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.J M w » I " - I s? V . 4 7965 Soufhern Campus Toddy Todd Editor Sharon Co nor Designer f 4- ■ the vigor, the intens ' ity, and fhe diversify of if all fhe year 7965 fall 77 and spring 43 sporfs I fall 89 and spring 733 graduates seniors 753 and graduate students 207 academics administration 217 leadership asucia 241, publications 259, honor and service 277 living groups sororities 373, fraternities 343, and dormitories 389 Wr • -• W imk- ' p I look at the HsA«KN,00..0 fhces . . it stares back at me... hen suddenly it speaks, and its tremendous roar tears through ne. Does it say anything I know, I recognize? I listen more arefully, and soon it becomes clear — have heard the soul of CLA. Can this be, 24,000 psyches, all interested, nourished, id smiling, all at the same place? Ah yes, for you are W ng within a kaleidoscope. , As you look inside this myriad, you see new images constantly -s spearing, with all the fragments following separdte, dynamic « aths — you are struck by the vigor, the intensity, and the . iversity of it all. And you say, " How do I fit? Can I identify?, Jiscouragement overwheDns you, for you realize immediately ' ' % that all the images do not look like parts of you, and they do ■ not all appeal to you; in fact, many repel you. Now the y question is — ofo you pick up your marbles and ideals and go K ; home, or do you look again with a different eye and heart? If ♦ . you choose the former, you ' ll probably go to another school • ■ f • • If f -f •§! tt •til f . - loves, because those are the only interests, can fulfill. And all your friends there will be very much like you. Very pleasant se cure embryo, I ' m sure — yet how will you " i learn that yours is not the absohte truth, that there are othei things in this world for which to live . . . and to die? I So now you ' ve decided to look again — with a different vision. And you see that this kaleidoscope has all the things you care about . . . plus a little more, things other people care about. Maybe you ' ll care about some of those other things, eventually. But more importantly, maybe you ' ll realize why those things are important to other people by the time you ' rej [eoc y to step out of this kaleidoscope , and to emerge into I biaqer one -r the world 9NIYIV ' v « •l l feT You ' re walking along the Norfb road from the dorms, and fbe pastoral qualify of fhe path brings the words of Wordsworth or maybe Millay, to mind. You know, sometfiing like, " Oh, world, I cannot hold thee close enough. " Then you climb the exhausting stairs, and you leave the contemplative setting for suddenly seeing the incongruity of Royce Hall opposite the Humanities Building. Royce represents the classical, the traditional college campus, like the chimes of every hour from the bell — don ' t they impress you as pulse beats of another era when you hear them while standing in front of the Social Sciences building or the GBA? These newer buildings signify the growing, progressive concept of the university today. Now let us return to your original vision of Royce and Humanities at the same time — do you grasp a new insight to the years, to time . . . can you see the simultaneous conflict and intermingling of generations? GENERAL PUPPO: This afternoon you heard Henry Cabot Lodge speak on Vietnam, and his speech has set you thinking about what you believe would be an intelligent course of action for the situation. You discuss it with people, go home, and at 8:30 you find yourself amidst loud music, beer, " bitchin " used to describe everything sublime, gyrating bodies — o fun time. You are at a party or maybe the Kelp dance. Is this the same building in which Lodge spoke a scant eight hours ago, where you thought hard and heavy about international relations? Is this still UCLA, is this still you? Of course . . . there is no limit to the diversity of direction, you know. %J BULLF IN B( • •■trr- «i I, , ' • f I A c ♦ fo rou 4 145. S Prere Mode Clay. 10 Af 10:00 in the morning you ' re listening o a lecture fhaf is forcing you to confront your truths and weigh them — you ' ve just heard that a certain society condones murder, and all at once the knowledge takes the form of an arrow fraught with kinetic energy. This arrow strikes you so hard that it threatens to splinter you. Then you visit the world of William Blake and you are told that he can see souls. This time the arrow is just too far away to even graze you. Oh well, maybe next year. By the time you reach your tennis class, you rather enjoy the absolute and sure quality of hitting the ball over the net. You know that this arrow is a fundamental part of you. In the afternoon, you go to geology and, for the first time, rocks have significance — they become important, and you know that here is a new arrow that struck you quite unexpectedly, but you don ' t mind. By the end of the day you ' re tired — you Ve been grabbing onto arrows of knowledge and they ' ve carried you at a dizzying pace until they ' ve lost impetus and left you in the dazzling land of insight. p-i t 5 I s C D o I . . . Z ' • ' ' . ' .■ ' i I . viMRitN As you walk fo fhe Terrace Room, you pass the Student Non-violent Coordinating Committee; they want volunteers for a protest against the police brutality in Selma, Alabama. You look at the faces behind the desk, and you are amazed at their expressions — a combination of anger, hatred, and love. You proceed into the Terrace Room, and you see people, people engaged in diverse emotional reactions — two girls, one dying a little inside over her boyfriend, the other trying to console her; a group of boys enthusiastically discussing the Bruin basketball team; a teacher staring into his coffee, disillusioned and disappointed with his efforts to communicate with his students; a boy and a girl unaware that there is a world outside their love. These are the passions of our lives, taking place within us, effected by what exists outside of us, and UCLA figures high on the list of important things outside. — Carol Treiber if;!! I ■:! I ' tii-i:. ' • 7r f: tftW , o S o O o ■ ■iJ-s »1 Q 2 CQ O c c - o o -c .=2:i 1 . - • o o .ft . E • Si = J E i ?. . c .= o— ' " sic 11 =1 • 1 . -5 O ° c - " ■ S r o i c O " Of o».i o -Q W O • W Q. -. = - ol . . S-- g- „.!! 2S gvs -. i -D O -D O X « " D c ° E » - j: 2 J . o or-D o I - o 0 " - - J O =o ° » - a: o.-r « • — O Q£ c Q O • S-°5» . S. i ' O.i l -l. ?. J ° 2 c O S c Z O) = -) -Q .- ;fix. i- t- E 0) o o S 5S Z c o _ s ». • " o 2 — ¥ 5 " ■ o fc a c a) t O- -I- o o -n ' -p s so O O Q -S E ■ , TJ O E - t -- -n — c o „ — 0) c O O jj S oS O - b -5 E := 5 : • o Jj CO is 2-e 5 -:iJ E U CO ooo ooo 7965 Senior Honor Awards Larry Biegel • Jerry Brown • Thomas Campbell • Al Chozen • Sue Fawn Chung • Jeff Donfeld • Dennis Dord gan • Larry Goldstein • Gail Goodrich • Candy Ham • Pam Johnson • Dick Lemon • Gerri Logan • Bernd Mendenhall • Prenfice O ' Leary • Judy Oliver • Candy Pope • David Reed • Al Rofhsfein • Frank Sarnquisf • Nancy Schellman • Fred Slaughter • David Taggert • Toddy Todd • Jeanne Norris Vidal • Evan Williams 16 T 17 Innocents aboard It was Fall, 1964 . . . the end of your summer job, the last of those lazy days at the beach, the repacking of all your worldly possessions. Perhaps it meant a major move or just a different route to be taken daily on the bus. At any rate, it was back to school . . . and daily commuting from home, the move to on apartment, a dorm or for the new pledges, a House. For some it is the beginning . . . for others, the end of a long struggle. The curtain is being raised and the new season has begun. The UCLA con artists were out in full force at Uni-Prep. They were selling activities to the new UCLA students. If only they knew! Reol steok . . . not hamburger — the real drawing point of the Uni-Prep barbecue held Thursday night — brought together both old ond new friends. . .?•,.— .1 I w • ' Tafi 7 • ■ ' L ,!« » ■f ' T- ' 1 (Be)coming a part If you were a new student, the year began early. The Adminis- tration ' s semi-annual fiasco (Registration) tested your stamina and judgment as to which line would move least slowly. Your feet were tired, and your spirit was crushed. Uni-Prep was designed to prepare you for this. It introduced you to the campus, its leaders, and Its traditions, but neglected to tell you about all of them! Though bewildered, you were im- pressed by the University ... its size, its personality. Its diversity. But at last you were a Bruin . . . and proud of It! The pains of registration were a llt+le easier this year since the administration scheduled pre-enrollment tor all English I -A classes. Perhops the biggest ordeal of them all was that mandatory physical exam. 19 If you rushed... Rush, 1964, was different. Beer busts and surfin ' bands, tea and candles; all the usual was there. Snow the guys and charnn the girls. Don ' t hotbox ... at least, don ' t get caught. Trips to T.J., little sisters, and quick Recs tor an unknown. It was all there, but it was different too. The Pledge ( " It won ' t change a thing, but you ' d damn well better sign it. " ) hod come to the big ' U ' , and as far as the administration was concerned, the Eleven Who Wouldn ' t, weren ' t. Two Panheilenics, and one Frot shouting " hypocrits. " Explanations at Uni-Prep and on the Row. In the dorms the word was that Greeks were either hypo- crits or bigots . . . and they probably beat small dogs too. But more important, what was next? You picked your house — you made your contacts, you screamed and kissed your sisters-to- be. But you couldn ' t take Rush for granted any more. The Year of the Pledge had come and gone. What was next? f - ( jm m Bright eyed and bushy-tailed Too many faces, a seemingly in-fi- nite quantity of trite greetings, tired bore feet hidden under long white formals, several tons of girl on display -a convenient place to as- sess the latest arrivals. " Hello, I ' d like to introduce my pledge sister. " The guys are out of it . . . the girls ore tired of being so proper. A blind date later will make or break the evening . . . usually break. Is this an example of sorority life? 22 ■ f M 1 Greek games It was fun, it was defiant, if was all for a good cause. A week for fhe Greeks and for scholarships. Pie eafing and keg rolling; and a chariot race for the sake of heritage. The IFC Dance at the International Hotel ... if you were still able to make it after the pre-party at the house. Champagne, formals, and Chris Becker, Greek Queen. Togetherness, and many trophies. Homecoming: Candy, Crowns, and Concerts 24 This was the year of the big 1964 Homecoming . . . who cared if those Wesfwood merchants finked out . . . just wait ' til that parade and then watch us ... or so it was hoped. Did you happen to catch the beauty contest? Harry Belafonte was here to crown Candy Ham . . . she was the winner. The losers didn ' t cry . . . ' til after. A lot of tears were shed that first night . . . they kept coming for the rest of the week. A time for fun and gomes, for pep rallies and spirit . . . Homecoming. 25 Floats, Festivities, and Philandering Hear abouf this year ' s novel approach to floats? " No-So ' s " . . . Save a lo-J- of time ' cause there ' s no need to push them . . . just put on some pretty paper flowers and rotational parts . . . bring out the coffee jug and sandwiches and have a ball . . . but they just sat there and rotted . . . they didn ' t go anywhere. Talent, Travis, and Television The Olio Show was revived from the past, complete with KELP pranks, folksinging, and our loyal yell leaders ... we added a closed circuit TV rally with SC and we all cheered . . . We began to get excited about the major activity — the big game. Folksingers Bud and Travis sang and were the M.C. ' s for the show. We rah ' d. Dammit! ■h Wf • fi ' b . L4i J M H " M 1 r iBcHH i P 7 B B r 1 ' 1 1 There was a " V for Victory " yell . , . should hove been vaJefudlnarlan. ? mmii ' Comedian Joe E. Brown let loose with one of his famous cheers. Why not fight bocit, dammit! A! Chozen Introduces this year ' s Homecoming royalty at the Coliseum for SC game: Mary Ann Koelcebalter, Beverly Goodenough, Queen Candy Ham, Julie Benveniste, and Sherry Chester, as Alumni King William Aclterman looks on. The Losing Tradition The day of (w)recking came when the -fradi+ional SC game was played. Our spirits and hopes were raised high . . . but they soon fell . . . Did we ever lose! 34-13 isn ' t much to rave about. Homecoming wasn ' t that bad — there was fun galore and everyone let loose. After all, it isn ' t just a time to win (although it ' s nice). Alumni returned to gaze at that special classroom or the Bruin Belles and thought back to happy memories, isn ' t that what Homecoming is for? Maybe we ' ll win next year. Southern Col ' s victory was achieved below ond beyond the coll of duty. But the Alumni Committee Is behind me. Traumatic Trip North A Work-out All-Cal Week-end ... a trip, a football game, a party. Two days of cars and planes, bonfires and booze, a fight, a police report, and " Why not? We ' ll never see each other again! " If you went, the trip made you light headed; the fog was full of bacchanalian impulse, and the thought of that damn eight o ' clock on Monday made you kiss it all off. Friday night par ties and then the game. Somehow you forgot the Bruins and Bears were nonentities of the football world; you were lost in the great offensive battle and were oblivious to every- thing but the field and the murmurs of Rose Bowl in the back- ground. And when you found you had survived the last three minutes of a more newsworthy than noteworthy gome, thoughts turned to the unreal world of Son Francisco. The dance in the SU . . . prim, proper, a good band and sticky punch. The Row, Sausalito, North Beach. Humanity engaged and disengaged, fought and ran, and eventually passed. When you woke up it was time to go home. The road was long- er, the flight bumpier, and the lounge car checked ID ' s this time. We ' d won the game, but in retrospect the game was only exciting not impressive. Worst of all, the new love of your life wasn ' t quite so impressive either in the cold light of dawn. And even worse . . . Monday was tomorrow. J Two losers... Pass defense wasn ' t the strong point of Coi ' s gome. In one of their rare examples of aptitude thot day Cal surrounds Haffner . . . poss complete. UCLA cheerleaders . . . beautiful, lodylilte, spirited, effervescent, talented, dignified. Top Five, spritely, nymph-lilte. What more can be said? r I«f ■i ' i ' ' v i ...and a winner Victorious Bruins ore mobbed by happy Uclans after their All-Col win, while, at right, Cooch Bill Barnes is congratulated by Cal Coach Wilsey. If the gome hod made it oil worth while, the trip home soon dispelled all such pollyonno-ish notions, as tired Bruins eyed tomorrow with dismay. 1 : ' M. Song girls: pom-poms and boom-booms " . . . Com ' n now, SNAP those fingers " or " . . . Two, Three, B-B-B-R-U " sounded the cry for thousands of Bruin fans to clap their hands, spell out a word, or snap their fingers. This year few could resist the invitation to cheer; no one could ignore the bouncing, swirling exuberance of UCLA song girls in their routines. Led by loud-mouthed Al Chozen, ener- getic yell leaders and song girls tried to instill spirit in fans who commonly are less than apathetic. It is to Chozen alone, however, that the credit goes for keeping Bruin rooters in the stands . . . and laughing. A fulfilled promise! SHERRI McELHANY LAURIE GOULD SUZANNE GRATIOT JULIE BENVENISTE, Head Song Girl ELAINE NAKAGIRI ELLEN KERN Yell leaders: yell like He BILL BASSEH AL CHOZEN, Head Yell Leader EVAN WILLIAMS DENNIS GRIGGS DON GREGG EDDIE ANDERSON Fall 1964: Where were you? If you were one of the fourteen students who traveled to India via Project India, your thoughts on last sum- mer run from Dean Rusk ' s comment on the Project as " the most effective State Department effort in India " to what you learned about yourself and your country while talking, listening and living among Indian peers. The exchange of ideas and the sights and sounds of India changed you and your ways of evaluating other people. " Of course he ' s qualified, he held three student government offices in high school. " Desperately trying to make changeover to life af the big university, freshmen were typically over zealous in their attempt to get elected to office, often cutting classes and mixing meals with electioneering. -I Vl The rally before the Stanford game was perhaps the year ' s best. And why not? We were looking for our third victory in succession. " The Meaning of the University " was the theme of the fourth UCLA Open House. Modern art exhibits were as puzzling to the young as they were to the old. The Sterling Holloway collection and various student art works were openly displayed in the Dickson Art gallery The campus was opened to the community as departments set up special displays and programs to show off UCLA ' s growth in the technical fields and performing arts. Was it here? Some students got a little carried away at the All-Cal victory rally in Union Square. Some just got carried away . . . courtesy of the San Francisco Police Department. Good for the UCLA image? For those students who wont to help children in a different country. Project Amigos was formed. Every Thanksgiving ond Christmas vacation. UCLA students descend upon Mexico to help build schools, do a little teaching, and to learn more about the land and people South of the Border. c Government agencies ' reps were on campus for Federal Career Day. Put five on the red . . . come on baby, give daddy a new pair of shoes ... 21 wins . . . you lose . . . why it ' s Monte Carlo gambling night. The Foil Charity Drive raised funds through UCLA on-compus gambling for the Pola Indians. Some of the funds raised will go for scholarships. FSM Born at Berkeley on a slow news day, repeated here because if it happens at Cal it must be right, the Free Speech Movement generated noise and idealism but little of the parent organiza- tion ' s fervor and fight. Sproul Hall there, the Humanities Build- ing here; the cause was the same, the results radically — some said ridiculously — different. For once, Hyde Park got the ac- tion. A hoarse voice citing the Bill of Rights, a squalling sing- song crying " Fire Kerr " and " Down with Brown. " Fittingly, the Joint Committee which met to decide on the FSM de- mands met in the already fiction-oriented TV Room of the Student Union. New committees joined the UCLA pantheon and quickly followed the set committee rule by talking them- selves into oblivion. FSM ' ers bemoaned their need for a leader . . . they ail had crosses, but none of them could walk on water with Mario Sovio ' s nimble tread. A demonstration, tables in front of the library, V ' s in the rain, and — finally — the Regents ' decision. Predictably, another committee was set up in safety-valve capacity, but the final word was rejection. FSM ' s Mario Savio . . . spokesman for the E.l. ' s. Just send one dollar and one box-top to . . . 40 RFSM And now from the UCLA odminisfration . . . RF or Responsible . . . they ' d rather fight than switch. RFSM ... it started out as a joke, an RF, and to sonne that ' s all it ever was, but to others the Responsible Free Speech Move- ment was a chance to take the dennonstrating away from the usual cardboard sign set and express the views of the nnajority ■for a change. It all started with laughing, heckling, and steer- ing the vote toward the center in the Hyde Park nneetings. It was all a farce, and " Beat the Beards " was the rallying cry. But when a slow news day hit L A. too and the papers started pre- dicting another Berkeley, the mood changed. A late night meeting . . . the Humanities Building at noon ... " I thought this was a FREE speech movement " . . . and then a massive walk-out. A rival movement, petitions at the SU and on the Rows. Three thousand names, the DB poll, and we were pretty sure who the voice of the students was. It was quiet for a time, then the Regents came. A wait in the rain with a street and an ideology separating the two camps. In the end we had it; without riots, without resignations, and with- out Mario Savio. The majority had spoken; the majority had been vindicated. We could only wonder about Col. BEAT THE BEARDS! 41 Nearing the end... The UnlversitY Chorus spent a goodly portion of the tote fall semester preparing for the beautifully sung Christmas concert. Whether preparing for finals or celebrating their (or your) conclu- sion, Schlitz, Bud, Coors, and Red Mountain seemed the only answer. A Bach concert on Beethoven ' s birthday inspired a very late evening sit-in. 42 Sprigs 43 Pomp and circumstance Vice-President Hubert Humphrey demonstrates his basically dynamic nature. Charter Day 1965, honoring the 97th anniversary of the University of California, held in Royce Hall due to a seemingly unending rainy spell. Capacity crowds . . . 500 stu- dents and many local residents . . . watched and listened, while others resorted to the televised version in the SU. Speaker of the Day, Vice- President Hubert H. Humphrey, talked very eloquently about all the things we already knew all about. 44 All-U shows ' Oneness " ' i£ ki Competition on the Intromurol fields brought together the winners in the various sports on different compuses to determine the All-U champion. Chancellor ' s Quartet in residence performed as a Festival culturol event. " To bring students from the several campuses together around several common interests. " A welcome banquet, mass migra- tion to Disneyland, the Opera Workshop, " The Mouse That Roared, " discussions on " The New Africa " by the Graduate Academy, publications seminars, Intramurals contests, scuba sessions, organized debates . . . part of All-U Spring Festival. GSA hosted Graduate Academy Invited graduate students from the various campuses to give presentations on the topic of New Africa. The Academy, in Its third year of operation, later publishes papers written on topics of vital academic interest. 45 We ' re 1 (again) URTE8V CAK p I A N ■ f ft Iriil l The only " free ride " offered fhe Bruins on the road to a second straight national championship. " How could they be as good as last year? " For the fourth straight year the Bruin squad made the trip to the regional finals in Prove. The team flew, but the rooters went by bus, crowded car, motor scooter, or hitch-hiked. The Number 2 Bruins whipped through the Provo foes then on to the finals at Portland It ' s almost becoming a custom Down ing Wichita, then the power ful Michigan team, the Bruins re tained their NCAA national cham pionshlp. Again " We ' re Number I ' rang through streets of Westwood all over the country, as Bruins ' su premacy was proven. A greatteam A hand for the players as each left the final game. Outside the dressing room after the game the Bruins pose with friends to accept much deserved congratulations. Parcoa gates, phone pole parking blocks, and everything else left in Lot It . . . it ' s bonfires ablaze in a fabulous victory rally and celebrotion. The long rood home is not one eagerly antici- pated, but in this case It v os oil worth it. MB 1 " ' l S I B i H| L Hm 47 Mardi Gras... That moment of anxiety that precedes every emotion ... is it feor or on obstroct form of pleasure at the time? Cajolery or just ploin hustling, as the booths sent delegates into the crowd to drum up business. Mardi Gras ' 65 . . . twice damned and once reborn. Originally planned for the first week-end in April, UCLA ' s annual spring carnival fought for two successive weeks to keep its head above water before blue skies prevailed. Food booths and zany games, rides and royalty — all part of the pageantry and excitement generated by the effort to " send the hoods to the woods. " Bag a Theta (or a Beta) . . . Panda Pitch . . . Animal Farm . . . House of Horrors . . . the Bowery . . . Fiji ' s balloon . . . Bog the Beatles . . . Emperor Hudson and the rock and rollers . . . Joanie Sommers . . . Teddy bears and gold fish . . . cotton candy, snow cones and candy apples. . . . It wos fun; it wos loud, it was for a good cause; it happened. 48 ...come rain or come shine Once a year spectacular... 50 ...bears, booths, bellows 51 Behind the scenes... Always enthusiastic, never losing hope there really would be a Mordi Gras were the members of Executive Committee: (front) Judy Simon, Bob Ehrtich, Tom McPhorlin, Jim Barth, Zach Samuels, Karen Oleon, Marion Fishel; (back) Dale Spicltler (Program Manager), Winston Bowen, Beverly Goodman, Pete Craig, Mike Bergmon, Jim Herndon. Ron Silverman, Beverly Zuanich. Special credit must go to Jim Barth, the chairmen, the hardest worker, the revived corpse. Spring Sing Executive Committee: (front) Dale Hypes, Bernd Mendenholl (choirmon), Dick Hoffman, Richard Pork; (middle) Dale Spickler, Susy Pierce, Judy Kamlnsky, Jim Whitsett, Beverly Folk, Joe Canillo, Kim Krasne, Melva Berman, Pete Blowitz, Joan Barondess, Bob Thoyer, Steve Poe, Kothie Single, John Nof- tel. Chuck A ' Gata; (back) Ron Silverman, Gino Tanasescu, Myron Greenberg, Peter DeLeon, Bruce Fogel, Bill Asbury, Bob Kay put on " End of the Ero " show. 52 Spring Sing rV ' 0» Rieber stole the Mixed Chorus and Sweepstakes awards with their stirring rendition of " Soon oh will be done. ' Accepting the sweepstakes trophy from Bernd Mendenhall. Spring Sing Chairman. Is Ron Horrls. RIeber ' s hard-working Spring Sing leader. " The End of an Era " at Hollywood Bowl . . . the last time Spring Sing would be held off cannpus. Led by Rieber Hall ' s rendition of " Soon ah will be done, " the independents proved that they still have a place on this campus ' activity list. Other division winners were: Kappa Alpha Theta-Zeta Beta Tau in Novelty, Alpha Gamma Omega in Quartet, Kappa Kappa Psi for Oddball, The Other Brothers in Instrumental, Alpha Gamma Omega for Men ' s Chorus, Sigma Kappa for Women ' s Chorus. Lively Set made a return engagement after a year of singing tours. Lloyd Thaxton MC ' d the show. Spring Sing bowed in and out in grand style in anticipa- tion of its last year in the freezing Bowl. 53 11 1 f §ki ij -7 1 ff7r Novelty division honors were tclten by Kappa Alpha Theta and Zeto Beta Tau with " Our Fair UCLA " . . . showing road to fortune, good grades, UCLA way. Kappa Kappa Psi donned white sheets and waved Confederate flags while singing " I wanfa go bacit to Dixie, " a comment of modern-day southern life. 54 The Other Brothers of Oykstra brought along their Instru- ments and sang " The First Time " and " Mary, Don ' t You Weep. " Sigmo Kappa performed with " Poss Me By " and " If You Can ' t Beat Them, Join Them " to talte Women ' s division honors. 55 Elections and the King DR. MARTIN LUTHER KING The Battle of the Bands . . . theme of this year ' s annual fiasco known OS Student Government elections. Overwhelming favor- ites in the contest were contestants for the posts of Head Yell Leader and ASUCLA President. A series of noon concerts was begun to get out the vote and keep the Bruin Band in practice during off-season. Spirit rose high as did tempers and behlnd- the-back slander. It was a year for Greeks almost all the way, as the " important " offices returned to the Row. It was Glasser over Antenore, Stewart over Covert, and Kelps over all. Speaker of the year. Dr. Martin Luther King, civil rights ring- leader and Nobel Peace Prize recipient, addressed a crowd of thousands at the foot of Janss Steps. Student volunteers col- lected over $700 which was presented Dr. King at a luncheon in his honor ai URC; contributions for King ' s civil rights work will be used for the South ' s current voter registration drive. El Monte revisited Kelp Rock ' n Roll . . . blaring bands, gyrating couples on the floor, wildly gesticulating performers, the GB filled with three thousand hot, sweaty bods, beatle imitators, dance routines the wildest ever ... all elements necessary for a madhouse or an orgy, UCLA style. The annual extravaganza, transforming SU into another El Monte Legion Stadium, complete with armed guards to keep the place safe for the college crowd, is Kelps ' version of kicking in for the kids who will perhaps later reach exalted rank of Kelp par excellence in grown up hood- lum days. It took a few well-planned beer busts in the after- noon to get everyone in proper mood and grandiose plans for the later hours to make this year ' s blast the best ever. Such favorites as the Hollywood All-Stars, Roscoe, and the Drifters blended together in a mixture of sounds, movements, madness. One K plus one SS minus all Inhibitions equals one nnemorable evening If not more. The strangest things happen at the Kelp Rock and Roll. S7 Colloquium...Career Day... Building a snowman, communing with nature, stimulating discussions with peers and professors ... Colloquium 1965. Plonning ahead: finding out what there is to do and meeting people who do it . . . World of Work, presented by Senior Class. 58 Mock UN and Mil Ball Assumed national Interests, mocic debates, fornnldable social and political questions . . . Model United Nations . . . Milifcry Boll . . . social Highlight for many cadets and midshipmen of ROTC units on campus . . . 59 ..on the tram or the drill field... A short lived project, the Tram wos on attempt by Jeff Donfeld to fulfill campaign promise. Students walked in the end. Uniforms, war games, parades . . . ROTC program at UCLA offers training for Army, Air Force, and Navy careers. 60 Coop clientele. ..Spring Drive... This year UCLA suffered (or enjoyed) an invasion of less fhan college- age students. Pros and cons opinionated by Bruins were of a somewhat less than violently intense nature than those concerning FSM and porlcing. Oh yeah! Good luclt In keeping us and our skate boards out of your Coop. To kick-off Spring Drive, Uni-Comp Concert: alt for the kids. «, » i , 1 -1. " ' • ' J-T , ii ' :— ' ' . « ' rr - ' . A_ V ! 1. j Mlis ' ] ■: 61 Bruin Hang-outs 62 No matter what we ' d like our par- ents to think, UCLA is not oil books, the Library, cramnning for exams, reoccurring cases of mono, and the Big Grind. UCLA means many things to many people — it could be All-Cal Week-end, a victorious SC game, a bitch ' in beer bust. Spring vacation a Newport-Balboa, sip- ping some coffee in the Coop with a friendly group (meaning security), or for those over 2 I (or those with good id ' s) there is a whole new world ready for exploration. Ladies ' Night, 50c pitchers, and Thursday Night Drinking Clubs honoring the TGIF craze ... it all boils down to variations of the same thing: a change from the ordinary, a place to ward off tensions or soon-to-be problems, a chance to let loose some steam, a mood of pulsating beats as the juke box blares out the same songs hour after hour. Nite School, Das Gasthaus, Mc- Gee ' s, The Dominator, Kleenco, Shakey ' s, Toril, Mom ' s, Bat Rack. Where there ' s beer there ' s Bruins. " Please . . . ploy ' People ' just one more time. ' " Yehl Another pi+cher of Coors. ' 63 Ni+e School — best study place around Damn it! These ID ' s are getting better all the time. 64 65 Innocents Abroad At the New York or the Modern, the scene Is the same. Stu- dents packed in from 8 until 5. In the background the incessant bells, buzzers, and clunks of " Les Tilts " (pinball machines to the uninitiated). On the juke-box all day, everyday, it ' s " Les Beatles, " singing " You ' re coming home, yeh, yeh . . . " Outside it ' s raining. It always rains in Bordeaux. Inside students sit, jammed together, talking, always talking: Exams, DeGaulle, current events, love, hate, everything and anything. If you look closely you may notice some eighty Americans among them. About the only difference now is that the Americans get their mail at the Education Abroad Program office. These students, and the ones like them at Padua and Gottingen, are spending their junior year abroad. They ' ll pick up eight, maybe ten units for the whole thing. They ' ll spend much more money than if they stayed home. But how do you measure the value of the experience in units or money? They ' re speaking French with French students about France. It ' s much more than units; it ' s whot ' s known as an education — on education in Bordeaux. On a rainy day In Paris, +wo UCLA students prepare for that long, long trip home offer a year of living with and being figuratively French. On a rore day when It Isn ' t raining, a student at Bordeaux will toke a French companion along and explore the local countryside. Many students abroad spent their vocations traveling around Europe — the Riviera, the Alps — while others headed south to exotic Algeria. Perhaps the most rewarding lesson learned by UCLA students while abroad was the realization that they were the foreigners, not everyone else. The Entertainers... HARRY BELEFONTE JOANIE SOMMERS 68 69 STAN KENTON PETER, PAUL, AND MARY 70 JOE AND EDDIE NANCY WILSON MARC AND ANDRE 71 Curtain up... " Village Blues, " One-Act Play " Coupe de Grace, " One-Act Ploy " Pappy, " One-Act Play " The House of Bernardo Alba " by Federico Gordo Lorca " Never Trust a Naked Pygmy " (student written) The moment of the theater . . . " Curtain up " and gone are the rehearsals, the set building, the costume designing, the make- up sessions, and the pleading of the director. Suddenly it ' s the real thing . . . the moment of life to be caught and relived only instantaneously, for when the lights brighten it ' s only a memory. The artist brings forth the essence of meaning for the beholder, but who knows to listen, to interpret, understand? " Comlno Real " by Tennessee Wiliionns 73 Speakers Program... PIERRE SALINGER HENRY CABOT LODGE From Lawton fo Clark to Boxer. Despite change of hands of organizational framework, ASUCLA Distinguished Speakers Program brought some of the best visiting talent available. With big names not bankruptcy the question, dignitaries came from the political realm (especially those seeking office), lit- erature, and the theater. Picketing remained at a minimum. JUSTICE DOUG LAS RALPH BUNCHE ROZ WYMAN 74 agent of controversy ALBERT GORE— KARL MUNDT DEBATE GENERAL PEERS AHORNEY GENERAL NICHOLAS KATZENBACH FULTON LEWIS III— URBAN WHITAKER DEBATE 75 On speaking terms... ERSKINE CALDWELL RAY BRADBURY JOHN CIARDI CAREY McWILLIAMS 76 ERIC FROMM HARRISON SALISBURY ARTHUR SCHLESINGER IT IT j 77 Graduation •♦ . - .- ■ y y . vv 4 1A 1 1 HI ■m? __ H n P Vt 1 H H I — ' ! HHH HH H ■ ■ B 1 Swearing-in ceremonies for the armed service ROTC units preceded the actual commencement exercises. Once-in-a-life-time black robes, the traditional cap tossing, the academic procession . . . Graduation 1965. Anticipated for years . . . over in a few moments. The Seniors have heard the words of commencement speeches before — that this is not the end but only a beginning — and somehow these words take on a new meaning. The same words spoken before, to different audiences, now have a new ring of truth, an immediacy, and are believed, for they are for us. Proud parents, tears of joy, and lingering glances are evident. The climactic end of an ex- istence filled with books and exams, coffee cups and cig- arettes, football games and beer busts. That which we learned by theory must finally be put into practice in the outside world. I ■ ■ •- f 79 CRISSY VOLL Kappa Alpha Theta 80 Crissy Voll, the 1965 Southern Campus Queen, is a freshnrian and newly inifia ' fed member of Kappa Alpha Theta sorority. A member of Bruin Belles and AWS Fashion Board, Crissy lives in Orinda, Calif. 81 " i CANDY WILSON Delfa Delfa DeHa ADRIENNE RUSSELL Delfa Gamma 82 - ' » - ■] SUSAN MANSKE Kappa Alpha Thefa KIM HIGGINS Kappa Kappa Gamma 83 Campus Royalty CANDY HAM. 1964 Homecoming Queen JULIE BENVENISTE, MARY ANN KOEKEBAKER. Junior Homecoming Princess Sophomore Homecoming Princess SHERRY CHESTER, Senior Homecoming Princess BEVERLY GOODENOUGH. Freshman Homecoming Princess 84 LINDA PAGLIUSO, Best Dressed Girl on Campus CHRISTINE BECKER, IFC Queen; Circle K Queen SHARI McCLOUD, Belle of UCLA DEVON BECK, Mardi Gras Queen 85 BARBARA WELSH. Blue Key Queen CESCA CARTER, Military Ball Princess (Navy) SHEILA HOVEY, Military Boll Queen (Army) KRIS WEGNER-HANSEN, Military Ball Princess (Air Force) 86 NANCY NORTON. Sweetheart of Sigma Chi SANDY CORBITT, Delta Tau Delta Queen DIANE STENIN. Sigma Nu White Rose Queen SALLY ANDERSON, Delta Sigma Phi Queen 87 88 ,. ■ X " ■.,■ -. ■ ■ ■ . - ■■ ■ «. • ■■ ' :•■•« - .• r » pijii Hilling Pip T iu J H un. u ' e- -. " .UV • ♦ •■ r. .•-• ■■. ' ■ , _ t .»-■ »»• .■ • •v i r: ' m ■ u J J 7 f fall sport 89 90 44 •. « ' ■ ' ■- ' •■ . ' •. :— -• 91 Football 1964: hardly brilliant... The 1 964 UCLA foofball team, under Head Coach Bill Barnes, started the season with an up- set win over Pitt (17-12). Penn State(2l-I4)and Stanford (27- 20) fell to the Bruin eleven on successive week-ends. Next the Bruins attempted to tackle three of the nation ' s top ten teams. They were massacred by Syracuse (0-39), Notre Dame (0-24), and the lllini (6- 24). Undaunted, the varsity squad played an inspired cor- onary provoking game against Cal which was won in the last minute of play (25-21). The Air Force Academy ( 1 5-24), Wash- ington (20-22), and Southern Cal ( 1 3-34) finished our season. Bruin line successfully holds as P.A.T. is acconnplished. ...but it began well N 517 21 1 Brums win Coliseum opener against the NiHany Lions. Bruin bench on feet to watch climax of Penn State gome. 93 With positive thinking... Licf -iK i::!..- ' . -am Mel Farr [22] follows blocking of Poul Morgan [39} and Peterson (66) to pick up short yardage. And the week offer next we ' ll learn to count to 5. Zeno ' s connpleted pass to Farr caught Trojan defenders completely off guord. ..-.. -. ... , 94 ...and some action At this time, we ' d like to thank Dr. Roth for making all this possible. Bob Richardson closes in on Col back. Trojan defenders couldn ' t prevent the sure hands of Champion goes for short yardage Mike Haffner from hauling in this occurate aerial. through middle of the Beor line. ! H Song girls and Haffner... Here comes our first string. Haffner mokes outstanding catch against Col. One of those hopeful moments of the last port of the season — the Bruins score. 96 ...Joe Bruin and more Haffner jr ' - That ' ll teach that old Oski to be so gay. One of the many fine catches made by Haffner at Col. Falcons start half-time antics a little early as Haffner goes into end-ione. H-r i » fni__. . — b ; ;- ' SS; Undeniably exciting...sometimes Ai w 1. ? % y- ail Bruins swamp the field after thrilling win over UCB. " Come with me, you con slip out through the locker room. " Button, button, who ' s got the button? Falcons fall to prevent Zeno from getting off a punt. Zeno and offense - looking good RH Eddie Hutf rounds end to pick up long yardage in Penn State gonne. Zeno rambles for first down in Air Force tiff. Good pass protection given Zeno enabled him to complete 97 of 196 this season. 99 The chosen moments... Our Choien leader. The Col game caused headaches on both sides, until the final minutes. The season record (4-6), though fwice as good as lasf year ' s, was not indicative of the fine individual efforts made by some members of the ' 64 squad. Kurt Altenberg and Mike Haffner ore co-holders of the Bruin record for the most receptions in one season, each catching 31 passes. Larry Zeno holds eight individual records, more than anyone in Bruin history. Seven of these were set in the current season. Haffner signed to ploy with the L.A. Rams, and Zeno signed with the Dallas Cowboys. I Being used on both offense and defense, Witcher is seen here hauling In an aerial against the Air Force Falcons. 100 : v: :-:3}.V. r ' Left Half Cornell Champion turns corner on way to picking up first down against the California Bears. Fullbacli Paul Horgan smashes into Falcon line for needed yardage. 101 The Squad MIKE HAFFNER BYRON NELSON II r% ' ■» Bk JIM COLLETTO BOB RICHARDSON t 9 ' CHUCK DAVIS W ' m m ' RUSS BANDUCCI l GARY CALLIES MEL FARR JOHN RICHARDSON Defense i rr-i MITCH JOHNSON GERALD JOHNS 102 .1 h 2 KENT FRANCISCO 0 s JIM SYKES PRENTICE OLEARY i liA ERWIN DUTCHER x II DICK PETERSON KURT ALTENBERG LARRY ZENO STEVE SINDELL PAUL MORGAN ' Z. i i CORNELL CHAMPION Offense DICK WITCHER 103 Barnes resigned The season did not end wi+h the loss to SC or with the awards " banquet but with the resigna- tion of Head Coach Bill Barnes. - Larry Zeno laterals to Norman Dow in an attempt to pick up a first down against the Trojans. " ■PlF " ■.» .jpRif: » Tfi ' : " . Fullback Vic Lepisto mokes key catch during the SC game. QB Steve Sindell ready to hand-off to LHB Ray Armstrong in SC game. mmyMmm m »« Big Four " frosh champs The Brubabes won their season ' s opener with a 14-0 victory over Stanford. Left-half Andy Herrero ond Fullback Steve Stanley both scored on one-yard plunges. Their second game resulted in a 15-15 tie with Cal ' s Cubs. The Brubabes led in statistics, outgaining the Cubs 1 82 to 35 yards on the ground and 143 to 110 yards in the air. Beban completed II of 25 passes for 143 yards and ran 13 yards for the first touchdown. The other two points were picked up on a safety. The Brubabes ended the season by beating USC 13-6. Stanley scored both touchdowns with one yard smashes. The Brubabes won the " Big Four " Championship with their winning 2-0-1 season record. With Glenne Bradley blocking, Andy Herrero stor+s on run against Stanford Papooses. QB Gary Bebon prepares to fire oeriol against Stanford. Water poloists conference co-champs UCLA ' s Wafer Polo team, coached by Bob Horn, had a very successful season with 14 wins against 4 losses. For the second straight year they won the All-U Tournament. The sea- son ' s high point was in defeating SC — the first time since 1 95 1 . Mov- ing up from third place in last year ' s AAWU standings, the ' 64 squad tied for first place in Conference. 106 UCLA ' s finest harrier team The 1964 Cross Country team, under Coach Jinn Bush, is the best harrier team turned out at UCLA. The great improvement this year is due to a new training program worked out by Bush. The team de- feated UCB, SC, Occidental, San Jose State, Utah, Long Beach State, UCSB, Brigham Young, and suffered three defeats from Stan- ford. Dick Weeks set a new UCLA course record of 20:27. Bob Day and Dick Weeks placed first and second respectively in the West Coast Championship Meet which was held at Stanford ' s home field. 107 Soccer squad undefeated iifad Ufn II 111 ■■w ifci- Spirited defensive ploy and sparkling leg work reflected the superb condi- tioning of UCLA players and guaranteed their superiority over opponents. This year ' s soccer team, under Coach " Jock " Stewart, has upheld the high quality performance of past squads. Led by All-Confer- ence players Warren Wilkenson and Nick Butkevich, UCLA ' s one international sport completed its second straight undefeated season. 108 Goalie ' s view of the gome. 109 A- ' dOAlG - ' « •■ ' 1 V :T ! -ytxT . ' •. ' - ■ i -JrL ? :v Va Bruins start the season... The Brums ' Storfing Five exhibit pre-game spirit before the opener. Bruin cagers won the NCAA Basketball Championship for the second straight year. A scare was thrown to UCLA fans when the Bruin quintet dropped the season ' s opener to Indiana. Players were under tremendous pressure to repeat last year ' s perfect season. Losing the opener served as a pressure release valve and enabled the team to play up to their capabilities for the rest of the season with the exception of one game with Iowa. The season ' s win-loss record wos 28-2. In addi- tion to the NCAA Championship, the Bruins won the L os An- geles and Milwaukee Classics and AAWU Western Regionals. Center Mike Lynn pushes jump shot over the extended reoch of a Husky. 112 ...with a scare ]13 Pensive faces now... A look from the sidelines . . . Goodrich and WInkelholti. Guard Freddie Goss drives in for a Icy up. ...later victorious smiles Forward Edgar Lacey, the ♦eam ' s best rebounder prepares to let loose with another sure two points for the well-coached UCLA Bruin hoopsters. Under coaching of John Wooden, UCLA basketball teams have hod 17 winning seasons. This year ' s squad showed fine balance. Goodrich was the teom ' s leading scorer and play- maker with 52.5 percentage from the floor. Junior Center Doug Mcintosh made 56 of 76 free throws for 73.7 percent- age from the charity line. Soph Forward Edgar Lacey led the team in rebounding with 10.2 rebounds per gome. Keith Erick- son, the team ' s outstanding defensive player, was the number two man on the team in both scoring and rebounding. Junior Fred Goss, an All-AAWU second team selection, was third highest in scoring with average of 12.2 points per game. Fine individual performances, along with teamwork, good coach- ing, enabled Bruins to overpower, outplay their opponents. A brief moment of concern shadows Coach Wooden ' s face. Lacey goes up and above Trojan defender (or two more points. Cougar defender guards Goodrich loosely, realiiing the futility of the task. Olympic volleyboller Keifh Ericlcson outjumps defender fo score for the Bruins. Laeey shoots as Utah defenders watch. Bruin fans show signs Always graceful, Lacey pulls in rebound. Goodrich goes in for two easy points, demonstrating the form that enabled him to average 24.6 points. 118 ...of spirit In go two more points . . . how Ericlison made his 373 points this season. High-leaping Kenny Washington controls the boards for UCLA. 119 Bruin Cagers... Edgar Lacey scores In Stanford game. Goodrich drives by a Trojan defender In an attempt to draw a foul. 120 ...ability in motion Guard Brice Chambers prepares to pass fo player in key. Stalwart defense, Keith Erickson blocks offensive pass attempt. 121 Is it really... OOOOOh, Tricky!!ll! During off-season fhese groceful Bruins might possibly fry out for ports in Westside Story. 122 The jump shot . . . performed skillfully by the little men. The well-known, often imitated, press defense . . . stronghold of the Bruin defense. 123 Fred Goss (40) and Gail Goodrich (25) are men not easily diverted from their goal. 124 wm ■ ■ 1 in Erickson driving in for a lay-up. 125 UCLA leaped... Goodrich has a wide variety of moves from underneath. One of those moments when Lacey appears to be exerting himself. 126 a national championship Fred Soti scoring in the NCAA tourney. Cougar runs (or cover as Edgar Lacey goes up to score another two points. 127 An impressive triumph... Versatile Keith Erickson, third-string All-American, was the key man in Bruins ' awesonne pressing defense, averaging 12.9 points per game, to be the Bruins ' number two scorer; he was also second on the team in rebounding. Last year Erickson used his jumping ability to good advantage as he represented the U.S. in the Olympic Games as a member of the Volleyball Team. Voted the most valuable player of Los Angeles Classic, co-captain Keith Erickson also joined teamsters Gail Good- rich, Kenny Washington on 1965 NCAA All-Tourney Team. Keith Erickson and his mother otter he received the MVP oword at the LA Classic. Bruin co-captoins Erickson and Goodrich accept the NCAA Championship Trophy. 128 and a welcome back home Led by Al Chozen and song girls, Bruin fans proceed to Wilshire Boulevard rally. Met by fans at LA. International Airport, the championship cagers pose for cameramen and proudly display their trophy. 1 ' I ' I 129 Many talented... ■HK] K Kf . 1 1 In fhe face of the Brums ' awesome press, most teams literally fell aport at the seams. Gail Goodrich shows two awestruck Trojans the drive and form that made him an All-American. 130 All-American Gail Goodrich Gail Goodrich, first string All-Americon, was the ou-fs+anding member of fhe Bruin offense. The many facefs of his ability can be only poorly described in terms which can create only a partial picture of the total player. The essence of his per- formance on the court was best described by Utah ' s coach in a Sports Illustrated interview: " The only thing Goodrich can ' t do is dribble with his left foot. " In leading the Bruins to a highly successful season, he broke three UCLA records: most points scored per season (744), most points scored in a single gome (42 scored against Michigan in NCAA title game), most points scored in a UCLA cage career (1691). Sportscasters have claimed that at comparable points in their respective careers, Goodrich is a better all-around performer than was Oscar Robertson. In addition to his other honors, the Bruin co-captain was named to the NCAA All-Tourney Team and with Bill Bradley of Princeton was named Helms Foundation ' s Co-Player of the Year; is one of UCLA ' s Outstanding Seniors. " Yes fans, cleancuf, All-Amerlcan Gail Goodrich does eaf Wheaties for breakfast every morning. " Magnificent ball-handling and control ore only two of Gail ' s talents. 131 Champions... NCAA scoreboard shows the nation who is really NUMBER ONE. Erickson and the rest of the team congratulate opponents on their noble but tutile attempt. 132 the end Most of the season the Bruin q uintet wos ranked nunnber two nationally behind Michigan. It took the final game of NCAA Tourney to prove the loyal UCLA fans nnore accurate than the so-called experts. Michigan ' s height and weight advantage (they averaged 35 pounds more per man) were to be decisive assets in their favor. They were to control backboards, their strength would be too much for the " small " Bruins. The only trouble with all this theorizing was that no one showed Michi- gan the script. The Bruins controlled the boards and ran the Wolverines into the ground, thus making the additional weight a disadvantage. In the regular season Bruins averaged 86.3 points per game. They rose to the occasion of the final tourn- ament and averaged 100 points per game in the four-game series, thus breaking previous tourney record of 359 points set by 1964 Bruin squad. A timid start ended in ultimate victory. After scoring 42 fabulous points in the NCAA b asketball tourney ' s f nal game, UCLA Bruins ' great Gail Goodrich cuts down last game ' s basket. Assuming familiar pose . . . cagers pose with NCAA Championship Trophy. 133 134 spring sp rts 135 Bruin track and field... In Jim Bush ' s first year as UCLA track coach, the Bruin thin- clods enjoyed their finest season in some time. Great perform- ances in the distance races, highlighted by Bob Day ' s 8:35.3 national two-mile collegiate record, sparked the Bruin team. Day ranked as one of the nation ' s finest milers as well. He received support from soph Geoff Pyne, New Zealand, who showed himself to be a top trock prospect. The Bruins were also very strong in the half-mile with stars Arnd Kruger, Dennis Breckow and Kurt Klein. Len Dodson, recovering from past in- juries, ran well in sprints; Bob Frey sparkled in the 440; and New Zeolander Roger Johnson developed into a fine hurdler, setting a school record in the 330 intermediate hurdles (37.0). 136 • . • exciting season Co-captain Len Dodson, Bruin sprinter. • V?»vl A.-li« A Phil Freeman, Senior shot putter, showed much Improvement. Co-coptoin Hermann Spegel, West Germony, was outstanding InJovelln. 137 But the best... Javelin aces Hermann Spegler, Robbie Fly, and Jack Bonkrude. Weakness in many field evenh plagued the Bruins in dual meet com petition, but there were some outstanding performers in the field, too. Co-captain Hermann Spegel and Jack Bonkrude provided both strength and depth in javelin, and Dove Weber and Pat Lewis both scored well in the discus. Shot putter Sen- ior Phil Freeman, transfer from Santa Monica City College, showed great improvement this year. Bruins were also strong in the pole vault with Ken House and Eric Berge. Coach Bush feels UCLA, now a national track power, will be a genuine threat to capture national collegiate championship next year. Co-captains Hernnann Spegel and Len Dodson with Coach Jim Bush. Mike Pringle, trosh discus thrower set mark ot 145-91 2- 138 yet to come J yilllaClI-. Norm Jackson, oufstonding of Berkeley meel, remained undefeated while tying his own lOO-yord record of 9.5 and breoking his own 220 mark of 21 .2 with o 20.8 siziler. Don Domansky, Bruin speedster from Canada, won the 440 at Berkeley in 47.5 to smash the old frosh record set in 1954. Heod Coach Jim Bush clocks six of UCLA ' s deep and talented 1965 corps of middle distance runners, (from left) Bob Day. Arnd Kruger, Bob Goodson, Kurt Klein, Dennis Breckow, and Gerry Mavrinac. Eight months of practice... Six days a week, beginning back in September, nnennbers of the Crew Team wearily stroked their shells back home at dusk after another exhausting practice session. Work-outs on the Creek, countless calisthenics, and thirty laps of Janss Steps per day. Six months later the season began ... a total of 36 minutes of actual competition. For many years a seeming myth, the Boathouse was built and opened at Marina del Rey. Crew, often glamourized as epitomy of amateurism, requires , , , Vorsity Shell No. 3, the surprise ot Loyola meet, a stringers at opening 500-meters. able to stave off A new shell added to the Bruin fleet gets an enthusiastic welcome by the hard-working team. n excellent stort, o JV surge at end up with first- to finish 2nd. 140 such exacting skills and timing that it reaches the heights of profession- alism. A test of synchronization, with the coxwain in command, each stroke identical, the timing perfect, the blade striking the water at the correct angle, number of cycles per minute. An opening win against Loyola offering encouragement, the season promises gratification for Bisset ' s arduous troining practices. ...a half-hour season Coach John B!sset surveys a practice sprin os Bruin Crew members work ou daily ot Marino del Rey. Traditional aftermath ot victory . . . jubilant crew members toss coxwoin in the drinl. 141 Tankers plunge forward... J - ' AAWU Champ Stan Cole shows the coast how to swim the exhausting butterfly. Senior Dave Ashleigh sprints toward the end of his collegiate career. What was a green team at season ' s start suddenly caught fire at season ' s end and surprised hierarchy of swimming by scor- ing their first NCAA championship points in 16 years. Lead- ing Bruin scoring was soph Russell Webb, who started slowly and built up to o second-place in the 100-yard breaststrolte at National Championships. The only senior on the squad, Dave Ashleigh, finished his collegiate career placing in 1500-yard. Sensational Soph Russell Webb won the AAWU title, placed in NCAA. " W m Terry Flanagan set 100-yard freestyle record after only one year of experience. Outstanding Frosh bacbtrolcer Mllce Berger. J T. , Gymnastics: strength, grace, coordination UCLA gymnastics were greatly improved in 1965 under the leadership of new head coach Art Shurlock, a member of 1 964 U.S. Olympic Gymnastics Team. The Bruins won three of eight dual meets, as compared to the year before when they were 0-7. Standouts were all-around men Tad Sakamoto and Al Luber, Rich Bramson in still rings, Larry Weise in trampoline, side horse. Frosh Kanate Allen appears to be a top prospect. Al Luber doing a reor vault on the horiionfol bar. Richard Bramson doing a dislocate on the rings. Wrestling The wrestling squad lost an outstanding man in mid-season when Head Coach Briggs Hunt was forced to quit his post due to increasingly heavy workload in PE department. Taking over for Hunt was Dave Hollinger, who was also one of the team ' s top performers. The defending conference champs were un- seated, but still had outstanding individual stars in Hollinger, heavyweight Kurt Sackau, lightweight matman Bob Janko. Where the spike is king... Volleyball . . . sport perhaps learned on sunny California beaches buf perfected at UCLA under Coach Al Scates, former Bruin V-ball star. With a 5-0 league record, the ' 65 squad placed first in AAWU and first nationally. First team All- Americans were Randy Schutz and Ernie Suwara, team co-captains. Steve Burian, a third year letter- man, was on the Ail-American second team, with Tom Barr tabbed for honorable mention. Other players were: George Rou- danez, Bill Pearlman, Andy Banach- owski, Phil Lingman, Lorry Rundle. 144 Rugby.. .a gang war with rules « T J ' - i " " Out in the open tor only a tew seconds the soon to be attacked Bruin tries tor o tast-breai(. " Rugby is not a complex game, it ' s only fhat simple things are performed so fast that it looks complicated. " Rugby, a sport understood by few spectators, is an unusually rough game (no substitutions allowed for the touqh fifteen man side) with many recruits from football ' s ranks. It was a winning season (8-7) for the Bruin Rugby squad under the able coaching of Gerald Gardner. New this year was chance to compete in Canada; however, the team dropped both games to perennially pow- erful University of British Columbia while overpowering Uni- versity of Washington. Special mention must be made of out- standing members Don Francis (Lock), Walt Dathe (Hooker), Terry Stewart, Kim Shirley (Breakaways), Dave Berordo (Full- back, kicking ace). Getting Southern California Rugby Feder- ation honors: Terry Stewart, Lyie Timmerman and Don Francis. In a line-up ploy, the Bruin strong-arm wins out. m f . 145 Bruin netters... Fluent-stroking Arthur Ashe flashes his powerful serve. Tennis holds a unique position on the UCLA athletic scene. It has al- woys been a MAJOR sport, one of prime Importance and interest on Westwood campus . . . I965 ' s Bruin netters were at their championship best. Truly the " unbeatables, " they were not only the class of AAWU but also the favorites to win the coveted NCAA team title in June, to be hosted by UCLA on Stadium Courts. Coach J. D. Morgan ' s Bru- ins boasted a 6-man team of superb depth, a team that scored a deci- sive 7-2 win over arch-rival USC, a perennial net power, and two 9-0 blankings of Stanford in conference play. (Cal was twice spared fate by rain). It was a team that was led by the country ' s highest ranking col- legian, Davis Cupper Arthur Ashe, No. 3 nationally and the greatest Negro in tennis history. Ashe has solid support from such nationally prominent players as seniors Dave Reed, Dave Sanderlin, and super sophomore Ian Crookenden, a New Zealand Davis Cupper, and the fin- est No. 5 and No. 6 collegians, jun- iors Elty Brown and SinoTanasescu. Strong doubles team of Dove Reed, left, and Dave Sanderlin move to the net to volley. 146 1 in the nation Agile Dave Reed stretches for a wide forehand. Left-handed Ian Crookenden bends Icnees for a low forehand. Classy Dave Sanderlin watches ball after hitting o scoring backhand. 147 Smooth-stroking Elty Brown goes for a big forehand shot. Gino Tanasescu reaches for a high forehand volley. Pacific Coast doubles champs Arthur Ashe, left, and Ian Crookenden flash form at net. 1 ' .i 148 Cricket -«jr™ ' ' -- .r Ezra Wye+h ' s Cricket Team, bothered throughout the season by bad weather and cancelled games, went on to lose the first two games while almost upsetting Berkeley, then on to one win and Chancellor ' s Cup. Boasting a team made up primar- ily of American players for sport mainly British in scope, the outstanding players were Andrew Ma, captain, Hong Kong, Winston Van Home, West Indies, and Mann Pandell of India. Vic Kelley ' s Bruin golfers had a combination of youth and ex- perience during 1965 season. The Bruins were beaten by con- ference champ use and always-strong Stanford, but walloped brother Col Bear in dual competition after losing in the All- U Tournament. Starring for the Bruins was senior Terry Hart- shorn, who was number one man in dual play. Top players were Brian Kaufman, Pete Libkind, and soph Mike Higgins. Golf PETER LIBKIND BRIAN KAUFMAN TERRY HARTSHORN DAVE LEDBEHER ? Baseball ' s season... SPIRIT . . . Coach Art Reichle talks to his team before an Important CIBA game. Relchle fin- ished his 22nd year at UCLA and kept the Bruins in the pennant chose most of the season. PITCHING . . . was not o strong point of the club. Here Bill Brasher fires the first pitch in a gome against Pepperdine, Jim Colletto is doing the receiving. One of the more successful sporh at UCLA, Varsity Baseball proved to be a winner for Coach Art Reichle ' s athletes. For the second straight year the Bruins won over 30 games. The real strength of the club was its hitting. Juniors Jim Colletto and Pete Ratican shared the duty behind the plate. Soph Ted Bashore proved to be a consistent long-ball hitter and led the nation in home runs most of the year. With Johnny Jones and Bill Macri at the keystone combo, Bruins had a hard-hitting and top fielding duet. Senior Fred Dyer rounded out the in- field at the third base post. In the outfield, the Bruins were led by newcomers Rick Sanulin, JC transfer Ray Arrington. Colletto, co-captain along with Macri, split his time in the outfield and as catcher. Other outfielders were Chuck McGin- nis. Bill Keller, Tim Crater, Bob Owens. Leading the pitching crop were seniors Jim Arens, Ken Sore, and Jerry Brown, and junior Bill Brasher. Sophomore Dave Tollman proved to be a happy surprise in the bullpen. Assistant Coach Glenn Mickens kept players on their toes with his knowledge, extrovertness. 150 ...batters hold the key DEFENSE . . . Cotcher Jim ColleHo stops a sliding Bruin opponent short of home plote in action play. Bill Brasher (33) bocks up the play at home. BATTING ... the 1965 Bruins were a hitting teom. Bill Mocri ( 10) is shown at bat as UCLA played one of their CIBA foes. Senior Johnny Jones (4) is waiting on declc. EMOTION . . . after pitching a strong gome against Pepper- dine, junior Bill Brasher (33) leaves the mound lote in the gome. 151 152 » ' ■■ • i; { f d atti f • • •. . ' % V • • Jl ?. r t .igi. ' Seniors 153 Outstanding Seniors... LARRY BIESEL . . . SJB Chrmn.. Projec) India Chrmn., Vale- dictorian (Class Jonuory 65). Blue Kev. Zeto Befa Tau. JERRY BROWN . . . Vorsity Base- boll I pitcher I. Pi Lombdo Phi. TOM CAMPBELL . . . Outstanding bond member. Phi Beta Koppa. AL CHOZEN . . . Junior Class Presi- dent. Head Yell Leader, Blue Key. Kelps, Uni-Comp Bd. Chrmn., ZBT, SUE FAWN CHUNG . . . Mortar Bd.. Woman of the Month. Prytaneon. Chimes Prexy. Col Club. Belles. Co-founder and Prexy Bruinettes. JEFF OONFELD . . , ASUCLA President, UDMR. LDMR, Proiect India, Col Club, Fresh- man Class President, Col Club, Blue Key. DENNIS DORDIGAN . . . Blue Key, Kelps, Uni-Comp Bd, Chrmn,, IFC E«ec. Bd.. Yeo- men, Rugby. Zeto Beta Tou Prexy two years. are chosen for LARRY GOLDSTEIN . . . Intro Editor. Shlrle Robblns GAIL GOODRICH . . . SosUtball GREAT ( All-Americon. Helms Poetry Contest winner. Woodrow Wilson Fellow. Foundotion winner, UCLA scoring record). Beta Theta Pi. CANDY HAM . . . AWS President, Bruin Belle. Col Club. AWS Woman of the Month. Homecoming Oueen 1964. PAM JOHNSON . . . Project India. Tutorial Proj- ect. Panhellenic scholarship. FAMACS president, Delta Delta Delto president ond rush chairman. DICK LEMON . . . Senior Class President. UDMR. Blue Key. Project India. Chairman of the New Constitution Committee. Phi Delto Theta. GERRI LOGAN .. .ASUCLA Vice-President. Mor- BERND MENDENHALL . . . Spring tar Boord. Prytoneon. Chimes, Alpha Lambda Sing and Homecoming Chrmn., Dyk- Dello Preiy, AWS Womon of the Month, Alpho Phi. stro Preiy. Blue Key. AMS bee. Bd. " -A ...scholarship, loyalty... PRENTICE OLEARY . . . Football lettermon 3 »eofs. highest scholarship on the football team, Sigma Nu. JUDY OLIVER . . . SBJ Chrmn.. Mortar Pres.. Prylon. eort. Project Indio, Chimes. Anchors, Delta Gommo. CANDY POPE . - . Mortar Boord, Col Club, Chimes, Spurs, Bruin Belles, Prytoneon, Panhellenic Treos. " 64. DAVE REED . - . Varsity Tennis lettermon three years (UCLA teom ronled number I in the country I965|. AL ROTHSTEIN , . . The Doily Bruin Editor-in. Chief 1963, Col Club Chairman, ond Blue Key Club. FRANK SARNOUIST . . . Uni-Comp Chrmn,, Out- standing member, URA. former Doily Bruin stoffer. 156 ...and service to UCLA NANCY SCHEUMAN . . . Uni-Comp Board and Councilor, Prytanean, Soph Swaethearts, ATO (Nursing), AXO Proxy. FRED SLAUGHTER . . . Senior Clots Prexy, Blue Key. Kelps. Yeomen, Bosketboll, Outstanding Senior Athlete 1964. DAVID TASGART. . dent, oppeored in Engineering Society Presi- ClA film, Gymnastics. TODDY TODD . . . Southern Campus Editor-in-Chief (Loyout- Copy ' 64], Pryloneon, Ponhellenic. Womon of the Month. JEANNE NORRIS VIDAL . . . Head Song Girl ' 64. Uni-Comp, Spurs President. Col Club, Prytoneon. EVAN WILLIAMS . . . Yell leader, Tour, foreign student — Greek II Blue Key, TA ' s USO Orient ■-in program. SAE pre»y. 157 W W] " HI 1 " ffl 151 " sj n umi -WTi!|| " Wl -fO " W Robin Abber Joe Abdo PottY Abe Ira Abromowiti Deborah Abroms Herbert Abroms Ira Abroms William Abronson Nancy Ackermon Robert Adomiec Dennis Adorns Margaret Adorns Allen Adoshek Yvonne Adler Mortyn Agens Cliff Aggen Richard Agins Rondi Agren Charles Aguado Albertino Agglrre Richard Ahronion Janet Albin Ezra Alhodeff Albert D. Allen. Jr. Judith Alien Michael Allen Suson Alien Michael Alpert Karen Alston Sonlo Amdur Doug Amidon Tetsuyo Anakomoto September 1961: This was the year that wos . . . Unl-Prep . . . endless Reg lines . . . tired feet but steadfast determination . . . smovuCTsI iiT?¥ ii]i i j 1 WI ' M fii] V J " Wl 91 Daira Anderson Don Anderson Evelyn Anderson Laurie Anderson Sorbaro Andrew Nicholas Anei Steve Antebi George Apostolides Anne Appel Dennis Appeldoum Edd Appleboum Victor Arkiniodeh Jonice Armbruster Richord Arnold Frank Ashook Kenneth Boer MufFet Bailey Tom Armor Carolee Art Tony Auth Steven Baham Diana Balme Clarice Armstrong Nancy Ashmore Soodobeh Aiar Chris Baida Bayonne Baird David Armstrong Richard Ashwor+h Ken Bachman Ken Boiley George Boldwln ... an introduction to the Greek way . . . Rush parties . . . beer busts . . . formal teas . . . Preference Night . . . " belonging " MMIP3} Alei Balian Annie Ballard Jonet Ban berger Alei Banachowski Janice BanduccI Randy Bonks Ian Bardin Bruce Barnboum Susan Bornes Heidi BarneH Bill Bassett Lorraine Beal Robert Bear Melinda Beover Andrea Beck Michelle Becker Borry Beckermon Robert Beenken Richard Beeson Joseph Begler Delores Beier Jim Beig Bonnie Belkin Michal Belknap Joseph Belles Jon Belson Reginald Bennett Scott Beresford Ruth Berg Paul Bergman William Bergjtrom Steve Berlin October: enfer+ainmenf abounded . . . Dave Brubeck Quartet and the Four Freshmen welcomed Foil sports season m -Wl M-M] tv f " W W f% Doreen Berlow Marvin Bernstein Davlda Best Beverly Binder Corlene Blackard Ralph Bloch Pete Blowitz Lillian Bobkowski Rosa Berman Phil Berns one William Bethard Hershey Binder Jim Blachman Robert Block Cheryl Blum Norman Bogdono John Bernardi Michele Bernthol Larry Blegel Phil Binder Marilyn Blokeman Marvin Blonsky Helen Blymenthol Carol Born Michael Berns Kenneth Berry Faith Bierbrier Margaret Black Anita Blank Roi Blue Ryon Boal Robert Bournes some proyed for strong westerly winds as midterms approached i vi " fr -r je-i . . .4i - :!];f i?TSw, ' .1[ 1!1 ' Tom Beck WIniton Bowen Lyman Bowerman J. Paul Bowlnkel Barbara Bradley Rich Brady Roy Bramhall Richard Bramson Linda Braudy Ellen Brean Dovid Bressell Robert Brewer Suianfie Brockman Susan Brodie Judy Broker Jerome Brookler Cynthia Brotius Barry Broun Beverly Brown Chorlotte Brown Criog Brown Diane Brown Fronn Brown Karen Brown Lowrence Brown Linda Brown Luella Brown Nelson Brown Steve Brown Carol Bruce Charlene Bruce Thomas Brunner November: the spirit of Homecoming . . . Jazz bands ' introduction . . . Chi Omega grabbing Olio Show honors Horry Bruckel Tadeusi Bugai Linda Bunting Mel Butler Alan Campbell John Carder Louis Carlone Jennifer Carter Terry Brutocoo John Bullard Jeff Surdick Ronald Coble Cheryl Campbell Gront Carichner Sheryl Cormel Sondra Carter Marc!a Bryant Suionne Bullock Jim Burns Diane Cain Carol Cannell Martin Corlin Kenneth Carrington Susan Coshion Gordon Buchanan Linda Bulmash Borbora Burnside Donold Coldwell Luis Cordemos Joy Corlisle Fred Carroll Richard Cavanaugh the lost time for house decorations . . . VW owners bewore ai bored exterior decorators looked for more eiciting diversion " FI " I - - - .0: , te ' • ■ - 3]J]J! ' ? ' S Gary Ceaion Mickey Chalfin Sue Chandler Robert Chatterton Fred Cherniss Penelope Choy Bob Christionson Rita Churukian Louis Ceppi Janet Chan Thomos Chapman Miranda Chau Sherry Chester Al Choien Karen Christopher Bessie Cimarust Sandra Cerny Kai Sun Chan Mary Eliiabeth Chorr Dione Chovira Carolyn Chin Shirley Chrisman David Chru Lino Cinga Kitty Chaffey John Chandler Joseph Chartkoff Patrick Cheng Steve Chodos Maren Christensen Sue-Fawn Chung Charles Clark PI edge Aucfion . . . the las+ time in the Coop . . . " How much om bid for this— oh— talenled pledge class . . . " m ! I 1 i i y » v P mtL .1 1 g i 1 M m P M 1 001 l l Hj rV py fl V A 1 C I— f jcT i « rv Bjk HHj H ' ' T ' 1 1 1 1 1 If- Lif R B H t 1 1 ■ ■ K i J W P A BB I 1 K.r Rees Clark Sondra Cloper Sandra Coggan Sandra Cohen Susan Clarke Stephen Coddington Ed Cohen David Cohn Stephen Cloypool Janls Coffin Fred Cohen David Cole Carlo Cloer Borry Coggan Jeff Cohen Fronk Collier Karen Collins Mory Collins Nancy Collins Sharon Colnor Barbara Connell Frank Conners Molly Connor John Cook Robert Cook Carol Cooper Fern Cooper Jan Cooper Wendy Cooper Ann Cornog Gail Coulson Etfie Councilmon . . fhe Mud Brawl . . . the Sophs showed what a year ' s experience can do . . . 5 I I2IiJ TJJ!2! Ed Cox Harvey Crespy Richard Crowell Dick Cutshall Frank Damon Jeanet+e Craemer Lawrence Crippin Julie Curland Lindo Doeschehner Stuart Daniels Peter Craig Sheryl Crockey Ron Curiis Thomos Daily Judy Dapper David Cromer Bonnie Crooks Judy Cushwoy Shorl Dolrymple Kathryn Dougherty Judie Davidson Morjorie Davidson Andreon Dovis Brian Davis Bryan Don Carol Da Diane Da Ed Davis ScoH Davis James Dawson Harold De Brwyn Durrell Decker Chancellor Murphy bestows final honors on Homecoming Queen Linda Dill . . . and then on to The Game " s ¥ ' m ' ?s W T1 ' ' y y A. 4 f ti Gail De Crow Beatriz de Oboldia Ester deObaldIa Ira Deyhlmy Peter De Leon Jacques Delettrez LIndo DeLevltt Frank Denison Don Dennis Robert Denny Nancy de Packh Diane Dessecker Jomie Deveuve Robert Colon Borbaro Diamond JefF Donfeld Miguel DIai-Gonialei Jack Donner MimI Dinin Rlchord Dooly Bruce Donatelli Dennis Dordigon Edwin Dorfman Elizabeth Doty Cathy Drake Elaine Oroge Ingeborg Drozdowski Leslie Drucker Luke Dru Robert Drudge Froncine Duchin Rudy Dumapias The Big Game . . . stormy weather, a moss of umbrellas, Victory, Bill Barnes at the mllce, the last time we beat ' em w u 25 iS5J John Dunmor Sharon Duroff Susan Durr Michoel Earl Jane Easter Joan Eberhart Tom Ede Keilto Eeiimo Pat Egbert Dove Eisenstodt Eilef n Elclnolca Fran Ellena Gail Ellison Caroline Emerson Marilyn Emerzion Lester Eng Steve Engel Evelyn Epstein Borboro Erdmon Elaine E. Erlandson Wilfried Ermert Beatrice Ernst Bob Erselius Robert Eskin Susan Espetond Donald Everett Fred Evans Morie Everett Louan Evorchukiati Kent Ewlng Randolph Martin Even Audrey Eiratty Rose Bowl 1962 . . . excitement, tenseness, fun and gomes, great expectations, final defeat . . . but a fight to the finish rm lf |]fi- : 7 fi IJ5 1:1175151 Borboro Fohey Koyoumars Fard BeHy Feinberg Marcio Feldman Dana Ferris Stuart Fields William Finestone Kathleen Flanagan Priscllla Foilla Robert Former Stephen Feinman Tina Feldman Jean Fer+ig Mark Fienberg Barry FInkel Allen Flans Beverly Folk Alan Farr Liso Feif ste!n Mary Fellciono Thomas Festo Lorraine Filibert Ida Fitigerald Susan Flai Harry Farb Julie Farr Earl Feldman Woyne Ferguson Karen Fidell Ken Fineman Jim Fitzpatrick Chorles Fleishman The season ' s over . . . footboll victories — fhe last lime during our four years — a Rose Bowl Rally . . Stephen Fleishman Ronald Ford Tebbie Fowler Michoel Francisco Robert Freedman Mark Friedman Joonn Fujimoto Charleen Furtsch Howard Fleming Mildred Foreman Martha Fox Edwin Franklin Alice Freeman Judy Frimkess Saeko Fujinami Martin Gofuert Patricio Flint Judith Forst Sheila Fox James Frautnick Perrie Freeman Stanley Frolichstein Leah Fulton Steven Gole Caroll Fogel Terry Fortney Don Francis Joon Frozier John Fremoling Joonn Fujimoto Michael Fung Paul Galyean The Kingston Trio en+erfoined with their folic music . . . folk from the TA Dept. gave the flicks a go-go . , WW ' sff J 7!ri : B flR ffl! I Lynda Gamburd Madeleine Gons Mary M. Gardner Greg Garrott Michaelinda Garrity Lorraine Garsfang Norm Gatiert Linda Goulding Richard Goydowsti David Geerdes David Geler George Geiger Pefer Gelfner Gail Gepper Jules Gerber Barbara Gerow Rosalie Gershon Sylvie Ger+menion Rita Gewant Dave Gibbs Poul Gilbert Karen Gilbertson Nancy Gllcrest Thomas Gillespie Mory Gilsson Dave Godley Charles Goldberg Jeff Goldberg Harry Golden Steven Golden Madeleine Goldstein Stephen Goldstein Speolters Progrom . . . Nehru on India . . . Fulton Lewis III on Operoflon Abolition . . . Nixon and Goldwater on themselves I 1 . " I ' JI ' J3 J. Sarah Golombel William R. Goodale Gail Goodman Joclt Gordon Grace Goto Linit Graham Louis Gram Jeanie Grant Dan Gondmann Jim Goode Suson Goodmon Judith Gordon Lee Gough Mortln Graham Don Grandi Derryl Gray Michael Gong Albert Goodman William Goodsen Richard Gordon Linda Goulding Neiloni Grohom Gobriel Granett Florence Groyson Fred Good Earle Goodman Clello Goodson Dave Goshert Sharon Grod Doris Grainger Goyle Grant Louise M. Green Musical notes of Roger Williams . . . Ello Fitzgerald . . . the Limeligh+ers . . . entertainment big time In the SU ' J 3 " 3 " £ " 2 1 ■ William Green Denise Greenbaum Ron Greenberg Horriei Sreenberg Leila Greene Dennis Griffin Shirley Griffin Eric Grosch Marsha Grove Bijon Guilani Theodore Grove Richord Gunde Baruch Gueron Lee Gunn Carolyn Guggenaster George Gutierrez 1 3 Bob Gyemant Morilyn Haggard Stephen E. Hoberteld Dennis Hahn Sumeira Hoddad James Hahn Lester Haddan Charles Hall Leonard Hail Robert Hall Vernon HoUgren Virginio Hollinen Howard Holm Margaret Halm Carolyn Hamilton Candy Horn the best of everything Irish . . . Dublin Ball . . . Smilin ' Irishman John Carter and Compus Colleen Diane Davis " 1! W Diane Hanger Neil Hording James Norman Carlo Haskell Ingeborg House hko Ole Helgesen Stephen Hellman Richard Hermon Dwight Hanger David Hardy Jonet Harris Eliiobeth Haskell James Hatlett Bob Heller Margaret Hendrle Sail Hetiand Manfred Hannemann Fred Hardy Robert Harris Anito Hasselbocher Williom Healy David Heller Dovid Hendryson Barbara Higashi Laoni Hannula Koye Hardy Richard Harsh Carol Hosselberg Shoron Heind Larry Heller Clarke Herbert Kenneth Higashi El Monte tilts UCLA . . . the beat, the mood, the frenzy ... a night of organized contortions by the Kelps for Un!-Camp " 91 " W t J EITSI " !! 1 I " fi " " 5? Kimiko HigashI Gary Hlger Mary Beth Higmon Williom Hildebrond Judy Hillls Francis Hilt Andrea Himes John Hinchey Virginia Hlppenstiel Dorothy Hirose Mike Hirsch Sue Hirschfleld Peggy Hitfle Jane HIavaty Charles Hoag Marilyn Hodges James Hodgson Shoron Hoetler Karen Hoffberg Ivan Hoffman Jon Hoffman Nancy Hoffman Richord Hoffman Grant Holcomb Jeritou Hollis Wendolj Holl;s David Holloway Sue Holmen Bruce Hooker Larry Hopper Maryamber Hopperstod William Horsfoll Mardi Gros for fhe Icids ... us, ours, theirs . . . Jerry Lewis. Soupy Sales. Joyne Mansfeld offered sophisficafion to the bods . . Ronald Horspool Mory L. Hruby Roger Hurst Jore Ice Thomas lino John Ingram Caryl Iwomoto Joanne Jocoby Peter Hor cn Judy Hulse John Hurter Jean Igowo Oanlel Ikenberg Jean Inouye Gerald liuml Soroh James 8arbaro Howard Pomelo Hunt Susan Hutt Rumil o lino Tim Mori Richard Ise Naomi Jocobs Ronald Jamison Janet Howard Betty Hurle Vivian Hwo Rumil ko lino John Imai Repelto Isrio Virginia Jacobs Louise Jonjigian Back in September . . . Rush again, buf this time on the other side. " Just checking 1 vji. i . ' tf I I}. W l| m " fi " WTW ;¥i " SI Bi " w f a- ' i i ' . J t . Roberf JanovicI Eileen Jasper Walter Jayasingfie Diane Jebejian Douglas Jeffe Dennis Jennings J. J. Jennings Rosino Jensen Horrlef Jester Carol Jeter Devra Joffe Gordon JoHnsen Ted Johnsen Christie Johnson David Johnson Diana Johnson Donald Lee Johnson Esperanio Johnson Joyce Johnson Marilyn Johnson Mitchell Johnson Nancy Johnson Althois Jones David Jones Glen Jones Jeri Jones Louise Jones Gary Joslin Joanne Jubelier Michael Judge Doug Juengst lliosa Jurkovic Presents: a chance to look them over ... a chance to choose or try to be chosen . . :r: " _- j. i i-. u S SI 3 J Paul Kalmar David Kamin Phyllis Konelchi Jerome Kanowitz Barbara Kaplan Donald Kaplon Leon Kaplan Paul Kaplan Steven Kaplan Jim Koprielian Pam Kartsmon Lilly Kofaoko Stephen Kate Karia Kaub Joan Kaufman Giorgio Kouten Kathleen Kavonaugh Grace Kaiumura Joyce Keller Kathleen Kelly Ron Kendis Morgoret Kent Ellen Kern Paulo Kerner Edward Khmoro GizQw Kifle Carol Kllman Han Kim Martha Kimball Merle King Mike King Michael KInoshlto For jocks of the disappointed or never-were varieties, card stunts were an answer. l ' :f_ ¥ " ' " " S " " W f " 1 " ]f " J " 51 Jl Kote KIrcher Susanna Kitohota Harold Klem Brigitte Knacke Barry Kohn Susan Kolinsky Donna Korol Olga Koulomilne Margaret Kirk Koore Kjos Sam Kline Phillip Knaiger Robert Kohn Carolyn Komoi Abby Korchek Stuort Kovolivker Chorles Kirkpatrick Judith Klopman William J. Kline Joon Knapp Steve Kohn Kerry Kono Don Korn Constonce Kramer Jerry Kisstck Jack Klasky Judith Klinger Lirdo Kobata Potti Koklnos Jay Koppelmon Arlene Kovolivker Lebo Kramer Missing Rally Comm cards, compliments of SC roo+ers . . . but the gome must go on (with old cards) . . . usual bouncy song girls , Wl W[ ' W W] Gerald Krasn Roe Kroop LoreHa Kuklnslcy Robert Kuramo to Dovid Labowiti Gloria Longe Frank Lotino Corol LeocJi Sandra Krasno Rolph Kubo Lindo Kunishima Dovid Kuroda Leonard Lamd Howard Longfus Michael Laton Irwin Lebowitz Irene Krauss Gunda Kuga Hiroko Kuno Morris Kusliner Don Lamm Carl Lantz George LaVlne Evelyn Lee Leslie Krevoy Jacelt Kugler Barry Kupper Marie Kwan Blokely Londell Kurt Lanti Bob Lea Linda Lee Spirit can be many things . . . many names ... a Kelp called Red Fox ... or a group working on a Homecoming float . 3s :§i " 5t5ifT? .w:s :S M ' M ' i ' g WMl Michael Lee Corolyn Leeson Terence Le Febvre Leonard Leinow Wayne Lemleux Dicit Lemon Terry Leonard Ed Lesko Kenneih Lesser Shigeko Leung Joyce Leuton Deanna Levin Jerry Levin Robert Levin Rosalyn Levin Sidney Levin David Levine Judith Levitz Larry Levy Marion Levy Nancy Levy Paul Levy Dennis Lew Dove Lewis DIanne Lewis Yvonne Lewis Lorraine L ' Herrou Lila Li Roberto LIchter Robert Llebmon Michael Liff Dennis Light Queen Gllda Lee and her Court . . . the tost year for moving floats and a Homecoming Parade Uf ' sis " ? " Sf " Hi 1 I Eugene Light Tom Linton Donna Liqutom Audrey Litman Linda Lockwood Larry Longenec er Robert Lopei Stephen Lovos, Jr Alfred Lin Rod Lipscomb Bonnie Lisenbee Carole Lloyd Bill Lockyear Tom Longrldge Joseph LoPiccolo Poul Loveless Deborah Lind Joan Lipson Pot Lisko Marshall Lloyd Gerri Logon Ken Lopez Ron Lorden Lester Lowe Janice Lind Loren Lipson Ernst Liske David Lock Judith Longbothom LIlia Lopei Tamora Losnick Keith Lowry Greek Week . . . pledge bodies for sole in the Coop . . . mutilotion on the fields ... It come but once a year . - - " Wl -Wn -M] nm -Ml ' m : ' ll Lorry Lucas Joel Lyie Michael Magasin Ron Malone Art Manning Delores Marinello Teresa Martin Myra Motlin Marlon Luenberger Peggy Lysinger Nancy Mognuson Worren Manchester Roger Maranda Goil Markham Frances Mason Shigeo Motsuhara Yousif Lutfl Nina Madden Mary Major Sirltlto Mandelln Deonne Morf eld Ponela Marlow Jack Mason Kiyoshi Matsuharn Betty Lutiky Simon Madete Borbaro Maltowski Mortha Manheim Janice Margolin Jean Martin Thomos Mastin Michele Moyer There were quiet things too ... a Christmos corol at the Chancellor ' s residence, and later on the Rows . 51 " flfi pn ? f f HJ l l ' Lindo Maynord Bill Moynord Arlene Manocco Florence McAlory Columbus McAlpIn Terrence McBride Dole McCollcn Linda McCrea Sheri McElliany Sandy Mcllvoin Steve McJunkins Roger McKee Pot McKinnley Gory McMurrin Donna McNeill Kenneth McPherson Susan McPherson Donald Meed Judith Melsels Marie Meloche Bernd Mendenholl Paul Mentier Jim Mercer Leslie Anne Messer Dorothy Metcalfe Koren Meti Shoren Meti Tom Metiger Carol Metmer Diane Meunier Kenneth Meyer Roger Meyer And culture too . . . " Death of a Salesman " " Conne on everybody, let ' s do the twist " and Peter Nero at the keyboard " 1 " Ji:f Carol Meyerhoff Charles Miles Gail Miller Susan Miller Hawkins Ming Gail Mitchell Arthur Molho Stephen Morehouse Ellen Mezerow Adele Miller Judy Miller Nancy Millikan Lucy Ming Larry Modes Jonathon Monat Robert Morgon John Mhina Brent Miller Julie Miller James Mills Okkih Minn Diona Mohme Jan Moorman Williom Morgan Craig Michel Daniel Miller Ronald Miller Christina Mllner Alice Mlsrahi Diane Mohr Marty Morehouse Kenneth Morlmoto Serenade by fhe Four Preps . . . Notoriety ran rampant as daring hashers burned their benefoctor, AXO housemother, in effigy Ill Susan Morris Judith Morse Kay Morse Elliot Moses Alan Moss Glen Moss Marianne Moss Sandra Moss Meredith Mount Leslie Mueller Richard Mulligon Gil Muromotsu Alexandria Murray Weldi Mwasakafyuka Juliet Myers Kunio Nakagima Takako Nakohlro June Nakaiani Fred Nameth Fronces Nominmatsu Alice Norahora Jerry Nosh Elaine Nathan Anton Nouiokaitis Rosalind Nebel Steven M. Nelvii Leslie Neuberg Joel Nevens Pot Newman William Newson Sandra Newton James Newwirth Entertainment, entertainment . . . Sunday Sessions in the Coop . . . Dick Gregory at his biting best Janice Ney Gary NieUen Jean NIshi Betsy Stock Noonay Grace Nunes Thomos Oberheim Vic Ogilvie Leonard Olds Whi+neY Nicholas Bernard NIetschmann Barbara Noble Mohommed Noonay Joseph Nunn Stewart Obermon Obedlon Ogulna Dione Olefsky Doug Nichols Katsuyuki Nlsht Gloria Noldon Eric Normon Estela Nuno Tom O ' Brien Lindo Ohmstede Judy Oliver Elliabeih Nictmon Naomi Ntshi Eileen Noodiemon David Noyes Graclelo Nuno Stanley Ogi Linda Okubo William Oliver Herve Alphand, Dos Passes, Ike ... a chance to heor f!r$f-hond from the greats " SlSf Roy Olofson Earl Olrlch Dorothy Olsen Russell Omey Guldo Ordonei Judith Oreck Leilo Orren Susan Osborn r ' Wl ' ?S 1!U Ten Otchls Joe Ouye Edword Otto Mory Ann Overlock Dennis Podrick Donald W. Page Dave Paley Christine Papageorgion Linda Paplernnon Michael Park Kathy Porker Teresa Porker Valerie Parker Arthur Parkins Alan Parks James Parnell Don Parris Bill Persons Karin Posanen Louis Potler Group entertainment . . . the Christy Minstrels and the ISA French festivities ... a certain joie de vivre James Paul Jordan Poust Ross Paver Kenneth Peacock ' " o ' 7 l -ffi 1 -« 75n|i -Ml Donold Peolrs Jonice Peck Thomas Pedersen Janet Peek Jeonne Peer Janice Peercy Neil Peggor Mory Louise Pekor Aline Peng Arlene Pepp Wesley Pepper Margie Percivol Jane Perottini Dick Peterson James Peterson Olga PeHus Vincent Penull Tuyef Pham Dave Philips Mark Plasecki Leslie Pierce Sam Pierce Corl Pierchala Cliff Pike Silvlfa Pilmonis Bruce Pitman Jeffrey Plokos Duncan Plasman Yvonne Plemon John Pokras Rossana Polacc! Niki Pollack Even with SherrI McElhany os Mordi Sros Queen there were pretenders. Joan! Somnners made It all right, as usuol S " ! " HI! Reuben Pomeranti Carolyn Posthumus JeFF Powell Marianne Purcell Vido Radvenis Jean Ramsay Marlys Ray Michael Reaney Candy Pope Gordon Potik Florence PraH Alexandra Quinn Karen Rafkin Robert Rangel Mel Roy Robert Reback Marilyn Popov Berryneice Powdrlll Dennis Pringle Zahoor Qureshl Syd Rahe Richard Rapoport Susan Roymond Carol Reck Karen Portugal Harlan Powell Linda Pupos Bonnie Rabinow James Ramos Sandy Rausch Michael G, Reoq an David Reddie Sometimes there were une«pected thrills at the Bowery Show. The gore at the Egg Throw Is always the some . . . Jack Reed Crista Regius Peter Rell Darrell Rexwinkel Sandy Richardson Richard Rierdan Robert River Joe Roberts Ruth Reed Donald Reltman Barbara Rendahl Kathleen Reynolds Barbara Richman Joseph RItchey Margaret Rives Ann Roberson Gary Rees Mary Jo Reintsma Diane Renwlclt Richard RiccI Arthur Richmond Ada RIttenberg Richard Roberg George Rogers Bohren Reeves Maria Reisch Larry Revian Warren Richard Carolyn Riddle Diane Rittersbacher Curtis Roberts Gerald Robson Spring Sing . . . Jack Lemmon got it off the ground . . . " Little One " won it for ATO and AEPhi, and everyone else frou B ' B l B Hi? it P 1 I HBt U ' T a E v P c fF 1 M T J JIJ I ' S15J IS J 7 A 1 ' fil Don Rojas Barbara Ronon Michael Rote Leonard Rosenberg EdM-ard Roller Carol Ronney Sheilo Roseberry Robert Rosenberg Italo Romano Gordon Rose Mar+i Rosen Sharon Rosenleld Miiogros Romaquin Howord Rose Cory Rosenberg Suianne Roshay Donna Ross Mory Ross Fred Roth Linda Round Martin Ruben Donald Rubenstein Eugene Rubin Sharia Rubin Don Rudln Ronald Rudman Joyce Rudnick Frontlln Ruehl Rodney RufFell Karen Rundqulst Bill Ryan Jim Ryon No+Ional TV by meons of " Hootenanny " . , . Lifting of +he Communlsf Speolcers Bon resulted in Dorothy Healey . . . 151 ]fl " — 1) KWJ I T H l " ] ! " l P l Al " W ' W » Susan Saaf Ted Sacal Bruce Sachs Wllllom Softer Bruce Sage Karen Sake Pum!ko Sakurado Joan Soleeby Jill SallsburY Albino Salizar Gordon Salmon Sue Salhman Zochory Samuels Marsha Sandelin Kathleen Sanders Karen Sonds Achille Sargentj Lawrence Sassone Betsy Saunders Susan Schaefer Joel Schiff Paula Schimmel AnneHe Schley Robert Schmidt Betty Schnoar Charlene Schofield Michael Scholet Bob Shoner Borbora Schor Thomas Schulman Dovid Schulti Pout Schur Race relations . . . Wallace versus CORE was one facet, while in another a not-so-ancient Greek pondered his plight 1 Wl Wl Steven Schwaber Marcia F. Schwarfi John Erwin Schwerdtfeger Kenneth Schy Kathie Schofleld Melissa Scott Warren Scovllle Winston Seorles Morionne Sebastian Dan Seigel Corol Seltier William Shachtman Mary Sue Shadel Gerald J. Shofer Mike Shaffer Rojendro Shah Ellis Shamash Susan Shane Leona Shapiro Norm Shopiro Robert Shapiro Walter Sharp Violet Shat+uck David Shaw Jerry Shaw Neil Shaw Maureen Sheehy Arlene Sheff Robert Sheff Jim Shelton Helen Sherman Judi Sherven Still another Greek Weelc, but " Upper Division " at last ... the third time around is a charm (or a bore) . Joyce Shibo Alice Shiota Jerome Shomaker Joel Siegel Michael Shields Pamela Shires Raymond Shonholti Irving Siege! Rachel Shimkin Ktm Shirley Philip Shrader Rito Siegel Cotherine Shiomi Carole Shirreffs Ston Shugarman Cynthio Siellng Charlo+te Silvo Judy Sllverglade Leslie Silverman Ronnie Silverstone Kothy Simos Dovid E. Simon Roberto Simon Corol Simpson Vickl Simpson Richard Sklar James Slack Linda Slomo Edys Slotery Ronald Slotes Fred Slaughter Cynthia Slovett A year of firsts . . . KUCW (re: KCLA or KBRU) and Project Amigos . 1W " SI Ifl T»l Bill Slots Elli$ Smith Larry Smith Clark Smithson Raymond Sokol Herman Spegel Henry Spelker David Stark Phyllis Smiley Grethe Smith Sheila Smith Jomes Snodgrass Brian Somodi Carol Spence Jim Spielmonn Lee Stark Bruce Smith Karl Smith Shonagh Smith Steve Snyder Helane Sosltin David Spencer Ina Stodalninlcos Marcra Stork Carol Smith Katharine Sm ith Suson Smith Bonnie Sobel Sharon Sponder Sandra Spiedel Jim Stanley Potrlcio Stork Juniors are more sophisticated? Not at the Big Gome . . . more resourceful, perhaps . . " W f S w 1 " HI " w Susan Stark Joan Storkweather Jan S. Stosiek Goll Steckel Dole Steele Stephanie Steelmgn Carol Stetanik Martha Stegman Harvey S+eln Linda Stein Alan Steinberg Susan Steinberg Fred Stephenson Steve Sterry James Stevenson Carmen Stewart James Stewart Charles Robert Stichter Rick Stiller David Stimfig Byron Stock Patsy Stone Sutanne Stout William Stoelxner Winnie Stone Llnnea Strandburg Nancy Stoll Bill Stosskopf Lillian Stratton Sherry Stonberg William Greg Stoulil Pom Stratton ISA to INTAC plus ISC ... a home away from home or foreign students . . . o learning place for Americans j«f? -SI -1! TT 1] ?P J?ll Shoron Streeter Linda Sturges Dick Sunderlof d Sandy Swanson Sharon Swensson ToshI Tokel Jinichlro Tanaka Samuel Tapper Howard Stromberq Lynne Sugimoto David Sung Velmo Swanson Frank Sierdaheiyi Diane Tokeuchi Virginia Tang Steven Tash Russell Stromberg Janet Sugiyama Joyce Sung Kay Sworthout Sumiko Tokogi Kimiye Takeuchi Noboru Taniguch! John Taylor Koreef) Sturgeon Thomson Sun Judith Swan Richard Sweeney Ryoko Takata Carol Tamkin Bill Tanner Stephen Taylor Tutorial Project was bone this year, but Vance Packard thought we were the ones who needed tutoring . . Morllyn Telec Sondro Thayer Sondro Thompson Karen Titelman Jim Tokunaga Joachim Torch Margie Traynor Rufh Trost Murray Tenenbaum Edmond Thompson Robert Thorson Paula Todd Noncy Tominaga Jacqueline Townley Joanne Treodwell Susan Trunk Thomas Tenorlo Edward Thomson Geroldine Thurltow Toddy Todd Thomas Tong Richard Troutwine Jane Treebs Richard Tse Joel Tessieri Jackie Thompson Romerio Tidwell Asao Tokunaga Mary Koy Tookey Arlln Trovii Ralph Treebs Yu ' ii Tsutsum The Dublin Ball ( " Who ever heard of a leprechaun named Chozen? " ) . . . We ' d heard of Joe and Eddie. -, » .- m " Sjfiii! ' T :if Jock TucVer Dick Underwood Valerio Unger Joyce Usui Charter Doy 1964 Ronald Voncellos Thomas Von Wormer Valerie Venger Sheldon Vihon John Wakefield Hollle Wolker Phyllis Vondeventer Frank Vorenchlk Nancy Vernon Jim VogI Borbaro Woksmon Ken Walker Lois Vongor Rolland Vosin Gory Vettel Michiko Wada Robert Wolcott Corol Wall Lorraine Von Meter Delbert Venerable Steve Vickfer Kenio Wakamatsu Jill Waldenberg John Wallace Toni Valestrino Andre Voiinonde Esmeralda Vallejo Jeff VonAndeler President Johnson and President Moteos of Mexico . . . . s it wt ' ' " ' - . ■ ' W ' i Bir - " i y Jf WW ' MJW 5 ' ' 1 n ? i ' 1 . v - . . Richard Wallace Walter Wollner DIone Walsh Dovid Wolfer Robert Wanti Shirley Warburton Borry Warner Corel Warner Brenda Warren Denise Warren Marit Washburn Sondra Wasko Jill Waterman Curtis Watts Helena Watts Aria Wan Kenneth Weary Margaret Weaver Jon Webb Thomos L. Webb Irving Welner Joel Welner Harvey Welnrieb Jerry Weinstein Rolph Weir Elaine Weisman Martin Weiss Lawrence Weitiman Julie Wellendorf Robert Wellmon Loyne Wells Janice Wendt . . . hoi sun . . . o full house ... a copter landing . . . uniformed codefs . . . mony Secret Service men . - — J f ' « V . - ■ ¥ 1 1 m W l9 ' Lavonne Westertund Ralph Whitley George R. Wilcox Donald Will Jonet Williams Dale Willlomson Howard Winer Bruce Wlnstein Joel WcHer Doug Wlckstrom Volerie Wilding Jim Willco Linda Williams Barbara Wllner Richard Winsberg Jim WiHenburg Bobbie Wever Thrulow Wler David Wildricl Evan Williams Marilyn Williams Orrle Wllner Mary Wlnslow Linda Wolf NUMBER ONE! . . . thirty straight ... our first time, but maybe not the last . 1 ' . . J]]f ¥lS]5 w ifl ll " ! " W " Wllliom WoK John Wolfe Fern Wollrich Don Wong George Wong Steve Wong 1 Wl Pl A Richard T. Wood Sandra Wood Zira Wood Sylvia Woodard William Worrall Margaret Worthlngton Betty Wright Peter Wright Richard Wright John Wuriet Thelmo Wyott Kothleen Wyland Emilie Wynne William Xenos Masako Yamada Fred Yamogishi Robert Yanabu Diane Yates Another greot concert with Bud and Travis, and another election . . , this time electing Our leaders for next yeor . . JIJJ 3 ' 3 IS. J! " Motonobu Yotoyomo Linda Yoslliawa Tony Zarindost Susan Zeesman Sheila Ziedmon Robert Zucker Pe ef Soo-Choul Andrew Young Cherie Zaroffltian Anthony Zenan Karl Zimmermann Fred Zufryden Edno Yoshii Harris Zaret Edward Zatkin Joseph Zichichi Beverly Zvanich Anna Zwaogstra MardI Gros af racfions . . . some old, some new . , . o specfofor more and more The reopening of the BA, under the pseudonym of Mom ' s. Truly a golo occasion. Some things a person gets used to . . . never Finols. 205 Anne Marie Appel Susan Jane Arnold Lenora Helen A+satt Andrea Louise Beck Richard Wayne Beeson Michal Robert Belknap Daniel Harris Bell David Charles Benjamin James Victor Berk Muriel Ann Birnstein Rosalind Ann Blue Marina Bokelman Judy Ann Broker Charlotte Sue Brown Karen Jane Brown Stephen Norbert Bunker Patricia Evelyn Byfield Thomas Gordon Campbell Delores Amy Cannon Carol Humble Carichner Penelope Kim Choy Frank Joseph Connors Jeffrey Alan Cooper Barry Alan Curtis Stephen S. Dole Don Douglas Davis Robert Roy Derbenti Linda Leslie Deutsch Renee Dunia Myra Esterowitz Ellen Elizabeth Estrin Frederic Ashley Evans Judith Mae Fabian Anolee Browdy Field Carole Ackerknecht Finn Howard Allbright Fleming Grant A. Fraser Dorothy Friedman Paul Hewitt Galyean Patrick Garabedian Richard Albert Gaydowski Martin Gene Gellen Donald Goldstein Joy Edward Gould Stephen Emil Hoberfeld Carole Ann Halpern Kenneth Hanson Robert Grogan Healy E. Allison Heisch Kathleen Ann Henkel Carol Lee Hoffberg Maryomber Shaw Hopperstad Joyce Celia Houdek Daniel John Ikenberg Nancy Diane Johnson Ernest Allen Joselovitz r. Audrey Joanne Joyce Steven Max Kaplan Kurtis Leroy Kasner Katherine Kircher Sam Abraham Kline Judith Klinger Donald M. Korn Thomas L. Kun Sandra Lee Laemmie Paula Leibowitz Lenore Levine Loren George Lipson Joseph Lopiccolo Louise Agnes Lott Larry Lee Lucas Patricia Elizabeth Marshall Joan Meisel Allen Paul Minton Rosmarie Morewedge Dennis M. Nehen Marie Louise Mordmann Sharon Lee Predmore Vance Calvin Purdy Kathleen U. Radinsky Ruth Margaret Reed William James Renton Arthur Dean Richmond Donna Natalie Ross Daniel Lee Rourke Bobbie Diane Rowden Alan J. Russo Paula Rosemanry Scott Alda Jean Shelton Doris Evelyn Starr Doris Evelyn Stern Paul Ronald Stevens Sherry Joy Stonberg Linda Story Richard Homes Sweeney Timothy G. Symonds Dionne Naomi Takeuchi Helen M. Trowbridge Frances M. Valadez Paula Ruth Van Gelder Elsa Gay Vineberg Patricia Wall Jill Marcia Waterman James Henry Webster Joel Larry Weiner Monica Irene Wendell Jill Mary Whittle Cameron Rian Williams Frank Lee Wilson Charles Wiseman Michael Joel Zoslow Steven N. Zwicker 206 P U P CO 207 James Bennett Micki Birnstein Eugene Choy Merrill Dean David L. Erickson Brian Forst Gary Fukasawa Sonn Ganimlon The GSA Chrlstmos porfy for married students ' children controsts sharply with the Disormoment Symposium . , Messerle Gedebou Howard S. Gro+h Paul Handels Shigeko Hoyashi Harold William Hofman, Jr. Joseph Horwi+2 William T. Lucas Marvin Luclterman Selma overtones . . . The Freedom Singers . . . Dr. John W. Caughey (History) spoke on his Selmo experience Mari-Aala Massokas Sharon McMahan Richard Milner George NIkolaychik Ernest Obe Shtvaji Ramalingam Krisna Shefty Gabriel Ulcporo World of Work . . . professional advice obout Ihe future and whaf it offers . . . the reoson behind the advanced degree 210 Steven Vickers Thomas Wong Arnold York GSA Charter Flight . . . almost an Institution . . . open to the whole campus community . . . the cheap way to Europe . riM-a fovAi oarcH A fei V£S h ¥ m i BON ' •ftuu, 211 GSA The GSA Executive Board Implemented new plans and programs for a more active and representative year ' s worlt. To many GSA is just part of the alphabetical jumble spewing forth from the dark corridors of Kerckhoff. But to others it is more ... to those graduate students who do more than go to required classes, go to work, support their families, and study. It ' s play government for the bigger kids . . . but much of play has a purpose. Increasing activities this year and making them more in line with graduates ' needs, GSA sponsored an Urban Crime Symposium in November, series of Departmental Sem- inars with visiting scholars, Poverty Seminar in Spring in co- operation with the Institute of Government and Public Affairs. The Graduate Academy, held in conjunction with All-U Spring Festival, explored the topic of " The New Africa. " GSA Coun- cil took stands on various campus controversies throughout the year In attempt to widen new communication channels opened by FSM. Committees were formed to probe incidental fees, foreign language exams, parking, the plight of the teaching assistant. Charter Flight to New York and Europe, the Serv- ice Center functions again offered reduced rates to members. Enthusiastic and hard-working GSA officers were: Esther Liu. Arnold York (President), and Craig Cunningham. h. ■ : 212 Sylvia, Barbara, and Esther ore responsible for the myriad duties of keeping the GSA office operating efficierftly. Tutorial Project children are treated by the SSA sponsored Instonf Theater group. Instant Theater ... an instant success. V M ! i -] w M ' ' 1 EH Hb i HP Bk t (h I 2 90 213 UCLA, fast on Ifs way to becoming a graduate canripus, places heavy emphasis on research, individual Initiative, and proctlcal experience. 214 Research ond lab work . . . essential in obtaining on advanced degree. Informal discussions and seminars with leading experts tn various felds and visiting professors aid graduate students In grasping material in depth In their chosen fields. 215 216 r- academics I a n — r-i I mi St ra tori 217 Kerr and the Regents... University of California President, Clark Kerr: a man of many facets . . . scholar, administrator, leading proponent of the " multiversity. " Steering between demands of student pseudo- anarchists and legislative traditionalists, he looked for the an- swer to such problems as a human form of mass education and a sensible form of academic freedom. His thanks, a dirty word. 218 ft 1 ► c K Kk ■- ' K J " A w ■ V i 1. .Jin Br ' : ' ' 1 vjLm ) ■ , " Urn f- 1 Kv 1 llT L w 6p r %i ...protest, decision, normalcy The Regents of the University of California . . . twenty-four men who are generally damned if they do, damned if they don ' t. On one side the students of FSM fame, on the other a state legislature known for its politics rather than its states- manlike qualities. Tuition, or another rise in fees to stave it off? Can you save a great university by weeding-out the poor? i-M -a.t Chancellors: Building a better market place ■K k FRANKLIN D. MURPHY, Chancellor With enrollment at UCLA passing the 24,000 mark, with ex- pected growth to 27,000 to be achieved In 1967, it becomes the task of that nebulous force — " The Administration " — to fulfill the hopes of these myriad students — to educate them in the academic sense, to promote their maturity, to broaden their viewpoint and understanding. The UCLA " Master Plan " includes the improvement and building up of the highest quality faculty, the adequate expansion and improvement of research and graduate studies, the improvement in quality of undergraduate studies, and the creation of a more focused sense of UCLA identity. The implementation of these perhaps grandiose plans will be carried out by Chancellor Franklin D. Murphy and the Vice-Chancellors. To sum up the plans for the future. Dr. Murphy stated that: " It is obvious that, for an institution still in a dynamic state of quantitative and qualitative growth, such a Master Plan cannot be regarded as being cast in concrete but must be viewed as a general road map, inevitably bound to be modified down through the years. " This is the Master Plan ' s map for future greatness. 220 WILLIAM G. YOUNG, Vice Chancellor FOSTER H. SHERWOOD, Vice Choncellor CHARLES E. YOUNG. Vice Chancellor 221 Deans: Chancellor ' s long right arm BYRON H. ATKINSON, Dean of Students Specializing in one aspect each of student life (from financial to physical), 16 offices comprise the Student Personnel Serv- ices. Headed by the Dean of Students, the Services function to aid students and are supported entirely by Incidental Fees. ADOLPH T. BRUGGER, Dean ot Men NOLA-STARK CAVETTE, Dean of Women HORACE W. MAGOUN. Dean of Graduate Division v t 222 ASUCLA backbone CHUCK SANT ' AGATA, ASUCLA Publicist WILLIAM C. ACKERMAN, ASUCLA Executive Director Behind the scenes of student government is the Student Serv- ices, headed by Mr. Williom AckernDon; it is a nnedley of uni- versity offices which daily coordinates and manages ASUCLA activities, operating in a realm everyone takes for granted. DALE SPICKLER, ASUCLA Progrom Director ROYCE HAMILTON, ASUCLA Business Manager HARRY MORRIS, Director of Publications 223 All the trappings A practical experience in education is utilized by the graduate students in Journalisnn. They write, edit, and print their own newspaper, the California Sun. Over 40 students work on the weekly paper which has a new staff and editor for each issue. Proper darlcroom manners are s+ressed. Information is obtained from the department ' s wire services. Photographs ore chosen by different stoff members eoch week. Two doys ore spent at the print shop putting together the California Sun edition. Once wri+fen, copy for fhe Sun is passed on to their print shop. There it is set to type by a group of professional tradesmen. The paper circulates 150 copies per week, given to national newspapers and journalists who study the efforts of students. Once the paper is fed to fhe presses, reading is the only woric left to do Brain research enters monkey business MARCONI, Macaco Rex, was kep+ for four years wi+hout exposure to light stimulus. He Is now a subject for auditor discrimination tests. Upon studying results of these tests it was found that his responses were more out of a need for light than for banana pellet food. Medicine and Research. Words almost synonynnous wifhin the context of UCLA. Brain research with nnonkeys the tools. A process that started with Pavlov ' s dogs early in the century is carried on at UCLA in search of the eternal mysteries about the conduct of the human mind — its workings, its failures, and why. Astro-chimps for the U.S. space program are trained, evaluated, tested in the Space Biology Laboratory established for the purpose by NASA. Poked, prodded, punctured by needles, starved and overfed. The tool con only wonder why. Bipolar electrodes in the deep structures of the brain are used on subject MAR- CONI to test electrical activity taking place during the decision making process. Comparative studies into the group discipline problem are undertaken in this seemingly teaporty setting where chimps are treated to apple juice and expected to behave as well-mannered four-year old children, their croniol counterparts. The surgical operating room is the scene of many an experiment to test the cranial capacity of animals under treatment as well as the place where electrodes are implanted into the brains of experimental cases. 227 Student teachers prep at UES The University Elementary School is an experience in learning for stu- dents and teachers, as it offers a chance for experimentation with new ideas in the teaching field, on a fortunate group of children rang- ing from 5 to 12. UCLA has the only laboratory school in the nation devoted to research in progressive education. Student teachers and supervisors guide and help pupils discover new limits in learning . . . language, mathematics, and self- expression are just a few of the lessons attempted at UES. Ad- vanced methods in mechanical aids are used by the instructors to further develop the character and minds of the students enrolled. Visual tools such as tape and video tape recordings are being utilized to capocitY. Weekly seminor meetings are held between teacher and supervisor. A major goal In progressive educotlon at UCLA is fo stress the right of the student to express personal experiences. Visual aids are begun at the eorliest possible level of learning at UES. Creative ability ronlts high among the pupils. A precocious beginning The means and modes of communication are of primary importance to a teacher at the elementary level. Enthusiasm and encouragement, the mark and duty of a good teacher, cannot be over-emphasiied. 230 A student teacher soon teams that the world oi education Is not always one of books end classrooms. Past and present, Royce Hall and the University Elementary School playground are within the scope of retlection os school ends — for today. Learning to produce a national pastime Theatre Arts. Motion Pictures, Television, the Theatre; the world of sight and sound on a piece of tape, or a stage set with the trappings of immortality. The newest division, Television, increasing and demonstrating its capabilities. A TV hook-up with use during Homecoming rallies. Miles of coble, tons of equipment, candid shots, and " turn around, you ' re a starl " Student cameramen and directors strive to produce professional results showing technique, talent, and taste 232 K The intricate world of cameras, monitors, and control panels engrosses the student studying television. 233 Graduate history: a demanding program 1- ' ri Perhaps the most enthusiastic members of the history depart- ment are the teaching assistants. It is difficult to imagine how one person can get so involved in teaching such interesting subjects as ancient Egyptian pottery and why Wilson hated his father . . . but they do. Many history students study for advanced degrees — they ' re the ones who seem a part of the library furniture. The department has one of the high- est rates in the nation of graduates returning to obtain advanced degrees in history. This year the Honors Pro- gram at UCLA was rejuvenated to aid the gifted students. More fhan a little studying is needed to help a Ph.D. candidate. i - TA ' s gain much of their experience by conducting small quii sections after lecture classes; these nneetings are nnandatory. Individual learning from group discussion is one of the many aims of the seminars offered fo the graduofe students. Passing the oral Ph.D. examination is the summit of accomplishment for a grod. Law School The bang of the gavel . . . the confident tones of the lawyer making his opening statement ... a strident objection ... an authoritative ruling from the bench . . . the sounds of a court- room at v ork. The true essence of the courtroom lies somewhere between Perry Mason and Blackstone, and it is this essence, this dichotomy between what should be done and what an individual can do, that the UCLA School of Law attempts to capture in its moot court sessions. With the initial stress on painstakingly thorough preparation, and with the result so de- pendent upon performance and presentation, the law student quickly learns low ' s second dichotomy. It is in the crucible of the moot court that this knowledge is formed and founded. }l .V ! i Business: the MBA-A... Both individual study and research are complennenfed by the daily exchange of views among partici- pating graduates. Such explanatory sessions otten foster better understanding of the subject. Business execuffves served as visiting lecturers and arbitration hearings brought problems to class. Fast on its way to becoming solely a graduate school, School of Busi- ness Administration began a new program this year, MBA — Plan A. The eighteen original participants in this two-year program of inte- grated studies in professional man- agement are from undergraduate backgrounds other than business. Aimed at developing well-rounded business executive, the plan is built around the belief that a widely dif- fused knowledge will more ade- quately equip the student to cope with business problems. Comple- menting faculty-team system, pro- gram offers a chance to learn from business, industrial executives while at the same time offers various field work expeditions to acquaint the student with the practical side of the future business world complex. 238 plan, new dimensions A field frip to the Borax Open Pit Mines at Boron ... a close first-hand look at the construction site. Informal discussions and question-ond-answer periods provide the means for individual initiative In favorite work oreos. 239 240 gv?r ? f i ' ftr V - " •C e - ■ ■. . j .f :. .■ ■ .••1 ._v;. f m i. V HIv i|. u ' ' •■• : m P r J v ■ ' r ' A k ' vK m » .5 " ' ?-«- ' , ' ,- m f f . m as UCLA 241 ASUCLA President and Vice President JEFF DONFELD ASUCLA President Jeff Donfeld soon found that fhe functions of a leader are as much that of scape- goat as of administrator and keep- er of promises. Trams, the parking problem, and an enlarged Collo- quium were all Donfeld concerns, but implementation of the first was criticized and unsupported, while the second, unfortunately, was un- desirable to the powers that be in city government. More than a job, the position was an education. Taking her rother ambiguous job as Vice President of the Associat- ed Students in a characteristically serious manner, Gerri Logan man- aged to do more than merely serve as official hostess for the campus. Gerri wos dominant in the planning of the annual SLC Retreat, was an integral part of the committees to formulate the new ASUCLA Constitution and By-laws, and worked to coordinate the campus women ' s groups. GERRI LOGAN 242 Student Legislative Council Elected members of SLC ond guests met weekly to debate, discuss, and once in a while pass a resolution. BOB GLASSER DICK LEMON " . . . in violation of the ASUCLA Cons+i+u+ion. " Facing resignations based on principle and impatience, SLC continued in its effort to coor- dinate academic and social activi- ties for the sake of a variegated student body; for the commuter and university community as a whole, SLC publicized the Tavakoli parking battle on public interest in placing parking restrictions; for the patron or would be patron of the Student Store, a trial period for accumulative discounts on paper- backs was won; for the hoop root- ers, a salute to John Wooden; for those steadfast souls who cared enough to even murmur " Rah! Dammit, Rahl " , a public commen- dation for Julie Benvenlste and Al Chozen. Hoping to counter a por- tion of the ever present apathy, SLC strove to prove to Bruins that there is some bit of truth in the saying, " an effective student gov- ernment can benefit all " . . . the justification used perennially for the existence of SLC at UCLA. 243 JIM BERGLAND BOB MICHAELS MARGIE BLAH DAVE CLARK 244 DENNIS ANTENORE JEFF COHEN BECKY SICCARDI RANDY GIBEAUT TUDOR WILLIAMS 245 CANDY HAM STEVE VICKTER AND DAVID LAWTON TOM SANDOR AVIVA BRUNNER RUTH ANSON BOC and BOG BOC: (seated, l-r) K. Meyer, J. Donfeld, R. Goldstone, A. York, P. Gordon; Deon Brugger, Mr. Ackermcn, Dr. Honnum and Dr. KeUhly. Purse strings, f nancial conscience, Hght wads, or just another committee — which would you apply to the ASUCLA Board of Control? Whichever you may choose, Board members still hold power to appropriate annually (or to not appropriate, or to trim) funds SLC requests. BOC also allocates salaries of pro- fessional and student workers within ASUCLA bureau cracy. The Board of Governors is responsible for providing a varied and worthwhile program of cultural, social and intellectual activities for campus community. This year BOG continued with KELP cleanup for the Coop. Stage productions, concerts, and photo exhibits were sponsored by the committee. Also, a series of popular films was shown in the Grand Ballroom. BOG: (seated, l-r) T. Blxby, R. Sltzmon, A. Soraydarian, Mike Josephson, B. Shapiro. Potty Cohen, Potsy Child; Mr. Ackermon, C. Cunninghom, Dean Andrew Horn, P. deLeon, Mr. Dale Spickler, D. Clark, Dean Charles McClure, and Dean Russell O ' Neill. 247 Homecoming Committee Countering those Westwood merchants with No-Go ' s, capturing campus atmosphere with " Rah! Dammit, Rah! " theme, tearing the rain, the snow, ond the eternal SC students. Homecoming Committee was responsible tor coordinating and organizing oil activities during Homecoming. Members are: (top row) Cheryl Bath, Peter Craig, Karen Rundqulst, Shirley Warburton, Beverly Folk, Thomas McPharland, Kathy Single, and Ken Green. Members shown seated are: Stevie Klein, Bill Asbury, Dale Hypes, Ken Hitchcock (Chairman), Marti Moore, Kathy Kelly, and Catherine Gardner. Elections Board 248 In charge ot all ASUCLA elections, the Elections Board approves candidates ' posters and leaflets, holds on orientation meeting for the candidates and checks their eligibility. The Board also manages poll workers who man voting stations. This year IBM voting cards were used for faster results of the elections. Boord members are: (seated) Nina Valentia, Ethel Cullom, Sandy Coggan, Nina Madden (Chairman), Donna Kent, Barbara Makow- ski, and Kerry Foreman; (back row) Dianne Lewis, Suzanne Russell, Leslie Brotchner, Joe Conillo, Marsha Bernstein, Peggy Adams, (Vice-Choirman), Marti Moore ond Barbara Sedlak. The Elections Board ' s operations this year ran smoothly with the exception of the rain during the Spring elections. Student Judicial Board Studenf Judicial Board handles cases !n such diverse areas as student discipline, constitutional questions, and infractions o( elections regulations. Members of the Student Judicial Board, working closely with the Dean of Students ' office, must demonstrate superior academic ability, pass a rigid elimination test, and solve test cases before on examination board. Members of the Student Judicial Board assemblage were Bob Cohen, Dick Cutshall, Bob Sitzmon, Judy Oliver, Lorry Biegel (Chairman), Linda Reiss, Pete Hocsi, Brian Shipton, Rich Shulenburg, and Mike Josephson. Finance Committee Acting as o screening board for all budget requests for SLC and ASUCLA, Finance Committee operated this year on a wide variety of activities. Passing a request for on additional allowance for the ASUCLA Publications, the Committee acted in just one of Its many financial matters. Under Chair- man Jim Perisho, the board made recommendations to SLC on all budgets presented the student body. Members of FiComm were; Steve Sterry, Dale Spickler, Pete Blowitz, Judy Silverglade, Jim Perisho, Kathy Single, and Sharon McMahan. They olso handled matters of student octivity fees. 249 AMS k . 1 AMS . . . Associated Men ' s Students ... a monster or- ganization . . . and Jeff Cohen ... a man among men ... is the President. Jeff Cohen . . . fearless . . . perspicacious . . . fabulously inept. This was a biq year for AMS . . . Orienta- tion . . . Spring Sing . . . tutorial programs (even one for Jeff Cohen himself). And at the height of the Bracero crisis, when it looked as if this great nation of ours would face a grave vegetable shortage, it was none othe r than Jeff Cohen who proposed Lettuceless Mondays, Asparagusless Wednesdays, and Brussel Sproutless Saturday Nights. Oh, we ' ll miss you, Jeff Cohen! But we find solace in knowing that when someone asks " Who are you? " you can answer: " Why I ' m Jeff Cohen, a man among men. " And he ' ll spit in your face. Thinking up various and numerous fictitious AMS activities were Rich Levin (Vice President), Jeff Cohen (President), and Ron Malone (Treasurer). Spring Sing, the traditionally AMS-sponsored event in the Spring, again happened this year despite Jeff Cohen ' s presence. 250 .-arfl i? ?S I ' ,-7- --i ' i »• :.■; Vj AWS sponsored fashion shows were planned and modeled for by Fashion Board members. AWS AWS Executive Commlffee with Advisor Dean Cavette. AWS ... an organization completely uncommitted to Jeff Cohen. The Associated Women Students has sponsored ac- tivities ranging from a High School Orientation to Uni-Comp Day to the AWS Banquet. A Fashion Board, a Philanthropy Committee and a Speakers Committee operate under AWS guidance. Also, this year AWS co-sponsored a Christmas Party with Tutorial Project for kids in the project. AWS Women of the Month: (l-r) Peggy Adonns, Jill Kainu, Shirley Warburton, Candy Honn, Lorraine Beol, Kothy Single, Dole Hypes, Nina Madden. Not shown: Gerri Logan, Dru Cumnnlngs, Morianne Sebastian, Judy Oliver, Christine Church, Toddy Todd. 251 The classes organize... Freshman class officers are, left to right, Lisa Victor, Randy Gibreaut (president), Jody Choien, and Jill Goodman. The fresh- man class and the sophomore class were co-sponsors of the Harry Belafonte concert during this year ' s Homecoming Week. The Sophomore Senate was organized this year. The council represents the different ideas of the various sophomores on the campus. Officers of the Senate ore, left to right. Bob Michaels, (president), Kathy Wooten, Pris Plaster, and Peter Lasser. 252 .with which did you identify? With Tom Sandor as Prexy, the Junior Class sponsored the Peter, Paul and Mary concert. Assisting with plans and arrangements were: Pete Hall, Brian Shipton (Treasurer) Sharon Ludlam (Secretary), Pom Sims (Veep), Dale Dickey. Led by active and almost forceful Dick Lemon, the Senior Class finished off their undergraduate career with some co- herence. Officers were: Steve Haberfeld (Veep), Bev Brown (Secretary), May Lee Muldoon (Treasurer), Dick Lemon. 253 INTAC... The hora, a round table discussion, o Swedish smorgasbord . . . all are part of rapidly growing UCLA international student organization known as INTAC. Founded in 1963 in an effort to organize UCLA ' s large foreign student population (14 per cent of the registered student body) and integrate It with the rest of the campus, the International Affairs Council has en- joyed consistent success in its sponsorship of the various programs aimed at promoting this goal. Since UCLA has the third highest foreign student and scholar population, comprised of 1,814 persons from 98 countries, the need for a vigorous international student group has long been apparent. Coffee hours, dances, and seminars, dinners featuring native foods prepared by the students themselves, and cultural pro- grams . . . activities designed to promote friendship and un- derstanding — a feeling of home rather than strangeness. More than a place for the lonely student, INTAC is a place in which peoples from antagonistic nations may participate in a more peaceful intercourse than usual language of politics. Guests of Scandinavian Nighf at ISC were Norwegian Consul and wife. Homecoming . . . INTAC members busily assemble their " Let Us Awoken " float for the No-Go show. 254, friends, and belonging Eastern flavor adds an element of exotic to INTAC entertainment. Internationol entertainment . . . singers, dancers, comedians, story-tellers . . , here are the comic and behind-the-scenes plonner of wonderful Scandinavian Night. Special talents, an innate love of music . . . both are demonstrated at parties. Folk songs and dances performed by natives of various countries show the rest of us a side of that country which we before never realized. 255 Woodsiness is... Camp Board, meeting throughout the school year, learned that worthwhile summer camps don ' t occur spontaneously. " . . . as an effort by UCLA students to understand and bene- fit .. . the less fortunate from their community. " So Gram Gunther explained the beginning of Uni-Camp thirty years ago. The summer program has been expanded today (there are two separate camp sites, and last year over 750 chil- dren attended, including diabetic, blind, and under-priv- ileged), and an emphasis is now being placed on a year-round follow-up program in the hope of maximizing summer benefits. 256 " Quick, Ronny. If you can ' t catch it, then stab It. We ' ve got to hove something besides berries tor dinner tonight. " " Wish I could remember whether the ranger said this hike took four or five hours. ' Tutorial Project Teachers provide the Information, but +he understanding of what an education nneans usually must come from someone else. Try to encourage pride in the student ' s work . . . but when this is not successful, then what? The youngsters are in school, perhaps gradually adapting to their work, but some still drop out. Tutorial Project was founded at UCLA on the theory that the number of drop-outs can and should be reduced. This year the emphasis was on expansion. Assistance with schoolwork, field trips, football games, and family visits . . . Tutorial Proj- ect hoped to encourage an understanding and a will to learn. 258 publ ications 259 Daily Bruin: Cheap at half the price The voice of the campus . . . fhe blgges-f monopoly In West- wood . . . few people like if . . . everyone reads if . . . fhe Daily Bruin — one of fhe mosf griped of acfivi+ies of UCLA, buf wait ' til fhe Monday after vocation when there is no DB on the stands. The Bruin has had fhe usual internal problems this year of staff members not returning and some resigning, buf that ' s par norm. The Bruin, under seemingly quiet Phil Yaffe, has crusaded this year for small yet important changes on campus . . . Increased school spirit, 5 t coffee refills in fhe Union, fewer letters to fhe Editor (this must be an excep- tional year), and support of fhe RFSM. You don ' t see or find the " Big Seven " shaking fists and yelling at cops and being thrown in jail, buf you read what they want to say and you listen . . . for fhe Bruin has a mighty voice on this exten- sive campus and regardless of what you think, you listen. PHIL YAFFE. E dHor-in-Chlef KAYE HARDY, Managing Editor ARNOLD LESTER, Sports Editor v: DON HARRISON, Editorial Editor REES CLARK and JOEL BOXER, City Editors TERRY LeFEBVRE and TONY TAMBURELLO, Business Manogers MIKE ZELL, Features Editor 261 The Upper S+oH oi the Bruin organiia+Ion boasted the many talents of Kathy Orlotf, Society Editor; Dianne Smith. News Editor; Kofhy Snow, Research Director; and Poulette Benson, Assistont News Editor. Miss- ing from the picture of the Bruin organiiatlon ore Roy Shonholtz, Spectra, and Larry Goldstone, Intro. In the center of all the typical chaos of the Bruin newsroom sit some of the staff: Roy Shonholtr, with Hardy. Boxer. Smith, and the gang all around. 262 Satyr: Cheap at any price BRIAN ROBBINS, Foil Editor JOEL SIEGEL, Managing Editor Hacsi to Slegel to Sheorer to Rob- bins to White ... a bizarre triple play? No, it ' s simply Satyr editors changing with the speed of light. As with the Presidency, editing Satyr tends to age a man. Robbins, otter serving a short term at the helm, turned over the coveted editorship to Satyr ' s perennial As- sociate Editor, Steve White. White, who denies he gained the position by sleeping with all the past edi- tors, promises to keep turning out the kind ot biting satire that has made Satyr the top ranked college humor mogaiine in the country. (Based on an impartial survey taken among the past four editors.) STEVE WHITE, Spring Editor I 263 SoCaiTi Most SoCam editors either drink o lot or hove a breakdown, but Toddy Todd, stressing as always the theme of Diversity, broice into a delicote red rash. Her vocabulary remained most blue. The 1965 Southern Campus was a fighting institution. Besides fighting the traditional battles with wandering and or non- existant staffers, phantom janitors and apocalyptic hangovers, this year ' s SoCam was forced to tilt with the various dissident and bureaucratic forces which tend to make UCLA an unique institution. The contest was bloody, the outcome not quite clear; but then — at least in more philosophical moments — vindication is almost as satisfying as victory. The theme, Diversity, was selected as being perhaps the only word which can encompass, if not capture, the reality of UCLA. Diversity is a vague word, but UCLA is a vague school. It ' s a place of paradox in that everything it is, it ' s not. It is Diversity. Art Editor Sharon Colnar ha ndled her job efficiently and with a certain flair, despite the feuds and momentary violence which her artistic temperament seemed to inspire and demand. 264 once a year is enough Taking her title far too literally, Associate Editor Sally Beeson could usually be found associating with the low-lifes of the campus — rarely in the SoCom office. Mllte Kerley — Super Theologian, Sodlst, Ladies Man, Copy Editor. Obviously oblivious to this profusion of titles, Mike managed to find his way in ond out of the university often enough. Copy Editor Suzonne Russell, attempting to adhere to So- Cam tradition, pretended that Miller ' s was her staff of life. Mornings after proved French fries ore the only way. 265 Bruce Pitman, Layout Editor, thought up the bosic design of SoCom layouts but later thought his porHolio, ie. his diploma, and Bobbie more impor- tant. Sally Hartzler took over In midstream as Office Manager, while Shori Dalrymple handled the phone and appointment book as Photo Editor. Occosionol office haunts Included: Dove Treiman, the Ghost ' s little brother and general helper; Perry Van Hook, office mascot, contest enthusiast and PR man; Barry Hammond, copy writer; and Jay Kenoff, who created mony a great article unfortunately most of which did not pass the censors. 266 So Cam Wretches Every year ot SoCom there are those who " finit out " on their prescribed duties. This was a year filled with numerous such occurrences. But chief among those so doing were: Note Shonmon, Sports Editor, inept, sloppy, unrelioble, who left his job right when the rough work and the deadline approached and passed; Fyllis Shonman, one time Office Manager and Sports Layout person, had good ideas about layouts but paid no attention to form ond style while missing all existing deadlines; Terry Brutocao, Business Manager, who must have been under mistaken idea there really was no business to monage. Was proven untrue. Communications Board CommunicaHons Board, like all new creations, had its ups and downs. Placed in powerful position over all ASUCLA publica- tions and KUCW, Chairman Bob Glasser and his trusty crew rode a path strewn with editors ' tempers — If not their heads. Problems of the year were myriad . . . staff approval of the DB, a light table for Satyr, does SoCam really need more than 1 00 pages, to Westwlnd or not to Westwind, does Comm Board really need a secretary. Mutual distrust, a fighting rivalry be- tween two camps — that of publicist, that of those actually producing. Well, somehow it all worked out . . . SoCam, Bruin came out (on time); Westwlnd found an editor; KUCW was broadcasting; Satyr was a delight. Who hated whom and why? Members of the first independent Communications Board: (seated) Mr. Walter Wilcox. Clifford W. Lazor, Heidi Stengel. Joel PecV, Dean McClure; Phil Jaffe. Dennis Antenore. Bob Glosser (Chrmn.). Not shown: Rosemary Aim. Jeff Donfeld, David Poleti, Mr. Horry Morris. 267 Photo Staff... 268 Behind the scenes of SoCam are nnembers of ASUCLA Phofo Deparfmen-f . . . persons responsible for the visual presen-fation which makes a yearbook what it is. Ringleaders . . . well, there ' s Stan Troutman, leader of the gang; Frank Halberg, man with camera and the action in the Campus Studio; Stretch Hussey, man in charge of SoCam account; Norm Schindler, queen- shooting champion who could laugh it all off; Stanley Mindel, darkroom expert who could turn out hundreds of prints when going got rough (as it usually was). Student photogs, darkroom assistants . . . Alex Ballon, Gordon Pullin, Nelson Salez, Patti Rusk, Matt Hinton took on off-hour, night assignments while learning fine art of yearbook photography. Girls up front . . . Jan, Candy, Francie . . . well, they looked good. Judi wrote or- ders, forced us to pay. " Well, it ' s tea time; the office is yours. " " IM 269 KUCW: Platters, Patter, and Plato Barry Haldeman discusses broadcast strategy with Engineer Richard Holmes. The ever-expanding wing of Communications Board extended a bit further this year to enfold fledgling campus radio station KUCW. After a shaky start which featured two changes of name and a bitter struggle over acoustical tiling, the station was firmly entrenched in the old Student Union listening rooms. Under the able leadership of General Manager Barry Haldeman, KUCW has become a Bruin listening habit. Mod- est, able Barry attributes much of the station ' s success to the fine work of his staff. " With shows like ' Costis Ramerez plays Greek Favorites ' , how can you go wrong? " ponders Barry. Broadcast sound boxes ore used by Rich- ard Holmes and Announcer Vol Tierney. Transmitting Engineer Stuart Evans led the staff in broadcasting technicalitie .servxce and honor 271 Anchors Marilyn Boronov Bovvrly BuiK francvico CaHar Mary Ann Cols Pam Cr«ssey Cvleite Dolan Anno Moy Elder JoAnn Giltton Carol Goodkin Beverly Goodman Milo Grgurevic Sharon Hamilton Marilyn Hill Lily Hood Diane Rittersbacher Jane Schmidt Janet Russell Borbaro Seng Frances Shaw PoHi Steinmon Mary Stewort Marilyn Sullivan Carroll Woldron Yvonne Yates A luncheon, a field trip to Point Mugu, the Christmas party for kids at the Med Center, participation in the Toys for Tots cam- paign, another luncheon (this time at Bullock ' s Westwood), and participation in Armed Forces Day at Forest Lawn . . . Anchors were busy with quite a variety of activities this year. Socially, the Anchors enjoyed attending the Military and Naval Balls. Shoron Johnion Rose Mory Kimble Linda Kriwanek Corol Lippincott Judy McKay i Mory Beth McLoughlin Normo Narky Jone Newberry Kim O ' Connor Diana Roe Sondy Richardson An exchange barbecue with Conning Tower proved quite exhilarating. 27 2 Conning Tower Steve Adams Kent Ewiog Dove Goihert LeeGunn Robert Meiuner Stephen Morehouse Carl Nagy John Self Stonley Thompson George Blery Don Gist Eric Groich James Hurley Roger Meyer Jim Murphy Doug Nlchofs John Sutton j;m WiHenburg Tuesday noon on the field . . . bent shoulder boards . . . parties with Anchors . . . joint-sponsorship of Military Ball — this was the year for Conning Tower, honorary for Navy ROTC Mid- shipmen. Service training at a civilian school . . . the goal of reaching " Ensign " (perhaps higher for a few), war tactics, dis- cipline, summer cruise, leadership training. They ' re NAVY. The Christmas exchange with Anchors brought out hidden talents of Conning Tower nnennbers. Future officers or the Pied Piper? 11 ' i i 1 1 ; ; i 1 1 V P I n Bt h ' ' 11 t 1 SI ' J mW k rfiiJ ik kJPI « _JKi ' . •i ' i ;■ 0ir. 1 Pi la _ J t 1 ' KL I H - " iii 273 Angel Flight Marcio Bloy Louris B!H»r DuHi BrM» Ccrolyn Burnt Noncy Collins Chrittin Cooka Carol Coop«r Kathy Dohlgren Dsnny Etkot Michsle Fahey Shirle Fessenden Judy Gilbert Christine Gothotd Cathy Haber Rotsmarie Howalls Anita Meyer Goyle Mindling Lucky Peorl Linda Roienthol Judy Rowland Sharon Rutherford Corol Smith Dionne Smith Lir da Smith Barbara Stociihouse Lindo Topham Potrlcio Temple Condy Voilloncourt Krisj Wegner-Honssen Lii Worcester Angels enjoyed a very active year. Comnnander Carol Cooper led the girls to the Area Conclave in Tucson; in November the Angels nnet Air Force Academy cadets at the airport before the UCLA-USAFA football game; the pledge breakfast surprised Arnold Air Commander Steve Kamm as well as the actives; and the highlight of the year was the trip with the ROTC drill team to compete in Washington, D.C. 274 Arnold Air Society Merrill Austin Jim Beitzel Mike Chamban John Memirdjion Pat Egbert Howard Guiles Dove Heocock Steven Kamm Craig Martin Noel McForlom Willlom Peter Tom Settler Richard Snow V Larry StuppY r Dave Voigt Ken Walker Jomes White Jim Whitsett William Wicket John Wolfe Richard Wright As the honor-service fra+ernify for the AFROTC, the Arnold Air Society participated in Homecoming, Spring Sing, Mardi Gros, and the blood drive. UCLA ' s William Peter officiated at a Conclave held in Tucson in October and the Captain Don Brown squadron was headquarters for Area I (includes four- teen universities) and sponsored the outstanding Drill Team. For Arnold Air Homecoming meant ... a float and Angel flight. 275 Alpha Epsilon Rho Alpha Chi Sigma Alpha Rho chapter of Alpha Epsilon Rho, National Honorary Radio-Television Fraternity . . . Highlights were many, rang- ing from the Video Arts Special — an evening of outstanding student television productions — to AERho National Conven- tion held in Houston. Student productions on grand scale, criti- cal judging, an always active format, were keys to the year. The nation ' s largest professional chemistry fraternity is Alpha Chi Sigma. This year they directed the social and academic activities with the Department of Chemistry. President Del- bert Venerable assited with the weekly film series, the semi- annual reception for Chemistry professors, and annual Spring Awards Banquet which honored outstanding students in Chem. Bill Reih David Show Oo ld Smith Tom Sutch Kellk Voider Zyl Oelberl Ven.roble Ik 1 mM 276 Alpha Tau Delta (front) Jean Kerr Joyce Wiechman Miriam Sutherland Karen Collins Carol Boyle Barbara Pawl Spring President Nancy Schellmon (back) BeHy Wright Betsy Robeson Jan Moorman President Karen Hellwig Nancy Budnick Helene Cohen Mrs. Schofield FacultY Advisor National fraternity for women in nursing is Alpha Tau Delta, whose mennbers develop an organization which will reward ef- fort through merit awards, scholarships and grants. Jan Moor- man was Fall president. Alpha Tau chapters are at colleges which have a basic degree program in nursing. The society is a member of the Professional Panhellenic Association in the U.S. The honors proseminar and informal discussions in professors ' homes ore means used by Pi Sigma Alpha, national political science honorary, to further its goal to improve communica- tion between faculty and students within the department. Un- der the leadership of Robert Kohn and Robert Freedman, n A presented the " Professor of the Year " award for excellence. Pi Sigma Alpha (front) Lee Silver David Kopiin Charlene Bruce Robert B. Freedman Judy Oliver Robert Kohn Paul ZnoclEowski Edwin ScKreiber (back) David Kamins Brian Weiss Alan J. Russo Frank Conners 277 Alpha Kappa Psi Riekord Akronian Curt Blomttrand Kimberty Bool Normon Bogdonow L»on Coopsr Bryon Dovij Howard Fuhrmon Greg Funke Dwight Gotton Mike Gov Horry Golden Hillord Gordon Clorke Herbert Bruce Hooker David Lobowtti Robert Lopei Jomet Neuwirih Jim Nowell Donold Page Peter Rell Alei Retnick Montiel Rodriguez Marie Rofer Ted Socol Zoch Samuel Bob Schreck James Slock Iro Swarh Doug Wickifrom Alpha Kappa Psi fraternity was established for male students in the School of Business Administration and the Dept. of Eco- nomics. The society offers professional, social and service-to- school activities. Weekly business meetings are held, with a monthly professional dinner meeting. Clarence Huizenga was advisor; AKP sold blue books in the SBA library during finals. ROY OLOFSON and EARL FELDMAN 278 Alpha Lambda Delta Phi Eta Sigma Sunny Amdur Boyonn Baifd Jontf Bamburqtr ElUn Bor.f Bob Borlon Michavl Bvtknap Anthony 8«rnhar Sandy Blu Marclo Brookt St««« Brwc« Lm CoKan Oov Clark Wllliom Combs Leslie Crum Lynn D«Shaio Michael Diamond St«ve Emerton Noncy Forrell Jerry FItier Jill Goodman Luro Lee Gregory Freshmen with outstanding grade point overages in their first and or second semester at UCLA ore rewarded with membership in one of two national scholostic honoraries . . . Phi Eta Sigma for men, Alpha Lambda Delta for women. Alan Shabo and Jerry Fitzer led them through several coffee hours and a reception for the Regents ' Scholars. Elliof Hauoyon Kritfon Hetmer Sharon Hoting John I Horrocki Aleiis Jockton Timothy Jonet Rolph Keeney Kothleen Knudton Sandra Kratno Patricio Locy Gerri Logan Patricio Lopei Joan Maki Mory McLaughlin Arthur Molho Woyn Moor EiUon Nebel Ruth Quick John Ropor Wendy Rowton Mike Rochford Jan Roten Marilyn Stein Jtnne Toano Linda Toylor Rita VeHeri! Ptiyllit Weitxman Larry Wieie Charlei Wiieman Trudi Zitkind Fred Zufryden 279 Alpha Phi Omega APhi O membership includes; (fronf) Paf O ' Brien, Mel Heiman, Jorge Alverei, Bill Olsen, Tom Hennig, Lorry Lehmonn, Vince Benson; (bock) Phil Stein (Advisor): Jim Johnson, Hoi Somuelson (Advisor), Frank Bonoff, Steve Kortchner, Toby Rothchild, Mike Klekner, Doug Fink, Ken Zatlin, Stan Horowiti, Richard Tubas, Arjuno Saraydarian, Eorle Herbert, Dave Serbln. Mike Harris, and Bob Spearer. Alpha Phi Omega is the nation ' s largest nnen ' s fraternity. Dedicated to the principles of leadership, fellowship, and service, UCLA ' s Chi chapter serves the community through partic ipation in Mardi Gras King contest. Student Book Exchange, Fall Drive (Ugly Man contest). Blood Drive, car- pool files, Spring Sing control, and peace corps enrollment. Phrateres Aside from participation in varied campus activities, Hath- away House was taken on as a community service project this year by UCLA ' s Phrateres, international women ' s service and social organization. Fall Prexy Irene Krauss and Spring Prexy Sandy Wilks headed up the service-minded group in an active social calendar, including teas, exchanges, and Dinner Dance. Mae Richmon SMIo Rullad e Nina Valentin Bafbora Wilbufne San lra Wilki Suianne Zintki Joanne Betten Jan Citron KiHy Dalon Lorraine File Julie Funn Connie Ganiolei © Q 280 Frogs tf r Gory Alparn Bnjc« Blumberg John Bron Allan Cu row Tom Folwey Herman Fisher Tom Gront Ray Hansen Gene Helfman Ken Herman Philip Jones Paul Krupsaw Norm Kullo John Linder Rob Most Jim Reeves Arthur Schulti Lorry Shapiro Some of the girls responsible for Trolls ' antics end plans are: Chris Steiger, Sharyn Sinay, Sharon Mells, Sue Turlcel, Sue Survol, Beth Bradley. Trolls Trolls ... an effective means for women to display their school spirit. Under new leadership, Trolls was reorganized to come up with several diabolical RF ' s — like retaliation against the pillagers from SC. " No, we can ' t really tell oil we ' ve done, because then we ' d get blamed for these things. Re- taliation is a nasty word. " " Down with SC! " is the battle cry. 281 Bands The Marching Band during its 1964 Patriotic Rnole, salutes the visitors at the traditional homecoming gome with Southern California. This season, the UCLA Band Program included a ninety-piece Concert, Marching, and Varsity Band under the direction of Clarence Sowhili. With the Concert Band offering classical selections at various school functions, the Marching and Var- sity Bands added to Bruin spirit and halftime activities during football and basketball seasons. Associate Director of Bands, Kelly James, assisted with the band programs for the year. Band members participated in the various sports functions and cultural events held on campus and at some of the athletic events away from school. One highlight of the season for the Band was the traditional game with SC during halftime, basketball games provided excitement for inspiring numbers. Featuring Bach and Beethoven, the Concert Band was quite active in both fall and spring semesters, bringing concerts to the campus. 282 m 3BS ' ■■ i . ■? li » - g ■ ■ ■ r Bijii-— - Associate director ot bands Kelly James. Lancers, a precision unit, nnarled halftime with the bond. Director Sawhill and the Varsity Band performed at many basketball gomes, providing a basis for the new type of yell the Bruins perfected this season. 283 Bruin Belles Pat Abb«Y Vicki Albright Mary Bok r Barbara B««nkin Julls B«nv«niite Judy BIn.Nun Sandy Blu Nadlne Blumenfold Trudi Braun Camille BrEley Brenda Britten Solveig Bugge JUI Butch Pfoncie Caldwell Cla!r Carlton Crtitis Corr»ohon Jonit Clark Carlo Cloer Libby Conwell Melitta Coi Sharon Crouch 2 £ A 1 1 ■i 1 %i 1 Kothy Curi!ii Carolyn Osllo-Vedowa Sherri Entsn BeHy Silbert Suionne Gratiot Candy Ham Tori Krist© Leah Fulton Beverly Goodenough Dona Hodlock Donna Hyatt Betty Landit Lynda Gomburd Erica Grobenhorst Mory Holloron Sharalyn King Sharon Leach Bruin Belles, " The official hostesses of UCLA. " Professional smiles, tired feet, and on ever-willing readiness to officiate at campus functions. This year there were the usual events like Homecoming and exchanges, but it was the new ones that made the difference. Federal Career Day called upon Belle guiding talents, the World of Work made them hostesses and models, while the exchanges with various men ' s honoraries tested capacity and -at times — a tolerance of inept roman- tics. In addition to their already myriad duties, the Belles took on the new task of working with the information center in host- essing campus events. Egged on by the leadership of Mari- anne Sebastian, Belles moved faster and more often than ever. 264 Pat Lindsey Carrie Luger Morn! Magda Sherry McCloud Karen Mericltel Becky Miller Eileen Miller Norma Mitchell Elaine Nokagiri Brendo Nelion Erin O ' Connor Linda Olson Judy Ondrosik Mary Jo Packard Suson Phillips Bruin Belles officers were: Carla Cloer, Leah Fulton, Judy Mircheff, Joyce Taylor, Brendo Nelson, Camilla Brrley, Judy Ondrasilc, Marianne Sebastian, Sondy Blue. iJ Borbora Pullmon Carolyn Riddle Barbaro Roane Virginia Rose Jill Salisbury Marianne Sebastian 2 as. • 1 % 3 1 ' 1 4 j f % Sally Sherbin Rosalind Smith Susan Smith Ingrid Staal Diana Stenen Cheryl Stocker Lynne Sugimoto Jonet Sugiyamo Joyce Taylor Cristy Voll Barbara Welsh Cheryl White 285 Bruinettes MorilYnn Baranov Joon Boihook Cathy Billm y»f Barbara Bolton J an Boiarth D«D« Boyack Carolyn Brown Karen Burton Su Chontsr Cyndio Clegg Louit« Collsn Lynn De Shaio Dvbbis Fogon Carol Finch Roberta Garb Jill Goodman Yolando Guiman Marilyn Hall oil Hamlin Sally Hamlin Leslie HorboHle Karen Kelley Shoron Lynn Lewis Margaret Lee Debbie Llebeskind Yolande Lindsay Linda Lockwood Cassandra Molry Tanya Morgan L 11 1 J 13. Bruinettes, the Freshman hostess organization, were seen this year hostessing for Open House and High School Orien- tation, selling Satyrs, and working on the Fall Drive. Service projects included Thanksgiving and Christmas parties at the Med Center. Dressed in navy skirts and light blue blouses, Bruinettes greeted freshman teams and cheered at games. Louric Harrit Lynn Iwashifo Marilyn Joknt til 286 Si 2.1 Cherie Murrell Trudy Nuger Corolyn Owei Jane Newberry Judy Ovadenko Anna Poitow Foifh Peppermon Gail Phillips Mari Pierce Sharon Roades Vicki Scoglione Joon Shondedltng Anise Sims Leah Sponenberg Barbara Stackhoute Tonni Trandem Joan Uchida Sheryl Ullman Phyllis Weitimon Ino Win Shelly Winnick Kothleen Winter 287 Cal Club Mary Bak«r 2.JJ Sandy Blue Sua pawn Chung Candy Ho Doug Nicfiolt Candy Pope Ann Stroublnger Mary Winslow Meeting with President Clark Kerr and Governor Brown at UCR convention, members of Cal Club were called upon to represent students from their campuses in discussions on FSM, political action policies on UC campuses, University research, and other problems. Appointed by Kerr, Cal Club members serve the President, informing him of current student opinions. Mortar Board Janet Bamberqer Lorroine Beol Judy Broker ChorloHe Brown Sue Pown Chung L«ah Pulton Judy Oliver Janet Peek Candy Pope Joan Soleeby Marianne Seboition Kathy Simai Patricia Stork Linda Sturges Required to maintain on average of at least 2.95, the Mortar Board members still find time to hold faculty seminars, hostess at Mardi Gras, enjoy a recognition tea, and sell MB calendars (using funds to award a scholarship to a deserving woman stu- dent). This year, a main goal of the chapter was to improve the membership selection process in the large university setting. 288 Chimes Mary Baker Morty Beye Judy Bin.Nun B«Hy Blon«¥ Margie BloH Sandy Blue Janet Blumenfeld Eileen Boron Leslie Bronttein Koy Corlston Nan Evoni Jackie pleich Jackie Green Judy Jaffe Jill Koinu Sheryl Koplon Kathy Lofler Karen Oleon Rulh Ann Quick Frances Show Heidi Stengel JudyWlllioms Pom Willis Wendy Yee " To lead with knowledge, to follow with intelligence, ond to seek the worthwhile in life " ... to this effect Chimes has as its purpose the honoring of Junior women who have given service and leadership to UCLA. Chimes sponsored two Uni- Camp drives, a bus to a football game for Tutorial Project children and Kelps, and a Pepsi Cola booth at Mardi Gras. Organizing Chimes ' activities were: Sandy Blue, Ruth Ann Quick, Judy Kollar, Judy Bin-Nun (President), Betty Bioyney, Mary Baiter, Wendy Yee. 289 Blue Key Ed Applebaum Tony Auth Jim 8orth Larry Bieg«l Pete Blowlti Bill Bodine A ' d Gary Bridge Terry Brutocoo Bill Burns Al Choien Jeff Cohen Jim ColleHc Chod Coury Steve Davis Dennis Dordigan i dlA Ron Malone Doug Nichols Doug Mcintosh Earl Olrich Bernd Mendenholl Jim Perisho Ken Meyer Don Rugg Zach Samuels Tom Sandor Norm Shopiro Joel Stegel Lorry Smith Lee Stork Harvey Stein Jeff Taylor Steve Vickter John Wallace Monte Widders Evan Williams Roger Ehrlich Dave Geier Gail Goodrich Link Groham Martin Grohonn Pete Holl k h Terry Hartshorn Ken Hitchcock Romeo Kossarjian Ia Ad Years ago, UCLA Chapter of Blue Key, thrili-a-minute men ' s national honorary, became Sold Key. Last year luxurious Gold Key (formerly delightful Blue Key) reaffiilated and is once again suspense-packed Blue Key (formerly delectable Gold Key) and is no longer pulchritudinous Sold Key (formerly scrumptious Blue Key). And that ' s the way it was with Blue Key. Formerly Sold Key; formerly Blue Key; formerly Francis Scott Key. Blue Key Prexy Ken Meyer (center) and officers Mendenholl ond Krouch talk Chompogne Party — " THE " event and reword for their greotness. Bill K ouch Bob Leo Stvvo Lowe 290 Ruth Anson Lorraine Beal Judy Bin-Nun Margi» Blott Betty Blayney Sandy Blue Janet Btumenfeld Beverly Brown Kay Carlston Sue Fown Chung Janet Citron Dru Cummings Non Evons Molly Fairchild Elizabeth Haskell Prytanean Suson Jeschae Barbara MoVowsVi Norma Mitchell Joncic9 Moulton Susan Schaefer Linda Pupos Kathy Simas Pom Sims Carol Sfefanik Undo Sturges Toddy Todd As an honor society for upper division women who have been outstanding in their service and contributions to the Univer- sity, Prytanean tries to promote fellowship on campus. This year, members enjoyed o successful Annual Dinner for Out- standing Professors. At Christmas, members helped the alum- nae chapter make and stuff stockings for the Med Center. Prytanean officers were: Sandy Blue. Judy Bin-Nun, Jan Noul- ton, Lorraine Beal, Linda Sturges (President) and Nan Evans. 291 Kelps Mik« Alllo Kurt A)t«nber9 Barry Antit Ed AppUbomb John Ar+i Tony Auth Randy Bonks T»d Baihore Rich Borin Bill Burns Cornsll Champion John Chomplin Al Choion Jeff Cohen Jim Colletto Charles Davis Dennis Dordigon Sfeve Durbin Erwin Outcher Terry Dyroff John Ebright Roger EhHich Dave Eitenstadt Mickey Eriich kt fiA i ' Sherlock Ewing Ron Feole Mo Freedmon Bill Frost Alan Gordo Mel Farr Jim Finjfad John French Norm Satiert Pete Hall What does it take to make a good KELP? It takes spirit — good old hundred-proof spirit. But it takes much more than that. Campus police chief, Lyn Boyd, had the right idea when he re- marked, " these aren ' t your run of the mill delinquents, there ' s something, I dunno, perverted about these boys. " Yes, perhaps perverted is the word, but in what way? Low Potentate Lyie " Brownie " Timmerman says " l love small furry things. " Foppish Randy Schultz called it, " A clearheadedness and a desire to participate, even if it means personal sacrifice. " Steve " Rocko " White says, " you ' ve got to want more. " Perhaps Alan Durmer said it best. When asked what was it that went into making a good KELP he replied, " unmitigated gall. " Timmerman: " love for furry things. " 292 w ! ■ ■ z: t. s . nt x% ■ t J , Poul Morgan Bill Krauch Dove MaHhews Mike Mulvony John Richardson Bob Shoptro " Joel Siegel Borry Tobias Gerald Johns Al Litrownick Ken Meyer Byron Nelson Don Rojos Norm Shopiro Art Steinbeck Wally J»rry Klein Dove Lopinsky Jim Miller Jim Reynolds Tom Sandor Tom Smifh Erie Toylor Jerry Weinstein Durmer: " Unmitigated gall (left) Schulti: " Cleorheadedness " (right) White: " More, yeah, more " 293 Rally Comm Corol Adier Norm Howhini Koren Oleon Charieen Patterson Sheila Rutledge Margaret Seeley UCLA can boast of at leost one aspect of its 1 964-65 football seoson: the nationally known card and light stunts organized again this year by Rally Committee members. Fifty Rally Comm members traveled north to present card stunts at the Cal game. 3,000 loyal Bruin rooters participated in the half- time show— one which contained more stunts than the Berkeley presentation. During the SC game, Rally Comm successfully warded off sabotage attempts and presented stunts including salutes to Homecoming, Coach Bill Barnes and jibes at Tommy Trojan. This half-time show was seen by thousands of television viewers. Rally Comm also sold " Stomp Stanford " buttons and blew the famous airhorn at all of our awoy games. Mitch Treiger Rally Comm. leaders: (front) Judy Broker, Paula Leibowlti, Sandra Pollak, Stan Wong, Corl Sreen (Chairman), Normon Hawkins, Jon Wolfson. The famous UCLA signature stunt was used again this year to close each half-time presentation. 294 »A »mi ' . ' tyf 295 Sabers Ann Bills Susan Broufmon Oebbi Gotai Carol fletcher Peggy Fu osawa Corol Honsen Nancy Hoslom Cftclle H«rnandei Sheilo Hov»y M tt Susan Van Wickel Joan Woodward Kathy Wachtel Jacqueline Yale £l)tabe(h Hymon Alii Korpan Linda LeFevre Judy Lightner Stephanie Mitchell Lynn Muldoon Corol Mynord Pagno Olousen Robyn Osborn Janice Peercey Toni Perry Gale Philips Ginny Stohl Judy Stewart B«tty ToHen Applying their dedication to the Army ROTO to an interesting extreme, Sabers not only observed the training of the Junior Company in war tactics, but joined the Bruin Rangers on two of their tactics problems. Some of the more traditional spirit boosting activities included the sharing of a Mardi Sras booth with the Army boys, and hostessing the Chancellor ' s Review. Sabers officers fhis year were (from left): Joan Braufmon, Alix K«rp!n, Joan Woodward, Cecile Hernandez, and Sheila Hovey. 296 Scabbard and Blade BitI BotwH John Beck Michoel Betknop Winston Bowen Arthur Cyr Thomas Ooily Mike Oeming John Ebright Stuart Fields Mark Freed Bruce Fufikawa Carl Hogstrom Clorke Herbert Eugene Horwath Bob Lewis Jordon Paust Gerald Rlito Joe Roberts Warren Scoville William Smith Wllllom Thompson AsaoTokuncgo Joehin Torch Thomas VanWormer Doug Wickstrom The founding of Scabbard and Blade, a national military hon- or society, was in 1904. Since that time the organization has been recognized by the Department of Defense and the office of the President of the United States for its promotion of lead- ership, honor, courage, and other qualities of good officers. The company participates in university events, activities. 297 Sophomore Sweethearts Uilic Adier Korcn Andvrton Carolyn Boll Poula Barn«i Chrii Backer Jamte Bell Roi Bell Borboro Bloom Beth Brady Aviva Brunner Candy Commons Mary«llen Conl«y 1 lii 2, K 1 2. Caroline Dunton Prii Floifer Pom t eete Noncy Fujita Lorroin Gordner Che) l Gormon Marty Horgrove Berr)ordine Hossler Corol Hendenon Lily Hood Lindo JomSoton Trit Kominiki If you were a Sophomore Sweetheart, it seemed you had lots to do, little time to do it in, and — sometimes — that nobody appreciated your all-encompassing effort or ups and downs that your duties entailed. Hostessing at all Sophomore Class functions, participating in activities ranging from Mardi Gras to Olio Show, and generally laying out the welcome mat for campus visitors attending class or university events were but some of the more sedate duties of this dedicated bond. De- spite occasional vissitudes, Prexy Pat Woody led her organiza- tion to a fun, accomplishment filled year, highlight of which was an ill-starred Olio Show take-off on the Kelps — an under- taking which proved to be dangerous, tiring in the extreme. " Olio entry dinged; too realistic " — Adnninistration 298 [Ien» Kaa CeCe Ktmes Monho Kramer Ruby Kuratomi Lenore Mojors Marcia Morrow Yolonda Nova Judy Ponlgel Sharie Rosenberg Sharon Schneider Becky Sicorrdi Sue Sobel Sara Stfohm Norma Tholer Pat Woody Kothy Wootan Officers: llene Kass, Pat Woody (President), Marty Hargrove, Pom Freeze. Sue Sobel. 299 Shell and Oar Paula Day Solly Duncon Cynthia Gerordof Suianne Herskovic Ketro Moitman 9 « a ii i Kothryn Paquet+e Mortho Perry Sondy Richordson Shoryn SInay Lindo H. Johnston Undo K.i-onfb HI : ' Spirited but hot blue corduroy skirts and vests, inspiring motley looking crew members (who inevitably have long, skinny legs) and at long last a new boathouse — this was ' 65 for members of Shell and Oar. Exchanges with the Crew (a sum- mer beach party, a barbecue, and a swimming party) and the making of boathouse flags were sources of fun for the group. A S 4 O-er ' s work is never done — it ' s painting, cleaning, decorating . . . Shell and Oar officers were: Sally Duncan, Kris Holmes, Pom Steele, and Carol Jacobs (President). 300 Nisei Bruin Club Jo Ann Fujimoto Nancy Fujita Vicky Searlet Janet Sugiyoma Jeonne Tanaka Kenneth Higash! Dorothy Hirose Michael Kinoshita Yasuko Kuratoni Margaret Lea Keith Taniguchi Colin Wotafiobe Patricia Wood A T.S.I.O. Picnic was fhe signal of the start of a fun-filled and profitable summer for the Nisei Bruin Club, with other group activities ranging from a trip to Catalina Island to a booth at the annual Nisei Week Carnival. President Keith Taniguchi led fall returnees in a round of receptions, school activities and intramural competition to complete the year. 301 Spurs Vicki Albright ftoicmary Aim Poulo Bornci Carolyn Ball Roi Bell Lourie Bitter Sandy Blue Nadine Blumenfeld Trudr Braun Avivo Brunner Carolyn Burn Froneie Caldwell Christine Cooke Celeste Dolan Jerry Fitier Terry Fitier Prii Flatter Kathy Garner Lori Groff Suionne Grotiot Mory Ann Hankint F Sheri Hortan Jill Koing Cheryl Kingston Joon Moki Mory Parrine Virginia Rose Kothy Knudsen Vicky Newmon Barbara Pullmon Marilyn Stein Donna Loughlin Judy Ondrotik Kothy Renfro Cheryl Sworner Mory McLaughlin Kothy OrloH Borboro Roane Jennie Toanu Pom-poms at football games and " Lick SC " lollipops during Homecoming Week, hostessing for the Sophomore Class and selling St. Patrick ' s Day Spurograms to love-sick swains and campus operators . . . Spurs, the Sophomore Women ' s Hon- orary sponsored these and more. With white sweaters and skirts their shield and standard, Spurs strove on to new heights. Behind the scenes of Spurs ' activities this year were: Karen Nathanson, Kathy Orloff, Kris Holmes, Kathy Knudson, Cheryl Sworner, Trudy Braun. 302 Yeomen A 1 AA A J«ff Borrett Bruce Blgmberg Dennit Cagon Do « Clark Bob Ehrllch Doug Foigan Bfwce Gordon Steve Grant Robert Koy Joy Kenoff Lorry Kramer Bob Michoeli Gory Prutiman Jon Ropore Uoyd ScKwor+i Kent Shoji Terry Steyer Bob Unger Bob Weits Don Wolfus Yeomen . . . lower division men ' s honorary bound together to further the long practiced end respected art of nothingness. Led by Dennis Cagan and Exec Board, Yeomanly pursuits in- cluded nothing but a systematic proliferation of social inter- course with groups of Bruinettes, Spurs, and Soph Sweethearts. 303 Masonic Affiliate Club Built in 1929, ihe Clubhouse on LeConte provides a homey atmosphere and extensive tacillties for Masonic Club members. After classes, Masonic Club members relax around the fountain in the clubhouse patio. , k " ■ ' - - Roy Amerlfle Chei(«r Bor Marift 8«ckatl Borboro Corn Lorraine Eiin r Susan Ellis uJL David Epstein Beverly Groy Coral Hook r V B Beverly Simon Sandra Thayer Jonel Whitney John Wolfe Carol Smith Mitch Welfier George WoKe Dick Wright JJ A Wild West square dance, Vahalla (the fall fornnal), and the Gordon jou,cn K K. Thonksgl ving banquet for kids from the All Nations Pounda- Do ' .idLu I T Mt ' tion highlighted fall semester for the Masonic Affiliate Club. Four days on the ski slopes provided black and blue relaxa- tion after finals, the spring semester included Mardi Sras, Spring Sing, a reception for the California Grand Master. Bonn;. Koplon Karen Lowson Morgefy L«hr Kurf Lenti Sheldon Lodmer Tom Lynch Martha Molnhunt F-ronce Montewerde Carol Schlocl Verlene SeKert 305 URA In one of those ever-precious warmer nnomenfs, ski club members seem to be always frying fo improve fheir own personal relationships. The organization which encompasses all student recreation is URA, the University Recreation Association. This massive program is the largest extra-curricular organization available to students. Managed entirely by them, URA has more than thirty individual clubs which range from skiing, surfing, chess, flying, photography to mountain climbing, dancing and jazz. Stalwart Ski Club members always on fheir way to Mammoth and elsewhere are: (front row) John Spaul- ding, Steve King, Tobitho Berket, Chuck Jurgens; Betty Baker, Bob Lombertson, Sheila Luben, Ron Phillips, Laurie Spongier, Volker Billes, Carol Chase, Fred Pobonce, Tom Von Dyke. How about an Easter bliziard? 306 Members of the URA Surfing Club did not llmif their activities to all mole feats. The coeds were out on the waves with as much enthusiosm as the more established sex. The goal . • . to improve the image of the Surfer-type. The soiling club gained new members this year by adding additional sea-going croft to their rapidly expanding fleet. A typical day for members of the water-skiing club, where accidents were few but the gas Icept running out. i Classes over, heartier URA members gother to plan for overnight or perhaps a weekend of outdoor activities. Bicycles, sleeping bags, guitars . . . only the most necessary equipment. The award-winning Jazz Club offered a concert to the campus community. Practice rooms, however, were a bit difficult to find. Always hoppy to hove new members, gregarious Mountaineers spent hours promoting their group on campus. The Chem building, SU, Royce Hall . . . some of the spectacular scalings staged for publicity and fun. 308 sports Car Club sponsored two ral ' ies, a sports cor show on campus, with Homeconning Queen finollsts adding scenery. " Shot In the Dark " . . . theme for rallies . . . discounted for UCLAns. URA Soccer Team ... on energetic year . . . few broken bones and victory yen. The target . . . was It the ball or opponents? 309 URA Chess Club ... in exhibition or in connpetition . . . moximunn concentration ond skill: keys to success. The versatile Karate and Judo Clubs provided members with the basic skills of the manly, prepossessing art of self-defense from friend or foe. Outstanding Sophs and Juniors Outstanding Sophomores, announced by class president Bob Michaels, for the Fall semester were: Kothy Marvin, Andrea Miller, Leslie Adler, Pat Woody, Dove Kornblum, Nancy Norton, Larry Wiese, Kathie Single, Dennis Cogon, Alan Cosden, Avivo Brunner, Bob Ehrlich, Joe Canlllo, llene Koss, Ron Javor, Jay Kenoff, Mickey Gross, Jeff Marsh, Gory Miller, Dave Clark, Art Levlne, and Morvol Prokash. Named to this year ' s list of Outstanding Juniors by Class President Tom Sandor were: Ruth Anson, Dennis Antenore, Judy Bin-Nun, Margie Blott, Sandy Blue, Janet Blumenfeld, Bill Bodine, Erwin Dutcher, Barry Geller, Bob Glasser, Ken Hitchcock, Ralph Keeney, Larry Kramer, Shoron Ludlam, Martie Moore, Kris Ohison, Karen Oleon, David Reed, Shirley Worburton, ond Mary Baker. They were chosen for service to their class and UCLA. 311 312 6ilm 313 Panhellenic Judy Gilbert lit Vice Prei!dent Judy Samton 7nd Vice Preiident BeHy Blaney Secretary Evie Anderson Reno Blih Carolyn Guggenoster Virginia Hallinen Marilyn Harrij Noncy Schulti Judi Sherven Kathy Simas Marilyn Stein Ginger Webiter Business as usual at Panhellenic ... a bi-monthly meeting to discuss scholarship and activities, inter-sorority relations and the ever-present question of standards, what and why? Junior Panhellenic — pledges discussing the system to which they ' re committing themselves— considers the previous rush, the prob- lem of acquainting the pledges from various houses, and the whole concept of Greek organization. But things weren ' t quite the same any more. It was the year of the chasm at UCLA, and Panhellenic — representative of the group hardest hit — was suddenly all new, and maybe a little bitter. An almost fifty per cent cut in membership ... a revised constitution ... a dou- ble meaning to every question. Otherwise, business as usual. Sutan Berman Jane Butler Vicki Cotlin Janit Clark Dale Goldman Nicolt Kerner Eileen Kiler Nancy Levy Rose Mary Kimble Pat Mann Judy Samson Advisor Criisy Voll . §»1J H t 314 Alpha Xi Delta Borbo ' o Andrew Borbara Oe Lo More Eliiobeth Dorronce Lura Gregory Corolyn Gugg«naster Goylfr Grant Kit Hall Cherfllle Homllton Jockle Haikms Roberta Holguin Suionne Jackson Eileen Kller Nelt Logerquist Corol Leach Oione Lewlt Alice Le Due Gail Markham Nancy Marftch B«tty Totten Janice Von De Venter Starr Zelmon GAIL MARKHAM The Big and Little Sister Retreat started off a year of activ- ity for the Alpha Xis. For Halloween week-end many sisters enjoyed sights of Son Francisco during All-Cal, while others helped with Installation of the new San Fernando Valley State chapter. An all-night session on the Homecoming float, the Pledge-Active (most amazing dances!], a hayride followed. The spring Initiation dance was a great success . . . and a very proud evening for Lura Gregory who received the award for having the highest p ledge grades. Mardi Gras brought a tro- phy (which has almost become a house custom). Spring Sing found the girls rallying forth with an appropriate tune. The traditional Rose Formal in Malibu closed out the social year. 315 Alpha Chi Omega Muffct Ba!l«v Jemi Btit Jean Boiarth Barbara Bourg«oit Mory Brenimon Anita Brown 5 2. Jonii Clark Eloiite Droge Suton Durr Nan Evant Molly Folrchild Kathie fry Sally Horney Uly Hood Helen Hudson Koy Jenningi Marilyn Johnt Bonnie Johnson Si Nancy Johnson Yvonne LaLanne Bettle Londls Lucy Lange Christine Martha Letlie Neuberg A 1 1 Alpha Chi Omega went through o year of extremes, going formal to the spring luau and donning muu-muus for the Bev- erly Wiishire, the girls engaged themselves in several different collegiate fields. In the field of politics, the girls of A Chi O held their own agalnstany ward heelers byelecting junior class vice president Pam Sims and AWS Veep Leslie Neuberg. In the field of scholarship, the sisters held the highest GPA on the row. In the field of beauty, the girls didn ' t lose out either; Lilly Hood was a Maid of Cotton finalist; three girls were Home- coming Queen finalists; Janis Clark, Lucy Lange, Helen Hud- son and Cynder Pause were all fraternity Princesses. A Chi O ' s were also active in campus organizations, service and social. NANCY SCHELLMAN 316 Phylllt Nyden Kothy Rofhrock Jane Readeur Karen Sake Susan Schaefer Lois Schellman Michaele Seholes Charmaine Schollon Kathie Scofield Pom Sims Chris SuHon Lynn White Mary Woods Kothy Welty Jon Willicl Donno Wright Matched sets were often the " thing " during this year ' s exchange activities. An engagement ring is a time to gather and congratulate a fellow sister. 317 Alpha Epsilon Phi Meredith AlpeH Janet Bamberger Bobi Baron Judy Bin-Nun Joyce Birnkront Margie BloM Glorio Blonsky Barbara Bloom Sheryl Blum Jer! Briikin Beth Brody Morcio Brookt SHERYL BLUM Charlofte Brown Shan Byrd Wendy Chrlslenfeld Sue Cohen «r tu 9 « w , li- Susie Daniels Judy Dunn Kay Emery Corel Ennismi Pris Floiter Jane Gale Elise Gam Carole Gioss Hell-Phiers ... In name and deed! Dole Goldman Nancy Goldsen Nor»cy Goren Lor! Graff Rotolyn Gruen Peggy Gusinow Judy Jaffe Susie Kati Margi King Edie Klein Sue Krevoy Nancy Loboichin :. il . y . % y 318 Joon Levy Bunnie MaH Keren Nothonson Morcio Ravitch Nancy Levy Bobbie Mlnsly Marsha Noikin Ado RiHenberg Jody Li tow Sondra Mitchell Kothy Orloff Donna Rosen Joann Luchmon Martens Naimon Linda Pupoi Sorboro Rosenberg For AEPhis, a year to remember . . . thirty-one new pledges were whipped into shape by Charley Brown . . . the pledge- active formal . . . retreat at San Diego . . . pledge party . . . each revealing new additions to the infamous " list. " This year Homecoming ended in o trophy and kidnap RF. It was also a year for AEPhi in Belles, Mortar Board, Spurs, other campus orgonizations. Margi Blatt served as UDWR, while Pris Floster was Sophomore VP, and Judy Bin-Nun led Chimes. For Phis, studying, Spring Sing, and a theater party rounded-out the spring. They won ' t forget working for Pierre, IBT, meat loaf and zucchini, and the references to the " Greot Monday Night Draught " after many an exhausting beer bust or exchange. Melissa Shjeber M ' L«e Terr Marilyn Stein Valerie Venger 319 Alpha Phi Wildo Alien Jort All»n Nancy Bo!t»y Pauta Barnci Jeon Bower Cothy Brolker Andf»o Briggs Pom Brown Carol Bruce Jane Butler Brooki Buftrey Ellen Corletto Karen Druliner Marilyn Horrij Eliiobeth Haskell Bernardino Hauler Donno Hopkini Danno K«nt Kothy Lomb Nancy Lawrence Jacqueline Lewis G rri Logon Jean Mah! Judy McKay 111 Jeane Menory Koren Meh Sharon Meh Mary Mickuna Andria Miller Saralse Miller Joan Muench Eilleen Nebel Erin O ' Conner Kim O ' Conner With the energetic leadership of Karen Meti as their inspira- tion, the Alpha Phis started the year strongly by taking twenty- one pledges. It was a busy and exciting year for the Phis, with exchanges — the Sigma Nus, the ZBT ' s, and the Pi Lams — Homecoming activities with the Delts, and parties almost be- yond number.Gerri Logan was ASUCLA Vice-President, and Cherri Ritchie was a pert and peppy freshman Song Leader. The Phis gave evidence of their campus spirit with represent- atives in Spurs, Bruinettes, Chimes, Mortar Board, and Bruin Belles. As a final evidence of their relations with Fraternity Row, some Phis served as Little Sisters of Phi Kap, Phi Delt, and Theta Delta Chi. Others were Big Sisters of Sigma Nu. KAREN METZ 320 Joan Peterson Carolyn Reed Barbara Roane Jane Schmidt Suson Smith Danielle Sompton Georgia Trommell Suianne Ragghlanti Cheryl Ritchie Julie Schauerte Pom Shirei Mary Snyder Nancy Stoll PatTroynor Toni Valestrino Sharon Vance Susan Walton Carol Westpholl 321 Alpha Omicron Pi Pat Agon Evie Andsrton Jonice 6099 Carol Bloom Ledlfl Crum Gloria Dovidson Diar)Q Gronton Adrlenrie Hunter Shoron Judd Pomelo Kent Rose Mory Kimble Crystol Lochmon Borbora Leigh Mary Maurer Kathy Meyer Julie Meyers Morgoret Moore Martha Moore Terrie Moore Betsy NIckman MaryAnn Overlock Kathy Perrin Jerene Quinn Carol Ralph Karen Ratch Lindo Ratch Karen Rundquitt Shelia Ryon Becky Siccardi Carol Simpson Vicki Simptc This was the year for the rare and fhe good; Alpha Omicron Pi had the rare privilege of having all eighteen pledges make their grades; they won the campus Ugly Man contest, with Dwight Adams being selected as the worst looking male at UCLA. Vickie Simpson was a finalist for Homecoming Queen; Sharon Judd was a Sigma Nu White Rose Princess; Marti Moore and Shirley Warburton were two outstanding juniors for the year; Shirley also was selected as AWS Woman of the Month; Karen was VIP Chairman for Homecoming. The AOPi ' s were active in Shell and Oar, Angel Flight, Bruin- ettes. Spurs and other groups. The pledge-active party was held with a theme of famous pairs, with everyone coming in matched sets. The Winter Formal was held at the Ambassador. RUTH THOMAS 322 Janet Swott Chris Thorpe Morlene Urner Koren VanDyke Shirley Worburtori Mory Wotters Kri» Wegner-Horijien Jan Winklei 323 Chi Alpha Delta Kay Ecjimo Tokoko Hockiya CoroU Imura Morgar«t Jong Jan«t Kitogowo Harriel Koboyothi Potncio Kokubui Yotuko Kuratani Ruby Kurotomi Demi Kutoko Morgorot Lee Constonce Lue Corolyn Nokano Michi Okono Undo Okubo 222, Pat Okuda Alice Shiota K[m ye TakeuchI Marci Yamaguchi Candy Ota Lynne Sugimoto Claudine Takii Irene Yanaglhara Barbara Yorimoto Beverly Yorimoto Who says I 3 is an unlucky number? Thirteen very lucky pledges joined the octives of Chi Alpha Delta — and found fun and ex- citennent. The year ' s highlights included the pledge presents at Smith Brother ' s Sea Shanty, annually amazing Christmas Dance at Ambassador, a hike to Big Bear and an unquestion- ably classy " hlow the West Was Won " pledge return. Chi ' s were active on campus as Bruinettes, Soph Sweethearts and Bruin Belles. Enthusiastic preparations were made for MardI Gras, in hopes of repeating last year ' s win for the Best Food Booth. A fortune cookie sale supplemented their contribution to Uni-Camp. A formal dinner and dance at the Sportsmen ' s Lodge topped off the Chi social year, but Finals had last word. 324 Theta Kappa Phi Jeonetle Fujita Sharon Goya Ann Hiraoka Ellen Inouye Jeanne Inouye Ann Kojiyama Kay Kaloka Emily Kiuchi Carolyn Komai Judy Kumatoka Corolyn Kurahotki Taeko Kurokowa Jane Marumoto Gerry Nagare Eloine Nokagiri 2 2 2 -- 1 2 2 3. S 2 TaVako Nakahiro Jean Natsume Sharon Okumoto Barbara Sera Adeline Shimatu Jonet Sugiyamo 255 £.i2 Jeanne Tanoka Another fun-filled year for the girls of The+a Kappa Phi . . . eleven new pledges . . . pledge Presents . . . two pledge-active parties ... a trip to snowless Big Bear for the annual re- treat . . . the Sweetheart Swing . . . the Initiation dance at the Beverly Wilshire in April. Looking for more outlets for their exuberant spirit, they sponsored an orphanage in Japan, besides helping in th e Uni-Camp drive, which composed part of their philanthropic work. Theta Kappa Phis were again active in campus groups, among them Bruinettes and Bruin Belles. Elaine Nakagiri added spirit and beauty to the UCLA scene as she served as a Song Girl and also was chosen Miss Congeniality of the Homecoming festivities. A " Who done it? " spirit prevailed during this year ' s activities. 325 Chi Omega Karen Andanen Lourit Andsrion CoroU Armitrong Morv 8ak«r BvttY Blainey SKoron Bo»hmi Corel Bond Corol Born Becky Brewer VIck; Cotlin Mory Ceotei Cloire ColleHe Kathy Collitter Betsy Collum Lib by Conwell Sharon Crouch Carolyn Edwardt Kerry Foremen Karen Kraih Suian Pratier Suianne Fuller Nancy Garvin Ann Godfrey Gin! Hollinen Letlie Heoq Sue Hubbord Tevii Jonet Ophelia Kasiarjian Kathy Knudsen Cheryl Kellor Lindo Kriwaner Cheryl Lautenschlogei Linda Lawson Deborah Lemert Carole Lloyd 12 Chi Omegas returned from summer with enough vigor to stage a rush show which yielded 29 brand-new Chi O ' s. Pledges and actives enjoyed a retreat at Crestline which all will re- member and the San Moritz would rather forget. A " Come as you wish you weren ' t, glad you aren ' t " theme served for the Pledge-Active; most of the house is still trying to remember exactly what did happen that night. Dad ' s Nite . . . the An- nual Christmas Cocktail Party . . . finals . . . the blissful break. Mardi Gras (a week late and a little damp] . . . Spring Sing . . . Spring Luau . . . Mother ' s Day . . . Senior Breakfast . . . more finals. Chi Omegas managed all these social activities and still kept grades high, mono and measles from sweeping the house. JOAN SALEEBY 326 Patricio Lloyd Horriet Lundgrc Shoron Ludlom Felice Motore Bonnie McKnighl Sue Meyer Carolyn Mohr Eddie Moon May Lee Muldoon Nancy Poslogua i 1 Suton Peorce Sherill Peterson French Prescott Ann PriveH A Kothy Renfro Renee Stueber Lorroine Rose Carol Swonson Cynthia Storkweother Lynn Switier Nancy Strohm Molly Wilton 327 Delta Gamma Noney Able Kothy All«n Karen Anderton Gioi Bvonv Cathy Billmeyer Barbara BoKon DeDe Boyack Marcio Brsliford Camilla Briley Janet Brill Judy Brock Solveig Bugge Ffoncie Caldwell C«ica Carter KiHy ChaHey Molly Chopman CKeryl Clooney Jonit Coffin Candy Common Sondy Corbitt Melissa Coi Carol Culberton Kathy DoKlgren Carol Davit Nancy DiPaekh Lynn DeShaio Caroline Dunton Ann Fleming Kathy Gardner Carol Gibson Janet Green Kay Foster Lorraine Gordner Bet+y Gilbert Morty Green Anne Fremdiing Borbaro Gerow Trudi Gill Cindy Honson A pledge class of thir+y-three, eighteen members making a three point or above, and a memorable Homecoming float created with the Beta ' s — a very lucrative year for the Delta Gammas. Under the energetic leadership of President Nancy Millikan, the girls strove to round out their campus image: Sandy Corbitt was chosen Delta Tau Delta Queen, Diane Stenen as Sigma Nu White Rose Queen and Kathy Dahlgren as UCLA ' s Little Colonel. Delta Gamma was represented in student government as well: Ann Hegardt, ASUCLA Secre- tary; Kathy Wootan, Sophomore Class Secretary; Judy Oliv- er, Mortar Board Prexy; members on to various class senates. Socially, DG ' s enjoyed the Luau. Tom Linton was Anchor Man. NANCY MILLIKAN 328 2U f3 2, 1 1 1 1 2111 Ann Hegardi Trii Kominski CeCe Kimes Ginny Koelsch Karen Kutalahti Janice Laienby Ellen Marston June Mengel Sharon Meyer Cathy Michaels Nancy Milliltan Sue Misenheimer Marcio Montgomery Toni Moore Pot Moiher Anne Murmon Nancy Murphy Nancy Norton Ann O ' Conner Kris Ohison Ragno Olausen Judy Oliver Bobbie Ponkey Susan Phillips Pam Pinnell Judy Piquet Diana Putman Cheryl Ro!mer Adrienne Russell Jill Salisbury Chris Spooner Peggy Stage Diana Stenen Heidi Stengel Sue Stout DG Anchor Men 4Q foo. Julie Strate Ann Stroubinger Karen Sullivan Jaquie Thomas Carol Vesy Ginger Webster Borboro Welsh Linda Whitoker Rosemary Woodlock Kothy Wootan 329 Delta Phi Epsilon Janet 6«»ch»r Barboro B«rman Tfddi Budnicb Lynn Col burn Kit Fflinbarg Judith Fanitsr Ellen Frsis Jeanne Fr!ei Caralyn Frost Judy Gilbert Goil Goodman Annette Kolod 3.i [§ IL SA Ellen Lflvenson Nancy Levy Linda Lewtt Deonne Marfield ' ■S. mi :s 1 1 « ji i 1 2. Jk 1% Diana Meyers Donna Nissen Judy Panigel Suson Pearlin Myrna Rapoport Julio Rossen Sue Rifkin Judy Ruffian Norma Solomon Florence Soliberg Judy Samson Nancy Schultz A spirit of vigor dominated this year ' s many activities by the women of D Phi E. Participating in Mardi Gros, Homecoming, and Spring Sing, they often displayed their hidden talents. One of the highlights of the year was the retreat at Highland Springs, where big and little sis ' s met officially for the first time. Nancy Levy was president of the Junior Panhellenic and Judy Gilbert and Judy Samson served as first and second vice presidents of Senior Ponhell. The D Phi E ' s entered campus or- ganizations with their usual enthusiasm, joining Soph Sweet- hearts, Soph Senate, Angel Flight, Trolls (Susan Shaft was prexy), lAC, and joining many of the fraternities ' little sis- ter groups. The active party featured Hernando ' s Hideaway. RUTH TROST 330 5 JLiSi § ( Sally Schwartz Susan Shoft Laurie Segal Joan Sherman 5 il2 Amy Siegel Phyllis Smiley Sue Survol Susan Turkel Janet Weinberg Helene Silver Koren Solomon Ruth Trost Carole Vandervelde Sonia Zostoff D Phi E ' s brought usuol vigor ond dotes to Active Party at Hernando ' s Hideaway. 331 Kappa Alpha Theta Bo r bora Bori Lorroin B«o Dvvon B ck Chrtt B»cker CKriitY Berglond Morty Bey» Lindioy Briskin Linda Carfogno Koy Carltton Robin Colllni Pom Cressey Dru Cummingt Corolyn Dello-V«do Jean Drumm Nancy Fish»r Lorroine Garslon Sutonne Gratiot Lillion Grifflthi Pott! Honigon Morti Hargrove Troey H»nry 332 Morgoret Narky Terry Polmquist Barbara Pullman Susan Rogers Sandy Sit? Suzanne Stone Deniie Vandenberg Criisy Veil Cloire Wood»ofi Yolanda Nava Frankie Porter Libby Robertion Patty Rudolph Suion Streoter Laurel Underwood Lorraine Von Meter Judie Wllliamt Marty Zomloch A scholastic surge, the usual binge of campus activities, and a lovely pledge class known for its beauty were all symbols of the year at Kappa Alpha Theta. Thetas appeared in droves for every suitable activity and beauty contest on campus and generally managed to make the winners ' circle. Bruin Belles Sophomore Sweethearts, Uni-Camp Board . . . the girls par- ticipated and " sosched " and worked. In the realm of more personal endeavors: Chris Becker as IPC Queen, Suzanne Sratiota bouncy song girl, Linda Carfagno a Delt Princess, Crissy Voll as Southern Campus Queen, Susie Manske one of the " ten best girls on campus " . . . The Mademoiselle Fashion Board came to campus and three Thetas represented UCLA. i r mm 1 ' vifair Pv ' W " f ' f fi M i jj misih ' r? -h%- ' M. " ' . M ' t ' r mr 11 1 t? a 1 1 ■ vi I m iv " J 333 Kappa Kappa Gamma VIck; Albright Judy Anderson Suii Arnold Borbaro Borlon Sally Boitett JoAnn Blythr Dions Bouman Suianne Brenner Beverly Brown JoteHe Browne Crittie Cornafion Moren Christlanson Cheryl Crowley Mary Crou Dianne Daniels Valerie Faull Pom Freeie leoh Fulton Terry Glynn Donna Goebel Beverly Goodenough Morjorie Gray Mornie Gritwold Carol Henderson Kim Higgint Shofon Jackson Korto Kouv i5J Joon Keating Susan King Teri Kriste Mary Larrison Sharon Leach Amanda Levant Sharon Lynn Lewis Susan MacNeill Koppa Kappa Samma . . . Diversifico+ion, spirit, a microcosm of campus activity. The new and old inextricably mixed as one. Twenty-seven pledges were new at the Kappa house, and the old was a combination of many things. There were Bruin Belles, there were Spurs, there were Prytaneans and girls in Mortar Board. This year, Terry Kriste, Sara Strahm, Terry Glynn, and Kim Higgins were finalists in the Southern Campus Queen Contest, and Kathy Van Meyers and Karyl McElhaney were IFC Princesses. The Kappas shared a Christmas formal with the Phi Psis and participated in Homecoming with the ZBT ' s. Linda Pagliuso was named UCLA ' s " Best Dressed Coed, " while the rest of the Kappas were near the top. BEVERLY BROWN 334 Polly Mason Louise Macatee LaNeal McCrory Karyl McEthansy Eileen Miller VIcki Mirondo Melitsa Moore Vicky Newman Lynn Notrica Barbara Olin Linda Olson Carol Often MaryJo Pockard Linda Pagliuso Vicki Polls Lynne Power Sandi Rtddell Sue Soltzman Judi Sherven Mory Shirley Cindi Shone Christy Slater Sharon Slater Jennifer Smith Sora Strohm Lindo Strompe Kareen Sturgeon Vikki Sturgeon Jennie Taono Lauro Todd Linda Turner Kothy VonMeyer Joan Volusek Bobble Wetiler Dione Whltoker Cheryl White 335 Phi Sigma Sigma Su Aoronion Ulli AdUr Sunny Amdur Morilynne Boronov Joan Borondftss Sue Behntock Sutan Bermon Judy Brenner Horriet Byer Eloine Contor Carrie Delmon Barbara Elkui Sue Einttein Gal) Genuth Diane Gerry Undo Glatt Corole Glodney Jackie Green Terri Greenberg Jonice Mabermon I aurie Horrit Hllarie Herih Sue Hirich Suton Howard Devro Joffe Ruth Kipper Mortho Kramer ,2 2 ta Jj J .21 Susanna Kronicli Joan Kuris Diane Lee Koran Michel Joyce Milicov Shelley Moore Ricki Myers Trudy Nuger Foith Pepperm Jane Prasser Carole Quint Judy Rivin Roberta Rostler Sharon Rub Sharon Rusio While the actives sat on the late-lannented Stubby, Bottom was thwarted in her ottempts at extrication and the thirty-odd pledges went Oriental. All was not nnerriment, however, as the LAFD prevented Puck from singeing the remaining pledges, who were then forced to take shelter in San Diego. Reunion saw the pledges holding an empty bag, the actives having ran- somed their own. But peace was restored at Lake Arrowhead, and the year ended calmly with infiltration into Chimes, Spurs, Shell and Oar, Bruinettes, Sophomore Sweethearts, Tutorial, the Dally Bruin, Homecoming, Mardi Gras, and Spring Sing. Thus, fearful predictions of the seventh year proved fallacious and were dismissed by all but the few who forgot to study. DEVRA JOFFE 336 Koren Sacker Marcia Schwarti Susan Shone Marsha Stein Cheryl Slrosberg Doreon Toll Borbaro Woksmon Notalie Weinstein Sandy Weiler Jackie Winer Norma Thaler Flora Trostler Sandy Weber Borbora Weiss Elaine Winer Roi Winter ■a»«dK .«»».gM. i« i:« T.,. ..,B -;.y;..-v-. c.: . i.. -:- ... ■-f ' ' ::i::_liiffljLlL: 337 Sigma Delta Tau Riivll Bain Rofolyn Bell Micki Blrntttin R»no Blih Nadins Blumenfsld L tti« Bronitetn Andrea Bocktpo V;ai Chagl JudI Cole Sherri Enten Judy Finer Tefi Fither Joan Fteitchman Alma Freeman Barbaro Friedman Morilyn Friedmon Lynda Gamburd Roberta Garb Toby Gilbert Dione Gitman B«th Golbar 11 Cheryl Gorman Laurie Gould Enid Greene Betty Gulhmon Sheryl Koplan Abby Krainich Debby Liebeskind Pot Mann Evie Matza Shoron Linsk Marion Mam Susan Milter Susan Monaster Yvonne Newfon The SDT ' s experienced another wild and wonderful year . . . pledging of thirty-one lovelies, a Song Girl (Laurie Gould), a Project India finalist (Davida Best), and two Phi Beta Kappa keys (Andy Beck and Micki Birnstein). Sophomore Sweethearts, Spurs, Bruinettes, Chimes, and Bruin Belles all had SDT ' s within their ranks, evidencing the house ' s par- ticipation in a wide variety of activities. First on the Row in scholarship . . . the highnote upon which the Fall sem- ester began. Numerous social functions ran the gamut from beer busts, exchanges, and serenades, to the gala Torch- light Boll at the Bel Air Hotel. To the amazement of many, SDT ' s again appeared high when mid-year grades came out. JUDI COLE I 338 Anna Paikow Karen Pollack Linda Reiss Donno Ring Andrea Rots Lynn Sadja Bobbi Sammeth Vicki Seaglione Laura Schreibman A Susan Schwarh Joon Shanedling Vieki Siegel Leslie Silvermon Judltfi Smollor Borbara Surfos Suii Terris Fran Ucuioglu Sheryl Ullman Denise Ungar Wendy Wayne Viek; Welner Fern Weltiberg Barbara Weiler VIda WeiJer t3 Susan Wtllens Shelly Winnlcl EJyn Zimmerman 339 Sigma Kappa Penny Anderwn Jan Bvrknass Bettis Cimarusli LoiiVina Diflffenboucher Carol Engelhardt Carole Gibney Anne Higglns Linda Johnstone Linda Koderii Nicoli Kerner Sherrie King Kothy Lafler Dorlene Medcalf Janice Meulton Diana Noble Kothryn Poquette Mory Porrine Janice Peercy Melissa Scott Frances Shaw Elisobeth Schmidt Kathy Simos Sandra Slocurr Linda Smith Marilyn Swab Wendy WhiHakei Taunted by the antics of twelve mischievous pledges, the girls of Sigma Kappa turned frantically to the campus social whirl to gain solace and forgetfulness. The Winter Formal ... a wonderful dance, but the real catalyst was the pre-party. The pledge ditch ... it took a pledge-sponsored Wild West party with roll-in-the-hay facilities provided to make-up for that. In the Spring, the Violet Ball proved that all had been for- given and that the sisterhood could continue to survive as one. The social whirl provided solace, but it took Sigma Kappa participation in school activities to provide direction. Some sisters filled posts in campus honoraries such as Mortar Board, while others strove to achieve a sound scholastic improvement. JANE STANLEY 340 Sigma Kappas found thaf dress-up parties create all types of fun. In spite of theme, members found It difficult to regress. 341 Delta Sigma Theta Ctaric Armstrong Roii BradUy V«lmo CoHon Judy Davri Bonnt Falrehild Evelyn Felfxs LIici Griffiths Cosandria Harris Renee Himes Yolonde Lindsoy Lanore Majors Beatrice Ramey 131 The " Get Acquainted " dance at the University " Y " began an- other eventful year for the sisters of Delta Sigma Theta. The sixteen new pledges were presented at the Park Manor along with pledges from all over the city ' s Delta chapters. The Big and Little Sister Christmas party got everyone in a holiday mood, and the season was highlighted by the White Christmas Ball at the Hollywood Palladium. Greeting in the New Year in the Rose Bowl Parade was pledge Renee Himes, who was Queen of the Rose Parade float which received the " theme " award. Second place at Spring Sing . . . aiding Uni-Camp kids with a booth at Mardi Gras . . . working for Tutorial Project and against Proposition 14 rounded out the activities. CLARICE ARMSTRONG Sheilo R«;d PaffJcIa Smith Patricio Temple Romerro Tidwell Deborah Tubbt Cheryl Tucker Lena Home and the Pyramid Club. 342 rfaternities Inter-Fraternity Council LEE GUNN IRV SIEGEL DAVE GEIER TERRY STEWART IFC . . . Representative of a system under constant attack from within and without. The decisions, arguments, worry — all part of the bi-weekly meetings (weekly for some house reps) about which no one is ever quite sure. The everyday decisions — social pro, activities; and the big ones — rush restrictions, the Pledge, pictures depicting bad things . . . these combine to make the present IFC a vital one to the future of UCLA ' s fraternity system. Pete Blowitz ran the show. PETE BLOWITZ, President STEVE DAVIS, Executive Secretary 344 Alpha Sigma Phi Ctlff Aggen Michael Belknap Jay Brown Ravmon Clory Jim Cord; Pat Cowsill A lAJ,J.d A S. Ron Dorden JeH Gorelick L«e Gunn David Heller Richard Hillyer Robert Jack Woyne Moore Peter Rell William Peter Phillip Savage Front Sicieponiak Frederick Thomai Sory Tuttle Robert Thacker Larry Trentho ' Horry Young LEE eUNN and CLIFF AGGEN dA% " Memories are made of this: " Prof. N. J. Brown ' s " umblatt " machine, retching deliriously nostalgic music (?) from out of the post . . . The Black and White Formal, once-a-year chance to impose o bit of class on an essentially classless society. Our noble go at roughing it . . . clearing brush at o mountain camp for blind kids. Somehow, o hefty amount of actual work got done in spite of the football gome over the radio and the nearby cache of Coors elixir for what ails you. The revamped living room providing, oh, shall we soy, a friendlier atmosphere for our notorious post-post-parties, held in the dim firelight of 3 a.m. Bring your own (dotes?)! Our little sisters, and the cunning subtlety of their sweatshirts ... If mother only knew! Ah, to camp, perchance o work. Brown and Aggen: Minds apart. 345 Alpha Epsilon Pi Hint) AdUr Gory Alpcrn David Altthgler J«ff Balton Mike Bsrgmon K«n Berrlf Joy Bloom Dennis Cagon Jerfy CHoitniai Leonord Comdei Bob EhriicK Steve Rnk Joel Foiman Steve Gifii Paul 1attman Barry Gold Phillip Greenberg Rich Hamlin Rocky Hankin Gene HeKman Richard Koh John Koufnran Howord Kay Joy KenofF Robert Kohn Horry Komiky Paul Krupiow Norm Kullo Morce Lerner Howard Longfus Richard Levy Ston Longfus Dan Lewis Michael Liff Alan Lowe Alton Mann Steve Morson Bob Moyman Bob Mindell Rob Moss Gory Osherroff David Pioskow Subduing early dominance of asceticism brought on by IPC plaudits for architectural design, the brothers of Pi house re-embraced hedonism as a dominant social philosophy. Once again transcending the mundane in the pursuit of the highest ethereal pleasures, the perspicacious brotherhood turned to biological warfare, constructive demolition, and the by- products of agricultural fermentation, thus insuring the fall semester ' s success. Due to the continuing dedication of the Unholy Ten, Pi brothers launched the spring semester with a bloody Valentine ' s Day and the February implication of thirty novitiates with the brotherhood. Consistent with tradition. Mardi Gras fell to House of Horrors, Son Diego capitulated. DAN RUDiN ond ZACH SAMUEL 346 mk i d r l A A i Barry Pfeis B!ll Resh St«ven Rex Mike Riback Leo Roberts Robert Rosenblatt Elden Rosenlhai Steve Rouff Dan Rudin Lloyd Schwarti Richard Sears Jack Shear Dennis Smydermon Don Stein Richard Stein Stuart Stein Joel Wotserman Steve Wossermon Alan Watenmoker Joel Weiss Bill Weissberg Gerald Welt Martin Willner Charles Wiseman Apes enjoy . . . each other . . . 7 . . and little sisters. 347 Alpha Gamma Omega Staphvn ASIqultt Poul Afiderjon Rick Sagttv Jay Borfow Donold Bayn Jim Bidd»rman llM uT U, kM,Ad, Ife Jerry Bottomley St»v« Brown — — — ,«— . Lee Carlson k " f k ' " ° ' ' ' ' ° ' ' ©n Ornee Gory Rogers Ken Seholten Marjhall Sfeven lA Leon Obien Tom PeHepiece Glenn Soto Jerry Smett Jim Teogue The year provided numerous opportunities for the nfien of jiiici,iij,„ " " ' " Alpha Gamma Omega to improve their Christian lives while i°J " c°niiT r k jk ' participating in o variety of campus activities. Yell Leader Dennis Griggs cheered up a storm at games and even man- aged to keep up the spirit around the House . . . The Christ- mas Banquet . . . the annual Retreat to Thousand Pines— a chance for the individual to ponder his faith . . . the pledges EdDemaree didn ' t quite get away on their ditch — those clever actives! John sornsi f k AthlcHcs . . . o first place in intramural tennis doubles and third in All-U cross country . . . Spring Sing was a chance to repeat lost year ' s win in the Men ' s Division. The Luau ended the year on a festive note. All these activities still a high GPA. Tom Gold w " DON MAAS Dennii Griggi Wendoll Hollii Doug Humphrey Rex Johnson Don Lader Ronald Larson Bill Lockyear Don Moat 348 i i k m Steve Terwilliger Sir Toad Richard Troutwein Robert Ullrich Bob Wotanabe Jim Witt Fronk Yorito Gory Zochoriat Members of the President ' s Council on Physical Fitness. Little Sisters of Maranatha, a consistent source of friends, beauty, dates. What ' s the name of the gome? ASO ' s on the intramural gridiron. 349 Alpha Tau Omega Fronk Ambrot!o Jon Back Doug Beckflr AASk Grtgg Beyer Jud Blaine Tom Brown Maynord Chapmon Oarrell Clements Andy Clifton Rick Coulter Rust Everts Geral FItigerald Warwick Ford Howord Howell MA John Jourdane John Lucan Dan Leighton Pete Moccorrone Fronk Marshall Bob Maynard Karl Manhart eiliotf Moses Stan Newlon Ross Power The men of Alpha Tau Omega expanded their expected limits with two new pledge classes for the Little Sisters of the Maltese Cross and exhilarated the newly pledged brothers. With beach parties, held from points north and south, the Alpha Tau Omega ' s mixed socially with their friends and met new " ac- quaintances. " The exchanges proved fruitful, as with the frequent parties held throughout the year. The Taus en- tered Spring Sing, Mardi Gras, and Homecoming with their usual animalistic spirit, and profited greatly. Good old Dave Duke whipped (literally) the Taus through Spring Sing and wound up gaining another trophy for the collection. The Spring formal was good; however, that pledge " surprise " party seemed to indicate to the actives the gist of the entire year. ELLIOT MOSES 350 2.AA ' AH2i ' 5 ' ' 3 Jeff Poell David Robison Phil Rubin Don Sor+ofi Ed Simpkins Bill Slolt Jim Smith Stan Thomos Alan Wadman Dovid Wodman Brian Webei Al Wehrl. Carl Weintraub Tom Woodi With the many varied activities carried on in the Tau house, there never seems to be a single vacant room available in the house. Oh well, some just have to take pot luck. The ATO little sisters initiation entailed many varied functions, included among them was the opportunity to gather and meet and discuss with the brothers the facts of life. 351 Beta Theta Pi U , Alllo Frank Arngo Ron B«ach Bill Budd Bill Burns Bill Canning Phil Ca««rly Bric0 Chambers Mike Deiter No«l Dniry John Ellis Kaith Ericksan Jock Finley John Fischer Ted Fletcher A AA % 1 A ■ 1 A Rick Holderness John Ingram Edwin Holmes Bill Krauch Robart Fly Gail Goodrich Dove Goshart Rich Goihert Link Graham Don Grand! Chuck Hall P t» Holl Don Hooton AAA Blokely Landell Bob Londis Mike Lippitt Dean Loomos The brothers of Beta Theta Pi this year undertook a plan for complete spiritual metamorphosis. Forsaking the dogma of Hedonism and Utilitarianism, which hod previously shrouded the chapter, the Betas doggedly adhered to a policy of self- denial enabling the brothers to push owoy the temptation of women, and with calloused hands to turn upon themselves to probe the essence of life. The Friday morning sunrise com- munion with a few sisters of Abstinence in attendance . . . with on ensuing compulsion to seek out the secret snowy vastness of the mountains for a few days with a selected group of young virgins in order to re-establish a union with nature. Coincident with such functions . . . regular visits to the Med Center. DOUG PUROY and BILL KRAUCH 352 AA ' XAA Mike Lynn John LYOni Pfiil Morlowe Bill Maynord Larry McCollister Dennis McKenile Ron Medok Jim Murphy Mike Packard Jim Paglluso Richard Perkins Al Peterson Dick Peterson Doug Purdy Rick Purdy Paul Randall Ray Randoll Kim Ringwold Roiland Roup Mike Ryan Tom Sondor Oovid Seores Jock Smith Jeff Smith Typical Befa do+e the morning of+er the night before. Richard Stansbury Tito Torres Dan Twitchell John Von de Woter Bob Waltmofl Wes Wheadon Wolt Whitoker Kerry Williams BobWiswell Frou Wood Jim Worms Park Wray In retrospect ... a Beta year. 353 Delta Sigma Phi Michael All«n Mik« Ath Join i Barker Roberf Borton John Bongiovanni John Boithard imm Robert Brown Pete Cahn Bill Chopmon Thomot Chopmon Chuck Church Dick Cleveland Merritt Co lemon ScoH Davit Dale Dickey Robert Dost Bill Eodle Lee Eckel Don Eide Lorry Evont Kent Ewing Mike Fenerin Mike Pleteher Jock Froley Je H Lang Mark Lee John LoCurto Carl JeflMn Elliot Kramtky Ron Landiberq AA Don Lund Ron Marks Ross Miller Roger Monreal Everett Morgan Les Munson Richard O ' Connell Russ Omey George Porker Ralph Porrett Bob Porrlsh Lon Rickey A loss in the semi-finals in football (for the third straight year), a save by the basketball team, a good baseball squad . . . these combined to put the Delta Sigs near the top in over-all intramural standings. Turning to the international. Delta Sigs participated heavily in rugby this year and Hunch and Hypo even found their way to the varsity. The crowning of Sally Anderson as Dream Girl, the Carnation Ball ai the Sheraton Marina, the Sailor ' s Ball in the Spring ... " found brothers and pledges enjoying the greatest sport of them all — ' fronding ' . " Beyond the merely physical, the Delta Sigs put together their best scholastic year in the last decade. For this, credit goes to the able if somewhat erratic leadership of Terry Stewart. TERRY STEWART 354 I ' f li. Mike Ritkowsky Cfiorlet Ross Tom Seitzler Willlom Slguertto Ale» Spotaru Steven Trablsh David Robertson Sory Rowse Williom Shachtmon Jeff Smith Larry Thomos Craig Tyndall 3 Chuck Wokemon Oovid W.lis Normon Weiss Chni Wise Don Wilner Tom Worihingfon 355 Delta Tau Delta Stev» Adami Bill Allen Julian Boll Alex Bonochowiki Andy Banochowtki Robert Beenken Al Briggs Jomet Hodyeson Doug Hollond Doug Juengst Trevor Lewii Allon Coiper David Feller Steve Ferry Norman Flette Robert Fulton Gary GeHe Jerry Gilbert Kenneth Goodfried John Grotsio A project set up for the preservotion of beavers in Northern California, one to defoliate the Sun Valley Nudist Colony, and a very worthwhile drive to clothe domestic pets (many of them kept in the Delt basement) . . . these are the civic endeavors which the brothers of Delta Tau Delta felt characterize this year the best. Campus activities were not forgotten . . . Delts held exchanges . . . with Marymount Day School and Uni-camp- ers. The Westwood Nite School aided several Delts with their academic achievements, while their overall GPA was boosted with the advice of their newly elected scholarship trainer, a re- cent transfer from the Air Force Academy. Such achievement — it is easy for others to understand why Delts have such pride. JIM GRAY ond SYD RAHE g g i RC " nk 356 Richard Lyster Mike Muller Rick McCorter Neil Peggar I Bob Philbin Syd Rahs Darrell Reiwinkel Bill Riley Mike Robinson Jim Shelton lAA Williom Shoop Mike Slater Bill Tennesen Roger West Pete Sidell Ken Smolley Mike Tonnemocher Gofy Young Lingering Delts anxiously await return of brothers out rounding up o Western species of donkey . . 357 Lambda Chi Alpha Anthony Anderton f T Gary Bobcock Ed Bah Clark Bell Doug B«t1 Winiton Bowen Oavs Cory Jam«s Demeke Patrick Dowltng Robert Gianetto Chris Guthrie Forrest Honnon Bill Lukowsk! Don McLean Terry Moos Bill Phiniiy Harold Rodgers Richard Schol James Sims Randall Sakamoto John Shannon Tony Wieczorek Ed Isroel Lee Johnson Rod Lighthipe WINSTON BOWEN 358 Phi Epsilon Pi Ed Ackermon Sam DooliHie William Emer Ron Feenberg Jerald Friedman Steven Friedmon Leonard Gorbei Don Goodman Greg Gordon am John Pfeifer David Roth Samuel Gordon Steve Grow Robert Knell Ken Laretto Peter Lasser Henry Lerner Lawrence Lyons Edward Morgulet Mark Most Ira Roth David Schlossberg Inr Siegel Bruce Silver Gary Sloon StuarfZimming Once upon a time there was a young-type fraternity at UCLA. Even though it belonged to a large notional organization (49 chapters) it had only been at UCLA for four years. Then it started to grow. It took twelve pledges in the fall, won first place in Homecoming float competition, rose above seventeen other fraternities in intramural activities ranking, topped eighteen others in GPA, and all the others in spirit and enthusiasm. It boasts in its membership the Sophomore Class Treasurer, two Daily Bruin reporters, one member of the IFC Executive Board, and five KUCW staff members. Its parties ranged in theme from a TSIO " Prison Break-Out " Party, to its Elections extravaganza. New Year ' s Eve saw Phi Eps celebrating the new year and the ' new house ' on the Row. JERALD FRIEDMAN and ROBERT KNELL 359 Phi Delta Theta Larry Af««tt Chorlai Bloiftk Wallar Comtron 0«nnit Coop«r John Critp Eric Davy Sill Downey T,m Gilmer Cloyton Goinq Clare Golnick Loren Grahom Gary Granbery Bill Hermonion Paul Hoyt Bob Jeff re IS Doug Nicholt Terry Reiti Bob Richordton Jim Root Ed Rounthwoite Richord Rust Frank Stirling Richard Vanit Chrii Vonteoyk ff% Pr Falling back on their BMOC image, the members of Phi Delf again attempted success in many fields. The social season . . . highlighted by six glorious weeks of inactivity, by special re- quest of the dean. In the spirit of the newly signed clause, . . . the bros ventured beyond Hilgard for companionship, as new contacts were made with the perfection of an ingenious " curb- side manner. " On the gridiron . . . Phis helped Coach Barnes ' defense achieve a new season high. Senior Class President Dick Lemon brought culture in the form of concerts and the World of Work Conference. Behind the headlines, ocademia persisted . . . weekday mornings the sleepy bros. stumbled across lot I I in time for those early eleven o ' clock classes. ED ROUNTHWAITE STEVE LOCK 360 Tau Delta Phi Allan Arfa Bruce Baumgorten Jeff Brosbe Martin Caisirer Joseph Conievoy David Oichner Steve Engel Steve Finkel David Friedenberg Ken Herman Avigdor Hurwiti Dennis Levine Joel Levine Arnold Rosen Al Rotenstein Roy Schoenberg Robert Simofi Rrchord Zoleika A« JL Tau Delts, situafed in +heir new house on Londfalr, enjoyed a well-balanced fraternity life. Tau Delt has ranked acad- emically among the top five houses for the post ten years. Among the notably social events which Tou Delts hove en- joyed this year were the Pojamo Party (which was o rousing success after Gerber ' s proclamation that he was first to break out in o diaper rash), the Greek Orgy (which livened up when it was discovered that all the porticiponts were octuolly Roman He-Men), the Playboy Party (where everyone just let himself follow his own natural instincts), and the new South Seas Luou (preceded by dreams of beautiful virgin maidens). With such tradition, how could things get better? GARY BOROFSKY 361 Phi Gamma Delta Larry AgajoRian Jon Arti D0U9 Bagby Randy Banks Morf Souchmon Jim Brooks Tony Corr John Champlin Roger Cicinelli Tom Clork Guy CrecsHi Sob Dome 1 3 9 John Ebriqht Vincant fowler Don Goldman Eric Groich Bill Harrison Bob Heckman Jim Hungerford Gary Incoudo Jim Koeiser Richard LoMoHe Ritch Lewi I Mike Motchett Brent Miller Lonce Miller Byron N el ton mm Cliff Robertson Michael Rochford Doug Ryan Bob Shoner Stewort Slovio Steve Sloyden An exciting year for the Fijis ... a religious function wi+h Mount St. Mary ' s, ie. two months social probation . . . Mo- mentum mounted . . . the Shipwreck party . . . The grand climax — the Fiji Islander at San Clemente. This year the Fijis did not go unnoticed — re: an incapacitated house detective and one brave hotel manager. Fall semester headlines: " What ever happened to Byron Nelson? " " Fiji president ' s chair stolen, " and " Are the Fijis really having a BIGAMY party? " Football players, baseball enthusiasts, crew men — all represented Fijis sportswise.Of Bob Shoner, Fiji prexy, bros remarl(ed: " we only hope he doesn ' t try to improve the Fiji Probation Record. " BOB SHONER 362 Larry Smith Rich Spindler Mondy Tilles William Vorh!es Utile WalUr Thorpe Whltemon Herm Zompettl FIJI ALUMS: Obscene but not her-d. 363 Phi Kappa Psi Richard Acksr Fr«d Allan Dov Athltigh Bud BriHanhom Ken Bonnar Dav« Brant Craig Brown Hsnry Chopman Dennis Choate Win Cond ' rct Don Ellit Chuck Engel Pflfer Piske Hank Fletcher Fred Good Bob Goodttll Gory Grandle Neil Hording Jee Hollingtwor h Bill Janten D0U9 Keup John Koiunich D nnit Lonon Moriholt Lloyd Steve Plone Lorry Poindexter k The Christmas Formal with Kappa Kappa Gamma, social pro, the chicken slinging Viking Party, social pro, the traditional Wine-out with SC Phi Psi ' s at the Viva Zapata, the Spring Weekender in Palm Springs, social pro, the 24th annual Paja- marino with two bands and twelve kegs, social pro, social . . . Phi Psis, perhaps the Administration was trying to tell you something. With group activities significantly reduced, indi- vidual endeavors flourished: a few brothers pushed into the realm of the scholarly, others were alternately influenced by the " Tube God " and the " Rack Monster. " Intramurals were again a house forte. To the Phi Psis, " Zoo " nicknames, " amaz- ing " parties and brotherhood have marked this year ' s passing. CRAIG BROWN ond HUNT PAYNE 364 Bob Polenti Murray Robertson Bill Rolf Kim Shirley Gory Prutimon Pete Robinson Bob Schmieg Tom Smith Edward Veloiquei Russell Webb Jim Vellmon Je(( Willordton Santa Clous arrived at the Phi Psi house just in time to present all the brothers with personalized gifts. At weekender, Phi Psis found time to relax and meet new friends, often from greater metropolitan Tijuana. 365 Phi Kappa Sigma Joy Ainiwortti Ruts Bonducci Roy Borq Ksith Borker Bill Beede Tim Brewer Nelton Brown Tim Connit Dove Carter Clint Choote Earl Clibborn Tom Cochran Stan Cole Jim ColtoHo Lorry Coi Dove Cramer Tim Dorlond Jeff Ellermeyer Ron Feole Bill Frott Larry Host D0U9 Hall Murray Hall Leo Han ten Mark Harford Kim Hocker Sob Irelofid k i A.% 4 A A 1 ami Dick Jackson Bob Kendall Harold Klem Romeo Kassarjian Mark Kerstetter Bill Leonard Ron Kaufman Steve L. Klousen Ken Lopez A d. ' A Alan Loveless Paul Loveless Don Manning Tom Masi Serry Mavrinac Mike McCoHrey Attempting to maintain their title of ' top dogs ' on campus, the men of Phi Koppa Sigma increased their low budget activities this year. The Winter- Week-ender was a thing of wonder, as the bros sought — and sometimes found — six inches (of snow) to call their own. Seeking to recover from muscles pulled on days they were snowed in, the Phi Kaps bounced back to stage the " Skid Row Power Blast, " an affair which proved once and for all that liquids that go down must come up. Muscles re- vived, the brothers got together to win the All-Fraternity In- tramural Football crown and to pariicipate in a few all-house ' foot-the-biir functions. Finishing touch was put on the year with the orgiastic Hawaiian held at the bottom of the pool. TOM BURGE and JIM WIHENBURG 366 Il I 1 kA .1 tiMi l - Dale McCollon Chuck McGinnii Ben Menold Tony Mumelo Dennis Murphy Fronk Nlshimuto Jim Padgett Chuck Phillips Bruce Pitman Steve Plumer Den Rierson Borry Rippeni Don Rojos Rick Rutkowski Mike Schneider Denny Schwary Larry Slagle Ken Smith Mike Swaim Kent Tucker Bill Ureda Warren Wilkiion Roy Wilson George Wooley Week-end nights found the Phi Kaps enjoying the fun of group activities, while days were filled with the less universal, if not less rigorous, intramurals. 367 Phi Sigma Delta MicKo«l Bornai Jaff eorr«tt Don Bsrnttcin SkA IIJ. Jim Briiolii Bob Cadith Art Ch«nen mmm Ed Cohen Fromk Domon JarrY Dubin Bruce Ellmon Pefe Feinttein Scott Fronkenberg Bruce Golonler Richard Gandin Jon Gilbert Bob Glosier Bruce Gordon Steve Grant Ken Gregg Lorry Heifetr Steve Henberg Phil Miller Charles Minsky Joel Morse Art Novak Steve Roines Ron Resch Bruce Sandow Fred Schneider Mark Shopiro Thursday nrghfs at McSee ' s (seeking refuge from the Hilgard Dump Service), Mardi Gras and Spring Sing kept Phi Sig Delts busy this year. An important highlight of the year came during Homecoming with the AEPhi ' s, when the entry won second place . . . the eight foot caricature of Bob Glasser was also voted most humorous. Phi Sigs also found pleasure in the plan- ning and carrying out of activities for their Spring Formal. This year the week-ender was held at San Diego, a spot noted for its close proximity to a wide range of cultural hotbeds. Much to the chagrin of neighboring apartment dwellers. Phi Sigs still had enough energy for a Movie Star Night party, allow- ng more than one couple to shed usual custom and costume. BOB SYEMANT Len Hoffman Roger Holt Steven Jocoby David Korton Larry Kendall Michoel King 368 %2i %mk k AAl Ron S»iniclt Ned S lapi o Mlchoel Shermon Al Steinberg Borry Stone Samuel Tenenboum Ira Wosiermon Howard Winer Lorry Shapiro Terry Shelton Paul Siegel Dennis Stern Robert Stone Tom Vineti Bob WeiJi Richard Winston Phi Sig Delta Pledge Marshals were known for lhe!r devotion to the welfare of their charges. 369 Pi Lambda Phi Ed Ac ronton H »rb«rf Abramt Dav» Brohiniky Dov!d Browda D« inii Celemon Jon Cookler Michasl Dan Dove Dieti Barry Dubin Steve Epsleln Jerry Eitrin Marvin Ferg Mike Francisco Roland Gorrido Neil Goldberg Martin Goldhober Mike Goldman Alan Greenstodt Steve Grumer Steve Haberfeld Richard Hoffmon Joel Holden Stephen Horowiti Dennis Jocobi Robert Kohlenberg Robert Konner Mike Kaplan Stan Perlo John Pollard Donald Reifman Gordon Rose A This was the year of the Silence at Pi Lam: Roar and Bellow were leaving, and Hooltie got his nose caught in the garbage disposal, causing less noise than was thought possible. The desire for a new, improved public image through good will, better scholarship, and sophistication (Hah!) was demolished by the Kelp beer bust. Despite the loss of four walls, and the flooding of the basement (though not with water), the house remained standing — though most of the brothers didn ' t. The trend toward quietude carried into the social functions, which were smaller, quieter, and unable to boast more than 2,000 participants at any given moment. Things are looking up for next year — the tombstones are expected any time now. GORDON ROSE 370 Rict Ross Harvey Roben Ron Shapiro N«al Smaler Ken Smith Richord Thorpe John Voge! Jerry Weinjtein Don Wolf us Rick Roth Norm Shopiro Rick Shtiller Eddie Small Chuck Soter Steve Vickter Howard Watserman Eorl Weitzmon Larry ZiRian 371 Sigma Alpha Epsilon Scott 6 r«tford Bill Bodin Bill Bruc Bill Bryan Bill Corlson Dick Cutshall Tom OeMorchi Mike DoHlemyre John Dompe Mike Dompe Kenny Donney Mike Douglas Dean Dueike John Frendling Bob Groble Chorlet Grable Ray Gtoy Ken Green Roger Hansofi Jim Howley John Hubiak Eric Jocobton Ron Kosper Fred Kern Nelion Leonard Jim Lindttrom Harry Monoko Bill Selfrid9« John Shontey Brian Shipton Roger Siegel What made this another celebrated year in the debased an- nals of SAE history? The parties? The women? The solemn rites on the morning after? Or, perhaps it was the mature, fraternal attitude of the brothers, and their mainstream approach to sex ond sin? Regardless of the reasons, the brothers made their presence felt in all facets of life open to them. The thrill- ing excitement of Hollywood movie production . . . the pin- nacle of student government . . . an abysmal social life; all these and more contributed to th e SAE legend. Seeking to rise to national standards, the house was painted and a moral re- armament campaign began. But the effort, though brave, was futile, and the suave man in any bar was sometimes an SAE. BILL BODINE 372 m Chrii Smith Goren Stagtin Evan Williams Greg Woiney Steve Snyder Bob Teeie Tudor Williams Peter Zomanigon SAE lion blushes from another overdose of scorlet point, which he disogrees with. Jubilant animals of SAE take time out from their busy social and academic coreers to gather after a busy day and discuss future ventures involving them. 373 Sigma Chi Tom Abbott Ronald Atkinton Jim Barlh Joel Boruch Tom Biiby Rich Brown v tsi ' n d Lee Bucko Joe Bugentol r:. Dove Clark George Crandell Robert Davidson Pete Donold Mark Doubet Jim Evans A A •X. f Curlit Gage Lee Gorson Jay Gentry Jerry Gerron Jim Hanks Bruce Hansen Roy Honsen Rocky Hill Ken Hitchcock Vaughn Hoffman Robert Houghton Terry Jamei i o (5 n (J John Jenkins Mike Jensen Bill Jones Glen Jones James Kaylor John Kimball Eric Lawton Tracy Lewis Gone were Mavis and his Aston and the never-to-be forgotten Mole, but there was still the " Harem Party " with Brother " Sewer " Wallace acting as auctioneer for the 50 young maidens brought to the tent of the Shah of Sigma Chi by a fleet of Cadillacs. Hey, Williams, what happened to your dote? The pledge-active " Tijuana Street Brawl " featured on a double bill a skip-and-go-naked punch and Jenkins and his three dotes. Clark, Evans, Hitchcock, Bixby, and Barth led Sigs on campus. The year closed with sadness — who ' s to re- place the Sewer and Mechanic? What will we do without Bugie and his inventory of crying towels? The army of the general? Perhaps, but things will never be quite the same. JEFF MAVIS and JIM BARTH 374 John Lobock Dick Lynn Chuck MacNob mk kM XAdl Jack Mason Michael McAuliHe Bob McElroy Gordon Neisc Rick Nlelion Allen PoHeric Don Raner Jim Ree-es Ken Richords Tony Schuur Vernon Soren; Terry Steyer Mike Sullivan George Siolonek Dick Tonner Robert Thoyer Ed Thomson Bob Von Buelow Robert Walker John V olloce Alan Weyt Lorry Wiese Roger Wilson Michael Wingfield CENSORED The Uncalled Four: I wanna be your lover, baby, or, how to succeed with . . . 375 Sigma Nu Ro9«r AihUy Jerry 6o Bill Bonten " TAAA Don BecWndor Rvginaid Bonnet Gory Bridget Terry Brutocoo Jifn Contello Chorlet Clork Dov!d Coon Chad Coury Don Degner S e e Dermer Tom Edwordi Bob Ferguion Jim Frautntck Richard Gatet David Geier Dennii Glodmart Martin Grahom Robert Hall Rich Hofldy Rick Hortnock Terry Hortthorn Bob Hendricki Clarke Herbert Lorry Higby Michoel Kerley John Lombert Bill Lorkin Ken Leonard Craig Libuse Rich Logon Roger Morondo Dex McNamoro Bob Mommaerti Jim Monahon Tom Morris Dovid Ponkroti It was " Let ' s do rt in groups " year at the Sigma Nu House, as the brothers strove to transfer to the fraternity systenn the great sense of community togetherness found in the Multiver- sity at large. A sense of communal society was fostered at all social functions ranging from the Pajama Party (an exercise in group recreation), to the Viet Dong and Oedipus Rex soirees. Other activities ranged from the North Tijuana Week-ender to the passionate surge for a fifth consecutive All-U Intramural title. In individual initiative, several brothers lost their inno- cence and their freedom (but not necessarily both) while others participated in football, baseball, sharing mono, catching dysentery, making grades, RFSM, floshing, and filling-in holes. DAVE GEIER 376 Dove Philips John Ropore Ken Rethmeier Gabe Riccordi Gory Rick Don Rugg Ellis Smifh Gordon Smith Jim Stenderup John Tovlor Gary Walker John Warmbrodt r 1 Ralph Weir MonleWidders Bob Woodruff d A Damn !tl First she had a full house, then a straight, then two pair, three queens . . . How ' bout that. Marshal Dillon; how ' bout that li ' l ol ' string of beads! 377 Sigma Pi Graqory Anniqon Stcvan Auifod Corftr Biddtr !.•• BlacUoll Roy Bramhall John BroH Pet«r Canelo Roy Chestarfleld Ronald Oovii David DeCamp Louli Frotinolh Samuel Froome fit ( 9 Russell Pike Ronald Reiek Greg GofraH Robert Girard Timothy Gregory Peter Holdlman Kenjo Homada Vernon Joeni Steve Jurist Jomes Leonard Ron Lettner Jim Morteif David MaiMo Chuck Miller Poreuk Molohld Alan Niehott Don Peoirt 1% Peter Royer Poul Sanders John Scollan Kent Shoi! Kenneth Small Evan Snider Dave VonSaun Dave Volgt Another great Pajannarino, a Roman Orgy (entailing appro- priate activities), Initiation Formal — and each time Sig Pi ' s had to ask their dates to make the long walk to the front door. Never daunted by exhaustion or lame wallets, the boys dar- ingly adopted Natalie Wood as a little sister, sweetheart for the year. Her comment on hearing the news was a dismayed, " Oh, Yeah! " Deciding it wouldn ' t be too painful to spend more hours on campus once they ' d mode the trip, brothers ran in Freshman Elections — many, including Figleof, never re- covered from the ordeal. Also inaugurated during the year — " Be Kind to Your Favorite Professor Program, " for which Dr. Dolleck was first and perhaps the lost honoree present. ED COX and BOB SMITH 378 Sigma Alpha Mu George Balfour Michael Beck John Brovermon 2 2, Mike Cohen Rick Oovis Jeff Oimidale Ron Dresher Al Fain Don Frimkess JeffGlasiman More Glucksm( Bruce Gorlick Fred Greenspahn Gene Greenberg Gory Grey Jerry Katzman Borry Kohn Joel Lewin Arthur Novtck Jeff Schick Gleen Schwimer Ross Sedler Rtchord Speare Steven Tishermon AM Although the cook Insisted on making one grunch without the eggplant over there, the survivors could not dissuade the Martian and Herman from jumping oft the wall. So, four broken toes and a water balloon later. Tubby sat on Blow- out ' s car and the whole thing went up in hot air. Never- theless, Sammies refused to live in the past, and instituted the daily sacrifice of a young virgin at the altar of prog- ress. Although strong disprobotion has been registered at these proceedings by DAR and IFC, when it gets around to it, Sammies have shown no indications of reform or discon- tinuation of their wayward ways. Despite the " Lay in the Hay, " things will look better when Turk ' s jaw finally heals. GARY GREY 379 Theta Chi Rand Aman Gr»9 Boifor Phil B«chdolt Stan Bctkin Donold Brown Jerry Brown Eric Chrittionior Tom Corrigon Robert Goron 1 Ji A Mark Grohom David Held Bob Hirseh Rick Innocent! Ken Lister Richard Latham Carl Nielsen CARL NIELSEN Duncan Plasman Steve Santoro Michael Rawley MikeSerisawa Tam Scheerer Richard Truoi Once again the merry men of The+a Chi reflect on the past year ' s activities ... All will remember the New Year ' s party. How about it, Phil? Then there ' s Brillo and the windows. Blister, clean the pooll Speak, Ox! . . . RoufI Where did those p.j. ' s come from? Not looking too familiar, are they? Ping pong, anyone? Study, dammit! Deal, quit stalling. Here ' s to Cookie ' s fifteen years and her " Most Permanent Cook on the Row " award. Glug, glug, chug-a-lug, chug-a-lug. Mike, you P.W. Study, dammit! Isn ' t it about time for a haircut, Greg? Char- treuse and lavender? Yeah, the Wop and the Worm must be painting (?) again. Yes, all in all it was another good (?) year for the brothers (?) of Theta Chi. Remember Dream Girl. The Ox, and friend, were wont to slunnber during the late summer. 380 Triangle Gordon Andreien Robert Arnaldo Phil Bailey Harold Bonge Kendall BortleH Robert Barton Steve Bloom ScoH Bryon Ron Curtli Alan Dippel Atfila Fenyes Kenneth Haring m Ika. Ron Heocock Komran Hekmat-Panoh Joe Hoefner i Ronald Horapool Robert Lee Michael McCortney Jami Olson Rolph Petiold Stephen Ratner Donald Royer Akira Stiinoda Richord Storr Gene Weinstine Using a new fornnula of psychological leadership, Triangle managed to drive Prexy Mike Stafford nearly insane and to promote such thoughts as " kill our leader " into all the newly pledged brothers ' minds. Triangle athletic prowess was sur- passed only with finals ' feats. The social calendar was spotted with Little Sisters dinners, the pajamarino, and the initiation dance. The pledge class, in addition to pursuing the normal course of studies, embarked upon a new program of improving personal relations with Actives . . . with such things as field trips and surprise trips to the mountains. Actives reciprocated with a week-end of now infamous games in the spring. The re- sult of said activities was conclusive: actives 29, pledges 0. MICHAEL STAFFORD 381 Theta Delta Chi Chuck Adami Gary Av reH B:II Ballord Roy B«loiic John Btbb Ted eisti Bob Bohorquet Roy BroglioH! St«ve Brown Bob Campbell Robert Clark Gory Covingtoi St«v0 Dovis Charlei Dillon John Dunning Bob Elliott Steve Evont Dove Freemon Don Goldman Rollin Green Raymond Grieit Allan Guy Dick Hamnquiit Tom Handy Mike Hoteley Don Heitter Willlom Hortfoll A ' Ji A i. A A ii 1 m :l Pie eating turned the tide once again as Theta Delta Chi swept the Greeic Olynnpics for the second consecutive year. The Theta Delts were seen in intrannurals, in campus politics, in the counselor ' s office trying to stretch their contracts, and in great favor with the selective service. Social mixers with Pi Phis, SDT ' s, Chi O ' s and the women ' s PE faculty lifted spirits and provided scholastic incentive. The social season was capped by the Row-renowned Virgin Islander, an exercise in group dynamics. The week-ender was strategically planned one week before semester ' s end in order to take full advantage of its well-known capacity for steadying the constitution and clearing the mind in needed preparation for spring finals. DAVE FREEMAN 382 mM I A ?i £ ti Lorry Inks Giorgio Kauten David Kelsey Carl Kohlweck Don Louder Mike Logan Don C. McKay Dave McEwen Doug Mcintosh Wolf Michelson Ashton Miller Jim Murphy Walt Niemand Niel Oberioin Earl Olrich Jim Perisho Bob Pritchard Tim Prukop John Redmond Bruce Reinik Mike Sancett Jim Torres Dick Underwood Richard Walker Terry Wollock Steve Winding Ron Zimmerman Another Thefa Delt jumps Into the ink pool, as brothers gleeful y look on . . . he ' H soon come out with a set of blue soles. 383 Theta Xi Oavid Armcn Fred BoUr Tom 8ati«H P«t« Blofiti Stffv Brown Rick Bruck Richard Caldwell Rich Creoten Potrick Davii David Dodwell Jerry Dougloi Pot Egbert Jim Herndon Gene Henh Lorry Hohmon Ron Javor John Lopuch Steve Lovot Dovid Morgon Steve Morriton Terry Moihenko j;ii Bob Fong Raymoond Gelerman Richord Grijwold 1 For Theta Xi — the year was grossly overbid but skillfully played. Steve " The Ear " Lovas ' success in his assault upon the vested interests of Kerckhoff and its infannous comnnan- dos was exceeded only by the Xi ' s intramural standing. The Fall semester ... in charge of IPC ' s Greek Week-end . . . the Roman Orgy . . . the Homecoming party . . . Christmas recess playing post office. Finals meant Tails won the Roonfi 13 scholarship trophy hands down. Determined to start the Spring semester with a bang, Morgan obtained a housemother to im- press rushees. Again with the help of AChiO top honors were won at Mardi Gras, and Theta Xi softballers played the spoil- ers. And it was a great Luau . . . but then, aren ' t they all? STEVE TAYLOR and GENE HERSH 384 1 A ' KlA 2JS, Richord Ryder John Schwerdtfeger Jomes Sibley Buck Stoudenmoyer Rolph Stoudenmayer Larry Stuppy Steve Taylor Dennis Webb Jack Wilion The Vamp gives M-son the low-down as the Heap approves. As the Heroine cringes, Egbert exclaims, " Being pinned was never like that! " Bowery Show. 385 Zeta Beta Tau Lorry Ackcrman AlWn Adoihak Don Altf gm Aljfk Mili« Alliwong Ed Applsboum Peter Serk Richard Bermon Anthony Bernhardt A Larry Biegel Gordon Blonsky Martin Brilt ii A- Gary Finkel Bruce Fogel Andy Freema Bob Friedman Steve Gluck Michael Goldn- Earle Goodman Stan Gordon Myron Greenberg Howard Gross Mel Gross Lorry Guxin Jeff Hohn Gory Hormati Lorry Heller David Brody Met Butler Al Choien JeH Cohen Lorry Cohen Mike Cole Rich Cowan Allan Cutrow Mike Diamond Dennis Dordigon Jim Dunn Roger Ehrlich David Eisenttodt Gary Eior Tom Finemon AAA A A Ai%A A stote of continual disorder once again existed for the men of ZBT. The pledge party in the Fall which had the Buccaneers browning-out while reacting to sounds of the notorious Holly- wood All-Stars was as scandalous as ever. Trying to keep in social contact with the rest of the teams, the ZBT ' s held ten form exchanges and several non-classified ones. Two formal initiation dances were thrown in the vain effort to establish some type of proper attitude toward social gatherings. The Spring Week-ender in May, held at Biegel ' s Mouth in Ojai, established the fact that disorder is here to stay. But the most famous evidence of this was in those Friday Guest lunches concerning the " Amazing Adventures of Ruth and El Rotosz. " ED APPLEBAUM 386 Frsd Holtiman John Jacobson Jitnmie Johnson Marc Kaplan Robert Kay Steve Kessler Rick Klee Ron Koblin Dave Kornblum Larry Koisk Jim Krasne Mark Loska Jeff LeWinter Andy Lewis Roger Lewis Tom Linton Al Litrownik Lorry Lloyd Steve Lowe Ron Molone Ken Meyer Mark Mitock Steve Moyer Fred Nometh Richard Porker Lorry Rice Sfeve Rousso Steve Sadowsky Ron Schneider Rick Scott Eric Show Alan Silver Michoel Smooke John Spilker Lee Stork Harvey Stein David Sung David Teitelboum Jon Tillman Mitch Trsiger Borry Unger Bob Unger Croig Wald Lloyd Worren Sfeve Weiner Al Wiesblott Lee Yih MikeZide M 9 " B -3 ' 9 ' AM m mdt m l,l.A A A £kM 59a ' a 9 i Times like these when Homecoming plans were laid with Kappas. Pledges were always required to stand on chairs and tell jolies. 387 Zeta Psi Btrt Athton Edward Bobic K«n Boer Jim Balg Gary Brondt BabOye Ed Gauadon Ed Gawrontki John Gilder VIv Herris Bill Hoyei Mike Heaeeck Rick Horih Bill Hayei Bill Schuberi Dan Tandberg Dove Turner Wes Woo+en •A 91 We came back from the beaches saying " we ' ll really study this time " . . . the SU gave us books but the old times remained. The Ox got his pink bellies . . . the magnet defied metamorphosis with his new " chopper " . . . the " oldie but goodie " bands were still under thirteen years old . . . Margie still never made it . . . the girls from Mount St. Mary ' s went to the wrong house . . . But there were compensations: Judy was good to us . . . Fox learned about girls . . . the Colonel moved in . . . six bros moved to Searchlight, Nevada, while class lost out to Frisco and Big Bear . . . We were persevering ... it was a long walk up Hilgard, especially with a grand piano. We saw the drooping heads as dear brothers approached the altar and the cold stark marble around the old withdrawal window. JIM BELG 388 dor mi tor ies 389 Dykstra Fall Coblnef for Dykstra Hall: (sea+ed) Larry Sugarman, Suzie Persh, Barbara Fey, Sylvia Woodard, Phil Cadish; the gallant mole members are stonding: Jim htolder, Carlos Bokota, Grudzinslcos, Gary Joslin, Roger Inman, Steve Poggi. Dykstra Spring Cabinet: (seated) Takako Nakahiro, Corrie Berr, Maria DeGruccio, Brito Meister, Vicki Podewils. Larry Sugarman, George Furst, Larry Liebermon, Charles Grudzinslcos, Norm Jackson, Wade Bunting, Herb Stompfl, Phil Cadish. 390 Complementing floor activities ... an oll-Dykstra social cal- endar. In Fail . . . Las Vegas Party (complete with gambling tables, dancing girls), Uni-Campers for dinner, buses to foot- ball games, a blast at the La Venta Inn. Dykstra held its own Spring Sing prelims and entered three groups in the Big Show. Bel Air Bay Club was the site of Spring Formal held in May. 391 Citadel Wendy Bock Patiy Lopez Kenmere Loree Kothy Owostii Diane Rifteribocher RonI RiHenberg Vicky Searlet Judi Sullivan Liso Tarsey Argo Rita VeHerIi Joon Weiiman Potricia Wood The cry of Citadel this year, " the existence of Dykstra is in- evitable OS long OS we remain between it. " Supporting this theme: the annual Halloween Party (visited by Snoopy and his friends], the Christmas Party (where the good fairy appeared), and the second annual Lo Venta Inn party. The Citadel girls supported a Greek child, Uni-Camp was aided from fortress. Bayanne Boird Janet Blumenfeld Judy Cuthway Sue Guttin Susan Jenki (.inda Kriwanek Suionne Lindetef Monireh Mohomdlan Linda Rhodes Susan Rollins Koren Schroeder Sylvio Waehrer i.2 .2 Boasting the most turtles, the worst scales, and the largest toilet paper consumption, the Argo girls will recognize no significant correlation between the three and prefer to point to their records: donating most waitresses to Dykstra ' s Las Ve- gas Night, most blood to Blood Bank when asked what things ore going on at Argo. Their advisor would moke no comment. 392 Jefferson Kassoy ' s Boys . . . diversify was the key. Activities Included the dorm football championship and +he primitive fertility riles and the Intellectual discussions. Soclolly . . . complete fulfillment was the result, participating factors being the notorious nocturnal hoyrlde, the La Venta Inn soiree, and the overzealous males ' staging of the fab- ulous " Flannel Fling " thing. Jefferson Playmates: (seated] Ronald Gabler, Taylor Black, Mike Rogon, Guy Chand- ler, Rich Downing; Dave Sandler, Renny Buscombe, Brian Luyt, George Furst, Larry Krlwanek, Mr. Arnie Kassoy, Ken Farrell, Jerry Yamamotto, Jerry Schutte, and Dave McKenna. Diversify was the key word and standard. Sierra Under the supreme leadership of their two floor prexies, Carlos and Ringo, and the firm guidance of floor advisor, Richard " Little Dick " Borgen, the boys of Sierra House were able to overcome many obstacles while plunging to higher " depths of achievement. " The non-existent band at their Formal at La Venta Inn . . . inability to digest bit- ter nectar of maturity . . . academic pecadillos — all proved nearly insurmountable, but Toll Troll saved the day. 393 Hedrick Hedrick Fall floor presidents: (standing) Bill Stral ' to, Tom Case, John Van Horn, Mark Dunbar, Dennis Gladman, Julie Sanders, Nita Reeve, Debra Glickman, Jean Bickert, Linda LaFevre, Phyllis Weitiman. Fall Cabinet: Harry Golden, controller; Grace Anderson, secretary; Stan Benson, prexy; Gene Strayhorn, VP. Hedrick floor presidents for Spring: (standing] Paul Bass, Mike Strumwosser, Dan Edelstone, Nornn Gold. Vic Krohn, Shoron Rutherford, Terrie Sladnick, Sondra Brudy, Barbara Stackhouse, Judy Wells. Spring Cobinet: Horry Golden, controller; Borbaro Bernnan, secretary; Tom Cose, president; Gene Strayhorn, VP. 394 Annapurna For the Annapurnlans of Hedrick Hall, the year combined all things which go to make a well-rounded school year. Power- booking (the book was Condy) . . . social activities (the men of Hedrick and Reiber still haven ' t recovered) . . . service (Project Amigos, Uni-Camp, and a general willingness to help out); all were a part of the Annapurna urge to " do it right! " Cindy Booi Doreen Berg tenure Argyrot Cyndia Clegg J C!ndy Coverdale Susan Fauell Alexis Jackson Nancy Landberg Suii O ' Donnell Phyllis Weitiman Judy Coyle Carolyn Frost Shirean Jackson Gay Lloyd Susan Sponenberg Susan Wells !1 IS-Ji iiJ J 395 Bali Hai ! S-115.2 t C«l»ifB Dolon CyntKio Gerordot Sharon Lawis VIcki Lightwine Sharon Loos Mary Jo Naples Kothy Porkoi Bali Hai ' s year was sparked with a variety of exchanges — a four-way the night before classes began, a barbecue, and a pajamarino in the Himalaya lounge. The holiday season meant door decorations, a dinner with Uni-Campers, the " lost and found " Christmas tree, presents from " Secret Angel, " and the four-way. Ending it was the Pre-Finals cocktail party. Bowery Priding themselves on outstanding spirit. Bowery boys say of their ' 64- ' 65 social season, " It was very nice, but one must not forget to mention our cultural program, which meant so much to us this year. " Between book reviews, boys ventured out from the floor long enough to win first place honors in Hedrick ' s in- tramural football. Homecoming ' s " Most Humorous " trophy. Bowery Boys liicli off the sociol season with o spectacular Shaving Cream War atop Drinking Hill. Final reports showed six Chile Dog Forliers and four Beaver Patrollers injured in the traditional contest. 396 Beaucatcher It was a very fruitful year for the girls In Beaucatcher; not only were the social activities fun, but loter proved well worthwhile. The big brothers aided the girls to find their true happiness on the UCLA campus. The fame of the men of Himalaya spread far and wide, as their successes included a tie for fhe intramural lead, a party in the hills of Malibu, and a fateful " spiked punch " binge which resulted in a long stint on social pro. President Dennis Slad- man held the image of leadership and disaster high, while var- ious other worthies contributed in their own inimitable ways. Himalaya 397 Tolima Ev l«nc B ll J«an BicktH Carolyn Brown Soro Burton Sttphoni Childt Marilyn HoM Donitw Harmon JoAnno HoUint Elaine Hudion Horn Lopidus Molvino McCoy NoncyMcLoren Margaret Nelion Jackie Otborn Susan Samuel Anne Schilbe Mary Shekoyon Dorothy Taniguchi Jone Teat A year of firsts for the girls of Tolima House ... a Halloween exchange . . . Thanksgiving dinner with the men of Torridon . . . the Christmas exchange . . . getting in the holiday spirit with door and tree decorating contests and, of course, the Secret Angels . . . Uni-Camp Night ... an early surprise break- fast in the lounge . . . Drs. Rapoport and Lawson, advisors. Westwood Josephine Austin C ' ndy Becker Barbaro Berman Cloif Carlson Nancy Chooljion Patricio Edwards Leslie HorboHle Suiie Keller Undo LeFeure Annlio Poganini Jocqueline Reich Dorothy Toniguchi Barbara Tillmon Donno W«stland A year of victories for the girls of Westwood House . . . intra- mural trophies in both swimming and volleyball . . . Julie Kin- caid was chosen Queen of the Hedrick Christmas Formal . . . the Kalamazoo Kazoo Marching Team got a special award at the Olio Show. With their spirit prompted, they then marched in the Beethoven ' s birthday picket line outside Royce. J1.2¥JTi ' 398 Hershey Hershey Hall Fall Cabinet: (row I ) Judi Campbell, Sheryl Pope, Dure ' l Decker, Sondi Newton, Pinny Jacobs, Nancy Gilcrest, Koren Burke; Marilyn Yamer, Millie Lannbert, Pat Hagen, Betty Spade, Brenda Nelson, Laura Head, Cathy Reed, Pat Hallock. As 327 eager, young innocents began another exciting year of studying, working and playing the word was innocence, the plan was change. The Great Punnpkin Ball, the Great Rabbit Hop and April Fool ' s Dance were carefully overseen by Mrs. Smith, the hall manager, while Jean and Louisa, the esteemed R.A. ' s protected girls from back-door escapees and prowlers. Hershey Hall Spring Cabinet: (row I) Sharon Malthy, Lii Dunn, Pat Hallock, Sandi Newton, Pinny Jacobs, Nancy Gilcrest, Jolono Goldstein; Joan Kutler, Marilyn Yamer, Paula Pfaff, Sheryl Pope, Cathy Ree (President), Millie Lambert, Annobelle Morn, Laura Head, Kay Gardner, Martha Willey, Kathy Conarroe, Janet Venable. Not pictured: Jackie Yale, Suiy Pierce. 399 Austen The girls of Austen House decided to make this o year for the Great College Experience; and if college didn ' t enter into the equation at all times, experience certainly did! Madam Pres- Bronte ident Nancy Gilcrest led Austenettes in a round of fun and games from Mardi Gras and Spring Sing to Uni-Camp. The schedule was arduous, the effort exhilarating, the plan success. The antics of Bronte girls were led this year by Bruin Belle Brenda Nelson and other lively officers. The Halloween Party featured a real live witch for thrills, the Christmas Party was a time for exchanging gifts with roommates, dates, and each girl ' s Christmas Angel. Study breaks in the lounge and on various lawns served to relieve some of the tensions of finals. 400 Browning (Standing): L. Cardenas, P. Hagen, D. Vidiiunas, B. Spade, C. Wofson, I. Lee, P. Hallocit, and Dr. Howard representing the Faculty Assoc, (sit- ting): H. Hoffman, B. Yamoda, J. Winfield, S. Pierce, H. Colon, M. Yamer. Led by Fall Prexy Suzy Pierce and Spring Prexy Pat Hallocic, Browning House of Hershey Hall frolicked to new heights in most campus recreational activities. Their athletic prowess hailed by peers and dates alike, the " Brownies " hosted the in- famous " Turkey Trot, " the indelicate " Bunny Hop, " and cap- tured the honors in the notoriously practical MHH Olympics. Been scared by a cat lately, heard a bird, had your head caught in your bed, been locked in a closet? It could (it would) have happened to you had you lived in Hershey ' s Dickinson House this term. The year seemed full of mis- haps and misadventures until you think about all of the good things that happened: the food, the excitement, and Barbara Brown ' s selection as Queen of the Christmas Ball. Dickinson (Front): P. Jew, C. Togasaki, A. Stock, J. Yale, A. Urusshibato. C. Lone, K. Takeuchi, M. Lee. (middle): S. Konough, L. Messer, D. Licon, S. Ureti, G. Skolnick, J. Beckett, P. Bundy, D. Goldberg, M. Hamamura, M. Martin, (back): E. Boren, N. MacMillan, B. Rehwaldt, B. Chavei, K. Gardner, P. Turner, K. Burke, M. MacKay, R. Martin, P. Jacobs. ' ■V , A 1 r m ; ' t r r M fl JRV M Hk - li l 1 Ksj S Kt Km£ !z! Ss!: - T " r »tj » ■ ' eEL fcrf V i V E .J l 401 Rieber The floor presidents and Cabinets of Rieber smiled, remained anonymous. This year male residents donned coats and ties, asked girls to dance . . , the more casual activities were often more exciting . . . but for some, nothing can ever beot Oouble-BubbU 402 Members of Rieber Hall had another worthwhile year of to- getherness and fun. After rain postponed Mardi Gras for the second time, a " little Mardi Gras " was quickly organized and presented to the surprise and pleasure of all the dormies. Numerous other activities sparked this year, including two formals, a boat cruise. Spring Sing, exchanges, intramurals. 403 Barondoun The House of Barondoun: (kneeling) Kubia Khan, J. Baei, Mono Lisa (Publicity Chairman), Unidentified Sit-in, Squanto, May the Bird of Poradise; (second row) Abe and Mary (Sunshine Chairman), Lincoln, Kelly Green, The Marx brothers: Karl (Judicial Board Chairmen), Onyor, and Mark; (third row) O ' Casey (President), O ' Goldberg, O ' Hoho (Vice-President), Brigette, Sophia, EIke, and Jayne, Checkers, Gleem, Brank X, Gleem, Lena Tower, (Intramurals Chairman): (ogainst wall) Guissepi Fettucini, Miss Mory, Jane Dough, Hah-So, Lii ' s Sister-in-Law (Secretary), Lily White (Treasurer), Singing Waiter; Claire Wheeler? Blarney The house of Blarney fulfilled, beyond the wildest hopes of its inhabitants, their namesake. On old St. Pat ' s Day, the green stuff was certainly thrown. 404 Cork Another victory was aworded the men of Cork, with their second straight perfect football record. Operation Desert Strike was held to increase social spirit; it was shown fruitful after the Incan Treasure passing ceremony in which the elopement of Mar- shal McDillion and Kitty was revealed. Presidents Rogo Stindt and Norm Auerback led the award program of the cork to Martha. Skye Isle Well-known to " the other wing " as the bestowers of the " Knight of the Month " award, the girls of Skye Isle added interest to the traditional activities. Elements of surprise were: a real, live witch to visit on Halloween . . . playing hostess to twenty more eight year olds than expected. Intramural points added up for the girls of Skye Isle as did the interesting cultural programs. 405 Glencairn Reivmory Aim J«anns Baker Nadine Bartk y Marcia Bernt Jean Berry Chnstino Burks Vicki Comitock Lynda Cowlishaw Lordina Elmi Barbara Fein Kathryn Feo Lori GroH Kalhy Gregg Ruthanne Hall Morilyn Hill Sharon Johnson Yvonne Johnson Cheryl Maqlio jija Gomolat Monsey Geri MinoH Deanno Mason Soheir Mokabel Maria Naujokoltis Kristie Savey Jane Schaffer Barbara Wagonis A new tradi+ion in floor exchanges was discovered by the girls of Glencairn this year. The Whisky a-go-go exchange was fol- lowed by the Hats and Shades, which was followed by several nameless ones. Prexy Marilyn Hill led the girls to membership in campus organizations, including Anchors, Angel Flight, and Spurs. The Frosh Homecoming Princess was a Glencairn girl. Phyllis Adler Cherly Roe d« Acrleto " Suiie Pysiggy Diane Groeff Beth Kirsch Inverness Pot Nevins Linda Papierm Chorl Pierce The lorge amount of undone studying was the chief character- istic of the yeor for the Inverness girls. From the first days, the soi-igo voUs books were dragged out but with floor exchanges and parties, they were forgotten. A Nigerian Night, a barbecue, a Beatnik exchange and several Christmas parties added to a memor- able year. The flood with Chris Burski crowned the girls ' efforts. US. 406 Shannon Sharon Bossetf Kathy Dofilgren J J. J Jackie Plesch Kris Honsen Sharon HotJng Meredith Mount Kris Robiciek Oaivo Simonis Carol Short Susan Smith Sondra Spregel Pam White A beach par+y, a barbecue, a theater party . . . and this was only the beginning for the beauties of Shannon House. Feeling benevolent, they participated in a Homecoming float, and this trend led to a Christmas party for Med Center children. Spring activities . . . sponsored a candidate in the MardI Sras king contest and an entry In the Spring Sing extravaganza. Stonehaven Active In IntramuraU ond more passive sports ond activities as well, the men ot Stonehaven add another very successful year to the list. 407 Sproul Sproul ' s Fall Cabinet included: [front) Dianne Dannron. Mory Baker, Judy Gerber, Steve Ebert. Bonnie Robinow; Mary Currie. Carolyn Burns, Lyndo Kenan, Pete Dewiti, Fred Yamajishi, Foster Price, Carol Treiber; Diclc Jones, Joe Conillo. Bob Caronna, Pete Bumerts. The Spring Cabinet included: (front) Morcio Green, Judy Gerber, Carol Gerber, Mike Mou, Mary Currie, Maggi Buck, Dianne Damron, Amy Stone, Susan Bassett, Judy Leslie, Dick BIythe; Pete Bumerts, Dick Jones, Bob Caronna, Charles Hock, Ron Allison, Mike Clark! 408 iS J - af % " " 409 Athena B 2- 3 2i J f ' 1 J 2. i2 J i2 2. 21 1 " [2 " K J J S EHen Borer Corolyn Burns Nancy Brondt Susan Carmouche Trudi Broun Patricio Coles Jacquelin Frederick Morsho Goren Jan Horrl! Marilyn Johns Carol Mynard Judy Leslie Christine Non Marilyn Morris Eileen Preuss I Karen Prouty dvold Sharon Roodes Cynthia Scott Laura Simeone Susan Straight Ellen Sussman Diana Tonsich Bonnie Wolters Patricio Von Hoeclem Ardeth Weed Kolhy Wochlel JoAnn Whitaler Whether rising af dawn for a ' ' come-as-you- are ' breakfast, or Presidents Carolyn Burns end Ji jdy Leslie guided the ship-of- partaking of the orange and black " C " wh ich was prevalent state to new triumphs, including i 3 week-ender at Crestline with around Halloween, the womer 1 of Athena had an active year. Bacchus and Ellen Borer ' s select! on 1 as Sproul ' s Winter Queen. Aurora Yoshin Ida Deborah Kofr Corolyn Owen Judy Riven Nancy Roclioff Sharon Rub Corol Smith Simone Wallace Patricio Temple Mary Wallers Morlene Urner Irene Yonogihora Led by Presidents Simone Wallace ond Marcio Green, the girls of Aurora had a year of surprise birthday parties, ex- changes with its big broth er floor, a hoyride, on evening of folksinging, and discussions with its faculty advisor Dr. Hund- ley. Aurora had members in Bruin Belles, Bruinettes, service organizations and sponsored candidates for student elections. Beverly Billings Rense Himes Joyce Ichintsubo E " IlS£ Hi2.i2 410 Bacchus ' Morning After " get-togethers at Bacchus were olmost always better thon the functions which preceded. Chaos Well known for its sedate, retiring and intellectual qualities, Chaos House occasionally backslid into the social realm by sponsoring beach parties, water fights, and other communal activities. Showing an awareness of their environment, the boys chose a select group of giddy girls as " Chaos Co-eds, " and continued to dominate Sproul by virtue of leadership. 411 Daphne The Champagne dinner party in Topanga Canyon offer Homecoming, beach party in freezing weather with several kegs, the annual awards banquet (where everyone got an award — for the most amazing things!), the exchange in No. 13 Storage Room, and the overnight snow trip to Crest- line with Bacchus made this a fun year for the Daphne Girls. Diana A PJ exchange with Olympic, intra-dorm trick or treating, an overnight snow trip (by bus) to Big Bear with the men of Titan House for skiing and snow fights, and the party at Dr. McKnight ' s house were highlights of the year for the girls of Diana House. At Christmas they undertook an AWS project of filling stockings for the MC Children ' s Ward. 412 Olympia Orion 413 Pandora Pandora ' s Box had nothing compared to this year ' s activities sponsored by the girls of Pandora House. Social life meant the usual exchanges, a beach party, Christmas-Chanukah party. Led by Proxies Carol Trieber and Amy Stone, Pandora received Sproul ' s Sports Week trophy, carried off the show with their Leg Auction, most novel approach to raise Uni-Camp money. Titan While acting as Big Brothers to the girls of Pandora, the men of Titan House led a year of parties, gomes and beer busts. 414 Persephone Fall semester -found the women at a Christmas party, exchang- ing secret Santa gifts and conversing with Dr. Peruzii, their faculty advisor. An exchange with Sparta men is most aptly remembered as " the night the lights went out. " The Orion men could only offer pizza for their exchange. During Spring Sports Week the girls broug ht home Dorm third place honors. Ah ' s aint the kind of a guy that ' s inclined towards bragin ' , so ah wont mention that ol ' Sparta House is numero uno in Sproul ' s intramural standin ' s (jes like last year) or our GPA ' s the dorm ' s highest — nuthin ' like that at ' II. ' Bout all ah ' ll say is ' at a guy caint hope to get chucked in with a better bunch than here in Sparta — that ' s the gospel truth. Sparta Jerome Brookler Jerry Levin 415 Helen Matthewson Club Patricia AIntworth Elinor And rton Maris 8«ek«tf Judy Bershack iJJJi Connie Rohios Lorroine Schulman Verlene Seifert Barbaro WoKe The women of Helen MaHhewson Club belong to the oldest women ' s co-op at UCLA, organized for girls who are par- tially or entirely self-supporting. A Halloween party, the Christmas tree trimming porty, the Spring formal, and the perpetually rained out hoyride (in the rain) made up the social calendar while the girls were active on campus. The girls credit the success of their socials to leader Pam Sorrelles. Normo Cunningham P_ Jone dfl ta Peno Rita Kilpelinen Franc Monteverde 416 Twin Pines t21 A formal at the Surf Rider Inn, Date Night viewing " Guys and Dolls " at the Valley Music Theater, intramural volleyball, and an entry in the Ugly Man contest — all supplemented studying to round out the year for the femme fatales of Twin Pines. An open house for family and friends was also held. Of Twin Pines, the girls say, " It offers any girl a profitable experience. " Dorothy Compbetl Lynn Iwashito Horriet Kohatsu Pot Lacy Kathleen PercEval Marilyn Stewart 417 Stevens House 11,11 Linda Anderson Frances Bolh Jeonet+e Bozanle Suellen Dowell Angelea Mates Elaine Peters Patricia Smith " Profifable! " So commented the Stevens House girls, almost unanimously, when asked to describe their year. This small interracial, interdenominational cooperative group is com- plete with study atmosphere, group fun, a housemother. The success of Stevens is dependent upon the fun and experiences of the year rather than upon the material aspects enjoyed. Stevens ' Girls: Shirley, Virginia, Eileen, Elly, Barbara, Helaise, Marilyn. Married students Married Students ' Housing ... a haven for those who can ' t wait, a warning tor those who hove so tor, and ' that hole ' to all. Sulking in pre-World War splendor beneath the dorms and across from fraternity row, the green huts wake and retire to a baby ' s fitful howl. 418 Apartment dwellers...the lively set 9iM3 Apartment living . . . the ideal set-up. Hamburgers, scram- bled eggs, and peanut butter sandwiches instead of dorm food . . . An occasional sorority girl overnight after missing lock-out ... A haven for friends: " Can I sign out for your place this week-end? " ... A scooter (or a ride on back) or walking as a means to an end — that occasional 20 minute walk to campus . . . Afternoons around the pool . . . late night orgies ... no lock-out ... no quiet hours ... no house- mother ... no study table . . . The only way . . . it ' s bitch ' in! Home Sweet Home ... a full but organized (?) closet, KP detail, the joy of hours at the ironing board, a weil-stoelted refrigerator. 419 Commuters Commu+ers . . . anonymous, pitied, reviled; the nine to five mentality. There seems to be relatively few lines of common interest at UCLA. Grades, jobs, " beaching-it " all unite var- ious and or majority segments of the campus community, but nothing possesses the all-encompassing, all-infuriating nature of parking — and, therefore, of the commuters ' — problem. The restrictions . . . " No Parking until six, " " No Parking Ever, " " Two Hour Parking " . . . though possibly illegal must be fol- lowed by all. Rising sometime between five-thirty and seven, commuters join the lemming-likeliness of the freeway and boulevard, all converging on UCLA. By seven, quiet streets of Westwood are chaos; for most students, the day is already shot to hell. The Commuters . . . they all come to campus and at the end of each day they reverse this process. In-between they go to class, study in the Library, eat their lunches on the lawn, play cards in the Coop, talk to other students if they know any. For some it ' s the only way; for others, a switch to the dorms, a House, or an apartment is the answer. They all come for the same purpose — to get an education — but when they leave at end of day, each goes a different way. 7-AM-n-PM The long line . . . and fhe money grabbing machine at the end of it all 420 Finding o place to pork is one thing, but hoving to sleep In the cor until classes begin meons only one thing . . . fight for the permit! ' PAY 75c IO_ENIER INSHT QUARTERS ONLV OR CARO-KfY-ONLY PAY PARKING AVAILABLE IN GREEN AREAS LE ELS4-S rr J 421 Senior Activities Index ABBER. ROBIN ELLEN: Lot Angelos; Ed- ucation; T»f, LACC; Dalta Phi Epulon; DtltA Phi Epsilon Spring Formal chrmn; URA Folk D nce Club Vice-Prej; URA Eiecutivs Board: URA Finance Comm. ABRAMEWITl, IRA BRUCE: Venice, Calif; Hiitory; HiMel. ABRAMS. DEBORAH HARRIET: Studio CitYD nce; Tjf-SFVSC. USC. San Fran- cisco SC; Hitlel. ABRAMS HERBERT: New York City; Hiitory; Pi Lambda Phi; UCLA Bowling Team-Uni-Carnp;Mdrdi6rat; Dublin Ball. ABRAMS. IRA RANCE: Eagle Rock; An- thropology; INTAC - Special Eventi chrmn; URA Folk Dance Club Vice-Prei; Student Leadership Aiiembly; Colloqui- um on Man in Literature; NROTC. ABRONSON. WILLIAM HOWARD: N. Hollywood; Bus Ad - Accounting; Ac- counting Soc; Finance Assn; Riding Club Vice-Pres- ADAMtEC ROBERT JOHN: S, Pasa- dena; History; Tsf, UCSB. ACKERMAN, NANCY LOUISE: Racine. Wis; Marketing; Phi Mu; Anchors; Lit- tle Sisters o Alpha Sigma Phi. ADAMS DENNIS NEAL: Los Angeles; Zoology; Tsf. UCD. ADAMS. MARGARET LYNN: San Diego; Psychology; ASUCLA Elections Board Vice - chrmn; Senior Class Concert chrmn; Junior Class Cabinet-20 Out- standing Jrs Comm chrmn; Sophomore Class Cabinet-Soph of the Month Comm chrmn; Freshman Class Cabinet AOASHEK, ALLEN ROSS: Los Angeles; Psychology: Zeta Beta Tau ADLER, YVONNE MADELAINE: Los An- geles; English. AGENS. MARTYN LIVINGSTON JR.: Los Angeles; Political Science; Phi Kappa Sigma Pres; Blue Key. AGGEN, CLIFFORD FREDERIC: Cama- rillo; Electrical Eng; Tsf. UCSB; Alpha Sigma Phi Pres; ESUC; IFC Pres; Alpha Sigma Phi Pres. AGINS. RICHARD HOWARD; Los An- geles; Finance. AGREN, RANDI ANNE: Torrance; Phys- ical Educ; Anchors. AGUADO, CHARLES: Los Angeles; His- tory; Tsf. LACC. AGUIRRE. ALBERTINA: Venice. Calif; Art Design-Jewelry Apparel. AHRONIAN, RICHARD PAUL: Fowler; Production Management; Tsf. Fresno SC; Alpha Kappa Psi; F-Hyes. ALBIN, JANETTE DEONE: Torrance; History; Tsf. El Camino C. ALHADEFF, EZRA SAMUEL: Los An- geles; Chemistry; Tsf. LACC. ALLEN. ALBERT ' JACK ' DONALD JR.; Santa Monica; History A Poll Sci; Tsf Georgia; Pi Gamma Mu; Pi Sigma Al- pha; Computer Club; Calif College Re- publicans. ALLEN. JUDITH: Beverly Hills; Art His- tory; Tsf. UC6; UCLA Art Rental Pro- gram; Tutorial Project. ALLEN, MICHAEL JOSEPH: San Ma- rino; History; Tsf. St. Patrick ' s Semin- ary. Menio Park; Delta Sigma Phi, ALLEN, SUSAN MARIE: Buena Park; Political Science; Tsf. Cerrltos JC; Al- pha Phi; UCLA Education Abroad Pro- gram-Bordeaui, France ' Tutorial Project. ALPERT, MICHAEL CHARLES: N. Hol- lywood; Psychology: Tsf. Lawrence Col- lege, Wisconsin; Lambda Chi Alpha; URA Sponsor-Coordinator Vice-Pres; Mardi Gras. ALSTON, KAREN LEE: Los Angeles; History; Tsf. LACC; Alpha Gamma Omega Little Sister. AMOUR, SONIA DORIS; N. Hollywood; Accounting; Phi Sigma Sigma; Alpha Lambda Delta, Beta Gamma Sigma, Phi Chi Theta, R. C. Baker Scholarstiip; Honors Program. AMIDON. C. DOUGLAS JR.: Los An- geles; Economics; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Yeomen. ANDERSON. DONALD P.: Los Angeles; Marketing; Tsf. U of Iowa; Beta Theta Pi; Varsity Water Polo Team; Varsity Swimming Team. ANDERSON, EVELYN MARIE: Los An- geles; El em Educ; Alpha Omicron Pi; Panhellenic Council; Blood Drive; Home- coming; Mardi Gras; Spring Sing; Rally Committee. ANDERSON, LAURICE CAROL: Los An- geles; French; Pi Delta Phi. ANDREW, BARBARA J.: N. Hollywood; Spanish; Alpha Xi Delta; Alpha Mu ANEZ. NICHOLAS WAYNE: Woonsock- et, R.I.; Sociology; Tsf- San Diego State. ANTEBl, STEVEN SOLOMON; Los An- geles; History; Tsf. LACC; Pi Lambda Phi; Fraternity Marshal; Spring Sing finals; Oleo Show-Best Musical; Gradu- ating Marshal; History Honors. APPEL, ANNE M.: New York City; Art; Tsf. Cooper Union, N.Y.; Alpha Lambda Delta; Phi Beta Kappa. APPEL6AUM. DENNIS BARRY: Beverly Hills; Finance; Tsf. SMCC; Assn of Stu- dents of Finance. APPLEBAUM, EDWARD ALAN: Long Beach; Marketing: Zeta Beta Tau; Blue Key. Kelps. Yeomen, Mardi Gras. Pooile Comm Chrmn; Zeta Beta Tau Pres. ARKINZADEH, VICTOR; Teheran. Iran; Bacteriology; Tsf LACC ARMBRUSTER, JANICE ANNE: Tor- rance; English; Tsf. El Camino College; Alpha Gamma Omega Little Sister. ARMOR. TOM H.: Long Beach; Bus Ad; Pauley House. ARMSTRONG. CLARICE ELAINE: Los Angeles; Zoology: Delta Sigma Theta Pres. ARNOLD. RICHARD JOSEPH; Tehach- api; English. ARMSTRONG, DAVID GEORGE; Tulare; Political Science; Tsf. College of the Sequoias; Rieber Hall. ART, CAROLEE VIRGINIA: Los Angeles; Art Education; Tsf. LACC. ASHMORE NANCY ANN: Riverside; Elem. Educ; Tsf. Riverside CC; Delta Delta Delta; Bruin Belles; Finance Comm; AWS Pub. Chrmn; Prytanean; Project India; FAMACS. ASHOOK. FRANK: Los Angeles; Psy- chology: Tsf. LACC. AUTH, WILLIAM ANTHONY JR.: Dow- ney; Biological Illustration; Zeta Psi; Blue Key, Kelps. AZAR SOODABEH: Teheran. Iran; English. BACHMAN. KEN H.; Van Nuys; Ac- counting; Tsf. LA Valley College. BAER, KENNETH DALE JR.: Whittier; Psychology; Zeta Psi, BAHAM, STEVEN EMERSON: Los An- geles; Mechanical Eng; Tsf. El Camino College: ESUC. 8AIDA, CHRISTOPHER CLARKE; Lagu- na Beach; Philosophy Poll Sci. BAILEY. KENNETH RICHARD; Los An- geles; Mathematics; Tsf. LACC. BAILEY. MUFFET JERRI-JOAN; Glen- dale; Anthropology: Alpha Chi Omega; Sigma Alpha Epsilon Little Sister Pres; Honorary PI Lambda Phi Little Sister. BAIME, DIANA ANN: Inglewood; So- ciology; Tsf. UCB. BAIRD, BAYONNE JANICE: Venice, Calif; English-Speech; Twin Pines; Al- pha Lambda Delta; Alpha Mu Gamma; Phrateres; Dykstra Hall House Advisor BALDWIN. GEORGE RICHARD; Long Beach; Engineering; Tsf. Long Beach City Long Beach State; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, BALIAN, ALEXANDER JOSEPH; Los An- geles; Marketing: MAC; Crew: Campus Photographer. BALLARD. ANNIE BLIDE: Los Angeles; Zoology. BANACHOWSKl, C. ALEXANDER; San Mateo; Civil Eng; Delta Tau Delta; IFC Judicial Board; Delta Tau Delta Pres; Frosh Swimming. BANDUCCI, JANICE MARIE: Bakers- field; Theater Arts; Theater Arts Pro- ductions. BARDIN, IAN ALAN: Los Angeles; Ac- counting; Tsf. UCSB- 6ARN8AUM. BRUCE LEW: Sepulveda; Mathematics. BARNES. SUSAN ELIZABETH: La Can- ada; Art History: Tsf. UCSB, BARNETT. HEIDI EDITH: Berkeley; Bio- logical Illustration; Alpha Epsilon Phi. BEAL, ELLEN LORRAINE: Redlands; In- terdepartmental; Kappa Alpha Theta; Cal Club; Mortar Board AWS Woman of the Month, AWS Sec; AWS Social chrmn; Prytanean Vlce-Pres; Chimes Vice-Pres. BEAVER. MELINDA DIANE; Los An- geles; Physical Education: Chi Omega; Water Ski Club; Theta Delta Chi Little Sisters. BECK, ANDREA LOUISE: San Diego; Speech-English; Sigma Delta Tau; Phi Beta Kappa. Alpha Gamma Mu; Debate Squad; Theatre Arts One-Acts; Sigma Delta Tau Scholarship chrmn; Sigma Delta Tau Vice-Pres. BECK. THOMAS EMIL: La Mesa; Eng- lish-Speech; Concert Band- Football Band; Varsity Band; Sproul Hall; Hed- rlck Hall; Daily Bruin; Phi Mu Alpha. Slnfonia; Intramural Sports BECKERMAN, BARRY: Van Nuys; Ac- counting; Tsf. UCSB; Intercollegiate Baseball; Accounting Soc. BEENKEN, ROBERT H.: Los Angeles; Accounting; Tsf. U of Hawaii; Delta Tau Delta. BEESEN. RICHARD WAYNE: N Holly- wood; French S History; Education Abroad-Bordeaui; Pi Gamma Mu; Alpha Gamma Mu; Phi Beta Kappa. BEGLER JOSEPH GARTH; Los Angeles; Poli Sci. BEIER. DELORES ANNE: Glendale; Spanish; Tsf. Glendale College. BELG, JAMES MICHAEL: Dayton. Ohio; History; Zeta Psi Pres; Phi Epsilon Kap- pa, KCLA [now KUCWl; Model U-N. BELKIN, BONNIE; San Diego; Sociolo- gy; Tsf. San Diego State; Alpha Epsilon Phl- BELKNAP. MICHAL ROBERT: North- ridge; History; Alpha Sigma Phi; Alpha Mu Gamma; Phi Eta Sigma; Scabbard Blade; Army ROTC; Phi Beta Kappa. BELLI5 JOSEPH CARROLL: Mlnneapo- l.s; Music; Tsf. UCSB; University Con- cert Band; Jaii Club; African Perform- ance Group. BELSON, JAN VERONA; Bellingham. Wash.; Sociology; Tsf. U of Washington; Kappa Delta. BENNETT, JAMES COOPER: Holllday. Teias; Bus Educ; Tsf. North Teias SU; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Teaching Assistant; Delia Pi Epsilon; Phi Delta Kappa. BENNETT, MARY PEARL: San Gabriel; Sociology; Tsf. Pasadena CC. BENNETT, REGINALD GILLESPIE: Los Angeles; Economics; Tsf. SMCC; Sigma Nu; Intramural Tennis. BERESFORD. SCOTT FRANKLIN; La Jol- la; Economics; Tsf. Duke U; Sigma Al- pha Epsilon; Yeomen; Blue Key. BERG, RUTH: Alhambra; Near Eastern Studies; INTAC Board Member; ISA Vice-Pres. BERGMAN PAUL BRUCE; Beverly Hills; Poll Sci; Unl-Camp; YD. BERGSTROM, WILLIAM LAWRENCE: Los Angeles; Psychology; Tsf. LACC. BERLIN STEVEN BENNETT: Encino; Eco- nomics Tsf. UCSB- Tutorial Project, Bruin YD. BERLOW. DOREEN SUE: Long Beach; Elem Educ. BERMAN. ROSA: Los Angeles; Spanish; Sigma Delta Pi. BERNARDI, JOHN PAUL: Van Nuys; Psychology. BERNS, MICHAEL JON: Los Angeles; BERNSTEIN, MARVIN HARRY: Los An- geles; Zoology; Tutorial Project; Pre- med Assn; Alpha Phi Omega. BERNSTONE. PHILIP A.: Reseda; Psy- chology. BERNTHOL, MICHELE EVE: Los An- geles; Education. BERRY, KENNETH W. E,: Los Angeles; Engineering; Phi Gamma Delta. BEST. DAVIDA SARENE; Los Angeles; English; Sigma Delta Tau; Sophomore Sweethearts. BETHARD, WILLIAM S.: La Jolla; Poli Sci; Pi Sigma Alpha; Freshman Tennis Team. BIEGEL. LAWRENCE E.: Los Angeles; Psychology; Zeta Beta Tau; Gold Key; Valedlctorlan-Class of January, 1965; Project India Student Chrmn; Student Judicial Bd Chrmn; Beneficial Founda- tion Lions Club Scholarships; Out- standing Senior. BIERBRIER, FAITH JUDY: Santa Monica; Sociology; Tsf UCB. BINDER. BEVERLY HELEN: El Segundo; English-Speech; Tsf. Cal Poly, BINDER. HERSHEY B.: Los Angeles; Fi- nance; Tsf. Sir George Williams U, Mon- treal, Canada; SAM. BINDER. PHILLIP NORMAN: Los An- geles; Accounting; Tsf. LACC. BIRNSTEIN, MURIEL ANN: Los Angeles; History; Sigma Delta Tau; Phi Beta Kap- pa; Marshal. BLACK, MARGARET JEAN: Northridge; Elem Educ. Rieber Hall; Bruin Belles. BLACKARD, CARLENE SUE: South Gate; Bacteriology. BLACKMAN, JAMES WILLIAM: Palo Alto; Economics; Tsf. Menlo College; Alpha Mu Gamma; Rhum House. BLAKEMAN. MARILYN VICTORIA: Lake- wood; Music; Sigma Alpha Iota; Choir. BLANK. ANITA JUDITH: Los Angeles; Theatre Arts; Dorm Offices; Theatre Arts Dept. BLONSKY, MARVIN LLOYD: Sherman Oaks; Accounting; PI Lambda Phi; Yeo- BLOCH, RALPH JAY: Inglewood; Phys- ics; Tsf. LACC BLOCK. ROBERT HARRY: San Diego; History; Tsf. San Diego State; Varsity Fencing Team Capt; Fencing Club Vice- Pres. BLOWITZ, PETER J.: Studio City; Poll Sci; Theta Xi; Blue Key; IFC Pres; IFC Eiec Sec; Homecoming; Finance Comm; Spring Sing. BLUE, ROSALIND ANN: Los Angeles; Mathematics; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Alpha Lambda Delta; Phi Beta Kappa. BLUM, SHERYL LYNN: Inglewood; Poll Sci; Alpha Epsilon Phi Pres; People-to- People; Phi Sigma Delta Little Sister; Class Senate- 1, 2, 3; Outstanding Sophomore. BLUMENTHAL. HELEN JO: Los Anqelei; Gen Elem Educ; TRC. BOAL, RYAN SCHMIESING: Los An- geles; E-C Educ; Tsf. Immaculate Heart College. BOBKOWSKI. LILLIAN GRACE: Los An- geles; Anthropology. BOGDANOW, NORMAN C: Los An- geles; Marketing; Tsf Claremont Men s College; Alpha Kappa Psi Master of Rituals; UCLA Marketing Assn Pres; Bus Ad Inter-Organiiational Council Vice- Pres. BORN CAROL LEE; Hacienda Heights; English Chi Omega; Spurs; Angel Flight. BOURNS. ROBERT PAUL: Palm Springs; Communications-Theater Arts; Tsf. Mex- ico City College; ASCAP. BOWEN, WINSTON FRANK: Pacific Palisades: Poli Sci; Tsf UCSB; Lambda Chi Alpha Pres; Scabbard Blade; Mardi Gras Eiec Comm Booth Chrmn. BOWERMAN. LYMAN FRED: Twenty- nine Palms: Graphic Design. BOWINKEL. J PAUL; Pacific Palisades, Poli Sci; Bruin YD Treas Vice-Pres; P. Sigma Alpha; Futbright Scholarship to Italy, BkADLEY, BARBARA LEE: Long Beach; History; Delta Delta Delta. BRADt, RICHARD ALLEN; La Mesa; Bus Ad SAM; Sproul Hall Honorary; YR Vice-Pres BRAMHALL, RAY RALPH: Los Angeles; Chemistry, Tsf. Oregon State U; Sigma Pi. BRAMSON, RICHARD L.: Los Angeles; English Lit; Tsf. LACC; Varsity Letter- ma n-Gymn a sties. BRAUDY, LINDA MAXINE: Philadelphia; Poll Sci; Tsf, LA Valley College; Rally Comm; Bruin YD; Jr Class Senate; Rieb- er Hall Social Commissioner; Sproul Hall Vice-Pres Soc Chrmn of Floor. BREWER, ROBERT GEORGE: Santa Monica; Poll Sci; Tau Delta Phi. BROCKMAN, SUZANNE MARIE: Ingle- wood; Elem Educ; Tsf. El Camino Col- lege. BRODIE, SUSAN LOIS: Los Angeles; Elem Educ: YD BROKER, JUDITH ANN: Los Angeles; Psychology: Mortar Bd; Gifted Students Program; Rally Comm E ec Sec; Aurora House Pres S Vice-Pres; Sproul; Psi Chi: Phi Beta Kappa. BROOKLER, JEROME LEON; San Diego; Zoology; Hill el; Sparta House-Sproui Hall Athletic Chrmn Sec; Intramural I 15 lb Wrestling Champ. BROSIUS CYNTHIA ANN: Honolulu; German: Tsf. U of Maryland. Munich Campus, Germany; Ski Club; Unl-Camp; Newman Club. BROWN, BARRY H : Los Angeles; Ac- counting; Army ROTC; Scabbard Blade BROWN. BEVERLY AILEEN; Long Beach; History: Kappa Kappa Gamma -Activi- ties, Song Chrmn, Pres; Bruineftes; Spurs Vice-Pres, Prytanean; Spring Sing Eiec Comm; Senior Class Sec. BROWN, CHARLOTTE SUE; Los An- geles; English; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Mor- tar Bd; Chi Delta Pi; Dean ' s List; Phi Beta Kappa. BROWN, CRAIG WARREN; Sunny Vale: Poli Sci- Phi Kappa Psi Pres; Yeomen Pres- Unl-Camp Bd AMS Pres; Mens Greek Week Chrmn; Varsity Water Polo. BROWN. DIANE LOIS; Burbank; Span- ish; Alpha Mu Gamma; URA; Exec Comm; URA Social Dance; URA Folk Dance. Tutorial Project. BROWN FRANN ELAINE: Chicago; Phys Educ: Tsf. USC; URA Exec Comm; Finance Comm; Mountaineers; Folk Song Club; Hillel Soc Chrmn; Campus CORE; Women ' s Swim Team; All-University In- lermurals - Swimming; ISA Decorations Chrmn. BROWN KAREN JANE: Los Angeles; Oriental Lang; Tsf UCSB; Alpha Mu Gamma ' ISA; Phi Beta Kappa BROWN. LAWRENCE E. ; La Canada; Real Estate: Tsf UCB; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. BROWN LINDA LEE: Los Angeles; De- sign. BROWN, LUELLA MILLS: Los Angeles; Early Childhood Educ; Tsf. Long Beach SC; Delta Phi Upsllon; PI Lambda Theta BROWN, NELSON FREDERIC: South Gate; Marketing; Phi Kappa Sigma; Freshman Varsity Track; Varsity Cross Country; All-Cal Honor RoU. BROWN, STEPHEN GLENDON: Glen- dale; History: Tsf. Glendale College; Alpha Gamma Omega. BRUCE, CAROL RAE; Inglewood; Edu- cation; Alpha Phi; Mardi Gras Publicity Comm; Spring Drive Exec Comm; Unl- Camp Counselor; Soph Senate; Elections Bd BRUCE, CHARLENE BONNIE; Fontana; Poll Sci; Tsf. San Jose SC; Pi Sigma Alpha. BRUCKEL, HARRY: Los Angeles; Finance. BRUNNER, THOMAS ALAN: Anaheim; Electrical Eng; Rieber Hall Librarian; ESUC. BRUTOCAO, TERRY JOSEPH: West Co- vlna; Economics; Sigma Nu; Blue Key; SoCam Sports Ed ' 64; SoCam Bus Mgr; Un.-Camp Spring Drive Comm Chrmn. BRYANT, MARCIA DIANE: Downey; Chemistry; Kappa Alpha Theta; Intra- murals, Song girl. BUCHANAN, GORDON EMERY: Encino; Zoology; Bruin Christian Fellowship; Torndon House-Rleber Hall. BUGAJ, TADEUSZ MIECZY5LAW: War- saw Poland; Accounting- Tsf. Warsaw. BULLARD, EDGAR JOHN 111: Toluca Lake: Art History; UCLA Art Rental Program Chrmn; Homecoming Exec Comm Dance Chrmn; Project Amigos; Tutorial Project; Rally Comm, BULLOCK, SUZANNE JANE: Inglewood; Geography; Tsf El Camino College. BULMASH, LINDA BABBITT: Sherman Oaks; Poll Sci; UCLA Law Wives; Law Wives Fashion Show Hospitality Chrmn, BUNTING. LINDA MAE: Mountain View; Economics; Tsf. UCSB; Dorm Exec Coun- cil Sec Judicial Officer. BUROICK, JEFFREY IAN: Hollywood; Marketing: Tsf. LACC. BURNS, JAMES A ; Santa Monica; Psy- chology; Tsf SMCC. BURNSIDE, BARBARA DIANE: Burbank; Psychology; Tsf Colorado Women ' s Col- lege BUTLER, MEL A.: Los Angeles; History; Zeta Beta Tau; Yeomen; CCA. CABLE, RONALD JOHN: Inglewood; Design. CADDINGTON, STEPHEN CHARLES: Long Beach; Anthropology; Tsf. Long Beach CC CAIN, DIANNE SUE; Canoga Park; Edu- cation; Tsf. Pierce. CALDWELL, DONALD GRAHAM: Pasa- dena; Astronomy; Phi Delta Theta; Daily Bruin Sports Ed; Varsity Track; A Cappella Choir; Freshman Basketball; Varsity Band. CAMPBELL, ALAN HUGH: Reseda; En- gineering; ESUC; AIAA. CAMPEAU, CHERYL LYN: Los Angeles; Gen Elem Educ; Tsf. SMCC; Tutorial Project. CARDENAS, LUIS A.: Los Angeles; His- tory; Tsf. SMCC. CARDER JOHN L.: Los Angeles; Civil Eng (Structures!; Tsf. East LA College. CARICHNER, GRANT EDWIN: Miami. Florida; Aeronautical Eng; Zeta Psi. CARLIN. MARTIN PHILIP; Beverly Hills; Zoology; Tsf. UCSB. CARLISLE, JAY CHARLES II: Woodland Hills; History. CARLONE. LOUIS ANTHONY: Van Nuys: English; Tsf. Loyola U. CARMEL, SHERYL: Arcadia; Dance; Al- pha Delta Pi: Sabers; Sigma Pi LIHIe Sisters; Princess. 1-F Alum Assn. CARRINGTON. KENNETH CHARLES: Los Angeles; Philosophy; Mountaineers; A Cappella Choir. CARROLL, FREDERICK ARNOLD JR.: Pasadena; Finance; Tsf. Norwich U, Ver- mont; Delta Tau Delta; Army ROTC; Intramurals. CARTER. JENNIFER GWEN: Ault. Colo- rado; Psychology; Tsf. Colorado State U; Tutorial Project. CARTER. SANDRA LEE: Glendale; Elem Educ; Tsf- Glendale JC CASHION, SUSAN VALERIE: Hillsbor- ough; Dance; Tsf. U of Oregon; Dance Concerts; INTAC; Opera Workshop. CAVANAUGH: RICHARD FURLONG: Huntington, N.Y.; Poll Sci; Tsf. SMCC. CEPPI, LOUIS FREDERICK JR.; N. Hol- lywood; Psychology; Tsf. LA Valley Col- lege. CERNY. SANDRA LEE; Hemet; Dance; Tsf. U of Illinois; Alpha Lambda Delta. CHAFFEY. ZELLA KaTHRYN: Whittier; Sociology: Delta Gamma; Anchors. CHALFIN. MAX LEWIS: Los Angeles; Psychology; Tsf. UCB; Student Coor- dinating Comm; Neuro-Psychiatric In- stitute [Research Assistant); Free Speech Movement; Folk Guitar Instruc- tion; Intramural Basketball. CHAN. JANET GAR LING: Hong Kong; Pre-Social Welfare; Tsf. Santa Ana Col- lege. CHAN, KAI SUN: Hong Kong; Elec- tronic Eng; Tsf. U of Utah; Volleyball; Variable Structure work; UCLA Com- puter Lab. CHANDLER, JOHN TYRONE: Los An- geles; Accounting; Tsf. SMCC; UCLA Accounting Soc. CHANDLER. SUZANNE POMREHN: Los Angeles; Elem Educ; Tsf. Long Beach Slate College; Delta Phi Upsllon. CHAPMAN, THOMAS MALCOLM: San Diego; Geography; Delta Sigma Phi; Crew; Varsity Rowing Club Sec; A Cap- pella Choir; Spring Sing; Delta Sigma Phi Treas. CHARR. MARY ELIZABETH: Los An- geles; French; Sigma Alpha Iota; Al- pha Mu Gamma. 422 CHARTKOFF. JOSEPH LOUIS: Los An- qeles; Anthropologv: Pacific House- Dykitra Hall Prei; Dykslra Hall Judi- cial Bd Chrmn; Kahofelea Ed I Pacific House) ; Archaeological Survey, 1962- 1965 CHATTERTON. ROBERT DEWITTE; Los Angeles; Poli Sci; Ttf. Calif Slate [Long Beach) . CHAU, MIRANDA TAK-CHING: Kow- loon. Hong Kong; Education; Teaching Concepts of Time to Second Grade Chil- dren. CHAVIRA, DIANE FRANCES: Covina; Elem Educ; Tsf. U of San Diego. CHENG, PATRICK SIU KEUNG: Hong Kong; Finance; Tsf, National Taiwan U. Formosa. CHERNISS, FRED B.: San Francisco; History; Tsf- CCSF; Zeta Beta Tau, CHESTER. SHARON ANN: Pacific Pal- isades; Psychology; Tsf. SMCC; Alpha Delta Pi; Homecoming Senior Princess CHIN CAROLYN: Los Angeles; Speech. CHIU, DAVID SUNG-KWONG: Hong Kong; Chemistry; Tsf. Cai Poly, CHODOS, STEVEN LESLIE: Los Angeles; Physics; Alpha Epsilon PI; Sigma Pl Sigma. CHOY EUGENE; Jersey City. N.J ; Marheiing; Tsf. Ohio State U CHOY PENELOPE KIM: Los Angeles; English; Chi Delta PI; SCTA; Phi Beta Kappa. CH6zEN, MERRILL AUEN: Arcadia; Psychology; Zeta Beta Tau; HEW Gov- ernment Fellowship; Kelps; Blue Key; SEC ' Student Body Presidents Scholar- ship Bd; Head Yell Leader; Jr Class Pres; Uni-Camp Chrmn; Outstanding Senior. CHRISMAN, SHIRLEY ANN: Topeka. Kans; Anthropology; Tsf. U of Kansas i San Francisco State- Alpha Omicron Pi. CHRISTENSEN. MAREN JENICE: Los Angeles; English; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Bruin Belles, Phi Kappa Sigma Little Sister. CHRISTIANSON, ROBERT DUANE: Glen- dale; Mathematics; Tsf. Glendale Col- lege. CHRISTOPHER KAREN MAY: Glendora; Elem Educ; Pi Beta Phi; Panhellenic; FAMACS Pres; Sophomore Sweethearts; Bruinettes. CHUNG. SUE FAWN: Los Angeles; His- tory-Far East; Spurs; Mortar Bd;Chimes Pres; Prytaneans; Cal Club; Chancel- lor ' s Comm on Academic Policy Chrmn; Bruin Belles Historian; Bruinettes Found- er Pres; PI Gamma Mu. Epsilon Pi Delta; Outstanding Senior. CHURUKIAN, RITA M.: Los Angeles; Nursing; Unl-Camp. CINGA. LINA MARIA: Los Angeles; History; Tsf. U of Manitoba. Canada; INTAC Special Events Comm; Tutorial Project. CLARK. ALEX REES: San Gabriel; Poli Sci; Tsf, Cal State at LA; Dally Bruin City Ed i News Ed; ASUCLA Speakers Program Chrmn. CLARK CHARLES ALBERT JR.: Comp- ton; Electronics; ESUC Electrical Sub- Comm; IEEE; University Colloquium-The Arfs Today. CLARKE, SUSAN ELAINE: San Pedro; Chemistry; Kappa Delta; Alpha Lambda Delta Pres. CLAYPOOL, STEPHEN SCOTT: Los An- geles; Poli Sci; Theta Chi. CLOPER, SANDRA DONNA: Downey; English; Tsf. Compton College COFFIN, JANIS LYNN; Downey; Gen Elem Educ; Delta Gamma. COGGAN. BARRY BRAUN: La Jolla; En- gineering; Tau Seta PI Pres Record- ing Sec; Project Braiil; Variable Struc- ture Computer Project. COGGAN, SANDRA BEE: La Jolla; So- ciology; Elections Bd; Spring Sing Alum- ni Comm Vice-Chrmn. COHEN FRED CLINTON; Pittsburgh, Pa.; English; Tsf. U of Pittsburgh. COHEN. JEFFREY ALLAN: Los Angeles; Economics; Tsf SMCC; Zeta Beta Tau; Kelps ' Yeomen; Blue Key Spring Sing Eiec Comm; AMS Pres. COHEN SANDRA; Sherman Oaks- The- ater- Tsf. LAVC COHN. DAVID BERTRAM: Gardena; Physics; Physics Honor Soc. COLE, LESLIE DAVID: Seattle. Wash.; Poll Sci; Tsf. Seattle Pacific College; Varsity Soccer; Tutorial Project COLLIER. FRANK JOSEPH; N. Holly- wood; Mathematics; Tsf Teias Western; UCLA Fencing Team, COLLINS, KAREN JEANNE: Hollywood; Nursing; Zeta Tau Alpha; AWS Social Comm; AWS Big Sister; Trolls; Sigma Pi Little Sister; Alpha Tau Delta; Stu- dent Nurses Assn. COLLINS, MARY LYNNE; Los Angeles; Anthropology; Sigma Kappa; Sabers Pres ' Mardi Gras COLLINS, NANCY JOLEEN: Santa Ana; English; Tsf. Fresno State College; An- gel Flight. COLNAR. SHARON J.: Malibu; Graphic Design; Tsf. Knox College, Ml.; Delta Delta Delta IE); SoCam Art Ed; Sproul Hall House Advisor CONNELL. BARBARA FRANCES; Tor- rance; English; Tsf. El Camino College; Tutorial Project; Newman Club CONNOR. MOLLY CaROLYNE: Big Pine; English; Tsf. Occidental; Gamma Phi Beta; Soph Homecoming Finalist; Alpha Epsilon Pi Little Sister; Sweet- heart Sigma Chi Finalist; University Chorus. CONNORS, FRANK JOSEPH; Tampa, Fla.j Poli Sci; Debate Team; Gifted Students ' Forum; Pi Sigma Alpha; Al- pha Mu Gamma; PI Gamma Mu; Phi Beta Kappa. COOK, JOHN LOUIS; N. Hollywood; Psychology; Elections Comm; Home- coming Parade Comm; Project Amigos. COOK, ROBERT EUGENE: La Crescenta; Finance; Tsf San Jose SC. COOPER, CAROL ANN: Los Angeles; Elem Educ; Tsf U of Arizona; Student Union Program Comm; Angel Flight Commander " UCLA Pediatrics Volunteer COOPER. FERN HOLLlS: Los Angeles; Business; Phi Chi Theta; Accounting Soc. COOPER, JANET LYNN: Victorvllle; Psychology Tsf. UCSB- Pi Beta Phi; Bruin Belles. COOPER WENDY LYNN: Los Angeles; History; Tsf. USC. CORNOG, ANN RODENBAUGH: Wood- land Hills; English; Tsf. UCSB. COULSON. GAIL: Los Angeles; Mathe- matics; Alpha Gamma Delta; Alpha Gamma Omega Little Sisters; Sigma Alpha Iota; Women ' s Swim Team; AWS Philanthropy Comm; Spring Sing Sales Comm. COUNCILMAN, ETTIE J : Los Angeles; Nursing; Tsf. LACC; Student Nurses ' Assn of Calif. COX. ROBERT EDWARD: South Gate; Marketing; Sigma Pi; Varsity Cricket; Sigma Pi Pres. CRAEMER. JEANETTE ELIZABETH; Orange; Theatre Arts; Tsf. Santa Ana College. CRAIG PETER MICHAEL: Los Angeles; Accounting; Pi Lambda Phi; AIESEC VIce-Pres lUCLA); SAM; Accounting Soc; Homecoming Eiec Comm; Mardi Gras Eiec Advisor; " Briefcase " Ed. CRAMER. DAVID MAXWELL: San Ma- teo; Real Estate; Tsf. MenIo College; Phi Kappa Sigma. CRESPY, HARVEY MEYER: Los Angeles; Poll Sci; Honors Poli Sci; Intermural Baseball, CRIPPEN, LAWRENCE CHARLES: Pa- cific Palisades; Geology; UCLA Geo- CROCKEY. SHERYL DEE: Whittler; Elem Educ, Sigma Kappa; Mardi Gras Comm; Shell Oar; Class Council; Elections Comm. CROOKS BONNIE MAE: Venice. Calif.; Elem Educ; Tsf. SMCC, CROWELL. RICHARD MAXWELL: El Se- gundo; Theater Arts; Tsf. El Camino College. CURTIS, RONALD L.: Venice; Electron- ics; Tsf. Loyola U. Los Angeies; Trl- anole; Tau Beta PI; IEEE; ESUC. CURLAND, JULIA DIONNE: Beverly Hills; Elem Educ. CUTSHALL, RICHARD ALLAN; Los An- geles; Economics; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Student Judicial Bd. D DAE5CHNER, LINDA BETTON; Manhat- tan Kans : Music; Tsf. Kansas State U; Pi Beta Phi; Dante Allghieri Soc; Mu Phi Epsilon; UCLA Jaxx Club. DAILY, THOMAS BLAKE: Hawthorne; History; Tsf El Camino College; Scab- bard Blade Pres; Army ROTC Cadet Colonel-Deputy Commander. DALRYMPLE, SHARON JOY; North- ridge; Music-Composition; Delta Zeta; Sigma Alpha lota; SoCam Photography Ed; Bruin YR; UCLA Alumni Scholar- ship- Delta Zeta Pres. DAMON, FRANKLIN LEE: N. Holly- wood; Poll Sci; Phi Sigma Delta; Yeo- men; Mardi Gras Eiec Comm; Soph Vice-Pres; Youth Citliens for Johnson- UCLA Chrmn. DANIELS, STUART ALLEN: N. Holly- wood; Poli Sci; Phi Sigma Delta; Cal Club; Gold Key, Kelps; Big Lyre; Mardi Gras Exec Comm; Spring Sing; Men ' s Week Head Yell leader. DAPPER, JUDY ANN: Studio City; Inter- national Relations; Bruinettes. DAUGHERTY KATHRYN LEE: Glendale; History; PI Beta Phi; Angel Flight; UCLA Tutorial Project. DAVIDSON, JUDIE R05ALEE: Los An- geles; Bacteriology. DAVIDSON. MARJORIE JEAN: Los An- geles- Bus Adm; Tsf. Pasadena CC; SAM; Sproul Hall Judicial Bd; Phi Chi Theta Pres; Inter-Organiiatlonal Coun- cil Sec; Sigma Chi Little Sisters. DAVIS. ANDREA ALICE: Noflhridge; t en Elem Educ; Kappa Delta; Angel Flight; ACE. DAVIS. BRYAN JACK: Norwalk; Ac- counting; Tsf. Cerritos JC; Alpha Kap- pa Psi. DAVIS, CAROL MARIE: Glendale; Home Econ; Delta Gamma; Phi Delt Little Sisters; Uni-Camp. DAVIS, DIANE TEDRA: Sherman Oaks; Elem Educ; Sigma Delta Tau; Dublin Ball Queen. DAVIS. EDGAR F.: La Canada; Produc- tion Mgmt; Tsf. Pasadena CC; Delta Tau Delta. DAVIS SCOTT SANFORD: Northridge; Poll Sci; Delta Sigma Phi; Aardvarks. DAWSON. JAMES CLIFFORD: Toronto. Canada; Geology; Tsf. Mt. San An- tonio College; University Coop Housing Assn Bd of Directors; UCLA Geological Soc. DEAN MERRILL CLARK: Santa Monica Marketing; Beta Theta Pi; Assoc Stu- dents of Finance. DEBRUYN, HAROLD FERDINAND: Los Angeles; Engineering Design. Mgmt i Planning. DECKER, DURELL ALANE; Carmel Sa- linas; Near Eastern Hist; Tsf. Willa- mette U, Ore., Hartnell College, U of Bordeaux, France; MIra Hershey Hall- Cultural Chrmn i Member of Cabinet; Austen House Cultural Chrmn; Collo- quium Advisory Comm. DECROW, GAIL HEMINGWAY: Tustln; Recreation; Delta Gamma Vice-Pres; Recreation Majors Club; URA Sports Car Club; Homecoming Comm. DeLEON, PETER G : Blue Jay; History; Rleber Hall Residents ' Assn Pres; ASUCLA Bd of Governors Vlce-Chrmn; Varsity Tennis; Unl-Prep Head Counsel- or; Spring Sing Exec Comm. DELETTREZ, JACQUES ALAIN: Orange; Engineering Electromagnetics; London House Athletic Chrmn; Tau Beta Pi Re- cording Sec Publicity; ESUC; AlAA; Freshman Cross-Country. DELEVITT. LINDA HOPE: Los Angeles; Accounting; Phi Chi Theta Treas; Sproul Hall Accountant Purchasing Agent. DENISON. FRANK EDMOND: Palos Ver- des; Geology; Tsf. LA Harbor JC; GSUCLA Ski Club. DENNIS, DON L.: Lakewood; History; Tsf. Long Beach CC; Pi Gamma Mu. DENNY ROBERT WALLACE: Los An- geles; Chemistry; Tsf. SMCC S EAP, Goettingen, Germany. deOBALDIA. BEATRIZ ESTER: Panama; Russian; Tsf. LACC; Tutorial Project. deOBALDIA, ESTER BEATRIZ: Panama; English; Tsf. LACC. dePACKH, NANCY JEAN: Los Angeles; English; Tsf. UCB; Delta Gamma, DESSECKER DIANE ELIZABETH: Co- vina; Early Childhood Educ; Tsf. UCSB Mt. San Antonio College; Pi Beta Phi. deVEUVE. JAMIE: Palo Alto; Spanish; Alpha Lambda Delta; Girls ' Tennis Team. DEYHIMY. IRA: Pasadena; Physics; Tsf. Pasadena CC. DIAZ-GONZALEZ MIGUEL; Panama City; Structural Eng; Tsf. UCB; North American Aviation. Space Informa- tion Dlv Structural Design Grp Apollo Space-craft S B-70 Fuselage Grp-Ac- cessory Engine Struct Design. DININ, MIRIAM: Los Angeles; Soci- ology. DOLAN. ROBERT LLOYD: Torrance; Civil Eng; Tsf, El Camino College; ESUC. DONATELLI, BRUCE EDMOND: Glen- dale; Electronics; Torridon House, Rieb- er Hall-Pres House Adviser Men ' s 7th Floor; Tau Beta Pi, Distinguished Mili- tary Student AROTC; Scabbard i Blade. DONFELD JEFF: Los Angeles; Poli Sci; ASUCLA Pres; Freshman Class Pres; LDMR; UDMR; Project India; Cal Club; Outstanding Senior. DONNER JACK STEPHEN: Los Angeles; Engineering; ESUC 2nd Vice-Pres; AlAA Chrmn; Homecoming; Mardi Gras; Jun- ior Class. DOOLY, RICHARD LEROY: S. Pasadena; Chemistry; Tsf. Pasadena CC. DORDIGAN, DENNIS FRANK: Los An- geles; Poll Sci; Zeta Beta Tau Pres; Kelps, Blue Key; IFC Exec Bd; Uni- Camo Bd Chrmn; Yeomen; Rugby; Out- standing Senior. DORFMAN, EDWIN STEVEN: Los An- geles; Accounting; Tsf. LACC; SAM; Accounting Soc. DOTY, ELIZABETH ANNE; Oxnard; Eng- lish; Tsf. Ventura College. DRAKE, CATHERINE LOUISE: Apple- ?ate; Psychology; Gamma Phi Beta; abers. DROGE. ELAINE KAY: West chester; So- ciology- Alpha Chi Omega; Angel Flight-Military Ball Princess; Sfiell i Oar; Bruinettes; AWS Social Comm. DROZDOWSKI. INGEBORG STEFANIE: Los Angeles; German. DRU, LUKE WILLIAM: Northridge; Elect Eng; Tsf. Calif State College at LA; ESUC; Amateur Radio Group. DRUCKER, LESLIE LOUIS; Van Nuys; Fi- nance; Tsf. LA Valley College; Assn of Students of Finance DRUDGE. ROBERT B.: Los Angeles; Psy- chology; UCLA Band; UCLA Orchestra; UCLA Jan Club. DUMAPIAS, RODOLFO IGNACIO: Los Angeles; International Relations; Tsf. LACC; INTAC; Sigma Tau Sigma; Fili- pino Students Assn; Philippine Jr Cul- tural Org Pres; Filipino Council of Unit- ed Org-Press Relations Officer; Filipino Youths United Chrmn; Filipino Commun- ity of LA Reporter-Asst Ed. DUROFF, SHARON LEE: Los Angeles; Art. DUNMAR, JOHN HENRY: Ralls. Teias; Engineering; Tsf. US Military Academy, West Point. DURR. SUSAN EDITH: N. Hollywood; English; Alpha Chi Omega; Chi Delta Pi; University Panhellenic Rep. EARLE, MICHAEL ALLAN: Los Angeles; Anthropology-Linguistics; Tsf. LACC; INTAC. EASTER, JANE ALICE: San Jose; Math- ematics; Tsf UCSB; Regents ' Scholar; Tutorial Project. EBERHART, JOAN PERRIN: Orinda; De- sign; Delta Delta Delta; Bruinettes; Spurs; AWS Eiec Bd-Publicity ; Bruin Belles, EDE, THOMAS SCHANKE: Burbank; Zoology; Tsf, LA Valley College. EEJIMA, KEIKO KAY: Los Angeles; So- cial Sciences; Chi Alpha Delta; Bruin- ettes; Nisei Bruin Club. EGBERT J. PATRICK: Santa Monica; Marketing; Theta Xi; Arnold Air; AFROTC; Greek Week-end Pub Chrmn; Spring Sing. EISENSTADT. DAVID ALAN: Los An- geles; Psychology; Tsf. SMCC; Zeta Beta Tau; Kelps. EKINAKA. EILEEN: Los Angeles; Soci- ology. ELLISON, GAIL KATHLEEN: Meadvllle. Pa.; English; Tsf. Allegheny College. Pa.; Alpha Chi Omega; Sigma Alpha lota; A Cappella Choir. EMERSON. GLADYS CAROLINE: Los Angeles; Geography. EMERZIAN. MARILYN JAYNE: Fresno; Accounting; Beta Gamma Sigma; Ac- counting Soc. ENG, LESTER, San Francisco; Blostatls- tics; Tsf, UCB; Computer Club; Epsilon Phi Delta; Intramural Sports. EPSTEIN, EVELYN LEE: Burbank; Eng- lish- Tsf SFVSC; Rleber Hall; MAC. ERDMAN. BARBARA JEAN: N. Holly- wood; Gen Elem Educ; Tsf. LA Valley; Student CTA, ERICKSON, DAVID LEIF: La Cresenta; Engr Mech; Tsf. Glendale College; Cel- lulose Acetate Membranes as a Means of Removing Potential Scale. ERLAND50N EVA ELAINE: Los An- geles; Geography; Tsf, SMCC; Ski Club. ERMERT WILFRIED PAUL: Santa Mon- ica- History; Tsf, SMCC. ERNST, BEATRICE GLABMAN: Los An- geles; Pictorial. ERSELIUS, ROBERT EMIL: Burbank; Bus Adm-Produ Operation Mgmt, ESKIN, ROBERT LEE: Santa Monica; Recreation; Jaiz Club; Intramural Sports. ESPELAND SUSAN LOUISE: Culver City; Phys Educ; Alpha Delta PI; Home- coming Exec Comm; Spring Sing Eiec Comm; AWS E ec Comm; Memorial Ac- tivities Center Comm. EUARCHUKIATI, LAWAN: Bangkok. Thailand; Economics; Tsf. Portsmouth College of Technology, England. EVANS, FREDERIC ASHLEY: Los An- geles; Elem Educ; Tsf. LACC; Dean ' s Honor List; Phi Beta Kappa. EVEN, RANDOLPH MARTIN: Pacific Palisades; Finance; Tsf. UCB; Pi Lamb- da Phi; UCLA Crew Team; Intramural track bowling, cross country, wrestling. EVERETT, MARIE ONTIVEROS: Los An- geles; English; Tsf. UCSB. EWING, KENT WALKER: Dayton. Ohio; Economics: Delta Sigma Phi; Conning Tower; NROTC; Kelps; Homecoming Comm; Aardvarks. EZRATTY. AUDREY SHEILA: Los An- geles; Art History A Studio. FAHEY. BARBARA ANN: Salinas; Eng- lish- Tsf, Hartnell College. FALK. BEVERLY KAY: San Marino- Math- ematics; Phi Mu — Frat Educ Chrmn, Public Relations. Registrar; Homecom- ing Exec Comm; Spring Sing Exec Comm; Tutorial Project; Ski Club; Jr Class Senate; Co-chrmn to choose Out- standing Juniors, FAILLA. PRICILLA DIANNE DAVIS: N Hollywood; Psychology: Alpha Gamma Delta; Mardi Grds Decorations Chrmn- Dublln Sail Hostess. FARB, HARRY FRANKLIN: Lot Angelti; Chemistry. FARD. KAYOUMARS: Tehran. Ir«n; Zoology; Tsf. Modesto JC; Iranian Stu- dent Club Pres; INTAC; Iranian Stu- dents Assn of So Calif-Membership Chrmn. FARMER. ROBERT MICHAEL; N. HoMv- wood; Finance; Tsf. LAVC; Tutorial Project; Associated Students of Finaflct Org. FARR. ALAN SPENCER: Los Angelas: Prod Mgmt; Alpha Kappa Psi. FARR, JULIE IRENE: FuMerton; Ena- lish; Gamma Phi Beta; SoCam- INTAC; Phi Kap Little Sisters. FEINMAN. STEPHEN WILLIAM: En- cino; Economics. FEINSTEIN, LISA DEE: Altadena; Eng- lish. FELDMAN. EARL NELSON: San Diego; Accounting; Alpha Kappa Psi Prei; Beta Gamma Sigma- Accounting Soc; Dally Bruin Bus Staff; Satyr Bus Mgr; Soph Class Council; Freshman Class Council; th Floor Men ' s Sproul Pres. FELDMAN. MARSHA ROBERTA: Los An- geles; Psychology; Tsf. LACC, FELDMAN, TINA GAIL: Van Nuys- Efem Educ. FELICIANO. MARY CELESTE: Los An- geles; Elem Educ; Chi Omega. FERGUSON. ELMER WAYNE: Los An- geles; Economics. FERRIS, DANA KATHRYN: Long Beach; English; Tsf. Long Beach CC- Delta Delta Delta. FERTIG. JEAN: Los Angeles; Elem Educ; Acacia Little Sister. FESTA. THOMAS ANGELO: Santa Mon- ica; Chemistry; Tsf. UCB, FIDELL, KAREN BROWN: Los Angeles; Spanish; Hlspanlo Center; Tutorial Project. FIELDS. STUART HOWARD: Encino; In- surance; Scabbard ft Blade; Hillel Council. FIENBERG. MARK ALLEN: Los Angeles; Marketing; Tsf. El Camino; SAM Vice- Pres; Marketing Assn; Rally Comm; UCLA Bowling Team. FILIBERT. LORRAINE JANE: Marlon. N.Y.; Zoology; Tsf. Hope College, Mich. ft U of Hawaii; AWS Rep; Tutorial Project. FINEMAN. KENNETH ROBERT: Los An- geles; Psychology; Order of Omega Lodge; Varsity Fencing Team; URA Fencing Club. FINESTONE. WILLIAM B.: Los Angeles; Accounting; Pi Lambda Phi; Beta Gam- ma Sigma; Blue Key; Freshman Basket- ball; Varsity Gold. FINKEL BARRY ARTHUR: Los Angeles; Engineering; Tsf. LACC. FITZGERALD, IDA MABEL: Santa Mon- ica; Sociology; Tsf. SMCC. FITZPATRICK, JAMES DOUGLAS: Fsjl- lerton; Psychology; Sailing Club. FLANAGAN. KATHLEEN COLLEEN: Portuguese Bend; History; Tsf. LA Har- bor JC; Education Abroad Program; Tu- torial Project; Rally Comm; Model U.N. FLAX. SUSAN MYRA: Lakewood; Soci- ology. FLEISHMAN, CHARLES J.; Los Angeles; History; Sigma Alpha Mu; IFC. FLEISHMAN. STEPHEN JAY: Los An- geles; Psychology; Tsf. UC at Riverside. FLEMING HOWARD ALLBRIGHT JR.: Northridge; History; Dykstra Hall As- sembly; Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Beta Kappa. FLINT. PATRICIA LOUISE: Buena Park; Elem Educ; Kappa Delta; Sabers; Zeta Psi Little Sisters Mardi Gras Comm. FOGEL. CARROLL THEODORA: Los An- geles; Sociology; Phi Sigma Sigma; Sabers; Mardi Gras; Intramural Vollay- ball. FORD, RONALD HAYES: Santa Ana; Mathematics: AFROTC. FOREMAN. MILDRED CYRIL: Los An- ge ' es- Education; Mu Phi Epsilon Treas. FORST, BRIAN EDWARD: Los Angeles; Statistical Inference; Phi Delta Theta; Beta Gamma Sigma; Distinguished Mili- tary Graduate (Army ROTC I ; Blue Key; Freshman ft Varsity Swimming; Fresh- man and Varsity Water Polo; Varsity Club- Teaching Assistant. FORST. JUDITH CAPLIN: Los Angeles; Poli Sci; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Fashion Bd. FORTNEY. TERRY KAY: Panorama City; Sociology; Tsf. SFVSC. FOWLER. TEB8IE 8ARNETT JR.: Comp- ton; Psycholo|gy; Tsf, Compton JC; Kap- pa Alpha Psi; Varsity Baseball; Kelps; Varsity Club. FOX. MARTHA GERTRUDE: Beverly Hills; English; Tsf. UCB; 10 Best Dressed UCLA Coeds; Tutorial Project. FRANCIS, DONALD RAY: Inglewood; In- dustrial Design; Ph! Gamma Delta; Var- sity Football; Varsity Rugby; Industrial Design Attn. 423 FRANKLIN. EDWIN JAY: Lot Ang«l«i; History; Tif. SMCC. FRANCISCO, MICHAEL H.: P lm Springi; Accounting; Pi L mbdd Pht; K4pp« Sigma Alpha; Mardi Grai; Homecoming. FRAUTNICK. JAMES CARL: Playa D«l R«¥; Aitrodynamici; Sigma Nu; AIAA; Fr«»hm«n Swimming L«tt«r: Vanity Wa- tar Polo. FRAZIER. JOAN ZEMAN: Loi Angclai; Daiign; Tif. Paiadana CC; Natl Soci- ety Interior Design-Bd Member. FREEDMAN, ROBERT BRANDEIS: Los Angeles; Poli Scl; Pi Sigma Alpha Vice- Pres; Sailing Club Rear Commodore. FREEMAN. ALICE ELIZABETH: Beverly Hills; English; Pi Beta Phi; Bruinettes; Soph Sweethearts. FREEMAN PERRIE LYNN: Concord; Art; Delta Zeta; SYR; Credential Pro- FREMDLING, JOHN WILLIAM: Los An- geles- Environmental Design; Tsf. SMCC; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. FRIEDMAN, MARK: Van Nuys; Psychol- ogy; Tsf. SFVSC. FRIMKESS. JUDITH ANN: Los Angeles; Graphic Design; Tsf. UCB. FROLICHSTEIN. STANLEY ELLIS: Cul- ver City; Civil Eng; ESUC; Prefab Housing-Prolect Brazil. FUJIMOTO. JOANN SHIZUKO: Garde- na; Elem Educ; Tsf. El Camino College; Alpha Delta Chi; Nisei Bruin Christian Fellowship; Nisei Bruin Club. FUJINAMI. SAEKO: Gardena; Phyt Educ. FUKASAWA, GARY MASATO: Aiusa; Electrical Eng; Tsf. Calif St. Polytech- nic College. FURTSCH, CHARLEEN ANN: Long Beach; Elem Educ; Tsf. UCS6. GAFVERT, MARTIN R.: S. Pasadena; Psychology; Tsf. Pasadena CC; Tutorial Project. GALE. STEVEN HERSHEL: San Diego; English; Tsf. Duke U; Phi Kappa Psi; Proiect India; People-to-PeopIe; Gradu- ate English Students Club. GALYEAN, PAUL HEWITT: Victorville; Mathematics; Pauley House-Dykstra; Phi Beta Kappa. GAMBURD, LYNDA SUSAN: Los An- geles; English; Sigma Delta Tau; Chi Delta Pi; Bruin Belles; Tutorial Project. GANIMIAN. SAMMY EDWARD: Fresno; Radio-TV Broadcasting: Tsf. Fresno SC; Alpha Epsilon Rho; Blue Key; F-Hyes; Methods Best Suited for the Presenta- tion of English on Instructional Tele- vision. GANS, MADELEINE ROTHMAN: Los An- geles; Education. GARDNER, MARY MARTHA: North- rldge; French; Tsf. SFVSC. GARRATT. GREGORY CHARLES: Santa Monica; Mathematics; Sigma Pi Sec; Arnold Air Society; Varsity Cricket. GARRITY, MtCHAELINDA: Los Angeles; Home Econ; Home Econ Club. GARSTANG. LORRAINE ANN: Downey; Education; Kappa Alpha Theta; A Cap- pella Choir. GATZERT. NORMAN JOSEPH: Sacra- mento; Poll Sci; Delta Sigma Phi; Kelps. GAULDING. LINDA MARTIN: Sierra Madre; Elem Educ; Tsf. UCSB; Delta Delta Delta; Hershey Hall Pres Ju- dicial Bd; Inter-Residence Hall Council. GAYDOWSKI, RICHARD ALBERT; Ven- ice; Poli Sci Econ; Pi Sigma Alpha; Freshman Baseball; Phi Beta Kappa. GEDEBOU, MESSELE: Addis Ababa. Ethiopia: Microbiology. GEERDES. DAVID B.: San Diego; Poli Sci; PI Sigma Alpha. GEIGER. GEORGE P.: Tarzana; Poli Sd; Homecoming; AMS Men ' s Week; Sr Class Career Day; Frosh Crew; Mardi Gras. GEIER. DAVID J.: Los Angeles; Quanti- tative Methods; Tsf. Orange Coast Col- lege; Sigma Nu Pres; Blue Key; IFC Treas. GELTNER. PETER BENJAMIN: Santa Monica; Mathematics; Torrldon House- Rleber Hall. GEPPERT, GAIL ELAINE: Inglewood; Gen Elem; Tsf. So Illinois U; Sigma Kappa. GERBER. JULES IROIN: Van Nuys; The- ater Arts; Sigma Alpha Mu; Kap ft Bells; Spring Sing; Jr Prom. GEROW. BARBARA LOUISE: Downey; Elem Educ; Delta Gamma; Tutorial Project; Anchors Sec. GERSHON. ROSALIE JEAN: Los An- geles: English; Tsf. U of Oregon ft Colo- rado U; Chi Delta Phi; Tutorial Project. GERTMENtAN, SYLVIE: Zable. Leba- non: TV-Radio Broadcasting; Dean ' s List; AlpKa Mu Gamma; AERho; ISA; Global Ball Princess. GEWANT. RITA EHRLICH: Patos Verdes Estates;Elem Educ. GIBBS, DAVID WESLEY: Fulterton; Phys Educ; Tsf. FuHerlon JC; Phi Gamma Delta- Varsity Football Letterman. GILBERT PAUL WALTON: Santa Bar- bara Engineering; Tsf. UCSB; ESUC. GILBERTSON, KAREN ANN: Pasadena; Music; Tsf. Pasadena CC. GILCREST, NANCY: Kailua. Hawaii; French; French Honors; Pi Delta Phi; Al- pha Lambda Delta; Hershey Hall Cab- inet ft Constitutional Convention; Austen House - Hershey Hall Pres; Cercle Francals. GILLESPIE, THOMAS ARTHUR: Los Ga- tes; Zoology; Tsf. UCSB; Scabbard ft Blade. GLISSON. MARY JANE: Los Angeles; History; Phi Mu; Rally Comm; Spurs, Prytanean; Soph Sweethearts; Jr Class Sec. GOLDBERG. JEFFREY STUART: Los An- geles; History; Tsf. LACC. GOLDEN, STEPHEN LEE: Upland; Eco- nomTcs; Tsf. UCSB; Crew. GOLDMAN. DAN: Kfar Sirkln. Israel; Plant Science. GOLDSTEIN, STEPHEN RICHARD: Los Angeles; Accounting; Beta Gamma Sigma. GOLOMBEK SARAH; CreamRIdge, N.J.- German HiUel- Tutorial Project. GONG, MICHAEL LESLIE: Los Angeles; Art. GOOD. FREDERICK ARNOLD: La Can- ada; Engineering; Tsf. Pasadena CC; Phi Kappa Psi. GOODE, JAMES RUSSELL; Santa Mon- ica; Accounting; Tsf. UCB; Intramural Tennis. GOODALE WILLIAM RALPH: Pomona; Economics; Beta Theta Pi; Blue Key; Uni- Camp; Homecoming Comm; Uni-Camp Spring Drive Chrmn; Baseball. GOODMAN ALBERT; Los Angeles; Anth-Soc; Tsf. UCB. GOODMAN. EARLE GARY: Los An- geles; Economics; Zeta Beta Tau Social Chrmn; Spring Drive Eiec Bd. Jr Class Treas; Mardi Gras Special Event Bd Chrmn. GOODMAN, GAIL BONNIE: Van Nuys; Elem Educ; Tsf. LA Valley College; Del- ta Phi Epsilon; Trolls. GOODMAN, SUSAN JEANNE: Los An- geles; Sociology GOODSON, CLELLA ALICE: Los An- geles; History; Tsf. SMCC. GORDON. JACK JEROME: Long Beach; Finance; Tsf. L8CC; Associated Stu- dents of Finance; Bruin YD. GORDON. JUDITH FREN: Los Angeles; Psychology. GORDON, RICHARD VICTOR: Costa Mesa; Psychology; Tsf. Orange Coast JC; Phi Kappa Theta; Ski Club. GOSHERT. DAVID FRANCIS: Los An- geles; Industrial Eng; Beta Theta Pi; Yeomen Pres- NROTC. GOTO. GRACE ABE: Los Angeles: An- thropology; Theta Kappa Phi; Nisei Bruins. GOUGH, MERYL LEE: Whittier; Bio- logical Illustration; Tsf. UCSB; Delta Gamma; People-to- People. GRAD. SHARON JUDITH: Los Angeles; Elem Educ; Tsf. LACC; SCTA. GRAHAM, HOWARD LINCOLN: Van Nuys; English; Tsf. SFVSC; Beta Theta PI; Blue Key. GRAHAM. MARTIN LAREN: Downey; Zoology; Sigma Nu; Blue Key; Varsity Crew; Varsity Club; People-to-People. GRAHAM, NEILANI MARY; Honolulu; English; Tsf. U of Hawaii. GRAINGER, DORIS CHARLINE: Alham- bra; Psychology; Tsf. Pasadena CC. GRAM. LOUIS PHILIP; Studio City; Zoology: Tsf. UC at Riverside, GRANDI. DONALD LAWRENCE; Los An- geles; Finance; Beta Theta PI; Beta Gamma Sigma. GRANEH. GABRIEL LEE: Hollywood; Poli Sci; Tsf. LACC. GRANT. ANITA GAYLE: N. Hollywood; English; Tsf. Mount Union, Ohio; Alpha Xi Delta. GRANT. JEANIE D.: Sioux City, Iowa; English; Tsf. Iowa State U; Pi Beta Phi; INTAC; Anchors. GRAYSON, FLORENCE E.; Los Angeles; English. GREEN. LOUISE MANSFIELD: Fayette- ville, Tenn.; English; Tsf. Tennessee College. GREEN. WILLIAM BERNARD: Sepulve- da; Engineering; A Directional Biasing Method for Monte Carlo Analysis of Deep Penetration Particle Shielding Problems. GREENBAUM. DENISE ROCHELLE: Co- vina; English. GREENBERG. HARRIET RUTH: Los An- geles; English; Tsf, UCSB; Phi Sigma Sigma. GREENBERG. RONALD STEPHEN; Kan- sas City Mo.; Zoology; Tsf. LACC; Pre-Med Assn. GREENE. LEILA FRANCES: Los Angeles; Bacteriology. GRIFFIN. DENNIS MICHAEL: Los An- geles; Zoology. GRIFFIN. SHIRLEY ANN; New Britain. Conn.; Dance. GROTH. HOWARD S.: Los Anoetes; Hotpilal Adm; Tsf. Occidental; Hospi- tal Adm Alumni, GROVE, MARSHA KING: Burbank; Bac- teriology-Medical Technology. GROVE, THEODORE CHARLES; San Di- ego; Music; Tsf. San Diego SC; Phi Mu Alpha; Slnfonla; Wind Ensemble; New Music Workshop; Orchestra. GUERON, BARUCH; Los Angeles; Ac- counting; Tsf. LACC. GUNDE, RICHARD WARREN: Gardena; Poli Sci; Tsf. El Camino. GUNN, LEE FREDRtC: Alhambra; Psy- chology; Tsf. Bakersfield College; Al- pha Sigma Phi; NROTC; Colloquium Comm: IFC Judicial Rep. GUTIERREZ. GEORGE EDWARD; El Paso, Texas; Psychology; Tsf. LACC. GYEMANT. ROBERT ERNEST; Los An- geles; Anthropology; Phi Sigma Delta; Phi Eta Sigma; Pi Gamma Mu; Yeomen. H HABERFELO, STEPHEN EMIL: Sherman Oaks; Econ-Poll Sci; PI Lambda Phi; Phi Efa Sigma; Sr Class Vice-Pres- U.S. State Dept; Mardi Gras Exec Comm; Spring Sing; Crew; Phi Beta Kappa. HADDAD, SUMEIRA JULIET: Willlman- tic, Conn.; Pict Arts; Tsf. Co Conn. State College; INTAC; Young Arab Org Sec. HADDAN, LESTER JERARD: Redondo Beach; History; Tsf. El Camino JC. HAGGARD, MARILYN LEA: N. Holly- wood; Gen Elem; Tsf. UCSB. HAHN. DENNIS ALLAN: Los Angeles; Marketing. HAHN. JAMES KENNETH; Santa Mon- ica; Accounting; UCLA Accounting Soc. HALL. CHARLES ALBERT: Newport Beach; Finance; Beta Theta Pi; Uni- Camp. HALL, LEONARD ERIC: Los Angeles; Engineering. HALL, ROBERT L.: Los Angeles; Engin- eering; Sigma Nu; JV Crew; Varsity Crew; Varsity Rowing Club; Lettermen ' s Club; ESUC. HALLGREN. VERNON LEE: Los Angeles; International Relations; Tsf LA Harbor College; Sproul Hall House Adviser. HALLINEN, VIRGINIA JEAN: Los An- geles; Elem Educ; Chi Omega; Pan- hellenic- HALM HOWARD LEE: Honolulu; Poll Sci; Tsf. UCB. HALM, MARGARET K.: Los Angeles; Psychology; Tsf. Colorado College; The- ta Kappa Phi. HAM, CANDACE LEE: San Diego; His- tory; Delta Delta Delta; AWS Pres; Cal Club; Bruin Belles; Outstanding Senior. HAMILTON, CAROLYN LOUISE: Dallas, Texas; Bacteriology; INTAC; Phrateres International; Alpha Chapter. HANDELS. PAULUS H.: Los Angeles; Accounting; Seta Gamma Sig ma. HANGER. DIANE TERRY: Los Angeles; Elem Educ, HANGER. DWIGHT LEE: San Pedro; Electronics; Phi Kappa Sigma. HANNEMANN. MANFRED; Long Beach; Geography; Tsf. Long Beach CC. HARDY DAVID ANTHONY: Culver City; Poli Sci. HARDY, FREDERICK WALTER; Burbank; Engineering; Tsf. LAVC; Tau Beta PI Vice-Pres; ESUC. Epsilon Chapter. HARDY, KAYE MARILYN: Long Beach; English; Tsf Long Beach SC; UCLA Daily Bruin Managing Ed, HARMAN, JAMES BRUCE: Los Angeles; Accounting. HARRIS, JANET CATHRYN: La Jolla; Phys Educ; Tsf UCR; Womeni Tennis Team; Intramural Manager; Homecom- ing Comm. HARRIS, ROBERT NELSON. JR ; Los An- geles; Philosophy; Tsf. Palm Beach JC, Florida; Tutorial Project, HARSH, RICHARD KIMBALL; Los An- geles; Art Educ; Tsf, U of Washington; Zeta Psi. HASKELL, CARLA LEE: Los Angeles; History; Research Assistant in English. HASKELL, ELIZABETH MARTHA; Los Angeles; Education; Alpha Phi; Prytan- ean; Uni-Camp; Elections Bd. HASSELBACHEft, ANITA L.: Brimfield. III.; History Tsf. Western Illinois U. HASSELBERG. CAROL LYNDA: Tor- rance; Elem Educ. HAUSCHKA, INGEBORG ROSE: Los An- geles; Mathematics. HAUUOLA, LAOUI MARGARET: Hunt- ington Park; English HAYASHI, SHIGEKO: Tokyo, Japan; Nursing. HENDRIE MARGARET GRACE: Los An- geles; Poll Sci; Tsf. U of Arizona; Al- pha Chi Omega; PanheHenic; Spring Sing; Greek Week. HEALY. WILLIAM FRANCIS: Glen Cove, L.I., NY; Urban Land Econ; Tsf. Long Island U; Beta Gamma Sigma; Tu- torial Project; Intramural Basketball ft Volleyball; SAM, HEINTZ, SHARON DIANNE: Van Nuys; Elem Educ; Anchors, HELGESEN, OLE THOMAS: Kopervlk. Norway; German; Tsf, LACC; Intramur- als. HELLER, DAVID ERNEST: Los Angeles; English; Alpha Sigma Phi. HELLER, LARRY; Encino; Accounting; Zeta Seta Tau; Kappa Sigma Alpha. HELLER, ROBERT BRUCE: La Canada; Marketing; Tsf. Pasadena CC; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, HELLMAN, STEPHEN ERWIN; Beverly Hills; Zoology. HENRYSON, DAVID J.; Santa Ana; Physics; Tsf. Santa Ana College. HERMAN, RICHARD GRIPPING: Culver City; International Relations; Tsf. Pasa- dena CC. HETLAND, GAIL ANN: Torrance; Eng- lish; Tsf. U of Utah; Alpha Delta PI. HILLIS, JUDITH ANN; Independence; Elem Educ; Tsf. East LA College; Sproul Halt; Delta Phi Upsilon; Ski Club; UCCF. HIGASHI, BARBARA M.: Lot Angeles; Latin. HIGASHI, KENNETH KENICHIRU: Los Angeles; Mech Eng; Tsf, LACC; ESUC; Nisei Bruin Club, HIGASHI, KIMIKO; Los Angeles; Psy- chology; Tsf. USC; Bruin Mountaineers; People-to-People. HIGER, GARY: Los Angeles; Econ. HIGMAN, MARY BETH: Palos Verdei Estates; German; Soph Sweethearts; Ed- ucation Abroad Program-Gottlngen, Germany; Tutorial Project. HILDEBRAND. WILLIAM CARL: Wood- land Hills; Zoology. HIMES, ANDREA FRANCES: Lot An- geles; Art History; Tsf SMCC. HINCHEY, JOHN DENIS: Santa Mon- ica; Engineering; Tau Beta PI; ESUC. HIPPENSTIEL, VIRGINIA ANN: Sierra Madre; Chemistry HIROSE, DOROTHY; Los Angeles; Eng- Ilsh-Educ; Nisei Bruin Club Officer. HIRSCH, MICHAEL: Lot Angeles; Ac- counting; Phi Epsilon Pi; Alpha Kappa Psi; Air Force ROTC. HIRSCHFIELD, SUE FLORA; Los An- geles; History; Tsf, UCR, HITTLE, Margaret JANE: N. Holly- wood; English; Alpha Gamma Delta Corresponding Sec; Shell ft Oar; Sail- ing Club; Cltadel-Dykstra Historian; Homecoming Comm; Mardi Gras Comm; Boat ft Water Ski Club. HLAVATY, JANE FRANCES: Burbank; International Relations. HOAG, CHARLES WARREN: Bridge- water. Conn,; Engineering; Tsf, SMCC. HODGES, MARILYN ESTHER; Upper Montclair, N.J,; English-Speech; Tsf. Pasadena CC; SCTA, HODGSON, JAMES EDWARD: Pasade- na; History Tsf Pasadena CC HOEFLER, SHARON LOUISE: Whittier; Sociology; Tsf. U of Utah; Chi Omega. HOFF8ERG. KAREN SUE; Los Angeles; Gen Elem Educ. HOFFMAN IVAN MARK; Los Angeles; English. HOFFMAN JAN SUSAN: Los Angeles; Theatre Arts; Tsf. Bakersfield College. HOFFMAN, NANCY JOYCE; Los An- geles; Accounting; Sigma Delta Tau; Spurs; Alpha Lambda Delta; Beta Gam- ma Sigma; Phi Chi Theta; Bruinettes Pres ft Vice-Pres; Honors Program. HOFFMAN, RICHARD MICHAEL: De- troit, Mich.; Finance; Tsf. LA Valley JC; Pi Lambda Phi. HOFMAN HAROLD WILLIAM JR.; Claremont; Law; Tsf. LASC; Phi Alpha Delta; Law Review; Bancroft-Whitney Award for Criminal Law. HOLCOMB, GRANT III: Pasadena; Hit- tory; Tsf. UCSB; Phi Mu Nu Pres. HOLLIS. JERILOU: Encino; Poll Sd; Tsf, State U of Iowa; Delta Delta Delta; AWS High School Orientation; AWS Rep Bd; Homecoming Finalist; Glamour Mag " 10 Best Dressed " Finalist, HOLLIS, WENDALL FORSYTHE; Oro- ville; History; Alpha Gamma Omega; Campus Crusade for Christ; Spring Sing Leader. HOLLOWAY. DAVID LEE: N. Holly- wood; Accounting; Accounting Soc. HOLMES. SUSAN MARY: San Marino; English; Ttf. Occidental; Gamma Phi Beta; University Chorus; SoCam Salet. HOOKER. BRUCE EUGENE: Canoga Park; Finance; Ttf Pierce College; Al- pha Kappa Psi; Finance Assn. HOPPERSTAD, MARYAMBER SHAW: En- cino; History; Tsf. Pierce College; Phi Beta Kappa. HORSFALL, WILLIAM: Glendale; Ac counting; Tsf. Glendale College; Theta Delta Chi. HORSPOOL, RONALD GEORGE: Tem- ple City; Aeronautical Eng; Tsf. East LA College; Triangle Vice-Pres ft House Manager; EIT. HORTON. PETER J. M.: Palot Verdes Estates; Poli Sci ft Econ. HORWITZ, JOSEPH; Sherman Oaks; Phytlci. HOWARD, BARBARA J.: Lot Angelei; Finance; Atsoclated Students of Fi- nance; SAM; Tutorial Project; AWS; Ice Skating Club. HOWARD, JANET LOUISE: Lot An- gel et; Latin American Studies. HRUBY. MARY LOUISE; Pacific Palii- ades; Sociology; Tsf. SMCC. HULSE, JUDITH LYNNE: Wasco; Chem- istry; Tsf. UCSB. HUNT, PAMELA VICTORIA; Encino; Zoology; Tsf. UCB; Alpha Gamma Delta. HURLE, BETTY LOUISE: Los Angeles; Gen Elem Educ; Dykstra Hall Sec; Rally Comm; Alpha Gamma Omega Little Sis- ters of Maranantha. HURST. ROGER CLARK; Los Angeles; Electrical Eng; MAC; Computer Club; UCLA Sports Car Club. HURTER, JOHN CHARLES: Lot Angeles; Theater Arts; Tsf. Compton JC; Beta Theta PI. HUn. SUSAN LEE; Pacific Palisades; English; Delta Phi Epsilon; Chi Delta Pi. Project Amigos; Tutorial Project; Bruin YD. HWA VIVIAN YUE KUM: Los Angeles; Health Record Science. ICE. JANE ANNEHE: Bangor, Maine; English; Tsf. Compton JC; Sailing. IGAWA. JEAN KIKUE; Olaa, Hawaii; Mathematics; Tsf. U of Hawaii. UNO, RUMIKO; Lot Angeles; Educa- tion; Theta Kappa Phi Pres. UNO. THOMAS: Lot Angelet; Account- ing. IKENBERG. DANIEL JOHN: Inglewood; Economics; PI Gamma Mu; University Symphony Orchestra; University Wind Ensemble; Varsity Band; Phi Beta Kappa. ILORI, TIMOTHY AKINGBOLA: Oyo. Ni- geria; Mech Eng; Soccer; Tennis; Cricl- ef; Nigerian Students Union Parliamen- tarian; INTAC. IMAI. JOHNNY JIRO; Los Angeles; En- gineering. INGRAM. WILLARD JOHN; Lot An- geles; Zoology; Alpha Phi Alpha; Tu- torial Project; ROTC Color Guard; Ten- nis Club; Glee Club; Intramural Basket- ball. INOUYE, JEAN SACHIKO: Los Angelet; Accounting. ISARA, REPEKA MOATA ' A; Apia Wett- ern Samoa; Nursing; Tsf. SMCC; ISA. IWAMOTO, YOKO CARYL; Salinas; Art- Environmental Design; Chi Alpha Delta; Uni-Camp Counselor. IZUMI, GERALD K.; Walluku, Maui, Hawaii; Accounting; Scabbard ft Blade; Army ROTC; Freshman Baseball; Dis- tinguished Military Student. JACOBS. NAOMf HELENE: Lot An- geles; Psychology. JACOBS. VIRGINIA ALLISON: Los An- geles; Poli Sci; Poll Sci Honors; Inter- Residence Hall Judicial Bd; Elections Bd; Student Comm for Residence Hall Evaluation; AWS Philanthropy Comm; Hershey Hall Cabinet. JACOBr, JOANNE: Los Angeles; Soci- ology; Uni-Camp Counselor ft Bd. JAMES, SARAH NELL: Inglewood; Psy- chology; Ttf. El Camino College. JAMISON, RONALD LEE: Mansfield, Ohio; Theater Arts-Mot Pic Prod; Sigma Pi; Homecoming Olio Show; Mardi Gras. JANJIGIAN. LOUISE MARGUERITE: In- glewood; Education; SCTA. YWCA House Pres. JANOVICI. ROBERT I.: Van Nuys; Eng- lish-Poll Sci; Phi Sigma Delta. JASPER, EILEEN; Los Angeles; Phys Educ; Golf Team; Tennis Team; Intra- murals-Coed Softball JAYASINGHE. WALTER: Colombo Cey- lon; Nutrition; Tsf. U of Ceylon Medi- cal School; Adviser to INTAC for In- ternational Dinners. JEFFE, DOUGLAS: Los Angelet- Poli Sci; Ttf. Harvey Mudd College- Sigma Delta Chi; Dally Bruin; NCEP Political Intern; Pi Sigma Alpha. JENNINGS. DENNIS J.: Los Angelet- Art (Design); Tsf. LACC. JENNINGS. JAYSON JERARD JR,: Pa- cific Palisades; Music; Tsf, SMCC; Theta Xi; UCLA Jaii Ensemble Dlrector- URA Jazz Club Pres; BOG Prograrn Comm; Student Cultural Commission Program Comm; Bruin Band- Mardi Grat; KCLA. JESTER. HARRIETT AMES; Los Angelet; Art History; Alpha Chi Omega. JOFFE. DEVRA JULIANA: Los Angeles; Poli Sci; Phi Sigma Sigma Pres. 424 JOHNSEN, GORDON MILLS: Los An- geles ' Electrical Eng; MAC; UCLA Computer Club; ESUC. JOHNSEN, THEODORE GEORGE; San Francisco: PoM Sci; Sigma Nu; Football Sr Mgr, JOHNSON, CHRISTIE MAURINE: Los Angeles; Elem Educ JOHNSON DAVID CARL: Los Angeles; English; Tsf, U of Michigan. JOHNSON, DIANA NEILSON: Los An- geles- Tsf. El Camino College, JOHNSON, DONALD LEE; Los Angeles; Geographv; Tsf. LAVC. JOHNSON, ESPERANZA: Montebello; Mathematics; Tsf, East LA College- JOHNSON. JOYCE LYNN: St. Paul, Minn.- Theater Arts; Tsf. Pasadena CC. JOHNSON. MARILYN LOUISE: South Gate; Poll Sci Econ. JOHNSON, MITCHELL ALLEN: Comp- ton; Psychology; Kappa Alpha Psi; Var- sity Football. JOHNSON, NANCY ANN: Newport Beach ' Elem Educ; Tsf. Orange Coast JC; Alpha Chi Omega; AWS Philan- thropy. JONES. ALTHAIS HENRIETTE; Los An- JONES, DAVID WAYNE: Long Beach; Prod Mqmt; Alpha Tau Omega; Scab- bard i Blade. JONES. GLEN ROWELL JR.: Bakers- field; Finance; Tsf. Si- Mary ' s College; Sigma Chi; Newman Club, JONES, JERILYN L : Inglewood; Gen Elem. JONES, LOUISE ANNETTE: Los An- geles; French; Gifted Students Assn; le Cercle Francais. JOSLIN, GARY: Glendale; Pol! Sci; Tsf. Glendale College; YR. JUBELiER, JOANNE RUTH: Beverly Hills; English; English Honors; Under- grad Rep. Comm on Fine Arts S Public Lectures; Student Cultural Commission Chrmn. JUDGE. MICHAEL PATRICK; Los An- geles- Poli Sci; Pi Sigma Alpha; Crew. JUENGST. DOUGLASS EDWARD; Bal- boa Island; Finance; Tsf. Orange Coast College; Delta Tau Delta; Intramural Football Track. JURKOVIC, ILSOSA ALEXANDRA: Hol- lywood; Bacteriology; Tsf. Immaculate Heart College. KALMAR. PAUL T,: Los Angeles; Engin- eering; Tsf. LASC. KAMIN, DAVID FRED: Santa Monica; Poli Sci-Zoology; Kelps; Pi Sigma Alpha. KANEICHI. PHYLLIS YOSHIMI; Fresno; Art; Chorus. KANOWITZ, JEROME LEONARD: Los Angeles; Rhys Educ; Tsf. LAVJC. KAPLAN, BARBARA IDA: Beverly Hills; English; Tsf. East LA. KAPLAN, DONALD MARTIN: Los An- geles; Statistics Information Process- ing- Beta Gamma Sigma; SAM. KAPLAN LEON S.: Santiago, Chile; Psychology; Dykslra Hall Cultural Chrmn; People-lo-People Chrmn Foreign 4 Stu- dent; Student Employment; Ambassador to Europe, KAPLAN, PAUL D ; Los Angeles; Eco- nomics; Dykslra Hall Special Services Commissioner; Phi Mu Alpha; Kappa Kappa Psi; Bruin Sand Staff. KAPLAN STEVEN MAX: Chicago; Eng Lit Econ; Tsf, Colgate U, New York; Phi Beta Kappa; INTAC; Tutorial Proiecl. KAPRIELIAN. JAMES DARREL: Alham- bra- Civil Eng; Tsf. East LA College; Tau Beta Pi. KARTSMAN, PAMELA: Temple City; So- ciology; Argo House-Dykstra Hall Pres; KATAOKA. LILLY YURtKO: Los Angeles; KATO! STEPHEN KUZO: Los Angeles; Zoology- Sparta House-Sproul Hall, KAUB, KARLA; Los Angeles; Art (De- sign); Kappa Kappa Gamma Offices; Mardt Gras Comm; Panhellentc Fash- ion Show; Spring Sing, KAUFMAN. JOAN KATE; Studio City; Education. KAUTEN, GIORGIO FRANCESCO: Ad- dis Ababa, Ethiopia; Finance: Tsf. Da- vies ' s School, England; Thela Delta Chi; Varsity Fencing, KAVANAUGH, KATHLEEN LEONARD: Los Angeles; Art History, KAZUMURA, GRACE HISAKO: Los An- geles; Accounting; Tsf. LACC; Beta Gamma Sigma. KELLER, JOYCE MARIE: Glendale; Elem Educ; Tsf. Glendale College; Delta Phi Upsilon, KELLY. KATHLEEN SCARLETT; San Ber- nardino; History; Tsf, UCR; Angel Flight; Homecoming Gen Comm; Spring Sing Pub Relations Chrmn; Homecom- ing Olio Show Chrmn; Sr Class Activ- ities. KENDIS. RONALD GARY: Los Angeles; Mathematics; Scabbard S Blade; Ten- nis Team; Spring Sing Asst Chrmn KENT, MARGARET JEAN: Los Angeles; Speech Pathology; Delta Phi Upsilon; Uni-Camp; Spring Drive, KERN. ELLEN ANN: Los Angeles; Phys Educ; Song Girl. KERNER, PAULA: Los Angeles; Art Educ; Spring Sing Comm; Uni-Camp Rep; Dykslra Hall Eiec Sec. KHMARA EDWARD ILIA: Los Angeles; English. KIFLE GIZAW: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia; Economics; Tsf. Stanford U; UCHA. KILMAN, CAROL ANN: Burbank; Span- ish; ITNAC; URA Exec Comm i Social Dance Club; Centro Hispanico. KIM. HAN KYOUNG: Seoul, Korea; Poli Sci; Tsf. So Illinois U; UCLA Korean Student Assn Pres; International Stu- dent Center; INTAC; UCLA Korean Stu- dent Academic Journal KIMBALL, MARTHA JOSEPHINE: San Diego Beverly Hills; Psychology; An- gel Flight, KING MICHAEL P.: Las Vegas Ne- vada- English; Tsf, LACC; Phi Sigma Delta- Hillel Foundation; Club 21, KING MERLE JUDITH: Los Angeles; Elem Educ. KINOSHITA, MICHAEL MICHIRO: Ka- hului, Maui. Hawaii; Zoology; Dykstra Hall; Nisei Bruin. KIRCHER, KATHERINE REYMOND: Los Angeles; Slavic Languages; Tsf. Harvey Mudd College; Tutorial Project; Honors Program; Phi Beta Kappa. KIRK, MARGARET KAREL: Los Angeles; KIRK PATRICK, CHARLES MORTON: Norwalk; Accounting. KISSICK, JERRY RALPH: Long Beach; Mathematics; Intramural Sports; Pi Up- silon Epsilon. KITAHATA. SUSANNE TOYOKO; Los Angeles; Mathematics. KJOS KAARE SAXE: Los Angeles; Poli Sci Tsf Pasadena CC; UCHA. KLAPMAN JUDITH MARILYN: Los An- geles; Gen Elem Educ; Tsf. SMCC. KLASKY JACK ALLEN; N, Hollywood; Engineering; Tsf- LAVC; Tau Beta Pi. KLEM HAROLD MICHAEL: San Ga- briel; Zoology; Tsf. UCSB; Phi Kappa Sigma, KLINE, SAM ABRAHAM: Santa Monica; Econ- Pi Gamma Mu; Amateur Radio Club. KLINE. WILLIAM JOSEPH: Culver CHy; Pre- Dent-Zoology; Tsf. Loyola U, KLINGER, JUDITH: Los Angeles; Music; Alpha Lambda Delia; Honors Program; Gifted Students ' Program; Dean ' s List; Phi Beta Kappa KNACKE, BRIGITTE MARTHA: Wood- land Hills; German; Alpha Gamma Del- ta; Lutheran Students Assn; Uni-Camp Counselor; Tutorial Proiecl; Mardi Gras Comm, KNAIGER PHILLIP: Los Angeles; Poli Sci, KNAPP JOAN BEVERLY: Santa Monica; Music; Mu Phi Epsilon; UCLA Concert Band; A Cappella Choir. KOBATA, LINDA KIMIE: Long Beach; Home Econ- Home Econ Club Pres. KOHN, ROBERT N.; Beverly Hills; Poll Sci- Alpha Epsilon Pi; Pi Sigma Alpha Pres Pi Gamma Mu; Student Judicial Bd. KOHN, STEVEN MARK; Los Angeles; History; Tsf SMCC KOKINOS, PATRICIA ANN: Bakersfield; English; Tsf. Bakersfield College. KOLINSKY, SUSAN EILEEN: Los An- geles; Elem Educ; Tutorial Project. KOMAI, CAROLYN MIYE; Los Angeles; Accounting; Theta Kappa Phi; Phi Chi Theta KONA. KERRY JAN; Santa Ana; Anthro- pology; Tsf. Santa Ana JC; Sproul Hall Judicial Bd; Pi Gamma Mu; Honors Program. KOPPELMAN, JAY LAWRENCE: Van Nuys; Psychology; Alpha Epsilon Pi Vice-Pres, KORAL. DONNA: Van Nuys; Sociology, KORCHEK. ABBY GRACE: Los Angeles; Art-Design; Phi Sigma Siqma; Univer- sity Chorus; Italian Club; Bowling. KORN. DONALD MICHAEL: Los An- geles; Physics; Sigma Pi Sigma; Phi Efa Sigma; Honors Program; Varsllv Water- polo S Swimming Teams; Phi Beta Kappa, KOULOMZINE. OLGA; Val D ' Or. Que- bec Canada; French; Tsf. Sorbonne i ENLOV, Paris, France. KRAMER. CONSTANCE: New York City; Elem Educ; Tsf. Brooklyn College. KRAMER. LEBA SUE: Sherman Oaks; Elem Educ; Sproul Hall; Intern UES. KRASN. GERALD A : Los Angeles; So- ciology; Pi Lambda Phi, KRASNO. SANDRA LEE: Los Angeles; Public Health; Alpha Lambda Delta. KRAUSS, IRENE MARGARET: Los An- geles; Mathematics; Phrateres Pres; Hillel, KREVOY. LESLIE ARLYNE; Los Angeles; English; Tsf. UCB; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Soph Sweethearts; Soph Class Council; Elections Comm; Phi Sigma Delta Lit- tie Sisters. KROOP RAE MARILYN: Los Angeles; History; Tsf. Ohio U; Hillel Cultural Comm; INTAC; YD. KUBO. RALPH TERVO: Hilo. Hawaii; Bacteriology. KUGA GUNDA: Encino; Pictorial Arts; Tsf. Ohio Slate U, KUGLER JACEK JOSE: Los Angeles; Poli Sci; Tsf, LACC. KUKLINSKY, LORETTA: Los Angeles; English; Tsf. So Connecticut SC. KUNISHIMA. LINDA REIKO: Los An- geles; Pictorial Arts; Nisei Bruin Club. KUNO, HIROKO: Wakayama, Japan; Mathematics. KUPPER. BARRY MARTIN: Los Angeles; Econ Poli ScT. KURAMOTO. ROBERT TETSUO: Los An- geles; Oriental Lang; Tsf. LACC. KURODA, DAVID KENICHl: Los An- geles; Zoology; Tsf USC. KUSHNER, MORRIS JOE; Los Angeles; English Poli Sci; Tsf. LACC. KWAN. MARIE YUK KIT: Hong Kong; Accounting; Tsf. Monterey Peninsula College. LABOWITZ. DAVID ALAN; Hollywood; Marketing; Tsf. UCB LACC; Alpha Kappa Psi Pres Vice-Pres; Beta Gam- ma Sigma Vice-Pres; " The Briefcase ' Ed; Marketing Asso; SAM; Inter-Organ- iiational Council of School of Bus Adm; Outstanding Marketing Sludent-So Calif Chapter American Marketing Assn; An- derson- McConn ell Advertising Scholar- ship. LAMM. DONALD LEE: Culver City; Medicine; Alpha Phi Omega; Bruin Football Band. LANGE, GLORIA INGEBORG: Los An- geles; German; Tsf. Wayne SU, Michi- gan. LANGFUS, HOWARD D.: Studio City; Marketing; Alpha Epsilon Pi Treas Sgt at Arms, Publicity Chrmn, House Mgr; Daily Bruin; Election Comm, LANTZ, CARL EDWARD JR.: San Diego; Elec Eng; Lambda Chi Alpha Vice-Pres; Arnold Air Society; Football Team; Track Team; AFROTC Drill Team; AFROTC. LANTZ, KURT MICHAEL: South Gate; Engineering; Tsf. East LA College. LATINO. FRANK: Bellflower; Zoology; Sparta House-Sproul Hall LATON, MICHAEL; Los Angeles; Eng- lish; English Honors . LEA. ROBERT MATTHEW: Riverside; Fi- nance; Zeta Psi Pres; Slue Key; Mardi Gras. LEACH CAROL ANN: Washington, DC; English; Tsf. Maryland U; Alpha Xi Delta LEBOWITZ. IRWIN HOWARD: Los An- geles; Poll Sci. LEE EVELYN: Los Angeles; Economics. LEE LINDA JANICE: Los Angeles; Rec- reation- Tsf, LACC; Mountaineer; Hik- ing Club LEE MICHAEL ALLEN: Minneapolis, Minn.- Poli Sci; Tsf. U of Minnesota. LEESON, CAROLYN MAE: Ojai; History. LeFEBVRE TERENCE FABIAN: Glen- dora Bus Ad- Tsf UCSB; UCLA Wrestl- ing Team; URA Sailing Club. LEINOW, LEONARD A.: Los Angeles; Mech Eng. LEMIEUX. WAYNE KEITH: Los Angeles; Zoology; Tsf. Loyola U; Alpha Delta Gamma; Rugby; Pre-med Soc; Home- coming. LEMON, CHARLES RICHARD: Santa Ana; Zoology; Phi Delta Theta; Sr Class Pres; Cal Club; Blue Key; Project India UOMR; Outstanding Senior. LEONARD TERRY WALKER: Los Gatos; Finance- Air Force ROTC; Varsity Base- ball. LESKO, EDWARD GEORGE: Los An- geles- Philosophy. LESSER KENNETH MARTIN: Encino; So- ciology- Tsf. Valley College; PI Lambda Phi; Dean ' s List, LEUNG, SHIGELEO: Nagoya. Japan; Interior Decorating. LEVIN DEANNA RITA: Memphis, Tenn.; Mathematics. LEVIN JERRY TOMIE: Los Angeles; His- tory; Tsf. LASC; Sproul Hall. LEVIN ROBERT FRANKLIN: Tujunga; Mech Eng; UCHA; ESUC. LEVIN ROSALYN SANORA: Los An- geles; Gen Elem Educ; Delta Phi Up- silon. LEVIN SIDNEY M.: Tulare; Poli Sci; Sigma Alpha Mu; Bruin Marching Band. LEVINE, DAVID RAYMOND: Downey; Zoology; Tau Delta Phi. LEVtTZ, JUDITH: Los Angeles; Music; Hillel; A Cappella Choir. LEVY. LAWRENCE JOSEPH: Pico Riv- era; Civil Eng; Tsf. East LA College; ESUC Vice-Pres; Am Soc of Civil En- gineers, UCLA Student Chapter Pres. LEVY, MARION JOAN: Culver City; Home Econ; Phrateres; Home Econ Club. LEVY, NANCY ELLEN: Philadelphia, Pa ; English; Alpha Epsilon Phi Sec; Spring Sing Instrumental; AWS Fash- ion Bd. LEVY, PAUL ALAN: N. Hollywood; Psychology, LEW, DENNIS ELBERT: Los Angeles; Engineering; AIAA. LEWIS, DAVEN NELSON: Burbank; En- gineering, LEWIS. DIANNE CAROL: Los Angeles; Elem Educ. LEWTON, JOYCE ELAINE: RIallo; Gen Elem Educ; Tsf. UCSB. L ' HERROU, LORRAINE MARIE-ANNE: N Hollywood; Sociology; Tsf. USC; Sailing Club. LI, LILA LAl-KA: Berkeley; Art. LIGHTER ROBERTA GAIL; Los Angeles; English. Plan III; Rally Comm; Italian Club; ISA. LIFE. MICHAEL ORRIN: Los Angeles; Zoology; Alpha Epsilon PI; Honors LIGHT, DENNIS SIMON: La Crescenta; Accounting-Bus Ad; Phi Eta Sigma; Tu- torial Project, LIGHT, EUGENE MELVIN: Fountain Valley; Industrial Relations; Tsf. Pierce College. LIN, ALFRED THOMAS: Los Angeles; Mathematics : Tsf. Gordon College, Mass. LIND, DEBORAH STOEPPELWERTH: Los Angeles; Environmental Design - Art; UCLA Chapter, Natl Soc of Interior Designers; Shell Oar LINTON, THOMAS ARTHUR; Los An- geles; Poli Sci; Tsf, UCB; Zeta Beta Tau. LIPSCOMB, RODERICK C; Los Angeles; Poli Sci; Tsf. Stanford U; Sigma Chi; Pi Sigma Alpha; Varsity Volleyball. LIPSON JOAN ELISABETH: N. Holly- wood; Gen Elem Educ; Tsf. LACC, LIPSON. LOREN GEORGE: Encino; Chemistry; Phi Eta Sigma; Student Af- filiates of Am Chem Soc; Phi Seta Kappa. LISENBEE, BONNIE JEAN: Bakersfield; Zoology; Tsf, Bakersfield College. LISKA, PATRICIA ANN: Arcadia; Home Econ; Sproul Hall; Home Econ Club; USO; Adult Assoc to Girl Scouts; Sum- mer Playground Supervisor; Spring Sing Sweepstakes Winners. LISKE, ERNEST WALTER: Richmond; Marketing; Tsf. Contra Costa College. LITMAN. AUDREY MARCIA: N. Holly- wood; Spanish; United Civil Rights Comm; All Sr Women ' s Honorary. LLOYO CAROLE VIRGINIA: Santa Ana; English; Chi Omega Vice-Pres; Chi Delta Pi. LLOYD MARSHALL B.: Los Angeles; Accounting; Tsf. SMCC; Phi Kappa Psi; Mardi Gras; Greek Week; Intramurals; Homecoming, LOCK, DAVID C, W.: Hong Kong; Chemistry. LOCKWOOD. LINDA CAROL: Santa Monica; Design; Tsf, SMCC. LOCKYEAR, WILLIAM HARRISON: Pas- adena; Electronics; Alpha Gamma Ome- ga; Tau Beta Pi, Phi Eta Sigma. LONGBOTHAM. JUDITH: Manhattan Beach; Anthropology. LONGENECKER, LAWRENCE ROBERT: Los Angeles; Prod Operation Mgmt; Tsf. SMCC. LONGRIDGE, THOMAS MAXWELL JR.: Santa Monica; Psychology; Air Force ROTC. LOPEZ. KENNETH EUGENE: PiHsburg; Geography; Phi Kappa Sigma; Kelps; In- tercollegiate Football; Army ROTC IDMSr. LOPEZ, LItIA MEDINA: Los Angeles; Latin Am Stud; Rally Comm. LOPEZ. ROBERT: Gardena; Accounting; Alpha kappa Psi Vice-Pres. LoPICCOLO, JOSEPH: Van Nuys; Psy- chology: P i Beta Kappa. LORDEN, RONALD GENE: Los Angeles; Psychology; Tsf. UCSB. I.OVAS, STEPHEN JR.: Rolling Hills Es- tates; Bus Ad (Finance); Thela XI; SLC; SLA; Org of Finance Students; Out- standing Soph; Outstanding Jr; Unt- Camp; Unl-Prep; ASUCLA Distinguished Service Award; KBRU Founder Gen Mgr AMS Pres, Sec. Treas; UC Radio Network Founder i Pres; ASUCLA Fin Dir (FICOM Chrmn) ; Homecoming Exec Comm. LOVELESS, PAUL B.: Palo Alto; Ac- counting; Tsf. Menio College; Phi Kap- pa Sigma; Varsity Golf. LOWE LESTER WILLIAM: Riverside; Poli Sci; Tsf. Riverside CC. LOWRY. KEITH ALLAN: Buena Park; Italian; Acacia; Education Abroad- Padua. LUCAS, LARRY LEE: Los Angeles; Bot- any; Honors at Entrance A Honors Program. LUCAS. WILLIAM THOMAS JR.: Los Angeles; Journalism; Tsf. Calif State College. LA; Sigma Delta Chi; Gradu- ate Press Club Sec-Trea . LUCKERMAN, MARVIN ARNOLD: Los Angeles; Islamic Studies; Tsf. USC; Hil- lel; University Teaching. LUENBERGER, MARION C: Los An- geles; Psychology. LYLE. JOEL MICHAEL: Lot Angeles; Economics. M MADDEN, NINA ANDREA: Sh«rman Oaks; History; Tsf. U of Ariiona; Alpha Epsilon Phi; AWS Woman of the Month; ASUCLA Elections 8d Chrmn; World of Work Conference Exec Comm; Spring Sing Pub Comm, MADETE, SIMON PETER: Nassa. Mwan- la, Tanzania, East Africa; Accounting; Tsf. Pennsylvania State U. MAGASIN, MICHAEL ROBERT: Los An- geles; History i Poli Sci; Pi Lambda Phi; Varsity Volleyball; Daily Bruin Writer. MAGNUSON. NANCY S.: Prospect Heights, III.; Bacteriology; Tsf, U of Il- linois; Alpha X! Delta; Greek Week Comm; Column Writer for School Paper. MAKOWSKI, BARBARA ANNE; Encino; Economics; Alpha Delta Pi Pres; Pry- tanean; Election Bd; Mardi Gras Comm; Homecoming Comm. MALONE, RONALD TRACY: Los An- geles; Poli Sci; Tsf. SMCC; Zela Beta Tau; Blue Key; Uni-Camp Counselor; AMS Sec-Treas. MANCHESTER. WARREN GERALD: Pas- adena Public Health; Tsf. U of Wash- ington; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Yeomen; Crew; Outstanding Public Health Stu- dent of So Calif Award. MANDELIN, SIRKKA H. N.: Lot An- geles; English; Tsf. Arlington Slate College. MANHEIM, MARTHA: Pacific Palis- ades; English; Tsf. SMCC; Honors Pro- gram. MANNING. ARTHUR JEROME: Long Beach; Education; Tsf. Pasadena CC. MARANDA, ROGER HARMON: La Mesa; Economics; Sigma Nu, MARFIELD, DEANNE ROSE; Los An- geles; Speech; Delta Phi Epsilon; Trolls, MARGOLIN, JANICE DALE: Los An- geles; Elem Educ. MARKHAM, ELIZABETH GAIL: N. Hol- lywood- Bus Ad-Industrial Relations- Al- pha Xi Delta Pres; Phi Chi Theta; Shell ft Oar; Mardi Gras Chrmn. MARINELLO. DELORES GAIL: Jew«tt City, Conn.; Poll Sci; Tsf. LACC; Bruin YD. MARLOW, PAMELA ANN: Arcadia; German; Tsf. Pasadena CC; Sproul Hall Judicial Bd. MARTIN. JEAN E.: Inglewood; Elem Educ; Delta Delta Delia; BruIneHes; Soph Sweethearts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon Little Sisters, MARTIN, TERESA LADON: Redwood City; Sociology; Gamma Phi Beta; Chimes; Theater Arts Production " Ah Sin " - AWS Fashion Bd Model. MASON FRANCES ELIZABETH; Los An- geles; Nursing; MAC; Student Nurses Assn Rep; Sr Honors Seminar In Nursing. MASON, JACKSON HARRIS: Saratoga; Economics; Tsf. U of Michigan; Sigma Chi, MASSAKAS. MARI-AALA: N. Holly- wood ' Spanish; Phi Beta Kappa; Sigma Delia Pi, MASTIN, THOMAS NICHOLAS: On- tario; Sociology; Kappa Kappa Psi; Con- cert Band ' Marching Band; NROTC. MATLIN, MYNA LEAH: Los Angeles; Education. MATSUHARA, KIYOSHI: Los Angeles; Music; Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia. MATSUHARA. SHIGEO: Los Angeles; Marketing. MAYER. MICHELETONI: N. Hollywood; Accounting; Phi Chi Thela. MAYMAR LINDA ANNE: Inglewood; Speech-Educ; Tsf. College of the Holy Names; Zeta Tau Alpha. MAYNARD. WILLIAM FREDERICK: N. Hollywood; Design; Tsf. LAVC; Seta Theta Pi MAZZOCCA. ARLENE F.: Slistfield, Mich.; Gen Engineering; Tsf. Valley College: ESUC. McALARY, FLORENCE ALEEN: Wilm- ington; Zoology; Tsf. UCSB. McALPIN, COLUMBUS. DAVID: Loi An- geles; Zoology. McSRIDE TERRENCE JAMES: Los An- geles; Poli Sci; Tsf. LACC McCREA, LINDA LEIGH: Apple Valley; Elem Educ; Phi Mu; Mortar Bd; An- chors; Prylanean. 425 McELHANY, SHERI LEA: Laquna B»ach; Phyi Educ; D«lt4 DelU Delta; Mdrdl Grai Qu««n: IFC Princeit; Homecom- ing Court; Calif Mdid of Cotton {Alter- Hdte-UCLA RepI ; Cheerleader [Song girl) ; Bruin Belle; Intrdmurdl Council; Fdihion 6d. MclLVAIN. SANDY LEE: Lot Angeles; Hiitory. McKEE. ROGER A.: Los Angeles; Indus- trial Relations; 20 Outstanding Jrs; SAM; Accounting Soc; AMS Sec-Treas; Bacchus House - Sproul Hall Pres; ASUCLA Elections Bd; Sproul Hall Ju- dicial Bd Chief Justice. McJUNKINS. STEVEN PAUL: Para- mount; Chemistry; Honors at Entrance. McKINLEY. PATRICIA ANNE: North- ridge; Zoology : Kappa Delta; Alpha Lambda Delta; Chimes; Anchors; Edu- cation Abroad- Padua. HcMAHAN, SHARON: Downey; Eng- lish-Speech; Alpha Delta Pi; Prytan- eans - Corresponding Sec 1st Vice- Pres; Spring Sing Enec Comm-Judges Chrmn; Homecoming-PR Chrmn; Finance Comm- AWS Speakers Chrmn; Mardi Gras Comm. McMURRIN, GARY MILLER: Los An- geles; Engineering. McPHERSON, KENNETH WAYNE: Ar- cadia; Zoology; Tsf. LA State. MEAD. DONALD W.: La Canada; Fi- nance; Tsf. 8YU, Utah; Student Fi- nance Assn. MEISELS. JUDtTH THEA: Los Angeles; Poli Sci; Tutorial Project. MELOCHE. MARIE 6ETTE: San Carlos; English; Gamma Phi Beta: Alpha Delta Pi; Sproul Hall House Advisor; Educa- tion Abroad Program-Bordeaui. France; Angel Flight. MENDENHALL. BERND: San Diego; Poli Sci; Blue Key Sec; Homecoming Chrmn; Spring Sing Chrmn; Dykstra Ffall Pres; AMS Eiec Bd; Outstanding Senior. MENT2ER, PAUL JR.: Shippensburg Pa ; Mathematics; Tsf. York JC Pa MERCER. JAMES ARTHUR JR : Los An- geles; Economics. MESSER. LESLIE ANNE: Downey; Zoolo- gy; Rally Comm. METCALFE. DOROTHY ANN: Los Ala- mitos; History; Zeta Tau Alpha; People- to-People Comm. METZ. KAREN ANN: Redlands; Psy- chology; Alpha Phi Pres; Election Comm; Tutorial Project; Campus Tour Guide; Angel Flight. METZ. SHAREN ELIZABETH: Redlands; Psychology: Alpha Phi Efficiency Chrmn; Election Comm; Campus Tour Guide. METZGER, THOMAS JAMES: Santa Ana; Economics; Theta Delta Chi. METZNER, CAROL SUSAN: Beverly Hills; Early Childhood Educ; Tsf, U of Arizona; Sailing Club; Riding Club; Bruin YD; International House. MEUNIER DIANE CLAIRE: Orange Nursing; Tsf Fullerton JC MEYER. KENNETH HARRIS: Beverly Hills; But Ad-Accounling; Zeta Beta Tau: Blue Key Pres; Varsity Water Polo Capt; SLC; ASUCLA 60C. MEYER. ROGER WILLIAM: Santa Mon- ica; Electrical Eng; NROTC- Tau Beta Pi. MEYERHOFF. CAROL DEE: Northridge; Sociology; Tutorial Project. ME2ER0W. ELLEN JOYCE: Encino- French; Tsf. UCSB, MHINA. JOHN EDWARD F.: Muheza, Tanganyika, Tanzania; History; Tsf. Ma- kerere College, Uganda, t. Africa; Af- rican Students Assn; E-A Stud Asm- INTAC. MICHEL, CRAIG WALTER: Santa Mon- ica; Electrical Eng; Tsf. SMCC MILES. CHARLES LEE: Simi; Spanith- Theta Chi. M1LLA. DANIEL ARON; San Bernardino; Accounting; Yeomenj AISEC; SAM; Fi- nance Assn; Beta Sigma Gamma; Ac- counting Soc. MILLER, BRENT SCOTT: Los Angeles; Economics; Phi Gamma Delta. MILLER. ETHEL ADELLE: Costa Mesa- English; Tsf. U of Pacific. MILLER, JUDITH ANN: El Cajon; His- tory; Tif. Oregon State U ' Pi Beta Phi ' Chimes, Angel Flight; Shell Oar- Phi Delta Theta Little Sisters. MILLER. JULIE RAIMONDI: N. Holly- wood Gen Elem; Tjf. SFVSC; NPI Vol- unteer; Sproul Hall Soc Chrmn- Chaos Little Sister; SoCam Sales MILLER, RONALD JACK: Long Beach; Engineering; Tsf. Long Beach CC MILLER. SUSAN HELENE: San Diego; Speech-English; Sigma Delta Tau; UCLA Panhellenic Pres. MILLIKAN. NANCY LEE: Whittier- Elem Educ; Ttf. Cal Poly; Delta Gam- ma Pres; Delta Phi Upsilon; Anchors. MILLS. JAMES ROBERT: N. Hollywood; Geography; Phi Kappa Sigma. MtLNER. CHRISTINA A.: New York City; Anthropology; Ttf. Queens Col- lege of the City U of New York. MtLNER. RICHARD B,: New York City; Anthropology; Tsf, Queens College of the Cty U of New York. MING, HAWKINS: Los Angeles; Ac- counting; Tsf. U of Texas. MING: LUCY YAN-CHIH: Taipei, Tai- wan, Republic of China; Mathematics; Ttf. National Taiwan U, China. MISRAHI. ALICE; Los Angeles; French; INTAC. MITCHELL, GAIL DOWSETT: Walnut Creek; Spanish; Tsf. Diablo Valley Col- lege; Tutorial Project. MODES, LARRY ROBERT: Los Angeles; Structural Eng; Tsf. El Camino College; Bruin Humanist Forum; ESUC; Project Brazil. MOHME. DIANA BASKERVILLE: Clare- mont; Poli Sci; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Phi Delta Theta Little Sister; Homecom- ing Atst Pub Chrmn; Spring Sing Pub Co-Chrmn, MOLHO, ARTHUR IRVING: Glendale; History; Sierra House-Dykstra Hall Offi- cer; Honors Program; Phi Eta Sigma. MONAT, JONATHAN S.: N Holly- wood; Accounting; Yeomen; AMS Exec Bd; Chancellor ' s Inter-Collegiate Ath- letic Advisory Bd ; Track; Bruin. MOREHOUSE, MARTY REED: Los An- geles; Engineering; Bruin Christian Fel- lowship; Campus Crusade for Christ; MOREHOUSE. STEPHEN ADAIR: Los Angeles; History; Sigma Alpha Epiilon; NROTC; Soccer JVt; Stripe Star Ball Chrmn " Porthole " Ed. MORGAN, ROBERT COLE: Riverside; Electrical Eng; Phi Delta Theta; Phi Eta Sigma. Tau Beta Pi. MORGAN. WILLIAM TIMOTHY: Glen- dale; English; Tsf. Glendale JC. MORIMOTO, KENNETH SHIGEO: Bell- flower; Bus Ad-Quanlitative Methods; Tsf Compton College; Titan House; MORRIS. SUSAN HAZEL: Van Nuys English; Tsf. U of Mexico; Alpha Chi Omega; Tutorial Project- IFC Princess. MORSE, JUDITH TITUS: Los Angeles; Gen Elem Educ; Tsf. UC8; Gamma Phi Beta MORSE, KAY LOUISE: Santa Monica; Art; Ttf. UCR. MOSES. ELLIOTT S. JR.: San Diego; Latin American Studies; Ttf. Arizona State U; Alpha Tau Omega MOSS ALAN RICHARD: Beverly Hills; Poli Sci; Tsf. UCSB; Sigma Alpha Mu; Bruin YD; Soph Cabinet. MOSS. GLEN LEE: Los Angeles; In- dividual Field; Bruin YD Pres; Graduate with Honors; John F. Kennedy Memorial Library, So Calif Student Chrmn; " The role of the Amateur in California Poli- tict. " MOSS. MARIANNE: Lot Angelet; Soci- ology MOSS. SANDRA JOY: New York City; English; Tsf. Arizona State U ; English Honorary, University Colloquium. MOUNT MEREDITH LORRAINE: Denver. Colo; Pre-Social Welfare; Tsf Pasa- dena CC; Bruin Christian Fellowship MUELLER, LESLIE JEAN: Long Beach; French; Tsf. UCR; Tutorial Project MULLIGAN. RICHARD MARTIN: Den- ver. Colo.; Zoology; Tsf, UCSB MURAMATSU. GILBERT N.: Inglewood Mech Eng; Nisei Bruins Club; Intra- mural Sports MURRAY, ALEXANDRA JOYCE; Los An- geles: Psychology; Tsf Antelope Val- ley JC MWASAKAFYUKA, E WEIJ NGWILU- LUPI: Tukuyu, Tanzania; International Relationt; INTAC. SLA MYERS. JULIET JOHNSON: Los An- geles; History; Tsf. Syracuse U; Sigma Kappa. N NAKAHIRO, TAKAKO: Pasadena; Theta Kappa Phi; Citadel House-Dykttra Hall Pres. NAKAJIMA, KUNIO: Tokoyo. Japan; Economics. NAKAMOTO. TETSUYA; Hiroshima City, Japan; Engineering. NAKATANI, JUNE Y.: Costa Mesa; Chemiitry; Tsf. Santa Ana College NAMETH, FRED JAMES: Long Beach; Poli Sci; Zeta Beta Tau; Mardi Gras Comm; Spring Sing Comm. NARAHARA, ALICE MIYOKO: Los An- gelet; Mathematics, NASH, JERRY LEE: Los Angeles; Fi- nance; Sigma Pi Officer; Alpha Kappa Psi. SAM; ASF; Yell Leader; Freshman Diver; President ' s Award-Alpha Kappa Psi. NATHAN, ELAINE CAROL; Playa del Rey; Gen Elem; Sigma Delta Tau; AWS Fashion Bd. NAUJOKAITIS. ANTON SAULIUS: Po- mona; Zoology. NEBEL, ROSALIND; Los Angeles Elem Educ; CTA. NELVIN, STEVEN B.; Ontario; Poli Sci; Bruin YD Treas; INTAC; People-to-Peo- ple; UCLA John Kennedy Memorial Li- brary Chrmn; SLA Staff; UCLA for Royal Comm Chrmn; ASUCLA Collo- quium. NEUBERG, LESLIE A.: Arcadia; Eng- lish; Alpha Chi Omega Vice-Pres; Pry- tanean. Phidelphians, AWS Vice-Pres; Freshman Class Pub Chrmn; SoCam Copy Ed; Phi Delta Theta Little Sister. NEVENS, JOEL LAURENCE: Van Nuyt; History; Tsf, Lot Angeles CC; Intra- mural Bateball. NEWMAN, PATRICIA LOUISE; Los An- geles; Finance; Zeta Tau Alpha; AWS Philanthropy Comm; Beta Gamma Sig- ma; Phi Chi Theta; Shell Oar; Alpha Sigma Phi Little Sisters; Phrateres. NEWSOM, WILLIAM DELBERT; Santa Monica; Petroleum Eng; Tsf. San Jose CC ESUC NEWTON. SANDRA KAY: Concord; Eng- lish; Tsf. Diablo Valley College; Hershey Hall Cabinet; Austen House Pres; Chi Delta Pi; University Chorus. NEY, JANICE E.: San Diego; Spanish; Ttf. Pomona College. NICHOLAS. WHITNEY HOWARD: Los Angeles; Finance; Tsf. UCB; Delta Tau Delta Soc Chrmn; Yell Leader; Soph Class Vice-Pres; Student Class Council. NICKMAN, ELIZABETH ANN: San Ga- briel; Poli Sci; Tsf, UCB; Alpha Omi- cron Pi; Homecoming; Tutorial Project; Jr Class Senate; BOG Program Comm; Blood Drive. NIELSEN, GARY WILLIAM: Anaheim; Poli Sci. NIETSCHMANN. BERNARD QUINN: Los Angeles; Geography; Tsf. LAVC; Hon- ors Program; Tutorial Project; Geogra- phy Club. NIKOLAYCHIK, GEORGE: San Fernan- do; Material Enq; Tsf. Valley JC; " Bend- ing Properties of a Prestressed Ceramic Plate " NISHI, KATSUYUKI: Gardena; Mathe- matics. NISHI, NAOMI ARLENE: Los Angeles; Gen Elem Educ; Tsf. UCSB, NISHIKAWA. JEAN N,; Los Angeles; Nursing; Theta Kappa Phi, NOBLE BARBARA ANNETTE: Monrovia; Psychology; Rieber Hall Charter Comm. NOODLEMAN, EILEEN B : Los Angeles Elem Educ. NOORZAY, BETSY STOCK: Kabul. Af- ghanistan; Theatre; Helen Matthewson Club; Kap Bells; Wesley College Group; International Center Afghan Student Assn. NOORZAY. MOHAMMAD NASIM; Ka- bul. Afghanistan; Mathematics- Ttf. UCB. NORMAN. ERIC EDLUND; Hollywood; Finance; Tsf. LACC; Hedrick Hall Ju- dicial Bd. NOYES, DAVID PHILIP: Manhattan Beach; Accounting; Tsf. USC; Phi Gam- ma Delta- Kappa Sigma Alpha; Ac- counting Soc; Varsity Football, NUNES, GRACE MAYNARD: Green- wich, Conn ; Theatre Arts; Tsf. Ben- nett College. NY. NUNN, JOSEPH ANTHONY: Los An- geles; Production Mgmt Kappa Alpha Psi. NUNO. ESTELA NAVARRO: Los An- geles; Bacteriology. NUNO. GRACIELA NAVARRO: Los An- geles; Spanish. OBE, ERNEST OLAGBADE: Igbotako, Western Nigeria; Tsf. U of Nigeria INTAC; GSA. 06ERHEIM, THOMAS ELROY: Los An- geles; Applied Physics; Tsf. Kansas State U. OBERMAN. STEWART JAY: Tariana; Philosophy, O-BRIEN, THOMAS WALTER: Torrance; Mathematics. OGI, STANLEY KIYOSHI; Hilo, Hawaii; Engineering; Tsf. Washington State U; ESUC; Nisei Bruin Club. OGILVIE. VICTOR N.: Altadena; Psy- chology; Tsf. Pasadena CC; Spring Sing Exec. Comm. OGUINE, OBEDIAH DINAKACHUKU; Osumenyi, Onitsha, Nigeria ' Education. OHMSTEDE. LINDA DARLENE; Los An- geles; English; Chimes; Bruinettes. OKUBO, LINDA MASUKO: Los Angeles; Elem Educ; Chi Alpha Delta; Soph Sweethearts; Nisei Bruin Club. OLOS, LEONARD ROBERT: Los Angeles- History. OLEFSKY, DIANE BETH: Lot Angeles; History. OLIVER, JUDITH ANN: Pasadena; Poli Sci I Journalism! ; Delta Gamma; An- chors; Prytanean, Chimes; Mortar Bd Pret: Student Judicial Bd-Sec, Vice- Chrmn, Chrmn; Project India; Pi Sigma Alpha; Outstanding Senior. OLIVER, WILLIAM ANTHONY: Culver City; Electronics; ESUC; " Rotating Disc Electrode Group. " OLOFSON, ROY LEONARD: Buffalo, NY.; Accounting; Tsf Glendale JC; Al- pha Kappa Psi Pres, Treat; Beta Gam- ma Sigma; Inter-Organiiation Council; Kappa Sigma Alpha, OLRICH, EARL STAFFORD: Santa Ana; Finance; Theta Delta Chi Vice-Pres- Blue Key; All-U Week-end Chrmn; In- ternational Week Special Events Chrmn OLSEN, DOROTHY LEA: Los Angeles; Poli Sci, People-to-People Chrmn; Stu- dent Ambassador People-to-People ' Sr Class Pub Chrmn ' INTAC. OMEY, RUSSELL IRVING: Inglewood; Mathematics; Delta Sigma Phi; Honors at Entrance; Spring Sing; Homecoming; Mardi Gras; Aardvarks; Triple Rack ORECK, JUDITH CAROLE: Los Angeles; Pictorial Arts. ORREN, LEILA G.: Beverly Hills; Pic- torial Arts. OTCHIS, TERI LYNN; Los Angeles French; INTAC; Cercle Francais. OTTO, EDWARD ALONZO: Reseda; Ap- plied Physics, OUYE, JOE AKINORI: Santa Monica; Engineering; Tau Beta Pi. OVERLOOK. MARY ANN: Pasadena; English; Tsf, Pasadena CC; Alpha Omicron Pi; Dykstra Hall; Valhalla House Sec; Jr Class Council. PADRICK, DENNIS JOHN: Pasadena- Electronics; Tsf Pasadena CC. IEEE; ESUC Electrical Technical Comm Co- Chrmn. PAGE, DONALD WILLIAM; Los An- geles; Insurance. Tsf Santa Monica CC; Alpha Kappa Psi; Beta Gamma Sigma; SAM; Honors-School of But Adm; Al- pha Kappa Pii Scholarship Award, PALEY, RICHARD DAVID: Los Angeles Art; Ttf LACC; Teaching Assistant " Exhibition Design, " PAPAGEORGIOU. CHRISTINE; Patras, Greece; Sociology; Tsf Pasadena CC, PAPIERMAN, LINDA SHERRY: Los An- qeles; Education; Tsf. LACC; Rieber Hall Soc Commissioner A Inverness Sun- shine Chrmn. PARKER, KATHLEEN ANN: Ventura English; Tsf, Ventura College. PARKER, TERESA ANN; Inglewood; Chemistry; Manhattan House-Dykstra Pres; Gifted Students Program; Univer- sity Abroad Program-Goettingen, Ger- many PARKER, VALERIE SIMES: Los Angelet; Sociology, PARKS, H. ALAN; Riverside; Mathe- matics; Zeta Psi; Kappa Kappa Psi; Bruin Band; Varsity Band, PARRIS, DON Pacific Palisades; Mar- keting; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Yeomen; Uni- Camp Counselor; Homecoming Enec; Election Bd; Spring Sing Exec; Mardi Grat. PARSONS, WM KIRT: Whittier; Hit- tory; Phi Kappa Sigma; Kelpt; Gold Key; Blue Key. PASANEN, KARIN ELIZABETH: N, Hol- lywood; French; Tsf Bishop ' s U, Que- bec, Canada; Pi Delta Phi, PATLER, LOUIS MICHAEL: Lot Angeles; Sociology; URA; Wesley Foundation; Campus Crusade for Chrrst; Surf Club; Intramural Athletics PAUL, JAMES L : Northridge; Chemis- try- Alpha Chi Sigma. PAUST, JORDAN JEFFRY: Encino; His- tory; Scabbard Blade; UCLA Debate; Army ROTC. PAVER, ROSS ELBERT: Glendale; Indus- trial Relationt; Alpha Tau Omega; Var- sity Rowing Club Vice-Pres; Arnold Air Soc; Outstanding Soph AFROTC Silver Award; Varsity Lettermen Crew; Var- sity Club. PEDERSEN. THOMAS NORMAN: N. Hollywood; Anthropology; Tsf. LA Valley. PECK, JANICE BEVERLY: Lot Angeles; Sociology; Volunteer - Children ' s Hos- pital. PEEK, JANET CAROLYN: Palos Verdes Peninsula; Home Econ; Delta Zeta; Mor- tar Bd; Omicron Nu; Spurs; Sabers; Shell Oar, PEER, JEANNE HELEN; Los Angeles; Psychology, PEERCY, JANICE DIANE: Bakersfield; Phys Educ; Sigma Kappa; Sabers; Homecoming Comm, PEGGAR, NEIL ELVIN: Bell; Prod Mgmt; Delta Tau Delta. PEKAR, MARY LOUISE FRANCES; Mon- tebello; English; Tsf East LA College; Sproul Hall; Newman Club, PENG, ALINE MIN: Porto Alegre Bra- zil; French, PEPP, ARLINE: Los Angeles; Sociology; Alpha Eosilon Phi; Bruin Belles; Home- coming Princess PEPPER, WESLEY WILLIAM: Los An- geles: Mech Eng; Tsf. SMCC PERCIVAL, MARJORIE SHEPARD: Fres- no; Poli Sci; Gamma Phi Beta; Ski Club; Shell A Oar; Tutorial Project, PEROTTINI, JANE LEE: Pasadena; Eng-; Tsf, Pasadena CC PETERSON. JAMES MARTIN: Los An- gelet; Elect Eng; Tsf. El Camino JC. PETERSON, RICHARD EDWARD; Glen- dale; Economics; Beta Theta Pi; Var- sity Club, Blue Key, Kelps; Varsity Foot- ball; Varsity Rugby. PETTUS, OLGA ELIZABETH; Sunland; English; Dykstra Hall Residents ' Attn Judicial Bd Chrmn; Intramural Coed Softball; University Chorus; Inter-Hall Residents ' Judicial Bd. PEZZULLO. VINCENT ANTHONY: Tren- ton, N J.; Latin; Tsf. Montclair State College, N.J. PHAM. TUYET THIANH: Saigon. Viet Nam; English; Ttf. Pasadena CC; INTAC Soc Chrmn; Hershey Hall Ping Pong Team Ice Skating Club; Piano Club; Foreign Languages Club; ISC Speakers ' Program. PHILIPS, DAVID GREGORY: Long Beach; Geography; Sigma Nu; Varsity Club PIASECKI. MARK WITOLD: Lot An- geles; Electrical Eng; Tsf UCB- ESUC. PIERCE. LESLIE JANE: Lancaster; Elem Educ ' Delta Zeta; Sabers, PIERCE, SAM: Torrance; Astronomy; Life Member, Calif Scholarship Federa- PIERCHALA, CARL EDWARD: Pano- rama City; Mathematics; Rhum House Sec. PIKE, CLIFFORD LEWIS: Los Angeles; Accounting; Accounting Soc. PILMANIS, SILVIJA: Monterey Park; German. PITMAN, ALAN BRUCE; San Gabriel; Art; Phi Kappa Sigma; SoCam Staff. PLAKOS, JEFFREY GEORGE: Palos Ver- des Peninsula; Engineering. POKRAS, JOHN: Los Angeles; Engin- eering; Tau Delta Phi. POLACCI, ROSSANA C: Los Angeles; Spanish. POLLACK, NICOLEE H.: Alhambra; Spanish; Pi Beta Phi; SoCam Fall Queen; Bruin Belle. POMERANTZ, REUBEN GERALD: Los Angeles; Accounting; Tsf. LACC; Beta Gamma Sigma; Kappa Sigma Alpha; In- tramurals POPE. CANDY: Santa Monica; Elem Educ; Pi Beta Phi; Cal Club; Mortar Bd; Delta Phi Upsilon; Prytanean; Chimes; Panhellenic; Outstanding Sen- POPOV. MARILYN ANITA: Los Angeles; Psychology; Tsf. LACC. PORTUGAL, KAREN JOY: N. Holly- wood; Sociology; SLA; Satyr; West- wind; GSA Colloquium. POSTHUMUS, CAROLYN JOYCE: Lom- poc; Zoology; Tsf UCSB, POWDRILL. BERRYNEICE MAREA: San Diego; Poll Sci; Campus Review Bd; Bruin CORE Pres; American Civil Lib- erties Union POWELL, HARLAN ALEXANDER: Glen- dale; Sociology; Tsf. U of Denver, Colo. POWELL. JEFFREY STEWART: Pasa- dena; Industrial Relations; Tsf, UCSB; Alpha Tau Omega, PRATT, FLORENCE MARIE; Riverside; Anthropology; Tsf. UCR; A Cap pel la Choir; INTAC; Sailing Club; Project Amigos, PRINGLE, DENNIS LEE; Santa Monica; Marketing; Tsf SMCC; Phi Kappa Sig- ma; Freshman Class Vice-Pres. PUPOS, LINDA MARSHA: Los Angeles; Poli Sci; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Prytan- ean. Uni-Camp Bd; Spring Sing 257 Club Chrmn Sales Co-Chrmn; Home- coming; Frosh Executive Comm; Elec- tions Bd; Soph Senate; 20 Outstanding Sophomores; Froth Week Chrmn. PURCIEL, MARIANNE MIKICH: Los Angelet; Geography; Tsf. Pierce Col- lege; Geography Club, QUINN, SUSAN LEE: Venice- English. QURESHI. ZAHOORUL HAQ: Warwick- shire, England; Marketing; Tsf. U of Bombay. RABINOW, BONNIE BETH: Los Angeles; Accounting; Daphne House-Sproul Hall Pres i Treas; AWS Rep; Mardi Gras Booth; Accounting Soc RADUENIS, VIDA GABRIELLE: Los An- qeles; Elem Educ; Folk Dance Club- INTAC RAFKIN, KAREN MARIE: San Pedro; Sociology; Kappa Della-Pres Vice-Pres Other Offices; Sabers Pres- AROTC Queen, Spurs Chimes RAHE. STIRLING SYDNEY: Torrance; Fi- nance; Delta Tau Delta Pres; Big Lyres. RAMALINGAM, SHIVAJI; Poena, In- dia; Zoology; Tsf Karnatar College, India; " The Mosquito Fauna of Samoa and Tonga and Their Relation to Sub- periodic Bancroftlan Filariasis. " 426 RAMSAY. JEAN LEON: Los Angeles; Civil Eng; Tjf. Eas LA CC; ESUC; Bruin Ski Clob; UCLA Sport Car Club. RAN6EL. ROBERT EDWARD: Los An- geles; English Lit; Tsf, LACC; Alpha Phi Omega; Sigma Tau Sigma; Reader for Learning PsychologY- RAPOPORT. RICHARD STEVEN: Van Nuys: Mathematics. RAUSCH, SANDY: RAY MARLYS JANE: Los Angeles; Eng. lish Lit; Tsf. City College of New York A U of Minnesota. RAY, MELVIN SID: Los Angeles; Ac- counting; Tsf. LACC. RAYMOND. SUSAN GRACE: Pasadena; Pictorial Arts. REA, CYNTHIA ANN: Newhall; Eng- lish; English Honors. REANEY, MICHAEL ALAN: Long Beach; Poli Sci; Tsf. LA State; Sailing Club, REBACK, ROBERT CARL: Burbank; His- tory; Tsf. SFVSC; Alpha Tau Omega. RECk, CAROL LOUISE: Northrfdge; Theatre Arts; Tsf. SFVSC; Bruin YD; Newman Club. REDOIE. DAVID ANDREW: Reseda; Engineering; Tau Beta Pi; Freshman A Varsity Tennis Team. REED, JACK STANLEY: Fresno; Eco- nomics; Phi Kappa Sigma; Varsity Foot- ball. REED, RUTH MARGARET: Glendale; Speech; Phi Beta Kappa. REES. GARY MAHLON: Arcadia; Psy- chology; Tsf. Pasadena CC; Rally Comm; Lambda Tau. REEVES. 8EHREN KEITH: Los Angeles; Engineering; Tst. UCB. REGGAN. G. MICHAEL: Redondo Beach- Engineering; Tsf. El Camino JC. REIFMAN, DONALD EVAN: Los An- geles- Psychology; Pi Lambda Phi; NROTC; Dean ' s List. REISCH, MARIA FRANCISCA: Los An- geles; Dance. RELL. PETER EDWARD: Long Beach; BusAd (Finance! -Tsf. Long Beach Slate College; Alpha Sigma Phi; Beta Gam- ma Sigma; Alpha Kappa Psi; SAM; ASF; Dean ' s List; Honors Program. REINTSMA. MARY JOANNE: Torrance; El em Educ. RENDAHL. BARBARA CURRY: Lake- wood; International Relations; MAC. REVZAN LAWRENCE H.: Berkeley; Economics; Tsf- UCB; YD; Tutorial Project. REXWINKEL, DARRELL JOHN: Bellflow- • r- Accounting; Delta Tau Delta, REYNOLDS, KATHLEEN ANN: Los An- geles- Elem Educ; Alpha Gamma Delia; Acacia Little Sisters; Sabers; AWS Phil- anthropy Comm; Rally Comm. RICCI, RICHARD JOHN: Santa Mon- ica- Engineering; Tsf. Harvey Mudd College ft SMCC; ESUC; Newman Club Pres. RfCHARD. WARREN LEWIS: Denver. Colo.; Economics; Tsf. U of Massachu- setts; Rieber Hall Residents ' Assn; Rally Comm; Sailing Club. RICHARDSON, SANDRA LOUELLEN: Glendale; Elem Educ; Tsf. Glendale College; Sigma Kappa; Delta Phi Up- tilon Shell i Oar; Anchors RICHMAN, BARBARA SUE: Los An- getes; Elem Educ; Tsf. LACC. RICHMOND, ARTHUR DEAN: Long Beach; Physics; Tsf Long Beach CC; Sigma Pi Sigma; Tutorial Project; Phi Beta Kappa. RIEROAN. RICHARD COTTER: Medford, Mass.; English; Tsf. LACC; Tutorial Proiect. RITCHEY. JOSEPH LANDON: Palos Verde s Estates; Geology; Geological Soc of UCLA, RITTENBERG. ADA G.: Santa Monica; History; Alpha Epsilon Phi; People-to- People; Tutorial Project. RtTTERSBACHER, DIANE: Lake Arrow- head; Art (Environmental Designl; Tsf. Occidental College; Anchors. RIVER, ROBERT ALEXANDER: El Segun- dy- Accounting; Tsf El Camino College. RIVES MARGARET ROSE: Long Beach; English; Tsf. UCB Long Beach CC. ROBERG. RICHARD M.: Santa Ana; Poli Sci. ROBERSON, ANN ELIZABETH: Long Beach; Sociology. ROBERTS CURTIS: London. England; BusAd; Tsf. LACC. ROBERTS. JOSEPH EDWARD: Provi- dence R.I.; Poli Sci; Tsf. Providence College Scabbard t Blade; Varsity Ri- fle Team; Boating Water Ski Club. ROBSON GERALD F: Los Angeles; Poli Sci. ' ROGERS, GEORGE L : Ventura; Poli Sci; Tsf, Ventura College. ROJAS, DONALD CARL: Fresno; Eco- nomics; Phi Kappa Sigma; Blue Key; Kelps; Army ROTC, ROLLER EDWARD PETER: Beverly Hills; Environmental Health; Tsf. SMCC; All-American Swimming Team. RONNEY CAROL ROSALIND: Los An- geles; Home Econ; Tsf. USC. ROSE, GORDON J : Los Angeles; The- ater Arts; Pi Lambda Phi Pres. IFC ROSE HOWARD Los Angeles; Mathe- matics; Tsf. LACC. ROSE, MICHAEL DAVID: Los Angeles; Anthropology; Ta! Chi Chuan Club Pres. ROSEBERRY. SHEILA: Costa Mesa; Pub- lie Health-Medical Record Science; Tsf. Orange Coast College; Sproul Hall Ac- ademic Commissioner, ROSEN MARTI DIANE: Encino; Eng- lish; Tsf. UCB. ROSENBERG. GARY DAVtD: Encino; Zoology. ROSENBLATT. ROBERT MARTIN: Los Angeles; Psychology; Alpha Epsilon Pi. ROSENBERG. LEONARD M.: Los An- geles; Accounting; Pi Lambda Phi; Beta Gamma Sigma; Accounting Soc; SAM. ROSENFEID, SHARON MAE: Los An- geles; Hebrew. ROSS, DONNA NATALIE: Beverly Hills; Psychology; Spurs; Chimes; Panhellenic Bd; Election Comm Chrmn; Election Bd. Phi Beta Kappa. ROSS. MARY AURELIA: Encino; English; Tsf. Reed College. ROTH, FRED EUGENE: Burbank; Motion Picture; Dykstra Hall; Delta Kappa Alpha. ROUND, LINDA L.: Santa Monica; Poli Sci; Shell Oar; People-to-People; Sail- ing Club Sec-Treas; INTAC Orientation Comm- Jr Class Concert Chrmn; Jr Class Senate; Freshman Senate. RONAN, BARBARA ANN: Whittier; Spanish; Sigma Kappa; AWS Soc Chrmn Treas; Prytanean, Sabers; Homecom- ing; Mardi Gras; Spring Sing. RUBIN. EUGENE H.: Los Angeles; Zoology. RUBIN. SHARLA: Alhambra; Elem Educ; Tsf. Cal State. RUDIN, DAN E.: Los Angeles; Zoology; Tsf, UCSB; Alpha Epsilon Pi Pres; IFC; Soph Class Vice-Pres- RUDMAN, RONALD JOEL: Los Angeles; Mathematics; Pi Mu Epsilon. RUDNICK, JOYCE ARLYN; Los Angeles; English. RUEHL. FRANKLIN ROBERT JR.: Los Angeles; Physics; Gifted Students ' Pro- gram; Calif State Scholarship; Dean ' s List; Honors at Entrance; NafI Merit Scholarship Letter of Commendation. RUFFELL. RODNEY RICHARD: Burbank; Zoology; Tsf LA Valley College RUNDQUIST, KAREN LYNN; Dublin; Poli Sci; Alpha Omicron Pi; Homecom- ing Eiec Comm; Blood Drive Exec Comm; Uni-Prep Counselor; Elections Comm- Mardi Graj Comm. RYAN, BILL KENT: Yuma. Ariiona; Geography; Sigma Nu; Gold Key; Var- sity Baseball. RYAN, JAMES PAUL: Santa Monica; Zoology; Tsf. SMCC. SAAF. SUSAN MARIE: Fresno; Phyi Educ. SACAL. TED HADID: Mexico D.F., Mex- ico; Accounting; Tsf. New York U; Al- pha Kappa Psi Diploma Comm Chrmn; House of Edinburgh Pres; Soccer Team. SACHS, BRUCE: Los Angeles; History. SAFFER, WILLIAM ALLEN: Los Angeles; Finance; Zela Beta Tau SAGE. BRUCE ALAN: Altadena; Psy- chology; Tsf, Pasadena CC; Bruin Chris- tian Fellowship, SAKE. KAREN: Inglewood; BusAd; Tsf. El Camino JC; Alpha Chi Omega; Phi Chi Theta; Angel Flight. SAKURADA. FUMIKO: Los Angeles; Oriental Languages. SALAZAR. ALBINO FAJARDO: Loi An- geles; Poli Sci; Tsf. LA Harbor Col- lege; INTAC. SALEEBEY. JOAN GALE: San Diego; Music; Chi Omega Pres; Mortar Bd; Student Cultural Comm, Programming Sub-Comm; University Symphony Or- SALISBURY, JILL ANN: Pacific Palis- ades; History; Tsf. San Jose SC; Delta Gamma; Grin Belles. SALMON. GORDON LEE: Lynwood; Physics; UCLA Crew Team; Bruin Moun- taineers. SALTZMAN, SUSAN LEE: Anaheim; Education; Kappa Alpha Theta Soc Chrmn; AWS Fashion Bd; Soph Sweet- hearts; Anchors SAMUELS, S ZACHARY: Los Angeles; Bus Adm; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Alpha Kap- pa Psi; Blue Key; Mardi Gras Bus Mgr; AMS Eiec Bd; Soph Cabinet. SANDELIN, MARSHA JANE: Burbank; Psychology; Anchors; Aurora House- Sproul Hall Pres. SANDERS. KATHLEEN MILLER: Los An- geles; Gen Elem; Tsf. LACC. SANDS KAREN ELAINE: Encino; Elem Educ; Tsf. UCB. SARGENTI. ACHILLE RICCARDO: Bern. Switierland; Economics; Tsf. UCSB; INTAC Bd; UCLA Fencing Team. SASSONE. LAWRENCE DUANE: Detroit, Mich.; Physics; Tsf. Fullerlon JC; Rieb- er Hall; Sigma Pi Sigma. SAUNDERS, BETSY JANE: Costa Mesa; History I Journalism! ; Tsf. Orange Coast College; Women s Journalism Soc Provisional Pres. SCHAEFER. SUSAN GENE: Los Angeles; Sociology; Alpha Chi Omega; Alpha Mu Gamma; Prytanean Soph Sweet- hearts; BOG Programming Comm; PI Lambda Phi Little Slslers-Pres; Frosh Council; Panhellenic Tea Model. SCHACHTMAN, WILLIAM AARON: Los Angeles; Zoology; Tsf. SMCC; Delta Sigma Phi. SCHIFF. JOEL LINN: Granada Hills; Mathematics; Alpha Mu Gamma. SCHIMMEL. PAULA JAN: Los Angeles; English. SCHLEY, ANNETTE CAROLYN: Grand Forks, N.O ; Psychology; Tsf U of North Dakota; Alpha Lambda Delta. SCHMIDT, ROBERT HENRY: Santa Monica; Philosophy; Tsf. SMCC. SCHNAAR, BETTY LYNN: Los Angeles; Anthropology. SCHOFIELO, CHARLENE GILLISS: Sac- ramento; Poli Sci-Pub Adm; Tsf. UCO; Spring Sing Quartet. SCHOLES. MICHAELE ANN: Palo Ver- des Estates; Art History; Tsf. Gonzaga U, Wash.; Alpha Chi Omega; Shell i Oar; University Chorus. SCHONER, ROBERT LEO; Fullerton; Phys Educ; Tsf. Fullerton JC; Phi Gam- ma Delta Pres; SLC Athletic Advisory Bd; Varsity Football Track. SCHOR, BARBARA: Los Angeles; Eng- lish IPIan 111); Chi Delta PI. University Chorus; Girls ' Glee; Uni-Prep Counselor, SCHULMAN, THOMAS LEIGH: Los An- geles; Economics; Tsf, SMCC. SCHWABER, STEVEN AARON: Los An- geles; Psychology; Bruin Marching Band; Campus CORE; Bruin YD. SCHWARTZ. MARCIA FERN; Los An- geles; Eng; Tsf. SMCC; Phi Sigma Sigma. SCHWERDTFEGER, JOHN ERWIN: Pas- adena; Finance; Tsf. Pasadena CC; The- ta XI; Finance Assn; Ski Club, SCHULTZ. DAVID IRWIN: Los Angeles; Quantitative Methods; Alpha Kappa Psi; Beta Gamma Sigma. SCHY KENNETH ALAN: Chicago, 111.; Real Estate; Tsf, U of Miami, Fla. SCOFIELD, KATHERINE EVELYN: Ingle- wood; Elem Educ; Alpha Chi Omega; Unl-Camp Bd; Prytaneans; Election Bd; Alpha Tau Omega Little Sister. SCOTT, MELISSA: Los Angeles; Sociol- ogy; Sigma Kappa; Uni-Camp; Mardi Gras; Tutorial Project. SCOVILLE, WARREN HAMILTON: Los Angeles; Economics; Scabbard Blade; Army ROTC. Distinguished Military Student. SEARLES, WINSTON FRANCIS: Hermo- sa Beach; English; Rifle Club; Project Amigos. SEBASTIAN, MARIANNE: Riverside; Elem Educ; Delta Delta Delta; Spurs; Chimes; Mortar Bd; Bruin Belles Pres; Alt Song Girl. SEIGEL, DANIEL ALLAN: Los Angeles; Finance; Tsf. SMCC ft USC. SHADEL, MARY SUE: N, Hollywood; Elem Educ; Delta Delta Delta; Spurs; Bruinettes; Delta Phi Upsilon; Unl- Camp. SHAFER, GERALD JAY: Los Angeles; Psychology. SHAFFER, MICHAEL JONATHAN: Lynn. Mass.; Zoology; Varsity Lettermen ' s Club- Water Polo Team; Swim Team, SHAMASH, ELLIS RAYMOND: Los An- geles- Electrical Eng; Tsf. LACC; Tau Beta Pi; ESUC. SHANE SUSAN PHYLLIS: San Bernar- dino Elem Educ; Phi Sigma Sigma. SHAPIRO, LEONA: Los Angeles; Elem Educ- Tsf. UCB; Pi Lambda Theta, SHAPIRO, NORMAN J.: Los Angeles; Poli Sci; PI Lambda Phi; Blue Key; Kelps; IFC Presidents ' Council; Frosh SHAPIRO, ROBERT LESLIE: Los Angeles; Finance; Zeta Beta Tau; Blue Key; Yeo- men; Kelps; BOG-UD Rep; Intramural Sports. SHARP. WALTER C: Surf City. N.J.; Theatre Arts; Tsf, LACC; Kap S Bells; Director of Two Original One- Acts — " The Darlin Hero " " The Apartme nt Trap " ; Appeared in Ten Mainstage Productions; Fencing; Tennis; Sailing. SHATTUCK, VIOLET McNAIR: Manhat- tan Beach; Spanish; Tsf. El Camino College. SHAW, DAVID LYLE; Huntington Park; English ' Tsf Pepperdine; Sigma Delta Chi; Daily Bruin Sports Ed, SHAW. JERRY IRWIN: Van Nuys; Psy- chology; Sproul Hall Floor Sec; Na- tional Science Foundation Fellow; In- tramural Baseball. SHAW. NEIL C: Los Angeles; Poli Sci; Tsf. LA State. SHEEHY. MAUREEN ELIZABETH: South Gate; Italian, SHEFF, ARLENE HOCHBERG: Los An- geles, Elem Educ; Delta Phi Upsilon. SHEFF, ROBERT NEIL: Los Angeles; Zoology; Sigma Alpha Mu; Phi Eta Sigma, SHELTON, JAMES MARSHALL: Los An- geles; Finance; Delta Tau Delta, SHERMAN, HELEN FAY: Los Angeles; History; Tjf, UCB; Alpha Epsilon Phi; FSM, SHERVEN, JUDI K,: Los Angeles; Eng- lish; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Freshman Homecoming Princess; SoCam Princess; Gold Key Queen; Panhellenic; Fashion Bd; Sigma Alpha Epsilon Little Sister. SHETTY. KRISHNA: Bombay. India; Bus- Ad; Tsf. U of Bombay; Beta Gamma Sig- ma; International Affairs Council Bd of Directors; ISC Program Bd. SHIBA, JOYCE S : San DImas; English; Tsf Mount San Antonio, SHIELDS, MICHAEL JEROME: Los An- geles; Botany; Tsf. SMCC, SHIOMI, CATHERINE KEIKO: Pacoima; Nursing; Tsf. LA Valley College; Alpha Delta Chi. SHIOTA, SETSUKO ALICE: Anaheim; Elem Educ; Chi Alpha Delta. SHIRES PAMELA ANNE: Porterville; History; Tsf Porterville JC; Alpha Phi; Mortar Bd; Shell Oar. SHIRREFFS CAROLE ALICE: Granada Hills; French Poli Sci; Delta Zela; Education Abroad-Bordeaux, France SHOMAKER. JEROME CHARLES: New- port Beach; History; Tsf. Cal-Stafe Long Beach; Pi Gamma Mu. SHONHOLTZ, RAYMOND: Los Angeles; Poli Sci. SHRADER. PHILIP ALLEN: Studio City; Poli Sci; Tsf. SFVSC. SHTILLER RICHARD H,: Los Angeles; Poli Sci; Tsf, UCB; Pi Lambda Phi, SIEGEL, IRVING: Encino; History; Phi Epsilon Pi Pres; IFC Eiec Bd; Mardi Gras; IFC Pub Chrmn. SIEGEL. JOEL STEVEN: Los Angeles; History; Blue Key; Kelps; Satyr Editor. SIEGEL, RITA KRASNOW: Los Angeles; Education. SIELING. CYNTHIA ANNE: Studio City; Home Econ; Kappa Alpha Theta: Brum Belles; Prytanean; Uni-Camp Bd; Stu- dent Bd; Omicron Nu; Spurs; Sweet- heart of Sigma Chi, SILVA CHARLOTTE R.; Santa Maria; Gen Elem Educ; Tsf. UCSB, SILVERGLADE. JUDITH FAY: Beverly Hills Economics; Tsf, UCB; Mardi Gras Exec Comm-Pub Chrmn; ASUCLA Fi- Comm; Rieber Hall Assembly-Commis- sioner of Publicity. SILVERMAN LESLIE BETH: Sherman Oaks; History; Tsf. UCR; Sigma Delta Tau. SILVERSTONE RONNIE GORDON: Ak- ron Ohio; Elem Educ; Tsf, Ohio State U, SIMAS, KATHRYN LYNN: Inglewood; English- Sigma Kappa; Mortdr Bd; Pry- tanean; Chimes; Angel Flight; AWS Panhellenic, SIMON, DAVID E.: Palm Springs; Ac- counting; Pi Lambda Phi. SIMON. ROBERTA MADELINE: Red- lands; Accounting; Tsf. U of Redlands; Phi Chi Theta Sec; Newman Club; Uni- versity Chorus. SIMPSON, VICKI LEE: Downey; Elem Educ; Tsf, Long Beach CC; Alpha Omi- cron Pi; Sabers Sec; Homecoming Miss Ticket Sales; Homecoming Finalist; Sa- bers Military Ball Queen Finalist, SKLAR, RICHARD ELLIOTT: Los An- geles; Engineering; ESUC; UC Com- puter Club. SLAMA, LINDA ANN: Garden ; Dance; Tsf. UCSB, SLATEN. RONALD STEPHEN: Los An- geles; Engineering. SLATERY, EDYS KATHREN: San Diego; Psychology; Bruinettes. SLATES RONALD PERCY: Los Angeles; Poli Sci; Bruin Band; Army ROTC. SLAUGHTER. FRED LEON: Los Angeles; Marketing; Yeomen; Gold Key; Kelps; Golden Bruin Outstanding Jr i Sr Award; Sr Class Pres; Varsity Basket- ball; Freshman Track Basketball Let- terman. SLAVETT CYNTHIA EILEEN: La Can- ada; Music; Tsf. UCSB; Sigma Alpha Iota- UCLA Symphony Orchestra. SMILEY, PHYLLIS ARLENE: Minneapo- lis; Elem Educ; Tsf. U of Minnesota; Delta Phi Epsilon House Mgr; Triangle Little Sisters. SMITH, BRUCE JAMES: Los An- geles- Astronautics; Bruin Mountaineers; ESUC. SMITH. CAROL JEAN: Inglewood; His- tory; MAC Sec; Angel Flight. SMITH, ELLIS CHARLES: La Mesa; Mar- keting; Tsf, San Diego Slate; Sigma Nu; Varsity Golf; SAM. SMITH ELIZABETH SUSAN: Lot An- geles; Poli Sci; Tsf. Penn Stale; Delta Delta Delta; Bruin Belles; Chimes; Daily Bruin News Ed Society Ed. SMITH. GRETHE MAOSEN: Copenhag- en, Denmark; Bacteriology; Tsf, U of Copenhagen. SMITH, KARL JOSEPH: Femdale; Malh- emalics; Tsf. Humboldt State. SMITH. KATHARINE E.: Newport Beach; English; Tsf. Orange Coast Col- lege; Intramural Athletics. SMITH, LAWRENCE CAMP: Laguna Beach; Poll Sci; Phi Gamma Delia House Officer; Varsity Golf; Gold Key; Kelps; Cheerleader. SMITH. SHEILA MARRS: Los Angeles; Speech; Tsf. UCSB A U of Puget Sound, Wash.; Chi Omega; Pi Kappa Delta; Model U.N.; Forentics. SMITH, SHONOGH MARY: Orilla. On- tario. Canada; Sociology; Honors Pro- gram; Tutorial Project: INTAC; Shell A Oar; tSA; Alpha Tau Omega Little Sis- ter of the Maltese Cross. SMITHSON, CLARK LOUIS: Gardena; Poll Sci; Tsf. BYU Utah; Internship-LA City. SNODGRASS, JAMES DALE: Reseda; Music; Tsf. pierce College; UCLA Band; UCLA Wind Ensemble. SNYDER, STEVEN HOWARD: Westmin- ster; History; Tsf. San Jose SC; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Phi Alpha Theta. SOKOL, RAYMOND VAUGHN: Beverly Hills; Marketing; Tsf SMCC; SAM. SOMODI, BRIAN JOSEPH: Santa Ana; Accounting; Phi Gamma Delta. SOSKIN. HELANE SUSAN: Los Angeles; Psychology; Hillel, INTAC. SPANDER, SHARON MAE: Los Angeles; History; Tsf LACC; Daily Bruin; Rally Comm; AWS. SPEGEL. HERMANN A.: Nordlingen, Germany; Economics; Tsf. SMCC; INTAC- Track Field Team Capt; Chess. SPENCE, CAROL LU: Los Angeles; Spanish; Pi Beta Phi; Soph Sweetheart; Fashion Bd; Project Amigos. SPENCER, DAVfD JOSEPH: Pacific Pal- isades; Psychology; Tsf. SMCC. SPIEDEL, SANDRA SUE: San Bernardino; Poli Sci; Tsf. UCSB; Delta Z ela; El Centro Hlspanlco. SPIEKER, HENRY H.: South Bend, tnd.; Electronic Eng; Tsf, SMCC; ESUC; Var- sity Rifle Team. SPIELMANN, JAMES ARTHUR: N. Hol- lywood; Accounting; Phi Delta Theta; Beta Gamma Sigma. STADALNINKAS. INA ALOYZA: Lot Angeles; Chemistry, STANLEY, JAMES CHARLES: Eieler; Economics; Phi Gamma Delta Pres; Blue Key, Kelps; Football; Rugby; Scabbard A Blade. STARK, DAVID ALLEN: Los Ai Angeles; ; Sigma English- Tsf. Orange Coast JC Nu. STARK, LELAND ALAN: Piedmont; Eco- nomics; Zeta Beta Tau; Blue Key; Project India: Yeomen; Dean ' s List; 20 Out- standing Jrs STARK, PATRICIA GORDON: Newport Beach Poli Sci; Sigma Kappa; Spun; Chimes Mortar Bd; Shell A Oar. STARK, SUSAN BETH: Los Angeles; So- ciology; Daily Bruin; Tutorial Project. STASIEK. JAN SLAWOMIR: Pasadena; Nuclear Eng; Tsf Pasadena CC. STECKEL, GAIL FLORENCE: Los An- geles; Mathematics; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Honors at Entrance; Giffed Students ' Program. STEELE. DALE IRVING: Reseda; Environ- mental Health; Intramural Sports; Jef- ferson House-Dyksira Hall Judicial Bd. STEELMAN, STEPHANIE: Anaheim; Bac- STEFANIK, CAROL TERESE: San Ma- teo; Dance; Alpha Delta Pi Vice-Pret; Spurs; Soph Sweethearts- Prytanean; Spring Sing ExecComm; Cultural Sub- commission. STEGMANN. MARTHA KATHLEEN: Newport Beach; Phys Educ; Tsf. Orange Coast College. STEIN, HARVEY WILLIAM: Lot Angelei; History; Zeta Beta Tau; Blue Key; Home- coming Comm; Uni-Camp. STEINBERG. ALAN LOUIS: Los Angelet; Statistics: Tif. SMCC A Cal; Phi Sigma Delta; Club 21. STEINBERG. SUSAN DIANE: Highland Park, 111 ; English; Tsf. Ohio Slate U; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Tutorial Project. STEPHENSON. FRED LEE: Palmddle; Economics; Zeta Psi; Uni-Prep Couniel- or- Intramural Athletics; Inter-Frat Handball. STEPHENSON. SUSAN FRAZIER: Los Angeles; Geography; Chi Omege. STERRY. STEVEN CHAPIN: Belmont; Personnel Mgmt A Industrial Relalloni; Acacia; NROTC " UCLA A CappelU Choir- Elections Comm Chrmn; Elections Bd ' Finance Comm; ASUCLA Exec Comm on Student Welfare. STEVENSON. JAMES HAYS: Montebel- lo; Production Mgml; Sproul Hall Hon- orary Org Pret; SAM. 427 STEWART CARMEN LOIS: Kingilon. jAfn ICJ. W.I.; Public H««llh Educ; R«- ligioui t Youth Activitiei. STEWART. JAMES WALLACE; S nla Monic«: G«rm«n: Ttf. UCSB. STICATER. CHARLES ROBERT II; Man- h«tl n Btdch; Hiitory; Tif, El Camino Coll eg : Tutorial Project; Intrdmurdt Sporti. STIMPFiG. DAVID ALBERT: ManhdKan 8««ch- Marketing: Th«ta Chi; Bruin Rowing Club; Vartity Club; Vdriity Cr«w. STOCK. BYRON ALAN: Lot Angttei; Accounting. STOELZNER. WILLIAM E.: Canoga Parh; Phyilci; Ttf. LA Plefca College. STONE. PATRICIA MARIE: Riverside; Sociology; Tif. UCSB; Alpha Gamma Delta; Weitey Foundation; URC Comm (or Conference on Poverty VISTA STONE, WINIFRED MARIE; Trend; Bui- Ad. STONBERG, SHERRY JOY ANN; Loi Angeles; Math English; Phi Mu; Pi Mu Epsilon; Alpha Lambda Delta; Wo- men t Tennis Team; Regents ' Scholar- ship; Honors Program. STOSSKOPF. WILLIAM MUELLER: Stu- dio City; Hlslory; Sigma Delta Chi Pres A VicePres STOUT, SUSANNE: San Mateo; Poll Sd; Delta Gamma. STRANDBURG, LINNEA: Sherman Oaks; Spanish; Ts(. SFVSC; UCLA Village Dancers; Dykttra Hall. STRATTON LILLIAN ANASTASIA: Chi- cago. III.; Poli Sci; Tsf. U of Wisconsin. STRATTON. PAMELA 6ENTLEY: Sher- man Oaks; Elem Educ; Tsf. U of Pa- cific; Delta Gamma. STREETER, SHARON DALE: Los An- geles Pictorial Arts; Tsf. UCSB. STROMBERG, HOWARD JAY: Los An- geles; Poll Scl. STROMBERG RUSSELL S. : Los Angeles; BusAd; Tsf. San Fernando Stale; Alpha Tag Omega; Varsity Wrestling STURGEON, KAREEN BARBARA: Santa Monica; Public Health; Ttf. UCSB; Kap- pa Kappa Gamma; AWS Fashion Bd STURGES. LINDA NADINE: Los An- geles; Euglish; Chi Omega; Mortar Bd; Spurs; Chimes; Prytanean Pres; Out- standing Jr Award; Sabers; Panhellenic Rep; AWS Sec. SUGIMOTO. LYNNE MIDORI: Culver City; Elem Educ; Chi Alpha Delta Pres; Soph Sweethearts; Nisei Bruins; Bruin Belles SUGIYAMA, JANET KIYOMI: Los An- geles; History; Theta Kappa Phi Pres; PI Gamma Mu; Bruin Belles; Nisei Bruin Club. SUITT. ALICE WILLIAMS: Glendale; English; Tsf. Pasadena CC; Bronte House-Hershey Hall Pres. SUN. THOMSON LUNGMAO: Los An- geles; Chemistry. SUNDERLAND RICHARD SHELBY: Van Nuys: Mathematics; Tsf Valley JC. SUNG. DAVID YE LUN: Hong Kong; Econ-Flnance; Zeta Beta Tau; Tennis, SUNG. JOYCE SHIH-YUNG: Talchung. Taiwan, Free China; Bacteriology; Tsf. National Taiwan University. Free China; Alpha Delta Chi. SWAN JUDITH ANNE: Los Angeles; Zoology; Tsf. U of Hawaii; URA Ten- nit Club. SWANSON, VELMA LEE; Ventura; Elem Educ; Ttf. UCSB; Kappa Delta; ACE Treat. SWEENEY. RICHARD JAMES: Reseda; Economics; Phi Eta Sigma; Alpha Mu Gamma; PI Gamma Mu; Spectra Ed; Gifted Students Program; Honors Pre- ?ram;Spheres Ed; Phi Beta Kappa WENSSON. SHARON LYNN: Playa Del Rey; Education; URA Riding Club Pres; Christian Science Org. SZERDAHELYI, FRANK PETER: S. Pata dena; Public Health; Sailing Club; Ten- nit Club; World Travelers ' Club. TAKAGt. SUMIKO: Yokohama, Japan; Environmental Dettgn. TAKATA. RYOKO; Lot Angetet; Ac- counting. TAKEI. TOSHI: Yamanaihi. Japan; Mathemalict; Judo Club. TAKEUCHI. DIANNE NAOMI: Los An- gel ei; Oriental Languages; Alpha Lambda Delta; Phi Beta Kappa. TAKEUCHI. KlMlYE ROSEMARY; Tor- rance; Elem Educ; Ch! Alpha Delta; Delta Phi Uptiton. TAMKIN. CAROL RITA: Los Angeles; Hittory TANAKA. JINICHIRO: Lot Angelet; Trantportation i Traffic Mgmt; INTAC. TANG. VIRGINIA Y.: Phoenii, Arii.; Marketing; Tif. Phoenti College. TANIGUCHI. LOBORU: Torrance; Math- ematics: Ttf. El Camino College; PI Up- titon Eptilon. TAMER WILLIAM H.: Lot Angeles; Ac- counting Tsf. SMCC Pi Lambda Phi TAPPER, SAMUEL M.: Van Nuys; Mar- keting-Bus Adm. TASH STEVEN JOEL: Los Angeles; His- tory Tsf. Valley JC; SCTA, TAYLOR. JOHN PETER: Anaheim; Psy- chology; Tsf, UCS8; Sigma Nu. TELEC, MARILYN JEAN: Los Angelei. Dietetics, TENENBAUM, MURRAY: Los Angeles; Poli Scl; PI Sigma Alpha. TENORIO. THOMAS JOHN: Taos. N. Mei.; International Relations; Dykstra Hall Pres; Dykstra Hall Residents Assn Soc Chrmn; UCLA Student Rep, Far West Fulbrlght Conference; UCLA Bruin fESSIERI, JOEL PHILIP: Lawndale; Ac- counting; Tsf, El Camino College THAYER, SANDRA LEE: Los Angelet; Bacteriology; Tsf. SMCC; MAC; UCLA Concert Band ' Trolls. THOMPSON. EDMOND GASCOIGNE: Pacific Pallsadei; English; Tsf. SFVSC. THOMSON. EDWARD WAYNE: Los An- geles; Marketing; Sigma Chi; SAM; Freshman Crew. THOMPSON, JACQUELINE HELEN: En- cino; Spanish; Alpha Omicron PI; Hit- panic Center; Cercle Francals; Daily Bruin Soc Ed Assoc Ed; National Students Assn Travel DIr; Education Abroad Program-Bordeaui. THORSON, ROBERT ALAN: Glendale; Statistics; Tsf Glendale College; Aca- cia; Computer Club; Homecoming; Mardi Grat; Cal Week-end. THURKOW, GERALDINE GLORIA: Al- hambra; Health Record Science; Tsf, East LA College, TIOWELL, ROMERIA; Los Angeles; Psy- chology; Delta Sigma Theta; Jati Club; NAACP; Homecoming Queen Finalist; INTAC. TITELMAN. KAREN DIANE: Beverly Hills; Sociology; Tsf. UCB; Delta Phi Epsilon. TODD, PAULA CHRISTINE: Los An- geles; Music; Mu Phi Eptilon. TODD, TODDY; Ranch© Santa Fe; Poll Sci ICommunlcations) ; Tsf Sweet Briar College. Virginia; Delta Zeta; Prytan- ean; Shell Oar; AWS Bd; Women ' s Journalltm Society; SoCam Editor-in- Chief. Layout Ed Copy Ed; AWS Woman of the Month; Glamour " Best Dressed Coed ' Chrmn; Panhellenic; Outstanding Senior. TOKUNAGA, ASAO: Los Angeles; Geog; Scabbard Blade. TOKUNAGA. TSUTOMU JIM: Los An- gelet; History; Tsf. LACC. TOMINAGA, NANCY YOSHIYE: Lot An- geles; Phyt Educ. TONG THOMAS WILLIAM: Los An- geles; Engineering; Tsf. SMCC; ESUC, TOOHEY, MARY KATHLEEN: Altadena; Elem Educ (Early Childhood); Tsf. Pas- adena CC; Tutorial Project. TORCH. JOACHIM GERHARD KARL: N, Hollywood; Physics; Scabbard i Blade; Varsity Crew. TOWNLEY, JACQUELINE: Decatur. III.; Art History TRAUTWEIN, RICHARD DEAN: Pasa- dena; BusAd- Finance; Alpha Gamma Omega; Blue Key; Froth Baseball Let- terman. TRAVIS, ARLIN L: Malln Ore.; En- gineering; Tsf. SMJC TRAYNOR, MARGARET MARY; Los An- geles; English; Tsf, UrsuHne College. Ky.; Alpha Gamma Delta. TREADWELL, JOANNE: Long Beach; Speech; Delta Zeta; Bruin YR; Sabers. TREE8S. JANE ELIZABETH: Los Angeles; Geography; Tsf. SMCC TREEBS, RALPH CONRAD: Los Angeles; Economics; Tsf, SMCC. TROST. RUTH ELLEN: Los Angelet; Elem Educ; Delta Ph; Eptilon Pret Triangle Little Sister. TRUNK. SUSAN: Lot Angelet- English. TSE, RICHARD VINCENT: Yokohama. Japan; International Reiatlont-Poli Sci; Ttf. Loyola U; International Student Club; INTAC; French Club; Internation- al Law Assn. TSUTSUMt. YUJI: Tokyo. Japan; Mar- keting. TUCKER. JACK EDWARD: Los Angeles; BusAd; Tsf. SFVSC; Arnold Air Soc; Intramural Football. UKPORO. GABRIEL WILLIAM: Los An- geles; Education; Tsf. Cal Western U; Comparison of Organization and Ad- ministration of American and Nigerian Primary and Secondary Education. UNDERWOOD. RICHARD DENNIS; Glendale; Psychology; Theta Delta Chi. USUI. JOYCE TERUKO: Lomita; Educa- tion. VALINANDE. AUDRE: Congo; French. VALLEJO. ESMERALDA: Ecuador. S.A.; Psychology; Tsf, LACC; INTAC Chrmn; Helen Matthewson Club; Mabel Wilson Scholarship; Tennis; Basketball; Bruin Humanist Assn. VanANDLER, JEFF: Los Angeles; Eco- nomics; Tsf. LACC; Karate Club Pres, VANCELLOS, RONALD F.: Lot Angeles; Education; Tutorial Project. VANDEVENTER, PHYLLIS WRIGHT: Long Beach; Mathematics; Tsf UCR; Education Abroad Program-Bordeaux, France. VANGOR, LOIS ANN: Burbank; Poll Sci; Alpha Omicron PI; Anchors; Shell Oar; Rally Comm; Trolls. VanMETER, LORRAINE: Point Mugu; History; Tsf. San Diego State; Kappa Alpha Theta. VanWORMER, THOMAS EUGENE: La Crescenta; Geography; Scabbard Blade; Army ROTC. VARENCHIK, FRANKLIN STEPHAN: Van Nuys; BusAd-QuantitatI ve Methods; Tsf. LA Valley College, VASIN, ROLLAND JON: Van Nuyt; Eco- nomics; Tsf, LA Valley College. VENERABLE, GRANT DELBERT II; Los Angeles; Chemistry; Alpha Chi Sigma, Beta Gamma Chapter Pres; Student Af- filiates of the American Chemical Soc Program Director; National Science Foundation Undergraduate Researcher VENGER, VALERIE JEAN: Los Angeles; Speech; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Tutorial Project; Colloquium; Spring Sing; Mardi Grat: AWS. VERNON, NANCY LEE: Lancaster; Zoology; Tsf. Antelope Valley College U of Hawaii; Alpha Gamma Sigma; Tutorial Project; Shallmar House Ju- dicial Bd Publicity Co-Chrmn S Bowling Team. VETTEL, GARY THOMAS: Los Angeles; English-Speech; Tsf. El Camino. VICKERS, STEVEN M,: New York City; Theatre Arts; Tsf. Northern Michigan U; " A Study of the Mechanics of Spec- tacular Special-Effects of the English- Speaking Melodramatic Stage of the Late Nineteenth Century " VICKTER. STEPHEN SAUL: Sherman Oaks; Finance; Tsf. SFVSC- PI Lambda Phi Treat VIce-Pres; UDMR; Blue Key; Mardi Gras Exec Comm; Homecoming Comm; Spring Sing Comm; IFC Greet Classic Chrmn; Unl-Prep; ACU Dele- gate. VIHON. SHELDON HOWARD: Reseda; Mathematics. VOGL. JUERGEN JAMES: Lot Angelet; BusAd (Industrial Relatlonsl; Alpha Phi Omega, SAM. W WAKAMATSU. KENZO: Los Angeles; BusAd-lndustrial Relations; Tsf. Wateda U, Japan. WAKEFIELD, JOHN CARTER: Santa Monica; Quantitative Methods; Tsf SMCC; Varsity Tennis. WAKSMAN, BARBARA RITA: Burbank; History; Tsf. UCB: Phi Sigma Sigma WALCOTT, ROBERT CHARLES: Los An- geles; Zoology; Tsf. LACC; Pre-Med Assn; People-to-People; Bruin Moun- taineers; Zoology Research WALDENBER6. JILL SANDRA: Van Nuys; Theatre Arts WALKER, HALLIE BOWES: Sherman Oaks; English; Theatre Arts Productions; Spring Sing; Mardi Gras. WALLACE, JOHN STUART: Los An- geles; English; Sigma Chi; Blue Key; Scabbard Blade. WALLNER. WALTER ROBERT JR.; Palos Verde s Estates; Sales Engineering; Lambda Chi Alpha; Kelps. WALSH, DIANE LORRAINE: Santa Rosa; Sociology; Gamma Phi Beta, WALTER, DAVID H.: Studio City; Fi- nance; Tau Delta Phi; Beta Gamma Sigma. WANTZ, ROBERT DAVID: Downey; Mathematics; Rleber Hall Charter Comm; Bruin Christian Fellowship WARBURTON. SHIRLEY: Downey; Eng- lish; Alpha Omicron Pi; Soph Sweet- hearts; Angel Flight; Trolls; LD Rep BOG; Class Councils; Homecoming; Blood Drive; Spring Sing; Rally Comm WARNER BARRY NEIL: Los Angeles Physics; Tsf LACC, WARNER, CAROLYN SHREVE: Pacific Palisades: Poll Scl; Tsf. Mills College; Delta Delta Delta: Sabers; Sigma Chi Little Sister; Iota Delta Gamma; Mardi Gras Pub Chrmn; Elections Comm; Homecoming Comm; SoCam Copy Staff; AWS Social Comm; Bruin YR, WARREN, SRENDA ARLENE: Culver City History; Dance Recital; SLA; INTAC: Special High School Program. WARREN, DENISE LYNN: N, Holly- wood; French. WASHBURN, MARK ANDREW: Lot An- gelet; Zoology. WASKO. SANDRA JEAN; Tartana; Eng- lish; Tsf. Ohio State U. WATERMAN. JILL MARCIA: Van Nuyt; Ptychology; Tsf. UC8; Phi Seta Kappa. WATTS CURTIS RUSSELL; Los Angeles Engineering; Tsf. LACC; Tau Beta PI; Project Amlgot; Bruin Mountaineert. WATTS, HELENA ROSELLE; Los An- geles; Psychology; Tsf. Pasadena CC; Rieber Hall Charter Comm Library Sec. WAX, ARJA LAHTI; Lot Angelet; Ger- man; Ttf. Connecticut College for Wo- men, WEARY KENNETH EDWIN: Woodland Hills; Ciy:i Eng; Theta Delta Chi. WEAVER MARGARET JEAN: Sherman Oaks; Elem Educ; Tsf, SFVSC; Delta Zeta; Unl-Camp Counselor Rep; AWS Rep Comm, WEBB, JAN S.: Van Nuys; History; Tsf. UCSB WEBB THOMAS LEROY; Los Angelet; Finance; Ttf, Valley College; VP Let- terman ' s Club; Varsity Track S Cross WEINER, JOEL LARRY: Lot Angelet; Mathematics S Physict; Sigma Pi Sigma; Phi Beta Kappa WEINER, IRVING BERYL: Lot Angelet; Poll Sci; Bacchut Treaturer (Sproull. WEINRIEB, HARVEY ELLIOT: Alhambra; Slavic Languages; Tsf. Pasadena CC; Tutorial Project, WEINSTEIN. JERRY: Beverly Hills; His- tory; PI Lambda Phi; Kelps; Blue Key; Varsity Baseball; Unl-Can p Bd; Yeo- men. WEIR, RALPH CLEBURNE; Pacific Pallt- ades; Economies ' Tsf. SMCC; Sigma Nu. WEI5MAN ELAINE; Lot Angelet; Art, WEISS MARTIN GARY: Tujunga En-; Tsf SFVSC; ESUC; Computer Club; Intramural Football Baseball. WEITZMAN. LAWRENCE EDWARD: Lot Angeles; Accounting WELLENDORF, JULIE ANNE: San Ma- teo Marketing; Phi Mu. WENDT, JANICE MARGARET: South Gate; Sociology; SoCam Princess; Homecoming Queen Finalist. WELLS, LAYNE LUCILE: Glendale; Elem Educ; Delta Gamma -Activities Chrmn S Rep for Unl-Camp; Mardi Gras Chrmn; AWS Soc Comm; Theta Delt Little Sister, WESTERLUND. LaVONNE IDA: Long Beach; Nursing. WETTER. JACK: Los Angeles; Psycholo- gy; Alpha Phi Omega; Rieber Hall- Front Desk; Spring Sing. WEVER BOBBIE ROWDEN: Alhambra; Elem Educ; Alpha Delta PI; Alpha Lambda Delta; Spurs; Intra murals Bd; Choraleers. WHITLEY. RALPH CHARLES: Reseda; Marketing; Varsity Golf Team, WICKSTROM, DOUGLAS CARL: Sher- man Oaks; Finance; Alpha Kappa PsI; Scabbard Blade; AFS WIER. THURLOW WAYNE; N, Holly- wood; Mathematics, WILCOX, GEORGE ROBERT; Washing- ton, DC; Psychology; Tsf SMCC; Al- pha Sigma Phi Cantebury Club. WILDING. VALERIE CHRISTINE: Los Angeles; Dance; Gamma Phi Beta; Dance Recital. WILDRICK, DAVID MILO: La Mirada; Zoology; Acacia; UCLA Bruin March- ing Band WILL, DONALD FREDERICK: Los An- geles; Engineering; Ttf. SMCC. WILLCOX JAMES ROBERT: Carmel; Poll Sci. WILLIAMS, EVAN GLYNDWR; Studio City; Theater Arts-Motion Pictures; Sigma Alpha EpsHon Pres; IFC; Blue Key; Varsity Yell Leader; UCLA USO Tour to the Orient; Theater Arts Dept Productions " Carousel, " " Richard II. " " Flnlan ' s Rainbow; " Outstanding Sen- ior, WILLIAMS JANET PELLEY: Los An- geles; International Relations; Tsf. LACC WILLIAMS, LINDA KAY: Claremont; Sociology; Ttf: Cal Poly College; Delta Zeta; Tutorial Project; SoCam. WILLIAMS, MARILYN RUTH: Redondo Beach; English WILLIAMSON, DALE RYDER: Burbank; Mech- Electrical Eng. WILNER, BARBARA ILENE; Tower City. N. Dak.; Mathemalict; Tsf. Valley City State College, N Dak. WILNER, ORRIE ALAN: Los Angeles; Poll Sci- Hlllel YD WINER, HOWARD JAY: Denver, Colo,; English; Phi Sigma Delta; Mardi Gras Comm; Greek Week Pub Comm. WINSBERG. RICHARD MARSHALL: Los Angeles; Art; Tsf LACC WINSLOW, MARY CHRISTINE: Edina, Minn.; History; Hedrick Hall BIdg Comm; Rieber Hall Judicial Bd Admin- istrator; Chimes; Cal Club; Sproul Hall House Adviser, WINSTEIN. BRUCE DARRELL: Los An- gelet; Physict-Math; Sigma Pi Sigma; PI Upsilon Eptilon. WITTENBURG, JAMES RICHARD: Lot Angeles. Electronics; Phi Kappa Sigma Pres; Water Polo; Rugby WOLFE, JOHN IRVIN, JR : Lot An- geles; Geography; MAC Pres; Arnold Air Soc; Air Force ROTC WOLF, WILLIAM EDEN; Miami. Fla.; Theatre Arts; Kap Bells. WOLLRICH, FREN JUNE: Los Angeles; Geography; Ski Club Vice-Pret; URA Skin Diving Scuba Club Sec. WONG. DANIEL S : Riial. Philippines: Industrial Relations; Tsf, LACC; Sigma Tau Sigma; UCHA; Philippines Jr Cul- tural Org; INTAC Bd; SAM Publicity; Filipino Students Org of UCLA; Ep- silon Pi Delta Pub Chrmn. WONG, GEORGE: Los Angeles; Pty- chology; Ttf LACC WONG, STEPHEN; Lot Angelet; Eco- nomics; Tsf. Cal State at LA. WONG. THOMAS SUE WAY; Modasto; BusAd. WOOD, RICHARD THOMAS: Lot An- geles; Sociology; Zeta Psi. WOOD, SANDRA HELEN: Siml; Environ- mental Health. WOOD. ZIRA ALMA; Los Angelet; Speech. WOODARD. SYLVIA MAE: South Gate; Poll Scl. WORRALL. WILLIAM L,: Los Angeles: Finance; Thela XI; Finance Attn. WORTHINGTON, MARGARET MAE: Burbank; Accounting; Ttf, LA Valley College; Accounting Soc. WRIGHT, BETTY DOVE: La Canada: Nursing; Ttf. Patadena CC; Alpha Tau Delta Historian. WRIGHT, PETER JOHN: Palmdale; In- dustrial Relations; Tsf, Antelope Valley JC; Rieber Hall, WRIGHT, RICHARD JOHN: Santa Mon- ica; Mathematics; Arnold Air Soc; WYATT, THELMA LaVERNE: Lot An- geles; French; Alpha Kappa Alpha; Soph Sweethearts; Alpha Phi Alpha Sweetheart. WYLAND. KATHLEEN ANN: Glendale; History; Kappa Delta; Anchors Treat; Soph Sweethearts; AWS Philanthropy Comm Chrmn; AWS Treat; Tutorial Project. WYNNE, EMILIE LOUISE: Los Angeles; Ptychology, XENOS, WILLIAM KINGSTON: Van Nuyt; Economics. YAM ADA. MASAKO: Tokyo. Japan; Mathematics; Tsf. LACC. YAMAGISHI. FREDERICK G.: Patadena; Chemistry; Tsf Pasadena CC; Chaos House-Sproul Hall Pres. YANABU, ROBERT KUNIO: Hllo Ha- waii; Civil Eng iStructuresl ; Tsf. LACC; ESUC; American Soc of Civil Engin- eers Student Chapter; Rieber Hall YOKOYAMA. MOTONOBU: Hiroshima. Japan; Engineering; Project Braill; Fencing YORK. ARNOLD GRANT: Lot Angelet: Law; Graduate Students ' Astn Pret: Phi Alpha Delta. YOSHII. EDNA SETSUKO: Torrance; Elem Educ; Sproul Hall; SCTA- IVCF. YOSHIKAWA, LINDA NAOKO: Ana- helm; Gen Elem; Delta Phi Uptilon; Sproul Hall. YATES, DIANE PHYLLIS; Downey; The- ater Arts; Tsf, U of Nottingham, Eng- land; Opera Dept Ballet; Newman Club. YOUNG. ANDREW ROBERT: La Mirada; Spanish; Tsf. Cerrltos College; Alpha Gamma Sigma; Project Amigos; His- panic Center. ZARINDAST, MOHAMED: Iran-Tehran; Motion Picture Directing; Tsf, Cerrltos College; International Students Council. ZAROOKIAN. CHERIE LaGESS; Los An- geles; Engllsli, ZATKIN. EDWARD HOWARD: N, Hol- lywood: Finance; Tsf. SMCC; Bowling; Waters«iing; Helms Scholarship, ZEESMAN, SUSAN LYNNE: Los An- geles; Elem Educ ZENAN, ANTHONY JOEL; N Holly- wood; Geography; Ttf. LA Valley Col- lege. ZICHICHI, JOSEPH THOMAS: Aiusa; Poll Scl; Tsf, Citrus College. ZIEDMAN. SHEILA KAY: Los Angeles; Gen Elem Educ; SCTA; NEA ZIMMERMAN, KARL FRITZ; Malibu: Engineering; Tsf. SMCC. ZUANICH, BEVERLY ANN: San Pedro; History; Kappa Delta; Sabers; Spurs; Mardi Gras E ec Comm. ZUCKER. ROBERT MARTIN: Los An- geles; Physics; Sigma Pi Sigma. ZUFRYDEN. FRED S.: Los Angeles; Mathematics; Phi Eta Sigma, ZWAAGSTRA. ANNA MARIE: Torrance; Gen Educ; Anchors. 428 Subject Index A Admlnisfrators 217 All-Cal Week-end 30 All-U Spring Festival 45 Alpha Chi Omega 316 Alpha Chi Sigma 276 Alpha Epsilon Phi 318 Alpha Epsilon PI 346 Alpha Epsilon Rho 276 Alpha Gamma Omega 348 Alpha Kappa Psi 278 Alpha Lambda Delta 279 Alpho Omicron Pi 322 Alpha Phi 320 Alpha Phi Omega 280 Alpha Sigma Phi 345 Alpha Tau Delta 277 Alpha Tau Omega 350 Alpha XI Delta 315 Anchors 272 Angel Flight 274 Annapurna 395 Apartment Dwellers .419 Argo 392 Arnold Air Society 275 Associated Men Students 250 Associated Women Students 251 ASUCLA President 242 ASUCLA Vice President 242 Athena 410 Aurora 410 Austen 400 B Bacchus 41 1 Bali Hai 396 Bands 282 Barondoun 404 Baseball 1 50 Basketball 1 10 Basketball playoffs 46 Beaucatcher 397 Beta Theta Pi 352 Blarney 404 Blue Key 290 Board of Control 247 Board of Governors 247 Bowery 396 Brain Research 226 Bronte .400 Browning 401 Bruin Belles 284 Brulnettes 286 Business Administration 238 C Cal Club 288 Chancellor _ 220 Chaos .41 1 Charter Day 44 Chi Alpha Delta 324 Chimes _ 289 Chi Omega 326 Citadel 392 Classes 252 Commuters 420 Concerts 68 Conning Tower 273 Cork 405 Crew 140 Cricket 149 Cross Country 106 D Dally Bruin 260 Daphne _ 412 Deans 222 Delta Gommo 328 Delta Phi Epsilon 330 Delta Sigma Phi 354 Delta Sigma Theta 342 Delta Tau Delta 356 Diana . 412 Dickinson 40 1 Dorms . _ 389 Drinking spots 62 Dykstra 390 E Education 228 Elections 56 Elections Board 248 F Fall 17 Fall . . . Where were you? 36 Fall sports 89 Finance Committee 249 Football 90 Fraternities 343 Frogs 281 e Glencairn 406 Golf 149 Graduate Students Association. 208 Graduates 207 Graduation 78 Greek Week-end _ 23 Gymnastics 1 43 H Hedrick 394 Helen Matthrewson Club 416 Hershey 399 Himalaya 397 History 234 Homecoming 24 Homecoming Committee 248 Honor ond Service 271 I INTAC . 254 I nterf raternity Council 344 Inverness 406 J Jefferson 393 Journalism 224 Kappa Alpha Theta _ 332 Kappa Kappa Gamma 334 Kelp Rock and Roll 57 Kelps 292 Kerr and the Regents 218 KUCW 270 Lambda Chi Alpha 358 Low School 236 M MardI Gros 48 Masonic Affiliate Club 304 Mortar Board 288 Nisei Bruin Club 301 Olympia _ 4 1 3 Orion . .413 Outstanding Juniors 31 1 Outstanding Seniors 1 54 Outstanding Sophomores 311 Pandora 414 Panhellenic _ 3 1 4 Persephone 415 Phi Beta Kappa 206 Phi Delta Theta 360 Phi Epsilon PI 358 Phi Gamma Delta 362 Phi Eta Sigma 279 Phi Kappo PsI 364 Phi Kappa Sigma 366 Phi Sigma Delta 368 Phi Sigma Sigma 336 Phrateres 280 PI Lambda Phi 370 PI Sigma Alpha 277 Plays 72 Presents 22 Prytaneon 291 Publications 259 Rally Committee 294 Registration 18 RIeber 402 Royalty 80 Rugby 1 44 Rush 20 Sabers 296 Satyr 262 Scabbard and Blade 297 Seniors 1 53 Shannon 407 Shell and Oar 300 Sierra 393 Zeta PsI Sigma Alpha Epsilon 372 Sigmo Alpha Mu 379 Sigma Chi 374 Sigma Delta Tau 338 Sigma Kappa 340 Sigma Nu 376 Sigma Pi 378 Skye Isle .405 Soccer 108 Song Girls 34 Sophomore Sweethearts 298 Sororities 313 Southern Campus 264 Southern Campus Awards 154 Sparta 415 Speakers 74 Spring _ 43 Spring . . . Where were you? 56 Spring Sing 52 Spring Sports 135 Sproul _ .408 Spurs _ 302 Stevens House .418 Stonehaven 407 Student Judicial Board 249 Student Legislative Council 243 Student Services 223 Swimming _ |42 Tau Delta Phi 361 Tennis 146 Theater Arts — Television 232 Theta Chi _ 380 Theto Delta Chi 382 Theta Xi 384 Titan .414 Tolima 398 Track and Field 136 Triangle 381 Trolls 281 Tutorial Project 258 Twin Pines .417 U UC Abroad 66 Uni-Comp _ J56 Uni-Prep 19 U RA „ 306 Volleyball 145 w Water Polo 107 Westwind „_398 Wrestling 143 Yell Leaders 35 Yeomen 303 Zeta Beta Tau 386 388 429 General Index Aaronson, Ed 370 Aaronion, Sua 336 Abb«y, Pot _ 284 AbboH, Tom „ „ _ 374 Able, Noncy _ 328 Abromi, Herbert _ - 370 Acker, Richord 364 Ackermon, Ed _ 359 Ackerman, Larry - 386 Adomi, Chuck - 382 Adomi, Sieve _ _...273, 356 Adothek, Allen ..._ 386 Adier, Corel _ 294 Adier, Hirich 346 Adler, Leslie _ 298, 336 Adier, Phyllii 406 Agoionian, Lorry 362 Agon, Pof 322 Aggen, CliH 345 Ahlquiit, Stephen 348 Ahronion, Richord 278 Ainsworth, Joy 366 Ainsworth, Potricia 416 Albright, Vicki 284, 302, 334 Alef, Don - 386 Allon, Wildo 320 Allen, Bill 356 Allen, Fred 364 Allon, Jon 320 Allen, Kothy 328 Allen, Michael 354 Allio, Mike 292 Allli, Mike 352 Alliwong, Mike 386 Aim, Roiemory 267, 302, 406 Alpern, Gory 281, 346 Alport, Meredith 318 Altenberg, Kurt _ 292 Altshuler, David _ 346 Ambrosio, Frank — _ 350 Amdur, Sunny 279, 336 Amen, Rond „ 380 Amerine, Roy 304 Anderson, Anthony 358 Anderson, Elinor 416 Anderson, Evio 314, 322 Anderson, Judy 334 Anderson, Karen 298, 326 Anderson, Koren 328 Anderson, Laurie 326 Anderson, Linda 418 Anderson, Paul 348 Anderson, Penny 340 Andresen, Gordon 381 Andrew, Barbara 315 Annigian, Gregory 378 Anson, Ruth 291 Antebi, Steve 370 Antis, Barry _._ 292 Appleboum, Ed 290, 292, 386 Arfo, Allan 361 Argyros, Lenore 395 Armen, David -384 Armstrong, Carole 326 Armstrong, Clarice 342 Arona, Phil „ 276 Arnoldo, Robert 381 Arnett, Lorry „ „ 360 Arnold, Michael 366 Arnold, Susie 334 Arrigo, Frank 352 Arti, Jon 292, 362 Ash, Mike 342 Ashleigh, Dove 364 Ashley, Roger 376 Ashlon, Bert 388 Atkinson, Ronald 374 Austod, Steve 378 Austin, Josephine 395 Austin, Merrill 275 Auth, Tony 290, 292 Averott, Gary 382 Bobic, Edward „ 388 Boer, Kenneth 388 Bogge, Janice „ -322 Bogby, Doug „ „ 362 Bogley, Rick 293, 348 Bohe, Ed _ -.358 Boiley, Moffel 316 Boiley, Nancy 320 Bailey, Phil 381 Bain, Risalle _ 338 Baird, Boyonne 278, 392 Boker, Fred 384 Baker, Jeonne 406 Boker, Mary 284, 289, 326 Bolfour, George 379 Boll, Carolyn 298, 301 Boll. Jerry 376 Boll, Julian 356 Bolton, Jeff 346 Bollard, Bill 382 Bomberger, Janel 278,288,318 Bonochowski, Alex 356 Bonducci, Russ 366 Bonge, Harold _ 381 Banks, Rondy 292, 362 Bonton, Bill _ 376 Boronov, Marilyn 272, 286, 336 Borer, Ellen _ 410 Barge, Roy 364 Borker, James 345 Barker, Keith 366 Boron, Borbora 318 Barnes, Borbora 332 Barnes, Michael 368 Barnes, Poulo _ 298,301,320 Borondess, Joan 336 Borrett, Jeff 293, 368 Borsky, Nodlne 406 Bon, Chester 304 Borlh, Jim 290, 374 Bortlett, Kendall 381 Borfon, Barbara 334 Barton, Robert 381 Bartow, Joy 348 Boruch, Joel 374 Boshook, Joan 286 Bashore, Ted _ 292 Bossett, Bill 297 Bossett, Solly 334 Bossett, Sharon 407 Bossett, Tom „ 384 Bouchmon, Mort 362 Boumgorten, Bruce 361 Boxter, Greg „ 380 Boyne, Donold 348 Beoch, Ron „ „ 352 Beol, Lorraine 288, 291, 332 Beone, Gini 328 Bechdolt, Phil 380 Beck, Devon 85, 332 Beck, Jon 297, 350 Beck. Michael 379 Beckendorf, Don 376 Becker, Chris 85, 298, 332 Becker, Cindy 398 Becker, Doug 350 Beckett, Morie 304,416 Beecher, Janet 330 Boede, Bill 366 Beenkin, Borbora 284 Beenken, Robert 356 Behrstock, Sue 336 Beitzel, Jim 275 Bolg, Jim 388 Belknap, Michael 297, 345 Bell, Clark 358 Bell, Doug _ 358 Bell, Jamie - 298,316 Bell, Evelene _ 398 Bell, Roz 298,301,338 Belosic, Roy 382 Bennet, Reginald 376 Benveniste, Julio 84, 284 Beresford, Scott 372 Berg, Doreen 395 Berglond, Christy 332 Bergman, Mike 346 Berk, Peter 386 Berkness, Jon 340 Bermon, Borbora 330, 398 Bermon, Richord „ - 386 Bermon, Susan 314, 336 Bernord, Bob 386 Bernhordt, Anthony 386 Bernstein, Don 368 Bernt, Morcia 406 Berris, Ken 346 Berry, Jean „ 406 Bershock, Judith 416 Beskin, Ston 380 Belten, Joanne 280 Beye, Marty 289, 332 Beyer, Gregg — _ 350 Bibb, John _ 382 Bickerl, Jean 398 Biddle, Carter 378 Biddermon, Jim 348 Biegel, Lorry 154, 290, 386 Biery, George 273 Bietz, Ted _. _ _ 382 Billings, Beverly 410 Billmeyer, Cathy 286, 328 Bills, Ann 296 Bin. Nun, Judy 284,289,291,318 BIrnkront, Joyce 318 Birnslein, Micki _ 338 Bitter, Lourie 274, 301 Bixby, Tom „ 374 Blackburn. Dave 276 Blockwell, lee 378 Blojne. Jud „ 350 Bloyney. Betty 289,291,314,326 Blott. Morgie 289,291,318 Bloye, Morcia 274 Blazek, Charles 360 Blek. Charles 356 Blitz. Rena 314, 338 Blomstrond. Curt 278 Bloom. Borbora 298,301,318 Bloom, Carol 322 Bloom, Joy 346 Bloom, Steve 381 Blonsky, Glorio _ 318 Blonsky, Gordon 386 Blowitz, Pete 290, 384 Blue, Sondy 278, 284, 288, 289, 291, 301 Blum, Cheryl _-318 Blumberg, Bruce - 281, 293 Blumenfeld. Janet 289, 291, 392 Blumerteld, Nodine 284,301,338 BIythe, JoAnn 334 Bool. Kimberly 278 Bock. Wendy 392 Bodine. Bill 290, 372 Boehmer. Sharon 326 Bogdonow. Norman 278 Bohorguez. Bob - 382 Bolton. Borbora 286, 328 Boltz. Frances _ 418 Bond, Carol _ 326 Bongiovanni. John 354 Bonnor, Ken 364 Booz. Cindy _ 395 Boron. Eileen 289 Borin. Rich _ 292 Born. Carol _ 326 Bosshard. John ., 354 Bottom ley. Jerry 348 Boumon. Dione _ 334 Bourgeois. Borbora 316 Bowen. Roweno „ _ 416 Bowen. Winston 297, 358 Bower. Jean 320 Boyock, DeDe _ 286, 328 Bozanic. Jeanetta 418 Bozorth, Jeon _...286, 31 6 Brady, Beth 298 Bradley. Rosie 342 Brohinsky. Dove 370 Broiker, Cathy 320 Bramholl. Ray 378 Brandt, Gory 388 Brandt. Nancy _ 410 Brant. Dove _ _ 364 Brovermon. John _ 379 Broufman. Susan 296 Broun, Trudi 284,301,410 Breese. Duffle 274 Brelsford. Morcio 328 Brenimon. Mary „ 316 Brenner. Judy 336 Brenner. Suzanne „ 334 Brewer. Becky 326 Brewer, Tim 366 Bridge. Gory 290, 376 Briggs, Al 356 Briggs. Andrea 320 Briley, Comille J84, 328 Brill, Jonet 328 Brill, Mortin „ _.386 Briskin, Jeri _.318 Briskin, Lindsay _ _ _.332 Brittenham, Bud 364 Britton, Brendo 284 Brizolis. Jim 368 Brock. Judy 328 Brody. Beth 318 Brody. David _ 386 Brogliotti. Ray 382 Broker. Judy 288 Brookler, Jerome „ 415 Brooks. Morcia _ _278, 318, 376 Bronstein. Leslie 338 Brooks, Jim _ _ „ 362 Brosbe. Jeff 361 Brott. John 281, 378 Browdo, Dovid 370 Brown. Anita 316 Brown. Borbora 400 Brown. Beverly 291,334 Brown, Charlotte 288,318 364 34S 1S4, 380 334 Brown, Pom 320 _.374 Brown, Robert 354 . .. _... 384 .356 348 350 Broce, BMI 372 320 350 384 298, 301 267, 290, 376 Bryan, Bill _ 372 Bryan, Scott 381 J15 Bucko, Lee Buckspan, Andrea Budd, William 374 338 352 Budnick, Teddi _ 330 374 Bugge, Solveig 284, 328 366 356 406 290, 292, 352 274, 301, 410 398 Bujch, Jill 284 272 314, 320 Boiler, Mel _386 Buttrey, Brooks .._ 320 Byer, Harriet 336 Byrd, Shori 318 c Codish. Bob 368 416 Cogon. Dennis 303, 346 _ _ 279 354 Caldwell. Froncie Caldwell. Richord Cameron, Walter ...- 284, 302, 328 - 384 _..360 382 Campbell. Dorothy Campbell, Jim .417 .._ _ 350 _.378 374 Conning, Bill 352 366 Cantello, Jim .._ 376 332 320 _.372 Cormouche, Suson - 410 284 395 289, 291, 332 348 284, 334 . . . 362 356 Carter, Cesca J72, 328 366 358 _.3S6 _.36I Cotlin, Vicki 314, 326 Coverly, Phil _ 352 Chodd. Susan 416 Choffey, Kitty 328 Chogi. Vicki 338 346 Chambers. Brice „..._352 _.275 Champion. Cornell 292 292, 362 286 Chapmen. Bill 354 Chapman. Henry _.364 Chopman. Moynord , 350 328 Chapman. Thomas 354 368 Chesterfield, Ray _ -...378 350 Childers, Bill 348 430 CSildi, Stephanie 398 Choote, Clint 366 Choote, Dennis 364 Chooljlan, Nancy 495 Church, Chuck 354 Chozen, Al 154.290,292,386 Christenfeld, Wendy 318 Christiansen, Eric 380 Chfistionson, Maren 334 Chung, Sue Fawn 154, 288, 291 Cicineiti, Roger 362 Cimarusti, Bossie 340 Citron, Jonet 280, 291 Clark, Charles 376 Clark, Dove 303, 374 Clark, Janis 314, 316 Clark, Tom 364 Clary, Raymon 345 Clark, Robert 382 Clegg, Cyndia 286, 393 Clements, Darrall 350 Cleveland, Richard 354 Clibborn, Earl 366 Clifford, Scot 350 Clifton, Andy 350 Cloer, Carlo 284 Clooney, Cheryl 328 Cootes, Mory 326 Co burn, lynno 330 Cochran, Tom , 366 Coffin, Jonis 328 Cohen, Ed 368 Cohen, Jeff 290. 292, 386 Cohen, Lorry 386 Cohen, Mike 379 Cohen, Susan 31 8 Cole, Judi 338 Cole, Mary Ann 272 Cole, Mike _ 386 Cole, Stan 366 Coleman, Dennis 370 Colemon, Merritt 354 Coles, Patricia 410 Collen, Louise 286 Collette, Claire 326 Colletio, Jim 290, 292, 366 Collins, Nancy „ 274 Collins, Robin 332 Collister, Kalhy 326 Collum, Betsy „ 326 Combs, Bill 279, 374 Comden, Leonard 346 Commons, Condy 298, 328 Comstock, Vicki 406 Condict, Win 364 Conkey, Moryellon 298 Conwell, libby 284, 326 Conievoy, Joseph 361 Cooke, Christine 274, 302 Cooke, Rita 41 6 Cookler, Jon 370 Coon, David 376 Cooper, Corol 274 Cooper, Dennis 360 Cooper, Leon „ 278 Corbitt, Sandy 328 Cordi, Jim 345 Corrigan, Tom 380 Corn, Barbara 304 Cotton, Velma 342 Coule, Judy 401 Coulter, Rick 350 Coury, Chod 290, 376 Cousins, James 348 Coverdole, Cindy 401 Covington, Gary 382 Cowan, Rich 386 Cowlishaw, Lyndo 406 Cowsill, Pat 345 Cox, Ed 378 Cox, Larry 366 Cox, Melissa 284, 328 Cromer, David 366 Crondell, George 374 Crowley, Cheryl 334 Creoson, Rich 384 Cressey, Pom 272, 332 Crisp, John 360 Crocetti, Guy 362 Crookenden, Ian 350 Cross, Mary 334 Crouch, Sharon 284, 326 Crum, Leslie 322 Culberson, Carol 328 Cummings, Dro 251.291.332 Cunningham, Norma 41 6 Currier, Borry 348 Curtis, Ron 381 Curtiss, Kathy 284 Cushway, Judy 392 Cutrow, Allan 281. 386 Cutshall, Dick 372 Cyf, Arthur 275 D Dohlgren, Kothy 274, 328, 407 Daily, Thomas 297 Damon, Frank 368 Don, Michael . . 370 Daniels, Susan 318 Dorden, Ron 345 Dovidson, Gloria 322 Oovidson, Robert 374 Davis, Beran 278 Dovis, Carol 328 Dovis, Charles 292 Daniels, Dianne 334 Dovis, Ed 356 Davis, Judy 342 Davis, Patrick 384 Dovis, Rick 379 Dovis, Ronald 378 Dovis, Scott 354 Dovis, Steve 290, 382 Davy, Eric „ 360 Day, Paula 300 deArrielo, Cheryl Rae 406 DeCamp, Dave 378 Degner, Don 376 DeLoMore, Barbara 315 deloPena, Jane -- 41 6 Della-VedowQ, Carolyn 284, 332 Delmor, Corie 336 DeMorchi, Thomas 372 Demaree, Ed 348 Demeke, James 358 Deming, Mike 297 Demirdjian, John „ 275 DePackh, Nancy 328 Dermer, Steve 376 DeSantis, Mike 364 DeShozo, Lynn 279, 286. 328 Devore, Pout 278 Dexter, Mike 352 Diomond, Mike 386 Dichner, David 361 Dickey, Dale 354 Dieffenbaucher. LouVina 340 Diehl, Irene 315 Dietz, Dave 378 Dillon, Charles 382 Dimsdale, Jeff 379 Dippel, Aton 381 Dodwell, David 384 Dofflemyre, Mike 372 Dolon, Celeste 272,301, 396 Dolon, Kitty 280 Dompe, John 372 Dompe, Mike _ 372 Donald, Pete 374 Donney, Kenny 372 Doolittle, Sam „ 359 Dordigon, Dennis 154, 290. 292, 386 Dorrance, Elizabeth 315 Doss, Robert 354 Doubet, Mark 374 Dor land, Tim 366 Dome, Bob 362 Douglas, Jerry 384 Douglas, Mike 372 Dowell, Suellen 418 Dowling, Patrick 358 Downey, Bill „ 360 Dresher, Ron _ 379 Droge, Elaine 316 Dru liner, Karen 320 Drumm, Jean 332 Drury, Noel 352 Dubin, Barry 370 Dubin, Jerry 368 Dueike, Dean 372 Duncan, Solly 300 Dunn, Jim 386 Dunn, Judy 318 Dunning. John 382 Dunton, Caroline 298, 328 Durbin, Steve 292 Durr, Suson 316 Dutcher, Erwin 292 Dye, Bob 388 Dyroff, Terry 292 E Eodie, Bill 330 Ebert. Carl 415 Eberhart, Joan 284 Ebright, John 292, 297 Ebrighl, John 362 Eckel, Lee 354 Edwards, Carolyn ..326 Edwards, Patricio 398 Edwards, Tom 376 Edwards, Tom 350 Eejimo, Kay 324 Egbert, Pat 275, 384 Ehrlich, Bob 293, 346 Ehrlich, Roger 290, 292. 386 Eide, Don 342 Einstein, Sue 336 Eisenslodt, Dove 292, 386 Eisner, Lorraine 304 Eider, AnnaMoy 272 Elkus, Barbara 336 Ellermeyer, Jeff „ 366 Elliott, Bob 382 Ellis. Don 364 Ellis, Jim 350 Ellis, John 352 Ellis, Suson 304, 416 Ellman, Bruce 368 El I man, Janet 406 Elms, Lorindo 406 Emer, William 359 Emarson, Steve 278 Emery, Kay 318 Engel, Chuck „ 364 Engel, Steve „ 361 Engelhordt, Carol 340. 408 Ennlsmon, Carol 318 Enlen, Sherri „...284, 338 Epstein, David 304 Epstein, Steve 370 Erdmon, Barbara 400 Erickson, Keith 352 ErIIch, Mickey 292 Eskot, Denny 274 Essoe, Go be 350 Estrin, Jerry 370 Evans, Jim 374 Evans, Lorry 3)8 Evans, Nan 289,291,316 Everts, Russ 350 Evans, Steve 382 Ewing, Kent 273. 292, 354 Ezor, Gory 386 Fogon. Debbie 286 Fahey, Michele 274 Faigin, Doug 260, 303 Foigin, Doug 293 Fain, Al 379 Foirchild, Bonnie 354 Foirchild, Molly 291, 316 Folvey, Tom 281 Farr, Alan 278 Forr, Mel _ 292 Forrelt. Noncy 278 Fouell, Susan 395 Faull, Valerie „ 334 Feenberg, Ron 359 Feig, Marvin 370 Feiler, David _ „ 356 Fein. Barbara 406 Feinberg, John _ 348 Feinberg, KItt 330 Feinsfein, Pete 368 Feltzs. Evelyn 342 Fenerin, Mike 354 Feo, Kathryn „ 406 Feole, Ron 292, 366 Fenster, Judith „ 354 Fenyes, Attila 381 Ferguson, Bob _ „ 376 Ferry, Steve 356 Fessenden, Shirle „ 274 Fields, Stuart 297 File, Lorraine 280 Finemon, Tom „ 386 Finch, Carol _ 286 Finer, JudI „ 338 Fink. Steve „ 346 Finkel, Gary „ _ 386 Finkel, Steve 361 Finley, Jock „ 352 Finstod, Jim „ : 292 Fischer. John _ „ 352 Fisher, Herman 281 Fisher, Nancy , 332 Fisher, Teri 338 Fitzer, Jerry „ 278, 301 fiske, Peter 364 Fitzgerald, Gerald 350 Floster, Pris „ 301 Ftoster, Prii 3I8 Floiter, Pris 298 F le i sc h man , Joon _..„.........._. Fleming, Ann „ Flesch, Jackie 289, 407 Fletcher, Corol 296 Fletcher, Hank „ „ 364 Fletcher, Mike 354 Fletcher, Ted „352 Flette. Norman 354 Fly, Robert „.352 Fogel, Bruce „ 386 fong. Bob 384 Ford, Warwick 350 Foreman, Kerry „ 326 Foster, Kay „ 328 Fowler, Vincent „...362 Foxmon, Joel „ _..„ „346 Froley. Jock 354 Frame, Tom 350 Francisco, Mike -..370 Frankenberg, ScoM » 368 Frash, Karen _ „326 Frossinelli, Lou „378 Froulnick, Jim „ 376 Frozier, Susan . 326 Frederick, Jacquelin „ -.410 Freed, Mark _ 297 Freedmon, Mo 292 Freeman, Alma ™..338 Freemen, Andy _ „386 Freeman, Dave , 382 Freeze, Pom „ 298, 334 Fremdiing, Anne „ 328 French. John _.. „ 292, 350 Frendling, John .„.. 372 Friedenberg, David 361 Friedman, Barbara „.... Friedman. Bob 386 Friedman. Jerald _ „ 359 Friedman, Marilyn .„. 338 Friedman, Steven 359 Friedman, Susan _.— .289 Freij, Ellen «.330 Fries, Jeanne «......_ „.. „.™330 Frimkess, Don -...„._ 379 Froome, Samuel „.„ 378 Frost, Bill „ 366 Frost, Bill 292 Frost, Carolyn Fry, Kothie - ..354, 395 -.316 297 300 Fujfto, Jeanette 3M ..298, 301 296 326 Fulton. Leah Fulton, Robert 284 , 288. 334 356 Funke, Greg 278 Funn, Julie 280 6 374 368 Gole, Jane 318 Gamburd, Lynda Gonz, Elise ..- .284, 338 _.318 Gandin, Richord 368 Garb, Roberta „.. Gorber, Leonard .286. 338 — 3S9 328 Gardner, Lorraine „ ..298, 328 Garon, Robert Gorrott, Greg „., Garrido, Roland 380 378 370 348 Gorrity, Michaellndo Gorson, Lee , .400 374 Gorstang, Lorraine Goruer, Kothy 332 .302 ... 326 Gaston, Dwight 278 296 Gales, Richord 376 292 Gavadon, Ed — 388 388 Goy. Mike 278 3J6 Geicr, David .290. 376 384 Gentry, Joy „.. 374 336 Gerardot. Cynthia ..300. 395 328 Gerron, Jerry 374 431 Garry, Dion« 336 Gionatto. Rob«rt 358 Gibney, Corol 340 Gibion, Corol 328 Gifi», Steve 346 Gilbert, Batty 284, 328 Gilbert, Jerry 356 Gilbert, Jon 368 Gilbert, Judy 274, 314, 330 Gilbert, Toby 338 Gilder, Jotin 388 Gill, Trudi 328 Gilman, Diane 338 Gilmer, Tim 360 Girard, Bob 378 GItt, Dan 273 Glodman, Dennis 376 Gla«, Carole ._ 318 Glasjer, Bob 265, 368 Gloiiman, Jeff 379 Gtaismon, Paul ....346 Glotl, Linda 336 Gliston, JoAnn 272 Gluck, Steve 386 Glucksman, Marc 379 Glynn, Terry 334 Godfrey, Ann 326 Goebel, Donna 334 Going, Clayton 360 Golber, Betti 338 Gold, Barry 346 Gold, Tom 348 Goldberg, Neil 370 Golden, Harry 278 Goldhober, Mortin 370 Goldman, Dole 314, 318 Goldman, Dan 362 Goldman, Dan 382 Goldman, Mike 370 Goldman, MJchoal 386 Gotdsan, Nancy 318 Golnictt, Clara 360 Gonzalez, Connie 280 Good, Fred 364 Goodetl, Bob 364 Goodenough, Beverly 284, 334 Goodfriod, Kenneth 356 Goodkin, Carol 372 Goodman, Beverly 372 Goodman, Don 359 Goodman, Eorle 386 Goodman, Gall 330 Goodman, Jill 279, 286, 296 Goodrich, Gail 290, 352 Gordon Alan 292 Gordon, Bruce 303, 368 Gordon, Greg 359 Gordon, Hillard 278 Gordon, Samuel 359 Gordon, Stan 386 Goran, Marsha 410 Goren, Nancy 31 8 Gorelick, Jeff 345 Gorlick, Bruce 379 Gorman, Cheryl 298, 338 Goihert, Dove 273, 352 Gothold, Christine 274 Gould, Laur ie 338 Goya, Sharon 325 Grobenhorit, Erica 284 Groble, Bob 372 Grable, Charles 372 Graeff, Diane 406 Graff, Lori 302.318,406 Graham, Link 290, 352 Graham, Loren 360 Graham, Mark 380 Graham, Martin 290, 376 Granbery, Gory 360 Grondi, Don 352 Grandle, Gory 366 Grant, Gayle 315 Grant, Steve 303, 368 Gront, Tom 281 G ronton, Diana 322 Grossio, John 356 Gratiot, Suzanne 284, 302, 332 Grow, Steve 359 Gray, Beverly 304 Gray, Jim 356 Groy, Morjorie 334 Gray, Roy 372 Green, Jackie 289, 336 Green, Janet 328 Green, Ken 372 Green, Marty 328 Green, RoHin 382 Green, Sandra 41 5 Greenberg, Gene 379 Green berg, Myron 386 Greenberg, Phillip 346 Greenberg, TerrJ 336 Greene, Enid 338 Greenspohn, Fred 379 Greenitodt, Alan 370 Gregg, Cathy 406 Gregg, Ken 368 Gregory, Lura 31 5 Gregory, Robert 378 Grey, Gory 379 Grgurevic, Milo 272 Grieit, Raymond 382 Griffiths, Lisa 342 Griggs, Dennis 348 Griffiths, Lillian 332 Griswold, Marnie 334 Griswold, Richard 384 Grosch, Eric 273, 362 Gross, Howord 386 Gross, Mel 386 Gruen, Roz 318 Grumer, Steve 370 Guggenaster, Carolyn 314, 31 5 Guiles, Howard 275 Guillen, Glorio 416 Gunn, Lee 273, 345 Gusinow, Peggy 318 Guslin, Sue 392 Guthman, Betty 336 Guthrie, Chfit 358 Guthrie, Rod 356 Guy, Allan 382 Guzin, Larry 366 Guzman, Yolanda 286 H Haas, Clarry Haber, Cathy 274 Haberfeld, Steve 370 Hoberman, Janice Hochiyo, Tokako Hodlock, Dona 264 Hagslrom, Carl 297 Hohn, Jeff 366 Holdimon, Pete 376 Hole, Doug Hall, Chuck 352 Hall, Kit Hall, Morilyn 286, 396 Hall, Murray „ Hall, Pete 290, 292, 352 Hall, Robert 376 Hall, Ruthanne 406 Hal linen, Virginia 314, 316 Halloron, Mary 284 Ham, Candy 84,251,284,268 Hamada, Kanji 376 Hamilton, Anthony Hamilton, Cherrille Hamilton, Sharon 272 Hamlin, Gail 286 Hamlin, Rich 346 Hamlin, Sally 266 MARTHA PERRY Soufhern Campus Playmate ' M ' i J 432 Hommondt, Chuck Homnquiit, Dick 382 Hondy, Rich 376 Handy, Tom 382 Hanigon, Potti Hankin, Rocky 346 Honkini, MoryAnn 301, 393 Monks, Jim 374 Hannon, Forrest 358 Honien, Carol 296 Honien, Kris 407 Honien, Leo Hansen, Ray 281,374 Hanson, Bruce 374 Hanson, Cindy 328 Hanson, Roger 372 Harbotile, Leslie 286 Harbotlle, Leslie 398 Hording, Neil Horfofd, Mork Hargrove, Morty 298 Hargrove, Morti Horing, Kenneth 381 Horlon, Sheri 301 Harney, Sally Hormolz, Gory 386 Harris, Casondria Morris, Jon 410 Morris, Lourie 286 Morris, Marilyn 314 Morris, Thelmo „ 410 Harris, Vic 388 Harrison, Bill Hortnock, Rick .„ 376 Hortshorn, Terry 290, 376 Hoskell, Elizabeth _ 291 Hoskins, Jockie Hoslam, Nancy 296 Mossoyon, Elliott 278 Mossier, Bernordine 298 Hasten, Linda 300 Hotely, Mike 382 Hotlon, Randy Hawkins, Norm 294 Mowley, Jim 372 Hoyes, Wm 388 Meocock, Dove 275 Meacock, Michoel 388 Meacock, Ron 381 Heaton, Don 352 Heckmon, Bob HegordI, Ann Helfetz, Larry Heintz, Sharon 272 Heister, Don 382 Hekmot-Ponoh, Komran 381 Held, David 380 Melfmon, Gene 286, 346 Heller, Dovid 345 Heller, Larry 386 Helmer, KrJston 288 Henderson, Carol 298 Henricks, Bob 376 Henry, Tracy Herbert, Clarke 278, 297, 303, 376 Hermon, Donien 398 Herman, Ken 281, 361 Hermonton, Bill Hernandez. Cecile 296 Herndon, James 384 Hersh, Gene 384 Mersh, Hilorie Horsh, Richard .388 Herskovic, Suzonne . 300 Herzberg, Steve Hewitt, Dennis Higoshi, Kenneth Higby, Lorry 376 Higgins, Anne Higgins, Kim Hi I Iyer, Leslie Mill, Marilyn 272,406 Mill, Rocky 374 Minis, Judy Hillyer, Richord 345 Himes, Renee 410 Hirooko, Ann Mirose, Dorothy Mirsch, Bob 380 Mirsch, Sue Hitchcock, Ken 290 Hitchcock, Ken 374 Moog, Leslie Hocker, Ktm Hodgeson, James Hoefner, Joe 38! Moffmon, Len Hoffmonn, Petro 300 Hoffman, Richard 370 Moffmon, Vaughn 374 Mohmonn, Larry 384 Holden, Joel 370 Holderness, Rick 352 Holguin, Roberta Holland, Doug Hollingsworth, Joa Mollis, Wendoll 348 Holmon, Joon Holmes, Edwin 352 Holt, Roger „ Holtzmon, Fred 386 Mom, Morion 416 Horigolo, Carol Hood, Lily 272 Hood, Lily 298 Mood, Lily Hooker, Bruce 278 Hook, Carol 304 Hopkins, Donna Horgon, Paul .-292 Horowitz, Stephen 370 Horracks, John 278 Horsfoll, William 382 Morspooi, Ronald 381 Morvoth, Eugene 297 Hoskins, JoAnna 398 Hoting, Sharon 407 Houghton, Robert 374 Hovey, Sheila 296, 300 Howard, Jim 376 Howard, Suson „ Mowetl, Howord 1 350 Howells, Rosemaria 274 Hoyer. Erik 388 Moyt, Paul Hubbard, Su Hubiak, John 372 Hudson, Eloine 398 Hudson. Helen Humphrey, Doug 348 Hungerford, Jim Hunter, Adrienne Hurley, James 273 Hurwitz, Avigdor 361 Huth, Rod 384 Hyatt, Donno 284 Hymon, Elrzobelh 296 I Ichinotsubo, Joyce .....410 Ido, Yoshin _ 410 Imuro, Corole 324 Incoudo, Gory 362 Ingram, John „ 352 Inks, Lorry „ 382 Innocenti, Rick 380 I nouye, Ellen 325 Inouye, Jeanne 325 Ireland, Bob „ 366 Israel, Ed „ 350 Iwoshito, Lynn 286, 417 J Jock, Robert „ 345 Jockson, Alexis 279, 395 Jockson, Richord „ 366 Jockson, Shoron 334 Jackson, Shirean 395 Jockson, Suzanne 31 5 Jacobs, Corol 300 Jocobs, Dennis 370 Jocobson, Eric 372 Jacobson, John 386 Jocobson, Steven „ 376 Jacoby, Steven 368 Joffe, Judy 289, 318 Jomes, Terry 374 Jomieson, Linda 298 Jong, Margoret 324 Jonsen, Bill 364 Jovor, Ron 384 Jeffress, Bob „ 360 Jenkins, John „ 374 Jenks, Suson 392 Jennings, Koy 316 Jensen, Carl _ 354 Jensen, Mike 374 Jeichke, Suson 291 Joens, Vernon 378 JoHe, Devro 336 Johns, Gerald 292 Johns, Morilyn 286, 316, 410 Johnsen, Gordon „ 304 Johnsen. Ted „ _ 376 Johnson, Bonnie _ „ 31 6 Johnson, Glen 304 Johnson, Jimmie 386 Johnson, Lee 358 Johnson, Noncy 316 Johnson, Rex 348 Johnson, Sharon „ 272 Johnson, Sharon 406 Johnson, Yvonne „ 406 Johnstone, Linda 300, 340 Johnston, Randolph 388 Jones, Bill 374 Jones, Glen 374 Jones, Philip ..,.,. 281 Jones, Tevit 326 Jones, Timothy 27S Jordon, Kristin 332 Joslin, Dovid 304 Jourdone. John _ 350 Judd, Shoron „ 322 Juengst, Doug ..,„ 3$6 Jurist. Steve 378 Koderli, lindo 340 Kohlenberg, Rebt 370 Kainu, Jill 272, 289, 301 Kajiyomo, Ann _ 325 Kaminski, Trii ..„....298, 328 Komm, Steven _ 275 Komner, Robert „.370 Koplon, Bonnie „ 304 Kaplan, Marc „...„ 366 Koplon, Mike 370 Kaplan, Sheryl 338, 392 Koren, Richard . 368 Karon, Diona „ 280 Karpen, Alix _.,....™ 296 Kor ton, Dovid „.. „368 Kasper, Ron Koss, llene _.372 ..298 Kossorjion, Ophelia 326 Kassarjion, Rom«o 290, 366 Kosunich, John „ 364 Kotooko, Koy 325 Kotz, Deboroh 410 Kotz, Richord „ 346 Kotz, Susie _.3ie Kotzman, Jerry _»„„„_ 379 Koufmon, John ._.„...„ 346 Koufmon, Ron „366 Kouten, Giorgio 382 Kauv, Koria „ 334 Koy, Howard „ 346 Koy, Robert 293, 386 Kaylor, Jomes _ 374 Keating, Joan 334 Keeler, Corolyn -„„. 300 Keeney, Ralph ..„. „ 278 Kellor, Cheryl _ 326 Keller, Ginger ..... 398 Keller, Susie 398 Kelley, Koren „.—-..._. 286 Kelsey, Dovid -.382 Kendall, Bob 366 Kendoll, Larry ...„ .„ .„ 368 Kenoff, Joy 293. 346 Kent, Donna . _.„.._„_ 320 Kent, Pomelo 322 Kerley, Michoel 265, 376 Kern, Fred .372 Kerner, Nicoll 314, 340 Kertletter, Mark - 366 Kessler, Stephon ...„ _„_ 386 Kioiior, Jon 362 OLYMPIC OFFICE MACHINE COMPANY TYPEWRITER AND ADDING MACHINE Sales Repairs Rentals • Supplies 1391 Westwood Blvd. 477-2188 CAMERAS PROJECTORS HI-FI EQUIPMENT PHOTO SUPPLIES AND ACCESSORIES TAPE RECORDERS Sel;40t tKCfUi WEST COAST ' S FINEST PHOTOGRAPHIC CENTER Continuously Meefing 4nybody ' s Prices 927 WESTWOOD BLVD. 477-9589 or BR 2-5214 433 KlUr. EilMH 315 Kilar, EilMo 3U Kilp«lain«n, Ritva 416 Kimball, John 374 Kimbla, RoisMary 3U, 322 Klmei, C«« 298.314,328 King, Morgoret 31 8 King, Michoel 368 King, Shoralyn 284 King, Sherri 340 King, Suion 334 Kingston, Ch»ryl 301 Ktnoihilo, Micha«l 301 Kipp«r, Rulh 336 Kippur, Steve 368 Kitsch, Beth 306 Kitogawa, Jonet 324 Kitoii, Robert 381 Kiuchi, Emily 325 Keup, Doug 364 Klausen, Steve 366 KIm, Rick 386 Klein, Edie 318 Klem, Horold 366 Klein, Jerry 292 Klein, Robert 381 Knell, Robert 359 Knudien, Kothy 301,326 Koboyoshl, Harriet 324 Koblin, Ron 386 Koelsch, Ginny 328 Kohatsu, Horriet 417 Kohlweck, Carl 382 Kohn, Borry 379 Kohn, Robert 346 Kokubun, Polricla 324 Kolod, Annette 330 Komai, Carolyn 325 Ko ' msky, Harry 346 Kornblum, Dave 386 Kozek, Lorry 386 Kramer, lorry 293, 370 Kramer, Marsho 298, 336 Kromiky, Elliott 354 Krasne, Jim 386 Krainick, Abby 338 Krasno, Sondro 278 Krouch, Bill 290, 292, 352 Krouss, rene 280 Krevoy, Sue 31 8 Kriite, Teri 284. 334 Kriwanek, Lindo 272, 300, 326, 392 Kronick, Susanne 314, 336 Krupp, Leonard 370 Krupiow, Paul 346 Krupiaw, Paul 281 Kulla, Norm 346 Kulla, Norm 281 Kumatako, Judy 325 Kupcho, Rolph 397 Kurahoshi, Carolyn 325 Kuratani, Yasuko 301, 324 Karatomi, Ruby 298,301,324 Kuril, Joon 336 Kurland, Stuart 368 Kurokawa, Taeko 325 Kuiaka, Demi 324 Kutalahtl, Karen 328 L Laboschin, Nancy 318 Labowitz, David 278 Lachman, Al 370 Lachman, Crystal 322 Lachman, JoAnn 318 Lacy, Pat 417 Lafler, Don 348 Lafler, Kothy 289, 340 Lagerquist, Nell 315 LaLanne, Yvonne 31 6 Lamb, Kathy 330 Lambert, John 376 Lambert, Millie 400 Lamotte, Richard 362 landberg, Noncy 395 Landetl, Blokely 352 Landis, Betty 284, 316 Landii, Bob 352 Landiberg, Ron 354 Lang, Jeff 354 Longe, Lucy 316 Langfuj, Howard 346 Langfui, Stan 346 lopidus, Maine 280, 398 Lapota, Jeff 368 Laretio, Ken 359 Larkin, Bill 376 Larrison, Mary 334 Larson, Dennis 364 Larson, Ronald 348 Laska, Mark 386 Lasser, Peter 359 Latham, Richard 380 Latino, Frank 41 5 Louder, Dan 382 Loughlin, Donna 301 La utensch lager, Cheryl 326 Lawless, Janice 332 Lowrence, Nancy 320 Lowjon, Karen 304 Lawson, Linda 326 Low ton, Eric 374 Lazenby, Janice 328 Lea, Bob 290, 388 Loach, Carol 315 Leach, Sharon 284, 334 LeDuc, Alice 315 Lee, Dione 336 Lee, Morgoret 286,301,325 Lee, Mork 354 Lee, Robert 381 LeFeure, Linda 296, 398 Lehr, Margery 304 Leigh, Barbara 322 Leighton, Dan 350 Lemert, Deborah 326 Lentz, Kurt 304 Leonard, Bill 366 Leonord, James 378 Leonard, Ken 376 Leonard, Nelson 372 Lorner, Henry 359 Lerner, Marc 346 Leslie, Judy 410 Lessner, Ron 378 Levant, Amonda 334 Levenson, Ellen 330 levin, Jerry 415 levine, Dennis 361 Levine, Joel 361 levy, Nancy 298,318 Levy, Nancy 314, 330 levy, Richard 346 leWinter, Jeff 386 Lewin, Joel 379 Lewis, Andy 386 Lewis, Bob 297 Lewis, Dan 346 Lewis, Diane 31 5 lewis, Jocqueline 320 lewis, Linda 330 Lewis, Ritch 362 Lewis, Roger 386 Lewis, ShoronLynn 286, 334 Lewis, Sharon 396 Lewis, Tracy 374 Lewis, Trevor 356 Libuie, Craig 376 I id holm, Kathleen 400 liebermon, Mark 370 Liebeskind, Debbie 286, 338 Liff, Michael 346 Lighthipe, Rod 358 hooli JO take Ucpla idsdciJai , Mf ahjj courses C ' Kc 9 Ofpranclnt poctrci. A BOOK , WILY blCKINSOH Ship out with U5 1 TheUCL 5tu(lent3BooK5tORe 434 Lightner, Judy - 296 Lighlwine, Vicki 396 Lindelef, Suzanne 392 Linder, John 281 Lindley. Ed 388 Lindley, Roger 388 Lindioy, Yolonde 286, 342 Lindsoy, Pot 284 Linsk, Sharon 314, 338 Union, Tom 386 Lippincolt, Carol 272 lippilt. Mike 352 Lipszyc, Marty 370 Lister, Ken 380 litow, Jody 318 Litrownik, Al 292, 386 Lloyd, Carole 326 Lloyd, Goy 395 Lloyd, Larry 386 Lloyd, Marshall 364 Lloyd, Patricio 326 Lobock, John 374 Lockwood, Linda 286 Lockyear, Bill 348 LoCurto, John 354 Lodmer, Sheldon 304 Logan, Mike 382 Logan, Rich 376 Logon, Terri 320 Loomos, Dean 352 Loos, Sharon _ 396 Lopez, Ken 366 Lopez, Patsy 279, 392 Lopez, Robert 278 Lopiniky, Dave 292 Lopuch, John 384 Loree, Ken mere 392 Lou (her, Ron 364 lovos, Stephen „ 384 Love, Richard 382 Loveless, Alon 366 Loveless, Poul 366 Lowe, Alan 346 Lowe, Steve „ 386 Lucan, John 350 ludlom, Sharon 326 Lue, Constance 324, 400 Luger, Carrie 284 Lukowski, Bill 358 Lund, Don 354 Lundgren, Horriet 326 Lyons, John „ 352 Lyons, Lawrence 359 Lynch, Tom 304 Lynn, Dick 374 Lynn, Mike 352 Lyster, Richard 356 M Maas, Don 348 Moos, Terry 358 Mocotee, Louise 334 Maccarrone, Pete 350 Mogdo, Marni 284 Moglio, Cheryl 406 Mainhurst, Martha 304 Mojors, Lenore 298, 342 Maki, Joan 278,301,320 Makowski, Barbara 291 Malone, Ronald 290, 386 Malry, Cossondra 286 Mcnoka, Harry 372 Mann, Allan 346 Mann, Pot 314, 338 Monnir»g, Don 366 Monsey, Gomalot 406 Mbnske, Susan 83, 332 Morondo, Roger 376 Morfield, Deanne 330 Margules, Edward 359 Markham, Gail 315 Marks, Ron 354 Marlowe, Phil 353 Morriott, Sydney 332 Monholl, Christine 316 Marshall, Frank 350 Morson, Steve 346 Morston, Ellen 328 Martin, Craig 275 Martois, Jim 378 Martsch, Nancy 315 Marumoto, Jane „ 325 Morx, Marion 338 Mosi, Tom 366 Moson, Deanno 406 Moson, Jock 374 Mason, Polly 334 Motore, Felice 326 Matchett, Mike 362 Mathews, Carol 332 Motoi, Angela 418 Matthews, Dave 292 Motz, Bunnie 31 8 Matza, Evie 338 Mourer, Mary 322 Movrinac, Gerry 366 Moymon, Bob 346 Moynord, Bill 353 Moynord, Bob 350 Mozzeo, David 378 MocNob, Chuck 374 MocNeill, Susan 334 McAuliffe, Michael 374 McCaffrey, Mike 366 McColl, Gary 364 McCallon, Dale 366 McCorter, Rick 356 McCarthey, Michael 381 McCloud, Sherry 284 McCollister, Lorry 353 McCoy, Malvina 398 McCrory, LoNeal 334 McDonald, Mike 364 McDougall, Robert 388 McEthoney, Karyl 334 McElroy, Bob 374 McEwen, Dave 382 McForlone, Noel 275 McGinnis, Chuck 366 Mcintosh, Doug 290, 382 McKay, Bob 368 McKay, Don 382 McKoye, Judy 272, 320 McKenzie, Dennis 353 McKnight, Bonnie 326 McLaren, Nancy - 398 McLoughlin, MoryBeth 272, 278, 301 McLean, Don 358 McNomoro, Dexter 376 Medok, Ron 352 Medcolf, Dorlene 340 Meiisner, Robert 273 Menary, Jeone „ 320 Mendenholl, Bernel 290 Mengel, June 328 Mehhart, Karl 350 Menold, Ben 366 Merickel, Karen 284 Metz, Karen 320 Metz, Sharon 320 Meyer, Anita 274 Meyer, Kolhy 322 Meyer, Kenneth 290, 292, 386 Meyer, Roger 273 Meyer, Sharon 328 Meyer, Sue 326 Meyers, Diana 330 Meyers, Julie 322 Michaels, Bob 293 Michaels, Cathy 328 Michel, Karen 336 Michelion, Wolf 382 Mickunos, Mory 320 Migdol, Harvey 368 Milicov, Joyce 336 Miller, Andria 320 Miller, Ashton 382 Miller, Becky 284 Miller, Brent 362 Miller, Chuck 378 Miller, Eileen 284, 334 Miller, Jim 292 Miller, Lance 362 Miller, Phil 368 Miller, Rots 354 Miller, Saralee 320 Milter, Susan 314, 338 Millikon, Nancy 328 Mindel), Bob 346 Mindling, Gayle 274 Minott, Geri 406 Minsky, Barbara 318 Minsky, Charles 368 Miranda, Vicki 334 Misenheimer, Sue 328 Mitchell, Norma 284,291,332 Mitchell, Sandy 318 Mitchell, Stephanie 296 Mitock, Mark 386 Mohamdion, Monireh 392 Mohr, Carolyn 326 Moiahid, Forouk 378 Mokabel, Soheir 406 Molho, Arthur 278 Molloy, Robert 372 Mommaerts, Bob 376 Monohan, Jim 376 Monaster, Susan 338 Monteverde, France 304, 416 Montgomery, Marcio 328 Monreol, Roger 354 Montreilo, John 364 Moon, Edie 326 Moore, Margaret -.322 Moore, Mortho 322 Moore, Meliito 334 Moore, Shelley 336 Moore, Terrie 322 Moore, Toni 328 Moore, Wayne 278, 345 Morehouse, Stephen „ 273, 372 Morgan, Dovid 384 Morgan, Everett 354 Morgan, Tonyo _ ...286 Morris, Marilyn „ „™...™. I0 Morris, Tom ..376 Morrison, Steve .... .384 Morrow, Marcio 298 Morrow, Will „ 348 Morse, Joel „ 368 Moses, Elliott 350 Moshenko, Terry ».384 Mosher, Pat „ 328 Moss, Larry 384 Mots, Mark _ 359 Moss, Rob „...281,346 Moulton, Janice 291, 340 Mount, Meredith 407 Moyer, Steve 386 Muench, Joan -.320 Muldoon, May lee 326 Mutdoon, Lynn _ 296 Mulford, Donna ™332 Muller, Mike 356 Mulvoney, Mike 292 Mumolo, Tony „ ... 366 M u n so n , Les „.. 54 Murmon, Anne _ 328 Murphy, Dennis 366 Murphy, Jim 273,352,382 Murphy, Nancy _ 328 Murray, Jim _ 388 Murrell, Cherl 286 Myers, Ricki „ 336 Mynord, Carol 296. 410 Nogore, Gerry 325 Nagy, Carl „ 273 Noiman, Morlene 318 Nakogiri, Elaine 284, 325 Nakohiro, Tokoko 325 Nakaho, Carolyn „ 324 Nomelh, Fred .386 Naples, MoryJo 332, 396 Narky, Norma „ „..J72 Nothonson, Koren „ 318 Natsume, Jean _ 1.325 Nauiokoitis, Mario „ «.406 Novo, Yolondo 298, 332 Nebel, Eileen 278, 320 Nelson, Brenda 284, 400 Nelson, Byron 292, 362 Nelson, Fred „ _.364 Nelson, Gordon 374 Nelson, Margaret „ 398 Neuberg, Leslie _ ...316 Nevins, Pot „ „ 406 Newberry, Jane 272, 286 Newton, Stan 350 RENTAL— SALES The Latest in Dinner Jackets . . . Whites - Pastels TUX SHIRTS STAR TUXEDOS UNIFORMS 1249 Third Street SANTA MONICA, CALIF. FORMAL JEWELRY Member Bankamericard Phone 451-1448 PHONE 473-9600 BRadshaw 2-7014 LEHMAN and LEHMAN INSURANCE Westwood Village 10849 LINDBROOK DRIVE LOS ANGELES 24, CALIF. 435 Niwnian, Vicky 302, Newton, Yvonne Newwirth, James Nichols, Alon Nichols. Doug J73, 288, 290. Nickmon, Betsy Nielsen, Rick Nielsen, Carl . Niemond, Wall Nishimura. Frank Nissen. Donna - Noble. Diana Nordvold, Christine - - Norton. Nancy Noskin, Marsha Notrica. Lynn . Novok. Art 368. Nowel. Jim Noyes. David Nuget. Trudy 286. Nyden. Phyllis 33i 338 278 378 360 322 374 380 382 366 330 340 410 328 318 334 379 278 362 336 316 Pagliuso. Jim Pagliuso. Linda Palmquisl. Terry Panigel. Judy Pankey. 8obbie - Ponkratz. Dovid Papierman. Lindo Park. Lynn 352 ....85, 334 332 298, 330 328 376 406 362 Oberlain, Niel 382 Obien, Leon 348 Ochman. Gary 370 O Connell. Richard 354 OConner. Ann „...„ 328 O Connor, Erin 284. 320 O Connor. Kim _. _ 272. 320 O Donnell. Suzi _ 395 Ohison. Kris 328 Okano. Michi 324 Okubo. Linda - 324 Okudo. Pat 324 Okumoto. Sharon 325 Olausen. Ragna 296. 328 Oleon. Koren _ 289. 294 Olenicoll. Roger _ 372 Olin. Barbara 334 Oliver. Judy 288, 328 Olson, Jami 381 Olson. Linda ..._ _ 284. 334 Olrlch. Earl _ 296. 382 Omey. Russ 354 Ondrasik. Judy 284. 301 Oram. Phillip 364 OrloH. Kothy 301, 318 Ornee. Ron 348 Osborn. Jackie „ 398 Oiborn. Robyn 296 Osheroff. Gory 346 Ota. Candy 324 Otten. Carol 334 Ovadenko. Judy 286 Overlock. MaryAnn 322 Owoshi. Kathy 301 Owen. Carolyn 286.410 Packard. MaryJo 284, 334 Packard. Mike 352 Padgett. Jomes . 366 Poikow. Anna - 286 Paganini. Annlia 398 Page. Donald 278 Parker. George 354 Porker. Kathy 396 Parker. Richord 386 Parks. Alan 388 Porrett, Rolph 354 Porrine. Mary . 301. 340 Parrish. Bob 354 Porsons. Bill 292 Paquettc. Kothryn 300. 340 Patterson. Allen ---374 Patterson. Charleen 294 Paul. James 276 Paust. Jordan 297 Paver. Ross 350 Peoirs. Don 378 Pearl. Lucky 374 Peorlin. Suson 330 Pearce. Susan 326 Peercey. Janice 296. 340 Peek, Jonel 288 Peggar, Neil 356 Pennington. Linda 400 Peppermon. Foilh 286. 336 Percival. Kathleen 417 Percy, Greg - 372 Perisho, Jim 290, 382 Perkins, Richard 352 Perlo. Stan 370 Perrin. Kothy 322 Perry, Martha 300 Perry, Toni _ 296 Peter. William _ 275, 345 Peters. Elaine _ 41 8 Peterson. Al _ 352 Peterson. Dick 352 Peterson, Joan 320 Peterson. Sherill 326 Pettepiece. Tom 348 Petzold. Ralph 381 Pfeifer. John 359 Philbin, Bob 356 Philips. Dave 376 Philips. Gole 286, 296 Phillips. Chorles 366 Phillips. Solly 340 Phillips. Suson 284. 328 Phinizy, Bill 358 Pierce. Charl 406 Pierce. Mori 286 Pike. Jim 384 Pike. Russell 378 Pinnell. Pam 328 Piquet, Judy 328 Pitman. Bruce 266. 366 Ploskow, David 346 Plasman. Duncan -- - 380 Plone. Steve 364 Plumer. Steven 366 Plunkett. Jerry 362 Poe. Steve 372 Poindexter. Lorry 364 Potentz. Bob 364 Polls. Vicki 334 Pollack. Karen 338 Pollard. John 370 Pope, Condy 156, 288 Porter. Fronkie 332 Powell. Jeft 351 Power. Lynne 334 Powers. Jomes 276 Preis. Barry --347 Prescott, French 326 Presser, Jane 336 Preuss. Eileen 410 Prichord. Hugh 372 Prilchord. Bob 382 Privett. Ann 326 Prouty. Karen 410 Prukop. Tim 382 Prutsmon. Gory 293, 364 Pullman. Barbara ™ 284. 301 Pupos. Linda 291,318 Purdy. Doug 352 Purdy. Rick 352 Pulman. Diana 328 9 Quick. RuthAnn 278. 289, 340 Quinn. Jerene 322 Ouint. Carole - 336 R Roe. Diana -,-..272 Ragghianti, Suzanne 320 Roimer. Cheryl 328 Raines. Gory 388 Raines. Steve - 368 Rohe. Syd 356 Ralph. Carol 322 Ramey. Beatrice 342 Randall. Paul 352 Randall. Ray 352 Raner. Dan 374 Ropore. Jon 278, 293. 376 Ropoport. Myrno 330 Rosch. Karen 322 Rasch. Lindo 322 Ratner. Stephen 381 Rouitch. Marcia 318 Rowley. Michael 380 Rowson, Wendy 278 Reodeur. Jane 316 Redmond. John 382 Reed. Carolyn 320 Reeve. Nita .-- 396 Reeves. Jim 281 Reeves. Jim 374 Reich. Jacqueline 398 Reid. Sheila 342 Reierson. Don 366 Reifman. Donald 370 Reinik, Bruce -382 Reiss. Linda 338 Reitz. Terry 360 Rell. Peter 278, 345 Renfro. Kothy 301,326 Resch. Ron 276, 347, 368 Resnick. Alex 278 Rethmeier. Ken 376 Rex, Steven - 347 Rexwinkel, Dorrell 356 Reynolds, Jim 292 Reynolds, Mike 362 Rezek, Ronald 378 Rhodes, Linda 392 Ribock. Mike 347 Riccordi. Gabriel 376 Rice. Corol 304, 416 Rice, lorry 386 Richords, John 304 Richards. Ken 374 Richardson. Bob 360 Richardson. John 292 Richordson. Sandy 272, 300, 340 Richmon. fAae 280 Rick. Gory 376 Rickey. Lon _ 354 Riddell. Sandi _ 334 Riddle, Carolyn 284, 401 Rilkin, Sue 330 Riho. Frank 384 Riho. Jim 384 Riley. Bill _ 356 Ring. Donna 338 Ringwald. Kim „..,352 Rippens. Barry 366 Risto, Gerald 297 Ritchie, Cheryl 320 Rittenberg, Ada 318 Rittenbcrg, Roni 392 Rillersbocher, Diane 272, 392 Rivin. Judy 336, 410 Rizkowsky. Mike 354 Roades. Sharon 286, 410 Roane. Barbara 284,301.320 Roberts, Joe 297 Roberts, Leo 347 Robertson, Cliff 362 Robertson, David 354 Robertson, Libby 332 Robertson, Murray „ 364 Robiczek, Kris 407 Robinson, Mike 356 Robinson, Pete 364 Robison, David 351 Rochlord, Mike 278, 362 RockofI, Nancy 410 Rode, Peter 384 Rodgers, Horold 358 Rodriguez, Manuel 278 Rofer, Mario 278 Roias, Don 292, 366 Roll, Bill - 364 Rogers, Gary 348 Rogers, Susan 332 Rollins, Susan 392 Ronon, Barbara 340 Roos, Jim 360 Rose, Gordon „ 370 Rose, Lorraine 326 Rose, Virginia 284, 301 Rosen, Arnold 361 Rosen, Donna 318 Rosen, Jon 278 RESTAURANT AND BAR Finest Italian Food PIZZA FOOD TO GO DRAFT BEER Entertainment FRI.-SAT. 2379 WESTWOOD BLVD. • Open 7 Days a Week • GR 7-0374 Same Management Since 1933 TYPEWRITERS Calculators — Adding Machines — Checkwriters ELECTRIC Olympla Most Makes 936-8146 SOLD - rented LEASED - REPAIRED Work Guaranteed — Free Loan . . . PIck-Up Delivery Service Terms if Desired. Rent with Option to Buy ||BQy9 TYPEWRITER l|AKI J ADDING MACHINE CO. SOUTH LA BREA LOS ANGELES. CALIFO Between Olympic and Pico — Always Good Parking 436 Rosen, lirda 280 Rosen, Steve 372 Rosenberg, Barbara 318 Rosenberg, Shofie 298, 318 Rosenblatt, Robert 347 Rosenblum, Bess 406 Rosenslein, Al 361 Rosenttial, Elden 347 Rosenttiol, Linda 274 Ross, Andrea 338 Ross, Cliarloi 354 Ross, Rick 370 Rostler, Roberto 336 Rotli, David 359 Roth, Ira 359 Roth, Rick 370 Rolhrock, Kothy 316 Rotsios, Connie 416 RoufI, Steve 347 Round, Linda 300 Rounthwoite, Ed 360 Rousso, Steve 386 Roup, Roliond 352 Rowlond, Judy 274 Rowse, Gory 354 Royer, Donald 381 Royer, Pete 378 Rub, Sharon 336, 410 Ruben, Harvey 370 Rubin, Phil 351 Rudin, Dan 347 Rudkowski, Rick 366 Rudolph, Pally 332 Rugg, Don 290, 376 Ruman, Judy 330 Rundquist, Karen 322 Russ, Richard _ 360 Russo, Sharon 336 Russell, Adrienne 328 Russell, Janet 272 Russen, Julio 330 Rutherford, Sheron 274 Rutledge, Sheila 280, 294 Ryan, Doug 362 Ryan, Mike 352 Ryan, Shelia 322 Ryder, Richord 384 s Socal, Ted 278 Sacker, Karen 336 Sodia, Lynn 338 Sodowsky, Steve 386 Sokamoto, Randall 358 Soke, Karen 316 Solomon, Norma 330 Soleeby, Joan 288, 326 Salisbury, Jill 284, 328 Saltzmon, Sue 334 Solzberg, Florence 330 Sommoth, Barbara 338 Samson, Judy 314, 330 Samuel, Susan 398 Samuels, Zach 278, 290, 347 Sancett, Mike 382 Sanders, Paul 378 Sondor, Tom 290, 292, 352 Sondow, Bruce 368 Sontoro, Steve 380 Sortori, Don 351 Solo, Glenn 348 Savage, Phillip 345 Sovey, Kristie 406 Scoglione, Vicki 286, 338 Schoefer, Susan 291,316 Schoffer, Jane 406 Schollon, Chormoine 316 Schauerte, Julie 320 Scheerer, Tom 380 Schellmon, Lois 316 Schick, Jeff 379 Schilbe, Anne 398 Schlossberg, David 359 Schmieg, Bob 364 Schlock, Carol 304 Schmidt, Elisabeth 340 Schmidt, Jane 272, 320 Schneider, Fred 368 Schneider, Mike 366 Schneider, Ron .._ 386 Schneider, Sharon 298, 318 Schoenberg, Roy 361 Schofield, Chorlene 400 Schol, Richard 358 Scholes, Michaele 316 Scholten, Ken 348 Schoner, Bob 362 Schreck, Bob 278 Schreibmon, Laura Schroeder, Karen Schubert, Bill 338 392 388 Schulmon, Lorraine Schultz, Arthur 416 281 Schultz, Nancy 314, 330 Schuor, Tony -,374 Schwartz, Lloyd 293,347 Schwartz, Sally 330 Schwartz, Suion 338 Schwartz, Marcia 336 Schwory, Denny _ _366 Schwerdtfeger, John 384 Schwimer, Glenn 379 Scofield, Kalhie 316 Scollon, John 378 Scolt, Cynlhio 410 Scott, Lexy 318 Scott, Melissa , 340 Scott, Rick 386 Scoville, Warren 297 Searles, Vicky 301. 392 Seors, Richard 347 Scares, David 352 Sebastian, Marianne 284, 288, 291 Sedler, Ross 379 Seeley, Morgaret 294 Segal, Laurie 330 Seifert, Verlene 304,416 Seitzler, Tom 354 Self, John 273 Selfridge, William 372 Seng, Barbara 272 Sero, Borbora 325 Serisowo, Mike 380 Setzter, Tom 275 Shochtman, Wm 354 Shaft, Susan 314, 330 Shane, Suson - 336 Shonedling, Joan 286, 340 Shonley, John 372 Shannon, John 358 Shapiro, Bob 247. 292. 296. 388 Shapiro, Larry 281, 368 Shopiro, Mark 368 Shapiro, Ned 368 Shapiro, Norm 290, 292, 370 Shapiro, Ron 370 Shaw, David 276 Shaw, Eric 386 Show, Frances 272, 289, 340 Shear, Jack 347 Sheinkopf, Carol 318 Shekoyan, Mary 398 Shelton, Jim 356 Shelton, Terry 368 Sherbin, Solly 284 Sherman, Joan 330 Sherman, Michael 368 Sherven, Judi 314, 334 Shimazu, Adeline 325 Shinodo, Akira 381 Shioto, Alice 324 Shrpton, Brian 372 Shires, Pom 320 Shirley, Kim 364 Shirley, Mary 334 Shoji, Kent 293, 378 Shone, Clndl 334 Shoop, William 356 Short, Carol 407 Shneidmon, Gail 31 8 Shtiller, Rick 370 Sibley, Jomes 384 Siccardi, Becky 298, 322 Sidell, Pete 356 Siegel, Amy 330 Siegel, Irv 359 Siegel, Joel 263, 290 Siegel, Paul 368 Siegel, Roger 372 Siegel, Vicki 338 Siguenza, William 354 Silver, Alan 386 Silver, Bruce 359 Silver, Helene 330 Silverman, Leslie 338 Simos, Kothy 288,291,314,340 Simeone, Laura 410 Simon, Beverly 304 Simon, Robert 361 Simon is, Doiva 407 Simpkins, Ed 351 Simpson, Carol 322 Simpson, Vicki 322 Sims, Anise 286 Sims, James 358 Sims, Pom 291, 316 Sinay, Sharyn 300 SiM, Sandy 332 Slock, Jamei 278 Slagle, Lorry 366 Sloter, Christy 334 Slater, Mike 356 Slater, Sharon 334 Slovin, Stewart 362 Slayden, Steve 362 Sloan, Gary 359 Slocum, Sondro 340 Sloss, Bill _ 351 Smoler, Neal „ 370 Smoll, Eddie 370 Small, Kenneth 378 Smolley, Ken 356 Smets, Jerry „ 348 Smiley, Phyllis _ 330 Smith, Corel .304, 410 Smith, Carol _ 274 Smith, Chris „ 372 Smith, Dianne 274 Smith, Dovid 276 Smith, Ellis 376 Smith, Gordon 376 Smith, Jock 352 Smith, Jeff 352 Smith, Jeff 354 Smith, Jennifer 334 Smith, Jim 351 Smith, Ken 366 Smith, Ken 370 Smith, Larry 290, 362 Smith, Linda 274, 340 Smith, Potricio 342, 418 Smith, Rosolind 284 Smith, Susan 320, 407 Smith, Susan 284 Smith, Tom 292, 364 Smith, William 297 Smollor, Judy 338 Smooke, Michael 386 Smydermon, Dennis 347 Snider, Evon 378 Snow, Richard 275 Snyder, Steve 372 Snyder, Mary - 320 Sobel, Sue 298 Solomon, Karen 330 Sompson, Danielle 320 Sorenson, Vernon 374 Sorrells, Pom 416 Sosnick, Ron 368 Soter, Chuck - 370 Spoloru, Alex 354 Speare, Richard 379 Spiegel, Sondo 407 Spilker, John 386 Spindler, Rich 362 Sponenberg, Leah 286, 395 Spooner, Chris 328 Stool, Ingrid 284 Stackhouse, Barbara 274, 286,397 Stofford, Mike 381 Stage, Peggy 328 Stoglin, Goren 372 Stahl, Ginny 296 Stonley, Jone 340 Stansbury, Richard 352 Stork, Lee 290, 386 Stork, Potricia 288 Starkweother, Cynthia 326 Starr, Richard .381 Stoudenmoyer, Buck 384 Staudenmayer, Ralph 384 Sleckel, Gail 318 Steele, Pom 322 Stefanik, Carol 391 Stein, Don 347 Stein, Horvey 290, 386 Stein, Marilyn 278, 301,314, 322 Stein, Marsha ,336 Stein, Richord 347 Stein, Stuart 347 Steinbeck, Art 292 Steinberg, Al 368 Steinmon, Patti 272 Slenderup, Jim _.„ 376 Stenen, Diana 284, 328 Stengel, Heidi 289, 328 Stern, Dennis , „ 368 Stevens, Marshall 348 Stewart. Judy „ 296 Stewart, Marilyn „ 417 Stewart, Mary 272 Stewort, Terry 292, 354 Sleyer, Terry 293, 374 Stirling, Frank „ 360 Stocker, Cheryl 284 Stoll, Noncy - 320 Stone, Borry 343 Stone, Robert 368 Stone, Suzanne 332 Stout, Sue 328 Strohm, Soro 298, 334 Straight, Susan „ 4)0 Strompe, Lindo „ 334 Strosberg, Cheryl _ 336 Strote, Julie 328 Strote, Linda 416 Straubinger, Ann „..„ 288, 328 Streeter, Suson 332 Strohm, Nancy 326 Stueber, Renee 326 Stuppy, Lorry „ .275, 384 Sturgeon, Koreen 334 Sturgeon, Vikki 334 Sturges, Linda ...„ _....251 , 288, 291 Sugimoto, Lynn „ -284, 324 Sugiyomo, Janet 284, 301, 325 Sullivon, Judi „ 392 Sullivan, Karen -...„„ 328 Sullivan, Marilyn 272 Sullivan, Mike Sung, David 386 Surfos, Borboro 338 Survol, Sue - „ 330 Sussmon, Ellen „ ™....„_..„ 410 Sutch, Tom 276 Sutton, Chris 318 Sutton, Chris _ „ 300 Sutton, John 273 Swortz.lra - „ 278 Swab, Morilyn „ 340 Swaim, Mike 366 Swanson, Corol 326 Sworner, Cheryl „ 301 Swett, Janet 322 Switzer, Lynn 326 Szolonek, George 374 Szczeponiak, Frank 345 Toono, Jennie 301 Tokeuchi, Kimiye 324 Tokii, Cloudine _ 324 Tonoko, Dione _...... 325, 400 Tonoko, Jeanne „ 301. 325 Tondberg, Don 388 Toniguchi, Dorothy 301,398 Tonimoto, Lois „ 325 Tonner, Dick „ 374 Torsey, Lisa „ 392 Taylor, Eric 292 Taylor, Jeff 290 Toylor, John „ 376 Taylor, Joyce „ 284 Taylor, Lindo „ 278. 401 Taylor, Stephen _ 384 Teogue, Jim 348 Teas, Jane „.. 398 Teele, Bob „ 372 Teitelboum, David _ 386 Temple, Patricia 274, 342. 410 Tenenboum, Samuel 368 Tennesen, Bill „ 356 Terrls, Sue „ „.„ 338 Terry, M ' Lee 318 Terwilliger, Steve 349 Thocker, Robert 345 Thaler, Norma 298, 336 Thoyer, Robt „. 374 Thayer, Sandra 304 Thomas, Frederick 345 Thomos, Jaquie 328 Thomas, Lorry 354 Thomas, Ston „ 273, 351 Thompson, William 297 Thomson, Ed 374 Thorpe, Chris 322 Thorpe, Richard 370 Tidwell, Romeria 342 Tilles, Mondy 362 Tillman, Borboro „ 398 Ti 1 1 man , Jon 386 Tisherman, Steven „ 379 Toad, Sir 349 Tobias, Barry 292 Todd, Laura 334 Todd, Toddy 157,251,264,291 Tohes, Jim 382 Tokunoga. Asao _ 297 Toll, Doreen „. 336 Tonnemocher, Mike -.™ 356 Tonsich, Diono .._ _„_ 410 Topham, lindo 274 Torch, jochin „ 297 Torres, Tito 352 437 Tol1«r, B«My 296,315 Trobiih, Steven 354 Trommell, Georgia 320 Trandem, Tonni 286 Troutwein, Richard 349 Troynor, Pat _ 320 Treioer, Milch 294, 386 Trentham, Lorry 345 Troil, Ruth 330 Trottler, Floro 336 Tfoui, Richard 380 Tubbi, Deborah 342 Tucker, Cheryl 342 Tucker, Kent 366 Turkel, Susan -330 Turner, Dove - 388 Turner, Linda 334 Tutlle, Gory 345 Twitched, Don 352 Tyndall, Craig 354 Uchido, Joan 286, 325 Ucuzoglu, Fran 338 Ullman, Sheryl 286, 338 Ullrich, Robert 349 Underwood, Dick 382 Underwood, Laurel 332 Ungar, Denise 338 Unger, Bob 293, 386 Unger, Barry 386 Uredo, Bill 366 Urner, Marlene 322,410 Voiti, Solveiga 406 Vailloncourl, Candy 274 Valentin, Nina 280 Volestrino, Toni 320 Voluiek, Joan 334 Vance, Shoron 320 Vondervelde, Carol 330 VonderZyl, Keith 276 Vondenberg, Denise 332 VonDeVenler, Janice 315 VonOeWoler, John 352 VonOyke, Karen 322 VonHoerlem, Patricia 410 Vonis, Richard 360 VonMeter, Lorraine 332 VonMeyer, Kothy 334 VonSoun, Dave 378 Vanicoyk, Chris 360 VonWickel, Susan 296 VonWormer, Thomas 297 Velozquez, Edward 364 Veltmon, Jim 364 Venerable, Delberl 276 Venger, Volerie 318 Vesy, Carol 328 Vetterli. Rilo 278, 392 Vicktor, Steve .290, 370 Vinetz, Tom 368 Voll, Crissy 80, 284, 332 Voigt, Dove 275, 378 Vogel, John 370 VonBuelow, Bob 374 Vorhies, William 362 w Wochtel, Kothy 296, 410 Wodman, Alan 351 Wadmon, Dovid 351 Waohrer, Sylvia 392 Wogonis, Barbara 406 Vi akemon, Chuck 354 Waksmon, Borbara 336 Wallace, J ohn 290 Wold, Craig 386 Waldron, Carroll 272 Walker, Gory 376 Walker, Hollie 396 Walker, Ken 275 Walker, Leslie 362 Walker, Richord 382 Wallock, Terry 382 Wolker, Robt 374 Wolloce, John 374 Wolloce, Simone 410 Wallace, Wolly 292 Wallers, Bonnie 410 Wollmon, Bob _ 352 Walton, Susan 320 Worburton, Shirley 322 Warmboodt, John 376 Warren, Lloyd 386 Wassermon, Howard 370 Wossermon, Ira 368 Wassermon, Joel 347 Wossermo, Steve 347 Wotonobe, Bob 349 Wolanobe, Colin 300 Wotenmoker, Alan 347 Walters, Mary 322, 410 Wayne, Wendy 338 Webb, Dennis 384 Webb, Russell 364 Weber, Brian 351 Weber, Sandy 336 Webster, Ginger 314, 328 Weed, Ardeth 410 Wegner-Honssen, Kriss 274, 322 Wehrle, Al 351 Weinberg, Janet 330 Weiner, Mitch 304 Weiner, Rebecca 338 Weiner, Steve 386 Weinstein, Jerry 292, 370 Weinstein, Natalie 336 Weinstine, Gene 381 Weintraub, Carl -351 Weir, Mory 328 Weir, Ralph 376 Weisbloft, Al 386 Welse, Lorry 278 Weismon, Joan 392 Weiss, Barbara 336 Weiss, Bob 293, 368 Weiss, Corel 406 Weiss. David 354 Weiss, Joel 347 Weiss, Norman 354 Weissberg, Bill 347 Weitzberg, form 338 Weitzmon, Eorl 370 Weitzmon, Phyllis 286, 395 Wells, Suson 300, 395 Welsh, Borbora 284, 328 Welt, Ceroid 347 Welty, Kothy 318 Wesler, Sondy 336 West, Roger 356 Westlond, Donna 398 Westphall, Carol 320 Wetzler, Bobbie 334 Wexler. Barbara 338 Wexler. Mark 362 Wexler, Vido 338 Weyl, Alan 374 Wheodon, Wes 352 Whiloker, Dione 334 Whitoker, JoAnn 410 Whitaker, Linda 328 Whitoker, Walt 352 White, Cheryl 284. 334 White, Jomes 275 While, Lynn 316 While, Pom 407 White, Steve 263, 293 Whitemon, Thorpe 362 Whitney, Jonet 304 Whitsett, Jim 275 Whittoker, Wendy 340 Wickstrom, Doug 278, 297 Wickes, William 275 Widders, Monte 290, 376 Wieczorek, Tony 358 Wiese, lorry 303, 374 Wiese, Lorry 293, 374 Winding, Steve 382 Wilks, Sandra 280 Wilburne, Barbara 280 Wilkison, Warren 366 Willordson, Jeff 364 Wlllens, Susan 338 Wilier, Roger 384 Williams, Evan 290, 372 Williams, Judy _ 289 Williams, Kerry 352 Williams, Tudor 372 Willick, Jon 316 Willis, Pom 289 Winner, Mortin 347 Wilner, Don 354 Winkler, Jon 322 Winnick, Shelly 338 Wilson, Jock - 384 Wilson, Molly 326 Wilson, Raymond 366 Wilson, Roger 374 Win, Ino 286 Winer, Elaine 336 Winer, Howard 368 Winer, Jackie 336 Wingl ' eld. Michael 374 Winnick, Shelly 286 Winslow, Mory 288 Winston, Richard 368 Winter, Kathleen 286 Winter, Roz 336 Wise, Chris 354 Wiseman, Charles 279 Wiswell. Bob 352 Wisemon, Charles 347 Witt, Jim 349 Wittenburg, Jim 273, 366 Wolfe, Borbora 416 Wolfe, George 304 Wolfe, John 275, 304 Wolfus, Don 293, 370 Wood, Patricio _ 301 Wood, Trov 3S2 Woodlock, Rosemary 328 Woods, Mary 316 Woods, Thomas 351 Wood, Polricia 392 Woodruff, Bob 376 Woodson, Claire 332 Woodword, Joan 296 Woody, Pat 298 Woolley, George 366 Wooton, Kothy 298, 328 Woolen, Wesley 388 Worchester, Lir _ 274 Worms, Jim 3S2 Worthington, Tom 354 Wozney, Greg 372 Wroy, Pork 352 Wright, Dick 275, 304 Wright, Donna 316 Y Yole, Jacqueline 296 Yomaguchi, Marci 324 Yanagihara, Irene 324, 410 YoTes, Yvonne 272 Yee, Wendy 289 Yih, Lee 386 Yoda, Suzan 301,325 Yorimoto, Barbara 324 Yorimoto, Beverly 324 Yorita, Frank 349 Yoshii, Edna 415 Young, Gary „ 356 Young, Harry 345 z Zcmanigan, Peter 372 Zachorias, Gary 349 Zaieska, Richard 361 Zamloch, Marty 332 Zom petti, Horm 362 Zasloff, Sonia 330 Zelma, Storr 315 Ziskind, Trudi 278 Zide, Mike 386 Ziman, Larry 370 Zimming, Stuart 359 Zimmerman, Elyn 338 Zimmerman, Ron 382 Zinski, Suzanne 280 Zinski, Suzanne 398 Zober, Marlene 392 Zufryden, Fred 278 All Informal and Portrait Photographs In This Yearbook May Be Purchased at CAMPUS STUeilO) 150 Kerckhoff Hall BR 2-8911 or GR 8-9711, Ext. 3320 - 3349 -»-,-,»■-»—, —■»■. 438 Credit Where It ' s Due... EDITORIAL STAFF Editor Toddy Todd Designer Sharon Colnor Associate Editor Sally Beeson Layout Editor Bruce Pitman Staff Toddy Todd Copy Editors Mike Kerley Suzanne Russell Thenne Copy ._.. Carol Treiber Photography Editor Shari Dalrymple Office Manager Sally Hartzler Staff --- DaveTreiman Advertising Manager Walt Klefner SPECIAL ASSISTANCE Arnold Lester, Howard Brons+eln, Steve White, Joel Siegel, Whitney Todd, Mary Ridgway. PHOTOGRAPHY STAFF Stretch Hussey, Norm Schindler, Stanley Mindel, Gordon Pullin, Alex Balian, Nelson Salez. Special Photos by: Joel Boxer, Howard Bronstein, Lorry Treiman. CREDITS Printing and Binding: R. Wallace Pischel, Inc. Pasco, Washington Cover by: Pacific Library Binding Company Honor Edition Covers by: A. E. Costalin Company Formal Photography by: Frank Halberg Informal Photography by: Stan Troutman Director of Publications: Harry E. Morris Publications Stoff: Lee Monteleone, Pat Benson, Dorothy Wood 439 Well it ' s been one hell of a year! May I l+h — the book ' s completed, R. Wallace is happy, Gene can ' t really believe it, Mr. Morris is beaming. It ' s all over but the memories: Clifford and the boys of Comm Board. " Why can ' t you fit the whole book into 250 pages? " ... How can I tell you anything to do; we don ' t even have a budget yet?...The SoCam scrapbook . . . Kerckhoff Hall Drinking Club . . . The Satyr people brought joy and funny copy to SoCam . . . Isn ' t there somewhere we can get a couch for the layout room? lensen ' s lacking immoral support the second time around . . . " AII-American-etc. ad nauseum " — a thing of the past . . . It ' s true. Toddy baby, I really can ' t do those 1 05 pages this week " . . . How can we possibly fake the entire Spring Sports section? . . . Sorry Little Sis about lousing up your big chance, but R. Wallace says that it just won ' t fit . . .Well, Kemp, next time you come, plan on working .. .Wouldn ' t anyone lite to do a fun job— there ' re only 1 500 pink slips to alphabetize today? . . . Well, if it isn ' t the Ghost . . . No, I really don ' t live in Kerckhoff; it just seems that way . . . Well. Phi Delts, Pi Lambs, and Lambda Chis — it serves you right for not turning things in . . . Of course, I can ' t give you an example of our writing style — I can ' t even do it myself . . . The perennial answer — of course, the book will be out on June 2nd . . . Norm, wouldn ' t you just love to take another queen picture? ... So near and yet so far away — what it takes to be a Kerckhoff Commando ... So the whole world hates me for not having team pictures! ... As long as they don ' t pay, they don ' t have a say . . . Sure we ' ll make; they ' re only 250 pages to do in the next two weeks . . . How do I know who the Outstanding Seniors are, I don ' t even pick them? . . . Occasional nocturnal visits a la Dick Lemon — Well, as Henry Miller said . . . Well, Mr. Don- feld, whot ore you doing here so early in the morning? How would you like to write ' SLC? ' ... Hi ya, Stevie Wonder . . . When are you taking the Poli Sci finol, Todd? . . . Sure we ' ll make the deadline, Mr. Morris — only 30 more pages to do by 3:30 today . . . We wouldn ' t want to break tradition — has SoCam ever made a deadline? . . . How can I possibly get pictures of these Outstanding Sen- iors some of them have never done anything to have their pictures taken for? — Oh, well, they aren ' t my worry. Apologies to Arthur Ashe, Ken Meyer, Keith Erickson, and Pete Blowiti — | think you ' ve done some damn outstanding things . . . Congrats to Linda Pagliuso for all the honors, patience, and inspiration — and good luck . . . Gee, it ' s been fun this year. Bruin people — funny thing how I have more friends on the Bruin staff than on my own. Just goes to show that you don ' t know me — for to know me is to hate me . . . Well, Dormies, what do you think of the new regime — I think most of the group pics look bitch ' in . . . Perhaps next year you ' ll turn in some copy and things . . . Wont anything from the Machine room ? ... I ' m scared to go to the Coop — See I ' m not really as brave as I pre- tend . . . How is it possible to have a great turn-out of five for a SoCam beer bust? . . . Dean Brugger: " I thought you said it would all be finished last Thursday? " . . . Please Sharon-Sharon, don ' t have a heart attack when I tell you that there ' s been a slight mistake on the division pages . . . Hey, Alex, what do I do for my next paper? ... Hi ya. Ridge — my great inspiration, kiss-off par excellence, FAKE, " are you sure this machine will really work? " , fashion consultant, chief crying towel, creator of the WASA configuration, " Quit bitching, Todd! " . . . But how can all the people on our floor fit on half a page? Well, friends, note the huge turn-out for dorm pic- tures . . . The 400 ' s slumber party, disillusion set in, SoCam for Easter, even conned Snake into helping, only four days late, the best yet . . . Happiness is: a too-short denim shift, sandals, and two pony tails; a desk from which pens, magic markers, typing paper, portable radio, etc. have not been bagged; finding at least one person helping when there are 100 pages due that week; having contact prints sooner than one week late . . . There ' s not much left to say now that it ' s all over and the whole world hates me . . . Sharon, you ' ve been great — the only one with a true responsibility, and the one I constantly called on for advice. Guess it would be obvious though with sixteen blank introductory pages. And thanks to Marie Meloche from Sharon and me for the advice and criticism at the right time . . . Well, Beast, sorry about all that ' s happened this year. Told you I ' d crock under the strain — both kinds — one best friend down the drain for the soke of duty. Truly appreciate all your help, especially at Xmos; perhaps your philosophy and temperament are the best way, but it ' s too late to change now . . . Thanks for much of the copy goes to Super-Theo, the angelic one, soon to face his moment of truth — hope you ' re a success on the Bruin . . . Russell — fastest typist around, hates to write to size, the one who did a hateful thing to 179 — thanks for the gung-ho spirit ... To Carol Treiber goes the credit for the theme essay which she stated so much better than I could hove — I hope someone reads it . . . For the grid, the bitch ' in white space at the top, the Cross-inspiration, and my later financial success, the thanks goes to Bruce; good luck to you and BB . . . Thanks must go to Shari Hartiler (back for a second year), and many other DZ ' s who gave out with the loyal support from time to time — Sheker, Perry, Williams, the Ghost and Dave, Barry, Jo, Nancy, and Jay. Special thanks to Arnie Lester, Howard Bronstein, and Steve, Frank, and Kathy at the News Bureau and numerous coaches who saved my life in the sports field. As usual, credit for the pictures, the core of any yearbook, must go to Stan Troutman ' s gong — Stretch, Norm, Stanley. Frank, Alex, Gordon, Nelson, and " the girls " — I think the extra thought and work this year really shows. Thanks for putting up with my incessant harrassment. Thanks to the Bruin people — the old PR action really worked, as it would have been hell if we ' d gone along in the usual tradition. Well, Walt, it was a noble attempt — good luck with the market survey . . . Sincerest thanks to the real bui lders of the book — the printer, R. Wallace Pischel, Inc. (Mr. and Mrs. Pischel, Mrs. Kenworthy, Gene Mecherikoff) for all the extra care you took with the book and for working doubly hard for us when the end neared. And lost, but most important of all, I thank Mr. Morris, Lee, Pat, Dorothy, Mr. Ackerman, Dean Brugger, Dale Spickler, Terry, and June — the people who always helped out when they were needed most, who were endless sources of information and who continually provided encouragement when everything seemed lost. I ' m truly grateful. I wonder now how everything got done. Back in September did I really think that the year would be so busy, so chaotic, so frustrat- ing, so much fun, so anything? It ' s a thing you never know until you ' ve done It. But here I sit, the last page turned in and a sigh of relief is heard through the dark and empty halls of Kerckhoff. Now it ' s all over; the dust has settled; the champagne gives me this light giddy feeling; there remains nothing to do. Perhaps now I ' ll get the " B " I need to graduate. I hope you enjoy the book as much as I ' ve enjoyed doing it. Farewell from the Bitch- Witch. Toddy Todd, Editor-in-Chief, 1965 Southern Campus 440 V .. ' .1%. 4 4 2iJW N, •fchs ► ► ;♦-• I % . i|Hk ■9 0r y -

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