAS FINKELSTEIN, LEE FISCHER, RICHARD PLASTER, PRIS Beverly Hills Physical Education Alpha Epsilon Phi Spurs Chimes Mortar Board Vice-Pres. of Sophomore Class Prytaneans Van Nuys Los Angeles Los Angeles History French History Zeta Beta Tau Sigma Delta Tau Honor Society Kelps Pi Delta Phi Varsity athlete Assoc. Men ' s Exec. Dean ' s list Board Yeomen FLEMING, CONSUELO Culver City International Relations INTAC MUN FOGT, KENNETH Sunland Mathematics FOX, TERESA Studio City Social Science FRANCO, EDWARD Long Beach Psychology FONG, CATHARINA FOX, PATRICIA Hong Kong Brawiey Psychology English UCLA Chinese Club SproulHall21 Club FRASSINELLI, LOUIS FRIEDMAN, BARBARA San Gabriel Los Angeles Latin American Studies Political Science Sigma Pi Sigma Delta Tau . . - fM MI - Son Mm MM U: ' ' FAMCS Inn FRIEDMAN, BARBARA FRIEDMAN, MARY FRIEND, ANTHONY FRIES, JEANNE San Bernardino Skokie, Illinois Northridge Political Science Psychology Anthropology Dykstra Hse. Advisor Tutorial project Hillel FRITSCH, CURTIS FROST, WILLIAM FRY, KATHRYN Houston, Texas Los Altos Reseda International Relations Physical Education English NROTC Drill Team Phi Kappa Sigma Alpha Chi Omega ConningTower Kelps Chimes UniPrep counselor Los Angeles Political Science Delta Phi Epsilon NSA CFS Steering Comm. UCLAmigos Educ. Abroad Homecoming FUJITA, JEANETTE Los Angeles English - : ::-- : - FULTON, ROBERT North Hollywood Political Science FUNG, KOCHY Hong Kong Chemistry Varsity fencing Spring Sing Intramural sports FURTY, EILEEN Glendale Political Science FURUKAWA, EILEEN Los Angeles History ::.:; . . - : - - FURUYA, KAZUKO Los Angeles Spanish 248 GALINSON, WENDY Los Angeles Social Science GAMBOA, GLENN Los Angeles Political Science Pres. of Akido Club Officer in AFROTC GANI, ANNE Beverly Hills French and Political Science Pi Delta Phi Bruin Young Dems. - ; : ; ! ::- GARDNER, ALAN GARDNER, KATHRYN GARDNER, LORRAINE GARFEIN, ANN Los Angeles Political Science University Honors Dept. Honors Pi Sigma Alpha Los Angeles Political Science Delta Gamma Homecoming Exec. GARFIELD, TED Northridge Political Science Bd. of Control CFS Speaker ' s Comm. Undergrad. Educ. Con. Aide to Gov. Brown GARR, RONALD Los Angeles Political Science Bakersfield French Delta Gamma Soph. Sweethearts GENDELMAN, SUSAN Los Angeles Political Science Los Angeles History GERBER, CAROLYN Woodland Hills Psychology Pros, of Diana Hse. GERBER, RICHARD Tarzana Physics Sigma Pi Sigma GERECHT, DONALD GERECHT, RONALD GERSTON, NANCY Los Angeles Anthropology On Campus Coll. Comm. Off Campus Coll. Comm. Los Angeles Anthropology On Campus Coll. Comm. Off Campus Coll. Comm. Los Angeles Anthropology GESSNER, DIANA San Marino History Delta Delta Delta AWS fashion bd. FAMACS Bruinertes GILBERT, JUDITH Los Angeles Economics Delta Phi Epsilon First Vice-Pros, of Panhellenic Angel Flight Shell and Oar Phi Chi Theta GILBERT, TOBY Hollywood English Sigma Delta Tau Dean ' s list Honors program GILLIES, MARY Pt. Lookout, Md. Anthropology GIRARD, ROBERT Van Nuys Economics Sigma Pi Honors program Phi Gamma Mu GLICKMAN, LAURA Lancaster English Alpha Lambda Delta Chi Delta Pi GLISPIN, ALFRED Wilmington Physics GLOSS, ROGER East Aurora, N. Y. Physics GLUCKSMAN, MARC GOLD, NORAAAN GOLDBERG, EVELYN GOLDBERG, HERBERT Los Angeles Mathematics Sigma Alpha Mu GOLDEN, ANNETTE Los Angeles Psychology Sacramento Political Science HedrickHall Jud. Bd. Pros, of El Capitan House Men ' s Glee Club GOLDEN, JUDITH Los Angeles Social Science Los Angeles Spanish Alpha Mu Gamma Rally Committee Akron, Ohio Psychology GOLDMAN, DANIEL Polos Verdes Estate: Mathematics Theta Delta Chi GOLDMARK, MARTIN Los Angeles History GOLDSTEIN, ALAN GOLDSWORTHY, GOLLER, ETHEL Beverly Hills Political Science Phi Eta Sigma Pi Gamma Mu Honors program Phi Beta Kappa CANDY Bakersfield Psychology Delta Delta Delta Homecoming Comm. Los Angeles English GOODFRIED, KEN Los Angeles Economics GOODREAU, DAVID Los Angeles History GORDON, GAYLE Skokie, Illinois Psychology Judo Club Soiling Club GOLLMER, LARRY Covina Economics Sigma Chi Dean ' s list Soph. Art and Publicity Committee GORDON, GREGORY Van Nuys Physical Education Phi Epsilon Pi 249 GORDON, MARSHA GORMAN, CHERYL GOTTESMAN, West Covina History Alpha Chi Omega UniCamp counselor Bruinettes Spring Sing Exec. Tutorial project Spring Sing Comm. Beverly Hills French Sigma Delta Tau Soph. Sweethearts Pi Delta Phi ROSALIE Los Angeles French GOUX, JENNIFER Porterville Psychology COVERS, RICHARD Woodland Hills Physics NROTC Sigma Pi Sigma Mardi Gras Exec. UniCamp Board GRAFF, LORI Los Angeles Sociology Alpha Epsilon Phi Mortar Board Prytaneans Chimes Spurs Educ. Abroad GRAHAM, MARK Torrance Economics Theta Chi University chorus GRAY, MARY ANN Long Beach Bacteriology - ' ... World of Travel Exec. GRAY, MICHAEL GREEN, PHILLIP GREENBERG, Northridge Pasadena MELVYN History Political Science Los Angeles Phi Gamma Delta Alpha Epsilon Pi English Kelps Colloquium Exec. Pros, of Pi Sigma Alpha Ski Club IFC representative Psych, honors res. GREENFIELD, LINDA Los Angeles Political Science GRGUREVIC, MILA Los Angeles slavic Languages GRIBOW, SHARON Beverly Hills History GREENE, MARILYN Anaheim Sociology Comm. of Special Events of Hedrick Hall Tutorial project Vice-Pros, of Shalimor House, Hedrick Hall GRIER, ROY Whittier Psychology Sigma Chi !. - Seta UOA ' M -- GRIESEL, MARTHA GRIFFIN, CARY La Canada Santa Barbara Mathematics Education Masonic Affiliate Club Rally Committee Computer Club GROVE, ALICE California English GUENTHER, NINA Turlock English Commander of Angel Flight Angel Flight drill team GRIFFIN, JEROLD GROFF, DINAH Marina del Rey Torrance Economics History Vice-Pros, of Alpha Delta Pi Scuba Club Angel Flight People to People W.I.S.P. CUMPRICH, FRANCES GUZMAN, BELLA San Francisco Buena Pork Sociology Public Service GWYNNE, ESTHER Los Angeles Spanish A Capella choir Colegium Musicum Women ' s choir Madrigal singers HAAS, PAUL Pasadena English Literature HAAZ, ROBERT North Hollywood Geography HABER, CATHLEEN Heidelberg, Ger. German Tutorial project Angel Flight -;-: - ' MHZ HAIT, LAWRENCE Canoga Park Political Science HALL, WILLIAM HAMES, KELLEY HANKINS, MARYANN Granada Hills Montrose Manhattan Beach Economics Political Science English Alpha Delta Pi Bruin Belles Spurs Prytaneons AWS Exec. Bd. Pies, of Alpha Delta Pi HANSEN, LINDA Torronce English Soph. Sweethearts 250 HARGRAVE, MARTHA HARIRI, FARZAM Los Angeles Bacteriology HARALDSEN, GARY Hawthorne San Pedro English Physical Education Pres. of Kappa Alpha Theto Bruin Christian Fwshp. UniCamp INTAC Tutorial project Intramurals Exec Bd. v,. " - . HARKINS, MICHAEL San Bernardino Chemistry Varsity Fencing Team HARNEY, SALLY Downey English Alpha Chi Omega HARRIS, LEONA Los Angeles Public Health HARRIS, MICHAEL Avalon, Catalina Is. Alpha Tau Omega Varsity Crew Team Varsity Rowing Club HARRIS, MICHAEL Beverly Hills Mathematics Alpha Phi Omega HARTER, ALOIS Phoenix, Arizona Geography Alpha Delta Pi Tutorial project HARTNACK, RICHARD HARTZELL, GERALD San Diego Economics Sigma Nu Blue Key Letterman for Junior varsity crew Defiance, Ohio History Theta Delta Chi HARTZLER, SALLY HASKETT, NORMAN HASTEN, LINDA HAUCK, PHYLLIS Burbank Long Beach Riverside Sherman Oaks Political Science Anthropology Anthropology Political Science Delta Zeta Minex exchange to Shell and Oar Alpha Chi Omega Homecoming University of Nigeria Sigma Alpha Epsilon SoCam little sister UCLA ' 66 HEAD, LAURA HEDGPETH, DALE HELMAN, DOREEN HENKEL, JAMES Los Angeles California Beverly Hills Whittier English Geography English Chemistry Pros, of Pres. of Alpha Chi Sigma Mira Hershey Hall Scabbard and Blade Dykstra Hall Pres. of Boat and Ski Club Captain of Varsity Rifle Team HEPBURN, RUTH ANN HERGOT, GARY Reseda Beverly Hills History Psychology Tutorial project Flying Club Honors program HERRERA, DOROTHY HERRERA, PASTOR Bakersfield Los Angeles Sociology Political Science UCLAmigos Model UN HERRMANN, SANDRA HETHERINGTON, Los Angeles BARBARA Physical Education Manhattan Beach Delta Zeta Psychology Angel Flight HICKEY, RICHARD Fontana Geography HIGGS, MICHAEL Los Angeles Psychology Brum Christian Fwshp. HIRADKA, ANN Long Beach History Theta Kappa Phi Nisei Bruin Club HIROSHIGE, ERNEST Los Angeles Political Science HITCHCOCK, ROBERT Los Angeles Economics HO, ELISE Hong Kong Public Health Assn. of Medical Recond Librarians HOCKER, ARTHUR Granada Hills Economics Phi Kappa Sigma HODGE, JUDY San Diego Anthropology HODGE, VICKI San Diego Anthropology HOFFMAN, PETER Hollywood History HOFSTATTER. CAROL HOLLINGSWORTH, HOPKINS, JUDY Pasadena Bacteriology JOSEPH Los Angeles History Phi Kappa Psi Kelps Huntington Beach English HORGAN, PAUL Pasadena Political Science 251 HOROWITZ, ALAN HORWITZ, BELLE San Francisco Studio City Political Science Political Science HOWARD, ROGER HOYT, PAUL Los Angeles San Gabriel Political Science Political Science Chairman of Phi Delta Theta ASUCLA Bd. of Control Track team Washington Internship Chairman of ASUCLA Spkrs. Prog. California Club Blue Key HUNT, SANDRA HUNTSBERGER, Polos Verdes Estates JUDITH English San Marino Kappa Kappa Gamma Psychology Homecoming Queen Kappa Alpha Theta Pros, of Kappa Kappa G-amma Bruin Belle Opera Workshop Sigma Alpha Epsilon little sister HOROWITZ, MARJORIE Los Angeles French Educ. Abroad Honors program Alpha Lambda Delta Pi Delta Phi I NT AC HUFFMAN, MORGIANA Long Beach Folklore and Anthropology HOWARD, MARSHA Long Beach Sociology HULING, SANDRA San Fernando Sociology HURLEY, GERALD HYMAN, EDWARD Alhambra Tujunga History Mathematics American Field Svc. Tutorial project I NT AC IBERTI, WALTER Glendale English Pre-legal society Ski Club IKEGAMI, JOHN Los Angeles Physics IKKANDA, VIRGINIA Los Angeles English IMURA, CAROLE San Mateo International Relations Chi Alpha Delta Project India UCLAmigos Tutorial project Secy of DHRA ISBELL, LARRY Taft English JACKSON, WILHELMINA Altadena Geography Historian for fourth floor Rieber Hall Social chairman for sixth floor Rieber Hall Campus Crusade ISLEY, K. ANNE ITATANI, ROBERT IWACH, ANNE Polos Verdes Estates Montebello Esch-Alzette, Lux. English Psychology German Alpha Delta Pi Delta Phi Alpha Angel Flight Spring Sing Comm. Delta Tau Delta little sister JACOBY, BEVERLY JACOBY, FRANCINE JACOBY, MICHAEL Los Angeles History Tutorial project Los Angeles History Phrateres Downey Mathematics Phi Eta Sigma Regents ' scholar JAHN, DOROTHY Colton English Helen Matthewson Club Masonic Affiliate Club JAKL, JANICE La Miroda Psychology So Cam AWS representative JAROSLAWICZ, SARAH California JOHNSON, KAREN Inglewood Psychology JOHNSON. LAURA JOHNSON, Sherman Oaks MARSHALL English Los Angeles Physics JOHNSON. PAULA California Psychology Bruinettes Spurs honor s program 252 JONES. TEVIS Tarzana Anthropology JORDAN, BYRON Los Angeles Physics Physics honor society Boxing club Track Judo club JAVOR, RONALD Los Angeles Political Science Theta Xi Commissioner of Community Service Delegate to NSA Congress Tutorial project UCLAmigos Frogs JOHNSON, MARTHA Albuquerque, N. M. Latin American Studies Delta Zeta Pros, of Delta Zeto Pres. of Sabers AWS Pres. Bd. Sec ' y of Horseback Riding Club Panhellenic delegate JOSEPH, ANGELA Los Angeles German Zeta Psi little sister Delta Phi Upsilon -. JOSEPH, NICOLETTE Los Angeles Public Health Vice-Pros, of Public Health Assn. JOSLIN, DAVID JOY, CHRISTINE Santa Monica Los Angeles Masonic Affiliate Club Sociology Christian Science Org Pi Beta Phi Tutorial project KADOYA, JANETTE Los Angeles Japanese KAELIN, ELLEN Los Angeles Mathematics KANE, SARAH Los Angeles Psychology JUDY, MARK ANDREW Laguna Beach History and Predental Frosh tennis team JV rugby team KAPITANOFF, SUSAN Los Angeles Psychology Concert Band KAPLAN, WENDY Los Angeles English KASHDAN, RICHARD Los Angeles Philosophy KASS, ILENE North Hollywood English Pros, of Athene Prytaneon UniPrep Soph. Sweethearts Outstanding Soph. KATZ, MICHAEL North Hollywood Mathematics Phi Eta Sigma Honors program KATZ. SIMONE Los Angeles Mathematics KAY, BRUCE Long Island, N. Y. Economics KEEPER, STEVEN Los Angeles Psychology KEEL, ANDRIETTE Los Angeles History KAY, ROBERT Piedmont Economics Zeta Beta Tou Project India Blue Key Yeomen Soph. Senate KELLY, THOMAS Whittier Economics KAZAZIAN, SONA Los Angeles French KELLEY, VICTOR Van Nuys Psychology Gol( team KELLNER, RENEE La Habra Social Science Sproul Hall Judicial Board Homecoming Comm. KIMBALL, JOHN Los Angeles Economics Sigma Chi KENAN, LYNDA KENOFF, JAY Glendale North Hollywood English English Triangle little sister Alpha Epsilon Pi Hershey Hall hse. odv Chi Delta Pi Mardi Gras Exec. Pros, of Yeomen Features ed. of Doily Bruin Gifted Student Forum KESSLER, ROBIN Los Alamitos Hebrew KIMES, CECEANN Long Beach Social Science Delta Gamma Little sistersof Minerva Soph. Sweethearts KING, KATHLEEN Long Beach History KINGSTON. CHERYL Los Angeles English Spurs AWS representative KIPPER. KATHERINE Los Angeles Psychology KIPPER, RUTH Los Angeles Social Science Phi Sigma Sigma KIUCHI, EMILY Los Angeles Social Science Theta Kappa Phi KLEKNER, MICHAEL Sherman Oaks Political Science Alpha Phi Omega Bruin Young Reps. KLINE, TERRI Los Angeles Sociology KLYNN, GAIL Los Angeles Psychology Honors program Alpha Lambda Delta KOCIEMBA, JOHN KOHN, BARBARA Glendale Psychology Kappa Kappa Psi Marching Band Concert Band Wind Ensemble Los Angeles Psychology 253 KOFRON, KAREN California KOLKER, ROBERT Los Angeles Psychology and Predental Zela Beta Tau Blue Key Kelps Spring Sing Comm. Pres. of Zeta Beta Tau KORB, RICHARD Cadott, Wise. English KORN, NITA Downey Bacteriology Pres. of Bali Hai House at HedrickHall KORNBLUM, DAVID KOTEK, EVELINE KOTEK, KATHRYN KRAMER, LAURENCE New York, N. Y. Los Angeles San Bernardino Kansas City, Mo. Economics Spanish Geography History and Zeta Beta Tau Alpha Mu Gamma Tutorial project Political Science Treas. of Pi Lambda Phi Sophomore Class Blue Key Varsity fencing team Outstanding Junior Outstanding Soph. Yeomen Distinguished Service Award Chrmn. of Board of Governors KRASNICK, ABBY KREBS, CAROL KRIEGER, JO AN KRIMSKY, BARBARA Sherman Oaks Los Angeles California Reseda History Public Health German Sigma Delta Tau Educ Abroad Mardi Gras Comm. Alpha Mu Gamma Election Comm. Phrateres K- F KRISTE, TERESE KROPF, GAVE Glendale Inglewood Social Science English Kappa Kappa Gamma Gamma Phi Beta Bruin Belles Shell and Oar AWS fashion board Tutorial project Sigma Alpha Epsilon little sisters KUNITOMI, DALE Los Angeles Geology Geological Society KUNIN, THEA Los Angeles Sociology :.. ' -- :.-- Fwk : KUNITSUGU, CAROL Whittier Bacteriology Spurs Concert Band KURATA, JOHN Pasadena Psychology KURATANI, YASUKO Cleveland Hts.,Ohio Mathematics Chi Alpha Delta Nisei Bruin Club KURLAND, MIRIAM Los Angeles English KUROKAWA, TAEKO Los Angeles History LABAU, ROBERT Tujunga Economics Residence Halls LACHMAN, ALBERT Los Angeles Industrial Relations Pi Lambda Phi LADOCY, STEVE Los Angeles Meteorology Acacia House Adviser Intramurals UniCamp counselor Intramural sports Intramural sports House manager, Athletic director. and float chairman of Acacia IEW.JOW :,- - :::- MU :- Iwtt tat .! ' . .. taw. LAFFAN, WILLIAM Gardena English Honors Forum Mariachi UCLAian LAFLER, DONALD LANGFUS, STANLEY LAO, BINNEG West Covina Studio City Los Angeles Philosophy Political Science Physics Sigma Pi Sigma LAPIDOS, LAWRENCE LARRISON, MARY LARRO, TERENCE Encino Costa Mesa Bakersfield English English Mathematics Kappa Kappa Gamma Pres. of K-2 House AWS fashion board Frosh songleader Delta Sigma Phi Dream girl LARSON, JOANNI Costa Mesa English Gamma Phi Beta 254 LASSER, PETER Los Angeles Anthropology Phi Epsilon Pi LAUBER, FRED Canoga Park Public Administration Alpha Epsilon Pi Army ROTC Pi Sigma Alpha Intramurals Bruin Blue and Gold Company of ROTC LARSON, DENNIS Bell Political Science Phi Kappa Psi Blue Key Kelps IFC judicial rep. Rugby LAUGHLIN, DONNA Long Beach Social Science Delta Delta Delta Head Varsity Song Girl UniCamp board Senior Homecoming Princess Spurs Vice-Pres. and Pledge trainer of Delta Delta Delta " -. .-. J LAZAR, MYRON Los Angetes Psychology LEACH, SHARON Tarzana English Kappa Kappa Gamma Bruin Belles AWS fashion board SoCam princess LEE, BOON HIOK Singapore Political Science LEE, DIANE EVELYN Los Angeles History Phi Sigma Sigma Soph. Senate Mardi Gras Comm. Homecoming Comm. LEE, DON LEE, MARK LEE, NEVILLE LEE, ROBERT Pullman, Wash. South San Gabriel Hong Kong Los Angeles French Economics Physics Economics Delta Sigma Phi Dean ' s list NROTC Honor society LEIBMAN, RUTH LEONARD, RICHARD LESLIE, JUDITH Vienna, Austria Beverly Hills Fresno Spanish English International Relations Alpha Mu Gamma Officer in Freshman Pros, of AWS Tutorial project Men ' s Honorary Mortar Board UCLAmigos Chi Delta Pi California Club Dean ' s list Prytanean NCAA Darts Historian for Chimes Senior Publ. Comm. LESOFF, REEVAH California LEVA, HARRIET North Hollywood French Pi Delta Phi LEVIN, ANDREA Los Angeles POLITICAL Science LEVY, JOAN Beverly Hills Anthropology Alpha Epsilon Phi Pres. of Alpha Epsilon Phi Bruinettes Mardi Gras Comm. Zeta Beta Tau Sweetheart LEWIS, MARGIE Lakewood English Kappa Alpha Theta Mortar Board Prytonean Bruin Belles Vice-Pres. of AWS LIPSIG, HADASSAH Sherman Oaks Spanish Alpha Mu Gamma LEVIN, CAROL Los Angeles History LEVY, RALPH Saratoga Sociology LEWIS, CHERI Los Angeles Psychology Graduated in June 1966 LEVINSON, TEVIA LEE Los Angeles Political Science Mardi Gras Comm. Sports rep. and sec ' y of Persephone Homecoming Comm. Young Democrats LEWIS, LINDA Los Angeles Political Science LICHT, DENNIS Los Angeles History Zeta Beta Tau Mardi Gras Comm. Tutorial project Homecoming Comm. LITHOWNIK, ALAN Los Angeles Psychology Zeta Beta Tau Blue Key Kelps LIGHTNER, JUDY Los Angeles LINDSTROM, BRUCE Riverside Political Science Tau Epsilon Phi LITTIG, WANNA LONES, MEGAN Los Angeles Palos Verdes Chemistry Social Science Alpha Gamma Sigma Kappa Delta Panhellenic Ski Club Monte Carlo Princess LONGFIELD, RANDY California LOPES, PHILLIP LOPIZICH, CAROL Dos Palos Newport Beach Latin American Studies History LU, MAUREEN Hong Kong Psychology LUBENSKY, JACK Los Angeles Chemistry Alpha Chi Sigma Varsity fencing team Dykstra social chrmn. LUCKS, EDWARD Arietta LUDLOFF, MARGARET Los Angeles English LUKE, MARILYN Los Angeles English Bruinettes 255 MacDAVID, BETTY MacDONALD, MACK, SHARI Pasadena MARCIA Wheeling, W. Va. Physical Education San Diego English English Exec. Sec ' y of Delta Delta Delta Rally Committee Bruin Belles Tutorial project School for Autistic Stu. CFS MacTARNAGHAN, MADDEN, PATRICK MAK, PRISCILLA JEAN ELIZABETH Long Beach Los Angeles Inglewood Phi Gamma Delta Bacteriology Psychology Kelps Masonic Affiliate Club MALESPIN, LESTER MALLER, ROBERT MANDERSCHEID, Los Angeles Los Angeles SUSAN Political Science Mathematics Riverside Dykstra Hall jud. bd. Sociology Computer Club MacKAY, KATHRYN Honolulu, Hawaii English Pres. of Mira Hershey Hall MAK, STEPHEN Los Angeles Physics and Astronomy Eta Pi Delta Phi Eta Sigma Regents ' scholar Dean ' s list Ethnomusicology perf. MANN, PATRICIA Sherman Oaks History Sigma Delta Tau ! MANZANAREZ, G. LORENZO Madera Zoology Kappa PappaPsi Marching Band Tutorial project Mardi Gras Comm. MAREMS, SHEILA Los Angeles Psychology MARFOE, VICTOR Los Angeles Mathematics Phi Eta Sigma Tennis Inter-varsity Christian Fellowship Group Therapy Music MARGOLIS, BRIAN Cleveland, Ohio Psychology Intramural basketball MARTOIS, JAMES MASLOW, LOUIS Gardena Orange International Relations History Sigma Pi Judo Club MATSUMURAJOANN MATTHEWS, LYDIA Los Angeles New Orleans, La. Social Science Sociology Tutorial project Colloquium URC Interracial Panel - 1 1 E U - :, ' , : - - MATZ, LOUISE Altadena Physical Education Sec ' y of Women ' s Athletic Association A.A.H.P.E.R. MAXWELL, TOM La Canada Zoology UniCamp Tutorial project Pre-med Assn. Phi Eta Sigma Honors Program MAY, HOWARD Los Angeles Political Science MAY, JUDITH Glendale Physical Education Boat and Ski Club Gymnastics Coach McADAM, PATRICIA McATEER, TIMOTHY McCARTHY, DENNIS McCLELLAND, ANN Los Angeles English Alpha Xi Delta San Francisco Political Science San Diego Political Science Torrance Sociology and Psychology Anchors Riding Club Sailing Club Scuba Club ' .:: Stain W CM fetor, McDANNEL, LIZBETH Lpng Beach Political Science Daily Bruin Senior Staff Writer McDERMOTT, KATHLEEN San Carlos Anthropology Delta Delta Delta Soph. Sweethearts Angel Flight Bruin Belles MCDOWELL, TRUDY Altadena English Mira Hershey Hall Spring Sing Comm. McELREA, JOY Long Beach Social Science Alpha Phi Boat and Ski Club . - , McFADDEN, MARIE St. Louis, Missouri Psychology Alpha Kappa Alpha 256 Powder Puff Football McGINNUS, CHARLES MclNTOSH, CHERYL McKAIG, ANN Upland Arcadia Redondo Beach English Social Science Economics Phi Kappa Sigma Delta Delta Delta Phi Chi Theta Bruin Belles Tutorial project tfi " Hi ,, ::-: ? MCLAUGHLIN, JOHN MCLAUGHLIN, MARY McLEAN, JO McMANUS, HUGH Los Angeles Reseda Van Nuys Los Angeles Psychology History English Political Science UniCamp Board Spurs Tutorial project Sec ' y of Chimes Mortar Board Vice-Pres. of Anchors Project India McNAMARA, E. DEXTER Los Angeles History Sigma Nu MEDLINSKY, FRIEDA Los Angeles History Alpha Lambda Delta MELTON, MICHAEL Lynwood Political Science MENDOZA, DOROTHY Torrance Spanish Centra Hisponico MENGEL, JUNE MENGEL, TERESA MERICKEL, KAREN METCALF, FRANK Long Beach Hemet Whittier West Covina English Social Science Zoology Sociology Delta Gamma Delta Delta Delta Acacia AWS fashion board Bruin Belles Soph. Sweethearts Tutorial project Sigma Alpha Epsilon little sisters METCALF, WILLIAM METZ, PAULA JEAN Anaheim Physics Phi Eta Sigma Pigma Pi Sigma San Bernardino History Mardi Gras Comm. Vice-Pres. of Argo House MEYER, SUE ANN Palm Springs History Chi Omega MEYERS, DIANA Fresno History Delta Phi Epsilon MICHAELS, ROBERT Los Angeles Psychology ASUCLA President California Club Blue Key Student Welf. Comm. Pres. of Soph. Class MILLER, HOWARD Los Angeles History MIGDAL, HARVEY MILLER, BARRY MILLER, DON Los Angeles Psychology Phi Sigma Delta Sepulveda Los Angeles International Relations History Alpha Mu Gamma Army ROTC Gifted Students Prog. Intramurals Frosh service org. MILLER, PAUL MILLER, PHILLIP Beverly Hills Kansas City, Mo. Mathematics Sociology President of Daily Bruin Masonic Affiliate Club KUCW Sparta House of Sproul Hall MILOVICH, HAZEL Lake Tahoe Political Science Pi Beta Phi Alpha Tau Omega little sister MINTIER, MINTZ, JEFFREY MINTZ, MARLENE MITCHELL, NORMA J. LAURENCE Los Angeles San Francisco San Anselmo Bakersfield History Public Health Social Science Political Science Prytaneans Kappa Alpha Theta Sigma Chi Pres. of Phrateres Bruin Belles Homecoming Comm. AWS Pres. Board AWS fashion board MAC Board of Prytanean Governors Spurs Campus Crusade for Christ MITOCK, MARK MODIANO, FRANCES MOHILL, SANDRA MOK, PETER Los Angeles Cairo, Egypt Glendale Hong Kong English English Presocial Welfare Zoology Zeta Beta Tau MINAHAN, JAMES Buena Park History Sigma Nu Varsity water polo Captain of Varsity swim team Blue Key MONAHAN, MARY St. Paul, Minnesota History Gamma Phi Beta Angel Flight MONROE, MARY Los Angeles Physical Education Bruinettes Pres. of Wesfwood House Intercol. volleyball MOORDIGIAN, LINDA Sylmar English Triangle little sister 257 MOREHEAD, EVELYN MORIKAWA, EDWINA MORRIS, WILLIAM MOSS, APRIL Los Angeles Long Beach Sepulveda Santa Monica Political Science Public Health Political Science History Rieber Hall Honorary UCLAmigos MOSS, LYNN CAROL MOSS, MARK MOTEL, JUDITH LURIE MOZINGO, J. DAVID Los Angeles Beverly Hills Chicago, Illinois Los Angeles Political Science and Political Science English Psychology Mathematics Phi Epsilon Pi Sigma Delta Tau Psi Chi Pi Sigma Alpha Vice-Pros, of Mortar Board Bruin Young Reps. People to People Phi Epsilon Pi Chi Delta Pi Tutorial project Ski Club Gen. chr mn. of UCLA Phi Beta Bruin Young Dems. United Jewish Welfare Colloquium Fund Drive Soph. Senate Hillel MUCCIA, DANIEL Los Angeles Political Science NROTC MUMOLD, ANTHONY MUNEOKA, AMY MURPHY, JOHN Polos Verdes Estates California Woodland Hills Political Science Mathematics Mathematics Phi Kappo Sigma Regents ' scholar Acacia Captain of Honors Program Football band Frosh track team Educ. Abroad Yeomen Varsity track team Gifted Students Prog. Mardi Gras Comm. MYERS, ROGER MARK NAFZGAR, CHERYL NAGY, BARBARA Los Angeles Barstow Los Angeles Philosophy English German Sigma Nu NAKATA, KEIKO Arvin English NAPLES, MARY JO NATHANSON, KAREN NEBa, EILEEN Encino Presocial Welfare Angel Flight NELSON, JUDITH La Jolla English Alpha Phi Tutorial project Staff Writer for Daily Bruin Panhellenic rep. Pros, of Alpha Phi Los Angeles Psychology Alpha Epsilon Phi Spurs Treasurer of Alpha Epsilon Phi Honors program Dean ' s list NEWMAN, VICKY Los Angeles NEISEN, STEPHANIE Los Angeles San Bernardino Sociology English Alpha Phi UniCamp Alpha Lambda Delta Tutorial project Sigma Chi little sisters UCLAmigos NEWTON, ALBERT NEWTON, YVONNE Newport Beach Los Angeles Mathematics Sociology Gifted Student Forum Sigma Delta Tau Monte Carlo Princess Tutorial project Girls ' tennis team NG, BERTHA HENG Hong Kong English Tri-Beta INTAC NISHIMURA, FRANK Santa Monica History Phi Kappa Sigma NISHIOKA, JOYCE Los Angeles English NKIERE, JOACHIM Kinshasa, Congo Histo ry Varsity soccer team NOE, PAMELA Pomona English Pi Beta Phi NORLANDER, ELAINE NORTON, NANCY NUTE, STEPHEN Sherman Oaks West Covina San Diego History Psychology Latin American Studies Alpha Delta Pi Delta Gamma Alpha Sigma Phi Bruinettes Sailing Team Chimes Tutorial project Soph. Sweethearts sweetheart of Sigma Chi Pres. of Delta Gamma OBER, ESTHER Los Anl eles French Hillel French Club Tutorial project 260 O ' CONNELL, RICHARD JAMES Encino Physics Delta Sigma Phi Rugby O ' DELL, PATRICK Lynwood Mathematics OGAWA, BRIAN Santa Monica Geography Japan Study Club Nisei Bruin Fellowship Geography Club OKANO, MICHIYO OLDS, DEBORAH Los Angeles Son Diego Sociology Political Science Chi Alpha Delta Alpha Delta Pi Third Vice-Pros, and Spring Sing Exec. Treasurer of Homecoming Exec. Chi Alpha Delta Nisei Bruin Club OLSON, LINDA O ' NEIL, MARY Yorba Linda California English Kappa Kappa Gamma Head song girl Bruin Belles Prytonean UniCamp head coun. Homecoming queen Finalist OSHIRO, CYNTHIA OSTERBERG, DAVID Manhattan Beach Torrance Mathematics Mathematics Arnold Air Society OLIVER, PATRICK Hollywood PAGLIUSO, JIM Glendale History Beta Theta Pi Varsity track team Phi Eta Sigma Homecoming Comm. PALMER, ONDRASIK, JUDY Los Angeles History Delta Delta Delta Bruin Belles California Club Chimes Spurs Mortar Board OZUNA, LYDIA Downey Spanish Regents ' scholar Sigma Delta Pi Alpha Mu Gamma PALMER, LYNN CONSTANCE Redlands Manitowoc, Wise Psychology International Relation; Angel Flight Washington Internship PANCOSKA, ROGER PANKEY, ROBERTA PARKER, RICHARD Pasadena Tustin Los Angeles Zoology Social Science Psychology Delta Gamma Zeta Beta tau Vice-Pros, and Treasurer of Bruinettes Pres. of Phidelphians PARROTT, GEORGE PASLAOUA, NANCY PATALINO, Tarzana Arcadia MARIANNE Zoology Social Science Los Angeles Skin and Scuba Club Chi Omega French Vice-Pros, of Pi Delta Phi Panhellenic Dean ' s list Rush chrmn. of Coordinator for Chi Omega Tutorial project PAUL, GORDON PAVELKA, RUZENNA PEAIRS, GEORGE Albuquerque, N. M. Los Angeles Huntington Beach Zoology Spanish Political Science Sec ' y of Circle K Club OLIVO, CHERALYN San Gabriel German Delta Zeta Alpha Lambda Delta AWS Comm. ORLANDO, JOHN California PACHECO, GLEN Pasadena History Delta Sigma Phi PALMER, WILLARD Van Nuys Physics PARRINGTON, MARY Pasadena History Tutorial project Skin and Scuba Club PATTERSON, JOHN Tustin History PEARL, LURLINE Los Angeles Sociology Alpha Delta Pi Prytaneans Angel Flight PEARSON, JOHN Los Angeles Economics Concert band PEDERSON, DENIS Lucerne Valley Bacteriology Flying Club Photo Club Satyr staff PEEL, FREDERIC Palos Verdes English PETERSON, FRANK Los Angeles Slavic Languages PETYK, M. ANDREW PIEPER, DAROLD PIVKO. JACK PHILLIPS, HELENE Philadelphia, Penna. China Lake Los Angeles Culver City Psychology Economics Zoology and History Admin, of Premedicine Rieber Hall jud. bd. Honors Program Vice-Pros, of Gifted Student Prog. Computer Club UniCamp Board Rieber Hall Honorary Alpha Mu Gamma 26] Alumni Scholarship 1 H ' m .. tr " Wl I- PLATT, HUGH Paso Robles English POLLAK, ALAN North Hollywood Political Science PONDER, RONALD Canoga Park Philosophy POOLE, ROBERT Los Angeles History Phi Gamma Delta POOLE, SUSAN Los Angeles Sociology Pi Beta Phi POTTER, GERALD Tulelake Geography Kappa Kappa Psi UCLA band POTTLE, SUSAN Panorama City History POULOPOULAS, SOTERIOS Los Angeles POURATIAN, POWERS, DIANA MASSOUD Fresno Teheran, Iran History Economics Alpha Delta Pi Iranian Students Club Homecoming Exec. People to People PRESTON, ELEANOR PRIMEAU, WAYNE Co vino Sociology Toronto, Ontario Political Science Kappa Kappa Psi UCLA Band PRINCE, WILLIAM PRUTSMAN, VANCE PULLIN, GORDON QUINN, JERENE LEE Santa Monica Albuquerque, N. M. T -jusand Oaks Arcadia Engineering Political Science History English Phi Kappa Psi Theta Chi Alpha Omicron Pi Wrestling team Tutorial project Yeomen Rally Committee Blue Key Campus Crusade for Christ Little Sisters of Maranatha QUINN, LINDA Pico Rivera Spanish Spanish Center QUON, MAE JEAN Los Angeles Social Science RAINES, STEPHEN Montebello Political Science Phi Sigma Delta Homecoming Exec. Pi Sigma Alpha Intramural football Sports staff of Daily Bruin RANEY, JANE Los Angeles History RAPORE. JON Sherman Oaks Philosophy-English- Political Theory Debate Squad Phi Eta Sigma People to People RASHEDI, SAEED Tehran, Iran Psychology RAWSON, WENDY Van Nuys Englih Sproul Hall Staff Alpha Lambda Delta Chi Delta Pi People to People REED, RICHARD San Bernardino Zoology Monte Carlo Comm. Circle K Club Alpha Gamma Sigma Water Ski Club REEL, DIANE Pacific Palisades History Gamma Phi Beta Bruin Belles Exec. Sec ' y of AWS RHODES, STEVEN Corona del Mar History RENFRO, KATHY West Covina Anthropology Chi O- mega RICHMAN, JANICE Beverly Hills Political Science Alpha Lambda Delta 264 RICE, LAWRENCE Forest Hills, N. Y. Economics Zeta Beta Tau Kelps RIERSON, MICHAEL Santa Monica Mathematics RESH, WILLIAM Woodland Hills Zoology and Premedicine Alpha Epsilon Pi Alpha Chi Sigma Alumni Assn. Student Advisory Committee RICHARD, ROSALIND Beverly Hills Political Science RETHMEIER, KENNETH Oxnard Public Health Sigma Nu Pres. of Sigma Nu Treasurer of IFC Blue Key RICHARD, CAROL Santa Ana Sociology Bruin Christian Fwshp. RINI, JUDITH Torrance English ROBBINS, MERRITT Los Angeles Political Science Pi Gamma Mu Pi Sigma Alpha President ' s Scholar Phi Beta Kappa ROBERTSON, DAVID ROBLES, MARIA Los Angeles Los Angeles History Anthropology Delta Sigma Phi ROLF, WILLIAM Wilmington English Phi Kappa Psi ROSE, VIRGINIA Los Angeles Delta Delta Delta Mortar Board ROSEN, HELEN Los Angeles Spanish ROSEN, LEE Los Angeles Political Science Bruin Young Dems. Student Judicial Bd. Pi Sigma Alpha ROLLER, KAREN El Cajon Sociology Phi Sigma Sigma Homecoming Exec. Pros, of Alpha Epsilon Pi little sisters Tutorial project ROSEN, NANCY Los Angeles Sociology Bruinettes ROSENBERG, PHILIP ROSENBLOOM, Los Angeles JUDITH LYNN International Relations Long Beach Dist. Military Student History Pres. of Red Cross Council Chrmn. of Spring Blood Drive Commander of Army Drill Team Assn. of U. S. Army ROSENFELT, SUSANNA Los Angeles Presocial Welfare Tutorial project Experimental College ROSIN, SHEILA Torrance English ROSS, DONNA Los Angeles Sociology Bruin Young Dems. UCLAmigos ROSS, MILLA Los Angeles Presociol Welfore Bruin Young Dems. Tutorial project ROSS, STEPHEN A zuso Zoology ROSSELL, CHRISTINE San Diego International Relations Tutorial project ROTHMUND, JANET ROTHSCHILD, ROWLAND, JUDY ROWSE, GARY Los Angeles SHARON Orange West Covina English Los Angeles English Mathematics Sociology Commander of Delta Sigma Pi Sigma Delta Tau Angel Flight Blue Key IFC finalist Educational Mardi Gras Comm. Policy Commissioner Monte Carlo Comm. Rugby Saty r staff Aardvarks ROY, BEVERLY North Hollywood Italian Gamma Phi Beta Educ. Abroad Little Sigma RUBIN, ILEENE Los Angeles Physical Education RUNDLE, LAWRENCE Santa Monica Sociology All-American for Volleyball RYAN, BARRY Defiance, Ohio Political Science Theta Xi SABOVICH, ANITA Los Angeles History SAAVEDRA, REGINALDO Los Angeles Latin American Studies Latin American Club ISC Hiking Group INTAC SALIT, LOIS MARCIA SALTMAN, SHIRLEY Los Angeles Portland, Oregon Social Science Hebrew Hillel SADOWSKY, STEVEN Sherman Oaks Psychology Zeto Beta Tau Honors program UniCamp SAMUEL, PEGGY Pacific Palisades Sociology Alpha Delta Pi Campus Crusade for Christ SAFER, CAROLYN Los Angeles English SAN, ALI FARUK Ankara, Turkey Economics SANCHEZ, DOLORES Solvang English Tutorial project Sabers SANDERS, JULIE Whittier Zoology SANDIER, DAVID Rockville, Md. History Pi Lambda Phi Prelegal Society Washington Internship SANDS, LESLIE Encino Speech 265 5 nouns KVKS SANIZADEH, STEPHEN Teheran, Iran Physics SANSERINO, JON Canoga Park Psychology SASSON, FRED Los Angeles Psychology SAURBIER, JAMES Anaheim Psychology Floor Pres. of Rieber Hall Psi Chi Tutorial project Tau Epsilon Phi Mardi Gras Comm. SAVITT, JOANNE Los Angeles Social Science SCHENK, LYNN Los Angeles Political Science AWS women ' s week SCHICK, MARY JO Northridge History Alpha Gamma Delta Tutorial project SCHIFFMAN, RONALD Beverly Hills Psychology ., " " . VjiN SCHILLER, DONNA SCHLACHTMAN, Inglewood ANNA Social Science Los Angeles Christian Science Org. Psychology SCHLOSSBERG, DAVID MARTIN Beverly Hills Political Science Phi Epsilon Pi SCHMIDT, JANE Los Angeles Social Science V SCHOEN, RICHARD SCHOLZ, JOSEPH Garden Grove History Sigma Alpha Mu Alpha Phi Omega IFC SCHRAGE, ROBERT Schenectady, N. Y. Los Angeles Mathematics Economics SCHUMANN, BONNIE Los Angeles English SCOLLAN, JOHN SCOn, CYNTHIA SCOTT, MARK Auburn, N. Y. Los Angeles Los Angeles English History and English Sigma Pi Political Science Dean ' s list Chi Delta Pi Yeomen Blue Key SEFFINGER, DANIEL SEGAL, DONNA SEGAL, SUSAN Los ANGELES Los Angeles Van Nuys Psychology German Political Science SCOn, SANDRA Oakland Psychology Pres. of Beaucatcher Mountain House Library Comm. of HedrickHall SELGRATH, RONALD Los Angeles History Tutorial project INTAC Honors program University chorus ttn SEWARD, RONALD SEXTON, ANN SHANNON, KATHY SHAPIRO, HARLEY Aurora, Colorado Los Angeles Van Nuys Los Angeles Political Science Psychology English Political Science Prelegal Society Pi Beta Phi Alpha Phi Tutorial project Bruin Young Reps. Bruinettes Bruin Young Dems. Spurs INTAC Soph. Council Model UN Pres. of Lambda College Board of Chi Alpha little sisters Dykstro Hall SHERMAN, MICHAEL SHERWOOD, Los Angeles MARJORIE Political Science Los Angeles Pi Sigma Alpha Zoology SCHLECHTER, JOYCE SHRIER, EUDICE Los Angeles Los Angeles Psychology Social Science Alpha Epsilon Phi SHULL, HELEN Los Angeles Political Science Kappa Delta Tutorial project Mardi Gras Comm. AWS Comm. 268 SHUM, YIN YAN Hong Kong Chemistry Am. Chemical Sac SHUWARGER, JEFFREY Los Angeles Mathematics SIEGEL. AMY Los Angeles History Delta Phi Epsilon Bruin Young Dems. Homecoming Comm. Election Comm. -,... - mm .. - SIEGEL, LYNNE Toledo, Ohio English Delta Delta Delta IFC Princess Mardi Gras Comm. SIMON, JUDY Van Nuys Social Science SILVER, PERRY SILVERMAN, RICHARD SILVERMAN, SUSAN Los Angeles Sherman Oaks Los Angeles English Astro-physics French Phi Sigma Delta Rep. to Student Rel.Bd. Pi Delta Phi of Hedrick Hall SIMON, LAURIE JEAN Oakland English Alpha Epsilon Phi SIMONICK, BARBARA Huntington Harbour Social Science Alpha Chi Omega Delta Phi Upsilon Tutorial project SIMONS, BARBARA Los Angeles French Floor Sec ' y of Dykstra Hall SIMPSON, JOHN Los Angeles Psychology SIMPSON, MYLES Los Angeles Physics Hillel Council Sigma Pi Sigma SIMS, DIANNE California SIU, LUCY HON PING SMITH, PATRICIA Hong Kong Los Angeles Chemistry Sociology SMITH, WALDENE Palm Springs Mathematics SINGER, CHARLES North Hollywood Political Science Karate Club Mountaineers Wrestling Bruin ACLU UCLAmigos SMITH, PHILLIP SMITH, TIMOTHY Inglewood Pasadena International Relations History Phi Eta Sigma AUSA Pi Gamma Mu Spring Sing Comm. Pres. of Red Cross College Bd. Blood Drive Comm. SMITHSON, CAROL SMOOKE, MICHAEL SNYDER, NANCI Pasadena Beverly Hills Los Angeles English Economics English Alpha Gamma Delta Zeto Beta Tau Daily Bruin staff Alpha Kappa Psi Tutorial project Academic Res. Coun. Mardi Gras Comm. Elections Board Pi Gamma Mu Phi Beta Kappa SNYDER, RICHARD SOBEL, SUSAN SOHLER, MARY Los Angeles Encino Encino History English Social Science Gifted Students Prog. SOLL, BRUCE Burbank Zoology Acacia Yeomen Tutorial project Circle K Club UniPrep counselor SOMES, GREGSON Long Beach English Sigma Pi Bruin Young Reps. SOPKIN, JUDITH Van Nuys English SOTO, ALEJANDRO East Los Angeles Political Science Pres. of Rieber Hall Bruin Young Dems. Rieber Hall Honorary SPATZ, JULIE Downey Economics Vice-Pros, of Mortar Board Chimes Pi Gamma Mu Tutorial project Hon. Men. for Woodrow Wilson SPECTOR. ESTHER SPEZMAN, JOYCE Santa Fe Springs Van Nuys Sociology Spanish Comm. of Special Tutorial project Events for Hedrick Hall Pres. of Shalimar Hse. SPIEGLER, CHERILYN Woodland Hills Spanish Dept. Scholar SPINNER, ELAINE SPURRIER, WALTER STALK, ELAINE Los Angeles Sociology Los Angeles Political Science I NT AC Bruin Young Dems. Los Angeles Spanish Sec ' y of Mortar Bd. Prytanean Sec ' y of Alpha Mu Gamma Sigma Delta Pi Phrateres SPIERER, ROBERT Los Angeles Psychology Alpha Phi Omega Sports Car Club STAMPFER, ESTHER Los Angeles Hebrew 269 ,,_ STANLEY, PHILLIP STEINMAN, VICKIE STETZENKO.DEANNA STEVENS, CHARLES West Covina Roncho Cordova Los Angeles Los Angeles Greek English Slavic Languages English Alpha Mu Gamma Folk Dance Group STEVENSON, STEYER, TERRY STICHEL, EDWIN STILZ, PICH RONAUEJANE Hidden Hills Lancaster Beverly Hills Tustin Physics Anthropology History English Sigma Chi Chess Club Phi Gamma Delta Sigma Pi Sigma Yeomen Letterman for Crew Asst. Exec. Sec ' y oflFC Mardi Gras Comm. STOLL, PETER STROHM, NANCY STROMQUIST, CARLA SUGAR, DENA Huntington Beach Encino Pomona Los Angeles History English English Political Science Phi Kappa Psi Chi Omega Delta Delta Delta Shell and Oar UniCamp Phi Sigma Delta Little sisters SULLIVAN, MARILYN SULTAN, SANDRA SUM, THEODORA SWAIM, MICHAEL Pacific Palisades Beverly Hills English Psychology Alpha Gamma Delta Alpha Lambda Delta Pres. of Anchors Sailing Club Delta Phi Upsilon Hollywood Psychology Oceanside Geography Phi Kappa Sigma Track team SWAIT, DORIS SWARNER, CHERYL SWERDLOW, LINDA SWETOW, BRUCE Banning Riverside Los Angeles Los Angeles English History Presocial Welfare Economics Alpha Kappa Alpha Delta Delta Delta Honor Society Alpha Kappa Psi Bruinettes Spurs Karate Club Intro-Dorm Council UniCamp Ski Club Frosh Senate Prytanean Pres. of AWS California Club SYNDULKO, KARL SYNDULKO, NIKKI Tittmonig, Germany Inglewood Psychology Physical Education SYLVAIN, IVAN TAGGART, SHARON West Hollywood Los Angeles International Relations Mathematics Fencing Team TAKAHASHI, MICHIKO TAKEDA, RICHARD Long Beach Los Angeles Political Science Mathematics Tutorial project TAN, LILLIAN Philippines Mathematics TANJI, KIYOKO TEBO, PATRICK TELLSON, WENDY Kamakura, Japan Los Angeles Northridge English English and Economics French Bruin Belles Theta Chi Gifted Student Prog. Alpha Mu Gamma Tutorial project Homecoming Comm. TANCIAR, JOHN North Hollywood Psychology Intramural sports Colloquiums TEMKIN, FAROL Los Angeles Political Science TEMKIN, HELAINE TENENBAUM, Encino Sociology Vice-Pros, of Dykstra Hall Tutorial project Mardi Gras booth Bruin Young Dems. 272 SAMUEL Petaluma History Phi Sigma Delta Blue Key Exec. Sec ' y of IFC IFC Judicial Coun Greek Week Exec. Spring Sing Exec. TEPPER, SCOTT Pacific Palisades Political Science and Journalism Pi S igma Alpha Sigma Delta Chi Varsity Track Team TERNQUIST, JEANNE Oceanside Psychology Gamma Phi Beta TERRY, MARJORIE Redondo Beach Social Science Alpha Epsilon Phi TETOVE, JUDITH Los Angeles History Concert Band Tutorial project Bruin Young Dems. THALER, HOWARD Queens Vil., N. Y. Mathematics THATCHER, JANET Sylmar History Bruin Christian Fwshp. THOMPSON. ROSIE San Antonio, Texas Mathematics Dean ' s list THOMPSON, SUSAN Los Angeles Social Science TISDALE, MAMIE Los Angeles TOCHIOKA, JUNKO Los Angeles English Theta Kappa Phi TODD, LAURA TOKURO, HIROSHI Playa del Rey Fowler History History Kappa Kappa Gamma Nisei Bruin Club Tutorial project TOLL, DOREEN Encino Psychology Phi Sigma Sigma TOMKE, MICHELLE Los Angeles Geography Dean ' s list Summa Cum Laude Geography Club Phi Gamma Mu Phi Beta Kappa TOMPKINS, PAULA TOMREN, DOUGLAS TOTTEN, BETTY TRABISH, STEVEN Pasadena Gardena Los Angeles Sherman Oaks History Physics Spanish Political Science Pi Beta Phi Fishing Club Alpha Xi Delta Delta Sigma Phi Mardi Gras Comm. Computer Club Sigma Delta Pi Pros, of Rep. to ACU Alpha Mu Gamma Delta Sigma Phi Hershey Hall Cabinet Pros, of Dickinson Hse. Sabers World of Travel Exec. Chrmn. of Spring Sing Aardvarks TROSTLER, FLORA Beverly Hills English Phi Sigma Sigma TROTTO, JOY Los Angeles TRUJILLO, JAMES Etiwonda Zoology TUCKER, CHERYL Los Angeles Public Service TURK, GERALD Plocentia Public Health TURNER, LLOYD B- akersfield Zoology TUTELMAN, JANIE Los Angeles Presociol Welfare TYLER, TERRY LEE Los Alamitos Political Science Educ. Abroad TYNER, ROBERTA Los Angeles Sociology Sigma Delta Tau Homecoming Comm. Mardi Gras Comm. Soph. Council Monte Carlo Comm. Soph-Frosh Comm. UYEKUBO, GERRY Santa Monica Oriental Languages Nisei Bruin Club Japan Study Club Judo Club Mariachi Group VAN DE GRIFT, UNO, JOYCE Los Angeles English UTHARNTHARM, VIPHA Bangkok, Thailand Economics URIBE, STEVEN Los Angeles History Delta Sigma Phi Washington Internship CCUN Homecoming Comm. Olio Show Spring Sing Comm. UYEMURA, CAROLYN VALENTINO, SYLVIA VANCE, SHARON California Los Angeles Pasadena Mathematics Bacteriology Alpha Gamma Delta Alpha Phi VANDEN EYKEL, GEORGIA MYRNA Los Angeles Pomona History Political Science Bruin Christian Fwshp. Delta Gamma Sec ' y of Prytanean AWS fashion board Homecoming Exec. Election Board AWS women ' s week VAN DYKE, KAREN VAN SCORK, Long Beach History Alpha Omicron Pi CHRISTOPHER Los Angeles History Phi Delta Theta Alpha Chi Omega Big Brother Vice-Pres. of Phi Delta Theta Intramural Swimming - VICTOREEN, JoELLEN VOGEL, JON Burbank Los Angeles English History Pi Lambda Phi Daily Bruin Ad. Staff VOGEL, RONALD Panorama City Economics Phi Gamma Delta Alpha Kappa Psi VONRHEIN, JOHN Pasadena English Symphony Orch. Daily Bruin VUKAS, JOHN WACHS, NATALIE Akron, Ohio Torromce Psychology History Comm. of Special Phi Sigma Sigma Events at Sproul Hall Mardi Gras Comm. Homecoming Comm. WALCH, KAREN Los Angeles Social Science WAEHRER, SYLVIA San Diego German House adviser for Rieber Hall Vice-Pres. and Cultural Chrmn. of Dykstra Hall Tutorial project UniPrep counselor WALKER, CAROL ANN WALKER, GARY WAGNER, FREDERICK Burbank Zoology Tutorial project Whittier Social Science WestCovina Psychology Sigma Nu Blue Key Varsity tennis team WALLOCK, TERRENCE Lynwood Psychology Theta Delta Chi WALTON, SUSAN Pasadena Political Science Alpha Phi WANG, MEIRING Tokyo, Japan Mathematics WANG, TAYLOR China Physics Acoustical Society of America WARREN, ARLEEN Los Angeles Sociology WASSERMAN, DAVID Burbank Political Science Phi Epsilon Pi KLA Radio WATANARE, WATSON, LYNN YOSHIMICHI Culver City Lake View Terrace Political Science History Alpha Gamma Omega WATTS, HENRY Ventura Psychology Vice-Pres. of Himalaya House WAY, KATHERINE WAYNE, WENDY WEINBERG, STEVEN WEINER, EDWARD North Hollywood Los Angeles Los Angeles Los Angeles Political Science Zoology Political Science History and Daily Bruin Sigma Delta Tau Daily Bruin Political Science Mardi Gras Comm. Debate Squad Spurs Washington Internship Pi Sigma Alpha Pi Kappa Delta WEISS, CARA North Hollywood English WEINSTEIN, MAXIMILIAN Los Angeles Public Health WEITZMAN, DONALD WEITZMAN, PHYLLIS Los Angeles Economics Mountaineering Club WENTWORTH, KATHERINE Los Angeles History WERNER, GARY Ellenvllle, N. Y. Psychology WERRIS, SUSAN Los Angeles English WHANG, MARSHA Gardena English Delta Gamma Phidelphians Bruin Belles 276 WHITE, CHERYL WHITED, CRAIG Los Alamitos Los Angeles English Economics Kappa Kappa Gamma Alpha Kappa Psi Bruin Belles Army ROTC Marching Band Pros, of Nal ' l Soc, of Pershing Rifles Van Nuys Mathematics Treas. of Bruinettes Pres. of Second Fir. HedrickHall Treas. of Spurs Prytaneans UniCamp counselor WEXLER, JONATHAN Los Angeles Zoology Marching Band Pre-Medical Assn. Hillel Tutorial project WHITSETT, JAMES Los Angeles Political Science Arnold Air Society FiComm Spring Sing Exec Homecoming Exec. ' WHITTLESEY, PATRICE WICHMANN, Polos Verdes Estates CATHERINE Mathematics Long Beach Alpha Delta Pi Sociology Sec ' y of Sabers WIECZOREK, anthony Van Nuys Zoology Lambda Chi Alpha Mardi Gras Comm. Election Board WIENER, KENNETH Sepulveda History Coordinator for Tutorial project Hillel Council WICKES, ELIZABETH Woodland Hills French Pi Delta Phi Educ. Abroad Gifted Students Prog. Honors program WIESBLOTT, ALLAN Toronto, Ontario English Zeta Beta Tau California Club Project India Pres. of Kelps Vice-Pres. of Blue Key General Rep. WICKES, WILLIAM Woodland Hills Physics Sec ' y and Treas. of Sigma Pi Sigma WIESE, LARRY Alhambra Physics Sigma Chi Chrmn. of Homecoming Co-captain of Varsity Gymnastics California Club Blue Key Phi Eta Sigma WIESMANN, PAMELA WILDER, JOAN Lancaster Yonkers, N. Y. History Mathematics Twin Pines Theta Chi little sisters WILKINSON, WILLIAM WILLIAMS, ANNE Los Angeles Mission Hills Zoology History Varsity Swim Team WILLIS, NORMAN Escondido Psychology Bruin Young Reps. Tutorial project WILLSON, SUE Bakersfield English WILSON, DEREK WILSON, DON Chislehurst, England Buena Park Geography and Anthropology English Tutorial project Epic WILSON, GAYLE Los Angeles Sociology Delta Sigma Theta WILSON, JoANNA Studio City Psychology anchors WILSON, JOY Manhattan Beach Spanish WILSON, RITA Culver City Sociology WINDHORST, JOHN Paramount Psychology WIPFF, LANE HARDY WISE. CAROLYN Dallas, Texas Los Angeles Anthropology History Circle K Club Student Welf. Comm. WISE, JOHN Los Angeles Geography Delta Sigma Phi WOLFF, ANTHONY Van Nuys Psychology WOLFF, LEONARD Van Nuys Mathematics WOLFUS, DANIEL Los Angeles Economics Pi Lambda Phi Blue Key Yeomen WOLOSHIN, GLORIA Los Angeles History WONG, LILLIAN Devils Lake, N. D. Mathematics WONG, PHOEBE Hong Kong Chemistry Alpha Lambda Delta Mortar Board Honors program Nat ' l Science WONG, TREVOR Los Angeles WOOD, KENDRA U. Montclair, N. J. English Jud. bd. admin, for Mira Hershey Hall WOODLOCK, ROSEMARY Woodland Hills Anthropology and English Delta Gamma Bruin Belles Bruinettes Anchors Affiliates Award Alumni Scholarship Foundation Fwshp. WOODWORTH, JILL Santo Paulo English Gamma Phi Beta Am. Pharmacy Assn. Theta Xi little sister Intramural badminton WORCESTER, ELIZABETH Chatsworth English Alpha Delta Pi Commander, Vice-Pres. and Treas. of Angel Flight Pres. and Sec ' y of Alpha Delta Pi Women ' s swim team WORMSER, SUSAN Los Altos History Pi Beta Phi Speakers Bureau 277 t 1 WRIGHT, ROBERT Inglewood English Kelps YAMADA, BONNIE Kapaa, Hawaii Psychology YARBER, IRENE Malibu History WU, LIMA MING SAN WU, IORETTA Kowloon, Hong Kong Los Angeles Zoology Bacteriology Mardi Gras Comm. YAMAMOTO, JEAN Pasadena Bacteriology YALE, JACQUELINE Northbrook, Illinois International Relations Gamma Phi Beta Prytaneans Chimes Sabers Lambda Chi Alpha Little sister YAMANO, FRANCES YAMER, MARILYN Sun Valley Costa Mesa International Relations English Floor Treas. for Controller for Rieber Hall Mira Hershey Hall Tutorial project Treasurer of Dykstra Hall YATES, YVONNE Los Angeles English Anchors YOKOYAMA, Al Hiroshima, Japan Mathematics YOSHIHARA, SANDRA San Diego Mathematics YOSHII, DAN OSAMU YUEN, KAREN Torrance Hong Kong Zoology Mathematics Chaos House of Sproul Hall ZAPPA, DONNA Monterey Park Social Science Tutorial project Sproul Hall Honorary ZASLOFF, SONIA Los Angeles English Delta Phi Epsilon Angel Flight ZEITSOFF, VERN Altadena Political Science ZERMAN, GERI Los Angeles Social Science ZIELINSKI, ANTHONY ZOLOT, PAUL Santa Monica Woodland Hills Political Science History 280 INEERIN . ABSHER, KENNETH ARNALDO, ROBERT BABCOCK, GARY BACHHUBER, CARL Newholl Engineering Seaside Engineering Triangle BANCOULI, YAPI BANNERMAN, KIRK Ivory-Coast, Africa Whittier Electrical Engineering Engineering Engineering Faculty Tau Beta Pi Friends Prize I.E.E.E. Thousand Oaks Lambda Chi Alpha Engineering Skin Scuba Club Engineering Society of U. of C. BARNETT, DANIEL Manhattan Beach Engineering Los Angeles Engineering BAUMBACH, ROBERT Los Angeles Engineering BELL, RICHARD Los Angeles Engineering Alpha Phi Omega Engineering Society of U. of C. BIENLEIN, DAVID Culper City Engineering Engineering Society of U. of C. Roily Committee Vice-Chair, of Rallies BLACK, STANLEY Los Angeles Engineering Tau Beta Pi BRACKETT, RONALD Arleta Engineering Tau Beta Pi Phi Eta Sigma V. P. of Soiling Club Scuba Club CHAN, SAMUEL CLINE, JAMES Hong Kong La Jolla Electronic Engineering Engineering Vice-Pres. of Circle K Community Service Commission CODD, NORMAN CORZO, MIGUEL Los Angeles Mexico City, Mexico Engineering Engineering Sr. Class President INTAC of Engineering Society Editor of Bruin Cross Country International Am. Society of Civil Engineers Engineering Society COWAN, BENJAMIN Los Angeles Alpha Phi Alpha Engn. Mechanics Engineering Society Bruin March Band GEMIO, CARLOS Oruro, Bolivia Electrical Engineering Tau B- eta Pi ELLIOTT, ROBE RT Engineering Theta Delta Chi GHEZELAYAGH_ MINOU Teheran, Iran Electronic Engineering Library Commissioner at Rieber Hall Persian Club ELLIS, RONA D Arcadia Engineering Engineering Society Soc. Chair, of Stonehoven Floor, Rieber Hall Pursuing Application of Flash Process to Sea Water Conversion All Dormitory 2-Man Volleyball Champion GOERTZEN, PATRICK Los Angeles Engineering Alpha Gamma Omega ESUC Computer Club IEEE ESSER, JOHN Norman, Oklo. Electrical Engineering Tau Beta Pi Engineering Students Institute of Electronics Electrical Engineers GRELL, JAMES Los Angeles Engineering ..:-.= . ; " nf M - -. MH :- ' ' ! :,- . ,. UCUJa GUSTS. KARL Los Angeles Engineering HAHN, JEFFREY Los Angeles Santo Monica Chemical Engineering Engineering Zeta Beta Tau Tau Beta Pi Tau Beta Pi Blue Key Yeoman Engineering Society HALUSHKA, ROMAN HAMILTON, ANTHONY Los Angeles Engineering Delta Tau Delta Engineering Society Computer Club Karate Club Surfing Club OUB.GN :-:- . . " v . HASSON, DAVID HILLMAN, CHARLES HOLLENBECK, HOLZNER, PETER Los Angeles Lakewood CHARLES Los Angeles Civil Engineering Electrical Engineering India Engineering Engineering Society Engineering Society Mech. Engineering Americon Society of Tau Beta Pi Bruin American Civil Engineering Field Service Hillel American Society of Mechanical Engineers California Scholar- ship Federation ISLAVA, STEVEN JOLISSAINT, RALPH JONSON, HENRIK KAPLAN, ABSALOM Sioux Fallt, S. D. Culver City Culver City Engineering Civil Engineering Engineering Undergrod. Eng. Soc Engineering Society Chi Phi Mechanical Eng. Club Civil Tech. Committee Intramural athletic Computer Club 282 Tel-Aviv, Israel Electronic Engineering : - " :: --i . KASTEUE, HARALD Los Angeles Engineering KLEINBRODT, MICHAEL Los Angeles Engineering Karate Club Officer Engineering Society KOPLIN, ROBERT North Hollywood Engineering ESUC KRAMSKY, ELLIOTT Sacramento Engn. Mathematics Delta Sigma Phi Rugby Tutorial Project Engineering Society KUGLER, BOLESLAW Los Angeles Engineering Acoustical Society of America Institute of Environ- mental Sciences KUMAGAI, ROBERT Pasadena Engineering KUNZMAN, WILLIAM KUYPER, DANIEL San Bernardino Westminster Engineering Engineering LAHEY, ROBERT Pasadena Engineering LANDAU, NEIL North Hollywood Nuclear Engineering Tau Beta Pi ESUC LU, RONALD LUCAN, JOHN Los Angeles Arcadia Electrical Engineering Engineering Alpha Tau Omeg MA, KENNTH Los Angeles Engineering MAGEE, WILLIAM McCOMB, CHARLES McFURLANE, NOEL Los Angeles Electronical Engn. Tau Beta Pi Computer Club Engineering Society Los Angeles Engineering Karate Club Weight Lifting Club New York, N. Y. Engineering AFROTC Arnold Air Society House Adviser for Dykstra Hall MIYAKE, YOSHIO Osaka, Japan Engineering UCLA Japanese Students Assoc. NEWTON, STANLEY La Canada Engineering Alpha Tou Omega NISHINAGA, LINDON Los Angeles Civil Engineering Soccer Engineering Society Karate Club NOEL, RAYMOND Los Angeles Engineering Tau Beta Pi NROTC OLAES, GENE OLSON, JAMI Panamitan, Kawit, Los Angeles Cavite, Philippines Mech. Engineering Structural Engineering Triangle UCLA Band Pres. of Triangle PACAL, RUDY North Hollywood Engineering PEREIDA, CLAUDIO Los Angeles Engineering POON, FRANK Hong Kong Engineering RIHA, FRANK Los Angeles Engineering Theta Xi Engng. Society of UC House Manager and Scholarship Chairman of Theto Xi RIHA, JAMES Los Angeles Engineering ThetaXi Engnrg. Society of UC ROCKWELL, PHILIP Hollywood Ocean Engineering ROSENBERG, YORAM ROSENTHAL, ROWLANDS, JAMES SEALES, LLOYD Tel-Aviv, Israel EDWARD Redondo Beach Los Angeles Engineering Panorama City Engineering Engineering Tau Beta Pi Engineering Vice-Chairman of American Society Regents Scholarship Masonic Affiliate Club Organizations and of Civil Engineers Campus Radio Station Chairman of Sr. Class Pres. of URA Photography Club Rally Committee Engr. Society of UC SELFRIDGE, WILLIAM SESAR, DENNIS Los Angeles Woodland Hills Engineering Engineering Sigma Alpha Epsilon Too Beta Pi Engr. Society of UC SHOLDERS, GARY SHOLDERS, MICHAEL Del Mar Engineering Pres. of ASCE Pres. of ESUC Del Mar Engineering American Society of Civil Engineers NROTC Engr. Students of UC 283 SILVERMAN, GARY SILVERSHER, MARK SIMONS, GARY Los Angeles Los Angeles Industrial Engineering Engineering On-Campus Collo- Tau Beta Pi quium Committee Mardi Gras Bruin Young Rally Committee Democrats Sailing Club Lancaster Aeronautical Eng. Vice-Pros, of Chess Club SLAGLE, KENNETH Anaheim Engineering Engr. Society of UC SMITH, JACK SOHA, ZV I SOLL, MARTIN La Crescenta Tel-Aviv, Israel Gardena Engineering Electronic Engineering Engineering ESUC ASME Dykstra Stu. Govt. STONE, THOMAS Sun Valley Engineering Engr. Society of UC II STOUDER, DONALD Hawthorne Engineering Frosh Track Letterman STUPPY, LAURENCE, II Los Angeles Engineerina Theta Xi Exec. Officer of Arnold Air Society Intramurals Rep. All Cal Intm ' l Sports Day Engr. Society of UC TAM, WING C Hong Kong Engineering Phi Eta Sigma Tau Beta Phi Los Angeles Engineering Tau Beta Pi Engr. Society of UC TSURUTANI, RANDALL UCHIDA, HIROAKI VALENTINE, JAMES VERONDA, DAN Santa Monica Los Angeles Engineering Engineering American Society of Cipil Engineers American Society of Mechanical Engineers Skiing Club VILLEGAS, RAFAEL WALTERS, RICHARD Cali Colombia, S.A. Indio Structural Engineering Engineering Exeter Engineering Engr. Society of UC Intromurals Sproul Hall Res. Assn WAXMAN, JOSEPH Los Angeles Engineering WINGFIELD, MICHAEL Fayetteville, Ark. Engineering Sigma Chi ESUC Tau Beta Phi YOUNG, GEORGE Los Angeles Engineering Engr. Society of UC WNUK, LAWRENCE Culver City Engineering Tau Beta Pi Engineers ' Scien- tists ' Guild Scholarship YOKOTA, FUSAO Tokyo, Japan Engineering West Covina Engineering Engineering Society Skin ' n Scuba Club WILLIAMS, TUDOR Studio City Engineering Sigma Alpha Epsilon California Club Pres. of Blue Key Varsity Track Lower Div. Men ' s Rep. Editor of Engr. Society of UC Newsletter YONEMITSU, AKITAKA Los Angeles Engineering i CM N: ARTS ALLEN, KATHLEEN La Canada Delta Gamma Art Fashion Board Ten best dressed coeds Campus Crusade for Christ Phi Delta Theta Little Sister BARTH, GINGER Lancaster Art - Design Pi Beta Phi Spring Sing Exec. Bruinettes Little Sigmas UniCamp counselor DEMILLE, MICHAEL Gtendale Music Education UCLA Band ARNOLD, SUSAN Long Beach Art Kappa Kappa Gamma ARRENDAL, JAN Los Angeles T.A. BURRUS, ALAN BURTON, SARA Montebello Los Angeles Environmental Design Painting Sigma Alpha Epsilon Wesrwood Varsity BAKER, JEANNE San Diego HedrickHall Art President of 2nd Floor Women- Rieber Hall CANTER, SHEILA Los Angeles Art History DIECKMANN, SALLY Santa Monica Biological Illustration Rally Committee EYRE, HARLAN Monterey Theater Arts Dean ' s list FAKHAMI, ABDULAZIM Tehran, Iran Motion Picture Prod. Pres. of Iranian Stu. Assn. of So. Calif. DIETTERLE, JEAN DOYLE, VICTORIA Los Angeles Los Angeles Alpha Chi Omega Art Music Alpha Gamma Delta President of Bruinettes Alpha Mu Gamma Sigma Alpha lota De | ta p ni A | pha Acappella Choir Dean . s M$t Sabers Riding Club FLEMING, ANN FINER, JUDITH La Canada Los Angeles Design Sigma Delta Tau Delta Gamma Art Little Sister of Minerva Panhellenic Soph. Sweethearts FOK, PATRICIA Hong Kong Art Design FREEDLAND, MARVIN GABRIELE, LOUIS Long Beach Music Woodrow Wilson Nominee A Cappella Choir Men ' s Glee Club Tutorial Project Sherman Oaks T.A. Los Angeles Valley Collegiate Players Tau Epsilon GALLARDO, MARIA BERSABE Managua, Nicaragua Design GERRON, GERALD San Gabriel Sigma Chi Environmental Design Dean ' s Honors List (2) GOLD, SHERRY Chicago Theatre Arts Kap Bells Theatre Honorary GOULD, SANDRA Santa Barbara Music Sec ' y and Pres. of Sigma Alpha lota Centra Hispanico GREEN, JESSICA Costa Mesa Pi Beta Phi Art History HENDERSON, LINDA HESSAYON, ELLIOT HITCHCOCK, DENIS HUBBARD, GAY Billings Art Education os Angeles Graphic Design Phi Eta Sigma Liverpool, England Art History Phi Eta Sigma Beverly Hills Delta Zeta Theater Arts Gifted Students Dean ' s List Spring Sing Honors at Entrance Theater Arts Productions KAJIYAMA, ANNE Los Angeles Theto Kappa Phi Art KANNE, KAROLYN Phoenix, Ariz. Music Alpha Lambda Delta President of Sigma Alpha lota Women ' s Golf Women ' s Bowling UCLA Symphonic Wind Ensemble KARA, JOHN Oildale Music KRAMER, MARSHA West Los Angeles Phi Sigma Sigma Theater Arts Kap and Bells Sophomore Sweethearts Mardi Gras KRIEGER, LESLIE Long Beach Art Design UCLA Rep for Made- moiselle Magazine KUCW Publicity Asst. KUNISHIMA, STEPHEN S. Los Angeles Pictorial Arts KETCHAM, TERRY Playa del Rey Music Kappa Kappa Psi Manager of Men ' s Glee Club UCLA Bands A capella Choir KWAN, HAMMOND Los Angeles Design Industrial Design Assn. I Iff ' ' A r. r % " . ;. LANDIS, BETTIE LANI, MARIAN LEE, CHOON SUNG LEW, JOYCELYNN Los Angeles Chicago, Illinois Seoul, Korea Culver City Design Art Environmental Design Theater Arts Alpha Chi Omega in Architecture Alpha Gamma Delta Bruin Belles Social chrmn. and Altruistic chrmn. of Alpha Gamma Delta Greek Week Exec. UCLA College Bd. member of Mademoiselle mag. LIND, PATRICIA A. MASON, MATTHEWS, MARILYN MONNE, CARMEN Polos Verdes Estates MARGRETHEANN Redlands Santiago, Cuba Theater Arts Los Angeles Alpha Chi Omega Fine Arts Art Art History Delta Delta Delta MURMAN, ANNE E. Glendale Fashion Design Delta Gamma Board of Governors Committee Phi Delta Little Sister NELSON, MARGARET OZOLINS, EGILS Granada Hills Los Angeles Art Music Alpha Phi PARTRIDGE, BARBARA J. Vista Design, Fine Arts PEET, JUDITH C. PETERSON, PAM D. Temple City Bellevue, Wash. Environmental Design Theater Arts - Alpha Lambda Delta Motion Pictures Rieber Hall Campus Crusade for Christ Motion Picture Workshop Directed " The Awakening " PETRAS, RICHELLE Los Angeles Art PULLMAN, BARBARA J. Whitier Kappa Alpha Theta Environmental Design Secretory and Vice- President of Bruin Belles 1965-67 Mortar Board Prytaneans Miss Photogenic REICH, JOANNE L. RIEBER, ANN D. SAKAHARA, RICHARD SATO, DAVID K. Beverly Hills Pacific Palisades Los Angeles Pasadena Fashion Design Gamma Phi Beta Graphic Design Fine Arts Alpha Gamma Delta Design Graphic Design Spring Sing Art Char. Editor 1967 Mardi Gras Comm. Southern Campus Homecoming Comm. Mortar Board Editor of Anchor President of President of Theta Xi Gamma Phi Beta Little Sisters Uni-Camp Counselor Soph. Class Council Spring Sing Executive Comm. ' 66 SCHELLMAN, LOIS E. SCHONER, SEARS, MARILYN UNNO, YOKO Arcadia MARLENE R. Playa del Rey Los Angeles Alpha Chi Omega Fullerton Graphic Design Environmental Design Music Alpha Gamma Delta Dean ' s list UniCamp Board A Capella Choir Theater Arts Social Chairman of Sabers Mabel Wilson Richards Scholarship Water Ski Rally Committee VARGA, JOSEPH A. Fullerton Art History Phi Eta Sigma Programming Comm. Student Cultural Commission WHITE, EVELYN N. West Covina Alpha Chi Omega Pictorial Art WIGOD, MARILYN Los Angeles Theater Arts Tutorial project Phrateres Twin Pines Coop. WISHNICK, AUDREY Los Angeles Theater Arts WOOD, CHRISTOPHER A. Los Angeles Theater Arts Motion Pictures Chairman of UCLA Fim Commission 1966 Homecoming Entertainment Chair. 1 966 Mardi Gras Entertainment Chair. President of Delta Kappa Alpha WYATT-, MARLA M. Hollywood Art Education ZIERING, SARA J. Pacific Palisades Art History 287 J I " 4 11531 358 IN Q.R $JOB 2,6,5000 302 on PUKCH 302 IS PRINTING ON I 351 IN Q.C JOB 0,5,3000 323 ON PUNCH 323 IS PRINTING ON 2 S841-BI0 CONNORS 2521E JACK J. 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KAPLAfJ 4r,BA JOB 777 JOB 36C. IM C.R JOB 5f,f, dfm HIGHEST PRIORITY 1 0,5,6000 2695P ALIC? LOU 0,7,3000 6035D W. TAUBERT :: ,3,1000 50 3 M. PARKINSON 9,3,2500 6007WT, WILLIAM THOMAS HIGHEST PRIORITY 0,3,2000 2389X PETERS-GIBBY 2850A L BLUE 5039FC, SORCNSON ONI - Ml - -, ' ::: :.:- - cc :: ft Ihi . 9,2,1200 9,3,1000 ' - 6PP7WT, WILLIAM TCCMAS r. Itpoi ' n TLA UK JOLfV ' . r ( j . ., ' ll SK. .J f $71 in .R ' l 1 , f!f .If.n 577 ,,, r ' ' I I ' .tl, JOH 7 , t,, , ,, ' tl, .if.. 71, | , , ' , ' " . " JOfl M-, . ' 1 ' . i. .1. .. 1,1 , . ' 1 . i , . . , , , . i w ..i I-M50 fc-Tr ..y -Tf; . ' r... t WT, w 1 1. i T -k-1 r ., - rr - NHMItttMH . . f- M ' ' t . . -. I - . T . - . ' . 1 .. H - ON i i i i ATKINSON, RONALD Palso Alto Sigma Chi Business Admin. AVERETT, GARY Mesa, Ariz. Theta Delta Chi Business Admin. NROTC BABIE, EDWARD Torrance Business Admin. Zeto Psi BAER, DAVID Los Angeles Busin ess Admin. Track BAKER, RONALD Dearborn, Mich. Theta Xi Business Admin. Homecoming Execu- tive Committee Spring Sing Exec Committee Blue Key BALL, CAROLYN Pacific Palisades Business Admin. Gamma Phi Beta Phi Beta Kappa Beta Gamma Sigma Mortar Board Pledge trainer for Gamma Phi Beta Treas. of Chimes BEDNERSH, WAYNE Manhattan Beach Business Admin. BALCH, DARYL Los Angeles Business Admin. Associated Students of Business BEEGUN, NORMAN BELOSIC, ROY Los Angeles Business Admin. Intramural Football Mardi Gras Publicity Ski Club BOAL, KIMBERLY Dayton, Ohio Business Admin. Alpha Kappa Psi Covina Marketing Honors Program Newman Club Association of Students Business BESKIN, STANLEY BLOOM, STEVEN North Hollywood Los Angeles Theta .Chi Accounting Business Admin. Triangle Fraternity 8REWINGTON, HEBER BREWER, TIMOTHY Brunot, Mo. Manhattan Beach Business Admin. Accounting President of Phi Kappa Sigma Alpha Kappa Psi CAMPBELL, ROBERT Los An geles Business Admin. Theto Delta Chi CARNEY, THOMAS CARSON, CHARLES CARTER, WALLY CORLETO, RICHARD South Pasadena Phi Kappa Sigma Business Admin. Alamo Business Admin. Rush Chairman and President of Alpha Kappa Psi Association of Students Business Lancaster Los Angeles Theta Chi Business Admin. Business Admin. Varsity Yell Leader President of Theta Chi Blue Key Southern Campus Staff COX, GEORGE CURB, CAROL CURRIER, CAM Whittier Hollywood Pasadena Business Admin. French Business Admin. Alpha Kappa Psi Mortar Board Educ. Abroad Chimes Vice-Pres. of French Club DEAN, CELINA DELANEY, JOHN DICHNER, DAVID Torrance Fresno Culver City Business Admin. Business Admin. Tau Delta Phi Phrateres Varsity Golf Business Admin. Phi Chi Theta Pres. of Newman Club Treasurer and Social Chairman of Tau Delta Phi DAVID, GEORGE Los Angeles Business Admin. Alpha Kappa Psi Scoutmaster of Boy Scouts of America Business Administra- tion Honors Program Karate Club DUELKE, DEAN West Covina Sigma Alpha Epsilon Business Admin. Uni-Camp Exec. Board Blue Key Chairman of Finance Committee Student Legisla- tive Council ELLIS, DAVID Burba nk Business Admin. Beta Gamma Sigma Beta Alpha Psi Frosh Track Letterman FAUBUS, DONALD Buena Park Business Admin. Intramural Athletics FIELD, WILLIAM, JR. Los Angeles Business Admin. Alpha Kappa Psi FORD, WARWICK New Zealand Business Admin. Alpha Tau Omega Varsity Crew FORREST, CARRYL Los Angeles Business Admin. FRIMKESS, DONALD Los Angeles Sigma Alpha Mu Accounting FUNTSCH, JOHN Los Angeles Alpha Tau Omega Business Admin. FURUTO, SHARI Los Angeles Quantative Methods 289 W f g. ' JJH , v$. GALLARDO, ERNEST GANULIN, RICHARD GAY, MICHAEL GLUCK, STEPHEN Montebello Inglewood La Jolla Los Angeles Business Admin. Himalaya House Accounting Business Admin. HedrickHall Alpha Kappa Psi Business Admin. Society for the Ad- Varsity Baseball vancement of Management Southern California Luncheon Club GORDON, EUGENE GREENBERG, MYRON HACK, CHARLES Los Angeles Los Angeles Compton Business Admin. Zeta Beta Tau Business Admin. Pros, of Pi Lambda Phi Business Admin. Alpha Phi Alpha HARTSHORN, TERRY Long Beach Sigma Nu Marketing Homecoming Comm. Pres. of Chaos House Treas. of Blue Key Spring Sing Execu- (Sproul Hall) Capt. of Varsity Golf five Committee Ail-American Golf HORSFALL, BRIAN Los Angeles Business Admin. HUNT, ROBERT San Marino Business Admin. Beta Gamma Sigma Alpha Beta Psi HURWITZ, ROBERT Los Angeles Alpha Kappa Psi Accounting, Finance ISRAEL, EDWARD Whittier Business IZUMO, PATRICIA JARVI, CHARLES Los Angeles San Gabriel Accounting Business Admin. Chi Alpha Delta Alpha Kappa Psi Beta Gamma Sigma Beta Alpha Psi Association of Students Business KAUFMAN, BRIAN KICE, CHARLES Los Angeies Vista Business Admin. Finance Varsity Golf Lett erman Acacia NROTC Vice-Pros, of Circle K Social Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary of Acacia IFC Judicial Council JARMULA, FLORENCE JOHNSON, JAY Mission Hills Tiburon Business Admin. Beta Theta Pi Business Admin. Blue Key KINDLER, JOHN Pasadena Business Admin. Tau Kappa Epsilon KOHN, MICHAEL Woodland Hills Marketing Acacia KRAM, EDNA Tel Aviv Los Angeles Quantitative Methods Business Admin. Association of Students Business Schoo of Business Admin. Honors List KUNIYOSHI. GEORGE LAKE, ROBERT Los Angeles Business Admin. LAVERTY, ROBERT Los Angeles Business Admin. Sigma Nu MARTIN, MARGARET Yucaipa Alpha Sigma Pi Business Admin. Theta Xi Little Sister Phi Chi Theta Spurs MILLER, PHILIP Van Nuys Accounting 290 LINCOLN, HARRY LONG, HING Los Angeles Los Angeles Alpha Gamma Omega Accounting Finance Beta Alpha Psi Association of Students, Business MATSUKANE, MELVIN McCORMAC, Oran ge CHARLES Accounting Bakersfield Accounting Sigma Chi Treas. of Sigma Chi Spring Sing Promo- tions Chairman Mardi Gras Comm. Elections Board LANDSBERG, RON Hollywood Business Admin. Delta Sigma Phi Blue Key Rugby MARSHALL, CHRISTINE Fullerton Business Admin. Alpha Chi Omega Bruin Belles Twirler with UCLA Band Mortar Board Prytaneans President of Alpha Chi Omega MEYERS, RICHARD La Canada Business Admin. Beta Gamma Sigma MILLER, ROSS Santa Monica Delta Sigma Phi Business Admin. Aardvarks MOMMAERTS, ROBERT MUNIO, DAVID Los Angeles Alhambra Business Admin. Business Admin. Sigma Nu NUTTELMAN, ODER, J. DAVID ONGAIGUI, JIMMY PERISHO, JAMES PAMELA Garden Grove Rizal, Philippines El Cajon Arleta Quantitative Methods Marketing Accounting Business Admin. Kappa Kappa Psi Rieber Hall Resi- Theta Delta Chi California Club dence Assn. Honorary Blue Key UCLA Bond Uni-Camp Vice-Pros, of IFC ASUCLA Board of Control PETT, LARRY ROBERTS, SUZANNE RUTTENBERG, GARY SACHS, ALAN Inglewood Glendale Los Angeles Los Angeles Business Admin. Gamma Phi Beta Alpha Epsilon Pi Business Admin. Business Admin. Bus. Manager of Alpha Kappa Psi President of Mardi Gras Society for the Gamma Phi Beta Ski Club Advancement Treas. of Mortar Board Rally Committee of Management Vice-President of Co-Manager Alpha Phi Omega Prytaneons of KCSB-FM University Chorus Beta Gamma Sigma Rider UCSB Chimes School Mascot SALVARIA, ROBERT SALZMAN, MICHAEL SCHNIER, STEVEN SHEAR, JACK North Hollywood Los Angeles West Covino Los Angeles Sigma Alpha Epsilon Business Admin. Alpha Tou Omega Alpha Epsilon Pi Business Admin. Alpha Kappa Psi Business Admin. Business Admin. Blue Key Intramural Sports Honors student Men ' s Glee Club Tutorial project Mardi Gras Comm. SHIPTON, BRIAN SHOOP, WILLIAM SINGER, JEROLD SMALL, LARRY Miami Beach, Flo. Inglewood Beverly Hills Kansas City, Mo. Sigma Alpha Epsilon Business Admin. Business Finance Business Admin. Real Estate Beta Gamma Sigma Student Judicial Board French Club Chrmn. of Junior Class Concert Chrmn. of Student Relations Bd. Pres. of Sigma Alpha Epsilon SMALLEY, KENNETH SOULIS, KENNA Chicago, Ills. San Jose Delta Tau Delta Business Admin. Business Phi Chi Theta STOKES, KATHRYN Glendora PhiMu Business Admin. Treas. of Phi Mu Pres. of Phi Chi Theta Tutorial Project SUH, HONG WON Seoul, Korea Business Admin. SUH, RAYMOND SUSHEK, HARRY SWARTZ, ROBERT TATKA, TOM Seoul, Korea Business Admin. Beta Gamma Sigma Toronto, Ontario Accounting Los Angeles Finance Varsity Crew Hunting Club SLC Ad Hoc Comm. Los Angeles Business Admin. Delta Sigma Phi Varsity Rowing Club Executive Council People-to-People THOMAS, WILLIAM TUCEY, RICHARD VALLENS, MICHAEL VEREEKE, JAMES El Cerrito Long Beach North Hollywood Cleveland, Ohio Business Admin. Business Admin. Accounting Marketing Torridon House - Vice-Pros. ofProgram! Intramural Basketball Rieber Hall and Vice-Pros, of Pres. of Bruin Ski Club Membership of the Vice-President of Society for the Torridon House Advancement URA Executive Comm. of Management Sunset Canyon Rec. Center Student Comm. WEBER, BRIAN WICKHAM, ROBERT WOLFSON, JON Los Angeles Los Angeles Los Angeles Alpha Tau Omega Business Admin. Business Admin. Business Admin. Chairman of Kelps Rally Committee Alpha Kappa Psi 291 SCHOOL OF PUBLIC HEALTH SCHOOL OF NUR BOYLE, CAROL Spring Valley Nursing CHILSON, MARY San Diego Phrateres Alpha Tau Delta COOMBES, SUSAN Burba nk Nursing COWLISHAW, LYNDA San Bernardino Nursing Alpha Tau Delta CUMBEY, KATHLEEN Riverside Nursing Gamma Phi Beta Anchors Southern Campus Staff Sigma Chi Little Sister FOX, SARAH Rolling Hills Nursing Alpha Delta Pi HARTGROVE, WANDA Son Bernardino Nursing HOLMES, KRISTAN Los Angeles Nursing Delta Delta Delta Prytannean Spurs Student Nurses Assn. of Calif. Shell and Oar UCLAmigos Uni-Camp LOGAN, SUZANNE Los Angeles Nursing Pres. of Austen House, Hershey Holl Treas. of Senior Nursing Class Alpha Tau Delta MASON, DEANNA Anaheim Nursing Alpha Tau Delta MASSEY, BARBARA Mallbu Nursing Secretary of Alpha Tau Delta NOBLE, JUDITH Whiftier Nursing Women ' s Tennis University Chorus Tennis Doubles Championship-AAWU Pres. of Senior Class OLSEN, ROBIN La Canada Nursing PIGUET, JUDY Laguna Beach Nursing Delta Gamma SALTZER, aEANOR Los Angeles Nursing Mortar Board Student Nurse of the Year- 1 966 Sproul Hall Exec. Sec. UniCamp Board SAMPSON, SUSAN Orange Nursing Dormitory Floor Pres. Social Chairman SCALA, MARY Van Nuys Nursing STAMLER, CARRIE WATSON, CHARMIAN YODA, SUZAN Los Angeles Orange Gardena Nursing Nursing Nursing Noti ' l Student Alpha Tau Delta Theto Kappi Phi Nurses Assn. President Pledge Nisei Bruins Club Marshall of Alpha UniCamp Counselor Tau Delta Vice Pres. Pres. of Senior Class School of Nursing BARONDESS, JOAN Glendale Public Health Phi Sigma Sigma Spring Sing Exec SoCam soles Tutorial project HONDA, RAY JACOBUS, FREDRIC Los Angeles Cleveland, Ohio Environmental Health Public Health Public Health Assn. Bruin Mountaineers Spring Sing Comm. SEAWARD, LYNN Bakersfield Public Health Anchors Tutorial project Boat and Ski Club WONG, PEARL Hong Kong Dietetics Corr. Sec ' y of Chinese Intercollegiate Club f 294 SCHOOL OF MEDICINE SCHOOL OF LAW f, I , ' PfP X k f k J ; SCHOOL OF ARCHITECTURE AND URBAN PLANNING p y U . ... ..:- ' EDUCA 1 ] ' ION 3ERTIC n I ALEXANDRIDIS, AMMANN, ALAN NIKITAS MBA M.S. Quantitative Methods Electrical Engineering Jackson, Miss. Thessaloniki, Greece Tsf: Mississippi St. U. Tsf: Ohio University Phi Kappa Phi Regents Fellowship Beta Gamma Sigma Eta Kappa Nu Hon. Tau Beta Pi Honorary IEEE International Club BISHOP, GARTH Business Admin. Anaheim BORK, NORMA Ph. D Speech Pathology Loma Linda " A Cineflourographic Study of FourSuperior Esophageal Speakers " BRONSTEIN, PAUL CABUNIAG, EVELYN CHEN, CHERN-PING CHUANG, JAMES LIB MA MS MBA Law Theater Arts Engineering Integrated Bus. Adm. Los Angeles Television Radio Fuken, China Hong Kong Phi Alpha Delia Tiaong, Quezon, Tsf: Cheng Kung Univ. Tsf: Loyola Univ. Philippines Bending and Twisting In-Field Company Tsf: Univ. of the East Rigidity Properties of Consultation Study " A Descriptive Study a Three-Way Pre- Epsilon Pi Delia of a Television stressed Segmented Association of Curriculum " Ceramic Plate Student Business COHEN, JEROME COOKLER, COOPER, RICHARD DADERIAN, LOUCINE MBA JONATHAN MA MS Quantitative Methods MBA Economics Nursing Los Angeles Accounting Polos Verdes Est. Beirut, Lebanon Tsf: Univ. of Illinois Encino Phi Delta Theta Tsf: Cal State Beta Gamma Sigma Pi Lambda Phi Kelps Assoc. Student in Bus. Vice-Pres. of Blue Key AIIE Beta Gamma Sigma Comm. Board Beta Alpha Psi Rugby Phi Eta Sigma DAGAN, DAWSON, JAMES DELANO, DONALD DE SANTIS, JAMES MENACHEM MA LLB MBA Tel Aviv, Israel Geology Law Marketing International Business Toronto, Ontario Orange Santa Ana Assn. of Students " The Geology of the Tsf: UC Riverside and Business Bluff Cove area, Falk- land Islands " Board of Dir. of Univ. Co-op. Housing Assn. Geological Soc. UCLA DEW, PHOEBE DUHU, ROBERT FANT, MARSHALL FINKEL, GARY MA MSC. MBA MS Historical Musicology Physical Education Business Admin, in Business Admin. Hong Kong Mbu, Nsukka Prov. Urban Land Economics Los Angeles " Francis Hopkinson Nigeria Santa Ana Alpha Kappa Psi and His Music " " International Rela- Tsf: Cal State Fullerton Ski Club tions Through Track and Field Events " Scientific Principles of Coaching in Track and Field Athletics GAGE, GLENN HAIMES, JACOV HARARY, MARTIN MS MS MBA Accounting Engineering Accounting Bakersfield Jerusalem, Israel Los Angeles Tsf: Fresno St. College " Optimal Estimation Phi Sigma Delta Alpha Kappa Psi o , Rese rvoir Para- meters " AIME ASTM HARVEY, STEPHEN MBA Quantitative Methods Cleveland Hgts., O. Tsf: Ohio WesleyanU. Phi Delia Theta Association of Students Business HOFFMAN, SANDRA HSIEH, HaENA JENSEN, MICHAEL KANASUGI, AKINOBU MSPH HUI-YU MBA Tokyo, Japan Public Health MA Int ' l Bus. Finance Business Admin. Sherman Oaks Educational Psych. San Fernando " The Importance Tapei, Taiwan Sigma Chi of a Father " " The Effect of Verbal Beta Gamma Sigma Alpha Lambda Delta Pretraining on Dis- Varsity Crew crimination Learning of Chinese Characters by Young Children " KAPITANOFF, KASSIS, NOURA KLINK, JAMES KORN, DONALD WILLIAM MS MBA MS MS Nursing Marketing Physics Accounting Aleppo, Syria Santa Barbara Los Angeles Los Angeles Tsf: Amer. Univ. of Beirut, Lebanon Phi Beta Kappa Graduation with " The Effect of Extra Highest Honors TacNle-kinesthetlc Waterpolo Stimulation and the Swimming Toleration of Stress in Sigma Pi Sigma Hospitalized Infants " KOYANAGI, BRENDA LASTER, LONNIE LATIFI, SHAH TAWAB LEVINE, MARGARET MA MS MA MA Education Engineering Theater Arts English Haleiwa, Hawaii Tsf: Univ. of Hawaii Anaheim Tsft UC Santa Barbara Kabul, Afghanistan " The Law of Cause Los Angeles " An Inventory of Elementary Teachers ' Knowlegeof Guidance " " System and Logical Design of a Boolean Analyzer " National Science and Effect in Play- writing " Harry Kurnitz Play- Pi Lambda Theta Foundation Trainee writing Award Phi Kappa Phi I - ' - M t " rr 9 LOCKMANN, RONALD MA Geography Glendale " Burbank California: An Historical Geography " LOWRY, KEITH MA Italian Buena Park LUCERO, FE MA English Career, Cebu Philippines Fulbright- Hayes Grantee (Exchange Visitor) MACK, MARY MA History Baltimore Md. Tsf: Morgan St. Coll. Alpha Kappa Alpha MAGUBANE, MAGUIRE, ROBERT MANSY, GAMALAT MASUDA, JAMES BERNARD MS LLB Ph.D Pediatric Nursing Law Sociology Alexandria, U.A.R. Gardena Durban, South Africa " The Effects of Extra- Tsf: UC Berkeley " American Negro ' s tactile Kinesthetic Phi Alpha Delta Conception of Africa Stimulation on some A Study in the Aspects of theGrowth Ideology of Pride and Dvelopment of and Prejudice " Premature Infants " MATSUOKA, TAKUO McKEIGHEN, MEDRANO, DIEGO MEEKER, MARTIN Yamaguchi, japan ROSEMARY MA, Standard Sec. MBA Electrical Engineering MS Hispanic Folklore Business Admin. Tau Beta Pi Nursing Tula re Arcadia Los Angeles Tsf: U. of San Franciscc Tsf: U. of Notre Dam Assoc. of Mexican- American Educators MEHAS, PETER MS Physical Education Fresno Tsf: Fresno St. College " Effects of Verbal En- couragement Upon Mole Athletes " Asst. Freshman Football Coach Blue Key NIEMINSKY, ARTHUR MERCHANT, NAJMUDDIN PhD Public Health Karachi -2, Pakistan Tsf: Univ. of Karachi " Environmental Sys- tem Design Water Reclamation for West Pakistan " Fulbright Travel NWANA, aiAS MA Education Bali, Bamenda Federal Republic of Cameroon MESHEKOW, LOIS MA History Los Angeles Tsf: San Fernando Valley State OKUBO, RUBY MPH Public Health Los Angeles MOKABEL, SOHEIR MS Nursing Los Angeles OLIVER, WILLIAM MB Electrical Engineerin Culver City " Detection of Inclusion in Lossy Half-space " Engr. Soc, of UC IEEE OLSEN, GERALD MS Journalism Camarillo Tsf: San Jose St. Coll. Sigma Delta Chi OSGANIAN, GARY MBA Business Admin. Ktngsburg Association of Students Business PARK, CHUL MS Engineering Seoul, Korea " A Study of Capillary Pressure on Unconsoli- dated Porous Media " RAMASWAMY, S. RANGEL- , ROBERT MA English Chicago, Illinois Alpha Phi Omega Associated Students Scholarship RICHARD, WARREN MS Quantitative Methods Beverly Hills " Simulation of a Re- mote Teleprocessing System " RUBINS, IRVING MBA Business Admin. Los Angeles TSf: San Fernando Valley State College Treas. of Alpha Kappa Psi SAKMAR, WILLIAM MS Journalism Pittsburgh, Pa. Kappa Tau Alpha SANGER, HOWARD L. Studio City Sproul Hall Law Phi Alpha Delta House Advisor of Sproul Hall SCHRAGER, JERRY MA Economics New York, N.Y. Men ' s Athletic Co- ordinator for Dykstra Residence Hall SLATTER, EDWIN MA Anthropooogy Anthropology El Cajon Tsf: San Diego State " The Relation of Settle- ment Pattern to Aban- donment in the Ameri- can Southwest During the 13th Century " SMITH, aROY JR. MS Engineering La Mirada " Some Properties of a Ferrimagnetic and Ferroelectric Cer- amic Mixture " STURN, BRIGITTE SUZUKI, MASAYOSHI TENENBAUM, MA MBA MURRAY English Business Admin. MA Freiburg, Germany Tsf: Freiburg Univ. Monterey Pork Judo Club Political Science Los Angeles Graduate Research Fellow at Security Studies Center Pi Sigma Alpha TREIMAN, LAWRENCE MA Journalism Los Angeles Sigma Delta Chi Vice Pros, of URA Photo Club 303 TUNG, PAUL URUETA, ROMANA VALAND, VANIAN, DORCAS MS MS ISHWARBHAI MA Engineering Nursing MS History Taipei, Taiwan Los Angeles Bioslatistics Pasadena " The Diffusion of Bombay, India Delta Gamma Silver in Nickel " Tsf: Ahmedebad WALKER, GROVER LLB Law Chicago, III. Tsf: Univ. of Missouri Phi Alpha Delta Young Democrats Newman Club Harambee WASANTATAS, PACHARA MA Education Early Childhood Bangkok, Thailand ZELINKA, HARRY MS Social Welfare Los Angeles Tsf: Son Diego State " The Mental Patient ' s Perception of the Hos- pital at Admission " Social Welfare Student Organization ZUCKER, ALFRED Ph.D Education No. Hollywood " A Study of English Composition in the Junior Colleges " Phi Beta Kappa Univ. Honors Program Donforth Fellow Nom. President of Phi Delta Kappa WEEKS, ROBERT LLB Law Harbor City Theta Delta Chi Chairman of Board of Control California Club Chair, of Spring Sing Chairman of Homecoming Parade Moot Court Honors Program WILDER, DENNIS Ph.D Psychology New York, N. Y. " The Luminous Sensi- tivity of Color Blind and Color NormalOb- servers in Different Re- gions of the Visual Spectrum " 304 wiS I ' I-J organizations ALPHA KAPPA PSI Bool, Kim Brewington, Heber Carson, Charlie Cooper, Andy Cox, George David, George DeVore, Paul Elser, Jack Finkel, Gary Gage, Glenn Gallardo, Ernie Gay, Mike Ginsburg, Paul Grinzlat, Ohad Hauser, Phil Hurwitz, Bob Jarvi, Chuck Masuda, Mel Opiat, Robert Rubins, Irving Sachs, Alan Salzman, Michael Schott, Chris Shafer, Gerald Smooke, Mike Stepner, Mike Swetow, Bruce Thomas, Steve Verger, Paul Vogel, Ron Wacchter, Mike Whited, Craig HEBER BREWINGTON and CHARLIE CARSON Alpha Kappa Psi, professional frater- nity in business administration and economics, enjoyed a very successful year under the administrations of Heber Brewington and Charlie Carson. Dr. Clarence Huizenga served as our advisor again this yearasourmember- ship rose to over fifty members. As usual, our professional activities were outnumbered by our social and ath- letic events. The brothers participated in a tour of the Busch Gardens (TGIF) and an evening professional on the Apollo Space Program. The annual New Years Eve party was a great success, as was the Four Chapter Da nee. Other activities included the FourChap- ter football tournament, and a tennis tournament. Once again this year, we won the coveted National Efficiency Award. AKPsi ' s first annual Mardi Gras Playmate, (Sue Williams) parade. ALPHA PHI OMEGA | iter- 1C s er successful tfninisMons oi andChorlieCorson, purred os our rtoraswrneinber- r i| Mfibers. As MNlKfvitieswere xr Kid end oth- ydNnportidpoted :::-- " - ' - on os a 0 OMJ a tennis (flgpoteyeor, :- Chi chapter of Alpha Phi Omega has served the UCLA campus since 1931. Alpha Phi Omega is a service fraternity dedicated to service to the nation, community, campus, and frater- nity. Chi chapter participates in all major campus events including Mardi Gras, Uni-Prep, Homecoming, and Spring Sing. The fraternity also pro- vides the student body with services such as the Car Pool Files, Charity contests such as the King Contest of Mardi Gras, and Subject A proctering. We serve the community through our work on the Blood Drive, and the nation as the representatives of the Peace Corps. OFFICERS: Andy Denes, Ken Zatlin, Lew Leader. SECOND ROW : Larry Kohn, Tom Hennig, Bob Jones, Danny Rosenblatt, Toby Rothschild, Don Manes. Prize-Winning Homecoming Queen ' s Float built by brothers of Alpha Phi Omega and Alpha Omicron Pi Sorority. Brother Ken Salzman as Joe Bruin. ANCHORS Agon, Pat Agan, Shirley Bagladi, Julie Bagge, Janice Bailey, Nancy Baker, Cheryl Beaubien, Mary Berg, Doreen Booz, Cindy Brown, Pat Buchanan, Joan Burr, Suzanne Cervanak, Gloria Finley, Marcie Goss, Linda Hanna, Rosemarie Hauch, Joann Hebden, Marsha Herman, Danien Horan, Peggy Hutchins, Holly Jackson, Karen Jolly, Pam Kimble, Rose Mary Koerper, Jean Magee, JoAnn McCain, Margaret McClelland, Ann McGiven, Leslie Mersits, Lynn Michler, JoAnna Miller, Shirley Mindling, Gayle Morris, Lynn Newkirk, Nadenia Reich, Joanne 308 With the largest pledge class ever, Anchors set their sails high for a busy year ahead. Under the able leader- ship of President, Marilyn Sullivan, particiaption in campus events with the midshipmen of NROTC included such projects as a float in the Homecoming Parade which captured second prize in the competition. Fall rush included such activities as teas, tapping, a Welcome Aboard Tea and was climaxed by for- mal initiation and presents when the new Anchors were introduced to the midshipmen. Activities with the mid- shipmen included exchanges, partici- pation in two service projects, and Anonymous Anchors kept the midship- men guessing as to who their secret benefactors could be. Anchors kept up their busy schedule in the Spring with the rushing of new members, a tri- service exchange with the other ROTC units on campus and their zuxilaries, the Military Ball, and, to climax a busy and successful year, the Stripe and Star Ball. usy - portici- . Wan kept up Mbioft : I to dim o busy Richardson, Lynda Seaward, Lynn Shaw, Linda Shambaugh, Linda Shatun, Bonnie Skaglund, Linda Stewart, Susan Stiel, Sherree Steinman, Patti Strong, Sue Sullivan, Marilyn Summers, Andrea Thorsen, Carol Viel, Paula Volstorff, Jeanne Whitney, Janet Woodward, Denise Yates, Yvonne Midshipmen and Anchors meet in the wardroom during a Thursday party. ANGELFLIGHT Benulis, Cynthia Bitter, Laurie Breeland, Vicky Chooljian, Nancy Cohodas, Anne Dolim, Diane Fawell, Susan Fessenden, Shirle Garside, Gayle Guenter, Robin Guenther, Nina Haber, Cathleen Hetherington, Batbara Jekel, Pam Mazzarino, Paula Meier, Jane Naples, MaryJo Oakley, Karen Palmer, Lynn Pearl, Lucky Polito, Mary Rowland, Judy Sarris, Judith Scott, Sheryl Shand, Kandi Stinemates, Pat Wegner-Hanssen, Kriss Wakeman, April Angel Flight is the honorary auxil- iary of the Arnold Air Society. Acti- vities this year included participation in Mardi Gras, Homecoming, Spring Sing and a widely varied social program consisting of hayrides, picnics, beach parties, beer bust, spaghetti dinners, semi-formal dinner dances and a theater party. Angel Flight also has an outstanding Women ' s Drill Team which has participated in several west coast competitions. Angel Flight at UCLA is planning to submit a bid for national headquarters to be located here in 1968. A trip to Miami Beach in April to attend National Conclave was a fun and important part of this planning. 310 ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY . Acti- in . ' ' V ' olsohos ' $[ ii erolwest itabrtobdfor ! to be located - ' :-. - . . P tat port of this FRONT ROW: B. Mills, D. McEwen, A. Katz, T. Cof- fee, K. Watson. SECOND ROW: S. Crawford, R. MacMinn, B. Put- nam, C. Miller. THIRD ROW: T. McCutcheon, J. Whitsett, D. She- wev. R. Moreno. FOURTH ROW: R. Schuman, M. Martini, S. Mills, S. Dement. The Arnold Air Society is a profes- sional honorary service organization of selected Air Force ROTC cadets and is active on the campuses of 176 of the nation ' s leading colleges and uni- versities. It is a private, non-profit or- ganization with a national membership of approximately 5500 during each academic year. FIFTH ROW: G. Anzelon, N. McFarlane, R. Down- ing, D. Shaw, W. Nutting. SIXTH ROW: P. Taylor, M. Thomas, D. Osterberg, J. Sears, Z. DeTorok. SEVENTH ROW: L. Stuppy, R. Taylor, M. Rosen- berg, T. Seitzler. The National Headquarters for Arn- old Air Society rotates each year to a college or university selected the previous year at National Conclave, the legislative body for Arnold Air. The Captain Don Brown Squadron is the local chapter of the society here at UCLA and is presently planning to bid for National Headquarters in 1968. BLUE KEY Carter, Wally Clark, Charlie Cole, Mike Coleman, Merritt Cooper, Rick Doss, Bob Duelke, Dean Hahn, Jeffrey Hateley, Mike Howard, Roger Kolker, Bob Landsberg, Ron Larson, Dennis Michaels, Bob Perisho, Jim Prutsman, Gary Rethmeier, Ken Rowse, Gary Salvaria, Bob Selfridge, Bill Tenenbaum, Sam Thayer, Rob Walker, Gary Wiesblott, Allan Wiese, Larry Williams, Tudor Woodruff, Bob Blue Key Officers meet previous to bargaining with Governor Reagan on tuition. This year Blue Key has delved into many interesting fields of study. The In and Out Colloquium has been very successful in b r i ng i n g distinguished speakers to the bi-monthly dinner meet- ings of Blue Key. Many subjects of great magnitude have been presented to this distinguished body of student leaders with amazing results. Socially we alsohavemanagedtobethe leaders and initiators of many of the traditional activities that have brightened the aca- demic community and improved the image of our University. All in all Blue Key has had another successful year. April showers foretell of the May Champagne party. Bruine 5 , .: ' -- 1 hostess activities Day, " campus " blueblw ' were on yeorotUQA. . A meeting with Dean Brookside speaking on Distaillate Chemistry. BRUINETTES Bruinettes offer freshmen girls a wonderful experience serving as hostesses for campus events. Their activities for the year included helping to guide visitors at Federal Career Day, hostessing guest celebrities at Homecoming, and instilling pep at freshmen athletic events. Seen around campus in their uniforms of powder blue blouses and navy skirts, Bruinettes were an enthusiastic addition to this year at UCLA. : Socially Maveety, Hillary McNitt, Evy Melnick, Lolly Michel, Virginia Monk, Annie Moss, Doreen Moss, Marilee Obeso, Cecilia Osborn, Robin Overmyer, Luann Rowan, Marilyn Stanton, Adrianne Stern, Maureen Wax, Ruth Weiss, Dianne Wilkes, Terry Yamazaki, Mary Young, Kari Beaubien, Mary Bell, Elizabeth Bennett, Meldoy Braun, Karin Burch, Cheryl Carroll, Susie Corpenning, Sue Chute, Becky Colen, Sue Garb, Susan Goldenberg, Linda Goslins, Miriam Gould, Allison Gunter, Pat Horan, Peggy Kolom, Elana Kreuitz, Sharon Kurahashi, Lilly Kurtzman, Carol Lazerus, Donna Leonard, Joan Levine, Karen Magenhe, Marlene Matthews, Cathy BRUIN BELLES Anson, April Baker, Jeanne Barnett, Betsy Barton, Susan Berlie, Karen Brandt, Nancy Braun, Margie Braun, Trudy Bridges, Ann Brown, Colleen Bugge, Solveig Carlson, Claire Clegg, Cindy Conwell, Libby Conwell, Sue Crouch, Sharon deVarona, Donna Evans, Stacy Farley, Andrea Friedrichs, Terry Fuller, Marilyn Glauser, Sandy Gordon, Sharon Hankins, Mary Ann Hanson, Kathleen Hickey, Robyn Holmes, Sally Hooper, Martha Hunt, Sandra Jacobson, Jeanie Johns, Carolyn Kincaid, Julie Korkas, Andrea Kriste, Terese LeFevre, Linda Lengnick, Cyndy 314 Serving as the official campus hostess and welcoming committee, the Bruin Belles are often called upon to meet foreign dignataries, greet guest speakers and welcome visiting athletic teams. They also serve as hostesses for various campus activities such as Federal Career Day and International Week. Their varied backgrounds and enthusiastic outlooks on life are attributes which lend themselves as ideal representatives of UCLA wher- ever they go. Lissner, Judy Marshall, Christine Masterson, Kathie McCloud, Sherry McDermaid, Suzy McDermott, Katie Mustad, Ariane Nolan, Nancy Ondrasik, Judy Otto, Linda Pagliuso, Linda Palmquist, Terry Pearce, Stephanie Pullman, Barbara Reed, Tallulah Reel, Diane Reller, Susan Sass, Rosalee Shelly, Leslye Snell, Diane Stenan, Diana Stiles, Ann Streeter, Sue Stueber, Renee Supple, Ann Swanson, Kathy Ullman, Sheryl Victor, Lisa Welsh, Barbara Whang, Marsha Whited, Ellen Williams, Mary Lou 315 ' Winters, Carol Woodlock, Rosemary Yoder, Laurie CAL CLUB Anson, April Broun, Trudy Emerson, Chris Green, Alan Howard, Roger Javor, Ron LeFevre, Linda Leslie, Judy Michaels, Bob Ondrasik, Judy Perisho, Jim Swarner, Cheryl Larry Wiese Tudor Williams Allen Weisblott California Club is a statewide organi- zation comprised of twenty-five student leaders and outstanding students from each of the campuses of the University. Appointed by the President of the Uni- versity, the members serve in an ad- visory capacity to him, communicating student opinion on matters of Univer- sity concern by meeting with him, dis- cussion of topics relating to the Uni- versity, periodical issuing of reportson these topics, and through an annual statewide Cal Club Convention spon- sored by the President. Discussion topics this year included hearing the student voice and evaluating the quar- ter system. Chairman of the UCLA Chapter is Judy Ondrasik. Faculty Ad- visor is Dean Norman Miller. CHI DELTA PI FIRST ROW: Andrea Bass; Denise Vandenberg; Judy Motel; Lisa Tarsey (President); Pat Looney (Secretary); Joyce Kellner (Treasurer); Bob Levine (Vice-Pres.). SECOND ROW: Virginia Ikkanda; Wendy Rawsen; Susan Smith; Cheryl Moroney; Kathy Bregder; Miriam Jurland; Jay Kenoff. THIRD ROW; Lary Grobel; Cal Oltrogge; Marie Maguire; Robert Speziale; Richard Schenker; Marty Hogue. Chi Delta Pi is the English Honor Society at UCLA. Juniors and Seniors with a high scholastic average in English are rewarded with membership. Lisa Tarsey has led them through several coffee hourswithdistinguished novelists, poets, and play- wrights. CHIMES Chimes, the junior women ' s honorary organization consisting of thirty women have been active within the organiza- tion in the year of 1966-67. Some of the activities include inviting guest teachers to discuss the problems of the universityandworldaffairs. Chimes have been interested in the Uni- campers by spending a Saturday in the park with thirty-five under- privileged children, and by collecting money and selling buttons during Fall and Spring Drives. Chimes maintain good relations with otherorganizations on campus by participating in a breakfast with Spurs and in Mardi Gras with Spurs and Mortar Board.- As a group of women who maintain a grade point of 2.75 and who are active in other campus organizations, Chimes are interested in understanding and promoting the goals of the University of California on campus and in the community. Amberg, Holly Anson, April Barrie, Judy Berlie, Karen Bramson, Bobbie Burns, Cheryl Creech, Cheryl Gormly, Fay Gray, Beverly Hedrick, Judy Hillyer, Leslie Jackson, Karen Marissael, Carole Pantazelos, Jana Philips, Gale Roth, Stephana Schleichy, Carolyn Steinberg, Roberta Stenen, Diana Strasberg, Cheryl ! Newly-initiated Chimes transfer students November 12, 1966. Packaging fortune cookies. The initiation ceremony . CONNING TOWER Ens. Averett, Gary Ens. Buss, Phillip Ens. Campbell, Jay Ens. Courtney, Lucien Ens. Doe, James Ens. Elliott, Robert Ens. Ewan, Joel Ens. Fritsch, Kurt Ens. Covers, Richard Ens. Kice, Chuck Ens. Land, Stephen Ens. Lee, Mark Ens. Muccia, Dan Ens. Noel, Ray 2nd Lt. Nyderek, Joseph Ens. Perisho, Jim 2nd Lt. Piper, Travis Ens. Salez, Nelson Ens. Sharp, Vic Ens. Sholders, Mike Ens. Stevenson, Scott Ens. Van Saun, David CONNING TOWER is the profes- sional and social organization of the Naval ROTC unit at UCLA. Open to all of the Midshipmen of the battalion, CONNING TOWER serves to unify its members by promoting firm friend- ships. The Midshipmen also gain prac- tical experience on field trips and cruises on the open sea. During the year, the men of CONNING TOWER held exchanges with the Anchors (wo- men ' s auxilliary to Navy), published the unit yearbook " Porthole, " and finally presented the social highlight of the year, the Stripe and Star Ball. the Mo dents. coning, In addition on onnufll W doy snow ty spring quo " Mosonic initiation events. The year is completed by the Stripe And Star Ball. " " a of the S fan friend- 1 ' MASONIC AFFILIATE CLUB lnproc- trips and : The Masonic Affiliate Club is a social organization open for membership to all Masonically affiliated UCLA stu- dents. It is non-political, non-religious, and non-ritualistic. The M.A. Clubparti- cipates in campus events such as home- coming, Mardi Gras, and Spring Sing. In addition it holds its own social events: an annual fall formal dance, a four day snow trip (between winter and spring quarters), a reception for the Masonic Grand Master, semi-annual initiations, a nd numerous smaller events. Bell, Jim De Arrietta, Cheryl Donner, Laurel Ellis, Susan Gilbert, Doug Hook, Carol John, Edward John, Verlene Joslin, David Lewandowski, John MacTarnaghan, Jean Manheim, Terri Matthews, Wendy Miller, Paul Randall, John Rumsey, Linda Samow, Alan Schlock, Carol Wolfe, Cathy Wolfe, George INTAC INTAC Executive Board; Mr. William Good, Vice-President; Miss Didi Stein (USA), Board Member; Mr. Dalbir Negi (India), President; Mr. Jack Ahmadian (Iran), Board Member; Miss Renee Elliot (USA), Advisor to INTAC. Not pictured are Board Members Fernando Gonzalez (Nicaragua) and Ralph Bradi (Denmark). The International Activites Club (INTAC) is a student organization and a subsidiary of ASUCLA, dedicated to the enrichment of the international aspects of student life and to fostering an international understanding among ALL students. The vehicles for furthering this goal are the INTAC activities and programs, which are as diverse and colorful as its membership. Such activities are planned and organized to create an atmosphere of mutual understanding and friendship between different peoples and cultures. The gamut of activities ranges from social to cultural, from movies and discussion lectures to bus tours to interesting and famous places, from Nationality Dinners and Entertainment to informal coffee hours, and from mountain hikes to beach parties, to mention a few. FASHION BOARD v . fc P aSaSSS FRONT: Linda Pagliuso (chairman). FIRST ROW: Sandy Glauser (co-ordinator), Jan Fox, Susan Grant, Carole Knaul. SECOND ROW: Carol Winters, Terese Kriste, Myrna Vanden Eykel, Marilyn Nisenbaum, Marilyn Osterhues. THIRD ROW: Nancy Shelby, Diane Barry, Janet Hicks, Melanie Martin. FOURTH ROW: Sheryl Ullman, Linda Bartak, Phjllis Hall, Judy Wood, Barb Welsh, Beverly Goodman. Not Present: Doreen Adelstein, Stacy Evans, Judy Reich, Leslie Shelly, Ann Stiles, Crissy Voll. I H tuiiiJ 7 t i m 1 1 x r t V V x ' ' i, 1 -k MORTAR BOARD Ball, Carolun Barnett, Betsy Brown, Kathy Bugge, Solveig Curb, Carol Davis, Marilyn Plaster, Pris Leslie, Judy Lewis, Margie McLaughlin, MaryBeth Ondrasik, Judy Rieber, Ann Roberts, Suzanne Rose, Virginia Spatz, Julie Stalk, Elaine The Agathai ChapterofMortar Board is one of 120 active chapters of this National Honorary for Senior Women. This year leaders from all phases of campus life, who maintain anacademic average of at least 2.95, still found time to support many campusactivities. Mortar Board sponsored the Education for Marriage program, a Pepsi booth at Mardi Gras, an all-honorary dinner at the Pizza Parlor, a foreign exchange students dessert, and an alumni tea. With the funds raised from the sale of Mortar Board calendars, a scholarship was awarded to a deserving junior woman. upper year Mortar Board members and faculty advisors enjoy one of the many dinner meetins that made for a successful year. Officers of Mortar Board are Pris Plaster, Histor- ian; Marilyn Davis, President; Suzanne Roberts, Treasurer. 324 PRYTANEAN :,: I " of this " WWome, .:.. ' " flCDdemic " - :- . - : Prytanean is the honor society for upper division women who have demonstrated outstanding service and contributions to the University. This year the organization held many activities which went further in pro- moting their goal of fellowship on campus. One of these projects was the Marriage Conference for Education sponsored for both the community and University students. Dr. Carl Faber, Psychology, highlighted one of the Prytanean functions with a very interesting talk. A successful Annual Dinner for Outstanding Profes- sors was also held. The officers this year were: President Tevis Jones; First Vice President Suzanne Roberts; Second Vice Presi- dent Laurie Harris; Recording Secre- tary Carol Adler; Corresponding Secretary Myrna Vanden Eykel; Treasurer Meri Pierce; and Public- ity Jackie Yale. Adler, Carol Anson, April Ares, Anita Ball, Carolyn Berlie, Karen Bitter, Laurie Bradley, Beth Burns, Carolyn Conwell, Libby Graff, Lori Hankins, Mary Ann Harris, Laurie Hendrix, Linda Holguin, Bobbie Holmes, Kris LeFevre, Linda Leslie, Judy Lewis, Margie Marshall, Chris Mintz, Marlene Pantazelos, Jana Pearl, Lucky Philips, Gale Pierce, Suzy Pullman, Barbara Roberts, Suzanne Stenen, Diana Swarner, Cheryl Vanden Eykel, Myrna Victor, Lisa Voll, Crissy Welsh, Barbara 325 NISEI BRUIN CLUB Arii, Cathy Ashimoto, Betty Cababa, Edmund Chinen, Vernon Doiwchi, Carol Dunn, llene Endo, Frances Fujikuni, Janice Fujiu, Bob Furumura, Kathleen Goya, Sharon Hahn, JoAnne Hiroshige, Ernie Honda, Ann Honda, Mel Ichikawa, Dennis Ikeguichi, Vickee Inana, Marsha Ishihara, Monica Ito, Beverly Ito, Karen Iwashita, Ivy Iwashita, Lynn Iwataki, Sandi Kamoto, Patti Kaneko, Janet Kasuyama, Rick Kato, Eddie Kawabata, Julia Kawasaki, Donna Kawasaki, Richard Kitagawa, Pat Kitagawa, Isao Ken Kobayashi, Peggy Kodama, Sachi Koga, Peter 326 The Nisei Bruin Club is an integral part of campus life for its one hundred eighty members, offering many social activities, commingled with athletic competition and fellowship. NBCisalso widely known throughout the vast ori- ental community in the Southland and recognized as one of the finest young- adult organizations. In the academicyear 1 966-67 , under the leadership of president Mike Murase, NBC has continued to partici- pate in traditional university and com- munity activities . . . the Crenshaw Square, Nisei Week and Mardi Gras Carnivals, the co-ed volleyball summer league, the Frosh Reception, theFriday afternoon co-ed bowling league, etc. . . . During the " All-U " weekend, ninety-five NBC members mass-migra- ted to the Bay Area to root for the Bruin Varsity gridders; NBC ' s spirit is also well exemplified by the current standings in intramural competition we rank among the top three in the race for the All-Independent Trophy. Our calendar is filled with parties, dances, beach parties, bar-be-ques, and outings. ' :; W-Kkend, - Wiporties, Kokubun, Patty Kunitomi, Kerry Kuratani, Yasuko Kuratomi, Ruby Kusuda, Patti Manaka, Harry Masuda, Roger Masuo, Brian Mayeda, Charles Mochizuki, Mike Morimoto, Patty Murakami, Diane Murase, I. Mike Murata, Keiko Nagakura, Vera Nagano, Ben Naito, Masashi Nakashita, Hiroshi Nakayama, Glenn Nasu, Pat Nishi, Hiro Nishinaga, Joyce Nishiyama, Yukiko Nishizu, Julie Nowaki, Evelyn Nozaki, Joan Ohki, Suzanne Owashi, Kathy Sakamoto, Paul Sato, Adele Satow, Deane Shiraki, Noreen Sugano, Gayle Sugeta, Amy Taomae, Thalia Totsubo, Suzanne 327 Towata, Colleen Toyama, Ronald Tsujimoto, Diana Uchida, Joan Ung, Frances Uriu, Gary Uyeda, Naomi Uyemura, Nancy Uyemura, Vivien Watanabe, Diane Watanabe, Mike Watanabe, Neal Yamada, Ryan Yamazaki, Mary Yanaga, Susan Yonemura, Dennis Yorimoto, Beverly Yoshida, Pat Yoshihara, Sandra Yoshimura, Robert Yoshizaki, Wayne Yuge, Joyce Zaima, Bill Life isn ' t measured in days or years. By those who love life and living. Those who stay young live life everyday, And find the years rich in giving, And those who count joys instead of tears, Friendship and blessing, not the years. . . . . . are happy. 328 Forsan et haec olim meminisse juvabit. 329 PERSHING RIFLES fflOHM FRONT ROW: lit. Donald L. Jones, Executive Officer; Carol J. Armstrong, Honorary Sponsor; Captain Craig R. Whited, Commanding Officer; Paula L. Pfaff, Past Honorary Sponsor; Colonel Raymond C. Ashby, Jr., P.M.S. BACK ROW: Joseph Brown; Lucio Tolentino; Paul Marengo; John Anderson; Frank McQueary; Thomas Demaree; Larry Jung; Roger Masuda; Mark Kemenovich; David Banoff; Leon Goldstein; Charles Curtiss. U.R.A. HORSEBACK RIDING CLUB ROCKING HORSE STABLES inBurbank, is the base of operations for thegallant riders of this club, who mount up every Friday at 6:00 p.m. to enjoy another scenic ride into the sunset. The Riding Club enjoys a variety of activities, including rodeos, snow and pack trips, picnics, wienie roasts, beach parties, and dinner in many different restaurants. The officers are: Gustav Burkard, Pres.: Bill Abronson, V-Pres.; Cam Johnson, Sec.-Trea. If you enjoy horseback riding, you ' ll it ' s 6:00 p.m. and we ' re certainly enjoy this club. read v to ride - Moonlight illumines the trail, as our " rear guard " turns for home halfway through the 2 hour ride. At last time for a breather. Ihe cool, shady trfies of Griffith Park offer ample opportunities. PHI ETA SIGMA ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA PHRATERES Bertacchi, Pat Biro, Susan Bumb, Mary Burch, Ceci Bushner, Beverly Chilson, Mary Coyne, Judy Cox, Cindy Ann Danehy, Diane Deets, Denise Garza, Isabel Harvey, Brenda Hirsch, Joanne Honig, Barbara Horowitz, Helene llmonen, Kaatina Jacoby, Francine Kaplan, Linda Lapidus, Maine Marissael, Carole Mintz, Marlene Moroney, Cheryl Newman, Laura Rutledge, Sheila Sairanen, Heli Sauer, Marlene SooHoo, Joanne Valentin, Nina 332 Phrateres! UCLA ' s service and social sorority. Activities! Yes! Homecoming " Camelot " - with Zeta Psi - first place . . . Spring Sing . . . Mardi Gras-pizza booth . . . AWS panel on fashion sponsored by Phrateres . . . Blood Drive . . . Spastic Children ' s Founda- tion once a week . . . Money-raisers . . . Initiation dinner-dance at the Marquis . . . Pledging . . . Parties . . . Exchanges ... Big Brothers-Phrateres ' official auxilary group. Requirements for membership: Any UCLA coed who is willing to devote the time, and wants an opportunity to participate in major campus activities. The Phratere office: KH500 - always open. Phrateres ' motto: " Famous for Friend- liness " Phratereans at an exchange with guess who? Jj ' ! . N !%faisers ., . -. i S to devote an opportunity i Wjor ampus Little Brothers of Phrateres Burks, Jim Ota, Glenn Clark, Roger Marshelick, Bill Newton, Frank " Blondes have more fun at DSC! " Oleo Show rehearsal. Phrateres and Zeta Psi making flowers for float. . . Front and side view of award-winning float " Camelot. " Back view of The Most Original Float in Homecoming Parade 1966. 333 RALLY COMMITTEE Adler, Carol Amerine, Roy Babic, Edward Bienlein, Dave Dieckmann, Sally Bow, Jim Busby, Mary Clarke, Barbara DeLouise, Harriet Epps, Janet Gurnee, Dana Heilpern, Terri Impett, Richard Jigamian, Lucille Kester, Keitha Kohn, William Leca, Linda Leon, Linda Levy, Howard Lew, Henry Low, Lawrence Mack, Shari Markowitz, Terri McGrath, Richard Melnick, Marsha Nielsen, Mark Parks, Jim Porche, Paula Last year it took Rally Committee over 5200 man hours to produce only 35 minutes of half-time performance for 6 games. However, the rewards are great. UCLA has gained national recognition for its skillful and original animated card stunts. Among those especially noted are UCLA ' s unique teletype and evening flashlight stunts. Rally Committee also plans campus spirit rallies, sells spirit buttons, handles the powerful air horns at football games, and retains possession of the Victory Bell for the UCLA Student Body. One of the high lights this year has been the Bon Fire Rally thefirstin ten years. Rally Committee owes its successful season to Chairman, Jon Wolfson, and Vice-Chairmen, Jim Rowlands and Dave Bienlein. Privaloff, Jane Ramen, Joan Roberts, Leslie Rosenbaum, Lynn Rowlands, Jim Solas, Tom Schulman, George Sternhill, Leslie Torkelson, Lana Wolfson, Jon l , I %Cc ' ' Ms - ' plus campus : . ::. fe successful : FIRST ROW: Dave Bienlein, Vice-Chairman of Rallies; Marsha Melnich, Social Secre- tary; Shari Mack, Executive Secretary; Sally Dieckmann, Head Artist. SECOND ROW: Harriet DeLouise, Production Supervisor; Jon Wolfson, Chairman; Dana Giurnee, Sec- tion Supervisor; Jim Rowlands, Vice-Chairman of Organization. SABERS Adler, Carol Armstrong, Carol Berke, Bonnie Clark, Cathy Cohen, Marilynn Gillette, Muriel Goble, Kathy Halpert, Suzanne Holquin, Bobby Johnson, Camille Levy, Nancy Lewis, Dianne Kalstrom, Karen Maloof, Gerrie Monsanto, Carolyn Pfaff, Paula Rand, Carole Russell, Barbara Rustand, Kay Schoner, Marlene Sitterley, Kemary Stagg, Karren Staley, Barbara Stewert, Susan Totten, Betty Truax, Marti Voris, Toni Wendt, Emily Werlin, Bobby Whittlesey, Patrice Wright, Rosemary Zarate, Debby The purpose of Sabers is to promote interest in the Army ROTC program. The Officers are Pres. Cam Johnson, Vice Pres. Carol Armstrong, Sec. Pat- rice Whittlesey, Tres. Paula Phaff, and Social Chairman Marlene Schroner. Every Thursday Sabers meetto watch cadet drill practice, listen to speakers, and join in coffee hours with the cadets. During the week there are rifle prac- tices and ranger programs on the week- ends where cadets practice combattech- niques. Other activities include ex- changes, a Military Ball, Mardi Gras, intramural sports and the Chancellor ' s Review. For service Sabers send cookies to cadets at summer camp, write soldiers in Viet Nam, raise money for an or- phanage in Viet Nam, and help at a nearby orphanage. toprwt tan lad (.., . bottom ro Donna Venn Cody Flewe 336 SHELL AND OAR promote ' .:- - w iieradeh. Wore rifle " fBsontieweek- -.:-. -:-- indude ex- rjW,MordiGros, n d cookies to rap. rfc soldiers m money for an or- ' Norn, and Mp at a ' top row: Ann Brooks: social chairman Paula Day: vice president Patty Gunter: publicity Kathy McWaid: treasurer bottom row: Nancy McLaren: rush chairman Donna Venia: president Candy Fleener: secretary Bagge, Janice Bower, Brooke Brooks, Ann Brown, Pat Christner, Becky Christoffersen, Robin Day, Sue Dunean, Ann Fleener, Candy Griffiths, Kathy Gross, Lynn Gunter, Patti Hollingsworth, Alison Hunter, Kay Jesse, Jackie Kaiser, Carolyn Kimble, Rosemary Koerper, Jean Latta, Lanis Maloof, Gerri Maveety, Hillary Martin, Ginny McLaren, Nancy McWaid, Kathy Milar, Nan Moore, Susan Murphy, Jean Paulson, Lori Peterson, Joyce Porter, Paula Powers, Christine Robinson, Karen Rossi, Susan Shand, Kandi Sitterly, Kemary Staley, Barbara Strauss, Lee Summers, Andie Taylor, Genie Venia, Donna Wulfkuhle, Analee 337 SOPHOMORE SWEETHEARTS Allen, Nancy Audino, Nancy Bagladi, Julie Benson, Maddy Bentley, Karen Backwood, Barbara Butler, Shari Chelnek, Claire Dutcher, Nancy Enderson, Nancy Fields, Kathy Flesch, Vivian Fradkin, Judy Frankel, Sherry Frausel, Marsha Gaviola, Sandi George, Jane Goldfarb, Joy Griffin, Cheri Gutierrez, Sylvia Harris, Marilyn Hornish, Carol Howard, Judy Kartsman, Sue Kashiki, Joann Keane, Kathy Landrum, Cathy Leventhal, Sheila Martin, Ginny Micic, Vera Mleziva, Linda Mudd, Mary Oblinger, Sue Oleon, Val Poliquin, Judy Reitter, Jann Sophomore Sweethearts, the sopho- more women ' s hostess and service or- ganization, is composed of 50 sopho- mores chosen for their poise, person- aility, and interest. Dressed in burgandy for the first time, Sweethearts served as hostesses at various campus events such as the Alumni Reception, Monte Carlo Nite, the Vaudeville Show, a Basketball Coaches Clinic, College Student for a Day, and Federal Career Day. Spring Sing saw Sweethearts present their an- nual trophy for the mostoriginal group. Sophomore Sweetheartswere led by Vera Micic, president; Melody Schallon, vice-president; Jan Fox, secretary; Jo- Ann Kashiki, treasurer; Joy Goldfarb, historian; Sandi Gaviota, Sheila Leven- thal, Susie Wiengarten, and Ronnie Wienir headed the various committees. 338 ota. - I0l servkeor- , person- fo h first - , : , CirDo). Spring , b, Mcrriory; Jo- sunr; x y Golfcb, M Syaleven- " gflrtm, and Ronnie lee; Ronson, Mary Jane Schwartz, Karen Steinhardt, Robin Strong, Sue Weingarten, Susie Wendt, Emily Ann Wienir, Ronnie Wolff, Marsha Officers arefrom bottom, VeraMicic, Melody Schallon, Ronnie Wienir, Sheila Leventhal, Susie Wiengarten, Jan Fox, and SandiGavi- ola. SPURS vVeinstein, llene Wood, Judy Adashek, Ann Adler, Diane Blatt, Jackie Bridges, Ann Enderson, Nancy Goldenberg, Linda Goldfarb, Joy Grace, Shirley Grais, Maggie Kashiki, Joann Kramer, Linda Litschke, Louise McGaugh, Marsha Micic, Vera Moore, Nancy Oleon, Valerie Perkins, Bonnie Schwartz, Sue Stark, Marilee Sussman, Ellen Spirit, Pep, Unity and Rep a toast to Spurs, the sophomore women ' s na- tional honorary. The members of Spurs are chosen on the basis of scholarship, leadership and service. Activities are centered on the ideal of service to the campus and community. Thisyear ' s main project was " candystriping " at the new Jules Stein Eye Institute. Spurs is the first service group to undertake volunteer aid to the Institute and co- ordinated the first Faculty Women ' s Tea in February. Officers are, top row : Val Oleon, Judy Wood, Louise Litschke, and Ann Hasagawa. Bottom Row: Marilyn Ostrin, Marsha McGaugh, Linda Kramer, and Lainie Kosslyn. 340 U.R.A. The University Recreation Associa- tion is a federation of special-interest clubs designed to serve the recreational needs of students, faculty, and staff. It makes available a variety of acti- vities, facilities, and equipment to all members of the campus community. For those who like the outdoors, there is mountaineering, fishing, and hunting. For those who enjoy picture taking and making, the Photography Club, offers its own fully equipped dark- room. For thosewhoseinterestismusic, the Song of Earth Chorale, Jazz, and Folk Song clubs meet weekly. Aquatic activities such as the Sail- ing Club, the SCUBA Diving andWater Ski clubs are very popular. For those who prefer such rough-and-tumble sports as Judo and Karate, one of the martial arts clubs may be " where the action is, " while the intellectually in- clined may enjoy the challenge of a good game of chess. If a particular recreational interest is not represented in any of the clubs listed below, contact the University Rec- reation Associate about forming a new club. Mountaineers practice rock climbing at Stoney Point. Cricket Club brings a bit of " Merry Old England " to Spalding Field. sr Water Ski Club utilizes new winch in the Sunset Canyon Recreation Center Pool. Surf Club shows form in contest at Bolsa Chica State Beach. i F Karate Club demonstrates ability during Martial Arts Week. Sailing club " breezing up " at Marina del Rey. Synchronized Swim Club as seen from underwater viewing room at Sunset Canyon Recreation Center. SCUBA Club makes a surf entry. Fishing Club wins first annual Pacific Coast Intercollegiate Fishing Contest 344 Chess Club kibitzing over next move 345 Ice Skating Club learns to cut figures. 347 ALPHA CHI OMEGA Allen, Nancy Baker, Janet Bartlett, Vicki Baxter, Linda Brooks, Ann Brown, Anita Brown, Pam Brown, Patricia Christner, Becky Cox, Carolyn Eastwood, Maureen Erwood, Kathy Finley, Marcy Flodin, Mary Francis, Carole Fry, Kathy Gordon, Marsha Graf, Cathy Gruner, Sendee Hanousek. Barbara Harney, Sally Hudson, Helen Koerper, Jean Krotz, Lora Johns, Marilyn Landis, Bette Leichman, Sue Losey, Nancy Maflowe, Valerie Marshall, Christine McCullough, Helen Moore, Susan Oblinger, Susan Osterhues, Mary Lin Principe, Corinne Samuelson, Christy CHRISTINE MARSHALL After a Spring Semester highlighted by 1 st place in the Spring Sing Novelty Division, the Spirit award for Derby Day, and the Mardi Gras Egg Throw- ing Booth, Fall quarter found Alpha Chi Omega participating in the Olio Show and placing second in the Home- coming float building contest. Activi- ties included Bruin Belles, Mortar Board, Prytanean, Chimes, Spurs, Fashion Board, Fraternity Little Sisters, Uni-Camp Board, Tutorial Project, and People to People European program. President Christine Marshall served as baton twirler for the Bruin Band. House events included a pledge- active (Would you Believe?) a Valen- tine ' s formal, and a Spring luau. In addition, Alpha Chi ' s joined with their big brother organization The Big Lyres for a barbeque, tree trimming party, and a picn ic for the Optimist Under- privileged Boys Club. All in all, itwas a rewarding year. 348 Schallon, Melody Schellman, Lois Schettler, Leanne Simonick, Barbara Simpson, Mary Lou Spatz, Betty Steele, Kathy Strock, Gail Swan, Sherrill Welty, Kathleen White, Evelyn Wulfsberg, Carlo 349 ALPHA DELTA CHI Whitmer, Gayle Zuck, Carol Brandstetter, Bette Brizendine, Joan Chapman, Susan Ekman, Kerstin Gardner, Sylvia Gertsen, Marie Goertzen, Dee Ana Jessen, Annelle Kato, Kathleen Kennamer, Glenda Kennamer, Linda Lowe, Lily Mateo, Virgi McKee, Kathi Olquist, Carol Quigley, Patricia Quon, Marda Reeves, Judy Russell, Linda Sisel, Kathy Smith, Kelleen Stribley, Adrienne Svendsen, Sharon Swanson, Kathie Tomke, Jaquie Trautwein, Jean Trotto, Joy Welles, Patti MARDA QUON The Alpha chapterof Alpha Delta Chi was founded on theoldUCLAcampusin 1925. We moved to the new campus and presently have a home on Levering Av- enue. 350 j . .: BETTY TOTTEN The fall " Come as a Bum " Party, the Starlight Informal, and the spring Rose Formal which will be held jointly with San Diego chapter pledges, and bring- ing underprivileged children over to campus, were only a few of the social events which kept the AZD ' s busy. Active Alpha Z Deltas on campus were: Bobbie Holguin, Panhellenic president, UCLA women representative at San Francisco panel discussion, and Prytenean; Betty Totten, Army Princess at Military Ball; Paula Pfaff, Lambda Chi Alpha Crescent Princess; and Dianne Lewis, Panhellenic membership chair- man. Other girls in the house were ac- tive in Little Sister organizations, ROTC auxiliaries, scholastic honaries and intramurals. ALPHA XI DELTA Blair, Jessica Engesser, Margaret Eskridge, Reaunell Fisher, Susan Glaubig, Shirley Gregory, Lura Heene, Diane Holguin, Bobbie Lagerquist, Nell Lewis, Diane Lyon, Vicki Makowski, Haddi Martsch, Nancy McFarland, Mary Ann Mclntyre, Donna McMillan, Janet Mirman, Leslie Pfaff, Paula Rutledge, Sheila Schindel, Ann Schneider, Sharon Severy, Carol Stagg, Karren Totten, Betty Wang, Paulette Weintraub, Janet Zarate, Debby ALPHA DELTA PI Acton, Anne Anderson, Cecily Benford, Paula Bennet, Melody Blaikie, Lynne Bower, Brooke Bryant, Diane Cervenak, Gloria Cherukian, Alice Finkelman, Sandy Frausel, Marsha Glassman, Linda Goodman, Beverly Groff, Dinah Hankins, Mary Ann Isley, Ann Kovach, Goldie Lightner, Judy Lynch, Kathy Malueg, Sandy McClung, Bonnie McCrum, Pam Mokowski, Petie Martin, Ginni Mooney, Pat Mattress, Evie Niehaus, Patty Olds, Debbie Ovard, Sandra Pegee, Joann Pertuit, Cathy Powers, Diana Rosenthal, Julie Salz, Kathy Samuel, Peggy Scharff, Lexie 352 MARY ANN HANKINS The ADPis started offanothersuccess- ful year with the addition of 20 lovely pledges. One exciting and memorable event was the selection of twelve ADPis to hostess movie and television person- alities at the Veterans 1st Annual Celebrity Golf Tournament (could For- rest Tucker possibly be a Fiji Alumn?) Among the notable ADPison campus, are Ginny Stahl and Debby Olds, work- ing on both Homecoming and Spring Sing Executive Boards. Liz Worchester was chosen to represent UCLA in the nations Little Colonal contestsponsored by Air Force ROTC; and Beverly Good- man, a member of ASUCLA Finance Committee was chosen as a Home- coming Queen finalist. Santa Claus? Sigler, Diane Stahl, Ginny Taylor, Melanie Truschel, Linda Watts, Jeannie Whittlesey, Patrice Williams, Christy Wood, Bonnie Woodward, Denise Worcester, Liz Wortman, Sheryl Yosgott, Alice 353 The hasher dinner ALPHA EPSILON PHI Adelstein, Doreen Adler, Diane Berman, Janice Bernson, Carol Birnkrant, Joyce Blatt, Jacqueline Blonsky, Gloria Bloom, Barbara Bronson, Jill Brooks, Marcia Brown, Ronda Butler, Sharon Daniels, Susan Plaster, Pris Glass, Laurie Goldfarb, Joy Goldman, Dale Goldstein Goodhill, Barbara Govenar, Janet Graff, Laurie Greenberg, Jill Gusinow, Leslie Gusinow, Peggy Husman, Joan Jubelier, Jill Kamins, Rita King, Margi Kovitz, Julie Kress, Gail Laboschin, Nancy Leftgoff, Shelley Levy, Joan Litow, Jody Matz, Marcia McCoy, Malvina 354 JOAN LEVY Alpha Epsilon Phi leaped into an- other infamous year with 25 new and enthusiastic pledges, 3 gold-fish andan asthmatic bunny. The excitement of house activities again kept the school year buzzing for all Phis. Exchanges, Homecoming, Spring Sing and Mardi Gras provided many memorable memories. Monday night dinners were graced by Pledge Class entertainment. And the Speakers Program gave us an opportunity to speak and dine with some of our favor- ite professors. The Fall Pledge Formal which was held at the Airport Marina Hotel was again a very special evening. With active participation in such cam- pus events as Bruin Belles, Sophomore Sweethearts, Spurs, Bruinettes, Pry- tanean, Mortar Board, Fashion Board, and the Daily Bruin, the Phis were not to be missed. We were also very proud to have another lovely Homecoming Queen Finalist, Carol Sheinkopf. Special honor from the community came to Tracy Reed, who was chosen Miss Teenage Los Angeles and then honored as a Finalist in the Miss Teen- age America competition. Even tele- vision land was besieged by some of our whizkids i.e. Joan Levy who was pretty darn quick and Doreen Adelstein who missed her match on the Dating Game. ' .:; No Otln -,: - ink ' So to Ml $in,Diw ;-:- -- ' .- --: - ' Write ; ' . I j 3y some of Melnick, Lolly Miller, Ellen Mitchell, Sandra Mosler, Pattie Newberger, Carol Noskin, Jill Noskin, Marsha Olf, Trudi Pearlman, Jane Phillipes, Pat Reed, Tallulah Roven, Alice Sacks, Tessa Sass, Rosalee Schneider, Sharon Jt Scott, Lexy Sheinkopf, Carol Sims, Diana Stark, Marilee Strom, Jill Teitler, Syma Terry, Anita Weisbaum, Heidi Weiss, Diane Wiener, Ronni Wolk, Margie Dr. Faber speaks on the role of the woman today. An engagement is an- nounced. ALPHA GAMMA DELTA mm Ansel, Marianne Berke, Bonnie Bertrand, Sue Burr, Suzanne Burrell, Lesley Carr, Stephanie Chooljian, Nancy Clark, Cathy Cooke, Christine Core, Nancy Crane, Zita Crawford, Terry deVries, Carole Doyle, Vicki Duncan, Anne Fischer, Susan George, Jane George, Jo Dean Gillick, Olivia Goble, Kathleen Herman, Danien Hughes, Colleen Hutchins, Holly Jackson, Karen Kalstrom, Karen Kremer, Lynn Lew, Joyce Matheny, Karen Mather, Gail McClure, Linda Pashalides, Joanne Paulson, Lori Reich, Joanne Roche, Susan Russell, Barbara Samuels, Katherine 356 50.09.. StroojS GALE WALKER 1966-67 was a busy year for the Alpha Gams. We started the year with 22 lovely pledges, a perfect start to a perfect year. Perhaps, the most memorable event of the fall quarter was Homecoming Week. That was a magic week for Al- pha Gamma Delta and Acacia frater- nity, highlighted with Linda McClure ' s first place in the vaudeville show, and a second place for our float in the homecoming parade, featuring the " Beverly Hillbillies. " However, the crowning glory was the announcement that we had won Sweepstakes, and the naming of Irene " Granny " Ryan as our Honorary Housemother. The Alpha Gam social calendar was full too, with the Hayseed Hoedown pledge-active party, initiation party, Spring Dance on the Mansion Belle, Fa- ther ' s Dinner, Mother ' s Tea and Fashion show, Christmas caroling at the VA Hospital, volunteer work at the UCLA eye clinic, exchanges and 2 successful pledge ditches. Needless to say it was an exciting and highly enjoyable year at Alpha Gamma Delta. . Savage, Christie Schick, Mary Jo Schoner, Marlene Shambaugh, Linda Sherman, Patricia Smithson, Carol Stamps, Sue Strong, Sue Sullivan, Marilyn Thurston, Linda Travis, Lucinda Valentino, Sylvia Walker, Gale Wendt, Emily Irene Ryan " Granny " of the Beverly Hillbillies and Honorary Housemother of the Alpha Gams. ALPHA OMICRON PI Adrian, Patricia Bagge, Janice Bauch, Kathy Bloom, Carole Bonetti, Debra Funk, Isolde Gladden, Carol Kaliski, Rochelle Kimble, Rosemary Kruse, Marilyn LeFevre, Linda Lehr, Margery Litsinger, Linda Maloof, Geraldine Marino, Lucy Morris, Patricia Murphy, Jean Newkirk, Nadenia Peretzian, Margaret Perrin, Kathy Peterson, Joyce Rivard, Patricia Sitterly, Kemary Staley, Barbara Strauss, Lee Summers, Andrea Swett, Janet VanderVelde, Marjorie Van Dyke, Karen Venia, Donna Watters, Mary Leigh Winslow, Susan Zeimer, Jo Anne Agan, Pat Danehy, Diane O ' Brien, Holly CAROLE BLOOM After the Pledge-Active Retreat at the San Moritz Club, Alpha Omicron Pi launched into a busy and fun-filled year. Alpha Omicron Pi ' s were active in Bruin Belles, Chimes, Prytaneans, Anchors, Angel Flight, Sabers, and Shell and Oar, and Barbara Leigh was on the UCLA Abroad Program in Swe- den. Christmas packages were sent to a past hasher ' s army platoon in Viet Nam for the year ' s philanthropy pro- ject, with each girl contributing arti- cles to be sent. For Homecoming this year, Alpha Omicron Pi ' s constructed the Queen ' s Float with Alpha Phi Omega, winning the Queen ' s Trophy. Social events included the Fall Ini- tiation Dance, Founders ' Day at the In- ternational Hotel, Spring Initiation Par- ty and the annual Ship Wreck Party. 358 j - . :- DonMed KJ WOT active , Prjtoneons, ' iatefs, and raroUigliwos ' rograiinSwe- Drtribufcig arti- teyiar, Alpha -; Queen ' s Initiation For- Happiness is The In Crowd ALPHA PHI Adamson, Carol Audino, Cynthia Bailey, Nancy Bossert, Sandy Braiker, Cathy Brown, Pam Butler, Jane Christofferson, Robin Clark, Terrell Clausen, Shelly Collins, Jane Cornforth, Sandy Dienhart, Janice Erb, Mary Eisenberg, Barbara Fisher, Kathy Flo, Betty Fredriksson, Claudia Gross, Lynn Gutierrez, Sylvia Harris, Vicki Hefler, Olivia Hendrix, Linda Henry, Chris Hughes, Joann Humphreys, Ann Ingles, Marty Jerome, Kathy Kirchman, Corky La Tourette, Jean Lightwine, Vicki Mader, Kathy Moulton, Jeanne Mudd, Mary Nebel, Eileen Nelson, Judi 360 Brf -- o: - Si I " JUDI NELSON The school year for the sisters of Al- pha Phi started in the middle of August when $40,000 worth of our chapter house was destroyed by fire. This was not what we had in mind when we said that the house should look a little more devastating before the beginning of fall rush. However, we took twenty- five pledges; and all of them had the strength of character to stick with us through the fall quarter, which saw us wandering up and down the row be- tween the four houses where we were living, over to Hershey Hall for meals, and to the NPI for periodic checkups. There was no study table atthe Alpha Phi house, not because we had no tables, but because we had no super- vised study last spring which resulted in a trophy for scholarship from our national and the highest GPA on the row. We participated in the usual year- book-filling campus activities and social events, and the highlight of them all being the trophy we won with theTheta Delts fora " most original " homecoming float; never before had the Bruin Bear been given a build like Frankenstein. Kandi Shand was a Theta Delt princess, and Linda Hendrizand Pam Brown were Prytaneans, along with a cast of a thou- sand other active members. Nelson, Margaret Resch, Carey Rossi, Susan Shand, Kandi Smith, Linda Smith, Sue Snyder, Mary Stackhouse, Bobbie Vance, Sherry Volstorff, Jeanne Walton, Sue Wiemeyer, Diane Willis, Ruth Wulfkuhle, Analee Wulfkuhle, Diktra Ritchie, Cherie 361 CHI ALPHA DELTA Doiwchi, Carole Fujikuni, Janice Hahn, Joanne Imura, Carole Ito, Beverly Iwashita, Ivy Iwashita, Lynn Kobaysashi, Peggy Kodama, Sachi Kokubun, Patty Kuratani, Yasuko Kuratomi, Ruby Kusaka, Demi Nishinaga, Joyce Nishiyama, Yukiko Nishizu, Julie Ohki, Suzanne Okano, Michi Okuda, Pat Ota, Candy Ryang, Susan Taomae, Thalia Uyeda, Naomi Uyemura, Nancy Watanabe, Diane Yamazaki, Mary Yorimoto, Barbara Yorimoto, Beverly Ashimoto, Betty Kamoto, Patti Kaneko, Janet FRONT ROW: Thalia Taomae, Mary Yamazaki, Joanne Hahn, Betty Ashimoto, Carole Doiwchi, Ann Nishiyama, Susan Ryang. BACK ROW: Ivy Iwashita, Sachi Kodama, Joyce Nishingaga, Sandy Tanamachi, Diane Watanabe, Joanne Izumo, Janice Fujikuni, Grace Tanihara, Peggy Kobayashi 1966 was a year highlighted by many of our traditional activities. 16 pledges made their debut asChisisters at Pledge Presents, one of our first major events. Chi ' s traditional Christ- mas Dance was held in the beautiful Versailles room of the Beverly Hilton. All commented that itwas exceptionally successful this year. In January, our Snow Trip was a lodge-full of chaos and fun. Despite the cold weather, no one suffered from frozen limbs or bro- ken bones. All in all 1 966-67 became another year of closer sisterhood. 362 DELTA SIGMA THETA Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, is an international public service organiza- tion. Its high ideals of intelligence and a desire to help others have withstood the test of time, for we were organized in 1913 at Howard University and were incorporated in 1930. Presently, we total nearly 40,000 members through- out the world, with over 300 chapters. We were led this year by senior, Cheryl Tucker. Under her able leader- ship, we participated in ProjectHoliday Happiness, a Job Opportunities Clinic for underprivileged children, a Christ- mas party for a remedial reading class of 50, a massive food campaign for Watts, and clerical help to the Ameri- can Cancer Society. Wealsofound time to participate in Mardi Grasand Spring Sing. Socially, our pledge club held their annual Crazy Pants Dance Nov. 25 (a wild affair). Our Red and White Ball at Christmas filled three ballrooms at the Ambassador Hotel. And, theannual Delta Playboy of the Year Dance was a great success, whereby our favorite playboy was chosen from fraternity representatives. All in all it was a great year for the Deltas at UCLA. Bullen, Alia Cyrus, Brenda Downs, Patricia Edmonds, Cynthia Fairchild, Bonnie Feltzs, Evelyn Hanson, Denise Harris, Thelma Hewlett, Laura Kauffmann, Olivia Malry, Cassandra Mayo, Roseyolanda Ramey, Beatrice Russell, Kathryn Sims, Anise Sims, Dianne Smith, Patricia Swain, Connie Taylor, Linda Tucker, Cheryl Walker, Laurelia Washington, Carol Wilson, Gayle 363 CHI OMEGA Anderson, Laurie Armstrong, Carol Beaubien, Mary Boehmer, Sharon Boileau, Pat Boyer, Pam Bradley, Kay Brandt, Nancy Catlett, Marcia Carrillo, Teryl Chanter, Sue Cheshire, Genie Child, Bonnie Collister, Kathy Conwell, Elizabeth Cook, Cathy Crouch, Sharon Dikeman, Debbie Duenzen, Dana Dutcher, Nancy Ewald, Holly Farley, And! Fuller, Marilyn Furey, Joanne Godfrey, Anne Green, Sandy Griffen, Cheri Hadley, Marcia Hildreth, Linda Hobbs, Kathy Jenks, Sue Jones, Tevis Lacy, Pam Landrum, Cathy Lemert, Debbie McKnight, Bonnie 364 " ' . " mm LAURIE ANDERSON Chi Omega began a busy and suc- cessful year with the presentation of twenty-six lovely girls as new fall pledges. The year continued with much enthusiasm as Chi O ' s actively partici- pated in Bruin Belles, Sophomore Sweethearts, Bruinettes, Spurs, Prytan- eans, and the various women ' s auxi- laries. School spiritreceiveda big boost this year from song girls Renee Stueber and Lynn Switzer. Tevis Jones served as both presidentof Prytanean and a mem- ber of Student Relations Board. Royally representing the House were Kathy Cook, Theta Delta Chi Princess; Renee Stueber, Circle K Queen and Home- coming Finalist; and Carol Armstrong, Army Princess. Debbie Lemert and Renee Stueber were among the 10 Best- Dressed Coeds. The rigors of the Quar- ter System were forgotten while Chi Omegas enjoyed the Winer Formal, Family Night, the Pledge-Active, Dad ' s Night, and the Spring Luau. Throughout the year, Chi Omegas proved they could excell in both the academic and social side of campus life. Morrison, 1 OmdvU " Porter, 8ose,lorro :: ' ' Stewart, Stari ; ... .,. Short, i i ' .-:: ' - Swifter, IP Venturino, Si Kh! i McLaren, Nancy Meyer, Sue Mleziva, Linda Morrison, Margaret Nolan, Nancy Ostrin, Marilyn Osuch, Linda Paslaqua, Nancy Porter, Paula Prescott, French Renfro, Kathy Rose, Lorraine Schon, Janet Sieg, Janet Smart, Donna Starn, Diane Starkweather, Cindy Stewart, Shari Strohm, Nancy Stuart, Sue Stueber, Renee Switzer, Lynn Venturino, Sue Wheeler, Judy 365 DELTA DELTA DELTA Amberg, Holly Baker, Jeanne Bomber, Barbara Barnett, Betsy Barton, Susan Beales, Mimi Benson, Susan Berlie, Karen Bothwell, Sally Britton, Brenda Busch, Jill Carlson, Claire Cole, Mary Ann Conwell, Sue Davis, Pamela Fee, Susy Fitch, Cheryl Fleener, Candy Foreman, Betty Gessner, Marianne Goldsworthy, Candy Harris, Marilyn Haywood, Susan Hicks, Janet Holmes, Kris Hyatt, Donna Keeler, Carolyn Kelley, Karen Kincaid, Julie Laughlin, Donna Lindeman, Sheryl Little, Lee Ann McCloud, Sherry McDermaid, Suzanne McDermott, Katie McGaugh, Marsha 366 JUDY ONDRASIK This has been a Tri-Delt Vintage Year. Despite the restrictions of the quarter system we somehow man- aged to squeeze in enough time to indulge liberally in academic as well as social activities. As we look back we see many things which will always remain close to our hearts . . . Percy in the Botans; the ABC at the Su- pressed Desires Party; the flood in the Green Room; S.Q.U.E.A.T.; the case of the Infamous Oven; the S.C. riots; the winning Horseshoe Team; the chilly Winter Fire Drill; the Beta Christmas Tree Robbery; the Cal wel- coming committee; Dad ' s Night; and, most of all, vacations! The Delta Delta Delta house was also full of outstanding girls on cam- pus. Sherry McCloud was president of Bruin Belles, Ann Mason was presi- dent of Fashion Board; Karen Berlie was President of Chimes; and Marsha McGaugh was President of Spurs. Judy Ondrasik and Betsy Barnett were Cal Club Members. Donna Laughlin was senior Homecoming Princess and a cheerleader, as was Candy Willson. As a special project, Delta Delta Delta offers an annual scholarship fund for any girl attending UCLA. j adwc x well Aj kk bock :.: hurt... Percy Hfc fo flood in 1Q.U1A.I.; the mOw.fteS.C. Hgmshoe learn; in Drill; Ihe Beta toltoColwel- - - jjg gids on com- .HBonrtspresi- ygj, Koren Berlie : ' " " :: : DBMB Iff - : ' ; McNitt, Evy MacDonald, Marcia Mallinger, Janie Meier, Jane Mikkelsen, Judy Moomaw, Jane Moore, Nancy Mustad, Ariane Nelson, Susan Nieson, Nancy Nielson, Linda Ondrasik, Judy Osborn, Robin Otto, Linda Perkins, Bonnie Poliquin, Judy Powers, Christine Reichenbach, Suellen Rose, Ginny Roth, Cappy Scanlon, Elaine Siegel, Lynn Smith, Julie Stromquist, Carlo Swarner, Cheryl Warf, Cynthia Wilkes, terry Willson, Candy Winter, Kathy Winters, Carol Zimmerman, Alice V R -: 367 DELTA GAMMA Alleman, Cathy Barry, Diane Barry, Eileen Benz, Barbara Bierl, Denise Billmeyer, Cathy Bockus, Kim Boyack, Dede Bridges, Ann Brock, Judi Brunner, Laurel Burton, Karen Carmichael, Mary Ann Cation, Barbara Chapman, Molly Commons, Candy Cooper, Loren Cox, Melissa Dale, Pat Dougherty, Margy Fecho, Claudia Foster, Kay Fox, Jan Fremdling, Anne Gardner, Kathy Gardner, Lorraine Glauser, Sandy Green, Janet Hanson, Cindy Harmon, Gloria Haycox, Hillary Homertgen, Yvonne Hongola, Nancy Jacobson, Elayne Johnson, Chris Kako, Linda 368 NANCY NORTON The Delta Gamma ship with Captain Nancy Norton sailed through another highly successful year of scholarship, social events, and campus activities. The yearly cruise began in the fall with the addition of twenty-six new pledges. As classes began the DG ' s were encouraged to new scholastic en- deavors to top their record of second on the row with a house average of 2.8. Participation in campus activities included Bruin Belles, Pryteneans, Chimes, Spurs, and Bruinettes. Many new D. G. faces appeared on frater- nity row in various Little Sister organi- zations. De De Boyack represented UC- LA on the Project India team last sum- mer, and Linda Lockwood personified the D. G. spirit on campus as a Var- sity Songleader. Social activities began with Homecoming and float building with the Sigma Nu ' s. Then, in the spirit of Christmas and the midst affinals, the Beta Elves held the second annual Del- ta Gamma Christmas Tree Steal. In the winter quarter, the Pledge-Active was held at Big Bear and was followed by a Winter Formal with the Phi Psi ' s. The highlight of the spring quarter was the exotic annual Luau and the selection of the Delta Gamma Anchorman, Sigma Nu Bob Doss, and his active Crew. Lemon Men lodwooil ' .;::: Mo . " Miller, OKW Mueller, Kfl T Mu man, A Nelson, CW Newton, Crfl Norton, NWf OsweMAl Ponley.W PinneHto 1 Quinn, Nonc|i teller, Suw RuddJoM Russell, Jew Set Lin Ml, Diw Spiess,Pwy Slenen, Dior Ihompsondw VondenEyy.lHir Woke, tWo Walsh, Dow Welsh, BorbOT :-. Whang, Monko j Kaminski, Tris Kimes, CeCe Landis, Sally Lemon, Marcia Lockwood, Linda Magda, Marni Marston, Ellen Miller, Diane Mueller, Kathy Murman, Anne Nelson, Cheryl Newton, Cathy Norton, Nancy Orswell, Kathy Pankey, Bobbie Pinnell, Pam Quinn, Nancy Reller, Susan Rudd, Jane Russell, Jeanne Schultz, Linda Snell, Diane Spiess, Penny Spradlin, Pat Stenen, Diane Thompson, Chris Vanden Eykel, Myrna Wallace, Linda Walsh, Dawn Welsh, Barbara Weyraugh, Janice Whang, Marsha Whitaker, Linda Wood lock, Rosemary Wootan, Kathy 369 DELTA PHI EPSILON Adler, Shane Allen, Donna Bardfield, Melanie Cohodas, Anne Fries, Jeanne Greenfield, Florence Heimann, Susie Jacobson, Ellen Jenkins, Toby Kaplan, Terri Klane, Susy Klatzker, Linda Kurtzman, Carol Kushner, Adrienne Langley, Edie Levitt, Sharon Levy, Nancy Magenheim, Marlene Malamuth, Aviva Markel, Hyla Meyers, Diana Newman, Leslie Rosenblatt, Bonnie Rossen, Jill Schneider, Jeanne Schultz, Geni Schwartz, Elaine Schwartz, Sally Sherman, Joani Sigel, Amy Silverman, Wendy Snyder, Jody SALLY SCHWARTZ Helping with the colonizing of sister chapters at other California university campuses this year, was just one of the many projects and activities partici- pated in by the sisters of D Phi E. President Sally Schwartz led the mem- bers through this successful year. Well known on campus were Jeanne Fries, NSA Delegate in Urbana, Illi- nois last summer; Nancy Leve, Pan- hellenic treasurer, Student Relations Board, and Sabers; Ellen Jacobson, Panhellenic executive publicity com- mittee; and Carol Kurtzman, Bruinette President. Socially speaking, the actives titled their fall party " Bear and Flooky ' s Party. " During the winter quarter, the pledges gave the Valentine Formal. Finishing the school year was " Cham- pagne and Twilight, " the spring formal. Active in many Little Sister Organi- zations besides other groups on cam- pus, the D Phi E ' s set a fine example for their new sister chapters to follow. Sternhill, Leslie Tenenbaum, Rena Turkel, Sue Weinberg, Teri Whitney, Janet 370 371 DELTA ZETA Alexander, Tricia Breuer, Valerie Cacuic, Marryl Contralto, Paula Cunningham, Kathy Deets, Denise Donnell, Susan Gillette, Muriel Hartzler, Sally Hermann, Sandy Hubbard, Gay Irish, Carol Jacobs, Carol Johnson, Cam Kirton, Liz Maxwell, Lynn Olson, Karen Perry, Martha Peterssen, Margie Powell, Janet Sheker, Susie Truax, Marti Worthley, Charlene 372 PAULA CONTRATTO What is a Delta Zeta? Just a cute girl wearing the rose and green colors? Just a gracious and aspiring hostess, learning the ropes at Monday night candlelight dinners?Justa partof Amer- ica ' s largest sorority (1 70 chapters throughout the country)? Delta Zeta is all this and more . . . it ' s friendship, a blend of spirits and a chance to exert a personality. Delta Zeta is warmth, Del- ta Zeta is home. Sticking close to its tradition, Del- ta Zeta of UCLA is on the way up: Color the DZ ambitious student government and Daily Bruin. Color the DZ social little sisters of Acacia, Theta Xi, Theta Chi, Lambda Chi Alpha, Sigma Pi, Delta Tau Delta, and Phi Kappa Psi fraternities. Color the DZ humanita rian Unl- Camp, tutorial project and student ' s abroad. Color the DZ lovely two consecu- tive Monte Carlo Queens, Carol Jacobs and Marryl Cacive, Sigma Pi princess and Sigma Nu Queen semi-finalist. Color the DZ active Anchors, Sab- ers, Shell and Oar, Phrateres, Ski Club, College Life, Newman Club, Horseback Riding Club, Intac, BYD, Masonic Club, and Fall Drive. Color the DZ fun-lovingsmashing pledge actives, prestige formals and annual barbeques. Remember the Delta Zeta . GAMMA PHI BETA Alcorn, Robbie Ball, Carolyn Brotchner, Leslie Brozovich, Margie Burkett, Kerry Burns, Cheryl Cantley, Pat Carney, Cheryl Colclasure, Kathy Coughlin, Susan Creech, Cheryl Cumbey, Kathy Dahlke, Margie Dillion, Gail Dwankowski, Carol Eiermann, Sue Elley, Patricia Farmer, Lynda Friedrichs, Terry Gibson, Gay Graham, Jeanne Griffiths, Kathy Grinkevich, Diane Hanna, Rosemarie Hauch, JoAnn Hebden, Marsha Hedrick, Judy Higgins, Donna Horan, Margaret Hunter, Kay Hyneman, Carol Jenkins, Kristin Jones, Connie Klingensmith, Ellen Kropf, Gaye Larson, Joanne 374 SUZANNE ROBERTS The ordeal of rushing finally over, Gamma Phi ' s took the scotch tape off their smiles and returned to University life. The Wizard of Id took over the breakfast table as we devoted ourdays to scholastic endeavors. With the brilliant engineering feats of the Sigma Pis, Gamma Phi ' s created a sweepstakes winning float; and then formally dressed, complete with fins and goggles, the sisters and theirdates swam to the annual Crescent Ball. The usual collection of Kerckhoff com- mandoes and campus big wigs did their job while house officers struggled over extended lock-up privileges and other basic house improvements. Our 30 pledges soon learned thatthereismore to a sorority than activity points and social calendars. We ' re University stu- dents and most of al l, friends. M Linberg, Kristin McCain, Margaret Mindling, Gayle Nielsen, Kathy Philips, Gale Pierce, Suzy Ray, Barbara Reardon, Virginia Reel, Diane Rieber, Ann Roberts, Suzanne Robinson, Karen Roth, Stephana Roy, Beverly Schleicher, Carolyn Schneider, Joyce Ternquist, Jeanne Thompson, Lois Whifehead, Danielle Woodworth, Jill Yale, Jackie Young, Kari Zogby, Catherine The " Great Race " to the winner ' s circle in Homecoming. The 1966 Pledge Class carries on the Gamma Phi tradition of cool sophisticatjon. KAPPA ALPHA THETA Anderson, Linda Bacevicius, Millie Barrie, Judy Becker, Chris Bell, Jackie Bentley, Karin Blackwood, Barbara Brungess, Gwen Butler, Mary Carfagno, Linda Chute, Becky Clegg, Cindy Collins, Robin Cressey, Pam Cross, Noelle Elliot, Elaine Emerson, Sue Flaming, Janet Gordon, Sharon Griswold, Kathy Hargrove, Marty Hedrick, Janet Hillyer, Leslie Holderness, Ann Hollingsworth, Alison Holmes, Sally Hooper, Martha Hopper, Mary Jane Irvine, Janis Jackson, Joan Kashiki, Jo Ann Keys, Karen Larkins, Lainie LaRue, Sandra Leek, Diane Lengnick, Cyndy 376 LINDA CARFAGNO The Kappa Alpha Thetas did much to keep themselves busy this year under the strong leadership of their executive council. Linda Carfagno served as Pres- ident; Leslie Hillyer, vice-president; Jeanette Webb, secretary; and Pam Cressey as Treasurer. In intramurals, Theta women placed second in the girls swim meet. They teamed up with Zeta Beta Tau and Phi Kappa Psi in Volleyball. On campus, Thetas participated in Big and Little Sister Organizations, Bruin Belles, Bruinettes, Sophomore Sweethearts, Chimes, Mortar Board, Prytaneans and Uni-Camp Board. Out- standing on campus were the following members: Crissy Voll, Junior Home- coming Princess; Maggie Lewis, AWS Vice- President; Barbara Pullman, Homecoming Miss Photogenic, and Vice-President of Bruin Belles; Janis Irvine, member of Board of Governors, and Vice-President of District of Associ- ated College Unions International; and Jeanne Pavone, a member of the Aca- demic Research Council. Special Projects this year found the Thetas buying Woodsey T-shirts, Parti- cipating in Project Holiday Happiness, and studying. j Lewis, Margie Lissner, Judy Lupac, Lrnda MacDuff, Pat Maga, Jayne Marriott, Sydney Matthews, Carol McClay, Kathy McGaffigan, Marie McSweeney, Cathie Moss, Marilee Moulton, Carol Mowrey, Patti Mulford, Donna Nava, Yolanda Painter, Irish Palmquist, Terry Pavone, Jeanne Phipps, Kathy Pierce, Candy Platt, Pam Pullman, Barbara Reich, Judy Rounsavell, Dorothy Shelley, Leslye Siverson, Pam Sjoberg, Ann Sours, Pat Stiles, Ann Streeter, Sue Vandenberg, Denise Voll, Crissy Webb, Jeanette Williams, Cathy Williams, Mary Lou Wilson, Marcia Woodson, Claire Yoder, Laurie 377 KAPPA DELTA Cote, Barbara Chandler, Barbara Cole, Linda Cox, Marci Dana, Karlynn Day, Sue de Arrietta, Cheryl Fessenden, Shirle Garside, Gayle Grow, Clarissa Heeb, Joy Howell, Stephanie Joy, Sue Kemp, Vickie Latta, Lanis Lashbrook. Marilyn Lear, Cindy Lones, Megan Manheim, Terri McKay, Toni McWaid, Kathy Millar, Nan Murrell, Cheri Mynard, Carol Nastronero, Mary Phelps, Carol Pierson, Jill Sciacca, Mari Seng, Barbara Shull, Helen Skaglund, Linda Southard, Sally Steinman, Patti Sutton, Jan Swenson, Sue Taboada, Tobi 378 MEGAN LONES Enthusiasm and a strong sense of unity and friendship dominated the Kappa Delta house this year, as the sisters found themselves involved in community, campus, and social events. Under the leadership of President Megan Lones and the support of every sister, Kappa Delta ' s found themselves eagerly supporting their national phil- anthropy with a magazine drive in which the pledges were pitted against the actives. This was highly successful and the profits will aid crippled chil- dren. Collegiate Kappa Delta ' s added friendliness and support to many cam- pus organizations. The Tutorial Project was a rewarding activity for many of the girls, as they helped and encour- aged children throughout the city. United in play as well as work, Kap- pa Delta ' s entertained their family and friends at the annual Christmas Tree Trimming Party, held on the eve of the Diamond Dagger Formal. This was the highlight of the year ' s social events. As the year closed the Kappa Del- ta ' s felt closer to each other and to the University as they strived for ful- fillment of their motto: " Let us strive for that which is honorable, beautiful, and highest. " j . ' : I fa yeor, us the involved in fffip ol President itiffortoi every MrNtionalpriil- nagoDne drive in spitted against c Mil ' s added jetf to irony cam- : - KMjfcfnwnyof ;; -9l eeveottie fad This os the - jiriv Taylor, Genie Trout, Pat Wallis, Marcia Yoder, Nancy Lanis Latta and sorority sisters entertain Uni-Camp children at Christmas party. Dad ' s Night at Kappa Delta KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA Altman, Madalyn Anderson, Diana Anderson, Sally Arnold, Susan Banachowski, Krysia Bartak, Linda Beck, Teresa Bell, Elizabeth Berg, Sheila Bertagnolli, Janet Blackett, Lynn Borowiak, Holly Clark, Kathleen de Jonge, Elizabeth de Varona, Donna Egly, Louise Evans, Stacy Fessler, Sharon Grant, Susan Griffith, Judith Gurnee, Andree Hanson, Kathleen Hawkins, Kathleen Held, Pamela Henderson, Carol Hess, Kristina Hunt, Sandra Johns, Carolyn Knaul, Carole Koroknay, Sharen Kriste, Teresa Larrison, Mary Leach, Sharyn Lewis, Lynn Litschke, Louise Lyon, Debbie 380 SANDRA HUNT Kappa Kappa Gamma ' sopened many doors this year with their " Kappa Key " The Kappas were led by president, Sandy Hunt; vice-president, Lynn Power; secretary, Louis Macatee; trea- surer, Mary Larrison; and panhellenic representatives, Cheryl White and Sandy Hunt. Opening many doors on the social side, Kappas celebrated Valentines Day with a formal given jointly with their sisters at USC. There was also the pledge-active party and Spring Sing. Kappas were well-known on campus with: Sandy Hunt being selected as 1966 Homecoming Queen, Linda Pag- liuso as chairman of AWS president ' s board and also a Prytanean, Peggy Nelson cheering the team on as Frosh Song Girl, and Dee Dee Anderson being crowned Theta Delta Chi " Red Carnation Queen. " Proving that they possess both brains and brawn, Kappas established an out- standing intramural record, besides having Cindi Shone grace the Dean ' s List of the Collegeof Lettersand Science. It can truly be said that the Kappas didn ' t leave many doors untouched. MacNeill, Susan Martens, Sharon Matthews, Catherine Matteson, Rebecca McWethy, Susan Miller, Eileen Mitchell, Emily Mochizuki, Carol Morse, Barbara Morton, Susan Newman, Victoria Olson, Linda Osborn, Aleta Pagliuso, Denise Pagliuso, Linda Power, Lynne Ray, Marilyn Riddell, Sandi Shelby, Nancy Shone, Cindi Smith, Jenni Strampe, Linda Swenson, Susan Thomas, Nancy Tipton, Linda Todd, Laura Turner, Linda White, Cheryl Wood, Judith Freese, Pam For whom tolls the bell, Betas? 381 PHI MU Appel, Taffy Arden, Sally Arnold, Sheila Bitter, Laurie Bradley, Beth Christiansen, Rheta Cole, Terry Harrer, Lynda Guttenplan, Karen Lund, Kirsten Merrill, Susan Miller, Jill Monsanto, Carolyn Pieper, Linda Steiger, Christine Stokes, Katie 382 LAUREL BITTER This was another busy year for Phi Mu. We started the year right with a lovely pledge class. As usual, we be- came active in many campus organi- zations, with some of our girls contri- buting to the nation ' s safety in Angel Flight and Sabers, other supportingthe cause of education in Tutorial Project and numerous fraternity Little Sister organizations, and still others receiv- ing honor fortheirsacrificeand scholar- ship in Prytaneans, Alpha Lambda Del- ta, Mortar Board. Our social calendar unusually full, with weekly was exchanges with fraternities, the Car- nation Ball honoring our initiates, our Father-Daughter Dinner, and scanda- lous Country Kitchen party. Inaddition, Phi Mu was asked to participate in Homecoming and Mardi Gras by noted men ' s fraternal organizations. In sports, we distinguished ourselves in the fi- nals of Intramural Co-ed Volleyball. We did not, however, neglect our ser- vice projects, which included work with the Eye Clinic and supporting the hos- pital ship, SS Hope. .M: SIGMA KAPPA Tr right with a Project : Sister ' .-. ur sod calendar A dk ekly W : ,ptf,. bunion, o, noted LINDA SMITH Returning from their many different and amusing vacations, the Sigma Kap- pa ' s were determined to make the new school year as successful as the last. The Sigmas carried their spirit and enthusiasm from the house to campus auxiliaries such asShell and Oar, Angel Flight, and Anchors. The Sigmas also showed their leadership abilities by participating on campus on Homecom- ing Committee, Monte CarloNite Com- mittees, Uni Camp, Key Leader Groups, Uni Prep, and Tutorial Project. On fra- ternity row, the Sigmas were also well represented with girls in the Little Sister groups of Theta Xi, Sigma Pi, Delta Tau Delta, Acacia, Alpha Epsilon Pi, and Lambda Chi Alpha. But, despite their many diversified interests, the Sigmas always have fun getting together at house social functions, and working to- gether on house activities. And, of course, all thoughts of studying are not completely disregarded as the Sigmas always maintain a high scholasticaver- age on campus. Englert, Dolores Anderson, Penny Baker, Cheryl Benedict, Marilynn Berkness, Jan Day, Paula Elson, Vickie Franklin, Barbara Herndon, Hallie Johnson, Linda Kasababian, Pat Kaiser, Carolyn Kelly, Linda King, Pam Kurz, Jean Lichtig, Jeanne Nelson, Wendy Noble, Diana Nordby, June Smith, Linda Whitebrook, Joan Whittaker, Wendy Slack, Sharon Wortman, Laurel Young, Sherry 383 PHI SIGMA SIGMA Adashek, Anne Aron, Michelle Barondess, Joan Bayer, Harriet Behrstock, Sue Berman, Sharon Brodie, Karen Carvel, Carol Coppersmith, Jan DePicciotto, Helen Dreyfuss, JoAnn Elkus, Barbara Einstein, Sue Finder, Rori Gold, Eileen Graff, Karer Hirsch, Sue Hornung, Lottie Howard, Judy Kaplan, Kathy Keane, Kathy Kline, Ruth Kosslyn, Lainie Kramer, Linda Lauterbach, Diana Lee, Diane Lee, Judy Lesh, Carol Margolis, Mara Mass, Susan Malicov, Joyce Moss, Sue Mozur, Nancy Natapoff, Judy Nisenbaum, Marilyn Perlmutter, Suzy 384 The year 1965-66 found the Phi Sigma Sigmas receiving two high scho- lastic awards. They won the Los Angeles City Panhellenic award for the highest scholastic average for any UCLA living group and they also won the National Phi Sigma Sigma Scholarship award. This was a winning year as the Phi Sigs also won a prize for the most humorous homecomingfloatwhich they did with Lambda Chi Alpha. The year was full of social activities and projects. The Phi Sigs had a Pledge formal at the Tail of the Cock for meir 32 pledges, they held a pledge-active party, a spring Initiation Dance, had numerous exchanges, and heldafamily night dinner. They worked hard on a Thanksgiving Party for the children at the Child CareCenter.and they worked at the Jules Stein Eye Clinic. During Christmas Vacation, they held a re- treat at Lake Arrowhead. Phi Sigs worked hard on campusonMardiGras, Monte Carlo night, Homecoming Ex- ecutive Committees, Sophomore Sweethearts, Spurs, Bruinettes, and in Little Sister Organizations. Outstanding girls in the chapter this year were Linda Kramer, AWS histor- ian and member of Student Relations Board; Lainie Kosslyn, Homecoming Ex- ecutive Approvals Chairman; andMari- lyn Nisenbaum, Fashion Board Member. =:; -;.- . ;.- ; iec: s o Shapiro, NW? ::: i . ' : ; ,- ' ' : :.- Irate, f Quint, Carole Robinson, Terry Roller, Karen Roller, Linda Rose, Sherry Rosenfeld, Susan Schwartz, Gail Schwartz, Karen Scott, Carol Segal, Linda Seigle, Diane Shapiro, Nancy Siegel, Linda Silver, Flo Silver, Judy Silverman, Ellen Sussman, Ellen Taube, Stevie Tenenbom, Marsha Teren, Audrey Toll, Doreen Trostler, Flora Weinstein, llene Weisenberg, Diane White, Pam Wigodsky, Helena Winer, Jackie 385 PI BETA PHI Anderson, Carolyn Anderson, Sally Bennici, Candy Blair, Constance Blout, Bev Brooks, Pam Brown, Carolyn Brown, Colleen Cannady, Ginger Chase, Kathy Chorpenning, Susan Christopher, Lonnie Cocagne, Cheri Davis, Linda Donley, Cathy Dore, Katie Dunn, Dana Early, Sandy Evans, Sandy Fearman, Nancy Field, Russa Fields, Kathy Finch, Connie Garth, Marguerite Goodhue, Kathy Halloran, Mary Hamilton, Janet Hamlin, Sally Harsell, Susan Heiner, Georgia Henderson, Connie Hix, Alice Hurley, Shiela Kattus, Mary Jo Keller, Ginger Lazerus, Donna 386 SALLY ANDERSON The first sorority to have a national philanthropy, Pi Phi, supports the Set- tlement School in Gatlinburg, Ten- nessee. In the past, the school was the only form of education, public health information, and medical attention to be found in this remote area of the Smokey Mountains. Now with the ad- vancement of transportation, it still re- mains the only school in the area; but as a more important facet, it is the means of livelihood for hundreds of backwoods weavers, promoting the handicraft of the area and serving as an outlet for it. Also, on the " little known " side of sorority life, each quarter we hold a Scholarship Dinner. The girls having a grade point average above 3.0 wear grubbies and eat steak for dinnerwhile the girls below a 2.0 wear formals and eat hamburger. Each quarterthis event is eagerly awaited and isalwaysa very decorative affair. This quarter the theme was " Viva La Educatione. " To round out the " behind the scene " events, naturally a lot of attention is paid to our parents. First, for the bread winners is the annual Dad ' s Night Din- ner which is also a highly festive oc- casion with the theme of this year ' s being " Roaring Twenties. " For the en- tire family, is our annual Christmas Family Dessert, and for the mothers, is the Mothers Club Fashion Show in the Spring. . tt school was the mod oreo of the : ::- re- bin to area; but V promoting the H ad serving as Id jn " side of a oys i ver y -- . mothers, Martin, Lemora McClarty, Jan Milovich, Hazel Mitchell, Stevi Murphy, Flossie Murphy, Vicki Nichols, Ann Perkins, Katie Recla, Karen Samuelson, Sue Sexton, Ann Smith, Cheryl Smith, Fritzi Smith, Sue Snyder, Chris Stock. Sharon Stillman, Randi Supple, Ann Swenson, Kris Teter, Linda Vetterli, Doris Walker, Carolyn Walters, Jackie Welles, Susan Pi Beta Phi Presents 1966 387 SIGMA DELTA TAU Altman, Margo Barer, Ellen Berman, Viki Bowman, Linda Bramson, Bobbe Bratman, Sheryl Brejensky, Marion Brown, Marsha Chelnek, Claire Cole, Holly Finer, Judy Fleishman, Joan Flesch, Vivian Fond, Barbara Frankel, Sherry Freeman, Alma Friedman, Barbara Friedman, Sandi Goldenberg, Linda Goldman, Bonnie Gorman, Cheryl Gould, Allison Grais, Maggie Greene, Dennie Greenstein, Linda Grey, Mimi Grodin, Sue Halperin, Bonnie Haskin, Marsha Hausman, Judy Jacobson, Jeanie Kartsman, Sue Kempton, Melanie Kevitt, Rona Krasnick, Abby Krevitz, Sharon 388 MARGO ALTMAN In the fall, the SDT ' s teamed with the Pi Lambda Phi ' s in Intramural volley- ball and won the coed league champ- ionship. For Homecoming, theyworked with the Phi Sig Delts and placed sec- ond in the Vaudeville show. Social life included the Baby Ball, the Pledge Prison Party and the an- nual Spring Initiation formal. SDT ' s had two special projects the Julie Ann Singer Philanthropic proj ect, and they adopted a foreign child. SDT ' s were well represented in: Bruin Belles, Sophomore Sweethearts, Bruin- ettes, Chimes, Spurs, Alpha Lambda Delta, and Little Sister organizations. Active girls were Jeannie Jacobson, Bruin Belles; Bobbe Bramson, Panhel- lenic Publicity Chairman, Greek Week Co-Chairman; Ellen Baer, Prytanean; Landi Stanton, Bruinette vice-president. Lynn Margoles, AEPi Calendar Girl; Vivian Flesch, Sigma Chi Derby Dar- lin ' ; and Yvonne Newton, Monte Carlo Queen finalist; maintained SDT ' s repu- tation for beautiful women. r, " ' Monn,W ::-:- - Murks, J MflM, ' e Miller, $ Newtoo.Yw " Post,Ko Robl,Jw Hens, Rota Sck reibmon, IBM Schi, Denis Staging, J xr Stanton, Sleinhorijt, ft r Steinmon, Po% Stern, Maw Stone, Jocti Slone.Mprgy holler, Goil lyner, Roberto Ucuioglu, Fran Wale, Show Longer, Sherry Linsk, Carolyn Lomkin, Judy Manheimer, Ellen Mann, Pat Mann, Sheila Margoles, Lynn Margolin, Stephanie Marks, Julie Matza, Evie Miller, Sue Millman, Judy Neustadt, Julie Newton, Yvonne Post, Kathy Robbins, Jane Rollens, Robin Ross, Andi Scaglione, Vicki Schreibman, Laura Schiff, Denise Shanedling, Joan Stanton, Randi Steinhardt, Robin Steinman, Patty Stern, Maureen Stone, Jackie Stone, Mprgy Trotter, Gail Tyner, Roberta Ucuzoglu, Fran Wade, Sharon Wayne, Wendy Weingarten, Susie Wexler, Vida Wolff, Marcia Aunt Minnie THETA KAPPA PHI Dunn, llene Fujita, Jeannette Furumura, Kathleen Goya, Sharon Hamasaka, Judy Hiraoka, Ann Hiroshima, Barbara Ikeguchi, Vickee Inana, Marsha Ishihara, Monica Ito, Karen Kawabata, Julia Kiuchi, Emily Murakami, Diane Nakayama, Janice Nowaki, Evelyn Nozaki, Joan Ohi, Jane Oka, Peggy Owashi, Kathy Towata, Colleen Tsuruda, Gwen Uchida, Joan Ung, Frances Uyematsu, Amy Yanaga, Susan Yoshida, Pat Theta Kappa Phi, an oriental sorority at U.C.L.A., was founded with the pur- pose of promoting friendship and ser- vice to the school and to thecommunity. Theta ' s are active in university life, especially Mardi Gras and Uni Camp, and in the community by participa- ting in the Nisei Week activities and by contributing to their orphanage in Japan. This year Theta ' s were led by: Ellen Inouye, president; Joan Uchida, 1st vice-president; Sharon Okumoto, 2nd vice-president; Marsha Inana, re- cording secretary; Amy Uyematsu, cor- responding secretary; and Sharon Goya, treasurer. 390 Theta Kappa Phisleepover Theta Kappa Phi Presents 1966 391 PANHELLENIC 392 PANHELLENIC OFFICERS. SEATED: Bobbe Bramson, Publicity Chairman; Nancy Paslagwa, Vice-President; Dean Nola Stark; Bobbie Holquin, President. STANDING: Nancy Levy, Treas- urer; Ann Mason, Jr. Panhellenic Advisor; Tris Kaminsky, Secretary; Carole Lovinger, Molly Connor, Advisors. Composed of the 21 sororities on campus, Panhellenic has its goals to maintain on a high plane sorority life and interfraternity relations and to co- operate with the university in its ef- forts to maintain high cultural, educa- tional and social standards of sorority women. Panhellenic alsocosponsored the an- nual Greek Week with IFC. Special events during GreekWeekincludedthe Greek Olympics, Greek Week Classic Dance, House Banner Contest, IFC Queen Contest, UCLA Cerebral Palsy Nursery School Charity Drive and the All-Star Football Game. Every year Panhellenic awards scholarships to de- serving independent and sorority girls on the basis of grades and need. Panhellenic Council is composed of the 21 UCLA sororities with each so- rority represented by its president and rush chairman. The sorority system is governed by rules of Panhellenic in rushing, pledg- ing, initiation, chapter social functions, and any other area involving the so- rorities. Bobbie Holguin was president; Sue Chanter, vice-president, Tris Kaminski, secretary; Nancy Levy, treasurer; Bobbe Bramson, publicity representa- tive; and Dean Nola Stark, faculty spn- sor. 393 JUNIOR PANHELLENIC FIRST ROW: Carolyn Linsk, Sigma Delta Tau; JoAnn Kashiki, Kappa Alpha Theta; Dana Duen- zen, Chi Omega; Cheryl Baker, Sigma Kappa; SECOND ROW: Patricia Cantley, Gamma Phi Beta; Anne Cohodas, Delta Phi Epsilon; Donna Mclntyre, Alpha Xi Delta; Kris Lund, Phi Mu; Doreen Adelstein, Alpha Epsilon Phi; THIRD ROW: Carolyn Johns, Kappa Kappa Gamma; Connie Finch; Pi Beta Phi; Nancy Losey, Alpha Chi Omega; Marti Truax, Delta Zeta; FOURTH ROW: Ann Mason, Delta Delta Delta; Ruth Kline, Phi Sigma Sigma; Susan Nelson, Delta Delta Delta; Betty Flo, Alpha Phi. INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL Jim Perisho, Vice President Ken Rethmeier, Treasurer Many new programs highlighted this year ' s Interfraternity Council activities, accounting for a banner year for the fraternity system. Greek Week ' 67, the most successful event of its kind in years, marked the first annual Greek Drive at UCLA, and the Officers ' Re- treat witnessed the formulation of new policies and much needed legislation, all reflecting new unity and purpose among Greek leaders. Delegates brought back new ideas from both the National Interfraternity Conference in New Orleans and the Western Regional Convention of IFC in Fresno. The IFC hopes to implement many of them in the near future to provide even more services, both for the Greek system as well as for the campus as a whole. Rush this year broke all records and increased over 15%, accounting for a 5% increase in fraternity membership over-all. 396 c CD - 0) Q- a. _o c _c o Gr 9 Gordon, Rick Bruck, Rush Chairman Dennis Larson, Judicial Representative a. D O 6 O) c en c ID " 5 O _at u D _c U Greg Gordon, Publicity Representative c a CL 0) O Merrit Coleman, Judicial Representative ACACIA Achor, Joe Anduri, Dave Bowles, Chris Chavez, Dan Cohen, Allan Davis, John Day, Jim Ducote, Keith Emerson, Ralph Funke, Greg Gentry, Graver Hamel, Dennis Jallo, Mike Jenson, John Kice, Chuck LaDochy, Steve Metcalf, Frank Murphy, Mike Pennington, Bill Shearer, Kent Sloven, Gary Tanner, Ross Ward, Joe Zimmerman, Doug " I ' d rather be pinned to an Acacia any ol ' day. " MIKE MURPHY Trying desperately to withstand the vigor of living on sorority row, Acacia is enjoying immensely the first year in its new house. Endorsing a strict " Love thy neighbors " policy, the brothers have opened their doors to the sur- rounding houses. Using the talents of the Alpha Garhs, Acacia overstocked their trophycase with 1 st place in Vaudeville, the Home- coming participation sweepstakes tro- phy, and 2ndinthefloatthemedivision. Acacia always rocks. Highlighting their social calendar was their regal " Black and Gold Formal " this fall. House spirits is flying highduetothe fierce competition for the " Swantz Award. " Joe leads P.S. by a nose with Purple Flash in hot pursuit. I I ALPHA GAMMA OMEGA use Alpha Gamma Omega celebrated its 40th anniversary this year with a Na- tional Founders Day Banquet. Leading the AGO ' s through their fortieth year were spring and fall presidents Lee Carlson and Tom Gold; vice president, Bob Petty; secretary-, Ken Karlstad; trea- surer, Bill Childs; and IFC representa- tive. Tom Gold. AGO ' s kept busy this year with many activities, including: a party after the USC game, a Christmas banquet, a weekend mountain retreat, and a Christmas tree trimming with their Little Sisters of Mara nath a. The AGO pi edges painted the building of Teen Challenge in Los Angeles, an organization to help drug addicts. A good intramural record in all sports was also held by the AGO ' s. Outstanding student memebers in- cluded Art Lorenzini, Yeoman, member of the rugby team, besides being a former frosh yell leader; and Tom Gold who participated in Project India in 1966, and Blue Key. , IB c O a. o a O c o U Bayne, Donald Childers, Bill Garrisi, John Goetzen, Pat Gold, Tom Haugh, Terry Karlsa Karlstad, Ken Lincoln, Harry Lorenzini, Art McMullin, Robert McReyanolds, Tom Mote, Stanley Ogden, Greg Ornee, Mike Pease, Steven Pettus, Jim Petty, Bob Sagawa, Wes Snell, Gerald Teague, Jim Terwilliger, Steve Toth, David Trist, Byron Watanabe, Bob Weber, Tim Witt, Jim Obien, Leon A group of actives. ALPHA EPSILON PI Alpern, Gary Douglas, Fred Fink, Steve Classman, Howard Classman, Paul Goodman, Mark Gold, Barry Golden, Roger Howard, Neal Kaminsky, Arnold Kenoff, Jay Kuhn, Steve Kulla, Norm Kurtz, Barry Lauber, Fred Lauber, Harvey May, Larry Moskovitz, Harold Moss, Rob Needle, Steve Resh, Bill Richman, Lee Rosenberg, Rich Rosenfield, Fred Rosien, Scott Rutkin, Stu Ruttenberg, Gary Schad, Rich Schimmel, Roger Schwartz, Lloyd Shear, Jack Spitza, Les Stein, Don Solomon, Norm Ticker, Neil Watenmaker, Alan ROBERT MAYMAN Alpha Epsilon Pi, which was founded at New York University in 1913 has grown to one hundred chapters. The UC- LA chapter is celebrating its eighteenth year of being on campus. The AEPi ' s were led this year by spring president, Lloyd Schwartz, and fall president, Robert Mayman; vice- president, Elden Rosentahl; secretary, Paul Classman; treasurer, Gary Osher- off; and IFC representative, Norm Kul- la. This group of officers led the mem- bers through such successful events as Spring Sing and Mardi Gras. Outstanding members include Mike Bergman and Hank Alder, who are chairmen of Mardi Gras this year. Be- sides having outstanding members, the brothers of Alpha Epsilon Pi, also had a great intra-mural record, proving that their eighteen years at UCLA have treated them very well. 400 flrcrtalheUC- y to ywr by vdSdMfcanii r Mtywi; vice " wrr.GcryOsher- onnKur iieineffl- even ' s cs Mike Qre roving Weiss, Larry Wissot, Jeff Zweig, Steve ALPHA TAU OMEGA Allen, Thomas Ashcraft, Steve Becker, Doug Bohrnstedt, Ronald Brittle, Chris Brockman, Gary Bruck, Richard Cataldo, Don Clements, Darrell Cliffton, Andy Cole, Bruce Davidson, William Dess, Jay Douglass, Dan Edwards, Tom Evans, Jon Fitzgerald, Gerry Ford, Warwick Franklin, Greg Goldbach, Pete Hindy, Bob Hong, Mike Juline, Eric Kirby, Duncan Linder, John Lucan, John Marshall, Frank McCombs, Mike McLinn, Rob Oxman, Jeff Pearson, Wade Perl, Dan Sader, Dick Saltzman, Jeff Sullivan, Mike Swenson, Larry CARL WINETRAB and WAYNE LEWIS A nasty rumor was spread of late that the ATO ' s were keeping animals in the house. As all the brothers know (although we do keep several pets) we are one of the quietest and most serene houses on the row. So Doug and Frank (two gallant boys who would never allow a dirty crack out of their mouths) set out on a campaign to set straight all the dirty cracks that were made in and around the house. The men were encouraged to advise their dates not to swat flies with their tails or make funny sounds during parties. It took a while, butby thetimeour " Old Heidelberg " party rolled around, most people were at least house broken. The pent up emotions aroused by such frustrations were vented in intramurals where we did reasonably well. Two high points were a near perfect score in football and Wayne Lewis placing first in the one man self destruction meet. Thomas, Chuck Verkozen, Tom Weber, Brian Weintraub, Carl Bacon, David Richards, Mark Some of the pledges spending a quiet evening of circle-jerk. Brother Lewis and company collect a delinquent house bill. set fire to a boarder ' s door to BETA THETA PI Allio, Mike Arrigo, Frank Bennett, Gary Bishop, Bill Bozicevich, Mario Clark, Dave Dexter, Mike Dornin, Robert Ferrero, Chuck Fischer, John Forbes, John Gandara, Dan Goff, Kevin Grand!, Tim Green, Jeff Hansen, Guy Henne, Paul Hrachovy, Dave Ingram, John Johnson, Jay Kendrick, John Longfield, Randy Marscellas, Carl McConnell, Thomas Medak, Ron Miller, Doug Murphy, James Packard, Mike Pagliuso, Jim Perkins, Dick Purdy, Rick Purdy, Scott Randall, Paul Ringwald, Kim Ryan, Mike Ryan, Pat RANDY LONGFIELD Onescore and eighteen years ago, our founders brought forth on this cam- pus a new concept, conceived in dis- tinction and dedicated to the cause that all men are not created equal. Now we are established as a great nobel order, knowing that this order, or any order so ordained, shall long endure. So, in a larger sense, you must worship, you must consecrate, you must hallow Beta ground. The great men living and dead have con- secrated it far above your poor power to add or detract. The world will for- ever note and remember what we do here. 404 Saner, Neville Sanserino, Gary Schneider, Steve Sibert, Sam Smith, Chris Smith, Jack Staines, Jerry Stansbury, Rich St. John, Robert Sutherland, Gene Thomas, Dave Torres, Tito Twitchell, Dan Van Tright, Pete Walker, Steve Wheadon, Wes Missy Duzit proves false the statement, " All Beta dates are pigs. " -. DELTA SIGMA PHI Barker, Jim Brown, Bob Cleveland, Dick Coleman, Merritt Culbertson, Roger Dell, Tom Dickey, Dale Evans, Larry Fenerin, Mike Fredrickson, Jack Friedlander, Rick Gary, Kurt Gash, Frank House, John Howard, Jim Hutchinson, Steve Jaye, Mike Landsberg, Ron Lee, Mark Miller, Dave Munson, Les Muser, Wolf Pacheco, Glen Parrish, Bob Redmond, Wayne Robertson, Dave Rosenblatt, Sid Rowse, Gary Showalter, Jerry Seitzler, Tom Sklanowsky, Mike Smith, Jeff Svendstorp, Sjak Sweningsen, Dave Tatka, Tom Trabish, Steve STEVE TRABISH This was another year of frustrated fulfillment for the brothers of Delta Sigma Phi. The politically minded brothers worked vigorously for the " Bring Back Goody Knight " guberna- torial campaign. Unfortunately, the weekender in Paris had to be cancelled when it was discovered that no one in the house could speak French. Under the inspired leadership of Super Wej, Delta Sig renewed their contract with the Hilgard Dumptruck Association. The highly competitive brothers tabulated their social successes on a carefully graduated point scale. For the Thanksgiving holiday, the brothers again performed a public ser- vice by raising turkeys on their ranch directly across the street. The full-of- spirits brothers also went in for the usual nifty keeno activities: Homecom- ing, Spring Sing, Mardi Gras, and other miscellaneous g.p.a. lowerers. In line with the educational function of a frater- nity, Pledge Master Barker lectured his charges on the topic: " The Birds and the Bees Are Fine, But Personally Hike Sex Better. " The brothers handled the dreaded quarter system well: only eighty per cent of the house went on probation. The rack-it upstairs was still prevalent, and our Saigon chapter con- tinued to grow. 406 Two brothers participating in a traditional spring- time activity. It sure looked a hell of a lot easier on the drawing board. Tyerman, Barry Uribe, Steve Wise, John Zaptiff, Carl " . . . and I ' d like a B in Geography, a C in History, a B in ... " We dedicate our page this year to our faithful house dog, Lazlo. Good old Laz met his untimely end when he was hit by a dump truck which was rolling through the living room. The undefeated Delta Sig Bush Beating team over- came all opposition. 407 DELTA TAU DELTA . %7 titlk Allen, Bill Arthur, Don Ball, Sonny Banachowski, Andy Birket, Alan Brew, Rich Burkart, Mike Carroll, Dave Ferry, Mike Ferry, Steve Garagliano, John Getzlaff, Jack Goodfried, Ken Grassia, John Guthrie, Rod Habib, Nick Harju, Rey Hatton, Randy Kanne, Greg Kos, Leon McCarter, Rick Miller, Jim Miller, Jeff Muller, Mike Pash, Mark Pawlik, Greg Philbin, Bob Rickman., Dennis RICK CARTER and ANDY BANACHOWSKI Despite the financial setback caused by the Board of Equalization shutting down their still, the Delts groveled through another eventful year. The Delt house inaugurated a new program of " brotherhood " at all costs. From now on, the men of purple and gold will be accepted. Although somewhatstifled by classes and study, social life flourished. The entire SS Lurline was taken over for the Spring Formal which was a tremendouse success, until Ma Matson missed the ship and demanded her return. The annual French Apache (held after the successful trouncing of USC) was considered a success despite the Bel-Air . Slater, Mike Smalley, Ken Smoot, John Spongier, Wayne Linger, Gary Vorwerck, Greg Walker, Mike Ward, Greg Wentink, Jim Wentink, Larry Iff Thanks ADPi ' s. The brothers Another little sister RF. Milk is good for the teeth. 409 LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Anderson, Tony Baker, Mike Earth, Mike Beitzel, James Bleeker, Craig Brightman, Howard Gary, Dave Coffee, Terry Cooke, Richard Craig, Don Crawford, Scott Davies, Richard Dowling, Larry Drake, Bill Elley, Mickey Evans, Bob Pagan, Tom Flynn, James Foote, Lloyd Foy, James Grittman, Randy Guthrie, Chris Halpin, Dan Hamilton, George Hauser, Phil Hauser, Steve Jansen, Gil Johnsen, Lee Langpap, John Lee, James Lundy, Allan Maas, Terry Moeller, Paul Morese, Richard O ' Connell, Mike Oftedal, Terry 410 DAVE CARY and JIM SIMS 1966-67 has been a year of prog- ress at Lambda Chi Alpha. Although we dropped from first to second in intramural football, the fighting heroes of Lambda Chi attained even greater goals of athletic endeavor, such as the All-U spaghetti eating championship. Sixteen lettermen represent us in a variety of varsity sports. The ferocious basketballers of Lambda Chi, defend- ing All-U Champs, held our annual pre-season tourney with the usual glit- tering success. We reluctantly deserted our books for occasional quiet parties, such as our Hell ' s Angels Blow-out, Pajama free-for-alls, beer busts, and other in- tellectual pursuits. We regret the fail- ure of previous attempts to merge with a well known local sorority, but hold this as one of our foremost upcoming projects. Phinizy, Bill Picco, Ron Pugh, Lance Rinek, Larry Seibert, Bill Shaw, Kemper Simmons, Tony Sims, James Smith, Larry Speckman, Paul Terry, Stanley Thomas, Mack Walczuk, Lee Wexler, Danny Wheeler, Tom Jim Demeke, center, all time intramural football leading scorer, helped to lead Lambda Chi to Second Place in AII-U football, following last year ' s all-U Championship. Hard work (?) gave us the most humorous (?) float. PHI DELTA THETA Adams, Jim Asbury, Bill Baily, Jack Bayer, Ron Bishof, Vincent Brainerd, Bill Cooper, Rich Daggatt, Andy Davis, Howard Davy, Rick Dolby, Steve Dorrough, Jim Egger, Harry Enyart, Mike Ewan, Joel Fairbank, John Finley, Kirk Geyer, Grant Horstman, Bill Hoyt, Paul Johnston, Scott Keller, Gary Ketchem, Bob Larkin, Bob McClelland, Guy Paxson, Tim Popeney, Bob Provo, Carter Reardon, Chuck Roberts, Kent Roos, Jerry Rosa, Eric Smalley, Steve Steele, Scott Tchirkow, Bob Van Scoyk, Chris HOWARD DAVIS So the Phi ' s worked very hard during Fall Rush, and Considering that we worked so hard, we felt that we Required a rest. Tired huh? The I.F.C. Even made sure we got a rest. They gave us seven Weeks Social Pro. Thank-you. So we tried To be aesthetic and stimulating. We showed some Hit foreign films. The I.F.C. dint Especially like our films. The I.F.C. doesn ' t like us. Heck, we don ' t like the I.F.C. Enter our neighbor relations. " Aye, There ' s the rub. " But married students like us ... After we gave them a party. Died this year was our cook ' s bookie. Emeritus to the bookie, the Phi ' s to the Track. Laugh filled vacation for the Snake. " Is Snack Back? " The house sniper, " Eddie Haskell, " al- most won recognition in a Turkey Shoot Sounds like we dint have a very good year? Don ' t you believe it. We did! n. 412 Van Scoyk, Jon Wagner, Ryan Webster, Trip Wigle, Jim Wolfe, John Work, Tom Zell, Steve The Reading of the Terms of Social Pro And after all, the parties were fun . 413 But these guys were worth it Come by sometime . . . you can have fun too Our Athletic Director welcomes you. PHI EPSILON PI Wilder, Ron Zimring, Stu Baranov, Rob Dattan, D. Scott DeLegal, Larry Drobman, Jeff Feenberg, Ron Freedman, Fred Fujiyama, Gary Garber, Len Gordon, Greg Gordon, Sam Klurfeld, Jeff Lasser, Peter Lazear, Ed Lynn, Mitch Lyons, Larry Reed, Chuck Rosen, Jeff Sandier, Terri Schlossberg, Dave Shields, Larry Silverman, Dave Sloan, Gary Wasserman, Dave Welch, Denny GREG GORDON and LEN GARBER It was a tremendous, dazzling, un- comparable, and undeniably fantastic year for the brotherhood of Phi Ep- silon Pi. Socially our parties ranged from the ghoulish Night in Hell Party (a promise of things to come?) to the orgiastic Hawaiian Lei Party (did they come!) Athletically, Phi Ep reached new heights as the football team went un- beaten (for the first three games.) We managed to win trophies at homecom- ing, spring sing, and mardi gras. Also we initiated a highly successful little sister program. Academically we re- tained a ranking near the top. Pretty good for 5% of our time; the other 95% was spent playing poker (and chess). 415 PHI GAMMA DELTA Artz, Jon Bagby, Doug Bernstein, Gary Bush, Randy Cohen, Robert Deakers, Richard Donney, Ken Dome, Robert Feinberg, Phil Freitas, Steven Galan, Paul Godbey, Dexter Grant, Tom Gray, Mike Madden, Pat Maisner, Andy Middleman, Drew Miller, Lance Pringle, Mike Raysbrook, Randy Rosenberg, Joe Sayre, Jim Safier, Jim Spindler, Rich Stiles, Bob Stilz, Rich Tennesen, Mike Wexler, Mark DOUG BAGBY With all the accusations of " animals " and " sex-fiends " being hurled at us, the Fiji ' s decided it was high time for some serious discussion on our declin- ing moral reputation here on campus, so we scheduled a retreat for the house at Mom ' s. After the retreat got going and fifth and sixth rounds of pitchers had been served, talk got off on a nostalgic vein as brother Wallace took us down memory lane with a re-enact- ment of his now famous dance of the seven boxer shorts. After this, things became more serious as the brothers were brought the chief business of the day, a proposition that would make it illegal to bring a girl up to your room. The discussion went on into the night and arguments were presented, hashed and rehashed, until finally at four o ' clock in the morning and after the twentieth round had been served, a decision was reached. From now on no Fiji will be allowed to bring a girl up into his room if his roommate is up there with another girl, however, as Bush so vehemently pushed for, it ' s all right to watch him through the window. 416 : :--:; ; ' I bled at us, r ' tftonampus, . .-::.;? -: ;:::-; : :::-: ' tiploffono . :::: n dho redact- ,:-:-e ' S business of Ide := ' .,.,-! r, presented r |fl - - ; : : " - , " : = Welcome rushees. Come on by for a bowl of soup and we ' ll show you around the house. PHI KAPPA PSI Baker, Ted Bergstrom, Ed Bibb, Bill Chapman, Henry Conkey, George Davis, Jack Donahoe, Pat Engel, Chuck Gantz, Tom Good, Bob Guarino, Rich Hansen, Curt Hanratty, Terry Hoffman, Peter Hollingsworth, Joe Holly, Buddy Larson, Dennis Lyman, Rick Matthias, Mike Mclntyre, Scott Morris, Tyke Nettleton, Jim Neuman, Dan Olds, Thomas Polentz, Bob Prutsman, Gary Sachau, Kurt Saloutos, Peter Sauve, Ray Slatton, Jim Sweek, Bill Tholen, John Vallance, Ron Vandervelde, Walt Velazquez, Eddie Webb, Russ 418 EDDIE VELAZQUEZ RUSS WEBB Sow. Zaps wo: feeding ! found no delidy, evensch Hogs og ' took up : : :- " . ' . ' : forChrij giving . in i ange " exch mishes convert weekend with bro Webb, Torreey Weigel, Bill Wells, Jim Sandwiched between amazing Viva Zaps was another year of rewarding feeding times at the Zoo. The Brothers found nourishment athletically, psyche- delicly, intermurally, sodomicly, and even scholasticly, but in the end, Fun Hogs again prevailed, our president took up permanent residence in the IFC Office, the House turned Pro . . . Rush brought us 26 pledges too early for Christmas but Justin timeforThanks- giving . . . We returned to the womb to begin a social calendar that realized exchanges at all levels from Reseda and Mt. St. Mary ' s to occasional skir- mishes with Hilgard. The Brothers, converted to quarter master, enjoyed weekenders and ski trips and other perversions, returning always instilled with brotherhood which continues to animate our every thought. Madison, Thomas Riecke, Fred Veltmann, Yimmy Ma Remus, Kappa Kappa Gamma, 1966 Phi Kappa Psi Sage Brush Queen. Cramming for Quarter finals, " Loki " Engle spikes the ball. 419 PHI KAPPA SIGMA Ainsworth, Jay Arthur, Don Baum, Robert Boyer, Robert Brewer, Jerry Brewer, Tim Briggs, Don Campbell, Pete Carney, Tom Carty, Mike Cristenson, Jim Cole, Stan Corzine, Kent Dalbec, John Duke, Jim Ellermeyer, Jeff Fay, Mike Frost, Bill Gillen, Jack Hall, Chip Harford, Mark Heck, Don Hocker, Kim Howe, Robert Hustis, Tom Hutt, Ed Ireland, Robert Kaufman, Cary Klausen, Steve Lancaster, Chuck McGinnis, Chuck Martin, Ted Menold, Ben Millet, Dick Mumolo, Tony Murphy, Dennis 420 TOM CARNEY The Big Corona was in this year at Phi Kappa Sigma. To the delight of many a sorority lass, the Big Co- rona, along with associate fat face mo- tor and coronetta, reached its peaked at many a Phi Kap social event. The revolution was led by the mollie spe- cialists of the black wall, a specially trained elite group of Phi Kaps. The Big Corona donned his ski togs as the Phi Kaps moved their room party four hundred miles north to Yosemite for the year ' s best function, hosted by Eddie the Ranger, now a Phi Kap pledge. Social success did not hinder aca- demic excellence at Phi Kappa Sigma. The striving for knowledge and intellec- tual curiousity is the true mark of the hard-studying Phi Kaps. Yes, this was the year of the Big Corona at Phi Kappa Sigma. Jean Claude Killy of France was host at Phi Kap Yosemite weekender. Nestingen, Pete Phillips, Charles Roane, Mike Shedd, Steve Sitz, Bill Smith, Brian Smith, Ken Swaim, Mike Swanson, Jerry Taylor, Eric Thompson, Bob Ware, Tom White, Steve Wilson, Ray :.:-: ::-.: I aid Kent. Ihe .::: rfhbps. ;: " -- ' i icr to Yosemite : " - ::: Flu fappo Sigma. HMMrkoflhe : ' " First quarter finals at the Phi Kap house. Second quarter finals at the Phi Kap house. : Third quarter finals at the Phi Kap house. PHI SIGMA DELTA Broker, Jeff Cabin, Rick Cadish, Bob Cohen, Larry Cohen, Rafe Feldman, Dan Feldman, Joe Galanter, Bruce Gandin, Richard Glickfeld, Bruce Glucksman, Dick Goodman, Jim Greenberg, Alan Gross, Irv Hall, Bob Heifetz, Larry Heller, Steve Holt, Roger Holtzman, Golde Karton, Dave Kippur, A. Stephen Knee, Howard Kolb, Steve Kurland, Stu Lapota, Jeff Levitt, Norman Lucks, Ed Lucks, Irv Malter, Mark Mayersohn, Paul Migdal, Harvey Minsky, Chuck Morris, Leigh Phillips, Brad Rabkin, Larry Raines, Steve MIKE SHERMAN and HARVEY MIGDAL The Phi Sig Delts, a heterogeneous group with a closely-knit membership has infiltrated practically every facet of student activities at UCLA. Roger Holt chaired the Student Judicial Board, of which Irv Gross was also a member. Dave Karton wasChairman of the Great Man Speakers Program, while Paul Mayersohn lettered in soccer and was Chairman of the Student Relations Board. Steve Kolb also served on this board. Danny Feldman, as a freshman cheerleader, gave support to Dick Glucksman who played Frosh Basket- ball. Sam Tenenbaum ran the IFC Office, as executive secretary, was a member of the Spring Sing Executive Committee, Blue Key, and made the Fraternity All-Star Football Team. Steve Rains was on the Homecoming Ex- ecutive Committee. Jim Goodman was a member of the Academic Research Council, and Art Chenen was a Washington Intern. Most important, the Phi Sigs again had the highest grade point average on the row. 422 Rosen, Bob Rubenstein, Randy Schick, Jeff Shaffer, Mark Shapiro, Larry Shelton, Terry Sherman, Mike Silver, Perry Stambul, Rick Stern, Dennis Susnow, Bob Tenenbaum, Sam Weinhouse, Don Winston, Rich Wolstan, Barry Ziman, Al The Phi Sigs prove to the thinking student that they can learn about life ' s gifts anywhere. Here we see Head Head Larry Shapiro philosophize with some fraternity brothers. Who had a royal flush? 423 PI LAMBDA PHI Atkins, Howard Bridge, Jack Epstein, Steve Feig, Marv Prisoner, Harry Goldhaber, Marty Greenfield, Jon Greenstadt, Al Greenwald, Randy Grumer. Steve Jacobs, Dennis Klein, Bruce Kling, Bud Lebell, Rich Messelson, Andy Meyers, Glen Ritz, Mike Ross, Rick Sandier, Dave Seal, Spencer Smaler, Tony Steinberg, Leigh Stone, Norm Thurm, Allen GENE GORDON What is Pi Lambda Phi up to? Is Pop- eye really commiting crimes against nature or does Scarsdale Al just make it sound that way. PegLeg Lopinsky trades his monocre for Cowboy Dave; Brown Helmet Jacobs followed suit, of course. Boots hurt his feet swish to white tennis shoes and turtle necks - good old Denise. Stone pins anyone who ' ll kiss him goodnight last week he almost gave it to Van Dam. Kling- ding, rhymes sorry about that Bud. Can a pig and an ape mate? Not sure but I ' ll ask Big Jack for you. Disregard the bumping noise, it ' s only psycho Steve Bacil from the Phi house. Bernie steals anything Kollitz sells rugs. Sandier is Frumpy; Vogel was. Ross is going crazy; Gordon got there four years ago. Shapiro is back now there ' s hope in V.N. Barry ' s still there sweet revenge on Texas. Big Dave owes a mint and works as a blimp. Frank is back, Tijuana shudders. Ah yes goldplated fences, Sir Douglas is still laughing, Grumer is all set for rush Breeze isn ' t, Toy is still mad and by the way Franz Winters is still alive. 424 425 SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Bomber, Jim Barrie, John Barry, Ken Best, Lar Settles, Tom Bradley, Bruce Burns, Doug Cannon, Knox Choate, Bruce Collom, Ed DeLacy, Jim Dofflemyre, Mike Dompe, Mike Downey, William Downing, Dan Duelke, Dean Eades, John Fletcher, Steve Fonfara, Dave Frank, Bill Gibeaut, Randy Goland, Al Goodrich, Paul Goring, Bill Groat, Geoffery Holtom, Tom Hoffman, Ross Honeychurch, Dennis Hubiak, John MacKenzie, Ron Martin, Bob McDowell, John Moler, Bob Moran, Terry Murray, Tom Olenicoff, Roger : : , ' -,: ' :-. ' : .. ; ' - . ' . ' WILLIAM SELFRIDGE and BRIAN SHIPTON THE WHITE HOUSE WASHINGTON April 25, 1966 Dear Members of SAZ: I ain BO sorry that due to my school commitments in Texas I am unable to attend the funeral services honoring Professor Paddy Murphy. Please express my deep concern and sympathy to the member of the immediate family who has requested my presence to help him through his bereavement! I enjoyed seeing your invitation so much and hope that you have a " wonderful " wake! Sincerely, In they shouting ' pie strike bering the pling or 3 stubbing ; themselves Goyleybur; with o voi Lynda Bird Johnson Sigma Alpha Epsilon 655 Gayley Avenue Los Angeles 24, California 426 Pittenger, Chris Poett, Jim Ramsey, Bob Salvaria, Bob Selfridge, Bill Shipton, Brian Siegel, Roger Smith, Steve Sturges, Chuck Swan, Peer Teele, Bob Van Sickle, Joe Warden, Burr Williams, Tudor Willson, Perry Wittkopp, Garrett In they came jorking and labbing shouting " Haddy Grinble, Jackthe Nip- ple strike again. " Puffing and glob- bering they drugged theyselves ram- pling or dancing with wild abdomen, stubbing in wild postumes amongst themselves. There is a lot to do in Gayleyburg. She went cold all over, then lifting her face upwarts, she said with a voice full of emulsion: " Lockout! " Wolf, Joe Wolfe, Milt Zander, Jim Pledge class 1966 ALPHA SIGMA PHI Young, Harry Reed, Mark Cordi, Jim Grimes, Dale Holmgren, Wally Hutchinson, Rob Krone, Terry Miner, Gary Moore, Wayne Nakayama, Roland Nieves, Harry Pfaff, Roland Suzukawa, Harry Thomas, Dave Trentham, Larry Winslow, Greg Wong, Cliff Young, Frank LARRY TRENTHAM and JIM CORDI The brothers of Alpha Sigma Phi will remember 1967 as a busy year, filled with special projects, social ac- tivities, and intramurals. Special projects this year included a Gaslite Gimmeck Car Rally, volunteer work at Camp Bloomfield for theJunior Blind Foundation, a Mardi Gras booth, and the publication of " Oak Tree ' the chapter magazine. Filling the social calendar were a Suppressed Desire Party, a Beach- comber Party, a Pajamarino, the Phi Mu Italian Dinner Exchange and weekly Friday afternoon swimming parties. The brothers participated in intra- mural football, tennis, cross-country, ping pong with Phi Mu, and co-ed volleyball with Kappa Delta. Outstanding student leaders on cam- pus were Wayne Moore, Tau Beta Phi, Phi Eta Sigma; and Allan Bock, presi- dent of California Young Republicans, College Federation. SIGMA ALPHA MU JEFF RICHTER " When we were forty years old; it was a very good year. " Yes, Sigma Alpha Mu has been on the UCLA campus for forty big ones. To celebrate this occasion, we held a dinner-dance at the International Hotel. Among holding feasts like this one, we carry on a well-timed calendar of social events, from pajamarinos to Roman orgys. We even had time to finish third place in the 1966 Homecoming float voting. Also on our list, Sammies led fraternities in scholasticaverage by being named tops in the summer semester, thus keeping intactour record of having been in the top ten for the past several years. So you see, this love for the university can be shown in our diversified interests on the campus. Therefore, to you UCLA we sing our theme song, " Take our love, and shove it up your heart. " E I ID O) Braverman, John Cogen, Harvey Cohen, Michael Cronick, Edward Dimsdale, Jeffrey Fauman, Richard Foster, Michael Frimkess, Donald Garrison, Dennis Gayles, Steven Glucksman, Marc Goldblatt, Andrew Greenfield, Bernard Jarrick, Alan Levy, Steven Low, Lawrence Richter, Jeffrey Romotsky, Edward Rubin, Robert Sarkin, Allan Schneider, Arthur Sedler, Ross Simon, Robert Stambler, Donald Teitelbaum, Robert Tisherman, Steven Sigma Alpha Mu car wash. SIGMA CHI Agran, Ed Atkinson, Ron Baxter, Chris Braunstein, George Briggs, Wa yne Black, Bob Canillo, Joe Chatfield, Steve Christoffersen, Dave Combs, Bill Conover, Dave Dosta, John Elliott, Bill Fixler, Phil Fox, Gavin Gentry, Jay Gollmer, Larry Grant, Perry Grier, Roy Harwood, Fred Izu, Jimmy Jenkins, John Jensen, Gil Johnson, Dave Johnson, Scott Ketelsen, Gary Kimball, John Kjar, Keith Lawton, Eric Lynn, Dick Maienschein, Joe Mason, Ron Mazzetti, Paul McAuliffe, Mike McAvoy, Rich Mills, Tim 430 JOE CANILLO and BOB THAYER The brothers and pledges of Sigma Chi spent most of the first quarter in the " rack " due to our slow adjustment to the strenous new quarter system. The only time they even considered leaving was on the weekends, and then it was just a rush to see who could get back in first. However, quite often " racktime " was preceded by a party. The highlight of our social year was the Sweetheart Ball. This year our Sweetheart was crowned in the Ball- room of the riverboat, " Mansion Belle. " The rocking of the boat only added to the rocking on the dancefloor, and even the rain couldn ' t dampen anyones spirits. Earlier in the year, the Sigs also celebrated their 4th Annual " Shifting Sands of Arabia Party. " And as the cry, " what am I bid for this lovely hair kissed by Allah himself " reverberated from the auction block, an evening of merrymaking was begun. The brothersand pledgesare looking forward to our 2nd Annual " Derby Day " with the lovely girlsfrom sorority row. Last year Derby Day was initiated with all of the participation and enthus- iasm that has marked it as theforemost fraternity sponsored event atmany col- leges throughout the country. ..... . .; " :- rier system. iondlhen foM by o party, -.:.: -:: :. ' :-: i- iwJOfllyodedto jjmpen anyones ,y, 4t Sigs also J : And as the ., 91 evening of " Derby M Mintier, Larry Moran, Mike Odell, Mike Parsons, Rod Perez, Rick Peters, Carl Richards, Ken Robbins, Jim Scott-Smith, Roger Shoemaker, Stan Stevens, Tom Stevenson, Mark Steyer, Terry Thayer, Bob Tysdal, Rod Wiese, Larry Wingfield, Mike Woodward, Collis Wilson, Steve Wilson, Roger Yost, Greg Weyl, Allan The Sigma Chi Tombstone Trophy was moved to its new home in the Tri-Delt house. Effort and coordination in intramural basketball brought the team to the University playoffs. Derby Day encouraged a for prizes. imber of girls to grovel SIGMA NU Ashley, R. Auld, C. Barth, R. Beach, D. Benson, L. Boal, M. Brogger, F. Burgess, D. Butler, D. Canarelli, L. Castle, D. Chapman, L. Clark, C. Doss, R. Edwards, T. Foster, S. Carol, J. Gates, R. Gebb, J. Gladman, D. Gloger, B. Hoiberg, D. Hagee, E. Hale, J. Handy, R. Hartnack, R. Hartshorn, D. Haxton, W. Hegge, R. Henricks, B. Hietbrink, J. Higby, L. Hoops, A. Howard, J. Johnson, R. Jones, N. M. Logon. ' KEN RETHMEIER Besides housing other things, the Sigma Nu house also was the home of Fredrik Brogger, a foreign exchange student from Norway. Assisting Fredrik in learning the social customs of UCLA were president, Ken Rethmeier; vice president, Dennis Gladman; secretary, Ron Hegge; treasurer, BobMommaerts; and IFC representative, Mike Nieder- man. Outstanding student members from Sigma Nu oncampuswere Larry Higby, administrative vice president of ASUC- LA; Ken Rethmeier, IFC treasurer; Jim Monahan, captain of the 1966 UCLA Swim team; and Terry Hartshorn, trea- surer of Blue Key and captain of the 1966 golf team. Bob Doss was Delta Gamma Anchor- man last year, and the house was full of DG ' s (sometimes) when they came over to build our magnificent Home- coming float. The annual affairs were back again this year. The White Rose Formal, Cow- boy and Indian, P. J. Party, the week- ender, and a few good exchangeswere the backbones of the social calendar. The pledge entertainment was topless. 432 secretary, Kay, R. Kushins, E. Logan, R. Lambert, J. Larkin, B. Laverty, B. Marecic, T. McDevitt, R. McNamara, D. Mommaerts, R. Monahan, J. Morrow, M. Niederman, M. Ott, C. Rankin, B. Redfearn, W. Rethmeier, K. Rick, G. Robbins, J. Schmidt, D. Schutte, J. Siefker, B. Sisel, G. Sterbentz, J. Stearns, D. Strain, B. Tatham, T. Thomas, D. Volheim, R. Walker, G. Weyhrauch, J. Woodruff, B. Wright, J. Wyman, B. Zrake, J. Vintage wines were served by experienced waiters at special events like the Snake Homecoming Banquet. A new T.V. that only received educational W.H.F. channels drew large, alert crowds, as at this Chan- nel 28 special. SIGMA PI Acuna, Miguel Annigan, Gregory Boswell, Bruce Blackwell, Lee Brott, Jim Brott, John Brown, Joe Burgess, Dave Carlson, Jeff Carver, Christopher Chesterfield, Ray Cochran, Christopher Cochran, Sam Davis, Ron DeCamp, David Faeth, Fred Frank, Richard Gapadze, Lee Haden, Chuck Haldiman, Pete Holmes, Curt Joens, Vern Jochim, Vance Kramer, Gregory Latimer, John Leonard, James Loehndorf, Chris Martois, James Miller, Chris Munger, Robert Nichols, Alan Park, James Scotten, Art Searight, Robert Seidal, John Shoji, Kent 434 BOB MUNGER DAVID VAN SAUN Upsilon chapter of Sigma Pi was es- tablished in 1923 and is the oldest house on the row. Sig Pi ' s were again near the top in intramurals and are anticipating their third " All U " wrest- ling championship. Last yearthe house took a first place for their gross out- a-go-go booth at the Mardi Gras. Once again in the winner ' s circle, and under the leadership of Peter, the brothers succeeded in taking most beautiful and sweepstakes awards in the Homecom- ing Parade. After a quiet first quarter of Rush, Presents, Little Sister, Pajama- rino, Homecoming, Christmas formal, two exchanges, and three ditches, the brothers are awaiting with baited breath the conclusion of Social Pro, with all due respect to IFC ' s Judicial Board. . Tashjian, Walter Van Saun, David Vitali, James Hamada, Kenji 435 TAU DELTA PHI Arfa, Al Bader, Bob Brody, Stuart Gassier, Bruce Cerro, Cy Dichner, David Dixon, Dave Elkan, Mark Finkel, Steve Gruft, Tom Harris, Pat Jacobson, Jeff Karp, Bill Katz, Andy Kline, Charlie Landis, John Mandel, Joel Naditch, Jeff Patashnik, Steve Shaffer, Andy Shewey, Don Simon, Paul Weissbuch, Brian Zax, Brian BILL KARP Founded here in 1928, Tau Delta Phi fraternity maintains a respected position on the UCLA campus. TauDelt is known well for its participation in such campus activities as Homecoming, Mardi Gras, and Spring Sing. The fraternity ' s entry in last year ' s Mardi Gras, " The Batcave, " was a featured attraction and award winner. The brothers of Tau Delta Phi attempt to blend social life and athletics with scholastic pursuits. Their social calendar for this year includes a South Seas Party, Greek Orgy, Winter and Spring formals, and the annual Tau Delt ' a Go-Go. Athletically, Tau Delts are active intramural participants in football, softball, basketball, golf, wrestling, volleyball, and other sports. Scholastically, Tau Delta Phi con- sistently ranks among the five top fraternities on campus. Civic-minded, Tau Delt presented " An Evening with Louis Lomax " to the university community early this fall. In addition, the brothers often donate their time to their favorite charity, the Foundation for the Junior Blind. 436 THETA CHI Alt, Steve Beauchamp, Ray Bechdolt, Phil Beskin, Stan Bumbarger, Al Bumbarger, Chuck Buzzell, Ken Carter, Wally Chansler, Bob Christensen, Eric Clark, Ken Dalton, Philip Elfers, Tom Feybush, Chris Garon, Bob Graham, Mark Granoien, Neil Heusinkveld, Lynn Hirsch, Bob Hybiske, Jim Johnson, Guy Martin, Gary Mostow, Al Owens, Bob Platt, Stu Powers, Dennis Proust, Jeff Pullin, Gordon Rockman, Ed St. Angleo, Richard Watts, Erik Zweben, Art ERIC CHRISTENSEN and WALLY CARTER Theta Chi survived the quarter sys- tem, but that was because we largely ignored it. And the result was another vintage year . . . Theta Chi broadened its social program and made a moral contribution to the community with a raucous Birth Control party. A regional New Year ' s Eve bash, Valentine ' s Day Ball, Dream Girl Weekender and Luau topped the TC calendar . . . The ath- letes stomped through a very success- ful intramural schedule, spur ring on our winning football team with " Kill, Neil, Kill " buttons. . . This year ' s collection of characters: Bam Bam, the White Tornado, Zorro, Splatt, the Rock, and Teddybear were fearlessly led by Mr. Rock and Roll, otherwise known as Wally Carter, the mild-mannered cheer- leader with mo ' hair . . . Adventure and merriment capped the year off with our beautiful Mardi Gras booth and brotherly trips to TJ, Mammoth and the San Diego Freeway. 438 Theto Chi bets on UCLA in 1965 . . and again in 1966 Christmas time finds the Theta Chi brothers sharing Christmas cheers. THETA DELTA CHI Ajoika, Phil Archibald, Doug Averett, Gary Becker, John Borzage, Kent Brown, Steve Campbell, Bob Covington, Gary Dailey, Gary Doan, Larry Downing, Rick Ewing, Blaine Franklin, Dick Goldman, Dan Covers, Dick Hamnquist, Dick Hartman, Kelly Hartzell, Jerry Hately, Mike Hiley, Paul Johnston, Dan Kelsey, Dave King, Bruce Kohlwock, Carl Lockwood, Jeff Martinez, John McEwen, Dave McNeal, Dennis Michelson, Gajus Miller, Craig Neilsson, Doug Nelson, Dave Oberlin, Neil Palango, Ted Perisho, Jim Perkins, Larry 440 JIM PERISHO The Theta Delts again enjoyed a busy and rewarding year, with such highlights as the coronation of the red carnation queen, Most Original float in Homecoming, and the Pajamarino. Beginning with a newly remodeled house, our achievements included varsity representation in football, crew, fencing, track, and swimming. The social calendar excelled as always with numerous parties highlighted by the V.I. in the spring. Inspired by our 25 year old sex bomb in the kitchen and the gorgeous Little Sister organization, Theta Delta Chi saw brother Roof win Outstanding Line Man in the SC game, brother Perisho serve as vicepresident of IFC, and the whole house win tops in blood donation and scholarship. As always, the close unity of Theta Delta Chi united in high achievement and spirit for all the brothers. A Standards committee meeting in full swing " That ' s for you, Governor. " Reeb, Rick Reeslund, Mike Rienik, Bruce Rittinger, Mike Roy, Jim Seidl, Jerry Stolley, Don Sulivan, Jim Strauss, Dan Vermette, Mike Wallock, Terry Yordan, Carl Little Sisters of Theta Delta Chi THETA XI Baker, Fred Baker, Ron Bald, Douglas Barnes, Bob Bartoline, Wayne Bauer, Bill Bezanson, Dennis Breen, Barry Bruck, Eric Del Franco, Charles Barry Eisenman, Steve ElConin, Ron Elling, Eugene Flournay, Scott Hart, Duane Imhoff, Tim Isley, Paul Javor, Ron Kyser, Steve Lee, Ron Littenberg, Craig McElhoe, Ted McNevin, Ted Movius, Bob Najarian, Richard Perrin, Richard Pike, Jim Reid, Robert Riha, Frank Riha, Jim Ryan, Barry Sigafoos, Jim Snodgrass, David Somers, Ross Stuppy, Larry Tasoff, Jack 442 BARRY DEL FRANCO Theta Xi, in 1966-67, againdisplayed its usual versatility on campus and on fraternity row. Topping the fall were a champion- ship football team and strong conten- ders in all other intramural areas. Spring brought with it the second an- naul 69th day of the year bear bust, the Cinderella Ball, and the famous Mardi Gras Bowery Show. Brother Lop- uch, Bruck, Baker, and Javor repre- sented the chapter on campus and in the streets of RIOT-TORN Westwood. The social program was superbagain with Theta Xi ' s Pajamarino, pledge par- ties, and Luau heading a long list of successful and well-attended functions. Scholarship, quite naturally, wasfor- gotten, and the list of five year men continued to grow. Webb, Dennis Weiss, Marc Wilson, Jack Wirth, Larry Performing at the Bowery Swimming lessons are free. ELTOKIl TINE nr TRIANGLE Andresen, Gordie Arnaldo, Bob Arroyo, Luis Bachman, Tom Bailey, Phil Bange, Harold Barton, Bob Bennett, Jim Bloom Steve Bryan, Scott Chamberlain, Joe Cyr, Tim Dippel, Alan Fender, Tony Gee, Terry Gi lliland, Tom Harrison, Kent Heacock, Ron Hernandez, Ruben Hoefer, Joe Howard, John Kartiala, Tapio Keller, Rick Leng, Chris Malpiede, Neil May, Dean McCartney, Mike Olivares, Fernando Olson, Jami Reigan, Ed Sokolow, Bart Weinstine, Gene Whitby, Dave Williams, Brian Willot, Jim Wong, John 444 JAMI OLSON and ALAN DIPPEL Active Triangles continue a brother- hood for Engineers, Architects and Sci- entists. The creative talents and varied per- sonalities of Triangle men blend for success whenever they stage a work day, a party, a dinner hour with their Little Sisters, or another prize winning Mardi Gras project. The house on Landfair enjoys an ex- citing calendar of events while striving to maintain a creditable scholastic re- cord commensurate with the profes- sional goals of its members. Jau Epsilc 1910 at for friendsh at UCLA activated M reveal, IE scope of oc ous inlrom Uni- Shine. Brothers of again pro TAU EPSILON PHI HARVEY LEVINE and JESSE JONES Tau Epsilon Phi, founded October 19, 1910 at Columbia University, stands for friendship. The Tau Upsilon Chapter at UCLA was founded in 1947 and re- activated May 14, 1966. As the pictures reveal, T.E.Phi has developed a full scope of activities ranging from vigor- ous intramurals to Mardi Gras and Uni-Shine. This upcoming year the Brothers of Tau Epsilon Phi will once again prove that TEPS ARE TOPS. Auerbach, Steve Denove, Tom Fox, Joel Fybel, Richard Ingram, David Jones, Jesse Kaufman, Jerry Klomann, Larry Levine, Harvey Mann, Chuck Miller, Chuck Pollock, Mike Ratner, Thomas Ritums, John Rosen, Marc Rosenberg, Larry Rosenblatt, Steve Roth, Andy Samow, Alan Steier, Paul Strassman, Neil Vaupel, Cliff Weaver, Mike Zazulia, Joel 445 Tau Epsilon Phi Little Sisters ZETA BETA TAU Altshuller, Mike Austin, Sam Beck, Dan Beechan, Paul Benard, Bob Benard, Bob Benjamin, Bruce Benson, Gordon Bettelman, Ira Blumenfeld, Mitch Brainin, Jerry Brill, Marty Cahn, Steve Cole, Mike Corday, Steve Cowan, Rich Cron, Steve Cutrow, Al Ezor, Gary Feldman, Steve Fineman, Tom Freeman, Ken Friedman, Bob Gaines, Steve Gandin, Rob Ginsburg, Larry Gordon, Stan Gross, Rich Hahn, Jeff Hensel, Bruce Holtzman, Fred Kaseff, Gary Kay, Rob Kolker, Bob Kozek, Larry Krepack, Howard Kruger, Ted 446 BOB KOLKER The brothers of ZBT followed the lead of their Leader . . . Bob Kolker. Still staggering from our climatic Gaza Strip Party, an event highlighted by the periodic appearance of the Rivingtons and Clitina the crash belly dancer, we took to more serious endeavors. In overcoming the academic year, the men worked hand in hand to maintain an erect position in campus activites, scholarship, and athletics. During the fall, plans were laid with the Thetasfora successful Homecoming. Both houses really putoutaseverything came off as expected. At our initiation formal, the brothers ate up on hors d ' oeuvres at the Tail of the Cock. Chaos was restored afterfinal exams in December. The reign of Kolherwas restored over the pledges re- emphasizing their subservience to anything that is brown. Our major campus events for the spring quarter were Mardi Gras and Spring Sing. The highlight of the year, however, was our Spring Formal. The brothers were able to go down with their dates to the exclusive resort area of Graub- Haus, a seldomed traveled area in California. As the year drew to a close the men of ZBT were last seen in the library in anticipation affinals. Lebovic, Joe Leichman, Glenn Levine, Len Levinson, Marc Lewis, Andy Lottman, Paul Marks, Rich Millard, Neil Mines, Paul Missleo, Craig Ovitz, Mike Paige, John Pflaster, Jim Polk, Chris Pomeranz, Don Rice, Larry Sadowsky, Steve Samuels, Nardy Sandier, Barry Schwartz, Howard Scott, Rick Singer, Shel Smooke, Mike Stearns, Steve Weiner, Steve Wiesblott, Al Winthrop, Marc Wolfe, Jim Yih, Lee ZBT Sweetheart, Susan Manske I ZETA PSI Aycock, Tom Bailargeon, Mike Burks, Jim Carroll, Doug Clarke, Roger Conway, Terry Coyle, Mike Denison, Mike Dudley, Gene Gawronski, Dave Gilder, John Grant, Donald Hambridge, Roger Lindley, Roger Marshelick, Bill McDougall, Robert Miller, Rollie Murray, Jim Newton, Frank Ota, Glen GENE DUDLEY ZETA PSI is a small house. Smaller than most. She lives, surrounded by a world of flux, where nobody knows his neighbor only sees him, and doesn ' t quite believe in him. You live in a dorm, a big house, at home; you go to class, fight for grades, getyourdegree, find a job, marry, have your kids . . . and stagnate. Where have you been? What have you done? Tradition, Values, Brotherhood: Words to you . . . life ' s true meaning to us. ZETA PSI: Not a mold, but a spirit; not a crutch, but a challenge. True ZETES don ' t stagnate; true ZETES don ' t die in spirit, or fade away into the conformity of the amor- phous masses. A true ZETE is unique, distinctive, and sensitive to the mean- ing of his world. Do you envy us? You should, you know. ZETA PSI is a small house. 448 " They might draft me, but they ' ll never get to my mind. " ARGO FIRST ROW: Allison Jung, Jo-Ann Krasno, Beth Sears, Carol Thorsen, Beth Fortmueller, Lesley McKesson, Jan Wetzel. SECOND ROW: Carol Masheter, Sherry Tamkin, Donna Akira, Leslie Cox, Linda Man- del, Pat Thomas, Janet Breyer, Teresa White. THIRD ROW: Lovida Becnel, Nancy Greenwold, Kathy Ball, Diane Norris, Gloria Huerta, Paula Metz, Bonnie Blomberg, Mari Doi. FOURTH ROW : Jo Oppen- heimer, Alice Urushibata, Dianne Dunlap, Kathy Walowit, Patty Lees, Marcie Jung, Terri Markowitz, Su Visger. FRONT ROW: Vicki Lerner, Julie Schroder, Nanci Miller, Katie Mah- ler, Karen Kellogg, Carolyn Burns, Mary Baker. SECOND ROW: Barbara Rheingold, Norma Lehman, Leslie Byron, Screech, Marilyn Rose, Andrea Burris, Marje Senechal, Jeanette Pekar. THIRD ROW: Lydia Matthews, Sandra Yoshihara, Judith Paris, Carol Fraser, Kath- leen Roth, Shirley Buss, Candy Hogan, Jean Asell, Barbara Glasser, Jill Lewis, Mali Dubin, Charlotte Williams, Ellen Goodman, Lee Ann Little, Nancy Yoder, Kristine Bergstrom. ATHENA AURORA Zeifman, Linda Silver, April Aptakin, Sammye Bender, Sue Brandler, Diane Brax, Charlene Christiansen, Barbara Dewey, Ann Gilzert, Carol Golden, Vickie Goldberg, Dorothy Granack, Mary Ann Halpert, Suzanne Huie, Barbara Jaffe, Marlou Karlin, Maureen Leopold, Bette Nestell, Cheryl Rowe, Rebecca Rozzen, Cheryl Salva, Carol Satren, Marsha Simon, Judy Terris, Barbara Vicklund, Kris Watson, Cheryl Weissman, Nancy Welch, Cindy Yuge, Joyce Zimmer, Linda AUS 450 ' AUSTEN FIRST ROW: Sandra Smith, Joan Upstein, Suzanne Logan, Janet Venable, Jane Hogencamp, Linda Avallone, SECOND ROW: Beverly Auerbach, Dianne Stauffer, Teri Soeder, Vicki Loughian, Carol Swar- brick, Rose Lacasella, Yolanda Alves, Terisa Swegle. THIRD ROW: Ester Loonbardi, Camille Luk, Betty Scofield, Anna Slavick, Fay Trimble, Karen Gysbers, Lynda Rubenstein, Lyn Shulem, Ellen Sol- inger, Irene Hulbrock, Annette Wong. BLARNEY BRONTE FRONT ROW: Anna Pedersen, Carolyn Kurahashi, May Cho, Judy Fenster, Madeline Duque, Pat Ducan, Pilar Izuel, Xuanlan Ngugen, Elsie Dee, Elaine Byer, SECOND ROW: Jean Chang, Patty O ' Leary, Sandy Wilks, Susan Lee, Rita Maulis, Ann Lockwood, Kitty Sankey, Joan Lucas, Amy Micheals, Franchon Weiss. THIRD ROW: Francis Shigekawa, Beverly Mendheim, Mei-lin Huang, Paula Witten, Peggy O ' Rourke, Paula Bills, Angela McConnell, Pam Little, Linda Gismot, Dian Hasson, Vicki Lewis, Christina Kwan, Cathy Wilkening, Connie- lee Walking, Kathy Nichols, El Shibata, Kay Wong. FIRST ROW; Brenda Thompson, Mary Reger, Barbara England, Diane Danehy, Kathy Klotz. SECOND ROW: Nancy Davis, Cheryl Johnson, Carol James, Sally Johnston, Maria Teresa Diaz, Carol Adams, Sandy Charles, Ton! Elizabeth Stone, Luan Knotts. THIRD ROW: Barbara Kamon, Jean Yamamoto, Elizabeth Endsley, Nancy Junkins, Jeanette Deybrook, Sunny Auyang, Claudine Grobs, Peggy Persell. BROWNING rlKji J " Dove Brusse Nothonson, J lorn Shubtf Jored Frail Frondi, Mike ord Honig, i Besemer, Ji " Sherman, Jo Richard Pit DAI [PROPERTY OF " HE REGENTS OF (THE UNIVERSIT V OF CALIFORNIA .SIONTO ENTER OR TO PASS S REVOCABLE AT ANY TIME . :.;=- : ' :, !:-.:, . .. r WING FIRST ROW: Wendell Wharton, John Houghton, Colby Springer, Dave Brusseau, Sid Eidlitz, Jon Chaykowski, Roger Shintaku, Phil Nathanson, John Vonrhein, Les Schwartz, Les Choi, Bruce Comstock, Tom Shubert, Mark Hymanson. SECOND ROW: Robert Schmidl, Jared Frazin, Bob Sherman, Michael Green, Dan Kaiser, Larry La- Franch, Mike Cox, Gordon Trask, Terry Bennett, Mary Snyder, How- ard Honig, Ronald Reagan, Robert Brover, Douglas Weber, Chris Besemer, Jim Seller. THIRD ROW: Jim Fitzpatrick, Ken Ross, Richard Sherman, Joel Brodsky, Doug Lamar, Jerry Sevier, Bruce Jones, Richard Fitter. CORK DAPHNE FIRST ROW: JoAnn Hughes, Dena Lieberman, Maxine Richman, Kathy Robinson, Barbara Eisenbach, Mary Whitmore, Sandy Cox, SECOND ROW: Wendy Rawson, JoAnn Kashiki, Evelyn Nowaki, Nancy Laird, Diane Wilson, Annette Leve, Barb Atkins, Pam Hall, Carlo Miller, Jan Cox, Catherine Craemer, Lil Yoshii.Theo Nishimura. THIRD ROW: Twyla Wells, Diana Johnson, Jan Boyden, Michele Lloyd, Anita Terry, Deanne Pierre, Shirley Grace, Susan Smith, Diane Scherer, Patty Godwin, Jill Tucker. FOURTH ROW: Pat Palenschat, Karen Cole, Cathleen Wichmann, Elaine Johns, Claire Wichmann, Leslie McGiven, Donna Clontz, Marcia Pullin, Ann Bigelow, Joyce Resnick, Pat Cole, Jill Sutherland, Kathy Jones, Linda Berr. Ofi rj ::::: v DICKENSON FIRST ROW: Kay Kambara, Carol Kunitsugu, Nancy Fraley, Deanna Siu, Amy Leung, Jane Show, Emily Just, Sue Hum. SECOND ROW: Maybeline Kelp, Freida Figi, Diane Grinkevich, Ellen Zunino, Cheryl Burch, Susan Glover, Sandra Card, Linda Bills, Jennie Chin. THIRD ROW: Donna Butterfield, Kathy King, Marie Strantton, Eri Fujita, Katie Soucie, Kay Richards, Kathy MacKay, Carole Schindele, Linda Bosley, Barbara Schwartz, Carol Arndt, Maggie Calaba, Lynda Kenen. FIRST ROW: Kit Topham, Anita Odelson, Cindy Myers, Daiva Si- monis, Susan Rorick, LaDonna Reiner, Marlene Saks, Barbara Chaikin, Marta Lindenhayn, Mary Snyder. SECOND ROW: Helene Horowitz, Debbie Gatzek, Diana Miner, Joyce Kosman, Leola Kliewer, Betty Sue Wilks, Lynda Richardson, Yvonne Johnson, Gail Stearns, Mary Rasmussen, Susan Schepeller, Crystal Strongman. THIRD ROW: Jean MacTarnoghan, Trudi York, Sharon Krevitz, Carol Scott, Penina Smith, Angie Kazlauskas, Patti Abelov, Barbara Sugimoto, Joan Matheson, Irene Sato, Madalyn Honig, Miriam Rosenthal, Ronnie Kass, Luanne Walker, Lydia Ozuna, Kathy Bregder, Gail Bouse, Shirley Nash. GLENCAIRN HERSHEY EMBLY Arndt, Carol Charles, Sandra Danehy, Diane Hogencamp, Jane Johnston, Sally Kane, Victoria Kltoz, Kathy Logan, Suzanne MacKay, Kathy Miller, Veronica Nozero, Vicki Obeso, Cecilia Sato, Adele Stone, Toni Zunino, Ellen WESTWOOD FIRST ROW: Wendy Rogers, Cindy Kibrick, Fay Gormly, Jean Gur- ney, Wendy Gilbert, Leslie Harbottle, Robin Weinstein, Gilda Rail, Cheryl Swarner. SECOND ROW: Wendy Applebaum, Susi Carroll, Marie Page, Therese Botz, Julie McCulloch, Paula Jones, Shiela Laughlin, Jennifer Hornung, Lucy Smith, Ann Stark, Donna McCabe, Debbie Larkey. THIRD ROW: Nancy Hersh, Carol Carpenter, Linda Spiegl, Syma Belfer, Marsha Scloven, Liz Bell, Sue Wolf, Ann Mc-Clel- land, Terry Zendel, Evelyn Percival, Nancy Ball. FOURTH ROW: Carolyn Alberti, Janice Jones, Margaret Eaton, Elainea Timson, Vicki Boscha, Barbara Emley, Cynthia Buckhalter, Kathy Taylor, Marnie Snow, Kathy Ketchel, Mary Joan Sohler, Janet Benjamin, Corky Gumer, Suzanne Zinski, Ruth Eide, Margaret Reinhardt. r I f-fff HIMALYA FIRST ROW: Tom Roggero, Rick Walters, Duane Lucca, Andy Stangle, Dick Fuller, Norm Dow, Bill McCafferty, SECOND ROW: Greg Swa- jian, Ken Slagel, Dave Skolich, Ron Hudson, Ken Cassidy, Russ Rein- berg, Jim Rooke, Lee Kagan, Les Katow, Jack Stanley, Riva Gusmao. THIRD ROW: Len Riley, Ron Evans, Dave Saylor, Dave Hedberg, Dennis Snumake, Mark Walders, Marty Schwimmer, Vic Wechter, Ron Smith, Sam Hayanawa, Pete Alpert, Tom Stone, Tim Shaftel, Doug Stryker. FOURTH ROW: Sherm Roberts, Lexi Kuta, Bill Korn, Ron Sekkel, Dave Mullally, RaJph Kupcha, Chuck Slem, Bill Frank, Steve Covington, Bruce Gold, Jerry Markussen, Dick Brubaker, John Finacayson. FIRST ROW: Kathy Lermer, Marilyn Mills, Martha Mainhurst, Kathy Hall, Dede Fowler, Francesco Hampton, Barbara Kramer. SECOND ROW: Nancy Bender, Pam Minarik, Shirlee Phillips, Lanng Tamura, Stephanie Childs, Nancy Adler, Stephanie Bird, Jane Stein, Toni Mayer. THIRD ROW: Vicki Board, Carolyn Bishop, Jane Connell, Sandy Annes, Karen Alpert, Cathy Adams, Fran Sisto, Judye Sogg, Joani Buchanan, Laurel Burden, Patricia Newman, Ginny Desbrow. INVERNE ; ; : . : RNESS FIRST ROW: Martin Jackson, Patrick Happekotte, Luis Liberman, David O ' Brien, Vincent Bischof, Gwen Cooper, Neil Landau, Michael Turre, Paul Hovesepian, Randolph Gregory. SECOND ROW: Paul Sachs, Robert Tavetian, Dennis Sesar, Robert Mistysyn, Mark Fisher, Richard Rady, Philip Cogan, Jerome Gronfein, Ernest Fusan, Grant Telfer, Harley Shapiro, Parker Bell, Robert Haken, Howard Lau, Jeff- rey Martin, William Hayes. THIRD ROW: Paul Seideman, William Hood, Richard Pinneau, Donald Martin, Leonard Levy, Lawrence Collette, Robert Malone, Tyler Pon, Stuart Lilly, David Flood, Philip Hall, Frank McCreary, Edward Schumacher, Jerry Stahl. JEFFERSON PANDORA FRONT ROW: Suzanne Therrien, Terry Fitzer, Linda Gelfand, Lauren Davis, Janet Dahlstrom, Cheryl Anderson, Gail Mitchell. SECOND ROW: Mary Mays, Judy Hamasaka, Debbi Meadows, Susie Selix, Andy Korkas, Gayle Fineman, Libby Berger, Faye Saben, Judy Wisot- sky. Ginger Lew, Barbara Wilson. THIRD ROW: Norma Passon, Leslie Roberts, Jean Kronberg, Nancy Davis, Sharon Wade, Karin Kaplan, Marlene Litvak, Sue Racklin, Abbi Koch. FOURTH ROW: Claudia Minden, Joan Kaplan, Margo Dillon, Arlene Bucich, Gayle Tollefson, llona Peltyn, Maxine Griff, Sheila Clark. 11 PERSEPHONE FRONT ROW: Glenda Rodney, Myrna Green, Tevia Levinson, Sue Somerville, Linda Olson, Bodil Sivertsen, Florence Blodgett, Patty Cooper. SECOND ROW: Mary Thayer, Louise Manuel, Sue Prykop, Suzanne Stewart, Leslye Hein, Linda Heckman, Jacqueline Cohen, Judy Beacon, Penny Levine, Stephanie Pin, Riva Zeff. THIRD ROW: Allison Yates, Susan Deranja, Linda Curran, Judy Grabler, Mary Loeber, Joanna Michler, Jackie Arata, Ellen Eisen, Susan Gimbel, Nancy Nakaji, Leslie Hyman, Judi Baker, Renee Matalon. FOURTH ROW: Cathy-Jo Sheppard, Sandra Hart, Diane Kelly, Sue Aaronson, Joan Lawrence, Linda Drumheiser, Alison McKinney, Nancy Curtis. FIRST ROW C Carlisle, Joow SECOND W price We, Fn mew, Andrea THIRD ROW: Sline, Carol . : Jew, Solly Sow Lewis, Lirido Mi FIRST ROW: Shirley Ehrlick, Pat Levine, Judy Kotick, Maxine Tanney, Diane Milberg, Vicki Kronick, Priss Jew, Patti Morimoto, Maureen Metz, Min Vasseghi. SECOND ROW: Merrie Joblin, Barbara Isgur, Leslfe Krieger, Mary Beth McLaughlin, Marilyn Greene, Esther Spec- tor, Toni Teraaawa, Diane Schwartzmeyer, Betty Painter, Sue Lewis, Carmen Hackett. THIRD ROW: Terry Moraine, Lilly Kurahashi, Linda Peters, Kthy McMahon, Maggie Grais, Paula Kelsey, Sonia Milrod, Rochelle Schultz, June Gordon, JoAnne Soo Hoo, Mai Intarachat, Sheila Hoban. FOURTH ROW: Kathy Masterson, Suzanne Wilscn, Diane Glasser, Diane Isgur, Tina Calvo, Winnie Aruin, Tasha Thomp- son, Patti Elley, Karen Brodie, Lynn Weirbach, Pat Knight, Nancy Sumitani. SHALIMAR SPA 6 " :-:- Cote, -:: i.NjncyG FIRST ROW: Cheryl Besemer, Em Me Lou, Alice DeBenedetti, Kerry Carlisle, Joanne Hirsch, Beryl Steinberg, Linda Leca, Lynn Moss. SECOND ROW: Lonna Kooyers, Carol Newman, Dianne Jue, Ca- price Rothe, Fran Kohoutek, Linda Leon, Bea Tucker, Nancy Bartholo- mew, Andrea Platt, Armine Lafdjian, Pam Turner, Leona Kurata. THIRD ROW : Barbara Crist, Kathy Johnson, Susan Gross, Linda Stine, Carol Liptz, Karen Lavine, Ellen Malet, Taylor Schneider, Eva Jew, Sally Southard, Sandy Gindin, Susan Blanc, Kay Harris, Gail Lewis, Linda Montana, Joanna Harris, Carol Brenner. SHANNON LIMAB SPARTA FIRST ROW: Conrad Claborne, Mike Kelber, David Cherem, Jim Hall, John McGovern, Mark Tibbetts, Chris Hartzell, Mike Murphy, John Rosenberg, Mike Lessner, Bruce Bourassa. SECOND ROW: Terry Parker, Bob Takasahe, Richard Gerber, Daniel Essin, Super Schwab, Jim Valentine, Richard Takeda, William Laffan, Gene Cooper, Mike Andrew. THIRD ROW: Mike Tillman, Jeff Mulford, Ed Ramirez, Bob Hirshberg, Jeff Sampson, Hamp Lyons, James Potter, Larry Tash, Orian Tanaka, Rittle Nip. FOURTH ROW: Lonnie Lovingier, Michael Doyle, James Duarte, Sandy Kronick, Gerald Busch, Walter Brennan, Edward Osburn, Larry Iskell, Ben Cowan, John Lind, Larry Trapp, Jim Hollingsworth. STEVENS HOUSE FRONT ROW: Pat Perucci, Mary Ma, Cheryl Kaharawa, SECOND ROW: Lynne Methanu, Janice Mason, Kathy Roy, Marie Carlton, Suzanne Hoffmeister, Karen Zeldis, Lyn Marches!, Gail Berkely. THIRD ROW: Anne Lau, Holly Catchings, Carol Blanchard, Margaret Ber- man, Julia Hall, Noboko Kitamuro, Patrice Richardson, Helen Lee, Patricia Quon. ' FIRST ROW: Connie Green, Susie Fawell, Linda Ruiz, Suzy Power, Marjorie Miller, Jocelyn Hornung, Anne Griffin, Sue Huxlet. SECOND ROW: Kathy Mahaffey, Biliana Cicin-Sain, Bonnie Beaver, Ramona Henderson, Judy Hopkins, Sara Burton, Brigitte Sturn, Rosny Hewitt, Cindy Booz, Naz Farshad, Tiffany Mei, Carol Babow. THIRD ROW: Terri Kimbrough, Margaret Eldred, Nina Guenther, Joanna Hoskins, Judy Rosenbloom, Cindy Coverdale, Kenna Soulis, Lynn Mersits, Sharon Lewis, Aimee Goldberg, Jenifer Rubloff, Karen Oshman, Josie Gonzalez, Anita Sabovich, Linda Show. TOLIMA OLIMA FIRST ROW: Avi Shalev, Noel Diaz, Mike Madden, Carl Mounteer, Virgil Roberts, Dean Lazzarini, Mike Ferrel, Jon Braslow, Bill Neely, Maid. SECOND ROW: Brian Gourlie, Joe Clawsen, Steve Salm, Rich Hart, Greg Nickerson, Andy Syrengelas, Doug Tomren, Steve Har- mon, Joe Varga, Bill " Gypsy " Kimmel. THIRD ROW: Jim Bruegge- man, Rich Carlson, Mike Cohn, Mark Deutsch, Bill Manchee, Tom Gates, Bob Lundy, Gene Shibata, Arnd Kruger, Ben Pomeranz. FOURTH ROW: Ed Sauve, Chip Marrow, Dick Carlson, Roger Johnson, Bob Harer, Steve Lipson, Geoff Uhrik, Allen Alsobrook, Kurt Klein, Bill Thomas, Bob Thompson, Darold Pieper, Jack Clark, Jim Fitzpatrick, Charles Mosley, Steve Sung. TORBIDON TWIN PINES i FIRST ROW : Lesley Foster, Sue Gassner, Ivy Iwashita, Coco Clark, Jackie Allen, Karen Sabbath, Susie Burrell, Judy Green, Mary Jo Carr. SECOND ROW: Judy Sax, Maria Gallardo, Eva Chang, Suzi Audap, Shirley Mikami, Maureen Lu, Louise Pinon, Grace Shikiya, Mrs. Rosenbaum, Dorothy Campbell, Kris Fukunaga, Marsha Christ, Valerie Simmons. THIRD ROW: Joyce Ishimoto, Pam Weismann, Ro- chelle Moss, Arlene Bucich, Jeannie Beyer, Sue Eckerman, Denise Aylward, Marge Tarpey, Laurel Wolfe, Lynn Iwashita, Tricia Adamson. . i J ft t I. x INDEX Aaronson, Sue, 458 Abbey, Mike, 124 Abbey, William, 242 Abelov, Parti, 454 Absher, Kenneth, 282 Achor, Joe, 398 Ackerman, William, 91, 97, 98 Acton, Anne, 352 Acuna, Miguel, 434 Adams, Carol, 452 Adams, Cathy, 456 Adams, Jim, 412 Adamson, Carol, 360 Adamson, Tricia, 461 Adashek, Anne, 340 Adashek, Anne, 384 Adelstein, Doreen, 354 Adem, Ozden, 242 Adler, Carol, 242, 325, 334, 336 Adler, Diane, 104, 118, 340, 354 Adler, Honk, 104, 102 Adler, Nancy, 456 Adler, Phyllis, 242 Adler, Shane, 370 Adrian, Pat, 358 Agojonian, Larry, 142 Agon, Patricia, 242, 308, 358 Agan, Shirley, 308 Agron, Ed, 430 Ahlquist, Stephen, 242 Ahmadian, Jack, 321 Ainsworth, Jay, 420 Ajioka, Phil, 440 Akira, Donna, 449 Alberti, Carolyn, 462 Albright, William, 242 Alcorn, Robbie, 374 Alexander, Tony, 45 Alexander, Tricia, 372 Alexandridis, Nikitas, 302 Alkaslassy, Roxonn, 242 Alleman, Cathy, 368 Allen, Bill, 408 Allen, Diane, 242 Allen, Donna, 370 Allen, Jackie, 461 Allen, Judith, 242 Allen, Kathleen, 286 Allen, Nancy, 338, 348 Allen, Tom, 402 Allenstein, Roy, 242 Alles, Judith, 242 Allio, Mike, 404 Allison, Don, 98 Aim, Rosemary, 242 Alpern, Gory, 400 Alpert, Karen, 456 Alpert, Pete, 456 Alpert, Sheldon, 242 Alsobrook, Allen, 461 Alt, Steve, 438 Altman, Madalyn, 380 Altman, Margo, 388 Altshuler, David, 242 Altshuler, Mike, 446 Alues, Yolanda, 451 Amberg, Holly, 317 Amberg, Holly, 366 Amman, Sandra, 242 Amerine, Roy, 334, 104 Ammann, Alan, 302 Anas, Jim, 102 Anderson, Carolyn, 386 Anderson, Cecily, 352 Anderson, Cheryl, 457 Anderson, Dee, 86 Anderson, Diana, 380 Anderson, Janice, 242 Anderson, John, 330 Anderson, Laurie, 364 Anderson, Linda, 376 Anderson, Penny, 383 Anderson, Sally, 380 Anderson, Sally, 242, 386 Anderson, Tom, 1 1 5 Anderson, Tony, 410 Ando, Howard, 242 Andresen, Gordon, 444 Andrew, Mike, 459 Anduri, Dave, 398 Angello, Don, 242 Annes, Sandy, 456 Annigian, Gregory, 434 Ansel, Marianne, 356 Anson, April, 94, 314, 325 Antenore, Dennis, 1 18 Anzelon, G., 31 1 Aporicio-Vera, Miguel, 242 Appel, Taffy, 382 Applebaum, Wendy, 462 Aptakin, Sammy, 460 Aranoff, Leslie, 242 Arose, Amy, 242 Arata, Jackie, 458 Archibald, Doug, 440 Arden, Sally, 382 Arditti, Steve, 97, 105 Ares, Anita, 325, 100 Arfa, Allan, 436 Arii, Cathy, 326 Armstrong, Carol, 242, 330, 336, 364 Arnaldo, Robert, 282, 444 Arndt, Carol, 454 Arnett, Barbara, 242 Arnold, Mike, 142 Arnold, Sheila, 242, 382 Arnold, Susan, 286, 380 Aron, Michelle, 384 Aronson, Diane, 242 Arrendal, Jan, 286 Arrigo, Frank, 404 Arroyo, Luis, 444 Arthur, Don, 408 Arthur, Don, 420 Artz, Jon, 416 Aruin, Winnie, 458 Asbury, William, 105,242,412 Asell, Jean, 102,449 Ashby, Raymond Jr., 330 Ashcraft, Steve, 402 Ashimoto, Betty, 326 Ashimoto, Betty, 362 Ashley, Roger, 432 Ashmore, Carol, 242 Atkins, Barb, 453 Atkins, Howard, 424 Atkinson, Byron, 97 Atkinson, Ronald, 289, 430 Atwater, Susan, 1 1 8 Atwell, Gayle, 242 Av, Alexander, 242 Audap, Suzi, 461 Audino, Cynthia, 338 Audino, Cynthia, 360 Auld, Craig, 432 Austin, Sam, 446 Auyang, Ying Chi, 242 Auerbach, Beverly, 451 Averbach, Steve, 445 Auyang, Sunny, 452 Avallone, Linda, 451 Averett, Gary, 289, 318, 440 Aycock, Tom, 448 Ayland, Denise, 461 Azoff, Robert, 105,242 B Babcock, Gary, 282 Babic, Edward, 289, 334 Babow, Carol, 460 Bacevicius, Millie, 376 Bachman, Tom, 444 Bachhuber, Carl, 282 Bacon, David, 403 Bader, Bob, 436 Boer, David, 289 Bagby, Doug, 416 Bagge, Janice, 242, 308, 337, 358 Baglodi, Julie, 308 Bagladi, Julie, 338 Bailey, Jack, 412 Bailey, Nancy, 308, 360 Bailey, Phil, 444 Baillargeon, Mike, 448 Bair, Jessica, 351 Bajema, Ken, 142 Baker, Cheryl, 308, 383, 392 Baker, Frederic, 442 Baker, Janet, 348 Baker, Jeanne, 314, 366 I Baker, Jeanne, 286 Baker, Judi, 458 Baker, Mary, 449 Baker, Mike, 410 Baker, Ronald, 104,289,442 Baker, Ted, 418 Balch, Daryl, 289 Bald, Douglas, 442 Ball, Carolyn, 289, 324, 325, 374 Ball, Kathy, 449 Ball, Nancy, 462 Ball, Sonny, 408 Bomber, Barbara, 366 Bomber, Jim, 426 Banachowski, Andy, 408 Banachowski, Krysia, 380 Bancouli, Yapi, 282 Bange, Harold, 444 Banisadre, Mussa, 242 Bannerman, Kirk, 282 Bonoff, David, 330 Baranov, Bob, 414 Barasch, Ronald, 242 Bardfield, Melanie, 370 Bardos, James, 243 Barer, Ellen, 243, 388 Barker, James, 243, 406 Barnes, Bob, 442 Barnett, Betsy, 243, 314, 324, 366 Barnett, Daniel, 282 Barondess, Joan, 294, 384 Barrie, James, 243 Barrie, Judy, 317, 376 Barrie, John, 426 Barry, Diane, 368, 320 Barry, Eileen, 368 Barry, Ken, 426 Barsamian, Gale, 243 Bartak, Linda, 380, 320 Barth, Ginger, 286 Barth, Mike, 410 Barth, Roy, 432 Bartholomew, Nancy, 459 Bartlett, Vicki, 348 Bartolme, Wayne, 442 Barton, Robert, 444 Barton, Susan, 314, 366 Bass, Andrea, 316 Bates, Gloria, 243 Bauch, Cathleen, 358 Bauer, Bill, 442 Baum, Bob, 420 Baumbach, Robert, 282 Baxter, Chris, 430 Baxter, Linda, 348 Bayer, Harriet, 384 Bayer, Ron, 412 Bayne, Donald, 400 Beach, Dennis, 432 Beacon, Judy, 458 Beales, Mimi, 366 Beaubien, Mary, 308, 313, 364 Beauchamp, Ray, 438 Bednersh, Wayne, 289 Beaver, Bonnie, 460 Beavers, Gay, 243 Beban, Gary, 142 Becker, Douglas, 243 Bechdolt, Phil, 438 Beck, Dan, 446 Beck, Teresa, 380 Becker, Chris, 376 Becker, Doug, 402 Becker, John, 440 Becnel, Lovida, 449 Bedard, Janeen, 243 Bedel, Phillip, 243 Beechen, Paul, 446 Beegun, Norman, 289 Behrstock, Sue, 384 Beitzel, James, 410 Belcher, Douglas, 243 Belfer. Syma, 462 Bell, Elizabeth, 313, 380 Bell, Jackie, 376 Bell, Jam elle, 243 Bell, Jim, 319 Bell, Liz, 462 Bell, Parker, 457 Bell, Richard, 282 Bell, Rosalyn, 243 Seller, Jim, 453 462 Belosic, Roy, 289 Benard, Robert, 243, 446 Bender, Nancy, 456 Bender, Sue, 460 Benedict, Marilynn, 383 Benedetti, Cheryl, 243 Benford, Paula, 352 Benjamin, Bruce, 446 Benjamin, Janet, 462 Bennett, Gary, 404 Bennett, Jim, 444 Bennett, Joyce, 243 Bennett, Melody, 313 Bennett, Melody, 352 Bennett, Terry, 453 Bennici, Candy, 380 Benson, Gordon, 446 Benson, Grace, 243 Benson, Larry, 432 Benson, Maddy, 338 Benson, Susan, 366 Benson, Vincent, 243, 115 Bentley, Karin, 338 Bentley, Karin, 376 Benulis, Cynthia, 310 Benz, Barbara, 368 Beres, Eva, 243 Berg, Doreen, 308 Berg, Sheila, 380 Bergdahl, Mike, 142 Berger, Libby, 457 Bergman, Mike, 104, 102 Bergstrom, Ed, 418 Bergstrom, Kristine, 449 Berke, Bonnie, 336 Berke, Bonnie, 356 Berkeley, Gail, 460 Berkness, Jan, 383 Berkowitz, Jeffrey, 243 Berlie, Karen, 366 Berman, Janice, 354 Berman, Margaret, 460 Berman, Sharon, 384 Berman, Susan, 243 Berman, Viki, 388 Bernson, Carol, 354 Bernstein, Gary, 416 Bernstein, Sandra, 243 Berr, Linda, 453 Bertacchi, Pat, 332 Bertagnolli, Janet, 380 Bertrand, Susan, 356 Besemer, Cheryl, 243, 459 Besemer, Chris, 453 Beskin, Stanley, 289, 438 Besnard, John, 126 Best, Lar, 426 Betten, Joanne, 243 Bettleman, Ira, 446 Settles, Tom, 426 Beyer, Jeannie, 461 Bezanson, Dennis, 442 Bezdjian, Terry, 243 Bibb, William, 418 Biegel, Stuart, 243 Bienlein, David, 282, 334 Bierl, Denice, 368 Bigelow, Ann, 453 Biggs, Bob, 142 Bill, Mary, 115 Billmeyer, Cathy, 368 Bills, Linda, 454 Bills, Paula, 452 Bird, Stephanie, 456 Birket, Alan, 408 Birnbaum, Marlin, 243 Birnkrant, Joyce, 354 Biro, Susan, 332 Bischof, Vincent, 412, 457 Bishop, Bill, 404 Bishop, Carolyn, 456 Bishop, Cynthia, 243 Bishop, Garth, 302 Bitter, Laurel, 243, 310, 325, 382 Black, Bob, 430 Black, Stanley, 282 Blackburn, Cheri, 243 Blackett, Lynn, 380 Blackwell, Lee, 434 Blackwood, Barbara, 338 Blockwood, Barbara, 376 Blaikie, Lynne, 352 Blair, Constance, 386 Blanc, Susan, 459 Blanchard, Carol, 460 Blott, Jackie, 340 Blatt, Jackie, 354 Bleeker, Craig, 410 Bley, Karlene, 243 Blodgett, Florence, 458 Blomberg, Bonnie, 449 Blonsky, Gloria, 354 Bloom, Barbara, 243, 354 Bloom, Carole, 358 Bloom, Steven, 289, 444 Blout, Bev, 386 Blumenfeld, Mitch, 446 Boal, Kimberly, 289, 306 Boal, Michael, 432 Board, Vicki, 456 Bock, Wendy, 243 Bockus, Kim, 368 Boehmer, Sharon, 364 Boes, Martha, 243 Bohrnstedt, Ronald, 402 Boileau, Pat, 364 Bonetti, Debra, 358 Bookman, Lawrence Ernest, 243 Booz, Cindy, 308, 460 Borod, Diane, Carolyn, 244 Borer, Leonard Jeffrey, 244 Bork, Norma Koester, 302 Borovsky, Dov, 244 Borowiak, Holly, 44, 380 Borzage, Kent, 440 B oscha, Vicki, 462 Bosley, Linda, 454 Bossert, Sandy, 360 Boswell, Bruce, 434 Bothwell, Sally, 366 Botz, Therese, 462 Bourassa, Bruce, 459 Bouse, Gail, 454 Bow, Jim, 334 Bower, Brooke, 337, 352 Bowles, Chris, 398 Bowman, Linda, 388 Boxer, Joel Evan, 244 Boxer, Larry, 126 Boyack, DeDe, 368 Boyden, Jan, 101,453 Boyer, Pam, 364 Boyer, Robert, 420 Boyle, Carol M., 294 Bracket!, Ronald Laurence, 282 Bozicevich, Mario, 404 Bradford, George Raymond, 244 Bradley, Beth, 244, 325, 382 Bradley, Bruce, 130,426 Bradley, Kay, 364 Brady, Jan, 127 Braiker, Cathy, 360 Brainerd, Bill, 412 Brainin, Jerry, 446 Bramson, Bobbie, 317, 388, 391 Branch, Bob, 134 Brandi, Ralph, 321 Brandler, Diane, 460 Brandstetter, Bette Lynne, 244 Brandt, Nancy, 314,364 Braslow, Jon, 461 Bratman, Sheryl, 388 Brault, Donald Richard, 244 Broun, Karin, 313 Braun, Margie, 314 Braun, Trudy Lee, 244 Braunstein, George, 430 Braverman, John, 429 Braverman, Marlene, 101 Brax, Charlene, 460 Breeland, Vicky, 310 Breen, Barry, 442 Bregder, Kathy, 316, 454 Brejensky, Marion, 388 Brennan, Walter, 459 Branner, Carol, 459 Breuer, Valerie, 372 Brew, Rich, 408 Brewer, Jerry, 420 Brewer, Timothy George, 289 Brewington, Heber Delano, 289 Brever, Janet, 449 Bridge, Jock, 424 Bridges, Ann, 314, 340,368 Briggs, Don, 420 Briggs, Wayne, 430 Brightman, Howard, 410 Brill, Edward A., 244 Brill, Marty, 446 Briones, Hector Manuel, 244 Brittle, Chris, 402 Britton, Brenda, 244 Brizendine, Joan, 350 Brock, Judith Carolyn, 244 Brockman, Gary, 402 Brodie, Karen, 384, 458 Brodsky, Joel, 453 Brody, David, 244 Brody, Stuart, 436 Brogger, Fredrik, 432 Broker, Jeff, 422 Bronson, Jill, 354 Bronson, Mrs. Marlene, 244 Bronstein, Paul A., 302 Brook, Ezriel M., 244 Brooks, Ann, 337, 348 Brooks, Marcia Louise, 244 Brooks, Pamela Lee, 244 Brotchner, Leslie, 374 Brott, Jim, 434 Brott, John, 434 Brover, Robert, 453 Brown, Anita, 348 Brown, Carolyn, 386 Brown, Colleen, 86, 314, 386 Brown, Joe, 330, 434 Brown, Kathleen Knudsen, 244 Brown, Marlyn Janet, 244 Brown, Marsha, 388 Brown, Pam, 360 Brown, Pamela, 348 Brown, Pat, 308, 337, 348 Brown, Richard Lewis, 244 Brown, Robert Meak, 244 Brown, Ronald Norman, 244 Brown, Rondo, 354 Brown, Stephen Fredrick, 244 Brown, Steve, 440 Brozovich, Margaret A., 244 Brubaker, Dick, 456 Bruce, William Alan, 244 Bruck, Eric D., 244 Bruck, Richard, 394, 402 Brueggemann, Jim, 461 Brungess, Gwen, 376 Brunner, Aviva, 244 Brunner, Laurel, 368 Bruno, Charles James, 244 Brusseau, Dave, 453 Bryan, Scott, 444 Bryant, Phyllis Diane, 244 Buchanan, Joan, 308 Buchanan, Joani, 456 Buchness, Richard Keith, 244 Bucich, Arlene, 457, 461 Buckhalter, Cynthia, 462 Bugge, Solveig Antonie, 244 Bullen, Alia, 363 Bumb, Mary, 332 Bumbarger, Al, 438 Bumbarger, Chuck, 438 Burch, Ceci, 332 Burch, Cheryl, 313,454 Burden, Laurel, 456 Burgess, Dave, 104 Burkart, Michael William, 244 Burkett, Kerry, 123,374 Burgess, Dave, 434 Burgess, Don, 432 Burks, Jim, 332, 448 Burns, Carolyn Anne, 244, 325, 449 Burns, Cheryl, 31 7, 374 Burns, Douglas Stevan, 244, 426 Burr, Suzanne, 308, 356 Burrell, Lesley, 356 Burrell, Susie, 461 Burris, Andrea, 449 Burrus, Alan John, 286 Burton, Karen, 368 Burton, Sara Lee, 286, 460 Busby, Harold, 142 Busby, Mary, 244, 334 Busch, Gerald, 459 Busch, Jill, 366 Bush, Randy, 416 Bushner, Beverly, 332 Buss, Phillip, 318 Buss, Shirley, 449 Butler, Darrell, 432 Butler, Jane, 360 Butler, Mary, 376 Butler, Shari, 105,338, 354 Butterfield, Donna, 454 Buzz el I, Ken, 438 Byer, Elaine, 452 Byron, Leslie, 449 Cababa, Edmund, 326 Cabin, Rick, 422 Cabuniag, Evelyn deCastro, 302 Cacuic, Marryl, 272 Cadish, Bob, 422 Cann, Steve, 446 Calaba, Maggie, 454 Calchings, Holly, 460 Caldwell, Sandra Lee, 245 Calvo, Tina, 458 Campbell, Bob, 440 Campbell, Dorothy, 461 Campbell, Jay Alan, 130, 245, 318 Campbell, Kathleen Marie, 245 Campbell, Pete, 420 Campbell, Robert W., 289 Canarelli, Larry, 432 Cannady, Ginger, 386 Cannillo, Joe, 430 Cannis, Tim, 130 Cannon, Knox, 426 Cantley, Pat, 374, 392 Cantor, Sheila, 286 Cord, Sandra, 454 Cartagno, Linda Louise, 245, 376 Carlin, Lorna Seema, 245 Carlisle, Kerry, 459 Carlson, Claire, 314, 366 Carlson, Dick, 461 Carlson, Jeff, 434 Carlson, Rich, 461 Carlton, Marie, 460 Carmichael, Mary Ann, 368 Carney, Cheryl, 374 Carney, Thomas Joseph, 289, 420 Carpenter, Carol, 462 Carr, Mary Jo, 461 Carr, Stephanie, 356 Carrillo, Teryl, 365 Carroll, Dave, 408 Carroll, Doug, 448 Carroll, Susie, 313,462 Carson, Charles Wesley, 123, 289, 306 Carter, Jeffrey J., 245 Carter, Wally H., 45, 289, 312,438 Carty, Mike, 420 Carvel, Carol, 384 Carver, Chris, 434 Cory, Dave, 410 Cassidy, Ken, 456 Cassirer, Bruce, 436 Castle, Don, 432 Cataldo, Don, 402 Cate, Barbara, 378 Cation, Barbara, 368 Catlett, Morcia, 364 Cavanillas, Anna Maria, 245 Cavigli, Henry James, 245 Cerro, Cy, 436 Cervenak, Gloria, 308, 352 Chacon, George, 245 Chaikin, Barbara Mita, 245, 454 Chamberlain, Joe, 444 Champion, Cornell, 142 Champlin, John, 142 Chan, Elizabeth Mei-to, 245 Chan, Samuel Moon-leung, 282 Chandler, Barbara Anne, 245, 378 Chang, Charmaine Sm, 245 Chang, Eva, 461 Chang, Jean, 452 Chansler, Bob, 438 Chanter, Sue, 364 Chapman, Henry Roland, 245, 418 Chapman, Larry Steven, 245, 432 Chapman, Molly, 245, 368 Chapman, Susan, 350 Charles, Sandra, 452, 454 Chase, Kathy, 386 Chotfield, Steve, 430 Chavez, Dan, 398 Choykowski, Jon, 453 Cheetham, Barbara Mary, 245 Chelnek, Claire, 338, 388 Chen, Chern-Ping, 302 Cherem, David, 459 Chernick, Richard H., 245 Chernin, Norman Alan, 245 Cheshire, Genie, 364 Chesterfield, Ray, 434 Cheung, Sylvia, 245 Child, Bonnie, 364 Childers, Bill, 400 Childs, Stephanie, 456 Chilson, Mary Lousie, 294, 332 Chin, Jennie, 454 Chin, Marie Lousie, 245 Chinen, Vernon, 326 Cho, May, 452 Choate, Bruce, 426 Choi, Les, 453 Chooljian, Nancy, 310, 356 Chorpenning, Sue, 313, 386 Christ, Marsha, 461 Christensen, Eric Lane, 245, 438 Christensen, Rheta, 382 Christiansen, Barbara, 460 Christiansen, Jim, 420 Christner, Becky, 337, 348 Christoffersen, Dave, 430 Christoffersen, Robin, 337, 360 Christopher, Lonnie, 386 Chuang, James Ho-Piao, 302 Churukian, Alice, 352 Chute, Becky, 313, 376 Cicin-Sain, Biliana, 245, 460 Claborne, Conrad, 459 damage, Susan, 245 Cloman, Alan, 1 42 Clark, Catherine Ann, 245, 336, 356 Clark, Charles Erwin Jr., 245, 312, 432 Clark, Coco, 461 Clark, Dave, 404 Clark, Jack, 461 Clark, Kathy, 380 Clark, Ken, 438 Clark. Roger, 332 Clark, Sheila, 457 Clark, Terrell, 360 Clarke, Barbara, 334 Clarke, Rober, 448 Clausen, Shelley, 360 Clawsen, Joe, 461 Clawson, Virginia, 245 Clegg, Cindy, 314,376 Clements, Darrell, 402 Cleveland, Dick, 406 Clift, Susan, 245 Clifton, Andy, 402 Cline, James, 282 Clontz, Donna, 453 Clute, Michael, 245 Clyman, Howard, 120,245 Cocagne, Cheri, 380 Cochran, Chris, 434 Cochran, Sam, 434 Codd, Norman, 282 Coffee, Terry, 410,311 Cogan, Bruce, 245 Cogan, Philip, 457 Cogen, Harvey, 429 Cohen, Allan, 398 Cohen, Jacqueline, 458 Cohen, Jerome, 302 Cohen, Larry, 422 Cohen, Marilyn, 336 Cohen, Marv, 102 Cohen, Mike, 429 Cohen, Rafe, 422 Cohen, Robert, 416 Cohn, Mike, 461 Cohodas, Anne, 310 Cohodas, Anne, 310, 370.392 Colclasure, Kathy, 374 Cole, Bruce, 402 Cole, Frances, 245 Cole, Holly, 388, 101 Cole, Karen, 453 Cole, Linda, 245, 378 Cole, Mary Anne, 366 Cole, Mike, 312, 446 Cole, Pat, 453 Cole, Stan, 420 Cole, Terry, 245, 382 Coleman, Merrift, 312, 394 406 Colon, Sue, 313 Collen, Robert, 245 Collette, Lawrence, 457 Collins, Jane, 360 Collins, Judi, 127 Collins, Robin, 376 Collins, Robert, 245 Collister, Kathy, 364 Collom, Edward, 426 Combs, William, 246, 430 Commons, Candace, 246, 368 Com stock, Bruce, 453 Conkey, George, 418 Connell, Jane, 456 Connover, Tim, 142 Connor, Molly, 391 Conover, David, 430 Contratto, Paula, 372 Contreras, Matt, 246 Conway, Terry, 448 Conwell, Libby, 314, 325,364 Conwell, Sue, 314, 366 Cook, Kathy, 364 Cook, Ronnie, 102 Cook, Timothy, 246 Cooke, Christine, 246,356 Cooke, Richard, 410 Cookler, Jonathan, 302 Coombes, Susan, 294 Cooper, Andy, 306 Cooper, Gone, 459 Cooper, Gwen, 457 Cooper, John, 140 Cooper, Loren, 368 Cooper, Party, 458 Cooper, Richard, 118,302,312,412 Coppersmith, Jan, 384 Cordaro, Charles, 246 Corday, Steve, 446 Cordi.Jim, 428 Core, Nancy, 350 Corleto, Richard, 289 Co rnforth, Sandra, 246,360 Corzine, Kent, 420 Corzo, Miguel, 282 Coughlin, Susan, 374 Courtney, Lucien, 246,318 Coverdale, Cindy, 460 Covert, Spencer, 246 Covington, Gary, 440 Covington, Steve, 456 Cowan, Benjamin, 282,459 Cowan, Richard, 246,446 Cowl i show, Lynda, 294 Cox, Carolyn, 348 Cox, Cindy, 332 Cox, George, 289,306 Cox, Jon, 453 Cox, Larry, 142 Cox, Leslie, 449 Cox, Marci, 378 Cox, Melissa, 368 Cox, Mike, 453 Cox, Sandy, 453 Coyle, Mike, 448 Coyne, Judy, 332 Craemer, Catherine. 453 Craft, Ruth, 246 Craig, Don, 410 Crane, J. Walter, 126 Crane, Zita, 356 Crawford, Scott, 4 1 0,3 1 1 Crawford, Terry, 356 Creech, Cheryl, 317,374 Cressey, John, 246 Cressey, Pam, 376 Crist, Borabara, 459 Cron, Steve, 446 Cronick, Edward, 429 Cross, Noelle, 246,376 Crouch, Sharon, 246,314,364 Culbertson, Roger, 406 Cumbey, Kathleen, 294,374 Cunningham, Craig, 1 15 Cunningham, Kothy, 372 Curb, Carol, 289,324 Curran, Linda, 458 Currier, Cam, 289 Curtis, Nancy, 458 Curtiss, Charles, 330 Cushman, Philip, 246 Cutler, Wayne, 246 Cutrow, Al, 446 Cyr, Tim, 444 Cyrus, Brenda, 363 Daderian, Loucine, 302 Dagan, Menachem, 302 Daggatt, Andy, 412 Dahlke, Margie, 374 Dahlstrom, Janet, 457 Daily, Gary, 440 Dalbec, John, 420 Dale, Patricia, 246,368 Dalton, Philip, 438 Dammoyer, Donald, 246 Damron, Jim, 142 Dana, Karlynn, 378 Danehy, Diane, 105,332,358,452, 454 Daniels, Jewell, 246 Daniels, Susie, 354 Dattan, D. Scott, 414 Dougherty, Margy, 368, 86 David, George, 289, 306 Davidson, Bill, 402 Davies, Richard, 410 Davis, Howard, 412 Davis, Jack, 418 Davis, John, 398, 101 Davis, Lauren, 457 Davis, Linda, 386 Davis, Marilyn, 246, 324 Davis, Nancy, 452, 457 Davis, Pamela, 366 Davis, Rody, 130 Davis, Ron, 434 Davy, Rick, 41 2 Dawes, Daniel, 246 Dawson, James, 302 Day, Jim, 398 Day, Paula, 383 Day, Sue, 378 D ' Bona, Vin, 126 Deckers, Rich, 416,142 De Arrietta, Cheryl, 319, 378 Dean, Celina, 289 De Benedetti, Alice, 459 DeCamp, Dave, 434 Dee, Elsie Deets, Denise, 332, 372 DeLacy, Jim, 130,426 Delaney, John, 289 Delano, Donald, 302 Delegol, Larry, 414 Del Franco, Charles, 442 Delgado, Mary, 246 Dell, Tom, 406 DeLouise, Harriet, 334 Delphey, Craig, 246 de Jonge, Elizabeth, 380 Demaree, Thomas, 330 Dement, S., 311 DeMille,Michael Douglas, 286 Denes, Andy, 307 Denison, Mike, 448 Denove, Thomas, 445 Depicciotto, Helen, 384 Deronja, Susan, 458 DeSantis, James Vincent, 302 Desbrow, Ginny, 456 Dess, Jay, 402 DeTorok, Z., 311 Deutsch, Mark, 461 de Varona, Donna, 314, 380 DeVore, Paul, 306 De Vries, Carol, 356 deVries, Douglas, 246 Dew, Phoebe, 302 Dewey, Ann, 460 Dexter, Mike, 404 Deybrook, Jeanette, 246, 452 Diaz, Mario, 452 Diaz, Noel, 461 Diaz, Roman, 246 Dichner, David, 289, 436 Dickey, Dale, 246, 406 Dickinson, Carol, 246 Dieckmann, Sally, 286, 334 Dienhart, Janice, 360 Dietterle, Jean, 286 Dikeman, Debbie, 364 Dillon, Gail, 374 Dillon, Margo, 457 Dimsdale, Jeffrey, 246, 429 Dippel, Alan, 444 Dixon, David, 436 Doon, Larry, 446 Doe, James, 318 Dofflemyre, Mike, 426 Doi, Mori, 246, 449 Doiwchi, Carol, 362 Dolan, Gail, 246 Dolby, Steve, 412 Dolim, Diane, 310 Doll, Linda, 246 Dompe, Michael, 246 Doreck, Rachel, 246 Dome, Robert, 246 Douglas, Jerry, 246 Downey, William, 247 Doyle, Michael, 459 Doyle, Victoria, 286 Dompe, Mike, 426 Donahoe, Pat, 418 Donahue, Terry, 142 Donald, Dick, 142 Donley, Cathy, 386 Donnell, Susan, 372 Donner, Laurel, 319 Donney, Ken, 416 Doree, Katie, 386 Dome, Robert, 416 Dornin, Bob, 404 Dorrough, Jim, 412 Doss, Bob, 432 Dosta, John, 430 Douglas, Fred, 400 Douglass, Dan, 402 Dow, Norman, 142, 456 Dowling, Larry, 410 Downey, William, 426 Downing, Dan, 426 Downing, Rick, 31 1, 440 Downs, Patricia, 363 Doyle, Vicki, 356 Drogojevic, Silvio, 247 Drake, Bill, 410 Drake, Ducky, 140 Dreyfuss, JoAnn, 384 Drobman, Jeffrey, 414 Drucker, Carol, 247 Drumheiser, Linda, 458 Duarte, James, 459 Dubin, Hali, 449 Dubin, Lome, 247 Ducote, Keith, 398 Dudley, Llewellyn, 247, 448 Duelke, Dean, 99, 289, 312, 426 Duenzen, Dana, 364 Duhu, Robert, 302 Duke, James, 247, 420 Duncan, Anne, 356 Dunlap, Dianne, 449 Duncan, Pat, 452 Dunn, Dana, 386 Dunn, llene, 326, 390 Dunn. K- athleen, 247 Duque, Madeline, 452 Durbin, Steve, 142 Dutcher, Erwin, 142 Dutcher, Nancy, 364 Dwankowski, Carol, 247, 374 Eodes, John, 426 Eaton, Margaret, 462 Early, Sandy, 386 F delman, Raymond, 247 Eastwood, Maureen, 348 Eckerman, Sue, 1 15, 461 Eckman, Kerstin, 350 Economos, Andrew, 97 Edmonds, Cynthia, 363 Edwards, Tom, 402 Edwards, Tom, 432 Egger, Harry, 41 2 Egly, Louise, 380 Ehrlick, Shirley, 458 Eide, Ruth, 462 Eidlitz, Sid, 453 Eiermann, Susan, 123, 247, 372 Einstein, Stephen, 247 Einstein, Sue, 384 Eisen, Ellen, 458 Eisenbach, Barbara, 453 Eisenberg, Barbara, 360 Eisenberg, Leonard, 247 Eisenman, Steve, 442 Ekman, Kerstin, 247 Elconin, Don, 442 Eldred, Margaret, 460 Elfers, Tom, 438 Elkan, Mark, 436 Elkus, Barbie, 247, 384 Ellermeyer, Jeff, 420 Elley, Mickey, 410 Elley, Patti, 374, 458 Elling, Eugene, 442 Elliott, Bill, 430 Elliott, Clint, 91 Elliott, Elaine, 376 Elliott, Renee, 247, 321 Elliot, Robert, 282, 318, 440 Ellis, David, 289 Ellis, Lynn, 247 Ellis, Ronald, 282 Ellis, Susan, 319 Elser, Jack, 306 Elson, Vickie, 383 Emerson, Christine, 247, 118 Emerson, Ralph, 398 Emerson, Sue, 376 Emery, Kay, 247 Emley, Barbara, 462 Enders, Margaret, 247 Enderson, Nancy, 338, 340 Endo, Frances, 326 Endsley, Elizabeth, 452 Engel, Chuck, 418 Engesser, Margaret, 357 England, Barb ara, 452 Englert, Dolores, 383 Enyart, Mike, 412 Epping, Fred, 247 Epps, Janet, 334 Epstein, Arlene, 247 Epstein, Steve, 424 Erb, Mary, 247, 360 Erdynast, All, 115 Erlich, Mickey, 142 Erquiaga, John, 142 Erwood, Kathy, 348 Escobar, Marlene, 247 Eskin, Audrey, 247 Eskridge, Reaunell, 351 Esser, John, 282 Essin, Daniel, 459 Evans, Bob, 410 Evans, John, 247 Evans, Jon, 402 Evans, Larry, 406 Evans, Ron, 456 Evans, Sandy, 386 Evans. Stacy, 314, 380 Ewald, Holly, 364 Ewan, Joel, 247, 318, 412 Ewing, Blaine, 440 Eyre, Harlan, 286 Ezor, Gary, 446 Faeth, Fred, 434 Fagan, Tom, 410 Fairbank, John, 412 Fairchild, Bonnie, 368 Fokhami, Abdulazim, 286 Font, Marshall, 302 Farber, Marilyn, 247 Farley, Andrea, 314, 364 Farmer, Lynda, 374 Farr, Mel, 142 Farshad, Naz, 460 Faubus, Donald, 289 Faugh, Sandra, 247 Fauman, Richard, 429 Fawell, Susan, 310, 460 Fay, Mike, 420 Fearman, Nancy, 247, 386 Fecho, Claudia, 368 Fee, Susan, 366 Feenberg, Gyles, 247, 414 Feig, Marv, 424 Feinberg, Phil, 416 Feinfield, Carol, 247 Feldman, Bob, 105 Feldman, Dan, 422 Feldman, Joe, 422, 103 Feldman, Steven, 446, 103, 102, 104, 105, 105 Feltzs, Evelyn, 247, 363 Fender, Tony, 444 Fenerin, Michael, 247, 406 Fenster, Judith, 247, 452 Feo, Kathryn, 247 Ferguson, Robert Jr., 247 Ferrari, Gary, 248 Ferrel, Mike, 461 Ferrero, Chuck, 404, 142 Ferry, Mike, 408 Ferry, Steve, 408 Fessenden, Shirle, 248, 310, 378 Fessler, Sharon, 380 Fey, Barbara, 248 Feybush, Chris, 438 Fiechter, Laura, 248 Feild, Russa, 386 Feilds, Kathy, 338, 386 Field, William Jr., 289 Fields, Judith, 248 Figi, Freida, 454 File, Lorraine, 248 Finacayson, John, 456 Finch, Connie, 386 Finck, Lonnie, 248 Finder, Rori, 384 Fine, Ronald, 248 Fineman, Gayle, 457 Fineman, Thomas, 248, 446 Finer, Judith, 286, 388 Fink, Steve, 400 Finkel, Gary, 302, 306 Finkel, Steve, 436 Finkelstein, Lee, 248 Finkeman, Sandy, 352 Finley, Kirk, 412 Finley, Marcie, 308, 348 Fischer, John. 404 Fischer, Richard, 248 Fischer, Susan, 356 Fisher, Kathy, 360 Fisher, Mark, 457 Fisher, Susan, 351 Fitch, Cheryl, 366 Fitzer, Terry, 457 Fitzgerald, Gerry, 402 Fitzpotrick, Jim, 453, 461 Fixler, Phil, 430 Fiammang, Janet, 376 Plaster, Pris, 248, 324, 354 Fleener, Candy, 366 Fleishman, Joan, 388 Fleming, Ann, 127,286 Fleming, Consuelo, 248 Flesch, Vivian, 338, 388 Fletcher, Steven, 426 Flo, Betty, 360, 392 Flodin, Mary, 348 Flood, David, 457 Flournoy, Scott, 442 Flynn, James, 410 Fogt, Kenneth, 248 Fok, Patricia, 286 Follette, Dave, 130 Fond, Barbara, 388 Fonfara, Dave, 426 Pong, Cathorina, 248 Foote, Lloyd, 410 Forbes, John, 404 Ford, Warwick, 289, 402 Foreman, Betty, 366 Forrest, Darryl, 289 Fortmueller, Beth, 449 Foster, Kay, 368 Foster, Lesley, 461 Foster, Michael, 429 Foster, Stephen, 432 Fowler, Dede, 456 Fox, Gavin, 430 Fox, Jan, 368, 86, 320 Fox, Joel, 445 Fox, Patricia, 248 Fox, Sarah, 294 Fox, Teresa, 248 Foy, James, 410 Fradkin, Judy, 338 Fraley, Nancy, 454 Francis, Carole, 348 France, Edward, 248 Frank, Bill, 426, 456 Frank, Richard, 434 Frankel, Sherry, 338, 388 Franklin, Barbara, 383 Franklin, Dick, 440 Franklin, Greg, 402 Fraser, Carol, 449 Frassinelli, Louis, 248 Frausel, Marsha, 352 Frazin, Jared, 453 Fredertcksson, Claudia, 360 Fredrickson, Jack, 406 Freedland, Maruin, 286 Freedman, Fred, 414 Freeman, Alma, 388 Freeman, Ken, 446 Freeze, Pam, 380 Freitas, Steven, 416 Fremdling, Anne, 368 Friedlander, Rick, 406 Friedman, Barbara, 248, 388 Friedman, Barbara, 248 Friedman, Bob, 446, 105 Friedman, Mary Ellen, 248 Friedman, Sandi, 388 Friedrichs, Terry, 374 Friend, Anthony, 248 Friend, Tod Fries, Jeanne, 248, 370 Frimkess, Donald, 289, 429 Frischer, Harry, 424 Fritsch, Curtis, 248, 318 Frost, William, 248, 420 Fry, Kathryn, 248, 348 Fujikuni, Janice, 362 Fujita, Eri, 454 Fujita, Jeanette, 248, 390 Fujiu, Bob, 326 Fujiyama, Gary, 414 Fukunaga, Kris, 461 Fuller, Dick, 456 Fuller, Marilyn, 314, 364 Fulton, Robert, 248 Fung, Kochy, 248 Funk, Isolde, 358 Funke, Greg, 398 Funtsch, John, 289 Furey, Joann, 364 Furty, Eileen, 248 Furukawa, Eileen, 248 Furumura, Kathleen, 326, 390 Furuto, Shari, 289 Furuya, Kazuko, 248 Fusan, Ernest, 457 Fybel, Richard, 445 Gabriele, Louis, 286 Gage, Glenn, 302, 306 Gaines, Steve, 446 Galon, Paul, 416, 101 Galanter, Bruce, 422 Galinson, Wendy, 248 Gallardo, Ernest, 290, 306 Gallardo, Maria, 286 Gamboo, Glenn, 248 Gandara, Dan, 404 Gandin, Bob, 446 Gandin, Richard, 422 Gani, Anne, 248 Gantz, Tom, 418 Ganulin, Richard, 290 Garagliono, John, 408 Garb, Susan, 31 3 Garber, Leonard, 414 Gardner, Alan, 249 Gardner, Kathryn, 249, 368 Gardner, Lorraine, 249, 368 Gardner, Sylvia, 350 Garfein, Ann, 249 Garfield, Ted, 249, 97 Carol, Jim, 432 Garon, Bob, 438 Garr, Ronald, 249 Garrisi, John, 400 Garrison, Dennis, 429 Garside, 378 Garside, Gayle, 310 Garth, Marguerite, 386 Gary, Kurt, 406 Garza, Isabel, 332 Gash, Frank, 406 Gassner, Sue, 461 Gates, Richard, 432 Gates, Tom, 461 Gatzek, Debbie, 454 Gaviola, Sandi, 338 Gawronski, Dave, 448 Gay, Michael, 290, 306 Gayles, Steven, 429 Gebb, John, 432 Gee, Terry, 444 Gelfand, Linda, 457 Gemio, Carlos, 282 Gendelman, Susan, 249 Gentry, Grover, 398 Gentry, Jay, 430 George, Jane, 338, 356 George, JoDean, 356 Gerber, Carolyn, 249 Gerber, Richard, 249, 459 Gerecht, Donald, 249 Gerecht, Ronald, 249 Gerron, Gerald, 286 Gerston, Nancy, 249 Gertsen, Marie, 350 Gessner, Diana, 249 Gessner, Marianne, 366 Getzlaff, Jack, 408 Geyer, Grant, 41 2 Ghezelayagh, Minou, 282 Gibeaut, Randy, 426 Gibson, Gay, 374 Gilbert, Wendy, 462 Gilbert, Carol, 460 Gilbert, Doug, 319 Gilbert, Judith, 249 Gilbert, Toby, 249 Gilder, John, 448 Gillen, Jack, 420 Gillette, Muriel, 336, 372 Gillick, Olivia, 356 Gillies, Mary, 249 Gilliland, Tom, 444 Gimbel, Susan, 458 Gindin, Sandy, 459 Ginsburg, Larry, 446 Ginsburg, Paul, 306 Girard, Robert, 249 Gismot, Linda, 452 Gladden, Carol, 358 Glodman, Dennis, 432 Glass, Laurie, 354 Glasser, Barbara, 449 Glasser, Diana, 458 Glassman, Howard, 400 Glassman, Linda, 352 Glassman, Paul, 400 Gloubig, Shirley, 351 Glauser, Sandy, 104, 3U 368 Glickfeld, Bruce, 422 Glickman, Laura, 249 Glispin, Alfred, 249 Gloger, Bob, 432 Gloss, Roger, 249 Glover, Susan, 454 Glucksman, Dick, 422 Gluck, Stephen, 290 Glucksman, Marc, 249, 429 Goble, Kathleen, 336, 356 Godbey, Dexter, 416 Godfrey, Ann, 364 Godwin, Patty, 453 . " 9.W 5:i ildmon.BoniW ID AM K MMO iS .2. .. nta bwli. -- tad, Elk 5 , , 1 02,42 inarm DOT. ;; jdionto),m iopfa 1 434 idon,Goyle,249 . Un, Gngon, V, : . ItaMfcy.lfi fcskdion3l4.376 l,foy,3l7.462 , lins,Mirkn,3l3 CM ta CM CM CM i h .311.4 H Soid, 286 Wit, lira, 461 KM 81 ' ,JII 1 J54 C ,,3 " tto. 250, 325 354 Jam, 374 W,Joh,408 Mtv.rly.3l7 - . i! v " Goertzen, Dee Ana, 350 Goertzen, Patrick, 282, 400 Goff, Kevin, I 34, 404 Goland, Al, 426 Gold, Barry, 400 Gold, Bruce, 456 Gold, Eileen, 384 Gold, Norman, 249 Gold, Sherry, 286 Gold, Tom, 400 Goldbach, Pete, 402 Goldberg, Aimee, 460 Goldberg, Chock, 394 Goldberg, Dorothy, 460 Goldberg, Evelyn, 249 Goldberg, Herbert, 249 Goldblatt, Andy, 429 Golden, Annette, 249 Golden, Judith, 249 Golden, Roger, 400 Golden, V ickie, 460 Goldenberg, Linda, 313, 388, 340 Goldfarb, Joy, 104, 338, 340, 354 oldhaber, Marty, 424 Goldman, Bonnie, 388 Goldman, Dale, 354 oldman, Daniel, 249, 440 oldman. Sue, 102, 103, 104, 105 oldmark, Martin, 249 ' oldstein, Alan, 249 3oldstein, Gloria, 354 oldstein, Leon, 330 Goldsworthy, Candy, 249, 366 Goller, Ethel, 249 Gollmer, Larry, 249, 430 3onzalez, Fernando, 321 3onzalez, Josie, 460 iood, Bob, 418 Good, William, 321 Goodfried, Ken, 249, 408 Goohill, Barbara, 354 Goodhue, Kathy, 386 Goodman, Beverly, 99, 320, 352 Goodman, Earle, 104 3oodman, Ellen, 449 3oodman, Jim, 102,422 3oodman, Mark, 400 3oodrich, Paul, 426 ' Oodreau, David, 249 Goodson, Bob, 134 opadze, Lee, 434 3ordon, Eugene, 290 3ordon, Gayle, 249 3ordon, Gregory, 249, 394, 414 Sordon, June, 458 Sordon, Marsha, 250, 348 3ordon, Mickey, 142 3ordon, Samuel, 414 3ordon, Sharon, 314, 376 3ordon, Stan, 446 Soring, Bill, 426 3orman, Cheryl, 250, 388 3ormly, Fay, 317,462 3oslins, Miriam, 313 3oss, Linda, 308 Sottesman, Rosalie, 250 3ould, Allison, 313, 388 Gould, Sandra, 286 7Ourlie, Brian, 461 Goux, Jennifer, 250 Govenar, Janet, 354 Covers, Richard, 250, 318, 440 Goya, Sharon, 326, 390 Grabler, Judy, 458 Grace, Shirley, 340, 453 Graf, Cathy, 348 Graff, Karen, 384 Graff, Lori, 250, 325, 354 Graham Jean, 374 Graham, Mark, 250, 438 Grois, Maggie, 340, 388, 458 Gronock, Mary Ann, 460 Grondi, Tim 404 Granoien, Neil, 438 [Grant, Donald, 448 rant. Perry, 430 rant, Susan, 320, 380 rant, Tom, 416 rossia, John, 408 ray, Beverly, 317 ray, Mary Ann, 250 Gray, Michael, 250,416 Green, Connie, 460 Green, Janet, 368 Green, Jeff, 404 Green, Jessica, 286 Green, Judy, 461 Green, Michael, 453 Green, Myrna, 458 Green, Phillip, 250 Green, Sandy, 142,364 Greenberg, Alan, 422 Greenberg, Jill, 354 Greenberg, Melvyn, 250 Greenberg, Myron, 290 Greene, Denise, 388 Greene, Marilyn, 250, 458 Greenfield, Bernard, 429 Greenfield, Florence, 370 Greenfield, Jon, 424 Greenfield, Linda, 250 Greenstadt, Al, 424 Greenstein, Linda, 388 Greenwald, Randy, 424 Greenwold, Nancy, 449 Gregory, Lura, 351 Gregory, Randolph, 457 Grell, James, 282 Grey, Mimi, 388 Grgurevic, Mila, 250 Gribow, Sharon, 250 Grider, Dallas, 142 Grier, Roy, 250, 430 Griesel, Martha, 250 Griff, Maxine, 457 Griffin, Anne, 460 Griffin, Cory, 250 Griffin, Cheri, 338, 364 Griffin, Hal, 142 Griffin, Jerold, 250 Griffith, Judith, 380 Griffiths, Kathy, 337, 374 Grimes, Dale, 428 Grinblat, Chad, 306 Grinkevich, Diane, 374, 454 Griswold, Kathy, 376 Grittman, Randy, 410 Groat, Geoff, 426 Grobel, Larry, 124,316 Grobs, Claudine, 452 Grodin, Sue, 388 Groff, Dinah, 250, 352 Gronfein, Jerome, 457 Groover, Dove, 123 Gross, Irv, 422 Gross, Lynn, 337, 360 Gross, Rich, 94, 101, 102, 105, 446 Gross, Susan, 459 Grove, Alice, 250 Grow, Clarissa, 378 Gruft, Tom, 436 Grumer, Steve, 424 Gruner, Sandee, 348 Guorino, Rich, 418 Guenter, Robin, 310 Guenther, Nina, 250, 310, 460 Gumer, Corky, 462 Gumprich, Frances, 250 Gunther, Harry, 45, 102, 103 Gunther, Pat, 313, 337 Gurnee, Andree, 380 Gurnee, Dana, 334 Gurney, Jean, 462 Gusinow, Leslie, 354 Gusinow, Peggy, 354 Gusmao, Riva, 456 Gustafson, Mark, 142 Gusts, Karl, 282 Guthrie, Chris, 410 Guthrie, Rod, 408 Gutierrez, Sylvia, 123, 338, 360 Guttenplon, Karen, 382 Gysbers, Karen, 451 Guzman, Bella, 250 Gwynne, Esther, 250 H Haas, Paul, 250 Gooz, Robert, 250 Haber, Cathleen, 250, 310 Habib, Nick, 408 Hack. Charles, 290 Hackett, Carmen, 458 Haden, Chuck, 434 Hadley, Marcia, 364 Hagee, Edmon, 432 Hag I er, Mike, 126 Hahn, Jeffrey, 282, 312, 446 Hahn, Joanne, 326, 362 Haiman, Dick, 118 Haimes, Yacov, 302 Hait, Lawrence, 250 Haken, Robert, 457 Halberg, Frank, 127 Holdiman, Pete, 434 Hale, Jock, 432 Hall, Bob, 422 Hall, Chip, 420 Hall, Jim, 459 Hall, Julia, 460 Hall, Kathy, 456 Hall, Pam, 453 Hall, Philip, 457 Hall, Phyllis, 320 Hall, William, 250 Halloran, Mary, 386 Halperin, Bonnie, 388 Halpert, Suzanne, 336, 460 Halpin, Dan, 410 Halushka, Roman, 282 Hamada, Kenji, 434 Hamasaka, Judy, 390, 457 Hambridge, Roger, 448 Hamel, Dennis, 398 Homes, Kelly, 250 Hamilton, Anthony, 282 Hamilton, George, 410 Hamilton, Janet, 386 Hamlin, Sally, 386 Hamnquist, Dick, 440 Hampton, Francesco, 456 Handy, Rich, 432 Hankins, Mary Ann, 250, 314, 325, 352 Hanna, Rosemarte, 374 Hannum, Paul, 97 Hanousek, Barbara, 348 Hanrotty, Terry, 418 Hansen, Guy, 404 Hansen, Linda, 250 Hanson, Cindy, 368 Hanson, Curt, 418 Hanson, Denise, 363 Hanson, Kathleen, 314, 380 Happekotte, Patrick, 457 Haraldsen, Gary, 250 Horary, Martin, 302 Harbotlle, Leslie, 462 Harer, Bob, 461 Harford, Mark, 420 Hargrove, Martha Lynn Hariri, Farzan, 250 Harju, Rex, 408 Harkins, Michael, 251 Harmon, Gloria, 368 Harmon, Steve, 461 Harney, Sally, 251, 348 Harrer, Lynda, 382 Harris, Leona, 251 Harris, Joanna, 459 Harris, Kay, 459 Harris, Laurie, 325, 103, 102, 100 Harris, Marilyn, 338, 366 Harris, Michael. 251 Harris, Michael, 251 Harris, Pat, 436 Harris, Thelma, 363 Harris, Vicki, 360 Harrison, Kent, 444 Harsell, Susan, 386 Hart, Duane, 442 Hart, Rick, 461 Hart, Sandra, 458 Harter, Alois, 251 Hartgrove, Wanda, 294 Hartkemeier, Len, 127 Hortman, Kelly, 440 Hartnack, Richard, 251, 432 Hartshorn, Terry, 290, 432 Hartzell, Chris, 459 Hartzell, Gerald, 251,440 Horfeler, Solly, 251, 372 Harvey, Brenda, 332 Harvey, Stephen, 302 Haskert, Norman, 251 Haskin, Marsha, 388 Hasson, David, 282 Hasson, Dion, 452 Hasten, Linda, 251 Hateley, Mike, 312,440 Hatton, Randy, 408 Hauch, JoAnn, 308, 374 Hauck, Phyllis, 251 Haugh, Terry, 400 Harwood, Fred, 430 Hauser, Phil, 410 Hauser, Steve, 410 Hausman, Judy, 388 Hawkins, Kathleen, 380 Haxton, Bill, 432 Hoyonawo, Sam, 456 Hoycox, Hillary, 368 Hayes, William, 457 Haywood, Suzanna, 366 Heacock, Ron, 444 Head, Laura, 251 Hebden, Marsha, 308, 374 Heck, Don, 420 Heckman, Bob, 142 Heckman, Linda, 458 Hedberg, Dave, 456 Hedgpeth, Dale, 251 Hedrick, Janet, 376 Hedrick, Judy, 317, 374 Heeb, Joy, 378 Heene, Diane, 351 Hefler, Olivia, 360 Heifetz, Larry, 422 Heilpern, Terri, 334 Heimann, Susie, 370 Hein, Leslye, 458 Heiner, Georgia, 386 Hegge, Ron, 432 Held, Pam, 380 Heller, Steve, 422 Helman, Doreen, 251 Henderson, Carol, 380 Henderson, Connie, 386 Henderson, Linda, 286 Henderson, Romona, 460 Hendrix, Linda, 325, 360 Henkel, James, 251 Henne, Paul, 404 Hennig, Tom, 307 Henricks, Robert, 432 Henry, Christine, 360 Hensel, Bruce, 446 Hepburn, Ruth, 251 Hergot, Gary, 251 Herman, Danien, 356, 308 Herrero, Dorothy, 251 Hermann, Sandy, 372 Hernandez, Ruben, 444 Herndon, Hallie, 383 Herrera, Andy, 142 Herrera, Pastor, 251 Herrmann, Sandra, 251 Hersh, Nancy, 462 Hess, Kristina, 380 Hessayon, Elliot, 286, 124 Hessel, Bill, 115 Hetherington, Barbara, 251, 310 Heusinkveld, Lynn, 438 Heustix, Tom, 142 Hewitt, Rosny, 460 Hewlett, Loura, 363 Hickey, Richard, 251 Hickey, Robyn, 314, 104 Hicks, Janet, 366, 320 Hietbrink. Jim, 432, 99 Higby, Larry, 432, 94 Higgins, Donna, 374 Higgs, Michael, 251 Hilberman, Joe, 101 Hildreth, Linda, 364 Hiley, Paul, 440 Hiller, Nanci, 449 Hillman, Charles, 282 Hillyer, Leslie, 317,376 Hindy, Bob, 402 Hirodka, Ann, 251,390 Hiroshima, Barbara, 390 Hiroshige, Ernest, 251, 326 Hirsch, Bob, 438 Hirsch, Joanne, 459 Hirsch, Sue, 384 Hirsch, Joanne, 332 Hirshberg, Bob, 459 Hitchcock, Denis, 286 Hitchcock, Robert, 251 Hix, Alive, 386 Ho, Elise, 251 Hoban, Sheila, 458 Hobbs, Kathy, 364 Hocker, Arthur, 251, 420 Hodge, Judy, 251 Hodge, Vicki, 251 Hoefner, Joe, 444 Hoffman, Mark, 124 Hoffman, Peter, 251, 418 Hoffman, R oss, 426 Hoffman, Sandra, 302 Hoffmeister, Suzanne, 460 Hofstatter, Carol, 251 Hogan, Candy, 449 Hogencamp, Jane, 454, 451 Hogue, Marty, 316 Hoiberg, Dane, 432 Holderness, Ann, 376 Holguin, Bobbie, 336,351,391 Hollenbeck, Charles, 282 Hollingsworth, Alison, 337, 376 Hollingsworth, Jim, 459 Hollingsworth, Joseph, 251, 418 Holly, Buddy, 418 Holmes, Curt, 434 Holmes, Gary, 142 Holmes, Kristan, 294, 325, 366 Holmes, Sally, 314, 376 Holmgren, Wally, 428 Holt, Roger, 422 Holtom, Tom, 426 Holtzman, Fred, 446 Holtzmon, Golde, 422 Holzner, Peter, 282 Homertgen, Yvonne, 368 Hondo, Ann, 326 Honda, Mel, 326 Honda, Ray, 294 Honeychurch, Dennis, 426 Hong, Mike, 402 Hongoca, Nancy, 368 Honig, Barbara, 332 Honig, Howard, 453 Honig, Madalyn, 454 Hood, William, 457 Hook, Carol, 319 Hooper, Martha, 314, 376 Hoops, Alan, 432 Hopkins, Judy, 251, 460 Hopper, Mary Jane, 376 Horan, Peggy, 308, 313, 374 Horgan, Paul, 251 Hornish, Carol, 338 Horowitz, Alan, 252 Horowitz, Helen, 332, 454 Horowitz, Marjorie, 252 Horn, Bob, 130 Hornung, Jennifer, 462 Hornung, Jocelyn, 460 Hornung, Lottie, 384 Horsfall, Brian, 290 Horstman, Bill. 412 Horwitz, Belle, 252 Hoskins, Joanna, 460 Hostetter, Frances, 91 Houghton, John, 453 House, John, 406 Hovesepian, Paul, 457 Howard, Jim, 432 Howard, Jim, 406 Howard, John, 444 Howard, Judy, 338, 384 Howard, Marsha, 252 Howard, Neal, 400 Howard, Roger, 97, 252, 312 Howe, Robert, 420 Howell, Stephanie, 378 Hoyt, Paul, 252, 412 Hrachovy, Dave, 404 Hsieh, Helena Hui-Yu, 302 Huang, Mei-Lin, 452 Hubbard, Gay, 286, 372 Hubiok. John, 426 Hudson, Helen, 348 Hudson, Ron, 456 Huerta, Gloria, 449 Huffman, Morgiana, 252 Hughes, Colleen, 356 Hughes, Jo Ann, 360, 453 Huie, Barbara, 460 Hulbrock. Irene, 451 Huling, Sharron, 252 Hum, Sue, 454 Humphreys, Ann, 360 Hunt, Robert, 290 Hunt, Sandra, 86, 252, 314, 380 Hunter, Kay, 337, 374 Huntsberger, Judith, 252 Hurley, Gerald, 252 Hurley, Sheila, 386 Hurwitz, Robert, 290, 306 Husman, Joan, 354 Hussey, Stretch, 127 Hustis, Tom, 420 Hutchins, Holly, 308, 356 Hutchinson, Robert, 428 Hutchinson, Steve, 406 Hurt, Ed, 420, 142 Hurlet, Sue, 460 Hyatt, Donna, 366 Hybiske, Jim, 438 Hyman, Edward, 252 Hyman, Leslie, 458 Hymanson, Mark, 453 Hyneman, Carol, 374 I Iberti, Walter, 252 Ichikawa, Dennis, 326 Ikeguchi, Vickee, 326, 390 Ikegami, John, 252 Ikkanda, Virginia, 252, 316 llmonen, Koarina, 332 Imhoff, Jim, 442 Import, Richard, 334 Imura, Carole, 115,252,362 Inona, Marsha, 326, 390 Ingles, Marty, 360 Ingram, David, 445 Ingram, John, 404 Intarachot, Mai, 458 Ireland, Robert, 420 Irish, Carol, 372 Irvine, Janis, 376, 98 Isbell, Larry, 252 Isgur, Bora, 458 Isgur, Diane, 458 Ishihara, Monica, 326, 390 Ishimoto, Joyce, 461 Iskell, Lorry, 459 Islava, Steven, 282 Isley, K. Anne, 252, 352 Isley, Paul, 442 Israel, Edward, 290 Itatani, Robert, 252 Ito, Beverly, 326, 362 Ito, Karen, 326, 390 Iverson, Aaron, 45 Iwach, Anne, 252 lwahita. Ivy, 362 Iwashita, Lynn, 326, 362, 461 Iwataki, Sandi, 326 Izu. Jim, 430 Izuel, Pilar, 452 Izumo, Patricia, 290 J Jackson, Joan, 376 Jackson. Karen, 308, 317. 356 Jackson, Martin. 457 Joduon, Wilhelmina. 252 Jacobs, Carol, 372 Jacobs, Dennis, 424 Jocobsen, Elayne, 368 Jacobson, Ellen, 370 Jocobson, Jeanie, 314, 388 Jacobson, Jeff. 436 Jacobus, Fredric, 294 Jocoby, Beverly, 252 Jacoby, Frandne, 252, 332 Jocoby, Michael, 252 Jaffe, Marlou, 460 John, Dorthy, 252 Jahn, Edward, 319 John, Verlene. 319 Jakl, Janice. 252 Jallo, Mike, 398 James, Carol, 452 Jonsen, Gil, 410 Jardine, John, 140 Jarmula, Florence, 290 Jaroslawicz, Sarah, 252 Jarrick, Alan, 429 Jarvi, Charles, 290, 306 Javor, Ronald, 252, 442 Jaye, Mike, 406 Jekel.Pam, 310 Jenkins, John, 430 Jenkins, Kris, 374 Jenkins, Toby, 370 Jenks, Sue, 364 Jensen, Gil, 430 Jensen, John, 398 Jensen, Michael, 302 Jerome, Kathleen, 360 Jesse, Jackie, 337 Jessen, Annelle, 350 Jew, Eva, 459 Jew, Priss, 458 Jigamian, Lucille, 334 Joblin, Merrie, 458 Jochim, Vance, 434 Joens, Vern, 434 Johns, Carolyn, 314, 380, 392 Johns, Elaine, 453 Johns, Marilyn, 348 Johnsen, Lee, 410 Johnson, Cam. 336, 372 Johnson, Cheryl, 452 Johnson, Chris, 368 Johnson, Dave, 430 Johnson, Diana, 453 Johnson, Guy, 438 Johnson, Jay, 290, 404 Johnson, Karen, 252 Johnson, Kathy, 459 Johnson, Laura, 252 Johnson, Linda, 383 Johnson, Marshall, 252 Johnson, Martha, 252 Johnson, Paula, 252 Johnson, Rodger, 432 Johonson, Roger, 461 Johnson, Scott, 430 Johnson, Sharon, 102 Johnson, Yvonne, 454 Johnston, Dan, 142, 440 Johnston, Sally, 452, 454 Johnston, Scott, 412 Jolissaint, Ralph, 282 Jolly, Pom, 308 Jones, Bob, 107 Jones, Bruce, 453 Jones, Connie, 374 Jones, Donald, 330 Jones, Janice, 462 Jones, Jesse, 445 Jones, Kathy, 453 Jones, Norm, 432 Jones, Paula, 462 Jones, Tevis, 252, 364 Jonson, Henrik, 282 Jordan, Byron, 252 Joseph, Angela, 252 Joseph, Nicolette, 253 Joslin, David, 253, 319 Joy, Christine, 253 Joy, Sue, 378 Jubelier, Jill, 354 Judy, Mark, 253 Juline, Eric, 402 Jung, Allison, 449 Jung, Larry, 330 Jung, Marcie, 449 Junkins, Nancy, 452 Jurland, Miriam, 316 Just, Emily, 454 Kadoya, Janette, 253 Kagan, Lee, 456 Kaelin, Ellen, 253 Kaharawa, Cheryl, 460 Kaiser, Carolyn, 383 Kajiyama, Anne, 286 Kaiser, Dan, 453 Kako, Londa, 368 Kaliski, Rochelle, 358 Kalstrom, Karen, 336, 356 Kambara, Kay, 454 Kamins, Rita, 354 Kaminsky, Arnold, 400 Kaminski, Tris, 391 Kamon, Barbara, 452 Kamoto, Patti, 326, 362 Kanasugi, Akinobu, 302 Kane, Sarah, 254 Kane, Victoria, 454 Kaneko, Janet, 362 Kanne, Greg, 408 Kanne, Karolyn, 286 Kapitanoff, Susan, 253 Kopitanoff, William, 302 Kaplan, Absalom, 282 Kaplan, Joan, 457 Kaplan, Karin, 457 Kaplan, Kathy, 105, 384 Kaplan, Linda, 332 Kaplan, Terri, 370 Kaplan, Wendy, 252 Kara, John, 286 Karlin, Maureen, 460 Karlstad, Ken, 400 Karp, Bill, 436 Kartiala, Topio, 444 Karton, Dave, 422 Kartsman, Sue, 338, 388 Kasababian, Pat, 383 Kaseff, Gary, 446 Kashdan, Richard, 252 Kashiki, Jo Ann, 338, 340, 376, 392, 453 Kass, llene, 253 Kass, Ronnie, 454 Kassis, Noura, 30 Kassoy, Arnie, 115 Kastelle, Harold, 283 Kosuyama, Rick, 326 Kato, Eddie, 326 Koto, Kathleen, 350 Kotow, Les, 456 Kartus, Mary Jo, 386 Katz, Andy, 311, 436 Katz, Michael, 253 Katz, Simone, 253 Kaufman, Brian, 290 Kaufman, Cory, 420 Kaufman, Jerrold, 445 Kaufman, Olivia, 363 Kawabata, Julia, 326, 390 Kawasaki, Donna, 326 Kawasaki, Richard, 326 Kay, Bruce, 253 Kay, Robert, 1 1 5, 253, 446 Kay, Rusty, 433 Kazlauskas, Angie, 454 Kazazian, Sana, 253 Keane, Kathy, 103, 105, 338, 384 Keefer, Steven, 253 Keel, Andriette, 253 Keeler, Carolyn, 366 Kelber, Mike, 459 Keller, Gary, 412 Keller, Ginger, 386 Keller, Rick, 444 Kelley, Karen, 444 Kelley, Victor, 253 Kellner, Joyce, 316 Kellogg, Karen, 449 Kellner, Renee, 253 Kelly, Diane, 458 Kelly, Linda, 383 Kelly, Thomas, 253 Kelp, Maybeline, 454 Kelsey, Dave, 440 Kelsey, Paula, 458 Kemenovich, Mark, 330 Kemp, Vickie, 378 Kempton, Melanie, 388 Kenan, Lynda, 253, 454 Kendrick, John, 404 Kennamer, Glenda, 350 Kennamer, Linda, 350 Kenoff, Jay, 104, 253, 316, 400 Kent, Pom, 103 Kerley, Mike, 124 Kessler, Robin, 253 Kester, Keitha, 334 Ketchel, Kathy, 462 Ketcham, Terry, 286 Ketchum, Bob, 412 Ketelsen, Gary, 430 Kevitt, Rona, 388 Keys, Karen, 376 Kibrick, Cindy, 462 Kice, Charles, 290, 318, 398 Kimball, John, 253, 430 Kimble, Rosemary, 308, 337, 358 Kimbrough, Terri, 460 Kimes, CeCe, 253, 369 Kimmel, " Gypsy " , 461 Kincaid, Julie, 314, 366 Kindler, John, 290 King, Bruce, 440 King, Kathleen, 253, 454 King, Margi, 354 King, Pom, 383 Kingston, Cheryl, 253 Kinsey, Doug, 97 Kipper, Katherene, 253 Kipper, Ruth, 253 Kippur, A. Stephen, 422 Kirby, Duncan, 402 Kirchman, Corky, 360 Kirton, Elizabeth, 372 Kitagawa, Pat, 326 Kitagowa, Isao Ken, 326 Kitomuro, Noboko, 460 Kiuchi, Emily, 253, 390 Kjar, Keith, 430 Kleinbrodt, Michael, 283 Klane, Susy, 370 Klatzker, Linda, 370 Klausen, Steve, 420 Klein, Bruce, 424 Klein, Kurt, 134, 461 Klekner, Michael, 253 Kliewer, Leola, 454 Kline, Charlie, 436 Kline. Ruth. 384. 392 Kline, Terri, 253 Kline, Wayne, 142 Kling, Bud, 424 Klingensmith, Ellen, 374 Klink, James, 302 Kloman, Larry, 445 Klotz, Kathy, 452, 454 Klurfeld, Jeff, 414 Klynn, Gail, 253 Knaul, Carole, 320, 380 Knee, Howard, 422 Knight, Pat, 458 Knotts, Luan, 452 Kobayashi, Peggy, 326, 362 Koch, Abbi, 457 Kociemba, John 253 Kodama, Sachi, 326, 362 Koerper, Jean, 308, 337, 346 Koffman, Kay, 91 Kofron, Karen, 254 Koga, Peter, 326 Kohlweck, Carl, 440 Kohn, Barbara, 253 Kohn, Michael, 290 Kohn, William, 334 Kohoulek, Fran, 459 Kokubun, Patty, 327, 362 Kolbm, Steve, 422 Kolker, Robert, 254, 312, 446 Kolom, Elona, 313 Kooyers, Lonna, 459 Kopay, Tony, 140 Koplin, Robert, 283 Korb, Richard, 254 Korkas, Andy, 314,457 Korn, Bill, 456 Korn, Donald, 302 Korn, Nito, 254 Kornblum, David, 254 Koroknay, Sharen, 380 Kos, Leon, 408 Kosman, Joyce, 454 Kosslyn, Lainie, 103, 104, 384 Kotek, Eveline, 254 Kotek, Kathryn, 254 Kotick, Judy, 458 Kovach, Goldie, 352 Kovitz, Julie, 354 Koyanagi, Branda, 302 Kozek, Larry, 446 Kram, Edna, 290 Kramer, Barbara, 456 Kramer, Greg, 434 Kramer, Laurence, 94, 98, 254 Kramer, Linda, 100, 103,340,384 Kramer, Marsha, 286 Kramsky, Elliott, 283 Krasnick, Abby, 254, 388 Krasno, Jo Ann, 449 Krebs, Carol, 254 Kremer, Lynn, 356 Krepack, Howard, 446 Kress, Gail, 354 Krevitz, Sharon, 101, 105,313,388, 454 Krieger, Joan, 254 Krieger, Leslie, 286, 458 Krimsky, Barbara, 254 Kriste, Terese, 254, 314, 320, 380 Krohn, Vic, 134 Kronberg, Jean, 457 Krone, Terry, 428 Kronick, Sandy, 459 Kronick, Vicki, 458 Kropf, Gaye, 254, 374 Krofz, Lora, 348 Kruger, Arnd, 134, 461 Kruger, Ted, 447 Kruse, Marilyn, 358 Kuchel, Senator, 1 1 5 Kugler, Boleslaw, 283 Kuhn, Steve, 400 Kulla, Norman, 400 Kumagai, Robert, 283 Kunin, Thea, 254 Kunishima, Stephen, 286 Kunitomi, Dale, 254 Kunitomi, Kerry, 327 Kunitsugu, Carol, 254, 454 Kgniyoshi, George, 290 Kunzman, William, 283 Kupcha, Ralph, 456 Kurahashi, Carolyn, 452 Kurahoshi, Lilly, 313, 458 Kurata, John, 254 Kurata, Leona, 459 Kuratani, Yasuko, 254, 327, 362 Kuratomi, Ruby, 327, 362 Kurland, Miriam, 254 Kurland, Stu, 422 Kurokawa, Taeko, 254 Kurtz, Barry, 400 Kurtzman, Carol, 313, 370 Kurz, Jean, 383 Kusaka, Demi, 362 Kushner, Adrienne, 370 Kushins, Ed, 433 Kusuda, Parti, 327 Kuta, Lexi, 456 Kuyper, Daniel, 283 Kwon, Christina, 452 Kwan, Hammond, 286 Kyser, Steve, 442 LaBou, Robert, 254 Loboschin, Nancy, 354 Lacasella, Rose, 451 Lochman, Albert, 254 Lacy, Pom, 364 LaDochy, Steve, 254, 398 lafdjian, Armine, 459 Lofton, William, 254, 459 Lafler. Donald. 254 La French, Larry. 453 Lagerquisl, Nell. 351 Lohey, Robert, 283 " u ' . ' . a , .4 . .. W-.--24 - . ..,. s Laird, Nancy, 453 Lake, Robert, 290 Lambert, John, 433 Lamar, Doug, 453 Lancaster, Chuck, 420 Land, Stephen, 3)8 Landau, Neil, 283 Landis, Bettle, 287 Landis, John, 436 Landis, Sally, 369 Landrum, Cathy, 338, 369 Landsberg, Ron, 290, 312, 406 Langfus, Stanley, 254 Longer, Sherry, 389 Langley, Edie, 370 Lani, Marian, 287 Lapidus, Maine, 332 Lapidos, Lawrence, 254 Lao, Binneg, 254 Lapota, Jeff, 422 Larkey, Debbie, 462 Larkin, Bill, 433 Larkin, Bob, 412 Lorkins, Lainie, 376 Larrison, Mary, 254, 380 Larro, Terence, 254 Larson, Dennis, 254, 312, 392, 418 Larson, Joanne, 254, 374 La Rue, Sandy, 376 Lasser, Peter, 254, 414 Laster, Lonnie, 302 Latifi, Shah, 302 Latimer, John, 434 La Tourrett, Jean, 360 Lotto, Lanis, 337, 378 Lauber, Fred, 254 Lau, Anne, 460 Lou, Howard, 457 Lauber, Fred, 400 Louber, Harvey, 400 Laughlin, Donna, 254, 44 Laughlin, Shiela, 462 Lauterbach, Diana, 384 Laverty, Robert, 290, 433 Lavine, Karen, 459 Lawrence, Joan, 458 Lawton, Eric, 430 Lazar, Myron, 255 Lazear, Ed, 414 Laze r us. Donna, 386, 313 Lazzarini, Dean, 461 Leach, Sharon, 255, 380 Leader, Lew, 307 Lear, Cindy, 378 Lebell, Richard, 424 LeBovic, Joe, 447 Leca, Linda, 334 Leek, Diane, 376 Lee, Boon, 255 Lee, Choon, 287 Lee, Helen, 460 Lee, James, 410 Lee, Diane. 255, 389 Lee, Don, 255 Lee, Judy, 384 Lee, Mark, 255, 406, 318 Lee, Neville, 255 Lee, Robert, 255 Lee, Ron, 442 Lee, Susan, 452 Lees, Patty, 449 Liebman, Ruth, 255 LeFevre, Linda, 314, 94 LeFevre, Linda, 325 LeFevre, Linda, 358 Leftgoff, Shelley. 354 Lehman, Norman, 449 Lehr, Margery, 358 Leichman, Glenn, 447, 103, 101, 105, 105 Leishman, Sue, 348 Lemert, Deborah, 364 Lemon, Marcia, 369 Long, Chris, 444 Lengnick, Cyndy, 314, 376 Leon, Linda, 334, 459 Leonard, Jim, 434 Leonard, Joan, 313 Leonard, Richard, 255 Leopold, Bette, 460 Lepisto, Vic, 1 42 Lermer, Kathy, 456 Lerner, Vicki, 449 Lesh, Carol, 384 Leslie, Judith, 255, 325, 100 Lesoff, Reevah, 255 Lessner, 459 Leslie, Judy, 324 Leung, Amy, 454 Leva, Harriet, 255,413-4 Levue, Annette, 453 Leventhal, Sheila, 338 Levin, Andrea, 255 Levin, Norm, 127 Levin, Carol, 255 Levine, Bob, 316 Levine, Harvey, 445 Levine, Karen, 31 3 Levine, Len, 447 Levine, Margaret, 302 Levine, Pat, 458 Levine, Penny, 458 Levinson, Marc, 447 Levitt, Norman, 422 Levinson, Tevia, 255, 458 Levitt, Sharon, 370 Levy, Joan, 255 Levy, Nancy, 336, 391, 370 Levy, Ralph, 255 Levy, Joan, 354 Levy, Leonard, 457 Levy, Steven, 429 Lew, Ginger, 457 Lew, Henry, 334, 101 Lew, Joyce Lynn, 287, 356 Lewandowski, John, 319 Lewis, Cheri, 255 Lewis, Andy, 447 Lewis, Dianne, 336, 351 Lewis, Gail, 459 Lewis, Jill, 449 Lewis, Linda, 255 Lewis, Lynn, 380 Lewis, Margie, 255, 329, 100, 325, 375, 377 Lewis, Sharon, 460 Lewis, Sue, 458 Lewis, Vicki, 452 Lieberman, Dena, 123, 453 Liberman, Luis, 457 Liboff, Jerry, 102 Lichtig, Jeanne, 383 Licht, Dennis, 255 Lightner, Judy, 255, 357 Lightwine, Vicky, 360 Lilly, Stuart, 457 Linberg, Kristin, 375 Lincoln, Harry, 290, 400 Lind, Patricia, 287 Lind, John, 459 Lindeman, Shery, 366 Lindstrom, Bruce, 255 Lindenhayn, Marta, 454 Linder, John, 402 Lindley, Roger, 448 Linsk, Carolyn, 389, 392 Lipson, Steve, 461 Liptz, Carol, 459 Lipsig, Hadassah, 255 Lissner, Judy, 315, 377 Lithownik, Alan, 255 Littig, Wanna, 255 Lockmann, Ronald, 303 Litow, Jody, 354 Litschke, Louise, 340 Litschke, Louise, 380 Litsinger, Linda, 358 Littenberg, Craig, 442 Little, Lee, 366, 449 Little, Pam, 452 Litvok, Marlene, 457 Lloyd, Michele, 453 Lockwood, Ann, 452 Lockwood, Jeff, 440 Lockwood, Linda, 369, 44 Loeber, Mary, 458 Loehndorf, Chris, 434 Logan, Rich, 433 Logon, Suzanne, 294, 451, 454 Lomkin, Judy, 389 Lones, Megan, Janette, 255, 378 Long, Jerry, 140 Long, Hing, 290 Longfield, Randy, 255, 404 Lopes, Phillip, 255 Lopizich, Carol, 255 Loomos, Dean, 94 Loonbardi, Ester, 451 Looney, Pat, 316 Lopuch, John, 394 Lorenzini, Art, 400 Losey, Nancy, 348, 392 Lottman, Paul, 447 Loughian, Vicki, 451 Lavas, Steve, T Km Lovinger, Carole, 391 Lovingier, Lonnie, 459 Low, Lawrence, 334 Low, Lawrence, 429 Lowe, Lily, 350 Lowenstein, Dave, 99 Lowry, Keith, 303 Lu, Maureen, 255 Lu, Ronald, 283 Lubensky, Jack, 255 Lucan, John, 283, 402 Lucca, Duane, 454 Lucas, Joan, 452 Lucero, Fe, 303 Lucks, Edward, 255, 422 Ludloff, Margaret, 255 Ludington, Rod, 142 Luke, Marilyn, 255 Luk. Camille, 451 Lund, Kirsten, 382, 392 Lundy, Allan, 410 Lundy, Bob, 461 Lupac, Linda, 377 Lyman, Rick, 418 Lynch, Kathy, 352 Lynn, Dick, 430 Lynn, Mitch, 414 Lyon, Debbie, 380 Lyon, Lorry, 414 Lyon, Vicki, 351 Lyons, Hamp, 459 M Ma, Kenneth, 283 Ma, Mary, 460 Maas, Terry, 394, 410 MacDavid, Betty, 256 MacDonald, Marcia, 256, 367 MacDuff, Pat, 377 Mack, Mary, 303 Mack, Shari, 256, 334 MacKay, Kothryn, 256, 454 MacKenzie, Ron, 426 MacMinn, R., 31 I MacNeil, Susan, 380 MacTarnaghan, Jean, 256,319,454 Madden, Mike, 461 Madden, Patrick, 256, 416 Mader, Kathy, 360 Madison, Thomas, 418 Maga, Jayne, 377 Magda, Marni, 369 Magee, Jo Ann, 308 Magee, William, 283 Magenheim, Marlene, 313, 370 Magubane, Bernard, 303 Maguire, Marie, 316 Maguire, Robert, 303 Mahaffey, Kathy, 460 Mahler, Katie, 449 Maienschein, Joe, 430 Mainhurst, Martha, 456 Maisner, Andy, 416 Mak, Priseillo, 256 Mak, Stephen, 256 Makowski, Hadassah, 351 Makowski, Patricia, 352 Malamuth, Aviva, 370 Molespin, Lester, 256 Malet, Ellen, 459 Mailer, Robert, 256 Mallinger, Janie, 367 Malone, Robert, 457 Maloof, Geraldine, 336, 337, 358 Malpiede, Neil, 444 Malry, Cassandra, 363 Mailer, Mark, 422 Malves, Sandra, 352 Manaka, Harry, 327 Manchee, Bill, 461 Mandel, Joel, 436 Mandel, Linda, 449 Mandell, Steve, 130 Manderscheid, Susan, 256 Manes, Don, 307 Manhein, Terri, 319, 378 Manheimer, Ellen, 389 Mann, Allan, 120 Mann, Chuch, 445 Mann, Patricia, 256, 389 Mann, Sheila, 389 Manning, Don, 142 Manske, Susan, 86 Mansy, Gamalat, 303 Manuel, Louise, 458 Manzanarez, G. Lorenzo, 256 Moraine, Terry, 458 Marches!, Lyn, 460 Marecic, Terry, 433 Morems, Sheila, 256 Marengo, Paul, 330 Marfoe, Victor, 256 Margoles, Lynn, 389 Margolin, Stephane, 389 Margolis, Brian, 256 Margolis, Mara, 384 Marno, Lucy, 358 Marissael, Crole, 317, 332 Markel, Hyla, 370 Markowitz, Terri, 334, 449 Marks, Julie, 389 Marks, Rich, 101, 102,447 Markussen, Jerry, 456 Marlowe, Valerie, 348 Marriott, Sydney, 377 Marrow, Chip, 461 Marscellas, Carl, 404 Marshall, Christine, 290, 315, 348 Marshall, Frank, 402 Marshelick, Bill, 332, 448 Marston, Ellen, 369 Martens, Sharon, 381 Martin, Bob, 426 Martin, Donald, 457 Martin, Gary, 438 Martin, Ginny, 337, 338, 352 Martin, Jeffrey, 457 Martin, Lemora, 387 Martin, Margaret, 290 Martin, Melonie, 320 Martin, Ted, 420 Martinez, John, 440 Martini, M., 311 Marios, James, 256, 434 Martsch, Nancy, 351 Marvin, Kathy, 104 Masheter, Carol, 449 Maslow, Louis, 256 Mason, Ann, 391, 392 Mason, Deanna, 294 Mason, Janice, 460 Mason, Margarethe, 287 Mason, Ron, 430 Mass, Susan, 384 Massey, Barbara, 294 Masterson, Kathie, 315, 458 Masudo, James, 303 Masuda, Mel, 306 Masuda, Roger, 327, 330 Masuo, Brian, 327 Matalon, Renee, 458 Mated, Virgi, 350 Matheny, Karen, 356 Mather, Gail, 356 Matheson, Joan, 454 Matheson, Tory, 142 Matsukane, Melvin, 290 Matsumura, Jo Ann, 256 Matsuoka, Takuo, 303 Matteson, Rebecca, 381 Matthews, Carol, 377 Matthews, Cathy, 313, 381 Matthews, Lydia, 256, 449 Matthews, Marilyn, 287 Matthews, Wendy, 319 Matthias, Mike, 418 Matz, Louise, 256 Matz, Morcia, 354 Matza, Evie, 389 Maulis, Rita, 452 Maveety, Hillary, 313, 337 Maxwell, Lynn, 372 Maxwell, Tom, 256 May, Dean, 444 May, Howard, 256 May, Judith, 256 May, Larry, 400 Mayeda, Charles, 327 Mayer, Toni, 456 Mayersdhn, Paul, 422 Mayfield, Paul, 142 Mayo, Rose, 363 Mays, Mary, 457 Mazzarino, Paula, 310 Mazzetti, Paul, 430 McAdam, Patricia, 256 McAdoms, Dennis, 142 McAteer, Timothy, 256, 1 42 McAuliffe, Mile, 430 McAvoy, Richard, 430 McCabe, Donna, 462 McCafferty, Bill, 456 McCaffrey, Mike, 1 42 McCain, Margaret, 308, 375 McCarter, Rick, 408 McCarthy, Dennis, 256 McCartney, Michael, 444 McClarty, Jan, 387 McClay, Kathy, 377 McCleeland, Ann, 256, 308, 462 McClelland, Guy, 412 McCloud, Sherry, 315, 366 McClung, Bonnie, 352 McClure, Chuck, 98 McClure, Linda, 356 McComb, Charles, 283 McCombs, Maxwell, 1 1 8 McCombs, Mike, 402 McConnell, Angela, 452 McConnell, Thomas, 404 McCormac, Charles, 290 McCoy, Vina, 354 McCreary, Frank, 457 McCrum, Pam, 352 McCulloch, Julie, 462 McCullough, Helen, 348 McCutcheon, T., 311 McDonnel, Lizbeth, 256 McDermaid, Suzy, 315, 366 McDermott, Kathleen, 256, 315, 366 McDevitt, Randy, 433 McDougall, Robert, 448 McDowell, John, 426 McDowell, Trudy, 256 McElhoe, Ted, 442 McElrea, Joy, 256 McEwen, Dave, 311, 440 Meadows, Debbi, 457 Medak, Ron, 404 Medlinsky, Frieda, 257 Medrano Diego, Anthony, 303 Meeker, Martin, 303 Meese, Linda, 101 Mehas, Peter, 303 Mei, Tiffany, 460 Meier, Jane, 310,367 Melnick, Lolly, 313, 355 Melnick, Marsha, 334 Me Lou, Em, 459 Melton, Michael, 257 Mendheim, Beverly, 452 Mendoza, Dorothy, 257 Mengel, June, 257 Mengel, Teresa, 257 Menold, Ben, 420 Merchant, Najmuddin, 303 Merickel, Karen, 257 Merrill, Susan, 382 Mersits, Lynn, 308, 460 Meshekow, Lois, 303 Messelson, Andy, 424 Metcalf, Frank, 257, 398 Metcalf, William, 257 Methanie, Lynne, 460 Metz, Maureen, 458 Melz, Paula, 257, 449 Meyer, Sue, 257, 365 Meyers, Diana, 257, 370 Meyers, Glenn, 424 Meyers, Richard, 290 Michaels, Amy, 452 Michaels, Robert, 94, 97, 1 18, 257, 312 Michel, Virginia, 313 Michelson, Gajus, 440 Michler, Jo Anna, 308, 458 Micic, Vera, 104, 338, 340 Mickie, Aunt, 389 Middleman, Drew, 416 Migdal, Harvey, 257, 422 Mikomi, Shirley, 461 Mikkelsen, Judy, 367 Milberg, Dione, 458 Milicov , Joyce, 384 Millar, Nan, 337, 378 Millard, Neal, 447, 103 Miller, Barry, 257 Miller, Carlo, 453 Miller, Chris, 434 Miller, Chuck, 445 Miller, Craig, 440, 104, 31 ! Miller, Dove, 406 Miller, Diane, 369 Miller, Don, 257 Miller, Doug, 404 Miller, Eileen, 381 Miller, Ellen, 355 Miller, Howard, 257 Miller, Jeff, 408 Miller, Jill, 382 Miller, Jim, 408 Miller, Lance, 416 Miller, Marjorie, 460 Miller, Paul, 257, 319 Miller, Philip, 290 Miller, Phillip, 257 Miller, Rollie, 448 Miller, Ross Jr., 290 Miller, Shirley, 308 Miller, Sue, 389 Miller, Veronica, 454 Millet, Dick, 420 Millman, Judy, 389 Mills, B., 311 Mills, Marilyn, 456 Mills, T., 31 1 Mills, Tim, 430 Milovich, Hazel, 257, 387 Milrod, Sonia, 458 Minarik, Pom, 456 Mindel, Stanley, 127 Minden, Claudia. 457 Mindling, Goyle, 308, 375 Miner, Diana, 454 Miner, Gary, 428 Mines, Paul, 447 Minsky, Chuck, 422 Mintier, James, 257, 431 Mintz, Jeffrey, 257 Mintz, Morlene, 257, 325, 332 Mirmon, Leslie, 351 Missler, Craig, 447 Mistysyn, Robert, 457 Mitchell, Emily, 381 Mitchell, Gail, 457 Mitchell, Norma, 257 Mitchell, Sandra, 355 Mitchell, Stevi, 387, 104 Mitock, Mark, 257 Miyake, Yoshio, 283 Mlezivo. Linda, 338, 365 Mochizuki, Carol, 381 Mochizuki, Mike, 327 Modiano, Frances, 257 Moeller, Paul, 410 Mohill, Sandra, 257 Mok. Peter, 257 Mokabel, Soheir, 303 Moler, Robert, 426 Mommoerts, Robert, 290, 433 Monahan, James, 257, 433 Monahan, Mary, 257 Monk, Annie, 313 Monne, Carmen, 287 Monroe, Mary, 257 Monsanto, Carolyn, 336, 382 Montana, Linda, 459 Moomaw, Jane, 367 Mooney, Pat, 352 Moordigion, Linda, 257 Moore, Nancy, 340, 367 Moore, Susan, 337, 348 Moore, Wayne, 428 Moron, Mike, 431 Moran, Terry, 426 Morehead, Evelyn, 260 Moreno, R., 31 1 Morese, Richard, 410 Morikawa, Edwina, 260 Morimoto, Patty, 327, 458 Moroney, Cheryl, 332, 316 Morris, Harry, 91, 118 Morris, William, 260 Morris, Leigh, 422 Morris, Lynn, 308, 358 Morris, Tyke, 418, 130 Morrison, Margaret, 365 Morrow, Mike, 433 Morse, Bunni, 381 Morton, Susan, 381 Mosher, Dan, 1 1 5 Moskovite, Harold, 400 Mosler, Pattie, 355 Mosley, Charles, 461 Moss, April, 260 Moss, Doreen, 313 Moss, Lynn, 260, 459 Moss, Mar ilee, 313, 377 Moss, Mark, 260 Moss, Rochelle, 461 Moss, Rob, 400 Moss, Susan, 384 Mostow, Al, 438 Mote, Stanley, 400 Motel, Judith, 260, 316, 324 Moulton, Carol, 377 Moulton, Jeanne, 360 Mounteer, Carl, 461 Movius, Bob, 442 Mowrey, Patti, 377 Mozingo, J., 260 Mozur, Nancy, 384 Muccia, Daniel, 260, 318 Mudd, Mary, 338, 360 Mueller, Kothy, 369 Mulford, Donna, 377 Mulford, Jeff, 459 Mullally, Dave, 456 Muller, Mike, 408 Mumolo, Anthony, 260, 420 Muneoka, Amy, 260 Munger, Bob, 434 Munio, David, 290 Munson, Les, 406 Murakami, Diane, 327, 390 Murase, I. Mike, 327 Murata, Keiko, 327 Murman, Anne, 287, 369 Murphey, Jean, 337 Murphy, Dennis, 420 Murphy, Flossie, 387 Murphy, Jean, 358 Murphy, Jim, 404 Murphy, John, 260, 398, 359 Murphy, Senator, 1 15 Murphy, Vickie, 387 Murray, Jim, 448 Murray, Tom, 426 Murrell, Cheri, 378 Muser, Wolf, 406 Mustod, Ariane, 367 Myers, Cindy, 454 Myers, Roger, 260 Mynord, Carol, 378 N Nod itch, Jeff, 436 Nafzgar, Cheryl, 260 Nogakuro, Vero, 327 Nagano, Ben, 327 Nogy, Barbara, 260 Naito, Masashi, 327 Najorian, Richard, 442 Nakaji, Nancy, 458 Nakashita, Hiroshi, 327 Nakata, Keiko, 260 Nakayama, Glenn, 327 Nakayama, Janice, 390 Nakayama, Roland, 428 Namouli, Nina, 101 Naples, Mary Jo, 260, 310 Nash, Shirley, 454 Nastronero, Mary, 378 Nasu, Pat, 327 Natapoff, Judy, 384 Nathanson, Karen, 260 Nathanson, Phil, 453 Nattress, Evie, 352 Nova, Yolanda, 377 Nebel, Eileen, 260, 360 Needle, Steve, 430 Neely, Bill, 461 Negi, Dalbir, 321 Neilsson, Doug, 440, 99, 123 Neisen, Stephanie, 260 Nelson, Cheryl, 369 Nelson, Dave, 440 Nelson, Judith, 260, 360 Nelson, Margaret, 287, 361 Nelson, Susan, 367, 392 Nelson, Wendy, 383 Nestell, Cheryl, 460 Nestingen, Pete, 421 Nehleton, Jim, 418 Newman, Dan, 418 Neustadt, Julie, 389 Newberger, Carol, 355 Newkirk, Nadenia, 308, 358 Newman, Carol, 459 Newman, Laura, 332, 105 Newman, Leslie, 370 Newman, Patricia, 456 Newman, Vicky, 260, 381 Newton, Albert, 260 Newton, Cathy, 369 Newton, Frank, 332, 448 Newton, Stanley, 283 Newton, Yvonne, 260, 389 Ng, Bertha, 260 Ngugen, Xuanlan, 452 Nichols, Alan, 434 Nichols, Ann, 387 Nichols, Kathy, 452 Nickerson, Greg, 461 Niedermon, Mike, 433 Niehous, Patty, 352 Nielsen, Kathy, 375 Nielson, Linda, 367 Nielsen, Mark, 334 Niesen, Nancy, 367 Nieminsky, Arthur, 303 Nieves, Harry, 428 Nip, Rittle, 459 Nisenbaum, Marilyn, 384, 320 Nishi, Hird, 327 Nishimura, Frank, 260 Nishimuro, Theo, 453 Nishinaga, Lindon, 283 Nishinaga, Joyce, 327, 362 Nishioka, Joyce, 260 Nishiyama, Yukiko, 327, 362 Nishizu, Julie, 327 Nishizu, Julie, 362 Nkiere, Joachim, 260 Noble, Diana, 383 Noble, Judith, 294 Noe, Pamela, 260 Noel, Raymond, 283, 318 Nolan, Nancy, 315, 365 N-ord-by, June, 383 Nordquist, Deanna, 104 Norlander, Elaine, 260 Norris, Dione, 449 Norton, Nancy, 260, 369 Noskin, Jill, 355 Noskin, Marsha, 355, 104 Nowaki, Evelyn, 327, 390, 453 Nozaki, Joan, 327, 390 Nozero, Vicki, 454 Nute, Stephen, 260 Nuttoll, Dove, 142 Nuttelmon, Pamela, 291 Nutting, W., 31 1 Nwano, Elias, 303 Nyderek, Joseph, 318 Oakley, Karen, 310 Ober, Esther, 260 Oberlin, Neil, 440 Obeso, Cecilia, 313, 454 Obien, Leon, 400 Oblinger, Susan, 338, 348 O ' Brien, David, 457 O ' Brien, Holly, 358 O ' Connell, Mike, 410 O ' Connell, Richard, 260 Odell.Mike, 431 O ' Dell, Patrick, 260 Odelson, Anita, 454 Oder, J., 291 Oftedal, Terry, 411 Ogawa, Brian, 260 Ogden, Greg, 400 Ohki, Suzanne, 327, 362 Oka, Peggy, 390 Okano, Michiyo, 261,362 Okubo, Ruby, 303 Okuda, Pot, 362 Olaes, Gene, 283 Olds, Deborah, 261,352 Olds, Thomas, 418 O ' Leary, Patty, 452 Olenicoff, Roger, 426 Oleon, Valerie, 104,338,340 Olf, Trudi, 355 Olivares, Fernando, 444 Oliver, Janet, 102 Oliver, Patrick, 261 Oliver, William, 303 Olivo, Cheralyn, 261 Olquist, Carol, 350 Olsen, Gerald, 303 Olsen, Robin, 294 Olson, Jami, 283, 444 Olson, Linda, 261,381 Olson, Karen, 372 Oltrogge, Cal, 316 Ond rasik, J udy, 26 1 , 3 1 5, 324, 367 O ' Neil, Mary, 261 O ' Neil, Pat, 142 O ' Neill, Russell, Ongaigui, Jimmy, 291 Opiat, Robert, 306 Oppenheimer, Jo, 449 Oretsky, Perry, 239 Orlando, John, 261 Ornee, Mike, 400 O ' Rourke, Peggy, 452 Orswell, Kathy, 369 Osborn, Aleta, 381 Osborn, Robin, 313, 367 Osburn, Edward, 459 Osganian, Gary, 303 Oshiro, Cynthia, 261 Oshmon, Karen, 460 Osterberg, David, 261,311 Osterhues, Mary, 348, 320 Ostrin, Marilyn, 365 Osuch, Linda, 365 Ota, Candy, 362 Ota, Glenn, 332, 448 Ott, Chris, 433 Otto, Linda, 315, 367 Ovord, Sandy, 352 Overmyer, Lu Ann, 313 Ovitz, Mike, 447 Owashi, Kathy, 327, 390 Owens, Bob, 438 Oxman, Jeff, 402 Ozolins, Egils, 287 Ozuna, Lydia, 261, 454 Pacal, Rudy, 283 Pacheco, Glen, 261,406 Packard, Mike, 404 Page, Marie, 462 Pagliuso, Desi, 381 Pagliuso, Jim, 261, 404 Pagliuso, Linda, 100, 315, 320, 381 Paige, John, 447 Painter, Betty, 458 Painter, Irish, 377 Palango, Ted, 440 Palenschat, Pat, 453 Palmer, Constance, 261 Palmer, Lynn, 261, 310 Palmer, Willard, 261 Palmquist, Terry, 315,377 Pancoska, Roger, 261 Pankey, Roberta, 261, 369 Pantazelos, Jana, 317 Paris, Judith, 449 Park, Chul, 303 Park, James, 434 Park, Susan, 105 Parker, Terry, 459 Parker, Richard, 261 Parks, Jim, 334 Parrington, Mary, 261 Parrish, Robert, 406 Parrott, George, 261 Parsons, Rod, 431 Partridge, Barbara, 287 Pashalides, Joanne, 356 Paslagwa, Nancy, 391 Paslaqua, Nancy, 261, 365 Pash, Mark, 408 Passon, Norma, 457 Patalino, Marianne, 261 Patshik, Steve, 436 Patterson, John, 261 Paul, Gordon, 261 Paul, Rick, 142 Paulson, Lori, 337, 356 Pavelka, Ruzenna, 261 Pavone, Jeanne, 102,377 Pawlik, Greg, 408 Pax son, 412 Peairs, George, 261 Pearce, Stephanie, 315 Pearl, Lurline, 261, 310, 325 Pearlman, Jane, 355 Pearson, John, 261 Pearson, Terry, 142 Pearson, Wade, 142,402 Pease, Steven, 400 Pedersen, Anna, 452 Pederson, Denis, 261 Peel, Frederic, 261 Peet, Judith, 287 Pegee, Jo Ann, 352 Pekar, Jeanette, 449 Peltyn, Nona, 457 Pennington, Bill, 103, 105, 398 Percival, Evelyn, 462 Pereida, Claudio, 283 Peretzian, Margaret, 358 Perez, Rick, 431 Perisho, James, 291, 312,318,394, 440 Perkins, Bonnie, 340, 367 Perkins, Dick, 404 Perkins, Katie, 387 Perkins, Larry, 440 Perl, Dan, 402 Perlmutter, Suzy, 384 Perrin, Kathy, 358 Perrin, Richard, 442 Perry, Martha, 372 Persell, Peggy, 452 Pertuit, Cathy, 352 Perucci, Pat, 460 Peters, Carl, 431 Peters, Linda, 458 Peterson, Frank, 261 Peterson, Joyce, 337, 358 Peterson, Pam, 287 Peterssen, Margie, 372 Petras, Rchelle, 287 Pett. Larry, 291 Pettus, Jim, 400 Petty, Bob, 400 Petyk, M. Andrew, 261 Pfoff. Paula, 330, 336, 351 Pfaff, Rowland, 428 Pflaster, Jim, 447 Phelps, Carol, 378 Philbin, Bob, 408 Philips, Gale, 317, 325, 375 Phillipes, Pat, 355 Phillips, Brad, 422 Phillips, Charles, 421 . 9 ,. - - . . - - - ,! . ! , Mr,blH WX.K fcr,l|l ta,Si.C . WiChnt.iB.H- ta, !.! , ' -. B H, Sun LJ . ' ' . ; H- . - ! : ' M ir - fl ' 5 41 Phillips, Helene, 261 Phillips, Shirlee, 456 Phinizy, William, 41 1 Phipps, Kothy, 377 Picco, Ron, 41 1 Pieper, Darold, 261, 461 Pieper, Linda, 382 Pierce, Candy, 377 Pierce, Suzy, 325, 375 Pierre, Deonne, 453 Person, Jill, 378 Piguet, Judy, 294 Pike, Jim, 442 Pin, Stephanie, 458 Pinneau, Richard, 457 Pinnell, Pom, 369 Pinon, Louise, 461 Piper, Travis, 318 Pittenger, Chris, 427 Pilter, Richard, 453 Pivko, Jack, 261 Platt, Andria, 459 Platt, Pom, 377 Platt, Hugh, 264 Platt, Stu, 438 Plauzoles, Lucien, 122, 123, 127 Plummer, Earl, 448 Poett, Jim, 427 Polentz, Bob, 418 Poliquin, Judy, 338 Polito, Mary, 310 Polk, Chris, 447 Pollack, Patty, 101, 105 Pollak, Alan, 264 Pollock, Mike, 445 Pomeranz, Don, 447 Pon, Tyler, 457 Ponder, Ronald, 264 Poneranz, Ben, 461 Poole, Robert, 264 Poole, Susan, 264 Poon, Frank, 283 Popeney, Bob, 41 2 Potter, Gerald, 264 Potter, James, 459 Pottle, Susan, 264 Porche, Paula, 334 Porter, Paula, 337 Post, Kathy, 389 Poulopoulos, Soterios, 264 Pou ration, Massoud, 264 Powell, Janet, 372 Power, Lynne, 381 Power, Suzy, 460 Powers, Christine, 337, 367 Powers, Dennis, 438 Powers, Diana, 264, 352 powers, Mary Beth, 105 Prescott, French, 365 Presser, Sheldon, 123 Preston, Eleanor, 264 Price, Steve, 142 Primeau, Wayne, 264 Prince, William, 264 Principe, Corinne, 348 Pringle, Mike, 416 Privaloff, Jane, 334 Prothro, Tommy, 140 Proust, Jeff, 438 Provo, Carter, 412 Prutsman, Vance, 264, 312, 418 Prykop, Sue, 458 Pugh, Lance, 41 I Pullin, Gordon, 127, 264, 438 Pullin, Marcia, 453 Pullman, Barbara, 287, 315, 325, 377 Purdy, Rick. 142,404 Putman, B., 311 Que, Dianne, 459 Quigley, Patricia, 350 Quinn, Jerene, 264 Quinn, Linda, 264 Quinn, Nancy, 369 Quint, Carole, 385 Quon, Mae Jean, 264 Quon, Marda, 350 Quon, Patricia, 460 Rabkin, Larry, 422 Racklin, Sue, 457 Rady, Richard, 457 Raines, Stephen, 104, 264, 422 Rail, Gilda, 462 Ramaswamy, S., 303 Ramen, Joan, 334 Ramey, Beatrice, 363 Ramirez, Ed, 459 Ramsey, Bob, 427 Rand, Carole, 336 Randall, John, 319 Randall, Paul, 404 Raney, Jane, 264 Rangel, Robert, 303 Rankin, Bloke, 433 Rapore, Jon, 264 Rashedi, Saeed, 264 Rasmussen, Mary, 454 Ratner, Tom, 445 Rawson, Wendy, 264, 316, 453 Ray, Barbara, 375 Ray, Marilyn, 381 Raysbrook, Randy, 416 Reagan, Ronald, 453 Reardon, Chuck, 412 Reardon, Virginia, 375 Recla, Karen, 387 Redfearn. Wayne. 433 Redmond, Wayne, 406 Reeb, Rick, 441 Reed, Charles, 414 Reed, Mark, 428 Reed, Richard, 264 Reed, Tallulah, 315, 355 Reel, Diane, 264, 315, 375 Reel, Stan, 91 Reeslund, Mike, 441 Reeves, Judy, 350 Reger, Mary, 452 Reich, Joanne, 105, 287, 308, 356 Reich, Judy, 377, 320 Reichenbach, Suellen, 367 Reichline, Niel, 120 Reid, Robert, 442 Reinberg, Russ, 456 Reiner, LaDonna, 454 Reinhardt, Margaret, 462 Reitan, Ed, 444 Reifter, Jann, 338 Roller, Susan, 315, 369 Renfro, Kathy, 264, 365 Resch, Carey, 361 Resh, William, 264, 400 Resnick, Joyce, 453 Rethmeier, Kenneth, 264, 312,394, 433. Rettinger, Mike, 441 Rheingold, Barbara, 449 Rhodes, Steven, 264 Rice, Lawrence, 264, 447 Richard, Rosalind, 264 Richard, Warren, 303 Richards, Kay, 454 Richards, Ken, 431 Richards, Mark, 403 Richardson, Carol, 264 Richardson, John, 142 Richman, Janice, 264 Richardson, Lynda, 309, 454 Richardson, Patrice, 460 Richman, Lee, 400 Richman, Maxine, 453 Richter, Jeff, 429 Rick. Gary, 433 Rickman, Dennis, 408 Riddell, Sandi, 381 Rieber, Ann, 122, 287, 324, 375 Riecke, Fred, 418 Rienik. Bruce, 441 Rierson, Michael, 264 Riha, Frank, 283, 442 Riha, James, 283, 442 Riley, Len, 456 Rinek, Larry, 411 Ringwald, Kim, 404, 142 Rini, Ju dith, 264 Ritchie, Cherie, 361 Ritums, John, 445 Ritz, Mike, 424 Rivard, Pat, 358 Roane, Mike, 421 Robbins, Jane, 389 Robbins, Jim, 431 Robbins, Joseph, 433 Robbins, Merritt, 264 Roberts, Kent, 412 Roberts, Leslie, 334, 457 Roberts, Sherm, 456 Roberts, Suzanne, 291, 324, 325, 375 Roberts, Virgil, 461 Robertson, David, 265, 406 Robinson, Karen, 337, 375 Robinson, Kathy, 453 Robinson, Terry, 385, 103 Robles, Maria, 265 Roche, Susan, 356 Rockman, Edward, 438 Rockwell, Phillip, 283 Rodgers, Pepper, 140 Rodney, Glenda, 458 Rogers, Gary, 99 Rogers, Wendy, 462 Roggero, Tom, 142, 456 Rolf, William, 265 Roll ens, Robin, 389 Roller, Karen, 265, 385 Roller, Linda, 385 Romero, Rick, 134 Romotsky, Edward, 429 Ronson, Marijane, 338 Roof, Mike, 1 42 Rooke, Jim, 456 Roos, Jerry, 412 Rorick, Susan, 454 Rosa, Eric, 412 Rose, Lorraine, 365 Rose, Marilyn, 449 Rose, Sherry, 385 Rose, Virginia, 265, 324, 367 Rosen, Helen, 265 Rosen, Jeff, 414 Rosen, Lee, 265 Rosen, Marc, 445 Rosen, Nancy, 265 Rosen, Robert, 422 Rosenbaum, Lynn, 334 Rosenbaum, Mrs., 461 Rosenberg, Joe, 416 Rosenberg, John, 459 Rosenberg, Larry, 445 Rosenberg, M., 31 1 Rosenberg, Philip, 265 Rosenberg, Rich, 400 Rosenberg, Yoram, 283 Rosenblatt, Bonnie, 370 Rosenblatt, Danny, 307 Rosenblatt, Sid, 406 Rosenblatt, Steve, 445 Rosenbloom, Judith, 265, 460 Rosenfeld, Susan, 385 Rosenfelt, Susanna, 265 Rosenfield, Fred, 400 Rosenthal, Edward, 283 Rosenthal, Julie, 352 Rosenthal, Miriam, 454 Rosien, Scott, 400 Rosin, Sheila, 265 Ross, Andi, 389 Ross, Donna, 265 Ross, Ken, 453 Ross, Marsha, 124 Ross, Milla, 265 Ross, Rick, 424 Ross, Stephen, 265 Rossell, Christine, 265 Rossen, Jill, 370 Rossi, Susan, 337, 361 Roth, Andy, 445 Roth, Kathleen, 449 Roth, Stephana, 317, 375 Rothe, Caprice, 367, 459 Rothmund, Janet, 265 Rothschild, Sharon, 265 Rothschild, Toby, 307 Rounsavell, Dorothy, 377 Roven, Alice, 355 Rowan, Marilyn, 31 3 Rowe, Rebecca, 460 Rowland, Judy, 265, 310 Rowlands, James, 283, 334 Rowse, Gary, 94, 102, 124, 265, 312,406 Roy, Beverly, 265, 375 Roy, Jim, 441 Roy, Kathy, 460 Rozzen, Cheryl, 460 Rubenstein, Lynda, 451 Rubenstein, Randy, 422 Rubin, lleene, 265 Rubin, Larry, 120 Rubin, Robert, 429 Rubins, Irving, 303, 306 Rubloff, Jenifer, 460 Rudd, Jane, 369 Ruiz, Linda, 460 Rumsey, Linda, 319 Rundle, Lawrence, 265 Russell, Barbara, 336, 357 Russell, Jeanne, 369 Russell, Kathryn, 363 Russell, Linda, 350 Rustand, Kay, 336 Rutkin, Stu, 400, 104 Rutledge, Sheila, 332, 351 Ruttenberg, Gary, 291, 400 Ryan, Barry, 265, 442 Ryan, Mike, 404 Ryan, Patrick, 404 Ryang, Susan, 362 Saovedra, Reginoldo, 265 Sabbath, Karen, 461 Saben, Faye, 457 Sobovich, Anita, 265, 460 Sochau, Kurt, 418 Sachs, Alan, 291,306 Sachs, Paul, 457 Sacks, Tessa, 355 Sader, Dick, 402 Sadowsky, Steve, 265, 447 Safer, Carolyn, 265 Saffer, Jim, 142 Safier, Jim, 416 Sagawo, Wes, 400 St. Angela, Richard, 438 St. John, Robert, 405 Sairanen, Heli, 332 Sakahara, Dick, 287 Sakamoto, Paul, 327 Sakmar, William, 303 Saks, Marlene, 454 Solas, Tom, 334 Salez, Nelson, 127,318 Salit, Lois, 265 Solm, Steve, 461 Saloutos, Peter, 418 Soltman, Shirley, 265 Saltzer, Eleanor, 294 Salva, Carol, 460 Salvaria, Robert, 291, 312, 427 Saltzman, Jeff, 402 Salz, Kathy, 352 Salzmon, Michael, 291, 306 Samow, Alan, 319,445 Sampson, Jeff, 459 Sampson, Susan, 294 Samuel, Peggy, 265, 352 Samuels. Kathy, 357 Samuels, Nardy, 94, 447 Samuelson, Christy, 348 Samuelson, Sue, 387 San, AM, 265 Sanchez, Dolores, 265 Sanders, Julie, 265 Sandier, Barry, 447 Sandier, David, 265, 424 Sandier, Terri, 41 4 Sands, Leslie, 265 Saner, Neville, 405 Sanger, Howard, 303 Sanizadeh, Stephen, 268 Sanserino, Gary, 405 Sanserino, Jon, 268 Sankey, Kitty, 452 Sarkin, Allan, 429 Sarris, Judith, 310 Sass, Rosalee, 103, 104, 105, 315 355 Sossoon, Fred, 268 Sato, David, 287 Sato, Irene, 454 Sato, Adele, 327 Sotow, Deane, 327 Sotren, Marsha, 460 Saurbier, James, 268 Sauve, Ed, 461 Sauve, Ray, 418 Savage, Christie, 357 Saver, Marlene. 332 Savitt, Joanne, 268 Sawyer, Don, 91 Sax, Judy, 461 Saylor, Dave, 456 Sayre, Jim, 142, 416 Scaglione, Vicki, 389 Scalo, Mary, 294 Scanlon, Elaine, 367 Schad, Rich, 400 Schallon, Melody, 349 Scharff, Lexie, 352 Schellman, Leis, 287, 349 Schenk, Lynn, 268 Schenker, Richard, 316 Schepeller, Susan, 454 Sherer, Diane, 453 Schettler, Leonne, 349 Schick, Jeff, 423 Schick, Mary Jo, 268, 357 Schiff, Denise, 389 Schiffman, Ronald, 268 Schild, Debby, 101 Schiller, Donna, 268 Schimmel, Roger, 400 Schindel, Ann, 351 Schindele, Carole, 454 Schindler, Norm, 127 Schlachtman, Anna, 268 Schlock, Carol, 319 Schleicher, Carolyn, 31 7, 375 Schlossberg, David, 268, 414 Schmidl, Robert, 453 Schmidt, David, 433 Schmidt, Jane, 268 Schmitz, Vince, 142 Schneider, Arthur, 429 Schneider, Jeanne, 370 Schneider, Joyce, 375 Schneider, Sharon, 351 Schneider, Sharon, 355 Schneider, Steve, 405 Schneider, Taylor, 459 Schnier, Steven, 291 Schoen, Richard, 268 Scholz, Joseph, 268 Schon, Janet, 365 Schoner, Morlene, 287, 336, 357 Scholt, Chris, 306 Schroder, Julie, 449 Schrage, Robert, 268 Schrager, Jerry, 303 Schreibman, Laura, 389 Schulman, George, 334 Schultz, Geni, 370 Schultz, Linda, 369 Schumacher, Edward, 457 Schumann, Bonnie, 268 Schumann, R., 31 1 Schutte, Jerry, 433 Schwal, Super, 459 Schwartz, Barbara, 454 Schwartz, Elaine, 370 Schwartz, Gail, 385 Schwartz, Howard, 447 Schwartz, Jo Anne, 102, 105 Schwartz, Karen, 339, 385 Schwartz, Les, 453 Schwartz, Lloyd, 400 Schwartz, Sally, 370 Schwartz, Susan, 340 Schwartzmeyer, Diane, 458 Schwimmer, Marty, 456 Schultz, Rochelle, 458 Sciacca, Mari, 378 Scloven, Marsha, 462 Scofield, Betty, 451 Scollan, John, 268 Scolney, Pole, 126 Scott, Carol, 385, 454 Scott, Cynthia, 268 Scott, Lexy, 355 Scott, Margaret, 101 Scott, Mark, 268 Scott, Rick, 447 Scott, Sandra, 268 Scott, Sheryl, 310 Scotten, Art, 434 Scott-Smith, Roger, 431 Screech, 449 Scroggin, Robert, 126 Seal, Spencer, 424 Seales, Lloyd, 283 Searight, Robert, 434 Sears, Beth, 449 Sears, J., 311 Sears, Marilyn, 287 Seaward, Lynn, 294, 309 Sedler, Ross, 429 Seffinder, Daniel, 268 Segal, Donna, 269 Segal, Linda, 385 Segal, Susan, 268 Seibert, Bill, 41 1 Seidel, John, 434 Seidl, Jerry, 441 Seideman, Paul, 457 Seigle, Diane, 385 Seitzler, Tom, 311, 406 Sekkel, Ron, 456 Selfridge, William, 283, 312, 427 Selgrath, Ronald, 268 Selix, Susie, 457 Senechal, Marje, 449 Seng, Barbara, 378 Sesar, Dennis, 283, 457 Severy, Carol, 351 Sevier, Jerry, 453 Seward, Ronald, 268 Sexton, Ann, 268, 387 Shofer, Gerald, 306 Shaffer, Andy, 436 Shaffer, Mark, 432 Shaftel, Tim, 456 Shaler, Avi, 461 Shambough, Linda, 309, 357 Shand, Kandi, 310, 337, 361 Shanedling, Joan, 389 Shannon, Kathy, 268 Shapiro, Ellen, 123, 124 Shapiro, Harley, 268, 457 Shapiro, Larry, 432 Shapiro, Nancy, 101, 385 Shapiro, Sandy, 104, 105 Sharp, Vic, 318 Shatun, Bonnie, 309 Shaw, D., 31 1 Shaw, Kemper, 41 1 Shaw, Linda, 309 Shear, Jack, 291, 400 Shearer, Kent, 398 Shedd, Steve, 42 1 Sheinkopf, Carol, 355 Sheker, Susie, 372 Shelby, Nancy, 320, 381 Shelley, Leslye, 315, 320, 337 Shelton, Terry, 432 Sheppard, Cothy-Jo, 458 Sherman, Bob, 453 Sherman, Joanie, 370 Sherman, Mike, 432 Sherman, Pot, 357 Sherman, Richard, 453 Sherwood, Marjorie, 268 Shewey, Don, 311,436 Shiboto, El, 452 Shibata, Gene, 461 Shields, Larry, 414 Shigekawo, Francis, 542 Shikiya, Grace, 461 Shintoku, Roger, 453 Shipton, Brian, 291,427 Shiroki, Noreen, 327 Shleehter. Joyce, 268 Shoemaker, Stan, 431 Shoji, Kent, 435 Sholders, Gory, 283 Sholders, Michael, 283, 318 Shone, Cindi, 381 Shoop, William, 291 Show, Jane, 454 Show, Linda, 460 Showalter, Jerry, 406 Shrier, Eudice, 268 Shubert, Tom, 453 Shulem, Lyn, 451 Shull, Helen, 268, 378 Shum, Yin, 268 Shuwarger, Jeffrey, 268 Sibert, Sam, 405 Siefker, Bob, 433 Sieg, Janet, 365 Siegel, Amy, 268, 370 Siegel, Linda, 385 Siegel, Lynne, 269, 367 Siegel, Roger, 130, 427 Siegrist, Ron, 140 Sigafoos, Jim 442 Sigler, Diane, 353 Silver, April, 460 Silver, Florence, 385 Silver, Judy, 385 Silver, Perry, 269, 423 Silverman, David, 414 Silverman, Ellen, 385 Silverman, Gary, 284 Silverman, Richard, 269 Silverman, Susan, 269 Silverman, W- endy, 370 Silversher, Mark, 284 Simmons, Tony, 41 1 Simmons, Valerie, 461 Simon, Judy, 269, 460 Simon, Laurie, 269 Simon, Paul, 436 Simon, Robert, 429 Simonick, Barbara, 269, 349 Simonis, Daiva, 454 Simons, Barbara, 269 Simons, Gary, 284 Simpson, John, 269 Simpson, Mary Lou, 349 Simpson, Myles, 269 Sims, Anise, 363 Sims, Dee Dee, 355 Sims, Dianne, 269, 363 Sims, Jim, 411 Singer, Charles, 269 Singer, Jerold, 291 Singer, Shel, 448 Sisel, Gary, 433 Sisel, Kathy, 350 Sisto, Fran, 456 Sitterley, Kemary, 358 Sitz, William, 421 Siu, Deanna, 454 Siu, Lucy, 269 Siverson, Pam, 377 Sivertsen, Bodil, 458 Sjoberg, Ann, 377 Skaglund, Linda, 309, 378 Sklanowsky, Mike, 406 Slagle, Kenneth, 284 Skolich, Dave, 456 Slack, Sharon, 383 Slagle, Larry, 142 Slagel, Ken, 456 Slater, Mike, 408 Slatter, Edwin, 303 Slatton, Jim, 130 Sloven, Gary, 398 Slavick, Anna, 451 Slem, Chuck. 456 Sloan, Gary, 414 Smaller, Tony, 424 Small, Larry, 291 Smalley, Kenneth, 291,408 Small ey, Steve, 412 Smart, Donna, 365 Smiley, Terry, 98 Smith, Art, 98 Smith, Brian, 421 Smith, Dwight, 94 Smith, Cheryl, 387 Smith, Chrit, 405 Smith, Dwight, 118 Smith, Elroy Jr., 303 Smith, Fritii, 387 Smith, Gary, 142 Smith, Herb, 91 Smith, Jock, 284, 405 Smith, Jeff, 406 Smith, Jenni, 381 Smith, Julie, 367 Smith, June, 98 Smith, Kelleen, 350 Smith, Ken, 421, 130 Smith, Larry, 411 Smith, Linda, 361 Smith, Linda, 383 Smith, Lucy, 462 Jmith, Patricia, 269, 363 Smith, Penina, Smith, Phillip, 269 Smith, Ron, 456 Smith, Steve, 427 Smith, Sandra, 451 Smith, Sue, 387 Smith, Susan, 361,453, 316 Smith, Timothy, 269 Smith, Waldene, 269 Smithson, Carol, 269, 357 Smooke, Michael, 102, 269, 306, 447 Smoot, John, 408 Snell, Diane, 315 Snell, Diane, 369 Snell, Gerald, 400 Snodgrass, David, 442 Snow, Marnie, 462 Snumake, Dennis, 456 Snyder, Christy, 387 Snyder, Jody, 370 Snyder, Mary, 361 , 454, 453 Snyder, Nanci, 269 Snyder, Richard, 269 Sobel, Susan, 269 Soeder, Teri, 451 Sogg, Judye, 456 Soha, Zvi, 284 Sohler, Mary, 269, 462 Sokolow, Bart, 444, 124 Solinger, Ellen, Soil, Bruce, 269 Soil, Martin, 284 Solomon, Norm, 400 Somers, Ross, 442 Somerville, Sue, 458 Somes, Gregson, 269 Soo Hoo, Joanne, 332, 458 Sopkin, Judith, 269 Soto, Alejandro, 269 Soucie, Katie, 454 Soulis, Kenna, 291, 460 Sours, Pat, 377 Southard, Sally, 378, 459 Spongier, Wayne, 408 Spate, Betty, 349 Spate, Julie, 269, 324 Speckman, Paul, 41 1 Spector, Esther, 269, 458 Speziale, Robert, 316 Spezman, Joyce, 269 Spickler, Dale, 91 Spiegl, Linda, 462 Spiegler, Cherilyn, 269 Spierer, Robert, 269 Spiess, Penny, 369 Spindler, Rich, 416, 142 Spinner, Elaine, 269 Spitza, Les, 400 Spradlin, Pat, 369 Springer, Colby, 453 Spurrier, Walter, 269 Stackhouse, Bobbie, 361 Stogg, Karren, 336, 351 Stahl, Ginny, 353, 105 Stahl, Jerry, 457 Staines, Jerry, 405 Staley, Barbara, 336, 337, 358 Stalk, Elaine, 269, 324 Stamler, Carolyn, 294 Stambler, Don, 429 Stambul, Rick, 423 Stampfer, Esther, 269 Stamps, Sue, 357 Stangle, Andy, 456 Stanley, Jack, 456 Stanley, Phillip. 272 Stanley, Steve, 142 Stontbury, Rich, 405 Stanton, Adrianne, 313 Stanton, Adrianne, 389 Stork, Ann, 462 Stark, Dean, 391 Stark, Marilee, 340, 355 Starn, Diane, 365 Starkweather, Cindy, 365 Station, Jim, 418 Stauffer, Diane, 451 Stearns, Dave, 433 Stearns, Gail, 454 Stearns, Steve, 447 Steele, Kathy, 349 Steele, Scott, 412 Steier, Pau l, 415 Steiger, Christine, 382 Stein, Didi, 321 Stein, Don, 400 Stein, Jane, 456 Steinberg, Beryl, 459 Steinberg, Leigh, 424 Steinberg, Roberta, 317 Steinhardt, Robin, 339, 389 Steinman, Patti, 309, 378 Steinman, Patty, 389 Steinman, Vickie, 272 Stenen, Diana, 315, 317, 325, 369 Stepner, Mike, 306 Sterbentz, Jim, 433 Stern, Dennis, 423 Stern, Maureen, 313, 389 Sternhill, Leslie, 334, 370 Stetzenko, Deanna, 272 Steuber, Rennee, 44 Stevens, Charles, 272 Stevens, Tom, 431 Stevenson, Mark, 430 Stevenson, Ronalie, 272 Stevenson, Scott, 318 Stewart, Shari, 365 Stewart, Susan, 336 Stewart, Susan, 309 Stewart, Suzanne, 458 Steyer, Terry, 272, 431 Stichel, Edwin, 272 Stiel, Sherree, 309 Stiles, Ann, 315, 320,377 Stiles, Bob, 416 Stillman, Randi, 387 Stillwell, Ralph, 91 Stilz, Rich, 272, 416 Stine, Linda, 459 Stinemates, Pat, 310 Stock, Sharon, 387 Stokes, Kathryn, 291,382 Stall, Peter, 272 Stolley, Don, 441 Stone, Jackie, 389 Stone, Marjory, 389 Stone, Norm, 424 Stone, Thomas, 284, 456 Stone, Toni, 454, 452 Stouder, Donald, 284 Strain, Bob, 433 Strompe, Linda, 381 Strongman, Crystal, 454 Strantton, Marie, 454 Strasberg, Cheryl, 317 Strassman, Neil, 445 Straus, Dan, 441 Strauss, Lee, 337, 358 Streeter, Sue, 315, 377 Stribley, Adrienne, 350 Strock, Gail, 349 Strohm, Nancy, 272, 365 Strom, Jill, 355 Stromquist, Carlo, 272, 367 Strong, Sue, 309, 339, 357 Stryker, Doug, 456 Stuart, Sue, 365 Stueber, Renee, 315, 365 Stueck,Lew, 140 Stuppy II, Laurence, 104,284,311, 442 Sturges, Chuck, 427 Sturn, Brigitte, 303, 460 Sugano, Gayle, 327 Sugar, Dena, 272 Sugeta, Amy, 327 Sugimoto, Barbara, 454 Suh, Hong Won, 291 Suh, Raymond, 291 Sullivan, Jim, 441 Sullivan, Marilyn, 272, 309, 357 Sullivan, Mike, 402 Sultan, Sandra, 272 Sum, Theodora, 272 Sumitani, Nancy, 458 Summers, Andrea, 309, 337, 358 Sung, Steve, 461 Supple, Ann, 315, 387 Sushek, Harry, 291 Susnow, Bob, 423 Sussman, Ellen, 340, 385 Sutherland, Gene, 405 Sutherland, Jill, 453 Sutton, Jan, 378 Suzukawa, Harry, 428 Suzuki, Masayoshi, 303 Svendsen, Sharon, 350 Svendstorp, Sjak, 406 Swaim, Michael, 272, 421 Swain, Connie, 363 Swait, Doris, 272 Swojian, Greg, 456 Swan, Peer, 427 Swan, Sherrill, 349 Swanson, Jerry, 421 Swanson, Kathy, 350 Swanson, Kathy, 315, 350 Swarbrick, Carol, 451 Swarner, Cheryl, 272, 325, 367, 462 Swartz, Robert, 291 Sweek, Bill, 418 Swegle, Terisa, 451 Sweningsen, Dave, 406 Swenson, Kris, 387 Swenson, Larry, 402 Swenson, Susan, 381 Swenson, Susan, 378 Swerdlow, Linda, 272 Swetow, Bruce, 272, 306 Swett, Janet, 358 Switzer, Lynn, 365, 44 Syndulko, Karl, 272 Syndulko, Nikki Anne, 272 Sylvain, Ivan, 272 Syrenqelas, Andy, 461 Taboada, Tobi, 378 Taggart, Sharon, 272 Takahashi, Michiko, 272 Takasahe, Bob, 459 T akedo, Richard, 272, 459 Tarn, Wing, 284 Tamkin, Sherry, 449 Tamura, Lanng, 456 Tan, Lillian, 272 Tanaka, Orian, 459 Tanciar, John, 272 Tanji, Kiyoko, 272 Tanner, Ross, 398 Tanney, Maxine, 458 Taomae, Thalia, 327, 362 Tarpey, Marge, 461 Tarsey, Lisa, 316 Tarwater, Jesse, 1 18 Tash, Larry, 459 Tashjian, Walt, 435 Tasoff, Jack, 442 Tasugi, Kinji, 284 Tathom, Tom, 433 Tatka, Tom, 291,406 Taube, Stevie, 385 Touetian, Robert, 457 Taylor, Eric, 421 Taylor, Genie, 337, 379 Taylor, Linda, 363 Taylor, Kathy, 462 Taylor, Melanie, 353 Taylor, P., 311 Taylor, R., 31 1 Tchirkow, Bob, 412 Teague, Jim, 400 Tebo, Patrick, 272 Teele, Bob, 130,427 Teitelbaum Robert, 429 Teitler, Syma, 355 Telfer, Grant, 457 Tellson, Wendy, 272 Temkin, Farol, 272 Temkin, Heloine, 272 : 3 l ' Tenen, Bruce, 99 Tenenbaum, Murray, 303 Tenenbaum, Rena, 370 Tenenbaum, Samuel, 105,272,312, 394, 432 Tenenborm, Marcia, 385 Tennesen, Mike, 416 Tepper, Scott, 272 Teragawa, Toni, 458 Teren, Audrey, 385 Ternquist, Jeanne, 272, 375 Terris, Barbara, 460 Terry, Anita, 355, 453 Terry, Marjorie, 273 Terry, Stanley, 41 1 Terwilliger, Steve, 400 Teter, Lynda, 387 Tetove, Judith, 273 Thaler, Howard, 273 Thatcher, Janet, 273 Thayer, Bob, 312, 431 Thayer, Buzz, 130 Thayer, Mary, 458 Therrien, Suzanne, 457 Tholen, John, 418 Thomas, William, 291,461 Thomas, Chuck, 403 Thomas, Dan, 433 Thomas, Dave, 405 Thomas, Dave, 428 Thomas, Mack, 311, 411 Thomas, Nancy, 381 Thomas, Pat, 449 Thomas, Steve, 306 Thompson, Bob, 421,461 Thompson, Brenda, 452 Thompson, Chris, 369 Thompson, Lois, 375 Thompson, Rosie, 273 Thompson, Susan, 273 Thompson, Tasha, 458 Thorsen, Carol, 309, 449 Thurm, Allen, 424 Thurston, Linda, 357 Tibbetts, Mark, 459 Ticker, Neil, 400 Tillman, Mike, 459 Timson, Elainea, 462 Tipton, Linda, 86, 381 Tisdale, Mamie, 273 Tisherman, Steven, 429 Tochioka, Junko, 273 Todd, Laura, 273, 381 Tokubo, Hiroshi, 273 Tolentino, Lucio, 330 Toll, Doreen, 273, 385 Tollefson, Gayle, 457 Tomke, Jaquie, 350 Tomke, Michelle, 273 Tompkins, Paula, 273 Tomren, Douglas, 273, 461 Tonsich, Diana, 123 Topham, Kit, 454 Torkelson, Lanaii, 334 Torres, Tito, 405 Toth, David, 400 Totsubo, Suzanne, 327 Totten, Betty, 273, 336, 351 Tough, Beverly, 382 Towata, Colleen, 328, 390 Toyama, Ronald, 328 Trabish, Steven, 276, 406 Trapp, Larry, 459 Trosk, Gordon, 453 Trotlner, Gail, 389 Trautwein, Jean, 350 Travis, Lucinda, 357 Treimon, Lawrence, 303 Trentham, Larry, 428 Tretter, Ron, 142 Trimble, Fay, 451 Trist, Byron, 400 Trostler, Flora. 273, 385 Trotto, Joy, 273, 350 Trout, Pat, 379 Troutman, Stan, 91, 127 Troux, Marti, 336, 372, 392 Truox, Rich, 438 Trujillo, James, 273 Truchel. Linda, 353 Tsujimoto, Diane, 328 Tsuruda, Gwen, 390 Tsurutani, Randall, 284 Tucey, Richard, 291 Tucker, Bea, 459 Tucker, Cheryl, 273, 363 Tucker, Jill, 453 Tung, Paul, 304 Turk, Gerald, 273 Turkel, Susan, 370 Turner, Linda, 381 Turner, Lloyd, 273 Turner, Pam, 459 Turre, Michael, 457 Tutelman, Janie, 273 Twitchell, Dan, 405 Tyerman, Barry, 407 Tyler, Terry, 273 Tyner, Roberta, 273, 389 Tysdale Rod, 431 u Uchida, niroaki, 284 Uchida, Joan, 328, 390 Ucuzoglu, Fran, 389 Uhrik, Geoff, 461 Ullman, Sheryl, 315, 320 Unell, Ellen, 104, 105 Ung, Frances, 328, 390 Unger, Gary, 408 Unger, Leonard, 94, 102 Unno. Yoko, 287 Uno, Joyce, 273 Upstein, Joan, 451 Uribe, Steven, 273, 407 Drill, Gary, 328 Urueta, Romano, 304 Urushibata, Alice, 449 Utharntharm, Vipha, 273 Uyeda, Naomi, 328, 362 Uyekubo, Genny, 273 Uyematsu, Amy, 390 Uyemura, Carolyn, 273 Uyemura, Nancy, 328, 362 Uyemura, Vivien, 328 Valand, Ishwarbhai, 304 Valentin, Nina, 332 Valentine, James, 284, 459 Valentino, Sylvia, 273, 357 Va I lance, Ron, 418 Vallens, Michael, 291 Vance, Sharon, 273, 361 Van Degrift, Georgia, 273 Vandenberg, Denise, 316, 377 Vanden Eykel, Myrna, 273, 320, 325, 369 Vander Velde, Marjorie, 358 Vender Velde, Walter, 418 Vonde Water, Ann, 1 15 Van Dyke, Karen, 273, 358 Vanian, Dorcas, 304 Van Saun, David, 318 Van Soun, Dave, 435 Van Scoyk, Christopher, 273, 412 Von Scoyk, Jon, 412 Vansickle, Joe, 104, 427 Van Tright, Pete, 405 Varga, Joseph, 287,461 Vasseghi, Min, 458 Vaupel, Cliff, 445 Velazquez, Eddie, 419 Veltman, Yimmy, 419 Vereeke, James, 291 Veranda, Dan, 284 Vetterli, Doris, 387 Venable, Janet. 451 Venia, Donna, 337, 358 Venturino, Sue, 365 Verger, Paul, 306 Verkozen, Tom, 403 Vermette, Mike, 441 Vicklund, Kris, 460 Victor, Lisa, 94, I 15, 315, 325 Victoreen, Jo Ellen, 276 Viel, Paula, 309 Villegas, Rafael, 284 Visger, Su, 449 Vitali, Jim, 435 Vogel, Jon, 276 Vogel, Ronald, 276, 306 Volheim, Randy, 433 Voll, Crissy, 320, 325, 377 Volstorff, Jeanne, 309, 361 Vonrhein, John, 276, 453 Voris, Toni, 336 Vorwerck, Gregg, 408 Vukas, John, 276 w Wilkinson, William, 277 Wilks, Sandy, 452 Wilks, Betty, 454 Williams, Anne, 277 Williams, Brian, 444 Williams, Cathy, 377 Williams, Charlotte, 449 Williams, Christy, 310 Williams, Christy, 353 Williams, Mary Lou, 315, 377 Williams, Tudor, 284, 312, 427 Willis, Norman, 277 Willis, Ruth, 361 Willott.Jim, 444 Willson, Candy, 367, 44 Willson, Perry, 427 Willson, Sue, 277 Wilson, Barbara, 457 Wilson, Derek, 277 Wilson, Diane, 453 Wilson, Don, 277 Wilson, Gayle, 277, 363 Wilson, Jack, 443 Wilson, JoAnna, 277 Wilson, Joy, 277 Wilson, Marcia, 377 Wilson, Ray, 421 Wilson, Rita, 277 Wilson, Roger, 431 Wilson, Steve, 431 Wilson, Suzanne, 458 Windhorst, John, 277 Winer, Jackie, 385, 105 Wingfield, Michael, 284, 431 Winslow, Greg, 428 Winslow, Susan, 358 Winston, Rich, 423 Winter, Kathleen, 367 Winters, Carol, 315, 320, 367 Winters, Glenn, 126 Winthrop, Marc, 447 Wipff, Lane, 277, 123 Wirth, Lorry, 443 Wise, Carolyn, 277 Wise, John, 277, 407 Wishnick, Audrey, 287 Wisottky, Judy, 457 Wissot, Jeff, 401 Witt, Jim, 400 Witten, Paula, 452 Wittkopp, Gorrett, 427, 130 Wnuk, Lawrence, 284 Wolf, Sep, 427 Wolf, Sue, 462 Wolfe, Cathy, 319 Wolfe, George, 319 Wolfe, Jim, 447 Wolfe, John, 413 Wolfe, Laurel, 461 Wolfe, Milt, 427 Wolff, Anthony, 277 Wolff. Leonard, 277 Wolff, Marcio, 389, 339 Wolfson, Jon, 291, 306,334 Wolfus, Daniel, 277 Wolk, Margie, 355 Woloshin, Gloria, 277 Wolston, Barry, 423 Wong, Annette, 451 Wong, Cliff, 428 Wong, John, 444 Wong, Kay, 452 Wong, Lillian, 277 Wong, Pearl, 294 Wong, Phoebe, 277 Wong, Trevor, 277 Wood, Bonnie, 353 Wood, Christopher, 287, 104 Wood, Judy, 381,320, 340 Wood, Kendra, 277 Woodlock, Rosemary, 277, 31 5, 369 Woodruff, Bob, 312, 433 Woodson, Claire, 377 Woodward, Collis, 431 Woodward, Denise, 309 Woodward, Denise, 353 Woodworth. Jill, 277, 375 Wootan, Kathy, 369 Worcester, Elizabeth, 277, 353 Work, Tom, 413 Wormser, Susan, 277 Worthley, Chorlene, 372 Wortman, Cheryl, 353 Wortman, Laurel, 383 Wright, Jock, 433 Wright, Robert, 280 Wright, Rosemary, 336 Wu, Lina, 280 Wu, Loretto, 280 Wulfkuhle, Analee, 337, 361 Wulfkuhle, Diktra, 361 Wulfsberg, Carlo, 349 Wyatt, Maria, 287 Wyman, Bob, 433 Wyman, Don, 105 Yale, Jacqueline, 280, 325, 375 Yamada, Bonnie, 280 Yamada, Ryan, 328 Yamamoto, Jean, 280, 452 Yamano, Frances, 280 Yamazaki, Mary, 313, 328, 362 Yamer, Marilyn, 280 Yanoga, Susan, 328, 390 Yarber, Irene, 280 Yates, Allison, 458 Yates, Yvonne, 280, 309 Yih, Lee, 447 Yodo, Suzan, 294, 390 Yoder, Laurie, 315, 317, 377 Yoder, Nancy, 379, 449 Yokota, Fusoo, 284 Yokoyama, Ai, 280 Yonemitsu, Akitaka, 284 Yonemura, Dennis, 328 Yordan, Carl, 441 Yorimoto, Barbara, 362 Yorimoto, Beverly, 328, 362 York, Trudi, 454 Yosgott, Alice, 353 Yoshihara, Sandra, 280 Yoshii, Dan, 280 Yoshii, Lil, 453 Yoshida, Pat, 328, 390 Yoshihara, Sanora, 328, 449 Yoshimura, Robert, 328 Yoshizaki, Wayne, 328 Yost, Greg, 431 Young, Frank, 428 Young, George, 284 Young, Harry, 428 Young, Karl, 375 Young, Sherrylyn, 383 Yuen, Karen, 280 Yuge, Joyce, 328, 46 0 Zaima, Bill, 328 Zander, Jim, 427 Zappa, Donna, 280 Zaptiff, Carl, 407 Zorate, Debby, 351, 336 Zasloff, Sonia, 280 Zatlin, Ken, 105,307 Zax, Brian, 436 Zazulia, Joel, 445 Zeff, Riva, 458 Zeifman, Linda, 460 Zeimer, Jody, 358 Zeitsoff, Vern, 280 Zeldis, Karen, 460 Zelinka, Harry, 304 Zell, Steve, 413 Zendel, Terry, 462 Zermon, Geri, 280 Zielinski, Anthony, 280 Ziering, Sara, 287 Ziman, AI, 423 Zimmer, Linda, 460 Zimmerman, Alice, 367 Zimmerman, Doug, 398 Zimmerman, Kurt, 142 Zimring, Stuart, 414 Zinski, Suzanne, 462 Zogby, Catherine, 375 Zolot, Paul, 280 Zrake, Jim, 433 Zu, Maureen, 461 Zuck, Carol, 350 Zucker, Alfred, 304 Zunino, Ellen, 454 Zweben, Art, 438 Zweig, Steve, 401 s s s Sc s Sc s Sc Sc Sc Sc Sc Sc Sc S Sc S S s s S s Sc S s s s. Se S Sc- Sc- Se S S Se Sc- S S Sc- S S Sc- Se Sh Sh Sh SH Sh Sh Sh Sh Sh Sh Sh Sh Sh Sh Sh Sh Sh Sh Sh Sh Sh Sh Sh Sh Sh Sh Sh Sh Sh Sh Sh Sh Sh Sh Sh Sh Sh Sh Sh Sh Sh Sh Sh Sh Sh Sh Sh Sh Sh Southern Campus 1967 is unique in that none of the staff had ever put to- gether a college yearbook before. Friendly, interested people who wan- dered into the office found themselves photographers, copy writers, section edi- tors, and even an Associate Editor. Every one who started a job, finished it, and each staff member managed to last throughout the long year. I really can never thank you enough. Outside the office were Photography, Publications, and Printing and Production. Stan, Norm, Stretch, Frank, Stanley, and staff, your patience and sen se of humor are gratefully remembered. Mr. Morris, it wasn ' t quite like the old days on Coyne Street, but thank you. Lee, Sue, and Dorothy, I hope we paid our bills and answered our letters, and thank you. Art, Marion, Bette, and Susie, the copy was completed regardless of the Bruin, and thank you. Lane, your photography was superb and needed no soundtrack. Dena, a staff member couldn ' t be more loyal and faith- ful than you were. Stephana, Lynda, Sue, and Carolyn, you were very reassuring roommates and sisters. Lou, I can ' t even remember the day you first walked into the office; you just sort of belonged there. Your long hours and tremendous efforts will always be appreciated, and I ' ll be back to help you in a couple of years. Charlie, it was a good day when you walked in, too. 472 pages are a lot of pages. Mis- takes can ' t be helped, even though they are annoying, so please accept our apol- ogies. There is a great deal of UCLA that can never be covered in a yearbook, but we tried to capture as much as we could for you to remember. Putting this book together was an experience, an education, and a loving memory. Ann Rieber Editor-in-Chief Southern Campus 67 -30- SOUTHERN CAMPUS 1967 published by the Associated Students University of California, Los Angeles Editor-in-Chief and Designer: Ann Rieber Associate Editor: Lucien Plauzoles Business Manager: Doug Neilsson Office Manager: Susan Eiermann Copy Editor: Diana Tonsich Sports Editor: Sheldon Presser Photography Editor Kerry Burkett Living Group Editor: Sylvia Gutierrez Senior and Graduate Editor: Dave Groover Art and Layout Assistant: Ellen Shapiro Photography: Lane Wipff, Ann Rieber, Bill Anderson, Mike Abbey, Dan Essin, ASUCLA Photography Department: Stan Troutman, Norm Schindler, Stretch Hussey, Stanley Mindel, Lucien Plauzoles, Len Hartkemeier, Norm Levin, Nelson Slaez, Gordon Pullin. Formal Photography: Frank Halberg. Sports Staff: Larry Rubin, Steve Raines, Rich Buchea, Jim Bickhart, Mike Abbey, Lucien Plauzoles, Charlie Carson. Copy Staff: Gale Barsamian, Carol Rubinger, Linda Kelly, Al Wiesblott, Eileen Preuss, llene Kass, Laurie Harris, Tom Caswell, Dave Groover, Lawrence Grobel. Typography: ASUCLA Printing and Production Printer American Yearbook Company Cover S. K. Smith-Pacific c - _

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