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FROM: ASSOCIATED STUDENTS UCLA PUBLICATIONS 308 Westwood Plaza Los Angeles, Calif. 90024 FROM THE OFFICE OF STUDENT PUBLICATIONS ASUCLA PUBLISH ED STUDENTS ASSOCIATED TUBDY OF THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA AT LOS ANGELES VOLUME 3 7 BARBARA WEBB • EDITOR 1956 THE YEAR, ANOTHER CYCLE OF LIVING COMMON YET UNIQUE BECAUSE WE LIVED IT. A AND ENDING. A DYNAMIC AND VIBRANT INTANGIBLE THING. MUCH LI KE A BUTTERFLY, THE YEAR, ONCE ALIVE WITH BEAUTY AND ACTIVITY, ENDS AND LEAVES BEHIND NOTHING BUT A DRIED AND FRAGILE IMAGE TO BE MOUNTED AND PRESERVED . . . THE STUDENT DREAMED ABOUT THE YEAR. THEN LIVED AND WONDERED ABOUT IT. FOR THE TRIBULATION OF HIS MANY JOYS, SORROWS AND ACTIVITIES, HE IS EVER INDEBTED TO THE UNDERSTANDING OF THE PROFESSOR, SINCERELY INTERESTED IN HIS STUDENTS, APPRAISING THEM AS PERSONS AND NOT MERELY NAMES ON A GRADE SHEET. A MAN CONCERNED WITH RESEARCH AND NEW IDEAS, BUT ALSO A TEACHER CONCERNED WITH INDIVIDUAL GUIDANCE AND ADVANCEMENT OF HIS PUPILS WHO, ENRICHED BY THIS EXPERIENCE. EXPERIMENTED WITH. AND DESIGNED THE . THE ACTIVITIES, WILD, LOUD AND ENTHUSIASTIC, BUBBLING WITH YOUTH. CRAZY THINGS SOMETIMES, YET MANY HAD THEIR SERIOUS OVERTONES. THESE ARE THE WAYS WE LIVED, WORKED AND RELAXED ON . . THE CAMPUS. IN BUILDINGS WHICH AS FAMILIAR TO US AS OUR OWN HOMES. ON THIS GROUND OUR PRESENT WAS ENGRAVED. OUR FUTURES SHAPED. TO DOCTOR ROBERT GORDON SPROUL, TWENTY FIVE YEARS OUR DISTINGUISHED PRESIDENT OF THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, AND TO MRS. IDA SPROUL, FIRST LADY OF THE UNIVERSITY, WE DEDICATE THIS 37TH EDITION OF THE SOUTHERN CAMPUS. THE ADMINISTRATION . 22 THE YEAR 34 THE FACULTY 76 SENIORS 104 ASUCLA 144 PUBLICATIONS 168 HONOR AND SERVICE 180 ORGANIZATIONS 208 THE ARTS 250 FALL SPORTS 258 WINTER SPORTS 293 SPRING SPORTS 307 SORORITIES 326 FRATERNITIES 382 LIVING GROUPS ... 442 INDEX ...... 454 CREDITS 466 EDITOR: BARBARA WEBB DESIGNER: REMI KRAMER BUSINESS MANAGER: DON CHATELAIN ASSOCIATE EDITOR: KATHE KNOPE • ENGRAVINGS, ANN SNYDER 56 COPY: DICK KITZROW ORGANIZATIONS: BARBARA BR OWN PHOTOGRAPHY: MINA BALLS • SALES MANAGER: KEN BRYANT CONTRACTS: JOHANNA RANDALL SENIOR RESERVATIONS: CAROLE TAYLOR • OFFICE MANAGER: DONNIE CLEMENSEN 0 17 THE HONOR EDIT ION OF THE SOUTHERN CAMPUS IS GIVEN BY THE ASSOCIATED STUDENTS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA AT LOS ANGELES TO THE SENIOR MEN AND WOMEN WHO HAVE BEST DISTINGUISHED THEMSELVES IN SCHOLARSHIP. LOYALTY AND SERVICE TO THEIR ALMA MATER. TO THIS HONORED ROLL ARE NOW ADDED TWENTY MEMBERS OF THE CLASS OF 1955. RICHARD BORUN • JOYCE CLASEN • CHARLES DECKER • IRV DRASNIN • SUSANNE EGGLESTON • CLARANN JOHNSON • WILLIAM KETTERINGHAM • SUZANNE LEONARDSON • JERRY LEWIS • DAVID LUND • JAMES LUTER • PIERRE MORNELL LOUIS NEVELL • EDWARD PECK • RONALD PENGILLY • GAIL RISING • VIVIAN ROBINSON • MARTY SKLAR • ROBERT STEIN • BETSEY WARWICK LESLIE CUMMINS • THELMA GIBSON • ATTILIO PARISI • ARTHUR JONES • GEORGE BROWN • JOYCE TURNER • HELEN HANSEN • EDITH GRIFFITH LEIGH CROSBY • WILLIAM ACKERMAN • ZOE EMERSON • WALTER WESTCOTT • JEROLD WEIL • GRANVILLE HULSE • FERNE GARNER • RALPH BORSUM FRED JORDAN • BURNETT HERALDSON • PAUL FRAMPTON • FRANKLIN MINCK • ALVIN MONTGOMERY • ROBERT KERR • JOSEPH GUION • IRENE PALMER PAULINE DAVIS • WILBUR JOHNS • JOHN COHEE • HAROLD WAKEMAN • DOROTHY FREELAND • LEO DELASSO • MARY HUDSON • ALICE EARLY BRUCE RUSSELL •FERN BOUCK • THERESA RUSTMEYER • SYLVIA LIVINGSTON • MARIAN WHITAKER •MARGARET GARY • HORACE BRESEE • MARIAN PETTIT a ' DAVID FOLZ • BETTY HOUGH • CECIL HOLLINGSWORTH • FRED HOUSER • HELEN JACKSON • HAROLD KRAFT • DRUZELLA GOODWIN EARLE GARDNER • DAVID RIDGEWAY • FRANK BALTHIS • WALDO EDMUNDS • ' NED MAR • ELIZABETH MASON • WILLIAM NEVILLE • LOUISE GIBSON HELEN JOHNSTON • BEN PIERSON • RALPH BUNCHE • JOHN JACKSON JOHN TERRY • GRISELDA KUHLMAN OWILLIAM FORBES • IRENE PROBOSHASKY JAMES LLOYD • ARTHUR WHITE • BARBARA BRINCKERHOFF • KENWOOD ROHBER • LAURA PAYNE • SCRIBNER BIRLENBACH • THOMAS CUNNINGHAM FRANK CROSBY • GERHARD EGE • JEANNE EMERSON • HANSENA FREDERICKSON • STANLEY GOULD 0 RUTH GOODER • WILLIAM HUGHES • STANLEY JEWEL • JOSEPH LONG • GEORGIE OLIVER • KENNETH PIPER • MABEL REED • MARIAN WALKER • EVELYN WOODRUFF • DAVID YULE • ROBERT KEITH JACK CLARK 0 EARLE SWINGLE • CHARLOTTE McGLYNN • DOROTHY PARKER • LAWRENCE HOUSTON • DON LEIFFER • MARSHALL SEWALL • ' WALTER BOGART • JOSEPH OSHERENKO CARL BROWN • AUDREE BROWN • MARGARET SOPER • LAURENCE MICHELMORE • LUCILLE KIRKPATRICK • HELEN SINSABAUGH • LOUISE NICHOLS • HALLY SEDGWICK • LUCY GUILD • FDWARD HATHCOCK • CARL KNOWLES • ROBERT BALDWIN • BEATRICE CASE ETHEL TOBIN VIRGIL GAZEL • WEBB HANSEN • FRED KUHLMAN • HOWARD HARRISON • CARL SCHLICKE • CARL SCHAEFFER • BETTY FRANZ MARGARET BROWN • ALAN REYNOLDS • MARTHA ADAMS DOROTHY AYERS • FRED HARRIS • RUTH LESLIE • HICHAD LINTHICUM • DEAN McHENRY ALEX McRITCHIE • IDA MONERASTELLI • MAXINE OLSEN • HOWARD PLUMER 0 ARTHUR ROHMAN • WALTER STICKEL • JOHN TALBOT • LEONARD WELLENDORF • BIJOU BRINKOP 0 HARRISON DUNHAM • GEORGE ELMENDORF • FRANKLIN FEIGENBAUM • GORDON FILES 0 DURWARD GRAYBILL WANDA HAYDEN 0 PORTER HENDRICKS • JEANNE HODGEMAN • GEORGE JEFFERSON 0 ' PHIL KELLOGG • DONNA McNAMARA • HOMER OLIVER ROBERT PAGE • BETTY PRETTYMAN • MADELIN PUGH • MARY SHELDON • JOSEPHINE HOMAS • ARNOLD ANTOLA • FLORENCE BLACKMAN • WILLIAM BRADFORD 0 JOHN BURNSIDE • LEE COATS • KATHERINE FABER • WILLIAM GRAY • MARTHA GRIM • WILLIAM HENSEY 0 EMIL MARR e MARION McCARTHY • ALICE McELHENY • JACK MORRISON • GENE NIELSON ARNOLD PEEK • IRENE RAMBO • ROBERT SHELLABY • JACK TIDBALL JEANNETTA YERXA • ALBERT HATCH • LOUISE BLAU • FRANCIS BRADY • LLOYD BRIDGES • MARGARET DUGUID • JACK EGAN 0 TOMLIN EDWARDS • BERNICE GARRETT • ANDREW HAMILTON • CHANDLER HARRIS • MAY HOBART • BEVERLY KEIM • ROBERT McHARGUE JOY MAE PARKE • BETSY PEMBROKE JUDITH RYKOFF • BETTY SEERY • ALICE TILDEN • HOWARD YOUNG • FRANCINE BECHERAZ JEAN BENSON • STANLY BROWN • HELENE FRANK DOOLEY e ADELLE GRATIOT • MAURY GROSSMAN • KATHRYN HERTZOG • JEAN HODKINS • THOMAS LAMBERT 10 CHARLES LEINBACH • MARJORIE LENZ • JAMES LUVALLE • GRACE McGILLAN • JACKSON STANLEY FRANK WILKINSON • JEAN BARDEEN • SHIRLEY BRADY • GERRY CORNELIUS GEORGE DICKERSON e PHYLISS EDWARDS • JUNE HALLBERG • GILBERT HARRISON • JACK HASTINGS • JOAN HILL • DELBERT HOBBS • JAMES LASH KATHRYN MATTIOLI • ARTHUR MURPHY • STANLEY RUBIN • ROBERT SCHROEDER • DORIS WARD • MARVIN BRENSWEIG • NORMAN BORISOFF MARTHA BRADY • DONVEL FERGUSON • GEORGETTE FOSTER • LEE FRANKOVICH • HELEN FREEMAN • MARY HOWARD 4ti JAMES JOHNSON • ELLA LYMAN • GEORGE MARX • WILFRED MONROE HELEN PUNCH • MARY REAGAN • CARROL WELLING • DON BROWN • WILLIAM BROWN • H. EVERETT CARTER • MARGARET DUMONT • FLORENCE GREEN 0 RICHARD HAYDEN • HAROLD HIRSHON • VIRGINIA KEIM • MILTON KRAMER • ROBERT LANDIS DOROTHY McALLISTER • WILLIAM NEWMAN • MARTHA OTIS • MARY PYNE 0 JOHN RYLAND e RALPH SPOTTS JR. • MARGARET WILSON • ALISON BOSWELL • MILTON COHEN • FREDERICK KOEBIG • ' MARY ELIZABETH LEE • VIRGINIA LINDSEY HENRY McCUNE • GEORGE MILlER • NORMAN PADGETT • RICHARD PRYNE • FRANK SIMONS •ROBERT STREETON • LUCETIA TENNEY • KENNETH WASHINGTON • VIRGINIA WILKINSON • JAMES DEVERE • TOM FREEAR • GRACE FOX e WOLFE GILBERT • JACK HAUPTLI • WILLIAM IRVIN • WILLIAM KUEHNE • HARRIET LUKE e STEPHEN MELNYK CARL McBAIN • RUTH NELSON • ROBERT PARK • AYLEEN SEARL • VIRGINIA SCHMISS RAUTER • ' HARRIET STACY 0 BILLIE MAE THOMAS • JOHN VRBA • BOB ALSHULER • BOB BARSKY • BRUCE CASSIDY • ANTONIA CHURCHILL • FRANCES CONRAD 0 ' MARIE DASHIELL • DOROTHY DODGE • HANFORD FILES • MARCELL FORTIER 0 MARY JO FUNK • DOUGLAS HARRISON • MARJORIE MIDDLEMISS • DOROTHY RENFRO • JAMES ROSE • JACK THOMAS HITOSHI YONEMURA 0 WILLIAM WILSON • PAT DARBY • JANE ECKLUND • WILLIAM FARRER •. ANNE GILLESPIE • OSCEALA HERRON • MARGARET KARL • DANIEL LEE • JACK LESCOULIE • ' J. STEWART McKENZIE • JOHN SINGLAUB • LESLIE SWABACKER • JAMES WALLACE • ROBERT WEIL Iv MARY WELSH • ELIZABETH WHITFIELD 0 CHARLES BAILEY • WILLARD BELING • BOB COOLING • ' LEON COOPER 0 BETTY DOBBS • JANET DUNN • GLORIA FARQUAR • HELEN HAILEY • MARIAN HARGRAVE ROBIN HICKEY • VIRGINIA HOGABOOM • CHARLOTTE KLEIN • ANN KOPPELMAN • ALVIA McCARTHY JEAN McDONALD • MARGARET McHAFFIE • VIRGINIA MvMURRAY • HARRY PREGERSON • JANE RITTERSBACHER • PEGGY SHEDD JANE WALLETSTEDT BARBARA WELCH • VIRGINIA WLLONS 0 ' JANE BAUER • PATRICIA CAMPBELL • ANITA CHESTER • JULIA COLYER • PATRICIA COOPER FRANK FOELLMER SIEGLINDE HENRICH • DONALD HITCHCOCK NEAL HOSPERS • Robert JAFFIE • HARLAND JOHNSON a ' MYRICK LAND • JEAN LAPP • HELENE LIGHT BARBARA MILLIKIN • ' RAYLE PALCA • HERSHEL PEAK JR. • MARGARET RAMSEY • WILLIAM RANKIN • FRIEDA RAPAPORT • MARY RAWINGS • PEGGY LEE ROBERTSON • BARBARA SHERIFF • HANNAH BLOOM • JACK BOYD • ROBERT FISCHER • EDWARD GLEITSMAN • DOROTHY HAINES • ' MIDGE HODGES EUGENE LEE • MARGARET LOCKETT 0 MARJORIE MAPES • ' FRANCES MORRISON • BETTY NEIGER • JACK PORTR YOSAL ROGAT • ROBERT ROGERS ROBERT RUSSELL • MARGERY SCHIEBER • ELLEN SULLIVAN • GWEN SYMONS • JACQUELIN TOWERS • BURR BALDWIN • ERNIE CASE • RUTH CLARK ELEANOR FINCH • MARY ANN HOLSER • LYN JACKSON • KEN KEEFER • DOROTHY KIMBLE • RICHARD LOGAN • STEVE MULLER • RICHARD PERRY ELEANOR ROBINSON • CONNIE ROCK • BERT SHERWOOD • ANNE STERN • H. M. WAMMACK • RALPH WITT • BARBARA BODLEY • JAMES DAVY KENNETH GALLAGHER • ROSEMARY GORMAN • RIMA GROKOWSKY • GLORIA HARRISON • ROBERT HAVES • ROBERT HINDLE • SHEILA HOPE • RICHARD HOUGH • SHIRLEY JACOBSON • ALICE KOESTNER 0 RAYMOND MAGGARD 0 DON PAUL • ROGER RIDDICK • JOHN ROESCH BARBARA SAVORY JAMES THAYER • RUSS TORREY ERNEST WOLFE • NANCY BAKER • ROBERT BERDAHL 0 MARY ELLEN BRININGER 0 ' JAMES COOK 0 JAN CRAIG • ROBERT COYER e CRAIG DIXON 0 BERTRAM FIELDS JEANNE FISHER • ROBERT GREENBERG • MARGIE HELLMAN • ROSEMARY HENDERSON • GROVER HEYLER JAMES HIGSON • BARBARA JEWKES • WILLIAM KEENE • JAMES KOENIG GENE ROWLAND e BARBARA SIMPSON • PATRICIA WHITNEY • BARBARA ABRAMS • ANDY ANDERSON • DON ARMBRUSTER • ' DON BARRETT e BOBETTE CAMP e PHIL CURRAN • BOB FRANKLIN • ' JIM GARST • BOB HIGHT KATHLEEN HOLSTER • ERNIE JOHNSON • KEN KARST • LOUISE KOSCHES DAVID LEANSE 0 FRANK LOY • SHERRILL LUKE • IRWIN RICKEL • FRANK TENNANT • JACKIE WAGONER • WALTER WHITAKER 0 DOROTHY WRIGHT • BALDWIN BAKER 40 STAN BERMAN • JOY BULLARD • DOT CRAWFORD HERB FLAM • GENE FRUMKIN • HOWIE HANSON • FRANK HEWITT • BEDIA JAMIL • BUD JONES 0 ROGER KARRENBROCK • MARGARET KESTER • MARY ANN MUCKENHIRN • FRED NELSON • LOU SACKIN • GEORGE SEELIG • EDDIE SHELDRAKE • GEORGE STANICH • BOB STROCK • MARSHALL VORKINK CHAR WEISS • MARCIA BORIE • NANCY BROWN • JOYCE SHEETS BURN • JOHN CHANDLER • CHRIS CHRISTENSEN • JIM DAVIS • HERB FURTH • DANNY GALLIVAN • PETE GRABER e CHUCK GRIFFIN • DAVE HANSON • PAT PETER HARDWICK • VIC HOCHEE • ED HUMMEL • DICK LEONARD • GEORGE MAIR • PETE MANN • ' HAL MITCHELL • BOB MYERS • DAVE NELSON • HARRY SHERMAN • FRED THORNLEY • MARCIA TUCKER • JULIE WEISSTEIN ROBERT BAKER • BEVERLY BALDWIN • HARRY BRISSACHER • RUE COREY • RORIS DOLFER e IRV GOLDRING • BILL HOLLAND • ' JOAN MEYERSIECK TOM MINTZ • BENTON MINOR •• DONN MOOMAW • JEAN NELSON • BILL ROBERTS • MARTY ROSEN • BOB SALLIN • DICK SCHENK • DICK STEIN LIZ STERN 0 JUNE TANNER • JACK WEBER • JOAN WILCOX • RICHARD WILKE • BRENT BOWEN e STEVE CLAMAN • BASIL CLYMAN • JANICE CUSHING DIANE DONOGHUE 0 ANET HALE • JEAN HUNT • PATRICIA KOENEKAMP e LEWIS LEEBURG 0 RONALD LIVINGSTON • SHARON McLEAN • ROBERT NAGAMOTO • JERRY NAGIN • RONALD PATTERSON • ELEANOR PETERSON • BRUCE RICE • ROBERT SEIZER • BERNARD SEGAL • MAJEED SHERAIDAH ERNIE STOCKERT • LUCILLE LANGDON TOWNLEY • MARILYN VALE • M. E. VOGEL • DONALD BRAGG • ROBERT BREWSTER • RICHARD BYRNE • MARY COOK • JEAN DIETHER • DARLENE DWYER • NORMAN EPSTEIN • MARIANNE GARARD • AL GREENSTEIN • DAVID HART NANCY ISHIAKI • NORMAN JACOBS •. BERNARD NEBENZAHL e MONA McTAGGART • RALPH MELARAGNO • CURT OWEN • JOHN PETERSON • GENE PRESTON • RUTH REITER IP JEANNE ROSS • BONNIE SHRUBAR • BARBARA TAYLOR ELIZABETH BACH GEORGE W. RAYMOND STAN LEY J. EDWARD A. RICHARD T. DILLER HARRIET GLAZIER ELLA MAY NEVELL MANUEL OLGUIN LAWRENCE S. PULLIAM EMMA JANE ROBINSON EDGAR L. WARREN administration LEADERSHIP Dr. Robert Gordon Sproul was inaugurated president of the university twenty-five years ago at the age of 39. He has held this post longer than any other current major university president, the average tenure being five years. Since his term began the university has doubled its and tripled its teaching staff, which is rated by most experts as one of the top four in the nation. Endowments have now quadrupled to some million dollars. Under the leadership of Dr. Sproul, the university has added the Santa Barbara campus, four new fourteen new schools, and various other institutes and lesser components like a gricultural field stations. Dr. Sproul ' s tenure, the university has gained prominence in government such as the Radiation Laboratory at Berkeley and by the management of the Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory in New Mexico, where the atomic bomb was first developed. Under Dr. Sproul ' s wise and skillful leadership the University of has become one of the fastest growing and most extensive universities that can be found in the world of today. 22 Since the establishment of the University of California in 1868 the Seal has been a symbol of unity and growth. Each of the eight campuses serves a particular need and contributes to the progress and general welfare of the state. Berkeley, the nucleus of the has done much to further the university family. T he Medical Center in San Francisco includes a teaching hospital, large clinic, College of Dentistry, and a student union. Lick Observatory, atop Mount Hamilton, will soon house a 120 - inch telescope reflector, the second largest in the world. Davis, though mainly an agricultural unit, recently added a College of Letters and Science. The Santa Barbara campus recently moved to a spacious new 408 - acre site. The Riverside campus expansion program is also well underway. The new cafeteria, once a horse barn, is now a picturesque and attractively furnished building. Scripps Institute of Oceanography continues to concentrate its study on the sea and its curious marine dwellers. The phenomenal growth of UCLA continues at a steady pace. One of the new facilities added to the enormous Medical Center is a cancer detection clinic which is designed to detect and determine the of the disease in its early stages. The Music Building, which houses Shoenberg Hall, opened its doors during the fall semester and is one of the most modern and complete music buildings in the USA today. Additions scheduled for completion next year are a Physical Science building and a classroom-office building. Other plans for building include an Engineering and Physical Science Building and five dorms, one of which will be started this summer. These are but a few examples of the university ' s growth. Un ited by one seal, the eight campuses stand for educational progress and community service. GUIDANCE AS CHAIRMAN OF THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA ' S BOARD OF REGENTS, GOVE RNOR GOODWIN J. KNIGHT HAS BEEN INSTRUMENTAL IN HELPING THE UNIVERSITY ATTAIN THE ACADEMIC AND FINANCIAL SUCCESS THAT HAS MADE THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA AT LOS ANGELES ONE OF THE TOP COLLEGES IN THE NATION. A VERY IMPORTANT GROUP OF MEN AND WOMEN HEADING THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA IS THE BOARD OF REGENTS, COMPRISED OF (SEATED L. TO R.) EDWIN W. PAULEY, EDWARD A. DICKSON, EARL J. FENSTON, DOROTHY CHANDLER, EDWARD W. CARTER, HOWARD NAFFZIGER, VICTOR R. HANSON, (STANDING L. TO R.) THOMAS M. STORKE, SYRIL C. NIGG, JESSE H. STEINHART, EDWARD H. HELLER, DONALD H. MCLAUGHLIN, CORNELIUS J. HAGGERTY, GERALD H. HAGAR, GUS OLSON, ROY E. SIMPSON, A. J. MCFADDEN, BRODIE E. AHLPORT, EDWIN L. HARBACH. ACHIEVEMENT Chancellor Raymond B. Allen stands as a symbol of intelligence, achievement, and understanding. His compelling is a comb ination of enthusiasm, and kindness. He bears the demeanor of a true gentleman and scholar. His intensive interest in the University as a whole, and in the students as is shown by his words, " Growth is a sign of health and well-being, so UCLA is very healthy indeed. And more, its student body and faculty are creative and have over the years developed a wonderful spirit. " He is very proud of UCLA ' s achievements and its unity. Desiring to perpetuate both, he a building program including the extension of Hershey Hall; a new mens ' dorm on Gayley; a multi-purpose featuring an auditorium and special sections for military science and Dr. Allen ' s interest in UCLA branches into many fields of endeavor. His achievements parallel his interests. A VERY TRIM, DISTINGUISHED LOOKING GENTLEMAN SMILES HAPPILY AS HE FEELS A SLIGHT PULL ON HIS LINE. YES, OCEAN FISHING IS EXCITING TO A MAN WHO WAS RAISED IN MINNESOTA WHERE THERE IS SO MUCH ENTHUSIASM FOR LAKE AND STREAM FISHING. DR. MILTON E. HAHN CAN BE PROUD WITH SUCH SUCCESS, NOT ONLY AT FISHING, BUT AT HIS JOB AS THE DEAN OF STUDENTS. WITH THE ABLE HELP OF HIS TWO ASSISTANTS, HE GIVES ADVICE TO ANY STUDENT WHO MAY HAVE A PROBLEM. IT IS HIS JOB TO SEE THAT THE STUDENTS AT UCLA HAVE ADEQUATE INDIVIDUAL COUNSELING AND GUIDANCE. DEAN HAHN IS NOW MAKING PLANS FOR A NEW MEN ' S DORMITORY WHICH WILL BE OWNED AND OPERATED BY THE UNIVERSITY. DEAN OF STUDENTS Student service, UCLA ' s network of aid and counsel for students, is composed of agencies which help the student solve his problems, personal or collegiate. To initiate the integration of students, the Office of the and of Admissions combine with Student Health to process enrollments. His personal problems may be relieved by Student Counseling Service, or the Foreign Student Advisor if he is from another country. Teacher Placement of Bureau of Occupations relieves stress. University Extension and the Librarian aid in research areas. AND HIS ASSISTANTS THIS CONTEMPLATIVE GENTLEMAN IS INTERESTED IN STUDENT ACTIVITIES, ESPECIALLY SLC. HE MAY BE SEEN TALKING TO MALE STUDENTS IN THE OFFICE LABELED ASSISTANT DEAN BYRON ATKINSON. ASSISTANT DEAN NOLA STARK CAVETTE. A WOMAN WHO IS BOTH TALENTED AND ATTRACTIVE, IS THE PERSON TO SEE IF YOU ARE A FEMALE AND NEED ADVICE ABOUT HOUSING, SCHOLARSHIP, OR LOANS. CARROLL PARRISH. WHO DAWNS A PLEASANT SMILE AND QUICK BROWN EYES, SERVES UCLA AS A VERY CAPABLE STUDENT ACTIVITIES DIRECTOR AND AS A RIGHT-HAND MAN FOR THE DEAN OF STUDENTS. BEHIND THE SCENES BUREAU OF OCCUPATIONS MANAGER, JOHN ADAMS, THIS YEAR PARTICIPATED IN A PUBLIC RELATIONS VENTURE, INFORMING THE PEOPLE, THROUGH VARIOUS MEDIA, OF THE CONSTRUCTIVE AND DESTRUCTIVE EFFECTS OF INDUSTRIAL COMPETITION. IN ADDITION TO HIS MANY DUTIES AS ASSISTANT MANAGER OF THE OFFICE OF TEACHER PLACEMENT AT UCLA. DR. AUBREY BERRY IS PLANNING TO WRITE A BOOK THAT WILL BE USED AS A TEXT FOR AN INTRODUCTION TO EDUCATION. ONE OF THE MANY INTERESTS OF DOROTHY CLENDENEN WAS IN THE FIELD OF STUDENT COUNSELING WHILE SHE WAS TEACHING. AT UCLA SHE IS MANAGER OF THE DEPARTMENT. AS ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR OF THE OFFICE OF ADMISSIONS, DR. EDGAR L. LAZIER DETERMINES THE ELIGIBILITY OF THE EVER-RISING NUMBER OF APPLICANTS. HE RATES CAMPING TRIPS IN THE HIGH SIERRAS AS HIS FAVORITE DIVERSION. DR. WILLIAM C. POMEROY, REGISTRAR, INSTALLED UCLA ' S IBM GRADE RECORD SYSTEM, REGISTRATION BY MAIL, AND PRE-ENROLLMENT. THEIR SUCCESSFUL APPLICATION HAS BROUGHT HIM PRAISE FROM ALASKA TO THE HAWAIIAN SHORES. DR. CLIFFORD PRATOR, WHO IS THE MODEST ADVISOR TO FOREIGN STUDENTS AT UCLA, HAS A BACKGROUND OF MANY VARIED STUDIES WHICH AIDS HIM IN STUDENT CONTACTS. MANAGER OF THE OFFICE OF PUBLIC INFORMATION, ANDREW HAMILTON KEEPS THE PUBLIC AWARE OF UCLA ACTIVITIES BY PRESS RELEASES, AND DOES FREELANCE MAGAZINE WRITING. CREW CUT, READY SMILE, AND A SHARP SENSE OF HUMOR IDENTIFY BUSINESS MANAGER PAUL C. HANNUM, SUPERVISOR OF BUILDINGS, GROUNDS, MAIL, AND PURCHASING. HE IS THE SECRETARY OF THE BOARD OF CONTROL AS WELL. DONALD LABOSKEY AS SUPERVISOR OF SPECIAL SERVICES, STRIVES TO MAKE MILITARY SERVICE AN ADJUNCT, NOT AN INTERRUPTION, TO CAREERS. ONE WAY OR ANOTHER, HIS OFFICE HAS CONTACT WITH ALMOST ALL MALE UCLA STUDENTS. TO MAINTAIN A LIAISON WITH HIGH SCHOOLS AND JUNIOR COLLEGES IS THE FUNCTION OF DR. VERN W. ROBINSON, THE ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR OF RELATIONS WITH SCHOOLS. ' ' LIFELONG LEARNING " IS DR. PAUL H. SHEATS ' MOTTO AND THE TITLE OF HIS PROGRAM EXTENDING THE UNIVERSITY ' S RESOURCES TO ADULTS. HE SERVES AS ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR OF UNIVERSITY EXTENSION IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA. ASSISTANT REGISTRAR CARMELITA B. STANLEY HAS NO DOUBT THAT " UCLA HAS A TERRIFIC FUTURE; THE NEXT TEN YEARS WILL SEE AN AMAZING PATTERN OF GROWTH AND OF DEVELOPMENT. " HER HOBBIES LIE IN THE WORLD OF MUSIC. COUGH, SNEEZE DR. DONALD S. MACKINNON, WHO ENJOYS MOUNTAIN CLIMBING AS HIS HOBBY, IS DIRECTOR OF STUDENT HEALTH SERVICE. IN THE NEW STUDENT WARD EVERYTHING FROM EARACHES TO ATHLETE ' S FOOT WILL RECEIVE ATTENTION. RELIEF FROM THE AGONIZING PAINS OF A TOOTHACHE WILL BE OFFERED BY THE EMERGENCY DENTAL UNIT. QUIET PLEASE BESIDES THE ACTUAL WORK AS THE HEAD OF THE LIBRARY, DR. LAWRENCE POWELL OBTAINS STUDENT IDEAS FOR LIBRARY IMPROVEMENT. THROUGH ALL OF THE GROWING PAINS OF OUR LIBRARY, THE ASSISTANT LIBRARIAN, PAGE ACKERMAN, HAS TRAINED A CAPABLE STAFF. GORDON WILLIAMS ' INTEREST IN HIS WORK AS ASSISTANT LIBRARIAN MUST BE GREAT HE ALSO PORES OVER BOOKS AT HOME. AN ANXIOUSLY AWAITED ENLARGEMENT TO UCLA ' S LIBRARY WILL SOON ELIMINATE THE OVERCROWDED SITUATION IN THE STACKS AND PROVIDE FOR MANY FUTURE ADDITIONS TO THE EXTENSIVE MAIN COLLECTIONS. 31 the year REGISTRATION LINES, LINES, LINES, LINES, LINES, LINES, LINES. LINES. LINES, LINES, LINES, LINES, LINES, LINES, LINES, LINES, LINES, LINES, LINES, LINES, LINES, LINES. LINES, LINES, LINES, LINES, LINES, LINES, LINES, LINES, LINES, LINES, AND . . . LINES! THE UCLA-STANFORD GAME WILL LONG BE REMEMBERED AS ONE OF THE MOST EXCITING GAMES PLAYED BETWEEN THE TWO SCHOOLS. THOUSANDS OF BRUIN STUDENTS INVADED PALO ALTO BY TRAIN, PLANE, CAR, OR WHATEVER OTHER MEANS THEY FOUND POSSIBLE, TO BE PRESENT FOR THE GAME AND ENJOY THE SIGHTS OF THE SAN FRANCISCO AREA. HEAD YELL LEADER, BOB JOHANNESEN, WAS AMONG THE MANY BRUIN ROOTERS WHO TOOK THE SPECIAL UCLA TRAIN TO PALO ALTO AND THEN TO SAN FRANCISCO THAT EVENING. THE WINNERS! HOMECOMING TROPHIES WERE AWARDED TO MANY ORGANIZATIONS FOR THEIR CONTRIBUTIONS TO THIS YEAR ' S FABULOUS PARADE: SWEEPSTAKES, DELTA SIGMA PHI; MOST ORIGINAL, THETA XI; MOST HUMOROUS, PI BETA PHI AND SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON; MOST BEAUTIFUL, PHI MU AND TAU DELTA PHI; MEN ' S AND WOMEN ' S DIVISIONS, CHI PHI, ZETA TAU ALPHA; MIXED DIVISIONS, ALPHA GAMMA DELTA AND SIGMA PI. PUTTING THE SQUEEZE ON THE BEARS PROVED TO BE AN EASY JOB FOR THE BRUINS A TURTLE, A TURTLE! ANYONE ' S KINGDOM FOR A TURTLE WITH SPECS? the c around us HOMECOMING FESTIVITIES ON THE UCLA CAMPUS IN 1930, AT THAT TIME, THE FRATERNITIES, SORORITIES, LIVING GROUPS, AND ORGANIZATIONS BUILT BOOTHS IN WESTWOOD VILLAGE AND FORMED A CARNIVAL. AS THE YEARS PROGRESSED, HOMECOMING GREW INTO ONE OF THE LARGEST UNIVERSITY IN THE COUNTRY TODAY WITH ITS FLOAT PARADES, QUEEN CONTESTS, AND THE ALL-U WEEKEND WHEN THE BEARS COME TO WESTWOOD. LOVELY JAN SEWARD, 1955 HOMECOMING QUEEN, HAD MANY A MALE BRUIN STARRY-EYED AS SHE DESCENDED JANSS STEPS. THE HOMECOMING QUEEN AND HER COURT REIGNED OVER THE FESTIVE WEEK OF EVENTS. QUEEN JAN SEWARD, A SPARKLING PERSONALITY. BEAUTIFUL FLOWERS FOR THE 1955 HOMECOMING QUEEN AND HER LOVELY COURT. STUDENT LEADERS AND CELEBRITIES ATTENDED A LUNCHEON FOR DR. SPROUL. THE. FAMOUS BRUIN CARD SECTION PAID TRIBUTE TO THE CAMPUSES. CAPTAIN GIL THE LUAU AND OLIO CONTEST CONTRIBUTED TO THE EXCITEMENT OF HOMECOMING. THE HOMECOMING SHOW OFFICIALLY LAUNCHED THE COLORFUL HOMECOMING WEEK. CAPTAIN GIL MORENO WATCHED AS THE DECISIVE COIN WAS TOSSED. HUNDR EDS OF HOMECOMING QUEEN JAN SEWARD RODE BEFORE THOUSANDS OF CHEERING BRUINS. ORGANIZING AND PROMOTING THE VARIOUS EVENTS OF ONE OF THE LARGEST UNIVERSITY CELEBRATIONS IN THE NATION WAS THE JOB OF UCLA ' S HOMECOMING COMMITTEE. MEMBERS WERE (BACK ROW, L TO R) SKIP KEYZER, NANCY OMELIANOVITCH, JIM LUTER, MALCOLM SMITH, JACKIE WHITE, STU HACKEL, JIM JOHNSON, NANCY DALEY, WALT VENDLY, AND (FRONT ROW) PAT HUFF, LILLIAN SINAI, KINE KAY MILLER, CHAIRMAN BRUCE MCMASTERS, GRACE MOREHEAD, AND DANA ZIEGLER. UINS FLOCKED TO THE HOMECOMING RALLY DANCE. THE TEAM OF DURANTE AND JACKSON ENTERTAINED THE BRUINS AT A NOON RALLY. " The C Around Us " engulfed the UCLA students in the mad whirl of activities of Homecoming Week. Launching the fun was the Homecoming Show " See You Around, " a clever satire on the Homecoming theme. The Royce Hall stage was converted into a ship as the show took the audience on a trek to foreign lands. Aboard for the first show were the queen finalists. The 1955 Queen and her court were announced at the end of both shows. Highlighting the second performance was the Stan Kenton of ' 56. The next day was Coronation Day for Her Royal Highness and her four attendants who each represented one of the four academic classes. Chancellor Raymond B. Allen placed the crown on the Queen ' s head after which he kissed her, to the delight of the onlookers. The next Homecoming event, held the following evening, was the combined Luau and Olio show. Actor Tab Hunter who was master of for the olio acts awarded to the winners their well-deserved trophies. The Bruins and students from other campuses flocked to the street dance which was held in the Desmond ' s parking lot the following night. All during Homecoming week, both sorority and fraternity rows were buzzing with excitement as the busy float builders hurried to complete their The night before the parade, cof fee and doughnuts were passed out to the workers as they pounded nails, shaped chicken wire, and stuffed crepe paper. Finally the evening arrived and all the beautifully constructed floats made their way to the judgi ng stands. Following the parade, the Bruins flocked to the rally and dance, where the winners of the Homecoming trophies were announced. the exciting week was the UCLA-Cal game. DURING MEN ' S WEEK, LIVELY MUSIC PLAYED BY COMBOS WAS HEARD DAILY IN THE CROWDED CROSSROADS OF UCLA SOCIETY, THE COOP. COMPLETELY MUD-SMUDGED BUT SMILING, THESE HAPPY FACES OF SOME OF THE PARTICIPANTS LOOK ON WHILE THE SLUSH AND WATER FLIES. MEN ' S WEEK SO THIS IS COLLEGE LIFE! THE MUD BRAWL PARTICIPANTS STOP TO CATCH THEIR BREATH BETWEEN THE EVENTS. LAST YEAR ' S CHAMPIONS. THE SOPHOMORES, BATTLE UNRELENTLESSLY TO RETAIN THEIR TITLE AND DO SO IN SPITE OF MANY FERVENT ATTEMPTS BY THE FRESHMEN. AMONG THE MANY CONTESTS WERE THE ROPE-PULLING AND PIE-EATING EVENTS BETWEEN THE PRESIDENTS OF THE TWO CLASSES. BOTH THE CONTESTANTS AND SPECTATORS ENJOYED THE MUDDY BRAWL. ALL SET AND READY TO GO! SOME OF THE SPECTATORS GATHERED FOR A CLOSE LOOK AT ONE OF THE CONTESTANTS AS HE PREPARED FOR THE IMPORTANT RACE. AND THERE THEY GO! THE SOAP BOX DERBY WAS A NEW EVENT SPONSORED BY MEN ' S WEEK. ALL THE ENTRIES HAD TO MEET CERTAIN SPECIFICATIONS AS TO BUILDING MATERIALS, SIZE, AND WEIGHT. AT NOON, ALL THE CONTESTANTS GATHERED AT THE TOP OF THE RUN, WHILE SPECTATORS GATHERED ON BOTH SIDES OF THE TRACK. THE MEN ' S DIVISION TITLE WENT TO THE SIGMA PI FRATERNITY, AND THE PI PHI SORORITY WON THE WOMEN ' S TROPHY. " GET OUTA ' MY WAY! " THE FAST AND FURIOUS GIRLS ' FOOTBALL GAME IS ONE OF THE MOST SPECTACULAR EVENTS THAT OCCURS EACH FALL DURING MEN ' S WEEK. IRV DRASNIN WASTED NO TIME WHEN HE GOT THAT BALL DURING THE TRADITIONAL DAILY BRUIN-DAILY TROJAN BLOOD BOWL BATTLE WHICH PRECEDED THE EXCITING PCC FOOTBALL GAME BETWEEN UCLA AND USC. DESPITE THE OF THE FIJIS. THE ALL STARS FINALLY OVERPOWERED THE INTRAMURAL CHAMPIONS. FIJI JIM NOE THREW A SPECTACULAR PASS TO ONE OF HIS TEAMMATES JUST IN TIME. THE FIJI-ALL STAR FOOTBALL GAME WAS HELD DURING MEN ' S WEEK. BRUIN SENIORS GATHERED IN THE COLISEUM BEFORE THE UCLA-USC GAME FOR THE SENIOR BRUNCH AND A VARIETY OF PRE-GAME ENTERTAINMENT. DING SC CLIMAXING MEN ' S WEEK WAS THE UCLA-USC GAME WHICH SENT THE BRUINS TO THE ROSE BOWL. HALF-TIME ACTIVITIES BROUGHT LAUGHTER AND CHEERS FROM THE BRUIN ROOTING SECTION AS A GREAT BRUIN DONKEY IMITATED THE TROJAN WARRIOR MOUNTED ON A WHITE STALLION. DURING THE GAME, SAM BROWN CONTINUED TO DAMPEN THE SC SPIRIT AS HE REPEATEDLY CRASHED THEIR LINE. RALLY IN THE RAIN RALLY COMMITTEE MEMBERS CLEARED THE WAY FOR THE AIR HORN AS THE JUBILANT BRUINS TROOPED DOWN TO THE INTERSECTION OF WESTWOOD AND WILSHIRE FOR THE SC VICTORY RALLY, WHICH WAS ALSO A CELEBRATION OF THE EXPECTED ROSE BOWL BID. AFTER THE BRUINS RETURNED FROM THE VILLAGE, THEY PACKED INTO ROYCE HALL WHERE THE OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT STATING THAT UCLA HAD BEEN INVITED TO REPRESENT THE CONFERENCE WAS MADE BY WILBUR JOHNS, ATHLETIC DIRECTOR. " SANTA CLAUS HAS NOTHING LEFT TO BRING ME! . . . THIS MAY NOT BE THE BEST TEAM I ' VE EVER HAD, BUT IT ' S MY FAVORITE, " SAID COACH RED SANDERS FROM ATOP A TRUCK SURROUNDED BY THREE THOUSAND CHEERING BRUIN ROOTERS AT THE WESTWOOD-WILSHIRE INTERSECTION DESPITE A DRIZZLING RAIN. ROSES WE GAIN TO THE BOWL WITH THE BELLI DOWN WITH THE COW COLLEGE! THESE AND OTHER CRIES WERE HEARD AS WILDLY CHEERING BRUINS FLOCKED AROUND THE VICTORY BELL AT THE BEGINNING OF THE SC VICTORY RALLY WHICH WAS HELD IN SPITE OF A POURING RAIN. THOUSANDS OF CHEERING BRUIN ROOTERS CRAMMED INTO ROYCE HALL FOR THE REST OF THE SC VICTORY RALLY. AMONG THE SPEAKERS WERE PCC FACULTY REPRESENTATIVE JOSEPH KAPLAN, CHANCELLOR RAYMOND ALLEN, AND ATHLETIC DIRECTOR WILBUR JOHNS. COACH RED SANDERS PROVED TO THE BRUINS WHO ATTENDED THE JUNIOR PROM IN DECEMBER THAT HE COULD HANDLE A BATON AS WELL AS COACH A FIRST RATE FOOTBALL TEAM. CHANCELLOR RAYMOND ALLEN AND ASUCLA GENERAL MANAGER BILL ACKERMAN CROWNED THE JUNIOR PROM QUEEN, BOBBI HUGHES, WHO REIGNED OVER THE AFFAIR AT THE LUXURIOUS BEVERLY-HILTON HOTEL. JUNIOR PROM THE MEMBERS OF THE ALL-OPPONENT FOOTBALL TEAM, CHOSEN BY THE BRUIN VARSITY, WERE HONORED GUESTS AT THE JUNIOR PROM. BEFORE THE DANCE, THE TEAM APPEARED ON THE BOB CROSBY TELEVISION SHOW WITH THE QUEEN FINALISTS. THE IDEA OF HONORING THE MEMBERS. OF OPPOSING TEAMS FOR THEIR SPORTSMANSHIP WAS DERIVED FROM A SPEECH DELIVERED BY PRESIDENT SPROUL DURING WEEK. CAMPUS CHRISTMAS AFTER THE BRUIN CAROLERS SERENADED CHANCELLOR ALLEN ' S FAMILY, THEY MET IN KERCKHOFF HALL FOR REFRESHMENTS AND ENTERTAINMENT. " SILENT NIGHT, HOLY NIGHT . . " MEMBERS FROM VARIOUS LIVING GROUPS ONCE AGAIN STARTED AT THE LOWER PART OF HILGARD AVENUE AND MARCHED UP SORORITY ROW GAYLY SINGING CHRISTMAS CAROLS AND COLLECTING MEMBERS FROM THE DORMS AND HOUSES. THE CHRISTMAS SING CLIMAXED WITH THE GROUP SERENADING CHANCELLOR ALLEN AND HIS FAMILY. UCLA ' S " UCLARAMA " UNFOLDED AS THE CARD SECTION PAID TRIBUTE TO THE TWO TEAMS SECRETARY OF DEFENSE CHARLES WILSON WAS THE PARADE ' S GRAND MARSHAL. JOE BRUIN APPEARED BEFORE A CHEERING UCLAN CROWD. rose bowl game PASADENA ' S TOURNAMENT OF ROSES HAS BEEN A DAY OF CELEBRATION AND PARADES SINCE THE 1880 ' S. IT WASN ' T UNTIL 1901 THAT THE FIRST EAST-WEST FOOTBALL GAME TOOK PLACE IN TOURNAMENT PARK ON NEW YEAR ' S DAY WHEN MICHIGAN BEAT STANFORD 49-0 BEFORE A CROWD OF 8000. IN 1923 THE INITIAL GAME WAS PLAYED IN THE NEWLY CONSTRUCTED ROSE BOWL BETWEEN SC AND PENN STATE, THE SCORE BEING 14-3 IN FAVOR OF SC. THE PRESENT ROSE BOWL WAS OFFICIALLY DEDICATED IN 1922. TODAY, THE BOWL IS ONE OF THE LARGEST OUTDOOR STADIUMS WITH A SEATING CAPACITY OF 100,809. " UH, PARDON ME SIR, BUT YOU HAVE YOUR SHOE IN MY FACE. " SOMEBODY MUST HAVE MISSED HIM; WHOO WHO DID IT? BEHIND THE EXPERT BLOCKING OF HIS TEAM MATES, SAM BROWN GAINED VALUABLE YARDAGE FOR THE BRUINS. GETTING THE " FEEL " OF THAT ROSE BOWL TURF HELPED THE BRUINS PREPARE FOR THE DECISIVE GAME. " GET YOUR U CLA PENNANTS AND SOUVENIRS HERE! " COACHES RED SANDERS AND DUFFY DAUGHERTY CONVERSED WITH ASSISTANTS. ONE OF THE MOVING FORCES BEHIND UCLA ' S ENTHUSIASTIC SCHOOL SPIRIT WAS THE LIVELY GROUP OF SONG LEADERS. THE GALS WORKED LONG HOURS PREPARING PEPPY ROUTINES TO COINCIDE WITH THE MUSIC OF THE BRUIN BAND. WITH WHISHING POM-POMS, TWIRLS, AND SMILING FACES, THEY WERE ALWAYS READY TO GIVE EVERY LAST DROP OF ENERGY WHEN CALLED UPON DURING RALLIES OR GAMES. THIS YEAR THEY WERE (L TO R) VEEVA HAMBLEN, ARLINE ANDERSON, BARBARA ELLIS, JEAN WILLIAMS, BARBARA BART, AND SUE CHALLMAN. THE YELL LEADERS (BACK ROW, L TO R) LENNY MARTINES, BOB JOHANNESEN, DON WHITE, AND (FRONT ROW) TOM STOEVER, AND BILL NEWKIRK WERE NOTED FOR THEIR UNRELENTING SPIRIT. WITH THEIR BERMUDA SHORTS, WILD HATS, AND ENTHUSIASTIC LEADERSHIP, THE BRUIN ROOTING SECTION REMAINED UNSURPASSED. BOB JOHANNESEN AND HIS " FIREHOUSE FOUR " ORGANIZED THEMSELVES AND ULTIMATELY THE STUDENT BODY. THE RESULT WAS ALWAYS A ROUSING, EARTH-SHAKING OVATION FOR THE MIGHTY BRUIN VARSITIES WHETHER LENDING ASSURING SUPPORT OR SHOUTING PRAISE. For the third year in a row, the mighty Bruin Varsity had won the Pacific Coast Championship. Hopes and prayers were in the heart of every Bruin as once again UCLA faced Michigan State in the famed Rose Bowl on January 2, 1956. In spite of a tough season and many injuries, the team was in good condition and high The great Bruin Band, under the direction of Clarence Sawhill and Kelly James, had worked hard in preparing drills which could not be by any college band. Uclarama, thousands of students, alum ni, and other Bruin rooters gave heart-rendering to one of the best teams UCLA has ever had. It was a difficult game for the Bruins to lose, but UCLA had given Michigan State a fight they won ' t forget. AND STUDIES TOO AH, FINALS! COFFEE, CIGARETTES, ASPIRIN, ALKA-SELTZER, EMPERIM, BENZEDRINE, OLD EXAMS, SEMINARS, TEXTS, BORROWED NOTES, AND CRAM, CRAM, CRAM. SOMETIMES ONE GAVE UP IN DESPAIR ONLY TO REALIZE, AFTER AN HOUR OR SO OF SLEEP, THAT MAYBE IT WAS POSSIBLE TO PASS THAT COURSE. AT LEAST IT WAS WORTH A TRY, OR WAS IT? REGARDLESS OF THE CRIES OF WOE UTTERED BY MANY A DISCOURAGED BRUIN, UCLA STILL HAD A LARGE ENROLLMENT IN THE SPRING. THE SENIOR ASSEMBLY HONORING THE MIDYEAR GRADUATES OF THE CLASS OF 1956 WAS HELD ON JANUARY 25 IN THE ROYCE HALL AUDITORIUM. AS NO DIPLOMAS ARE PRESENTED AT THIS TIME, THE GRADUATING SENIORS WENT THROUGH THE GRADUATION CEREMONIES WEARING CAPS AND GOWNS AND THEN RECEIVED THEIR DIPLOMAS IN JUNE. THE EVENT WAS CO-SPONSORED BY THE SENIOR CLASS AND THE ALUMNI ASSOCIATION. PRESIDING WAS ROBERT BITTNER, THE SENIOR CLASS PRESIDENT. THE INVOCATION WAS GIVEN BY THE REVEREND LUTHER OLMON, AFTER WHICH DOUGLAS DONNELL GAVE THE SENIOR ADDRESS. ASUCLA PRESIDENT IRV DRASNIN, ALUMNI ASSOCIATION PRESIDENT CYRIL NIGG, AND NOVELIST PAUL I. WELLMAN ALSO SPOKE. SENIOR ASSEMBLY MEMBERS OF THE STUDENT LEGISLATIVE COUNCIL LISTENED THOUGHTFULLY TO WITHDRAWAL RESOLUTIONS PRESENTED BY PANHELLENIC AND INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL. AFTER DECIDING TO ACCEPT THE PROPOSALS, SLC THEN VOTED TO EXTEND ALL ASUCLA PRIVILEGES TO THE FRATERNITIES AND SORORITIES FOR THE REMAINDER OF THE PRESENT SEMESTER. GREEKS WITHDRAW During the spring semester, Panhellenic and IFC withdrew from ASUCLA. The sudden move which most of the student body was the result of a growing pressure being placed upon the Greeks by SLC. Among the reasons Panhellenic gave for the action was the fact that the national Panhellenic Council does not allow the sororities to give out their constitutions, and since this was called for in an SLC resolution, Panhellenic had to withdraw. IFC also stated that the chief reason for its move was that SLC had often conflicted with the Both councils said that the benefits in return for ASUCLA recognition had been of little meaning in spite of the support the sororities and fraternities had given to the Associated Students. Therefore, although the Greeks are still dedicated to the support of all ASUCLA activities they feel operating under UCLA jurisdiction is sufficient. A RALLY FOR WOODEN THE BRUINS GATHERED TO CHEER THE TEAM BEFORE IT LEFT FOR CORVALLIS TO MEET THE DONS. UCLA rooters had a basketball team to be proud of this year. The Bruins were eighth in the nation with an overall season record of twenty-two wins to six losses. The team also set twenty new which included a PCC record of sixteen wins and no losses. Center Willie Naulls established a new UCLA scoring record of 1225 points in three years which earned him a position on the All Coast and All American teams. Guard Morris Taft was also on the Coast team. With an outstanding season behind them, the Bruins were off to Corvallis to compete for the big Western Regional Championship. COACH WOODEN HELPED THE BRUINS TO ESTABLISH A NEW PCC RECORD WITH A PERFECT 16-0 SEASON. Greek Week was a week of excitement, fun, and service to the university and community. At the banquet which officially began the the Greek Week Queen Sue Hall was with her attendants Jean Mahoney and Dixie Gott. Officers met together at various houses to discuss problems facing the Athletic competition and the IFC dance also took place as did the various projects assigned to the Greek groups. THE WOMEN ' S KEG ROLLING CONTEST GAVE THE FEMININE HALF OF THE GREEK WEEK A CHANCE TO EXHIBIT THEIR ATHLETIC ABILITY. EGAD ILLIAD IT ' S GREEK WEEK ONCE AGAIN THE SIGMA PIS PUT THEIR NOGGENS TOGETHER AND CONSTRUCTED ANOTHER CHAMPIONSHIP CHARIOT TO WIN RACE. KAPPA COOPER SERVED AS GREEK WEEK CHAIRMAN AND COORDINATED THE BIG EVENTS WHICH OCCURRED THAT WEEK. SUE HALL WAS PRESENTED THE GREEK WEEK QUEEN ' S TROPHY AT THE BIG IFC DANCE HELD FRIDAY AT AMBASSADOR HOTEL. FIJI RON PENGILLY (BACK ROW, LEFT) WAS CHOSEN FROM FIVE FINALISTS TO BECOME FRATERNITY MAN OF THE YEAR. THE TAU DELTA PHIS WITH THEIR SPEEDY CHARIOT WERE AMONG THE HOPEFUL CONTESTANTS ENTERED IN THE ANNUAL GREEK WEEK ATHLETIC DAY COMPETITION. AMONG THE THOUSANDS WHO ATTENDED THE DUBLIN BALL AT THE AMBASSADOR HOTEL IN MARCH WERE LOWER DIVISION REP DAVE GORTON (CENTER) AND ACTRESS MONA FREEMAN DUBLIN BALL SINGER PEGGY LEE ENTERTAINED THE BRUINS WITH SEVERAL RENDITIONS OF SONGS SHE MADE FAMOUS. ACTRESS MONA FREEMAN CROWNED RAFER JOHNSON THE SMILING IRISHMAN AND HIS DATE CAMPUS COLLEEN PARTICIPATING IN THE CHARTER DAY CEREMONIES WERE (L TO R) THE UCLA ALUMNI PRESIDENT CYRIL NIGG, PRESIDENT SPROUL, GOVERNOR KNIGHT AND LEWIS STRAUSS. CHANCELLOR ALLEN PRESENTED TO LEWIS STRAUSS, ATOMIC CHIEF, AN HONORARY DOCTOR OF LAWS DEGREE. CHARTER DAY CHARTER DAY CEREMONIES HELD ON MARCH 26 COMMEMORATED PRESIDENT SPROUL ' S TWENTY-FIVE YEARS OF SERVICE AS UNIVERSITY PRESIDENT. THE FALL DRIVE FUNDS RAISED BY ASUCLA ARE GIVEN TO PROJECT INDIA, MUSCULAR DYSTROPHY, THE HEART FUND, AND OTHER SUCH CHARITIES OF THE COMMUNITY CHEST. LENDING SUPPORT TO THIS YEAR ' S DRIVE WERE THE MEMBERS OF THE FALL DRIVE COMMITTEE, (L TO R) JOANNE ROBINSON, CHARLES LINDSEY, CHAIRMAN BETSEY WARWICK, MARION TROYER, DOLLY SCHNEIDER, CAROL ASHENBACH FALL DRIVE SPRING DRIVE SPRING DRIVE IS SOLELY FOR THE PURPOSE OF RAISING FUNDS FOR UNI-CAMP. ORGANIZING THE CLASSROOM COLLECTIONS AND PROMOTING OTHER FUND RAISING CAMPAIGNS WERE (BACK ROW, L TO R) BOB ROHRBROUGH, MONTE MILLER, BOB BILLINGSLEY, AND (FRONT ROW, L TO R) JOHN ODABASHIAN, CLARANN JOHNSON, JUDY PICKARD, SHIRLEY SCHROEDER, HOWIE HARRISON, JACKY SCHELSBY. JOE E. BROWN ' S INIMITABLE BRAND OF HUMOR WAS AT A PEAK AT THE ANNUAL BROWN BAG RALLY HELD ON THE LAWN OF THE GIRLS ' GYM. IRRESISTIBLY FUNNY, HE ALSO TOUCHED THE BRUINS ' HEARTS BY WARMLY DESCRIBING THE WONDERFUL OPPORTUNITY UNI-CAMP AFFORDS THE UNDERPRIVILEGED CHILDREN, MANY OF WHOM HAVE NEVER BEEN OUT OF THE CITY. KICK IN FOR THE KIDS STUDENTS GATHERED IN THE GYM QUAD FOR A BROWN BAG RALLY TO BOOST UNI-CAMP. WITH THE FUNDS RAISED BY ASUCLA, UNDERPRIVILEGED CHILDREN ENJOY A WEEK OF VACATION IN THE MOUNTAINS. MARDI GRAS BOOTHS, A BOWERY SHOW, BALLOONS, BARKERS, A KING, A MOVIE STAR, FOOD, AND FRIVOLITY WERE ONCE AGAIN FEATURED AT THE MARDI GRAS. SPONSORED BY URA, THE EVENT DONATES ALL PROCEEDS TO UNI-CAMP FOR UNDERPRIVILEGED CHILDREN. BRINGING IN THE MOST MONEY FOR THE KIDS WERE THE THETA DELTA PI BOWERY SHOW, SWEEPSTAKES AND BEST DECORATED BOOTH, SIG PI-CHI OMEGA HOTDOG BOOTH, KAPPA DELTA TACO BOOTH. AND THE NISEI BRUIN RING TOSS. WELL-KNOWN HOLLYWOOD STAR SHEREE NORTH CROWNED DR. ERWIN KEITHLY " KING OF THE 1956 MARDI GRAS " IN A REGAL MIDNIGHT CEREMONY. PLANNING MARDI GRAS FUN FOR OVER 5000 BRUINS WERE (BACK ROW, L TO R) DICK WILBUR, DICK KITZOW, JOHN DRAPEAU, CHAIRMAN, WALT GABRIELSON, (FRONT ROW) TIMMY SHERMAN, PAT COLTRIN, BROOKE TOMPKINS, AND PAT DEAR. MARMADUKE, MOUSUA, AND CHEESEBISCUIT STARRED IN THE RAT RACE. RELEASED THEIR FRUSTRATIONS BY BEATING ON " OLE BETSY. " WILLING AND RELUCTANT BRUINS PATRONIZED THE TRADITIONAL MARRIAGE BOOTH. JAZZ ROLLS ROYCE THE JAZZ ROLLS ROYCE, SPONSORED BY THE CHAMPAGNE CLASS OF ' 57 WAS HELD IN THE ROYCE HALL AUDITORIUM. BEFORE THE CONCERT, A CAMPUS JAZZ BAND CONTEST WAS HELD AND THE DAN STEWART QUARTET WAS SELECTED TO BE ON THE MONDAY NIGHT PROGRAM. THE THREE PROFESSIONAL GROUPS WHICH ALSO ENTERTAINED THE STUDENTS WERE THOSE OF CHICO HAMILTON, BUD SHANK, AND BOBBY TROUP AND TRIO. TAPPING IS A BIG PART OF THE WOMEN ' S WEEK BANQUET. SOUTHERN BELLE WAS THE THEME CHOSEN BY WOMEN ' S WEEK COMMITTEE MEMBERS BETSY GRINNELL, NANCY GIMMY, CHAIRMAN DEE KIPPS, AND SHAY HATHCOCK FOR ACTIVITIES. SOUTHERN BELLES TROLLS HAVE A SOPHISTICATED WAY OF TAPPING NEW MEMBERS DURING WOMEN ' S WEEK. SPRING SING PI BETA PHIS AND SIGMA ALPHA EPSILONS BLENDED THEIR VOICES IN THE " BRAZILIAN HYMN " TO CAPTURE THE FIRST PLACE TROPHY IN MIXED DIVISION AND GRAND SWEEPSTAKES. SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON ' S QUARTET CAME DOWN WITH THOSE " ST. LOUIS BLUES, " BUT THEY SOON FORGOT THEIR WOES WHEN THEY WON FIRST PLACE IN MEN ' S QUARTET DIVISION. DELTA DELTA DELTA ' S QUARTET TOOK THE AUDIENCE DOWN SOUTH TO MEET " MR. AND MISSISSIPPI ' AND SWEPT AWAY WITH A FIRST PLACE TROPHY IN WOMEN ' S QUARTET DIVISION. MEMBERS OF THE 1956 SPRING SING EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE WERE (BACK ROW, L TO R) BOB HORNING, TOM CUNNINGHAM, MEL WISHAN, DICK EDDY, BRUCE MC MASTER, JAY OLINS, SAM THOMSEN, DICK BORUN, GORDON TREHARNE, (FRONT ROW) SANDY SPRAGUE, GERRY OWEN, MARION TROYER, MOLLY MCINTYRE, PAT FOX, ANN SWARTZ, PHYLLIS MCMEEN, JO RANDALL, JANIE FAHAY, BARBARA SEELY. KAPPA DELTAS AND KAPPA SIGMAS JOYFULLY LEARNED THAT " WHEN THE SAINTS COME MARCHING IN " THEY BRING ALONG THE COVETED FIRST PLACE TROPHY IN NOVELTY DIVISION. SIGMA ALPHA EPSILONS FLEW TRIUMPHANTLY TO THE STAGE TO CLAMMER AROUND ANOTHER TROPHY THAT THEY HAD TAKEN FOR THE SPIRITED " FLYING DUTCHMAN " IN MEN ' S DIVISION. DELTA DELTA DELTAS RECAPTURED THEIR CHILDHOOD DAYS BY HUMMING THROUGH PAGES OF THE " NURSERY RHYMES, " AND WON THE FIRST PLACE TROPHY IN WOMEN ' S DIVISION. PHI DELTA THETAS SET THE HOLLYWOOD BOWL A ROCKIN ' TO HAUNTING REFRAIN OF " WINNO MAMA " AND WENT " CRAZY " TO WIN THE FIRST PLACE TROPHY IN ODDBALL DIVISION. ALOHA BALL THE ALOHA BALL, THE FINAL AND BIGGEST SOCIAL EVENT FOR THE SENIORS, WAS HELD AT THE AMBASSDOR HOTEL ON JUNE 6. SID JONES, ELINOR STONES, AND DICK BORUN WORKED TOGETHER IN ORGANIZING THE AFFAIR. HIGHLIGHTING THE EVENING WAS THE PRESENTATION OF THE ALOHA BALL QUEEN. NOTABLES AMONG THOSE PRESENT WERE ED PECK. ELINOR STONES, SHARON O ' MALLEY, SID JONES, PHYLLIS MCMEEN, DICK BORUN, ENJOYING THEIR LAST BALL. " IT IS UNBELIEVABLE, " THE GOOD TIME THAT WAS HAD BY EVERYONE AT THE ALOHA BALL . . . ESPECIALLY DICK BORUN. COMMENCEMENT THIS WAS THE END OF THE YEAR. FOR SOME IT MARKED THE END OF FOUR YEARS OF HARD STUDYING, PREPARATION, AND PLANNING FOR THE FUTURE. NO LONGER COULD THESE GRADUATES RELY ON THE ADVICE OF AN PROFESSOR. LIFE WAS NOW GOING TO BE AN APPLICATION AND TEST OF THE KNOWLEDGE THEY HAD GAINED. JUST LIKE OTHER STUDENTS, THEY HAD TAKEN THEIR PLACES IN UCLA, HAD WATCHED THE CAMPUS GROW, PARTICIPATED IN HOMECOMING AND SPRING SING, AND CHEERED THE BRUIN VARSITIES ON TO VICTORY. NOW. COLLEGE DAYS WERE A MEMORY, BUT A NEW AND BIGGER CHALLENGE AWAITED EACH AND EVERY GRADUATE OF UCLA. UNIVERSITY PRESIDENT ROBERT GORDON SPROUL PRESENTED THE DIPLOMAS TO THE HUNDREDS OF GRADUATING SENIORS IN JUNE. THE GRADUATING STUDENTS WENT ON THE SENIOR PILGRIMAGE. IT WAS THEIR LAST TOUR AROUND THE CAMPUS BEFORE GRADUATION faculty COLLEGE OF APPILED ARTS SET AGAINST THE MAJESTIC SPLENDOR OF THE WESTWOOD HILLS THE UCLA ART BUILDING EXHIBITED MANY IMPORTANT COLLECTIONS OF ART. ALTHOUGH THE ART BUILDING IS A RECENT ADDITION TO THE UCLA CAMPUS THE INCREASED ENROLLMENT HAS NECESSITATED EXPANSION PLANS. THE DISTINGUISHED GENTLEMAN WITH SHARP, BLACK EYES AND A KEEN SENSE OF JUDGMENT IS LOVABLE DR. DAVID F. JACKEY. IN HIS JOB AS DEAN OF THE COLLEGE OF APPLIED ARTS, HE IS CONSTANTLY STRIVING TO MAKE IT A LITTLE BETTER THAN IT WAS BEFORE, USING ENTHUSIASM AND AMBITION AS HIS TOOLS. HE HAS SEEN THE CONSTRUCTION OF FOUR MODERN BUILDINGS AND HAS HOPES THAT THE FUTURE WILL BRING A FIFTH ONE TO THE EXPANDING UCLA CAMPUS. INDIVIDUAL CREATIVITY IS THE THEME AROUND WHICH UCLA ART STUDENTS ARE CONSTANTLY WORKING. THE ART FACULTY BOASTS OF MANY FAMED ARTISTS WHO BRING NEW IDEAS IN ART TO STUDENTS. SERVING HIS FIRST YEAR AS COMMANDER OF THE AIR FORCE ROTC, COLONEL VINCENT DONAHUE ALSO FOUND TIME TO SPONSOR THE ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY, PLUS THE RICHARD HURLEY SQUADRON. AS CHAIRMAN OF THE ART DEPARTMENT, DR. GIBSON A. DANES HAS INAUGURATED AN EXPANSION PROGRAM COVERING THE NEXT TEN YEARS OF UCLA DEVELOPMENT. HE ALSO PLANS NEW GRADUATE STUDIES. DR. SAMUEL J. WANOUS IS CONSIDERED A VERY PERSONABLE AND INSTRUMENTAL FIGURE IN HIS POSITION AS CHAIRMAN OF THE BUSINESS EDUCATION SCHOOL. THE OPEN ROAD CALLS TO HIM YEARLY. DR. WENDELL H. GRIFFITH, ALTHOUGH HE IS ONLY THE TEMPORARY CHAIRMAN OF THE HOME ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT, IS CONTINUING TO BUILD AND DEVELOP STUDENT INTEREST IN THE DEPARTMENT. DR. RAYMOND MOREMAN, THE CHAIRMAN OF MUSIC DEPARTMENT, IS A HUMBLE, SINCERE PERSON WHOSE SPARKLING EYES AND WARM SMILE ARE EQUALLED ONLY BY HIS NEW HOME IN THE MUSIC BUILDING. " . . . AND ABOVE ALL, A JOHN PAUL JONES ' DESCRIPTION OF A NAVY MAN IS EXEMPLIFIED IN UCLA ' S CHAIRMAN OF THE DEPARTMENT OF NAVAL SCIENCE, COLONEL ROBERT BALLANCE. AS COMMANDER CF UCLA ' S ARMY ROTC, COLONEL MAXWELL H. THOMPSON INTENDS TO IMPROVE THE ROTC PROGRAM BY WAY OF BETTER CONTACT BETWEEN THE MANY CADETS AND THEIR ARMY INSTRUCTORS. DR. BEN MILLER, CHAIRMAN OF THE DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICAL EDUCATION, CONSIDERS UCLA TOPS IN EVERY FIELD. HE IS KEPT BUSY REORGANIZING THE CAMPUS-WIDE ATHLETIC ACTIVITIES. MR. RALPH FREUD, CHAIRMAN OF THE DEPARTMENT OF THEATRE ARTS, IS THE MAN BEHIND THE SCENES OF THE GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT IN THE FIELDS OF DRAMA AND A STAR IN UCLA DRAMAS. COLLEGE OF LETTERS AND SCIENCE IT ' S A LONG JAUNT FOR MOST LETTERS AND SCIENCE STUDENTS RUNNING TO CLASSES IN THE CHEMISTRY-GEOLOGY BUILDING, THE IMPRESSIVE STRUCTURE IS THE CENTER OF THE GROUP OF NEW EDIFICES WHICH WILL SOON MAKE UP ANOTHER QUAD TO BE CALLED THE COURT OF SCIENCES. CONGENIAL DEAN OF THE COLLEGE OF LETTERS AND SCIENCE PAUL A. DODD SETS SMALLER CLASSES AND INCREASING FACILITIES AS HIS GOALS FOR ' 56. THE CROSSROADS OF HEALTH AND EDUCATION AT UCLA UNITE THE MED SCHOOL WITH THE COLLEGE OF LETTERS AND SCIENCE. L S VARIES IN ITS CURRICULUM FROM THE LITERARY WORLD TO THE REALM OF THE SCIENTIST. THE LIFE SCIENCE BUILDING IS USED FOR THE STUDY OF ZOOLOGY AND BACTERIOLOGY AND THE EXPANDING RESEARCH FIELD. DR. ROY M. DORCUS, DIVISIONAL DEAN OF LIFE SCIENCES, PLANS TO MAKE GOOD USE OF THE NEW WING TO BE ADDED TO FRANZ HALL AND THE NEW VIVARIUM. DR. J. A. C. GRANT, DIVISIONAL DEAN OF SOCIAL SCIENCES, TOOK TIME OUT FOR A SABBATICAL THIS YEAR. THE STUDY OF CONSTITUTIONAL ASPECTS OF OUR CIVIL LIBERTIES KEPT HIM BUSY. THE STUDENT WHO HAD DR. F. P. ROLFE FOR A CLASS KNOWS HOW INTERESTING AND VITAL HE IS, QUALITIES WHICH MAKE HIM A TOP ENGLISH PROFESSOR AND DIVISIONAL DEAN OF HUMANITIES. DR. W. G. YOUNG, DIVISIONAL DEAN OF PHYSICAL SCIENCES, HAS BEEN ELECTED TO STUDY THE AIR POLLUTION PROBLEM IN THE LITY OF LOS ANGELES. AMIABLE DR. J. W. ROBSON, ASSOCIATE DEAN OF LETTERS AND SCIENCE, FINDS TIME TO CONSIDER STUDENT PETITIONS AND TO TEACH PHILOSOPHY. DR. LEONARD BROOM, CHAIRMAN OF THE ANTHROPOLOGY-SOCIOLOGY DEPARTMENT, SPENDS MOST OF HIS TIME EDITING. HE AND PHILIP SCLZNICK HAVE RECENTLY WRITTEN A TEXT BOOK, " SOCIOLOGY. " DR. FRANCIS E. BLACET IS CHAIRMAN OF THE CHEMISTRY DEPARTMENT. HE IS SERVING ON THE ADVISORY COMMITTEE TO THE PRESIDENT, THIS YEAR HE DID RESEARCH ON AIR POLLUTION CONTROL. JAMES E. PHILLIPS, CHAIRMAN OF UCLA ' S ENGLISH DEPARTMENT, ENCOURAGES STUDENT INTEREST THROUGH THE SPONSORING OF AN HONORARY FOR ENGLISH MAJORS. DR. GEORGE MOWRY, CHAIRMAN OF THE HISTORY DEPARTMENT, IS ENJOYED BY MANY HISTORY 7A STUDENTS WHO CAN ' T HELP LAUGHING AT HIS MANY TALES. DR. M. R. HESTENES, CHAIRMAN OF THE MATH DEPARTMENT, ATTENDED THE 1954 INTERNATIONAL MATHEMATICS CONGRESS IN AMSTERDAM, HOLLAND. BEFORE HIS RETURN TO UCLA, HE TOURED EUROPE. DR. THOMAS P. JENKIN, CHAIRMAN OF THE DEPARTMENT OF POLITICAL SCIENCE, HAS BEEN AT UCLA SINCE 1942, WITH THE EXCEPTION OF A SOJOURN AS GUEST OF THE U .S. ARMY IN WORLD WAR II. AS CHAIRMAN OF THE PSYCHOLOGY DEPARTMENT AND NEW PRESIDENT OF THE CALIFORNIA PSYCHOLOGY ASSOCIATION, DR. H. GILHOUSEN IS A VALUABLE ASSET TO UCLA. DEAN OF THE COLLEGE OF AGRICULTURE ROBERT W. HODGSON WAS PROUD TO BE ELECTED TO REPRESENT THE USA IN THE INTER-AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF AGRICULTURAL SCIENCE. SCHOOL OF AGRICULTURE DR. WALTER EBELING HEADS UCLA ' S DEPARTMENT OF ENTOMOLOGY, WHICH CENTERS ITS STUDIES IN CONTROLLING INSECTS INJURIOUS TO SOCIETY. THE COLLEGE OF AGRICULTURE AT WESTWOOD IS ONE OF THE LARGEST CENTERS FOR GRADUATE STUDENTS OF HORTICULTURE IN THE UNITED STATES. IT HAS DEVELOPED FROM A TEACHING ORCHARD, ITS STATUS IN 1929, TO A COLLEGE OF RENOWN. THERE ARE TWO DIVISIONS IN THE COLLEGE OF AGRICULTURE. ONE DIVISION OFFERS AND THE OTHER IS THE AGRICULTURAL EXPERIMENT STATION THAT UNDERTAKES MOST OF THE LARGE RESEARCH PROJECTS. THE COLLEGE IS CONTINUING ITS DEVELOPMENT IN BOTH ITS GROWTH AND STATUS. ENGINEERING ASSISTANT DEAN WESLEY ORR WAS HONORED WITH THE FULLBRIGHT AWARD FOR STARTING A COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING FOR THE MOSLEMS IN PAKISTAN. DEAN LLEWELLYN M. K. BOELTER HAS BEEN DEAN OF COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING SINCE ITS FOUNDING IN 1944. HIS SUCCESS IN BUILDING A STRONG FACULTY AND A UNIQUE TRAINING PROGRAM HAS BEEN COMMENDED BY THE PROFESSION. ASSISTANT DEAN FOR UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS C. MARTIN DUKE IS CONCERNED WITH SCHOLASTIC PROBLEMS AND SCHOOL ACTIVITIES OF STUDENTS. THE COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING WAS STARTED IN 1945, WITH AN ENROLLMENT OF 379 STUDENTS, LOCATED IN A CORNER OF THE OLD CHEM BUILDING. IN TEN YEARS ENROLLMENT HAS REACHED 1,481 PUPILS, AND TWO UNITS OF THE HALF-COMPLETED HORSESHOE-SHAPED STRUCTURE HAVE BEEN FINISHED. 1958 SHOULD SEE THE COMPLETION OF UNIT 2, WHICH WILL BE THE FIRST CLASSROOM-OFFICE-LIBRARY BUILDING. STUDENTS ARE WORKING IN THE NUMEROUS LABORATORIES ON PROBLEMS RANGING FROM PULSE-JET ENGINES TO SOLAR HEATING. THE LABS ARE PART OF UCLA ' S UNIQUE " UNIFIED " ENGINEERING CURRICULUM, OBSERVED THROUGHOUT THE COUNTRY, IN WHICH EMPHASIS IS PLACED NOT ON THE SPECIFIC BRANCHES OF CIVIL AND INDUSTRIAL ENGINEE RING, BUT ON THE CONCEPT OF ENGINEERING AS A BIG BROAD FIELD. SCHOOL OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION LOOK WHAT MODERN MACHINES ARE DOING TO UCLA. IT ' S AN EXASPERATING, APPALLING CATASTROPHEI THE SCHOOL OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION IS A PROFESSIONAL SCHOOL FOUNDED IN 1950 TO CARRY ON THE TRADITIONS OF THE COLLEGE OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. THE SCHOOL PREPARES JUNIOR AND SENIOR STUDENTS FOR A CAREER IN BUSINESS MANAGEMENT, ECONOMIC ANALYSIS. OR FINANCE. UCLA HAS LONG BEEN KNOWN FOR ITS TALENTED EDUCATORS. DR. NEIL H. JACOBY IS NOT LIABLE TO EXCEPTION. ASIDE FROM HIS JOB AS DEAN OF THE SCHOOL OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, HE HAS BEEN ON LEAVE OF ABSENCE FROM THE SCHOOL TO SERVE AS A MEMBER OF THE COUNCIL OF THE ECONOMIC ADVISERS FOR PRESIDENT EISENHOWER. " SEND THIS OUT, " SAYS DR. GEORGE W. ROBBINS, THE ASSOCIATE DEAN OF THE SCHOOL OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, WHO IS DOING AN OUTSTANDING JOB ON HIS RESEARCH PROJECT ON MARKETING. SNOW WHITE HAIR AND COMPLACENT BLUE EYES DESCRIBE THE ASSISTANT DEAN OF STUDENT AFFAIRS WHO IS DR. CYRIL J. HE IS ALSO THE FACULTY REPRESENTATIVE ON BOARD OF CONTROL. SCHOOL OF EDUCATION STUDENTS MAJORING IN EDUCATION AT UCLA ENJOY A UNIQUE AND VARIED CURRICULA. COURSES LEADING TO A CREDENTIAL ARE OFFERED ON ELEMENTARY, SECONDARY AND UNIVERSITY LEVELS. IN ADDITION TO THESE COURSES, GRADUATE STUDIES ARE CONDUCTED IN EXPERIMENTAL AREAS OF EDUCATIONAL INCLUDING THOSE OF REMEDIAL METHODS IN READING , NEW COUNSELING PROCEDURES AND IMPROVED AUDIO-VISUAL TECHNIQUES. AT ACCREDITED TRAINING SCHOOLS IN THE AREA, STUDENT TEACHERS ARE ABLE TO PRACTICE WHILE THEY LEARN. A PICTURESQUE SETTING GREETS THE STUDENT DAILY AT THE FRONT ENTRANCE OF MOORE HALL, PROSPECTIVE TEACHERS AND PROFESSORS RUSH THROUGH THE DOORS OF THIS SCENIC BUILDING TO ATTEND CLASSES WHICH TEACH THEM THE FUNDAMENTALS OF THE TEACHING METHOD. UCLA EDUCATION MAJORS WILL MISS THE SOUND ADVICE OF DR. EDWIN LEE, DEAN OF THE SCHOOL OF EDUCATION. IN THE SPRING HIS RETIREMENT WILL GIVE HIM MORE TIME TO FISH IN THE SIERRAS. BETWEEN TRIPS TO EUROPE AND CANADA THE ASSISTANT DEAN OF THE SCHOOL OF EDUCATION, DR. CLARENCE FIELSTRA, LIKES TO ATTEND THE BRUIN SPORTING EVENTS AND TO WIN A GAME OF CHESS. MANY OPPORTUNITIES ARE OFFERED TO STUDENTS OF ELEMENTARY EDUCATION AT THE UNIVERSITY ELEMENTARY SCHOOL IN-TRAINING PROGRAM. HERE, IN ACTUAL CLASSROOM SITUATIONS, FUTURE TEACHERS OBSERVE AND CONDUCT CLASSES WITH EXPERIENCED UES ELEMENTARY TEACHERS. SCHOOL OF LAW THE LAW SCHOOL BUILDING IS ONE OF THE MOST MODERN IN THE COUNTRY. IT BOASTS A LIBRARY OF SOME EIGHTY THOUSAND VOLUMES IN AN ATMOSPHERE CONDUCIVE TO STUDY. EXPERIENCE IN COURT IS MADE POSSIBLE THROUGH PARTICIPATION IN THE " MOOT COURT TRIALS. " DEAN L. DALE COFFMAN OF THE LAW SCHOOL IS A MEMBER OF PHI BETA KAPPA AND PHI DELTA PHI AS WELL AS THE ORDER OF GOLF. THROUGH HIS CAREFUL PLANNING, LAW DAY WAS A BIG SUCCESS. EACH YEAR, SENIOR LAW STUDENTS ARE AFFORDED THE OPPORTUNITY TO APPLY THEIR KNOWLEDGE OF COURTROOM TECHNIQUE BY A MOCK TRIAL HELD IN SCHOOLROOM COURTS UNDER THE SUPERVISION OF DISTINGUISHED FEDERAL BENCH JURISTS. THESE TRIALS GIVE PRACTICAL EXPERIENCE TO STUDENTS. ASSISTANT DEAN HAROLD E. VERRALL ACTS IN TWO VERY IMPORTANT AREAS OF UCLA ' S LAW SCHOOL. HE CHAIRS THE ADMISSIONS COMMITTEE AND ALSO ACTS ON THE FACULTY APPOINTMENTS COMMITTEE. SCHOOL OF MEDICINE DEAN STAFFORD L. WARREN IS OCCUPIED BY HIS SUPERVISION OF PRESENT WORK ON UCLA ' S MEDICAL CENTER AND WITH PLANS FOR FUTURE ADDITIONS TO IT. DR. JOSEPH F. ROSS, ASSOCIATE DEAN, WHO PLANS TO CONTINUE HIS STUDY OF TISSUE ENZYMES, WAS A DELEGATE TO THE GENEVA ATOMS FOR PEACE PARLEY. DR. THOMAS H. STERNBERG, HEAD OF POST-GRADUATE MEDICAL EDUCATION, IS PLANNING A SERIES OF SYMPOSIA ON VARIOUS SUBJECTS FOR PHYSICIANS. STUDENTS, PATIENTS, TECHNOLOGISTS, NURSES, DOCTORS, AND ELIZABETH TAYLOR PASSED THROUGH THE BEWILDERING MAZE OF CORRIDORS FOUND IN THE MAGNIFICENT EDIFICE. " THIS IS A BRAND NEW SCHOOL WHICH HAS THE WIDE WORLD IN FRONT OF IT TO CONQUER, " STATES DR. JOSEPH ROSS, ASSOCIATE DEAN OF THE UCLA MEDICAL SCHOOL. WITH THE OPENING OF THE NEW 320-BED UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL, THE SPRAWLING METROPOLIS KNOWN AS THE MED CENTER BURST FORTH INTO FULL LIFE. NOW COVERING SEVEN ACRES, THE MED SCHOOL CONTINUES TO GROW AND DEVELOP WITH UCLA. NURSING LULU W. HASSENPLUG, DEAN OF THE SCHOOL OF NURSING, WAS CITED RECENTLY FOR HER OUTSTANDING CONTRIBUTIONS TO THE FIELD OF NURSING. SHE PLANS TO COORDINATE SOME OF THE WORK OF HER DEPARTMENT WITH THE MEDICAL CENTER AND IS STUDYING WAYS TO IMPROVE THE GRADUATE NURSING PROGRAM BY RE-EVALUATING REQUIREMENTS FOR THE MASTER ' S DEGREE. PUBLIC HEALTH ASSOCIATE DEAN DR. WILTON L. HALVERSON, INTERESTED IN WORLD HEALTH, WAS A MEMBER OF THE FIRST UNITED STATES DELEGATION TO THE UN WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION. HE RECENTLY HEADED A TEAM THAT MADE AN INDEPENDENT SURVEY OF THE HEALTH PROBLEM IN SOUTH AMERICA FOR THE UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH, EDUCATION, AND WELFARE. SOCIAL WELFARE IN HIS POSITION AS DEAN OF THE SCHOOL OF SOCIAL WELFARE AT UCLA, DEAN DONALD S. HOWARD SUCCESSFULLY MANAGES TO KEEP HIS FINGERS IN SEVERAL PIES. ASIDE FROM BEING AN EXPERIENCED TRAVELER, DEAN HOWARD TAKES GREAT PLEASURE IN COLLECTING STAMPS DEALING WITH SOCIAL WELFARE. THE SOCIAL WELFARE MAJORS CONSULT HIM OFTEN ON THEIR WORK. ASSOCIATE DEAN GUSTAV ARLT OF THE GRADUATE DIVISION IS NOTED FOR HIS MANY TRANSLATIONS FROM GERMAN. THE BEST KNOWN IS " JACOBOWSKY AND THE COLONEL, " PUBLISHED IN THE YEAR 1944. DR. ARLT ENJOYS PLAYING GOLF WHEN HE FINDS TIME, BUT BEING CHAIRMAN OF THE FINE ARTS PRODUCTIONS AND THE " LOS ANGELES CELEBRATIONS " KEEPS HIM OCCUPIED. GRADUATE DIVISION ASSISTANT DEAN OF THE GRADUATE DIVISION LEO DELSASSO WAS A MEMBER OF THE FIRST CLASS TO GRADUATE AFTER THE NORMAL SCHOOL BECAME THE SOUTHERN BRANCH IN 1919. HIS PLANS FOR A REUNION OF THE CLASS ARE WELL UNDER WAY. AN INTEREST IN ACOUSTICAL RESEARCH OFTEN GIVES WAY TO HIS LOVE FOR HIKING, WHICH FULFILLS AN OLD ATHLETIC DESIRE. DR. VERN KNUDSEN HAS THE HONOR OF BEING UCLA ' S SENIOR DEAN AFTER TWENTY-FOUR YEARS OF SERVICE. AN AUTHORITY ON THE ACOUSTICS, HE HAS INVENTED A BRAND NEW TYPE OF EAR DEFENDER PLUS A NUMBER OF OTHER INSTRUMENTS TO CORRECT FAULTY HEARING. THROUGH RESEARCH WORK HE HAS WON A GREAT DEAL OF DISTINCTION FOR HIMSELF AT UCLA. FACULTY AWARDS The Southern Campus Faculty Award program, which was by the staff of the 1950 yearbook, has as its objective the paying of special to five outstanding of the UCLA faculty. The awards are presented to these people on the basis of their service to the university, to the community, to the teaching profession, and to the nation, in addition to contributions through personal research. A recipient of the faculty award must, besides qualifying on the basis of his work, have distinguished himself in presentation of classroom The professors are nominated by the chairmen and the deans of the respective departments and schools. Then these nominees are carefully considered, and the recipients chosen by a competent which has been selected each year by Chancellor B. Allen. The committee consists of five personalities of UCLA ' s administrative staff and two student from Southern Campus. MAJL EWING HAS BEEN A POPULAR AND SUCCESSFUL TEACHER OF MODERN ON THIS CAMPUS FOR YEARS, BEING CHAIRMAN OF THE ENGLISH DEPARTMENT FROM 1950-55. HE HAS PUBLISHED NUMEROUS ARTICLES ON EIGHTEENTH CENTURY AND LITERATURE, COLLABORATING ON SEVERAL ENGLISH TEXTBOOKS. HE HAS EDITED FOR PUBLICATION A RARE AND IMPORTANT LETTER OF D. H. LAWRENCE. HE IS PRESIDENT OF THE LA CHAMBER SY MPHONY AND IS ALSO VICE-PRESIDENT OF THE PHI BETA KAPPA ALUMNI OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA. NEIL H. JACOBY, DEAN OF THE SCHOOL OF BUSINESS HAS BROUGHT DISTINCTION TO THE UNIVERSITY BY HIS SERVICE AS A MEMBER OF PRESIDENT EISENHOWER ' S COUNCIL OF ECONOMIC ADVISORS AND AS ADVISOR TO THE SPECIAL ECONOMIC MISSION OF THE UNITED STATES IN INDIA. HE IS THE FIRST AMERICAN TO LECTURE AT THE SCHOOL OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION IN HIS LATEST BOOK WILL BE OFF THE PRESS BEFORE THE END OF THIS SEMESTER AND IS ENTITLED " CAN WE STABILIZE THE AMERICAN ECONOMY. " HORACE W. MAGOUN OF THE DEPARTMENT OF ANATOMY, AND CHAIRMAN FOR FIVE YEARS, IS AN OUTSTANDING HE HAS BEEN HONORED BY AND CONTRIBUTED VALUABLE SERVICE TO THE US PUBLIC HEALTH STUDY SECTION ON PHYSIOLOGY, THE NATIONAL MENTAL HEALTH COUNCIL, AND THE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE OF THE AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF ANATOMISTS. IN 1953 HE RECEIVED THE MAX WEINSTEIN AWARD FOR WORK IN CEREBRAL PALSY AND IN 1955 WAS ELECTED A MEMBER OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES. HE IS IN CONSTANT DEMAND AS A LECTURER. KARL WITH, WHO HAS BEEN A MEM BER OF THE UCLA ART STAFF SINCE 1948, HIS PH.D. FROM THE UNIVERSITY OF VIENNA, SUMMA CUM LAUDE. HE HAS DIRECTED MUSEUMS IN GERMANY, AND HOLLAND AND HAS CLASSES AT SUCH PLACES AS THE UNIVERSITY OF COLOGNE. IN ALL, HE HAS DIRECTED OVER ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY MUSEUMS IN EUROPE. DR. WITH RECEIVED THE ROCKEFELLER FOUNDATION GRANT AND HAS WRITTEN OVER TWENTY BOOKS IN ADDITION TO CONTRIBUTING TO THIRTY-FIVE PERIODICALS. HE HAS ALSO DONE GUIDEBOOKS AND PAMPHLETS. J. BLAINE RAMSEY, OVER THIRTY YEARS A TEACHER ON THIS CAMPUS, RECEIVED HIS PH.D. AT BERKELEY AND BACHELORS DEGREE AT THE UNIVERSITY OF KANSAS. IN 1945 HE PRESENTED A PAPER AT THE THIRTEENTH INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS OF PURE AND APPLIED CHEMISTRY, HELD AT STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN. ENTHUSIASTIC MEMBER OF THE SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA SECTION OF THE AMERICAN CHEMISTRY SOCIETY, PROFESSOR RAMSEY HAS HELD SUCH OFFICES AS CHAIRMAN, MEMBER OF THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS, AND OF THE PROGRAM COMMITTEE, WHILE OFTEN APPEARING HIMSELF AS SPEAKER. CHANCELLOR ALLEN ' S STUDENT-FACULTY COMMITTEE CONTINUED TO STUDY THE VARIOUS PROBLEMS THAT CONFRONT THE UNIVERSITY IN GENERAL. MEMBERS WERE FREE TO INVESTIGATE SUCH THINGS AS THE ORGANIZATIONS AND ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICES AND OFFER SUGGESTIONS FOR IMPROVEMENT WHEN IT WAS THOUGHT NECESSARY. THIS YEAR, THE MEMBERS OF THE COMMITTEE INCLUDED (L. TO R.) PROFESSOR DAVID RYANS, MRS. CLARA ROBERTS, PIERRE MORNELL, CLEMENT MEIGHAN, RICHARD HILL, GUY BENSUSAN, DONALD CRAM, PROFESSOR D. VANDRAEGEN, MARILYN LEWIS, DAVE PIERSON. STUDENT-FACULTY COMMITTEE COMMITTEE ON FINE ARTS THE PRODUCTION OF DANCE, ART, MUSIC. CONCERT, AND THEATER EVENTS ARE THE PRIME INTEREST OF THE COMMITTEE ON FINE ARTS. THE COMMITTEE WORKED WITH THE PRODUCTION OF " ONE WAY TICKET TO HELL, " WHICH WON THE SCREEN PRODUCER ' S GUILD AWARD, AND THE LOOK MAGAZINE CINEMA AWARD. (BACK ROW, L. TO R.) RALPH FREUD, DEAN DAVID JACKEY, DR. WILLIAM MELNITZ, JACK MORRISON, DEAN GEORGE ROBBINS, GEORGE JAMISON, ROBERT ROGERS, (FRONT ROW, L. TO R.) DR. ALMA M. HAWKINS, DEAN GUSTAVE O. ARLT, CHAIRMAN OF THE COMMITTEE ON FINE ARTS; AND MISS PATRICIA KRAEMER. PHI BETA KAPPA SELMA JOYCE BROTSKY AUDREY CAROL BROWN MAYDA ANNETTE CRUSE LILLIAN R. CUTLER DONALD FEINBERG JEANNE LOUISE GOLLARD SUZANNE LEONARDSON MARJORY KRON LEWI GEORGE MATHOS DEANE OBERSTE-LEHN CAROL MARTIN RICE VIRGINIA LEE ROSENTHAL EPHRIAM GERALD SANDO CAROLE ELLEN SCHINDLER EVELYN HILL SCHWARTZ GINNIE ESTHER SUTTON seniors SOUTHERN CAMPUS HONOR AWARDS DICK BORUN: PI DELTA SPRING SING, JR. PROM CHAIRMAN, YEOMAN, SO CAM FRATERNITY EDITOR, PI LAMDA PHI PRESIDENT JOYCE CLASEN: VICE OF ASUCLA, CALIFORNIA CLUB. MORTAR BOARD, SLC, SPEECH, ENGLISH MAJOR, PI BETA PHI SOCIAL SORORITY. CHARLIE DECKER: EXECUTIVE SECRETARY IFC, PROJECT SLC APPOINTED UNI-CAMP SIGMA NU FRATERNITY. IRV DRASNIN: PRES. ASUCLA CALIFORNIA CLUB, PROJE CT INDIA, DAILY BRUIN EDITOR, YEOMAN, MENS ' REP, PHI ALPHA, TAU EPSILON PHI. SUE EGGLESTON OCB PRESIDENTS CABINET, ON STUDENT JUDICIAL BOARD, CHIMES, MORTAR BOARD PRES, ASSISTANT TO ASUCLA PREXY. JIM LUTER: ORIENTATION, WELFARE BOARD, ALPHA PHI OMEGA, HOMECOMING COMMITTEE, FINANCE COMM., RALLY COMMITTEE. PIERRE MORNELL: FALL DRIVE CHAIRMAN ' 54, CAL CLUB, PHI BETA KAPPA, PROJECT INDIA ' 54, UNI CAMP COUNSELLOR, PHI ETA SIGMA FRATERNITY. LOUIS " SKIP " NEVELL: ' 55 ' 56 RALLY COMMITTEE ENGLISH MAJOR, RALLY COMMITTEE 4 SEMESTERS, GOLD KEY, KELPS, CARD STUNTS. ED PECK: ALL U REP, GREEK WEEK CHAIRMAN, PROJECT INDIA, GOLD KEY, YEOMAN, REP, HONORARY SPUR, PRESIDENT ALPHA TAU OMEGA. RON PENGILLY: PROJECT 1955, CAL CLUB, GROUP REP, GOLD KEY, CAMPUS UNITY WEEK A PHI GAMMA DELTA. Honor Editions of the Southern Campus are awarded annually by the Associated Students of the of California at Los Angeles to those men and women who have best distinguished themselves as truly outstanding Californians in scholarship, loyalty, and service to their Alma Mater. This year twenty deserving members of the 1956 class have been added to this honor roll. CLARANN JOHNSON: CLUB, BOARD OF CONTROL, JR. PROM CHAIRMAN, SPRING DRIVE CHAIRMAN 1956, BOARD, AN ALPHA PHI. BILL KETTERINGHAM: RALLY COMMITTEE, NATIONAL STUDENTS REP ON SLC, GREEK WEEK, GOLD KEY. ALPHA PHI OMEGA, DELTA SIGMA PHI. SUZANNE LEONARDSON: CHIMES. AWS TREASURER, STUDENT BOARD, L S STUDENT FACULTY BOARD, COED CHAIRMAN, DELTA GAMMA. JERRY LEWIS: JUNIOR CLASS PRESIDENT, CHAIRMAN STUDENT BOARD, STUDENT GOVERNMENT, MEMBER OF THE PROJECT TEAM. THETA DELTA CHI. DAVE LUND: PREXY FROSH CLASS ' 49, PROJ. INDIA, CAL CLUB, URC BD., JR.. SR. COUN., KELPS, GOLD KEY, YEOMAN, DELTA SIG. GAIL RISING: AWS PRESIDENT, AWS VICE PRESIDENT, MARDI GRAS CHAIRMAN ' 54, CHIMES, CABINET. MORTAR KAPPA ALPHA THETA. VIVIAN ROBINSON: WOMEN ' S REP ON SLC, FALL DRIVE ' 53 ' 54, ' 55, CALIFORNIA CLUB, PROJECT INDIA ' 53, ENGLISH MAJOR, ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA. MARTY SKLAR: EDITOR DAILY BRUIN 1955, CITY EDITOR, SPORTS EDITOR, YEOMAN, A ZBT, APPOINTED REP ON SLC, CAL CLUB, AND IN GOLD KEY. BOB STEIN: PRESIDENT AMS, PROJECT INDIA 1955, L S STUDENT FACULTY COMMITTEE, CAL CLUB, GOLD KEY, AND A PHI SIGMA DELTA. BETSEY WARWICK: FALL DRIVE CH., CEREBRAL DRIVE, ORIENTATION, MORTAR BOARD, CHIMES, GOVERNORS CONFERENCE. AHMED BABIKER M.A.; Sub. Khartoum, AZ; YMCA. NASIR HASSON B.S.; Sub. Los Angeles, Calif.; Transfer: State; Scholarship Student. MOHAMED ISMAIL M.A.; Sub. Omdurman, Transfer; Univ.; Ag Club. NATHAN HOCHBERG; M.A.; Horticulture; Israel; Transfer: UCD. JOSEPH SHUKUR; B.A.; Agric.; Los Angeles, Calif. SALMAN AL-ANSARI; B.A.; Agriculture; Shar Basrah, Iraq; Agric. Club; 1 House. AHMED ABDELKARIM BEDRI; M.A.; Omdurman, Transfer: AZ; 1 House; Cosmos; Ag. Club. RICHARD ELIAS; B.A.; Art; Stockton, Calif.; Rally Comm; Newman Club; So. Campus; Art Club, JOSEPH PRUGININ; B.S.; Floriculture; Israel; Transfer: LACC; Ag. Club. JOSEPH ZAPHRIR; B.S.; Sub. Horticulture; Israel; Transfer: Hebrew AZ. 56 agriculture BERNICE RUTH B.S.; Home Norwalk, Conn.; Home Ec. Club; Committee. ROBERTA JOYCE ALLEN; B.A.; Theatre Arts; Whittier, Calif.; Fullerton JC; ZΦH; URA. EDWARD RADFORD BAKER; B.A.; Art Long Beach, Calif.; Transfer: Beach State College. JOAQUIN BASCOU; B.A.; Ad. Art; Oaks, Calif; AΔΠ; Shell Oar; Art Club; Class Councils 1, 2, 4. SANYA EBSEN ALBERT; B.A.; Theatre Arts; Fla.; Transfer: Elon College. JANICE MAUREEN B.S.; Home Ec.; Los Angeles, Calif.; Wings; Omicron Nu; Home Ec. Club; YWCA; AWS. PHYLLIS ELLA B.A.; Costume Design; Sherman Oaks, Calif.; Transfer: JC. MELVIN BAYER; B.S.; Bus. Ad.; Los Angeles, Calif. DOLORES JEAN ALEXANDER; B.S.; Phys. Ed.; Amsterdam, New York; Class Councils 1, 2, 3, 4; SAHPERS. SUE SCHLOSSMAN ARROWSMITH; B.A.; Phys. Ed.; Los Angeles, Calif. PAT BALLIN; B.A.; Phys. Ed.; Reedley, Calif. HENRY WARNER JR.; B.A.; Phys. Ed.; San Diego, Calif.; Varsity Club; Yeoman; Football 1, 2, 3, 4, MARY GERALDINE B.A.; Bus. Ed.; New York City, N. Y.; AΧΩ; Rally Comm. l; Spring Sing 2; Uni Camp 2; Bus. Ed JANET NADINE B.S.; Phys. Ed.; Los Angeles, Calif.; Transfer: LACC; KΔ; AAHPER; Senior Class Council. DOROTHY JOYCE BANE; B.S.; Bus. Ed.; Calif.; Transfer: John Muir JC; Sr. Class Council. CHARLES ALBERT JR.; B.A.; Arts; Los Angeles, Calif.; Transfer: San Diego State; Bruin Village Assoc. 56 applied arts LUCILE KATHRYN BLACK; B.S.; Bus. Ed.; Los Angeles, Calif.; Bus. Ed. Club; Newman Club; AWS; Orientation. DERON DONALD B.A.; Ad. Art; Los Angeles, Calif.; Transfer: LACC; Art Club. JACK CARRIS BOYER; B.S.; Phys. Ed.; Los Angeles, Calif.; Transfer: LACC; SAHPERS; Football 1. RICHARD TOD BURNS; B.S.; Phys. Ed.; San Gabriel, Calif.; Orange Coast SAHPERS; CRS, ELINOR JANE B.S.; Phys. Ed. Delni, Calif.; LEE CASELDINE; B.S.; Phys. Ed.; Los Calif.; YWCA; Club. ANA CORNEJO; B.A.; Music; Canoga Park, Calif.; Transfer; Valley Jr. College; Council for Mexican-American Ed. SHIRLEY MAY B.S.; Home Ec.; Pasadena, Calif.; Transfer: Pasadena City College; Home Ec. Club; Josie Reps. NADA LINDSAY B.A.; Music Ed.; Canoga Park, Calif.; Transfer: Valley Jr. College; ΣAl; A Choir 3. DAGMAR DEGUARD; B.A.; Art Ed.; No. Hollywood, Calif. PATRICIA ANNE BLAKE; B.A.; Apparel Merch.; San Francisco, Calif.; Transfer: Univ. of Cal.; Senior Class Council. CHARLES HENRY B.S.; Phys. Ed.; Los Angeles, Calif.; Transfer: LACC; Recreation Club. JANE BICKFORD BROWN; B.S.; Home Ec.; Anaheim, Calif.; YWCA; Omicron Nu; Dorm Council; Women ' s Rep Board; N.A.A.C.P. KENNETH WAYNE BUSHNELL; B.A.; Art Ed.; Glendale, Calif.; Transfer: Glendale ΔTΔ; Art Club, LEE CARNAHAN; B.A.; Acct.; Los Angeles, Calif. JOSEPH ARTHUR CLINE; B.S.; Phys. Ed.; Ill.; Transfer: LACC; SAHPER. DONALD WINSTONE CORNELL; B.A.; Design; Encino, Calif.; ΘΔX; OCB; Pres. Cab.; Cadet AFROTC; 2, 3. DONALD WARREN CRUM; B.A.; Music; Long Beach, Calif.; Transfer: Long Beach City College; Acacia; Music 3. LOUISA JANE DAVID; B.S.; Bus. Ed.; Calif.; Transfer: Glendale College; Bus. Ed. Asso c.; Mac Club; Model Josie 2. BRENT LOVELL B.A.; Theatre Arts; Fullerton, Calif.; Transfer: Fullerton Jr. College; So. Cam.; Track 3; Radio Club. JEAN ELIZABETH BLYTH; B.S.; Phys. Ed.; Long Beach, Calif.; KΔ; Shell Oar; Rally Comm.; SAHPERS; Council; AWS. JOANNE ELINOR B.S.; Phys. Ed.; San Diego, Calif.; SSPR; URA; Ski Club; Dorm Rep.; Class 1, 2, 3, 4. SALLIE ANN BROWN; B.S.; Recreation; Los Angeles, Calif.; AΞΔ; URA Bowling and Clubs; SSPR. PEGGY CABALLERO; B.A.; Home Economics; Los Angeles, Calif. ROBERT GOWEN CARNE; B.S.; Phys. Ed.; Redondo Beach, Calif.; ΣAE; SAHPER; Varsity Club; Track; Cross Country; ΦEK. HAROLD CHARLES B.A.; Art; Los Angeles, Calif.; Transfer: LACC; Southern Campus 4. JAMES ALLIN CROSS; B.A.; A r t; Arcadia, Calif.; Kelps; Frosh Tennis; Football Mgr. 1; So. Cam Staff 4. BARBARA A. K. B.S.; Home Ec.; Santa Monica, Calif.; Transfer: UCSB. DONALD ALAN DAVIS; B.A.; Theatre Arts; Los Angeles, Calif.; Grant Tech JC; ΔKA. MARTHA SUE B.S.; Bus. Ed.; Niland, Calif.; Bus. Ed. Assoc.; Calif. Bus. Teachers Assoc. SAM S. BOGHOSIAN; B.S.; Phys. Ed.; Fresno Calif.; ΔΣΦ; Kelps; Varsity Club; Yeomen; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Asst. Frosh Coach. JOY MIRIAM B.S.; Bus. Ed.; Bev. Hills, Calif.; ΣΔT. SANDRA IRENE B.A.; Applied Design; Los Angeles, Cal if.; Comm.; URA. LORRAINE MARIE CAMPBELL; B.S.; Phys. Ed.; Los Angeles, Calif.; Transfer: LACC; JEAN LIVINGSTON CARROLL; B.S.; Home Ec.; Los Angeles, Calif.; XΩ; AWS; OCB; Anchors; Greek Week Exec. Sec. LOIS ANNE CONWAY; B.S.; Phys. Therapy; Santa Monica, Calif.; AWS; Club; Class Councils 1, 2, 3. ANNE CROWELL; B.A.; Theatre Arts; Glendale, Calif.; AOΠ; Student Prod. Board; Wings; Zeta Phi Eta; Board. HARDIMAN CURETON; B.S.; Phys. Ed.; Los Angeles, Calif.; Valley JC; AΦA; Kelps; Football; Club. ELISE DAVIS; B.A.; Apparel Merch.; New Iberia; Transfer: Louisiana State; AEΦ; Council; Home Ec. Club. HARRY DRESSER; B.S.; Phys. Ed.; Bell, Calif. applied arts 56 56 applied arts MARLENE JOSEPHINE EDWARDS; B.S.; Phys. Ed. Los Angeles, Calif.; AKA; URA Swim Club; Newman Club; Swim DONALD MERVIN B.S.; Phys. Ed.; Los Angeles, Calif.; Transfer: LACC; TEΦ; Varsity Club; Gymnastics 3. JAMES ADOLFO B.A.; Art; CamariIIo, Calif.; So. Cam. 4; Goal Post 4. JO ANNE FREED; B.S.; Bus. Ed.; San Diego, Calif.; Transfer: San Diego State; Sr. Council; Shell Oar. BARBARA ANNE B.S.; Home Ec.; Arcadia, Calif.; Omicron Nu; Panel of Americans; Home Ec. Club; Wesley LYNDA LEE B.A.; Music Ed.; Los Angeles, Calif.; ΠΘ; Sigma Iota; Folk Dance Club. BONNIE JOYCE HAACK; B.S.; Phys. Therapy; Los Angeles, Calif.; Transfer: SMCC; SAHPER; Rehabilitation Club. SALLIE LOU HAMIEL; B.S.; Bus. Ed.; Los Calif.; ΔΔΔ; Daily Bruin. MARGARET COLLEEN HANCHER; B.S.; Design; San Calif.; (ΔE, Art Club); Mac Club; Dorm Council. HARRY JOSEPH B.A.; Theatre Arts; Studio City, Calif.; AEΠ; Campus Theater. CORALIE JOYCE B.S.; Home Ec. Ed.; Riverside, Calif.; XΩ; Trolls; Spurs; Greek Week; Homecoming. RONALD MICHAEL FENTON; B.A.; Theatre Arts; Los Angeles, Calif. Transfer: Univ. of Colo.; MARLENE FOLTZ; B.S.; Bus. Ed.; Hollywood, Calif.; AΛΔ; Spurs; Chimes; Council. PATRICIA MARGARET FRYE; B.A.; Art Ed.; La Canada, Calif.; Transfer: Valley Jr. College; Dorm Council; AWS; Class Councils 3, 4. RONALD GARY B.A.; Art; Beverly Hills, Calif. JOAN ELIZABETH B.A.; Apparel Merchandising; Vista, Calif.; Transfer: Shasta College; KARLA HELENE HALE; B.S.; Phys. Ed.; Long Beach, Calif.; Transfer: Long Beach City ΦM; SAHPER; URA. JOSEPH HAMILTON; B.A.; Marketing; Los Angeles, Calif.; Woodbury College. JACQUELINE CAGNEY MILLER HANEY; B.A.; Theatre Arts-Eng.; Los Angeles, Calif.; Woodbury College; Kap Bells; MARGARITA HERRERA; B.S.; Phys. Ed.; Los Angeles, Calif.; LACC; CMAE; SAHPERS; AAHPERS; Swim Club. SHIRLEY ANN B.A.; Art; Los Angeles, Calif.; AMΓ; Chimes; AWS; Class Councils 1, 2, 3, 4. SHERRY LEE FERRIN; B.S.; Music Ed.; Calif.; Jr. Class Council; Spurs; Sigma Alpha Iota; Homecoming Shows. MING GAI FONG; B.A.; Ad. Art; Los Calif.; EΠΔ; Sr. Class Council. RUTH KEIKO FUJITA; B.S.; Bus. Ed.; Calif.; Transfer: John Muir College; XAΔ; Nisei Club; Bus. Ed. Assoc. NANCY MARIA B.A.; Theatre Arts; Mishawaka, Transfer: Univ.; ZΦH. PETER BARBARD GRUENBERG; B.A.; Theatre Arts; Hollywood, Calif.; Transfer: LACC; ΔKA. LURA DORIS HALL; B.S.; Home Ec. Ed.; Hollywood, MARTIN JACK HAMOS; B.A.; Art Advertising; Los Angeles, Calif.; Bruin; Scop. WILLIAM THOMAS HANSON JR., B.A.; Theatre Arts; Gadsden, Ala.; Transfer: Univ. of Alabama. JEAN ROBERTA B.A.; Art. Ed.; San Marino, Calif.; KΔ; OCB; Class 1, 2, 3, 4. RUTH ESTLER; B.A.; Theatre Arts; La Calif.; Transfer: Glendale JC. NATALIE FISCHER; B.S.; Phys. Ed.; Los Angeles, Calif. JANET LEE FREDERICK; B.A.; Bus. Ed.; Calif.; ΣK; Bus. Ed. Club; So. Cam.; AWS SociaI; Class Councils 1, 2, 3, 4. MARRLYN DE BONIS GARRETT; B.A.; Design; Berkeley, Calif.; Transfer: of Calif.; PATRICIA DIANE GREANEY; B.S.; Home Ec. Ed.; Barstow, Calif.; Transfer: Mount St. Mary ' s College; Home Ec. Club; Class Councils 2, 3. MARTHA MERRILL GRUVER; B.A.; Art; Northridge, ZTA; Orientation; URA. SUZANNE HALL; B.S.; Theatre Arts-Eng.; Los Angeles, Calif.; SMCC; KKΓ; ZΦH; Campus Theatre 3; Class Councils 3. SANDRA BERNICE HANAUER; B.S.; Merchandising; Encino, Calif.; Welfare Board; Daily Bruin. HERBERT MARTIN B.A.; Theatre Arts; Los Angeles, Calif.; Kap Campus Theatre. WILLIAM GARLAND HERROLD JR.; B.A.; Music; Los Angeles, Calif.; Transfer: ' UCSB; A Capella Choir. applied arts 56 PEGGY LUCILLE B.S.; Bus. Ed.; Norwalk, Calif.; Long Beach City College; Bus. Ed. Assoc. EMILY ANN B.S.; Apparel Merchandising; La Calif.; ΠBΦ; Trolls. SHIRLEY ANN HOUGH; B.S.; Bus. Ed.; Calif.; AΓΔ; Bus Ed. Assoc.; 3, 4 Class Councils; BEVERLY RUTH HUNT; B.S.; Bus. Ed.; Lost Hills, Calif.; AΦ; Bus. Ed. Assoc.; Secretariat. MARGARET ROSE JACKSON; B.S.; Home Ec.; Alberta, Canada; Transfer: LACC; Nu. JOAN PHYLLIS B.S.; Home Ec. Ed.; Glendale, Calif.; Transfer: Glendale ZTA; Home Ec. Club; Omicron Nu. WAYNE CARL B.S.; Phys. Ed.; El Monte, Calif.; Transfer: Univ. of ΣX; Club. SYLVIA JOYCE B.S.; Art Ed.; Pasadena, Calif.; Fresno State; KΔ; Class Councils 2, 3, 4. MAUREEN IONE KNAUF; B.S.; Phys. Ed.; Corona, Transfer: Chaffey SAHPERS President; AWS; Class Councils 3, 4. HAZEL SETSUKO B.S., Bus. Ed.; Los Calif.; XAΔ; Nisei Bruin Club; Bus. Ed. Club. YOKO HIROHATA; B.A.; Art Teaching; Tokyo, Japan; Pasadena City Nisei Bruin Club; Cosmos Club, JOHN STEPHEN HOOK; B.S.; Phys. Ed.; Hills, Transfer: Univ. of CoIo.; ΦEK; ΦΦ; AAPHERS. JANICE ADELE B.S.; Home Ec.; Los Angeles, Calif.; Transfer: Graceland College; Home Ec. Club; Mac Club, CAROLE HUTTON; B.A.; Phys. Ed.; Huntington Park, Calif.; Transfer: Compton College. RONALD JACOBS; B.A.; Theatre Arts; Toledo, Ohio; ΔKΔ; Motion Pictures Honorary; Bruin. LOIS MARIE B.A.; Theatre Arts; Arcadia, Calif.; Transfer: Pasadena City College; Kap Bells; Campus Theatre. KAROLYNNE JONG; B.A.; Art; Pomona, Calif.; Art Club; HMC; Panel of FREDERICK ROSS B.A.; Art; Pac. Palisades, Calif.; Track Manager. JO ANN MARIE KOS; B.S.; Apparel Temple City, Calif.; Transfer: City College; Sr. Exec. Comm. SANDRA JO KUTIN; B.A.; Advertising Art; No. Hollywood, Calif.; Spurs; Chimes; AWS Women ' s Week. MARY ALICE B.S.; Phys. Ed.; Las Angeles, Calif.; Transfer: LACC; SAHPERS. ROBERTA LEE B.S.; Bus. Ed.; Long Beach, Calif.; Bus. Ed. Assoc.; ABS; AWS; Mac Club; Hershey Hall; Sr. WILLIAM EVORY HUGHES; B.A.; Bus, Ed.; San Gabriel, Calif.; Transfer: City College; Acacia; Bus. Ed. Club; SAM. PAUL G. IFFRIG; B.A.; Art; Sierra Madre, Calif.; Transfer: City College; Ski Club. CLARANN JOHNSON; B.S.; Home Ec. Ed.; Riverside, Calif.; AΦ; Cal Club; Board of Control; Camp Board; Spring Drive Chairman. MARGARET CHRISTINE JOHNSON; B.A.; Arts; Lafayette, Calif.; ΦM; Anchors; ZΦH; AWS; Council. JEAN YOSHIKO B.S.; Bus. Ed.; Los Calif.; Bus. Ed. Club; NBC; XAΔ. ROBERTA NANCY KERN; B.S.; Home Ec.; Los Angeles, Calif.; REMI THOMAS B.A.; Advertising Art; Los Angeles, Calif.; Gymnastics 2; So. Campus. ARTHUR DOUGLAS LAFFERTY; B.S.; Phys. Ed.; Los Angeles, Calif.; Transfer: John Muir Jr. College. PHYLLIS PADMINI HOISINGTON; B.A.; Music; Klang; Malaya; Women ' s Glee Pres. JODI B. HOSS; B.A.; Art; El Cajon, Calif.; Transfer: Univ. of AΔΠ; Wings; Shell Oar; Comm. KATHERINE DE RENNE HUNSICKER; B.A.; Art; Los Angeles, Calif.; Transfer: SMCC; Art Club; Mac Club; AWS. CATHRYN IRWIN; B.A.; Phys. Ed.; Griffin, Ind. EVELYNE NADINE JOHNSON; B.S.; Chicago, III.; Transfer: Pasadena City College; URA CSU; Pres. Cabinet. NAOMI ANNE JOHNSON; B.A.; Art; Los Angeles, Calif. DONALD FREDERICK KAPP; B.A.; Art; Pasadena, Calif.; Transfer: John Muir J.C.; Campus. DIANE E. KILHAM; B.S.; Art; Altadena, Calif.; KΔ; AWS; Comm.; So. Cam. BEVERLY ALLECE KRAUSE; B.S.; Phys. Ed.; Van Nuys, Calif.; SAHPER; AWS. DELTA JEANNE B.A.; Home Ec.; Santa Ana, Calif.; Transfer: Santa Ana College; Senior Class Council; AWS. 56 applied arts MINNETTE SANDRA LANGFELDER; B.S.; Home Ec.; San Calif.; Transfer: Univ. of Calif.; ΔΦE; Omicron Nu; HiIlel. THEODORE RICHARD LEHMANN; B.A.; Arts; Los Angeles, Calif.; Transfer: Coast College; Cal Men; Bruin Staff. MARTHA JANE B.S.; Home Ec. Ed.; Riverside, Calif.; President Nu; Wings; Spring Sing. DARLA NOREEN LUCKENBILL; B.S.; Bus. Ed.; Long Beach, Calif.; Transfer: Long Beach Jr. College; Bus. Ed. Club. ELAINE SELMA B.A.; Art; Los Angeles, Calif.; Univ. of Calif.; ΠAΣ; Art Club; Class Council. JANE MAXFIELD; B.S.; Apparel Design; Los Angeles, Design Club. ELIZABETH SHERMAN McKOWN; B.A.; Art; Monrovia, Calif.; Transfer: City College. JOAN MESCON; B.A.; Art Ed.; North Calif.; Art Club; HiIlel; Class Council 2. JOAN FRANCES B.S.; Phys. Ed.; Duarte, Calif.; Pasadena City College; SAHPERS; Therapy Club; URA. AILINE FRANCES B.A.; Art; Rialto, Calif.; Transfer: of William Marv; ΔE. JOAN HOLLY LARSON; B.S.; Home Ec.; Jolla, Calif.; XΩ; Comm.; AWS. JAMES JEROME LEHR; B.A.; Theatre Arts; Rosemead, Calif.; MAB; Varsity Club; Soccer; Cricket; Board; Glee Club. EDWARD ROBERT B.A.; Music Ed.; San Gabriel, Calif.; ΦMA; Newman Club; A Capella Choir; Glee Club. HARRY THORBJORN LUND; B.S.; Phys. Ed.; Los Angeles, Calif.; Transfer: Pasadena SMCC; ΔTΔ; Bruin Council. SANDRA MARRETT; B.A.; Theatre Arts; Los Angeles, Calif.; New York City College; ZΦH; Mac Club; Bruin. MARIAN LEE B.A.; Art Ed.; Roseville, Calif.; Davis Univ.; CSF; BSO; URA. MARILYNN JANET B.S.; Phys. Ed;. Detroit, Mich.; Transfer: Rollins KAΘ; ΣAI SAHPERS; Rally Comm. GEORGE KEVORK B.S.; Bus. Ed.; Pasadena, Calif.; Transfer: City College. HARRY NADLER; B.A.; Art Ed.; Los Angeles Calif.; Transfer: LACC; ZBT; MARCIA ADELE B.A.; Theatre Arts-Eng.; Bakersfield, Transfer: J.C.; ZΦH; Bruin 2. CAROL ETHYL LEBECK; B.A.; Art; Santa Calif. JULIUS LEPKOWSKY; B.A.; Advertising Art; Los Angeles, Calif.; Cal. Men; AFROTC; Richard Hurley CARMEN MARIA B.S.; Phys. Ed.; Altadena, Calif.; John Muir College; CMAE; AAHPERS. LOUIS LYTTLE B.A.; Art Ed.; Los Angeles, Calif. GEORGE PHILLIP B.S.; Phys. Ed.; Los Angeles, Calif.; Transfer: LACC; SAHPERS; Rugby 4; 2; 3, 4. JOEL McCREA; B.A.; Theatre Arts; Elsah, Transfer: College. JOAN W. McSEVENEY; B.A.; Music; Bell, Transfer: ΣA I; Bus. Ed. Club; Music Ed. Club. RHODA CLAIRE MOSS; B.S.; Bus, Ed.; Long Beach, Calif.; Bus. Ed. Assoc.; Mac Club; Class 2, 4. LUELLA MYERS NASS; B.S.; App. Design; Los Angeles, Calif.; LACC; Rally Comm.; Apparel Club; So. Campus. ANGELITA W. B.A.; Art; Los Angeles, Rally Comm.; Art Class Councils 3, 4. NORMAN LEBOWITZ; B.A.; Physics; Los Calif. MARILYN JEAN LEWIS; B.S.; Apparel Merch.; Northridge, Calif.; AΦ; Chimes; Cal Club; YWCA Pres. RAYMOND JOHN LOUIE; B.A.; Ad. Art; Los Angeles, Calif.; Transfer: Occidental College; EΠΔ; Rally Comm.; Art Club. VIRGENE LOIE B.S.; Apparel Design; Glendale, Calif.; Transfer: JC; AΞΔ. ALICE MASSEY; B.A.; Phys. Ed.; Covina, Calif.; Transfer: San Jose State; YWCA Pathfinders; Rehabilitation Club. BETTY LOUISE B.S.; Merchandising; Long Beach, Calif.; AΦ; Shell Oar; Model Josie; Class Councils 1, 3. KAY RAE MERCER; B.S.; Home Ec.; Calif.; Transfer: LACC; AΔX; Home Ec. Honorary Society. WILLIAM DAVID MOYE; B.A.; Art Ed.; Los Angeles, Calif.; ATΩ; Rally Comm.; OCB; Class Councils 2, 3, 4. TENNA NELSON; B.A.; Art; Los Angeles, Calif.; Transfer: Young Univ. BOB O ' CONNER; B.A.; Acct.; Los Angeles, Calif. applied arts 56 MARILYN JEAN O ' CONNOR; B.S.; Bus. Ed.; Los Angeles, Calif.; Bus. Ed. Assoc. LELIA MARY PEARSON; B.S.; Apparel Los Angeles, Calif.; Transfer; LACC; Westminister Fellowship Club. MAY TEW PON; B.S.; Bus. Ed.; Pasadena, Calif.; Transfer: City College; AXΔ; Bus. Ed. Assoc.; Chinese Club. LINDA LEE B.S.; Bus. Ed.; Los Angeles, Calif.; Transfer: LACC; Bus. Ed. Assoc.; Hall Vice Pres. MARLIS JOAN ROCHAT; B.S.; Bus. Ed.; Los Angeles, Calif.; ΔΔΔ; Spurs; Wings; Trolls. CHARLES HENRY B.A.; Ad. Art; Los Angeles, Calif.; Transfer; SMCC. MIGNON LOUISE B.A.; Lang. Arts; Huntington Park, Calif.; ΛΔΣ; YWCA; NAACP; Y-COOP V. Pres. SHIRLEY MAY SCANTLAND; B.A.; Adv. Art; Los Angeles, Calif.; ΧΩ; Elections Board; Trolls; Spring Uni Camp; Fall Drive. GORDON D. SCOTT; B.A.; Theatre Arts; Pasadena, Calif.; ΔΤΔ. JULIAN JACK SCHNIDERSON; B.A.; Art; Los Angeles, Calif.; LACC; TΔΦ. ANNE LOUISE OLNEY; B.A.; Art Ed.; Calif.; Transfer: El Camino; Councils 4. MAUREEN MAE B.A.; Art; Santa Monica, Calif.; SMCC; ZTA; Sr. Class Council; AWS; Spring Sing. SHIRLEY LEE PORTER; B.A.; Art; Fairfield, Calif.; Transfer: of Calif. BARBARA MAY RING; B.A.; Applied Design; Chicago, Ill.; AWS; OCB; YWCA; Councils 1, 2, 3, 4. EILEEN KELLEHER ROONEY; B.A.; Art; Bakersfield, Calif.; Transfer: Chamberlain School; (ΔE, Art Club); Dorm Council; Ski Club. FRED ROSS; B.A.; Picture; Redlands, Calif. ZYLFO SADIKAJ; B.A.; Theatre Arts; Albania; Transfer; Univ. of Rome; I House. DOROTHY JEAN B.S.; Home Ec.; Los Angeles, Calif.; Transfer: Drury College; AΦ; Home Ec. Club; URA. ARCHIE B. SHARP JR.; B.A.; Theatre Arts; Hills, Calif.; SMCC; Kap Bells; ΔKA. ROBERT MURRAY B.A.; Theatre Arts; Sun Valley, Calif.; Kap Bells; SMPTE; Campus Theater. BONNIE ANN B.S.; Bus. Ed.; Los Angeles, Calif.; Transfer: Santa Monica City College; BARBARA ANNE Costume Design; North Calif.; AWS; URA; Panhellenic Council; Class Councils, 1, 2, 3, 4. CATHERINE ELIZABETH PRITCHARD; B.A.; Art Ed.; South Gate, Calif.; SAHPERS. MARY SYLVIA B.S.; Bus. Ed.; Santa Monica, Calif.; AΔΠ; Trolls; Class Councils 1, 2. EARL WILLIAM ROSE JR.; B.S.; Office Adm.; Redondo, Calif.; Bus. Ed. Assoc.; Senior Class Council; Assoc. Bus. Students. BETTY RUSSELL; B.S.; Phys. Ed.; Whittier, Calif.; Transfer: College; ΓΦB Trolls V. Pres.; Shell Oar. TANYA SANDER; B.A.; Theatre Arts; Los Calif.; Transfer: Univ. of Wisconsin; ΠΘ; Bruin; Theater. FRED WILLIAM SCHICK; B.A.; Art Ed.; Manhattan Beach, Calif.; Transfer: SMCC. KIKUKO SHIDA; B.A.; Advertising Art; Los Angeles, Calif.; LACC; XAΔ; Nisei Bruin Club. MARILYN KAY B.S.; Phys. Ed.; Igloo, So. Dakota; Transfer: Univ. of So. Dakota; SAHPERS; Class Council 4. MARILYN LORETTA B. A.; Music; Santa Monica, Calif.; Bus. Ed. Assoc.; Music Ed. Club. KURT PHILIPPI; B.A.; Economics; Los Angeles, Calif. GARY LAURENCE B.A.; Theatre Arts; Minneapolis, Minn. ANN MAY ROBINSON; B.A.; Music; Pasadena, Calif.; Transfer: City College; AΟΠ; Orchestra. ARLENE ROSENBLATT; B.S.; Bus. Ed.; Los ΦXΘ President; Ed. Assoc. ROBERT JEFFREY JR.; B.S.; Phys. Ed.; Sun Valley, Calif.; Transfer; Glendale City College; SAHPERS. JOHN ZIROJIN B.A.; Theatre Arts; Hollywood, Calif. ROBERT ORVILLE SCHULENBERG; B.A.; Art; Fresno, Calif.; Transfer: Fresno State; ΔE; Sr. Class Council; Fall Drive. LOREN ARTHUR B.A.; Art Ed.; Pasadena, Calif.; Transfer: John Muir JC UCSB; Art Club. BURTON PRESTON SILVERSTEIN; B.S.; Phys. Ed.; Chicago, Ill.; Transfer: Valley URA. NORMA JEAN SINESIO; B.S.; Phys. Therapy; Manteca, Calif.; Modesto Jr. SAHPERS; AWS; Pres. Hershey Hall. SHIRLEY DIANE B.A.; Theatre Arts; Los Angeles, Calif.; Transfer: Washington Univ.; ZΦH; ΣΔT; Homecoming Show. MARTHA STEIMAN; B.A.; Art; Saltillo Coah, Mexico. MARLA ALLENE STONE; B.S.; Home Ec. Ed.; Long Beach, Calif.; Transfer: Long Beach City College; Omicron Nu; Home Ec. Club; YOSHIKO BETTY B.S.; Bus. Ed.; Pasadena, Calif.; Transfer: Pasadena City College; XAΔ; Bus. Ed. Club; Nisei Bruins. MARY IRENE THOMAS; B.S.; Nursing; Fresno, Calif. JOHN EDMUND B.A.; Theatre Arts; Detroit, Mich.; Transfer: Univ. of Ariz.; Y Co-op. PRIMO VILLANUEVA; B.A.; Phys. Ed.; Calif.; Football. ROBERT WEBB; B. S.; Mech. Eng.; Glendale, Calif.; Arnold Air Eng. Society. ROBERTA LEE B.S.; Home Ec.; Los Angeles, Calif.; Class Councils 1, 2, 3, 4; Homecoming Princess. ZAVEN ZEE SIPANTZI; B.S.; Phys. Ed.; Los Angeles, Calif.; LACC. ROSEMARIE SORGE; B.A.; Theatre Arts; Walnut Creek, Calif.; ZΦH; So. Cam.; Class Councils 1, 2, 3, 4; AWS; Student Prod. Board. LEONARD STEIN; B.A.; Acct.; Los Angeles, Calif. CAROLE WHALEY STRAHAN; B.S.; Phys. Ed.; Pasadena, Calif.; ΔΓ; Shell Oar; Trolls; SAHPERS; Chimes; Comm.; Greek Week. KIMIE TASHIMA; B.A.; Art; San Fernando, Calif. WILLIAM GORDON THOMAS; B.A.; Theatre Arts; Van Nuys, Calif.; Transfer: Occidental; ATΩ; Kap Bells; Campus Theatre. ROBERT ADDISON B.S.; Bus. Ed.; Taft, Calif.; Transfer: Taft JC; Bus. Assoc. SHEILLA ANNE VIOTTO B.S.; Home Ec.; Los Angeles, Calif.; KΔ. MARLENE ANN Ec.; Los Angeles, Calif.; Transfer: El Camino JC; ΦM; So. Class Councils 3, 4. ROBERT PAUL WILSON; B.A.; Art Ed.; Laguna Beach, Calif.; Transfer; Santa Ana College. PHYLLIS LOUISE SMALL; B.S.; Home Ec.; Los Angeles, Calif.; Antioch Wesley Foundation. MYRON RICHARD STAHL; B.A.; Bus. Ed.; Los Angeles, Calif., Assoc. Bus. Students; Sr. Class Council. HARRIET STEINORE; B.A.; Music; Los Calif.; ΦΣΣ. MARGARET ARLENE STRIFERT; B.S.; Apparel Merchandising; Calif.; ZTA; Shell Oar; Apparel Society; Model Josie. DANA LOU THARP; B.A.; Art; Los Angeles, Calif.; Transfer: City College; I Board; Cosmos Club. MARIAN M. TITANGOS; B.A.; Language Arts; Hollywood, Calif.; Campus Theatre. MARION EVELYN TROYER B.A.; Theatre Arts; Lafayette, Calif.; Transfer: Mills College; Shell Oar; Fall Drive. DON WATKINS; B.A.; Phys. Ed.; Hermosa Beach, Calif.; Transfer: El Camino College; Rec. Society Pres.; SAHPERS V. Pres. JAMES ROBERT B.A.; Music; Eldora, Iowa; LACC; Band; A Capella Choir. ROBERT A. WINSLOW; B.A.; Music Ed.; Colo.; Transfer: Colo. State; ΦMA; MENC; Band; Orch. MARIELLA SNELSON; B.S.; Home Angeles, Calif.; Univ. of at Davis; AΔΠ. ZENA ESTHER B.A.; Theatre Arts; Los Angeles, Calif.; Transfer: College; ΠΘ; ΠΔE; AΛΔ ZΦΗ; URA; NSA; Bruin. JOHN R. STEVENSON; B.S.; Phys. Ed.; Beach, Calif.; Transfer: El Camino JC; ΦΓΔ; SAHPERS; AAPHERS. SARA SUE B.S.; Apparel Design; San Francisco, Spurs Sec.; Shell Oar; Student Faculty Comm.; Unity Week. RAY FRANK THIELE; B.A.; Radio; Ventura, Calif.; URA; So. Cam.; Radio Recording. LILLIAN SUZANNE B.S.; Home Ec. Ed.; Los Angeles, Calif.; Trolls. JOHN VAN AMRINGE; B.A.; Geology; Calif.; Transfer: Pasadena City College; GSUCLA. BARBARA DALE WEBB; B.A.; Art Ed.; Los Calif.; So. Editor ' 56; Spurs; Rally Comm.; AWS; Homecoming Bd. 2, 4; Class Councils 1, 2, 3, 4. ELOISE WILLIAMS; B.A.; Apparel Design; St. Louis, Miss.; Prott Institute; Home Ec. Club; Art Club. BETTY WOIWOD; B.A.; Bus. Ed.; Inglewood, Calif.; ΓΔ Treas.; Sr. Class Council. 56 applied arts MARION WOLFF WOLFF; B.S.; Apparel Merchandising; Beverly Hills, Calif.; Transfer: Univ. of Colo.; AEΦ; Sr. Class Council. FLORA JEAN B.A.; Art; El Monte, Calif.; Transfer; Pasadena City College; Art Club; Wesley JOHN ALLISON B.S.; Phys. Ed.; Santa Barbara, Calif.; LELAND WONG; B.S.; Phys. Ed.; Los Angeles, Calif.; Arnold Air Society. NANCY JOY B.S.; Home Ec. Ed.; Los Angeles, Calif.; Transfer: LACC; EK; Shell Oar Pres.; Home Ec. Club; AWS. BETTY ZOLLIGER; B.A.; Nursing; Los Angeles, Calif. applied arts 56 ALLAN ALBALA; B.S.; Accounting; Los Calif.; AEΠ; Honor List; IFC. RONALD JAY B.S.; Marketing; Los Angeles, Calif.; Transfer: LACC; ZBT; Senior Class Council. JO ANN BARNARD; B.S.; Pers. Los Angeles, Cal if.; Transfer: Mary ' s Academy. JOHN CHARLES B.S.; Finance; Barristers; Pre-Legal JAMES WILLIAM B.S.; Real Estate and Insurance; Calif.; Transfer: Pasadena City College; AKΨ. ROBERT M. ALLAN; B.S.; Marketing; Los Angeles, Calif.; Transfer: Glendale College; ABS; SAM. KAY HELEN BADGLEY; B.S.; Office No. Hollywood, Calif.; KΔ ; Rally Comm.; Wings; Shell Oar; Class Councils 1, 2, 3, 4. STEPHEN A. BAUMAN; B.S.; Accounting; Los Angeles, Calif.; ΦΣΔ; Assoc. Bus. Students; Spirits Comm.; Hillel; URA. ALAN BELKIN; B.S.; Accounting; Burbank, Calif. BOB CHRISTY BITTNER; B.S.; Personnel Downey, Calif.; Transfer: Univ.; Spur; Kelps; Pres. Cabinet. RALPH JOSEPH ARCERI; B.S.; Bus. Adm.; Los Angeles, Calif.; Arnold Air Society; Class Council; Club. BROOKS ELLSWORTH BALDWIN; B.S.; Glendale, Calif.; JAMES SHELDON BAY; B.S.; Accounting; Hills, Calif.; ZBT; Kelps. MORTON L. BERG; B.S.; Accounting; Los Angeles, Calif.; K IA; Class Council. PIERCE BOONE BLANCHETTE; B.S.; Los Angeles, Calif. RICHARD LOWELL B.S.; Bus. Ad; San Gabriel, Calif.; Transfer: Mt. San College; IFC. BOB GLENN BALLARD; B.S.; Bus. Ad.; Calif.; Transfer: Bakersfield College; AKΨ. MELVIN PHILIP BAYER; B.S.; Bus. Adm.; Hills, Calif.; Arnold Air Society; Class Council. ROBERT BERNSTEIN; B.S.; Finance; Sherman Oaks, Calif.; BΓΣ; Bus. Ad. Honorary; CLAYTON DUANE BLEHM B.S.; Accounting; Kingfisher, Okla.; Transfer: Phillips Univ. business administration 56 56 business administration FRANCIS WILLIAM BOEGEL; B.S.; Prod. Management; Los Calif.; ATΏ; SAM. HARVEY THEODORE BOTANSKY; B.S.; Bus. Adm.; Los Angeles, Calif.; K N; SAM. BENNIE JOE BROWN; B.S.; Finance; Calif.; Transfer: El Camino JC; Mac Club; URA. ROBERT LYNN B.S.; Marketing; South Gate, Calif.; Transfer: Santa Ana College. ROBERT KENNE TH COPELAND; B.S.; Prod. Management; Los Calif.; Conning Tower. STEFAN B.S.; Marketing; Bus. Ad.; Los Angeles, Calif;. SAM; Welfare Board; URA. DONALD BARRY DUITZ; B.S.; Marketing; Los Angeles, Calif.; LACC; ΦΣΔ. DARRYL HUGH B.S.; Insurance; Altadena, Calif.; Transfer: John Muir; TKE; Senior Class Council. SHELDON PHILIP B.S.; Los Angeles, Calif.; KMA; Sr. List. JEROLD ESTOW; B.S.; Finance; Los Angeles, Calif.; A KΨ; Tiller and Sail. SEYMOUR B.S.; Accounting; Los Angeles, Calif.; Transfer: Univ. of III.; RAYMOND LEE BOYER; B.S.; Accounting; Calif.; Riverside College; Mac Club. I. JACK BRUKER; B.S.; Bus. Adm.; Los Calif.; BΓΣ. KENNETH CHARLES CLEVELAND JR.; B.S.; Finance; Pasadena, Calif.; Transfer:m Muir JC. RICHARD ENNIS CROUCH; B.S.; Finance; Long Beach, Calif.; Transfer: Long Beach City College; AHMET DEMIRCI; B.A.; Accounting; Los Calif. DIRAN DONIGAN; B.S.; Insurance; Glendale, Calif.; Transfer: Glendale College. THEODORE L. EARLEY; B.S.; Bus. Ad.; Calif.; Transfer: Occidental; Wesley Foundation; Bus. Ed. Assoc. GEORGE BLANCHARD ENOCH; B. S.; Management; Los Angeles, Calif.; AΣΦ; Conning Tower; ESUC. ALVIN FADER; B.S.; Marketing; Los Angeles, Calif.; Transfer: LACC. ROBERT JAMES BOON; B.S.; Real Estate; Canada; Fullerton JC; Assoc. Bus. Students; P E. JACK EDWARD B.S.; Accounting; Sherman Oaks, Calif. MARVIN ROY BRUNS; B.S.; Accounting; Santa Ana, Calif.; Capt. Hurley Sq.; Accounting Society; Arnold Air Society. LAWRENCE MILTON COHEN; B.S.; Management; Los Angeles, Calif.; GUSS WILLARD CROWE; B.S.; Bus. Adm.; Moline, Ill.; Transfer: LACC; SAM. JERRY VAUGHAN B.S.; Marketing; Los Angeles, Calif.; Transfer: LACC; ΔΣΦ; Bruin Ski Club. ERWIN CARL DRUCKE; B.S.; Prod. Arcadia, Calif.; Transfer: Ohio U n i v.; AK Ψ; SAM; ABS. GERALD CARLTON B.S.; Bus. Adm.; Arcadia, Calif.; Transfer: Pomona, College; Conning ΦΦ; URA; So. PAUL REX ENOCHS; B.S.; Finance; Los Calif.; Transfer: SMCC; ΔTΔ; Sr. Class Council; Ski Club. DARYL ROGER B.S.; Marketing; Inglewood, Calif.; DONALD JAY BOSS; B.S.; Accounting; Los Angeles, Calif.; for the of Management; Rally Comm. RUSSELL WILLIAM BRAWLEY; B.S.; Bus. Adm.; El Monte, Calif.; Transfer: Fullerton JC; ROBERT MAURICE BRYSON; B.S.; Bus. Adm.; Bakersfield, Calif.; Transfer: Bakersfield, College; SAM; AKΨ; ABS. ROGER DENNIS COMERFORD; B.S.; Los Angeles, Calif.; Kelps; IFC; Assoc. Bus. KENT COCHRAN B.S.; Bakersfield, Calif.; Transfer: Bakersfield College; ORVILLE E. B.S.; Marketing; Calipatria, Calif.; Air Society; for the Adv. of Management. JOHN DONNELL; B.A.; Accounting; Los Calif. ROBERT LEE EDDY; B.S.; Personnel Redwood City, Calif.; Tower. DAVID EDWARD B.S.; Real Estate; Los Angeles, Calif.; ΦΣΔ; Varsity Club; Class Councils 1, 2, 3, 4; Cricket 1, 2. AL A. FINCI; B.S.; Los Angeles, Calif.; BΓΣ; ABS; Society. business administration 56 ROBERT ALLEN FLANIGAN; B.S.; Personnel Management; Los Angeles, Calif.; Transfer: LACC; SAM. CLARENCE ROSS FRY; B.S.; Accounting; Los Angeles, Calif.; Transfer: LACC; Assoc. Bus. Students; SAM; Accounting Society. LORNE ARTH GEIB; B.S.; Bus. Ad.; Redlands, Calif.; Transfer: San Bernardino Valley College; BΣT. WARREN CARDIFF GILMORE; B.S.; Accounting; Los Angeles, Calif.; Cal Men Pres.; I House Vice Pres.; Hillel; Class Councils. FRED MARTIN GOLDBLATT; B.S.; Accounting; Van Nuys, Calif.; Transfer: USC; Accounting Society. JAMES DOUGLAS GRAY; B.S.; Trans. Traffic Management; Long Beach, Calif.; Transfer: Long Beach City College; AKΨ. LAWRENCE MILTON GROSSMAN; B.S.; Accounting; Los Angeles, Calif.; ΠΛΦ; Jr. Council; Varsity Club. RALPH LEO HANSEN; B.S.; Accounting; Los Angeles, Calif.; ΣN; Gold Key; Yeomen; Upper Div. Rep; So. Campus Manager. DORLEE HEATH; B.S.; Accounting; Taft, Calif.; ΦΧΘ; Bus. Ed. Club; ABS. ROBERT RANDEL HILLERMAN; B.S.; Personnel; San Diego, Calif.; ΣΠ; ΦΦ. DARLENE ELOISE FOSTER; B.S.; Accounting; Los Angeles, Calif. TERUYUKI FUJII; B.S.; Accounting; Los Angeles, Calif.; BΓΣ; Nisei Bruin Club. JOHN PHILIP GENSEL; B.S.; Accounting; Los Angeles, Calif.; El Camino Senior Social Chm; WCTU; Assoc. Bus. Stud. ROBERT DUANE B.S.; Bus. Ad.; Santa Monica, Calif.; Transfer: SMCC. MICHAEL ROUL JR.; B.S.; Alhambra, Calif.; ΔΣΦ; Jr. Class Treas.; ΔΣΦ Treas.; Men ' s W e e k; Class Councils 1, 2, 3, 4. LAWRENCE THEODORE GREEN; B.S.; Marketin; Los Angeles, Cal Men; Society for the Advancement of HARRY ADRIAN B.S.; Santa Barbara, Transfer: UCSB; ALBERT GARDINER HARMAN; B.S.; Office Management; Malibu, Calif.; Transfer: SMCC; Bus. Ed. Assoc. SANFORD ROY B.S.; Los Angeles, Calif.; Transfer: SMCC. MARVEN E. HOWARD; General; Calif.; Transfer: Pasadena City College; ΑΤΩ; Insurance GERALD ALLISON FOX; B.S.; Calif.; Band. JAMES ERWIN B.S.; Bus. Ad.; Los Angeles, Calif.; Transfer: Univ. of ZBT; Sr. Honors list. BILLY JOE GEORGE; B.S.; Accounting; Calif.; Pasadena City BΓΣ; ΑΚΨ; SAM. JAY ALAN GOLDBERG; B.S.; Prod. Los Angeles, Calif.; Transfer: LACC; TΔΦ. JOHN WALLER B.S.; Chandler, Okla.; Transfer: Univ. of Colo. JAMES DONALD GREENSPAN; B.S.; Los Angeles, Calif.; YUKIO HAMADA; B.S.; Accounting; Kingsberg, Calif.; Transfer: College; Society; SAM. RICHARD KARL B.S.; Personnel Management; Los Calif. MARVIN BERNARD HERSHMAN; B.S.; Los Angeles, Calif.; Transfer: LACC; ROBERT HYMAN; B.S.; Accounting; Los Calif.; Sr. C lass Council. WILLIAM FREDGANT; B.S.; Trans. Traffic Management; Los Calif.; LACC; Senior Class Council. RANDOLPH GEE; B.S.; Accounting; Los Calif. DONALD ROY B.S.; Los Angeles, Calif.; Rally Comm.; Gold Key; Kelps; NSA; Spurs. THEORDORE ALVIN GOLDBERG; B.S.; North Calif.; ΠΛΦ; Accounting Society; Bus. Students. ROBERT PHILLIPS B.S.; Marketing; Los Angeles, Calif.; Transfer: Univ. of ΦΣΔ; BSO; Welfare Board; ABS. STANLEY BRUCE GREITZER; B.S.; Los Calif.; ZBT. JOSEPH MARK B.S.; Marketing; Los Angeles, Calif.; Transfer: Univ. of SAM; AKΨ; ABS; Bruin Village Council. JOHN ROBERT B.S.; Accounting; Ogden, Utah; Transfer: Pasadena JC; ΒΓΣ. DAVID SNOW HILL; B.S.; Marketing; New Jersey; Transfer: Denisen Univ.; ATΩ; Assoc. Bus. Senior Class Council. RICARDO F. ICAZA; B.S.; Personnel Los Angeles, Calif.; Transfer: LACC. 56 business administration DANIEL OSAMU B.S.; Los Angeles, Calif.; Transfer: LACC. MARSHALL HOWARD JACOBSEN; B.S.; Bus. Ad.; Los Angeles, Calif.; Yeomen; Rho Epsilon; Sr. Class Treas.; Bruin; Scop. JAMES ROBERT JOHNSON; B.S.; Marketing; Riverside, Calif.; Riverside JC. KENNETH L. JUST; B.S.; Accounting; Calif.; Transfer: Santa Barbara College; Assoc. Bus. Pres. Accounting Soc. MASON TED KIGHT; B.S.; Personnel Long Beach, Calif.; Transfer: Long Beach City BΘΠ; Uni-Camp Board. DAVID ALMOND KNOWLTON; B.S.; E I Mont e, Calif.; Transfer: Muir JC. DONALD BERNARD LANE; B.S.; Los Angeles, Calif. JAMES DONALD B.S.; Marketing; Los Angeles, Calif.; Transfer: USCB. MELVIN LEMBERGER; B.S.; Accounting; N.Y.; ABS; Society. NORMAN LIPTON; B.A.; History; Los Calif. EDGAR ORSON JR.; B.S.; Los Angeles Calif.; XΦ. HOWARD TILDEN JASKOL; B.S.; Accounting; Pittsburgh, Pa.; LACC. JAMES L. JOHNSON; B.S.; Real Estate; Van Nuys, ZΨ; Kelps; SDP; NORTON STANLEY KARNO; B.S.; Los Angeles, Calif.; BΓΣ; KΣA; Cal Men. FRED WARNER B.S.; Finance; Los Angeles, ZBT. STEPHEN JOHN B.S.; Finance; Anaheim, Calif.; Long Beach State. GARY LANGE; B.S.; Personnel Management; Los Angeles, Calif.; Arnold Air Society; Daily Bruin Staff; Sr. Class Council. ALLARD WILLIAM LA VALLEE; B.S.; Bus. Ad.; Marketing; N.Y.; Los Angeles State. DON LEOMAZZIE; B.S.; Finance; Sherman Oaks, Calif.; GREGORY DEAN MACLEAN; B.S.; Prod. Beverly Hills, Calif.; Transfer: SMCC; AKΨ; SAM; Sr. Class Council. MICHAEL LEE B.S.; Finance; Santa Monica, Calif.; Transfer: SMCC; Bruin Ski Club; Sr. Council. STANLEY ALLEN B.S.; Accounting; Pittsburgh, Pa.; LACC; KΣA; ABS. RICHARD JOSEPH JONES; B.S.; Bus. Ad.; San Bernardino, Calif.; Transfer: San Valley Col lege; EDMUND MARVIN KAUFMAN; B.S.; Cleveland, Ohio; BΓΣ; KΣA; Barristers; Assoc. Bus. Students; ΑΚΨ. JOEL ALAN KLEIN; B.S.; Finance; Santa Ana, Calif.; Transfer: W. Virginia Univ.; Welfare Board; AΚΨ; SAM; ABS. HARRY P. B.S.; Accounting; Los Angeles, Calif.; LACC. MARTINE BOLETTE LARSEN; B.S.; Los Angeles, Calif.; KΣA Sec.; Pres. Rudy Hall. JOSEPH LAVITT; B.S.; Accounting; Los Calif.; Transfer: LACC; AKΨ. DONALD GARY LEVE; B.S.; Accounting; San Pedro, Calif.; Transfer: Univ. of Calif.; ΣAM; Accounting Society. STANLEY MEDLIS MAIN; B.S.; Personnel Management; Los Calif.; Transfer: Santa Ana College; Sr. Class MINORJ ITO; B.S.; Santa Ana, Calif.; SAM; Society. VINCENT THOMAS JENSEN; B.S.; Prod. Management; Alberta, Canada; Transfer: JC; SIDNOY WYNNE JONES; B.S.; Real Estate; Claremont, Calif.; KΣ; Yeomen; Rho Epsilon; Bruin; Class Councils 4. JAMES WAYNE B.S.; General Bus.; Los Angeles, Calif. JOAN KNIGHT; B.S.; Accounting; Pittsburgh, Pa.; AΞΔ; ΦΧΘ; ABS; Class Councils 1, 2, 3, 4. LARRY KRITZER; B.S.; Finance; Cleveland, Ohio; Barristers; Men. JACK ROBERT LARSON; Accounting; Los Angeles, Calif.; LACC; SAM; Society. RONALD LEDERMAN B.S.; Accounting; Los Angeles, Calif.; Cal Men; Accounting JOEL LINDERMAN; B.S.; Accounting; Los Angeles, Calif.; ABS. GERALD ALAN MALAT; B.S.; Accounting; Los Angeles, Calif.; ZBT; OCB; Sr. Class Council. business administration 56 MELVIN HAROLD B.S.; Real Estate; Los Angeles, Calif.; ZBT; Real Estate Hillel Council. JAMES DONALD McBROOM; B.S.; General; Van Nuys, Calif.; Transfer: Univ. of ΣΠ; Mac Club; TGIF; AGC. ROBERT SAMUEL B.S.; Los Angeles, Calif.; Transfer: LACC; Ski Club; Senior Class Council. FRANK JOSEPH MOGAVERO; B.S.; Bus. Ad.; Alhambra, Calif.; Transfer: LACC. JOYCE YUKI B.S.; Office Management; Los Calif.; Transfer: Univ. of III.; XAΔ; Nisei Bruin Club. JOHN ODABASHIAN; B.S.; Personnel Fresno, Calif.; Transfer: Fresno State; Varsity Club; Kelps; Spurs. DONALD LEWIS B.S.; Los Angeles, Calif.; Transfer: LACC; ABS; Insurance Society. EDWARD LIONEL PECK; B.S.; Marketing; Los Angeles, Calif.; ATΩ President; Spurs; Yeomen; Gold Key; Golden Bruin; Rep. TONY B.S.; Pers. Management; Los Angeles, Calif.; ΘΞ President, Senior A.A.; Pers. Dir. for Wing Staff, Honorary Spur. JERROLD RABIN; B.S.; Accounting; Chicago, III.; ZBT. OCTAVIO MARTINEZ; B.S.; Prod. Hawthorne, Calif.; SAM; ABS. DOYLE ROBERT McCRAVEY; B.S.; Finance; Taft, Calif.; AKΨ; ABS; Sr. Class Council. MELVIN MARTIN MICHAELS; B.S.; Real Estate; Los Angeles, Calif.; AKΨ. JOHN ALAN MONTAG; B.S.; Accounting; Calif.; Univ. of Arizona; ZBT. HIRAM NAZARIO JR.; B.S.; Finance; Hialeah, Fla.; Transfer: Univ. of Fla.; Barristers. THOMAS WILLIAM O ' DONNELL JR.; B.S.; Accounting; Los Cal i f.; ΔΣΦ; MAB; Varsity Baseball. DAVID PAUL OWEN; B.S.; Marketing; Calif.; Transfer: Reedley College; ΔTΔ; ΦΦ. ROBERT JOSEPH B.S.; Real L o s Angeles, Calif.; Transfer: ΦΓΔ; PE; Sr. Class Council; Varsity RONALD EDWIN PROVISOR; B.S.; Prod. Management; Los Calif.; AEΠ. WILLIAM B.A.; Sherman Oaks, Calif.; Transfer: Acacia, Class Councils. ALBERT MASS; B.S.; Bus. Ad.; Los Angeles, Calif.; Transfer: LACC; BΣT; ABS. RONALD HARRY B.S.; Bus. Ad.; Los Angeles, Calif.; Transfer: LACC; Insurance Society; Mac Club. JESSE DONALD MILLER; B.S.; Finance; Los Angeles, Calif.; Transfer: Northwestern U n iv .; ABS Pres.; Barristers. MOREY AARON MOORE; B.S.; Los Angeles, Calif.; AKΨ. KENNETH WILLIAM B.S.; Accounting; North Hollywood, Calif.; THOMAS EDWARD O ' NEIL; B.S.; Real Riverside, Calif.; Transfer: Riverside DONALD JAMES B.S.; Prod. Rochester, Mich.; Transfer: Wayne Univ.; ABS; Student Tour Chm. WILLIAM MAUPIN PEYTON; B.S.; Richmond, Transfer: E. State; Sr. Class Council. WAYNE LIN QUON; B.S.; Marketing; Calif.; TKE. LOUIS RICHARD ; B.S.; San Gabriel, Calif.; Arnold Air Society; Capt. Hurley Sqd. ALAN MAY JR.; B.S.; Accounting; Los Calif.; ΒΘΠ. H. GREGORY MEEKS; B.S.; Accounting; Brighton, Michigan; Transfer: Mic higan State; ABS. PHIL MILLER; B.S.; Marketing; Des Moines, iowa; DAVID PRIOR B.S.; Finance; Minneapolis, M i n n.; Transfer: College. DEAN ALYN OATES; B.S.; Finance; Santa Rosa, Calif.; Transfer: Santa Rosa JC. WILLIAM HUGH O ' NEILL JR.; B.S. Attleboro Falls, Mass.; Transfer: Ohio Univ.; ΑΚΨ. WALTER DAVID B.S.; Finance; Burbank, Calif.; ΦΣΔ; Sr. Class Council. ALAN STUART PITT; B.S.; Accounting; North Hollywood, ΠΛΦ. JEROME MARTIN B.S.; Accounting; Los Angeles, Calif.; Rally Comm.; Orientation C o m Soph. Class Council. DAVID LEWIN RAY; B.S.; Accounting; Los Angeles, Calif.; LACC; ΣBX; Society. 56 business administration JIM READ; B.S.; Bus. Ad.; Santa Monica, Calif. JAMES ANTHONY REXRODE; B.S.; Personnel Management; Sunland, Calif.; Kelps; NROTC; Young Rally Comm. JOHN CLIFFORD JR.; B.S.; Los Angeles, Calif.; Transfer: E. Los Angeles Jr. College. TED GEORGE ROKOS; B.S.; Insurance; Calif.; Transfer: El Camino JC; Baseball 2; Class 3, 4. EUGENE ROSENFELD; B.S.; Accounting; Los Angeles, Calif. JAMES HOLCOMB RYAN; B.S.; Gen. Bus.; Los Angeles, Calif.; BΘΠ; Kelps. LAWRENCE EDWARD SCHNITZER B.S.; Bus. Adm.; Los Angeles, Calif.; Conning Tower; Mac Club. ROBERT FELLNER B.S.; Accounting; Los Angeles, Calif. HAROLD GENE SHANKS; B.S.; Bus. Adm.; Tenn.; Transfer: Univ. of Tenn.; AΤΩ; SAM; Finance Club; ABS. LELAND SIMON SIMON; B.S.; Office Los Angeles, Calif.; TΔΦ; Senior Honor Society. WALTER FRANCIS REARDON; B.S.; Los Angeles, Calif.; Transfer: LACC; Accounting Society. SHELDON RICHMAN; B.S.; Accounting; Los Angeles, Calif.; Univ. of Calif.; BΓΣ; Cal Men; Society; Band 3, 4. JAMES EVERETT ROE; B.S.; Bus. Ad.; Hills, Calif.; Valley Society; Senior Council. ALAN CLAUDE RONAY; B.S.; Insurance; Paris, France; AFROTC Drill Team; Mardi Gras; Insurance Society. SOLOMON D. ROSNER; B.S.; Accounting; Los Angeles, Calif.; Accounting Society; Bus. Students; Class Councils 1, 2, 3. PHILIP JAMES RYAN; B.S.; Prod, Los Angeles, Calif.; SAM; Track 1; Class Councils 1, 2. CLAUDIA SCHOTT; B.A.; Ele. Ed.; Glendora, Calif. MARVIN MAYER B.S.; Accounting; Los Angeles, Calif.; Band 1, 2. KENNETH LARISON SHAW; B.S.; Finance; Pac. Palisades, Calif.; ATΩ; Kelps. CHRISTOPHER DAVID SLOAN; B.S.; Pers. Management; Los Calif. ROBERT NORMAN REESE JR.; B.S.; Transportation and Traffic Management; Los Calif.; Trnasfer: Oregon State; TGIF Club. LAWRENCE JACK RINK; B.S.; Personnel Management Industrial Relations; Los Angeles, Calif.; Transfer: SMCC; Labor Comm. Chm. ROLAND NELSON B.S.; Santa Paula, Calif.; Assoc. Bus. Students; ANDRE RONAY; B.S.; Finance; Los Angeles, Calif.; Transfer: S. Methodist Univ.; KA; AFROTC; Sr. Class Council. CHARLES J. ROUM; B.S.; Bus. Ad.; Calif.; Transfer: John Muir College. NED K. RYDER; B.S.; Gen. Bus.; Taft, Calif.; Transfer: Bakersfield JC; ALLEN SCHROEDER; B.S.; Accounting; Calif.; Transfer; Reedley College; Society; Univ. Co-op. CECIL EUGENE B.S.; Ventura, Calif.; Transfer: Ventura JC; IFC; SAM; ABS; Accounting Society. CHESTER LAWRENCE SHUGART; B.S.; Huntington Park, Calif.; Transfer; UCLA Extension; Society. KIMBALL W. SMALL; B.S.; Prod. Riverside, Calif.; Transfer: Riverside JC; ΦΚΣ. ROBERT LEE REILLY; B.S.; Prod. Management; Algona, Iowa; Transfer: Iowa State. ERNEST ROBINSON; B.S.; Bus. Ad.; Los Calif.; Transfer: Fullerton JC. GEORGE STEPHEN ROHRIG B.S.; Accounting; Huntington Beach, Calif.; Transfer: Orange Coast College; BΓΣ; Accounting Society. MILTON ROSENBERG; B.S.; Accounting; Los Angeles, Calif.; AKΨ; AΜΓ. HOWARD WALTER RUSSELL; B.S.; Prod. Management; CoIton, Calif.; Transfer: San Bernardino Valley SAM. ZYLFO SADIKAG; B.A.; Theatre Arts; Albania; Transfer: Univ. of Rome; I House. JACK SCHWARTZMAN; B.S.; Accounting; Los Angeles, Calif.; LACC; TΔΦ. HARVEY SHAMES; B.S.; Accounting; Beverly Hills, Calif.; Society. ROBERT HAROLD IVAN SILVER; B.S.; Prod. Management; La Jolla, Calif.; Transfer: Santa Ana College; Varsity Club; SAM. STUART J. SOLIG; B.S.; Bus. Ad; Los Angeles, Calif.; TΔΦ. business 56 LEO SPIWAK; B.S.; Los Angeles, Calif.; TΕΦ. ELINOR RAE STONES; B.S.; Office L o s Angeles, Calif.; KΔ; Trolls; Rally Comm.; Class Councils 1, 2, 3, 4. SEIJI TABATA; Bus. Adm.; Los Calif.; Transfer: Sam Houston S.T. HENRY LAURANCE TINKER; B.S.; Prod. Los Angeles, Calif.; SAM. PHILIP BLYNN B.S.; Marketing; DeWitt, Mich.; Rice Institute; SAM. PETER JOHANNES WATRY JR.; B.S.; Glendale, Calif.; Transfer: College. JOHN DE WITT WILEY; B.S.; Marketing; No. Hollywood, Calif.; Transfer: Valley CLAUDE ALEXANDER STAVROULAKIS; B.S.; Accounting; Los Club; C a p t. Hurley Sqd.; Soccer, 3, Wrestling. HOWARD STRAUSS; B.S.; Accounting; Los Angeles, Calif.; Sr. Class Council. TAKAO DICK B.S.; Bus. Ad.; Terminal Island, Calif.; NBC; Accounting NORMAN ERNEST TIPTON; B.S.; Bus. Ad.; Coronado, Calif.; Transfer: Univ. North Carolina; Rifle Team. STEVE WAGNER; B.S.; Accounting; Los Calif.; ΦΣΔ; Sr Class Council. JAMES VINCENT WHEELESS; B.S.; Pasadena, Calif.; Transfer: City College; CHARLES ROBERT B.S.; Bus. Ad.; Long Beach, Calif.; KΣ; AKΨ; ABS; Air Society; Class Councils 1, 2, 3, 4. LEONARD HARRY STEIN; B.S.; Chicago, Ill.; PAUL STRUHL; B.S.; Los Angeles, Calif.; AΚΨ; AΦΩ; Hillel; Mardi Gras 1; Homecoming 1, 2, 4. THOMAS EWING B.S.; Finance; Calif.; E. Los Angeles JC; AKΨ Social Chm. BENJAMIN JOSEPH TROMBATORE; B.S.; Prod. Management; Los Angeles, Calif.; LACC; AKΨ; ABS. BERNARD LEE B.S.; Accounting; Beverly Hills, Calif.: Transfer: LACC; AKΨ; Insurance Society; ABS. PAUL HERMAN WHITE; B.S.; Marketing; Los Angeles, Calif.; LACC; AEΠ. EDWARD HOWARD WISSE; B.S.; Chicago, Ill.; Transfer: LACC. JULIAN MOSES B.S.; Los Angeles, Calif.; AΦΩ; Rifle Team; Chess Club; Homecoming. TOHRU JOHN SUZAKE; B.S.; Office Los Angeles, Calif. DAVID RICHARD TICE; B.S.; Accounting; Park, Calif.; Transfer: LACC; ΘΔΧ; Accounting S o c i e t y; SAM. EDWARD PUZANT B.S.; Bus. Ad.; Los Angeles, Calif.; Transfer: LACC; AKΨ; Photo Club. GARY ALLEN WASDEN; B.S.; Marketing; Long Beach, Calif.; Sr. List. ROGER J. WHITE; B.S.; Bus. Ad.; Alhambra, Calif.; ΔΤΔ; Football 4; Rugby 2. JOHN NELSON WOOD; B.S.; Prod. Pasadena, Calif.; Transfer: Pasadena City College; ΣN; Jr. Council. DONALD EUGENE WOODS; B.S.; Los Angeles, Calif.; Transfer: John Muir JC; TGIF Club; Ski Club; Council; ΦΦ. FLOYD WAYMAN B.S.; Elect. Eng.; No. Hollywood, Calif.; XΦ; ESUC. KEITH CLAYTON B.S.; Los Angeles, Calif.; ΤΒΠ; ESUC. ALLAN CLARK B.S.; Eng.; Calif.; Transfer: Compton JC; TBΠ; ESUC. ROBERT ALDEN BREWSTER; B.S.; Eng.; No. Hollywood, Cal if.; TKE; ESUC; Class Councils 3, 4. JOHN FRANCIS BURKE; B.S.; Aero. Eng.; Calif.; Transfer: El Camino JC; ZΨ; URA; ESUC. JAMES ERNEST COLE; B.S.; Engineering; Baldwin Park, Calif.; Transfer: Mt. San College. JOHN BERTIL Mech. Eng.; Pasadena, Calif.; Transfer: Pasadena City College; Engineering Group. VERNON ANDREW DORRELL JR.; B.S.; Elect. Eng.; North Hollywood, Calif.; Transfer: LACC; ESUC; IRE. VIKTOR EVTUHOV; B.S.; Eng.; Los Calif.; Transfer: LACC; TBΠ. ROBERT STEPHEN B.S.; Elect. Eng.; Tustin, Calif.; Transfer: Santa Ana College; TBΠ; AΓΣ; ESUC. LAWRENCE HARVEY ANDERSON; B.S.; Civil Eng.; Topanga, Calif.; ESUC; NROTC. WILLIAM JOHN BAUCHWITZ; B.S.; Eng.; No. Hollywood, Calif.; ESUC. JACK B. BIRDSALL; B.S.; Elect. Eng.; Calif.; Transfer: Compton JC. JOSEPH STANDLEY BRUMBELOW; B.S.; Lomita, Calif.; Transfer: LACC. JOEL CHANEY; B.S.; Eng.; Los Angeles, Calif.; Transfer: El JC. ROBERT BRUCE B.S.; Elect. Eng.; Puente, Transfer: LACC. DONALD BURTON DAY; B.S.; Mech. Eng.; Los Angeles, Calif.; SMCC; ESUC. WALTER LEWIS JR.; B.S.; Eng.; Los Angeles, Calif.; XΦ; ΤΒΠ; Conning Tower. THOMAS ROBERT B.S.; Structural Eng.; L o s Calif. RICHARD GOLDEN, B.S.; Electronics; Calif.; San Bernardino JC; ESUC. DAVID LEROY BAHRS; B.S.; Elect. Eng.; Culver City, Calif.; Univ. of Calif.; TBΠ. ALFRED ANTHONY BEELER; B.S.; Los Angeles, Calif.; Transfer: El Camino JC; ΦΚΨ; ESUC. EDWARD OLIVER B.S.; Electronics; Long Beach, Calif.; Transfer: Long City College; TBΠ. LEONARD FRANCIS BUCHANAN; B.S.; Systems; Calif.; Univ. of Redlands; KΣΣ; TBΠ; ESUC. THEODORE EDWARD CHAVANNES; B.S.; Eng.; Los Angeles, Calif.; ΛXA; TBΠ; ESUC. LOUIS PAUL B.S.; Los Angeles, Calif.; ESUC; Sr. Class Council. ARNOLD EUGENE DEVINE; B.S.; Eng.; Los Angeles, Calif.; LACC; ESUC. JAMES LEE DYER; B.S.; Chem. Eng.; Glendale, Calif.; ΘΞ; ESUC; MAB. LOREN PETER FRON K; B.S.; Eng.; Culver City, Calif.; Transfer: SMCC; TBΠ; ΓΔ; ESUC; IRE; AIEE. JAMES STANLEY GOULD; B.E.; Eng.; Los Angeles, Calif. JOHN SAMUEL BAILEY; B.S.; Mech. Eng.; Calif.; Pasadena City TBΠ; Sr. Class Council. FRIEDRICH GORDON BENHARD; B.S.; Auburn, Calif.; TBΠ; ESUC; DALE DARRELL BRADY; B.S.; Eng.; Santa Calif.; Transfer: LACC; TBΠ. RONALD MARCUS BUNDY; B.S.; Mech. Eng.; Panajachel, Transfer: B ro w n Military JC; TBΠ; Y Coop. DONALD EDWIN COLE; B.S.; Elect. Eng.; Par k, Calif.; Transfer: Mt. San College; ESUC. WILLIAM DAVID CUTLER; B.S.; Elect. Eng.; Sherman Oaks, Calif.; ESUC. FRED JOHN DI MAIO; B.S.; Eng.; Los Calif.; ALFONSO SOTO ESCOBOSA; B.S.; Elect. Eng.; Long Bea c h, Calif.; Transfer: Long Beach City College; ESUC; CMAE. WILLIAM SADAO B.S.; Elect. Eng.; Los Angeles, Calif.; T ransfer: of Mich. SHIRLEY LEE GRINDLE; B.S.; Mech. Eng.; Long Beach, Calif.; Transfer: Univ. of Calif.; ESUC; ASME Sec. 56 engineering engineering 56 ROLAND THOMAS HALL; B.S.; Electronics; Detroit, Mich.; Univ. of New Hampshire; IRE; Society. ALEXANDER ROBERT HICKS; B.S.; Woodland Hills, Calif.; ESUC; IRE. ANTHONY GEORGE B.S.; Eng.; Los Angeles, Calif.; LACC; TBΦ; ESUC. WARREN JURAN; B.S.; Electronics; New York City, N. Y.; ΣΦΔ; ESUC; IRE. HARVEY KAWAI; B.A.; Chem. Eng.; Santa Monica, Calif.; Santa Monica City Coll. RICHARD L. KREBS; B.S.; Eng.; Los Calif.; ESUC. CHARLES EDWIN B.S.; Industrial Eng.; Schenectady, N.Y.; Transfer: Union College; AΦΩ; Gold Key; ESUC; Board. LAURENCE ROSS B.S.; Mech. Eng.; L o s Angeles, Calif.; Transfer: LACC; TAE; ESUC. JOSE LUIS MOREA; B.S.; Mech. Eng.; Aires, Argentina; Transfer: Univ. of Aires. LINCOLN DOUGLAS B.S.; Eng.; Long Beach, Calif.; Transfer: Long Beach City College; ESUC. JACK EDWARD B.S.; Eng.; Calif.; Transfer: Ventura College; ESUC. DONALD A. HOLMES; B.S.; Eng.; Glendale, Calif.; Transfer: College; ATΩ. EVAN WINTHROP JONES; B.S.; Chem. Eng.; Downey, Calif.; ESUC. HAROLD KARPIN; B.A.; Chem. Eng., Los Calif. HAROLD MARTIN B.S.; Eng.; San Gabriel, Calif.; Pasadena City ESUC. DAVID K. KURAHASHI; B.S.; Elect. Eng.; Los Angeles, Calif.; ESUC; IRE. THOMAS ALEXANDER LONG; B.S.; Eng.; Los Angeles, Calif.; ATΩ; ESUC; Young FRANK WILLIAM MEYER; B.S.; Mech. Eng.; Glendale, Calif.; Transfer: Glendale City College; RICHARD KEITH B.E.; Elect. Power; Los Angeles, Calif.; Transfer: JC. JAMES YELVERTON PAYTON; B.S.; Elect. Eng.; Los Angeles, Class Councils I, 2, 3. LOUIS MICHAEL B.S.; Eng.; Los Angeles, Calif.; lAS; IER; ESUC. WARREN ELTON B.S.; Mech. Eng.; L o s Calif.; AΣΦ; ESUC. CARL EUGENE JOYCE; B.A.; Mech. E n g.; Beach G r o v e, Ind.; Transfer: Indiana Univ. YADIM A. KARPENKO; B.S.; Mech. Eng.; Los Angeles, Calif.; Univ. of Florida. LEONARD MALCOLM KNIGHT; B.S.; Mech. Eng.; Sherman Oaks, Calif.; Transfer: LACC; TΒΠ; ESUC. ELMER MILTON B.S.; Nuclear Eng.; Saugus, Calif.; Transfer: Vallley TBΠ; ESUC. G. EARL LUCAS; B.S.; Electro-Mechanical Hawthorne, Calif.; ESUC; URA; Sr. Class Council. LARRY RAY MILLSAP; B.S.; Electronics; South Gate, Calif.; Sr. ESUC. MITSUAKI NODA; B.S.; Eng.; San Francisco, Calif.; Transfer: Tech. College; ESUC; Nisei IRE. NORMAN W. B.S.; Eng.; Calif.; Bakersfield College. JACK EUGENE HEWES; B.S.; Civil Eng.; Santa Ana, Calif.; Transfer: Santa Ana JC. ROBERT MARTIN B.S.; Aero. Eng.; Sun Valley, Calif.; Transfer: Valley JC; TΒΠ; lAS. JOHN HENRY JOYCE; B.S.; Electronics; Calif.; ESUC. NAHU KATO; B.S.; Eng.; L o s Angeles, Calif.; HBC; ESUC Treas. BRUCE KENNETH B.S.; Electronics Option; Los Angeles, Calif.; AΓΩ; ESUC. LYMAN ELLIS JR.; B.S.; Process Eng.; Santa Monica, Calif.; S M C C; ESUC. EDGAR SAMUEL B.S.; Civil Eng.; Long Calif.; VERNON EUGENE MONDT; B.S.; Eng.; Shenandoah, Iowa; Transfer: Mason JC. JERRY NORA; B.S.; Eng.; Los Angeles, Calif.; Transfer: LACC. STANLEY PLASS; B.E.; Elect. Eng.; Los Calif.; Transfer: USC; ΦΕΠ. 56 engineering RONALD PLUE; B.S.; Mech. Eng.; Los Angeles, Calif.; ESUC; Sr. Class Council. MARK REICHARD; B.S.; Mech. Eng.; Los Calif.; ESUC; URA; Bruin. WILLIAM FRANCIS ROSENTHAL; B.S.; Eng.; Panorama City, Calif.; TBΠ; ESUC; lAS; IRE. DAVID LOREN B.S.; Mech. Eng.; San Gabriel, Calif.; ESUC; Group. JACK ERWIN SHUPPER; B.S.; Elect. Eng.; North Hollywood, Calif.; Transfer: LACC; ESUC. LOUIS ALLEN SOBEL; B.S.; E n g.; Beverly Hills, Calif.; Varsity Club. REUBEN DAVIS JR.; B.S.; Mech. Eng.; Anaheim, Calif.; ΛXA; TBΠ ; ESUC; Arnold Air Class Councils 3, 4. J. DONALD B.S.; Ind. Eng.; Los Angeles, Calif.; Transfer: Univ. of ESUC. RICHARD GIFFIN B.S.; Mechanical Eng.; San Fernando, Calif.; Transfer: Valley JC; BΘΠ; Kelps; ΦΦ. WILLIAM LEE POESCH; B.S.; Mech. Eng.; Los Angeles, Calif.; TBΠ; ESUC; URA. TOMMY JACK B.S.; Elec t. Eng.; Newton, Kansas; TBΠ; ESUC. RONALD ROTH; B.S.; Eng.; Buffalo, N.Y.; AIEE; IRE; ESUC; URA. IVAN PAWEL B.S.; Eng.; L o s Calif. NEAL CONRAD B.S.; Torrance, Calif.; Transfer: El College; TBΠ. ROGER B. SPERLING; B.S.; Eng.; Saginaw, Mich.; ESUC. ROBERT LESTER THORNE; B.S.; Los Calif.; Transfer: LACC. JIM YASUO WADA; B.S.; Eng.; Harbor City, Calif.; Transfer: El JC; TBΠ; ESUC; Nisei Bruins. ROBERT JOHN WISE; B.S.; Aeronautical Eng.; Los Angeles, Calif.; ESUC; AAS. NORMAN QUAN; B.S.; Electronics; Los Cali f.; EΠΔ; ESUC; Sr. Class MIKE ROBERTO; B.S.; Electronics; Pasadena, Calif.; ΔX; ESUC. GENE FRANK RUPNIK; B.S.; Elect. Eng.; Milwaukee, Wis.; ESUC; Bruin Band. SOL SCOPE; B.S.; Eng.; Los Angeles, Calif.; ΠΛΦ. EDWARD LAFAYETTE SMITH; B.S.; General Eng.; Los Angeles, Calif.; ΣX; ESUC. ROBERT ERWIN B.S.; Eng.; Los Angeles, Calif.; ΔTΔ; ΦΦ. JACK EVANS TROST; B.S.; Eng.; Sherman Calif.; Acacia; AΦΩ; ESUC; Sr. Class Council; Orientation. WILLIAM HAROLD WHATLEY; B.S.; Elect. Eng.; Taft, Calif.; Transfer: Taft JC; ESUC. WING JEUNG WONG; B.S.; Electronics; Los Angeles, Calif. JACK RAPPAPORT; B.S.; Civil Eng.; Calif. DON THEODORE ROMINE; B.S.; Santa Monica, Calif.; Transfer: Calif. Institute of T e c h.; ESUC; Sr. Class Coun. LLOYD EDWIN SAGER JR.; B.S.; Mech. Eng.; Long Beach, Calif.; Transfer: Long Beach City College; URA. LEONARD RAY SHARPE; B.S.; Eng.; Inglewood, Calif.; Transfer: El College; ESUC. RAY CARL SNIDER; B.S.; Eng.; El Centro, Calif.; Transfer: LACC; ESUC. NORITO ROBERT B.S.; Los Angeles, Calif.; ESUC; NBC. JOHN ANTHONY VAN KOEVERING; B.S.; Eng.; Rialto, Calif.; Transfer: San Diego State; ESUC. HORST WICHMANN; B.S.; Eng.; San Calif.; Varsity Club; ESUC; LSA. CONRAD WOO; B.S.; Elect. Eng.; Los Calif.; Transfer: LACC; E S U C; TBΠ; IRE; EΠΔ; Sr. Council. letters and science 56 JAY S. ABARBANEL; B.A.; Anthro; Jersey City, N. J.; Transfer: Univ. of Texas; ΠΛΦ. DONALD BARRETT B.A.; Phoenix, Ariz.; Transfer: Univ. of Ariz.; AΣΦ. JOCELYN LEIGH B.A.; Math; Long Beach, Calif.; Transfer: Long Beach City College; Wesley Foundation. RICHARD EDWARD B.S.; Sepulveda, Calif.; Mac Club; AFROTC Drill Team; Geological Society. MARGARET ANN B.S.; Chemistry; San Gabriel, Calif.; Transfer: Univ. of Fla.; SAACS; URA; Sr. Council. SUZAN BARKER; M.A.; Poli. Sci.; Istanbul, Turkey. PETER VAN DOREN BARRETT; B.A.; Montrose, Calif.; Band; Campus Hall; Welfare Board; Assoc.; URA. ALFRED CHARLES BELL; B.A.; Geography; Calif.; MAC ARTHUR BECKER; B.A.; Sociology; CaIif.; Frosh Class Pres.; Yeomen; Gold Key; Comm.; Homecoming. JOHN MENNINGER BEHR; B.A.; Math.; Los Angeles, Calif.; LACC; Math Assoc. of America. DORIS MARDI B.A.; Los Angeles, Calif.; ΣK; AWS; YWCA; Sr. Class WILLIAM CHARLES AHERN; B.A.; English; Northridge, Calif.; Transfer: Valley JC. RICHARD ROE ALLEN; B.A.; Geography; Colo.; Transfer: Adams St a 1 e; Christian KATHERINE SUSAN ARMSTRONG; B.A.; English; Monrovia, Calif.; Transfer: Citrus JC. MIRA AVERBUCH; B.A.; Anthropology; TelAviv, Israel. RICHARD EARL B.A.; Poli. Sci.; Los Angeles, Calif.; Transfer: SMCC; SHIRLEY RUTH B.A.; English; Los Angeles, Calif. CHESTER ANDREW BEAN; B.A.; Math.; Venice, Calif.; ACACIA; URA. BARBARA SUE B.A.; English; Los Angeles, AEΦ President. SUZANNE ELIZABETH B.A.; History; Santa Barbara, Calif.; Transfer: Univ. of Colo.; XΩ; Sr. Class Council; Ski Club. BRUCE ADAMS; B.A.; Spanish; Park, Transfer: LACC; JOYCE DUBIN B.A.; Los Angeles, Calif. FRANK MANUEL B.A.; Spanish; Los Angeles, Calif.; Transfer: Pasadena City College; ARTHUR LEE ASKINS; B.A.; Latin American Studies; Long beach, Calif.; Transfer Long Beach City College; Acacia. MARLENE ANN B.A.; Ele. Ed.; Los Angeles, Calif.; Transfer: LACC; DON JEROME BARNES; B.A.; Religion; Encino, Calif.; Transfer: Cal. Institute of Technology. CAROLE VERA BASKIN; B.A.; Poli. Sci.; San Francisco, Calif.; Northwestern Univ.; ΣΔΤ. SANDRA CHARLLOTTE BEARDSLEE; B.A.; Ed.; Pasadena, Calif.; Transfer: Stanford Univ.; KKΓr; URA. SANDRA ELAINE BEEBE; B.A.; English; Long Beach, Calif.; KKΓ; Spurs; AWS Treas.; OCB; RCB; Orientation. JOANNE DARLENE BENDER; B.A.; English; Los Angeles, Calif.; AΛΔ; XΔΠ; ΦΒK; Mac Club; SJB; Board; URA. THOMAS DEWITT B.A.; Elem. Ed.; Riverside, Calif.; Riverside College; KAΨ. WALTER WILLIAM B.A; Poli. Sci.; Los Angeles, Calif.; Band 4. MARILYN JOYCE B.A.; English; Los Angeles, Calif. MARION ATHEARN; B.A.; International Lima, Peru; KAΘ; I Board. BARBARA SUSAN BALTER; B.A.; Los Angeles, Calif.; ΦΣΣ; RaIly Comm.; Camp; Women ' s Week. GLEN DALE BARNES; B.A.; Physics; Pacific Palisades, Calif.; Transfer: Calif. Polytechnic. ARLAND REESE B.A.; English; Salt Lake City, Utah; Transfer: LACC. BARBARA ANN BECKER; B.A.; Gen. Ele. Ed.; Los Angeles, Calif.; Transfer: LACC; AOΠ; Class Council 3, 4. ROBERT ISAAC BEHAR; B.A.; Poli. Sci.; Encino, Calif.; Arnold Air LYNN ELSA B.A.; Pub. Los Angeles, Calif.; Transfer: Univ. of Calif.; AWS. 56 letters and science HILARY KATHLEEN BENNETT; B.A.; Psych.; Altadena, Calif.; Transfer: Pasadena City College; Club; URA. JAY STARRETT BERGER; B.A.; English; Los Calif.; ΦΣΔ. BETTY BERNARD; B.S.; Pre-Med.; St. Louis, Missouri; Transfer: Univ. of Mo. ARUNKUMAR DWARKADAS BHATIA; B.A.; Economics; Bombay, India; Sr. Council; I Board; I House. CYRIL VAUGHN BIRD; B.A.; Geology; Los Angeles, Calif.; Transfer: Utah State Agricultural College; GSUCLA. KATHERINE MARIE BLICKHAHN B.A.; HiIo, Hawaii; Transfer: Pomona AΦ; Mortar Board; I Board; Model UN. WILLIAM EVERETT BOUCK JR.; B.A.; Balboa, Calif.; Transfer: Orange Coast JC; ΣN. PRISCILLA JEAN ; B. A.; Primary Ed.; Beverly Hills, Calif.; ΣΔΤ; NSA; AWS. ROSANNA JANE BREESE; B.A.; French; Santa Monica, Calif.; SMCC. ARLENE DORIS BROOKS; B.A.; History; Calif.; Sr. Class Council; Swim Show. JACOB NATAN B.A.; Relations; Tel Aviv, Israel; LACC. VIRGINIA JANE B.A.; Education; Beverly Hills, Calif.; ΠΒΦ. DOLORES BERNSTEIN; B.A.; Art History; New York, N.Y.; Transfer: Balyn College. STANLEY MELVIN BIERMAN; B.A.; Zoology; Los Angeles, Calif.; ΦΣA; ΦΒK ; UCLA Med. Honors Program. RICHARD ALLEN BLAINE; B.S.; Physics; Beverly Hills, Calif.; Class Councils 1, 4. MARTHA IRENE B.A.; Education; Whittier, Calif.; Univ. of Oregon; JOSEPH AMEDEE B.A.; History; Los Angeles, Calif.; Commuters Rep.; SLC; ΑΦΩ; Model UN. JOANNE EILEEN BOYD; B.A.; Poli. Sci.; Los Angeles, Calif.; Occidental College; Young MARC ALVIN BRENNER; B.A.; Poli. Sci.; Los Angeles, Calif.; UCSB; ΣΠ; ΠΣΑ. JOAN ALICE B.A.; Education; Alhambra, Calif.; Transfer: John Muir JC; ΔΔΔ. PHILIP ALVIN BENSON; B.S.; Chemistry; Long Beach, Calif.; Transfer: Long Beach City Acacia. BERNARD BYRON BERK; B.A.; Sociology; Los Angeles, Calif.; LACC. DOROTHY PATRICIA BERRY; B.A.; Math.; Pasadena, Calif.; Transfer: Pasaden a City College; Hershey Hall; Folk Dancing. YVETTE PHYLLIS B.S.; Education; Los Angeles, URA; Sr. Class Council. ELEANOR FRANCES BLASBERG; B.S.; Beverly Hills, Calif.; SAACS; OCB; Red Cross; Bruin. RICHARD LEE BORUN; B.S.; Poli. Sci.; Los Angeles, Calif.; ΠΛΦ Pres.; Gold Key Pres.; Pres.; Yeoman Vice-Pres. SUZANNE MAE B.A.; English; Los Angeles, Calif.; Transfer: LACC; ΔΓ; Model Josie; WILLIAM FREDERICK BRAINARD; B.A.; Poli. Sci.; Sherman Oaks, Calif.; Transfer: Valley JC; Barristers; Sr. Class Council. CAROLINE DEANE BRIGGS; B.A.; Relations; Oregon; ΔZ; I House; Model UN; Class Councils 1, 2, 3, 4. AUDREY CAROL BROWN; B.A.; Ele. Ed.; Los Angeles, Calif.; A0Π; ΦΒK; Council. JANICE ELLA BERCAW; B.A.; Ele. Ed.; Los Calif.; Transfer: Douglass College; Mac Club. HARRY STANFORD B.A.; Poli. Sci.; Los Angeles, Calif.; Hillel. IRENE GRAZINA B.A.; Los Angeles, Calif.; I House. DAVID ARTHUR Poli. Sci.; Los Angeles, Calif.; Class Councils 1, 2, 3, 4. JOSEPH HOFER BLATCHFORD; B.A.; Poli. Sci.; Beverly Hills, Calif. GERALD REED BOTT; B.A.; Zoology; Los Calif.; Mac Club; Class Councils 3, 4. WILLIAM GEORGE BOWEN B.A.; Geology; Kelseyville, Calif.; Transfer: El JC; GSUCLA. DIANE ELIZABETH BRANDT; B.A.; English; Los Angeles, Calif.; Transfer: USC; PATRICIA HALLIDAY BRINKMAN; B.A.; Los Angeles, Calif.; Transfer; Univ. of Calif. WILL BROWN; B.A.; History; San Francisco, Calif. letters and science 56 ROBERT BROWNSTEIN; B.A.; Poli. Sci.; Los Angeles, Calif.; ZBT; Kelps; Camp Board. MARY-ANN BUFORD; B.A.; Psychology; Los Angeles, Calif.; AKA; Panel of Americans; Project India; UN; Fall Drive. ELAINE BURKE; B.A.; Anthropology; Los Calif.; Transfer: LACC. THOMAS MICHAEL BUTCH; B.A.; Poli. Sci.; Long Beach, Calif.; Transfer: Long Beach City College. DAVID MARVIN CARLBERG; B.A.; Los Angeles, Calif.; KN ; AXΣ; SAACS. ROSALIE SHEILA B.A.; Psych.; Los Angeles, Calif. YVETTE CHAPIRO; B.A.; French; Beverly Hills, Calif.; AMΓ; ΠΑΦ. SARA B.A.; Psych.; Los Angeles, Calif. JOYCE LOUISE CLASEN; B.A.; English; Los Calif.; ASUCLA Vice Pres.; Cal Club; Mortar Board; SLC. LAWRENCE JOSEPH COHEN; B.A.; English; Los Angeles, Calif.; CARYL VELMA BROX; B.A.; Ele. Ed.; Long Beach, Calif.; Transfer: Long Beach City KAΘ. JOAN CLAUDETTE BUIE; B.A.; Ele. Ed.; Los Angeles, Calif.; URA; Mac Club. ROBERT EARL BURKE; B.A.; Poli. Sci.; Los Angeles, Calif.; Geo. Washington Univ.; PATRICIA MILLS B.A.; L o s Angeles, Calif.; Transfer: UCSB; NANCY CAROLYN CARLSON; B.A.; Gen. Ele.; Los Angeles, Calif.; ΔΓ; Bruin; AWS; Class Councils 3, 4. RUDY A. CASTRO; B.S.; Sociology; Los Calif.; Transfer: LACC. WILMA ROLLAND CHARTKOFF; B.S.; Los Angeles, Calif.; Rally Comm.; Welfare Board; MISAKO CHIWAKI; B.A.; Math.; San Francisco, Calif.; AMΓ; Nisei Bruin Club Sec. JOHN ELLIOTT CLINE; B.A.; History; Los Calif.; Transfer; LACC. JETIVE GOWER COHN; B.A.; English; Long Beach, Calif.; Transfer: Long Beach City Campus Crusade; Pan Americans. KAREN LUCILLE BRUCE; B.A.; Prim. Ed.; Calif. DAVID RICHARD BULLOCK; B.A.; Zoology; Tujunga, Calif. EVELYN BEDDY B.A.; Ele. Ed.; Los Angeles, Calif.; Transfer: LACC; Helen Matthewson Club; Psych Club. PAULINE CAMERON; B.A.; English; Fort St. John, Canada; Queens Univ. AMPARO CASILLAS; B.A.; Spanish; Santa Monica, Calif.; Pasadena City CAROLYN CATHER; B.A.; Spanish; Los Calif.; XΩ. GARY CHENKIN; B.A.; Geography; San Diego, Calif.; ZBT; URA; Class Councils 1, 4. CHENG CHUEN CHOU; B.A.; Zoology; Malaya. MELVYN JULES COBEN; B.S.; Poli. Sci.; Los Angeles, Calif.; ΠΣA; ΠΚΔ; SJB; SAB; IRC; Model UN; URA. LOUISE COKER; B.A.; Psych.; Los Angeles, Calif.; AWS; URA; Fall Drive; Mardi Gras; So. Campus. ROBERT MILTON BRUMBAUGH; B.A.; Geology; Van Nuys, Calif.; Glendale City ΘΞ; Geological Society. ROSLYN B.A.; Ele. Ed.; San Diego, Calif.; Transfer: San Diego State; ΔΦE President; AΛΔ. WALKER ADAMS BUSH; B.A.; Poli. Sci.; Los Angeles, Calif.; ΛXA; Wesley Foundation; NSA; ΑΦΩ; Model UN; Homecoming. SYLVIA CAPETILLO; B.A.; Poli. Sci.; Los Angeles, Calif.; AOΠ. BETTY ANN CASPERSON; B.A.; Ele. Ed.; Canoga Park, Calif.; Transfer: Univ. of Washington; CSTA. DONALD GEORGE CHAMPLIN; B.A.; Poli. Sci.; Altadena, Calif.; Conning Tower; IFC Vice Pres.; Uni Camp. LOUISE SARA B.A.; Sociology; Beverly Hills, Calif.; Transfer, Syracuse Univ. CHERE CHRETIEN; B.A.; Ele. Ed.; San Antonio, Texas; Transfer: LACC; AKA. SHELDON ARMAND B.S.; Zoology; Los Angeles, Calif.; Transfer; Univ. of Ill.; ROBERT JOSEPH COMBS; B.A.; Poli. Sci.; Los Calif.; Sr. Class Council. 56 letters and science BEVERLY ANN COOPER; B.A.; Speech; Calif.; Transfer; Pasadena City Colege; ΦB. CAROLYN FAE COULTER; B.A.; Prim. Ed.; Calif.; Transfer: John Muir JC; KΔ; AWS; Class Councils, 2, 4. JOHN ELLYSON B.S.; Zoology; Los Angeles, Calif.; Mac Club; Class 3, 4; Hurley Sqd. DOROTHEA B.A.; Ele. Ed.; Los Calif.; Wings; Shell Oar; Gude ' s Fashion Board; Sr. Class Council. THEODORE E. B.A.; Spanish; Los Angeles, Calif.; Transfer: Univ. of ΘX; ΣΔΠ. CHESTER JOHN DEUTSCH; B.A.; Pasadena, Calif.; Transfer: John Muir JC; ROBERT GARING JR.; B.S.; Chem.; Beverly Hills, Calif.; Transfer: Univ. of ΠKA; SAACS. NICHOLAS DROOGAS; B.S.; History; New York City, N.Y.; Transfer: SMCC; Cal Men. FREDRIC GA RY DUNN; B.A.; Psych.; No. Calif.; Hillel; URA. SUZANNE EGGLESTON; B.A.; Zoology; No. Hollywood, Calif.; Chimes; AΛΔ; Mortar Board Pres.; SJB; OCB Chairman. RONALD HARRISON COOPER; B.A.; Poli. Sci.; Los Angeles, Calif.; Orientation; Homecoming; Sunshine Comm. JOHN WARNKE COX; B.A.; Geology; Los Calif.; Transfer: Univ. of Housten; RICHARD WILLIAM CRESSWELL; B.A.; Ele. Ed.; Seattle, Wash.; Transfer: Compton JC; URA; Band; Club; Orchestra. FRANCES LOUISE B.A.; Psych.; Hollywood, Calif.; Transfer: LACC; AWS. FERNANDO RENE DEL RIO; B.A.; Relations; Los Angeles, Calif.; BΣT; Council for the Education. JOAN AGNES DE YOUNG; B.A.; Ele. Ed.; North Hollywood, Calif. NORMAN M. DOLIN; B.S.; Poli. Sci.; Los Angeles, Calif.; TΔΦ Pres. LLOYD GEORGE DRUM; B.A.; Psych.; White Plains, N.Y.; Transfer: Mass. Institute of Tech.; Wesley Foundation. LESTER BROOKS EAST; B.A.; Poli. Sci.; Long Beach, Calif.; Transfer: Long Beach City ΔX; AΓΣ. EDWARD EISENSTEIN; B.A.; Psychology; Los Angeles, Calif.; LACC. JANE CORDS; B.A.; Relations; Venice, Calif.; Model UN; Commuters Council. DAVID CRABTREE; B.S.; Santa Monica, Calif. ALLAN BERNARD B.A.; History; Los Angeles, Calif.; Transfer: LACC. FRANK DORRINGTON DAVIS; B.A.; Compton, Calif.; Transfer: JC. MARGARET YVONNE DE NEVERS; M.A.; Los Angeles, Calif.; GSA. JAMES LOWELL B.A.; South Gate, Calif.; Transfer: JC; AΓΩ. DOUGLAS ALAN B.A.; Poli. Sci.; Los Angeles, Calif.; Yeomen; Gold Key; Student Board URC; Mardi Gras. JEAN DUDRA; B.A.; History, Bakersfield, Calif. THOMAS ADOLPH B.A.; History; Los Angeles, Calif.; Transfer: LACC; Sr. Class Council; Hillel. BARBARA JOAN ELLIS; B.A.; Primary Ed.; Calif.; El Camino JC; KΔ; Song Leader. SANDRA DIANE COTT; B.S.; Gen. Ele. Ed.; Newark, New Jersey; Hillel. EDWARD ALFRED JR.; B.A.; Poli. Sci.; Los Angeles, Calif.; ΦΚΣ; Connning Tower ; Cal - Vets; Young Republicans. COLLEEN ANNE B.A.; Ele. Ed.; Los Angeles, Calif. ANNA de BOER; B.A.; Ele. Ed.; Visalia, Calif.; Transfer: of the Sequoias; AΔX. HELEN DEPNER; B.A.; Ele. Ed.; Los Angeles, Calif.; Transfer: LACC. BARBARA RUTH B.A.; Ele. Ed.; Los Angeles, Calif.; Hillel; Sr. Class Council. IRV EDMUND B.A.; Poli Sci.; Los Angeles, Calif.; TEΦ; Project India; Cal CIub; ASUCLA Pres.; Gold Key; ROLAND DUNG; B.S.; Chemistry; Los Cali f.; EΠΔ; DON EGAN; B.A.; Pittsburgh, Pa.; Psyc. TIMMY ELLMAN; B.A.; Poli. Sci.; Los Angeles, Calif. letters and science 56 BARBARA GAIL B.A.; Welfare Board; NSA; Bruin; LOREN FALEY; B.A.; History; Los Angeles, Calif.; Transfer: LACC. BARBARA JEAN B.A.; Bacteriology; Santa Monica, Calif. MELVIN DANIEL FLAMM JR.; B.A.; Pre-Med.; Los Angeles, Calif.; AUDREE VERNEE B.S.; Chemistry; Los Angeles, Calif.; Univ. Young Rally Comm.; SAACS V. Pres.; RONALD SHERWIN FREEMAN B.S.; Chicago, Ill.; Transfer: LACC; Music Service Board; Fall Drive. ROBERT BRUCE B.S.; Zoology; Long Beach, Calif.; Transfer: Long Beach City College. KUNIHIKO FUKUDA; B.A.; Poli. Sci.; Kyoto, Japan; Transfer: Sacramento JC. LEROY STANLEY B.A.; History; Los Angeles, Calif.; Transfer: LACC; Mac Club. MARY LOUISE GEORGE; B.A.; Ele. Ed.; Los Calif.; Transfer: ELAJC; Newman Club; CSTA. GEORGENE EMBREE; B.A.; Primary Ed.; Palm Springs, Calif.; Mac Club; Sr. Class Council. LEON ALEX FARLEY; B.A.; English; Venice, Calif.; Cricket Capt.; Soccer Capt.; Rugby; Varsity Club. MARSHALL FICHMAN; B.S.; Pre-Med.; Los Calif.; Transfer: Harvard Univ.; DOLORES FAY FLOOD; B.A.; Ele. Ed.; Calif.; Transfer: L A C C; AΞΔ; Mac Club; Class 3, 4. SONDRA FOX; B.A.; Education; Beverly Hills; Calif.; KAΘ. CHARLES LESLIE FRIES; B.A.; Poli. Sci.; Ariz.; AMS Exec. Board. HELEN AKIKO B.A.; Sociology; Los Angeles, Calif.; Transfer: Western Univ.; XAA. FRANCES LEAH B.A.; History Los Angeles, Calif.; Transfer: Hunter College; Hillel; CSTA; Education Club. RAY HAMILTON JR.; B.A.; History; Miami Shores, Florida; Transfer: Duke Univ.; NICHOLAS GIORDANO; B.A.; Geology; North Hollywood, Calif.; Transfer: Valley GSUCLA. JOYCE ELEANOR B.A.; Elem. Ed.; Los Angeles, Calif. APRIL JOY FENRICH; B.A.; Ele. Ed.; Santa Monica, Calif.; Chaffey College; Class Councils 2, 3, 4. DWIGHT B.S.; Chemistry; Sunland, Calif.; Transfer: City College; SAACS. LAWRENCE MONTY FOLEY; B.A.; Ele. Ed.; Los Angeles, Calif.; Transfer: LASC. LEONARD SAMUEL FRANK; B.A.; Poli. Sci.; North Hollywood, Calif.; Transfer: LACC; NSA; I House; Society. DANIEL FRIEDMAN; B.A.; Meteorology; Los Angeles, Calif.; MARTHA YASUKO B.A.; Transfer: Colege; Assoc.; Pre-Med. Assoc. EARL DAVID GANDEL; B.A.; English; No. Cali f.; SONJA JUNE B.A.; Music; Los Angeles, Calif.; ΔZ; ΦΒ President. SIGNE SUZANNE B.A.; History; Long Beach, Calif.; Transfer; Stanf ord Univ.; KKΓ. ARNOLD FALCK; B.A.; Geology; New York, N.Y.; Transfer: College; Society. JACKSON FERGUSON; B.A.; Internat. Los Angeles, Calif. GEORGE FITZGERALD; B.S.; English; Calif. SALLY B.A.; Ele. Ed.; Lynwood, Calif.; Transfer: College. RONALD H. FRANK; B.S.; Poli. Sci.; No. Hollywood, Calif. SHIRLEY ESTHER B.A.; Ele. Ed.; Los Angeles, Calif.; ΦΣΣ; Women ' s Week. MARY KEIKO B.A.; Dinuba, Calif.; Transfer: Reedley XAΔ; Biology Assoc.; Pre-Med. SENECA BARRIOS B.A.; Spanish; Los Angeles, Calif.; Transfer: Denver Univ.; Spanish Club. MARY - JOAN GEAR; B.A.; Education; Santa Monica, Calif.; SMCC; Mac Club. ALBERT ARTHUR B.A.; Sociology; Los Angeles, Calif.; Transfer: LACC. 56 letters and science JOHN HAYS GOBBLE; B.A.; Sociology; No. Hollywood, Calif.; AΓΩ; ΦMA; Men ' s Glee Club. TARRANT B.A.; Geography; La Jolla, Calif.; ΘΞ. PHYLLIS OLGA GORMAN; B.A.; Education; Pasadena, Calif.; Transfer: Rosemont KΔ. SAMUEL NORTON GREENSCHLAG; B.S. ; Chemistry; Los Calif.; AXΣ. SONIA ESTELLE GROSS; B.A.; Ele. Ed.; Calif.; Transfer: Brooklyn College; " Conover House. " HARALD ROGER HAHN; B.A.; Economics; LosAngeles, Calif.; Transfer: LACC. DORE JOAN HALL; B.A.; Education; LosAngeles, Calif.;Sr. Class Council; EΠΔ; CSTA. MILDRED ELLEEN B.A.; Ele. Ed.; Los Angeles, Calif.; YWCA. DIANE KATHLEEN C. HANSON; B.A.; Zoology; Rushford, Minn. TRAVI S ALAN B.A.; English; La Habra, Calif.; Kelps; Sregs. DAVID JONATHAN JR.; B.A.; Physics; Los Angeles, Calif.; Mac Club; CHARLES EZREAL B.A.; Zoology; Los Angeles, Calif.; TΔΦ. DANIEL LEWIS GOULD; B.A.; Psych.; Altadena, Calif.; Transfer: Stanford Univ.; IX; IFC; Orientation; Daily Bruin. ROGER CASTRO GREGG; B.A.; Spanish; San Pedro, Calif.; Transfer: Harbor JC; ACACIA. RICHARD CARL GROVES; B.A.; Cleveland, Ohio; Transfer: SMCC. WILLIAM LANE HAIG; B.A.; Psych.; Los Calif.; Kelps; Swimming Team. DANIEL LAWRENCE HALLIDAY; B.A.; Math.; Los Angeles, Calif.; Transfer: LACC. MARJORIE LOUISE HAMM; B.A.; English; Los Angeles, Calif.; Transfer: E. Los JC; ΧΔΠ; YWCA; CSTA; Cosmos Club. CHARLES FITTON HARDING; B.A.; Physics; Los Angeles, Calif.; Transfer: Cal Tech. GRACE SHIZUKA HATA; B.S.; Public Health Nursing; Los Angeles, Calif.; RN Bruin. LUCIA BASMAJIAN GOLDIE; B.A.; Prim. Ed.; Alhambra, Calif.; ANGELA GORDON; B.A.; Music; Los Angeles, Calif.; Transfer: LACC; LAURENCE GREEN; B.S.; Bus. Ad.; Los Angeles, Calif.; Cal-Men, ABS. MELISSA JUNE GRIFFIN; B.A.; Education; San Marino, Calif.; Trolls; CAROL JOAN GRUND; B.S.; Ele. Ed.; Calif.; KAΘ Pres.; Greek Week. ANN PAGE HAIRE; B.S.; Pre-Social Chicago, Ill.; Transfer: LACC; I House. DAVID REX B.A.; Poli. Sci.; Lynwood, Calif.; Transfer: Compton College; Barristers; IFC; IRC. GEORGE STANLEY HANDLER; B.S.; Los Angeles, Calif.; AXΣ; AΦΩ; SAACS; URA; Welfare Board. ALAN PAUL HARRIS; B.A.; English; Los Angeles, Calif. MONICA MAE B.A.; Ele. Ed.; Arcadia, Calif.; Pomona, Calif.; AOΠ. RAY E. GONZALEZ; B.A.; International Relations; Los Angeles, Calif.; Transfer: SMCC; International Relations Club. ROSALIND JUNE B.A.; Education; San Pedro, alif.; KΔ; Wings; Class Councils 2, 4. STANLEY ALLEN GREEN; B.A.; History; Santa Barbara, Calif.; Transfer: UCSB. PLES ANDREW GRIFFIN; B.A.; Eng.; Pasadena, Calif.; Transfer: Pasadena City College; AΦA. DONALD ANTHONY HAAS; B.A.; Geology; Santa Monica, Calif.; Transfer: Duquesne Univ.; Geological Society; Newman Club. MASOUD HAKHAMIMI; B.A.; Zoology; Los Angeles, Calif. H. FLOYD HAMILTON JR.; B.A.; Pre - Law; Nashville, Tenn.; Kent State; Pershing Rifler. GERRY HANEY; B.A.; Education; Los Angeles, Calif.; AΓΔ; Spurs; AWS; Rally Comm. INA ROCHELLE B.A.; English; Los Angeles, AEΦ; Trolls; Rally Comm.; Panhellenic CounciI; SJB. GLADYS HEILIGMAN; B.A.; English; Los Angeles, Calif.; Transfer: New York Univ.; NCTE. letters and science 56 BOBBIE JEAN HEIN; B.A.; Poli. Sci.; Hollywood, Calif.; XΩ; Sr.Class Council. JOAN HERTZBERG; B.A.; Ele. Ed.; Hills, Calif.; Panhellenic Council. MARGARET HIGBEE; B.A.; Education; Palo Alto, Calif.; Transfer: Stanford Univ.; Varsity Show. JO ANN HOLMQUIST; B.A.; Ele. Ed.; Los Angeels, Calif.; ΔΔΔ. EDWARD JEN-TE B.A.; Economics; Formosa, China; Taiwan Univ. GORDON HUNT; B.A.; Poli. Sci.; Norwalk, Calif.; Transfer: LACC; Sr. Class Council. BARBARA JUNE HUTCHASON; B.A.; Psych.; Los Angeles, Calif.; Transfer: SMCC. BRIAN WILLIAM B.A.; History; Sherman Oaks, Calif. RICHARD HAROLD JACKSON; B.A.; Anthropology; Alhambra, Calif.; Transfer: City College; ΦΚΣ. RUSSELL JOHNSTON; A.B.; Physics; Los Angeles, Calif.; Transfer: SMCC. ARTHUR HENMAN; B.A.; History; Los Angeles, Calif. CARL WESLEY HEYN; B.A.; Botany; Los Calif.; AΣΦ; Pre-Med. Assoc.; URA; Biology Assoc. ROBERT LEROY HIGH; B.A.; International Relations; Ontario, Calif.; Arnold Air Society. JAMES B.S.; Phys. Ed.; Transfer: Univ. of Colorado. ROBERT H. HUBBELL; B.A.; Poli. Sci.; Los Angeles, Calif.; Key; Yeomen; Young Republicans; Lower Div. Rep. MARILYN JANET HUNT; B.A.; Ele. Ed.; Los Angeles, Calif.; Transfer: El Camino College. HELEN MICHIKO IBARAKI; B.A.; Prim. Ed.; Los Angeles, Calif.; XAΔ; Nisei Bruins. IRWIN MAURICE JACOBS; B.A.; English; Los Angeles, Calif.; Scabbard and Blade; Sr. Class Council; Welfare Board. PANDIT JANEKARNKIT; B.A.; Economics; Siam; Transfer: Claremont Men ' s SUSAN HELEN JOHNSON; B.A.; Prim. Los Angeles, Calif.; ΓΦΒ President; Panhellenic Trolls. RICHARD HENRY; B.A.; Geology; Gardena, Calif.; Transfer: El JC; ATΩ; Sr. Class Council. PATRICIA ANN HICKEY; B.A.; English; Los Angeles, Calif.; Transfer: Immaculate Heart College. YANAL OMER HIKMAT; B.A.; Economics; Jordan; Transfer: Palomar JC; RITA HORN; B.A.; Psych.; Monterey Park, Calif.; PAT HUFF; B.A.; Sociology; Long Beach, Calif.; Transfer: Long Beach City College; Shell Oar; Orientation. MARGARET LUCILLE HUNTS; B.A.; Ele. Ed.; Wilmington, CaIif.; Transfer: L.A. Harbor JC; Chimes; Mortar Board; SADIE SUMIKO B.A.; Education; Los Angeles, Calif.; Transfer: SMCC; Nisei Bruin Club. NORMAN FRANCIS JACOBS; B.A.; Psych.; Los Angeles, Calif.; Arnold Air Society. JAMES HOWARD JR.; B.A.; Psych.; Glendale, Calif.; Transfer: Glendale JC; KΣ. WARREN MARK B.A.; History; Santa Monica, Calif.; Transfer: Arkansas Teachers College; History Club. NORMA HILDEGARDE HERBER; B.A.; English; Pasadena, Calif.; Transfer: Pasadena City College; XΔΦ; ASUCLA Travel Comm. ALEX HICKS; B.S.; Electronics; Woodland Hills, Calif.; ΣΦΔ. DONNA ELIZABETH HOLMES; B.A.; Santa Monica, Calif.; Transfer: SMJC; AOΠ. DORIS ELAINE B.A.; History; Los Angeles, Calif. IRENE ADRIENNE HULL; B.A.; Ele. Ed.; CaIif.; Trolls; Shell Wings. GEORGE WILLIAM HURLER; B.A.; Geology; Huntington, Penn.; Transfer: Sacramento JC; GSUCLA. LARRY KENNETH IRION; B.A.; Music; San Bernardino, Calif.; Varsity Homecomnig Shows. EUNICE P. JACOBSON; B.A.; English; Chicago, III.; Phrateres; Class Councils 3, 4. RALPH SHERMAN JOHNSON; B.A.; Slavic Lang.; Los Angeles, Calif.; Transfer: LACC; Cosmos; I House. ELAINE BABETTE JONES; B.A.; Santa Monica, Calif.; Transfer: SMCC. 56 letters and science DAVID KENYON JORDT; B.A.; Geology; Los Angeles, Calif.; Transfer: Santa Ana College; Geology MARTA ANN KEIL; B.A.; English; Calif.; Transfer: Univ. of Oregon; ΓΦΒ. JOHN STEVENS KERR; B.A.; Poli. Sci.; Los Angeles, Calif.; LSA. CONSTANCE KILLGORE; B.A.; English; Fresno. Calif.; Transfer: UCSB; KAΘ; Class Councils 2, 3. HAIDEE LATITIA KIPPS; B.A.; Economics; Calif.; Chimes; AWS; Copy Writer, So. Campus; Cadetes. SHARON LEIGH B.A.; Prim. Ed.; Los Angeles, Calif.; AWS; Sr. Class Council; Uni Camp; Rally Comm. SUMIKO KOKETSU; B.A.; Ele. Ed.; Calif.; Transfer: Riverside College; ΔΦY; Nisei Bruin Club. HAROLD KRAUSE; B.A.; Spanish; Los Angeles, Calif.; AMΓ Pres.; CSTA. MARILYN MAE KUDELL; B.A.; Ele. Ed.; Los Calif.; KKΓ; Chimes. LEILA SUE LAMBERT; B.A.; Ele. Ed.; Los Calif.; ΦΣΣ. MOHAMED SALEH JOUKHDAR; B.A.; Economics; Saudi, Arabia; Transfer: Chico State; AMΓ; I House; IRC. JAMES THEODORE KELLER; B.S.; Psych.; Burbank, Calif. RICHARD THOMAS KERR; B.A.; Geography; Los Angeles, Calif.; TKE; Mac Club; Club; URA; Capt. Hurley Sqd. ALLENE ANN B.A.; Ele. Ed.; Long Beach, Calif.; Transfer: Long Beach City College; AΞΔ; Rally Comm. DONNA ALYCE KIRK; B.A.; Bacteriology; Concord, Calif.; Univ. of Redlands; ZTA; OCB; AWS. DONALD WILLIAM B.A.; Ele. Ed.; Los Angeles, Calif.; Transfer: El Camino College; TKE; CSTA; Jr. Class Council. BARBARA KORNBLAY; B.A.; Education; Los Angeles, Calif.; ΣΔT; Sr. Class Council; CSTA. EDGAR ALVIN KRAUT; B.A.; Physics; Los Calif.; ; Hillel; Class Councils 3, 4. MARJORIE KUHN; B.A.; Education; Manhattan Beach, Calif.; PHILLIP NOEL LA MORI; B.S.; Chemistry; Anaheim; URA. TOBY ANN KANE; B.A.; Gen. Ele. Ed.; Los Angeles, Calif.; Welfare Board; CSTA; Phrateres. DIANA KELLERMAN; B.S.; English; Los Calif.; KKΓ. GILBERT ROSS KESSER; B.A.; Sociology; Calif.; Tr ansfer: UCSB; Class Councils 2, 3, 4. YVONNE FAUST B.A.; English; Los Angeles, Calif.; YWCA; Cosmos; Wesley Foundation. NANCY NADINE KISER; B.A.; Psych; Brentwood, Calif.; Transfer: Univ. of Calif.; Sr. Class Council; URA. TONY GAILUTE B.A.; History; Los Angeles, Calif. ROBERT MILTON B.A.; Psych.; Long Beach, Calif.; Transfer; Calif.; Flying Club. FRED ALLEN KREBS; B.A.; Spanish; Rivera, Calif.; ΣΠ. JUANITA MIGUEL LAANAN; B.A.; Welfare; Duenas, Iloilo; Transfer: Uni. of the Philippines. RICHARD LAMOUREAUX; B.S.; Chemistry; Pacific Palisades, Calif.; SMCC; XΦ; SAACS. ELEANOR MASAE B.A.; Ele. Ed.; Gardena, Calif.; XAΔ; ΔΦY; Nisei Bruin. CHARLES CLARKE JR.; B.A.; English; Los Angeles, Calif.; Transfer: Univ. of ΦΔΘ; WILLIAM JAMES B.A.; Latin American Studies; Yorba Linda, Calif.; Gold Key; NSA Rep.; SLC. FRED KINGSDALE; B.S.; Los Angeles, Calif. IRWIN CHARLES KLEIN; B.A.; Psych.; Van Nuys, Calif.; TΔΦ President; Class Councils 1, 2, 3, 4. HARRIET KOMET; B.A.; Education; Los Angeles, Calif. ADRIENNE RUTH KRAUSE; B.A.; Ele. Ed.; Los Angeles, Calif.; So. Daily Bruin; URA; AWS; Hillel; Class 1, 2, 3, 4. MARLENE KATHERINE KREHBIEL; B.A.; Psych.; Long Beach, Calif.; Transfer: Whittier Dorm Council. JOHN LATSKY; B.A.; Poli. Sci.; Los Angeles, Calif. BARBARA YVETTE LANDEAU; B.A.; Sociology; Beverly Hills, Calif.; Model Josie. letters and science 56 SIMON ROBERT LANDIS; B.A.; Poli. Sci.; Los Angeles, Calif.; Young Club; Sr. Class Council. MUN FA LEE; B.S.; Chemistry; Los Angeles, Calif.; AXΣ; AMΓ; SAACS. BENJAMIN ELIA LEVIN; B.A.; Psych.; Venice, Calif.; Band; Psych Club; I House; Sr. Class Council. MARY JOANNE B.A.; Sociology; Pasadena, Calif.; Pasadena City AΔX; Christian Fellowship. FREDRIKA B.A.; Poli. Sci.; Memphis, Tenn.; Univ. of Mich.; Treas.; KEN LUI; B.S.; Chemistry; Los Angeles, Calif.; EΠΔ; UCHA. MARY FRANCES LYNN; B.S.; Psych.; Altadena, Calif.; Transfer: John Muir JC; KAΘ; Rally Comm. JANET MAC OUAT; B.A.; English; San Pedro, Calif.; KΦΖ. CLYDEEN ADELAIDE MALLOCH; B.A.; Poli. Sci.; Los Angeles, Calif.; Transfer: Univ. of Calif.; Model UN; Uni Camp. SUSANA ANTONIA MARTINEZ; B.S.; Sociology; Los Angeles, Calif.; Transfer: John Muir JC; I House; Cosmos; Newman Club. TED LEAMEN; B.A.; Psych.; Los Angeles, Calif. PETER ALBERT LEHMAN; B.S.; Chemistry; D.F.; Transfer: Cali. Inst. Technology; SAACS. EUGENE LEVITON; B.A.; Poli. Sci.; Los Angeles, Calif. RUBY LING; B.A.; Los Angeles, Calif. CHARLES WYATT JR.; B.A.; Los Angeles, Calif.; Transfer: College; Welfare Board; Model UN. JOAN LU PAU; B.A.; Ele. Ed.; Burbank, Calif.; URA; Youth Club. WILLIAM GORDEN B.A.; Geology; Van Nuys, Calif.; Society. MARIAN KATZ MAGID; B.A.; English; Los Calif.; Transfer: Goucher College; Honorary. JOHN NAIRN B.A.; Poli. Sci.; Ojai, Calif.; Transfer: Ventura College; Club; Soccer; Cricket. JAMES WILLARD B.S.; Chemistry; Los Angeles, Calif.; Masons; Class Councils 1, 2, 3, 4. NORMAN RONALD B.A.; Physics; Los Angeles, Calif. LESTER BENNETT B.A.; Sociology; Los Angeles, Calif.; Transfer: ACC; KN. JACQUELINE LOUISE LEVY; B.A.; Economics; Beverly Hills, Calif.; Mac Club. ROBERT ALAN LIPSON; B.A.; Economics; Hills, Calif.; ΦΣΔ; Spring Sing; Welfare Board. MAY YOEN LOUIE; B.A.; Ele. Ed.; Los Calif.; Chinese Club. MARIAN LURIE; B.A.; Ele. Ed.; Los Angeles, Calif.; Sr. Class Council; Glee Club. LORNA LEE MAC B.A.; Ele. Ed.; Los Angeles, Calif.; SMCC; ΠΛΘ. PHYLLIS MAE MAKUH; B.A.; Education; Los Angeles, Calif.; Mount St. Mary ' s College; AΓA; Josie Reps; Mardi Gras. BRADLEY DAVID B.A.; Poli. Sci.; Los Angeles, Calif.; TEΦ; Water Polo; Class Councils 1, 4. MARILYN DIANE B.A.; Ele. Ed,; Van Nuys, Calif.; Transfer: Occidental College; ZTA; URA; AWS. CHONG SIK LEE; B.A.; Poli. Sci.; Seoul, Korea; Transfer: Highland; SUZANNE B.A.; Ele. Ed.; San Marino, Calif.; Mortar Board V. Pres.; Chimes; AWS Treas.; SJB; Student Board. MARTIN ISAAC B.S.; Zoology; Beverly Hills, Calif.; ΠΛΦ. LILLIAN LOEFF; B.A.; Spanish; Alhambra, Calif.; AMΓ; Bus. Ed. Assoc.; Spanish Club. SARALYN SUNSHINE LOVEMAN; B.A.; Los Angeles, Calif.; Transfer: Long Beach City College; JAMES GRAY LUTER JR.; B.A.; Speech; Torrance, Calif.; Transfer: El Camino JC; Gold Key; AΦΩ; Welfare Board Ch. KARINE MACK; B.A.; Los Angeles, Calif.; Transfer: Univ. of Arizona. JOHN MALIK; B.A.; Slavic Languages Los Angeles, Calif.; URA; Geology Society; UCHA. SUE ELLEN MARQUISEE; B.A.; Education; Los Angeles, Calif.; no; Jr. Class Council. MICHAEL GEORGE B.A.; Political Sci.; Los Angeles, Calif.; Arnold Air Society; Cal Men; Capt. Hurley Sqdn. 56 and science EDWARD COSMO B.A.; Burbank, Calif.; Transfer: Columbia Univ.; AΦΩ; BΣT; AMΓ; URA; I House. BETTY McCAULEY; A.B.; Gen. Elem. Transfer: Los Angeles Valley Junior College; AΓΔ; Jr. Council. ISABELLE CLARA McELWAIN; B.A.; Botany; Granada Hills, Calif.; CSF; Helen Matthewson Club. PATRICIA ANN McMARTIN; B.A.; Education; So. Pasadena, KAΘ. WILLIAM ROBERT B.A.; Public Los Calif.; Transfer: Sacramento JC; BΣT. MARVIN DAVID B.A.; Poli. Sci.; Los Angeles, Calif.; Transfer: LACC; ΠΣΑ. KARINE CAMPBELL MOCK; B.A.; French, Los Angeles, Calif.; Transfer: Ariz.; CAROLYN LOUISE MOORE; B.A.; English; No. Hollywood, Calif.; AWS; Class Councils 2, 3, 4. ROBERT JOSEPH B.A.; Zoology; Arcadia, Calif.; ΦHΣ; Biology Assoc. Pres.; Cal Men; Welfare Board; Pre-Med. Assoc. PATRICIA LOUISE MUDD; B.A.; Psych.; No. Hollywood, Calif.; Mac Club; Orientation. DON McALPIN; B.A.; Poli. Sci.; Altad ena, Calif.; Transfer: City College; MOIRA LYLE McCURDY; B.A.; History; Los Calif.; Bruin Christian Fellowship. JOY D. McGLASSON; B.S.; International Relations; Arcadia, Calif.; Transfer: Pasadena City College; AWS. PATRICIA ANN Ele. Ed.; Calif.; Transfer: Pasadena City College; Winslow Arms Pres. HALVOR THOMAS JR.; B.A.; History; Los Angeles, Calif.; Transfer: LACC; KAΨ. MONTE MARTIN B.A.; Poli. Sci.; Marion, Ind.; ΣAE ; Arnold Air Society; IFC V. Pres. VICTOR FRANCIS MOCKUS; B.A.; Zoology; Bell, Calif.; Transfer: Compton College; ELOY ANTHONY B.S.; Zoology; Los Angeles, Calif.; Transfer: ELAJC; CMAE. PIERRE MORNELL; B.A.; English; Beverly Hills, Calif.; ΦΗΣ; Gold Key; Cal Club; ΦΒK; India; Fall Drive; Uni Camp. EVELYN MARY-ELIZABETH B. MUNOZ; B.A.; Psych; Santa Monica, Calif.; Newma n Club; I House; Cosmos; BRN. HOWARD McCALL; B.A.; History; Los Angeles,Calif.; Transfer: LACC. MARION RUTH McDONALD; B.A.; Education; Torrance, Calif.; El Camino JC; Wings; CSTA. CHARLES FREDERICK McINTOSH; B.A.; Inglewood, Calif.; Transfer: Brown Univ.; ΔΦ. LAWRENCE PATRICK McNEIL; B.A.; Los Angeles, Calif.; Transfer: Loyola Univ.; Varsity Club; Rugby. LARRY ALFRED MILLER; B.A.; Sociology; Santa Monica, Calif.; SMCC; AΦΩ; Varsity Club; Crew. OVVIE MILLER; B.A.; Poli. Sci.; Los Angeles, Calif.; V. Pres.; Scabbard Blade Pres.; Welfare Board. EVELYN VENABLE MOHR; B.A.; Latin, Pac. Palisades, Calif. EARL MORLEY; B.A.; Geology; Alhambra, Calif.; GSUCLA. FAITH ARLENE MOSHER; B.A.; Taft, Calif.; Transfer; Taft JC; Baptist Students. KIYOKO IRENE B.A.; Primary Ed.; Los Angeles, Calif.; NBC. CAROL ALICE McCANN; B.A.; Ele. Ed.; San Marino, Calif.; Pasadena City AΞΔ; URA; YWCA. JOAN McDOUGAL; B.A.; History; Los Angeles, Calif. MARY LOU B.S.; Psych.; Long Beach, Calif.; Transfer: John Muir JC; AΦ. LORNA DOREEN B.A.; Ele. Ed.; Lynwood, Calif.; KKΓ; Trolls; Wings. LEAH L. MILLER; B.A.; English; Buffalo, N.Y.; Transfer: Univ. of Calif.; URA; Sr. Class Council. JULIE MISELMAN; B.A.; Ele. Ed.; Los Angeles, Calif.; Transfer: Univ. of Calif.; BLAINE MONTGOMERY; B.S.; Chemistry; Los Angeles, Calif.; Transfer: Compton College. MAUREEN JOAN B.A.; Ele. Ed.; Whittier, Calif.; Transfer: Whittier College; KAΘ. GREGORY JOSEPH MOURI; B.S.; Chemistry; Culver City, Calif.; Transfer: Phoenix JC. LYNNE L. MURPHY; B.A.; Ele. Ed.; Calif.; Transfer: John Muir JC; KAΘ; Trolls; So. Campus. letters and science 56 LEONARD HOWARD NAIMAN; B.A.; Zoology; San Diego, Calif.; KN; Welfare Board; AΦΩ; Class Councils 3, 4. LOUIS H. NEVELL; B.A.; English; Los Rally Comm.; Kelps; Gold Key. WAYNE MELVILLE NICHOLS; B.A.. Long Beach, Calif.; Transfer: Long Beach City College; ZΨ; URA; Pre-Med. Assoc. JOSEPHINE NUNEZ; Ele. Ed.; Los Calif.; Transfer: ELAJC; CMAE; Newman Club. DEANE OBERSTE-LEHN; B.A.; Geology; Los Calif.; Geological Society Treas. B.S.; Ele. Ed.; Los Angeles, Calif.; ΔZ; Spurs; Anchors; Rally Comm.; AWS; Orientation; GORDON DONALD OSTERHUES; B.S.; Applied Physics; Maywood, Calif.; Transfer: LACC. BARBARA ANN PARKER; B.S.; Los Angeles, Calif.; SAACS. THEODORE RUSSELL PAULSON JR.; B.A.; Economics; Porterville, Calif.; Transfer: UCSB; Kelps. DAGMAR PELLIGRA; B.A.; Poli. Sci.; North Calif.; Transfer: LACC; ΣΤΣ; AWS; Toastmistresses. AYAHO NAKAMUA; B.A.; Bacteriology; Los Angeles, Calif.; LACC. ROBERT DE FRANCIA NEVILLE; B.A.; Malibu, Calif. PATRICIA NOBLE; B.A.; Education; Gardena, Calif. JACK O ' CONNER; B.A.; Psych.; Los Angeles, Calif. RUTH OHMURA; B.A.; Ele. Ed.; Santa Calif.; XAΔ; Nisei Bruins. NANCY LEE O ' NEAL; B.A.; Ele.Ed.; Los Angeles, Calif.; Sr. Council; Attendant. PETE ANGELO B.A.; Zoology; Leyte, Transfer: Hartnell JC. DIANE PARKER; B.S.; EIe. Ed.; Burbank; Calif.; Transfer: Glendale College; ΣK; RONALD PAVALKO; B.A.; Sociology; Santa Monica, Calif.; Arizona State. CLAUDETTE RENEE PENE; Ele. Ed.; Los Angeles, Calif.; Sr. Class KARLENE KAORU B.A.; Los Calif.; Transfer: SMCC; Nisei Bruin Club; URA; Wesley Foundation. LESTRITA EDYTHE NICHOLAS; B.A.; Spanish; Los Angeles, Calif.; Rally Comm.; AMΓ. TERUHISA NODA; B.A.; Interational Relations; Kumamoto-shi, Transfer: Waseda Univ. BARBARA ELLEN B.A.; Ele. Ed.; Los Angeles, Calif.; Sr. Class ALICE KAZUE B.A.; Bacteriology; Los Angeles, Calif.; Transfer: LACC; XAΔ; Nisei Bruins. UIKU G. ONGUN; B.A.; Poli. Sci .; Istanbul, Turkey. HEATH JOHN PARK JR.; B.A.; Poli. Los Angeles, Calif.; LACC. RAYMOND EDGAR PASCHKE; B.A.; Poli. Sci.; Colton, IFC Pres.; OCB; Class Councils 1, 2, 3, 4. HOWARD WALTER PAYNE; B.A.; Pasadena, Calif.; Transfer: Willamette Univ. JAMES RONALD B.S.; Poli. Sci.; Montebello, Calif.; Project India; Gold Key; Cal Club; Living Group Rep. FRED EPHRAIM B.S.; Los Angeles, Calif.; SAACS; Hillel. SUZANNE NICHOLS; B.A.; Ele. Ed.; North Hollywood, XΩ. NORMAN BLAKE NORTH; B.S.; Physics; Bell, Calif.; Transfer: E. Los Angeles JC; Institute of Engineers. JOAN O ' HARA; B.A.; History; Los Angeles, Calif. EVA TOSHIKO B.A.; Upland, Calif.; Transfer: Chaffey MARY MACHIKO ONO; B.A.; English; Los Calif.; Transfer: LACC. LAWRENCE PARK; B.S.; Zoology; Los Calif.; Transfer: LACC; TAE; Nisei Bruins; EΠΔ; Pre-Med. Assoc. PETER PALMER B.A.; Poli. Oakland, Transfer: Univ. of Clara; ΦΚΨ; Sr. Class Council. CHRISTINE PEARSON; B.A.; Los Angeles, Calif.; URA; Wesley Foundation; Class Councils 1, 2, 3, 4. VICTOR ANTHONY PENUNURI; B.A.; International Relations; Los Angeles, Club Pres. 56 letters and science MURRAY SIDNEY B. A.; Zoology; Los Angeles, Calif.; Men ' s Clee; Assoc.; Class Councils 2, 3, 4. EDWARD PETKO; B.A.; Poli. Sci.; Los Angeles, Calif.; AMS; COP; Scabbard Blade; Club; Pre-Med. TANYA PHILLIPS; B.A.; Pre - Librarianship; Los Angeles, Calif. WILLIAM POLSKI; B.A.; Geology; Calif.; Transfer: Ventura Varsity Track; Geological Society; Class Councils 3, 4. PATRICIA JEAN PRIC E; B.A.; English; Taft, Calif.; KAΘ; Spurs; Mortar Board; Cal Club; Trolls; Project Model UN. JEAN GERALDINE B.A.; Ele. Ed.; Long Beach, Calif.; Transfer: LACC. ELVA V. RAMOS; B.A.; Gen. Ele. Ed.; Los Calif.; CMAE; I House. RICHARD READ; B.A.; Geography; Burbank, Calif.; Transfer: John Muir JC; ROSEMARIE AGNES RESTIVO; B.A.; Ele. Ed.; La Crescenta, Calif.; Transfer: LACC. BARBARA JANICE B.A.; Ele. Ed.; Los Angeles, KΔ. JONA ABRAHAM B.A.; Montebello, Calif.; Hillel; YMCA Pres.; Orientation; Library Comm. ELENE PETROVSKY; B.S.; Chemistry; Calif. CHARLES ALBERT PHIPPS; B.A.; Math.; Sierra Madre, Calif.; Transfer: Brown Univ.; BΘΠ. NANCY DAISY PORTER; Sociology; Los Angeles, Calif.; SMCC; URA. KLAUS HUBERT B.A.; Poli. Sci.; Berlin, Germany; Univ. Tokyo, ΠΣ A; Relations Club. ELEANOR LUCILE B.S.; Nursing; Balboa, Calif.; AXΩ Pres.; AWS; Uni Camp; Pre-Reg. Nurses Club Pres. EDWARD RAWLINSON JR.; B.A.; English; Calif.; Transfer: LACC. DONALD JOHN REGAN; B.A.; Economics; Los Angeles, Calif.; Varsity Club; MAB. CAROLINE ANN RHEINSCHILD; B. A.; Ele. Pasadena, Calif.; Transfer: City College. BARBARA RILEY; B.A.; Sociology; Los Calif.; Transfer: LACC. LYNEL LOUIS PERRY; B.A.; Economics; San Gabriel, Calif.; Pomona College; Class Councils 3, 4. EARL PETRUS; B.S.; Bacteriology; Los Calif.; Pre-Med. Assoc. Vice Pres. WALLACE HAROLD PIPPIN; B.S.; Los AngeIes, Calif.; Mac Club. MARTIN POSNER; B.A.; Physic s; Pasadena; Calif.; Transfer: City College; Hillel; URA. CAROL HART PROCTER; B.A.; Ele. Ed.; Long Beach, Calif.; Transfer: Long Beach City AOΠ. SANFORD RAGINS; B.A. Pre-Rabbinic; Los Angeles, Hillel Pres.; Model UN; Project India. DIANE GRACE B.A.; Psych.; Covina, Calif.; Whittier College; ZTA; Wings; OCB; Panel of Americans. HARRIET REIF; B.A.; History; Los Angeles, Calif.; Education Club. GEORGE RICHMAN; B.A.; Math.; Los Calif. DIANE GAY RILEY; B.A.; Ele. Ed.; Van Nuys, Calif.; Bruin. GEORGE WILLIAM B.A.; General Ele.; Bakersfield, Calif.; Transfer: Bakersfield JC; Pres. ΣΠ; Class Council 3,4; Pres. KURT DAVID PHILLIPP; B.A.; Economics; Los Angeles, Calif.; LACC, LOUIS JOSEPH B.A.; Poli. Sci., Los Angeles, Calif.; Transfer: Penn State; ΦΣΔ; ΔPΕ; ΣΠΑ; ΦΗΣ; SJB; Model UN. EDITH GEYLER POTTER; B.A.; Germanic Lang.; Northridge, ΔΦΑ. BARBARA HELEN PRYOR; B.A.; English; Transfer: Occidental College; ΧΩ; Welfare AWS. DONALD JOEL RAICH; B.A.; Poli. Sci.; Hills, Calif.; ZBT; Homecoming; Varsity S h o w; Show. CARMEN MATA READ; Poli. Sci.; Calif.; Transfer: Hunter College; Daily Bruin; Barristers. RICHARD WILLIAM RESCHKE; B.A.; Los Angeles, Calif.; Pre-Med. Assoc.; Assoc.; BSO. MORTON RIEBER; B.A.; Psych.; New York, N.Y.; Transfer: LACC. PATRICIA GAIL RISING; B.S.; Sociology; No. Hollywood, Calif.; KAΘ; Cal Club; Boa r d; Chimes; Pres. Cabinet. letters and science 56 DONALD BENNETT ROBERTS; Relations; Bell, Calif.; XΦ Pres. JIM ROBINSON; B.A.; Psych. South Gate, Calif.; URA; Class 3, 4. JOHNETIA RODGERS; B.A.; English; San Texas; Transfer: Sr. Phillips College. PAUL IRWIN B.A.; Poli. Sci.; San Diego, Calif.; Transfer: LACC; Gold Key; SJB Pres.; SAB. SHIRLEY HELEN RUBIN; B.A.; Geography; Los Angeles, Calif. EDWARD FRANCIS B.A.; English; San Francisco, Calif.; ΔΣΦ; Rally Comm.; Uni Camp; Conning Tower. LILIA SABEL; B.A.; Los EDWARD HENRY SATCHELL; B.A.; Los Angeles, Calif.; URA; I House. JOHN SCAPEN; B.A.; History; Los Angeles, Calif. NAOMI M. SCHNECK; B.A.; French; North Hollywood, Calif; AMΓ. JOHN ROBERTS; B.A.; Internat. Relations; Los Angeles, Calif. JOSEPHINE ROBINSON; B.A.; Los Angeles, Calif.; AKA; Women ' s Rep.; SLC; URC; India; Fall Drive. CAROLYN HARRIETT ROGERS; Ele. Ed.; Alhambra, Calif.; Transfer: Riverside JC; ZTA; Homecoming; Spr ing Sing. JIM CRAIG ROTH; B.A.; Geology; North Hollywood, Calif.; Transfer: Valley JC; GSUCLA; Kelps. SANDY RUBINSTEIN; B.A.; Ele. Ed.; Cal i f.; Pres.; AWS. GAIL MARGARET B.A.; Zoology; Los Angeles, Calif.; Conn. College; Assoc.; I House; Orientation. JEANIE TOMOE SAITO; B.A.; Bacteriology; Los Angeles, Calif.; LACC; XAA; Nisei Bruins. RICHARD BRANT SAUL; B.A.; Geology; Los Calif.; Transfer: Pasadena City College; Geological Society. HELEN SCHAEFFER; B.A.; Ele. Ed.; Los Calif. ROBERT LAWRENCE SCHNEIDER; B.S.; Compton, Calif.; AΦΩ; Sr. Class HAL CLEVELAND B.A.; Religion; Annisto, Ala.; Transfer: USC; Intervarsity Fellowship. ANGELITA CRUZ Psych.; Hollywood, Calif.; URA. GAY MARIE ROLETTI; B.A.; Prim. Ed.; Los Angeles, Calif.; AWS; Mardi Gras; Class Councils 2, 3, 4. MARILYN ROY; B.A.; Ele. Ed.; Los Angeles, Calif.; Transfer: City College. HAROLD EDWARD B.S.; Santa Monica, Calif.; Transfer: Univ. of Mich. THOMAS RADWIN B.A.; Zoology; Beverly Hills, Calif.; Transfer: Univ. of Mich.; ZBT. PATRICIA ANN B.A.; Ele. Ed.; Los Angeles, Calif.; Transfer; LACC. DONALD NELSON SAWYER; B.A.; History; Los Angeles, Calif.; Transfer: Chaffey Model UN. NANCY JANE B.A.; Ele. Ed.; Los Angeles, Calif.; Varsity Shows. JACQUELINE THAYES SCHNELL; B.A.; Ele. Ed.; Los Angeles, Calif.; Transfer: LACC. STAN I. ROBIN; B.A.; History; Pittsburgh, Pa. PHYLLIS ARLENE B.A.; Ele. Ed.; Santa Monica, Calif.; Transfer: SMCC; Club; CSTA; Hillel. LORRINE JUDITH Spanish; Santa Monica, Calif.; AMΓ Secretary; Rally Comm.; Welfare Board. CHARLES SHELTON ROZZELLE; B.A.; San Gabriel, Calif.; Transfer: Univ. of Calif.; Men ' s Glee; UCHA; Orchestra. JOAN KARIN RUSSELL; B.A.; French; Los Calif.; Transfer: LACC; AMΓ. HENRY C. SABEL; B.A.; Eng.; Los Angeles, Calif. DOROTHY RUTH B.A.; History; Baldwin Park, Calif.; Transfer: Mt. San JC; Class 3, 4. GEOFFREY WATSON SCRAMMEL; B.A.; Los Calif. CHRISTIAN WILLIAM SCHMIDT; B.A.; Detroit, Mich.; Transfer: Wayne Univ.; Geological Society. RUSSELL F. JR.; B.A.; Poli. Huntington Park, Calif.; Transfer: JC. CLAUDIA WRIGHT SCHOTT; B.A.; Ele. Ed.; Glendora, Calif.; AWS; Class Councils, 1, 2, 3, 4. RAYMOND JAMES SCOTT; B.A.; Geology; Los Angeles, Calif.; ΣΑΕ; Jr. Class RICHARD ALLEN B.A.; English; Los Angeles, Calif. LILY YURIKO B.A.; French; Los Angeles, Calif. PATRICIA ANN B.A.; Ele. Ed.; Sherman Oaks, Calif.; ZTA; AWS. MARIAN CONSTANCE SIMOS; B.A.; Ele. Ed.; Pasadena, Calif.; Pasadena City ΑΓΔ; AWS; Sr. Council. DAVID CHARLES SMITH; B.A.; English; Glendale, Calif.; Transfer: Glendale City College. HELEN WHITESIDE SOUTTER; B.A.; Primary Ed.; Los Angele s, CaIif.; ΦM; Rally Comm.; AWS. THOMAS GEORGE SPIRO; B.S.; Chemistry; Los Angeles, Calif.; Cal Men Pres.; Bruin; Sr. Class Class Councils 1, 2, 3, 4. JACK STAITMAN; B.A.; Poli. Sci.; Los Angeles, Calif.; Sr. Class RAYMOND SCOTT; B.A.; Internat. Relations; Los Angeles, Calif. LORRAINE AMELIA SEHR; B.A.; Ele. Ed.; Anaheim, Calif.; Fullerton JC; ΑΟΠ; AWS. SHEARER; B.A.; Psych.; Los Angeles, CaIif.; ΑΕΠ President. CHARLES R. SHIPMAN; B.A.; Bacteriology; Calif.; Pre-Med. Assoc.; URA; OCB; Club. SALLY JANE B.A.; English; Sherman Oaks, Calif.; Transfer: Univ. of Calif.; AEΦ; XΔΦ. MARTIN A. SKLAR; B.S.; Poli. Sci.; Long Beach, Calif.; ZBT; Cal Club; Gold Key; Yeomen; Bruin Editor; Appointed Rep. JOAN SUZANNE SNYDER; Speech Therapy; New York, N.Y.; Transfer: Hunter College. SANDRA MARIANN SPENCER; B.A.; Spanish; Long Beach, Calif.; Transfer: Long Beach City College; ΘY; AMΓ. JOSEPHINE SQUILLACI; B.A.; Pre-Librarian; Pasadena, Calif.; Mac Club. EDWARDS LYMAN STALCUP; B.A.; Los Angeles, Calif.; Transfer: Texas Tech. College. IRWIN SCHULMAN; B.A.; Poli. Sci.; Los Angeles, Calif.; Bridge Club; Photo Club. FERN VICTOR SEIZER; English; Los Calif.; AΛΔ; ΠΔΕ; Spurs; Bruin. CAROLYN DEE B.A.; Ele. Ed.; Los Angeles, Calif.; AXΩ; Spurs; YWCA; Wesley Foundation. SETSUKO SHISHIDO; B.A.; Ele. Ed.; Maui, Hawaii; Transfer: Univ. of Hawaii; I House. PAUL CHARLES B.A.; Psych.; Los Angeles, Calif.; Psych. Club; Council for Student Unity. DONALD LOUIS Sociology; Gardena; Calif.; El Camino JC. MARY JOAN SOLOW; B.A.; English; Dallas, Texas; ΠΔΕ; Hillel; Sr. Class Council; Daily Bruin. SIDNEY FRANCE Sociology; Fullerton, Calif.; ΔΔΔ; Sr. Class Council. TINA SQUILLACI; B.A., Ele. Ed.; Pasadena, Calif.; Transfer: City College; Mac Club. ELEONORE RITA B.A.; English; Van Nuys, Calif.; Transfer: Valley JC; AMΓ; Mac Club. MARIANNE SCHWARTY; B.S.; Los Angeles, Calif.; Hillel. DIANA B.A.; Ele. Ed.; Los Angeles, Calif. HENRY SHIMOZONO; B.A.; History; Los Calif. JOHN PAGE SHUMATE; B.A.; Poli. Sci.; Santa Monica, Calif. WILLIAM SILVEY; B.S.; Applied Physics; Los Angeles, Calif. ALBERT CARL SMITH; B.A.; Zoology; Los Angeles, Calif.; Assoc.; Band; Assoc. JACK DOUGLAS B.S.; French; Oaks, Calif.; AMΓ; Scabbard Blade; Mac Club. RUTH THELMA B. A.; Psych.; Los Angeles, Calif.; Transfer: Pomona AEΦ, Treas. JAMES FREDERICK STAHL; B.A.; Pasadena, Transfer: Pasadena City College; ΘΞ; OCB; Varsity Show. BEVERLY MAE STATES; B.A.; Primary Ed.; Calif.; Pasadena City ΑΓΔ; Rally AWS. 56 letters and science A. LEE STATON; B.A.; Poli. Sci.; Santa Ana, Calif.; ΣX; ΦBK; ΦHΣ; ΠΣΑ; AMΓ; Class Councils Men ' s Week. FLOROLYN EUNICE STERNS; B.A.; Math.; Los Angeles, Calif.; ΠME; AΛΔ; NSA; Orientation; MARY FRANCES STEWART; B.A.; History; Los Angeles, Calif.; AΓA; Sr. Class Council. ROBERT ARTHUR STYLES; B.A.; Poli. Sci.; Los Angeles, Calif.; Transfer: Long Beach City College. SALMA T. SWAIDY; B.A.; Poli. Sci.; Iraq; Stephen ' s College. MARIAN LOUISE TAMS; B.A.; English; Beverly Calif.; Transfer: UCSB; KAΘ. MARILYN JOY TAYLOR; B.A.; Ele. Ed.; Van Nuys, Calif.; Council; AWS. CHRIS THOMAS; B.A.; Poli. Sci.; Los Angeles, Calif. HAROLD WESLEY B.A.; History; Calif.; John Muir JC; URA. ERNEST FLOYD B.A.; Geology; Angeles, Calif.; Transfer: Fort A M; GSUCLA. ROBERT SHELDON STEIN; B.A.; Psych.; Beverly Hills, Calif.; ΦΣΔ President; CaI Club; Gold Key; AMS; Project India. ANNE ELIZABETH B.A.; Ele. Ed.; Los Angeles, Transfer: LACC; ΔΔΔ. ROBERT STICKNEY; B.S.; Eng.; Los Angeles, Calif.; ΔTΔ; Vice Pres. ELIZABETH ANNE B.A.; English; Long Beach, Calif.; Transfer: Long Beach City College; KΔ. ALAN JEROME SWIMMER; B.A.; Poli. Sci.; Santa Barbara, Calif.; Yeomen; AMS. GEORGE TANIGUCHI; B.A.; Meteorology; Berkeley, Calif.; San Francisco City College; Sr. Class Council. CAROLINA LUISA TEAGUE; English; Los Angeles, Calif.; CAROLYN RUTH THOMPSON; B.A.; Ele. Ed.; Glendale, Calif.; ΔΓ. NANCY ELLEN TOWLE; B.A.; English; Frazier Park, Calif.; ΘY; Welfare Board. ESTHER ROYCE TRYNIN; History; Los Calif. ANDREW ROGER B.A.; Poli. Sci.; Los Angeles, Calif.; Hillel; Barristers; Young Welfare Board. DONALD HUBERT B.S.; Chemistry; San Bernardino, Calif.; Transfer: San Valley College. E. CONWAY JR.; B.A Los Angele Calif.; Transfer: USC. GERALD M. SUTTON; B.A.; Poli. Sci.; Los Angeles, TEΦ; ΠΣA; Bruin; Men ' s Week; International Club. THERESA MARY SZOT; B.A.; Ele. Ed.; Calif.; Transfer: State Teachers College. PHILMORE GERALD TANKIN; B.A.; Los Angeles, Calif.; Mac Club; AΦΩ; ΑΜΓ; Daily Bruin. RICARDO MARTINEZ TERRONES; B.A.; Los Angeles, Calif.; Transfer: E. Los Angeles JC; CMAE. MARTHA ELLYN THOMPSON; B.A.; Orange, Calif.; Univ. of Ariz.; AΦ; CIass Councils 3, 4. GORDON WALLACE TREHARNE; Poli. Sci.; Pacific Palisades, Calif.; Greek Week; Jr. Prom Spring Sing. JOHN M. TSAO; B.A.; Zoology; Los Angeles, Calif.; ΣΠΔ; Sr. Class Council; Pre-Med. HARRIET STEINORE ; B.A.; Music; Los Calif.; JAMIE B.A.; Psych.; Los Angeles, Calif.; LACC; Mac Club; Welfare Board. RUTH STULL; B.A.; Poli. Sci.; Downey, Calif.; Transfer: Long City College. GINNIE ESTHER B.A.; Education; Los Angeles, Calif.; Transfer: USC. ALFRED JOSEPH B.A.; Los Angeles, Calif.; Transfer: College. JOHN AXEL TAYLOR; B.A.; Poli. Sci.; Long Beach, Calif.; ΘΞ Vice Pres.; Yeomen; Gold Key; Sregs; OCB; AMS; COP. SUSAN HILBERT THIEL; B.A.; Primary Ed.; Los Angeles, Calif.; Wings; Class Councils 1, 3, 4. BERNICE ADELE THORNE; B.A.; Psych.; No. Hollywood, Calif.; AMΓ; Scroll Editor. WALLY DONALD TRUESDELL; B.A.; South Gate, Transfer: JC; KΣ Pres.; Daily Bruin. MARION ANNA TURKROSENBLUM; Van Nuys, Calif.; AMΓ; Phrateres; Sr. Class Council. letters and science 56 WALTER ESMOND TUROVH; B.A.; Psych.; Los Angeles, Calif. JOHN HOWARD VAN AMRINGE; B.A.; Altadena, Calif.; Transfer: Pasadena Ctiy College; Geological NANCY ANN VINUM; B.A.; Primary Ed.; Los Angeles, Calif.; LACC. HELEN WALDER; B.A.; Primary Ed.; Los Calif.; Transfer: Univ. of Calif.; Hillel. BETSEY LARRIMORE WARWICK; B.A.; Welfare; Beverly Hills, Transfer: Mt. St. Mary ' s; Chimes; Mortar Board. DIANE EDITH WATSON; B.A.; Ele. Ed.; Los Calif.; Transfer: LACC; AKA; CSU; URC: CSTA; YWCA; Phrateres. CHARLOTTE S. B.A.; Psych.; Van Nuys, Calif. JOAN WEISSMAN; B.A.; Ele. Ed.; Los Calif.; ΣΔT; Chimes; CSTA; OCB; Homecoming; JOAN LOUISE WHITE; B.A.; Education; Calif. RICHARD EDWARD WILDE; B.S.; Los Angeles, Calif.; AXΣ; SAACS. STANLEY MELVIN UNGER; B.A.; Sociology; Los Angeles, Calif.; Transfer: Univ. of Calif.; Barristers; Club. . JOHN ANTHONY VAN COUVERING; B.A.; Geology y; Orange, Calif.; Transfer: JC; GSUCLA. GRACE MIYAKO WADA; B.A.; Welfare; Los Calif.; Transfer: LACC; Nisei Bruin Club. ELMER WALTERS; B.A.; History; Sherman Oaks, Calif.; TΔΦ. JEAN PAULINE B.A.; Ele. Ed.; Culver City, Calif.; ZTA; Shell Oar; OCB. DONALD WEBB; B.S.; Mech. Eng.; Ashland Kentucky; Arnold Air Soc.; Mech. Eng. Soc. LOIS MARGARET WEIR; B.A.; Ele. Ed.; Calif.; Transfer: John Muir JC; YWCA. SANDRA JUNE B.A.; Los Angeles, Calif.; ΦΣΣ; Spurs; AWS. PEGGY LOUISE B.A.; Ele. Ed.; Los Angeles, Calif.; Transfe r: LACC; AΔX; ΔΦΕ. KITCHY LEE WILLIAMS; B.A.; English; Los Calif.; Transfer: SMCC; AOΠ; Wings; Trolls; OCB; Panhellenic Vice Pres. KIYOKO LYNN B.A.; Ele. Ed.; Los Angeles, Calif.; Nisei Bruin Club. LOUISE MARY B.A.; San Diego, Calif.; Transfer: San Diego State; ΣK; Pre-Med. Assoc.; Newman Club. MONEIM A. WAHAB; M.A.; Economic Geography; Baghdad, Iraq; Transfer: Alexandria Univ. HELEN THERESE WARD; B.A., Ele. Ed.; Los Calif.; Transfer: SMCC; CSTA. JACK AGAARD B. A.; History; Long Beach, Calif.; KΣ; Gold Key; Frosh Crew. MERLENE WEBER; B.A.; Home Ec.; Los Angeles, Calif.; Transfer: El JC; Pan HERB WEISBERG; B.A.; Poli. Sci.; Los Angeles, Calif.; Transfer: Univ. of Colo. WANDA LEE WESSEL; B.A.; Ele. Ed.; Calif.; KΔ. NORMAN WHITON; B.A.; Pers. Mng.; Calif.; Transfer: Univ. of North Carolina. MARIAN CECILIA B.A.; Primary Ed; Paterson, N.J.; Transfer: LACC; AKA. MICHELLE ROBYN VALE; B.A.; Pali. Sci.; Pac. Palisades, Calif.; AEΦ; Hillel; Pre Legal Assoc.; Panel of MATHILDA VAN ZELE; B.A.; Geology; Los Calif.; Transfer: Politechnic Univ.; Society. RICKY WALDE; B.A.; History; Los Calif. HELEN AINSWORTH WARRICK; B.A.; Los Angeles, Calif.; Transfer: Univ. of Texas. CATHERINE LOUISE WATSON; B.A.; Poli. Sci.; Los Angeles, Calif.; Transfer: LACC; AKA; Welfare Board. MURRAY NATHAN WEILER; B.A.; Psych.; Los Angeles, Calif.; TΔΦ; Pre Med. Assoc.; Hillel; URA. DANIEL ARNOLD WEISS; B.A.; Psych.; Los Calif .; AEΠ; Hillel; Psych. Club. JOHN CARL WETZEL; B.A.; Sociology; Los Angeles, Calif.; ΣX; LSA; Track; URC; Class Councils 1, 2, 3, 4. JEANETTE WICHMER; B.A.; Elem. Ed.; Van Nuys, Calif.; ZTA. RICHARD WILLING; B.A.; History; Los Calif. 56 letters and science MARILYN SUTTON B.A.; History; Fresno, Calif.; Transfer: Univ. of Calif.; AΔX; Pyrtenaen; Mortar Board, LINDA ELIZABETH WOOTTON; B.S.; Taft, Calif.; Taft JC; ΣΘT; ΓΔ; Pre-reg. Nurses Club. LAN SING WU; B.S.; Zoology; Encino, Calif.; Transfer: LACC; I House; PMA. KAY KIYOKO B.A.; Primary Ed; Los Angeles, Calif.; Nisei Bruins. JOHN WU; B.A.; Los Angeles, Calif. PATRICIA ANN WILSON; B.A.; English; Los Calif.; AΔΠ; Spurs; Trolls. BARBARA MAY WRIGHT; B.A.; Prim. Education; Los Angeles, Calif.; AΦ; Spurs; Chimes; Sabers; AWS; Frosh Class Council. MAXINE M. WYERS; B.A.; History; Santa Barbara, Calif.; SMCC. BOBBIE REIKO B.A.; English; Los Angeles, Calif.; Transfer: LACC; NBC. NANCY LOU B.A.; Fullerton, Calif.; Transfer: Fullerton AWS. LILIE KATHERINE B.A.; English; Hills, Calif.; DAVID LOREN WRIGHT; B.A.; Zoology; Hermosa Beach, Calif. MICHELL YALE; B.A.; History; Los Angeles, Calif. MIYOKO JANET B.A.; Ele. Ed.; Los Calif.; NBC. BETTY JO ZOLLINGER; B.A.; English; San Calif. SLOO JEE WONG; B.A.; Bacteriology; Los Calif.; Transfer: LACC. WARREN WRIGHT; B.A.; Economics; Los Angeles, Calif.; Transfer: North Texas State College. EDWIN YAMADA; B.A.; Zoology; Los Angeles, Calif.; Hurley Sqd.; Nisei Bruins; Class Councils 3, 4. PAUL HENRY YOUNG JR.; B.A.; Philosophy; Los Angeles, Calif.; Transfer: Occidental College; ΦMA. GUNTHER JOSEPH ZORN; B.A.; Poli. Sci.; Los Angeles, Calif. letters and science 56 56 nursing SHIRLEY MAY BELON, B.S.; Nursing; Los Calif.; PRN Club; ΓΔ; SNAC Rep. BETTY JOYCE BOCK; B.S.; Nursing; Calif.; AΓΔ; Board; Chimes; Spurs; Prytanean; AWS Pres.; ΣΘT. YOKO ELAINE B.S.; Nursing; Calif .; PRN Club. SANAYE KAGAWA; B.S.; Nursing; Los Calif.; Nisei Bruins; PRN Club. BETTY IRENE LEWIS; B.S.; Nursing; Rapids, Wis., RN Bruins. IRENE EVELYN B.S.; Nursing; Los Angeles, Calif.; RN Bruins; URA. JANET LEE MEYER; B.S.; Nursing; Los Calif .; Spurs; AWS; PRN Club. ELENA ANNE PAXTON; B.S.; San Pedro, Calif. ANN CAROL SNODDY; B.S.; Nursing; Calif.; ΣΘT ; Mac Club; PRN Club; AWS; URA. MARY THOMAS; B.S.; Nursing; Fresno, Calif.; Transfer: Fresno Tech. College; RN Bruins. ANITA DOROTHEA BERG; B.S.; Nursing; Honolulu, T.H.; Mills College; AΟΠ ; Rally Comm.; PRN Club; Model Josie. SUZANNE BUCK; B.S.; Nursing; Glendale, Calif. DOROTHEA HANSEN; B.S.; Nursing; Los Calif. MARY JANE KILGORE; B.S.; Nursing; Los Calif.; Chimes; PRN Club; Y Coop; ΣΘT. MARGARET L. B.S.; Nursing; Los Angeles, Calif.; RN Bruins Treas. VIDA LOUISE MARKS; B.S.; Nursing; Encino, Calif.; RN Bruins. REIKO NAGUMO; B.S.; Los Angeles, Calif.; Y Coop; PRN Club; Kories. BEULAH OPAL B.S.; Nursing; Los Angeles, Calif.; Transfer LACC; RN Bruins. MARY K. STANLEY; B. S.; Nursing ; Long Beach, Calif.; Transfer: Long Beach City RN Bruins. JANE ELLEN B.S.; Nursing; Ojai, Transfer: Ventura JC; AΟΠ; PRN Club; Model Josie. MARY JEAN BLADHOLM; B.S.; Nursing; Park, Calif.; RN Bruins. DOROTHY LEE COATES; B.S.; Nursing; Oakland, Calif.; RN Bruins. LYOLA MARIE HENRY; B.S.; Nursing; Reno , Nevada; Spurs; Chimes; Mortar Board; URC; OCB. VEDA ANNIS LEE; B.S.; Nursing; Idaho Falls, Idaho; Transfer: Long Beach City College. LURA JANE LUTZ; B.S.; Nursing; San Gabriel, Calif.; Transfer: ELAJC; PRN Club; ΣΘT; Social Comm. AWS. MARY GWENDOLYN B.S.; Nursing; Santa Barbara, Calif.; RN Bruins. ELEANOR ALICE MAY NEWBY; B.S.; Nursing; Vallejo, Calif.; Citrus JC; RN Bruins; ΣΘT; I House. LAURETTA SCHONBORG; B.S.; Torrance, Calif., Transfer: El Camino College; RN Bruins; FRANCES S. B.S.; Nursing; Whittier, Calif. GERTRUDE SMITH ; B.S.; Nursing; Los Angeles, Calif. MARVIN BORNSTEIN; B.S.; Public Health; Los Angeles, Calif.; BBYA; Bruin Public Health Assoc. THEO EARL BREY; B.S.; Public Health; Los Calif.; Bruin Council. DAVID LEE GABELLE; B.S.; Public Health; Calif.; Transfer: Mt. San Antonio JC; BPHA. DAVID ARNOLD B.S.; Public Health; Los Angeles, Calif.; URA; Jr. Council. JEROME B. KORNFELD; B.S.; Public Health; Los Angeles, Calif.; LACC; BPHA. HERBERT GERALD NEEDMAN; B.S.; Public Health; Beverly Hills, Calif.; TΔΦ; BPHA; Hillel; OCB. HARRY ROY PAUGSTAT; B.S.; Public Health; Dayton, Ohio; Transfer: Chaffey JC; AGS; BPHA; URA. RICHARD CHARLES B.S.; Public Health; Calif.; XΦ. HOWARD BENJAMIN SPIELMAN; B.S.; Public Health; Los Angeles, Calif.; BPHA; Cal Men. DAVID STEVENSON; B.S.; Public Health; Los Angeles, Calif.; AMΓ; I House Pres.; BPHA Pres.; Cal Vets. pubic heaIth 56 asucla STUDENT LEGISLATIVE COUNCIL Working together as the main organ of ASUCLA student government were the eleven elected members of the Student Legislative Council. Among the actions taken this past year was the recommendation for a change in the constitution, which was voted upon and passed by the students. SLC also investigated the cafeteria situation and recommended to Board of Control that the rent paid to the Associated Students be deleted. The campus leadership training program was one of the most important projects sponsored by the council. A retreat to Uni-camp for the campus leaders was held during the spring semester. Members of SLC and the President ' s Cabinet also went to Coronado for a joint retreat. The council approved the withdrawal of the Greek and had a committee investigate the fall Daily Bruin election, which was the center of a heated controversy. Another committee was designated to investigate the faculty and student government officers relationship and to propose possible solutions for any problems found. THE PROBLEMS OF AN ELECTION, FRATERNITY AND SORORITY WITHDRAWALS FROM ASUCLA AND OTHER ISSUES CONFRONTED THESE MEMBERS OF SLC DURING THE YEAR: (3RD ROW, STANDING, L TO R) GENERAL MANAGER BILL ACKERMAN, ALUMNI REP CARL MC BAIN, FACULTY REP DR. VANDRAEGEN, TONY NESBURN, DEAN BARNEY ATKINSON, (2ND ROW, STANDING) GSA REP LARRY WADDINGTON, DON ATHERTON, KAY RUHBERG, JOE BOUDREAU, BILL KETTERINGHAM, MARTY SKLAR, DAVE PIERSON, (1ST ROW, SEATED) DAVE GORTON, VIV ROBINSON, ED PECK, JOYCE CLASEN, AND PREXY IRV DRASNIN. NOW, IF THAT RESOLUTION WERE PUT INTO EFFECT IT WOULD MEAN.... VICE PRESIDENT JOYCE CLASEN GAVE THOUGHTFUL CONSIDERATION TO THE PROPOSALS OF THE BOARD. NOW, THERE MUST BE ANOTHER SOLUTION TO THIS PROBLEM THAT WOULD BE IN ACCORDANCE WITH . . . WOMEN ' S REP VIVIAN ROBINSON AND ALL-U REP ED PECK KEPT THE DISCUSSIONS LIVELY. ASUCLA PRESIDENT ASUCLA President Irv Drasnin stated: " The challenge of student government is meeting its greatest test today in attempting to accommodate the needs of the students of one of the largest, fastest growing universities in the world. Where pavilions, dormitories, and parking garages were only pieces of conversation two years ago, today, their imprint is firmly implanted into the architectural plans and building models of the university ' s expansion program. During the past year, leadership was exerted in the attempt to parallel this dynamic physical growth here at UCLA with fostering a campus homogeneity in a community that within the next ten years will be populated by twenty-four thousand people. " Irv preceded his term in office by previously acting as Men ' s Rep and Daily Bruin editor. A TEP, he led Student Legislative Council; was Yeomen prexy; active in URC ' s Project India, Gold Key, Cal Club, and Spurs, of which he in an honorary member. His pride in Pi Sigma Alpha and PiDE memberships reveals his plan to pursue a career of either an international lawyer or a journalist after his June graduation. AND VICE PRESIDENT Joyce Clasen became ASUCLA ' s official hostess when she undertook the job of ASUCLA vice-president. As vice prexy she welcomed the Michigan State leaders when they arrived for the Rose Bowl. She coordinated Cal Club activities for the All-U weekend and also mediated between the students and the faculty and the Chancellor and the College of Letters and Science. Her pet project was to further the notion of a camp planned to instruct those who intend to run for student offices in the techniques of leadership. She received her experience by previously serving the university as Women ' s Rep, Spurs vice-president, and in the YWCA on campus. She was selected to be a member of Chimes, Cal Club and Mortar Board during her upper division years. Joyce ' s plans for a post college include a summer in Europe and then a year of Graduate School for a secondary credential. She will for an occupation as an on either the high school or level. Joyce plans to follow her college activities by becoming in the Bruin Alumni Association after receiving her degree this June. STUDENT GOVERNMENT Every student at UCLA is represented on the Student Legislative Council by other students who share the same problems. During the year Viv Robinson took the women ' s issues as her own, while Don Atherton stood up for the men. The two Daves, Pierson and Gorton, took over the responsibilities of being Upper and Lower Division Reps, respectively. Sororities and fraternities and dorms voiced opinions through Living Group Rep Tony Nesburn, while all of the commuters turned their problems over to a Commuter ' s Rep, Joe Boudreau. Ed Peck took the huge task of representing UCLA ' s entire student body. Each member of SLC faced many problems this year as they worked to keep the wheels of UCLA student government in motion. THE MANY PROBLEMS OF THE GENERAL STUDENT BODY WERE THE ISSUES VOICED BEFORE SLC BY THE CAPABLE ALL-UNIVERSITY REP, ED PECK. MARTY SKLAR MOVED OVER TO SLC HEADQUARTERS IN HIS NEW ROLE AS THE APPOINTED REP, AFTER LEAVING HIS POSITION AS DAILY BRUIN EDITOR. AMIABLE AND POPULAR DAVE PIERSON WAS ELECTED TO SERVE AS UPPER DIVISION REP ON SLC DUE TO HIS PAST ACCOMPLISHMENTS AS 1954 SOPH PREXY. ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA VIVIAN ROBINSON VOICED THE OPINION OF THE WOMEN ON CAMPUS IN HER JOB AS WOMEN ' S REP TO STUDENT LEGISLATIVE COUNCIL. DON ATHERTON MOVED HIS HEADQUARTERS FROM THE IFC OFFICE TO THE REPS OFFICE TO AGAIN SERVE BRUIN MEN, THIS TIME AS MEN ' S REP. HAVING SERVED AS FROSH PREXY LAST YEAR, DAVE GORTON WAS WELL TRAINED FOR THE OFFICES OF LOWER DIVISION REP AND DELTA SIG PRESIDENT. THE MEMBERS OF ALL RECOGNIZED LIVING GROUPS COULD TURN TO ZBT TONY NESBURN, THE LIVING GROUP REP, TO EXPRESS THEIR VIEWS BEFORE SLC. COMMUTERS ' REP JOE BOUDREAU REPRESENTED ALL UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS WHO WERE NOT AFFILIATED WITH RECOGNIZED LIVING GROUPS. PRESIDENT ' S CABINET APPOINTED REP-AT-LARGE MARTY SKLAR BECAME THE CHAIRMAN OF PRESIDENT ' S CABINET AND CARRIED TO SLC, ISSUES CONSIDERED APPROPRIATE BY CABINET. THE PRESIDENT ' S CABINET, WHICH WAS CREATED TO RELIEVE PART OF THE LEGISLATIVE BURDEN OF THE STUDENT LEGISLATIVE COUNCIL, ONCE AGAIN PLAYED AN IMPORTANT ROLE IN ASUCLA GOVERNMENT. MEMBERS INCLUDED (TOP ROW, L TO R) DON CORNELL, TOM THRASHER, BILL SPIVAK, BOB BITTNER, NORM PADGETT, (BOTTOM ROW) GEORGE SHENAS, GAIL RISING, CHAIRMAN MARTY SKLAR, SUE EGGLESTON, AND GARY WALLS. BOARD OF CONTROL IT WAS THE JOB OF BOARD OF CONTROL TO REGULATE THE DISTRIBUTION OF THE 1.3 MILLION DOLLARS CONSUMED BY THE ASUCLA ORGANIZATIONS. MEMBERS OF THE BOARD INCLUDED (TOP ROW, L TO R) ROYCE HAMILTON, WILBUR JOHNS, CYRIL O ' DONNELL, WILLIAM ACKERMAN (BOTTOM ROW, L TO R) KAY RUHBERG, HARRY LONGWAY, CLARANN JOHNSON, STUDENT BODY PREXY IRV DRASNIN, DEAN CAVETTE, AND PAUL HANNUM. Board of Control once again handled the financial end of ASUCLA government. Its duties included listening to monthly reports of financial from the Associated Students and hearing a yearly report of the outside auditor. The board also all contracts between ASUCLA organizations and outside concerns. All of the budgets submitted by the individual activities were subject to Board of Control ' s authorization. A consideration of financial proposed by SLC came under the board ' s jurisdiction. A study was made of the travel expenses of the staff and a policy was set in with the findings. The Rose Bowl budget was approved for the second time in three years and changes in fiscal budgets over one thousand dollars were made. ASSOCIATED MEN STUDENTS THE COORDINATION OF AMS-SPONSORED EVENTS WAS PREXY GEORGE SHENAS ' JOB. The Associated Men Students of UCLA came up with many new ideas for their annual spectacular event, Men ' s Week. The Dad ' s Dinner was followe d by the Men ' s Stag Show in Royce Hall. The Frosh-Soph Brawl, Class Day in the Coop, and an innovation, the Soap Box Derby, filled up the days, while a Rally and Rally Dance made Friday night as exciting as the SC game Saturday afternoon. Comedians Jerry Lewis and Joe E. Brown kept the crowd in stitches, and UCLA ' s own Kelps, Sregs, and yell leaders drummed the spirit for the big game ahead. The Rally Dance featured the crowning of the 1955 of UCLA. " Ray Johnson and Roger Poyner served as chairmen of the fun-filled event. Chancellor Allen received a serenade from the students at the annual Christmas Sing, sponsored by AMS and AWS. Bruce McMaster was occupied with his plans to make the 1956 AMS-sponsored Spring Sing better than ever. AMS will take Spring Sing funds this year and use some of the money for three memorial scholarships which will be presented to outstanding entering freshmen. As AMS President, George Shenas was confronted with the problems of coordinating all of these special events, and directing the activities of the AMS Executive Board. Board members worked together to make 1955-1956 the best in AMS history. SERVING ON THE AMS EXECUTIVE BOARD WERE ( SEATED, L TO R) STEVE LANDE, SPECIAL EVENTS; BRUCE MCMASTER, SPRING SING; AL MILNER, SECRETARY; GEORGE SHENAS, PRESIDENT; PETE SORGEN, PUBLICITY; RAY JOHNSON, MEN ' S WEEK; DAN STEWART, SOCIAL; AND LEN WEINER, VEEP. ASSOCIATED WOMEN STUDENTS THETA GAIL RISING WAS IN CHARGE OF THE AWS " WOMAN ' S WORLD, " AND ALSO SERVED MORTAR BOARD AND CAL CLUB. From their new office high up in Kerckhoff 400 the members of the AWS Executive and Judicial Boards surveyed the many aspects which concern the UCLA " Woman ' s World. " Tours of the Westwood campus were planned for over two-hundred high school girls who are thinking of making UCLA their college home, followed by AWS receptions, where the girls had an opportunity to meet student body leaders and song girls. A Christmas stocking drive was the next project, with Kappa Alpha Theta donating the largest number of stockings. The Men ' s Week Open House and the Christmas Sing were high on the AWS social agenda. The girls sent trucks over to the fraternity row to pick up the weak-legged men who might not have made it otherwise to the sing. AWS kept the sorority girls busy making dolls for orphans for the Easter contest. Members of the " weaker " sex took over in the annual spring event, Women ' s Week. Fashion shows, which had been popular throughout the year, came to a dazzling finale, and parties, a Hi-Jinx show, and the closing banquet filled in the week ' s activities. At the banquet, awards were given to outstanding UCLA women, and new members were tapped for honoraries. After a terrific year AWS agreed, " It ' s a Woman ' s World. " MEMBERS OF THE AWS ASSOCIATE BOARD THIS PAST YEAR WERE (TOP ROW, L TO R) PAULINE CHIRACE, DE ANNE FIELD, PAT WEAVER, SECRETARY GLORIA RAINEY, CAROLYN THOMAS, PAM PEARSON, AND (BOTTOM ROW, L TO R) JANE CARROLL, MARGY ELSER, BABS PLIHA, VICE PRESIDENT TANYA ROSS, PRESIDENT GAIL RISING, MARY JANE PRIOR, STEPHANIE LIBSON, JEANNE WILHELM, AND (NOT PICTURED) BOBBIE HOROWITZ, TREASURER. ORIENTATION NOW, THIS IS WHAT I WAS TELLING YOU ABOUT. THERE IS A COMPLETE DESCRIPTION OF ALL THE ACTIVITIES AND . . . NO MA ' AM, THS IS THE ORIENTATION LINE. YOU PICK UP YOUR ASUCLA CARD LATER AT THE TICKET WINDOW IN KERCKHOFF HALL. HELPING THE NEW STUDENTS TO BECOME FAMILIAR WITH CAMPUS LIFE WERE ORIENTATION BOARD MEMBERS (BACK ROW, L TO R) INFORMATION BOOTH CHAIRMAN PHIL BENSON, CAMPAIGN CHAIRMAN RICHARD GAILTZ, REGISTRATION WEEK CHAIRMAN WALT GABRIELSON, (FRONT ROW) ORIENTATION DAY CHAIRMAN PAT HUFF, EXECUTIVE SECRETARY SHAY HATHCOCK, ORIENTATION CHAIRMAN NANCY OMELIANOVITCH, PERSONNEL CHAIRMAN SANDY HAWKINS. STUDENT JUDICIAL BOARD THE STUDENT JUDICIAL BOARD COMPRISED OF (L TO R) SUZIE LEONARDSON, SECRETARY, EVIE HACKER, MEL COBEN, KATHY GAGE, PAUL ROSENTHAL, CHAIRMAN; JOE POLINER, DICK LEVIN, AND DARLENE BENDER KEPT CLOSE TABS ON VARIOUS ASUCLA CONSTITUTIONAL PROCEDURES. PAUL ROSENTHAL HEADED THE STUDENT JUDICIAL BOARD FOR ' 55- ' 56, AND KEPT CLOSE TABS ON ASUCLA CONSTITUTION. INTERNATIONAL BOARD INTERNATIONAL BOARD MEMBERS (STANDING L TO R) CHRIS BREISETCH, ARUN BHATIA, JOE MICHELS, CHAIRMAN LAURIE GLASS; (SEATED L TO R) KATIE BLICKHAHN, CELIA LYMAN, JOY JOHNSON, AND SALLY PENNEY ESTABLISHED RELATIONS BETWEEN NATIVE AND FOREIGN STUDENTS. INTERNATIONAL BOARD CHAIRMAN LAURIE GLASS HAD HIS HANDS FULL WITH THE COORDINATION OF BOARD ACTIVITIES. COMMUTERS ' COUNCIL REPRESENTING OVER 7000 STUDENTS AT UCLA, COMMUTERS REP JOE BOUDREAU ABLY REPRESENTED HIS CONSTITUENTS. (TOP ROW, L TO R) M. OSBAND, J. BERGMAN, L. RUBY, F. LOPEZ, N. THOMPSON, T. KITZIN, E. SALLIN, J. HALL, M. SCHORE, AND (BOTTOM ROW, L TO R) CHAIRMAN JOE BOUDREAU. M. FLIEGAL, J. MARCUS, C. BERTOLINI, I. STOLBERG, L. SINAI, S. BUSHARD, C. NELSON. LIVING GROUP COUNCIL LIVING GROUP REP TONY NESBURN HAD A BIG JOB THIS YEAR KEEPING HARMONY WITHIN THE GROUPS HE REPRESENTED. LIVING GROUPS PLAY AN IMPORTANT PART IN CAMPUS LIFE. JOHN GALLAGHER, UNIVERSITY HOUSING ASSOCIATION; ADRIANNE CLARK, PANHELL COUNCIL; TONY NESBURN, LIVING GROUP REP; RAY PASCHKE, IFC ; AND STEVE SARFF, BRUIN VILLAGE, ARE STUDENT REPRESENTATIVES. MEN ' S ATHLETIC BOARD (STANDING, L TO R) E. SHARP, B. DE PAOLI, P. MILLER, C. ADAMS, R. DUBA, J. LEHR, B. MILLS, (SEATED, L TO R) G. THAYER, D. DRUM, E. GOLDBLOOM, B. SEAMAN, B. BACHE, WALT VENDLEY, CHAIRMAN, D. REAGAN, L. GROSSMAN, J. MARDLER, R. ELLIS, O. NOE, AND L. SENN. MEN ' S ATHLETIC BOARD CHAIRMAN WALT VENDLEY WAS BUSY COORDINATING ALL PHASES OF A MEN ' S ATHLETIC PROGRAM. STUDENT PRODUCTION BOARD TAKING TIME OUT FROM WORK WITH THE MANY CAMPUS THEATRICAL PRODUCTIONS THAT WERE HELD DURING THE PAST YEAR TO SERVE ON THE STUDENT PRODUCTIONS BOARD WERE (L TO R) JACKIE LUND, ROSEMARY SORGE, CHAIRMAN MARION TROYER, ALLEN REED, AND ANNE CROWELL MARION TROYER TOOK TIME AWAY FROM MANY CAMPUS THEATRICAL PRODUCTIONS TO SERVE AS PRODUCTION BOARD PREXY. SPEECH ACTIVITIES BOARD AS SPEECH ACTIVITIES BOARD CHAIRMAN, HAL GAMER COORDINATED THE FORENSIC ACTIVITIES OF PROSPECTIVE ORATORS. SERVING AS MEMBERS OF THE SPEECH ACTIVITIES BOARD WERE (BACK ROW, L. TO R) BOSCHAN, JACK MELLITZ, PAUL JAFFEY, AND (FRONT ROW, L TO R) LILLIAN TOMICH, WILLIE WHITTENBERG, MARGARET SHELLY, MEL COBEN, JERRY BOZAR, AND (SPEAKING) HAROLD GAMER. PUBLICATIONS BOARD CLYDE REXRODE, EDITOR OF THE DAILY BRUIN, ALSO SERVED AS PUBLICATIONS BOARD CHAIRMAN DURING THE PAST YEAR. DIRECTING THE VARIOUS ASUCLA PUBLICATIONS WERE (TOP ROW, L TO R) LOUIS MIRAULA, MARTY SKLAR, CLYDE REXRODE, DON CHATELAIN, (BOTTOM ROW) LEE MONTELEONE, BARBARA WEBB. DIRECTOR OF PUBLICATIONS HARRY E. MORRIS, KATHE KNOPE, AND CHARLES FRANCIS. NATIONAL STUDENTS ASSOCIATION PLANNING THIS YEAR ' S NATIONAL STUDENT ' S ASSOCIATION ACTIVITIES PROGRAM WERE (TOP ROW, L TO R) LEONARD FRANK, JOYCE AVRECH, GRACE MOREHEAD, AL SAMUELS, AND (BOTTOM ROW, L TO R) BARBARA HARDY, NSA CO-ORDINATOR BILL KETTERINGHAM, AND BARBARA DAVIS. COORDINATING THE ACTIVITIES OF THE NATIONAL STUDENT ' S ASSOCIATION THIS YEAR WAS CHAIRMAN BILL KETTERINGHAM. GRADUATE STUDENTS ASSOCIATION PROMOTING THE INTERESTS OF THE GRADUATE STUDENTS AT UCLA WAS GSA. MEMBERS THIS YEAR INCLUDED (L TO R) COMMUNICATIONS CO-ORDINATOR C, NOBLE STOCKTON, PRESIDENT GEORGE D. MASON, VICE PRESIDENT JAMES MASON, AND EXECUTIVE SECRETARY IRENE DUNN. AS GSA PRESIDENT, GEORGE D. MASON DIRECTED THE ACTIVITIES OF UCLA ' S GRADUATE STUDENTS DURING THE YEAR. INTERNATIONAL HOUSE SERVING AS " I " HOUSE PRESIDENT, DON TREMBLAY WORKED HARD IN PROMOTING VARIOUS CAMPUS AND SOCIAL EVENTS. ONE OF THE PURPOSES OF " I " HOUSE IS TO PROMOTE A GREATER UNDERSTANDING BETWEEN THE DIFFERENT NATIONALITIES. STUDENTS FROM VARIOUS COUNTRIES INTRODUCE THE CUSTOMS AND DANCES THAT ARE COMMON IN THEIR NATIVE LANDS. PLANNING THE VARIOUS " I " HOUSE CAMPUS AND SOCIAL FUNCTIONS FOR THE PAST YEAR WERE (L TO R) ANNE WHITTIER, MIRKO JUG, CAROLINE BRIGGS, PRESIDENT DON TREMBLAY, WARREN GILMORE, GLORIA LOPEZ, AHMED JALALUDDIN, AND HASAN AL-AHBAN. MEMBERS OF " I " HOUSE BOARD FURTHERED INTERNATIONAL FRIENDSHIP AND UNDERSTANDING BY PROMOTING SUCH EVENTS AS THE ANNUAL ALL-UNIVERSITY GLOBAL BALL. THETA DELT DON CORNELL WHO HAS BEEN ACTIVE IN MANY ASUCLA ORGANIZATIONS SERVED AS THIS YEAR ' S OCB CHAIRMAN. SERVING AS MEMBERS OF ORGANIZATIONS CONTROL BOARD WERE (TOP ROW, L TO R) CAROLE TAYLOR, ED BAUM, MINA BALLS, SARKIS SARKISSIAN, DICK WILBUR, (BOTTOM ROW) DON CORNELL, DONNA KIRK, KITCHY WILLIAMS, RAY PASCHKE, GEORGE JEFFRIES, DICK JOHNSON. ORGANIZATIONS CONTROL BOARD The " main for all ASUCLA activities and recognized organizaticns was the Organizations Control Board. This year, among its major activities, OCB maintained a master calendar of all UCLA events, enforced closed dates, and regulated the " do ' s and don ' ts " pertaining to all the groups under its jurisdiction, and helped to form new organizations. In addition, OCB kept a file of ASUCLA presidents and chairmen in order to check and see that all kept the necessary 1.0 grade-point average required to keep office. The Board was also busy checking the names on petitions and adjusting their records after the sororities and fraternities withdrew from ASUCLA. Another service performed by OCB was of readdressing improperly addressed mail. The new student ' s handbook which a full explanation of the university, its boards and councils, traditions, and regulations was also designed by OCB members. Carol Aschenbach Ed Baum Mina Balls Don Cornell Elaine Solomon Carole Taylor Richard Wilbur Kitchy Williams George Jeffries Dick Johnson Donna Kirk Diana Raymond Anne Schachtsiek MEMBERS OF WELFARE BOARD MET WEEKLY IN THE KERCKHOFF MEMORIAL ROOM TO DISCUSS THE VARIOUS PROBLEMS THAT AROSE CONCERNING THE GENERAL WELFARE OF THE STUDENT BODY. ASIDE FROM THEIR GENERAL BUSINESS, THE BOARD ALSO HAD SEVERAL RETREATS. GARY WALLS WHO WAS ALSO ACTIVE IN ALPHA PHI OMEGA, A NATIONAL SERVICE HONORARY, PRESIDED OVER THE BOARD. WELFARE BOARD Problems, problems, problems! Welfare Board had the big job of attempting to solve problems concerning the Bruins and handling the general welfare of the student body. One of its projects was that of transportation, and car pools were arranged for those students who needed daily rides to and from the university. Seasonal and game transportation problems were also the concern of the board. The Bureau of Student Opinion, which observed campus to various events and questions, was an important division of this Another active branch was the Council for Unity which investigated and worked for general campus unity. Welfare Board also handled miscellaneous complaints under a special committee called the " Sunshine Committee. " Welfare Board also has several sub-committees on housing, the cafeteria, bookstore, and public legislation which were active during the past year., Ed Baum Arlene Brown Gene Carpenter Valerie Kay Marshall Lewis Grace Morehead Lee Ptitsin Len Roessler Bob Silver Peter Barrett Jim Carlson Eleanor Ellis Joel Klein Ken Maxwell Anna Marie McKinnon Larry Rink Ralph Sariego Irv Stolberg ALUMNI ASSOCIATION WILLIAM DURKEE, FORMERLY A MEMBER OF THE DAILY BRUIN AND SCOP STAFFS. NOW SERVES AS EDITOR OF THE ALUMNI MAGAZINE. EXECUTIVE SECRETARY HARRY LONGWAY PROVIDES ALUMNI WITH THE LATEST INFORMATION ON UCLA ' S ACTIVITIES AND OTHER ALUMNI. THE UCLA ALUMNI OFFICE STAFF WAS CONTINUALLY BUSY ORGANIZING THE NEWS. COMMUNICATIONS, AND CLASS REUNIONS FOR THE MULTITUDE OF BRUIN GRADS. UCLA ' s Alumni Association, in existence for only 22 years, is one of the biggest in the United States with a membership of 11,000. The Alumni Office furnishes information for all alums, through the publication of its m onthly news magazine, and also keeps a news file of its total membership. Representing the alumni at UCLA is their executive secretary Harry Longway, who sits in on many committees, such as the Board of Control, the Public Ceremonies, and the Basketball Pavilion. This year, the Association awarded 74 freshmen scholarships. The alums in Homecoming, UCLA ' s Open House Weekend, and the big Rose Bowl Luncheon. They sponsored such events as Charter Day, Gridiron Awards Banquet, and their annual dance. The Association provides alums with news of UCLA and themselves. GENERAL MANAGER GENERAL MANAGER WILLIAM ACKERMAN IS A VERY SUAVE AND DISTINGUISHED GENTLEMAN WHO ACTS AS A LIAISON OFFICIAL BETWEEN THE ALUMNI, THE STUDENTS, THE ADMINISTRATORS, AND THE PUBLIC. ALL ATHLETICS AND GENERAL ACTIVITIES ARE CO-ORDINATED THROUGH HIS OFFICE AND HE WORKS CLOSELY WITH DEAN HAHN. HE IS ENTRUSTED WITH BOTH THE FINANCIAL WELFARE AND WELL-BEING OF THE STUDENT BODY. MR. ACKERMAN SAYS, " I CONSIDER THE UCLA STUDENTS TO BE THE BEST IN THE UNITED STATES AND THE GREAT SPIRIT OF THE STUDENT BODY HAS ACHIEVED MUCH IN RETURN. " ASUCLA OFFICIALS AMICABLE NORM PADGET LED TWO LIVES, ONE AS THE MAN WHO DIRECTED ALL THE BRUIN ACTIVITIES, AND ONE AS THE KEEN HUNTER AND FISHERMAN. STAN REEL WAS THE OFFICIAL WHO TOOK CARE OF THE BRUIN PURCHASES AND MADE CERTAIN THAT THE ASUCLA BUDGET WAS NOT SLIPPING INTO THE RED. THIS YEAR MARKED THE END OF EIGHTEEN YEARS OF LOYAL SERVICE AS AUDITOR T. D. CLOSED THE BUDGET BOOKS FOR THE LAST TIME. FRANK STEWART ' S JOB WAS TO ASSIST THE DIRECTOR OF THE NEWS BUREAU IN COLLECTING NEWS AND EDITING THE ALUM MAGAZINE SPORTS SECTION. NEWS BUREAU DIRECTOR VIC KELLEY WORKED HARD AS HE KEPT THE BRUINS INFORMED OF THE LATEST NATIONAL AND WORLD EVENTS OF INTEREST. CHARMING MRS. ROWE BALDWIN IS NOT ONLY AN EXCELLENT TICKET MANAGER BUT SHE IS THE ONLY WOMAN IN THE U. S. WHO HOLDS THIS TAXING JOB. ROY COLLUSION KEPT BUSY FEEDING THE HUNGRY BRUINS WHO DEPENDED ON HIM DAILY FOR THOSE NUTRITIOUS, WELL BALANCED CAFETERIA MEALS. WITH TWENTY-FIVE YEARS OF LOYAL SERVICE BEHIND HIM, HARD-WORKING JOE FELKNER AGAIN SUPERVISED ASUCLA ' S BUSY RECEIVING DEPARTMENT. WILBUR JOHNS, THE CAPABLE DIRECTOR OF ATHLETICS, WAS BUSY THIS YEAR PLANNING A SCHEDULE FOR ALL THE GREAT BRUIN SPORTS HERE AT UCLA. SKILLED IN THE PRINCIPLES ACCOUNTING, THE CHIEF ACCOUNTANT, ROYCE HAMILTON, WORKED LONG, TEDIOUS HOURS OVER RECORDS AND REPORTS. DON ASHEN, A FORMER BRUIN BASKETBALL PLAYER, IS THE ASSISTANT TO THE ATHLETIC DIRECTOR AND ONE OF UCLA ' S VALUABLE BASKETBALL SCOUTS. AS THE DIRECTOR OF SCHOOL PUBLICATIONS, HARRY MORRIS DIVIDED HIS TIME BETWEEN JOURNALISM AND HIS HOBBY WHICH IS MINIATURE TRAINS. TWINKLE-EYED STAN TROUTMAN PORTRAYED " THE MAN BEHIND THE CAMERA. " AS ASUCLA ' S OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHER, HE WORKED WITH PUBLICATIONS. FRIENDLY RAY CIPPERLY WAS THE ASSISTANT DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY DEPARTMENT. RAY IS A GRADUATE OF THE UCLA THEATRE ARTS SCHOOL. GUY BUCKINGHAM WAS THE MAN IN CHARGE OF KEEPING THE ASUCLA STUDENT GOVERNMENT BUILDING, BETTER KNOWN AS KERCKHOFF HALL, SHINING. SELMA PORTER HANDLED ALL THE MIMEOGRAPHING FOR THE ASUCLA OFFICIALS, VARIOUS CAMPUS ORGANIZATIONS, AS WELL AS THE LIVING GROUPS. AMIABLE RALPH STILWELL WAS ACTIVE THIS PAST YEAR AS MANAGER OF THE BOOK STORE AND AS TREASURER OF UCLA ' S HUGE ALUMNI ASSOCIATION. publications SOUTHERN CAMPUS In September the 1956 Southern Campus was only a vision, but as final deadline day drew near it became more of a of glue pots, rubber-cemented hands, pasteup scraps, waste baskets with unusual copy, and tired, tired bodies. There were also the other more carefree hours spent clustered around the contents of the " Goodie " drawer, or in meeting those Hatton ' s deadlines, or in betting whose parachutes wouldn ' t open when they take that final leap from KH- 304. Snerks, wretches, rinky-dinks, oh come nows, oh neats, hustles, and other assorted bits of wisdom emanated from the confines of those hallowed halls of So. Cam. " The only staff that floats " was the means by which the staff made their way across the " C Around Us. " Bryant had his petty girls pose for a sales campaign, and delicious meetings gave everyone indigestion, to say nothing of Morris " the Menace " .. . Jovial and talented Editor Barbara Webb kept the staff chuckling . . . but working, tried to sum up the year and passed out. " I WANT TO SEE YOUR REPORT. ONLY 56 DAYS LEFT UNTIL HEADS ROLL. " HOW TO BIND BOOKS, DRAW LAYOUTS AND KEEP TWO FINGERS IN A GLUE POT, WIELD A " SPECIAL " KIND OF KEY, MAKE LOCKOUTS IN FIVE MINUTES, SCREAM CALMLY AND PRODUCE AN A-1 YEAR BOOK . . . ON TIME WERE ALL ARTS PERFECTED BY THE CONSCIENTIOUS AND HARD WORKING ' 56 EDITOR, BARBARA WEBB. HER MAGNETIC PERSONALITY WAS THE GUIDING LIGHT FOR THE STAFF DURING A YEAR OF TRIALS AND TRIBULATIONS. BARB PLANS TO ATTEND HER CLASSES IN THE FUTURE. " C ' MON LET ' S HUSTLE AND LET ' S KEEP THAT BUDGET DOWN! " SIGMA NU DON CHATELAIN HAD HIS OWN SECRET FORMULA FOR PERFORMING HIS DUTIES AS SOUTHERN CAMPUS MANAGER, WHILE ALSO STRENGTHENING HILGARD TIES. " SNERK AND RINKY-DINK, I ' M ALL CAUGHT UP AGAIN, ANYONE FOR LITTLE MISS EFFICIENCY OF THE SOUTHERN CAMPUS AND THE KAPPA DELTA HOUSE, KATHE KNOPE, PASTED AND ALSO DELETED IN THE FROM BEHIND THE " ASHTRAY " MARKED FOR ASSOCIATE EDITOR. " I KNOW I ' M LATE, BUT WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO? I HAD THOSE CLASSES . . . " ART WORK AND LAYOUTS WERE ART EDITOR REMI KRAMER ' S MEAT. REMI ORGANIZED HIS MANY STAFFS AND BARBARA WEBB TO TURN OUT ORIGINAL AND EXCITING LAYOUTS FOR SOUTHERN CAMPUS. HAL COHEN, AN ASSISTANT ART EDITOR EXTRAORDINAIRE, TURNED OUT PAGES OF EXCITING LAYOUTS. A O PI DEE KIPPS GREW BLEARY EYED FROM CONTINUALLY STARING AT NAME LIST AFTER NAME LIST. ADRIANNE KRAUSE, THE SOUTHERN CAMPUS LIBRARIAN, WAS ALWAYS IN AND OUT OF THE PHOTO FILES. THETA XI JOE PURCELL TORE UP TO KH 304 TO UP HIS EXCITING SPORTS COMMENTARIES. ENGRAVINGS EDITOR AND FUTURE TEACHER ANN SNYDER DIVIDED HER TIME BETWEEN NORMAN AND BRUIN HEADS INTO GUTTER. THETA XI DICK KITZROW " REK ' D " COPY, CHANGED LAYOUTS AND WAS HARASSED BY PICA-CRAZY WRITERS DURING HIS COPY EDITOR REIGN. BARBARA BROWN USED HER TALENT AS AN ART STUDENT TO FULFILL HER IMPORTANT ROLE AS THE ' 56 SO CAM ORGANIZATIONS EDITOR. THE GIRL WITH THE SPARKLING EYES AND THE PERSONALITY TO MATCH, K D MINA BALLS TOOK ON THE JOB OF PHOTOGRAPHY EDITOR. KEN " PONTIAC " BRYANT CARRIED ON IN THE TRADITION OF THE SIGMA NU LINE OF HUSTLING AND HAPPY SO CAM SALES MANAGERS. CONTRACTS WERE UTMOST IN THE THOUGHTS OF CHARMING PI PHI JO RANDALL... SO CAM CONTRACTS, A MARRIAGE CONTRACT WITH ALBRO. SUE EHRENBERG, CHUCK PAINTER WERE ASSIGNED FRATERNITIES, SORORITIES AND HONORARIES. K D LINDA LEVENE AND ALPHA CHI BOBBIE SUTTON WERE ASUCLA AND ADMINISTRATION COPY. Z T A CAROLE TAYLOR WAS OFTEN SEEN IN HER USUAL SPOT, PERCHED ON A LOFTY STOOL AND THUMBING THROUGH SENIOR RESERVATIONS. PERT AND PETITE A O PI DONNIE CLEMENSEN HANDLED MAMMOTH TASK OF MANAGING SECRETARIES AND COMPILING THE VAST INDEX. " C ' MON, SMILE JUST A LITTLE. " THE MENACE OF THE PHOTOGRAPHY STAFF WAS STAN TROUTMAN, THE SMILING MAN BEHIND THE CAMERA. " DO YOU PREFER PROFILE SHOTS? " RAY CIPPERLY ' S FRIENDLY AND CASUAL MANNER CARRIED OVER INTO HIS NATURAL PHOTO STYLE. " FRANK, I ' VE JUST GOT TO HAVE THOSE MISSING PICTURES TODAY. NOW GIRLS, THIS IS OUR PASTEUP PROCEDURE. " BARBARA BROWN DIRECTED HER ORGANIZATIONS STAFF (L. TO R.) HANNA RETTIG, BARBARA MARTIN, BARBARA, IRENE LOPEZ, AND PENNY SMITH FOR THE PASTEUP JOB AHEAD. BILL WOODRUFF MUST HAVE BEEN WATCHING THE BOB CUMMINGS TV SHOW BECAUSE HE WAS BECOMING THE PHOTO STAFF ' S GREAT LOVER. A SPORTS CAR ENTHUSIAST AND PHOTO STAFF MEMBER, ED DAMON WITH WEIRD SOUNDS OF BAGPIPE. MADE THE DARKROOM RESOUND A HI Fl AND GOLF ENTHUSIAST, HERB STEPHENS JOINED THE PHOTO STAFF AFTER HIS RECENT HITCH AS A CAPTAIN IN THE AIR FORCE. WITH THE WORRIED LOOK OF AN EXPECTANT FATHER, ACE PHOTO STAFF MEMBER BILL KNOX WAS HEARD SINGING SOFT LULLABIES. " OH, CAN ' T THIS BE CHANGED FROM 20 LINES, 32 PICAS TO 2 LINES, 12 PICAS, PLEEESE! " DICK KITZROW AND HIS COMPETENT COPY STAFF (L. TO R.) JIM PICKETT, LINDA LEVENE, DEE HAWKINS, DICK, CHUCK PAINTER, AND SUE EHRENBERG TURNED OUT REAMS OF " CLEAN " COPY WITHOUT WIDOWS. " DOES THAT SOUND FAMILIAR? THAT WAS THE BRUIN ROOTING SECTION ON NEW YEAR ' S DAY IN THE ROSE BOWL. " COMPILING THE VAST MILES OF TAPE WAS THE CONCERN OF THE RECORD STAFF (L TO R) RAY THEILE, BRENT DE MONTE, ED LONG, JEAN BISCAYART, AND HEAD MAN DICK TUMIN. " NOW IF WE DO THAT IN A HALFTONE THE FOLDOUTS COULD BE IN BLACK AND WHITE. " DIVISION PAGES, THE OPENING SECTION, AND HUNDREDS OF LAYOUTS CLAIMED THE TALENTS OF REMI KRAMER ' S COMPETENT AND TALENTED ART STAFF (L TO R) REMI, DON KAPP, AND JIM FITZGERALD. FALL EDITOR MARTY SKLAR WAS OCCUPIED WITH WRITING EDITORIALS, AND WORKING TOWARDS A NEW BRUIN CONSTITUTION, OR CHECKING UP ON IRV DRASNIN ' S RELAXATION HABITS. MARTY WAS ALSO SLC APPOINTED REP SPRING EDITOR CLYDE REXRODE RETURNED TO THE DAILY BRUIN AFTER HIS RESPITE WITH UNCLE SAM. THE BUSY AND POPULAR EDITOR COULD ALSO BE SEEN FREQUENTING THE AREAS NEAR SANTA ANITA, DUDES, AND THE COOP. DAILY BRUIN The Daily Bruin once more completed a successful year of publication. In the fall, the paper was headed by Editor Marty Sklar, who capably directed the paper, striving towards goals of journalistic objectivity and complete campus coverage. Marty joined his competent staff in many of the DB " bull sessions, ' ' featu ring campus problems. A talk by Max Shulman, which they sponsored, and a 0-0 tie in the traditional battle with the Daily Trojan in the Blood Bowl highlighted the fall. Capable Spring Editor Clyde Rexrode sponsored an open house for Unity Week, and supervised the Daily Bruin over his eternal cup of coffee. CAL MAN TOM SPIRO MOVED INTO THE POSITION OF MANAGING EDITOR, THE DB STAFF COORDINATOR, IN THE FALL. JOE COLMENARES, THE GUY WITH THE PERPETUAL SMILE, WAS THE FALL CITY EDITOR AND SPRING MANAGING EDITOR. IN TRADITIONAL KAPPA SIG STYLE LOU MIRAULA WITH HIS ITALIAN SHIRTS WAS DB BUSINESS MANAGER FOR THE YEAR. " COULD WE HELP YOU? THE GRINS AND GROWLS BOX IS OVER THERE. OH, YOU ' D LIKE TO PUT THAT IN CALLING YOU. " READY AND WILLING TO ANSWER ALL DAILY BRUIN INQUIRIES WERE ( L. TO R.) BOB ROSENSTONE, BENNIE BENSON, TOM SPIRO, MARY SOLOW, GEORGE LAUER. PARTIES, PINNINGS, FEATURES, AND A SENSATIONAL FASHION ISSUE WERE FALL SOCIAL EDITOR LILLIAN SINAI ' S WORK. Z B T JERRY MEASER MOVED UP FROM A SPORTS NIGHT EDITOR POSITION TO HIS YEAR REIGN AS A SPORTS OFFICE KING. A SCOOP FOR EVERY BRUIN WAS NEWS EDITOR ERIC SHUMAN ' S CHIEF JOB AS HE TRACKED DOWN ALL CAMPUS NEWS. ASSIGNING THE REWRITES, READING COPY, AND ASSISTING THE DAILY BRUIN NIGHT EDITORS AT THE PRINT SHOP WERE THE JOBS TAKEN ON BY DESK EDITORS (L TO R) JACK STAR, SANDRA POTEKIN, DAVE RAND. THE FINAL DEADLINES WERE PUT ON THE SHOULDERS OF THE DB NIG HT STAFF (L TO R) JACK STAR, ERIC SHUMAN AND BENNIE BENSON, DAILY BRUIN NIGHT EDITORS, AN UNIDENTIFIED CUB, AND SANDRA POTEKIN. BEING FALL SUPPLEMENTS EDITOR AND SPRING CITY EDITOR DIDN ' T KEEP MARY SOLOW AWAY FROM PI D E GATHERINGS. FROM A CUB POSITION IN THE FALL JIM GERHART MOVED INTO THE POSITION OF CUB TRAINER AND ASSOCIATE EDITOR. BOB ROSENSTONE WON THE BEST FEATURE WRITER AWARD WHILE FINE ARTS EDITOR, AND THEN MOVED UP TO FEATURE EDITOR. AN INTERESTING, EDUCATIONAL, AND STIMULATING FEATURE PAGE WAS FALL FEATURE EDITOR LAURIE GLASS ' CONCERN GEORGE SIMPSON, A MUSICIAN, WAS THE SCIENCE EDITOR IN THE FALL, AND THE SUPPLEMENTS EDITOR IN THE SPRING. GUIDING CUBS THROUGH AN ORIENTATION PROGRAM AND NIGHT EDITING KEPT FALL ASSOCIATE EDITOR BEV BENSON BUSY. honor service HEAD SCOUTMASTERS WHO PLANNED THE ALPHA PHI OMEGA ' S SOCIAL CALENDAR AND THEIR " GOOD DUTIES " INCLUDED (TOP ROW, L. TO R.) GENE CARPENTER, PRESIDENT CHUCK LINSEY, ROBERT ACHERSON, (BOTTOM ROW) JOEL KLEIN, ROBERT HOUSMAN, AND WILLIAM GUSTAFSON. National Alpha Phi Omega was founded in 1925 to further the ideals of Scouting in college. A service group, its main activities are around projects for the University and for ASUCLA . . . aiding the Welfare Board in the Car-Pool Program, directing floats and for the Homecoming Parade, and helping Fall Drive by managing the Ugly Man Contest. This honorary also runs the King Contest for Spring Drive and Mardi Gras, and helps at Spring Elections. APhiO does not restrict itself solely to service, however; parties and were sprinkled throughout the year; one of the most was a blast with the Cal chapter during All-U doings. Running a close second was a New Year ' s Eve Party with all of the five chapters in the Los Angeles area. Because Alpha Phi Omega never enters into campus competitions itself, it has received few trophies; but it has won the heart-felt thanks of chairmen of the various campus events. ALPHA PHI OMEGA Robert Acherson Gene Carpenter Robert Dougherty Mel Fliegal Bill Gustafson Fred Hennings Robert Housman Joel Klein James Luter Ted Polychronis Ed Baum Carl Dietz Steve Finks John Glynn George Handler Herman Hoffman Richard Juneman Chuck Linsey Joseph Merdler Robert Schneider AT THE HELM OF THE ANCHORS STOOD (L TO R) PAULINE CHIRIACO, PUBLICITY CHAIRMAN, CHRIS JOHNSON, TREASURER, DANA ZIEGLER, PRESIDENT, JANCY JO WILSON, SECRETARY, ELLIE STONES, VICE-PRESIDENT, AND MONA JOHNSON, SOCIAL CHAIRMAN FOR THE GROUP. ANCHORS Anchors was established in the Fall of 1954 by four UCLA coeds going with men in the Naval Reserve Program. From a small number of girls who were interested in furthering their knowledge of the Navy, Anchors has grown to a crew of thirty strong. They met NRO men at exchanges and meetings and have thus learned something about the Navy in an ... yet harmless . . . manner. Exchanges with Conning Tower, the NROTC honorary, led the list of activities which included: Spring booth Drive . . . they sold " Life Savers, " Mardi Gras booth with Conning Tower, visiting a ship at Long Beach and entertaining at the Corona Naval Hospital, May Day activities with the NROTC during their graduation week activities, and acting as a secretariat to Conning Tower. They blended their agenda of events with a program designed to create and promote interest in the NRO and to gain a fuller knowledge and of the Navy and its functions in a nautical, but nice, way. Ann Baakkonen Shirley Bohlen Jean Carrol Gail Deverman Mitzi Gage Chris Johnson Barbara PIiha Elinor Stones Joan Walker Nancy Jo Wilson Beth Bender Judy Bruhl Pauline Chiriaco Vivian Flaxman April Hathcock Ramona Johnson Sylvia Rhodes Aliane Sutherland Mary Waring Dana Ziegler Ce Ce Clark Jane Franks Maralynn Honaker Nancy Omelianovitch Norma Shannon Janet Townsend (L TO R) RON WESTLAND, MONTE MILLER, COMMANDER BOB HIGH, AND BOB WISE SOARED THE NAME OF ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY INTO THE UCLA SPOTLIGHT WITH A HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL AND WELL-PLANNED CHANDELLE BALL AT AERO INSTITUTE. ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY Arnold Air Society, a social and service honorary for the advanced AFROTC cadets, was again occupied with the of traditional activities which revolve around the organization. Rushing was the main project early in the year. Following rushing came the big formal initiation, at which the AAS members were inspired by the wise words of their guest speaker, Joe E. Brown. Mr. Brown, AAS ' s honorary sponsor, set a high tone for the entire year. A highlight of November was the annual Chandelle, an All-U formal military ball, which was a grand success. Parties and a field trip to Nellis Air Force Base filled the year for the boys of AAS, also known as the Don Brown Squadron. Ralph Arceri Mel Bayer Robert Behar Paul Pezynski Ed Dickerson Lloyd Egenes Bill Epler Leslie Fujimoto Hal Gardner Robert High Norman Jacobs Bob Kauzlark Richard Kerr Gary Lange Marshall Lewis Mike Mathos Monte Miller Lyle Pelton Tony Plaia Roger Poyner Dick Ravetti Arnold Silverman Bob Webb Cliff Wells Ronald Westland Herbert White Bob Wise Lee Wong Joyce Clasen Clarann Johnson Marilyn Lewis Bruce McMaster Pierre Mornell Ron Pengilly Gail Rising Vivian Robinson Bob Stein Rosemary Wooldridge CAL CLUB California Club was organized by President Robert Sproul and has chapters on each of the campuses of the University of California. Its principle is to promote better campus unity and with this goal in mind, Cal Club originated, and still sponsors, the All-U weekend as well as a of the chapters each January. The get together and supplement lengthy with numerous party-times and tea-times which soothe the nerves of the harassed All-U Reps. PLANNING CAL MEN ' S SERVICE AND SOCIAL CALENDAR FOR THE SPRING SEMESTER WERE THE OFFICERS (L. TO R.) GIL YANOW. RON KATHREN, BOB NUSSBAUM, PREXY TOM SPIRO, AND LARRY FRANK CAL MEN Cal Men ' s fall activities kicked off with the building of a Homecoming float depicting a pirate ship. Later in the semester, they set up facilities for the Picnic. Their social program was a series of parties and exchanges with women ' s campus groups. The spirit and effectiveness of the organization was by the efforts of energetic Cal Men neophytes. Warren Gilmore Ron Kathren Ted Lehmann Dave Pierson Stephen Marsh Ken Maxwell Robert Nussbaum Tom Spiro Gilbert Yanow CHIMES OFFICERS (TOP ROW, L. TO R.) LILY KAMIYA, RISHA MALOTKE, DEAN MASON, (BOTTOM ROW) SANDY SPRAGUE, PREXY ROSEMARY WOOLDRIDGE, AND ARLINE ANDERSON PLANNED XMAS CHEER FOR UNDERPRIVILEGED CHILDREN. CHIMES " To lead with knowledge, to follow with intelligence, and to seek the worthwhile in life, " serves as the motto of the UCLA junior women ' s service honorary, Chimes. The members, who are selected on the basis of their service, leadership, and scholarship, were kept busy with a well r ounded plan of activities. A ' ' Get Acquainted " pizza party at the start of the semester got the girls wound up for the terrific " Ding SC " campaign which they waged during Men ' s Week. With part of the profits from the cowbell sale going to the eighteen underprivileged children whom the Chimes took Xmas shopping, the girls caught the Xmas spirit. The girls were reunited with the children at a festive Easter Party in the spring. Arline Anderson Carole Aschenbach Mina Balls Adrianne Clark Jean Cowan Marilyn Eacrett April Hathcock Lily Kamija Risha Malotke Dean Mason Sue Pittman Patricia Popp Sandy Sprague Mary Jane Upton Jacque White Lund Claudie Whitehurst Rosemary Wooldridge CONNING TOWER OFFICERS (L. TO R.) BOB COPELAND, CHUCK SHOUL, SPRING PRESIDENT JOHN CHRIST. FALL PRESIDENT GEORGE ENOCH, AND RON VAN PARIS MADE PLANS FOR THE MEMORABLE " STRIPE AND STAR " DINNER DANCE. CONNING TOWER Conning Tower, the honorary naval fraternity of the NROTC program at UCLA, is the largest organization of its kind in the United States, and it has set a precedent for all the future officers of the United States Navy. Designed to a high degree of fellowship and leadership among the officer candidates, to stimulate higher understanding officers and officer candidates, and to plan social, athletic, and special events for the midshipmen, the UCLA unit planned a well-rounded year of events. The " Pirates ' Den ' ' costume party, " Initiation Dance, " " Stripe and Star " formal and dinner in honor of graduating seniors, and many other exchanges, field trips, and cruises filled up the year. Abe Alves Larry Bennigson Dave Blagg Bob Brumbaugh John Christ Bob Copeland Ed Cramer George Enoch Allan Frandsen Dave Jacobson John Kurtich Jerry Liponi Marty Mason Jerry McCool Dick Noble Glenn Smith Bob Stipanov Ron Van Paris WOMEN ' S GLEE CLUB INSPIRED BY THE BEAUTIFUL ACCOMPANIMENT OF JOCELYN SCHNEIDER (SEATED), (STANDING, L. TO R.) YVONNE STEIN, MR. MAURICE GEROW, AND PRESIDENT MARILYN UNGERSMA KEPT THE MUSICAL ACCOMPLISHMENTS OF THE WOMEN ' S GLEE CLUB ON A HIGH NOTE AT ALL TIMES. MEN ' S GLEE CLUB PREXY RONALD FREEMAN WORKED OUT ARRANGEMENTS WITH AID OF VEEP DION WINANZ AND GEORGE JONES, SECRETARY, WHO OFTEN POSED AS PIANO IMPRESSARIO. MEN ' S GLEE CLUB “More activities and more fun " is fast becoming a motto for the Men ' s and Women ' s Glee Clubs. Led by director Maurice Gerow, they appeared at the Pomona Festival, the Homecoming Rally and the Christmas Sing. They have bi-annual exchanges and parties which add to the social calendars of the members of each of the organizations. The requirements for membership do vary between the two, however, with the Women ' s Glee requiring personal auditions for membership and their counterpart requesting the prerequisites of a " little ability and a lot of interest " . . . their main purpose is having fun and supplying the campus with entertainment. COUNCIL MEXICAN-AMERICAN EDUCATION The Council for Mexican-American Education is only one year old. It was born on the UCLA campus as a result of the need to solve encountered by these people and has won official recognition of both the University and ASUCLA. CMAE conducted tours here for high school students, hosted at an education conference on campus, and sponsored programs which explained their problems to Bruins. A large scholarship was raised for future use. PROMOTING BETTER UNDERSTANDING BETWEEN THE MEXICAN AND AMERICAN STUDENTS WAS THE GOAL SET BY THE CMAE OFFICERS (TOP ROW, L. TO R.) ANA CORNEJO, MARY JO THOMSEN, (BOTTOM ROW) PREXY RICHARD TERRONES, PETE SANCHEZ, ARTURO BIBLARAZ, WILL KENNEDY. Emiliano Barcelo Louise Bell Anna Cornejo Fernando Del Rio Al Escobosa Angelina Garcia Megs Herrera Jenny Loo Carmen Lopez Elena Ramos Alfred Salazar Frank Salcedo Peter Sanchez Richard Terrones Mary Jo Thomsen Barbara Wood Marcia Bryant Dee Flood Eilene Jacobson Allene Killough Marilyn Larson Violet Lew Hannah Ontman Hanna Rettig DELTA PHI UPSILON Delta Phi Upsilon is a national honorary for women specializing in early childhood An Open House each fall and spring is the scene for selecting new members, who each semester find themselves busy in workshops, field trips, lectures given by prominent and local principals, supervisors, and and special little get-togethers where they compare notes on their common problems. Parties were scattered throughout the year. SEATED (L TO R) ARE PI LAMBDA THETA ' S NATIONAL VICE-PRESIDENT, DR. GLADYS A. CORYELL, ANGELA SCALERO, VICE-PRESIDENT OF THE CHAPTER ON THE CAMPUS, FRANCES CECCARINI, PRESIDENT, AND DR. WILLIAM H. LUCIO. PI LAMBDA THETA Pi Lambda Theta is a national honor and association for women in education. Its membership is based on both scholarship and leadership. To develop a professional fellowship for women active in education is its aim and, “Sources of Strength and Inspiration” was the motto chosen to convey the meaning this year. In line with this idea was a program under the guidance of Dr. Olive Hall, which a round of guest-speaker meetings, panel discussions, and many informal dinner meetings. Don A therton Dick Borun Don Chatelain Bob Hunt Bob Johannesen Bill Ketteringham Chuck Linsey Jim Luter Bruce McMaster Ed Peck Ron Pengilly Dave Pierson Alan Rosin Bob Seaman Jack Taylor Don White GOLD KEY Gold Key, the highest men ' s honorary at UCLA, is restricted to upper division membership on the basis of service, and leadership. An annual basketball game against the SC Blue Key, exchanges with Women ' s honoraries, and a pigskin fray with the Yeomen rounded out a program of crazy meetings. Main event at most of the meetings was a ten round bout with Bob Seamen and Olga versing Dick Borun in a tooth and claw battle. To keep up appearances, members were seen on campus in their traditional white outfits sparkled by the blue and gold felt emblem of their group. GOLD KEY OFFICERS (L. TO R.) VICE-PRESIDENT PIERRE MORNELL, PRESIDENT DICK BORUN, AND SECRETARY-TREASURER AL ROSIN HELPED TO FORMULATE AN AGENDA WHICH WAS WELL-ROUNDED WITH ATHLETIC AND SOCIAL ACTIVITIES. (L TO R) MORTAR BOARD ' S OFFICERS BETSEY WARWICK, HISTORIAN, SUZIE LEONARDSON, VICE-PRESIDENT, SUE EGGLESTON, PRESIDENT, SHIRLEY ROBERTS KANAGY, TREASURER, AND MARGARET HUNTS, SECRETARY, SHARPEN THEIR WITS ON CALENDAR SALES CAMPAIGNS. MORTAR BOARD For the third year, Motar Board has provided Bruins with calendars in which to record assignments, dates, and The proceeds from their sales were used for welfare in the student ward of the Medical Center and for the annual tea to honor outstanding women on campus. This year ' s tea was preceded by an excellent discourse by Dr. Gertrude Huberty on the Woman ' s in the Community. Since Mortar Board was established with the three-fold purpose of promoting service to the University, and encouraging leadership, and maintaining high scholarship, it results in encouraging a higher caliber of college women. Joyce Clasen Margaret Hunts Suzie Leonardson Pat Price Gail Rising Betsey Warwick Marilyn Wilson PI D E MET MONTHLY, ON BUSINESS OR OTHERWISE. PRESENT WERE (L TO R) TOM SPIRO, BARBARA WEBB, BARBARA ELLWOOD, ERIC SHUMAN, BOB ROSENSTONE, ALUMNA SPEAKER MARY COOK, JO RANDALL, MARY SOLOW, PI D E ' S PRESIDENT DICK BORUN, AND KATHE KNOPE. PI DELTA EPSILON Outstanding journalism students are selected on merit for membership in Pi Delta Epsilon in their upper division years. A national Pi D E is notable on the UCLA campus for its aid in putting out the special Orientation Bruin News, programs for the Homecoming week and the Spring Sing Program. Their outstanding project is to assist with Publications Day activities. These included a convention of high school journalists from all of the western states that boasts prominent journalists as guest speakers and a contest by the School of Journalism which awards the Edward Dickson trophy to the annuals which are outstanding in both content and art. Beverly Benson Dick Borun Joe Colmenares Barbara Ellwood Lawrence Glass Kathe Knope Jo Randall Bob Rosenstone Eric Shuman Mary Solow Tom Spiro Zena Stanten Herbert Stevens Barbara Webb RALLY COMMITTEE SREG NEAL ELIAS RANG THE MIGHTY VICTORY BELL WITH A GLORIOUS CLANG WHEN BRUIN FOOTBALLERS ROLLED OVER SC AT THE ANNUAL CLASH. BRUIN CARD SECTION DOUBLED IN AREA TO MAKE THIS YEAR ' S STUNTS COLOSSAL AS WELL AS FABULOUS DURING THE GREAT HALF-TIME ENTERTAINMENT. CARD AND LIGHT STUNTS OF NATIONAL RENOWN WERE BORN IN THE IMAGINATIONS OF PAT FOX, CHAIRMAN SKIP NEVELL, DON WHITE (STANDING) STAN HUGHES, BOB NEILSON, PETE ARTZ. STAN HUGHES SHOUTED CUES TO THE " FRANTIC " BRUIN ROOTERS. Ann Artman Paul Berger Bob Blumenthal Barbara Boykin Mike Brock William Butland Jody Chapman Mike Clarks Joyce Cohen Barbara Cowdrey Virginia Cowen Gwen Draper Lois Fanta Joan Forman Jeff Frey Dick Galitz Lynn Garbardt Carolyn Hackamack Pat Hamilton Tom Hamilton Lois Harrington Del Harris Kathy Heyler Judy Hoffman Tom Kalen Joan Kirkby Richard Kitzrow Les Klein Suzanne Lang Frances Leisman Ray Louie Loretta McKinney Marilynn McMullen Marian Miller Bill Moye Jay Olins Nancy Omelianovitch Margie Orr Dick Paxson Jack Perry Jacque Peters Pauline Porter Max Ramberg Lori Rona Marcia Rothstein Steve Sanders Aileen Schleusner Beryl Schulman Helen Singer Eva Spiegler Larry Stein George Stone Hank Sugerman Carole Taylor Don Thomas Marilyn Traiger Terry Warburton Richard Wilbur Nancy Wilson Mike Wolfson RICHARD HURLEY SQUADRON (L TO R) HURLEY SQUADRON COMMANDER BOB LANO OFTEN CONSULTED WARREN HOFFNUNG, ADJUTANT, JACK BURGARD, FINANCE, MAJOR AL HOWELL, EXECUTIVE, FOR THE BEST DAYS TO VISIT AIRFORCE BASES. The Hurley Squadron is a group of AFROTC cadets, who because they share a common interest in aviation and the Air Force itself, have banded together to obtain advantages possible onl y in this type of organization. Their main activity is in traveling to prominent Air Force Bases . . . Williams AFB in Arizona, Nellis in Nevada, and Hamilton in San Francisco. They participate in campus events, acting as honor guards at the coronation of the Homecoming Queen and sponsoring booths at Mardi Gras. They enjoy exchanges with Wings, UCLA women ' s auxiliary to this select group of air cadets. Don Bereskin John Burgard Ken Chotiner John Duks Juhn Kusters Robert Lano William Weeler Don Schwartz Jack Vaughn SCABBARD AND BLADE (L TO R) TOM KELLY, SECRETARY, KENNETH CLEVELAND, TREASURER, OVVIE MILLER, SCABBARD AND BLADE PRESIDENT, IRWIN JACOBS, VICE-PRESIDENT, AND RICHARD ANDREINI, PUBLIC INFORMATION, GUIDE SCABBARD AND BLADE. Scabbard and Blade is the goal toward which members of the ROTC program strive. Outstanding cadets are rewarded with membership in its ranks where they continue the aim of and developing the qualities of good officers. To raise the esprit de corps among cadets by its example, it sponsors many activities, among which the cadet-faculty and the Military Ball are the most popular. The of a women ' s auxiliary which will participate in reviews and social functions promises to add color and beauty to Cadet Corps and Scabbard-and-Blade activities. Dick Andreini Roger Bunting Dale Brudnig Ken Cleveland J. W. Colin John Horger Charles Houchin Irwin Jacobs Tom Kelly Ovvie Miller Lewis O ' Rourke William Paris Jack Sorter SPURS SELLING SPERSHEY BARS, " LICK SC " SUCKERS, AND LEADING " THE GIRLS IN WHITE " WERE SPURS (TOP ROW, L. TO R.) ELAINE SOLOMAN, BARBARA PERKING, (BOTTOM ROW) PRESIDENT JANIE FAHAY, AND JEAN STALKER. Spurs, the sophomore women ' s is a service organization and promotes spirit by such stunts as selling Hersheys for Homecoming by the slogan, " Spursheys Bring Despair to Brother Bear; " cinnamon were sold to " Lick SC " and a campaign to sell pom-poms was the rule for every event. Service to UCLA was their goal at the start of the year when they were on hand to assist Chancellor Allen in new students at the President ' s Reception, Organization activities, and later in the season, hostessing at the Foreign Students ' Picnic. A pleasant diversion for these young ladies was the Chinese theme breakfast which they gave to welcome members of the Santa chapter during the All-Cal activities in the fall semester. Joyce Avrech Carol Bartlett Nancee Beck Bob Bittner Margy Elser Jane Fahay Deanne Feild Marilyn George Be tty Greenstein Carolyn Hackamack Bettie Hanstein Sharryl Hathcock Valerie Kay Lois Kenison Susan Lacey Kathie Miller Chris McCoy Bruce McMaster Phyllis McMeen Gerry Owen Barbara Perkins Dave Pierson Tony Plaia Barbara Pliha Roger Poyner Lee Ptitsin Judy Robbins Nancy Rude Bert Shapiro Temera Sherman Joan Slayden Penny Smith Elaine Solomon Bill Spivak Jean Stalker Donna Steel Carole Taylor Carolyn Thomas Jean Van Buren SHELL AND OAR OFFICERS (STANDING L TO R) CAROLINE MARTIN, PREXY LOIS KENISON, SUE FAULKNER, (SEATED L TO R) MARY ANN ZEMAN, AND JANICE MAUPIN EXHIBITED AS KEEN AN INTEREST IN CREWERS AS IN CREWING AS THEY AIDED BRUIN ROWING CLUB. SHELL AND OAR Shell and Oar acts as a secretariat for the Bruin Rowing Club, and is the official hostess for the Crew at all meets. The big year started off with the swinging of paint brushes on “Work Day.” The next big event was a joint raffle held with the Rowing Club to raise money for Crew. Social activities included an exchange with the Bruin Rowing Club at which time the gals demonstrated their culinary arts with a buffet luncheon. S O will always be found cheering the Bruin Crew on to victory during their meets. Alida Anderson Adora Chan Pat Farmer Carole Friend Lois Kenison Betsy Lester Barbara Martin June Oakes Marie Shortell Diane Atwater Pat Coltrin Pat Foss Arlene Hanke Dolores Laifman Joan Lightner Caroline Martin Pat Paine Donna Steel Jeanette Billingham Gini Dolby Barbara Fowler Pat Huff M arilyn Lee Pat Manatt Janice Maupin Joyce Pickup Carolyn Thomas Sylvia Bone Diane Dilworth Jo Freed Carol Jones Mary Ann Lee Roberta Marek Carolyn Moore Joy Sellstrom Barbara Welzenbach KELPS OFFICERS (L. TO R.) STAN HUGHES, PRESIDENT DON WHITE, AND LARRY CONNELL, POPPED OUT OF THEIR RESPECTIVE HAUNTS OF THE UCLA CAMPUS TO LEAD THE FELLOWS. ALIAS SPRING SING DIVERS, THROUGH AN EXCITING SEMESTER OF SPIRITED ESCAPADES. KELPS The Kelps, a men ' s honorary spirit organization, is composed of sundry fugitives from Darwinism. Under the leadership of that notorious paranoid, Dave Grootius, the club has been soaring to bigger and better social probation. “Obnoxious Odabashion” has missed every meeting, but can be found each Friday afternoon in front of Dudes, with his tambourine in his dainty little paw, a confirmed AA. The rest of the " group " can be found whooping it up at games, tar and featherings, and ringing sorority doorbells. Bob Billingsley Gene Barne Hernan Briggs Al Brownell James Cross Cal Darrow Dennis Fenske Dave Groat Ben Holmes Bob Hopkins Stan Hughes Bob Johannesen Rafer Johnson Ray Johnson Rod Kistinger M. T. Kight Roger Kozberg Al Lasher John Lesch Lenney Martines Jerry Measer Bud Millay John Odabashian Jack Perry Steve Platt Richard Smith Don White Richard Willing Brooks Baldwin Sregs Founder Stan Benson Jody Bruggeman Jerry Cahan Bob Coennen Neal Elias Bruce Hartwig Trav Haskins Dick Jones Dick Kitzrow Gene Loehl Byron Lawler Chuck Painter Jim Pickett Tony Plaia Julian Randolph Jack Taylor Dave Thomas Dick Wilbur SREGS OFFICERS (L. TO R.) DICK KITZROW, JACK TAYLOR, HIGH TRAV HASKINS, AND TONY PLAIA WERE DISTURBED OVER THE EFFECT THAT BRIDEY MURPHY EXPERIMENTS HAD HAD ON JERRY KELLY (CENTER). SREGS Sregs, a new Bruin spirit group, has been busier than a mongoose at a cobra rally this year. Tomfoolery ran rampant, including a riotous skit at the Iowa game, a presentation of a 5000 lb. Cobalt Bomb to the late Dean of Students at SC, running the Man From Schweppes out of town on a vertical rail, and helping underprivileged children of Bel-Air. High Muckety Muck Trav Haskins received kudos for his musical effort " The Wasserman Mambo. " The traditional Sreg " Towel Sale " was held at the first of the year. Towels from some of the more prominent hostels in LA, Vegas, TJ, Royal Hawaiian, and Kerckhoff lounge were offered at drastically reduced prices. The Sreg motto " Fun, Frolic, and Foolishness ' ' is doing its part in keeping Bruin spirit way up there. (L. TO R.) LOW POTENTATE SUE PITTMAN, ELLIE STONES, AND CAROL FRIEND WERE SHOCKED TO READ OF THE DISGUSTING ESCAPADES THAT SOME WILD UCLA VAMPIRAS, CLAD IN WHITE SHEETS AND DIXIE CUPS, HAD BEEN ENGAGED IN. TROLLS TRolLs stARteD OfF tHe sEmEsterR wIth a bIg DriBbLe. DoNniNg an elLegAnt chapeaU . . . AliAs a dixie cuP, and aN EleGant gown cReatEd fRom the LATEst sORorIty BeD sheEts, tHe gools maRchEd dOwn FrateRnIty rOw to tHe happY tuNe of thE FunerAl March. El Proximo vEx que aythay eNtway ooTAY or Uhthay vecCio En FirEnze!?8 AchOO?¢ Muito Obrigado - - 1 4 - p knq Marilyn ( %$??? %$) sil Vous plaiT, AMEN . . . . . . . AMEN . . . . . . . . . AMEN Charlene Berstein Connie Brown Leanne Cope Joan Cougler Joy Ekdahl Judy Feldman Tillie Figueroa Marlene Foltz Carole Friend Melissa Griffin Ruth Howard Irene Hull Mary Irving Pat Jacobs Clarann Johnson Vivian Johnston Barbara Jones Janice Maupin Carma Monson Jean Montague Sallie Mosher Dolores McManus Barbara Olson Margie Orr Charlene Parmley Sue Pittman Sylvia Robertson Irene Rull Betty Russell Shirley Scantland Joan Snell Dixie Sorenson Sue Steffen Elinor Stones Carole Strahan Lillian Tobey Jeannie Wilhelm Kitchy Williams Pat Wilson COLLECTING MONEY FOR THE OLYMPIC FUND, DIRECTING THE ANNUAL ALL SPORTS DAY AND " WATERMELON FEED " KEPT VARSITY CLUB OFFICERS (L. TO R.) BOB SEAMAN, PREXY BOB BACHE, AND LARRY GROSSMAN IN SHAPE. The spirit and cooperation of Varsity Club with the Administration, coaches, and athletes has been the prime factor in making this its most successful year. One of the major events was the handling of the collection for the Olympic Fund during the Bruin-Cal game. Later at an athletic banquet, Mr. Larry Houston of the southern California AAU was guest speaker. In the Spring the Club guided the All Sports Day and helped out with the UCLA Football Clinic, conducted by the coaching staff. And to top the year, the boys sponsored a " Watermelon Feed, " which kicked off the Uni Camp Drive for underprivileged children. The Club is rapidly becoming one of the most active, student-minded organizations on campus. VARSITY CLUB Joe Merdler Norm Ollestad Robert Silver John Townley Ronald Abelman Joe Blatchford Dave Entin Daryl Faulkner Joe Green Lindy Kell Bill Meyer Gerald Quinn Charles Slutzkin Walt Vendley Richard Anderson Joel Bremen William Epler Jay Foonberg Larry Grossman James Lehr Bill Mills Ralph Reynolds Mal Smith Don Vick Robert Bache Dave Drum D. Faber Craig Garman Howard Hirsch Bob Leventhal Larry McNeil Steve Sanders George Thayer Robert Weebe Gary Ballenger Russ Ellis Leon Farley Erwin Goldbloom Bob Hunt John Lyttle Willie Naulls Larry Senn Leonard Thomas Roger White BUSSING DISHES IN THE CAFETERIA TO RAISE MONEY FOR FALL DRIVE, AND PAINTING A CAR FOR THE DUBLIN BALL WERE ON THE AGENDA OF YEOMEN OFFICERS (L. TO R.) AL RE ID, RAFER JOHNSON, PREXY YOSHIO SETOGUCHI. YEOMEN With the goal of providing service to the school as as well as in group projects, Yeomen began a year of service and assistance to UCLA by bussing dishes in the cafeteria during Fall Drive in order to earn for the cause. They performed other duties, large and small, during the year while they anxiously anticipated the annual football fracas with the upper division men ' s service honorary, Gold Key. Yeomen match their flair for serving with a flair for living it up. Bob Blumenthal Jim Carlson Jeff Frey Norm Garey Rafer Johnson Steve Lande Alan Reed Yosh Setoguchi Irving Stalberg Sarkis Sarkissian Lee Elson Richard Galitz Don Hicks Dick Kitzrow John Lesch Max Romberg Bert Shapiro Dan Stewart Mel Wishan REVIEWING THE AFROTC DRILL ON “HELLO” TUESDAYS WAS A PLEASANT TASK FOR CHARMING WINGS OFFICERS (L. TO R.) SUE PITTMAN, DIANE RAYMOND, COMMANDING OFFICER MARLIS ROCHAT, JEANNIE COWAN, MARY LOIS THOME, AND JUDY WEBB. Janice Antram Kay Badgley Mina Balls Jean Cowan Anne Crowell Marilyn George Jean Goff Madelyn Guttelman Vivian Havens Barbara Jones Donna Kirk Susan Lacey Sharon Lanning Dean Mason Mary McMurray Ingrid Nelson Barbara Olson Gerry Owen Sue Pittman Shirley Plemons Diane Raymond Marlis Rochat Nancy Rude Joan Slayden Dixie Sorenson Mary Thome Judy Webb Kitchy Williams WINGS Hello! Hello! Each Tuesday, Wings stage a day” as one of their activities which include hostessing for the Arnold Air Society Initiation, Colonel Donohue Reception, and the Chandelle Queen Every Tuesday at 11:00, they are seen reviewing AFROTC drill, of which they are honorary commanding officers. They participate in the rifle team and Pizza Party dinners with Arnold Air and Hurley Squadron. University women to the AFROTC program is the principle aim of Wings. BRINGING CHRISTMAS CHEER TO SOME ELDERLY LADIES AT THE OLIVE VIEW TB SANITORIUM WAS A SMALL PART OF THE SERVICE DONE BY THE PRE-REGISTERED NURSES CLUB, HEADED BY PRESIDENT LYOLA HENRY AND HER CAPABLE COHORTS. PRE-REGISTERED NURSES CLUB Pre-Registered Nurses Club is open to all girls majoring in the basic collegiate nursing program. Its purpose is to develop the abilities of a member to contribute her knowledge to other the School of Nursing, UCLA, and the community. in the State Student Nurses Association, roller skating parties, pizza feasts, exchanges with campus organizations, cake sales and parties filled the bill for recreation. At Thanksgiving, the members provided dinners for four families in the LA district. They gave a group of elderly ladies at Olive View Tuberculosis Sanitorium a Christmas party complete with carols and many gifts. Betty Boch Betsy Davis Mary Rae Fanta Rose Marie Franklin Mary Jane Kilgore Janet Meyer Reiko Nagumo Eleanor Ragan Jane Wadlington organizations THE LATEST HAPPENINGS OF THE BUSINESS WORLD WERE OFTEN DISCUSSED BY ALPHA KAPPA PSI OFFICERS ( L. TO R.) MEL MICHAELS, MILT ROSENBERG, PREXY BILL O ' NEILL, BOB BALLARD, AND GORDON HAACK THROUGHOUT THE SEMESTERS. ALPHA KAPPA PSI This year, Alpha Upsilon chapter of Alpha Kappa Psi, the national business administration professional fraternity, was interested in active programs of business research in an area dominated by field trips and prominent speakers. The aim of Alpha Kappa Psi is to " further the individual welfare of its members; to foster scientific research in the fields of commerce, accounts, and finance; to educate the public to appreciate and demand higher ideals therein; to promote and advance, ' in institutions of college rank, ' courses leading to degrees in business administration.” Their calendar was completed by a round of social events. Ronald Abbott Bob Ballard James Bittner Leo Boyd Robert Bryson Richard Crouch Raymond Cunningham Jerold Estow James Gray Lawrence Green Chester Healey Edward Kaufman Joel Klein Ed Larjian Joe Lavitt Stanley Main Robert Matthiessen Melvin Michaels Morey Moore Doyle McCravey Gregory MacLean William O ' Neill Ken Pedersen Dene Pruett Milton Rosenberg Mickey Solomon Donald Somers Paul Struhl Boyd Taylor Thomas Teasley Ben Trombatore George Tyler Gordon Van Every Edward Varjian Don Willfong Herbert Williams Al Finci Howard Miller Chester Healy Jesse Miller David Hill Phillip Miller Ken Just Sidney Rubenstein Edmond Kaufman Robert Silver Joel Klein Lauralea Trisler (L. TO R.) PRESIDENT CHESTER HEALY, ED KAUFMAN, JESSE MILLER MARY RONAN, AND BOB SILVERMAN WORKED OUT THE ARRANGEMENTS FOR SPEAKER PROGRAMS FOR THE ASSOCIATED BUSINESS STUDENTS. ASSOCIATED BUSINESS STUDENTS Associated Business Students is a representative body elected by the School of Business Administration and Department of Business Education. It uses interests of business students in creating a small school atmosphere on a university campus. ABS publishes its own weekly paper, hosts coffee hours, gives both student and faculty shows, and sponsors a Senior Awards Banquet to reward outstanding business students. It also assists in Orientation as part of its aim to serve the needs of its some one-thousand by giving them a better means of expression in areas of student integrating into social activities, and stimulating interest in all fields of business. Their success has brought them recognition from many. MRS. IRVINE INSTRUCTED THE BUSINESS EDUCATION ASSOCIATION MEMBERS (STANDING, L. TO R.) HAZEL KURIYAMA, DAN LIVSON, JANET FREDERICK, PREXY MARV BORDEN, LOU DAVID, SALLY CLENDENIN, (SEATED) LAURA JORDON, ROGER BALDELLI, AND BEV HUNT. BUSINESS EDUCATION ASSOCIATION To increase professional alertness and promote research in education are two of the purposes of the Business Education Association. It offers guidance in the field and introduces its members to vocational opportunities, as well as providing for social activities. Monthly meetings were sparked with spee ches by top people in business and teaching, and instructors and administrators were feted at Christmas by the members of BEA at a humorous Christmas party. At the close of each semester, a luncheon honoring the outgoing officers and heralding new ones was given by the group and attended by alumni a nd the faculty. Mary Berkou Judy Bruhl Sally Clendenin Lousia David James Deitz Martha Dickman Janet Frederich Roberta Horowitz Betty Hrobonashi Willer Hughes Janet Lockman Jenny Loo Darla Luckenbill Kenee Miller Marilyn O ' Connor May Pon Sylvia Rhodes Earl Rose Arlene Rosenblatt Roberta Summers Mahlon Wilkinson THE OFFICERS OF THE BRUIN REGISTERED NURSES CLUB (L. TO R.) MARY STANLEY, ANN BROOKS, MARY BLADHOLM. DOROTHY SMITH, AND PRESIDENT AURORA MARTINEZ PROVED THAT THE CLUB IS A MEDIUM FOR FURTHERING PROFESSIONAL INTERESTS TOGETHER. BRUIN REGISTERED NURSES " ISN ' T SHE AN INTERESTING THE BRUIN REGISTERED NURSES HEARD TALKS BY OUTSTANDING GUEST SPEAKERS ON A VARIETY OF FIELDS AT THEIR BI-MONTHLY MEETINGS. MEMBERS OF THE BRUIN REGISTERED NURSES LEARNED MORE AND MORE ABOUT THE HUMAN ANATOMY AT THEIR BI-MONTHLY MEETINGS. The RN Bruins or Registered Nurses of UCLA is not a well-known organization outside the Medical since the majority of members do not reside in living groups on campus. The RNs come from many places and are a variety of ages, with some members having several children and others newly graduated from hospital schools of nursing. With this of age, experience, and interests RN entertainment and the members have many good times. It serves as a medium through which members can get together socially and further their professional interests in a gay and profitable way. Mary Bladholm Ann Brooks Dorothy Coates Phyllis Grieve Elizabeth Laws Margaret Lindstrum Aurora Martinez Eleanor Newby Betty Poole Dorothy Smith Beverly Thompson HELPING THE CHINESE-AMERICAN AND THE FOREIGN CHINESE STUDENTS TO ADJUST TO THEIR UCLA HOME WERE E PI DS (L TO R) CONRAD WOO, MARGIN LEW, PREXY HELEN TOM, EDDIE SOO HOO, CYNTHIA CHUCK, AND NAN LEE. EPSILON PI DELTA Epsilon Pi Delta promotes social relationships among all students, particularly those of Chinese descent, origin or interest. It believes in acculturation . . . a cultural and social education as well as academic endeavor . . . and it closer relationships between itself and ASUCLA. A well integrated social program demonstrated this purpose. The Tri - Collegiate Hop, Easter Ball and Christmas party were the chief highlights of the year. Once a year representatives from of the eight campuses convene and on a common basis evaluate general conditions peculiar to their bi - cultural, American - Chinese, backgrounds. Epsilon Pi Delta in Mardi Gras, intramurals, and published a news sheet monthly. Officers were Prexy Norman Quan, Veep Helen Tom, Secretaries Emily Lu and Diane Lee, Editor Pauline Wong. Margaret Chang Dennis Chinn Inez Hall Mun Lee Raymond Louis May Pon Sue Quan Helen Tang Helen Tom Sharon Wong Mary Chang Dore Joan Hall Ben Hoy Mildred Lim John Mizushima Ben Quan Edward Soo Hoo May Tang Eugene Ung Jim Yee COOKING THINGS UP FOR THE HOME ECONOMICS CLUB WERE THE OFFICERS (L. TO R.) SECRETARY JANICE ANTRAM, VEEP BERNICE AARONS, PREXY NANCY WORTHINGTON, DR. MILLER, AND TREASURER SHARON TREADWAY HOME ECONOMICS CLUB Range burners were bright and the cakes rose in full glory as the Home-Ec club dusted off another successful year a single casualty. The calendar was replete with such activities as a fashion show and a tea augmented with speakers. The domestic chefs-to-be-staged exchanges, a Christmas party, plus a UN day to integrate and promote friendship among students in the department. They became better acquainted with the faculty and got a glimpse of the many careers open to women interested in home economics. At the fall convention of the Associated Home-Ec College Clubs, the UCLA representatives captured second place in a poster contest. Shirley Crowell served as historian for the California Home Economics Association of College Clubs . . . Southern Section. The brooms are stowed away ' til fall work begins. Bernice Aarons Peggy Cahallers Edith Doolittle Lily Kamilya Marla Stone Ruth Valentine Aleda Anderson Shirley Crowell Sylvelin Edgerton Joanne Major May Tang Nancy Worthington MASONIC AFFILIATES CLUB HELPING TO PLAN A HOMECOMING FLOAT WHICH TOOK FIRST PLACE IN THE OPEN DIVISION WERE THE MAC CLUB OFFICERS (TOP ROW, L TO R) BRIAN ROSE, DON BORCHARD, NANCY GOLDSMITH, TIMMIE SHERMAN, FRED NORTH, (BOTTOM ROW, L TO R) GERALD BOTT, RON BALIN, PRESIDENT AL TOFFEL, AND DAVE GATES. Anne Arendts Richard Anderson Ron Balin Polly Bashford Darlene Bender Jeannette Billingham Mike Brach John Creanage Joyce Dunn Karolyn Eisenberg Ellen Gates Nancy Goldsmith Anita Karlson Jacque Levy Janice Bercaw Gerald Bott J. W. Colin NelIica DeBree Virginia Edwards Georgene Embree David Goerz Lyman Gronemeyer Joan Leckner James Mason “Mac” Club is a coeducational social organization led by Bruins and supported by California Masons. Each year it has a complet e of social events which is highlighted by the Grand Masters Charity Ball, Initiation Banquet and the exciting Dinner. Each week Mac Club sponsors informal social such as a dinner or supper-dance. It also gives support to all campus activities, charities, and projects; Spring Sing, Mardi Gras and Unicamp each enjoy MAC help. Homecoming ' s dazzling parade was enhanced by the Mac Club float which was awarded a first place in the Open Division competition. Their club house at and Le Conte, valued at a half - million dollars, is the center of much activity every day, especially during holiday festivities. Ken Maxwell Diana Molstead Letha McDowell Bruce McMaster Hariet Prowizor Joan Sebastian Robert Silver Eleonore StanselI Shirley Stophel Lois Watson Kenee Miller Pat Mudd Anna McKinnon Fred North Nancy Robinson Temera Sherman Charles Slutzkin Jamie Stewart-Bentley Al Toffel Joan Wood NISEI BRUIN CLUB (L. TO R.) JUNE MASOTO, PRESIDENT YOSHIO SETOGUCHI, IRENE KAWAOKA, HAZEL KURIYAMA, MITZ MATSUHARA, HIDEO ASATO, AND SACHI KURATOMI PLANNED A DANCE FOR THE CAL AND SC CHAPTERS OF THE NISEI BRUIN CLUB, AS WELL AS A VARIETY OF ATHLETIC EVENTS. Marjorie Akahori Jean Aoki Ruth Fujita Gloria Hatchimont Sharlene Horiuchi Florence Ishino Lily Kamilya Eleanor Kawahara Sochi Kuratomi Shizuku Akasaki Misako Chiwaki Amy Gotto Betty Jean Ida Jane Iwasaki Kay Kanazana Irene Kawadka June Masato Marianne Ando Teruko Funai Grace Hata Jean Hirasuna Elizabeth Iguchi Agnies Kajioka Eilene Kashiwabara Sumi Kuketsu Toshie Matscha Nisei Bruin Club provided the common meeting place and source of activities for students and others who were in the group. To help integrate Nisei students into school activities and the NBC sponsored a Frosh Reception, a dance for the California Nisei Club, in California Intercollegiate Nisei a UCLA-SC Dance, athletic events, and general, informal meetings. Since its formation in 1946, the group has grown outgrowing its originial purpose of helping to adjust Nisei students to campus and community life, providing socials among themselves and their friends. Today, NBC is the center of activity for a number of students on the UCLA campus. Michiko Matsuhana Mary Mitsuyashi Gene Naka Shirley Nishimoto Nancy Okawauchi Yosh Sotoguchi Kent Tabuchi Grace Wade Kay Yamamoto Roy Mayetani Miyoko Murakami Yeiko Nakakihara Mitsuaki Noda William Saito Kikuko Shida Kiyo Uyetaho Pauline Wong Margaret Yoshii Celest Migukan Cherri Nahashima Tamiko Nakamura Ruth Ohmura Amie Sasahara Nancy Suzuki Jim Wada Geraldine Yamamoto Ernie Yotsuya Phi Nu chapter of Mu Phi Epsilon began this year by giving a reception for Sir William Walton, noted composer, following his lecture on the campus in October. In November, Founders Day was celebrated with a formal banquet which was held in conjunction with the three alumnae and two active chapters in the immedi ate area. Each month, members of Phi Nu chapter presented a program at the Veterans ' Hospital. This activity was a part of the national sorority ' s " Point program which also included the support of the Music School for under - privileged children at Hadis Hill in Chicago; the sending of music and instruments to the Far East; and assisting with ' ' National Music for the Blind Month. ' ' MU PHI EPSILON (L. TO R.) BEV FRITTS, PHILLIS BEAUPRE, WENDY HAYWARD, ARLENE SUSS, VALERIE KING, AND PRESIDENT PAT HAGLAND (SEATED) WORKED TOGETHER TO THE TUNE OF MU PHI EPSILON ' S CODE . . . MUSIC, FRIENDSHIP, HARMONY. Barbara Allen Pat Haglund Lois Parriott Phyllis Beaupre Wendy Hayward Sally Penny Estelle Cohn Corrine Jordan Beverly Southard Karolyn Eisenberg Gail Nelson Joan Wood Beverly Fritts Sarahlie Novino Sandi Zipser ASPIRING SPEAKERS AND SINGERS (L. TO R.) GAY ROSS - CLUNIS, CAROLYN VAN GRODER, PRESIDENT SONJA GAUSTAD, LOUISE TRIPENY, AND DOLLY BRANNEN JOINED FORCES TO SHARE A SPOTLIGHT TOGETHER IN PHI BETA. PHI BETA Phi Beta is the professional fraternity for those women majoring in music and speech. This year, members in various concerts in Schoenberg Hall, glee clubs, A Capella, chorus, and the orchestra. Following the different orchestra concerts, the Phi Betas sponsored receptions for the performers and the faculty. Each month, the girls prepared an entertainment program for the patients in the wards of the Sawtelle Veteran ' s Hospital. Several of the girls have also been flown by the United States Air Force to different bases on the coast to put on camp shows for the servicemen. A few of the speech members including Kathy Thornton, Joyce Schultz and Evelyn Holsman received Theatre Arts awards. Louise Tripeny Dolly Brannen Sonja Gaustad Evelyn Helsman Mary La Chapelle Rendi Gaustad Gay Rees-Clunia Kathy Thornton GETTING IN ON THE GROUND FLOOR OF BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES FOR WOMEN WERE PHI CHI THETAS (L. TO R.) ROBERTA HOROWITZ. JOANNIE KNIGHT, PREXY ARLENE ROSENBLATT, KAY NISHIMURA. AND GERI OWEN. Phi Chi Theta is a national professional fraternity for women enrolled in schools of commerce. Promotion of higher business education for all women preparing for such careers is the organization ' s main purpose. Mrs. Reps of the Apparel Departme nt spoke to them on the correct apparel for business women. Through personal interviews, panel discussions, the girls in the club are finding many interesting opportunities. PHI CHI THETA Louise Bell Joan Card Barbara Golden Sharon Lanning Darla Luckenbill Kay Nishimura Sylvia Rhodes Mary Ronan Mahlon Wilkinson Pat Binkely Joan Cougler Roberta Horowitz Jenny Loo Kenee Miller Geraldine Owen Ruth Ricks Arlene Rosenblatt Betty Woiwod IN ADDITION TO SPENDING TIRELESS HOURS IN THE MEDICAL SCHOOL LABS AND GOING OVER EXAMINATON FILES WHICH ARE MAINTAINED FOR MEMBERSHIP USE, THE PRE-MED GROUP CAME OUT OF HIBERNATION TO WORK ON A SOCIAL AGENDA. The Pre-Medical Association provides a link between the student and the medical school, facilitating an overall orientation to the problems of pre-medical education and the practice in the profession. During the year the group held many lecture meetings which featured members of UCLA ' s School staff or prominent practicing physicians. Color films were shown on all phases of medicine, and field trips, dances, Mardi Gras, and exchanges rounded out the program. ASSOCIATION Malcolm Apt Ken Arenson Joe Caston Dennis Chinn Gretchen Humason Earl Petrus Dick Reschke Janice Keyahara Gail Ryan SINGING THE PRAISES OF THEIR TALENTED SIGMA ALPHA IOTA SISTERS WERE THE CAPABLE OFFICERS (TOP ROW, L TO R) SHERRY FERRIN, MARLENE BRIER, (BOTTOM ROW. L TO R) PRESIDENT MARILYN UNGERSMA. AND MARILYN MCMULLIN. SIGMA ALPHA IOTA Members of Sigma Alpha Iota worked to promote higher standards of musical expression among young women in the musical field. As a national professional music fraternity, Sigma Alpha lotans have the opportunity to progress not only musically but professionally as well. Their program for the past semester was by an Annual American Music and Benefit for children ' s music camps, the National Day luncheon and various musicales, concerts and teas. They promoted the Sigma Alpha Iota Foundation Fund, the International Music Fund, and the American Music Award. The SAls ac tively participated in musical functions such as A Capella, the Women ' s Glee club, Symphony orchestra and Homecoming Show. Marlene Breier Betty Byers Nada Currie Sherry Lee Ferrin Joan McSeveney Yvonne Stein THE SIGMA PHI DELTAS WERE FORTUNATE TO HAVE A MAZE OF LAB APPARATUS TO HELP THEM EXPERIMENT AND DEVELOP THEIR SCIENTIFIC KNOWLEDGE. MEMBERS SPENT ENDLESS HOURS COMPUTING FIGURES AND CAREFULLY CHECKING RESULTS. SIGMA PHI DELTA Sigma Phi Delta, UCLA ' s only engineering fraternity, was founded in 1951 to advance the engineering through development of ideals and attitudes beneficial to the profession. Since then, in that limited free time alloted to engineers, the brothers have devoted time and talent to improving and their new fraternity and the Engineering Society. Scholastic proficiency is encouraged, with several members being honored by Tau Beta Pi. The year was resplendent with diversified activities ranging from midnight float building to their annual spring Red Rose formal. It was a hectic year for slide-rule wielders of SPD. For a time a fervent scramble for grade points has abated, to rise again in the fall. Steven Abeles Jack Birdsall Bruce Gray Al Hicks Bob Hoffman Donald Starkey TAU BETA PHI Tau Beta Pi, the honorary society for engineers, is among those groups offering practical and capable assistance to the teaching program at UCLA. All engineering students are offered free tutoring if they so desire by the scholastically qualified members of the honorary. Tau Beta Pi has initiated a program of awarding a special certificate of recognition to any lower division student who has obtained a 2.3 grade point average during his first three semesters at UCLA. In addition, a special award is given to the most outstanding low sophomore, of an engraved plaque. The recipient ' s name is also added to a larger plaque located in the student lounge. Prexy Arthur E. Wollrich, Veep Elmer Taylor, Treasurer Ron Bundy, Secretaries Dave Braverman, F. Gordon Benhard and Richard Kaltenbach were Tau Beta Pi officers. David Bahrs John Bailey Keith Ballard Gordon Benhard Allan Billings Ed Boutwell Dale Brady Donald Bundy Ben Chapman Ted Chavannes Richard Cisco Donald Cole Winfield Curry Walter Doucett THE MEMBERS OF TAU BETA PI D ISCOVERED THAT THERE WERE MANY INTERESTING PROJECTS AND ACTIVITIES WHICH PROVED TO BE NOT ONLY FASCINATING BUT VERY EDUCATIONAL AS WELL. James Evtuhov Edwin Heitmann Richard Kaltenbach David Matson Jack Read Jim Sawyer Richard Steinbach Davis Taylor Dennis Thomas Jim Wada John Field Robert Inman Leonard Knight Richard Noto Tom Rickords Neal Silence Alan Stillwough Elmer Taylor Donald Thompson Donald Westlano Bob Gaylord Anthony lzuel Elmer Larson Edward Pullen William Rosenthal George Smith Robert St. John John Taylor Bill Vail Lan Sing Woo UNIVERSITY RECREATION ASSOCIATION A SPIRIT OF FELLOWSHIP AND RELAXATION PREVAILS THROUGHOUT URA ' S PROGRAM OF CLUBS. WITH A LARGE AND UNIQUE PROGRAM, URA OFFERS MANY HOURS OF FUN FOR ALL. A campus-wide carnival patterned after New Orleans ' Spectacular is URA ' s grand-scale campus project that campus organizations participated in by sponsoring fun or food booths. URA ' s activities run the gamut from badminton to science fiction to black magic, and a new one, sports cars. Giving students a chance to meet others with similar interests, URA satisfies the collegian ' s need for recreation and relaxation. It caters to every interest . . . athletic or aesthetic. Joanne Bowen Liz Constantian John Drapeau Carolyn Hasty Evelyne Johnson Don Michel Patricia Popp URA SWIMMING CLUB MEMBERS PLAN AND PARTICIPATE IN A SWIM SHOW EACH SPRING SEMESTER AS A PART OF THEIR PROGRAM. MAJESTIC MOUNTAIN HEIGHTS TO SCALE. BREATHTAKING VIEWS. AND SINGING AROUND THE FIRE AT NIGHT ARE WAYS THE MOUNTAINEERS RELAX ON WEEKENDS FLIGHT BREAKFASTS, INSTRUCTION FOR MEMBERS AND CLUB EXCURSIONS KEEP THE FLYING CLUB ' S PLANE FLIGHT LOG FILLED. BROWN DELT TO BLACK BELT TRAINING PROGRAMS ARE GIVEN TO MEMBERS OF THE URA JUDO CLUB. NOVICES AS WELL AS EXPERTS PARTICIPATE IN LEARNING OF THIS SKILL. THE MEMBERS OF THE FOLK DANCING CLUB WHICH BELONG TO THE SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA FEDERATION OF FOLK DANCERS SPONSORED A CHILDREN ' S CONCERT ON NOVEMBER 20-21. AMONG THE ACTIVITIES OF THE URA FOLK DANCING CLUB WERE A TRIP UP TO FRESNO DURING MAY FOR THE STATEWIDE FESTIVAL AND THE TRADITIONAL " HUNGOVER PARTY,” SKI CLUB SKIMMING OVER THE SNOW SLOPES PERFORMING ROTATIONS WAS ONE OF THE MANY PLEASURES BRUIN SKIERS ENJOYED AT SNOW VALLEY. THE EXHILARATING FEELING OF SOARING AS GULUNDERSPRUNGING OFF THE MOGUL WAS ENJOYED BY ENTHUSIASTIC SKIERS. ALTHOUGH TIP ROLLS APPEAR TO BE DIFFICULT, BRUIN SKI ENTHUSIASTS EAGERLY ACCEPTED THE CHALLENGE. Bruin Ski Club maintained a “Snow White” Lodge at Big Bear from December until March. A maximum of fifty people could be there, serving their own meals and enjoying gab felts before a crackling fireplace. Bi monthly meetings gave an opportunity to view the latest skiing movies, plan ski trips, and share news of ski equipment sales. In addition to ventures to Snow White in Big Bear, the Bruin Ski Club arranges an annual Mammoth Mountain Trip during the Thanksgiving recess, a frolicsome Ski Bowl jaunt, and a treasured get-together at the one and only Squaw Valley. Roger Benson John Engelsman Betty Greenstein SENIOR COUNCIL LEADING THE SENIORS THROUGH THEIR FINAL YEAR AT UCLA WERE THE SENIOR COUNCIL OFFICERS (L TO R) TREASURER MARSHALL JACOBSON, SECRETARY NANCY OMELIANOVITCH, VICE PRESIDENT BETTY PALMER, AND PRESIDENT BOB BITTNER. ZETA TAU ALPHA DIANE RAYMOND AND A O PI KITCHY WILLIAMS SPENT NUMEROUS HOURS IN KERCKHOFF WORKING WITH MANY ACTIVITIES. TONY BROWN, SENIOR SOCIAL CLUB CHAIRMAN, AND DAILY BRUIN SOCIAL EDITOR SUE SHELBY WERE KEPT BUSY WITH THEIR MANY ACTIVITIES. BARBARA WEBB AND DON CHATELAIN HAD THEIR HANDS FULL WHILE FULFILLING THE DUTIES OF THE YEAR BOOK EDITOR AND BUSINESS MANAGER. KAPPA SIG SID JONES AND ZETA TAU ALPHAS FAITH MOSHER AND JEANETTE WICHMER HELPED TO KEEP KERCKHOFF BUZZING WITH EXCITEMENT. WOMEN ' S WEEK, PUBLICITY, AND MEN’S WEEK KEPT A O PI DEE KIPPS, THETA XI TONY PLAIA, AND ADRIENNE KRAUSE IN THE KH CATACOMBS. PI LAM DICK BORUN, K D ELLIE STONES, AND A T O ED PECK PLAYED IMPORTANT ROLES IN STUDENT GOVERNMENT AND ASUCLA ACTIVITIES. Bernice Aarons Mel Bayer Gerald Bott Joan Cougler David Entin Warren Gilmore Carl Heyn Robert Hyman Maurene Knauf Ted Lehmann Dolores Alexander Darlene Bender Dale Brady Ed Cramer Jane Epley Mike Gomez David Hill John Isad Joanne Kos Ben Levin Richard Allen Janice Bercaw Robert Brewster John Creange Dee Flood Robert Gordon Maralynn Honaker Ronald Jacobs Adrianne Krause Jacque Levy Richard Anderson Mary Berkou Caroline Briggs Louisa David Ronald Freeman Jim Gould Jack Horger Marshall Jacobsen Marjorie Kuhn Greg MacLean Ralph Arceri Arun Bhatia Arlene Brooks Joyce Dunn Patricia Frye Martha Gruver Roberta Horowitz Caleb Johnson Simon Landis Stanley Main Ron Bachrach Stanley Bierman Arlene Brown Tom Edelman Ruth Fujita Karla Hale Janice Howard Clarann Johnson Gary Lange Phyllis Makuh John Bailey Bob Billingsley Louise Coker Barbara Ellwood Craig Garman Dore Joan Hall Kitchy Williams Richard Jones Minnette Langfelder Roger Mandel Catherine Barrere Mary Binder Don Chatelain Georgene Embree Johnny Gensel David Halverson Patricia Huff Harvey Kawai Elmer Larson Elaine Marinoff Peter Barrett Dick Blaine Don Cornell Shirley Englund Billy George Louis Harrington Gordon Hunt Donna Kirk Holly Larson Libby Martin Terry Martin Gil Moreno Mitsuaki Noda Murray Pepper Don Ragan Ted Rohs Bob Schulenberg Myron Stahl Howard Strauss John Wetzel James Mason Faith Mosher Marilyn O ' Connor William Peyton Ellie Ragan Don Romine Sal Seope Eleonore Stansell Kathy Sullivan Claudie Whitehurst Marilyn Mason Bill Moye Ann Olney Judy Pickman Caroline Rheinulild Lori Rona Gene Shanks George Staniguchi Betty Takenouchi Charles Williams Martin Mason Marian McAnally Nancy Omelianovitch Tony Plaia Linda Richardson Alan Ronay Bernie Shearea Zeno Stanten Davis Taylor Mel Wishan Marilynn Mathers Linda McCausland Nancy O ' Neal Donald Plue Gail Rising Andre Ronay Pat Siegel Claude Stavroulakis Jack Taylor Betty Woiwod Ken Maxwell Doyle McCravey Walter Parness Joe Poliner Jim Robison Eileene Rooney Marion Simos Robert Steinberg Marilyn Taylor Linda Wootan Frank Meyer Joy McGlasson Ray Paschke Bill Polski Earl Rose Mary Solow Norma Sinesio Mary Stewart John Tsao Nancy Worthington Larry Millsap Mary McMurray Louis Paulovich George Poulos Marlis Rochat Robert Schneider Ray Snider Marla Stone Ruth Turner Warren Wright Allan Montag Wayne Nichols Howard Payne Norman Quan James Roe Claudia Schott Shirley Sokolik Elinor Stones Barbara Webb Betty Yamada JUNIOR COUNCIL The Junior Class to dedicate these pages to Dean F. Reddick who was killed in an auto accident on December 28, 1955. Dean was a member of Beta Theta Pi, and was active on the Junior Class Prom, Prom Queen, and executive committees. TREMBLING WITH EXPECTATION, CAROL ASHENBACK, JUNIOR CLASS SECRETARY, ADORA CHAN, VEEP, AND JOHN JACKSON, TREASURER, AWAIT THE WORDS OF THE JUNIOR CLASS PRESIDENT, BILL SPIVAK. BRUCE MC MASTER, HEAD OF SPRING SING THIS YEAR AND ALSO OF HOMECOMING, WITH UPPER DIVISION REP DAVE PIERSON HOMECOMING QUEEN CHAIRMAN MAL SMITH FOUND BARBARA SEELEY, PROM COMMITTEE BOOMER, TO BE AN INVALUABLE COHORT IN CLASS EFFORTS. ANN SNYDER, SOUTHERN CAMPUS ENGRAVINGS EDITOR, AND ASSOCIATE EDITOR KATHE KNOPE WERE EAGER TO SEE WHAT THE MAIL BROUGHT. (L TO R) PAT HAMLTON, MARDI GRAS LEADER SOCIAL CHAIRMAN, AND MARILYN WILLIAMS PROM COMMITTEE MARKED CLASS PROGRESS. (L TO R) APRIL HATHCOCK ' S ART AND POSTERS THE WORK THAT JANICE MAUPIN AND DIXIE SORENSON DID FOR THEIR JUNIOR PROM. FRED WALKER AND FRED HALPERIN DIVIDED THE CHAIRMANSHIP OF THE JAll CONCERT AS WELL AS THE ATTENTION OF CUTE CAROLYN SPEEDIE. SANDY SPRAGUE, PROM COMMITTEE AND MARILYN TAYLOR, BUSINESS MANAGER, WERE THRILLED BY BOB SLOAN ' S NEWS OF UNI-CAMP PROGRESS. LOIS KENISON AND GORDON TREHARNE ' S AVID IMAGINATION AND COLLABORATION RESULTED IN THE BIGGEST AND BEST JUNIOR PROM TO DATE. Marjorie Akahori Bette Beck Paul Bracker Adora Chan Leonard Davenport Sue Faulkner Carole Friend Joseph Green Virginia Hirst Agnies Kajioka Klaof Al-Delaimy Roger Bell Hernan Briggs Geraldine Char Betsy Davis Quincy Fenscermaker Danna Frost Marguerite Griffith Rich Holmen Ron Kathren Arline Anderson Steve Bell Mike Brock Sally Chiatro Martha Davis Norman Fisher Mitzi Gage Rolene Hamilton Jeannie Huebner Bernard Katzman Richard Anderson Beverly Benson Jody Bruggeman Pauline Chiriaco Pat Dear Sandra Fitz Haziet Gann April Hathcock Dick Hulett Lois Kenison Carole Aschenbach Myron Berkson Judy Bruhl Adrianne Clark Jean Deverick Vivian Flaxman Lynne Garhardt Donald Hicks Ronald lehl Emanuel Kenney Joslynn Bachman Sue Berton Marcia Bryant Audrey Coates Gail Deverman Phil Forester Gordon Gilliam Heather Hicks-Beach John Jackson Francis Koplan Barbara Baggerly Jeanette Billingham Virginia Buchta Bruce Collier Gil Dyer Christine Fosum Sheila Goldstein Frank Hirlman Dixie Jenkins Dolores Laifman Connie Bauch William Bingham Dennis Calanter Betty Covington Ellen Edmonds Frances Frame Marilyn Gore Herman Hoffman Judy Johnstone Leonard Larks Ed Baum Adelina Blackburn Floria Cangian Barbara Cowell Mary Rae Fanta Mimi Franklin Joanne Grassi Marlene Hoffman Milton Kagan Dave Lang Mary Ann Lee Carolyn Martin Roy Moore James Norton Gary Pichering Sylvia Rhodes John Sarich Donna Smith Mary Lois Thome Mary Waring James Lindsay Lee Martin Tom Moore Bill Novak Joyce Pickup Ruth Ricks David Schmerian Malcolm Smith Samuel Thomsen Ted Weitzel Irene Lopez Janice Maupin Joan Murphy Saralee Novine Rorry Pleasant Joan Roach Elaine Scott Marilyn Smuin Stan Tobias Carole White Cheslin Longworth Dolores Maus Ann MacPherson Jim Olsen Ann Pope Vivian Robinson Gordon Seibert Donald Starkley Don Rewmblay Jacque White John Lyttle Ken Maxwell Bruce McMaster Diana Page Christine Poulos Katie Roche Larry Senn Sue Sublette Ruth Valentine Mahlon Wilkinson Carole Maki Alice Meister Gail Nelson Lois Parrioitt Edward Pullen Mary Rodda Sid Sherin Alaine Sutherland Lorene Van Ark Geraldine Williams Virginia Maples Joe Merdler Barbara Nilius Lillian Palmer Jerry Quinn Alan Rosin Helen Singer Al Tenner Martha Wagner Marilyn Williams Marosi John Michelmore Shirley Nishimoto Al Perry Hanna Rettig Tanya Ross Louise Sloan Dave Tenor Fred Walker Sheila Winston Alice Martin Barbara Miller Tom Noone Jacque Peters Cathy Reid Alfred Salazar Chuck Slutzkin Donald Thomas Arlene Walser Marilynn Zelinski SOPHOMORE COUNCIL SANDY SHAPIRO AND ZBT STEVE LANDE WERE ACTIVE SOPHS. SANDY WAS LOWER DIVISION REP AND SOPH SWEETHEART WHILE STEVE HEADED CHRISTMAS SING. PI LAM RAFER JOHNSON WAS YEOMAN PREXY AND XI BARBARA BARCLAY AND SHEILA MACDONALD WERE CO-EDITORS OF INTERESTING SOPH NEWSLETTER. LEADING THE SOPHOMORE CLASS THROUGH AN OUTSTANDING YEAR WERE THE CLASS OFFICERS (L TO R) PRESIDENT TOM THRASHER, SECRETARY NANCY BUCKLEY, VICE PREXY MARILYN GEORGE, AND TREASURER BERT SHAPIRO. JUDGING BY THE WIDE GRIN ON THE FACE OF DICK GALITZ, SOPHOMORE SWEETHEART ADVISOR, BEING TRAPPED BY A BEVY OF PURCHRITUDE SEEMS AGREEABLE. GIRLS WERE SELECTED FROM BEST COUNCIL CARD SELLERS. A E PHI BETTY GREENSTEIN, SIG PI SKIP KEYSERS, AND Z T A ELAINE SOLOMON PARTICIPATED IN BOTH SOPHOMORE AND THE VARIOUS ASUCLA ACTIVITIES. PHI PSI STEVE WEST, KAPPA GLORIA RAINEY, AND D Z SHAY HATHCOCK WERE CONCERNED WITH THE SOPH NEWSLETTER, AWS, AND PUBLICITY, RESPECTIVELY. OUTSTANDING SOPHS WERE KAREL KAHAN, DICK GALITZ, AND MARCIA ROTHSTEIN, KAREN AND MARCIA WERE SOPH SWEETHEARTS, MARCIA CHAIRMAN OF BLOOD DRIVE, DICK AIDED DRIVE, RALLY COM, AND COACHED MUD BRAWL. A O PI DONNIE CLEMENSEN, THETA XI DICK KITZROW, AND BARBARA BROWN WERE THE SOPHOMORE REPS ON SOUTHERN CAMPUS. DONNIE WAS SECRETARY TO THE ASUCLA VEEP AND DICK SERVED ON RALLY COMM AND MARDI GRAS. Karen Allabough Sylvia Bone Jollee Chambers Keith Coplen Janet Earnshaw Jacquiline Finer Ray Gail Dave Gorton Barbara Hiam Carol Jones Ken Arenson Ed Baum Sara Chandler Joanna Cressman Phil Efron Jack France Dick Galitz Barbara Gottibe Judy Hoffman Karel Kahan Marilyn Ashton Judy Bromley Jody Chapman Lois Croff Susan Ehrenberg Jean Fraven Norma Garey Jan Gray Marilyn Holmes Robin Kaminer Carol Bartlett Barbara Brown Mike Clarke Carolyn Day Alicia Elko John Frankel Marilyn George Betty Greenstein Bart Jacobs Fran Kaplan Nancy Beck Suzane Bushard Donnie Clemensen Pat Davis Lynne Erlich Jeff Frey John Glynn Thomas Hamilton George Jeffries Harlean Kegal Paul Berger Gloria Caplette Larry Cole Ann Dewitt Lois Fanta Pat Friese Henry Goldman Barbara Hardy Dick Johnson Elma Kelly Shirley B ohlen Jim Carlson Juanita Coleman Sandy Dial DeAnne Field Linda Gage Leonna Goodman Sharryl Hathcock Margory Johnson Barbara Kielsmeier Stan King Sue Maier Marian Miller Loretta McKinney Norma Quine Chuck Ruban Joy Sellstrom Donna Steel Carole Taylor Allan Weiner Richard Kitzrow Micheal Manahan Wanda Millrany Marian Nielson Allan Rabin Ed Sallin Sandy Shapiro Larry Stein George Tyler Flora Wilson Steve Lande Pat Manatt Beverly Moisi Fred North Gloria Rainey Sarkis Sarkissian Debbie Silverman Dan Stewart Carolyn Thomas Nancy Jo Wilson Ken Lee Natalie Marcus Michael Monahan Tony Orfila Judy Robbins Norman Schwab Ina Claire Sparks George Stone Jane Udell Pat Wullmer Morton Levy Ken Maywell Carolyn Moore Shirley Plemon Max Romberg Doris Schaffer Pat Squillin Ralph Stoll Jay Ungerman Bunny Yanoff Elone Lindesmith Donna Metzger Nina Muckey Robert Pletcher Dave Rosenfield James Scott Irv Stalberg Marie Strickland Alex Urbach Hope Young James Lindsey Kenee Miller Shelia MacDonald Lee Ptitsen Marcia Rothstein Beryl Schulman Jean Stalker Arlene Suss Joan Walker Marcia Zeff FRESHMAN COUNCIL LEADING FROSH ACTIVITIES WERE TOM CHASEN, PRESIDENT, JUDY ELLIS, VICE-PREXY, ANN ARTMAN, SECRETARY, AND BOB COFFMAN, TREASURER. AWS STAFFER BONNIE HANSEN AND SPECIAL EVENTS MAN RALPH CUTHBERT CHUCKLED OVER ANTICS OF SMILING IRISHMAN CO - CHAIRMAN TOBY UNRUH. FROSH BUSINESS MANAGER ARLENE MOSS, ORIENTATION CHAIRMAN HAPPY HAMILTON, AND FROSH-SOPH LUAU STEVE HORWITZ KEPT ACTIVITIES HUMMING. WORD ASSOCIATION: JERRY AMES-SMILING IRISHMAN CONTEST, MOLLY MC INTYRE, BLARNEY STONE HUNT, ANN TURNER-SPRING SING, PAUL HITTLEMAN-DUBLIN BALL. MARILYN WERNER, MARY KINGSLEY, AND LEW WEITZMAN WERE MARDI GRAS, MEMBERSHIP, AND DUBLIN BALL CHAIRMEN, RESPECTIVELY. Robert Abel Janet Boxdorfer Dot Clark Barbara Cowdrey Nancy Denton Barbara Fox Judy Heineche Ralph Horowitz Anita Karlsson Donna Lawson Nancy Asmus Lois Branstrom Jane Clark Patrick CraiI Dick Dixon Allan Frandsen Bob HelInus Gay Huffaker Bob Kaufman Joan Leckner Benet Baker Marilyn Buckley Joyce Cohen Shannon Crockett Janet Ernshaw Pat Galizzo Richard Hensgen Alfred Hurst Don Kay Gloria Lee Sally Basford Pat Cabin Barbara Cohin Rajit Cuthberg Pat Elro Gail Gonick Richard Hirsh Georgine Johnson Kenfield Kennedy Ken Leeds Marjorie Bauer Jeannett Cahoon Dorothy Colbert Gini Dalby Elizabeth Epstein Mary Kay Hamilton Eddie Hoffman Ardine Joseph Mary Kingsley Valrie Leonard Pat Bergren Tom Chasini Diane Cook Diane Davidson Nancy Evans Daryl Harden Barbara Homsy Gail Kahn Sylvia Klienman David Leveton Terry BielI Margite Chiriaco Marian Cotkin Nina Day Mary Ann Farmer Sheila Hassen Sandra Hon Tom Kalen Fran Laifman Sharon Linn Gloria Lopez Michiko Matsuhara Kerko Mshinaha James Nighman Michael Price Judy Robbins Pat Schetter Roberta Summers Carolyn Tausch Linda Weisbrod Miranda Lourdes Jacqueline Miller Letha McDodell Edmond Noonah Linda Pyle Lourie Ross Joanne Sebastian Barbara Sutton Brooke Tompkins Barbara Welzenbach Allan Magyari Deborah Millet Molly McIntyre Yvonne Payne Arlyn Rasenick Sue Rowe Lynn Shattuck Sally Sutton Clare Tudor Pat Wichsler John Mahoney Diane Molstead Weslie McKay Susan Pearson Jane Rathman Deanne Saliba Sally Simpson Linda Swanson Cyndie Turtledove Wanda Wright Joyce Marcus Carol Moore Anna McKinnon Marcelle Perot Renee Richmond Terry Savvon Paula Sloan Judd Swarzman Janet Underwood Barbara Young Barbara Martin Donna Moscoe Ginger McMahan Lynn Phillips Barbara Rickert Jackie Schafer Carol Smith Bob Takeuchi Gloria Wall Teresa Zabala Toshie Matscha Arlene Moss Gene Naka John Pletcher Jean Riley Dorothy Schendel Phyllis Sorensen Sandy Tallman Kay Webb Sue Zbanek arts PRINCIPALS IN THE CAST JENNY . . . . . . JACQUELINE HENNEY JOE . . . . . . JAMES SIKKING CHARLIE . . . . . WILLIAM TAYLOR . . . . . EDWARD MARJORIE . . . . . HARRIETT ARGENBRIGHT CHARLIE (WILLIAM THOMAS) GIVES HIS ROOMMATE JOE (JAMES SIKKING) A FEW WORDS OF ADVICE IN " ALLEGRO. " ALLEGRO JENNY (JACQUELINE HENNEY) USES FEMININE CHARMS FOR BEGUILING JOE (JAMES SIKKING). PRINCIPALS IN THE CAST WILLIAM MARBLE . . . . . RALPH FREUD ANNIE MARBLE . . . . . EDYTHE ALBERTS WINNIE MARBLE . . . . . LOIS JOHNSON MADAME COLLINS . . . . . GILLIAN FINE JIM MEDLAND . . . . . . CARL ESSER DEFERRED The curtain on the stage of RH 170 rang up on the brilliant production of “Payment Deferred.” The play by Jeffrey Dell marked the return to the stage of Ralph Freud, chairman of the of Theater Arts. Mr. Freud enacted the leading role and co-directed with Edward Hearn. Rogers and Hammerstein ' s " Allegro " marked the premiere of the musical play to RH 170. Direction by John Jones helped James Sikking to cop the Best Actor award for his performance in " Allegro. " Lois Johnson and Carl Esser won " Oscars " for " Payment Deferred. " DOCTOR ATKINSON (LESLIE BOSTON) BRINGS WILLIAM MARBLE (RALPH FREUD) NEWS OF HIS WIFE ANNIE ' S DEATH. MARBLE DOESN ' T REALIZE WHAT EFFECT THE NEWS WILL HAVE ON HIM. BOB HUTCHISON AS THE SHERIFF THREATENS PETE MADSEN AS THE NEGRO IN " SILENT CHOIRS.” THE BEST ACTOR IN A ONE-ACT AWARD WENT TO MADSEN. THE INVASION OF MARTIANS, LYNCHINGS, AND MURDERS WERE ALL A PART OF THE SERIES OF ONE-ACTS, WHICH WERE PRESENTED IN 3K7. JENNESA An opportunity for struggling young Barrymores and Van Dreutens to gain valuable experience in the fields of acting and play-writing is offered to the students in the UCLA Theater Arts program through a series of and a thesis production. 3K7 is the home of six sets of outstanding one-acts each year, and also the stage for a thesis production. The thesis production, by John Green, was voted the best production of the season. 3K7 was magic for Katherine Thornton who won best actress and best writer of a one-act there. ONE-ACTS " I TRIED TO RUN AWAY. BUT HE CAUGHT ME. . . ALL I REMEMBER IS SCREAMING AND SUDDENLY THERE WAS A LOT OF LIGHT " . . . KATHERINE THORNTON, ACCUSES HER STEPFATHER (JOHN STACKPOLE). PRINCIPLES IN THE CAST LONG JOHN SILVER . . . . E. J. ANDRE JIM HAWKINS . . . . . E. C. ALTER DR. LIVESEY . . . . . WILLIAM SHEPPARD CAPT. SMOLLETT . . . . WILLIAM BELLIN BEN . . . . . MARSHALL HUTCHASON TREASURE ISLAND The world of Robert Louis Stevenson came alive on the Royce Hall stage in the form of a whimsical play by Jules Eckert Goodman. " Treasure Island, " directed by Richard Adams, captured the hearts of young and old alike as the story of Long John Silver and Jim Hawkins unfolded. The production was also performed for Show Time at UCLA. This year, productions of the Motion Pictures Department included " War Story " which was by George Robotham. The workshop in which it was done was Theatre Arts 179B. The outstanding members in the class go on to the making of a thesis film for their Masters Such a thesis production was " One Way Ticket to Hell " by Bamlet Price. It won a Screen Producer ' s Guild Intercollegiate Award. MOTION PICTURE STUDENTS IN THE DEPARTMENT USED THEIR INGENUITY TO TURN UNASSORTED PIECES OF WOOD AND PAPER INTO REALISTIC SETTINGS FOR EACH PRODUCTION. WITH THE AID OF HAMMERS, SAWS, AND PAINT (ABOVE), THE fall sports COACH RED It wasn ' t the highest scoring season in UCLA history, nor the most glorious, but Bruin fans will wait a long time before they will ever witness such an exciting season. The brain power behind the UCLA powerhouse was Head Coach Red Sanders, who took his team through nine wins to a PCC championship and a ticket to the Rose Bowl. The Sanders balanced line single wing made its 1955 debut by Texas A M back to the Lone Star State. It seemed like the clouds rolled in, in more ways than one, when the UCLA eleven hit the Maryland mud, losing 7-0. Sanders ' squad soon racked up wins over Washington State, Oregon State, Big Ten Iowa, California, College of the Pacific, Washington, and Southern California. Then, ironically, they lost the Rose Bowl game in the same manner that they won the Washington game, by a last second field goal. After the loss in the Bowl, Red swore that the Bruins would be back to triumph as 1958 champs. UCLA 21 0 TEXAS A M UCLA 0 7 MARYLAND UCLA 55 0 WASHINGTON STATE UCLA 38 0 OREGON STATE UCLA 21 13 STANFORD UCLA 33 13 IOWA UCLA 47 0 CALIFORNIA UCLA 34 0 COP UCLA 19 17 WASHINGTON UCLA 17 7 SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA UCLA 14 17 MICHIGAN STATE SPIRITED CO-CAPTAINS HARDIMAN CURETON (60) AND GIL MORENO (71) WERE A CONSTANT DRIVING FORCE ON THE UCLA TEAM. CURETON WAS CHOSEN FOR FIRST TEAM GUARD ALL-AMERICAN HONORS BY COLLIER ' S AND LOOK MAGAZINES, INS, AND ALL-AMERICAN BOARD OF FOOTBALL. " IRONMAN " MORENO, BRUIN RIGHT TACKLE, RECEIVED HONORABLE MENTION ON THE UP, AND AP ALL-AMERICAN FIRST TEAM. CO - CAPTAINS THE 1955 PCC CHAMPS OWE A GREAT AMOUNT OF THEIR SUCCESS TO THE EXCELLENT BRUIN COACHES (L TO R) BILL BARNES, END COACH, DEKE BRACKETT, ASSISTANT COACH, RAY NAGEL, BACK COACH, RED SANDERS, HEAD COACH, GEORGE DICKERSON, ASSISTANT LINE COACH, JIM MYERS, LINE COACH, AND JOHNNY JOHNSON, FRESHMAN COACH. THIS DYNAMIC COACHING STAFF LED THE BRUINS ON INTO THE ROSE BOWL. ON THE SIDELINES HELPING TO MAINTAIN THE BRUIN TEAM ' S SPIRIT WERE THE GUNG-HO MANAGERS (L TO R) BOB HOPKINS, BILL WALKER, JOHN ODABASHIAN, AND FRANCES HELSTEIN. THE BRUINS ' FOOTBALL MACHINERY IS WELL OILED AND KEPT IN GOOD REPAIR BY ELVIN " DUCKY " DRAKE, THE HEAD TRAINER OF THE ASUCLA ATHLETIC STAFF. KEEPING FIT ALWAYS KEEPING THE BRUIN ELEVEN ROLLING AND IN SHAPE ARE LARRY CARTER, DR. EDWARD S. RUTH AND " DUCKY " DRAKE, THE ABLE MEDICINE MEN OF ASUCLA. UCLA 21 Unproved Bruin passing attack showed its strength in the season opener by scoring three touchdowns against the Aggies. The crowd of 65,000 saw the Bruins tally early in the second period when Knox completed a twenty-five-yard scoring pass to John Hermann. Five minutes later Ronnie nailed Chuck Hollaway in the end zone for another TD. Knox sent the Bruins seventy-nine yards in twelve plays. A perfect twenty-three-yard pass sent Jim Decker into the end zone for another score. The Aggies penetrated the Bruin fifteen-yard line only once. BREAKING AROUND LEFT TACKLE IS GERRY MCDOUGALL (16) MAKING USE OF A BLOCK THROWN BY BIG HARD-SLAMMING RIGHT END ROMMIE LOUDD (82). PINT-SIZED WINGBACK CHUCK HOLLAWAY (31) LEADS INTERFERENCE FOR MCDOUGALL, WHO GOES NINE YARDS THROUGH THE HOLE IN THE AGGIES ' LINE. BRUIN STRATEGY BEING SET UP BY RED SANDERS AND BRUCE BALLARD (42) WHO CALLS UCLA SIGNALS TEXAS A M 0 NEAR THE END OF THE GAME FIVE MORE YARDS ARE PICKED UP BY THE POWERFUL BRUINS. UCLA ' S FIRST GAME AGAINST TEXAS A M PRODUCED A 21-0 SCORE TO PROVE THAT THE BRUIN POWERHOUSE WAS AGAIN AMONG THE HIGH AND MIGHTY. UCLA 0 STARTING A DRIVE ENDING ON MARYLAND ' S ONE-YARD LINE, BRUIN ROMMIE LOUDD IS DROPPED BY TERPS ' HOWARD DARE. RONNIE KNOX IS BROUGHT TO A HALT BY THREE MARYLAND PLAYERS. THE GAME SAW KNOX COMPLETE NINE PASSES IN THIRTEEN TRIES FOR NINETY-SIX YARDS. MARYLAND 7 UCLA ' s first venture into the East resulted in the Bruins ' only defeat in 1955, as a crowd of 46,000 watched the Terps win under rainy skies. Maryland took the kickoff in the second half, then marched seventy-one yards in nine plays as Ed Vereb swept right end on a pitchout from Tamburello for a TD. The Bruins had a scoring opportunity early in the second quarter as UCLA thundered to the Maryland one-foot line with a second down; then the Bruins fumbled. Maryland recovered on the one-yard line. It was the Bruins ' first loss in over two seasons. AFTER HAVING RETURNED A MARYLAND PUNT TWENTY YARDS, " FIRST DOWN " SAM BROWN IS STOPPED BY TERP TACKLERS. CONDITIONS ON THE FIELD WERE SUCH THAT THE BRUIN RUNNING GAME WAS SOMEHOW BLOCKED. HOWEVER, UCLA ' S PASSING WAS A CHALLENGE TO THE TERPS. UCLA 55 Cougars of Washington State were handed an loss by the Bruins. Key men in the UCLA backfield were Bob Davenport, Sam Brown, and Jim Decker. UCLA rambled three hundred and yards on the ground and gained ninety-two in the air. The Bruins scored their eighth and final TD, as the gun sounded ending the game, when Gerry McDougall passed from the three-yard line to Chuck Holloway in the end zone. The Cougars managed to burrow to the UCLA four-yard line but did not have enough power to crack the Bruins ' rugged defense. SPEEDY CHUCK HOLLAWAY (31) GRABS A WASHINGTON STATE PASS AND RETURNS IT ELEVEN YARDS TO THE WASHINGTON STATE TWENTY-ONE-YARD LINE. THIS BRUIN DEFENSIVE PLAY SETS UP ANOTHER UCLA TOUCHDOWN, WITH POWERFUL FULLBACK DOUG PETERS CRASHING OVER FROM THE BRUIN LINE. NEAR THE END OF THE HALF GERRY MCDOUGALL (16) TRIES RIGHT END FOR A ONE-YARD GAIN, WHICH PROMPTED THE BRUINS TO PUNT. WITH MINUTES TO PLAY, THE BRUINS MANAGED TO GET THE BALL BACK. AFTER WHICH UCLA WENT FIFTY-ONE YARDS IN NINE QUICK PLAYS TO MAKE THE SCORE 13-0. WASHINGTON STATE 0 CRAFTY SAM BROWN (15) PLUNGES FOUR YARDS UP THE MIDDLE INTO WASHINGTON STATE TERRITORY. NEAR THE END OF THE FIRST HALF OF PLAY, GERRY MCDOUGALL (16) SWEEPS AROUND LEFT END, DEEP INTO OREGON STATE ' S TERRITORY. WITH ONLY EIGHT MINUTES GONE IN THE FIRST QUARTER SAM BROWN (15) SMASHES OVER LEFT TACKLE AND GOES INTO THE END ZONE TO PICK UP SIX POINTS FOR THE UCLA BRUINS. UCLA 38 ASSOCIATES LAST YEAR. RIVALS THIS YEAR, RED SANDERS AND TOM PROTHRO, OREGON STATE COACH, GREET EACH OTHER AS FRIENDS AFTER A RIGOROUS, WELL-PLAYED GAME. OREGON STATE 0 Oregon State and UCLA, the only strictly single wing teams on the Pacific Coast, met in the in a 38-0 clash. Sam Brown scored two times standing up. The first period saw Bruin tailback go over left tackle from the three on an option. In the second quarter, Brown romped six yards tackle for the TD. In addition to scoring runs by Davenport and McDougall and a TD pass from Knox to Peters, the UCLA scoring was completed by an aerial play from Bradley to Pete O ' Garro. The Beavers did not penetrate beyond the UCLA twenty. UNDER THE WATCHFUL EYES OF THE REFEREE, GERRY MCDOUGALL (16) IS BROUGHT DOWN BY THE HARD TACKLE OF TWO DETERMINED OREGON STATE MEN. UCLA 21 WITH SIX SECONDS TO PLAY BRUCE BALLARD (42), ON A PASS PLAY GALLOPS INTO THE END ZONE TO MAKE THE SCORE 21-0. SPEEDY LEFT END JOHNNY HERMANN (83) PULLS IN A PASS FOR A BRUIN FIRST DOWN, WHICH SETS UP THE THIRD UCLA TOUCHDOWN. The Bruins jumped to a 21-point lead in the first quarter, then had all they could do in holding an Indian uprising in the second half as the crowd of 52,000, including 5500 UCLA fans, watched in After three quick UCLA scores, it looked as if Stanford were going to receive a worse pasteing than last year. However, with seconds left in the fourth quarter and the score 21-13, Stanford ' s passing attack took them to the UCLA three with a first down. When the gun sounded, Stanford had been pushed back and there was no longer a threat. STANFORD 13 SAM BROWN (15) THROWS A SHORT PASS TO LEFT END JOHN SMITH (86), WHO CRASHES INTO THE END ZONE FOR A SECOND BRUIN TOUCHDOWN. UCLA 33 IN THE FIRST STEPS TO VICTORY SAM BROWN (15) BREAKS OVER LEFT TACKLE TO GIVE UCLA AN EARLY LEAD. FINAL SCORE. . . UCLA 33, IOWA 13. The Hawkeyes, tough and powerful Big Ten met the Bruins with a resounding thud, 33-13. Sam Brown opened the scoring in the first quarter with a two-yard plunge. He scored twice more in the third period on a sixty -seven-yard punt-return and a four-yard end sweep. The rugged Bruin succeeded in halting the powerful Hawkeye running attack which netted two hundred and eighty yards during the evening. Ronnie Knox tallied on a seven-yard sweep in the second period and threw a forty-yard pass to Hal Smith for six points. BRUIN ' S STAR PASSER RONNIE KNOX (18) USES A LITTLE OF HIS RUNNING TALENT TO IMPRESS THE CORN HUSKERS WITH A BIG TD. HELMETS ARE FLYING AS HARDIMAN CURETON BRINGS IOWA BACK, JERRY REICHOW (60), DOWN TO BITE THE OL ' DUST. IOWA 13 TOP BRUIN MENTOR, RED SANDERS, GREETS THE TOP CORN HUSKER, FOREST EVASHEVSKI, ONE OF THE BIG TEN ' S OUTSTANDING MEN. UCLA handed the Bears their third worst defeat in the 72 year football history of the University of California. The Bruin powerhouse ground out two hundred and four yards on the turf and two hundred and sixty-five in the air. Doug Peters and Ronnie Knox both scored twice on the ground. McDougall ' s pass-run play to Hollaway was good for a score. Doug Bradley threw a pass in a fifty-five yard TD play and ran over from the three for the final big score. California penetrated UCLA territory only one time in the game . . . to the forty-four yard line. UCLA 47 AN AERIAL ADVANCE THROWN BY SAM BROWN GIVES THE BRUINS MORE YARDAGE, FINALLY RESULTING IN AN OVERWHELMING CONQUEST OF CAL . . . 47-0. CALIFORNIA 0 EARLY FIRST QUARTER ACTION SHOWS DOUG PETERS (26) DIVING OVER FROM THE TWO-YARD LINE WHICH SPARKED THE BRUINS ON TO A VICTORY OF 47-0. WITH AN ABRUPT HALT, JIM DECKER (30) GAINS TWENTY-TWO YARDS ON THE FAMOUS UCLA REVERSE, PLACING THE BALL ON THE CAL NINE-YARD LINE. UCLA 34 TACKLING A TIGER BACK IS UCLA ' S DEFENSIVE LEFT HALFBACK, JIM DECKER (30). " WRECKER " DECKER CONSISTENTLY SMASHED OPPOSING BACKS. RECEIVING ONE OF RONNIE KNOX ' S PASSES IS JOHN HERMANN (83) WHO PICKS UP TEN YARDS ON THE PLAY AND RAMS OVER GOAL LINE FOR ANOTHER TOUCHDOWN. MAKING USE OF INTERFERENCE BY DOUG PETERS (70) AND CHUCK HOLLAWAY (31), GERRY MCDOUGALL (16) RACES ELEVEN YARDS FOR A FIRST DOWN. COP 0 The Bruins, after playing College of the Pacific at Stockton, went into the national lead for total points scored with two hundred and forty-nine. A lead in points scored by opponents was also with thirty-three. To start the scoring, Sam Brown went over from the two. On the second play of the second quarter, Jim Matheny blocked Donald Cornell ' s punt and Bruce Ballard recovered for another touchdown. A Knox-to-Hermann pass scored one more UCLA TD. When in Bruin territory, COP penetrated only once to the UCLA twenty yard line. UCLA 19 " THE PLAY OF ' 55 " ENDS A SPINE TINGLING THRILLER, WITH JIM DECKER KICKING A FIELD GOAL FROM THE EIGHTEEN-YARD LINE TO WIN THE GAME BY TWO BIG POINTS. SAM BROWN (15) AND DOUG PETERS (26) PULL A FAKE SPIN. THIS PLAY SHOWS THE BRUINS ' SINGLE WING DECEPTION. WASHINGTON 17 SCAMPERING AROUND LEFT END IS SLAMMING SAM BROWN (15), WHO MAKES USE OF A BLOCK BY JOHN HERMANN (83) TO PICK UP YARDAGE FOR A FIRST DOWN. REVERSING AROUND RIGHT END, JIM DECKER (30) TAKES A HANDOFF FROM SAM BROWN (15) AND GAINS FIFTEEN YARDS. In the last eighteen seconds of play, Jim Decker ' s thirty-five-yard field goal saved the Bruins from a near upset by the determined Huskies. The last five minutes of the game saw the Huskies take an intentional safety, the score was Washington 17, UCLA 16. Husky strategy was to get the ball deep in Bruin territory. Sam Brown took the kickoff on the UCLA thirty-one and returned it to the Husky forty-six. Six plays later, the Bruins got to the Washington eighteen. It was then that Jim Decker arched a field goal to win the game by two points. UCLA 17 ALL THE TROJANS ' EYES WATCH " HIT ' EM IN THE POUCH, COUCH " DAVENPORT WHILE HE BARRELS HIS WAY THROUGH THE MIDDLE OF THE BIG SC LINE. CONGRATULATIONS ARE IN ORDER AFTER THE SC GAME AS HEAD CHEERLEADER BOB JOHANNESEN AND " RED " SHAKE HANDS. THE TRAIN BEGINS TO ROLL WHEN BOB DAVENPORT (27) STARTS THE EXPRESS FOR THE TROJANS ' SECONDARY. UCLA CHUGGED IN AS THE VICTORS. SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA 7 THE MAIN POINT OF INTEREST SEEMS TO BE SAM BROWN (15) WHO IS IN THE MIDDLE OF A HOST OF TROJANS AND STOPPED CLOSE TO THE GOAL. Tommy Trojan suffered a Bruin defeat for the third straight time. On the opening kickoff, SC ' s Jon Arnett ran ninety-seven yards for a touchdown that was called back due to an offside penalty. Then the Bruins proceeded in making a touchdown and a field goal. The score . . . 10-0. The fourth period saw the Trojans making a touchdown. UCLA iced the game by taking the kickoff and marching fifty-nine yards in thirteen plays. Bob Davenport scored, over from the one. After the game, the Bruins were awarded the big Pacific Coast Championship. UCLA 14 HARDIMAN CURETON (60) AND THE MIDDLE OF THE BRUIN LINE POKE A HOLE IN THE STALWART MICHIGAN STATE LINE, WHICH OPENS TO LET SAM BROWN (15) THROUGH FOR A GAIN OF SIX YARDS. THE GAME WAS ENDED WITH MSU ' S DAVE KAISER KICKING THE WINNING FIELD GOAL. RONNIE KNOX (18) COMPLETES A PASS TO JIM DECKER AND THE BRUINS SURGE FORWARD TO TIE UP THE GAME. JIM DECKER (30) PLOWS OVER THE TOP OF SPARTANS AND BRUINS TO PICK UP VITAL YARDAGE GAINS. MICHIGAN STATE 17 UCLA ' s fourth visit to the Rose Bowl saw Michigan State win in the final seconds of a thrill-packed game when Dave Kaiser kicked a twenty-yard field goal across a field confused with penalties. In the first quarter, Bruins made quick use of an MSU pass interception to romp through to a TD. After a series of ball exchanges, Michigan scored. At the half the score stood tied. The final quarter brought tense moments as Michigan scored and UCLA retaliated with a TD, set up by a pass by Knox. MSU ' s fateful field goal ended the game, 17-14. MORENO (71) AND CURETON (60) DRIVE THE SPARTANS INTO ROSE BOWL TURF. GO BIG BLUE TOM ADAMS, A ONE-YEAR LETTERMAN, MADE RAPID STRIDES THIS FALL AT RIGHT END AND IS A REAL COMER. PAST WINGBACK AND TAILBACK BRUCE BALLARD CAME BACK THIS YEAR AS A GREAT BLOCKING BACK AND FULLBACK. RIGHT GUARD JIM BROWN WAS PICKED FOR AP ' S ALL AMERICA FIRST TEAM, UP AND NEA ' S HONORABLE MENTION. SAM " FIRST DOWN " BROWN HAS BEEN HERALDED AS ONE OF UCLA ' S GREAT RUNNING BACKS AND KICKOFF STARS. LEFT GUARD HARDIMAN CURETON WAS NAMED ON ALL-AMERICA FIRST TEAMS BY COLLIER ' S AND LOOK MAGAZINES. BOB ENGER, A ONE-YEAR LETTERMAN, SHOWED IMPROVEMENT AS A BACK ON THE ' 55 VARSITY SQUAD. LEFT TACKLE CHUCK GELFAND. A LETTERMAN, USED ALL OF HIS 217 POUNDS TO DOWN BRUIN FOES. RECEIVER OF HONORABLE MENTION ON THE AP ' S ALL-PCC TEAM WAS UCLA ' S ACE QUARTERBACK ROBERT BERGDAHL. DON BIRREN RETURNED FROM A HITCH WITH UNCLE SAM ' S FORT ORD TEAM TO PLAY AT LEFT GUARD FOR UCLA. TWO-YEAR LETTERMAN DOUG BRADLEY, RATED A CLEVER ALL-AROUND PLAYER, SPARKED THE TEAM AT LEFT HALF. " HIT ' EM IN THE POUCH, COUCH " BOB DAVENPORT WAS ALL-PCC, AP, AND UP ALL COAST FIRST TEAM FULLBACK. BRUINS SHOUTED " GO BIG TOE " TO STAR WINGBACK JIM DECKER, UCLA ' S MAN BEHIND THE " BIG " FIELD GOALS. RESERVE RIGHT END IN ' 55, RUSS HAMPTON SWITCHED TO LEFT TACKLE IN ' 55 TO BOLSTER THAT POSITION. A GOLDEN GLOVES FINALIST IN ' 54, ESKER HARRIS ALSO PROVED TO BE A FAST. HARD-HITTING RIGHT GUARD. A TALENTED ALL-AROUND LEFT END, JOHN HERMANN RECEIVED HONORABLE MENTION ON AP ' S ' 55 ALL-PCC TEAM. SPEEDY WINGBACK CHUCK HOLLAWAY, THE TEAM ' S LEADING PASS RECEIVER, SPELLED DANGER FOR BRUIN FOES. AN EXCEPTIONAL DEFENSIVE BACK, PASSER, AND PUNTER, RONNIE KNOX PROVED TO BE UCLA ' S STAR PASSER. ROMMIE LOUDD, ONE OF UCLA ' S GREAT RIGHT ENDS, WON LOOK ' S ALL-AMERICA FIRST TEAM HONORS. PCC ' S BEST AT RIGHT TACKLE. GIL MORENO, THE TEAM ' S " IRONMAN, " WAS THE STRONG MAINSTAY OF THEIR FORWARD WALL. TWO-YEAR LETTERMAN PETE O ' GARRO SHOWED HIS GREAT POTENTIAL AS A RECEIVER IN THE LEFT END SPOT. CENTER DAN PETERSON, A ONE-YEAR LETTERMAN, MADE UP FOR HIS SIZE IN HIS DRIVE AND DETERMINATION. DON SHINNICK PROVED HIMSELF TO BE A FINE LINEMAN WHILE LEARNING HIS NEW POSITION AT RIGHT GUARD. HAL SMITH, A ONE-YEAR LETTERMAN, JOINED THE BRUIN VARSITY SQUAD THIS YEAR IN THE RIGHT END SPOT. JIM " MOOSE ' ' MATHENY SHOWED HIS OUTSTANDING ABILITY BY STEPPING IN AT CENTER FOR STEVE PALMER. WINGBACK GERRY MCDOUGALL, A BIG POWERFUL RUNNER, HAS THE MAKINGS OF ANOTHER ALL-AMERICAN CAMERON. CENTER STEVE PALMER, THREE-YEAR LETTERMAN, WAS AP ' S UNANIMOUS SELECTION FOR THE ALL-PCC TEAM. ONE YEAR LETTERMAN JERRY PENNER SHOWED PROMISE OF REPLACING GIL MORENO AT RIGHT TACKLE NEXT YEAR. FULLBACK DOUG PETERS, A POWERFUL AND SPEEDY RUNNER, RANKED HIGH IN RUSHING AND SCORING IN 1955. JOHN SMITH RETURNED TO THE GRID AT LEFT END AND WON AN HONORABLE MENTION ON AP ' S ' 55 ALL-PCC TEAM. THREE-YEAR LETTERMAN ROGER WHITE DEVELOPED INTO A CAPABLE STARTER AT LEFT TACKLE DURING THE YEAR. THE MIGHTY FROSH BRUBABES WHO EQUALED THE VARSITY TEAM RECORD DURING THE YEAR 1955 WERE (4TH ROW, L TO R) JIM WALLACE, JOHN PIEROVICH, DICK WALLEN, TRUSSE NORRIS, DENNIS CARUNCHIO, RON WENZ, BOB MACKEY, AL ALMQUIST, (3RD ROW, L TO R) DICK BUTLER, LARRY WEBSTER, CRAIG CHUDY, JAY TIPTON, BRUCE HULLBERT, DON ANDREWS, MIKE CASSADY, DON LONG, DICK MOLEN, (2ND ROW, L TO R) KEN KENNEDY, BILL CUNNING, JIM NEAL, JON SCHRADER, RALPH VIDAL, HARRY RYAN, TOM LYON, STAN JEWELL (FRONT ROW, L TO R) JIM DAWSON, BYRON RYBERG, DENNIS DRESSEL, CLINT WHITFIELD, BILL LEEKA, RICH PHARES, TOM LUNETTA, STEVE GERTSMAN, AND WAYNE FLOOD. HEAD COACH JOHNNY JOHNSON COACHED THE BRUBABES TO A NUMBER 1 NO LOSS, NO TIE SEASON WITH STANFORD, CAL, AND SC. For the first time, perfection was achieved by the UCLA Freshman Football Team. The frosh squad ended the season with a no loss, no tie record. This is the first time the Brubabes have had a perfect season, and the first time they have held the California championship in eighteen years. When the frosh visited California, the Stanford Papooses had to pass the peace pipe and bury themselves after a 29 to 0 defeat. The Brubabes sent the Cal Cubs into hibernation with a 32 to 0 tromping. The SC Trobabes suffered a 14 to 13 defeat at the hands of the frosh powerhouse in the game of the season. Brubabes who are to see action on the Bruin varsity in the next year include a spectacular tailback, Don Long, Craig Chudy, and Dennis Carunchio. FROSH FOOTBALL SOCCER THE ' 55 EDITION OF THE UCLA VARSITY SOCCER TEAM WAS THE MOST REMARKABLE TEAM THAT COACH E. ' ' JOCK " STEWART HAS SEEN IN HIS EIGHT YEARS AT UCLA. ALTHOUGH USUALLY DOMINATED BY THE FOREIGN STUDENTS, SOCCER WAS WELL SUPPORTED BY NATIVE-BORN STUDENTS THIS PAST YEAR. COACH STEWART HAD THE PROBLEM OF THE INEXPERIENCE OF THE AMERICANS TO CONTEND WITH AT THE OUTSET, BUT AS THE SEASON MOVED ON, THE TEAM TOOK SHAPE. WITH THE FULL COOPERATION OF SUCH VETERAN PLAYERS AS HORST WICHMANN, " JOCK " TURNED OUT A TEAM THAT TOOK SPOT IN THE SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA INTERCOLLEGIATE AND INTERSCHOLASTIC SOCCER ASSOCIATION. THE VARSITY TEAM FINISHED WITH A SEASON RECORD OF FIVE WINS AND THREE LOSSES. JIM LEHR, VARSITY PLAYER-COACH, LED THE TO THE BEST SEASON TO DATE, BREAKING EVEN WITH A THREE VICTORY, THREE LOSS SEASON RECORD. FRED LUDWIG, YANEL HIKMAT, AND JACK WALKER LOOKED ON AS A GOAL ATTEMPT IS FOILED. THE GAME WITH THE BRUIN ' S ARCH RIVALS, CAL TECH, ENDED IN A 7-2 VICTORY FOR UCLA. THE PRIDE OF COACH E. " JOCK " STEWART ' S LIFE, THE UCLA SOCCER TEAM: (TOP ROW, L TO R) COACH STEWART, DAVE MAC DONALD, LEON FARLEY, RON DUBA, RALPH REYNOLDS, HORST WICHMANN, YANEL HIKMAT, JOHN MANSON, (BOTTOM ROW, L TO R) BRUCE SMITHUM, FRED LUDWIG, RON ABELMAN, JACK WALKER, PIERRE PAGEZY, CLAUDE STAVROLAKIS, DAVE POWELL, AND ASSISTANT COACH JIM LEHR. THE TEAM COMPLETED THE SEASON WITH A FIVE WIN, THREE LOSS RECORD. CROSS COUNTRY FOR THE THIRD CONSECUTIVE YEAR, THE UCLA CROSS COUNTRY TRACK STARS WON THE SOUTHERN DIVISION CHAMPIONSHIP. COACH CRAIG DIXON ' S BOYS STARTED THE YEAR BY TAKING FIRST PLACE AT THE INGLEWOOD MEET. THEY WENT ON TO PLAY BOTH HOSTS AND VICTORS AT THE IMPORTANT 5000 METER MEET AND ALSO TO CAPTURE FIRST PLACE IN THE FOUR MILE RACE. CAPTAIN BOB HUNT, BOB SEAMAN, AND TED BANKS SPARKED THE GRUELING RUNS AROUND THE UCLA 3.5 MILE CROSS COUNTRY COURSE, ONE OF THE THOUGHEST RUNS ON THE PACIFIC COAST. THE CROSS COUNTRY BOYS WHO RAN ON TO VICTORY WERE (BACK ROW, L TO R) MANAGER GIL DYRR, JOHNNIE SEAMAN, JIM SMITH, CHARLIE LOTZ, TED BANKS, LLOYD TALLEY, AND COACH CRAIG DIXON; (FRONT ROW, L TO R) BOB SEAMAN, CAPTAIN BOB HUNT, WILLIE CHARLTON, AND GEORGE HOLLAND. NO COURSE WAS TOO TOUGH FOR THIS TEAM. WATER POLO DURING THE SEASON THE BRUIN " POLO BEARS " DUNKED CAL TECH, OCCIDENTAL, SANTA MONICA CITY COLLEGE, PLUS THE POLOISTS FROM FULLERTON JC. SOME TOP MEN ON COACH MAGNUS SYVERSON ' S SQUAD WERE HAL REID, GEORGE THAYER, AND DAVE DRUM. THE TEAM (TOP ROW, L TO R) COACH MAGNUS SYVERSON, RAY SWIRTZ, SEAN HOLLAND, DON MCQUOID, GARY PHILLIPS, DAVE DRUM, CHARLES CORELY, WALTER VAN SAUN, JIM KAAE, JOHN WELKER, SAUL BERNSTEIN, DOUG MOORE, MANAGER, (BOTTOM ROW, L TO R) BOB WEBEE, HOWARD HIRSCH, HOWARD THEURER, GEORGE THAYER, HAL REID, BARRY MOSTOVOY, AND PAUL HOWARD, A VERY HOT PROSPECT FOR NEXT YEAR ' S LEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIP WITH THIRTEEN RETURNING LETTERMAN, GAINED NEEDED EXPERIENCE THROUGHOUT THE SEASON. LEAPING HIGH OUT OF THE WATER DAVE DRUM TRIES A SHOT AT THE GOAL, WHILE GEORGE THAYER SHOOTS UP TO BLOCK IT. THE UCLA WATER POLO TEAM TOOK FOUR OUT OF EIGHT GAMES DURING THE ' 55 SEASON. winter sports COACH WOODEN JOHN R. WOODEN, THE HIGHLY ESTEEMED COACH OF THE UCLA BASKETBALL SQUAD, STEERED HIS TEAM TO THE TOP PACIFIC COAST CONFERENCE SPOT. The pre-season feelings were that Johnny Wooden ' s cage squad would have just an average PCC season, but the Bruins rolled through their 1956 league season with the taking of the PCC championship after their winning streak of sixteen straight league games. However, the Bruins ' chances for the NCAA title were fenced in by the University of San Francisco Dons, who had won both of the games, directly preceding and following conference play, ending UCLA ' s victory sweep a nd walking away with the NCAA title. Coach Wooden produced a team which will long stand out in Bruin basketball history. AND ASSISTANTS ASSISTANT COACH BILL PUTNAM (LEFT) KEPT CLOSE TABS ON BRUIN DRILLS AND PRACTICES WHILE GARY WALLS SERVED AS THE MANAGER. UCLA 58 75 BRIGHAM YOUNG UCLA 99 79 ARIZONA STATE UCLA 65 67 BRIGHAM YOUNG UCLA 61 60 WASHINGTON UCLA 68 40 DENVER UCLA 82 75 WASHINGTON UCLA 76 60 PURDUE UCLA 50 48 STANFORD UCLA 65 71 NEBRASKA UCLA 81 72 STANFORD UCLA 68 76 WICHITA UCLA 77 52 OREGON STATE UCLA 93 86 ST. JOHNS UCLA 72 59 OREGON STATE UCLA 72 57 DUQUESNE UCLA 95 71 OREGON UCLA 53 70 USF UCLA 103 89 OREGON UCLA 92 73 IDAHO UCLA 85 80 CALIFORNIA UCLA 78 61 IDAHO UCLA 84 62 CALIFORNIA UCLA 86 72 WASHINGTON STATE UCLA 85 70 USC UCLA 95 70 WASHINGTON STATE UCLA 97 84 USC UCLA 61 72 USF MORRIS TAFT, BRUIN GUARD, TRIES OUT AGAINST IDAHO AT PAN PACIFIC. WHERE DID IT GO? THERE IT IS . . . TOO LATE. UCLA GUARD DICK BANTON SINKS ONE WHILE IDAHO WATCHES UCLA 78 73 IDAHO UCLA 92 61 IDAHO CLIMBING AN INVISIBLE LADDER, BRUINS ' HUTCHINS AND IDAHO ' S COLE R-E-A-C-H! HUSKIE DEFENSE SUBMITS AS CENTER WILLIE NAULLS DRIVES THROUGH FOR TWO POINTS. UCLA CAME FROM BEHIND IN BOTH GAMES TO WIN. " PUT IT RIGHT IN THE HOOP,” SAYS UCLA FORWARD AL HERRING. BOTH GAMES WERE EXTREMELY CLOSE. UCLA 61 60 WASHINGTON UCLA 82 75 WASHINGTON HAPPY BRUINS CONGRATULATE WILLIE NAULLS, WHO TIPPED THE LAST AND WINNING BAS KET AT THE SAME TIME THE FINAL GUN WAS FIRED. CONRAD BURKE JACKS UP THE SCORE WITH A DRIVING IN LAYUP, WHILE OREGON ' S FRANKLIN TRIES BLOCKING IT. A PASS AND SHOT COMBINATION IS FINISHED UP BY MORRIS TAFT (22). WHO RAN THE SCORE BOARD WILD. UCLA 95 71 OREGON UCLA 103 89 OREGON PUSHING PAST THE HOOP, WILLIE NAULLS FLIPS A BACK SHOT TO GIVE THE BRUINS A COUPLE MORE DIGITS. NAULLS PUT IN TWENTY-EIGHT. " CLEANING THE BOARDS, " WILLIE NAULLS LEANS BACK AND TIPS IN A REBOUND, THAT ALSO GETS THE ATTENTION OF SEVERAL BEARS. THE BEARS WERE PUSHED UNDER BY THE BRUINS. UCLA 85 80 CALIFORNIA UCLA 84 62 CALIFORNIA HOOKING A SHOT, CONRAD BURKE (35) LETS IT ARCH BY THE HAND OF CAL ' S DEFENSE. THE BRUINS SCORED MANY TIMES WITH THIS. WILLIE NAULLS GOES RIGHT PAST THE BASKET AND FLIPS IN A TRICKY BACK SHOT. NAULLS, WHO WAS CONSISTENTLY HIGH MAN IN POINTS PER GAME. SANK HIS FAVORITE JUMP SHOT MANY TIMES AGAINST THE TROJANS. FOUR BIG GUNS ON THE UCLA OFFENSE, (L TO R) DICK BANTON, AL HERRING, MORRIS TAFT, AND JIM HALSTEN, KEPT SC ON THEIR DEFENSE THROUGHOUT BOTH GAMES WITH A FAST BREAKING OFFENSE. SC ' S PUGH (23) HAS DEFINITE INTENTIONS ABOUT THE OUTCOME OF BRUIN DICK BANTON ' S SHOT. THE SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA GAME ENDED CONFERENCE PLAY WITH SIXTEEN STRAIGHT LEAGUE WINS. UCLA 85 70 USC UCLA 97 84 USC BRUIN ' S HALSTEN (44) GIVES A WARY LOOK TO BILL RUSSELL, WHO USUALLY GETS ALL THE OFFENSIVE REBOUNDS WITH AS MANY AS THREE MEN GUARDING. BRUINS GATHERED TO CHEER THE TEAM BEFORE IT LEFT FOR CORVALLIS TO MEET THE DONS. COACHES BILL PUTNAM AND JOHN WOODEN STUDY BRUINS WITH MUCH INTEREST AS THE TEAM STARTS TO ROLL, UNEASE IN FIRST HALF CAUSED UCLA LOSS. ALL AMERICAN BILL RUSSELL (6) PUTS AN OBSTACLE IN MORRIS TAFT ' S (22) WAY TO A GOAL. THE DONS ' TIGHT DEFENSE KEPT THE BRUINS LAGGING BEHIND. " PATIENCE ON OUR OWN SET. NOTHING BUT HIGH PERCENTAGE SHOTS WHEN RUSSELL IS UNDER. " THESE WERE SOME OF COACH JOHNNY WOODEN ' S PRE-GAME INSTRUCTIONS TO HIS BRUIN SQUAD. UCLA 53 70 USF UCLA 61 72 USF PCC CHAMPS CARROLL ADAMS, GUARD JACK ARNOLD, FORWARD DICK BANTON, GUARD CONRAD BURKE, FORWARD-C. BILL EBLEN, FORWARD JIM HALSTEN, FORWARD ALLEN HERRING, FORWARD ART HUTCHINS, GUARD WILLIE NAULLS, CENTER BEN ROGERS, FORWARD MORRIS TAFT, GUARD THE 1956 UCLA FRESHMEN TEAM: (TOP ROW, L TO R) LARRY WEBSTER, WALTER TORRENCE, ROLAND UNDERHILL, RON WALLACE, CAPTAIN KEN KENNEDY, ROBERT ARCHER, MIKE SMITH, (BOTTOM ROW, L TO R) COACH DEANE RICHARDSON, DICK ELZER, RON VON HAGEN, FRED CRABTREE, JOHN CARMACK, KEN RUBINO, RUSS BOGDA, JOHN BARNES. MANY OF THESE MEN WILL STEP UP TO NEXT YEAR ' S JV. FRESHMAN BASKETBALL ENDING THE SEASON WITH TWO VICTORIES OVER THE SC TROBABES, THE BRUBABES WOUND UP WITH THIRTEEN WINS. Deane Richardson ' s Brubades followed in the varsity ' s footsteps by winning of their fifteen games. The team, which will help fill the varsity roster next year, did exceptionally well in all of its games. Top freshmen were Roland Fred Crabtree, Ron Wallace, Bob Archer, Walt Torrence, and Larry Webster. The team ' s biggest wins were four victories over the SC Trobabes. UCLA 89 51 RIVERSIDE JC UCLA 93 45 PASADENA CC UCLA 81 103 VENTURA JC UCLA 67 57 USC UCLA 82 80 FULLERTON JC UCLA 68 78 LACC UCLA 79 52 PEPPERDINE UCLA 104 58 SANTA MONICA UCLA 81 76 USC UCLA 55 50 GLENDALE JC UCLA 60 58 VENTURA JC UCLA 99 77 VALLEY JC UCLA 77 68 HARBOR JC UCLA 81 80 USC UCLA 74 64 USC spring sports DUCKY DRAKE Future Olympic and NCAA record holders were on the finest track and field team in Bruin UCLA cindermen were destined to take the NCAA Championship from SC, with men such as Rafer Johnson, Pan-Am decathlon champ, Bob Seaman running a 4:01.4 mile, and Russ Ellis turning in a 46.6 440. Olympic field contenders Don Vick and Ron Drummond spiraled the discuss out for 175 and 180 feet, in dual competition. SOFT SPOKEN HEAD TRACK COACH DUCKY DRAKE KEPT BOYS SUCH AS VICK, SEAMAN, JOHNSON, DRUMMOND, AND ELLIS IN COMPETITION FOR OLYMPIC AND INTERCOLLEGIATE RECORDS WITH HIS VALUABLE COACHING ABILITY. IN THE MILE RELAY GEORGE SAUNDERS PASSES THE BATON TO BOB THOMPSON DECATHLON CHAMP RAFER JOHNSON LEADS CHUCK HOLLOWAY OVER HURDLES. UCLA 440 RECORD HOLDER RUSS ELLIS PULLS IN ANOTHER QUARTER MILE. ATTENTION IS DRAWN TO RON DRUMMOND ' S RECORD MAKING DISCUS FORM. POLE VALUTER LINDY KELL KIPS OVER THE CROSSBAR FOR FOURTEEN FEET. VARSITY TRACK JIM BALL TED BANKS BOB CARNE HUNTER COOK BOB CORSELLO RON DRUMMOND NICK DYER RUSS ELLIS BOB GOLDSTONE CHUCK HOLLOWAY RAFER JOHNSON LINDY KELL BOB KERREBROCK STAN KING BERT KOHNHORST HAL MILLER JON MITCHELL DON MOLLOY JODY MCCREA PETE NELSON NICK PANAGIOTIS GEORGE SAUNDERS BOB SEAMAN BOB THOMPSON DON VICK FRESHMAN THINCLADS WERE (TOP ROW, L TO R) COACH CRAIG DIXON, BILL CHARLTON, ED NEVINS, DENNIS DRESSEL, BOB HALPRIN, LARRY BENNIGSON, JOHN ADAMS, DUANE MILLEMAN, GORDON TAYLOR, ART PHILLIPS, ROBERT CLARK, ( MIDDLE ROW) LLOYD TALLY, JERRY CARLIN. GARY HUFFACKER, (BOTTOM ROW) KEN THOMPSON, DOUG THEIS, BOB MACKEY, STANFORD MYERS, JOHN MOSS, HAROLD COVER, CHARLES LOTZ, AND PETER RODRIGUEZ. FRESHMAN TRACK The Brubabe spikers, who competed with the relatively strong junior colleges, did exceptionally well during this season in their dual meets. Coach Craig Dixon had his squad pushing a few varsity records. Outstanding performances included John Seaman in the 880 and mile, Pete Rodriguez in the mile and two mile, Ron Ulrich in the javelin, Ken Thompson in the hurdles, Sid Meyers in the sprints, and Duane Milliman in the shot put and the discus. The strong freshman team made the outlook very good for an even stronger Varsity track team next year. DOUG VULIAN, TAKING A FIRST SPOT AGAINST LACC IN THE 440, TURNS ON HIS LAST KICK. GIVING THE BRUIN NINE DUGOUT ADVICE IS HEAD BASEBALL COACH ART RIECHLE (LEFT) AND HEAVY HITTING CAPTAIN JIM DECKER. BASEBALL Head Baseball Coach Art Riechle started his twelfth season at UCLA with a relatively inexperienced and weak pitching team. The loss of three top pitchers from the 1955 squad weakened the Bruin defensive attack. However, Jim Decker ' s lead in the homerun, RBI, and batting average departments bolstered the team spirit. Other top plate men included Bob Mesa, John Hermann, Al Herring, and Billie Mayer, all of whom averaged over .330. On the mound for the Bruins were Earl Fordham and Bob Selsor, both of whom shared the highest earned run averages of the pitching staff. During the year the Bruins chalked up needed experience for future success. VARSITY BASEBALL DICK CARROLL, CATCHER JIM DECKER, SHORTSTOP EARL FORDHAM, PITCHER JOHN HERMANN, LEFT FIELD BILL MAYER, CENTER FIELD BILL MILLS, SECOND BASE CONRAD MUNATONES, PITCH. RON McKEE, CATCHER DICK RATKOVIC, PITCHER BOB SELSOR, PITCHER SEYMOUR WEISBERG, L. FIELD FRESHMAN BASEBALL THE FRESHMEN BASEBALLERS WERE (TOP ROW, L TO R) JERRY BELT, JERRY RUNYON, DON WARDEN, HARRY ALHASTRAND, ERNIE POPPING, SANDY LABOVITZ, BUDDY BURGESS, JIM MCCALLUM, COACH MARTY STILES, (BOTTOM ROW), FRED DUNKER, DICK WEBB, DAVE ALBIN, ARTIE HARRIS, BOB LUMSDEN, LIOYD ROSIER, AND DONALD LONG. Going right along in the trend of freshman sports at UCLA, the frosh baseballers put in a superi or season. The team, being very strong defensively, had Don Long, Dick Webb, and Jim McCallum in the infield. Top hurlers were Jerry Runyon and Jerry Belt, who pitched no-hitters. The offensive part of the team was sparked by long ball hitters Buddy Burgess, Jerry Runyon, Jerry Belt, and consistent bunters and hitters Lloyd Rosier, Dave Albin, and Artie Harris, who all hit over .300. Coach Marty Stiles ' squad won 13 cut of the 16 games played. THE COUNTRY ' S NUMBER SEVEN DOUBLES TEAM, JOHNNY LESCH AND MIKE FRANKS, PUT BRUIN HOPES SOARING TO THOUGHTS OF INTERCOLLEGIATE AND NCAA DOUBLES CHAMPIONSHIPS. VARSITY TENNIS Led by three nationally ranked sophomores, Mike Franks, Mike Green, and Johnny Lesch, the Varsity Tennis team, coached by J. D. M organ, was favored to take the PCC Southern Division Championships. Backed up by Captain Joe Blatchford, Craig Garman, Dwight Makoff, Franklin Johnson, and John Cranston, the squad expected to reach NCAA title play. Having attained title play last year with a somewhat weaker squad, the Bruin netters felt confident of taking the PCC honors. JOE BLATCHFORD JOHNNY CRANSTON MIKE FRANKS CRAIG GARMAN MIKE GREEN FRANKLIN JOHNSON JOHNNY LESCH DWIGHT MAKOFF JOHNNY LESCH, WHO RANKS HIGH NATIONALLY. HELPED THE BRUIN NETTERS UP IN THE PCC. MIKE GREEN, WHO ALSO RANKED HIGH IN THE NATION, CAME TO UCLA FROM MODESTO JC, WHERE HE WAS U S. JC CHAMP. NUMBER TWENTY-EIGHT IN NATIONAL MEN ' S SINGLES, MIKE FRANKS CAME FROM THE FROSH TO TAKE OVER TOP SPOT ON THE VARSITY. FRESHMAN TENNIS While not having the great team of last year, the Brubabe netters gave a creditable account for themselves in all of the matches played. Coach J. D. Morgan felt that the frosh would provide the Varsity with some future talent. The two number one men on the squad were Dale Rohland and Mark Rosen who should prove to be good racquet men with some more behind them. Other contributions to the ' 56 season were provided by Norm Fogel, Frank Lewis, Gordon Jones, Bill Leeka, and Eddie Rose, all of whom, with practice, could be good prospects for the future UCLA Varsity tennis world. THE BRUIN FROSH TENNIS SQUAD, COACHED BY J. D. MORGAN AND CAPTAINED BY DALE ROHLAND, HAD A ROUSING SEASON. THE FROSH RACQUET SQUAD WAS SPARKED BY (BACK ROW, L TO R) TOM STORER, DALE ROHLAND, NORM FOGEL, MARK ROSEN, COACH J. D. MORGAN, (FRONT ROW) LEW FRANK, EDDIE ROSE, GORDON JONES. CREW The Varsity Crew was the strongest and the most experienced that it has ever been in the history of UCLA Highlighting the ' 56 season were the three-way races with USC, Cal, and Stanford. The arrival of a new shell augmented the crew ' s equipment. After its christening by Mrs. Raymond Allen the new shell provided varsity oarsmen with the incentive needed to give Crew Head Coach Bob Schaeffer his best year since he took over the coaching chores. The season was topped off with a trip to Syracuse, New York, to compete in an IRA National Championship Regatta. A record number of freshmen turned out to fill four shells and gain valuable experience in rowing at Ballona Creek. THE MEMBERS OF THIS YEAR ' S VARSITY CREW WHO ROWED SOME FAST THREE-MILE RACES WERE (L TO R) MANAGER DICK ANDERSON, CLAUDE TINSLEY, BILL MEYER, RALPH REYNOLDS, BOB LEVENTHAL, MIKE BOSSERT, JOHN COOPER, JOEL BREMAN, STEVE SANDERS, AND SANDY DAVIDSON. ROWING ON FOR UCLA IN THEIR NEW SHELL, " WESTWOOD CHANCELLOR, " WERE VARSITY AND JR. VARSITY MEMBERS: (FORWARD TO AFT) GARY BALLENGER, JERRY MILLER, STEVE MARSH, WALT VAN SAUN, BART JACOBS, ROGER BELL, MAL SMITH, STAN BULLOCK, AND JOHN LYTTLE. THE FRESHMEN CREW: (BACK ROW, STANDING L TO R) SPANDER, RABIN, MASON, SAUNDERS, LILIEN, BAUS, REEL, KARLIN, GORDON, (MIDDLE ROW, L TO R) LODGE, PAVLOVIC, JUBERT, CUTHBERT, THOMAS. BEARDSLEY, NORRIS, PRATT, REED, TOLMAS, (FRONT ROW, L TO R) FERN, HUMPHREY, CHARBONNEAU, BOHANNAN, EDIC, PFAFFENBERGER, BOLD, INABNETT, FRIEDMAN, TAKEUCHI. MEMBERS OF THE UCLA GYM TEAM THAT CAPTURED THE PCC CHAMPIONSHIP WERE: (BACK ROW, L TO R) READ, OLIVIER, MONGEON, POSTAL, SAMPSON, VINCENT, LIPPENCOTT, ADAMS, BANNER, AND ATHERTON, (MIDDLE ROW) LEMEN, MANAGER DORBIN, LONDE, CAPTAIN CHENEY, COACH RALPH BORELLI, SENN, SCHRIEBER, ASST. COACH DON FABER, ALLEE, (FRONT ROW) WOODHULL, BAROSH, JOHNSON, ROSENBERG, YAMASAKI, HACKEL. COACH RALPH BORELLI, ASSISTANT COACH DON FABER, AND MANAGER SANDY DORBIN WATCHED OVER THE GYM CHAMPS. GYMNASTICS With National Junior AAU champion Larry Banner setting the pace, —UCLA ' s powerful gymnastic team muscled its woy through a difficult season schedule by scoring wins over many top-notch teams, including USC and Cal. Placing third in their respective events in the National Collegiate Championships were: ring man and team captain, Ken Cheney; sideshore man, Bud Allee; and parallel bar man, Dave Londe. The team managed to garner the PCC crown, place se cond in the Junior AAU meet, and take fourth in the NCAA meet. THE 1956 CRICKET TEAM: (BACK ROW. L TO R) OGREN, KEMPER, MANAGER FOONBERG, LEHR, HUTTENBACH, SHAPIRO, HARRIES-JONES, TOWNLEY, COACH DRURY, (FRONT ROW, L TO R) MERCER, COLLIER, ABELMAN, CAPTAIN FARLEY, BURGE, THOMPSON, NILES. CRICKET THE CRICKET TEAM HAS PROVEN TO BE ONE OF UCLA ' S BEST FRIENDSHIP AMBASSADORS TO THE BRITISH COMMONWEALTH. COACH DRURY WORKED WITH BRITISHERS AND AMERICANS TO FOSTER THE SPIRIT OF ATHLETICS IN U.S. SCHOOLS. DESPITE TWO LOSSES TO SAN DIEGO, L.A., AND A DRAW WITH PASADENA, THE CHALLENGE OF THE GAME WAS ENOUGH FOR MEMBERS OF THE TEAM. BRUIN RUGBY COACH NORM PADGETT AND CAPT. JOHN ELWIN LED RUGGERS TO ANOTHER SUCCESSFUL YEAR. RUGBY UCLA ' s rugby team had a unique year during 1956. It was the first time that the team has left the U.S.A. The boys were guests of the University of British Columbia, and later were victorious over the Canadian Northwest champs, 10-0. Gil Moreno was the bulwark of the Bruin defense and offense, and had a helping hand from Jack Walker and Dick Hamomoto. The UCLA squad had the distinction of being the only rugby team in the Southland. BRUINS AND BEARS FIGHT FOR CONTROL OF THE BALL DURING THEIR TRADITIONAL NORTH VS SOUTH RIVALRY AT WESTWOOD. BRUIN LOUIS ELIAS (30) GETS SET TO PASS TO TEAMMATE JOHN ELWIN (90) AS THE CALIFORNIA BEARS CLOSE IN. THE ACTION TOOK PLACE ON UCLA ' S SPAULDING FIELD, ON WHICH THE BRUINS WRESTLED ANOTHER VICTORY FROM THE BEARS. THE INEXPERIENCED BUT HARD-WORKING BRUIN GOLF TEAM CONSISTED OF (BACK ROW, L TO R) JOHN QUINN, COACH VIC KELLY, BOB ASHMAN. (FRONT ROW, L TO R) GEORGE SHIELDS, GILL FOOTE, CAPTAIN PHIL MILLER, WILLIE JEFFERSON, AND LARRY BISHOP. GOLF WITH CAPTAIN PHIL MILLER AS THE ONLY RETURNING LETTERMAN, THE TEAM WAS ONE OF THE LEAST EXPERIENCED IN MANY SEASONS. HOWEVER, THE MEMBERS PROVED TO BE THE HARDEST-WORKING OF ALL. LED BY HARD HITTING BILL FOOTE, THEY GAVE VERY GOOD ACCOUNTS IN COMPETITION, INCLUDING NINE TEAM MATCHES, THE SOUTHERN CALFORNIA INTERCOLLEGIATE AND PCC TOURNAMENTS. SAILING WITHIN THREE YEARS THE UCLA SAILING TEAM HAS COMPILED AN ENVIABLE NATIONAL REPUTATION. IN THE PAST TWO CONSECUTIVE YEARS IT HAS QUALIFIED AND GONE TO THE NATIONAL SAILING CHAMPIONSHIPS IN NEWPORT, CALIFORNIA, AND IN NEW LONDON, CONNECTICUT, PLACING THIRD AND FOURTH RESPECTIVELY. THE TEAM NOW COMPETES WITH EVERY MAJOR COLLEGE ON THE COAST. SAILING ON FOR UCLA FAME WERE THE SAILING TEAM MEMBERS ( L TO R) DICK WILBUR, JACK TAYLOR, THREE YEAR SKIPPER, PAUL RENFREE, SPRING CAPTAIN, DICK WHEATON, TOMMY CUNNINGHAM, AND LEWIS BEDFORD. THE FALL CAPTAIN AND TWO YEAR SKIPPER. (BACK ROW) COACH SYVERSON, WELKER, THAYER, THEURER, MILLER, HOLLAND, KAAE, SLOCUM, MANAGER WEEBE, ASST. COACH HOFFMAN. ( MIDDLE) BERNSTEIN, HIRSH, REID, STEWART, RAFFETTO, GARAY, MOSTOVOY, FUJINAKA. ( FRONT ) ROSENTHAL AND DRUM. SWIMMING UCLA ' S TOP SWIM TEAM IN YEARS HAD A 16 MEET WINNING SKEIN AS THE SEMESTER CLOSED. THE TOP MEN INCLUDED FREESTYLERS ROSENTHAL, THEURER, MILLER, THAYER, HOLLAND, SLOCUM AND HIRSCH; BREASTSTROKERS DRUM AND GARAY; BACKSTROKERS WERE RAFFETTO AND BERNSTEIN; DIVER REID; MEDLEY MAN HOWARD (NOT SHOWN ). ROSENTHAL BROKE THE UCLA 220 YEAR FREESTYLE MARK. WRESTLING WRESTLING COACH BRIGGS HUNT, ACCLAIMED " DEAN OF COACHES " BECAUSE HE HAS COACHED AT UCLA THE LONGEST OF ANY COACH, PROVED THAT HIS MANY YEARS OF EXPERIENCE PAYED OFF AGAIN THIS YEAR AS HIS TEAM WENT ON TO WIN THE SOUTHERN DIVISION CHAMPIONSHIP. THE SOPHOMORE-LADEN MAT TEAM BOASTED OF THE TITLES WON BY BILLINGTON, SKILLING, WHITFIELD, BARMAKAIN. THE SOUTHERN DIVISION CHAMPIONS: (BACK ROW, L TO R) PARKER, MADER, SMITH, HURWITZ, SLUTZKIN, ( MIDDLE ROW) COLLINS, EMGE, MCKINLEY, BILLINGTON, BIRREN, WHITFIELD, (FRONT ROW) COACH HUNT, SKILLING, VEACH, BARMAKIAN, KOHTZ, PETKO. LIVING GROUPS sororities PANHELLENIC COUNCIL PREXY ADRIANNE CLARK, CHIME AND LITTLE SISTER OF MINERVA, LED PANHELLENIC WORKSHOP PROJECTS. PANHELLENIC COUNCIL MEMBERS INCLUDED ( L TO R) MARILYN TAYLOR, KITCHY WILLIAMS, ADRIANNE CLARKE, PAT DEAR, MARLENE FOLZ, AND MRS. VAN BUREN, COUNCIL ADVISOR. Panhellenic Council is made up of presidents of each of the national sororities on campus. They discuss common problems and pool ideas for solutions. Joining their counterpart IFC in a retreat at Highland Springs this year, they managed to combine a little business with a lot of fun. One of the topics of discussion was Greek Week, climaxed by the Panhellenic Masked Ball. The affair was a huge success and the proceeds went towards the four-hundred dollar scholarship awarded annually to an outstanding woman student on the campus at UCLA. Linda Bilon KKΓ Karen Boundy ΓΦB Joan Cougler Carolyn Hackamack ΔZ Patti McMartin KAΘ Sandy Sprague ΔΓ Ellie Stones KΔ Donna Weitz Audrey Brown AOΠ Adrianne Clark ΓΦB Pat Dear AOΠ Ann Jorgensen AXΩ Marilyn Nickel Anne Stewart ΔΔΔ Marilyn Taylor ΣK Kitchy Williams AOΠ ALPHA CHI OMEGA PREXY ELLIE RAGAN WON THE A CHI O SCHOLASTIC AWARD AND BELONGED TO PRN AND SIGMA THETA TAU. A Chi Os found that beauty does not go unnoticed as one after another of their girls was chosen to grace prominent affairs. Highlight of the Prom was the coronation of Bobbie Hughes as queen. Pat Hastings was to reign at the Chandelle Ball with Jeanie Williams as her attendant. Theta Xis ' " Cinderella Ball " was enchanted by lovely Caryl Volkman who was selected as " Ugly Stepsister. " Among the many this year were the Pledge-Active party, the fairyland Christmas Formal, and the Initiation Dance presented this spring. The A Chi Os supported the Cerebral Palsy Association. The triumph of the season was the victory over the Kappas during the 1955 Men ' s Week program. Activity girls were songleader for UCLA, Jean Williams, and Rally Committee members, Donna Lynne Garhardt and Loretta McKinney. Sonya Alexander Sandra Basler Virginia Bebee Phyllis Blodgett Jackie Bredberg Andrie Coates Jeanne Cressey Carolyn Cripps Stephanie Dahl Chickie Diener Jean Douglas Marilyn Eacrett Lynne Garhardt Louise Goon Diane Gregoire Carole Grobon Jane Guiton Pat Hastings Lila Hauge Barbara Hughes Mary Irving Susan Jones Ann Jorgensen Pat Lewis Vianne Lubin Jane Lukens Sue Maier Donna Metzger Rosalind Miller Carma Monson A CHI OS AGREED THAT THOUGH VACATIONS ARE GREAT, THE REUNIONS, FULL OF NEWS, OF WEDDINGS AND PINNINGS AND PLANS FOR NEW LIVING QUARTERS, ARE THRILLING! Marian McDonald Harriet Quigley Joan Rawlings Angela Scellars Diane Smith Janet Townsend Susan Volkman Margie Wilson Loretta McKinney Norma Quine Peggy Ruedy Sue Shelby Barbara Sutton Carolyn Van Gorder Donna Warning Jean Williams Susan Olson Eleanor Ragan Frances Saba Jackie Skelsey Martha Toth Caryl Volkman Terri White Stephanie Witt Marjery McBurney JOANNE LINDSEY, A D CHI ' S ENTHUSIASTIC PREXY, LOVES TO ICE SKATE AND CUTS A MEAN FIGURE EIGHT. Alpha Delta Chis, led by Joanne Lindsey swept through an active calendar. of the social agenda were their wild and woolly western barbecue and held in Brentwood ' s wide open All of the girls enjoyed hostessing a Foreign Students ' Dinner at the house and meeting students of foreign lands, exchanging ideas, and comparing views. Activity-minded girls in the house this year included perky Annette Bades, who was active on the AWS Coordination Board, the Philanthropy Committee, and was also Fall Drive representative. Jo Johnson acted as sophomore representative of the Pre-Registered Nurses Club and played in intramurals. Peg Whitfield and Marilyn Larson were active in Delta Phi Upsilon, National Honorary Women ' s Fraternity of Early Childhood Education. Last, but not least, is Dawn Malcolm who in Pre-Registered Nurses Club and the Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship. ALPHA DELTA CHI Allison Bennett Annette Eades Marilyn Larson Dawn Malcolm Susanne Dally Roberta Imbach Mary Lindsey Charlotte Muellen Ann DeBoer JoAnn Johnson Jo Lorenzen Charlotte Stewart Peggy Whitfield ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA ALPHA KAPPA ALPHAS INCLUDED DISCUSSIONS OF PLANS FOR PARTICIPATION IN MARDI GRAS, PHILANTHROPIES, AND THEIR TURKEY TROT AT GET-TOGETHERS. Reviewing the year ' s activities, AKAs recalled occasions to boast of, including social, sorority, and campus Highlights of the eventful social program were the annual Turkey Trot and the excitedly anticipated presentation of the " Pledge Club. " Honored by her to take part in URC ' s renowned Project India was ex-president Mary Ann Buford, who has done notable work for the University Religious Conference. A sorority sister, Vivian Robinson, gained recognition by winning the coveted of ASUCLA Women ' s Representative. She keeps up with the active pace at the URC building. Part of the program was participation in the URA Mardi Gras, which supports Uni-Camp for children. They also sponsored the children ' s picnic at the Church and wound up their benevolent by preparing an attractive and welcome basket for a deserving family. Virginia Banks Chere Chretien Valerie Fulks Sharon Martin Vivian Robinson Judith Stanford Janita Barnett Betty Clark Pecina Hudnell Beverlee Patton Gail Rucker Diane Watson Emily Beaird Marlene Edwards Anita Liddell Yvonne Payne Arthurlene Smith Marian Williams Mary Ann Buford Barbara Floyd Ingle Luster Marjorie Plummer CHERE CHRETIEN ' S ENTHUSIASTIC LEADERSHIP HELPED TO MAKE A K A ' S PROGRAM VARIED AND EXCITING. " HAPPY DAYS ARE HERE AGAIN! " A D PIS SWING OPEN THE DOORS OF THEIR HILLTOP HOUSE TO WELCOME THE HUNDREDS OF GIRLS WHO VISIT THEIR HOME DURING RUSHING. A D PI PREXY KATHY HEYLER WAS CALIFORNIA AND PACIFIC COAST ' S ' 54 ICE SKATING DANCE CHAMPION. ALPHA DELTA PI Beverly Amphlett Betty Barskey Donna Bordwell Pat DeBey Sandy Dorman Pat Farmer Susan Ford Lois Haskins Jodi Hoss Dorothy Jones Doris Anderson Liz Beam Joan Butkovich Gail Deverman Marjorie Eischen Barbara Farrell Diana Goodwin Virginia Hess Claire Houseman Carolyn Kay Jean Auman Lucille Black Donna Corsaro Barbara Dirricq Sandra Elliot Marlene Foltz Jeanette Harris Kathleen Heyler Ruth Howard June Kerseg Spring Sing was probably the biggest thing in the lives of most of the Alpha Delta Pis during the year 1955. Combined talents of the ADPis and Sigma Pis won second place in the Mixed Division. With Jodi Hess organizing the Homecoming events, ADPis again had their share of the laurels: Oleo Show Sweepstakes, best at the Luau; first place in Women ' s House Decorations; and the coveted Outstanding Participation and Achievement award. The girls learned that " the natives are restless tonight " as general mayhem prevailed at the pledges ' " Jungle " party. In the list of teas was the " Suds at Sunrise " brew hour, which they sponsored in conjunction with the Zeta Psis. The Spring Sing rehearsals and Mardi Gras plans still left time for the ne ' er to be forgotten spring formal " Diamond Ball. " Members of the Kerckhoff cluster were June Kerseg, Homecoming co-ordinator, Pat Farmer, personnel chairman of the fall orientation program, and six Rally Comm A trophy case was all they needed to complete the ADPi year. Linda Klingensmith Nancy Lomax Page McDonald Marilyn Nicholas Deanne Saliba Dorothy Scott Martha Leeper Madeline Mayer Pat Nelson Sylvia Robertson Claudia Schott Donna Smith Lou Smith Marjie Taylor Linda Weisbrod Pat Wilson Nancy Steiner Jackie Todd Nancy Wilson ALPHA EPSILON PHI A E PHI PREXY RUSH HARRIS COMMUTED BETWEEN KH AND HILGARD AS A TROLL AND RALLY COMM. MEMBER. Alpha Epsilon Phis settled for nothing less than first place in campus competition. Among the honors received were the highest pledge scholarship trophy, the " Bloodiest House on the Row " trophy, and the Mount Sinai Clinic ' s outstanding service trophy. The girls also took the time to cop the Most Humorous trophy in the Hi-Jinx Show, and the Uni-Camp biffy. In honor of the pledges, the actives held a gala formal at the Miramar Hotel on the blue Pacific. Activity-minded AEPhis included Wings, Maddie Guttelman, Ina Steinberg; Trolls, Judy Feldman, Renee Altura; Spurs, Betty Greenstein; Foreign Students ' Week chairman, Shelia Field; Homecoming publicity chairman Barbara Sills; and last but not least, Judy Ellis, Frosh veep. Greek Week Queen Bon nie Supowit and Chandelle Ball attendant Norma Young brought home laurels. The AEPhis also claim a Homecoming float honorable mention. Hedy Alkow Paula Berstein Marcia Cherniss Sandra Comaro Judy Ellis Sheila Fields Betty Greenstein Carole Harris Renee Altura Nancy Blumberg Shirley Cohen Elise Davis Sharon Ezor Leah Gerber Mattie Guttleman Rochelle Harris Barbara Bellman Arlene Blumer Jane Cohn Phyllis Duchowny Sharon Factor Charlene Goodman Ann Harris Leslie Hauptman " HURRY UP AND TIE HER FEET. THEY ' RE COMING. " THE A E PHI PLEDGES MADE SURE THERE WAS NO OPPOSITION FROM ACTIVES WHEN THEY DITCHED. Sylvia Janger Jane Leanse Evie Pattiz Carole Schiller Barbara Kafka Gail Levitt Shana Pearl Lennie Schreiber Norma Kaplan Rayna Mayer Lynn Phillips Rita Seiler Nancy Keen Sherry Miller Judy Redler Doria Silberberg Ellie Klein Ethel Montag Judy Richter Barbara Sills Sandy Lattin Carol Ann Moore Diane Roth Martha Simcoe Ruth Spielman Bonnie Supowit Flora Lee Wilson Gwen Wolkow Sandra Skadron Ina Steinberg Michelle Vale Phyllis Wise Norma Young Ellen Smith Fritzi Sternhill Val Wallad Marion Wolff Adrian Zolkover SHIRLEY HOUGH DIVIDED HER TIME BETWEEN HER NEW ROLES AS SCHOOL MARM AND ALPHA GAM PRESIDENT. ALPHA GAMMA DELTA Virginia Becker Gini Dalby Bregette Etter Betty Bock Mary Sue Davis Joedy Fenrich Joyce Bane Leanne Cope Margy Elser Chris Fossum Jackie Auldridge Ann Cordes Rose Engrave Linda Gage The Alpha Gamma Deltas cling to the memory of a giant blue octopus. This beautiful creature from the deep was their prize-winning entry with Sigma Pi in the Mixed Division of the Homecoming Parade. Among the other festive occasions of the fall semester was the night of the pledge party when Bugs Bunny, Daisy Mae and many other weird characters were seen at Capers. " The Initiation party, honoring the new initiates, and the Christmas formal at the Town House rounded out the fall semester. Spring found the Alpha Gams wrapped up in a bundle of Mardi Gras and Spring Sing but they found time to attend their annual Syracuse Ball, the highlight of the spring semester. The house was well represented in KH and around campus. Chris McCoy was secretary of Spurs and publicity chairman for AWS. Other Spurs were Gloria GeBauer and Margy Elser. Shell and Oar claimed Bobby Mary Ann Zeman, Gini Dalby; Wings, Pat Jacobs, Ann Cordes; Trolls, Leanne Cope, Pat Jacobs, and Sue Steffen. Beauty reigned with Julie Rhinard, Belle of UCLA. Winning a first place in the Men ' s Week Banner Contest began the snowfall of which became a flurry of good times and awards for the girls of Alpha Omicron Pi. They went on to win honorable mention for the entry in the Parade during the big All-U With hayseed in their hair and country in their voices, the pledges gave a rollicking fall hayride. The festive Christmas dinner-dance at the Deauville Club was a study in glitter and cheer. Joining the SC chapter, AOPis tossed a spring formal at the beautiful Beverly Hilton. To round out the agenda, engaged in date dinners and A bevy of BWOC includes pert Joni Murphy, whose loveliness won her as Delt Queen attendant; Pat Dear, Panhellenic first vice president; Kitchie Senior Class social chairman; Jean Wilhelm, chairman of Model Josie; and Gerry Owen, executive secretary for both Spring Sing and Mardi Gras. Audrey Brown was a Phi Beta Kappa as well as serving as Panhellenic treasurer; while Donnie Clemensen was executive secretary to ASUCLA Veep Joyce Clasen, office for Southern Campus, and publicity chairman for ASUCLA ' s Men ' s Week capers. Joan Knifely Sue Kohlstrom Marjorie Kuhn Lois Lundwall Pat Maag Eva Meyer Sally Mosher Joan Murphy Adele Newell Nancy Oliver Gerry Owen Lillian Palmer Carol Proctor Marie Reeve Jackie Rimel Ann Robinson Patricia Robinson Kathryn Rorem Lorrie Sehr Joyce Shane Norma Shannon Pat Strang Bonnie Suttles Barbara Urquhart Jane Wadlington Anne Whittier Bonnie Williams Kitchy Williams Toni Yarrow Sue Zbanik ALPHA PHI PRESIDENT BEVERLY HUNT ALSO SERVED AS THE VICE PREXY OF THE BUSINESS EDUCATION ASSOCIATION. The Alpha Phis began the fall semester with their annual retreat to Wrightwood at which time the calendar for the year was planned. In October, an Initiation Dance was held in the honor of five newly-initiated actives at the Beve rly Hilton Hotel. Other events on the social calendar included a date as well as a party and banquet after the SC game. The Alpha Phis were not to be outdone athletically. With some Phi Delts as coaches, the girls played a football game against the Tri Delts. Two Intramural trophies were won by the sorority for softball and participation. Outstanding activity girls for the year were Clarann Johnson, a member of Board of Control and Cal Club, Janie Fahay, Spur Prexy, and Marilyn Lewis, who was president of the YWCA and was also a member of the Student-Faculty Committee. Rosemary Wooldridge participated in the Cal Club, the Student-Faculty Committee, Project India, and was Chimes president. Katie Blickhahn, vice president of the Student-Faculty Committee, participated in the many activities of Mortar Board. Margie Akervold Janice Beleal Jane Brister Jane Fahay Lois Goldspring Ardell Armstrong Marilyn Bellah Barbara Crow Pat Fox Carol Grundee Mimi Auldridge Katie Blickhahn Gloria Darnall Marilyn Fricker Evelyn Hacker Marjorie Bauer Barbara Boykin Martha Davis Mitzi Gage Heather Hicks-Beach . . . SPURS AT 3:00, ANCHORS AT 4:00, AND AWS AT 5:00. ACTIVITY-MINDED ALPHA PHIS WHISK FROM ONE MEETING TO THE NEXT, GETTING IN ON THE GROUND FLOOR OF MOST OF THE BIG DOINGS ON CAMPUS. Beverly Hunt Nicki Kerr Linda Lund Bonnie McIntyre Judy Nighman Sally Penny Alice Shirey Norma Lou Trapp Judy Wood Mavis Janssen Miche Kropski Joan Lynd Molly McIntyre Mimi O ' Brien Susan Ray Sally Simpson Pat Weaver Rosemary Wooldridge Vida Japour Barbara Little Beverly McAloney Mary Lou Mcl.aughlan Valerie Olsen Rosine Reynolds Martha Thompson Jackie White Kathy Work Clarann Johnson Marilyn Lewis Betty McDowell Marilyn Nickel Gretchen Pelz Gloria Ruhl Betty Tipton Mary Wilson Barbara Wright " I DON ' T KNOW WHERE ALL THE TIME GOES. I JUST CAN ' T SEEM TO GET MY STUDYING THE ALPHA XIS ENJOYED THE FEW MOMENTS OF RELAXATION DURING COFFEE ALPHA XI DELTA Audrey Adrianos Barbara Barclay Jo Brophy Sallie Brown Connie Eby Nancy Allen Jean Bluder Arlene Brown Janis Clark Ellen Edmonds Diane Atwater Chick Bright Lois Brown Pat Considine Ruth Elerath Alpha Xi Deltas opened their social with a party tossed for new actives at the home of Sharon Lanning. " Bella Noche, " the pledge party, was given at the home of Brooke Thompkins, and was followed by Gretchen Kambeitz ' s " Roaring Twenties. " Long Beach ' s famed Pacific Coast Club was the scene of the Stardust Formal which was followed in the Spring by the annual Rose Ball. BWOC include Carolyn Scott, Soph Sweetheart; Allene Killough, Rally Comm; Lee Ptitsin, Spurs and Welfare Boar d; Sylvia Rhodes, Jean Bluder and Joyce Ruckman, Anchors; Dee Flood and Hannah Rettig, Delta Phi and Joyce Brickman, Bobbie Holmes, Audrey Adrianos, and Joan Knight were Phi Chi Thetas. Diane Atwater, Chris Poulos, and Sue Tucker were members of Shell and Oar. Carla Rausch was Alpha Lambda Delta veep; Barbara Barclay the Sophomore Paper; and Jo Brophy was secretary for all class councils. " TERRY " MARTIN FOLLOWED PRESIDENTIAL TRADITION BY GETTING MARRIED FOLLOWING HER TERM OF OFFICE. Judy Ellison June Hersam Gretchen Kambeitz Sharon Lanning Charmaine Mark Carol McCann Lena PastorelIi Carla Rausch Joyce Ruckman Virginia Thompson Dee Flood Barbara Holmes Allene Killough Mary Kay Lommel Terry Martin Elisa Najera Christine Poulos Hanna Rettig Marie Salvinger Brooke Tompkins Gloria Green Rita Jensen Joan Knight Virgene Maples Ann MacPherson Nancy Owens Lee Ptitsin Sylvia Rhodes Carolynn Scott Suzanne Tucker PRESIDENT ELEANOR KAWAHARA WAS ACTIVE IN NISEI BRUIN CLUB AND DELTA PHI UPSILON FRATERNITY. CHI ALPHA DELTA Shizzie Akasaki Nancy Akiyama Jean Aoki Aiko Butsumiyo Helen Fujioka Ruth Fujita Martha Fujiwara Mary Fujiwara Betty Fukuda Terry Fukunaga Gloria Hatchimonji Betty Hirabayashi Jean Hirasuna Sharlene Horiuchi Jane Iwasaki A candle-lit tea, whispering of taffeta, heralded the beginning of the Chi Alpha Delta social season. Presiding over was Eleanor Kawahara, who was active in Delta Phi Upsilon and Nisei Bruin Club. After the Christmas Dance, members retired to the snow for a week to plan the activities and to elect the committees for the following semester. Upon their return, they held formal of new members into the sacred ranks of pledgehood. High on the list of tasks confronting the pledges were a plan for participation in URA ' s annual Mardi Gras, warming up their voices for Spring Sing, and arrangements for their traditional aloha celebration for members. Having completed the round of activities in the social, and philanthropic spheres, the reviewed the activities of the past year and confidently hoped for another season of equal achievement and success. " WHY DON ' T WE GO TO THE COOP FOR SOME COFFEE? " THE CHI ALPHA DELTAS OFTEN TROD THE BEATEN PATH BY THE LIBRARY ON THEIR WAY TO KERCKHOFF. Agnes Kajoka Eleanor Kawahara Hiroko Kowta Jeanne Kurihara Hazel Kuriyama Jane Masumura Toshie Matsuhara Michiko Matsuhara Mimi Murakami Stella Nakadate Yoshiko Nakahiro Ayako Nakamura Joyce Nakamura Cherri Nakashima Shirley Nishimoto Kay Nishinaka Alice Ohtomo Nancy Okawauchi Washiki Nakahiu Jeanie Saito Kiku Shida Shirley Takaki Betty Takenouchi Janet Tamura CHI OMEGA PERT PREXY JOY ECKDAHL LED HER CHI O SISTERS THROUGH A SUCCESSFUL AND EXCITING SEMESTER. Kathleen Andrews Charlene Bunch Mary Ann Coulson Joy Ekdahl Karen Flinck Pat Green Margaret Haymes Carol Bartlett Jean Carroll Marcia Crowell Jo Ann Ericksen Adrienne Fostinis Lois Hallinen Dianne Hurley Barbara Bladholm Barbara Clark Dianne Darracq Jill Eriksmoen Lynn Franklin Ann Hammargren Barbara Kielsmeier Priscilla Born Sue Clayton Joan Eckart DeAnne Field Ardythe Gianera Vivian Havens Donalene Lapp " IF ONLY THAT CLOCK HAD STOPPED SEVEN SECONDS SOONER . . . " THE CHI OS OFTEN REMINISCED AS THEY LOOKED THROUGH A ROSE BOWL PROGRAM AND RECALLED THE EVENTS OF THAT FATAL DAY. Chi Omegas spun through a whirl of beginning with a retreat to Ingrid Nelson ' s cabin and proceeding to the fall Initiation Dance at the beautiful Hotel Bel-Air; the Pledge Party; the Christmas party at Nance Larrieu ' s home; and ending with the Spring Formal. At Christmas time, ChiOs entertained six blind children and invited them to the house for dinner. Later, they joined with the SC chapter and alums for their annual Founders ' Day Banquet. Parlaying the ChiO ingenuity with the inimitable Delta Tau Delta brawn resulted in a lovely Homecoming float. ChiO royalty Barbara Wilson, the Delta Sig princess, and Diane Hurley, a Junior Prom princess. The BWOC were Vivian Havens, Wings; Carol Bartlett and Dee Field, Spurs; Shirley Link, Caroline Martin, Lila Fitzgerald, and Holly Larson, Shell and Oar; and Shirley Scantland and Dixie Sorensen, Trolls. Nance Larrieu Marylyn Martin Catherine MacAulay Suzanne Nichols Barbara Prior Chris Rotsel Linda Swanson Holly Larson Marilyn Montgomery Nancy McCloy Diane Page Barbara Pryor Shirley Scantland Yvonne Taylor Barbara Wilson Shirley Link Johnna Moore Judy McKone Janis Perry Joyce Quigley Carolyn Smyser Dian Vail Marilyn Wood Caroline Martin Ardis Muus Ingrid Nelson Diane Peterson Jean Riley Dixie Sorensen Marilyn Williams Roberta Woolever DELTA GAMMA Delta Gammas shone in a galaxy of running the gamut from all-house projects to personal honors to campus recognition. DGs won a grueling against the Pi Phis as they fought to a 6-6 tie in the intramurals battle. They did a quick change act as they won a nod from the Male Population at UCLA: Nancy O ' Neal became Senior Attendant of the Homecoming Parade; Georgine Johnson was Frosh Homecoming attendant; Cathy Wine, Sigma Nu White Rose princess; and Carolyn Alker, Junior Prom princess. A moonlight night found the members the SAE ' s for an exciting formal at Los Angeles ' newest and biggest hotel, the beautiful Beverly Hilton. In with their SC chapter, they had the annual Anchor Ball combined with the new Anchor Man Contest. Breakfasting with members and alums was in order at the Founders ' Day celebration, held at the Huntington-Sheraton in DGs making their mark on campus include Joan Slaydon, Nancy Buckley, and Barbara Perkins, Spurs; Sandy Sprague, Chimes and Anchors; Suzie Leonardson, vice president of Mortar Board; Mary Lois Thome, Barby Blaine, Pam Marley, and Nancy Mason, Wings; Carole Strahan and Sara Sue Sutherland, Shell and Oar. Joe Ellen Van Horn, girl race car driver, sped to a second place victory in UCLA ' s Men ' s Week program in the ATO ' s entry. Winifred Alker Sheila Broveleit Isabelle Carlson Karen Allabough Connie Brown Nancy Carlson Barbara Blaine Janice Brown Jollee Chambers Carol Ackerman Suzie Bo usquet Nancy Buckley Patty Clemence Carolyn Alker Ginger Brothers Diane Byron Carol Connell Grand Sweepstakes in the 1955 Spring Sing for their wonderful performance of " Lowlands " . . . How could anything top that? The Delta Delta Deltas were out to make this year even greater. Tri Delts kept busy by raising money for Fall Drive and by stuffing crepe paper for their Homecoming float with the Kappa Sigs. Despite the rush of the Christmas season, the girls found time to attend the pledges ' " card " party and to join the Theta Xis in taking some blind children on a Christmas shopping excursion. Mardi Gras and, of course, Spring Sing were the next big things on the three D ' s calendar. The activity girls were led by Sophomore Veep Marilyn George, who served on Wings with Marlis Rochat and Judy Webb. Sole Anchor girl was Shirley Steele. Spurs included Carolyn Thomas, Anita Freeman, and Nancy Rude. Among the beauties was White Rose Queen Sharon O ' Malley. Climaxing the great year was the traditional Pansy Ring Breakfast. Nancy GoIlos Lura Hall Sallie Hamiel Delores Hatton Janette Hatton Dianne Hitchcock JoAnn Holmquist Lois Kenison Martha Lindgren Kay Martin Dean Mason Fay Michalsky Angie Norwood Ellen Olivieri Sharon O ' Malley Carol Patterson Rita PengiIly Carol Peterson Nancy Porter Marlis Rochat Nancy Rude Karen Savage Virginia Shanks Elaine Sheldrake Lyn Smith Shirley Steele Anne Stewart Glenda Stewart Sally Stewart Patricia Tabor Carolyn Thomas Janet Underwood Toby Unrah Judith Webb Barbara Welzenbach Midge Wilde DELTA PHI EPSILON Arlene Adashek Judy Bilski Roslyn Burdman Arlene Dubrove Lorraine Feingold Marilyn Freid Rita Gelfand Charmaine Goodkin Sylvia Halote Diana Jacobs Elaine Burdman Mary Collins Sue Evans Eleanor Finkel Betty Friedlander Roberta Goldstein Isabelle Goolnick Lois Hirsch Sandra Jacoby LENDING A HAND WITH PLANS AND ACTIVITIES WAS A PLEASANT TASK FOR D PHI E PREXY ROSLYN BURDMAN. D PHI ES MATCHED WITS OVER BRIDGE GAMES TO SHARPEN IMAGINATIONS FOR FABULOUS PARTIES; HERALDING THE FALL SEMESTER WERE THE " NAUTICAL BUT NICE " PARTY AND PLEDGE SOIREE. Barbara Kovacs Dolores Laifman Barbara Levy Helene Markell Myrna Mundel Carol Pruskey Audrey Small Roselyn Spitzer Helen Walder Sandra Kaplan Carol Kovacs Minnette Langfelder Carolyn Lewis Julie Miselman Sandra Perilmuter Sheila Sirkin Judy Sousa Lucille Szego Diane Wasserman Highlighting the year ' s activities for the Delta Phi Epsilons was the awaited installation as an active national chapter. The ceremony, a quiet and sacred affair, was immediately followed by an open house and DPhiEs participated in the annual Hillel Vaud Show and took first place in the Women ' s Division with their hilarious skit. They joined in Mardi Gras and the Purim Carnival, also. A full social season found the members engaged in one party after another, but the two outstanding dates to remember were the fall active party, " Nautical, But Nice, ' ' and the spring soiree, " It Happens Every Spring. " New pledges were feted by a dance held at the beautiful Miramar Hotel, at the top of the Palisades. Members of D Phi E who distinguished themselves in campus activities and organizations: Sandy Perilmuter, president of Alpha Lambda Delta, and Lucille Szego, chairman of ALD. Sally Saffrin was a Sophomore Sweetheart, and to join Omicron Nu, Home Economics National Honorary, was Minnette Langfelder. Roslyn Burdman attended the Delta Phi Epsilon National in Washington, D.C. Members are planning for another successful year. DELTA SIGMA THETAS WERE LOYAL ROOTERS AT ALL SPORTS ACTIVITIES AND HAD AN OUTSTANDING FLOAT DEPICTING PRESIDENT SPROUL ENTERED IN HOMECOMING. PREXY GWEN BROWN, TALENTED MEZZO SOPRANO, SANG IN THE NEW CONCERT SERIES AT SCHOENBERG HALL. DELTA SIGMA THETA Rosetta Black Pat Flowers Barbara Tyson Attella Brown Elizabeth Gipson Eloise Williams Dolores Crisp Jean Thompson Peggy Wooley Delta Sigma Thetas filled the spaces on the calendar last year as house activities reached a peak and members themselves in campus organizations. During they engaged in creating a float depicting President Sproul as " Captain of the ' C ' . " Social events included the annual White Christmas formal, and the Founders ' Day at the beautiful Beverly Hilton Hotel. In the spirit of Valentine ' s Day, a Sweetheart ' s Formal was given. For their national project, the members chose to promote Career Conference, a program designed to encourage high school to attend college. BWOC were Barbara Stevens, Panel of Americans and Stevens ' House prexy; Angela Gilliam, Club Hispanico; Rolene Hamilton, A Capella Choir; Eliza Gipson, Dorm Council; and Gwen Brown, active in International House. HELEN SINGER CAPABLY WIELDS THE PI THETA GAVEL AND STILL HAS TIME TO WORK ON RALLY COMMITTEE. THE PI THETAS WERE QUITE ACTIVE ON CAMPUS THIS PAST YEAR. THEY TOOK PART IN ASUCLA FUNCTIONS AND LENT THEIR SUPPORT TO THE KERCKHOFF CLAN. PI THETA This year UCLA welcomed the addition of a new sorority, Pi Theta. The Pi Thetas have enthusiastically participated in the Mardi Gras and are planning a whirl of activity for the coming year. The big event of the year was the semi-annual formal which was a tremendous success at the Sportsmen ' s Lodge in January. Many Pi Thetas were active on campus with Ann Erlich in Red Cross, Jackie Davis in Phrateres, Gail Hedkin and Rory Pleasant on Rally Committee, Tanya Sander working on the Bruin Staff, and Zena Stanton with the Theater Arts Productions. The future holds success for the Pi Thetas. Lyn Benjamin Judy Braitman Barbara Cohn Jackie Davis Pat Duga Lynda Greenwald Phyllis Kaplan Irene Marcus Joan Pattin Sara Rosoff Debbie Silverman Carol Sims Cynthia Tauber Ann Erlich Helen Handin Toby Kane Sue Marquise Rorry Pleasant Tanya Sander Stephane Sosin Zena Stanton Marcia Weiner Lee Fishback Gail Henkin Joan Kaufman Rachel Mervish Marcia Propper Sharon Schwade Helen Singer Annette Sterlin Leona Wolensky DELTA ZETA DELTA ZETA PRESIDENT JOAN GRIFFITH CLAIMS THAT HER FAVORITE HOBBIES ARE SEWING AND SWIMMING. Delta Zetas proudly boast of their list of honors and awards which were won by both individual members and the house. Last spring, they received the Women ' s Week trophy and in the fall, took the prize for masks and decorations at the Panhellenic Masquerade. DZs honored by being selected for important posts were Nancy Omelianovitch, chairman of and the All-U Weekend as well as Senior Class secretary; April Hathcock, historian for AWS and art chairman for the Junior Prom; Shay Hathcock, chairman for the Sophomore class; Carolyn Hackamack, executive secretary for Panhellenic; Mary Jane Upton, social chairman for Panhellenic; and Carolyn Briggs, chairman of Sunday Suppers at the I-House. DZs sponsor the popular Elections Open House in spring, also the time of their delightful Moonlight Mood formal. Their Mistletoe Magic formal was a proper introduction to Christmas. DZ BERMUDA BELLES START OUT FOR A HEATED GAME OF TENNIS, EXHIBITING THE ENTHUSIASM WHICH HELPED THEM WIN THE INTRAMURAL CHAMPIONSHIP CUP. Lee Allen Jay Bachman Marlene Bachman Judy Barger Beth Bender Sharon Blakely Audrey Bride Caroline Briggs Marcia Bryant Karen Clarkin Dorothea Dakis Diane Ellerbrock Sonja Gaustad Nancy Gimmy Joan Griffith Carolyn Hackamack Bettie Hanstein April Hathcock Shay Hathcock Donna Havens Barbara Hiam Nancy Keating Maureen Knauf Pat Manatt Marilyn Mason Marian Miller Mary McMurray June Oakes Linda O ' Day Dee Ogden Nancy Omelianovitch Barbara Parker Carol Patton Elena Redmond Sue Rowe Lynne Schachner Joy Sellstrom Sally Sutton Elaine Svolos Carol Ann Taylor Anne Trebes Mary Jane Upton Nancy Walter Donna Weitz Diane Wesson Carol Ann White ClaudelI Whitehurst Loretta Wood Marylee Woodard GAMMA PHI BETA GAMMA PHI PREXY ELIZABETH RUSSELL HAD FUN AS TROLL VEEP, ON SAHPER OUTINGS, AND SKI TRIPS. Barbara Baggerly Joan Barrett Joyce Battu Jeanette Bigler Pat Blake Kay Blight Karen Boundy Ann Bradley Shirley Brighton Liz Browning Val Burke Adrianne Clark Dorothy Cloud Carol Cochran Joanna Cressman Janice Delp Bernice Doyle Judy Flint Jane Franks Diana Gilmore Gamma Phi Betas paced through an especially exciting year which gave more to write home about than a meeting of the Ladies ' Aid. projects were sponsoring the premier of the musical hit " Wonderful Town” at the Greek Theater, their annual Crescent Dance held in the Orchid Ball given with the SC chapter in April, and just generally having a good time. Outstanding in campus activities were Adrianne Clark, Chime and Panhellenic president; Val Burke, assistant Homecoming chairman; Mary Ann Russ, Men ' s Week Beard Contest leader; Laurie Jordan, social chairman of the Business Education Association; and Jean most esteemed president of Trolls. Winning merits for their pluchritude were Joni Mulder and Jane Franks, finalists in the Homecoming Queen contest; Missy Griffin, Chi Phi princess; Annie Marsh, attendant at the AFROTC Chandelle; and Barbara Seeley and Ina Claire Sparks, both finalists in the " Belle of UCLA " competitions. GAMMA PHI MEMBERS SEEM HEADED FOR A SHOWDOWN AS A PLEDGE-ENGINEERED " DITCH " IS SQUELCHED BY EVER VIGILANT ACTIVES. WHEN THE SMOKE AND THE FURY CLEARED, PLEDGES WERE BEGGING FOR MERCY. Ruby Gobert Audria Gregg Melissa Griffin Betsy Helm Mary Liz Henderso Peggy Higgins Irene Hull Marcia Johnson Susan Johnson Laurie Jordan Marta Keil Sandra Kutin Jeanne Lancaster Renee Laufer Jeannie Loritz Elaine Manca Annette Marsh Libby Martin Janice Maupin Moore Jean Montague Jean Mulder Glenda Mungerson Pat Pearson Marilyn Percival Merlin Pope Georgie Postalou Ann Rockefeller Mary Ann Russ Betty Russell Barbara Seeley Sue Slocomb Ina Claire Sparks Sue Sonneborn Marie Strickland Carol Teague Ebba Tinglof Louisa Wallace Mary Webster Nola Weiss Eleanor Wilson Marilyn Ashton Marion Athearn Barbara Bart Kathy Brewen Caryl Brox Beverly Bruen Sara Chandler Sylvia Chase Sally Cunningham Karol Elling Sue Fishburn De EIda Fitzgerald Julie Frazier Anita Glyn-Davies Ann Grishaw Carol Grund Judy Hancock Margie Hawkins Sandy Henley Judy Hoffman Christa Holt Terry Hurty Virginia Jackson Nancy Kennedy Lorna Kiech Connie Killgore Karen Koontz KAPPA ALPHA THETA " THERE ' S A MEMORY OF THETA, IT WILL ALWAYS REMAIN " . . . AND SO DO THE MEMORIES OF THAT " SPECIAL” NIGHT, THE SERENADE. ONE THETA SERENADE FEATURED A TOMBSTONE. ENERGETIC THETA PRESIDENT CAROL GRUND SERVED AS THE FALL DRIVE COMMUNITY PROJECT CHAIRMAN. The Kappa Alpha Theta house was overrun with activities a nd activity girls this year. Pat Price ' s trip for " Project India " inspired the trek to KH. Pat joined AWS Prexy Gail Rising on Mortar Board, while Pam Pearson served on Chimes. Gail and Pam were also Student-Faculty Board members. Delegates for the Model UN were Lynne Kiene and Pat Price. Mardi Gras Bowery Show with the Theta Xis, Spring Sing with the Fijis, and a Homecoming float with the Phi Delts set the pace for an year ahead. 736 Hilgard was ablaze with Christmas spirit as the Thetas held an Xmas Open House, won the Christmas stocking drive, and attended the Theta-Fiji formal. A dinner dance in May filled the social whirl. Theta royalty included Homecoming princess Phyllis McMeen, Junior Prom attendant Sandy Powers, and Cinderella " stepsister " Sally Cunningham. Beauties and activities reigned at the Thetas. Donna Lawson Lee Lowery Mary Lynn Marilyn Mann Maureen Moriarty Lynne Murphy Linda Murdock Helen McIntyre Patti McMartin Phyllis McMeen Marilyn McMullin Judy Oliver Mary Olson Nancy Oman Marty O ' Mara Pamela Pearson Barbara Petterson Mary Perkins Sandra Powers Gail Rising Judith Rudolph Lynn Schultz Marion Tams Joan Thompson Sandy Vachon Marie Van Pelt Diane Watson Jan Ashton Nancy Asmus Jean Averre Kay Badgley Mina Balls Robin Baumker Jeanie Blyth Molly Brown Joan Bundy Nancy Burton The KDs did it again this year! It began with the house winning the 1955 Spring Sing Women ' s Division, and the KD quartet taking first place in the Women ' s Quartet Division. The fall semester was full of social events such as the initiation dance at the Sportsmen ' s Lodge, the Club 800 party, a Christmas supper-dance at the Annandale Country Club, and the annual Christmas Open House. Highlighting the spring semester was the White Rose Formal. Between these social events, the girls found time to take part in many campus contests and activities. Song leader Barbara Ellis was a Sigma Nu White Rose Princess and a finalist in the Homecoming Queen and Belle of UCLA contests. Shelby Williams was Theta Xi Cinderella. Kathe Knope served as Associate Editor of Southern Campus while Sue Pittman and Mina Balls in Chimes activities. Thirty-three KDs took part in Anchors, Wings, Shell and Oar, Rally Committee, Trolls, and OCB activities. KAPPA DELTA QUARTET MEMBER, DE KILHAM, LED THE KDS THROUGH A SUCCESSFUL YEAR OF PRIZE-WINNING ACTIVITIES. Carolyn Coulter Sally Clendenin Nancy Cover Virginia Cowen Barbara Ellis Gwen Fowler Jean Goff Shirley Goodwin Roz Gordon Phyllis Gorm an Dixie Gott Virginia Grabou Jan Grey Sally Haselton Jean Herrick Virginia Hirst Pat Johnson Mona Johnson Carol Jones Avis Jorgenson Joyce Keosheyan Vina Keysor Diane Kilham Neta Kleaveland Kathe Knope Linda Levene Elone Lindesmith Bea Lowe Beverly Mattson Gail Maxwell Sue Murphy Sue McMahon Sue Pittman Martha Richmond Barbara Riesner Barbara Scott Carol Stadley Joan Stanton Elinor Stones Beth Sudenga Kathleen Teague Sheila Viotto Anne Whitfield Shelby Williams Pat Wolf " SEE, IT SAYS SO RIGHT HERE. " THE KAPPA DELTAS SPENT MANY HOURS IN YE OLE COOP RELAXING BETWEEN CLASSES AND CATCHING UP ON THE LATEST CAMPUS CHATTER. KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA Kappa Kappa Gammas captured a giant share of campus queen kudos as they won one campus contest after another. Jan Seward was crowned Homecoming Queen and Judy Kendall was chosen Sweetheart of Sigma Chi. Jean Mahoney Delta Sigma Phi Dreamgirl attendant; Ann Artman was attendant to the Sigma Nu White Rose Queen; and Alice Martin was an attendant at the Chandelle. Vivacious Arline Anderson, a Chime, was head song leader, assisted by Veeva Hamblen, a Spur. Heading Greek Week activities was the task of Judy Cooper, while Gloria Rainey jotted notes as AWS secretary and Ann Artman was voted secretary of the freshman class. Ann Sorge acted as secretary for the Swim Show. Activities stilted neither scholarship nor social life as the Kappas won third in pledge scholarships and fourth in all-sorority competition. They held three outstanding affairs, a Kappa Kappa Gamma-Beta Theta Pi winter formal at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel, the annual Kappa Kappa Gamma Fraternity Brunch; and their brunch with the SC chapter. In the three major realms of campus life, Kappas enjoyed an unusual share of good fortune and success, and hope to equal it next year. Gail Abbott Arline Anderson Bonnie Jane Anderson Ann Artman Bobbie Bath Sandra Beebe Linda Bilon Cheron Black Duane Brandenburg Susan Brown Marilyn Buckley Gail Burggraaf Patty Cavins Marty Cleary Joanne Cline Barbara Deringer Dorothy Donath Mary Dunbar Kae Ebert Sue Ebert Donna Frost Georgia Gamer Signe Gissberg Lyssa Goetten Julie Grace Sue Hall Obee Hamblen Veeva Hamblen Pat Hamilton Kathy Hancock Rose Marie Hester Chickie Heyn Shelby Hunsinger Ursula Jamison IMPORTANT DISCLOSURES OFTEN COME AS A RESULT OF KAPPA GABFESTS WHO ' S DATING WHOM, PINNED TO WHOM, OR . . EVEN . . ENGAGED, KKG PREXY JOYCE LARSON ' S TASKS LEFT HER BARELY ENOUGH TIME FOR TROLLS, SWIMMING, AND PAINTING. Judy Kendell Marilyn KudelI Joyce Larson Marcia Laughlin Beverly Mahan Jean Mahoney Alice Martin Barbara Martin Kay Mock Punkie Mueller Martha MacDavid Nancy MacNeill Dolly McManus Lorna McPherson Noel Nottingham Susan Pearson Mary Jane Prior Gloria Rainey Jane Rathman Sue Reynard Barbara Rickert Donna Ruedy Jorgine Sachse Sandra Schmiesing Carole Stelzried " IT ' S PARTY TIME AGAIN. " THE PHI MUS HELD MANY FUNCTIONS IN THEIR RECENTLY REMODELED " HILGARD ABODE " WHICH WAS JUST COMPLETED DURING THE FALL SEMESTER. Cathy Barrere Bette Beck Adrienne Boes Ann Allen Marg Aultman Nancy Baird Mae Borngesser Judy Bromley Flora Cangiano Joan Card Jean Carswell Christine Clements Barbara Cowdrey Carolyn Cravens Lois Croff Roberta Darsey Betsy Davis Anita Deiss Arlene De Renzis Frances Frame Rosemarie Franklin Charlotte Gasser Lilian Green Karla Hale Margie Hall Barbara Hardy June Holaday Patricia Huff Chris Johnson Margie Johnson PHI MU Phi Mus bounced busily from activity to activity with hardly a moment to catch a breath. The ellegant Sno-Ball, held at the Beverly Hills Hotel, the rollicking Homecoming Open House, a Christmas gala given by the pledges, the Zeta Psi Parent ' s Dinner, Chi Phi serenade, and the Kappa Alpha open house were the most outstanding affairs. Proudly, they claimed the trophy for the Most float for the entry they constructed with the Tau Delts for Homecoming. Seen on campus were Grace Morehead, executive secretary for both Homecoming and Board; Marion Troyer, chairman for t he big Homecoming dance; Barby Handy, NSA; Betty Lou Palmer, Senior Class veep; Pat Huff, Aloha Ball co-chairman; Joby Kos, Senior Executive Council; and Chris Johnson, treasurer for Anchors. HELEN SOUTTER, RALLY COMM. MEMBER, LED HER PHI MU SISTERS THRU A VERY SUCCESSFUL YEAR. Jo Ann Kos Joan Lowell Carol Maki Marian McAnally Vicky McLaine Diana Montgomery Grace Morehead Penelope O ' Connell Betty Palmer Pauline Porter Kathy Puckett Cynthia Richards Katie Roche Adrienne Runyon Helen Schade Rosemary Sorge Helen Soutter Sue Sublette Dennice Towne Marlene Weber Judy Zimmer PREXY SANDY RUBENSTEIN EXHIBITED A FLAIR FOR MUSICAL RENDITIONS AND ORIGINAL COMPOSITIONS. Happy and hectic days of Phi Sigma Sigma resulted in records of campus activity, recognition and awards, plus a slew of parties. Concenirated efforts in Fall Drive ' s Ugly Man Contest brought them a giant trophy. They came in second during Women ' s Week. They further themselves by winning the Phi Sigma Sigma National Progress and Efficiency cups. Enlarging their endeavors, they held a for the benefit of the Los Angeles Heart Association. For their own they held formals, pledge parties, and Big Sister - Little Sister affairs. Blazing a path to the doorway of fame were Timmy Sherman, Spurs and Mac Club veep; Val Kay, Spurs and CIC chairman; Robin Kaminar, Shell and Oar, and Red Cross publicity chairman; Dee Winkler, Phi Beta Kappa; and Barbara Gottlieb and Cindy Turtledove, Rally Committee. PHI SIGMA SIGMA Lois Adler Paula Bank Marlene Bernstein Lois Bleier Teri Blumenthal Ruth Brown Eleanor Brunner Lynn Cohen Barbara Copins Marion Cotkin Gloria Engel Rochelle Glesby Elaine Gonor Barbara Gottlieb Lita Kagel Robin Kaminer Valerie Kay Minna Keane Mary Kolnick Sharon Kornbluth Manna Kristan Laurie Lesser Victorious Pi Beta Phis proudly exhibited their many first place trophies for the year ' s most important competitions. Together with the Betas, they copped the cup in the Spring Sing Novelty Division, returning to fame in the fall with the " Most Humorous " float in the Homecoming entries. Men ' s Week turned out to be a woman ' s week at the Pi Phi house with two new laurels to add to their hall of fame. Connie Golladet whipped to a first place in the Soap Box Derby, and Pi Phis brought forth the most dads for the Dads ' Dinner. Among the galaxy of social activities, the Pi Phi Golden Arrow Ball, Delta Ball, Christmas Party, and Fall Initiation Formal at the beautiful Huntington-Sheraton shone as the brightest stars. Outstanding on campus were Joyce Clasen, ASUCLA vice president, and Jo Randall, contracts manager for the Southern Campus. In the limelight were Carolyn St. Louis, Junior Prom princess and Delta Sig princess; Toby Livingston, Homecoming attendant and Delta queen; Diane Heddon and Peggy Wyman, Ball attendants; Pat Houser, Sweetheart of Sigma Chi; and Day, White Rose queen. Success shone bright in the Pi Phis ' eyes. Nedra Jayne Joy Johnson Barbara Jones Marcia Kelley Susan Lilly Jo Liscom Toby Livingston Deana Lougheed Betty Lundeen Carol Luske Peg Manuel Linda Marchetti Suzie Mays Katie Murdoch Ann Nichols Martha McDougal Julie McFarland Nancy MacKinnon Deane Oberste-Lehn Pat Paine Joyce Peeler Carol Pobanz Jo Randall Nancy Reed Joanne Robinson Elana Schreiner Janet Schroeder Barbara Soares Pat Stevens Carolyn St. Louis Sandra Swartzel Jean Van Buren Judy Veenker Mimi Washburn Peggy Wyman Susie Willson SCHOLARLY SDTS BURNED THE PROVERBIAL MIDNIGHT OIL AS THEY RACED TO WIN THE BEST GRADES ON THE ROW, AND A FIVE-YEAR PANHELLENIC AWARD. THEY BOASTED BEAUTY, TOO. SIGMA DELTA TAU Carole Baskin Nadine Bauman Shirley Benedict Barbara Berkson Cha rlene Bernstein Rachelle Beugen Sherrill Block Joy Bowman Corrine Braverman Naomi Cahn Jackie Finer Shirley Gaynor Jane Gilbert Carole Gister Regene Golde Diane Davis Elizabeth Epstein Sheila Goldstein Jeanine Grossman Carol Hurwitz Harlean Kegel Eleanor Keller Bobbie Kern Lois Kram Renee Krantz Elaine Leemon Barbara Lederman Stephanie Libson Sigma Delta Taus, led by Lillian Tobey, had a fun-filled and semester comprised of campus, social, and sorority activities. They won many awards including a second place in the ' 55 Spring Sing Novelty Division, honorable mention in Homecoming, Sweepstakes Award for both the Vaud Show and Hi Jinks, and the Youth Award from the United Jewish Appeal. Outstanding in the academic sphere, they received the Los Angeles Panhellenic Award for having the highest five-year grade average. They achieved first place among the sororities for scholarship again this year. In the social realm they tossed the Heidelberg Hop as well as the elegant Torch Light Ball at the luxurious Beverly Hilton Hotel. On campus were Steffi Libson, finalist in the Belle of UCLA and Model Josie chairman, and Barb Davis, Scabbard and Blade Princess. Both Charlene Bernstein and Lillian Tobey were Trolls. Maxine Linsk Freddi Loewenberg Nancy Maling Natalie Marcus Roberta Mark Ellen Neishuler Sheila Padveen Elaine Ostro Joanne Phillips Arlyn Rosenick Judy Rosenberg Bunny Rosmarin Inez Roston Marjorie Rothstein Annette Rudolph Doris Schaffer Barbara Sawyer Dotte Tenner Barbara Topper Joan Turk Maxine Weisstin Sandy Wilshin Alyn Wolff Bunny Yanoff Marcia Zeff LILLIAN TOBEY, LOYAL TROLL, TEMPERED JUSTICE WITH MERCY AS SHE LED HER SISTERS THIS SEASON. SIGMA KAPPA PRESIDENT BEVERLY TAYLOR TOOK PART IN WINGS AND TROLLS ACTIVITIES AS WELL AS HOUSE FUNCTIONS. Doris Abernathy Dixie Anderson Janice Antram Carla Bartolucci Grace Belcher Beth Blackie Shirley Bohlen Judy Budinger Joan Buie The Sigma Kappas have had another year of fun and frolic. The Violet Ball, the Founders ' Day dinner, a Beaux party, and the festive Christmas party were only a few of the past year ' s memorable events. The Sigma Kappas joined forces with the Phi Kappa Taus for the Homecoming float which was a Bruin Bear on water skis. Honors were not lacking in the Sigma Kay house with Joann Major winning the AWS Scholarship Award. Risha Malotke was vice president of the YWCA while Marilyn Taylor served as Panhellenic treasurer. Barbara Olson, Joan Cougler, and Beverly Taylor were Wings. In the Home Ec Club the Sigma Kays held a monopoly of honors with Nancy Worthington, president; Jan Antham, secretary; Shari Tredway, and Joann M ajor, social chairman. " DO, RE, MI, FA, SOL . . . " THE SIGMA KAPPAS OFTEN GOT TOGETHER TO SING AFTER DINNER. THIS WAS ESPECIALLY TRUE DURING THOSE LONG SPRING SING REHEARSALS. Nancy Caldwell Joan Cougler Rita Dugan Sue Faulkner Carol Friend Janet Frederick Carol Jane Higley Florence Holden Dixie Jenkins Joyce Jones Dorlyn Kehl Mary Kellogg Joan Kirkby Dee Lambert Sue Leet Lydia Lendl Bev Mack Joann Major Risha Malotke Janet Meyer Joy McClasson Ann McKenzie Nancy Norberg Barbara Olson Diane Parker Shirley Plemon Ann Pope Annette Rawlings Virginia Rector Elia Servin Miguelina Servin Janet Snowberger Joyce Sorensen Beverly Taylor Marilyn Taylor Sharon Treadway Janet Trunick Nancy Vasey Joan Walker Mary Waring Marilyn Werner Darlyn Whitmore Betty Woiwood Nancy Worthington Nancy Zehnpfennig LOOKING BACK OVER THE YEAR ' S EVENTS . . . ALL-U WEEKEND, BOISTEROUS PARTIES . . . ZTAS RELISH MEMORIES OF THE FUN THEY HAD BUILDING THEIR PRIZEWINNING FLOAT. ZETA TAU ALPHA Loretta Anderson Sally Barrett Nancy Berkau Barbara Boozer Judy Bruhl Joy Burkhart Laney Carter Marilyn Cartwright Juanita Coleman Judy Field Sally Greeness Jeanette Greenewald Martha Gruver Dee Hawkins Sandra Hawkins Sunny Hilger Marilyn Holmes Joan Johnson Mary Kingsley Donna Kirk Louise Kraabel Susan Lacey Grace Lusby Marilyn Mathers Zeta Tau Alphas revelled in the record of their successful year. They themselves in campus activities and between the treks to Kerckhoff they sandwiched in sparkling get-togethers. Brightest stars in the party-time were the Initiation Dance, the Pledge Party, White Violet Ball, the Christmas Tree-trimming Party, Spring Formal, serenades and exchanges. ZTAs on campus were Lanie Carter, Sue Lacey, Elaine Solomon, Jean Stalker, and Carole Ann Taylor, who were Spurs. Donna Kirk, Diane Raymond, and Beverly Swickard were Wings. Juanita Coleman, Wanda Millrany, Laurie Quanstrom, and Maggi Striefert were claimed by Shell and Oar. Judith Bruhl was an Anchor and Charlene Parmely a Troll. Sandy Hawkins was on Homecoming executive board with Carolyn Rodgers who was also on Spring Sing exec board. ZTAs look forward to future successes. CAROLYN RODGERS LED ZTAS THROUGH AN ACTIVITY STUDDED SEASON WHICH BROUGHT THEM DISTINCTION. Ann McFarlane Wanda MilIrany Faith Mosher Shirley Nichols Charlene Parmley Carol Paulson Susan Peacock Maureen Peterson Laurie Quanstom Diana Raymond Ann Rikof Carolyn Rogers Roselyn Rowland Shirley Sellers Bev Shadford Patricia Siegel Martha Snowden Elaine Solomon Jean Stalke Margret Strifert Beverly Swickard Marilyn Tomlinson Jeri Turner Carol Taylor Jean Warwick Jeanette Wichmer Barbara Wilkening THETA UPSILON PRESIDENT DIANE GREANEY WAS ACTIVE IN THE HOME EC. CLUB AND A MEMBER OF SENIOR CLASS COUNCIL. THETA UPSILONS SCAN A SCRAPBOOK FILLED WITH PLEASANT MEMORIES, POINTING OUT PICTURES FROM THEIR CHRISTMAS FORMAL, LUAU, IRIS BALL, AND FOUNDERS ' DAY. Virginia Anderson Joyce Dunn Sandra Fitz Phyliss Gaylard Barbara Golden Diane Greaney Kay Hunsicker Mary Ann Lee Mary Lou Longstreet Weslie McKay Marian Nielson Judith Parker Jacqueline Peters Barbara Phillippi Mary Rodda Carmen Sangerman Sandra Spencer Nancy Towle Lorene Van Ark Ann Yingling Kay Younger Theta Upsilons completed an active year comprised of participation in campus and their own busy social Mary Ann Lee was a member of Shell and Oar. Diane Greaney, whose interests are concentrated in the field of home economics, belonged to the Home Ec Club and was also on the Senior Class Council. Members won first place in their league during the volleyball intramurals. To round out the activities, there were the Christmas Formal, Luau, Iris Ball, Day Luncheon, and the " Dress as a Record " dance given by the pledge class. WOMEN ' S INTRAMURALS Under the leadership of Bev McAloney, Women ' s rolled to the end of another successful year of athletic competition between sorority and independent teams. Volleyball, tennis and were programmed in the fall semester, while the spring semester scheduled basketball, a swim meet and badminton. Other events on the calendar were a convention at Asilomar and a California inter-collegiate playday hel d at Oxy. BASKETBALL WAS ONLY ONE OF THE MANY SPORTS SLATED ON THE WOMEN ' S INTRAMURAL PROGRAM DURING THE PAST YEAR. COMMITTEE MEMBERS INCLUDED (L TO R) MISS JOAN MARTIN, JOY SELLSTROM, JEANNE FRAUEN, JEAN MONTAGUE, ADRIENNE KRAUSE, PREXY BEV MCALONEY, MARGE LODER, MARTY ORNER, AND LIZ ELSTUN. fraternities INTER-FRATERNITY COUNCIL IFC PREXY RAY PASCHKE FOUGHT FOR, AND PRESERVED RIGHTFUL SOVEREIGNITY OF THE FRATERNITY SYSTEM. SITTING ON THE IFC EXECUTIVE BOARD WERE (L TO R) CHARLIE DECKER, DICK BARDIN, MONTE MILLER, CECIL SEXSMITH, RON KATZ, DON PARSONS. UCLA ' s Interfraternity Council set the standard for many other IFC ' s across the nation with its variety of service projects to the individual fraternity, as well as the University, and the community. Essentially a coordinating body for the 37 fraternities at UCLA, IFC promoted scholarship, offered financial service, and also coordinated pledging and rushing. IFC continued to provide a scholarship as well as housing for a foreign student. Biggest project was Greek week. Activities included exchange dinners, Greek meets, community project and the ' ' Egad Iliad,” held at the Ambassador. Ron Pengilly was voted the “Fraternity Man of the Year.” Dick Bardin ΔTΔ Jared Carter Norm Dolin TΔΦ Pete Harrison ZΨ Harvey Lenkin Don Parsons KΣ Mike Roberto ΔX Len Stein ΦΣA Roger Bell Roger Comerford ΦΓΔ Dick Doss ΦΔΘ Carl Heyn AΣΦ Carl Lowthrop Ray Paschke Don Roberts XΦ Al Swimmer Θ≡ Joe Blatchford ΦΚΨ Bob Contino Russ Ellis KAΨ Harvey Homel KN Monte Miller Ed Peck ATΩ Cecil Sexsmith Sam Thomsen ACACIA Dick Borun ΠΛΦ Cal Darrow ZBT Dave Gorton ΔΣΦ Bruce Kober AΓΩ Don Nassir ATΩ George Poulos ΣΠ Bernie Shearer AEΠ Ron Trevethick BΘΠ ACACIA PREXY SAM THOMSEN SPENT MANY HOURS AT UNI-CAMP POLISHING THE " ACACIA " ON THE BIFFY. Ron Annis Phil Benson Dave Bullock Harold Davis George Fogle Roger Gregg Art Askins Marshall Bitgood Bill Burge Dick Dillen Walt Gabrielson Jerry Holm Don Atherton Don Brock Don Crum Jim Edwards Ron Garton William Hughes ACACIA THOUGH THE ACACIANS CAN HARDLY WAIT FOR SUMMER, WITH THOSE LAZY DAYS AT THE BEACH, THEY RUSH BACK TO THE HOUSE IN THE FALL, ANXIOUS TO BEGIN THEIR RUSHING PROGRAM. Ron lehI Dale Larson Robbin Leigh Erny Lunning Dick Moore Don McNamara George Jones Bob Leigh Reiner Lipperheide Jim Maxwell Roger Morrison Bob Neuman Art Justice Richard Leigh John Lundstrom Bill Milburn Jerry McCool Robert Paddleford George Porter Don Stewart Bill Ullmark Bill Ravenscroft Norman Stewart Eric Von Underwood Ill Earl Rose John Thomsen John Weaver Allan Seward Sam Thomsen William Well Bill Sproul Dave Timmerman Lee Willard Polishing trophies was an old tradition renewed again this year by the Acacian pledges. President Sam Thompson spent most of his time at Uni-Camp, polishing the " Acacia " upon the Counsellor ' s biffy door. Prominent on SLC and Gold Key was Don Atherton, Men ' s Rep; Phil Benson, with the help of Walt Gabrielson, aided new freshmen students as members of the Orientation Executive Committee. Bill Hughes and Lowell Bernard participated on Rally Committee. John George, Norm Stewart, Larry Connell, and Don Brock spent their time in the Kelps trying to ascertain if Budweiser makes for school spirit. Parties, open houses, serenades, pledge ditches, and exchanges kept the house fairly busy. Joe Michels took a trip to the Far East with the Project India team, while the pledges managed a lively sojourn to Mount Wilson. The boys somehow recovered from their formal bash at Palm Springs, which ended the year. PREXY BERNIE SHEARER MET THE PROBLEM OF HAVING AN OPEN HOUSE AND KEEPING THE A E PI HOUSE NEW. " ARE YOU INTERESTED IN STUDENT ACTIVITIES OR ATHLETICS? WHAT HIGH SCHOOL . . . " A E PIS RUSH. ALPHA EPSILON PI After a hectic first year in their new house, the Alpha Epsilon Pis continued with a myriad of campus, social and house activities. This year began with the winning of a trophy in the Homecoming parade. From then on it was just a matter of parties, banquets, and minor forms of nuclear blasts; The Drunkard Party, the Monte Carlo Night, and their best Winter and Spring bib and tucker affairs in years. Sandwiched in between these social activities, they hosted light-hearted throngs who went to the annual pre-SC game Open House, featuring Howard Rumsey and the Lighthouse All Stars. Some of the more active members on campus were Les Hurwitz, N.S.A.; and Bert Shapiro, Sophomore treasurer; Al Meister, campus politico; and one Sanford (Sandnose) Shaffel, a boomer in sundry activities. Despite all of these diversions the Alpha Epsilon Pis again were first in scholarship. Allan Albala Bob Berton Gary Boren Sanford Duroff Fred Fern Erwin Goldbloom John Antignas Donald Blohm Howard Brager Dave Efron Ken Gale Al Golden Jerry Berger Ed Bold David Coblentz Phil Efron Fred Gallenberg Henry Goldman Allen Harris Harry Heitzer Dave Hopp Steve Jacobson Bob Keys Tom Lane Theodore Leaf Syd Lehman Norman Levy Ed Lipnick Brian Lodge Ed Marshall Al Meister Barry Miller Leonard Roth Sandy Schaffell Elliot Schwartz Roy Siegel Burton Meyers Ned Moore Ben Rubin Dave Schmerin Bert Shapiro Louis Towne Fred Rose Dick Schacter Jerry Scholer Bill Shapi ro Ron Ziff Alpha Sigma Phi, with Carl Heyn at the helm, steered ahead to a full fall term. Don Champlin, head of the special events for Homecoming and Jim Olsen on Junior Council led the ranks of brothers in the campus activities. The Christmas Party for the boys from the McKinley Home was a big success and will become an annual event. The pledges brought Paris into Westwood with the " Coup de Grace " party, said by many to be the best thing since Denise Darcel. A bus, chartered for the Alpha Sigs and dates, made the trip to the coliseum and returned to a " Victory over SC " celebration at the house. With finals coming due, the brothers set to studying and conserving energy for the spring term and Sorrento ' s sandy shores. ALPHA SIGMA PHI DESPITE A PLEDGE-ENGINEERED KIDNAPPING, PREXY CARL HEYN MAINTAINED ALPHA SIGMA PHI SANITY. ALPHA SIG PLEDGES GET SET FOR THEIR " COUP DE GRACE. " BEFORE THE STORM " FINDS EACH LAD AN EXPERT IN HIS OWN FIELD. ALL PUNCH BOWLS HAD DIVING BOARDS. Don Addington Carl Heyn Dolph McCranie John Barnes Warren Holthaus Jim Olsen Wayne Brady John Horger Paul Russell Lloyd Campbell Gary Jordan Charles Searls John Deutsch Bill Koughan Champe Slaten Russell Elgin Gus Krauth Gary Smith George Enoch Frank Meyer Peter Valentini Don Gosnell Don Michel Charles Wickstrom Ray Heyes Art Morris Bob Wise ATO PREXY ED PECK WAS MORE THAN BUSY AS ALL-U REP, CO-CHRM. OF PROJECT INDIA, AND PHI PHI. Alpha Tau Omegas, having weathered the annual Old Heidelburg, stormed through the social season with the Palm Springs Weekend and a round of assorted affairs, assisted by a win of the Alpha Chi team over Kappas in the third Beer Bowl. The A T O quartet appeared here and there on the campus after their debut at the Hollywood Bowl. They did well on the athletic field too. A Kelp and Cal Clubber, Bob Johanessen, served as UCLA ' s Head Yell Leader and did a stretch in the Spurs. Ed Peck, who was also in Cal Club, was All U Rep. and House President. of Project India was another one of Ed ' s jobs. Alpha Taus supported Sregs, Kelps, and one Bill McEwan went to classes. ALPHA TAU OMEGA Dick Andreini Jim Arthur Bob Ashman Don Bailey Bill Butland Jack Butler Jim Carlson Keith Coplen Ron Crowley Ray Dakin Roy Davis Tony Donato Owen Duffy Harry Gardner Tom Gerbing Dave Graeme Bob Hanson Bill Hardy John Hayes Mike Hayes Dick Henry Jerry Hight Dave Hill Mark Hodson Al Magyari Bill McEwen George Oliver Jack Perry George Stone Art Ward Walt Menetrey Ed Najera Gene Paulson Neal Preater Steve Strother Bill Wells Bud Miller Don Nassir Ted Paulson Steve Sanders Lynn Vine Ken Wener Bill Moye Frank Nichols Ed Peck Gene Shanks Phil Walling Russ Westman Don Holmes Bob Jones Chuck La Franchi Marven Howard Bob Keen Tom Long Bob Johannesen Dick Kostrenich Andy Lucich PADDLE-MAKING IS AN OLD, HONORED, AND TIME-CONSUMING ART, DATING BACK INTO EARLY HISTORY (1930). ATO PLEDGES HAVE A CERTAIN WARM FEELING TOWARD THEIR PADDLES. BETA THETA PI Pete Abbott Steve Alker Gene Blackmun Don Bollard Al Brownell Charles Burkett Jim Cassin Charles Clark John Considine RON TREVITHICK LED THE " PINK AND BLUE " BOYS AS THE THETA, OR RATHER, BETA THETA PI PRESIDENT. Beta Theta Pi had a banner year in social activities, sports, and scholarship. Ron Trevithick led the house during the fall months and the old man, Mason Kight, took the reins during the Spring, dividing his time between Spring Sing, Uni-Camp, and the middle aged college girls. The Betas joined the Pi Phis in winning the Novelty Division of the Spring Sing, Mrs. Kenyon ' s boys were cut short in intra-murals when a pledge threw a Band-Aid on the field while the clock was still in motion. Ron Wallace, Ken Kennedy, Bob Archer, and Roland Underhill played their share on the Frosh Basketball team. Bill Leeka and Don Long played frosh football. THOSE MIDNIGHT SNACKS AT THE BETA HOUSE ARE EXTREMELY INFORMAL AFFAIRS. " FILLET OF FILLY " PLUS A MAGNUM OR TWO OF CHAMPAGNE (1956) HELPS TO SOOTHE THOSE UNPLEASANT, NEURALGIC TUMMY PAINS. Tom Cunningham Dick Fugett Hugh Houseman Bill Leeka Mike O ' Connell John Pierovich Paul Renfree Ken Shelton Ron Von Hagen Dick Webb Gary Davidson John Fulton Ken Kennedy Don Long Jim Pauley Bob Plunkett Don Robinson Malcolm Smith Ron Wallace Dick Wheaton Lowell De Mers Mike Green Mason Kight Randy Noonan Bob Perkins Bill Pratt Jim Ryan Ron Trevithick Dick Wallen Dick Willing Ron Duba George Holland John Knotek John Norfleet Jim Peters Dean Reddick Jim Scott Roland Underhill John Warren Herb Young CHI PHI Don Roberts and Gerry Penner both served as president of the Chi Phis during the past year, keeping an eye on their cave men who managed to rip through another bang-up year. Homecoming brought first place in Men ' s Division. Three lovely damsels rode atop the Cad Eldorado that had been borrowed from Abbey Rents. The Christmas cocktail party, the New Year ' s party and the Fests Romane, several fine exchanges, and Hi Fi parties rounded out the social whirl. Gerry Penner played in the Rose Bowl. Walt Doucett was in Scabbard and Blade; Lee Burns, A K Psi. BIG CHIEF OF THE CHI PHI CAVE MEN, DON ROBERTS SUPERVISED THE BUILDING OF THEIR WINNING FLOAT. George Armenta Dick Lamoureux Jim Barnes Bill Lawrence Bernie Bernacchi Ken Lucas Ted Borock Gerald Penner Walter Doucett James Pine John Drott Don Roberts Dick Ewing Richard Ryder Charles Flickinger Mike Stoddard Don Killen Roc Walley Bill Woodruff HOUSEMOTHERS ARE WONDERFUL, AREN ' T THEY? A BREAK IN STUDIES SEEMS TO SPARK THAT OLD FEELING OF FRATERNALISM AT THE CHI PHI HOUSE. BUT CAN SHE COOK? Robert Amstadter Al Lopez Dave Anderson Lincoln Odell Fred Benhard Don Richards David Bradley Larry Rizzo George Bunatta Mike Robert o Leonard Davenport Ron Roth Gene Geitgey Emmett Smith Donald Hoskin Pierre Vacho Jim Killockey AI Wettstein The Mosque-on-McClellan was alive with activity again in 1956 as the Delta Chis again sent out their umbrella-carrying statesmen, bringing once more peace on earth. During the autumn farce, Il Duce Roberto led his legions on a white whale Homecoming float down Via Westwood. On the home front, romance was on the with numerous pinnings and a few promises. Many revelries were held, one was, the White Carnation Winter Formal at the Bel Air Hotel in " St oned Canyon.” The Mardi Gras Booth was a great success with the cooperation of all Delta Chis. DELTA CHI IL DUCE ANGELO ROBERTO STOOD IN THE DELTA CHI PREXY ' S SHOES. AND LED A TAIL OF A WHITE WHALE. CLIMBING JANSS STEPS MAKES THE YOUNG FEEL OLD AND THE OLD FEEL ANCIENT. IT’S BACK TO " THE MOSQUE ON MCCLELLAN” AND CHOW TIME FOR THE HUNGRY DELTA CHIS. DELTA SIGMA PHI " LANDFAIR HILL MOB " PREXY AND LOWER DIVISION REP DAVE GORTON WAS WELL SUITED TO HIS JOBS. Like the ancient pyramids of Egypt, the Sons of Sphinx continue to thrive on the sands of time. Delta Sigma Phis began the year with a series of affairs, from an exquisite formal at the Bel Air Hotel to such raucous parties as a " Greek Grab, " the " Landfair Hill Mob, " and the annual Sailors Ball. Kerckhoff tower claimed DSPs Bob Bittner, Senior Class president; Bill Ketteringham, NSA representative; and Stan Hughes, Rally Comm vice-chairman. Dave Groot headed Kelps, and Jim Brown won All-American honors for his performance as guard on the Bruin team. The prominent exploits of the year included the winning of the Homecoming Sweepstakes trophy for the fifth time in the past six years, and the copping of a Uni-Camp trophy. With the sweet, came the bitter. The boys had stage fright in the Spring Sing, but they mustered up enough courage to drink to future success for Delta Sigma Phi. Don Andrews Bruce Ballard Bob Barrow Bob Bittner Sam Boghosian Paul Bonnet Eugene Borne Rod Bown Jim Brown John Burmeister John Carmack Dan Chiles Russ Clark Marshall Cox Jim Cross Jim Decker Mike Ensch Bill Epler TROPHY-HUNTING IS ONE OF THE MAIN PASTIMES AROUND FRATERNITY ROW. THE DELTA SIGS ARE RIGHT IN THERE WITH THE 32 OTHER COMPETITORS, AND SEEM TO BE DOING QUITE WELL. Earl Fordham Donovan Garrett Mike Gomez Dave Gorton Francis Hellstein Ben Holmes Stan Hughes Bob Lewis Richard Murray Bob Nash Stan Norsworthy John Odabashian Norm Ollestad Roger Orman Dick Ratkovic Ted Rokos Rod Rumble Dick Stuman Phil Terry Doug Theis Bruce Tomkinson Jim Wallace John Walton Ron Wood Avoiding the three pitfalls of marriage, study, and the draft, Delta Tau Delta managed to struggle through the social whirl and still remain in school. Exchanges and hob-nobbing with the various powers on Hilgard were but a few of the many activities. Once again the fabulous Barbary Coast was allowed this year, but for a change it wasn ' t even raided. Athletically, Roger White was featured on the Bruin varsity football squad, and Bob Hunt continued breaking records in the two mile track event. Scholastically the house soared through a rigid study schedule which paid dividends by the fact that some of the Brothers even came off probation. Painting the SAE lion was limited to three nights a week, thus allowing the other houses on the row an equal chance. Walter Alves Ken Bushnell Jim DeMille Leroy Farrar Dick Bardin John Calhoun Walt Drane Dave F olz Bill Brown Ron Calhoun Don Duncan Brandy Glenn Tony Brown Pat Delaney Paul Enochs Dave Grove DELTA TAU DELTA DELT PRESIDENT DICK BARDIN EXPECTED BIG THINGS FROM THE HOUSE, NAMELY HIS FREE ROOM AND BOARD. Floyd Hamilton Bruce Hulbert Claude Johnstone Jim Le Cuyer Leonard Mendelson Tom Nelson Gordon Scott Bob Sproul Morton Toole John Welker Bob Hedenberg Dick Hulett Jack King Bud Lee Bob Mendez Dave Owen Dick Simpson Dick Sproul Boyd Van Ness Bob Wells Lee Hess Bob Hunt Bill Lane Dave Lindsley Jim Montgomery Ten Robinson Bob Spencer Robert Stickney Noel Veden Wayne Werling Don Hicks Keith Hunt Bob Latin Harry Lund Ed Nelson Bruce Scott Louis Spencer Charles Thomas Don Warden Roger White IT ' S TIME FOR THE EXECUTIVE COUNCIL MEETING AT THE DELT HOUSE. BOOSTED WITH BOTH THE FRATERNAL DRIVE, AND LIQUID SUPPORT, THE FELLOWS PLAN A FORTHCOMING PARTY. UPHOLDING THE SPIRIT OF TRUE BROTHERHOOD WAS CAPABLE BETA SIGMA TAU PRESIDENT ED KANDEL. BETA SIGMA TAU Ron Abraham Milton Kagan Jim Severance Paul Frizler Ed Kandel Bruce Smith Hajime Hamaguchi Al Mass George Vissio " U R C MEETING AT 7:30; C C U N MEETING AT 4:00 " ; BETA SIGMA TAUS CARRIED BROTHERHOOD INTO CAMPUS ACTIVITIES. With Ed Kandel as their capable prexy, the Beta Sigma Taus once again prided themselves on being an intercultural and interracial social fraternity, based on the spirit of true brotherhood. The trek to Ormsby Village, an intercultural youth camp in Topanga Canyon, was a workday enjoyed by all. The boys of the Brentwood manor were high in scholarship, but they also found time for parties like the " Flunk-Out. " BELIEVE IT OR NOT, THE LIBRARY IS NOT AS DIFFICULT TO FIND AS ONE MAY THINK. THE GUYS AT KAPPA NU GET TOGETHER FOR A LITTLE SEMINAR WORK. KAPPA NU PRESIDENT HARVEY HOMEL OFTEN DESERTED HIS POST TO JOIN THE RANKS OF THE BRUIN BAND. KAPPA NU The year 1955 found the Kappa Nus out to make their fourth year on campus the greatest in history. Highlights of the social slate included the Nu Year ' s Eve party and the pledge class Chinese whingding. Saluting the 45th anniversary of their national, UCLA ' s Kappa Nus planned several big affairs and wound up with a gala Founders ' Celebration in November. The Kappa Nus will move into a new home in September, 1957. Arnold Babbin Jerry Bloch Irwin Hirchhorn Leland Baum Dave Carlberg Harvey Homel Morry Better Walt Fierberg Mike Jacobs George Lauer Joe Merdler Arnold Ogren Jerry Schumacher Mort Schwartz Dick Teller Jerry Wollman Lester Leibson Leonard Naiman Les Pinchuk Avrum Schwartz Hanon Sinay Al Weiner Walt Zifkin The Kappa Sigmas, under the strong of Lt. Col. Don Parsons, T. A., P. M. and other illustrious titles, went on in haphazard directions during the fall semester. The “Big Red Machine, " or better known, " Cinderella " team, did well in " flag grab, " but the outstanding success was the All-U Championship in volleyball. The parties were small and informal due to the excellent planning of " calipso " Gail and the desires of Jefferson to keep the physical plant in top condition after the summer process. Phi Phi members, Mosk Farnsworth, Tinsely, Ackers, Mirula, and Jones, almost absconded with the refreshments at the Santa Barbara blast, but all was saved by " Nonaggins. " KAPPA SIG PREXY DON PARSONS RETURNED FROM THE BIG WAR TO BOLSTER HOPES FOR A MEDIOCRE YEAR. Ted Aas Dick Cramer Hank Aguilar Sandy Davidson Don Carleson Chuck Degele Lee Carnahan Dick Dixon Jerry Carpenter Jerry Dodd John Cheney Tom Drake Stan Christopher Jack Ferguson KAPPA SIGMA THE KAPPA SIG " SUNDAY SCHOOL GROUP " TAKES OFF FOR THE STANFORD FOOTBALL GAME. OR WAS IT THEIR FORMAL? IT WAS A DANDY LOST WEEKEND FOR ALL THE ELBOW BENDERS. Norm Miller Jon Nickerson Don Sundeen Quent Van Camp Lou Miraula Dave Nielsen Roy Tinker Fred Walker Ted Mirkon Don Parsons Don Tinsley Phil Waterman Dave MacDonald John Price Jack Tomlinson Ray Waters Gary MacDougal Brick Rasmussen Dean Trier Ron White Ken McKenzie Gabby Reynolds Bob TurriII Chuck Williams Ernie Nave Rene Soriano Jim Urmston Bob Young Mike Flynn Bob Good Carl Hartig Sid Jones Russ Krohn Dick Love Don Gail Jim Halverson Jim Jefferson Rod Kistinger Don Lippincott Dean Maurry LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Haig Bazoian Jim Bright Bob Costarella Eric EnelI Larry Gill Gene Klienbauer Al Milner Jack Senik John Stearns David Verity Stan Benson Walker Bush Herb DeLey Neil Evans Al Harlow John Knapp Dick Ramella George Shenas Davis Taylor Jerry Walsh Russ Bogda Jared Carter Dave Dykstra John Ford Ray Johnson Larry Lanza Ralph Sariego John Sherman Brooks Triedler Dave Warren Russel Brawlen Ted Chavennes Don Emmerick Dick Foster Dave Kemper Tom Lewisky Bob Schulenberg Carl Smith Joel Uranga Harry Woolpert LAMBDA CHI PREXY JARED CARTER SPARKED A YEAR FEATURING GAY PARISIENNE AND ALCATRAZ PARTIES. Modestly described as the " Biggest Open House in UCLA history, " the post SC game victory blast hosted by the Lambda Chi Alphas, climaxed the rally held from noon ' till exhaustion. When the house was replaced again on its foundations, the fellows took off for intra-mural country, coming up with winning teams. Uni-Camp, Homecoming, Spring Sing, community service, and Crescent Formal were but a few of the activities. Campus landscape was revolutionized by the appearance of a plaid, red, white, and blue piano on election walk, where brother George Shenas won the election for AMS Prexy. A VICTORY ON THE ATHLETIC FIELD MEANS A LOT TO THE LAMB DA CHIS, WHETHER IT BE SETTING THE DEAN ' S HOUSE AFIRE, TAR AND FEATHERING LITTLE OLD LADIES, OR JUST A LITTLE BEER BUST. PHI DELTA THETA PHI DELTS PREPARE THEIR DEFENSE AGAINST THE ONSLAUGHT OF SORORITY ROW AFTER THE INFAMOUS DAILY BRUIN REPORT BY BROTHER RENE MILLER. Jack Arnold Barry BiIIington Jim Beardsley Jim Brannan Bill Bendix Steve Brixey Gordon Bermant Tony Brubaker PHI DELTA THETA PRESIDENT DICK DOSS INSTIGATED AND ADDED A FEW MILESTONES TO PHI DELT HISTORY. Ted Butler John Coombs Bob Dealey Dave Dirckx Hudson Drake Jack Engel Tom Greene Don Hughes Duncan Johnson Buddy Knapp Bill Coats John Cooper Cliff De Ford Dick Doss Dave Drum Don Ferguson Tom Hinrichs John Jackson Chuck Keely Steve Lanzit John Cochrane Jack Dailey Don Dewey Don Doty Pete DuBois Mike Flood Rich Holman Stan Jewell Ralph Kenney Norm Lechlitner Firing through a rapid, function-filled pair of semesters, the Phi Delta Thetas snagged a host of laurels, boosted at the start with a 100% pledge class initiation. Various sportsters found their names sprinkled throughout the headlines; namely AAU Champ Barry Billington on the wrestling mats, Bob Davenport as an All-American fullback on the gridiron, Jack Arnold in basketball and Dave Drum in water polo and swimming. Don Vick and Don Molloy are both Olympic hopefuls in track and field events. On campus the Phi Delts were ably represented by John Jackson, treasurer of the Junior Class, and icy-penned DB reporter, Rene Miller. Monsieur Miller ' s " Cattle Crossing” is a bruin landmark. To top the social end were a " pleasant " weekend at Stanford, Club 535 party, water-fights and end-of-the-semester " Pigwallow party. " They won the national excellence award and Sportsmanship trophy. Don Leidig John Martin Don Molloy Phil Parslow Fred Pobanz Bob Rooney Cliff Saunders Dick Skaer Floyd Sternberg Don Vick Larry Marshall John McCabe Brewster Morgan Lou Parsons Ned Redding Jim Roth Fred Shean Mike Smith Bob Thompson Don Watkins Bill Marston Rene Miller Bill Nesbaum Bob Pawlo Tony Rexrode Rocky Phil Shipp Bud Sprague Everett Trout Bill Young PHI GAMMA DELTA SITTING ON THE FIJI THRONE WAS LEAN, ROGER COMERFORD, WHO FOUGHT AGAINST EVIL. Max Allen Glen Almquist Robert Alutin Bob Billingsley Jim Carter Roger Comerford Roy Doumani Don Allison Dick Alutin Ted Banks Dick Calder Mike Clancy Kevin Connolly John Flynn SHADES OF POGO! WHUFFO IS ALL DEM FIJIS DOIN ' SITTIN ' ON DA FLO? BETCHA IT ' S TIME FO DA NIGHTLY SEMINAR. IT ' S AN IMPROVEMENT OVER THE KINSEY REPORT. The great-hearted Phi Gamma Deltas dealt a mighty blow for universal tolerance by taking seventeen women pledges. Bigoted forces within the Administration blocked the move, but the boys have sworn again to continue their grim fight against any evil wherever it may be. With the house in the hands of the conservative wing, steps were taken to make any social pro a thing of the past. Teddy Paulson was walled up in the cellar, and Don Regan was given to the Thetas. Many soirees took place during the nine month ordeal, including the " Roman Orgy,” of the Border, " and " Roadhouse, " which featured a genuine gangland murder. Time out was called on the seven year bridge game in the living room and the brothers went on to steal intramural parking honors from the vets. A good time was had by all! Bob Pengilly Bill Richards Jim Steffen Tom Vandervoort Ron Pengilly Bob Rieden Duke Stermer Pete Vanlaw Penn Post Bob Rohrbaugh Gordon Sutton Ken Vendley Jack Read Harry Ryan Stan Swartz Walt Vendley Richard Read Jim Smith Gary Thomas Ron Waters Don Regan Richard Smith Claude Tinsley Jim Wood Steve Hanley Howard Harrison Bob Hopkins Don Lane Dick Miller Jim Noe Jim Hargear Tom Hartman Vince Jensen Don Leomazzi Stu Morris Ted Odmark Ted Harper John Hermann Larry Johnson Ed Marrotte Mike McCaffrey Ted Paulson Norm Abbey Frank Atkins Jeff Baus Lathon Brewer Bruce Asper Al Bailey Joe Blatchford Doug Burck Dick Atkins Dick Barnard Bill Bonozo Bill Cunning PHI KAPPA PSI PHI PSI PREXY JOE BLATCHFORD INDOCTRINATED THE BOYS WITH THE IMPORTANCE OF T. S. ELIOT ' S WORK. George Cunning Jerry Eckerman Ray Garra Bob Gowing Gary Depolo Bill Franklin Russ Gibson John Holmquist Fred Dunker Dennis Fredrickson Tony Gillespie Bob Hubbell RELAX; FORGET YOUR CARES, BOOKS AND UNPAID HOUSEBILLS! IT ' S PARTY TIME AT THE PHI PSI HOUSE. NOTHING LIKE THE FEMININE SEX TO LIVEN UP FRATERNITY LIFE! Warren Lien Bill Mills Jerry Nelson Pete Passanisi Bob Reese Gerald Runyon Wilson Silsby Gordon Treharne Strat Whitting Don Woods Bob Maxwell Jerry Needle Jim Newton Bob Rayer Gary Riopelle Jack Schrader Dave Small Steve West Bill Williams Jim Wylie It was fall and the leaves on the trees lining Gayley were the last leaves and they hung suspended in the aura of the scarlet globe on the lamp post in front of 613. The girls emerged from dark cars parked along a leaf-strewn gutter and were drawn like nocturnal animals into the world of the half-shadows. The band was playing as the white shirt drove the tap into the silver keg. The strident voices were happy and the party was good. A single chime pealed over Westwood as the man in charcoal grey raised the foamy cup. ' ' Hurry up please, it ' s time. Hurry up please. " The man leaning against the pale, tan wall cried, ' ' Good night ladies. ' ' THE MIGHTY PHI KAP RAJAH, CARL LOWTHORP, LED THE BLACK NIGHTS OF STRATHMORE AROUND THE POOL. PHI KAPPA SIGMA All U Intramural Champs, politicians, Men ' s Division Spring Singer Winners, party boys, Kelps, and hustlers; yes and the Phi Kappa Sigmas were all of these. For instance, there was the time Carl Lowthorpe was seen riding a dapple pink pachyderm around the Phi Kap pool. Snubbing the clamoring of Monsieur Hilton ' s Hotel, the chapter held their annual Black and Gold formal at the Fox Hill Country Club. Bill Spivak was the Junior Class prexy; Bud Millay, Dick Tatus, Pete Nelson, and sundry other near-do-wells cavorted as Kelps. The boys looked forward with bloodshot eyes to the May Hawaiian blast. Dennis Aigner Steve Bell Don Boals Bruce Collier Ignacio De Carrillo Dick Ebbert Curt Guss Douglas Julian Dave Lang Ray Anderson Joel Berquist Dewight Call Ed Cramer Len De Gennaro Bill Franklin Ron Heck Don Kline Spencer Lehman Dick Anderson Mike Biane Jim Campbell Ed Damon Don Deise Ray Gail John Howard Dick Knaub John Lesch Art Andrew Jim Bigler Fred Carrington Len Davids Don Detrick Jim Garofalo Ron Jacobs Ron Koval Jim Lindsay THE AFTER-EFFECTS OF A PHI KAP PARTY SOMETIMES ARE QUITE SURPRISING! NOW DON ' T GET EXCITED, DON ' T GET MISLED. IT ' S JUST THE PLEDGES WITH MONDAY NIGHT ENTERTAINMENT. Carl Lowthorp Martin Mason Vic Mockus Carter McCorkle Jim Newcom Roland Rogers Bob Rylance Jim Straight Randy T ipple John Lundell Joel Mattson Dick Moore John McNickatos Ed Northup Bill Royer Bob Schroeder Ben Templeton Roger Todd John Lyttle John Mitchelmore Roy Moore Jim Neal Maurice O ' Shea Herm Rundle Kim Small Bob Thompson Joe Volpe Jack Magnus Bud Millay Jim McCallum Pete Nelson Dick Riepe Larry Ryberg Bill Spivak George Tilson Bob White PHI KAPPA TAU PHI TAU PREXY ROGER BELL WENT ALL OUT FOR IMPROVING SCHOLARSHIP IN BULL SESSIONS. ALEXANDER GRAHAM BELL HAS DONE MUCH TO CEMENT RELATIONS WITH PHI KAPPA TAU AND SORORITY ROW. Eric Holtsmark Joe Thome Howard Kelner Ron Ulrich George Moss Al Valdivia Ron Smith Morry Westly Sassy the Cat John Wiley If only few of the hours engaged in bull sessions had been spent in study, the Phi Kappa Taus would no doubt have won the Scholarship Trophy. Owing to human weaknesses, the boys prefer to discuss sports, last night ' s date, or forthcoming parties, rather than conjugate verbs for a French lesson. An eventful year was in the making, with many a blast; New Years Party, open house, pledge party, and other shindigs the brothers will not forget. Roger Bell Bill Carter Dave Dutton Phil Forester Gordon Gilliam Ray Bernardo Dale Donaldson John Englesman Frank Gally Gary Goldbach John Binder David DuRall Dick Faust Frank Gasper Jerry Hibbs SIGMA CHI THE PASSING OF CIGARS AT THE SIGMA CHI HOUSE MEANS THAT ANOTHER BROTHER HAS BITTEN THE DUST, AND SOME WENCH HAS HIS COVETED PIN. SIGMA CHI PREXY ROBERT CONTINO AIDED IN THE SEARCH FOR A SWEETHEART OF SIGMA CHI. George Aamodt Bob Contino Vil Bjerknes Frank DeMeire Dick Brousseau John Garvey Ted Ciesla Dave Halverson Abstemiousness, mesogamy and erudition were thrown to the winds as the Sigma Chis enjoyed big year. The chapter boasted many staunch supporters who fought tooth and toenail through a mediocre season. Special highlight of the season was the annual Sweetheart Ball held at the swank Bel Air Hotel. Kappa Judy Kendal was crowned the Sweetheart for 1956. The " Neanderthal Ball,” and Miami Triad brought to an end the exciting year. Kim Kahn Rod McKenzie Gene Robidoux Steve Shottifer John Wetzel Dennis Keeley Steve Parker Mel Runsvold Ed Smith Ed Wiseman Joe McGinley Arv Perez Joe Sencay Lee Staton Gary Withrow LED BY PRESIDENT LEN STEIN, THE PHI SIGS WENT AFTER A SPRING SING TROPHY FOR THE THIRD TIME. PHI SIGMA DELTA Five active fraternity men were paroled from the Beverly Hills Police Department after one of the many Phi Sigma Delta cocktail parties at the exclusive Green in Holmby Park. Other major Phi Sig social affairs included a spring formal at Palm Springs, a haunted house party, and the annual " Gold Rush, " held at the Paramount movie ranch. Sports were not forgotten as the boys went on to take their league in basketball and bowling. Big wheels and little spokes seen around KH were Marshall Jacobson, Senior Class treasurer; Al Lasher, Bob Stein, Gold Key; and Max Ramberg, Lee Elson, Dave Gill, Yeomen. With the of sorority pledges in Fall Drive, the Phi Sig house finally was cleaned. Steve Bauman Stan Bierman Seymour Bonchefsky Hal Cleinman Gary Concoff Mike Dernburg Dave Entin Dave Gill Bob Gordon Charles Grobe Mel Bayer Dick Blaine Stan Camiel Harris Cohen Milton Condon Lee Elson Ron Freeman Dave Goodman Howard Gray Dick Hartman NOTHING WAS MORE CONDUCIVE TO A HIGH HOUSE SCHOLARSHIP AVERAGE THAN THOSE MANY HOURS WHICH THE PHI SIGMA DELTAS SPENT IN " STUDY " ON THE STEPS OF THE LIBRARY. Art Helbling Bob Hyman Al Lasher Bruce Newman Sandy Paris Burt Pittler Max Ramberg Alan Sirota Len Stein Mike Traiger Pete Horn Irwin Jacobs Bob Mendlesohn Paul Newmark Walter Parness Joe Poliner Fred Rosenbloom George Smith Irv Stolberg Steve Wagner Eliot Hutkin Joe Kaplan Leon Mittman Harvey Olsan Murray Pepper Allan Rabin Herb Schwartz Bob Stein Lou Teitler Louis Youster PI LAMBDA PHI " OH LET US GATHER ' ROUND ___” SONG TIME AROUND THE PI LAMBDA PHI PIANO CAN MEAN ANYTHING FROM THE ALMA MATER TO THOSE NAUGHTY LITTLE DITTIES. Jay Abarbanel Dave Ager Dick Borun Don Chadwick Hugo DeCastro Jim Elbogen Norm Garey Bob Abel Sandy Beim George Brower Bob Cohen Jerry Dunn Howard Elgort Ted Goldberg Gary Aminoff Larry Benningson Al Brown Barry Cooper Mitch Egers Al Freedman Jim Goldwasser The Pi Lambda Phis, sparked by the companionship of a dalmation hound with a weak bladder, waded through another year of nondescript events. Several of the brothers mingled at Kerckhoff, including Gold Key Prexy Dick Borun, Chairman of Dublin Ball Norm Garey, Bruin sports scribe Stu Robinson and Freshman Treasurer Bob Kaufman. Don White led the Kelps as president and Rafer Johnson handled Yeomen meetings. Their scholarship was tops, as they reached a blazing sixteenth. Intramurally, the Pi Lams held bowling and basketball titles. Johnson and Stan King ran a little track, with Rafer a top candidate for the Olympics. Social highlights included two formals, a " South Sea Spree, " and numerous bourbon busts. " TRICKY DICK " BORUN WADED THROUGH HIS TASK AS PRESIDENT OF PI LAMS, GOLD KEY, AND PI D E. Hugh Gottfried Stan Greenberg Larry Grossman Dick Hirsh Paul Jacobs Errol Jacobs Rafer Johnson Bob Kaufman Jim Kier Stan King Len Kopp Mort Lattman Bob Lebowitz Dave Leveton Arnold Magasinn Clyde Menin Howard Miller Stan Naftaly Rich Neiter Jay Olins Stan Pine Al Pitt Steve Platt Al Podolny Fred Rkrimm Stu Robinson Howard Rosin Sol Rosner Getit Sage Bob Schuman Sol Scope Bob Sher Burt Sigal Bernard Silverman Al Slayton Ed Sornstein Dave Stein Bob Steinberg Dan Stewart Hank Sugarman Rubin Turner Don White SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON PRESIDENT MONTE MILLER WAS ALSO KEPT BUSY WITH THE IFC VICE PRESIDENCY. Tony Beller Roger Benson Jim Bourne Eugene Brassett Bill Braun Bob Brunner Bob Carne Tom Chasin Jack Clarke Mike Clarke Phil Cook Lynn Crandall Bob Deatrick Larry Drew Dennis Fenske Bob Gershon Jack Gershon Jim Harrison Tom Horn Bob Janssen George Kallusky Gil Kesser Al King Jim Klubnik Despite the Wake of Paddy Murphy and the near disaster of a fire started when an active rubbed two pledges together, the Sigma Alpha Epsilon house stood fast. Returning after a dull spring semester of trophies and parties, the boys laughed and lapped it up around their “Most Humorous " Homecoming float. A " Masquerade, " which was held in an abandoned castle, was quite a hill party, and kept sorority row guessing for several weeks. Turning ASUCLA into an SAE front org were Monte Miller, IFC veep; Tom Chasin, Frosh Class prexy; Roger Poyner, Men ' s Week chairman; Mike Clarke, Rally Comm; and Tom Kraft, who just made grades. THE SIGMA ALPHA EPSILONS OCCASIONALLY TOOK TIME OUT FOR FIXING UP THEIR PAINTED " PUSSY CAT, " WHICH RECLINES SANS FACE IN FRONT OF " LA GRANDE HOTEL, " TO THROW A FEW MINOR NUCLEAR BLASTS. Tom Kraft Ted Masters Ben Miller Bill Novak Henry Otis Frank Ramirez Dave Schoptlin Raymond Scott Bob Smart Charles Lotz John Mercer Monte Miller Tom O ' Brien Bill Patrick Mike Rogers Duane Schmidt Will Simonds Stuart Somerville Walter Sullens Ron Mardigian John McCord Al Muger Jerry Olmstead Roger Poyner Ted Romine Charles Sconce Jerry Smith Bill Stephenson Forrest Wilkinson SIGMA ALPHA MU SIGMA ALPHA MU PRESIDENT HARVEY LENKIN TRIED TO KEEP THIS YEAR ' S WATER FIGHTS TO A MINIMUM. Early in October Sigma Alpha Mus were told that as reward for their refraining from any waterfights and panty raids, they had been given the IFC Scholarship Improvement Award. Defiantly, the men of SAM then flunked all their courses the following semester. From the political angle, the Sammies were instrumental in starting the campaign to return Lucky Luciano to the United States. group also promoted coed wrestling on the UCLA campus. The celebration of the All U Bowling victory created a near on sorority row when the jubilant fraters hurled their bowling balls through various front windows, clobbering poor house mothers, all in good fun. IT ' S " HOWDY DOODY TIME " AGAIN AT THE SAMMY HOUSE, BRINGING TO A CLOSE A PERFECT DAY OF STUDIES, WOMEN, CLASS SIESTAS, AND " COOP SEMINARS. " Larry Bamberger Peter Bregman Bob Cohen Joel Berger Ed Cohen Ron Cooper Paul Bracker Larry Cohen Fred Dunn EMINENT COMMANDER AL " A” NEELY SPENT THE YEAR APPLYING TITUS TO THE WHITE STAR CONTINGENT. Warren Eads Dick Galleher Joe Harper Bob Jewett Mel Menefea Bill McKinley Paul Pierce Bill Pryor Ken Sbryant Bud Tabor George Fitzgerald Mike Guilleaume Dave Hoffman Bill Knebel Jeff Miller Al Neely Bob Pinder Jim Roe John Simpson Jim Walker Mike Gallagher Phil Gustlin Don Hoffman Bert Kohnhorst Jim MacArther Kent Newell Russ Pratt Ned Ryder Tom Stoever John Wood SIGMA PI SIG PI PREXY GEORGE POULOS DIVIDED HIS HOURS BETWEEN HOUSE ACTIVITIES AND EDUCATION CLASSES. Phil Allen Larry Ballard Tony Borfila John Christian Bob Eggert Gary Gillenberg Al Hildenbrand Jim Hunts Doug Keppler Bill Altman Ron Baskin Bob Burton Kent Cummings Paul Finwall Daryl Gustafson Bob Hillerman Carl Jaffe Bob Kerrebrock Frank Badger Bob Blaney Dean Cameron Dick Edic George Francis Steve Haworth Jan Humble Don Kemp Skip Keyzers Leading a totally inebriated group, such as the Sigma Pis, through a sober year, was a task in itself for President George Poulos. The Fall Initiation, held at the Hilton, Spring Formal at Sportsmans ' Lodge, and the Orchid Ball topped the social calendar. Also on the informal side were two pledge parties, football victory soirees, and a “Frontier Town Party.” Bob and John Seaman, Carl Jaffe, Lloyd Talle and Jon Mitchell boosted house prestige by their activities on the track squad. Leading the race for the schola rship trophy was George Francis, who for the fourth consecutive semester captured the Subject A spelling contest. Such activities made for a jovial year. THE SIG PI BOYS CLAIM THEY ARE WORKING ON A HOUSE ADDITION BUT THE WORD AROUND CAMPUS IS THAT THEY ARE PLOTTING TO SEND A BROTHER INTO THE REALM OF IMMORTALITY. Bob Lashbrook Jim McBroom Dick Peters Dick Ravetti Ron Rule John Seaman Vernon Taylor Dick Watson Ron Winterburn Dave Leak Fred Nesbitt Loddy Popovich Harley Robertson John Ryan Steve Spaw Tom Tompkins Larry Webster Nick Zorotovich Phil Lyons Tony Orfila George Poulos Ben Rogers Bob Seaman Lloyd Tally Al Venton Clifford Wells Tom Zubick TAU DELTA PHI Ken Abel Jim Bourne Len Chassman Lorin Albeck Lee Breuer Norm Dolin Don Behrstock Paul Bronow Neil Elias Arnold Bernstein Al Brown Irwin Field TAU DELT PREXY NORM DOLIN AIDED THE DEVELOPMENT OF " THE MOST BEAUTIFUL FLOAT " IN HOMECOMING. Versatility has been the primary factor in Tau Delta Phis ' relations with the UCLA Campus the past year. The ninth annual Chase, highlight of the spring semester, became once again the largest coll egiate dance in the nation. Featuring the music of Jerry Grey, Bobby Troup, and the singing of June Christy, the affair was enjoyed by thousands. Active participation in Greek Week, Spring Sing, and Mardi Gras rounded out the year ' s activities. Homecoming festivities in conjunction with the Phi Mus brought home first place in " Most Beautiful Float " division. A lad named Neal Elias, wearing his Sreg hat, kept an eagle eye on the Victory Bell. The Tau Delts feel that success in social, scholastic and athletic programs is secondary to cultivation of unifying bonds of brotherhood. This is fraternalism! THE TAU DELTS, AFTER NIGHTS OF BURNING " MIDNIGHT OIL, " DECIDED TO SHOW UP FOR FINAL EXAMS. A WELL-ROUNDED YEAR OF ACTIVITIES INCLUDED HOURS OF STUDYING. Conrad Framer Steve Gendel Jay Goldberg Chuck Goodstein Bob Gulko Ralph Horowitz Ed Hyman Larry Karlin Stephen King Jerry Korengold Barry Krauss Len Leibow Don Levine Warren Lipson Phil Magaram Morris Mazur Sheldon Minster Al Perry Harlan Posen Jerry PoselI Harvey Prince Marvin Rand Len Ronson Howard Rosin Jerry Rosenbaum Bob Rudelson Larry Salk Lee Simon Al Tenner Stan Tobias Norm Tucker Marshall Turner Perry Walshin Murray Weiler Marvin Worchell TAU EPSILON PHI Tau Epsilon Phi sparkled again the past year under the gavel of Chancellor Irv Boscoe in the fall and Fred Rosenfield in the spring. The election of Mr. Irv Drasnin, ASUCLA prexy, and Len Wiener, AMS vice president, started the year off on the right foot. In sports, Don Faber was again the outstanding free-ex man in the country, winning the NCAA championship for the second consecutive year. Other athletic contributions Jay Rosenberg, same event; Chuck Gelfand, football; Sy Weisberg and Jim Lerman, baseball; and Phil Miller, golf. The Bruin rooting section was sparked by yell leader Miller and stunt designer Pete Artz. Ralph Seligman was active in Yeoman. The pinnacle of TEPs ' world were the pledges ' Xmas party, a New Year ' s Eve blast, and the formal. Ken Adler Larry Arbeitman Steve Bernhardt Saul Bernstein Les Boxer Dick Channon Irv Drasnin Norm Epstein Don Faber Steve Fine Joe Almaleh Pete Artzt Dick Berger Gordon Blacker Joel Breman Kick Colvin Len Effron Marshall Ezralow Jerry Feldman Arnie Freeman A float for Jan Steward, the 1955 Homecoming queen, won a trophy for the boys of Zeta Psi and set the scene for the exciting ahead. Many of the brothers are still feeling the effects of the annual “Suds at Sunrise, " which was held with the ADPis. The Christmas formal stirred up the holiday spirit for the Zetes, and they found themselves dancing in the world of " Old Vienna.” in the spring. Craig Garman was acclaimed outstanding athlete for the way he handled a ten nis racket. Exchanges filled the year. ZETA PSI THE ZETE GROUP IS COMPLETELY UNINHIBITED WHEN IT COMES TO BEACH ACTIVITIES. IT IS A WIDELY-KNOWN FACT THAT ONE FINDS STUDYING MUCH EASIER LYING IN THE SUN. ZETA PSI PREXY PETE HARRISON WAS THE " SOAPIEST " LAD AT THE ANNUAL " SUDS AT SUNRISE " BREW HOUR. Bill Andre Ken Chotiner Jack France Pete Harrison Carroll Johnson Craig Kennedy Wayne Nichols Ralph Roussey Dick Sturtridge John Berry Gordon Ellison Craig Garman Mike Hogan Jim Johnson Hal Knowles Bob Noble Pat Sampson Larry Tannas Burke Dick Faulkner Lloyd Gilman Bill Hoy Tom Karnes Bob Mautino Jim Reser Gary Smeltzer Tom Vogelsang THETA DELTA CHI Bruce Adams Dick Barca Chuck Brassard Dick Anderson Dick Barker Fred Cady Tom Avery Dick Basford Roger Caldwell Willy Charlton Bill Crill Jim Goldsborough Bruce Cook Ken Dixon John HameII Don Cornell Gary Gallien Bill Hickey Bob Cortelyou Jay Glad Yanal Hikmat THE THETA DELT SWIMMING POOL WAS AGAIN THE CENTER OF ATTRACTION, BUT IT HAD STRONG COMPETITION FROM A HI Fl SET, WON ON A TELEVISION SHOW. Campus activities, outdoor sports, and indoor sports sparked the lives of the Theta Delta Chis. In Kerckhoff, Don Cornell headed OCB, while Ray Paschke was IFC president. Bruce McMaster was chairman of Homecoming and Spring Sing, and Tom Thrasher of Temple and Fig fame was Soph Class prexy. Gil Moreno was of the 1955 Bruin PCC football champs. Highlighting indoor sports were the weekend formal at Highland Springs Resort, " Sophisticated Hell, " " Roaring Twenties, " and pre-season exhibitions and tryouts in the shape of room parties. Ray Hutchison Dick Johnson Ken Lee Gil Moreno Lloyd McFarlane Ray Paschke Don Reals Tom Rolinson Dan Simpson Tom Thrasher Jim Jackson Lindy Kell Len Martinez Hugh McCulloh Bruce McMaster Chuck Phillips Hal Reid John Rozas Dick Socha Dave Tice George Jeffries Don Lagerberg Frank Moran Larry McDonnell Norm Oldfield Tom Quayle Ed Roelof Paul Schoch Kerry Swart Joel Vonderscher PRESIDENT RAY PASCHKE. WITH THE HELP OF MARY WORTH, LED THE THETA DELTS THROUGH A TOP YEAR. THETA XI Following the trend, Theta Xis officially withdrew a recognition of Anonymous, but after Pajamarino, Communist, and “Go Native " elbow it didn ' t matter. Dick " Tin Pan Alley " Hughes ' new ditty, " I ' ll Never Forget What ' s-Her-Name " was dinged for Spring Sing, despite his award arrangement of last year. Tony Plaia and Lloyd Egenes played birdmen in Arnold Air, John Drapeau was Mardi Gras chairman, Jack Taylor wore a Gold Key, Dick Kitzrow was a Yeoman, Trav Haskins was Sregs High Muckety-Muck, and Dick Wilbur ran away in a Rally Comm truck. Dick Kitzrow, Joe Purcell, and Charlie Painter had typewriter miscarriages on So Cam. The boys joined the Tri Delts in taking blind children Christmas shopping, while other included an Open House with the Kappas. A duplication of the ' 55 Bowery Show with the Thetas was equaled by two Homecoming and the annual " Cinderella Ball. " Tarry Gooch was late for meetings! READINGS FROM “SCRIPTURE " READY THE OLD SCHOOL YEAR FOR A WATERY GRAVE IN THE THETA XI POOL, AS THE BROTHERS PREPARE TO DROWN THEIR SORROWS AT THEIR ANNUAL " POST MORTEM " BLAST. Brooks Baldwin Richard Blackhurst Dave Carter Lewis Bedford Bob Brownie John Chiaravalloti Al Bell Jody Bruggeman Bill Church John Berberich Jerry Cahan Bob Clark Bob Garfield Joel Janis Ken Leeds Ed Meltzer Al Reed Gary Stone Alex Urback Steve Gertsman Don Kay Dave Levy Al Montag Len Roessler Larry Stein Tom Wein Jerry Greenspan Fred Kingsdale Gerald Malat John Moss Norm Schwab Joe Straus Dick Weisdorf Stan Greitzer Mike Korbholz Mel Malat Tony Nesburn Len Schwartzman Bud Stuben Lew Weitzman Howard Hirsch Roger Kozberg Paul Marshall Herm Palarz Marty Sklar Morse Taylor Al Wigod Eddie Hoffman Steve Lande Jerry Measer Don Raich Barry Smooke Bill Temkin Mel Wishan Originality was the word for the Zeta Beta Taus ' float again this year when the boys of the Strathmore White House twisted crepe paper with the AEPhis. Marty Sklar edited the Bruin in the fall, and also did double duty as the Appointed Rep on SLC. Bob Brownstein, Cal Darrow and Jim Bay lived it up in Kelps. Tony Nesburn ably held up his post as Living Group Rep. The fall was complete with intramurals, exchanges , pinnings, and parties, parties, parties! Among the top gatherings of the year were the Greek and the Pajama Parties. " Be Prepared " was the motto, when the ZBTs won first place in the Spring Sing Odd Ball Division. Bob Coennen Pat Crail John Drapeau Charles Fries Harry Gutierrez Travis Haskins Ken Iversen Dick Kitzrow Gene Loehl Ed Nelson don Cooke Dick Crowell Jim Dyer Tarrant Gooch Chuck Harmon Jim Holve Dick Jones John Knowles Mark Maxwell Bill Oakes hal Cover Doug Donnell Lloyd Egenes Jim Griswold Bruce Hartwig Dick Hughes Jerry Kelly Byron Lawler Bob McGinnis Chuck Painter THETA XI PREXY AL SWIMMER DIDN ' T PARTICIPATE IN INTRAMURALS, BUT THE ENERGETIC BROTHERS DID. Penn Tony Plaia Mike Quaranta Harry Rooney Jim Stahl Terry Stockham Al Swimmer Dave Thomas Jim Wheeless Bob Williams Jim Pickett Joe Purcell Julian Randolph Larry Simpson Joe St. John Ralph Stoll Jack Taylor Jimmie Wells Dick Wilbur CAL DARROW WAS " WELL PREPARED " FOR HIS ROLE AS PRESIDENT OF THE Z B T STRATHMORE WHITE HOUSE. ZETA BETA TAU Ron Bachrich Dave Braverman Cal Darrow Gary Bartick Bob Brownstein Art Edelman Jim Bay Gary Chenkin Dick Ellman Roger Behrstock Jerry Cohn Norman Fogel Paul Berger Walt Cohn Harvey Friedson Bob Blumenthal J. W. Colin Jim Ganulin " BE PREPARED, " SANG THE ZETA BETA TAUS IN THE 1955 SPRING SING, ONE OF THE AWARDS REMEMBERED AT THE SPRING AWARDS BANQUET HONORING OUTSTANDING Z B TS. living groups THE PRESIDENT OF DOUGLASS HALL, THE ENERGETIC VERNA GARVIN, LED THE MEMBERS TO A GREAT YEAR. Highlighting events at Douglass Hall were Homecoming activities, beginning with house decorations and a climax when Phyllis McMeen was selected as Soph princess and honored by a dinner for her and the royal court. Christmas brought a house decorating party and a dinner for Uni-Camp children. Members participated in Dorm Council doings . . . parties and exchange-dinners, and in the 1955 Spring Sing. Most Promising Newcomer was the title bestowed on Gail Lucas by the Drama News of engagements heralded commencement. DOUGLASS HALL Lois Alpine Olga Arciniega Ann Britton Mary Lou Calene Ann Crouch Nancy Evans Jan Fields Sally Fort Verna Garvin Charlene Gotts Janice Graham Joanne Grassel Marilyn Horwitz Florence Ishino Corrine Jordan Anita Karlsson Harriet Lebedinsky Sheryl Linn Irene Lopez Sue Miracle Jane Masamura Donna Moscoe Lynn McCorkle Marcelle Perot Marcia Propper Carol Radevich Denise Reed EiIleen Rooney Judith Simon Carol Smith Maureen Smothers Joan Snyder Arlene Walser Beverly Warren STEPHENS HOUSE STEVENS HOUSE MEMBERS ANXIOUSLY WATCHED THE MAIL FOR NEWS FROM HOME AND BEAUX AS WELL AS ABOUT THEIR CAMPUS PROJECTS. Jean Aotani Lillian Becker Marian Bostrum Lyvonne Butler Vivian Credille Eleanor Ellis Angela Gilliam Gwen Hale Stephanie Hillman Gloria Lopez Arlowyne McClendon Catherine McClendon Eleanor Nagata Gail Nelson Shirley Nishimoto Shirley Nomura Trina Ouellet Vega Skoog Betty Spencer Barbara Stephens Ora Winokur PANEL OF AMERICANS AND DORM COUNCIL WERE TWO OF STEVENS HOUSE PREXY LAVONNE BUTLER ' S ACTIVITIES. Leading activities at Stevens House were preparations for their number in the big 1955 Spring Sing program. Chosen to be on Women ' s Rep board were Eleanor Ellis, and Stephanie Hillman, both of whom are also participants of the Panel of program with Pat Ostlund, Vivian Credille, and Barbara Stephens. Eight new spring members added to the frolic and friendly atmosphere of Stevens House. LOVELY TO LOOK AT AND DELIGHTFUL TO KNOW WERE THE TWIN PINES MEMBERS, ACTIVE IN CAMPUS ORGANIZATIONS AND SUCCESSFUL IN ALL THEIR ENDEAVORS. PAT BOLLIN, RECREATION MAJOR AND A USO WORKER, DID A BANG-UP JOB AS THE TWIN PINES PRESIDENT. TWIN PINES The winners! Winners of the first place trophy for baseball in Women ' s Division and the tennis trophy for doubles last spring was only the beginning for the members of Twin Pines, whose vocal talents resulted in a second place in the Spring Sing Women ' s They sponsored a popular booth in the Mardi Gras and a Spring Formal at the Beverly Hilton. Lily Kamiya was a Chime and on Women ' s Rep Board; Marge Hunt was a Mortar Board member; Carol Peddicord was publicity chairman for Dorm Council. Lois Cantwell Gail Graham Frances Hugos Sarah Isbitz Mildred Lim Phyllis Ono Virginia Adams Joan Brine Diane Despal Diane Greaves Margaret Hunts Sanaye Kagawa Celia Lyman Johanna Pease Janet Ristity Peggy Such Joann Bally Beverly Bruton Pat Frank Carolyn Hague Jean Ida Lily Kamiya Winifred Marich Carol Peddicord Amy Sasahara Dana Lou Tharp Pat Bollin Emily Cacho Sherri Gage Doris Henry Elizabeth Iguchi Gloria Lee Anne Olney Betty Peddicord Doris Spanje Carole Yamada Gail Kahn Elma Kelly Mary Kolnick Pat Lane Helen Laurance Hazel Le Cain Darian Lester Darla Luckenbill Luigi Madalsoo Irene Marosi Marilyn Mashburn Loreen Mertzel Eva Meyer Kathie Miller Debora Millet Lou Miranda Diana Molstead Elisa Najera Ruth Needles May Pon Lee Power Margie Robertson Nancy Robinson Sue Rockwood Isabel Rodriquez Tanya Ross Lynda Sader Lillian Simmons Marilyn Smith Marilyn Smuin Glenda Stewart Arlene Suss Carolyn Tausch Barbara Wadsworth Noreen Watson Nancy Watts Carol Weinstein Lois Weir Jo Wilson Linda Wooton Hope Young Terry Zahala THE HERSHEY HALL GIRLS LIMBERED UP WITH A LITTLE VOLLEYBALL PRACTICE FOR THE BIG INTRA-MURAL SEASON. WAS ALSO NEEDED TO STUFF CREPE PAPER IN THEIR LOVELY HOMECOMING FLOAT. RUDY HALL RUDY HALL MEMBERS PARTICIPATED IN THE WOMEN ' S INTRAMURALS AND ASUCLA ORGANIZATIONS, AND EXCHANGES WITH CAMPUS HALLS. ANNE DEUPREE, ART MAJOR AND ASPIRING PAINTER, PRESIDED AT RUDY HALL MEETINGS THIS SEMESTER. All play and no work made last year very exciting for Rudy Hall residents. fond memories center around keen competitions in intramurals and genial get to-gethers with members of Robison Hall and Campus Hall. A combination of grades and activities won Darlene Bender a Phi Bete bid. Tina Larson served as secretary for the Accounting Society, while Patricia Frye presided at friendly Dorm Council meetings during the season. Jeannie Alberts Delores Bean Phyllis Beaupre Darlene Bender Betsy Deckenbach Anne Deupree Ann Erlich Norma Feezell Pat Frye Tina Larsen Janet Lockman Carolyn Rheinschild Sandra Smythe Lan Sing Wu Kahlif Al-Delami Virgie Banks Myrna Bergstrom Ron Bunde Pat Flowers Joan Gray Busari Ikumogunniyi Juergen Amtmann Bob Bass Beverly Braude Kathy Cleary Clara Galian Sheila Gunther Paul Kelly Ahmed Babiker Ahmed Bedri Bob Brown Marvin Coffland Gail Gonick Ernest Haag Mary Jane Kilgore Second place prize in the Women ' s Division of Homecoming sparked the Y-Coop enthusiasm to a high pitch. They held a successful and much enjoyed formal at the Nikabob in January, and a banquet for family and friends in December. This was climaxed by a " Backwards Dance. " Members of the group were active in many organizations on campus during the semester. There was much excitement over five announced in the course of the year by members of both the Y-Coop and Kories who had taken the one big step. Ed Lee Marlene Miller Tamiko Nakakihara Charles Osterlund Barbara Parker John Petlock Elaine Scott Masoom Aimaq Reiko Nagumo Marilyn Nellermore Jim Otsuka Beverlee Patton Diane Rothenberg Ted Townsend Lew Merkelson Yeiko Nakakiara Elaine Newman Georgina Owyang Yvonne Payne Ellie Saund Bob Willett Joan Bollinger Dorothy Colbert Sandra Dial Sylvia Erickson Joy Haroldson Martha Lorenzen Barbara Nilius Dolly Schneider Phyllis Stoller Sandra Tallman Irene Cantrell Georgiana Coster Martha Dickman Helen Fairchild Dorothy Hatt Gail McKay Karen Rees Joan Seachrist Shvonne Swiden Clare Tudor Joan Lilley Pat McMullan WINSLOW ARMS C’este la vie! Winslow Arms members decided that dinner-dancing at the Moulin Rouge was life. " Breaking away from the whirl, they found that building a float with Sigma Phi Deltas and sharing exchanges with the Cal Men and Campus Hall were a barrel of fun. Campus projects claimed Carol Aschenbach, Junior Class secretary; Dolly Schneider, Belle of UCLA finalist and a living group rep; Joy Haroldson, Dorm Council secretary; and Clare Tudor and Dorothy Hatt, each active on the Frosh Council. THE GIRLS OF WINSLOW ARMS, AFTER AN ENJOYABLE SEMESTER, RELAXED AND THOUGHT OF THEIR FUN-PACKED EXCHANGES, DINNER-DANCES, AND FLOAT-BUILDING PROJECTS. WINSLOW ARMS WAS LED THROUGH THE PAST SEMESTER BY THE ATHLETIC-MINDED PREXY IRENE CANTRELL. Y-COOP PLANNING THE SOCIAL AGENDA WAS ONLY ONE OF THE DUTIES PERFORMED BY Y-COOP PRESIDENT RON BUNDE. Y-COOP MEMBERS HELD MANY CHALLENGING COMPETITIONS OVER PING-PONG AND CHESS DURING THE YEAR. Y-COOP WAS THE SCENE OF ANOTHER SUCCESSFUL YEAR OF INTERRACIAL AND INTERRELIGIOUS LIVING. index ORGANIZATION INDEX ACACIA ------------------------------------384 AGRICULTURE, SCHOOL OF ALPHA CHI OMEGA ALPHA DELTA CHI --------------------330 ALPHA DELTA PI ----------------------332 ALPHA EPSILON PHI ----------------334 ALPHA EPSILON PI ------------------386 ALPHA GAMMA DELTA ------------336 ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA ALPHA KAPPA PSI -------------------208 ALPHA OMICRON PI -----------------338 ALPHA PHI -------------------------------340 ALPHA PHI OMEGA ------------------180 ALPHA SIGMA PHI --------------------388 ALPHA TAU OMEGA -----------------390 ALPHA XI DELTA -----------------------342 ALUMNI ASSOCIATION --------------162 ANCHORS ---------------------------------181 APPLIED ARTS, SCHOOL OF -----107 ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY ---------------182 ASSOC. BUSINESS STUDENTS ASSOCIATED MEN STUDENTS ---151 ASUCLA OFFICIALS --------------------164 ASSOC. WOMEN STUDENTS ------152 BASEBALL ----------------------------------312 BASKETBALL ------------------------------294 BETA SIGMA TAU ------------------------400 BETA THETA PI ----------------------------398 BOARD OF CONTROL ------------------150 BRUIN REG. NURSES CLUB ---------212 BUSINESS ADM., SCHOOL OF -----113 BUSINESS EDUCATION ASSOC. CAL CLUB ------------------------------------183 CAL MEN -------------------------------------183 CHI ALPHA DELTA ------------------------344 CHI OMEGA ----------------------------------346 CHI PHI -----------------------------------------394 CHIMES ----------------------------------------184 COMMUTERS ' COUNCIL ----------------156 CONNING TOWER -------------------------185 COUNCIL FOR EDUCATION -----------187 CREW -------------------------------------------319 CRICKET ---------------------------------------320 CROSS COUNTRY -------------------------291 DAILY BRUIN ---------------------------------174 DELTA CHI -------------------------------------395 DELTA DELTA DELTA ---------------------350 DELTA GAMMA ------------------------------348 DELTA PHI EPSILON -----------------------352 DELTA PHI UPSILON -----------------------188 DELTA SIGMA PHI ---------------------------396 DELTA SIGMA THETA ----------------------354 DELTA TAU DELTA --------------------------398 DELTA ZETA ------------------------------------356 ENGINEERING, SCHOOL OF ------------120 EPSILON PI DELTA --------------------------214 FOOTBALL ---------------------------------------258 FRESHMAN CLASS COUNCIL -----------244 GAMMA PHI BETA ----------------------------358 GOLD KEY ----------------------------------------189 GOLF ------------------------------------------------322 GRADUATE STUDENTS ASSN. ----------158 GYMNASTICS ------------------------------------158 HELEN MATTHEWSON CLUB -------------443 HOME ECONOMICS CLUB ------------------215 IN TERFRATERNITY COUNCIL --------------382 INTERNATIONAL HOUSE --------------------159 JUNIOR CLASS COUNCIL --------------------236 KAPPA ALPHA THETA ------------------------360 KAPPA DELTA ------------------------------------362 KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA ----------------------364 KAPPA NU ------------------------------------------401 KAPPA SIGMA ------------------------------------402 KELPS ------------------------------------------------199 LAMBDA CHI ALPHA ----------------------------404 LETTERS AND SCIENCE, SCHOOL OF ------123 LIVING GROUP COUNCIL ---------------------156 MASONIC AFFILIATE CLUB ------------------216 MEN ' S ATHLETIC BOARD ---------------------156 MIRA HERSHEY HALL -------------------------444 MORTAR BOARD ---------------------------------190 MU PHI EPSILON ---------------------------------220 NATIONAL STUDENTS ASSN. --------------158 NISEI BRUIN CLUB ------------------------------218 NURSING, SCHOOL OF ------------------------140 ORGANIZATIONS CONTROL BOARD ORIENTATION --------------------------------------153 PANHELLENIC COUNCIL ----------------------326 PHI BETA ---------------------------------------------221 PHI CHI THETA -------------------------------------222 PHI DELTA THETA --------------------------------406 PHI GAMMA DELTA -----------------------------408 PHI KAPPA PSI -----------------------------------410 PHI KAPPA TAU ----------------------------------414 PHI MU ------------------------------------------------366 PHI SIGMA DELTA -------------------------------416 PHI SIGMA SIGMA -------------------------------368 PI BETA PHI -----------------------------------------370 PI DELTA EPSILON ------------------------------199 PI LAMBDA PHI ------------------------------------418 PI THETA ---------------------------------------------355 PRE-MED ASSOCIATION ----------------------223 PRE-REG. NURSES CLUB --------------------205 PRESIDENTS CABINET ------------------------150 PUBLIC HEALTH, SCHOOL OF -------------141 PUBLICATIONS BOARD ------------------------157 RALLY COMMITTEE ------------------------------192 RICHARD HURLEY SQUADRON RUDY HALL ------------------------------------------446 RUGBY --------------------------------------------- ---321 SCABBARD AND BLADE ----------------------195 SENIOR CLASS COUNCIL ---------------------232 SHELL AND OAR ----------------------------------198 SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON -----------------------420 SIGMA ALPHA IOTA ------------------------------224 SIGMA ALPHA MU --------------------------------422 SIGMA CHI -------------------------------------------415 SIGMA DELTA TAU -------------------------------372 SIGMA KAPPA -------------------------------------374 SIGMA NU --------------------------------------------424 SIGMA PHI DELTA --------------------------------225 SIGMA PI ---------------------------------------------426 SOCCER ---------------------------------------------390 SOPHOMORE COUNCIL ----------------------240 SOUTHERN CAMPUS -------------------------168 SPEECH ACTIVITIES BOARD --------------157 SPURS -----------------------------------------------196 SREGS -----------------------------------------------200 STEVENS HOUSE ------------------------------447 STUDENT LEGISLATIVE COUNCIL ------145 STUDENT JUDICIAL BOARD ----------------154 STUDENT PRODUCTIONS BOARD ------156 SWIMMING -----------------------------------------323 TAU BETA PI ---------------------------------------226 TAU DELTA PHI ----------------------------------428 TAU EPSILON PHI ------------------------------430 TENNIS ----------------------------------------------316 THETA CHI -----------------------------------------432 THETA DELTA CHI ------------------------------434 THETA UPSILON --------------------------------378 THETA XI --------------------------------------------436 TRACK -----------------------------------------------308 TWIN PINES ---------------------------------------448 UNIVERSITY RECREATION ASSN. VARSITY CLUB --------------------------------202 WATER POLO ----------------------------------291 WELFARE BOARD ----------------------------161 WINSLOW ARMS ------------------------------449 WINGS ----------------------------------------------204 WRESTLING ------------------------------------323 Y CO-OP ------------------------------------------450 YEOMEN ------------------------------------------203 ZETA BETA TAU ------------------------------438 ZETA PSI ------------------------------------------433 ZETA TAU ALPHA -----------------------------376 INDIVIDUAL INDEX a Aarons, Bernice 215, 106 Aas, Ted Abbott, Gail Abbott, Peter Abbott, Ronald Abel, Ken Abel, Robert 418 Abeles, Stephen Abelman, Ronald Abernethy, Doris 374 Abraham, Ronald Acherson, Robert Ackerman, Carol Adams, Marilyn Adams, Thomas 208 Adashek, Arlene Adlan, Ahmad Adler, Kenneth Adler, Lois Adrianos, Audrey Aguilar, Henry Ahern, William Ahrendts, Anne Aigner, Dennis Akahori, Marjorie 236 Akasaki, Shizuku 344 Akervold, Margie Akiyama, Nancy Albala, Allan 386 Albeck, Lorin Albert, Sonya Alberts, Jeannie Albin, Bruce Alcauloumre, Joyce AI-Delaimy, Khalaf S. 236 Aldridge, Jocelyn 444 Aldrich, Walter Alexander, Dolores Alexander, Sonya Alher, Stephen Alker, Carolyn Alker, Winifred Alkow, Hedy Allabough, Karen Allan, Richard 232 Allen, Ann Allen, Barbara Allen, Floyd Allen, Lee Allen, Max Allen, Nancy Allen, Philip Allen, Roberta Allison, Don Robert Almalah, Joe Almerda, Frank Almguist, Glen Alpin, Lois Altieri, Peter Altman, Bill Altoon, Marilyn Altura, Renee Alutin, Richard Alutin, Robert Alves, Walter Aminoff, Gary Amphlett, Beverly 332 Amstaoter, Robert Jugen Anderini, Dick Anderson, Alida 215 Anderson, Arliene 236, 364 Anderson, Bonnie Anderson, Dick Anderson, Dixie Anderson, Doris Anderson, Laurence Anderson, Loretta Anderson, Marjorie Anderson, Ray Anderson, Richard 216, 232 Anderson, Richard Anderson, Richard 236, 412 Anderson, Virginia 378 Ando, Marianne Andre, Bill Andreini, Richard Andrew, Art Andrews, Don Andrews, George Andrews, Kathleen Anix, Diane Annis, Ron Anthony, Margie Antigroa, John Antram, Janice 204, 374 Aoki, Jean Apt, Malcolm Arbeitman, Larry Arceri, Ralph 182, 232 Arciniega, Olga Arenson, Ken Armenta, George Armstrong, Ardell Armstrong, Katherine Arnold, David Arnold, Jack Arransmut, Sue Arthur, Sim Artman, Ann 364 Artat, Peter Aschenback, Carol 184, 198, 236 Ashman, Robert Ashton, Jan 362 Ashton, Marilyn 360 Askins, Art 384 Asmus, Nancy 362 Asper, Bruce Asquith, Pat Athearn, Marion 360 Atherton, Don Atkins, Frank Atkins, Richard Atwater, Diane 342 Auldridge, Jackie Auldridge, Mimi Aultman, Margrette 366 Auman, Jean Averre, Jean Averre, Joan Avreck, Joyce 444 Azer, Dave b Baakkonen, Ann Babbin, Arnold Barnes, John Babiker, Ahmed Bache, Robert Bachee, Suzan Bachman, Joslynn 356 Bachman, Marlene Bachrich, Ron 232, 438 Backand, Dick Badger, Francis Badgley, Kay 204, 364 Bager, Jack Baggerly, Barbara 358 Bahrs, David 226 Bailey, Allen Bailey, Bonnie Bailey, Don Bailey, John 226, 232 Bailey, William Baird, Nancy Baker, Beverly Baker, Benet Baker, Edward Baldwin, Brooks 200, 436 Baldwin, Phyllis Balin, Ronald Ballard, Bob 205, 210 Ballard, Keith 226 Ballard, Larry Ballenger, Gary Balls, Mina 204, 362 Bally, Joann Balter, Barbara Bamberger, Larry Bane, Joyce 336 Banes, Don Bank, Paula Banks, Ted Banks, Virgie 450 Barbour, Marilyn Barca, Richard Barclay, Barbara 342 Barcock, Albert Bardin, Dick BardwelI, Donna Barger, Judy Barker, Dick Barker, Ralph Barnard, Dick 410 Barnard, Jo Ann Barne, Gene Barnes, Glen Barnes, James Barnett, Juanita Barnstein, Normen Barrer, Catherine 366 Barrett, Peter 159, 123 Barrett, Joan Barrett, Sally Barrow, Bob Bart, Barbara Bartick, Gary Bartlett, Carol 240 346 Bartolivcli, Carla Bascon, Joaquin Basford, Polly 244 Bashin, Carol Bashor, Shirley Baskin, Carole Basler, Sandra Bass, Robert Bassett, Arland Battu, Joyce Bauchwitz, Weelin Bauer, Marjorie 340 Boulanger, Charles Baum, Ed 180, 236 Baum, Leland Bauman, Nadine Bauman, Steve 416 Baumker, Robin Bass, Jeffrey Bay, James 438 Bayer, Mel 182, 232, 416 Bazoian, Haig Beaird, Emily Beam, Liz Bean, Chester Bean, Dolores Beardlhee, Sandra Beardsley, James Beaupre, Phyllis 446 Bebee, Virginia Beck, Bette 366 Beck, Nancy 350 Becker, Barbara 338 Becker, Lilian Becker, Virginia Beckman, Barbara Bedrasian, John Bedri, Ahmed 450 Behar, Robert Behr, John Behrstock, Roger Beim, Sanford Beiman, Harry Beleal, Janice Belkin, Allan Bell, Al Bell, Louise 222 Bell, Marie Bell, Roger 382, 414 Bell, Steve 412 Bellah, Merilyn Beller, Alfred Beller, Tony Bellingham, Jeanett Bellman, Barbara Shirley Belton, Lorraine Bender, Beth 356 Bender, Darlene 216, 232, 446 Bendix, Bill Benedict, Shirley Benhard, Gordon 395 Benjamin, Lyn 355 Benjamen, Warren Bennett, Allison Bennette, Hilay Bennigson, Larry 418 Benoit, Barbara Benson, Beverly 232, 444 Benson, Phil 384 Benson, Roger Benson, Stanley 404 Berberich, John Bercaw, Janice 216, 232 Berg, Anita 338 Morton Berger, Jay Berger, Jerry Berger, Joel Berger, Paul 438 Berger, Virginia 370 Bergren, Pat Bergstrom, Myrana Berk, Bernard Berkau, Nancy 232, 376 Berkson, Barbara ------ 372 Berkson, Myron Berlolini, Callen Harry Bermant, Gordon Bernacchi, Bernie Bernard, Betty Bernardo, Ray Bernstein, Arnold Bernstein, Charlene 372 Bernstein, Marlene Bernstein, Paula Bernstein, Robert Bernstein, Saul Berquist, Joel Berry, John Berton, Robert Bertulis, Irene -----------107 Better, Maurice ---------401 Beugen, Rachelle -----372 Beyer, George ----------390 Beyer, Mary Jo ---------350 Bhatia, Arun ----------124, 232 Biane, Michael ----------412 Biely, Mohamed --------106 Bierman, Stanley -----124, 232, 416 Bigler, James ----------412 Bigler, Jeanette -------358 BiIan, Linda ----------326, 364 BiIkiss, Yvette --------124 BiIIingham, Jeanette ---216, 236 Billings, Allan ----------120, 226 Billingsley, Robert -----232, 408 Bilski, Judy ----------352 Binder, David ----------124, 232 Binkley, Patricia -----222 Bird, Cyril --------------124 Birdsall, Jack ----------120, 225 Bitgood, Marshall -----384 Bittner, Bob ----------113, 196, 396 Bittner, James -------113, 208 Bjerknes, Villhelm ----415 Black, Cheron ----------364 Black, Lucille ----------107, 332 Black, Rosetta ---------354 Blackburn, Adelina -----236 Blacker, Gordon ---------430 Blackhurst, Richard -----436 Blackie, Beth ----------374 Blackmun, Gene -----392 Bladholm, Barbara -----346 Bladholm, Mary -------212 Blagg, David ----------185 Blaine, Barbara -----348 Blaine, Dick ----------232, 416 Blake, Pat ----------107, 358 Blakeley, Sharon -----356 Blanchette, Pierre -----113 Blane, Don ----------199 Blasberg, Eleanor -----124 BlasdelI, Judy --------338 Blatchford, Joe 202, 208, 382 Bleier, Lois ----------368 Blickhahn, Katie ---340 Blight, Kay ----------358 Bloch, Jerrold -----401 Block, Sherrill -----372 Blodgett, Phyllis -----328 Blohm, Donald -------386 Bluder, Jean ----------342 Nancy ----334 Blumenthal, Bob -----192, 203, 438 Blumenthal, Teri -----368 Blumer, Arline -----334 Blyth, Jeanie ------124, 362 Boals, Don ---------412 Bock, Betty -----336 Boegel, Frances -----114 Boes, Adrienne -----366 Bogda, Russ --------404 Bogosian, Deron ---107 Bohlen, Shirley -----181, 240, 374 Bohnet, Arlene -----444 Bill -----390 Bold, Ed ----------386 Bollard, Don -----392 Bollin, Pat -----448 Bollinger, Joan -----449 Bonchefsky, Seymour -----114, 416 Bone, Sylvia -----198, 240 Bonhet, Paul -----396 Bonozo, William -----410 Bonsquet, Suzanne -----124 Boon, Robert -----114 Boone, Mariann -----338 Boozer, Barbara -----376 Borchers, Martha -----124, 350 BordwelI, Donna -----322 Gary ----------386 Born, PriciIla ----------346 Borngesser, Marlene -----366 Borock, Ted ---------------394 Borun, Richard ----------189 Boss, Donald Bostron, Marian ---------447 Botansky, Harvey -------114 Bott, Gerald ----------124, 216, 232 Boundy, Karen ----------358 Bourne, James ----------428 Bourne, James ----------420 Bousquet, Suzaanne -----348 BoutwelI, Ed ---------------226 Bowdrean, Joseph -------124 Bowen, Joanne ----------107, 228 Bowen, William ----------124 Bowman, Joy 372 Bown, Rodney ----------396 Boxdorfer, Janet ----------244, 443 Boxer, Les ---------------430 Boyd, Joanne ----------124 Boyd, Leo ---------------208 Boyd, Patricia ----------244 Boykin, Barbara -----192, 340 Brach, Mike ----------216 Bracker, Paul -------236, 422 Bradley, Ann ----------358 David --------395 Brady, Dale ----------120, 226, 232 Brady, Wayne --------386 Brager, Howard ------386 Brainard, Bill ----------124 Braitman, Judy ------355 Branche, Johnetta -----334 Brandenberg, Duane ---364 Brandon, Everett --------208 Brandt, Diane ----------124 Branin, Barbara ----------240 Brannen, Dolly ----------221 Brassett, Eugene -----420 Bratter, Jack ----------124 Braude, Beverly -------450 Braun, Bill -------------420 Braverman, Corrine --- 372 Braverman, David -----226, 438 Brawley, Russel ------404 Bredberg, Jackie -----328 Breese, Rosanna -----124 Bregman, Peter -------422 Breir, Marlene ---------224 Breman, Joel ----------202, 430 Brewen, Kathy ---------360 Brewer, Lathon -------410 Brewster, Robert -----120, 232 Brewer, Lee ----------428 Brey, Theo ----------141 Bride, Aurey --------244, 356 Caroline -----124, 159, 232, 356 Briggs, Herman -----199, 236, 388 Bright, Chick ----------342 Bright, James --------404 Brighton, Shirley -----358 Brine, Joan ----------448 Brishen, Barry -----194 Brixley, Steve ------406 Brock, Don ----------384 Brock, Mike ---------192, 236 Bromley, Judy ------240, 366 Brooks, Ann ----------212 Brooks, Arlene -----232 Brookshire, Joan -----124, 350 Brophy, Jo ----------342 Brothers, Virginia -----348 Brousseau, Richard Broveloiti, Sheila ------348 Brower, George -----418 Browing, Eliz ----------358 Brown, Alan ----------428 Brown, Allan ----------418 Brown, Arlene ----------159, 232, 342 Brown, Attella ----------354 Brown, Audrey ----------326, 338 Brown, Bud ----------432 Brown, Connie --------201, 348 Brown, Edwin ----------398 Brown, James ----------396 Brown, Jane -----------107 Brown, Janis ----------348 Brown, Lois -----------342 Brown, Molly ----------362 Brown, Robert ----------450 Brown, Ronnie ----------424 Brown, Ruth ----------368 Brown, Sallie ----------107, 342 Brown, Susan ----------364 Brown, Virgie ----------354 Browne, Will Rogers Jr. -----124 Brownie, Robert ----------436 Brownstein, Bob ----------125, 199, 438 Caryl ---------------125, 360 Brubaker, Tony ----------406 Bruen, Beverly ----------360 Bruggeman, Jody ----------236, 436 Bruhl, Judy ---------------181, 211, 236, 376 Bruker, Jack --------------114 Brumbaugh, Don --------185 Brumbough, Robert -----125 Brumhelow, Joseph -----120 Brunner, Bob ------------420 Brunner, Joy -------------370 Bruster, Jane ------------340 Bruton, Beverly ---------448 Bryant, Ken ------------424 Marcia ----------236, 356 Bryson, Robert ----------114, 208 Buchanan, Leonard -----120, 226 Buchols, Thomas --------436 Buchta, Virginia ----------236, 444 Buckley, Marilyn ----------244, 364 Buckley, Nancy ----------348 Budinger, Judy ----------374 Buford, Maryann ---------125, 331 Buie, Joan ---------------125, 374 Bulington, Barry ----------406 Bullock, David ----------124, 384 Bunatta, George ----------395 Bunch, Charlene ----------346 Bundy, Joan ---------------362 Bundy, Ronald ----------226, 450 Bunting, Roger ----------424 Burcell, Joe ---------------436 Burdman, Connie --------352 Burdman, Elaine ---------352 Burgard, John ----------194 Burge, Bill ---------------384 Burggraaf, Gail ----------364 Burke, Elaine ----------124 Burke, John ----------120, 433 Burke, Robert ----------124 Burke Val ---------------358 Burkett, Charles -----392 Burkhart, Joy ----------376 Burmeister, John -----396 Burnham, Sandra -----107 Burnhardt, Steve ------430 Burns, Richard ---------107 Burton, Evelyn ----------125, 443 Burton, Nancy Lee -----444 Burton, Nancy ----------362 Burton, Walter ----------426 Bush, Walter ------------404 Bushard, Suzanne -----240 Bushnell, Ken ----------107, 398 Butch, Thomas ---------125 Butkovich, Joan ----------332 Butland Bill ---------------192, 390 Butler, Jerome ----------390 Butler, Ted ---------------406 Butler, Yvonne ----------447 Butsumyo, Aiko --------344 Byers, Betty -------------224 Byrne, Pat ---------------125, 370 Byron, Diane -------------348 Bystrom, Babs ----------370 C Caballo, Peggy ----------107, 215 Cacho, Emile ----------448 Cachran, John ----------208 Cahan, Jerry ----------200, 436 Cahoon, Jeannett -----244 Caburn, Sheldon ------125 Calanter, Dennis -----428 Calder, Richard -------408 Caldwell, Nancy -------374 Caldwell, Robert -------432 Calene, Mary Lou -----442 Calhoun, John ----------398 Calian, Clara ----------450 Call, De Wight --------412 Cameron, Dean -------426 Cameron, Pauline Camiel, Stan -----------416 Campadorico, Elinor -----107 Campbell, Lloyd ----------236, 388 Campbell, Roberta 350, 444 Cangiang, Floria ----------236, 366 Cantrell, Irene ----------449 Cantwell, Lois ----------448 Capetillo, Sylvia ----------125 Caplette, Gloria --------240, 444 Card, Joan 366 Carlberg, David 125 Carling, Sue Carlson, Isabelle Carlson, Jim -----161, 203, 240, 390 Carlson, Nancy 348 Carlson, Rod Carmack, John Carmichael, Barbara Carnahan, Lee Carne, Bob 420 Carpenter, Gene 180 Carrigan, Paula Carrington, Fred Carroll, Jean 181, 346 Carswell, Jean Carter, Barbara Carter, Bill Carter, David Carter, James Carter, Jim Carter, Laney Cartwright, Marilyn Carunchio, Dennis -------- 410 Cashman, Robert Casillos, Amporo Caspuson, Betty Cassin, Jim Casten, Rosalie Caston, Joe Castro, Rudy Catalano, Barbara Caulter, Carolyn Cauthen, Carol Cavine, Patty --------364 Challman, Susan Chambers, Jollee 348 Champlin, Don Chan, Adora 244 Chandler, Sara 360 Chaney, Joel Chang, Margrette Channon, Dick Chapman, Jody 240, 338 Char, Geraldine Charlton, Will Charthoff, Roland Chase, Mike Chase, Sylvia Chasin, Tom 420 Chassman, Leonard Chatelain, Don 424 Chatre, Sally ----------236 Chavannes, Ted ----------404, 226, 120 Cheney, John ----------402 Chenkin, Gray ----------125, 438 Cherniss, Marcia ----------334 Chestnut, Yvonne ----------444 Chiaravalloti, John ----------436 Chiles, Dan ----------396 Chinn, Dennis ----------214, 223 Louise ----------125 Chi riaco, Margite ----------244, 444 Chiriaco, Pauline ----------181, 236, 444 Chitjean, Sara ----------125 Chiwaki, Misako ----------125, 218 Chotiner, Ken ----------194, 433 Chou, Cheng ----------125 Chretian, Chere ----------331 Christ, John ----------185 Christian, John ----------426 Christoff, Jerry ----------390 Christopher, Stan ----------402 Church, Bill ----------436 Ted ----------415 Cisco, Richard ----------226 Clancy, Michael ----------408 Clapton, Bill ----------396 Clark, Adriene 236, 326, 358 Clark, Barbara ----------346 Clark, Cece ----------181, 338 Clark, Charles ----------392 Clark, Dot ----------244 Clark, Jane ----------244 Clark, Janice ----------342 Clark, Robert ----------436 Clark, Russ ----------396 Clarke, John ----------420 Mike ----------192, 240, 420 Clarkin, Karen Clasen, Joyce 183, 190, 370 Clayton, Johnanna ----------350 Clayton, Suzanne ----------346 Cleary, Kathleen ----------450 Cleary, Marty ----------364 Cleinman, Hal ----------416 Clemence, Patty ----------438 Clemensen, Donnie ----------240, 338 Clements, Christine ----------366 Clendenin, Sally ----------211, 236, 362 Cleveland, Ken ----------114, 195 Clewley, Car olyn ----------370 Cline, Joanne ----------364 Cline, John ----------125 Cloud, Dorothy ----------358 Coates, Audrie ----------328 Coates, Dorothy Coats, Bill ----------406 Coblentz, David ----------386 Carol ----------358 Cockrane, John ----------406 Coennen, Bob ----------200, 436 Coffee, Jerry ----------424 Coffland, Marvin ----------450 Cohen, Bob ----------418 Cohen, Ed ----------422 Cohen, Harold ----------107 Harris ----------416 Cohen, Joyce ----------192, 244 Cohen, Lavine ----------125 Cohen, Lawrence ----------125 Cohen, Laurence ----------125, 422 Cohen, Lynn ----------368 Cohen, Robert ----------422 Cohen, Shirley ----------334 Cohin, Barbara ----------244 Cohn, Barbara ----------355 Cohn, Estelle ----------220 Cohn, Jane ----------334 Cohn, Jerry ----------438 Cohn, Naomie ----------372 Cohn, Walt ----------438 Coker, Louise ----------232 Colbert, Dorothy ----------244, 449 Cole, Donald ----------120, 226 Cole, Larry ----------240, 416 Coleman, Juanita 240, 376 Collender, Robert 120 Collier, Bruce 236, 412 ColIine, Joe 424 Collins, Mary 352 Colmenares, Joe 188 Coltrin, Pat 198, 338 Colvin, Dick 430 Comaro, Sandra 334 Combs, Robert 125 Comerford, Roger 408 Concoff, Gary 416 Connell, Carol 348 Connolly, Kevin 408 Considine, John 392 Considine, Pat 342 Constantian, Ed 228, 444 Cook, Bruce 434 Cook, Hunter 424 Cook, Phil 420 Cooke, Don 436 Coombs, Joanne 348 Coombs, John 406 Cooper, Beverly 126 Cooper, John 406 Cooper, Ronald 126, 422 Cope, Leanne 201, 336 Copeland, Robert 114 Copins, Barbara 368 Coplen, Keith 240, 390 Corallo, Richard 424 Cordes, Ann 336 Cords, Jane 126 Jo Anna 187 Cornell, Don 107, 160, 434 Corsoro, Donna 332 Cortelyou, Robert 434 Corvan, Jean 184 Lee 107 Costarella, Bob 404 Coster, Georgina 449 Cotkin, Marian 244 Cott, Sandra 126 Cotterell, Robert 424 Cougler, Joan. .201, 222, 326, 374 Coulson, Mary Ann 346 Coulter, Carolyn 126 Cover, Harold 436 Cover, Nancy 362 Covington, Betty 236, 338 Cowan, Jean 184, 370 Barbara 192, 244, 366 Cowell, Barbara 236 Cowen, Virginia 192, 362 Cox, John 126 Cox, Marshall 396 Cox, Suzanne 370 Crabtree, David 126 CraiI, Patrick 244, 436 Cramer, Edward 126, 412 Cramer, Richard 402 Crandall, Lynn 420 Cravens, Carolyn 366 Chavou, Virginia 362 Colleen 126 Creange, John 126, 232, 216 CrediIle, Anne 447 Creech, Carol 350 Cressey, Jeanne 328 Cressman, Joanna 240, 358 CresswelI, Richard 126 Crill, William 434 Cripps, Carolyn 328 Crisp, Dolores 354 Croff, Lois 240, 366 Croghan, Allan 126 Crosier, Karla 443 James 199 Crouch, Ann 442 Crouch, Richard 114, 208 Crow, Barbara 340 Crowe, Guss 114 Crowell, Anne 338 Crowell, Dick 436 Crowell, Marcia 346 Crowell, Shirley 107, 215, 338 Crowley, Ron 390 Crum, Don 107, 384 Cullom, Barbara 107 Culverson, Thelma 244 Kent 114, 426 Cunning, Bill 412 Cunningham, Raymond 208 Cunningham, Sally 360 Cunningham, Tom 392 Cureton, Hardiman 107, 199 Curry, Winfield 226 Cuthberg, Rajit 244 d Dahis, Dorotha 126 Dahl, Stephanie 328 Dahlerbruch, Stefan 114 Dahlgren, John 120 Dailey, Jack 406 Dakin, Ray 390 Dakis, Dorothea 356 Dalby, Gini 198 244, 336 Dally, Susanne 330 Damon, Noel 412 Danes, Don 107 Danis, Frank 126 Danlan, Dan 432 Dannell, Douglas 126, 436 Dapper, Barbara 370 Darnall, Aloria 340 Darney, Karan 443 Darnley, Sanora 443 Darroll, Vernon 120 Darrow, Cal 438 Darsie, Roberta 366 Dartolucci, Carla 374 Leonard 236, 395 David, Louisa 107, 211, 232 Davids, Leonard 412 Davidson, Diane 244 Davidson, Gary 392 Davis, Betzy 236, 366 Davis, Diane 372 Davis, Elise 107, 232, 334 Davis, Harold 384 Davis, Howard 236 Davis, Jaclyn 355, 444 Davis, Roy 390 Martha 236, 340 Davis, Mary 336 Day, Carolyn 181, 240, 370 Day Donald 120 Day, Nina 338 Dealey, Robert 406 Dean, Julie 350 Dear, Pat 338 Debey, Pat 332 DeBoer, Ann 126, 330 De Bree, Mellien 216 Decarrillo, Ignacia 412 Deckenbach, Betsy 446 De Cola, Joan 350 Dederich, Theodore 126 DeFord, Cliff 406 Defele, C. W. 402 DeGennaro, Len 412 DeGuard, Kathleen 107 Deise, Donald 412 Deiss, Anita 366 Deitz, James 211 Delaney, Patrick 398 DeLey, Herbert 404 Delp, Janice 358 Del Rio, Fernando 126 Demeire, Frank 415 Demers, Lowell 392 Demille, Jim 398 DeMonte, Brent 107 DeMoss, Jerry 114 DeNevers, Margaret 126 Denton, Nancy 244, 444 DeRenzis, Arlene 366 DeRenzo, Carolyn 444 Deringer, Barbara 364 Dernburg, Michael 416 Despam, Diana 448 Detrick, Don 412 Deupree, Anne 446 Deutch, John 126, 388 Deverman, Gail 181, 236, 332 Dewitt, Ann 240, 348 DeYoung, Joan 126 Dial, Sandra 240, 449 Dickerson, Orville 114, 182 Dickman, Martha 107, 210, 232 Didrichson, James 126 Diener, Chris 328 Dietz, Carl 180 Differding, Bob 232, 424 Dillard, Robert Goring 126 Dillen, Richard 384 Dilworth, Diane 198 DiMaio, Fred 120 Dircky, David 406 Dirric, Barbara 332 Dixon, Dick 244, 402 Dixon, Ken 434 Dodd, Jerry 402 Dodson, Marian 350 Dolin, Norman 428 Donalson, Dale 414 Donath, Dorothy 364 Donato, Tony 390 DondanviIle, Nancy 444 Doolittle, Edith 215 Dorman, Sandy 332 Doss, Richard 406 Doty, Don 406 Doucett, Walter . . 120, 226, 394 Dougherty, Bob 180 Douglass, Jean 328 Doumani, Roy 408 Doyle, Bernie 358 Drageset, Al 424 Drake, Hudson 406 Drake, Tom 402 Drapeau, John 228, 436 Draper, Guenely 192 Drasin, Irv 126, 183, 430 Dresser, Harry 107 Drew, Larry 420 Drew Sylvia 348 Drott, John 394 Drougas, Nichlas 126 Drucke, Erwin 208 Drum, Dave 202, 406 Drum, Lloyd 126 Duane, Grace 374 Duba, Donald 100, 392 Dubois, Peter 406 Dubow, Chuck 416 DuBrove, Arlene 352 Duchowny, Phyllis 334 Dudra, Joan 126 Duffy, Owen 390 Duga, Pat 355 Dugan, Rita 374 Duhm, Douglas 406 Duitz, Don 114 Duks, John 194 Dunbar, Mary 364 Dunker, Fred 415 Dunn, Fred 126, 422 Dunn, Joyce 216, 232, 378 Dunn, Ronald 121 DuRalI , David 414 Duroff, Sanford 386 Dverick, Jean 236 Dutton, Dave 414 Dwey, Don 406 Dyer, Gil 236 Dyer, James 120, 436 David 404 e East, Brooks 126 Eacrett, Marilyn 184 Eades, Annette 330 Eads, Warren 424 Eareshaw, Janet 244 Earley, Ted 114, 208 Ebbert, Dick 412 Ebert, Kae 364 Ebert, Sue 364 Eby, Connie 342 Echerman, Jerald 114, 410 Eckart, Joan 346 Eddy, Robert 114 Edelman, Art 438 Edelman, Thomas 126 Edgerton, Sylvelin 215 Edic, Richard 426 Edmonds, Ellen 236, 342, 444 Edwards, James 384 Edwards, Marlene 108 Edwards, Virginia 216 Effrom, Len 430 Efron, David 386 Efron, Phil 386, 240 Egenes, Lloyd 182, 436 Eelis, Russel 202, 382 Eelman, Edward 236 Egenes, Lloye 436 Egers, Mich 418 Eggert, Robert 426 Eggleston, Sue 126, 190, 232 Ehlen, Jeanette 444 Eischen, Marjorie 332 Eisenberg, Karolyn 216, 220 Eisenstein, Edward 126 Erkdahl, Joyce 201, 346 Ekegren, Carol 350 Elbogen, James 418 Elerath, Ruth 342 Elgin, Russell 388 Elgort, Howard 418 Elias, Neil 200, 428 Elias, Richard 120 Elko, Alicia 240, 444 Ellerbrock, Diana 356 Elling, Carol 360 Elliot, Sandra 332 Elliott, Rosemary 232 Ellis, Barbara 126, 362 Ellis, Eleanor ........ 161, 447 Ellis, Judy 334 Gordon 433 Ellison, Judy 342 Ellman, Richard 438 Ellwood, Barbara ....127, 188, 232 Elser, Margy 196, 336 Elson, Lee 203, 416 Ely, Barbara 338 Embree, Georgene....127, 216, 232 Emrick, Don 404 Enell, Eric 404 Engel, Gloria 368 John 406 Engelsman, John 231, 414 Englund, Shirley 108, 232, 350 Engrave, Rose 336 Enoch, George 114 Enoch, Mike 396 Enoch, Paul 114, 398 Ensminger, Noyun 350 Entin, David 202, 232, 416 Epler, William 182, 202, 396 Elizabeth 244, 372 Epstein, Norman 430 Erichsen, Jo 346 Ericksmoen, Jill 346 Erickson, Sylvia 449 Erlewine, Joyce 127 Erlich, Lynne 240 Ervin, Linda 350 Escobosa, Al 187 Escobosa, Alfonso 120 Estaw, Jerald 114, 208 Etter, Bregette 336 Evans, Jerry 432 Evans, Nancy 244, 442 Evans, Richard 404 Sue 352 Ewing, Dick 394 Ezealow, Marshall 430 Ezor, Sharon 334 f Faber, Don 108, 202, 430 Factor, Sharon 334 Fader, Al 114 Fahay, Janie 196, 340 Fairchild, Helen 449 Falck, Arnold 127 Falcon, Loween 350 Fall, Louise 220 Faltz, Marlene 108 Fanta, Mary Rae 212, 236 Farley, Leon 202, 127 Farmer, Mary Ann 244 Farmer, Pat 198, 332 Farran, Leroy 398 Farrell, Barbara 338 Faulkner, Daryl 114, 202, 432 Faulkner, Richard 433 Faulkner, Sue 236, 374 Faust, Richard 414 FeezelI , Norma 446 Feingold, Lorraine 352 Feldman, Judy 201 Fenrich, April 127, 336 Fenski, Dennis 199 Fenton, Ronald 108 Ferguson, Nancy 244, 348 Fern, Fred 386 Ferrin, Sherry Lee 108, 224, 348 Ferris, Barbara 127 Fichbach, Lee 355 Fichman, Marshall 127 Field, Irwin 428 Field, De Anne 196, 240, 346 Field, Judy 376 Fields, Jan 442 Fields, Sheila 334 Fierberg, Walter 401 Fiffr, Sally 370 Figueroa, Tillie 201, 350 Fince, Al 114, 210 Finer, Jackie 372 Finkel, Eleanor 352 Finks, Steve 180 Finlay, Tom 120 Finwall, Paul 426 Fischer, Natalie 108 Fishburn Sue 360 Fisher, Jerry 422 Fisher, Norman 236 Fitz, Sandra 378 Fitzgerald, De Elda 360 Fitzgerald, George 424 Fitzgerald, James 108 Flamm, Melvin 127 Flanigan, Robert 115 Flaxman, Vivian 181, 236 Flickinger, Charles 394 Fliegel, Melvyn 180 Flink, Caren 346 Flint, Judy 358 Flood, Dee 127, 188, 232, 342 Flood, Mike 406 Flowers, Pat 354, 450 Flynn, John 408 Flynn, Michael 402 Fogle, George 384 Fogel, Norman 438 Foley, Lawrence 127 Foltz, Marlene 201, 332 Folz, David 398 Fong, Gai 108, 214 Foonberg, Jay 202 Ford, John 404 Susan 332 Fordham, Earl 396 Forester, Phil 236 Forman, Joan 192 Fort, Sally 127, 442 Fos, Jo Ann 108 Foss, Pat 198 Fossum, Christine 236, 336 Foster, Darlene 115 Foster, Richard 404 Fostinis, Adrienne 346 Fowler, Barbara 198, 338 Fowler, Gwen 362 Fowler, Laurie 127 Fox, Barbara 244 Fox, Pat 340 Fox, Sandra 127 Frame, Frances 236, 366 Framer, Conrad 428 France, Jack 433 Francis, George 426 Frandle, Gloria 224 Frandsen, Allan 185, 244 Frank, Len 127 Frank, Loren 120 Frankel, John 225, 240 Franklin, Bill 412 Franklin, Carol 346 Franklin, Mimi 236 Franklin, Rosemarie 366 Franks, Jane 181, 358 Franks, John 404 Franks, Pattie 216 Frant, Ronald 127 Fraven, Jean 240 Frazier, Julie 360 Frederich, Janet 108, 374 Fredrickson, Dennis 410 Freed, Jo Anne 108, 198 Freeman, Anita 350 Freeman, Ronald 127, 232, 416 Freiwald, Robert 127 French, Sue 338 Frey, Jeff 192, 203, 240 Fried, Marion 352 Freidlander, Betty 352 Friedman, Bruce 422 Friedman, Jerry 430 Friedman, Shirley 127 Friedrich, Judith 350 Frieno, Carol....198, 201, 236, 374 Fries, Charles 127, 436 Friese, Pat 240, 350 Fritts, Beverly 220 Frizler, Paul 400 Frank, Loren 432 Frost, Donna 236, 364 Frye, Patrice 232, 446 Fugett, Nick 392 Fujioka, Ruth 344 Fukita, Ruth 108, 218, 232, 344 Fukitsubo, William S. 120 Fujiwara, Mary 127, 344 Fukuda, Betty 344 Fukuda, Kunikiho 127 Fukuhaga, Terry 344 Fulks, Valerie 331 Fulton, John 392 Funai, Teruko 218 g Gobeele, David 141 Gage, Linda 336 Gage, Mitzi 236 Gage, Sheri 448 Gail, Ray 240, 412 Galdie, Lucia 127 Gale, Kenneth 386 Gale, Mitzi 340 Galitz, Dick 192, 203, 240 Gallagher, Mike 424 Gallaudet, Connie 370 Gallenberg, Ferd 386 GalIien, Gary 434 Gaily, Frank 414 Galston, Frances 127 Gamer, Georgia 364 Gandel , Earl 127 Gann, Hazlet 236, 338 Ganulen, James 115, 438 Garcia, Angelina 187 Garcin, Seneca 127 Garden, Leroy 127 Gardner, Harry 390 Gamey, Norm 232, 418 Garhardt, Lynne 192, 236, 342 Garman, Craig 202, 232, 433 Garney, John 415 Garrett, Donovan 396 Garvin, Verna 442 Frank 414 Gasser, Charlotte 366 Gates, Ellen 216 Gaustad, Sonja 127, 221, 356 Gaylord, Phyllis 378 Gaynor, Shirley 372 Gear, Mary Joan 127 Geary, Ruth 240 Gee, Randolph 127 Geen, Gloria 342 Geib, Lorne 115 Geitgey, Davis 395 Gelfand, Rita 352 Geller, Ronald 108 Gendel, Steven 428 John 115, 232, 424 Gentry, Nancy 336 George, Billy 115, 208, 232 George, Marilyn 196, 204, 240, 350 George, Mary Louise 127 Gerber, Leah 334 Gerbing, Tom 390 Germano, Nancy 108 Gershon, Bob 420 Gershon, Jack 420 Gertsman, Don 115 Gertsman, Steve 438 Gianera, Ardythe 346 Giarrusso, Gino 432 Russell 410 Gidlow, Gary 430 Gilbert, Jeane 372 Gill, David 416 Gill, Larry 404 GiIlenberg, Gary 426 Gilliam, Angela 447 Gilliam, Gordon 236, 414 Gilman, Lloyd 433 Gilman, Warren 115, 183, 232 Gilmore, Diana 358 Gimmy, Nancy 356 Giordano, Nick 127 Gipson, Eliza 354 Giss, Eelioat 422 Gissberg, Signe 127, 364 Gister, Carole 372 Gittleman, Nate 430 Glad, Jay 434 Glantz, Jack 422 Glass, Earl 430 Glass, Laurie 191 Glazer, Albert 127 Glein, Lois 127 Glenn, Brandy 398 Glesby, Roch 368 Glyn’ Davies, Anita 360 Glynn, John 180, 240 Goach, Tarrant A. 127 Goadstein, Charles 127 Gobble, John 128, 390 Gobert, Ruby 358 Godfrey, Robert 115 Goerz, David 128, 216 Goetten, Lyssa 364 Goff, Jean 204, 362 Goldbach, Gerh 414 Goldberg, Jay 115, 428 Goldberg, Ted 115, 418 Goldblatt, Fred 115 Goldbloom, Erwin 202, 386 Golde, Regene 372 Golden, Ann 444 Golden, Barbara 222, 236, 326, 378 Golden, Richard 120 Golding, David 422 Goldman, Henry 240, 386 Goldsmith, Marlene 336 Goldsmith, Nancy 216 Goldspring, Lois 340 Golstein, Phillip 430 Goldstein, Roberta 352 Goldstein, Sheila 372 Goldthwaite, Joan 370 Gollos, Nancy 350 Gomez, Mike 115, 232, 396 Gomick, Gail 244, 450 Gonor, Elaine 368 Gonzalez, Ray 128, 187 Gooch, Tarrant 436 Good, Robert 402 Goodkin, Charmaine 352 Goodman, David 416 Goodman, John 115 Goodman, Leon 430 Goodwin, Diana 332 Goodwin, Shirley 362 Goolnick, Isabelle 352 Goon, Louise 328 Gordner, Al 182 Gordon, Angela 128 Gordon, Joan 444 Gordon, Robert 115, 232, 416 Gordon, Rosalina 128, 362 Gore, Marilyn 236 Gorman, Phyllis 128, 362 Gorton, Dave 396 Gottfried, Sam 418 Gottlieb, Barbara 240, 368 Amy 218, 443 Gotts, Charlene 442 Gould, Jim 120, 232 Grace, Julianne 364 Graham, Gail 448 Graham, Janice 442 Grassl , Joanne 236, 442 Graves, Richard 128 Gray, James 115, 208 Gray, Jan 240, 362 Gray, Joan 450 Greaney, Diane 108, 378 Greaves, Diane 448 Joseph 202, 236 Green, Lawrence 208 Green, Lilian 366 Green, Mike 392 Green, Pat 346 Green, Stanley 128 Greenberg, Peter 108 Greenberg, Stanley 418 Greene, Iom 406 Greeness, Sally 244, 376 Grenschlag, Samuel 128 Greenspan, Jerry 438 Betty 196, 231, 240, 334 Greenwald, Lynda 355 Greenwald, Jeanette 376 Gregg, Audria 358 Gregg, Roger 128, 384 Gregore, Diane 328 Greitzer, Stanley 115, 438 Grey, Bruce 225 Grey, Howard 416 Griffin, Melissa 201, 358 Griffin, Ples 128 Griffith, Joan 108, 356 Grindle, Shirley 140 Phyllis 212 Grinnell, Betsy 370 Grishaw, Ann 360 Griswold, Jim 436 Groat, Dave 199 Groat, Dolores 370 Grobe, Charles 416 Groben, Carol 328 Gross, Sonia 128 Grossman, Jeanine 372 Grossman, Larry 115, 202, 418 Grove, Dave 398 Grover, Marih 232 Grozen, Carol 328 Grund, Carol 128 Gruver, Martha 108, 376 GuiIleaume, Michael 424 Guiton, Jane 328 Gunther, Sheile 450 Guss, Curtis 412 Gustafson, Daryl 426 Gustin, Philip 424 Gu tierrez, Harry 115, 436 Guttelman, Melba 204, 334 Guy, Bob 406 Gvirtzman, Carol 444 h Haag, Ernest 450 Hass, Don 128 Hackamach, Marsha 192, 356 Evelyn 340 Hadson, Mark 390 Hageman, Roger 390 Haglund, Pat 220 Hague, Carolyn 448 Haire, Ann 128 Hale, Karla 108, 232, 366 Hall, Dave 128 Hall, Dore Joan 214, 232 Hall, Inez 214 Hall, Lura 108, 350 Hall, Margie 366 Roland 121 Hall, Susann 108, 364 HalIinen, Lois 346 Halmquist, Jo-Ann 128 Halter, Jack 121 Halverson, David 232, 415 Halverson, James 402 Hamaguchi, Hajime 400 Hamake, Yoho 140 Hamblen, Obee 364 Hamblen, Veeva 364 Hamer, Merry 338 Hamiel, Sally 108, 350 Hamilton, H. Floyd 128, 398 Hamilton, Mary Kay 244 Hamilton, Mildred 128 Hamilton, Mory 115, 208, 210 Hamilton, Pat 192, 364 Hamilton, Rolene 236, 354 Hamilton, Thomas 192, 240 Hammargren, Ann 346 Hancher, Collen 108 Hancock, Kathy 364 Helen 355 Handler, George 128, 180 Haney, Jacqueline 108 Hanley, Steve 408 Hanlow, Allan 404 Hansen, Dorothea 140 Hansen, Ralph 115 Hanson, Bob 390 Hanson, Diane 128 Hanson, William 108 Hanstein, Bettie 196, 356 Harden, Daryl 244 Harding, Charles 128 Hardy, Barbara 366 Hardy, Bill 240 Hargear, James 408 Charles 436 Haroldson, Joy 449 Harn, Peter 416 Harper, Ted 408 Harrington, Lois 192 Harris, Allen 128, 386 Harris, Ann 334 Harris, Carole 334 Harris, Delos 192 Harris, Esker 208 Harris, Jeanette 332 Harris, Rachel 128 Harris, Rochelle 128 Harrison, Howard 408 Harrison, Jim 420 Harrison, Peter 433 Hart, Dianne 348 Hart, Glen 225 Harthan, John 432 Hartig, Carl 402 Hartman, Dick 416 Hartman, Tom 408 Hartmann, Ronald 432 Hartnig, Bruce 436 Hartwig, Bruce 200 Hartung, Richard 115 Haselton, Sally 362 Haskins, Lois 332 Hastings, Pat 328 Hasty, Carolyn 228 Hata, Grace 218 Hatcher, Charles Hatchimont, Gloria 344 April 184, 236, 356 Hathcock, Sharyl 240, 356 Hatt, Dorothy Hatton, Dolores Hatton, Jeanette Hauge, Lila Haugh, Shirley Hauptman, Leslie Hauser, Monica 338 Havens, Donna Havens, Vivian 346 Charles Hawkins, Dee 376 Hawkins, Dennis Hawkins, Sandra Hawley, Beverly Hay, Ben Hayden, John Hayes, John Haymes, Margaret -------- 346 Hayward, Wendy Heath, Dorlee Heck, Ronald Hedden, Diane Hedenbery, Robert HeiIigman, Gladys -------- 128 Heiman, Herbert Hein, Bobbie Hein, Joel Judy 244 Heinz, Joe 432 Heitmann, Edwin 226 Heitzberg, Joan 128 Heitzer, Harry 108, 232, 386 Held, Allan 432 Hellman, Stanford 115 Hellstein, Francis 396 Helm, Betsy 358 Henderson, Mary 358 Henkin, Gail 355 Henley, Sandra 360 Henman, Arthur 128 Hennings, Fred 180 Henry, Doris 448 Henry, Lola 140 Henry, Richard 128, 390 Hensgen, Richard 224 Herber, Lorna 128 Herrera, Margarita 108 Herrich, Jean 362 Herrick, Jean 108 Herrold, William 108 Herschhorn, 401 Hersam, June 342 Hershman, Marvin 422 Hess, Lee 398 Hess, Virginia 332 Hester, Rose Marie 364 Hewes, Jack 121 Heyes, Ray 388 Kathleen 192, 332 Heyn, Carl 129, 232, 388 Heyn, Chickie 364 Hiam, Barbara 240, 356 Hibbs, Gerald 236, 414 Hichey, Pat 129 Hickey, William 434 Hicks, Al 225 Hicks, Donald 203, 236, 398 Hicks Beach, Heather 236, 340 Higbee, Margaret 129, 348 Higgins, Peggy 109, 358 High, Robert 129, 182 Hight, Jerry 390 Higley, Carol Jane 374 Hildenbrand, Al 426 Hilger, Sunny 376 Hill, David 115, 210, 232, 390 HiIlerman, Bob 426 Hillstrom, Robert 432 Hinshaw, Ginger 336 Hirabayashi, Betty 218, 344 Hirasuna, Jean 218, 344 Hirchhorn, 401 Hirlman, Frank 236 Hirohata, Yoho 109 Hirsch, Lois 188 Hirsh, Richard 244, 418 Hirst, Virginia 236, 362 Hirwitz, Carol 372 Hitchcock, Dianne 350 Hite, Elda 370 Hittelman, Paul 418 Hlote, Sylvia 352 Hodington, Donald 109, 388 Hoerger, Jackie 336 Hoesington, Phyllis 109 Hoewitz, Marilyn 442 Hoffman, Dave 424 Hoffman, Eddie 244, 438 Hoffman, Herman 180, 236 Hoffman, Judy 240 Hoffman, Marlene 236 Hoffman, Mary 109 Hoffman, Robert 225 Hogan, Mike 433 Hoisington, Phyllis 224 Holaday, June 366 Florence 374 Holladay, Emily 109, 370 Holland, George 392 Hollaway, Charles 199 Holliday, Daniel 129 Holm, Jerry 384 Holmen, Rich 236, 406 Holmes, Barbara 342 Holmes, Ben 199, 396 Holmes, David 432 Holmes, Don 121, 390 Holmes, Donna 129, 338 Richard 432 Holmquist, Jo Ann 129, 350 Holsman, Evelyn 221 Holthaus, Warren 121, 388 Holtsmark, Eric 414 Holve, James 436 Holzbanb, Don 109 Homel, Harvey 382, 401 Homes, Marilyn 240, 376 Homsy, Barbara 244, 444 Hon, Sandra 244, 336 Honaher, Maralynn 18.1 Honaker, Maralyn 232 Hopkins, Bob 199 Hopp, David 386 Horger, John 232, 388 Horiuchi, Sharlene 218, 344 Horn, Davy 338 Horn, Rita 129 Horn, Thomas 420 Horowitz, Ralph 244, 428 Horowitz, Roberta 109, 211, 222, 232, 444 Hoskin, Donald 395 Hoss, Jodi 109 Houchin, Charles 195 Hough, Shirley 336 Houseman, Clarie 332 Houseman, Hugh 392 Howser, Pat 370 Howard, Janice 109, 215, 232 Howard, John 412 Howard, Marvin 390 Howard, Ruth 201, 332 Hoy, Bill 433 Hrabonashi Betty 211 Hsusman, Robert 180 Huang, Edward 129 Hubbell, Robert 129, 189 232, 410 Huebner, Jeannie 236 Huff, Patricia 129, 198, 232, 366 Hughes, Barbara 328 Hughes, Don 406 Hughes, Edwin 388 Hughes, Richard 436 Hughes, William 109 Hugos, Frances 448 Hulbert, Bruce 398 Hulett Dick 236, 398 Hull, Irene 127, 201 Humble, Jan 426 Hume, Marsha 370 Hummason, Gretchen 223 Hunsicher, Kay 109, 378 Hunsinger, Shelby 364 Hunt, Beverly 109, 340 Hunt, Bob 189, 202, 3 98 Hunt, Gordon 129, 232 Ida Mae 370 Hunt, Keith 398 Hunt, Marilyn 129, 188 Hunts, Jim 426 Hunts, Margaret 129, 190, 448 Hurley, Dianne 346 Hurley, William 129 Hurst, Alfred 244 Hurty, Terry 360 Hutchason, Barbara 129 Hutchison Ray 434 Huttin, Elliot 416 Hutton, 109 Hyman, Edwin 428 Hyman, Leiha 240 Hyman, Robert ..... . 115, 232, 416 i Icaza, Ricardo 115 Ida, Jean 218, 448 Iehi Ronald 236, 384 Iguchi, Elizabeth 218, 448 Ikumogunniyi, Busari 450 Imbach, Robert 330 Inatomi, Sadie 129 Inclove, Herb 422 IngalIs, Edgar 116 Ingrahan, Michael 116 Inman, Janet 370 Inman, Robert 121, 226 Irian, Larry 129 Irving, Brian 129 Irving, Mary 201, 328 Irwin, Catheryn 109 Isad, John 214, 232 Isbitz, Sarah 448 Ishino, Florence 215, 442 Ito, Minor 116 Iversen, Ken 436 Iwasaki, Jane 218, 344 Izuel, Anthony 226 j Jackson, George 208 Jackson, Jane 336 Jackson, Jim 434 Jackson, John 236, 406 Jackson, Margaret 109 Jackson, Richard 129 Jackson, Virginia 360 Jacobs, Diane 188 Jacobs, Errol 418 Jacobs, Irwin 129, 416 Jacobs, Michael 401 Jacobs, Norman 129, 182 Jacobs, Pat 201 Jacobs, Robert 422 Jacobs, Ronald 109, 232, 412 Jacobsan, Eunice 129 Jacobsen, Marshall 116, 232 Jacobson, Eilene 188 Jacobson, Gilbert 430 Jacobson, Ralph 185 Jacobson, Steve 386 Jacoby, Sam 188 Jaffe, Carl 426 Jakej, Lellu 372 James, Sid 116 Jamison, Ursula 364 Janber, Sylvia 334 Janis, Joel 438 Janssen, Mavis 340, 444 Japour, Vida 340 Jashol, Howard 116 Jayne, Nedra 370 Jeffries, George 180, 240, 434 Jenkins, Dixie 236 Jensen, Arne 223 Jensen, Rita 342 Jensen, Vince 408 Jewel, Nancy 338 Jewel, Stanley 406 Jewett, Bob 424 Jobe, Linda 348 Joe, the Dog 418 Johannesen, Bob 183, 390 Johnson, Ben 199 Johnson, Bob 199 Johnson, Caleb 232 Johnson, Carroll 433 Johnson, Chris 181, 366 Johnson, Clarann 129, 183, 201, 232, 340 Johnson, Dick 180, 240 Johnson, Duncan 406 Johnson, Evelyn 228 Johnson, Georgine 244, 348 Johnson, Jimmie 116 Johnson, Jim 116, 433 Johnson, Joan 109, 376 Johnson, JoAnn 330 Johnson, Joy 370 Johnson, Lois 109 Johnson, Marcia 35B Johnson, Margery 240, 366 Johnson, Margrette 109 Johnson, Pat 362 Johnson, Rafer 203, 418 Johnson, Ralph 129 Johnson, Ramona 181, 362 Johnson, Ray 199, 404 Johnson, Raymond 408 Johnson, Richard 434 Johnson, Russell 129 Johnson, Susan 129 Johnson, Warren 129 Johnson, Wayne 109 Johnson William 180 Johnston, Claude 398 Johnston, Vivian 201 Johnstone, Judy 236, 443 Jonekornkit, Pandit 129 JonelI, Don 388 Jones, Barbara 201, 204, 370 Jones, Carol 198, 240, 362 Jones, Dorothy 332 Jones, Elaine 129 Jones, Evan 121, 225 Jones, George 384 Jones, Joyce 374 Jones, Richard 116, 200, 436 Sid 402 Jones, Susan 328 Jong, Carolyn 109 Jordan, Gary . 388 Jordan, Gloria 336 Jordan, Laurie 358 Jorden, Corinne 220, 442 Jordt, Dave 130 Jorgensen, Ann 328 Jorgenson, Avis 362 Joseph, Alva 180 Joseph, Ardine 244 Joshol , Stanley 116 Joukhoar, Mohamed 130 Joyce, Carl 121 Joyce, John 121 Julian, Douglas 412 Juran, Warren 121, 225 Just, Ken 210 Justice, Art 384 k Kagawa, Sanaye 140, 448 Kagel, Leta 368 Kageyama, Jean 109 Kahan, Karel 240 Kahn, Gail 244, 444 Kajloka, Agnes 218, 236, 344 Kalen, Tom 192, 244 Kallander, Charles 390 Kallusky, George 420 Kaltenbach, Richard 226 Kambeitz, Gretchen 342 Kamilya, Lily 184, 215, 218, 448 Kaminer, Robin 340, 362 Kanazana, Kay 218 Kandel, Ed 130, 400 Kane, Toby 130, 355 Kanowitz, Wally 430 Kaplan, Fran 340 Kaplan, Norma 334 Kaplan, Joseph 416 Kaplan, Phyllis 355 Kaplan, Sandra 352 Kapp, Donald 109 Karizlari, Bob 109 Karlin, Larry 428 Karlsson, Anita 216, 244, 442 Karnes, Tom 433 Karno, Norton 116 Kashiwabara, Eileen 218 Ron 159, 183, 236 Kaufman, Bob 244, 418 Kaufman, Don 422 Kaufman, Edmond 116, 208, 210 Kaufman, Joan 355 Kawahara, Eleanor 130, 344 Kawai, Harvey 121, 232 Kawai, Ronald 236 Kawanami, Sam 223 Kawaoka, Irene 218 Kay, Carolyn 332 Kay, Don 244, 438 Kay, Valerie 161, 196, 240 Kaye, Charlene 364 Kaysen, Harold 121 Keane, Minna 362 Keely, Charles 130 Keeley, Dennis 415 Keely, Charles 406 Keen, Nancy 334 Keen, Robert 390 Kegel, Marlean 240, 372 Kehl, Dor-Lyn 374 Keil, Marta 358 Lindy 202, 428 Keller, James 130 Kelley, Marcia 370 Kellogg, Mary 374 Kelly, Elma 240, 444 Kelly, Jerry 436 Kelly, Paul 450 Kelner, Howard 414 Kemp, Don 426 Kemper, David 404 Kendall, Judy 364 Kennedy, Craig 433 Kennedy, Kenfield 392 Kenney Charles 406 Kennison, Lois 196, 236 350 Keosheyan, Joyce 109, 362 Keppler, Doug 426 Kerlin, Ross 109 Kern, Roberta 109 Kernblan. Barbara 130 Kerr, John 130 Kerr, Nicki 340 Kerrebrock, Robert 426 Kerseg, June 332 Kesser, Gilbert 130, 420 Kestinger, Rod 402 Ketteringh am, Bill 130, 189 Keyabara, Janice 223 Keys, Robert 386 Keysor, Vina 362 Keysers, Skip 426 Kiefer, Dudley 182 Kielsmeir, Barbara 216, 240, 346 Kight, Mason 199, 392 Kilby, Jerry 432 Kilgore, Mary Jane 140, 450 Kilham, Diane 109, 362 Jim 395 Killen, Don 394 Killgore, Constance 130 Killough, Allene 130, 188, 342 King, Alan 420 King, Jack 398 King, Stan 340, 418 King, Steven 428 Kingman, Yvonne 130 Kingsdale, Fred 438 Kingsley, Mary 344, 376 Kipps, Dee 130, 338 Donna 130, 160, 204, 232, 376 Kirkby, Joan 374 Kiser, Nancy 130 Kitzrow, Richard 192, 200, 203, 240, 436 Kleaveland, Neta 372 Klein, Irwin 130 Klein, Joel 116, 161, 180, 208, Klein, Les 192 Kleinbauer, Eugene 404 Klienman, Sylvia 244 Don 412 Klingensmith, Linda 332 Klitnuh, Sharron 130, 232 Klubnik, Jim 420 Knapp, Buddy 406 Knapp, John 240, 404 Knaub, Dick 412 Knaur, Maureen 232, 356 Knebel, Bill 424 Kneney, Emanuel 236 Knifley, Jo 338 Knight, Joan 116, 222, 232, 330 Knight, Leonard 121, 226 Knope, Kathe 188, 362 Knotek, John 392 Knoughan, William 388 Knowles, Harold 433 Knowlton, David 116 Knutzen, Stan 116 Kobabe, Don 130 Kober, Bruce 121, 390 Kolnick, Mary 368, 444 Kondrat, Jony 130 Konlos, Harry 116 Koontz, Karen 360 Koplan, Frank 236 Kornfeld, Jerome 141 Kos, Joby 232, 366 Kostkenich, Richard 390 Koukois, Joan 334 Koval, Ronnie 412 Kowitz, Mike 430 Kowta, Hiroka 344 Kraabel, Louise 376 Kraft, Tom 420 Kram, Lois 372 Kramer, Remi 109 Kratz, Renee 372 Barry 428 Krause, Adrienne 130, 232 Krause, Beverly 109 Krause, Harold 130 Kraut, Edgar 130 Krauth, Gus 388 Krebs, Fred 130 Krehbiel, Marlene 130 Krimm, Fred 418 Kristan, Manna 368 Kritzer, Larry 116 Krohm, Rusty 402 Kronich, Jonni 236 Kropski, Miche 340 KudelI , Marilyn 130, 364 Kuhn, Marjorie 130, 232, 338 Kuketsu, Sumi 218, 352 Kurahashi , David 121 Kuratomi, Sochi 218 Kurihara, Jeanne 344 Kuriyama, Hazel 130, 344 Kurtich, John 185 Kutin, Sandra 109 Kuton, Sandra 358 l LaAvon, Juanita 130 Lacey, Susan 196, 204, 376 LaChapelle, Mary Ellen 221 Laehl, Eugene 200, 436 Lafferty, Arthur 109 LaFranchi, Charles 390 Lagerberg, Don 434 Laifman, Dolores 188, 198, 236 Laifman, Fran 244 Lakey, Lillian 109 Lambert, Dee 374 Lambert, Leila 130 Lambert, Pat 336 Lamoureux, Richard 130, 394 Lancaster, Jeanne 109, 358 Landau, Barbara 130 Lande, Steve 203, 240, 438 Lane, Donald 116, 408 Lane, Pat 444 Lane, Tom 386 Lane, William 398 Lang, Dave 236, 412 Lang, Susanne 192, 336 Lange, Gary 110, 232 Langfelder, Minnette 118, 232 Lanning, Sharon 204, 342 Lanter, James 116 Lawrence 404 Lanzit, Stephen 406 Lapp, Donalene 346 Larks, Leonard 236 Larrieu, Nance 346 Larsen, Tina 116, 446 Larson, Dale 384 Larson, Elmer 121, 226, 232 Larson, Holly 131, 198, 232, 346 Larson, Jack 116 Larson, Joyce 364 Larson, Marilyn 188, 330 Larson, Richard 390 Lashbrook, Bob 426 Lasher, Al 199 Latin, Robert 398 Lattin, Sandy 334 Lauer, Byron 200 Laufer, Renee 358 Laughlin, Maren 364 Laurance, Helen 444 LaVallee, Bill 116 Laver, George 401 Lavitt, Joseph 116, 208 Lawler, Bryon 436 Lawrence, William 394 Lawson, Donna 244, 360 Layton, James 121 Leaf, Theodore 386 Leak, David 426 Leanse, Jane 334 Lebeck, Carol 110 Lebedinsky, Harriet 442 Lebowitz, Norman 131 LeCain, Hazel 444 LeCuyer, Jim 398 Lederman, Barbara 372 Lederman, Ronald 116 Lee, Bud 398 Lee, Ed 450 Lee, Gloria 218, 244, 448 Lee, Mary Ann 198, 236, 378 Lee, Mun 131, 214 Lee, Veda 140 Leeds, Ken 244, 438 Leeken, Tom 434 Leemon, Elaine 372 Leeper, Martha 332 Leet, Sue 374 Lehlitner, Norman 406 Lehman, Peter 131 Lehman, Spence 412 Lehman, Syd 386 Lehmann, Ted 183, 232, 411 Lehr, James 111, 202 Leibow, Leonard 428 Leibson, Lester 131, 401 Leidig, Don 406 Leigh, Richard 384 Leigh, Robbin 384 Leigh, Robert 384 Leisman, Fran 192 Lembeger, Melvin 116 Lendl, Lydia 374 Lene, Don 116 Lenin, Ben 131, 232 Lenkin, Harvey 382, 422 Leomazzi, Don 116, 408 Leonard, Valeria 244 Leonardson, Susanne 348 Lephawsky, Julia 110 Lerman, Jim 430 Lesch, John 199, 203, 412 Lesser, Laurie 368 Lester, Betsy 198 Levene, Linda 362 Leventhal, Robert 202, 208 Leveton, David 244, 404 Levin, Phil 430 Levine, Donald 428 Leviton, Eugene 131 Levitt, Gail 334 Levy, Barbara 188 Levy, Dave 438 Levy, Jacque 131, 216, 232 Levy, Morton 422 Levy, Norman 386 Lew, Violet 188 Lewis, Betty 140 Lewis, Bob 396 Lewis, Carolyn 188 Lewis, Marilyn 110 Lewis, Marshall 110, 161 Lewis, Pat 328 Lewis, Victor 390 Lewisky, Thomas 404 Libson, Stephanie 372 Liddell, Anita 331 Lieberman, Eleanor 368 Liebman, Gail 368 Liebowitz, Marty 131 Lien, Warren 410 Lightbody, Ann 348 Lightner, Joan 198 Lilley, Joan 449 Lilly, Susan 370 Lim, Mildred 214, 448 Limbacher, Lyman 121, 225 Linderman, Joel 116, 422 Lindesmith, Elone 240 Lindgren, Martha 110, 350 Lindsay, James 236, 412 Lindsey, Mary 330 Lindsley, David 398 Ling, Ruby 131 Link, Shirley 346 Linn, Sharon 244, 442 Linsey, Chuckk 121, 180, 189 Linsk, Maxine 372 Linstrum, Margaret 140 Lipman, Leonard 223 Lipnick, Edward 386 Lipon, Robert 131 Liponi, Jerry 185 Lippin, Gail 368 Lippincott, Don 402 Lew 422 Lipson, Warren 428 Liscom, Joanne 370 Little, Barbara 340 Littlefield, Corlea 348 Livingston, Toby 370 Lockman, Janet 211 Lodge, Brian 388 Loewenberg, Freddie 131 Lomas, Charles 131 Lombardo, Edward 110 Lommel, Mary 342 Londe, Dave 422 Long, Donald 392 Long, Tom 121, 390 Longstreet, Mary 378 Loo, Jenny 187, 211, 222 Lopey, Al 395 Lopez, Carmen 187 Lopez, Gloria 159, 447 Lopez, Rachel 187 Loreman, Saroly 131 Lorenzen, Jo 330, 449 Lorger, John 195 Loritz, Jeannie 358 Lotz, Charles 420 Lougheed, Deanna 370 Louie, Raymond 192, 214 Louis, Marilyn 183, 340 Lourdes Miranda 244 Lowe, Dick 402 Lowe, Bea 362 Lowell, Joan 366 Lowenberg, Freddie 372 Lowthorp, Carl 412 Lowy, Jay 430 Lubin, Vianne 328 Lucan, Ken 394 Lucich, Andy 390 Luchenbill, Darla 110, 210, 222, 444 Lukens, Jane 328 Lund, Harry 398 Lund, Linda 340 Lundeen, Betty 370 Lundell, John 412 Lundstram, John 384 Lundwoll, Lois 338 Lunetta, Louis 110 Luning, Ernest 384 LuPau, Joan 131 Lurie, Marion 131 Lusby, Grace 376 Luske, Carol 370 Luster, Ingle 331 Luter, James 131, 180, 189 Lyman, Celia 448 Lynn, Mary 131, 360 Lyon, Joan 340 Tom 406 Lyons, Phil 426 Lyttle, John 236, 412 m Maag, Pat 338 MacAulay, Catherine 346 MacBeit, William 131 Macaulay, Linda 348 MacDavid, Martha 364 MacDonald, Dania 402 MacDonald, Shilia 340 MacDougal, Lorna 131 Mack, Bev 374 MacLean, Gregory 116, 208 Mac, Leon 232 MacOuat, Janet 131 MacPherson, Ann 236, 342 Madsen, Kent 436 Magasinn, Arnold 418 Magid, Mariam 131 Magnus, Jack 412 Magyari, Allan. 244, 390 Mahan, Beverly 364 Mahoney, Jean 244, 364 Mahr, Evelyn 131 Maier, Sue 240, 328 Main, Stanley 116, 208, 232 Major, Joanne 215, 374 Maki, Carol 236, 366 Makuh, Phillip 131 Makun, Phillis 232 Malat, Gerald 117, 438 Maldt, Melvin 117, 438 Malcolm, Dawn 330 Maline, Nancy 372 Malloy, Don 406 Mallut, Ron 430 Malotke, Risha 184, 374 Manatti, Pat 198, 240, 354 Manca, Elaine 358 Mann, Marilyn 360 Mansfield, Donna 443 Manuel, Peg 370 Maples, Virginia 232, 342 March, Annette 358 Marchetti, Linda 370 Marcus, Brad 130,430 Marcus, Irene 355 Marcus, Joyce 244 Marcus, Natalie 240, 372 Mardigian, Ron 420 Mardigian, Chris 348 Marduse, Sue 355 Marea, Jose 121 Marek, Roberta 198, 336 Marenoff, Elaine 110, 232 Mariarty, Maureen 131 Marich, Win 448 Maricle, Sue 442 Marin, Robert 130, 223 Mark, Charmaine 342 Mark, Roberta 372 Markell, Helene 188 Markham, Irene 140, 212 Vida 140 Marley, Pam 348 Marnell, Pierre 131, 183 Marosi, Irene 236, 444 Marquisie, Sue 131 Marrett, Sandra 110, 216 Marrotte, Edgar 121, 408 Marsey, Alice 131 Marshall, Edward 386 Marshall, Paul 438 Marshburn, Marilyn 444 Martin, Alice 236, 374 Martin, Barbara 198, 244, 374 Martin, Caroline 236, 346 Martin, George 110 Martin, Kay 350 Martin, Lee W. 236 Martin, Libby 232, 358 Martin, Marylyn 346 Martin, Sharon 331 Martin, Terry 232, 342 Martines, Lenny 199 Martinez, Aurora 212 Martinez, Octavio 117 Martinez, Susan 131 Masato, June 218 Dean 184, 208, 350 Mason, James 131, 216, 232 Mason, Marilyn 232, 356 Mason, Marsha 368 Mason, Martin 412, 232 Mass, Albert 400 Massey, Alice 110 Masters, Ted 420 Masumura, Jane 344, 442 Mathers, Marilynn 131, 376 Mathos, Michael 182 Matranga, Edward Matscha, Toshie 218, 334444 Matson, David 226 Matsuhana, Michiko Mattsiessen, Robert 208 Mattson, Beverly 362 Mattson, Joel 412 Maupin, Janice 207, 236, 356 Mautiwo, Robert 433 Maxfield, Jane 110 Maxwell Gail 362 Maxwell, Ken 159, 183 Maxwell, Mark 436 Maxwell, Robert 410 May, Alan 117 Mayer, Madeline 332 Mayer, Rayna 334 Mayetani, Roy 218 Maynard, Lawrence 121 Mays, Susan 170 MaywelI, Ken 216, 236, 240 Mazur, Morris 428 McAloney, Bev 340 McAlpin, Don 132 McAnally, Marian 110, McArlI, Gwen 140, 212 McArthur, James 424 McBroom, Jim 117, 426 McBurney, Marjery 328 McCabe, J. R. 406 McCaffrey, Mike 408 McCall, Howard 132 McCallum, James 412 McCann, Carol 132, 342 McCauley, Betty 336 McCausland, Linda 232, 336 McCinley, Joe 415 McClasson, Joy 132, 374 McClendon, Cathrine 447 McCloy, Nancy 346 McCoal, Jerold 185, 384 McCord, John 420 McCorkle, Carter 412 McCoy, Chris 196, 336 McCranie, Dolph 388 McCravey, Doyle 117, 208, 232 McCrea, Jody 110 McCulloh, Hugh 434 McCurdy, Mona 132 McDodelI, Letha 216, 244 McDonald, Marian 132, 328 McDonald, Page 332 McDonnell, Laurence 434 MacDougas, Gary 402 McDougall, Martha 370 McDowell, Betty 117, 340 McElwain, Isabella 132, 443 McFarlane, Ann 376 MarFarland, Julie 370 McFarlane, Lloyd 434 McGann, Bess 348 McGinnis, Roger 436 McIntosh, Charles 132 McIntyre, Bonnie 340 McIntyre, Helen 360 McIntyre, Molly 340 McKawn, Elizabeth 110 McKay, Gail 449 McKay, Weslie 244, 378 McKenzie, Ann 374 McKenzie, Rod 415 McKinley, William 424 McKinney, Loretta 192, 198, 240, 328 McKinnon, Anna Marie 216, 244 McKinnon, Nancy 370 McKone, Judy 346 McLaine, Vicky 366 McLaughlan, Mary Lou 132, 340 McLaughlin, Nancy 348 McLendon, Arlonyne 447 McManus, Dolores 201, 364 McMartin, Patricia 132 McMaster, Bruce 180, 183, 189, 196, 216, 236, 434 McMeen, Phyllis 196 McMullen, Pat 132, 449 McMullan, Ronald McMullin, Marilyn 110, 192, 360 McMurray, Mary 204 McNamara, Don 384 McNeil, Lawrence 132, 202 McNeil, Mary Ellen 348 MacNeil, Nancy 364 McNickalos, Jack 412 McPherson, Lorna 132, 364 McSeneney, Joan 224 Mearns, John 404 Measer, Gary 438 Meeks, Gregory 117 Meister, Al 386 Meller, Halvin 132 Meller, Larry 132 Meller, Orrie 132, 195 Melton, William 132 Meltzer, Ed 438 Mendelsohn, Robert 232, 416 Mendelson, Leonard 398 Mendez, Robert 398 Menetrey, Walte r 390 Menfea, Mel 424 Menin, Clyde 418 Mercer, John 420 Mercer, Kay 110 Merdler, Joseph 180, 202, 236, 401 Merkel, Marilyn 348 Merkelson, Lewis 450 Mertzel, Loreen 444 Mervish, Rachel 355 Messinger, Lee 443 Metzger, Donna 240, 328 Meyer, Eva 338, 444 Meyer, Frank 121, 202, 232, 388 Meyer, Joan 244 Meyer, Ruth 443 Meyers, Burton 386 Kerho 218 Michalsky, Fay 350 Micheals, Melvin 117, 208 Michel, Don 228, 236, 388 Michelmore, John 236, 412 Migukan, Celeste 128, 222 Migushimi, John 214 Larry 232 Millay, Bud 412 Miller, Allan 404 Miller, Barbara 236 Miller, Barry 386 Miller, Ben 420 Miller, Howard 210, 418 Miller, Jacqueline 244 Miller, Jessie 210 Miller, Kathie 196, 444 Miller, Renee 211, 216, 222, 240 Miller, Len 412 Miller, Marian 192, 240, 356 Miller, Marlene 450 Monte 132, 182, 420 Miller, Philip 430 Miller, Philip 117, 210, 390 Miller, Richard 408 Miller, Rosalind 328 Millet, Deborah 244, 444 Wanda 198, 240, 376 Mills, Bill 202, 410 Mills, Helen 443 Milstein, Mike 430 Sheldon 428 Miralla, Louis 402 Miranda, Louresi 444 Mirkon, Ted 402 Miselman, Julie 188 Mitsuyashi, Mary 218 Mittman, Leon 416 Mock, Kay 364 Mock, Korine 132 Mockus, Victor 132, 412 Mogio-mariam 132 Mohinaha, Kerko 218, 244 Moire, Carol Ann 334 Moisi, Beverly 240 Sara Lee 368 Molstead, Diana 216, 244, 444 Momii, Gertrude 344 Monahan, Micheal 240 Monat, Vernon 121 Monkarsh, Jerry 430 Monroy, Henry 432 Monson, Carma 201, 328 Montag, Ethel 334 Montaga, Johnathan 117, 232, 438 Jean 201, 358 Montgomery, Blaine 132 Montgomery, Diana 366 Montgomery, Marilyn 346 Mooradian, George 110 Moore, Carolyn 132 Moore, Carolyn 240, 358 Moore, Carol 244 Moore, Carolyn 198 Moore, JoAnne 346 Moore, Mary 117, 208 Moore, Ned 386 Moore, Richard 412 Roy 236, 412 Moore, Tom 236 Morales, Elay 132 Morehead, Grace 161, 366 Moreno, Gil 232, 434 Morley, Earl 132 Morris, Art 386 Morris, Stuart 408 Moscoe, Donna 244, 442 Mosher, Faith 132, 232, 376 Mosher, Sally 201, 338 Moss, Arlene 244 Moss, George 414 Moye, Bill 110, 192, 232, 390 Muckey, Nina 240 Mudd, Pat 216 Mueller, Claire 364 Muger, Al 420 Mulder, Joni 358 Mullen, Charlotte 330 Mundell, Myrna 352 Mungerson, Glenda 358 Mary Elizabeth 132, 212 Ruth 352 Murakami, Miyoko 218, 344 Murdoch, Katie 370 Murock, Linda 360 Murphy, David 117 Murphy, Joan 236, 338 Murphy, Lynne 132 Murphy, Sue 362 Muus, Ardis 346 Myers, Janet 374 Myers, Stan 422 n Nadel, Martin 430 Nadler, Harry 110 Naftaly, Stan 418 Nagata, Eleanor 447 Nagumo, Reiko 140, 450 Nahashima, Cherri 218, 344 Naiman, Leonard 133, 401 Najera, Edmund 39 0 Najera, Elisa 342, 444 Naka, Gene 218, 244 Nakadate, Stella 344 Nakahiu, Washihi 344 Nakakihara, Yeiko 218, 450 Nakamura, Ayako 133, 344 Nakamura, Joyce 117, 344 Nakamura, Tamiko 218, 450 Nakanishi, Karlene 133 Nanson, Nancy 348 Nash, Robert 396 Noss, Luella 111 Nassir, Don 236, 390 Nathanson, Fred 133 NaulIs, William 202 Nazario, Hirm 117 Neal, Jim 412 N ebels, Kenneth 117 Needels, Ruth 444 Needman, Herbert 141 Neely, Alfred 424 Neff, Thomas 432 Neishuler, Ellen 428 Neiter, Richard 418 Nellermoe, Marilyn 450 Nelson, Edward E. 398 Nelson, Edwin 436 Nelson, Gail 220, 236, 447 Nelson, Ingrid 204, 346 Nelson, Pete 412 Nelson, Tenna 111 Nelson, Tom 398 Nesbitt, Fred 426 Nesburn, Tony 438 Neuman, Robert 384 NevelI, Louis 133 Nevelle, Robert 133 Nevin, Sally 348 Newbold, Mary Ann 443 Newby, Eleanor 212, 372 Newcom, Jim 412 Newcombe, Hermine 402 NewelI, Adele 111, 338 Newell, Kent 424 Newman, Bruce 416 Newman, Elaine 450 Paul 416 Newton, Jim 410 Nichalas, Leslrita 133 Nichel, Marilyn 326 Nichils, Ann 370 Nicholas, Angelita 111 Nichols, Frank 390 Nichols, Shirley 376 Nichols, Suzane 133,346 Nichols, Wayne 133, 232, 433 Nichoras, Marily 3 32 Nickel, Marilyn 340 Nighman, Judy 340 NiIius, Barbara 236, 449 Nishett, Richard 121 Nishimoto, Shirley 218, 236, 344, 447 Nishimura, Kay 218, 222 Nishinaka, Kay 344 Noble, Patricia 133 Noble, Richard 185 Noble, Robert 433 Noda, Mitsuaki 121, 232, 218 Noda, Teruhica 133 Noe, James 408 Nomura, Shirley 447 Noonah, Edmond 244, 392 Nora, Jerry 121 Norberg, Nancy 374 Norfleet, John 392 Normanly, Joanne 348 Norsworthy, Stanley 396 North, Fred 216, 240 North, Edith 133 Northup, Ed 412 Norton, James 236 Norwood, Angie 350 Noto, Richard 226 Nottingham, Noel 364 Bill 236, 420 Novino, Sarahlie 220, 236 Nunez, Josephine 133 Nusbaum, William 406 Nussbaum, Robert 183 o Oakes, Bill 436 Oakes, June 198, 356 Oates, Dean 117 Oberste, Lehn, Deane 370 O ' Brien, Mimi 340 O ' Brien, Tom 420 O ' Connell, Mike 392 O ' Connell, Penelope 366 O ' Connor, Carol 348 O ' Connor, Lois 348 O ' Connor, Marilyn 110, 211, 232 Odabashian, John 117, 199, 396 O ' Day, Linda 356 Odmark, Ted 408 O ' Donnell, Tom 117 Oelson, Barbara 133 Ogden, Dolores 356 Ogren, Arnold 401 O ' Hersle ' Lehn Derne 133 Ohmura, Ruth 344 Okamoto, Eva 133 Okawauchi, Nancy 218, 344 Oldfield, Norman 434 Olins, Jay 192, 418 Oliver, George 390 Oliver, Judy 360 Oliver, Nancy 338 Olivieri, Ellen 350 Ollestad, Norm 202, 396 Olmstead, Jerry 420 Olney, Anne 111, 232, 448 Olsan, Harvey 416 Olsen, Jim 236, 388 Valerie 340 Olson, Barbara 201, 204, 374 Olson, Mary 360 Olson, Sue 328 O ' Malley, Sharon 350 Oman, Nancy 360 O ' Mara, Marty 360 Omelianovitch, Nancy 133, 232, 356 Oneal, Nancy 133, 232, 348 O ' Neil, Thomas 117 O ' Neil, William 117, 208 Ongun, Ulku 133 Ono, Mary 133 Ono, Phyllis 448 Ontman, Hanna 188 Orfila, Tony 240, 426 Orman, Robert 388 O ' Rourke, Lewis 195 Orr, Margie 192, 201 Osburn, Gladys 348 Oschanski, Don 117 O ' Shea, Maurice 412 Osterhues, Gordon 133 Osterlumd, Charles 450 Otis, Henry 420 Otsuka, James 450 Ouellet, Trina 447 Owen, David 117, 398 Owen, Gerry 196, 204, 222, 338 Owen, Wayne 117 Owens, Nancy 342 Owyang, Georgina 450 p Padveen, Shelia 392 Page, Diane 236, 346 Paine, Pat 198, 370 Painter, Charles 200, 436 Palarz, Herm 438 Palmer, Betty 366 Palmer, Donald 117 Palmer, Lilian 236, 338 Paloma, Peter 133 Paperny, Stan 430 Paris, Sandy 416 Paris, William 195 Park, Laurence 133 Park, Lavene 133 Park, Heath 133 Parker, Barbara 133, 450 Parker, Barbara 240, 356 Parker, Diane 374 Elizabeth 354 Parker, Judy 378 Parker, Stephen 415 Parmley, Charlene 201, 376 Parness, Walter 117, 232, 416 Parrioit, Lois 220 Paschke, Ray 133, 232, 382 Parslow, Phil 406 Passanisi, Pete 133 Parsons, Don 402 Pastore, Marilyn 111 Pastorelli, Lena 342 Patrick, 420 Patterson, Carol 350 Pattes, Ronald 226 Pattin, Joan 370 Pattiz, Eve 334 Patton, Beverlee 331, 450 Patton, Carol 356 Paugstat, Harry 141 Paulo, Robert 199 Poulos, George 133 Paulson, Carol 376 Paulson, Gene 390 Paulson, Ted 390 Paulson, Ted 133, 199, 408 Pauly, Jim 392 Louis 133, 232 Pawlo, Robert 199, 406 Paxson, Richard 192 Payne, Howard 133 Payne, Yvonne 244, 331, 450 Peacock, Susan 376 Pearl, Shana 334 Pearson, Christine 134 Pearson, Gail 336 Pearson, Pamela 360 Pearson, Pat 358 Pearson, Susan 244, 364 Pease, Johanne 448 Peck, Ed 113, 189, 390 Peddicord, Betty 448 Pedersen, Ken 208 Peeler, Joyce 370 Pelis, Mary Catherine 444 Pelligra, Dagmar 134 Pelton, Lyle 111 Pelz, Creathen 340 Pene, Claudette 134, 336 Pengilly, James 134, 189 Pengilly, Rita 350 Pengilly, Robert 117, 408 Pengilly, Ron 189, 408 Fred 436 Penner, Gerald 394 Penney, Sally 340 Penunuri, Victor 134 Pepper, Murray 134, 232, 416 Percival, Marilyn 358 Perez, Arvid 415 Sandra 352 Perkins, Barbara 196, 204 Perkins, Barbara 348 Perkins, Bob 392 Perkins, Mary 360 Perlmutter, Jona 134 Perot, Marcelle 244, 442 Al 236, 428 Perry, Jack 192, 199, 240, 390 Perry, Janice 346 Perry, Lynie 134 Peschke, Dick 134 Peszynski, Paul 111 Peters, Jacque 192, 236, 370 Peters, James 392 Peters, Richard 426 Peterson, Maureen....232, 111, 376 Peterson, Carol 350 Diane 346 Peterson, Norman 121 Petlock, John 450 Petrus, Earl 134, 223 Petronsky, Elene 134 Petterson, Barbara 360 Peyton, William 117, 232 Pflug, Shelia 368 Philipp, Kent 134 Phillipas, Lynna 134 Barbara 111, 232, 378 Phillips, Carolina 336 Phillips, Charles 434 Jean 372 Phillips, Lynn 234, 244 Phippo, Charles 134 Pickering, Gary 236 Picker, Stanton 422 Pickett, Jim 436 Pickup, Joyce 198, 236 Pierce, Paul 424 Pierovich, John 392 Pierson, Dave 189, 189, 196 Pinchuk, Leslie 401 Pinder, Robert 424 Pine, James 394 Pine, Stanley 418 Stan 422 Pittler, Burt 416 Pittman, Sue 201, 204, 362 Plaia, Tony 117, 182, 196, 200, 232, 436 Plass, Stanley 121 Platke, Lee 422 Platt, Stan 199, 382, 418 Pleasant, Rorry 236, 355 Plemon, Shirley 204, 240, 374 Pletcher, John 244 PIiha, Barbara 181, 196 Plue, Ronald 122, 232 Plummer, Marjorie 331 Plunkett, Bob 392 Pobanz, Carol 370 Poliner, Joe 134, 232, 416 Polski, Bill 134 Polychronis, Ted 180 Pon, May 211, 214, 444 Ponve, Tamara 368 Betty 212 Pope, Ann 236, 374 Pope, Merlin 358 Popp, Patricia 184, 228 Popolny, Allen 418 Porter, George 384 Porter, Nancy 134, 350 Porter, Pauline 192, 322, 366 Porter, Shirley 111 Posen, Harlan 428 Posner, Martin 134 Post, Pete 408 Postolov, Georgana 358 Potter, Edith 134 Poulos, Christine 236, 342 Poulos, George 426 Power, Lee 444 Powers, Sandra 360 Poyner, Roger 420, 182, 196 Prager, Albert 430 Prager, Nina 443 PrandalI, Lynn 182 Pratt, Bill 392 Pratt, Russell 424 Preater, Neal 390 Price, John 117, 402 Price, Michael 244 Patricia 134, 190 Prince, Harvey 428 Pringshein, Klaus 134 Prior, Barbara 346 Prior, Mary Jane 364 Pritchord, Cathy 111 Proctor, Carol 338 Propper, Marcia 355, 442 Provisor, Ronald 117 Prowizor, Hariet 216 Pruett, Dene 208 Prusky, Carol 188 Pryor, Barbara 346 Ptitsen, Lee 196, 342, 161, 240 Puckett, Kathy 366 Pudney, Gary 111 Pullen, Edward 232, 226 Putter, Jean 134 Pyle, Linda 244 Pypin, Wallace 244 q Quan, Norman 214, 232 Quanstrom, Laurie 376 Quaranta, Michael 436 Quayle, Thomas 434 Quigley, Harriet 328 Quigley, Jo yce 346 Quine, Norma 240, 328 Quinn, Jerry 236 Quon, Norman 122 r Raettig, Hanna 236 Carol 442 Ragan, Eleanor 328 Rahrig, George 117 Raich, Don 134, 438 Rainey, Gloria 240, 364 Raizman, Sandy 368 Ramella, Dick 404 Ramos, Elm 134, 187 Ramirez, Frank 420 Rand, Marvin 428 Randall, Joanna 188, 370 Randel, Elinor 336 Randolph, Julian 200, 436 Ranetti, Richard 111 Rasenick, Aryln 244, 372 Rathman, Jane 244, 364 Ratkovic, Dick 396 Raum, Charles 117 Rausch, Carla 342 Ravenscroft, William 117, 384 Ravetti, Richard 118, 426 Rawlings, Annette 374 Rawlings, Joan 328 Rawlinson, Edmond 134 Rawlison, Beulah 140 Raymond, Beverly 443 Ray, David 118 Raymond, Diane 160, 204, 232, 376 Ray, Marilyn 134 Ray, Susan 340 Raye, Robert 410 Read, Carmen 134 Read, Jack 408 Read, Jim 118 Read, Richard 134, 408 Reardon, Walter 118 Rector, Valerie 215 Rector, Virginia 374 Reddick, Dean 392 Redding, Ned 406 Redler, Judy 334 Redlick, Herbert 372 Reed, Alan 203, 438 Reed, Nancy 370 Roes, Karen 449 Rese, Robert 118, 410 Reve, Marie 338 Regan, Don 202, 232, 408 Reichard, Mark 122 Reid, Cathy 336 Reif, Harriet 134 Reily, Robert 118 Remond, Eleanore 356 Renfree, Paul 392 Reschke, Dick 223 Rexrode, Tony 118, 406 Reynard, Sue 201, 364 Reynolds, Ralph 202, 402 Reynolds, Rosine 340 RheinschiId, Carolyn 134, 232, 446 Rhinard, Julie 336 Rhodes, Sylvia 181, 211, 222, 236, 342 Richards, Bill 408 Richards, Cynthia 366 Richards, Don 395 Richards, Tom 122, 226 Richardson, Linda 118, 232 Richman, George 134 Richmond, Martha 362 Richmaond, Rene 244 Richter, Judy 334 Rickert, Barbara 224, 364 Ricks, Ruth 222, 236 Rieber, Morton 134 Riebud, George 192, 240 Rieden, Robert 408 Riepe, Richard 412 Riesner, Barbara 134, 362 Rikhof, Ann 376 Rilea, Barbara 232 Riley, Barbara 134 Riley, Diane 134 Riley, Jean 244, 246 Rimel, Jackie 338 Ring, Barbara 111 Ring, Sanford 334 Rink, Laurence 118 Riopelle, Gary 410 Rising, Gail 134, 183, 190, 232, 360 Ristity, Janet 448 Rivers, Eilen 368 Rizzo, Larry 395 Roach, Joan 236 Robbins, Judy 196, 348 Robenso, Jim 232, 432 Robenson, Ernest 118 Roberts, Don 135, 232, 394 Roberts, Mike 122, 382, 395 Robertson, Sylvia 201, 342 Robidoux, Eugene 415 Robin, Stan 135 Robinson, Ann 111, 338 Robinson, Don 392 Robinson, Joanne 370 Robinson, Nancy 216, 444 Robinson, Pat 338 Robinson, Stuart 418 Robinson, Vivian 135, 331 Robles, Angelita 135 Roce, Earl 111, 211, 232, 384 Rochat, Marlis 111, 204, 232, 350 Roche, Katie 236, 366 Rockefellow, Ann 358 Rockwell, Phyllis 135 Rockwood, Sue 444 Rodda, Mary 236, 378 Roderich, John 118 Rodriguez, Isabel 444 Roe, James 118, 232, 424 Roelof, Ed 434 Roessler, Leonard 161, 438 Rogers, Audrey 348 Rogers, Ben 426 Rogers, Carolyn 135, 376 Rogers, Mike 420 Rogers, Roland 118, 412 Rohrbough, Bob 408 Rokos, Ted 118, 232, 396 Roletti, Gay 135, 348 Rolinson, Tom 434 Romberg, Max 192, 203, 240, 416 Romine, Don 122, 232, 420 Rona, Lorrine 135, 232, 192 Ronan, Mary 210, 222 Ronay, Andre 118, 232 Gaustad 221 Ronson, Leonard 428 Rooney, Eileene 111, 232, 442 Rooney, Harry 436 Rooney, Robert 406 Roos, Fred 111 Rorem, Kathryn 338 Roschko, Myron 430 Rose, Fred 386 Rose, Margaret 231 Rosen, Don 422 Rosen, Mark 430 Rosen, Tony 368 Rosenbaum, Jerrold 428 Rosenberg, Judy 372 Rosenberg, Milton 118, 208 Rosenblatt, Arlene 111, 211, 222 Rosenfeld, Eugene 118 Rosenfield, Dave 240 Rosenstone, Bob 188 Rosenthal, Charles 111 Rosenthal, Paul 135 Rosenthal, WilIiam 122, 226, 232 RoshwaId, Gerald 422 Rosin, Alan 189, 236, 422 Rosinsky, Marilyn 368 Rosmarin Bunny 372 Rosner, Sol 111, 418 Rosoff, Sara 355 Ross, Laurie 244 Ross-Clunis, Gay 221 Ross, Tanya 236, 444 Roston, Inez 372 Roth, Diane 334 Roth, Jim 135, 199, 406 Roth, Leonard 236, 386 Roth, Ronald 395 Rothenberg, Diane 450 Rothstein, Marcia 192, 240 Rothstein, Marjorie 372 Rotsel, Chris 346 Roussey, Ralph 433 Rowe, Sue 344, 356 Rowland, Roselyn 376 Roybark, Margie 368 Royer, Bill 368 Rozas, John 434 Ruben, Chuck 240 Ruben, Ben 386 Rubenstein, Sandra 368 Rubenstein, Sidney 208, 210 Rucker, Gail 331 Joan 336 Ruckman, Joyce 342 Rudnick, Sandy 368 Rude, Nancy 350 Rudelson, Robert 428 Rudolph, Annette 372 Ruedy, Donna 364 Ruedy, Peggy 328 Ruhl, Gloria 340 Rule, Ronald 426 Rumble, Rod 396 Rumenapp, Harold 135 Rundle, Herman 412 Runyon, Gerold 410 Rupnik, Gene 122 Russ, Mary Ann 358 Russell, Betty 201, 358 Fran 334 Russell, Howard 118 Russell, Joan 135 Rutledge, Robert 111 Ryan, Ed 135 Ryan, Gail 135, 223 Ryan, Harry 408 Ryan, James 135, 392 Ryan, John 426 Ryan, Phillip 118 Ryder, Ned 118, 424 Rykoff, Tom 135 Rylance, Robert 412 Ryon, Mignon 111 S Saba, Frances 328 Jogine 364 Sackler, Stan 416 Saffren, Sally 188 Saftler, Jerry 422 Sager, Lloyd 122 Sahel, LiIia 136 Saito, William 218 Salazar, Alfred 187, 236 Salecido, Frank 187 Saliba, Deanne 244, 332 Salig, Stuart 122 Salk, Larry 428 Sallin, Ed 240 Salow, Mary 188, 232 Salvinger, Marie 240, 342 Salyer, Susan 348 Sampson, Patrick 433 Sanchez, Peter 187 Sander, Tanya 111, 355 Sanders, Steve 192, 202, 390 Sands, Maryann 348 Sangerman, Carmen 378 Sanjacomo, Pat 135 Sapper, Alberta 368 Sarich, John 111, 236 Sariego, Ralph 161, 404 Ed 418 Sasahara, Amie 218, 448 Satchell, Edward 135 SatchwelI , Dave 122 Sather, Carolyn 135 Saul, Ed 430 Saul, Richard 135 Saunders, Clifford 406 Savage, Karen 350 Sawyer, Barbara 372 Sawyer, Donald 135 Sawyer, Jim 226 Sax, Diane 368 Saxton, Elena 140 Saworotnow, Ivan 122 Scantland, Shirley 111, 201, 346 Scatt, Elaine 450 Scellars, Angela 328 Schach, Tsieka 160, 240 Schachner, Lyne 356 Schade, Helen 366 Schaeffer, Helen 135 Schafer, Jackie 244 Schaffell, Sandy 386 Schaffer, Doris 240, 372 Schaps, Sheila 368 Schatt, Claudill 118 Schekman, Nancy 135 Schendel, Dorothy 111, 215, 232 Schick, Fred 111 Schiff, Shirley 368 Schiller, Carole 334 Schleusner, Aileen 192, 443 Schmerian, David 236, 386 Schmidt, Duane 420 Schmiesing, Sandra 364 Schnech, Naomi 135 Schneider, Robert 135, 180, 232 Schnell, Jackie 135 Schnitzer, Larry 118 Schnitzer, Laurence 185 Schoch, Paul 434 Schoenman, Judy 443 Scholer, Jerry 386 Schonborg, Palmetto 140, 212 Schopflin. Dave 420 Schott, Claudia 232, 332 Schrader, John 410 Schreiber, Gloria 368 Schreimer, Elana 370 Schreiner, Doris 336 Schroeder, Bob 412 Schroeder, Janet 370 Schuartz, Aurim 401 Schuartz, David 430 Schulenberg, Bob 111, 232, 404 Schulman, Beryl 192, 240 Schulman, Irwin 135 Schultz, Lynn 360 Schumacher, Jerry 401 Schuman, Bob 418 Schwab, Morman 438 Schwade, Sharon 355 Schwarty, Mary Ann 135 Schwartz, Al 430 Schwartz, Elliot 386 Schwartz, Herb 416 Schwartz, Morton 424 Schwartz, Sherman 422 Schwartzman, Jack 118 Schwartzman, Len 438 Schwatz, Don 194 Schonce, Charles 420 Scope, Sal 122, 232, 418 Scott, Barbara 362 Scott, Bruce 398 Scott, Carol 336 Scott, Carolyn 342 Scott, Dorothy 332 Elaine 236 Scott, Jim 392 Scott, Raymond 136, 420 Seachrist, Joan 449 Seaman, Bob 426 Seaman, John 426 Searls, Charles 334 Sebastian, Joanne 216, 244 Seberance, James 400 Seley, Barbara 184, 358 Seibest, Gordon 136 Seigler, Larry 422 Seiler, Rita 334 Seizer, Fern 136 Selesnick, Norma 118 Seligman, Ralph 430 Sellers, Shirley 326, 376 Sehr, Lorri 338 Sencay, Joseph 415 Senik, John 404 Senn, Larry 202, 236 Sepkowitz, Irv 430 ServiI, Miguelina 374 Servin, Elia 374 Setoguchi, Yosh 203, 218 Seward, Allan 384 Sexsmith, Cecil 118, 432 Shadford, Bev 376 Shaer, Richard 406 Shaevitz, Murray 422 Shames, Haney 118 Shane, Joyce 338 Shanks, Gene 232, 390 Shanks, Harold 118 Shanks, Virginia 350 Shannon, Norma 181, 338 Shapiro, Bert 196, 203, 386 Shapiro, Richard 136 Shapiro, Sandy 240 Shapiro, William 386 Sharp, Archie 111 Shattuck, Lynn 240 Shaw, Ken 118 Shea, Mike 432 Shear, Fred 406 Shearer, Bernard 136, 232, 382 Sheldrake, Elaine 350 Shelton, Ken 392 Shenas, George 404 Sher, Bob 244, 418 Sheridan, Don 422 Sherin, Sid 236 Sherman, John 404 Sherman, Temera 196, 368 Shiar, Loren 111 Shida, Kikuko 218, 344 Shimozono, Henry 136 Shintani, Lily 136 Shipman, Charles 136 Shipp, Phil 406 Shirey, Alice 340 Shishiou, Setsuku 136 Shnederson, Jack 111 ShertelI , Marie 198 Shottafer, Steve 415 Shull, Warren 432 Shumati, John 136 Shupper, Jack 122 Siegel, Pat 232, 376 Siegel, Roy 386 Silence, Neal 226 SiIlerling, Robert 111 Sills, Barbara 334 Silsby, Wilson 410 Silvanoff, Roberta 368 Silver, Gordon 422 Silver, Robert 118, 161, 202, 210, 216 Silverberg, Sally 136, 334 Silverman, Arnold 182 Silverman, Bernard 418 Silverman, Debbie 240, 355 Silverstein, Bert 111 Simmons, Lilian 444 Simos, Marian 136, 232, 336 Simpson, Dick 398 Simpson, Job 424 Simpson, Larry 436 Simpson, Sally 244, 340 Sims, Carol 355 Sinay, Hannon 401 Sinesia, Norma 112, 232 Singer, Helen 192, 236, 355 Sirkin, Sheila 188 Skadron, Sandra 334 Skelsey, Jackie 196, 240, 328 Skerr, Richard 136, 182 Skogg, Vega 447 Slaten, Champ 388 Slayden, Joan 204, 348 Slayton, Al 418 Sloan, Christopher 119 Sloan, Louise 236 Sloan, Paula 236 Sloan, Sheldon 430 Slocomb, Natalie 358 Slutzkin Charles 202, 216, 236 Small, Audrey 188 Small, David 410 Small, Kim 118, 412 Small, Phyllis 112 Smeltzer, Gary 433 Smith, Albert 136 Smith, Arthurlene 331 Smith, Bernard 422 Smith, Carl 404 Smith, Carol 236 Smith, David 136 Smith, Diane 328 Smith, Donna 236, 334 Smith, Dorethyn 212 Smith, Ellen 334 Smith, Emmett 395 Smith, G. A. 185 Smith, Gary 388 Smith, George 226, 416 Smith, James 408 Smith, Jerry 420 Smith, Leonard 415 Smith, Lewis 236 Smith, Lyn 350 Smith, Lou 332 Smith, Malcolm 202, 244, 392 Smith, Marilyn 444 Smith, Michael 406 Smith, Mona 368 Smith, Penny 196 Smith, Richard 199, 408 Smith, Ronald 414 Smitham, Bruce 400 Smorke, Barry 438 Smort, Bob 420 Smothers, Maurie 442 Smuin, Marilyn 236, 444 Smyser, Carolyn 346 Smyth, JoAnn 336 Smythe, Sandra 446 Snell, Joan 201, 348 Snider, Ray 122, 232 Snowberger, Janet 374 Snyder, Joan 136, 442 Snyder, Judy 368 Soares, Barbara 370 Sobel, Louis 122, 422 Sokolik, Shirley 112, 232 Solomon, Elaine 160, 196, 240, 376 Somers, Donald 208 Somerville, Stuart 420 Sonneborn, Sue 358 SooHoo, Edward 214 Sorensen, Dixie 201, 204, 346 Sorensen, Joyce 374 Sorensen, Phyllis 192, 244 Sorge, Rosemarie 112, 366 Sorter, Jack 195 Sosin, Stefani 355 Sound, Ellie 450 Sousa, Judy 188 Southard, Beverly 220 Soutter, Helen 136, 366 Spanje, Doris 448 Sparks, Ina Claire 240, 358 Spew, Steve 426 Spedie, Carolyn 348 Spencer, Betty 447 Spencer, Bob 398 Spencer, Louis 398 Spencer, Sandra 136, 378 Spencer, Shirley 336 Sperbec k, Sidney 136 Sperking, Roger 122 Spicer, Roselyn 188 Spiegler, Eva 192 Spielman, Ruth 334 Spiro, Tom 136, 183, 188 Spivak, Bill 412 Spiwak, Leo 119 Sprague, Sandy 348 Sproul, Richard 398 SquiIlaci, Tina 136 Stadley, Carol 362 Stafford, Diane 220 Stahl, James 436 Stahl, Myron 232 Stalberg, Irving 161, 203, 240, 416 Stalke, Jean 376 Jean 196, 240 Stancell, Eleanore 216, 232 Stanford, Judith 331 Staniguchi, George 136, 232 Stanley, Mary 140, 212 Stanten, Zena 112, 188 232, 355 Stanton, Joan 362 Starhey, Donald 236, 372 Starr, Diane 443 States, Bev 336 Staton, Lee 137, 415 Donna 196, 198, 240 Steele, Shirley 350 Steffen, Jim 408 Steffen, Sue 201, 336 Stein, Bob 416 Stein, David 418 Stein, Larry 192, 438 Stein, Leonard 119, 382, 416 Stein, Robert 137 Stein, Yvonne 224 Steinbach, Richard 226 Steinberg, Andrew 137 Steinberg, Fred 430 Steinberg, Ina 334 Steinberg, Robert 418 Steinberg, Robert 232, 422 Steiner, Nancy 332 Steiman, Martha 112 Stelzried, Carol 364 Stephens, Herbert 188 Stephenson, William 420 Sterlin, Annette 355 Stermer, Donald 408 Stern, Bob 183 Sternback, Julian 119, 180, 202, 232 Sternberg, Floyd 406 Frieda 334 Sterns, Floralyn 137 Steven, Pat 370 Stevens, Barbara 447 Stevenson, David 141 Stevenson, John 112 Stewart, Anne 326, 350 Stewart, Armen 137 Stewart, Charlotte 330 Stewart, Dan 203, 340, 418 Stewart, Donald 137, 384 Stewart, Glenda 350, 444 Stewart Bentley, Jamie 137, 216 Stewart, Mary 137, 232 Norman 384 Stewart, Sara 350 Stickney, Robert 122 Stillwough, Alan 226 Stipanov, Robert 185 St. John, Robert 226 St. Louis, Carolyn 370 Stockham, Terry 436 Stoddard, Mike 394 Stoever, Tom 424 Stoll, Ralph 240, 436 Stoller, Phyllis 449 Stone, Gary 438 Stone, George 192, 240, 390 Stone, Marla 112, 232 Stones, Elinor 119, 181, 201, 232, 362 Stophel, Shirley 216 Strahan, Carole 112, 201, 348 Straight, James 412 Strang, Pat 338 Straus, Joseph 438 Strauss, Howard 119, 232 Stravroulakis, Claude 119, 232 Strickland, Marie 240, 358 Strifert, Margaret 112, 376 Strite, Robert 226 Strong, Richard 390 Strother, John 390 Struhl, Paul 180, 208 Stuben, Bud 438 Stuman, Richard 396 Sturtridge, Richard 433 Styles, Robert 137 Suart, Chester 208 Sublette, Sue 236, 366 Such, Peggy 448 Sudenga, Beth 137, 362 Sugerman, Hank 192, 418 Sullens, Walter 420 Sullivan, Kathy 232 Summers, Roberta 211, 244 Supowit, Bonnie 334 Suss, Arlene 340, 444 Susser, Harvey 438 Sutherland, Alaine 181, 236 Sutherland, Sara 232, 348 Suttlers, Bonnie 338 Sutton, Barbara 240 Sutton Ginnie 137 Sutton, Gordon 408 Sutton, Jerold 137, 430 Sutton, Sally 240, 356 Suzuki, Nancy 218, 340 Svolos, Elaine 356 Swanson, Linda 244, 346 Swardy, Salma 137 Swartz, Stan 408 Swartzel, Sandra 370 Swarzman, Judd 244, 430 Sweet, Howard 334 Swerdloff, Ron 422 Swickard, Beverly 376 Swiden, Shvonne 449 Swimmer, Al 137, 436 Szego, Lucy 334 Szet, Theresa 137 t Tabor, Bud 424 Tabor, Patricia 350 Tabuchi, Kent 218 Takaki, Shirley 344 Takenouchi, Betty 112, 344 Takeuchi, Bob 218, 244 Takuchi, Dick 119 Talley, Lloyd 426 Tallman, Sandra 244, 449 Tams, Marian 137, 360 Tamura, Janet 344 Tanamachi, Frances 140 Tang, Helen 214 Tang, May 215 Tankin, Phil 137 Tannas, Lawrence 433 Tanta, Lois 192, 240 Tashima, Kimmie 112 Tatangos, Marian 112 Tauber, Cynthia 355 Tausch, Carolyn 244, 444 Tawle, Nancy 137 Taylor, Beverly 374 Taylor, Boyd 208 Taylor, Carole 160, 192, 196, 240, 376 Taylor, Carol 356 Taylor, David 122, 226, 404 Taylor, Elmer 226 Taylor, Jack 189, 192, 200, 202, 232, 436 Taylor, John 226 Taylor, Marilyn 137, 232, 374 Taylor, Margie 332 Taylor, Vernon 426 Taylor, Yvonne 346 Teague, Caroline 137, 232, 358 Teague, Kathleen 362 Teasley, Thomas 119, 208 Teitler, Lou 416 Teller, Richard 401 Teman, Barbara 368 Temkin, Bill 438 Templeton, Ben 412 Tenner, Alvin 232, 428 Tenner, Darlene 372 Terranes, Richard 137, 187 Terry, Phillip 396 Thacker, Ronald 415 Tharp, Dana 112, 448 Thayer, George 202 Theis, Douglas 396 Theil, Susan 137 Thomas, Carolyn 196, 240, 350 Thomas, Charles 398 Thomas, David 200, 436 Thomas, Donald 192, 236 Thomas Gary 408 Thomas, Joan 348 Thomas, Leonard 192, 202 Thomas, Valerie 336 Thomas, Mary 140 Thome, Joseph 414 Thome, Mary Lois 236, 348 Thompson, Beverly 212 Thompson, Bob 406 Thompson, Carolyn 137, 348 Thompson, Donald 226 Thompson, Jean 354 Thompson, Joan 360 Thompson, Martha 340 Thompson, Robert 412 Thompson, Virginia 342 Thomsen, John 384 Thomsen, Mary Joan 187 Thomsen, Samuel 236, 384 Thorne, Bernice 137 Thorne, Bob 122 Thornton, Kathi 221 Thrasher, Tom 434 Tilson, George 412 Tinglof, Ebba 358 Tinsley, Claude 408 Tinsley, Don 402 Tipple, Bertrand 412 Tipton, Betty 340 Titus Harold 137 Al 137 Tobey, Lillian 201 Tobias, Stanley 428 Todd, Jackie 330 Todd, Roger 412 Teffel, Al 216 Tom, Helen 214 Tomkinson, Bruce 396 Tomlinson, Jack 402 Tomlinson, Marilyn 376 Tomkins, Brooke 244, 342 Tompkins, Emmett 426 Toole, Morton 398 Topper, Barbara 372 Martha 328 Towle, Nancy 232, 378 Towne, Dennice 366 Towne, Louis 386 Townley, James 202 Townsend, Janet 181, 328 Townsend, John 112, 450 Trager, Maria 112 Traiger, Marilyn 192 Traiger, Mike 416 Trapp, Norma 340 Treadway, Sharon 402 Trebes, Ann 356 Treharne, Gordon 410 Treidler, Edmund 404 Don 236 Trenithich, Ronald 392 Trier, Dean 402 Tripeny, Louise 221, 348 Tritt, Nancy 348 Trombatore, Benjamin 119, 208 Trost, Jack 122, 232 Trotter, Robert 112 Trout, Ev 406 Trujillo, Ernest 137 Trunick, Janet 374 Trynin, Esther 137 Tsao, John 137 Tucker, Suzanne 342 Tudor, Clare 244, 449 Turk, Joan 372 Turkirosenblum, Marion 137 Turner, Anne 244, 336 Turner , Jeri 376 Turner, Marshall 428 Turner, Rubin 418 Turouh, Walter 138 Turtledove, Cyndie 244, 368 Tyler, George 208 Tylor, Carol 376 Tyson, Barbara 354 u Ulrich, Patty 348 Underhill, Roland 392 Underwood, Janet 244, 350 Eugene 214 Unger, Stanley 138 Ungerman, Jay 240 Unruh, Toby 350 Upton, Mary Jane 184, 356 Uranga, Joel 404 Urbach Alex 240, 438 Urmston, Jim 402 Urquhart, Barbara 338 Uyetaho, Kiyo 218 V Vacho, Pierre 395 Vachon, Sandy 360 Vail, Bill 226 Vale, Michelle 138, 232, 334 Valentine, Ruth 215 Valentini, Pete 236, 388 Valerir, Kay 368 Van, Patter 443 Van Ark, Lorene 236, 376 Van Buren, Jean 196, 370 Van Counering, John 138 Vandervoort, Tom 408 Van Every, Gordon 208 Van Gorder, Carolyn 328 Van Horn, Jo Ellen 348 Vanlaw, Pete 408 Van Ness, Boyd 398 Van Paris, Ronald 185 Van Pelt, Marie 360 Vanslager, Laura 138 Van Mathilda 138 Varjian, Edward 119, 208 Vasey, Nancy 374 Vaughn, Jack 194 Veden, Noel 398 Rhoda 222 Vendley, Ken 408 Vendley, Walter 408 Vennken, Judy 370 Venton, Alfred 426 Verity, David 404 Vick, Don 202, 306 Vickman, Myrna 368 Villanueva, Primo 112 Vine, Lynn 390 Vinum, Nancy 138 Viotto, Sheila 112, 362 Vissio, George 400 Vogelsang, Tom 433 Volkmann, Caryl 328 Volkmann, Susan 328 Volpe, Joe 412 Vondersher, Joel 434 Von Hagen, Ron 392 Von Koevering, John 122 w Jim 122, 218, 226 Wale, Grace 138, 218 Wadlington, Jane 140, 338 Wadsworth, Barbara 444 Wagner, Martha 236 Wagner, Steve 119, 232, 416 Wahab, Marian 138 Wainwright, Ann 224 Wakayana, Susana 344 Walder, Helen 188, 138 Waldman, Don 122 Walker, Fred 236, 402 James 424 Walker, Joan 181, 240, 374 Wall, Gloria 244 Wallace, Jim 396 Wallace, Louisa 358 Wallace, Ron 392 Wallard, Val 334 Wallen, Dick 392 Walley, Roc 394 Walling, Phil 390 Wallace, Ronald 422 Walser, Arlene 442 Walsh, Jerry 404 Walshin, Perry 428 Walter, Nancy 356 Walton, John 396 Leslie 232 War, Burton 192 Ward, Arthur 390 Ward, Helen 138 Warden, Don 398 Waring, Mary 181, 236, 374 Warner, Bernard 119, 208 Warning, Donna 328 Warren, Beverly 442 Warren, David 404 Warren, John 392 Warrick, Helen 138 Warwrick, Betsy 138, 190 Warwick, Jean 138, 376 Warwood, Betty 112 Washburn, Mimi 370 Wasken, Gary 119 Wasser, Walt 428 Wasserman, Diane 188 Waters, Ronald 408 Watkins, Don 112, 406 Watkins, Jack 138 Watson, Catherine 138 Watson, Diane 138, 232 Watson, Gertrude 140, 212 Watson, Lois 216 Watson, Noreen 444 Richard 426 Watts, Nancy 444 Weaver, John 384 Weaver, Pat 340 Webb, Barbara 112, 157, 168, 188, 232 Webb, Dick 392 Webb, Judith 204, 350 Webb, Kay 244 Webb, Robert 112 Webb, Ronald 138 Weber, Marlene 232, 366 Webster, Larry 426 Webster, Mary 358 Robert 202 Weeler, William 194 Weiler, Murray 138 Wein, Tom 438 Weiner, Allen 240, 401 Weiner, Myrna 368 Weiner, Neal 416 Weingarten, Charlotte 138 Weinstein, Carol 444 Weir, Lois 138, 444 Weis, Berg 430 Weisbrod, Linda 244, 332 Weiss, Daniel 130 Weiss, Maurice 422 Weiss, Nola 358 Weissman, Joan 138 Weisstein, Maxine 372 Weitz, Donna 356 Weitzel, Ted 236 Weitzman, Lew 438 Welker, John 398 Well, Jim 436 Well, William 384 Wellen, Larry 430 Wells, Charles 398 Wells, Clifford 182, 426 Wells, William 390 Barbara 198, 244 Wener, Nennith 390 Werdesheim, Sandra 138 Werling, Wayne 398 Betty 360 Werner, Marilyn 374 Wessel, Wanda 138 Wesson, Diane 356 West, Steve 410 Westlano, Ronald 182, 226 Westly, Maurice 414 Westmann, Russel 390 Wettstein, Albert 395 Wetzzel, John 138, 232, 415 Weyman, Peggy 370 Whatley, William 122 Wheaton, Richard 392 Wheeless, James 119, 436 Bob 412 White, Carol 236, 356 White, Don 189, 199, 418 White, Herbert 182 White, Jackie 184, 236, 340 White, Joan 138 White, Paul 119 White, Roger 119, 202 White, Ronald 402 White, Vernita 328 Whitehurst, Claudia 184, 232, 356 Whitfield, Anne 362 Whitfield, Peggy 138, 330 Whitmore, Dee 374 Whittier, Anne 338 Wichmer, Jeanette 138, 376 Wichsler, Pat 192, 244 Wickmann, Harst 122 Wickstrom, Charles 388 Wielson, Marian 240, 378 Wieman, Lynne 348 Wiener, Marcia 355 Wiese, Doris 336 Wigod, Alan 438 Wilbur, Richard 160, 192, 200, 436 Wilde, Midge 350 Wilde, Richard 138 Wiley, John 112, 414 Wilhelm, Jeannie 201, 338 Wilkening, Barbara 376 Wilkinson, Forrest 420 Wilkinson, Marilyn 222, 240, 348 Willard, Lee 384 Bob 450 Wiltfong, Don 208 Williams, Bill 410 Williams, Bonnie 338 Williams, Cathy 336 Williams, Charles 119, 202, 208, 402 Williams, Eloise 112, 354 Williams, Geraldine 236 Williams, Herbert 208 Williams, Jean 328 Williams, Kitchy 138, 160, 201, 204, 326, 338 Williams, Marian 138, 331 Williams, Marilyn 346 Williams, Robert 436 Williams, Roberta 112, 348 Williams, Shelby 362 Willing, Richard 122, 392 Willson, Susanne 370 Wilshin, Sandy 372 Wilson, Barbara 346 Wilson, Eleanor 358 Wilson, Flora 240, 334 Wilson, Jack 226 Wilson Margie 328 Wilson, Marilyn 139, 190 Wilson, Mary 340 Wilson, Nancy 192, 243, 332 Wilson, Pat 139, 332 Wilson, Pat 201 Wilson, Robert 112 Wine, Cathy 348 Winokur, Ora 447 Winslow, Robert 112 Winston, Sheila 236 Winter, Burn 426 Wise, Bob 182, 383 Wiseman Dan 418 Wiseman, Ed 232, 415 Wishan, Mel 203,438 Wisseedward, Howard 119 Withrow, Gary 415 Witt, Stephanie 328 Woeff, Marian 112, 232 Woiwod, Betty, 113, 222, 232, 374 Wolensky, Leona 355 Wolf, Patricia 362 Wolff, Alyn 372 Marion 334 Wolfson, Mike 192 Wolkow, Gwen 334 Wollman, Jerry 401 Wollrich, Arthur 226 Wong, Lelana 113 Wong, Sharon 214 Wong, Slov Jee 139 Wong, Wing 122 Wood, Barbara 187 Wood, John 119, 424 Wood, Jim 408 Wood, Joan 216, 220 Wood, Judy 340 Wood, Lorett 356 Wood, Marilyn 346 Woodard Marylee 356 Woodbridge, Flora 113 Woodruff, Weelan 394 Woods, Don 119, 410 Woolridge, Rosemary 183, 184, 340 Woolever, Roberta 346 Wooley, Peggy 354 Woolpert Harry 404 Wooltan, Linda 140 Wooton, Linda 232, 444 Work, Kathy 340 Worthington, Nancy 113, 215, 232, 374 Wright, Barbara 139, 340 Wright, David 139 Wright, Marie 216, 244 Wright, Warren 139, 232 Wu Lan, Sing 139, 446 Wyers, Maxine 139 y Yamada, Carol 448 Yamada, Edwin 139, 232 Yamamoto, Geraldine 218 Yamemoto, Kay 139, 218 Yanoff, Bunny 236, 372 Yanow, Gilbert 183 Yardy, Bill 390 Yarrow, Toni 338 Yee, Jim 214 Yeoman, Harold 422 Yingling, Ann 378 Yoshida, Meyoka 139 Yoshii, Margaret 218 Yotsuya, Ernie 218 Young, Barbara 244 Young, Bob 402 Young, Herb 392 Young, Hope 240, 444 Young, Norma 332 Young, Paul 139 Young, William 406 Yuster, Al 416 z Zabala, Teresa 244, 444 Zbanek, Sue 244, 338 Zeff, Marcia 240, 372 Zehnpfennis, Nancy 374 Zeman, Mary Ann 198, 336 Ziegler, Dana 181 Ziff, Ronald 334 Zifkin, Walter 402 credits EDITORIAL STAFF BARBARA WEBB, Editor DON CHATELAIN, Business Manager REMI KRAMER, Designer KATHE KNOPE, Associate Editor ANN SNYDER, Engravings Editor DICK KITZROW, Copy Editor BARBARA BROWN, Organizations Editor MINA BALLS, Photography Editor KEN BRYANT, Sales Manager JO RANDALL, Contracts Manager CAROLE TAYLOR, Senior Reservations DONNIE CLEMENSEN, Office Manager JIM MacARTHUR, Publicity ART STAFF Norm Abbey Hal Cohen Jim Cross Jim Fitzgerald Don Kapp Remi Kramer Barbara Webb Dick West COPY DIVISION EDITORS Sue Ehrenberg, organizations Linda Levene, activities and asucla Chuck Painter, organizations Joe Purcell, sports Barbara Sutton, administration COPY WRITERS Molly Brown Jerry Cahan CeCe Clark Patrick Craill Dee Hawkins Dee Kipps ORGANIZATIONS STAFF Barbara Brown Irene Lopez Barbara Martin Marilyn Martin Nancy McLaughlin Ann Pope Hanna Rettig Penny Smith Judy Stamler Yvonne Taylor Ann Yingling SENIOR RESERVATIONS Kathy Elfstrom Dee Hawkins Judy Heinike Marilyn Holmes Mary Kingsley Diane Mulstead Carole Taylor Marilyn Tomlinson PHOTOGRAPHY STAFF Mina Balls Molly Brown Ed Damon Bill Knox Herb Stevens Bill Woodruff Frank Manning, formal photography Stan Troutman, informal photography Ray Cipperly, assistant photographer CREDITS portraits by MANNINGS STUDIO engravings by SANTA MONICA ENGRAVING CO. printing by FASHION PRESS, INC. cover by S. K. SMITH binding by HENDERSON informal photography by STAN TROUTMAN SALES STAFF KAY ANDERSON HELEN BALDERSTON STEVE BAUMAN ALFRED BELL STEVE BELL CAROLINE BRIGGS STEVE BUNATTA DOROTHY COLBERT VIRGINIA COWEN SALLY CUNNINGHAM DIANE DESPAL WARREN EADS ALICIA ELKO SANDRA ELLIOT MARGY ELSER SHEILA FIELDS CHARLOTTE GASSER RUBY GEE HUGH GOTTFRIED DOLORES HATTON VIRGINIA HINSHAW MARSHA HUME JOHN JACKSON ALLENE KILLOUGH JO ANN KOS JACQUE LEVY LOUISE LOKEY JIM MACARTHUR CAROLINE MARTIN JANICE MAUPIN LETHA MCDOWELL DONNA LEE MESSINGER DEANA MONTGOMERY MIMI O ' BRIEN PAT PEARSON SHIRLEY SCANTLAND DIANE CAROL SMITH ELAINE SOLOMON ROSEMARIE SORGE INA CLAIRE SPARKS JOAN WARD BARBARA WEBB BONNIE WILLIAMS BETTY WOIWOOD SECRETARIES ADRIENNE BOES KATHY ELFSTROM SUZIE FRENCH LAUREL GORDON DEE HAWKINS MARILYN HOLMES ANN MACPHERSON DIANA MOLSTEAD INGRID NELSON JIM PICKETT RUTH RICKS JOANNE ROBINSON BARBARA SCOTT MARILYN SMITH ALAINE SUTHERLAND MARILYN TOMLINSON DIAN VAIL SHEILA VIOTTO KAY WEBB MARGIE WEST JOHN WILSON STAN YOUNG SWAN SONG SURE WE ' RE A LITTLE BEHIND SCHEDULE, BUT A FEW HOURS TONIGHT SHOULD FIX THAT . . . DON: PAPER CLIPS, MORE GLUE POTS AND ARE YOU GOING TO GET THAT DITTO PAPER WE ORDERED TWO MONTHS AGO . . . CHIEF COLLABORATOR ON HOW TO KEEP THE STAFF IN SHAPE . . . YOUR " WEBBIE, I ' LL TAKE CARE OF IT, " WAS A GODSEND . . ADONIS, YOU ' RE QUITE A HUSTLER TO SAY NOTHING OF A POLITICIAN A LA TITUS ... THANKS CHAT, REMEMBER AS GRACIAN SAYS ... REMI: WHY DID YOU EVER TAKE SO MANY UNITS?... I ' LL NEVER FORGET THE WAY YOU KEPT FINDING " PROMISING " ARTISTS TO HELP OUT.. . THE MANY CONFERENCES WE HAD OVER THE OPENING SECTION . . I STILL WONDER ABOUT THAT BLACK ON BLACK AND WHITE ON WHITE . . KATHE: POOR GIRL, I ' M AFRAID I GAVE YOU A ROUGH TIME . . . BUT BEING THE BOHEMIAN YOU ARE, WE BOTH MANAGED TO PULL THROUGH .. . IT WILL BE HARD TO FORGET THE ALL NIGHT SESSIONS IN 304 ' S INNER SANCTUM, THE TROPHY CASE THAT HAD TO BE REPLACED . . . 6 AT A TIME . . . THE BEER AND PIZZA AT ALL HOURS . . . THOSE MAD, CRAZY ORANGE JUICE PICKUPS AT MIDAFTERNOON A LA GENE . . . THE WAY WE BONED UP FOR THE BRIDGE EXAM AND TITUS AND BOTH ENDED IN THE THIRD QUARTILE . . AND LORDIE WHEN YOU SAID " I THINK WE ' RE IN TROUBLE, WEBBIE " CHING .. . HATTON ' S AND SETTING PRECEDENTS ... I SHOULD HAVE ULCERS .. ANN: ARE ANY OF YOUR PAINTINGS FOR SALE? I HOPE NOT . . THEY SHOULD BE KEPT FOR POSTERITY .. . AND FOR HEAVEN ' S SAKE LEAVE THOSE FLOWERS ALONE ... A PERSON COULD GET INDIGESTION THAT WAY . . THANKS FOR THE MANY TREKS TO THE COOP AND TO THE DRYER . . DICK: " GEORGE, CHEESE AND CRACKERS . . . OH WHY DIDN ' T I ORDER ONE WITH A SCOOPER " ... WEBBIE COULD THIS LAYOUT BE CHANGED FROM 10 LINES 12 PICAS TO 108 LINES, 60 PICAS? I JUST LOVE TO WRITE CAPTIONS . . . A GREAT BIG SLEEPING PILL FOR YOU, YOU NEED IT ... BARB: OH THESE NAME LISTS ... I STILL HAVE NIGHTMARES ABOUT THEM ... AND THOSE CHINGS AND CHUNGS . IT STILL SEEMS IMPOSSIBLE THAT YOU COULD HAVE TURNED OUT SO MANY FORMS IN ONE WEEK ... BUT THAT ' S JUST INDICATIVE OF THE KIND OF WORKER YOU ARE .. . THANKS ... MINA: WE HAD A FUNNY START AND IN SPITE OF THE FACT THAT MOST OF THE PEOPLE WERE IMPOSSIBLE TO GET HOLD OF YOU STILL DID IT . . HOW I WILL NEVER KNOW . .. PROBABLY THE SAME WAY YOU MANAGED TO HIDE MANY BEDS FROM INSPECTORS . MOLLY B. YOU ' RE GREAT.... CAROLE: THE FUSE BLEW WHEN IT WAS LEARNED HOW MANY SENIORS YOU HAD PASTED UP... KEN: YOU ' RE NOT OBNOXIOUS . . . JUST YOUR SALES CAMPAIGNS . . . BUT THEY DID WORK . . . JO: SO MANY CONTRACTS . . . HOW DID YOU DO IT? MUST BE YOUR WINNING SALES TALK $$$ DONNIE: CARDS, CARDS, CARDS ... FROM THIS YOU MADE ORDER ... , WONDERS OF WONDERS . . AND SUSIE THANKS FOR YOUR PATIENCE, PLANNING, AND HELP ON THE INDEX . . . PHEW . . . THE ART STAFF: I WOULDN ' T HAVE SAID THAT IT COULD HAVE BEEN DONE BUT IT WAS ... HAL, YOUR LAYOUTS ARE STUPENDOUS . . . DON, THOSE DIVISION PAGES REALLY LEAVE A PERSON BREATHLESS . . . FITZ, THE GATEFOLDS MAKE THE BOOK ... AND JIM, THE SUB-DIVS ARE GREAT ... THE COPY STAFF: ALL RIGHT YOU KIDS, WHOO DID IT? ... WHOO WROTE A 26 PICA CAPTION FOR A 10 PICA LAYOUT?? WISH I COULD GIVE YOU ALL A GOLDEN CHURCHKEY OR MONEY OR SUMPIN FOR THE MANY, MANY, MANY HOURS YOU PUT IN ON COPY, HEEDLESS OF ACADEMIC OBLIGATIONS, LOCKOUTS, HOUSE MOTHERS, DATES, COLDS, RAIN. SLEET, AND ACTS OF THE EDITOR . . SUE, MOM STILL THINKS I WENT ON A DIET . . . LINDA, WHAT YOU NEED ARE VITAMINS . . CHUCK, HAVE YOU HEARD THE ONE ABOUT THE TRAVELING . . . JOE, DON ' T LET ANYONE CON YOU, MOST EDITORS DON ' T KNOW HOW TO TYPE . . , PAT, LUCKY BOY TO GET A REST IN THE HOSPITAL STREP THROAT OR NOT . . . DICK BORUN, HOW FORTUNATE TO HAVE KNOWN YOU... THE PHOTO STAFF: STAN, RAY, HERB, BILL, WILLIE, AND ED . . WHAT CAN BE SAID. . . ALL YOUR HELPFUL TIPS ON HOW TO DRAW LAYOUTS FOR BIGGER PICTURES . . . THE RUSH YOU PUT ON THE CONTACTS TO HELP US MEET OUR DEADLINES. . . THE MANY DNS...OH, WELL .. . DICK T: 6 .AM. AND STILL TOO LONG . .. THE RECORD IS GREAT AS USUAL .. . THANX TO THE STAFF. MANNING, MICKEY MOUSE AND AUNT MAIM: PULLING HOLES, CHECKING NAMES, WHAT A GAME OF HORROR . . . MANY, MANY THANKS FOR ALL THE EXTRA HOURS PUT IN TO GET THIS OUT ON TIME. HARRY MORRIS: SORRY WE MADE YOUR ULCES KICK UP AGAIN . . . EVEN WITH THAT BIG WHIP, HOW DO YOU MANAGE TO DO IT YEAR AFTER YEAR? . . . JUNE . JUNE . . SOUNDS GOOD. LEE: YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY INDISPENSIBLE .. . HOW I WILL MISS THOSE PHONE CALLS HALF AN HOUR BEFORE MEETING . .. WHO REMEMBERS THAT LONG .. HOW DO YOU EVER GET THE TIME ... CAROLE A: HOW YOU SUFFERED THE TORTURES OF THE DAMNED WITH THOSE NAME LISTS . . . KARMI W: AN EXTRA SPECIAL BIG ' BRAVO ' . . . NO ONE WORKED ANY HARDER TO SEE THIS BOOK OUT ON TIME .. . WE SURE CONSIDER OURSELVES LUCKY TO HAVE HAD YOU CHECKING ON US . MR. WUERTZ: " LACKING ONE PAGE WE DON ' T HAVE A BOOK " . HOW CLOSE WE ALMOST CAME ... PETE: HOW PATIENT YOU WERE WITH ALL OUR PAGE CHANGES AND CALLING FOR COPY . . . THIS MY FUNNY LITTLE DUCKS, IS THE END . . . ALL THE LONG HOURS OF HARD WORK, THE TOO INFREQUENT FUN HOURS, THE GOODIES, SNERKS, AND RINKY-DINKS, THE DINNER MEETINGS WHERE EVERYONE EXPECTED ROAST WEBB, AND SOMETIMES GOT IT . . . THE FLOAT WE MANAGED TO FLOAT FOR HOMECOMING . . . THE FEELING OF PANIC AS FINAL DEADLINES DREW NEAR . TALK OF NEXT YEAR ' S STAFF, AND THE PARTIES TO COME . . . THE WONDERFUL FRIENDS THAT ALL OF YOU WERE . . . AS TIRED AS I AM, IF I HAD IT TO DO OVER AGAIN ... I ' D PASS ... OUT . WELL ... THE YEAR ' S ALL THROUGH ... THE BOOK ' S ALL OUT ... AND THE STAFF ' S ALL IN... TIME I GUESS TO MAKE A FEW PARTING COMMENTS AND THANK YOUS . .. MANY THINGS WERE ACCOMPLISHED AND MANY INTERESTING THINGS HAPPENED . . . AT THE BEGINNING OF THE YEAR WHEN SCOP AND THE BASEBALL COACH WERE BOTH MOVED OUT OF 304 ... SOCAM FOR TWO DAYS HAD A BUSINESS OFFICE . . . WE WERE REALLY LIVING . . . BUT THEN THE AFOREMENTIONED OFFICE WAS TAKEN FROM US AND ALLOCATED BY THE SPACE PATROL TO IFC-PANHELLENIC . THE STAFF, NOT BEING A COMPLACENT GROUP, WAS IRED SUFFICIENTLY . . . SO WE STARTED SOME RUMORS ABOUT WITHDRAWAL OR NON-RECOGNITION OR SOMETHING . . AND GUESS WHAT . . . WE GOT OUR OFFICE BACK. DURING THE SPRING SEMESTER WEBBIE AND KATHE LED THE " ESPRIT DE CORP " OF THE STAFF TO THIRD PLACE IN THE KEEP KERCKHOFF KLEAN CONTEST . . . PROBABLY OUR BIGGEST PLAN WHICH FAILED TO MATERIALIZE WAS WHEN THE STAFF, ARMED WITH PICA RULERS AND GRACIAN, MADE A MOVE TO WITHDRAW FROM ASUCLA . . BUT WE WERE CAUGHT SHORT BY DEADLINES AND HAD TO RESCIND . . . BUT SUCH ARE THE RIGORS OF YEARBOOK LIFE .. . KEN . YOU ' E A TERRIFIC SALES MANAGER ... I KNEW YOU WERE SERIOUS LAST FALL WHEN YOU BUILT, SINGLEHANDED, A NEW SALES BOOTH . . . ALSO THOSE SALES DRIVES, AND THE GIRLS IN THEIR BERMUDAS . YOU REALLY DID EXUDE SPIRIT ... JOHANNA NEVER A WORRY ABOUT CONTRACTS, GREAT JOB-BY THE WAY DID THE KELPS EVER PAY? . . . DONNIE . .. YOU SURE KEPT THOSE OFFICE GIRLS HUSTLING, A JOB WELL DONE . .. CAROLE ALL THOSE SENIORS ... TIS A NEW RECORD . CONGRATS TO BARBARA, KATHE AND THE ENTIRE STAFF ... WHAT A BOOK . . . SO SUPERLATIVE I ' LL EVEN FORGET I ' M IN A HIGHER AND SPEAK TO YOU JIM . . . YOU ' RE ASSISTANCE IN SALES WAS ABOVE PAR, ESPECIALLY WITH THOSE SMALL SIGNS YOU MADE, INKY . . . KEN MADE MY JOB EASY, THANKS FOR MAKING KEN ' S JOB EASY . . . STAN, DON AND FLO . . . THANX MUCH FOR YOUR HELP . . , BY THE WAY, MAY I HAVE ONE BOX, ONLY, OF PAPER CLIPS PLEASE ... STAN, RAY AND HERB . . YOU GUYS WENT WILD WITH ALL THAT ROOM DOWN THERE THIS YEAR . FRANK . . . BET IT WAS NICE TO BREATHE AIR ON THE GROUND FLOOR THIS YEAR ... FRANCIS AND THE REST OF THE TICKET OFFICE STAFF THANX FOR BEING PATIENT ... GENE, JOHN ... I ' LL MISS THOSE MID-AFTERNOON ADVISORY MEETINGS ON YEARBOOK OPERATIONS ... LEE . THE BACKBONE OF THE ORGANIZATION, THANX FOR YOUR CAPABLE HELP AND ASSISTANCE H.E.M... . HOPE KEN AND I DIDN ' T GIVE YOU TOO OFTEN .. . WELL.. . EVERYTHING ' S OVER . . IT ' S TIME TO JOIN THE RANKS OF LAME BUSINESS MANAGERS, DEJECTED WHITE ROSE CANDIDATES, ELDER STATESMEN AND TOBMWICFC. OUR YEAR IN SOUND Produced by RADIO DIVISION DEPARTMENT OF THEATER ARTS STAFF: RICHARD TUMIN, Director FRED GERBER, Writer JEAN BISCAYART, Engineer STUDENT STAFF: EDWARD LONG RAYMOND THIELE BRENT DE MONTE ROBERT DOUBLEDAY HERB HIEMAN HERB HIMMELBAUM ROBERT TYSON BRUCE HARRIS DON REALS

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