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1961 Southern Campus Volume 42 Official Record of the UCLA Year Copyright by the Associated Students, UCLA. SOUTHERN CAMPUS 1961 COLLEGE OF PA WASHINGTON. SAN JOSE STATE UCLA CALIFORNIA UCLA ... 17,000 diverse students, eager and bewildered as they first face the University ' s challenge, cocky and self-assured as they taste success, once again assuming eagerness and bewilderment as the University ' s challenge becomes the challenge of the outside world. In attributes, abilities, attitudes, the student is an individual, but in the University each shares a common denominator. There is a certain oneness: spirit, pride of having accomplished and pride that drives to accomplish still more ... 17,000 work in opposite directions that are parallel. Unity comes from identification: UCLA is scrawled across a billboard by one UCLA man, a sign of his pride and spirit. The author of that deed could have been all 17,000—symbolically THE UCLA MAN. Southern Campus studies THE UCLA MAN, in his effort, his triumph. MCMLX RAFER JOHNSON C. K. YANG ELVIN C. " DUCKY " DRAKE BRIGGS HUNT RALPH BUNCHE, GLENN SEABORG, WILLARD F. LIBBY UNICAMP —symbolically THE UCLA MAN... BICYCLES ONLY PARKING AREA DICKSON COURT UCLA ROOTER ARENA LEVEL(SEC. 14-20) 244 2nd ANNUAL LOS ANGELES BASKETBALL CLASSIC UCLA-USC INVITATIONAL TOURNAMENT A MEMORIAL SPORTS ARENA 1961 SAN JOSE STATE UCLA CALIFORNIA MCMLX Southern Campus studies THE UCLA MAN ... The University administration...65 faculty...79 The Year fall...17 spring...45 . CONTENTS Associated Students ucla Los Angeles 24, Calif. 002 UCLA ROOTER ARENA LEVEL(SEC 14-20) FRI.,DEC.16, 1960 L.A. MEMORIAL SPORTS ARENA GATE CHECK Farewell seniors ...435 index and credit...485 Living Groups hers...281 his 365 Student Life leadership...113 ...151 honor and service... 161 drama...203 Athletics fall...209 spring...259 1961 Registration FALL Homecoming THE YEAR SPRING 61 Spring Sing Mrs. WILLIAM ACKERMAN, Alumni President BILL FORBES, Chancellor MURPHY and Mr. A trade quips at LA International after Murphy ' s arrival. AN HONOR TO ONE WHO BRINGS HONORS Although the fall term started in late September, the real beginnings for the academic year 1960-1 can be traced back to April 17, 1960, when Franklin D. Murphy, then Chancellor-designate for UCLA, arrived at LA International Airport. His was an enthusiastic greeting, for he was not an unknown quantity; his record at Kansas spoke well of him, and those who welcomed him intuited a new era for UCLA. It was their suspicion and our knowledge that Chancellor Murphy ' s presence means a new look, a new face and a new influence on THE UCLA MAN. Southern Campus dedicates the year 1961 to a dynamic, perceptive, hopeful, young-thinking, inspiring Franklin David Murphy. HARRY LONGWAY of the Alumni Association and MURPHY seem to be feeling each other out. ASUCLA ' s ACKERMAN and WACHS were among the delegation welcoming MURPHY. Chancellor Emeritus KNUDSEN and MURPHY notes at a brief interview for the press. Retiring Chancellor KNUDSEN introduces Dr.MURPHY to his " new province, " the campus. A CAMPUS GROWS... THE SKYLINE CHANGES Like people, a campus changes. It grows and matures with time, and with each change and addition there is something that alters the personality of the campus. Two new skyscraper dormitories grace the Gayley skyline, but there is more here than just architectural influence. There are 1600 more students living on campus, making the University their home and full-time occupation. Sproul and Dykstra, the first in a projected community of dorms, give indication of the new look in store for the UCLA man in the next decade: every student living on-campus. 20 NEW DORMS, NEW CLASSROOMS, AND... Referred to as Parking Area 5, the million-dollar structure housing over 900 cars is a split level building, newly-erected, west of the Humanities Building. With parking area after parking area giving way to classroom space, the prototype parking structure, costly though it is, seems to be the only answer to a commuting and land-locked campus that must grow to survive. 21 EXPANSION TO THE NORTH... Scheduled to open its doors next fall, the new six-story Business Administration Building will house the undergrad and graduate School of Business Administration. Frantic construction in recent years has placed emphasis on the sciences and engineering, though the new BusAd structure and a projected social science building and new library facilities promise a campus that will stretch from Sunset to LeConte, a far cry from the old Quadrangle. 22 REGISTRATION 23 UCB Chancellor GLENN T. SEABORG, UCLA Chancellor emeritus VERN C. KNUDSEN and President emeritus ROBERT GORDON SPROUL listen with mixed reactions to the address. Student body President JOEL STAHLER WACHS gives a formal student greeting. New Chancellor FRANKLIN D. MURPHY gives the inaugural address envisioning auras of greatness for the University. INAUGURATION OF A NEW CHANCELLOR September 23, 1961... UCLA inaugurates its sixth chief executive and third Chancellor in the person of fiery Kansas Irishman Franklin David Murphy whose was ironically announced on St. Patrick ' s Day. In a two hour ceremony on Dickson Court before a lavishly robed faculty, Murphy told of " the entirely attainable and ultimate UCLA goal . . . major schol arly distinction in worldwide terms. We understand the plea and we will Regents Chairman Edwin W. Pauley conducted the program in the absence of UC President Clark Kerr. Outgoing UCLA Alumni President and Regent, WILLIAM FORBES, greets the chancellor. 24 With guitaron accompaniment, Bud and Travis sang a wide selection from their folksong inventory that has made them popular in nightclubs and on LP albums. BUD AND TRAV COME TO ROYCE Extemely popular in West Coast Night Clubs and on the UCLA campus, Bud and Trav appeared twice here, once for a concert of their own, once during the Homecoming week at the announcement of the Homecoming Court. Their was first in long line of top name talent to entertain in Royce during year. The first of the ASUCLA-sponsored concerts, the performance was sold out. Student government guessed right on the entertainment tastes of the student body. 25 Kangaroo Court Judge punished offending freshmen for not wearing beanies. Elections Walk ... many long tedious hours pave the road to the Vice Presidency. Uniformed President finds rapport with the voters. FRESHMAN ELECTIONS Delegations carried the campaign to living groups. The Bay Area, with its side shops, night spots and wharf played host to the more than 1500 All-U bound Bruins. THE ALL-U WEEKEND The rather soggy All-U weekend failed to dampen the spirits of the thousands of UCLA students who ventured to the Northland. Visions of " a lost weekend " were more than realized in evenings of roaming the foggy streets of glamorous San Francisco. Came the deluge, yet the shouts of victory could still be heard from exuberant Bruin fans. The rain came and passed; the spirit never died. The Cal campus was the scene of this year ' s All California Weekend. Athletic teams, bands, yell leaders and song girls, and rooters packed Berkeley for the Cal game and attendant social festivities. 27 The Mud Brawl ... released restraints bring out true personalities. MEN ' S - GREEK WEEK Under Stu Brown ' s chairmanship, Men ' s and Greek Week were combined for the first time. Pledge auctions, Dad ' s Night, the Mud Brawl and other events netted $1000 for Uni-Camp and memorial scholarships. Students and their fathers were entertained at the Dad ' s Night Show by comedians Danny Thomas and Keenan Wynn. Beauty achieves distinction . . . Theta pledges on the auction block and JUDY NELSON, Belle of UCLA. is presented at Stanford game by Ralph Thacker, Dad of the Year. 28 Bootleggers, flappers, cops, hoods, gangsters, floozies, bad gin and long black cars marked the return of the Homecoming Parade to Westwood Blvd. HOMECOMING RETURNS TO THE VILLAGE " Roaring ' 20 ' s " theme was illustrated by members of the 1960 Homecoming Committee. Top Row (I to r): A. Freedman, S. Hirzel, K. Warren, J. Haworth, E. Jardine, A. Wilson, L. Scott, K. Barrett, J. MedcaIf. Middle Row: J. Neville, M. Roth, B. Filley, G. Stafford, D. Le Roy, D. Barker, J. Drak. Bottom Row: R. Serber and S. Margolin. Homecoming, the week of student events leading up to the Big Game, perhaps meant a little more this year. The parade was once again through the village, and the theme for the week (Roaring ' 20 ' s) was memory-inspiring for UCLA ' s old-timers. Yell Leaders BUCKNER and PHILLIPS bow in deference to veteran Bruin rooter JOE E. BROWN as spirit whipped up for annual Homecoming tilt. Talent, homespun style, entertained at the Olio Show, the first event in long week saluting returning alums. Floats floated past judging stand in a parade that returned to Village route. ...THE COURT Their regal poise and bearing when congratulated belies the atmosphere in Royce as the Homecoming Court, 1960, was announced . . . bedlam broke loose. The college campus has a bustling, thriving, unique atmosphere that is unmatchable. A year extracted from the history of a student or a university is rich with experiences of athletic and academic striving, of majestic display of loyalty and spirit, of beauty. 1961 was a complete year at UCLA, filled . . . with color. Homecoming Queen PATTY RESLOCK stands at the foot of Janss Steps with her attendants after coronation: (I to r) BEVERLY BAKER, junior; HORN, senior; Queen PATTY; MARSHA SANDIN, sophomore; and JEANINE WAGNER, freshman. Vice-Chancellor YOUNG presided at ceremony. 33 Bruin Belles GERRY BEYE, LYNN WALLAD, ANN DENSMORE, greet visitor, JEROME THIES, Air Force Academy, at international Airport. BRUIN BELLES The presenting of oranges symbolizes the spirit and tradition of friendliness and hospitality of our southern campus to all visitors greeted by UCLA ' s official . The Bruin Belles. UCLA ' S MARCHNG BAND 35 UCLA ' s Marching Band, over one hundred strong, along with the card stunts, the rooting section, and song and yell leaders, add much to what is the pageantry of UCLA halftime. The band along with musicians from the Varsity Band and Concert Band, tours Europe this summer for sightseeing and concerts in Vienna, Paris and other major cities. Trombones 35. Craft Trumpets 1. Staples 36. Lyons 69. Logan 2. McCormick 37. Goldstein 70. Mayfield 3. Drudge 38. 71. Grotsch 4, Gerardi 39. Zukovsky 72. Webster 5. Rinde 40. Clapick 73. Dehning 6. Baker 41. Beck 74. Schei 7. Powell 42. Donnelly 75. Morosic 8. Albert 43. Ashton 76. Lindell 9. James 44. Leventhal 77. King 10. Bishop Tenor Saxaphone 78. Faulkner 11. Hollis 45. Ellis 79. Seapy 12. Rothschild 46. Welsch 80, Cohen 13. Robbins 47. Gould 81. Hammon 14. Butler 48. Wood 82. Kramer 15. Tiffany 49. Spitzer 83. Botvinick 16. Spilka 50. Smith 84. Barneby 17. Dickinson 51. Freeman Percussion Fr. Horns 52. Ference 85. Froula 18. Rundquist Piccolo 86. Adams 19. Jensen 53. Stein 87. Lewinson 20. Diehl 54. Shay 88. Tripp 21. Brainerd 55. Downs 89. Obien Clarinets 56. Schwaber 90. Schwartz 22. Patterson 57. Berman 91. Berger 23. Gustafson Tuba 92. Mouzakis 24. Kaplan 58. Patterson 93. Margolis 25. Duncanson 59. Carnahan 94. Hamilton 26. Schweitzer 60. Mastin 95. Boyer 27. Rowling 61. Johnson 96. Beale 28. Gwynne 62. Backhaus 97. Bushner 29. McDonald 63. Brotman 98. Barker 30. Beck Baritone Alto Saxophone 64. Henderson A. SawhilI 31. Shapiro 65. McGee B. James 32. Mooser 66. Hayes C. Jensen 33. Rose 67. Hockenbury D. Burnett 34. Pazornik 68. Moriarty E. Strutt Music Professor CLARENCE SAWHILL was in charge of the many University Bands. KELLY JAMES put the Marching Band through countless hours of drill during football season. Drum Major KIM STRUTT and Baton Twirler CARL BURNETT sparked the Marching Band. The UCLA Varsity Band The UCLA Concert Band 37 UCLA ' s scrappy basketballers entered their own (co-sponsored with SC) LA Classic Tournament as underdogs to a highly-touted Indiana team, which was bolstered by returning All-American Walt Bellamy. The Bruins rallied to outhustle, outrebound (Gary Cunningham, 55) and outplay the Midwesterners in the Classic ' s SC was knocked off by cornbelt Iowa, up Iowa and UCLA in the finals on the last night of the tournament. The Bruins ' brilliance against Indiana was not repeated, however, and the Hawkeyes rolled up a 71-65 score to triumph. DAVE MIELKE and Junior Prom Queen SHARI FORD (left) were among the many couples attending the Prom at Disneyland. NORM PADGETT (below), Director of Student Activities, and Head Football Coach BILL BARNES (bottom) seemed to enjoy the festivities too. THE JUNIOR PROM ...AT DISNEYLAND The Junior Prom, like other activities and events at UCLA, has grown to spectacular proportions. Staged this year at Disneyland, the Anaheim amusement park ' s facilities were open to bid holders from the early afternoon until 1 a.m. in the morning. Rides, attractions, the crowning of queen Shari Ford by Coach Barnes, and the dance band made it difficult for most Bruins to return in time for the 3 a.m. lockout. 40 MID-YEAR GRADUATION LINDA PREWITT SoCam Fall Queen Gamma Phi Beta 42 SHARI SoCam Fall Alpha Phi BEV SoCam Fall Alpha Chi Omega 43 Registration FALL Homecoming THE YEAR SPRING Spring Sing 61 MARY YOSHIOKA Southern Campus Spring Princess Twin Pines BETTE FAIRCHILD Southern Campus Spring Princess Kappa Kappa Gamma PASCAL SoCam Spring Queen Hershey Hall THE MILITARY BALL Navy Queen JILL PARKER is all smiles as Captain HESS whispers congratulations. The Army ' s Colonel BURNS poses with flower-laden AROTC Queen LINDA REARWIN. The Military Ball, resplendent with formal military attire and a reigning queen for each of the ROTC units here at UCLA, was held this year in the Sunset Room of the Ambassador Hotel. Carroll Wax and his orchestra entertained at the traditional Ball which brings future officers of the three services together once a year. The host organization this year, Arnold Air Society, planned the affair. JEANNINE WAGNER and Colonel OBERDORF rub noses in ceremony that makes her queen of the Ball-sponsoring AFROTC. DUBLIN BALL TOM LANDIS is crowned Smiling Irishman by chairman MARK LEICESTER. Sure and t ' was a fine night for the wearin ' of the green. Saint Pat ' s night saw Bruins dancing to everything but an Irish jig at the annual Dublin Ball held at the Ambassador Hotel and sponsored by the freshman and sophomore classes. Geri Parkes, representing the sophomore class, reigned as Queen over the shamrock crew. MARDI GRAS UCLA ' s version of the New Orleans Mardi Gras, though scheduled for a Friday evening in April, sans costumes, sans parade and sans a French Quarter background, at least bears the same name and same possibilities for a good time as its ' Louisiana counterpart. Promoted by ASUCLA as a fund-raising project for Uni-Campers-to-be, more than 7,000 pay admission to the six-hour carnival, and a multitude of fraternities, sororities and honoraries devote of their time and energy to make the attractions a success. SPRING ELECTIONS Spring elections, if judged by the turnout of voters, was one of the most interest-arousing in recent years. Over three thousand students found their way to the polling place in the new Student Union. Both the race for Student Body President and the election of the Daily Bruin Editor - in - Chief were unusual. Spring, 1961, was the first time in five years that there had been a " tight " race for President of the Associated Students (Jim Stiven bested Marty Sicherman by a scant 47 votes), and the first time since the inception of the Bruin Editorship as an elective post that there was but one candidate (Shirley Mae Folmer had no opposition). A five and one-half million dollar structure, the Union opened officially April 3, 1961. Its five stories took a total of almost three years to complete. THE UNION OPENS... Chancellor Murphy pointed to the importance of the new Student Union, when at its completion he remarked that " The dedication . . . marks the beginning of a new and exciting potential for UCLA. " The magnetic attraction of the new Union within only a week brought organization and if not unity, then proximity of one UCLA Man to another. The recreational facilities, the food service expansion, the study-inducing lounges have drawn together students whose only prior contact was the registration line. The Union not only changes the face of the campus, it changes the attitude of the student: Now there is more than just a library and classrooms to identify with the sprawling campus proper. " EL MONTE... ...COMES TO UCLA " Only three weeks after its dedication, the Union was packed with 2600 Bruins who were attracted by the first all-campus dance in the grand ballroom. The occasion was raising funds for Uni-Camp and the sponsors were the Kelps. The Masked Phantoms and a host of other rock and roll performers entertained at " El Monte Comes to UCLA. " One of the largest dances ever held on campus, students stomped, sloshed, gullied and came to life, making it a resounding success for the Kelps, those who attended and Uni-Camp. A visit of State by Prince AKIHITO and his new bride included a UCLA stopover. The art parterre was packed when ADLAI STEVENSON made October visit. NORMAN THOMA S, veteran presidential candidate, relaxes backstage after Royce Hall appearance. Ex-Bruin student RALPH BUNCHE took time out from UN chores for a press conference in the Union. White House aspirant NIXON converses with Bruin fan after campaign address in fall on SC campus. ...AN ARRAY OF VISITING TALENT Facilities for learning in an academic community are not limited to the classroom nor to the regular faculty. UCLA, a large and growing campus, is renowned for its talented academicians, and its renown attracts talented individuals from other fields. The UCLA Man in 1961 had access to outstanding political figures—Kennedy, Nixon, Japan ' s Prince Akihito, Norman Thomas, Ralph Authors Sandburg and Huxley, to performances by entertainers of the caliber of Laughton, Previn and Jimmy Rodgers. The year did not hurt for lack of excitement. In quest of Presidency, KENNEDY addressed gathering of SC, UCLA students. UCLA Extension brought ALDOUS HUXLEY (gesturing) to campus for literary seminar. Epic Poet CARL SANDBURG chats backstage with Bruin admirers after Royce appearance. CHARLES LAUGHTON ' s poetry interpretation for Bruins was a sell-out. LAUGHTON was a one-man performance. ASUCLA sponsored a folk-singing concert by guitarist-soloist JIMMY RODGERS. ANDRE PREVIN appeared on campus in one of four ASUCLA-sponsored concerts. 57 SPRING SING - THE ANTICIPATION Rivalling even Homecoming in its and in its spectacle, Spring Sing is a college venture that begins with preparation in February and climaxes in the Hollywood Bowl in May. The tempo of excitement and practice picks up in late April, as Prelims, the great weeding out time, approaches to test the talent and readiness of more than 2,000 UCLA amateur songster participants. 58 Surprising even themselves, SIGMA NU and GAMMA PHI BETA swept top honors in Novelty Division under the tutelage of JACKIE DOYLE. A beautiful rendition of " Biding My Time " proved to be another winner, as TWIN PINES took Women ' s Division under BERNICE ONO. SPRING SING - IN THE BOWL DAVE DUKES led the ATO group to victory in Men ' s Division with " Sweetheart Song " , and " Dainty Goddess " . The rehearsing, the strained voices, the studies that are left until later, then many tedious hours later, with your song running out your ears, the decision that actually your song " wasn ' t the right one, " preface the polished performances in the Hollywood Bowl-hosted Spring Sing. The College Sing that began in Royce Hall many years ago has grown with the until even the Bowl strains to accommodate the crowds, and lockout has to be extended to compensate for the program that runs for more than four hours. Part of the growth of the Sing, which has traditionally been supported by sorority and fraternity groups, was the very successful initial participation this year of UCLA ' s newest dorm, Sproul Hall. Oddball Division was topped by the ATO group and their hilarious " Quiet Village " . This skit won an envied second trophy for the ATO ' s under leader JOHN EZMERLEAN. Sproul Hall took the Coveted Sweepstakes award, as the everpresent FRANK OBIEN led " Early One Morning " , " Vocal Pizzacatto, and " Iscas Castle " . Celebrating Sproul Hall ' s triumph, FRANK OBIEN is raised aloft. The Sigma Kappa quartet under the direction of BONNIE BARTELS won the honors in Women ' s Quartet Division, singing " A Guy Is A Guy " . " A Greek Folk Song " , and " Never on Sunday " brought a repeat win to Alpha Epsilon Phi and JUDY SEDER, in Instrumental Division. It was again FRANK OBIEN who led the King ' s Men to victory in Men ' s Quartet Division with harmonious renditions of " Mam ' selle " , and " Swing Down Chariot " . A FOUR YEAR EXPERIENCE CLIMAXES WITH ...GRADUATION Chancellor Franklin Murphy delivers his first graduation address to over 1000 mid-year graduates in preparation for the gala outdoor affair before a crowd of over 2000 guests and1500 graduates. Students in their gowns and military uniforms applaud the eloquent delivery. 63 1961 UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA LOS ANGELES THE UNIVERSITY Clark Kerr. . ..... Adm 2147 Foster H. Sherwood.. ..Adm 2147 Raymond H. Fisher.... Adm Coleman.. . ..Engr I 4173F Boldyreff.... .Engr I 3173E Brewer... Chem 3045 Andriola.. .RH 354 Franklin D. Murphy. . ..Adm 2147 Max S. Dunn.. ....Adm 1134 Neil H. Jacoby.... BAE 250 Bright... HH 383 Atkinson.... MG 130 Coddington. ....MS 6180 Beckman.. ....Music 2421 ADMINISTRATION UCLA Vital Statistics: A campus of 411 acres, located in Westwood, Calif.; Sixty-seven permanent buildings, valued at $121,000,000; Regular students number 17,331 (10,831 men, 6,500 women); 4,009 live in residence halls, fraternities and sororities; Regular teaching staff of 2,000; Since 1924, 80,149 degrees awarded. PRESIDENT OF THE UNIVERSITY ...CLARK KERR Chancellor MURPHY, Guest Speaker SANDBURG and President KERR compare notes after ceremonies at annual observance of Charter Day. Dr. Clark Kerr, President of the largest and fastest-growing University system in the world, does not just draw his distinction from the fact that he is top man in the highly-regarded University of California. In his own right, is a scholar, distinguishing himself as a Member of Phi Beta Kappa at Swarthmore, later earning a doctorate in economics at Berkeley, then returning to Swarthmore for a doctorate in laws. Since he assumed the Presidency in 1958, UCLA has experienced a phenomenal rate of growth in its facilities and academic reputation, such that Dr. Kerr ' s reputation as a leading labor economist, a member of Who ' s Who in America, a member of Who ' s Who in Education, and member of Who ' s Who in Arbitration must be by membership in Who ' s Who for UCLA. The Regents of the University of California (I to r): Norton Simon, Mrs. Catherine Hearst, John E. Canaday, Gerald Philip L. Boyd, Mrs. Dorothy Chandler, Harry Wellman, William Forbes, Chairman Edwin W. Pauley, Lt. Gov. Glenn Anderson, Roy E. Simpson, Howard C. Naffziger, Edward Heller, Victor R. Hansen, Samuel B. Mosher, Donald H. McLaughlin and John S. Watson. The Regents meet monthly rotating the meeting place to include each of the campuses. REGENTS OF THE UNIVERSTIY At the top plateau of University administration lies the Board of Regents whose members were appointed by former Governor Earl Warren and newer members by Governor Pat Brown for their stature in the community and their contribution to the University. In the past year, the Board of Regents has been instrumental in bringing about the opening of two new Student Unions at UCB and UCLA and the planning of others to come at the newer campuses. Also credited to the Board was a new plan for expansion. The UC at La Jolla christening brought about a skirmish as to name with the city of San Diego and an SC branch of UC was proclaimed (UC at Santa Cruz). Chairman of the Board of Regents, EDWIN W. PAULEY spoke at the inauguration ceremonies for Chancellor Murphy. THE NEW CHANCELLOR... Dr. Franklin D. Murphy comes to UCLA after nine years as Chancellor at the University of Kansas. His leadership inspired admiration from his students in Kansas, from the White House, and from other educators. He is one of seven university presidents who in 1958 comprised an official US delegation to Soviet university campuses; he chairs the executive committee of the Commission on Higher Education in the American Republics. But more important, he is UCLA ' s new head man. In his brief year here, Dr. Murphy has shown that he intends to make UCLA distinctive, unique and topflight in the academic world. His personal charm and dynamic character indicate he is a man who will do so. A hope that The UCLA Man would be " intellectually curious, not here for just a vocational education ... that he would develop a sound philosophy on which to base his Iife . . . that he have a mmitment to an ideal which transcends material things . . . that he be curious about beauty, to the exte nt that he tries to understand why the arts — poetry, literature; sculpture, music — are he would try to learn in depth, the complexities of the world. " Vice Chancellor WILLIAM G. YOUNG handles the problems of planning and expansion for the growing campus. THE CHANCELLOR ' S STAFF Assistant to the Chancellor CHARLES E. YOUNG, a product of University of California was first Student Body President of Riverside campus. Dr. Young coordina tes administrative team. Vice Chancellor FOSTER E. SHERWOOD, member of the faculty and Vice Chairman of the Academic Senate, guides the academic affairs of UCLA. Dean of Men ADOLPH T. UCLA graduate applies a calm, watchful eye with knowing patience in new position. BYRON H. ATKINSON . . . a wise and tolerant view of the unique problems of the university student has brought " Barney " prominence, recognition and a new job as Dean of Students. Dean of Women NOLA-STARK CAVETTE as a participant in student affairs is driven to the high purpose of lending leadership for a constructive approach to good living, good social life and good organization. THE ADMINISTRATORS J. WESLEY ROBSON Admissions Officer WILLIAM T. PUCKETT Registrar PAUL C. HANNUM Business Manager JOAQUIN HE RNANDEZ Foreign Student Advisor GLADYS M. JEWETT Counseling Center Manager 74 LAWRENCE C. POWELL Librarian LUCILLE PORTER Special Services ROBERT A. ROGERS Accounting Officer ANDREW HAMILTON Public Relations DONALD S. MAC KINNON Student Health Service DONALD P. LA BOSKEY Student and Alumni Placement 75 THE ADMINISTRATION ...DIRECTION AND SERVICE 77 FACULTY ANOTHER LAUREL A professor of chemistry at UCLA and Berkeley graduate, who worked his way through college by nailing boxes on a ranch, brought world-wide recognition to his University this year. Dr. Willard Libby was rewarded with the 1960 Nobel Prize for Chemistry for his work on a clock " which uses radioactive carbon to date the age of fossils 50,000 years old. Dr. Libby, past member of AEC and the Manhattan Project is well known for his writings and other honors received in his field. Professor Libby, who taught a chemistry course for gifted freshmen at his own request, joins the team of two other Nobel Prize winners, Glenn Seaborg and Ralph Buncne, additional distinction to our campus. DEAN SIDNEY H. CAMERON COLLEGE OF AGRICULTURE Harlan F. Lewis Botany Specialization in Agriculture normally occurs in the junior and senior years, with lower division work from most accredited colleges being applicable. With a 24-acre ornamental horticulture and a 13-acre subtropical horticulture area, UCLA specializes its instructional work in horticulture, though unlike many schools, its primary purpose is research in horticulture, irrigation and soil types. Jacob Baile Agriculture 82 COLLEGE OF FINE ARTS DEAN WILLIAM W. MELNITZ Until this year known as the College of Applied Arts, Fine Arts has experienced a drastic reorganization of courses and staffs. The Physical Education, as well as ROTC departments, have been shifted to Letters and Science, leaving Fine Arts with Art, Apparel Design, Business Education, Music, and Theatre Arts. The undergraduate art major has one of the widest curricula available in the West to choose from, being able to specialize in history and theory of art, design, or pictorial arts. With courses in history, theory, and performance, the Music is among the country ' s top 12. 83 The theatre arts department curricula includes stage productions throughout the year which give students experience in staging, acting, theatrical ma ke-up. SHUFFLING STREAMLINES COLLEGE OF FINE ARTS A shift in emphasis in the College of Applied Arts, now Fine Arts, accents the aesthetic rather than the practical. Business Education and Home Economics, under the new plan, will be eased out of the College within the next three years. Gladys Emerson Home Economics Erwin Keithly Business Education A versatile and entertaining lecturer, Professor of Art KARL WITH is the one-man staff for the Curricula in Integrated Arts. His course covering art expression through history, satisfying an L S requirement, is the only contact many students have with the University ' s College of Fine Arts. Robert Nelson Music Lester D. Longman Art Samuel Selden Theater Arts 86 SCHOOL OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION DEAN NEIL JACOBY The School of Business Administration offers a course of study leading to an apprenticeship in the world of business through a broadly-integrated study of business management. The curricula are not designed to produce a high degree of proficiency in technical business tasks, although a firm foundation is provided. 87 SCHOOL OF EDUCATION The roots of the School of Education extend back to 1881 when it was created as a branch of the San Jose State Normal School. After breaking from the parent institution, it led to the formation of the Southern Branch of UC. Today it is organized into four departments offering instruction in all areas of education, and leading to various school degrees and administration and leadershi p posts. DEAN HOWARD E. WILSON 88 Classroom experience with audio-visual aids is a major component of the educa tion curriculum (above and right), while actual experience in developing teaching skills is provided by a student-teaching program (below) at the University Elementary School. 89 COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING No other college on the campus reflects as well the tremendous growth of UCLA as the College of Engineering. Parallel to this growth has been a rapid maturation of the College ' s curricula to permit the balancing of the engineer ' s education between the purely theoretical and the practical aspects of this increasingly important field. DEAN LLEWELLYN M. K. BOELTER Human engineering projects such as auto safety and salt water conversion are a part of the college ' s regular program. 90 A very demanding course load required of students in UCLA ' s College of Engineering exacts a great deal of dedication and desire on the part of the would-be graduate. The academic rigor gives the engineering major a common bond, as evidenced by the large membership of ESUC, and the attendance rates at the society ' s and other extra functions. 91 SCHOOL OF LAW With a library of over 120,000 selected volumes closely allied to law and legal institutions, the School of Law offers a curriculum leading to a Doctor of Laws and a career in the California Bar. Features of the school are a placement service, a practice court and the UCLA Law Review. UCLA Law Sch ool curriculum is supplemented in first year by actual experience in courtroom procedures. DEAN RICHARD C. MAXWELL SCHOOL OF MEDICINE UCLA ' s School of Medicine, in the process of building a reputation as the finest training ground for medical men in the West, got quite a boost this year with the completion of the Neuropsychiatric Center. Greatly facilities promise more opportunities for graduates to satisfy internship requirements here for post-graduate work. The school currently accommodates 50 students in each of the classes. DEAN STAFFORD L. WARREN The University ' s in-patient medical clinic provides a spectrum of cases for the student ' s observation, along with intern opportunities. 93 LETTERS AND SCIENCE Designed to provide the student with opportunities to broaden his cultural milieu and to prime him for specialized professional studies, the curricula of the College of Letters and Sciences ranks with the leaders in the nation. A recent survey placed UCLA ' s L S 14th in an over-all rating and showed seven departments in the top 10, with geography the highest at plateau six. FRANKLIN ROLFE Acting Dean of Letters and Science 94 DEAN GEORGE E. MOWRY The Division of Social Sciences is the largest department in L S and accounts for a majority of degrees in the school. Placed in a special category by University requirements, the history department joins three others, economics, poli sci and psychology, to account for the bulk in degrees. Others include geography and anthro. Donald R. Cressey Anthropology Wytze Gorter Economics Henry J. Bruman Geography Truesdell S. Brown History Ivan H. Hinderaker Political Science DIVISION OF SOCIAL SCIENCES 95 Daniel M. Popper Astronomy William G. McMillan, Jr. Chemistry DIVISION OF PHYSICAL SCIENCES Kenneth D. Watson Geology Sporting UCLA ' s Nobel Prize-winning chemist-physicist Willard F. Libby, the Division of Physical Sciences offers more than adequate training in the scientific realm. Chemistry and physics form the paramount part of the division, with astronomy and meteorology out the multiscientific curriculum. Angus E. Taylor Mathematics Franklin G. Hess Naval Science Paul Burns Military Science Morris Neiburger Meteorology Leo P. Delsasso Physics DEAN FRANCIS E. BLACET John W. Oberdorf Air Science George A. Bartholomew Zoology Donald B. Lindsley Psychology Meridian R. Ball Bacteriology Ben W. Miller Physical Education DIVISION OF LIFE SCIENCES DEAN ROY M. DORCUS As its name implies, the Division of Life Sciences probes the realm of the living. Its two main topics of instruction are zoology and bacteriology. Each of the two departments offers a major leading to a Bachelor of Science degree. Also, each department offers layman courses introducing the nonmajor to the field of life science. Several courses aid the L S liberal arts student to fulfill a University requirement under the title ... Natural Science. 97 Lester D. Longman Art History Albert H. Travis Classics DIVISION OF HUMANITIES DEAN FRANKLIN P. ROLFE Hugh G. Dick English The Humanities Division of Letters and Science is one of the most diverse of all the academic groupings, with departments ranging from to language to philosophy. Letters and Science considers courses within the Division crucial to a liberal education, with 29 Humanities units required for a Bachelor ' s from the College. John C. Lapp French Victor A. Oswald, Jr. Germanic Languages Charles Speroni Italian John E. Englekirk Spanish and Portuguese Kenneth K. S. Ch ' en Oriental Languages 98 SC HOOL OF NURSING Authorized as a professional school by the Board of Regents in 1949, the School of Nursing offers both Bachelor ' s and Master ' s degrees. With more to its purpose than just preparation of young women for the nursing vocation, the school ' s functions are divided into teaching, research, and service. The Bachelor of Science program is designed to prepare the registered nurse for professional work in hospitals, public health agencies, homes, school systems and industries, while the Master ' s program qualifies nurses for supervisory or teaching positions. Students may specialize in public health nursing or in any clinical nursing area. Since the year 1949, Bachelor ' s degrees have been awarded to 553. DEAN LULU W. HASSENPLUG SCHOOL OF PUBLIC HEALTH Newest of the Schools on the UCLA campus, Health separated from the State-wide school only last year. The purpose of the program offered by Public Health is to provide the student with understanding of the principles and theories of public health and with a working knowledge of research methods. There is a close-working relationship with the School of Medicine, with some joint faculty appointments and research. DEAN LENOR S. GOERKE 99 First established in 1947 in response to activity on the part of welfare and other community leaders in California, the School of Social Welfare is a graduate professional school. A two year program, leading to the degree Master of Social Welfare, is awarded to students successful in completing the School ' s prescribed 46 units of instruction. Students specializing in social casework are skilled in use of the group process, administrative and intergroup processes, and social welfare planning. Administration " majors " become familiar with factors affecting behavior. DEAN MARY E. DUREN SCHOOL OF SOCIAL WELFARE Instruction in Social Welfare emphasizes factors that determine individual development and behavior. Graduate students in the School of Social Welfare get a chance to relax in the School ' s own lounge. 100 Dean GUSTAVE ARLT headed the Graduate Division. THE GRADUATE DIVISION " The Graduate Division " is a catchall for the University ' s facilities and programs for work leading to both master ' s and doctorate degrees. Though boasting a program for undergraduate study that is difficult to match anywhere in the country, national reputation of the University is commensurate with the estimation of its graduate program. With only a twenty-eight year history of graduate work, UCLA has climbed to the top . . . the University of Pennsylvania survey of 1957 noted that four universities have experienced spectacular growth in facilities and quality of graduate study . . UCB, Michigan, Indiana and UCLA. At that time, with reputation lag and all, UCLA was number 14, just a notch behind Stanford in over-all standing. Harvard and Berkeley were at the top. Highest ranking for us were Geography, Anthropology and Zoology. Graduate study entails many hours in the stacks. 102 THE FACULTY CENTER Long without a " home of their own " , it was not until this year that the growing UCLA faculty had a retreat, save for a Haines Hall or BAE faculty lounge. The new Faculty Center, with dining room, lounge area and recreation facilities, is adjacent to the Administration Building. Though there is increasing pressure at a top academic institution to staff faculties with men of national stature and renown, UCLA has been fortunate in being able to combine the best from those who publish with those who teach. History Professor HAROLD HYMAN, top, doubles as authority on the Civil War period and challenging lecturer. The same is true for Geography ' s LOUIS KOSTANICK, below, on Eastern Europe and classroom popularity. 107 SOUTHERN CAMPUS FACULTY AWARDS 1950 Lily B. Campbell Ralph Cassady, Jr. Rosalind Cassidy Walter Ebeling Joseph Gengerelli E. Lee Kinsey Frank J. Klingberg C. L. Taylor 1951 Ralph M. Barnes Ralph L. Beals May V. Seagoe Helen I. Witmer M. A. Zeitlin 1952 Robert Hodgson Leon Howard Joseph Kaplan Kenneth MacGowan Paul Sheats 1953 Ralph L. Harold D. Koontz Donald B. Lindsley Donald A. Piatt Karl de Schweinitz 1954 John Clendenin Donald Cram Jan Popper Francis Shaniey Charles Speroni 1955 Laura Andreson Gustave O. Arlt William D. Hershberger Samuel Herrick H. Arthur Steiner 1956 Majl Ewing Neil H. Jacoby Horace W. Magoun J. Blaine Ramsey Karl With 1957 Lukas Foss Wendell H. Griffith Edward N. Hooker Vern O. Knudsen Edwin A. Lee Earl J. Miller 1958 Lawrence W. Erickson U. S. Grant IV Harry Hoijer Dean E. McHenry George E. Mowry Eli Sobel On sabbatical leave during the fall term to research bank decision-making and monetary theory, DR. H. L. MILLER, JR. has taught upper division theory courses in economics, monetary policy in a graduate seminar, and is author of five articles and two books in the field of econometrics and demand for consumer durables. At UCLA since 1957, holds an AB and MA from Kansas, a dual Bachelor ' s from Oxford (where he was a Rho des Scholar) and a doctorate from Harvard. " I think teaching is the most valuable and rewarding thing I do at the University ... I enjoy it the most. " This remark was made by DR. KENNETH TRUEBLOOD of the Chemistry Department. The statement becomes more amazing when one considers that he teaches two of the most difficult courses in his department: Introductory Chemical Principles and X Rays and Crystal Structure. Recent publications of Dr. Trueblood have dealt with the vitamin B12 and DNA molecules. Southern Campus resumes the policy in 1958 of naming instructors which in the estimation of the staff warrant acclaim as Thirteen faculty members are honored in 1961 for their consideration of THE UCLA MAN as an individual in the classroom, a student having a mind to nurture, an to broaden, an attitude to influence. These instructors put THE UCLA MAN first. Retired Navy Captain LEVI JAMES KNIGHT is as familiar as the slide rule to novice engineering students. An interesting instructor in Introduction to Engineering Systems, Knight doesn ' t limit himself to teaching methods in his field but finds time to work with groups such as Triangle Fraternity. the Engineering Society and Tau Beta Pi. As a counselor, a teacher and a sci entist, Knight ' s philosophy is one of simplicity..... Be Human. Highly respected in his field and a popularity favorite of the student body, DR. ROBERT M. TROTTER has done research in 16th Century Flemish vocal music as well as studying the works of contemporary composer Ernst Toch. Dr. Trotter has continually strived " to demons rate in teaching how the emotional, intellectual, and spiritual selves can be integrated. " Professor of Finance DR. J. FRED WESTON is something of a phenomenon. Educated at the University of Chicago, he has assumed teaching, administrative, editorial and consulting duties for countless groups (from Lockheed Aircraft to the Federal Government). Recent president of the Western Economic Association, he has written almost fifty articles, and still finds time for his family, students, athletics and hobbies. 109 One of UCLA ' s most entertaining lecturers, Professor of Economics JOHN F. BARRON specializes in public utilities and taxes. popularity in the classroom has not gone unnoticed, for he was singled out by the Academic Senate this year, receiving the " Award for Recognition of Distinguished Teaching. " Though still in the early phase of his teaching career, Dr. Barron is recent articles being " Evaluation of Inventory for Income Tax Purposes " and Tax Equity and Retroactive Tax Adjustments. " When Dr. J.A.C. GRANT says, " You don ' t teach anybody—you give them a chance to learn, " he is speaking from experience. A student at UC Southern Branch and Stanford University and Law School, he has accumulated abundant knowledge from which he contributes to the legal, civic, and academic communities of which he is an active member. Along with many articles, he claims to his credit one book: Our Common Law Constitution. Dr. Grant is best known for his courses in Jurisprudence and Constitutional Law. The measure of a university depends largely upon the quality of its research. Certainly this emphasis on research is justified by the work of men like DR. HAROLD HYMAN of the History Department, With one book just published, To Try Men ' s Souls, Dr. Hyman is working on a biography of Edwin Stanton, Lincoln ' s Secretary of War. A UCLA MAN as an undergraduate, Hyman ' s lower division course in American History averages 400 students. His outspoken manner is both well-liked and respected by colleagues and students alike. Drawing the beauty from Shakespeare ' s sonnets or struggling through an interpretation of a difficult symbol, DR. ROBERT KINSMAN has sought to temper. the rigors of academic interpretation with the poetic beauty and melody of the works his students study. Not an entertainer, but a means to help the student achieve a complete harmony with the works, Dr. Kinsman has become one of the most popular as well as busy professors on campus. His concern with his subject is comparable only to his disgust for gradeseeking students. Dr. LOUIS KOSTANICK ' s work on the political geography of the Soviet Union and Poland has become vitally important to an internationally-oriented University and Nation. An article in California Geographic and an edition of the translated 1959 Soviet Census are recent contributions to the academic work by Professor Kostanick, who realizes that his is a field " where teaching and research are partners in the work of the University. " Kostanick is best known to undergraduates for his course in political geography. Consistently topping the 500 mark, the Psych 1-A lectures of PARDUCCI are among the most popular offered the undergrad at UCLA. The Professor, who did his graduate work at Berkeley and taught a stint at Swarthmore College, augments his classroom duties with original research in the field of perceptual judgement. Drawing a contrast between his experiences at Swarthmore, a small, private girls ' school, and UCLA, Dr. Parducci remarks that both are equal in opportunity, though more effort is required at UCLA. In the classroom for academic achievement and outside for simple pleasure, Dr. PIER-MARIA PASINETTI is of the philosophy that " literature is a form of experience. " After studies at Padua, Berlin, Oxford and Yale, Pasinetti has demonstrated his ability to enjoy as well as contribute to literature; he has taught at Stockholm, Bennington, UCLA, and is the author of a series of novels (Venetian Red being the first). The Professor of Italian is the instructor for Humanities, a year-long course in literature. Dr. LYNN WHITE of the History Department is the kind of man for whom the Southern Campus Faculty Awards were originally conceived. The major portion of Dr. White ' s academic career was invested in Mills College, where he rose to the presidency. Mills, a girls ' college, is of no mean reputation academic-wise, but Dr. White forsook his administrative chores there to join the UCLA faculty as a lecturer and researcher. Dr. White ' s main field of interest, and the classes he teaches are primarily medieval history. 111 1961 No.1586 ROYCE HALL AUDITORIUM With UCLA Athletic Card 50c FRIDAY EVE. NOVEMBER 11 1960 STUDENT LIFE LEADERSHIP STUDENT LIFE Student life ... an occupation and a preoccupation for a brief four years that are removed and sealed off from experiences, yet that flavor and influence later other experiences. It is a trial period, a time of testing, rejecting, adopting, and learning that is unique. 115 The culmination of more than two years of construction and many more years of planning, the opening of the $5.5 million Student Union building in May of this year meant a great change in the role that Kerckhoff Hall was to play in the life of student activities. Ancient Kerckhoff, long the home of student activities and student recreation, gave way to the Union ' s new Coop, bowling alley, pool hall, etc., etc. THE STUDENT UNION... ...CHANGING THE FACE OF THE CAMPUS 117 A veteran politician, before assuming the Presidency of the Associated Students Joel Wachs was Freshman Class President, a rep on SLC, and Junior Class President. As Student Body President, his executive duties included chairing SLC, ex-officio membership on Board of Control, and the responsibility for appointment of members to the Union ' s Board of Governors, Finance Committee and Board. Many of the campaign planks which helped. sweep Wachs into office came to fruition, as he combined his drive and experience in student government to guide the legislative activity of the Student Legislative Council. Wach ' s initiative was responsible for the revitalized orientation program for freshmen, the institution of an ASUCLA Scholarship Fund, a concert series, and the vital beginnings of a program to integrate the foreign student into stu dent life and student activities here at UCLA. WACHS ' job as Student Body President encompassed many responsibilities. A member of the ISA presents him with token of appreciation for work on behalf of foreign student population. At extreme right he represents the student body in address at Chancellor ' s Inauguration. STUDENT BODY PRESIDENT STUDENT BODY VICE PRESIDENT The First Lady of ASUCLA, Vice President Cory Holman inherited her office after a year ' s service as President of the Associated Women Students. Cory was second in command on SLC, taking the President ' s chair during his absence. Always cordial, the Vice President serves as UCLA ' s official hostess, greeting visitors to the campus. Cory ' s extra, extra curricular activities included membership on the 1960 Project India team which toured Indian colleges during the summer, and this past year, residence in Sproul Hall as a women ' s house advisor. A member of the 1960 Project India Team, Cory describes her experiences to Prytaneans. On extreme right, she shows highlights of campus to visiting USNSA rep. Chuckling PAT BARNES combined UDMR and Varsity Coxswain duties. JERRY CHALEFF, an LDMR, worked to extend library service. CARL BAAR, one-time journalist, forsook The Bruin for UDMR post. STEVE MOOSER took his job as one of LDMRs seriously. The Student Leadership Assembly was the pet project of UDMR MARTY SICHERMAN. STUDENT LEGISLATIVE COUNCIL ROBIN RUSH, as SLC Secretary, transcribed minutes of weekly meets. Soph SHERRY KAUFMAN served on SLC as one of two LDWRs. Newcomer to SLC , KATHIE MURPHY served as Upper Division Women ' s Rep. LDWR KARLA SUMMER is intent on proposal presented to SLC. LDWR LAUREL WRIGHT complained that SLC meetings interfered with exchanges. 120 The SLC Library Advisory Committee, working with the Library staff and Administration, extended the hours in the Undergrad Reading Room. PROJECTS OF STUDENT GOVERNMENT Meeting each Wednesday evening to consider problems of student government, SLC is composed of the Student Body President and Vice President, the four Class Presidents, nine representatives from the student body, and one representative each from the faculty, administration, and the ASUCLA General Manager ' s office. SLC initiates legislation, is responsible for the ASUCLA budget, and approves appointments to committees and publications. Among the important programs that emanated from SLC this past year was an extension of library hours in the undergraduate reading room, a revision of the much-criticized Elections Code, four weekend concerts, and a Student Leadership Assembly at Uni-Camp that brought more than sixty student leaders together in an atmosphere that lent itself to discussion of issues that confront the student at UCLA. Crowds jammed Royce Hall for the Saturday evening Bud and Travis Concert. It was one of four sponsored by SLC. 121 ASSOCIATED MEN STUDENTS JIM FIEDLER Associated Men Students President As Associated Men Students President, Jim Fiedler represented the UCLA male undergraduate population on Student Legislative Council, and was responsible for the AMS-sponsored activities ... Blood Drive, Men ' s-Greek Week, Spring Sing, and this year for the first time, a Christmas Sing in conjunction with AWS. Fiedler ' s past experience as a Homecoming and Spring Sing chairman insured one of the most successful Men ' s Weeks and best-attended Spring Sings in years. GEORGE SCHUSSEL and JIM FIEDLER were the two-man committee that guided activities of AMS. White-dinner-jacketed Spring Sing Chairman STU BROWN and friends admire sweepstakes trophy. The Sing is AMS sponsored. 122 ASSOCIATED WOMEN STUDENTS SUE BENNETT Associated Women Students President The coed ' s representative on SLC, personable Sue Bennett, as AWS chairman, was the guiding hand behind the events that were strictly female. A collegiate fashion board, drawing a of girls interested in fashion modelling and designing from campus, gave interested coeds a chance to model latest fabrics and from local women ' s shops. The Big and Little sister program sponsored by AWS helped the frosh learn the " UCLA ropes. " One of the biggest events this year was Women ' s Week. AMS and AWS joined forces at Christmas, beginning with carols on sorority row, and winding up, with gift, at the Chancellor ' s home (left). AWS Fashion Board members (above) model latest styles from the Village (at left). 123 SENIOR CLASS WILLETTE MURPHY President JUDY LARSEN Secretary DAN DROKE Treasurer LINDA BATCHELDER Vice President 124 Willette Murphy climaxed her career in student government as the first female Senior Class President in UCLA history. The Senior Brunch, Career Day, the Senior Prom and other Senior Class functions were her domain, and the formation of the Senior Social Club was her own pet project. This was the class that saw the Pacific Coast Conference give way to the AAWU and which, in the twilight of their undergrad days, saw the opening of the long-sought, multi-million dollar Union. THIRTY OUTSTANDING SENIORS Selected by a group of their peers thirty members of the senior class, on the basis of service to their alma mater, were designated in January as seniors. These thirty students show the full spectrum of talent from the senior class, from the Student Body President to the captain of the Bruin Football Team. Harry Baldwin Pat Barnes Sue Bennett John Berberich Carol Brier Al Buckner Ardy Carr Bill Ellis Lois Feinberg Jim Fiedler Barbara Hammer Sandy Haig Rich Hirsch Cory Holman Jim Johnson Bill Kilmer Sheila Kuehl Marv Luster Bill McNutt Willette Murphy Mel Najarian Robin Rush Ron Silverman Skip Smith Bill Sorge Ernie Vargas Joel Wachs Barby Wells Laurel Wright Mary Yoshioka 125 JIM STIVEN Junior President JUNIOR CLASS MELINDA LAKEY Junior Veep The Junior Class Presidency, long a step toward the ASUCLA Presidency, was ably filled by Jim Stiven, Wachs ' Man Friday. Highlights of the class were the gala Junior Prom, for which the senior prepsters took over Disneyland. Jimmy Rodgers was hosted by the class as one in a series of concerts held in Josiah Royce Hall . . . Beverly Baker was junior attendant in the Homecoming court. JEAN KOLONSKY Junior Secretary TERRE BRUCE Junior Treasurer Al Barouh Pete Blackman Carl Burnett Ann Drumm Diane Farrow Shirley Mae Folmer Nancy Giorgi Gary Jaffee Linda Joslyn Jean Kolonsky Melinda Lakey Kathie Murphy Larry Nagler Karen Pfanku Russ Serber Marty Sicherman Bobbie Smith Gary Stafford Jim Stiven Pat Yee TWENTY OUTSTANDING JUNIORS From over 100 nominees there emerged the twenty juniors listed above, Juniors for 1961. The list soon gave way to the leaders of 1962: the ASUCLA President, the Editor-in-Chief of the Daily Bruin, the Chairman of the Rally the Head Yell Leader, Upper Division Women ' s Rep, the ASUCLA Vice President, the Chairman of the SU Board of Governors and the NSA Representative. SHARI FORD was named Junior Prom Princess the Disneyland-hosted dance this year. GERRY CORRIGAN Soph President MIKE PALLEY Soph Treasurer SOPHOMORE CLASS JIM MAHONEY Soph Veep The Dublin Ball in conjunction with the Freshman Class, the frosh-soph mud brawl during Men ' s-Greek Week and sponsorship of Bud and Travis in a concert were major activities for the class of ' 63. Sophomore class interests were represented on SLC by Prexy Gerry Corrigan. Prexy CORRIGAN was the voice of the Sophomore Class on SLC. Sophomore Geri Parkes was chosen Campus Colleen at the frosh-soph Dublin Ball. CORRIGAN shows appreciation to BUD, TRAV, and their manager for soph-sponsored concert performance. 129 FRESHMAN CLASS DICK WEISBART Frosh President JUDY BURNS Frosh Veep DON SHUBERT Frosh Treasurer CAROL ZELENKA Frosh Cheerleader SUZY LICHTERMAN Frosh Secretary 130 The 1960-61 freshman class spent their initial year in a fairly typical manner, but with perhaps a little more enthusiasm than yearlings of the past. Under the leadership of Dick Weisbart the usual things such as Frosh Week, the Mud Brawl and the Dublin Ball, took place. But there were innovations also, one was fhe selection of a cheerleader to help support the successful Brubabe athletic teams. Another was a Freshman Senate which held regular meetings and sparked interest in the class of ' 64 (or ' 65 or ' 66 as the case may someday be). The Freshman Senate debated and deliberated at meetings held in Kerckhoff Hall. The Dublin Ball was held on St. Patrick ' s Day in conjunction with the Soph Class. 131 Frank Bull, noted sports commentator and head of his own advertising agency, is perhaps the most ardent and eminent of all " Bruin Boosters. " conservatively speaking, in the years just prior to and following the move to the Westwood campus, made over 900 broadcasts of Bruin athletic events. The friends he made for UCLA, however, are no comparison to the friend that Mr. Bull, himself is. His contributions to student scholarships, to Uni-Camp, and his inception of Spring Sing and the 257 Club made him a vital part of student life. ' FRIENDS OF UCLA ' We attempt to make a precedent in this issue of Southern Campus ... to pay our respects to certain individuals whose efforts have stimulated and buttressed student life here at UCLA. These three gentlemen are not an entity unto themselves, but rather a cross-section of the " Friends of UCLA. " Joe, " Uncle Joe " Valentine, as the manager of Desmond ' s in the Village, has used his position over the years to improve relations between the Westwood merchant and the UCLA student. " Uncle Joe " has been on every Homecoming committee since there was a Homecoming, donating his facilities to the success of the event and working with local businessmen to insure their support of Homecoming. For the individual student, Valentine has secured employment and scholarships, his greatest concern being the UCLA athlete and grant-in-aid program. Joe E. Brown and UCLA moved to the West LA area about the same time, and Joe has been a god parent of the school ever since. Joe worked to organize rallies, assemblies and social gatherings for the fledgling University, as well as working on groups and committees to strengthen the University. Both his sons, Don and Joe, attended UCLA, making names for themselves. Don was Student Body President, and between the two siblings, letters were earned in rugby, football, basketball and baseball. One of the new student ' s great thrills and surprises Joe ' s appearance at the first rally of the year. THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR As the Executive Director of ASUCLA, William C. Ackerman (Mr. A. to his friends) is financial advisor to the Associated Students, and now with the new Student Union, is the expert on its operation and the man most concerned about the repayment of the loan that financed construction of the Union. As a student and athlete, then coach, and now the foremost public relations man for the student body, Mr. A ' s life has pretty much been centered around the welfare of UCLA. STUDENT ACTIVITIES NORM PADGETT probably enjoyed the Junior Prom more than any student who attended the annual dance. Norm Padgett, the Assistant to the Executive Director, is responsible for the smooth running and production of student activities, from Homecoming to Spring Sing. Mr. Padgett ' s close association with the student events and the students who work in activities has been beneficial because of his experience and his ability to work with students, not as an executive, but as guide and advisor. MANAGER OF PUBLICATIONS As Manager of Publications, Harry Morris is the advisor to the The Daily Bruin and Southern Campus, supervising their budgets and their publication, and advising their staffs on of a technical nature. Mr. Morris ' office is also responsible for the publication of Goal Post, the UCLA football program, and The Hoop. ATHLETIC NEWS BUREAU Athletic News Bureau Director VIC KELLEY is the authority on Bruin Athletics, takes active part as coach of golf team. The Athletic News Bureau, staffed by Frank Stewart and Director Vic Kelley, is the foremost public relations outfit for UCLA ' s athletics program. Assisted by Daily Bruin journalists, the Bureau releases information about players and events to the metropolitan newspapers, The Daily Bruin, and to the schools of opposing teams. FRANK STEWART ' s main concern in the fall were news releases for Bruin football, and in the spring, basketball. 135 ASUCLA EMPLOYEES Purchasing Agent STAN REEL ' s calm exterior made ASUCLA ' s red tape somehow seem efficient. Changes in the Kerckhoff hierarchy make former Auditor ROYCE HAMILTON the new Business Manager. RALPH STILWELL ' S job increased immensely as the student store he manages moved to the new Union. Chief Accountant LARRY ROBINSON handled the figures and payroll for the Associated Students. DON WALDEN ' s chores changed from Food Director for ASUCLA to Manager of the new Student Union. With the opening of the new Union, DON SAWYER became Manager of Recreational Activities. 136 In charge of maintenance for Kerckhoff Hall and the Student Union was Superintendent HERB SMITH. That smiling face behind the cashier ' s window cashing your checks was CLYDE EDWARDS. Mrs. ROWE BALDWIN kept very busy as Athletic Ticket Office Manager. The man who had to keep track of all the goods arriving was Receiving Manager JOE FELKER. Directing the photography for the News Bureau and publications was " happy " STAN TROUTMAN. The man behind the camera taking individual pictures for SoCam was FRANK MANNING. Meeting in the Executive Director ' s office, members of Board of Control were (I to r): Pauline Porter, Joel Wachs, Mr. Ackerman (in background), Mel Najarian, Paul Hannum and Royce Hamilton. Members not pictured are Jim Hubler from GSA, Harry Longway of the Alumni, Dean Ad Brugger and Dean Gillies. BOARD OF CONTROL FINANCE COMMITTEE The eleven-member Board of Control, headed by Chairman Mel Najarian, is the body composed of student, alumni, faculty and administrative reps that control the purse strings of ASUCLA. Personnel policy and department accounts are their domain. The ASUCLA Finance Committee is the student board having jurisdiction over the allocation of funds derived from the six dollar student activity fee. The group, appointed in the spring, submits an activity budget for approval to SLC. Finance Committee members were (I to r): Diane Snow, Barry Michaelson, Chairman Ann Drumm, Mel Najarian and Jim Stiven. Finance Committee chairman is appointed by the President of the Student Body. Chairman CRAIG PALMER convened the Board of Governors biweekly for Union policy discussion. UNION BOARD OF GOVERNORS JUDICIAL BOARD A new body established by SLC at the recommendation of the administration, the Student Union Board of Governors is a braintrust of administrators and students, grad and undergrad, that make recommendations for the smooth running and full utilization of the Union ' s facilities, from cafeteria menu items to inventory stock in the new student store. Student Judicial Board is the Supreme Court of ASUCLA, hearing cases involving student conduct, and ruling on the constitutionality of actions by ASUCLA boards. Members come from a of majors, have a 3.0 grade average. Judicial Board members (I to r): Seated, Sandy Feiger, Robbie Sarna, Diane Strasser, Chairman Dave Sperber and Advisor Larry Bragg. Standing, Rich Hirsch, Al Barouh, Arnold Kahn and Robert Sitzman. With all the final tally sheets in at last, the weary Elections Committee takes a deserved rest. The bright atmosphere of the Student Union darkens for some as the final election results are posted. Serving both administrative and judicial functions, the Elections Board was ably run by the strong hand of Chairman Eric Martens. In addition to running election machinery, the Board has the important task of interpretation and application of the Elections Code and Constitution. Kept busy at these exacting tasks, the Board welcomed the end of elections with emotional release at an all night party. ELECTIONS BOARD Candidate BILL KASTENBURG confronts the Election Board at a hearing during Spring Elections. Seated are (I to r) Susan Horne, Marilyn Tufts, Michael Agran, Eric Martens (Chrmn.), Kathy Primm (Recorder), Ron Stevens, Jay Eischen (Associate Chairman) and Linda Mitchell. THE ATHLETIC DIRECTOR Wilbur Johns, serving in his fourteenth year as the athletic director for UCLA, is responsible for personnel, schedules and budgets of the University ' s athletic programs. Since his undergraduate days, Mr. Johns has been associated with UCLA Athletics. As a student, he was basketball team captain, and before assuming his current post, was head UCLA cage mentor Athletic Director WILBUR JOHNS is one of the keenest Bruin football fans. MEN ' S ATHLETIC BOARD ED JUBERT President Athletic Board coordinates activities of each of the Bruin Varsity sports. Members included (I to r) Lindy Baer, Lee Dodson, Pete Blackman, Brian O ' Farrell, Bill Zeltanoga, Bob Rodine, Ed Jubert, Harry Baldwin, Jon Epstein, Roger Bryant, Kim Casteel, Mil Dahl, Gary Cunningham, and Jim Morris. Informal discussions set the keynote for the NSA convention. AL BAROUH Spring NSA Rep NSA National Officers commanded the undivided attention of all. The National Students Association is a loose confederation of over 300 American colleges and universities organized on the assumption that college students have something in common — problems and a viewpoint. Delegates from the member schools convene each summer, taking stands on issues that affect American college students. Surveys and research material on the problems of student governments are available to all members. From across the nation came a variety of ideas and thoughts. TED BOXER Fall NSA Rep Early December meant a social gathering for ISA members as the Women ' s Gym was decorated for the annual ISA DANCE. The International Students Association, led this year by President Frank Sifuetes, provides a meeting ground and activities for the more than 600 foreign students at UCLA. ISA sponsors dances and a campus International Festival. INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS ASSOCIATION Sponsored by International House, the GLOBAL BALL attracted a large segment of UCLA ' s foreign student population. An Administrative Assistant for the Alumni Association, BEN KERNS is Alumni Rep on the Student Legislative Council. Now in its twenty-eighth year of operation, the UCLA Alumni Association is the organization that has maintained ties between the graduating alums and the alma mater. President William class of 1928, ends a term this year that has seen the Association sponsor class reunions, a scholarship program for entering freshmen, publication of the monthly Alumni Magazine that reports newsworthy events involving UCLA and prominent alumni, arid maintenance of a card file listing addresses and occupations of UCLA alumni. Association membership offers reduced season game tickets, a big boost for UCLA athletics. ALUMNI ASSOCIATION Capable Executive Director HARRY J. LONGWAY supervises the programs and activities of UCLA ' s Alumni Association and edits the monthly Alumni magazine. GSA President JAMES HUBLER . . representing the needs of 5600 graduate students. Executive Secretary JOE MICHELS coordinated activities, organization of GSA. GRADUATE STUDENTS ASSOCIATION The primary concern of the Graduate Students Association is to represent the interests and needs of its members to the administration and to the academic community. The Reporter, their monthly journal, reports on the activities of GSA Council which is a representative body of graduate students from all major departments. This year the Graduate Academy of Arts and Sciences, uniting the graduates of all of the campuses of the University, was added to the GSA program to further their academic achievement. Student Board is a discussion group sponsored by the University Religious Conference. Members included (I to r) Al Barouh, Bunny Cavaliere, Ann Drumm, Emily Potter, Ritchie Verhagen, Barbara Buckles, Mike Agran and Barbara Caleen. STUDENT BOARD UNIVERSITY RELIGIOUS CONFERENCE The interdenominational University Religious Conference is neither affiliated with nor sponsored by the University, but its activities and programs are oriented to the community and nation. Executive Secretary Luke Fishburn ' s main concern is Uni-Camp, a summer camp for children from the Los Angeles area that is staffed by volunteer UCLA student counselors. Begun as a one-building campsite in mountainous Barton Flats, Uni-Camp facilities have grown, with two sites now operating and a double session in operation through the summer. URC ' s activities branched out a decade ago when several UCLA students approached then Executive Secretary " Gram " Guenther with a " hairbrained " scheme to recoup some of America ' s faltering prestige in India. Their plan was for a team of UCLA students to tour Indian colleges, meeting students there on their home ground, giving them a glimpse of American college students, hence America. " Gram ' was at first hesitant, as was the US State Dept. Government officials were uneasy about India ' s tenuous international position and the possible harm that could come from the efforts of an amateur diplomatic team. After two years of experience with the Project India teamsters, however, the State Dept. came to be great advocates of the group, as did the Ford Foundation, which for three years was the financial sponsor of the Project. Project team membership has increased in recent years to include Santa Barbara and Riverside campus students. PROJECT INDIA Every summer fourteen students from the UCLA, Santa Barbara and Riverside campuses travel to India, visiting Indian college campuses. Each member of the multi-ethnic group, in preparation for presentations there and face to face discussions, specializes in some aspect of American political and social life. The " woodsiest " ; Uni-Camp Board members were: Top Row, (I to r), Dick Weisbart, Bob Chasin, Diane Farrow, Ricky Blanchard, Carol Lindsley and Lindsey King. Middle Row: Hal Stalmaster, Richard Roth, Karen Kerr, Judy Larsen, Jim Mathews and Richard Hirsch, Chairman. Bottom Row: Barbara Bateman, Karl Tani, Jerry Bowles, Sheila Kuehl and Melinda Lakey. Not pictured are: Joel Wachs, Robbie Sarna, Paul Bloch, John Dukes, Evan Olins, Brad Part and Carolyn Willis. UNI-CAMP In 1935, a few UCLA students took a few children to the mountains for a camping experience. This was the beginning of Uni-Camp, sponsored by ASUCLA and now consisting of two sites located together in the San Bernardino Mountains, owned by the University Religious Conference. In 1960 over 700 children who had no other camp to go to found a new experience under the guidance of some 120 counselors who went unpaid in money but not in other rewards. Bruins contribute money during Uni-Camp Drive in the spring as well as giving their time counseling and on work weekends. LACC and UCR aid too. Kelps and Uni-Campers combined for Rock ' n Roll Dance which climaxed Drive Week. This was advance publicity gimmick. Each year at Uni-Camp are two sessions called " Uni-Betic Camp " which are for diabetic children only. These sessions are run the same as the others with some minor exceptions such as the necessity for insulin shots provided by doctors from the LA Metabolic Clinic shown on a cookout (Top Left) and busy making injections (Above). Swimmers wait (Left). UNI - CAMPERS PUBLICATIONS MORT SALTZMAN, Bruin Editor-in-Chief, was one of the hardest-working and most dynamic to command the newspaper in years. In the fall, insuring success of the sports and news sections, along with the daily feature page he created, took all his efforts. Tears flowed as he returned to classes in the spring. CHUCK ROSSIE stepped into the editorship of the Bruin for the spring term by virtue of an SLC appointment. A long range personnel recruitment program to solve the recurring staff shortages was Rossie ' s biggest worry. Chuck divided time between Bruin, Gold Key (president), his fraternity and the wall. THE DAILY BRUIN The Bruin, an All-American award-winning college daily in 1959-60, faced a crisis midway through the year as three top staffers—the sports, news, and feature editors—said goodbye to The Bruin within the space of a month. Bruin Editor-in-Chief Mort Saltzman joined the exodus, giving student government the uneasy task of picking a successor to fill out his term. SLC ' s nod went to Managing Editor Chuck Rossie. Rossie inherited the problem of rebuilding a Bruin staff, while still publishing the eight-page daily. As City Editor in the fall and Managing in the spring, SHIRLEY MAE FOLMER was an invaluable member of The Bruin staff—an ambitious and able journalist. Feature Editor PETE HACSI, back from a long absence, combined the objectives of impartial airing of opinions, stimulation of student opinion on issues and technical competence. MARSHALL SEGAL, after a semester ' s experience, became Feature Editor in the spring, bringing a new tide of controversial issues and interest in the abstract ... a different type of approach. AL ROTHSTEIN, after a semester ' s experience as Ass ' t. City Editor, moved up in the spring to City Editor. Rothstein, a capable journalist, was faced with many pages to fill and a green staff. Although only a sophomore, ARNOLD LESTER had been News Editor, Sports Editor and written a daily column. A fatal fall semester turned Lester ' s talents from newsprint to bluebooks. Fall semester ' s Sports Editor, RICH. BUCHEA, was one of the best sports columnists The Bruin has seen in a long time. With two weeks left in the semester, Buchea left for greener pastures. TONY MEDLEY, compounding a profound of his subject with a strong love of sports, filled the position of spring Sports Editor. Tony increased the overall athletic coverage. MARTY COOPER filled the job of Fall Associate Editor, trying to maintain a capable staff of cub journalists well versed in Bruin style, while serving as The Bruin ' s social chairman. BOB BEHLENDORF was a newcomer to The Bruin in the Spring. As Associate Editor he was continually forced to fight the problems of recruiting and training an adequate cub staff. BARBARA ROISMAN, with a smile in her writing, entertained readers of the Social Page with announcements of the campus community, fashion news and description of local entertainment. LANNY SHER, Magazine Editor, reviewed drama, television, movies, censorship and morality in general in the Intro supplement. Sher without doubt was the biggest pigeon on the staff. GEORGE NICHOLSON, blessed with enthusiasm, was rewarded for his efforts as Fall SLC Reporter with the advancement in the spring semester to the News Editor position. LINDSAY " Red Eye " NIELSON, intramural star and Bruin Advertising Manager, supervised his competent sales staff and skillfully handled the volume of ads and the daily page layout. The Bruin cubs take a respite from heavy reporting chores. Front-runners representing the blue and gold silks of the SoCam stable were: (I to r) Sara Wylie, Liz Albin, Judy Wood, John Orose, Joyce Manies, Jerry Bowles, Jon Wilson, Pete Hacsi, Don Wells and Bill Meyer. In a race marked by inquiries, the maiden SoCam staff broke from the starting gate in true longshot fashion at the rear of the pack. As the gap increased in the back stretch, trainer Morris and other railbirds were threatening to give up the game until Jockey Hacsi started to use the whip. The finish ..... a photo. SOUTHERN CAMPUS A bemused PETE HACSI, Editor, learned from the season that SoCam staffs are like horses . . . they don ' t run according to the form. The clean-cut Associate Editor, JERRY BOWLES, was known to squander his entire week ' s salary and place modest bets for Uni-Campers. Of all the copy he read during the year, the most pleasing to Copy Editor JON WILSON was the racing program at Santa Anita. Gullible SARA WYLIE, Layout Assistant, believed everything that fellow staff members and Santa Anita touts told her. THE STAFF Early favorite, LIZ ALBIN, Sales Manager, found the gates open as she mapped bets and sales campaigns. Catching-up on her reading in the infield at Santa Anita held the interests of Organizations Editor JUDY WOOD. Somewhat confused Photography Editor JOYCE MANIES picks dubious site for photo finish. Co-Sports Editors John Orose, below, and Bill Meyer, right, shown here enjoying the sport of Kings were shocked later in the year when they discovered that racing was not a University sport. THE STAFF Engravings Editor Pat Welsh and Social Chairman-construction worker Mike Eisenstadt left the office in utter destruction. SoCam Photographers Dick Szladowski, Peter Kent, Bob Roth, Stuart Ross, Larry Treiman, Bob Pickerell and Stan Troutman focus their attention on Photography Editor Joyce Manies. 158 JOURNALISM DAY Co-sponsored by the UCLA Journalism Department and ASUCLA Publications, Journalism Day is attended by high school students from the local Los Angeles area. A public relations gesture, the program includes seminars and discussion panels that give pointers to the prep writers and editors. Panels consist of members of the UCLA journalism faculty and editorial personnel from the Daily Bruin and Southern Campus. In addition, the ASUCLA Publications office makes an evaluation of newspapers and yearbooks submitted by participant high schools, the best receiving awards. Harry Morris and Journalism Professor Walter Wilcox were in charge this year. Chancellor FRANKLIN MURPHY (top) made presentations to best high school publications. Comic and emcee STEVE ALLEN (below) also made appearance at the annual UCLA Journalism Day program. 159 HONOR AND SERVICE ORGANIZATIONS Executive Board of Chi Chapter consisted of (I to r) Marty Cooper, who served as Executive VP, Bip Drachlis, President, and Ed Kugler, 2nd VP. APhiOs featured " Beauty and the Beast " in the fall " Ugly Man " contest. ALPHA PHI OMEGA Alpha Phi Omega, largest of the greek letter organizations as a national service fraternity, has 320 chapters, with one of these being the rapidly growing Chi chapter located at UCLA. Last fall Chi chapter distributed spirit sheets and ran the Ugly Man Contest, with proceeds going to foreign students. Time was also found for Mardi Gras, carpool files, Blood Drive, the Books for India Drive, as well as Spring Sing and Homecoming. Maurice Attie Larry Barnett Fred Blum Kirk Braiherd Stephen Brandon Martin Cooper Bernard Drachlis Lynn W. Ference Douglas Fink Harold Gelfand Gerald Gwynne Ramsey Gwynne Beaumont Hall Sven Ibsen Laurence Kaufman Paul Kranz Edwin Kugler Mike Maddox Howard Rasch David L. Schutzer Philip Stein Stanley Struhl Edward Urban Bob Walters Roger Wasserman Arthur Winer James Woe The Captain Don Brown Squadron of the Arnold Air Society is UCLA ' s representative to the national professional honorary for AFROTC. They offered their services entertaining disabled veterans at Christmas and by contributing the most blood for the second time in a row in the Annual Red Cross Blood Drive. Mardi Gras, Spring Sing, picnics, exchanges and parties combined the squadron ' s social and spirit activities in the best manner. Officers of the Don Brown Squadron of the Arnold Air Society during the year were: (I to r) Bob Fournier, Commander, John Herzog, Steve Dorris, Vic Carr, Hugh Gerstl, Karl Jefferson. ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY James Allen John Amor Steven Bandich Jerry Baker Frank Barish James Barry Victor Carr Mike Dekofsky Steve Dorris David Ellis Robert Fournier Hugh Gerstl David Golde Jerry Green James Hamm Melton Hammon John Herzog Karl Jefferson Bill Lundy R. McWilliams Garry Margolis Andrew Marias Lee Metzger Robert Nishimura Ross Paver Jim Quinn Gerald Rosen Brian Shiomi Steve Stine Mike Taylor Larry Tokunow Anchors officers flanking Captain Hess on the drill field were (I to r): Treasurer Chris Jackson President Carol Yanow, Secretary Sandra Clark and the Corresponding Secretary, Marilyn Pivaroff. ANCHORS Anchors are the official hostesses for the NROTC at UCLA. Under the sponsorship of Captain Hess and the leadership of Karla Francisco in the fall and Carol Yanow in the spring, Anchors had another successful year serving the school and community, distinguished in their blue sheaths with white collars. Highlights of the fall term was an exchange with the SC NROTC to help start an Anchor chapter at SC. The spring was busy as Anchors joined with Conning Tower for an Easter project at a local orphanage, ushering at Spring Sing, instruction in riflery and exchanges. The climax of the year was the June Day Parade and the Stars and Stripes Ball. Anchors aweigh! Anchor JILL PARKER, selected NROTC Queen at the Military Ball, receives warm congratulations from Captain Hess. Cadet DUANE WILLS apparently approves. Lea Armstrong Barbara Branigan Linda Coates Kathy Collins Mimi Dizotell Laurie Drake Lyn Dyhrman Pamela Eich Lucille Engstrom Jocelyn Foster Linda Gibson Carol Hasselberg Chris Jackson Jo Jenkins Jean Kolonsky Clairelee Leiser Carol Long Linda McCrea Virginia Main M. Moorehead Michele Morrison Sandra Mustion Jill Parker Marilyn Pivaroff Marilyn Powell Barbara Ross Robin Rush Donna Spadafore Sue Sullivan Janet Tait Glenda Tolleson C. Voorhees Deanne Wagner Lynn Wallad Carol Yanow Anna Zwaagstra 165 Linda Allio Beverly Baker Jean Bennett Gerry Beye Judi Black Connie Bogart Jackie Bonwell Bruin Belles greet visiting athletic teams on behalf of UCLA. Trying out techniques with Varsity gridders Don Vena and Skip Smith are officers Sandy Marshall, Vice President; Patti Pippen, Historian; Pam Friedman, publicity; Wendy Webster, Treasurer; Lynn Wallad, Social Chairman, and President Mary Yoshioka. BRUIN BELLES UCLA ' s official hostesses, the Bruin Belles greet opponent teams, and this year hostessed at the Testimonial Banquet and for graduation ceremonies. Belles are selected on the basis of poise, personality and charm, with fifteen coming from each class. Diversion from their official duties this year included exchanges with the Varsity Club, Gold Key and the Kelps. G. Boydstone Cathleen Briix Earnestine Burdex Donna Cassyd Karen Coleman Grace Coplan Beverly Davis Rae Davis Ann Densmore Kay Dohlen Kay Dooley Marion Dragna Ann Drumm Dale Edmondson Kay Ellis Pam Friedman Diane Goodart Bonnylee Hansen Jane Haworth Dotty Heebner Susan Hess Carol Hummel Meiko lwao Nancy Johnson Judy Lemcke Glenda McCoo Sandy Marshall Myra Martin Sandy Melville Sue Mills J. Mirikitani Willette Murphy Judith Nelson Claudia Nieson Jean Pagliuso Elaine Pascal B. Pawlowski Sharon Peterson PATTY RESLOCK was one of thousand coeds vying for job as official UCLA hostess. She made it, Patti Pippen Pamela Popkin Linda Prewitt Nettie S. Prichard Sallee Redman Judy Rockley Marsha Sandin Gayle Scott Carolyn Shapiro Nina Shavelle Anne Sherwood Peggy Skinner Grace Smith Pamela Smith Sue Sullivan Joy Tait Pat Thomas Sandra Thomas C. Walden Lynn Wallad Wendy Webster Pat Yee Mary Yoshioka Mitzi Yoshioka 167 CAL CLUB Cal Clubbers picked JIM KURTZ to coordinate activities as president. UCLA ' s twenty Cal Club members are chosen, with a nod from UC President Kerr, on the basis of service to the alma mater and scholarship. Founded in 1939 to promote unity among the eight far-flung campuses of the University, statewide Cal Club meets once each year at a convention. Riverside was the host school this year. The UCLA chapter gave other UC campuses a glimpse at student activities and talent, hosting fellow Cal Clubbers at 1961 Spring Sing. Pat Barnes Gary Brown Alan Buckner Ann Drumm Diane Farrow Jim Fiedler Richard Hirsch Corinne Holman Jim Kurtz Linda Lu Knowles Willette Murphy Craig Palmer Ron Silverman Jim Stiven Ernest Vargas Joel Wachs Laurel Wright Pat Yee Mary Yoshioka 168 Seated for an officers ' meeting are, (I to r), Editor Sandy Pheasant, Historian Laurel Locke, President Astrid Holmgren, Treasurer Martha Hayes, Secretary Anne Wilson, and Vice President Mary Currie. They kept other members jumping. CHIMES Outstanding Junior women on campus are chosen each year for Chimes, honorary and service organization. With the goal of recognizing superior service to UCLA and providing the basis for group support for the university at the same time, the members enthusiastically support Blood Drive, Uni-Camp and special projects, such as this year ' s Christmas corsages. Mary Currie Martha Hayes Astrid Holmgren Nancy Johnson Linda Joslyn Claire Kanberg Linda Lu Knowles Laurel Locke Eleanor Meyer B. Pawlowski Karen Shanley Anne Wilson Garlyn Wlaschin One of Conning Tower ' s social activities is participation in the Military Ball. JILL PARKER was the Navy ' s Queen. CONNING TOWER Conning Tower is the NROTC professional and social organization. Interest in the Navy and good relations between the midshipmen and the staff is stimulated through activities of Conning Tower. Under the leadership of " Captain " Fred Noble, Conning Tower co-sponsored the Military Ball and the " Star and Stripe " Ball, and printed four issues of the Battalion ' s newspaper, ' ' The Porthole. " Lindy Baer Richard Barker Pat Barnes James Baskerville Steven Briggs Jim Bonar Alfred Chavez Mike Chernus Dennis Achilles Jerry Anderson Gene Andres Gerald ApeII 170 Rick CoIli Quensel Diamond Doug Dowell Jim Dunkerely Donald Edwards Fenderson Nelson Gibson Richard Gutierrez Larry Haase Bruce Hanks Milt Jantzen William Johns David Jones William McClay Thomas Mastin William Meyer Gil Mitchell Fred Noble Warren Nokleberg Art O ' Leary Bob Payson Eddie Polf Neil Rapoport Jack Reddehase Ray Rempt Dan Ringo Bob Schrader Lee Sheldon James Shepherd Bill Shumate Richard St. John Thomas Tenorio Tom Vajda West Duane Wills Ben Wong 171 One of Gold Key ' s service projects was an intensive wine-tasting study. Fearless leaders were: Top Row (I to r), Scribe Vargas, Pusher Kerns, Bottom Row, Taxer Buckner, Co-Heads Silverman and Rossie. Vice Chairman Bowles is hidden under group ' s symbolic Gold Can. GOLD KEY Lindy Baer Pat Barnes Stan Benson Pete Blackman Paul Bloch Mel Blumenthal Gold Key, composed of upper division men of the University who are outstanding in service, scholarship and leadership, had a banner year of service projects and programs to benefit the student b ody as a whole. Among these projects were the wine-tasting night when California wines were contrasted to European types; two champagne parties instead of one; and a new do-it-yourself swim party. Other steps forward saw evenings of and enlightenment provided by two new initiates, Chancellor Murphy and Coach Barnes, plus diminished power for the sweater committee. A real honorary, Gold Key held regular dinner meetings to enjoy the company of brotherly elite, to discuss projects and to revel in glory. Jerry Bowles Bruce Boydston Gary Brown Al Buckner Carl Burnett Bob Chasin Bob Colvin Steve Deming John Dukes Jon Epstein Jim Fiedler Bob Graham Dick Hansen Dick Hemenez Rich Hirsch Blaine King Brian Kniff Rich Lombardi Rich Millard Mel Najarian Mike Nasatir Frank Obien Craig Palmer Brad Part Bob Payson Bob Rodine I. Rossie Richard Roth Tom Saliba Ron Silverman Bill Sorge Jim Stiven Bob Thau Gary Topper Ernie Vargas Joel Wachs 172 Michael Simpson Eisenstadt Michael O ' Mara Nasatir Charles Milton Poehler James Sebastian Stanley KELPS Leading the Kelp masses through successful capers were the Heads: STEVE DEMING, Low Potentate CHUCK POEHLER and RICH HIRSCH. 1960-1 was a banner year indeed for the Kelps. RFing, close scrapes with authorities, social blowouts including two rare blasts with the BBs, and spirited capers furthering the cause of the Big " U " were all part of the season. The big trip to the Bay Area for the basketball games, the rock and roll dance for Uni-Camp and the Butter " act that stole the show in Spring Sing Prelims were among the highlights. The blue and gold hats once again became the symbol of UCLA spirit, and entertaining bits did the Kelps a credit to themselves and UCLA. Kermit Alexander Jerry Anderson Doug Armstrong Richard Barker Jim Bergman Stevie Berwick Bill Carder Jim Conkey Sid Croft Dennis Dexter Lee Dodson John Dukes Ron Foland Mike Gayner Chuck Goldberg Dennis Haryung Jim Johnson Mickey Lewis John Markle Dave Mielke Norm Nelson Ken Newgard Fred Port Myron Rice Red Fox Tom Saliba Mickey Shapiro Mike Shonstrom Ron Siemens Ezell Singleton Jerry Snyder Carl Tani Henry Unger Andy Von Sonn Keith Vinnecour Neal Webb 173 TROLLS The big guns in the Trolls this year were (I to r): Marge Tomalunas, Joan Ignatius, President Ardy Carr, Sandy Haig and Sharon Sawyer. 174 G. Gilner G. Goldsmith Heavenly Haig Hustler Haig H. Hammond Hi Harper H. Hofer Igniter Ignatius Kool Kuehl Legs Larsen Lofty L aytor Lotus Lerer Luscious Lockett M. McDonald Mint Mclntee Mellow Mahony Marvelous Mann Majestic Marlow Millions Miller Miltown Mitchell Misty Murphy Nicely Newman Pet Pennington Royal Rainger Really Rush Sable Savran Seeya Sawyer Shy Sherman Sly Sliger S. Spadafore S. Stromberg Super Summer T. Tomalunas Vital Vizzini W. Walden Wistful Weill Woodsey Wells Wily Winemiller Zelda Zeman The Trolls, women ' s spirit honorary, is dedicated to the promotion of spirit on campus and at any UCLA event. They may be found almost everywhere: the library seal, singing on Royce Hall steps, Homecoming Parade, rallies, Spring Sing and at times on the USC campus spreading their joy to everyone. B. Barney Baby Bloom Bonbon Boreman B. Bozajian Brisk Brinton Courtly Carr Dandy Danoff Darling Davey Dancing Davis Doting Dorrance Famous Foster Gilded Gillman 175 Masonic Affiliate Club executive board included (I to r): Tom Lathrop, Secretary Joan Clemons, President John Miller, Treasurer Vern Tyerman, Maria Crowne and Joy McCarty. MASONIC AFFILIATE CLUB Membership in the Masonic Affiliate Club, a non-ritualistic social organization, is open to University students having a Masonic relative or past affiliation with Job ' s Daughters, Rainbow Girls or De Molay. The MAC clubhouse is on the south edge of campus, an ivy-covered brick building with recreational facilities that include a ballroom, lounges, TV, stereo and a pool room. Numerous social events included an All-U Square Dance, a fall formal, " Le Bal Masque, " an All Nations Banquet for more than a hundred underprivileged children, and a Grand Master ' s Reception, the highlight of the spring social calendar that was attended by 250 members. 176 Spence Ballard Jeannie Barton Claudia Brown Michael Callin Don Cameron Joan Clemons Maria Crowne Aeint deBoer Carol Donner Linda Egloff Nelson Gibson Lynne Hornbeck Edward Jahn Mary Jorgenson Janet Kohtz Donna Levin Linda J. McCarty Frances Mason John Miller Robert Nelson Sheila Ralsky John Rohring Carol Rosen Edwin Schreiber Norma Steingart Sharon Taylor Marcia Trennert Vern Tyerman Charles Ulrich David Weisman Verna Wetherbee C. W. Williams Sharon Winchester John Wolfe Glen Wright 177 The national honorary for outstanding senior women, Mortar Board has been a part of the UCLA campus since the installation of Agathai chapter in 1939. Members are chosen on the basis of scholarship (a 2.9 over all is required) and their service to UCLA. Among activities this year were dinner talks by Mrs. Franklin D. Murphy and Winter from the History Department. The members yearly award a scholarship which is financed through sales of Mortar Board calendars. MORTAR BOARD Mortar Board was led by (I to r): Secretary Diane Kinney, President Barbara Hammer and Pat McNees, Veep. Helen Ackerman Sue Bennett Judy Brown Bunny Cavaliere Beverly Davis Carol Lee Gill Diane Kenny Sheila Kuehl Susan McDonald Pat McNees Sandy Ryan Carolyn Willis 178 Kay Ellis Lois Feinberg Nancy Giorgi Corinne Holman Fonda Julian Karen Kaub Linda Lu Knowles Jean Kolonsky Judy Larsen Penny Lile Eleanor Meyer Kathie Murphy Willette Murphy Linda Romeyn Robin Rush Alice Thompson Laurel Wright Pat Yee Mary Yoshioka Prytaneans were led by (I to r) President Lois Feinberg, Nancy Giorgi, Linda Scott, Melinda Lakey and Alice Thompson. Prytanean is a national upper division honorary. PRYTANEAN Prytanean is an honor society for those upper division women who have been outstanding in their contribution and service to the alma mater. The student ranks of Prytanean are augmented by the membership of Mrs. Franklin D. Murphy and Dean Nola Stark-Cavette. Activities for the year included a gathering with Prytaneans from other campuses at the All-U festivities, dinner meetings with guest speakers, and a student-faculty get-together at the opening of the Union. Sue Bennett Carol Brier Marleen Brogan Ardy Carr Beverly Davis Ann Drumm Carrying the banner for the Sabers this year were (I to r) Secretary Sherry Carmel, Donna Linn, Veep; Sue Wheeler, Treasurer; President Ann Luoma and Barbara Bell, Publicity. Sabers assisted Scabbard and Blade in promoting the Military Ball, and one of the members, Linda Rearwin, was Army Queen. SABERS Sandra Brennan Sherry Carmel Mary Cosgrove Yvonne Costigan Joan Fessenden Ann Flette Pat Flint Marilyn Forman Sandy Haig Sue Holbrook Sally Holt Linda Joslyn Cherie Kellogg Donna Linn Ann Luoma Gale McNair Darlene Mann Laurel Marlow Marilyn Moar Linda Rearwin Barbara Smith Winnie Smith Muriel Stillman Pat Thomas M. Tomalunas Lorri Torres Jane Tracy C. Walden Sue Wheeler Barbara Zuanich Karen Bailey Barbara Bell Linda Bogdal A special military review on January 5, Sabers ' Day, honored the new initiates into the honorary Army ROTC Women ' s Auxiliary. Sabers attended weekly drill, coffee hours, and twice this year assisted at Army award presentation ceremonies. In conjunction with Scabbard and Blade, they travelled to Fort MacArthur, went carolling at Christmas, and had exchanges. A new activity this year was a weekly rifle practice which the Sabers to learn to shoot under the tutelage of the coach for the Army Rifle Team. 181 SCABBARD AND BLADE To fulfill with honor their duties and responsibilities as citizens and military leaders . . . the Scabbard and Blade officers: (I to r) Wilford Phelps, President; Donald Mack, Vice President; Allen Hatheway, Treasurer; Jonathan Purver, Secretary. Scabbard and Blade, national honorary for upper division ROTC students, through cooperation with other military departments of colleges all over the country, develops and fosters the ideals of military education by promoting fellowship and the essential qualities of leadership among fellow officers while instilling honor in all. Kimler Casteel Bob Chasin James Craig Sidney Croft Gordon Cudney Fred Feldman Ronald Foland David Frager Steve Garfein Fred Glantz Allen Hatheway Donald Mack David Mielke Errol Murphy Mel Najarian Alex Phelps Jonathan Purver David Reiter John Saffro Stanley Sax Emanuel Sedacca Mike Shreve Ron Silverman Earl Sinks Jim Stanley Roger Stanton Henry Talifer Gerald Tyner Ernest Vargas Jerry Weisstein Linda Allio Vicki Baughman Jean Bennett Carol Berger Judi Black Marilyn Brier Sharon Brinton Penny Bryant J. Burlage Mary Burtle Barbara Caleen Gerry Curtis Spur-O-Grams were sold by Spur officers: (I to r) Nancy Wolmer, President; Linda Allio, Vice President; Mary Burtle, Treasurer; Janice Clark, Editor; Vicki Van Slyke, Secretary. SPURS The Spurs, sophomore women ' s honorary, continued their traditional service to UCLA throughout the year. Selling the pom poms at football games, Spurshey Bars, and running the Spur-O-Gram booth were their contributions to campus charities, leading tours their gift to the Union. Ann Densmore Mary Lou Dodge Gayle Etienne Joan Ferring Susy Froley Zara Graham Nancy Hall Laurie Hansen Irene lmbach Marilyn Johnson Rae Johnson Sherry Kaufman Mary Ruth Lampe Linda McCrea Moira McDermott Kay Mader Carol Mason Margaret Palmer Patti Peck Maria Pinney Patti Pippen Carolyn Price Gail Scott Patricia Shirk Joan Starkweather Glenda Tolleson Vicki Van Slyke Johanna Walker Nancy Wollmer Nancy Woolf 183 Shell and Oar officers: President Terry Crego, Gretchen Lambert, Carolyn Zeman, Marilyn Ferrari and Carol Blodgett. Shell and Oar, the women ' s auxiliary to the UCLA crew, was organized to further interest in the sport of rowing. They serve as hostesses at the Ballona Creek Boathouse, greet the team after away races, and hold exchanges throughout the year. The girls could be recognized in the spring semester by their new blue uniforms. The Crew-Shell Oar Banquet climaxed a successful year of activities. Shell and Oar members were among the Bruin Crew boosters at the Ballona Creek races. SHELL AND OAR Adrianne Ayres Sally Blackman Carol Blodgett Jeanie Bouchier Marilyn Carr Terry Crego Diana Culbertson Peggy Dawson Mary Doll Ann Flette Marian Gaskill L. Hartunian Jane Haworth Mary Lyn Hof Sally Holt Janice Hummel Pat Jones Gretchen Lambert M. McDonald Karen Magnuson Linda Mohr Eleanor Mulley Jan Pitts Martha Robertson B. J. Rock Janet Stone Mary Taylor Judy Templeton Karen Tinker Marjorie Webber Donna Weeks Natalie Wilkins Jeannette Xavier Carolyn Zeman Virginia Zimmer Leading the Wings were (I to r), Jennifer Wilson, Education; Wendy Thacker, Vice Commander; Susan Horne, Commander; Hedy Junger, Operations; Eleanor Bianchi, Personnel Services. Each year forty coeds engage the eager of the men in the AFROTC program as of Wings, the honorary that corresponds in purpose with the national Angel Flight. Selected for their interest in boosting the spirit of the AFROTC, they work closely with the Cadet Wing, Arnold Air, visiting groups from the Air Force Academy, and other American colleges. Along with numerous special projects, they assume official hostessing and secretarial duties for the UCLA Air Force Cadet Wing. WINGS 186 Eleanor Bianchi Pam Biggs Randee Brenkert Beverly Determan C. Homann Susan Horne M. Hutchens Carol Johnson Hedy Junger Laurel Martin Nancy Matthews Joyce Mellor Margo Metzger Judy Moran Mary Munger Judy Neville Margot Niehenke Barbara Peck Melinda Peterson Maria Pinney Elaine Pope Sylvia Porche Jane Rivet Tracy Roguin Nancy Taylor Wendy Thacker Susan Thomas Jeannine Wagner Judy Weintraub K. Wetherbee Jennifer Wilson Garlyn Wlaschin Judy Wood 187 A host of students flooded the facilities of the new Student Union at its opening. The Phrateres were there, acting as official hostesses. PHRATERES Famous for friendliness, the motto of the Alpha Chapter of Phrateres International rang true and clear this year. The late Dean Helen Laughlin founded Phrateres for all girls wanting an active university life, an apt phrase for 1961. Babs Leberg led the girls in the fall book drive, an en masse to Berkeley for All-U Weekend, and netted the club profits with the exasperating job of giving free career books to seniors and grads. Highlight of the spring was planning for the convention at Fresno State and hostessing chores for the opening of the Union. Pamela Eich Christine Fuchs Eugenia Morosoff Miriam Schneider Marilyn Sebastian Barbara Shapiro Carolyn Sherman Adrienne Tager Yukiko Yoshikami Spirited leadership of the service-minded Yeomen was ably supplied by: (I to r) Gary Zoss, Secretary; Mike Agran, President; and Dave Ardell, Vice President. YEOMEN Mike Agran Dave Ardell John Carter Jerry Chaleff Gerry Corrigan Fred Davis Dave Disco Carl Dreyer Monte Fligsten Marc Horowitz Jim Mahoney Andrew Marias Rich Millard Larry Moody Steve Mooser Don Schubert Doug Stuman Bob Tobias Arnold Tripp Gary Zoss Yeomen is the lower division men ' s comprised of the University ' s younger students who have distinguished themselves in the fields of service, scholarship, athletics and leadership in ASUCLA activities. The blue-shirted met often throughout the year to enjoy the benefits of association with men of both common and diversified interests and to coordinate their many service projects and social programs. 189 A training ground for managerial talent, Alpha Kappa Psi offers a wide range of leadership positions. ALPHA KAPPA PSI Alpha Kappa Psi, national professional business fraternity, strives to bridge the gap between college learning and the reality of the business world by providing a frame of reference to view the activities and meet the people which the student will encounter after graduation. UCLA ' s chapter, elected best in the nation for the third year in a row, has a strong faculty membership to encourage better student-professor relations. The enthusiastic program of Alpha Kappa Psi includes professional meetings featuring speakers from industry, research projects, and the Alumni Career Day, a time when alums give members, individually, an insight into their occupations. The Farewell Banquet, held at the end of each semester to honor departing seniors, was a signal for elated members of America ' s oldest professional business fraternity to gather at the Monica Hotel. Varsity Club President was BRIAN KNIFF, a valuable forward for Coach John Wooden. Gymnastics co-captain BOB RODINE served as Varsity Club Vice President. Hoopster GARY CUNNINGHAM finances as Secretary-Treasurer. Steve Aranoff Lindy Baer Pat Barnes Roger Bryant Howard Collins Gary Cunningham Dave Dabov Lee Dodson VARSITY CLUB Varsity Club membership is open to Bruin athletes who have lettered at least one year in a varsity sport. The club acts as a booster for local athletics, urging interest in UCLA teams, and working as a service organization. In the spring the club participated in the annual all sports day program for past lettermen. Jon Epstein Bert Fickerson Neil Gendel Laurence Gratt Dennis Haryung Gordon Hess Jim Johnson Howard Katzman Tony Longo Herb Ludwig Walt Maxwell William Miller Meno Millo Tom Nakayama Sheldon Pinchuk Vern Pritchett Bob Rodine Ron Rosenfeld Ken Rothschild Jon Skaglund Noel Trout Gary Wadsworth Billy Wells Roger Werksman Officers and faculty members are pleased with first edition of the Newsletter. ENGINEERING SOCIETY Providing an opportunity for engineering students to meet each other, the faculty, and members of the profession is the goal of the ESUC. The voluntary organization of more than 500 students and faculty provide an orientation for engineering maintain an amateur radio station, publish the Students Newsletter, hold social events, host speakers from industry, and sponsor Open Forums which provide an arena for debate on items of interest to the UCLA engineering student. The Engineering Society Ball honors graduating seniors. M. Bernstein Richard Ohap Steve Weiner Jeff Ewing Sabina Hanlon Don Urfrig Ken Goldstein James Pratt Dale Quinn Fall President Spring President Vice President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Treasurer Newsletter Editor Senior President Musical talents and leadership were supplied to Mu Phi Epsilon by: (I to r) Jackie Doyle, President; Pam Popkin, Secretary; Mary Cooper, Vice President; and Beth Temkin, Treasurer. MU PHI EPSILON Phi Nu is UCLA ' s chapter of Mu Phi Epsilon, national music sorority in the professional field. An extremely active campus organization, Mu Phi Epsilon was led by Marjorie Morris, Fall President, who gave way to Jackie Doyle in the Spring. The Mu Phis once again held an annual Spring Concert in conjunction with other musical performances at the Veteran ' s Hospital, Noon Concerts and various individual appearances. Caryl Bigenho Nancy Cherman Mary Cooper Jackie Doyle Jo Ann Leeson Marjorie Morris Pamela Newman Pamela Popkin Beth Temkin Ruth Anne Turner Verna Wetherbee Vocational interest in missiles and other contemporary engineering projects supplemented the regular engineering curriculum for members of Tau Beta Pi. TAU BETA PI Tau Beta Pi, founded at Lehigh University, was organized to mark, in a fitting manner, those who have conferred honor upon their school by outstanding scholarship and exemplary character as undergraduates in engineering, and to foster a spirit of liberal culture in their colleges. UCLA ' s Epsilon Chapter is both proud and aware of this tradition, successfully combining it with entertaining and enlightening social events. Morris Bernstein Alan Boris Terrill Cool Dan Cooper Ronald Doctor Ke n Dullea Dennis Eggert Stone Froberg R. Gottfredson Hiromu Kuno Gilbert Masters Ron Nishinaga Richard Ohap . Earl Peay James Renhult Bill Russell Stuart Schweitzer Stanley Struhl Michael Taback Jack Tipton Dick Tobias Ronald Tobin Stephen Weiner Dr. Frederick C. Lindvall, Chairman of Engineering at Cal Tech, was guest speaker (top) at banquet held in the fall. EARL SINKS URA President UNIVERSITY RECREATION ASSOCIATION The University ' s coordinator for unclassified clubs and special events and women ' s athletics is the University Recreation Association. Heading the many active clubs of the past year was the huge (150 member) Ski Club, in itself an oddity in sunny Southern California. More typical of the locale were the 100-member Mountaineers and the fifty-member Riding Club. Champions among the women ' s athletic teams, a picture image of the varsity, was the Women ' s Tennis Team that took first place in the University of Arizona Tennis Tournament. The other two active clubs were the Folk Dancing and Trampoline Clubs. Clubs in the formation or organization stages include Fencing, Karate, Bridge, Swimming, Chess and Skin Diving, with plans in the offing for a UCLA Women ' s Ski Team. Each club more or less runs its own operation, but is supported by ASUCLA in financial and administrative functions. The individual club officers are responsible for each of the URA organization ' s events and programs. ...A HALLOWEEN DANCE BARRY GWARTZ emceed the well-attended Halloween Dance. Sponsored by the URA, the function was held in the Women ' s Gym and open to the entire student body. Year in and year out one of the most popular of the member clubs, the URA Rid ing Club is composed of equestrian lovers and just plain horseback riders. THE RIDING CLUB Southern California ' s San Gabriel range offers plenty of challenge to the URA Mountaineers, although occasionally the club is lured to Northern California for mid-semester and Easter vacation jaunts. THE MOUNTAINEERS DRAMA TOUCH OF THE POET One of the first of the theater arts productions of the season, " Touch of the Poet " enjoyed an enormously popular fifteen-day run. Members of the play ' s cast included: (I to r) Annabel Zukor, Jack Fiero, Jeonne Slanger and Marion Freeman. ISLAND OF GOATS Serving the dual purposes of education and the theater arts productions have received recognition as vehicles for the training of students and as vital contributions to Bruin and Southland culture. " Island of Goats " and " Touch of the Poet " kicked off the fall season with members of the cast of the former play enjoying a tour of the other campuses of the University. The main stage show, " She Stoops to Conquer, " was successful while " Mile-A-Minute-Malone, " " The Just, " and " The Red Shoes " climaxed the exciting thespian year. During November, members of the cast of " Island of Goats " were selected to present the season-opener to the other campuses of the University. Leading actors shown below are: (I to r) Carol Goodheart, Larry Johnson, Joyce Rosenberg and Miriam Fond. " She Stoops to Conquer " was the main stage show presented by the department. The play enjoyed phenomenal success as each performance played to a full house. Inn scene stars were: (I to r) Don Borcherdt, Dennis Helfend, Freddy Lorenzen, Dick Schulenberg, Russell Horton, and Anna Menelaus. SHE STOOPS TO CONQUER MALONE The graduate thesis production, " Malone, " this year was presented in January. The cast which starred Dennis Robertson as Danny Malone is shown during comedy scene of the highly entertaining show. Each year a special children ' s play is performed at UCLA and in small Southern California Communities. This year ' s treat was the delightful " Red Shoes. " THE RED SHOES THE JUST ASSASSINS " The Just " , a study of moral assassins, was the student production nominated to tour the University branches in the Spring. The conspirators above are: (I to r) Jeanne Slanger, Bart Patton, Jon Drury, Joel Miller and Dick Holland. BETSY BRAMAN, CARRIE BLOOM and KAREN WAID were outstanding in their dance interpretation of " Snow Visions. " Stars of " Realm of Sorrow " were (I to r) standing, Georgia Powis, Victor Paddock, and in back, Larry Brock and Karen Waid. LARRY BROCK and KAREN WAID were top duo from modern dance " Realm of Sorrow. " MODERN DANCE CONCERT Each Spring the Committee on Fine Arts sponsors a Modern Dance Concert which features both classical and original compositions. Students of the dance curriculum and other majors practice diligently for the two day run which is the only collegiate production of its type in the western United States. 1961 Plan of LOS ANGELES MEMORIAL COLISEUM FIGUEROA MENLO S • STAIRWAY T • TUNNEL T.B TICKET BOOTH Map Through Courtesy of AUTOMOBILE CLUB OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA SANTA BARBARA T • TUNNEL S • STAIRWAY SPORTS UCLA FALL SPORTS " I ' d rather have Kilmer on my football team than any other player that I ' ve seen this season " — William Murray, Head Coach, Duke University. FOOTBALL UCLA THE SEASON: 7-2-1 212 THE SPIRIT 213 THE PLAYERS Seniors JACK METCALF and HARRY BALDWIN were co-decisionmakers as 1961 Bruin Team Captains. 71 Tony Albany LT Senior 23 Kermit Alexander FB Soph 67 Dick Allen LG Soph 74 Foster Andersen LT Junior 60 Ken Arndt LG Junior 53 Harry Baldwin C Senior 73 Joe Bauwens RT Soph 78 Steve Bauwens LT Junior 75 Don Brooks LT Soph 86 Craig Chudy RE Senior 66 Dave Dabov RG Senior 22 Mitch Dimkich FB Soph 31 Carmen Di Poalo RH Soph 46 Dave Duncan QB Soph 76 Tony Fiorentino LT Soph 33 Gene Gaines RH Senior 48 Ken Goodman QB Junior 80 Tom Gutman RE Soph 81 Gordon Hess LE Junior 88 Chuck Hicks RE Junior 50 Ron Hull C Junior 15 Keith Jensen LH Junior 37 Jim Johnson RH Senior 42 Ivory Jones QB Senior 17 Bill Kilmer LH Senior 70 Tony Longo RT Senior 84 Marvin Luster LE Senior 63 Frank Macari LG Junior 69 Mike Mahoney LG Soph 65 Jack Metcalf LG Senior 77 Phil Oram RT Soph 68 Tom Paton RG Junior 30 Joe Rosenkrans RH Junior 79 Marshall Shirk RT Junior 20 Ezell Singleton LH Soph 89 Earl Smith RE Senior 28 Skip Smith FB Senior 16 Rob Smith LH Soph 19 Bob Smith LH Junior 85 Jim Stanley LE Soph 41 Bob Stevens QB Junior 61 Dave Stout RG 24 Almose Thompson FB Junior 82 Don Vena LE Junior 51 Andy Von Sonn C Soph 47 Duane Wills QB Senior 49 Joe Zeno QB Soph BILL BARNES pointed out his team ' s most important asset . . . the desire to win. THE COACHES Assisting the Bruin coaching staff and trainers as football managers were: A. Schiffrin, R. Hysom, L. Goldman, T. Nakayama, H. Geisler and W. Tully. Giving mutual support were top strategists of the Bruin gridiron: Top Row (I to r), Deke Brackett, Bill Barnes, John Johnson, Sam Boghosian. Bottom Row: (I to r), Dan Peterson, John Hermann, Jim Dawson, and Robert Bergdahl. 215 Right Halfback GENE GAINES (33) turns end as EARL SMITH (89) engages two would-be Panther defenders. Bruins netted 275 yards compared to Pitt ' s 188. MARV LUSTER (84) snags pass on Panther 30. 216 A VENGEFUL START Motivated by the memory of the 1959 game, when Pitt humbled the Bruins with three touchdowns in the last six minutes of play, UCLA opened the season with a stirring 8-7 upset over the Panthers. After Pitt had scored in the opening quarter, UCLA fumbled away two scoring opportunities to enter the last quarter with a seven point deficit. Ezell Singleton came into the game, making his debut as a Bruin, and led a drive to score in the last 30 seconds. The Bruins, on a gamble, picked up the necessary two-point conversion to win 8-7. In upsetting the Panthers for the first time, UCLA was rated eighth nationally, knocking the consistently strong Easterners out of the rankings. BILL KILMER (17) runs for open as ANDY KUZNESKI (50) tries to keep triple-threat tailback boxed in. PITT 7 DAVE KRAUS (10), Panther quarterback, is held for short gain as Bruins SKIP SMITH (28), JACK METCALF (65) and BOB STEVENS (41) close in for the kill. EZELL SINGLETON (20) twists four yards to score in last 39 seconds of the game. A two-point conversion gave the Bruins sweet revenge over Pitt. 217 BOBBY SMITH (19) steals pass from intended Purdue receiver to stop Boilermaker drive; the seasaw battle ended in a 27-27 tie. UCLA 27 PURDUE 27 LED TO DEADLOCK AGAIN KILMER (17) picks up blocking from JOHNSON (37), THOMPSON (24) and MACARI (63) in first half action. UCLA met Purdue on their home field as five point underdogs despite the Bruins ' victory over Pitt. Bill Kilmer got the team off to a good start scoring two quick touchdowns and the Bruins were never behind until the Boilermakers scored in the last quarter to tie the game at 27-27. It was one of Bill Kilmer ' s best days as he scored four times. WASHINGTON 10 UCLA 8 Washington ' s All-American, ROY MC KASSON (55), leads charge against UCLA tailback, BILL KILMER (17), in game won by come-through Husky defense. KILMER (17) is trapped by two Washington defenders as he struggles to sideline in an attempt to stop the clock. BRUINS BLOW BOWL After a three week layoff, the Bruins flew to Seattle to meet the Washington Huskies in the Rose Bowl deciding game. A field goal and a touchdown gave Washington a 10-0 advantage at the end of the third quarter. Although UCLA outgained the Huskies, the Bruins were halted until a last quarter pass from Bill Kilmer to Jim Johnson made the final score 10-8. The Huskies went on to the Rose Bowl, where they humbled Minnesota, the top team in the nation. Bruin fullback, THOMPSON (24), is too late to save KILMER (17) from being thrown for loss. UCLA 26 STANFORD 8 Cluster of Stanford linemen close in on KILMER (17) in attempt to thwart Bruin rally which led to the 26-8 rout over the Indians. RETURN TO MURDER INDIANS The Bruins, following their close defeat at the hands of the Huskies, met Stanford as 18 point favorites. UCLA, shocked by an early Indian drive which took them to the two-yard line, struck back with 13 points in the second quarter and an equal amount in the third period. The Indians tallied their lone score late in the game, making the final score 26-8. Bill Kilmer and Almose Thompson sparkled. Thompson tied a UCLA record by scoring three times. JIM JOHNSON (37) receives KILMER toss near midfield. KILMER (17) passes to start the scoring drive of game ... and LUSTER (84) makes diving catch in end zone for winning TD. UCLA 7 NORTH CAROLINA STATE 0 REPEAT WIN The meeting meeting of UCLA and the North State Wolfpack produced two contests: The struggle of one team against another, and the personal duel of Roman Gabriel and Bill Kilmer. The deciding factor of the game, however, was Bruin end, Mary Luster. In the only scoring drive of the game, Luster caught four passes for 63 yards, with his diving catch climaxing the drive. THOMPSON (24) slashes off tackle, cutting to outside for long gain. Aided by JIM BERGMAN (43), sure-footed Bruin Tailback BOBBY SMITH picks up good yardage on punt return in the second half of Berkeley rout. UCLA 28 CAL 0 BIG BROTHER BELITTLED Once again, the Berkeley brother had to swallow his pride in the annual family feud, held this year in his own den. The Bruins, after a close, hard-fought contest the week before, exploded in a scoring spree which resulted in death for the once formidable sibling. Thompson, Skip Smith, and Kilmer (twice) scored touchdowns for the Bruins ' 28 point victory over scoreless Cal. DON WHITE, former Bruin great as head yell leader in 1956 and ' 57, and still an avid UCLA fan, was called down from stands to make a guest appearance at game; AL BUCKNER and STEVE DEMING look on. BOBBY SMITH (19) sweeps wide around right end, dancing past fallen Bear defender as another waits for him. UCLA 22 AIR FORCE 0 A mud-splattered Falcon lineman makes a futile lunge toward Bruin passer as he lets loose an aerial in game which gave series ' edge to UCLA, 2-1. Sophomore tailback, ROB SMITH (16), packs pigskin around right end into a flock of Falcons. VISIBILITY, AIR FORCE ZEROED On a rain-soaked, muddy turf, the Bruins trimmed the Air Force Academy 22-0 for the third straight shutout in a row this year. The sloppy field was no real detriment as the Bruins and the Falcons both racked up 300 yards. UCLA scored on three touchdowns by Kilmer and a field goal by Ivory Jones. of game was Bill Kilmer ' s 88 yard run, longest of his career. UCLA 6 SC 17 KILMER (17) throws beautiful pass which overshot the intended receiver by less than a foot in one of many unusual occurrences of that day. FICKLE FINGER OF FATE Perhaps one can chalk it up to luck or to fate, but November 19, 1960, certainly was not a day for the usual. The normal plans and events of man suffered a serious setback that day as a mysterious force entered the realm of humanity and pervaded its presence with an air of the mysterious. So that our faith in an orderly, explainable and just universe will not be shaken, the higher form of life must ignore the unnatural and inconsistent happenings of that infamous day. VENA (82) catches pass in rare moment of normality in game. UCLA 16 UTAH 9 BOB STEVENS (41) and SKIP SMITH (28) lead BILL KILMER (17) to set up a long gain. KILMER broke UCLA record, running a total of 180 yards. RETURN TO NORMALCY Playing against a strong Utah team at high altitude, the Bruins looked good in their comeback after the SC game. The 16-9 victory gave UCLA a 4-0 record against the Redskins. Kilmer, Gaines, and Vena were standouts as the Bruins scored touchdowns in the first and third quarters while Utah collected on a field goal and a touchdown. KILMER (17), looking for open receiver, fades behind protection of THOMPSON (24). BRUIN BOWL COTTON BOWL Duke 6 Duke 7 UCLA 27 Arkansas 6 KILMER (17) takes off on running play as Duke Tackle DAVE BOSSON (73) falls behind. KILMER ran up 200 yards to cop National Offense Crown. ...A FITTING CONCLUSION In a nationally televised game, the Bruins met Duke University for the last contest of the 1960 season. UCLA, in a great team effort, smashed the bowl-bound Blue Devils to score an inspiring 27-6 triumph. The fiery Bruins were led by the efforts of Kilmer, Vena, Thompson, and S. Smith. GENE GAINES (33) snares away from hands of Duke End PETE WIDENER (98). BOBBY SMITH (19) rolls out on option with ALMOSE THOMPSON (24) and JIM BERGMAN (43) leading play. SMITH, plagued by a knee injury all season, came off the bench to rack up a total of 121 yards as Bruins romped over the Blue Devils. DON VENA (82), surrounded by Blue Devils, clutches Kilmer pass for TD. BUCKNER leads rooter ' s approval. 227 ....THE SIDELINES " Mr. Tailback, " BILL KILMER, was a unanimous choice for honors, was selected for several All-American squads and was a first-round draft choice of the San Francisco 49er pros. Drafted as a " future " last year by the LA Rams, MARV LUSTER has the potential to perform before home town fans for many years. The sure-handed end was another first team choice by the AAWU. The SF 49ers, through trades, had 3 first-round choices and JIM JOHNSON was their first pick. The fine wingback starred in the East-West Shrine game and all year long, at offense and defense. Spirit leaders were (I to r) NANCY GIORGI, Social Secretary; RUSS SERBER, Rallies Vice Chairman; BILL SORGE, Chairman; BETTY COWELL, Recording Secretary, and BOB WELLS, Organizations Vice Chairman. RALLY COMMITTEE Under the leadership of Chairman Bill Sorge, Rally Committee was responsible for putting organized Bruin spirit into action. Halftime card stunts, rallies, airport greetings, and telegrams to the team were the central part of the group ' s activities. Their pride in Bruin spirit was rewarded by the rooters ' cooperation and loyalty in the rain at the Cal game. Margie Anderson Melinda Barlow Judie Bennett Deanne Blacker Connie Blinkhern Penny Bryant Theo Carlson Cecilia Cavaletto Y. Contessotto Cindy Dickranian Joy Ducat Susan Fenster Christine Fuchs Nancy Giorgi Susan Goldie Carl Gustafson Norman Hawkins Janice Hedman Marilyn Hoffman Lynne Hornbeck Stephanie Jefferis Robin Kielb Charlotte Kollock Paula Leibowitz Roberta Lichter Gayle Lilley Laurel Locke David Lowenstein Sandi Mackley Michele Morrison M. Murakami Warren Nagata Alice Neuman E. Newman George Nicholson June Persky Carole Ritts B. J. Rock Alan Rothstein Sheri Rubright George Schussel Peggie Seeley Nina Shavelle Bill Sorge Sharon Spander Joan Thorne Susan Thrasher Janice Umezawa Patti VanRekom Lani Wahl Roger Weinhouse Mary Weston 233 Head Coach JOHN HERMANN engages in friendly conversation with two members of the Freshman squad, Quarterback JOHN LO CURTO (42) and Tailback MIKE HAFFNER (17). FROSH FOOTBALL Coach John Herman ' s Brubabe footballers compiled a respectable 2-2-1 season with a squad small in number but large in the way of potential talent. Backs Mike Haffner, Don Rojas, and Jim Weeks led the offense while John Lo Curto and Prentice O ' Leary bulwarked the defense. Highlight of season was a 41-20 rout of Cal ' s Cubs. Promising Bruins . . The 1960 Freshman Football Team and Coaching Staff: Standing (I to r) Rod Cochran, Al Story, Head Coach John Hermann, Kurt Lewin and Gerry Okuneff. Top Row: Gale Hickman, Berle Barnes, John Lo Curto, Mike Haffner, Joel Ohlgren, Charles Horn and Bernard Dathe. Middle Row: James Weeks, Mitchell Johnson, Don Rojas, Jack Reed, Richard Peterson, Prentice O ' Leary, Mick Willer and Arnold Preheim. Bottow Row: William Kay, Daniel True, Ray Francis, Richard Moyer, Norman Smotony, Kenneth McIntire and Ronald Schassburger. Elusive tailback, MIKE HAFFNER (17), tries to avoid horde of Trobabes during freshman game. The Brubabes were outscored 32-6 by the strong SC team. MIKE HAFFNER (17) is tripped up as he tries to break into open during USC game. Haffner led the team in rushing, passing and scoring with eight TDs. 235 WALT MAXWELL pumps up hill on UCLA course in meet against USC. MAXWELL went on to finish first in upset victory over rival who had beaten the Bruins twice. 1960 Bruin Harriers and new coach: Top Row (I to r) Walt Maxwell, Noel Trout, Coach Carter, Milford Dahl and Pete Symes. Bottom Row (I to r) Frank Atsett, Dave Ross, Mickey McBain and Dick Franco. CROSS COUNTRY The UCLA Cross Country Team, which ended the year with a 2-1 conference record, had its finest meet with our crosstown rivals. The Trojans had bested our team in two practice meets previous to the regular contest, when the Bruins rallied to overpower them in the best tradition. MAXWELL tries to widen gap as field approaches finish. Otficials meet FRANK ATSETT as he finishes in meet with the Trojans. KIM CASTEEL, captain of the water polo team, scores goal in Bruins ' exciting 8-5 victory over surprisingly strong Pomona College polo team. WATER POLO The UCLA Water Polo Team, led by Kim Casteel and Dick Douglas, fought through a difficult schedule to finish the year with records of 1-5 conference and 7-8 overall. BERT FICKERSON, passing to teammate, sets up Bruin scoring play in close contest. 1960 UCLA Water Polo Team included: Top Row (I to r) Mgr. " Buzz " Galuskin, Rob Masten, " Lucky " Cole, Dick Douglas, Ross Robeson, Assistant Coach Jack Fullerton and Head Coach Jerry Astourian. Bottom Row (I to r) Leo Deege, Brian Forst, Kim Casteel, Larry Gratt, Bert Fickerson and Mark Siegel. Captain KIM CASTEEL and Head Coach JERRY ASTOURIAN combined their talents to lead 1960 Bruin Poloists. 237 PETER NICKLIN lunges after ball as MIKE MEYER crouches and BILL DUNWOODIE hesitates in background during rugged Redlands match. LEIF DANIELSON. leaping, makes futile attempt to stop dark-shirted Redlands goalie from completing catch. SOCCER Coach " Jock " Stewart ' s Soccer Team once again brought glory to UCLA with a season record of 10-0 to capture the Southern California Soccer Association Crown. Seven members of the Bruin eleven were named to the All-Coast Team: Hassan Mohaghegh, Peter Nicklin, Bill Dunwoodie, Mike Meyer, Leif Danielson, Joe Ricapito, Ron Levy, Jerry Thomas and Roger Bryant, retaining UCLA ' s reputation as the most powerful West Coast team. MIKE MEYER, moving ball down field, was one of seven Bruins selected for the All-Coast Soccer Team. Top Row (I to r) Head Coach " Jock " Stewart, Nagalingam Pararajasingam, Peter Nicklin, Rick Berger, Ron Levy, Art Sylvester, Jerry Thomas, Roger Bryant and Al Niles. Bottom Row (I to r) Leif Danielson, Bill Dunwoodie, Mike Meyer, Rich Haas, Hassan Mohaghegh, Joe Ricapito and Frank Meyer. 239 UCLA BASKETBALL Season Record: 18-8 240 Acting as right-hand man to Head Coach John Wooden, tireless Bill Putnam endears himself to Bruin fans, but not always to the officials, with his appropo remarks. With a very enviable, and probably unmatched, record of twenty-five years of coaching without having a losing team, UCLA Head Coach John Wooden could be excused if he showed a nature. However, the opposite is true in Coach Wooden ' s case. Success breeds success and the former Purdue All-American just keeps striving. Leading rebounder of the Bruin squad was big (6 ' 8 " ) and strong John Berberich. Showing great improvement this year and as the year went along, John was chosen for a first team All-AAWU (AP) spot. A good scorer too, he ' ll be sorely missed. Probably the most promising sophomore on the West Coast was the Bruins ' flashy Ron Lawson. Showing plenty of scoring ability and strong rebounding, the 6 ' 4 " forward has the potential to weave a bright future for the Blue and Gold five. Gary Cunningham ' s amazingly accurate jump shot and timely consistency from the free-throw line won him a first team berth on the Coaches ' (UPI) All-AAWU team. The rangy junior forward was also chosen to the All-Pacific Coast Area team and won All-American mention. THE PLAYERS BOB BERRY Senior Guard The Bruins had a brace of 6 ' 3 " guards in 1960-61 and in Johnny Green they had one who liked to drive and keep UCLA ' s foes guessing as to what he would do next. Also a good outside shooter, Johnny was consistent on defense and on the boards. PETE BLACKMAN Junior Forward BILL HICKS Junior Guard BRIAN KNIFF Senior Forward JIM MILHORN Sophomore Guard ROGER NICHOLS Sophomore Forward Senior Guard Bill Ellis was the Bruins ' playmaker and proved himself to be a steadying influence. A true ballhawk, Bill came through with the big basket at the right time, as in the win over SC, and was a really fine " clutch player " . MEL PROFIT Sophomore Center TOM SAPP Sophomore Guard DAVE WAXMAN Sophomore Center 243 Forward RON LAWSON hooks for two points over the arm and efforts of GORDON MICKEY, Indiana guard (No. 30), in semi-finals of Los Angeles Classic. THE LOS ANGELES BASKETBALL CLASSIC December 28, 29 and 30 were the dates of the second annual Los Angeles Basketball Classic, a tournament co-sponsored by UCLA and SC in the Sports Arena. With teams from California, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan State, Minnesota, SC, Stanford and UCLA, the single-elimination tournament seemed to favor the team from Indiana with All-American Walt Bellamy leading the Hoosiers into battle. Bur both UCLA and SC humbled the Indiana team, with Iowa getting past SC to meet, and then defeat, UCLA in the finals UCLA 94 INDIANA 72 Bruin ' s JIM MILHORN tries for free throw, increases lead against Indiana. Indiana ' s JERRY BASS has edge on BRIAN KNIFF in race for runaway ball. The semi-finals of the Classic found the Bruins running head on into the Walt Bellamy-led squad from Indiana, and SC clashing with Iowa. Olympic star Bellamy was completely outplayed by John Berberich, and UCLA won 94 to 72. IOWA 71 UCLA 65 The championship contest was a frustrating one for the Bruins. Ahead at the half, UCLA couldn ' t find the basket in the second period, while the Iowans, led by hot-shooting Don Nelson, pulled ahead to win the title, 71 to 65. BILL ELLIS and Iowa ' s RON ZAGAR are wary of collision with PETE BLACKMAN, coming down with rebound. The benches are cleared as Iowa team goes wild after LA Classic victory. 245 Looks like two points for the Bruins as LAWSON (25) fires at the basket despite the apparent effort of a Washington player to trip him, GREEN spectates. LOSE OPENER ONLY TO HUSKIES GREEN (45) adopts a tongue-in-cheek attitude as a Huskie tries to block his path. GREEN (with ball) drives by one Huskie as CUNNINGHAM (55) looks like he ' s about to throw a cross-body block on another. A loose ball has just been recovered by GREEN (45) as fellow guard ELLIS stands by. The Washington Huskies caught the Bruins cold in cold Seattle and took the first AAWU game of the season from them. The next night was a different story as the Blue bounced back to even things and in the third contest, played at the Sports Arena, UCLA romped to an easy 84 to 68 victory. The first half of this game was close, with the Huskies keeping even at 22 to 22 until Cunningham and Ellis hit buckets to start the final landslide. 247 Milhorn (44) flashes in for a fast lay-up as Waxman (32) and a grieving Bear watch. Play came in the 54 to 46 Bruin victory at " home " . TWO WINS FROM CAL UCLA handled their older brothers from Berkeley in two games played at the Sports Arena, but in a hard-fought contest played " up North " , UCB pulled out a 66 to 65 last second victory, with two free throws by Earl Schultz upsetting the Bruins. Cunningham was the game ' s top scorer with 23 points, but it wasn ' t enough. The loss virtually eliminated UCLA from the conference title race, and brightened a poor Bear season. Green (45) gets off a jumper despite Bear block. Blackman (52) is ready to tally. The two Bruin wins ended drought over UCB. Bruin Post Man Berberich (35) drops in two points over the head of an eager Bear. Fast breaks were prevalent in the finale for both teams. ELLIS (42) scores again. High-scoring forward, Cunningham (55), sinks a bucket as the rest of the big Bruin front line, Lawson (25) and Berberich (35) approve. 249 SC EDGES BRUIN FIVE TO DECIDE AAWU TITLE Bruin Guard JOHN GREEN is two-timed by the Trojan ' s RUDOMETKIN (44) and STANLEY (25) as he attempts lay-in in first SC-UCLA game. The Bruins and the Trojans went down to the wire in a series that was to decide the AAWU hoop title. UCLA, led by John Berberich and Gary Cunningham, came to within a single point of upsetting the favored SC team in the heart-stopping overtime period of the deciding game. 250 Forward RON LAWSON, a standout for the Bruins shooting or rebounding, steals the ball from Troy ' s VERN ASHBY and dribbles toward teammate, Guard BILL ELLIS. Bruin Playmaker JOHN GREEN receives a pass in front of defending CHRIS APPEL (13) and GORDON MARTIN (34). 251 Bruin Forward PETE BLACKMAN goes up and over sprawling Indian JOHN HENDRY for two easy points in the Arena. INDIANS ROUTED IN RUBBER MATCH 252 Bruin floorleader, Ellis, drives for the basket as an Indian defends. Green (45) shoots as teammates Milhorn (44) and Sapp (20) head for the hoop. The Bruins continued their domination of Stanford ' s Indians by taking two out of three contests from them in 1961. The first game, played at The Farm, found the Indians uncannily hot from the floor in the first half, compiling a lead that UCLA was never able to surmount. The second tilt, also played at Palo Alto, was a reversal of the first, with the Bruins winning handily. The rubber game saw Berberich score 22 points to lead a 69 to 55 rout for the Blue quintet. Bruin handyman, Blackman (52), grabs a rebound from four surprised Stanfordites. 253 The Freshman Basketball squad consisted of (I to r) kneeling, J. Ballinger, Manager, L. Gower, M. Huggins, R. Schultz, L. Bridges, B. Moore, Manager. Standing, R. Nichols, B. Leigh, F. Slaughter, R. Gugat, R. Whitley and Coach Jerry Norman. For the second year in a row, Coach Jerry Norman turned out a freshman basketball squad that racked up a 20 and 2 record. The 1959-60 quintet, sparked by Forward Ron Lawson, lost only two, as did the 1960-61 team. This year ' s five featured a well-balanced attack, with four starters, Fred Slaughter, Rich Gugat, Larry Gower and Mike Huggins finishing the season in double brackets scoring-wise. Highlight of the schedule was a sweep of the three-game SC series, the local cagers winning by 61-50, 81-63 and 70-62 scores. High-scoring LARRY GOWER moves past defending Trojan frosh to set up play. Center FRED SLAUGHTER almost climbs up to basket in layin scoring attempt against SC Frosh. Forward RICH GUGAT comes down with ball as teammate GOWER (No. 42) tries to assist with elbow. The floor is covered with Bruins, but it ' s GOWER, with tremendous leap, who comes down with rebound. RANDY SCHULTZ (No. 44) gets rebound, and outraged Trojan defender is powerless to get ball away. Though partially obscured by Songleaders Sally Richardson and Sandy Swarner (above), the yell leaders still managed to hold their own. The spirit-raisers were (I to r) Rich Hirsch, Steve Deming, Al Buckner, Jim Fiedler and Jerry Phillips. THE YELL LEADERS Head Yell Leader AL BUCKNER always rose to the occasion, spurring cheering section and the team to greater heights. The yell leaders were in the midst of post-game excitement and rally that was stimulated by 27-6 shellacking of Duke. The songleaders took time out from routines to involve themselves in the tense excitement of " the football game " . . . here against Pitt. The spirited ones were Marilyn Gentry, Sandy Swarner, Penny Aratin, Sally Richardson, Jan Welsh and Ann Rice. AND SONGLEADERS A much sought-after position, songleader tryouts are held in the Executive Director ' s office in the early spring. The only calm personalities during the ordeal are veterans like SANDY SWARNER (above, casual outfit, smile on face, coke in hand). 257 SPRING SPORTS UCLA has been blessed with many great athletes. Of late she has almost had a monopoly in the field of decathlon stars. First it was the great Rafer Johnson, runner-up in the 1956 Olympics and Gold Medal winner in 1960. Now it ' s C. K. Yang, the Bruins ' fine all-around star and Silver Medal winner at Rome. C. K. got off to a fine start in 1961 with an early-season time of 13.9 in the high hurdles, a vault of 14 ' 5 " and a good leap in the high jump. A leg injury then restricted his activities to the javelin throw in which he had a strong 238 ' 9 " toss, ranking him with the world ' s best in this event. Coach DUCKY DRAKE, returning from the Olympics as the trainer for the US team, turned out another powerful squad. VARSITY TRACK The 1961 track season saw Head Coach Ducky Drake lead the Bruin trackmen through still another winning season. All in all, the Bruins, in five dual meets, racked up a total of 378-5 6 points to 274-1 6 for the opposition; in two triangulars they compiled 205-1 6 for almost a 100 point surplus over four opponents. The lone meet saw the Bruins take second berth to powerhouse SC, but soph sensation Andy Dunkell brightened the day with a 1:48.9 clocking in the 880, then the fastest time in the nation. Other stars during the season included Jim Johnson, who repeatedly took honors in both the high and low hurdles, Mil Dahl, who set a new school record (9:04.8) in the two mile, Clark Branson, whose sub-60 foot shot puts were second only to SC ' s Dallas Long, and Arnold Tripp, who set a new meet record in the 100 (9.6) in the season ' s first triangular at Redlands. China ' s gift to UCLA, C. K. Yang, who with a pulled muscle early in the season scored his all-time best in the javelin (236-1), was one of the Bruins most consistent stars. MIL DAHL Distance WINSTON DOBY Sprints and Broad Jump CLARK BRANSON Shot Put GERALD CARR Weights JOHN CHAMBERLAIN Shot Put 262 ANDY DUNKELL Quarter and Half BOB JACKSON Middle Distance JIM JOHNSON Hurdles CHRIS KNOTT Sprints and Quarter BILL LOGAN Pole Vault WALT MAXWELL Distance JACK PUTNAM Discus BOB SMITH Broad Jump ARNOLD TRIPP Sprints TOM WEBB Middle Distance BILLY WELLS Hurdles C. K. YANG Hurdles and Field Events 263 Soph ANDY DUNKELL wins 880 against SC with teammate TOM WEBB third. Dunkell, AAWU champ, did half later in fast 1:48.9. JIM JOHNSON, (right), 1960 NCAA hurles champ, is on way to another first as BILLY WELLS moves up for second. CINDER ACTION Sprinter ARNOLD TRIPP is about to break the tape in his 9.6 century. The soph ace also ran a 21.0 furlong. Britain ' s and UCLA ' s GERRY CARR heaves discus as JACK PUTNAM and AL WEILL of Stanford look on. Junior Miler MIL DAHL breaks tape in SC meet with TOM WEBB about to take second. Dahl was AAWU champ too. Former national high school record holder in shot put, Bruin strongman CLARK BRANSON set a new UCLA mark at 59 ' .9 " . 264 FRANK ATZET, Frosh Half-Miler, (left) breaks tape in SC meet. MIKE TISDALE (below) is on way to first place in high hurdles. Winning effort by Miler MICKEY McBAIN was worth 5 points. FRESHMAN TRACK Although losing dual meets to SMCC, Ventura and Valley, Coach Don Vick ' s freshman thinclads had a brilliant season. They thrashed Reedley, -401 2, took a from SBCC and the UCSB frosh, and most important walked over SC, 84-47. Out of 17 participating schools, Vick ' s spikesters finished second at the Southern California Freshman Relays. Standouts were M. Huggins (broad jump, hurdles), F. Atzet (mile) and M. McBain (distance). 265 Frosh Cindermen were: (I to r) Front Row, J. Sutton, K. Wilhoite, F. Atzet, F. Slaughter, H. Spiegel, M. Huggins, M. Tisdale and M. Black. Second Row, M. Hogan, D. Taggart, M. McBain, J. Guth, P. Saenz, N. Brown, D. Venerables, J. Thomas and R. Munoz. Back Row, Coach Don Vick, H. Katzman (Senior Manager) and W. Wershaw. Not pictured are L. Cabasino, S. Praiser, H. Rowen and G. Steingraber. Top Row (I to r) Assistant Coach Peter Fielding, A. Von Sonn, P. Nicklin, R. Smith, J. Stratton, K. Rice, M. Shonstrom, M. Downey, A. Chapman, C. Chudy, J. Bauwens, H. Ludwig, Coach Ged Gardner. Front Row (I to r) T. Hornaday, N. Rising, R. Fagerholm, D. Wills, L. Dodson, D. Vena, F. Macari and M. Shimoyama. Hailing from New Zealand, GED GARDNER winds up fourth season as rugby mentor. 266 Fullback ROB SMITH passes off to Wing HERB LUDWIG as Bruins move downfield against strong Stanford club. Indians won match, 17-11. Ged Gardner ' s rugby team had a " tough " season, marred by injuries that never allowed the Bruins to play at full strength. The squad rallied for its best game against Cal, but was penalized, having two tries called back, and losing by a 5-3 score. Pete Nicklin, Captain Lee Herb Ludwig and Mibo Shimoyama were standout veterans, and were joined by four promising newcomers, Rob Smith, Joe Bauwens, Nelson Rising and Ken Rice. LUDWIG brings ball into play, tossing it in to be fought for by lines. Indians ' Kirk Reid (58) had good day, scoring 11 points for Stanford. Bruin Center PETER NICKLIN punts early in contest with Stanford rugby team. 267 GORDON EVANS gets spike through SMCC blockers in tourney play as teammate AL SCATES looks on. In Wednesday night practice, GENE ANDRES, STEVE DRUMMY and CARL BAILEY block spike by AL SCATES. AL SCATES (in background) waits to set ball that was slowed by good block. VOLLEYBALL Head Coach Glen Egstrom spiked the volleyball team to a victorious but unsung season. In the San Diego, Santa Barbara, Oxnard and Bay Area tournaments, the Bruins, although unable to take a first, placed in the top five. The starting six usually were Lee Mason, Gordon Evans, Carl Bailey and Gordon Kleinpeter as spikers with setters Captain Steve Drummy and Randy Banks. GYMNASTICS 1961 Bruin Gymnastics team included (I to r), standing: Doug Soule, Rick Barasch, Don McLarty, Ray Rempt, Marv Kaye, and Jay Taylor. Sitting: Lindy Baer, Sam Hasegawa, Bob Rodine, Coach Ralph Borrelli, Howard Goldring, Gary Tarr and Neil Rapoport. Coach Ralph Borelli pushed his gymnastics team through a rough schedule, finished with a 4-2 composite record, a first place in an invite meet here at Westwood, a tourth in the Western Association gymnastic championships and ninth in the NCAA. Standouts on the 1961 varsity were Howard Goldring on the ropes, overall star Don McLarty (bars, rings) and Sam Hasegawa (free). LINDY BAER, exercising here on the parallel bars, was an all-around gymnast. 268 Co-captains for RALPH BORRELLI ' s gymnastics team were (left) side horse specialist BOB RODINE and veteran rope climber HOWARD GOLDRING (right). CREW The Varsity has a lead on the SC shell in Ben Wellis Trophy Race. ROBERT L. SCHAEFFER Head Coach Varsity oarsmen were (I to r) Bart Morrison, Bill Bartel, Delbert Parker, Tom Tucker, Captain Jon Epstein, Dave Carrington, Guy Lundberg and John Skaglund. Kneeling is Coxswain Don Benito. Ballona Creek is site of the Boathouse. GOLF Coach Vic Kelley ' s linksmen included (I to r) Coach Kelley, Wes Smith, Tom Thompson, Captain Bill Moore, Lynn Harris, Neil Gendel and Cliff Davis. Moore and Thompson graduate. Though defeated by strong Big Five teams, Head Coach Bob Schaeffer ' s oarsmen looked to the near future with improving frosh and junior varsity teams. In the first of two triangulars, UCLA topped Southern Cal, but dropped the second try. In a dual, powerful Cal topped the Bruins by 2s. Seniors Tom Thompson and Bill Moore led Coach Vic Kelley ' s golf team with the prize low spots on the totem pole. In all, the Bruins finished with a 6-6 record, third in the AAWU. Thompson became the first UCLA golfer in nine years to win the Southern California Golf Championships. KELLEY gives practice tip to Golf Captain BILL MOORE. 269 CRICKET Cricket Team, (I to r): Standing, J. Bowles, B. Olderman, D. Cowry, B. Quackenbush, Coach Joe Drury. Kneeling, J. Church, R. Millard, M. Ruetgers, M. Frye, R. Schulenberg and D. Philips. The Bruin Cricket team had one of its better seasons in 1961 under the able tutelage of Coach Joe Drury. Highlight of the year came when the UCLA club upset a highly touted eleven from British The accurate bowling of team Mike Frye and Alternate Captain Mike Ruetgers sparked the defense and the power hitting of B. Quackenbush arid P.Nagalingam led the Bruin run-producers. RUETGERS throws in a high, hard one as Bruins hold an inter-squad practice game. FRYE is about to smash the ball as Slip Millard and Wicketkeeper Bowles get set. 270 1961 Rifle Team: Top Row (I to r) Louis Reiter, Steve Gerhard, Gene Rowland, Coach Sgt. Turnell. Bottom: Ed Polf, Al Towle, Dick Sisley. RIFLE TEAM Under the adequate instruction of Coach Al Turnell, the Bruin Rifle Team repeated last year ' s fine season. Captain Steve Gerhard paced the squad with his sharp eye and steady finger, features common to every member of the team. The Rifle Team, one of the least known and yet one of the most successful athletic groups on campus, were again fortunate in having a young team based on three returning marksmen, giving equal promise for 1962. WRESTLING FRANK ISHIHARA and BILL ZELTANOGA demonstrate a useful breakdown. 1961 Varsity wrestling team: Top Row (I to r) W. Atkins, C. Fach, E. Polf, F. Davis, B. Roper, R. Schuloff, Briggs Hunt, Coach. Bottom Row (I to r) B. Prock, W. Zeltanoga, D. Nizato, K. Oveta, V. Dickinson, R. Ching, F. Ishihara. Not pictured is Tomio Sugamori. After so many years as the top wrestling school on the Pacific Coast, the Bruins again had a troublesome year. Plagued by important injuries, few members of the squad were able to demonstrate the fine ability and strong desire possessed by all. The most important absence of all was that of Coach Briggs Hunt, who was forced to spend much of the season away from the mat, leaving Co-captains Zeltanoga and Atkins to pace the squad. 271 Site of this year ' s AAWU championship matches was UCLA ' s Terrace Tennis Courts, a new home base for the Bruins located north of Sproul. IN TENNIS, A REPEAT AS CHAMPS In ten seasons when the Bruin Varsity has been eligible for the NCAA Crown, Coach J. D. MORGAN ' S netters have won the national championship six times, this year by one point. The Bruin netmen, unblemished in five AAWU matches, demonstrated from the start of the 1961 season the form that carried them to the NCAA title last year. In mid-May, the Bruins stepped into the Big 5 championships by pulling away from arch rival Southern Cal by three points on the first day. Four Bruin singles men filled an equal number of slots in the semifinals which gave way to a finals match composed of Bruin Captain Allen Fox and defending singles champ Larry Nagler. With Nagler defeating Fox for a repeat on the title, the Bruins scored 13 times, took the title by 8 from the Trojans. Biggest surprise of the season was soph Paul Palmer who replaced senior Roger Werksman on the Bruin ' s NCAA team in the latter part of the season with a win over SC ' s Osuna as an example of his fine closing play. In the NCAA it was nip and tuck with SC again all the way, but the Bruins came out on top 17-16 as Fox took the singles title. Bruin Captain ALLEN FOX smashed his way through his senior year, counting among his t rophies at the finish the NCAA singles championship cup, the Southern California Intercollegiate crown, and the runner-up prize for the AAWU title. In other matches during the season, Fox defeated sixth-ranked Jackie Douglas, SC ' s Osuna and Cal ' s Bill Hoogs. UCLA ' s doubles team of LARRY NAGLER and FOX met their share of rough opposition during the course of a second championship season. Again the most bitter foes and most stinging opponents were SC ' s Osuna and Ramsey Earnhart, but when it came to the 62nd annual Ojai Valley tennis tourney, Fox and Nagler opened up to down the Trojan duo, 6-4, 6-4. 273 THE PLAYERS ALLEN FOX Senior LARRY NAGLER Junior PAUL PALMER Sophomore 274 NORM PERRY Senior FORREST STEWART Senior ROGER WERKSMAN Senior 275 Head Coach Art Reichle planned Bruin play in his winningest season in his 17 year career, posting a 25-15 record. BASEBALL The Bruins started out like this was going to be the big year that UCLA fans have been hoping for. Then several key injuries, the loss of long-ball hitting outfielder Dave Ela to mononucleosis, and a group of horsehiders in Trojan uniforms put the skids to the Bruin dreams of diamond glory. The turning point was undoubtedly the second game of the series with SC. Ezell Singleton, normally an infielder, took the mound to pitch eight innings of beautiful ball, allowing the befuddled men from Figueroa Tech only one unearned run. Then, in the top of the ninth, the Trojans garnered two runs off of the tiring Singleton to break a tie game and start on the road to not only the CIBA Championship but the National Collegiate Championship as well. The Bruins never fully recovered and despite the fine hitting and fielding of All-CIBA Center Fielder Tebbie Fowler and the steady catching and handling of pitchers by veteran receiver Scott O ' Leary, the latter part of the season didn ' t come up to the hopes of the first half. UCLA played the largest number of games in history and did have another winning -year with 25 victories against 15 losses, finishing 7 and 9 in CIBA play. Bright hopes for the future were found in Sophomore Pitchers Tom Sapp and Tim Bottoms, Singleton and Outfielder Butch Wright. Top Row: (I to r) Tom Sapp, Ken Bondy, Butch Wright, Tim Bottoms, Howard Collins, Vern Pritchett, manager Bruce Walker, Assistant Coach Don Ward. Middle Row: Mickey Mousalam, Joe Rosenkrans, Dave Weiner, Tom Anderson, Ray Zak, Dave Ardell, Bob Harris, Captain Gene Adams. Bottom Row: Blair Pollard, Isidro Delgado, Ezell Singleton, Al Epstein, Jack Gifford, Scott O ' Leary, Steve Frantz. Not pictured is Tebbie Fowler. 276 EZELL SINGLETON lets go with a bullet against SC in season ' s most crucial series, played at Joe E. Brown. Captain GENE ADAMS waits for a pitch in the same tilt. Adams gave UCLA a fine performance at shortstop spot. Bruin home game against the Trojans saw a good crowd turn out to watch cross-town rivals battle it out. 277 Soph star BUTCH WRIGHT swings and misses. Wright and First Sacker Mousalam were strong port stickers. Fleet TEBBIE FOWLER turns third base and heads for home after poking one of his many extra base hits. Trojan batter takes a mighty cut as Bruin Backstop SCOTT O ' LEARY tries to dig ball out of the dirt. Doffing his catching gear, SCOTT O ' LEARY goes to work with the bat. O ' LEARY led club in ' 60 season. ... ACTION 278 DAVE ARDELL, another promising sophomore gardener, gets safely back to first as SC tries for pick-off. An outside pitch fails to lure EZELL SINGLETON into swinging in fourth inning of Trojan game. FRESHMAN BASEBALL Though posting what would appear to be a mediocre won-lost record (9 and 10), Coach Dick Weikel ' s yearling horsehiders indicated that many individual players will be bucking for Varsity positions next year. The team boasted an unusually high overall slugging percentage, .290, though they were equally generous in allowing the opposing team to score, with a 5.54 ERA. Standouts for the frosh were captain and most valuable player Terry Leonard, a catcher who wound up the season batting .328. Randy Schultz led the club at .455, along with Gail Goodrich, a .431 hitte r who was belting over .500 the first third of the season. Hurler Ken Matney posted the lowest ERA (4.47) and best won-lost record (3-1), though teammate Mike Hoey had several good wins too, and in one brilliant game struck out 17 batters who faced him. Frosh Baseballers were (I to r): Standing, R. Trautwein, M. Ryan, J. Gimmel, K. Berry, T. Leonard, R. Schultz, B. Goodale, K. Matney, M. Hoey, G. Goodrich and Coach Dick Weikel. Kneeling, J. Izumi, L. Fligsten, B. Keller. P. O ' Leary, J. McClain, D. Mangine, R. Stultz and J. LoCurto. 279 1961 LIVING GROUPS Spring Sing HERS PANHELLENIC COUNCIL Dean NOLA STARK CAVETTE is an advisor for both AWS and Panhellenic Council, making their activities a success. Each of the 23 national sororities at UCLA sends a representative to Panhellenic Council. The group meets twice monthly to discuss mutual problems, centering around sorority standards, scholarship, campus activities and intersorority functions. Panhellenic sponsored a backward dance in the spring. An organization of sorority pledges classes, Junior Panhellenic knits sorority relationships and offers a training ground for executive work on the Senior Panhellenic Council. Senior Panhellenic officers were: (I to r) Barbara Bush, Barbara Tannahill, President, Gayle Scott and Linda Romeyn. SENIOR PANHELLENIC Executive Board for the Junior Panhellenic Council was (I to r) Sally Holt, Barbara Richmond and Linda Romeyn. JUNIOR PANHELLENIC Karen Bailey Kappa Delta Bonnie Berg Sigma Delta Tau Marlene Brogan Alpha Phi Marion Hall Alpha Gamma Delta Linda Howard Alpha Epsilon Phi Carolyn Jetton Alpha Xi Delta Fonda Julian Delta Delta Delta Linda Lane Delta Phi Epsilon Jeanne Laurion Kappa Kappa Gamma Betty Lusby Zeta Tau Alpha Sue Mills Alpha Delta Pi Nancy Parson Gamma Phi Beta Barbara Pence Pi Beta Phi Rhoda Sigler Kappa Alpha Theta Sharalynn Stein Phi Sigma Sigma Alice Thompson Chi Omega Karen Warren Sigma Kappa Beverly Woodruff Delta Zeta Bonnie Bartels Sigma Kappa Sharon Bryant Alpha Delta Pi Barbara Bush Zeta Tau Alpha Myrna Campbell Delta Gamma Judy Frantz Alpha Chi Omega Theo Freed Alpha Gamma Delta Laurie Hansen Kappa Alpha Theta Sally Holt Kappa Delta Melinda Peterson Gamma Phi Beta Jan Pitts Phi Mu Barbara Richmond Phi Sigma Sigma Madeline Hood Delta Phi Epsilon Margaret Stewart Delta Zeta Mary Taylor Alpha Xi Delta Margie Tertzag Alpha Phi THE ROW... Adjacent to campus, yet a world separate from the academic . . . service and social activities, a way of life that adds to the color of " University. " JANET ROWE President ALPHA CHI OMEGA First place became a common position for the AChiOs; this year they took the lead in the Olio Show, Pledge Banquet, and Men ' s Week keg contest. A Homecoming float with the Delta Sigs and Beverly Baker ' s selection as the Ju nior Class Princess added to the Alpha Chi ' s success. Personality and beauty were personified by Nancy Jones, Phi Kap little sister, Beverly Baker, So Cam Queen finalist, and a profusion of Bruin Belles. The Pledge-Active party, Dogpatch Days, a cocktail party for the Big Brothers and the Christmas Dance at the Beverly Hilton were woven carefully together with vital participation in honor and service projects. Judy Burns, the Frosh Class Vice President, led the pledge class in activities of student government and leadership. M. Anderson Beverly Baker Nancy Basler Judy Burns Kathy Collins Barri Cooke Pam Cooper Judy Cottle Kay Ellis Judy Frantz Joan Gardener Beverly Gifford Bunny Hanzi Carol Hubbard Mary Huff Carol Hummel Irene Imbach Jo Jenkins Sharon Johns Libbie Johnson Nancy Jones Susan Langer Neena Librizzi Penny McClellan Grace McFarlane Sally McGowan Pat McNees Janet Fales Margot Niehenke Karol Nord Marilyn Pivaroff Marilyn Powell Cynthia Preston Carol Rasmussen Donna Rice-Wray Judy Rockley Linda Romeyn Barbara Ross Janet Rowe Kathy Sage Holly Schuetz Peggy Skinner Pamela Smith Lani Steele Karen Steinmetz Sandy Stolrow Susan Mortrude Diana Stubblefield Sue Sullivan Susan Thomas Beth Vlaming Terry Wagner Wendy Webster Pam Wever Lynn Williams Phyllis Wilson SHARON ZURCHER President ALPHA DELTA PI Jan Allen Bunny Baker Gwenda Boydston Karen Bratton Sharon Bryant Leslee Butcher Sherry Carmel Pat Caves Bonnie Coleman Margaret Doll Carol Eckert Marilyn Forman Felicia Foster Carole Fuller Mirian GaskilI The ADPis, in anticipation of a successful year, celebrated its start by giving a Halloween Sewer Party and by combining with the Sigma Nus to win first prize in novelty division of Homecoming Parade. More good fortune followed as many of the sisters were selected to serve in various activities . . . Carol Eckert was a member of Student Judicial Board, Linda Scott was honored by Prytaneans, Bunny Baker led the AWS Fashion Staff as chairman and Sue Mills, Gwen Boydston and Diana Goodhart represented ADPi in Bruin Belles. A winter formal at the Ambassador Hotel and the Heaven and Hell Party held by the pledge class both gave the necessary life for finals. In the following semester, Ann Luoma, Pat Caves, Geri Girot, Sue Holbrook, Linda Scott, Rosanne Mystrom, Karen Bratton, Dee Stene and Peggy Doll served in the finest tradition as members of women ' s auxiliaries of the several ROTC units. Geraldine Girot Diana Goodhart Bonny Lee Hansen Anne Henrickson Melinda Hillis Sue Holbrook Virginia Huckett Kathy Johnson Cherie Kellog Carl Krause JoAnn Lockett Ann Luoma Pat McVeigh Danelle Madison Brenda Mahoney Darlene Mann Diane Manor Laurel Martin Sue Mills Sharon Lee Morton Rosanne Mystrom Michelle Najarian JoAnne Sanders Linda Scott Lori Sholtis Barbara Smith Diana Stamaton Delores Stene Vail Tiffany Jeanette Tully Judy Yocam Sharon Zurcher MARJORIE BERNSTEIN President ALPHA EPSILON PHI Judy Bass Michelle Becker Marjorie Bernstein Lola Block Gail Blumberg Marcia Caden Norma Circle Jeryl Cohen Donna Cohn Toni Cooper Diane Corwin Sari Fenster Madelene Ferman Jean Fogelman Marilyn Fradkin Susie Garth Corky Gilbert Gail Grutman Roberta Hara Susan Hassen Sara Hoffberg Linda Howard Gwen Husman Iris Jacobs Merle Joseph Sherry Kaufman Stephanie Keller Stevie Lee Suzie Lerer Peggy Leveson Linda Levitt Nancy Lewis Phyllis Linton Sandra Margolin Bobbie Meltzer Judy Metzger Adrianne Kisner Susan Miller Judy Moss Susan Nagin Geri Parkes Joyce Rachmil Phyllis Radin Judye Radom Susan Rainger Marilyn Rose Dee Miller The AEPhi Pledge Class, happily combining fun and seriousness, sponsored the enjoyable annual formal held at the Surfrider Inn. The AEPhis commenced their yearly fling with a maximum effort during rushing which was more than rewarded with their 26 fun-loving pledges. Last year ' s first place in sorority scholarship inspired the girls to take a serious view of and campus service once again. AEPhis who served ASUCLA this year were Toni Cooper, Elections Board; Sherry Kaufman, Lower Division Women ' s Representative; Robbie Sarna, SJB; and Sandy Margolin, 1960 Homecoming Co-Chairman. Madeline Safran Robbie Sarna Gail Sasner Carol Schwartz Judy Seder Barbara Segal Eleanor Segal Illene Seid Carolyn Shapiro Connie Rudow Janet Silverton Mildred Singer Sue Skepner Evelyn Slanger Judy Spizer Joy Steinberg Judy Steinberg Karen Steinberg Bonnie Sturner Val Sherman Pat Thall Joyce Weinstock Karen Weiss Susan Weissman Adrianne Weitz Valerie Wilson Barbara Zeisl Carol Zelonka Sydney Zendell SANDRA THOMAS President The Alpha Gams, led by President Sandy Thomas, whirled through another successful year of fun, activities, and excitement capped by the annual Luau at Abalone Cove and a " woodsy " week-end retreat at Uni-Camp. The traditional initiation party, the pledge-active " Roman Orgy, " parading in Homecoming with the Theta Xis, and various exchanges and serenades were among the many social events of the year. At Christmas, Alpha Gams and their dates spent a gala evening at the annual formal held at the Bel-Air Bay Club. On campus, girls were active in Uni-Camp, Spurs, Trolls, and many other organizations. Alpha Gams were also members in the various Little Sister clubs, and Sandy Thomas and Jerry Dragna played hostess to the visiting athletes as Bruin Belles. ALPHA GAMMA DELTA Lora Beth Allen Gerie Apprent J. Aschenbrener Betsy Braman Christy Carlson Barbara Chesson S. Ankringa Diane Davis Elaine De Carolis Marion Dragna Tamara Durnall Carol Ellett Theo Freed Barbara Gold Marion Hall Sharon Hannon Nancy Lee Harper Janice Hedman Jeri Hein Karen Jones Mary Justice Gay LaRue Shari Leeds Eloise McClendon Sandy Melton Miriam Person Priscilla Plumb Laurie Putman Patsy Putman Ellen Randol Sandra Rissling Yvonne Schirmer Valerie Seaver Patricia Shirk Jackie Stroh Claire Te Groen Sandra Thomas Joan Thorne Annette Trygg Susie Vreeland Natalie Wilkins Marcia Winchester Suzanne Woods Gretchen Woolpert Christal Zuber The Alpha Gamma Delta Pledge Class of Fall 1960 . . . excitement and expectation of their first social event. 293 VIRGINIA GREENE President ALPHA OMICRON PI The AOPis, after completing a successful rush season, began the year with a mass migration to Lake Arrowhead to get away from it all. Upon returning, the pledges hosted a Halloween party which featured famous couples. The happy times were interrupted for a while by midterms, but a trip to Cal soothed all worries. Next came Homecoming, and everyone was buried by the flood of activities, including a visit by the International President, F. Leland. Christmas was the time for caroling, parties, and the Christmas Formal. The passing of finals and the coming of spring was celebrated at the Candle Light and Roses Formal. The rest of the year was rounded out with trips to the beach, the Ship Wreck Party, campus activities, community service, exchanges, parties, and when time allowed, studies. Sandra Adam Arlene Anderson Barbara Arnaelsteen Eleanor Bianchi Pat Blakeney Barbara Boreman Arlene Bozajian Ann Browning Elsie Bruno Susan Canby Bunny Cavaliere Carolyn Clark Kay Dooley Joan Downey Barbara Elias Donna Grant Virginia Greene Hope Hallenbeck Mary Beth Harmon Martha Hayes 294 Mary Lyn Hof Gail Hopkins Mary Jo Hunt Carole Ingersoll Martha Jamison Ardis Johnson Lee Johnson Hedy Junger Pat Kelley Pat McFadden Sheila Mahoney Sally Maison Judy Mitchell Marcia Morehead Brenda Marries Jo Ness Elvera Ostness Presents 1960 . . . an exciting night for the AOPi pledges. Marion Page Barbara Pennington Dianne Peyovich Laurie Porter Penny Price Jeri Rolinson Judi Rose JoAnn Ryder Catherine Silcott Barbara Skaer Sue Skinner Donna Spadafore Kasia Spilos Linda Tanner Jackie Thompson Karen Tinker Glenda Tolleson Sally Walleck Garlyn Wlaschin Sharon Zundel PENNY LILE President ALPHA PHI This year started off with a rush — 27 pledges, each one a nugget! The actives refused to be shoved to the background. Marleen Brogan was 1960 Southern Queen and Barbara Allen was chosen " Best Dressed Girl at UCLA " and went on to be one of the Ten Best Dressed College Girls in the US. Barbara and Carrol were on the AWS Fashion Board. Shari Ford was Junior Prom Queen and Kathye Jo Barrett was on her Court. Alpha Phis also served in Spurs, Prytanean, Board, Alpha Lambda Delta, and other honoraries. The Pledge-Active Premiere Party, two initiation dances, a Christmas party for children highlighted the year. Kathy Alfredo Barbara Allen Kathleen Barrett Christina Bassett Lynne Blyth Mary Susan Brick Marleen Brogan Penny Bryant Mary Burtle Joyce Canady Anne Chatfield Marylee Cotton Nancy DaVall Sally Eidson Shari Ford Jocelyn Foster Lynn Foster Helen Gast Mary George Carole Graves Nancy Hall Barbara Hegardt Janice Hummel Susie Ilfrey Sue Jolly Karen Kerr Carrol Klingman Sharon Kolste Mary Lawrence Linda Leonard Penny Lile Carol Lindsley Mary Lee Lloyd Carole Losey Sandra McLain True Mohlenhoff Jamar Muench Betty Munger Bobbi Neare Mary Pate Carol Powers Jean Ptaszek Pat Shea Linda Shepherd Carol Sowder Margaret Sterne Virginia Storie Margie Tertzag Judy Warman Caren Way Claire Wheeler Marilyn Yule CAROL BRIER President ALPHA XI DELTA Virginia Baker Carol Brian Carol Brier Dorinda Brown Marcyn Brown Carol Burrell Marilyn Carr Barbara Chandler Susan Clark Sandra Davey B. DeLa Mare Alice Duim Janice Edwardo Marilyn Ferrari Joan Ferring Bettie Hallett Mary Hartwell Jane Haworth Carolyn Hill Joan Ignatius Brenda Jabbour Carolyn Jetton Linda Joslyn Roberta Kugler Mary Ruth Lampe Joan Lancor Laurel Locke Karen McCain Marsha McLean Mary Maarup Laurel Marlow Betty Mason Margo Metzger Donna Moore Alice Neuman Margaret Palmer Maria Pinney Linda Prosser Gail Ranson Susie Reed Marjorie Seboldt Janice Spong Sandra Staley Mary Elizabeth Taylor Rosalie Vizzini Martha Wihnyk Dances and parties filled the busy year of the Alpha Xis from beginning to end. The pledges led the social parade with a Beatnik Party. The maze of social life was complemented by hard work in the Spurs, Chimes, and Prytanean. The major event of the winter social season, the Rose Formal, was followed by activity in Spring Sing, as well as annual Mom ' s and Dad ' s nights. MARY DANIELS President Connie Carlson Mary Daniels Jane David Grace DeLarme Mary Fritsche Carol Griffin Sharon Girod Carol Gunneson Suzie Hall Virginia Haynes Gretchen Hoffman Peggy Humes Shinobu Kobata Lenore Kober Merna Lamb Mollie Leeman Miriam Lyon Frances Mayfield Elizabeth Merino Ruth Meyer Mary Ann Seiter Janet Stevens Judith Swanson Alice Waters Michi Yanagi A Christ-centered sorority, Alpha Delta Chi seeks to give members a college life that includes scholastic and social activities. The year began with a spiritual retreat to Oak Glen Pines with Alpha Gamma Omega fraternity. Later social events for Alpha Delta Chis included a progressive dinner, a formal initiation banquet, a concert at the Philharmonic and exchanges with Alpha Gamma Omega and Biola Under the leadership of Mary Daniels in the fall, and with President Lenore Kober in the spring, ADChi participated in both school and community activities. ALPHA DELTA CHI Many Alpha Kappa Alphas took a break from studies, going north for the All-U Weekend. Formal rush and then Presents at the beautiful Casa Manana Ballroom in Inglewood were first items in a busy social year for Alpha Kappa Alpha. Pledges, known as the Ivy Leaf Club, 25, presented the annual Can-Can Dance at the Kappa Alpha Psi house, with proceeds to needy families in the community. In February, Sportsmen ' s Lodge hosted Alpha Gamma Omega, Alpha Gamma and Sigma chapters for a Founder ' s Day Luncheon. Highlight of the social year was the Fantasia Americana, a formal dance sponsored by AGO and attended by Alpha Gamma. ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA Freddie Banks Marty Bigbee Wynell Carter Marion DeMan Bobby Lee Graves Carol McIntosh Patricia Mesner Audrey Mitchell Marjorie Plummer Pearl Robinson Helene Spencer Eldora Turner Marguerite Waller Eleanor Wilbon RUTH ANN HIGASHI President CHI ALPHA DELTA Two rush teas in October netted a twenty-three girl pledge class for Chi Alpha Delta which was presented to the public at Tai Ping Restaurant. A very active fall semester included an annual Christmas Dance at the Ambassador, and in conjunction with the alumnae, a Christmas Party, Charter Day Banquet, and a bowling and bridge Tournament. The spring was highlighted by initiation and a Japanese Cultural Program. Amy Akashi Marjorie Akiyama Joyce Aoki JoAnne Chikami LuceIle Hagio Margaret Hara Florence Hatanaka Ruth Ann Higashi Carolyn Hiraishi Amy Hayashi Twenty-three Chi Alpha Delta pledges were honored at the Initiation Dance, a formal at the Bel Air Country Club. Phyllis Ichinose Emily Inouye Elinor Irie Emi Kamikawa Suzie Katsuda Linda Komure Alice Konno Mitsuko Kubota Ann Kuramoto Betty Leong Sylvia Lew Mary Makino Jane Matsuura Pamela Morikawa Jane Moriuchi June Mura M. Murakami B. Nakamura Eleanor Nakano M. Nakayama Lynn Natsume Masako Nishi Mary Ogawa Irene Okada Amy Okamoto Jane Saito Reiko Saito Georgia Shimazu Karyi Shintani Ayaka Shirasawa Aileen Tanaka May Tang Joy Tanigawa Amy Taniguchi Joyce Usui Eleanor Yukihiro CHI OMEGA MARTHA HAVENS President Linda Bathchelder Sally Blackman Carol Blake Arla Boreman Jeanie Bouchier Julie Bouchier Susan Braningan Marylyn Brier Marilyn Brinegar Susan Brunskill Barbara Buckles Sharon Burns Kathy Calligan Linda Catlin M. Chadbourne Linda Coates Christine Cochrane Mimi Dizotell Julie Evans Natalie Geyer Zara Graham Carol J. Hamman Martha Havens Astrid Holmgren Dorothy Humphrey Judy Jennings Lindsey King Melinda Lakey Mary Lanham Carolyn Lee Carol Long Carolyn McBride Joyce Mellor Carol Mrazek Nancy Nouguier Pam Philbrick Sally Richardson Roberta Robinson Jean Seeburger Mary Ann Settle Caryn Simonson Linda Slawson Carol Smart J. Starkweather Brenda Stowers Alice Thompson Sue Trumbull Janis Van Lohn Camille Vescio Donne Wahlgren Donna Weeks Anne Wilson Jolene Wright Rushing brought the ChiOs an army of 24, led by Fidel Blake and General Havens and the troops retreated to the chapter room. In November a summit conference was held at La Venta Inn when the hosted the actives at a cocktail party. The troops marched on Palos Verdes during Christmas, and celebrated a in the spring at the Ambassador. After a year of K-rations, the army lived it up at a May dinner dance, anticipating the June attack from the Big U...On the Westwood front, Maj. Richardson beat it out in the grid and hoop arenas while Captains Batchelder and Lakey assisted in capturing the Junior and Senior classes. Johnny Indian ' s zip gun in the pantry was the last faint cry as bombs fell in June. " The name ' s Barker " ... the new Chi O is informed. SHIRLEY WALTERS President DELTA DELTA DELTA Rushing brought fourteen new coeds to the ranks of Delta Delta Delta in 1960, fourteen more girls to join in the construction of a trophy-winning Homecoming Float with the Betas, and adding fourteen couples to the Fall Initiation Dance at the Bel Air Hotel with the Phi Kaps. The Crescent was seen on campus too Judy Nelson was honored as Belle of UCLA, and JoAnn Munari reigned as Greek Week Queen. Sandy Swarner and Jan Welsh wore blue and gold songleader outfits in the fall, while Barbara presided over Panhellenic meetings, and Laurel Wright played politician as UDWR at weekly SLC meetings. Lea Armstrong Judy Baker Jane Baxter Linda Baxter Judi Black Roianne Brown Judy Canter Patricia Carroll Gail Conger C. Cunningham Jeri Duket Joan Eichelsbach Lucille Engstrom Carol Fitz Karen Foster Joy Franco Carol Garmes Pat Guy Elaine Hatton Mary Howe Joan Hutson G. Hutton-Miller Fonda Julian Sandra Kemp Liz Lambirth Barbara Lindgren Valerie Lindman Julianne Locke Nancy McConnell Betty Malinger Margie Muessel JoAnn Munari Janet Neal Judy Nelson Claudia Nieson Barbara Pamperin B. Pawlowski Sorority rushing, 1960.... fourteen more coeds added to the Tri-Delt roster. Patti Peck Gloria Quirk Judy Slipper Sylvia Sloat Marilyn Stricklin Maureen Sullivan Sandy Swarner Barbara Tannahill Pat Thompkins Jean VanNoy Eloise Venter Linda Vos Becky Walker Donna Walters Shirley Walters Jean Weberg Jan Welsh Susan White Karen Willoughby Buff Woodhull Laurel Wright Sara Wylie September arrived and the Delta Gammas began their fall semester by welcoming 26 pledges. The social hours were quickly filled with many exchanges, a traditional Dad ' s Dinner, a Christmas formal held with the Betas at the Bel Air Country Club and a pledge-active Alpine party. Homecoming was a special time for the DGs; Marsha Sandin was chosen sophomore attendant, and a float built with the Phi Delts added to the trophy collection. Hannah kept busy in the spring with an annual family dinner, June Luau and crowning of the Anchor Man. CAROLE KEPPLER President DELTA GAMMA Cozy Aldrich Bonnie Barry Ricky Blanchard C. Breitenbach Bail Brown Bonnie Bryson Sue Butler Myrna Campbell Suzie Cation Judy Chaffey Elizabeth Coplin Linda Crane Miriam Curry Chris Dinwiddie Kathy Dinwiddie Kay Dohlen Diana Dorn Kay Eichstaedt Joan Farquhar Judy Freeborn Marilyn Gentry Carol Lee Gill Linda Hamilton Margaret Harris Susan Haysel C. Hechtman Susan Henry Marilyn Johnson Sandy Johnston Carol Kellogg Carole Keppler Patricia Kilgore Teddi Kinnune G. Koehler Elizabeth Lee Pauline Loomos Hannah pledges at Presents reflect happy anticipation of a spirited year. Linda McNeill Sandy Melville Marilyn Monia Mary Beth Morava Sandra Oremus Kathie Ransom Jane Rivet Marsha Sandin Judi Simpson Midgie Sonntag Jenny Steele Karen Stengel Mary Templeton Vickie Van Slyke Pat Weems Layne Wells Charlotte Windsor Diane Wootan SHARON ALPERT President The DPhiEs were treated to another active year. Following the annual retreat to Camp Hess Kramer in the Malibu hills came two pledge ditches and a successful party on Halloween. Under the approving eye of new housemother Mrs. Malvina Klein, some of the more spirited raised money for the drive, and Systic Fibrosis fund. Taking additional time to serve their school were Trolls Eileen Savran and Karla Summer, AWS Big Sister Janet Schultz and Freshman Class Secretary Suzy Lichterman. DELTA PHI EPSILON Sharon Alpert Susan Bendick P. Breakstone Joan Brett Sandra Budnick Judy Chapnick Jan Ennism Wendy Esensten Linda Gelber Coralie Good Grace Harris Sharon Harris Linda Lande Suzy Lichterman Linda Lodge Judy Memel G. Newman R. Pomerantz Leslie Reingold Loretta Rimsky Madelaine Rood Jean Rosenberg Rosalind SaIzberg Eileen Savran Janet Schultz Joyce Shaevitz Marilyn Sheon Karla Summer Joan Tenebaum MARCIA JOHNSON President DELTA SIGMA THETA Enjoying the beneficial sunshine which radiated from their president, Marcia Johnson, the Delta Sigma Thetas were blessed with another busy and successful academic year. Two annual formals, the White Christmas Ball and the Stairway to the Stars, highlighted the social year. The sisters let down their hair at the " Bachelors of the Year Contest " and put it up again to the theme of a fashion show presented by the Pyramids, the pledge class. By far the most rewarding activity was raising money for scholarships and for the continuance of the Delta Sigma Theta charities. Owen Austin Emily Chretien Vyncenne Chretien Jewel Cobbs Joan Hayes Joan Henderson Carol Johnson Marcia Johnson Amy Jones Jacqueline McCombs Myra Martin Patricia Mills Barbara Owens Joyce Robinson Toni Simpson THETA KAPPA PHI Three charming Theta Kappa Phis entertained at Mardi Gras with a Japanese dance. 1960-61 was an exciting and fun-packed year for Theta Kappa Phi that began with Pledge Presents in September as the Theta pledge class was first presented to the public. The Thetas sadly but sportingly threw a " Victory Dance " after the UCLA-SC game in conjunction with the Nisei Trojan Club. Over the Christmas holidays, the girls gathered with their dates for a night of carolling at County General Hospital, followed by a contribution of a Christmas Basket to a needy family. Semester break gave an opportunity to plan the spring activities, first of which was the " Sweetheart Swing. ' ' In quick succession came a pledge party, Informal Initiation and Mardi Gras. Grace Abe Patti Abe Patti Chinn Carrie Dao Kyoko Fujimoto Irene Fujita Janice Hamasaka Rumiko lijima Arlene Kondo Betty Kurata Janice Mikikitani Jean Muranaka Jean Nakamoto Jean Nishikawa Margaret O ' Hara Jane Osuga Ellen Shibayama Judy Takeuchi Misako Tomita Amy Yutani ROBIN RUSH President Judy Ahman Barbi Baillie Lynn Balbirnie Karla Blenkhorn Sharon Brinton Colleen Carrington Peggy Crawford Natalie Crosland Another busy Delta Zeta program of social life, philanthropies, and activities was enhanced this year by twenty-eight enthusiastic pledges. The Pledge Retreat to Crestline, the Pledge-Active party, and a weekend formal at Apple Valley in the winter months were high spots in the social life of the DZs. Led by President Robin Rush, SLC secretary, Delta Zetas took an active part in the Southern Campus, Mortar Board, Spurs, and organizations. Spring was climaxed by the initiation dance and annual barbecue which the excitement of the Spring Sing. Also active in student government was Jean Kolonsky. DELTA ZETA Carol Currier Rhodean Damm Anne Davidovich Johanna Dawes Linda Dunbar Karin Dyer Ann Flette Joanne Fulton Judy Gabrielson Jane Goebel Elaine Hammond Ruth Handy Marlene Hartman Charlotte Hofer Marilee Hummel Mary Jeralds Pat Johnson Carole Kaplow Connie Keller Lynn Klekamp Gail Kolias Jean Kolonsky Joan Lamaison Chris Lehmkuhl Margie McDonald Janet Muhlitner Jean Murray Saundra Olsen Kathy Ott Helen Peel Donna Perry Mary Ridgeway Martha Robertson Tracy Roguin Robin Rush Sandy Ryan Nancy Sammons Sharon Sawyer Geraldine Sector Peggy Smith S. Steelman Margaret Stewart Linda Story Cassie Taul Marianne Thomas Marilyn Voorhees M. Walkington Mary Wallace Dottie Weitz C. Wilbur Judy Wood Beverly Woodruff With a riotous new pledge class of 19 girls, the Gamma Phis started the school year with a very optimistic outlook. As the year progressed all promises of good things came to pass. The full romantic life of the jolly group blossomed, for six of the girls were pinned. The social list was made quite complete with the gala Crescent Dance and the hilarious pledge-active party. A flood of exchanges with Phi Kappa Sigma, Alpha Tau Omega and Phi Kappa Psi kept the girls busy. The experience of walking down Westwood Blvd. in company with the Theta Delts ' neath a monstrous black box was interesting to say the least! Last but not least, AWS found leadership through Sue Bennett. It was a year well worth remembering. ALYCE MOUAT President GAMMA PHI BETA Joan Adorns Barbara Allen Juania Ardantz Betty Baker Susan Bennett Marian Carbaugh Lee Chambers Judy Cote Mary Lou Dodge Jackie Doyle Ann Drumm Margie Farrington Terri Frase Deanna Fries Judie Garwood Sandra Hewitt Tricia Johnson Susan Kandt Karen Klopfer Marianne Lash Judy Laws Susan McDonald Mary McGuire Eleanor Meyer Sue Mitchell Robin Moore Alyce Mouat Nancy Mustizer Valerie Mye Gere Nick Maureen O ' Neill Barbara Parker Nancy Parsons Jane Patterson Penny Patton Melinda Peterson Pamela Popkin Cynthia Prewitt Linda Prewitt Norma Richardson Ann Shankland Sally Stewart Jerilyn Stone Joyce Thomas Linda Veach Diane Walsh Diane Ward Kay Warren Melinda Woertz Nancy Woolf Katherine Zeller KAPPA ALPHA THETA CAROLYN WILLIS President Margie Altshuler Ann Avery Pat Barham Gerry Beye JoAnn Butts Barbara Caleen Janice Clarke Barbara Conley Nancy Crail Janet Cranston Margaret Dunkley Carole Endicott Diane Farrow Karla Francisco Susy Froley Patti Goodale Laurie Hansen Dottie Hebner Brenda Hollar Carolyn Hoop Anne Hyde JoAnne Jordan Susie Kesler Judy Larrieu Susan Leary Judith Little Moira McDermott Donna Peterson Karen Pfanku Sandy Pheasant Stephanie Pheasant Patti Pippin Carolyn Price Pam Raphael Linda Rearwin Susan Reynolds Joan Rudolph Cynthia Sieling Rhoda Sigler Molly Slininger Seventeen Theta pledges radiate joyful anticipation on the eve of presents 1960. Julie Tucker Joan Twiford Deanne Wagner Carolyn Willis D. Wollenweber Nancy Wollmer Looking back on another spirited year in the Theta house, a few special moments linger on. The pledges sparked the year to a start with a pledge party for the actives. Homecoming with the SAE ' s brought the title of the " Most Original " in the float judging. Fall semester found relief in a riotous post exam party. Spring Sing with the Phi Kaps and a spring formal filled the spring term. Theta supplied both presidents and queens to campus groups. Karen Pfanku joined Project India. Summer drew to a reluctant close; the KDs, wishing to capture the lingering spirit, vanished to Balboa for a weekend retreat with their new pledges. In a sharp to this " lazy weekend, " the rest of the year proved to be a very dynamic one. Cory Holman served as the Vice President of ASUCLA, was voted the 1960 AWS Woman of the Year, and was chosen member of the Project India Team. Bev Davis, Kappa Delta President, was active in Bruin Belles, Mortarboard, Chimes, and Prytanean. A spring luau brought the spirit of summer life again into view. KAPPA DELTA BEVERLY DAVIS President Anita Allen Linda Bogdal Charlotte Brazil Randee Brenkert Virginia Buckley Pattie Cassady Bev Davis Rae Davis Sandra Davis Beverly Determan Linda Dorrance Linda Kay Elliott Joan Fessenden Pat Flint Mary Fraizer M. Fredricksen Nancy Giorgi Arnie Goldsmith Judy Hare Corrine Holman Sally Holt Jean Huffman Margaret Johnson Linda Knox Marilyn McDonald Pat McKinley Kay Mader Joyce Monies Alice Mann Michele Morrison Linda Mitchell Mary Munger Genie Neighbors Judy Neuner Joan Pavloff Barbara Peck Sharon Peterson Nancy Roth Gayle Scott Winnie Smith Muriel Stillman Wendy Thacker Charlayne Walden Sue Wheeler Barbara Zuanich KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA LINDA WALL President Kay Allingham Linda Allio Sally Andreson Barbara Bateman Jean Bennett Linda Boller Barbara Butler Linda Cavins Suzan Cline Pat Cronin Mary Doll Bette Fairchild Trish Gage Yvonne Gaston Penny GodaII Barbara Henrie Combining natural talent and beauty with a strong desire to achieve, the Kappas found rich reward for their efforts in campus activities. A high sense of pride accompanied the selection of Patty and Barbara Horn as Homecoming Queen and Senior Attendant; this joy was matched only by the satisfaction of building their float with the ZBT ' s, " UCLA hoses SC. " Kappas devoted their time to Spring Sing, AWS, Junior Prom, rushing, intramurals and books for India. Nan Horton Mary Ann Hooker Barbara Horn Joanna Jevne Pat Jones Karen Kaub Linda Lu Knowles Jeanne Laurion Jacque Layman Nancy Loder Karen Magnuson Valerie Maurseth Marcia Maynor Molly O ' Sullivan Jean Pagliuso Carrie Patrick Jean Peterson Betty Porter Irene Romano Susan Selby Karen Shanley Mary Sherman Anne Sherwood Judy Simon Anne Snyder Charneth Starege Judy Summers Marie Taylor Theresa Von Hagen Charleen Voorhees Linda Wall Lynne Wallace Jean Wamser PH MU LINDA JO LEWIS President It was a busy year for Eta Delta chapter of Phi Mu. A swimming party and at an alumna ' s home celebrating the announcement of the new Big and Little Sisters began the year. Then came the Halloween Party and the Snow Ball at the Surf Rider Inn in Santa Monica. The honored guest at Christmas dinner was Miss Natividad Faustino, the Phi Mu International Study Grant recipient from the Philippines. Rounding out the social calendar in the spring were a successful rummage sale and Country Kitchen Party. Carol Berger Sandra Carver Gerry Clark Terry Crego Janet Crutchfield Gerry Curtis Lyn Dyhrman Nadine Gauthier Verna Griffin Loretta Hartunian Catherine Homann Linda Kingdon Linda McCrea Nancy Martinez Janet Medcalf Barbara Miller Jan Pitts Sarah Seipp Janet Sigley Diana Spencer Nancy Taylor 324 BARBARA MONAT President PI THETA Barbara Abrams Frances Blank Sheila Coutin Susan Leachman Elaine Lercher Nancy Lubarsky Lynn Madow Janet Meyers Barbara Monat Judith Port Joy Rifkin Marilyn Schoeffler Beverly Templer Janet Weiner Shirley Westhal Under the leadership of Barbara Monat, the Pi Thetas entered a busy year of activities ... a Halloween party complete with ghosts, witches, and a chamber of horrors, a " come as you want to " party at Thanksgiving, a Hawaiian Holiday party, and the semi-annual dinner dance at the Coconut Grove. Activities on the more serious side included the Parents Dinner, the Mother ' s Day Luncheon, and work with the Foundation for the Junior Blind. Barbara Monat and Elaine Lercher served as presidents of their floors at Sproul Hall. Susie Leachman was active at Hershey Hall and in University Chorus. 325 DOREAN JARVIS President PHI SIGMA SIGMA " Bruins Brew Trojan Trouble " was the float that won the sweepstakes award for Phi Sigma Sigma and Alpha Epsilon Pi. This brew, indicitive of the enthusiastic Phi Sig spirit, spilled into many other areas of campus activity. The sheet-cloaked Trolls had among their most vivacious members, Phi Sigs Nancy Barney, Barbara Trubitt and Helene Weill. Continuing in this mischievous spirit, the element of " Devil " found its way into the spring pledge party that followed a " devil " theme. In sharp contrast to this riotous spirit, Phi Sigma Sigma supplied queen contestants Michele Dobkin, Judy Garvis. Nancy Barney Carolyn Bookman Stefanie Brainin Lynne Brower Michele Dobkin Arlene Duga Judy Felton Maureen Fisher Diana Flam Sharon Glesby Carol Goldman Judy Green The 19 member pledge class of Phi Sigma Sigma was honored at the Phi Sig ' s Winter Formal. Micki Hirsch Melinda Jacobson Janis Jaffe Dorean Jarvis Marjorie Klein Janice Kohn Edith Ochsenmann Judy Oreck Barb Richmond Phyllis Rivers Suzanne Rosenberg Marilyn Rubin Bunny Ruderman Helena Rudolph Linda Sabot Joan Samson Dorothy Sherman Irene Simon Terry Soloman Sharalyn Stein Carol Sugarman Andrea Surpin Barbara Trubitt Helen Weill Dorene Wenzelberg Janet Wolf 700 Hilgard was filled with spirit and enthusiasm as the year progressed with the Pi Phi ' s many activities and social events. The Pi Lambs teamed up with the Pi Phis to work on their Homecoming Float which took a first prize. Mistletoe by the tons was seen at the Christmas party at the home of Carol Stevenson. Spring Sing brought the ZBTs and the Pi Phis together. On campus Barbi Wells was AWS Woman of the Month and President of the Bruin Young Republicans. The busy Pi Phi year came to an end with an Hawaiian Luau. PI BETA PHI LINDIE FEHRING President 328 Sue Alexander J. Amberson Berit Anderson Jeremy Armstrong Vicki Baughman Phyllis Blackman Sandie Canishe Doris Carlson Carol Carter Toni Church Carol Clark Abby Dickow Linda Dill Irene Dunn Gayle Etienne Susan Evans Deborah Gabbert Marilyn Girard Jean Havert Anne Heald Chris Jackson Judy Jensen Christine Jones Nancy Jusenius Kris Kelley Linda Leishman Carol Mason Sue Montgomery Kathie Murphy Ada Oldenhof Patty Pann Jill Parker Arlene Patterson Barbara Pence Martha Pirie Anne Plumb Vicki Puff Sue Richardson Ginny Sanders Sue Schaefer Pam Simmons Sally Springer Carol Stevenson Suzanne Streech Phyllis Stribley Carolyn Thurmond Barbara Turner Sara Voris Marya Voyen Sharon Ward Barbara Wells Janet Ziegler Paula Ziegler RENEE SCHONFELD President Fall Presents 1960 was a memorable event for the 26 member pledge class of Sigma Delta Tau. SIGMA DELTA TAU Among the happy occasions that brought fun and excitment to the SDT house were the pledge-active party, " Silhouettes in Black, " and a retreat to the Hidden Trails Guest Ranch. Taking the initiative in activities Carol Goodheart was the leading lady in " Of Thee I Sing, " while Bruin Belle Pam Friedman was honored as a Sigma Nu White Rose Capturing third place in the parade, with the most humorous float, made Homecoming the highlight of the busy Sigma Delta Tau year. Jacie Astrachan Judy Aved Barbara Barshop Bonnie Berg Dianne Berres Judy Bolton Jill Brahms Josephine Bramer Joyce Carlton Nancy Cherman Vivian Cummings Lynne Dobrans Hope Ehrlich Phyllis Fenton Barbara Flink Fern Fox Pam Friedman Jane Garfein Corinne Gelfan Lorna Gerry Phyllis Gillman Shelia Goldberg Ellen Gottlieb Sally Greenbaum Luida Henig Rhoda Hockman Gloria Hoffman Diane Howard Jean Hurwitt Martha Joseph Sandra Kagan Laurel Kawfman Marilyn Klein Laura Korb Sandra Laemmle Barbara Leavitt Sheila Levin Judy Mann Lois Mosh Jackie Nathan Sue Ann Page Diane Papkin Susan Prod Helen Reiss Kathleen Roth Barbara Sachnoff Linda Sawyer Caren Small Anne Spitz Linda Stein Tanis Steiman Judie Lynn Wachs Janet Wasserman Judy Weintra ub Susie Weiss Paulette Wizan Linda Yanoff Lynn Zagon SIGMA KAPPA The Sigma Kays can look back on a very successful year under the capable Linda Wright. Campaigning turned out to be a roaring success when Judy Larsen and Natalie Hatch were elected Senior and Sophomore Class Secretaries. The first of the year brought retreat to Palm Springs. Around the pool and amidst the sand storms, the coming year ' s plans were made . . . Judy Neville became Parade Chairman, and driving and the Sigma Chis crazy making thousands of flowers, Sigma Kappa took 1st place for the most beautiful float. Kays took part in campus honoraries during the week and brightened the with customary social events: The Ball started the social season. It was soon followed by " Pledge Premiere " in December, and more parties in the spring. LINDA WRIGHT President Wendy Allen Diana Barnes Bonnie Bartels Nancy Beatty Vera Briggs Lois Brown Joan Carlson Sheryl Crockey Laurie Drake Carol Emmel Linda Gibson Peggy Hannu Linda Hanson Natalie Hatch Sue Hirzel Jane Hoose Sue Humphries M. Hutchens Evanne Jardine Jan Krutak Judy Larsen Judy Layton Jan Martin Sandra Martin Presents at the Sigma Kappa house .. . first social event of the year. Carolyn Montgomery Judy Neville Jane Pitcher Trish Powers Nancy Rockoff Susie Schmutz Marilyn Simpson Sheryl Smith Gwen Strong Joan Tommasino Marilyn Tuft Marilyn Turner Karen Warren Sharon Weaver Nancy Wiesler Mary Beth Willems Linda Wright Joan Yeakel Carolyn Zeman Anna Zwaagstra The ZTA scrapbook for 1960 is filled with many a social event, campus activity, and high honor. While leafing through the pages, members recall the Spring Initiation Dance, held at the Hyatt House Hotel. Shortly after this, Hyatt was the scene of the exciting " Speakeasy Party " . At the 1960 Homecoming, the ZTA ' s collaborated with the Tau Delts to build a float, and two weeks later, they held their thrilling White Violet Ball in the Beverly Hilton. Activity wise, the scrapbook shows Mary Jo Krupa active in Wings, and Carol Matthews one of many in Shell and Oar. In the honor department, Barbie Bell became a sister of Sigma Pi, and Pat O ' Keefe was a Phi Beta Kappa. JILL BRADSHAW President ZETA TAU ALPHA Judy Anderson Adrianne Ayres Pat Balenzano Barbara Bell Pat Bentley Karen Blondefield Carol Bloom Barbara Bush Frances Butler P. Conlee-Kash Sheila Coop Mary Cosgrove Yvonne Costigan Joan Curtis Janet Hann Susan Hanson Karen Harthan Ann Kelt M ary Jo Krupa Betty Lusby S. McWilliams Diane Owen Martha Ramage Judy Stromberg Jane Tracy Lani Wahl Lynn Wallace Romney Wright 335 Patty Kappa Kappa HOMECOMING QUEEN CAMPUS BEAUTY AND GLAMOUR Shari Alpha Phi JUNIOR PROM QUEEN Judy Nelson Delta Delta Delta BELLE OF UCLA 336 JoAnn Delta Delta IFC QUEEN Geri Alpha Epsilon CAMPUS COLLEEN Linda Rearwin Kappa Alpha AROTC QUEEN Jill Pi Beta NROTC QUEEN 337 Charlayne Kappa PHI SIG DELT " MISS NEW YEAR ' S SPIRIT " CAMPUS BEAUTY AND GLAMOUR Linda Prewitt Gamma Phi Beta SOUTHERN CAMPUS FALL QUEEN Elaine Pascal Hershey Hall SOUTHERN CAMPUS SPRING QUEEN 338 Bette Kappa Kappa DELT QUEEN Marilyn Stillman SWEETHEART OF ZBT Rosanne Mystrom Alpha Delta Pi QUEEN OF LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Charleen Kappa Kappa Gamma SIGMA NU WHITE ROSE QUEEN 339 Located on Levering, Helen Matthewson is UCLA ' s oldest cooperative. Under the leadership of Jean Fine, the Helen Matthevvson Club, oldest of the cooperatives on campus, had a very busy year. Socials included an exchange with Dykstra, a Halloween party, a Christmas formal and Tree Trim party and an African dinner complete with shrunken heads and grasshopper wine culminated a hectic week for the actives during Pledge Reign. Semester break was occupied with a trip to Mexico. The Spring semester was highlighted by the Spring formal. Though busy with their social events, HMC girls also excelled academically, achieving a near B average for the House. HMC is especially proud of Bruin Belle Meiko lwao, DB staffer Nancy Knaus and freshman cheerleader Anna Elkins. HELEN MATHEWSON CLUB Barbara Bookston N. Cunningham Patricia DeYoung Lois Dolinsky Anna Elkins Jean Fine Pamela Frank Eleanor Ghent Bobbie Gluckman Kathleen Hagger K. Howland Meiko lwao Reiko lwao Nancy Knaus Ruth Lowenstam Nancy Purselley Jerri Rowe Judi Samuels Carol Segal Betsy Stock E. Van Ness Carolyn Watkins NEVA HALL CAROL BLODGETT President Neva Hall, close to the Village, not too far from campus. A women ' s dormitory on Lindbrook Avenue, Neva Hall had a very rewarding year, socially and scholastically. The girls kept their high grade average, but managed to fit in their share of parties and exchanges. Carol Blodgett and Sharon Clegg were active as executives in Shell and Oar. Carol Blodgett Sharon Clegg Nancy Heide Eleanor Mulley Dana Olcott B. J. Rock 341 MARGARET PAIK President STEVENS HOUSE The girls on Westgate had an exciting year, complete with student activities, social functions and honoraries. Hara was in Chi Alpha Delta, and somehow Marcia Johnson found time to be president of Delta Sigma Theta. Phyllis Bassell Janice Caldwell Carol Clayton Jewel Cobbs Marcia Epstein Marilyn Gentry Margaret Hara Marcia Johnson Jung-Sun Kim Myra Martin Rochelle Merzon Margaret Paik Ruth Rose Helene Spencer Rosellen Trunnell PHYLLIS McGOWAN President Nancy Adkisson Aleta Bowen Kathy Bush Cathy Colby Barbara Curtis Dale Edmondson TWIN PINES Located at 856 Hilgard, Twin Pines is a cooperative dormitory for coeds. Led this year by President Phyllis McGowan, the girls had an active social calendar, and participated in Homecoming, Mardi Gras, and sang in the annual Spring Sing. Carole Fujita K. Hammarsten Francia Harding Madlyn Hensley Barbara Hiebert Phyllis Jones Marilyn Kanegae Robin Kielb Barbara Kitasako Janice Kobata Cynthia Lee Phyllis McGowan Irene McKenna Helene Mahboub Irene Masaki Carol Mikami Pat Moll Kathleen Moore Diane Morosi Sandra Mustion Delores Noftsger Bernice Ono Irene Plotnikoff Barbara Reed Ann Rippard Muriel Ruttinger Sue Schippleck Carol Seltzer Marian Steele Donna Stefano Diane Strasser Carol Surber Carol Wiers Mary Yoshioka Mitzi Yoshioka Velda Young The oldest University dormitory on campus, Mira Hershey Hall is located on Hilgard Avenue. With the new addition, the Hall houses over 400 coeds. EVELYN OZANIAN and ANNA VAN RAPHORST Hershey Hall Presidents HERSHEY HALL 345 SYLVIA PORCHE and EVELYN OZANIAN Floor Presidents HERSHEY HALL DICKENSON HOUSE Patti Abe Barbara Abrams Barbara Berry Sharon Breit Susanne Brown Hazel Chance Joanne Feldman Carolyn Gillett Phyllis Harshaw Ruth Hazlet Ann Heytens Judy Isaacs Judy Jester Alice Konno Susan Leachman Diana Liu Karen Minkey Eileen Norlander Evelyn Ozanian Elaine Pascal Elaine Pope Sylvia Porche Katherine Primm Mary Reynolds Karlene Rupp Janet Schultz Karen Storm Beverly Templer Judy Willick Yukiko Yoshikami BARBARA VARGAS Floor President HERSHEY HALL BROWNING HOUSE Helen Ackerman Norma Berry Rose M. Burgua Dawn Culbertson Janice Edwardo Sheila Fueglein Betty Hafford F. Hatanaka Susan Hess T. Hongladarom Loretta Hutter Priscilla Ichino J. A. Karagozian Lorraine Keen L. Shahbaziani Sparkle Smith Suzanne Streech Eileen Takahama Nancy Takei Joy Tanigawa Carol Yanow Eleanor Yukihiro 347 SALLY DAISEY Floor President HERSHEY HALL AUSTEN HOUSE Chris Anderson Beverly Barnes Joyce Bennett Nancy Brown Sylvia Buck Ann Carpe nter Sally Daisey Barbara Dinkel Sara Elliott Jocelyn Foster Lillian Hata Barbara Hawkins Carla Hultgren Venita Jenkins Suzie Katsuda Betty Kurata Geraldine Levin G. Luhman Jean Mackey Mary Neuenschwander Fran Pero Judy Pierson Marilyn Smith Shelby Syfritt Diana Walter Amy Yutani MARGERY TUDOR and DIANE GOSTLIN Floor Presidents HERSHEY HALL BRONTE HOUSE Linda Akin Wendy Anderson Joyce Asari Linda Beckman Ann Buehler Cecilia Cavaletto Joanne Chikami Sheryl Crockey Caroletta Curley Pat Doran Marilyn Gorelick Sophia Gonzalez Diana Gostlin Dorothy Graham Ofelia Guerra Beverly Hindman Susan Lahti Penny Lockwood Sandra Long Sandra McDonald Virginia Main Rachel Murguia Diane Neuls Arlene Norton Carolyn Paul Anne Quan Laura Ross Mary Shober Kathleen Sizoo Anita Sliger Claretta Smith Anne Thacher Judy Thompson Margery Tudor Ann Ueda In its second year of operation, Dykstra Hall, the University ' s first of a community of mammoth dorms became a coeducational dorm. Originally all male, the top three floors are now for female residents. DYKSTRA HALL BILL KASTENBERG Dykstra Hall President Barbara Benton Elaine Berry Michele Blender Sandra Brennan Margaret Bullock Jan Childress Diane Dain Toni Drachlis Florence Duncan Joyce Elliott TONY DRACHLIS Floor President DYKSTRA HALL ARGO HOUSE Judith Engel Nancy Glass Helen Goldberg Carol Haering Judy Henderson Elizabeth A. Hill Barbara Hunter Susanne Kelemen Joyce Klenner Deanne Lange Linda Lange M. McDonald Sharon Metcalf Bonnie Miller Linda Mohr Judy Rockley Linda Rodert Tracy Roguin Gloria Seyb Lynn Stegmair Carol A. Therssen Lori Torres Judy Wolf Jeannette Xavier TERRIE WAXMAN Floor President DYKSTRA HALL VALHALLA HOUSE Lorrain Archibald Ann Bassin Zelma Bateman Cecilia Betanzo Judee Bodner Pat Brett Nancy Brintnall Helen Bunt Susan Corey Janet Crutchfield Peggy Dawson Judi Drake Davina Dubnick Gayle Enochs Pat Fischer Alice Friedman G. Gardner Nancy Glober Elaine Hammond Bonnylee Hansen Grace Harris Carol Hasselberg Maureen Leader Rosalyn Levi Lynn Madow Nadine Mentell Maxine Miller A. Nakawatase Gwen Neville E. O ' Donnell Shirley Oakes Lucia Peters Linda Rudner Barbara Richman Joyce Shaevitz Charlotte Shoda Lois Shub Jackie Suess Adrienne Tager Bette Thornburgh Enid Waxman Terrie Waxman Marjorie Webber Saudabeh Azar Julie Baughman Buni Bernauer Carol Berson Marion Bress Susan Coffie Mary Dietz Linda Egloff Dorothy Eustrom Jacque Ferguson Mildred Fillmore Stephanie Foster Pat Harvey Mimi Hersh Daphne Hui The coed lounges in Dyk stra signal the change that has come over Dykstra Hall. Once a male dorm, there are now three floors of coeds in the residence hall. DYKSTRA HALL MANHATTAN HOUSE Pat Hunady Nancy Jenkins Nancy Johnson Karen Jones Marianne Jue Joan Kaplan Rena Kornblum Karen Lidholm Kathleen Lidholm Linda Lockwood Barbara Malsberg Nancy Matthews Sue Part Silvia Pilmanis Parvaneh Samie Judi Shupps Laurie Smith F. Steinberg Sandra Stevenson Alicia Susman Johanna Walker Ann-Lea Welshofer S. Winchester Sandra Wood Sproul Hall ' s Executive Board, the governing body of the dormitory that arranged Sproul ' s social activities included (standing) Secretary Liz Albin, Vice President Ritchie Verhaegen and (seated), Bill Juhns, Comptroller, and Sproul President Dick Ewin. SPROUL HALL Sproul Hall, opened this year to its 800 plus residents, is the second in a planned series of multi-story coeducational dormitories. Named after Robert Gordon Sproul, the President Emeritus of the University, the Hall has its own student government, a social calendar, and participated actively this year in intramurals and Spring Sing. THE SPROUL PROM Perhaps the most gala social function sponsored by any of the dormitories, the Sproul Prom is a semesterly affair. At the spring edition of the Prom, hosted by the Bel Air Country Club, GRETCHEN LAMBERT, (above and left), the Sproul Queen, reigned over the evening affair. ....A DORM COMES TO LIFE Terry Atherton Sally Averre Mary Bower Carol Bradley E. Burdex Carole Conley Judith Coplin Leah Einbinder V. Fuerstein lone Fitzgerald SALLEE REDMAN President Barbara Goldman Sheila Gorelick B. Grandstaff Morgiana Halley Laura Harris Janie Hayes Joan Henderson Corrine Holman Sharyl Hoople Elaine Hounsell Joan Hutchinson Joanne Kacher Ann Kanne Darleen Kenny Diane Kenny Gretchen Lambert Janice Lind Carole Livingston Sheila MacLeod Ruth Marsman Pauline Miley Barbara Newell Pearl Robinson Shirley Starr Lonnie Steinberg Sandy Swanson Sharon Taylor Sharon Thrasher Nancy Tokar Ann Weber Elizabeth Albin Joyce Altoon Susan Balsley Deborah Barton Connie Blinkhern Marilyn Bollen Marcia Bryant Joyce Carsh Judy Coerber Celia Cooper Laurie Drake Cibyl Feldkamp ROSALIE FISHER Fall President SPROUL HALL DIANA HOUSE BARBARA PEDERSON Spring President Rosalie Fisher Sybil Glazer C. Greenberg Catherine Greene Connie Hayes Charlotte Kolloch Ceceile Lash Mary Leone Pat Liska Barbara Lohman Judy Messick Jean Nishikawa Barbara Pierson Linda Reddell Genoveba Reyes Donita Smith Marie Sorenson Judy Templeton Judy Tindall Julie Ulmer R. Verhaegen Vicki Weinstein Judy Weintraub Roberta Yellin 359 SPROUL HALL DAPHNE HOUSE ELAINE DE CAROLIS CAROLYN DAVIS Fall Presi dent Spring President Theo Carlson Vycenne Chretien Dianne Cox Carolyn Davis Judy Eidsmore Anita Esselson Layle Evansen Pat Frolich Gwen Gerber Janice Hamasaka Barbara Hodges A. Hollingsworth Betty Hurle Virginia Lee Ida Martin Jackie Negulic Yukiko Okubo Carol Pease June Persky Nettie S. Prichard Marsha Reed Barbara Riley Sandie Roberts Judy Robinson Gail Roney Linda Salo Susan Saxon Peggy Seeley Gerri Smedley G. Takayescu Amy Taniguchi JoAnn Tartaglia Priscilla Watson Ray Westall SPROUL HALL PANDORA HOUSE MARY CURRIE Spring President Deanne Blacker Susan Brewer Polly Curley Mary Currie Sandra Demmon Nancy Gardner Rose Godlewicz Janice Hedman Ingo Hesselbom Susan Hochberg Sally Holt Elaine Lercher ELAINE LERCHER Fall President Donna Linn Sharon Long M. McLaughlin Marilyn Mattke Judy Meyer M. Moorehead Eleanor Mueller Beverly Phelps Joan Powers Beth Printz Mary Rios Bella Schwartz JoAnn Seberg Nina Shavelle Honore Sklar Charlene Smith Iris Stringling Joyce Usui Patti Van Rekom Judy Zipper 361 Carolyn Bishop G. Chamberlain Diana Culbertson Judy Deuschle Bonnie Devine SALLEE REDMAN Floor President SPROUL HALL PERSEPHONE HOUSE J. Garlinghouse Lillian Guttman Marie Harmel Margaret Hayes Moana Hendricks Laura Isaia Joanne Mickleson Sandra Murray Natalie Neff Judy Plesset Sallee Redman Naomi Rochlin Jeannette Rocks Nocla Scott Grace Smith Diane Snow Marilyn Wade Sidney Wallin Wanda Ward S. Wingerbach 362 BARBARA MONAT CAROL HELLER Fall President Spring President SPROUL HALL AURORA HOUSE Sandra Adamson Judy Beachem Kathleen Curran Nancy Danoff Pat Freckleton Charla Frogue Louise Hoffman Marilyn Hoffman Corrine Johnson Dobler Linda Johnston Jane Klemp Kathy Klunkle Rose Madrid Barbara Monat Marjorie Morris Nina ShaveIle Marie Shaw Marlene Regal Mariana Tucker HHS Bob Abramowitz Entiquio Barra Ken Bartholic Steve Briggs Ed Conner E. Cruikshank Bob Distler Dick Ewin Phil Flame Basil Galouskin BILL JOHNS LINDSAY NIELSON Fall President Spring President Sheldon Gerber Lloyd Godlis Mike Halliwell Leland Katsuda Phil Moench Lindsay Nielson Bill Olson Craig Olson Gilbert Perga Gary Powell Reyes Jose P. Reyes Jaime Rullan Bill Russell Mike Shreve Art Simpson Kim Stewart John Wagner Zafae Walimuhammad Bob Walters MIKE GADDIS Floor President SPROUL HALL SPARTA HOUSE Mark Biedebach Dick Borgen Nicholas Brink Stewart Bragg Al Brandli Pete Carpenter David Castler Brian Forst Mike Gaddis Jim Gasser Norman Hawkins Robert Holman Arnold Lester Michael Levin W. Lorenzetti Bart Morrison Stan Murayama George Nicholson Larry Peterson Stanley Reynolds Al Rothstein Richard Stultz The powerful Delta Sigma Phi flag football team, led by snarling tailback HERB LUDWIG (carrying ball), captured All-U football honors. As the campus and the student body have grown at UCLA, so have subsidiary activities such as the widely diversified intramural athletics program. Under the direction of Mr. Ken Moore, this saw the number of participants competing in a wide variety of sports reach a new high. This year ' s All University Champion, ascertained by compiling total points through both semesters, was Sigma Nu with 474 points to the runner-up Pi Lam ' s They were followed in fraternity standings by Delta Tau Delta, Phi Kappa Sigma and Delta Sigma Phi, respectively. Independent Champion was UCHA followed by the Bru Vets, Greenbag Packers, AFROTC and Cal Men, in that order. Residence Hall winner was Titan House, ahead of Sparta, Chaos, Orion and Pacific, respectively. The athletic fields and gymnasium were kept humming throughout the academic year. INTRAMURALS ALL-UNIVERSITY WINNERS IN EACH SPORT, 1960-1961 Football Delta Sigma Phi Golf Alpha Epsilon Pi Tennis Singles Beta Theta Pi Tennis Doubles Sigma Alpha Epsilon Bowling Phi Kappa Sigma, Packers and Titan Volley Ball Sigma Nu Handball Singles Delta Sigma Phi Handball Doubles Phi Kappa Sigma Cross Country Alpha Tau Omega, UCHA and Titan Basketball Phi Kappa Sigma Table Tennis Pi Lambda Phi Two-Man Volleyball Sigma Nu Softball Citadel Track Delta Tau Delta, Phi Gamma Delta and Celtics Swimming Splashers Wrestling Sigma Nu All-U Champs, Sigma Nu, swept to championships in both six-man and two-man volleyball competition. Swimmers leave the blocks during swimming finals held in Men ' s Gym Pool and won by the Splashers. Anchor men in the four-lap freestyle relay come churning in with the SAEs first and Sigma Nu next. 369 Out of eighty-five teams, Phi Kappa Sigma and Sigma Nu survived league and tourney play to meet for the basketball title. Phi Kap ' s Ray Smith takes rebound from Sigma Nu ' s Dick Scott. Smith was the big scorer and rebounder in championship game. Wrestling is a demanding sport, calling for a great deal of endurance. Sigma Nu grapplers took the team title again. The guys let the girls in an the act for co-ed volleyball, bowling, and, in the springtime, softball. 371 Softball competition ran hot and heavy. Foster Anderson (above) laces a hit to bring in a Delta Sig teammate at ZBT Catcher Mike Eisenstadt and Umpire Chuck Poehler watch. Eisenstadt (below, left) stops another run attempt as pitcher Jason Groode backs him up. Groode (below, right) grounds out. 372 The track and field meet, held in May, saw some creditable times and marks posted. There were preliminaries one week wi th the finals the next. 373 INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL The IFC Presidents Council, composed of each fraternity president, rotated their biweekly dinner meetings, each time gathering at a different house of a member fraternity. UCLA ' s Interfraternity Council is a voluntary organization, comprised of the thirty social fraternities with local chapters. IFC ' s purpose is to assist and strengthen individual fraternities, and makes policy decisions for the fraternity system collectively; decisions of the nature of rushing, or any problem that affects the fraternity system generally is a concern of the Presidents Council, while disciplinary action for rules infraction is the domain of the Judicial Council. IFC sponsored an all-fraternity Dance to climax Mens ' -Greek Week in the fall, picking Tri-Delt JoAnn Munari to reign over the festivities at Deauville Country Club. The Arrowhead Inn hosted the Presidents ' Weekender in early May. IFC ' s Executive Board (Judicial Board) consisted of (I to r): Terry Reckas, Exec. Secretary; Barry Michaelson, Secretary-Treasurer; Mel Najarian, President; Quensel Diamond, the Publicity Rep, and Dick Hanson, Vice-President. Steve Adler, Phi Sigma Delta Robert Altman, Alpha Epsilon Pi Paul Amstutz, Alpha Gamma Omega Gene Andres, Phi Gamma Delta Lindy Baer, Phi Delta Theta Edwin Blackwell, Sigma Chi Ted Boxer, Phi Epsilon Pi Joel Cohen, Kappa Nu Stephen Creps, Theta Chi Quince Diamond, Alpha Tau Omega Bob Greenfield, Zeta Beta Tau Gordon Hess, Beta Theta Pi Blaine King, Sigma Nu Frank Macari, Phi Kappa Psi Eric Martens, Sigma Nu Phil Mautino, Zeta Psi Tom Miller, Sigma Pi Mike Mullen, Alpha Sigma Phi Mel Najarian, Theta Delta Chi Art O ' Leary, Lambda Chi Alpha Bob Payson, Phi Kappa Sigma Bob Rodman, Tau Delta Phi Chuck Rossie, Sigma Alpha Epsilon John Saffro, Pi Lambda Phi Barry Sloat, Acacia Duane Wills, Delta Sigma Phi Rolland Winter, Triangle 374 Ah, such is the life of the college student . .. the humdrum of sleeping is broken by weekend dates, the Cal trip, weekend snow trips and football games. Finals come and go but the spring brings more activities which press into valuable sleeping time. The serious student must travel between parties at Chavez Ravine, Palos Verdes and 515 Landfair. As the semester nears completion the student is compelled to compromise more time for intramurals, Spring Sing and the coop. Gary Akerstrom Paul Amstutz Robert Arai Jack Baldwim Bob Barnes James Clark Robert Coger Sami Deek Ronald Erickson ALPHA GAMMA OMEGA MILT JANTZEN President Intramural football . . . organization and action were watchwords. Our hallowed chapter house . . . culture and learning abounded. Richard Gertsen Stephen Guenether Jarnes Hathaway Wendall Hollis Richard Humphrey John Long Richard Maas Paul Messineo Robert Paul Edward Poole Don Poundstone Robert Reinertson Don Ringo David Stallard Leonard Stewart Steve Sundin Richard Trautwein Yas Umeda John Wade Paul Whitton 375 ACACIA BARRY SLOAT President Romping through another successful social year, the Brothers hit a high note scholastically with a 4 point, uh point four grade average. On the sports scene, jock Dick Brickman led a wild unruly intramural team into the wilderness of the men ' s athletic field and hasn ' t been heard from since. Saddened by the loss of the team, the boys made an heroic attempt to come back. Many hours of work on the basic fundamentals . . . lifting, emptying, and throwing beer cans . .. ensued. The Brothers went north for the Cal Weekend to take part in the festivities and joyfully discovered that there was a Cal Chapter. To celebrate the portentious occasion, the UCLA chapter threw a party for the newly found brothers (using their house). Back on the UCLA campus, an impressive showing was made at Mardi Gras with Alpha Gamma Delta. The year ended on a low note, however, when the sad but patriotic Acacians complied with " Return the Loot Week " by Officer Sawyer to the LA Police Department. 376 Joe Abdo Dennis Baker Richard Brickman John Bullard D. Cunningham Don Dill Randy Drummond Michael Ellis David Hempstead Les Isaacs Chuck Jones Joy Jorban Lynn Lagerquist Keith Lowry M. McCormick Bob Martin Fred Merrick Jim Pugh John Reardon John Rhoades Gary Rickert Eugene Siscoe Barry Sloat Steve Sterry 377 Bob Altman and Jerry Diamond... AEPi Brother Masters. BOB ALTMAN President The AEPis decided it was time for them to take it easy so they entered a man in the Ugly Man Contest and won it for the second time in a row, built a Homecoming float with the Phi Sigma Sigmas and won sweepstakes, then sparkled in intramural competition by taking second place all-U honors in bowling, reaching the semifinals in tennis and the finals in golf, and at the same time had a gay social existence. Highlights were the " Horrors Party " which was covered by Life, the Winter Formal held at the Woodland Hills Country Club and the Spring Formal in Palm Springs. Springtime also brought Mardi Gras, Spring Sing, more athletics and even some time to make those grades. Robert Altman David Barg Charoles Baumer Mike Bertz Philip Cooper Stephen Cooper Steven Covey Jerome Diamond Barry Dicker Alan Feigen Steven Feldman Robert Finkel Don Gaines Larry Gans David Gersh Stephen Ginsberg Alex Glikmann Gary Golden Life Magazine, photographer et. al, made a special trip to the AEPi house to cover the gala " Horror Party " , an annual function. ALPHA EPSILON PI Michael Levitt Victor Sherman Larry Goldman Jared Gordon Gerald Greene Martin Greenberg Roger Howitt Frank Kashuk Cary Kaufman Martin Klein Nahum Lainger Joel Lee Bernard Levin Jeff Linden Barry Lippman Robert Lippman Loren Mandel Ron Martin Bill Reidder Charles Rittenberg Robert Rosenblatt Barry Rothman Eugene Saltzer Jon Schechter Robert Silver Allan Steckler Sam Tapper Leonard Venger Stephen Vinger Steve Wasserman Richard Wagner Joseph Wechsler Ken Weinberg Sheldon Wolk Robert Wynne ALPHA TAU OMEGA QUENSEL DIAMOND President The filled room . . . one of the more subtle types of ATO pledge RFs. ATOs, in a rare display of affection, auctioned off their loving and compassionate housemother to an exuberant buyer at the bowl. 380 John Broadrick Charles Culp Richard David Quensel Diamond Dave Dukes Bob Fowler Jerry Grihalva Jerome Butler Orlando D ' Alessio Lloyd Derby Dave Disco John Everts George Gaborko Glen Gross HaIly Cole M. Daugherty Pot Deturk Dan Droke John Ezmirlian Jerry Green George Hayward At last the new molds were completed and quickly transported to the catacombs below the basement. The final step of initiation was about to take place. A metallic clank from th e presses heralded the arrival of the new ATOs. One by one they emerged from the molds .. perfect, flawless! Three second places in Spring Sing ... a few minor adjustments needed . . . Fall Intramural Cross Country Champs, finals in the chariot race, first place Olio Show, pledges to Palm Springs, Mooser and Drake elected, Homecoming Parade (Flying saucers and a rocket for Roaring 20 ' s theme?), Apple VaIIey Weekend, Spring Sing with the Alpha Chis, exchanges, parties, brotherhood ... the whole bit. Use the same molds in the future? No, they ' re already sold to SAE. Ray Hesser Richard Hoffman Lee Hoskins Phillip Hoskins Larry Johnson David Jones Wayne Kellam Richard Knopf D. Kohlenberger Norm Lacina Carl Larson Richard Lombardi D. McLaughlin William McNutt Paul Messineo Steve Mooser Patrick Morgan Cap Palmer John Pastrone Roger Pennell L oren Peterson Dwight Randall Kent Redelings Tom Sanders Ed Sanford Kim Shirley Steve Shulkin Robert Sikes Gary Smith Steve Stine Tony Sydes Bob Toigo Lee Troxel Ernest Vargas William Wells Mel Wolf 381 BETA THETA PI Betas did the unusual GORDON HESS and DICK FUGGETT Presidents Thomas Anderson Dave Ardell Mike Askins Richard Berger Jim Bergman Pete Blackman Jack Blok Dennis Carhart Jim Conkey Richard Covey Alan Davison Merrill Dean Tom Doll Doug Donath Dan Drown Phillip Friedman Dick Fuggett John Gaustad Mike Gayner Reginald Gooden Dave Goshert Bob Graham John Hall John Hayes Gordon Hess R aymond Holland Kent Hooper Walt HowaId Keith Kelley Ron Kinton Gordon Kleinpeter Tom Landis John McCoy Harry McDean Jim Mahoney John Montoya Bill Morrissey Norm Nelson Ralph Ochoa Jack Ostrode 382 Craig Palmer Norman Perry Dick Peterson James Pickerell Fred Port Herbert Quincy Wayne Riblett Nelson Rising Harold Rose Dave Snyder John Stanfill John Stewart Gio Tanasescu Verne Tjarks Ron Trepp Kurt Visser Neal Webb James Weeks " Well, after all .... I am a Beta! " Dear Mom: Everything is fine as we head into the last week of school. I ' ll be home in two weeks with my grades (a 1.34 average, highest in the house) and dirty laundry from the Iast six months. Let me tell you about some of the things that happened this year . . . Our social calendar began in September with " Presents, " a party in which sorority girls are actually auctioned off. Then came the Lavender Hill Mob Party. our Ball, and in the spring, our first Weekender since 1957 . . . In athletics we let loose five real, live players for Coach Barnes. Tom Paton, Foster Duane Wills, Kenny Goodman and Don Brooks did the honors. Dennis Haryung threw the javelin, and John Markle did his stint on the Muff-diving team . . . Individually speaking, Lawless won the campus IQ contest, Clayman finally got a date, and Cyrano DeRicerac made personal appearances on the Theta Lawn. I guess that sums it up. Keep the money coming. Your Loving Son, Charley DUANE WILLS President DELTA SIGMA PHI Roger Anderson Don Brooks Ed Campbell Jim Cipra Paul Clayman Rick Colli Patrick DeClerck Lloyd Edens James Gipson Ken Goodman Kip Hagopian Thomas Harvey Dennis Haryung Terry Hipolito Silvio Hoshek Cam Hughes Bernard Lawless Mike Liautaud John LoCurto David Lubetzky Herb Ludwig John Markle Bill Matthews Edward Mevi Richard Moore Mike Mullally Mike O ' Dell Richard Reel Ken Rice Chuck Ryan David Schaefer Glenn Schmidt Ron Siemens Gary Simpson Bob Small John Southworth Jerry Ste phens Doug Stuman Mike Teobaldi Duane Wills John Zopelis Snapshots taken by the brothers: Top, the pledge dorm; middle, the front gate; below, the Delta Sig chapter room. 385 DELTA TAU DELTA Delta Tau Delta, under the leadership of Presidents Phil Thompson and Steve Boyd, completed a very good year and by rebuilding has set the stage for one of the best years ever to follow. In sports, Delta Tau Delta remained prominent, as usual. Intramurally, the Delts rank in the top three in the points toward the All-U Championship, Brian Kniff was a mainstay, Dean Rogers played football and Roger Fagerholm was a rugby standout. Pledge Barry Leigh frosh basketball and golf. On campus, Brian Kniff was Varsity Club President and Mark Leicester served as Dublin Ball Chairman . . . the Delt ' s Fall Initiation Formal was held at Ciro ' s, where Kappa Bette Fairchild reigned as Delt Queen. STEVE BOYD President Paul Bailey Alex Banachowski Alex Barclay James Bellinger Tom Byerts Lance Casper Gary Conway Frank Eppler Herbert Francisco Tom Hammond Jon Hansen Gary Jackson Randy Juengst Ron Kinsling Ronald Klein Brian Kniff Mark Leicester John Mackey Ken Newgard Bill Parker 386 Dean Rogers Ed Scheck Lloyd Seese Phil Thompson Thomas Warriner Ralph WestfaII Lawrence Wiig Norm Williams Mike Young There were more criteria in picking the Delt Queen than just personality. Delt Hashers and cook put painstaking effort into Monday Night Dinner preparations for the Boys at 649 Gayley Ave. 387 KAPPA SIGMA THE ZOO, June, 1961 (AP). Kappa Sigma was the object of much criticism today, as the group was accused of gross deeds of animalism. The brothers were incensed by the accusation, and Kappa Sig Prexy Don Vena charged that " riff raff have to the Kappa Sigma pack such misleading characteristics as debauchery, free living, brutishness, even barbarism. Members have been described as sots, soakers, tipplers, carousers, and some as dipsomaniacs. " Peeling a banana, Vena flatly denied the charges, and swung down from his tree to join the brothers in righteous, chest-thumping indignation. President Don Vena strove for intellectual awareness. 388 Gibbon Ambrose Gibbon Bartko Gibbon Beadle Gibbon Beckman Gibbon Bergot Gibbon Bishop Gibbon Campbell Gorilla Charnota Gibbon Clausen Gibbon D ' Amico Gibbon Elliott Gibbon Gibson Gibbon Haines Gibbon Haley Gibbon Hawkins Gibbon Hiemann Gibbon Hunt Gibbon Johnson Gibbon Krohn Gibbon Laribbon Gibbon Lavery Gibbon Maas Gibbon Mahar Gibbon McGinnis Gibbon Montgomery Gibbon Morris Gibbon Myers Gibbon Nielson K-Kong Prince Gibbon Reynolds Gibbon Samanich Gibbon Sinclair Gibbon Smith Gibbon Stevens Gibbon Trent Cecil Tuttle Baboon Vena Gibbon Vena Gibbon Victoria Gibbon Yeager LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Lambda Chis wedged 365 days into the school year again in ' 61. Outsiders who were aware of the tremendous power of Gold Key (a local honorary) were awed by the fact that Benson, Boydston, Dukes, Hemenez and Strutt wore the knowing look and their miniature Kappa Keys ... Throngs lining the parade route during Homecoming were awestruck by the Lambda Chi B.A., a thing of beauty built in cooperation with honorary Annie of the Bowling Alley. The Christmas holidays saw the brothers and the Gamma Phis serenade the men at the Veteran ' s Hospital ...Sinks ran Freshman Orientation, Cordova and Marquez collected blood for the Red Cross, Dukes and Barker spilled it as Kelps, Hemenez showed and sold Project India and Benson and Dukes snowed and sold UniCamp, while the rest of the brothers studied in complete and utter exhaustion. ART O ' LEARY President Dave Achilles Jon Amelsberg Dave Arsenian Terry Atkins Lou Bachleder Richard Barker Stan Benson Jim Bonar Bruce Boydstone Gary Brown Carl Burnett Dennis Butler Gene Canavan Bruce Chinn Neal Clark Lloyd Cordova Gordon Cudney Jerry Davies Jim Decker Bill Dehning Robert Dolan 390 John Dukes Jim Fenderson Bob Freeman Richard Frindt Dahl Fuchs Ronald Hale Richard Hemenez Bruce Holland Randolph Joyce Jack Lefforge Thomas Lewisky Dick McCellan William McClay Brian McCourt Dan McGowan Fred Marquez Robert Marshall Steve Martin Ken Matney David Neset Art O ' Leary Michael Rainer John Rohde Douglas Russell Mike Sheedy Chester Shelley Bill Shumate Earl Sinks Richard St.John Greg Venturi Walter Wallner Marshall Williams 391 ALPHA SIGMA PHI LARRY SOUTHERN President Pat Barnes Jay Brown Charles Burleigh Thomas Cockle Dan DeHaven Mike Harman David Heller Dennis Heller Michael Mullin Steve Price Peter Sherburne Larry Southern Herbert Ware David Wright Highlight of the Alpha Sig year was the traditional Beachcomber Party, an occasion for which the house and pool were into a jungle paradise. The men of Alpha Sigma Phi, jubilant over the prospect of for a time their illustrious ancestors, strung hanging vines over the pool, and reverted to caveman behavior ... The house was again led by its prize Pat Barnes, whose hoarse croaks were heard for their finest hour as Pat served his last turn at crew coxswain. The brothers went native at the annual Alpha Sig Beachcomber. 626 Landfair, home of the Alpha Sigs . . . oldest fraternity on campus. 392 KAPPA NU LYNN HARRIS and JOEL COHEN Presidents Lynn " Mc " Harris Lynn " Mc " Harris Lee Goldman Al Ross Joel Cohen Vicki Tricket Stu Ross Dave Hurwitz Larry Gershon Jeff Katz Dick Shapiro Pledging the most dazzling tailback in UCLA history (Vicki Tricket), Kappa Nu built its offense around the triple-threat pledge, Stu " Crazy Legs " Ross, Flash and the widely discussed McHarris twins. The great KN varsity caused quite a stir around fraternal football circles . . . In addition to the normal number of Pagan revelries, many notable events highlighted the year. Larry Gerson acquired a 20-foot Python (he ' s a big hit at parties—when he ' s sober), and Dave Hurwitz got the still operating again, aiding the treasury immensely. LINDY BAER President PHI DELTA THETA Don Addicott Lindy Baer Ernest Barefoot Fred Barnes James Baskerville Roger Bryant William Bryant Bob Buchele Tom Calverly Dave Cornish Dave Cory Lee Dodson Dick Douglas Mike Downey Peter Drus John Emery Stephen Gunn Bob Harris Paul Hastings Tom Hawkins Jim Hollowaty Tom Hornaday Larry Jepsen Arthur Johnson Thomas Keating Larry Keethe David Lafaille Ken May Fadlo Mousalam B. O ' Connor Tom Redfern Jon Reid Tom Revy James Rowsey Donald Russ George Schiller Bill Schroeder Jack Schutte Mike Shonstrom Jim Speilmann Tom Thomas Steve Turnwall Bruce Williamson Ron Zell Joe Zeno From scholastic endeavors to parties, and from athletics to dramatics, the Phi Delts were well represented. Attaining one of the highest gpa ' s on the row, the Brothers were forced to divert their minds from the rigors of study. This precipitated such functions as The Hog Wallow, the Playboy Formal, Club 535, and of course the Annual Phikeia Stag. The two Phi Delt prospective " Rickey Nelson " type actors lent an atmosphere that was offset by a more conservative element namely athletes, including Ruggers Lee Dodson, Mike Shonstrom, Bob Buchele, Larry Keethe and Mike Downey. Football players were Skip Smith, Keith Jensen, Joe Zeno, Tom and Carmen Di Poalo. In baseball, Bob Harris, Fadlo Mousalam and Frosh Coach Dick Weikel. Lindy Baer competed in gymnastics and Dick Douglas was an outstanding swimmer for the varsity. Since the Fijis once again inspired admiration, it is difficult to single out the stupendously successful activities from the mere brilliant. Those memories of the year dearest to the Fijis were the panty raid on a famous Gayley Avenue hotel in early February, and the Annual Mothers Club Luncheon and Party which, unfortunately, was climaxed by a vice squad raid . . . Then of course, there was the installation of two new members into the " Booked of the Month Club, " an exclusive organization within the fraternity. But all was not play. The Fijis showed interest in community life, planning a goodwill trip to Alas, the gesture became one of the most macabre affairs in the annals of LA County history, as forty noble lads lost their direction and arrived at the Home for Wayward Women in Pasadena. Alas again, for seven have not yet returned. GENE ANDRES President PHI GAMMA DELTA Chuck Amico Gene Andres Jon Artz Merle Bassett Jim Bates Ted Bennett Kenneth Berry Pete Bordering Clark Branson Bill Carder Sidney Croft Cliff Davis William Dul Tom Ely William Foote, Jr. Don Francis Jim Hahn Paul Halme Bob Harris Tom Harris Bill Hicks Detailed planning and painstaking efforts garnered the Fijis the " Best Decorated " Homecoming float. School administrators seemed perturbed, disturbed and upset as they viewed the aftermath of the fall pledge class ditch. Kelly Horn Joe Incaudo Randy Johnson Gary Jones Don Keithley Larry Kepford Larry Lengel Robert McCaffrey Mike Mahoney Mike Moone Bill Moore Geoff Nunn Harold Pedersen John W. Persons Mel Profit Ron Ricker Richard Rimel Doug Ryan John Ryan Randall Schultz Larry Smith Wesley Smith Brian Somodi Jim Stanley Bob Stevens Tom Thompson Brian Verity Andy Von Sonn John Wilson Robert Wilson 397 FRANK MACARI and DOUG HASTINGS Presidents PHI KAPPA PSI This year Phi Kappa Psi has been aroused to a feverish pitch of anger by the unfounded and malicious rumors implying over-indulgence on the part of the brothers. It might have been true that a Phi Psi has, in the past, taken a drink too many (F ' rinstance the time Fred Toland drank Acme Wine for 24 straight hours and retched violently for 24 straight days). But then, the barbed criticism whispered from house mother to house mother started us thinking. " Is the purpose of fraternity life merely to gorge with drink in the manner of the old Roman Patricians? No! " we answered, " It is more than this! " Our social demeanor has consequently undergone a drastic change, and an entirely new type of Phi Psi is seen at social gatherings. Our All-American social program this semester was highlighted by the Wholesome Fun Hop held in the UES Auditorium. Orange phosphates and animal cracker dumplings were served, garnished with diced brownies. Everyone enjoyed the party napkins, paper hats, and the clean-cut wholesome fun. Later we played pin the ear on the donkey (tail sounds too much like cocktail). Gone are the days of Scotch, bourbon, Irish and rye! What are we drinking now? Acme Wine. Dick Allen Jack Benton Chuck Blair Jim Blair Chuck Boag Mike Brenner Terry Brigham Craig Brown Dick Bushey Ray Carr Dave Dabov Bill Dietrich Mitch Dimkich Jim Frodsham Chuck Hamre John Harris Doug Hastings Don Haze Grant Holcomb Jerry Hyde Noel Johnson Jim Kanter 398 Don Koch Terry Leonard Ron Lewallen Tony Longo Frank Macari Vic Marcelli Tom May Bill Miller Val Newell Hunt Payne Dick Phebus Wayne Ratkovich Terry Reckas Mike Sanson Edward Sisola George Smith Jerry Smith Forrest Stewart Marty Stradtman Neil Timm Fred Toland The evolution of the Phi Psi: Top picture, denoting the wretched condition of the " former " Phi Psi; middle picture, the Phi Psi in the interim " reform " period; and below, the resultant, " wholesome " , fun-lover that now resides at 613 Gayley. Arnold Tripp Gary Wadsworth Steve White Larry Wiest 399 PHI KAPPA SIGMA BOB PAYSON President Gary Adams Gene Adams Martyn Agens John Alger Doug Armstrong Richard Arrington Art Avazian Eric Avazian George Bergstrom Charles Berry Ted Botens Jeff Breiseth Michael Burley James Caviezel John Chamberlain Robert Chilvers Larry Coffelt Bill Comport Richard Conrad Ron Crossland Gene Curry R. DeLagrave Terry D avis John Delaney Dennis Dexter Harry Dodson Thomas Dolan Ronald Duncan Steve Frantz Bob Goon Dave Haden Doug Haden Charles Hays Allen Hill William Janson Peter Janssen Romeo Kassarjian Dan Kimble Richard Larsen Steve Lomas Dave Mangine Jim Mills Randy Mizer John Morris Richard Neel David Nelson Peter Nicklin Bob Payson Frank Peabody Blair Pollard Paul Priamos Vern Pritchett Jack Reed Don Rojas James Ruddick Carlin Soule Ron Stephens Bill Straight Steve Taylor Conrad Thomas Robert Thomas Terence Thomas Noel Trout James Van Deerlin Terry Vavra Jim Wittenburg BII Yundt Phi Kappa Sigma maintained its position among Bruin fraternities by excelling in social, scholastic, student and intramural activities. Social life for the year included the Phi Kap Weekender, the Hawaiian Party, exchanges, and activities with the Famacs, the Phi Kap little sister group. In athletics, Gene and Gary Adams, the Bruins ' great twin keystone combination, Blair Pollard and Vern Pritchett were regulars on the Varsity Baseball team. Don Rojas and Jack Reed played key roles in the success of the frosh football team. Rugby and soccer made Pete Nicklin a two sport letterman. In intramurals, Phi Kaps picked up the All-Fraternity trophy (1960), thus placing first or second for the last six years. TED BOXER President Redd Foxx, famed recording star, amuses at a Phi Ep stag. PHI EPSILON PI Phi Epsilon Pi returned to UCLA this year after a six year absence, and a successful return it was. Temporarily establishing a " beachhead " at 633 Gayley, the Phi Eps went right to work building for the future, though the present was not forgotten . . . A very active social program included theme house parties such as the Monte Carlo Night, a Toast to Tequila and the Phi Ep Bar-Nothing Western Party. The highlight of the social year was the first annual Phi Epsilon Pi Mid-Year Dance, a formal at the Beverly Hilton. Herman Axelrod Martin Barmatz Ted Boxer Rich Eisenberg Greg Firman Robert Hersh Kenneth Horowitz Jerry Horowitz Richard Johnson Raymond Karlin Howard Lowe Richard Margules Neil Newson Jack Silas Alen Simon Warren Soloski 402 THETA CHI STEVE HOLMES and STEVE CREPS Presidents After a very successful rush season and the initiation of many new brothers, Theta Chi was able to get back on its feet again. Memorable events of the year included the relocation of a sizeable portion of Dykstra ' s sixth floor, the unprecedented daylight painting of the SAE lion at SC and the nightly vigils of " Charley Brown, " Sociology 101 student, who kept close watch on the nocturnal activities of apartment dwellers. While maintaining the second highest average on the row, Theta Chis enjoyed one of the most successful social seasons which was climaxed with the Dream Girl Formal M. Christensen Steve Claypool Stephen Creps Robert Fournier John Gemell Larry Haase Norman Harvey David Holmes Steve Holmes Ronald Jones Ed Lupton Stephen Makin Charles Miles Harry Myers Paul Reeder Greg Steingraber David Stimfig Courtney Stone Kurt Timmins John Tully STEVE ADLER and BARRY MICHAELSON Presidents PHI SIGMA DELTA Cancelling plans to establish a chapter on the Library steps, Phi Sig Delt spent another year under the Palm and the Pyramid. Headed by Barry Michaelson and Steve Adler, the dynamic redhead, they carried out a full program of activities and miscellaneous vices. As usual, Phi Sig Delt placed among the top three houses scholastically, and on campus, Mel Blumenthal was a member of Gold Key, Jerry Chaleff was elected LDMR and a Yeoman. Mickey Shapiro also stood out in Kelps. Steve Adler Mike Austin Mel Blumenthal Dan Braverman Jerry Chaleff Donald Cohen Stuart Daniels Roger Diamo nd Terry Dichter Lee Drabin Jeff Feil Morel Fidler Arthur Fine Eugene Finke Harvey Gilbert Ronald Gill Bert Ginsberg Harold Glick Earle Goodman Ron Granit Barry Grotch Ma urray Heltzer Marc Horowitz Don Horowitz Robert Isaacson Joel Jacobson Don Kaplan Arnold Kassoy Mary Kaye Jerry Klawans Gene Kreiger Steven Mark Barry Michaelson Mario Milch Fred Nobles Barry Pascal Arthur Pollock Michael Prosin Stephen Prover Larry Schall Don Schubert Paul Schur George Schussel Mike Shaffer Mickey Shapiro Dave Siegel Michael Silverman Steve Stein Stephen Steinfeldt Terry Steinhart Howard Stone Michael Taback Maurice Weise Howard Weiss Roger Wolk 405 GEORGE WOLFBERG and JOHN SAFFRO Presidents PI LAMBDA PHI Michael Agran David Astrachan Earl Bender Jerry Binen Edmund Birnbaum Howard Breen Steven Buck Alan Buckner Gary Cadish Les Cutler Mary Demoff Mark Egerman Randy Ellis Clifford Einstein William Flaxman Allen Fox M. Freedman Steve Garfein David Golde Lawrence Gordon Dennis Hahn Kobey Horn Jeff Isaacs Jim Johnson Marlin Klass Kenneth Lesser William Levin Andrew Marias Mel Mason Steve Meisel Richard Millard Lawrence Nagler Evan Olins Bradley Part Zeke Perlo Steven Perren Jordan Potash Steve Richimond John Rissman Neil Rapoport Alan Ross David Rousso Fred Roven Bob Rubin Dennis Saffro John Saffro David Sato Jerry Sax Stanley Sax Roger Schlesinger Max Schwartz David Seizer Stephen Shanefield Jerry Shapiro Kenny Smith Harold Smotkin Bob Tobias Joel Wachs Roger Werksman Richard Whitney Mel Williams Dave Winett George Wolfberg Ted Wolfberg The PILAM . .. an exceedingly versatile creature which excels in all feats of endeavor. If not watched carefully, the PILAM will become Student Body President repeatedly. The PILAM must also be closely contained as he engages in athletics of all varieties. Please do not get too close to the male PILAM you see before you: he has shown an unexplained natural effect upon human females . . . seemingly his abilities are endless. CHUCK ROSSIE and BOB COLVIN Presidents SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Instead of trying to control the campus this year, the chapter devoted full time attempting to control Chuck Rossie. He as chapter president, Gold Key President and Editor of the Daily Bruin. Many rumors circulated about SAE, most of which were false. But all added to the fame of SAE. In intramurals, Little Sisters of Minerva combined with the Brothers to win All-U coed softball . . . the Brothers were strong contenders in other sports. At this writing, Spring Sing is still distant, and many of the brother s, along with other fraternities and sororities, are wishing we didn ' t enter Doug Amidon Ken Arndt Edward Austin Bruce Bailey John Barthrop Robert Behlendorf Buddy Bordere Virgil Bourgon Ron Bowers Tom Boxdorfer Herbert Brackett Al Brandli Bob Chasin Robert Colvin Dick Cupp Klint Donna Dick D ouglass Fred Drilling Tom Frank Gordon Gebert Dan Gosnell John Gunn David Hall Steve Hauser Bill Hoban Craig Hobson Larry Hopper Bill Houston Dwight Hunt Steve Hupp 408 Jim Kennedy Don Keown Tom Krugel Dennis Lynch Gary McClung Rob Masten Bill Mereness Rob Mitchell Richard Moore Gary Parker Kent Parsons Ken Pash Harrison Phelps Michael Phelps Larry Rafferty Dave Rognlien Charles Rossie Chris Schafer Dave Schopflin R. Schulenberg Jerry Smith Terry Smith Bob Velasco Gary Zoss Rushees were overjoyed at the prospect of moral guidance from the new SAE housemother, Jayne Mansfield. DON FERNANDEZ President SIGMA ALPHA MU The Sammies, with Don Fernandez at the helm, completed another successful year without social pro. The brothers were shocked to learn that in the fall they pulled a 2.75 house average, good enough for second place in overall standings . . . shocking because most of their time was devoted to the Homecoming Party, a Halloween Party, a Valentine ' s party, etc., etc. Highlights of the social season were the Winter Formal at El Caballero Country Club and the ever popular February rush party, " Winter Wonderland. " Jack Newman served as Southern California Director of Youth for Kennedy, Reifman was chairman of Model UN, Brothers Caldwell and Spiro aided the LA Times in its crime expose. Al Afterman Daniel Bershin Carl Bianco Michael Brown Larry Diamond Mike Feinberg Stu Feldman Phil Flame Charles Fleishman Elliott Friedman Lloyd Godlis David Grossman Eugene Greenberg Gary Grey Jerry Hussbaum Peter Kent Barry Kohn Mel Kohn Irwin Lebowitz Roger McKee Steve Murray Jack Newman Bob Parks Alan Pepper Fred Polon Irving Reifman Leon Roisman Ken Rosenberg Robert Salkin Alan Salz Ronald Segall Barry Shulman Bob Spiro Barry Swerdloff Jerry Tarlow H. Tisherman Tom Vedres Bruce Weinerman Mike Weinstock ED BLACKWELL and DENNIS BROWN Presidents SIGMA CHI Physical exertions, manifestations of the inherent concern of the animate parties toward the beautification of the physical plant (work days) were highly successful. The dual vocal utterances in the musical sphere of the Fraternal Brotherhood were bestowed upon Mlles. Betty Lusby (ZTA) and Judy Tindall (Sproulite) in token of the acceptance from Messrs. Donald and Edward C. Barth, of the emblem, so highly prized, so easily hockable, of we Sigs. Our illustrious alumni ' s return occasioned conce rted effort on the part of the Brotherhood as well those in the Sigma Kappa sisterhood to engage in the creation of an artistic masterpiece. Ability and facility netted the M.B.F. cup Had we a ball? Jerry Baker Edward Barth Ed Blackwell Dennis Brown Karry Danielson Ed De-Renzis Stephen Dixon Lloyd Eaker David G. Erwin Stephen Gerhard William Goldberg George Graham Alan Gitchens Mike Hollander Don Ingallis Larry Johnson Jerry Keough Tony McDonald Wayne McDonald Don Morosic David Olsen Donald Poulalion Eugene Rowland Ken Schei Bob Seapy Dennis Shanelac Gary Smith Don Staples Tom Tucker Ray Valentine James Valov Christopher Ware The hallowed halls where reside Sigma Chis. Members ' efforts culminated in M.B.F. award. ERIC MARTENS and BLAINE KING Presidents SIGMA NU Vic Bellerue Russ Berko Bill Bliss Jerry Bowles Don Canning Bill Carder James Church Bob Clawson Bob Corsaro G. Gunningham Darryl Curran Fred Davis Steve Deming Russ DesAulnier Dick Dewey Steve Drummy Jay Eischen Dave Ela Bill Engel Gordon Evans Jim Fiedler Ted Garavaglia Marty Graham Rich Gugat Pete Hacsi Don Henricks Tom Herman John Jaskiewicz Barry Johnson Mac Johnson Blaine King Ted Ling Eric Martens Jim Mathews Dick Mathis Tony Medley Bill Meyer Steve Miller Larry Moody Brooke Nelson Steve Nelson Bart Noone Prentice O ' Leary Scott O ' Leary Ken Olivier Elliott Olson John Orose Chuck Otto Sigma Nus had a well-rounded year ... Dave Philips Chuck Poehler Rob Purciel Vic Riccardi Dick Rinde Don Robertson Glenn Saffell Tom Saliba Dick Scott Schroeder Souse Mike Stoddard Roger Venables Lee Walkup John Warner Ralph Weir Don Wells Mike Wilcox John Wilkinson Jon Wilson Steve Wolf .... they drank beer .... they drank bourbon ..... they drank champagne ...... Bowles drank milk. THE HANGOUTS A Student ' s life is not just lectures, books and coffee in the Coop. And UCLA is not just the library, Royce Hall and parcoa gates guarding Lot 11. There is more to UCLA and more to what is called student life than can be described in a UCLA Bulletin of Information about UCLA. Student life is the abstract of what students engage in wherever they are, and whether it be a gathering at Laguna Beach during Easter Week or a quick break at the BA, the Toril, Rosey ' s, 23 Scidoo, or halftime at the Coliseum, where UCLA students are, there too then, is UCLA. TOM MILLER and CHUCK BADER Presidents SIGMA PI Quivering under the iron rule of Pearl, the Sig Pis began another woeful fall semester. Flop 1 came with Brother Nixon ' s fiasco at the polls. Next came the Pajamarino, complete with mood music, barfing girls and the blue horse. A Uni High exchange at the BA was financed with Frank ' s Mardi Gras proceeds ... Caught trading brass pins on sorority row were little red Jack and Sherry, along with Bader and the big RM. Ghost and Nash both caught themselves a fish, along with Lundberg and Marion,. watched Casteel get dumped on again. Feldman said yes to Marty while Schrader and Sandy made it more permanent. Miller lost his to Bev last year . . . Maxwell ran, Smokey coached, Coo n dinged, Peety, Bader and Jack Kelped and Howell West-Pointed. It was woeful, yet still fat. Randall Adams Chuck Bader Hans Bagge Don Buchanan Larry Crawshaw Tom Dempsey Mike Donovan Doug Dowell Joe Failla Fred Feldman Herb Fish Ronald Foland Douglas Frank J. D. Gaydowski Phil Hoehn Doug Krushchke Walt Maxwell Tom Miller Errol Murphy Jerry Nash Richard Owens Delbert Parker One of the Brothers got candid shot of Sigma Pi ' s housemother. Guardian of Sigma Pi, . . . Brutus, the house mascot. Don Peairs Alex Riddell Robert Schrader Norman Smotony Gary Stafford John Taft Jay Taylor Dick Walden Arthur Wright 419 BOB RODMAN President TAU DELTA PHI 1961, a time for contemplation of earlier years, brings to mind the many great and near great Tau Delts who once resided at 619 Landfair. Among those paragons of humanity, one stands out . . . Michael Cohen. (Older Bruins will remember him as Uncle Mik, the nice guy who supplied drinks and candy bars to the row.) Yuri Gagarin, alumni president, has reached amazing heights in the amusement business while Caryl Chessman came close to making it as a big time author. Small wonder then that confidence of sure future success is a major aspect of the Tau Delta Phi. Sid Adelman Mike Alpert Gerald Anenberg Michael Asimow Steve Benkle Chuck Berger Mel Berger Morley Bronson Robert Burke Roy Cohen Frank Damon Robert Eskin David Friedland Arnold Goldman Paul Goldman Howard Gorin Michael Halprin Richard Hass The Largo, a Los Angeles Landmark, is the frequent entertainment spot chosen by studious Tau Delts. John Hindsill Irwin Hoffman Alan Horwitz Al Isenberg George Kingsley Gary Klapow Pete Landow Richard Liebman Robert Liebman Allan Lifson Pete Lowe Myles Mattenson Norman Nathan Dick Parness James Robin Bob Rodman Eric Ross Jerry Schneider Harvey Shapiro Edward Sussman Richard Tanzer Mel Tennenbaum David Walter Larry Wayne Jerry Weisstein Jeff Widen Jon Wine Paul Winkler Alan Wolen 421 MEL NAJARIAN President THETA DELTA CHI Under the stern bark of Sir Bernard Studley, the Theta Delts have added another scrap book to their library. Mel " Moral Leader " Najarian served a dual role, holding the gavels of both TDX and IFC. In his third hat, he chaired the Board of Control and was aided in the Coop by brothers Jim Stiven (Junior Class President), Gerry " The Foreigner " Corrigan (Soph President) and Stu Brown (Men ' s Week and Spring Sing head). Socially, with exchanges, formals, swimming parties, Theta Delts have the same jazz as everyone else, but there were highlights. The TDX weekend, with cottages and all, ended after eight days. Brother Bud Dashiell was always on hand, but that 4 a.m. party was too much. Thank you Mrs. Levinson. Even topping the two day PJ party was the record-breaking Vi rgin Isles party. The natives are now calm and when it wears off, we ' ll be carving our sign on campus again. Ronald Anteau Stu Brown Gary Brown Gerald Corrigan Carl Dreyer Edward Elliott Thomas Finch Ronald Fittus John Goddard Douglas Gross Robert Hirzel Walter Honne Harold Jepsen Terry Lamaida Konrad Larson Alan Leonard Larry McClellan Dave Martin 422 The Theta Delt Little Sisters . . . left untended John Martin Lee Metzger Tom Metzger Joseph Mirkovich Gilbert Mitchell Jerry Moore Mel Najarian Albert Perga Bob Phillips Bob Reed William Roach David Schmutte Robert Schultz Jim Stiven Paul Vandervort Robert Weeks Tom Webber Damon Wheeler 423 THETA XI DICK HANSEN President David Autrey Guy Belcore Peter Blowitz Don Brundige Jules Cochoit Ron Ciora Bernie Dannow Bruce Fowler David Garmus Allen Hatheway Two score and minus seven years ago Theta Xi was established on the UCLA campus, dedicated to the proposition that college men graduate sooner or later. We here highly resolve that our brothers shall not have graduated in vain; that this fraternity, under blue and gold, shall always have good guys like us, and that Theta Xi of, by and for the brothers shall not lose its charter. Theta Xis ingenuity . . a .0009 grade point average and their answer to lockout. Sorority girls are frequently seen at the Theta Xi house ... . . . The consecrated acres of 629 Gayley where taxes are $2800. Gene Hersh Dean Hurd David Jorgenson Dave Kaplan Dudley Kunkel Bart Levin Dave Loyd Gary McClintock Jerome Pearson Ralph Perkins Laurence Press George Rebane Robert Sarno Lee Sheldon Martin Soth William Spencer Peter Swanson Laurence Tistaert Lee Weldon Bill Worrall Michael Zee Oh, wonder! How many goodly creatures are there here. How beauteous mankind is! Oh, brave new world, That has such people in ' t —Shakespeare Allen Adashek Arthur Alexander Chuck Astrin Richard Berg Bob Person Steve Berwick BOB GREENFIELD President ZETA BETA TAU Larry Biegel Jack Brown Barry Braiker Barry Brooks John Carter Emoryl Cohen Gary Cooper Daniel Dintzer Steve Drushall Mike Eisenstadt Ken Feldman Phil Fleishman Len Fligsten Monte Fligsten Jim Freund Henry Fulhorst Jack Garfield Maurray Gaylord Neil Gendel Gene Glenson Fred Glantz Chuck Goldber g Al Goodman Mike Gordon Robert Greenfield Jerry Greenspan Jason Groode Brian Heller Bob Hillison Richard Hirsch Richard Jaye Joel Jubilier Jeff King Shale Krepack Dick Kurland Bill Lake Mike Landman Art Leeds Mickey Lewis Bill Markewson Bill Marks Marv Maron Ron Miller Larry Mindell Mike Nasatir Gil Perlman Dick Peters Jerry Phillips Tracy Pulvers Milt Raabe Stuart Rosen Chuck Rosenberg Ron Rosenfeld Bob Ross Ron Rowen Mike Rutberg Bobby Sachs Bill Saffer Alan Salkow Steve Schonfield Jim Schreiber Bob Schwartz Tony Shafton Bob Silton Lee Silverman Ron Silverman Jerry Snyder Paul Soll Hal Stalmaster Harvey Stein Harold Stern Barry Stukin Ken Suddleson Henry Talifer Ed Tamkin Fred Tanenbaum Robert Thau Sanford Tisherman W. Tisherman Don Urfrig Keith Vinnecour Gary Weiner Arnie Winokur Al Zusman This contemplative countenance shows the extreme care and delicacy that is required for really good food. A clean body or a clean mind . . . TAKE YOUR PICK! PHIL MAUTINO President ZETA PSI After an impartial survey, the Zetes are proud to announce that they have the finest chapter of Zeta Psi here at UCLA. Conservatism and tradition dominated the Zete philosophy this year. The pledge class was limited to a selective 28. At the 15th annual " Suds at Sunrise " only the first 1000 people were admitted and the entertainment was limited to a few impromptu charades by the Kelps. The pledge class was severely disciplined for its lack of Calvinism, as evidenced by their late morning return from the Palm Springs ditch. The pledges responded by drawing Puritan symbols on strategically located banners. Defiance was shown by the placing of catechismic cartoons in the Daily Bruin. Sin was minimized at the traditional " Old Vienna, " the " White Carnational Ball " and the exchanges by piping organ music into the party room. Tony Auth Jim BeIg William Bishop K. Boardman Earl Broeshaar David Cannon Grant Carichner Tim Conway Carl Dodge Terence Dyroff Hartley Norm Hayes Nick Hesse Mike Hogan Martin Honigs Richard Jurmain Guy King Howard Krause Tom Krohn Richard Lauer Bob Lea Lowell Linden Robert Massaro Phil Mautino Peter Mays Joy Miller Harmon Mitchell Clifton Moore Bob Penman William Robbins Steve Schuck Orrin Shaw John Stathakis Joe Taylor Wood TRIANGLE ROLLIE WINTER and STONE FROBERG, Presidents It was a year of growth for Triangle. Fall rushing brought the 42-man house to full capacity and extension into an annex. The extra pledge " beef " paid off as the new men helped take second place in league in intramural football .. . Social program included three exchanges with sororities and construction of a float ... Love bloomed for many of the " Little Sisters " who used their privileged status as a springboard to becoming " pinned " . . . Scholarship was not forgotten, and the All-Fraternity Scholarship trophy remained in the house. Ron Bachel Dan Cooper Don Dandurand Ronald Davis Ken Denton Jack Distaso Norman Estabrook Jim Farrell Chas. Fleishchner Stone Froberg Steve Fry Larry George Al Gunby John Herzog Robert Hess Jack Holmes Philip Horton Monte Howard Carl Kaplow Robert Klein George Kunkel Paul Leonard Mike McCleary Gary McFerson Richard Mandell James Mutton Bob Norcross Don Olmstead Richard Pierce Wallace Porter Dale Quinn William Rendall Forrest Robertson Gordon Robertson Gary Schelin Brent Schusheim Ernest Selzer Steve Siegel Alan Silver Leonard Slegers Larry Smith Russell Spencer Peter Stewart James Sugi Leroy Sutherland Dick Tobias Robert Tobias Ronald Tobin Larry Tokunow Ted Tokunow Ron Tsujioka Mickey Vineberg Saul Volansky James Watson Rolland Winter Harvey Winters Bill Yutani William Ziebold 1961 58 59 60 ' 61 FAREWELL THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA 1868 IN MEMORIAM J. T. Gier Bretta Gray Martin R. Huberty E. Lee Kinsey Helen M. Laughlin Frederick C. Leonard Junius L. Meriam Pierre A. Miller John Raulston Arthur D. Ripley E. H. Templin C. W. Waddell Fred Zingler ' 61 SENIORS THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA 1868 PHI BETA KAPPA ' 61 NANCY JEAN A ' BELL CHARLES DEAN ACKERMAN ANNE ALTMAN ROBERT THEODORE ALTMAN DIANA LOUISE AZAR CARL BAAR GERALD ELDRIDGE BAGGETT LARRY DAVID BARNETT CONSTANCE TARR BLINKHERN CAROL JEAN BLOOM ALAN STEADMAN BORIS JUDITH A. CLAYTON PENEE RAE CONLEE-KASH BONNY ELLEN COPP JAMES KENNETH CORCORAN GAVIN SHELDON COURTNEY PAMELA MIRIAM COY MARJORIE STARR DAY THEODORE ANDRE DIACONOFF HOWARD BERRY EMERSON EVELYN MARION FEINBERG SUSAN JOAN FELDMAN KATHERINE SUSAN FINER MIRIAM ANN FISHMAN JAMES PROCTOR FORD DAVID STEPHEN FRAGER MARGERY EMILIE GAYNOR GWEN LORETTA GERBER ROBERT S. GERSTEIN ELIZABETH LOUISE GROSS DOREEN BELL HAMBURGER LEONARD ANTHONY HAMPEL ROY ALLEN HANSEN MARILYN B. HELLER MARILYN LEDERMAN HOFF MARY LOUISE HOLZHAUER VIRGINIA STEINRUCK HORNAK JOHN WILLIAM ILER FRANCES FUMI ITOW LOUIS ALAN JAECKEL SHERYL GAIL JANIS MARY JEANETTE JOHNSON VIOLET LJOUBITZA JORDAIN KURT LOUIS JUNG ARNOLD DEXTER KAHN LOIS ANNE KAUFMAN KEITH MILO KENDIG DIANNE KENNY MARSHA KINDER HELEN KRASNY MELVIN H. LAVINE SARANE LEIBOVITZ CAROL DEAN LEONS STEPHEN OLIVER LESSER RONALD BERNARD LEVE JULES FRED LEVIN HATTIE GAY LITTLE MAXINE STERN LINDE BETTY YUEN-TCHING LOU GLEN STRAGHAN MAC KENZIE DORRIS ELLEN MARRANT PETER MAYS PATRICIA ANN MC NEES LINDA HARRIS MEHR DELLENE MARIE MORELAND JOHANNA GLORIA NEUER BEATRICE NEWMA N PAUL PETER PALVEN ALAN RICHARD RAUCHER MIKE BRENT RUTBERG ANITA SCHULMAN MICHAEL SHAPIRO MARIE ELIZABETH SHAW BRUCE SHELDON SINGER FRANCES N. SMITH AGNES MAE SOUZA ROBERT LAWRENCE STALLINGS JOAN DOROTHY STEELE TERRY STEINHART GRACE HEILMAN STIMSON GRACE HELENE TEPLIN DIANE PAIGE THOMPSON ALAN M. TITLE BEN THOMAS TROUT LENORE SIROTA WEINBERG SELMA GUTWIRTH WEINER LYNN JOAN WESTFALL MAURICE WILKINSON ALISON BRACKETT WILLIAMS SAMUEL JACOB WILLIAMS CAROLYN ELIZABETH WILLIS HENRY WILLMES THOMAS JOHN YACOVONE PHILIP EARL YOUNG FLORIA DENA ZEILER DON HOWARD ZIMMERMAN 1924 William Ackerman • Adolph Borsum • George Brown • Leigh Crosby • Leslie Cummins • Pauline Davis • Zoe Emerson • Paul Frampton • Fern Gardner • Thelma Gibson • Edith Griffith • Joseph Guion • Helen Hansen • Burnett Haralson • Granvyl Hulse • Arthur Jones • Fred Moyer Jordan • Robert Kerr • Franklyn Minck • Alvin Montgomery • Irene Palmer • Attilio Parisi • Joyce Turner • Jerold Weil • Walter Westcott • 1925 Fern Bouck • John Cohee • Leo Delsasso • Alice Early • Dorothy Freeland • Mary Margaret Hudson • Wilbur Johns • Bruce Russell • Theresa • Harold Wakeman • 1926 Frank Balthis • Vickers Beall • Horace Bresee • Waldo Edmunds • David Folz • Earle Gardner • Margaret Gary • Druzella Goodwin • Cecil Hollingsworth • Betty Hough • Fred Houser • Helen Jackson • Harold. Kraft • Sylvia Livingston • Marian Pettit • David Ridgeway ' • Marian Whitaker • 1927 Ralph Bunche • Louise Gibson • John Jackson • Helen Johnston • Ned Marr • Elizabeth Mason • William Neville • Ben Person • John Terry • 1928 Scribner Birlenbach • Barbara Brinckerhoff • Thomas Cunningham • William Forbes • Griselda • James Lloyd • Laura Payne • Kenwood Rohrer • Arthur White • 1929 Frank Crosby • Gerhard Eger • Jeane Emerson • Hansena Frederickson • Ruth Gooder • Stanley Gould • William Hughes • Stanley Jewell • Joseph Long • Georgie Oliver • Kenneth Piper • Mabel Reed • Marion Walker • Evelyn Woodroof • David Yule • 1930 Walter Bogart • Audree Brown • Carl Brown • Jack Clark • Lawrence Houston • Robert Keith • Lucille Kirkpatrick • Don Leiffer • Charlotte McGlynn • Laurence Michelmore • Louise Nichols • Joseph Osherenko • Dorothy Parker • Marshall Sewall • Helen Sinsabaugh • Margaret Soper • Earle Swingle • 1931 Robert Baldwin • Beatrice Case • Virgil Cazel • Betty Franz • Lucy Guild • Webb Hansen • Howard Harrison • Edward Hathcock • Carl Knowles • Fred Kuhlman • Alan Reynolds • Carl Schaeffer • Carl Schlicke • Sally Sedgewick • Ethel Tobin • 1932 Martha Adams • Dorothy Ayres • Mart Bushnell • Elsie Frieberg • Fred Harris • Ruth Leslie • Richard Linthicum • Dean McHenry • Alex McRitchie • Ida Monterastelli • Maxine Olsen • Howard Plumer • Arthur Rohman • Walter Stickel • John Talbot • Leonard Wellendorf • 1933 Bijou Brinkop • Harrison Dunham • George Elmendorf • Franklin Fiegenbaum • Gordon Files • Durward Graybill • Wanda Hayden • Porter Hendricks • Jeanne • George Jefferson • Phil Kellogg • Don McNamara • Homer Oliver • Robert Page • Betty Prettyman • Madelyn Pugh • Mark Clark Sheldon • Josephine Thomas • 1934 Arnold Antola • Florence Blackman • William Bradford • John Burnside • Lee Coats • Katherine Faber • William Gary • Mary Grim • William Hensey • Emily Marr • Marion McCarthy • Alice McElheney • Jack Morrison • Gene Nielson • Arnold Peek • Irene Rambo • Robert Shellaby • Jack Tidball • Jeannetta Yerxa • 1935 • Louis Blau • Frances Brady • Lloyd Bridges • Margaret Duguid • Jack Eagan • Tomlin Edwards • Bernice Garrett • Andrew Hamilton • Chandler Harris • Albert Hatch • May Hobart • Beverley Keim • Robert McHargue • Joy Mae Parke • Betsy Pembroke • Judith Rykoff • Betty Seery • Alice Tilden • Howard Young • 1936 Francine Becheraz • Jean Benson • Stanley Brown • Helene Colesie • Frank Dooley • Adele Gratiot • Maury Grossman • Kathryn Hartzog • Jean Hodkins • Thomas Lambert • Charles Leinback • Marjorie Lenz • James LuValle • Grace McGillan • Jackson Stanley • Frank Wilkinson • 1937 Jean Bardeen • Shirley Brady • Gerry Cornelius • George Dickerson • Phyllis Edwards • June Hallberg • Gilbert Harrison • Jack Hastings • Joan Hill • Delbert Hobbs • James Lash • Kathryn Mattioli • Arthur Murphy • Stanley Rubin • Robert Schroeder • Doris Ward • 1938 Marvin Berenzweig • Norman Borisoff • Martha Brady • Donvel Ferguson • Georgette Foster • Lee Frankovich • Helen Freeman • Mary Howard • James Johnson • Ella Lyman • George Marx • Wilfred Monroe • Helen Punch • Mary Ragan • Carroll Welling • 1939 Don Brown • William Brown • Everett Carter • Margaret Dumont • Florence Greene • Richard Hayden • Harold Hirshon • Virginia Keim • Milton Kramer • Robert Landis • Dorothy McAllister • William Newman • Martha Otis • Mary Pyne • John Ryland • Ralpha Spotts • Margaret Wilson • 1940 Alison Boswell • Milton Cohen • Frederick Koebig • Mary Lee • Virginia Lindsey • Mary McCleilan • Henry McCune • George Miller • Norman Padgett • • Richard Pryne • Frank Simons • Robert Streeton • Lucretia Tenney • Kenneth Washington • Virginia Wilkinson • 1941 James Devere • Tom Freear • Wolfe Gilbert • Jack Hauptli • William Irvin • • William Kuehne • Harriet Luke • Stephen Melnyk • Carl McBain • Ruth Nelson • Robert Park • Ayleen Searl • Virginia Schmissrauter • Harriet Stacy • Billie Mae Thomas • John Vrba • Grace Fox • 1942 Robert Alshuler • Robert Barsky • Bruce Cassiday • Antonia Churchill • Frances Conrad • Marie Dashiell • Dorothy Dodge • Hanford Files • Marcelle Fortier • Mary Funk • Douglas Harrison • • Middlemiss • Dorothy Renfro • James Rose • James Thomas • Hitoshi Yonemura • 1943 Patricia Darby • Jane Eklund • William Farrer • Anne Gillespie • Osceola Herron • Margaret Karl • Daniel Lee • Jack Lescoulie • Stewart McKenzie • John Singlaub • Leslie Swabacker • James Wallace • Robert Weil • Mary Welch • Elizabeth Whitfield • 1944 Charles Bailey • Willard Beling • • Bob Cooling • Leon Cooper • Betty Dobbs • Janet Dunn • Gloria Farquar • Hellen Hailey • Marian Hargrave • Robin Hickey • Virginia Hogaboom • Charlotte Klein • Ann Koppelman • Alvira McCarthy • Jean McDonald • Margaret McHaffie • Virginia McMurray • Harry Pregerson • Jane Rittersbacher • Peggy Shedd • Jane Wallerstedt • Barbara Welch • Virginia Wellons • 1945 Joan Bauer • • Patricia Campbell • Anita Chester • Julia Colyer • Patricia Cooper • Frank Foellmer • Sieglinde Henrich • Donald Hitchcoek • Neal Hospers • Robert Jaffie • Harland Johnson • Myrick Land • Jean Lapp • Helene Lich • Barbara Millikin • Rayle Palca • Herschel Peak • Margaret Ramsey • William Rankin • Frieda Rapoport • Mary Rawlings • Peggy Robertson • Barbara Sheriff • • 1946 Hannah Boom • Jack Boyd • Robert Fischer • Edward Gleitsman • Dorothy Haines • Midge Hodges • Eugene Lee • Margaret Lockett • Marjorie Mapes • Frances Morrison • Betty Neiger • Jack Porter • • Yosal Rogat • Robert Rogers • Robert Russell • Margery Schieber • Ellen Sullivan • Gwen Symons • Jacqueline Towers • 1947 Burr Baldwin • Ernie Case • Ruth Clark • Eleanor Finch • Mary Holser • Lyn Jackson • Ken Kiefer • Dorothy Kimble • Richard Logan • Steve Muller • Richard Perry • Eleanor Robinson • Connie Rook • Bertram Sherwood • Ann Stern • H. M. Wammack • Ralph Witt • 1948 Barbara Bodley • James Davy • Kenneth Gallagher • Rosemary Gorman • Rima Groskowsky • Gloria Harrison • Robert Haves • Robert Hindle • Sheila Hope • Richard Hough • Shirley Jacobson • Alice Koestner • Raymond Maggard • Don Paul • Roger Riddick • John Roesch • Barbara Savory • James Thayer • Russ Torrey • Ernest Wolfe • 1949 Nancy Baker • Robert Berdahl • • Mary Brininger • James Cook • Jan Craig • Robert Cuyler • Craig Dixon • Bertram Fields • Jeanne Fisher • Robert Greenberg • Margie Hellman • Rosemary Henderson • Grover Heyler • • James Higson • Barbara Jewkes • William Keene • James Koenig • Gene Rowland • Barbara Simpson • Patricia Whitney • 1950 Barbara Abrams • Alvin Anderson • Donald Armbruster • Donald Barret • Bobette Camp • Philip Curran • Robert Franklin • James Garst • Bob Hight • Kathleen Holser • Ernest Johnson • Kenneth Karst • Louise Kosches • David Leanse • Frank Joy • Sherrill Luke • Irwin Rickel • Frank Tennant • Jacquelyn Wagoner • Walter Whitaker • Dorothy Wright • 1951 Baldwin Baker • Stan Berman • Joy Bullard • Dorothy Crawford • Herb Flam • Gene Frumkin • Howard Hanson • Frank Hewitt • Bedia Jamil • Bud Jones • Rodger Karrenbrock • Margaret Kester • Mary Anna Muckenhirn • Fred Nelson • Lou Sackin • George Seelig • Ed Sheldrake • • George Stanich • Bob Strock • Marshall Vorkink • Harold Watkins • Char Weiss • 1952 Marcia Borie • Nancy Brown • Joyce Burn • John Chandler • Chris Christenson • Jim Davis • Herb Furth • • Danny Gallivan • Peter Graber • Chuck Griffin • Dave Hanson • Pat Peter Hardwick •Vic Hochee • Ed Hummel • Dick Leonard • George Mair • Pete Mann • Hal Mitchell • Bob Myers • Dave Nelson • Harry Sherman • Fred Thornley • Marcia Tucker • Julie Weisstein • 1953 Robert Baker • Beverly Baldwin • Harry Brissacher • Rue Corey • Doris Dolfer • Goldring • Bill Holland • • Joan Meyersieck • Tom Mintz • Benton Minor • Donn Moomaw • Jean Nelson • Bill Roberts • Marty Rosen • Bob Salin • Dick Schenk • Dick Stein • Liz Stern • Tanner • Jack Weber • Jean Wilcox • Richard Wilke • 1954 Brent Brown • Steve Claman • Basil Cyman • Janice Cushing • Diane Donoghue • Janet Hale • Jean Hunt • Patricia Koenekamp • Lewis Leeburg • Ronal d Livingston • • Sharon McLean • Robert Nagamoto • Jerry Nagin • Ronald Patterson • Eleanor Peterson • Bruce Rice • Robert Seizer • Bernard Segal • Majeed Sheraidah • Ernie Stockert • Lucille Langdon Townley • • Marilyn Vale • M. E. Vogel • 1955 Donald Bragg • Robert Brewster • Richard Byrne • Mary Cook • Jean Diether • Darlene Dwyer • Norman Epstein • Marianne Garard • Al Greenstein • David Hart • Nancy Ishizaki • Norman Jacobs • Bernard Nebenzahl • Mona McTaggart • Ralph Melaragno • Curt Owen • John Peterson • Gene Preston • Ruth Reiter • Jeanne Ross • Bonnie Shrubar • • Barbara Taylor • 1956 Richard Borun • Joyce Clasen • Charles Decker • Irv Drasnin • Susanne Eggleston • Clarann Johnson • William Ketteringham • Suzanne Leonardson • Jerry Lewis • David Lund • James Luter • Pierre Mornell • Louis Novell • Edward Peck • Ronald Pengilly • Gail Rising • Vivian Robinson • Marty Sklar • Robert Stein • Betsey Warwick • 1957 Donald Atherton • Mina Balls • Edward Baum • Donald Chatelain • Joseph Colmenares • John Drapeau • Fredric Halperin • Stanley Hughs • Willard Johnson • Lois Kenison • Kathe Knope • Allan Lasher • Richard Levin • • Norman • David Pierson • Sue Pittman • Tanya Ross • Malcolm Smith • Gary Walls • Barbara Webb • Michael Wolfson • Rosemary Wooldridge • 1958 Christopher Breiseth • Anthony Brubaker • Donnelle Clemensen • Patricia Coltrin • Ronald Duba • DeAnne Field • Marilyn George • Dave Gorton • Joy Johnson • Richard Kitzrow • Gerald Measer • John Michelmore • • Robert Neilson • Carla Rausch • Marcia Rothstein • James Smith • Elaine Soloman • Robert Seaman • Carolyn Thomas • Irving Stolberg • Marilyn Traiger • Richard Wilbur • Kathy Work • 1959 Ann Artman • Alan Charles • Judy Ellis • Mike Flood • Dick Galitz • Jim Gerhart • Howard Harrison • Dick Hirsh • Rafer Johnson • Ken Kennedy • Don Long • Lou Miranda • Jim Newcom • Ted Paulson. • Angela Scellars • Sue Skiles • Bob Takeuchi • Caryl Volkmann • Susan Volkmann • Dick Wallen • Lew Weitzman • Tom Welch • 1960 Loise AnoNuevo • Dan Axelrod • • Gary • Larry Bennigson • Bob Billings • S haron Caplow • Linda Constantian • Steve Fenster • Gary Foster • Pete Gamer • Mike Gleason • Jerri Johnson • Martin Kasindorf • Bennett Kerns • • Kent • Dave Lilly • Ordell Margolin • Bob Morriss • Sue Morse • Priss Pohlman • Sheran Reilly • Lyric Robison • Sharon Schuchet • Art Spander • Nancy Sproul • Monique Ury • Russ Wylie. • SENIOR HONOR AWARDS • Outstanding seniors have since 1924 been singled out for their contributions to the alma mater. Since the very inception of the award, a committee of UCLA students, their identity a secret to avoid political implications, has weighed the relative merits of possible Honor Award Seniors on the basis of scholarship, devotion to the University, service to the Associated Students, and promise for later success. The, ever-increasing. roll bears the oft-heard names of political cartoonist Bruce Russell, the U N ' s Ralph Bunche, as well as men directly associated with the University ' s progess . . . William Ackerman, • Johns, William Forbes, Robert Alshuler, Everett Carter. CARL BAAR .. . Daily Bruin News Editor and Associate Editor; Phi Beta Kappa; Pi Sigma Alpha; Sigma Delta Chi; Phi Eta Sigma; Upper Division Men ' s Rep; President of Westwood Young Democrats; President of UCLA Chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union, 1961. HARRY BALDWIN ... Varsity Football Captain in 1960; All-Pacific Coast Center in 1959; AII-AAWU Center in 1959; Most-Valuable Lineman Award in 1959; Most-Improved Award in 1958; Secretary of Varsity Club; Rugby; Yeomen; Gold Key; member of Phi Kappa Psi. PAT BARNES . . . ' 59 and ' 60 SLC Upper Men ' s Rep; Chairman, Fall Drive; Crew; Gold Key; Cal Club; Yeomen; Varsity Club; Rally Committee; Outstanding Junior; Dublin Ball; Vice-Chairman, Junior Prom; Mgr., Frosh Basketball; a member of Alpha Sigma Phi. TWENTY-SIX ADDED TO HONOR ROLL SUE BENNETT ... 1960-61 Associated Women Students President on SLC; Mortar Board; Prytanean; Spurs; Chimes; AWS Executive Board; Social Committee Chairman; Member of Men ' s Week Committee; Big Sister Program; Vice President and member of Gamma Phi Beta. JERRY BOWLES . .. URC Dore Schary Award; Head Counselor Uni-Camp; Uni-Camp Board; Chrm. RIL Week; Spring Drive; Books for India; Red Squad Football; Cricket; Track; Varsity Club; Assoc. Ed. SoCam; V. Pres. Gold Key; Homecoming; IFC Pres. ' s Council; Sigma Nu. STU BROWN . . . Chairman of the 1961 Spring Sing; Chairman of the 1960 Men ' s- Greek Week; Blood Drive Committee; Chairman of Athletic Policy Board; a transfer from Pasadena City College; PCC Student Body President; Vice-President Theta Delta Chi. AL BUCKNER . . . Head Yell Leader in Yell Leader in 1959-60; Secretary-Treasurer of Gold Key; Yeomen; Cal Club; Chairman of Orientation Committee; Freshman Class Council; Sophomore Class Council; Reporter and member Pi Lambda Phi. LOIS FEINBERG . . . Chairman of Election Board; Exec. Sec. of Rally Comm.; Life Member of Rally Comm.; Exec. Sec. to ASUCLA Pres., to Head Yell Leader and of Bloo d Drive; Pres. of Prytanean; Pryt. of Year Award; Chairman of Mid-Year Grad.; Honors Program in History. 439 JIM FIEDLER . . . Distinguished Military in 1961; 1960-1961 Assoc. Men Students President; SLC; Spring Sing Chairman in ' 60; Homecoming Chairman in ' 59; Yell Leader in ' 58- ' 59; ' 60- ' 61; Cal Club; Gold Key, Class Councils; Scabbard Blade; mem ., Sigma Nu. ALLEN FOX . . . Varsity Tennis Captain in 1961; National Collegiate Athletic Association Singles Tennis Champion in 1961; NCAA Singles Runner-Up in ' 60; Leading Winner on UCLA ' s National Collegiate Tennis in ' 60 and ' 61; Var. Club; Pi Lambda Phi. RICH HIRSCH . . . Chairman of Uni-Camp Bd. in 1960-61; Head Counselor, Uni-Camp; Chrm. of Spring Drive in 1960; Kelps; Dublin Ball Comm.; Yell Leader in 1960-61; Cal Club; Gold Key; President of Yeomen; Student Judicial Board; member of Zeta Beta Tau. CORY HOLMAN . . . ASUCLA Vice President; AWS Pres.; AWS Treasurer; Fall Drive; Blood Drive; Uni-Camp Drive; Project India, 1960; Woman of the Year, 1960; Prytanean; Women ' s Intramural Board; Frosh, Soph, Junior and Senior Class Councils; member, Kappa Delta. BRIAN KNIFF ... Varsity Basketball; President of Varsity Club in 1960-61; A Cappella Choir; Phi Epsilon Kappa; Kelps; Gold Key; Frosh, Sophomore, Junior and Senior Class Councils; Freshman Track; member of IFC Presidents ' Council; President of Delta Tau Delta. JIM KURTZ . . . Chairman of Uni-Camp Board in ' 59- ' 60; Chairman of Spring Drive in 1959; President of Cal Club in 1960-61; Kelps; Gold Key; Tau Beta Pi; ASCE Student Chapter; Transferred from University of California at Berkeley; Soph and Junior Class Councils. PAT McNEES . . . President of Mortar Board in 1960-61; President of Junior Pan-Hellenic Council in 1958-59; Wings; Chairman of the All-Oppo nent Football Team for. the 1959 Woodrow Wilson Fellowship; .Phi Beta Kappa; Honors Program; Alpha Chi Omega. WILLETTE MURPHY . . . President of the 1961 Sr. Class; SLC; Bruin Belles; Jr. Class VP; All-U Weekend Chairman; Prytanean; Cal Club; Student Board; Trolls; Student-Faculty Comm.; Lower Division Women ' s Rep; Frosts, Soph, Jr., Sr. Class Councils; NSA Convention Delegate. MEL NAJARIAN . . President of Council in 1960-61; Yeomen; Gold Key; Cal Club; Scabbard Blade; Regional Pres. of the USNSA; Board of Control; Sophomore Class President; SLC; Frosh, Soph and Jr. Class Councils; President, Theta Delta Chi. 440 SALLY RICHARDSON . . . Head Song Leader in 1960-61; Song Leader in 1959-60; 1961 Stadium Executive Committee Member; Uni-Camp Counselor; Transferred from University of California at Jr. Class Council; member of Chi Omega. CHUCK ROSSIE . Editor in Chief of the 1961 Daily Bruin; Daily Bruin Managing Editor in Fall of 1960; DB City Ed. in Spring of 1960; SCOP Ed. in 1959; President of Gold Key; Publicity Rep for Uni-Camp Drive; IFC Pres. ' Council; President of Sigma Alpha Epsilon. MARSHALL SEGAL . . . Honors Program; Dean ' s Honor List; Alpha Chi Sigma; NSA Rep; SLC; Feature Ed. of the Daily Bruin; ISA; Student Board; Vice-Chairman, SU Board of Governors; Masonic Affiliate Club; Freshman Chemistry Award; President of Phi Eta Sigma Honorary. RON SILVERMAN . . Project India, 1960; Cal Club; President of Gold Key; Scabbard Blade; Chairman of Fall Drive in 1959; Homecoming Committee in 1959; Frosh, Soph, Jr. and Sr. Class Councils; Uni-Camp Drive Comm. in 1961; member, Zeta Beta Tau. SKIP SMITH . . Varsity Football in Red Squad Football in 1957; Third Team All-American Scholastic Fullback in 1960; Hon. Mention AAWU, 1960; Rugby; Varsity Club; Kelps; Campus Crusade; Soph, Jr. and Sr. Class Councils; member of Phi Delta Theta. RAY SMITH . . . Varsity Football in Football Captain in 1959; All-Pacific Coast Fullback in 1959; All-AAWU Fullback in 1959; Best Blocker and Tackler Award in 1958; Rugby; Baseball; Frosh Track; Varsity Club; Gold Key; Campus Crusade; Phi Kappa Sigma. BILL SORGE . . . Rally Committee Chairman for 1960-61; Election Board; Spring Sing Comm.; Orientation Comm., Stadium Executive Comm.; Blood Drive; Chancellor ' s Athletic Advisory Board; Frosh and Soph Class Councils; Transfer, PCC; Gold Key. JOEL WACHS ... ASUCLA President for 1960-61; Jr. Class President; Lower Division Men ' s Rep; Frosh President; Blood Drive Chairman; Homecoming; RIL Wk. Comm.; Uni-Camp Drive; Uni-Camp Counselor and Boards; Yeomen; Gold Key; Cal Club; Pi Sigma Alpha; Pi Lambda Phi. DUANE WILLS . . . Varsity Football in Red Squad Football in 1958; Frosh Football in 1957; Rugby Captain in 1961; Rugby in 1959-60-61; Cadet Commander of Naval ROTC; Sgt. at Arms, Varsity Club; member of IFC Presidents ' Council; Pres., Delta Sigma Phi. 441 ALLEN S. ABRAMS; Anthropology; Los Angeles; Hillel Council, URA, Alpha Phi Omega. FRANCIS A. AKI; Political Science; Kappa Kauai, tsf: University of Hawaii. SHARON A. Political Pasadena; Delta Phi Epsilon. BARBARA Sociology; Los Angeles; tsf: UCB; Alpha Epsilon Phi. MORDECAI ALBERT; Geography; India. ROBERT T. Political Pacific tsf; Cornell; Honors Dean ' s Honor List, Pi Sigma Alpha Epsilon Pi MARJORIE Math; Sherman Oaks; Phi Epsilon. JUDY ALBIN; Home Economics Culver City; Omicron Nu, CSTA, Hillel. RICHARD W. Chemistry; Los Angeles; tsf: SMCC; Alpha Chi Sigma. RALEIGH Education; Los Angeles. ARMAND A. Psychology; Santa Monica; tsf: San Diego College; Sigma Chi. JUDITH I. Education; Burbank; PRN; ZTA. HELEN K. ACKERMAN; Phys. Ed; Sacramento; Sweetheart, Mortar Board, Lambda Delta. ANITA ALLEN; Education; tsf: UCSB; Shell and Oar, SCTA, Kappa Delta. MILLICENT L. Physics; Los Angeles; India, Panel of Americans, Ski Club, Wesley Delta Theta. JOEL M. ADELMAN; History; Los tsf; SMCC; History Honors Program. LORA B. ALLEN; Phys. Education; El Segundo; tsf: El Camino JC; Sabers; Alpha Gamma ROBERT L. Music; Los Angeles. MIRIAM ADLER; Education; Los MICHAEL V. ALLEN; Speech; Los tsf: Modesto JC. BLANCHE E. Education; Los Angeles; Delta Phi Epsilon. YOUSSEFF - KHALEGHI; Chem; Resht, Iran; tsf; U. of Vermont; Acacia. WENDY E. ALLEN; Apparel Los Angeles; Anchors, Kappa. GENE ANDRES; Campbell, Calif; Phi Gamma Delta. ABRAMS ARNOLD CLAUDIA J. Education; Los Angeles; tsf: USC. LOUIS APODACA; Physics; Los JUNE H. Nursing; Los An geles; Bruin RN Club. ANTHONY Music; Hawaii; tsf: LACC. PAMELA I. ARATIN; Phys. Ed.; Mar Vista; Dean ' s Honor List; Sigma Delta Tau. BARBARA L. Nursing; Los Angeles; Dean ' s Honor List, Honors Seminar in Nursing, Alpha Omicron Pi. CAROLE E. History; Los Angeles; tsf: LACC. MARILYN H. Botany; tsf: Nevada; Pi Beta Phi. REGINA K. Psychology; Los Angeles. CARL BAAR; Los Angeles; Sigma Delta Chi, Pi Sigma Alpha, Phi Eta Sigma, UDMR 3, ACLU, Bruin. CHRISTIANE A. Linguistics; Los Angeles; Hunter College, NY. JOAN E. ASCHENBRENER; Nursing; Pasadena; tsf: U. of Wisconsin; Alpha Gamma Delta. BONNIE J. BAKER; English-Math; Pacoima; tsf: Valley JC; Chi Alpha DOROTHY A. Elem. Apache, Okla.; tsf: Pierce JC; Phi Upsilon. MICHAEL ASIMOW; Accounting; Los tsf: UCB; Team, Account- ing Society, Young Democrats, Tau Delta Phi. EUGENE B. BAKER; Engineering; Ski Club, ESUC. ARLEEN B. BAREITHER; English; tsf: U. MAURICE J. ATTIE; Accounting; Los Alpha Phi Omega. NOREEN S. BAKER; Kindergarten - Ed.; Los Anchors. PATRICK L. BARNES; Poli. Science; South Pasadena; Cal Club, Yeomen, Gold Key, Varsity Club, Rally Comm., UDMR 3,4, Fall Drive, Alpha Sigma Phi. EDRA M. AUBRY; Elem. Education; Los Angeles. PEARL C. BAKER; Personnel Los Angeles. DOROTHY N. BARNETT; History; Los Angeles; tsf: UCB. EDWARD W. Accounting; Los Angeles; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. PETE S. BAKER; Zoology; Los Kelps, and Blade; Zeta Beta Tau. LARRY D. BARNETT; Sociology; Los Phi Beta Kappa, Alpha Phi Omega. JUDITH S. AVED; Business Education; San Diego; Alpha Chi Delta; Sigma Delta Tau. LYNN L. Accounting; Long Beach; tsf: LBCC; Shell and Oar, Delta Zeta. EDWARD C. BARTH; Physics; Lancaster; Sigma Chi. DOUGLAS L. AYERS; Physics; Los Altos. JACK W. BALDWIN; Chem.; Los Angeles; tsf: ELAJC; Alpha Gamma Omega. KATHERINE M. BARTHELS; Phys. Education; Los Angeles; Dean ' s Honor List. ARVIDSON BENDER JAMES O. Engineering; Los Angeles; ESUC. LINDA C. Elem. La Habra; tsf: Cal Poly; Chi LINDA G. BAUER; Dance; Compton; tsf: LBCC. LORAINE C. BAYER; Elem. Education; Beverly Hills; tsf: SMCC. PETER D. Engineering; Los Angeles; LACC. SALLY L. BELFORD; Advertising Design; Santa Monica; tsf: SMCC. VIRGIL A. BELL; Geology; Los tsf; SMCC. MICHAEL J. Finance; Santa Monica. JUDIE A. BENNETT; Elem. Education; Soph Sweetheart Pres., Frosh Chrmn., Rally Comm. 1, 2, 3, 4, Election Comm. 1, 2, 3, Spring Sing Comm. 1, 2, Class Councils 1, 2, 3, 4. JOHN M. BERNET; Finance; Los Beta Theta Pi. GILBERT L. BISHOP; Music Education; Beach; Kappa Psi, Gold Key, Kelps, Band 4, Sigma. KATHARINE S. Health Hollywood. MARJORIE L. Prim. Trolls, Comm. 1, 2, 3, Junior Rep Board, Junior Prom Comm .. Pres. Alpha Phi. CAROLYNN Science; Los Angeles; tsf: College; URA Skin Divers 2, 3, 4, Zeta Tau Alpha. SUSAN B. BENNETT; Physical Education; Pres. AWS, Mortar Board, Spurs, Chimes, Prytanean, AWS Social Comm. Chrmn., AWS Board, Phi Beta. MORRIS L. Electronics Los Angeles; tsf: LACC; Tau Beta Pi, Pres. ESUC. DEANNE S. BLACKER; Mathematics; Sepulveda; Comm. LEROY T. BENSON; Psychology; N.D.; tsf: College, Minn. CHARLES W. BERRY; Phys. Ed. - Costa Mesa; Football 3, Track 1, Phi Kappa Sigma. GERALD D. BLACKWILL; Economics; El Segundo; tsf: El Camino JC; Kappa Tau. LASZLO BERES; Theater Arts; Hungary; tst: Hungarian Film Academy. NORMA L. BERRY; English; Elsinore; Chi Delta Pi, CSTA, Hillel; ISA 2, 3. ROBERT L. BLAKELY; Real Estate; La Canada; Glee Club 1, Sigma Alpha EDITH BEREZ; Elem. Education; Los Frosh Welfare Board; Pi Theta. NINA E. Business Denmark; ISA. PATRICIA J. Home Economics; Redondo Beach; tsf: El Camino JC; Anchors, Alpha Pi. PAULA M. BERG; Sociology; New York City; tsf: Penn. State. CARYL LYNNE BIGENHO; Music; Los Angeles; Band 1, 2, 3 4 Pres. Mu Phi Epsilon, Ski Club, Phi Mu. LOIS R. BLEIER; Sociology; Tarzana; Spurs, NSA, Univ. Chorus 2, Phi Sigma. MICHAEL C. Political Detroit; tsf; Michigan State; Tau Epsilon Phi. RICHARD D. Physics; Los Angeles; tsf: LACC; Sigma Pi Sigma, Hillel. CONSTANCE T. BLINKHERN; Alpha Mu Gamma, SoCam Sales 1, 2, Rally Comm. 1, 2, 3, 4, Elections Comm. 2 Sec. AWS Board. BENNETT BOONE WALTER V. BLINOV; International Estonia; tsf: Pasadena CC; Pi Sigma Relations Club. CAROL J. BLOOM; English; Santa Trolls, Zeta Tau Alpha. PAUL B. BLUM; Finance; Chicago; tsf: LACC; Sec-Treas. Assn., UCHA. YONINA Elem. Los Angeles; tsf: SMCC. HELENE W. Accounting; Los Angeles; Beta Gamma Sigma, Accounting Soc., Soph Sweetheart. LINDA C. BOGDAL; Psychology; Los Angeles; Sabers, Class Council 1, 2, 3, Kappa Delta. JOHN J. BOLTA; Electrical Engineering; Santa Monica; IRE, Computer Club; tsf: Hunter College, New York. ANITA M. BOONE; English; Los Glee Club 2, Alpha Kappa Alpha. EDWARD G. JR.; Science; San Diego; Crew 1, 2, 3, 4, MACIub, Club, AFROTC Band. PATRICIA S. BREAKSTONE; Psychology; Chicago; tsf: U. of Michigan; Bone and Barley, Hillel, Class Council 2, Delta Phi Epsilon. GARY C. BROWN; Radio and TV; tsf: UCSB; Cal Club, Gold Key, Head Yell Leader, AMS Sec.-Treas., Rally Comm., Bone and Barley, Lambda Chi Alpha. VIRGIL R. Engineering; Los Angeles; Sigma Epsilon. LILLIAN A. Spanish; Los Angeles. JUDITH M. BROWN; Elem. Education; Mortar Board; Prytanean, Spurs, Rally Comm. 1, 2, Class Council 1, 2, 3, 4, Spring Sing Ticket Chrmn. 3, Phi Sigma. SANDOR T. BOXER; Economics; Los Sigma Delta Chi, NSA Rep 4, Daily Bruin 2, 3, Pres. Phi Epsilon Pi. CAROLYN G. BREITENBACH; Phys. Education; AWS 1, 2, Board 1, 2, 3, 4, Shell and Oar, Delta Gamma. MARSENA Lancaster. CLAIRE J. Floriculture; Los Angeles; Trolls, Sabers, Newman Club, Pres. Tau Alpha. JOHN A. BRESLAU; Economics; Pacific Palisades. STUART B. BROWN; Electronics tsf: PCC; Chrmn. Spring Sing, Chrmn. Men ' s-Greek Week, Chrmn. Athletic Policy Board, Theta Delta Chi. STEFANIE BRAININ; Education; Los Trolls, Comm. 1, 2, Rally Comm. 1, Class Council 1, Phi Sigma Sigma. NICHOLAS Wilmington; tsf: Harbor JC; Sproul Charter Comm. WENDY D. BROWN; History; Pasadena; tsf: UCR. LUANNE A. BRANDENBURG; Bus. Relations; Los Angeles. MARLEEN F. BROGAN; Apparel AWS Exec. Board, SoCam Queen, Spring Drive 2, AWS Fashion Staff 2, Alpha Phi. ANN C. Elem. Claremont; Sabers, Spring Sing Comm. 1, 3, Greek Week Comm. 1, 2, Mardi Gras Comm. 1, 2, Alpha Pi. ALBERT E. Engineering; ESUC Class Rep, Sigma Alpha Mu. DENNIS C. BROWN; Religion Curriculum; Long Beach; tsf: Long Beach State; IFC Pres. Council 4, Sigma Chi. CAROLYN A. BRUNS; Elem. Education; Los Angeles; SCTA, AWS Activities Comm., Kappa CHARLOTTE Physical Education; Beach; Wings, AWS Big - Little Sister Comm., Club, Kappa Delta. ELEANOR Nursing; Los Angeles; tsf: Long Beach Bruin RN Club. SUSAN C. Art Women ' s Week Comm. 1, Homecoming 1, Prom Comm. 1, Sigma Pi Little Spurs, Omega. BORGENS CALLIN ALAN G. BUCKNER Political Science Gold Key, Cal Club Yeomen, Head Yell Leader, Orientation Comm., Pi Lambda Phi. EARNESTINE Italian; Bruin Belles; Opera Workshop, Finian ' s Rainbow, Musical Comedy Workshop, Delta Sigma Theta. SHARON K. BURNS; Modern Dance; AWS Fashion Board, Board, Spurs, Women ' s Week Comm., Princess, Dance Recital, Chi Omega. FINETTE BUTIN; Political Science; Los Angeles; Phi Sigma Sigma. JEROME H. BUTLER; Sociology; IFC Rep, Alpha Tau Omega. ELIZABETH Theater Arts; Santa Clara; Pres. Kap and Bells, Campus Theater 1, 2, 3, 4. EDWARD M. Art - Elem. Los Angeles; tsf: LACC. MICHAEL P. CALLIN; Music; Compton; MACIub, Men ' s Glee, Band, Univ. Chorus. 445 MARIA E. Political tsf: PCC; Dorm Council, Phrateres, Treas. AWS, Pres. Italian Club, AWS Coordination Board, NSA. JAMES G. CASSIDY; Political Science; North tsf: LACC. BARBARA Elem. Education; Rally Comm. 2, 3, Alpha Xi Delta. MASSIMO CAPPA; English; Sepulveda. DONNA R. CASSYD; English; Project Student Board, Bruin Belles, Rally Comm. 1, Fall Drive 2, 3, Books For India 3 RAYMOND Finance; Honolulu, Hawaii, tsf: LACC; Finance Assn., UCHA. JOHN R. CARLSON; Mathematics; Buena Park; tsf: Fullerton JC. MARIA V. CASTELLANOS; History; North Hollywood; Pres. Phrateres, Westwood Democrats 1. GEORGE F. Mathematics; Beverly Hills; Phi Eta Sigma Pi Pi Mu Epsilon. BARBARA L. CARMICHAEL; Bus. Education; Glendale; MACIub, Bus. Educ. Assn. JEFFERSON D. Zoology; Beach; Alpha Tau Omega. CAROL CHAPMAN; Business Educ.; Long Beach; tsf: Long Beach CC; Alpha Chi Delta, Business Educ. Assn. ARDYCE J. CARR; Business Educ.; Pres. Trolls, AWS Sec. 3, 4, Junior Prom Exec. Comm., Senior Prom Alpha Xi Delta MARTHA E. English; Los Angeles; tsf: Long Beach State; Zeta Tau Alpha. LLOYD W. Zoology; Pasadena. PATRICIA A Italian; Park; Frosh Veep; Class 1, 2, Junior Prom Comm., All-U Weekend Comm. 1, Delta Delta Delta. BEATRICE B. CAVALIERE; Home Mortar Board, Spurs, LDWR 2, Student Board 4, AWS Exec. Comm. 2, Homecoming Exec. Comm. 2, Omicron Pi. JAMES S. English; Los Angeles; tsf: UCB; Zeta Beta Tau. NOLAMAE J. CARTER; Elem. Pacific tsf: SC; Pi Beta Phi. BARBARA J. English; Spurs, Dorm Council, Uni-Camp Counselor. SHIRLEY N. CHASIN; Elem. Education; Beverly Hills. SUSAN CASEBEER; English-Speech; AWS Social Comm., AWS Philanthropy Comm., SJB 2, Welfare Board 2, Uni-Camp Counselor, Sigma Pi Little Sisters, Alpha Phi. FRED G. CERDA, JR.; Economics; Riverside. DONALD S. Biological Santa tsf: U. of CAMARATA CLAVIN NANCY R. Music; Los Angeles; Mu Phi Epsilon, A Cappella Choir 3, 4, Choral Club 1, Sigma Delta Tau. BRUCE CHINN; History; Riverside; tsf: SMCC; Lambda Chi Alpha. KATHARINE E. CHITURAS; Home Los Spurs, Dublin Ball Arrangements Chrmn., Gamma Phi Beta. MICHEL CITRIN; French; Lille, France; tsf: Lycee Faidherve, France. SUSAN CLARK; Nursing; Fullerton; PRN Club, MACIub, Tau Delta, Xi Delta. THEODORE English; Social Editor Daily Bruin 3, Sigma Chi, Pub. Chrmn. Jr. Men ' s Week, Chrmn. Blood Drive. RICHARD W. Accounting; San Fernando; Band, Accounting Soc., Newman Club, Kappa Psi. RONALD N. Zoology; Los Angeles; Pres. Assn. ROBERT W. Economics; North tsf: Texas A M; Sigma Nu. NEIL A. COHEN; Sociology; Los tsf: SMCC. GRACE A. COPLAN; Integrated Mngmt.; Alpha Lambda Sigma Alpha Iota, Sec. Bruin Belles, Sec. Pres. Council, Opera Workshop, Kappa. NONA M. CLINGER; Elem. Education; Woodland Hills; tsf: SMCC. THEODORA Elementary Education; Los BONNY E. COPP; English; Los tsf: Chi Delta Pi; Spring Sing Pi Beta Phi. JEWELL L. COBBS; Elem. Education; Los Angeles; Panel of Americans; Delta Sigma Theta. ROBERT V. COLE; Political Science; Ventura; tsf: UCSB; Sigma Alpha LLOYD A. History; tsf: SMCC; Univ. Prep, Chrmn. Blood Drive, Jr. Prom Comm., Class Council 3, Lambda Chi Alpha. CRIS COCHRANE; Elem. Education; Menlo Park; Spurs, Prytanean, LDWR 2, Outstanding Junior, Anchors, Chi Omega. LEILA M. COLLINS; Elem. Education; Los Angeles; tsf: LACC; A Cappella Choir, Spring Sing Comm., Kappa RITA J. CORP; Phys. Education; Pasadena; Bronte House, Hall, AWS Big - Little Sisters, Rally Comm., tsf: PCC. BERT A. COFFMAN; Music; Los Angeles; tsf: LACC; Rally Comm. 1, Band, Glee Club, Phi Mu Alpha. ROBERT A. COLVIN; English; Los tsf: SMCC; Gold Key, IFC, Alpha Epsilon. CRAIG L. CORREN; Speech; Stockton; tsf: Valley JC; IFC, Forensics Squad, Pres. Sigma Alpha Mu. ROBERT G. COGER; Mathematics; tsf: LA State; Alpha Gamma PENEE R. CONLEEKASH; English; Chi Delta Pi, Shell and Oar, Westwind Asst. Ed. 2, 3, 1, Frosh Hostess Comm. 1, One Acts 1, Zeta Tau Alpha. ROBERT L. Marketing; Bakersfield; Assn., Sigma Nu. CAROL S COHEN. Marketing; Los tsf: Penn. State; Alpha Chi Delta, Pres. Assn., ASB. ELEANOR COOK; French; South Vt.; tsf: LACC. SIDNEY E. COSTELLO, JR.; Physics; Burbank; tsf: CC. ELEANOR M. Nursing; Los Angeles; PRN Club. RAYMOND Economics; Los Angeles; GAVIN S. Political Phi Eta Honors Int ' l Club, NSA, Glee Club, Sigma Alpha Mu. CLAWSON DABOV RICHARD D. COVEY; Accounting; Los Crew, Beta Theta Pi. PAMELA M. COY; English; Sherman Oaks; tsf: Valley JC; Alpha Mu Gamma, Chi Delta Pi, Honors Program. JUDITH A. Nursing; tsf: Fullerton JC; Alpha Tau Delta; Bruin RN Club, Student Nurses Assn. EDWIN E. CRUIKSHANK; Accounting; Temple City; tsf. PCC. VIVIAN CUMMINGS; English; Beverly Hills; Daily Bruin Prod. Mngr., Ed., Copyreader, Sigma Delta Tau. DOROTHY E. Elem. La Habra; Uni-Camp Bd. 3, 4, Bruin Belles 4, Spurs, Pres. Omega. NATHAN CYNS; Beverly Hills, DAVID W. DABOV; Phys. Education; Alhambra; tsf: ELAJC; Varsity Club 4, Wrestling 1, Phi Kappa Psi. RHODEAN Elem. Northridge; tsf: UCD; Comm., Delta Zeta. GALE H. DAWE; Phys. Education; Pacific Palisades. DAVID R. DELGADO; Spanish; Los MARY C. DANIELS; Music; West Covina; tsf: Wheaton Illinois; Mu Phi Epsilon, Univ. Chorus 3, 4, Pres. Alpha Delta Chi. MARJORIE S. DAY; Elem. Education; Los Angeles; tsf: SMCC; Honors Program. MARION A. English; Los Angeles; NAACP, Alpha Kappa Alpha. NANCY A. DA VALL; Elem. Education; Los Angeles; Tennis Club, Shell Oar, Alpha Phi. GIN K. DEA; Los tsf: LACC. HARVEY E. Indus. Los ESUC. DARKLIS A. North tsf: Redlands; ASUCLA Secretary 2, Ski Club, Delta Zeta. STEVEN M. DEEN; Finance; Denver; tsf: SMCC; Alpha Sigma, Choir, Ski Club. DENNIS A. DEXTER; Finance; Los Basketball 1, Kelps, Phi Kappa Sigma. BEVERLY J. DAVIS; Elem. Education; Mortar Board, Bruin Belles, Chimes, Spurs, Photog. Ed. SoCam 3, Kappa Delta. MICHAEL V. DE GEORGE; Finance; Los Angeles. QUENSEL K. DIAMOND; Political Los Angeles; IFC Jud. Comm. 4, IFC Pres. Council 4, Pres. Alpha Tau Omega. DONALD G. DAVIS, JR.; History; Los Angeles; Pres. Bruin Christian Fellowship, Band 2, 3. JOHN M. DELANEY; Economics; La tsf, CC; Phi Kappa Sigma. NICHOLAS J. DI BELLA; Zoology; Los Angeles; tsf: ELAJC; Pre - Med. Assn., Med. Ethics Forum, Newman Club, UCHA. MARCIA L. DAVIS; Art Education; Los Angeles. GRACE A. DE LARME; Elem Education; Hawthorne; Campus Crusade, Dickson Award, Delta Chi. DEBORAH C. DICKERMAN; Eng. Education; Beverly Hills. SANDRA L. DAVIS; Elem. Education; Class Council Uni-Camp 2, Soph Sweetheart, Comm., Spring Sing Comm., Mardi Grass Comm. Kappa Delta. RAMIRO R. DE LA ROCHA; English; Culver City; tsf: LACC; Rally Comm., Chi Delta Pi. PAUL F. Engineering; Los Angeles; Treas. Newman Club ESUC. DAMM DONG FRANK A. Theater Arts; Alpha Omega. DANIEL DINTZER; Political Science; Los Angeles; tsf: LACC; Zeta Beta Tau. JACK R. DISTASO; Engineeri ng; San Gabriel; ESUC, RAYMOND L. History; Los Angeles. RONALD D. Engineering; Los Angeles; Tau Beta Pi, ESUC. HARRY C. DODSON, JR.; Mech. IFC, Pres. Phi Kappa Sigma. LEE D. DODSON; Economics; tsf: New Mexico Mil. Ins.; Varsity Club, Kelps, MAB, IFC, Football 3 Volleyball 2, Rugby Captain 3, Class Council 3, 4, Phi Delta Theta. JEANNETTE Mathematics; Colorado. PENELOPE A. DONNELLY; Political Burbank; Gras Comm. 1, Spurs 1, 2, Alpha Gamma Delta. JAY A. DROSIN; English Lit.; North Hollywood; tsf. JC; Fencing Team, Fencing Club. HARRY S. DWECK; Zoology; Brooklyn, New York; Dean ' s Honor List, Band 2, Swimming 2, Theater, Gamma Alpha Sigma. ESTHERLY G. Elem. Los Angeles; NSA, CSTA. SHARON DUGAN; Nursing; Santa CAROL G. ECKERT; Zoology; Granada Hills; ATO Little Trolls, Student Judicial Bd., Alpha Delta Pi. DAVID O. History; Grove; tsf: U. of Redlands. JOHN E. DUKES; Psychology; La Mesa; Uni - Camp Bd., Gold Key, Kelps, Lambda Chi Alpha. KENNETH R. Business Mngt.; Los Angeles; tsf: SMCC; UCLA Ski Club. JEAN M. DOWNEY; Nursing; Los PRN Club, AWS Phil. Comm., Alpha Omicron Pi. KENNETH C. JR.; Systems Analysis; Glendale; tsf: LACC; Tau Beta Pi. DENNIS J. EGGERT; Engineering; Tau Beta Pi, ESUC, Alpha Omega MARION G. Spanish; Spurs, Bruin Belles, Trolls, AWS Soc. Comm., Leadership Comm., Class 3, Alpha Delta LINDA R. DUNBAR; Elem. Education; Long Beach; Rally Comm., OCB, Class Council 1, 2, 3, 4, Orient. Comm., Bruin YR, Zeta. LYN B. EHRNSTEIN; Finance; Los Alpha Kappa Psi, Beta Gamma Sigma, Phi Sigma. MARLENE F. Business Education; Chicago. RICHMOND Spanish; Los Angeles; tsf: PHYLLIS S. Accounting; Los Angeles; Beta Gamma Sigma, Pres. Alpha Lambda NAOMI G. Bacteriology; Haifa, Israel. ROBERT DUNN, JR.; Spanish; Memphis; tsf: Le Moyne Tenn. JOAN C. EICHELSBACH; Home Economics; Los Angeles; Spurs, Chimes, Board, Home Econ. Club 3, 4, AWS Soc. Comm. 1, 2 Omicron Nu, Delta Delta. DANIEL A. DROKE; Marketing; Ohio; Phi Eta Sigma, Sr. Class Treas., Blood Dr. Chrmn., Sr. Prom Chrmn., Alpha Tau Omega. DANIEL A. DUZE; Zoology; Los Sec. Phi Eta Sigma, Hillel, Nu. SALLY V. EIDSON; Home Economics; Reseda; tsf: UCSB; AWS Fashion Staff 3, Choral Club 3, Alpha Phi. DONNELLY ERWIN CLIFFORD J. English; Hills; Pi Phi. HOWARD ELINSON; Sociology; Los Daily Bruin feature writer Wilson Fellowship. LINDA K. ELLIOTT; Elem. Education; Van Nuys; Rally Comm. 2, AWS Comm. 3, Exec. Bd. 4, Big Sister Chrmn. 3, 4, Shell and Oar, Kappa Delta. ROLAND L. Theater Arts; Fresno; Bus. Mngr. Daily Bruin, Comm. Spring Sing Comm. 1, Homecoming Comm. 1, Kappa Sigma. SHARON L. English; tsf: LA State; Honors Program. WINSTON K. ELLIS; Business Education; tsf: Occidental; Bruin Belles, Jr. Prom, Spring Sing Exec. Comm., Prytanean, Alpha Chi Omega. JONATHAN English; Hills; Kelps, Gold Key, Varsity Club, MAB, Crew 1, 2, 3, 4. DAVID G. ERWIN; Bacteriology; San Fernando; Uni - Camp, Spring Sing Comm., AF Band, Sigma Chi. 449 1958 1958, we ' re wide-eyed Freshmen. Dave Gorton heads student government..... Against Washington, End Dick Wallen helps roll up 19-0 score. The good old days. Sanders top grid mentor in nation, emphasized by 20-9 SC rout . . . The Hollywood Bowl hosts Sweepstakes-winning SAE and Tri Delt. 451 VINCENT L. EVANCHUK; Engineering; West Los Angeles; tsf: SMCC; ESUC. JANET W. FARLEE; Home Economics Educ.; Los Angeles; Sigma Kappa. DONALD L. Class Council 1, 2, Wrestling 1, Pres. Sigma Alpha Mu. JEFFREY R. EWING; Engineering; Los Angeles; Exec. Comm. ESUC 3, 4, Platform. HELGA M. Pacific Spurs 2, 1, 2, 3, Gamma Phi Beta. BERT F. Chemistry; Los Angeles; tsf: SMCC; Varsity Club 1, 2, Water Polo 2, Alpha Chi Sigma. ROSALIE B FABRE; Economics; Manila, PI; tsf: UCB; Amer. Econ. Assn.; ISA, GSA. LEILANI A. FAY; Advertising Design; Burlingame; Rally Comm., Intramutals Bd., Bus. Ed. Assn., Phi Mu. JAMES N. FIEDLER; Political Science; tsf: Pomona; Otstdng. Jrs., Cal Club, Gold Key, AMS Pres., Yell Leader 2, 4, Chrmn. Homecoming, Chrmn. Spring Sing, Sigma Nu. EVELYN F. FALKE; Business Education; Los Angeles; Chi Delta Sec., Bus, Educ. Hillel. LOIS A. FEINBERG; History; Honors in History; Pres. and Otstndg. Prytanean, ASUCLA Pres. Exec. Sec., Elec. Bd. Otstndg. Jr., Exec. Sec. and Mmbr. Rally Comm. ARMAND FIELD; Applied Physics; Los Angeles; LACC. KAROLYN J. Elem. Los Angeles; CSTA, Students NEA. ALFRED A. Finance; Palo Alto; AROTC, and Blade, Sigma Pi. THOMAS S. FINCH; Zoolgy; Los Theta Delta Chi. MAXINE FARBER; Elem. Los Angeles. JOANNE S. Business San Diego; VP, Sec. Hillel, Soc. Chrmn. Hall. JEAN E. FINE; Political Science; Los Angeles; tsf: UCSB; Pres. Helen Matthewson Club. DAVE A. FARIES; Economics; Tracy; tsf: Clara; Sigma Delta Chi, Daily Bruin, Rally Comm. 1, Uni - Camp Pub. Chrmn. 2, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. VINCENT R. Zoology; Beach; Alpha Tau Omega. DAVID M. FINER; Marketing; Class Council 1, 2, Rally Comm. 4, Spring Sing 1, Election Comm. 1, Blood Drive Co - Chrmn., Phi Sigma Delta. DAVID H. FARLEE; Electronics; Los tsf: SMCC; Phi Kappa Psi. PEGGY M. Public Health; Mo. ROBERT A. FINKEL; Accounting; Los Track 1, Epsilon Pi. EVANCHUK FONTANA RUTH F. Elem. Los Angeles; Pi Theta. CAROL A. FITZ; Elem. Education; Anaheim; tsf: Long Beach State; Delta Delta Delta. IONE L. Business Educ.; Los Angeles; Alpha Chi Delta. GLORIA J. FLACK; English; North Hollywood. LOIS M. FLEINER; Los Angeles; SMCC; Hillel. PHILLIP B. FLEISHMAN; Prod. Management; tsf: Zeta Beta Tau. HOWARD FONDLER; Marketing; Los tsf: ELAJC. WILLIAM H. Psychology; Los Angeles; tsf: Loyola U. JANE P. FORD; Kindergarten - Los Angeles; Alpha Mu Gamma, Delta Phi Upsilon. DAVID S. FRAGER; History; Los Show, URA Pub. Bd., Debate Squad, and BI., Kappa Nu ROBERT A. FREEMAN; Physics; Los Angeles. CHARLES W. Personnel Mngt.; El Segundo. GEORGE R. Indus.. Balboa; Pi. ARTHUR L. Electronics; Beverly Hills; ESUC Commun. Group. MARILYN R. Home Glendale; tsf: Glendale CC; Sabers, Homecom. Exec. Comm., Alpha Delta Pi. KARLA B. Phys. Education; Los Anchors, Phidelphia, Alpha Theta. KENNETH I. Electronics; Los Angeles; ESUC, Tau Delta Phi. SYLVIA P. Elem. Education; Soguel, Calif.; tsf: UCSB; Alpha Delta Pi. JOY FRANCO; Alhambra; Delta Delta Delta. MARVIN L. FRIEDMAN; Engineering; Beverly Hills; tsf: LACC; ESUC. FRANK J. FOSTER, JR.; Public Health; Los Angeles; tsf: San Jose JC; Pub. Health Assn. HARRIET H. FRANK; Kindergarten - Los Angeles; tsf: U. of Illinois; URA Bd., Hillel. SAMUEL C. Zoology; Palm Springs; Alpha Sigma, Band, Campus Theater, Swimming. KAREN FOSTER; Kindergarten - Los Angeles; Spurs, Delta Phi Upsilon, Treas. AWS Comm., Delta Delta Delta. PATRICIA L. FRECKLETON; Elem. Education; Los Angeles. SANDRA M. Design; tsf: USC; Nat. Soc. Int. Dsnrs., Alpha Phi. ROBERT E. FOURNIER; Bus. Redondo Beach. BARBARA R. FREED; Elem. Education; Los Angeles; Hillel, AWS Orient. Comm., Dublin Ball Comm., Class Council 1, 2, 3, CSTA, Delta Phi Epsilon. DEANNA E. FRIES; Sociology; Los tsf: UCSB; Gamma Phi Beta. FERN Speech and Elem. Education; Springs; Olio Show, Asst. Sec. Hillel, Dublin Ball Comm., AWS Orient. Comm., Class Council 1, 2, Sigma Delta Tau. SANDRA B. Rec. Modesto; tsf: SMCC; Chi Kappa Rho, URA Rec. Club. CHARLA English-Speech; San Pedro; tsf: Whittier Chi Delta Pi. FORD GARABEDIAN GERTRUDE S. FUJII; English; Hollister, Calif. JOANNE FULTON; Nursing; North Hollywood; AWS Phil. Comm., Spurs, Sabers, Pres. PRN Club, Univ. Prep. Exec. Comm. Delta Zeta. IRWIN L. FURMAN; Engineering; Los Angeles; tsf: LACC. EUGENE C. GAINES; Physical Education; Los Angeles; tsf: ELAJC; Football 2, 3, 4, Track 2, Phi Epsilon Kappa. BASIL P. Engineering; Los Angeles; ESUC, IRE, Water Polo 3, 4, Class Council FREDERICK Los Angeles; tsf: PCC. NANCY R. GANAHL; Music; NY; Mu Phi Epsilon. MICHAEL E. GARABEDIAN; Chemistry; Los Angeles; tsf: LA State; Alpha Chi Sigma. 453 DAVID P. GARMUS; Marketing; tsf: UCB; Conning Tower, Sec. - Treas. IFC, NROTC Color Guard, Theta Xi. THEODORA F. GERTLER; Art; Los Ephebian Soc. 1, 2, Delta Epsilon 3, 4, Alpha Lambda Delta, Dean ' s Honor List, Folk Dance Club, Art Club. BARBARA A. GOLD; Home Econ. Glendale; Trolls, Spring Sing Comm. 2, Alpha Gamma Delta. GEORGE P. GARZA; Electronics; Los AFROTC Band, IRE, ESUC, ISA. RICHARD C. Political Los Angeles; tsf: Harbor JC; Greek Week Comm. 3, Alpha Gamma Omega. DONNA F. GOLD; Sociology; Taylor, Mich.; tsf: Wayne State, Mich. RUDY S. GARZA; Electronics; San tsf: ELAJC; ESUC, IRA. NELSON M. JR.; Long Beach; tsf: Harbor JC; Kappa MACIub. WILLIAM M. San Francisco; tsf: USC; Sigma Chi. JAMES A. GASSER; Engineering; tsf: Glendale CC. CAROL L. GILL; Home Economics; San Gabriel; UCD; Mortar Board, Chimes, Otstndg. Jrs., Treas. AWS, AWS Standards Bd., AWS Rep. Bd., Wings, Delta SHIRLEY S. GOLDENBERG; Art; Los Angeles; Pi Lambda Theta. JUDITH GELFAND; Elem. Education; Los Angeles. ROBIN M. GILLIES; Accounting; Los Angeles; tsf: MIT; Beta Gamma Sigma, Wstwd. YD, ACLU, Platform. BARBARA A. Elem. Inglewood; Dorm Women ' s Jud. Bd. NEIL L. GENDEL; Finance; Beta Sigma, Dean ' s Honor List, Varsity Club, Golf 2, 3, 4, Class Council 1, 3, Jr. Prom Comm., Dublin Ball Comm., Homecoming Comm. EUGENE L. Engineering; Long Beach; Long Beach CC. AMIE L. Elem. Los Angeles; tsf: SMCC; Spurs, Trolls, Blood Drive, ATO Little Sisters, Kappa Delta. GWEN L. GERBER; English; Woodland Hills; tsf: U. of Manitoba; Daily Bruin 3, Westwind 4, Chi Delta Pi. SHIRLEY A. GINN; Sociology; Calif.; tsf: Hancock College; Chinese Club, Club, Daily Bruin, ACLU Pi Delta. MARILYN M. Theater Arts; Agoura, Calif.; Delta Phi Epsilon. C. STEPHEN GERHARD; Political Santa Varsity Club, Rifle Team 2, 3, 4, Sigma Chi. MARILYN J. Los Angeles; tsf: U. of Arizona; Pi Beta Phi. KENNETH R. GOLDSTEIN; Engineering; Beverly Hills; Treas. ESUC. GARMUS GRAM NORINE B. Education; Los Angeles. REGINALD JR.; Ancon, Canal Zone; tsf: Claremont; Beta Theta Pi. DIANE GOODSTEIN; English; Los JUDITH M. English; Los Angeles; Alpha Lambda Delta, Chi Delta Pi. MICHAEL A. Accounting; Los Angeles; Uni - Camp, Asst. Exec. Sec. IFC, Beta Gamma Sigma, Zeta Beta Tau. ROBERT K. Mech. Engineering; tsf: PCC; VP Tau Beta Pi. MERLE B. GOULD; English; Burbank; Welfare Board, SYLVIA K. GRAM; Political Science; Studio City; Valley JC. 454 DONNA GRANT; Art; Glendale; Omicron Pi. VREJ GRIGORIAN; Zoology; Tehran, Iran; tsf: El Camino JC. GREGORY L. GUTH; Accounting; Beta Gamma Sigma; Phi Kappa Sigma. RICHARD B. Electronics; Los Angeles; SMCC. JEANETTE A. Psychology; Rockville NY; tsf: SMCC. BARRY G. GWARTZ; Zoology; Los Pre - Med Association; Kappa Nu. THOMAS B. GREEN; Real Estate; Los Angeles; Scabbard and Blade, IFC, DMS; Phi Sigma Delta. JASON D. GROODE; Accounting; San tsf: Pierce JC; Zeta Beta Tau. JEFFRY K. GWIN; Finance; Van Nuys; Sigma Alpha DAVID GREENBERG; Finance; Beverly Hills. WENDY M. GROSS; Bacteriology; Long Beach; tsf: U. of Michigan; Alpha Lambda Delta; Phi Sigma Sigma. MARGOT A. HAAKE; Chem; Pasadena; Alpha Lambda Sigma Iota Pi, Wesley Fellowship, SAACS. BRENDA GREENE; Psych. Education; San Prytanean, Spurs, Panel of Americans, NSA, Sec. Soph Sigma Delta Tau. THOMPSON GROSSMAN; Finance; Los Angeles; tsf: LARRY L. HAASE; Math.; Harlan, Iowa; IFC, Theta Chi. PAUL E. GREENE; Finance; Newburgh, NY. HERBERT GROTHEER; Engineering; Los Angeles. HARVEY L. Accounting; Los Angeles; Tau Delta Phi. VIRGINIA Phys. Alpha Omicron Pi. DOROTHY Zoology; Los Angeles; A Choir; Xi Delta. CHARLES L. HABERSTICH; Physical - Math; Inglewood; tsf: El JC. VERNA Business Park; Phi Mu. BARRETT E. Inglewood; tsf: El Camino JC; Tau Beta Pi. SANDRA L. HAIG; Apparel Design; Sabers, Trolls, AWS, Fashion Board, Sr. Prom Committee, Outstanding Senior; Alpha Xi Delta. GRANT HANKS BARRY L. HALEY; Physics; Oak Park, Mich.; Kappa BRYAN L. HALL; Psychology; tsf: LACC. DAVID NEGLEY HALL; Political Science; Santa Maria; tsf: UCSB; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. MARION L. HALL; Elem. Education; Sherman Oaks; Pi Little Sisters; Alpha Gamma BRETT B. Psychology; Havre, Montana; tsf: U. of Arizona; Sigma Alpha LINDA L. HAMM; Art-Fashion Design; Indianapolis, Ind.; tsf: Indiana. CAROLE A. Social Los Angeles; tsf: U. of Arizona; Ski Club, Orchesis, Gamma Phi RICHARD B. HANKS; Psychology; Long Beach. 455 JANET A. HANN; Bus. Education; Los Angeles; Bus. Educ. Assn., Alpha Chi Delta, Zeta Tau Alpha. PHILIP HARTH; North tsf: LACC. MARTHA HAVENS; Glendale; Dublin Ball Comm., Fall Drive, Class Council 1, Athenians 3, 4, Chi Omega. DAVID O. HANSEN; Physics; La Sierra; tsf: La Sierra ANNETTE S. Political Science; Hollywood; tsf: LACC; Phi Alpha. ALICE L. HAWKINS; Psychology; Tyler, Texas; tsf: Tyler JC. RICHARD HANSEN; Political Science; Harbor City; IFC Jud. Bd., VP IFC, Pres. Theta Xi. HAROLD C. Political Science; Los AMY Y. HAGASHI; Elem. Education; Los Angeles; Chi Alpha Delta. KAZUYO M. HARA; Home Economics Educ.; Santa Ana; tsf: Orange Coast JC; Home Ec Club, Nisei Bruins, Chi Alpha Delta. MARY A. Whittier; tsf; Mt. SAC; AWS Soc. Comm., Class 3, Alpha Xi Delta. FREDRIC R. HEALY; Accounting; Los Angeles; tsf: SMCC. LOREN D. HARBER; Electronics; Fort Wayne, Ind.; tsf: El Camino CC; ESUC. WARREN P. Finance; Long Beach; Band 3, Track 1, Cross Country 1, UCHA. MILLICENT English; Los Angeles; tsf: Stephens College, Mo. KAROLE G. HARDT; Education - English; CSTA, Sabers, Bd., AWS Soc. Comm., Madrigal Singers Women ' s Glee, Alpha Delta Pi. DOUGLAS H. Phys. Long Beach; tsf: Long Beach CC; IFC, Pres. Phi Psi. MIYEKO HEISHI; Elem. Education; Los Angeles; Phi Lambda CSTA, JACK B. HARMELL; Philosophy Los RICHARD K. Electronics; Redondo Beach; tsf: El Camino JC; Baseball, ESUC. EVELYN J. Sociology; Los Angeles. SHARON R. Home Educ.; Santa Monica; tsf: UCSB; Delta Phi Epsilon. ALLEN W. Geology; Hot Springs; Geo. Soc., Scabbard and Blade, AFROTC Rifle Team, Hurley Squadron, Theta Xi. EDWARD HELMER; Zoology; Los Z eta Beta Tau. HANN HILLISON RICHARD L. Political Malibu; tsf: SMCC; Project 4, Blood Drive, Gold Key, Lambda Chi Alpha. BARBARA A. Nursing; Beach; Alpha Tau Delta, Bd., Fash. Bd., PRN Rally Comm., Ball Comm., Class Council 4, Kappa Kappa MAMIE R. Sociology; Venice; tsf, SMCC. SANDRA A. Nursing; North Hollywood; AWS Phil. Comm., Shell and Oar, PRN Club, Gamma Phi Beta. RUTH ANN S. HIGASHI; Elem. Santa Maria; tsf: Hancock College; Nisei Bruins, CSTA, Class Council 2, 4, Chi Alpha Delta. JERALD W. Applied Santa Monica; tsf: SMCC; Sigma Pi Sigma, Computer Club. MARGARET E. HILL; English; North Hollywood. ROBERT K. Political Sherman Oaks; Yeomen, Ball Comm., Class Council Zeta Beta Tau. 456 RICHARD G. HIRSCH; Political Science; Los Angeles; Gold Key, Cal Club, Kelps, Yeomen, Otstndg. Jr. Sr., Cheerleader 4, SJB, Uni - Camp Board, Zeta Beta Tau. PATRICIA Elem. Baldwin Park. MARY E. HOPMAN; Chem.; Los Angeles; tsf: UCB; Pi Beta Phi. CRAIG E. HOBSON; Personnel North Sigma Alpha Epsilon. SANDRA J. Nursing; Santa Monica; Zeta Tau Alpha. BARBARA J. HORN; Pre - librarianship; tsf: Orange Coast JC; Junior Prom Princess, Sr. Attendant, Kappa Kappa MARILYN L. HOFF; Economics; Los Angeles. LINDA A. HOLT; Business Education; Santa Monica; Chi Delta. KOBEY HORN; Los Angeles; Pi Lambda Phi. GRETCHEN S. Home Alhambra; tsf: North Park Chicago; Delta Chi. ROBERT A. HOLT; Electronics, El Monte; tsf: ESUC. VIRGINIA S. English; tsf: Valley JC; Chi Delta Pi. WARREN I. Nuclear Physics; North Hollywood, Chi Gamma Iota, Sigma Pi Sigma. VIRGINIA Nursing; Idyllwild; Alpha Tau Delta. SUSAN C. HORNE; Sociology; Gardena; tsf: U.of Redlands; Wings, Elec. Board. GARY S. History, North Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia. LIN Mathematics; Los Angeles. RUTH J. HORWITZ; Elem. Education; Beverly Hills; UCB. ANN English; Fullerton; tsf: JC. JANE D. HOOSE; Theater Arts; Beach; Theater, Sigma Kappa. PHILIP J. Political Montebello; tsf, ELAJC; Bruin YR, Sons of Trolls, Sr. Prom Comm., Blood Drive, Class Council 3, 4, Alpha Tau Omega. CORINNE J. Political Project India, AWS Pres., VP ASUCLA, Woman of Yr 3, Prytanean, Blood Drive 3, Fall Drive 3, Kappa Delta. GAIL S. HOPKINS; English; S. tsf: PCC; Trolls, SJB, Alpha Omicron Pi. GRANT F. HOVEY; History; Los HIRSCH INCAUDO LINDA S. HUCKABY Nursing; Visalia. GLORIA S. HULL; Home Economics; Huntington Beach; tsf: Orange Coast JC; Alpha Phi. PEGGY A. HUMES; Home Economics; Los Angeles; little Sisters of Alpha Gamma Omega, Alpha Chi. DOROTHY History; La Crescenta; tsf: CC; Chi RICHARD L. HUMPHRY; Applied Los Angeles; Alpha Gamma Omega. CAROLYN L. HUNT; Political Science; Los Angeles; ISA, NAACP; Delta Theta. WILLIAM L. HUNT; Political Science; Los Angeles; tsf: Occidental; Phi Theta. JOSEPH A. Northridge; Alpha Kappa Psi, Phi Gamma Delta. 457 PATRICIA E. ISELY; History - Zoology; Coronado; URA Mountaineers. DORIAN L. JARVIS; Speech; Los Sigma Sigma. MARCIA K. Elem. Compton; Wings, Dorm 3, AWS Phil. Comm. 1, Choral Club, Class Council 1,Delta Sigma Theta. BARBARA L. ISOM; Nursing; Santa Monica. JAMES D. Accounting; Northridge; Tennis, Basketball, Delta Tau Delta. MARY J. JOHNSON; English; Los FRANCES F. ITOW; History; Los ELIZABETH J. Public Health; Nakner, Alaska. SANDRA L. Apparel Burlingame; Men ' s Week Exec. Comm., Class 1, Theta Delt Little Sisters, Delta Gamma. CAROLE L. Elem. Whittier; tsf: Fullerton JC; Delta Phi Upsilon, Class Council 3, Sigma Kappa. MARY E. JESSING; Bus. Education; Long Beach; LBCC; Alpha Chi Delta, AMY M. JONES; History; Los Delta Sigma Theta. MARTHA M. Phys. Alhambra; Pres. Cahper, Pub. Chrmn. Women ' s Week,; Anchors, Class Council 1, 2, 3, Alpha Omicron Pi. CAROLYN JETTON; Elem. Education; Azusa; tsf: Mt. SAC; Trolls, AWS Coord. Bd., Panhel. Class Council 3, 4, Alpha Xi Delta. KATHLEEN Physical Education; La Crescenta; tsf: El JC; YWCA, Rec. Club. SHERYL G. JANIS; English; Hollywood; Alpha Lambda Chi Delta Pi, Sigma Delta Tau. FANNY L. Phys. Education; Los Angeles; Univ. Chorus. MERLE H. JOSEPH; English; Beverly Hills; Alpha Phi. MILTON D. Nuclear Vista; Tower, Alpha Gamma Omega. JIM E. JOHNSON; Phys. Education; Kingsburg; tsf: SMCC; Varsity Club, Kelps, Otstndg. Sr., Football 2, 3, 4, Track 2, 3, 4, Pi Lambda Phi. JOHN F. JUAREZ; Spanish; Los tsf: LACC. EVANNE H. Art; Malibu; tsf: Miami U., Ohio; Elec. Bd. 4, Gk. Week Comm. 4, Homecoming Comm. 4, Sigma Kappa. KENNETH R. JOHNSON; Engineeering; Bell; tsf: LACC. WILLIAM P. JUDD; Speech; San tsf: PCC. ISELY KANAWAH FONDA K. JULIAN; Bus. Education Chimes, Bruin Belles. Prytanean, Fash. Bd. Model, Panhel Rep. 3, 4, SoCam Staff 3, Jr. Rep. Bd.,Delta Delta Delta. KURT L. JUNG; French; Oaks. ANNE V. JUSTICE; Bacteriology; Sabers, Alpha Xi Delta. HOWARD C. KAEL; Psychology; Los Angeles; tsf: LACC. ARNOLD D. KAHN; Political Science; Los Angeles; Phi Eta Sigma, Pi Alpha, SJB. EMI KAMIKAWA; Elem. Education; Fresno; Nisei Bruins, Chi Alpha Delta. STANLEY R. KAMIN; Marketing; Los tsf: SMCC; Marketing Kelps. CAROLYN A. KANAWAH; English; tsf: El Camino JC. 458 JAY KANOW; Los Angeles; tsf: LACC. EMMA B. KELLER; French; St. Charles, III.; tsf: Valley JC; Tau Alpha Epsilon, Alpha Mu Gamma, Pi Delta Phi. SADAO KIMURA; Marketing; Los Marketing Club. ROBERT E. Public Health; Los Angeles; tsf: LACC; Public Health Assn., A Cap. Choir, Crew 1, Kappa Nu. MARGARET C. Nursing; Calif.; Alpha Tau Delta, Pres. PRN Club. MARSHA KINDER; English; Los Alpha Delta, VP Chi Delta Pi. CAROL S. Education; Los Angeles; tsf: UCB, Alpha Epsilon Phi. MARIBETH KELLY; Music; Lompoc; Treas. Mu Phi BLAINE D. KING; Political Science; Gold Key, Varsity Club, Track 1, 2, Cross Country 1, 2, SoCam Bus. Mngr., Spring Sing Comm. 3, Men ' s - Greek Week Comm. 4, I FC, Pres. Sigma Nu. HOWARD Z. Political Los Angeles; tsf: LACC; Varsity Club, Cal Men, Track, Cross Men ' s Glee. PATRICIA J. KELLY; Political Science; tsf: Tulane U., La.; NSA Exec. Sec., Trolls, AWS Big Sisters, Greek Week Comm. 4, Alpha Omicron Pi. MARTIN J. KING; Political Science; Los Angeles; tsf: SMCC; Zeta Beta Tau. KAREN KAUB; Int ' l Relations; Los Chimes, Prytanean, Spring Sing Comm. 2, Mardi Gras Comm. 2, ATO Little Sisters, Kappa Kappa Gamma. ANN C. KELT; French; Spurs, AWS Phil. Comm., Soc. Comm., Sec. to VP, Orient. Comm., Newman Club, Zeta Tau Alpha. LINDA C. Bus. Education; Whittier; Bus. Ed. Assn., Mardi Gras Comm., Comm., AWS Big Sisters, Phi Mu. PAUL D. KAUTTO; Electronics; tsf, San Valley DIANE KENNY; Anthropology; Santa Monica; tsf: SMCC; Honors Program, Acad. Chrmn. Univ. Prep, Mortar Board. MARILYN J. Chemistry; Torrance; tsf: U.of Washington. BOB H. Electrical Los Alpha Omega. CAROLE D. Apparel AWS Fash. Bd. 1, 2, 3, Spring Sing 2, Jr. Prom Comm., Pres. Delta Gamma. JILL B. KINMONT; German; Bishop; Delta Phi Alpha. KATHRYN S. KEH; Design; Taipei, Formosa; tsf: LACC. THOMAS F. KIBLER; Marketing; Gardena; tsf: El Camino JC; Marketing Assn., Sigma Pi. SUZANNE D. KISH; Political Science; North Hollywood; tsf: U. of Arizona; Kappa Kappa KANOW KNOX ADRIANNE I. Elem. Upland; Trolls, Alpha Epsil on Phi. CAROLYN English; Sherman Oaks; tsf: UCB; Chi Delta Pi. GORDON B. KLEINPETER; Geography; Los Angeles; tsf: USC; Volleyball, Geol. Soc., Kelps, Beta Theta Pi. CARROL L. Elem. San Gabriel; Fash. Staff, AWS Phil. Comm., Alpha Phi. BRIAN K. KNIFF; Phys. Education; San Dimas; Kelps, Phi Epsilon Kappa, Pres. Varsity Club, Basketball 2, 3, 4, A Cappella Choir, Delta Tau Delta. LEE Engineering; tsf: ESUC. GERHARDT G. Art; Los tsf: LACC. LINDA A. KNOX; History; Manhattan Beach; Chimes, Prytanean, AWS Exec. Bd., Orien. Comm. Chrmn., Drive, Kappa Delta. 459 JANICE M. KOBATA; Latin; Gardena; Bruins, Chi Delta. JO A. KOSBY; Elem. Education; Chicago; Phi Sigma Sigma. WOJCIECH A. Infect. Los Angeles; Alpha Phi Omega. SHINOBU S. Elem. Long Beach; Panel of Amer. 2, 3, Little Sisters of AGO, Alpha Delta Chi. DIANE KOWALSKI; Elem. Education; Los Angeles; LACC; Ski Club. MITSUKO M. Home Los Chi Alpha Delta. RONALD M. KOBAYASHI; Bacteriology; Sun Valley. KUNIZO KOYAMA; Accounting; Los Angeles; tsf: SMCC. SHEILA A. KUEHL; English; Mortar Board, Spurs, Uni - Camp Bd., Elec. Bd. Chrmn. 3, UDWR 3, Otstndg Sr., Rally Comm., Wings, AWS Ldrshp. Wksp. DAVID I. KOGUS; History; Los tsf: SMCC; Zeta Beta Tau. LAURANE Education; Sherman Oaks; tsf: UCB; Univ. Choir. THOMAS L. KUHN; Chemistry; tsf: U. of Wisconsin; Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Mu Gamma, Russian Club, Pre - Assn., SAACS. JANICE E. KOHN; Apparel Long Beach; tsf: LBCC; Jr. Rep. Bd., AWS Coord. Bd., Phi Sigma Sigma. CAROL E. KRAUSE; Spanish; North Hollywood; tsf: UCSB; Sabers, Fash. Bd., Alpha Mu Gamma, Alpha Delta Pi. HIROMU J. KUNO; Engineering; Osaka, Japan; tsf: LACC; Tau Beta Pi. LYNDA N. KOMURE; Business Stockton; Dorm Council, Chi Alpha Delta. PHILIP A. KRAUSE; History; Los Honors Wstwd. YD, ACLU, NAACP. RICHARD M. Civil Alhambra; Amer. Soc. Civil Engrs., Zeta Beta Tau. STEVE L. KORN; Physics; Los EUGENE I. Accounting; Los Angeles; ABS, Phi Sigma Delta. JAMES P. KURTZ; Engineering; Los Angeles; tsf: UCB; Pres. Cal Club, Tau Beta Pi, Uni-Camp Bd., Kelps, Gold Key. CHARLES P. KORR; History; Los NAACP. DARRYL C. KROPKE; Theater Arts; tsf: Valley JC. GENEVIEVE A. LA CESA; Nursing; Chatsworth. KOBATA LARSON NORMAN C. Zoology; Whittier; tsf: JC; Sons of Trolls Jr. Prom, Class Council 3, Tau Omega. DONALD N. LAIRD; Electrical Los tsf: ELAJC. JOHN LAM; Engineeering; Guayaquil, Ecuador; tsf: LACC; ESUC. TERRY A. LA Aeronautical Engineering; Calif; Theta Delta Chi. MERNA D. LAMB; Elem. Education; Hawthorne; tsf: PCC; Campus Dublin Ball, Class Council Alpha Delta Chi. PHYLLIS C. Art - Design; Santa Barbara; tsf: UCSB; Art Club, ISA. JUDITH LARSEN; Elem. Education; Prytanean, Jr. Class Sec., Sr. Class Sec., Uni-Camp Bd., Shell and Oar, Trolls, Elec. Comm. 1, 2, Sigma Kappa. KONRAD K. Political Santa Ana; tsf: Santa Ana JC; Theta Delta Chi. DONALD K. Electronics; Inglewood; Compton JC; ESUC. ELAINE LERCHER; Sociology; Sioux Lookout, tsf; U. of Manitoba; Hillel, Treas. Pi Theta. ALLEN M. LEVIN; Phys. Sc. - Math.; Tujunga; Alpha Chi Sigma, UCHA, NAI C. LEE; Civil Engineering; Los Angeles; tsf: LACC. JACQUELYNE L. LESLEY; English; Los Angeles. GERALDINE R. LEVIN; Mathematics; Lexington, Ky.; Pi Theta. VIVIAN L. LEE; Public Health; Berkeley; tsf; UCB; Public Health Assn. JOEL D. Electronics; Los tsf: ESUC. SHEILA J. LEVIN; Kinder. - Primary; Huntington Park; Hillel, Mardi Gras Comm., AWS Orien. Comm., Dublin Ball Comm. Sigma Delta Tau. FRANCES English; Boston. LEONARD Mechanical Engineering; Los Angeles; tsf: LACC. JUDITH A. LEVITT; Art; Pomona. KAREN A. LENAIN; Recreation; Trolls Rec. Club, Shell and Oar, Glee Theta Upsilon. RONALD B. LEVE; Political Science; Los Angeles; Pi Sigma Alpha, Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma Alpha Mu. HARRIET B. LEVY; Bus. Education; Los Angeles; Sec. Bus. Ed. Assn., Sigma Delta Tau. NINA LENART; Los Angeles. JEREMY E. LEVENSON; Zoology; Los Angeles; IRVING LEW; Health Admin.; Los tsf: NYU; Alpha Phi Omega, Public Health Assn. JUNE A. LENSE; Nursing; Chicago; tsf: U. of Illinois. PEGGY M. Sociology; Los Angeles; Alpha Phi. JIMMY W. LEW; Applied Physics; Inglewood; tsf: LACC. PAUL W. LEONARD; Electronics; tsf: JC; ESUC, Triangle. ROBERTA G. Phys. Milwaukee; tsf: U. of URA Alpha Epsilon Phi. JEAN M. LEWIS; Zoology; Los LAUFFER LONGO THOMAS R. Apparel Lynwood; Lambda Chi Alpha. ALEX LEYTON; Philosophy; North tsf: Valley JC. PENELOPE A. LILE; Educ. Psychology; Jr.Rep. Exec. Comm., Spurs, Prytanean, AWS Soc. Comm., Men ' s Week Comm., Class Council 1, 2, 2, 3, Pres. Alpha Phi. CAROL J. Speech - Los Angeles; Delta Zeta. BARBARA A. Apparel Riverside; Bruin Belles, Wings, Glee Club, Delta Delta Delta. EDWARD H. Political North Class 1, 2, 3, 4, Spring Sing Comm. 2, 3, 4, Alpha Pi. JO ANN LOCKETT; Mathematics; Trolls, Spring Sing Comm. 3, Elec. Comm. 1, 2, Class Council 1, 2, 3, Alpha Delta Pi. ANTHONY J. Bus. Education; San Gabriel; tsf: Mt. SAC; Bus. Ed. Assn., Varsity Club, Football, Rugby, Squad, Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Kappa Psi. 461 1959 1959, we ' re Sophomores. Rafer becomes ASUCLA Prexy .. . Peggy Weyman and four other lovelies honored at Homecoming. Highlight of Greek Week is the chariot race. A thousand watch Delta Sigs take it .. . . Jayne Mansfield returns to " her alma mater " for Mardi Gras, entertains many.... Gamma Ph Beta and Acacia team up in Spring Sing to win mixed division and Sweepstakes. 463 MARY L. LOPEZ; History; Utica, NY; tsf: LACC. LUCIA M. LUX; Nursing; Santa Monica; Alpha Tau Delta, PRN Club. JEROME MARKS; Political Science; Los Angeles; Pi Lambda Phi. CAROLE J. LOSEY; Elem. Education; Los Angeles; tsf: U. of Spurs, Mortar Bd., Bruin Belles, Exec. Comm., Alpha Phi. DONALD J. MACK; Psychology; Hawaii; U. of Hawaii; and Pre-Med. Assn. DORIS E. MARRANT; English; Venice; tsf: SMCC; Chi Delta Pi, Alpha Mu Gamma, Phi Beta Kappa. ANNE MARIE S. LOVGREN; Political Science; Orebro, Sweden; tsf: Half Orebro, Dorm Council. WILLIAM T. English; Paramount; Compton JC. HERMAN T. MARSTON; Music; tsf: Drake U.; Phi Mu Alpha Orchestra 1, Band 2. LOIS M. LOWE; Music; Pasadena; tsf: Occidental; Pres. Sigma Alpha Iota. HELENE M. Home Los Angeles. VIOLET H. Nursing; Hanford; tsf: College, Tenn.; RN Club. ANDREW P. LUCICH; Theater Arts; Pacific Palisades; tsf: JC; Alpha Rho. ALICE K. MANN; Elem. Education; Los Angeles, Jr. Prom Comm., AWS Fash. Bd. 2, Mardi Grass Comm. Kappa Delta. ERIC W. MARTENS; Political Science; North Elec. Bd. Chrmn., IFC, Pres. Sigma Nu. SAMUEL E. LUPO; Int ' l Relations; Fairmont, NC; tsf: LACC. DARLENE K. MANN; Bus. Education; Bakersfield; tsf: Bakersfield JC; Trolls, AWS Soc. Comm., Alpha Delta Pi. BUCKLEY G. Phys. Kingsburg; Varsity Club, 1, 2, Show, Sigma Pi. WILLIE D. Electronics; Oxnard; tsf: PCC; ESUC. ROBERT R. MANN; Marketing; Assn. ELAINE J. MARTIN; Music; Culver City; A Cappella Choir, Glee Club. FREDERICK J. LUTZ; Political Science; Sherman Oaks; Soph Co - Pub. Chrmn., Men ' s Week Pub. Comm. 1, HARRIET E. History; Chicago; Wstwd. YD, NAACP, Campus Crusade 1, 2. JOHN W. MARTIN; Zoology; Santa Ana; A Cappella Choir, Class Council 3, Theta Delta Chi. LOPEZ MAYS LINDA E. MARTIN; Psychology; Panhel. 3, Soc. Chrmn. Dance 3, Fash. Bd. Model 1, 2, 3, Alpha Delta Pi. CHARLES K. MASSE; Zoology; Los tsf: SMCC; Honors at NANCY E. English; Pasadena; tsf: PCC. GILBERT M. Engineering; Los Angeles; Pi Mu Epsilon, Tau Beta Pi. ANGELINA MASTT; Spanish; El Centro. JANE T. Elem. Los Angeles; Nisei Bruins, Chi Alpha Delta. HANS W. Bus. Administration; Sravanger, Norway; tsf; State U. PETER MAYS; Arts; Los Pi Mu Zeta Psi. LYLE A. McBEE; History; Visalia. PHYLLIS E. Elem. San Pedro; tsf: Harbor JC; Shell and Oar Pres. Twin Pines. HAROLD D. McNEE, JR.; Finance; Ojai; tsf: Ventura JC. CAROLYN J. Elem. Education; Santa Maria; Uni - Camp, Homecoming Comm., Fall Drive, Chi Omega. VERA J. Public Health Education; Los PATRICIA A. English; VP Mortar Board, Wings, Pres. Jr. Panhel., Chrmn. All-Opp. Team, Chi Omega. GLENDA H. McCOO; Economics; Los Angeles. THELMA A. English; tsf: El Camino JC. LINDA J. McNEIL; Elem. Education; Pasadena; tsf: FCC; Bruin Belles AWS Exec. Sec. 3, 2, SoCam Exec. Sec. 4, Delta Gamma. BRIAN Production Manhattan Beach; tsf: Lambda Chi Alpha. SANDRA L. McLAIN; Elem. Education; Reseda, Alpha Phi. WILLIAM J. JR.; Soph Class Treas., Jr. Class Treas., Jr. Prom, Blood Drive, Rally Comm. 1, 2, Dublin Ball 2, Otstndg. Sr.Award, Alpha Tau Omega. JAMES A. Political Brea; Band; Sigma Chi. MAUREEN D. McLAUGHLIN History; Westchester; tsf: Redlands; Shell and Oar, AWS Soc. Comm. 2, Aquacade 2, Orchesis 2, Alpha Delta. HARRY A. Los Angeles; Excep. Student Program, Baseball 1, Daily Bruin Sports Ed. 4, Sigma Nu. SUSAN M. Elem. North tsf: Univ. Prep Comm., Mardi Gras Comm., Mortar Bd., Trolls, Gamma Phi Beta. WILLIAM R. Political Science; Los Crew. LINDA H. MEHR; History; Los Alpha Delta. GARY O. Engineering; Culver City; tsf: SMCC; Triangle. MARSHA K. Political Chula Vista; Bruin YR 3, 4, Class Council 1, 2, 3, Alpha Xi Delta. ROBERT A. Art Los Angeles. WILLIAM H. Long Beach; tsf: LBCC. EUGENE L. Geography; Sunland; tsf: PCC. SHELDON I. MENDE; Finance; Los Angeles; tsf: SMCC; Assn., Cal Men. McBEE MILLER RONALD W. History; Bakersfield. M. PAUL MESSIN EO; History; Los tsf: Glendale CC; Homecoming Comm., Alpha Omega. MARGO S. Sociology; Montrose; ASUCLA Sec., AWS Phil. Club, Class Council 2, 3, Alpha Xi Delta. BEVERLY N. MEYER; Nursing; Berkeley; tsf: Antelope JC; Alpha Tau Delta PRN Club. LINDA R. MEYER; Political Science; Los Angeles; Bruin Belles 1. RUTH S. MEYER; Music; Escondido; Alpha Mu Gamma, Sigma Alpha Iota, Alpha Delta Chi. DAVID C. MIELKE; Finance; San Scabbard and Blade, Kelps, Basketball 1, Delta Sigma Phi. DOTTIE G. MILLER; English; Trolls, Daily Bruin News Ed. 2, Prod, Mng r. 1, ASUCLA Pub. Writer. 465 ROBERT W. MILLER; History; Los tsf: Kappa Alpha Psi. LILLIAN Y. Mathematics; Thermal, Calif. BRENDA Elem. Education; Los Angeles; NAACP, Alpha Alpha. THEODORE C. MILLER; Public Service; Los Angeles; Cricket, Crew, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. TRUE MOHLENHOFF; Home Economics; Bruin YR, Exec. Sec. 3, Soc. Comm. 2, Fash. Staff 2, Choral Club 3, Coord. Panhel. Fashion Show 3, Alpha Phi. DONNA L. MOORE; Elem. Education; Westchester; OCB, AWS Phil. Comm., Class Council 1, 2, 3, 4, Alpha Xi Delta. WILLIAM H. Phys. Altadena; Club, Football 1, Baseball 3, Phi Kappa Psi. PATRICIA L. MOLL; Elem. Education; Long Beach; Dorm Council. JANICE C. MOORE; Elem. Education; Santa Ana; tsf: SAJC; Delta Phi Upsilon. MEIR M. MILLO; Phys. Education; Ramat-Gan, tsf: UCB. BARBARA J. Political North Daily Bruin 1, 2, Class Council 1, Pres. Pi Theta. RAYMOND Statistics; Santa Monica; Theta Delta Chi. SUE R. MILLS; Inglewood; tsf: El Camino JC; Bruin Belles, Comm., Theta Delt Little Sisters, Alpha Pi. CLINTON D. Phys. North Hollywood; tsf: Valley JC; Rec. Club, MACIub, CSTA. VICTOR M. Accounting; Los Angeles; LACC; Kappa Sigma. DIANE S. MINTZ; English; Glendale; Elec.Bd. 2, Trolls, Class 1, Phi Sigma Sigma. MARILYN Kinder. Primary; Beverly Hills; tsf: Delta Gamma. DELLENE M. MORELAND; History; tsf: COP; Dorm Council, Folk Dance Club, Honors Program, Pres. Rudy Hall. SUZANNE M. MITCHELL; Psychology; Fullerton; tsf: Fullerton JC; Gamma Phi Beta. SUSAN R. English; North Hollywood; Glee Club, A Choir, AWS Exec. Bd., Sr. Prom, Model UN, Jr. Prom, Sr. Soc. Club, Pi Beta Phi. KAYOKO Sociology; Los Angeles. CAROL T. MIURA; Adver. Design; Dorm Council, Nisei Bruins, Pi Delta, Class Council 2, 3. THOMAS O. Inglewood; tsf: U. of Texas. YASUO MORIOKA; Geography; Pomona; tsf: UCB. MILLER MOSHER JAY C. MORLEY; Sociology; Santa Monica; tsf: U. EUGENIA MOROSOFF; Public Los Angeles; Alpha Mu Gamma, Phrateres. ANNE MARIE W.MORRIS; Spanish; Sherman Oaks; tsf: Valley JC; Alpha Mu Gamma, Sigma Delta Pi. DAVID R. MORRIS; Zoology; Walnut MARJORIE G. MORRIS; Music; Merced; Pres. Mu Phi A Cappella Choir 3, Choral Club 1. STEPHEN M. Accounting; Los Angeles; Accounting Soc., Tau Delta Phi. SHARON L. Elem. Los Angeles; Blood Drive, Wings, Theta Delt Little Sisters, Alpha Delta Pi. CHARLES A. English; NY; tsf: U. of Buffalo, NY; Chi Delta Pi. 466 FAYE A.MOSS; English; Northridge; tsf: UCSB; Spurs, Chimes, Panhel., Choral Club, Alpha Phi. SHARON H. Psychology; Los Angeles; SMCC; Hillel. TOMOKI T. Elem. Los Angeles Varsity Club. ALYCE J. MOUAT; Bus. Education; San Marino; Spurs, Chimes, Bus. Ed. Assn., Pres. Phi Beta. MICHAEL J. Zoology; Alpha Phi. DANIEL H. Los Angeles. NICHOLAS P. MOULINOS; Bacteriology; Pireans, Greece; Athens, Greece. JEROME G. MUNO; Engineering; Long Beach; ESUC. WESTON I. Detroit, Mich.; tsf: El Camino JC. JOHN D. Music; Phi Mu Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 2, Opera Wkshp. 1. WILLETTE J. Economics; Pres. Sr. Class, LDWR 2, Cal Club, Bruin Belles, All-U Wkend. Stud. - Fac. Comm., Prytanean, Deleg. 2, Otstndg. Jr., Otstndg. FRANCIS T. NATORI; Political Science; Honolulu, Hawaii; tsf: U. of Hawaii; Arnold Air Society. MING Y. MOY; Physics; Los Physics Honorary, Rally Comm. RICHARD S. Business Los JO ANN E. Art; Los NSID, Wings, Sigma Kappa. CAROL A. MRAZEK; Zoology; Van Nuys; Wings, Chi Omega. NANCY M. Elem. Santa Delta Phi Gamma Phi Beta. ROBERT W. Psychology; Redondo Beach; tsf: El Camino JC; MACIub Coun.. Wesley Opera Workshop. MANFRED C. MUELLER; Electronics; Inglewood; ESUC, IRE. SUSAN A. NAGIN; History; Los Uni - Alpha Epsilon Phi. WILLIAM J. Mathematics; Oxnard; Varsity Club, Track 1, 2, Kelps, Sigma Nu. LOUIS M. Business Los Angeles; Delta Phi. MELVIN K. Economics; Gold Key, Class, Chrmn. Bd.Control, Pres., Yeomen, Cal Club, NSA, Pres. Theta Delta Chi. MARION J. NESS; Dance; Glendale; tsf: Glendale CC; Dance Recital, Omicron Pi. MOSS NOVESHEN JACK M. NEWMAN; Political Science; Phi Eta Sigma, Model UN 2, 3, 4, SU Bd. 4, Elec. Bd. 2, 3, NSA 3, Wstwd. YD, Pi Sigma Alpha, Alpha Mu. DAVID T. NEWELL; Astronomy; Los tsf: JC; MACIub, Bruin YR. MASAKO NISHI; Elem. Education; Gardena; tsf: El Camino JC; Nisei Bruins, Chi Alpha Delta. HOWARD I. NISHIMURA; Accounting; Los Angeles; tsf: LACC; Accounting Soc.,Nisei Bruin Club. RONALD G. Electronics; Los Angeles; Tau Beta Pi, IRE, ESUC. WARREN J. Geology; North Band. ROBERT L. NORCROSS, JR.; Engineering; tsf: SMCC; Triangle. ESTHER NOVESHEN; Sociology; Los Hillel. 467 DAVID J. OATEY; Statistics; Van Nuys; tsf: UCSB; Club, Sigma Phi Epsilon. NAOMI L. English; Los Angeles. HELEN E. PACHAN; Nursing; Clarissa, Minn.; tsf; LACC; RN Club, Alpha Tau Delta. TSUTOMU Chemical Japan; tsf: PCC. DANA B. OLCOTT; Pre-Social Welfare; Berkeley; Shell and Oar, Rally Comm. SAUL PACHECO; Wilmington; tsf: Harbor JC; Rugby 3, Football 1. ALICE M. OGAWA; Phys. Education; Santa Maria. EDMUND D. Accounting; Los Angeles; tsf: ELAJC. TONI P. PAGE; Illustration; Santa Ana. SADAYOSHI Electronics; Japan; Tau Beta Pi. JACK W. OSTRODE, JR.; Marketing; Sherman Oaks; Kappa Psi, Marketing Assn., Scabb. and Blade, Beta Theta Pi. RAEANNA PALLAI; Spanish; Pueblo, Colo ; tsf: U. of Colo.; Chi Omega. CAROLE A. Phys. Covina; Board, Mu Phi Epsilon, Band Glee Club 2, Books for India, Pres. Neva Hall. SATORU OUCHIDA; English; Sao Paulo, Brazil; tsf: PCC. PAUL P. PALVEN; English; Pacific Palisades; Chi Pi. RICHARD F.OHAP; Engineering; tsf: PCC; Tau Beta Pi Pres. ESUC. RICHARD R. English; Los Angeles. DIANE G. PAPKIN; North tsf: UCB; Natl. Soc. Int. Dsngrs., Art Club, Olio Show, Sigma Delta Tau. JANET B. Elem. Los tsf: Univ. Chorus. THOMAS OWENS; Music; Redondo Beach; tsf: El JC; Honors Program, Band 4, Univ. Chorus 4. GARY F. PARKER; Physical Education; Arlington, Va.; tsf: George Washington U. AMY OKAMOTO; Mathematics; Los Angeles; Chi Alpha Delta, Nisei Bruins. CHARLES K. OYAGI; Engineering; Lihue, Kauai, Hawaii. KHOSROW PARSA; Chemistry; Tehran, Iran; tsf: Minn. U. OATEY PATTERSON KENNETH B. PARSONS; Mathematics; Los Angeles; tsf: Montana St. Univ.; Sigma Alpha NANCY J. Kinder. - Los Angeles; Shell and Oar; Gamma. Phi Beta. BRADLEY E. PART; Sociology; Beverly Hills; Uni-Camp Bd., Gold Key, Spring Drive, Pi Lambda Phi. JOHN B. Geography; Long Beach; tsf: LBCC; Geological GRACE E. PATIN; Home Economics; Los Angeles; LACC. EDWARD H. JR.; Finance; tsf: Pomona; Alpha Kappa Psi. OWEN B. Accounting; Monrovia; tsf: Alpha Kappa Psi, Beta Gamma Sigma, ASB, Soc, Comm. ELLIS E. PATTERSON, JR.; City; Phi Mu Alpha, Band, Lambda Chi Alpha. ARNOLD M. PAYNE Political Science Los Angeles; tsf: LACC; Alpha Mu Gamma. RALPH M. Los Angeles Theta Xi. MAX F. Economics Van Nuys; tsf: Rosa JC. ROBERT M. Finance; Los Angeles; Gold Key, Football 1, Rugby, Uni-Camp, Phi Sigma. LAURENCE E. Zoology; Hills; Alpha Epsilon Pi. MARIA E. Spanish; Cordoba, Argentina. JEROME PEARSON; Geography; A Cappella Choir, Pres. Theta Xi. FAITH PERRY; Los Angeles; tsf: Wright JC; Pi Theta. BEVERLY J. PHELPS; Fullerton; Alpha Tau Delta, PRN MIRIAM J. Elem. Temple City; Rally Comm., Alpha Delta. NORMAN J. PERRY; Marketing; Los Tennis 2, 3, 4, Men ' s Athletic Board, Beta Theta Pi. RICHARD Van ESUC, Glee Club. EARL A. PEAY; Electrical Los Angeles; tsf: Choffey JC; Tau Beta Pi, ESUC. MAXINE A. PETERS; Zoology; Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan; tsf: LACC; Club. WILFORD A. PHELPS; Archeology; Malibu; tsf: UCSB; Wrestling, and Blade, Delta Tau Delta. BARBARA A. PEGG; Business Education; Los Angeles RICHARD PETERS; Marketing; North Hollywood; tsf. State; Marketing Assn., Zeta Beta Tau. NICHOLAS R. Mechanical Engineering; tsf: LACC; Tau Beta Pi. SHIRLEY R. Elem. Los Angeles; Pi Theta. BONNIDEAN PETTY; Political Science; Woodland Hills; tsf: BYU; Chairman Model UN, NSA, Campus Theater, Phi. LOUIS A. English; North Hollywood; Kappa Alpha. BARBARA A. Long Beach; tsf: LBCC; Class Council 3, Student Academic Senate, Jr. Prom Comm., Trolls, Alpha Pi. GARY A. PEVNICK; Political Science; Los Angeles; LACC. DAVID W. Accounting; Oildale; tsf: JC. PAYNE PITCHER PENNY E. Language Arts; Torrance; tsf: El Camino JC; Sec. Bruin Belles, Mardi Gras Comm., Theater. ROBERT L. Engineering; Downey; Theta Delta Chi. GEORGE J. Political Quartz Hill; Sky Diving Club, Daily Bruin Mgr., Kappa Sigma. RUTH L. PILOT; Los tsf: U. of Illinois. SHELDON PINCHUK; Political Science; Hollywood; tsf: LACC; Crew, Club. GORDON L. PINE; Geology; Van Nuys; tsf: Valley JC; Society. JOE PIRTLE; Bonham, Texas; tsf: Fullerton JC. RITA J. PITCHER; Apparel Brea; tsf: Fullerton JC; AWS Fashion Board, Election Comm., Sigma Kappa. 469 HENRY C. PLETCH; Engineering; Los Angeles; tsf: LACC. JAMES L. PRATT; Engineering; North Hollywood; tsf, JC; ESUC Newsletter. VICKI A. PUFF; Home Economics; Los Angeles; tsf: Pomona College; Panhellenic Council, Pi Beta Phi. LAWRENCE I. English; Los Angeles. LAURENCE PRESS; Business Administration; Prairie Village, Kansas; tsf: Tech; Theta Xi. KATHERINE R. Nursing; Los Angeles; Delta Gamma. MARJORIE Los Angeles; A Cappella Choir 3, 4, Alpha Kappa Alpha. CYNTHIA C. Elem. Los Angeles; tsf: Pierce JC; Fashion Board Model, Alpha Chi Omega. ANN C. PURDY; Marketing; La Mesa; tsf: Glendale JC; A Cappella Choir, Band. ARTHUR J. Political Beverly Hills; A Cappella Choir, G lee Club, Senior Prom, Phi Sigma Delta. MILDRED M. Nursing; North Hollywood; tsf: Valley JC; RN Club, Alpha Tau Delta. NANCY E. Home Bellflower; tsf: LBCC; Helen Mathewson Club. ARTHUR F. Business Los Bus. Ed. Assn., Tau Delta Phi. LINDA E. PREWETT; Geography; Santa Maria; Chimes, Bruin Belles 2, 4, Wings, Spurs, SoCam Queen, Gamma Phi Beta. JONATHAN M. PURVER; Political Hollywood; Honors Program, Crew, SJB, Pres. Pi Sigma Alpha, VP Pi Kappa Delta, Scabbard and Blade. MARILYN M. PON; Bus. Education; Los Angeles; Pi Omega Pi, Alpha Chi Delta. SPENCER G. History; Los Angeles; tsf: SMCC. VERDA M. Nursing; Easthampton Mass.; Alpha Tau Delta, RN Club. BETH L. PORTER; Nursing; Riverside; tsf, Riverside CC; Anchors, PRN Club, Alpha Omicron Pi. LEO M. PRUDEN; Oriental Lang.; Los Angeles. JOYCE L. Elem. Hollywood; Bruin Belles, Alpha Epsilon Phi. CAROL B. POZIL; Home Economics; Los Angeles; Home Delta Tau. PHILIP V. PRUITT; Music; Altadena; tsf: FCC; Concert Band, A Cappella RALPH M. RALL; Electronics; Beach; tsf: El Camino JC; ESUC. PLETCH REIFMAN RENA RAPPAPORT; Sociology; Malden, Mass.; Pres. Stevens House, Dorm CAROL ANN Interior Design; South Gate; tsf: LBCC; Chorus, Homecoming, Sigma Nu White Rose Princess, Interior Design Society, Alpha Chi Omega. JOHN T. RATHSAM; Business Los Angeles; tsf: SMCC; A Choir, Glee Club, Alpha Kappa Psi. KENT R. REDELINGS; Finance; Hollywood; AMS Secretary-Treaserer, Spring Sing, Greek Week, Alpha Kappa Psi, Alpha Tau Omega. RICHARD W. REDMOND; Finance; Huntington Park; tsf: Compton JC; Assn. BARBARA L. REED; Phys. Education; tsf: Harbor JC; Swim Show, Ski Club. DONALD B. REED; Music; La Mesa; tsf: San State; A Cappella Choir, Band, Kappa IRVING P. Political Los Angeles; Chrmn. Model UN, Phi Eta Sigma Alpha Mu. 470 ROBERT N. REINERTSON; Los Angeles; tsf: Concordia JC, NY; Alpha Gamma Omega. SALLY L. Elem. Santa Monica; tsf: UCB; Head Songleader 4, 3, 4, Exec. Comm., Chi Omega. RICHARD R. Music Riverside; tsf: Stockton JC; Band Mngr., Band 2, 3, 4, Stad. Exec. Comm., Bruin YR, Kappa Kappa Psi. JOYCE A. Elem. Long Beach; Phi Sigma Sigma. NORMAN L. History; Los Angeles. DONALD F. ROBERTSON; Beach; Sigma Nu. OC RENFRO; Arts; Hereford, Texas; tsf: Texas Tech.; Alpha Psi Omega, Campus Theater. LOUIS RIFKIN; Economics; Los Angeles. GORDON G. Inglewood; FAHED T. RENNO; Marketing; Haifa, Palestine; tsf: U. of Detroit. MARVIN A. RING; Electronics; Los tsf: LACC; AIEE, IRE. JAY V. ROEBUCK; Political Science; Pomona; tsf: Sigma Pi. SAUL R. REUBEN; Business Administration; Montebello; tsf: ELAJC; Beta Gamma Sigma. MARY A. RIOS; Elem. Education; Pomona; tsf: Mt. SAC; Jr. Rep. Bd., Jr. Prom Exec. Comm., Pres. Neva Hall. JUDITH M. ROFFE; Sociology; Los THOMAS REVY; Economics; Los Angeles; tsf: UCB; SAACS, Mardi Gras Comm. 2, Greek Week Comm. 3, Men ' s Week Comm. 3, Phi Delta Theta. ANN C. RIPPARD; Nursing; Long Beach. ELSIE V. ROGERS; Elem. Education; Los Angeles. MARCELINO Engineering; Buenos Aires, tsf: U. of Buenos Aires; AIEE, IRE. CAROL A. RIVERA; History; Los tsf: Alpha Epsilon Phi. EDWARD A. Mathematics; North Hollywood. FRANK REYES; El Paso, Texas; tsf: ELAJC; ESUC. WILLIAM R. ROACH; Finance; Sun Tennis 1, Theta Delta Chi. NELS A. RONNEBERG; Zoology; Lawndale; tsf: El Camino JC. REINERTSON ROTHBERG ELEANOR S. ROONEY; Business Los HAROLD C. Physical Education; Beverly Hills; tsf: Valley JC; Kelps, Beta Theta Pi. RONALD A. Electronics; Los Angeles; Varsity Club, Baseball 1, 2, 3, Kelps. CHARLES M. JR.; Political Science; Van Nuys; Pres. Gold Key 4, IFC, Daily Bruin Ed. 4, Mng. Ed. 4, City Ed. 3, Scop Ed. 3, Pres. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. MARSHA H. Elem. Education; North Hollywood. JEFFREY C. ROTH; Zoology; Los tsf: SMCC. RICHARD N. ROTH; Political Science; Los Angeles; Gold Key, Uni-Camp Bd., Spring Drive. MAXINE Design; Los Angeles 471 KENNETH A. ROTHSCHILD; Mathematics; Los Angeles; Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Tennis Mngr. 1, 2, 3, 4. WILLLIAM S. Engineering; Los Angeles; Tau Beta Pi, ESUC, Class Council 1, 2. KAY K. SAKATA, Mathematics; Los Angeles; Project India. LAURENCE M. Electronics; Sepulveda; tsf: LACC. MIKE B. RUTBERG; Political Science; Los Angeles; Program, Rally Comm. 1, Phi Eta Sigma, Int ' I Rel Club, Zeta Beta Tau. THOMAS L. Insur ance; Los Angeles; Kelps, Gold Key, Sigma Nu. SUSAN S. Elem. Los Anchors. SANDRA N. RYAN; History; Santa tsf: SMCC; Mortar Bd., Wstwd. YD 4, SoCam Staff 3, Daily Bruin 3, Newman Hall 3, 4, Delta Zeta. EUGENE I. History; Minn.; Alpha Epsilon Pi. CHARLES A. RUIZ; Production Management; West Covind; Alpha Kappa Psi. DIANE B. SACHS; Theater Arts; San Francisco; Alpha Epsilon Rho, Kap and Bells, Elec. Comm., Phi Sigma Sigma. JUDITH M. Political Long Beach; Elec.Bd. 3, Comm. 1,2, Bruin YR 1, 2, 3, URA Folk Dance Club, Hillel, Council 1, 3. MANUEL RUIZ; Applied Physics; Madrid, Spain. MELVYN D. SACKS; Economics; North Hollywood; tsf: JC. TOBY G. SANDERS; Education; Los tsf: UCB; Trolls. MARY J. Spanish; El Centro. JOHN W. SAFFRO; Finance; Los ASB, Assn., Scabbard and BI., Pres. Pi Lambda Phi. AGNES K. SATO; English; Los tsf: LACC. KARLENE K. RUPP; Art; Oakland; Daily Bruin 1, Alpha Lambda Delta, Epsilon, Dean ' s Honor List, Apparel Club. MADELINE L. SAFRAN; History-Elem. Education; Los A Cappella Choir, Mo del UN, Alpha Lambda Sec. Men ' s Week, Bruin Belles, Uni-Camp, Alpha Epsilon Phi. SHARON K. English; tsf: UCSB; Trolls, Daily Bruin 3, 4, Wings, Sigma Phi, Zeta. ROBIN M. RUSH; English; Los Exec. Sec. VP ASUCLA, SLC Sec., AWS Coord. Bd., Rally Comm., Anchors, Trolls, Pres. Delta Zeta. DOLLY A. Elem. Los tsf: U., Ohio. STANLEY R. SAX; Finance; Beverly Hills; Scabbard and Blade, AMS SU Men ' s Week Exec. Comm., Spring Sing, Jr. Prom Exec. Comm., Pi Lambda Phi. ROTHSCHILD SCHONFELD ALLEN E. SCATES; Physical Education; Los Angeles; tsf: SMCC; Phi Epsilon Kappa, Volleyball 3, 4, Phi Kappa Sigma. MICHAEL Motion Pictures; Los ROBERT S. Advertising Art; Newark, NJ; tsf; Rutgers; Spring Sing, Choral Club, Zeta Beta Tau. SUZANNE Sociology; Los Angeles; Rally Comm. 1, Shell and Oar. JEAN M. Mathematics; North Hollywood. JERRY P. Engineering; Los Angeles; Tau Delta Phi. ISABEL History; Culver City; Class Council 1, CSTA. RENEE M. SCHONFELD; English; San Pedro; Trolls, Pres. Sigma Delta Tau 472 ROBERT G. SCHRADER; Finance; Riverside; Conning Tower, Sigma Pi. MARSHALL SEGAL; Economics; NSA Rep 3, Vice Chrmn. SU Bd. ISA, Daily Bruin Feat. Ed. 4, Pres. Eta Sigma, Honors Program, Honor List, MAC. BEATRICE A. SHELDEN; Education; Los Angeles; tsf: UCB; Pi Lambda Theta. ROBERT Finance; Los Angeles; Theta Delta Chi. LYDIA Bacteriology; Los Angeles; tsf: Citrus JC; ISA, VP Hershey Hall. ALAN Theatre Arts; Los Bruin Intro Editor 4. GEORGE Physics; Beverly Hills; Sigma Pi Sigma, Comm., Jr. Prom Exec. Comm., Spring Sing, SLC Rep 3, LD Rep Bd. 2, Jr. Rep Bd. 3, AMS VP 4, Phi Sigma Delta. ROBERT A. SHAIN; Pre-Medical; Los Angeles; Rifle, Glee Club. MARTHA Home Economics; Beach; Omicron Nu, Home Ec. Club, Choral Club Dorm Council. CAROL Beverly Hills; Alpha Phi. STEPHEN B. Zoology; Dublin Ball Men ' s Week Comm. 2, Elec. Bd. 3, Pre Med. Assn., Greek Week Comm. 2, Class Council 1, 2, 3, 4, Pi Lambda Phi. MARY S. Art; Kobe, Japan; tsf: LACC. RAYMOND Ancient History; NY; tsf: LI U, NY; Westwind 3, 4, Daily Bruin 3, 4, Chi Gamma Iota. RONA LD M. Music; tsf: Ventura JC; A Cappella Choir. ROSS H. SHIMEALL; Meteorology; San Diego. STUART O. Los Angeles; ESUC Class Pres. 1, 2, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, NSA, Tau Beta Pi, Phi Mu Alpha, Kappa Kappa Psi, Daily Bruin MACIub. MICHAEL R. Political Los Angeles; Glee Club Chrmn. Greek Week, Sr. Prom, Kelps, Phi Delta. MARY P. SHINN; Elem. Education; Los Angeles; Panhel Rep, Kappa Alpha Theta. LAWRENCE H. SCOTT; Art; Los Angeles; tsf, LACC; Water Polo 1. SUSAN C. SHAPIRO; History; Los URA Riding Club, Phrateres. NORVAL R. SHINN; Industrial Design; Los Angeles; tsf: PCC; Assn., Pres. Glee Club, Alpha Tau Omega. RONALD R. SEDEROFF; Zoology; Lakewood; tsf: LBCC; Pre-Med. Assn., Hillel. CAROL T. Elem. Los Angeles; tsf: SMCC. DAVID M. Plant Science; Torrance; Alpha Phi Omega. SCHRADER SILVERMAN MUTSUO SHINODA; Electronics; Cutler, Calif.; tsf: College of Sequoias; ESUC, Nisei Bruins, Club. MICHAEL E. Finance; Pasadena; tsf: Kelps, Rugby 2, 3, 4, Football, Phi Delta Theta. BARRY S. Political San Jose; Dublin Ball Comm. 2 For. Stud. Fest. 3„ Blood Drive Sigma Alpha Mu. MARTIN P. Political Los Angeles; SLC, UDMR 4, Chrmn. SLA, NSA Del, 3, Class Council 1, 2. JANET L. SIGLEY; Mathematics; Sabers, Univ. Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Phi Mu. DIANE SILVERMAN; Speech; Los Assoc. ASHA, Fash. Bd., Belles, Daily Bruin Soc. Ed. 3, Sigma Sigma. ILA M. Elem. Los tsf: UCB; Epsilon Phi. RONALD I. Political Project India 4, Gold Key, Cal Club, Chrmn. Fall Drive, Homecoming Comm., Yeomen, Otstndg. Jrs, Zeta Tau. 473 1960 1960, our Junior Year ... Pete Gamer is Student Body President .. . After SC demise (10-3), none is happier than Captain Ray Smith . 474 . . . SAEs and PiPhis take Spring Sing honors .. . Queen Ann (Bixler) and Court reign at Homecoming. 475 CARMEL SIMMONS; Psychology; Fresno; Daily Bruin City Ed. 2, Prod. Mngr. 1, Prytanean, Alpha Kappa Alpha. RICHARD H. SKAGGS; Long Beach; tsf: LBCC; Kappa Alpha Order. SANDRA L. SMIDT; Nursing, Los MAXINE B. Elem. Education; Los Phi Sigma Sigma. JOHN M. SKAUG; Engineering; tsf: Compton JC. GEORGE A. SMITH; Accounting; Los Exec. Sec. IFC, Chrmn. Stud. Pkg. Rev. Bd., Pres. Phi Kappa Psi. TONI J. SIMPSON; Sociology; Los tsf: LACC; Delta Sigma Theta. SUELLEN C. Nursing; Downey; Alpha Tau Delta, Panel Amer., Class Council 1, 2, Alpha Omicron Pi. GERALD G. SMITH; Mech. Engineering; Fullerton; tsf: JC; Phi Kappa Psi. JOSEPH D. SIMS, JR.; English; tsf: Stockton JC. ROBERT H. SKLAR; Engineering; Los Angeles; tsf: LACC; ESUC. JERRY W. SMITH; Marketing; Ohio; tsf: U of Colo.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. GEORGE M. Political Science; Palos E.; tsf: Kappa . ALBERT SKULSKY; Pre - Medical; Los Angeles; tsf: Queen ' s College, NY. LOWELL L. SMITH; Engineering; West Covina; tsf: San Jose State. HELEN M. SINGER; Spanish; Los Sigma Delta LEONARD SLEGERS; Engineering; tsf: Cerritos JC; ESUC, Triangle. MICHAEL Business Administration; Santa Monica; tsf: SMCC. SANDY M. SINGER; Accounting; Los Band, Soc., Tau Epsilon Phi. JOHN B. SLOAT; Engineering; Los Angeles; ESUC, Computer Club, Tau Beta Pi, IFC, Pres. Acadia. MURRAY A. SMITH; Real Estate; Los Angeles. MARK E. SINK; Mechanical Ind.; SMCC; ESUC. CAROL R. SMART; History; Los Chi Omega. CATHERINE R. Physical Cameron, Wisc.; tsf: LACC. SIMMONS SOULE JOAN M. SNOW; History; Lindsay, Calif.; tsf: UCD. JEROME F. SNYDER; Finance; Kelps, Zeta Beta Tau. JON SNYDER; Engineering; Beverly Hills; tsf: SMCC; ESUC. MARSHA I. SOBELL; Mathematics; North Hollywood. MARJORIE A. SONNTAG; Elem. Education; La tsf: Glendale CC; AWS Comm., AWS Lead. Wkshp. Comm., Speaker ' s Pub. Chrmn., SoCam Staff, Delta BARTHOLD W. SORGE, JR.; Arcadia; Gold Key, Spring Sing, Chrmn. Rally Comm., Comm., Elec. Bd., Chan. Adv. Otstndg. Sr. NINETTE SOUDRY; English; Meknes, Morocco; tsf: Faculte des Lettres, Morocco. CARLIN L. SOULE; Political Science; Glendale; tsf: BYU; Marketing Assn., Chrmn. Jr. Prom Queen Contest, Phi Kappa Sigma. 476 AGNES M. SOUZA; Bacteriology; tsf: U., Mass. ALLAN D. STAMPA; Geography; Los Varsity Club, Rifle Team 2, 3, 4. TED E. STEINER; Mathematics; Los Angeles. TAHIEA M. Bus. Bradbury, Calif; Pi Beta Phi. ESTHER K. STANGLE; Psychology; Los Angeles; tsf: U. of Chicago; Dean ' s Honor List, Honors Program. TERRY STEINHART; Political Science; Los Angeles; Pi Sigma Alpha; Glee Club, Phi Sigma Delta. RUSSELL B. SPENCER; Nuclear Triangle. EGBERTO STANZIOLA; Zoology; Veraguas, Panama; tsf: U. of ISA, Assn. ROBIN K. STERMER; History; Los tsf: UCSB; Univ. Chorus, Phi. BRUCE M. SPICER; Graphic Design; tsf: PCC; Honors at Entrance. MARY LEE STEARNS; Los tsf; El JC. BYRON D. STERN; Economics; Santa Barbara; tsf: USC. CELIA SPIEGEL; Elem. Education; Sherman Oaks; Elec. Comm., Phi Sigma Sigma. JOAN D. STEELE; English; Encino; Chi Delta Pi, Honors Alpha Epsilon Phi. JEROME R. STERN; Accounting; Santa Barbara. EVANGELINE K. SPILOS; Elem. San Panhel. AWS Spurs, Sabers, Bruin Belles, Alpha Omicron Pi. DONNA L. Elem El Monte; Wings. JANET K. STEVENS; Zoology; St. Ann ' s Bay, Jamaica; tsf: Pacific Union Alpha Delta Chi. AARON SPINAK; Mathematics; Los Angeles; tsf: Hunter College, Cal Men. PHILIP Zoology; Los Alpha Phi Omega, Band 3, 4. TONI A. STICKEL; Speech - English; Encino; tsf: USC; Campus Alpha Chi Omega. SONDRA R. STAHL; Elem. Education; Los Angeles; Class Council 3. IRVING J. STEINBERG; Accounting; Los Angeles; tsf: LACC; Accounting Soc., IFC, Kappa Nu. PERRY J. STICKELS, JR.; Transportation Management; tsf: Chaffey JC; Sec. Trans. Mgmt. Club, Club. SOUZA STUART FAYBETH English; Inglewood; tsf: El Camino JC. TERENCE C. STODDARD; Physical Science; El Monte. DIANE STRASSER; English; Canoga Park; Chi Delta Pi, SJB. PHYLLIS A. English; Long Beach; tsf: Scripps College; Shell and Oar, Trolls, Pi Beta Phi. GWENDOLYN Nursing; Manhattan Beach; Shell and Oar, PRN Club, Class 1, Sigma PETER H. STRUDWICK; Exper. Reseda; tsf: SMCC. STANLEY Electronics; Los Angeles; Alpha Phi Omega, Tau Beta Pi, ESUC. JANN A. STUART; Recreation; Pacific Palisades; tsf: SMCC; Alpha Chi Omega. 477 JAMES SUGI; Alhambra; tsf: ELAJC; LORETTA B. Public Health Nursing; Sherman Oaks; tsf: Valley JC; Alpha Tau RN Club. JINICE A. TAYLOR; Home Economics; Pico-Rivera; Delta Zeta. JUDITH SULECKI; English; Los Pres. Theta Sigma Phi, Hillel, Daily Bruin 2, 3, Band 3, 4, Orchestra. ROBERTA Education; Los Angeles; Class Council 1. MARIE E. TAYLOR; Elem. Education; Lynwood; Compton JC; Bruin Belles, Shell and Oar, Jr. Rep. Bd., Kappa Kappa RICHARD E. SULLIVAN; Speech; tsf: Mt. SAC; Squad. EILEEN S. Elem. Kahului, Maui, Hawaii; tsf: U. of Colorado. WENDELLYN Political Science; Santa Monica; tsf: Chorus. RONALD C. Geology; Temple City; VP Geol. Society. HENRY A. TALIFER; Political Science; Beverly Hills; and Blade, Zeta Beta Tau. FRED S. TEEBOOM; Engineering; Los Angeles; tsf; LACC. JAMES J. English; Hollywood; tsf: Wright College, Ill., Theater. PHILIP Los Angeles. JOHANNES W.TEMPELAAR- LIETZ; Economics; Los tsf: Delta Upsilon. SHARYN M. SWEENEY; English; tsf: U., Ill. RICHARD A. TAPIA; Mathematics; GAIL H. TEPLIN; Elem. Education; Los Angeles. SHELBY D. SYFRITT; Psychology; tsf, El JC. FUMIE TATEOKA; Psychology; Japan; tsf: PCC. ELIZABETH K. TERRELL; Physical Education; Tujunga. MICHAEL Control Systems; Beverly Hillis; tsf: SMCC; Tau Beta Pi, Phi Sigma Delta. LEONARD B. TAUB; Political Science; San Francisco. ROBERT H. THAU; English; Los Uni - Camp, Basketball 1, VP Glee Club, IFC Jud. Bd. 4, Gold Key, Spring Drive, Class Council 1, 2, 3, Pres. Zeta Beta Tau. SUGI TILLER TED G. THEODORE; Geology; Los tsf: LACC; Geol. Soc. PATRICIA A. THOMAS; Speech; Los Angeles; tsf: Immaculate Heart; Bruin Belles, Sec. Academic Senate, Pres. Phi Sigma Iota, Shell and Oar, AWS Big Sabers. SANDRA English; Glendale; Bruin Belles, Spurs, Theta Delt Little Sisters, Pres. Alpha Delta. TERENCE Design; Pacific Palisades; tsf: UCB; Phi Kappa Sigma. ALICE M. Apparel Los AWS VP, Historian, VP Chrmn. Fash. Bd., Panhel., Spurs, Trolls, AWS Exec. Bd., Chi Omega. WILLIAM Hollywood; Newman Club. DEIRDRE A. Kinder. - Pacific MARY E. TILLER; Mathematics; Kansas City, Kansas; Glee Club, Alpha Kappa Alpha. 478 KAREN J. TINKER; English; Santa tsf: U. of Minnesota; Shell Oar, Chi Delta Pi, Foreign Student Alpha Omicron Pi. RONALD L. TREPP; Production Temple City; tsf: PCC; Beta Pi. GERALD E. TYNER; Geography; Long Beach; Varsity Club, Blade, Kappa Alpha ANNIE L. TIPPIN; Psychology; tsf: LACC. SUSAN E. Elem. Glendale; tsf: Glendale Anchors, AWS Exec. Comm. 1, Chi Omega. CAROLEE TYSON; Interior Design; Hawthorne; CCNY. HOWELL J. Electronic Arcadia; tsf: PCC; Institute of Radio Engineers, Tau Beta Pi. MAY T. TSAO; Design; Hong Kong! tsf: Briarcliff N.Y.; Modern Dance NSID. EDWARD URBAN; Applied Physics; Santa Monica; tsf: Citrus JC; Alpha Phi Omega. RONALD D. TOBIN; Mechanical Fullerton; tsf: Fullerton JC; Tau Beta Pi, ESUC, Triangle. PAULA S. Elem. Los Angeles; tsf: UCB; 1, 2, 3, 4, CSTA, Pi Lambda Theta. HENRY S. UNGER; Finance; West Los Angeles; tsf: UCSB; Volleyball, Kelps. MARGARET A. TOMALUNAS; Elem. Education; Temple City; OCB, Sabers 2, 3, 4, Trolls 3, 4, AWS Exec. Board 4, Chairman AWS State Meet, Alpha Xi Delta. JULIE A. TUCKER; Apparel Design; Westwood; tsf: Scripps; Junior Prom Comm., Uni-Camp, Junior Rep., Alpha Theta. ROBERT Political Science; IR Club. JOAN F. English; Monica; tsf: SMCC; AWS 3, AWS Leadership Comm. 3, Of Thee I Sing, Bone and Barley, Sigma Kappa. ELENA E. TULCIN; History; Sherman Oaks; tsf: LA State. JACK L. VANDERNOOT; Zoology; Los Angeles; Pi Lambda Phi. GARY B. TOPPER; Insurance; Los Gold I FC Exec. Secretary, Men ' s Wk. Comm., Elections Board, Pi Lambda Phi. ELDORA A. English; Los Angeles. ERNEST A. Political Los Angeles; Finance Comm., Yeomen, Scabbard Blade, UDMR, Blood Drive Comm., Cal Club, Gold Key, Alpha Tau Omega. ROBERT B. Economics; Los Angeles; MIT. RUTH A. TURNER; Music; Sherman Oaks; A Cappella Choir Soloist, Opera Workshop Soloist, Madrigal Noon Concert Comm., Spring Sing Comm., Gamma Delta. HOWARD B. VEIN; Mathematics; Los Angeles. TINKER WADE DAVID H. VENA; Economics; Los Daily Bruin Business Manager, Publications Board, Basketball 1 Councils 1, 2, 3, 4, Gold Key, Kappa Sigma. GREG J. VENTURI; ,Political Science; Alhambra; Ball Comm. Orien- tation Lambda Chi Alpha. LOUIS P. VICOLO; English; Rochester, NY. LELAND P. VOGEL; Theatre Arts; Los Angeles. JUDITH A. Art Los Angeles; tsf: LACC. MARI LYNN VOORHEES; Psychology; Torrance; Shell and Oar, A Cappella Choir, Delta Zeta. JOEL S. WACHS; Political Science; Los Angeles; Pres. SB, Pres. Jr. Class, LDMR, Pres. Class, Gold Key, Cal Club, Board, Pi Sigma Alpha, RI L Comm., Pi Lambda Phi. JOHN M. WADE; Electrical Arcadia; tsf: PCC; ESUC, Alpha Gamma Omega. 479 WILLIAM N. English; La Mirada; Daily Bruin Circ. Mngr., Class. Mngr., Homecoming Exec. Comm., Men ' s Week Exec. Comm., Jr. Prom Exec. Comm., Sigma. AILEEN E. Nursing; tsf: Valley JC; Alpha Tau RN Club, Honors Program. LENORE S. English; Los Angeles; tsf: Temple U., Pa.; Chi Delta Pi, JUNE K. WAKASA; Botany; Los CHRISTOPHER History; Monrovia; tsf: JC; Bruin YR, Sigma Chi. STEPHEN Los Angeles; Tau Beta Pi, ACLU, ESUC Exec. Comm. ELINOR J. Recreation; Los Angeles; Rally Comm. 2, 3, Delta Phi Epsilon. KLAUS A. WARME; Mechanical ESUC. VICKI F. Art History; Chicago; tsf: U., Ill., Alpha Alpha NSID. REBECCA C. Bacteriology; Los Angeles; Delta Delta Delta. CARY R. English; Los Angeles; tsf: LACC; Class Council 2, Tau Epsilon Phi. JANET R. WEISS; English; Gary, Ind.; Alpha Epsilon Phi. THOMAS G. Zoology; San Diego. FRED W. WASSERMAN; Marketing ; Hollywood; Bruin 1, 2. JEROME H. WEISSMAN; Electronics; Encino; Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Sigma Delta. LINDA L. WALL; Elem. Education; Long Beach; AWS Soc. Comm., Class Council 1, 2, Pres. Kappa Kappa JEROME S. Phys. Sciences- Mathematics; Redondo Beach; tsf: UCB. DOROTHY Elem. Education; Calif.; Rally Comm. 1, Bruin YR 4, CSTA 2, 3, 4, Zeta. RICHARD B. Accounting; Los Angeles; Tau Delta Phi. ALICE E. WATERS; History; Los Alpha Delta Chi SUSAN E. Political Science; Berkeley; tsf: UCB. SHIRLEY A. Apparel Design; Calabasas; AWS Fash . Bd . Model, Wings, VP Panhel., Ski Club, Wings, Class 1 2, Pres. Delta Delta Delta. JAMES W. Engineering; Los Angeles, IFU, Tau Beta Pi, BARBARA.M WELLS; Political Science; Prytanean, Bruin Belles, Pres. Bruin YR 4, Pres. Trolls 3, Otstndg. Sr., Otstndg. Jr., AWS Soc. Comm., Jr. Prom Exec. Sec., Pi Beta Phi, WAGNER WETHERBEE ROBERT W. WELLS; Mathematics; South Gate; Rally Comm. 1 2, 3, 4, Gold Key, Glee Club, Elec. Bd. 3. TOVA WELTMAN; Sociology; Los RICHARD J. Los Angeles; Zeta Beta Tau. EDNA B. WEST; Speech Los Angeles; tsf: Pomona; Alpha Kappa Alpha IRA I. WEST; Los Angeles; tsf: LACC; Conning Tower, Indus. Dsgn.Assn. ROBERT E. WEST; Finance; LYNN J. WESTFALL; History; Panorama City; tsf: Valley JC. VERNA L. French; Azusa; Opera Workshop, MAClub. 480 ANN J. WHEELON; History; Los tsf: Colorado U. MARY BETH Music; A Cappella Choir 2, 3, 4, 4, Spurs, Roger Wagner Chorale, Gregg Smith Singers, MENC, Sigma ARNOLD Phys. Venice; Track, JV CSTA, Kelps, Phi Sigma Kappa, Zeta Beta Tau. EARLENE P. Art; Long Beach; Phi Mu. CAROLYN E. Art History; Los Angeles; tsf: Smith; Mortar Board, Uni - Camp Board, Head Uni - Camp, Junior Prom Comm., Pres. Kappa Alpha Theta. ROLLAND D. Engineering; Rosemead; Triangle. NANCY M. Business Fresno; Elections Board, Comm., AWS Social Comm., Sigma Kappa. ERNEST J. Zoology; Santa Monica; tsf: SMCC. GEORGE S. Political Los Angeles; Rally Comm., Board, VP AMS, DR Cub, URA Swim Club, Gold Key, Swimming 1, Yeomen, Pres. Pi Lambda Phi. JULIA A. WILCOX; Elem. Education; Wasco; tsf: Bakersfield JC; AWS Rep. for Rudy Hall. KAREN JO Political Science; Reseda; tsf: Pierce JC; Glee Club, Spring Sing Comm., Delta Delta Delta. RICHARD Finance; Los Angeles; Glee Club, Class Council 1, 3, Varity Club, Zeta Beta Tau. LAWRENCE JR.; Beach; tsf: College; Society, Kappa Alpha NATALIE E. Mathematics; Los Angeles. DONALD L. WONG; Zoology; Los Pre - Med Asociation UCLA Chinese Club. JOHN N. Zoology; Monica; tsf: LACC; Chorus, A Cappella Choir, Glee Club, Crew, Pres. Bruin ROBERT R. Mathematics; Los Angeles; Club, Phi Gamma Delta. DONALD Electronics; South tsf: UCB. MICHAEL D. Engineering; Covina; tsf: Mt. SAC; ESUC, Tau Beta Pi. MARCIA ANN La Crescenta; tsf: Glendale CC; Shell and Oar, Gamma Delta. JOYCELYN Sociology; Fresno. ODESSA J. Elem. Education; Oakland; Alpha Kappa GERALD History; Inglewood. LENORE WONG; Apparel Los Angeles. WHEELON YOSHIKAMI EDWARD E. WOO; Engineering; Los Angeles; tsf: ELAJC. LAUREL Recreation Newport Beach; Cal Club, Wings, AWS Exec. Board, UDWR, Soph. Sweetheart, Spring Sing Comm., Homecoming Comm. Fashion Board Model, Mardi Gras, Delta Delta Delta. LINDA D. WRIGHT; Elem. Education; Los Angeles; Wings, AWS Social Comm., Pres. Sigma Kappa. STEPHEN M. WURTZEL; Finance; Los Angeles; tsf: LACC; A Cappella Choir, Secretary American Finance Association. GLORIA B. Phys. Los Shell and Oar, A Cappella Choir, Chorus, House Sproul Hall. THOMAS J. Sociology; Los Angeles; Glendale CC. LINDA G. YANOFF; Bus. Education; Beverly Hills; Sophomore Sweetheart, Alpha Chi Delta, Sigma Delta Tau. YUKIKO English; Los Angeles; Alpha Mu Gamma, Chi Delta Pi, Phrateres. 481 MADILYN N. YOSHIMURA; Home Los tsf: ELAJC; Home Ec. Club, Bruins, CSTA. LORETTA E. English; Los Angeles; Sigma Delta Tau . HATSUKO M. Elem. Education; Torrance; Pres. Bruin Belles, Cal Club, Trolls, Sr., Princess. WILLIAM R. Nuclear Los Angeles. SYDNEY J. English; Los Angeles; Chi Delta Pi, Model UN, Spurs, Human Comm., Epsilon Phi. SAID YOUDIM; Bacteriology; I ran; tsf: of London; ISA. ELEANOR M. YUKIHIRO; Bus. tsf: Whittier College; Pres. Chi Delta, Chi Alpha Delta. DON H. Sociology; Los Angeles; Theater, Dance Recital. BONNIE L. YOUNG; Theater Arts; Glendora; tsf; Mt. SAC; Campus Theater 3, 4. MARILYN J. YULE; Elem. Education; Los Angeles; tsf: Stephens Mo.; Theta Delt Sisters, AWS Coord. Bd., Alpha Phi. EVA J. ZIMRING; Pre-Social Welfare; Hilo, Hawaii; tsf: LACC; ISA, NAACP, YWCA Anthro.-Soc. Club. JACK L. YOUNG; Industrial Design; Petaluma, tsf: Santa Rosa JC. SHERYL A. ZAGER; Zoology; Avalon; Rally Comm. 1. FRANCES B. Arroyo Grande; Trolls, Gamma Delta. MARY L. YOUNG; Elem. Education; Santa Monica; tsf: SMCC; Alpha Delta, Pi Theta, Delta Phi Upsilon. SOULTANA ZARIFI; Public Health Thessaloniki, Greece; tsf: Sch. PHN, Greece; ISA. JUDITH A. ZINK; Geography; Santa Monica. PHILIP E. YOUNG; Pre-Medical Studies; Los Angeles. EDWARD W. ZEFF; Zoology; Tujunga; tsf: San Fernando State; Exec. Comm. Pre-Med. Assn. SHARON R. Elem. San Gabriel; Spring Sing Comm., AWS Phil. Comm., Anchors, Alpha Omicron Pi. SHARON Elem. Los Mortar Bd., AWS Pub. Bd . 1, AWS Fash. Bd. 2, 3, Mardi Gras 1, Kappa Alpha Theta. ARTHUR R. ZEINER; Psychology; tsf: Glendale CC. THEODORE Struct. Engineering; North Hollywood; Alpha Epsilon Pi. YOSHIMURA ZWICKER 482 INDEX 1961 1961 SOUTHERN CAMPUS EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Associate Editor Director of Publications Executive Director Business Manager Copy Editor Art Editors Layout Design Organizations Editor Photography Editor Engravings Editor Senior Reservations Sales Managers Sports Editors Executive Secretaries Formal Photography Informal Photography Pete Hacsi Jerry Bowles Harry E. Morris William C. Ackerman Blaine King Jon Wilson Al Miller Eugene Morris Sara Wylie Judy Wood Joyce Manies Pat Welch Liz Albin Midgie Sonntag Liz Albin Bill Meyer John Orose Linda McNeill Pat Putman Frank Manning Stan Troutman Copy Staff: Barbara Buckles, Jackie Burlage, Al Rothstein, Don Wells. Photography Staff: Peter Kent, Bob Pickerell, Stu Ross, Bob Roth, Richard Szladowski, Larry Treiman. Printing and Binding: Taylor Publishing Monrovia, California The Southern Campus, 1961, Vol. 42. Published annually by the Associated Students, U.C.L.A. 486 ONE LAST WORD Now that it ' s over . . . the Editor ' s message is traditionally the last piece of copy written, the last word. An editor has an entire year, between the tiresome moments of executing the mechanical process of piecing together a yearbook, to dwell on his parting remarks to the student body. Originally I had hoped to tie together the opening section statement concerning theme—the UCLA MAN—and the in pictures and words, into a sythesis, summarizing the essence of the UCLA Man. A noble, but impossible task. The UCLA Man is not simple. He cannot be described in one paragraph and an essence cannot be drawn from 10,000 photographs, though the setting is homogeneous and a similarity, physically and culturally, does exist between the subjects. Yes, there is a UCLA Man, but his essence is in the eyes of the beholder. One ' s view of the UCLA Man is colored by internal aspirations, assumptions, evaluations, perceptions and ignorance. The student, in the classical sense, identifies himself as the UCLA Man. He is a seeker of knowledge in a great University, an endowed indiv idual attempting to climb a steep academic staircase. The career man, in the American sense, identifies himself as the UCLA Man. He sees UCLA as a respected institution of learning, and knows that he, as a graduate, will be respected for his learning. The foundation for his career is built upon UCLA. Yet the UCLA Man, whoever he may be, is not just concerned with the facilities here for learning. He is concerned with the environmental setting of the University. He is concerned about the Student Union, about the football team, about Homecoming, Spring Sing, the Junior Prom, and many other items non-academic. In short, the concept of UCLA and the UCLA Man is not strictly academic. The University is cognizant of this, and for this reason supports athletics, entertainment programs, the Student Union, and most important, on-campus living. I stress on-campus living because this is the biggest factor in determining the face of the UCLA Man. The student here has evolved and become more sophisticated, keeping pace with the evolution and sophistication of the University. With on-campus living, as the University ' s dormitory building promises, the UCLA Man will be even more so what he is now: one of the luckiest men on earth. He leads a short, rich life. He has one of the greatest wealths of academic facility at his fingertips. He lives in an area abounding in entertainment opportunity. He has a social life that for diversity cannot be matched. He finds within 14,000 an intellectual and social relationship that is not duplicated anywhere. When his short, rich life is over, and the student leaves UCLA, he begins to build a new life, with new environmental factors and new goals. I hope each is able to build a small world that can compare to his life at UCLA, socially and culturally. PETE HACSI Editor-in-Chief 1961 Southern Campus 487 SUBJECT INDEX ASUCLA: AMS 122 AWS 123 Daily Bruin 152 Employees 136 Freshman Class 130 Junior Class 126 President 118 Senior Class 124 SLC 120 Sophomore Class 128 Southern Campus 156 Vice President 119 ATHLETICS: Baseball 276 Basketball 240 Crew 269 Cricket 270 Cross Country 236 Football 212 Golf 269 Gymnastics 268 Rally Committee 232 Rifle 271 Rugby 266 Soccer 238 Tennis 272 Track 260 Volleyball 268 Water Polo 237 Wrestling 271 DORMITORIES: Dykstra Hall 350 Helen Mathewson Club 340 Hershey Hall 344 Neva Hall 341 Sproul Hall 354, 366 Stevens House 342 Twin Pines 343 FRATERNITIES: Acacia 376 Alpha Epsilon Pi 378 Alpha Gamma Omega 375 Alpha Sigma Phi 392 Alpha Tau Omega 380 Beta Theta Pi 382 Delta Sigma Phi 384 Delta Tau Delta 386 Kappa Nu 393 Kappa Sigma 388 Lambda Chi Alpha 390 Phi Delta Theta 394 Phi Epsilon Pi 402 Phi Gamma Delta 396 Phi Kappa Psi 398 Phi Kappa Sigma 400 Phi Sigma Delta 404 Pi Lambda Phi 406 Sigma Alpha Epsilon 408 Sigma Alpha Mu 410 Sigma Chi 412 Sigma Nu 414 Sigma Pi 418 Tau Delta Phi 420 Theta Chi 403 Theta Delta Chi 422 Theta Xi 424 Triangle 430 Zeta Beta Tau 426 Zeta Psi 428 HONOR AND SERVICE: Alpha Kappa Psi 190 Alpha Phi Omega 162 Anchors 164 Arnold Air Society 163 Bruin Belles 166 Cal Club 168 Chim es 169 Conning Tower 170 Engineering Society 194 Gold Key 172 Kelps 173 MAClub 176 Mortar Board 178 Mu Phi Epsilon 195 Phrateres 188 Prytanean 179 Sabers 180 Scabbard and Blade 182 Shell and Oar 184 Spurs 183 Tau Beta Pi 196 Trolls 174 URA 198 Varsity Club 192 Yeomen 189 SCHOOLS AND COLLEGES: Agriculture 82 Business Administration 86 Education 88 Engineering 90 Fine Arts 83 Law 92 Letters and Science 94 Medicine 93 Nursing 99 Public Health 99 Social Welfare 100 SORORITIES: Alpha Chi Omega 286 Alpha Delta Chi 300 Alpha Delta Pi 288 Alpha Epsilon Phi 290 Alpha Gamma Delta 292 Alpha Kappa Alpha 301 Alpha Omicron Pi 294 Alpha Phi 296 Alpha Xi Delta 298 Chi Alpha Delta 302 Chi Omega 304 Delta Delta Delta 306 Delta Gamma 308 Delta Phi Epsilon 310 Delta Sigma Theta 312 Delta Zeta 314 Gamma Phi Beta 316 Kappa Alpha Theta 318 Kappa Delta 320 Kappa Kappa Gamma 322 Phi Mu 324 Phi Sigma Sigma 326 Pi Beta Phi 328 Pi Theta 325 Sigma Delta Tau 330 Sigma Kappa 332 Theta Kappa Phi 313 Zeta Tau Alpha 334 488 PERSONAL ORGANIZATION INDEX A Abdo, Joe 377 Abe, Grace 313 Abe, Patti 313, 346 Abrams, Allen Senior Abrams, Barbara 325, 346, Senior Abrams, Marjorie Senior Abrams, Raleigh Senior Abromowitz, Bob 366 Achilles, Dave 390 Ackerman, Helen 178, 347, Senior Adam, Sandra 294 Adams, Gary 400 Adams, Gene 400 Adams, Joan 316 Adams, Randall 418 Adamson, Sandra 363 Adashek, Allen 426 Addicott, Don 394 Adelman, Joel Senior Adelman, Sid 420 Adkisson, Nancy 343 Adler, Miriam Senior Adler, Steve 374, 404 Afterman, Al 410 Agens, Martyn 400 Agran, Michael 189, 406 Ahman, Judy 314 Akashi, Amy 302 Akerstrom, Gary 375 Akhaven-Khalegi, Youssef Senior Aki, Francis Senior Akin, Linda 349 Akiyama, Marjorie 302 Albert, Mordecai Senior Albin, Elizabeth 358 Albin, Judy Senior Aldrich, Cozy 308 Alexander, Arthur 426 Alexander, Kermit 173 Alexander, Sue 329 Alfredo, Kathy 296 Alger, John 400 Alkire, Armand Senior Allen, Anita 321, Senior Allen, Barbara 296, 316 Allen, Dick 398 Allen, James 164 Allen, Jan 289 Allen, Lora 292, Senior Allen, Michael Senior Allen, Wendy 332, Senior Allingham, Kay 322 Allio, Linda 165, 183, 322 Alpert, Mike 420 Alpert, Sharon 310, Senior Altman, Robert 374, 378, Senior Altoon, Joyce 358 Altshuler, Margie 318 Amberson, Jeannette 329 Amelsberg, Jon 390 Amico, Chuck 396 Amidon, Doug 408 Amling, Richard Senior Amor, John 164 Amstutz, Paul 374, 375 Anderson, Arlene 294 Anderson, Berit 329 Anderson, Christine 348 Anderson, Jerry 173 Anderson, Judith Senior Anderson, Margie 232 Anderson, Millicent Senior Anderson, Misha-Lu 286 Anderson, Robert Senior Anderson, Roger 384 Anderson, Sally 322 Anderson, Thomas 382 Anderson, Wendy 349 Anderton, Blance Senior Andres, Gene 374, 396, Senior Anenberg, Gerald 420 Anteau, Ronald 422 Antoniol, Claudia Senior Aoki, Joyce 302 Apodaca, Louis Senior Apprent, Gerie 292 Arai, Robert 375 Arakaki, June Senior Aranita, Anthony Senior Aranoff, Steve 193 Aratin, Pamela Senior Archibald, Lorrain 352 Ardantz, Juanita 316 Ardell, Dave 189 Armstrong, Doug 173, 400 Armstrong, Jeremy 329 Armstrong, Lea 165, 306 Arnaelsteen, Barbara 294, Senior Arnaud, Carole Senior Arndt, Ken 407 Arnold, Marilyn Senior Arrington, Richard 400 Arsenian, Dave 390 Ariz, Jon 396 Arvidson, Regina Senior Asari, Joyce 349 Aschenbrener, Joan 292, Senior Asimow, Michael 420, Senior Askins, Mike 382 Astrachan, David 406 Astrachan, Jacie 330 Astrin, Chuck 426 Atherton, Terry 357 Atkins, Terry 390 Attie, Maurice 162, Senior Aubry, Edra Senior Austin, Edward 408 Austin, Mike 404 Austin, Owen 312 Auth, Tony 428 Autrey, David 424 Avazian, Art 400 Eric 400 Aved, Judy 330, Senior Averre, Sally 357 Avery, Ann 318 Axelrod, Herman 402 Ayers, Douglas Senior Ayres, Adrianne 185, 334 Azar, Saudabeh 353 B Baar, Carl Senior Bachel, Ron 430 Bachleder, Lou 390 Bader, Chuck 418 Baer, Lindy 172, 193, 374, 394 Bagge, Hans 418 Bailey, Bruce 408 Bailey, Karen 181, 283 Bailey, Paul 386 Baillie, Barbi 314 Baker, Betty 316 Baker, Beverly 166, 286 Baker, Bonnie Senior Baker, Bunny 289 Baker, Dennis 377 Baker, Eugene Senior Baker, Jerry 164, 412 Baker, Judy 306 Baker, Noreen Senior Baker, Pearl Senior Baker, Pete Senior Baker, Virginia 298 Balbirnie, Lynn 314, Senior Baldwin, Jack 375, Senior Balenzano, Pat 334 Ballard, Spence 177 Balsley, Susan 358 Baltaxe, Christiane Senior Banachowski, Alex 386 Bandich, Steven 164 Banks, Freddie 301 Bantel, Dorothy Senior Barclay, Alex 386 Barefoot, Ernest 394 Bareither, Arlen Senior Barg, David 378 Barham, Pat 318 Barish, Frank 164 Barker, Richard 173, 390 Barlow, Melinda 232 Barmatz, Martin 402 Barnes, Beverly 348 Barnes, Bob 375 Barnes, Diana 332 Barnes, Fred 394 Barnes, Pat 168, 172, 193, 392, Senior Barnett, Dorothy Senior Barnett, Larry 162, Senior Barney, Nancy 326 Barra, Entiquio 366 Barrett, Kathleen 296 Barry, Bonnie 308 Barry, James 164 Barshop, Barbara 330 Bartels, Bonnie 332 Barth, Edward 412, Senior Barthels, Katharine Senior Bartholic, Ken 366 Barthrop, John 408 Bartlett, James Senior Barton, Deborah 358 Barton, Jeannie 177 Baskerville, James 394 Basler, Nancy 286 Bass, Judy 290 Bassell, Phyllis 342 Bassett, Christina 296 Bassett, Merle 396 Bassin, Ann 352 Batchelder, Linda 304, Senior Bateman, Barbara 322 Bateman, Zelma 352 Bates, Jim 396 Bauer, Linda Senior Baughman, Julie 353 Baughman, Vicki 182, 329 Baumer, Charles 378 Baxter, Jane 306 Baxter, Linda 306 Bayer, Lorraine Senior Beachem, Judy 363 Beatty, Nancy 332 Becker, Michelle 290 Beckman, Linda 349 Behlendorf, Robert 408 Behrendt, Peter Senior Belcore, Guy 424 Belford, Sally Senior Belg, Jim 428 Bell, Barbara 181, 334 Bell, Virgil Senior Bellerue, Vic 414 Bellinger, James 386 Bender, Earl 406 Bender, Michael Senior Bender, Richard Senior Bendick, Susan 310 Benkle, Steve 420 Bennett, Jean 166, 182, 322 Bennett, Joyce 348 Bennett, Judie 232, Senior Bennett, Katharine Senior Bennett, Susan..178, 179, 316, Senior Bennett, Ted 396 Benson, Leroy Senior Benson, Stan 172, 390 Benton, Barbara 351 Benton, Jack 398 Beres, Lsazlo Senior Berez, Edith Senior Berg, Bonnie 283, 330 Berg, Paula Senior Berg, Richard 426 Berger, Carol 183, 324 Berger, Chuck 420 Berger, Mel 420 Berger, Richard 382 Bergman, Jim 173, 382 Bergstrom, George 400 Berko, Russ 414 Berman, Michael Senior Bernauer, Buni 353 Bernet, John Senior Bernstein, Marjorie 290, Senior Bernstein, Morris 194, 196, Senior Berres, Dianne 330 Berry, Barbara 346 Berry, Charles 400, Senior Berry, Elaine 351 Berry, Kenneth 396 Berry, Norma 347, Senior Bershin, Daniel 410 Berson, Bob 426 Berson, Carol 353 Bartelson, Nina Senior Bertz, Mike 378 Berwick, Steve 173, 426 Betanzo, Cecilia 352 Beye, Gerry 165, 318 Bianchi, Eleanor 187, 294 Bianco, Carl 410 Biedebach, Mark 367 Biegel, Larry 426 Bigbee, Mary 301 Bigenho, Caryl 195, Senior Biggs, Pam 187 Binen, Jerry 406 Birnbaum, Edward 406 Bishop, Carolyn 362 Bishop, Gilbert Senior Bishop, William 428 Black, Judi 166, 183, 306 Blackburn, Carolynn Senior Blacker, Deanne 232, 361, Senior Blackman, Pete 172, 382 Blackman, Phyllis 329 Blackman, Sally 185, 304 Blackwell, Ed 374, 412 Blackwill, Gerald Senior Blair, Chuck 398 Blair, Jim 398 Blake, Carol 304 Blakeney, Pat 294, Senior Blanchard, Ricky 308 Blank, Frances 325 Bleier, Lois Senior Blender, Michele 351 Blenkhorn, Karla 314 Blinkhern, Connie 232, 358, Senior Blinov, Walter Senior Bliss, Bill 414 Bloch, Paul 172 Block, Lola 290 Blodgett, Carol 185, 341 Blok, Jack 382 Blondefield, Karen 334 Bloom, Carol 334, Senior Blowitz, Peter 424 Blum, Fred 162 Blum, Paul Senior Blumberg, Gail 290 Blumenberg, Yonina Senior Blumenthal, Mel 172, 404 Blumner, Helene Senior Blyth, Lynne 296 Boag, Chuck 398 Boardman, Kendrick 428 Bodner, Judee 352 Boeshaar, Earl 428 Bogart, Connie 166 Bogdal, Linda 181, 321, Senior Bollen, Marilyn 358 Boller, Linda 322 Bolta, John Senior Bolton, Judy 330 Bonar, Jim 390 Bonwell, Jackie 166 Bookman, Carolyn 326 Bookston, Barbara 340 Boone, Anita Senior Bordere, Buddy 408 Bordering, Pete 396 Boreman, Arla 304 Boreman, Barbara 294 Borgen, Dick 367 Borgens, Edward Senior Boris, Alan 196 Botens, Ted 400 Bouchier, Julie 185, 304 Bourgon, Virgil 408, Senior Bowen, Aleta 343 Bower, Mary 357 Bowers, Ron 408 Bowles, Jerry 172, 414 Boxdorfer, Tom 408 Boxer, Ted 374, 402, Senior Boydston, Gwenda 166, 289 Boydstone, Bruce 172, 390 Bozajian, Arlene 294 Brackett, Herbert 408 Bradley, Carol 357 Bradshaw, Claire Senior Bragg, Stewart 367 Brahms, Jill 330 Braiherd, Kirk 162 Braiker, Barry 426 Brainin, Stefanie 326, Senior Braman, Betsy 292 Bramer, Josephine 330 Brandenburg, Luanne Senior Brandli, Al 367, 408, Senior Brandon, Stephen 162 Branigan, Barbara 165 Braningan, Susan 304 Bratton, Karen 289 Braverman, Dan 404 Brazil, Charlotte 321, Senior Breakstone, Patricia 310, Senior Breen, Howard 406 Breiman, Lillian Senior Breiseth, Jeff 400 Breit, Sharon 346 Breitenbach, Carolyn 308, Senior Brenkert, Randee 187, 321 Brennan, Sandra 181, 351 Brenner, Mike 398 Breslau, John Senior Bress, Marion 353 Brett, Joan 310 Brett, Pat 352 Brewer, Susan 361 Brian, Carol 298 Brick, Mary 296 Brickman, Richard 377 Brier, Carol 179, 298 Brier, Marylyn 183, 304 Briggs, Steve 366 Briggs, Vera 332 Brigham, Terry 398 Briix, Cathleen 166 Brinegar, Marilyn 304 Brink, Nicholas 367, Senior Brintnall, Nancy 352 Brinton, Sharon 183, 314 Broadrick, John 381 Brogan, Marlene ....179, 283, 296, Senior Bronson, Morley 420 Brooks, Barry 426 Brooks, Don 384 Brower, Lynne 326 Brown, Claudia 177 Brown, Craig 398 Brown, Dennis 412, Senior Brown, Dorinda 298 Brown, Eleanor Senior Brown, Gail 308 Brown, Gary....168, 172, 390, Senior Brown, Gary 422 Brown, Jack 426 Brown, Jay 392 Brown, Judy 178, Senior Brown, Lois 332 Brown, Marcyn 298 Brown, Marsena Senior Brown, Michael 410 Brown, Nancy 348 Brown, Roianne 306 Brown, Stuart 422, Senior Brown, Susanne 346 Browning, Ann 294, Senior Brundige, Don 424 Bruno, Elsie 294 Bruns, Carolyn Senior Brunskill, Susan 304, Senior Bryant, Marcia 358 Bryant, Penny 183, 232, 296 Bryant, Roger 193, 394 Bryant, Sharon 289 Bryant, William 394 Bryson, Bonnie 308 Buchanan, Don 418 Buchele, Bob 394 Buck, Steven 406 Buck, Sylvia 348 Buckles, Barbara 304 Buckley, Virginia 321 Buckner, Alan 168, 172, 406, Senior Budnick, Sandra 310 Buehler, Ann 349 Bullard, John 377 Bullock, Margaret 351 Bunt, Helen 352 Burdex, Earnestine....166, 377, Senior Burgua, Rose Mary 347 Burke, Robert 420 Burlage, Jackie 183 Burleigh, Charles 392 Burley, Michael 400 Burnett, Carl 172, 390 Burns, Judy 286 Burns, Sharon 304, Senior Burrell, Carol 298 Burtle, Mary 183, 296 Bush, Barbara 334 Bush, Kathy 343 Bushey, Dick 398 Butcher, Leslee 289 Butin, Finette Senior Butler, Barbara 322 Butler, Dennis 390 Butler, Francis 334 Butler, Jerome 381, Senior Butler, Sue 308 Butts, Elizabeth Senior Butts, JoAnn 318 Buttwinick, Edward Senior Byerts, Torn 386 C Caden, Marcia 290 Cadish, Gary 406 Caldwell, Janice 342 Caleen, Barbara 183, 318 Calligan, Kathy 304 CaIlin, Michael 177, Senior Calverly, Tom 394 Camarata, Maria Senior Cambell, Myrna 308 Cameron, Don 177 Campbell, Ed 384 Canady, Joyce 296 Canavan, Gene 390 Canby, Susan 294 Canishe, Sandie 329 Canning, Don 414 Cannon, David 428 Canter, Judy 306 Cappa. Massimo Senior Carbaugh, Marian 316 Carder, Bill 396 Carder, Bill 173, 414 Carhart, Dennis 382 Carichner, Grant 428 Carlson, Christy 292 Carlson, Connie 300 Carlson, Doris 329 Carlson, Joan 332 Carlson, John Senior Carlson, Theo 232, 360 Carlton, Joyce 330 Carmel, Sherry 181, 289 Carmichael, Barbara Senior Carpenter, Ann 348 Carpenter, Pete 367 Carr, Ardyce 179, Senior Carr, Marilyn 185, 298 Carr, Ray 398 Carr, Victor 164 Carrington, Colleen 314 Carroll, Patricia 306, Senior Carsh, Joyce 358 Carter, Carol 329 Carter, John 189, 426 Carter, Nolamae Senior Carter, Wy nell 301 Casebeer, Susan Senior Carver, Sandra 324 Casper, Lance 386 Cassady, Patti 321 Cassidy, James Senior Cassyd, Donna 166, Senior Casteel, Kim 182 Castellanos, Maria Senior Castler, David 367 Cation, Suzie 308 Catlin, Linda 304 Causey, Jefferson Senior Causey, Martha Senior Cavaletto, Cecilia 232, 349 Cavaliere, Bunny 294, Senior Caves, Pat 289 Caviezel, James 400 Cavins, Linda 322 Ceizler, Barbara Senior Cerda, Fred Senior Chadbourne, Marianne 304 Chaffey, Judy 308 Chaleff, Jerry 189, 404 Chamberlain, Gayle 362 Chamberlain, John 400 Chambers, Dora Lee 316 Chance, Hazel 346 Chandler, Barbara 298, Senior Chang, Raymond Senior Chapline, George Senior Chapman, Carol Senior Chapman, Lloyd Senior Chapnick, Judy 310 Charness, James Senior Chasin, Bob 172, 182, 408 Chasin, Shirley Senior Chatfield, Anne 296 Chelius, Donald Senior Cherman, Nancy 195, 330, Senior Chesson, Barbara 292 Chikami, JoAnne 302, 349 Childress, Jan 351 Chilvers, Robert 400 Chinn, Bruce 390, Senior Chinn, Patti 313 Chituras, Katharine Senior Chretien, Emily 312 Chretien, Vyncenne 312, 360 Church, Jim 414 Church, Toni 329 Ciora, Ron 424 Cipra, Jim 384 Circle, Norma 290 Citrin, Michael Senior Clark, Carol 329 Clark, Carolyn 294 Clark, Gerry 324 Clark, James 375 Clark, Neal 390 Clark, Susan 298, Senior Clarke, Janice 318 Clarke, Theodore Senior Clauser, Richard Senior Clavin, Ronald Senior Clawson, Robert 414, Senior Clayman, Paul 384 Clayton, Carol 342 Clegg, Sharon 341 Clemons, Joan 177 Cline, Susan 322 Clinger, Nona Senior Coates, Linda 165, 304 Cobbs, Jewel 312, 342, Senior Cochoit, Jules 424 Cochrane, Chris 304, Senior Cockle, Thomas 392 Coeber, Judy 35 8 Coffelt, Larry 400 Coffie, Susan 353 Coffman, Bert Senior Coger, Robert 375, Senior Cohen, Carol Senior Cohen, Donald 404 Cohen, Eleanor Senior Cohen, Emoryl 426 Cohen, Jeryl 290 Cohen, Joel 374, 393 Cohen, Neil Senior Cohen, Roy 420 Cohn, Donna 290 Cohn, Theodora Senior Colby, Cathy 343 Cole, Holly 381 Cole, Robert Senior Coleman, Bonnie 289 Colli, Rick 171, 384 Collins, Howard 193 Collins, Kathy 165, 286 Collins, Leila Senior Colman, Karen 166 Colvin, Robert 172, 408, Senior Comport, Bill 400 Conger, Gail 306 Conlee-Kash, Penee 334, Senior Conley, Barbara 318 Conley, Carole 357 Conkey, Jim 173, 382 Conner, Ed 366 Conrad, Richard 400 Contessotto, Yolando 232 Conway, Gary 386 Conway, Tim 428 Cook, Eleanor Senior Coo ke, Barri 286 Cool, Terrill 196 Coop, Sheila 334 Cooper, Celia 358 Cooper, Dan 196, 430 Cooper, Gary 426 Cooper, Martin 162 Cooper, Mary 195 Cooper, Pam 286 Cooper, Philip 378 Cooper, Raymond Senior Cooper, Stephen 378 Cooper, Toni 290 Coplan, Grace 166, Senior Coplin, Elizabeth 308 Coplin, Judith 357 Copp, Bonny Senior Cordova, Lloyd 390, Senior Corey, Susan 352 Cornish, Dave 394 Corp, Rita Senior Corren, Craig Senior Corrigan, Gerry 189, 422 Corsaro, Bob 414, Senior Corwin, Diane 290 Cory, Dave 394 Cosgrove, Mary 181, 334 Costello, Sidney Senior Costigan, Yvonne 181, 334 Cottle, Judy 286 Cote, Judy 316 Cotton, Marylee 296 Courtney, Gavin Senior Coutin, Sheila 325 Covey, Richard 382, Senior Covey, Steven 378 Cox, Dianne 360 Coy, Pamela Senior Craig, James 182 Crail, Nancy 318 Crane, Linda 308 Cranston, Janet 318 Cratchfield, Janet 324 Crawford, Peggy 314 Crawshaw, Larry 418 Crego, Terry 185, 324 Creps, Stephen 374 Crockey, Sheryl 332, 349 Croft, Sidney 173, 182, 396 Cronin, Pat 322 Crosland, Natalie 314 Crossland, Ron 400 Crowell, Judith Senior Crowne, Maria 177 Cruikshank, Edwin 366, Senior Crutchfield, Janet 352 Cudney, Gordon 182, 390 Culbertson, Dawn 347 Culbertson, Diana 185, 362 Culp, Charles 381 Cummings, Vivian 330, Senior Cunningham, Cheryl 306 Cunningham, Douglas 377 Cunningham, Gary 193, 414 Cunningham, Norma 340 Cupp, Dick 408 Curley, Caroletta 349 Curley, Polly 361 Curran, Darryl 414 Currie, Mary 169, 361 Currier, Carol 314 Currul, Dorothy Senior Curry, Gene 400 Curry, Mariam 308 Curtis, Barbara 343 Curtis, Gerry 183, 324 Curtis, Joan 334 Cutler, Les 406 Cyns, Nathan Senior D Dabov, Dave 193, 398, Senior Dain, Diane 351 Daisey, Sally 348 D ' Alessio, Orlando 381 Damm, Rhodean 314, Senior Damon, Frank 420 Dandurand, Dan 430 Daniels, Mary 300, Senior Daniels, Stuart 404 Danielson, Karry 412 Danna, Klint 408 Dannow, Bernie 424 Danoff, Nancy 363 Dao, Carrie 313 Dardenne-Ankringa, Stephanie 292 DaVall, Nancy 296, Senior Davey, Sandra 298 David, Jane 300 David, Richard 381 Davidovich, Anne 314 Davidovich, Darklis Senior Davidson, Alan 382 Davies, Jerry 390 Davis, Bev . .166, 178, 179, 321, Senior Davis, Carolyn 360 Davis, Cliff 396 Davis, Diane 292 Davis, Donald Senior Davis, Fred 189, 414 Davis, Marcia Senior Davis, Rae 166, 321 Davis, Ronald 430 Davis, Sandra 321, Senior Davis, Terry 400 Dawe, Gale Senior Dawes, Johanna 314 Dawson, Peggy 185, 352 Day, Marjorie Senior Dea, Gin Senior Dean, Merrill 382 deBoer, Aeint 177 De Carolis, Elaine 292 DeClerck, Patrick 384 Decker, Jim 390 Deek, Sami 375 Deen, Steven Senior DeGeorge, Michael Senior DeHaven, Dan 392 Dehning, Bill 390 Dekofsky, Mike 164 DeLagrave, Raymond 400 DeLa Mare, Beverly 298 Delaney, John 400, Senior DeLarme, Grace 300, Senior DeLaRocha, Ramiro Senior Delgado, David Senior DeMan, Marion 301, Senior Deming, Steve 172, 414 Demmon, Sandra 361 Demoff, Mary 406 Dempsey, Tom 418 Demsky, Harvey Senior Densmore, Ann 166, 183 Denton, Ken 430 Derby, Lloyd 381 DeRenzis, Ed 412 Des Aulnier, Russ 414 Determan, Beverly 187, 321 Deturk, Pat 381 Deuschle, Judy 362 Devine, Bonnie 362 Dewey, Dick 414 Dexter, Dennis 173, 400, Senior DeYoung, Patricia 340 Diamond, Jerry 378 Diamond, Larry 410 Diamond, Quensel ....171, 374, 381, Senior Diamond, Roger 404 DiBella, Nicholas Senior Dichter, Terry 404 Dicker, Barry 378 Dickerman, Deborah Senior Dickow, Abby 329 Dickranian, Cindy 232 Dienemann, Paul Senior Diernhammer, Frank Senior Dietrich, Bill 398 Dietz, Mary 353 Dill, Don 377 Dill, Linda 329 Dimkich, Mitch 398 Dinkel, Barbara 348 Dintzer, Daniel 426, Senior Dinwiddie, Chris 308 Dinwiddie, Kathy 308 Disco, Dave 189, 381 Distaso, Jack 430, Senior Distler, Monopoly 366 Dixon, Stephen 412 Dizotell, Mimi 165, 304 Dobkin, Michele 326 Dobkin, Raymond Senior Dobrans, Lynne 330 Doct or, Raymond 196, Senior Dodge, Carl 428 Dodge, Mary Lou 183, 316 Dodson, Harry 400, Senior Dodson, Lee 173, 193, 394, Senior Dohlen, Kay 166, 308 Dolan, Robert 390 Dolan, Thomas 400 Dolinsky, Lois 340 Doll, Margaret 289 Doll, Mary 185, 322 Doll, Tom 382 Donath, Doug 382 Dong, Jeannette Senior Donnelly, Penelope Senior Donner, Carol 177 Donovan, Mike 418 Dooley, Kay 166, 294 Doran, Pat 349 Dorfman, Estherly Senior Dorn, Diana 308 Dorrance, Linda 321 Dorris, Steve 164 Douglas, Dick 394 Douglass, Dick 408 Dowell, Doug 171, 418 Dowling, David Senior Downey, Jean 294, Senior Downey, Mike 394 Doyle, Jackie 195, 316 Drabin, Lee 404 Drachlis, Bernard 162 Drachlis, Toni 351 Dragna, Marion 166, 292, Senior Drake, Judi 352 Drake, Laurie 165, 332, 358 Drasin, Marlene Senior Dreyer, Carl 189, 422 Dreyfuss, Naomi Senior Drilling, Fred 408 Droke, Dan 361, Senior Drosin, Jay Senior Drown, Dan 382 Drumm, Ann 166, 168, 179, 316 Drummond, Randy 377 Drummy, Steve 414 Drus, Peter 394 Drushall, Steve 426 Dubnick, Davina 352 Ducat, Joy 232 Duga, Arlene 326 Dugan, Sharon Senior Duim, Alice 298 Dukes, Dave 381 Dukes, John 172, 173, 391, Senior Duket, Jeri 306 Dul, William 396 Dullea, Ken 196, Senior Dunbar, Linda 314, Senior Duncan, Florence 351 Duncan, Ronald 400 Dunkerely, Jim 171 Dunkley, Margaret 318 Dunn, Irene 329 Dunn, Richmond Senior Dunn, Robert Senior Durnall, Tamara 292 Duze, Daniel Senior Dweck, Harry Senior Dyer, Karin 314 Dyhrman, Lyn 165, 324 Dyroff, Terence 428 E Eaker, Lloyd 412 Eckert, Carol 289, Senior Ecklund, Kenneth Senior Edens, Lloyd 384 Edmondson, Dale 166, 343 Edwards, Donald 171 Edwardo, Janice 298, 347 Egerman, Mark 406 Eggert, Dennis 196, Senior Egloff, Linda 177, 353 Ehrlich, Hope 330 Ehrnstein, Lyn Senior Eich, Pamela 165, 188 Eichelsbach, Joan 306, Senior Eichstaedt, Kay 308 Eidsmore, Judy 360 Eidson, Sally 296, Senior Einbinder, Leah 357 Einstein, Clifford 406, Senior Eischen, Jay 414 Eisenberg, Rich 402 Eisenstadt, Mike 173, 426 Ela, Dave 414 Elias, Barbara 294 Elinson, Howard Senior Ellett, Carol 292 Elkins, Anna 340 Elliott, Edward 422 Elliott, Joyce 351 Elliott, Linda 321, Senior Elliott, Roland Senior Elliott, Sara 348 Elliott, Sharon Senior Ellis, David 164 Ellis, Kay 166, 179, 286 Ellis, Michael 377 Ellis, Randy 406 Ellis, Winston Senior Ely, Tom 396 Emery, John 394 Emmel, Carol 332 Endicott, Carole 318 Engel, Bill 414 Engel, Judith 351 Engstrom, Lucille 165. 306 Ennism, Jan 310 Enochs, Gayle 352 Eppler, Frank 386 Epstein, Jon 172, 193, Senior Epstein, Marcia 342 Erickson, Ronald 375 Erwin, David 412, Senior Esensten, Wendy 310 Eskin, Robert 420 Esselson, Anita 360 Estabrook, Norman 430 Etienne, Gayle 183, 329 Eustrom, Dorothy 353 Evanchuck, Vincent Senior Evans, Gordon 414 Evans, Julie E. 304 Evans, Susan 329 Evansen, Layle 360 Everts, John 381 Ewin, Dick 366 Ewing, Jeff 194, Senior Ezmirlian, John 381 F Fabre, Rosalie Senior Failla, Joe 418 Fairchild, Bette 322 Fales, Janet 286 Falke, Evelyn Senior Farber, Karolyn Senior Faries, Dave Senior Farlee, David Senior Farlee, Janet Senior Farquhar, Joan 308 Farrell, Jim 430 Farrington, Margie 316, Senior Farrow, Diane 168, 318 Fay, Leilani Senior Feigen, Alan 378 Feil, Jeff 404 Feinberg, Lois 179, Senior Feinberg, Mike 410 Feldkamp, Cibyl 358 Feldman, Alfred Senior Feldman, Fred 182, 418 Feldman, Joanne 346, Senior Feldman, Ken 426 Feldman, Steven 378 Feldman, Stu 410 Felton, Judy 326 Fenderson, Jim 171, 391 Fennell, Vincent Senior Fenster, Sari 290 Fenster, Susan 232 Fenton, Phyllis 330 Ference, Lynn 162 Ferguson, Jacque 353 Ferguson, Peggy Senior Ferman, Madelene 290 Fernandez, Donald Senior Ferrari, Marilyn 298 Ferring, Joan 183, 298 Fessenden, Joan 181 Fickerson, Bert 193, Senior Fidler, Morel 404 Fiedler, Jim 168, 172, 414, Senior Field, Armand Senior Fillmore, Mildred 353 Finch, Thomas 422, Senior Fine, Arthur 404 Fine, Jean 340, Senior Finer, David Senior Fink, Douglas 162 Finke, Eugene 404 Finkel, Robert 378, Senior Firman, Greg 402 Fischbach, Ruth Senior Fischer, Pat 352 Fish, Herb 418 Fisher, Rosalie 359 Fishes, Maureen 326 Fittus, Ronald 422 Fitz, Carol 306, Senior Fitzgerald, lone 357, Senior Flach, Gloria Senior Flam, Diana 326 Flame, Phil 366, 410 Flaxman, William 406 Fleiner, Lois Senior Fleishchner, Charles 430 Fleishman, Charles 410 Fleishman, Phil 426, Senior Flette, Ann 181, 185, 314 Fligsten, Len 426 Fligsten, Monte 189, 426 Flink, Barbara 330 Flint, Pat 181, 321 Fogelman, Jean 290 Foland, Ronald 173, 182, 418 Fondler, Howard Senior Fontana, William Senior Foote, William Jr. 396 Ford, Jane Senior Ford, Shari 296 Forest, Charles Senior Forman, Marilyn ....181, 289, Senior Forst, Brian 367 Forsyth, Sylvia Senior Foster, Felicia 289 Foster, Frank Senior Foster, Jocelyn 165, 296, 348 Foster, Karen 306, Senior Foster, Lynn 296 Foster, Stephanie 353 Fournier, Robert 164, Senior Fowler, Bob 381 Fowler, Bruce 424 Fox, Allen 406 Fox, Fern 330, Senior Fradkin, Marilyn 290 Frager, David 182, Senior Fraizer, Mary 321 Francis, Don 396 Francis, George Senior Francisco, Herbert 386 Francisco, Karla 318, Senior Franco, Joy 306, Senior Frank, Douglas 418 Frank, Harriet Senior Frank, Pamela 340 Frank, Tom 408 Frantz, Judy 286 Frantz, Steve 400 Frase, Terri 316 Freckleton, Pat Senior Fredrickson, Melanie 321 Freeborn, Judy 308 Freed, Barbara Senior Freed, Sandra Senior Freed, Theo 292 Freedman, Marshall 406 Freedman, Robert Senior Freeman, Bob 391 Fressenden, Joan 321 Freund, Jim 426 Friedland, David 420 Friedman, Alice 352 Friedman, Arthur Senior Friedman, Elliott 411 Friedman, Kenneth Senior Friedman, Marvin Senior Friedman, Pam 166, 330 Friedman, Phillip 382 Friedman, Samuel Senior Friedman, Sandra Senior Fries, Deanna 316, Senior Frindt, Richard 391 Fritsche, Mary 300 Froberg, Stone 196, 430 Frodsham, Jim 398 Frogue, Charla 363, Senior Froley, Susy 183, 318 Frolich, Pat 360 Fry, Steve 430 Fuchs, Christine 188, 232 Fuchs, Dahl 391 Fueglein, Sheila 347 Fuerstein, Vivienne 357 Fugget, Dick 382 Fujii, Gertrude Senior Fujimoto, Kyoko 313 Fujita, Carole 343 Fujita, Irene 313 Fulhorst, Henry 426 Fuller, Carole 289 Fulton, Joanne 314, Senior Furman, Irwin Senior G Gaborko, George 381 Gabrielson, Judy 314 Gabbert, Deborah 329 Gaddis, Mike 367 Gage, Trish 323 Gaines, Don 378 Gaines, Gene Senior Golouskin, Basil 366, Senior Gamst, Fred Senior Ganahl, Nancy Senior Gans, Nancy 378 Garabedian, Michael Senior Garavaglia, Ted 414 Gardener, Joan 286 Gardner, Georgianna 352 Gardner, Nancy 361 Garelick, Marilyn 349 Garfein, Steve 182, 406 Garfield, Jack 426 Garlinghouse, Judith 362 Garmes, Carol 306 Garmus, David 424, Senior Garth, Susie 290 Garwood, Judie 316 Garza, Rudy Senior Gaskill, Mariam 185, 289 Gasser, Jim 367, Senior Gast, Helen 296 Gaston, Yvonne 323 Gaustad, John 382 Gaydowski, J. D. 418 Gaylord, Murray 426 Gayner, Mike 173, 382 Gebert, Gordon 408 Gelber, Linda 319 Gelfan, Corrine 330 Gelfand, Harold 162 Gelfand, Judith Senior Gendel, Neil 193, 426, Senior Gentry, Marilyn 308 Gentry, Marilyn 342 George, Larry 430 George, Mary 296 Gerber, Gwen 360, Senior Gerber, Sheldon 366 Gerhard, Steve 412, Senior Gerry, Lornae 330 Gersh, David 378 Gershon, Larry 393 Gerstl, Hugh 163 Gertler, Thodora Senior Gertsen, Richard 375, Senior Geyer, Natalie 304 Ghent, Eleanor 340 Gibson, Linda 165, 332 Gibson, Nelson 171, 177, Senior Gifford, Beverly 286 Gilbert, Corky 290 Gilbert, Harvey 404 Gilbert, William 416 Gill, Carol Lee 178, 308, Senior Gill, Ronald 404 Gillett, Carolyn 346 Gillies, Robin Senior Gillman, Phyllis 331 Gilster, Eugene Senior Ginn, Shirley Senior Ginsberg, Bert 404 Ginsberg, Stephen 378 Giorgi, Nancy 179, 232, 321 Gipson, James 384 Girard, Marilyn 329, Senior Girod, Sharon 300 Girot, Geraldine 289 Gitchens, Alan 412 Glantz, Fred 182, 426 Glass, Nancy 351 Glazer, Sybil 359 Glenson, Gene 426 Glesby, Sharon 326 Glick, Harold 404 Glikmann, Alex 378 Glober, Nancy 352 Gluckman, Bobbie 340 Goddard, John 422 Godlis, Lloyd 366, 411 Godlewicz, Rose 361 Goebel, Jane 314 Gold, Barbara 292, Senior Gold, Donna Senior Goldberg, Chuck 173, 426 Goldberg, Helen 351 Goldberg, Sheila 331 Goldberg, William 412, Senior Golde, David 163, 406 Golden, Gary 378 Goldenberg, Shirley Senior Goldie, Susan 232 Goldman, Arnold 420 Goldman, Barbara 357, Senior Goldman, Carol 326 Goldman, Larry 379 Goldman, Lee 393 Goldman, Paul 420 Goldsmith, Amie Senior Goldsmith, Marilyn Senior Goldstein, Ken 193, Senior Goldstein, Norine Senior Goodman, Ken 384 Gonzales, Sophia 349 Goodale, Patti 318 Goodall, Penny 323 Gooden, Reginald 382, Senior Goodhart, Diana 166, 289 Goodman, Al 426 Goodman, Earle 404 Goodstein, Diane Senior Goon, Bob 400 Gordon, Jared 379 Gordon, Lawrence 406 Gordon, Mike 426, Senior Gorelick, Sheila 357 Gorin, Howard 420 Goshert, Dave 382 Gosnell, Dan 408 Gostlin, Diana 349 Gottfredson, Robert 196, Senior Gottlieb, Ellen 331 Gould, Merle Senior Graham, Bob 172, 382 Graham, Dorothy 349 Graham, George 412 Gauthier, Nadine 324 Graham, Marty 414 Graham, Zara 183, 304 Gram, Sylvia Senior Grandstaff, Barbara 357 Granit, Ron 404 Grant, Donna Senior Gratt, Laurence 193 Graves, Bobby Lee 301 Graves, Carole 296 Grayless, Richard Senior Green, Jerry 163, 381 Green, Judy 326 Green, Thomas Senior Greenbaum, Salley 331 Greenberg, Charlotte 359 Greenberg, David Senior Greenberg, Eugene 411 Greenberg, Martin 379 Greene, Brenda Senior Greene, Catherine 359 Greene, Erwin Senior Greene, Gerald 379 Greene, Virginia 294, Senior Greenfield, Robert 374, 426 Greenspan, Jerry 426 Grey, Gary 411 Griffin, Carol 300 Griffin, Verna 324, Senior Grigorian, Vrej Senior Grihalva, Jerry 381 Griver, Jeannette Senior Groode, Jason 426, Senior Gross, Douglas 422 Gross, Glenn 381 Gross, Wendy Senior Grossman, David 411 Grossman, Thompson Senior Grotch, Barry 404 Grotheer, Herb Senior Groves, Dorothy Senior Grutman, Gail 290 Guenther, Stephen 375 Guerra, Ofelia 349 Guisinger, Barrett Senior Gugat, Rich 414 Guth, Gregory Senior Gunby, Al 430 Gunn, John 408 Gunn, Stephen 394 Gunneson, Carol 300 Gustafson, Carl 232 Gutierrez, Richard 171 Guttman, Lillian 362 Guy, Pat 306 Gwartz, Barry Senior Gwin, Jeffrey Senior Gwynne, Gerald 162 Gwynne, Ramsey 162 H Haake, Margot Senior Haase, Larry Senior Haberman, Harvey Senior Haberstitch, Charles Senior Hacsi, Pete 414 Haden, Dave 400 Haden, Doug 400 Haering, Carol 351 Hafford, Betty 347 Hagger, Kathleen 340 Hagio, Lucelle 302 Hagopian, Kip 384 Hahn, Dennis 406 Hahn, Jim 396 Haig, Sandy 181, Senior Hale, Ronald 391 Haley, Barry Senior Hall, Beaumont 162 Hall, Bryan Senior Hall, David 408, Senior Hall, John 382 Hall, Marion 283, 292, Senior Hall, Nancy 183, 297 Hall, Suzie 300 Hallenbeck, Hope 294 Hallett, Bettie 298 Halley, Morgiana 357 Halliwell, Mike 366 Halme, Paul 396 Halprin, Michael 420 Hamasaka, Janice 313, 360 Hamilton, Brett Senior Hamilton, Linda 308 Hamm, James 163 Hamm, Linda Senior Hammarsten, Karen 343 Hamman, Carol 304 Hammer, Carole Senior Hammon, Melton 163 Hammond, Elaine 314, 352 Hammond, Tom 386 Hamre, Chuck 398 Handy, Ruth 314 Hanks, Bruce 171 Hanks, Richard Senior Hanlon, Sabina 194 Hann, Janet Senior Hannon, Sharon 292 Hannu, Peggy 332 Hansen, Bonny Lee 166, 289, 352 Hansen, David Senior Hansen, Dick 172, Senior Hansen, Jon 386 Hansen, Laurie 183, 318 Hanson, Linda 332 Hanson, Susan 334 Hanzi, Danielle Jo 286 Hara, Karuyd Senior Hara, Margaret 302, 342 Hara, Roberta 290 Harber, Loren Senior Harding, Francia 343 Hardt, Karole Senior Hare, Judy 321 Harman, Mike 392 Harmel, Marie 362 Harmell, Jack Senior Harmon, Mary Beth 294 Harper, Nancy Lee 292 Harris, Bob 394 Harris, Bob 396 Harris, Grace 310, 352 Harris, John 398 Harris, Laura 357 Harris, Lynn 393 Harris, Margaret 308 Harris, Sharon 310, Senior Harris, Tom 396 Harshaw, Phyllis 346 Harth, Philip Senior Harthan, Karen 334 Hartman, Marlene 314 Hartmann, Annette Senior Hart-Nibbrig, Harold Senior Hartunian, Loretta 185, 324 Hartwell, Mary Ann 298, Senior Harvey, Pat 353 Harvey, Thomas 384 Harwood, Warren Senior Haryung, Dennis 173, 193, 384 Hass, Richard 420 Hasselberg, Carol 165, 352 Hassen, Susan 290 Hastings, Doug 398, Senior Hastings, Paul 394 Hata, Lillian 348 Hatanaka, Florence 302, 347 Hatano, Richard Senior Hatch, Natalie 332 Hathaway, James 375 Hatheway, Allen 182, 424, Senior Hatton, Elaine 306 Hauser, Steve 408 Havens, Martha 304, Senior Havert, Jean 329 Hawkins, Alice Senior Hawkins, Barbara 348 Hawkins, Norman 232, 367 Hawkins, Tom 394 Haworth, Jane 166, 185, 298 Hayashi, Amy 302, Senior Hayes, Connie 358 Hayes, Janie 357 Hayes, Joan 312 Hayes, John 382 Hayes, Margaret 362 Hayes, Martha 169, 294 Hayes, Norm 428 Haynes, Virginia 300 Hays, Charles 400 Haysel, Susan 308 Hayward, George 381 Haze, Don 398 Hazlet, Ruth 346 Heald, Anne 329 Healy, Fredric Senior Hearst, Millicent Senior Hechtman, Carolmae 308 Hedman, Janice 232, 292, 361 Heebner, Dotty 166 Hegardt, Barbara 297 Heide, Nancy 341 Hein, Jeri 292 Heishi, Miyeko Senior Heldman, Evelyn Senior Heller, Brian 426 Heller, David 392 Helmer, Edward Senior Heltzer, Murray 404 Hemenez, Richard ....172, 391, Senior Hempstead, David 377 Henderson, Joan 312, 357 Henderson, Judy 351 Hendricks, Moana 362 Henig, Luida 331 Henricks, Don 414 Henrie, Barbara 323, Senior Henrikson, Jo Anne 289 Henry, Susan 308 Hensley, Madlyn 343 Herman, Tom 414 Herndon, Mamie Senior Hersh, Gene 425 Hersh, Mimi 353 Hersh, Robert 402 Herzog, John 163, 430 Hess, Gordon 193, 374, 382 Hess, Robert 430 Hess, Susan 166, 347 Hesse, Nick 428 Hesselbom, Inga 361 Hesser, Ray 381 Hewitt, Sandra 316, Senior Heytens, Ann 346 Hicks, Bill 396 Hiebert, Barbara 343 Higashi, Ruth Ann 302, Senior Hilbert, Jerald Senior Hill, Allen 400 Hill, Carolyn 298 Hill, Elizabeth Ann 351 HiII, Margaret Senior Hillis, Melinda 289 Hillison, Bob 426, Senior Hindman, Beverly 349 Hipolito, Terry 384 Hindsill, John 421 Hiraishi, Carolyn 302 Hirsch, Micki 326 Hirsch, Richard 168, 172, 426, Senior Hirzel, Robert 422 Hirzel, Sue 332 Hoban, Bill 408 Hobson, Craig 408, Senior Hochberg, Susan 361 Hockman, Rhoda 331 Hodges, Barbara 360 Hoebner, Dottie 318 Hoehn, Phil 418 Hof, Mary Lynn 185, 295 Hofer, Charlotte 314 Hoff, Marilyn Senior Hoffberg, Sara 290 Hoffman, Gloria 331 Hoffman, Gretchen 300, Senior Hoffman, Irwin 421 Hoffman, Louise 363 Hoffman, Marilyn 363 Hoffman, Richard 381 Hoffnung, Warren Senior Hogan, Mike 428 Holbrook, Sue 181, 289 Holcomb, Grant 398 Holland, Bruce 391 Holland, Raymond 382 Hollander, Gary Senior Hollander, Mike 412 Hollar, Brenda 318 Hollingsworth, Ann 360, Senior Hollis, Wendell 375 Hollowaty, Jim 394 Holman, Corrine 168, 179, 321, 357, Senior Holman, Robert 367 Holmes, Jack 430 Holmes, Patricia Senior Holmgren, Astrid 169, 304 Holmgren, Sandra Senior Holt, Linda Senior Holt Robert Senior Holt, Sally 181, 185, 321, 361 Homann, Catherine 187, 324 Homans, Virginia Senior Hong, Lin Senior Hongladarom, Tasani 347 Honigs, Martin 428 Honne, Walter 422 Hooker, Mary Ann 323 Hoop, Carolyn 318 Hooper, Kent 382 Hoople, Sharyl 357 Hoose, Jane 332, Senior Hopkins, Gail 295, Senior Hopman, Mary Senior Hopper, Larry 408 Horn, Barbara 323, Senior Horn, Kelly 397 Horn, Kobey 406, Senior Hornaday, Thomas 394 Hornak, Virginia Senior Hornbeck, Lynne 177, 232 Horne, Susan 187, Senior Horowitz, Don 404 Horowitz, Jerry 402 Horowitz, Kenneth 402 Horowitz, Marc 189, 404 Horton, Nan 323 Horton, Philip 430 Horwitz, Alan 421 Horwitz, Ruth Senior Hoshek, Silvio 384 Hoskins, Lee 381 Hoskins, Phillip 382, Senior Hounsell, Elaine 357 Houston, Bill 408 Hovey, Grant Senior HowaId, Walt 382 Howard, Diane 331 Howard, Linda 283, 290 Howard, Monte 430 Howe, Mary 306 Howitt, Roger 379 Howland, Katherine 340 Hubbard, Carol 286 Huckaby, Linda Senior Huckett, Virginia 289 Huff, Mary 286 Huffman, Jean 321 Hughes, Cam 384 Hui, Daphne 353 Hull, Gloria Senior Hultgren, Carla 348 Humes, Peggy 300, Senior Hummel, Carol 166, 286 Hummel, Janice 185, 297 Hummel, Marilee 314 Humphrey, Dorothy 304, Senior Humphrey, Richard 375, Senior Humphries, Sue 332 Hunady, Pat 353 Hunt, Carolyn Senior Hunt, Dwight 408 Hunt, Mary Jo 295 Hunt, Steve 408 Hunt, William Senior Hunter, Barbara 351 Hurd, Dean 425 Hurle, Betty 360 Hurwitt, Jean 331 Hurwitz, Dave 393 Husman, Gwen 290 Hussbaum, Jerry 411 Hutchens, Mary Dell 186, 332 Hutchinson, Joan 357 Hutson, Joan 306 Hutter, Loretta 347 Hutton-Miller, Gunilla 306 Hyde, Anne 318 Hyde, Jerry 398 I Ibsen, Sven 162 Ichino, Priscilla 347 Ichinose, Phyllis 303 Ignatius, Joan 298 Iijima, Rumiko 313 Ilfrey, Susie 297 Imbach, Irene 286 Incaudo, Joe 397, Senior Ingallis, Don 412 Ingersoll, Carole 295 Inouye, Emily 303 Irie, Elinor 303 Isaacs, Jeff 406 Isaacs, Judy 346 Isaacs, Les 377 Isaacson, Robert 404 Isaia, Laura 362 Isely, Patricia Senior Isenberg, Al 421 Isom, Barbara Senior Itow, Frances Senior Iwao, Meiko 166, 340 Iwao, Reiko 340 J Jabbour, Brenda 298 Jackson, Carole Senior Jackson, Chris 165, 329 Jackson, Gary 386 Jacobs, Iris 290 Jacobson, Joel 404 Jacobson, Melinda 326 Jaffe, Janis 326 Jahn, Edward 177 Jamison, Martha 295, Senior Janis, Sheryl Senior Janson, William 400 Janssen, Peter 400 Jantzen, Milt 171, Senior Jardine, Evanne 332, Senior Jarvis, Dorian 326, Senior Jaskiewicz, John 414 Jaye, Richard 426 Jefferis, Stephanie 232 Jefferson, Karl 163 Jenkins, Jo 165, 286 Jenkins, Nancy 353 Jenkins, Venita 348 Jennings, James Senior Jennings, Judy 304 Jensen, Elizabeth Senior Jensen, Judy 329 Jepsen, Harold 422 Jester, Judy 346 Jessing, Mary Senior Jetton, Carolyn 283, 298, Senior Jevne, Joanna 323 Johns, Bill 171 Johns, Sharon 286 Johnson, Ardis 295 Jepsen, Larry 394 Jeralds, Mary 314 Johnson, Arthur 394 Johnson, Barry 414 Johnson, Carol 187, 312 Johnson, Fanny Senior Johnson, Jim .173, 193, 406, Senior Johnson, Kathy 289 Johnson, Kenneth Senior Johnson, Larry 381 Johnson, Larry 412 Johnson, Lee 295 Johnson, Libbie 286 Johnson, Mac 414 Johnson, Mardia 312, 342, Senior Johnson, Margaret 321 Johnson, Marilyn 183, 308 Johnson, Mary Senior Johnson, Nancy 166, 169, 353 Johnson, Noel 398 Johnson, Pat 314 Johnson, Rae 183 Johnson, Randy 397 Johnson, Richard 402 Johnson, Sandra Senior Johnson, Tricia 316 Johnson-Dobler, Corrine 363 Johnston, Linda 363 Johnston, Sandy 308 Jolly, Sue 297 Jones, Amy 312, Senior Jones, Christine 329 Jones, Chuck 377 Jones, David 171, 381 Jones, Gary 397 Jones, Karen 292, 353 Jones, Kathleen Senior Jones, Nancy 286 Jones, Pat 185, 323 Jones, Phyllis 343 Jorban, Joy 377 Jordan, JoAnne 318 Jorgenson, David 425 Jorgenson, Mary 177 Joseph, Marsha 331 Joseph, Merle 290, Senior Joslyn, Linda 169, 181, 298 Joyce, Randolph 391 Juarez, John Senior Jubilier, Joel 426 Judd, William Senior Jue, Marianne 353 Juengst, Randy 386 Julian, Fonda. .179, 283, 307, Senior Jung, Kurt Senior Junger, Hedy 187, 295 Jurmain, Richard 429 Jusenius, Nancy 329 Justice, Anne Senior K Kacher, Joanne 357 Kael, Howard Senior Kagan, Sandra 331 Kahn, Arnold Senior Kamikawa, Emi 303, Senior Kamin, Stanley Senior Kanawah, Carolyn Senior Kanberg, Claire 169 Kandt, Susan 316 Kanegae, Marilyn 343 Kanne, Ann 357 Kanow, Jay Senior Kanter, Jim 398 Kaplan, Dave 425 Kaplan, Don 404 Kaplan, Joan 353 Kaplan, Robert Senior Kaplow, Carl 430 Kaplow, Carole 314 Karagozian, Jo Anne 347 Karlin, Raymond 402 Kashuk, Frank 379 Kassarjian, Romeo 401 Kas soy, Arnold 405 Katsuda, Leland 366 Katsuda, Suzie 303, 348 Katz, Jeff 393 Katzman, Carol Senior Katzman, Howard 193, Senior Kaub, Karen 179, 323, Senior Kaufman, Gary 379 Kaufman, Laurel 331 Kaufman, Laurence 162 Kaufman, Sherry 183, 290 Kautto, Paul Senior Kawaguchi, Bob Senior Kaye, Marv 405 Keating, Thomas 394 Keen, Lorraine 347 Keethe, Larry 394 Keh, Kathryn Senior Keithley, Don 397 Kelemen, Susanne 351 Kellam, Wayne 381 Keller, Connie 314 Keller, Ema Senior Keller, Stephanie 290 Kelley, Keith 382 Kelley, Kris 329 Kelley, Margaret Senior Kelley, Pat 295 Kellogg, Carol 308 Kellogg, Cherie 181, 289 Kelly, Maribeth Senior Kelly, Patricia Senior Kelt, Ann 334, Senior Kemp, Sandra 307 Kennedy, Jim 409 Kenny, Darleen 357 Kenny, Diane 178, Senior Kent, Peter 411 Keough, Jerry 412 Keown, Dan 409 Kepford, Larry 397 Keppler, Carole 308, Senior Kerr, Karen 297 Kesler, Susie 318 Kibler, Thomas Senior Kielb, Robin 232, 343 Kilgore, Patricia 308 Kim, Jung-Sun 342 Kimble, Dan 401 Kimura, Sadao Senior Kinder, Marsha Senior King, Blaine 172, 374, 414, Senior King, Guy 429 King, Jeff 426 King, Lindsey 304 King, Martin Senior Kingdon, Linda 324, Senior Kingma, Marilyn Senior Kingsley, George 421 Kinmont, Jill Senior Kinnune, Teddi 408 Kinsling, Ron 386 Kinton, Ron 382 Kish, Suzanne Senior Kisner, Adrianne 290, Senior Kitasako, Barbara 343 Klapow, Gary 421 Klass, Marlin 406 Klawans, Jerry 405 Klein, Marilyn 331 Klein, Marjorie 326 Klein, Martin 379 Klein, Robert 430 Klein, Ronald 386 Kleinman, Carolyn Senior Kleinpeter, Gordon 382, Senior Klekamp, Lynn 314 Klemp, Jane 363 Klenner, Joyce 351 Klingman, Carol 297, Senior Klopfer, Karen 316 Klunkle, Kathy 363 Knaus, Nancy 340 Kniff, Brian 172, 386, Senior Knight, Lee Senior Knodel, Gerhardt Senior Knopf, Richard 381 Knox, Linda 321, Senior Knowles, Linda Lu 168, 169, 179, 323 Kobata, Janice 343, Senior Kobata, Shinobu 300, Senior Kobayashi, Ronald Senior Kober, Lenore 300 Koch, Don 399 Koehler, Gregg Ann 308 Kogus, David Senior Kohlenberger, Donald 381 Kohn, Barry 411 Kohn, Janice 326, Senior Kohn, Mel 411 Kohtz, Janet 177 Kolias, Gail 315 Kolloch, Charlotte 233, 359 Kolonsky, Jean 165, 179, 315 Kolste, Sharon 297 Komure, Linda 303, Senior Kondo, Arlene 313 Konno, Alice 303, 346 Korb, Laura 331 Korn, Steve Senior Kornblum, Rena 353 Korr, Charles Senior Kosby, JoAnn Senior Kowalski, Diane Senior Koyama, Kunizo Senior Krantz, Paul 162 Krause, Carol 289, Senior Krause, Howard 429 Krause, Philip Senior Krieger, Gene 405, Senior Krepack, Shale 426 Krohn, Tom 429 Kropke, Darryl Senior Krotoski, Wojciech Senior Krugel, Tom 409 Krupa, Mary Jo 334 Krushchke, Doug 418 Krutak, Jan 332 Kubota, Mitsuko 303, Senior Kuehl, Sheila 178, Senior Kugler, Edwin 162 Kugler, Roberta 298 Kuhn, Thomas Senior Kunkel, Dudley 425 Kunkel, George 430 Kuno, Hiromu 196, Senior Kuramoto, Ann 303 Kurata, Betty 313, 348 Kurland, Dick 426, Senior Kurtz, Jim 168, Senior I LaCesa, Genevieve Senior Lacina, Norm 381, Senior Laemmle, Sandra 331 Lafaille, David 394 Lagerquist, Lynn 377 Lahti, Susan 349 Lainger, Nahum 379 Laird, Donald Senior Lake, Bill 426 Lakey, Melinda 304 Lam, John Senior Lamaida, Terry 422, Senior Lamaison, Joan 315 Lamb, Merna 300, Senior Lambert, Gretchen 185, 357 Lambirth 307 Lampe, Mary Ruth 183, 298 Lancor, Joan 298 Landis, Tom 382 Landman, Mike 426 Landow, Pete 421 Lane, Linda 283 Lange, Deanne 351 Lange, Linda 351 Langer, Susan 286 Lanham, Mary 304 Lapsley, Phyllis Senior Larrieu, Judy 318 La Rue, Gay 292 Larsen, Judy 179, 332, Senior Larsen, Richard 401 Larson, Carl 381 Larson, Konrad 422, Senior Lash, Ceceile 359 Lash, Marianne 316 Lauer, Richard 429 Lauffer, Donald Senior Laurion, Jeanne 283, 323 Lawde, Linda 310 Lawless, Bernard 384 Lawrence, Mary 297 Laws, Judy 316 Layman, Jacque 323 Layton, Judy 332 Lea, Bob 429 Leachman, Susan 325, 346 Leader, Maureen 352 Leary, Susan 318 Leavitt, Barbara 331 Lebowitz, Irwin 411 Lee, Carolyn 304 Lee, Cynthia 343 Lee, Elizabeth 308 Lee, Joel 379 Lee, Nai Senior Lee, Stevie 290 Lee, Virginia 360 Lee, Vivian Senior Leeds, Art 426 Leeds, Shari 292 Leeman, Mollie 300 Leeson, JoAnn 195 Lefforge, Jack 391 Lehmkuhl, Chris 315 Leibowitz, Paula 233 Leicester, Mark 386 Leiser, Clairlee 165 Leishman, Linda 329 Lemcke, Judy 167 Lemonias, Frances Senior Lenain, Karen Senior Lenart, Nina Senior Lengel, Larry 397 Lense, June Senior Leonard, Alan 422 Leonard, Linda 297 Leonard, Paul 430, Senior Leonard, Terry 399 Leone, Mary 359 Leong, Betty 303 Lercher, Elaine 325, 361, Senior Lerer, Suzie 290 Lesley, Jacquelyne Senior Leslie, Joel Senior Lesser, Kenneth 406 Lester, Arnold 367 Leung, Leonard Senior Leve, Ronald Senior Levenson, Jeremy Senior Leveson, Peggy 290, Senior Leveton, Roberta Senior Levi, Rosalyn 352 Levin, Allen Senior Levin, Bernard 379 Levin, Burt 425 Levin, Donna 177 Levin, Geraldine 348, Senior Levin, Michael 367 Levin, Sheila 331, Senior Levin, William 406 Levitt, Judith Senior Levitt, Linda 290 Michael 379 Levy, Harriet Senior Lew, Irving Senior Lew, Jimmy Senior Lew, Sylvia 303 Lewallen, Ron 399 Lewis, Jean Senior Lewis, Mickey 173, 426 Lewis, Nancy 290 Lewisky, Thomas 391, Senior Leyton, Alex Senior Liautaud, Mike 384 Librizzi, Neena 286 Lichter, Roberta 233 Lichterman, Suzy 310 Lidholm, Karen 353 Lidholm, Kathleen 353 Liebman, Richard 421 Liebman, Robert 421 Lifson, Allan 421 Lile, Penny 179, 297, Senior Lilley, Gayle 233 Lind, Janice 357 Lindeman, Carol Senior Linden, Jeff 379 Linden, Lowell 429 Lindgren, Barbara 307, Senior Lindman, Valerie 307 Lindsley, Carol 297 Ling, Ted 414 Linn, Donna 181, 361 Linton, Phyllis 290 Lipnick, Edward Senior Lippman, Barry 379 Lippman, Robert 379 Liska, Pat 369 Little, Judith 318 Liu, Diana 346 Livingston, Carole 357 Lloyd, Mary Lee 297 Locke, Julianne 307 Locke, Laurel 169, 233, 298 Lockett, JoAnn 289, Senior Lockwood, Linda 353 Lockwood, Penny 349 LoCurto, John 384 Loder, Nancy 323 Lodge, Linda 310 Lohman, Barbara 359 Lomas, Steve 401 Lombardi, Richard 172, 381 Long, Carol 165, 304 Long, John 375 Long, Sandra 349 Long, Sharon 361 Longo, Tony 193, 399, Senior Loomos, Pauline 308 Lopez, Mary Senior Lorenzetti, William 367 Losey, Carole 297, Senior Lovgren, Ann Marie Senior Lowe, Howard 402 Lowe, Lois Senior Lowe, Pete 421 Lowenstam, Ruth 340 Lowenstein, David 233 Lowry, Keith 377 Loyd, Dave 425 Lubarsky, Nancy 325 Lubetsky, David 384 Lucich, Andrew Senior Ludwig, Herb 193, 384 Luhman, Geraldine 348 Lundy, Bill 163 Luoma, Ann 181, 289 Lupo, Samuel Senior Lusby, Betty 283, 334 Luttrell, Willie Senior Lutz, Frederick Senior Lux, Lucia Senior Lynch, Dennis 409 Lyon, Miriam 300 M Maarup, Mary Beth 298 Maas, Richard 375 Macari, Frank 374, 399 Mack, Donald 182, Senior Mackey, Jean 348 Mackey, John 386 Mackley, Sandi 233 MacLeod, Sheila 357 Maddox, Mike 162 Mader, Kay 183, 321 Madison, Dannelle 289 Madow, Lynn 325, 352 Madrid, Rose 363 Mageno, William Senior Magnuson, Karen 185, 323 Mahboub, Helene 343, Senior Mahoney, Brenda 289 Mahoney, Jim 189, 382 Mahoney, Mike 397 Mahoney, Sheila 295 Main, Virginia 165, 349 Maison, Sally 295 Makino, Mary 303 Malinger, Betty 307 Malsberg, Barbara 353 Mandel, Loren 379 Mandell, Richard 430 Mangine, Dave 401 Monies, Joyce 321 Mann, Alice 321, Senior Mann, Darlene 181, 239, Senior Mann, Judy 331 Mann, Robert Senior Manor, Diane 289 Marbach, Harriet Senior Marcelli, Vic 399 Margolin, Sandra 290 Margolis, Gary 163 Margules, Richard 402 Marias, Andrew 163, 189, 406 Mark, Steven 405 Markewson, Bill 426 Markle, John 173, 385 Marks, Bill 426 Marks, Jerome Senior Marlow, Laura 181, 298 Moron, Marv 426 Marquez, Fred 391 Marrant, Doris Senior Marshall, Robert 391 Marshall, Sandy 167 Marsman, Ruth 357 Marston, Herman Senior Martella, Violet Senior Martens, Eric 374, 414, Senior Martin, Bob 377 Martin, Buckley Senior Martin, Dave 422 Martin, Elaine Senior Martin, Ida 360 Martin, Jan 332 Martin, John 423, Senior Martin, Laurel 187, 289 Martin, Linda Senior Martin, Myra 167, 312, 342 Martin, Ron 379 Martin, Sandra 332 Martin, Steve 391 Martinez, Nancy 324 Masaki, Irene 343 Mason, Betty 298 Mason, Carol 183, 329 Mason, Frances 177 Mason, Mel 406 Massaro, Robert 429 Masse, Charles Senior Massett, Nancy Senior Masten, Bob 409 Masters, Gilbert 196, Senior Mastin, Thomas 171 Mastt, Angelina Senior Mathews, Jim 414 Mathis, Dick 414 Matney, Ken 391 Matsuura, Jane 303, Senior Mattenson, Myles 421 Matthews, Bill 385 Matthews, Nancy 187, 353 Mattke, Marilyn 361 Mauritzen, Hans Senior Maurseth, Valerie 323 Mautino, Phil 374, 429 Maxwell, Walt 193, 418 May Ken 394 May, Tom 399 Mayfield, Frances 300 Maynor, Marcia 323 Mays, Peter 429, Senior McBee, Lyle Senior McBride, Carolyn 304, Senior McCain, Karen 298 McCaffrey, Robert 397 McCarty, Linda Joy 177 McCellan, Dick 391 McClay, William 171, 391 McCleary, Mike 430 McClellan, Larry 422 Penny 286 McClendon, Eloise 292 McClintock, Gary 425 McClung, Gary 409 McCombs, Jacqueline 312 McConnell, Nancy 307 McCoo, Glenda 166, 179, Senior McCormick, Michael 377 McCourt, Brian 391, Senior McCoy, John 382 McCrea, Linda 165, 183 McDean, Harry 382 McDermott, Moira 183, 318 McDonald, James Senior McDonald, Margie 315 McDonald, Marilyn 185, 321, 351 McDonald, Sandra 349 McDonald, Susan 178, 317, Senior McDonald, Tony 412 McDonald, Wayne 412 McFadden, Pat 295 McFarlane, Grace 286 McFerson, Gary 431, Senior McGinley, William Senior McGowan, Dan 391 McGowan, Phyllis 343, Senior McGowan, Sally 286 McGruder, Vera Senior McGuire, Mary 317 McHugh, Thelma Senior McIntosh, Carol 301 McKee, Roger 411 McKenna, Irene 343 McKinley, Pat 321 McLain, Sandra 297, Senior McLaughlin, Dennis 381 McLaughlin, Maureen 361, Senior McLaurin, William Senior McLean, Marsha 298, Senior McMillian, Eugene Senior McNair, Gale 181 McNee, Harold Senior McNees, Pat 178, 286, Senior McNeil, Linda 309, Senior McNutt, William 381, Senior McVeigh, Pat 289 McWilliams, Robert 163 McWilliams, Sharon 334 Medley, Tony 414, Senior Mehr, Linda Senior Meisel, Steve 406 Meldonian, Robert Senior Mellor, Joyce 187, 304 Melton, Sandy 292 Meltzer, Bobbie 290 Melville, Sandy 167, 309 Memel, Judy 310 Mende, Sheldon Senior Mentell, Nadine 352 Mereness, Bill 409 Merino, Elizabeth 300 Merrick, Fred 377 Merrill, Ronald Senior Merzon, Rochelle 342 Mesner, Patricia 301 Messick, Judy 359 Messineo, Paul 375, 381, Senior Metcalf, Sharon 351 Metzger, Judy 290 Metzger, Lee 163, 423 Metzger, Margo 187, 299, Senior Metzger, Tom 423 Mevi, Edward 385 Meyer, Beverly Senior Meyer, Bill 414 Meyer, Eleanor 169, 179, 317 Meyer, Judy 361 Meyer, Linda Senior Meyer, Ruth 300, Senior Meyer, William 171 Meyers, Janet 328 Michaelson, Barry 405 Mickelson, Joanne 362 Mielke, Dave 173, 182, Senior Mikami, Carol 343 Mikikitani, Janice 167, 313 Milch, Mario 405 Miley, Pauline 357 Millard, Richard 172, 189, 406 Miller, Barbara 324 Miller, Bill 193, 399, Senior Miller, Bonnie 351 Miller, Dee 290 Miller, Dottie Senior Miller, John 177 Miller, Joy 429 Miller, Maxine 352 Miller, Robert Senior Miller, Ron 426 Miller, Steve 414 Miller, Susan 290 Miller, Theodore Senior Miller, Tom 374, 418 Millo, Meir Senior Millo, Meno 193 Mills, Jim 401 Mills, Patricia 312 Mills, Sue 167, 283, 289, Senior Mindell, Larry 426 Minkey, Karen 346 Mintz, Diane Senior Mirkoviach, Joseph 423 Mitchell, Audrey 301 Mitchell, Gilbert 171, 423 Mitchell, Harmon 429 Mitchell, Judy 295 Mitchell, Linda 321 Mitchell, Rob 409 Mitchell, Sue 317, Senior Miura, Carol Senior Mizer, Randy 401 Mizutani, Lillian Senior Moar, Marilyn 181 Moench, Phil 366 Mohlenhoff, True 297, Senior Mohr, Linda 185, 351 Moll, Pat 343, Senior Monat, Barbara 325, 363, Senior Monday, Clinton Senior Monia, Marilyn 309, Senior Montgomery, Carolyn 332 Montgomery, Sue 329, Senior Montgomery, Thomas Senior Montoya, John 382 Moody, Larry 189, 414 Moone, Mike 397 Moore, Bill 397 Moore, Brenda Senior Moore, Clifton 429 Moore, Donna 299, Senior Moore, Janice Senior Moore, Jerry 423 Moore, Kathleen 343 Moore, Raymond Senior Moore, Richard 385 Moore, Richard 409 Moore, Robin 317 Moorehead, Melanie 361 Mooser, Steve 189, 381 Morales, Victor Senior Moran, Judy 187 Morava, Mary Beth 309 Morehead, Marcia 165, 295 Moreland, Dellene Senior Morgan, Patrick 381 Morikawa, Pamela 303 Morimoto, Kayoko Senior Morioka, Yasuo Senior Moriuchi, Jane 303 Morley, Jay Senior Morosi, Diane 343 Morosic, Don 412 Morosoff, Eugenia 188, Senior Morries, Brenda 295 Morris, Anne Marie Senior Morris, David Senior Morris, John 401 Morris, Marjorie 195, 363, Senior Morrison, Bart 367 Morrison, Michele 165, 233, 321 Morrissey, Bill 382 Morse, Stephen Senior Morton, Sharon Lee 289, Senior Mortrude, Susan 287 Mosh, Lois 331 Mosher, Charles Senior Moss, Faye A. Senior Moss, Judy 290 Mouat, Alyce 317, Senior Moulinos, Nicholas Senior Mousalam, Fadlo 394 Mouzakis, John Senior Moy, Ming Senior Mrazek, Carol 305, Senior Mueller, Eleanor 361 Mueller, Manfred Senior Muench, Jamar 297 Muessel, Margie 307 Muhlitner, Janet 315 Mullally, Louis Senior Mullaly, Mike 385 Muller, Sharon Senior Mulley, Eleanor 185, 341 Mullin, Michael 374, 392, Senior Munari, JoAnn 307 Munger, Betty 297 Munger, Mary 187, 321 Muno, Jerome Senior June 303 Murakami, Margery 233, 303 Muranaka, Jean 313 Murayama, Stan 367 Murguia, Rachel 349 Murphy, Errol 182, 418 Murphy, Kathie 179, 329 Murphy, Willette 167, 168, 179, Senior Murray, Jean 315 Murray, Sandra 362 Murray, Steve 411 Musella, Richard Senior Mustion, Sandra 165, 343 Mustizer, Nanc y 317, Senior Mutton, James 430 Mye, Valerie 317 Mystrom, Rosanne 289 N Nagata, Warren 233 Nagin, Susan 290, Senior Nagler, Lawrence 406 Najarian, Mel....172, 182, 374, 423, Senior Najarian, Michelle 289 Nakamoto, Jean 313 Nakamura, Beatrice 303 Nakano, Eleanor 303 Nakawatase, Arlene 352 Nakayama, Masako 303 Nakayama, Tom 193, Senior Narikawa, Daniel Senior Nasatir, Mike 172, 173, 426 Nash, Jerry 418 Natanson, Weston Senior Nathan, Jackie 331 Nathan, Norman 421 Natori, Francis Senior Natsume, Lynn 303 Neal, Janet 307 Neel, Richard 401 Neare, Bobbi 297 Nedcalf, Janet 324 Neff, Natalie 362 Negulic, Jackie 360 Neighbors, Genie 321 Nelson, Brooke 414 Nelson, David 401 Nelson, Jo Ann Senior Nelson, Judy 167, 307 Nelson, Norm 173, 382 Nelson, Robert 177, Senior Nelson, Steve 414 Nelson, William Senior Neset, David 391 Ness, Jo 295 Ness, Marion Senior Neuenschwander, Mary 348 Neuls, Diane 349 Neuman, Alice 233, 299 Neuner, Judy 321 Neville, Gwen 352 Neville, Judy 187, 332 Newell, Barbara 357 Newell, David Senior Newell, Val 399 Newgard, Ken 173, 386 Newman, Elizabeth 233 Newman, Geraldine 310 Newman, Jack 411, Senior Newman, Pamela 195 Newson, Neil 402 Nicholson, George 233, 367 Nick, Gere 317 Nicklin, Peter 401 Niehenke, Margot 187, 287 Nielson, Lindsay 366 Nieson, Claudia 167, 307 Nishi, Masako 303, Senior Nishikawa, Jean 313, 359 Nishimura, Howard Senior Nishimura, Robert 163 Nishinaga, Ron 196, Senior Noble, Fred 171 Nobles, Fred 405 Noftsger, Delores 343 Nokleberg, Warren 171, Senior Noone, Bart 414 Norcross, Bob 430, Senior Nord, Karol 287 Norlander, Eileen 346 Norton, Arlene 349 Nouguier, Nancy 305 Noveshen, Esther Senior Nunn, Geoff 397 O Oakes, Shirley 352 Oatey, David Senior Obien, Frank 172 Ochoa, Ralph 382 O ' Connor, Bernard 394 Odajima, Tsutomu Senior O ' Dell, Mike 385 O ' Donnell, Elizabeth 352 Ogawa, Alice Senior Ogawa, Mary 303 Ogawa, Sadayoshi Senior Ohap, Richard 194, 196, Senior O ' Hara, Margaret 313 Ohmstede, Janet Senior Okada, Irene 303 Okamoto, Amy 303, Senior Okimoto, Naomi Senior Okubo, Yukiko 360 Olcott, Dana 341, Senior Oldenhof, Ada 329 O ' Leary, Art 171, 374, 391 O ' Leary, Prentice 414 O ' Leary, Scott 414 Olins, Evan 406 Olivares, Edmund Senior Olivier, Ken 414 Olmstead, Don 430 Olsen, David 413 Olsen, Sandra 315 Olson, Bill 366 Olson, Craig 366 Olson, Elliott 414 O ' Neill, Maureen 317 Ono, Bernice 343 Oreck, Judy 326 Oremus, Sandra 309 Orose, John 414 Oshsenmann, Edith 326 Ostness, Elvera 295 Ostrode, Jack 382, Senior Osuga, Jane 313 O ' Sullivan, Molly 323 Ott, Kathy 315 Otto, Chuck 414 Ouchida, Saturu Senior Overfield, Richard Senior Owen, Diane 334 Owens, Barbara 312 Owens, Richard 418 Owens, Thomas Senior Oyagi, Charles Senior Ozanian, Evelyn 346 P Pachan, Helen Senior Pacheco, Saul Senior Page, Marion 295 Page, Sue Ann 331 Page, Tony Senior Pagliuso, Jean 167, 323 Paik, Margaret 342 Pallai, Raenna Senior Palmer, Cap 381 Palmer, Craig 168, 172, 383 Palmer, Margaret 183, 299 Palven, Paul Senior Pamperin, Barbara 307 Pann, Patty 329 Papkin, Diane 331, Senior Parker, Barbara 317 Parker, Bill 386 Parker, Delbert 418 Parker, Gary 409, Senior Parker, Jill 165, 329 Parkes, Geri 290 Parks, Bob 411 Parness, Dick 421 Parsa, Khosrow Senior Parson, Nancy 283 Parsons, Kent - 409, Senior Parsons, Nancy 317, Senior Part, Bradley 172, 406, Senior Part, Sue 353 Pascal, Barry 405 Pascal, Elaine 167, 346 Pash, Ken 409 Passerello, John Senior Pastrone, John 381 Pate, Mary 297 Patin, Grace Senior Patotzka, Edward Senior Patotzka, Owen Senior Patterson, Ellis Senior Patterson, Jane 317 Patton, Penny 317 Patrick, Carrie 323 Patterson, Arlene 329 Paul, Carolyn 349 Paul, Robert 375 Paver, Ross 163 Pavloff, Joan 321 Pawlowski, Barbara . .167, 169, 307 Payne, Arnold Senior Payne, Hunt 399 Payson, Bob 171, 172, 374, 401, Senior Peabody, Frank 401 Peairs, Don 419 Pearson, Jerome 425, Senior Pearson, Miriam Senior Pease, Carol 360 Peay, Earl 196, Senior Peck, Barbara 187, 321 Peck, Patti 183, 307 Pedersen, Harold 397 Peel, Helen 315 Pegg, Barbara Senior Peltzman, Shirley Senior Pence, Barbara 283, 329 Penman, Bob 429 Pennell, Roger 381 Pennington, Barbara 295, Senior Pepper, Alan 411 Perga, Albert 423 Perga, Gilbert 366 Perkins, Ralph 425, Senior Perlman, Gil 426 Perlo, Zeke 406 Pero, Fran 348 Perren, Steven 406 Perrin, Laurence Senior Perry, Donna 315 Perry, Faith Senior Perry, Norman 383, Senior Persky, June 233, 360 Person, Miriam 292 Persons, John 397 Peters, Dick 426 Peters, Lucia 352 Peters, Maxine Senior Peterson, Dick 383 Peterson, Donna 318 Peterson, Jean 323 Peterson, Larry 367 Peterson, Loren 381 Peterson, Melinda 187, 317 Peterson, Sharon 167, 321 Petty, Bonnidean Senior Pevnick, Gary Senior Peyovich, Dianne 295 Pfaffinger, Max Senior Pfanku, Karen 318 Pfannerer, Maria Senior Pheasant, Sandy 318 Pheasant, Stephanie 318 Phebus, Dick 399 Phelps, Alex 182 Phelps, Beverly 361, Senior Phelps, Harrison 409 Phelps, Michael 409 Phelps, Richard Senior Phelps, Wilford Senior Philbrick, Pam 305 Philips, Dave 415 Philips, Nicholas Senior Phillipi, Louis Senior Phillips, Bob 423, Senior Phillips, David Senior Phillips, Jerry 426 Phillips, Penney Senior Pickerell, James 383 Pierce, Richard 430 Pierson, Barbara 359 Pierson, Judy 348 Pilmanis, George Senior Pilmanis, Silvia 353 Pilot, Ruth Senior Pinchuk, Sheldon 193, Senior Pine, Gordon Senior Pinney, Maria 183, 187, 299 Pippin, Patti 167, 183, 318 Pirie, Martha 329 Pirtle, Joe Senior Pitcher, Jane 332 Pitcher, Rita Senior Pitts, Jan 185, 324 Pivaroff, Marilyn 165 Pletch, Henry Senior Plotkin, Lawrence Senior Plotnikoff, Irene 343 Plumb, Anne 329 Plumb, Priscilla 292 Plummer, Marjorie 301, Senior Poehler, Chuck 173, 415 Polf, Ed 171 Polinson, Jeri 295 Pollard, Blair 401 Pollock, Arthur 405, Senior Pollyea, Arthur Senior Polon, Fred 411 Pomerantz, Rochelle 310 Poole, Edward 375 Pon, Marilyn Senior Pope, Elaine 187, 346 Popkin, Pamela 167, 195, 317 Porche, Sylvia 187, 346 Port, Fred 173, 383 Port, Judith 325 Porter, Beth Senior Porter, Betty 323 Porter, Laurie 295 Porter, Wallace 430 Potash, Jordan 406 Poulalion, Donald 413 Poundstone, Don 375 Powell, Marilyn 165, 287 Powers, Carol 297 Powers, Joan 361 Powers, Trish 332 Pozil, Carol Senior Pratt, James 194, Senior Press, Laurence 425, Senior Preston, Cynthia 287, Senior Preston, Mildred Senior Prewitt, Cynthia 317 Prewitt, Linda 167, 317, Senior Priamos, Paul 401 Price, Carolyn 183, 318 Price, Penny 295 Price, Steve 392 Prichard, Nettie Sue 167, 360 Primm, Katharine 346 Printz, Beth 361 Pritikin, Spencer Senior Pritchett, Vern 193, 401 Prod, Susan 331 Profit, Mel 397 Prosin, Michael 405 Prosser, Linda 299 Prover, Stephen 405 Pruden, Leo Senior Pruitt, Philip Senior Ptaszek, Jean 297 Puff, Vicki Senior Pugh, Jim 377 Pullan, Katharine Senior Pulvers, Tracy 426 Purciel, Rob 415 Purdy, Ann Senior Pursselley, Nancy 340, Senior Purver, Jonathon 182, Senior Putman, Laurie 293 Putman, Patsy 293 Q Quan, Anne 346 Quinn, Dale 194 Quinn, Jim 163 Quirk, Gloria 307 Quincy, Herbert 383 Quinn, Dale 431 R Raabe, Milt 426 Rabideau, Verna Senior Rachmil, Joyce 290, Senior Rodin, Phyllis 290 Radom, Judy 290 Rafferty, Larry 409 Rainer, Michael 391 Rainger, Susan 290 Rall, Ralph Senior Ralsky, Sheila 177 Ramage, Martha 334 Randall, Dwight 381 Randol, Ellen 293 Ransom, Kathie 309 Ranson, Gail 299 Raphael, Pam 318 Rapoport, Neil 171, 406 Rappaport, Rena Senior Rasch, Howard 162 Rasmussen, Carol 187, Senior Rathsam, John Senior Ratkovich, Wayne 399 Reardon, John 377 Rearwin, Linda 181, 318 Rebane, George 425 Reckas, Terry 399 Reddell, Linda 359 Reddehase, Jack 171 Redelings, Kent 381, Senior Redfern, Tom 394 Redman, Sallee 167 Redmond, Richard Senior Reed, Barbara 343, Senior Reed, Bob 423 Reed, Donald Senior Reed, Jack 401 Reed, Marsha 360 Reed, Susie 299 Reel, Richard 385 Regal, Marlene 363 Reid, Jon 394 Reidder, Bill 379 Reifman, Irving 411, Senior Reinertson, Robert 375, Senior Reingold, Leslie 310 Reisman, Joyce Senior Reiss, Helen 331 Reiter, David 182 Rempt, Ray 171 Rendall, William 431 Renfro, Oc Senior Renhult, James 196 Renno, Fahed Senior Reuben, Saul Senior Revy, Tom 394, Senior Rey, Marcelino Senior Reyes, Frank Senior Reyes, Genoveba 359 Reyes, Jose 366 Reynolds, Mary 346 Reynolds, Stanley 367 Reynolds, Susan 318 Rhoades, John 377 Riblett, Wayne 383 Riccardi, Vic 415 Rice, Ken 173, 385 Rice-Wray, Donna 287 Richardson, Norma 317 Richardson, Sally 305, Senior Richardson, Sue 329 Richman, Barbara 352 Richmond, Barb 326 Richmond, Steve 406 Ricker, Ron 397 Rickert, Gary 377 Riddell, Alex 419 Ridgeway, Mary 315 Ridker, Norman Senior Rifkin, Joy 325 Rifkind, Louis Senior Riley, Barbara 360 Rimel, Richard 397 Rimsky, Loretta 310 Rinde, Dick 415 Ring, Marvin Senior Ringo, Don 171, 375 Rios, Mary 361, Senior Rippard, Ann 343, Senior Rising, Nelson 383 Rissling, Sandra 293 Rissman, John 406 Rittenberg, Charles 379 Ritts, Carole 233 Rivera, Carol Senior Rivers, Phyllis 326 Rivet, Jane 187, 309 Roach, William 423, Senior Robbins, Richard Senior Robbins, William 429 Roberts, Sandie 360 Robertson, Don 415, Senior Robertson, Forrest 431 Robertson, Gordon 431, Senior Robertson, Martha 185, 315 Robin, James 421 Robinson, Joyce 312 Robinson, Judy 360 Robinson, Pearl 301, 357 Rochlin, Naomi 362 Rock, B.J. 185, 233, 341 Rockley, Judy 167, 287, 351 Rockoff, Nancy 332 Rocks, Jeannette 362 Rodert, Linda 351 Rodine, Bob 172, 193 Rodman, Bob 374, 421 Roebuck, Jay Senior Roffe, Judith Senior Rogers, Dean 387 Rogers, Elsie Senior Rognlien, Dave 409 Roguin, Tracy 187, 315, 351 Rohde, John 391 Rohring, John 177 Roisman, Leon 411 Rojas, Don 401 Rollin, Edward Senior Romano, Irene 323 Romeyn, Linda 179, 287 Roney, Gail 360 Ronneberg, Nels Senior Rooney, Eleanor Senior Rose, Harold 383, Senior Rose, Judi 295 Rose, Marilyn 290 Rose, Ruth 342 Rosen, Carol 177 Rosen, Gerald 163 Rosen, Stuart 426 Rosenberg, Chuck 426 Rosenberg, Jean 311 Rosenberg, Ken 411 Rosenberg, Suzanne 326 Rosenblatt, Robert 379 Rosenfeld, Ron 193, 426, Senior Ross, Al 393 Ross, Alan 406 Ross, Barbara , 287 Ross, Bob 426 Ross, Eric 421 Ross, Laura 349 Ross, Stu 393 Rossie, Chuck 172, 374, 409, Senior Rotblatt, Marsha Senior Roth, Jeffrey Senior Roth, Kathleen 331 Roth, Nancy 321 Roth, Richard 172, Senior Rothberg, Maxine Senior Rothman, Barry 379 Rothschild, Ken 193, Senior Rothstein, Al 233, 367 Rousse, David 406 Roven, Fred 406 Rowe, Janet 287 Rowe, Jerri 340 Rowen, Ron 426 Rowland, Eugene 413 Rowsey, James 394 Ruben, Lawrence Senior Rubin, Bob 406 Rubin, Marilyn 326 Rubinfield, Susan Senior Ruddick, James 401 Ruderman, Bunny 326 Rudner, Linda 352 Rudow, Connie 291 Rudolph, Helena 326 Rudolph, Joan 318 Ruiz, Charles Senior Ruiz, Manuel Senior Ruiz, Mary Senior Rullan, Jaime 366 Rupp, Karlene 346, Senior Rush, Robin 165, 179, 315, Senior Russ, Donald 394 Russell, Bill 196, 366, Senior Russell, Douglas 391 Rutberg, Mike 426, Senior Ruttinger, Muriel 343 Ryan, Chuck 385 Ryan, Doug 397 Ryan, John 173, 397 Ryan, Sandy 178, 315, Senior Ryder, JoAnn 295 S Sabot, Linda 326 Sachnoff, Barbara 331 Sachs, Bobby 426 Sachs, Diane Senior Sacks, Melvyn Senior Saffell, Glenn 415 Saffer, Bill 426 Saffro, Dennis 406 Saffro, John....182, 374, 406, Senior Safran, Madeline 291, Senior Sage, Kathy 287 Sakamoto, Dolly Senior Sokato, Kay Senior Saito Jane 303 Saito, Reiko 303 Saliba, Tom 172, 173, 415, Senior Salkin, Robert 411 SaIkow, Alan 426 Salo, Linda 360 Saltzger, Eugene 379, Senior Salz, Alan 411 Salzberg, Rosalind 311 Samie, Parvaneh 353 Sammons, Nancy 315 Samson, Joan 326 Samuels, Judi 340, Senior Sanders, JoAnne 289 Sanders, Ginny 329 Sanders, Toby Senior Sanders, Tom 381 Sandin, Marsha 167, 309 Sanford, Ed 381 Sanson, Mike 399 Sarna, Robbie 291 Sarno, Robert 425 Sasner, Gail 291 Sato, Agnes Senior Sato, David 407 Eileen 311 Sawyer, Linda 331 Sawyer, Sharon 315, Senior Sax, Jerry 407 Sax, Stan 182, 407, Senior Saxon, Susan 360 Scates, Allen Senior Schacht, Michael Senior Schaefer, David 385 Schaefer, Sue 329 Schafer, Christopher 409 Schall, Larry 405 Schechter, Jon 379 Scheck, Ed 387 Schei, Ken 413 Schelin, Gary 431 Schenkel, Robert Senior Schiller, George 394 Schippleck, Sue 343, Senior Schirmer, Yvonne 293 Schlesinger, Roger 407 Schmidt, Glenn 385 Schmutte, David 423 Schmutz, Susie 332 Schneider, Jean Senior Schneider, Jerry 421, Senior Schneider, Miriam 188 Schoble, Isabel Senior Schoeffler, Marilyn 325 Schonfeld, Renee Senior Schonfield, Steve 426 Schopflin, Dave 409 Schrader, Robert 171, 419, Senior Schreiber, Edwin 177 Schreiber, Jim 427 Schroeder, Bill 394 Schubert, Don 189, 405 Schuck, Steve 429 Schuetz, Holly 287 Schulenberg, Richard 409 Schultz, Janet 311, 346 Schultz, Randall 397 Schultz, Robert 423, Senior Schur, Paul 405 Schusheim, Brent 431 Schussel, George 233, 405 Senior Schutte, Jack 394 Schutzer, David 162 Schwartz, Bella 361 Schwartz, Bob 427 Schwartz, Carol 291, Senior Schwartz, Max 407 Schwartz, Raymond Senior Schweitzer, Stuart 196, Senior Scott, Dick 415 Scott, Gayle 167, 183, 321 Scott, Lawrence Senior Scott, Linda 289 Scott, Nolla 362 Seapy, Bob 413 Seaver, Valerie 293 Seberg, JoAnn 361 Seboldt, Marjorie 299 Sector, Geraldine 315 Seder, Judy 291 Sederoff, Ronald Senior Seeburger, Jean 305 Seeley, Peggy 233, 360 Seese, Lloyd 387 Segal, Barbara 291 Segal, Carol 340 Segal, Eleanor 291 Segal, Marshall Senior Segall, Ronald 411 Seid , IIlene 291 Seipp, Sarah 324 Seiter, Mary Ann 300 Seizer, David 407 Selby, Susan 323 Seltzer, Carol 343 Selzer, Ernest 431 Settle, Mary Ann 305 Seyb, Gloria 351 Shaevitz, Joyce 311, 352 Shaffer, Mike 405 Shafton, Tony 427 Shahbaziani, Lydia 347, Senior Shain, Robert Senior Shanefield, Stephen 407, Senior Shanelac, Dennis 413 Shankland, Ann 317 Shanley, Karen 169, 323 Shannon, Ronald Senior Shapiro, Barbara 188 Shapiro, Carolyn 167, 291 Shapiro, Dick 393 Shapiro, Harvey 421 Shapiro, Jerry 407 Shapiro, Mickey 173, 405, Senior Shapiro, Susan Senior Shavelle, Nina 167, 233, 361, 363 Shaw, Marie 363 Shaw, Orrin 429 Shea, Pat 297 Sheanin, Carol Senior Sheedy, Mike 391 Shelden, Beatrice Senior Sheldon, Lee 171, 425 Shelley, Chester 391 Sheon, Marilyn 311 Shepherd, James 171 Shepherd, Linda 297 Sher, Alan Senior Sherburne, Peter 392 Sherman, Carolyn 188 Sherman, Dorothy 326 Sherman, Mary 323 Sherman, Val 291 Sherman, Victor 379 Sherwood, Anne 167, 323 Shibayama, Ellen 313 Shields, Martha Senior Shigetomi, Mary Senior Shimazu, Georgia 303 Shimeall, Ross Senior Shinn, Mary Senior Shinn, Norval Senior Shinoda, David Senior Shinoda, Mutsuo Senior Shintani, Karyi 303 Shiomi, Brian 163 Shirasawa, Ayaka 303 Shirk, Patricia 183, 293 Shirley, Kim 381 Shober, Mary 349 Shoda, Charlotte 352 Sholtis, Lori 289 Shonstrom. Mike 173, 394, Senior Shreve, Mike 182, 366 Shub, Lois 352 Shulkin, Steve 381 Shulman, Barry 411, Senior Shumate, Bill 171, 391 Shupps, Judi 353 Sicherman, Martin Senior Siegel, Dave 405 Siegel, Steve 431 Sieling, Cynthia 318 Siemens, Ron 173, 385 Sigler, Rhoda 283, 318 Sigley, Janet 324, Senior Sikes, Robert 381 Silas, Jack 402 Silcott, Catherine 295 Silton, Bob 427 Silver, Alan 431 Silver, Robert 379 Silverman, Diane Senior Silverman, Ila Senior Silverman, Lee 427 Silverman, Michael 405 Silverman, Ron. .168, 172, 182, 427, Senior Silverton, Janet 291 Simmons, Carmel Senior Simmons, Maxine Senior Simmons, Pam 329 Simon, Alen 402 Simon, Irene 326 Simon, Judy 323 Simonson, Caryn 305 Simpson, Art 366 Simpson, Gary 385 Simpson, Judi 309 Simpson, Toni 312, Senior Simpson, Marilyn 332 Sims, Joseph Senior Sinclair, George Senior Singer, Helen Senior Singer, Mildred 297 Singer, Sandy Senior Singleton, Ezell 173 Sinks, Earl 182, 391 Sink, Mark Senior Siscoe, Eugene 377 Sisola, Edward 399 Sizoo, Kathleen 349 Skaer, Barbara 295 Skaggs, Richard Senior Skaglund, Jon 193 Skaug, John Senior Skepner, Sue 291 Skinner, Peggy 167, 287 Skinner, Sue 295, Senior Sklar, Honore 361 Sklar, Robert Senior Skulsky, Albert Senior Slanger, Evelyn 291 Slawson, Linda 305 Slegers, Leonard 431, Senior Sliger, Anita 349 Slining, Molly 318 Slipper, Judy 307 Sloat, Barry 374, 377 Sloat, John Senior Sloat, Sylvia 307 Small, Bob 385 Small, Caren 331 Smart, Carol 305, Senior Smedley, Gerri 360 Smidt, Sandra Senior Smith, Barbara 181, 289 Smith, Charlene 361 Smith, Claretta 349 Smith, Donita 359 Smith, Gary 381 Smith, Gary 413 Smith, Grace 167, 362 Smith, George 399, Senior Smith, Jerry 399, Senior Smith, Jerry 409 Smith, Kenneth 407 Smith, Larry 431 Smith, Larry 397 Smith, Laurie 353 Smith, Lowell Senior Smith, Marilyn 348 Smith, Michael Senior Smith, Murray Senior Smith, Pamela 167, 287 Smith, Peggy 315 Smith, Sheryl 332 Smith, Sparkie 347 Smith, Terry 409 Smith, Wesley 397 Smith, Winnie 181, 321 Smotkin, Harold 407 Smotony, Norman 419 Snider, Catherine Senior Snow, Joan Senior Snyder, Anne 323 Snyder, Dave 383 Snyder, Jerry 173, 427, Senior Snyder, Jon Senior Sobell, Marsha Senior Soloman, Terry 326 Soloski, Warren 402 Soll, Paul 427 Somodi, Brian 397 Sonne, Howard 405 Sonntag, Midgie 309, Senior Sorenson, Marie 359 Sorge, Bill 172, 233, Senior Soth, Martin 425 Soudry, Ninette Senior Soule, Carlin 401, Senior Southern, Larry 392 Southworth, John 385 Souza, Agnes Senior Sowder, Carol 297 Spadafore, Donna 165, 295 Spander, Sharon 233 Spading, Taheia Senior Speilman, Jim 394 Spencer, Diana 324 Spencer, Helene 301, 342 Spencer, Russell 431, Senior Spencer, William 425 Spicer, Bruce Senior Spiegel, Celia Senior Spilos, Evangeline Senior Spilos, Kasia 295 Spinak, Aaron Senior Spiro, Bob 411 Spitz, Anne 331 Spizer, Judy 291 Spong, Janice 299 Springer, Sally 329 Stafford, Gary 419 Stahl, Sondra Senior Staley, Sandra 299 Stallard, David 375 StaImaster, Hal 427 Stamaton, Diana 289 Stampa, Allan Senior Stanfill, John 383 Stangle, Esther Senior Stanley, Jim 173, 182, 397 Stanton, Roger 182 Stanziola, Egberto Senior Staples, Don 413 Starege, Carneth 323 Starkweather, Joan 183, 305 Starr, Shirley 357 Stathakis, John 429 Stearns, Mary Lee Senior Steckler, Allan 379 Steele, Jenny 309 Steele, Joan Senior Steele, Lana 287 Steele, Marian 343 Steelman, Stephanie 315 Stefano, Donna 343, Senior Stegmair, Lynn 351 Steiman, Tanis 331 Stein, Harvey 427 Stein, Linda 331 Stein, Philip 162, Senior Stein, Sharalyn 283, 326 Stein, Steve 405 Steinberg, Florence 353 Steinberg, Irving Senior Steinberg, Joy 291 Steinberg, Judy 291 Steinberg, Karen 291 Steinberg, Lonnie 357 Steiner, Ted Senior Steingart, Norma 177 Steingeldt, Stephen 405 Steinhart, Terry 405, Senior Steinmetz, Karen 287 Stene, Delores 289 Stengel, Karen 309 Stephens, Jerry 385 Stephens, Ron 401 Stermer, Robin Senior Stern, Byron Senior Stern, Harold 427 Stern, Jerome Senior Sterne, Margaret 297 Sterry, Steve 377 Stevens, Bob 397 Stevens, Janet 300, Senior Stevenson, Carol 329 Stevenson, Sandra 353 Stewart, Forrest 399 Stewart, John 383 Stewart, Kim 366 Stewart, Leonard 375 Stewart, Margaret 315 Stewart, Peter 431 Stewart, Sally 317 Stickel, Lois Senior Stickles, Perry Senior Stillmaker, Faybeth Senior Stillman, Muriel 181, 321 Stine, Steve 163, 381 Stingling, Iris 361 Stiven, Jim 168, 172, 423 St. John, Richard 171, 391 Stock, Betsy 340 Stoddard, Mike 415 Stoddard, Terence Senior Stohe, Jerilyn 317 Stolrow, Sandy 287 Stone, Janet 185 Storie, Virginia 297 Storm, Karen 346 Story, Linda 315 Stowers, Brenda 305 Stradtman, Marty 399 Straight, Bill 401 Strasser, Diane 343, Senior Streech, Suzanne 329, 347 Stribley, Phyllis 329, Senior Stricklin, Marilyn 307 Stroh, Jackie 293 Stromberg, Judy 334 Strong, Gwen 332, Senior Strudwick, Peter Senior Struhl, Stanley 162, 196, Senior Stuart, Jann Senior Stubblefield, Diana 287 Stukin, Barry 427 Stultz, Richard 367 Stuman, Doug 189, 385 Sturner, Bonnie 291 Suddleson, Ken 427 Suess, Jackie 352 Sugarman, Carol 326 Sugi, J ames 431, Senior Sulecki, Judith Senior Sullivan, Maureen 307 Sullivan, Richard Senior Sullivan, Sue 165, 167, 287 Summer, Karla 311 Summers, Judy 323 Sundin, Steve 375 Surber, Carol 343 Surdam, Ronald Senior Surpin, Andrea 326 Susman, Alicia 353 Sutherland, Leroy 431 Sussman, Edward 421 Swanson, Judith 300 Swanson, Peter 425 Swanson, Sandy 357 Swarner, Sandy 307 Sweeney, James Senior Sweeney, Sharyn Senior Swerdloff, Barry 411 Sydes, Tony 381 Syfritt, Shelby 348, Senior T Taback, Michael 196, 405, Senior Taft, John 419 Tager, Adrienne 188, 352 Loretta Senior Taher-Zadeh, Roberta Senior Tait, Janet 165 Tait, Joy 167 Takahama, Eileen 347, Senior Takayescu, Georgiene 360 Takei, Nancy 347 Takeuchi, Judy 313 Talifer, Henry 182, 427, Senior Tamkin, Ed 427 Tamoush, Philip Senior Tanaka, Aileen 303 Tanasescu, Gio 383 Tanenbaum, Fred 427 Tani, Carl 173 Tanigawa, Joy 303, 347 Taniguchi, Amy 303, 360 Tannahill, Barbara 307 Tanner, Linda 295 Tanzer, Richard 421 Tapia, Richard Senior Tapper, Sam 379 Tarlow, Jerry 411 Tartaglia, JoAnn 360 Tateoka, Fumie Senior Taub, Leonard Senior Taul, Cassie 315 Taylor, Jay 419 Taylor, Jinice Senior Taylor, Joe 429 Taylor, Marie 323, Senior Taylor, Mary 185, 299 Taylor, Mike 163 Taylor, Nancy 187, 324 Taylor, Sharon 177, 357 Taylor Steve 401 Taylor, Wendellyn Senior Teebom, Fred Senior TeGroen, Claire 293 Temkin, Beth 195 Tempelaar-Lietz, Johannes Senior Templer, Beverly 325, 346 Templeton, Judy 185, 359 Templeton, Mary 309 Tenebaum, Joan 311 Tennenbaum, Mel 421 Tenorio, Thomas 171 Teobaldi, Mike 385 Teplin, Gail Senior Tertzag, Margie 297 Terrell, Elizabeth Senior Thacher, Ann 349 Thacker, Wendy 187, 321 ThaII, Pat 291 Thou, Robert 172, 427, Senior Theodore, Ted Senior Therssen, Carol Ann 351 Thomas, Conrad 401 Thomas, Joyce 317 Thomas, Marianne 315 Thomas, Pat 167, 181, Senior Thomas, Robert 401 Thomas, Sandra 167, 293, Senior Thomas, Susan 187, 287 Thomas, Terence 401, Senior Thomas, Tom 394 Thompkins, Pat 307 Thompson, Alice 179, 283, 305, Senior Thompson, Jackie 295 Thompson, Judy 349 Thompson, Phil 387 Thompson, Tom 397 Thompson, William Senior Thornburgh, Bette 352 Thorne, Joan 233, 293 Thrasher, Susan 233, 357 Thurmond, Carolyn 329 Tichenor, Deirdre Senior Tiffany, Vail 289 Tiller, Mary Senior Timm, Neil 399 Tindall, Judy 359 Tinker, Karen 185, 295, Senior Tippin, Annie Senior Tipton, Jack 196, Senior Tisherman, Howard 411 Tisherman, Sanford 427 Tisherman, Welford 427 Tistaert, Laurence 425 Tjarks, Verne 383 Tobias, Bob 189, 407 Tobias, Dick 196, 431 Tobias, Robert 431 Tobin, Ronald 196, 431, Senior Toigo, Bob 381 Tokar, Nancy 357 Tokunow, Larry 163, 431 Tokunow, Ted 431 Toland, Fred 399 Tolleson, Glenda 165, 183, 295 Tomolunas, Margaret 181, Senior Tomasino, Joan Senior Tomita, Misako 313 Tommasino, Joan 332 Tong, May 303 Topper, Gary 172, Senior Torres, Lori 181, 351 Tracy, Jane 181, 334 Trautwein, Richard 375 Treister, Robert Senior Trennert, Marcia 177 Trepp, Ron 383, Senior Tripp, Arnold 189, 399 Trout, Noel 193, 401 Troxel, Lee 381 Trubitt, Barbara 326 Trumbull, Sue 305, Senior Trunnell, Rosellen 342 Trygg, Annette 293 Tsao, May Senior Tsujioka, Ron 431 Tsukamoto, Paula Senior Tucker, Julie 319, Senior Tucker, Mariana 363 Tucker, Tom 413 Tudor, Margery 349 Tuft, Marilyn 332 Tulcin, Elena Senior Tully, Jeanette 289 Turner, Barbara 329 Turner, Eldora 301, Senior Turner, Marilyn 332 Turner, Ruth Anne 195, Senior Turnwall, Steve 394 Twiford, Joan 319 Tyerman, Vern 177 Tyner, Gerald 182, Senior Tyson, Carolee Senior U Ueda, Ann 349 Ulmer, Julie 359 Ulrich, Charles 177 Umeda, Yas 375 Umezawa, Janice 233 Unger, Henry 173, Senior Urban, Edward 162, Senior Urfrig, Don 194, 327 Utchell, Robert Senior Usui, Joyce 303, 361 V Vajda, Tom 171 Valentine, Raymond 413 Valov, James 413 Van Deerlin, James 401 Vandernoot, Jack Senior Vandervort, Paul 423 Van Lohn, Janis 305 Van Ness, Elizabeth 340 Van Noy, Jean 307 Van Rekom, Patti 233, 361 Van Slyke, Vickie 183, 309 Vargas, Ernest 168, 172, 182, 381, Senior Vavra, Terry 401 Veach, Linda 317 Vedres, Tom 411 Vein, Howard Senior Velasco, Bob 409 Vena, David Senior Venables, Roger 415 Venger, Leonard 379 Venter, Eloise 307 Venturi, Greg 391, Senior Verhaegen, Ritchie 359 Verity, Brian 397 Vescio, Camille 305 Vicolo, Louis Senior Vineberg, Mickey 431 Vinger, Stephen 379 Vinnecour, Keith 173, 427 Visser, Kurt 383 Vizzini, Rosalie 299 Vlaming, Beth 287 Vogel, Leland Senior Volansky, Saul 431 Von Euer, Judith Senior Von Hagen, Theresa 323 Von Sonn, Andy 173, 397 Voorhees, Charleen 165, 323 Voorhees, Marilyn 315, Senior Voris, Sara 329 Vos, Linda 307 Voyen, Marya 329 Vreeland, Susie 293 W Wachs, Joel 168, 172, 407, Senior Wachs, Judie 331 Wade, John 375, Senior Wade, Marilyn 362 Wadsworth, Gary 193, 399 Wagner, Deanne 165, 319 Wagner, Jeannine 187 Wagner, John 366 Wagner, Richard 379 Wagner, Terry 287 Wagner, William Senior Wahl, Lani 233, 334 Wahlgren, Donne 305 Wakasa, June Senior Walden, Dick 419 Waldin, Charlayne 167, 181, 321 Waldrum, Elinor Senior Walimuhammad, Zafar 366 Walker, Becky 307, Senior Walker, Johanna 183, 353 Walker, Thomas Senior Walkington, Mary Ann 315 Walkup, Lee 415 Wall, Linda 323, Senior Wallace, Lynn 334 Wallace, Lynne 323 Wallace, Mary 315 Wallach, Richard Senior Wallad, Lynn 165, 167 Walleck, Sally 295 Waller, Marguerite 301 Wallin, Sidney 362 Wallner, Walter 391 Walsh, Diane 317 Walter, David 421 Walter, Diana 348 Walters, Bob 162, 366 Walters, Donna 307 Walters, Shirley 307, Senior Waltner, Aileen Senior Wamser, Jean 323 Ward, Diane 317 Ward, Sharon 329 Ward, Wanda 362 Ware, Christopher 413, Senior Ware, Herbert 392 Warman, Judy 297 Warme, Klaus Senior Warner, John 415 Warren, Karen 283, 332 Warren, Kay 317 Warriner, Thomas 387 Wasserman, Cary Senior Wasserman, Fred Senior Wasserman, Janet 331 Wasserman, Jerome Senior Wasserman, Roger 162 Wasserman, Steve 379 Waters, Alice 300, Senior Watkins, Carolyn 340 Watson, James 431, Senior Watson, Priscilla 360 Waxman, Enid 352 Waxman, Terrie 352 Way, Caren 397 Wayne, Larry 421 Weaver, Sharon 322 Webb, Neal 173, 383 Webber, Marjorie 185, 352 Webber, Tom 423 Weber, Ann 357 Weberg, Jean 307 Webster, Wendy 167, 287 Wechsler, Joseph 379 Weeks, Donna 185, 305 Weeks, James 383 Weeks, Robert 423 Weems, Pat 309 Weill, Helen 326 Weinberg, Ken 379 Weinberg, Lenore Senior Weiner, Gary 427 Weiner, Janet 325 Weiner, Stephen 196, Senior Weinerman, Bruce 411 Weinhouse, Roger 233 Weinstein, Vicki 359, Senior Weinstock, Joyce 291 Weinstock, Mike 411 Weintraub, Judy 187, 331, 359 Weir, Ralph 415 Weise, Maurice 405 Weiss, Howard 405 Weiss, Janet Senior Weiss, Karen 291 Weiss, Susie 331 Weissman, David 177 Weissman, Jerome Senior Weissman, Susan 291 Weisstein, Jerry 182, 421 Weitz, Adrianne 291 Weitz, Dottie 315, Senior Weldon, Lee 425 Wellington, Susan Senior Wells, Barbara 329, Senior Wells, Don 415 Wells, Layne 309 Wells, Robert Senior Wells, William 193, 381 Welsh, Jan 307 Welshofer, Ann-Lea 353 Weltman, Tova Senior Wenzelberg, Dorene 326 Werdesheim, Richard Senior Werksman, Roger 193, 407 West, Edna Senior West, Ira 171, Senior West, Robert Senior Westall, Ray 360 Westfall, Lynn Senior Westfall, Ralph 387 Westhal, Shirley 325 Weston, Mary 233 Wetherbee, Kathryn 187 Wetherbee, Verna ....177, 195, Senior Weyer, Pam 287 Wheeler, Claire 297 Wheeler, Damon 431 Wheeler, Sue 181, 321 Wheelon, Ann Senior White, Steve 399 White, Susan 307 Whitson, Earlene Senior Whitton, Paul 375 Widen, Jeff 421 Wiers, Carol 343 Wiesler, Nancy 332, Senior Wiest, Larry 399 Wihnyk, Marsha 299 Wiig, Lawrence 387 Wilbon, Eleanor 301 Wilbur, Christopher 315 Wilcox, Julia Senior Wilcox, Mike 415 Wilds, Lawrence Senior Wilkerson, John Senior Wilkins, Natalie 185, 293 Wilkinson, John 415 Willems, Mary Beth 332, Senior Williams, C.W. 177 Williams, Lynn 287 Williams, Marshall 391 Williams, Mel 407 Williams, Michael Senior Williams, Norm 387 Williams, Odessa Senior Williamson, Bruce 394 Willick, Judy 346 Willis, Carolyn 178, 319, Senior Willoughby, Ernest Senior Willoughby, Karen 307, Senior Wills, Duane 171, 374, 385 Wilson, Anne 169, 304 Wilson, Jennifer 187 Wilson, John 397 Wilson, Jon 415 Wilson, Natalie Senior Wilson, Phyllis 287 Wilson, Robert 397, Senior Wilson, Valerie 291 Winchester, Marcia 293, Senior Winchester, Sharon 177, 353 Windsor, Charlotte 309 Wine, Jon 421 Winer, Arthur 162 Winerman, Gerald Senior Winett, Dave 407 Wingerbach, Sharon 362 Winkler, Paul 421 Winokur, Arnie 427, Senior Winter, Rolland 374, 431, Senior Winters, Harvey 431 Witney, Richard 407 Wittenberg, Jim 401 Wizan, Paulette 331 Wlaschin, Garlyn 169, 187, 295 Woe, James 162 Woertz, Melinda 317 Wolen, Alan 421 Wolf, Janet 326 Wolf, Judy 351 Wolf, Mel 381 Wolf, Steve 415 Wolfberg, George 407, Senior Wolfberg, Ted 407 Wolfe, John 177 Wolfe, Richard Senior Wolk, Roger 405 Wolk, Sheldon 379 Wollenweber, Dianne 319 Wollmer, Nancy 319 Wong, Ben 171 Wong, Donald L. Senior Wong, Donald M. Senior Wong, Joycelyn Senior Wong, Lenore Senior Woo, Edward Senior Wood, Judy 187, 315 Wood, Sandra 353 Woodhull, Buff 307 Woodruff, Beverly 283, 315 Woods, Suzanne 293 Woolf, Nancy 183, 317 Woolpert, Gretchen 293 Wootan, Diane 309 Worrall, Bill 425 Wright, Arthur 419 Wright, David 392 Wright, Glen 177 Wright, Jolene 304 Wright, Laurel ..168, 179, 307, Senior Wright, Linda 332, Senior Wright, Romney 334 Wurtzel, Stephen Senior Wyckoff, Gloria Sen ior Wylie, Sara 307 Wynne, Robert 379 X Xavier, Jeannette 185, 351 Y Yacavone, Thomas Senior Yanagi, Michi 300 Yanoff, Linda 331, Senior Yanow, Carol 165, 347 Yeakel, Joan 332 Yee, Pat 167, 168, 179 Yellin, Roberta 359 Yocum, Judy 289 Yoshikami, Yukiko ....188, 346, Senior Yoshimura, Madilyn Senior Yoshioka, Mary..167, 168, 179, 343, Senior Yoshioka, Mitzi 167, 343 Youdim, Said Senior Young, Bonnie Senior Young, Jack Senior Young, Mary Senior Young, Mike 387 Young, Philip Senior Young, Sharon Senior Young, Velda 343 Yousem, Loretta Senior Yucker, William Senior Yukihiro, Eleanor ....303, 347, Senior Yule, Marilyn 297, Senior Yundt, Bill 401 Yutani, Amy 313, 348 Yutani, Bill 431 Z Zager, Sheryl Senior Zagon, Lynn 331 Zarifi, Soultana Senior Zee, Michael 425 Zeff, Edward Senior Zeiner, Arthur Senior Zeisl, Barbara 291 Zell, Ron 394 Zeller, Katherine 317 Zelonka, Carol 291 Zeman, Carolyn 185, 332 Zendell, Sydney 295, Senior Zeno, Joe 394 Ziebold, William 431 Ziegler, Janet 329 Ziegler, Paula 329 Zimmer, Virginia 185 Zimmerman, Don Senior Zimring, Eva Senior Zinsley, Frances Senior Zipelis, John 385 Zipper, Judy 361 Zoss, Gary 189, 409 Zuanich, Barbara 181, 321 Zuber, Christal 293 Zundel, Sharon 295, Senior Zurcher, Sharon 289 Zusman, Al 427 Zwaagstra, Anna 165, 332 Zwicker, Theodore Senior TPC TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY " The World ' s Best Yearbooks Are Taylor-made " YEARBOOKS

Suggestions in the University of California Los Angeles - Bruin Life / Southern Campus Yearbook (Los Angeles, CA) collection:

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