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!B I f V, A ■ ik f. A M 1 I cs:v V K. " N v -? l ' i W v , ■= = ' pg ' «=« ' iiv vmm z - , i ,i ' y VX-:, . y . ' " , ' :( ' ' ' . ■ ' ' v ' i ' •»• v r .i ivL._l.jj jntl._ :dpyrieht by thea55ddate iTUDENT5 THE UNIVERSITY DF EALIFDRNIAAT V ANGELE5 LUME XXIII K1EDA5 J K ft tcnia cncl IN THIS HOUR OF A FREE WORLDS PERIL. THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA REAFFIRMS THOSE RELiFFS AND IDEALS WHICH IT HAS SERVED FOR SEVENTY-FOUR YEARS. IT IS S- rAGED IN AWAKENING FAITH IN THE DEMOCRATIC WAY OF LIFE; ENGAGED, TOO. IN bU.MMONING THE ENTHUSIASM OF YOUTH TO DEFEND THE SECTORS OF DEMOCRACY ALREADY V ' ON. OUR UNIVERSITY IS PLEDGED TO SHARPEN AND TEMPER ITS ANCIENT WEAPONS, THE RATIONAL MINDS OF SELECTED MEN AND WOMEN. SO THAT IT MAY HELP TO WIN A VICTORY. BELIEVING IN THE MERIT OF THIS PLEDGE, WE ARE PROUD TO PUBLISH VOLUME XXIIl OF THE SOUTHERN CAMPUS, YEARBOOK OF OUR UNIVERSITY. THE STAFF I f-- ' . - V ?-. MODEST UNTIRING E N D L Y GENEROUS I N S P R N G DEPENDABLE UNSELFISH AMIABLE O U N D N T E G R A L GENU N E HON T INTO THE NARRATIVE OF U.C.L.A.S SWEEPING PROGRESS IS WRITTEN THE NAME WILLIAM HENRY SPAULDING EDUCATOR AND GENIAL AMBASSADOR OF HIS UNIVERSITY. A DECADE OF SERVICE IS HIS RECORD; YEARS IN WHICH BILLS ' WARM HUMOR AND INTELLIGENCE HAVE BEEN WINNING FRIENDS FOR U.C.L.A. IT WAS NOT ANTICIPATION OF NOTORIETY, BUT RATHER AN HONEST CERTAINTY THAT THE UNIVERSITY MERITED RECOGNITION AS A LEADER AMONG COLLEGES OF THE WEST INDUCED HIM TO BECOME OUR OFF-CAMPUS CHAMPION. WE HAVE PROFITED, BILL, AND IN APPRECIATION WE DEDICATE SOUTHERN CAMPUS OF 1942 TO YOU. UZ- . ' f : -. jl m f I I ' J ' J-J i M 1 r i MS ' mm: ■f ' ■J - nil OURS IS A UNIVERSITY DESIGNED FOR GREATNESS. FACING THE PROGRESSIVE WEST. SURVEYING BOTH MOUNTAINS AND OCEAN. IT STANDS IN COMMAND OF THE FINEST OUTLOOK IN THE NATION. BEHIND IT IS A RICH. A GROWING STATE FOURTH IN WEALTH AND SECOND IN LAND IN OUR COUNTRY. DIRECTING IT ARE THE MOST DISTINGUISHED SCHOLARS OF THE WORLD; WINNERS OF MORE GUGGENHEIM FELLOWSHIPS THAN CANDIDATES OF ANY OTHER UNI- VERSITY IN COMPETITION. SCHOLASTICALLY WE RANK THIRD AMONG ALL AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES: FOR COMPLETENESS OF INSTRUCTION IN THIRTY-ONE FIELDS WE HOLD A RECORD UNSURPASSED ' 9i ALLTHIS. AND WE ARE YET A YOUNG UNIVERSITY. GLORIOUSLY FREE FROM TRADITION. PROFESSORS. ADMINISTRATORS. AND STUDENTS WORK TOWARD THEIR IDEAL. OUR THEME. THE ACHIEVEMENT OF PERFECTION AS SYMBOLIZED BY THE GREEK GODS OF PARTHENON. AMERICAN COUNCIL ON EDUCATION NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES RUSSELL SAGE FOUNDATION " AMERICAN MEN OF SCIENCE " " SCHOOL AND SOCIETY " flTHEnfi GODDESS OF UJISDOm ROBIN LYFORD v-r fl jV ' •:x rv ■!.;,• .,f- f r ■ • ry ' •S.- §1 v. H D m I n I n R e T 1 ROBERT GORDOn SPROUL •PRESIDENT OF THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA SINCE 1930. DOCTOR ROBERT GORDON SPROUL HAS CAREFULLY DIRECTED THE DEVELOP- MENT OF THE LOS ANGELES CAMPUS TOWARD ITS SPLENDID DESTINY A PRE-EMINENT PLACE IN THE SOCIETY OF AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES » m I EflRLE RfiVmonD HEDRICK PRESIDING AS PROVOST OF THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA AT LOS ANGELES FOR SIX YEARS, DOCTOR EARLE RAYMOND HEDRICK HAS SUC- CESSFULLY BLENDED THE DIGNITY AND SOCIAL OBLIGATIONS OF HIS OFFICE AS ' HOST ' AT THE SOUTHERN CAMPUS OF THE UNIVERSITY. GOVERnOR Governor Culbert L. Olson ' s official interest in U.C.L.A. is dictated by his position as Ex- Officio President of the Regents; his personal interest is indicated by his hearty participation in traditional campus festivities. As guest of honor of U.C.L.A. alumni at the annual Homecoming pa- rade and banquet, Governor Olson showed once again his friendship and cooperation with the Los Angeles campus of the progressive University of his " ' ■ate. REGERTS Regents Ex-OIIicio. Appointed Hegenis, and Oflicers of the Regents meet on the Los Angeles campus. Left to right: Miss Winifred Williams. A. H. Conrad, Frederick Roman, Fred Moyer Jordan. James K. Molfitt, Deming Maclise, Robert Underhill, Ellis E. Patterson. Robert G Sproul, Edward A. Dickson. Sidney M. Ehrman. Brodie E. Ahlport, Earle R. Hedrick. James Corley. Harold Ellis. 14 MERTON E. Hai Director of Admissions DEMING G. MACLISE Assistant Comptroller flDmmisTRnTion officials To the twenty-four members of the Board of Regents falls the mighty charge of main- taining the vast administrative machinery of the University of California functioning smoothly. Capably, they have formed Standing Committees which individually study matters financial or managerial, edu- cational, relational, or developmental. The administrative officials on each of the seven campuses receive the plans of the Board and efficiently put them into operation. HERMAN A. SPINDT Guidance and Placement Bureau HIRAM W. EDWARDS Director of Relations with Schools MILDRED L. FOREMAN Bureau oi Occupations HARRY M. SHOWMAN Registrar AUBREY L. BERRY Appointment Secretary JOHN E. GOODWIN Librarian 15 1 ,,at . }:t ' =.« • ' V-J " " ie ' i DEM5 Although BENNET M. ALLEN has academically de- serted the Zoology Department to become Acting Dean of the Graduate Division, he continues to add distinc- tion to his world-wide fame as an endocrinologist. It is I. HAROLD WILLIAMS ' job as Dean of the Sum mer Session to make July and August as attractive lor studying as for loafing. His formula: more off-campus professors plus vital and timely courses. In the interest of brighter blooms and fine fruit, WILLIAM H, CHANDLER, Assistant Dean of the Col- lege of Agriculture, has added courses in ornamental floriculture and horticulture for specialty majors. Student-counselling, golf, and text-revision are but three of HOWARD SCOTT NOBLES varied interesU. With a juggler ' s skill, this Dean of the College of Business Administration, amazingly slights none of them. EDWIN A. LEE points with pride to the School of Education, of which he is the Dean, which offers for the first time a doctor ' s degree, and is warranlably smug as the first and only professional school on campus. 17 9 cv . % .TfTX 4j r- ' Bruin cosmopolite and junior transfer from a German University. CHRISTEL B. SCHOMAKER, Associate Pro- fessor of German, supplemented his tutoring activities with membership in the German Club. Undeniably a brain is SAUL WINSTEIN. Instructor in Chemistry, who not only received one of the first Masters in Chemistry, but was honored further by being one of two chosen as teaching assistants in ' 35. fy 4 - f K ' ; «i r ■£l ' i An athlete who became an Instructor of French, DR. HORACE CRAIG was Varsity Fencing captain. Phi Psi viceprexy, member of Scabbard and Blade, and presi- dent of Pi Delta Phi, French honorary. i cit: U.C.L.A. ' S PART IN ACHIEVING PERFECTIOf " : a crusade which symbolizes something high, shining, and dynamic for every loyal Bruin. And some of our most loyal and progressive Bruins are those men and women who once wore the cap and gown of U.C.L.A. and later became its professors. We have chosen for presentation nineteen of these faculty mem- bers, noted for their keen academic spirit, sin- cerity, and forcefulness. Assistant Professor of Geology ROBERT WEBB buried himself somewhere below the extra-curricular surface worrying about diastrophism, but took time out to make the Westwood move of ' 29. A " captain-who-became-the-coach " is WILBUR JOHNS, basketball generalissimo, who led the hoopsters as a student, playe d on the Varsity tennis squad, made Blue C and the presidency of the Junior Class, IT As sports editor of the Daily Bruin, Blue Key man. member of Pi Sigma Alpha. Pi Delta Epsilon and Cal Grizzly, DR. ARTHUR STEINER, Associate Pro ' essor of Political Science, was activity man — definitely! 19 U.C.L.A. ' S PART IN ACHIEVING PERFECTION: no college can claim such a distinction if unsup- ported by an academic staff of vigorous intelli- gence and integrity. Proof of the fact that we have no such lack are the nineteen men and women, all U.C.L.A. graduates, chosen to repre- sent our able faculty. From different departments with varying interests, they typify the worthiest attributes of Bruin alumni and professors. JOSEPH E. SPENCER, Instructor in Geography (and a popular faculty sponsor), can remember the grind ol working his way through U.C.L.A. Presidency oi the Gooqraphical Society claimed any free time! Now dictating political lore in classes, DEAN Mc- HENRY, Assistant Professor of Political Science, once dictated campus politics as first non-org A.S.U.C. prexy; also recorded as U.D.S. head and Blue Key man, too. " Cunningham for President " echoed in ' 28 when THOMAS CUNNINGHAM. Instructor in Military Sci- •nee. became A.S.U.C. prexy, being a Delt and mem- ber ol Pi Sigma Alpha and Blue Shield as well as head-politico. " CECE " HOLLINGSWORTH. Gym Coach, like all dynamic Sigma Pis kept busy as A.M.S. piexy, cap- tain of three teams, co-founder and president of Blue C and Circle C. and designer of the U.C.L.A. letter! Once a passenger on the Kerckhoff gravy-train as Cat Men president and assistant Yell-Leader, WILLIAM BARNES. Instructor of Military Science, was also a Phi Delt and a candidate for A.S.U.C. presidency. Majestically called Supervisor of Instruction of the Subject A Department, JAMES K. LOWERS was a Nevada transfer to U.C.L.A. who concentrated on grad- uating, but confessed an avid interest in football and drama. 21 A Phi Bete who successiuUy combined matrimony and scholarship in his senior year, JAMES D. McCUL- LOUGH, Assistant Proiessor of Chemistry, returned to teach the test-lube science. Once campus Cicero as Chairman of Forensics, and Frosh Debate Coach, a Delta Sig, and member of Pi Lambda Sigma, ARNOLD EGER now practices orating in class as Assistant Professor of Business Law. 22 U.C.L.A. ' S PART IN ACHIEVING PERFECTION: a proud role which could never reach full bril- liance but for the strengthening influence of a capable faculty. As distinctive of our academic leaders commanding in this respect, we have selected nineteen professors who pursued out- standing careers as U.C.L.A. undergraduates, and who, we think, possess those qualities of intellect and enterprise symbolic of true " higher learning. " Returning to U.C.L.A. in ' 39 to become Instructor in English, JAMES E. PHILLIPS in pre degree days slaved for the Daily Bruin as Music Critic, was church or- ganist, and. incidentally made Phi Beta Kappa! Once king ol the Alpha Kappa Psis, GEORGE W. ROBBINS, Assistant Prolessor of Marketing, made Delta Upsilon and the Commerce Club, and as prexy of Ptah Khepera started plans for the Masonic Club House. An energetically esthetic Alpha Phi and a Pomona transfer, GERTRUDE WICKES, Associate in Fine Art, spent most of her hours before an easel, joined Pi Lambda Thela, and in ' 39 returned to teach. Rlumni Council Leit to right, top row: Mr. Robert Fellows, Mr. Eddie Halchcock. Mr. Dean McHenry, Mr. Del Hobbs, Mr. Horace Mickley, Mr. John Jackson. Bottom row: Miss Mimi Koumrian, Miss Marian Jacobson, Mr. Frank Balthius, Miss Carroll Welling, Miss Marjorie All«n L«nz. We introduce Mr. Frank Balthius, energetic Presi- dent ol the Alumni Association. Miss Carroll Welling is the decorative Vice-Presi- dent of the Alumni Association. Ai Alumni Homecoming Chairman, Mr. Robert Fellows directs the annual Fall Homecoming. Controlling the finances of the Alumni Association !■ Treasurer Deming Maclise ' s office. o » : ° " o " ' ° Known to everyone for his pleasantly perfect personality is Mr. John lackson. Secretary of the U.C.L.A. Alumni Association. " Johnny, " a Phi Delta Theta of the Class of ' 27, also ably handles the Editorship of the " U.C.L.A. Magazine, " with assistants Mimi Koumrian and Mollie Gaston — Managing and Associate Editors, respectively. Once just a " southern office " branch of the Berkeley- Alumni Association, U.C.L.A. ' s own alumni Associa- tion records its official birth date as March, 1934. Now- one of the largest groups of its kind, it boasts a cor- respondingly large program. Beginning with the establishment of the campus Bureau of Occupations, the indefatigable Alums went on to inaugurate a general Alumni Banquet which has since become an annual Academic Homecoming; and the mimeo- graphed News Bulletin they experimentally inserted into The California Monthly in 1926 has gro-wn into The U.C.L.A. Magazine. Such a forward march has increased the business of the Association which now claims the sponsorship of both Fall and Spring Home- comings, and the endowment of yearly scholarships supported by the organization dues. Sleeping serenely under a mantle of snow is the dormant volcano, Popocatapetl. while three men and a horse (or is it a donkey?) look on. apparently unaware of its beauty. Seen from the " highway " to Mexico City from the town of Puebla. Ye Olde Grads of Ucla banded together this year from August 9th to August 25th to trek south of the border to carefree Mexico. The alumni enjoyed everything about the trip — the siestas, the scenery and even the tamales and enchiladas. All gen- erally agreed that " It was wonderful! " Apparently forgetting to signal for a left turn, these seafarers find themselves in a ticklish situation in the Floating Gardens at Xochimilco. The beautiful Cathedral of Taxco as viewed from a quaintly picturesque street. Could those interested spectators be three of our sun-tanned alumni? A sunny day in Mexico bears no evils for the natives, as these senors with sombreros prove while standing in the native market place in Toluca. Two alumnae, Marie Jauregui and Frances Aertker, very adequately chaperoned by " Jose " , enjoy a ride in a speedy cabriole in the beautiful city of Guada- lajara. At the drawing held at the Alumni Banquet, Regent George 1. Cochran held the lucky number which won him a Pigskin personally autographed by all the members ol our mighty football team. Regent Cochran joyously beams at his very good fortune, as he is presented the iootball by our own " fair haired boy, " Captain Ted Forbes. By acting his usual, bewitching self, " Doodles " Weaver made the spectators ' sides ache. His costumes were enough to steal the show, but combined with his " personality, " they were all the more effective. Lovely Hope Manning, charming chanteuse, supplied some songs which left the jammed auditorium shouting for more. Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Reagan, lane Wyman to you, disprove the old adage that " After two weeks of marriage, the honeymoon ' s over, " and proceeded to have a marvel- ous time at the Banquet. The Women ' s Gym, where the festiv- ity was held, was decorated like the proverbial Christmas tree, and served its purpose perfectly. limmy Durante. Joe E. Brown and Jimmy Lash, Secretary to Presi- dent Sproul. find everything to their liking as they discuss the show. The backstage atmosphere has no doubt caused them to feel at home. By the way, in case you ' re wondering, the gentleman with the extended profile is Mr. James Durante, esquire. c L n li n li 9 1 • H Vv . " -,- -I- ' ' ' ?i iSaSr ' fli ' lir ' f ' W . i« . HH B », til " - | »r1 r ff ' ?r! T ' f ' •5 %. - -iI " 5 - °° 5 ,.. „. ■?• -t •., :: °.e ' l ' . )° " ? . n In. „e■ r. - V ■ ' zy .N .j.- NH Kw " V- .. " 30 SCP L OiO n y% ?i fh - i p 1 D. Austin. P. Baker, S. Bledsoe, F. Brando, S. Brun. L. Buifum, B. Cain, J. Caldecolt. B. Carstan, M, Dant, B. Deardorff, M. Diehle, B. Doolittle, B. Douglas, E. Durbin, P. Filield. C. Finch, S. Glall, H. Harper. V. Itkin, J. Joseph, C. Lubic, M. McAvoy, P. McDonald, M. McHaiiie, C. McLaughlin, J. McMahon, J. Milligan, B. Miller, M. Minorini, F. Montgomery, M. Pederson, D. Rayburn. P. Rich, M. Shedd. B. Sherman, F. Spinner, S. Weir, B. West, G. Will. Hard-hitting and ambitious Stu Bledsoe leads the Sophs with the help oi his exuberant assistants Phil Baker, Mary Dant, and Barbara Ann Sherman. This decidedly harmonious quartet set the pace for the class ' second successful year. 34 H. Adams, J. Beavon, E. Blass, B. Bobb. E. Brewster, H. Brittinger. B. Brown, G. Burns| Cornell. M. Costello, H. Coston, F. Cramer, P. Darby, M. Goy. N. Garlinghouse, P. Hamilton, I. Hargiiwe, A, Hams, ?fi " Haver. V. Hickock, L. Hohnann, J. Hollister, B. Izenour, J. Jensen, M. Karl, S. Kerr, B. Kraemer, N. Kopp, N. Miller, M. Moon, V. Myers, P. McConville, P. McCarthy, M. McManus, P. McQuilkin, E. Newhofi, M. Partridge, M. Phillips, E. Kins- hart, P. Roduner, J. Schmissrauter, P. Scott, D. Simms, D. Smith, J. Smithwick, B. Snyder, B, Slacy, E. Stevens, L, Swa- backer, E. Thomas, B. Thompson, J. Tingley, P. Urion, B. Vellom, I. Warner, A. Wilbur, A. Woeler, F. Yamasaki, N. Angeles, T. Boyd, H. Campbell, L. Collins, Kenney Craemer, C. Cram. B. Drew. B. Duddleson. M. Dunn, M. Edmisten, B. Foster. O. Friedman, H. Freeman. F. Fruetel. B. Gillette. E. Gr ayhead, F. Grosset, H. Guyer, P. Hutchins, J. House, D. Laidlaw, D. Lee, B. Lehman, L. Levitt, I. Lovell, R. Massman, A. Nelson. H. Newman. B, Pappich. B. Romas. V. Smith. B. Schoeder, B. Taylor, P. Trinkeller, T. Tussler, R. Wallace, B. Weil, T. Wickman, J. Ytrang, N, Tyler, A. O tfle g pig i L Eklund, S. Williams. Junior Officers combat the elements! The shaky smiles belong to Bill Farrar and his three associates. Bob Parr, Osceola Herron and Anne Brown — the icy stare belongs to the photographer. 35 Rear Standing: lean Kunkel » Lillian Helland • Betty Ann Carlisle • Suzanne Roberts • lack Simons • Dorothy Gallney • Jack Hocit • Bonnie Mitchell • Frances Robichau • Howell McDaniel • Jack McRosky • Shirley Entriken • Bob Wolcott • Mary Lou Cletro • Jack Mahon • Mary Jo Funk • Dorothy Fuller • Jerry McClellan e Esther Zegar • Mary Moore • George Bush • Louise Pollock • Marcella Sutton • Rosemary Pennington • Helen Youngerman • Kassy Priester • Keith Cochrane • Stu McKenzie • Bill Thomas • Warren Hostler • Betty Jane Lissner • George Thorson • Seated: Joyce Ruegg • Doug Harrison • Jean Launer • Ernie Markowitz • Mary Frances Rickershauser • Bill Mitchell • Barbara McLain Natalie McCrone Mariorie Middlemiss Dcua Imon • Robin Lyford • Front, Standing: Marie Dashiell • Babs White • Leona Monteleone • Carolyn Webb • Jos Luder • Hitoshi Yonemura • Duke West • William Wilson • Evelyn Boldri:k o Lois Niemoller • Frieda Liebs:h9r • Mariorie Chilslrom • Betty Falk. 37 1[|;T DISTIflGUISHFD HS CBll •THE HO ASSOCIA " WHO HA SCHOLAR ROBERT EDUIHRD HLSHULER ROBERT mORCUS RHRSKY ■rfll RROCE BinGHHin GRSSIDOY HHTORIR CHURCHILL iTION OF THE SOUTHERN CAMPUS IS GIVEN. BY THE 3ENTS. TO THE MEN AND WOMEN OF THE SENIOR CLASS " DISTINGUISHED THEMSELVES AS CALIFORNIANS IN )YALTY. AND SERVICE TO THEIR ALMA MATER. ' - ■■1-i " i] ' i ' »-, ' ' ' ■ ' FRe n CES CORRflD niHRiE ruLDinc drshiell DOROTHY fllRlfl DODGE HBHEORD flEEED EIEES RIORCEEEE RITfl EORTIER f ? i .• I DOOCERS CflREESEE HRRRISOH RIRRJORIE ADR DEEDOEERIESS DOROTHY RRRR REHFRO JRRIES JOSEPH ROSE JRRIES RRHDOEPH THOHIRS HIRRY JOSEPHIHE FORK HITOSHI YORERIDRR ' ■n ' rr- S 5 MARJORIE ABLUTZ Home Economics, B.E. VELMA ALDEN Art, A.B. MARY JO ALEXANDER Art, A.B. JOHN SCOTT ALLAN Zoology, A.B. EDITH MARIE ALLEN Qpneral, A.B. MARGARET ALLEN Education, B.E. ROBERT WILSON ALLEN Frencli, A.B. ROBERT E. ALSHULER Political Science, A.B. FREDERICK ALTMAN Accounting, B.S. RUTH AMSTER Accounting, B.S. CURTIS D. ANDERSON Marketing, B.S. DOUGLAS ANDERSON Management Industry, A.B. LLOYD GEORGE ANDERSON Accounting, B.S. MARY S. ANDERSON Art, A.B. MILDRED ANDERSON Education, B.E. PHILIP C. ANDERSON Accounting, B.S. RUTH JEANETTE ANDERSON Psychology, A.B. CLARA MAE ANDREWS Physical Education, B.S. MARLYS J. ANDREWS Dietetics, B.S. ELEANOR JEANNE ANKCORN English, A.B. 48 JUNE ANSBRO General A, P. CORALIE PAMELA ANSTEY History, A.B. HECTOR R. ANTON Accounting, B.S. RODGER APPLEGATE Accounting, B.S. JOHN W. ARENSMEYER Chemistry, A.B. ROBERTA ARMSTRONG Zoology, A.B. GERTRUDE ARTHUR History, A.B. WILLA GENE ASHFORD History, A.B. LOUISE AUBERT Education, B.E. ROSE AUBERT Education, B.E. EMILY D. AYOUB English, A.B. DORIS ELIZABETH AYRES Marketing, B.S. BETTY ANN BAASH ■K M It English, A.B. Si r 1 CHRISTINE BACKUS French, A.B. iA l 1 THOMAS G. BAGGOT. JR. ' ' jM m anagement Industry, B.S. V ■ MARY LOUISE BAILEY .- C r Education, B.E. , J J MAXINE BAILEY Sociology, A.B. MARY ELLEN BAKER General, A.B. HOWENA WALKER BAKER General, A.B. HELEN JEFFREYS BAKHTIAR Public Health Nursing, B.S. 49 G. DOUGLAS BALDRIDGE Zoology, A.B. ROSEMARY BALL Art, B.E. BERNARD ALLEN BALMUT English, A.B. ADRIENNE MAY BANOWIT | Home Economics, B.S. ALVIN H. BARBANELL Zoology, A.B. ERNEST JOHN BARBOUR Political Science, A.B. GEORGE N. BARFORD General, A.B. ONER B. BARKER, IR. Zoology, A.B. DONNA BARNETT Psychology, A.B. WILLIAM BARROWS Management Industry, B.S.! i JACK BAUMBAUGH , History, A.B. i{ II YVONNE E. BAUMEISTER Zoology, A.B. BETTY JANE BEAL Education, B.E. BETTY JANE BEATTIE Music, B.E. LEE I. BEAUDRY Accountinq, B.S. DORIS IRENE BEAVER Spanish, A.B. FRANCES MARJORIE BOCK! General, A.B. ; KATHRYN BECK j Education, B.E. I 1 ROBERT M. BECKER ' Marketing, B.S. THEODORE BECKWITH. JH. | Mechanic Arts, B.S. ' 50 RENATA BEHRENS History, A.B. MALCOLM BENSON Music, A.B. LELA BERBERET Geography, A.B. GREGORY BERGMANS Cliemistry, A.B. MELVIN HERMAN Accounting, B.S. SEYMOUR BERNS English, A.B. NATHAN M. BERNSTEIN Zoology, A.B. JEWEL NAOMI BERRY French, A.B. JOSEPHINE BETHEAU Education, B.E. COLLEEN BEVER General, A.B CLARICE LORRAINE BISHOP History, A.B. VIRGINIA BISHOP Physical Education, B.S. BARBARA BLACK Education, B.E. MURIEL BLACK French, A.B. MARGARET B. BLAIR Physical Education, B.S. WILLIAM BLAKELY Business Administration, B.S. LOUISE MARIE BLANCHARD History, A.B. FRED BLEUEL, JR. History, A.B. ART BLIGHT Management Industry, B.S. CYNTHIA BLOUNT Zoology, A.B. SI RAYMOND LEE BLY. JR. Political Science, A.B. KATHLEEN BODES Education, B.E. CAROLYN BOHIKEN Geography, A.B. EVELYN BOLDRICK Physical Education, B.S. DOROTHY BOLTON Education, B.E. RICHARD D. BOPP Accounting, B.S. NELDA RAY BOWEN Spanish, A.B. KATHRYN BOWER Home Economics, B.S. JEAN BOWERS General, A.B. LEONARD BOYD General, A.B. JEAN BRADBURY Industry Management, HELEN BRADFORD English, A.B. B.S. JUNE BRECK Physical Education, B.S. FREDERIC BRENLIN Political Science, A.B. DOREN BRETT Political Science, A.B. IRENE C. BRIGGS Accounting, B.S. ROBERT ARNOLD BRIGHT Music, A.B. SHIRLEY BRIGHT Dietetics, B.S. ANN BRININGER History, A.B. BERT NORMAN BRIb,. Accounting, B.S. 52 EUNICE M. BROCKWAY Education, B.E. TENNANT J. BROOK3 Geology, A.B. IRWIN D. I. BROS3 Mathematics, A.B. BARBARA FAY BROWN Bacteriology, A.B. BENJAMIN HAROLD BROWN Political Science, A.B. BETTY BAXTER BROWN General, A.B. MARY ALICE BROWN History, A.B. ROBERT MULNIX BROWN Chemistry, A.B. VIRGIN IA BROWN Home Economics. B.S. EVELYN ETHEL BROWNSTEIN Commerce, B.E. JOHN BRUCE Accounting, B.S. 5, ELIZABETH BRUFFETT Music. A.B. GERALDINE BRYAN English, A.B. RUTH BRYANT Education, B.E. SHIRLEY ELINORE BRYANT History, A.B. BARBARA BUCKLEY French, A.B. LESTER BUHAI Economics, A.B. PEGGY BURGESS History, A.B. JOHN T. BURK Zoology, A.B. NORMA LU BURK Psychology, A.B. 53 GEORGE B. BUSH, JR. International Relations, A.B. BARBARA JEAN BUSHER Art, A.B. HENRY WILLIS BUTLER English, A.B. MARJORIE BYBEE General, A.B. SHIRLEY BYSTROM History, A.B. MORTON CAHN Accounting, B.S. CLAUDE CALDWELL Accounting, B.S. FRANCES CALDWELL Mathematics, A.B. EDYTHE CALLAHAN Education, B.E. GEORGE CAMPBELL Chemistry, A.B. JOHN EATON CAMPBELL Mechanic Arts, B.S. KATHLEEN B. CAMPBELL Physical Education, B.S. PALMER GEORGE CAMPEN Political Science, A.B. ALDA HARRIETT CARD Education, B.E. FADDON CARDAMENIS French, A.B. JEAN MARION CAREY Accounting, B.S. BETTY ANN CARLISLE Education, B.E. FRANCES CARTER Geography, A.B. MARY FRANCES CARTER History, A.B. ROBERT C. CARTER Chemistry, A.B. 54 BRUCE CASSIDY English, A.B. BERENICE CATON Physical Education, B.S. RICHARD RYDER CATTERLIN Political Science, A.B. VIRGINIA CAVETT English, A.B. VIRGINIA CHADWICK Physical Education, B.S. JUNE CHAMPAGNE English, A.B. MILAN T. CHANCE Music. A.B. STELLA EVA CHAPATES Household Science, B.S. CATHERINE CHARLTON Music, A.B. EMILY CHASE Psychology, A.B. MARJORIE CHILSTROM General Business, B.S. ROSE CHITWOOD Music, A.B. STELLA ROBERTA CHRIST English, A.B. VIRGINIA ANN CLAPPER Botany, B.S. LOIS SNEED CLARK French, A.B. MARY LOU CLETRO History, A.B. ELIZABETH CLIFFORD History, A.B. lESSE SNAVELY COBB Education, B.E. LILLIAN COGEN Psychology, A.B. ELLEN COLBATH Physical Education, B.S. 55 LOHENZA JORDAN COLE Music, A.B. STAN COLE Banking and Finance, B.S. DORIS ADELLE COLEMAN Geography, A.B. OLIVE COMINO Botany A.B. FRANCES CONRAD General, A.B. JOYCE CONROY Anthropology, A.B. GRAYCE COOK Education, B.E. MARJORIE COOMBS History, A.B. DELORES COOPER History, A.B. ELSIE MAY COOPER Psychology, A.B. GRACE COOPER History, A.B. KENNETH COOPER Physical Education, B.S. ALBERT CORCORAN General, A.B. PATRICIA CORONER English, A.B. MAE T. CORLISS History, A.B. JAMES CHARLES CORMAN Political Science, A.B. JOAN COVERT French, A.B. ELAINE AUDREY COWAN Psychology, A.B. PAUL CLOVER COX Philosophy, A.B. NORVIN F. CRAIG General, A.B. 56 SHIRLEY JEANNE CHAIG Commerce, B.E, FLORENCE CRAMER English, A.B. BETTY JEAN CRAWFORD English, A.B. PAULA LOEBER CREASEY Home Economics, B.S. ELIZABETH F. CREDELLE Education, B.E. JACK A. CRICKARD Marketing, B.S. MARGUERITE CRISP English, A.B. BETTY JEAN CROPSEY Education, B.E. IDA ESTELLE CROWDER History, A.B. J. HOWARD CULVER Management Industry, B.S. JUNE CAROLYN CUMMINGS English, A.B. MURIEL F. CURLEY Psychology, A.B. ROSLYN DAIC History, A.B. EMILE CHARLES DANENBERG Music, A.B JAMES S. D ' ARCY Accounting, B.S. MARIE FIELDING DASHIELL History, A.B. VIVIAN D ' AURIA Spanish, A.B, GRACE SEWELL DAVENPORT Music, B.F ELBERT DAVIS Chemistry, A.B. EDNA W. DEAN General, A,B. 57 THOMAS DeBORD Business Administration, B.S. AMY TEMPLE DeFOUNT Education, B.E. HAROLD WM. DIAMOND Political Science, A.B. MARGUERITE DIARD English, A.B, ESTELLA ELIZABETH DILLON History, A.B. HELENE DILLON History, A.B. LOUISE DISTERHEFT History, A.B. DOROTHY DODGE Education, B.E. BONNIE DOLL Geography, A.B. JANE DONAHOE History, A.B. ELOISE DORN Art, A.B. MARIAN DOYLE An, A.B. LOIS STEIN DuLAC Latin, A.B. JANE PAGE DULING English, A.B. EDWIN R. DUNCAN Chemistry, A.B. MARY-IANE DURGIN General, A.B. NORMAN EDMONSTON International Relations, A.B. DOROTHEA MAE EILER English, A.B. THEODORE HERMAN EKLOF Chemistry, . .B. INEZ ELAM English, A.B. I 58 HARRIET ELET P Political Science, A.B. ESTHER ELLIOTT Bacteriology, A.B, JUNE ELLIOTT Commerce, B.E. CARLOS HALL ELMER Polilical Science, A.B. f ' ELIZABETH ELWORTHY General, A.B. MmiAM HARRIET EMUS Education, B.E. JOHN SHIGEO ENDOW Zoology, A.B. SHIRLEY E. ENTRIKEN Art, A.B. lULIA EPLER Dietetics, B.S. LAWRENCE ERICKSON Accounting, B.S. LONELLE ERICKSON General, A.B. MARY ELIZABETH ERICKSON English, A.B. WADE ERRETT, JR. Psychology, A.B. CHARLES ESSENBERG Chemistry. A.B. MARY EVELYN EVANS Home Economics, B.S. RUTH EVERNHAM Botany, A.B. WILLIAM HOWARD EVERS General, A.B. WILLIAM EWONUS Marketing, B.S. MARJORIE IRENE FABRY Education, B.E. WILLIAM E. FACKINER Accounting, B.S. 59 BETTY FALK General, A.B. RUTH JAY FARBSTEIN English, A.B. ANN FARIES General, A.B. RICHARD K. FARNHAM Zoology, A.B. BERNICE FEINFELD General, A.B. CARMEL FELDMAN Political Science, A.B. DONALD KEITH FELLOWS Geography, A.B. RALPH FENDERSON International Relations, A.B. WINIFRED FIEN Education, B.E. GORDON FIFER Mathematics, A.B. HANFORD FILES General. A.B. HELEN M. FISHER Music, A.B. ROBERT BURNS FISHER Bacteriology, A.B. GERALDINE FITGERRELL Home Economics, B.E. BERNARD FITZPATRICK Political Science, A.B. DOROTHY K. FLEISCHMANN General, A.B. MARGUERITE FLEURET French, A.B. LELAND FOGG , Management Industry, B.S. GERALDINE FORNEY An, A.B. MARCELLE FORTIER French, A.B. 60 ALFRED L. FRANKLIN Cheir.islry, A.E. ANNABELLE LEE FREDERICK History. A.B. JOHN FREDERICKS Geology, A.B. IRENE FREDRIKSEN Psychology, A.B. HORTENSE J. FREEMAN English, A.B. MURIEL FREEMAN Political Scienre , " ..E. HARRIET FREUDENBERG Physical Educaiion, B.S. HELEN B. FRIEDMAN General, A.B. JUNE LEANORE FRIEDMAN Political Science, A.B. NAOMI FRISSEN German, A.B. BETTY FRUEHLING Home Economics, A.B. BEATRICE ROSE FRUTMAN Drama, A.B. lEAN LOUISE FULCHER History, A.B. DOROTHY FULLER Drama, A.B. MARY lO FUNK Psychology, A.B. MARGARET M. FURNIVALL Psychology, A.B. IRVING FURST Political Science, A.B. DOROTHY GAFFNEY Educaiion, B.E. RALPH GAITAM Banking Finance, B.S. MARGARET H. GARDNER General, A.B. 61 ■ _ VIRGINIA CAROL GARDNER English, A-E. MARGARET GARNER Edura-ion, B.E. ELIZABETH GARRISON Bacteriology, A.B. NANCY GARRISON General, A.B. HOWARD GEST Bacteriology, A.B. PAUL GIAMPAOLO Accounting, B.S. MARY ANNE GINGRICH History, A.B. RUTH GITTES An, B.E. MARGUERITE GLAZE Psy:h ' :l-gy, A.B. HELEN GLENN History, A.B. FRANK GLICKSMAN ■| General. A.B. EDITH MARTHA GOBRECHT , .Music. B.E. FRANCES M. GOLD Sociology. A.B. LEON S. GOLD Economics, A.B. MARY JANE GOLDBLOOM Dietetics, B.S. MOLLIS GOLDEN Accounting, B.S. MORTIMER GOLDMAN E-nc-irs, A.B. JACK GOLDSTEIN Accounting, B.S. MURRAY GOMER Accounting, B.S. RANDOLPH M. GONZALEZ Zoology, A.B. 62 K. LOUISE GOODALE Geography, A. 3 SARAH-BELLE GOODWIN Education, B.E. SARAH GORDON Psychology, A.B. HELEN GORMAN History, A.B. MARY ELLEN GORSUCH Home Economics, B.S. PAUL K. GRAHAM Geology, A.B. ANN GRANGER History A.E. BENJAMIN G. GRAY Mathematics, A.B. LANGDON B. GREGG Management Industry, B.S. FREDERICK ARTHUR GREY Marketing. B.S. MELVm SIDNEY GROLL Accounting and Finance, B.S. KENNETH GROSS Chemisiry, B.S. DAVID GROSSMAN Economics, A.B. DOUGLAS HAIG English. A3- AUDREY FRISBIE HALL Zoology, A.B. ERNESTINE MAY HALL Art, B.E. HELEN M. HALL General, A.B. HELEN HALL Physical Education, B.S. PARA JEAN HALL English, A.B. JACQUELINE HAMMOND Banking and Finance, B.S. ' ' WM WMWW 63 MARJORIE LEONA HANSEN ' Education, B.E. ! MARJORIE LOUISE HANSEN General, A.B. BERNICE ELEANOR HARDY Commeice, B.E. NANCY HARPER English, A.B. BERYLE HARRIS Music, B.E. DOUGLAS C. HARRISON Marketing, B.S. MARGARET J. HART General A.B. VIVIAN HARTH History, A.B. NAIDA HASSEY Spanish, A.B. FRED E. HAUTER Industrial Management, B.S. EVERETT A. HAYES English, A.B. ERNEST C. HEATH Zoology, A.B. MERLYN HEDDON Chemistry, A.B. LILLIAN HELLAND History, A.B. PETER HERALD General, AB.. DOROTHY C. HERBST General, A.B. GUNTER HERMANN General, A.B. DOROTHY HESS Education, B.E. PETER HEUSSENSTAMM Chemistry, A.B. DORIS RUTH HILL English and Speech, A.B. 64 DOROTHY HILL Spanish, A.B. DOROTHY HILL General, A.B. GUY HILL Business Administration, B.S. VALERIE MARGARET HILL Education, B.E. ROGER HILLIS History, A.B. BERNICE HIMELHOCK Education, B.E. AKI HIRASHIKI Dietetics, A.B. ALICE HOBSON Art, A.B. JOHN LANE HOCK Marketing, B.S. BETTY LOU HODGES Spanish, A.B. ROGER HOEGER Geology, A.B. JOHN CHARLES HOGAN Economics, A.B. CHARLES HOGLE Philosophy, A.B. WYNELLE HOLBROOK History, A.B. ROBERT HOLCOMB Banking and Finance, B.S. GERALDINE L. HOSEASON Physical Education, B.S. C. WARREN HOSTLER Public Administration, A.B. JOHN DALE HOWARD Accounting, B.S. PATRICIA S. HOWLAND History, A.B. VASHKE HRONIS Physical Education, B.S. 65 ELBERT THOMAS HUDSON Economics, A.B. JOHN RUDY HUMMES Marketing, B.S. ELEANOR HUNT Music, A.B. ELOISE HUNT Commerce, B.E. MERRILL BRUCE HUNT Accounting, B.S. VIRGINIA HUNT Art, A.B. DOYETTA HUTCHINSON Art, A.B. LEWIS JOHN HUTCHINSON Horticulture, B.S. MABELLU BUTTON History, A.B. IKUA IMON General Business, B.S. TAKASHI ITO INOUYE Zoology, A.B. PATRICIA LOUISE IRVINE Art, B.E. EDWARD IRWIN Marketing, B.S. HIDEO IZUMO Accounting, B.S . MARJORIE JACK Home Economics. B.S. JOSEPHINE JACKS History, A.B. WALTER JAMES History, A.B. JUDITH NORVELL JAMISON Political Science, A.B. MARY ALICE JANKE Economics, A.B. LOIS MARIE JENNER Education, B.E. 66 DAVID L. JENNINGS Geography, A.B. GLADYS M. JEWETT Psychology, A.B. HENRY P. JEWETT Marketing, B.S. BERNICE MAY JOHNSON Physical Education, B.S. EVELYN JOHNSON Music, B.E. LILLIAN lOTHA JOHNSON General, A.B. LILLIAN LOUISE JOHNSON English, A.B. LOUISE ETHEL JOHNSON General, A.B. WAYNE JOHNSON General, A.B. WILLIAM G. JOHNSTON Art, A.B. MICHIKO KABASHIMA Psychology, A.B. SAMUEL KALICHMAN Zoology, A.B. MARVIN EDWARD KALIN Management and Industry, B.S. GEORGE KASAI Zoology, A.B. OSHYN KASPARIAN Markeiing, B.S. JOSEPH JEROME KAUFMAN Zoology and Pre-Medical, A.B. MORRIS KAWIN Accounting, B.S. DOROTHY KEATING History, A.B. EDITH KEENE Physical Education, B.S. EDWINA KEENE Physical Education. B.S. 67 EUNICE REISER Education, B.E. MARY LOU KEMP Spanish, A.B. WILLIAM W. KENNEDY English, A.B. CLIFFORD P. KETZEL Political Science, A.B. MARY lEAN KIEHLBAUCH Bacterioiogy, A.B, PETER KIM Zoology. A.B. JOAN KINDELHERGER General, A.B. RUTH KING Education, B.E. ESTHER RUSSELL KINNEY General, A.B. J. KENNETH KINNEY Zoology, A.B. FRANK S. KINO Zoology, A.B. ROBERT R. KIRKLAND Geology, A.B. BERNARD G. KIRSCH Music, B.E. DOROTHY JANE KNAPP Economics, A.B. HARRIET KNIGHT English, A.B. HELEN KNIGHT English, A.B. PAUL KOMM Mechanic Arts, B.S. SEVASTY KOUTSAFTIS History, A.B. DOROTHY KOWALSKI Genera;, A.B. HELEN ESTHER KRASNOW Sociology, A.B. 68 CARL W. KflUGER History, A.B. TOKI KUMAi Economics, A.B. JEAN KUNKEL Physical Education, B.S. ROSE M. KURILY Physical Education, B.S. INGRET KUURILA General, A.B. BEN KVITKY History, A.B. ANNIS REBECCA LAEKEY Zoology, A.B. MARCELLA LA GER Spanish, A.B. KENNETH LAKE Accounting, B.S. LESLIE A. LAKNESS Marketing, B.S. ALLENA LANCE Home Economics, A.B. AURELIA LANDERS Spanish, A.B. } FRANCES E. LANE Physical Education, B.S. MARION LANE Physical Education, B.S. VIVIAN LANG Physical Education, B.S. STANLEY I. LAPPEN Accounting, B.S. ANNA LU LAREY Education, B.E. JANET LARSON Physical Education, B.S. LUCILE E. LaSPADA Bacteriology, A.B. WILLIAM E. LATHAM Economics, A.B. 69 JOHN L. LAUN, JR. Management Industry, B.S. FRANCES lEAN LAUNER Education, B.E. PATRICIA LEACH English, A.B. MELITA B. LEAHY General, A.B. WILBERTA LEAVINE Psychology, A.B. LUCILLE LEFFER General, A.B. HAROLD W. LEMBRIGHT Chemistry, A.B. BETTY JANE LEMON Education, B.E. SHIRLEY HOPE LEVINE Commerce, B.E. NORMAN LEVINSON, JR. Political Science, A.B. JACK B. LEWENBIN Accounting, B.S. WALTER RODERIC LEWIS Social Science, A.B. HARRY D. L ' HEUREUX Economics, A.B. FRIEDA LIEBSCHER Social Science, A.B. DOROTHY LIGHT Physical Education, B.S. ROSALIE LINCOLN Physical Education, B.S. GUSTAVE LINDENBAUM Chemistry, A.B. SEYMOUR LINDINBAUM Chemistry, A.B. MARGARET M. LINDSKOG Home Economics, B.S. JOHN L. LINKER History, A.B. 73 RAY C. LINSON Music, A.B. BETTY JANE LISSNER Psychology, A.B. MYER LITTMAN Economics, A.B. ALVA LLOYD Education, B.E. CLEON C. LLOYD Industrial Management, B.S. GERARD LLOYD Zoology, A.B. JAMES ALLEN LOCY. JR. Management Industry, B.S. BENNY LOINAX Sociology, A.B. f FLORENCE LONGSDORFF Physical Education, B.S. JOSEPH LO PRESTI Zoology, A.B. GEORGE PAUL LOTTICH Pohtical Science, A.B. KENNETH LOWE Sociology, A.B. JOHN I. LOY Economics, A.B. CHARLOTTE LUCIER Physical Education, B.S. LILA L. LUKINS Physical Education, B.S. FRANCINA LUMBARD Art, A.B. MARGARET ANN LUNDAHL Sociology, A.B. ROBIN LYFORD Art, A.B. IRVING LYON Zoology, A.B. GEORGE E. Mckenzie, jr. Marketing, B.S. 71 JEAN ELIZABETH MAGEE History, A.B. MARY ELLEN MAGEE Psychology, A.B. RUTH MAGUIRE English, A.B. EVELYN MAHONY Economics, A.B. DOROTHY H. MANDELL History, A.B. DAVID M. MANN Psychology, A.B. MARY MANNING General, A.B. ADINA MANTCHIK Languages, A.B. JOHN W. MARCHILDON Zoology, A.B. ROBERT A. MARIAM Physical Education, B.S. RICHARD M. MARK Political Science, A.B. ERNEST H. MARKOWITZ Political Science, A.B. WALTER MARLETT Physical Education, B.S. CARITA MARTIN History, A.B. ROBERT MARX Management Industry, B.S. BERNEICE MASTERS General, A.B. MARGARET MATSON ■13 Education, B.E. HARRY H. MATSUMOTO General, A.B. MARGARET McCOLLUM General Business, B.S. KEITH R. McCOMBS History, A.B. 72 WILLIAM F. McCORMACK Psycholoqy, A.B. NATALIE ANN McCRONE General, A.B. ELEANOR McCULLOUGH History, A.B. ELIZABETH S. McCULLOUGH History, A.B. HOWELL C. McDANIEL, JR. Political Science, A.B. LUCILE McDANIEL Art, A.B. LUCY VIRGINIA McDANIEL Physical Education, B.S. DAVID McGRATH Latin, A.B. KATHLEEN N. McGUIRE Physical Education, B.S. MARGURITE S. McKANNA General, A.B. WILLIAM McKEE Chemistry, A.B. EDWIN A. McKANNA. JR. Geology, A.B. HELEN McKENNA Physical Education, B.S. I. STUART McKENZIE Mechanics Arts, B.S. DOLORES MALVINA McKIE Education, B.E. BARBARA ANN McLAIN Political Science, A.B. MARGUERITE McLEOD Music, A.B, IONIA McMULLIN History, A.B. ALBERT JOHN McNEIL Music, B.E. JOHN WILLIAM McROSKEY Economics, A.B. rj SHU 73 JAMES H. MELLON Zoology, A.B. ROY MENASHE Spanish, A.B. HERBERT L. MENDELSON Accounting, B.S. RICHARD D. MERIWETHER Economics, A.E. BATES METZENBAUM Z ' - ' - --Ti. A.B. CECILIA MEYER English, A.B. ELIZABETH JANE MEYER History, A.B. FRANKLYN MICHAELSON Psychology, A.B. MARJORIE ANN MIDDLEMISS Education, B.E. LEON W. MILLER Accounting, B.S. LOIS MILLER Psychology, A.B. ROBERT MILLER .Accounting, B.S. CONSTANCE RUTH MILTON History, A.B. BONNIE B. MITCHELL .general, A.B. JOHN C. MITCHELL Management Industry, B.S. J. WILLIAM MITCHELL Education, B.E. MAXINE RHEA MITCHELL History, A.B. LEONA MONTELEONE History, A.B. FRANCES MORGAN History, A.B. MARY MORSE English, A.B. 74 BYRON C. MORTON Political Science, A.B. WILLARD MOSER Management Industry, B.S. MIRIAM MUNTER Music, B.E. LENORE MURDOCK f History, A.B. GEORGE CLARKE MYRON Political Science, A.B. JEAN NEAL Physical Education, B.S. ROGER NEDRY Anthropoloqy, A.B. RONNIE NEWMAN Physical Enu a;:i. r,.-. CHARLES H. NICHOLS. JR. Political Science, A.B. GEORGIA E. NICKLETT Music, A.B. ANITA L. NICOLAUS Art, A.B. LOIS NIEMOELLER Economics, A.B. LILY FRIEDA NOBS Bacteriology, A.B. JEROME KERMIT NORTHRUP Geography, A.B. EMUIE OAS English, A.B. EDWARD O ' BRIEN Accounting. B.S. GERALD H. O ' BRIEN Political Science, A.B. PATRICIA OBRIEN An, A.B. SALLY O ' DELL Public Health Nursing, B.S. JESSIE LORINE OFFICER Physical Education, B.S. 75 JANET DONNA OUN Commerce, B.E. ADELINE I. OLIVER Education, B.E. IRENE ORGEL English, A.B. TOSHIKO OSHIMA Sociology, A.B. JACOB OSTROFSKY Accounting, B.S. VINCENT ALFRED OSTROM Political Science, A.B. ANNE MARY PALMER Education, B.E. RICHARD W. PALMER Subtropical Horticulture, B.S. BETTE PITT PARK Psychology, A.B. JEAN PARSONS Music, B.E. CORNELIA H. PATTERSON English, A.B. GORDON W. PAUL Accounting, B.S. PATRICIA PAULSON History, A.B. ALMA E. PEAKE Sociology, A.B. MARY ELIZABETH PEASE Physical Education, B.S. BETTY JEAN PECK General, A.B. FRANK A. PEDERSON Zoology, A.B. BEN DOUGLAS PENNY English, A.B. MACON JOHNSON PERKINS History, A.B. GLORIA JEAN PESTOLESI English, A.B. 76 PHILLIP PETERSEN Spanish, A.B. SHIRLEY N. A. PETERSON Physical Education, B.S. HELEN PLUTYNSKI Education, B.E. PATRICIA MAY PODOLL Economics, A.B. LOUISE POLLOCK General, A.B. BETTY ANN POOL History, A.B. LAVIN LABON POSNER Accounting, B.S. DORIS MAYO PRATT Education, B.E. MABY SIMPSON PRATT History, A.B. GILBERT PRESTON Marketing, B.S. MARY CELESTE PRICE Education, B.E. WALTER PRICE, JR. International Relations, A.B. KASS Y PRIESTER English, A.B. MARJORIE PROCTOR English, A.B. LOIS AILEEN PUFFER Political Science, A.B. FRED W. PUMP, JR. General, A.B. CONSTANCE PURKISS Education, B.E. EMMA PUTHOFF Education, B.E. IDA PUTHOFF Education, B.E. FRANCES QUAYLE French, A.B. 77 CLAUDE A. RACKUS Chemistry, A.B. MASIE RAGAN Economics, A.B. JEAN SHELLOY RAMSING Home Economics, B.E. CARL FRANK RANDALL General, A.B. RALPH LESLIE RANDALL Hislory, A.B. HUGH THOMAS RANKIN English, A.B. LEO J. RASKIND Economics, A.B. MORRIS RATNER Banking and Finance, B.S. MARJORIE RAYMOND General, A.B. CARL TEMPLE REDEMANN Chemistry, A.B. DONALD PARLIN REED Economics, A.B. ELIZABETH E. REED Home Economics, A.B. MARY JANE REILLY Zoology, A.B. DOROTHY RENFRO Art, A.l JOSEPHINE RENZI History, A.B. DONALD E. REYSA Management Industry, B.S. MARY F. RICKERSHAUSEH Latin, A.B. FRANCES RIDGLEY English, A.B. GRACE RIFBERG General, A.B. CHAMP W. RILEY Psychology 6. Pre-Med., A.B. 78 CURTIS LEE RINEY Political Science, A.B. CHARLOTTE RINMAN General, A.B. JACQUELINE RITCHIE Art, A.B. DALE HITTER Bacteriology, A.B. ANN RIVERS General, A.B. LOWELL W. ROBBINS, JR. Accounting, B.S. SUZANNE ROBERTS Psychology, A.B. FRANCES ROBICHAU Zoology, B.S. BEATRICE M. ROBINSON Sociology, A.B. GLADYS ROBINSON General, A.B. VIRGINIA RUTH ROBINSON Physical Education, B.S. HELEN LUCILLE ROE Art. A.B. ROLLAND ROHDE Management Industry, B.S. JIM ROSE Political Science, A.B. MARYANN ALBERTA ROSE General, A.B. JUDY FRANCIS ROSENBLATT Psychology, A.B. EUGENE ROURKE Accounting, B.S. ROBERT S. HOWELL Economics, A.B. SYLVIA RUBINSTEIN Commerce, B.E. SHIRLEY RUDMAN Home Economics, B.E. 79 JOYCE RUEGG Psychology, A.B, EDWARD L. RUSSELL Geology, A.B. JOHN RUSSELL Political Science, A.B. PATRICIA RUSSELL French, A.B. JEAN M. RUTHERFORD History, A.B. ANDREW SAKS Mechanic Arts, B.S. SYLVIA RUTH SALTZMAN Commerce, B.E. HARRY B. SANDERS, JR. Accounting, B.S. DOROTHY ROSE SANDERSON General, A.B. LEONARD SAUBLE Political Science, A.B. JUDY SAYE General, A.B. MARY ELIZABETH SCHADER English, A.B. WILLIAM SCHAFER Bacteriology, A.B. ESTHER SCHAFFER English, A.B. ROY H. SCHARF Political Science, A.B. ANNE SCHILLING History, A.B. MARJORIE A. SCHLATTER General, A.B. ELISABETH A. SCHLOTEN Economics, B.S. PATSY SCHMIDT History, A.B. KENNETH ALAN SCHMITT Psychology, A.B. M BERTHA SCHNEIDER Psycholoqy, A.B. SHIRLEY SCHREIBER Psychcloqy, A.B. AUDREY SCHUFELDT International Relations, A.B. SYLVIA V. SCHULZ Sociology, A.B. JOHN K. SCHUTT Accounting, B.S. JOHN SCHUTZ History, A.B. BERNIE SCHWARTZ General, A.B. DOUGLAS H. SCHWARTZ Mechanic Arts, B.E. ERNESTINE SCHWARTZ English, A.B. HAROLD D. SCHWARTZ Philosophy, A.B. ANN SCOTT General, A.B. BETTY SCOTT Art, A.B. GENEVIEVE SCOTT English, A.B. RUTH SCOVILLE Education, B.E. MARY lANE SEAGROVE Sociclogy, A.B. CHARLES SEELKE Accounting, B.S. MARTHA SEIBEL History, A.B. JOHN ELLIOTT SEVERSON English, A.B. FRED M. SEVIER Philosophy, A.B. MARION SEYSTER Education. B.E. 81 PAUL N. SHALER English, A.B. mENE SHARFF Zoology, A.E. RUTH CRITCHETT SHEDD Pcli ' ical Science, A-3, SARAH V. SHELNUTT History, A.B. ETHEL I. SHERMAN Commerce, A.B. JANE SHEWBART General, A.B. MARTHA LEE SHOAF History, A.B. PAUL SHOAFF Chemistry, A.B. MARJORIE ALICE SIMMS Commerce, B.E. AUDREY SIMON Psychology, A.B. JACK SIMONS Marketing, B.S. lOHN R. SIMONS Political Science, A.B. BERNARD SINSHEIMEH, JR. History, A.B. JOANNE SIRDEVAN English, A.B. FRANCES LUCILE SLACK History, A.B. CLARA SLATER Physical Education, B.S. EVANS L. SLATER General, A.B. IRA S. SMITH General, A.B. LOIS ROBERTA SMITH General, A.B. SHIRLEY SMITH .Ar ' , B.E. 82 VIRGINIA SNURE Art, A.B. MURIEL A. SNYDER Education, B.E. NICHOLAS G. SNYDER Economics, A.B. ARLENE FAY SOLOMON Psychology, A. 5. f t THOMAS D. SORIERO, JR. Economics, A.B. VADM SOUNITZA His " :Ty, A.B. JANET E. SOUTHER Management S Industry, B.S. ELIZABETH MAY SPAULDING Home Economics, B.S. RUTH SPRINKEL General, A.B. DON STARK Political Science, A.B. MARCIA ERNA STARR Sociology, A.B. MALCOLM STEINLAUF Psychology, A.B. ROSEMARY STEPHENS English, A.B. MARGARET W. STERETT English, A.B. SELMA STERN English, A.B. JEAN NORTON STEVENS Music, B.E. BARBARA STEVENSON Psychology, A,B. MALCOLM STEWARD Physics, A.B. ATTRACTA B. STEWART Sociology, A.B. DOROTHY STEWART General, A.B. 83 GEORGE STOCKERT Accounting, B.S. GOLDA STREET English, A.B. VELMA STUART Music, A.B. JOHN KEMPER SUDDUTH Political Science, A.B. CHARLOTTE SULLIVAN English, A. B. URBAN F. SUR Economics, A.B. MARCELLA ANN SUTTON Education, B.E. GEORGE E. SUZUKI Zoology, A.B. JOHN SWANFELDT Political Science, A.B. SELMA RIFFEL SWINNEY Public Health Nursing, B.S. WALTER E. SWITZER. JR. Marketing, B.S. ELEANOR K. TAFT English, A.B. LYNN N. TAKAGAKI Accounting, B.S. JANET TALBERT Music, A.B. AUDREY TALBOT Psychology, A.B. MELBA TALMAGE English, A.B. WILLIAM TANNER Accounting, B.S. I. LELAND TEETS Business Administration, B.S. ROBERT TERIAN Chemistry, A.B. ROGER C. TERRY Political Science, A.B. E4 DOROTHY TETE English, A.B. JACK THOMAS English, A.B. MARIAN F. THOMAS Home Economics, B.E. NANCY E. THOMAS Zoology, A.B. BEVERLY SMITH THORNE Psychology, A.B. HURD THORNTON History, A.B. CLARICE IRENE TICHNER Dietetics, B.S. LOUIS GRANT TIEMANN Marketing, B.S. MADELON TILLMAN Psychology, A.B. BARBARA GLENN TILSON Spanish A.B. BETTIE TIMMONS General, A.B. JOHN H. TITLEY Management Industry, B.S. LENA MARIE TODARO Zoology, A.B. DONALD C. TOWERS History, A.B. MARY TRENT History, A.B. ROSALEE DIANE TROP Drama, A.B. BARBARA BUTLER TRUHAN Music, B.E. SHIGERU TSUCHIYAMA Zoology, A.B. DORIS TUFFREE Physical Education, B.S. BETTY LEA TYLER Education, B.E. 85 ELEANOR HELEN TYRE Philosophy, A.B. LORINNE UGGEN History, A.B. BETTY UPHAM General, A.B. ADELINE VIVIAN VALDEZ Physical Educaiion, B.S. RODERICK H. VAN HORN Music, A.B. COERT VAN VOORHEES Geography, A.B. EVELYN VAN WY Public Service, A.B. THEODORE VASILOPOULOS Philosophy, A.B. JANE LOUISE VATCHER Education, B.E. DOLLY VAUGHAN Psychology, A.B. MARGARET VAUGHAN Education, B.E. JOSEPH ANTHONY VIRZI General Business, B.S. MARY VOELKER Education, B.E. JANE VORREUTER General, A.B. BARBARA WAARA Marketing, B.S. CARL E. WALKER General. A.B. DOROTHY A. WALLACE English, A.B. GALINA JOSEPHINE WALLIN Music, B.E. MARTHA E. WALTER Music, A.B. ALTIE C. WARD Management Industry, B.S. 86 I NADINE E. WARD General, A.B. RUTH WARE Zoology, A.B. ELIZABETH WARREN Business Administration, B.S. HARRIET E. WARREN Education, B.E. HAZEL BERNICE WARREN Home Economics, B.S. NORMA WATERHOUSE English, A.B. IRVA WATTERS English, A.B. LURA JEAN WEAVER Sociology, A.B. CAROLYN WEBB Political Science, A.B. FRANK WEBBER History, A.B. AILEEN WEBER Drama, A.B. JESSE WEDGE Sociology, A.B. FRANK BURRUSS WEIR English, A.B DON WEISBARD Mechanic Arts, B.S. IRMA WEISKOPF Home Economics, B.E. JEAN HELEN WEISMAN Psychology, A.B. MILDRED WEISS Economics, A.B. DWIGHT WENTZEL Business Administration, B.S. HELEN WEYMAN General, A.B. ALICE WHEATON General, A.B. 87 A. EDWARD WHEELER Geoloqy, A.B. PATRICIA WHEELING History, A.B. WILMA P. WHIFFEN Paleontology, A.B. LEORA WHIPPLE Psychology, A.B. BARBARA WHITE History, A.B. JEAN MARION WHITE Psychology, A.B. SUZANNE WHITLOCK General, A.B. RICHARD S. WHITTLE Marketing, B.S. WINNIFRED I. WICK Spanish, A.B. BETTY lO WILHELM Physical Education, B.S. MARY RACHEL WILHELM Political Science, A.B. RHEA WILKINSON Education, B.E. FLORENCE WILLIAMS History, A.B. LANORA WILLIAMS History, A.B. VIRGINIA WILLOUGHBY Art, B.E. DAVID WILSON History, A.B. KAY WILSON Bacteriology, A.B. MARGIE WILSON Psychology, A.B. MARGARET WILTON Spanish, A.B. ADELAIDE WINANS General, A.B. 88 JOAN K. WIRTSCHAFTER General. A.B. ROSALIE M. WISMAR Latin, A.B. DOROTHY V. WITHEY Education, B.E. ROBERT B. WOLCOTT Political Science, A.B. GERALDINE WOLF Education, B.E. YVONNE WOLFE Psychology, A.B. ETHEL LOUISE WOLFF History, A.B. WILBUR KUOTUNG WOO Industry Management, B.S. RICHARD PHILIPS WOODS Economics, A.B. PHYLLIS WORTH Education, B.E. DORIS WRIGHT History, A.B. RANGES ANNE WRIGHT Political Science, A.B. JAMES GERALD WRIGHT Political Science, A.B. PEGGY H. WRIGHT English. A.B. PAULA JEAN WURTZEL English, A.B. JOSEPHINE WYATT History, A.B. WILLIAM E. WYNNE Accounting, B.S. JOHN G. WYNNS Marketing, B.S. TAKAKO YAMAMOTO Sociology, A.B. MITSUHIRO B. YAMASAKI Physics, A.B. 89 BETTE PAULINE YARBROUGH Music, A.B. ANTOINETTE YEAMAN Bacteriology, A.B. PHYLLIS YEAMAN Economics, A.B. HITOSHI YONEMURA Political Science, A.B. ROBERT L. YOST Economics, A.B. ERNEST GEORGE YOUNG Geology, A.E ' . HELEN YOUNGERMAN Marketing, B.S. OLIVE ZANELLA English, A.B. ESTHER E. ZEGAR Political Science, A.B. CHARLES N. ZIILCH Accounting, B.S. Seniors Rot Pictured GORDON ABRAMS, B.S. PHILIP ACKLEY, A.B. FRANCIS ADAMS, B.S. EVA ADKISSON, A.B. GEORGE AGREE, A.B. ISIDORE AKAWIE, A.B. WATIE ALBERTY. A.B. RUTH ALCON, A.B. HOMER ALLEN, B.S. ELSA ALLER, A.B. JEANNE ALTSCHULER, A.B. ARTHUR ANDERSON, A.B. KURT ANKER, B.S. JEANNE ANTHONY, A.B. MORTON APPLETON, A.B. KENICHI ARIMA, A.B. VICTOR ARMSTRONG, A.B. MARIAN ARRASMITH, A.B. CLARA ARUSELL, A.B. MARY ATCHISON, A.B. ANGELENE ATHAN, A.B. HELEN AVERITT, A.B. MURRAY AVERY, A.B. EDNA AYER, A.B. IVA BACKHOFF. A.B. VIRGINIA BACON. A.B. ARMAND BALLANTYNE, A.B. KATRYN BALLENGER, B.E. MARGUERITE BANGS, A.B. ROY BARKER. B.S. HALINE BARON, A.B. ROBERT BARSKY, A.B. MARGARET BASSE, A.B. KATHERINE BAUMGARDT, A.B. SUSAN BAYLY, A.B. MARY BECK, A.B. ELSIE BECKER, A.B. WARREN BEGLEY, A.B. JULIUS BELL, A.B. MARY BELL, A.B. EVELYN BENAGH, A.B. ALBERT BENGLEN, A.B. RITA BENJAMIN, A.B. GRETCHEN BENKESSER. A.B. THEODORE BERLIN, A.B. MORRIS BERNSTEIN, A.B. JAMES BERRY, A.B. EARL BERTRAND, B.S. MARION BESWICK, B.E. MARY BLASIUS, A.B. JAMES BLISS, A.B. LEON BLUMBERG, A.B. GORDON BLUNDEN, A.B. AGNES BOLAND, A.B. JOSEPH BONO, A.B. THOMAS BONO, A.B. HERBERT BORENSTEIN, A.B. CHARLES BOSTWICK, A.B. PATRICK BOWMAN, B.S. PRISCILLA BRADBURN, A.B. ROBERT BRADY, B.S. DORIS BRAGDON, A.B. BORTIMER BRANDLER, A.B. ANNA BRANTINGHAM, A.B. FRED BRAUN. A.B. HAROLD BRCHAN, A.B. EDWARD BREEN, A.B. FLOYD BREWER, B.S. GLADYS BREWSTER, A.B. DON BRIDENSTINE, B.S. WHITNEY BRIDGES, B.S. GOLDIE BRILL, A.B. ROBIN BRISCOE, A.B. BEVERLY BROADHEAD, A.B. MELVIN BROCKIE, B.S. JEANETTE BROCKMAN, B.E. LILLIAN BROTMAN, A.B. EILEEN BROWN, B.E. GEORGE BROWN, A.B. JEAN BROWN, A.B. ROBERT BROWN, A.B. ROBERT BROWN. A.B. SIDNEY BROWN, A.B. DOROTHY BROWNE, A.B. KENNETH BROWNING, A.B. RUTH BRYAN, B.E. DONALD BRYANT, A.B. DOROTHY BRYANT, B.E. JAMES BUCHANAN, B.E. MINA BUCKNER, B.E. LILY BUDMAN, B.E. BETSY BURNS, A.B. CHARLES BURNS, A.B. GEORGE BURRISTON, A.B. CAROL CALVERT, B.E. ALEXANDER CAMERSON, A.B. KATHLEEN CAMPBELL, A.B. LEO CANTOR, A.B. CHARLOTTE CANTRALL, A.B. LOUIS CARAPLIS, A.B. ROBERT CARRASCO, A.B. ALFRED CARSOLA, A.B. EVAN CASENAVE, A.B. NEIL CASSON, B.S. B. WESIEY CATLIN, A.B. IVAN CAWOOD, A.B. MARY CERVIN, A.B. VIRGINIA CHADWICK, A.B. RALPH CHAFFEE. A.B. BETTE CHAMBERS, A.B. JELAIRE CHANDLER, B.E. JOHN CHAPPLE, B.S. ALFRED CHARLTON, B S. GENEVIEVE CHEEK, A.B. IRVING CHESLAW, A.B. CHARLES CHRISTIAN, A.B. LEE CHRISTIE. A.B. ANTONIA CHURCHILL, A.B. FLORENCE CLARK, A.B. JOYCE CLARKE, A.B. NANCY CLAYSON, B.E. KEITH COCHRAN, A.B. LEO COGEN, A.B. EVELYN COGHLAN, A.B. MOREY COHEN, A.B. MORIS COHEN, B.S. GERALDINE COHN, A.B. STANLEY COHN, B.S. JEANETTE COLLARD, B.E. MARGARET CONNER, AB. WILLIAM CORWIN, A.B. WILLIAM COSTON, A.B. ROBIN CRIZER, B.E. GLADYS CRUSE, B.E. KATHLEEN CURREN, A.B. NOAH CURTI. A.B. FRANCE CUSHMAN, A.B. TRAUTE DALBERG, A.B. ANN DALPIAZ, A.B. DOROTHEA DAMON, A.B. RUTH DAVIS, A.B. RUTH DAVIS, B.E. OMA DEAR. A.B. NATHAN DE FRANCISCO, B.E. ETHEL DENIS, A.B. DORIS DE WOLFE, A.B. OPAL DILLEY, A.B. JOHN DILLON. A.B. AMY DISHER, A.B. FRANCES DOANE, A.B. ALICIA DOMINGUEZ, A.B. EDWARD DOTY, A.B. DOUGLAS SHARP, A.B. HELEN DRIPS, A.B. NE HA DUARTE, A.B. LOUIS DUBIN, A.B. VIOLET DUBIN, A.B. 90 PATRICIA DUNN. A.B. FRANK DUNN, IR., A.B. IRVING ECKER, A.B. HENRY EDDY, A.B. FRANCES EDMUNDSON, A.B. GEORGE EDWARDS, A.B. PEGGY EGGLESTON, B.E. HEINZ ELLERSIECK, A.B. LESLIE ELLIOT, A.B. CARL ELLMAN. A.B. ELISABETH ELWROTHY, A.B. CHARLES ERASMUS. A.B. CASPER ERICSON, B.S. WILLIAM ESSER. A.B. JEANICE EVERETT, A.B. RICHARD FIGGIOLI. A.B. BETTY FALK, A.B. GORDON FARR, A.B. CHARLES FEARS. JR., A.B. SHIRLEY FELDMAN, A.B. EDWIN FERGUSON, A.B. SHIRLEY FISH, A.B. HELEN FISHER, A.B. MARTIN FISHER. B.S. GERALDINE FITZPATRICK, A.B. BERNARD FLEISCHMANN, A.B. CAROL FLIPSE, A.B. ELEANOR FLYNN, B.E. TED FORBES, A.B. BETTY FORD, A.B. ALICE FORKER, A.B. WILLIAM FOSTER, B.S. HARRY FOWLER, A.B. LESTER FRAME, A.B. WILLIAM FRANK. A.B. ROBERT FREEDMAN, A.B. HARRY FREEMAN. B.S. HARVEY FREEMAN, B.E. HARRY FRENCH. B.S. ROCHELLE FRIEDBERG, A.B. EDWARD GAIR, A.B. HUTH GAMBLE, A.B. OLRIKKA GANTY, A.B. JACK GARDASKY, B.E. JEWEL GARDNER, A.B. RUTH GATES, B.S. FRANK GEHRIE. B.S. HELEN GELB. A.B. MICHAEL GENNELLI, B.E. HUMAN GISCHICTER, A.B. ALLAN GHERINI. A.B. EDITH GIBSON. B.E. WILLIAM GIBSON, A.B. SOL GINDOFF, B.S. JOEL GINSBERG. A.B. MARTHA GLENN, B.E. ARTHUR GLOBE, A.B. RICHARD GODBER, A.B. BERTRAM GOLDSTEIN, A.B. PHINEAS GOLDSTEIN, A.B. JAMES GOODMAN, A.B. ELIZABETH GOODRICH, A.B. LUTHER GOODWIN, B.S. JEAN GOORMAN, A.B. ALEXANDER GORDON, B.S. MORRIS GORDON, B.S. RUTH GORDON, A.B. NOHENE B. GOTTFRIED, A.B. WaLIMENA GRAHAM, A.B. BARBARA GRANT, A.B. JOSEPH GRAVES, A.B. ADELE GREENBURG, A.B. FLORENCE GREENHALGE, A.B. ROBERT M. GREENHALGE, A.B. ROBERT GREENLEES. A.B. ALVIN GRIESDEIECK. A.B. CELIA GROHMANN, A.B. DAVID GROSSMAN, A.B. WALTER GRUEN. A.B. ESTHER GUNTHER. B.E. FELIX GUTIERREZ, A.B. GEORGE HABER, A.B. ROBERT HAFFENDON, A.B. RUTH HAGERTY, A.B. DAVID HAGMANN, A.B. MERRIBELL HALL, A.B. JANE HALLEY, A.B. DEAN HALSEY, B.S. RICHARD HALTERMAN, B.S. BARBARA HAMILTON, A.B. HELEN HAMILTON, B.E. MAESTELLE HAMILTON. B.E. MARGARET HAMILTON. A.B. JANE HAMI-IN, B.S. RUTH HAMPTON, A.B, MAX HANDIN, A.B. DAVID HANNAH, B.S. MARTH HANSEN, A.B. VIRGIL HANSON, A.B. WILLARD HARDIN, B.S. WILMA HARMAN, A.B. DEAN HARRINGTON, B.S. JOHN HARRIS, A.B. HAROLD HARRISON, B.S. PAULINE HARRISON. A.B. LUCILLE HARTLEY, A.B. JESSE HARVEY, A.B. DELBERT HASKELL. A.B. ELISHA HASKEVITCH, A.B. JACK HASTINGS. A.B. ERNEST HSUSER. A.B. MARY HAWKES. B.E. MARGUERITE HEARNS, A.B. JUNE HEATH, A.B. MARGARET HEIDENREICH, A.B. MARY HEINZELMAN, A.B. ALLEN HENDY, A.B. BELLA HERZON, A.B. ROBERT HICKS. A.B. YVONNE HILDYARD. A.B. HAROLD HILL. A.B. PHYLLIS MILLER. A.B. ROBERT HIRANO, A.B. LOUISE VON HIRSCHBERG, B.S. LEO HIRSHFELD. B.S. WILLIAM HODGE. A.B. ROBERT HODGES. A.B. JULIUS HOFFMAN, A.B. JEANETTE HOFFNER. A.B. GEORGE HOGGAN. A.B. JAMES HOKOM. A.B. HERBERT HOOPER, A.B. WALTER HOPMANS. A.B. RAYMOND HORSPOOL. B.S. BERNARD HORTON, A.B. FRANCES HORWITZ, A,B. MARTHA HOUTS, A.B. HELEN HOVEY, A.B. SID NEY HOWARD, A.B. ELIZABETH HOWELL, A.B. ROBERT HOWELL, A.B. PATRICIA HOWLAND, A.B. MARIE HOWSLEY, A.B. WILLIAM HUGHES. A.B. AUDREY HUNTLEY, B.S. HARRY HUREL, A.B. ELINOR HURST, B.S. JOHN HUTSLER, A.B. EDNA lACULIO, A.B. TOSHIRO IHARA, B.S. BILL JACCARD, B.S. ALMA JACOBSON, B.S. ROSEMARY JAMISON, A.B. MARY JANKE, A.B. ALAN JARRETT. A.B. JUNE lELLINECK, A.B. GORDON JENSEN, A.B. ORA JERNIGAN, A.B. BETTY JESSE, A.B. GLORIA JOHNSON, A.B. MURIEL JOHNSON, A.B. CLARENCE JOHNSON, A.B. WILLIAM JOHNSTONE. A.B. ADELENE JONES, A.B. BILL JONES, A.B. MARIE JONES, A.B. MARY JONES, A.B. VIDA JONES, A.B. WALTER JONES, JR.. B.S. COLLEN JORDAN, A.B. GRACE JORGENSON, A.B. MARY KANAGY, A.B. LEO KAPLAN, B.S. JACOB KATZ, B.S. PAULINE KATZ, B.E. MARVIN KATZMAN. A.B. OTTO KAUS, A.B. TAKASHI KAWAHARA, B.S. MORRIS KAWIN. B.S. NICHOLAS KAY, A.B. DELORES KELL. A.B. ROBERT KELLER, A.B. JOSEPHINE KELLEY, A.B. JOSEPH KELLY. JR., A.B. VERNE KELSEY, A.B. RICHARD KENNEDY, A.B. DUANE KENT, B.S. MORTON KESSLER, A.B. KENNETH KILBOURNE, A.B. JAMES KINNEY, A.B. HARRY KIRBY, B.S. HAZEL KISSLING, A.B. CARA KLAPPERMAN. A.B. HAZEL KIING, A.B. DOROTHY KNAPP, A.B. DORIS KOENIG. A.B. MITCHELL KORZENOYSKY, A.B. FRED KRAHFORST, A.B. VIRGINIA KRAMER. A.B. CARL KRUGER. A.B. EDNA KULLI, A.B. HAROLD LAMBERT, A.B. MILLICENT LANDAU, A.B. JOHN KANE. A.B. ELLEN LAUTZENHISE, B.S. GORDON LAYNE. A.B. HELEN LAZAREFF, A.B. CYNTHIA LEE, A.B. HENRY LEFFERT. A.B. FRANCES LEITCH, A.B. SAMUEL LERNER. A.B. KARLA LEU, A.B. EARI. LEVENGOOD. A.B. ERNEST LEVER, B.S. GEORGE LEVY, B.S. LUCILLE LEWIS. B.S. MALVIN LIFTON, B.S. HENRI LIRETTE, A.B. SHEILA LIST. A.B. JEAN LLOYD. A.B. ANTHONY MORRIS. A.B. ELEANOR LOOMIS. A.B. GEORGE I OTTICH. A.B. FRANK LOWE. A.B. CHARLOTTE LUCIER, A.B JOE LUDER, A.B. ROBERTA LUDDEN, A.B. GRACE LUPPESCU, A.B. HAROLD LUXENBERG. A.B. PERRY McCARTY, B.S. GERALD McCLELLAN, A.B. MARTHA McCLUNG. A.B. EVA McCUTCHEON. A.B. DAVID McFARLAND. A.B. MARY McFARLANE. A.B. PATRICIA McGOUGH, A.B. DAVID McGRATH, A.B. EDWIN McKANNA. A.B. BURNICE McKEE. B.E. JOSEPHINE MACKENZIE. B.E. LETA McKINNEY, A.B. GEORGE McLACHLAN, A.B. JAME Mclaughlin, a.b. NANCY McLaughlin, b.e. maltida manley. a.b. mary manning, a.b. vivian mans, a.b. doris mansfield. a.b. armind marden, a.b. estelle marks, a.b. robert marshall. a.b. wanda mason, a.b. martin matheson, a.b. ernest matsunaga. b.s. rayma mattson, a.b. geraldine matyas. b.e. jack maurer, b.s. william maxey. a.b. helen maxon. a.b. james mayfield, a.b. mary mayo, a.b. roger mays, a.b. avis medica, a.b. pearl melinkoff, a.b. florence merzlak, a.b. daniel metzen. a.b. robert metzger, b.s. betty meyer. a.b. marguerite meyers. b.e. aleide michele, a.b. dean miller, a.b. hilda miller. a.b. lois miller, a.b. jack millikan, b,s. james mitchell, a.b. john mitchell. b.s. tatsuo miya " e. a.b. irene moeller, a.b. janet mogilner, a.b. ruthella moody. b.e. hayden moore, a.b. mary moore. a.b. charles morris, a.b. ernest morrison. b.s. irene moseley. a.b. howard most. b.e. jeanne moulton, a.b. pearl mussoff, a.b. alice nemetz, a.b. norma newman, a.b. alfred newren, a.b. anita nicolaus. b.s. betty niiseki, a.b. joe nikia. b.s. lily nobs, a.b. r. nuet7man. a.b. h. harold nygren, a.b. luther olmon. a.b. jean o ' mstead, a.b. michael a. otero. a.b. gordon overholtzer. a.b. paul overton, a.b. anne peasis. a.b. jack palmer, a.b. robert park. a.b. SYLVIft PARTER, A.B. BARBARA PARTRIDGE, A.B. EVELYN PAYNE, A.B. CLAY PERRY. JR.. A.B. BARBARA PETERS, A.B. DONALD PETERSON. A.B. NORMA PHILLIPS. A.B. EUGENE PIKE, A.B. VERNON PLANE. A.B. LYNN POLK, B S. KENNETH PRICE, A.B. R. JIM RAKER. A.B. WALTER RANMEY, B.S. MARY READ. A.B. ANNE REED. A.B. KATHARINE REMINGTON, A.B. LELIA RICHEY, A.B. VIRGINIA RIESNER. B.E. WILLIAM RINEHART, A.B. GWEN RITTER, A.B. BETTY ROBERTSON. A.B. GRACE ROBERTSON, A.B. FORREST ROBINSON, A.B. HELENE ROECKER. B.S. TERRY ROGER. A.B. BETTY RONAN, A.B. NICK ROSE A B. SHIRLEY ROSE, A.B. BERNICE SACHSMAN. A.B. GERTRUDE SALLOT, A.B. ILSE SCHAFFER. A.B. DONALD SCHERBERT. A.B. JOHN SCHILLING, B.S. CHARLOTTE SCHILICHTING, A.l KENNETH SCHMITT. A.B. ERNESTINE SCHWARTZ. A.B. HARRIET SCOTT. A.B. HENRY SCOTT. A.B. ELIZABETH SCOUGALl, A.B. RUTH SCOVILLE. B.E. PHYLLIS SEARLE. A.B. BETTY SEIDEL. A.B. LOUISE SHADE. B.S. BARBARA SHAFER. A.B. ROBERTA SHAFER. A.B. MARJORIE SHELDON, A.B. T. LUCILLE SHELLEY. A.B. THOMAS SHIMABUKIRO. B.S. JAMES SHIRREFFS, B.S. JOHN SIEGEL, B.S. JACOB SILVERSTEIN. A.B. BERNICE SIMONS. A.B. THELMA SINGER. B.S. CHARLES SLATER, A.B. BEVERLY SMITH. A.B. ROBERT SLAWSON. A.B. ERNEST SMITH. B.S. LILLIAN SMITH, A.B. SEYMOUR SOROKY. A.B. FRED SPECTOR. A.B. DOUGLAS SPENCER. B.S. ARTHUR J. SPIELMAN. A.B. ESTELLE SPIELVOGEL. B.S. GEORGE SPINDT, A.B. ROSE SPIVAK. A.B. MILDRED STANDING. A.B. BILL STARGER, B.S. DON STARK. A.B. HARRY STEINBERG. A.B. HELEN STEPHENS, B.S. JEAN STEVENS, A,B. RICHARD STEVENS, A.B. RICHARD STRAND, A.B. SIDNEY SUSSMAN, A.B. EDNA SUZUKI, A.B. EDNA SWAN, A.B. LORRAINE SWEET, A.B. RICHARD T. STEVENS, A.B. JANET TALBERT. A.B. TOMI TANIGUCHI, A.B. TAFFEE TANIMOTO. A.B. WILLIAM TANNER. A.B. WINIFRED TANNER. A.B. PAULINE TERRY, A.B. LLOYD TEVIS, B.S. CARITA THOMPSON, A.B. JOHN THOMPSON. A.B. MARY THRAPP. A.B. CLARICE TICHNER. B.S. RUTH TOBIN. A.B. REVA TOW, A.B. IHARA TOSH, B.S. VIVIAN TOZIER. A.B. MEREIDA TRENEAR. A.B. lOSIE TURNER. B.S. LAWRENCE TWAY, A.B. SAMUEL URTON, A.B. HAROLD VAN CAMP, B.S. JAMES VAN DE WATER. A.B. JEAN VOORVAART, A.B. LLOYD WADLEIGH. A.B. NANETTE WALKER. A.B. MARTHA WALTER. A.B. WINIFRED WALTERS. B.S. ABE WEINBERT, A.B. BERNARD WEINSTEIN. A.B. NORA WEINTRAUB. A.B. MARIAN WERNER. B.S. BEATRICE WHITE. B.S. BYRON WHITE, A.B. JEAN WHITE. A.B. EVELYN WIEBE, A.B. NORMA WIGHTMAN, A.B. ROBERT WILEY. A.B. MARJORIE WILKES. A.B. ALVARO WILLAGRAN. A.B. LA DRUE WILLARDSON. B.S. HARRY WILLIAMS, A.B. KENNETH WILLIAMS. B.S. SAM WILLIAMS. B.S. EDWARD WILSON. A.B. JACK WILSON. A.B. MAE WINTERBOURNE. B.S. GALINA WOLLIN, A.B. PAUL WOLVEN. B.S. EDWARD WOOD. A.B. RODNEY WOOD. A.B. TIM WOOD. A.B. SUE WORSLEY. A.B. MARGARET WORTH. A.B. STANTON WRIGHT. B.S. MIWAKO YAMAGUCHI. A.B. JACK YOUNG. A.B. JEAN YOUNGBERT. B.S. LUPE ZARRAGA, B.S. ROBERT ZASI.OW. A.B. JULIUS ZELMANOFF. A.B. FRANCES ZHITTOWSKY, A.B. 91 APHRODITE GODDESS OF BEAUTY ROBIN LYFORD i t f ' ' jm .■:.- 5j;. .. 4ll« - FNLL FOR eis i u " y ' VliVa«i-„. ' -,-j -.-t - ' CtW-j ' S " L r m m I I ; - i • I H B Wwmmm mMM - mi t: i rfii - a B w% i X. 1 --.N, ! ri fMMUt- Ml ■ ■ ■ ' NtK I HE BRAWL 15 OVER SM " ' i .y POSEIDOn . . . PflTROn OF ATHLETIC CORTESTS ROBIN LYFORD - Wii «K S » FR H I H L [ T C S Athletics today are playing an increasingly important role in student affairs, and in these war-times any academic diversions should be en- couraged. A successful program of competitive athletics gives a " name " to a school, stirs school spirit by giving a strong sense of pride to under- graduates. Though some of the frills of university education are elimi- nated in our all-out war effort, directors of the armed forces insist that athletic programs be continued. Army and Navy spokesmen have informed the Administration that leadership is the greatest single contri- bution the University can make to our cause — the leadership developed through athletics. Approval oi men ' s athletic awards rests with the Athletic Board. SEATED: Assistant Manager A. J. Sturzenegger, Nick Angeles, Hector Anton. Roy Me- nashe, Roger Hoeger, Chairman Sandy Cameron. STANDING: Graduate Manager William Ackerman, Sam Sale. Blue C Prexy Sandy Cameron, ex-basketball star. brandishes the gavel as Chairman of the Men ' s Athletic Board. DIRECTOR OF HTHLETICS By smooth management of his job as supervisor of some twenty • one sports. Bill Spaulding, U.C.L.A. ' s Director of Athletics, still finds lime for a round or two of golf. J i ft Vi r ' k VPf The camera has caught our terrifically popular head yell man " Moe " Yonemura with his back to the rooting sec- tion and his eye on the Bruin iootball barometer which apparently is down at the moment. The task of leading several thousand people in tense moments is a job worthy of a general or a demagogue. Head yell leader Moe Yonemura combined the best qualities of the two with a bland precision, a swift rhythm, that held Bruin rooters fascinated. Assisting Yonemiira were two veterans from the preceding sea- son, George Hallberg, junior leader, and Dave Hurford, sophomore; Duke West, senior, Dick Zacher, junior, and Benny Harris completed the quintet. Both extremes were faced by the leaders; in the Camp Haan game when 7000 husky males offered strong competition, and in the S.C. game when the Uclan rooting section was double the number representing the Trojans. 1 k ■ |. " v« ,v " . v - F T B H L I p 3n Presenting the men behind the men behind the moleskins: Top. left to right: Johnny Miyasaki, Brendan Kales, Bill West, Bob Viles, Bud Baldwin, Wally Lane, and Ed Samuelson. Center: Roy Koike, Sandy Brown, Warren Beck, Art Nelson, Bill Bang- erten, Clark Tinch, and Pat Knoll. Seated are the " head men " , Ted Gair and Jack Davidson. Sophomores and freshmen take notice! Alter polishing the football 2 or 3 years, you too can be Senior Managers like Jack Davidson and Ted Gair and have such a happy slant on things. Plump Harry Trotter, Bruin trainer, is shown watching his charges from his usual game position. Harry, who is the Bruin track coach, was asked to take over the training job when Mike Chambers was recalled into the Navy and responded with a typical Trotter performance. r ' - ' Oi? Here is the Bruin ' s master sleuth (scout to you) and coach of the Red squad. Cece Hollingsworth, shown pouring words of wisdom into his portable mechanized secretary. W " ' ' TOP ROW: D. Strawn, L. Ceinlor. W. Kitchen. N. Condos, E. Riddle, M. Russo. L. Compton, H. Wiener, N. Angeles, J. lescoulie, R. Waterfield, A Spailis, N. DeFrancisco, B. DeVries. and R. Howell. SECOND ROW: Bernie Masterson. N. Curti, B. Hatch. K. Nakaoka, J. Obidine, C. Morgan, C. Olson, K. Snelling. G. Phillips. M. Smith. E. Breeding. G. Grubb. J. Finlay. R. Simpson, and Babe Horrell. THIRD ROW: Cece HDllingsworth. R. Pierson. W. Armstrong, V. Smith. R. Terry, R. Cantwell. F. Krause, M. Brockie. G. Robotham, S, McKenzie, B. Gordon, D. Malony. W. Marleti. and Ray Richards. FOURTH ROW: Harry Trotter. B. Baldwin, P. Stupin. M. Harrison. A. Solari, J. Dougherty. A. Spielman. J. Johnson. T. Forbes. L. Nicolich. A. Anderson, R. Oxford. E. Tyler, and E. Case. 124 f •. iTv Big. gangling George Phillips looks sadly at the far distant goal line as an unidentiiied Cougar scratches the sophomore star ' s knee. Cougar Felix Fletcher (12) attempts to give the old " brush-ofi " to Howard Hunt as the Bruin sophomore halfback brings him grassward after a short gain early in the evening. A o i " ' ' " ey ' -A, ' " ' . ,r «fl, sc„ Jit " p ' o ' ' ■rf. Sy Washington State U.C.L.A. gained running 184 Yds. Yds. lost running 73 Net yardage running Ill 2 Passes attempted 10 3 Passes completed 5 . , Intercepted by 2 Net yardage passing 78 Total yards gained 189 First downs, running 8 First downs, passing 4 Total iirst downs 10 Number of punts 12 Average punt yardage 40.50 Yds. lost on penalties 80 Fumbles 7 Fumbles recovered 2 U.C.L.A. Yds. gained running 275 Yds. lost running 64 Net yardage running 211 Passes attempted 5 Passes completed 1 2 Intercepted by 4 11 Net yardage passing 15 72 Total yards gained 226 First downs, running 12 First downs, passing 1 Total first downs 13 Number of punts 5 Average punt yardage 38.20 Yds. lost on penalties 15 Fumbles 12 Fumbles recovered yyc Q yCo i n Mcr 127 Clarence Mackey is am- bushed by two Indians alter taking Walerfield ' s flat pass. The Bruin ball carriers, in- cluding Vic Smith, are all piled up at the scrimmage line. Bruin rooters have a reason to be happy — the game is still live hours away! I Herb Wiener shows his teeth to Pete Kmetovic as Vic Smith (32) and Milt Vucinich admire. Bruin Russo and Breeding watch as Pete Kmetovic gives the run-around to Jim Dougherty. Sophomore halfback How- ard Hunt after receiving a broken rib on a 50-yard pass completion. ic ' - _ ri ' ,:i j= ' -1 {Ude tknl- LUui ruAJ Washington U.C.L.A. 242 Yds. gained running 93 29 Yds. lost running 50 213 Net yardage running 43 5 Passes attempted 20 Passes completed 8 2 Intercepted by 3 22 Net yardage passing 129 235 Total yards gained 172 12 First downs, running 5 First downs, passing 4 12 Total iirst downs 11 • Number ol punts 7 37.30 Average punt yardage 42.10 33 Yds. lost on penalties 21 2 Fumbles S 2 Fumbles recovered 2 Snuffy Smith is shown crossing the Bruin 30 after taking a short pass from Bob Walerfield. George PhilHps is about to block out either Rudy fVIucha or Jack Stackpool, or even both of them. Jack Stackpool, Husky full, swings around the Bruin right end for a short gain. Closing in on him are Slu IVIcKenzie, Bob Simpson (44), Bill Armstrong (60) Herb Wiener (30), and Chuck Fears. Leo Cantor ploughs over the Washington line for 7 yards, finally being stopped ?, ,f ' , . ' " ' ' ° " " " " " ' ' y 28- Ted Forbes (54) and Nate DeFrancisco (31) led the way lor this gain. n Ted Forbes, 153 lb. dynamic Bruin captain, is stopped only one yard Irom the promised land by Webfoot Tommy Roblin early in the third quarter. jfT ' : fH iSSLj MA-tncV roCL. i )J)CnkriO V Oregon U.C.t.A. 145 - .Yds. gained running. . . ...2« 29 . . . . .Yds. lost running. . . . .10 116 . . .Net yardage running. .235 15 ... Passes attempted . . . . ... 8 6 .... Passes completed. . . . ... 4 Intercepted by .. 62 ..Net yardage passing.. ...55 178 .. . . . Total yards gained . . .290 3 ..First dowrns, running.. ...11 4 ..First downs, passing.. ... 2 7 . . . .Total first downs. . . . ...14 8 . . . .Number of punts. . . . ... 9 42.50.. .Average punt yardage. ... 32.80 25 . .Yds. lost on penalties. . ...75 1 Fumbles .. 3 1 ...Fumbles recovered... 1 Vastly under-rated Nate DeFrancisco paves the way Bruin gain. Indeed, a second later, Webfoot Wynne a chunk of pavement had hit him. for another swore that ? • Ss - 9e. ' l? ' -b l, ' }°Wh Early in the first quarter, pile-driving Leo Cantor went lor 9 yards to the Bruin 29. leaving Bears Jack Herrero (32) and Tommy Mason (66) very empty- handed. As the hall ended. Howard Hunt took Waterlield ' s long pass, shook oH Al Derian (67) and was finally forced out on the Bear 10 by Brudel Christensen (68) alter a gain of 59 yards. Calitornia U.C.LJ 285 Yds. gained running 150 6 Yds. lost running 20 279 Net yardage running 130 6 Passes attempted 28 3 Passes completed 13 2 Intercepted by 34 313 13 3 16 5 31.80. 60 1 1 .Net yardage passing 240 ...Total yards gained 370 . .First dowms, running 7 . .First downs, passing 7 . . . .Total iirst down 15 . . . .Number of punts 6 -Average punt yardage . . 28.13 . .Yds. lost on penalties 5 Fumbles 1 . . .Fumbles recovered 1 Oregon State U.C.L.A 191 Yds. gained running 77 Yds. tost running M 179 Net yardage running 63 25 Passes attempted 32 Passes completed 11 Intercepted by 152 Net yardage passing 109 231 Total yards gained 172 11 -. - 6 20 6 39 Bob Delhman, star Beaver hallback, punts out from his own goal line as Bruin ends Snuffy Smith (48) and Burr Baldwin (38) and guard Nate DeFrancisco (31) rush in a little too late to do any damage. 6Uu ? C JL Ms CRinp HRRn Late in the second quarter. Herb Wiener got behind ex-Bear Dave Anderson but Ernie Case ' s pass bounced harmlessly on the Camp Haan 10 yard line. During the hall time, the Bruin rooting section advertised the fact that they were appearing in a current issue of Life magazine. Camp Haan U.C.L.A. 57 Yds. gained running 347 41 Yds. lost running 29 16 Net yardage running 318 10 Passes attempted S 6 Passes completed 2 1 Intercepted by 2 60 Net yradage passing 72 76 Total yards, gained 390 1 First dowrns, running 17 2 First downs, passing 2 6 Total first downs 19 9 Number of punts 5 34.60 Average punt yardage 50.80 45 Yds. lost on penalties 70 2 Fumbles 4 1 Fumbles recovered 3 . ' i M i : . •? •- ' m •4 .:t n Xc 5,K i 30 Y ' td li ' - d " : repress " on e soldier sr Vatd he r. orae P » TA ) ' ' " " stna ?. " uv made e =. «■• r° r»s.- • " ». ' " ;;t-,S.V- ' " " ' " " Vine- Sq - U.C.L.A. 94 Santa Clara 199 Yds. gained running. Yds. lost running .48 Net yardage running 46 Passes attempted 15 Passes completed 3 Intercepted by I Net yardage passing 84 Total yards gained 130 7 First doiwns, running 2 2 First dowms, passing 2 9 Total first downs 6 13 Number of punts 7 34.60 Average punt yardage 42.40 75 Yds. lost on penalties 20 4 Fumbles 6 3 Fumbles recovered 3 Al Solari is brought down near mid field after an 8 yard gain through the Santa Clara line. Broncs Bradfield (49) and Poppin (31) look dumbiounded as Alder (8) and Curti follow up the play. Sophomore fullback George Phillips is on his way to the Santa Clara 18 yard line alter intercepting the Bronco pass that led to the first Bruin touchdown early in the second quarter. Bruin safety, Clarence Mackey (43) says " Whoa " to Jesse Freitas on the Santa Clara 40 as Bruins Al Sparlis (56) and Mario Russo do their best to get in this picture. , vea ' b ock h° G»vot sU ' Florida 120 38 82 17 22 U.C.L.A. • Yds. gained running 245 . .Yds. lost running 25 .Net yardage running .220 . . .Passes attempted 10 .Passes completed 2 3 Intercepted by 233 Net yardage passing 95 353 Total yards gained 315 5 First dovrns, running 10 5 First dowrns, passing 1 10 Total first downs 12 10 Number o( punts 8 37 ......Average punt yardage 33 40 Lost on penalties. . 50 4 Fumbles 1 2 Fumbles recovered 1 This unusual shot shows Ted Forbes about to be brought down on the Bruin 30. Beautihil blocking has resulted in 3 men on the turf and only 13 left on their feet. Visible are lack Finlay (17), Chuck Fears (10), Snuffy Smith (48), Jim Dougherty (20), Bob Waterfield (7), and George Phillips. : » Ted Forbes runs back a Troy punt 13 yards to the Bruin 31 early in the first quarter. Note the expression of pain on Trojan Capt. Bob DeLauer ' s face as his knee is reinjured by DaFrancis o ' s block. Up in the air goes Trojan half Muir Crittenden as he intercepts one of Bob Waterfield ' s aerials that was intended for Art Ander- son. Crittenden, playing his first collegiate game, was a Bruin troublemaker all afternoon. This is the start of the punt return shown on the opposite page. Leo Cantor offers interference as Trojans DeLauer (78), Manning (32), and Jones (82) close in. D.S.C. U.C.L.A. 143 Yds. gained running 196 35 Yds. lost running 11 106 Net yardage running 185 22 Passes attempted 12 10 Passes completed 4 2 .... Intercepted by 138 Net yardage passing 65 246 Total yards gained 250 7 First downs, running 10 8 First downs, passings 2 16 Total first downs 12 8 Number of punts 8 35.70. .. .Average punt yardage.... 45.50 10 Yds. lost on penalties 35 2 Fumbles 1 Fumbles recovered . ck Manning (32) is forced out of bounds on the Bruin 2 on a body block by Clarence Mackey after a 26 yard gain on a flat pass from Bob Robertson (44). Ernie Case (23) is seen running up from his defensive position on the opposite side of the field. The Trojans scored a moment later. B H U [ T B H I L The Varsity Basketball Squad (reading counter-clockwise): Mickey Panovich, Spencer Williams, Co-capt. Bob Al- shuler, Roqer Terry, Larry Git- tler, Roger Hillis, Bill O ' Brien, Marvin Lee, Johnny Fryer, Dick Perry, Jack Badley, Noah Curti, and Co-capt. Ernie Han- delsman. ja ' ' ' W » was Leader of the Delt quest to lake over the basketball managership is capa- ble Gordie Hewson. His was the task ol seeing that men and equipment were at the right place at the right time. The two so-called " Big Guns " of the 1942 Basketball squad, Ernie Handelsman and Bob Alshuler. made a happy combination, acting as Captains and inspirational leaders of the team. Calling time- outs during the game, settling points with the referee and getting the boys home early to bed was the main job of the two boys. Always the first ones out and many times the last ones in. Dick Harris was manager lor the Frosh basketballers; Norm Tyre handled the 145 lb. Ughtweights; Paul Rich and Jay Hamer satisfied the wants of the Varsity. Dick Coleman, Bob Knapp, Charles McLaughlin, Harvey Selcer, Saul Wine- garten and Art Woodcock came under the heading " Soph Managers " . Opps. U.CX.A. Loyola 36 39 Creighton 34 18 Purdue 38 27 Indiana 47 33 Nebraska 36 42 Loyola (Chicago) .53 45 Loyola a.A.) 40 34 U-SJ 46 40 Santa Clara 52 67 U.S.C 59 51 Fox Studios 60 49 Stanford 49 30 Stanford 43 54 California 54 3fl U.S.C 42 30 Stanford 42 30 Stanford 36 28 California 32 33 California 51 43 O.S.C 53 44 U.S.C 49 35 Opponents TOTAL U.C.L.A. 1007 861 145 w e 6A X H.. « .%. , Hailed in pre-season as a fast breaking squad with speed plus, Johns ' team was forced to change its tactics in subsequent games when field goals failed to be posted on the Bruin side of the ledger. John Fryer Forward Roger Terry Guard Noah Curti Guard Our boy Ernie scurries away to " defense " after his setup pass to Larry Gittler results in an- other field goal by the rugged one as the lohns- men always try to snatch victory from the Figueroa boys. Marvin Lee, Soph center sensation, is tired making baskets and decides to clamp down on the ball and squeeze. Gratifying was the Compton ' s boy ' s per- formance throughout the season. Larry Gittler Guard Ernie Handelsman, Co-Capt. Forward Encounters with Troymen were highlighted by the persistent and usually successful practice of the rivals in defending high score game averages against local cage warriors. " Long John " Fryer maneuvers the ball in deft fashion, evading Helen ' s boys, to put the Bruins in a more favorable scoring position whereby precious points can be added and the Trojan jinx broken. Anxiety reigns as Mickey " never miss much " , Panovich puts in a basket from his favorite set-up angle. Mickey, who was last year ' s frosh captain, consistently held down a first string spot. Not content with playing the game in the ordinary manner, frosh hoop- men add zest to the sport with action such as this to insure keeping the lans ' attention. Here we have Example A, taken from Coach Don Ashen ' s little black notebook on " form " . The local cagers evidently listened to those lectures! The brubabes gave the Alhambra eating club a rough time when the teams fought here. Although other conversation was heard, a typical question was. " Did you know Johnny Pelrovich? " e l ., cO» ' " . -Z -i " ' FRONT ROW: Joel Rudof, Tom Casey. Waller Kuhl, Waller Roberls, Mark Hunler, Jim Daniel, Monti Simon, Bruce Sieck. REAR ROW: Ralph Short, Fred Hilker. Howard McCreery, Pete Macnair, Frank Bowman, Don Sandison, Captain John Moore, Paul Roth, and Coach Don Ashen. Don Ashen is beginning a career at U.C.L.A. now which will undoubtedly see him a potentate in Uclan affairs some day. His work as freshman hoop coach was particularly outstanding this year. 153 -J n B e i; [ B II L L Ik Silting and looking pretty, the Bruin baseballers line up as lollows: FRONT ROW: Co-Captains Rudy Hummes (P) and Kirk Sinclair (SS). SEC- OND ROW: Nick Angeles (RF), Buck Compton (C). THIRD ROW: Mervin Porter (RF), Les Brown- ing (2B), Bernie Mauch (IB), Norton Nelson (SS). FOURTH ROW: Bob Wolcotl (Mgr.), Dewey Cruise (3B), Dave Sacks (P), Mill Shedd (P), Les Rosen- berg (P), Duane Burgess (LF), Coach Lowell Mac- Ginnis. FIFTH ROW: Ben Star (LF), Bob Lusk (2B), Stewart Bowden (3B), Take Kobayashi (CF). REAR: Bob Fainer (P). — Former three year lelterman and captain of the 1935 Bruin nine, Lowell McGinnis returned home to coach this year ' s varsity club alter a variety ol activities on the stock ex- change, with the Pittsburgh Pirates and as a teacher ol history. 156 Spoitswise Bob Wolcott kept things running smoothly as Senior Manager. A top-fUght sportswriter, he boomed baseball through the Daily Bruin. Rudy Hummes and Kirk Sinclair, two good men on any- body ' s team, were co-captains on this year ' s Bruin nine. Pitcher Hummes added a Trojan scalp to his victories while Sinclair at shortstop played real ball even with a severe bone bruise in his lelt hand. « j 1 ' . Nick Angeles Baseball Managers Bob Knapp. Bill Eyler, Warren Dodson ST. MARYS (1) 6 (2) 4 CALIFORNIA (1) 15 (2) 11 U.CLA. 10 3 U.CiA. 9 12 STANFORD (1) 9 (2) 9 (3) 10 SO. CALIFORNIA (1) 6 157 U.CXJl. 12 12 4 U.Ci-A. S SANTA CLARA (1) 3 U.CiJL 1 CALIFORNIA 10 U.CXJL 6 ST MARY ' S (1) 4 O.C.LJL 2 1 " h v ' I ' l m M Buck Complon Ben Stan Kobayashi crosses the home plate bringing in the lirst Bruin score in their practice game. Catcher Buck Compton girds for battle while the rest of the boys take time out lor a between-inning yawn. Bruin second bagger Les Browning cracks out a nice single while Loyola catcher Boyle grabs at empty air. [ N Practice season saw the Bruins warm- ing up and " having it around the infield " of the Sawtelle field. Such opponents as Priddy ' s All-Stars, Yankee Jrs., Loyola, and the Cincinnati Jrs. gave the boys plenty of practice. Best showing by the Uclans was against the Loyola Lions when they showed good form, and played " heads- up " ball. Los Angeles City College was another victim of the Bruin nine, losing 9-3 to the local club. With cries of " Kill the ump " and " Sock that pill, " the boister- ous Bruins keep the stands in an uproar. Experienced at the " gentle " art of catcalling and pitcher-baiting, they can hold their own with the best of kibitzers. Giusti of SL Mary ' s, striking a pose from " Dance of a Fawn. " tries his polo technique on a nice little grounder from Sacks, Bruin pitcher. m " f i Tha Gallopin ' Gaels from Moraga broke pretty even with the Bruins. Their first game put U.C.L.A. in the lead with a 10-6 win. The second in their series went to St. Mary ' s who won in a tight 4-3 game. Cn their northern trip, the Bruins again were out to win but bad waather helped to slow down their game. Athletic Director Spaulding and Provost Hedrick talk over signals before the first game of the season. " Lefty " Hedrick threw the first ball to commemorate the opening of the new Joe E. Brown field. Another Gael hits the Bruins, but it ' s an ill wind that blows no good and the Bruins turned this one into a 10-6 victory. Catcher Buck Compton gives a perfect illustration of the old adage about " keeping your eyes on the ball. " . . - » « a m l:: ' ■ ' _ j,mf CoCaptain The middle of the season contests with Stanford found the U.C.L.A. club almost split on wins and losses. Com- ing south, the Red team gave good account of itself, but was subdued by the Bruins 12-9 and 12-10. Return- ing home, Stanford repaired its base- ball machine so that the Bruin ' s visit to the Northern campus saw them meet a smashing 10-4 defeat at the hands of the Indians. Cracking a beautiful hit into riqht lield. Bruin Bernie Mauch shifts into second and lakes oil toward first base. •■Another Indian bites the dust! " Lee Scott. Stanlord inlielder, tried to reach home plate but met Bruin catcher Buck Compton on the way. The rest of the boys came over to watch the fun. Les Browning Milt Shedd - 1 1 » U,L. Tak Koboyashi Les Rosenberg Bob Fainer It ' s game time and the team, a bit nervous and on edge, stand around waiting the call from Coach McGinnis. Tommy Trojan goes to town. Here ' s one who made it to first base . . . with time to spare. Duane Burgess. Bruin fielder, can ' t figure it out; the Trojan catcher is stymied; but the good (?) old. umpire seems to have made up his mind . . . but fast! The Bruin - Trojan feud continued as ardently as ever on the baseball dia- mond this season. Led by the capable pitching per- formance of Co-Captain Rudy Hummes and the steady, ground covering work as shortstop of Co- Captain Kirk Sinclair, the battling Bruins played their best on every meeting. Facing not only their tra- ditional foe but also the top team in the league, the Westwooders upset the Trojan horse by a neat shellacking 9-6. The S.C. team, with an outstanding line-up, showed true cham- pionship style but was continually placed on the defensive by the hard-hit- ing U.C.L.A. club. Who said a pitcher can ' t hit? Southpaw Hummes here pounces u-::on the home plate triumphantly while Fielders Burgess and Kobayashi smile toler- antly. Bruin runner crosses the first sack, umpires base coaches notwithstanding. No, this is not a game of tag. While one Trojan comes wheezing across the plate, the umpire and his friends are motioning wayward Trojan back to second. One of these days, our crosstown riv? ' s are going to learn how to play the game. till ' Norton Nelson t - Battling against a good California ball team, the Bruins split the first two games. The Bears won an easy victory on the first game, 15-9, but their sec- ond attempt was balked by a close 12-11 Bruin win. Playing their last game on Berkeley soil, the Bruins showed well and gave the Northern brethren a better appreciation of what fight- ing Uclan teams can do. A Bear hit. early in the third, started the game aroUin ' . But being the thir- teenth game, something had to hap- pen — and it did. The Bruins upset the Berkeley applecart 12 to 11. breaking a 12-game winning streak. Frosh Coach Clark Esser, having played pro-ball in the East, is an authority on the game. REAR ROW: Douglas Faye, Lefty DeMayo, Vito Maggipinto, Pete Duffy, Bob Lindquist, Bill Laub. FRONT ROW: Clark Esser. Bill Krieger, Frank Maniewietz, Bob Coleman, Mike Marienthal, Manual Chavez. ■, o . Maggipinto does a hometown version ol " slide. Kelly slide " against the S.M.J.C. Corsairs. T [ fl .% 2m 4 •s W • , l-«15il " . ' . m r.- 4 I Donald Douglas and Bill Ackerman staged an all out battle for the services of the best Uclan netters with our genial tennis coach getting second best and giving up his aces to national defense. 168 Calling matches from the nest and putting up with tennis players ' tem- peraments kept Senior Manager Kirk Kyser on his toes. Elected by his teammates to lead them in net warfare was Alex Gordon, conscientious captain. In spite of a bad season he held up well. The base of operations for tennis matches is the scorekeeper ' s perch. Here the senior manager holds forth with statistics, tennis balls, towels and temperaments always present. Some people say that the best tennis players are those who don ' t have worries such as a grade point average. Varsity vs. Arixona Varsity vs. Redlands Varsity vs. Cal-Tech Tie: Arizona 5 — U.CX.A. S Varsity vs. California Won by Redlands 5 — U.CJ.»A. 2 Varsity vs. Southern California Won by Cal-Tech 6 — U.C.L.A. 3 Varsity vs. Stanford Won by California 8-1 — 8-1 Won by Southern California 5-4 — 7-2 Won by Stanford 8-0—9-0 169 Alex Gordon on the far side of the net tensely awaits the linesman ' s decision on his shot passing the Stanford man. Rumor has it that University men will pursue tennis for a sun tan since lack of lires means abandonment of state beach. Alex Gordon To ' i KzT ' ■--{ Bob Stevenson and Bob Marshall are all for this thing called cooperation so that when all is over their names will appear first on the score sheet. Exponent of the volley. Bruin Alex Gordon takes his position with partner, Triester, at the net. Manager Kirk Kayser rules from his throne. Bob Stevenson George Treister Norman Edmonston Arnold Schwab SOUTHERn CRLIFORniR While our blue and gold netters came very close to upsetting the S.C. pros the necessary winning match didn ' t come through and the opportunity was gone. In the win column were Triester, Pratt, Arensmeyer, and Stevenson and Feh- ling as doubles partners. Alex Gordon pitted against top-notch Ted Olewine in the first singles match played steadily for awhile but Olewine ' s " touch " was too much. In the final match Coach Ackerman ' s men must have been think- ing about the Junior Prom for the out- come was a decisive victory for the men from down below. Cohen and Arensmeyer start their match with Southern California in the right manner by forcing their shots and wearing out the cross-town racquetmen. Lovers of the game are these two topnolch men on Coach Aclcerman ' s squad. If you ' re near the tennis courts you can count on seeing Alex Gordon and George Triester almost any day. Tennis has tradition too as here we have Leonard Cohen and John Arensmeyer, Bruin doubles partners, congratulating their opponents after the match. Philip Cohen V p Arthur Berkowitz, Fred Herman. George Ishimoto, Alvin Low, Ken- neth Nichols, Jack Tolitowsky, Jonas Ringer, Austin Sellery, Ansel Sha- piro, Theodore Sumida, Kurt Keyser, manager, participated during the season. Bill A ckerman can ' t seem to keep busy with his positions as Graduate Man- ager and varsity tennis coach so he ' s added the Irosh team. Hard fighting Sid White has pulled many matches from the lire with his consistent well directed game so that opponents who underrated hun were quite often surprised. T R H C li » 4 iii? -TP . r mSBSBm W :hv Ill-omened beginning for the track team was marked by an early season injury to broad-jumper-captain Jack Schilling. Holding to the remainder carefully, Coach Trotter found he had a fairly good nucleus in vet- er ans Miller, Maggard, and Shoaff in the jumps, and Boyd and Duke on the track, but scoring was held to a minimum due to a lack of good men to match large turnouts of opposing teams. The power he added to the team in the broad jump and high jump shoved Jack Schilling into the captaincy. The season started badly for Jack because ol a bad ankle. For the ' 42 season the Sigma Pis decided to have Bill Meyer for senior track manager. This cheerful little band busied themselves in the care of the men who prefer an active outdoor life. Guarding track equipment and supplying it when necessary kept the boys in almost as good trim as the athletes themselves. Ed Samuelson. Bill Cutbirth, Bill Meyer, Dick Colman, Elliot Melnick. U.C.L.A. vs. Arizona (Non-Confsrence Meet) March 28. al Westwood U.C.L.A. vs. Stanford April 20. al Palo Alto Score: U.C.L.A. 73 — Arizona 58 Score: U.C.L.A. 71 — Stanford 60 Best Marks: Pole Vault: 13 ' 6 " ; 880: 2m. 15s; 100: 9.8s Best Marks: Mile: 4:29.8; Shot: 49 ' 7 " : High lump: 6 ' 4 = 8 " U.C.L.A. vs. California April 4, al Westwood Score: U.C.L.A. 31 — California 100 U.C.L.A. vs. Southern California - Olympic Club April 25, at L.A. Coliseum Best Marks: 100: 9.7s: Shot: 49 ' 9 a " : Javeline: 195 ' 2 " Score: U.S.C. 1st; Olympic Club 2nd; U.C.L.A. 3rd 177 Bert Ach Mode Perry Bamboo bearer Ray Maggard helps the Bruin cause by marking a clean vault al 13 ' 6 " to tie with Smith of California. c«« ,v o rV Despite their valiant efforts the small Bruin track squad was able to gain few victories against the overwhelming power of the northern school. Bruin power showed briefly when Hubert Duke skim- med over the low hurdles in 24.4, and the Bears were unable to match Shoaff ' s 6 feet in the high jump. Score reached 100 to 31 when Ray Maggard placed in an un- expected three-way tie in pole-vault. There they go! . . . Miller and Perry of U.C.L.A. with Dewey and Richards of Cal " hit the road " for the grueling mile run. Dewey came through lor the Bears and took the event. In the 220, Hal Davis, much heralded and publicised wonderboy of the cinders. lived up to his press clippings by showing his heels to the rest of the ru nners. His fellow sportsmen, Shipnuck and Finck did their bit by placing second and third. John Obidine Battling light March winds Bruin cinder-fellas dragged along behind the Arizona Wild- cats for most of their dual meet, then pushed into the lead when Duke and Bowdoin hopped the low hurdles to take first and sec- ond, and Paul Shoaff, the only double winner of the day, grab- bed five points in the broad- jump. Shoaff ' s other win was taken in the high-jump. Two meet records were broken: first, when Mode Perry forgot his third place in the mile and set a new meet half-mile record at 2m. Is.; and second, when Ray Maggard lifted the pole-vault mark to 13 feet 6 inches. Final score was 73-58. Approaching the last hurdle, Culin of Arizona leads by a scant margin. Marsh and Bowdoin ol U.C.L.A. are crowding him closely as the high-hurdler dashes across in 15.4 seconds. STflnFORD Leon Miller The strategy of a distance race is shown here as pace-setter Tom Ham pulls lar out ahead in the two-mile run to disconcert opponents and aid timing of teammates. Ray Maggard 180 George Nordslrand Don Bowdoin P - » V V V SOUTHERII CflLIFORnifl Paul Shoaii nibbles on his lip as his springy legs carry him deep into the pit. Shoaii also was an outstanding high-jumper. FRONT ROW: Phil Holiman, Earl Gross, Jim Madden. Tom Niwa. Herb Licker. Dave Wilhite, Stefan Brecht. SECOND ROW: Bill Nord. Irwin Dean. Jim Traughber. Bob Wardell. Ernest Lightner. Henry Mellon. John Peetz. John Gunn. Don Burke. TOP ROW: Harry Trotter. Bill Meyer. Bob Miller, Mark Hunter. Tom Duddleson. Lawrence Kavich. Ross McCollum. Warren Brown, Ed Samuelson (Mgr.), Ducky Drake (Coach). ' " ' lA " by ,. " " fie The genial fellow who grinds out material for the following year ' s varsity might well exhort his charges to fight for his own alma mater. " Ducky " Drake is a former Bruin half-miler and cross country man. From the frosh come the stars of tomorrow. Thin- ning ranks due to the war may bring them up sooner. Frosh shot-putter here is Lawrence Kavich. F 183 c R [ Ul Hours of conditioning with little gravy or acknowledgment is the keynote of crew at U.C.L.A., but crewmen take no heed for cer- tainly the thrill and satisfaction of rowing is compensation enough. Catching the real spirit from Coach Ben Wallis who serves as mentor " for love of sport " every man is content with his lot. Because of the remoteness of Ballona Creek, Bruin crew headquarters, few people outside of the boys who pull oars have the opportunity to know Ben Wallis, insurance executive and crew coach " cum laude. " 186 Captain of the Blue Sea. U.C.L.A. ' s coaching launch, is Winston Foster, iaithful senior manager. One of the select few who are able to earn a crew letter for three years of varsity competition is Captain Tony Lloyd-Morris, varsity stroke. Being on hand with screw drivers, grease, tape, and no end of patience is the job of a crew manager. Even these boys learn to love the sport when they have to join the oarsmen on Sundays, holidays. Assisting Chief Foster were Bill Deardorff, Don Murray, and Gunner Erlkson. Varsity vs. Oregon State Result: Won by U.C.L.A. Frosli vs. Sacramento .C. Won by U.C.LJV. Varsity J.V. vs. vs. California Sacramento J.C. Won Won by California by Sacramento J.C. Frosh vs. California Won by California J.V. vs. California Won by California Frosh vs. San Diego Won by U.C.L.A. 187 I 1 , ' l« l I, Stroke, Tony Lloyd-Morris 7, John Joseph 6, Jim Wallace 5, Warren Beck Sometimes underdogs come out on top as testified in this shot of the Oregon State contest. Dave De Hass proved him- seli by coming through while a last moment substitute. Bow. Les Frame o V5 e ■ ' ' ■ Coxswain Bert Goldstein 2, Dave DeHaas 3. Sam Sale 4. Bob Moncrief 4, Warren Hayes 3. Doug MacGinnis 2. Howell McDaniel Bow, Phil Baker Heave to — up the incline and we ' re through lor the day. As much as the boys like to row it is with lew regrets that they leave the water after covering 10-12 miles in a shell. A The local Jayvee was outpuUed by a cracK Capital Cily crew. while the varsity suffering from injuries was ur-able to compete. 5. Brit Turner 6. Bob Sigel 7, Marshall Cleland Stroke. Milt Wilner H ' ° I ' " ' fl tff ' « ' °;j Downtown sporlscribe Dick Hyland is proving himself to be a rabi d crew ian. A permanent seat is reserved for him in the launch. The 1942 Jayvee stroked consistently by Milt Wilner featured smooth slide work and speed in getting out of bow. 190 STANDING: Les Frame, Dave De Haas, Sam Sale. Bob Moncriel, Brit Turner, Bob Segei, Marshall Cleland, Milt Wilner. SITTING: Bert Goldsteen. 191 The ireshmen pui a gleam in Coach Hillen ' s eye by oulstroking the Sacramento Junior Varsity in early season and are rated highly in the forthcoming contest with Cal. Hard working and hard fighting was the " 45 " aggregation. Front to back are Jim Russell, Bill Cain, Julian Wolf, John Corbeil. Hal Fullerton, Bob Margid, Dick Mankin, and Dery Noisom. 192 It made the Bruin varsity very happy to come across the finish line ahead of this boatload of Oregon State galley slaves. Coach Ed Stevens dubbed this crew " best in Oregon State history " . • " i % j PWB K5SNfc.- Perhaps in no other sport is the pres- ence of another man pressing you for your position so necessary as in crew: for the constant pressure is needed to inspire the men to work ever harder eind develop greater finesse. People who are unfamiliar with the sport are amazed when crew coaches often play checkers with the oarsmen, but the coach does not act without good reason in his search for the best combination. Because Hanford Files was not able to participate until late in the season his picture does not appear in the crew section, but the veteran starboard man was consistently in the varsity shell. It definitely wasn ' t a photo finish when Coach Hillen ' s frosh sweepsters went far ahead of Al Lawrence ' s jayvee boatload in the annual Sacramento regatta. noR SPORTi; ' y-ri - W. e .- . !iitm ▼ •-r f . 4 Up and down " iaculty hills " they tramp. Men who like a rigorous grind to take their minds elf the tender joys of running a few laps around a track, turn to cross-country. Although their races, scheduled with characteristic daring, included certain local junior college teams, the Bruin brush-rabbits were able, in a meet with Stanford, to collapse nonchalantly over the finish line somewhat sooner than their opponents. Cal was luckier. FRONT ROW: Ed Errett, Leon Miller. Mode Perry, Ken Boyd. Tom Hamm. Jack Gilstrap. BACK ROW: Howard Keller (Mgr.), George Norstrand. John Mumaw, Bert Asche, Ed Kohn. Everett Peck. Coach Ducky Drake. 196 America ' s most popular sport as judged by the number of spectators is equally popular with athletes. To overcome physical restrictions and permit smaller men to play, the one hundred iorty-five pound classifica- tion is successfully used at U.C.L.A. Opponents are equivalent of college frosh teams. FRONT ROW: Julius Kirschenbaum, Tracy Tay. Henry Lindenbaum, John Endow, George Pimentel. SECOND ROW: Lloyd Ander- son, Coach, Moe Monemura, Al Hudson, Art Sundberg, Manny Seligman, Norman Tyre (Mgr.). 197 r " ---■««« - • i. ' " ' ' ' ' Sj«-- h ■ vt v; ' ' r-Til 1%° ' NjSfc 198 A great future is apparent lor certain men under war conditions. Definite promise of a job, upon graduation. oH here. KNEELING: Hughes, Ricks, Davis. Prather, Reed, Cooke. STANDING: Kruger, Ronayne. McClellan. to sharpshooters offers a slimulus to men practicing in the Gym cellar. Sharp eyes and steady nerves pay Kilmer, Vernier, Menard (Capt.). Brov?n, Coach Sgt. Hogwood. ' ? ' •■ 4 - u° ' - p to 200 On the soccer lields of U.C.L.A. rough-and-tumble gladiators occasionally quiet down to a bruising sort of hectic hysteria. FRONT ROW: Cassanuevo, Smith, Murdoch, Harris, Tobin, Ramos, Herald, Har- rison, Fifer, Chavez. SECOND ROW: Kruger, Shet ler, MacKenzie (Capt.). Sockett, Feldman, Stern, Thompson, Milligan, Morton, Masser, Wynn. THIRD ROW: Coach Alan Shepard, Sigel, Vernon, Paul Kahn, Jordan, Bergman, Carrico, Summerville, Mayer, Bullen, and Rice. ' 4%J 201 N 1 202 s? k iui? British players add color to a typical British sport closely akin to baseball. FRONT ROW: Thorsen, Kruger, MacDonald, Blunden (Capt.), Slobodien, Landson. SECOND ROW: Sterz. Culver, Smith Schwartz, Shettler. Speer, Murdoch. THIRD ROW: Frierman, Udell. Ferguson. Berry, Paul, Anderson, Smith, Stern. cUctet 203 Flashy power and iron endurance placed Cliff Ketzel (Capt.) and Hector Anton high among the Conference boxers. They and teammates discovered that the value of gameness in the sport is often paid off in injuries; witness Aiken ' s crushed nose picked up during the course of the season. FRONT ROW: Jasper Daly, C. C. Carston, Carter Ruby, Bruce Carpenter, Ed McKevitt, Hal Pessin, Lou King and Coach Mike O ' Gara. 204 Chief ckaracleristic of fencers is Iheir ability to get the point quickly— then worry over what to do about it. Fending off dart-like thrusts from an epee is like shaking hands with a nervous hornet. FRONT ROW: McLaughlin, Guy (Mgr.). Tanaka. Speer. McBiemey. Jones (Acting Capt.), Edmundson, Smith. BACK ROW: Levinson, Swallow, Lau, Naka, Leighton, Slivelman, Randolph, Richmond, Coach Murphy. QlS TH ' 1 s ' % ' ' V ' 206 ' . liW KJV!i!«T«TE; e f C f f V Tricky footwork and merciless endurance are vital requirements for handball stars. In season scraps, even veterans Maggipinto and Austin were surprised at swift returns of gridiron newcomer, Waterfield. FRONT ROW: Waterfield, V. Maggipinto, Austin (CapL), F. Maggipinto, Rothman. BACK ROW: Weinreb, Tamkin, Coach Helt, Levitt, Epstein. 207 r-jp f r T ■ H|r -A ii ' — rtl U Faced with the brilliant record of preceding years, the Bruin water polo squad swam, splashed, and suc- ceeded in winning another Pacific Coast Championship title. Captain Johnny Siegel was awarded his third successive berth on the All-Coast Team for his fine work. FRONT ROW: Cavanaugh, Buckley, Greenwall, Shappell, Walters, Sims, Cole, Johnson. REAR ROW: Mardin (Mgr.), Nixon, Schwab, Siegel (Capt.), Hol- comb, Mitchell, Kern, Talpis, Coach Don Park. 208 209 Ignoring social activities these boys really get around. Their schedule sounds like a ranger ' s life story — Las Vegas. Yosemile, and Sun Valley. In Pacific Coast Intercollegiate Meet the skiiers swept to a triumphant fifth place. Results against S.C. were delicious — Ihey won. and thus became unique in the annals of U.C.L.A. athletic history. Bud Halley. Jack Chambers, Paul Sims. Bud Foster (Capt.). Emery Sitts (Mgr.). V " t 210 s. ntpumui a i r or h The Sigma Pis and the Phi Delts light it out in what looks like a terrifically important game, judging from the expressions of the participants. Teamwork reigns supreme. " Not so fast there. " grimaces Bud Staley, ATO as he deftly snatches the ball from his opponent ' s would-be grasp. These activities give the houses a chance to feud with a purpose. Slicing through the water for a spectacular finish, this fraternity man proves that swimming is not only a wonderful competitive sport, but develops ability as well. ■%i-i I Cvi? A ° ' - , " A The ATO-Alpha Gamma bout proved to be thoroughly thrill- packed. Seen here are ATO loe Luder and AGO Ira Smith. An example of perfect coordination and beautiful form is seen in this performance of the thrilling half-gainer. ' The catcher awaits with open mitts, but the player smashes one out into center Held, much to his agitation. These intra- mural games draw attention to sportsmanship as well as skill. Umpire lim Barry ' s sturdy thumb points skyward and an- other player bites the dust. Baseball is one of the most popular sports and gives the houses a chance to feud with a purpose. HERR . . . REGAL OUEEn OF THE GODS ROBIN LYFORD ..-■■! • , - uimmnigSaliiiiiHuiMtiuiuimiiii .--. :; i BnmiMniiik ' il • • ' :: .-V. i H fl n R [ i; 1 ■ -r .m- . 1 n t WOMEN ' S CHRISTIAN ORGANIZATION Founded Locally 1925 Founded at U.C.L.A. Active Chapters 2 Alumni Chapters 2 Main Social Events Founder ' s Day Banquet Membership 75 Mother ' s Banquet Formal Date Affair l V Edi phiUip! ,s. ?■ BESIDEUT 216 2: Loiin " Uqqen, .,UWOR-.WatY ° " ®. " ooodale- :S« oB S " - - " ° " ■ Va eoe ° ' ' . " nt. E « Beaui inont. PRIMARY EDUCATION TEACHERS ' CLUB Founded Locally 1930 Founded at U.C.L.A. Active Chapters 1 Main Social Events Faculty Tea Mother ' s Tea Alumni Luncheon Valerie Hill. PRESIDENT 217 Jina ' " " ■We «L!!« ia p„, O ' -oU, y Xeii, WOMEN ' S BUSINESS HONORARY Founded Locally 1926 Founded at U.C.L.A. Active Chapters 1 Main Social Events. Mother ' s and Daughter ' s Banquet Scholarship Tea 218 « •«» MMK « --«Sei " -7°i . p. ' " =- Zanies 1 ' " Campte,, p omure. y Ba, Tnes, •« Heuss, PRESIDENT CHEMISTRY HONORARY Founded Nationally 1902 Founded Locally 1935 Founded at University of Wisconsin Active Chapters 46 Alumni Chapter 17 Membership 1 3,992 219 E esiW- ' " " " " Bow ; f d ard ltw n. Ge Hiino " ' ADVERTISING HONORARY Founded Nationally 1913 Founded Locally 1929 Founded at University of Missouri Active Chapters 19 Inactive Chapters 17 Membership 3,500 Social Event National Convention 220 jAauiei. ■jhotnas Harrison- RudV «- " " " " ' ■ Philip Ro« Bobde ,.s».°«iZ»,».-« Anderson. ' ., v,am 1 " .l - l«S WcV Sanders Eugene BUSINESS HONORARY Founded Nationally 1904 Founded Locally 1926 Founded at N.Y.U. Active Chapters 46 Inactive Chapters 13 Alumni Chapters 14 Membership 14,692 Main Social Events Initiation Dance Faculty Picnic S ephen Melnyk PBESIDE 221 w ' ;f ' ofl.. p„ ' " ' • ' -■•nBa.b, " " - acJc io " " - " - fla,p, ' " " . PauJ T • , " " ' OS- Phi; ' ' " ' ' ' ' " . Ho™ ' ' man. SOPHOMOflE, PauJ ° -y. PRESIDENT SERVICE FRATERNITY Founded Nationally 1925 Founded Locally 1932 Founded at Lafayette College Active Chapters 90 Membership 6,356 Main Social Events Easter Yacht Cruise Snow Trip Elections Ball 222 " - eanne Green J° " s --«..rjfi5U ' V " ».o...... ° ' ' - ' i ' 5i;i. ' ' .» ™». i3, ' 2,!,° " " . » win. °I ' ce lind. say (p; iois • ' own " y- BES Dfjvr WOMEN ' S EDUCATIONAL HONORARY Founded Nationally 190 Founded Locally 1927 Founded at State Teachers College, Farmville, Va. Active Chapters 24 Inactive Chapters 19 Alumni Chapters 41 Membership 6,906 Main Social Events Spring Formal Christmas Party 223 eu..-!irs- ' S °-- na-: 3ar,He en Be»sy Bo --- ? -- " " ° ' -;j:. -v?- ' -h-- ° K »-it " " - ' - ' " " ■ G-I -. r . !l : BeUV MASONIC AFFILIATE CLUB Founded Locally 1929 Main Social Events Mardi Gras Carnival Wednesday Afternoon Dances Dorothy Amis, PRESIDENT 224 J Bow V illiarti ratiet. MINOR SPORTS MANAGERS ' HONORARY Dated Founded 1932 Founded at Berkeley, Calif. Membership 33 Main Social Events Initiation Dinners in Kerckhoff Hall ,-: Arthur NeUon. PRESIDENT 225 - SENIOR. H. , «• Han o,d File,, r, ° ' ' «°e,e,.R„, " ' " ' ' " -■ on. Uoy,. Sandy Cameron, PRESIDENT MAJOR SPORTS LETTER WINNERS Date Founded 1930 Membership 45 Founded at U.C.L.A. Main Social Events Blue C Dance Varsity Show Formal Initiation 226 -c , „--.,. «, " .«.. ° Gile,; ' e. oh " „ " ' " ' hl. agren. SERVICE LEADERSHIP SOCIETY Founded Nationally 1924 Founded Locally 1930 Founded at University of Florida Active Chapters 76 Inactive Chapters 4 227 i !i .„oR- Bob AUbulet, t lOR: F " " . Pat Arch ' ,., Gaiiney. AU - h GOV- 1 ° " Robert Date Founded 1929 Founded at Berkeley Active Chapters 4 Membership 25 Main Social Events Cal Club Conference Main Social Events. .Cal Club Conference at Berkeley Picnic at Kellogg Farms gvmons. 228 Pe er Hash. 0° " ° " j Undqten. . , Anton, latnes Vl „r. y jiuam t g Clive Muidocl - ChaaesHardin. - ' . Edvard Hubbaxd. Cartos tAoorbead. MEM ' S SERVICE ORGANIZATION Founded Locally 1936 Founded at U.C.L.A. Main Social Events .... Phrateres-Cal Men Barn Dance Cal Men Dinner Dances 229 p- T . ...-■ ' - " ' " ' 1 1 C « ffl P if e Llf mm " ' «osalee Dia„, Trop. 5? Founded at U.C.L.A. Founded as U.D.S 1929 Membership 1 22 The only undergraduate touring company in the country. Member of the National Theatre Conference. 230 (HI -% A,out. PBEsrcENT NATIONAL WOMEN ' S LITERARY SOCIETY Founded Nationally 1919 Founded Locally 1926 Founded at University oi Tennessee Active Chapters 25 Inactive Chapters 21 231 Bow I- ..o, :.. - " - " " - 2. George Wac -- ,„-,ck. --St--- " " - ' ,e«. e, " " -foPHOWOB - a " ' _;- r nn Gtessei. Oqiina lUNlOB- How a Dote Schwab. MINOR SPORTS HONORARY Date Founded 1928 Founded at U.C.L.A. Membership 75 Active Chapters 1 Main Social Events Discussion Meetings Group serves at the desire of University officials Bein ' atd SchwarW. pRESrot ' 232 nwj! . ,UNlOK: 1 " ttoUey. t4ot on- V. G " M onee TetnP e BVU lohns o«- SEI IOK- G.e chen Benkesset. lune ro e aScV.- ' ART HONORARY Founded Nationally } Founded Locally Founded at University of California, Berkeley Active Chapters Inactive Chapters Main Social Events Art Forums Annual Exhibitions Monthly Dinner Meetings Rulh GVXes ?B1 tSlDENt 233 Bnjn §9 S Ho ' =- s°?;i--...,,,», Val, " • Hii ' ]e T . " " . Be, a(hJe Ao ' 2-- AJda ' ' " «-ck. PRESIDENT TEACHERS ' HONORARY Founded Nationally 1923 Founded Locally 1924 Founded at Pasadena, Calif. Active Chapters 8 234 n lOWr I " ' ' « ' VVii, " ! ' " vv, " ' - -H C - -. Son. tlOWr 3. oroli aj-bara i-ois Bol, " d. ior. " " •ance P fe PflES DENj. WOMEN ' S AUXILIARY SCABBARD AND BLADE Founded Nationally 1926 Founded Locally 1935 Founded at University of South Dakota Main Social Events Annual Open Dance Dinners with Scabbard and Blade Tea for Army Officers ' Wives 235 ffluiy uui , Christoe Backus. ° Rhea V in °°- While. Khea Be«Y Carlisle MatceUa forVier. Mary 1° " " ' UUian ,„d.Bow2-.l«» " KunkeVleantaune. Ptiestei. Marcella Su«ot . SENIOR WOMEN ' S HONORARY Founded Nationally 1918 Founded Locally 1939 Founded at Syracuse, N. Y. Active Chapters 71 Alumni Chapters 40 Main Social Event .... Mortar Board Breakfast Dance Be«Y J. Lissnei PBES1DEN1 236 i %nni Ann( Bow ..o» " . ' " ' r,rs- " «» Bow 2: B« " VeUom. t- Rine DeUene let-sen. Ro« JUNIOR WOMEN ' S HONORARY Founded Locally 1939 Founded at U.C.L.A. Active Chapters 1 237 PeqqV jAcCoovi«e. r K ' •own fp) " " ! ' ' Sprintei T = OW 2; ' ' - Betty m- edson. Ev, a Wi uzele. SOPHOMoflE.. " ' O ' hy Herb: LIBRARY HONORARY Founded Nationally 1926 Founded Locally 1926 Founded at U.C.L.A. Active Chapters 2 Inactive Chapters Alumni Chapters 1 238 IJUini, -V; " ' Sen, ;„ o Pori, p_„, ' " or Hunt • ' • lea nne ' ' ' •a Beh, NATIONAL WOMEN ' S MUSIC SOCIETY Founded Nationally 1903 Founded Locally 1938 Founded at. . . .Metropolitan College of Music, Cinn. Active Chapters 48 Inactive Chapters 3 Alumni Chapters 29 Main Social Event Patron ' s Reception 239 .0 £« •:j f5 S F V ■ r Barbara A " " ' " rWacHarq. ■ ■„ Bobinsoi - son. Nlarq NATIONAL PROFESSIONAL WOMEN ' S MUSIC SOCIETY Founded Nationally 1912 Founded at Northwestern University Active Chapters 24 Social Events Two Formal Dances ElheV JY " jiegi er. SlDENt 240 WOMEN ' S PROFESSIONAL PANHELLENIC Founded Nationally 1924 Founded Locally 1938 Founded at Columbia Active Chapters 24 Inactive Chapters Alumni Chapters 15 Membership 2,500 Main Social Events Scholarship Tea Faculty Dinner Faculty Breakfast Jane Soulier PBESIDEN 241 (fr®:®-®. :®:.®. fm .; f ' " " ° " - IVi Iia. ' ' ° ' ' - h. flo yWORS: Sc, ° " «-»icJc.fl, yooad ' Pson. Ed, eJls. SOPH, OMORE. Robert " " ' - " - PBESIDENT 242 ' y Sn,„h. ' J ' nn. R . " ° ' « ' . Amu ' NieoJa; " " " N ' OH: Mu. Seed. SOPHo- " ' ' e„, PBEsj Founded Locally 1927 Founded at U.C.L.A. Membership 25 An honorary for those with a major or minor in teach- ing of art. Main Social Event Initiation Studio Meetings Discussion Groups 243 Gold, Uman HeUand Ce . ,,„,,„e H r nk Frances Go ' - carbee tl-l- n MaiV 1° " a ne Brown, B UY „ CP) W- « ' " o " ' Se-or BUSS. A-- ,, p, P ¥ loanne Siidevan, pRESlDtNl WOMEN ' S JOURNALISM HONORARY Founded Nationally 1919 Founded Locally 1923 Founded at University of Tennessee Active Chapters 9 Inactive Chapters 5 Alumni Chapters Main Social Events Women ' s Week Luncheon Initiation Publications Party 244 TTKl _J s P! . ur»oR- a ina i 3®- Bo« fiances Btoo s. Baibaia EDUCATION HONORARY Founded Nationally Founded Locally 1926 Founded at Michigan State Normal Active Chapters 28 Inactive Chapters Membership ' ' 500 lAatiotie Coo iiobs. PRESIDES 245 ' y t ' «ffl«»fl i ' - ' ' 0«.- Ka«.: " •yn Beet B ' " - Belly F ' " ' • ' ' .-louis GoodaJe. ' OR: Mary ' " -- ' leh„ «ESJDE fr ■• ■ ne Heid. S;,, . ,„|- .. ,, ' «-«-d. Be.,, ,„7;7 WOMEN ' S EDUCATIONAL HONORARY Founded Nationally IQl ' ' Founded Locally 1931 Founded at University of Missouri Active Chapters 37 Alumni Chapters 14 Membership 15,000 Main Social Events Founder ' s Day Banquet Winter and Spring Initiations Installation of Officers 246 Sifflffl [[ff °y femes. Bii, F,, " « ' - acJc McGiil. ■ ° " l«e. Bow 2- Arth " ' ' -n.Bo.p. . ,. " Sch ™ der. Manny Founded Locally 1925 Membership 200 Main Social Event Preparation and Execution of Card Stunts DougJ, ' " « " i«on. PRESJDENT V. 247 %wn} R.O.T.C CADET HONORARY -, « Founded Nationally 1904 i I Founded Locally 1925 Founded at University of Wisconsin Active Chapters 80 Inactive Chapters 6 Alumni Chapters 19 Membership 32,000 Main Social Events Scabbard and Blade Ball seCBE ' ' Spring Formal g e Cavan " " - Sunrise Initiation Breakfast 248 p j0 - Aae lean " " ojqhes. Wai 3 ' BtadbuiY. DO ' " Hoto ' " " ' BtoV " ' Batbaia Brovn- V We. " . ,„rit 3 eY. CREW AUXILIARY Founded Nationally 1940 Founded at U.C.L.A. Active Chapters 1 Main Social Events Crew Dances PiiS ' cUla Bradbutn- PRESIDENT 249 Vlartin FisYiet. Charles Haio . - .) ;: ' - ' " ' Lacy. " " Wosei. W " ' Founded NationaHy 1900 Founded Collegiately 1935 Active Student Chapters 14 Numerous Professional Chapters Main Events Discussion Meeting on Pertinent Management Problems Don BeYSS ' PRESIDE ' 250 E " ' ° Eleanor ,ou Helen S«aw " " " tl Bobinson. Bar tJortn SOPHOMORE WOMEN ' S HONORARY Founded Nationally l Founded Locally 1928 Founded at Montana State Active Chapters 1 Alumni Chapters Membership ' ° Main Social Events Annual Spur Dinner Spur- Yeoman Dance lane V atteisW 251 I ' « " ' terwor,h, G ! ' - " Elevens V , " ' " • - " e, ra,b, en. How 2: " NfOR: o, ' Iwis. Mar, 9are( ' ' 9J ' Sle„, " - " RESIDENT NATIONAL WOMEN ' S MUSIC SOCIETY Founded Nationally 1903 Founded Locally 1926 Founded at University of Michigan Active Chapters 73 Inactive Chapters 5 Membership 10,190 2S2 3W 1. J,.,, ° " Hoew, -ave H, " ' ' °-cl. Ro f 1 M ' CorkeW. «« " s Aii„ ® ' - fiowr 2- Eu ' " e Sa , n. H, " rr Take: fura. To. " y Vellek. Bill Founded at U.C.L.A. Active Chapters 21 Membership 21 Main Social Event Spur- Yeoman Dance Verno M MetUe PRESIDENT 253 Row I- fflick. Ro , „ Fried, lol " ,„ Yvonne Baumeisje- " - ..ama. Richard .on. loan AUan. -- - OeLe Su.u.. S.e.u SENIOR- Bober. Anns ron..J p , ,,„„, Dale 2: Bales Betzenbaum Marchildren. Irene Schail •VVilUaro ZOOLOGY HONORARY Founded Locally 1941 Founded at U.C.L.A. Active Chapter 1 Alumni Chapter 1 Main Social Events President ' s Ball .• Douglas Ba ' , dtldqc PR ' tSlDENt 254 WOMEN ' S SPEECH HONORARY Founded Nationally 1893 Founded Locally 193° Founded at Northwestern Active Chapters 1 " Membership 2, 153 lean Vooivaa ' ' PR! £SIDEN1 255 II G N n I z e T 1 1) s 1 W aJ yiit ,hv Stanley. C ' " -Uleman ( " ' • P T mm - v„Mn, Dorothy o ' . jean «■?. " . . 4 , Cox Row 3- l oiqt (P). (P-), Barbara vom Founded Locally 1927 Active Chapters 1 Main Social Events Spring Formal Senior-Faculty Dinner Christmas Formal 258 • S N - NN . m ■ Mi " ffi ' ti « »tti frances Con ' ad. Haniot d Files. Maty fiances Rickeisa ihusst. Wi-e V;hea on JUNIORS: Steve Founded 1932 Founded at U.C.L.A. Membership 13 Religious Groups 253 ffl«u«u --=?s»- ' -° " ° " ■Wilson- tqiemoe " et lUNlO ' - Paul JViqet . tural " Founded at U.C.L.A. Founded 1929 Main Social Event Grand Master ' s Reception Dinner Dance U«H V Beed. Row Gea ' ,bhart. Maiq aiet Gotsi Doran Itegarlben pRESIDtN ' 260 DiUene le»sen. Fiances a G.eKhenBuins. .- ,cCanhV „ „, Gietcn " = " ,r pauice BOW - ri ■ - ° " ' " Ktamei. Bo " ..„c ,.-?S;-- - " = ■ Hoqa oon. Vtfoeblet. ,,,„ lane :... a. e Founded Nationally 1861 Founded Locally 1904 Founded at Boston Membership Nationally 50,000 Main Social Events Orientation Teas Freshman Breakfast Junior-Senior Luncheon 261 Visa Cba« t,- ' ' " pRESW ' ,Ef1 ' " " ey. R,., ' ! ■ Naomi Pii..- . ' " -»« ' ' «», S-., . 3.,. " ' - " orol ,- arbi2a ' °rence ' ' d. PRESiDENT Founded 1940 Founded dt U.C.L.A. Membership 45 Alumni Chapters 1 Active Chapters 1 Main Social Events Occupational Conferences Arrowhead House Party 262 f j Off ff « siyn Di IJlot (p| " -Wss.Ber ' ; -2:iW, ye " - ' ■- BaZ °t.: - Mcc, Urrjr, HONORARY LIVING GROUP Founded Locally 1937 Activities Benefit Dance Main Social Events Barn Dance Christmas Dance Spring Formal " " ' Sprinkel ' ' RESIDENT 263 » 1 f ft lift V » » .o eU Bo.b- S a V B-- mn-s -«- ,. SENIOR- :lZ . T ' : %rXe, V ' »- ' C artes Ct -one t « Foimded Locally at Y.W.C.A. A Co-operative Living Unit Dale Founded 1935 Membership 64 Alumni Groups 1 Main Social Event Formal Initiation and Banquet Numerous Dances and Open Houses tj siD ' 264 „,u take. » ' ' = ° i= SENIOR, p. " .. . ' c; ' s-t??t.s-t«.- ' ■ " T-i:: " ' ■ ' • ' ■ B., ' " " Gray, Elizalh " ' " .eH PH,3,o.;,, 265 ZEUS . GOD OF LflUJ flriD ORDER ROBIN LYFORD STUD[nT GOV[yill[OT I I a I I ' , I lU I r J ' - ' pesiclent and Uice ' l ' redlclent of Dorothy Dodge, the winsome miss with the surprisingly deep voice, has broken tradition by becoming Mrs. Scott Miller while in office. This fact hasn ' t kept her from being a thoroughly efficient and charming hostess, however; and the A.S.U.C.L.A. is proud of the girl who represented them at official functions. Varsity Basketball star and former Presi- dent of the Phi Psi House, Bob Alshuler stepped into office after a closely con- tested campaign featuring rainy-day um- brella service by his fraternity brothers. Bob has been a rather quiet president, but nevertheless has proven to be a steady, efficient, and capable leader. 269 ■r0 i t u Bob- _ • :(- ' 2.) ' M Ed Sanders and loe again, (who seem to be exchang- ing a joke) while Jim Rose expounds. I ° " V ' et e oV °-,4e « Bill Moser, Patty Lou Archibald and Nick Angeles are members of the astute group called the Co-op Advisory Board. ORGflnizflTions COriTROL BOARD Joe Luder, A.T.O., spokesman for the O.C.B. political and social wheel, rose to the position of Chairman of the Board and thereby became lather to hordes of secretaries and uncle to droves of active, inactive and defunct organizations. A warm- hearted politico, Joe had a following that few in campus politics could rival for loyalty. Members of the Labor Board: (First Row) Grace Lupescu, Pauline Cook, Jim Rose and Jo Ann Hollister. (Second Row) Eddie Pike, Jack Simons, and Cleon Lloyd. I ECTIOn BOARD The Organizations Control Board deals with more complex business than possibly any other student agency on campus. The office reg- ulates the dates of social affairs and recognizes organizations in addi- tion to performing the function of sophomore training - ground for would-be politicians. The chair- man for the year has been Joe Luder, who efficiently supervised the usual crop of good looking co- eds who made up the office staff, and added spice to the Kerckhoff Seated: Peggy McQuilkin, Joe Lu der, Marv Saltzman, Bob Barsky, Marilyn Moon, Harriet Coston Jean Ragan. Standing: Moe Yone mura, Guy Freutel. Bill Montigel Ruth Elwood, Bob Wolcotl, Osce ola Herron. and Georgie Handle The Social Service Council: Karl, Chapman. Goodrich, Negley, McCarthy, Carbee. STANDING: Moore, Berman, McManus, Epstein. Chamberlain, Patterson, Gillespie, Warrimer, Prescott. Cafe Advisory Board Members Ezra Weintraub, Ben Shepherd, and Ken Kilbourne decide minor points in Co-op management. • ::j 1 The Board of Control keeps a careful watch on the financial status of the A.S.U.C.L.A., and manages to see to it that the in- come from football season and all other public events is a tidy sum. Composed of Business Manager Deming Maclise, Graduate Man- ager Ackerman, Student Body President and Vice-President, an alumni representative, and two fac- ulty members, the group plans and guides the policies by which the student government is adminis- tered. Now in its ninth year of ex- istence, the body has consistently proven its indispensable worth. Graduate Manager Bill Ackerman looks more like a student than an executive, coaches the tennis teams with adequate skill, and deals directly with the many and varied activity problems oi the Associated Students. Assistant Graduate Manager A. I. Sturzenegger is known to most Kerckhoff executives as " Sturzy " . He has charge of transportation for athletic events, supplies, and equipment, and does his job with a great deal of interest and enthusiasm. Comptroller and Business Manager Deming G. Maclise ' s thorough-going knowl- edge of what ' s-what in the business world has put the financial standing of the A.S.U.C.L.A. up on top. Twelve years of service in the position he holds makes him a real authority on university finance. SEATED, left lo right: William C. Ackerman, Dean Earl J. Miller, Jerry McClellan, Marty Grim, Deming Maclise. STANDING: John B. Jackson, Bob Alshuler. OJlu Ben Person is the man responsible for the publicity of all athletic events of U.C.L.A., and was once a student journalist here as well. Ticket-Manager for the A.S.U.C. is Harry Morris, who supervises the sale of tickets to both students and public for all affairs. Stanley Reel is the official cashier in Kerrkhof. Hall, and is a pop- ular fellow on pay-day. Knows all the answers in the world of finance. Guy Buckingham supervises the athletes who work in Kerckhoff Hall, and is officially Head Custodian. Schedules parties and is a friend to all. Ralph Stillwell manages the University Book Store, which daily supplies the student body with the tools necessary to an academic career. (mIa J. W. Felker manages the A.S.U.CX.A. warehouse, and knows exactly how much sugar and how many bluebooks are supplied to students each year. Herb Dallinger, back at his post after his service in the Army, snaps athletic and social events to benefit the Unviersity ' s publicity. Mrs. Fern Kelly manages the Cafeteria and Coffee Shop, feeding the many students who can be seen exchanging gossip there at any time of the day. T. D. Stanford is Auditor and Purchasing Agent for the A.S.U.C.L.A. Through his office go all purchases for departments and organiza- tions. loe Lennox is Chief Accountant for the A.S.U.C.L.A. He is swarmed under by much complicated figuring, but sees to it that the budget is intact. r P eLicHTionii mmt V f 9 1 N if " ! -J f iT ■ ' ' B tj MM •a 1 i»i ' •■ " ' fc VSi L 1 J Mn mm JM ■ ' - " ' k£i !■ ; vJ.f: K ■•;■;:•■:■ :: ' ■. «W» ' nllk • t-v ' ,. Q m I •v 9 Kerckhoff coups d ' etats are merely part of the job to Publications Board mem- bers who grease the skids of student journalism, serve as contacts between the Student Council and campus publications, rec- ommend people for key- pos ts on the Daily Bruin and Southern Campus, val- iantly cope with political upsets, indulge in hectic debates at times, get pre- mature wrinkles from their strenuous responsibilities, and probably consume more aspirin than any other student board at U.C.L.A. lo ' f,!: iese ' ' ' do ' " ' . it e ° I ' o.- :r ;r - -- S.- S ' :::rt : tr .- » e» ' .dacVve ' - Via " ' ol .n 5 YvW »t ds. atooo ' ,v». .d» « ,sVv B b e :tlC see ' of The usually taciturn Mackie Steinlauf finds lime during the banquet to amuse Bob Barsky, Barbara Steffens, Frank Stewart and Director Reeder with some tall " tar " talk. " Good things come in big packages " we always say, and apparently Mr. Reeder thinks so, too. The anxious spectators include Barbara Steffens, Frank Stewart, expectant Mr. Reeder, and Bill Ackerman. Here, ladies and gents, you see our famous " Pub Board. " Don ' t say w e told you, but the setting is the Beverly Hills Tropics — guest of honor at the festivities being Bob Reeder, Director of Publications, who was saying " goodbye " to Ucla and " hello " to the Navy. Left to right are Marie Dashiell, Malco ' m Steinlauf, Mr. Reeder, Mary Jo Funk, Bob Barsky. Bill Wilson, and Everett Hayes. " " J Marie Dashiell edited the Southern Campus this year with more grace and less confusion than it has been the privilege of Kerckhoff veterans to see for no small period of time. With seemingly an effortless organization, the pride of Alpha Chi Omega ruled the inner office with easy poise and quiet efficiency, and made even the most insignificant worker feel at home among the problems of copy blocks, deadlines, and picas. Marcella Sutton, last year ' s Organization Editor, completed a con- sistent record by being just as cool and capable this year as Associate Editor. Busy with the duties of practice-leaching, she nevertheless found time to lend a helping hand, and to extend much good advice. rC Business Manager Mary Jo Funk winds up three years of experience with the Managerial Staff in the key position. Mary Jo knew the job so well she hardly had to lift a finger to keep the staff in smooth-running order, and turned in another sell-out edition of U.C.L.A. ' s annual. Jerry McCIellan didn ' t mind sharing responsibilities with Mary Jo, in his position as Assistant Manager, and both spent an enjoyable year watching the sales- girls and salesbooks pour in and out of K.H. 304. AC Robin Lyford spent hour after hour over the excellent layouts in this year ' s book. A really conscientious, un- temperamenlal Art Editor, Robin and her staff have much credit due them for the success of the annual. Without good layouts a book is nothing, and Robin did her best to make this year ' s edition outstanding in every way. Jody Sirdevan held down the difficult job of Copy Editor, and managed to be cheerful even when things looked bleak, and staff members failed to meet their deadlines (although that phenomenon was only occasional this year). It is Jody ' s tiresome duty to check the accur- acy of every bit of copy before it is sent to the printer. Maybe you think this is a pleasant position, but try it sometime, and see if you still want to be in lody ' s shoes. TiedGtat " " ' p .orM S » ' ttioi Vi G«° ' . ' ' lHo»oq -P ' Assist Aan phoW OT OC oAPViV pe tson ' aWf anV possessed o ' J e , °°f T »e " ;te«e-» vine pVvo ' , oqi3 «a6o ' ' ' the services- ,et a ol Ipe ences vjeU. he posi o« ' toe ' li s ENCDAVI Margret Karl seems to have found a forty-eight hour day, for in addilion to being a busy representative-at-large of the Student Council plus action in a dozen other organizations, she holds the position of Engraving Editor of the Southern Campus. Her job is one of checking and rechecking picture and copy sizes in relation lo the very aesthetic page layouts. We think she ' s terrific. EDITORIAL The Organizations Staff, under the direction of Carol Lubic. has charge of all the little names and faces which must be associated with various organizations — each in its proper place on the sorority and fraternity pages. The Copy Staff aids and abets Joanne Sirdevan in checking copy as it comes to the middle drawer of a certain desk in K.H. 304. These people must be up on their university information, their knowledge of names and faces — no easy task in a school this large. The Southern Campus served as a testing-ground in favor of a predominately feminine staff, and proved once and for all that women are equally as good as | men in the journalistic field, i Marie Dashiell has the whole- hearted admiration of every staff member for her poise and com- i plete executive ability. Under i her direction layouts bloomed I with originality, statistics were presented with something of charm, and copy gave way to more and better pictures for the ; benefit of student-browsers. All ! concerned will remember the hours they spent in the office ; with pleasure, because of a con- genial group who toiled withF enthusiasm and good will. i " rv o »-«• Sport Staffers Bob Parr, Phil Baker, Bob Starkey, and Fred Grey have a lot of fun planning what to say about the triumphs and defeats of U.CL.A. ' s athletic teams. The boys were sometimes oblivious to every- thing but local gossip, but eventually found some time to write their copy. These busy people are hard at work on all the little touches which make up the duties of an Art Staff. Helen Kunkel, Atalie Adams, Bill Newman and Jack Mahon gel some pointers from Robin Lyford, Art Editor; and Marie Dashiell, the big boss. Reese Frederickson, Boss Man Thelner Hoover, and Gera Gidley made the photography staff a thing of beauty this year. A lack of professional hysterics was a welcome change in this department. With eyes demurely on their typewriters, Joan Stewart, Mar- gie Blackstock, Sue Harding, Betty Culbert, and Evelyn Newhoff — the Women ' s Staff — are tending to the feminine business which the Southern Campus must record. nriRnRGERIRL FIRST ROW: Helen Kunkel. Barbara Wright. Beverly Sinclair. Jean Soolt, Mary Margaret Brooks. Lou Ann Spratlin. Pat McCormack. Patty Elam. Jo Funk. Janet Hargreaves. Pat Archibald. SECOND ROW: Bette Doolittle, Sonia Clarabut. Norma Patterson, Mary Margaret Roth. Jane Wallerstedt, Peggy Tyer. Betty Cobb. THIRD ROW: Lola Stanley. Iris Frampton. Pat Crawford. Gera Gidley. Terry Olmstead. Frances Yamasaki, Betty Meese. FOURTH ROW: Mary Wilson. Mary Kidd. Bonnie Roberts, Rosalie Kreaqer. Verna Pace. Elsie Kovinick. Betty Fruehling. Nancy Laughlin, Donna Jenkins. %t «»• a ' -, c Dorothy Walker, Rosalie Creager. Pat Crawford, Don Byrnes, Terry Olm- stead, and Sonia Clarabut are seen doing various necessary clerical tasks, while Oifice Manager Jane Waller- stedt works on the usual office cor- respondence. ANNE BROWN Senior Reservations PAT ARCHIBALD Sales Captain MARY WILSON Poster Chairman LORRAINE HOFMANN Publicity Director JANET HARGRAVE Sales Captain JANE WALLERSTEDT Office Manager Bob Fanner was Organization Manager, a job entailing much patience with ioigetful students. He look care of arrangements ior the pages allotted to the various organizations, seeing to it that iees were collected and appointment dates were kept by one and all. mRnRGERIRL That complex organization known as the Managerial Staff con- tains a number of positions and people of importance. Among them were Anne Brown, who handled Senior Reservations; Lor- raine Hofmann, Sales Promotion Manager; and Pat Archibald and Janet Hargrave who shared the responsibility of Sales Captains. Jane Wallerstedt had charge of the Office Staff, and Mary Wilson handled Poster Publicity for the Sales Campaign. Instead of over-regimentation from this seemingly-complicated system of responsibility, much in the way of good results has come instead; and the Managerial Staff is to be complimented upon the fine system of organization which it has evolved through years of experience. Malcolm " Mackie " Steinlauf look over the Daily- Bruin Editor ' s desk from September to February, after which, like many loyal Americans, he look up his country ' s plea for trjiined men, and joined the United States Naval Reserve. Mac, one of the best-liked Editors in the history of the Bruin, served U.C.L.A. in other capacities — as a member of the Student Council and as Chairman of the Board of Ptiblications. Mac ' s winning smile cheered many a new staff member, and his pleas- ing personality was known by all on campus. His daily editorial comments were read by everyone, and his period of editorship vras highly successful. All in all, he was one swell worker, and every Bruin staff member was sorry to see him leave his desk— and U.C.L.A.! Being reappointed as Assistant Editor, " foin mith held down the office for two semesters at the request of the Board of Publications and the Stu- dent Council. Quite an honor, we say! Tom, ever and always the typical iournalist, served the paper to his utmost during the past year, and helped to make the " Streamlined Bruin " a bigger and better publication. - " z= T.N.T. and Bob Barsky both come in small pack- ages — and both pack Ihe same wallop! Bob look over Ihe Editorial duties of Mac Steinlauf in Febru- ary alter four years of Daily Bruin work. Being Chairman of the Publications Board, he represented Publications on the Student Council and proved very valuable in this capacity. Bob ' s ability to tackle practically any job assigned to him was well known to most loyal Uclans, and he expounded this behef as Editor of their paper. Lil ' Robert was willing to lend a helping hand to any sad reporter in distress and was known to be thoroughly com- petent. Hardworking and affable, " The Boy With the Wisthil Eyes " proved to be an excellent Editor and was respected and well liked by the entire Bruin staff. Mxm. Everett Hayes, consistent booster oi Bruin Staff activities, and former Night Editor, was rewarded for his services when he was appointed Managing Edi- tor. Everett is completely compelling in his sincere enjoyment of student jour- nalistic activity, and doesn ' t mind show- ing you how much fun he has as self- appointed office Romeo. Sammy " Sales Talk " Sale. Sports Editor for the fall semester, was one of the most colorful fig- ures in the Bruin lineup. Breezy, popular, and sometimes a tr — ifle noisy. Sammy covered all sports events and edited the now famous " Razz Sheet. " Jimmy Vento stepped into the role of Sports Editor after Sam Sale was forced to resign due to outside activities. An old-timer on the Sports Staff. Jim took over with a vengeance to write a page full of snappy comments and judicious prophecies. prances Gold, one of the most popular staff members, and " officer of Alpha Chi Alpha, served the Bruin as City Editor last semester. Known to all her friends as " Red " , her quick humor and vibrant personality make her one of the most interesting of the journalistic crowd. She winds up her three and a half years of service in a position of no little responsibility. 231 DESK EDITORS Bill Schallert Here we have a picture called " Seven Great Minds in Action, " or — meet the Sports Stall. Reading Irom le. ' t to right (back row), are Bob Wolcott, Milt Willner, Mickey Slobodien. and Tim Vanchee; (front row) John Gunn, Sam Sale. Sports Editors, and Hector Anton, all of whom worked together to put out a really Bne record of sports events daily. niGHT EDITORS Leslie Swabacker divides her lime between Forensics and the Bruin office. She is an intense person, and takes her Night Editorship in a " do or die " manner. Eleanor Blass, senior night editor, divides her time between the Student Defense beat and her night editing, while at the same tim3 keeping the men on the staff in line. Jo Rosenfield shares the Faculty beat and the good grades with Rosanna, and night edits a consistently good page, which won her Alpha Chi Alpha pledge pin for her. ' ft I ' Smilin ' Frankie Glicksman, a graduating Senior, and lour year Daily Bruin man. did a grand job as Night Editor. Frank — he of the charming personality and winning ways — was well liked by all staff members. Night Editor Betty Carbee was busy dividing her lime among approximately thirty-nine and a half campus activities — ah — including the " Broon. " U.S.O.. A.W.S., and Y.W.C.A. work complete the list. Bob Weil. Night Editor and swing fan. can be seen almost any time by the Juke Box in the Co-op. Finds just enough time away from his amusement to do a good job. Night Editor Rosanna Shamray kept informed of the doings of the faculty and haunted the Administration Building to fulfill requirements of the Academic Beat. 292 9m ' _ f Chuck lohnson Eddie Pike Helen Bedell Dick Katemdahl Lillian Helland. re-elected to the position of Women ' s Page Editor, because ol her outstand- ing leadership, is another brisk and steady feminine staff-star. She made the Women ' s Page an interesting one without sacrificing anything in the way of dignity, and kept it above the quality of a mere gossip sheet. Adelle Truitt Vivian Itkin This (with two males thrown in for good measure) is the Women ' s Staff. Left to right (back row): Helen Molony, Rose Koumjian, Charlotte Klein, Mary Waller, and Betty Frieson. (Front row): Sue Harding, " Edwina " Pike, Lillian Helland, " Frances " Glicksman, and luanita Gamut. Jack Swanfeldt ' s column " Two On the Aisle " was a regular feature of the Bruin, and he capably reviewed the best in current motion-picture enter- tainment. If, as a Daily Bruin reader, you sometimes won- dered who did the very clever cartooning, here she is — Art Editor Estelle Eisenberg. better known as " Est " 293 Following in the footsteps of a long line of illustrious Business managers, Lloyd Burstein took over the job from Ray Rosecrans last year, and arranged all the advertising with the ease of the veteran Bruin worker that he was. The 9,000 copies of the Daily Bruin printed each day served as an excellent training- ground for the aspi-ring young journalists under Lloyd ' s care. His staff, in soliciting advertis- ing, are responsible for the financial success of the sheet, and from all indications Lloyd turned over a smoothly running organization to Bill Wilson when the spring semester rolled around. Quiet, unassuming, and efficient, Lloyd possessed the capacity for getting good work from every member of his staff. d 4 " ' ■.■...t ' t dM ' ® - ' -a« ' ot m ' . ■iie . det .8 5 ' e ' " ' • • " a ' ° ' " ■n ' AO , B° 7. Ut . ,65 . es Vea A . svai YvC a " ,tu ' Ltv J 294 Incoming freshmen this year found a " Frosh Bible " weightier than ever before, as the University Recreational Association and the Associated Women ' s Student ' s handbooks were incorporated in the regular Student Handbook — an economy measure in line with similar campus efforts toward national defense. Published under the aegis of Robert E. Reeder, U.C.L.A. ' s Director of Publications, the staff performed ably for ringmaster-editor Malcolm Steinlauf in preparing an authoritative sourcebook for ambi- tious, or simply curious, Bruins. From a map of the campus and Greek alphabet to the rules of Kerckhoff Hall and the A.S.U.C. Constitution the Handbook answers all questions. To be congratulated on their work are Editor Steinlauf, Assistant Editor Tom Smith, Sports Editor Sam Sale amd Manager Lloyd Burstein. Ready for Bruin rooters at every home football game was the official program. The Goal Post, another responsibility of the Publication ' s Office. Milt Cohen was editor of this year ' s Goal Post, one of the finest and most complete program-books in U.C.L.A. ' s history. Felix Gutierrez, Art Editor, and Herb Dallinger, A.S.U.C. Photographer, deserve a credit line for their contributions. 1 TH[ NRU ; ,iS36 s t cflmpus THEHTER BOnRD The Campus Theater Board, composed ol the Chairman of the Drama Board, Jack Thomas, and various other people vital to the production of student drama, worked with a will to accomplish won- ders in the way of successful plays and musicals in 1942. Ralph Freud capitalizes upon his witty sense of humor and patience to achieve miraculous results from the general rehearsal-bedlam that is Campus Theater and was admired by the local thespians as a modem, progressive director. Director Freud looks over the turnout for a typical Campus Theater tryout. The abun- dant dramatic talent makes such a task a pleasure. THE RIVALS An eighteeDth-century backstairs baggage — Betty Falk, as Lucy the maidservant — and an ungentlemanly gentleman ' s gentleman — Edward O ' Brien, as Fag the valet — reach a crisis in The Rivals. A new organization — unifying, supreme, all-encom- passing — took over all things theatrical on the campus at the year ' s start. Its name: Campus Theater. It is suc- cessor to the University Dramatics Society, Dance Re- cital and the numerous on-again-off-again organizations and ASUC-Administration collaborations that in the past produced musical, dramatic and dance presentations. Guided by Lecturer in Public Speaking Ralph Freud, a long-experienced drama director, and Graduate Director of Dramatics Jack Morrison, Campus Theater, in its first semester, indicated that drama was in the driver ' s seat, dominating all activities. It was no plot, for a real attempt to produce The Beggar ' s Opera was called for lack of talent. Leads in The Rivals — which was staged by a Music. Art. English, Women ' s Physical Education departments — Campus Theater coalition — were Blossom Akst and Welder Daniel (standing), Betty Falk and Edward O ' Brien. 299 7 RH UJILDERriESS Bill Stephenson, the brat of Ah, Wilder- ness, seems bent on causing Mary Welch to drop a lew stitches despite the presence of Selma Stern and Mar- celle Fortier. Brat Bill Stephenson gets a well-deserved paddling from grim-faced Mary Welch while John Holden, Selma Stern, Marcelle Fortier and Leo Penn look on. It ' s a scene in the October production of Ah. Wilder- With calendar-like regularity, Campus Theatre began the year with a play a month — a diverse, diverting drama series that opened with O ' Neill nostalgia, Sheridan Restoration so- phistication and — appropriate for December — an English Christmas pantomime-like Alice in Wonderland. Then came war — but plans went on for a musical Once in a Lifetime, and dramas from Knight of the Burning Pestle to Yellow Jack and Ladies in Retirement. 300 RLICE in UJOnDERLflnO The While Queen (Barbara Welch) was so untidy, the White Rabbit (Dick Ken- nedy) was always afraid he ' d be too late, and the Red Queen (Marcelle Fortier) was either urging someone to run faster or demanding a head off — but they all got together for the Bill Butler-Lewis Carroll Alice in Wonderland. Alice of the storybook stepped through a looking-glass. Alice of the Campus Theater ' s Alice in Wonderland, Joyce Reynolds, stepped from Royce stage onto a Warner Brothers silver screen, dropping text books for movie scripts. Her March Hare companion here is amateur magician Glenn Alvey. 301 Campus phenomenon and all- around executive is Ed Sanders, who. while only a low Junior, holds a top spot in student poli- tics. Ex-chairman of the Open Forum committee, present head oi the Student Defense Council, Ed ' s forensic skill and easy friendliness have signalled for him early celebrityhood. 8 Man of afJairs Dr. Wesley Lewis, director of all forensics on cam- pus, coaches students in debate, extemporaneous, impromptu, after- dinner, oratorical, and radio speak- ing, and has organized speakers ' bureaus for nine large business firms, including the City Defense Council; speakers trained to dis- seminate information on civilian defense. He teaches, too! On the lighter side, dapper James Murray, the man who wheedles oratory from lower-division de- baters, likes bowling and singing in the church choir. On the seri- ous side he capably manages the off-campus job of training speak- ers ' bureaus to keep the public on its toes regarding civilian defense. FOREnSICS Silver - tongued smoothies are Frank Wolf, Ed Sanders. Leslie Swabacker. and Mel Nimmer of the Forensics Board. Captained by Sanders, these deadly debaters spend their time dictating foren- sics policies, mapping out debate schedules and lours, making awards to student worthies of their tongue-twisting profession, and polishing numerous loving- cups of their own won in heated rebuttal-sessions. Out from behind the rostrum for a while these masters of lightning lingo are out to prove that verbal geniuses can be photogenic as well. DEBHTE The men casually lounging on the Royce Hall steps are not really so indolent as they seem. Members of the Debate Squad, their business is fast thinking and faster talking. They are the eloquent individuals who win laurels and tro- phies for their Alma Mater, keeping the case on Kerckhoff Mezzanine amply inhabited. First Row: Dan Shuler, Maurice Hall. Frank Mankie- wicz, and Leon Cooper. Back Row: Dr. James Murray, Vaughn Antablin, and Me! Nimmer. First Row: Drum Majorettes. lohnson. Harwood, Christopher. Second How: Student Director Ulyate. DiVall. Postley, Nuetzman. Delemarter. Linson. Kelsey, Samuels, and Drum Major McKaughan. Third Row: Rhoads. Bright. Anderson, Waldo, Barker. Wurfl, Roberds, Myron. Saunders. Fourth Row: Hyman. Kraemer. Barbanell. Newell. Fischer, Taylor. Smith. Douglass. Sharp. Fifth Row: Duke, Jordan, Christianson, Williams. Anderson. Buckley. Dustin. Dill. Wells. Sixth Row: Orcutt. Littlefield. Merrick, Standish, Shaw. Seventh Row: Manager Morton. Fisher. Wilson, Elconin, Walt, St. Peter, and Neiman. Drum Majorettes Kay Christopher, Virginia Harwood, and Louise Johnson are the three charmers who added spice to athletic events. music Dr. George Stewart McManus, in his capacity as University Or- ganist, is well known to many students who enjoy the familiar classics he plays each Tuesday and Friday in Royce Hall. Com- pletely proficient in all types of musical endeavor, Dr. Mc- Manus ' presentations provide a brief respite for weary scholars who have a free hour in which to listen to the dulcet tones of U.C.L.A. ' s organ. He also pre- sents a concert every third Sun- day for those outsiders who know and appreciate the quality of his artistry. ,0 «AV £ LbbY W e de a ' and la- vKOt -V «° ;vK. V P ' f C audia ? ' c- OtJP ' ViYie n ' » " ' lane ,„v » " ' ' Eileen tue.-° J De °tl e H . G ' " ' Direct- Stances j „„ " ' VWD RO ,, CoUe« " ' Jons B- .. Bol Vivian ° " ve n V Ise. lA° ' f rAonWO ' " ' ! - SunxV VnMd C-- ,„, T.ed Su«W. r d -t; " a " conk ' " " " ' 1 spRiflG inFomniiis Jirl % - ' ■ ' " i ■ " Mi ■ li. - A ' ' W- I m: . - W:, ' - . Vt ♦ r As V M Mm H Vf ' H j r i Bt B3r- ' . i H ifM» wv - " - i P» ifc C . i mm { - - F i 0K »5 ' ' » « w E B j ini %. J97 %. • 1 4is j L yjF-- i - ' ' m . iar .V- " -. l M V. tiVv flRTEmiS . . . GODDESS OF GRACE flPID CHflRITl ROBIN LYFORD - OIV[li!ilTY lllOII][n Matthewson Laugh- ys finds time in her nally busy day to appointments with co-eds. Women ' s guiding star, Key and Scroll founder, experienced voca- tional guidance adviser and lecturer, A.W.S. staff head, extensive traveler, — gracious, understanding, sympathetic — this is our Dean of Women. Representing every field of co-educational activity the following councilites pause smilingly for record. SEATED: Marilyn Moon. Mildred Partridge. Ann Gil- lespie, Dorothy Renfro. Jane Mary Eklund, Nancy Tyler, Betty Tomberlin, Elizabeth Whitfield. STANDING: Jane Smithwick, Lillian Helland, Helen Molony. Margaret McHaifie, Norma Patterson, Pat Darby, Pat Scott, Betty Carbee, Dorothy Allison. A dSocici ted m omen S S tudents u, ' " c „ " . 327 High Jinks ' astronomical theme, " The Sky ' s The Limit " , sparked the imaginations of performers to new heights of originality — and absurdity. The celestial capers came off without historic blunders, thanks to Campus Theater ' s technical supervision. A picturesque torchlight parade added new luster to the revelry, and rousing frantic but futile growls from men was the policeman keeping fun " for women only " . MONDAY: Spurs take opportunity to show Joe Bruin that Josephine ' s Library barricade was de- signed strictly on the frivolous side of life. TUESDAY: Key and Scroll and diving-star Irene Tar appropriate the Men ' s Pool for a fashion-aquacade. Winning special orchids for her Hi-Jinx supervision is Alpha Phi ' s Ann Gillespie, A.W.S. vice-presi- dent. Doing a capable job as Master of Ceremo- nies, her part in making Women ' s Week the riotous success it was was large. WEDNESDAY: Mortar Board ' s Kerckhoff Open House with Mary Jo Funk as Southern Campus hostess. Chi Alpha Delta " For women only " meaning for women only. Spurs de-glamorize optimist Ted Tusler whose gate-crashing stopped at the gate. Alpha Xi Delta ly nli epJiti Women ' s Physical Education Staff: (Clockwise around the table) Miss Deane, Miss Fulton, Miss Harshberger, Miss Hooper, Miss Little, Miss Rowley, Miss Cubberley, Miss Grunewald, Miss Anderson, Miss Hyde, Mrs. Allen. Miss Brooks, Miss Kinch, Miss Duncan, Miss Veltre, and Mrs. Johnson. 330 . tL ecreaiiona i E Schedule arranger lor campus recreational activities is Helen Hall, vice-prexy. A Pictured is Edwina Keene who, with Audrey Hughes, keeps secretarial duties in tow. ASoclation Pictured in all their smiling glory 1942 ' s U.R.A. board presents a solid front. Standing are Phyllis Morsman, Brooke Albert, Carol McKee, Jan Wood, Barbara McLain, Betty Jo Wilhelm, Johnny Arensmeyer, Ester Silverman, Bessie Ferina, Evely Boderick, Gene Pratt, and Alice Barber. Seated are Kathleen Campbell, Letha Potts, Margaret Costello, Robin Brisco, Harriet Freudenberg, Helen Hall, Jean Glenn, Audrey Hughes, Miss Margaret Duncan (Director), David Menkes, Esther Rieff, and Mary Barr. Nancy Tyler, second from left, founder of the Neophyte group, talks over activity plans with associates Mary Margaret Roth, Dean Laughlin, and Betty Culbert, second semester President. Alpha Chi Kay Bramlage, outgoing Neophyte President, pre- sents her gavel to Betty Culbert. The purpose of the group is to give pledges a broader view of the aims of sororities. To bring about a spirit of friendship and better understanding between sorority pledges and new girls in dormitories, the Neophyte Council was organized this year under the auspices of the A.W.S. Each dormitory and sorority has one vote on the coun cil and sends a representative to elect officers and conduct the business of the group. Activities this semester included a picnic with the Interfraternity Council and two dinners. creatloncits " Sashay-right " and U.R.A. ' s night recreational turns to the popular and not-so-easy square dance. Pleased as Punch and twice as active. coUegiates tiip light and so fantastic at another of the afternoon dance recreationals — A.W.S. sponsored. United in purpose, that of providing students recreational opportunities, the University Recre- ational Association and the Associated Women Students have sponsored only too infrequent night and afternoon dances this year. With Mar- garet Karl chairman in charge of A.W.S. arrange- ments and Dorothy Dodge Miller acting hostess, Jean Glenn and a bevy of beauties fulfilling U.R.A. hostess obligations, the attraction, yet, has been the assured success of each gathering. A good band, a gal. and you can ' t keep ' em away. Crowding the spacious floor scholars give vent to an exprest ' nn of the lighter thims in life. 333 Furnishing recreations covering a field from horse-back riding to chess, the U.R.A. has not restricted its field to women ' s activities. Those offered to women, however, include swimming, tennis, volley-ball, badminton, soccer, archery, fencing, golf and a host of those attracting a lesser following. Fun for all — and free — recreationals have an irre- placeable part in the life of U.C.L.A. ' s co-ed, Amazon or intellect. Whether the tennis neophyte pictured above, or the diving mas ter that Irene Tar ' s portrait below defines her, recreations cover the field of activities with equal opportunities for athletic endeav or. 334 The University Recreational Association is de- signed to give all students on campus a chance to have some real fun participating in various sports. Every type of indoor and outdoor sport is at hand, including Badminton, Archery, Golf, Tennis, Social Dancing, Folk Dancing, Bowling, Riding, Swimming, and other various team activities. All students are invited — which keeps our campus athletically happy! Fencing has proved highly popular in the Women ' s Physical Education program, in that it not only requires quick think- ing, but promotes poise, good carriage and excellent co- ordination. Badminton reigns supreme among the indoor sports; being a spectator is equally as exciting as being a participant, and the ever-evasive " birdie " keeps many a player up in the air. creationaid 3.w e e4 " V " ' -o t ' S R II I E S I an J eltc enic Milton, Constance Charlton, Cae Leavitt, Rita Schmissrauter, JoAnn Ofiicer, Jessie Purkiss, Constance Coston, Eleanor Hirashiki, Aki Launer, Jean Hill, Dorothy Entriken, Shirley Scott, Marion Rickershauser, Mary Granger, Anne Priester, Kassy Wheaton, Alice Bowers, Joan Gorman, Helen Freeman. Muriel Harth, Vivian Alden, Velma Reilly, Mary Jane Evans, Mary Darling. Jane Frieda Liebscher PRESIDENT Forming one of the largest blocks of buyers of Defense Savings Stamps and Bonds, U.C.L.A. ' s loyal chapters have ambitions of seeing each girl in June with a Defense Bond in hand, are dutifully buying stamps and saving news- papers and exhausted toothpaste tubes from the proceeds of which U.S. Govern- ment bonds will be purchased. National Organizations in some cases through the activities of its chapters are able to invest thousands of dollars in Defense Bonds, or finance a Mobile Kitchen overseas. Generously the local sororities have made cash donations to the Red Cross, and have energetically muttered " knit-one — pearl-two " over sweaters and socks for men in the service. Several women have already volunteered as blood donors. And organized as the " Defenderettes " or not, chapters are assuming the responsibility of writing letters and sending cigarettes and candy to the soldiers of the Allied cause. c. ounci { RUSH CHAIRMEN PANHELLENIC COUNCtt Hagerman, Ann Marie PiMman, Helen Daze, Mary Jane Chambers. Barbara Fifield. Phyliss McMahan, Jeanne Paup, May Urion, Patsy Bobb, Boniface Bacon, Harriet Harris, Ann Ellen Tomberlin, Betty Glancy, Betty Snider. Betty Friendenthal. Betty Ann Georgeson, Ann Harper, Mary Jeanne Dear, Irma Louise To the familiar wail, " What can women do to aid in National Defense? " U.C.L.A. ' s sorority sisters have found not one, but numerous answers — and more important, are demonstrating practicably and profitably. These trim Americans are to be discovered mastering the First Aid technique in Red Cross classes, the enrollment from some houses being over fifty per cent. Others con- centrate on the machinations of Women ' s Volunteer Ambulance Corps or the Motor Corps. Nearly all chapters have either through their own initiative or under the direction of U.S.O. entertained privates ' n officers at buffet suppers and informal parties on campus. U.S.O. has further requisitioned U.C.L.A. ' s assistance in canteen work (often sponsored by sorority alumnae) and in enter- tainment at local " Hospital Centers " . On the negative side, orders from the Dean of Women ' s office applying to sororities and dormitories have outlined principles for ttie duration — entertainments held on campus unless off-campus expenses are no more, and a reduction of rushing bills. For direct action, since the declaration all houses are during blackouts under the authority of their appointed air-raid wardens, conversant with incendiary bomb methods. 339 inyltci L nl t r nteaa 9 Millon, Constance (PRESIDENT) SENIOR Arthur Gertrude Bird. Evelyn Codd, Evelyn Dashiell, Marie Galfney, Dorothy Keating, Dorothy Murdock, Lenore Sherman, Ethel Cary. Befly Flynn. Virginia Ferina, Bessie Gannon, Margaret Guinney, Charlotte Hagerman, Ann Handy. Mae (P) Hays, Elizabeth Henley, Marilyn Holden, Helen (P) Boissier, Marion Elwood, Ruth Penning, Gerry Leishman, Dorothy Neifteld, Suzanne Smith, Irene FRESHMAN Bannister, Louise (P) Bramlage, Kay Bredahl, Helen Britch, Lois (P) Roberts, Suzanne Steelhead, Margaret Steinen, Paulette Thrilt, Prudence White,Barbara Wood, Marion JUNIOR Bannon, Barbara Boland, Barbara Irving, Jean Kelly, Bertha Lewis, Virginia Meadows, Virginia McManus, Mary Jo Scott, Pat Tyler, Nancy SOPHOMORE Alair, Helen Bedell, Jane (P) Bennett, Eileen (P) Christopher, Kay (P) Coyle, Colleen (P) Duchand, Betty Fretter, Nancy Hartig, Ann Henkle, Marjorie (P) Henry, Shirley (P) Krotz, Jean Leavett, Barbara Leighton, Mary Masser, Rose (P) Mayo, Betty (P) Robertson, Peggy Lee (P) Rogers, Shirley (P) Schweickert, Ruthita Sook, Jean %§ k |i Founded Nationally 1885 Founded Locally 1926 Founded at DePauw University Active Chapters 61 Inactive Chapters 2 Alumni Chapters 112 Membership 1 8,400 Nickname Alpha Chi Main Social Events Spring Formal Winter Formal Benefit Dance 340 ... wha Lui r amma cJDeita li SENIOR Brockway, Eunice Campbell, Pauline CavatI, Virginia Elam, Patty Inez Hall, Helen Magee, Mary Middlemiss, Marjorie Munroe, Lola Niemoeller, Lois O ' Brien Patricia O ' Dell, Sally Ootto, Paula Pollock, Louise Renfro, Dorothy Shedd, Ruth Vaughan, Dolly JUNIOR Anstey, Coralie (P) Bisbee, Jean Brewster, Evelyn Brown, Claralee Crawford, Marjorie Heath, Peggy Kahle, Ursula Lusher, June McHarg, Lois McLaughlin, Janet Merrill, Ida Mary Moone, Marjorie Perry, Barbara Handle, Georgie Schmissrauler, Joan Sitterle, Virginia Smithwick, Jane Tingley, Joan Weiss, Eleanor (?) Wofford,Mary SOPHOMORE Barnard, Peggy (P) Kean, Ruth Leahey, Helen Morgan, Mary Nobbs, Jean Rich, Peggie Roche, Helen Rorabeck, Jacqueline Squire, Judy FRESHMAN Case, Janice (P) Coe, Mildred (P) Hibbs, Lois (P) McCormack, Patricia (P) Morgan, Norma (P) Price, Ester Rasmussen, Doris (P) Reinecke, Patricia (P) Roach, Lillian Sanbome, June Stems, Marilyn (P) Moore, Mary (P RESIDENT) Founded Ndtionally 1904 Founded Locally 1925 Founded at Syracuse University Active Chapters 47 Inactive Chapters 3 Alumni Chapters 50 Membership 12,021 Nickname Alpha Gam Main Social Events Spring Formal Christmas Formal Pledge Dance i l • • ' — ' •- . iiiaaa 4 9 0 ■ i E fl ff«.a ss r ' it • ' . ' ' -■ " ' ■! . ' ' ■•- ' iT; S SI iri 341 ... Ipka oLJeita T Charlton, Cae (PRESIDENT) SENIOR Behrens, Renata Pitlam, Helen Garrison, Nancy Lyiord, Robin Roberts, Caryl Scougall, Elizabeth Ward, Clare JUNIOR Davies, Ardis Kingman, Peggy Partridge, Mildred Sherman, Barbara Stanley, Lola Stevan, Margaret Stocks, Janice Thornton, Mimi Waite, Barbara SOPHOMORE Bishop, Patricia Catlin, Patricia Clark. Isabelle Norton, Mary Kane, Kathleen Littrell. Mary Jane Mayer, Ann Moser, Mary Negley, Barbara Nygard, Gloria Paliner, Alice Spinner, Frances True, Margie White. Betty Mae Williams, Jane FRESHMAN Bauer, Donna Davis, Lorraine Hay, Patricia McWhinner, Gertrude Walburg, Betty Jane §fa m mm%. MK Ik ii li Founded Nationally 1851 Founded Locally 1925 Founded at Wesleyan Female College Active Chapters 60 Inactive Chapters 9 Alumni Chapters 150 Membership 16,000 Nickname A.D. Pi Main Social Events Christmas Formal Founder ' s Day Banquet Spring Formal 342 . inyka i csDettci m Coston, Harriet (PRESIDENT) ff fk r .€ P |l SENIOR Brantingham. Ruth Chandler. Jelaire Curtis, Stanna D ' auria, Vivian Dillon, Helene Feldman, Carmel Hall, Gladys lanke, Mary Alice Kissling, Hazel MacKenzie, Margaret Wilton, Margaret JUNIOR Dunn, Frances Kemper, Marilyn Newhofi, Evelyn Roquet, Lois (P) Singletary, Jane Stater, Jean SOPHOMORE Dant, Mary Davis, Eleanor Duernberger, Elaine Fifield, Phyllis Ghika Weiller, Elizabeth Halperine, Elaine (P) MacDonald, Patricia Miller, Jane (P) Neffler, Patricia (P) Richardson, Ramona Ruby, Helen Wellons, Virginia FRESHMAN Blaue, Nancy (P) Courville, Isabella (?) Johnson, Frances (P) Thomas, Roberta (P) Founded Nationally 1893 Founded Locally 1924 Founded at Lombard College Active Chapters 54 Inactive Chapters 3 Alumni Chapters 59 Membership 14,020 Nickname Alpha XI Main Social Events Rose Ball Spring Formal Founder ' s Day 343 y lpna C pslton j hi »pA[ leavitt. Rita (PRESIDENT) GRADUATE Wolfe, Winifred SENIOR Cowan, Elaine Fehrer, Shirley Friedman, June Levy, Dorothy Schreiler, Shirley Wurlzel, Paula JUNIOR Post, Minna Ratner, Roma Roddy. Jean SOPHOMORE Cortland, Ruth Goldman, Tobian Greenspun, Evelyn Lucoff, Esther Rosenthal, Marjorie Shapiro, Shirley Steinhardt, Edith Wilheim, Ruth FRESHMAN Barsky, Isabel (P) Katz, Jean Lilchmann, Roberta Lyons, Ruth Rosenburg, Irene Rosenblatt, Elaine Rubin, Eileen Founded Nationally 1909 Founded Locally 1924 Founded at Barnard College Active Chapters 26 Inactive Chapters 7 Alumni Chapters 14 Membership 4, 150 Main Social Events Annual Charity Ball Senior Breakfast Mother and Daughter Brunch RjjjJ-W-J ' ,!; 1 .yyajwww g iaiy 344 Jheta Vmsltc m Alton SENIOR Byslrom, Shirley Denend. Maria (P) Gates. Ruth Larey, Ann Lu JUNIOR Field. Harriette MacManus. Florence Newbold. May Phillips. Margaret Walter. Dorothy While. Mary Lou SOPHOMORE Daums. Dorence Dieterle, Tilli Goolin. Tanya Hartlun. Margaret Killie. Annette Malon, Ann Sline. Jeanne (P) Wiles. Wanda (P) Wohlemuth. Barbara (P) FRESHMAN Doran, Judith (P) Partridge. Alice Partridge. Carrie Lu Evans, Mary Evelyn (PRESIDENT) Founded Nationally 1914 Founded Locally 1927 Founded at Berkeley, Calif. Active Chapters 19 Inactive Chapters 14 Alumni Chapters 3 Membership 4,486 Nickname Theta U Main Social Events Winter Formal Spring Formal 34S Ipha f hi Purkiss.Constance(PRESIDENT) SENIOR Alexander, Mary Jo Bradbury, Jean Clifford Elizabeth Covert, Joan Cushman, Frances Paries, Anne Hammond, Jacqueline Lemon, Betty Jane Manning, Mary Sala, Marie Scott, Ann Shelnutt, Sarah Vorreuter, Jane Webb, Carolyn JUNIOR Chambers, Barbara Dennis, Marilyn Eason, Mildred Frederickson, Anne Reese Gillespie, Anne Hails, Margaret Haines, Jeanne Hughes, Audrey Hunt, Marcia Izenour, Betty Jane Loye, Mary Alice MacDonald, Jane Manuel, Mary Lynne Tieck, Jean Ward, Mary SOPHOMORE Faulkner, Elizabeth Hillard, Jean King, Elizabeth (P) Laws, Estelen (P) McCarthy, Alvira McHoffie, Margaret Raybum, Dorothy Russel, Nancy Thurman, Francis FRESHMAN Adams, Harriet Beust, Beverly Bretherton, Prudence Corrigan, Elizabeth Falconer, Joan Faries, Dorothy (P) Gleiforst, Gloria (P) Jones, Sally Kunkel, Helen Merrill, Shirley Merwin, Dorothy Rittersbacher, Jane Shepard, Pauline Swain, Nancy {P) White, Jacqueline Wright, Barbara Founded Nationally 1 872 Founded Locally 1924 Founded at Syracuse University Active Chapters 37 Inactive Chapters 1 Alumni Chapters 85 Membership 13,029 Main Social Events Fun House Party Formal Dances Pledae Dances 346 JC aupa ipp iDhci Jhetci T GRADUATE Allen, Margaret SENIOR Ball, Rosemary Black, Barbara Goodrich, Betty Goodwin, Sarah Belle Howell, Betty Nichols, Betty Reed, Anne Harris, Ann Ellen Herron, Osceola Milholland, Marjorie Rowell, Phyllis Schmidt, Mary Smith, Altha Smith, Dorsey Thompson, Norris Van Vranken, Mary Jane Whalen, Mary Ridley, Joanne Shannon, Ann Smith, Robyn Wilson, Geraldine Wilson. Phyllis FRESHMAN Baber, Phyllis Backeller, Nanette Bledsoe, Janet Chappelle, Camille Murray, Marilyn Nichols, Barbara (P) Sherwin, Barbara (P) Smith, Betty Anne Sprague, Jane Thompson, Barbara Wilson, Jean Rivers, Ann Thrapp, Mary Lou Wyatt, Josephine JUNIOR Ball, Francisca Bunker, Patricia Dreusicke, Ruth Ferguson, Kaly Hargrave, Janet Harmon, Phoebe Winkler, Marjorie (P) SOPHOMORE Brown, Mary Crowe, Arline Douglas, Beverly Haitbrink, Helen McCarthy, Caroline Norton, Barbara (P) Parmalee, Barbara Ramsey, Bettie Cook, Connie (P) Davidson, Jean Frizell, Suzanne Hargrave, Marion Herron, Molly Kibbey, Nora Leiber. Carolyn Granger, Ann (PRESIDENT) Founded Nationally 1870 Founded Locally 1925 Founded at DePauw University Active Chapters 65 Inactive Chapters 9 Alumni Chapters 54 Membership 27,454 Nickname Theta Main Social Events Homecoming Open House Formals ail SENIOR Loomis, Eleanor Lukins, Lila McCrone, Natalie Moseley, Irene (P) Tilson. Barbara Tuffree, Doris JUNIOR Bauman, Jean Brininger, Fay Cable. Lydia Campion Jane Daze. Mary Jane Hanawalt, Eleanor Jensen. Deliene Kumnick. Nancy Marshall. Norma Pollard. Betty Snow. Barbara Thatcher, Betty While. Phyllis (P) Wilson, Mary SOPHOMORE Brace. Suzanne Laughlin. Nancy Jean Moore. Neva Movius. Maxine FRESHMAN Allen. Mary Grace Baldwin, Luella (P) Belsher. Edith Chipman. Margaret Davis. Barbara Egenhoii. Marcia (P) Harrigan, Pat . (P) Kennedy, Mariorie (P) Kumnick, Gretchen (P) Lavayea, Kathleen (P) Rawlings, Mary Rice. Marilyn (P) Ryan, Barbara (P) Snyder. Rosemary (P) wka L T micron Officer. Jessie (President) Founded Nationally 1897 Founded Locally 1926 Founded at Barnard College Active Chapters 49 Inactive Chapters 7 Alumni Chapters 57 Membership 10,962 Nickname A.O.Pi Main Social Events Spring Formal Christmas Formal Senior Breakfast 348 oDetta C ammcL Entriken, Shirley (PRESIDENT) SENIOR Cletro. Mary Lou Hobson, Alice Miller, Lois Park, Betty Saye, Judy Spensely, Irene Williams J ' lorence JUNIOR Archibald, Palsy Lou Austin, Martha Bnin, Suzanne Cover, Helen Creager, Rosalie Hamilton, Pat Howland, Betty Ann lacobs, Shirley Metzger, Helen Svedrofsky, Anna Marie Urion. Patsy Wilson, Elizabeth SOPHOMORES Brando, Frances Ferguson, Eleanor Flynn, Peggy Lyden, Kay McFall. Marion Stair, Shirley (P) Stebbins, Joanne Stoepel, Katherine Wilcox, Marcia FRESHMAN Coles, Pal Crawford, Pal Drumheller, Harriet (P) Egan, PoUy Flynn, Pat Hanson, Margaret (P) Kruse, Pat Mahon, Barbara (P) Marshall, Jeanetta (P) Newland, Margaret (P) Newland, Nancy Pace, Verma Pierce, Mary Alice (P) Tresselt, Eleanor (P) Williams, Lucille Founded Nationally 1874 Founded Locally 1925 Founded at Lewis School Active Chapters 54 Inactive Chapters 14 Alumni Chapters 54 Membership 19,150 Nickname Dee Gee Main Social Events D.G.-Delt Ball Christmas Formal Founder ' s Day Banquet ,u£fin ■■ t- ' 3K§ K r]l s 5S w y i 343 L ni . lukct oDeitci T SENIOR Fujika, Lilly Keimai, Toki Imon, Ikua Niisiki. Belly Ashima, Tosbiko Taneguchi, Tomi JUNIOR Hosoura, Kiyoko Kalo. Taeko Helen Maruyama. Yariki Suzuki, Seiko June Takemura. Florence (P) Tanaka, Nobu Yamasoki, Frances SOPHOMORE Kato, Fumiko Kinoshita, Esther Nishi, Midori (P) Oi. Mary Uchiyama. Alice (P) FRESHMAN Ito, Emiko (P) Suzuki, lune (P) A. . , Hirashike, Akie (PRESIDENT) I Founded On This Campus 3S0 PL Wu GRADUATE Fien, Winifred Kreps, Estalyn SENIOR Black, Muriel Frederick, Annabelle Leibscher, Frieda Tansey, Grace Wilhey, Dorothy JUNIOR Amisot, Mela Anderson, Margaret Campbell, Eleanor Dermody, Louella Gardner. Edith Moon, Marilyn Powers, Marion Rinehart, Aileen SOPHOMORE Ashway, B. Jean Glansy, Elizabeth Leypoldt, Christine Leypoldt, Lois FRESHMAN Capps, Noreen Savary, Marg Sliever, Martha Bowers, Jean (PRESIDENT) Founded Nationally 1852 Founded Locally 1927 Founded at Wesleyan College Active Chapters 61 Inactive Chapters 4 Alumni Chapters 44 Membership 14,000 Main Social Events Christmas Formal Carnation Ball 351 GRADUATE Winans, Adelaide SENIOR Bybee, Marjorie Hutton, Mabellu Kowalski. Dorothy Lissner, Betty Jane Lloyd, Alva Peck. Betty Jean Vatcher, Jane Waara. Barbara Wilkinson, Rhea JUNIOR Beavon, Janice Brown, Peggy Jane Cornell, Dorothy Gibbs, Patricia Gregory, Doris Hanson, Jet (P) Harvey, Jean Haver, Mary Ellen Herman, Jean Holmes, Peggy Jacomini, Alma Klamm, Trudy Macrae, Florence Matthews, aMry McKnight, Patricia McMullen, Shirley Monroe, Dorothy (P) Nelson, Bernice Paup, Mary Kay Welch, Mary Whitmore, Marie SOPHOMORE Christian, Carol Emery, Patricia (P) Fitzgerald, Dorothea Barley, Helen Holcomb, Norma (P) Knox, Virginia Lush. Barbara Ruppenlhal, Emilyjane Silvernail, Mardell Thorn, Barbara Wright, Jeanne Young, Blanche Zellner, Helen FRESHMAN Axline, Helen (P) cfDeltci oLJeltci csDeita Hills, Dorothy (PRESIDENT! f ©I Bruce, Katherine Collins. Patricia (P) Michaelson, Ursula (P) Moser, Barbara Roberts. Bonnie Williamson. Marion Woodworth. Marjorie (P) Founded Nationally Founded Locally 1925 Founded at Boston U. Active Chapters 88 Inactive Chapters 7 Alumni Chapters 125 Membership 29,231 Nickname Tri Delt Main Social Events Annual Benefit Spring Formal Homecoming Open House 352 a ' ummcL PL eia ' ll£Jlf f§ 3S ' PM Rickershauser, Mary Frances (PRESIDENT) Bailey, Mary Beal, Betty Dom, Eloise Forney, Gerry Fuller, Dorothy Funk, Mary Jo Jennings, Nellie Lou Kindelberger. Joan Lane, Frances Monteleone, Leona Souther, Janet Warren, BeMy Weyman, Helen Willoughby, Virginia JUNIORS Arlt, Marlene Bacon, Harriet Bamett, Ann Brown, Anne Cobum, Mary Ann Costello, Margaret Gates, Paddy Goulette, Jacquie Hollisler, Jo Anne Hook, Betty McConville, Peggy McCormick, Jane Deeb, Anita Jane Rupert, Helen Schwenneson, Grace Ann S van, Arvia Warfel, Getty Welcome, Jane White, Polly SOPHOMORE Alston, Frances Buffum, Lou Ann Clarabut, Sonia de Vos, Laura Lee (P) Doty, Jean Hallsted, Jeanne Hilton, Virginia Houston, Jane Hope Nathas, Virginia Patterson, Norma Walbridge, Katy Wilson, Doris FRESHMAN Jackson, Marilyn (P) Jones, Helen McFarland, Barbara Meister, Phyllis Plummer, Kay (P) Telger, Ann Founded Nationally 1874 Founded Locally 1924 Founded at Syracuse University Active Chapters 47 Inactive Chapters 3 Alumni Chapters 87 Membership 14,734 Nickname Gamma Phi Main Social Events Orchid Ball Fall Formal Soring Formal 353 JC aDDCl ipp JC Cc appa y ammcA SENIOR Bradburn, Priscilla Farris. Elizabeth Masters, Bernice Rogers, Nanci JUNIOR Abrams, Nancy Darby, Patricia Findersen, Annette Garlinghouse, Nancy Herrod, Irene Huber, Edith Hummel. Marg Ledger, Dorothy Leeds, Miriam McKeller, Barbara Newman, Beverly Joyce Pulliam, Margery Richards, Ann Van DrufI, Marion William, Margaret SOPHOMORE Adams, Mary Avery, Margaret Betts, Mary Ann Cawston, Beverly Dockery, Phylis Giebert, Helen Heckery, Robin Hogaboom, Virginia Hummel, Patty Jones, Donalce Leeds, Margery Moore, Kay Nugent, Ruth (P) Pabst, Mary Quenton, Jacqueline Rennie, Marcia Schwab, Alice Whisler, Betty Yalts, Dale FRESHMAN Albright, Betty Ann (P) Bower, Laura (P) Bartelmeh, Jean Coulter. Joan (P) Dexter, Marianne (P) Wheaton. Alice (PRESIDENT) t a Founded Nationally 1870 Founded Locally 1925 Founded at Monmouth College Active Chapters 74 Inactive Chapters 9 Alumni Chapters 148 Membership 30,665 Nickname Kappas Main Social Events Christmas Open House Fall Formal 354 Pi Eeta Plu f $k Harlh, Vivian (PRESIDENT) Founded Nationally 1867 Founded Locally 1921 Founded at Monmouth College Active Chapters 83 Inactive Chapters 21 Alumni Chapters 128 Membership 31,759 Nickname Pi Phi Main Social Events Pi Phi Circus Founder ' s Day Banquet Hungabu Party SENIOR Pennington, Rosemanr Puthoff. Emma Puthofi, Ida Snure, Virginia Upham. Betty JUNIOR Barber. June Brown, Barbara Cameron. Corynne Crouch, Nancy Dazey. Ruth Harry. Ruth Hoffman. Lorraine (P) Macke. Christine (P) McCarthy. Patricia Schmid. Marjorie Spratlen. Louaime Wertz. Betty Jean SOPHOMORE Anderson. Billie Barber. Patricia Cody. Katheryn Daggett. Eileen (P) Darbyshire, Martha Demond. Doreen Ferguson, Mary Ingram. Eleanor Mason. Sherrill Mitchell. Barbara Zook, Dorothy Ann FRESHMAN Davy. Rosemary (P) Dollard. Peggy (P) Doyle. Greta Hill. Suzanne Howden. Jeanne Kidd, Mary (P) Lapp. Jean Meloth, Marion Scott, Betty Lou (P) Scott. Catherine Sibley. Shirley (P) Silver. Jane Sinclair. Beverly Spratlen. Jeanne Stephens. Eleanor Talley. Patricia Vesey, Betty 355 ■ 9 ma Ca ipp ClDIOCl Oliver, Adeline (PRESIDENT) SENIOR Anderson, Mildred Alden, Velma Bowen, Nelda Burns, Betsy Coleman, Doris Cuenin, Catherine Ramsing, Jean Schlloten, Betty Taft, Eleanor Zelsdorf, Lois Marie JUNIOR Burns, Gretchin Carter, Anita Collins, Betty Highland, Betty Jean Mclntyre, Mary Belle Millae, Nancy Bagland, Neva Tuchsherer, Lois SOPHOMORE CUno, Georgiana Georgison, Ann Nettels, Harriet Sutton, Jean Taylor, Betty Wood, Virginia FRESHMAN Cole, Marilyn Catrel, Patricia (P) Darsie, Barbara Downie, B. J. ({P) Dunn, Deirdre Ewing, Jeanne Fisk, Ruth Harding, Sue Kipple, Beverly (P) Ramsey, Margaret Talcott, B.J. Founded Nationally 1874 Founded Locally 1925 Founded at Colby College Active Chapters 44 Inactive Chapters 6 Alumni Chapters 62 Membership 10,903 Main Social Events Winter Formal Spring Formal Christmas Party 356 JC uDua ipp oDeltci SENIOR Bailey. Maxine Carey, Jean Chamberlain, Lisa Doll, Bonnie Hamlin, Jane Lynch, Kathleen Mansfield, Doris Oas, Emilie JUNIORS Davis, Marjorie Berkley, Marilyn Cameron, Mary Ellen Carbee, Patty (P) Dunn. Patty Lou (P) Rodecker, Helene Steiiy, Bea Cleveland, Edith Stolp, Beth Tassey, Mary Tomberlin, Betty Trussel, Mary SOPHOMORE Beust, Jeanette Eshelman, Eileen (P) Diehl, Mary Gills, Mary Frances (P) Jellineck, Lois Jenkins, Nancy Lee Layman, Wave Mclntyre, Mildren Mattram, Helen Robinson, Ruth Ann (P) Robinson, Norma Lee FRESHMAN Bisher. Nadyne Erhart, Robin Miles, Ruth Nelson. Mary Ann (P) Preister, Kassy (President) Founded Nationally 1897 Founded Locally 1926 Founded at Va. State Normal School Active Chapters 73 Inactive Chapters 10 Alumni Chapters 123 Membership 19,147 Nickname K.D. Main Social Events Winter Formal Annual Pago-Pago Dance Bridge Benefit 357 SENIOR Bretzfelder, Ruth Brown. Barbara Light, Dorothy Newman, Ronnie Robinson, Gladys Schaffer, Esther Singer, Thelma Solomon, Arlene Wollf, Shirley JUNIOR Feidman, Shirley Kaplan. Rosalie Meadows, Bernice Meyers, Natalie Pines, Esther Sperer, Ethel SOPHOMORE Bell, Libby Ann Braun, Anne Brown, Elaine Cowan, Rosalind Crocov, June Davidson, Joyce Friendenthal, Betty Kaplan, Bette Lassar. Peggy Sattler, Naomi Shipman, Doris Spitzer, Gloria Pincus. Shirley Sarver, Mitzi FRESHMAN Blonsky, Dorothy Brenner, Muriel Bretstelder. Anne Golsen, Shayne Hoffman, Joan Kessler, Marjory Metzenbaum, Fanchon Palca. Betty ' l f ma Si 9 ma Freeman, Muriel (PRESIDENT) l H K2 ii% ' w K. k RliHHr tar ■ ' vWEJ IM ' m L m m. ■ :W ' iimm Founded Nationally 1913 Founded Locally 1921 Founded at Hunter College Active Chapters 19 ' Inactive Chapters 7 j Alumni Chapters 25 I Membership 2,413 J Nickname Phi Sigs j Main Social Events Charity Ball j Pledge Dance ! Active Dance • 358 CLi Q meaci f Launer, Jean (PRESIDENT) Versteeg. Belly Walker, Dorothy (P) Walers, Belly lane (P) Washburn. Beverly (P) White, Marilyn (P) SENIOR Allen, Marie Bohlken, Carolyn Busher, Barbara Doyle, Marian lacks, losephine Miller, Dorothy Dodge Mitchell, Bonnie Ritchie, Jacqueline Robichau, Frances Ruegg, Joyce Scott, Bettie Whitlock, Susan JUNIOR Hanger, Gertrude (P) Jamison, Frances P) King, Eleanor (P) Kramer, Frances Myers, Virgene Roduner, Phyllis Sheldon, Nancy Smith, Mariorie SOPHOMORE Arnold, Belly (P) Deister, Yvonne (P) Dooliltle, Betty (P) Hebel, Mary Alice Leonard, Eleanor Ludman, Helen McMahan, Jean Ragan, Cully Ransford, Mary Ann Truitt, Adele FRESHMAN Brainard, Marcia Mary Ford, Virginia (P) Frasher, Phyllis Gdynia, Ina Claire (P) Hord, Win Lay, Jane (P) MacDougall, Jean Porter, Pat (P) Ross. Betty Jean (P) Stinton. Beverly (P) Founded Nationally 1895 Founded Locally 1923 Founded at U. of Arkansas Active Chapters 95 Inactive Chapters 3 Alumni Chapters 72 Membership 29,609 Nickname Chi O. Main Social Events Spring Formal Winter Formal Eleusinian Banquet 359 Jhetci l hl . iph a Reilley, Mary Jane (PRESIDENT) SENIOR Anderson, Pat Dtard, Marguerite JUNIOR Pentzer. Shirliann (P) SOPHOMORE Harper, Mary Jeanne Hodek, Henriette Koehnstedt, Mary Mellon, Geraldine Schwartzbaugh, Lucille (P) FRESHMAN Gibney, Lucille (P) Lucas, Gloria (P) Meldeen. Kathleen (P) Scherr, Angeline (P) Founded Nationally 1912 Founded Locally 1926 Founded at U. of Michigan Active Chapters 12 Inactive Chapters 6 Alumni Chapters 18 Membership 2,669 360 PLi Q nteaa f | . SENIOR Briniger, Ann Campbell, Doris Le Ger, Marciela McCollins, Margaret Stevens. Jean Waterhouse. Norma JUNIORS Snider, Beverly SOPHOMORE Brostrom, Betty Mills, Cynthia Plommer, Betty FRESHMAN Burr. Ruth Campbell. Pat Gorman. Helen (PRESIDENT) Founded Nationally 1910 Founded Locally 1925 Founded at U. of Nebraska Active Chapters 15 Inactive Chapters 3 Alumni Chapters 45 Membership 5, 109 Nickname Pop Main Social Events Christmas Formal Founder ' s Day Banquet 361 etci Jciu ... whcL SENIOR Daer, Omaloiuse Edwards, Elsa Longsdorif. Florence Renzi, Josephine Svengen, Ann Shafer, Roberta Wallers, Winnilred Zanella. Alice JUNIOR Bailey, Betly (P) Gather, Ella Galvin, Irene Job, Eleanor (P) Mundy, Grayce (P) Shell, Virginia SOPHOMORE Buffum, Barbara Jirsa, Dorothy (P) MacCorkill, Betty (P) Minorine, Jean FRESHMAN Eggers, Marjorie (P) McPhee, Patricia (P) F Duling, Jane (PRESIDENT) Cy Founded Nationally 1898 Founded Locally 1926 Founded at Virginia State Normal Active Chapters 63 Inactive Chapters 16 Alumni Chapters 100 Membership 13,500 Nickname Z.T.A. Main Social Events Winter Formal Spring Formal 362 csDeltcL etcL » v f- r Feyster, Marion (PRESIDENT) Founded Nationally 1902 Founded Locally 1925 Founded at Miami University Active Chapters 61 Inactive Chapters 3 Alumni Chapters 52 Membership 10,283 Main Social Events Christmas Formal Spring Formal Initiation Dance SENIOR Austin, Mary Elizabeth Elworthy, Elizabeth Puifer. Lois Ryan. Mitzi Marie Dooley, Helen Adams Walter. Betty Ward, Nadine Warren, Betty Trent, Mary JUNIOR Bobb, Bonilaie Sampsell, Margaret Sperry, Irma Dell Tillman, Vera (P) SOPHOMORE Freericks, Bemice Hagen, Barbara Hall, Jacqueline (P) Kaumijian, Rose Miller, Eleanor O ' Neill, Nancy Wharton, Eleanor FRESHMAN Axe, Eleanor (P) Benstein. Genevieve (P) DeVita. Brislin (P) Cole. AUce (P) Constance. Peggy (P) Gasper. Betty Ann (P) Packer. Peggy Jean (P) f j A B 1 1 1 f a ■ • n i d f 1 " 363 P H R H T [ R [ S ' - 1» " @ D p f) f I i " " ni ctteped L i ounci i GRADUATE Van Hassell, Martha SENIOR Beattie. Betty lean Bishop, Virginia Crawford, Betty Elliott, June Talmadge, Melba Wright, Frances Chilstrom, Marjorie Zegar, Ester SOPHOMORE Dobbs, Elizabeth Kaplan, Norma LeRoy, Renee FRESHMAN MacMurray, Virginia Mlddlemiss, Marjorle (PRESIDENT) Date Founded 1929 Composed of the president of Philia, the dormitory presidents, and various other representa- tives, who keep Phrateres in smooth running order. 366 I hllld tkt £-. ' » SENIOR ChUstrom, Maiiorie Elet, Harriet Fack, Betty Lobastoff, Olga Anderson, Elizabeth JUNIOR McAvoy, Mickey Moritz, Evamaria Reinhart, Aileen Wohlgemut, Barbara SOPHOMORE Carlisle. Sally Dieterle, Tillie Edwards, Jo Louise Kennitzer, Betty Nerdling, Lillis Partridge, Carrie Stone, Loma Strifling, Lennee Wiles, Wanda Williams, Charlotte FRESHMAN Doran, Judith Kingsley, Betty Partridge, Alice Reinhart, Aileen (PRESIDENT) Date Founded 1929 Founded at U.C.L.A, Membership 53 Alumni Groups Main Social Events Initiation Many affairs open to sorority girls and non-affiliates alike, who are interested in bringing about a greater spirit of friendliness on campus. 367 Ec cinniciiev IdL J citt JUNIOR Davidson, Harriet Scratt, Vera White, Phyllis FRESHMAN Caldwell, Bonnie Hangst, Marjorie Nepom, Ruth Penland, Eileen Rashen, Lenore Record, Joyce Wright, Frances (PRESIDENT) Date Founded 1929 Founded at U.C.L.A. Membership 30 Alumni Groups Nickname Bannister Bee ' s Main Social Events House Parties Winter Formal Spring Formal 368 2) oualad J CLtl Thurston, Madge (PRESIDENT) Founded 1929 Membership 43 Alumni Groups Main Social Events Fall Open House Winter Formal Spring Formal Skating Parties SENIOR Crawlord, Betty JUNIOR Dennison, Betty Mae Johnson, Claudine SOPHOMORE Gunther, Winilred Kelly, Sylvia Lyon, Lucille FRESHMAN Blume, Pal Gross, Phyllis Jaszkienvics, Mary Osba, Thelma Purdy, Phyllis Schwartz, Myra Silts, Pal Strugo, Rose Thamann, Rulh 369 J liacird JwcLtl 9 Podoll, Patricia (PRESIDENT) SENIOR Eiler, Dorothea JUNIOR Lee, Genevieve Wilten. Aline SOPHOMORE Barnard, Barbara Gill, Myrtis Kaplan, Norma FRESHMAN Mitchell, Ann Balkins, Marion Cristiani, Mary Rice, Floydene Solnit, June Founded 1932 Members 36 Alumni Groups Main Social Events Winter Formal Date Dinners Spring Formal 370 l Uindlow i rind y B i d . Matson, Margaret (PRESIDENT) SENIOR Bishcp, Virginia Hronis, Vashke JUNIOR Golay. Dora Grant, Louise Massey, Florence Sims, locelyn Steele, Charlene Tetrick, Given Zimmer, Ailene SOPHOMORE Partridge, Carrie Ricketts, Patricia Shanks, Frances FRESHMAN Jasen, Lorna Kitzes, Betsy Mann, Maxine Partridge, Alice Seminario, Isabel Smith, Harriet Founded 1929 Membership 20 Alumni Groups Main Social Events Phrateres Affairs Winter Formal 371 J4ersL f Zegar, Esther (PRESIDENT) GRADUATE Van Hassel, Martha SENIOR Bauer, Jane Beattie, Betty McLain, Barbaar Poulson, Patricia Ridgley, Frances Shade, Lillian Shade, Louise Sutton, Marcella Wilhelm, Mary Zarrage, Lupe JUNIOR Arnold, Mary Bedell, Jane Bennett, Aileen Butler, Doris Gather, Ella Coil, Angela Crouce, Gloria Davies, Ardis Eklund, Jane Eppler, Jacqueline Ferina, Bessie Gillette. Billie Halverson, Barbara Harris, Joy Harrison, Ruth Hedrick, Dorothy Herod, Varina Hickok, Virginia Hordes, Phyllis Macke, Christine Mundy, Grayce Pape, Janice Partch, Janet Payden, Delia Founded 1 929 Membership 105 Main Social Events Open House Spring and Winter Formals Phrateres Teas The only University owned dormitory, and boasts many campus celebrities. 372 J Clit ' % f Scofield. Sara White, Mary Zegar. June SOPHOMORE Brooks, Mary Coker, Barbara Cooper, Lois Deck, Irene Donnelly, Ellen Green, Jeanne Griset, Florence Kelly, Margaret Knadler, Margaret Kumpi, Viveen Laws, Westlen LeRoy, Renee Lubic, Carol Philip, Barbara Pullman, Ella Rudnick, Elynor Hunter, Nadyne Jackson, Marilyn La ' wson, Mary MacMurray, Virginia McDonald, Jean Meyer, Marian Porter, Patricia Sclater, Barbara Waymire, Jacquot Spaulding, Loma Stanton, Mary Stoakes, Elizabeth Thome, Evelyn FRESHMAN Bauers, Donna Baldwin, Luella Culbert, Betty Edgcomb, Jane Gaspar, Eloise Girven, Gloria 3173 l Uedtwooci J all Benkesser, Gretchen (PRESIDENT) SENIOR Albright, Merle Bennett, Mary Berberet, Leia Durgin, Jane Guthrie, Florence Kramer, Virginia Stephens, Barbara JUNIOR Anderson, Elizabeth Christie. Grace Courteney, Yvonne Flaig, Doris Hitchcock, Marjorie Jones, Muriel Jones, Juriel Kitto, Patricia Parker, Judith Paulson, Morrisa Redden, Jacqueline SOPHOMORE Birdiwell, Pauline Curtis, Aherne Hardison, Frances McPhee, Pat Roth, Mary Tocmey, Marjorie FRESHMAN Fisk, Ruth Hewitt, Pat Maxwell, Jean Myer, Margaret Parrish, Betty f v Date Founded 1931 Membership 1 00 Alumni Groups Main Social Events Open House Winter Formal Date Dances 374 fKudu J cilt u Talmadge. Melba (PRESIDENT) A f f GRADUATE Filer, Helen SENIOR Ablutx, Marjorie Bradford, Helen Brofiett, Betty Cooper, Elsie Cropsey, Betty Elliot. June Fruehling. Betty Hill, Valerie Hutchinson, Doyelta Jenner, Lois Mahony, Evelyn Nicholaus, Anita Sarson, Frances Walker. Nan Youngerman, Helen JUNIOR Bamum, June Barrett, Barbara Baumback, Elaine Clark, Jean Lobb, Norma Riley, Teddy Sprague. Ada Evans, Elinor KappI, Barbara Myers, Mary Stevenson, Alice Tillman, Margaret Tracy, Constance Tripp, Mary Punlenney, Wilda Founded 1930 Membership 68 Alumni Nickname Rudy Main Social Events Exchange Dinners Spring and Winter Formals Date Dances 375 fl P LLO GOD OF YOUTH ROBIN LYFORD f .: ■J : : s m % ' ■ f " riai itji rt ' ' :- uflinniTY EH Designated as the man who: won the Housing Campaign, i Dr. Earl J. Miller, has to his: credit seventeen years as: Dean of Undergraduates. Dean Miller is the " go-be- tween " for the Administration and the Associated Students. He has a seat on the Board of Control and the Student Council, handles his position with a winning smile. A.M.S. Board 378 ASocluted Wen ' , students ' . v: o ■ " - 379 - - ■ ' - Sm -- J ' ' ;sjw 1 ' j M ■ W m v ' liis—. ,i i ' Quarterback of the Phipsi political team Tubby Sim ons took over the athletic post vacated by Teddy Forbes and incidentally handled Men ' s week. The man of boystown worked hand in glove with Penny Williams who confused the issue by involving himself in Greek-week, the A.S.U.C. Open House, the Thela Delta Chi Barn Dance and Hilgard voters in general and several in particular. This is Men ' s Week. It is held once a year for THE MEN. Originally scheduled one week previous to Elections and Southern Campus deadlines the festivities were postponed due to the pressure of politics. On this page we find a few of THE MEN who consented to " fill in " for art ' s sake. Cogs in the inner wheel of Kerckhoff, most of them camera-conscious, they nevertheless consented to help out in lending the book a little of the atmosphere of Men ' s Week. Penny Williams, chairman of Men ' s week, may be found on page 388. Crewsader Hanford Files — mouthpiece of an off-campus throw-away — worked too close to KH to really appreciate the squeaks in the machinery. Duddled in the political ring but failed to increase sales — bringing on an Alpha Chi boy- coll. Jerry " the Ad boy " McClellan lingered after his cohort Ernie had been reUeved due to the pressure of studies of his extra-curricular activities. Peanuts finally found himself . . . er . ah . . . the seniors finally found Peanuts in Ernie ' s office. Jim Rose, Rep at large — was forced to eat his campaign speeches, again, and again, and again. His slogan — " liberty, equality, and fraternity. " We ' re kidding of course. It says here. Inconsistently anti-Alshuler. mm Here we see Bob " non- partisan " Barsky telling Bill fiji Farrer how to iill in the gaps left in Kerckhoff by the pass- ing of the Phipsi regime. Brother Barsky was taken in by the Cal PKpsi clan in August and was an understand- ing sympathizer from Sept. on. From then out, it was easier to under- stand Presidential ap pointments, even Steven Q. Finkberg. With Far- rer it was in spite of rather than because of the Bruin. Larry Erickson, one of our rather inconspicuous yet forceful " golden-haired Bruins " occasionally chatted with our deah! Prexy Alshuler. Mr. Erickson, an authority on many things, is said to possess a secret formula which guards against poison oak. Erickson, one of the silent seniors, became weaker after exposure to " Women ' s Week " , Greek Week, and Men ' s Week. We understand that senior week will be nothing but week. Unguote. Howell McDaniel, Cadet Colonel during Cadet Colonel Bob Alshuler took over the fall semester, found his duties difficult McDaniel ' s duties in the spring semester but very capably handled the position, and proved to be a successful Army leader. The purpose of the Univer- sity ' s military training is to produce better citizenship through sound character de- velopment under the Consti- tution of the United States. Courses in Army and Naval training are prescribed by the War Department. The govern- ment furnishes equipment, arms, and uniforms for the students thus trained. The pri- mary object of establishing a unit of the Reserve Officers ' Training Corps is to qualify students for appointment in the United States ' armed ranks. Upon graduation, these students are eligible for ap- pointment by the President of the United States as Officers in our Naval and Military forces. The cream of American youth is seen here in battalion front formation exemplifying perfect coordination, promoted by excellent training. miLITHRY Shown here are the competent Naval Officers respon sible for the training of our U.C.L.A. men. Reading from left to right: Newly appointed Lieut. Comm Marsh, Lieut. Comm. Warren. Lieut. Comm. Weeks Captain Barker, newly appointed Commander Chad wick, and Lieutenant Commander Levin. ? r» " . Naval R.O.T.C. Officers shown here are Lieut. Walker. Lieut. Teets, Lieut. Comm. McFarland. Ensign Piney. and C.P.O. Pump. i» ' " cr 384 niEn ' s p. E. Like knights of old (with a few variations) these Fencing Class members precariously battle it out. i FRHnRfl T ES m ' - ' -iim lt_2 -Z " f - - . ■ ' ' " ■ ' i _ -• mM ' «.r TTW fc. - V. ' !|4l n ' yj r - J, k ternit n lei ' ffuiepni Imported from Berkeley as chief aide-de-camp to the Dean ol Undergraduates at U.C.L.A. and fraternity advisory. Assist- ant Dean Clyde Johnson has won friends and influenced people on this campus ever since his installation in the Spring of 1939. New duties fell to the lot of able, accessible Johnson when, in September, 1940, he took the job of organizing and directing the affairs of the Fraternity Alumni Advisory program, then an experiment here and never be- fore been tried elsewhere, but which functions smoothly under his administration. President It is the job of Spencer Williams, Theta Delta Chi, as presi- dent ol the Inlerlraternily Council, to see that the Iraternities support University functions and cooperate as well in the Council ' s own balls, open houses, and intra-mural games. And this year found the Council for the first time having lo make decisions pertinent to National Defense, such as outlining a " latch key is out " policy for the brothers in uniform and a liscal program based on duration economy. J n terfrci ternlL f kMJ. Ira Smith ATO John Suddulh ATO Howard Culver B0n George Edwards " Jack Swansiedt X JohnHutsler AKE William Ramsdell A Mathew Mahana ' TA John Teets Don MacPherson KA Gene Palm K Paul Algerl AXA Howard Fitzpalrick ' iQ Bob Kern rA Jack Simons ' Warren Hosller K I Arnold Ardin " A Jim Stevens 2;aE Henry Scott 5: AM George Thorson ' Noah Curti Gerald Sills TA William Johnson © ' Spencer William;; Q Douglas Haig 9- Bob Green ZBT George Buriiston ZV In response to General George C. Marshall ' s projected two-point program, U.C.L.A. ' s interfratemity agencies have cooperated in first — (the academic service) — that of sustaining the morale of students " who are relaxing their educational efforts in the expectation of being drafted; " and second — the more social obligation conferred by the War Department) — that of providing " whole- some entertainment for men on leave. " In both fields, we may report, local fraternity men have labored, are now able to boast a scholastic record exceeding that of the all-men ' s average, and to show thank-you-for-your-generous-hospitality letters from a Lieut. Commander of the Navy, a Major of the Marine Corps, a Captain of the Army. Authorized by the Council, all U.C.L.A. chapters signed the invitations to the " brothers in uniform " which have appeared in camp bulletins of most of Southern California ' s military stations. ... Of more domestic significance, fraternities " accelerated " by adopting a three semester program, and economized by cutting social expenses through Council action. House managers struggled to keep house bills down, had an added responsibility in militating the brothers for community air-raid protection efforts. . . . Now on the active service roll since the declaration of war, are the 115 U.C.L.A. men who entered the Army, the 40 in the Army Air Corps, the 27 i n the Navy, and the 21 enrolled in the remaining military branches. 389 wnci Jciu yJh T il meaa Sudduth, John (PRESIDENT) SENIOR Ewonus, William Kirby, Harry Luder, Joe Woolcoti, Robert JUNIOR Hayward, Richard Peters, Theo Sandhoff. Robert FRESHMAN Davies, Thomas Fishering, Richard Harder, Richard Schaaf, AI Founded Nationally 1865 Founded Locally 1926 Founded at Richmond, Virginia Active Chapters 97 Inactive Chapters 26 Alumni Chapters 91 Nickname A.T.O. Main Social Events Spring Formal Foothill Formal Paddle Dance 390 i ki f ' ki f. P SENIOR Blunden, Gordon Ceccarini, Raymond Kelly, Joseph Laurence, Robert Wiley, Robert JUNIOR Astin, James Schwarze, Ralph Wolrinq, William SOPHOMORE Chapell, Jack (P) Deardorf, William Erikson, Fred (P) Foster, Winston Hails, Raymond (P) Mastoris, lames Todd, Ted FRESHMAN Berg, George (P) Elliot, Jack (P) Murray, Donal Edwards, George (PRESIDENT) Founded Nationally 1824 Founded Locally 1931 Founded at Princeton Active Chapters 35 Inactive Chapters 22 Membership 14,550 Main Social Events Spring Formal Open House 391 yrlirpha Luc ipna K ctmmct Q meacL Smith, Ira (PRESIDENT) GRADUATE Cassairt, Joseph SENIOR Anderson, Lloyd Boyd, Leonard Cox, Paul Orr, Robert Schmitt, Kenneth JUNIOR Boyd, Kenneth Gales. Robert Gryde, Kermil Lantz, William Sundberg, Arthur SOPHOMORE Danielson, Milton Perry, Mode f ' r . ' kJ g 3 p " Founded Locally 1927 Founded at U.C.L.A. Nickname A.G.O. 392 Jhetci l i JLL SENIOR Elmer. Carlos McKee. William Shilling. Jack Smith. George Yost. Bob JUNIOR Bishop, George Campbell, Howard Houk. George Knighton, Otis (P) McBirney, Bruce (P) Newman. William Rex, Richard Starkey. Bob Wallace. Ralph Walsworth, Duane SOPHOMORE Baker. Phil Hooghwinkel. Fred Olmstead. William Payne, Robert Settle, William Schwartz. Elman Vellet, Tony William. Hal FRESHMAN Pitman. Jack (P) Slyfield, Richard (P) Haig. Douglas (PRESIDENT) Founded Nationally 1 864 Founded Locally 1928 Founded at Rensselaer Poly Active Chapters 36 Inactive Chapters 2 Alumni Chapters 38 Membership 11,127 Main Social Events Spring and Fall Formals Post Mortem Open House W } .J " ■K - F V|- A m A K R ' , _ _ — " — 4 ■ %j,m- Vi HH . " ' B Wm w s fl luna i T 9 met PL Anderson. William (PRESIDENT) SENIOR Carsola, Al Knoll. William Rosemont. Nelson Tally, Robert JUNIOR Bodger. Howrard Good, Roscoe Kincheloe, B o v La rence, William (P) Neiwman, Homer Tyler, Edward Wilcox, Robert (P) SOPHOMORE Hart, William (P) Jones, Robert Newcomb, Norman PuUen, Edward FRESHMAN Arnold, Toni Day, Robert (P) Finlayson, Don (P) Pamo, Robert (P) Woehr, Robert (P) Woods, Floyd (P) IM. o p o Founded Nationally 1845 Founded Locally 1926 Founded at Yale University Active Chapters 31 Inactive Chapters 4 Alumni Chapters 27 Nickname Alpha Sigs Main Social Events Beachcomber Benefit Dance Christmas Formal 394 I i oLcimbcia f- hl Rudin, Arnold (PRESIDENT) JUNIOR Fishman, Alex Gam, Daniel Lehman, Robert Levin, Lester Pessin, Hal Socket!, Charles SOPHOMORE Bowdan, Stewart Friedman, Norman Schonbach, Morris FRESHMAN Bereny, Sheldon Friedman, Gil (P) Gcldman, Irvin (P) Herbsman. Burton Leventhal, Hal (P) Reisman, Del Rosenleld, Jack Howe, Hal (P) Shapiro, Dan Slyrt, Bob Wooli, Herb Wilson, Howard (P) 395 eici Jheta SENIOR Baggot. Thomas Shores, Charles Smyth, Edward Soriero, Thomas Switzer, Walter JUNIOR Daily, Richard Echternach, John Hoene, Robert Hughes, Arthur Johnson, Charles Lut2, Charles Smoot, Peter Thomas, Robert Vail, Alexander SOPHOMORE Brown, Malcolm Jacox, Elbert Kuhl, John Rodman, Robert Taylor, James Willardson, Max Woodcock, Charles FRESHMAN Boyle, Clarence Clark, Quentin Fahy, Bryon King, Dwight Kuhl, Walter McCreery, Howard Sellery, Austin Sellery, Bruce Smith, Don Culver, Howard (PRESIDENT) L . 1 MEK ynypuiM ppBi- Founded Nationally 1839 Founded Locally 1926 Founded at Miami University Active Chapters 91 Inactive Chapters 22 Alumni Chapters 40 Membership 46,753 Nickname Betas Main Social Events Tahitian Dance Miami Triad Cowboy-Indian Dance 396 JC ipp ClDDCt Si 9 ma McClellan, Jerry (PRESIDENT) SENIOR Adams, Merrill Cline. lack Collins, Larry Field, Dudley Hurd, Harry Moore, Stacy Palms, Gene Vandergrif, Roger JUNIOR Baber, Ray Bond, Dick Ewing, Porter Hardwick, Russell Kratz, Chester La Vene, Norval Meday. Harry (P) Nixon, Fred Nixon, Tom Paine, Ned Randall, Bob Samuelson, Eric Trehey, Dan (P) Vento, Jim SOPHOMORE Gernd, Clark (P) Drew, Bob Farmer, Bob Van Doom, Bill FRESHMAN Alig, Elden Chilcoate. Ed (P) Lippincott, Daryl ' Noble, Joe (P) Privelt, Willis Swift, John Founded Nationally 1869 Founded Locally 1926 Founded at U. of Virginia Active Chapters 110 Inactive Chapters 24 Alumni Chapters 105 Membership 44,200 Nickname Kappa Sigs Main Social Events Annual Sweetheart Dance Wild West Party Spring Formal 397 fsDelta ( hl Swanfeldt. Jack (PRESIDENT) SENIOR Bush, George Campen, Palmer Miller, Leon Nygren, Harold Tevis, Lloyd JUNIOR Lilienthal, William Umland, Don Van Horn, Howard SOPHOMORE Audet. Herbert Caspary, Taylor FRESHMAN Herlihy, Richard Metcalf, George Monk. Maynard (P) ' i tffei i Founded Nationally 1890 Founded Locally 1934 Founded at Cornell University i Active Chapters 35 ' Inactive Chapters 11 | Alumni Chapters 13 ' Membership 12,620 Main Social Events Christmas Formal . Spring Formal Informal House Dance 398 eta f ' sl SENIOR Brett. Doran JUNIOR Arthur. Robert Bardeen. Knox Brandt. Bill Evans. Herb McCrary. Shannon Richardson. Mike Smith, Vic SOPHOMORE Buckley. Frank Cleland. Marshall Doell. Dick (P) Gilchrist, John Glidden, Miles Phillips. George (P) Seller. Jack FRESHMAN Hardy. Dave (P) Lotspeich, John (P) Burriston, George (PRESIDENT) Founded Nationally 1847 Founded Locally 1924 Founded at New York University Active Chapters 29 Inactive Chapters 11 Alumni Chapters 25 Membership 11,914 Nickname Zetes Main Social Events Frontier Party Four-Way Social 398 GRADUATE Dlouchy, Hart SENIOR Anderson, Phil Blight, Art Cochran, Keith Johnston, Clary Polk, Lynn Severson, John Thomas, Bill Wynns, Jack JUNIORS Alberts, Bill Bro vn, Bill Cocking, Don Frerman, Hugh Gabriel, Ralph Henson, Paul Johnson, Bob Jordon, Jim Lee, Dan Mutz, Harold Spearman, Frank Wall, Don SOPHOMORE Beck, Don Bro vn, Dave Ballantyne, Romney Gardner, Jim Hanson, Jim Jacobsen, Dave Larson, Dick McLucas, Chuck (P) Shirreffs, Jim Swain, Bill (P) Sidney, Ray Strand, Bob (P) Tremaine, Dick Tumbleson, Ray (P) Waldo, Russ Walker, Bill FRESHMAN Arthurs, Bob (P) Catlin, George (P) Daniel, Jim (P) Dowling, Bob (P) Guillon, Bob (P) Hoyt, Jim (P) Morgen, Floyd (P) Nutt, Charles Roosen, George {P) Storm, Dick (P) Thorsen, Bill (P) cdJelta S i 9 ma Pki Ramsdell, Bill (PRESIDENT) Founded Nationally 1899 Founded Locally 1927 Founded at New York City College Active Chapters 43 Inactive Chapters 15 Alumni Chapters 19 Membership 11 ,225 Nickname Delta Sigs Main Social Events Carnation Ball Sailor ' s Ball Catalina Boat Trip 400 etu etci au SJ SmMAL . JLLSLkS: . P C- € Green. Bob (PRESIDENT) SENIOR Kallm, Marane Metzenbaum, Bates Oslrofsky, Jacob Rosenberg, Jack JUNIOR Broman, Bayard Fahn, Leo Friedman, Ordan Hyman, Alfred Kates, Harvey Levin, Eugene Levitt, Lister Mack, Jerome Saltzman, Marvin Snyder, Harold Weil, Robert SOPHOMORE Clayman, Owen Davidson, Milton Epstein, George Feldman, Robert Frederick, Robert Kroweck, Leonard Landscn, Harold Mayers, Arthur Paul, Charles Phillips, Alvin Rosensteil, Ed Safan, Eugene Stenders, Edward Schwab, Dave Schwartz, Joe Slobodien, Myron Tom, Milton (P) Udell, Larry Willner, William Wolf, Frank FRESHMAN Ades, Larry Aiches, Myron (P) Auerbach, Norbert Bennett, Bernard Blumberg, Lewis (P) Cohen, Milton Cooper, Leon Copeland, Robert Gottlieb, Stanley (P) Heller, Henry (P) Hirsbfield, Lester Hoffman, Norman (P) Kloskin, George Mayersohn, Richard Simon, Monte Stroz, Walter Walters, Stanley (P) Weinshenker, Ray Founded Nationally 1898 Founded Locally 1927 Founded at City College of N. Y. Active Chapters 31 Inactive Chapters 11 Alumni Chapters 41 Membership 6,978 Nickname Zebes Main Social Events Pledge Formal Spring Formal All Day Picnic a_ " 1 Jial EflH fl —k 401 esDeltu 0 CtlODCl ipp C psllon Hotsler. lohn (PRESIDENT) SENIOR Breen, Edward Gair, Edward Hodge. William McCulloch, Howard JUNIOR Cameron, Alexander Gossettz, Douglas Luidlaw, Douglas Ralphs. Albert SOPHOMORE Banta, Edwin Copes, Waiiam (P) Dosta, Kay Evans, James Isaacs, James Warren, Herbert FRESHMAN Gibson, Robert (P) Lawrence, Paul Mitchell, James Stephens. Jack (P) ((flXiii, . i tgm . s " ' ' v ii ' i .(i Founded Nationally 1844 Founded Locally 1932 Founded at Yale University Active Chapters 47 Inactive Chapters 11 Alumni Chapters 82 Membership 20,000 Nickname Dekes Main Social Events Four-Way Formal Deke Ball Deke Open House 402 • 9 mcL ML Wu T SENIOR Cogen, Leo Roman, Lawrence JUNIOR Broslaif. Daniel Brown. Howard Goodman, Leonard Gruberman. lack Levine. William LozanoT, Nathan Niesevilch, RobeH SOPHOMORES Brown. Norton Creamer. Robert Kelman. Orville PoUnger. George Strumwasser, Paul FRESHMAN GUckman. Arvin Lizer. Alberl Ratner. Lawrence (P) Rosenthal, Perome (P) Scott, Henry (PRESIDENT) Founded Nationally 1909 Founded Locally 1926 Founded at City College of N. Y. Active Chapters 35 Inactive Chapters 12 Alumni Chapters 40 Membership 5,250 Main Social Events Spring Formal Fall Formal Hawaiian Dance 403 oDelta Jciu csLJeltu GRADUATE Douglas. Bob SENIOR Amodeo, Gerard Griesedieck. Alvin Hardin, Bill Harris, Dick McKenzie, Stu JUNIOR Anderson, Doug Duddleson, Bill Hamilton, Bill Horton, Dick HewEon, Gordon House, Jim Hulchins, Phil Kittrelle, Dick Sorver. Ed. Young, Jack SOPHOMORE Ames. Tom (P) Baddeley, Jack Cable, Herb Cambon, George Griswald, Bob Harris, Allen (P) Haycox, Allyn Montgomery, Fred Morton, Warren McLaughlin, Charles Rich, Paul Stone, Doug Tinch, Clark Williams. Roger FRESHMAN Bevier. Bob (P) Duddleson. Tom Gross. John Henderson. George (P) Hilker. Fred (P) Hutchinson. Charles (P) Maguire. Wall (P) Miller. Hank (P) a. e o tLSJLlL Reber. Bob (P) Somerindvke, Bob (P) Wilcox. Bob (P) Manana. Matthew (PRESIDENT) Founded Nationally 1859 Founded Locally 1927 Founded at Bethany College Active Chapters 75 Inactive Chapters 24 Alumni Chapters 73 Membership 33,750 Nickname Delts Main Social Events Four-Way Formal Delt-D.G. Ball Pledge Formal 404 I ki cfDettci Jhetci ' U.LLSSJL %J3Jk$JL% Fitzpatrick, Howard (PRESIDENT) SENIOR Fellows, Dan Godirey, William Gregg. Landon Hake, Ray Potter, Hobart JUNIOR Daggett, Redmon Geis. Henry (P) Geyer, Hugh Hagerman, Dave Harvey, Phil James, William Pratt, William Robotham, George Smalley, Del Tusler, Ted SOPHOMORE Bledsoe, Stewart Cooke, Dave Colyer, John (P) Harker, Dick Owen, Theron Shettler, Paul (P) FRESHMAN Anderson, John (P) Bailey. Robert (P) Burns, Thomas (P) Cozens, Jim (P) Culver, Bud (P) Gregerson, Dick Hillman. Pete Kinsey, Doug (P) McCormick, Bill McNair. Pete Perkins, Berl Randall, Bill (P) Teble, Bruce (P) Tomlinson, Howard Turman, Jim (P) Western. George Founded Nationally 1848 Founded Locally 1924 Founded at Miami University Active Chapters 106 Inactive Chapters 20 Alumni Chapters 57 Membership 51 ,476 Nickname Phi Delts Main Social Events Four-Way Formal Miami Triad Hogwallow 405 JC auua ipp liaha r GRADUATE Horn, Andrews Miller, Scott Murdock, Richard Padgett, Norman SENIOR Pederson, Frank Trinkkeller, Paul JUNIOR Browrn, Donovan Galceran, Ray Hodges, Robert Rass, John Trotten, Harold SOPHOMORE De Vries, Bert Reddell, Orin Schutz, Thomas FRESHMAN Hadley, John Jordan, William Viault, Ted (P) f| McPherson, Don (PRESIDENT) Founded Nationally 1865 Founded Locally 1931 Founded at Washington College Active Chapters 67 Inactive Chapters 13 Alumni Chapters 58 Nickname K.A. ' s Membership 29,343 Main Social Events Convivium Dixie Ball Christmas Party 406 cJ ambda L hl .Arwka p SENIOR Kiahlorsl. Fred Richmond. John Whittle. Richaid JUNIOR Antablin. Vaughn (P) Cox, Jerry Dollar. MelTille (P) Dettmar, Wilbur (P) Kay, Nicholas (P) Olinghouse, Malcolm (P) Price Kenneth Riley, Clayton Stabawich, Nicholas (P) Stewart, Harry (P) SOPHOMORE Fischer, Arthur FRESHMAN riewellinq. Willace (P) Harvey. Glenn (P) Ossoling, Ray (P) Shinn, CUiirod (F) Algert, Paul (PRESIDENT) Founded Nationally 1909 Founded Locally 1930 Founded at Boston University Active Chapters 106 Inactive Chapters 20 Alumni Chapters 84 Membership 28,847 Nickname Lambda Chi ' s Main Social Events Spring Formal Pledge Dance Founder ' s Day Banc uet 407 PL JC CLDDCt ipp P.l Simons. Ja ck (PRESIDENT) SENIOR Alshuler, Bob Craft, Gardiner Howard, Jack Hummes, Rudy McRosky, Jack Melnyk, Sieve Packer, Tom Sims, Paul Tanner, Bill Thornton, Hurd JUNIOR Donnelly, Fred (P) Edmiston, Malcolm Foster, Bud Guy. Ray Hallberg, George Janeway. Bill Marti. Werner Miles, Herbert Negley. Harrison Penton, Standish Street, Joe Sullivan. Phil Van Dissen. Jim Woodard. Dick SOPHOMORE Baldwin. Bud Bard will. Dick McBride. Dave Martyr. Lee Nordeen. John O ' Brien. Bill Tarbell, Jim Wagner, Jack FRESHMAN Blanpied, Lloyd Colver, Wayne (P) Dickinson. Harry (P) Dorrance, Pete (P) Harding, Bob (P) Miller. Bob (P) Peetz. John 9 p ? r Sk k M S.fMJ ii J) p- ft P P ' Q P Sandison, Don Seick, Bruce (P) Sluyler. Bob (P) Sorcnson, Bill (P) Stimmel, Bill (P) Founded Nationally 1 852 Founded Locally 1931 Founded at Washington and Jefferson Active Chapters 51 Inactive Chapters 23 Alumni Chapters 40 Membership 28,575 Nickname Phi Psi Main Social Events Presentation of Pledges Duo Dance Benefit Dance 408 Plu JC ClDDCl w Si f ma Hostler, Warren (PRESIDENT) Robertson. Bill (P) Rowley, Verb Scarlett. Dan Shanks, Wesley (P) Smith. Gene SENIOR Bird, Byron Bryant, Jack Files. Hanford High. lames McKnight. Tom Plumb, Hugh Walker. Carl Wolven. Paul JUNIOR Daivis, Dave Doupe. Roy Dunn. Max Greathead. Ed Greenlees. Bob Hutchinson. Edward McPhee. Jim Nelson. Bruce Vance. Glen SOPHOMORE Axline. Joe (P) Brass. Don (P) Buffum. Sy BuUen. Howard Caldecott. John Collins. George Ewing. Dave Gerth. Marshall Hohmann. Bob Joseph. John Maggard. Ray Masser. Harry Packer. Mickey Shedd. Milt Sitts. Emory (P) Sproul. Don Turbeville. Thomas FRESHMAN Asher. Jell (P) Boreham, Roland (P) Fox. Don Hanlon, Pete Knudsen. Robert (P) Riddick. Marshall Founded Nationally 1850 Founded Locally 1925 Founded at Pennsylvania Active Chapters 39 Inactive Chapters 17 Alumni Chapters 22 Membership 13,986 Nickname Phi Kaps Main Social Events Hawaiian Party Skull and Bones Party 409 SENIOR Hokom. lim Kern. Hal Kilbourne, Kenneth Mitchell, Bill Ranney. Walt Sur, Urban Webber. Frank Wolter. Emmetl JUNIOR Angeles. Nick Cavanaugh, Steve Farrar. Bill Nicholson. Norman (P) Tood, Garry Webber. Art SOPHOMORE Anawalt, Richard Booth. Richard Cain, William Fornacian, Will Harper. Henry Hurford. Dave Johnson. Iver LeBel. Lionel Pederson. Mac Shepperd. Ben Sprigg. Ray (P) Sprigg. Rod (P) Stowe. David (P) Strock. lohn Woodard, Charles Young, Richard Kilbourne. Paul (P) FRESHMAN Bagley, Bruce (P) Bryan, Howard (P) Chidlaw. At Lee (P) Davis. Alvin Dodson. Warren Killen, Richard Nichols. Kenneth (P) Rogers. Richard (P) Tucker. James (P) Twomey. Robert Walker. William Pk Q amma oDeitct Kern. Bob (PRESIDENT) Q ape© M- mil. t - Founded Nationally 1848 Founded Locally 1931 Founded at Jefferson College Active Chapters 73 Inactive Chapters 23 Alumni Chapters Ill Membership 38,422 Nickname Fiji ' s Main Social Events Kappa-Fiji Dance 410 • 9 met wkct C udilon T ' pAi SENIOR Appleqate, Rodger Blakely. BiU lanell. Al Koenig, Ned L ' Heureux. Harry Marshall. Bob Newcomb. Bob Norton. Byron Poore. Burt Rinehart. Mahlon Sinclair, Kirk Slover. Archy West. Duke WUson. BiU niNIOR Albers. Barend Butchold. Elrin Christensen. Dick Dennis. Harold I. Hampton. Ralph Lovell. lack McRoberts, Jim Oxford. Bruce Porter. Mervin Smith. Frank Smith. Ted Swacina. lack SOPHOMORE Baldwin. Burr Bushnell. George Dennis. lack Harrison, Morris Kales, Brendon May, Chuck Oxlord. Rex Rowland. Ed Wagner, Harry FRESHMAN Bejack, Benton Digges, Bob Foorman, Dick Gibson, Jolin (P) Greenfield. Bill Hughes, Phil Rosemont. Kent Storke, Bill (P) Walt, Joe Stevens. Jim (PRESIDENT) Founded Nationally 1856 Founded Locally 1929 Founded at U. of Alabama Active Chapters 114 Inactive Chapters 20 Alumni Chapters 105 Membership 52,419 Nickname S.A.E. ' s Main Social Events Masquerade Ball Catalina Trip Formal Dinner Dance 411 SENIOR Atwill, Adrian Brockie, Melvin (P) Christian, Bill Frame. Lester Hicks. Bob Meriwether. Dick Purcell. Stuart Swingley. Bill JUNIOR Arnold. Wallace (?) Byrne. Charley Davidson. Jack Frizell, William Heesler, Bill (P) Hutchinson, Wally Larson, George Lindgren, John Merryman, Bob Murray, Arnold (P) Perry, Bob (P) Patomac, Lewis Taylor, Bill SOPHOMORE Alana, Bob Dougherty, James Harding, William Mallicool, Robert (P) McCorkell, Gordon Moore, Jerome QuiUco, John (P) Solari, Al Stewart, Francis FRESHMAN Clark, Bob (P) Herman, Fred Hines, Bill (P) Mankin, Richard Merrill, Bill Pearce,Alden Powell, Kirke Short, Ralph (P) Thomas, William (P) • 9 ma flu Thorson, George (PRESIDENT) Founded Nationally 1868 Founded Locally 1930 Founded at Va. Military Institute Active Chapters 98 Inactive Chapters 14 Alumni Chapters 57 Membership 39,573 Main Social Events White Rose Party Fall Formal Spring Formal 412 p ketci csLJeltci i lxi Williams, Spencer (PRESIDENT) SENIOR Adams, Charles Anderson, Bill Carpenter, Bruce Cunningham, Emery Edmonston, Norman Ekloi, Theodore Jones, Walter Latham, William JUNIOR Adams, Charles Berger, William Dessosway, Edvrin Gillette. Bob Grass, Carl Martin, Fred Rudy, Carter SOPHOMORE Clover, Raymond Forten, Bill (P) Hiss, John Hjorth, George Hoffman, Jack Kelsey, Hal Smith, John W. FRESHMAN Berryhill, Jack Carter, Bob (P) Copeland, George (P) Gallagher, Kenneth (P) Ridgeway, Jack Siatos, Tom Snow, David Warden, Bob Founded Nationally 1847 Founded Locally 1929 Founded at Union College Active Chapters 28 Inactive Chapters 17 Alumni Chapters 25 Membership 14,356 Nickname Theta Delts Main Social Events Winter Formal Barn Dance Fall Theatre Party 413 • ma Curti, Noah (PRESIDENT) SENIOR Crickard, Jack Kruger. Carl JUNIOR Ham, Tom Siskinger. Charles Spielman, Art SOPHOMORE Cutbirth. Bill DeHaas. Dave (P) Dye, Eugene Gilstrap. Jack (P) lobe, Hal Keller, Howard Lincoln. Malcolm Metzger, George Meyer, Bill Nord, Bill Schaeffer, Art FRESHMAN Cain. Bill (P) Calkins, Jim (P) Cole, Don (P) Cook, Bob (P) Criley. Bradley (P) Dable, Clilf (P) Diehl, Lee Hammer. Dick Houghton. Fred (P) Kurkjian, Ted (P) Leppert, Dick Moore. Bob Osborne, Don Samuelson. Ed (P) Schapers, Claude (P) Selby. John sjj: i Founded Nationally 1897 Founded Locally 1923 Founded at Vincennes University Active Chapters 27 Inactive Chapters 9 Alumni Chapters 23 Membership 7,387 Main Social Events Pirate Dance Post Mortem Dance 414 Jhetci i ltl .inm ' - - ' i SENIOR Bohnell. loseph Heath. Emesl McDaniel. Howell Van DeWater. lames JUNIOR Beck. Warren Brodek. William Brown. Edward Callister, Talbot (P) Carey. Donald Gentry. Robert Hitchcock. lames (P) James. Kenneth (P) Katemdahl, Richard (P) Kinstad.Conrad Lane. Wallace McManus. Thomas Meagher. Jack Nelson. Arthur Schrouder. William Smith. Ed Shappell. Stan WUliams. Wesley SOPHOMORE AUyn. John Dery. George Mettler. Vernon MoUet, Willis Savage. William Simons. Leonard (P) Vantuburgen. George Wilter. WUUam West. Wilbur FRESHMAN Eachus. Robert Harrison. William (P) Scott. Douglas Simpson, Royce Vemer. John Johnson. William (PRESIDENT) Founded Nationally 1856 Founded Locally 1931 Founded at Norwich University Active Chapters 50 Inactive Chapters 4 Alumni Chapters 20 Membership 16,235 =— ' : S " .S». jjw| V vllvS l i: r .r 415 Jciu oDeltci I hi Sills, Jerry (PRESIDENT) SENIOR Llndenbaum, Gustave Lindenbaum, Seymour Marten, Fred Mazidow, John JUNIOR Geller. Stanley Hyman, Maurice Rosenberg, Marvin Shapiro, Chester SOPHOMORE Cowan, Arnold FRESHMAN Arkin, Lloyd Sklar, Bernie Tyre, Norman Founded Nationally 1910 Founded Locally 1928 Founded at City College of N. Y. Active Chapters 21 Inactive Chapters 5 Alumni Chapters 15 Membership 2,326 Nickname Tau Delts Main Social Events Winter Formal Spring Formal Draft Party 416 r Delta ly pMlon ' F ' Teels, Leland (PRESIDENT) JUNIOR Haney, William McGill. lack Poole, David M.L Stevenson, Robert (P) Twitchell, Herbert SOPHOMORE Lyons, Daniel Prindle, Elliott Wielels, Howrard FRESHMAN Feltham. Ian (P) Howes. Edvfard (P) Founded Nationally 1834 Founded Locally 1929 Founded at Williams College Active Chapters 61 Inactive Chapters 4 Alumni Chapters 19 Membership 29,834 Nickname D.U. ' s 417 1= U •m __-:=5- ' — 1 HERmES GOD OF COmmERCE ROBIN LYFORD , 1 1 t; V i V « " ■ ■ L ■■ul ' . ' ' ' B ' ' ■ ' ■ 8 H ' 1 H ■ «BT — - ■ j i i . ■i PpS -- H i Hfe Hl v d. B K 11 " ' ' ' ' " 1 Ik 1 j K. j k .■|w C E I! C E m " ■m ' t U ' I n D E X Name — Page No. A Abbot, Bernadette 263 Abluiz, Marjorie 48.245.375 Abrams, Nancy 354 A Cappella Choir 305 Ackerman, William 166. 274 Adams, Harris 346 Adams, Mary 354 Adams. Merrill 397 Ades. Larry 401 Administration 9 Alona, Bob 412 Alair, Helen 340 Albers, Barend 411 Alberts, Bill 400 Albright, Belly Ann 354 Albright, Merle 394 Alden, Velma 48. 338. 356 Alexander. Mary Jo 48. 346 Alford, Alice 264 Algert, Paul 22, 263. 407 Alggen, Lorinne 244 Aligi, Eldon 397 Allan, John Scott 48, 255 Allen, Bennell M 17 Allen, Edith Marie 48 Allen, Margaret 48, 331 Allen, Marie 359 Allen, Mary Grace 348 Allen, Robert Wilson 48 Allyn, John 415 Alpha Chi Alpha 217 Alpha Chi Delia 218 Alpha Chi Omega 340 Alpha Chi Sigma 219 Alpha Delia Pi 342 Alpha Delta Sigma 220 Alpha Epsilon Phi 344 Alpha Gamma Delta 341 Alpha Gamma Omega 392 Alpha Kappa Psi 221 Alpha Omicron Pi 348 Alpha Phi 346 Alpha Phi Omega 222 Alpha Sigma Alpha 223 Alpha Sigma Phi 394 Alpha Tau Omega 390 Alpha Xi Delta 343 Alshuler, Robert E. 48, 41, 227, 228 284. 259, 268, 269, 384, 408 Alston, Frances 353 Altman, Frederick 9, 48 Alumni Show and Banquet. ... 29 Ames. Tom D 404 Amicot, Mita 351 Amodeo, Gerord 404 Amster, Ruth 48 Anawalt, Richard 410 Anderson, Bill 394 Anderson, Billie 355 Anderson, Curliss 48 Anderson, Douglas 48, 404 Anderson, Elizabeth 367,394 Anderson, John 405 Anderson, Lloyd George 48, 227, 392 Anderson, Margaret 351 Anderson, Mary S 48 Anderson, Mildred 48. 356 Anderson. Pal 360 Anderson. Philip C. ... 48. 221. 400 Anderson, Ruth Jeannette 48 Andrews, Clara Mae 48 Andrews. Marlys J 48 Angeles. Nick 410 Ankcom, Eleanor J 48 Ansbeo. June 49 Ansley. Caralie Pamela 49. 341 Antoblin. Vaughn 407 Anton, Hector R 491, 229. 232 Applegate. Roger 49. 411 Archibald. Pat 228. 249. 253. 288. 333 Areme 224 Arela Alpha 216 Arkin, Lloyd 416 Aril, Marlowe 353 Arensmeyer, John W 49 Armstrong, Robert 49 Amis, Dorothy 224, 250 Arnold, Betty 359 Arnold, Mary 372 Arnold, Loni 394 Arnold. Wallace , 412 Armstrong. Robert 255 Around the Quad 104. 105 Arrowhead 112,113 Arthur, Gertrude 340,491 Arthur, Robert 399 Arthurs, Bob 400 Arts 297 Ashen, Don 152 Asher, lelf 4O9 Ashlord, Willa Gene 49 Ashima, Toshiko 350 Ashlon, Elizabeth . 262 Ashway, Jean 351 Asl, Herman 229 Aslin, James 399 Asuc Ollicials 274 Atchison, Mary 230, 256, 263 Athletics II5 Atwill, Adrian J 412 Aubert, Louise 49, 234 Name — Page No. Aubert, Rose 49,234 Audet, Herbert 398 Auerbach, Norbert 401 Austen, Martha 333 Austin, Jack 264 Austin, Mary Elizabeth 363 Auery, Margaret 354 Axe, Eleanor 363 Axline, Helen 352 Axline, Joe 409 Ayoub, Emily D 49, 231 Ayres, Doris Elizabeth 49 B Baash, Betty Ann 49 Babec, Roy 397 Backus, Christine 49, 236 Bacon, Harriet 235. 338, 353 Baggot, Thomas 49, 396 Bagley, Bruce 410 Bailey, Betty 362 Bailey, Mary 49, 353 Bailey, Maxine 49, 357 Bailey, Robert 405 Baker, Mary Ellen 49 Baker, Phil 189, 227, 284, 393 Baker, Rowena Walker 49 Bakhtiar, Helen Jeffreys 49, 262 Baldridge, Douglas 50, 255 Baldwin, Bud 408 Baldwin, Burr 411 Baldwin, Luella 223, 348, 373 Baldwin, Ruth 258 Balkins, Marion 370 Ball, Francisco 331 Bali, Rosemary 50, 331 Ballantyne, Arnie 40 Ballantyne, Rosemary 400 Balmuth, Bernard 50, 230 Balthus, Frank 25 Band 303 Bangs, Marguerite 230, 258 Bannister, Louise 340 Bannon, Barbara 340 Banovitz, Adrienne May 50 Banta, Edwin 402 Barbanell, Alvin 50, 225 Barbanell, Alviss 220 Barber, Patricia 335 Barber, June 355 Barbiza, Angelina 262 Barbour, Ernest 50 Bardeen, Knox 399 Bardwil, Dick 408 Barford, George 50 Barker, Oner B 50 Barn Dance 310, 311 Barnard, Barbara 370 Barnard, Peggy . . . . 341 Barnes, Roy 264 Barnett, Ann 353 Barnett, Donna 50 Barnes, Roy 247,219 Barnum, June 234, 375 Barrett, Barbara 223, 375 Barrows, William 50 Barsky, Bob 43, 240 Barsky, Isabel 244 Bartheman, Jean 354 Baseball 155 Bashor, Nancy 216 Basketball 143 Bauer, Donna 342, 373 Bauer, Jane 372 Bauman, Jean 348 Baumbach, Elaine ? ? Baumbaugh, Jack 50 Baumeister, Yvonne 50, 255 Beal, Betty Jane 47, 50,217,353 Beattie, Betty Jane. .50, 240, 372, 365 Beaudry, Lee 50 Beaumont, Mary 244, 264 Beaver, Doris Irene 50 Beavon, Janice 217, 237, 352 Beck, Don 400 Beck, Frances 50 Beck. Kathryn 50, 234, 246 Beck, Warren 415, 189 Becker, Robert H 50 Beckwith, Theodore Day, Jr 51 Bedell, Jane 293, 341, 372 Behrens, Renata 50, 342 Bejach, Benton 411 Beldrick. Evelyn 51 Bell, Libby Ann 358 Belsher. Edith 348 Benkesser, Gretchen 233, 394 Bennett, Bernard 401 Bennett, Eileen 340, 372 Bennett, Mary 394 Benson, Malcolm 51 Benstein, Genevieve 363 Berberet, Lela 51, 234, 394 Bereny, Sheldon 395 Berg, George 391 Bergmans, Gregory 51 Berkeley, Marilyn 357 Berman, Bayard 401 Berman, Melvin 50 Bernd, Clark P 397 Bems, Seymour 51 Bernstein, Nathan H 51 Name— Page No. Berry, Aubrey L 15 Berry, Jewel Naomi 51 Bertheau, Josephine 51 Betts, Mary Ann 354 Beust, Beverly 346 Beust. Jeanette 357 Bever, Colleen 51 Bevier, Robert P 404 Bird, Byron 409 Bird, Evelyn 340 Bisbee, Jean 341 Bisher, Nadyne 357 Bishop, Clarice Lorraine 51 Bishop, George 393 Bishop, Patricia 342 Bishop, Virginia 51, 305, 371 Black, Barbara 51, 46,331 Black, Muriel 51,351 Blaesch, Olga 262 Blair, Margaret B 51 BlakeJy, William 51, 411 Blanchard, Louise Marie 51 Blampied, Lloyd 408 Blass, Eleanor 217, 231, 292 Blaul, Nancy 343 Bledsoe, Stewart 405 Bleuel, Fred (Jr.) 51 Blight, Art 51,400 Blonsky, Dorothy 342 Blount, Cynthia 52 Blumberg, Lewis 401 Blume, Pat 369 Blunden, Gordon 391 Bly, Raymond 52, 248 Board, Cafe Advisory 273 Board, Campus Theatre 298 Board of Control 275 Board, Coop Advisory 272 Board, Election 273 Board, Labor 272 Board, Men ' s Athletic 116 Board, Music and Service 304 Board, O.C.B. 272, 273 Board, Social Service 273 Board, U.R.A. 330, 331 Bobb, Boniface 339, 363 Bodec, Kathleen 234 Bodes, Kathleen 52 Bodger, Howard 394 Bohlken, Carolyn 52, 359 Bohnetf, Joseph 415 Boissier, Marion 340 Boland, Barbara 235 Bolton, Dorothy 52 Bond, Richard 397 Bonnicksen, Vivian 262 Booth, Richard 410 Bopp, Richard 52, 221, 225 Boreham, Roland 409 Boring, Ann 258 Bowen, Nelda 356 Bowdan, Stewart 395 Bowen, Jean 351 Bowen, Nelda Ray 52 Bower, Kathryn 52, 224 Bower, Laura 354 Bowers, Jean 52, 338 Boyd, Kenneth 227, 332 Boyd, Leonard 52 Boyd, Leonard 392 Boyle, Clarence 396 Brace, Dorothy H 262 Brace, Suzanne 348 Bradburn, Priscilla , . , . 46, 249, 354 Bradbury, Jean 52, 235, 249, 346 Bradford, Helen 52. 245, 375 Brainard, Marcia 359 Bramlage, Kay 340 Brandt, Bill 399 Brantingham, Ruth 243, 343 Brass, Don 409 Brando, Francis 333 Braun, Anne 342 Brawn, Robert 219 Breck, June 52 Bredahl, Helen 340 Breen, Edward 402 Brenline, Frederic 52 Brenner, Murial 342 Bretherton, Prudence 346 Bretsfelder, Anne 342 Bretsielder, Ruth 217, 294, 342 Brett, Doran 52, 399 Brewster, Evelyn 341 Briggs, Irene 52, 241 Bright, Robert 242 Bright, Robert Arnold 52 Bright, Shirley 52 Brininger, Ann 52, 361 Brininger, Fay 237, 348 Brinkop, Arlep 262 Briskin, Bert Norman 52 Brislin, De Vita 363 Britch, Lois 340 Brockie, Melvin 412 Brockway, Eunice 53, 234, 341 Brodek, Wm 248, 415 Brodeley, Jack 404 Brooks, Mary Margaret 245, 285, 373 Brooks, Lennant J 53 Bross, Irwin Dudley Jackson 53 Brostoff, Daniel 403 Brostrom, Betty 361 Brown, Ann 288, 353 Name — Page No. Brown, Anne 217, 237, 249 Brown, Barbara. 53, 237, 249, 342, 355 Brown, Benjamin Harold 53 Brown, Betty Baxter 53 Brown, Bill 400 Brown, Claralee 341 Brown, Dave 400 Brown, Donavan 406 Brown, Edward 415 Brown, Elaine 253, 342 Brown, Howard 403 Brown, Malcolm 396 Brown, Margaret 238 Brown, Mary 331 Brown, Mary Alice 53, 234, 258 Brown, Peggy Jane 352 Brown, Robert 403 Brown, Robert Mulnix S3 Brown, Virginia 53, 216 Brownstejn, Evelyn Ethel 53 Bruce, John S3 Bruce, Katherine 352 Bruffett, Betty 37S Bruifet, Elizabeth S3 Bruin 290 Brun, Luzanne 333 Bryan, Geraldine 53, 231 Bryan, Howard 410 Bryan, Vera Louise 258 Bryant, Jack 409 Bryant, Ruth 53, 234 Bryant, Shirley 53, 244 Bucklee, Norma 258 Buckingham, Guy W 276 Buckley, Barbara 53 Buckley, Frank 399 Buffum, Barbara 362 Buffum, Lou Ann 253, 353 Buffum, Sy 409 Buhai, Lester 53 Bullen, Howard 409 Bunger, Norma 238 Bunker, Patricia 331 Burdiwell, Pauline 394 Burgess, Peggy 53, 305 Burk, Norma 53, 234, 258 Burk, John L 53 Burlet, Margaret 262 Burnett, Frances 264 Burns, Betsy 224, 261, 356 Burns, Gretchen . . .228, 249,261, 356 Burns, Thomas 405 Burr, Ruth 361 Burrister, George 399 Burstein, Lloyd 40 Bush, George B. Jr 54, 398 Busher, Barbara 54, 359 Bushnell, George 411 Butler, Doris 372 Butler, Henry Willis 54 Butchold, Elvin 411 Butterworth, Mary 250 Bybee, Marjorie 54, 352 Byrne, Charley 412 Bystrom, Shirley 54,345 C Cabinet, W. P. E 330 Cable, Herb 404 Cable, Lydia 348 Cahn, Norton 54 Cain, Wm. D 410 Cain, Wm 414 Calbath, Ellen 264 Cal Club 238 Cal Men 229 CaldecotI, John 409 Caldwell, Bonnie 368 Caldwell, Claude 54 Caldwell, Frances 54 Calkins, James 414 Callahan. Edythe 54 Callisler, Talbot 415 Calver, Wayne 408 Cambon, George 404 Cameron. Corynne 355 Cameron, Mary Ellen 357 Cameron, Sandy 47, 1 16, 402 Camino, Olive 54 Campbell, Doris 361 Campbell, Eleanor 351 Campbell, George 54, 219 Campbell, Howard 232, 393 Campbell, John Eaton 54 Campbell. Kathleen B 54 Campbell. Patricia 361 Campbell, Pauline 341 Camper, Palmer . .George. . . .54. 398 Campion, Jane 348 Campus Theater 230 Capps, Noreen 351 Carbee, Betty 217,237. 261, 292 357, 32 Card, Alda 54, 234 Cardamenis, Faddon 54 Carey, Donald 415 Carey, Jean 54, 218, 357 Carlisle, Betty 54, 236 Carlisle, Sally 37 Carsola, Al 394 Carter, Anita 264, 356 Carter, Frances 54, 216 420 Name — Page No. Carter, Mary Frances 54 Carter, Robert 55 Cary, Betty 340 Case, Janice 341 Caspary, Taylor 398 Casperson, Helen 216 Cassiday 55 Gather, Ella 305. 367. 372 Catlin, George 400 Catlin, Patricia 342 Caton, Bemice ?? Catterlin, Richard 55 Cavanaugh, Steve. 227. 248. 259, 410 Cavalt, Virginia 55, 310 Cawston, Beverly 354 Ceccarini, Raymond 391 Chadwick, Virginia 55 Chamberlain, Lisa 357 Chambers, Barbara 339, 346 Champagne, June 35 Chance, Milan T 55 Chandler, ? 343 Chapates, Sally 258 Chapales, Stella 55 Chapell, Jack 391 Charlton, Catherine. .55. 239. 342, 338 Chase, Emily 55 Chi Alpha Delia 350 Chi Delta Phi 231 Chidlaw, Allen 410 Chicloale, Ed 397 Chilstrom, Marjorie 55, 241, 365 Chi Omega 359 Chi Phi 391 Chipman, Margaret 348 Chirfwcod, Rose 55 Christ, Stella 55 Christenson, Dick 411 Christian, Carol 352 Chr istian, William 412 Christiani, Mary 370 Christie. Grace 394 Christopher. Kay 340 Circle C 232 Clapper, Virginia 55 Clarabut, Sonia 353 Clark, Jean 375 Clark, Isabelle 342 Clark, Lois 55 Clark, Quentin 396 Clark. Robert 412 Classes 29 Classic Capers 110.111 dayman, Owen 401 Cleveland, Edith 357 Cleland, Marshall 189,399 Cletro, Mary Lou 55,331 Clewette, Esther 233. 243, 346 Clifiord, Elizabeth 55 Cline, Georgiana 356 Cline, Jack 397 Cobb, Betty 274 Cobb, Eleanor 241 Cobb, Jesse 55 Cobum, Mary Ann 353 Cochran, Keith 400 Cocking, Don 400 Codd, Evelyn 340 Cody, Kathryn 355 Coe, Mildred 341 Cogen, Leo 403 Cogen, Lillian 55 Cohn, Milton 401 CoU, Angela 372 Coker, Barbara Lee 373 Colbath, Ellen 56 Cole, Alice 363 Cole, Elaine 223 Cole, John 260 Cole, Lorenza J 56 Cole, Dan 414 Cole, Marilyn 356 Cole, Stan 56 Coleman, Betty 216 Coleman, Doris 56, 356 Coles, Pat 333 Collins, Betty 356 Collins, George 409 Collins, Larry 227, 397 Collins, Patricia 352 Colver, Wayne 408 Colyer, John 405 Commerce 420 Conrad, Frances 46, 56, 228, 259 Conrey, Joyce 56 Constance, Peggy 363 Cook, Bob 414 Cook, Grace 56, 234 Cooke, Dane 405 Cooling, Margaret 250 Coombs, Marjorie 56. 245, 305 Cooper, Elsie 56, 375 Cooper, Francis 232 Cooper, Grace 56 Cooper, Kenneth 56 Cooper, Leon 401 Cooper, Lois 373 Copes, Bill 402 Copland, Robert 401 Corcoran, Albert 56. 248 Cordner. Patricia 56 Corliss. Mae 56 Corman, James 56 Cornell, Dorothy 350 Corrigan, Elizabeth 346 Cortland, Ruth 344 Cossaith, Joseph 392 Costello, Margaret 353 Coston, Eleanor 338 Coslon, Harriet 343 Cotrel, Patricia 3 56 Coulter, Joan 354 Courtnage, Yvonne 394 Courville, Isabelle 343 Name — Page No. Council Alumni 24 Council, A,M.S 378 Council, A,W.S 326 Council, Student 270, 271 Cover, Helen 333 Covert, Joan 56, 346 Cowan, Arnold 416 Cowan, Elaine 56. 344 Cowan, Rosalind 342 Cox, Elizabeth 258 Cox, Jerry 407 Cox, Paul 56, 392 Coyle, Colleen 340 Cozens, Jim 405 D Daggett, Redman 405 Dahne, Cliff 414 Daic, Roslyn 57 Daily, Richard 396 Dairs, Dave 409 Dallinger, Herb 277 Danenberg, Emil 57 Daniel, Jim 400 Danielson, Milton 392 Dant, Mary 343 Dany, Rosemary 355 Darbyshire, Martha 355 Darby, Patricia ...224,228,237,249 259, 264, 354 D ' Arcy, James 57,221,222,229 Dashiell, Marie 37, 43, 57, 210, 217 282, 322, 328, 340 D ' Auria, Vivian 57, 343 Davenport, Grace 57.239 Davidson, Harriet 368 Davidson, Jack 225. 412 Davidson, Joyce 342 Davidson, Milton 401 Davies, Ardis 342.372 Davies, Thomas 390 Davis, Alvin 410 Davis, Barbara 348 Davis, Dorene 345 Davis, Elbert 57 Davis, Eleanor 343 Davis, Larralne 342 Davis, Marjorie 216, 357 Day, Robert 394 Daze ' , Mary Jane 339, 348 Deans 16 Dean Chandler, William 17 Dean Cozens, Frederick 16 Dean, Edna W. 57 Dean, Flage 305 Dean, Laughlin 326 Dean, Marjorie 305 Dean Williams, Harold 17 Dean, Omalouse 362 Dear, Ina Louise 339 Deardorf, William 391 Debate 302 De Bord, Thomas 57, 221 Deck, Irene 33 Dedication 4 Dleffas, Isabel 262 De Faunt, Amy 58 De Haas, Dave 414 Deister, Yvonne 359 Dellmar, WUbur 407 Delta Chi 398 Delta Delta Delta 352 Delta Epsilon 233 Delta Gamma 349 Delta Kappa Epsilon 402 Delta Sigma Phi 400 Delta Tau Delta 404 Delta Upsilon 417 Delta Zela 363 Demond, Doreen 253, 355 Denend, Maria 345 Dennis, Harold 41 1 Dennis, Jack 411 Dennis, Marilyn 346 Denniston, Betty Mae 369 Dermody, Louella 351 Dery, George 415 De Vas, Laura Lee 353 De Vries, Bert 406 Dexter, Marianne 354 Diac, Roslyn 263 Diamond, Harold 58 Diard, Margaret 58 Diard, Margaret 360 Dickinson, Harry 408 Diehl, Lee 414 Diehl, Mary 357 Dieterle, Tilli 345, 367 Di Francisco, Nate 227 Diggs, Bob 411 Dill, Morris 242 Dillon, Estella 58 Dillon, Helene 58, 343 Diripe, Ray 409 Disterheft, Louise 58 Di Valt, Robert 242 Dlauhy, Hart 400 Dobbs, Elizabeth 365 Dobbs, Betty 264 Dockeray, Phyllis 354 Dodge, Dorothy . .40, 58, 228, 268, 269 Dodson, Warren 410 Doell, Dick 397 Dougherty, Bob 412 Dougherty, lames 412 Douglas, Beverly 331 Douglas, Bob 404 Douglass, Hall 369 Dowling, Bob 400 Dowrney 223 Downie, B. J 356 Doyle, Greta 355 Name — Page No, Doyle, Marion 58, 359 Dozley, Ruth 355 Duchand, Betty 340 Duddlesman, Tom 404 Duddleson, Bill 404 Duernberger, Elaine 343 Duling, Jane 58. 338. 362 Duncan, Edwin 58. 219 Dunlac, Lois 58 Dunn, Deirdie 356 Dunn, Frances 343 Dunn, Max 227. 409 Dunn, Patty Lou 357 Durgin, Mary Jane 58,394 Drensicke, Ruth 331 Drew, Bob 397 Drumbeller, Harriet 333 Dye, Eugene 414 E Eachus, Robert 415 Eason, Mildred 346 Echternach, John 396 Edgcomb, Jane 373 Edinger, Cal 233 Edmiston, Malcolm 408 Edmonston, Norman 58 Edward, George 248 Edwards, Bruce 391 Edwards, Else 362 Edwards, Hiram 15 Edwards, George 391 Edwards, Jo Louise 367 Egan, Patty 333 Egenhoff, Marcia 348 Eggers, Marjorie 362 Eiler, Dorothea Mae 58,370 Eisenberg, Estelle 293 Eklund, lane Mary 224,237.261 327. 372 Eklef. Theodore Herman 58 Elam, Inez 58 Elam, Patty Inez 341 Elet, Harriett 58 Elet, Harriet 367 Elkin. Naomi 262 Elliot. Jack 391 Ellott. June 59. 365. 375 Ellott. Esther 59 Ellott, Ruth 263 Elmer, Carlos Hall 42, 59, 225 285. 393 Elwood, Ruth 340 Elworthy, Elizabeth 59, 363 Elvebak, Florence 216 Emery, Patricia 352 Emers, Miriam 59 Endow, John Shigoo 59 Entriken, Shirley Elizabeth ... 59, 333 338 Epler, Julice 59 Eppler, Jacqueline 372 Epstein, George 401 Erans, James 402 Erhart, Rolin 357 Erickson, Fred 391 Erickson, Lawrence 59 Erickson, Louelle 59 Erickson, Mary Elizabeth 59 Errett, Wade Jr 59 Eshelman, Eileen 357 Essenberg, Charles 59 Evans, Elinor 375 Evans, Herb 399 Evans, Mary Evelyn 59, 338, 345 Evemham. Ruth 59 Evers, William Howard 59 Ewing, Dave 409 Ev ing, Jeanne 356 Ewanus, William 59.227,390 F Fabey, Marjorie 59. 244 Faculty 19, 21, 23. 25 Fahm. Leo 401 Fahy, Bryan 396 Falconer, Joan 346 Falk, Betty 59,367 Famstein, Ruth 60 Faries, Ann 60, 346 Faries, Dorothy 346 Farmer, Bob 289, 397 Famey, Gerry 353 Famham, Richard 60, 255 Farrer, William 225, 228, 247 259,410 Farris, Elizabeth 354 Fartier, Marcelle 230 Faulkner, Elizabeth 346 Fearson, Marjorie 354 Febom, Shirley 344 Feeker, I. W 277 Fegleman, WUIiam 229 Feinfeld, Bemice 60 Feldman, Carmel 60, 343 Feldman, Robert 401 Feldman, Shirley 342 Fellows, Donald 60. 405 Feltham. Ian 417 Fenderson. Ralph 60 Fendresen. Annette 354 Penning, Gerry 340 Ferguson, Eleanor 333 Ferguson, Katy 331 Ferguson, Mary 355 Ferina, Bessie 340, 372 Fewell, BUI 254 Fien, Winifred 60,351 Field, Dudley 397 Field, Harriette 345 Name — Page No. Filer, Gordon 60 Fiiield, Phyliss 339, 343 Files, Hanford 60,226,228,248 259, 409 Fijicko, Lilly ? ? Finch, Clark 404 Finlayson, Don 394 Finney, Florence 262 Fischer, Arthur 407 Fish, Shirley 250 Fisher, Helen 60, 250 Fisher, Martin 252 Fisher, Robert 60. 232. 255 Fishering. Richard 390 Fishman. Alex 395 Fisk, Ruth 356, 394 Fitzgerald, Dorothea 352 Fitzgerald, Geraldine 60, 216 Fitzpatrick, Howard 45.60,405 Flaig. Doris 394 Fleck. Raymond 219 Fleischman. Dorothy 60 Fleming, Herb 288 Fleuret, Marguerite 60 Flewelling, WUlard 407 Flynn, Eleanor 44, 235, 243 Flynn. Pat 333 Flynn, Peggy 3 33 Flynn, Virginia 340 Fockiner, William 59 Fogg, Leland 60, 252 Food, Garry 410 Foorman, Dick 411 Football 121 Forbes, Ted 43 Ford, Virginia 359 Foreman, Mildred 15 Forensics 302 Foreword 2 Forlies, Ted 125. 378 Fomacian. Will 410 Forney, Geraldine 60 Fortier, Marcella 45,60,236 Foster, Bud 408 Foster, Winston 391 Fox, Don 409 Frame, Lester 188 Frank, Marge 43 Franklin, Alfred 60 Frasher, Phyllis 359 Frederick, Annabelle 61,351 Frederick, Robert 401 Frederick, John 61 Fredrickson, Anne 346 Fredriksen, Irene 61 Freeman, Hortense 61 Freeman, Hugh 400 Freeman, Muriel 61,342,338 Freericks, Bemice 363 Trend, Ralph 298 Frendenberg, Harriet 61 Freshman Council 33 Freshman Officers 32 Fretter, Nancy 340 Fried, John 255 Friedenthal, Betty 339 Friedman, Helen 61 Friedman, Gie 395 Friedman, June 61, 344 Friedman, Norman 395 Friedman, Ordan 232.401 Friedson. Betty 238 Frissen, Naomi 61 Fritzer, John 219 Frizell, William 412 Frosh Basketball 152 Frosh Crew Squad 193 Frosh Track 182, 183 Frosh Track Coach 183 Frotman, Beatrice 61 Fruehling, Betty 61. 245, 246, 375 Fulcher, Jeanne 61 Fuller, Dorothy 61.353 Funk, Mary 41, 217, 236, 253, 283 Fumdenthal, Betty 342 Fumivall, Margaret 61, 223 Furst, Irving 61 G Gabriel, Ralph 400 Gaffney, Dorothy ...44,228,235,340 Gair, Ed 225,402 Gailen, Rafael 61 Galceran, Ray 406 Gales, Bob 392 Gales, Donald 392 Gallies, Gertrude 262 Galvin, Irene 362 Gam, Daniel 395 Gamma Phi Beta 353 Gano, Flora 305 Gannon, Margaret 340 Gardner, Edith 351 Gardner, Jim 400 Gardner, Margaret Helen 61 Gardner, Virginia Carol 61 Garlinghouse, Nancy 354 Garnet, Margaret 61 Garrison, Elizabeth 61 Garrison, Nancy 62, 224, 342 Gasper, Betty Ann 363 Caspar, Eloise 223, 373 Gates, Paddy 353 Gates, Ruth 345 Gay, Carol 240 Geabhart, Ethel Mae 244, 253, 260 Geis, Henry 405 Geller, Stanley 416 Georgeson, Ann 253,339,356 Gentry, Robert 415 Gerth, Marshall 409 Gest, Howard 62 421 Name — Page No. Geyer. Hugh 228, 405 Ghika-Weiller, Elizabeth 343 Giampaolo, Paul 62 Gibney, Lucille 360 Gibbs, Don 264 Gibbs, Patricia 352 Gibson, John 411 Gibson, Robert 402 Gilbert. Helen 354 Gilchrist, lohn 399 Gill, Myrlis 370 Gillespie, Ann 327, 346 Gills, Mary Frances 357 Gillette, Billie Anne 372 Gillette, Bob 227 Gilstrap, Jack 414 Gingrich, Mary Anne 62 Girvin, Gloria 373 Gittel, Ruth 216 Giltes 62. 233,243 Glancy, Betty 339 Glansey, Elizabeth 351 Glalman, Estelle 253 Glaze, Marguerete 62 Gleiforse, Gloria 346 Glee Club — Men ' s 305 Glee Club — Women ' s 305 Glenn, Helen 62 Glenn, Jean 330 Glick, Ruth 264 Glidden, Miles 399 Glicksman, Arvin 403 Glicksman, Frank 62, 292 Godfrey, William 405 Goelien, Gwendolyn 258 Golay, Dora 371 Golbrecht 62, 263 Gold, Frances 46, 62. 217, 291 Gold, Leon S 62 Goldan, Morris 62 Goldbloom, Mary Jane 62 Goldenberg, Arlene 294 Goldman, Irving 395 Goldman, Mortimer 62 Goldman, Tobian 344 Goldstein, Bert 189 Goldstein, Jack 62 Golsen, Shayne 342 Gomer. Murray 62 Gonzalez, Rudolph M 62 Good, Roscoe 394 Goodale, K. Louise 62.244,245 Goodman, Leonard 403 Goodrich, Betty 331 Goodwin, John E 15 Goodwin, Sarah Belle 235. 331 Gordon, Sarah 62 Gorman, Helen 62, 338, 361 Gorsuch, Margaret 260 Gcrsuch, Mary Ellen 63 Gossett, Freeman 402 Gollief, Stanley 401 Goulet, Peggy 361 Goulette, Jacguie 353 Gowdy, Eileen 258 Graham, Paul K 63 Granger, Ann 63. 331, 338 Grant, Louise 371 Gray. Benjamin G 63 Gray. Fred 285 Gray, Virginia 305 Greathead, Ed ■409 Green. Jeanne 223, 373 Green. Bob 401 Greenfield. Bill 411 Greenless. Bob 409 Greenspun, Evelyn 344 Gregerson. Dick 405 Gregg. Langdon B 46. 63, 405 Gregory. Doris 352 Gremeli. Margaret 238 Gresser, Don 232 Grey, Frederick Arthur 63,221 Griesedieck, Alvin 404 Griest, Florence 373 Griswold, Bob 404 Groll, Melvin Sidney 63 Gross, Joan 404 Gross, Kenneth 63 Gross, Phyllis 369 Grossman, David 63 Gruberman, Jack 403 Gryde. Kermit 392 Guidon 235 Guillen. Bob 400 Guinney. Charlotte 340 Gunther. Winifred 369 Guthrie. Florence 394 Guy. Ray 408 Gydnia, Ina Claire 359 H Hackett, Barbara 305 Hadley. John 406 Hagen, Barbara 363 Hagen. John C 63 Hagerman. Ann 339, 340 Hagerman. Dave 405 Haig. Douglas 63, 393 Hailbrunk, Helen 331 Hailey. Helen 352 Hails. Margaret 346 Hails, Raymond 391 Haines, Jeanne 346 Hake, Ray 405 Hall, Audrey 63 Hall, Ernestine 63 Hall, Gladys 44, 343 Hall, Helen 63 Hall, Helen 321 Hall, Helen 63, 321 Hall, Jacqueline 363 Name — Page No. Hall, Joyce 216, 305 Hall, Para Jean 63 Hallburg, George 118,408 Halllield, Lois 264 Hailey. Jane 233. 243 Hallstde, Jeanne 353 Halperine. Elaine 343 Halverson. Barbara 230.245,372 Ham, Tom 227, 414 Hamlin, June 357 Hamilton, Bill 404 Hammer, Dick 414 Hammond, Jacqueline 63. 346 Hampton, Kalpa 411 Hanawalt, Eleanor 348 Handball 207 Handelsman, Ernie 145 Handy, Mae 340 Haney, William 417 Hanger, Gertrude 359 Hanlon, Pete 409 Hansen. M. Louise 63, 244 Hansen. M. Leona 63. 244 Hansen, Jet 352 Hansan, Jim 400 Hanson, Margaret 333 Harden, Bill 404 Harder, Richard 390 Harding, Bob 408 Harding, Sue 356 Harding. William 412 Hardinghaus. Charles .221,229,252 Hardinson, Frances 394 Hardwick, Russell 397 Hardy, Bernie 63 Hardy, Dave 399 Hargraves, Janet 289,331 Harker, Dick 405 Harkness, Mary A 263 Harmon, Phoebe 331 Harp, Eliz 340 Harper, Henry 410 Harper, M. J 339, 360 Harper, Nancy 23, 64 Harrigan, Pat 348 Harris, Ann Ellen 331.339 Harris. Allen P 404 Harris. Benny 110 Harris, Beryle 64 Harris, Dick 404 Harris, Jay 372 Harris, Nita 263 Harrison, Alice 354 Harrison, Douglas .41,64.221.247 Harrison. Morris 411 Harrison. Ruth 372 Harrison. William 415 Harrod, Irene 354 Harry. Glenn 407 Hart. Margaret 64. 239 Hart. William 394 Harth. Vivian 65. 338. 355 Hartiz, Margaret 345 Harton. David 233 Harvey, Betty 355 Hamey, Jean 352 Harvey, Phil 405 Hassey, Narda 64 Hatton, Lydia 216 Hauter, Fred 64, 252 Hauer, M. Ellen 352 Hay, Patricia 342 Haycox, Allyn 404 Hayes, Everett 64, 291 Hayes, Warren 188 Haywood, Rich 390 Helen Mathewson Club 258 Hengel, Mariorie 368 Herron, Osceola 259 Hershey Hall 272, 273 Hi Jinks 328, 329 Hibbs, Lois 341 Hickox, Virginia 372 Hicks. Bob 227,228.248,412 High. James 409 Hignland. B. J 356 Hildegard. Yvonne 262 Hilgard Hall 370 Hilker. Fred 404 Hill, Doris 64 Hill, Dorothy 64 Hill. Dorothy 64, 338 Hill, Guy 64 Hill, M. Ellen 258 Hill. Merton 64 Hill. Suzanne 355 Hill. Valerie 64, 244, 305, 375 Hilland, Jean 346 Hillen. Bob 193 Hillis. Roger 65 Hilton. Virginia 353 Himelhock, Bernie 65. 234 Himonitz. R. 220 86— SO CAMPUS Hine. Bob 396,412 Hinge. Frank 248 Hirashiki. Aki 65, 338, 350 Hirshlield. Lester 401 Hitchcock. James 415 Hitchcock, Mariorie 394 Hobson, Alice 65, 243, 333 Hobson, Roberta 218 Heck, John 65 Hodel, Henriette 360 Hodge, William 402 Hodges, Betty Lou 65 Hodges, Robert 406 Hoefler. David 254 Hoeger. Roger 65, 226 Holmann. Bob 409 Hofmann. Larraine 217. 228. 235 289. 355 Hoffman, Joan 342 Hoffman. Norman 401 Name — Page No. Hcgaboom, Virginia 253,261,354 Hogle, Charles 65 Hokom. Jim 248,410 Holbroak, Wynelle 65 Holcomb, Norma 352 Holcomb, Robert 65, 252 Holden, Helen 340 Hollingsworth, Ace 123 Hollister, Jo Anne 353 Holmes, Barbara 354 Holmes, Peggy 352 Homecoming 100, 101 Homes, Edward 417 Honoraries 215 Honor Awards 38, 39 Hooghuenkel. Fred 393 Hook, Betty 353 Hooper, Belle 258 Hoover, Thelner 285 Hopkins, Amelia 263 Herd, Win 359 Hordes, Phyllis 372 Horn, Andrew 406 Horrell, Babe 122 Horton. Dick 278, 404 Horlon. Marg 342 Hoseason. Geraldine 65 Hostler. Warren 65, 225, 232. 248. 409 Hotsler. John 402 Houghton. Fred 414 Houk, George 393 Housoura, Kuyoko 350 Houston, Jane H 353 House Dances 102, 103 House, Jim 404 Howard, Jack 408 Howard, John 65 Howden, Jeanne 355 Howell, Betty 331 Howell, Pinky 42 Howland, Belly Ann 333 Howland, Patricia 65 HoyI, Jim 400 Hubbard, Ed 229 Huber, Edith 354 Hudson. Elberi 65 Hughes, Audrey 249,321 Hughes. Arthur 396 Hughes. Phil 411 Hummel. Marg 354 Hummel. Polly 253,354 Hummes, John 65 Hummes, Rudy. 157, 221.226,227,408 Hunt. Bruce 65, 264 Hunt, Eleanor 65. 239, 263 Hunt. Eloise 65. 216 Hunt, Marcia 346 Hunt, Virginia 6 Hunter, Nadyne 373 Hurd, Harry 397 Hurford. Dave 119.254,410 Huse, Betty 354 Hulchins, Phil 222 Hutchinson, Charles 225, 404 Hutchinson, Dayetta 66,245,375 Hutchinson, Lewis 66 Hutchinson. Wally 412 Hutton. Mabelle 66, 352 I Imon. Ikua 66. 261, 350 Informals, Fall 93 Informals, Spring 307 Ingram, Eleanor 355 Inoupe, Takashi 66 Interiraternity Ball 106. 107 Intramural 211. 212, 213 Irvine, Patricia 65 Irvine, Pat 243 Irvine, Ewing 66, 220 Irving, Jean 340 Isaacs, Jim 402 Ishikawa, Joseph 232 Itkin, Vivian 253, 293 Ilo, Emiko 350 Izenour, Betty Jane 346 Izumo, Hideo 66 I Jack, Marjorie 66 Jacks, Josephine 66, 359 Jackson, Johnny 27 Jackson, Marilyn 353, 373 Jacobs, Shirley 333 Jacobsen, Dave 400 Jacomini, Alma 352 James, Kenneth 415 James, Walter 66 James, Judith 66 Jamison, Frances 359 Janell, Al 411 Janeway, Bill 408 Janke, Mary Alice 66, 343 Jason, Lorna 371 Jaycox, Elberi 396 lellinick, Lois 357 Jenkins, Nancy Lee 357 Jenner, Lois 68, 375 Jennings, David 66 Jennings, Nellie Lou 353 Jensen, Diliene 261, 348 Jewett, Henry 68. 220 Jewett, Royce 254 Jirsa, Dorothy 362 Job, Eleanor 362 Jobe, Hal 414 Johns, Coach Wilbur 144 Johnson, Bcb 400 Johnson, Bernice 66, 372 Johnson, Charles 293, 396 Johnson, Claudine 369 Name — Page No. Johnson, Evelyn 67, 239 Johnson, Francis 343 Johnson, Iver 410 Johnson, Lillian 1 67 Johnson, Lillian L 67 Johnson. Louise 67, 224, 260 Johnson, Wayne 67 Johnson, Wilda 216 Johnson, Wm 67, 415 Johnston, Bill 233 Johnston, Clary 400 Jones, Doralee 354 Jones, Helen 353 Jones, Marian 223 Jones, Muriel 394 Jones, Robert 394 Jones, Sally 346 Jones, William 405 Jordan, William 406 Joseph, John 188, 409 Junior Class Council 36 Junior Ofiicers 36 Junior Prom 320, 321 Juszkiewicz, Mary Lea 369 J. V. Squad Crew 189 K Kabashima, Michiko 67 Kalen, Marvin 252 Kales, Brendon 411 Kalichman, Samuel 67 Kalin, Marane 401 Kalin, Marvin 67 Kamieton. Pat 330 Kanagy, Mary 240 Kane, Kathleen 342 Kaplan, Belte 342 Kaplan, Norma 365, 370 Kaplan. Rosalie 253. 342 Kappa Alpha 406 Kappa Alpha Theta 347 Kappa Delta 357 Kappa Kappa Kamma 354 Kappa Sigma 397 Kari. Ma.rgret . 35, 217, 237, 249,285 321, 273 Kasai, George 67. 255 Kasparian, Oshyn 67 Katerndahl, Dick 293. 415 Kates, Harvey 401 Kalo, Fumiko 350 Kalo, Taeko Helen 350 Kalz, Jean 344 Kaufman, Joseph 67. 255 Kawin, Morris 67 Kay. Nichols 407 Kayser. Kirk 225 Kean. Ruth 253. 341 Keating, Dorothy 67. 340 Keene, Edith 67. 264 Keene, Edwina 6. 321 Keil, Dorothy 218 Keimae, Toki 350 Keiser, Eunice 67 Kell. Dolores 240 Keller. Howard 225, 414 Kellie, Annette 345 Kelly, Bertha 340 Kelly, Joseph 391 Kelly, Margaret 373 Kelly. Mrs. Fern 277 Kelly, Sylvia 369 Kelman, Orville 403 Kelson, Phyllis 264 Kemp, Mary Lou 67 Kemper, Marilyn 343 Kennedy, Marjorie 348 Kennedy, William 67 Kennitzer, Betty 367 Kensler, Marjory 342 Kepple. Beverly 358 Kern. Bob 248, 410 Kern, Hal 225, 410 Kettleman. Jean 258 Ketzel. Clifford 68. 231 Kidd. Mary 355 Kiehlbauch. Mary Jean 68 Kilbourne, Kenneth 44,410 Kilbourne, Paul 410 Killen, Richard 410 Kim, Peter 68 Kinchloe, Brown 394 Kindelberger, Joan 353 King. Dwight 396 King, Eleanor 359 King. Elizabeth 346 King. Ruth 68 King. Virginia 250, 305 Kingman. Peggy 342 Kingsley. Betty 367 Kinney, Esther 68 Kinney, J. Kenneth 68 Kino, Frank 68 Kinoshila, Esther 350 Kinsey, Doug 405 Kinstad, Conrad 415 Kirby, Harry 390 Kirkland. Robert 68 Kirsch, Bernard 68 Kissling, Hazel 343 Kittrelle, Dick 404 Kitzes, Betsy 371 Klamm, Trudy 352 Klaskin, George 401 Knadler, Margaret 373 Knapp, Dorothy 68,224 Knight, Harriet 68 Knight, Helen 68 Knighton, Otis 393 Knoll, Bill 394 Knox. Virginia 258, 352 Knudsen, Robert 409 Knurila, Ingret 68 422 Name — Page No. Koehnsledl, Mary 360 Koenig, Ned 411 Komm, Paul 68 Kooweck, Leonard 401 Koppl, Barbara 375 Koumijian, Rose 363 Kounrian, Mimi 25 Koutsaitis, Sevasty 68 Kowalski, Dorothy 68, 352 Krahiorst, Fred 407 Kramer, Frances 261, 359 Kramer, Virginia 394 Krasnow, Helen Esther 68 Kratz, Chester 397 Kreps, Estalyn 351 Krotz, Jean 340 Kruger, Carl W 68, 248, 414 Kruman, Rounir 342 Kruse, Pat 333 Kuhl, John 396 Kuhl, Walter 396 Kumai, Taki 67 Kumnick, Gretchen 348 Kumnick, Nancy 348 Kumpf, Vivien 373 Kunkel, lean 68,236 Kunkel. Helen 346 Kurily, Rose 68 Kurkjean, Ted 414 Kurtz, Betty Lou 246 Kvitky, Ben 69 L Lackey, Anna Rebecca 69 La Ger, Marcella 69 Lake, Kenneth 69,264 Lakness, Leslie A 69 Lambda Chi Alpha 407 Lance, Allena 69, 224 Landers, Aurelia 69 Landson, Harold 401 Lane, Frances 69, 253 Lane, Marian 69 Lane, Wallace 225, 415 Lang, Vivian 69 Lantz, William 392 Lapp, Jean 355 Lappen, Stanley J 69 Larey, Anna Lee 69, 345 Larson, Dick 400 Larson, George 412 Larson, Janet 69 La Spada, Lucille E 69 Lassar, Peggy 342 Lathom, William E 69 Laughlin, Nancy Jean 253, 348 Laun, John 69,252 Launer, Jean 47, 69, 235, 236 249, 338, 359 Laurence, Berl 391 Lavayea, Kathleen 348 Law, Marjorie 264 Lawrence, Paul 222, 402 Lawrence. William H 394 Laws, Estelen 346, 373 Lavrson, Mary 33 Lay, Jane 359 Layman, Wayne 357 Leach, Patricia 69 Leahey, Helen 253, 341 Leahy, Heleta B 69 Leavine, Wilberta 69 Lcavitt, Barbara 340 Leavitt, Rita 338, 344 Le Bel, Lionel 410 Ledger, Dorothy 354 Lee, Dean 247,400 Lee, Edwin A 17 Lee, Genevieve 370 Leeds, Marjory 354 Leeds, Miriam 354 LeUler, Lucille 70 Le Ger, Marcella 361 Lehman, Margaret 246 Lehman, Robert 393 Leibscher, Frieda 351 Leighlon, Mary 340 Leishman, Dorohty 340 Lembright, Harold 70, 219 Lemon, Betty Jane 70, 346 Lennox, Joe 277 Leonard, Eleanor 253, 359 Le Presti, Joseph 70 Le Roy, Renee 240,365,373 Leventhal, Hal 396 Levin. Eugene 401 Levin, Lester - 395 Levine, Shirley Hope 70 Levine, William 403 Levinson, Norman 70 Levitt, Lester 401 Levy, Dorothy 344 Lewenbin, Jack B 70 Lewis, Virginia 340 Lewis. Walter Roderie 70 Leypoldt. Christine 241,351 Leypoldt, Lois 351 LHeuerux, Harry 70, 248, 411 Lichty, Jeanne 239 Liebscher, Frieda 47, 70 Light. Dorothy 70. 342 Lilienthal, William 252,398 Lincoln, Malcolm 414 Lincoln, Rosalie 70 Lindegren, Carl 219, 229 Lindenbaum, Gustave 70, 416 Lindenbaum, Seymour 0, 416 Lindgren, John 227, 412 Lindsay, Joyce 223 Lindskog. Margaret 70 Linker, John L 70 Linson, Ray 70,242 Name — Page No. Linville, Betty 263 Lippert, Dick 414 Lippincott, Doyle 397 Lissner, Betty Jane .43,70,236,352 Litchmann, Roberta 344 Liftman, Myer 70 Liltrell, Mary Jane 342 Lizer, Albert 403 Lloyd, Alva 47, 70, 228, 239, 249. 352 Lloyd, Cleon 71 Lloyd, Gerard 71 Lloyd, Gerard 71 Lloyd-Morris, Tony .41,187, 188,226 227, 305, 367 LobasloH, Olqa 305, 367 Locy, James Allen Jr 71, 252 Loinaz, Benny 71 Longsdcrff, Florence L 71,362 Loomis, Eleanor 348 Lopp, Norma Lee 375 Loring, Kalhryn 263 Lotspeich, John 399 Lottich, George 71 Lovell, Jack 411 Lowe, Kenneth 71 Lowenbein, Jack 222 Loy, John 71 Lcye, Mary Alice ? ? Lozanov, Nathan 403 Lubic, Carol 33, 253, 284, 373 Lucas, Gloria 360 Lucier, Charlotte 71,240 Lucofi, Esther 344 Ludar, Joe 42, 270, 390 Ludman, Helen 224, 359 Luidlaw, Douglas 402 Lukins, Lila 71, 348 Lumbard, Francina 71 Lumsden, Florence 305 Lundahl, Margaret 71 Lush. Barbara 352 Lusher, June 341 Lutz, Charles 396 Lyden, Kay 333 Lyford, Nancy 342 Lyford, Robin 43, 71, 233, 284 Lynch. Kathleen 357 Lyon. Irving 71 Lyon, Lucille 369 Lyons, Daniel 417 Lyons, Ruth 344 M Maben, Marian 264 MacCarthy, Patricia 261 MacCcrkill, Betty 362 MacDonald, Jane 346 MacDonald, Patricia 343 MacDougall, Jean 359 MacHarg, Lois 240, 341 Maclnnes. Doug 188 Mack, Jerome 401 Mack, Christine 355, 372 MacKenzie, George. 71, 220, 232, 248 MacKenzie, Margaret 343 MacKenzie, Stu 43, 72, 227. 248, 404 Maclise, Deming 15, 25, 274 MacManus, Florence 345 MacMillan. Janet 216 MacMullin, Delia 224 MacMurray, Virginia 365, 373 MacNair, Pete 405 MacPherson, Don 406 MacPherson, Isabelle 216 Macrae, Florence 352 Magee. Jean 71 Magee. Mary Ellen 71, 341 Maggard. Ray 409 Maguire. Ruth 71 Maguire. Walt P 404 Mahana. Mathew 227, 248 Mahon. Barbara 333 Mahon. Jack 42 Mahoney. Evelyn 71, 218, 375 Mallicoat, Robert 412 Malone, Ann 345 Maloney, Helen 217 Managers, Senior 123 Manana, Mathew 404 Manashe, Roy 225 Mandell, Dorothy 71 Mankin, Richard 412 Mann, David 72 Mann, Maxine 245, 371 Manning, Mary 72, 346 Mansfield, Doris 230, 357 Mantchik, Adina 72 Manuel, Mary Lynne 72 Marchildren, John 72,255 Mardon, Armond 47, 378 Mariam, Robert 72 Mark, Richard 72 Markowitz, Ernest 45,220 Marlett, Walter 72 Marlin, Betty Lou 354 Marshall, Bob 411 Marshall, Jeaneffe 333 Marshall, Norma 348 Marti, Werner 408 Martin, Carita 72 Martyn, Lee 408 Marvin, Margery 354 Marx, Robert 72 Mason, Sherrill 355 Masonic Club 260 Masser, Harry 409 Masser, Rose 340 Massey, Florence 245, 371 Massman, Rudy 378 Masters. Bemice 72,354 Masterson, Bernie 122 Mastiopietro, Catherine 284 Name — Page No. Matheson, S. H 248 Matson, Margaret 72,371 Matsumote, Harry 72 Matthews, Mary 352 Maurer, Jack 221 Maxwell, Jean 394 May, Chuck 411 Mayer, Ann 342 Mayers, Arthur 401 Mayersoln, Richard 401 Mayo, Betty 340 Mazidow, John 416 McAvoy, Eileen 3S7 McBerney, Bruce 393 McBride, Dave 408 McCarthy, Alvira 346 McCarthy, Caroline 331 McCarthy, Patricia 355 McClellan, Jerry 146, 227, 248 287, 397 McCcllim, Margaret 72,361 McCombs, Keith 72 McConville, Peggy 237,261,353 McCorkell, Gordon 254, 412 McCormack, Patricia 341 McCormack, William 72 McCormick, Bill 405 McCormick, Dorothea 216 McCormick. Jane 353 McCormick. William 255 McCrary. Shannon 399 McCrone, Natalie 72, 348 McCrury, Howard 396 McCulloch, Howard 402 McCullcugh, Eleanor 72 McCuUough, Elizabeth 72 McCurry, Barbara 263 McDaniel, Howell 40, 70, 188, 277 232, 248, 384,415 McDaniel, Lucile 73, 243 McDaniel, Tony Va 73 McDonald, Jean 373 McFall, Marion 333 McFarland, Barbara 353 McGill, Jack 247,417 McGraht, David 73 McGuire, Kathleen 73 McHaffie, Margaret 253, 346 Mclntyre, Mary Belle 356 Mclntyre, Mildred 357 McKanna, Marguerite 73 McKee, Wm. 73,227,393 McKellar, Barbara 354 McKenna, Edward A 73 McKenna, Helen 73 McKie, Dolores 73 McKnight, James T 227 McKnight, Patricia 352 McKnight, Tom 409 McKosky. Jack 408 McLain, Barbara 73, 240, 372 McLaughlin. Charles 404 McLaughlin. Janet 341 McLoud. Dorothy 354 ■ McLucas. Chuck 400 McMahon, Jeanne 339 McManus, George 304 McManus. Mary Jo 340 McManus, Thomas 415 McMuUin, Sonia 73 McMullen, Shirley 352 McNeil, Albert 73 McPhea, Jim 409 McPhee, Pat 362,394 McRoberts. Jim 411 McRosbury, John Wm 73 McWhinney. Gertrude 342 Meadows. Bemice 342 Meadows. Virginia 340 Meagher, Jack 415 Mecham, Katherine 216 Meday, Harry 397 Meister. Phyllis 353 Mellon, Geraldine 360 Mellon, James 73 Melin, Marjorie 218 Melnyk, Steven Q 408 Melolh, Marion 355 Menashe. Ray 73 Mendelson. Herbert 73 Mens P.E. Classes 386,387 Mens P.E. Squad 386 Men ' s Week 380, 387 Meriwether. Richard 73, 412 Merrick. Scott 232 Merrill, Ida Mary 341 Merrill, Shirley 346 Merrill. Wm 412 Merryman, Bob 248, 412 Mervin, Dorothy 346 Mettler, Vernon 254, 415 Metzenbaum, Bates 73,255 Metzger, George 414 Metzger. Helen 333 Meyer, Elizabeth Jane 74 Michaelson, Frankiyn 74 Michaelson, Ursula 352 Michelson, Ursula 240 Middlemiss, Marjorie. 44, 74, 341, 367 Miels, Herbert 408 Mijasaki. Mary 265 Miles, Ruth 357 Miles, Ruth 357 Miles, Seward 408 Milholland. Margery 347 Millar, Nancy 240, 356 Miller, Elinore 363 Miller, Henry 404 Miller, Jane 343 Miller, Leon ...74,326,227,232,398 Miller. Lewis 254 MUler. Lois 349,235 MUler. Mailhajear 224, 253 .265 Miller, Robert 74, 408 Name — Page No. Miller, Scoff 406 Mills. Cynthia 361 Milton, Constance 74, 235, 340 Minorini. Jean 362 Mitchell, Anne 370 Mitchell, Barbara 355 Mitchell, Bonnie 74, 359 Mitchell, Katherine 216 Mitchell, James 407 Mitchell, John C 74. 252 Mitchell, J. Wm 74, 410 Mitchell, Maxine 74 Molleff, Willis 415 Molony, Helen 217 Monk, Maynard 398 Monkhouse, Elaine 215 Monroe, Dorothy 352 Monroe, Jeaneffe 354 Monfeleone, Leona 74, 353 Montgomery, Frederick 404 Montigel, William 400 Moody, Rulhella 239 Moon, Marilyn 351 Moone, Marjorie 341 Moore, Jerome 412 Moore, Katherine 354 Moore, Mary 341 Mocre, Neva Rae 348 Moore, Robert 414 Moorhead, Carlos 229 Morgan, Floyd 400 Morgan, Frances 74 Morgan, Mary 341 Morgan, Norma 341 Moritz, Evamaria 239,367 Moror, Byron 75, 411 Morse, Mary 74 Mortar Beard 236 Morton, Warren B 404 Moseley, Irene 348 Moser, Barbara 352 Moser, Mary Elizabeth 342 Moser, Willard 75, 252 Mottram. Helen 357 Movius, Maxine 348 Mundry, Grayce 362, 372 Munroe,( lola 341 Munter, Miriam 75 Mu Phi Epsilon 239 Murdock, Clive 229 Murdcck, Len ore 75, 340 Murdock, Richard 406 Murray, Arnold 412 Murray, Donald 391 Murray, Marilyn 347 Mutz, Harold 400 Myers, Mary Ellen 374 Myron, George 75 N Nahas, Virginia 353 Nash, Peter 229 Neal, Arminta 258 Neal. Jean 75 Nedry. Roger 75 Neeb. Anita Jane 353 NeiUer, Patricia 343 Negley, Barbara 253. 342 Negley. Harrison 408 Nelson. Arthur 225, 247, 415 Nelson. Barbara 215 Nelson. Bemice 253, 352 Nelson. Bruce 409 Nelson. Mary Ann 240, 357 Nelson. Norton 398 Necphyte 322 Nepon. Ruth 338 Nerling, Lillie 367 Nertcali, George 398 Nettels, Harriet 356 Neubold, May 345 Newcomb, Bob 411 Newcomb, Norma 399 Newhofi, Evelyn 343 Newlon, Leslie 263 Newman, Beverly Joyce 354 Newman, Homer 222, 227, 394 Newman, Ronnie 75 Newman, William 393 Nichols, Betty 331 Nichol s, Charles Herbert Jr. ... 75 Nichols. Kenneth 418 Nicholson, Ncnnan 410 Nickletf , Georgia 75. 250 Nicolaus, Anita 75, 243, 375 Niemoeller, Lois 75, 224, 260, 341 Nietfield, Suzanne 340 Nirsuilch, Robert 403 Nishi. Midori 350 Nixon, Fred 397 Nixon, Tom 397 Nobles, Jean 341 Noble, Howard S. 17 Noble, Joe P 397 Nobs, Lily Frieda 75 Nord, Bill 414 Nordeene, John 408 Northrup, Jerome Kennit 75 Norton, Barbara 331 Norton, Byron 411 Norton, Vema 262 Nugent, Ruth 354 Nusiki, Betty 350 Nygard, Gloria 250, 342 Nygren, Harold 398 o Oas, Emile 357 Ober, Mary 263 O ' Brien, Bill 408 423 Name — Page No. O ' Brien. Edward 75 O ' Brien. Gerald 75 O ' Brien, Patricia 341 O ' Dell. ally 341 OUicer. Jessie 33B, 348 Ofaier, Jerry 229 Ogimachi. Hisoyaki 232 Oi. Kary 350 Olin, Janel 241 Olinghouse. Malcolm 407 Oliner, Adeline 356 Olmslead, Wm 393 Olson, Culbcrt L. (Governor)... 14 Omey, Rulh 305 O ' Neill, Nancy 363 Organizations 257 Orgel, Irene 231 Orr, Robert A 392 Osbo, Thelma 369 Osborne. Don 414 Oshima. Tashiko 76,350 Ossoling, Ray 407 Oslrolsky, Jacob 401 Ostrom, Vincent 76 Otto, Paula 341 Overholt, Helen 258 Owen, Theron 405 Oxiord. Bruce 411 Oxiord. Rex 411 P Pabst. Mary 354 Packer. Mickey 409 Packer, Tom 408 Padgett, Norman 406 Paine. Ned 397 Palm. Jane 397 Palmer. Alice 342 Palmer. Anne Hurly 76 Palmer, Richard 76 Pan-Hellenic 314, 315 Pan-Hellenic Council 338, 339 Pape, Janice 372 Park, Betty 333 Parker. Judith 394 Parmalee. Barbara 331 Parino, Robert 394 Parr, Bob 228,247 Parrish, Betty 394 Parsons, Jean 76 Partch. Janet 372 Partridge. Alice 345. 367. 371 Partridge. Carrie ...37,253.345,367 Partridge. Mildred 342 Patomac. Lewris 412 Patterson. Cornelia 76. 374 Patterson. Norma 253. 353 Paul. Charles 401 Paul, Gordon 76, 229 Paulson, Norrisa 394 Paulson, Patricia 372 Paup, Mary 339, 352 Payden. Delia 373 Payne, Robert 313 Peake, Alden 412 Pearson, Virginia 258 Peace, Mary Elizabeth ?40 Peck, Betty Jean 352 Peck, Vi 264 Pederson, Frank 255 Pederson, Mac 410 Peeler, Helen 239,375 Peetyz, John 408 Penhole, Mary 263 Penland, Eileen 363 Penland. Eileen 368 Pennington, Rosemary 355 Penny, Ben Douglas 76 Penton, Standish 408 Pentzer, Shirham 360 Perkins, Bert 405 Perkins, Macon 76 Perry, Barbara 341 Perry, Bob 412 Perry, Naden 392 Person, Ben 266 Pessin, Hal 395 Pestolesi, Gloria 223 Peters, Theo 390 Peterson, Phillip 77 Peterson, Shirley 77 PhUlips, Alvin 401 PhUlips, Edith 216 Phillips, Geo 399 Phillips, Harriett 230. 258 PhUlips, Margaret 345 Phillips, Norma 305 Philokalia 243 Philp, Barbara 375 Phi Mu 351 Phi Mu Alpha 242 Phi Omega Pi 361 Phi Sigmi Sigma 358 Phi UpsUon Pi 244 Phrateres 243 Pi Beta Phi 355 Pi Kappa Sigma 245 Pike, Eddie 293 Pi Lambda Phi 395 Pi Lambda Theta 395 Pincus, Shirley 331 Pines, Esther 342 Pitman, Jack 393 Pitlan, Helen 339, 342 Pitts, James 219 Plommer, Betty 361 Plumb, Hugh 409 Plummer, Kay 353 Plulynski, Helen 77 Podoll, Patricia 218, 370 Polinger, George 403 Polk, Lynn 400 Name — Page No. Pollard, Betty 348 Pollock, Louise 341 Polsen, Loraine 239 Pool, Betty Ann 77 Poole, David 417 Poore, Bert 411 Porter, Mervin 411 Porter, Pal 359, 373 Posner, Lavin 77 Post, Minna 259, 344 Potter, Hobart 405 Powell, Kcike 412 Powers, Marion 351 Pratt, Doris 77 Pratt, Mary Simpson 77 Pratt, Wm 405 PrescotI, Nancy 263 Presents 308, 309 Preston, Gilbert 77 Price, Esther 341 Price, Kenneth 405 Price, Mary Celeste 77 Price, Walter 1 77 Priester, Kassy 43,236,257,338 Prindle, Elliott 417 Privetl, Willis 397 Proctor, Mariorie 77 Publications 279 Publications Board 281 Public Health Nursing Club. . . . 262 Puller, Lois 363 Pullen, Edward 394 Pulliam, Jane 354 PuUiam, Margery 354 Pullman, Ella 373 Pump, Fred, W. Jr 77 Puntenny, Wilder 375 Purcele, Stuart 412 Purdy, Phyllis 369 Purkiss, Constance. . .41, 235, 338,346 Putholi, Emma 235, 355 Pulhoii, Ida 235, 355 Q Quayle, Frances 77 Quilico, John P 412 Quimby, Kaye 264 Quinton, Jacqueline 354 R Backus, Claude A 77, 219 Ragan, Cully 359 Ragan, Maise 77, 217 Ragland, Neva 356 Rahle, Ursula 341 Raker, Jim 188 Rally Committee 1 17, 247 Ralphs, Albert 402 Ralston, Marie 216 Ramsdell, Bill 400 Ramsey, Bettie 331 Ramsey, Helen 354 Ramsey, Margaret 356 Ramsing, Jean 77, 356 Ramskill, Joan 264 Randall, Bill 405 Randall, Bob 397 Randall, Carl Frank 77 Randall, Ralph 77, 222 Randle, George 217, 235, 341 Rankin, Hugh 78 Ranney, Wall 410 Ransiord, Mary Ann 359 Rarabeck, Jacqueline 341 Rashen, Lenore 368 Raskind, Leo 78 Rasmussen, Doris 341 Ratner, Lawrence 403 Ratner, Morris 78 Ratney, Roma 344 Rawlings, Mary 348 Rayburn, Dorothy 253, 346 Raymond, Marjorie 78 Reber, Bob P 404 Record, Joyce 368 Reddell, Orin 406 Redemann, Carl Temple 78 Reed, Arlye 240 Reed, Anne 331 Reed, Donald Parlin 78 Reed, Elizabeth E 78 Reed, Muriel 243 Reed, Turalie 224, 260 Reeder, Robert 280 Reel, Stanley 276 Reese, Amy 238 Reesman, Del 393 Reeves, Jean 263 Registration Day 94, 95 Reilly, Mary Jane 78, 338, 360 Reinecke, Patricia 341 Religious Conference Board ... 341 Reniro, Dorothy 46, 78, 327 Renzi, Josephine 78, 362 Rex, Richard 393 Reynolds, Rosemary 22 Reysa, Don 78, 252 Rhoades, Wm 242 Rice, Floydene 370 Rice, Marilynn 348 Rich, Paul 404 Rich, Peggie 341 Richards, Ann 354 Richards, Ray 122 Richardson, Mike 399 Richardson, Ramona 343 Riches, Myron 401 Richmond, Ellen 264 Richmond, John 407 Rickershauser, Mary Frances. 78, 44 217, 229, 259, 338, 353 Name — Page No. Ricketts, Patricia 371 Ridden, Jacqueline 394 Riddick, Marshall 409 Riderson, Frank 406 Ridgley, Frances 78,372 Ridley, Joanne 331 Riehor, Clara 239 Riiberg, Grace 78 Riley, Clayton 407 Riley, Teddy 375 Riley, W. Champ 78 Rineharl, Aileen 351, 365, 367 Rinehart, Mahlon 248, 41 1 Riney, Curtis 78 Rinman, Charlotte 78 Rinnie, Marcia 354 Ritchie, Jacqueline 78, 240, 359 Hitler, Dale 78, 255 Riller, Loyal 264 Hitter, Patricia 394 Rittersbacker, Jane 346 Rivals, The 299 Rivers, Ann 78, 331 Roach, Lillian 341 Robbins, Lowell 79, 264 Roberts, Bonnie 352 Roberts, Caryl 342 Roberts, Suzanne 79, 340 Robertson, Bill 409 Robertson, Peggy Lu 340 Robichaw, Frances 79,359 Robinson, Beatrice 79 Robinson, Gladys 79, 342 Robinson, Norma Lee 357 Robinson, Ruth 253, 357 Robinson, Virginia 79, 240, 258 Robstham, George 405 Roche, Helen 341 Roddy, Jean 344 Rodecker, Helene 357 Rodman, Robert 396 Roduner, Phyllis 224,359 Roe, Helen 79 Rogers, Nanci 354 Rogers, Richard 410 Rogers, Shirley 224, 340 Rohde, RoUand 79, 221, 252 Roman, Lawrence 403 Roosen, George 400 Roquet, Lois 343 Rosco, Mary 264 Rose, Jim 79, 47 Rose, Maryann 79 RcsemonI, H. Nelson 394 Rosemont, Kent 411 Rosenberg, lleene 344 Rosenber, Marvin 416 Rosenblatt, Marvin 416 Rosenblath, Judy 79 Rosenburg, Jack 401 Rosenield, Jack 395 Rosenfield, Joan .4 292 Rosensteil, Ed 401 Rosenthal, Jerome 403 Rosenthal, Marjorie 344 Rosio, Mary 244 Ross, Betty Jean 359 Ross, John 406 Roth, Mary 394 Rourke, Eugene 79,221 Rowe, Hal 395 Rowell, Phyllis 331 Rowell, Robert 79 Rowen, Frances 263 Rowland, Ed 411 Rowley. Vern 409 Rubenstein, Sylvia 79 Rubin, Eileen 344 Ruby, Helen 343 Rudin, Arnold 395 Rudman, Shirley 79 Rudnick, Elynor 373 Rudy Hall 375 Ruegg, Joyce 79,359 Rule, Joe 219 Rupert, Helen 353 Ruppenthal, Emily Jane ... .218, 352 Russel, Nancy 346 Russell, Edward 79 Russell, John 79 Russell, Patricia 79 Rulheriord, Jean 79 Ryan, Barbara 348 Ryan, Mitzi Marie 363 s Saian, Eugene 254. 401 Saks, Andrew 80 Sala, Marie 346 Sale, Sam 189, 291 Salomon, Arline Fay 80 Saltzman, Marvin 401 Saltzman, Sylvia Ruth 80 Sampsell, Margaret 303 Sams, June 239 Samuelson, Ed 414 Samuelson, Eric 397 Sanborne, June 341 Sander, Ed 302,401 Sanders, Harry B. Jr. 80, 221 Sanderson, Dorothy Rose 80 Sandhoff, Robert 390 Sandison, Don 408 Saover, Mitzy 342 Sargent, Arthur 220 Sarson, Frances 245, 375 Sattler, Naomi 342 Savble, Leonard 80 Savage, William 415 Savary, Marg 351 Saye, Judy 80, 351 Scabbard and Blade 248 Scarlett, Dan 409 Name — Page No. Schaaf, Al 390 Schaefler, Art 414 Schafer, William 80 Schaffer, Esther 80 Schallert, Bill 292 Schaper, Mary Elizabeth 80 Schapers, Claude 414 Scharb, Irene 255 Schari, Roy H 80 Scherr, Angeline 360 Schilling, Anne 80 Schillina, Jack 45 Schitt, Kenneth 80, 392 Schlatter, Eda 239 Schlatter, Marjorie Arlene. . .80, 238 Schleten, Elizabeth Adele 80 Schlicting, Charlotte 258 Schloten, Betty 218, 356 Schmid, Marjorie 355 Schmid, Roberta 233 Schmidt, Mary 331 Schmidt, Patsy 80 Schmissrauter, Jo Ann 338, 341 Schneider, Bertha 80 Schoaff, Paul ?? ? . Schoffer, Esther 342 Schonbach, Morris 395 Schreiber, Shirley 80, 344 Schroder, Bill 247 Schroeder, Bill 227 Schrouder, Wm 415 Schufeldt, Audrey 80 Schulz, Sylvia V 80 Schutt, John K 81 Schutz, John 81 Schutz, Thomas 406 Schwab, Alice 354 Schwab, Dave 232, 401 Schwartz, Bernard 81, 232 Schwartz, Douglas H 81 Schwartz, Ernestine 81 Schwartz, Harold D 81 Schwartz, Joe 401 Schwartz, Myra 369 Schwartzbough, Lucille 360 Schwarz, Elman 393 Schwarzi, Ralph 391 Schweickrot, Ruthita 340 Schwenneson, Grace Ann 353 Sclater, Barbara 373 Scofield, Sara 230, 245, 246, 373 Scott, Ann 81, 346 Scott, Bettie 359 Scott, Betty 81 Scott, Catherine 355 Scott, Douglas 415 Scott, Genevieve 81 Scott, Henry L 403 Scott, Marion 338, 363 Scott, Pat 249, 340 Scougall, Elizabeth 342 Scoville, Ruth 81 Seagrave, Mary Jane 81 Seelke, Charles 81 Seibil, Martha 81, 238 Seick, Bruce 408 Seller, Jack 399 Selby, John 414 Seligman, Manny 247 Sellery, Austin 396 Sellery, Bruce 396 Seminario, Isabel 371 Senior Council 39 Senior Officials 38 Senior Week 322, 323 SetUe, Wm 393 Severson, John Elliot 81, 400 Sevier, Fred M 81 Seyster, Marion 81 Shade, Lillian 372 Shade, Louise 372 Shafer, Dorothy 285 Shafer, Roberta 362 Shaler, Paul N 81 Shamray, Rosana 242 Shamroy, Rosanice 217 Shanks, Frances 224, 317 Shanks, Wesley 409 Shannon, Ann 331 Shapiro, Chester 4I6 Shapiro, Dan 395 Shapiro, Shirley 344 Shappell, Stan 415 Sharif, Irene 81 Shedd, Ruth Critchett 81,341 Shedd, Nult 409 Sheldon, Nancy 359 Shell, Virginia [ 362 Shell and Oar 249 Shelnutt, Sarah 81, 346 Shepard, Pauline 346 Sheppard, Ben 410 Sherman, Barbara 253, 342 Sherman, Ethel 340 Shettler, Paul 405 Shewbart, Jane 82 Shoaff, Paul 82 Shool, Martha Lee 82 Sickinger, Charles 414 Sieckert, Betty 218 Siemon, Carl 242 Sigma Alpha Epsilon 411 Sigma Alpha Iota 250 Sigma Alpha Mu 403 Sigma Kappa 356 Sigma Nu 412 Sigma Pi 414 Sills, Gerald 220,294,416 Silver, Jane 355 Silvernail, Mardell 352 Simms, Marjorie 84, 241 Simon, Audrey 82 Simon, Jack 220 Simon, Monte 401 424 Name— Page No. Simons, lack 41, 82, 227, 228,248. 408 Simons, John R 82 Simons, Leonard . 415 Simpson, Raymond 242 Simpson, Royce 415 Sims, Jocelyn 371 Sims, Paul 40B Sinclair, Beverly 355 Sinclair, Kirk . . 157, 226, 227. 248, 411 Singer, Thelma 342 Singletary, Jane 343 Sings 312, 313 Sinsheimer, Bernard Jr 82 Sirdevan, Joanne 82, 284 Silts, Emory 409 Sills, Pal 369 Sitlerle, Virginia 341 Sklar, Bernie 416 Slack, Frances L 82 Slaney, Ray 400 Slater, Clara 82 Slater, Evans 82, 247 Slater, Jean 343 Sliener, Martha 351 Sloane, Miriam 256 Slobodien, Myron 401 Slover, Archy 248,411 Sluyler, Bob 408 Slyiield, Richard 393 Smalley, Del 405 Smith, Aletha 531 Smith, Barbara 223, 246 Smith, Don 396 Smith, Dorsey 331 Smith, Ed 415 Smith, Frank 411 Smith, Gene 409 Smith, Glenn 47 Smith, George 393 Smith, Harriet 371 Smith, Ira 82, 392 Smith, Irene 340 Smith, Lois Roberts 82 Smith, Mariorie 359 Smith, Shirley 82, 243 Smith, Ted 411 Smith, Tom 290 Smith, Vic 399 Smithwick, Jane 341 Smoot, Peter 396 Smyth, Edward 227, 232, 248, 296 Snider, Betty 339 Snider, Beverly 361 Snow, Barbara 348 Snure, Virginia 82, 355 Snyder, Harold 401 Snyder, Muriel 82, 234, 244 Snyder, Nicholas 82 Snyder, Rosemary 348 Society for Advancement of Management 252 Sockett, Charles 395 Solari, Albert 248,412 Solngen, Ann 362 Solnit, June 370 Soloman, Arlene . 342 Somerindyke, Bob 404 Sook, Jean 340 Sophomore Council 35 Sophomore Officers 340 Sorensen, Bill 408 Soriero, Thomas 82, 396 Sororities 336 Server, Ed 404 Sounitza, Vadim 83 Southern Campus 282 Southern, Janet 83, 241, 353 Spaulding, Carol 218 Spaulding, Elizabeth 83 Spaulding, Loma 373 Spaulding, William 51,116 Spearman, Frank 400 Spensely, Irene 235, 333 Sperer, Ethel 342 Sperry, Sema Dell 363 Spillman, Art 227,414 Spindt, Herman 15 Spinner, Frances 342 Spitzger, Gloria 342 Spliler, Margaret 239 Sprague, Ada 375 Sprague, Robert 219 Spratten, Jeanne 355 Spratten, Louanne 355 Sprigg, Rodmond 410 Sprigg, Ray 410 Sprinkel, Ruth 83, 238, 263 Sproul, Don 409 Sproul, Robert 11 Spurs 253 Squad— Basketball 197 Squad — Boxing 204 Squad— B Football 200 Squad — Cricket 203 Squad — Cross Country 196 Squad — Fencing 205 Squad — Golf 202 Squad — Gym 206 Squad — Rifle Team 199 Squad — Skiing 210 Squad — Soccer 201 Squad — Swimming 209 Squad — Walerpolo 208 Squad — Wrestling 198 Squire, Judy 341 Staff, Art 287 Staff, Copy 286 Staff, Engraving 287 Staff, Organizations 286 Staff, Photography 287 Staff Sales 288 Staff, Sports 286 Stanford, T. D 277 Name — Page No. Stanford Trip 96. 97 Stanley, Dorothy 258 Stanley, Lola 342 Stanton, Mary Margaret 373 Stark, Don 83 Starkey, Bob 393 Starr, Marcia 83 Starr, Shirley 333 Stebbins, Joanne 333 Steele, Charlene 371 Steelhead, Margaret 340 Stelfy, Bea 284, 357 Steinen, Paulette 340 SteinhardI, Ruth 344 Steinlauf, Malcolm 41, 83, 290 Stephens, Barbara 394 Stephens, Eleanor 355 Stephens, Jack 402 Stephens, Rosemary 83 Sterett, Margaret 83 Slerett, Peggy 224 Stern, Selma 83 Sterns, Marilyn 341 Sterz, Walter 401 Steven, Ellen 263 Stevens, James 248 Stevens, Jean Norton 83 Stevens, Jean 250, 361 Stevens, Jim 411 Stevenson, Alice 375 Stevenson, Barbara 83 Stevenson, Harry 417 Stewart, Attracta B 83 Stewart, Dorothy 83 Stewart, Francis 412 Stewart, Harry 407 Steward, Malcolm 83 Stillwell, Ralph 276 Stimmel, Bill 408 Stine, Jeanne 345 Stinton, Beverly 359 Stiran, Margaret 342 Stoakes, Elizabeth 373 Stockert, George 83 Stocks, Janice 342 Stoepel, Katherine 333 Stolp, Beth 357 Stone, Doug 404 Stone, Loma 367 Storke, Bill 411 Storm, Dick 400 Storrs, Clara 239 Stoumervasser, Paul 403 Stowe, David 410 Strahawich, Nicholas 407 Strand, Bob 400 Street, Golda 83 Street, Joe 408 Street, John 410 Stroup, Helen 253 Strifling, Leni 253, 367 Strugo, Rose 369 Stuart, Velma 83, 250 Student Exch. Conference. . .98, SS. Student Government 267 Sturnel, Carl 219 Sturzenegger, A. J 274 Styrt, Bob 395 Sudduth, John 83,225,248,390 Suedrafsky, Anna Marie 333 Sullivan, Charlotte 83 Sullivan, Phil 408 Sundberg, Arthur 392 Sundberg, James 219 Sur, Urban 84, 410 Sutton, Jean 356 Sutton, Marcella 44,372,282,21 Sutton, Marcella 44,84,21,7 236 2828, 372 Suzuhi, George .84, 255 Suzuki, June 350 Swancina, Jack 411 Swan, Arvia 353 Swabacker, Leslie 292 Swanfeldt, John 84,293,398 Swain, Bill 400 Swain, Nancy 346 Swight, John 397 Swingley, Bill 412 Swinney, Selma 84, 262 Switzer. Walter 84, 248, 396 Taft, Eleanor 84, 356 Takagaki, Lynn 84 Takemura, Florence 350 Takemura, Henry 254 Talbert, Janet 84, 250 Talbot, Audrey 84 Talcott, B. J 356 Tally, Bob 394 Talmadge, Melba . . .84, 245. 365, 375 Tanaka, Nobee 350 Taniguchi, Tomi 350 Tanner, William 84,221,248,408 Tansey, Grace 351 Tarbell, Jim 408 Tassey, Mary 357 Tau Delta Phi 416 Taylor, Belly 263, 356 Taylor, James 396 Taylor, William 228, 247, 412 Teble, Bruce 405 Tedare, Lena Marie 84 Teets, Leland 42, 84, 248, 417 Teller, Ann 353 Temple, Melonee 233 Tennis 167 Terian, Robert 84 Terry, Roger C 84 Tele, Dorothy 84,256 Name — Page No. Tetrick, Given 371 Thamann, Ruth 369 Thatcher, Betty 348 Theme 7, 8 Thela Chi 415 Thela Phi Alpha 366 Thela Upsilon 345 Thela Xi 393 Thomas, Jack 84, 230 Thomas, Marian F 84 Thomas, Roberta 343 Thomas, Robert 396 Thomas, William 400, 412 Thompson, Lila 216 Thompson, Norris 331 Thomure, Richard 219 Thorn, Barbara 352 Thorne, Beverly Smith 85 Thome, Evelyn 373 Thornton, Hurd 85, 406 Thorson, Margery 354 Thorson, William 248,400,412 Thornton, Mimi 342 Thropp, Mary Lou 331 Thrift, Prudence 340 Thurman, Frances 346 Thurston, Madge 369 Tickner, Clarice Irene 85 Tieck, Jean 346 Tiemann, Louis 85 Tilden, Alice 280 Tiller and Sail 108, 109 Tillman, Madelon 85, 256 Tillman, Margaret 375 Tillman, Vera 363 Tilson, Barbara 85. 348 Timmons, Betlie 85 Tinch, Clark 225 Tingley, Joan 235,249,341 Todd, Ted 391 Tolly, Patricia 355 Tomberlin, Betty .237,261,339,357 Tomlinson, Howard 405 Toomey, Mariorie 394 Torn. Milton 401 Towers, Donald 85 Tozier, Vivian 305 Track 175 Tracy, Constance 223,375 Tregarthen, Doran 260 Trehey, Don 397 Tremaine, Dick 400 Trent, Mary 85, 363 Trinkkeller, Paul 222, 229 Tripp, Mary Alice 375 Trop, Rosalie Diane 85, 230 Trotter, Harold 76, 123, 406 True, Margie 342 Truill, Adele 293, 359 Truhan, Barbara 85 Trussell, Mary 357 Tsuchiyama, Shigeru 85,255 Tuckscherer, Lois 356 Tucker, James 410 Tuffree, Doris 85, 348 Tumbleson, Ray 400 Turberville, Thomas 409 Turman, Jim 405 Turner, Brinton 188 Tusler, Ted 405 Tutley, John 85, 255 Tweedl, Marjorie 264 Twitchcll, Herbert 417 Twomey, Robert 410 Tyler, Belly 85, 244 Tyler, Ed 394 Tyler, Nancy 327, 340 Tyre, Eleanor 85 Tyre, Norman 416 u Uchiyama, Alice 350 Udell, Larry 401 Uggen, Lorinne 85 Umlord, Don 398 Unievrsity Men 376 University Women 325 Upham, Betty 85,355 Urion, Palsy 333, 339 V Vair, Alexander 396 Valdez, Adeline 85 Van Ausdeln, Ruth 262 Vance, Glen 409 Vandegrifl, Roger 397 Van de Water, James 415 Van Dissen, Jim 408 Van Doom, Bill 397 Van Druff, Marion 354 Van Hassell, Martha 365, 377 Van Horn, Howard 398 Van Horn, Roderick 85 Vantaberger, George 415 Vanlress, Grayce 234 Van Voorhees, Coert 86 Van Vranken, Mary Jane 331 Van Wry, Evelyn 86 Varsity Baseball 156 Varsity Basketball 144 Varsity Crevr 186 Varsity Football Squad 124 Varsity Tennis 167 Varsity Track 176 Vasilopoulos, Theodore Peter. . . 86 Vatcher, Jane 86, 352 Vaughn, Dolly 86, 341 Vaughn, Margaret 86 Venio, James 291, 397 Veller, Tony 254, 393 Name — Page No. Vellom, Betty 237,249,261 Verner, John 415 Verstag, Betty 359 Vesey, Betty 355 Vianet, Ted P 406 Virzi, Joseph 86 Voelker, Mary 86 Voigl, Barbara ? ? Voorvaart, Jean 256 Vorrenler, Jane 86, 346 w Waara, Barbara 352 Wagner, Harry 411 Wagner, Jack 408 Waile, Barbara 342 Walbridge, Katy 353 Walburg, Betty Jane 342 Walbridge, Katy 353 Walburg, Betty Jane 342 Waldo, Russ 400 Walen, Galena 86 Walker, Carl 86, 232, 409 Walker, Nan 375 Walker, Tom 400 Walker, William 410 Wall, Don 400 Wallace, Dorothy 8S Wallace, Jim 18B Wallace, Ralph 247, 393 Wallersledl, Jane .217,253,288,305 Wallis, Ben 186 Walsworth, Duane 393 Walt, Joe 411 Waller, Belly 250, 363 Waller, Dorothy 345 Waller, Emmett 410 Walter, Irna 87, 223 Walter, Wm 415 Walters, Martha 86 Wallers, Stanley 401 Wallers. Winnifred 362 Walven, Paul 409 War Activities 316, 317 Ward, Allie 88 Ward, Clare 342 Ward, Mary 346 Ward, Nadine 86. 363 Wardwell, Gladys 216,305 Ware, Ruth 353 Warren, Betty 353, 363 Warren. Elizabeth 86. 241 Warren, Harriet 86 Warren, Harriet 86 Warren, Hazel 86, 216 Warren, Herbert 402 Washburn, Beverly 359 Waterhouse, Norma 87,361 Waters, Betty Jane 359 Walkins, Betty 216 Walkins, Dean Gordon S 16 Waymire, J 223 Weaver, Lura Jean 87 Weber, Aileen 87 Webb, Carolyn 41, 87, 346 Webber, Art 410 Webber, Frank 87, 410 Wedge, Jesse 87 Weil, Bob 292, 401 Weinshenkies, Roy 401 Weir, Frank 87 Weisbard, Don 87 Weisel, Doris 253 Weiskoff, Irma 87 Weisman, Jean 87 Weiss, Eleanor 341 Weiss, Mildred 87, 218 Welcome, Jane 353 Welch, Mary 352 Wellons, Virginia 343 Wells, Edwards 242 Welsey, Lewis 302 Wentzel, Dwight 87 Wertz, Betty Jane 355 West, Duke 45, 118. 411 West, Wilbur 415 Western, George 405 Westgard Cooperative 264 Weslwood Club 263 Weslwood Hall 394 Weyman, Helen 87. 235, 353 Whalen, Mary 331 Wharton, Eleanor 363 Wheaton, Alice 42,87.228.235 259. 338. 354 Wheeler. A. Edward 87 Wheeling. Patricia 87 Whipple. Leora 87 Whisler. Betty 354 Whitaker. Pat 263 While. Barbara 40. 87. 236. 249 256. 340 White. Betty Mae 342 White, Jean 88,264 White, Jacqueline 346 While, Marilyn 359 While, Mary Lou 345. 373 While. Phyllis 348. 368 White. Polly 353 Whitfield. Elizabeth 224. 237 261. 305 Whitlock. Suzanne 88. 359 Whitmore, Marie 235. 352 Whittle. Richard 88.220,470 Wick, Winnifred 88 Wierfl, Raymond 242 Wilfels, Howard 417 WUcox, Bob 394, 404 Wilcox, Marcia 333 Wilderness, Ah 300 Wildreck, Richard 398 Wiles, Wanda 345, 367 425 Name Page No. Wiley, Robert 399 Wilhelm. Belly Jo 88 Wilhelm, Mary 88 Wilhelm, Mary H 372 Wilhelm, Rulh 344 Wilkinson, Rhea 88. 236, 352 Willardson, Max 396 Williams, Hal 393 Williams, Charlolle 367 Williams, Lanora 88, 238 Williams, Florence 88, 333 Williams, Jane 342 Williams, Margaret 235,354 Williams, Rodger 404 Williams, Sam 364 Williams, Wesley 415 Williams, Virginia 253 Williamson, Marion 352 Willing, Carroll 25 Winner, William 401 Willoughby, Virginia 88, 353 Wilner, Bill 188, 254 Wilson, Bill 411,294 Wilson, David 88 Wilson, Doris 353 Wilson, Edward 260 Wilson, Elizabeth 235, 333 Wilson, Howard 395 Wilson, Jeanne 218 Wilson, Kay 88. 235 Wilson, Mary 289. 348 Wilson, Margie 88 Name — Page No. Wilson. Roy 247 Wilson, Rulh 241 Willen, Aline 370 Wilton, Margaret 88. 343 Winans, Adelaide 88.352 Winkler, Marjorie 331 Winslow Arms 371 Wirtschalter, Ivan 88 Wismar, Rosalie 88 Withey, Dorothy 88, 351 Witz, Shirley 264 Woflord, Mary 341 Wohlgemuth, Barbara 345,367 WclcotI, Bob 45,88,157,225,227 Woli, Frank 401 Wolf, Geraldine 88 Wolfe, Leona 262 Wolfe, Winifred 344 Wolfe, Yvonne 88 Wolff, Louise 88 Wolff, Shirley S 342 Wolhler, Anne 261 Wolhr, Robert 394 Women ' s Play 334. 335 Women ' s Recreationals 333 Wonderland. Alice in 301 Woo, Wilbur 89. 252 Woodcock, Charles 396 Woodward, Charles 410 Woodward, Dick 408 Wood, Marion 340 Wood, Virginia 356 Name — Page No. Wood, Floyd 394 Woods, Richard 89 Woodworth, Marjorte 352 WoolcotI, Robert 390 Woolf, Herb 395 Worden, Roberta 224 Wormald, Pat 264 Worth, Phyllis 89 Wotring, William 391 Wright, Barbara 346 Wright, Doris 89 Wright, Eleanor 224 Wright, Frances 89, 365, 368 Wright, Peggy 89 Wright, James 89 Wright, Jeanne 352 Wurtzel, Paula 89, 344 Wyalt, Josephine 89, 33! Wynne, Wm 89 Wynns, Jack 400 Wynns, John G 81 Yamamoto, Takako , 89 Yamasaki, Francis 350 Yamasaki, Mitsushire 89 Yarborcugh, Belle 89 Yates, Dale 354 Yeaman, Antoinette 89 Name — Page No. Yeoman, Phyllis 89 Yoemen 254 Yonemura, Hitoshi . . 40, 89, 118, 228 247, 248, 277 Yost, Robert 89, 393 Young, Blanche 352 Young, Ernest George 89 Young, Jack 404 Young, Richard 410 Youngerman, Helen 89. 375 Y.W.C.A 261 Zacker Dick 119 Zanella. Olive 89,362 Zarraga, Lupe 372 Zegar, Esther 89, 365, 372 Zegar, June 233. 373 Zellner, Helen 352 Zelsdorf, Lois 240. 356 Zeta Beta Sigma , . . 255 Zeta Beta Tau 401 Zeta Phi Eta 256 Zeta Psi .... 399 i Zeta Tau Alpha . , . 362 i 221 1 Ziilch, Charles Zilch, Charles 89 1 Zimmer, Ailene .... 371 1 Zock, Dorothy 3S5 1 426 •SK-X-SMlVii wore important than ever before UNIVERSITY CAMP LIST OF ADVERTISERS AMBASSADOR HOTEL BILTMORE HOTEL CARL A. BUNDV QUILL PRESS HENDERSON TRADE BINDERY COVER CO. MARTEL-HOWLETT STUDIOS COAST ENVELOPE LEATHER CO. BEVERLY HILLS HOTEL SAWYER ' S BUSINESS COLLEGE UNION OIL COMPANY CAMPBELL ' S BOOKSTORE FOUR S BAKING COMPANY NEITHART ' S QUALITY MARKET STUDENT ' S CAFE TANNER MOTOR TOURS WESTERN BADGE BUTTON CO. ALLEN RITTER COMPANY GENERAL OFFICE FURNITURE HOLLYWOOD HOSPITAL HY TONE CLEANERS POTTER ' S HARDWARE WRIGHT MacMAHON SCHOOL TESTED PAPERS 428 2). tne am funce in wor id famous ( OCOUnut C 1 latlon A rJLeaaina Kyrcnedt Superlative ooa ana Se roue rad feri ice fie JLoS yrnaeleS . mbaSAucli 9 3400 Wiisliire EoJevaJ 2 rexe( 7011 429 €XP« CAIIC !l Best of Link HY TONE CLEANERS BEVERLy HILLS 1 LEE O ' CONNELL BILL O ' CONNELL PERI CAR E TO SAVE CA R WEAR ikeepyo " ' cat „,,,.., M»».» " ' ' ;TW» can a«n .o»» Uputyouthrougn they ' U put Minu Man Service. LOOK FOR THESE SIGNS UNION O I L , 4t tiwm l i Mmm ' Mi COMPANY STEEL WOOD GENERAL OFFICE FURNITURE COMPANY Office, School and Industrial Equipment 1049 S. Los Angeles St. PR. 5123 WESTERN BADGE AND BUTTON COMPANY CELLULOID BUTTONS TROPHY CUPS ATHLETIC FIGURES PREMIUM RIBBONS BADGES AND MEDALS ROSETTES Michigan 9336 I 109 West Seventh Street Los Angeles, California WRIGHT MACMAHON SCHOOL Secrefar ' ial Training for Coliege Women Continuous Placement for Graduates BEVERLY HILLS TANNER-GRAY LINE LIMOUSINES with liveried chauffeurs U-DRIVE CARS DE LUXE PARLOR CARS for sightseeing and charter purposes. TANNER MOTOR TOURS Mutual 3111 320 South Beaudry Ave. Los Angeles POTTER ' S HARDWARE 10935 Weyburn Avenue Westwood Village Telephone AR. 3-6514 Buy,.. UNITED STATES SAVINGS WAR BONDS and STAMPS 430 ne Lj acloud J odi of the ( oast The Los Angeles Biltmore . . . the hotel magnificent. Home of the world famous Biltmore Bowl, " the supper club of the stars. " the crystal Ballroom, the Rendezvous. The meeting place of dignitaries, world travelers, and the social elite. Regal in appearance, luxuriously comfortable, superbly con enient . . . yet gladly serving L.C.L.A. students year after year in their most sumptuous affairs. Dinnei ' dances, club parties, and other social functions are sure to be a success under the able direction of our experts in entertaining. 31.. BILTMORE HOTEL FIFTH at OLIVE LOS ANGELES 431 tfcifi . . . OF MUTUAL CONSTRUCTION IN THE BUILDING OF EACH VOLUME OF HAVE PLACED THIS PERFORMANCE IN THE CATEGORY OF INSTITUTIONAL CO-OPERATION WE FEEL HIGHLY HONOREDTO HAVE HAD THE CONFIDENCE OF THE OFFICIALS, THE FACULTY, AND THE STUDENT BODY OF THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA AT LOS ANGELES INTHE PRODUCTION OF THEIR ANNUALS FOR SUCH A LONG PERIOD OF TIME CARL A. BUNDY QUILL PRESS 1228-30 South Flower Street LOS ANGELES TELEPHONE R O S P E C T 3 4 7 432 Complimenfs fo the Sfudenfs and fhe Sfalf of SOUTHERN CAMPUS 1942 WORDS OF WISDOM: Martcl-Howlett Studios have made photographs for nearly 90,000 people during the 20 years of our successful business career. MARTEL-HOWLETT STUDIOS SPECIAL RATES TO STUDENTS ON PERSONAL OR WEDDING PORTRAITS Officio Soufhern Campus Photographers for Pour Years 3227 West Sixth Street DRexel 2234 BINDING BY— HENDERSON TRADE BINDERY AND COVER COMPANY 2814 South Grand, Los Angeles 433 For Good Meals af Reasonable Prices Eaf af fhe CO-OP CAFE Save on All Vour CLASS SUPPLIES, BOOKS. STATIONERY at CAMPBELL ' S BOOK STORE 10918 LeConte BR. 21077 Westwood Village AR. 33770 T. V. ALLEN C. W. RITTER COMPANY 2922 SOUTH MAIN STREET LOS ANGELES. CALIF • M anuftiilurers DIPLOMAS RINGS • PINS ANNOUNCEMENTS MEDALS • AWARDS CARDS • STATIONERY TROPHIES PRESBYTERIAN HOSPITAL - OLMSTEAD MEMORIAL LESSEE HOLLYWOOD HOSPITAL Approved by American College of Surgeons 1322 North Vermont Ave. OLympia 1151 Vihy is something always Bru-in at the Beverly Hills Hotel? Have you ever attended one of our popular dinner dances or toasted the Bruin bear in our polo lounge? If not, you don ' t know what you ' ve missed. Dance to smooth tunes of Aaron Gonzales . . . Participate in exciting champagne contests and gay entertainment . . . Here is a place to learn " what ' s cooking " . . . No cover . . . No minimum . . . Dinners Thursday, $2, Sunday from $1.50 . . . Dancing starts at nine. BEyEkLY HILLS HOTEL CR. 78731 THE NEED HAS NEVER BEEN GREATER Qioe! AMERICAN RED CROSS 434 NEITHART ' S QUALITY MARKET Wholesale and Retail Meat Specializing in FROZEN FRUITS - VEGETABLES - FISH - SHRIMP Ph. State 50531 - VAN NUVS - 6271 Van Nuys Blvd. COMPLETE RESTAURANT SERVICE BREAD AND ROLLS 4S DOUGHNUTS AND COFFEE CAKES BAKING COMPANY 1801 Blake Avenue Los Angeles, California OLympia 1131 Business and Industry Are Calling for College Women with Business Training PATRIOTIC WOMEN can be of no greater service to their country than to enlist in the front line of business and industry, where they are muchly needed to replace the men now going to battle for our freedom. BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES for college-tralned-plus-business- trained women are more varied and interesting than ever before. Opportunities for important positions and real careers now present themselves. SPECIAL COLLEGE SECRETARIAL COURSE with Sawyers famed, exclusive instruction methods gives to present and former college students all subjects necessary to a successful career. Small group classes starting each week allow for superior training in very short time. FOUR FREE PLACEMENT BUREAUS are in contact with leading employers who have important positions open, will help you find your place in our all-out Victory campaign. 921 Westwood Boulevard ARiiona 31185 - BRighton 04138 (or cnnsuit yuur loiat tfUphoni dif c- torv ior nearest Satcyir School) SCHOOL OFBUSINESS Los Angeles - Pasadena - Westwood Village - Long Beach Thanks, UCLANS! It has been the pleasure of this company to manufacture the COVERS FOR THE SOUTHERN CAMPUS, with but few exceptions, for well over a decade. We like your book, we like your Southern Campus, we like your students, and we wish you lots of luck in this and future editions. COAST ENVELOPE AND LEATHER PRODUCTS CO. " Makers of Bilt-Rite Annual Covers, Edition Covers, Fabrikoid Specialties " ■IN OUR 25TH YEAR IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA 220 Rose Street, Los Angeles Telephone: MLtual 9131 435 W STROMGER .SOFTER Use One . . . Instead of a Handful Are you tired of having facial tissues wad up? Are you annoyed with the way fingers go right through ordinary facial tissues — that shred and tear coming out of the box? Then you ' ll welcome these new improved Test -5 Mark facial tis- sues that are so much stronger that youll iHE4SjHElBI use one instead of several — yet softer and more absorbent. In new smarter boxes of 200 and 500 tissues. TESTMARK FOR YOUR BOYS GIVF. NOW u. s. 0. Compliments of JACK KRAMER Compliments of K. N. BARONIAN 436 FRIENDS OF THE UNIVERSITY The Southern Campus makes grateful acknowledg- ment to those men and organizations of Los Angeles who have wished to express their appreciation for their association with the University in business . . . ALLISON COFFEE COMPANY BOWER GIEBEL WHOLESALERS O ' MELVENY MEYERS COLLINS AND COMPANY BUNDY QUILL PRESS AMBASSADOR HOTEL MARTEL-HOWLETT STUDIOS BILTMORE HOTEL 437 u an on 9 In presenting the finished product constructed during blackouts and under the depressing individualistic psychologies of war, we, the staff, give to you, the students of this university, the 1942 SOUTHERN CAMPUS, depicting U.C.L.A. as it is. and as we all want to remember it. Contrary to student opinion, publishing a yearbook of the size and quality of the Southern Campus isn ' t a simple task. It requires a conscientious and cooperating group of students who are willing to trade diversion for drudgery. Because the Editor receives most of the credit if it is a success and all the blame if it is a failure. I bullied my poor staff until they began to really take my ideas and deadlines seriously. Unfortunately, I will never be able to really prove to the people who counted how sincerely 1 appreciated all their help when they could have been doing other things more to their liking, but who worked faithfully filling the assignments of those who found they had too many other things to do . . . my deepest thanks. . . To Marge, a brilliant and marvelous girl who helped me more than she ' ll ever know . . . who contributed her excellent ideas as well as her abundant physical labor to the building of this edition ... all the luck in the world. Marge . . . you ' ve given me a great deal to think about concerning life and all its attributes . . . I ' m really proud to be one of your many friends. To Jody, the girl with the marvelous disposition . . . willing, smiling, and thoroughly vital to our little organization . . . was always on hand whenever anyone needed her either for her advice or criticism . . . never said no to any little trivial matter that I might ask her to do . . . thanks, Jody, I ' ll never be able to thank you. To Thelner, who never said no to any impossibility regarding photography that I asked him to do . . . his work speaks for itself . . . it ' s terrific! Thanks again, Thelner, for all those Friday and Saturday nights that you gave up to print pictures for me. To Robin, who is the most ideal art major anyone had the pleasure of working with . . . never argued unless I asked her to do the impossible . . . Her work proved to all that she claimed full possession of the work that encases this volume. Thanks is such a simple way of expressing the deep gratitude that is within me . . . please accept it, though, with all my sincerity. To Phil, one of the too few who could never be replaced on our staff . . . he ' s really swell . . . Worked hard on his section and the results are splendid . . . When he wasn ' t knee deep in " copy blocks " he was desperately catching up with the fast moving shell on Ballona Creek oh, sol Thanks again, Phil, your friendship and cooperation were priceless. To Bea, who carried her entire section with the greatest ease and perfection . . . did a matchless job . . . her section was beautifully written . . . my sincerest thanks Bea, for your devoted attention to my requests . . . I ' ll never quite forget how super you were all year. To Dorothy, a newcomer on the staff this year, but one of th3 " good things " that comprise a yearbook staff . . . her section was always ahead of schedule and her tireless efforts were greatly appreciated. Thanks, Dottie, your friendship was wonderful. To Marcella, who, together with her practice teaching and pneumonia, found little time to tear apart the book. We ' re happy to know that you are feeling better and thanks for your help. To Mr. Reeder, for his wonderful faith in me . . . we really miss you. To Mr. Ackerman, for his aid and guidance during Mr. Reeder ' s leave of absence, thank you. To Carlos, one of our super-photographers this year who helped incessantly toward the beautification of our book . . . Thanks. Carlos, for all your tireless and thankless jobs . . . you ' ve been appreciated tremendously, I assure you. To George, another terrific photographer who completely lives his pastime and whose results proved that he loves photogra- phy . . . Thanks, George, you ' ll never really know how grateful I am. To Gerry, a champion among girls . . . Gerry cut classes and walked miles covering assignments for me. Her wonderful pictures in the senior section exemplify her fine work. To Bob Parr, who somehow became a member of Phil ' s staff along with Bob Starky and who turned out to be one of the best workers on the entire staff. His work was always on time and he was ready if I needed him further. Bob, you were wonderful . . . please accept my simple thanks for all you did. To Carol and Mary Margaret, who worked far into the night with me pasting pictures . . . Your help was tremendous thanks for everything ... I hope you both didn ' t become too exasperated with Southern Campus not to continue your brilliant work. To Fred Gray, the boy who can tell you the name of any player on our football squad and just what play he instigated . . . wrote all football copy and did a marvelous job . . . Thanks, Fred. I ' ll be indebted for years to come for your wonderful service. To Jean Cohn, a small, yet willing freshman who lived in Griffith Park, yet who stayed every night when we were pasting panels . . . her help was tremendous . . . Thanks, Jean, I reallv appreciated your work. My deepest appreciation to such fine people as Joan Ramskill, Bessie Ferina, Jean Sjorgin, Vera Bumstead, Bob Mills, Gloria Farquar, Mary Rawlings, Helen HoUey . . . also Miss Gracey, Mrs. Jacot, Mr. Fleisher, Mr. Edmunds, Mr. Morley, Mr. Prefer, Mr. Jessup, Mrs. Gray, Mr. Henderson, Mr. Dallinger, Johnny (Thelner ' s aide . . . also thanks to people such as Bill Newman, Helen Kunkel, Sallie Norton, Peggy Tyre, and each and everyone who worked . . . you will never know what a wonderful staff of people you were . . . you really contributed to the production of this volume. All the luck in the world to the most valuable staff an Editor ever had the pleasure of working with. Indebtedly; MARIE. Marcella Sutlon Associate Editor Robin Lyford Art Editor 1942 EDITORIAL STAFF Marie Dashiell Editor loanne Sirdevan Copy Editor Thelner Hoover Photographer Margrel Karl Engraving Editor Phil Baker Sports Editor COPY STAFF Jody Sirdevan — Editor Gloria Farquar Jean Sjorgen Barbara Wright Marian Gunthrup Margret Karl Marie Dashiell ACTIVITY STAFF Bea Sleffy — Editor ENGRAVING STAFF Marge Karl — Editor Helen Harley Gloria Farquar Joan Ramskill Bessie Ferina Peggy Tyre Flora Gano " Tish " Dashiell Bea Steiiy Activity Editor SPORTS STAFF Phil Baker — Editor Fred Gray — Associate Bob Parr — Assistant Bob Starky — Assistant WOMEN ' S STAFF Dorothy Shafer — Editor Sue Harding Margie Blackslock PHOTOGRAPHY STAFF Thelner Hoover — Editor Carlos Elmer — Associate George Hjorth — Associate Gerry Gidley Reese Frederickson ART STAFF Robin Lyford — Editor Joan Ramshell Carol Lubic Organizations Editor Catherine Mastopietro Academic Editor M. M. Brooks Photo Librarian BUI Newman Jack Mahon Helen Kunkel Doris Gregory Marilyn Jackson PoUy While Sallie Norton Leah Bowlby Atalie Adams Marian Williams Barbara Waite Doris Tuffree Barbara Norton Barbara Bannon ORGANIZATION STAFF Carol Lubic — Editor Mary M. Brooks — Associate Bob Mills Vera Benstead Jean Cohen Barbara Ryan Mary Rawlings Joan Ramskill Betty Polentf Jane Edgcomb Betty Culbert Bessie Mae Ferina Gertrude McWhinney Nancy Laughlin Peggygene Kingman Lorraine Davis Jean MacDonald Mariellen Worcester Molly Herron Suzanne Frizell Helen Bredahl Joanne Sirdevan Dorothy Shaier Women s Editor Marie Dashiell Margret Karl INDEX STAFF Jean Cohen Marie Dashiell Howell McDaniel Marge Karl Bessie Ferina Tom Smith Mary Railings Vera Bumstead Bob Mills M. M. Brooks Carol Lubic Joan Ramskill Jane Wallerstedt Virginia Lewis Marjorie Hinkle 438 wun on 9 A tremendous project was placed before the Management Staff this year, and the greatest possible obstacle stood in our way. For the War, even to us who have devoted years to the book, places the importance of our work in the background of a greater interest. Yet the staff, including assistants and workers, gave full cooperation. Each completed his job, and the job was well done. To all who have helped, my sincerest thanks! Our success is the result of a close harmony that existed a.-nong Department Managers. Each of these managers shouldered a great responsibility. Jerry McClellan was our Idea man, and his enthusiasm enlivened the whole Sales Staff. Jerry deserves the credit for many of our campaign themes, and he followed through with helpful sales promotion. I consider it a privilege to have worked with Jerry, and a privilege to count him among my friends. Lorraine Hofmann did splendid work in handling publicity fcr the book. From the general public, she received little recogni- tion for her job. But staff members realize that hers was one of the most difficult and important positions in the organization. We could always depend on Lorraine; she never missed a deadline. And she helped in so many ways, so many times. Herb Fleming, with the aid of his small but excellent staff, turned out a good advertising section. Anne Brown alone handled Senior Reservations this year, and the effectiveness of her work can be shown by the record- breaking section — more Seniors represented than ever before. Jane Wallerstedt not only handled the office work well, but she was always ready with a helping hand when the rest of us needed a lift. Jane did more than her job, and we are really grateful. Bob Farmer gave us the largest Organization Section in the history of the Southern Campus. We are all proud oi the terrific job he did. Janet Hargrave and Pat Archibald were the top-notch sales girls last year, when they sold books by the hundreds. This year, they organized a hundred salesmen and salesgirls to do the same. My thanks to Janet and to Pat and to all who worked with them. Bob Reeder, former Director of Publications, though he did the work of ten people, was never too busy to listen to our problems, and to help whenever possible. Wherever his Naval duties may take him, my sincerest wishes for his happiness and safety shall follow. Alice Tilden Pryor, our one and only " Tilli " , gave us constant help and encouragement. Thanks for everything, Tilli! Barbara Steffen has been the finest friend one could imagine. Often she helped us with our work, long after hours and even on precious Sundays. To Marie Dashiell, and to the whole Editorial Staff, we are indebted for this fine book, which we were proud to promote. I am deeply grateful for the experience I have gained in Management of the 1942 Southern Campus. But I am even more grateful for the friends I have made through this work with people as fine as Bob Landis, Martha Otis, Bob Meldrum, Alice Tilden Pryor, and Tom Freear. And this year, too, the work has been most enjoyable and worthwhile through association with my grand staff and all the other fine people I have known. The four years I have spent on the Southern Campus have been the most colorful chapter in my life — a chapter 1 regret must come to a close. JO 1942 MANAGERIAL STAFF lo Funk Manager letry McClellan Associate Manager Lorraine Hoffman Publicity Manager Pat Archibald Sales Manager )anet Hargrave Sales Manager Anne Brown Senior Reservations Manager Herb Fleming Advertising Manager Jane Wallerstedt Office Manager Bob Farmer Organization Manager ORGANIZATION STAFF Bob Farmer — Organization Mgr. Eldon Alig Eloise Dom Marian Meloth Willy Privelt ADVERTISING STAFF Herb Fleming — Advertising Mgr. Marian Boissier Betty Vesey PUBLICITY STAFF Lorraine Hofmann — Sales Promotion Mgr. Prudence Bretherlon Peggy Dollard OFFICE STAFF Jane Wallerstedt — Office Mgr. Paul Armstrong Louise Bannister Marian Boissier Prudence Bretherton Douglas Carmack Pat Crawford Rosalie Creager Kay Christopher Jean Davison Laura Lee De Voss Betty Duchand Colleen Flynn Selma Haister Pat Hay Mary Heaton Helen Jones Jeanne Krotz Ann Mayer Marcia McCausland Marian Meloth Alice Olmstead Terry Olmstead Ellen Richmond Martha Scherer Charlotte Schade Nancy Shumaker Jeanne Sook Lola Jean Stanley Ruthita Schweickert Shirley Starr Kay Stopel Doris Underwood Dorothy Walker SALES STAFF Pat Archibald — Sales Mgr. Janet Hargrave — Sales Mgr. Eldon Alig Dorothy Allen Paula Armstrong Jefferson Asher Margaret Avery Bud Baldwin Virginia Baker Louise Bannister Elvin Berchtold Vera Bumstead Robert Bevier Marian Boissier Prue Bretherton Ruth Bretzfelder Mary Margaret Brooks Barbara Bufium Lou Ann Bufitmi Mary Cameron Sonia Clarabut Ray Clover Betty Cobb Pat Crawford Laura Lee DeVoss Peggy Dollard Bette Doolittle George Edwards Patty Elam Patricia Emery Gloria Farquar Colleen Flynn Betty Frueling Iris Framton Flora Gano Geraldine Gidley Fred Grey Raymond Guy Barbara Ann Hackett Helen Hailey Tom Ham Richard Harder Sue Harding Mary Patricia Heaton Molly Herron Lucille Heycock Virginia Hilton Don Hitchcock Mary Alice Janke Donna Jenkins Frances Johnson Myfanwy Jones Helen Jones Jackie Kellog Mary Kidd Georgiana Kline Elsie Kovinick Walter Kuhl Helen Kunkel Nancy Jean Laughlin Wave Layman Richard Leppert Elaine Lettice Robin Lylord John Mahon Mary Lynne Manuel Cathryn Mastopietro Alvira McCarthy Patricia McCormack Barbara McFarland Marion Meloth Betty Meese Barbara Norton Terry Olmstead Verna Pace Norma Patterson Ted Peters Joan Ramskill Mary Rawlings Ramona Richardson Joanne Ridley Jack Ridgway Ellen Richmond Bonnie Roberts Mary Margaret Roth Marie Ryan Marvin Saltzman Charlotte Schade Martha Scherer Beltie Scott Douglas Scott Henry Scott Dorothy Shafer Jan Shuler Beverly Sinclair Joanne Sirdevan Bernie Sklar Jane Sprague Louanne Spratlan Rodney Sprigg Lola Jean Stanley Margaret Steelhead Bea Sleffy Joan Stewart Francis Stewart Jean Stine David Stowe Ann Teller Barbara Thorn Betty Tremayne Peggy Tyler John Verner Betty Versteeg Louise Walter Doris Wilson Gloria Wilson Marcia Wilcox Mariellen Worcester Barbara Wright Frances Yamasaki Betty Zellner 439 CRAFTSME FOR THE BOO Jesse G. Jessup, general manager of the Bundy Quill and Press, has supervised the printing and publication of fourteen editions of the Southern Campus. Mr. lessup is recognized throughout the graphic arts industry as an outstanding authority on printing, and his firm is universally conceded to be the leading printer of yearbooks in Southern Cali- fornia. The long list of national prizes awarded the Southern Campus is in no small mea sure due to the excellence of the printing and the capable direction of Mr. Jessup. His personal interest in this book, along with his close cooperation in technical matters, has been of great value to the staff. John Morley, service man for the Bundy Quill and Press, handled the difficult assignment of obtaining all printing copy from the staff, completing press forms near the deadline schedules, getting page-proof OKs, and scores of other technical details that go into the printing of a book as large as the Southern Campus. His job was one of the most difficult to perform, and his frequent calls at the Campus office are adequate testimony of his persistence and coopera- tion to see the work through, John ' s lik- able personality will henceforth be missed, as he is now engaged in the ship-building industry. JESSE JESSUP JOHN MORLEY Arthur Prefer, superintendent of the Mis- sion Engraving Company, was the man who managed the production of all the beautiful photo-engravings in the 1942 Southern Campus. The outstanding pro- cess-color reproductions on the division pages, along with the unexcelled black and white engravings throughout the book, typify the high quality of work- manship maintained by Prefer at the Mission Engraving Co, Art has super- vised the engravings for eleven editions of the Southern Campus, His pleasant personality and close cooperation have aided materially in the production of All- American yearbooks for U.C.L.A. Waldo Edmunds, representing the Mis- sion Engraving Co., serviced the photo- engraving work for the 1942 Southern Campus. This was the tenth edition of the U.C.L.A. yearbook handled by Waldo since he graduated from the Uni- versity in 1926. He was editor of the first Ail-American Southern Campus dur- ing his senior year on the campus, so the Bruin publication is a matter of close personal interest to him. Waldo is active in U.C.L.A. Alumni affairs, and in busi- ness activities the Southern Campus is his primary interest. ARTHUR PRETEH WALDO EDMONDS Mr. Joseph Fleischer, manager of the Martel-Howlett Photography Studios, has handled the portrait photography for the Southern Campus during the past four years. His personal supervision of all the portraits in the book has made for an excellent quality in these pictures. Fleischer maintained at all times a spirit of cooperation that aided materially in the production of the 1942 yearbook. His staff of workers set a high standard in service and workmanship. The editor wishes to express her appreciation to the following for theii helpful contributions and cooperation in the production of the 1942 Southern Campus: Mr. Jack Henderson, of the Henderson Trade Bindery Bert Ferguson, of Coast Envelope and Leather Products Co. Herb Dallinger. U.C.L.A. Photography Department Helen Gracie, of Martel - Howletl Studios Ruth Gray, of Bundy Quill and Press Barbara Steflin, PubUcation Office John Jackson, Alumni Office The Huntington Library Beverly Hills Cycle Shop Westwood Tropical Ice Gardens Westwood Bowling Alley Bel-Air Country Club The Sycamores Ben Person, News Bureau Dr. Frederick P. Woellner JOSEPH FLEISCHER 1 UL M " M gg a«ag K ,0r:r: : lF ,0V T JX0!K y. A Xt gj gggg ggy z Aw ' Vr, wi ' m n ' . . vy ' ' " •. :if: " l " l ' « ' ' ' : . . ' ' j ' I ! . lIllHM.. • • « ( I « » • I ■ X • ' ■ ' • y • vW x:- - V(»rtl " ?y«- ■ ' ..HiiiH. v riTiT _. • , « .A " r ' -i ' tivvL.-, L »rV -:| — ' r ■ ■ r -i ' i •«.r : - ] i - ' :. I y

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