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§ SOUTHERN ■ ■■( CRMPU ' •¥ •¥ THE LIBRARY OF THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA LOS ANGELES PROFESSOR JOHN ELOF BOODIN MEMORIAL PHILOSOPHY COLLECTION 2 . ovt CiJi SOUTHERN CAMPUS THE QUAD COPYRIGHT 19 3 4 by the ASSOCIATED STUDENTS of the UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA AT LOS ANGELES FLORENCE BLACKMAN Editor ARNOLD ANTOLA Manager THE SOUTHERN CAM PUS PUBLISHED BY THE ASSOCIATED STUDENTS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA AT LOS ANGELES 19 34 VOLUME XV THE PHYSICS-BIOLOGY BUILDING In the twentieth century every man has become a king. The pomp of the Caesars of Rome, the power of the kings of Europe, the splendor of the Satraps of India, all the mag- nificence of the rulers of his- tory, belong today to the aver- age man. We fly through the air, night turns to day, we ride daily behind a hundred horses, divine music fills the room at the touch of a button, every comfort and luxury which the mind of man can conceive is free to everyone. KERCKHOFF TOWER INSPIRATION i HE agency which has brought this miracle to pass is Science. From the spirit of Science as typified by the worker in the laboratory work- ing selflessly for the comfort of man — from the spirit of the scientist who worships at the shrine of knowledge for its own sake, wresting from Na- ture her choicest secrets and offering them freely to the world — from the spirit of those martyrs who have laid down their lives in the search for truth, has evolved the inspira- tion and theme of this book. ROYCE HALL THE SOUTHWEST VIEW OF ROYCE INSPIRATION A WINDOW OF KERCKHOFF DEDICATION i HROUGH history the world has honored the man of sci- ence who dispassionately la- bors in the search of truth. Likewise honored has been the teacher who brings to the eager student the fruits of this labor. But greater honor is due that rarer combination of scientist and teacher, who with one hand plucks the secrets from Nature and freely offers them with the other to those who thirst for them. Such a man was Sheppard Ivory Franz, great scientist, greater teacher, loving friend. UBRARY BUILDING llltl IliiiU il U IIS LyR. FRANZ came among us making cold, logical science a living, vital thing, offering the bread of knowledge to those who hungered for it, leaving them with a greater craving to satisfy. To him, whose passing has left an ache in our hearts to be healed only by his glori- ous inspiration to push beyond the narrow bounds of knowl- edge, this book is lovingly dedicated by the students who sat at his feet and drank the wisdom he so bountifully offered while he lived. LIBRARY TOWER A TOWER OF ROYCE i " JM »ti DEDICATION tZku.y.-. J THE LIBRARY BUILDING IN MEMORIAM FACULTY CAROLYN CANBY SHEPPARD IVORY FRANZ STUDENTS COSTIN F. BOWMAN MARY HELEN CRAIGE WENDELL O. WHITE THE WOMEN ' S GYMNASIUM ALUMNI LOUISE ALEXANDER MARJORIE ATKINS MARIAN GREEN MARVIN F. KEEMAN JOHN McMANUS ROYCE TOWER THE EDUCATION BUILDING IN MEMORIAM A CORNER OF KERCKHOFF CONTENTS Book I ADMINISTRATION Academic Administration Student Administration Book II CLASSES Alumni Association Senior Class Junior Class Sophomore Class Freshman Class Book III UNIVERSITY WOMEN Associated Women Students Women ' s Athletics Book IV CAMPUS ACTIVITIES Publications Dramatics Forensics KERCKHOFF HALL Book IV CAMPUS ACTIVITIES Musical Organizations Personalities Campus Kaleidoscope Dances Book V BRUIN SPORTS Football Basketball Tennis Track Crew Baseball Minor Sports Book VI ORGANIZATIONS Fraternities Sororities Honoraries General Organizations Book VII WESTWOOD CHRONICLE PHYSICS-BIOLOGY BUILDING A CIRCULAR WALL OF ROYCE CONTENTS I FLORENCE BLACKMAN Editor ARNOLD ANTOLA Manager BEVERLY KEIM Associate Editor BETSY PEMBROKE Associate Manager JEAN MILLER Assistant Editor HELEN FILES Assistant Editor JAMES ANDREWS Photographer SBSP THE UBRARY ENTRANCE GYMNASIUM ENTRANCE STAFF MARJORIE ALICE LENZ Book I BETTY LINGO Book II GEORGIANA WHITE Book III FANCHON MARTINSON Book IV ARTHUR MURPHY Book V RAMONA WENTZEL Book VI BETSY PEMBROKE Book VII WALLS OF ROYCE Ll!l.|£i I KERCKHOFF HALL STAFF ADMINISTRATION 4 i: CHEMISTRY ACADEMIC ADMINISTRATION Board of Regents GEORGE I. COCHRAN MARGARET R. SARTCRI )OHN R. HAYNES EDWARD A. DICKSON CHARLES C. TEACUE SOUTHERN REPRESENTATIVES • Since the establishment of the University of California, the gov- ernment of this institution has been entrusted to a group known as the Regents of the University of California. Operating for Berkeley, La Jolla, San Francisco, Davis, Riv- erside, and Mount Hamilton, as well as for Los Angeles, the Board of Regents controls not only the financial but also the academic af- fairs of this great organization. Ap- pointed by the governor, the Board consists of twenty-four prominent citizens of California, including eight members ex-officio who are state officials. 18 JAMES ROLPH, JR. • As governor of cur state, James Rolph. Jr. holds the office of President of the Regents. In this capacity he is the recognized head of the University of California. CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD OF REGENTS 19 vv •v K iSVi ' -iTSV: ROBERT CORDON SPROUL THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA • President of this institution for the past four years, Dr. Robert Gordon Sproul is ac- claimed by all branches of the University of California as an ideal leader. 20 EARNEST CARROLL MOORE • The force behind every academic advance- ment and betterment, Dr. Ernest Carroll Moore, Provost of the University, is lauded enthusiastically by the student body. THE VICE-PRESIDENT AND PROVOST OF THE UNIVERSITY 21 HELEN M. LAUCHLIN • DEAN OF WOMEN • An active participator in all Freshman orientation programs, Helen M. Laughlin as Dean of Women has established herself as an understanding adviser and friend to every University woman. • An intellectual leader in the Univer- sity, and responsible in securing the four- year undergraduate course, Charles H. Rieber is assuredly fitted for his position as Dean of Letters and Science. CHARLES RIEBER » DEAN OF LETTERS AND SCIENCE Deans of the University 22 MARVIN L. DARSIE • DEAN OF TEACHER ' S COLLEGE Deans of the University EARL J. MILLER • DEAN OF MEN • Since his appointment to the office of Dean of Men in 1925, Earl J. Miller has gone far towards establishing a strong tie between the students and the adminis- tration of the University. • Renowned as a leading educator. Dean Marvin L. Darsie has achieved recogni- tion in the Teachers ' College through his understanding guidance and profici- ency in handling academic affairs. 23 Administrative Officers CLARENCE H. ROBISON Assistant Director of Admissions CORDON S. WATKINS Associate Dean of Summer Session and Dean of Summer Session at Los Angeles M. BURNEY PORTER Appointment Secretary EARL E. SWINGLE Executive Secretary 24 Administrative Officers JOHN E. GOODWIN Librarian 1 J51 H ' .d H WIF ' ' " .a i k J l ■5 1 LILLIAN R. TITCOMB Medical Advisor for K V Women L N if DONALD McKINNON fe-: i A a frA Medical Advisor for Men DEMINC MACLISE Assistant Comptroller and Assistant Secretary of the Regents 25 FREDERIC T. BLANCHARD English -!««%(l FRANK ). KLINCBERC History CHARLES W. WADDELL Training Department Faculty • Although primarily engaged as professors and instructors in their particular depart- ments, the members of the faculty of the Uni- versity of California at Los Angeles form a group of men and women eminent not only as teachers, but as writers, scientists, artists, and authorities in various fields. Outstanding in the realm of education is Dean Marvin L. Darsie whose extensive research work is na- tionally known. In the field of science such men as Loye Miller, bird collector and research lecturer, William J. Miller, writer of several widely used text books, and Frederick J. Leonard, renowned astronomer, have achieved national fame. The Physics Department also has claim to eminence through the work of Laurence Dodd and Leo Delsasso. VERN O. KNUDSEN Physics Faculty • In the fields of social science, language, re- search, art, and music, as well as among the laboratory sciences, are found faculty members of importance and repute. Frederick T. Blanchard, authority on Fielding, and Evalyn Thomas, student of Creek drama, have brought distinction to the English Department. Cap- tain Paul Perigord of the French Department is internationally known for his ideals of world peace. In the realms of political science and history Charles C. Haines, Malbone W. Gra- ham, and John C. Parish are widely recognized as research lecturers. With the publication of his last work, " Persons, One and Three " , the late Shepard I. Franz ended his many valuable contributions to the field of psychological re- search. WILLIAM C. MORGAN Chemistry MARVIN L. DARSIE Education 27 GEORGE ). COX Art HAROLD W. MANSFIELD Mechanic Arts 28 LOYE H. MILLER Biological Sciences Faculty EDWARD |. MORAN Military r»T; - ' TTT LAURENCE D. BAILIFF Spanish Faculty HELEN B. THOMPSON Home Economics FREDERICK C. LEONARD Astronomy ORDEAN ROCKEY Political Science WILLIAM J. MILLER Geology 29 MARGARET S. CARHART Subject A RUTH V. ATKINSON Physical Education EARLE R. HEDRICK Mathematics Faculty GEORGE M. McBRIDE Geography 30 ' ♦5: ' i ' 5S J Hmr tSnS i THEODORE STEARNS Music Faculty ARTHUR P. McKINLEY Classical Languages r5fe5«F3s Kp - KATE CORDON Psychology WILLIAM H. SPAULDINC Physical Education 31 This glimpse of the sunlit Royce Hall towers may well afford the passing student new enthusiasm for the University STUDENT ADMINISTRATION A. ). STURZENECCER JOSEPH ). lUNEMAN C. M. McCLURE Associated Student Management • Essentially a self-governing body, the Asso- ciated Students of the University of California at Los Angeles are guided in their business affairs by the Graduate General Manager of the A. sue., William C. Ackerman, the As- sistant General Manager, A. John Sturzeneg- ger, and their business staff, • Subject to the approval of the A.S.U.C. Council, the General Manager acts as its finan- cial adviser. In this capacity Ackerman ap- proves all expenditures included in the various budgets, and signs all contracts. In all A.S.U.C. business the General Manager is as- sisted by Sturzenegger, who is also one of the football coaches. • Two important functions of the A.S.U.C. are the Students ' Cafe and the Cooperative Bookstore which are managed by C. M. McClure and Joseph Juneman, respectively. Of equal importance is the handling of the business side of University publications by Joe R. Osherenko. Maximum efficiency is needed to operate these units economically. 34 WILLIAM C. ACKERMAN • An alumnus of U.C.L.A. and promoter of campus activities, Bill Ackerman has proven his capability in his newly appointed office of Graduate Manager of the A S.U.C. THE GRADUATE MANAGER OF THE ASSOCIATED STUDENTS 35 E. S. RICHARDSON Auditor HARRY MORRIS Ticket Manager A.S.U.C. Business Staff • Under the direction of the General Manager, the business staff of the A.S. DC. has the difficult task of manipulat- ing the revenue and disbursements of the Associated Students. The finances of each student activity are controlled by this body. E. S. Richardson, auditor, has the arduous task of handling the finan- cial records of the A.S.U.C. The ticket department, under Harry Morris, has charge of all tickets for athletic and scholastic events and the consequent proceeds. DOROTHY AYRES Secretary Co-operative Bookstore of the Associated Students ELSIE M. lEFFERY Cashier 36 A.S.U.C. Business Staff • Aside from the sale of Associated btu- dents books, which ceased with the ad- vent of the new A.S.U.C. membership plan, the A.S.U.C. is supported by re- ceipts from games and entertainments, and by profits from publications and other student enterprises. As Director of Publications, Joe Osherenko handles the financial affairs of University publica- tions. Any publicity needed by the A.S. U.C. is supervised by Ben Person, who is in charge of the Associated Students News Bureau. JOSEPH R. OSHERENKO Director of Publications FRANCES HAYTER Accountant Ol... - ! - LESLIE KALB Assistant Bookstore Manager Business Office of the Associated Students 37 MARTHA GRIM Vice-President of the A.S.U.C. Associated Student Administrators ALBERT HATCH Chairman of the Welfare Board • The Associated Students Council, in con- junction with the various boards, committees, and the A.S.U.C. staff, forms the main factor in the self-government system of the student body. All business of the boards and commit- tees is supervised by the A.S.U.C. Council which is composed of the President and Vice- President of the A.S.U.C, Chairman of the Welfare Board, President of A.W.S., and other prominent University representatives. • Certain boards and committees have re- ceived many former duties of the President, thus increasing the efficiency of the student government. The activities of these boards and committees, however, are under direct control of the Associated Students President. Changes in all legislative acts are made through the action of the Council. By methods prescribed in the Constitution, this group can make and enforce such laws as they see fit for the advancement and progress of the student organization. 38 PORTER HENDRICKS • In charge of student affairs for the past year. Porter Hendricks. President of the Asso- ciated Students, has completed his term as head executive with signal success. THE PRESIDENT OF THE ASSOCIATED STUDENTS 39 MARTHA CRIM A.S.U.C. Vice-President BETTY GENE HUNT Women ' s Athletic Board ALBERT HATCH Welfare Board EDGAR HASSLER Men ' s Athletic Board BERNARD LEVIN Men ' s Athletic Board Associated Si GEORGE LITTLE Men ' s Board JACK MORRISON Dramatics Board Seated, from left to right: Robert Shellaby, Bernard Levin, Emily Marr, Martha Grim, Chairman Porter Hen- drocks, Albert Hatch, George Little, Betty Gene Hunt, PORTER HENDRICKS A.S.U.C. President WILLIAM ACKERMAN Graduate Manager dent Council BETSY PEMBROKE Music Board JESS HICKS Music Board ROBERT SHELLABY Publications Board William Ackerman. Standing: Dorothy Ayres, Edgar Hassler, Joe Crail, Arnold Peek. Scott Wiscomb, Jack Morrison, William Hensey, Jess Hicks, Betsy Pembroke. SCOTT WISCOMB Junior Representative ARNOLD PEEK Scholarship Board EMILY MARR A.W.S. President 41 BOARD OF CONTROL From left to right: Marvin L. Darsie, Dorothy Ayres. Deming Maclise, Chairman Earl J. Miller, William Ackerman, Porter Hendricks, George Little, John Canaday. Executive Boards WELFARE BOARD From left to right: Marinell Crimes, Francine Becheraz, John Boyce-Smith, Chairman Albert Hatch, Jack Eagan, Estelle Fowler, Clarence McCuley, Doris Howe. • Appointed by the President of the AS. U.C, the Men ' s Athletic Board gives valu- able service in the selection of sports managers and the granting of awards. • With the development and improve- ment of campus productions as its chief aim, the Dramatics Board judges all pro- posed University presentations. • In charge of women ' s athletic affairs, the Women ' s Athletic Board is constantly working to create new interest in sports among University women. • The promoting body behind both inter- collegiate and local debates is the Foren- sics Board, which also supervises many oratorical contests during the year. • Primarily an aid to students engaged in campus activities, the Scholarship and Activities Board upholds the scholastic standards of the AS. U.C. 42 MEN ' S BOARD From left to right: )ack Andrews, Burton Anakin, Bernard Levin, Chairman George Little, Jo Livengood, James Kindel, William Heath, John Burnside. MEN ' S ATHLETIC BOARD From left to right: Ralph V. Sloan. Herman Cerke, Edgar Hassler, Chairman Bernard Levin, John Fletcher, Milton Vallens, George Little. MUSIC BOARD From left to right: Paul Smith, John Burnside, Betsy Pembroke, Chairman Jess Hicks, Laurence Everett, William Heath, Edward O ' Malley, Al Robison. 43 WOMEN ' S ATHLETIC BOARD Seated, from left to right: Thea Riethmuller, Anne Padelford, Arthemise Couturier, Elizabeth Bradstreet. Chairman Betty Gene Hunt. Bertha C ulross, Mary Elizabeth Dekker, Jean Hodgekins. Standing: Harriet Thrift, Ada Gillespie. Josephine Ketclk, Katherine Barnes, Nathalie Seifert, Alice Tilden, Margaret Hutchison. Jo Conrin. Dorothy Mason, Gladys Bolles. Executive Boards DRAMATICS BOARD From left to right: William Heath, jo Livengood, Chair- man Jack Morrison, Tom Bastyr. • Representing students, faculty, and alumni, the members of the Board of Con- trol hold supreme power over financial transactions of the A.S.U.C. • In addition to its regular duty of assist- ing the A.S.U.C. Council, the Welfare Board has aided the Men ' s Board in its new program of Orientation. • Aside from its function of supervising men ' s activities, the Men ' s Board has in- augurated a system of student counsellors for entering Freshmen. • An important group in the A.S.U.C. or- ganization, the Publications Board has as its chief function the centralization of all campus publications. • Since its creation a year ago. the Music Board has constantly sought to raise the level of perfection of the musical offerings of the University. 44 PUBLICATIONS BOARD From left to right: Edward O ' Malley, Eleanor Day, Arnold Antola, Chairman Robert Shellaby, Paul Howe, Florence Blackman, Aaron Rcthenberg, Joseph Osherenko. SCHOLARSHIP AND ACTIVITIES BOARD From left to right: Margaret Sherman, Scott Wiscomb, Barbara Reynolds, Chairman Arnold Peek, Marion Scowcroft, Dorothy Vickers, Yvonne Toolen. FORENSICS BOARD From left to right: Wanda Hayden, Wesley Lewis, Sidney Zsagri, Chairman William Hensey, Cordon Howden, Charles Marsh, Alice McElheney. 45 - S 9 i , LEO EPSTEIN A. sue. Membership Campus Capers JO LIVENCOOD Arrangements CLIFFORD BOWMAN University Affairs ALBERT HATCH A.S.U.C. Book Sales Executive Committees • The student committees operate as a connecting link between the mem- bers of the student body and the A.S. U.C government. Since the committee chairmen are appointed by the Presi- dent of the A.S.U.C. the committees themselves are subordinate to the de- cisions and policies of the Associated Students ' Executive Council. The chief work of these groups is to keep stu- dents in close contact with University affairs. The Cafe-Advisory Committee acts as an intermediary between the cafe management and the student body, while the Student Affairs group concerns itself with matters of Con- stitutionality and discipline. 46 EDWARD BLIGHT Homecoming ARNOLD PEEK By-Laws WILLIAM HENSEY Textbooks Executive Committees • During the past year there have been a few radical changes in committee organization. With the formation of the new A.S.U.C. membership plan in the fall semester, the Card Sales Com- mittee was eliminated. The Student Fees Committee was largely responsi- ble for the success of this new plan. Created this year, the Campus Capers Committee approves all scripts for Capers productions. Chiefly concerned in the carrying on of our traditional homecoming program are the Bon-Fire and Homecoming Committees. Other important groups are the Revision of By-Laws, Elections, Text-Books and Ariangements Committees. BURTON ANAKIN Rally WILLIAM CRAY Bonfire MARVIN CHESEBRO Elections is: »if 47 CLASSES H Y I C ALUMNI ASSOCIATION DAVID FOLZ JOHN CANADAY DEMINC MACLISE Alumni Association • Under the direction of Fred Houser, ' 27, President, and John Canaday, ' 27, Secre- tary, the Alumni Association of U.C.L.A. has drawn together the graduate group in- to a well organized body. The member- ship of the organization, managed by Ned Marr, is recruited from the members of graduating classes. In addition to his duties as Assistant Comptroller of the University, Deming Maclise controls the finances of the Alumni. With Executive Vice-Presidents ' duties occupying a large part of their time, Dave Folz, ' 26, and Frank McKellar, ' 29, have worked earn- estly for the betterment of the Alumni group. Virginia Higgins, who takes care of Alumni publicity, devised a number of clever advertising schemes which were used in publicising Homecoming. 50 K«.f i Ui FREDERICK F. HOUSER • To Frederick Houser, President of the Alumni Association, is due much credit for the well organized manner in which graduate affairs of the University are managed. THE PRESIDENT OF THE ALUMNI ASSOCIATION 51 Colorful floats welcomed returning Alumni at Homecoming PAUL HUTCHINSON Homecoming Rally Speaker jot GRAIL. jR. Fall Homecoming Chairman VIRGINIA HICCINS Alumni Publicity Alumni Activities • Activities of the Alumni Association reached their peak the first week of November when the Annual Homecoming week-end was staged, climaxed by the first football encounter between U.C.L.A. and Berkeley. Dis- tinctly a departure from previous Homecomings, this year ' s program featured as its main event a parade pre- ceding the traditional bonfire, and composed of floats entered by campus organizations. Exchanging greetings for their respective schools, Wakefield Taylor of " Cal " and Porter Hendricks of U.C.L.A. spoke. Urging every alumnus and student to support his team in the game the following day, Paul Hutchinson. ' 26, gave the evening ' s fight talk. Following Saturday ' s game, which was played to a scoreless tie, five hundred couples gathered in the Sala de Oro of the Biltmore for the informal supper dance that culminated Homecoming activities. Credit for the success of the week goes to Joe Crail, jr.. ' 25. and his committees, who planned the reunion. 52 Homecoming throngs filled the banquet hall to capacity ERNEST C. MOORE Brum Luncheon Speaker Alumni Activities • Among the innovations of the Association is found the Bruin Luncheon Club, meeting monthly, under the general supervision of Frank Crosby, ' 29. Composed of Los Angeles business men who have taken their academic training at this college, the group endeavors to keep its members in contact with University affairs. Presided over at each meeting by a special chairman of the day, the club heard such speakers as Dr. Moore, Dr. Labanov, and Dr. Watkins lecture on problems faced by the world to- day. Another feature of the broadened scope of the Alumni program was the first Annual Academic Home- coming, when fifteen hundred former graduates returned to hear new developments of current interest discussed by professors who were authorities in their fields Al- though this year is the first that such a gathering has taken place, the enthusiasm with which it was received by all present promises to make it an annual event on the Alumni calendar. FRANK CROSBY Bruin Luncheon Club Chairman LEO DELSASSO Academic Homecoming Chairman 53 Bureau ot Occupations Ottice MILDRED FOREMAN Bureau of Occupations Director VIRGINIA SCHOLLE Office Secretary Bureau of Occupations • Directed by Miss Mildred Foreman and maintained by the Alumni Association, the Bureau of Occupations has rendered the Bruin student body service of inestimable value during time of financial stress. Securing employ- ment for students for free hours, Saturdays, and vaca- tions, this Bureau has been the means of keeping in school many students who would have had to withdraw because of insufficient funds. With the aid recently given by the Civil Works Administration for the creation of positions, the Alumni Office has been the center of employment for students whose continuance in the Uni- versity depended solely upon securing work. The Bureau also extends its assistance to alumni members in need of employment and has been the means of securing for many graduates positions that have led to outstanding achievement. Trained in personnel work in Columbia Uni- versity ' s school of Commerce, Miss Foreman meets stu- dent problems with understanding, and has made herself an indispensable member of the Alumni organization. 54 _- ' « , ■ ' V ' ' S . t JS A M M. Hd Sa A MONTE HARRINGTON Southern Alumnus Editor JOHN lACKSON Associate Editor GEORGE ELMENDORF Associate Editor Southern Alumnus • Official publication of the Alumni Association of U.C. L.A., the " Southern Alumnus " , edited by Monte Har- rington, ' 29, performs a valuable service to the University and its graduates by keeping the latter in close touch with campus activities. Published monthly, the maga- zine contains stories of important campus happenings, problems facing the alumni and undergraduate bodies, and other accounts that serve to give the " alum " a genuine interest in his Alma Mater. Sports stories, during the various seasons, keep the readers posted on the success and personnel of the teams that represent U.C.L.A. in athletic competition. Contributions to the publication come not only from alumni writers, but also from stu- dent writers, who try to give the alumni an insight to student life and problems. With Associate Editors, John Jackson, ' 27, and George Elmendorf, ' 33, and a staff of graduate members, the " Southern Alumnus " is a truly representative publication of the Alumni body of the University. DAVID FOLZ Publications Managerial Chairman 55 This corner of Royce Hall has been pictured for its dignity and simplicity of architecture SENIOR CLASS MARGARET PINCKNEY ROSEMARY DAVIS RICHARD SMITH Senior Class • The greatest contribution of the Class of ' 34 was the establishment of a tradi- tional Shakespearean play to be sponsored by each succeeding Senior Class. The officers of the class were John Olsen, President; Margaret Pinckney, Vice-Presi- dent; Rosemary Davis, Secretary; and Richard Smith, Treasurer. • Some of the most enjoyable affairs of the year were the Junior-Senior football game which the Seniors won, 10-0; the informal Senior Dance at the Riviera Club; the Senior Get-Together in Kerckhoff Hall ; the Faculty Tea at which the Seniors acted as hosts and hostesses; and the Senior Ball in June. Senior Week, with its round of gaieties and closing with the formal dance, culminated both the social and academic activities of the Class of ' 34. 58 t A JOHN OLSEN • As an energetic leader of the Class of ' 34, John Olsen has guided the Seniors through their last year in a manner meriting much commendation. THE PRESIDENT OF THE SENIOR CLASS 59 EDGAR HASSLER PINCKNEY RICHARD SMITH LEO EPSTEIN Board of Control • The Senior Board of Control, the governing body of the graduating class, is selected by the President with the consent of the officers. Each member heads a permanent committee. The personnel of the Board, with the duties of each member, included T. J. Ault, constitution; Betty Andrews and Carolyn Coldwater, decorations; Florence Blackman and Bill Evans, class play; Ed Blight, Alumni relations; Rosemary Davis, sponsors; Martha Grim, pilgrimage. MARTHA GRIM PORTER HENDRICKS MARION McCarthy WILLIAM EVANS 60 - .• .H ' rXt; ROSEMARY DAVIS CARL SKINNER Board of Control • Other members of the Board were Ed Hassler, coach; Jim Kindei, baccalaureate; Marion McCarthy, class officers; Carroll Moore and Les Sanson, class day; Emily Marr, banquet; Ruth Pinckney, gift; John Burnside, assembly; Bob Shellaby, publicity; Carl Skinner, historian; and Tom Stevenson, archives. Un- der the guidance of its officers and Board of Control, the Class of ' 34 successfully completed a most event- ful year, long to be remembered. EDWARD BLIGHT FLORENCE BLACKMAN ROBERT SHELLABY CARROLL MOORE 61 JEANNETTA YERXA JACK TIDBALL MARTHA GRIM n Ki MARION McCarthy iM K M WILLIAM BRADFORD WILLIAM HENSEY Honor Edition Awards • " The Honor Edition of the Southern Campus is given, by the Associated Students, to the men and women of the Senior Class who have best distinguished themselves as Californians in scholar- ship, loyalty, and service to their Alma Mater, " (Resolution of the A.S.U.C. Council, January 5, 1927). The following people have received the Honor Edition award since its inception; 1. Leslie Cummins ' 2. Thelma Gibson 3. Attilio Parisi 4. Arthur Jones 5. George Brown 6. Joyce Turner 7. Helen Hansen 8. Edith Griffith 9. Leigh Crosby 10. William Ackerman 1 I. Zoe Emerson 12. Walter Wescott -• - at.j 13. 14. Jerold Weil Granville Hulse L J I 15. 16. Feme Gardner Ralph Borsum 17. Fred Moyer Jordan 18. Burnett Haralson Hk s B . 3 19. Paul Frampton 20. Franklin Minck 21. Alvin Montgomery GENE NIELSON 22. 23. Robert Kerr Joseph Guion 24. Irene Palmer 25. Pauline Davis 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 37. 38. 39. 40. 41. 42. 43. 44. 45. 46. 47. 48. 49. 50. 51. Wilbur Johns 52. John Cohee 53. Harold Wakeman 54. Dorothy Freeiand 55. Leo Delsasso 56. Mary M. Hudson 57. 32. Alice Early 58. 33. Bruce Russell 59. 34. Fern Bouck 60. 35. Theresa Rustemeyer 61. 36. Sylvia Livingston 62. Marian Whitaker 63. Margaret Gary 64. Horace Bresee 65. Marian Pettit 66. David Folz 67. Betty Hough 68. Cecil Hollingsworth 69. Fred Houser 70. Helen Jackson 7 1 . Harold Kraft 72. Druzella Goodwin 73. Earle Gardner 74. David Ridgeway 75. Frank Balthis 76. Waldo Edmunds 77. Ned Marr Elizabeth Mason William Neville Louise Gibson Helen Johnston Ben Person Ralph Bunche John Jackson John Terry Griselda Kuhlman William Forbes Irene Proboshasky James Lloyd Arthur White Barbara Brinckerhoff Kenwood Rohrer Laura Payne Scribner Birlenbach Thomas Cunningham Frank Crosby Gerhard Eger Jeanne Emerson Hansena Frederickson Stanley Gould Ruth Cooder William Hughes 62 ARNOLD ANTOlA EMILY MARR ROBERT SHELLABY IRENE RAMBO Honor Edition Awards The Honor Edition for 1934 has been awarded to the following members of the Senior Class: 1 53. Arnold Antola 1 54. Florence Blackman 155. William Bradford 1 56. John Burnside I 57. Lee Coats I 58. Katherine Faber 159. William Cray 160. Martha Crim 1 61 . William Hensey 1 62. Emily Marr 163. Marion McCarthy 164. Alice McElheney 1 65. Jack Morrison 166. 167. 168. 169. 170. 171. Gene Nielson Arnold Peek Irene Rambo Robert Shellaby Jack Tidball Jeannetta Yerxa The following people have received the Honor Edition award since its inception: 78. Stanley Jewel 79. Joseph Long 80. Ceorgie Oliver 81 . Kenneth Piper 82. Mabel Reed 83. Marian Walker 84. Evelyn Woodroof 85. David Yule 86. Robert Keith 87. Jack Clark 88. Earl Swingle 89. Charlotte McClynn 90. Dorothy Parker 91. Lawrence Houston 92. Don Leiffer 93. Marshall Sewall 94. Walter Bogart 95. Joseph Osherenko 96. Carl Brown 97. Audree Brown 98. Margaret Soper 99. Laurence Michelmore 100. Lucille Kirkpatrick 101. Helen Sinsabaugh 1 02. Louise Nichols 103. Sally Sedgwick 104. Lucy Guild 105. Edward Hatchcock 1 06. Carl Knowles 107. Robert Baldwin 108. Beatrice Case 109. Ethel Tobin 1 10. Virgil Cazel 111. Webb Hansen 1 12. Fred Kuhlman 1 13. Howard Harrison 1 14. Carl Schlicke 1 15. Carl Schaeffer 1 16. Betty Franz 117. Margaret Brown 1 1 8. Alan Reynolds 1 19. Martha Adams 1 20. Dorothy Ayres 121. Mart Bushnell 1 22. Elsie Frieberg 123. Fred Harris 124. Ruth Leslie 125. Richard Linthicum 1 26. Dean McHenry 127. Alex McRitchie 128. Ida Monterastelli 129. Maxine Olsen 1 30. Howard Plumer 131. Arthur Rohman 132. Walter Stickel 133. John Talbot 1 34. Leonard Wellendorf 135. Bijou Brinkop I 36. Harrison Dunham 137. George Elmendorf 1 38. Franklin Fiegenbaum 1 39. Gordon Files 140. Durward Graybil! 141 . Wanda Hayden 142. Porter Hendricks 143. Jeanne Hodgeman 144. George Jefferson 145. Phil Kellogg 146. Don McNamara 147. Homer Oliver 1 48. Robert Page 149. Betty Prettyman 1 50. Madelyn Pugh 151. Mary Clark Sheldon 152. Josephine Thomas Deceased FLORENCE BLACKMAN JOHN BURNSIDE 63 hi- Wilfred John Abbot, B.E. Orchistra 1.2.. i : Biuin 3.4. Jane Adams, B.E. hiitili rti(irten Pi iniar} TransftTit ' d from Rivti-side J.C. 1!I32: Dt-lta Phi Ilpsilon 4: Kiuri Club 3 ; Rural Education Service. Chiyoko Doris Aiso, A.B. Geo( raphy Chi Alpha Delta Claire Louise Allabach, B.E. HoiiK Economics Kai ' pa Kappa Gamma. Regina Amado, A.B. Burton Edward Anakin, A.B. Econiymics Rally Committee 2.3.4 ; Minute Men 3. 1 : Pre-Legal Society : Campus 3.4 ; Bruin 4. Southern William Lloyd Aldrich, A.B. Economics Phi Gamma Delta. Pre.-;. 4 : Scabbard and Blade. Pres. 4 ; Alpha Delta Sigma. Treas. 3 : Upsilon Alpha SiKma Pres. 2.3,4 : Pi Delta Epsilon ; Pershing Rifles, Pres. 1.2: U.D.S. ; Forum Debate Society : Rally Re- serves ; Inlerfraternity Council 3.4 ; Southern Campus Adver. Manager 3,4. • If you were playing contract against Marian McCarthy , you could depend on two tricks more than your hand merited. Some have called the Pi Phi bridge game a " pons asinorum " . Buryl Thomas Adams, A.B. Kcfmumirs Mildred Adams, B.E. Efiucation Transferred from La Verne College ; Phi Omega Pi : Masonic Club : Roger William Club. Frances Sarah Alexander, A.B. Gt ' ot raphu Geography Club. jack Lyman Alston, A.B. Histoni Transferred from Bakersfield J.C. Marshall Moore Ammerman, A.B. Geography Transferred from Pomona College : Alpha Phi Omega. Norman ). Anderson, A.B. Historij Theta Xi ; Scabbard and Blade. 64 Nira Bavington Andrews, B.E. Education Masonic Club 2 ; Areme ; Physical Education Club ; W.A.A. James Raymond Andrews, B.E. Mt rhanical Arts Lambda Chi Alpha ; Pi Dtita Epsi- lon ; Blue Key ; Official Photographer for Southern Campus. Bruin 2,3.4. Campus Capers 4 : Hand Ball 3 : Ma- sonic Club Reprtsentative 3 ; Gym Team 1 : Rally Reserve 1 ; Publica- tion Board 4. Margaret E. Archibald, B.E. Transftrrtd from Pasadena Junior Collet-e. 1932 ; Alpha Phi : Delta Epsi- lon ; Phiiokalia. Helen Ardith Arlington. A.B. Psycliology Transferred from Los Angeles J.C. 1932 : W.A.A. Ida Emily Armstrong, A.B. Hist or II Transferred fiom Santa Monica J.C. 1932 ; Zeta Tau Alpha : Southern Campus 3,4 ; Bruin 3,4. James Sloan Arnold, A.B. Phiisic Transferred from Pomona J.C. 1932. A brilliant season at polo climaxed the colorful career of the prepossessing Student Body Prexy, Por- ter Hendricks, and La i Dorothy Belle Dame Sans Merci was given a good thrust along the path of political success. Alice Jeanette Andrews, B.E. Education Transferred from Superior State Teachers College, 1932 ; Elementary Club. Elizabeth Andrews, A.B. Philosophfi Transferred from Pasadena J.C. 1932: Alpha Chi Omega: Bruin 3; Women ' s Affairs Committee 2 : Soph- omore Club. Pres. 2 ; Junior Council 3 ; Senior Board. Rosemary Leigh Andrews. B.E. Art Phrateres : Phiiokalia. Arnold Antola, A.B. Political Science Sigma Alpha Epsilon ; Alpha Delta Sigma. Pres. 4 ; Upsilon Alpha Sig- ma ; Pi Delta Epsilon : Southern Campus 2,3. Business Manager 4 ; Wrestling 2. Edythe Lucille Ardolf, A.B. Matht ' iiiatics Theta Phi Alpha : Freshman Club : French Club : Newman Club : Mathe- matics Club : German Club ; Campus Capers 3. Lucile Margaret Arlington, A.B. Psifcholot jj Transferred from Los Angeles J.C. 1932 ; Chi Omega : W.A.A. Ruth M. Arnfeld, A.B. Psychology Transferred from University of Ari- zona. 1931 : German Club : Phrateres ; Manuscript Club. -a 65 Clara Mae Ashton, A.B. Miilhrinatics Pi Miz Epsilon : Phrateres, Secretary 2. Vice-President U. Edgar Eugene Baker, Jr., A.B. Hactrriuloiiil Tj-ansferreil from Visalia J.C ; Kap- pa Alpha. Mardie Jay Bakjian, A.B. Political Science Katherine Elizabeth Barnes. B.E. rhif iical Edtu-atiun Transferred from Lonj; Beach J.C. : Prytanean : W.A.A. Board 4 : Physi- cal Education Club. Vice-President 3. Isabel Vail Barrows, A.B. I ' nilJi. k Gamma Phi Beta ; Y.W.C.V. Ada Belle Bawcom, B.E. Music Theta Upsilon. Dorothy J. Baumgarten, B.E. Alt Transferred from Scripps College. 1930 : Kappa Kappa Gamma : Pi Lamhda Theta: Delta Phi Alpha; Philokalia; Y.W.C.A. The surprisingly large number of football players who leave school after their last season is not a proof of subsidization. Like Lee Coats, if they can ' t pound out their guts for Alma Mater, they ' d rather leave. T. J. Ault, A.B. ? con(fmics Transferred from Cumnock ColleRe : Sigma Nu ; Scabbard and Blade : Blue C : Crew 3.4 ; Senior Council 4, Alice Dulany Ball, A.B. English Chi Delta Phi. President 4 ; Phra- teres ; Y.W.C.A.; W.A.A. ; Stevens Club. Robert Dittmar Bargman, A.B. Chemintrit Kappa Gamina Epsilon. Tom C. Bastyr, A.B. Zooloi ij Kap and Bells ; U.D.S.. President 4 ; Newman Club ; Ephebian Society ; Bruin Band 1,2.3. Harlan Leroy Baumbach, A.B. Chemistrfj Kappa Gamma Epsilon. Treasurer 3 ; Bruin Band 1.2. Elizabeth Bavier, A.B. English Tri-C ; Phrateres ; Daily Bruin 2.3. Feature Editor 4. 66 Virginia Thornton Beattie, A.B. Zooloyij Transferied foni Sacramento Junior College : Alpha Chi Omega ; Y.W.C. A. ; Southern Campus 2.Z. Raymond S. Beatty, A.B. History Sigma Nu : Boxing 1.2.3, Captain 4 ; Associated Engineering Society, Sec- retary 2. Antonio Domenico Berardo, A.B. Political Science Boxing 1.2,3.-1 : Campus Capers 1. Lydia Frances Berry, B.E. Education Transferred from University of Southern California ; Kappa Alpha Theta : Phi Upsilon Pi, President 4 : Elementary Club. Dorothy Claire Beswetherick, B.E. Educatian Transferred from San Bernardino Junior College: Sigma Pi Delta; Phrateres ; Masonic Club ; Elementary Club : Cosmopolitan Club. Eva Louise Birkenshaw, B.E. C:tmmerce Alpha Omicron Pi. • Among the well-founded University traditions is that of a Sigma Kappa being A.S.U.C. Vice-President on alternate years. Martha Crim upheld the tradi- tion. For curious astrologers, she was born under the sign of Leo. Bonita Eleanor Beamer, B.E. Ednratii-n Areta : Y.W.C.A. Elementary Daily Bruin. Club: Virginia Beatie, B.E. Gturral Elrinentanj Transferred from University fornia at Berkeley. Harry Lew Beatty, A.B. Eco ioinics Sigma Nu : Kappa Kappa Psi : Scab- bard and Blade ; Pershing Rifles : Bruin Band ; Boxing 1.2. Mary Frances Bennetts, A.B. Histor ' i Transferred from Fresno State Col- lege. Robert Maurice Bermond, A.B. Era 110 lilies Campus Capeis 2 : Daily Bruin 2. Louis Gerald Beskin, A.B. Zoologij Transftrrod from Pasadena College. Eleanor Rutledge Bird, B.E. Music Transferred from Riverside Junior Cv)ilege ; Phi Lambda Theta : Campus Capers 3,1. -!-X i 67 pi m fit. Billee Oliver Blackburn, A.B. Tian-sfcTrcd from Ivos AnKcl ' i J-C. : Kai pa Gamma Epsilon : German Club. Barbara Black, A.B. Mathfmatics Florence Blackman, A.B. Delta Gamma ; Zeta Thi Ela. Presi- dent 4 : Agathai ; Upsilon Alpha SiK- ma ; U.D.S. ; Southern Campus 1.2. Associate Editor 3. Editor 4 : Publica- tions Board 3.1: Senior Council 4: Honorary Colonel of R.O.T.C. 4 : Greek Drama 3. Margaret Frances Blaettler, B.E. Dorothy Alice Blankenship, A.B. P ticholotju Transferred from Glendale J.C. Sidney Bleifeld, A.B. George D. Bloomfield, A.B. Geologij Transferred from Compton A.I.M.E. J.C. • The more retiring member of the Pinekney trio is Midge. Her devotion to duty in her office of Vice- President was equalled only by her long-suffering ac- ceptance of John Olsen ' s whims, in an official capac- ity, of course. Ruth )une Bittler, A.B. Hint or n History Club. )oe Douglas Blackburn, A.B. hciyhftunc: Sitrma Alpha Epsilon : Pershing Ri- fles ; Track 1. Manager 2.3: Cafeteria Advisory Committee. Chairman 4. Bernice Catheryne Blaettler. B.E. Educatiou Robert John Blake, A.B. Political Science Phi Kappa Psi : Phi Phi. Edwin Cower Blayney, B.E. Education Alpha Gamma Omega : Schoolmasters Club : Bruin Band 2.3,4 : Football I : Track 1 : Daily Bruin. Edward Montague Blight, A.B. Kccitomicff Sigina Nu : Alpha Kappa Psi : Blue Key. Pres. 4 ; Pershing Rifles : Class Council : Crew Manager 4.5 ; Rally Committee 2 : Varsity Yell Leader 4 : A.S.U.C. Council 4 : Home- coming Chairman 5. 68 Virginia Little Boot, A.B. .4 It Chi Omega : Campus Capt-rs Produc- tion 1.2,3. Maurice Kendall Bolduc. A,B. Kconumics Transferred from San Bernardino J.C. : Alpha Delta Sigma : Pi Delta Epsilon : Alpha Kappa Psi ; Daily Bruin .Junior Manager 3. Advertis- ing Manager 4. Hazel Carolyn Bone, B.E. Physical Education Transferred from Los Angeles J.C. ; Alpha Delta Pi : Physical Education Club ; W.A.A. ; Y.W.C.. . Milton Boonin, A.B. Economics Track 1 : Football Mana.ger S. Howard Clark Bould, A.B. Chemistril Theta Chi : Kappa Gamma Epsilon. Carolyn Bowker, A.B. EngUiih Alpha Phi. The Senior Class took the Freshmen under its wing. Mother John Olsen stated that if they had the proper training they might be saved some of the harrowing experience he has gone through. Love, thy magic spell is everywhere. Leon Myron Blumberg, A.B. I ' hiloiioi}h!i Daily Bruin 1,2. True Eames Boardman, A.B. Etuiii h Transferred from Occidental College. Virginia Helen Boden, A.B. English Transferred from Pjisadena Helen Matthewson Club : Wesley J.C. : Club. Sarah Bolson, A.B. Sitanish Sigma Delta Pi. A.B. William H. Bonsall. Ili tonj Transferred from Stanford Univer- sity. 1932 : Delta Kappa Epsilon. Sec- retary 3,4. Enid Elisabeth Botterell, B.E. Education Transferred from Santa Monica J.C. Stevens Club. Ada Marie Bowers. B.E. Physical Education Prytanean : Physical Education Club : W.A.A. ; Y.W.C.A. 69 Madeleine Merle Boyce, B.E. All Delta Epsiliin ; I ' hilokalia ; Aicmo. Urban Edward Bracht, A.B. Kconoinics ' riaiisfi. ' nc-d from Complon J.C ma Alfiha Epsilon ; Club ; Baseball 4. SiK- International Elizabeth S. Bradstreet, A.B. English Alpha Omicron Pi : Chi Delta Phi : Daily Bruin 1 ; Southern Campus 1 ; W.A.A. ; Y.W.C.A. David W. Brant, A.B. Political Seience Delta Upsilon ; Scabbard and Blade Lorena Kilgore Brewer, B.E. EducatiuH Transferred from El Ccntro University Bible Club. J.C. Birdielee Ve Lores Bright, B.E. Educalion Transferred from Los Angeles J.C. Robert Lee Brock, A.B. rsi ' duAogy Tennis 1 ; Wrestling 2.3 ; Chess Team. Captain i. Don ' t let the fact that you had to learn your important campus news from down-town papers give you the idea that the Bruin wasn ' t fearless. Bob Shellaby and the administration just saw eye to eye. John Boyce-Smith, A.B. Econonticit Theta Delta Chi : Alpha Kappa Psi : U.D.S. ; Rally Committee 3.4 ; Campus Capers 1.2.3 : German Play 1.2 : Min- ute Men 3.4 : A.S.U.C. Elections Com- mittee 1,2; Welfaie Board 4; Ice Hockey 1 ; Track 1. William Elliot Bradford, A.B. EnyliHh Theta Chi ; Pi Delta Epsilon ; Daily Bruin 1.2.3,4 : Choral Club 2,3.4 : Men ' s Glee Club 2.3,4 ; A Capella Choir 3.4 ; Campus Capers 3. Cene E. Brakebill, A.B. Geographif Transferred from Santa Monica J.C. : Delta Zeta : Geographic Society; Scholarship Activities Board 3. Elizabeth Laura Brennan, A.B. Historu Chi Omecra : Prytancan, Vice-Presi- dent 4 ; Spurs ; Historv Club : Y.W. C.A. : Daily Bruin 1. Muriel Evelyn Brewer, A.B. English Transferred from Los Angeles J.C. Mary Grace Brizzolara, B.E. Art Transferred from Santa Barbara State College : Philokalia ; U.D.S. ; Newman Club : Phrateres. 70 Rosena R. Brown, A.B. Frinch Transferred from Occidental College. Richard Stockton Bruce, A.B. Ps ' jcltoiou ' J Transferred from Eakerstield J.C. Alpha Tau Omega ; Psi Chi. Lucile Gertrude Burbeck, A.B. psijclwloytj Alpha Omicron Pi ; W.A.A. ; Y.W. C.A. ; Choral 1.2 : Glee Club 2. Helen Louise Burge, A.B. Spanish Transferred from Los Angelts J.C. ; Kappa Tau Delta ; Sigma Delta Pi ; Phrateies; Glee Club 4. Kathryn May Buhler, A.B. French Albert Edward Burr, Jr., A.B. Eronoiuics Sigma Pi ; Ball and Chain ; Circle C ; California Intercollegiate Golf Association, President 4 : Golf 1. Junior Manager 2, Senior Manager 3,4. The Theta Xis took twenty pledges, ran a man for Freshman Class President, and he won the elec- tion with twenty-one votes. )im Kindel is still try- ing to figure where the other vote came from. Margaret Belle Brown, B,E. Education Kaipa Tau Delta : Omicron Nu : Home Economic Association ; Phra- teies; Southern Campus 1. Elmer Vincent Brown, A.B. Kcj)IUi: ' icS Dudley Edwin Browne, A.B. Eco tott ' -ics Baseball 2. Robert Pcarne Bryson, A.B. Croloan Transferred from Los Angeles J.C. Sigina Gamma Epsiion : A.I.M.E. Edward Alexander Burch, A.B. Political Science Kenneth Ross Burghardt, A.B. Ecenwmics Transferred from Los Ano:eles J.C. Grace Lee Burnett, B.E. Art Transferred from University of Ha- waii ; Alpha Gamma Delta ; Delta Ep- silcn : Philckalia. 71 John Marion Burnside, A.B. Transftri-wl from I ' omiitim J.C. ; Scabbard and Blade; ; Blue C : Circle C ; RoKur Williams Club ; Cym Team 3, Captain -1 ; Pacific Coast Intcrcol- IcKiate TumlDlinff Champion ; Yell Kinu 4 : Men ' s Board ; California Ar- rangements Committee : Minute Men : Director All University Sinss ; Rally Committee ; Senior Board. Kathryn Francis Byers, B.E. Eduvatimi Alpha Chi Omega : Sigma Alpha Iota : Alpha Epsilon Chi : University Music Society ; Bible Club ; Y.W.C.A. : Orchestra. Lucille Allana Calhoun, B.E. Uottu Kcouoiiiir. ' i Kappa Tau Delta; Home Economics Club. Evelyn Leazer Canfield, B.E. Gi ntral Klemcntaru Transferred from Los Angeles J.C. ; Phi Epsilon Pi ; Elementary Club ; Westminster Club. Robert Hall Carlisle, A.B. Economics Theta Delta Chi ; Transferred Los Angeles J.C. Mary Carter, A.B. Mathematics Alpha Epsilon Chi : Pi Mu Epsilon ; Y.W.C.A. ; Mathematics Club ; Uni- versity Bible Club. Edith Harriet Catlin, A.B. Histori] Transferred f Occidental College ; Gamma Phi Beta ; Y.W.C.A. Cabinet .3 ; Pan-Hellenic Council 4. • The Kappas don ' t really think they are above the common herd. They merely feel that the rest of mankind does not come up to them. Emily Marr does her best to dispel this opinion — as widely as possible. Mary Elizabeth Buttrick, A.B. Kinjli ' h Bertie Laura Caldwell, B.E. Ett iiirntarii Kdiiraticti Transferred from Fullerton J.C. ; Al- pha Gamma Delta : Phratercs ; Y.W. C.A. Margaret M. Campbell, A.B. History Pi Beta Phi. Valda Carling, A.B. Spanwh Transferred irom Occidental College: German Club. Rodney Whitelaw Carmack, B.E. Art Transferred from Florida State Col- lege ; Kappa Delta : Y.W.C.A. : Home- coming Committee ; Pan-Hellenic Council. Muriel Jeanette Carter, B.E. Education Transferred from Compton J.C. : Y.W.C.A. 72 Philomine Mary Chandler, A.B. Transferred from Immaculate Heait ColleKe; Phi Omega Pi. Edith Sampson Chapman, B.E. Gcncroi fCltiiwntarif Transferred from Carthage College ; Pi Kai)pa Delta ; Phrateres ; Wesley Club : Y.W.C.A.. Cabinet 3. Marion Carolyn Childress, B.E. Education Transferred from Los Angeles J.C. : Elem?ntary Club : Y.W.C.A. Mary Elizabeth Christopher, B.E. Educatii n Transferred from Cnmpton J.C. : Y. W.C.A. Ruth Citrin, B.E. Kdiicatioii Transferred from Southern California ; Phi. University of Alpha Epsiion Gladys Dorothy Clark, A.B. Hist :n-!f The Thetas may not brag about Jim Miller, but it isn ' t every houscboy that will make the rounds on preference night and report on Who ' s liable to be Whose. Mary Cast, A.B. Eronoiitics Delta Zeta ; Alphi Chi Delta ; Y.VV. C.A. Cabinet 3.4 : Campus Capers 3 ; Rural Education 1. Mary Margaret Caton, A.B. PSi c lO Ol M Gloria Frances Chapin, B.E. Education Syvia Chasson, B.E. Education Transferred from University of Cin- cinnati : Oslta Phi Upsilon. Virginia Chisholm, B.E. Transferred from Mills College ; Kap- pa Alpha Thota : Philokalia. Sally Lucia Cianciarulo, B.E. Education Transferred from Los Angeles J.C. Zeta Tau Alpha. Frederic fustus Clark, A.B. Chemistry ■y Sri m -y -i 73 Marjorie Helen Clark, B.E. Jutiiratiffii K:il.p;i IK-lta : Y.W.C.A. ; Bruin 1.2 : BonfirL Committi ' c 1 : Junior Coun- cil ; A.W.S. ; Orientation Committee a. Bertha Peet Clement, B.E. General h lementary Helen Matthewson Club. Lee B. Coats, A.B. Politicai Science Phi Delta Thetji ; Phi Phi ; Blu. Football 1.2,3, Captain 4 BoxinK 2.3 ; Rifle 2.3. C; Track 1.2 ; Dorothy ). Coddington. A.B. David S. Cohen, A.B. History Sii;ma Alpha Mu. Presitlent 3 : Bas- ketball 1,2.3 ; Intel-fraternity Council 2.3. Dorothy Cohen, A.B. Mallu matim Delta Phi Alpha; German Club 1.; 4 ; Mathematics Club 1.2. Hannah F. Cohn, A.B. History German Club 3.4. Florence Helen Cokeley, B.E. Education Transferred from Santa Ana J.C. : Phrateres : Masonic Affiliate ; Elemen- tary Club. jane Winchell Colborn, A.B. Transferred from Mills Colk ' e ; Phra- teres. Robert N. Cole, B.E. Educat ion Psi Epsilon Kappa : Masonic Club : University . lTairs Committee ; Bruin Sports Staff 1.2.3; Wrestling i. Catherine Elixabeth Conkey, B.E. Art Transf. ' rred from Santa Barbara State College ; Pi Lambda Theta ; U.D.S. ; Philokalia. Jo Frances Conrin, B.E. Physical Education Transferred fi-om Immaculate Heart College : Chi Omega ; Newman Club : W.A.A. ; Pan-Hellenic Council 4 ; Bruin 3. William John Conners, A.B. Ecmioiiiii a Theta Chi. • The Zetes finally came through and got a man on the A.S.U.C. Council. Ed Hasslcr, as Men ' s Athletics chairman, attended all the Council meetings until they began to demand the S.A.E. grip as a require- ment for admittance. 74 James Adelbert Cook, A.B. Ent lish Daily Bruin 2 : Manuscript Club 3, President 4 ; " Mad Hatter " Editorial Staff; " Folio " Editorifl Staff. Helen Cotton, A.B. H IMorn Transferred from San ta Monica J.C. Arthemise Marie Couturier, B.E. Physical Education Transferred fiojn Immaculate Heart College ; W.A.A. Blanche Josephine Coyne, A.B. French Delta Delta Delta ; Newman Club ; Y.W.C.A. Nona Louise Cripps, B.E. Gcnrral KUiiii utaiii Transferred from Balx-rsfield J.C. Phrateres 3. Executive Board 4. Catharine M. Cropsey, A.B. Englifih Transferred from Pasadena J.C. Delta Delta Delta is supposed to have been so named (or the convenience of those who don ' t hear well the first time. Once having discovered Tri-Delt, you don ' t forget it — or Rosemary Davis, if she can help it. Edwin Leon Cook, A.B. Ec nom ics Sigma Pi : Freshman Council ; Rally Reserves 2 : A.S.U.C. Sales Committee 3 ; Welfare Board 4. Evelyn Delphine Cook, A.B. Political Scic icc Transiei-red from Santa Monica .T.C. Delta Zeta. Marilla F. Corey, A.B. Zoology Sigma Kappa ; Masonic Affiliate Club. Fern Alice Couse, B.E. Education Compton Junior College ; Masonic Club. Phrateres ; Lois Lorene Cowgill, A.B. Psiirholoini Transferred from University of Wash- injjton ; D;ita Delta Delta. Louise Anna Creighton, A.B. Evglish Delta Zeta. Mary Frances Croft, A.B. Histonj Transferred from Los Angeles J.C. ; Gamma Phi Beta : Y.W.C.A. ; Daily Bruin 2 ; A.W.S. Consultation Com- mittee 3 ; A.W.S. Social Hour Com- mittee 4. 75 Mary Margaret Culp, B.E. (irii, ml l-:h III, iihnii Tiaii.sferiL ' ci fi ' om Pasa(K na J.C. Kappa Delta : Y.W.C.A. Mary Cunningham, A.B. Economics Transferred from Alk ' «heny College : Alpha Xi Delta: A.W.S. Consultation Committee 3 : A.W.S. Resulations Committte 3. Maurice Jacob Dahlem, A.B. Ectm yni ica TennLs 1,2. Elwood Damron, A.B. Ki-Oliuniicii Fred Stanley Davies, A.B. Ec niouiics Theta Chi; Glee Club 1.2.3: Fresh- man Baseball : A Capella Choir 2. Lucile Marie Davis, B.E. Commerce Rosemary Elizabeth Davis, B.E. Co ' iniu I ' c Delta. Delta Delta ; Alpha Chi Delta ; Prytanean ; Spurs ; Secy. Sophomore Class; Y.W.C.A. Cabinet 2: Sopho- more Council : Junior Council ; Wel- fare Board 3 : A.W.S. Social Commit- tee ; Secy. Senior Class : Senior Coun- cil. • Everyone admits that Tic Toe has the reputation, but has it the character? Carolyn Coldwatcr asserts, and she should know, that it has a shining record. This might be the result either of being stainless or of diligent polishing. Bertha Mae Cuiross, B.E. Physical Education Physical Educ?ition Club : W.A.A.. Treasurer 4 ; Head of Uifle 3. Ellsworth Mathews Curry, A.B. Gtolui ii Siffma Gamma Epsilon : American In- stitute of Mining; and Metallurgical Engineers Student .-Vssociation . Dorothy Rose Dalton, B.E. Ediiratioii Phi Mu ; Daily Bruin : Y.W.C.A. ; General Elementary Club : Rural Edu- cation Service, Secretary 3, Presi- dent 4. Marvin Lloyd Darsie, Jr., A.B. Botany jordon Franklin Davis, A.B. Economics Transferred from Pasadena J.C. Virginia Elizabeth Davis, A.B. Psticholof ii ' S!i m A 76 Edna De Blois, A.B. PsycJiology Transferred from Long: Beach J.C. ; Zeta Tau Alpha ; Masonic Club ; Glee Club 3. Leonard C. De Morelos, A.B. Spanish Sigma Delta Pi. Bryce Ayres Denton, A.B. Ph ' isics Transferred from Los Anyeles J.C. Sifrma Nu. Mafalda Anne De Nubita. A.B. French Kappa Tau Delta : Sigma Delta Pi ; Women ' s Glee Club. Delbert Morgan Dexter, B.E. Mtchanic Arts Transferred from University of Cali- fornia at Berkeley ; American Asso- ciation of Electrical Engineers. Donice Julian Dinkier, A.B. Political Srii ure The distinction of being the first fraternity to install a house mother goes to Delta Sigma Phi. Dick Smith says that it has quieted the boys down. Now they drink milk instead of that nasty old tea. Charles Henry Davis, |r., A.B. Political Scii ' 7icc Transferred from Citx ' us J.C. : Prc- Legal Club ; Cosmopolitan Club : Ro- ger Williams Club. Sylvia Davis, A.B. Psyc}iologu Transferred from Los Angeles J.C. Daniel De Luce, A.B. Economici Transfcrrt.-d from Los Anseles J.C. Gladys Lorraine Dennis, B.E. Education Transferred from Compton J.C. ; Phi Upsilon Pi ; Elementary Club. Audrey Lucille De Nubila. B.E. Ethication Transferred from Los Angeks J.C. Kappa Tau Delta. Alice De Rycke, A.B. Mathematics Dorothy Agnes Dingeman. A.B. History Transferred from University of Cali- fornia at Berkeley; Delta Delta Del- ta : Phrateres. Pearl Dobkin, A.B. Ma ' lii ntattcs Vincent Lucian Donatelli, A.B. Transfti-red from Santa Monica J.C. Phi Dtlta Thcta : Alpha Kappa Psi. Dorothy Lucine Dorr, B.E. Grttrial Ktciiimfanj Delta D.lta Delta : W.A.A. ; Y.W.C. A. ; Daily Bruin 1,2.3.4. Evelyn Virginia Dunkerley, A.B. EiiyJi h Gladys Henrietta Dunn, B.E. Kditcaiioti Valerie Virginia Easterbrook, A.B. Kcouoinics Prytanean. Secretary 4 : Y.W.C. A., Vice-President 3 ; W.A.A. Margaret Elizabeth Eastman, B.E. Education Transferred fiom Compton J-C. : Kipri Club. The Down Town Drunks, better known as Delta Tau Delta, pledge outstanding men every year. What happens to them after that, no one ever knows. Sid Nyhus was rescued from the sinking ship to put crew on its " feet " . Frank John Dolezal, A.B. Chemistru Transferred from Los Angeles J.C. Mary Flora Doose, B.E. Educuti-ytt Omicron Nu : Home Economics Club. George Ted Dorrance. A.B. Eroiioiiiic. Transferred uom Pasadena J.C. Laura R. Dunlap, B.E. Education Nancy Alice Eads, B.E. Education Transferred from Chaffey J.C. : Y. W.C.A. Harriet Eastham, B.E. Art Delta Epsilon : Pi Sigma Gamma : Phrateres. c r 78 r Mildred Angeline Ehrhorn, B.E. Kindergarten Priniarit Delta Phi Upsjlcn : Alpha Epsilon Chi ; Kipri Club. Margaret Virginia Ellis, A.B. History Beta Phi Alpha : Shakespeare Club : Masonic Club ; History Club : Y.W.C. A. : Glee Club 1 : Daily Bruin 4. Nellie Irene Engle, B.E. Education Transferred from Glendale .J.C. Leo L. Epstein, A.B. Political Scie7tce Phi Beta Delta : Blue Key : Junior Council : Senior Council ; Interfrater- nity Council : Southern Campus 1. Lucile Pearl Erickson, B.E. Music Sigma Pi Delta: Alpha Epsilon Chi: Music Society : Rosier Williams Club : University Bible Club : Choral Con- ceits. Mary Chapin Esbenshade, B.E. L ' ducaticH Transferred from Pasadena J.C. : Ele- m intary Club. • Not- everyone could see the Big C that Smoothie worked so hard to wrench from our tired throats, but our spirits were with him. until they disappeared. |ohn Burnsidc was set for big things till love marred his career. Constance Eaton, A.B. Economics Ross Frederick Edwards, A.B. Economics Phi Kappa Psi : Alpha Kappa Psi ; Rally Committee 1.2.: : Track 1. Helen Elias, A.B. Political Scie-nce Alpha Epsilon Phi. Hazel Mae Elton. B.E. Education Transferred from Santa J.C. ; Phrs teies ; Elementary Club. Harold Epstein, A.B. Political Scii-ncc Phi Beta Kappa ; Pi Sigma Alpha : Pre-Legal Society, Vice-President 4 ; Debate 1.2.4. Martin Epstein, A.B. Eco)io»nc. ' i Track 1 ; Football Mana,v ' er 3. Margaret Caroline Erwin. B.E. Education Phi Upsilon Pi : Genr ral Elementary Club. 79 Elsa Evans, A.B. Thc1:i Upsilon : Ujisilon Alpha SiR- ma : Motion Picture Club. St-cretary •i : A.W.S. Council 2.3 ; Daily Bruin. Marjorie Elizabeth Everett, A.B. K ntilish Trans fcjied from San Bfinardino J. C. ; Kajipa Phi Zcta ; Phrateres ; Cos- mopolitan Club. David D. Fairbrother, A.B. Political Science Blackstonian. Grace C. Ferrante, A.B. Historii Transk ' rred from Los Anj eles J.C. Margaret Agnes Fiero, B.E. Education Kappa Tau Delta. Louis Finkenstein, A.B Economicii Sigma Alpha Mu. Pres. 3 ; ternity Council ger 2,3. Interfra- Basketball Mana- Edward Wendell Fish, A.B. Transferred from Los Angeles J.C. : Alpha Tau Omega; Y.M.C.A. Frater- nity Roard. You ' ve heard of canned milk, raw milk, and pas- teurized milk, but it was left to the Betas to evolve the recipe for stewed milk. Lcs Sanson can say " prunes " as well as the next girl. William Welch Evans, A.B. l-liilni,o,,li:i Phi Kaima Sicma ; Greel Drama 2.3, 4 : Senior Council. Katherine Mildred Faber, B.E. Julitcat ' mn Ti-ansfi-rre(l from Baliersfield J.C. : A rathai : Prytanean : Phrateres. Pres- ident 4 ; A.W.S. Council 4. Irving Feiger, A.B. Economics Gym Team 1,2,3 ; Wrestling ming 4. Olive Grace FetheroK, A.B. I ' hilosojihn and Economics Prytanean : . Ipha Chi Delta, Pres. 4 : Alpha Chi Alpha ; Phrateres : W.A. A.; Y.W.C.A. ; Daily Bruin 1,2,3: In- ternational Relations Club. Mildred R, Finch, A.B, But a Hi) Beta Fhi Alpha ; Welfare Board 3 : Y.W.C.A. La Rue C. Firman, B.E. Phifsical Education Transferred from Pasadena J.C. ; Physical Education Club ; W.A. A. 80 Harold Charles Fishman, A.B. Zoology Pre-Medical Association ; Choral Club ; Chess Team 4. Dorothy C. Fitzpatrick, B.E. Educat ion W.A.A. : Newman Club. Frances Elizabeth Flint, A.B. HistoriJ Transferred from Pasadena J.C. ; Phraterts. Jean Douglas Forrester. A.B. F ' « nch Sigma Alpha Iota ; U.D.S. : Glee Club 2.3; Daily Bruin 1; Le Cercle Fran- Virginia Harris Fowler, B.E. Kinderf artcn-Priniary Delta Phi Upsilon. President 4 ; Kipri This volume might be titled, to paraphrase Shaw, " A Blackman in Search of her Cod " . Even if Florence were to find him, the nights on Mount Olympus arc chilly, and gods are not particularly good providers. Crace Helen Fisher, A.B. Psyckolo ' jy Transferred from Univei-slty of Washingrton ; W.C.A. Delta SiRTna Theta ; Y. Suzanne Marguerite Fisher, A.B. I ' t ' tcholoyj Tiansferred fi ' om Santa Monica J.C. Betsy Ellen Fitz Gerald, A.B. I ' oUt cal Scit iicc Transferred from Pomona Collest- : Delta Delta Delta ; U.D.S. : Inter- national Relations Club ; Campus Capers 3. John E. Fletcher, A.B. History Transferied from Long Beach J.C. ; Sigma Alpha Epsilon : Blue Key ; Blue C : Football 3,4 : Track 4 : Men ' s Ath- letic Board 4. Sadie Louise Flowers, B.E. Education Transferred from Chicago Normal Collese. Thomas Mitza Foster, A.B. Political Scitnce Transferred from University of Mich- igan ; Sigma Nu- Club; W.A.A. : Y.W.C.A. ; Choral Club 2. Ethel Fox, A.B. Political Science Sarah Caroline Foxzard, B.E. Pre-Legal Society : Iniei national lations Club. Education Alpha Chi Omega. 81 M. Louise Franklin, A.B. Sicrma Kappa ; Scholarship and Ac- tivities Committee 2 : Exemptions Committoe 3.4 : A.W.S. Council 4. Grace Elsie Freeman, B.E. Education Transferred fiom Santa Monica J.C. : Elementary Club. Florence Belle Friedman, B.E Education Phi Sipma Sijona John Dewey Club Philosophical Club Geography Club ; Elementary Club ; Southern Campus 2 : A.S.U.C. Sales Committee 3.4. Margaret Elizabeth Fritz, A.B. Historu Clenda Gene Galleher, B.E. Education Transferred from San Diego State College. Madeleine Carey, B.E. Education Sigma Pi Delta ; Newman Club ; Uni- versity Music Society. Irving Monroe Garrison, A.B. Eccrti ' mic! Alpha Sigma Phi ; Ball and Chain, Secretary 4 ; Circle C. Treasurer 4 ; Cross Country Manager 3.4. • The south wing of the Thcta hotel once caught fire. When the girls in the north wing heard about it on the following Tuesday, they took up a collec- tion for the refugees. Virginia Chisholm ably super- vised this homogenous group. John Lemuel Franks, A.B. Ernn.,nnrs- .Sitima Nu. Jeannette Dean French. A.B. Psychology Alpha Delta Theta. Willis Otto Freitag, A.B. Econotnictt Transferred from Santa Monica J.C. Ralph Eugene Cain, A.B. Er j iOn,itr, Th " ta Chi ; Baseball Manager 3. Margaret C. Gardner, B.E. Education Transferred from Los Angeles J.C. ; Phi Upsilon Pi ; Elemt ntary Club. Robert James Garoutte, A.B. Economics Delta Sigma Phi; Southern Campus 4. 82 II L , ■L t . S| ¥ ' 4 Pl George Le Du Ceiger, Jr.. A.B. Zoology Water Polo 1,2.3, Captain 4. Philip Cershowifz, A.B. Political Science Transferred from University of South- ern California : Phi Beta Delta : Ball anil Chain : Tennis Manager 2.3.4. Maurine Cibbs, B.E. Art Transferred from Ocei(iental College ; Delta Epsilon. Eulalia Mary Ciguette, B.E. H ' n era I EU in in ta rii Th.4a Phi Alpha : Newman Club ; Y.W.C.A. : Phrateres. Eugenia Wayne Cire, B.E. Physical EducattJii Transferred from Santa Ana J.C. : W.A.A. : Physical Edut ' ati«;n Club, Secretary 4 ; Phratt-res. Jerome Ciss, A.B. Political Science Freshman Football. Tennis, one of the ninety-nine forms of recrea- tion called the Sport of Kings, keeps its shield of honor spotless. When questioned about his future, Jack Tidball says that he expects amateur tourna- ments to support him comfortably. Cordon Neel Gary, A.B. History Sija:ma Alpha Epsilon ; Blue Key : Blue C : Ball and Chain ; Daily Bruin 1.2: Basketball Manager 2.3.4. S. Niles Gates, A.B. Ecjnontica Phi Kappa Psi ; Rally Reserves ; Frosh Y.M.C.A. Council. President 1 : Men ' s Glee Club. President 3 ; Musi- cal Organizations Board. Chaiiman 3 ; Student Executive Council 3 : Crew Committee 3. Herman Henry Gerke A.B. Ecouomic- ' i Alpha Kappa Psi : Circle C : Ball and Chain. President 4 ; Boxing 1. Senior Manager 3.4; Mens Athletic Board 4. Glenn Carlstedt Gibbs. A.B. Eccnomics Sigma Pi ; Scabbard and Blade : Al- pha Kappa Psi : Debating 1 : Wrest- ling 2. Drucilla Gibson. A.B. Engliah Chi Omega, Edward Henry Gilbert, A.B. Econotnics Delta Sigma Phi; Gym Team 1.2.3,4. William Edward Gise. A.B. Ec }ioniics Alpha Sigma Phi : Gym Team 1 ; Rally Committee. 83 Henry Dixon Clade, A.B. EcoiKyinics Chi Phi. Florence Classman, B.S. Agricidturc James Keith Goldsmith. A.B. Erniuimir i Transferred fi ' om Sacramento J.C. : Masonic Affiliate Club ; SUvens Club. Ervin Henry Colisch, A.B. Eruiioinics Transferred from Occidental College : Kappa Alpha ; Circle C ; German Club ; Glee Club ; Campus Capers 2.3 ; Boxing 2.3,4. Nellie Marian Coodlander, A.B. Philosophu Transferred from Morningside Col- lege. Iowa. Eleanor Rose Cordon, A.B. E tlU ih Molly Gibbons Cordon, A.B. Psiivhol ' .nm Phrateres. Vice-President 3, Piesident • Jcannetta Yerxa has devised a sure-fire scheme for getting to the beach on sultry days. She ingen- uously carries a bathing cap on the campus, and then is pleasantly surprised when Invited to go in for a dip. Louise Class, B.E. Ednralitni TraTisferr d fiom Pomona CoUGge : Phi Mu : Upsilon Alphn .Sigma ; Gen- eral Elementary Club : Kipri Club : Westminister Club : Kural Educa tion ; Bruin 2.3,4 ; Y.W.C.A. Edward Marton Coldberger, A.B. FhiluKut ' h I! Carolyn Coldwater, A.B. Hixtoni Pi Beta Phi ; Tic Toe. President : Zeta Phi Eta; Spurs, Vice-President; U.D.S. John Carter Cood, A.B. Econom ics Transferred from Pomona College ; Glee Club. Irene Elizabeth Coracke, A.B. English Transferred from Fullerton J.C. Mabel Lynne Cordon, B.E. Ediicatio i Transferred from Los Angeles J.C. : Elementary Club. ii ; 84 Dorothy Gibson Grant, B.E. Education Transferred from Pomona J.C. : Phratert ' s : Westminister Club. Vice- President. Eric George Cray, B.E, Ediicatio) ' Schoolmastei-s Club. President 4. Bertha Mae Green, B.E. Home Kco7iomics Omicron Nu : Home Economics Club : Teachers ' Club. Maria Louise Green, A.B. Political Science Tri-C ; Areme. President 4 : Masonic Club; Glee Club 2,3.4. Doris Berniece Greenlee, B.E. riill. ical Education Phi Omega Pi : Phi Alpha W.A.A. ; Physical Y.W.C.A Education Stevens Club. Delta ; Club: Wesley Otto Criesel, A.B. Botany Transferred from Los Angeles J.C. That tousled mop of blond locks surmounting a Roman profile serve to identify a Thespian of true artistry. On the stage or off. jack Morrison is the same. Behind the footlights he plays ridiculous roles. i Margaret Gough A.B. Emiliih Transferred from Chi Omega ; Chi Sacramento Delta Phi ; J.C: Daily Bruin 3.4 ; Southern Campus 3. Mary Beth Coree. B.E. Efiiication Transferred from Riverside J.C. Evelyn Marie Craves, A.B. History History Club : Masonic Club ; Wesley Club ; Y.W.C.A. William P. Cray, A.B. Political Science Theta Xi ; Blue Key : Y.M.C.A. : Rop- er Williams Club ; Frosh Football ; Frosh Track : Sophomore Service ; Sophomore Council : Junior Class President : Men ' s Board : Senior Coun- cil. Evelyn Lucile Creen, B.E. Edacativn- Transferred from Santa, Ana J.C. : Phrateres ; Elementary Club. Natalie Creenberg, A.B. Philosophy Alpha Epsilon Phi; Daily Bruin 1.2: Welfare Boafd. Harryette Marye Creenwood. B.E. Music Sigma Alpha Iota ; Glee Club 2 : A Capella Choir 3.4. 85 Peggy Willis Griffin, B.E. General Elcmentar) Tau Alpha ; Tri-C : Glee Club 2 ; Daily Bruin 1,2 : Elemi-ntary Club 4. Elinor Dorothy Crete, A.B. Knulish Josephine Irene Croves, B.E. K ' lucation Alpha Delta Theta : Y.W.C.A. ; W.A.A. : Eplitbian Society. Elizabeth Rowland Cute, A.B. l flcholoi !! Kappa Tau Delta : Phrateres. Evelyn Alice Halt, A.B. I ' hitosophfl Alpha Delta Theta; Masonic Club; Phiateies; Y.W.C.A. Vivian S. Hallen, A.B. Ent lish Chi Delta Phi ; Manusciipt Club ; German Club. Virginia F. Hammer, A.B. Political Scifuee Phrateres. • Pasadena ' s fairest flower, Myrta Olmstcad, was sponsored by Delta Camma, which is the Creek ab- breviation for damn good. In spite of their own opinion of themselves, the D. C. ' s arc still respected by the campus. Martha Mary Crim, A.B. Ili.itaril SiKma Kappa ; Spurs ; AKathai ; Y.W. C.A. ; Vice-Pres. Sophomore Class; Class Council 2,3.4 ; A.W.S. Secy. 3 : Welfare Board 3 ; Regatta Queen ; Vice-Pres. A.S.U.C. 4 ; A.S.U.C. Council ; A.S.U.C. Board of Control 4. Marjorie EIn Crothaus, A.B. ZOOIOU!! Transferred f i nm B-ikersfield J.C. Phrateres. Marian Cuedel, B.E. Educaticyi Alpha Delta Pi. Mary Elizabeth Haines, B.E. Education Transferred from San DieKO State Collepre ; Delta Delta Delta ; Phrateres. lane Hall, A.B. Enfjlish Altha Janet Hallock. B.E. Education Alpha Gamma Delta : Geography Society. , 3? 86 Shirley Harriet Hannah, A.B. Histonj Zeta Tau Alpha : Upsilon Alpha Sig- ma : Pi Psi ; Geosraphic Society : In- ternational Relations Club : Masonic Club ; Y.W.C.A. ; News Bureau 1 ; Elections Committee 1.2,3.4 ; South- ei-n Campus 2.3.4 : Scholarship and Activities Committee. Nina LaVone Harden, B.E. Education Kindergarten-Primary Club. Leonard R. H. Hardie, A.B. Kmjlis}i Soccer Club. Earl Henry Harris, A.B. Zooloov Iheta Delta Chi: U.D.S Florence Hart, B.E. Phiisical Education Transferred from Santa Ana J.C. Physical Education Club : W.A.A. Carol Hartung, B.E. Art Transferred from Pasadena J.C. Delta Epsilon ; Pbilokalia. Carl Skinner ' s anti-social attitude is not due to in- digestion or even moral deterioration. In order that morals be able to deteriorate, there have to be some tc start with. Doris E. Hand, B.E. Commerce Transferred from Iowa Stale Teach- ers College : Alpha Chi Delta ; Helen Mattbewson Club. Donald Thomas Handy, B.E. rhiftiical Education Transferred from University of Cali- fornia at Berkeley ; Theta Delta Chi. Charlotte Harriett Hanson, A.B. Sjmni h Sigma Delta Pi. Helen Lorine Hardesty, A.B. Pstjcholo U Daily Bruin 1.2. Edward Derby Harmon, A.B. History Theta Xi ; Pershing Rifles. Alva Earl Harshman, |r., A.B. Lillian Hartranft, B.E. Music Sigma Alpha Iota : Glee Club ; A Ca- pella Choir ; University Music Society. 87 Evereft Roberts Hartung, A.B. I ' olii irat Sen tier Tiansfirrod from Santa Monica J.C. ; International Relations Club; Tennis Naomi Johanna Hasler, B.E. Art U.-lta Epsilc.-n. Forest Lincoln Hawkins, A.B. Kcoi ' oiitics Transferred from Eartham College. Indiana, and Los Angeles Junior College. Corinne Louise Hayden. B.E. Education Transferred from Citrus Junior Col- lege : Sigma Pi Delta ; Kipri Club : Phrateres. Carolyn Burke Hayes, B.E. General Elementary Phi Upsilon Pi : General Elementary Club : Y.W.C.A. : Daily Bruin. Kathryne Florence Hays. A.B. Historij Transferred from San Bernardino J. C. : Phratei-es. William Carroll Heath. A.B. I ' alitital Scit:ncf Transf rrijd from Compton J.C. ; Kap and Bells : Forum Debate So- ciety ; U.D.S. : Glee Club ; A Capella Choir; Chairman California Arrange- ments Committee : Director of Cam- pus Capers, 3.4 ; Men ' s Board ; Dra- matics Board ; A.S.U.C. Radio Di- rector. Driving a motorboat must be the prime requisite for crew managership. Working up to the job gets one in a rut. In any case, let it be known that Ed Blight looks well in a white sweater with a big C. Noborn Hoshiguchi, A.B. Political Science Japanese bruin Club; Frodh Base- ball. Edgar William Hassler, A.B. I ' oliticil Science Zeta Psi : Blue C ; Athletics Board 3. Chairman 4 : Football : Senior Council : A.S.U.C. Council 4. Marjorie Hay, B.E. Education Phi Mu : Y.W.C.A. ; W.A.A. : General Elementary Club ; Rural Education Club, Treasurer 3,4. Wanda Jess Hayden. A.B. Pot it ica I Sc ie n ce Prytanean, President 4 ; Pi Sigma Alpha ; Pi Gamma Mu : Pi Kappa Delta : International Relations Club ; Debating ; A.W.S. Council 4. Mildred Elizabeth Hays, B.E. KHttcation Zeta Tau Alpha : Philokalia : Rural Education Club. Club : General Elementary Irwin Leon Hearsh, A.B. Economics Phi Beta Delta ; Alpha Delta Sigma : Daily Bruin 1.2.3: Rally Committee 1.2,3.4 : California Arrangements Committee 2.3,4. 88 Harriet Harfwig Hegstad, B.E. Music Sigma Alpha Iota : Glee Club ; A Capella Choir 3.4 ; Choral 1.2. Porter Hendricks, A.B. Political Science Sigma Alpha Epsilon ; Scabbard and Blade ; Blue Key : Blackstonian : Blue C : Pi Delta Epsilon ; Rally Commit- tee : Sophomore Service ; Class Coun- cil 1.2.3,4.5: Sophomore Class Treas. : Welfare Board 3. Chairman 4 ; A.S. U.C. President 5 ; Board of Control. Irene Rose Hensberger, B.E. Eilitcatton Phi Omesa Pi. Ruth Frances Henson, A.B. Ecotiomics Transferred from Los Angeles Junior College : Glee Club 3. Rayetta Edna Herman, A.B. Psychology Transferred from Los Angeles ior College. Jun- Caroline Herrick. A.B. Kconottiics Transferred from University of Wis- consin. The feminist movement on the campus has had great success. No longer are the honors of student executives made solely by males, lean Miller was assistant editor of the yearbook, which gave her plenty of opportunities. Dorothy Louise Heathcote. A.B. French Transferre l from Pasadena Junior College. Nora Belle Heflin, B.E. Kducation Delta Delta Delta ; Elementary Club. Bernice Helen Helgesen, A.B. Psijcholotiit Alpha Xi Delta Agathai : Spurs ; Tri C ; Bruin 1.2 : Council : Panhei- Gamma Alpha Chi Y.W.C.. . ; Junior lenic. Vice-President 3. President 4 Senior Board. Una Nadine Henry, B.E. Education Areta. William Henry Hensey, Jr., Political Science Pi Kappa Delta : Debating i.-j bat.2 Manager 4 : Forensics Chairman 4 ; A.S.U.C. Council : m n of Textbook Committee. A.B. 1 : De- Board Chair- Frank Bancroft Herald, A.B. Geology Phi Kappa Sigma ; Scabbard and Blade. Hayes Hertford, A.B. Econoinics Phi Kappa Psi. President 4 ; Alpha Kappa Psi. Vice-President ; Rally Comittce; Freshman Council: Head Frosh Yell Leader : Sophomore Seivice. V-.ce-President : Sophomore Council: Junior Class Treaurer : In- tcrfraternity Council 3.4 : Homecom- ing Committee. 89 1i Jess Cutler Hicks, A.B. I ' utitical Science Theta Xi ; Men ' s Gleo Club ; Musical Or;;anizations Board : A.S.U.C. Coun- cil. Ruth Wood Hill, A.B. I ' -itirhulugij Pi Beta Phi ; U.D.S. ; Southern Cam- pus 1.2 ; Bruin 1.2 ; Scholarship Board 4. Lois Elizabeth Hirschmann, B.E. Education El ' mentary Club ; Geography Club. Marie I. Hoffman, A.B. Mathematics Sigma Pi Delta : Mathematics Club ; German Club. Isabel Thomas Holbrook, A.B. Zoolog j Chi On ega : U.D.S. ; News Bureau : A.S.U.C. Card Sales Committee. Margaret Althea Hollister, B.E. Physical Education Phi Alpha Delta ; Physical Education Club ; W.A.A. Gladys Lorene Hood, B.E. Education Transferred from Glendale J.C. 1932 ; Areta. It takes a fast man to play basketball for Caddy Works. From their well-stocked collection, the Betas contributed Don Piper. Don became a past master at tossing them through the hoop from any position. Marjorie D. Higgins, B.E. Clenna Rae Hiltibrand, A.B. English Transferred from Reed College, Ore- gon, 1932 : Alpha Gamma Delta : Ma- sonic Club ; Y.W.C.A. ; Religious Con- ference. Margaret Priddy Hodge, A.B. Histuiij U.D.S.. Historian 3.4 ; Bruin 1.2,3.4 ; Southern Campus 1.2 ; Y.W.C.A. ; W.A.A. : Spurs : Prytanean ; A.W.S. Social Committee ; A.W.S. Election Chairman : Junior Council : Phrateres Executive Board. Betty Olivia Hoffragge, A.B. Syta ii ish Transferred from Los Angeles J.C 1932: Kappa Tau Delta: Sigma Delta Phi : Phrateres ; Glee Club. jack Bruce Holland, A.B. EntrJi h U.D.S. Agnes Mary Holt, A.B. Econom ics Areme. 90 w Jane Sheila Hopkins, A.B. Sconomics Alpha Phi ; Alpha Chi Delta ; Daily Bruin 2. Katherine Virginia Horsman, A.B. Histonj Phi Omega Pi ; Glee Club : Masonic Club. Robert B. House, A.B. Physics Transferred from Los Angeles Junior College. Paul Henry Howe, A.B. Political Scieyice Sigma Pi ; Blue Key, Scabbard and Blade : Pi Delta Epsilon : Alpha Delta Sigma ; Upsilon Alpha Sigma ; Forum DeWe Society ; Boxing 1 ; Daily Bruin 1.2. ' J. 4 ; Southern Campus 1.2. Assistant Editor 3 ; Publications Board 4 ; Ice Hockey 1.2. Lillian Marie Huber. A.B. German Delta Phi Alpha: Phi Beta Kappa; German Honorary ; Spanish Club. French Club ; Marion Jennie Hughes. A.B. Histo.x Transferred from Pasadena Junior College. The arduous task of keeping the Southern Cam- pus manager ' s swivel chair from collecting dust was assumed by Arnold Antola. Rather than draw his salary for doing nothing, Andy decided to go to the beach on sunny afternoons. Martha Lois Hood, B.E. Fdncation Delta Zeta : Phi Upsilon Pi ; Y.W. C.A. ; Elementary Club : Masonic Club. Ellen Hurley Hopkins, A.B. Psiicholofju Transferred from Mount Saint Mary ' s Colli ge ; Newman Club. Patricia Kathleen Horgan, B.E. Mufiic Alpha Xi Delta : Phi Beta. Roberta Marion Houdyshel, A.B. Eiiylish Transferred from Los Angeles Junior College; Phi Mu. Beverly Arlamesia Howard, B.E. Education Alpha Delta Th. ta. John Norris Huber, A.B. Geology Transferred from University of Southern California ; Kappa Sigma ; Sigma Gamma Epsilon. Lois Hudson. B.E. Education Transferred from Compton Junior College; Masonic Club; Phraterts. 91 Robert Bochme Hughes, A.B. J oiitiral Srii firr Royror Willinmfl Club. Prcsitient 3 : Y.M.C.A.; U.D.S. : Wiestlin,{ l,a.4 : n.bat ■ 1. Betty Cene Hunt, A.B. Alpha Delta Pi : A athai : Spurs : Piytanean ; Alpha Chi Delta : W.A.A.. Vice-President 3. President 4 : Y.W. C.A. ; Daily Bruin 1 ; A.W.S. Council 4 ; A.S.U.C. Council 4. Lillian Louise Hylton, A.B. Sp finish Transferred from University of Cali- fornia at Berkeley ; Alpha Kai)pa Alpha. Eunice H. Irvine, B.E. Grneral KUiiwntarij Transferred from Sant-i M ' tnica Jun- ior College. Maurine Valiere Israelson, A.B. Ent lish Hubert Edward Jackson, A.B. Econoinhs Si nia Pi : Blue Key : Blue C : Scab- bard and Blade; Track William facobson, A.B. Politif ' al ScifHt ' f Phi Gamma Delta ; Circle C ; Pershing Rifles : Frosh Rally Rv serves : Golf Team 2.3. Captain 4 ; Football Man- ager 2,3. Pinky McLean says he can ' t figure women out, that they ' re beyond him. It is rather hard to believe of a man with red hair. But if you haven ' t got it, you just haven ' t got it. Earl Hull, A.B. Elizabeth Mary Hupp, A.B. Histdi II Gamma Phi Beta ; Daily Bruin 1 ; Y.W. C.A. : Elections Committee 2.3. Mary Elizabeth Iredale, A.B. Hhtory Kenneth Eugene Irving, A.B. COHOtlUCA Emily Louise Jackson. A.B. Enfjiish " I ' ransferred from Pasadena Junior College. Julia Jacobson, B.E. Connnerce 92 Claire Cochran Jarvis, A.B. Ps ' icholouv Transfensd from Los Angeles Jun- ior Colicpe : Psi Chi. Dorothy Kathryn Johnson. A.B. ZooHj y Arenie ; Masonic Affiliate Club, Treas- urer 2, Secretary 3. Vice-President 4. Harold La Baum Johnson. A.B. PhtjKics Lugene May Johnson, B.E. Education Phi Upsilon Pi : General Elementary Cluh. Cecelia Theodora Johnston, A.B. KtKjli Ii Transferred from Los Angeles Junior College ; Tri C ; Southern Campus 3. Janet D. Johnston, A.B. History Theta Uiisilon : History Club : Philia Phrateres : Westminister Club. • A girl of varied talents. Ruth Pinckncy was taking no chances on masculine indecision. To the old ques- tion, " Would you rather marry a blond or a bru- nette? " she replied, " What is marriage? " Charles R. Jamison. Jr.. A.B. KconoDiirs Transferred from. Los An ' r ' -I ' Jun- ior College. Betty Janss, A.B. Emjlish Kappa Kappa Gamma : Chi Delta Phi : U.D.S. Margaret Jessie Jillson, B.E. Art Theta Upsilon : Delta Epsilon. Edith Adel Johnson. B.E. Education Delta Phi Upsilon t Kipri Club. Joan Lesure Johnson, A.B. Euiilish Delta Delti. Delta ; Ti i C ; Bruin 1.2: Y.W.C.A. Daily Robert Alton Johnson, A.B. Economics Alpha Tau Omesa : Wrestling 1. Gilbert S. Johnston. A.B. Economics . lpha Delta Chi. 93 Bertram Melvin Jones, A.B. Transferr- ' d from Los Anych ' s Junior Collf;ie. Elizabeth Jane Jones, A.B. Theta Upsilon ; Transferred from Oc- cidental Colletre. Kathryn Cora Jones, B.E. Edncation Fred Reade Jueneman. A.B. Econoiuics Chi Phi ; Scabbard and Blade ; Swim- ming Team Manajrer 2.3 ; Interfrater- nity Council 2.3.4. Margaret M. Kaffesieder. B.E. Education Transferred from Los Ani eles Junior College. Evelyn Lois Kaiser, A.B. Philosophi) History Siproa Delta Tau : U.D.S. : Y.W.C.A. : Philosophical Union : Pan Hellenic Council 3 : Daily Bruin 1. Maurice Lloyd Kamins. A.B. Zoologn Pre-Medical Society. As the social rallying ground for a large propor- tion of the girls on the campus, Phratercs has a heavy responsibility on its shoulders. While President, it is doubtful if Kay Fabcr started any hopeful maid- ens on the downward path. Eleanor E. Jones, A.B. Zcta Tau Alpha; Cercle de Francais ; Y.W.C.A.: Daily Bruin 1. F. Nowetl Jones. A.B. Psycholoo ' J Theta Chi : Psi Chi : Frosh Reserves : Glee Club 1.2; Debate 1. Virginia Chilson Jones. A.B. H iatory Sylvia Rachel Jurow. A.B. French Transferred from University of South- ern California : German Honorary. Patsy Fern Kain, B.E. Education David Conrad Kalbfell. A.B. Physics Transferred from University of South- ern California : Matliematics Club : Physics Club ; Masonic Affiliate Club : Bruin Band 2.3.4. 94 Frederick John Karlson» A.B. Mathematics Transfcrrtd from University of Red- lands : Bruin Band 2.3.1 : Glee Club 2.3 ; Mathematics Club 4. Harold Keen, A.B. Entjlish Gamma Kappa Phi : Daily Bruin 1.2. Z.4. I Arthur Kelly. A.B. I ' husics Transferred from Conipton Sisnia Alpha Epsilon. J.C. Kathleen Charlotte Kendall, B.E. Education Phi Upsiion Pi ; Kipri Club, Secre- tary 4 : Elem-ntary Club. Josephine Elizabeth Ketcik, B.E. rluiiiical Education Physical Education Club. President ; W.A..A.. Song Leader. Helen Katherine KInstad, A.B. History Transftrred from Los . nj;Lles J.C. Nay — the spirit of romance Is not dead. The pin- ing, pensive maiden who would not be thrilled by Bill Crey ' s interpretation of Ingagi docs not live. Asked for the secret of his success. Bill answered, " I ' m always myself. " Minnie Marcia Kaplan, A.B. EiigJiiih Carl Carasek, A.B. English David Karnofsky, A.B. Zooloyy Sisma Alpha Mu : Pre-Medical Asso- ciation : Daily Bruin 1. Mary Alethe Keim, A.B. Matlumatics Transferred from Los Angc ' les J.C. Mary Elizabeth Kemmerer, B.E. Education Transferred from San Bernardino J. C. : Sisma Pi Delta : Phrateres. Cracemary Ketcham, B.E. Art Delta Zeta : Philokalia, Secretary 3 : U.D.S. : Y.W.C.A. ; Rural Education Club ; Delta Epsilon ; Daily Bruin 1 . lames Horace Kindel, |r., A.B. Economics Theta Xi : Blue Key : Sophomore Council : Sophomore Service ; Junior Council ; Senior Council ; Interfrater- nity Council. President 4 ; Men ' s Board 4. 95 Dorothy E. Kirchhofer, A.B. Honafhoid Scictice Homt Economics Association. Presi- dent l,;j,4 : RojTcr Williams Club. Vice- Presidtnt 4 ; A.W.S. Council. Katherine May Kneen, A.B. Botaiii Phrateres : Artemis. President 3. Madeline Rebecca Koenig, A.B. Grr titan Areta : Delta Pi Alpha. Margaretha Augusta Krohn, B.E. Eflt(cati yii Delli. Gamma ; Delta Phi Epsilon ; Tic Toe. Helen Jane Kusely, B.E. Phifsical Education Physical Education Club. Herman |ohn Kunstling, A.B. Econotttirs Elizabeth Landrum, B.E. .l,f Transferred fron " . Pasadena Junior College ; Delta Epsilon : Rural Edu- cation Club : Philokalia. • As Business Manager of the Daily Bruin, Aaron Rothenberg was noted for his efficiency. The crown- ing achievement in his campaign to cut expenses, was the substitution of razor blades for the office pencil sharpener. Cretchen Elizabeth Klein. A.B. Botan II Transferred fiom Lonw: Beach Junior Collepe. Edward Milton Koenig. A.B. Economics Alpha Gamma Omepa ; University Bi- ble Club: Elections Committee 4. Milton M. Krieger, A.B. Econoynica Zeta Beta Tau : Frosh Basketball : In- terfratemity Council 3 ; Southern Campus 4. Arthur Henry Krugcr, A.B. Economics Transferred from California Christian College. Charles F. Kunsemiller, A.B. Political Science Delta Sigma Phi; Glee Club 1.2.3: Forum Debate 4. Sara Blair Lacy, A.B. History Transferred from Long Beach Junior College : Delta Zeta : Kappa Phi Ztta, Vice-President 3. President 4 : Phra- teres ; Y.W.C.A. 96 Ralph H. Larson, A.B. Kcoiiontics Sigina Alpha Epsilon : Sophomore Service; Basketball 1,3; Sophomore Council ; Inlerfraternity Council, Sec- retary 4. Dillon Wayne Later, A.B. Political Science Transferred from Santa Monica Jun- ior Collese ; Bruin Band 4. Dorothy Virginia Lauth, A.B. I ' lLilusoiihij Alpha Omicron Pi ; Phi Beta ; U.D.S. ; Motion Picture Club : Spurs : Y.W. C.A. : A.W.S. Elections Committee ; Campus Capers 3 ; Greek Drama. Florence Rohmer LeBaron, A.B. h ' ci nntnics Al).ha Chi Delta. Ernest B. Leidholt, Jr.. A.B. Econ Dticii Alpha Tau Omeffa : Al])ha Kajtpa Psi. Alice Leonard, A.B, Mathcniotics Transferred from Milwaukee Teachers Coliege. It would be no mean athlete who could survive ascending and descending the Alpha Delta Pi steps. Having placed the W.A.A. presidency behind her, Betty Cene Hunt should qualify for a first class bun- ion derby. Robert Craig Lanka, A.B. Economics Betty Lapsley, A.B. Zooioifii Sigma Kappa. Mary Marcia La Rue, A.B. Mathematics Transferred from Los Angelts Junior College. John Hilands Lauten, A.B. Political Science Beatrice Leahy, A.B. Spanish Transferred from Immaculate Heart College ; Alpha Omicron Pi ; Sigma Delta Pi : Sigma Pi Delta ; Phrateres. A. Theodore Lee, B.E. Geoloilti Transferred from Compton Junior College. Phyllis Elizabeth LeMoyne, A.B. Fri nch Pi Delta Phi ; Cercle Francais. State 97 Martha Jane Leonard. B.E. Phffnical Education W.A.A. Charles Robert Lewis, A.B. Enu isli Transferred from Ohio State Univer- sity : U.D.S. : Daily Bruin 3. Elizabeth Ann Lewis, A.B. Historij Alpha Gamma Delta : Phrateres C.A. ; Masonic Club. Allan Holger Lind. A.B. Political Science Transferred from Long Beach Junior College ; International Relations Club ; Weslyen Club. Betty Janet Lingo. B.E. Education Kappa Delta ; Tri-C ; Y.W.C.A. : Kip- ri Club ; Areme ; Masonic Club ; Bruin 1,2 ; Southern Campus 3,4 : W.A.A ; A.S.U.C. Elections Committee 3 ; Pan Hellenic Council 4. George Edward Little. A.B. Transferred from Compton Junior College ; Alpha Sigma Phi ; Circle C : Rally Committee 3.1 ; Welfare Board 3 : Golf 3.4 : Board of Control 4 : A.S. U.C. Council 4 ; Men ' s Board, Chair- man 4; Men ' s Athletic Board; Inter- fraternity Council 4 ; Homecoming Committee 4. Alice Elizabeth Lloyd, B.E. Educanon Helen Matthewson Club : Y.W.C.A. : Masonic Affiliate ; Areme. Ho for the life of a sailor. The nautical, carefree life on an ocean-going vessel is attractive to every adventurous lad. But even a Sloop can take you for a pretty good ride. Bernard Levin, A.B. Econoiiiirs Phi Beta Delta : Blue C. Treasurer 4. President 5 ; Men ' s Athletic Board 4. Chairman 5 : Men ' s Board 5 ; Baseball 1.2.S.4 : Rally Committee Chair- man 5 : A.S.U.C. Council. Earl Evans Lewis, A.B. Zooluyn Ruby P. Lewis. B.E. Home Econoiiiicfi Oniicron Nu ; Home Eccmomics As- sociation : W.A.A. Don L. Linder. B.E. Music Transferred from University of Ne- braska. Meyer Litenberg, A.B. PolHical Science Pre-Legal Society ; Fencing 2. John Alden Llewelyn. A.B. Econoiiiirs Scabbard and Blade. 98 Louise Lucille Lorenzi, B.E. Education Newman Club : Ephebian Society. Louis Maurice Lowe, A.6. Econoinics Kappa Kappa Psi : Biuin Band 1.2. 3.4. Helen Marie Luce, A.B. PsycJiology Transferred from Ventura Junior College : Delta Zeta : Kappa Phi Zeta : Phrateres ; Emerson Club. Cwenlaurie Macdonald, A.B, Enylisli Transferred from Oberlin Colle Kappa Alpha Theta. Ada Isobel MacMillan. A.B. Home Economics Transferred from Lons Beach Junior College; Home Economics Association. Rollin Marion McBurney. A.B. Eco iomica Blue and Gold Club : Geographical Society. Milt Vallens has been accused of being a Delt. He sfoutly and indignantly denies it. To prove the falseness of the accusation, he displays the large number of activities he has been in. and his wide circle of acquaintances. Alice Lucile Lloyd. B.E. Education Pi Kappa Sigma : Kipri Ciub ; Gen- eral Elementary Club. Mary L. Lopez. A.B. Spayiish Transferred from Los Angeles Junior College ; Spanish Club. Frank H. Lowe. A.B. Economics Delta Upsilon : Football 1.2 : Bruin Band 1,2.3,1 ; Sophomore Service. Edith Lenore Lucas. A.B. m.itur,, Transfe.r.;d from University of Colo- rado ; Kappa Kappa Gamma ; A Ca- pella Choir : Le Cercle Francais ; Stevens Club. John H. Luebsen, A.B. Political Science Alpha Delta Chi : Glee Club : Minute lien. Mildred Irene MacDonough. A.B. Hotite Ec jni iiuc.-i Home Economics Association. Vice- President 4 ; German Club : Y.W.C.A. Mignon Macurda, A.B. Eni lifih Transferred from Cumnock Junior CoUeKe: Alpha Omicron Pi: Y.W. C.A. ' ir7 ill 99 Elinor Marjorie McCarthy, A.B. History Alpha Phi ; Phrattres ; Philia. Marlon Stewart McCarthy, A.B. Knglitih Pi Bt-ta Phi : Agathai ; Tic Toe : Tri- C : Philia : Y.W.C.A.. President 3 : A.W..S. Council 3,4 ; Senior Board 4. John William McCloskey, A.B. Gi oloifll Alpha Tau Omepa : Circle G : Ice Hockey 1.2.3, Captain 4 ; American Institute of Mining Engineers. Lawrence James McCoy, A.B. William M. McCreery, A.B. Physics Transferred from Muskingum lege. Rosine McDougall, A.B. French Phi Beta, President 4 : University Dramatics Society : Motion Picture Club ; A Capella Choir. Helen Lucile McElroy, A.B. Kiwlish Transferred from Los Angeles .lunior College. " Proverbially, all good things come in small pack- ages, but whether or not that includes Little is up to you. George achieved great things in two years. So, don ' t forget, all you Juniors — " life begins in the Alp!ia Sig House. " Edmund |ohn E. McCarthy, A.B. Kc ' jn ' jiitics Lorna Harriett McClish, A.B. Kiiffisli Transferred from Los Angeles Junior College ; Kappa Phi Zfta. Angela Louise McCormick, A.B. English Transferred from Mount Saint Mary ' s College : Alpha Chi Omega : Zeta Phi Eta : U.D.S. ; Campus Capers 3,4. Louis Richards McCreery, A.B. Mathematics Transferred from Long Beach Junior College ; Alpha Delta Chi : Masonic Affiiate Council ; Y.M.C.A.. Secretary 4 ; Blue and Gold Club. Phyllis McDaniel, A.B. Zooloyii Transferred from .Antioch College ; Glee Club. Alice Patricia McElheney, A.B. Ent lisli AgaLhai ; Pryt nean ; Spurs : Y.W. C.A. Cabinet 3 : A.W.S. Council 2.3, 4 ; Debating 2.3. Manager 4 ; Foren- sics Board 4. 100 Dorothy Randolph McCee, A.B. English Delta Delta Delta : Pi Kappa Sigma : Y.W.C.A. Delbert McCue, A.B. PolU ' cai Science Sigma Alpha Epsilon : Blue C : Foot- ball ; Track 1.3.4. Milton H. McKellar, A.B. Botajin Transferred from Glendale Junior CoHege. Patricia Helen McLaughlin. B.E. Gc7ieral Etemcjttartf Samuel A. McPherson, A.B. f:c.-7iowirs George B. McWilliams. Jr., A.B. Economics Alpha Tau Omega. The overpowcringly colonial atmosphere in the Al- pha Phi house makes one think of Boston, and Paul Revere, and Yankee clipper ships, and rum. And on the subject of rum, Dorothy Wells performs ex- cellently on the harpischord. Katherine B, McFarland. A.B. Eni lifiih University Dramatics Society ; Glee Club ; Roger Williams Club. Martha Yvonne McFeely. B.E. H utile Ecifnoiincs Transferred from University of Cali- fornia and Oregon State College ; Home Economics Association. Joan Agatha McCoey, A.B. English Transferred from Immaculate Heart College. |ohn Edwin Mclntyre, A.B. Ecotwni ' cs Transferred from University of Cali- fornia at Berkeley. Randolph Carlyle McKinley, B.S. Subtropical Horticulture Transferred from Davis College. Ceorgiana Agnes McNatly, B.E. Educatiati Transferred from Immaculate Heart College Ernest P. McRitchie. A.B. Economics Transferred from Los Angeles Junior College ; Zeta Psi : Basketball 3.4 ; Baseball 4. 101 Robert Cairns Maddox, A.B. KcoiiomicH Roxic Mahdcsian, B.E. Grace Melva Mahin, A.B. TiansferrL ' d from Compton Junior ColleKt ; Alpha Epsilon Chi : Phi Theta Kappa ; Y.W.C.A. ; University Bible Club. Margaret Vladimir Maleev, A.B. Zoolouit Transferred from Oklahoma State Col- lege ; Zsta Tau Alpha : Pre-Mcdical Association. Mary Catherine Mand, A.B. Histort Kappa Delta ; History Club ; W.A.A. ; Y.W.C.A. Jeanne Herbert Mann, A.B. Transferred from Sacramento Junior College. Elizabeth Suzanne Maries, B.E. Music Transferred from Santa Monica Jun- ior College. • " Now girls — you don ' t kick quite high enough. Remember, you must give your heart, soul, and three pounds a day to Campus Capers. " Bill Heath ' s suc- cess was due to his untiring search for pure and not so pure beauty. Mary Lee Magarian, B.E. J ' husical Ktlavaliiin Transferred from Los Angeles Junior College ; Physical Education Club ; W.A.A. lames Edward Maher, A.B. Transferred from Compton Junior College : Sigma Alpha Epsilon : Blue C ; Crew 3,4. Dorothy Carolyn Malaby, A.B. Knglish Transferred from Los Angeles Junior College ; Phi Beta ; Southern Camjjus Winifred Mallows, B.E. Educalion Transferred from Pomona College : Kipri Club : Phrateres ; Plymouth Club; Y.W.C.A. Howard Coleman Mann, A.B. HiMonj Delta Sigma Phi. Lidia Marion, A.B. Zoolofm Pre-Mcdical 102 m Frances Charlotte Martin, A.B. Frt-iich Transferred from Scripps College ; Delta Gamma ; Pi Delta Phi. President 4 : Tic Toe. Mary Mateer. A.B. Transferred from Saiita French Club : Phraleres. Ana J.C. ; Polly Jane Mattison, A.B. Psncholo( y Delta Delta Delta : Psi Chi ; W.A.A, : Y.W.C.A. : Daily Bruin 1. Austin Francis Menxies, A.B. PoUtical Sdtrice Beta Theta Pi ; U.D.S. : Circle " C " Swimming Captain 1 ; Water Polo : 3,4. Mary Varina Merritt, A.B. English Transferred from University of Cali- fornia at Berkeley ; Kappa Kappa Gamma. loseph Asay Messerly, A.B. Economics • Mary Lou Weeks tells all the Phi Moo pledges to enter activities. In advertising, she discovered, a reply is inevitable if sufficient inquiries are sent out. So if a little girl meets enough men. she can ' t escape a date. Emily Marr, B.E. Education Kappa Kappa Gamma : Agathai ; Tic Toe: Ph rate res : Kipri Club; Spurs; A.W.S. Council. Vice-President 3, President 4 ; A.S.U.C. Council. Herbert Littlefield Mars, A.B. Physics Transferred from Glendale J.C. Agnes Gertrude Mason, A.B. Fit nch Transferred from Sacramento J.C; Pi Beta Phi ; French Club ; Y.W.C.A. ; Phrateres. Rosa Agusta Mathews, B.E. Gf7icral Ehiiu utanj Transferred from Compton J.C. : Al- pha Siprma Alpha ; Elementary Club. Warren Bernard Melone, A.B. Economics Theta Chi ; Motion Picture Club : Daily Bruin 1.2 ; Wrestling 3.4 ; Scholarship and Activities Committee 4. Marion Catherine Mercier, B.E. GiiiLial Ekiin iitai If Transferred from Dominican College of San Rafael ; Y.W.C.. . ; Phrateres. Bessie Messenger. B.E. Education Transferred from Brawley J.C. ma Kappa. Sig- Georgia Ellen Miller, B.E. Alpha Chi Omck-a : Ti i-C : Daily Bruin 1.2. James Braxton Miller, B.E. Physical Education Phi Delta Theta ; Sophomore Service ; Blue C : Track 1,2.3.4. Martha Virginia Miller, A.B. Eni liah Alpha Phi ; Spurs ; Y.W.C.A. ; Daily Bruin 1 : Campxis Capers 2 : Kipri Club ; A.S.U.C. Elections Committee 2.3. Riva Georgia Miller, B.E. Educatit n Pi Kappa Sigma : Elementary Club. Herbert Louis Mitchell, A.B. English Transferred from Compton Junior College : Alpha Sisma Phi : Daily Bruin 3.4 ; California Arrangements Committee 4 ; " Twelfth Night " . Hildegarde Louise Mohan, A.B. History Alpha Omicron Pi ; Spurs : Freshman Class Secretary : Freshman Council ; Y.W.C.A. : Junior Class Vice-Presi- dent ; A.W.S. Council 4 ; Senior Coun- cil. Geraldine Mariam Monnastes, B.E. Gc7ieral Elemcutanj Transferred from Reed College : Del- ta Zeta. • Since the art of the home brewer was added to the crafts affected by technological unemployment. Bull Jones has been searching for something to keep him from being bored. The search has had results — at five cents a glass. Grace Nellie Miller, A.B. French French Club ; German Club. Jean Miller, A.B. Psuc}u}loytj Alpha Chi Alpha ; Tri-C ; Areme ; Y.W.C.A. ; W.A.A. : Southern Cam- pus 2.3. Assistant Editor 4. Nancy Jane Mitchell, A.B. Political Science Theta Upsilon : Areme : Internation- al Relations Club ; Y.W.C.A. ; W.A.A. Marjorie Mishler, B.E. Phi sical Education Transferred from Glendale Junior College : Physical Education Club ; W.A.A. Marjorie Mitchell, B.E. Education Transferred fiom Compton College. Majken Genevieve Moline, B.E. Education Transferred from I:.l Centro Junior College ; General Elementary Club. 104 l ' » N«r fT " i. ! Victor Albert Moon, A.B. coiiotmcs Carol Ross Moore, A.B. HUturii Alpha Chi Oiiu -ja : Y.VV.C.A. : A.W.S. Council 2 ; A.S.U.C. Exemptions Com- mittee 4 : Senior Council. Nancy Bernice Moore, A.B. History Kappa Delta. Clenn Dean Morgan. A.B. Ecotiomics Alpha Tau Onieyra ; .- Ipha Kappa Psi : Sc.ibbard and Blade : Blue Cir- cle C : Ball and Chain ; Daily Bruin 1 ; Ice Hockey 2.3.4. Jack Sherman Morrison, A.B. Psijchologii Phi Kappa Psi : Kap and Bells. Pres. 4 ; Blue Key : U.D.S.. Pres. 3 ; Fresh- man Council Pres. ; Sophomore Serv- ice : " Once in a Lifetime " : " High Road " ; " 12th Night " : Dramatics Board Chairman ; A.S.U.C. Council 4. Alleah Irvine Morrow. B.E. Education Transferred from Compton J.C. • As a Bruin editor. Will Bradford soloed admirably for the A C pella Choir. Composing editorials in the five minutes before deadlines is usually deleterious to this quality, but it did not make any difference in Will ' s efforts. Dorothea Monten, A.B. Htniir Erunotnics Gamma Phi Beta : Pi Kappa Sisma ; Y. ' .C.. .. Cabinet 1.2. Marie Therese Moog, A.B. Frtynch Transferred from Santa Ana J.C. : French Club ; Masonic Club : Phra- teres. Annie Pauline Moore, A.B. History Alpha Omicron Pi ; W.A.A. M. Jeanette Moore, B.E. Education Kappa Delta. Kiyoko Morey, B.E. Home Economics Chi Alpha Delta : Home Economics Club ; Y.W.C.A. Elenora Morghee, A.B. Mathematics Raymond Kenneth Morrison, B.E. Education Transferred from Los . nseles J.C. M 8r 105 Mariorie Morrow, A.B. iiiiitory A]j ha Phi ; HomecominK Committee. Elizabeth Lavetta Moser, B.E. Eiliication Wilhelmina Mounier, A.B. Tiansftrred from If5?e ; Phrateres. Citrus Junior Col- William Butler Mullin. A.B. Chiniistnj Maretta Murdock. B.E. Education Transferred from San Diego State College. Bernice Lorine Murray, B.E. Education Elizabeth M. Nakamura, A.B. Bold ' i II According to T. |. Ault, the Sigma Nus had eleven men in the first boat. Besides this record, unparal- leled in the annals of intercollegiate crew, the house is reputed to have once had a guidon bearer in Com- pany B. Samuel Alfred Morthland, A.B. ll,.-,ion, Transferred from Santa Monica Jun- ior College : Masonic Affiliate. Harry Ernest Motley, A.B. Z- olo !i Transferred from Santa . na Junior Collepre ; Glee Club 3. Marie A. Mueller, A.B. Economics Prytanean : Alpha Chi Delta ; Y.M. C.A. : Daily Bruin John Hammond Munier, A.B. Phijaics Delta Phi Alpha. Marjorie Murfee, A.B. Enfjlish Transferred from University of Ari- zona : Gamma Phi Beta. Lawrence Talbot Myers, A.B. English Theta Xi : Blue C ; A Capella Choir ; Glee Club; Tmnis Cross Country 2,3. 106 Herman C. Nelson, A.B. Ectnioinics Phi Delta The ' a. Solvejg Cecelia Nelson. A.B. Sitrnia Kappa : Glte Club ; Ma sonic Club. Hugh Nibley, A.B. lli :tJltl Crigsby Nicholson, A.B. Econoinics Alpha Tau Omega. Anne Northington, B.E. Ufiicral Elementary Chi Omega. Sylvia Florence Ober, A.B. History Transferred from University of South- ern California. Contrary to popular belief, daily prayer meetings arc not held in the Alpha Chi Omega house. Even though the doorbell tinkles a solemn religious chant, a pagan spirit pervades the atmosphere. And Carol Moore is full of spirit. Nettie Nathanson, A.B. KufiUsh W.A.A. Martha A. Neighbors, B.E. Edttcation Transferred from University of Southern California ; Pi Beta Phi ; Kipri Club : Phrateres. Lucille Marie Nelson, B.E. Education Tiansferred from. Lon:4 Beach .Tunior College ; Helen Matthewson Club ; General Elementary Club ; W.A.A. Cwynne Nettler, A.B. History Swimming 1 ; Water Polo 2.3. George Bogart Niblock, Jr., A.B. Economics Phi Gamma Delta ; Scabbard and Blade; Gym Team 1.2,3.4. Gene Nielson, A.B. English Transferred from Los Angeles Junior College : Zeta Phi Eta : Kap and Bells ; U.D.S. ; Greek Drama 3.4. Nellie Northrop, B.E. Physical Education ZeUl Phi Eta ; U.D.S. : Physical Edu- cation Club : W.. .A. : Greek Drama. rv n i 107 ■ ' ■ Sarah Louise O ' Brien, B.E. Kditcal ' utn Tr!in31i.-?r d from Cl.iidi ' y J.C. torts ; Elomcntary Club cation Club. Phra- liural Edu- Boyd James O ' Oonnell, A. 8. Political Science Transferred from Pasadena J.C. Edna Emma Ogilvie, B.E. Educaliun Edward Albert O ' Mailey. A.B. Political Science Thuta Chi : Ball and Chain ; Rally Committee: Daily Bruin. Spojt Edi- tor 1 ; Southern Campus 3. 4. .5 ; Glee Club 4.5 : Minute Men 3.4 : A Capel- la Choir 4.5 : Publieatiuns Board. Leora Nadine Onstott, A.B. Histonj Transferred from Yuba County J.C. 1932 : Chi Omega. Izuto Otani, A.B. Political Science Japanese Bruin Club. Vice-President 4 : Freshman Baseball. Helen Marie Ott, B.E. Art Transferred from Pasadena J.C 19S2 : Delta Epsilon : Philokalia : Rural Education. The first of the Alpha Gamma Delta scries of diminutive politicians, Lou Bainer either grew quite tired, or became smart. After her Junior year she coasted on her reputation. From all reports, the slid- ing was lots of fun. William Odisho. A.B History Club ; Glee Club Bruin Band 1,2,3,4 ; 1.2.:j.4 : A Capella Choir, Evelyn Luella Ogier, B.E. I ' hiitiical Education Theta Upsilon ; Physical Education Club ; W.A.A. ; Daily Bruin 3.4. John Olsen, B.E. Art Delta Upsilon ; Blue Key ; U.D.S. ; El Club Hispanico : Junior Council ; Senior Council : Senior Class Presi- dent ; Men ' s Board. Harold Theodore O ' Neal, A.B. Psycliology Transferred from Long Beach J.C. 1932 : Alpha Delta Chi ; Macafen Club. Vice-Presidenl 4 : Masonic Club : German Club ; Senior Council ; Chair- man 4. Nestor C. Ortiz, A.B. Econoiuics Transferred from Los Angeles J.C. 1932. Dorothy Eleanor OToole, B.E. Gi nirat Ehim iitanj Transferred from Long Beach J.C. 1932 : Alpha Chi Omega. 108 d Mildred Wiley Paine, B.E. Edtirafion Tiansferreil from El Cfntro Junior College. Oliver Langley Paris, A.B. Oeology Chi Phi ; Sijrma Gamma Epsilon ; Scabbard and Blade. Irene Finette Partridge. A.B. Political Scienct ' International Relations Club : Club 1. 2; Y.W.C.A. Cabinet 2. Glee Callie Amner Pate, A.B. Transferred from Long Beach Junior College. Thelma Sue Paulson, Education Sisnia Kappa. B.E. Arnold B. Peek, A.B. I ' oUtical Science Theta Chi : Pi Sigma Alpha ; Persh- ing Rifles : A.S.U.C. Elections Com- mittee 2,3, Chairman 4 : Interfratern- ity Council 3.4 : A.S.U.C. Council 5. Other fraternities may rise and fall, but the light of Phi Kappa Psi continues to burn with the same brilliance as always. No one can say that debonair Hayes Hertford disclaims the responsibility for these achievements. Caroline Eloise Owens, B.E. Kdncation Transferred from Fullerton Junior College ; Phrateres : Elementary Club. Louis Frank Pagliassotti, A.B. Matin iiiatics Mary Carolyn Palmer, A.B. Psiicltoloini Transferred from University of Wis- consin ; Pi Beta Phi ; Y.W.C.A. Joy Mae Parke, A.B. Economics Alpha Chi Delta ; A.W.S. Council 3. 4 ; Spurs ; Y.W.C.A. Cabinet 3.4 ; Philia : Masonic Club ; University Re- ligious Conference : Homecoming Committee. Gertrude Mary M. Pastoret, B.E. Education Transferred from Superior State Teachers and Pasadena Jun- ior College. Lola Marie Patterson, A.B. Pstjcholoif ' j Transferred from San Bernardino Valley Union Junior College : Cos- mopolitan Club : Y.W.C.A. Donald D. Paxton, A.B. I ' lilfsica Swimming 2.3.4 ; Water Circle C ; Polo 2.3,4. 109 i Thomas Roy Pendell, A.B. I ' Jcunoiiiirs Transferred from Ch-ndalt- Junior ColIeKe : W sluyan Club. Sarah Elizabeth Person, A.B. yjooiuifif Lillian Bean Peterson, A.B. Hi. to,-,, Transferred from Scripp.s College : Gamma Phi Beta ; Pi Kappa Sisima : Phrateres : German Club : Masonic Club : Campus Capers 4. Ruth Jane Pettis, A.B. Gcotfraphij Transferred from Fresno State Col- lege : Delta Delta Delta ; Phrateres. Clen Raymond Phillips, A.B. Hl4:tOr,l Transferred from Giendale Junior College. Kenneth Hugh Pilkenton, A.B. Economics Transferred from University of Southern California. Margaret Harding Pinckney, A.B. JCn.ili.- ' h Alpha Phi t A.W.S. Council 4 ; Bruin 1 ; Senior Council : Y.W.C.A. ; Cam- pus Capers 3 : Senior Class Vice-Pres- ident. Arnold Peck was chairman of the Elections Com- mittee, but after the votes were counted, he became head of Scholarship and Activities. Honesty is the best policy — but in these troublous times insurance companies arc so undependable. lanette Wood Pendleton, A.B. Econotnics Alpha DelU Theta. Hilda Gwendolyn Peterson, B.E. Home Economics Home Economics Association : Areme. Muriel Wilhelmina Peterson, A.B. P.s? c io o ; ' y Transferred from Loni Beach -Junior College. Adele Phelps, B.E. Art Kappa Kappa Gamma : Philokalia. James Emerson Phillips, Jr., A.B. English Daily Bruin. Frank Joe Pilone, A.B. Econoii ' ics Sigma Alpha Epsilon : Campus 4. Southern 110 Roberta Cecile Podoll, A. 6. Historij Alpha Epsiion Phi : Alpha Chi Al- pha : Tri-C ; California Anan ' 4;ements Committee. Si cretary 1 ; Daily Bruin 1.2.3. Niirht Editor 4. Anne Adams Porter, A.B. Botany Transferred from University of South- ern California. Helen Elizabeth Porter, A.B. Botanu Alpha Delta Theta ; Masonic Club : Phrateres. Swiftly Jenkins successfully defamed more charac- ters than any other Claw editor. The Claw runs on the lofty journalistic ideal that if something nice is said about a man. he ' ll buy one copy, but if it ' s dirty, his friends will buy ten. Ruth Tomlinson Pinckney. A.B. English Transferred from University of Cal- ifornia at Berkeley : .Alpha Delta Pi : Junior Council : A.S.U.C. Elections Committee 3 ; A.W.S. Council : Senior Council. Aaron Arnold Pinskoy, A.B. Eiiglfsh Tau Delta Phi. Daisie Adria Polich, A.B. Ecottoiiiio Transferred from Pasadena Junior Colleire : Alpha Delta Theta ; Y.W. C.A. ; Roger Williams Club. Florence LaVerne Porter, A.B. English Harold Sacre Pound, A.B. PoUticai Scitnce Dorothy Mae Powell. A.B. Transferred from Brawley Junior Col- lege; Y.W.C.A. Histnni Alpha Chi OniLira ; Spurs ; Prytan- ean : Y.W.C.. .. Cabinet 2.3 ; A.W.S.. Ti-oasurer 3. Lucille Bright Powell, B.E. Gt ju (117 EU nuntai ' J Lucille Lysbeth Powell, B.E. .4 re Alpha Delta Pi : Philokalia : Y.W. C.A. : Campus Capers 1.2. Grace Marie Pyle, A.B. Daily Bruin 3.4 -. Literary Review. Ellen Margaret Prince, A.B. Economics Sigma Kappa : Y.W.C.A.. : W.. .A. 1 1 Ui Lorine A. Prochaska. B.E. ( 1 M ica I Edit ca t ion Tran f«irrtd from Pa.saui-na Junior Collefre. Eduardo Rabaca y Rabo, A.B. Political Science Tiansferred from Pasadena Junior College ; Filipino Bruin Club. Ethel Johanna Rasmussen. A.B. Matht:matic. ' i Transferred from Long Beach Junior College. Madelyn Evelyn Ravitch, A.B. Hi. ton, Phi Sigma Sigma. Howard Lyman Reed, B.E. Education Lambda Chi Alpha. Robert William Renck. A.B. Chemistry Alpha Phi Omejra : Y.W.C.A. : Cross Country 2.3 ; Daily Bruin 4. Jane Miles Rhodes, B.E. Education Zeta Tau Alpha ; Phi Upsilon Pi ; Rural Education Service : Geography Club ; General Elementary Club. • " If at first you don ' t succeed — why try? " has long been Ed Borlcy ' s motto. Ed has been in school so long that the authorities plan to erect a fountain in his memory. But it won ' t spout water. Vernon V. Quilliam. A.B. Mathfuiatich Pi Mu Epsilon. Agnes Irene Rambo, A.B. I ' vlitical Science Prytantan ; A.V .S. Council : Phra- tere. Executive Board ; Southern Campus 1.2.3 ; Y.W.C.A. ; A.W.S. Sec- retary. Nora Rasmussen, B.E. Art Zeta. Tau Alpha; Philokalia ; Education Club. Rural Geneva Raybold, B.E. Education Pi Kappa Sigma ; General Elemen- tary Club. Lucile L. Reisch, A.B. English Phiateres. Hilda Astred Reynolds, B.E. General Elementary Phi Upsilon Pi ; General Elementary Club ; Y.W.C.A. ; Glee Club 2.3 : theran Club. Lu- 112 Lucille E. Richardson. A.B. Ecoitontics Helen Barbara Ring, A.B. Econom ics Delta Zeta : Alpha Chi Delta President 4 : Phrateres Vice- Y.W.C.A. Virginia Lois Rippe, A.B. English Chi Delta Phi. Clifford LeRoy Ritter, B.E. Educatioti Transferred from Pomona Colleg Phi Epsilon Kappa. Marjorie Meryl Roberts. A.B. English Alpha Phi. Alice Robillard. B.E. Education Transferred from Los Anegles Junior College ; Zeta Tau Alpha. " Fighting for honor, " the cry of the Kappa Delt house, spurred Betty Lingo on to great deeds. As a faithful right-hander. Betty sacrificed a few spare moments for a worthy cause — the Southern Campus. Waldon Rice Rhoads. A.B. Vh itsics Mary Francis Rice, B.E. Art Transferred from Pasadena Junior College : Alpha Delta Pi ; Delta Ep- silon ; Philokalia : Phrateres. lames Robert Rickard. A.B. Political Scititct Transferred from University of Cal- fornia at Berkeley : Delta Chi. Elizabeth Riniker, A.B. Mathematics Transferred from Santa . na Junior College ; Phrateres. Helen Louise Riter, A.B. French Delta Zeta; Pi Delta Phi. William H. Roach. A.B. F ' hij ies Transferred from University of Cali- fornia at Berkeley. Barbara Lee Robertson, A.B. Transferred from Photnix Junior Coilepe : Phrateres. ' 113 Betty Robison, A.B. Sigma Kappa : Prytanoan : Spurs : Y.W.C.A.. Cabinet 2,3. Secretary 4 : Pan-Hellenic. Secretary 1 ; Masonic Club Council. Dorothy Eleanor Roehm, B.E. I ' hii ifal Kdut-atiuit Phi Omega Pi ; W.A.A. ; Physical Education Club. Bill Rohkam, A.B. Political Science John Rosenberg, A.B. Economics Tiansferred from University of Penn- sylvania ; Golf 2.3.4 : Debate 4. Sydney Roth, A.B. Economics Zita Beta Tau. Helen Rountree, A.B. Pnlitictil Science Phi Beta ; Prt-Legal Association. Marie Johanna Runge, A.B. History Transferred from Long B ach Junior College. Fortunately for the development of music at U.C. L.A., Jess Hicks had a number of assistants in his work with musical organizations. No sour notes emanated from committee rooms where Jess presided, nor much of anything else. William Forth Roe. A.B. ZlJIfloiJ ' f Mary Jean Rogers, B.E. Physical Education Transfi i-red from University of Southern California ; Areme ; W.A.A. Jack Clyndon Roof, A.B. Chemistry Phi Beta Kappa ; Kappa Gamma Ep- silon. Daniel David Rosenthal. A.B. I ' sijchology Aaron Meyer Rothenberg, A.B. h ' couoniic Zeta Beta Tau ; Pi Delta Epsilon : Upsilon Alpha Si ma : Upsilon Del- ta Siirma ; Daily Bruin 1.2.3. Busi- ness Manajier 4 ; Publications Board 4. M. Florence Ruiz, A.B. Spanish Sigma Delta Pi ; Spanish Play. 114 ;c 1 1 I Fred Wilson Ryan, A.B. Political Scitncf Alpha Delta Chi : International Re- lations Club ; Glee Club : Bruin Band 2.3,4 ; Track 1. Augustine Lorenzo Santos, A.B. EmjUsh Transferred from College of Puget Sound. Washinjrt n : Cosmopolitan Club. Maria Cartaino Scarpitta. A.B. French Pi Delta Phi. Charlotte Hope Schlyen, B.E. Education Alpha Epsilon Phi : Glee Club. Marcelle Pearl Schuck, A.B. English Transferred from Los Angeles J.C. Kappa Delta : W.A.A. : Y.W.C.A. Choral Club. Ruth Marie Schmenger. B.E. General Kit i,n ntarii Elementary Club ; W.A.A. " On dune and headland sinks the fire: Lo all our pomp of yesterday is one with Nineveh and Tyre! " The departure of Ed Cuzncr leaves a gap as large as that felt during his presence. Dorothy J. Russel. B.E. Kducatio t Kappa Kappa Gamma : U.D.S. Spurs : Crew Promotion Committee. Ellen Mae Ruth. B.E. h ' diiratioii Transfeired from Bxawley J.C. Hellen Marie Sandercock, A.B. English Transfeired from Los Angeles J.C. Mildred Hornwood Sax, A.B. Ent liah Gieek Drama. Herman Arthur Schaefer, A.B. Kcouomivs Phi Dilta Theta. Lucille Marie Schneider, A.B. Mathematics Transferred from Pasadena J.C. : Theta Phi Alpha : Newman Club : Mathematics Club. William Robert Schumann, A.B. .oology Si.2:ma Pi : Scabbard and Blade Sophomore Service. 115 Florence Tailcton Scott, A.B. riulos,:,,!,,! Sijnna Alpha Kappa : W.A.A. ; Y.W. C.A. : Philosophical Union. Lester L. Seeiig, A.B. Kconomics Beverly Bell Segna, B.E. Philaif ' al Education Transferred from Long Beach J.C. 1932. Dorothy Adeline Setnan, A.B. I ' uHlical Scuncc Gamma Phi Beta. Mildred Eleanor Sharpe, B.E. Ki I ' ti rtiw It ti-I ' ii i i(n f Delta Phi Upsilon : Areme, President 4 ; W.A.A. : Kipri Club, President 4. Margaret Marie Shepard, B,E. Education Transferred from Los Angeles J.C, 1932. Marjorie Sherman, A.B. Economics Areme ; Y.W.C.A. : Geography Soci- ety ; Glee Club 3,4. Photography is one way to see the world — through a lens, not a porthole. Jimmy Andrews started taking pictures of models in fur coats, and he hopes to work down to something worthwhile, someday. Virginia Lyne Sebastian, B.E. Iloiiir Kryiiottiicn Areta : Home Economics Club, Treas- urer 3, President 4. Esther Segal, A.B. EnyiiHh Chi Delta Phi. Helen Elizabeth Seividge, A.B. Fniuli Transferred from University of Mis- souri. 1932 : Phi Mu ; Y.W.C.A. ; French Club ; Spanish Club : W.A.A. William Oswald Shanahan, A.B. VoUtual Sri, „c, Robert Kirby Shellaby, A.B. l olitical Scit ticc Phi Gamma Delta : Scabbard and Blade : Pi Delta Epsilon : Pershing Rifles; Daily Bruin 1, Day Editor 2, Managing Editor 3, Editor 4 ; Hand- book. Assistant Editor 1. Editor 2 : A.S.U.C. Council ; Publications Board, Chairman 4. Eva Edith Sherman, B,E. Gettital E-ottcniarn Helen Mathewson Club: Y.W.C.A.: Elementary Club. 116 ,i I Kathleen Shinn, B.E. Music Transferred fi-om University of Cal- ifornia at Berkeley ; Alpha Phi. Virginia Show, B.E. Gerieral Eleiutntarif Alpha Gamma Delta ; Phrateres. Max N. Silvernale, A.B. Hiatorij Transferred from Santa Monica J.C., 1932 : Sigma Alpha Epsilon : Rifle : Wrestling. Carlton George Skinner, A.B. J ' oUtiral Scirnce Transferred from Wcsleyan Univer- sity. 1932; Delta Upsilon : Pi Delta Epsilon, President 4 ; Upsilon Alpha Sigma : Senior Council : Daily Bi-uin 2,3.4 ; Crew Magazine Editor 3. Ralph Varian Sloan, A.B. I ' ii lclioUjoU P ' si Chi, President 4.5 : Ball and Chain : U.D.S. : Motion Picture Club. Treasurer 5 : Track 1 : Football 1 : Junior Manager of Track 4 ; Elec- tions Committee 2,3. Arminta Edith Smith, B.E. Education Transferred from Long Beach J.C. Hugh Rogers used to go steady, but since the girl got married, he says it is a great mistake ' going steady — not marriage . In fact. Hugh says he is just like a duck. Mary Elizabeth Sherwin, B.E. Education Transferred from Glendale J.C. 1932 Wesley Foundation. George Susumu Shigekawa, A.B. l ' hilosot hii Transferred from Santa Ana J.C, 1932 ; Bruin Band 3,4 ; International Relations Club. Lorraine Bernice Shordon, A.B. Hist rif Transferred from Los Angeles J.C, 1932. Reva Siegel, A.B. S ian ' : lh Transferred from University of Tex- as. 1932. Russell Ray Simonson, A.B. Gcologn Sigma Gamma Epsilon. President 4 : Kappa Kappa Psi. Vice-President 3 ; Bruin Band 2.3.4. Doris Jean Slater. A.B. Political Science Margaret Tryphena Smart, B.E. Education Kipri aub. 117 Bonnie Mac Smifh, B.E. SiRma Pi Delta. Charles Wilbur Smith. A.B. I ' olitical Sch nc( Transferred from Glendale J.C. bating: 4. De- Margaret Jane Smith, B.E. Education Transferred from Ohio University : Alpha Xi Delta : Delta Phi Upsilon ; Kipri Club. Norma Elvira Smith, A.B. PsycJiologii Transferre l from Los Angeles J.C. Phi Mu : Psi Chi ; Y.W.C.A. Violet Veronica Smith, B.E. Education Spanish Club ; French Club : Elemen- tary Club. Avis Luverne Solberg, B.E. Educntivti Transferred from Glendale J.C. Cordelia Spurgeon, B.E. Eduratitin Transferred from Compton J.C. ; Ele- mentary Club; A Capella Choir. • Cene Niclson has consistently starred in Creek Drama. The spirit of ancient Crcece is interpreted so admirably by her that the most fitting comment Is in the words of the Athenian playwritcs themselves, " Agony, agony, all is agony. " C. Herschel Smith. A.B. Ps ' ichMowf Transferred from Lohk Beach J.C. Helen Irene Smith, B.E. Education Transferred from San Bernardino J.C; Sipma Pi Delta: Phrateres. Marie Helene Smith. A.B. Histori) Transferred from Occidental College ; History Club. Richard Allen Smith, A.B. Eronoinics Delta Sifima Phi : Forum Debate So- ciety. Vice-President 2. President 3 ; U.D.S. : Westminister Club. President 3 ; Senior Class Treasurer. Emmeline Frances Snively, B.E. AH Transferred fi-om Holmby College. Dora Mac Solomon. A.B. Econouiira Transferred from Bakersfield J.C. ; Alpha Kappa Alpha. 118 Eleanor Virginia Stanton, A.B. tlistor ' l Alpha Omicron Pi. Helen M. Stelzriede, B.E. hhuhiyailt )i-Printat }i Transferred from Santa Monica Jun- ior College : Kipri Club, Treasurer 4 ; W.A.A. Elmer Shand Stephens, A.B. Political Scitnci Ice Hockey 2.3. Julian Ernest Steyskal, A.B. English Kappa Sigma ; Scabbard and Blade : Circle C ; Pershing RiHes ; Cross Country 1.2.3,4. Laurence Carnett Stoddard, A.B. Phiisirg Transferred from Los Angeles Junior College. Eric P. Strutt, A.B. Er,gli:th Transferred from Northwestern Uni- versity ; Beta Theta Pi ; California Arrangements Committee 3 : Daily Bruin 3.4. • If you have any little problems, take them to Dean Stone for solving. Daily conferences with this con- genial official enabled Bud Krucgcr to raise Phi Phi (not a sorority! up to the curb again. Evelyn Antoinette Staab, A,B. KiwUsh Transferred from University of Cal- ifornia. Ruby V. Stanley, A.B. Math : ' i atic Transferred from Fullerton Junior College ; Pi Mu Epsilon : Phrateres. Philip A. Stein, A.B. Political Scieticc Tau Delta Phi : Bruin Band 1.2. Julia Katherine Stepan, A.B. Histoni Transferred from Crane College and San Mateo Junior College. Tom David Stevenson, B.E. Art Football 1 : Track 1,2,3 ; Senior Coun- cil. Thelma Eleanor Stine, B.E. Home Economics Transferred from Santa Monica Jun- ior College ; Omicron Nu. Elizabeth Edith Stroum, B,E. Ho}nc Economics Kappa Tau Delta ; Pi Lambda Theta : Omicron Nu ; Home Economics Asso- ciation : . .W.S. Council 3. ■ w f d ' 2 119 ht Marion Fenwick Stuart, B.E. I ' hift irttl Etlu rit tioii Transferred from Humboldt State Teachers College : Phrateres ; Physi- cal Education Club ; Cosmoijoiitan Club. Esther Blanche Sumner Tri-C. A.B. lone Lorna Suszycki, B.E. Home Economics Kappa Tau Delta : Home Economics Association. Katherine Alice Sweet. A.B. Enijlu h Kappa Alpha Theta : Upsilon Alpha Sijjma : Tri-C : University Dramatics Society; W.A.A. ; Daily Bruin 1.2,3; Freshman Council : Sophomore C oun- cil : Junior Council ; Greek Drama. Katherine Tarpley, A.B. Jane Elisabeth Taylor, A.B. Engli ' ii Pi Beta Phi ; Chi Delta Phi : Campus Capers 1,2,3: Stevens Club; Y.W.C..- . Cabinet 1.2.3. Vernice Anne Theisen, A.B. P ]icholoii]i TransfeiTed from Pasadena Junior College : Psi Chi ; Phrateres. He was a good Scabbard and Blade President, as Scabbard and Blade Presidents go — but as presidents go. he went. Bill Aldrich can now be seen only in the dark company of the Midnighters. Rae Masa Sugahara, A.B. Transferred from Los Angeies Junior College. Evangeline Sumner, A.B. P ijcholo in Transferred from Pasadena Junior College; Alpha Delta Pi; Psi Chi. Secretary 4. Margaret Ethel Swan, B.E. Millie Areta. Ralph Logan Swim, A.B. Eco7loiuir! Alpha Tau Omega : Alpha Kappa Psi. Frances Eleanor Taylor, A.B. Paijcholoyil Delta Zeta ; German Club. Alma Edwin Teuscher, A.B. Historil Transferred from Ricks College and Utah Agricultural College. 120 Elizabeth Joanne Thompsen, A.B. Kcoiioiiiici Phi Omesa Pi : Areme : Masonic Af- filiate Club. Harriet Elizabeth Thrift. B.E. Transferred from MacMurray Col- lese : Alpha Dt-lta Pi : A Capella Choir : W.A.A. Board 4 : Glee Club 2. Anna Marie Todaro, A.B. Spanish Sigma Delta Pi ; Tri-C : Daily Bruin 1. Margaret Louise Tondro, A.B. Geograiihij Alpha Gamma Delta : Phraterea ; Areme: Y.W.C.A. Ruth Esther Toy, A.B. Charles Edgar Trapp. A.B. Kconomirs Kappa Siprma : Scabbard and Blade ; Pershing kifles. Campus politics had their inception with BIystein, now playing hide and seek with the law, their youth with a number of amateurs now chiseling the C.W.A., and their maturity with Leo Epstein, who is expected to eclipse these records. Audra Leona Thomas, A.B. Zoolugtj Ruth Marian Tompkins, A.B. Spanish Sigrma Delta Pi. Dorothy Helen Thompson, A.B. Fsijch j ' -ogit Zeta Tau Alpha. Norma Tilley, A.B. Econo uics Sigma Kappa : Alpha Chi Delta. Donald Eugene Toland, B.E. Mechanic Arts Transferred from Santa Barbara State College ; Iota Delta Alpha. Olive Elizabeth Toothaker, A.B. Kiiiilis}i Transferred from Pasadena Junior College : Phrateres. Saburo Toyama, A.B. KfOiiO ' tfir Transferred from Los . ngeles Junior College : Japanese Bruin Club. fefe? 5«m 4 ; . .. -a- 121 Clayetta Trestcr, A.B, I ' hihisojihii SiM-ma Alpha Kappa; Y.W.C.A. ; Phil- osophical Union. Ruth Rozel Truesdale, B.E. Eflitaitiij,, TransfeiTfci from Santa Maria J.C.. 1932; Y.W.C.A. Malcolm Vincent Tuft, A.B. Economics Transferred from FuUerton J.C, 1932. Motoi Ueda, A.B. E ' cono lilies Virginia Urich, A.B. Mathematics Transferred from University of Cal- ifornia at Berkeley, 1932 ; Phrateres ; Mathematics Club ; German Club. Milton Vallens. A.B. Politlcol Sciincc Zeta Beta Tau ; Ball and Chain, Pres. 4 : Blue Kev : Blue C : Circle C : Pi Sinma Alpha; ' 33 Club: Track 1.2.3. 4 : Track Mprr. 2.3.4 : Cross Country 1. Manager 2.3,4 ; Elections Committee ; Daily Bruin, Circulation Mgr., 2,3 ; Athletic Board 3,4. EInor Mae Van Slyke, B.E. Education Elementary Club : Areme : Masonic Club. • From driving a bread truck to worrying about a bread-basket was but a small step for Del McCue. S.A.E. ' s football player is a living refutation of the hypothesis that handsome men have to polish to get grades. Rachael juanita Trott, B.E. Fred Tsheppe, A.B. Political Science Transferred from Santa Monica J.C. 1932. Marigrace Turnock, A.B. Sijaniali Sigma Delta Pi : Phrateres, Execu- tive Board 4 ; Y.W.C.A. Hinako Lily Umezawa, B.E. Kitiirution Y.W.C.A.; Cosmopolitan Club: Chor- al Club 2,3 : " Creation " ; " Messiah " . Dorothy Elizabeth Urquhart, B.E. Alt Delta Epsilon ; Philokalia. Barbara Van Brunt, A.B. Sjmni h Kappa Kappa Gamma: Phi Beta; Campus Capers 1,3.4. 122 Virginia C. Vogel, B.E. Kindfryoitiii riiiiiarij Alpha Phi ; Kipri Club ; Y.W.C.A. Edwin Frank Wadelfon. B.E. Industrial Arts Iota Delta Alpha : Rifle Team 1.2. Mary Carolyn Wagner, B.E. General Elementary Phrateres ; Kipri Club. Alice Henrietta Walter, A.B. English Kappa Alpha Theta : Chi Delta Phi. John Douglas Walters. A.B. ' Zooloifil Transferred from Chaffey J.C. 1931 : Alpha Delta Chi ; Ptah Khepera ; Ma- sonic Affiliate : French Club ; Stevens Club : Pru-Me iical Association. Florence Warner, B.E. Kdacation For four years the strains of " The Indian Love Call " have echoed down the corridors of the Alpha Chi house. Even after that length of time, Sara Foz- zard still manages to find a squaw man or two. Doroteo Viloria Vite, A.B. I ' ulitifttl Seienee Transferred from Lonp Beach J.C. , International Relations Club. Secre- tai-y 4 : C-osmopolitan Club : Filipino Club. President 4. Victor Hubert Vodra, A.B. Chemistnl Theta Xi ; Frosh Football. Marian Lucille Waby, A.B. English Transferred from Pasadena J.C. Elizabeth C. Waggoner, A.B. Ulster II Delta Delta Delta. Mary Lois Walker, A.B. I ' oliticul Sell nci Prytanean ; Y.W.C.A. ; Newman Club : Debate 3.4. Donald Edmond Walters, A.B. Mathematics Transferred from Chaffey J.C. 1931 : Alpha Delta Chi ; Ptah Khepera : Ma- sonic .Affiliate Association ; Stevens Club : Mathematics Club. Secretary 4. Eleanor Walther, A.B. Eeonoiiiics Transferred from Pomona College : John Dewey Club. Secretary 4 : Y.W. C.A. Ill 123 m George Edward Warriner, A.B. Transferred from University of Cali- fornia at Berl eley. Richard Alan Waterman, A.B. Vol ' liral Srirncc Transferred from Santa Barbara State College : Theta Xi : Men ' s Glee Club 4 : Campus Capers 3,4 : Southern Campus 3 : Soccer 4 : University Trio 3,4. Alice Watson, A.B. Reba Frances Waugh, B.E. EdHcatwn Ernest Paul Webecke, A.B. Gertiian Transferred from Pasadena J.C. : Delta Phi Alpha; German Club, Treasurer 4. Phyllis Anne Wedge, A.B. Ec ' jyioiutc- Transferred from Long Beach J.C. Alpha Chi Delta. William Alfred Weigel, A.B. Transferred from Los Angeles J.C. • A stunt requiring no small amount of ingenuity, graduation, was finally accomplished by that old stunt inventor, Bernie Levin. What if the Coliseum audi- ence didn ' t like the rooting section ' s Thanksgiving turkey — it was kosher. Emma Frances Washburne, B.E. Mtmic Ethel Marguerite Waters, A.B. Zoology Pre-Medical Association. Eleanor Ruth Watt, B.E. Education Sigma Kappa : Y.W.C.. . ; W.A.. . Southern Campus 3. Helen Hilda Waxier, A.B. J-Jc-jnoiiik ' s Phi Sigma Sigma : Phi Beta Khiipm Eleanor Louise Wedge, A.B. Huun Eronoiinrs Transferred from Lon ' -c Beach J.C Mary Lou Weeks. A.B. Philosoph ' f Phi Mu ; Upsilon Alpha Sipma : Tri- C: Spanish Club; Y.W.C.A. : Daily Bruin 1.2. National Advertising Man- ager 3,4 ; Homecoming Committee 4. 124 Claus Stuart Wells, A.B. H,sl„,., Daily Bruin l.:;.3.4; Frosh Bible 2,3. Doris White, B.E. Education Theron Althen White, B,E. Music Kappa Kapiia Psi : Daily Band : Uni- versity Mu ' ic Society ; Choral Club ; A Capella Choir ; Orchestra. Otto Wtdmann, A.B. Kniflish Transferred from Los Angeles Junior College. Frances Edith Willard. Education Alpha Chi Omega. B.E. David Welford Williams. A.B. I ' oliticol Scit )lCf Transferred from Los Angeles Junior College : Kappa Alpha Psi : Pre- Legal Society. Kappa Delta, may its tribe increase, awoke one night. This wasn ' t unusual, situated as it is under cross-fires from Mira Hcrshey and KKC. but Rod- ney Carmack was surprised. In fact, she ' s still sur- prised. Dorothy Lloyd Welbourn. A.B. H,l ,. .i Pi Beta Phi. John Welch. A.B. Political Science Transferred from Los Angeles Jun- ior College. Dorothy Wells. B.E. Phfttiicai Education Alpha Phi. Mary Naomi White, B.E. Education Kappa Delta : Y.W.C.A. ; W.A.A. ; Daily Bruin 3. Herman John Wickman. |r., A.B. English Transferred from Riverside Junior College. Jack Donald Wilgus, A.B. Political Scii net Phi Gamma Delta. Edrie Eileen Wiliebrandt, B.E. .li( Phrateres. m ■ 8? 125 Olive Beye Williams. B.E. h ' flKCilliitU Elementary Club : News Bureau 2. Otfo Karl Williams, A.B. Kiililixh Transferred from Chalfey Junior Col- lege : Theta Xi : Glee Club 2 : Campus Capers 2. Roberf C. Williams, A.B. MiiHu ninlirs Transferred from Glendale College: Mathematics Club; Band 4. Junior Bruin Stanley B. Williams, A.B. Transferred from Pullerton Junior College. lohn William Willis, A.B. Ec n HI ics Kay Wilson, A.B. Kronoiti c Transferred from University of Wis- consin ; Alpha Chi Delta; Alpha Chi Alpha : Upsilon Alpha Sigma : South- ern Campus 2. Activities Editor 3 : Secretary, A.S.U.C. President : Phi Beta Kappa. Herma Wise, A.B. Hi stum Phi Beta Kappa; Delta Phi Alpha; History Club, Secretai-y 4. Jacqueline Could Wood, B.E. Ktliti-nliiii Shakespeare Society ; General Elemen- tary Club ; Masonic Club ; Alpha Delta Pi: Y.VV.C.A. ; Greek Drama. Constance Somers Woollett, B.E. Kii ' dtrtiarti It Piiiiiarii Transferred from Sacramento Junior College : Kipri Club ; Alpha Epsilon Chi : University Bible Club. From being absolutely unknown, U.C.L.A. has risen to the position of the least known school on the Pacific Coast. Assisting Ben Person in the in- valuable work of publicizing the University has been Malcolm Davis. Bernard Adrian R. Wilson, A.B. Kronoinix-.i Transferred from San Diego State Teachers College ; Pre-Medical Asso- ciation : Masonic Affiliate. jane Agnes Winn, B.E. (it n cral FAi ' in c n ta ry Delta Zeta. Lucille W. Wonderle, B.E. Education Y.W.C.A. ; Philia Phrateres : Elemen- tary Club : Deseret Club. Harriet Isabel Woods, B.E. Art Philokalia. 126 p Violef Cretchen Wright, A.B. History Marjoric Mitsu Yamamoto, A.B. Ecanoinics Chi Alpha Delta. Margaret Palmer Young, A.B. Hist or 11 Upsilon Alpha Siproa ; W.A.A. : Daily Bruin 2.3.4 ; California Arrangements Committee 4.5 : Campus Capsrs, As- sistant to Director 5. Boyd C. Zacharias, A.B. couotiiics Transferred from Southern California. University of Maximino Macaraeg Zarate. A.B. Econo itic: Transferred from Pasadena Junior College : Cosmopolitan Club ; Filipino Bruin Club : International Relations Club. Adele Zerweck, A.B. History Kappa Alpha Theta. • Al Hatch was the unanimous choice for Welfare Board chairman. However, he did run unopposed. Curly red hair and a sweet disposition were not enough to protect him from Hordes of freshmen women — mistaking him for Hendricks. William Corliss Wooley. A.B. Physics Lorraine Wright, A.B. Econ -f ' ic.-i Transferred from Los Angeles Junior College. Freda Yaffe, A.B. Political Science jeannetta Cabot Yerxa, B.E. GcTieral Elementary Delta Delta Delta: Spurs: Y.W.C.. .. Treasurer 3 : Phrateres : W.A.A. A.W.S., Vice-President 4. William Young. A.B. Economics Harold Clyde Zanzot, A.B. rolitieal Sciei ' ce Transferred from University of Cal- ifornia : Alpha Sitrma Piii : Ball and Chain ; Football Manager 2.3. John Miles Zentmyer, A.B. Political Science Alpha Gamma Omega : Daily Bruin 2.3 : Sports Editor 4 : Baseball 1. 127 Constance Elizabeth Boring Bachelor of Arts Master of Arts Theodore Maxwell Brostoff n istorij Bachelor of Arts Master of Arts Carol Ethel Ford Economics Bachelor of Arts Master of Arts Olivida Dagmar Cudmenson Etufhah Bachelor of Arts Master of Arts Rosalie Mary Botterell Ihstu,,, Bachelor of Arts Master of Arts William Francis Brown ECOHIJIIIICS Bachelor of Arts Master of Arts Margaret Gary Historn Bachelor of Arts Master of Arts GRADUATE SENIORS • Graduate work, leading to the Master of Arts degree and the General Secondary and junior College credentials, began at U.C.L.A. with the open- ing of the 1933 fall semester. Graduate study for the first year was limited to botany, economics, education, English, geography, geology, history, mathe- matics, philosophy, physics, political science, psychology and zoology. The maximum number of students allowed entrance to the graduate field of study this year was two hundred. In majestic serenity the graceful walls of Royce re- flect the brilliance of a sunny afternoon. Within the cloistered r ecesses of the structure the earnest student turns the ponderous leaves of books of knowledge, or listens to the chant of persevering men, or sits and talks in some still corner, that certain someone at his side 128 With five academic years behind it the Westwood campus begins to display a growing wealth of trees and foliage. Even the sheer walls of the Library are not immune, as climbing vines attack barren sur- faces to form a pleasing background for the occa- sional conifer planted adjacent to the building. An- other five years should witness great progress in the beautification of the campus • For the Master ' s degree the requirement is at least twenty-four units ot upper and graduate division work, one half the units of which must be strict- ly graduate courses in the major field. It is required that grades while in graduate school must average B, or two grade points per unit. The establish- ment of the graduate school at U.C.L.A. is the culmination of considerable effort and perseverance on the part of many people, not the least of whom is Dr. Ernest C, Moore, head of the school. GRADUATE SENIORS Eugene Willard Hilton fC (ill cat foil Bachelor of Education Master of Arts R. Ashley Lundin Histoni Bachelor of Arts Master of Arts Rena Waltz Pierson Music Bachelor of Education Master of Arts Barthold William Sorge Physics Bachelor of Arts Master of Arts Leo Daniel Levanas Physics Bachelor of Arts Master of Arts Attilio C. Parisi Educatimi Bachelor of Education Master of Arts Walter Cowen Roberts Mathotiatics Bachelor of Arts Master of Arts 129 No muezzin cries Allah Akbar, but more insistently than a call to prayer comes the call to study UNDERGRADUATES MARGARET DUCUID RAMONA WENTZEL FRANK MORRIS Junior Class • Members of the class of ' 35 this year con- tinued the tradition that Juniors are leaders in all campus activities. Enthusiastic guides of class affairs were members of the Junior Coun- cil and its officers, Tom Dyer, President; Mar- garet Duguid, Vice-President; Ramona Went- zel, Secretary; and Frank Morris, Treasurer. These Juniors, who as Sophomores helped to complete the Sophomore Grove, this year planned some of the most successful of the University ' s social affairs. The Junior-Senior Cord Dance was held at the Riviera Country Club, and the Junior Prom enjoyed the bril- liant setting of the Ambassador ' s Fiesta Room. Only one endeavor proved unsuccessful: the Seniors inflicted a 10-0 defeat upon the Jun- iors in their annual football game. 132 THOMAS DYER • In addition to being prominent in campus social circles, Tom Dyer, as President of the Junior Class, has been an active participant in class functions. THE PRESIDENT OF THE JUNIOR CLASS 133 DOROTHY HUNT HELEN FISCHER FRANK PAUP Sophomore Class • Having proved their worth as Freshmen, the members of the Class of ' 36 have shown even greater promise in their Sophomore year. They have been ably led by Charles Cormack, Presi- dent; Dorothy Hunt. Vice-Persident ; Helen Fischer, Secretary; and Frank Paup, Treasurer. In this year ' s Freshman-Sophomore Brawl they not only vanquished the Freshmen but cap- tured Jack Andrews, Freshman President, as well. The All-University Dance, given to pro- mote friendship on the campus, successfully accomplished its purpose. The annual Sopho- more Class Dance was an event of the year. Imogene Cauntt was chosen Sophomore Queen. Two organizations of the class have contributed much to campus prestige: Sopho- more Spurs and Sophomore Service. 134 CHARLES CORMACK • As Sophomore President, Charles Cormack, whose pleasing personality has insured his pop- ularity, aided considerably during the year in enforcing University traditions. THE PRESIDENT OF THE SOPHOMORE CLASS 135 PHYLLIS EDWARDS ELEANOR DIETRICH JOEL COULTER Freshman Class • In their election of officers, the members of the Freshman Class have proved that they are well qualified to be included among those wearing the Blue and Cold. Jack Andrews, President; Phyllis Edwards, Vice-President; Eleanor Dietrich, Secretary; and Joel Coulter, Treasurer, showed exceptional ability as lead- ers of their class. With the encouragement of the Freshman women who provided the tra- ditional coffee and sandwiches, the men worked untiringly in preparing the bonfire for Homecoming. An All-University dance was planned by the class, but it could not be given because of the upper class activities. The Freshman Dance on April 13 climaxed the ac- tivities of Creen Day. Phyllis Edwards was in charge of the affair. 136 j fT : JAMES ANDREWS • With the responsibility of organizing the Freshmen as his chief duty. Jack Andrews, Freshman President, successfully carried on the affairs of his class throughout the year. THE PRESIDENT OF THE FRESHMAN CLASS 137 UNIVERSITY WOMEN ASTRONOMY ASSOCIATED WOMEN JEANNETTA YERXA IRENE RAMBO RACHELLE PINKHAM Associated Women • The Associated Women Students, the only campus organization to include every Univer- sity woman, sponsors a wide variety of events for the ultimate purpose of unifying all cam- pus women and establishing a spirit of friend- liness and democracy among them. Adminis- trative and social affairs are directed by the four officers and the council, which includes a representative from each woman ' s activity. Thus the governing body of the organization is composed of outstanding women who work sincerely towards the realization of the A.W. S. ideals. The officers who so capably served this year were Emily Marr, President: Jean- netta Yerxa, Vice-President; Irene Rambo. Secretary; and Rachelle Pinkham, Treasurer. 140 EMILY MARR • As President of the Associated Women Stu- dents Emily Marr has served untiringly to pro- mote the aims of friendliness and democracy through her own fine example. PRESIDENT OF THE ASSOCIATED WOMEN 141 r Si ' lK!! ' ? im ELEANOR DAY Publicity A. W. S. Council • Creating an atmosphere of friendliness and informality, the A.W.S. held month- ly social hours under the guidance of Alice McElheney and Spurs. Further es- tablishing a closer bond between the stu- dent and faculty. Dean Laughlin initiated the custom of holding weekly teas in her office for all Freshman women. All of which is only a part of the strenuous Orientation program carried on each se- mester. Dean Laughlin ' s motto, " Famous for friendliness " , is em- bodied in the monthly Social Hour held in the Women ' s loung2. DOLORES PAYNE Masonic Club 142 A. W. S. Council • Destined to become an annual affair the A.W.S. sponsored, for the first time, an English allegorical Christmas play en- titled " Eager Heart " , directed by Gene Nielson. The cast was chosen from the members of the honorary music and dra- matics sororities, namely: Sigma Alpha lota, Sigma Pi Delta, Zeta Phi Eta, and Phi Beta. The enthusiasm manifested by the audience was inspiration for the repe- tition of similar efforts. KATHERINE FABER Phrateres WANDA HAYDEN Prytanean BERNICE GARRETT Consultation FRANCES BLACKMAN Spurs The success of the initial production of the Christmas play, " Eager Heart " , assured its presentation annually. 143 MARGARET PINCKNEY Senior Class MARGARET DUGUID Junior Class DOROTHY KIRCHHOFER Home Economics Club RUTH PINCKNEY Hello-Day A. W. S. Council • Colorful interpretations of song and dances, representative of various coun- tries, entitled " Ten Minutes Around the World " , marked a pleasant episode in the lives of campus women when the A.W.S. held its Co-ed Choral late in March. An- other spectacular event of the year ' s pro- gram was the display of the current trends in campus fashions by prominent University women, in the Spring Fashion Show, held during the second semester. As the official hostesses of the University, the members of Spurs, Sophomore women ' s honorary organization, have dili- gently served their Alma Mater. JUDITH RYKOFF Improvements 144 A. W. S. Council • Featuring diversified interpretations of Mother Goose lore, the A.W.S. Hi-Jinks was presented early in the fall with Delta Zeta receiving high honors. Later, further praises were accorded the women due to the success of their Yuletide Benefit Car- nival. Concessions sponsored by the so- rorities aided in entertaining those pres- ent and Johnny Fletcher, doubling for Santa Ciaus, increased the humor of the occasion. DOROTHY HUNT Sophomore Class PHYLLIS EDV ARDS Freshman Class MARGARET Vv ' ARD Christmas Charity With decorative booths, melodious music and John Fletcher as Santa Claus, the A W.S. Christmas dance was both a social and financial success. 145 Along i-his pleasant corridor stu- dents gather each day for a lei- surely sack-lunch with campus gossip for refreshment WOMEN ' S ATHLETICS ADA MARIE BOWERS BETTY BRADSTREET BERTHA MAE CULROSS Women ' s Athletic Association • The W.A.A. offers to University women in- terested in sports not only the opportunity to prove their ability as athletes but an environ- ment that fosters good sportsmanship and a spirit of friendly rivalry. So diversified is the program of activities that every woman may find at least one event in which she is espe- cially interested. Officers of the Association, Betty Gene Hunt, President; Ada Marie Bowers, Vice-President; Betty Bradstreet, Sec- retary; and Bertha Culross, Treasurer, were aided by the Heads of Sports and the Adviser, Miss Cubberly, in directing the affairs of the organization. The success of the Intercolle- giate Playday, which was attended by repre- sentatives from all major colleges of Southern California, indicated increasing interest in such events. JOSEPHINE KETCIK Song Leader ALICE TILDEN Presidential Appointee 148 BETTY GENE HUNT • A true sportswoman herself, as Women s National Intercollegiate Archery Champion, Betty Gene Hunt has energetically led the W.A.A. through a successful year. PRESIDENT OF WOMEN ' S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION 149 Basketball for the energetic Tennis for the skillful " -l ARTHEMISE COUTURIER Basketball DOROTHY MASON Tennis ANNE PADELFORD Hockey BASKETBALL • Requiring great speed and skill, basketball attracts many enthusiastic devotees to the University courts in and outside the women ' s gymnasium. TENNIS • Crowded courts and long waiting lists — silent evidence of the great popularity tennis enjoys with campus women. It is a game en- joyed equally by champ and amateur. HOCKEY • The very strenuous sport of hockey is en- joyed by a large group of energetic women who find excitement in the fast moving and thrilling game. Hockey for the hardy 150 ARCHERY • Although only recently adopted by women, the ancient sport of archery has succeeded in attracting many campus women to the U.C. LA. range. VOLLEYBALL • Whether on the beach or on the school courts volleyball is a favorite game with Uni- versity women. No sport attracts a larger fol- lowing of enthusiastic players. INTERSECTIONAL • Adding the zest of competition to the reg- ular University sports classes, the W.A.A. sponsors intersectional tournaments, between teams from the various classes. Archery for straight-shooters Volleyball for the quick Intersectional sports for the competitive NATHALIE SEIFERT Archery )EAN HODCKINS Volleyball ADA GILLESPIE Intersectional Sports 151 % - I I Deck sports for the nimble Intersorority sports for the socially- minded MARGARET HUTCHISON Deck Sports HARRIET THRIFT Intersorority Sports NANCY HUNT Dancing DECK SPORTS • All the joys of shipboard without the mo- tion of the boat are available to the women participating in the novel activities of deck sports. INTERSORORITY • When Hilgard residents move en masse to the women ' s gym, it usually forewarns a " Creek meets Creek " occasion . Intersorority matches provide exciting contests. DANCING • Students of natural dancing enjoy not only the mastering of its technique but the artistry which the dances reflect. Excellent instruc- tors lead the dancing classes. Dancing for the graceful 152 SWIMMING • Swimming has been steadily gaining favor with Westwood mermaids. The splendid open-air pool and the California sunshine make it an ideal all-year sport. GOLF • Perfect form and grace are revealed on the green when members of the women ' s golf teams meet in match tournaments scheduled throughout the academic year. FENCING • Fencing, popular since medieval days, ap- peals to the modern girl as an exercise de- manding skill and deftness and at the same time fostering grace and ease of movement. ■ " .iiS s ' -v j« . Swimming for the vigorous Golf for the clever Fencing for the alert BETSY DEKKER Swimming 10 FRANCES CONRIN Golf MARY LEE MAGARIAN Fencing 153 feSl+i CAMPUS ACTIVITIES BIOLOGY PUBLICATIONS JOSEPH R. OSHERENKO Director MARIEN KERLEE Secretary Publications Director • As director of student publications, Joseph Osherenko is directly connected with the edi- tor and business manager of the Daily Bruin, Southern Campus, Student Handbook and ath- letic programs. All matters of business and financial transactions are capably supervised by Mr. Osherenko, who arranges the budgets, contracts and production policies for the pub- lications. The national recognition which U.C. LA. publications have won in the past is largely due to his advice and assistance. )oe Osherenko manages publication affairs of the Associated Students. 156 University publicity emanates from the office of Ben Person. News Bureau Director • The essential function of the News Bureau, directed by Ben Person, consists in contacting metropolitan newspapers and magazines and acquainting them with current activities of the University. Information regarding athletic events and personages is regularly submitted and photographic service is provided. The Coal Post, the official football program and sports magazine, published during the football season, is compiled and edited by the News Bureau under Person ' s efficient management. BEN PERSON Director MALCOLM DAVIS Assistant 157 t lkJt -r4fc- ' 1 |E if7! H T 4lk Hj Bk H lU K F ' FLORENCE BLACKMAN Editor Lm BEVERLY KEIM Associate Editor Southern Campus EDITORIAL STAFF )AMES ANDREWS Photographer HELEN FILES Assistant Editor JEAN MILLER Assistant Editor ED O ' MALLEY Assistant Editor 158 BETSY PEMBROKE Associate Manager Southern Campus MANAGERIAL STAFF LOUIS TURNOFF Advertising Assistant CHARLES KANNE Sales Assistant ALICE TILDEN ' ' Women ' s Manager WL ' ' 1 159 Southern Campus RAMONA WENTZEL Organization Editor MARIORIE LENZ Administration Editor BETTY LINGO Class Editor SOUTHERN CAMPUS PHOTOGRAPHY STAFF Barlow, Anderson, Greenhill ARTHUR MURPHY Sports Editor RACHELLE PINKHAM Editorial Assistant BARBARA REYNOLDS Secretary SOUTHERN CAMPUS EDITORIAL STAFF First row: Weaver, Wilson, Brower, Becheraz, Richard, Cornelious. Second row: Holsclaw, O ' Conner, Higgins, Reynolds. Biederman, Crawford. Third row: Edwards, Lenz, Miller, Woodson, Cameron. Fourth row: Rounthwaite, Edwards, Keim, Briggs, Leinbach. 160 • As an annual student publication, the Southern Campus is a comprehensive re- view of the college year. Marked by its superior editorial quality and its evidence of managerial efficiency, the Southern Campus has won for seven years the All- American Honor Rating, the highest cita- tion given college publications. The first woman ever to edit the Southern Campus, Florence Blackman innovated many chang- es in style and page layout with considera- tion for photographic content and written material. A competent staff enabled her to present an accurate account of the academic year. Southern Campus CARL SKINNER Feature Writer COLVER BRICCS Features Editor FANCHON MARTINSON Campus Activities CEORCIANA WHITE Women ' s Activities ANN LE SOURD Feature Writer PHYLLIS EDWARDS Secretary • Due to the intensive efforts and the efficiency of the managerial staff, the to- tal income of the Southern Campus ex- ceeded that of previous years. Heavy ad- vance sales made possible the largest circulation in the history of the publica- tion. Several innovations in the advertising section helped to maintain the advertising quota in spite of adverse business condi- tions. Full representation in the organi- zation section was due to the consistant and conscientious work of the organiza- tion staff. Distribution of the book was likewise handled with greater efficiency than in former years. SOUTHERN CAMPUS SPORTS STAFF First row: Grimes, Claab, Theriault, Roundthwaite. Second row: Murphy, Durley, King. K k ' Wk SOUTHERN CAMPUS MANAGERIAL STAFF First row: Bercherez, Salisbury, Richard, Monks. Second row: Hertzog, Wentzel, Venn, Seattle. Third row: Turnoff, An- tola, Kanne, Paup, Caroutte. 161 JACK STANLEY Night Editor CHANDLER HARRIS Associate Editor 162 MAURICE BOLDUC Advertising Manager Daily Bruin MANAGERIAL STAFF TOM RICE Junior Manager LOUIS TURNOFF Junior Manager 163 Daily Bruin GEORGE ZENTMEYER Sports Editor JANE IMELLI Managerial assistant EDWARD O ' MALLEY Sports Editor TOM BRADY Night Editor DAILY BRUIN SPORTS STAFF First row: O ' Malley, Zander. Shatford, Cottschalk. Second row: Manuel, Turner, Zentmeyer, Henderson, Durley. DAILY BRUIN NEWS STAFF First row: Oberstone, Strauss, Tatman, Reeve, Freeman, Cilmore, Rudick, Second row: O ' Malley, Hertzog, Gerard, Brown, Nathanson, Pickett. Hobart, Miller. Third row: Brady, Zander, Hamilton, Manuel, Bailey, Ratner, Tyree. Fourth row: Turner, Mitchell, Platte, Peck, Henderson, Gratiot, Gilbert. MAY HOBART Night Editor VELMA PICKET Night Editor ° Another successful year of undergrad- uate journalism has been completed by the California Daily Bruin, under the edi- torial guidance of Robert Shellaby. Offer- ing training in editorial writing, news re- porting, publicity and advertising cam- paigns, the several staffs that produced the daily campus publication attracted over one hundred active students. William Bradford, campus editor; Andrew Hamil- ton, managing editor; Chandler Harris, as- sociate editor; and Eleanor Day, Women ' s editor, were responsible staff heads who coordinated the internal organization. 164 Daily Bruin HERBERT MITCHELL Feature Editor BETTY BAVIER Feature Editor KATHRYN HERT20C Society Editor CARL SKINNER Columnist ISRAEL ALBECK Circulation Manager Night Editor DAILY BRUIN MANAGERIAL STAFF First row: Matthewson, Richard, Colesie, Weeks, Jacoby, Sellner, Edelstein. Second row: Goldsmith, Schneider, Sax- stader. Rice, Anderson, Turnoff, Berenzweig. • Under Aaron Rothenberg ' s executive guidance as business manager of the Daily Bruin, a complete advertising course has been offered the hard working Bruin sol- icitors. Mary Lou Weeks has completed her second year as national advertising manager and secretary to the business manager. Other persons who have contrib- uted to the smooth working efficiency of the managerial office are Maurice Bol- duc, advertising manager, and Betty jacoby and Helene Colesie as secretaries. In spite of the adverse business conditions, the Bruin has maintained itself without loss. DAILY BRUIN OFFICE STAFF First row; Richard, Brown, Reeve. Second row; Rice, Turnoff, Balduc. Schneider 165 The Folio JAMES COOK Co- Editor ALICE BALL Co-Editor VIVIAN HALLEN Assistant Editor • The Folio appeared this year as the successor to the Literary Review, campus literary maga- zine. Contributions are submitted by all Uni- versity students interested in literary writing and selected by board members chosen from Chi Delta Phi and the Manuscript Club. Act- ing as the editorial committee during the past year were James Cook and Alice Ball, co- editors, and Vivian Hallen and Lillian Brown, associate editors. V ILLIAM BRADFORD Daily Bruin Representative 166 ' ' ' ' «-7 » ' ir i :iiiy Student Handbook ANDREW HAMILTON Editor AARON ROTHENBERC Business Manager • The Student Handbook acts as a guide to all students seeking information about campus activities. For the purpose of aiding Fresh- men to become acquainted with the Uni- versity, the Handbook is published annually and distributed free of charge during registra- tion. Edited this year by Andrew Hamilton, the book included the A.S.U.C. Constitution, information about activities, organizations, yells, athletics and calendars for the year. GRACE FETHEROLF Assistant Editor 167 The southeast sweep of Kerck- hoff Hall reveals great strength of form in its precise arrange- ment of arches, windows and towers DRAMATICS Bud Bridges confidently wins the af- fection of Connie Briscoe but . . . March Hares U. D. S. FALL PLAY • The center of the stage was held by Con- stance Briscoe as Janet Rodney together with Lloyd Bridges as Geoffrey Wareham when the U.D.S. presented its fall production, Harry Wagstaff Cribble ' s maddest of merry mad farces, " March Hares " . As directed by Ar- thur Kachel, the play combined comedy with satire, and offered an amusing picture of tem- peramental sophistication. Flashing repartee by the two stars and their chief supporters, Dorothy Simpson and Clifford Carpenter, char- acterized the performance. Margaret Yoder, Fenton Earnshaw, Winifred Price, John Krumm, and Ardelle Cratiot made up the rest of the cast. Sharing in the praises which " March Hares " brought were the unusual stage sets designed by Arnita Wallace, which increased the production ' s effectiveness. Bud pays for his ardor and Connie gets a break while Director Kachel slyly con- templates the situation, but the pay-off is when The beautiful vampire, Dor- othy Simpson, frightens the f suave roue. 170 Elizabeth the Queen U. D. S. SPRING PLAY • Boisterous English comedy, love, and high tragedy are combined in Maxwell Anderson ' s drama, " Elizabeth the Queen " which was offered as the spring production of the U.D.S. The author, firm in his belief that good drama must be written in verse, succeeded in sup- porting the action of the play by poetry , and the effect was an artistic and emotionally taunt representation of the love of Elizabeth and Essex. Difficult as such a style of drama is to interpret, Wesley Addy, as Essex, Arnita Wallace, as Queen Elizabeth, and the support- ing cast were acclaimed by an appreciative audience as doing a finished piece of work. Contributing to the impressiveness of the pro- duction were the stage sets designed by Arnita Wallace and the lighting effects by John Jen- nings. Wallace gets him told and he ' s out on the mat, then . Jack Holland gives he; a good look, so Ruth F ' -anklin pleads with the Queen tor the poor fool. 171 Cliff Carpenter and Bob Page taik over the " Affairs of Anatole " but . . ■ iT- ri n, Hinsdale and Jean Lewis are more in- clined to try anything once. • The Student Workshop this year is the realization of the student dra- matic leaders for some years past. It is here that the pledges of the vari- ous dramatic organizations are given the opportunity to try their hand at direction, acting, stage craft, costum- ing, designing and all the production phases of the legitimate theatre. In- dicative of their skill are the clever renditions of the Formalistic, Realis- tic and Constructivistic types of Thea- tre settings as exemplified in " Pyra- mus and Thisbe " , " The Affairs of Anatole " , and the Swami Scene from " Wytter Binner ' s Cake " . The Work- shop this year has been under the supervision of Clifford Carpenter. The one-act plays are cleverly handled by student electricians and stage craft devotees. 172 Drama Workshop ALL-STUDENT PRODUCTIONS The Student Workshop, completing a year of genuine effort and achievement, has shown to the Campus that the dramatically inclined are accomplished in every phase of the theatre. This rather straggly looking individual seems to frighten our little mistress in the " Minuet " although • The reception given " Pyramus and Thisbe " during Summer Session encouraged the Workshop to repeat the scene as an opening to the first program of one act plays presented each semester by the U.D.S. Prolonged laughter of an appreciative audience was the reward, and congratulations were again ac- corded both the cast and Florence Blackman, director. On the same program was " The Minuet " , a vignette of the French Rev- olutionary period, which starred Fenton Earnshaw, Kathleen Madden, and Cerrit Roelof. Wesley Addy directed. The young ladies in this scene from " Queens of France " seem to have placed our young hero on the well-known " spot. " • Drama goes on winter and summer, so no one questioned and everyone applauded when " Pyramus and Thisbe " , the " Swan Scene " from " Cake " , and " Anatol ' s Wedding Morn- ing " were presented for Summer Session stu- dents. Tom Bastyr, Jack Morrison, and Clifford Carpenter starred in " Pyramus and Thisbe " ; Anna Morath and Jack Morrison stole " Cake " ; and Robert Page, Lydia Berry, and Clifford Carpenter enlivened " Anatol ' s Wedding Morn- ing " . • " Queen of France " by Thornton Wilder and " Questioning Fate " from Arthur Schnitzler ' s " Affairs of Anatole " were the choice of the U.D.S. for the second series of one act plays. The first is a story of a lawyer ' s plotting to obtain money by convincing three different women that each is the rightful queen of France. Cerrit Roelof, as the lawyer, with Sara Saxe, Carolyn Conner, and Frances Goodrich made up the cast; Lloyd Bridges directed. The hypnotic romance of a light-headed lov er is the theme of " Questioning Fate " , which was fancifully interpreted by Alan Hinsdale, Ste- phen Lott, and Jeanne Lewis, and directed by Jack Ballard. Clifford Carpenter was in general supervision of both comedies. 173 A quintet of graceful " darlings " wins the admir- ation of all but Kathleen Maden gazing en couragingly on while Bastyr and Morrison who are too busy trying to pull a " love scene " with Campus Capers NINTH EDITION • With a " Naughty-Cal " theme depicted by a float- ing university, the ninth edition of Campus Capers was presented under the direction of William Heath. Special songs, including " Hot Peanuts " , and featur- ing Eleanor and Arnita Wallace, were composed by Carl Dudley. Leading a cast of seventy-five were Tom Bastyr, Barbara Van Brunt, Robert Vallee, Jean Mur- tagh, Betty Flournoy, Clifford Carpenter, Violet Gil- more, Jack Morrison, and Fred Bottoroff. Jo Ann Carlson directed the members of the tap chorus. Cilmore and Carpenter are just getting started. And the " Capers " ship of |0y sails on waves of feminine pulchritude. 174 Director Bill Heath instructs the principals, but Campus Capers TENTH EDITION • Another Campus Capers triumph was a show within a show, presenting acts representing audition time in radio land and a finale revealing the wonders of a real broadcast. Highlights of the entertainment were impersonations of ether-wave favorites, dance numbers by the chorus, and specialty songs. The cast was headed by Angela McCormick and Ralph Hubbard and included John Jennings, Grace Copin, Alan Hinsdale, Jack Jungmeyer, Jean Murtagh, and Dick Watterman. m S T :!H He would much rather spend his time with the chorus. The dazzling damsels threaten to ensnare hir with their irresistible allure. Angela clings tenaciously to Hinsdale, but 175 Franklin gets the man she wanted all the time while Vasarek and Cassaway exchange courte- sies in the outer hall and • This year ' s presentation of " Twelfth Night " was considered one of the most important productions of the dramatic year in light of the fact that it promises to become as tradi- tional as the annual Creek drama performances. Introduced to the cam- pus as the initial Shakespearean pro- duction by members of Kap and Bells and the University Dramatic So- ciety, and sponsored by the Senior Class, " Twelfth Night " received the generous assistance of the Adminis- tration by Dr. Campbell and Dr. Lon- gueill of the English Department. Franklin explains to Briscoe that it was all a big mistake. 176 Twelfth Night SHAKESPEAREAN DRAMA Addy tells Briscoe he is her long lost brother while Inspired by Kap and Bells, underwritten by the class of ' 34, and produced by the Univer- sity Dramatic Society, the campus was intro- duced to their first Shakespearean play, " Twelfth Night " . ° U C L.A. ' s first night at Shakespeare ' s " Twelfth Night " was enough to assure the local artists that Shakespearean drama could be produced on campus and that it would have a reception. Every effort was made to have the production representative. The scenes were changed with Elizabethan frankness without lowering the curtain; costumes were elaborate and contrastingly modest. The cast was composed of experienced local talent and included Thomas Bastyr, Jack Morrison. John Jennings, Clifford Carpenter, Constance Bris- coe, Wesley Addy, Karl Karasek, Ruth Frank- lin, Herbert Mitchell, Anna Cassoway, John Russell, and Frank Wilby. Robert Tyler Lee. director, designed the costumes and scenes, which were executed by a production staff under the supervision of Doreen Baverstock. Morrison shows Bastyr and Carpenter how to be brothers-in-cups. 177 Under the masterful direction of Evalyn Thomas, the Creek drama proved to be a production of rare grace and artistry. Arestus pleads with Athena for assistance. National acclaim is awarded Miss Thomas ' direction. The Goddess Athena, Gene Neilson, guides Apollo, Wesley Addy, in his wanderings. Eumenides GREEK DRAMA • Agamemnon was praised two years ago for artistry and finesse; last year Choephoroe won acclaim for beauty of treatment and dramatic depth; this year Eumenides, concluding the trilogy of Aeschylus, possessed not only quali- ties in common with the other presentations but an added fascination, an element of the unreal, which was created by the colorful por- trayal of the psychic furies which pursued Orestes after he had killed his mother. In Eumenides, Orestes is finally purged of his sin, the furies leave him; and the trilogy ends with the furies converted into a good omen for the city. Wesley Addy played Orestes; William Gamble, Apollo; Gene Neilson, Ath- ena: and the supporting cast included William Evans, Yvonne Gregg, Grace Coppin, Nellie Northrup, and Louise Greighton. This was the seventeenth annual production to add to the national reputation of U.C.L.A. Greek Drama under the direction of Miss Evalyn Thomas. 178 Other Productions • " Sueno de una Noche de Agosta " by Cregorio Martinez Sierra, was directed by Dr. L. D. Bailiff and offered by the Spanish department as the language play of the year. Senor Sierra was present at the performance and com- plimented Josephine Casanova, How- ard Wang, and the supporting cast on their interpretation. • " Eager Heart " , an English allegor- ical play, was presented under the combined sponsorship of the A.W.S. and the honorary musical and dra- matic sororities. Jean Rennie was sup- ported in the leading role by members of Phi Beta and Zeta Phi Eta, Sigma Alpha lota, Sigma Pi Delta, and the Women ' s Glee club. The language play of the year, pre- sented by the Spanish department, was an unprecedented success. Dramatic and vocal talent revealed m " Eager Heart " was widely proclaimed. 179 Arches c omplete the architec- tural scheme of Royce Hall and afford students a place for social congregations between classes FORENSICS WILLIAM HENSEY Manager CORDON HOWDEN Varsity Debater • In spite of a drastically reduced forensic budget, hard work and courage conspired to make this season a success. The credit goes to Coach Wesley Lewis, to debate manager William Hensey, Jr., and to the squad itself. William Hensey and Tom Lambert took first place in the Pacific Forensic league tournament with seven wins and no defeats. They were unable to attend the national tournament in Lexington, Ken- tucky. Men ' s Debate SIDNEY ZSACRI Varsity Debater MEN ' S DEBATE SQUAD First row: Cray, Harrison, Hensey, Marsh, Lewis, Klinger. Lambert, Epstein. Second row: Vogel, Miller, Zsagri, Howden, Sander- hoff, Sonntag, Peck, Cray. 182 Women ' s Debate ALICE McELHENEY Manager WYVETTE ADAM Varsity Debater JUDITH RYKOFF Varsity Debater • Six teams represented U.C.L.A. in this season ' s intercollegiate debate series. Judith Rykoff, Selma Mikels, Wyvette Adam, and June Hallberg took sides in debates with College of the Pacific, Oregon, Stan- ford, and U.C.B. Elizabeth Carlson, Hilda Strimling, Lois Kelly, and Alice McElheney engaged in tilts with Occidental and L.A.J.C. Judith Rykoff and Selma Mikels attended the Pi Kappa Delta national tourna- ment in Lexington, Kentucky. Vi OMEN ' S DEBATE SQUAD First row; Strimling, Adam, Carlson, Gomez, Walker. Second row: Niesevitch, Malmuth, McElheney, Marsh, Hallberg, Kelley. 183 HORACE HAHN Men ' s Finalist SELMA MIKELS National Contestant • An u nusually large group of talented speakers com- peted in oratory to uphold the Bruin reputation for eloquence. Dr. Charles A. Marsh, nationally noted for his work in this field, trained the women; Mr. Wesley Lewis, varsity debate coach, worked with the men orators. The group was represented in the Paci- fic Forensic league tournament where Horace Hahn was able to take first place in the oratory finals. Oratory ALICE WASS Women ' s Finalist ORATORY SQUAD First row: Rykoff, Lewis. Wass, Marsh, Mikels. Sec- ond row: Klinger, Zsagri, Hensey, Cray, Lannbert, Epstein. 184 Freshman Debate ROBERT BURRILL Freshman Debater RICHARD DRUKKER Freshman Debater CHARLES WELLMAN Freshman Debater • The management of the Freshman squad was dele- gated by William Hensey, Chairman of the Forensic board, to Cordon Howden, who also served as Secre- tary of the board. Under his management and with the cooperation of Coach Wesley Lewis the Frosh season attracted many men who promise to be able to take their place as representative varsity debaters. The squad enjoyed an adequate schedule of contests. FRESHMAN SQUAD First row: Perluss, Hensey, Drukker, Burnll, Dr. Wes- ley Lewis. Second row: Mosk, Licht, Herzig, How- den, Peek, Karr, Ratner. 185 Students seldom pause to look above the doors of Royce Hall, and yet here is unequalcd beauty and austerity of pattern MUSICAL ORGANIZATIONS )ESS HICKS President. First Semester RICHARD HIXSON President, Second Semester • Concerts by the Men ' s Glee Club were given at the Uplifters Club, the Advertising Club, the Macsmen Club, and at several University assemblies. Their repertoire consists of both classical and popular and semi-popular music. The organization was under the leadership of Jess Hicks, President; and Squire Coop, Director, the first semester; and Richard Hixson, President, and Clifford Lott, Director, the second semester. Men ' s Glee Club EDWARD O ' MALLEY Manager MEN ' S GLEE CLUB First row: Hixson, Banks, Legg, Brunner, Good, Horton, Hicks. Second row: Ellman, G. Waring, Clewett, Seapy, Good- enough, Peck. Third row: Duyan, Bosshard, Moore. V. Waring, Huff, Helwig Fourth row: Schroeder, McCreery, Danforth, Somes, Sellers. ' ' ' ' 7 - Women ' s Glee Club GLADYS lOLLY ROSSER Director SOLVEJC NELSON President BURNICE BLOOM Accompanist • Continuing under the direction of Mrs. Gladys Jol- ley Rosser, eminent Los Angeles soprano, the Wom- en ' s Glee Club has gained prominence in the musical circles of the University. The principal concerts of the year included those at the Los Angeles Fine Arts and Opera League, the Del Mar Club, and the Adver- tising Club. Officers were Solvejg Nelson, President; Burnice Bloom, Vice-President and Accompanist; and Gwyneth Lewis, Secretary. V OMEN ' S GLEE CLUB First row: Hart, Marvel. Sullivan, Nelson, Rosser, Bloom, Vaught, Foster, Henry, Atkinson. Second row: Burge, Katerndahl, De Nubila, Sleeper, Ga- belman, Millikan, Kahn, Schleck, M. Sherman, Stabbert. Third row: Smith, Post, Lewis, Gra- ham, L. Hansen, Thomas, Hoffrogge, Noack, Bur- den. Fourth row: R. Sher- man. Fitzpatrick, Green, Le Mar, Wilson, W. Han- son, Libby. Fifth row: Haley, Whitten, Sims. Hunt, McCorkle, Daniels, McFadden. 189 CARROLL JENNINGS Accompanist CORDELIA SPURCEON Soloist • Musical groups combine to present to the campus standard masterpieces of cultural literature. In the past they have done " The Missal Solennis " of Beetho- ven with the Philharmonic Orchestra, " The Creation ' by Hayden, and " The Christmas Oratorio " by Bach. The outstanding event of the year was the perform- ance of Handel ' s " Messiah " . The solo parts were taken by Sylvia Margolin, soprano; Cordelia Spurgeon, mezzo-soprano; and Clifford Lilyquist, bass. Oratorio JESSIE SPENCER Secretary ORATORIO First row: Lambert, Withers, Billingsley, Dub- lin, Horton, White, Wag- ner. Second row: Mahin, Moffett, Barstein, Gable- man, Bornstein, Camp- bell, Mountford, O ' Brien, Bronson, Meriam, Asmus. Third row: Wooley, Spen- cer, Reed, Mann, Geisler, Stone, McLain, Sherman, Gold, Fourth row: Nossa- man, Murtagh, Baird, MacDonough, Bawcom, Ball. Winn, Faber. Fifth row: Boucher, Francis, Keese, McCollough, Fred- endall, LeSourd, Trow- bridge, Frantz. Scott, Fox. Sixth row: Morrison, Pech, Bradford, Hunter, Poundstone, Austin, Wilson, Goodenough. 190 A Capella Choir HARIET THRIFT Mezzo-soprano WILLIAM BRADFORD Bass CORDELIA SPURCEON Contralto • Only individuals having voices of superior quality are admitted to the A Capella Choir, an organization directed by Squire Coop and recognized as representa- tive of U.C.L.A. music culture. The group has ap- peared in public performances in San Francisco and on the Berkeley and Stanford campi. This year the Choir participated in the Charter Day Exercises held in the attractive Greek Theatre on the Berkeley campus of the University. A CAPELLA CHOIR First row: Asmus, Spen- cer. Nagin, Thrift. Cle- mente. Millman. Barnett, Norton, Rutes, Lucas. Second row: LeSourd, Hartranf t, Murtagh, Spur- geon, Hegstad, Noach, Howell, Sherman, Pickett. Third row: Rubin. Rempe, Jennings, Ellman, Stoops, White, Dublin, Odisho, O ' Malley, Wagner. Fourth row: Bradford, Trygstad, Hixson, Hinsdale, Peck, Drury, Hunt, Thatcher. Gray. Fifth row: Shaffer, Stanton, Cray, Danforth, Sellers. 191 ARTHUR BOURNE Manager • An opportunity for instrumentalists to get a first hand acquaintance with standard orchestral literature is provided by the U.C.L.A. orchestra. Squire Coop. Director, plans to prepare these students of talent with a sort of preview of the music they will have to play, if in later life they join symphony orchestras. Besides its annual performance at Commencement, the orchestra traditionally provides the music for many other occasions. Orchestra LEROY ANDERSON Soloist, French Horn ORCHESTRA First row: Sedgwick, Madden, M. Anderson, Kilston, Burum, Kapteyn, Triplett. Second row: Schwartz, Lifshitz, Rec- ord, Furey, Bird, Levy, Trell. Third row: Reed, Schultz, Moore, Samuel- son, Martin, Abbott, Aus- tin, Moulin, L. Anderson, Snyder, Bourne. 192 Bruin Band THERON WHITE Director LAWRENCE EVERETT Manager CLARK LEWIS Drum Major • Individuality is lost in a maze of blue and gold and music when the band members perform under the leadership of Theron White, Student Director: Law- rence Everett, Band Manager; and Clark Lewis, Drum Major. Besides being present at most athletic events, the Band offered several radio programs and repre- sented the University at the Arrowhead Winter Sports Carnival an annual affair staged in the San Bernar- dino Mountains. The Bruin Band attend- ed in force all Coliseum events and other Univer- sity affairs. On parade, the Band presented a striking appearance and introduced a number of new drill formations on the field. sfe? 193 The cathedral-like tower of Royce Hall stands as a background to the east wing with its arched porch and young trees PERSONALITIES PORTER HENDRICKS With the largest degree of efficiency yet seen in the A.S.U.C., Por- ter Hendricks has filled the office of Student Body President. His ability and qualifications impressed one on the first meeting, and each contact verified the first opinion. Emily Marr carries with her an atmosphere of calm and peace. A calm, not of placidity, but rather that of an inspirational character who makes her own decisions. Her ability and charm were displayed in the office of President of the A.W.S. EMILY MARR MARION McCarthy An int-elligent grasp of student affairs, a flair for getting others to work, and infinite tact have made Marian McCarthy ' s participation invaluable in numerous campus activities. In being chosen to head Agathai, her labors and capabilities were recognized. A thoughtful mien and a quiet, unassuming manner have made Jim Kindel respected and admired. As President of the Interfraternity Council, he re-organized and revitalized that body, giving it a power which it had lacked for some time. JAMES KINDEL LESTER SANSON Les Sanson is an agreeable addil-ion to any company. With a friend- ly word wherever he goes and an ability to be at ease in any group, he has given Phi Phi a reputation for having gentlemen in its group. Midge Pinckney ' s appreciative attitude and understanding manner have helped to make Senior Class functions a success. Although appearing perpetually surprised, as Class Vice-President she has been ready to cope with the most difficult situations. MARGARET PINCKNEY w ' -i Hi ' L .. (H f CAROLYN COLDWATER A spontaneous exuberance characterizes Carolyn Coldwater ' s every action. With a vivacious personality and a freely lavished smile she has acquired a large circle of friends. Holding the Presidency of Tic Toe was an evidence of her wide popularity. The first impression of irresponsibility that one gets from John Olsen is due to his light-hearted disregard for the pompous, reputedly-im- portant things. As P resident of the Senior Class, he has shown that he can hold responsibility. JOHN OLSEN EDGAR HASSLER Cheerful Ed Hassler has contributed much towards making football players well-liked. With a smile and a handshake for all, he has wandered happily through a college career. Four years of football fitted him for the Chairmanship of the Men ' s Athletic Board. Petite Martha Grim was the genial hostess for the student body. But holding the imposing title of Vice-President of the Associated Stu- dents of the University of California at Los Angeles did not make her any the less appealing. MARTHA GRIM The Kerckhoff corridor with its sharply-cut patterns of sunlight will quickly suggest a moment ' s pause to the passer-by CAMPUS KALEIDOSCOPE As Dr. Woellncr remarks, " Life is a Kaleidoscopic Heterodoxy of Miscel- laneous Diversities. " The feature sec- tion contains the life of the campus and here is your kaleidoscope. If you won ' t jiggle the instrument just yet so that the pictures change, we ' ll de- scribe them: |ack Raney is explaining to Jeannetta Yerxa that he realty bought that jacket, it wasn ' t given to him. This isn ' t leap year, but it ' s Fred Lyman ' s first cigarette. Ed Bissell asks T. |. Ault not to catch a crab, he ' d rather have a lobster. The top center shows that we did win one conference game. The proverbial nine virgins assume a new pose. Maybe they aren ' t so foolish. Evelyn Tindall is getting the officer ' s autograph — such an absorbing hobby. Heath again, he must be studying all the lexicon. |iggle the machine and try the next picture. Here ' s the next arrangement offered by your kaleidoscope. If, as pessi- mists predict, the majority of this generation will spend their lives in bread- lines. Uclans should be in good training after attempting to withdraw a book from the library. A swimming pool without any swimmer is as useless as a chocolate eclair without filling. Phi Psi ' s wear shirts even if they do reside in the vicinity of Kappa Sigma. Perhaps we do live in a shadow world and Plato was right. The D.U. ' s have eliminated the unnecessary things, includ- ing going to classes. Sun drenches the sweeping green lawns, as the All- year Club would say, and Sliver Redwine is found talking to someone be- sides McElheney. Jiggle the box and try again. 208 • You need no auto-suggestion to prove that Ucia is a city college. We judge that that must be the Senior bench between the pine trees. Joe O ' Con- nor rests while Midge Pinckney favors her rheumatism. Art Murphy says, " That ' s too much. I ' ll give you not a dime more than $50,000. " Miss Thomas can be found, as usual, lolling on the steps of Royce; while Dave Brant says the Creeks had a word for it. Fog is a normal manifestation on the campus, especially around examination time. • There is a tide in the affairs of men, which taken at the flood leads on to fortune; omitted, all the voyage of our lives is bound in shallows and in misery. On such a full sea are we now afloat: and we must take the current when it serves, or lose our ventures. " The tide is at the flood when the de- parting Seniors march in their somber garb across the rostrum and receive a roll of parchment and a " Cod bless you " from Dr. Moore. The words of Brutus across the centuries ring with the hard note of uncompromising truth. Fortune is ahead and we must loose the ropes, pull up anchor and set sail now. Seldom again will we encounter such auspicious conditions for the departure. Take warning you five-year men. • Like all worthwhile theatrical performances, our kaleidoscope started in the middle of the story, went on to the end, and now comes to the begin- ning. Registration, like a misalliance, creates its problems. In reply to a courteous question. Bill Cray says, " Well, yes and no. But on the other hand . . . " The waiting throng saw Bill Ackerman once and set up a shout. Bill said he didn ' t realize he had gotten into a lion ' s den. Eleanor Day just doesn ' t know what on earth to do, it ' s terrible; while Jimmy Andrews an- swers " I ' m dying to go, but my grandmother — you know. " And remember registration is always conducted honestly. ...iuaiiumauW ' mri • The kaleidoscope returns to the quad, and although a bit off center, re- produces some recognizable likenesses. Phyllis Edwards and Betty Geary congratulate the cameraman, James Andrews, on having such good choice in subjects for shots. Dorothy Jueneman and Joan Reed are so excited about Bob Shellaby returning from Seattle that they can hardly contain themselves. Jo Bechler and Cleve Clayton show that in the spring a young man ' s fancy is to come to school in his shirtsleeves. " Quick, cameraman — there ' s a Delt. Don ' t miss him, " Ed Hassler says, " Have a cigarette with me on you. " Francine Becheraz adores to take long steps, it makes her feel so athletic. • The future brain trust takes time off to watch the progess of a fly up the neck of a comrade. Prof. Warner wonders if he shouldn ' t have left right after class, and Miss X says " I just washed my hair, and can ' t do a thing with it. Magnolia Major mixed up a short one on a quiet afternoon in the Chem lab. We pass on to the next arrangement with the heart-rending strains of the Math major ' s hymn still ringing in our ears; " What mean all these mysteries to me, whose life is full of indices and surds. flB l ■ ' nM ' B ' itimr ' - mi • On Mondays and Fridays at eight, eleven, and one, the instructors having classes on the v est side of Royce throw wide the casements and let the in- spiring strains of " Our Director " as incomparably rendered by the military band, pervade the prosaic, dull, knowledge-heavy air of the classroom. At these same three hours the students in the Sam Browne belts shine — so also do their boots. One of the more important events in the life of the infin- itesmal cog in the war machine, the private, is when the Honorary Colonel smiles winsomely in the reviewing line and shows that life in the army is not devoid of thrills. • The kaleidoscope is not showing the same rich colors. Here are a few greys, tans, and maybe a blister or a dirty neck. The boys were kicked off the box car about twenty miles out of town and had to hoof it in. They must be on the track team. The answer of the hobo to the inquisitive woman at the back door does very well when students want an excuse for going to the beach: " How can I work when there ' s no work to do. " What fun the men do have at the Men ' s Do! " • The bits of broken glass rearrange themselves and up pops the Woman ' s Hi-Jinks. Arliss Cowan as Mae West expostulates, " No, no. I said I was rich. " Monsieur Beaucaire doesn ' t always wear a corsage, but maybe jean- netta Yerxa is reciting from " A Child ' s Garden of Verses. " The three girl friends, Ramona Wentzel, Katherine Hertzog, and Elizabeth McCarthy gaze intelligently at nothing. If it weren ' t for the sobering influence of the males, this campus would degenerate into a round of foolish nothings. • Just to show that the girls haven ' t a monopoly on silliness, the boys run off a Men ' s Do. Homer Oliver and Del McCue are about to compare manes while a very important part of any wrestler thrusts itself into the eye of the camera. Fencing has its followers who manage to keep posted on develop- ments in the sport. It ' s a great trick to balance yourself on the rings, but if you ' ll read the cigarette ads you ' ll find it is done by means of mirrors. After the Do is over where do we go- ' Down where the Weinyburger flows, of course. • As the poet remarked, home is where you go after you ' ve been thrown out of the last saloon. But home wouldn ' t be worth much if you couldn ' t return to it. So we have Homecoming. This particular kaleidoscope arrangement represents a float contest. The floating grew quite popular as the evening developed and even turned into flying. It is rumored that one of the Beta pledges told the house President that he didn ' t like their float idea, so the President allowed him to ascend the throne. • No fatted calves are introduced to the executioner ' s knife, but returning alumni do get a pyre in their honor. It is really fortunate that U.C.L.A. is as young as it is. According to the older alumni, bonfires formerly covered a city block and took two hours to burn. Think what a swell fire they would have had if the school had been founded with Harvard. The little girls serve coffee while toiling heroes pile boxes. No finer method has yet been de- vised for losing sleep, patience, and — dignity. Of purely scientific interest are the stances of the three young men watching Burnside. • Boat trips are enjoyable because of the continuous round of hilarity and excitement. No more sprightly and exuberant lives of the party could be found than Max Clark, Madeline Phillips and Aaron Rothenberg. Let ' s hope the little girl doesn ' t get a run in her hose. The man in the top center is really Porter Hendricks with a false beard, or maybe it ' s Emily Marr with dark glasses. Ed Blight knows he is being stung, but can ' t say anything with Chatfield present admonishing him to " Be good " . The Dudley Nondescript sewing circle meets every Friday at 3 A.M. Happiness is ephemeral, especial- ly with a bunch of fraternity brothers who know where you keep it. • You didn ' t jiggle the box quite enough, so the pictures are about the same subject. Kay Sweet must be making a trip around the Horn. All those men yelling for more scoops were worrying about bailing out in case the ship sank. Even the best of ships pitch and toss and even the best of people take boat trips. Bob Barlow considers it very thoughtful of the steamship com- pany to have planned a handrail in that particular spot. " 0, I must go down to the sea again. " » Mussolini speaks and Burnside leads yells. John knew the life story of each of the players and after about three minutes at the nnike. tears trickled down your cheeks and the incredible pathos of it all struck you and left you a connplete emotional wreck. So then you ordered another Coco Cola and got up courage to witness the brutal contest. The band customarily played a victory march at the half, and customarily was disappointed at the end. College girls are often requested to maintain an open mind, but they don ' t have to exhibit their tonsils. • It has been claimed that college boys play football because they feel so good when the game is over. They certainly don ' t play it to improve their minds. Some nasty people have insinuated that a football player always has a job made for him, but of course it ' s untrue. The tenor with the turtle- neck sweater was the high spot of the Cal game and made everyone long for green fields and ripe vegetables. Billie Burke says its only a slight injury, leg snapped in three places, internal bleeding, and a broken spine. Let ' s go over the signals again. • After a considerable amount of jiggling, the box returns to the campus. Sliver Redwine proves that everyone who sits on a bench in Kerckhoff Patio does not eat her lunch there. Patty McCuire must be paying for cokes to get all that attention. The artistic advantage of sitting down while stretching is not to be estimated, nor that of sitting on Slug Davis ' la p for a photograph, artistic or not. The flashing smile in the center is evidence of the natural sunny disposition of college youth of today. • Varian Sloan is trying his best to keep his foot out of it. Lee Palmer achieves a surprising stature while Cordon Gary becomes positively immense. The group coming out of the Education building are reluctantly leaving one of Dr. Woellner " s classes. An ashcan and a couple of Zetes occupy the cam- era on another shot and Edward Bellamy ' s " Looking Backward " would be needed to recognize the next group. Adele Zerwick, one of the " untouch- ables " from the quarantined hotel, shows that even a Theta can let herself be seen in Kerckhoff. Why doesn ' t John Olsen get out of the picture? • A still-eager Freshman once asked, " What are presentations for? " The well-known tired Senior replied, " A presentation is the method a sorority — a bunch of girls with nothing to do but worry about a mortgage — displays to the campus — that is, a miscellaneous gathering of simpletons who happen to be interested in the girls — their new pledges — that is, a group of easy marks who have been deceived into thinking that brotherhood is a glorious institution making one ' s daily life richer and finer. It is for the purpose of getting the pledges acquainted so that the sisters won ' t have to get blind dates for all of them. " But the Freshman didn ' t believe him and went over on the row and downed nineteen glasses of weak lemonade and fruitjuice. • As the form breaks a new one meets the eye. The ships were launched in the presentations and here they are requiring the attentions of many an able sailor. The Freshman Misses expect someone, and soon. The floor of the Kerckhoff lounge manages to get scuffled up regularly each year, much to the disgust of Mr. Martin. Betty Dunn says, " jack, you certainly finished yours in a hurry. " Olsen finds that blondes prefer gen- tlemen. The incomparable line of candidates for honorary colonel of the cadet corps shows that the military unit does have an excuse for existing. Way down in the corner Liz McCarthy can be found filling out Malcolm Davis ' dance program. v?i»« • Sophomores have some reason for existing and it may be because they were once Freshmen and someday will be Seniors. The Spur problem seems to be kicking up a rumpus. Virginia Hollingsworth and Frances Blackman bid a tearful good-bye to Nancy Gail. There ' s nothing like a good solid lunch to make a girl sentimental according to Tom Lambert. Francine Ber- cheraz moans, " My Cod, don ' t tell me it ' s true. " And it isn ' t. The power of the class centers around a poster and includes Helen Fisher, Chuck Cor- mack, Frank Paup, Dottie Hunt, and Jim Simpson. There is no good reason for all those girls to be in one spot but it is unusual to see so many with their hands in their pockets. They must be speechless. • Nudge the box a bit and scatter the bits of glass. Here ' s Chuck Cormack. Yes, the Thane of Sophomore politicians uses that well known dentifrice. Frank Wilkinson and Tom Lambert are the brawny Sophomore Service men manhandling the leader. The initials of Soph Service are S.S.S. and so the members don ' t dare to make it secret. The rest of the page deals with the Odyssey of an abducted class President, who fortunately is not treated at all times with the same degree of respect. .. c . !-.V. T M ' M • The Juniors and Seniors annually sharpen their tomahawks and go out for each other ' s scalps. In a five-year university it is sometimes difficult to de- termine class distinctions but no one has been known to play on one team more than three years. The ordinary custom in a ball game is to avoid in- juries, but with such a charming group of nurses and Waterboys, the coach has to struggle to keep his men off the bench. For some unknown reason, somebody is shaking Hendricks ' hand. Jiggle the box again, Thropplewaite. • The pleasant spectacle that the kaleidoscope turns to now is a delightful diversion known as the Soph-Frosh brawl. A friendly little tussle called the tie-up usually succeeds in tearing off all shirts and most of the pants. A rope-pull shows the fibre of the Freshmen and their graceful proclivities are displayed while they crawl through hurdles and tires. The excuse for all this is that it chastens the spirit, makes for comradeship and allows the in- coming Freshman to meet the members of the next class. However, they seldom wait to be introduced. • Students are an active species. If you don ' t find them sitting on the steps of Royce they are liable to be having a coke in the Co-op. Soccer goes for- ward on the carpet of green used for a drill field. Those are not natural dancers, but leather-lungers taking a spin. What looks like a Paris mob about to storm the Bastille is just some more hill-and-dalers getting ready to tear their hearts out for dear old Ucla. Versatile Dr. Mosauer leads his charges to the mountaintop to breathe some pure air. It looks difficult but Austin Menzies is probably standing in three feet of water. • More minor sports — and the guidebooks say this is an agricultural region. A clear drive from where the golfer is standing would nick a window pane in the men ' s gymnasium. Boris Karloff explains cricket to Gene Walsh, who ' s bugs about the game anyway. The lad on the edge of the pool might be playing leap frog, but maybe he is just taking his exercises. Soccer is the name of a sport, not an invitation. Laocoon (sic) had nothing on the lads intertwined on the mat, and the two in the ring are impolitely turning their backs. Tsh, Tsh, or soch, soch. • These effete products of modern civilization have no resistance or en- durance. After a forty-mile hike, the party on the skis will probably demand a warm cabin and a plate of beans. The romantic language of flowers is inarticulate in comparison with the expression that can be placed in a kick on the shin or a stomp on the toe. But as Camera asks, " What difference does the size of your shoe make, as long as you ' ve a heart of gold. " Who ' s to say whether a girl should exhibit her stocking feet at college or not. It all depends on what she used to do. Maybe the shoes are a bad fit. • Richard Hixon is something more than ambidextrous. A man is supposed to clasp his hands when filled with emotion, after driving a particularly hard bargain, or when his nails are dirty. Hollywood has held perfect leg contests and perfect back contests, and all sorts and varieties of searches for the per- fect something, but the hand in the lower left is good enough to get Bob Shuler to bet on. " So what " asks the boy with the sweater, while the time- keeper says the third lap was slow, taking a minute, and the second man dropped behind the hand. • The kaleidoscope is nearing the end of its show and grows facetious. Andy Antola and Shellaby are worried, maybe they think the shore is too near the ocean. John Fay and Bill Horn don ' t seem to be troubled — yet. Phyllis Edwards grows quizzical — it must be mid-term time. Dorothys Hunt and Dugan leave their foot (?) prints in the sand. Bev Kein speculates, but the stock market is a precarious undertaking. Betsy Pembroke agrees, — why not, it saves trouble; and Frances Blackman appears contented. Joy — that is as good a name for it as any — lights up the countenances of the foursome below appreciative Betty Chatfield. T. J. Ault decides not to go to class while Simpson and Chesebro just smile. O ' there are smiles — and more smiles. • There is more to college than the classroom work, as has been remarked by all the students who missed Phi Beta Kappa. And there ' s nothing like a friendly little sand flea to improve your bridge game. Selling Christmas trees is an ancient pagan custom, revived by the boy scouts, legionaires, and a few foolhardy collegians. Success in the work consisted in selling a fifty-cent tree for five dollars and borrowing a cigarette from the purchaser. Few could bear more than two weeks of it. s ' SS. • The Kerckhoff kitchens are capable of anything from fish cakes and bell peppers to non-fattening ham on Swedish health bread. From the line up at the bar, comes the stentorian command, ' Noch ein Glas Bier. " John Burn- side and Helene Colesie hold a little prayer — meeting of their own. No ex- tra charge for hallelujah. The lads and lassies are in their cups, not at all in keeping with the University ideal. A couple of scapegoats show the in- dignities which the administration inflicts on those caught smoking in the halls. • " Where brooding darkness spreads his jealous wings, and the night raven sings. " The wind-swept, dusty, sun-scorched campus of obvious day gives place at night to a quiet, soothing, mysterious cluster of bricks and steel huddled together under a close envelope of black. The cheery red bricks of Kerckhoff fade into shadow and the squat bulk of the gymnasium slopes off to graceful flowing lines. The imposing facade of gargantuan Royce Hall acquires an air of intimacy, while the lights through the Library windows take on the appearance of luminous crevices in a lofty cliff. Thus with a glimpse of shadow-land, the kaleidoscope receives its last jiggle and is put away. D A N C S These little piggies went to dance and have a Panhell of a time while . . . These little piggies went to eat and talk of home. Mr. and Miss in person — we wonder why Marty was picked to chaperone the " Capers " chorines? Panhellenic Dance • Women know how to put them on, too; and the Panhellenic Balls prove it. Esther Lar- son, Vice-President of the Panhellenic council and social chairman, was in general charge of arrangements this year; other members of the council headed subcommittees, and the result was a ball which rivaled all previous efforts in effect. Homecoming Dance • Homecoming, which included such events as an alumni banquet, a feature parade of floats before the traditional bonfire and paja- marino, and the ideal U.C.L.A.-U.C.B. foot- ball game, ended with an informal dinner and dance for alumni at the Los Angeles Bilt- more. The password of the eveing was, " It ' s good to see you again, Joe " My! What big eyes we have, Johnny — Yes, you ought to be proud. 242 Interfraternity Dance • Interfraternity Ball was no exception this year to the rule that it is always one of the best attended events on the campus calendar. It was held, as usual, in the Fiesta Room of the Ambassador Hotel, where zest was added by the night-club atmosphere, special decora- tions, and fine entertainment. It proved a suc- cess in all its features. Military Ball • Take away the wars, but leave us the men in uniforms, military balls, honorary colonels, and Scabbard and Blade pledges. This was the the opinion of the one hundred and fifty cou- ples who attended the Military Ball at the Riviera Country Club and enjoyed the music of Paul Smith ' s orchestra and the entertain- ment by Barbara Van Brunt. Leo and Willie, those great bi| bad boys! The army seems to be control- ling the situation, and do these situations love to be controlled! Darling. I do love you. but we ' ve got to pose with — • iL K : We salute you. Colonel Black- man, and choose you as one of the best! 243 This little foursome is being very, very proper, in front of the lens, but . . . This duet has cast caution to the winds and boldly threaten to crush . . . Joan ' s top hat at the " circus ' parade of lovely damsels . . Junior Prom Pastels and black, spring gaiety and laugh- ter invaded the Fiesta Room of the Ambass- ador Hotel when couples gathered for the an- nual Junior Prom. Anticipation of the choosing of Prom Misses and Blue Key pledges caused the usual undercurrent of excitement with some hoping, everyone guessing, but no one guessing aloud. Christmas Dance " The efficiency of the A.W.S. and Jean- netta Yerxa, Vice-President and social chair- man, was demonstrated in the staging of a Christmas Carnival and dance in the Women ' s Gym. During the afternoon ten campus wom- en were presented bids to Prytanean by Presi- dent Wanda Hayden. All proceeds were set aside for charity work. Who still refuse to dance when the photog ' s around. 244 Senior Prom • The Senior Ball ends and begins all. It is the climax to a week of before Commence- ment activities, but it is also a beginning of something, and we wonder just what. In spite of the fact that this social is significant to the sentimental, the crowd was gay; and the evening passed with much gaiety and not too much sober thought. Letterman ' s Dance • The traditional Letterman ' s dance, for- merly open only to members of the University athletic teams, became this year an All-Uni- versity affair. It was sponsored by the mem- bers of Blue C, Circle C, and Ball and Chain. Proceeds went into the fund for the establish- ment of a hall of fame and trophy room for the University. The correct way to pose, says Jimmie, — but not propose, Barbara! So you ' ll laugh at your own photographer, eh, Arnold? Okay, we ' ll skip over to . . . This affectionate group. Don ' t look so sour, fella, now here ' s . . . The question here seems to be " Who ' s crowding? " 245 Introducing the man who knows all, sees all, does everything — - for the sake of tradition — our darling " prexy " and his moral support! Junior-Senior Cord • In cords and cottons and with pleasant in- formality, the Juniors and the Seniors met at the Riviera Country Club to dance to the music of Paul Smith ' s orchestra. Guests of honor were the Senior class officers and the men who played in the class football game. The University ' s blue and gold predominated in the decorations. Sophomore Dance • Presentation of Imogene Gauntt as Sopho- more Queen was one of the big moments at the dance sponsored by the Sophomores at the Del Mar Club. But many other queens were there, too, for the whole University was in- vited and Kay Kyser offered special floor en- tertainers during the intermission of the gay affair. Eddie and Harrie t — t h i s " strong man " keeps his " fair maiden " from being molested, while — Margaret, the little " strong woman, " keeps her man from being stolen and . . . Boy! is this group having lots of fun! 246 Senior Informal • Presented this year under the title " Senior Revue " and featuring a cabaret theme, the Senior dance drew a capacity crowd of seven hundred students. The Revue was sponsored by the Seniors as a benefit to advance the pro- ject of a student Shakespearean performance, and it was pronounced both a financial and social success. Freshman Dance • When is a Freshman not a Freshman and yet most a Freshman can only be answered by two words, Green Day. This day of recogni- tion was, as usual, formally ushered out with music and dance at the Los Angeles Biltmore where Hal Roberts ' orchestra furnished the incentive. Phyllis Edwards, class Vice-Presi- dent, was in general charge. Johnny seems to have something on his mind besides politics, but Midge never forgets her career . . . come on, let ' s dance Mariorie! A little handful of " shots " . " You ought to be in pictures " . Bob! Ralph, dear, you should wear garters; what could he be say- ing, Betty? 247 BRUIN SPORTS GEOLOGY FOR TEAM AND ALMA MATER €ri3 «m I ei PIERCE WORKS • BASKETBALL Bruin Coaches HARRY TROTTER • TRACK 250 BENJAMIN WALLIS • CREV WILLIAM ACKERMAN • TENNIS Bruin Coaches JACK FOURNIER • BASEBALL 251 FOOTBALL MANAGERS Front row : Cray, Palmer, Miller, Swarttz, Classer, Rafferty, Dwyer. Second row: Kincaid, Dixon, Cuzner, Gifford, Sheperd. tf . |H PH k V jjl l PHILIP B ' tfi l CERSHOWITZ A- S H Tennis I S mm I A in H BILLY BURKE Trainer EDWARD CUZNER Football HAROLD ZANZOT Baseball Athletic Managers • With increasing activity in Bruin sports has come an even greater demand for proficiency on the part of the managerial staffs. Responsibility for equip- ment and supervision of the many details attendant to making trips are only a few of the more import- ant tasks that have fallen to the lot of these men. BASEBALL MANAGERS Kuehner, Zanzot, Harvey, Whittaker. 1 1 i!| TENNIS MANAGERS Kaplan, Pence, Bloom, Gershowitz 252 TRACK MANAGERS Milliron, Horowitz, Thompson, Eagan, Koch, Chessman, Goldstein, Epstein )ACK EAGAN Track Athletic Managers • Ball and Chain, honorary managers society, has done much toward putting the Bruin managerial system on a merit basis, and the results of its work are already becoming apparent. Credit also should be given to the important but unpublicized work of the Junior and Sophomore assistants. CORDON GARY Basketball EDWARD BLIGHT Crew CREW MANAGERS Collins, Duggan. White, Curtis BASKETBALL MANAGERS Sinclair, Hall, Fleming, Gary, Attley, Hatch 253 YELL LEADERS Yell Kings Ballard, Brainerd. Burnside, Strain and Lambert take trme off from their work of directing Bruin rooters to show the rival section just how it is done. Yell Leaders • Under the tutelage of Johnny Burnside, head yell leader. Bruin students have during the past season attained a proficiency in rooting surpassing all other performances. Valuable has been the aid of Don Strain, and Bill Brainerd, first assistants, and Tom Lambert and Jack Ballard, Sophomore assistants. JOHN BURNSIDE Head Yell Leader DON STRAIN Assistant Yell Leader BILL BRAINERD Assistant Yell Leader 254 RALLY COMMITTEE Front row: Waggoner, Goldstein, Singer, Whitaker, Ana- kin, Boyce-Smith, Isler, Goldsmith, Lyman. Second row: Brainerd, Beam, Dewenter, Higgins, Paup, Murphy. Third row: Morris, Livengood, Newman, Wilding. O ' Malley, Wilkinson, Whitehorn, Lewis, Kanne. Rally Committee • The supervision of the rooting section at athletic contests has been the work of the Rally committee during the past year. Under the supervision of Bernie Levin, first semester chairman, and Burt Anakin, second semester chairman, this work has been car- ried on in a efficient manner. BERNARD LEVIN Chairman FROSH RESERVES Front row: Paulin, Hurst, Peck, Angel, Philips, Carlin, Groweg, Steel, Brainerd. Sec- ond row: Benton, Levy, Burill, Frank, Rubin, loyce. Brekken, Dubbell, Slattebo. Third row: Lambert, Katleman, Coulter, William- son, Harris, Sandersen, Stockton, Larkin, Kanne, Taylor. 255 No small part of the success of Bruin athletic teams is due to the loyal support of Bruin students, especially through the rooting sections and the band. 256 m . FOOTBALL The outstanding playing of Cheshire was one of the surprises that the Bears encountered in their initial skirmish with the Bruins. 258 Though not impressive from a sta- tistical point of view, the Bruins were more formidable opponents this year than ever before and showed that they must be recognized as one of the nation ' s major teams. ff fe CAPTAIN LEE COATS BRUIN LEADERS COACH WILLIAM SPAULDING • Calm in victory and undaunted in defeat, Coach William H. Spaulding has steadfastly guided the football fortunes of U.C.L.A. ever upward and has succeeded each year in turning out a better team. His ability and high stand- ard of sportsmanship well fit him for the task of coaching Bruin teams, while his fairness and good fellowship are the factors which account for his popularity among the players. • By achieving the distinction of being U.C. L.A. ' s first All-American football player, Lee Coats has ably demonstrated the rising caliber of Bruin athletes. His consistent playing at the center position and his capable leadership as captain made him the most outstanding man on the team during the year. It is with mingled feelings of pride and regret that Bruins watch his departure. 259 V4 il-J JjJ%ii Prexy Porter Hendricks extends a cordial Bruin welcome to Wakefield Taylor, Bear prexy, along with a perpetual trophy to be contended for annually. California Initial Bruin-Bear en- counter promises many years of friendly rivalry • The first meeting of UCLA, and California on the Coli- seum gridiron marked the final act of cementation of friendly relations between the two parts of the University and the full recognition of the Bruins by their northern brothers as equals. And almost more than equals the Bruins proved themselves to be, as they kept their opponents constantly in the shadow of their own goal posts and were held to a scoreless tie only by the strongest efforts on the part of the Berkeleyites. The prospect of an annual Bruin-Bear encounter promises many years of friendly rivalry. 260 California • The Bruins six times threatened the California goal line while the Bears got no closer than the U.C.L.A. 35-yard line until the last quarter when, featuring Williams and numer- ous pass plays, they reached the 15-yard marker after a 53- yard drive. The Bruins came closest to scoring in the second quarter when Frankovich tried a drop kick from the 1 5-yard stripe that missed by inches. The Bears suffered heavily from penalties, particularly for illegal shifts. Cheshire and Keeble did the heavy gaining, and the work of Haslam and Boyer on the line was outstanding. Bruin griddcrs show un- expected strength in tying their Berkeley brothers At left. Bruins and Bears line up for scrimmaje following the opening kick-off. Center, a Berke- ley pass reaches the wrong destination. The Westwooders find Williams, Bear backfield ace, a tough man to stop. 261 PANTS LIVESAY Halfback SINCLAIR LOTT End JOE SARVER Halfback 262 Below, the Bruin safety man disconsolately watches Corbus ' drop- kick sail between the U. C.L.A. goal posts to give the Reds a three-point victory. Sam Storey ' s defensive play was a highlight of the Stanford struggle. In circle, Cheshire juggles a low pass. Stanford • A drop-kick from the toe of Bill Corbus, Stanford ' s All- American guard, spelled defeat for a Bruin team that had successfully withstood all attacks against its goal line, and disappointment for the hundreds of U. C.L.A rooters who had made the long trek to Palo Alto with hopes of seeing last year ' s victory over Stanford repeated. Many times during the afternoon the Indians worked down to the shadow of the Bruin goal posts, and each time they were hurled back by the Westwood linesmen, outstanding among them being Storey, Coats, and Muller. Afflerbaugh gained the most Stanford yardage. Oregon • A pass that somehow managed to nestle into the arms of Pozzo, Oregon end, in spite of the fact that he was guarded by two Bruins, gave the Webfeet their revenge for last year ' s defeat with a 7-0 victory over a decidedly superior UCLA, team. With the exception of that lone incident the Webfeet were never dangerous, while the locals missed scoring on several occasions only by the poorest of breaks. Chief of these was when Frankovich caught a pass from Cheshire over the goal line only to have the referee call the play back, rul- ing that the Bruin receiver had stepped out of the end zone. McCue, Storey and Boyer break up a Webfoot play. L ■■ J DEL McCUE Tackle SAM STOREY Guard Center, an Oregon punt just misses be- ing blocked. At right, Livesay circles end. CHUCK CHESHIRE Halfback 263 Puzzle; find the ball-carrier. REM OLMSTEAD Fullback The Brums are held for no gain PAT PATTERSON Fullback JULIAN SMITH End Washington ' The only alibis the Bruins could give after their 10-0 de- feat at Seattle was a superior Washington team and a certain All-American, Bill Smith, Smith easily lived up to his reputa- tion as he made all the Husky scores, a touchdown in the first quarter and a field goal in the last, and kept the Bruin offense bottled up all afternoon. Another important factor in the northern victory was the splendid interference given Husky ball-carriers. For the Bruins, Muller, Smith, and Max- well did most of the ground gaining while the punting of Wilton was at its best. 264 Washington State • The Bruins gained their first and last conference win of the season on Thanksgiving Day when they scored a 7-0 vic- tory over the Washington State Cougars. The score came in the second quarter when Frankovich intercepted a pass from Sorboe and galloped to the goal line. He completed his per- formance by making the conversion. The rest of the game was featured by a punting duel between Cheshire and Wilton of the Bruins and Sorboe of the Cougars. This game marked the final gridiron appearance of ten Bruin lettermen who were playing their last game for U.C.L.A. A Cougar pass connects as the Bruins close in. , •5-. -. J ' f -T f:l Yearick gets his man with a ferocious tackle. , . » BILL MURPHY Quarterback JACK RAINEY End 0i DUKE TROTTER Guard Cheshire makes fifteen yards on an off-tackle thrust. 265 Above, St. Mary ' s closes in TOM RAFFERTY Tackle m- ED HASSLER Quarterback ' g fmf y . ,-. ••%•«■• 1.- , „■ Center, the Bruins look on as a Gael back stumbles. At bottom, the Moraga offense baffles the Uclan team. St. Mary ' s CLIFF LICHTNER Halfback • After being completely outclassed all afternoon by Slip Madigan ' s Moragans, the Bruins came out of the fog long enough in the last quarter to score two thrilling touchdowns and make the final score, 14-22, indicative of a closely fought contest. When all hope seemed gone, Lott caught a long pass and then ran 40 yards to the goal line. Next Bill Murphy, second-string quarterback, climaxed his dependable perform- ance of the afternoon by intercepting a St. Mary ' s aerial at- tempt and running to a touchdown. The outstanding per- formance of the afternoon was turned in by George Wilson, Gael halfback. 266 Preliminaries • Although impressive in their 34-0 victory over the L.A.j.C. reserves in the first game of the season, the Bruins had to exert all their efforts to gain a 13-0 win over the San Diego State Aztecs later on in the afternoon. The locals started out all right, scoring their first touchdown in ten plays, but when along in the third quarter the Aztecs capitalized on a Bruin penalty and passed to the Bruin seventeen-yard line, chances for a Westwood victory did not look so bright. However, an incomplete pass over the goal line and Sarver ' s extra touch- down assured a Bruin victory. at.(V The Brums encounter stubborn opposition. Muller intercepts an Aztec pass. ? T «4«s rt., ,. 0m ! , Joe Sarver stars against the Los Angeles j.C. eleven. BOB HENDRY Halfback STAN REEL Halfback BILL MAXWELL End 267 SAM STAWISKY Tackle MIKE FRANKOVICH Quarterback VERDI BOYER Guard 268 At top, Referee )im Blewett starts looking for the ball. In center, Walt Clark does some fancy stepping. At right, it takes a trio of Lions to stop a travel- ling Bruin. Loyola • Heralded as a close struggle between the rising young giants of the Southland, the Loyola game proved to be quite an easy victory for the Bruins. Tying U.C.L.A. ' s initial touch- down took all the Lions had, and they fell an easy prey to the continued Westwood onslaught as two more touchdowns were chalked up to make the final result 20-7. The first score was the result of one of the prettiest plays of the season, a pass play from Cheshire to Livesay. Keeble and Cheshire to- gether accounted for the next tally, and McCue intercepted a Del Rey pass and ran for the final six points. San Diego Marines • Going into the last quarter with a 14-0 lead, the Bruins seemed assured of an easy victory over the San Diego Marines. However, when a few minutes later the Leathernecks with thirteen points to their credit prepared for their second con- version, they faced a very worried Bruin team that was much relieved when the try failed, to make the final score 14-13. Two touchdowns in rapid succession accounted for the Devil- dogs ' points. The first Bruin score was made by Clark in the second quarter after Smith ' s recovery of a fumble, and Keeble pushed over the other tally early in the fourth. ».-G? : " Sir :i ' ■ ' ' itx ' «-; ' :i The bench watches the play. WILTON WILTON Halfback TEAK BALDWIN Guard PHIL NORDLI Center 269 - ■ - ' «r ; tjfe The Bruins ' only night game saw a large turn- out. However, it must be admitted that some spec- tators could see more than twenty-two players on the field. HARRY TROTTER Assistant Coach FRED OSTER Assistant Coach Utah A. J. STURZENECCER Assistant Coach • After the Redskins, with the aid of a few timely breaks, had monopolized the first quarter and given U.C.L.A. rooters several bad scares, the Bruins got down to business and scored 22 points to win the night game with Utah played on the Coliseum turf. The first score came in the second quar- ter when Frankovich passed to Smith, who easily scored. Shortly afterward Frankovich booted the ball between the up- rights for an additional three points. Two more touchdowns followed, one by Livesay after Caldwell ' s interception of a Utah pass, and one by Patterson after a Redskin fumble. • To the head coach alone cannot be given full credit for the efficient training of Bruin football teams. During the past sea- son Bill Spaulding had the valuable services of six willing as- sistants to aid him in training the players. In coaching the line- men he was aided by Babe Horrell and Harry Trotter Sr., while in handling the backfield he had the help of Fred Oster and A.]. Sturzenegger. The task of introducing Freshmen to the U.C.L.A. system was in the hands of Cliff Simpson, Frosh coach. Cece Hollingsworth also coached the first year men. Of inestimable value was the work of Senior Manager Cuzner and his staff. 270 Freshman Football • Difficulty in organizing a well-knit unit proved damaging to the spectacular individual performances of such Freshman grid stars as " Billy Bob " Williams, Fred Funk, Bill Spaulding Jr., Ted Fullenwider and others in the 1933 yearling football season. The year ' s record showed one victory, four defeats and one tie. Urban Military Academy ' s deceptive air attack won the opener, 6-0 — a game in which Funk ' s fine kicking and Spaulding ' s speed were noteworthy. Two days later. Riverside ].C. defeated the yearlings, 19-13, with the Bruin backfield brilliant but receiving little support from the line. A swerving 68-yard touchdown run in the first quarter by Williams enabled the Frosh to tie Santa Ana J.C., 7-7 in the third game. The Loyola Freshmen were defeated, 6-0, as the Westwood peagreeners rode to their only victory on Williams ' line plunging and Spaulding ' s dashes around end. A 45-yard run to a touchdown by Spaulding gave the Frosh their last score of the season the following week, although Bakersfield J.C. was victorious, 20-6. Clendale J.C. trounced the year- lings in the final contest, 6-0. CLIFF SIMPSON Frosh Coach E. C. HORRELL Assistant Coach " Billy Bob " Williams proves a valuable asset to the Frosh. CECE HOLLINCSWORTH Assistant Coach FRESHMAN FOO i dalL : jUf D Front row; Arico. Spector. Haridan, Funk, Captain Gary, Kleinman, Long. Second row: Stutz, Barr, Allington, McConnel, Fullenweider, Spaulding, Jr.. Perolli, Micing. Third row: Coach Fields, Coach Hol- lingsworth. Dickerson, Schroeder, Peers, Williams. McNeil, Bagwell, Reichle, Coach Simpson, Fletcher. 271 BASKETBALL Haight outjumps the Stanford center as the first game with the Reds begins. Superior opponents spelled the chief cause of one of the most unsuc- cessful of Bruin basketball seasons. However, the brilliant showing in the final California game proved that none of the old fight and courage had been lost. 274 ' : ' ' ' r Z : t. COACH PIERCE WORKS CAPTAIN DON PIPER BRUIN LEADERS • That, in spite of a disappointing season, Coach Caddy Works is building for years to come is shown by the predominance of Sopho- mores on this year ' s squad. His rigid adherence to sound fundamentals has never failed to pro- duce results, and his good fellowship always commands the respect and admiration of his players. • Captain Don Piper with his deadly basket- shooting accuracy this year again gained a prominent place among the high scorers of the Pacific Coast. His play at the forward position was excellent, and as Captain he set his team- mates a constant example of fight and good sportsmanship. 275 Right, the rival centers leap for the ball as the La Verne game begins. . . CORDNER GIBSON Guard DON ASHEN Guard BILL ATHEY Guard 276 Below, Shelby Johns tries a long shot in the Whittier contest. Preliminaries • Coach Caddy Works sent his hoopsters against Long Beach J.C. in their first practice conflict which they won, 50-29. Be- fore leaving on a barnstorming tour of northern California, the Bruins subdued the Whittier Poets, 37-27, in a surprising- hard-fought contest. Coach Works ironed out the flaws in the U.C.L.A. offense, and the Bruins came back strong the following night to drub La Verne, 48-24. The Uclans chalked up another win by decisively trouncing the L.A.J.C. Cubs, 35-16. Capt. Piper, Melancon, and Ashen showed up well in these games. Preliminaries • On their journey north, the Westwooders engaged Chico State in a pair of games. After barely ekeing out a 31-28 win, the Worksmen staged a complete reversal of form the following night to run away with a 41-23 triumph. Intent on prolonging their winning streak, the Villagers subdued St. Marys, 55-45 in a free-scoring conflict and dropped the strong Athens Club aggregation, 33-26. However, the Bruins were rudely halted by the Olympic Club cagers, 35-30. After dropping a pair of games to Santa Clara, the Westwooders turned homeward prepared to meet conference competition. Left, Captain Piper talks things over with his teammates during a time out period. Below, the going gets a little rough in the L.A.J.C. tussle. HORACE HAICHT Guard CHUCK CHURCH Forward BILL REITZ Center 111 Right, a Stanford forward starts toward the Bruins ' basket. CEORCE WESTPHAL Guard CLEM MELANCON Forward Right, Piper tries a loop shot at the Indian hoop. Below, a Card makes a successful free throw. Stanford SHELBY JOHNS Forward • After opening their conference season in an unimpressive fashion by dropping a 45-26 struggle to Stanford, the Bruins made a remarkable comeback the following night to upset the Cards, 32-31, gaining the victory in the final minutes of play through a barrage of baskets by Athey, McFadden, and Johns. The series was resumed up north with the Stanford cagers annexing both games, squeezing through for a 31-28 win in the first game and walking off with the last contest, 39-34, as a result of a last minute scoring spree by Wytze Corter, Card forward. 278 California • Venturing up to Berkeley to open the California series, the Uclans came out on the short end of two bitterly contested battles, 41-36 and 39-28. When the Bears came south, they encountered unexpectedly strong opposition from the scrappy Bruins. In the first game the Bears came from ar- rears to register a 42-30 win. However, the local were not to be denied the following night and staged the season ' s out- standing upset by gaining a 40-38 victory in an overtime period. Piper ' s baskets and McFadden ' s timely free throws featured the Bruin win. I Above, things get a bit crowded under Ihe Bears ' basket. Left, Athey slips the ball to McFadden. ALEX WIDLICSKA Forward RALPH MCFADDEN Forward JOHN WELLS Guard ft A Left, Haight gets the tip off. 279 Right, Church gets away from the Trojan guards. DUKE TROTTER Guard t n 4- .1 Center, Duke Trotter matches his jumping prowess against Cuttero, S.C. center. At right, Johns gets a long one away. f LLOYD BRIDGES Forward ERNEST McRlTCHIE Forward 280 Southern California • Coach Sam Barry ' s championship S.C. cagers ran away with the all-city title this year by sweeping all four games from the comparatively diminutive Bruins. The Uclans were outreached and outspee ded every time they tangled with the Trojans. Lee Cuttero. S.C. center, virtually won the first game single-handed, 39-26, and the Bruins lost the second fray, 39-22. After dropping the next affair, 46-21, the Bruins made a last stand against their cross town foes. Putting up a brilliant fight, the Uclans finally succumbed, 32-23. • Valuable assistance was given Coach Caddy Works by as- sistant coaches Wilbur Johns. Si Cibbs, and Dick Linthicum. Freshman Basketball • Coach Si Cibbs ' Freshman hoopsters experienced a highly successful season, emerging victorious in fourteen of their eighteen games. Numbered among the strong quintets which fell before the Cubs were Santa Monica, Glendale, Citrus, and Riverside Junior Colleges, the Cal-Christian Panthers, the Shell Oilers, and Glendale High. After dropping two one- sided encounters to Southern California, the Cubs upset the dope in their third clash to trounce the Trobabes by a 32-26 count. Ball, a new entrant, and Pray, flashy forward, hit the hoop for twenty-five markers between them. Lueke, Cald- well, Pauling, and Wilson also turned in sterling perform- ances. S.C. annexed the finale, 32-20. l t k 1 WILBUR )OHNS Assistant Coach SI CIBBS Frosh Coacfi Above, Lueke stumbles over a Glendale man. Left, time out for an injured Trobabe. DICK LINTHICUM Frosh Coach FROSH BASKETBALL SQUAD Front row: Sinclair, Alexander, Pray, Robinson, Barnum. Kanne, Wilson, Nyhus. Second row; Funk, Larken, Variel, Lueke, Harris, Caldwell. 281 m irX .. .Pt DOT ' ' ' Va !! . ' r T N N I Jack Tidball possesses the confidence born of ability and experience. • Both in tournameni- and collegiate competition, Bruin racquet-wicldcrs have again ably upheld the high stand- ards of previous years. 284 i t COACH BILL ACKERMAN CAPTAIN JACK TIDBALL BRUIN LEADERS • In spite of his duties as Graduate Manager, Bill Ackerman always somehow finds time to devote to training Bruin tennis teams, both Frosh and Varsity. The performances of his pupils have never failed to bring credit to the University. • The national intercollegiate singles cham- pionship is the latest honor to be gained by )ack Tidball, Bruin net captain. Great natural ability and excellent temperment are the fac- tors which have made him one of the nation ' s outstanding players. 285 LEE NEWCOMER EDGAR WILLIAMS LAWRENCE MEYERS 286 Left, Stanford shoots a low one over the net. Right, Tidball covers a back court drive. Right, Briggs aces on the first serve. Stanford • Displaying great strength in singles matches, the U.C.L.A. tennis squad upset the strong Stanford aggregation, 5-4, on the local courts in one of the most exciting contests of the season. Captain Tidball easily conquered Lee, the Cardinal high man, 6-3, 6-3, but his team mate, Larry Meyers, handi- capped by a dose of the flu, lost to Captain Otis of the visi- tors, 3-6, 5-7. The two Bruins then teamed together to de- feat their opponents in the doubles match, 6-3, 4-6, 6-4. The other local winners were Briggs, who conquered Law, 6-1, 1-6, 6-3, Haight, who beat Reed, 6-4, 6-4, and Church, who took Schwayder, 6-0, 6-4. California • Failure to capture a needed doubles match cost the Bruins a victory in their first conference meet of the season against the California Bears. However, it was in the other doubles contest between Captain Jack Tidball and Larry Meyers of the Uclans and the California doubles pair that the closest match of the affair occurred. The Bruins won the first set, 6-3. The Northerners came back to capture the next one, 6-2 and took a 4-1 lead in the third, but here the locals set- tled down and took the lead to win the set, 7-5. The singles victors were Tidball, Meyers, Briggs, and Haight. Spud Meyers has been one of the most consist- ent men on the varsity for the past three years. r ■ Meyers is equally profi- cient in offense and de- fense as these photos show. FRANK WILSON STANLEY BRIGGS ERWIN ZANDER 287 SAM STANFORD Left, Meyers unlooses one of his powerful forehand drives. Below, Capt. Tidball gets a little ruffled in a prac- tice session. FRANK HOWE CHARLES CHURCH 288 Southern California • The Bruin netmen met defeat at the hands of the S.C. Tro- jans by a score of 6-3 in their second conference encounter. The feature contest found Captain Jack Tidball pitted a- gainst Gene Mako, Trojan net ace. Jack won the first set, 6-3, but his opponent rallied to take the two successive rounds, 6-1 and 6-4. Shortly afterwards Tilball and Meyers took the rival doubles team composed of Mako and Castlin, 0-6, 6-3, 7-5. The other U.C.L.A. victors were Spud Meyers, who de- feated Harris, 6-2, 6-3, and Chuck Church, who gained a 3-6, 6-1, 6-2 win over Rowley of the visitors. Freshman Tennis • With Captain Calton Pearson, George Bidwell, John Ball, Fred Okrand, Jack Hillman, Jack Shoenhair and Jacob Rubin as probable numeral-men, the 1934 Freshman tennis team experienced but a mediocre season. The Babes met Hollywood high school, Redlands Jaysee, Compton Jaysee, Santa Monica Jaysee, the Trojan Freshmen, and San Mateo, winning from Santa Monica, tying Redlands, and dropping the remaining contests. Coach Bill Ackerman drilled much of the funda- mentals of the game into his proteges, and they should ably assist the Varsity squad next season, the first ranking players having good possibilities. Much promising varsity material was found in this year ' s Freshman tennis squad. HORACE HAICHT CARTER GOOD SAM RIESMAN FROSH TENNIS TEAM First row: Okrand, Heckle, Captain Pearson, Varney, Lustig, Hillman, Rubin, Smith, LaValle. Second row: Klein, Van Brunt, Bidwell, Pennell, Darling, Rhodes, Wellbourn, Schon- hair, McDowell. 289 T R A C K ' 7i ' Jimmy LuValle breaks the tape to win the 440 against Berkeley ' s best. Second to none in stellar perform- ers, U.C.L.A. now needs only a greater number of second and third place men to raise the University to a position of prominence among the track and field champions of the nation. 292 rSH COACH HARRY TROTTER CAPTAINS JIMMY MILLER AND BOB McLEAN BRUIN LEADERS • Coach Harry Trotter has again proved his ability by developing some of the best perform- ers on the coast during the past season. It is but a question of time before the results of his many years of effort will be fully realized. • The track squad during the past season has been ably captained by Jimmy Miller, star hur- dler, and Bob McLean, sprinter. Bob, although eliminated from competition by an early sea- son injury, has nevertheless kept up a most active interest in the sport. 293 BOB STICHTER Mile, Two-Mile RAY VEJAR 220, 440, Relay WILLIAM BRADLEY 100, 220 lid KENNETH ROGERS Shot Put f I O-f 4IA P H V V Left, Stichter with a mighty ef- fort passes the Berkeley runner for a third in the two-mile. Center left. Miller ' s unfortunate fall cost the Bruins a first in the low sticks. Center right, Veiar takes the baton from Lott in the Cal relay. Coe leads the field over the high hurdles. Practice Season • The season was ushered in by a meet with Pomona. The Bruins came home victors to the tune of 97-34. In spite of illness and untried material, strength was shown by Harry Trotter ' s men in several events. The quarter looked good, and LuValle neared the world ' s record in the 220, while Keim and Reitz also set Varsity records. Martin, Houghton and Allinston placed one-two-three in the high jump while McCue, Rogers and Storey did likewise in the pellet-heaving event. After winning the broad jump, Creen took a third in the low sticks, trailing Captain Miller. Rork, Donlon, Miller and Vejar won the mile relay for the Bruins. Although the result of the meet had been anticipated, the large final score was a surprise to everyone concerned. 294 ■ ' C ' ' ' V ' ' ' ® ' i! Practice Season • U.C.L.A. was host to two strong Junior Colleges March 10 when Riverside and Compton traveled to meet the Bruins on the Westwood oval. The outcome was a victory for the Bruins. Miller, Vejar, Valentine and Henry were responsible for a considerable portion of the 84 ' z points. The scores for Compton and Riverside were 48 ' z and 26. LuValle was with- held because of a severe cold. Loyola was the next team to be swamped by the Bruins who won 120 2 3 - 10 1 3. The meet was peculiar inasmuch as practically all the Bruins chose to compete in events not their own. The results were in some cases surprisingly successful, for instance Bill Reitz ' s victory in the high jump. McLennan, Cheshire and Bradley swept the century for U.C.L.A. JIMMY LuVALLE 220, 440, Relay BILL MURPHY RSn, Relay Left, the Bears sweep the first three places in the century. Below, Rogers, shot putter, turned in consistent performances throughout the season. Above, Ray Vejar breaks the tape as the Bruins win an- other relay. Right, Bob Stichter is the holder of the new U.C.L.A. record in the two-mile. TOM DONLON 440, Relay ROLAND WOODRUFF Discus 295 SINCLAIR LOTT 440, Relay DEL McCUE Shot Put HUBERT JACKSON Two-Mile BEVERLEY KEIM 880, Mile 296 Top, LuValle and Vejar take the quarter from California. Center left, Bullet Bob Kie- sel wins from LuValle in the 220. In circle. Green takes a leap In the broad |ump. Right, Coe and Miller take the first barrier neck and neck. California • The Coliseum was the scene of the trouncing given the Bruins by the Golden Bears who rolled up a score of 89 2 3 - 41 1 3. LuValle lopped one second off the school record in the 440, Reitz hurled the javelin 194 feet, 8 inches and Massey took the pole vault at 1 3 feet, 3 inches. Credit should be given to Stichter who, through sheer grit, pulled past the Berkeley runner on the home stretch to take third in the two- mile. An unfortunate fall caused Miller the loss of the low hurdles; he took second in the highs followed closely by his teammate, Anderson. Other Bruin point earners were: Green, second in broad jump, Henry, third in mile. Murphy, third in 880, and Jordon, third in discus. The winning U.C.L.A. relay team was composed of LuValle, Murphy. Lott, and Vejar. Stanford • The Bruins ' steady improvement failed to halt a scalping at the hands of the Stanford Indians, 87 1 3 - 43 2 3. Four U.C.L.A. Varsity records were smashed, however, by Reitz, Murphy, LuValle, and Stichter. Vejar did well in the 220, 440, and relay. The Bruins won the relay for the fourth con- secutive time this season. Dave Henry, in placing second to Chuck Nimmo, the coast ' s outstanding miler, again exhibited great form. Henry ' s time was 4 minutes, 30 seconds. Massey and Valentine tied for second in the pole vault as did Hough- ton and Martin in the high jump. Mill er divided second and third place honors in the hurdles with Klopstock of the In- dians. Thirds were garnered by Keim in the mile and in the half, and by Green in the broad jump. Left, Henry follows the Cal second place man across the mile finish. Center left, Martin tries a close one. Center right, Massey clears the cross bar to defeat Berkeley ' s best. BOB SMITH Two-Mile GIL MARTIN High Jump RAY RORK 880, Relay DAVE HENRY 880, Mile Bruins and Bears take the initial high hurdles. 297 DICK VALENTINE Pole Vault Left, Valentine clears thir- teen feet in the pole vault. Below, Bev Keim, holder of the new Brum mile record, sets a fast pace. FRED ANDERSON Hurdles Above, Coach Trotter ta lks it over with Henry and Spector. Right, Keim, Rork and Murphy start the half against the Bears. ROBERT GREEN Low Hurdles, Broad Jump Other Meets SCOTT MASSEY Pole Vault 298 • A 90-41 triumph over the San Jose squad at Westwood, featured by the record-breaking performances of Keim in the mile. Murphy in the half and Captain Jimmy Miller in the high hurdles, put the Bruins in the proper frame of mind for their initial meeting with S.C. on the track, held in the Col- iseum on April 21. The highlight of the Trojan encounter was, of course, the much heralded battle between LuValle and McCarthy in the 440-yard dash. The relay race was a classic, and sparkling performances were turned in by a num- ber of the Bruin tracksters, notably Valentine, Reitz, Massey. Captain Jimmy Miller, Murphy, and LuValle. The Bruins also competed in the annual relays at Fresno and prepared to send representatives to the I. C. 4-A meet in the east as the season closed. Freshman Track • In the course of a highly successful season the Frosh track team uncovered some likely prospects for next year ' s Varsity squad. The Bruin yearlings lost to Los Angeles ].C. but con- quered Hollywood High. 59-45, Santa Monica High, 79-24, and Inglewood High, 69-24. The outstanding performers of the squad were Waldthausen, Darling, Morris, Funk, Bowles, Lakenan. Uhl, Atwood, Grimes and Marumoto, the latter breaking the Frosh record in the broad jump with a leap of 21 feet, 1 1 inches. Dave Siegal, former Poly High flash, was progressing nicely when a leg injury removed him from com- petition for the season. Lorenz Waldthausen set a new Frosh record in the mile of 4 minutes, 34.6 seconds. Left, a Frosh broad jump- er makes a good attempt. Left center, a peagreen vaulter meets with suc- cess. Center, Coach Trot- ter slakes his thirst. FROSH TRACK TEAM First row: Urell. Darling, Grimes, Furman, Lakeman. Willis, Marumoto, Sheppard. Second row: Coach Harris, Morris, Adams, Atwood, Harris, Larkin, Funk, Ryan, Gil- more, Coach Trotter, Nelson, Asst. Coach Drake, La- Comb. Third row: Nordii, Bowles, Farrow, Mason, Grey, Wood, Willson. CARL DWIRE Hurdles NORM BLATHERWICK 100, 220 BILL REITZ Javelin U " . GUY HARRIS Assistant Coach 299 .ERSOt .. ROBERT ' " Ji c R W Many are the hours that Bruin crews must devote to arduous practice be- fore perfect rhythm and coordination are attained In spite of all difficulties the second year of the U.C.L.A. crew ' s existence has been crowned with success, a fact that should offer added impetus to the new Bruin sport. 302 COACH BEN WALLIS CAPTAIN LEROY SWENSON BRUIN LEADERS • In spite of the demands of his business, Ben Wallis, former Berkeley mentor, has taken time to coach the infant Bruin crew and to give U.C.L.A. its first taste of actual victory in the rowing sport. • Stroke of last year ' s Jayvee boat and num- ber four in this year ' s Varsity, LeRoy Swenson has gained the honor of captaining the first victorious Brum boat. No small credi t must be given to the example set by his consistent performance. 303 CHARLES SODERSTROM Stroke WILLIAM COOPER Two Left, pulling hard up the main course. Cen te Varsity victory of Sac JAYVEE CREW Ault, Wilkinson, Cheeseboro, OIney, O ' Fla- herity, Bissel, O ' Brien, Denton, Maher. HERBERT SMITH Bow MAURY GROSSMAN Coxswain 304 Crew Season • Eight blades sweeping through the water in graceful unison before him, jimmy Maher, UCLA, coxswain, glimpsed the course marker ... 1 700 meters . . . looked back to the strug- gling Sacramento J.C. boat a length behind. Suddenly his strained voice leaped at his men nervously, " Give ' er ten! " In ten strokes the pace was quickened to 36 strokes, and a moment later, riding easily over the finish line a length and a half ahead, a U.C.L.A. crew had won the first victory in its history. Third in the main race and second in the preliminary were the rewards of the Bruin Frosh and Jayvee boats respec- tively. Crew Season • This phenomenal improvement of the Bruin crew in one year and the prowess of the U.C.L.A. oarsmen must be attri- buted to the coaching of Ben Wallis. Yale graduate and Cali- fornia crew coach from 1916 to 1924. He was ably assisted by Charley Loscamp and Don Locke, former Bear crew men, who coached the Jayvee and Frosh respectively. On April 20 the Bruin oarsmen met the California eight on the Oakland Estuary. Coach Wallis was largely responsible for the great showing of the Bruins in this race. Crew, its future at U.C. LA. in doubt for several months before its season began, is now permanently assured as a Bruin sport. the Varsity boat the Long Beach the practice course. Center, the Sacramento Jayvee leads the Bruin Frosh at the finish. CORDON BELL Seven LaMONT BAR I TELL Six JOE O ' CONNOR Five FROSH CREW Sanderson, Shuey, Speake, Lueke, Poyen, Hammond, Koch, Streeton, Ernst. BERNHARDT MORTENSEN Three l ] 5 ? ttfe itf? 305 ' ■: : ' :: cooper BRtCt in • J t% •l ' « VlWl ' -i- 1 p BASEBALL The spacious playing field at Saw- telle has been of great advantage to the Bruin nine. A share of victories came to the Bruin baseball team as a reward for superlative effort on the diamond. Cli- maxing the playing season was a hotly contested three-game series in which the S.C. Trojans provided the opposi- tion. The three encounters served to settle the annual city championship. ' " C " " ' ' ' - ' v . " ' J-vi. V » j. ' a COACH JACK FOURNIER CAPTAIN MIKE FRANKOVICH BRUIN LEADERS • As Coach of the U.C.L.A. baseball team Jack Fournier utilized the experience gained from playing in the big leagues to strengthen the Bruin nine in the field and at the plate. Fournier ' s efforts brought results, a steady im- provement in the Villagers ' play being apparent as the season progressed. • Succeeding to the post untimely vacated by Bill Athey, Mike Frankovich, vociferous Bruin catcher, ably acted as captain of the Bruin nine, played a bang-up game behind the plate and at bat and fired his fellow players with his own infectious enthusiasm. 309 ELTON SMITH Pitcher BILL MURPHY Left Field Right, a Bruin baseman snaps the ball to home plate. Center left, a Nat ' l Baseball Schooler winds up as the shortstop pre- pares to cover the bag. Center right, Captain Frankovich connects. A grounder finds a nest. RALPH McFADDEN Second Base Practice Season • In their first encounter of the season the Bruin nine suf- fered defeat at the hands of the Old Timer ' s Baseball club, 8-11. The veteran outfit of former professionals cinched the contest in the fifth inning when they shoved over seven runs off hurler Smith. McCinnis and Frankovich led the hitting for U.C.L.A., the former getting three hits out of five times up, the latter getting two hits in the same number of trips. Smith showed fine promise in his first game, and much was expected of him in his future appearances. 310 Practice Season • Playing errorless ball, the National Baseball School team triumphed over the Bruins, 6-5. The home team never quit fighting until the final out of the ball game, coming within a run of the winners and having the tying marker on second base as the game closed. Both Elton Smith and Hughy Fer- guson looked well on the mound for the Bruins, while McCin- nis garnered two timely blows and played consistant ball in the field. Mitchel, veteran outfielder, made several sensa- tional catches and generally proved a thorn in the side of the opposition. DUKE TROTTER Pitcher HUGH FERGUSON Pitcher .ili ' x l I BYRON DURLEY First Base The base-runner seems to be out in more ways than one. 311 Left, a Bruin runner reaches the bag in time. Or does he? Right, a Uclan baseman covers the bag on a low throw. ALEX WIDLICSKA Third Base I iJ5£a_L. RAY TOOMEY Right Field h tii EARL McCirJNIS Short-stop 312 - - ' ■•■ " rip . ' - |||»3«5 |n.i!ll!e i v K Sn Up m Coach Fournier hides behind his cheaters as Spaulding sits back in the shadows and Trotter leans forward to help Duke strike out the batter. Los Angeles Jaysee • The Bruins copped the first game of their series against the Cubs from L.A.J.C. by a margin of 5-2, cinching the victory in the eighth inning when three runs crossed the plate. From the outset, the second game settled into a wild tussle of base- hits, walks, and miscues. The lead interchanged several times with a tied score at the end of the ninth. In the tenth, with two out and two on, McFadden singled to drive in both run- ners for a 11-10 victory. Loyola • Duke Trotter, making his debut as a Bruin pitcher, turned back the Loyola Lions 3-2 in the first game with the Del Rey team. The margin of victory rested on several bunched hits in the final stanza, garnered chiefly by McFadden and Mc- Cinnis. The Lions gained revenge in the second game of the ser ies by pounding out a 5-2 victory over the Bruins. Smith started on the mound for U.C.L.A., but weakened, and was replaced by Trotter, who pitched good ball the rest of the game. Loyola copped the final tilt in the tenth inning, 1 1-6. HAYES BOWERS First Base Widlicska changes his mind as the ball curves away from the plate. An action photo of a pitch that went for a ride. Note the disap- pointed look on the catcher ' s face BerKiy Person squints and Slug D.i _ i 5 as one watches the play and the other eyes the camera. NORM MITCHEL Center Field BARNEY LAULHERE Center Field 313 MINOR SPORTS HARVEY TAAFE Coach WALTER MOSAUER Coach tl kJi The high Sierras and local rinks were the scenes of the activities of the Polar Bruins. Winter Sports • The winter sports teams, coached by Dr. Mosauer and Harvey Taafe and captained by Johnny McCloskey, had a very successful sea- son which reached its climax with the winning of the Hoover cup at Yosemite National Park. The ice hockey team forged ahead from the cellar position to win the championship. Victories over the Southern California Trojans, who had consistently defeated the Bruin skaters in the past, featured a season replete with exciting contests filled with countless thrills. - ■»•- mn WINTER SPORTS TEAM First row: Fisher, McLean, Captain McCloskey, Brown, Kaufman, Senior Manager Dawson, Samuelson, Stephens, Blakeman. Second row; Dinga, MacLachlin, Carter, McClellan, Hendricksen, Johnson, Turner, Coach Taafe. 31 6 lOHN McCLOSKEY Ice Hockey Captain The U.C.L.A. water polo squad climaxed a successful water sports season by winning the S.P.A.A.U. championship. Water Sports • Coach Don Park ' s swimming team compiled one of the best records in Bruin history this year. Led by Captain Don Paxton, the Uclans won decisive victories over Oxy and Pomona. By winning seventeen of nineteen games played, the Bruin water polo team experienced a highly successful season, and culminated the year by capturing the S.P.A.A.U. championship together with a permanent trophy. Captain Menzies, Sexter, Sellers, Knox, Allport, Griffith, Files, Burton, Wall, Sempers and Paxton comprised the championship team. DON PARK Coach DON PAXTON Swimming Captain AUSTIN MENZIES Water Polo Captain iBi ' ' Cif WATER SPORTS TEAM First row: Young, Newton, Brown, Captain Paxton, Burrill, Sempers, Adams, Eichel- berger. Second row: Coach Park, Allport, Burton, Abrams, Griffin, Merriam, Norr, Nauert, Senior Manager Sanders, Reed. Third row: Dexter, Glasgow, Moore, Wall, Captain Menzies, Knox, Sellars, Menkes. 317 HUBERT lACKSON Captain The Pacific Coast championship went to the Bruin harriers after an un- defeated season. Cross-Country • Under the leadership of Coach Guy Harris and Captain Hubert Jackson, the 1933 cross-country team won the Pacific Coast cham- pionship by again going through the season without defeat. Pasadena J.C., California, Santa Monica J.C., Redlands, Compton J.C, and Po- mona succumbed to the Bruin warriors. Lettermen were Jackson, Captain-elect Keim, Stichter, Edwards, Carasso, Rouge, Steyskal, Swanson and Holloway. CROSS-COUNTRY TEAM First row: Warren, Edwards, Waggoner, Carasso, Anderson, Machacek. Second row: Rouge, Prather, Steyskal, Swanson, Captain Jackson, Stichter. Way. Wagner. Senior Manager Garrison, Stegeman. Third row: Holloway, Farrell, Brown, Keim, Goldstein. GUY HARRIS Coach 318 A four-point defeat by the Trojans was the only blot on the Bruin ruggers ' initial record. Rugby • Defeated but once, by the U.S.C. Trojans. 4-0, the Bruin rugby squad staged a thrilling last minute drive to score eight points and tie Stanford ' s great fifteen in a fitting climax to a successful season. Coach Jimmy Schaeffer ' s ruggers ran up four victories, defeating Cal- tech. 5-0, Pasadena J.C, 25-0, Hollywood Rugby Club. 19-0 and Slauson AC, 13-5. Pants Livesay, fullback, led the season ' s scoring with 26 points, followed by Tex Key, breakaway, with 14 digits. RANSOM LIVESAY Captain That rugby is only another name for organized manslaughter was one of the first lessons that the Bruins learned in the English sport. JIM SCHAEFFER Coach 319 BILL HILLICER Captain Soccer, first of the new minor sports to be introduced this year, received enthusiastic response. Soccer • Officially introduced as a minor sport this year, soccer has gained much popularity. The Bruin soccer team, led by Captain Bill Hilliger, had an exciting season. Much of its success was due to Danny Stev- enson ' s coaching. Berkeley was held to four goals and the L.A.J.C. tilts were a draw. With many returning lettermen the Bruins should do well next season. SOCCER TEAM First row; Harrison, Hardie, Daniele, Captain Hilliger, Maher, Davis, Liberman. Second row: Sloan, Nishikawa, Means, Brocht, Albeck, Drury, Coach Stevenson. Third row: Braslow, Merrill, Myers, Lukei. Fourth row: Krieger, Britton, Corey, Sundstrom. DAN STEVENSON Coach 320 In addition to a strenuous season, the U.C.L.A. gymnasts provided enter- tainment for the Mens ' Do. Gym Team • Led by Captain Johnny Burnside, outstanding tumbler and long horse man. Coach Cece Hollingsworth ' s gym team turned in a fine performance during the past season. Lettermen and their respective events were as follows: Buttrey, free exercise and rings; Clark, side horse; Daum, horizontal bar and tumbling; DeCamp, rope climb; Boyd, side horse; Griffin, all-around; and Edwards, all-around. JOHN BURNSIDE Captain CECE HOLLINCSWORTH Coach GYM TEAM First row: Carrington, Senior Manager Dixon, Bain. Second row: Evers, Brunner, Robinson, Daum, Boiler, Captain Burnside, Wisehart, Hanson, Clark, Buttry, Crippen, Coach Hollingsworth. Third row: Jones, Anderson, Fike, Frank, Cormack, Boyd, Shanklin, Miller, Overfield. 321 WILLIAM DORAN Captain The new indoor range in the basement of the mens ' gym has been a val uable asset to the Bruin riflemen. Rifle • With Felix DeMond setting the pace as leading scorer, the Bruin rifle team upheld former high standards in winning 61 inter-colle- giate telegraphic matches, losing 15, and gaining the decision in 20 through forfeitures. Under the tutelage of Captain Frank j. Pearson and Sergeant Earl Thomas, the U.C.L.A. sharpshooters made an ex- ceptional showing in the national intercollegiate matches, winning first place in the first stage of the Pacific Coast competition. RIFLE TEAM First row; Rose, Harris, Bagley, Captain Doran, Esh. Second row: Blank, Rouge, Finerman, Dunlap, Jeffers, Ishiyama. Third row; Boyce-Smith, Smith, DeMoud, Boyer, Silvernale. FRANK PEARSON Coach 322 " m . Fenc ng is a strenuous sport requiring many hours of patient practice be- fore proficiency is attained. Fencing • The Bruin swordsmen climaxed a successful season under the lead- ership of Captain Ed Acosta by winning for the third consecutive time the Pacific Coast Epee championship. Bob Sommer was high point man. Dual meets with S.C., L.A.J.C., and San Diego State were also held. Lettermen were Acosta. Schumann, Kendis, Sommer, Haines, Shima, Murphy, King, Strohm, and Herlinger. The Freshman squad was composed of Yost, Brigandi. and Anderson. EDCARDO ACOSTA Coach and Captain MERWIN KENDIS Manager FENCING TEAM First row: Brigandi, Yost, Anderson. Second row: Strohm, Murphy, King, Sommer, Captain and Coach Acosta, Haines, Kendis, Herlinger, Schumann. 323 DUWARD BURKETT Captain One of the main features of the Mens ' Do was the closely contested fights between Bruin boxers. Boxing • Bruin fist-flingers competed in but two major affairs during the past season. The Cal Aggies, defending coast champions, defeated the local boxers through forfeitures in two weight divisions. The leather-pushers fared less well at the Pacific Coast intercollegiates, Burkett winning his semi-final match for the only Bruin victory. Let- termen were Burkett, Burnoff, Bernardo, Dooley, Hopkins, Lowe, Mullin, Smith, Young, Zimmerman, Thompson and Manager Cerke. BOXING TEAM First row: Thompson, Bernoff, Captain Burkett, Mullin, Smith, Hopkins, Lowe. Second row: Coach Maloney, Beseman, Odisho, Dooley, Swenson, Young, Potter, Dunbar, Zimmerman, Buttry, Hilton, Senior Manager Cerke. 324 PAT MALONEY Coach The gentle art of pretzel bending annually draws many devotees from U.C.L.A. students. Wrestling • Although Bruin wrestlers won but one match at the Far Western championships held at Berkeley, there was much activity in the sport at Westwood. Captain Briggs Hunt won the 135-pound division title in the Far Western affair, with Knox, Blair, Black, Hopkins and Whitten runners-up at their weights. The L.A.J.C. contest was a heart-breaker, the Bruins losing 14-15. Besides those mentioned above, lettermen included Odisho, George and Means. BRICCS HUNT Captain CECE HOLLINCSWORTH Coach WRESTLING TEAM First row: Higman, Hughes, Bardwell, ). Cimbal, Captain Hunt, Means, Blau. Second row: Blackton, George, Black, McClintock, Whitten, Groeg, Hopkins. 325 C. AUBREY SMITH Coach Boris Karloff was one of several screen stars who took time off to instruct the Brum cricketeers. Cricket • " It ' s not cricket " may have applied to the antics of thirty aspiring Bruin cricketeers when the first call for practice was sounded, but after several weeks tutelage under such men as Boris Karloff, C. Aubrey Smith and others the peculiar technique of the English game was mastered. Stars in the intricate art of bowling were Gene Walsh, Peter Kinnell, Jack Warshauer and Louis Turner. CRICKET TEAM First row: Kleinbauer, Walsh, Spnggs, Drukker, Sinski, Stanley, O ' Malley, Nishi- kawa, Martin. Second row: Epstein, Long, Drury, M. Kinnel, Coach Karloff, Hardie, Alexander, Bell, Katz, Cuarnier, Margolis, Turner, Levine, S. Mann. Third row. P. Kinnel, Corey, Tyree, Johnston, Brown, Warshauer, Klug, Smith, Handy, Hender- son, Wilson. BORIS KARLOFF Coach 326 Piatt, Mortimer and Crigsby were some of the Bruin divotccrs who rcpr sented U.C.L.A. on local links. Golf • Coached by Don Park, the Bruin divoteers completed a moderately successful season. After losing twice to Santa Monica J.C., they tied their opener with Long Beach ].C. and triumphed in the second round. With all men shooting under 75, the Uclans blanked S.C., 18-0. Harvard Military and Oxy also fell. Lettermen were Jacobson, Ryden, Mortimer, Piatt, Shinn, Crigsby, Bohannon and Kelly. BILL JACOBSON Captain DON PARK Coach GOLF TEAM Coach Park, Ryden, Piatt, Captain Jacobson, Mortimer, Bohanon, Senior Manager Burr. 327 rSW SSi ' Mii WILBUR lOHNS Director Ill it . ■ .Lji! ' ri . l utLjil wpcnud the intcr-tung athletic season and received a large turnout from both Creek and Non-Org groups. Intra-Mural Sports • Supremacy of non-org athletes featured intra-mural competition this year, with a group of cafeteria employees, known as the Coffee Shop, and several well -developed physical education majors, the Wildcats, trouncing fraternity teams in finals of three major activi- ties: football, basketball and track. Sigma Nu was defeated by the Coffee Shop aggregation on the gridiron, 7-0 as Childress scored on a 22-yard run, following with a conversion. COFFEE SHOP INTRA-MURAL FOOTBALL CHAMPIONS First row: C. M. McClure, Bernoff, Means, Farrington, Strain, Swanson, Norflinger. Zipperman. Second row: Martin, Young, Captain Bailey, Taylor, Hilliger, Howeil, Keslensky. 328 The vollcybJil iCJson gets under way. r@fei = HI hjl TENNIS CHAMPIONS Niles Gates, Sam Stanford. Intra-Mural Sports • The Wildcats won from the Phi Delta Theta lads in the basketball finals, while the Coffee Shop team, by virtue of the iron-man per- formances of Ross Howell and Carl Winquist. edged out Zeta Psi in track. An adept Zeta Psi team crushed the " 37 " Club in the volley- ball finals, with Phi Kappa Psi victorious in tennis. With only base- ball and swimming remaining, Zeta Psi was far in the fraternity lead, followed by Phi Kappa Psi, Sigma Nu and Beta Theta Pi. TOM KELT Director Two Creeks tight for a pass. COFFEE SHOP INTRA-MUKAL 1 KACK CHAMPIONS First row; Keslensky, Dooley, Lunn, Bernoff, Means. Second row: Charleson. Hilli- ger. Captain Howell, Tener, Young. Bailey, Newton, Winquist, Eilers. 329 7- 3 Ji MK i ORGANIZATIONS MATHEMATICS FRATERNITIES INTERFRATERNITY PRESIDENTS COUNCIL Ault, Berkes Blackburn, Blacklon. Blaney, Blatherwick Carnes. Dasteel, Fish, Gibson, Hertford Jueneman, Krueger, Little, Oliver, Peek Roth, Ryan, Schaefer, Simpson, Stewart Thomas, Trapp, Westphal, Williams, Woodruff JAMES KINDEL President OFFICERS James Kindel President Arnold Peek Secretary REPRESENTATIVES Alpha Delta Chi Fred Ryan Alpha Gamma Omega Edwin Blayney Alpha Sigma Phi George Little Alpha Tau Omega Wendell Fish Beta Theta Pi Elmer Williams Chi Phi Fred Jueneman Delta Kappa Epsilon John Gibson Delta Sigma Phi James Carnes Delta Tau Delta Roland Woodruff Delta Upsilon Erv n Kreuger Kappa Alpha Gail Stewart Kappa Sigma Edgar Trapp Lambda Chi Alpha Clyde Simpson Phi Beta Delta Robert Dasteel Phi Delta Theta H. Arthur Schaefer Phi Gamma Delta Norman Blatherwick Phi Kappa Psi Hayes Hertford Phi Kappa Sigma Starr Thomas Sigma Alpha Epsilon Joe Blackburn Sigma Nu T. J. Ault Sigma Pi Homer Oliver Theta Chi Arnold Peek Theta Delta Chi Charles Blackton Theta Xi Ross Berkes Zeta Beta Tau Sidney Roth Zeta Psi George Westphal 332 HAYES HERTFORD Vice-President OFFICERS Hayes Hertford Vice-President Arthur Schaefer Treasurer REPRESENTATIVES Alpha Delta Chi Robert Brunner Alpha Gamma Omega Dwight Poundstone Alpha Sigma Phi Clarence V. McCauley Alpha Tau Omega Robert Musser Beta Theta Pi Cordon Bell Chi Phi Bob Mahon Delta Kappa Epsilon Frank Paup Delta Sigma Phi John Maharg Delta Tau Delta Robert Barlow Delta Upsilon )ames Gage Kappa Alpha Winfield Jones Kappa Sigma John Mason Lambda Chi Alpha Sam Smith Phi Beta Delta Harold Bernson Phi Delta Theta James Alger Phi Gamma Delta Robert McHargue Phi Kappa Psi William Brainerd Phi Kappa Sigma Fred Sedgwick Sigma Alpha Epsilon Lloyd Bridges Sigma Nu Robert Denton Sigma Pi Dave Beeman Theta Chi Gilbert Reed Theta Delta Chi Walter Cash Theta Xi Vincent Pence Zeta Beta Tau Martin Norins Zeta Psi Webb Hodson INTERFRATERNITY JUNIOR COUNCIL f Alger. Barlow Beeman. Bell. Bernson. Brainerd Bridges, Brunner, Cash, Denton, Gage Hodson, Jones. Maharg. Mahon, Mason McCauley, McHargue. Norins, Musser. Paup Pence, Poundstnne, Reed. Sedgwick, Smith 333 ALPHA DELTA CHI ALPHA CHAPTER Founded 1930 FRED RYAN President Luebsen McCreery. O ' Neal. Baj ley Brunner, Drew. Dunn. McBain Herlinger. Hovsepian. Howden. Newman Thompson. Welbourn. D. Walters. J. Walters FACULTY Fred L. Schuckman, Sergeant Thomas. SENIORS Charles d ' Etchegoyen, John Drake, John H. Luebsen, Louis McCreery, Harold T. O ' Neil, Fred W. Ryan. JUNIORS Edgar Bagley, Robert T. Brun- ner, Cedric Drew, Francis Dunn, Donald McBain, Sterling Potter. SOPHOMORES Karl Herlinger, Deron Hovse- pian. Cordon Howden, Harry Newman. FRESHMEN Leonard Nickerson, Carson Thomson, John L. Welbourn. PLEDCES Karl Brigandi. Elmer H. Martin, -f Joe Trindle, Ralph Van Cleave, Donald Walters, jack Walters. 334 ALPHA GAMMA OMEGA EDWIN BLAYNEY President FACULTY Wesley S. Bagby. Lawrence E. Dodd, Paul A. Dodd, Charles A. Marsh. SENIORS Edwin Blayney. Leo Harmonson, Milton Koenig. Eugene Riddle, John Zentmyer. JUNIORS Donald Austin, Richard Maas, Egbert Merrill, Dwight Pound- stone, George Zentmyer. SOPHOMORES Arthur Hudson, Duncan Mac- Lennan. PLEDGES Robert Johnston, Lester Smith. ALPHA CHAPTER Founded 1927 Harmonson Koenip. Riddle J. Zentmyer, Maas. Merrill Poundstone, G. Zentmyer, MacLcnnan 335 ALPHA SIGMA PHI ALPHA ZETA CHAPTER Founded 1 845 { 1 1 r GEORGE LITTLE President FACULTY Laurence D. Bailiff, Frank J. Klingberg, Willis J. Miller, Donald C. Piatt. SENIORS Al Bohne, Irving Garrison, Wil- liam Cise, George Jefferson, Don Johnston, Joe Keeble, George E. Little, Herbert L. Mitchell, Stanley Smalley, Earl Smith, Glenn Sweeley, Harold C. Zanzot. JUNIORS Clarence Baldwin, Frank Char- ters, Grant Hamlin, Cliff Light- ner, C. V. McCauley, Earl V. Tavan. SOPHOMORES Henry Dewenter, Robert A. Harvey, Kenneth Oliver, Swan Pierson, John Sunday, Jack Whlttaker. FRESHMEN Virgil Brockway, Charles Carl- ton, Richard Haysel, Peter Kin- nell. Garrison. Gise Mitchell. Sweeley. Zanzot. McCauley Dewenter. Harvey. Oliver. Pierson Sunday. Whittal er. Brockway. Carlton Kinnell. Leonard. LonK. Pugh PLEDGES George Bidwell, Emil Dugas, William Leonard, Hugh Long, Jack Pugh, Max Thatcher, Ed Williams, Wendell Womble. 336 ALPHA TAU OMEGA DELTA CHI CHAPTER Founded 1865 WENDELL FISH President FACULTY Guy Harris, Howard S. Noble, Arthur W. Haupt. SENIORS Bryon Apperson, Richard Bruce, Wendell Fish, Robert Johnson, Ernest Leidholt. Dean Morgan, John McCloskey, George Mc- Williams, Grigsby Nicholson, Ralph Swim, Harold Wright. JUNIORS Seth Blakeman, Howard Boiler, Harold Gonzalez, Robert Mus- ser, Ralph Worthington. SOPHOMORES Edgar Egly, Stanley Euphrat, Pierce Harley, Stephen Mac- Lean, John Snyder, Henry S ul- livan. FRESHMAN Ford Dixon PLEDGES Clifton Bovee, Floyd Freel, George Merriam, Ingolf Torkel- son. Bruce Johnson. McCloskey, Mortran Nicholson. Boiler. Gonzalez. Musser Ejjly. Euphrat. Harley. MacLean Snyder, Sullivan, Dixon, Bovee 337 BETA THETA PI GAMMA NU CHAPTER Founded 1839 ELMER WILLIAMS President Menzies, Ramey. Sanson Shinn. Sowder, Adams. Bell. Focht C. Kanne, McKay, McWilliams. O ' Neil, Van Damm, Amelung Schmidt, Sibley, Dallwig, Elrod, Grey. Harrison Jones. F. Kanne. W. Kanne, Katenkamp, Lee, Nelson Poyen, Rex. Schweer, Tillotson. Waterman, Williamson FACULTY Lawrence Cahagan, Alfred E. Longueil, James Tufts, William C. Morgan. SENIORS Thaddeus Creswell, Austin Menzies, Arthur Ramey, Lester Sanson, Randolph Shinn, Tom Sowder, Elmer Williams. JUNIORS Cordon Adams, Cordon Bell, James Focht, Charles Kanne, John McKay, Edward McWil- liams, Philip O ' Neil, John Van Damm. SOPHOMORES Jack Amelung, Wesley Chess- man. Richard Cirton, Theodore Schmidt, Ceorge Sibley. PLEDCES Ceorge Dallwig, Cecil Elrod, Stuart Crey, Frederick Harrison, Charles Jones, Frank Kanne, Warren Kanne, Edmond Katen- kamp, Robert Lee, Hal Nelson, John Poyen, Bryan Rex, Roland Schweer, Adrian Tillotson, Richard Waterman, Murray Williamson. 338 JAMES CARNES President Floyd James Frank FACULTY Burtchett, Matthews. Pearson, H. Steiner. Captain Captain Arthur SENIORS James Carnes, Robert Caroutte, Fred Kunsemiller. Howard Mann, Richard Smith. JUNIORS Carroll Ball, Robert Barton, El- wyn Boly, Vance Cooper, Law- rence Everett, Chandler Harris, Ralph Hubbard, John Maharg, Leon Shulman. SOPHOMORES Pierson Comstock, William O ' Conner, Herbert Smith, Jr., William Swanson. FRESHMAN Robert Churley. Robert Joyce, Earl Moss, Jr., Kenneth Taylor. PLEDGES Lloyd Anderson, Walter Dunbar. DELTA SIGMA PHI BETA GAMMA CHAPTER Founded 1899 Garoutte Kunsemiller, Mann Smith, Bail. Barton Boly, Cooper, Everett, Harris Hubbard, Maharg. Shuiman. Comt,tock, Smith Swanson, Churley, Joyce, Moss. Taylor 339 CHI PHI DELTA DELTA CHAPTER Founded 1834 FRED JUENEMAN President Glade Starbird. Flette Mahon, Harvey Hipman. Humphrey. Lambert Osborn, Love, George. Stewart FACULTY Wesley C. Lewis SENIORS H. Dixon Clade, Fred R. Juene- man, George A. Starbird. JUNIORS Fred ). E. Flette, Robert N. Mahon. SOPHOMORES Robert L. Harvey, James A. Higman, )ames B. Humphrey, Horace W. Lambert, Harold B. Osborn, Jr., Donald C. Smith. FRESHMAN Tom A. Love PLEDGES Alfred Doud, Paul George, Henry Stewart. 340 JOHN GIBSON President FACULTY Bennef M. Allan, Babe Horrell. SENIORS Frederick H. Bixby, William Bonsall, John Gibson, Robert Sutton, Burdick Williams. JUNIORS Stanley Briggs, Gordon Buskirk, Alvin Davis, Walter Muller. SOPHOMORES Dean Bowler, Donald Calhoun, Frederick Lyman, William Murphy, Frank Paup, Sidney Shankland. FRESHMEN Leonard Brown, Joel Coulter, Banning Garrett, John Lasley. PLEDGE Alexander Evans DELTA KAPPA EPSILON THETA RHO CHAPTER Founded 1 844 Bixby Bonsall. Wiiliams. Bripgrs Davis. Bowler. Calhoun Lyman, Murphy, Paup. Shankland Brown, Coulter, Garrett. Lasley 341 DELTA TAU DELTA DELTA IOTA CHAPTER Founded 1859 BBl Church, Adams Barlow, Donlon, Houser Robinson. Wakeman, Jordan. MacFadden. MacPhail Masscy, Nyhus. A. Reeve, Wilcox, Worthington. Barter Baugh. Berry, W. Byerts, R. Byerts, Chessman, Daum Gary. Hammond. Howard, Moiso. Morris, Noonan Paulin. Petrie, Pike, Purdy, Seitz, Quinn ROLAND WOODRUFF President SENIORS Jack Bryan, William Campbell, Charles Church, Claybourne King, Robert McLean, Sidney Nyhus, D ' Arcy Quinn, Robert Reeve, Gran Ryan, William Winter, Roland Woodruff. JUNIORS John Adams, Robert Barlow, David Dahlman, Thomas Donlon, Robert Houser, Joseph Robinson, Lou Rose, Robert Stermer, Nor- man Wakeman. SOPHOMORES Murray Howard, Irving Jordan, Ralph MacFadden, Kemp Mac- Phail, Scott Massey, Ward Nyhus, Alan Reeve, Richard Wilcox, William Worthington. PLEDGES Jack Barter, Flay Baugh, Martin Berry, Robert Byerts, William Byerts, George Chessman, Rich- ard Daum, Richard Gary, Wil- mer Hammond, Van Howard, Ray Medbury, James Moiso, Thomas Morris, Jack Noonan, David Paulin, James Petrie, Charles Pike, Robert Purdy, James Quinn, William Shaw, George Seitz. 342 DELTA UPSILON UCLA. CHAPTER Founded 1834 ERWIN KRUECER President M FACULTY George W. Robbins, Theodore D. Beckwith, Fred Oster, Pierce Works. SENIORS Sanford Brann, David Brant, Richard Brown, Alfonso Bulnes, Charles Hatch, Erwin Krueger, John Olsen, William O ' Connor, Coleman Reynolds, M. Hugh Rogers, Carlton Skinner, Joseph Snyder. JUNIORS John Connell, James Cage, John Griffin, Albert Hatch, Frank Lowe, Ernest C. Moore, Jr., Jack Raney, Stanley Reel, Frank Stanton. SOPHOMORES Allen Anderson, Clifford Car- penter, John Fay, John Fisher. FRESHMEN James Gratiot, Charles McVey, Edward Rydalch. PLEDGES Joseph Bowles, Fred Button, jack Hershey, Joy Hutton, Theodore Olsen, Jack Roberts, James Simpson. m Brann Brant, Brown. C. Hatch O ' Connor. J. Olsen. Rogers Skinner. Gage, Griffin. A. Hatch. Lowe Moore. Raney, Reel, Stanton. Carpenter Fay, Ande rson, Fisher, Gratiot. McVey, Rydalch Bowles, Button. Hutton, Hershey, T. Olsen. Simpson 343 KAPPA ALPHA BETA PSI CHAPTER Founded 1865 GAIL STEWART President Baker Goslich, Mathews Parsons. Williams. Jones Perrigruey, Ross, Allen. Duggan Rae. Lawrence, White. Bagwell, VanCamp FACULTY Louis K. Koontz. Rowland H. Harvey SENIORS Edgar E. Baker, George L. Elliott, Ervin H. Golisch, Robert K. Light, William A. Maxwell, Rodney J. Mathews, William A. Parsons, Winslow Williams. JUNIORS Verdi E. Boyer, Winfield Jones, Stephen L. Ondrasik, Wilbur G. Perriguey, Ben W. Ross, John B. Scura, Gail J. Stewart, Julian C. Smith. SOPHOMORES Robert D. Allen, Dan L. Duggan, Coleman S. Huntley, James P. Rae. FRESHMEN Franklin L. Lawrence, Wendel O. White. PLEDGES Sannie B. Bagwell, Paul J. Floyd, Ober Heath, Stephen E. McNeil, Neil Van Camp, Douglas A. Woods. 344 LAMBDA CHI ALPHA EPSILON SIGMA CHAPTER Founded 1909 CLYDE SIMPSON President FACULTY Jesse Bond SENIORS James Andrews, Melvin Clinton, Donald Lenz, Donald Perry, Howard Reed, Edward Walther, John Wilson. JUNIORS Reginald McMillan, LeRoy Mead, Howard McCallum, Clyde Simpson. SOPHOMORES Robert Booth, Robert Griffith, Alan Hinsdale, Thomas Phillips, Ralph Plate, Samuel Smth. William Stegeman, Lee Wanger. FRESHMEN Robert Butler, Paul Kettnich, William Schon. PLEDGES Robert Anderson, Doyle Boen, Cameron Christie, Raymond Connick, Robert Eddy, John Fusco, George Gehrkens, Ray- mond Greenhill, William Cil- brundson, Wesley Hicks, Fritz Tyree, George Witt. Andrews, Perry Gehrkens, Wilson, McCallum. McMillan Hinsdale, Phillips. Plate. Smith. Stegeman Wagner. Butler, Kettnich. Schon, Anderson Boen, Eddy. Fusco. Greenhill, Tyree 345 KAPPA SIGMA DELTA NU CHAPTER Founded 1 896 ?; f f % Messier. Waldron Wittenburg:. Booth, Brown, Burns Canby. Hopkins, Mason, McAdam, W, Pool Winans, Andrew?, Jarrelt, Pierce, Saufley, Thompson Birkenshaw, Hastings, Hillman, McConnell, McGoey, Movius Ross, Shuey, Steyskal, Strangman, Bundy. Delano Harwell, Morrison, Overell, H. Pool, Sease, Williams EDGAR TRAPP President FACULTY Bill Spaulding, William C. Young, A. ). Sturzenegger. SENIORS H. Loring Messier, Charles Edgar Trapp, John H. Waldron, Jr., Arthur C. Wittenburg. JUNIORS Clinton Charles Booth, Claude A. Brown, William Henry Burns, Charles B. Canby, Dave P. Evans, Gerald P. Goetten, William H. Hopkins, Joseph R. Huntsman, John H. Mason, William H. McAdam, Howard E. Musselman, Willard R. Pool, David H. Winans. SOPHOMORES Hayward Andrews, Richard W. Jarrett, Clarence C. Pierce, Robert C. Saufley, John E. Thompson, Harry R. Trotter, Jr. FRESHMEN George E. Birkenshaw, Leroy C. Bishop, Siegfried Funke, John T. Hastings, Robert Hendry, John H. Hillman, Lawernce E. McConnell, Frank A. McGoey, Herbert J. Movius, Edwin Ross, Charles R. Shuey, Julian E. Steyskal, William L. Strangman. PLEDGES Clifford D. Bundy, Donald Delano, Henry O. Harwell, Walter W. Morrison, Raymond A. Overell, Harold A. Pool, Robert Sease, Robert Williams. 346 PHI BETA DELTA UPSILON CHAPTER Founded 1903 ROBERT DASTEEL President SENIORS Leo Epstein, Philip Cershowitz, Herbert Greenstone, Irwin Hearsh. JUNIORS William Bloom, Robert Dasteel, Sam Stawisky. SOPHOMORES Harold Bernson, Irving Cotts- chalk, Alex Creenburg, Victor Kaplan, Monte Levenstein, David Paltun, Conrad Piatt. FRESHMEN William Elpern. Gilbert Horton, Don Levy, Berman Schwartz, Joseph Shapiro, Adrian Udell. PLEDGES Marvin Berenzwieg, Richard Drukker, Chester Eisinger, James Fischgrund, Sam Creen- baum, Ben Harris, Charles Lam- den, Ben Miller, Norman Miller, Irving Perluss. Leonard Ratner, Rudolph Shapiro, Milton Tyre. Epstein, Gershowitz Hearsh, Bloom Stawisky, Bernson, Greenberp Gottschalk, Kaplan, Leven.stein, Piatt Elpern. Horton. Levy, J. Shapiro, Schwartz Udell, Berenzwieg:, Drukker, Eisinper, Fischpi-und, Greenbaum Harris, Miller. Perluss, Ratner. R. Shapiro. Tyre 347 PHI DELTA THETA CALIFORNIA GAMMA CHAPTER Founded 1848 ARTHUR SCHAFFER President FACULTY Lewis Maverick, Waldemar Westergaard, Wilbur Johns. SENIORS Lee Coats, Tom Cory, Vincent Donatelli, Paul Evans, William Horn, George Jepson, Walker LeClaire, )ames Miller, Herman Nelson, Arthur Schaefer, John Shaw, George White. JUNIORS James Alger, William Doran, jack Hayes, Jerome Higgms, Phillip Lynn, Eugene Mattison, Donald MacLean, Vincent Nel- son, George Randall, George Salm, Payne Thayer. SOPHOMORES Fred Bottorf, Stanley Brown, Ted Fullinwider, Horace Haight, Steve Miller, Robert Schroeder, James Whiting. FRESHMEN Malcolm Jayred, Richard Variel, John Wells, Ralph Young. Cory, Evans, LeClaire Miller, Nelson, Siiaw, Wiiite Alger, Doran, Hayes. MacLean, Mattison Randall. Salm. Thayer, BottorfE. Brown Fullinwider. Haight. Schroetier. Variel. Wells Youns. Bowker, Caldwell. Carlin. Lakenan PLEDGES George Bowker, Maurice Cald- well, Charles Carlin, Neil Lakenan. 348 PHI GAMMA DELTA LAMBDA ALPHA CHAPTER Founded 1848 NORMAN BLATHERWICK President FACULTY John Adams SENIORS Norman Blatherwick. Edward Borley. Jack Hollander, William Jacobson, George Niblock, Robert Shellaby, Jack Wilgus, Stanley Woolery. JUNIORS Lewis Allison, Fred Carter, Thomas Dyer, Hugh Ferguson, Lawrence Hall, William Hall, Dale Lillywhite, Gilbert Martin, Robert McHargue, James Pel- ham, Phillip Winterbottom. SOPHOMORES Alan Johnson, Bashford Sewall, Norwood Smith, Richard Valentine. FRESHMEN George Deshon, William Moore, Lorenz Waldthausen. PLEDGES Robert Fisk, Merril Knox, Daniel McHarge, Hugh Nutter, Mal- colm Patten. Alfred Scott, Jack Speer, Edward Stanton, Thomas Toohey. Jacobson, Niblock Shellaby, Wilg:us. . llison. Carter Dyer. Ferguson. Lillywhite. Martin. R. McHareiio Winterbottom. Johnson. Sewall. Smith. Valentine Deshon. Moore. Waldthausen. Knox. D. McHarjrue Nutter, Patten. Scott. Speer. Toohey 349 PHI KAPPA PSI CALIFORNIA EPSILON CHAPTER Founded 1852 wa m Edwards. Gates Morrison, Swenson, Walker Brainerd, Brendlinger. Cunningham. Graves Lott, Michel. Stanford. Stevens. Taube Wells. Bolstead. Brendlinjzer. Knox. Reitz, Farrow Starbuck. Anderson. Baird, Emerson. Franklin. Harding Hickey. Hochberg. Holloway. Mains. Ruby. Schiller HAYES HERTFORD President FACULTY Charles Titus, Glenn Cunning- ham, Ear le Swingle, Richard Linthicum. SENIORS Ross Edwards, Niles Gates, Hayes Hertford, Jack Morrison, Thomas Rafferty, LeRoy Swen- son, George Walker. JUNIORS William Brainerd, Rod Brend- linger, Cleve Clayton, Ralph Cunningham. LeVerne Graves, Thomas Hauret. Shelby Johns. Sinclair Lott, John McElheney, Howard Michel, Fred Schmidt, Sam Stanford, Wixon Stevens, Richard M. Taube, John Wells. SOPHOMORES Norman Bolstad, Jacob Brend- linger, Edwin Knox, William Reitz. FRESHMEN Bruce Farrow, Robert Starbuck. PLEDGES Fred Anderson, Warren Ander- son, William Baird, Edward Col- lins, Henry Emerson, King Evers, Rollin Franklin, Stuart Coldthwaite, James Harding, Thomas Hickey, Fred Hochberg, Sam Holloway, Alfred Mains, Preston Ruby, Ben Schiller. 350 STARR THOMAS President FACULTY John W. Olmstead SENIORS William W. Evans, Lawrence A. Marion, Starr Thomas. JUNIORS John R. Allport, Raymond Clarke Ashby Jr.. William P. Cooper Jr., Robert F. Dexter, John Enders Jr., Jo B. Liven- good, Herbert E. McKenney, Stewart J. Moulin, David Parker, Robert E. Sawyer, Walter E. Scholl, Frederick P. Sedgwick, Farid Simaika, Charles W. Soderstrom Jr. SOPHOMORES Ferrell Burton Jr., Charles W. Cormack, Jacques V. Courtc- manche, Forrest L. Johnstone, Roy W. Ryden Jr., Robert S. Weaver Jr., William J. Webb, Robert S. Zwebell. FRESHMAN Jacque Douglas PLEDGES Robert S. Adams, John Ball, J. Craig Brown, Jack C. Comly, Cuy A. Fasoli, Charles W. Saw- hill, Jack W. Streeton. PHI KAPPA SIGMA ALPHA PSI CHAPTER Founded 1 850 f f ■ ' f m E ans Files, Ashby Cooper. Dexter. Enders Livenjrood. McKenney, Moulin. Sawyer Scholl. Sedg:wick. Simaika. Soderstrom, Burton Cormack, Courtemanche, Johnstone, Ryden, Weaver Webb, Zwebell, Douglas, Ball, Fasoli. Streeton 351 SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON CALIFORNIA DELTA CHAPTER Founded 1846 W Aiitola Bateman. Bracht. Fletcher Gai-y. Hendricks. Kelly Larson. Maher. Monosmith, Pilone, Braucher Bridges. Menkes. Kleinbauer. Whitehom. Wiscomb Fleming. Leinbach. Morgan. Nauert. Wilkenson. Bonner Edwards. Barnum. Burkett, Mack. Rimpau. Yeoman 10 BL7KCKBURN President FACULTY Donald K. Park SENIORS Arnold Antola, George Bateman, Jo Blackburn, Urban Bracht, Tom Burroughs, John Fletcher, Cordon Cary, Robert Coodno, Porter Hendricks, Arthur Kelly, Ralph Larson, James Maher, Del McCue, Burt Monosmith, Frank Pilone, Wayne Pratt, Max Silvernale. JUNIORS John Bonner, Sid Braucher, Lloyd Bridges, Sterling Bush, Justus Menkes, Joe Kleinbauer, Clark Nattkemper, Ray Vejar, Faran Whitehorn, Scott Wiscomb. SOPHOMORES Richard Callaway, Norris Ewing, Perce Fleming, John Frost, Pa- ran Hopkins, Charles W. Lein- bach Jr., Henry Morgan, Edwin Osborn, Frank Wilkinson, Charles Nauert, FRESHMEN Robert Bonner, Robert Edwards. PLEDGES Montague Baritell, Robert Bar- num, Durward Burkett, Harold Caddel, Jack Caldwell, John Childress, Robert Crippen, joe Dennis, Stewart Ford, Vic Lar- kin, Bruce Leslie, Morris Mack, Walter Marco, Harry Miller. Carl Osborn. Ed Rimpau. Fred Rodriguez. James Stockton, Alex Widlicska. Leo Yeoman. 352 T. ). AULT President FACULTY Harrison M. Karr, Watkins. Cordon SENIORS William Athey, T. J. Ault, Harry Beatty, Ray Beatty, Ed- ward Bissell, Edward Blight, David Dell, Bryce Denton, Ned Eads, Thomas Foster, John Franks, Linn Fredericks, Duane Stevenson. JUNIORS Samuel Arthur, Harold Bemis, Robert Denton, Charles Doud, Kenneth Cillett, Beverly Keim, Thomas Milliron, Joseph O ' Co n- nor, Phillip Shepherd. SOPHOMORES Donald Ashen, Jack Ballard, John Bergin, C. L. Brewer, Col- ver Briggs, Lawrence Burns, George Carman, John Cowles, George Fruehling, Andrew Mac- Millan, Edward Nelson. FRESHMEN Robert Callahan, Neil Philips, Samuel Speake. PLEDGES Howard Blackburn, Thomas Blackburn, Charles Butler, Eu- gene Cameron, Erwin Carrett, Fred Huber. William Knoll, Robert LaComb, John Lambert. Oscar Slattebo, Chester Whitelow. SIGMA NU EPSILON PI CHAPTER Founded 1 869 I i Athfv. H. Beatty R. Beatty. Blipht. Bissell B. Denton. Doud. Foster. Franks Fredericks. Bemis. R. Denton. Gillett. Keim Milliron. O ' Connor, Shepherd. Ashen, Berjiin Brewer, Briggrs, Burns, Carman. Cowles, MacMillan Callahan. Phillips. Speake, LaComb, Lambert, Slattebo 353 SIGMA PI UPSILON CHAPTER Founded 1 897 HOMER OLIVER President FACULTY Herbert F. Allen, Cecil Hollings- worth, Glenn James, Marvin L. Darsie. SENIORS Willard Duckworth. Glenn Gibbs, Hubert Jackson, Homer Oliver, William Schumann. Gibbs, Jackson, Schumann Beeman, Cuzner, De Camp, Funnell Gitford, Hixson. Howe, Kincaid, Morris Williamson, Brandt, C ' onnell, Dixon, Myers Shuttenhelm, Smalley, Cerro, Grey, Mycins Peers, RalTerty, Smitii, Hilton, Burnham JUNIORS David Beeman, Clifford Bow- man, Edward Cuzner, Raymond De Camp, Robert Funnell, Ken- nie Gifford, Richard Hixon, Paul Howe, Briggs Hunt, Newell Morris, Howard Salisbury, Wil- liam Williamson, Karl Van Leuven. SOPHOMORES William Brandt, Wilbur Connell, Edward Dixson, Eugene Meyers, Karl Schuttenhelm, Howard Smalley. FRESHMEN Anton Cerro, Richard Grey, Peter Mycing, Raymond Peers, Maxwell Rafferty, Norman Smith. PLEDGES Verne Hilton, William Major Burnham. Hurst, 354 ARNOLD PEEK President FACULTY Charles D. Dodds, Adrian Kel- ler, George McBride, Arthur M. Johnson, Thomas A. Watson. SENIORS Howard Bould, William Brad- ford, Fred Davies, Jack Eagan, Ralph Cain, Nowel! Jones, Ber- nard Melone, Edward O ' Malley, Millard OIney, Arnold B. Peek. JUNIORS Furman Applegate, Marvin Bab- bidge, Albert Bardwell, Neeley Gardner. Leon Lefebure, Gilbert Reed, Theodore Sawyer, Edward Thompson. SOPHOMORES Charles Bliss, Benjamin Brown, James Campbell, Arthur Eslick, Lambert Galley, Ralph Glaab, David Henry, William Koch, Arthur Murphy, Glenwood Pen- ington, David Sinclair, Jack Theriault, Parker, Wraith. Erwin Zander. FRESHMEN Clarence Benton, Marion Grimes, Charles Wellman. PLEDGES Robert Bernhart, Robert Curtis, Donald Darling, James Maxwell. THETA CHI BETA ALPHA CHAPTER Founded 1856 Bradford Davies. Eapran Gain, Jones. Melone O ' Malley, Applepate. Babbidfre. Reed Sawyer, Thompson. Bliss, Brown. Campbell Eslick, Koch, Murphy, Zander, Curtis 355 THETA DELTA CHI PSI DEUTERON CHAPTER Founded 1847 CHARLES BLACKTON President Boyce-Smith Carlisle, Harris Howard. Vidor, Cash. Edwards Franklin, Wortham. Corfman. Hedrick Shaw. Voorheis, Osborne, Shilling. Tnixaw FACULTY Ralph Tracy SENIORS John Boyce-Smith, Robert Car- lisle, Earl Harris, Robert Howard, Walter Vidor. lUNIORS Charles Blackton, Walter Cash, Ray Edwards, Ted Ferrer, Way- land Franklin, Walter Wortham. SOPHOMORES Robert Corfman, Frank Hedrick, Hartley Shaw, Temple Voorheis. FRESHMEN Lloyd Osborne, Harold Shilling. PLEDGE John Truxaw 356 GEORGE WESTPHAL President SENIORS Charles Albright, Charles Bo- gert, Edward J. Bowen, Mit- chell J. Frankovich, Holman Grigsby, Edgar Hassler, Jack Hyland, Ernest McRitchie, Henry Mortimer, George J. Westphal. JUNIORS Edward Austin, Marvin Chese- bro, Maurice Ginn, Richard Gcr- ham. William H. Hays III, Mer- rit Hodson, Fred Mansfield, John McCarty, Robert McChes- ney, John Milligan, Ernest Pat- terson, Douglas K. Wills. SOPHOMORES Jack Bowen, Charles Cheshire, Ward Jewell, Parley Johnson, Bill S. Merrill, William B. Mur- phy, Remington Olmsted Jr., Joe Richardson. FRESHMEN Frank E. Grant, Fritz Howard Haradon Jr., William E. Spaulding Jr. PLEDGES Fred Funk, William Fritz, Gene Pray, Melvin Sellers, Robert Simpson. ZETA PSI SIGMA ZETA CHAPTER Founded 1 847 Bowen, Frankovich Grigsby. Hassler. Hyland. McRitchie Mortimer. Chesebro, Ginn. Gorham Hays. Hodson, Wills, Bowen, Cheshire Jewell. Johnson, Olmsted, Richardson. Haradon Spaulding. Fritz. Pray. Sellers. Simpson 357 THETA XI ALPHA ZETA CHAPTER Founded 1 864 Anderson Gray. Harmon, Hicks Hollister. Kindel. Liftgett. Lloyd Myers, Patiliuso, Vickers, Vodra, Bidwell Crooke. Gres well. Hampton, Morris, Pence, Pinney Sonntag, Laulhere. PurH, Andrews, Helwip. Long McDougall, Ree l, Sdiilling, Dwiggins, Pyle. Springfield ROSS BERKES President FACULTY Harvey L. Eby, Walter Mosauer, Paul Perigord, Frederick Woellner. SENIORS Norman Anderson, William Cray, Edward Harmon, Jess Hicks, William Hollister, Frank Howe, Ralph Johnson, James Kindel Jr., Richard Liggett, Francis Lloyd, Lawrence Myers, John Pagliuso, John Shuman, James Vickers, Victor Vodra, Otto Williams. JUNIORS Ross Berkes, Robert Bidwell, Joe Crooke, William Cresswell, Noble Hampton, John Ives, Francis Morris, Vincent Pence, Warren Pinney, Phillip Sonntag, Gordon Mainland, Randall Puryear. SOPHOMORES Barney Laulhere, John Pugh. FRESHMEN Jack Andrews. Richard Helwig. Dale Long, Frank McDougall. Jack Reed, Ceorge Schilling. PLEDGES Lawernce Dwiggins. John Pyle, Andrew Springfield, George Wheatley, William Wilson. 358 ZETA BETA TAU ALPHA RHO CHAPTER Founded 1 898 SYDNEY ROTH President SENIORS Irwin Braun, Milton Krieger, Frank Laven, Bonce Melinkoff, Sydney Roth, Aaron Rothenberg, Herbert Swartz. Irwin Trust. JUNIORS Israel Albeck, Harold Klein, Mendel Lieberman, Martin Nor- ins, Irvin Part, Arthur Petler, Cecil Vinnicof. SOPHOMORES Sidney Davis, |ack Forsch, Leo- nard Miller, Sidney Morhar, Sidney Rosin, Richard Roths- child, George Rudiak, Arthur Waxier. FRESHMEN Jack Berman, Wallace Bona- parte, Robert Carp, Howard Frank, Beldon Katleman, Jerome Marks, Albert Pernsh, Bernard Wolfe. PLEDGES David Block, Robert Gold, Allan Harris, Stanley Rubin, Ernest Silver, Hurley Talpis, Maurice Weiss. KrieKer. Rothenberg: Swartz, Trust, Albeck Braun, Lieberman, Melinkoff, Norins, Part Petler, Vinnicof, Davis, Forsch. Miller. Morhar Rosin, Rothschild, Rudiak. Waxier. Berman, Bonaparte Carp, Frank, Katleman, Marks, Perrish, Block Cold. Harris, Rubin, Silver, Talpis, Weiss 359 The symetrical design of the bridge leading to the University is one of rare intricacy and art SORORITIES PANHELLENIC SENIOR COUNCIL BERNICE HELCESEN President First Semester Benson. Codon. Dalton Fi-scher, Galliver, Golden. Hannah Hinds. HuM , KaMsh. Kessler, Larson Linpo. McCulIy. Mitchell, Palmer. Phelps Polich. Kobison, Sabin. Schafer. Shaw Silverman. Stroum, Ward. West, Wheeler SENIOR REPRESENTATIVES Alpha Chi Omega Dorothy West Alpha Delta Pi Frances Shaw Alpha Delta Theta Daisia Polich Alpha Epsilon Phi Shirley Silverman Alpha Gamma Delta Adele Calliver Alpha Omicron Pi Harriet Hinds Alpha Phi Eleanor Wheeler Alpha Sigma Alpha Margaret Cuenod Alpha Xi Delta Ester Larson Beta Phi Alpha Adelaide Schafer Chi Omega Phyllis Kessler Delta Delta Delta Dorothy Ward Delta Gamma Barbara McCully Delta Zeta Jean Benson Gamma Phi Beta Betty Hupp Kappa Alpha Theta Helen Fischer Kappa Delta Betty Lingo Kappa Kappa Gamma Adele Phelps Kappa Tau Delta Elizabeth Stroum Phi Mu Dorothy Dalton Phi Omega Pi Theadosia Sabin Phi Sigma Sigma Bella Codon Pi Beta Phi Leona Palmer Sigma Delta Tau Leah Kalish Sigma Kappa Betty Robison Theta Phi Alpha Bernice Golden Theta Upsilon Nancy Mitchell Zeta Tau Alpha Shirley Hannah 362 PANHELLENIC JUNIOR COUNCIL THEADOSIA SABIN President Second Semester JUNIOR REPRESENTATIVES Alpha Chi Omega Ardis Waidelich Alpha Delta Pi Frances Shaw Alpha Delta Theta Jessie Taylor Alpha Epsilon Phi Emily Bell Alpha Camrna Delta Loretta Scott Alpha Omicron Pi Evelyn Culver Alpha Phi Harriett Burdette Alpha Sigma Alpha Louise Peterson Alpha Xi Delta Elizabeth MacLean Beta Phi Alpha Mary Louise Shernll Chi Omega Jo Frances Conrin Delta Delta Delta Mildred Cooley Delta Gamma Jean Porter Delta Zeta Helen Riter Camma Phi Beta Marjorie Morse Kappa Alpha Theta Carolyn Church Kappa Delta Jane Kossack Kappa Kappa Camma Orian Smith Kappa Tau Delta Willisa Brown Phi Mu Edna Stone Phi Omega Pi Edwina Stevens Phi Sigma Sigma Evelyn Rosoff Pi Beta Phi Elizabeth McCarthy Sigma Delta Tau Alice Wass Sigma Kappa Jean Mitchell Theta Phi Alpha Mary Barry Theta Upsilon Marian Richardson Zeta Tau Alpha Dolores Payne Barry, Bell. Brown Burdett. Church. Conrin. Cooley Culver. Kossack. McCarthy. McLean. Mitchell Morse. Payne. Porter. Richardson. Riter Rosoff. Scott. Shaw. Sherrill. Smith Stevens, Stone. Taylor. Waidelich, Wass 363 ALPHA CHI OMEGA ALPHA PSI CHAPTER Founded 1885 Andrews. lieattu-, Fozzard. Miller Moore. O ' Toole. Seed.s. D. West. Willard Baker, Caddell. K. Hammond, Howe, Kilpore, Merriam Norton, Pinkham, Thomas, Coatea, Doolittle. Goodhue, Hegnets Jenkins, Petersen, Sherman, Somers, Tanner, Waidelieh, Andrews B. Breeden, E. Breeden, Dowds, D. Fredendall, Walser, Griffin, Druffel K. Fredendall. Gaskill, Goodrich, Harrington, Herrman, Hershman, Jorz Mattioli, Shoemaker, Simpson, Streeter, Voorheis. Walker, M. West DOROTHY POWELL President SENIORS Betty Andrews, Virginia Beat- tie, Sara Fozzard, Ruth Funk, Edna Lange, Angela McCor- mack, Georgia Miller, Carol Moore, Dorothy O ' Toole, Doro- thy Powell, Marjorie Schlegel, Janet Seeds, Dorothy West, Frances Willard. JUNIORS Marjorie Anderson, Augusta Baker, Inez Caddell, Kathryne Hammond, Edith Howe, Dorothy Kilgore, June Meriam, Nora Norton, Rachelle Pinkham, Ruth Ruble, Estelle Thomas. SOPHOMORES Carlisle Canavan, Ruth Coates, Ruth Doolittle, Marjorie Good- hue, Jane Griffin, Brenda Heg- ness, Betty Jenkins, Jane Lara- way, Kathleen Petersen, Mar- garet Sherman, Andrita Somers, Mabel Tanner, Ardis Waidelieh. FRESHMEN Jane Andrews, Barbara Breeden, Betty Breeden, Dorothy Dowds, Dorothy Fredendall, Dorothy Walser. PLEDGES Virginia Burgess, Jean Druffel, Arleene Findley, Katherine Fredendall, Patricia Gaskill, Frances Goodrich, Eleanor Har- rington, Jane Herrman, Sara Jane Hershman, Anita Jorz, Kathryne Mattioli, Adena Shoe- maker, Dorothy Simpson, Helen St. Clair, Berhl Streeter, Bettie Voorheis, Barbara Walker, Margaret West. 364 ALPHA EPSILON PHI HELEN ELIAS President SENIORS Ruth Citrin, Lauretta Cohn, Helen Elias, Natalie Creenberg, Roberta Podoll, Charlotte Schlyen. JUNIORS Evelyn Colichman, Marion Friedman, Annette Lewis, Jeanne Lewis, Selma Mikels, Judith Rykoff, Shirley Silver- man, Hilda Strimling. SOPHOMORES Lillian Barnett, Emily Bell, Irene Berch, Dorace Bernstein, Belvyna Lynn Cooper, Grace Ell- man, julienne Fridner, Frances Friedman, Irene Galpert, Mar- jorie Guggenheim, Dorothy Robinson, Claudia Wolfe. FRESHMEN Johanna Bernhard, Harriette Degen, Estella Friedman, Rose- line Keen, Marjorie Kendall, Carlyn Krupp, Bonnie Miller, Rhea Nathanson, Ida Swatt. PLEDGES Marian Brand. Frances Brandes, Anita Cohen, Jeanne Miller, Beatrice Rosenthal, Estelle Seid, Shirley Siegel, Mary Solnit, Beverly Zaikaner. PHI CHAPTER Founded 1909 yBP2 ? t ® f i Citrin Cohn, Greenberg Schlyen. Colichman M. Friedman. Mikels. Rykoff, Silverman Strimhnp. Bell, Berch. Bernstein Cooper, l llman, Fridner. Guggenheim. Robinson. Wo ' fe Bemhard. De?en. E. Friedman. Kendall. Krupp. B. Miller Swatt. Brand, Cohen, J. Miller. Seid. Siesel. Zaikaner 365 ALPHA DELTA PI ALPHA CHI CHAPTER Founded 185) : f DOROTHY CHRISTIANSEN President Bone, Guedel Hunt. Pinckney. Powell, Rice Sumner. Thrift. Batehelor. Brandt. V. Case Gardner. McFadden. Priestman. Ti-usel. L. Martin. V. Martin McClelland, Miller. Shaw. Weaver. Albers. E. Case Cheek. Hanson. Phillips. Sutherland. Welling, Zeh SENIORS Hazel Bone, Dorothy Chnsten- sen, Marian Cuedel, Betty Gene Hunt, Ruth Pinckney, Lucille Powell, Mary Rice, Evangeline Sumner, Harriet Thrift. JUNIORS June Batehelor, Betty Brandt, Judy Brittain, Virginia Case, Josephine Gardner, Maxine Koffman, Blanche McFadden, Ruth Priestman, Helen Trusel. SOPHOMORES Lucille Brown, Lucille Martin, Virginia Martin, June McClel- land, Jean Miller, Frances Shaw, Launne Weaver. PLEDGES Myrtle Albers, Betty Case, Madelaine Cheek, Wanda Han- son, Mary Clay Haydock, Cath- erine Phillips, M arjorie Powell, Dorothy Sliter, Janet Sutherland, Carroll Welling, Phyllis Zeh. ALPHA DELTA THETA MU CHAPTER Founded 1919 )ESSIE TAYLOR President SENIORS Mariedna Fisher, Jeannette French, Josephine Groves, Eve- lyn Halt, Beverly Howard, Bet- tie Moon, Janette Pendleton, Daisie Polich, Helen Porter, Esther Wells. JUNIORS Catherine Boucher, Miriam Bur- dick, Frances Hancock, Julia Hartmann, Jessie Taylor. PLEDGES Dorothy Brown, Mary Jane Dyer. Fisher French Groves. Hait Howard. Pendleton Polich, Porter, Burdick Hancock, Hartmann, Brown, Dyer 367 ALPHA GAMMA DELTA DELTA EPSILON CHAPTER Founded 1904 LOU BAINER President Caldwell Galli er. Hallnck, Hiltibrand Lewis. Shaw. Vost. Anderson. Arnold Brady. R. Clothier. Foote. Hardy. Howe Schofield. Scott. Weireier. M. Clothier. Conrad. Hutchison Leete. Morrison. Nickels. .Mcorn. Baird. Burby Cary. Dunster. Layne. Paul. Tindall. Tondro FACULTY Madge Elver, Bernice Nelson, Agnes Partin. SENIORS Lou Bainer, Bertie Caldwell, Adele Galliver. Janet Hallock, Clenna Rae Hiltibrand, Eliza- beth Ann Lewis, Virginia Shaw. Viola Vogt. JUNIORS Marijo Anderson. Eleanor Arnold, Frances Brady, Ruth Clothier, Doris Foote, Dorothy Grover, Lenore Hardy, Doris Howe, Betty Schofield. Loretta Scott. Marjorie Weimer. SOPHOMORES Florence Bennett. June Conrad, Hazel Hutchison, Harriet Leete, Elva Morrison. Mildred Nickels, Jean Williams. FRESHMEN Marjorie Clothier, Buelah Vv ' illett. PLEDGES Lois Alcorn, Edna Marie Baird, Mary Burby, Shirley May Cary, Beth Dunster, Mary Jane Ellis, Dagny Layne. Betty Lee Paul, Evelyn Tindall, Margaret Tondro. BfS FLORENCE McLEAN President FACULTY Madeleine Letessier SENIORS Ennogene Daily, Margaret Jane Heistand, Bernice Helgesen, Pa- tricia Morgan, Florence McLean, Catherine Schweer. JUNIORS Vernice Cantrell, Mildred Cole- man, Marguerite Fester, May Hobart, Esther Larson, Elizabeth MacLean, Ethelyn McDonald, Martha McLeod, Isobel Mon- ette, Muriel Monette, Margaret Mountford, Gladys Rover, Marjorie Smith. SOPHOMORES Phyllis Booher, Helen Colesie, Kathryn Hertzog, Rosemary Phillips, Marjorie Strauss. PLEDGES Dorothy Dixon, Miriam Flaherty, Betty Cehan, Julia Ceiger, Max- ine Hutchison, Betty Jorns, Betty Jane Kohike, Betty Malt- by, Fauvette Marvel, Grace Elizabeth Mee, Rosemary Phil- lips, Virginia Sandberg, Betty Schertz, Margaret Ann Triay, Mary Jane Wiedman, Mary Ellen Wurdemann. ALPHA XI DELTA ALPHA XI CHAPTER Founded 1893 -tis BIHIBilH it, s 8 S. 6 © I Daily. Heistan ! Helgesen, Horiran, Schweer Cantrell. Coleman, Foster. Hobart. Larson E. MacLean. McDonald. McLeod, I. Monette. M. Monette Mountford. Smith. Booher. Cole. ' sie. Hertzoe. Phillips Strauss, Gchan, Geiger. Hutchison. Jorns. Maltby Marvel. Mee. Sandberg. Schertz. Triay. Wurdemann 369 ALPHA OMICRON PI KAPPA THETA CHAPTER Founded 1897 aipip fe ? T: f f Birkenshaw Bradstrett. Burbeck Latith, Macurda. Moore Stanton. Baumgarten, BerRgren. Gillmor Green, Hinds. Manuel. Oberg. Bruingrton Finley. Hampton. Kildahl, Lenz. Wilhelm. Butterworth Cain. Campbell. Dowell. Green, Humphrey. Kirk I.oahy. Miller, Sargent, Simcox, Stone, Streeter, Venn HILDECARDE MOHAN President SENIORS Eva Birkenshaw, Betty Brad- street, Lucile Burbeck, Dorothy Lauth, Mignon Macurda, Hilde- garde Mohan, Annie Pauline Moore, Charlese Pepper, Fran- ces Sheeler, Virgina Stanton. JUNIORS De Ette Baumgarten, Jean Berg- gren, Evelyn Culver, Marjorie Cillmor, Eleanor Mae Green, Harriet Hinds, Margaret Manuel, Frances Morris, Ruth Oberg, Margaret Reynolds. SOPHOMORES Frances Isobel Bruington. Bar- bara Finley, Betty Hampton, Frances Kildahl, Marjorie Alice Lenz, Betty Spinetta, Stelle Wilhelm. PLEDGES Cecelia Butterworth, Elizabeth Cain, Beatrice Campbell, Darlyn Dowell, Raydene Green, Virginia Herring, Dorothy Humphrey, Maryellen Kirk, Beatrice Leahy, Jane Miller, Catherine Sargent, Sarah Simcox, Harriet Stone, Beverley Streeter, Elza Venn, Portia Young. 370 VALKYRIE CAMPBELL President FACULTY Ruth Atkinson, Louise P. Sooy, Theresia R. Long. SENIORS Margaret Archibald. Ruth Bar- num, Jane Bloomfield. Caroline Bowker, Betty Boyd, Valkyrie Campbell, June Davis, Ruth Franklin, Barbara Cray, Jane Hopkins, Elinor McCarthy, Mar- tha Miller, Marion Morgan, Marjorie Morrow, Mary Mulve- hill, Margaret Pinckney, Mar- jorie Roberts, Dorothy Rohnert, Kathleen Shinn, Marion Thorpe, Virginia Vogel, Dorothy V ells. JUNIORS Eleanor Adamson, Florence An- derson, Dorothy Jean Douglas, Betty Leighton, Royda Moore, Maurine Morris. Lois Mullins, Lois Patricia O ' Connell, Wilma Wallin. SOPHOMORES Ruth Atkinson, Mary Blue, Har- riette Burdette, Jane Burdsal, Carol Ferguson, Nancy Bell Offutt, Eleanor Wheeler. FRESHMEN Maude Ackerman, Jean Angler, Marian Craig, Mary Jane Crow- ley, Patricia Franz, Inez Latta, Jane Schoolcraft, Marjorie Jane Twinting. PLEDGES Dorothy Faulkner. Virginia Cloor, Helen Kinsley, Kathleen Madden, Una McClelland, Ger- trude Orr, Helen Petzelt, Mona Smith, Virginia Von der Ahe, Betty Wilson. ALPHA PHI BETA DELTA CHAPTER Founded 1872 mmmm Archibald, Barnum Boyd, Davis, Hopkins Franklin, McCarthy, Miller, Morrow Pinckney. Roberts. Rohnert. Shinn, Thorpe Vogel. Wells. Douglas, Leighton. Moore. Mullins Wallin. Atkinson. Blue. Burdette, Burdsal. Ferguson. Offutt Wheeler. Craig. Crowley. Faulkner. Gloor, Madden. McClelland Orr. Petzelt. Schoolcroft. Smith, Twinting, Von der Ahe, Wilson 371 BETA PHI ALPHA LAMBDA CHAPTER Founded 1909 MILDRED FINCH President Ellis Sachrison. Sherrill Shoenberger. Schafer. Crowther Gauker, Heinemann, Jones SENIOR Margaret Ellis lUNIORS Mary Jane Sachrison, Mary Lou Sherrill. Virginia Shoenberger. SOPHOMORE Adelaide Schafer PLEDGES Mae Crowther, Jane Cauker, Ruth Heinemann, Ruth Jones. 372 CHI ALPHA DELTA ALPHA CHAPTER Founded )929 KIYOKO MOREY President SENIORS Doris Aiso, Kiyoko Morey, Rae Sugahara, Marjorie Yamamoto. JUNIORS Peggy Fujioka. Viola Honda. Frances Wakamatsu. SOPHOMORES Kiku Fukunaga, Ann Hayama, Cecilia Hina, Jean Sugahara, Florence Suzuki. FRESHMEN Eiko Mary Wakamatsu, Alice Watanabe. Aiso Yamamoto, Honda Wakamatsu, Suzuki Cliuman, Wakamatsu. Watanabe 373 CHI OMEGA GAMMA BETA CHAPTER Founded 1895 ANNE NORTHINCTON President S S.S m mw PP Boot. Brennen. Conrin. Gibson Gough. Holbrook. Kesslar. Ludman Onstatt. Allison. Cline. Jueneman, May Mclntyre. Millikan. Nason. Newby, Pineree. RadclilTe Scott. Sweetlaiul. J. Toolen. Whalen. Becheraz. Bui-ch. Coles Cooper. Maule. McNees. Miller. Stelle. Y. Toolen. Traeger, Wiggins Ba-xter. Jones. Stafford. Tatman. Braas. Gaynor. Gerard. Graham Hoae. Houser. Lee. Morris. Sargent. Williams. Wilson. Wimmer FACULTY Helen Dill SENIORS Virginia Boot, Elizabeth Bren- nen, Jo Frances Conrin, Drucilla Gibson. Margaret Cough, Isabel Holbrook, Phyllis Kesslar, Mar- ion Ludman, Anne Northington, Leora Onstatt. Rosemarie Sheran. JUNIORS Marjorie Allison, Laura Jane Brenneman, Dorisan Cline, Dorothy Jueneman, Virginia May, Janet Mclntyre, Margaret Jean Millikan, Jessaline Nason, Perlita Newby, Beth Pingree, Virginia Radcliffe, Virginia Scott, Ruth Sweetland, Jean- nette Toolen, Rosemary Whalen. S OPHOMORES Francine Becheraz, Meriel Burch, Clara Coles, Nancy Cooper, Margaret Maule, Doro- thy McNees, Margaret Miller, Hermione Stelle, Yvonne Too- len, Frances Traeger, Helen V iggins. FRESHMEN Laura Baxter, Mary Elizabeth Jones, Mary Louise Stafford, Ruth Tatman. PLEDGES Louise Braas, Douglas Ellison, Mary Gaynor. Jeanne Gerard, Cathryn Graham, Radine Hoag, Blanca Houser, Dorothy Lee, Helen Morris, Katherine Sar- gent, Margaret V illiams, Alberta Wilson, Geraldine Wimmer. 374 MARCARETHA KROHN President FACULTY Lillian Ray Titcomb, Margaret Carhart, Marjorie Harriman. SENIORS Florence Blackman, Culita Cap- erton, Margaretha Krohn, Fran- ces Martin, Myrta Olmstead. JUNIORS Frances Baugh, Frances Bledsoe, Eleanor Carson, Pauline Culver, Bernice Garrett, Peggy Greene, Virginia Hollingsworth, Mary Margaret Hobson, Harriette Lewis, Barbara McCully, Mar- garet Ward, Georgiana White. SOPHOMORES Jacqueline Duffie, Marie Louise Ferguson, Nancy Gail, Nancy Cilholm, Phila Martin, Maurine McNee, Virginia McNeil, Bar- bara McNeil, Jane Miller, Mary Nicholson, Jane Porter, Nell Wade, Cracyn Wheeler, FRESHMEN Janet Allen, Frances Darbyshire, Margaret Peirce, Marie Velarde, Louise Wylie. PLEDGES Katherine Biedermann, Jeanie Cleveland, Gerry Cornelius, Cleora Crawford, Mary Etta Freeze, Christina Rae, Barbara Reynolds, Rosalie Salisbury, Doris Schwisher, Marjorie Smith, Nancy Smith. DELTA GAMMA ALPHA SIGMA CHAPTER Founded 1874 m m «f f Blackman, F. Martin Olmstead, Baugh. Bledsoe Carson, Culver, Garrett. Greene Hobson, Hollingsworth. Lewis. McCully Ward, White. Duffie. Ferguson, Gail, P. Martin McNee. B. McNeil, V. McNeil. Miller, Porter, Wade. Wheeler Allen. Darbyshire, Peirce. Velarde, Wylie, Biedermann, Cleveland. Cornelius Crawford, Freeze. Rae. Reynolds, Salisbury, Schwisher. M. Smith, N. Smith 375 DELTA DELTA DELTA THETA PI CHAPTER Founded 1 i Cowgill, Dingeman Fitzgerald, Johnson, Mattison McGee, Pettis, WhittinKton. Woods Yerxa, French, Grimes, Hickson, Houphton Milligan, Peters, Ward, Axline, Butts, Cooley Guedel, Salinger, Hildyard, Sase, Burham, Freeman Griffin, Hagerman, Hoj-pe, Joy, Kelly, SwatTord, Zent BARBARA YOUNG President SENIORS Lois Cowgill, Blanche Coyne, Dorothy Dingeman, Betsy Fitz- gerald, loan Johnson, Polly Mat- tison, Dorothy McCee, Ruth Pettis, Nadine Whittington, Anita Woods, Jeannetta Yerxa. JUNIORS Marian French, Vivian Cresley, Marinell Crimes, Virginia Hall. Mary Ann Hickson, Barbara Houghton, Edna Milligan, Ruth Peters, Dorothy Ward, Barbara Young. SOPHOMORES BettyAxline, Helen Butts, Mildred Cooley, Cretchen Cue- del, Betty Mclntyre, Catherine Ann Salinger. FRESHMEN Yvonne Hildyard, Jean Sage. PLEDGES Anabel Bulpitt, Bonnie Burham. Ann Freeman, Edith Griffin, June Hagerman, Dorothy Hoppe, Ada Lou Joy, Frances Kelly, Olive McCulloch, Dorothy Swaf- ford, Allene Zent. 376 MARTHA HOOD President FACULTY Helen M. Laughlin SENIORS Cene Brakebill, Mary Cast, Helen Clark, Evelyn Cook, Ida Emilie Cornwell, Louise Creigh- ton, Martha Hood, Cracemary Ketcham, Sally Lacy, Helen Luce, Geraldine Monnastes, Helen Ring, Helen Riter, Frances Taylor, Geraldine White, Jane Winn. JUNIORS Elizabeth Albert. Jean Benson, Elizabeth Carleton. Ruth Evans, Sheena George, Betty Healy, Bessie Jean MacLeod, Ruth Taylor. SOPHOMORES Mary Elizabeth Dekker, Ruth Harvey, Peggy Holmes, Janet McCuire, Ruth Showalter. Virginia Stich. FRESHMEN Nancy Bourn, Dorothy DeLaney, Vivian Katerndahl. PLEDGES Dons Benson, Betty Dionysius, Marie Doll, Grace Douglas, Dolly Gimenez, Alice Holmes, Marion Smith, Alice Wener. DELTA ZETA ALPHA CHI CHAPTER Founded 1902 mmi r « ft S f( fe- r i Brakebill. Cast Clark. Cook. Cornwell Creighton. Ketcham. Lacy. Luce Monnastes, Ring. Riter. Taylor. White Winn. Albert. Benson. Carleton. Evans George. Healy, MacLeod. Taylor. Dekker. Harvey P. Holmes. McGuire, Showalter, Bourn, DeLaney, Katerndahl. Benson Dionysius. Doll, Douglas. Gimenez, A. Holmes, Smith. Wener 377 GAMMA PHI BETA ALPHA IOTA CHAPTER Founded 1874 Barrows Catlin, Croft Hupp. Monten. Setnan Day, Files, Goertz. Morse Hunt, Kiefer. McLaren, Reed, Sorensen, Tee e Trever, Whitney. Williams, McBumey, Lindsay, Andreson Bailey, Barl er, Demir.ij, Hatcher, Kraemer, Scoville MADELEINE PHILLIPS President Barbara FACULTY Greenwood, Smith. Beryl F. SENIORS Isabel Barrows, Muriel Burgess, Edith Catlin, Florence Cooper, Mary Frances Croft, Betty Hupp, Dorothea Monten, Mad- eleine Phillips, Dorothy Setnan. JUNIORS Eleanor Day, Helen Files, Kathe- rine Goertz, Minetta McClure, Marjorie Morse. SOPHOMORES Marion Ellson, Dorothy Hunt, Willow Kiefer, Kathleen Mc- Laren, Ellen Reed, Maxine Sorensen, Jeanne Teege, Betty Trever, Mary Whitney, Diane Wild, Mary Kay Williams. FRESHMEN Mary Lou Lindsay, Florence McBurney. PLEDGES Loudell Allen, Charlene Andre- son, Margaret Bailey, Josephine Barker, Georgia Cummings, Jane Deming, Margaret Hatcher, Jane Kalar, Jesslyn Kaye, Freddie Kraemer, Naomi Martin, Barbara McKoin, Dorothy Packard, Mary Scoville, Helen Stevens, Virginia Stevens. 378 KAPPA ALPHA THETA VIRGINIA CHISHOLM President Selina FACULTY Ingram, Lily Campbell SENIORS Virginia Chrisholm, Allison Coulter, Harriet Hatch, Cwen Laui-ie Macdonald, Betty Parker, Jane Rooney, Cretchen Schleich- er, Katherine Sweet, Marian Thomas, Alice Walter, Adele Zerweck. JUNIORS Ann Arneill, Merril Hunter, Katharine Landon, Martha Macomber, Patricia McWhin- ney, Grace Osborne. Anne Pink- ham, Olivia Redwine, Audrey Smith, Catherine Van Wart. SOPHOMORES Eleanor Anton, Frances Black- man, Gabrielle Davis, Helen Fischer, Anne Garland, Grace Harris, Germaine Mitchel, Henrietta Walter. FRESHMEN Carolyn Church, Ann Craven, Eleanor Dietrich, Mary Phil Dil- lon, Dorothy Belle Dugan, Ruth Heineman, Janet Knox. Ann Miller, Barbara Mott, Adele Redfield, Kate Vosburg, Helen Wright, PLEDGES Eleanor Dixon, Margaret Grant, Isabella Hutchings, Marjorie Kleinsorg, Peggy Klipstein, Jean Macmillan, Margaret Morgan, Emily Sedgwick, Betty Thomp- son, Barbara Wilson. BETA XI CHAPTER Founded 1870 mm Coulter, Macdonald, Parker Schleicher, Sweet, A. Walter. Zerweck Arneill. Hunter. Landon. Osborne. Redwine. Van Wart Blackraan, Davis. Fischer. Garland. H. Walter. Church Craven. Dietrich. Dillon, Heineman. Knox. Mott Redfield. Vosburs. Wright. Grant. Hutchincrs. Kleinsorp Klipstein, Macmillan. Morgan. Sedgwick, Thompson. Wilson 379 KAPPA DELTA ALPHA IOTA CHAPTER Founded 1897 mm Clark, M. Culp Knox. Lingo. Mand. Moore Schuck. White. Bechler. Hill. Hiss Knox. Kossack. Perry. Roath. Roth. Sutcliffe Wallace. Black. S. Culp, Hitchcock, Imelli. May Reithmuller. Helms. Banks. Bock. Burford. Caukin, Christiancy Fr ' , Hackett, Love, McHuron. O ' Conner, Parrott. Pier Pelphrey. Read, E. VanWormer, M, VanWormer, Watson, White, Young RODNEY CARMACK President FACULTY Margaret Dawson SENIORS Rodney Carmack, Marjorie Clark, Mamie Culp, Lee Hig- gins, Josephine Knox, Betty Lingo, Mary Kay Mand, Bernice Moore, Jeanette Moore. Mar- celle Schuck, Mary Sue Walker, Mary White. JUNIORS Johanna Bechler, Mary Hill, Carroll Hiss, Carrolle Jones, Annette Kinney, Harryette Knox, Jane Kossack, Dorothy Mason, Eleanor Perry, Edna Roath, Betty Jane Roth, Janice Sutcliffe, Arnita Wallace. SOPHOMORES Alayne Black, Sally Culp, Jayne Higgins, Catherine Hitchcock. Jane Imelli, Virgini a Lundberg, Myra May, Thea Reithmuller. FRESHMAN Jane Helms PLEDGES Doris Banks, Dolores Bock, Mary Anita Burford, Wanda Caukin, Jessie Christiancy, Win- ona Fry, Suzanne Hackett, George Ann Love. Marjorie Mc- Hu ' ' on, Helen O ' Conner, Betty Parrott. Betty Peir. Polly Pel- phrey, Virginia Read, Elizabeth Van Wormer. Margaret Van Wormer. Marietta Watson, Hope White, Billie Young. 380 KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA MARGARET BRANDEL President SENIORS Vivian Anne Holmes, Emily Marr, Elizabeth Morton, Frances Adele Phelps. JUNIORS Katherine Alden, Margaret Brandel, Constance Briscoe, Tomlin Edwards, Russelia Fay, Elizabeth Francis, Katherine Newland, Orian Smith. SOPHOMORES Ceraldine Chesebro, Imogens Cauntt, Louise Hansen, Janet Kitzelman, Marnell Latta, Cer- aldine Nossaman, Virginia Rus- sell, Rebekah Smith, Elizabeth Stephens, Isabel Stuart. FRESHMEN Virginia Allabach, Dorothy Cal- houn, Eleanor Collbran, Phyllis Edwards, Elizabeth Geary, Ruth Tarnutzer. PLEDGES Mar;orie Arnold, Mary Cather- ine Booth, Carrie Belle Breyer. Julia Childs, Mane-Elizabeth Churchill, Carolyn Connor, Anne Cross, Gail Daubney, Martha Hoffman, Maryland Holmes. Carolyn Jones, Rosemary Mc- Carthy, Nancy Milliken, Betty Morgan, Mathilde Phelps, Jane Pond, Charlotte Russell, Evelyn Thomas, Peggy Tolton, Mane Ellen Welsh. GAMMA XI CHAPTER Founded 1870 mm V. Holmes. Marr A. Phelps. Alden. Briscoe T. Edwards. Fay. Frances. Newland O. Smith. Gauntt. Latla, Nossaman. R. Smith Stuart. Allabach, Calhoun. CoUbran. P. Edwards Geary, Tarnutzer. Arnold. Booth. Breyer. Childs. Churchill Connor, Cross, Daubney, Hoffman. M. Holmes. Jones. McCarthy Milliken. Morgan. M. Phelps. C. Russell. Thomas. Tolton, Welsh 381 KAPPA TAU DELTA ALPHA CHAPTER Founded 1928 LUCILLE CALHOUN President M. Brown Burpre A. DeNubila. M. DeNubila Gute. Hoffro gge Suszyski, Wilcox A. Brown, Cook, Gilmore FACULTY Margaret Kinsey SENIORS Margaret Belle Brown, Helen Louise Burge, Lucille Calhoun, Audry, Lucille DeNubila, Mafal- da Anne DeNubila, Winifred Helena Fitch, Elizabeth Row- land Gute, Betty Olivia Hof- frogge, lone Lorna Suszycki, Esther Louise Wilcox. JUNIORS Alice Geraldine Briglio, Willisa Anna Brown. SOPHOMORE Dorothy Muriel Cook PLEDGES Violet Amelia Gilmore, Ruth Elizabeth Irwin, Dorothy Rita Whitten. 382 PHI OMEGA PI SIGMA CHAPTER Founded 1910 THEADOSIA SABIN President FACULTY Alice Hunnewell SENIORS Mildred Adams, Philomene Chandler, Doris Greenlee, Irene Hensberger, Katherine Horsman, Dorothy Roehm, Elizabeth Thompson, Doris Tracy. JUNIORS Alicia Kirchhoff, Dorothy Ma- son, Marlin Ann Ray, Theadosia Sabin. SOPHOMORES Coral Carter, Marguerite Erland- son, Frances Lord, Edwina Stevens. PLEDGES Margaret Bowen, |oy Burell, Phyllis Crocker, Patricia Ann Firminger, Eleanor Jacoby, Eloise Lott, Catherine Mason. Ruth Stoner, Florence Ella Thurlow. . dams. Chandler Greenlee, Hensbereer. Horsman Roehm, Thompson. Tracy, Kirchhoff Ma-son. Ray, Carter, Erlandson. Lord Stevens. Bowen, Burell, Crocker, Firmincer Jacoby, Lott, Ma. on, Stoner, Thurlow 383 PHI MU ETA DELTA CHAPTER Founded 1852 m LOUISE CLASS President SPPl Dalton, Hay Houdyshel. Smith Weeks, Booker. Dujruid, Finney FitzGerald. Glaescher. Rice. Schloesser. Stone Brady, Burke. Gossard. Schulte. Tarbell, Anderson Couch. Uunn. Glasscock. Guernsey. Hardwick. Henry Lansdowne, Mull. O ' Banion, Park, Pirie, Webster FACULTY S. Caroline Fisher SENIORS Dorothy Dalton, Louise Class, Mariorie Hay, Roberta Houdy- shel, Norma Smith, Mary Lou Weeks. JUNIORS Eleanor Booker, Margaret Duguid, Louise Finney, Louise FitzCerald, Emme Lou Claes- cher, Marian Rice, Julia Schloes- ser, Zilpha Shryack, Edna Stone, Mary Wierman. SOPHOMORES Barbara Burke, Shirley Brady, Louise Cossard, Louise Schulte, Virginia Tarbell. PLEDGES Helen Anderson, Hallie Couch, Audrey Dunn, Constance Class- cock, Jean Cuernsey, Caillard Hardwick, Evelyn Henry, Hor- tense Lansdowne, Virginia Mull, Helen O ' Banion, Helen Park, Helene Pirie, Betty Jane Web- ster. 384 PHI SIGMA SIGMA ZETA CHAPTER Founded 1913 THELMA COLD President SENIORS Mignonette Berneger, Ardis Cohen, Harriet Epman, Florence Belle Friedman. Thelma Cold, Gertrude |affe, Harriet Mesirow, Madelyn Ravitch, Helen Waxier. JUNIORS Marcella Brown, Bella Codon, Ida Raitzas. SOPHOMORES Eleanor Brown, Mildred Cole- man, Louise Horowitz. Sylvia Leventhal, Laura Raphael, Evelyn Rosoff, Enid Samuels, Irma Verschleiser. FRESHMEN Grace Berg, Eleanor Berkowitz, Serene Goldstein, Rose Helen Lieberman, Edna Mitchell, Enid Rosenberg, Virginia Shauer. PLEDGES Emma Berg, Janet Blech, Anita Bouyer, Henrietta Edelstein, Ruth Kahn, Belle Levin, Doro- thy Morris, Saralie Saxe, Ger- trude Schein, Marian Sellner, Grace Shardlow. Reva Siegal. mfm B rnccer, Friedman JatTe. Mesirow, Ravitch Waxltr. M. Brown. Codon. Raitzas. E. Brown Coleman. Horowitz. Leventhal. Raphael. Rosoff. Samuels Verschleiser. Berg. Berkowitz. Goldstein. Lieberman, Mitchell RosenberK. Schauer. Blech. Bouyer. Edelstein. Kahn Levin. Morris, Saxe, Schein, Shardlow. Siegal 385 PI BETA PHI CALIFORNIA DELTA CHAPTER Founded 1867 ® %,. 8 MARION McCarthy President FACULTY Katherine McLaughlin SENIORS Mary Badger, Margaret Camp- bell, Carolyn Coldwater, Ruth Hill, Gertrude Mason, Marion McCarthy, Martha Neighbors, Elizabeth Sutherland, Jane Tay- lor, Dorothy Welbourn. JUNIORS Katherine Ambrose, Marjorie Baird, Jeanne Benson, Helen Corbaley, Jane Dickey, Betty Dunn, Estelle Fowler, Persis Freeman, Barbara Knox. Eliza- beth McCarthy, Leona Palmer, Margaret Woods. SOPHOMORES Margaret Badger, Ruth Beasley, Elizabeth Dietrich, Mary Eliza- beth Leonard. FRESHMEN Lucille Abbott, Barbara Dunn, Dorothea Elwell, Kelly Flint, Mary Sue Howard, Peggy Kelly, Betty Lillard, Patty Maguire, Ceraldine Phillips. 386 Badger, Campbell Goldwater, Hill Mason, Sutherland, Taylor. Welbourn Ambrose, Baird. Benson. Corbaley Dickey, Betty Dunn. Fowler. Freeman. Knox, E. McCarthy Palmer. Woods. Be.isley. Leonard. Barbara Dunn, Elwell. Howai-d Kelly. Lillard. Maguire. Phillips. Berry. Burn, Canavan Deerine, Irvin. Mahana. Nicderhauser. Perkins. PutholT. West PLEDGES Betty Berry, Jean Burn, Frances Canavan, Helen Deering, Patri- cia Irvin, Leslie Mahana, Doris Niederhauser, Peggy Perkins. Sara Ann Puthoff, Meta West. ELLEN M. PRINCE President SIGMA KAPPA ALPHA OMICRON CHAPTER Founded 1875 FACULTY Florence Fast, Ann Stonebraker SENIORS Adabel Brown, Mary Chisholm, Marllla Corey, Kathleen Engel- bert, Louise Franklin, Martha Crim, Betty Lapsley, Bessie Messenger, Solvejg Nelson, Rena Phair, Ellen Prince, Betty Robi- son, Eleanor Smith, Vernice Theisen, Norma Tilly, Frances Ann Walker. JUNIORS Jane Beckwith, Ethelmae Clem- ent, Helena Gemmer, Harriet Hannah, Martha Hiltner, Jean Mitchell, Pauline Sarrail, Ruth Satterwhite. SOPHOMORES Marjorie Bolyard, Marjorie Crow, Virginia Dumm, Dorothy Just, Lucile Pemberton, Jean Stuart. FRESHMEN Mildred Blatherwick, Earline Bracken, Adela Harvey, Maurita Maxwell, Dorothy Murphy, Caroline Pendill, Catherine Rob- erts, Doris Ward, Barbara Williams. PLEDGES May be lie Chapman, Florence Engelbert, Ruthe Foltz, Eleanor Lehman, Pollyann Longnecker, Jean McHarg, Stella Nelson, Faye Page, Anne Taylor, Mary Teague. .f piii iF Si Bro vn, Corey Engelbert, Franklin Grim. Lapsley, Messenger Solvejg Nelson. Phair, Robison. Theisen, Tilly Walker, Beckwith, Clement. Gemmer. Hannah Hiltner, Mitchell. Sarrail. Bolyard. Crow. Just Stuart, Bracken. Harvey. Munihy. Pendill. Roberts. Ward Williams. Foltz, McHarg. Stella Nelson. Page. Taylor. Teague 387 SIGMA DELTA TAU LAMBDA CHAPTER Founded 1917 ALICE WASS President Da ' is Kalish. Solomen Borstein. Eremin. Kanter Kleiner, Rothenberg. Silber. Sommer Markowitz. Press, IJothman. SteinfeUl FACULTY Joseph Kaplan SENIOR Estella Davis JUNIORS Leah Kalish, Miriam Rosen- house, Bertha Elizabeth Solo- men, Alice Wass. SOPHOMORES Selma Borstein, Harriett Joan Eremin, Dorothy Marion Link, Harriett Carolyn Mandelay. FRESHMEN Naomi Lilyan Kanter, May Kleiner, Edith Rothenberg, Madeleine Silber, Frances Som- mer. PLEDGES Madeleine Bertram, Dorothy Diane Elfman, Emilie Marko- witz, Georgia Sylva Press, Lil- lian Kay Rothman, Rose Renee Steinfeld, Maxine Louise Wein- berg. 388 THETA PHI ALPHA PI CHAPTER Founded 1926 BERNICE GOLDEN President SENIORS Edythe Ardolf, Dorothy Cheek JUNIOR Bernice Golden SOPHOMORES Mary Barry. Rose Alice Curry, Lucille Schneider, Irma Sibbel. PLEDGES Diane Ashby, Lois Early, Mary Fosselman. Louise Gomez, Cath- erine Henry. ATdo { Ashby Barr ' . Curry Schneider. Sibbel. Cheek Early. Fosselman. Gomez 389 THETA UPSILON OMICRON CHAPTER Founded 1914 NANCY MITCHELL President Bawcom Bradbury Evans, Jillson Johnston, Opier Wickman, Halmos. Richardson Burton, Patch, Aurand Evers, Ohlsen, Randal], Rickey FACULTY Mrs. Harry Dodson, Mrs. J. A C. Grant, Cretchen Lyon. SENIORS Ada Belle Bawcom, Mary Eleanor Bradbury, Elsa Evans, Margaret Jillson, Janet Johnston, Nancy Jane Mitchell, Evelyn Ogier, Anita Wickman. JUNIORS Alyse Halmos, Marion Richard- son. SOPHOMORES Elizabeth Burton, Constance Patch PLEDGES Margaret Aurand, Katherine Evers, Anna June Ohlsen, Phyllis Randall, Mary Lee Rickey, Paul- ine Rudio. 390 CERALDINE DIAMOND President FACULTY Helen Howell SENIORS Ida Armstrong, Sally Cianciar- ulo, Ceraldine Diamond Kath- leen Crey, Peggy Criffin, Shirley Hannah, Mildred Hays, Margaret Maleev, Betsy Jeane McKennon, Dolores Payne, Nora Rasmussen, Jane Rhodes, Alice Robillard, Dorothy H. Thompson. JUNIORS Emalou Gregory, Edna Jones, Susanne Martz, Doris Miller, Marion Scowcroft, llah Jean Thomas, Ester Woodward. SOPHOMORES Barbara Brower, Helen Brown, Phyllis Brown, Mary Viles, Lor- raine Wilson. FRESHMAN Elizabeth Swisher PLEDGES Helen Baumgartner, Eleanor Bennett, Arlene Cameron, Erene Gregory, Lucile Jones, Mary Jane King, Bobbie Monks, Vir- ginia Richard, Martha Doy Schenkel. ZETA TAU ALPHA BETA EPSILON CHAPTER Founded 1898 re? wnm ]MMm Armstrong. Cianciarulo Grey. GritTin, Hannah Hays, Maleev. McKennon, Pajiie, Rasmussen Rhodes. Robillard. Thompson. Gregory, Jones, Martz Miller, Scowcroft. Thomas. Woodward, Brower. H. Brown P. Brown. Viles. Wilson, Swisher. Baumgartner. Bennett Cameron. Gregory, Jones. Monks. Richard. Schenkel 391 The checker-board pattern of this corner of Royce is possessive of the beauty of Mediterranean architecture PHRATERES EXECUTIVE COUNCIL KATHERINE FABER President ANNE STONEBRAKER Advisor Katherine Faber Betty Jane Seery Fairly Faulk Hodge. Hodgkins Kemmerer, Lohman. Mercier Neil, Turner. Turn oek. Tondro President Vice-President Anne Lohman Recording Secretary Marian Mercier Corresponding Secretary Cretchen Turner Treasurer Margaret Cuenod Historian Margaret Neil Publicity Mary Grace Turnoek Membership Margaret Hodge Scholarship Margaret Tondro Initiation Mary Elizabeth Kemmerer Activities Mary Faulk Phraterean Jean Hodgkins Handbook Evelyn Fairly Presidential Appointee 394 PRESIDENTS COUNCIL BETTY JANE SEERY Vice-President FALL SEMESTER Helen Markham Nona Louise Cripps Anne Lohman Margaret Neil Betsy McCullough Hazel Riley Molly Cordon Edna Robertson Florence Bayley SPRING SEMESTER Helen Markham Nona Louise Cripps Ellen Jane Potter Maxine Bruha Margaret Hodge Miriam Thompson Ardelle Cratiot Katherine Barnes Mary Thompson Frieda Coertz Artemis Bannister Doheny Douglas Hershey Holmby Philia Rudy Winslow Arms Barnes Bruha, Cripps Gordon, Gratiot, Hodge Lohman. Marlcham, McCullough Neil. Riley, Robertson, Thompson 395 BANNISTER HALL NONA LOUISE CRIPPS President M. Brown. Ea.stham Haydon. Snively. E. Willebrandt W. Brown. Stover. J. Willebrandt Albers. Barker. Richards GRADUATE SENIORS Marion Behrens, Virginia Tiernan. SENIORS Bernice Blaetler, Rena Brewer, Margaret Brown. Nona Louise Cripps, Anabel Doss, Harriett Eastham, Wilma Funk. Eulalia Ciguette, Corinne Haydon, Betty Krost, Emmeline Snively. Edrie Willebrandt. JUNIORS Willisa A. Brown, Virginia Cor- bit. Beatrice Kellenburger. Sara Ann Puthoff. SOPHOMORES Ann Casey. Mary Lomax Sto- ver, Bernice Weaver, June V illebrandt. FRESHMEN Myrtle Albers, Josephine Bar- ker, Billie Brewster, Virginia Deeter, Catherine Dickason, Betty Dietrich, Marion Foster, Jean Hoffman, Caro Mason, Helen O ' Banion, Vernis Richards. 396 DOUGLASS HALL MAXINE BRUHA President SENIORS Edna Buckley, )ane Colborn, Brenda Cranmer, Mary Jane Ryan, Dorothy Wolfe. JUNIORS Margaret Bailey, Georgia Cum- mings. Betty Jane Kohike, Pauline Kallmeyer, Helen Ryan, Pearl Specht, Virginia Strong. SOPHOMORES Aileen Bott, Sylvia Cussin. Margaret Neil. FRESHMEN Maxine Bruha, Jane Evans, Vio- let Cilmore, Helen Lappin, Gloria Metcalf, Katherine Rit- zke, Virginia Taylor. Colburn. Cranmer Bailey, Kallmeyer Kiel. Gilmore. Lappin Metcalf. Ritzke, Taylor 397 HOLMBY HALL HAZEL RILEY President ' Ui -M Misikofski Moog Andrews Frost Haverfield. Thompson Warner. Brown SENIORS Bertha Misikofski, Marie Moog. JUNIORS Elizabeth Andrews, Martha Edgington, Juanita Fickle, Mary Jo Flynn, Ophelia Frost, Mary Haverfield, Alice Hoffman, Eleanor McBride, Kathleen Mosher, Hazel Riley, Virginia Rose, Nancy Lee Sawin, Rose- mary Sneyd, Miriam Thompson, Betty Crane Warner. SOPHOMORES Florence M. Brown, Barbara Ann Casey, Helen Hargrove. FRESHMAN Mary Clay Haydock 398 MIRA HERSHEY HALL BETSY McCOLLOUCH President SENIORS Eleanor Bird, Anne Moore Cross, Mildred Dicmas, Katherine Fa- ber, Marjorie Crothaus, Mar- garet Hodge, Marian Mercier, Varina Merritt, Eloise Owens, Irene Rambo, Mary Alice Shaw, Marion Stuart. lUNIORS Jane Ashen, Betty Jo Bilger, Jo Ann Carlson, Jane Clapp, Ruth Correll, Muriel Curtis, Alison Duncan, Virginia Duncan, Lillie Eames, Anne C. Findlay, Jean Himes, Elise Hoagland, Nancy Hunt, Bertha Johnson, Carol Knutson, Ruth Larimer, Doro- thy Lewis, Edith Lindquist, Betsy McCollough, Helen Ann Richardson, Marian Rouse, Charlotte Russell, Alice Ryder, Marjorie Sherwood, Claire Tetelman, Isabel Thorpe, Cathe- rine Weber, Dorothea Worsley, Frances Young. SOPHOMORES Charline Andreson, Dorothy Cox, Kathryn Cox, Ruth Daly, Donnie Godwin, Martha Hoff- man, Lorraine Hopkins, Helen Huish, Lucia Lapp, Emily Ann Mayberry, Sally Parker, Dorothy Rial, Vernette Ripley. Carolyn Rosenfeld, Patricia Ruckstell, Ella Shank, Eleanor Sherwood, Cwyneth Smith, Betty Van Norman. FRESHMEN Barbara Bagg, Lorene Baker, Helen Booher, Gail Daubney, Barbara Hallgren, Kathryn Har- rod, Ela Martens, Dorothy Mc- Comb, Jane Pond, Jean Rieke, Barbara Schaufelberger, Ann Taylor, Frances Wolfe. Faber, Grothaus Hodi;re. Mercier, Merritt. Owens Correll. Findlay. Hunt. Knutson. Russell Trever, Andreson, Daly, Hoffman. Van Norman Conner. Cross, Daubney. Fry, Martens McBurney. Millikan. Page. Schoolcraft, SwafTord 399 PHILIA CHAPTER I P SPPSiS Ball Gallivor, Lsahy Lewis. Luce. Marr McCarthy, Pastoret. Sweisle. Tondro Turnock, Yerxa. Alexander. Aurand. Baird E. Bassett. K. Bassett. Baumparten. Brady. Cauken. Evans. Halmos Pr. ' S ' ., Sabin, Scott. Seery. Stoner. Wentzel, Browne T ' e Mos. Strauss. Woodson. Baum. Fletcher. Matthewson. Sava(i:e MOLLY CORDON President FACULTY Helen M . Laughlin. Anne Stonebraker. SENIORS Clara Mae Ashton. Alice Ball, Adele Calliver, Carolyn Cold- water. Molly Cordon, Beatrice Leahy. Elizabeth Lewis. Helen Luce. Marion McCarthy, Emily Marr. Certrude Pastoret. Veli- nore Sweigle. Margaret Tondro, Marigrace Turnock. Lucille Wonderle. Jeannetta Yerxa. JUNIORS Edith Alexander. Margaret Au- rand. Marjorie Baird, Esther Bassett, Kathryn Bassett, De Ette Baumgarten, Frances Brady, loan Castle. Wanda Cauken, Margaret Cuenod. Mane Doll. Ruth Evans, Irene Feliz, Lillian Fitzpatnck, Bernice Carrett, Alyse Halmos, Caroline Hart- man. Harriet Hinds. Alice C. Holmes, Alice Holsclaw, Mil- dred Hudson, Rachel Jeruchem- son, Catherine Kelley, Lois Kel- ley. Katheryn MacKechnie, Hope Mayen. Elizabeth Mc- Carthy. Catherine Metcalf, Anne Pirolli. Ruth Phelps. Ceor- gia Press. Winifred Rogers, Theodosia Sabin. Loretta Scott, Betty Seery. Ruth Stoner. Bob- bie Twadell, Earia Waechter, Muriel Weems. Romona Went- zel, Adelaide Wherry, Frances Woods. 400 RUDY HALL EDNA ROBERTSON President SENIORS Kay Barnes. Betty Bavier, Dorothy Beswetherick. Grace Brizzolara, Florence Cokeley, Catherine Conkey, Hazel Elton, Mariorie Everett, Frances Flint, Melva Cessner, Evelyn Green, Phoebe Haralson, Mary Eliza- beth Kemmerer, Meta Lund, Winifred Mallows, Mary Ma- teer, Minie Mounier. Lucile Reisch, Elizabeth Riniker, Bar- bara Robertson, Edna Robert- son, Helen Smith, Ruby Stan- ley. Vernice Theisen. Olive Toothaker. Eleanor Walther, Carolyn Wagner, Eleanor Wedge, Phyllis Wedge. JUNIORS Betty Bisbee, Bonnie Blue, Eu- genia Bode, Margaret Brazil, Martha Constad, Evelyn Fairley, Theresa Genovese, Dorothy Kaiser, Alicia Kirchhoff, Jane McConica, Lucille Morris, Mar- ion Quick, Marie Rubell. Zelma Smith. Maurine Vaught. Mar- jorie Woods. Laura Wooley, Neva Wright. SOPHOMORES Eileen Bott, Mary Cunningham, Kay Kirk, Cretchen Turner. FRESHMEN Frances Ceisler. Marjorie Geis- ler, Grace Hagenow. Dorothy Holsgraf. Doris Hughes, Ruth Read, Mary Roe, Josephine Wagner. Barnes Bavier. Beswetherick Brizzolara, Cokeley Conkey. Elton. Everett Flint. Gessner. Green Kemmerer. Mallows. Mateer. Mounier Reisch. Robertson. Smith. Stanley. Theisen Toothaker. Wed?e. Fairley. Turner. F. Geisler. M. Geisler 401 Circular walls and curving steps bear semblance to the sciences which are expounded within the Physics-Biology Building HONORARIES AGATHAI SENIOR WOMEN ' S HONORARY MARION McCarthy President Blackman Faber Grim. Heliresen Hunt. Man " McCarthy, McElheney FACULTY Miss Ruth Atkinson, Miss Lily B. Campbell, Dean Helen M. Laughlin SENIORS Florence Blackman, Katherine Faber. Martha Grim. Bernice Helgesen, Betty Gene Hunt, Emily Marr, Marion McCarthy, Alice McElheney. 404 ALPHA CHI DELTA HONORARY ECONOMICS SORORITY GRACE FETHEROLF President FACULTY Mrs. Eva M. Allen, Miss Jean Hawley, Mrs. E. B. Plough. SENIORS Mary Cast, Rosemary Davis, Grace Fetherolf, Jane Hopkins, Betty Gene Hunt, Eleanor Jans- sen, Florence Le Baron, Marie Mueller, Joy Mae Park, Helen Ring, Norma Tilly, Phyllis Wedge, Kay Wilson. JUNIORS Edith Alexander, Margaret Aurand, Hallie Couch, June Goddard, Doris Howe, Betty Jane Seery. SOPHOMORE Cecelia Commins PLEDGES Eleanor Arnold, Mary Badger, Betty Brandt, Lucile Brown, Helen Fairchild, Eileen Faul- coner, Ruth Jones, Martha Moltzer, Gertrude Neary. Cast, Davis Hopkins, Hunt, Janssen, Le Baron Mueller, Rinp. Wedge. Alexander Aurand, Couch, Howe, Seer ' . Commins Badger, Brandt, Fairchild, Jones, Neary 405 ALPHA KAPPA PSI HONORARY COMMERCE FRATERNITY RALPH SWIM President Boyce-Smith Donatelli. Gerke Hertford, Mor ;an, Blair Fay. Maas, Kindel, Thomas FACULTY W. Bagby, Floyd Burtchett, Ira Frisbee, Lewis Maverick, Earl J. Miller, Howard Noble, Dudley Pegrum, George Robbins. SENIORS John Boyce-Smith, Vincent Donatelli, Willard Duckworth, Ross Edwards, Herman Cerke, Hayes Hertford, Don Scott Mor- gan, Ralph Swim, Harold Wright. lUNIORS Robert Blair, John Fay, Richard Maas, Charles Soderstrom, Ken- neth Strom. PLEDGES Bob Barlow, )ames Kindel, Starr Thomas. 406 BLACKSTONIAN NATIONAL PRE-LECAL FRATERNITY HOWARD YOUNG Preside.-.t FACULTY Dr. J. A. C. Grant SENIORS Ned Eads, David D. Fairbrother, Porter Hendricks, John Mc- Elheney, Austin Menzies, Harry Ross, Lester Sanson, Gerald A. Towne. JUNIORS Donald Benshimol, William Brainerd, Lloyd Bridges, Cleve- land Clayton, Fenton Earnshaw, Gerald Goetten, John Haharg, William McAdams, J. Howard McCallum, Thomas Milliron, Willard Pool, Howard Young. SOPHOMORES Grant Hamlin, Austen Jewell, Thomas Lambert, Edward Nelson. Fairbrother Hendricks, Menzies. Sanson McElheney. Bridges. Earnshaw Mahare. McAdams. Pool. Lambert 407 BALL AND CHAIN NATIONAL HONORARY ATHLETIC MANAGERS FRATERNITY MILTON VALLENS President Burr Carnes. Cuzner Eagan, Garrison. Gary Gerke, Gershowitz. Kendis, Maharg. O ' Malley Sawyer, Sloan, Zanzot, Boly, Dawson Dixson. Gilford, Hixson, Hatch, Kincnid SENIORS Albert Burr, James Carnes, Ed Cuzner, Jack Eagan, Irving Gar- rison, Cordon Gary, Herman Gerke, Phil Gershowitz, Merwin Kendis, John Maharg, Bob Mahon, Ed O ' Malley, Vincent Pence. Ted Sawyer, Varian Sloan, Hal Zanzot. JUNIORS Elwyn Boly, Glen Dawson, Ed Dixson, Kennie Gifford, Dick Hixson, John Van Damm, Lee Wagner. PLEDGES Dave Beeman, Bill Hall, Al Hatch, Roy Kincaid. Tom Sowder. 408 BLUE KEY HONORARY SERVICE FRATERNITY FOR lUNIOR AND SENIOR MEN EDWARD BLIGHT President FACULTY Lawrence Bailiff, Earl Miller. SENIORS James Alger, James Andrews, Arnold Antola, William Athey, Edward Blight, Bud Cresswell, Ed Cuzner, Leo Epstein, John Fletcher, Cordon Gary, Bill Cray, Porter Hendricks, Paul Howe, Briggs Hunt, Hubert Jackson, James Kindel, Bud Krueger, Bernard Levin, Bill Maxwell, John McElheney, Robert McLean, James Miller, Burt Monosmith, Jack Morrison, Homer Oliver, Mike Rabino- vitch, Thomas Rafferty, Hugh Rogers, Lester Sanson, jack Tid- ball, Milton Vallens, Karl Van Leuven. JUNIORS Charles Church, Mike Franko- vich, Al Hatch, Beverly Keim, Walter Kuns, Charles Soderstrom. Andrews. Antola Cuzner. Epstein. Fletcher Gar . Gray. Hendrick? Howe. Hunt. Jackson. Kindel. Krueger Levin. McElheney. Monosmith. Morrison. Rogers Sanson. Tidball. Vallens. Keim. Hatch 409 CHI DELTA PHI WOMEN ' S HONORARY LITERARY FRATERNITY ALICE BALL President Bradstreet Christensen Cook, Goujrh Hallen. Janss Rippe. Taylor, Walter FACULTY Dr. Lily B. Campbell, Dr. Margaret S. Carhart, Dr. Alice O. Hunnewell, Margaret B. Ringnalda. GRADUATE MEMBERS Alice Applegate, Lillian Brown, Anna Cassaway, Alice McCee, Beth M. Tappaan. SENIORS Alice Ball, Betty Bradstreet, Dorothy Christensen, Elva Bess Cook, Peggy Cough, Vivian Hallen, Betty Janss, Velda Johnston, Virginia Rippe, Esther Segal, Doris Taylor, Jane Taylor, Alice V alter, Iva May Warner. JUNIOR Alberta Shaw 410 CIRCLE C MEN ' S HONORARY MINOR SPORTS SOCIETY GEORGE LITTLE President FACULTY Dr. David Bjork SENIORS Edgardo Acosta, Albert Burr, John Burnside, James Carnes, Kenneth Edwards. Fred Flette, Irving Garrison, Herman Gerke, Ervin Golisch. George Little, John McCloskey, Donald Paxon, Julian Steyskal. JUNIORS Wayne Bluemle, Howard Boiler, Wendell Buttrey, Glen Dawson, Mervin Kendis, Ralph Miliron, Arthur Shima, Louis Turner. . costa Burnside, Burr Carnes. Edwards, Garrison Gerke. Golisch. McCloskey. Paxton Steyskal. Boiler. Dawson, Kendis DELTA EPSILON WOMEN ' S HONORARY ART FRATERNITY HELEN OTT President Archibald Boyce, Barrett Eastham. Gibbs, Hartung Hasler, Jiilson. Ketchum Landrum, Rice. Strohm. Urquhart FACULTY Laura Anderson. Louise Pinkney Sooy SENIORS Margaret Archibald, Doreen Baverstock, Madeleine Boyce, Grace Burnett, Harriet Eastham, Maurine Cibbs, Naomi Hasler, Carol Hartung, Margaret Jill- son, Grace Mary Ketchum, Eliz- abeth Landrum, Alice Petterson, Richard Petterson, Verna Phil- lips, Mary Frances Rice. Mar- gery Strohm, Dorothy Urquhart. JUNIORS William Enking, Archine Van Norden. 412 DELTA PHI UPSILON NATIONAL KINDERGARTEN PRIMARY SOCIETY VIRGINIA FOWLER President FACULTY Dr. K. L. McLaughlin, Miss Barbara Greenwood. SENIORS Jane Adams, Syvia Chasson, Mildred Ehrhorn, Virginia Fowler, LaVone Harden, Alice Harkness, Margaret Jane Hie- stand, Edith Johnson, Margare- tha Krohn, Ruthelma Newberry, Mildred Sharpe, Eleanor Strand. JUNIOR Jo Ann Carlson .Adams Chasson Ehi ' horn. Fowler Harden, Hiestand, Johnson Krohn, Sharpe, Strand, Carlson 413 HELEN MATHEWSON CLUB WOMEN ' S HONORARY SOCIAL FRATERNITY MARGARET HUTCHISON President Boden Clement. Cook Donat. Fox. Janssen Laporte. Lloyd. Nelson, Sherman Mendenhall. Mueller. Walker. Allen FACULTY Dean Helen M. Laughlin, Lelia D. Abbott, Edith Swartz Har- rington, Dorothy Beaumont. SENIORS Virginia Boden, Bertha Clement, Elva Cook, Ruth Donat, Made- line Fox, Eleanor Janssen, Ruth Laporte, Elizabeth Lloyd, Lucille Nelson. Florence Reese, Edith Sherman. Madalynne Solomon. JUNIORS Mary Alice Emery, Helen Hall, Alice Holsclaw, Margaret Hut- chison, Esther Mendenhall, Margaret Meyer, Carolyn Muel- ler, Jane Walker, Dorothy Weiter, Maymie Wood. SOPHOMORES Mary Barton, Jean Satterlee. FRESHMEN Betty Allen, Mary Sumner. 414 KAPPA PHI ZETA WOMEN ' S HONORARY LITERARY FRATERNITY i UT A SARA BLAIR LACY President FACULTY Fanny Alice Coldren, Deborah King. SENIORS May Darnall. Marjorie Everett, Dora Gerard, Sara Blair Lacy, Helen Luce, Lorna McClish. JUNIORS Freda Brahin, Margaret Brazil, Janet Gauker, Gwendolyn Jones, Ruth Priestman. PLEDGE Betty Overstreet Darnall Everett Gerard, Luce McCiish. Brahin, Brazil Gauker, Priestman, Overstreet 415 MOTION PICTURE CLUB HONORARY MOTION PICTURE ARTS AND SCIENCE SOCIETY HOWARD YOUNG President Evans Lauth, Heath McDouBall, Sloan BridKCs. Carnes, Pembroke Pingree, Schloesser. Wallace. Brower FACULTY Mrs. A. O. Hunnewell, Dr. L. N. Buell. Dr. L. D. Bailiff. SENIORS Elsa Evans, Dorothy Lauth, Rosine McDougall, Ralph Sloan, Edgar Wilkerson. JUNIORS Lloyd Bridges, James Carnes, Annetta Foster, Betsy Pem- broke, Beth Pingree, Julia Schloesser, Arnita Wallace, Howard Young. SOPHOMORES Barbara Brower, Austen Jewell. 416 PHI BETA HONORARY MUSIC AND DRAMATIC FRATERNITY ROSINE McDOUCALL President FACULTY Dr. Margaret Carthart, Dean Marvin Darsie, Martha Deane, Dr. Rolf Hoffman, Dean Helen Laughlin, Dr. George McManus, Alexander Schreiner, Evalyn Thomas. SENIORS Dorothy Lauth, Rosine Mc- Dougall, Helen Rountree, Sybil Willis. lUNIORS Constance Briscoe, Ruth Frank- lin, Jane Howell, Julia Schloesser. SOPHOMORE Francine Becheraz PLEDGES Cecelia Ann Butterworth, Jessie Christiancy, Carolyn Conner, Margaret Duguid, Mary Jo Flynn, Edith Lenore Lucas, Doro- thy Malaby, Nora Norton, Ger- trude Orr, Winnifred Patricia Price, Maxine Morley Sorensen, Jessie E. Spencer, Daisy Stra- chan, Mary Jane Thatcher, Janet Van Rensselaer. Lauth Rountree. Briscoe. Franklin Howell, Schloesser. Becheraz Christiancy, Conner, Duffuid, Norton Orr, Spencer, Thatcher, Rensselaer 417 PERSHING RIFLES BASIC MILITARY HONORARY HAROLD BEMIS President 418 Cormack. Goldsmith Grossman, Herlinger Johnson, Osborn. Paup, Pugh Smith. Stanley, Andrews. Byerts Coulter, Lakenan, Byerts, McHargTie, O ' Neil FACULTY Capt. Frank Pearson SOPHOMORES William Adolph. Robert Angell, John Bergin, Norman Bolstad, Frank Buell, Clifford Carpenter, Charles Cormack, Norris Damron, Richard Daum, Charles Dickinson, Alfred Doud. John Fisher, Jack Forsch lei ser, Brainard Galley, Paul George, Clem Glass, Jack Goldsmith, Frank Grossman, Robert Harvey, Karl Herlinger, Deron Hovsepian, Harry Jacobs, Alan Johnson, Horace Lambert, William Leary, Cordon Lundeen, Frederick Ly- man, Charles McVey, Allen Mahana. Charles Montague, Ed- win Osborn, William Osborne, Frank Paup, Larry Pidgeon, John Pugh, Leon Rouge, Russel Rouse, Reuban Shafran, Nor- wood Smith. Frederick Stanley. Calvin Taylor, Fred Theriot, Ralph Van Cleave. FRESHMEN Alden Agern, Wilbur Andre- son, John Andrews, Walter Blumenbranz. Frederick Button. Robert Byerts, Harold Caddel, Joel Coulter, George Deshon, Carl Huff. Meal Lakenan, John Lambert, George La Moree, Hubert Long, Earl Moss, Edwin Nichols, James Overfield. Earl Paules, Robert Pratt, Arthur Reichle, Alfred Scott. Ed Stan- ton. Robert Starbuck, Henry Stefanetti, John Taggart, Cur- tis Vander Heyden. Lorenz Waldthausen, Howard Wilson. PHILOKALIA WOMEN ' S HONORARY ART SOCIETY VALKYRIE CAMPBELL President FACULTY Miss Helen M. Howell SENIORS Alice Anderson, Marjorle An- derson, Rosemary Andrews, Margaret Archibald, Dorothy Baumgarten, Madeline Boyce, Grace Lee Burnett, Val Camp- bell, Virginia Chisholm, Cathe- rine Conkey, Melva Cessner, Carol Hartung, Edith Haran, Mildred Hays, Gracemary Ket- cham. Hazel Lande, Elizabeth Landrum, Helen Ott, Adele Phelps, Nora Rasmussen, Mary Francis Rice, Marjorie Strohm, Florence Sugar, Dorothy Urqu- hart. Christine Vahey. JUNIORS Grace Brizzolara, Elizabeth Burleson, )anace Haydock, Vir- ginia Hollingsworth, Rosemilla Nollac. Elizabeth Parker, Vir- ginia Rose, Fannie Siegel, Re- becca Sword, Archine Van Nor- den, Harriet Woods. SOPHOMORES Mary Margaret Hobson, Isabelle Monnette, Muriel Monnette. Andrews. Archibald Baumgarten. Boyce. Burnett Conkey. Gessner. Hartung. Ketcham. Landrum Ott. Phelps. Rasmussen. Rice, Strohm Urquhart. Brizzolara. Haydock. I. Monnette. M. Monnette 419 PHI PHI MENS HONORARY SOCIAL FRATERNITY WEI 420 Blake GrilHn. Hyland McEIheiiey. Rogers, Sanson Westphal, Shaw, Bowen, Briggs Dyer, Grigsby, Higgins, Reel ERWIN W. KRUECER President FACULTY Bill Ackerman, L. D. Bailiff, Dr. Fite, Babe Horrell, Wilbur Johns, Captain Matthews, Fred Oster, Don Park, Captain Pear- son, Dr. Rockey, William Spaul- ding. Dr. Titus, Captain Wit- cher, Caddy Works. SENIORS Robert Blake, John Gibson, John Griffin, Will iam Horn, Jack Hyland, Harold Jenkins, Erwin Krueger, Larry Marion, Homer Oliver, James Pelham, Hugh Rogers, Lou Rose, Lester San- son, John Shaw, Robert Sutton, George Westphal. JUNIORS Edward Bowen, Stanley Briggs, Thomas Dyer, Holeman Grigs- by, Jerome Higgins, Shelby Johns, John McElheney, Walter Muller, Stanley Reel, Payne Thayer. PI DELTA EPSILON NATIONAL HONORARY lOURNALISM FRATERNITY l AKuTON SKINNER President FACULTY Dr. H. F. Allen, Dr. H. A. Steiner. SENIORS William Bradford. Robert Kirb Shellaby, Carlton Skinner. Stu- art Wells. PLEDGES Allan Anderson, George Barker, Thomas Brady. Benjamin Brown, Cedric Drew, Andrew Hamilton, Herbert Mitchell, Arthur Mur- phy, Ed O ' Malley, Thomas Rice. Jack Stanley, Louis Turner, Karl Van Leuven. Antoia. Bradford Howe, Mitchell O ' Malley. Rothenberg. Shellaby Andrews. Barker. Brady. Brown Hamilton. Rice. Murphy, Stanley 421 PHI UPSILON PI HONORARY WOMEN ' S EDUCATIONAL SOCIETY LAURA GREGG President Canfield Eby, Erwin Gardner, Hayes. Hood Johnson, Kendall, Knolle McLaughlin. Davis, Jones, Andrews FACULTY Dr. H. L. Eby, Mrs. Alice Hun- newell, Dr. ). L. Merriam, Miss Corrinne Seeds. SENIORS Lydia Berry, Evelyn Canfield, Constance Eby, Margaret Erwin, Margaret Gardner, Caroline Hayes, Martha Hood, Lugene Johnson, Kathleen Kendall, Clarabelle Knolle, Patricia Mc- Laughlin, H. Astred Reynolds, Jane Rhodes. JUNIORS Wilma Davis, Laura Gregg, Florence Jones, Dorothy Vickers. SOPHOMORE Syliva Andrews PLEDGE Gladys Lorraine Dennis 422 PI DELTA PHI HONORARY FRENCH FRATERNITY FRANCES MARTIN President FACULTY Dr. Louis F. D. Briois, Dr. Henry R. Brush, Dr. Fite, Cap- tain Perigord. SENIORS Margaret Ashmead, Robert Burke, Leonard Creenberg, Syl- via Jurow, Ruth Kerson, Blanche Larsen Phyllis Le Moyne, Fran- ces Martin, Mary Mateer, Judith Morgan, Marjorie Ongie, Helen Riter, Genevieve Royce, Maria Scarpitta. lUNIORS Martha Macomber, Mary Lee Martin, Siegfried Puknat, Nancy Lee Sawin, Kathleen Warren. Burke Jurow Larsen, Le Moyne Martin, Mateer Riter, Scarpitta, Puknat 423 PI KAPPA DELTA HONORARY FORENSIC FRATERNITY JUDITH RYKOFF President Files Hayden Hensey, Adam Wass, Mikels FACULTY Wesley Lewis, Charles A. Marsh. SENIORS Cordon Files. Wanda Hayden. William Hensey. JUNIORS Wyvette Adam, Judith Rykoff, Alice Wass. PLEDGES June Hallberg, Selma Mikels. 424 PI LAMDA THETA HONORARY EDUCATIONAL FRATERNITY ELEANOR STRAND President FACULTY Dr. K. L. McLaughlin, Mrs. Helen Keller. GRADUATE STUDENTS Helen M. Howell, Rena W. Pierson, Marian Wallace. SENIORS Dorothy Baumgarten, Eleanor Bird, Catherine Conkey, Orris Cook, Harriet Eastham, Mar- garet Fiero, Carol Ford, Mara Larson, Katherine McCune, My- ra Nelson, Ruthelma Newberry, Eleanor Strand, Elizabeth Stroum. BaumBarten Bird. Conkey Eastham, Fiero, McCune Strand, Stroum, Pierson 425 PI SIGMA ALPHA HONORARY POLITICAL SCIENCE FRATERNITY GEORGE WALTHER President Farrington. Lewis, Miller Partridge. Epstein. Friedman. Hayden Leonard, Peek. Rambo. Useem VallenB, Yaffe. Babbidge, RykofI FACULTY Dr. M W. Graham, Dr. C. G. Haines, O. Roci ey, Dr. Steiner. GRADUATE STUDENTS Robert P. Farrington, Edward George Lewis. Jack N. Miller, George Edward Walther. SENIORS Nathan Bodin, Harold Epstein, M. Gerald Friedman. Wanda Jess Hayden. Norman Leonard. Finette Partridge. Arnold Peek, Irene Rambo. John Hearld Useem, Milton Vallens, Freda Yaffe. JUNIORS Marvin Babbidge. Vincent Bar- nett, Judith Rykoff. 426 PSI CHI KIYOSHI OKURA President FACULTY Mason N. Crook, Frank C. Davis, Grace M, Fernald, S. Carolyn Fisher, Lawrence Caha- gan, Joseph Gengerelli, Howard C. Gilhousen, Kate Cordon, Ellen B. Sullivan. GRADUATE SENIORS A. Maxwell Clark, Swan Eng- wall, Leonard Fels, Pauline French, Virginia Jurgens, Cert- rude MacQueen, Aileen Norris, Kiyoshi Okura. SENIORS Byron Apperson, Richard Bruce, Lois Cowgill, Lois Giebler Elizabeth Cute, Claire Jarvis, F. Nowell Jones. Polly Mattison, Kathryn McCune, Harry Rosen- berg, Dan Rosenthal, Varian Sloan, C. Herschel Smith, Nor- ma Smith, Evageline Sumner, Vernice Theisen. HONORARY PSYCHOLOGY FRATERNITY JUNIORS Vivienne Crumley, Don Fanchon Martinson. Day, Cowgill Gute, Jones Martinson, Mattison Sloan, Sumner, Theisen 427 PRYTANEAN SCHOLASTIC AND ACTIVITY HONORARY FOR lUNIOR AND SENIOR WOMEN Qy n Barnes, Bowers. Culross Davis, Easterbrook. Faber, Fetherolf Hayden, Hodge, Hunt. McElhen. ' y. MuUer Phillips. Rambo. Robinson. Walker. Batchelor Files, Hobart. Jones. Landon. Markham Martinson, Pingree, Rykoflf. Seery. Smith BETTY BRENNAN President i 1 FACULTY Ruth V. Atkinson. Lily 8. Campbell, Margaret S. Carhart, Kate Cordon. Dean Helen M. Laughlin, Myrta L. McClellan. Burney Porter. SENIORS Katherine Barnes, Doreen Baver- stock, Ada Marie Bowers, Betty Brennan, Bertha Mae Culross, Rosemary Davis, Valerie Easter- brook, Katherine Faber, Grace Fetherolf, Wanda Hayden, Mar- garet Hodge, Betty Gene Hunt, Alice McElheney. Mane Muller. Ruthelma Newberry, Madeleine Phillips, Dorothy Mae Powell. Irene Rambo, Betty Robison, Mary Lois Walker. JUNIORS June Batchelor, Jo Ann Carlson, Isia Detter, Helen Files, May Hobart, Virginia Jones, Katha- rine Landon, Mane Markham, Fanchon Martinson, Beth Pin- gree, Judith Rykoff. Betty Seery. Orian Smith. 428 RALLY COMMITTEE HONORARY RALLY SUPERVISION SOCIETY BURTON ANAKIN President SENIORS Burton Anakin, Louis Blace, William Bloom, John Boyce- Smith, Irwin Hearsh, Jack Hearsh, Hayes Hertford, H. E. Isler, George Little, Ed O ' Malley. JUNIORS William Brainerd, Charles Kanne, Robert Morris, Jack Whittaker. SOPHOMORES Henry Dewenter, John Cold- smith, Eugene Coldstein Mau- rey Grossman, Austin Jewell, Frank Lyman, Newell Morris, William Murphy, Harry New- man, Frank Paup, Mortimer Singer, Howard Smalley, John Waggner. Bloom Bovce-Smith. I. Hearsh Hertford. Little, O ' Malley Kanne, Whittaker, Dewenter, Goldsmith Goldstein, Grossman, Lewis, Morris. Murphy Paup, Singer. Smalley, Higgins, Newm an 429 SCABBARD AND BLADE HONORARY MILITARY FRATERNITY 430 Aldrich. Anderson Ault. Bissell, BJight, Brant Burnside, Earnshaw, Gise. Hendricks, Howe Jueneman. Morgan. Mortimer, Nibloclc, Schuman Shellaby, Steyskal, Trapp, Grigsby, Hatch Hixson, Wiscomb, Beatty, Graves, Walker ROBERT McHARCUE President FACULTY Colonel Raymond C. Baird, Captain )ames Matthews. Colo- nel Moran. Captain Newton, Captain Frank Pearson. Captain Paul Perigord, Major Charles Titus. SENIORS Norman Anderson. T. ). Ault, Edward Bissell. Edward Blight, Edward Borley, Sanborn Brann, David Brant, John Burnside, David Dell. Ned Eads, Fenton Earnshaw, William Gise, Porter Hendricks, Paul Howe, Briggs Hunt, Hubert Jackson, Fred Jueneman. Larry Marion. Dean Morgan. Henry Mortimer, George Niblock. William Schu- man, Julian Steyskal, Edward Trapp, Edward Wilkerson. JUNIORS Gordon Bell, Harold Bemis, Marvin Chesebro, William Cooper, Holeman Grigsby, Al- bert Hatch, Richard Hixon. Robert McHargue. Scott Wiscomb. SOPHOMORE C. L. Brewer PLEDGES Harry Beatty. Howard Boiler, Robert Denton, Thomas Dyer, Dixon Goen, LaVerne Graves, Andrew Hamilton, Dale Lilly- white, Harry Martinez, Ernest Moore. Vincent Pence. Frederick Rodriguez. Phil Shepherd. Nor- wood Smith. George Walker, Russell Wheeler. SPURS SOPHOMORE WOMEN ' S HONORARY FRANCES BLACKMAN President mi FACULTY Anne Sfonebraker MEMBERS Francine Becheraz, Frances Blackman, Mary Blue, Shirley Brady, Coral Carter, Helene Colesie, Mildred Cooley, Betsy Dekker, Marie Louise Ferguson, Barbara Finley, Helen Fischer, Adelle Gratiot, Katherine Hert- zog, Jayne Higgins, Hazel Hutchinson, Betty Jacoby, Wil- low Kiefer, Marjorie Alice Lenz, Mary Elizabeth Leonard, Doro- thy McNees. Germaine Mit- chell, Charlotte Jean Miller, Ellen Reed, Virginia Russell, Andrita Sommers, Marjorie Strauss, Ruth Woodson, Claudia Wolfe, Mary Ka y Williams, Laurine Weaver, Lorraine Wilson. Bercheraz, Blue, Brady. Carter Colesie, Cooley, Decker, Ferguson, Finley Fischer. Gratiot, Hertzoe:, Higgrins. Hutchinson Jacoby. Kiefer. Lenz, Leonard, McNees Miller. Reed, Russell, Sommers. Strauss Weaver, Williams. Wilson. Wolfe, Woodson 431 SIGMA ALPHA IOTA WOMEN ' S MUSIC HONORARY EDNA ROATH President Byers Greenwood. Hartranft Latch. Bloom. Boucher Sullivan. Sutcliffe, Bell. Davis Sherman. Smith. Asmus. Deming FACULTY Bertha W. Vaughn SENIORS Hilda Augsberger, Katherine Byers, Marye Greenwood, Lil- lian Hartranft, Edna Latch, Edna Roath. JUNIORS Burnice Bloom, Katherine Bou- cher, Barbara Schutz, Dorothy Sullivan, )anice Sutcliffe, Martha Tucknott. SOPHOMORES Virginia Bell, Mary Frances Davis, Ruth Sherwin, Ruth Smith. PLEDGES Dorothy Anderson, Betty Asmus, Margaret Bennett, Jane Deming, Challis Helvie, Dagmar Lund- grum, Doris MacLean, Doris Swanson. 432 SIGMA DELTA PI HONORARY SPANISH FRATERNITY LEONARDO De MORELOS President FACULTY Captain Perigord. Dr. Fite, Dr. Lawrence Bailiff, Dr. E. C. Moore. SENIORS Sarah Bolson. Helen Burge, Marjorie Burtle, Cora Cirino, Leonardo C. De Morelos, Ma- falda De Nubila, Catherine Engein, Charlotte Hanson, Betty Hoffrogge, Beatrice Leahy. Lina Pastrone, Consuelo Rivera, M. Florencia Ruiz, Anna Todaro, Ruth Tompkins, Marigrace Turnock, Howard Wang. lUNIOR Lauro Marquez PLEDGES Edgardo Acosta, Elizabeth Bua, Josephine Casanova, Mary Louise Fuge, Marian Friedman, Margaret Card, Lillian Huber, Frances Krimmel, Maria Lopez, Eleanor McBride, Rose Manuele, Judith Morgan, Manuela Ponce, Stephan Reyes, Helen Schacket. Bolson Burge, De Nubila Hanson, Hoffrogge. Leahy Pastrone. Ruiz. Todaro. Tompkins Turnock, Acosta, Casanova. Friedman 433 SIGMA PI DELTA WOMEN ' S HONORARY MUSIC FRATERNITY MADELEINE CAREY President Be.-swetherick Erickson Hayden, Hoffman Kemmercr. Leahv McCune, B. Smith. H. Smith Casanova, McDonald. O ' Banion. Sleeper FACULTY Theodore Stearns, Frances Wright, Cladys Joiiey Rosser, Helen Dill. SENIORS Dorothy Beswetherick, Lucile Erickson. Madeleine Carey, Cor- inne Hayden, Marie Hoffman, Mary Elizabeth Kemmerer, Bea- trice Leahy, Kathryn McCune, )ane Seiler, Bonnie Mae Smith. Helen Smith. JUNIORS Josephine Casanova, Ethelyn McDonald. SOPHOMORES Charlotte Cridley, Helen O ' Ban- ion. FRESHMAN Adelaide Sleeper 434 TIC TOC SOCIAL HONORARY FOR JUNIOR AND SENIOR SORORITY WOMEN CAROLYN COLDWATER President FACULTY Helen Luid, Ruth Atkinson, Alice Hunnewell. SENIORS Val Campbell, Ruth Franklin, Carolyn Coldwater, Gretchen Krohn. Marion McCarthy, Emily Marr, Margaret Pinckney, Doro- thy Wells, Adele Zerweck. JUNIORS Katherine Alden, Betty Boyd, Margaret Brandel, Connie Bris- coe, Eleanor Carson, Betty Dunn, Estelle Fowler, Elizabeth Francis, Merril Hunter, Kathe- rine Landon, Elizabeth McCar- thy, Francis Martin, Olivia Red- wine, Katherine Van Wart, Margaret Ward. Campbell, Franklin Krohn. Marr, M. McCarthy Pinckney. Wells. Zerweck. Alden Boyd, Brandel. Briscoe. Carson. Dunn Fowler. Francis. Hunter, Landon, Martin E. McCarthy, Olmstead, Redwine. Van Wart. Ward 435 TRI-C WOMEN ' S lOUNALISTIC HONORARY Bavier Green, Lingo Pickett, Rambo Larson, Payne, Woodward Brower, H. Brown, P. Brown Colesie, Gerard, Lenz, McNees Scowcroft, Strau8s, V entzel, Wilson, Cameron, Tarnutzer Degen. Edwards, Geai-y. Geieer, Richard, Tatman, Triay MAY HOBART President FACULTY Mildred Weinsveig SENIORS Betty Bavier, Maria Green, Betty L ingo, Velma Pickett, Irene Rombo. lUNIORS Alice Hoffman, Esther Larson, Fanchon Martinson, Dolores Payne, Dorothy Thompson, Ester Woodward. SOPHOMORES Barbara Brower, Phyllis Brown, Helene Colesie, Annetta Foster, Edna Freeman, Jeanne Gerard, Margaret Gilmore, Kathryn Hertzog, Betty Jacoby, Ruth Jaffa, Marjorie Lenz, Dorothy McNees, Ethel Newman, Vir- ginia Russel, Marjorie Strauss, Roberta Valentine, Berniecc Weaver, Lorraine Wilson. FRESHMEN Arlene Cameron, Rhea Nathan- son, Ruth Tarnutzer, Mary Ellen Wurdeman, Portia Young. PLEDGES Helen Baumgartner, Jeannette Cooper, Gerry Cornelius, Har- riette Degen, Phyllis Edwards, Betty Geary, Julia Geiger, Erene Gregory, Lois Lamberton, Row- ena Reeve, Virginia Richard, Virginia Sandberg, Mildred Schwartz, Mildred Sullivan, Ruth Tatman, Carol Jane Thornton, Margaret Triay. 436 SANBORN BRANN President SENIORS Wesley Addy, Tom Bastyr, Florence Blackman. Sanborn Brann, Grace Brizzolara, Ruth Franklin, Carolyn Coldwater, Yvonne Gregg, Ruth Hill, Mar- garet Hodge, Jack Holland, Dorothy Lauth, Charles Lewis, Angela McCormick. Rosine Mc- Dougall, Herb Mitchell, Jack Morrison, Marjorie Morse, Gene Nielson, Nell Northrup, Jean Rennie, Diana Smith, Peggy Stamps, Janet Wan Resseneiaur. JUNIORS Charles Bahme, Stanley Brown, Betty Jo Bilger, Frances Brady, Lloyd Bridges, Connie Briscoe, Jo Ann Carlson, Betty Dunn, Peggy Foster, Alan Hinsdale, Bernice Millmann, Beth Ried, Pat Price, Julia Schloesser, Daisy Strachan, Arnita Wallace, Alice Wass, Walt Wortham, Margaret Yoder, SOPHOMORES CliH Carpenter, Helene Colesie, Barbara Dunn, David Epstein, Joan Erimin, Fenton Earnshaw, Ardele Gratiot. Stephen Lett, Ralph Schuam, Marjorie Strauss, Jessie Spitzer, Mary Kay Wil- liams, Claudia Wolfe, Eugene Worzel, Erwin Zander, Russell Zinke. FRESHMEN Caroline Connors, Frances Good- rich, Bob Lopez, Kathleen Mad- den, Bill Okie, Dorothy Simp- son, Betz Wilson UNIVERSITY DRAMATICS SOCIETY HONORARY DRAMATIC ORGANIZATION Wf f t. 6 Bastyr, Blackmail Brizzolara, Franklin. Goldwater. Gi-egg Hill, Hodge, Lauth. McDougall, Mitchell Mai ' i ' iyon, Nielson, Northrup, Van Resseneiaur, Millman, Schloesser Wallace, Wass, Bahme. Brown, Bilger, Brady. Bridges Briscoe, Carlson, Dunn, Foster. Hinsdale, Lewis, Earnshaw Strauss, Williams. Zander. Goodrich, Madden. Simpson. Ballai ' U Coppin. Boardnian, Crandall, Howell, Kalish, Orr, Rouse 437 UPSILON ALPHA SIGMA HONORARY ADVERTISING FRATERNITY BETSY PEMBROKE President Aldrich. Antola Blackman, Bolduc. Bradbury, Evans Garoutte, Hannah. Howe. Robison RothenberK. Weeks. Dugiiid, Merrill. Reynolds. Rice Schneider. Sloop. Tilden. Turnotf. Wentzel. Brady Ford. Kanne. Osborn. Paup. Green, Reynolds HONORARY MEMBERS Dr. George Robbins, Mr. Carl A. Bundy, Mr. Guy Burroughs, Mr. D. E. Kinnett, Mr. Charles Maguire. SENIORS William Aldrich, Arnold Antola, Florence Blackman, Maurice Bolduc, Mary Bradbury, Elsa Evans, Robert Garoutte, Shirley Hannah, Paul Howe, Alvin Rob- ison, Aaron Rothenberg, Mary Lou Weeks, Stanley Williams, Kay Wilson, Margaret Young. JUNIORS Margaret Duguid, Denny Fred, Mary Merrill, Betsy Pembroke, Coleman Reynolds, Thomas Rice, Milton Schneider, Miriam Sloop, Alice Tilden, Louise Turnotf, Ramona Wentzel. SOPHOMORES Dorothy Bowman, Shirley Brady. Durban Ford, Douglas Johnson, Charles Kanne, Edwin Osborn, Frank Paup, Mary Wierman. FRESHMEN Raydene Green, Roberta Monks, Barbara Reynolds. 438 ZETA PHI ETA HONORARY SPEECH ARTS FRATERNITY GENE NIELSON President FACULTY Alice O. Hunnewell SENIORS Betty Asmus, Florence Black- man, Grace Coppln, Carolyn Coldwater, Virginia King, An- gela McCormick, Gene Nielson, Marjorie Nickum, Nelly North- rup, Verna Bates Phillips. JUNIORS Yvonne Gregg, Arnita Wallace. FRESHMAN Kathleen Madden PLEDGES Francis Goodrich, Dorothy Simp- son, M ' Lissa White, Mary Kay Williams. Asmus Blackman Coppin Goldwater, Northrup Gregg, Wallace, Madden Goodrich, Simpson, White, Williams 439 Green foliage adds to the simplic- ity and beauty of this majestical tower of Royce GENERAL ORGANIZATIONS Aridrews, Avington, Clausen, Holden. Holt Johnson. Rogers, Sharpe, Sherman. Sullivan Thamas. Thompsen, Thompson. Whitlow AREME MARIA L. GREEN President • Membership — Faculty: Frank H. Reinsch. Seniors: Nira An- drews, Martha Edgington, Freda Coertz, Maria L. Green, Agnes Holt, Dorothy K. Johnson, Mary Rogers, Anna Scott, Mildred Sharpe, Marjorie Sherman, Betty Thompson, Ella Ulrich, Eleanor Van Slyke. Juniors: Margaret Avington, Dorothy J. Caldwell, Lor- raine Cantine, Dorothy Doyle, Mary Jane Dyer, Margaret Hart, Ruth Heineman, Janet Hutchings, Cwyneth Lewis, Dorothy Sul- livan, Hah Jean Thomas, Dorothy Thompson. Sophomores: Eulalia Azorlosa, Barbara Bennett, Margaret Bennett, Elizabeth Bromely, Hettie L. Clausen, Gertrude Cooper, Dorothy Fothergill, Virginia Holden, Marie La Tasa, Mary Mullerweiss, Virginia Perry, Naomi Roach, Virginia Stich, Peggy Swinborne, Clara Thompson, Elyne Thompson, Bernice Widman. Freshmen: Betty Berry, Dorothy G. Boye, Eleanor Locke, Dorothy McComb, Fredith Mullerweiss, Katherine Roach, Evelyn Whitlow, Frances Wolfe. • Areme was founded in 1923 by Eastern Star members for the purpose of promoting friendly relations among the Masonically affiliated students. The foremost qualification of membership is participation in various social and philanthropic activities. 442 Bjork, Buchan. Clausen. Crandall, (Ireen Henkes. Herlinuer. Johnson. Jueneman. Babbidge O ' Neal. Payne. Thomas. Thompson. Wilt MASONIC AFFILIATE • Officers Fall Semester — President, Louis McCreery; Vice-Presi- dent, Dolores Payne; Secretary, Gwendolyn Brewer; Treasurer, Joe Jueneman. Masonic Affiliate Representatives: Dorothy Thompson, Justus Henkes. President, Dramatics Club: Cwyneth Lewis. Masonic Club Representative: C. H. Dodds. President. Macafen Club: Fraser Jester. Resident Hostess: Mrs. Lida Kemp- ton. Representative, Board of Directors: Thomas B. Buchan. • Officers Spring Semester — President, Marvin Babbidge; Vice- President, llah Jean Thomas; Secretary, Hettie Louise Clausen; Treasurer, Joe Jueneman. Masonic Affiliate Representatives: Dorothy Thompson, Justus Henkes. President, Areme: Dorothy Johnson. President, Dramatics Club: Dwight Crandall. Masonic Club Representative: Dr. David Bjork. President, Macafen Club: Karl Herlinger. Resident Hostess: Mrs. Lida Kempton. Repre- sentative, Board of Directors: Thomas B. Buchan. President, Ptah Khepera: Vernon Wilt. Representative, Senior Board: Harold O ' Neal. • The Masonic Affiliate Council, elected by the members of the Masonic Affiliate Club, is the governing body of the organization. LOUIS McCREEY President 443 First row: Knudsen, Calhoun, Williams, Briglio, Green, Brown, Robin. Second row: Pearson, Stine, Sebastian, Shenk, Haverfield, MacMillan, Lindsay. Third row; Sabin, Doose, Lewis, Kirchhoter, MacDonough, Nollac, Malmuth, Murphy, HOME ECONOMICS ASSOCIATION DOROTHY KIRCHHOFER President 444 • Officers — President, Dorothy Kirchhofer; Vice-President, Mil- dred McDonough; Secretary, Evelyn Pearson; Treasurer, lone Sus- zycki. Class officers — Senior Class: President, Virginia Sebastian; Vice-President, Lisette Nollac; Secretary, Barbara Milliard; Treas- urer, Thelma Stine. junior Class: President, Inez Caddell; Vice- President, Mary Haverfield; Secretary-Treasurer, Katherine Kaiser. Sophomore Class: President, Dorothy Malmuth; Vice-President, Rhoda Cilmore; Secretary, Rachel Roy; Treasurer, Helen Burford Freshman Class: President, Dorothy Murphy; Vice-President, Virginia Allabach; Secretary, Adeline Ziegler; Treasurer, jimmie Standeford. • The Home Economics Club, composed of all the members in the Home Economics Department, renders valuable service. First row: Carpenter, Goldsmith, Fislner, Grossman, Bergin, Brewer, Harrison, Sibley. Second row: Pugh, Murphy, Wilkinson, Dixson, )ohnson, Merriam, Rosin. Third row: Simpson, Euphrates, Boyd, Whittaker, Paup, Lewis, Osborn, Valentine, Massey, McLean. SOPHOMORE SERVICE SOCIETY • Faculty; Earl Millei. Members: Bud Bergin, Edward Boyd, C. L. Brewer, Cliff Carpenter, Edward Dixon, Stanley Euphrates, John Fisher. Jack Goldsmith, Maury Grossman, Gilbert Harrison, Al Johnson, Tom Lambert. Monte Levenstein, Bob Lewis, Fred Ly- man, Scott Massey, Steve McClean, George Merriam, Bill Murphy, Edwin Osborn, Frank Paup, John Pugh, Bill Reitz, Sid Rosen, Howard Salisbury, Karl Schuttenhelm, George Sibley, Jim Simpson, Norwood Smith, Dick Valentine, Arthur Waxier, Jack Whittaker, Frank Wilkinson. • The Sophomore Service Society is composed of Sophomore men who have been outstanding during their Freshman year. Its purpose is to be of service on the campus and to forward friendly relations in the Sophomore class. TOM LAMBERT President 445 First row: Dr. Petsch, Caleazzi, Barasch, Puknat, Martlus, Kline, Webecka. Second row; Youkstetter, Kremen, Miller, Halmos, De Morelos. Third row: Withers, Huber, Petersen, Mrs. Bowman, Carling, Campbell, Dr. Reinsch. GERMAN CLUB SIEGFRIED PUKNAT President • Membership — Faculty: Frank Reinsch, Philip Petsch. Christcl B. Schomaker, Godfrey Ehrlich. Seniors: Valda Carling, Catherine En- geln, Inge Foerstel, Lillian Huber, Grace Miller, James Morgan, Louise Petersen, Virginia Urich, Ernest Webecka, Jack Withers, juniors: Lena Bott, Alyse Halmos, Siegfried Puknat, Sven Reher. Sophomores: Ann Barasch, Virginia Caleazzi, Marie Huber, Evelyn Kremen, John Lane. Freshman: Ela Martens. • The German Club was founded in 1923 to encourage student in- terest in German literature and language. It includes in its exten- sive program, lectures, musicales, informal discussions given in German, and other activities of a more social aspect. The most outstanding event of the year was the party given during the Christmas holidays. 446 First row: Garrett, Manwarring, Sullwold. Markham. Parke, Halmos, Colesie. Second row; Brady, Porter, Sim, Adamson, Dunn, Ediund. Y. W. C. A. • Cabinet — Officers; President, Maria Markham; Vice-President, Bernice Garrett; Secretary, Betty Robison; Treasurer, Olivia Red- wine. Committee Chairmen; International, Margaret Sullwold; Economics, Clotilde Farter; Religion, Marion Tooze; Conference, Bernice Ediund; Community Service, Hildegard Adamson; Sages and Dunces, Emily Larkin; Kindred Spirits, Frances Wakamatsu; Worship, Wathea Sims; Social, Ella Mae Manwarring; Hostess, Joy Mae Parke; Personnel, Alyce Halmos; Publicity, Helene Colesie; Freshman Club, Barbara Dunn; Flying Squadron, Frances Brady; Staff; Executive, Fay Allen; Associates, Elizabeth Boyden, Eliza- beth Flinn, Frances Warnecke. • The Young Women ' s Christian Association, a non-denomina- tional organization, promotes social contacts and service. MARIA MARKHAM President 447 WESTWOOD CHRONICLE ' ' M- METEOROLOGY STUDENTS AND THE COMMUNITY Royce Hall ' s architectural design was inspired by that of the Church of San Ambrogio in Milan. The University and Southern California • Deriving its life blood from the steady stream of student activity within the Uni- versity, the growth of Westwood Village has steadily kept pace with the growth of U.C.LA. Beautifully planned and artisti- cally constructed, it reflects in every man- ner the influence of constant contact with youthful minds and progressive ideas. The relationship between collegians and mer- chants has always been one of cheerful co- operation and mutual support, the student patronizing local enterprises enthusiastically and receiving whole-hearted backing in their activities. 450 • As one of the major universities of the Southland, U.C.LA. has a definite com- mercial as well as cultural relation to the people and life of Southern California. From within these walls young men and women go forth to take their places in business activities. Consequently, the academic cur- riculum is greatly influenced by the com- munity ' s needs. And lastly the complex life of the University with its many phases provides a widely diversified market for the products of Southern California industry. The University and the region in which it lies are thus mutually dependent. The Editor and Manager wish fo express their sincere appre- ciation and thanks to the following merchants of Westwood Village for their cooperation in aiding the 1934 SOUTHERN CAMPUS. AMERICAN MAID SHOP ANN WILCOX GOWNS BLUE ' N COLD BARBER SHOP BOB ' S BARBER BEAUTY SHOP BROWNE OF WESTWOOD BRUIN FLOWER SHOP CRAWFORD ' S PHARMACY EILEEN ' S ORIENTAL SHOP EL SACUARO CIRCULATING LIBRARY DR. EVA WOODS HAMNER SON HELEN RUPPERT ' S BEAUTY SALON HI HO COLLEGE COURT LeCONTE CLEANERS LEONARD B. NORMAN MARLOWE C. JANSS, DRUGS PHELPS-TERKEL POTTER HARDWARE CO. SAWYER ' S SCHOOL OF BUSINESS SCOLES PRINTING COMPANY TAPPENBECK CULVER VILLAGE FROCK HOSIERY SHOP VILLAGE JEWELER SILVERSMITH WESTWOOD CHEVROLET COMPANY WESTWOOD HILLS BOOT SHOP WESTWOOD SPORT SHOP WESTWOOD VILLAGE MARKET 451 ■ Q. SCHOOL OF BUSINESS LEARN TO EARN! SAWYER SCHOOL OFFERS: ALL COMMERCIAL COURSES . . . RAPID ADVANCEMENT . . . FREE PLACEMENT SERVICE ENROLL TODAY CONVENIENT LOCATIONS 941 WESTWOOD BLVD., OX. 8108-WLA3S833 8TH AND FLOWER STS., TRINITY 3876 Crawford ' s Pharmacy LUNCHES - PRESCRIPTIONS - NOTIONS Corner Broxton and Kinross Avenues Phelps-Terkel Collegiate Attire for Men ... 1047 Westwood Blvd. The Village Jeweler and Silversmith Jewelery — Silverware — Trophies 1127 Clendon Ave. WLA 32222 El Saguaro Circulating Library 1 1 32 Clendon Ave. Patricia Huddleson Eileen ' s Oriental Shop Distinctive Gift and Art Objects 1131 Clendon Ave. under the sliding GLASS ROOF breakfast — luncheon tea — dinner DANCING every night no cover charge to students Wylie-Sykes College Court Orchestra [•li-vati ' hanquit room FOR RESERVATIONS: wla 55122; OR 4821 WILSH IRE at WESTWOOD COLLEGE COURT 452 Exclusive Agency ELIZABETH ARDEN Toilet Preparations MARLOWE C. DRUGS 951 Westwood Bou In the Village W.L.A. 33746 JANSS levard -11% i Ws ijfl- A ilPMnNTEN©] CAMPUS PRINTERS ENGRAVING EMBOSSING Telephone 1921 Westwood Blvd. wla 33765 Westwood Village STATIONERY OFFICE SUPPLIES TAPPENBECK Cr CULVER Photographic Supplies Developing and Photo Finishing Expert Processing and Enlarging of all miniature camera negatives. No grain development. 10958 WEYBURN AVE. Phone V .L.A. 32536 OPPOSITE V ESTVv ' OOD VILLAGE THEATRE WESTWOOD ■ JUl H ' MERCHANDISE VILLAGE UMii WHOLESALE MARKET fltwT TO 1071 Glcndon Ave. Slii llliK ' " ' MATERNITIES Westwood Village W.L.A. 31112 Sales " PiJj P SORORITIES FORD Service Leonard B. Norman CAYLEY KINROSS OX 0208 WLA 31116 Potter Hardware Co. Ltd. 1020 V estwood Blvd. Vv LA 34210 Westwood Sport Shop 1018 Vy estwood Blvd. Blue ' n Gold Barber Shop 10908 Le Conte Helen Ruppert Beauty Salon 1001 Glendon 453 Some of our campus politicians in a lighter moment. The more prominent non-orgs rally around. M ••4-49, Fruit Juices Hot Chocolate Ice Cream Toppings ALL SODA FOUNTAIN SUPPLIES TO CAMPUS CO-OP • • • Nesbitt Fruit Products INC. Los Angeles ' Ksr -oei ' Quality . . . j ou can taste iDOHl MILK FARMS _»ff; , Save at CAMPBELLY New and Used Text Books Complete Classroom Supplies 10918 Lc Conte Avenue At the Campus Gate Westwood Village 454 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1934 From HOTEL ST. FRANCIS U.C.L.A. Headquarters in San Francisco Management ----.... James H. McCabe LET TANNER MOTOR TOURS Furnish You Luxurious Parlour Cars at Reasonable Rates For That Excursion — OR — Come on one of TANNER ' S Seven Regularly Scheduled Sight-Seeing Trips Thru Southern California Including Huntington Library Trip 320 S. Beaudry Los Angeles Mutual 3111 Vi t a I i z e Your bea uty and talent Without plenty of vitality one simply can ' t keep looking and doing one ' s best. Good bread supplies endurance energy more efficiently than any other food. Be Sure it ' s i ■ Ceorgie Porggie Puddin ' ' n ' Pie drank milk and made the Alpha Sigs cry. Bill He ath chooses his beauties measure for measure. 455 The Biltmore Hotel Los Angeles THE BILTMORE BOWL, the new evening dancing spot, became imme- diately popular with both college students and alumni. The Bowl is the largest, finest and most beautiful night club in this country. Lowest rates, most popular music, and the finest floor show in the world. Continuous dancing and entertainment from 7:30 to clos- ing time — no intermissions. Friday night is featured as College Night, with special jamboree features. Special arrangements made with college fraternal organizations, and group parties, at attrac- tive rates, for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. Open every night except Sunday. Free parking. THE RENDEZVOUS, a new daylight dancing room, has also become ex- ceedingly popular. Dancing from noon to six o ' clock. No cover charge. Luncheon $1.00, or a la carte service at moderate prices. Open every day except Sunday. ROOM RATES at the Biltmore have recently been reduced to $3.50 single, and $5.00 double. The Biltmore is the football headquarters in Los Angeles. 456 , may be the name of just another sweater to you, but just ask any Letter- man who owns a genuine Wil Wite Award ! ♦Product of OLYMPIA KNITTING MILLS, INC. Olympia, Washington AUTHORIZED AGENTS SIXTH AND BROADWAY klRA 5522 WILSHIRE BOULEVARD x 6555 HOLLYWOOD BLVD. Jp - ' 3409 UNIVERSITY AVENUE if Three of the " better known " Seniors. Some of the D. C. nuggets. Dean " Famous for Friendliness " Laughlin and some of her pals. INSURANCE BROKERS Berkey Bros, and Spaulding INSURANCE ADVISORS 437 So. Hill Street Ml 1314 Celluloid Buttons Trophy Cups Premium Ribbons Badges and Medals WESTERN BADGE and BUTTON COMPANY 120 Henne Building • 122 West Third Street VAndike 7288 Los Angeles, California 457 UNION SERVICE STATIONS, INC. BOB SPARE, Mgr. Station No. 943 Union " 76 " Gasoline Stopwcar Lubrication Firestone Tires 1 160 Westwood Blvd. CARPENTER ' S TEXACO SUPER SERVICE F. C. CARPENTER Fire-Chief Gasoline Certified Lubrication Goodrich Tires 1215 Westwood Blvd. TANK EMPTY? ' ' FILL UP STANDARD STATIONS. INC. Station No. 164. T. E. BARMAN, Mgr Standard Lubrication Atlas Tires 1 175 Westwood Blvd. SHELL SERVICE, INC. WM. L. SCHUSTER, Mgr. Station No. 310. Shell 51 Point Upkeep System Goodyear Tires 1151 Westwood Blvd. Beverly Hills 401 N. Rodeo Dr. RICHFIELD EAGLE SUPER SERVICE MASSEY and KASTINC Firestone Distributors — Protective Lubrication Westwood Village DILLINGHAM OFFICE 4837 No. Huntington Drive CApitol 13012 TICKETS For all occasions reserved sear reel and strip PLANT 4837-4847 No. Huntington Drive PRINTING CO. It s foolish to pay too much, but dangerous to pay too little Meats of Qualify Furnished the Co-op Fountain and Crill By California ' s Leading Butcher ALLEN HOTEL SUPPLY CO., INC. 131-133 North Los Angeles Street TRinity 4691 GLOBE TICKET COMPANY OF CALIFORNIA TICKET DESIGNING AND PRINTING SINCE 1872 ESPECIAL ATTENTION TO TICKET REQUIREMENTS FOR SPORTS, DRAMATICS, CONCERTS, DANCES and other Student Activities BOOKS RESERVED SEAT ROLLS 420 So. San Pedro St. LOS ANGELES " As Near as Your Telephone " 459 ri _Mri .J ] Ed and Pat are two w.k. members of the of- ficial football house. Phil Edwards and Bill Murphy work at twilight, athlete sweeps, co-eds sing. OFFICIAL U.C.L.A. " ' ' ■ ' V ' - ' t ' X RINGS Juniors, Seniors are eligible to and Alumni " official o " ' y fif U.C.L.A. Ring ON SALE AT CO-OP STORE OR A. Meyers and Co. U.C.L.A. 1031 W. 7th St. FRATERNITY JEWELRY CRUE ' W.4TCHES GORHAM SILVER DIAMONDS and CO. Inc. EiTiihing ou need in Jewelr ' and Stationery 1031 WEST SEVENTH STREET Opposite K H J (Don Lee Co,) Free Parking MANUFACTURERS OF LACQRLAID YEARBOOK COVERS FOR SCHOOLS that APPRECIATE FINE WORKMANSHIP COAST ENVELOPE AND LEATHER PRODUCTS CO. 220 Rose Street Mutual 9131 Los Angeles 460 :T «i ' ' ' " " J - ■ ' r ' -; 11 Dance WITH THE STARS at the WORLD FAMOUS Cocoanut Grove " of The AMBASSADOR HOTEL " If ' here the W orld meets Hollywood and Hollywood meets- the World ... " The center of Smart Movie end Social Life of Southern California. Every outdoor sport available at this great hotel. Rates lowest in years. B. L. FRANK Manager Mj— STERILIZED LINEN SERVICE • COWNS • UNIFORMS • TOWELS • NAPKINS for • DOCTORS • DENTISTS • DRUGGISTS • BEAUTY SALONS Complete Restaurant Service UNION TOWEL and CASE COMPANY AN 0187 125 N. Mission Road Los Angeles Richard William Ackerman talks over grid- iron prospects for 1954 with William C. Our pal Kunsemiller folds them nicely for Union. The Thetas needed a vacation and so — 461 Like a wise old buddha, the rotund dome of the library broods with benign dignity over the campus scene. To those friends of the University who have so generously assisted in the financing of the 1934 Southern Campus we give our most sincere thanks and best wishes. T. V. ALLEN BRANT RANCHO DOHRMANN HOTEL SUPPLY CO. CLAZER BROS. lUDELL S. M. HASKINS L. A. PIE CO. O ' MELVENY, TULLER, MYERS ZIEGLER LAWLESS 462 GREETINGS FROM THE LOS ANGELES ENGRAVING COMPANY PRODUCERS OF THE ENGRAVING FOR THE 1934 SOUTHERN CAMPUS 463 In Photography qoll vJood A MARK OF DISTINCTION 464 Meet Your Friends in the Associated Students Cafe Kerckhoff Hall Service is rendered continuously in the Student Cafe during school hours under the management of Mr. C. M. McClure. Special facilities are available for private banquets, luncheons, and teas. Reasonable prices, delicious foods, and convenience are the outstanding reasons why students prefer to eat on the campus . . . v here the Associated Student organization profits by their patronage. Kerckhoff Ilatl uas preseiilid as u gift to the Associeited Students hy Mrs. KerckhofJ as a ineinorial to her late husband. If illiani G. Kerckhoff , noted Cali- fornia pioneer anil state builder. 465 Our man Burnside puts over the All U Sings. Kappa Deltas gather for their daily gossip. Victory! and the first U.C.L.A. cox ' n splashes. DINE DANCE ROMANCE Hollywood More Collegiate festivi- ties are held at the Holly- woncl-Roosevelt than any- where else. ( " rood music — good service and prices that are kind to your pocketbook. HOLLYWOOD JEFFRIES BANKNOTE CO. Since 1894 FORTIETH ANNIVERSARY YEAR • Printing • Lithographing • Engraving S ciializ ed printing of Bond and Stock Certificates 117 Winston Street, Los Angeles TRinity 9511 ROOSEVELT I HOTEL OAVt BOICi, MGB. )oe E. Brown warms his customary place on the Bruin bench. Harry Trotter gives some tips to Jr., better known as " Duke " . Dr. and Mrs. Sproul are always welcome at Westwood. 466 IN CONNCCTtON EARTHQUAKE PROOF •ILAZA FAMILY COMMERCIAL HOTEL SERVICE 100°o COURTESY VenMlating and Soft Wafer Systems ABSOLUTELY FIREPROOF San Diego ' s Headquarters For Students and Families Rates $1 .00 to $2.50 1037 4th St. at Broadway The Blackman sisters — Fran leads her Spurs and Flo rules her officers. Bob Anderson is Assistant South- ern Campus photographer. A sextette of militarists face the booming camera. Hendricks, Shellaby and Ringer are U.C.L.A. ' s Am- bassadors of Good Will. Our athletes " train " for the northern game. Levin and Burnside prepare to spur the boys on at Palo Alto. They ' re BOUND to be Good! When it comes to Binding Books School Annuals Editions Commercial Binding It will pay you to consult with Bookbinders Corpn., Ltd., MASTER BOOKBINDERS Binders of the " Southern Campus " In Los Angeles For Nearly a Quarter of a Century 1120 Maple Avenue Phone PRospect 1351 Los Angeles Member of the N.R.A. 467 TO SENIORS Make your reservation for your Cap and Gown early. Rental fee of two dollars will assure you of a Cap and Gown during the period from Baccalaureate to Commencement. Order your graduation announcements and invitations now. NEW — MODERN— DISTINCTIVE of U.C.L.A. Located in KERCKHOFF HALL on the campus, the CO-OPERATIVE STORE is owned and operated by the Associated Students of the Uni- versity. Any profit accruing from its operation is devoted to student en- terprises. Convenient, mutually beneficial, it solicits your trade. ' h- KEILC KJ-40 PP HALL ALL TEXT BOOKS AND CLASS ROOM SUPPLIES ARE PURCHASED UNDER FACULTY REQUISITION . . . YOUR GUARANTEE Of AUTHENTICALLY CORRECT MATERIALS. 468 r77 V (J HERE is a reason why we have had the privilege of producing SOUTHERN CAMPUS eight years. Cyin undivided service of a united staff of artisans who always m e the best they have. " Q-UAnipturvv W- ' t ' CREATORS AND PRODUCERS OF FINE PRINTING BOOKLETS . . . LETTERHEADS BROADSIDES AND SPECIAL EDITIONS CARL A. BUNDY QUILL ) PRESS 1228 South Flo ver Street LOS ANGELES. CALIFORNIA Telephone PRospect o547 EDITORIAL STAFF • A feeling of relief and of remorse prevails as the final pages are assembled — the production of this volume has reached its termination. From a prospec- tive view one realizes more than ever that the work of producing such a book is not that of a few but of many, each an indispensable part of the whole. Each and every member of the staff may be assured that his efforts have been more than appreciated by the editor. Impossible as it is to single out the most diligent helpers on such a project, recognition of the constant efforts of a few cannot be denied. • As Associate Editor, Beverly Keim bore his share of the responsibilities by constantly working with the editor on many problems and, above all, on the tech- nical task of making layouts. As ever before, Helen Files and Jean Miller were marked by their dependa- bility, and both rightfully earned the title of Assist- ant Editor. Every credit is due Marjorie Alice Lenz for her energetic work in organizing and compiling the administration section. Ceorgiana White fulfilled her position as editor of women ' s activities to the highest degree of workmanship. As sports editor. Art Murphy more than did his share, and to him deepest thanks are extended for his never-ceasing efforts. Fanchon Martinson, as editor of campus activities, is to be commended for her thoroughness in organizing that section. Betty Lingo, too, is de- serving of the same praise. To Chuck Leinbach is due the credit for the completion of the organization section. His constant and diligent work, together with that of the other members of the staff, is worthy of the highest praise and thanks. The position of feature editor is no small task, and to Colver Briggs is due much credit and thanks for his efforts in the compiling and making of technical layouts. To other members of the staff who worked so diligently throughout the year — George Roundthwaite, Phyllis Edwards, Ramona Wentzel, Barbara Reynolds, Mil- dred Sullivan, Roberta Valentine, and others too num- erous to mention — too much praise cannot be given. • Only a person who knew the who ' s, what ' s, where ' s, why ' s and when ' s about the campus could produce the clever write-ups which appear through- out the book. For these, the editor ' s deepest thanks are extended to Carl Skinner. • All the merit which may be given this volume for its pictorial and photographic interest is due to the efforts of James Andrews, who, together with Bob Anderson, spent untold hours in endeavoring to make the book as complete and representative as possible. • Too much credit cannot be given John B. Jackson, representative of Carl A. Bundy Quill Press, print- ers of the Southern Campus, for the many long hours spent with the editor planning and helping to pro- duce the book. ]. C. Jessup, general manager of the Bundy Quill Press, rendered invaluable service in engineering the technical end of publishing the volume. • Mr. Benson and Mr. Archer, of the Los Angeles Engraving Company, gave their personal time and services to make the engraving as near perfection as possible. Flourney Carter represented the Coast En- velope and Leather Products Company, makers of the cover. The Bookbinders Corporation had charge of the binding. The Archer Studio handled portraits. • Harold Houghton, artist for the book, is deserving of much praise for the admirable manner in which he handled the difficult theme. His work is of the highest quality, and for his over-generous services the editor is more than grateful. FLORENCE BLACKMAN Editor JEAN MILLER Assistant Editor BOOK I ADMINISTRTION Marjorie Alice Lenz - - - Editor jean Berggren- - - - - Assistant Phyllis Edwards - - - - Assistant Harriet Hinds ----- Assistant Una McClelland - - - - Assistant Bernice Weaver - - - - Assistant BOOK II CLASSES Betty Lingo ------- Editor Marjorie Clark - - - - Assistant Cleora Crawford - - - Assistant Phyllis Edwards - - - - Assistant Mary Etta Freese - - - Assistant Jayne Higgins - - - - Assistant Polly Pelphrey - - - - Assistant Margaret Pierce - - - - Assistant Barbara Reynolds - - - Assistant FLORENCE BLACKMAN Editor BEVERLY KEIM Associate Editor BOOK III UNIVERSITY WOMEN Ceorgiana White - - - - Editor Francine Bercheraz - - Assistant Betty Cannell ----- Assistant Nell Wade ------ Assistant BOOK IV CAMPUS ACTIVITIES Fanchon Martinson - - - - Editor Features ----- Colver Briggs Publication - - Barbara Reynolds Drama ----- Alice Holsclaw Debate ----- June Batchelor Music ----- Ruth Woodson Dances - - - - Roberta Valentine BOOK V BRUIN SPORTS Arthur Murphy ----- Editor Buron Durley ----- Assistant Ralph Claab ----- Assistant Marion Crimes - - - - Assistant Harold Keene ----- Assistant George Roundthwaite - Assistant Jack Theriault - - - - Assistant HELEN FILES Assistant Editor BOOK V Ramona Went Fraternities Sororities Phrateres - Honoraries Ass ' t. Editor Editor Editor Editor Editor Editor Editor Ass ' t. Ass ' t. Ass ' t. Ass ' t. Ass ' t. Ass ' t. I Organizations zel - - - - Editor Charles Leinbach Mildred Sullivan - Lorraine Wilson - Virginia Beattie - Kay Biederman Arleen Cameron - Phyllis Edwards - - Betty Geary Rachelle Pinkham Roberta Valentine - Bernice Weaver PHOTOGRAPHIC STAFF James Andrews ----- Editor Robert Anderson - - - Assistant Robert Barlow - - - - Assistant Ray Greenhill ----- Assistant 470 MANAGERIAL STAFF • With the collecting of the last few dollars, all In- come budgets are met. This brought to a successful close a year which was predicted to be the hardest of them all. This success was brought about by the un- tiring efforts and sincere cooperation of the members of the managerial staff. • To Betsy Pembroke, Associate Manager, much praise must be given for her effective work through- out the year. As advertising manager she succeeded in organizing a staff which, in spite of adverse eco- nomic conditions, sold enough advertising to exceed the expected income. Assisting the advertising man- ager was Louis Turnoff, who proved to be the most capable salesman on the staff. In mentioning this successful campaign, credit must be given to Mr. Frank Paup, Robert Garouth, Layden Green, Charles Kanne, and Bobbie Monks who served as solicitors. • To Alice Tilden, Women ' s Manager, credit must be given for the business like manner in which the financial end of the Senior section was handled. Or- ganizing a staff of approximately fifty girls, she suc- ceeded in securing a large number of reservations which produced a greater income than had been an- ticipated. Sincere thanks is due the Senior Picture staff members for their loyal work. • Coleman Reynolds, Sales Manager for the first semester, was resp onsible for the well organized sales campaign which resulted in a large circulation for this book. He was ably assisted by the untiring ef- forts of Kathryn Hertzog and Francine Becheraz. The February sales campaign was well conducted by Charles Kanne and Edwin Osborn, who succeeded in collecting for the deferred reservations and in con- tacting the new entrants. • Durban Ford, working quietly and efficiently as Organizations Manager, contracted for enough pages to meet the budget. During the second semester Ed- win Osborn, assisted by a capable staff, succeeded in collecting for these pages. • To Rosalie Salisbury, June McClelland, Barbara Reynolds, Clara Crawford. Mary Etta Fresse, and Arlyne Cameron, who worked as stenographers or as- sisted In record keeping, the manager wishes to ex- press his sincere thanks. • And finally to the Editor, Florence Blackman, sin- cere thanks is due for her cooperation with the man- agerial staff by keeping within the budgets and thus aiding in making the 1934 Southern Campus a finan- cial success. ARNOLD ANTOLA Manager ALICE TILDEN Women ' s Manager ADVERTISING STAFF Betsy Pembroke - - - - Manager Louis Turnoff - - - - Ass ' t. Mgr. citor citor citor citor citor citor citor citor citor Frank Paup ------ Sol Robert Garoutte - - - - Sol Raydene Green - - - - Sol Roberta Monks - - - - Sol Charles Kanne ----- Sol Newell Morris ----- Sol Edwin Osborn ----- Sol William Bell, III - - - - Sol Mary Elizabeth Jones - - Sol ARNOLD ANTOLA Manager DURBAN FORD EDWIN OSBORN Organization Managers SALES STAFF Coleman Reynolds Kathryn Hertzog - Francine Becheraz Charles Kanne - - Edwin Osborn - - Shirley Hannah Exec. Comm. Exec. Comm. Exec. Comm. Exec. Comm. Exec. Comm. Exec. Comm. MANAGERAL SECRETARIAL STAFF Yvonne Toolin Cleora Crawford Eliza Venn Helene Colesie Arlene Cameron June McClelland Rosalie Salisbury Barbara Reynolds Mary Etta Freese Roberta Monks Virginia May Phyllis Edwarc;s BETSY PEMBROKE Associate Manager SENIOR PICTURE STAFF Alice Tilden, Manager Phyllis Edwards Yvonne Hildyard Frances Brady Edith Matthewson Margaret Ellis Alice Werner Winifred Pelley Johanna Bernhard Marion Childress Betty Maltby Helene Colesie Jean Macmillan Florence Bennett Radine Hoag Bernice Weaver Mary Caynor Margaret Pierce Winifred Clark Billie Beadly Yvonne Toolin Cleora Crawford BUILDERS OF THE BOOK Art Work by HAROLD HOUGHTON Printed by CARL A. BUNDY QUILL PRESS John B. Jackson, representative Binding by BOOKBINDERS CORPORATION, LTD. Engravings by LOS ANGELES ENGRAVING COMPANY Charles W. Archer, representative Portraits by IRVING ARCHER STUDIO Covers by COAST ENVELOPE AND LEATHER PRODUCTS COMPANY Flourney Carter, representative 471 96% of the Students; at U. C. L. A. Read the BRUIN Regularly . . 30% of Students Read Second Newspaper. 14% of Students Read Third Newspaper. 8% of Students Read Fourth Newspaper. 48% OF STUDENTS DO NOT READ ANY OTHER NEWSPAPER. O ALUMNI Keep in Touch with the Campus. Subscribe to the BRUIN. It will be Mailed Daily for only $3.00 per year. Ctaitbmtaiteilu fStum 405 Hilgard Avenue Los Angeles, California OX 1 07 1 WLA 31171 INDEX Academic Adminifitration 17 A Caiiella Choir 191 Ackei-man, William C 35.41. 251 2y5 Aco»t«, Edgardo 323, 411, ' 4. ' )3 Activities 154 Adam. Wyvette 183, 424 Adams, Gordon 338 Adams, Jane 413 Adams, John - 342 Adams, Mildred 383 Adohr Farms 454 Awathai 404 Aiso, Doris Chiyolto 373 Albeck, Israel 165, 359 Albers, Myrtle 366, 396 Albert, Elizabeth 377 Alcorn, Lois 368 Alden, Katherine 381, 435 Aldrich, William 120, 430, 438 Alexander. Edith 400, 405 Alger, James 333, 348 Alias, Helen 365 Allabach, Virginia Nell 381 Allen, Elizabeth 414 Allen Hotel SuDply Co 469 Allen, Janet 375 Allen, T. V.. Jewelers 462 Allen, Robert 344 Allison, Lewis 349 Allison, Marjorie 374 Alpha Chi Delta 405 Alpha Chi Omega 364 Alpha Delta Chi 334 Alpha Delta Pi 366 Alpha Delta Theta ...- 367 Alpha Epsilon Phi 365 Alpha Gamma Delta 368 Alpha Gamma Omega 335 Alpha Kappa Psi 406 Alpha Omicron Pi ..- 370 Alpha Phi 371 Alpha Sigma Phi 336 Alpha Tau Omega 337 Alpha Xi Delta 369 Alumni Association 49 Ambassador Hotel 461 Ambrose, Katherine 386 Amelung, Jack 338 American Maid Shop 451 Anakin, Burton 47, 429 Anderson, Allen 343 Anderson. Charline 378, 399 Anderson, Fred 298, 350 Anderson, Helen 384 Anderson, LeRoy 192 Anderson, Marijo 368 Anderson, Norman J 358, 430 Anderson, Robert - 345 Andrews, Elizabeth 60, 364, 398 Andrews, Jack 137, 358 Andrews, James 116, 168, 345, 409. 421 Andrews, Jane 364 Andrews, John L 418 Andrews, Mira B 442 Andrews. Rosemary 419 Andrews, Sylvia 422 Antola, Arnold 42, 63, 91, 159 352, 409, 438 Applegate, Furman 355 Aiie. Harry 341 Archer. Studio „ 464 Archibald. Margaret ..371.412.419 Ardolf. Edythe 389 Areme _ 442 Armstrong. Ida 391 Ameill. Ann 379 Arnold. Eleanor 368 Arnold. Marjorie 381 Ashby. Diane 389 Ashen. Donald 276. 353 Ashley. Raymond 351 Asmus. Betty 432. 439 Associated Students 34 Associated Women 139 Athey. William 276, 353 Athletic Managers 252 Athletics, Women ' s 147 Atkinson, Ruth 371 Atkinson. Ruth V 30 Ault. T. J 61. 106. 332, 353, 430 Aurand, Margaret 390, 400, 405 Arington. Margaret 442 A.W.R. Christmas Dance 244 A.W.S. Council 142 Axline. Betty 376 Ayres, Dorothy 36 B Babbidge, Marvin 365, 426, 443 Badger, Mary 386. 405 474 Hagley. Edgar 334 Bagwell. Sannie 344 Bahme. Charles 437 BailifT. Laurence D 29 Bailey. Margaret 378. 397 Bainer. Lou 108. 368 Baird. Edna 368 Baird, Marjorie 386. 400 Baird. William 350 Baker. Augusta 364 Baker. Edgar 344 Baldwin. Teak 269 Ball. Alice 166, 400, 410 Ball and Chain 408 Ball, Carrol 339 Ball. John 351 Ballard, Jack 437 Band. Bruin 193 Banks. Doris 380 Bannister. Hall 396 Baritell. LaMont 306 Barker, George 421 Barker, Josephine 378, 396 Barlow, Robert 333, 342 Barnes, Katherine 395, 401, 428 Barnum, Ruth 371 Barrows, Isabel 378 Barry, Mary _ 363 Barter. Jack 342 Barton. Robert 339 Baseball _ 307 Baseball Lettermen 314 Basketball 273 Basketball Lettermen 282 Ba.ssett. Esther 400 Bassett. Kathryn 400 Bastyr, Tom 437 Batchelor. June 366. 422 Bateman. George 352 Baum. Maxine 400 Baumgarten. DeEtte 370. 400 Baumgarten. Dorothy 419, 425 Baumgarten. Helen 391 Baugh. Flay 342 Baugh. Frances 375 Bavier. Betty , 165. 401. 43G Bawcom. Ada Belle 390 Ba.xter. Laura 374 Beasley. Ruth 386 Beattie. Virginia 364 Beatty. Harry 363, 430 Beatty. Ray 353 Becheraz. Francine 374. 431 Bechler. Johanna 380 Beckwith. Jane 387 Beeman. David 333. 364 Bell. Emily 363 Bell. Gordon 306. 333, 338 Bell, Natalie 65 Bell, Virginia 432 Bemis. Harold 353, 418 Bennet, Eleanor 391 Benson, Doris 377 Benson, Jean 362, 377 Benson, Jeanne „ 386 Berch, Irene 366 Berenzwieg, Marvin 347 Berg, Grace _ 385 Berggren, Jean 370 Bergin. John 363 Berkes. Ross 332. 358 Berke.v Bros. Spaulding 457 Berkowitz, Eleanor 385 Herman. Jack 359 Bemeger. Mignonette 386 Bei-nhart. Johanna 365 Bernson. Harold 333. 347 Bernstein. Dorace 365 Berry. Betty 386 Berry, Martin 342 Berry. Mary 389 Berry. Razz 387 Beswetherick. Dorothy 401. 434 Beta Phi Alpha 372 Beta Theta Pi 338 Bidwell. Robert 358 Biederman. Katherine 375 Bilger. Betty Jo - 437 Bilgewater. Hector 431 Biltmore Hotel 456 Bird. Eleanor -....425 Birkenshaw. Eva _ 370 Birkenshaw. George 346 Bissel. Edward 363, 430 Bixbv. Frederick 341 Biork. Dr. David 443 Black. Alayne - 380 Blackburn. Joe 46. 332. 352 Blackman. Florence 61. 63. 81. 158. 375. 404, 437. 438. 439 Blackman. Frances....l43. 379. 431 Blackstonian 407 Blackton. Charles 332, 356 Blair, Robert 406 Blake, Robert 420 Blanchard, Frederick 26 Blatherwick, Norman 299, 332, 349 Blayney, Edwin ....332, 336 Blech, Janet _ 385 Bledsoe, Frances .375 Blight, Edward 47, 61, 88, 253, 353, 409. 430 Bliss, Charies „.._ 356 Block, David 359 Bloom, Burnice 189, 432 Bloom, William .347, 429 Blowe, Joseph 361 Blue, Ami _..„ 413 Blue Key ..- _ 409 Blue, Mary 371, 431 Bluen Gold Barber Shop 451, 453 Board of Control 42, 60 Board of Regents „...18 Boardman, True „ 437 Boards — _ 42 Bock, Dolores _ _ 380 Boden, Virginia 414 Boen, Doyle _ 346 Bolduc. Maurice ..._ 163, 438 Boiler, Howard 337, 411 Bolson, Sarah 433 Bolstean, Norman 350 Boly. Elwyn 408, 339 Bolyard, Marjorie 387 Bonaparte, Wallace 359 Bone. Hazel „ 366 Bonner. Robert 352 Bonsall, William 341 Bookbinders Corpn.. Ltd 467 Booker. Eleanor _ 384 Booker. Phylis 369 Boot. Virginia 374 Booth. Clinton _...346 Booth. Mary Catherine 381 Borely. Edward 112 Borchard. Charles 253 Borstein, Selma _ 388 Bottorf, Fred 348 Boucher, Katherine ..._ 432 Bourn, Nancy 377 Bourne, Arthur 192 Bouyer, Anita 386 Bovee, Clifton _ 337 Bowen, Edwin 420 Bowen, Jack 357 Bowers, Ada Marie 148, 428 Bowers, Hayes 313 Bowers. Margaret 383 Bowker. George „ 348 Bowler, Dean 341 Bowles, Joseph _ 343 Bowman, Clifford 46 Bowman. Edward 357 Boxing _ 324 Boyce. Madeline 412. 419 Boyce-Smith. John ....356, 406, 429 Boyd, Betty 371, 435 Boyer, Verdi 268 Brass. Louise 374 Bracht. Urban _ 362 Bracken. Earline 387 Bradbury. Mary Eleanor 390, 438 Bradford, William 62, 106, 162, 166, 191, 421, 355 Bradley. William 294 Bradstreet. Betty 370. 404. 410 Brady. Frances 368. 400. 437 Brady. Shirtey 384, 431, 438 Brady, Thomas 164, 421 Brahin. Freda — 416 Brainerd. William ....254, 333. 350 Brakehill. Gene 377 Brand. Marion 365 Bradel. Margaret 136. 381 Brandt. Betty 366. 405 Brandt. William 354 Brann, Sanford 343. 437 Brant. David 343. 430 Brant Rancho 462 Braueher. Sid 352 Braun. Irwin — 369 Brazil. Margaret 415 Breeden. Barbara 364 Brendlinger. Jacob 350 Brendlinger. Rod _ 350 Brennen. Elizabeth 374, 438 Brewer, C. L 353 Breyer, Carrie Belle 381 Bridges. Lloyd 280. 333. 352. 407. 416. 437 Briggs. Colver 161. 353 Briggs. Stanley 287, 341, 420 Briscoe, Constance Julia 381, 435. 437 Brizzola. Grace 401. 419, 437 Brockwav, Virgil 336 Brower, Barbara 391. 416. 436 Brown, Adabel _...387 Brown, Benjamin 165, 355, 421 Brown, Claude 346 Brown, Dorothy 367 Brown, Eleanor _„.385 Brown, Florence M 398 Brown, Helen 391. 436 Brown, Leonard 341 Brown. Marcella _ — 385 Brown, Margaret 382. 396 Brown, Phyllis 391, 436 Brown, Stanley 348, 437 Brown, Willisa 363, 382, 396 Browne, Barbara 400 Browne of Westwood 451 Bruce. Richard 337 Bruha. Maxine 395. 397 Bruin Band _ 193 Bruin Flower Shop 461 Bruin Sports _ 248 Bruington. Frances Isabel 370 Brunner. Robert 334. 333 Henry R _...26 Buchan. Thomas 443 Bundy. Carl A., Quill Press 469 Bundy. Clifford 346 Burbeck. Lucille 370 Burby. Mary _...368 Burch. Meriel 374 Burell. Joy 383 Burdette. Harriet 363. 371 Burdick. Miriam 367 Burdsal. Jane 371 Bureau of Occupations 64 Burford. Mary Anita ..._ 380 Burge. Helen 382. 433 Burham. Bonnie - _ 376 Burke, Barbara 384 Burke, Billy 252 Burke. Robert 423 Burkett. Durward ..- 324, 362 Burn, Jean _...386 Burnett, Grace Lee 412, 419 Burnham. Major 354 Burns. Bill 343 Bums. Lawrence Percy 353 Burnside. John 61. 63, 79, 254, 321. 411. 430 Burr, Albert 411,408 Burrough, Robert 185 Burton. Elizabeth 390 Burton. Farrell 351 Butler. Robert _ 345 Buttei-ivorth. Cecelia 370 Button. Frederic -...343 Butts. Helen 376 Byers. Katherine 432 Byerts. Robert 342, 418 Byerts, William 342 Cain, Elizabeth 370 Caldwell, Betty 368 Caldwell, Maurice 348 Calhoun, Donald 341 Calhoun, Dorothy Jean 381 Calhoun, Lucille A _ 382 Calhoun, Robert ...- - 353 California Daily Bruin .472 Cameron. Arlene 391, 436 Campbell, Beatrice 370 Campbell, James 355 Campbell, Margaret 386 Campbell. Valkyrie ...371.419.435 Campbell ' s Bookstore 451. 464 Campus Capers, 9th Edition ....174 Campus Capers, 10th Edition ..176 Campus Kaleidoscope 207 Canaday, John 50 Canavan, Frances 386 Canby, Charles 346 Canfield. Evelyn 422 Cantrell. Bernice 369 Carhart, Margaret 30 Carleton. Elizabeth 377 Carlin. Charles 348 Cariish, Robert 366 Carlson. Jo Ann 413. 437 Carlton. Charles _ 336 Carmack. Rodney 125, 380 Carmen, George 353 Carnes, James 332, 339. 408, 411, 416 Can). Robert 359 Carpenter. Clifford 343 Carpenter ' s Texaco Co 458 Carson, Eleanor 375, 435 Carter, Coral 383, 431 Carter, Fred 349 Gary, Shirley 368 Casanova, Josphine 433, 434 Case, Betty 356 Case. Virginia 356 Cash. Walter 333, 366 Cast, Mary 377,405 Catlin, Edith 378 Caukin, Wanda 380. 400 Cerro, Anton 354 Chandler, Philomene 383 Chasson, Sylvia 413 Cheek. Dorothy 389 Cheek. Madeline 366 Cheseboro. Marvin 357 Cheshire. Charles 263. 357 Chessman. George 342 Chi Alpha Delta 373 Chi Delta Phi 410 Chi Omesa 37! Chi Phi 340 Childs. Julia 381 Chisbaum. Virginia 81. 379 Chorus 184 Christiancy. Jessie 380 Christensen. Dorothy 366. 410 Christmas Dance 244 Chuman, Yemi 373 Church. Carolyn _...363. 379 Church, Charles 277. 288. 342 Churchill. Marie Elizabeth 381 Churley. Robert 339 Cianciarulo. Sally 391 Circle C ..- 411 Citrin. Ruth 365 Clark. Helen 377 Clark. Marjorie 380 Classes _ -.-48 Clausen, Hettie L 442, 443 Clement, Bertha 414 Clement, Ethelmae 387 Cleveland. Jeanie 375 Clive. Dorisan 374 Clothier. Marjorie 368 Clothier. Ruth 368 Coaches 250 Coast Envelope Leather Prod- ucts ,- 460 Coates. Ruth 364 Coats. Lee - -...63. 66. 259 Cochran . George 1 18 Codon. Bella 362. 385 Cohen, Arnita 365 Cohn, Loretta - 365 Cokeley, Florence _.-401 Colbom, Jane 397 Coleman, Mildred 369,385 Coles, Clara , 374 Colesie. Helene 369, 431, 436 Colichman. Ave 365 Colbran, Eleanor _ 381 Commins, Cecilia 405 Comstock, Pierson 339 Conkey, Catherine ...401. 419. 425 Cornell. Wilbur 354 Connor. Carolyn ..._ _...381. 399 Conrad. June 363 Conrin. Jo Frances ....153. 363. 374 Cook, Dorothy 382 Cook, Elva Bess 410. 414 Cook. Evelyn 377 Cook. James 166 Cooley. Mildred 363. 376. 431 Coop. Stiuire ...- 192 Cooper. Beivy _ 365 Cooper, Nancy 374 Cooper, Vance _ 339 Cooper, William 304. 351 Coppin. Grace 437. 439 Corbaley, Helen 386 Corey, Maritta ..._ 387 Corfman, Robert — 356 Cormack. Charles 135, 351, 418 Cornelius, Gerrie 375 Cornvvell, Ida Emilie 377 Correll . Ruth 399 Cory, Tom ...„ _ 348 Cossack. Jane 363 Couch. Hallie 384, 405 Coulter, Allison 379 Coulter. Joel _...136. 341. 418 Council, Associated Students ....40 Courtemanche, Jacques 351 Couturier, Artimise 150 Cowcrill, Lois 376, 427 Cowles. John Lemuel 353 Cox, George J 26 Coyne, Blanche 376 Craig. Marion - 371 Crandall. Dwight 437, 443 Cranfield. Shaw 60 Craven. Ann - 379 Crawford. Cleora 375 Crawford ' s Pharmacy 450. 452 Creighton. Louise 377 Crew - 301 Crew. Lettermen 306 Cricket - 326 Cripps. Nona Louise 395. 396 Crocker. Phyllis 383 Croft, Mary Frances 378 Crooke. Joe „...358 Crosby. Frank 53 Cross. Anne Moore 381. 399 Cross-country „ 318 Crother. May 372 Crow. Marjorie 387 Crowley. Mary Jane 371 Cuddell. Inez 364 Culp. Marnie 380 Gulp. Sally - 380 Culross. Bertha Mae 148, 428 Culver. Pauline 363, 375 Cunningham, Ralph 350 Curry. Rose Alice 389 Curtis. Robert _ 355 Cuzner. Edward 155. 252. 354, 408, 409 D Daily Bruin 162 Daily, Emogene 369 Dallwing. George 338 Dalton. Dorothy 362. 384 Daly. Ruth 399 Dances 241 Darbyshire. Frances 375 Darnall. May 415 Darsie. Marvin L 23. 27 Dastcel. Robert 332. 347 Daubney. Gail 381. 399 Daum. Richard 342 Davies. I ' red 355 Davis. Alvin 341 Davis. Estella 388 Davis. Gabrielle 379 Davis. June 371 Davis, Malcolm 126, 157 Davis, Mary Frances 432 Davis. Rosemary 58, 75. 405, 428 Davis, Sidney 359 Davis, Wilma 422 Dawson. Glen 408. 411 Day. Eleanor 142, 162. 378 Debate. Freshman 185 Debate. Men ' s 182 Debate. Women ' s 183 DeCamp. Raymond _ 354 Degen. Harriette 365. 436 Dekker. Mary Elizabeth... 153. 377. 431 De Laney, Dorothy 377 Delano. Donald 346 Delsasso. Leo - 53 Delta Delta Delta 376 Delta Epsilon 412 Delta Gamma 375 Delta Kappa Epsilon...- 341 DelU Phi Upsilon 413 Delta Sigma Phi 339 Delta Tau Delta. 342 Delta Upsilon 343 Delta Zeta 377 Deming. Jane 378. 432 De Morelas. Leonardo 433 De Mos, Sophia 400 Denton. Bryce - 353 Denton. Robert 333. 353 De Nubila. Audry 382 De Nubila. Mafalda 382. 433 Deshon. - 349 Dewenter. Henry 336. 429 Dexter. Robert 351 Diamond. Geraldine 391 Dickey. Jane - 386 Dickson. Edward A IS Dietrich. Eleanor 136. 379 Dillingham Printing Co 459 Dillon. Mary Phil 379 Dingeman. Dorothy 376 Dionysius. Betty 377 Director of Publications 156 Dixon. Edward 354. 408 Dixon. Ford 337 Dohrmann Hotel Supply Co 462 Doll. Marie 377 Donat. Ruth 414 Donatelli. Vincent - 406 Donlon, Tom 295, 342 Doolittle. Ruth 364 Doran, William 322, 348 Doud. Charles 353 Douglas, Dorothy 371 Douglas, Grace 377 Douglas Hall 397 Douglas. Jack 351 Dowds, Doi-othv 364 Dowell. Darlyn 370 Drama Workshop 173 Dramatics 160 Dramatics Board 44 Drew, Cedric 334 Druggel. Jean 3fl4 Drukker, Richard 347 Drukker. William 185 DulTie, Jacqueline 375 Duggan, Don . 344 Duguid, Margaret 132, 144, 384. 43 ' ! Dunn. Audrey 384 Dunn, Barbara 386 Dunn, Betty 386. 435 Dunn. Francis „ 334 Dunster. Beth 368 Durley. Byron 311 Dwiggins, Lawrence 3 8 Dwire, Carl 299 Dyer. Marv Jane 367 Dyer, Thomas 133, 349, 420 Eagan, Jack 253. 356. 408 Early. Lois 389 Earnshaw. Fenton ...407. 430. 437 Easterbrook, Valerie 428 Eastham. Harriet 396. 412, 425 Eby. Constance 422 E ldy. Robert 345 Edelstern. Henrietta 385 Edwards, Kenneth 411 Edwards, Phyllis 145, 161, 381. 436 Edwards. Ray 356 Edwards. Robert 352 Etiwards. Ross 350 Edwards. Tomlin ...381 Egly. Edgar 3.37 Ehrhorn. Mildred 413 Eileen ' s Oriental Shop 451, 452 Eisinger, Chester 347 Elizabeth, the Queen 171 Ellis. Margaret 372 Ellman. Grace 365 Elmendorf. George 55 Elpern. William 347 EIrod. Cecil 338 El Saguaro Circulating Library 451. 452 Elton, Hazel 401 Elwell, Dorothea 386 Emerson, Henry _ 350 Enders, John _ 351 Engelbert, Kathleen 387 Epstein, Harold 426 Epstein. Leo ....46, 60, 121, 347, 409 Eremin. Harriett Joan 388 Erickson, Lucille 434 Eriandson, Marguerite 383 Erwin, Margaret 422 Eslick, Arthur 355 Eumenides 178 Euphert, Stanley 337 Evans, Elsa 390, 416, 438 Evans, Paul 348 Evans, Ruth 377. 400 Evans, William 60, 351 Everett, Lawrence 193, 339 Everett, Marjorie 401, 415 Evers, Katherine 390 Faber, Katherine ...63, 94. 143. 394. 399, 404, 428 Faculty 26 Fairbrother, David 407 Fairchild, Helen 405 Fairly, Evelyn 394, 401 Farrington. Robert 476 Farrow, Bruce 350 Fasola. Gay 351 Faulk, Mary 394 Faulkner, Dorothy 371 Fay, John 343, 406. 409 Fay. Russelia Waters 381 Felker. Joseph -..- 37 Fencing 323 Ferguson. Carol 371 Ferguson. Hugh 311.349 Ferguson. Marie Louise.. ..375. 431 Fethero:f. Grace 167. 405. 428 Fiero. Margaret 425 Files. Gordon 351. 424 Files. Helen 158. 378. 422 Finch. Mildred 372 Findlav, . nne 399 Finley. Barbara 370, 431 Finney, Louise 384 Firminger. Patricia Ann 383 Fischer, Helen ....134, 362, 379, 431 Fischirnind, James -.347 Fish, Wendell - 332, 337 Fisher, John 343 Fisher, Mariedna 367 Fitzgerald, Betsy 376 FitzGerald. Louise _ 384 Fleming, Perse 352 Fletcher. John 352 Fletcher. Ruth 400 Flette. Fred _ 340 Flint. Frances 401 Focht, James 338 Folio, The 166 Foltz, Ruthe 387 Folz. D-ivid 50. 55 Football - 2.57 Football Lettermen 272 Foote, Doris 368 Ford, Durban 438 Foreman. Mildred 54 Forensics 45. 181 Forsch. Jack 359 Fosselman. Mary 389 Foster. Marguerite 369. 437 Foster, Thomas 353 Fournier, Jack 251, 309 Fowler, Estelle - 386, 435 Fowler. Virginia 413 Fox, Madeline 414 Fozzard, Sara 123,364 Francis. Elizabeth 381. 435 Frank. Howard 359 Franklin. Louise 143, 387 Franklin. Rollin 350 Franklin. Ruth 371, 435. 437 Franklin. Wayand 356 Frankovich. Mike 268, 309, 357 Franks. John 353 Fraternities 331 Fredendall. Dorothy 364 Fredendall. Katherine 364 Fredericks. Lynn 353 Freeman, Ann 376 Freeman, Persia 386 Freeze, Mary Etta 375 French, Jeanette 367 French, Marion 376 Freshman Basketball _ 281 Freshman Class 13B Freshman Crew 305 Freshman Dance 247 Freshman Debate 185 Freshman Football 271 Freshman Tennis 289 Freshman Track 299 Friedman, Estella 365 Friedman. Florence Belle 385 Friedman, Marion 365, 433 Friedman, Munroe Gerald 426 Fridner, Julienne _ 365 Fritz, William 357 Frost, Ophelia 398 Fry, Winona 380, 399 Fullinwider. Ted 348 Funnel, Robert; _ .354 Fusco, John 345 Gage, James 343 Gage. William , 333 Gail, Nancy 375 Gain. Ralph 355 Galisch. Erwin 411 Galliver. Adele 362. 368. 400 Gamma Phi Beta -...378 Gardner. Josephine „ 366 Garland, Anne 379 Garoutte, Robert 339, 438 Garrett, Banning 341 Garrett, Bernice 143, 375 Garrison. Irving 336. 408. 411 Garey. Madelaine 434 Gary. Gordon 253. 352, 408, 409 n rv. PVhard 342 Gates, Niles 350 Gauker, Janet - 372. 415 Gauntt, Imogene 381 Gaynor. Mary 374 Geary. EMzabeth Margaret 381, 436 Gehan. Betty 369 Geharkens, George 345 Geiger. Julia - 369, 436 Geisler. Frances 401 Geisler, Marjorie 401 Gemmer, Helena 387 General Organizations 441 George, Paul 340 George, Sheena 377 Gerard, Dora 415 Gerard. Jeanne 374. 436 Gerdner. Margaret 422 Gerke. Herman 406. 408. 411 German Club _ 446 Gershowitz. Phillip ...-252. 347. 408 Gessner. Melva 401. 419 Gibbs. Glenn 354 Gibbs. Maurine 412 Gibbs. Si 281 Gibson. Cordner ..._ 276 Gibson. Drucilla 374 Gibson. John ...332.341 Giffoi-d, Kenneth 354, 408 Gillespie. Ada Marie 151 Gillett. Kenneth - 353 Gillmor. Marjorie 370 Gillmore. Violet 382. 397 Gimenez. Dolly 377 Ginn. Maurice 357 Gise. William - 336. 430 Gi kill. Patricia 364 Glade. Henry 340 Glaescher. Emme Lou 384 Glass. Louise 384 Glasscock. Constance 384 Glazer Brothers and Judell 462 Glee Club. Women ' s 189 Globe Ticket Company 459 Gloor. Virginia 371 Goertz. Katherine .378 Gold. Robert 3.59 Gold. Thelma 385 Golden. Bernice 362 Goldsmith, .Tack 418, 429 Goldsmith, Maury 304 Goldstein. Fugene ...- 429 Goldstein. Serene 385 Goldwater. Carolyn 61. 76. 202, 386, 435, 4.37, 439 Golf 327 Gomez. Louise -.389 Gonzales, Harold 337 475 Good. Carter 2S9 Goodhue, Marjorie 364 Goodrich. Frances 364. 437. 439 GotKiwin. John I ' 5 Gordon. Kate - 31 Gordon. Molly 395.400 Gorham. Richard 357 Goslich, Erwin 344 Gossard. Louise 3S4 Gottahalk. Irving 347 GouKh. Mariraret 374,410 Graduate Manager 35 Graduate Seniors ...128 Graham. Cathryn 374 Granraer. Brenda 397 Grant. Margaret 379 Gratiot. Ardelle 395, 431 Gratiot, James 343 Graves, Evelyn 367 Graves, LaVerne 350. 430 Gray. Kathleen 391 Gray. William 47. 62. 95. 358, 409 Greek Drama 178 Green, Eleanor Mae 370 Green. Evelyn _ 401 Green. Maria 436. 442. 443 Green. Raydene 370. 43S Green. Robert 29S GreenbcrE. Alex 347 GreenberK, Natlie 365 Greene. Peptjy 375 Greenebaum. Sam 347 Greenhill. Raymond 349 Greenlee. Doris 383 Greenwood. Marye 432 GrecK. Laura - 422 GreKC. Yvonne 437. 439 Grejxory, Emalou 391 Gregory. Erene 391 Gresswell. William 358 Grey. Richard 354 Grey. Stuart 338 Griffin. Edith 376 Griffin. Jane 364 Griffin. John 343. 420 Griffin. Pegruy W 391 Griersby. Holeman 357. 420, 430 Grim. Martha 38, 40. 60. 62. 67. 205. 387, 404 Grimes, Marinell 376 Grossman, Frank 418 Grossman. Maury 429 Grothaus. Marjorie 399 Guedel. Gretchen — 376 Guedel. Marian 356 Guernsey. Jean 384 GuETpenheim. Marjorie 365 Gute. Elizabeth 382. 427 Gym Team - - 321 Hackett. Suzanne 380 Hagerman, June 376 Hihn. Horace 184 Haifht. Horace 277, 289, 348 Hait. Evelyn ...- .- 367 Hallen. Vivian 166. 410 Hallock. Janet 368 Halmos. Alyse 390. 400 Hamilton. Andrew 162, 167, 421 Hammond. Estelle _ 364 Hammond. Kathryne 3( 4 Hammond. Wilmer 342 Hamner and Son 451. 452 Hampton. Betty - 370 Hampton. Noble 357 Hancock. Frances 367 Handbook. Student -167 Hannah. Harriet 387 Hannah. Shirley 362. 391. 438 Hanson. Charlotte 433 Hanson. Wanda — 366 Haradon. Howard 357 Harden. La Vone 413 Hardinp. James 350 Hardwick. Gaillard 384 Hardy. Lenore _ 363 Harley. Fierce 337 Harmon, Edward 358 Harmonson. Leo 335 Harrincrton. Eleanor 364 Harrington. Monty 55 Harris, Allan 359 Harris. Ben __ 347 Harris. Earl - 356 Harris. Guy 318 Harrison. Frederick 338 Hartranft. Lillian 432 Hartunc. Carol 412. 419 Harvey. Adela - 387 Harvey. Robert 336. 340 Harvey. Ruth 377 Harwell. Henry 346 Haskins. S. M _...462 Hasler. Naomi 412 Hassler. Edgar 40. 60. 74. 204. 266. 357 Hastings. John 346 Hatch. Albert 30. 40. 46. 127. 343. 408. 409. 430 Hatch. Charles _ 343 Hatcher. Margaret 378 Haverfield. Mary 398 Hay. Marjorie 384 Hayden. Corinne 396,434 Hayden, Wanda....l43, 424, 426. 428 Haydock, Janace 419 Hayes, Caroline _ 422 Hayes, Jack 348 Hayes, William 357 Haynes, John R J8 Hays, Mildred 391 Hayter. Frances 37 Healy, Belly - 377 Hearsh. Irwin 347. 429 Heath. William 46.102,416 Hedrick, Earl R 30 Hedrick, Frank 356 Hegness, Brenda 364 Heineman. Ruth 372, 379 Heistand. Margaret 369 Helen Mathewson Club 414 Helgesen, Bernice 143, 369, 404 Helms, Jane 380 Helwhig, Richard 358 Henderson, Mary Jo 368 Hendricks, Porter 39, 41, 60, 65, 196. 352. 407, 409,430 Hendry, Bob 266 Henkes, Justus 352, 443 Henry, David - 297 Henry, Evelyn 384 Hensberger. Irene - 383 Hensey, William 40, 47, 62, 182, 424 Herlinger, Karl 334, 418, 443 Herrman. Jane 369 Hei-shey. Jack 343 Hershman. Sara 364 Hertford. Haves 109. 332. 333. 350. 406. 429 Hertzog. Kathryn 165. 369, 431 Hickev, Thomas 350 Hicks. Jess 41. 114. 188. 358 Hickson. Mary Ann 376 Hiestand. Margaret Jane 413 Hiccins. Donald - 429 Higgin. Jerome 420 Higgins. Jayne 431 Higgins. Virginia 52 Higman. James .- 340 Hi Ho College Court 451. 452 Hildvard. Yvone 376 Hill. Mary 380 Hill. Merton E —.24 Hill. Ruth 386. 437 Hilleger. William 220 Hillman. John 346 Hilt. Tom 329 Hiltibrand. Glenna 368 Hiltner. Martha 387 Hilton. Verne 354 Hinds, Harriet _ 362. 370 Hinsdale. Alan 345. 437 Hiss. Carroll 38C Hitchcock. Catherine 380 Hixon. Richard ....188. 354, 408, 430 H. Je ne Company ..._ 455 Hoag. Radine - 374 Hobart. May 164. 369. 428. 436 Hobson. Mary Margaret 375 Hockberg. Fred 350 Hodge. Margaret 145. 394. 395. 399. 428. 437 Hodgkins. Jean 151. 394 Hodgson. Robert W 28 Hodson. Merrit Webb 433. 357 HofTman. Marie _ 434 HofTman. Martha Aberta....381. 399 HofTman, Rolf 31 Hoffrogge. Betty 382. 433 Holbrook. Isabel -.374 Holden. Virginia 442 Hollingsworth. Cece .271.321.325 Hollingsworth. Virginia 375 HolII.stcr. William 358 Holloway. Sam — 350 Hollywood Roo.sevelt Hotel 466 Holmby Hall 398 Holmes. .Alice 377 Holmes. Maryland .381 Holmes. Peggy 377 Holmes. Vivian Anne 381 Holt. Agnes _...442 Homecoming Dance 242 Homo Economics Association.. 444 Handa. Viola 373 Honor Edition 62 Honoraries 403 Hood. Martha 377. 422 Hopkins. Jane 371. 405 Hopkins. William 346 Hoppe. Dorothy 376 Horowitz. Louise 385 Horrell. E. C 271 Horsman. Katherine 383 Horton. Gilbert - 347 Hor ' an. Patricia 369 Houdvshel. Roberta 384 Houghton. Barbara 376 Houser. Blanche 374 Houser. Frederick 51 Houser. Robert 342 Hovsei ian. Deron 334 Howden. Gordon 334 Howe. Doris 405 Howe. Dorothy 368 Howe. Edith _ 364 Howe. Frank 288 Howe. Paul. ...354. 409. 421. 430. 438 Howard, Beverly 367 Howard, Mary Sue 386 Howard, Robert ..356 Howard. Van 342 Howell. Jane 437 Hubbard. Ralph 339 Humjjhrey. Dorothy 370 Humphrey. James 340 Hunt, Betty Gene....40. 97, 142. 149. 366. 404. 405. 428 Hunt. Briggs _ 325. 409 Hunt. Dorothy 134. 145, 378 Hunt, Nancy 152, 399 Hunter, Merril 379, 435 Hupp, Betty 362. 378 Hutchings, Isabella 379 Hutchinson. Paul 52 Hutchison. Hazel .,..368. 431 Hutchison. Margaret 152 Hutchison. Maxine 369 Hutton. Joy 343 Hyland. Jack - 357. 420 I Imelli. Jane 164, 380 Informal, Senior 247 Interfraternity Dance 243 Interf raternity Junior Council. .333 Interfraternity Presidents Coun- cil - 332 Tntra-Mural Sports 328 Irvin. Patricia 386 Jack.son. Hubert.. ..296. 318. 354. 409 Jackson. John 55 Jacobsen. William 327. 349 Jacoby. Betty 431 Jacoby. Eleanor 3S3 Jaffe. Gertrude 385 Janss. Betty 410 Janss, Marlowe C, Drugs 451, 453 Janssen, Eleanor 405, 414 Jarrttt, Richard 346 Jayvee Crew _ 304 Jeffery. Elsie M - 36 Jeffries Banknote Company 466 Jenkins. Betty 364 Jenkins. Harold Ill Jennings. Carroll 190 Jewell. Ward 357 Jillson. Margaret 390. 412 Johns. Shelby 278 Johns. Wilbur ., 281. 328 Johnson. Allen ..349. 418 Johnson. Dorothy 442. 443 Johnson. Edith 413 Johnson. Joan 376 Johnson, Lugene _ 422 .Tonnson. Parley -357 Johnson, Robert 337 .Tohnston, Janet 390 Jones. Carolyn 381 Jones. Charles 338 Jones. Edna 391 .Tones. F. Nowell 355. 427 Jones. Florence 422 Jones. Gordon 104 Jones. Lucile _ 391 Jones. Mai-y Elizabeth 374 Jones. Ruth 372, 405 Jones. Virginia 428 Jones. Winfield 333. 344 Jordan. Irving _ 342 Jorz. Anita 364 Joy. Ada Lou 37G Joyce. Robert 339 .Tueneman. Dorothy 374 Jueneman. Fred 332. 340. 430 Juneman. Joseph J 34. 443 Junior Class 132 .Tunior Prom 244 .lunior-Senior Cord Dance 246 Jurow. Svlvia _ 423 Just. Dorothy 387 K Kahn. Ruth 385 Kalb. Leslie 37 Kaleidoscope. Campus 207 Kalish. Leah ...- 362, 388, 437 Kallmeyer. Pauline 397 Kanne. Charles ....159. 338. 429, 438 Kanne. Frank 338 Kanne. Warren .....338 Kanter. Naomi Lilyan _.388 Kaplan. Victor 347 Kappa Alpha 344 Kappa . Ipha Theta. - 379 Kappa Delta „ 380 Kappa Kappa Gamma 381 Kappa Phi Zeta 415 Kappa Sigma 346 Kappa Tau Delta 382 Karlofl. Boris 326 Katencamp. Edmond 338 Katerndahl. Vivian _ 377 Katleman. Beldon 359 Keim. Beverly 158. 296, 353, 409 Kelly, Arthur 352 Kelly, Frances 376 Kelly, Peggy _ 386 Kemmerer, Mary Elizabeth 394, 401, 434 Kendall. Kathleen 422 Kendall, Marjorie 365 Kendis, Merwin 323, 408, 411 Kerlee, Marien 156 Kesslar, Phyllis 362, 374 Ketchum, Gracy Mary 377, 412, 419 Kettnick. Paul 345 Kiefer. Willow 378. 431 Kildahl. Frances 370 Kilgore. Dorothy _ 364 Kincaid. Joseph 354. 408 Kindel. James 61,71.199.332. 358. 406, 409 Kinnell, Peter 336 Kirchhoffer, Dorothy 444 KirchofT. .Alicia 383 Kirk. Maryellen 370 Kirsch. Dorothy — 144 Kitch. Josephine 145, 148 Kleinbauer, Joe 352 Kleiner, May 388 Kleinsorg. Marjorie 379 Klingberg. Frank J 26 Klipstein. Peggy 379 Knolle. Clarabelle - 422 Knox. Barbara 386 Knox. Edwin 3.50 Knox. Harryette 380 Knox. Janet - 379 Knox. Josephine - 380 Knox. Merrill 349 Knudsen. Vern 26 Knutson. Carol _...399 Koch. William 355 Koenig. Milton - 335 Kossack. Jane 363, 380 Kraemer, Freddie 378 Krohn. Margaretha ...375. 413. 435 Krueger, Erwin 119.332.343. 409. 420 Krueger. Milton 359 Krupp. Carlyn 365 Kunsemiller. Fred 339 LaComb. Robert 353 Lacy. Sara Blair 377. 415 Lakenan. Neil 348. 418 Lambda Chi .Alpha 345 Lambert. Horace 340 Lambert, John 353 Lambert. Tom 407. 445 Landon. Katharine 379. 428. 435 Landrum. Elizabeth 412. 419 Lansdowne. Hortense 384 Laporte. Ruth 414 Lappin. Helen 397 Lapsley. Betty 387 Larsen. Blanche 423 Larson. Ester 309. 362. 436 Larson. Ralph 352 Lasley. John 341 Latch. Edna 432 Latta. Marnelle 381 Laughlin. Helen M 22 Laulhere. Bernard 313. 358 Lauth. Dorothy-.370. 416. 417. 437 Lawrence. Frank 344 Layne. Dagney 368 Leahy. Beatrice. .370. 400. 433. 434 LeBaron, Florence 405 LeClaire, Walker 348 Le Conte Cleaners 451 Lee, Dorothy 374 Lee, Robert 338 Leete, Marriett 308 Leighton, Betty 371 Leinbach, Charles 352 Le Moyne, Phyllis 423 Lenz, Marjorie Alice 160. 370. 431. 436 Leonard. Frederick C 29 Leonard. Mary Elizabeth. .386. 431 Leonard. Norman 426 Leonard. William 336 Letterman ' s Dance 245 Levenstein. Monte 347 Le ' enthal. Sylvia 385 Levin. Belle 385 Bernard 40. 124. 255. 426 Levy. Don 347 Lewis. Edward George 426 Lewis. Elizabeth 368. 400 Lewis. Harrietta 375 476 Lewis. Jean 437 Lewis, Robert 429 Lieberman. Mendel 359 Lieberman. Rose Helen 385 LigKett. Richard 358 Lifhtner, ClifT 266 Lillard. Elizabeth 386 Liliywhite. Dale „ 349 Lindsay. Mar ' Lou 378 Linco. Betty 113. 362. 380 Linthicum. Dick 281 Little. George 40. 100. 332. 336. 411. 429 Livengood. Jo _ 46. 351 Livesay. Ransom 262. 319 Lloyd. Elizabeth 414 Lloyd. Francis 358 Lehman, Anne — 394. 395 Long. Dale 358 Long. Hugh 336 Lord. Frances - 383 Los Angeles Engraving Com- pany 463 Los Angeles Pie Company 462 Lott. Eloise - 383 Lett. Sinclair 262. 296. 350 Love. George Ann 380 Love. Tom _ - 340 Lowe. Frank 343 Luce. Helen 377, 400, 415 Ludman, Marian 374 Luebesen, John - 334 LuValle, James 295 Lyman. Frederick 341 M Maas. Richard 406 MacClean. Stephen 337 Kacdonald. Gwen Laurie 379 MacFadden. Ralph 279. 309. 342 Mack, Morris 352 MacLean, Donald 348 MacLean, Elizabeth _ 369 MacLennon, Duncan 335 MacLeod, Bessie Jean - 377 Maclise. Deming 50, 25 MacMillan, Andrew 353 MacPhail. Kemp -342 Macui-da, Mignon 370 Madden, Kathleen 371.437.439 Magarion. Mary Lee. 153 Maguire, Patty 386 Mahana, Leslie - 386 Maharg, John _....339. 407, 408 Maher, James 352 Mahon, Robert 333. 340 Mai.ii. Alfred 350 Maleev. Margaret 391 Mallows. Winifred _ 401 Maltby. Betty 369 Mand. Mary Kay 380 Mann. Howard 339 Manns. Richard 335 Mansfield. Harold W 28 Manuel, Margaret 370 March Hares 170 Markham. Helen 395 Markham. Maria 142. 428. 447 Markowitz. Emelie - _ 3SS Marks, Gerome 359 Marr. Emily 41. 61. 63. 72. 141. 197. 381. 400. 404, 435 Martens, Ela 399 Martin, Frances 375. 423. 433 Martin. Gilbert 297, 349 Martin, John 36 Martin, Lucille - 366 Martin, Phila 375 Martin, Virginia 366 Martinson, Fanchon-...161, 427. 42S Martz. Susanne 391 Marvel. Fauvette 369 Mason. Catherine 3S3 Mason. Dorothy 150. 383 Mason. Gertrude -386 Mason. John _ 333, 346 Masonic Affiliate 443 Massey, Scott 298. 342 Mateer. Mary 401. 423 Mathews. Rodney 344 Matioli. Katherine 364 Matthewson. Edith 400 Mattison. Eugene 348 Mattison. Polly 376. 427 Maule. Margaret 438 Maxwell, Bill 267 May, Myra _ 380 May. Virginia 374 Mc dam. William 346.407 McBain. Donald 334 McBride. George 30 McBumey. Florence 378. 399 McCalum. Howard 345 McCanely. Clarence 333 McCarthy, Elinor 371 McCarthy, Elizabeth. ...363. 386. 435 McCarthy. Marion ...60. 62. 64. 142. 198. 386. 400. 404. 43.T McCarthy. Rosemary 381 McClelland. Una 366.371 McCley. C. V 336 McCloskey. John 316. 337. 411 McClure. C. M 34 McConnell. Lawrence 346 McCreery, Louis 334, 443 McCullough. Betsy 39.5. 399 McCully. Barbara 362. 375 McCune. Kathryn 425. 434 McDonald. Ethelyn 369. 434 McDougall. Frank 358 McDougall. Rosine 416. 417, 437 McElheney, Alice 63. 145. 183. 404. 428 McElheney, John 407. 4(i9. 420 McFadde: ' .. Blanche 366 McGee. Dorothy 376 McGinnis. Earl 312 McGoey. Frank _ 346 McGue. Delbert 122. 263. 296 McGuire, Janet 377 McHarg, Jean 387 McHarge, Daniel 349, 418 McHargue. Robert 333. 349. 430 McHuron, Marjorie 380 Mclntyre, Janet 374 McKay. John _ 338 McKenney. Herbert 351 McKennon. Betsy J 391 McKinley. Arthur P 31 McKinnon, Donald 25 McLaren. Kathleen 378 McLaughlin. Patricia — 422 McLean. Elizabeth 363 McLean. Florence 369 McLean. Robert ...- 92, 293 McLeod. Martha 369 McMillan, Reginald 345 McN ' ee, Maurine - 375 McNees. Dorothy 374. 431, 436 McNeil. Barbara 375 McNeil. Virginia 375 McRitchie. Ernest 280. 3 ' 57 McVev. Charles 343 McWilliams. Edward 338 Mee. Elizabeth - - 369 Melancon. Clem 278 Melinkoff, Borice 359 Melone. Bernard 355 Mendenhill, Esther 414 Men ' s Athletic Board...- 43 Men ' s Board _ 43 Men ' s Debate 182 Men ' s Glee Club. 188 Menzies, Austin 317, 338, 407 Mercier, Marian 394, 399 Merriam. June - 364 Merrill, Egbert 335 Merrill. Mary 438 Merritt. Varine - 399 Mesirow. Harriet 385 Messenger. Bessie „ 387 Messier. Loring 346 Metcalf. Gloria 397 Mevers. J. A. Company, Inc 470 Mikels. Selma _...184. 365. 424 Military Ball 243 Miller. Ben 347 Miller, Bonnie - 365 Miller. Charlotte Jean — 431 Miller. Doris 391 Miller. Earl J 23 Miller. Georgia 364 Miller, Hugh _...30 Miller. Jack N 426 Miller. James 73. 293, 348 Miller. Jane 370. 375 Miller. Jean _ _ 365 Miller. Leonard 359 Miller. Loye E 28 Miller. Margaret — 374 Miller. Martha _ 371 Miller, William J 29 Milligan. Edna 376 Millikan. Margaret Jean 374 Milliken. Nancv 381, 399 Milliron. J. W _...353 Millman. Bernice 437 Minor Sports 315 Mira Hershey Hall 399 Misikofski. Bertha 398 Mitchell. Edna 385 Mitchell, Herbert 165, 336. 421. 437 Mitchell. Howard 350 Mitchell. Jean 363. 387 Mitchell. Nancy Jane. 362. 390 Mitchell. Norman 313 Mohan. Hidegarde .144. 370 Moiso. James 342 Moloney. Pat 324 Monford. Margaret 369 Monks. Bobbie 391 Monnastes. Geraldine 377 Monnette. Isabelle 369. 419 Monnette. Muriel _.369. 419 Monosmith. Burt 352. 409 Monten. Dorothea 378 Moog. Marie 398 Moore. Annie Pauline - 370 Moore. Carol 61. 107, 364 Moor " !. Ernest. Jr 343 Moore, Ernest Carroll 21, 53 Moore, Jeanette 380 Moore, Royda 371 Moore. William 349 Moran. Edward J 28 Morey. Kiyoko 373 Morgan, Betty Wright 381 Morgan, Glenn Dean ..406, 430, 337 Morgan. Henry __ 352 Morgan. William C 27 Morhor. Sidney 359 Morrie. Newell 429 Morris. Dorothy 385 Morris. Francis 358 Morris. Frank 132 Morris. Harry _36 Morris. Helen 374 Morris. Newell 354 Morris. Thomas _ _ 342 Morrison. Elva 36S Morrison. Jack 40, 85, 350. 409. 437 Morrison. Walter 346 Morrow, Marjorie 371 Morse. Marjorie 363. 378 Mortensen. Bernhardt 305 Mortimer. Henry 357. 430 Mosauer. Walter 316 Moss, i arl _ 339 Motion Picture Club. 415 Mott. Barbara 379 Moulin. Stewart 351 Mounier. Mina 401 Movius, Herbert 346 Mueller. Carolyn — ....414 Mueller. Marie 405 Mull, Virginia 384 MuUer, Marie 428 Mullins, Lois 371 Murphy, Arthur 160, 355. 421 Mun hy. Dorothy 387 Murphy. William 265. 29. . 310. 341. 429 Music Board 43 Musical Oragnizations 187 Musser. Robert 333, 337 Mycing, Peter 354 Myers, Eugene 354 Myers. Lawrence ...- 286. 358 Nason, Jessaline 374 Neary, Gertrude 405 Neilson, Gene 62. 118 Nelson. Harold 33S Nelson. Herman 348 Nelson. Lucille 414 Nelson. Myra 425 Nelson. Solvejg 189. 387 Nelson. Stella _ 387 Nesbitt Fruit Products. Inc 454 New Plaza Hotel 467 Newby, Perlita 374 Newcomber. Lee 286 Newland. Katherine 3S1 Newman. Harr ' 334. 429 Niblock. George 349 Nicholson. Grigsby 337 Nickels. Mildred 368 Niederhauser. Doris 386 Nielson. Gene 437. 439 Noble. Howard S - 27 Noonan. Jack 342 Norins. Martin 333. 359 Norman. Leonard B 451. 453 Northington. .Anne 374 Northrup. Nellie 43T Norton. Nora 364 Nossaman. Geraldine 381 Nutter. Hugh 349 Nyhus, Sid _ 78 Nyhus. Warren 342 O ' Banion. Helen 384. 434 Oberg. Ruth 370 O ' Conner. Helen 380 O ' Connor. Joe 305. 353 O ' Connor. William 343 Offutt. Nancy _.371 Ogier. Evelyn 39 " Ohlsen. . nna June 390 Okura. Kiyoshi -.427 Olden. Bernice 389 Oliver. Homer 354 Oliver. Kenneth 336 Olmstead. Myrta 86. 375. 435 Olmstead. Remington 264. 357 Olsen, John 59, 61, 69, 203, 343 Olson, Theodore 343 O ' Malley, Edward 158. 164. 188. 355.408. 421. 429 O ' Melveny. Tuller. and Myers 462 O ' Neal. Harold 3.34.443 O ' Neil. Harrv 41S O ' Neil. Phillip _ -.338 Onstott. Leora 374 Oratorio 190 Oratory _ 184 Orchestra 192 Organizations 330 Orr. Gertrude 371, 437 Osborn, Edwin 159. 438. 44S Osborn. Harold 340 Osborn. Lloyd 356 Osborne. Grace _.379 Osherenko. Joseph R 37, 156 Oster. Fred __ 270 O ' Toole. Dorothy 364 Ott, Helen _..412. 419 Overell. Raymond _ — 346 Overstreet. Betty 415 Owens. Eloise 399 Fadelford. Anne — 150 Page. Faye J87, 399 Paglinso. John - 357 Palmer. Leona 362, 386 Panhellenic Dance 242 Panhellenic Junior Council 363 Panhellenic Senior Council 362 Park. Don 327 Park. Helen 384 Parker. Betty 379 Parrott. Betty 380 Parsons. William 344 Part. Irwin 359 Partridge. Finette 476 Pastoret. Gertrude 400 Pastrone. Lina 433 P.itch. Constance 390 Patten. Malcolm 349 P.-itterson. Pat 264 Paul. Betty 368 Paulin. David 342 I aup. Frank 134. 333. 341. 418. 429, 43a Paxton. Donald 317, 411 Pame. Dolores....l42, 363, 391, 436, 443 Pearson, Frank 322 Peek. Arnold 41. 47. 62. 110. 332. 355. 426 Peers. Raymond 354 Pelphrey. Polly 380 Pembroke. Betsy....41, 159. 416, 438 Pence. Vincent 333. 358 Pendiel. Caroline 387 Pendleton. Janette 36i Perkins. Peggy 386 Perluss. Irving 34i Perriguey. Wilbur 344 Perrish. -Mbert 359 Perr ' , Donald 34o Pern.-. Eleanor 380 Pershing Rifles ..- «? Personalities -i;-,-? person. Benjamin ' ' • i-1 Peters. Ruth .- - 3l6 Petersen. Kathleen J Petler. Arthur — 3»9 Petrie. James «J- Pettis. Ruth _ 3 ' 6 Petzelt. Helen ' .| Phelps. Mathilde Morrison A } Phelps-Turkel -• ' ' 51, 4o2 Phi Beta - « r Phi Beta Delta. »4. Phi Delta Theta -j " Phi Gamma Delta " Phi Kappa Psi 2 " Phi Kappa Sigma. oi Philia Chapter J? " Philips, Neil - 3d6 Phillips. Catherine Job Phillips. Gerie o s ' ioo Phillips. Madeleine ' ,;S Phillips. Rosemary 369 Philips. Thomas - 4= Philokalia ' j Phi Mu -..-..- 3p Phi Omega Pi — ' on Phi Sigma Siema. J» Phi Upsilon Pi - «2 Phrateres ■-■ •■ ?„? Phratercs Executive Council. 394 Phrateres Presidents Council....395 Pi B«ta Phi 386 Pickett. Velma . — 164. 436 Fi Delta Epsilon- j-J Pi Delta Phi 4 ' 3 Pier. Betty - 380 Pierce. Clarence 4b P ' erce. Mar.caret - 375 Pierson. Rena - Pierson. Swan - 336 Pi Kappa Delta- 424 Pike. Charles 342 Pi Lambda Theta 42o Filone. Frank - 3o- Pincknev. Margaret 58. 60. 68. 144. 201. 371. 435 Pinckney. Ruth 60. 93. 144, 366 Plngree, Beth 374.416,428 477 Pinkhnnn, RHchcUe 1 lu. 160. 3C4 Pinn y, Warren 358 Filler, Hon 80. 275 Pirie. Helene 384 Pi SiKmii Alpha. 426 Plato. Ralph 345 Piatt. Conrad 347 Pnlich. Daisie 362, 367 Pool. Harold ....346 Pool. Willard 346. 407 Porter. Helen 367 Porter. Jane _ 363. 375 Porter. M, Burney 24 Potter Hardware Company, Ltd. 451. 453 Powell. Horothy Mae 364 Powell. Lucille 366 Poyen. John 338 Pray. Gene 357 President. Associated Students.. ..39 Press. Georpria Sylva..._ 388. 400 Priestman. Ruth 366. 415 Prince. Ellen 387 Proudstone. Dwight 333. 335 Prytanean 428 Psi Chi _ 427 Publications 155 Publications Board 45 Puch. John 336, 358, 418 Puknat. Sieefried 423, 446 Purely. Robert 342 Puthoir. Sara Ann 386 Pyle. John 358 R Radcliffe. Virginia 374 Rae. Christina 375 Rae. James „ 344 RafTerty. Ma. well 354 Rafferty. Tom 265 Rainey. Jack 265, 334 Raitzas. Ida _ 38,5 Rally Committee 255, 429 Rally Reserves 255 Rambo. Irene 63, 140. 426, 428, 436 Kamey. Arthur 333 Randall. George _ 348 Randall. Phyllis 390 Raphael. Laura 385 Rasmussen. Nora 391, 419 Ratner. Leonard „ 347 Ravitch, Madelyn 385 Ray, Marlin Ann 383 Read. Virginia 380 Redfield. Adele 379 Redw ine. Olivia 379, 435 Reed. Ellen 378. 431 Reed. Gilbert 355 Reed. Jack _ 358 Reel. Stanley 267. 343. 420 Reeve. Alan 342 Reisch. Lucile 40I Reithmuller. Thea . 380 Reitz. Bill 299. 350 Rex. Bryan 333 Reynolds. Barbara 160. 375. 438 Reynolds. Coleman 43s Rhodes. Jane 391 Rice. Marian 384 Rice. Mary Frances....366, 412, 419 Rice. Tom _ 163, 421. 438 Richard. Virginia 391. 436 Richards. Vernice 396 Richardson. E. S 36 Richardson. Joe „ 357 Richardson. Marion 363. 390 Richfield Oil Company 438 Rickey. Mary Lu 390 Riddle. Eugene 335 Rieber. Charles 22 Riesman. Sam „ 287 Rifle 322 Riley. Hazel ...395. 398 Rimpau. Ed 352 Ring. Helen 377. 405 Rippe. Virginia 41(1 Riter. Helen Louise....363. 377. 423 Ritzke. Katherine 397 Roath. Edna 380, 432 Roberts, Catherine 387 Roberts. Marjorie 371 Robertson, Barbara 401 Robertson. Edna 39 5. 401 Robillard. Alice 391 Robinson. Dorothy 365 Robinson, Joseph 342 Robison. Alvin 438 Robison. Betty 362, 387, 428 Robison. Clarence H 24 Rockey. Ordean 29 Roehm. Dorothy 383 Rogers. Hugh 117, 334. 409. 420 Rogers. Kenneth 294 Rogers. Mary 442 Rohnert. Dorothy 371 Rolph. James. Jr - 19 Rork. Ray 297 Rosenberg. Enid 385 Rosin, Sydney 359 Rosoff, Evelyn 363, 38. ' ) Ross. Ben 344 Robs. Edwin .346 Rosser. Gladys Jolly 189 Roth. Betty Jane 380 Roth, Sidney 332, 359 Rothenberg, Aaron 96, 163, 167, 359, 421, 438 Rothenberg, Edith 388 Rothman, Lillian Kay 388 Rothschild, Richard 359 Rouse, Marion 437 Rubin. Stanley 359 Ruby. Preston 350 Rudiak. George 359 Rudy Hall 401 Rugby 319 Ruiz. M. Florencia 433 Rupi ert, Helen, Beauty Salon 451. 453 Russell. Charlotte 381. 399 Russell. Virginia 431 Ryan. Fred 332. 334 Rydalch. Richard 343 Rvden. Roy 351 Rykolf. Dorothy 144 Rykoff. Judith 183. 365. 424. 426. 428 Sabin. Theadosia 362. 383. 400 Sachrison. Mary Jane. 372 Sage. Jean 376 St. Francis Hotel _...455 Salinger. Catherine Ann 376 Salisbury. Rosalie 375 Salm. George 348 Samuels. Enid 385 Sandberg. Virginia 369 Sanson. Leslie 60, 80, 200, 338. 407. 409. 420 Sargent, Katherine 370, ST4 Sarrail, Pauline 387 Sartori, Margaret 18 Sarver, Joe 262 Saufley, Robert 346 Savage. Elinor 400 Sawyer. Robert 351 Sawyer School of Business 451. 452 Sawyer. Theodore 355. 408 Saxe. Sara 385 Scabbard and Blade 430 Scar])itta. Maria 423 Schaefer. Herman Arthur 332. 348 SchaelTer. James 319 Schafer. Adalaide 362. 372 Schauer. Virginia 385 Schein. Gertrude 385 Schenkel. Martha 391 Schiller. Ben 350 Schilling. George 3. ' ;8 Schleicher. Gretchen 379 Schloesser. Julia 384, 416, 437 Schmidt. Theodore 3.38 Schneider. Lucille 389 Schneider. Milton 163, 438 Schofield. Betty 368 Scholarship and Activities Board 45 Scholl. Walter 351 Scholle. Virginia 54 Schon. William 345 Schoolcraft. Jane 371. 399 Schroeder. Robert 348 Schuck. Marcella 380 Schulman. Leon .339 Schulte. Louise 384 Schumann. William 354. 430 Schwartz. Berman 347 Schweer. Catherine 369 Schweer. Roland 338 Rchwisher. Doris 375 Schyen. Charlotte 365 Scoles P ' rinting Company....451. 453 Scott. Alfred 349 Scott. Loretta 363. 368. 400 Scott. Virginia .374 Scoville. Mary 378 Scowcroft. Marion 391. 436 S-?ase. Robprt 346 Sedgwick. Fred 333. 351 S-!eds. Janet 364 Seery. Betty 395. 400. 405. 428 S ' id. Estelle 365 Seitz. George 342 Sellers. Melvin 357 Senior Class _ 57 Senior Informal Dance 247 Senior Prom 245 Setnan. Dorothy .378 .Sewall. Bashford 349 Shanklanrt, Sidney 341 Shapiro. .Tos- ph 347 Shapiro. Rudolph 347 .Shardlow. Grace 385 .■ arpe. Mildred 142. 413. 442 Shaw. Frances 362. 363. 366 Shaw. Hartley _...3. ' 56 Shaw, John 348, 420 Shell Oil Company 458 Shellaby, Robert 41,61,63,70, 161, 349, 421,430 Shepard, Philip _...353 Sherman. Edith 414 Sherman. Margaret 364 Sherman. Marjorie 442 Sherman. Ruth 432 Sherrill. Mary Louise... 363. 372 Shertz. Betty 369 Shilling. Harold 356 Shinn. Kathleen ..._ 371 Shinn. Randolph _...338 Shoemaker. Nadina 364 Shoenberger. Virginia 372 Show. Virginia 36S Showalter. Ruth 377 Showman. Harry M 25 Shuey. Charles _ 34S Shuttenhelm. Karl 354 Sibbel. Irma 389 Sibley. George 338 Siefert. Nathalie 151 Siegel. Shirely 365 Siegal. Reva 385 Sigma Alpha Epsilon — 352 Sigma Alpha Iota 432 Sigma Delta Pi 433 Sigma Delta Tau 388 Sigma Kappa - 387 Sigma Nu 353 Sigmn Pi 354 Sigma Pi Delta 434 Silber. Madeleine 388 Silver. Ernest 359 Silverman. Shirley 362. 365 Silverwood ' s 457 Simaika. Farid 351 Simcox. Sarah _ 370 Simpson. Clifford 271 Simpson. Clyde 3.32. 345 Simpson. Dorothy 364, 437. 439 Simpson. James 343 Simpson. Ro! ert 357 Singer. Mortimer 429 Skinner. Carl 61. 87. 161. 165. 343.421 Slattebo. Oscar 353 Sleeper. Adelaide 434 Sloan. Ralph Varian ...408. 416. 427 Sloop. Miriam 98. 438 Smalley. Howard 429 Smalley. Robert 354 Smith. Bonnie Mae _ 434 Smith. C. Aubrey 326 Smith. Elton 310 Smith. Helen 401. 434 Smith. Herbert 304. 339 Smith. Julian 264 Smith. Marion 377 Smith. Marjorie 369. 375 Smith, Mona - 371 Smith. Nancy ...375 Smith. Norma 384 Smith. Norman 354 Smith. Norwood 349. 418 Smith. Orian 381. 428 Smith. Rebekah 381 Smith. Richard ..._ 58, 70, 77, 339 Smith, Robert 297 Smith, Ruth 432 Smith, Sam 333, 345 Snively, Emmeline 396 Snyder, John 337 Soccer 320 Soderstrom. Charles 304. 351 Somers. Andrita .364. 431 Sommer. Frances 388 Sonntag. Phillip 358 Sophomore Class 134 Sophomore Dance 246 Sophomore Service Society 445 Sorensen. Maxine 378 Sororities 361 Southern Alumnus 55 Southern Campus l- ' 8 Sowder. Tom SSS Spaulrling Jr.. William F 3.17 Spaulding Sr., William H. 31. 250. 259 Sneake. Samuel 353 Speer. Jack 349 Spencer. Jessie 190 Sports 248 Sorinvrfield. Andrew 3 Sproul, Robert Gordon 20 Spurgeon. Cordelia 190. 191 Spurs 431 Stafford, Mary Louise 374 Standard Oil Company 458 Stanford. Sam 288. 3.nO S»anlev. Frederick J 418, 4 ' ' I .Stanley. Rubv 401 Stanton. Frank 343 Stanton. Virginia 370 .Starbird. Georije 340 Starbiick. Robert 350 Rtawisky. Sam 268. 347 .Stearns. Theodore 31 .Stegeman. William 345 Steinfeld. Rose Renee 388 Stelle. Hermoine 374 Stevens, Edwina 363, 383 Stevens, Wixon 350 Stevenson, Dan 320 Stewart, Gail 332, 344 Stewart, Henry 340 Steyskal, Julian 346, 411, 430 Stichter. Robert 294 Stone, Edna 363, 384 Stone, Harriet 370 Stoner, Ruth 383, 400 Storty, Sam 263 Stover. Mary Lomax 396 Strain. Donald 254 Strand. Eleanor 413. 425 Strangman. William 346 Strauss. Marjorie 369. 400. 431. 436. 437 Streeter. Beverly 364, 370 Streeton. Jack 351 Strimling. Hilda 365 Strohm. Margery 362, 412, 419 Stroum, Elizabeth ..._ 425 Stuart, Isabel 381 Stuart, Jean 387 Student Administration 33 Students ' Cafe 465 Students ' Cooperative Store 468 Student Handbook 167 Sturzenegger, A. J 34, 270 Sullivan, Dorothy 432, 442 Sullivan, Henry 337 Sumner, Evangaline 366, 427 Sunday. John 336 Suszycki lone _.382 Sutcliffe. Janice 380, 432 Sutherland. Elizabeth 386 Sutherland. Janet _ 366 Suzuki. Florence 373 Swafford. Dorothy 376, 399 Swansjon, William 339 Swartz. Herbert 359 Swatt. Ida _ 365 Sweeley. Glenn 336 Sweet. Katherine 379 Sweetland. Ruth _ 374 Sweigle. Velinore 400 Swenson. Leroy 303 Swim, Ralph 406 Swingle. Earl E 24 Swisher. Elizabeth 391 Taafe. Harvey 316 Talpis. Hurley 359 Tanner. Mabel 364 Tanner Motor Tours 455 Tappenbeck and Culver 451, 453 Tarbell, Virginia 381 Tarnutzer. Ruth 381. 436 Tatman, Ruth 374, 436 Taube, Richard 350 Taylor, Anne 3S7 Taylor, Frances „ 377 Taylor, Jane 386, 410 Taylor, Jessie 363, 367 Taylor, Kenneth 339 Taylor. Ruth 377 Taylor. Virginia 397 Teague. Charles C 18 Teague, Mary 387 Teege. Jeanne 378 Tennis 283 Tennis Lettermen 290 Thayer. Payne 348 Thei.sen. Vernice 387. 401. 427 Theta Chi - 355 Theta Delta Chi 336 Theta Phi Alpha 389 Thete Upsilon 390 Theta Xi 358 Thomas. Evelyn Inez 381 Thomas. Hah Jean 391. 442. 443 Thomas. Starr 332. 406 Thompsen. Elizabeth 383, 442 Thomp.son, Dorothy ....391, 442, 443 Thompson, Edward 355 Thomi)son, John 346 Thompson, Miriam 395,398 Thomson, Carson 334 Thorpe, Marion 371 Thrift, Ilariet ....132. 159. 191. 366 Thurlow. Florence Ella 383 Tic Toe 435 Tidball. Jack 62. S3. 285. 409 Tilden. Alice 148. 438 Tillot.son. Adrian 338 Tilley. Norma _„.387 Tindall. Evelyn 368 Titcomb. Lillian R 25 Toilaro. Anna 433 Tolton. Peggy 381 Tompkins. Ruth 433 Tondro. Margaret 368, 394. 400 Toohey. Thomas _ 349 Toolen. Yvonne 167. 374 Toomey. Rav 312 Toothaker. Olive 401 Track - 291 Track Lettermen 300 478 Tracy, Doris 3S3 Traej?er, Frances 374 Trapi). Edgar 332, 346, 430 Trever, Betty 378, 399 Triay, Margaret Ann 369, 436 Tri-C - 436 Trotter Jr., Harry 265,280,311 Trotter Sr., Harry 250, 270, 293 Trusel, Helen 366 Trust. Irwin 359 Trti. aw, John 356 Turner. Gretchen 394. 401 Turnock. Marigrace....394, 400, 433 TurnolT, Louis 159, 163, 438 Twelfth Night -.177 Twinting, Marjorie 371 Tyre, Milton 347 U Udell, Adian 347 Undergraduates 131 Union Oil Company 458 Union Towel and Case Company 461 University Dramatics Society.. ..437 University Women 138 Upsilon Aliiha Sigma _ 438 Urquhart. Dorothy E 412. 419 Useem. John 426 V Valentine, Richard 298, 349 Vallens. Milt 407. 409, 426 Van Camp, Neil 344 Van Damm, John 338 Van Norman, Betty 399 Van Resendaur 437 Van Wart, Catherine 379. 435 Van Wormer, Elizabeth 380 Variel, Richard 348 Vejar, Ray 294 Velarde. Marie - _ 375 Venn. Elza 370 Verschleiser, Irma 385 Vickers. James 358 Vidor, Walter _ 356 Viles, Mary „ 391 Village Frock and Hosiery Shop 451 Vlilage Jeweler and Silversmith 451, 452 Vodra, Victor 358 Vogel, Virginia 371 Vogt, Viola 368 Von der Ahe, Virginia. 371 Voorhis, Betty 364 Voorheis. Temple 356 Vosburg, Kate 379 W Waddell, Charles 26 Wade, Nell 375 Wagner, Lee 345 Waidelich, Ardis 363. 364 Wakamatsu, Frances 373 Wakamatsu. Mary 373 Wakeman, Robert 342 Waldron, John 346 Waldthausen, Lorenz 349 Walker, Barbara 364 Walker. Frances Ann 387 Walker. George _ 350 Walker, Jane 414 Wallace, Amita....380. 416, 437, 439 Wallin. Wilma 371 Wallis, Benjamin ..._ 251, 303 Walser, Dorothy 364 Walter. Alice 379, 410 Walter, Henrietta 379 Walker, George 426, 430 Walker, Mary Lois _ 428 Walters, Donald 334 Walters, John 334 Ward, Doris 387 Ward, Dorothy 362. 376 Ward, Margaret 145. 375. 435 Warner. Betty Crane 398 Wasij. Alice 184, 363, 388, 424. 437 Watanabe. Alice 373 Water Sports 317 Waterman. Richard ...338 Watkins, Gordon S _ 24 Watson, Marietta 380 Waxier. Arthur 359 Waxier. Helen 385 Weaver, Robert _ 351 Weaver. Laurine 366. 431 Webb. William 351 Webster. Betty Jane 384 Wedge. Phyllis 401. 405 Weeks. Mary Lou 103. 163. 384. 438 Weimer, Marjorie 368 Weiss, Maurice _ 359 Welboum, Dorothy 386 Welboum, John 334 Welfare Board 42 Welling. Carroll ..._ 366 Wellman. Charles 185 Wells. Dorothy 101, 371, 435 Wells, John Earle. 279. 348 Wells. John Edwin - 350 Welsh. Marie Ellen 381 Werner. Alice 377 Wentzel, Ramona 132, 160, 400, 436, 43H West, Dorothy 362, 364 West. Margaret 364 West, Meta 386 Western Badge and Button Com- pany _ 457 Westphal. George 278. 332, 357, 420 Westwood Chevrolet Company 451 Westwood Hills Boot Shop 451 Westwood Sport Shop 451. 453 Westwood Village Market 451. 453 Whalen, Rosemary 374 Wheeler, Eleanor 362, 371 Wheeler. Gracyne 375 White, George 348 White. Georgiana 161,315 White, Geraldine _ 377 White, Hope _ 380 White. Mary 380 White. M ' Lisse 439 White. Theron 193 White, Wendel - 344 Whitehorn, Faran 352 Whitclow, Evelyn 442 Whitney. Mary 378 Whittaker, Jack 336, 429 Whittington, Nadine .376 Wickman. Anita „.390 Widlicska. Alex 279. 312 Wiggins. Helen 374 Wilcox, Ann Gowns 451 Wilcox, Ester 382 Wilcox, Richard 342 Wilgus, Jack 349 Wilhelm, Stella 370 Wilkinson, Frank 352 Willard. Frances 364 Willebrandt. Edric 396 Willebrandt, June 396 Williams. Barbara 387 Williams. Burdick 341 Williams. Edgar 286 Williams. Elmer 332. 338 Williams. Margaret .374 Williams, Mary Kay 378. 431. 437, 439 Williams. Robert 346 Williams, Winslow 344 Williamson. Murray 338 Williamson. William 354 Wills. Douglas _ 357 Wilson, Alberta 374 Wilson, Betty 371 Wilson, Frank 287 Wilson, John 345 Wilson, Lorraine 391. 431. 436 Wilt. Vernon 443 Wilton. Wilton ..269 Wimmer. Geraldine 374 Win.ins. David 346 Winn, Jane 377 Winter Sports _...316 Winterbottom. Phillip 349 Wiscomh. Scott 41, 352. 430 Wittenburg. Arthur „ 346 Wolfe. Claudia 431 Women ' s Athletics 147 Women ' s Athletic Board 44 Women ' s Debate _ 183 Women ' s Glee Club 189 Women, University 138 Woodruff, Roland 295, 332, 342 Woods. Anita _...376 Woods. Dr. Eva 451 Woods. Margaret 386 Voodson, Ruth 400. 431 Woodward. Ester 391. 436 Works. Pierce 250,275 Wortham. Walter _ 356 Worthington, William 342 Wrestling _ 325 Wright, Helen 379 Wierdermann, Mary Ellen 369 Wylie, Louise 375 Y Yaflfe. Freda 426 Yamamoto, Marjorie 373 Yell Leaders 254 Yeoman, Leo „ 352 Yerxa. Jeannetta 62. 84. 140. 376. 400 Young. Barbara 376 Young. Billie _ 380 Young. Howard 408. 416 Young. Ralph ..._ 348 Young Women ' s Christian Asso- ciation 447 Zaikaner. Beverly 365 Zander. Erwin 287. 355, 437 Zanzot, Harold 242, 333, 408 Zeh. Phyllis - 366 Zent. Allene 376 Zentmeyer. George 164. 335 Zentmeyer. John 335 Zerweck. Adele 379. 435 Zeta Beta Tau . .- -....359 Zeta Phi Eta. -...439 Zeta Psi 357 Zeta Tau Alpha. 391 Ziegler and Lawless _ 462 Zsagri. Sidney 182 Zwebell. Robert 351 479 c -y. m •

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