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Umm Emil 111 Hflvmnrg nf IOHN FITZGERALD KENNEDY MAY 29, 1917 NOVEMBER 22, 196 .. ask not what your country can do for you- ask what you can do for your couutryf' EEN N , X + 96 falcmm Y ' X Q, 1 1 Z 'Q . 5' :II I 5 lk ," 11: iziigi "5'32' I'f""212221 ' " "" 552' Foreword The School Yearbook such as the Falcon serves as a record and a true reilector of school life and Work. As you inspect its pages now and in later years, it is sure to bring hack many fond memories. The 1964 edition of the Falcon has met the challenge of a long history of ex- cellence in recording the events and activities in the Tyrone Area Junior-Senior High School. MISS DOROTHY CRAWFORD At least once during the school career of any Tyrone Area High School student, he or she comes into contact with one of the most respected teachers on the staH:. We, the Class of 1964, dedicate our yearbook to this teacher, Miss Dorothy Crawford. By doing so, we hope to show our appreciation for her ceaseless efforts in our social studies department as well as her dedication to the youth and to the community. Not only has she done much to develop the interest of her students in the field of history, but, also, Miss Crawford has been an inspiration to us all to set up high ideals and strive to do our best. A special tribute goes out to this deserving woman for her patient and untiring effort during the eighteen years she has served as the yearbook advisor. To you, Miss Dorothy Crawford, we dedicate our 1964 Falcon. S L2?3i:i2il.izfiff 115 .1 f:f,.,.v, .A., ,M ,, , Wy fm fm ' K 1,f,eg,, QQLMJQ, ffm-f , ' , bf V -V ,,.. .. ' Egg Im V If-'2zf+.,,mfw, ff! - ' A an Iv.gxswfi,4vL:rw-.wma -' fsifwfssfvllgi 1 'f 6TffL5i'7.3iQ'1f'fL5'5.53575 WTI ZQETWI- . -g , . - yQlfrEi7f5 7 K .--ziifff 41 "Z , 'S ,- - -I L , ' K ' ,I ,, 1 ,-:gpm-:z-., - ww -'fl-5 159-3 K ,:, fZ9zi?L57lE 1- 'ff'-f Y , , . f , my V h 2 ' 2 S ' A ' - , wwwvfvri-,,Z"'1'Wf1' f' v'QifY-52133-242:wg:La.g:Uei.Q,wQgf-xg.: - ".'Li.zwzs,1gf-,z-. ,cgi -ff wwamwwwwymwffsger-fr-:V ,. ,, , A .,.- V ,A gf.. , u f, :fl A ' 'f.w,2fLI-'vim'fw.12'42a1:g2gvee2, ,V . 'L -Vw fw'f'.:s2f2:mszv.g'fggg2.",f : ,-vkgywisgiig,ffaiffifwwviig2221f' ' "wi?1i?lefMifLY53i5v35SQ-viff K , ' -- MH Z .n:Q1yQsw-ff.-mg . ss T295 ff: , was ..,-1: sy, f Q T557 "iJYW5I'?L3,f'- AS1gufwz.1sLi" 555i9if35S1' ffffifil Mais-frszi 1, fi Z1 3,g,fw .. fr-me,kLg,, 5 .Q.m,N . --wwf-f-J,.isfw,. , W, WM if , Q HW. ,. Qiffiisw'-' 544522 537155,-w-:mi 1 -, W, f M wx gggiiw-1-egfw mygfx - 1 wg. , ,rw ., my QZ31iQ5w,.1.f,11x f V fy- wasLasigwmrasef?1w11 , L,w,f ,-,' Mwnm . ,w-:fff2f,::gfzz ' 1 x 1 4 1 w 1 4 1 w r W v Y , 5Ql',,g w ' .A-" f, 5 ' . P , W N W Such Dainty Cllemlc-z1de1's. Congrntulzxtions SUI1gStlJ1'S on making District Chorus! lg in Paris to Rcmc1ulucr. A 35 fi K 51 5 5 , A f 3- 11 i v ir fy. f I s 1' giggbi f 22 't gzfvfffh, f -,sw:eal':f3i:fw.:1 V RQ 535 .gf,w.,f:,-,M Q-11.4 .aw . :Q sig fa t 4' 1 221551524 5 ' Qe'F9?55E55 -Ngliiiiy .-V. 5 , . 5 A .-1, Q .M My 1 was fag Sw 43 13 v J fu -M yi-gilfi u f. S Q wwf 1 .ai 6 1 H:-Qgf"' . W People . Classes Activities Athletics . 110 Contents 8 82 I 1 r P, ,sg A he . I 8 N '15 ,l fmqulz , RN , x 'N N555-L . .. V 1 -1,,:.., -Z:-::.. w,,,jT'T - - - --15:Q:3Zg1gCgig2:1:-:"f ' ' U e r i n 1' 9 I1 G I1 1' Dr. Norman Miller Area School Authority Left to Right-Row 1: Mr. Frm-nl A. Knup, Assistant SQCII'lilly-Yll1'62lSllYCYQ Mr. Ralph A. Gill, Sm-creturyg Mr. Hugh D. Mnrklv, lT1'6ilSll1'Gl'Q Dr. Szunuel L. Luke, XYlCL'-P1'GSlLlGHfQ Mr. -I. Lynnc Ff:'l'1'll'l', Prcsiclcntg Marjorie E. Burr CMISQ, Rec. SeC1'Gtzu'y. Standing: Mr. Allwrt 1. Fricluy, Mr. Francis I. I'IK'1'l'lIlglOI1, Dr. Nornmn Miller, Super- intendent of Sohoolsg Mr. B. C. jones of Jones 8: Ncwlin, Solicitorsg Mr. ,lzunes B. Cruwforcl, Mr. Curtis W. SOIL Mr, J. Erminc Bailey. Q 2. Q sim ,fefw-gl X x A. n ""' ,- i Q 12. , aff as ' si T., . K Y x f 1, :QE ,ak f 5 -8 Q! I f 'HQ LL f 7 ' ew Y 9 2 Z Z Ps if M " .v"7YV' L' 1 23 3 552 if f kgivxtasgigiw- W 35 f A A Q 55 1 ,iii f' 1 :?Zjk .M'hm' .,,.., awww 1 gj2"5.j-gg' ig' vm 1 1 '92 W , pg? f ' . , wig X L, 52, lmfgmlfg N 54, L A W " 25'-f ' 'L' , 4 :'5 A A 'lfgi 'MA if ,. . . A RWM , 44 ,L 1QR.fW5wWQ1m A 2 wQmWWwM',Amf i J af,Es"f. s ' 1f,xg':',.ig s , H I ' V z xz . v ,v,:f.p' ' LAW' Jxg' ,-.gf xg UA, 'W gm, ,fp Q 6 ' 1 3 EAWQ is je' l 4,1 Q J L.. F '0 1, iz. . Lux' - A-A , ,,, sf' '- Q. ff ,NV f may ' fiffgf, 1 'fm Va' A, ,,f-,HV V- , , .4,.'.f , ',, , 4 f . mf ' J W MC, N V . , ' , ,'Yl,,,4'f5"1,- 3 , V, -,Y flu u x ' u JL- ' .5 " 'E X ix 3 fgwwv in Assistant Principal Mr. Gorman Mr. Baker Dr. Hasson Mr. Grove w W 1 Director of Elementary Ed. Asst. Director of Secondary Curriculum SECRETARIES-SUPERINTENDENTS OFFICE SECRETARIES-PRINCIPAUS OFFICE Mrs. Barr, T. Ormsby, P. Miller, C. Berk- stresser, H. Postreich. Kay Hoff, joaune Sessumeu 4 N Mr. Hixson MC se Guidance Counselors Mr. Thomas Top Photo: Left to Right-Row 1: Mrs. Angvlo, Miss Nh-Closkoy, Miss Lutslmw, Mrs. Lukv Miss Dzulgherty. Row 2: Mr. XV, Miller, Mr. Fz1bi:111, Mr. Sc'hwcitzc'r, Mr. YVilbu1', Mr. Rum lucrgcr, Miss Lutz, Miss Millor, Mrs. MCClcavc. Lower Photo: Left to Right-Row 1: Mr. R. TFIIOIUQIS, Mr. XV. Miller, Mr. Mntusky, Mrs Mctxlcr, Miss Cl'ilXVl.0l'il. Row 2: Mr. Svhoncwolf, Mr. Slom'lJ1'z1kc'1', Mr. T1'alxlc1', Mr. N'V1-ylllcrs Top Photo: Left to Right-Row 1: Mrs. -loues, Mrs. Stacey, Mrs. Clirouistvr, Miss Taylor, Mrs. Nmrlioof. Row 2: Mr, Stroup, Mr. Lu Porto, Mr. Corrigan, Mr. Norris, Mr. 'llI'llXl0I', Mr. NVlrito, Mr. Young. Lower Photo: Left to Right-Row 1: Mr. Lloyd, Miss Wfoomcr, Miss Dantz, Mrs. Campbell. How 2: Mr. Tate, Mr. Little, Mr. Mingle, Mr. Snyder, Mr. Ammcrmzm, Mr. Dolingcr, Mr. Mcckes. "" WE: RK .,4m,M..,,,.- '2 W iii? Left to Right-Row 1: Mr. XVz1itv, Mr. Cwin, Mr. Tlwomus. Row 2: Nlr. YVc'st14'y, Mr. Harris Mr. Hayes, Mr. Burley. Left to Right-Row 1: Miss IIllI'PStCl', Miss Bauer, Mrs. Price. Row Q.: XIV. C2uf5,1Mr. Gill Mr. Bubb. X' 3iiS523'?2iXSHi5i':f5f9??iWz5?':"? l:?'fi'95iv'-ffii? V1?Ji1a35ii'Y L' J ?sWfmi-sfi2XsfM'A3 w ' na ,:.zEREE?fS2 4 Social Sfuclies and Health Services Left to Right-Rpw 1: Miss I.l1'lCl1, Miss Rupp, Mr. Artmuu, Mr. Bitucr. Row 2: Mr. Gill, Mr. , V Miller, Mr. Collier, Mr. Sueuth. Mrs. Price Mrs. Walker, Miss Sinclair 19 Q , If j Y ' I 4 .-.- : -'-'-'-.- 21.3.4 "5 I Cf 355135 2.1 Senior Class Officers G-EH Left to Right-Row I: C. Burwcll. Row 2: -I. Scordo, L. Lzlngcllbuclmexg S. Nca1'110of, L. Friday S. Neff, S. Kecfcr, I. Davis. Class Advisors Mr. Gorman Mr. Little 5 , Q' if 'li . 'S k 5 1 V s Y' - uv , f 1 L N' - A i ,. f. 1 . ,,., mm. IN L.f.k"7.93xf'3!5J?s5E5?5fx?'T?vif:55?f'69i2"11fi3iQ2i' l3!:5??eWg!NZ?5W429?i3?5Q4?JfSW2fil9iUuix3EskiY15 'V sLxi5iiiiiaTi:sf'3'E'E fiE5SS??Z5S?f:Z?s552?if 55C'5Wf?:W,K2Wf5!S,L 45?Eli5Yi3'QfQWQ5SEB?gTQ?2?3m ' , E1 ,,3""'g"'? E ! . V K Abramo, John Vincent Ayres, Judith Leslie Bard, Mary Catherine Barlett, Carl Edward Barto, Cary Leonard Batchelor, Bonnie Gaines Batcheler, Joyce Lynette Banglnnan, James Lawrence 5Il?RAlV!p, JOHN VINCENT A I I BARTO, GARY LEONARD Auldemic 'mo I fa'em" Football 1, Latin Club 1, 2. lgagfetlmll 25 Baseball 1, 21 35 Key Club 35 X mmty Club Paul and Ron are faithful friends . . . hopes to be an engineer 'f ' someday . . . says his special achievement is to pass Latin . . . John aspires to graduate and join the service . . . John, Terry, loves to miss school to hunt and fish. and Bob are his best chums . . . "Bramo" is a friend to every- one .. . one ot our Kiwanis "Boys of the Month." AYRES, IUDITH LESLIE Academic EATCIEELER, BONNIE CAINES I Mixed Chorus 2, 3g Senior Choir 3g Ensemble 2, 3g Girls' Batch Academic ghcarui 15 C-llieerlegrcliiipa 1, 2, 3, Art Club 1, 2, Spanish C-ir'ls'g3:1iike1tb?l5.,r?g Falcon 3, Band 1, 2, S5 Art Club u9,vg atm um. ,:..,-g'...,v. Indy is our peppy, but studious, head cheerleader . . . Reading Seems "Batch" has a hard time getting to classes on time . . . is her favorite pastime . . . a semifinalist in the National Merit wants to be a phys. ed. teacher Bonnie is always on the Scholarship awards . . . Judy can be found with her best friend go, especially when it comes to Kib . . . She is one of our "Cis." taithtnl girls' basketball players . . . seems to be majoring in gym... BARQ, MARY CATHERINE I I BATCHELER, JOYCE LYNETTE Secretarial Goldlelocks Voumona Girls' Basketball 15 Band 1, 2, 35 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 35 Home Ec. Club 1, 2, 3, Bible Club 1, 2. Senior Choir 3, Dance Band 1, 2, 3, Ensemble 2, 3, Mary's sole ambition is to graduate . . . always willing to help Gals CIYUTUS 1- 35 Aft Club 14 F- B- L- A- 2, 35 ATCIWYY a friend in need goes the way with Cathy, Bonnie, Lizzie, Club 1- and Dianne .. . Mike seems to be a magic name to her. loyce is very well liked . . . She hopes to be a secretary . . . member of District Band . . . good looking and always smiling. BARLETT, CARL EDXVARD BAUCHMAN, IAMES LAXVRENCE "Pancho" Academic "jim" Vocational WVrestling 1, 2, 3, Falcon 3, Mixed Chorus 3, Boys' Clio- Track 1, 2, 3g X7qr5ify Club 2, 3. ' ' t ' ' ' , ,i " 1' 1" s... e 2311552VSTSifiQfi?'2llr.i'f1A'3-215321123 tlliiii Ii' 31 5'.1'i"m" lililfseigf t3ifii1l'l"i2i1Zg0E''i1.?l2.f.lQe1.'4 i1i2'iZ'5fiZi2liff Georg' VVants to become a doctor . . . This intelligent guy can be wants to become a good machinist . . . Jim is very carefree and seen with Terry, Mike, and Bill . . . enjoys swimming, girls, always has a smile, wrestling and listening to Exodus . . . able Falcon Editor . . . easy going . . . terrific personality. 24 BAYER, LEAH ANN "Fregiel' Academic Senior Tri-Hi-Y 3, Spokesman 1, Mixed Chorus 2, 3, Senior Choir 2, 3, Ensemble 2, 3, Girls' Chorus 15 Latin Club 1, 2. Tveah has a special talent for playing the piano and organ . . . She has a warm, friendly personality . . . pals with Christy, Barbara, and Mary Frances . . . Fregie will make a good teach- er some day. BECKYVITH, LEROY RESSE "ButchD Academic Football 2, Track 2g Band 1. LeRoy loves to ride horses . . . YVif, Ron, and Oscar are his best friends . .. Butch wants to judge horse shows . . . hopes to raise horses and cattle after graduation. BE CKVVITH, TAYLOR ALLISON "Bud" Academic Track 1, 2, 3, Band 1, 2, 3. Taylor is one of our snappy drununers played in a snare drum trio in County Band loves hunting and going on long drives wants to go into policework Jim, Duff, lion, and Ken al'e his best pals. BEHRER, SUSANNE G. Secretarial Girls' Basketball 1, 2, 3, F. B. L. A. 2, 3. Sue will make a terrific gym teacher .. . aspires to join the Women's Air Force . . . a friend to all . . . Sue was chosen the outstanding 4-H'er in Huntingdon County and went to Oklahoma. BOND, ROBERTA LEE "Bertie" Academic Senior Tri-Hi-Y 3, Spokesman 1, 2, 34 Mixed Chorus 2, 3, Senior Choir 39 Ensemble 2, 3, Girls, Chorus 1, Li- brary Club 1, 2, 35 F. T. A. 2, 3, Spanish Club 2, 35 Latin Club 1, 2. Roberta is the hard-working editor of the Spokesman Robe-rta's best friends include Barbara, Eileen, Judy, and "Cis" . . . Bertie and Hutch seem to have started a lasting friendship . . . She is admired and respected . . . always giving advice. BONSELL, GEORGE Vocational George Wants to be a machinist after graduation . .. can be seen with Charlie, Joe, and Ron .. . George is an outdoors man loves hunting and fishing. BOUGHER, SANDRA FISHER "Sim-'Yu Academic Senior Tri-Hi-Y 35 Band 1, 2, 34 Mixed Chorus 2, 3, Girls, Chorus 1. To be a good, successful wife is this girl's ambition best chums are Bonnie, Barb, Shirley, and Lorine . . . enjoys writing letters . . . sweet and sincere . . . Conceited people don't rate with this gal! BRANSTETTER ERRLYN KAY i J i'Jlf1'l'l" Academic Senior Tri-Hi-Y 3, Band 1, 2, 3, Mixed Chorus 2, 3, Senior Choir 3, Dance Band 2, 3, Ensemble 2, 33 Girls' Chorus 2, 35 Latin Club 1, 2. Jerri has a warm, friendly personality . . . She is a past Worthy Advisor of Rainbow . . . Ierrlyn hopes to attend business school following graduation from T. A. H. S .... She pals with Analee, Trish, and Indy. Bayer, Leah Beckwith, Taylor Bond, Roberta Bougher, Sandra Beckwith, LeRoy Behrer, Susanne Bonsell, George Branstetter, Ierrlyn Branstctter, Terry Brisbin, Carol Brower, Robert Bryan, Fred Bressler, Connie Brower, Gladys Brown, Kenneth Buck, Ronald BRANSTETTER, TERRY LEE "Bucky" Vocational F. F. A. 1, 2, 3. Bueky wants to be a dairy farmer . . . stalks through the Woods during hunting season Bill, Dick, Charley, and Dennis are his best friends . . . Bucky is cheerful and very friendly. BRESSLER, CONSTANCE LA RUE "Connie" Clerical Connie's main interest in high school is graduating . . . She can be seen with Nancy, Peggy, Sue, Betty, and Denny!!! .. . a good dancer seems to have a liking for a green truck. BRISBIN, CAROL LEE "Corky,, Secretarial Senior Tri-Hi-Y 3, Mixed Chorus 2, 3, Girls' Chorus 1, Library Club 1, 2, 3, F. B. L. A. 2, 3. Carol is very friendly and always smiles . . . Corky wants to be a secretary She is very cute and enioys being with Dick. BROWER, GLADYS MARIE Clerical Gladys has a habit of sleeping in too late very pretty and usually very quiet wants to he a receptionist in an office . . . says her ambition is just to graduate. BROWER, ROBERT LEE "Moby Dick" Vocational Bob is il future carpenter .. . He enjoys coin collecting . .. lack, Steven and jim are his best friends. BROWN, KENNETH HAROLD "Brownie,' Academic VVrestling 1, 3, Baseball 2, 3, Key Club 3, Art Club lg School Patrol 1, 2, 3. Ken, when not with Mike and Charlie, can be found talking with his girls!!! . . . favorite pastimes are hunting and fishing Brownie is a friend to everyone says he wants to graduate and become n draftsman. BRYAN, FRED CLYDE 'iGravy" Vocational Football lg Wrestling 2. Fred is a true mechanic . . . loves to tinker with cars . . . hopes to go into business for himself . . . Terry and Inn are his best ehums. BUCK, RONALD CHARLES "Bucky" Academic Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, Senior Choir 2, 3, Boys' Chorus 2, 33 Science Club 1, 2, 3. Ron wants to go to California?? . . . one of the lowest basses in the history of our choruses . . . loves to play the piano, sing, and hunt . . . can be seen with Terry. Burford, William Burnham, Barbara Burwell, Gary Butler, Patricia BURFORD, WILLIAM R. 'tBrutus" Vocational lVrestling 2. Bill is a true "goof-ot?" . . . alsouan outdoors man . . . wishes to become a machinist . , . very triendly and extremely witty. BURNHAM, BARBARA KAY "Bnrh5" Academic Senior Tri-Hi-Y 85 Spokesman 1, 2, 3, Library 1, 2, 39 F.T.A. 2, 3, Spanish Club 25 Latin Club 1, Student Council 53. Barbs wants to travel . . . She is very considerate of others . . . Barbara has a very pleasant disposition . . . Roberta, Christy, Eileen, Leah, and Judy are her best friends. BURNS, RONALD PETER "Bonn Academic Track 1, 2, 3g Varsity Club 2, 3, Spanish Club 2, 34 Latin Club 1, 2. Ron was a member of Keystone Boys' State .. . He likes to read and enjoys sports . . . wants to go to college . . . generally very studious seen with Paul, Gary, and Jerry. BURTNETT, KATHLEEN LOUISE t'Kathy" Secretarial Senior Tri-Hi-Y S, Spokesman 1, 2, 3, Band 1, 2, 33 Mixed Chorus 2, 35 Girls' Chorus 3, F.'l'. A. 2, 3, F. B. L. A. 2, 53. Kathy is a snappy dresser . . . always late wants to be a business teacher Gretchen, Janet, and Margie are among her best friends . .. loves week-ends and especially parties. Burns, Ronald Burtnett, Kathleen Caldeiwood, Martha Campbell, Richard BURWELL, GARY ALLEN "VVhitey,' Academic Football 1, 2, 3, VVrestling 1, 2, 3, Key Club 1, 2, 3, Falcon 3, Varsity Club 1, 2, 35 Student Council 1, 2, 3. Gary is the able leader of our class . . . WVhitey wants to be state champ and go to college .. . He loves to travel to Bald Eagle Avenue . . . Gary is a hard-working, sincere student but likes to be fun-loving and happy. BUTLER, PATRICIA ANN "Laur9Y,, Clerical Girls' Basketball 1, Senior Tri-Hi-Y 3, Spokesman 1, 24 Falcon 3, Band 1, 2, 3, Mixed Chorus 2, 3, Senior Choir 2, 35 Ensemble 2, 3, Girls' Chorus 2, 3, F. B. L. A. 2, 3. Laurey got her name from the play Oklahoma, in which she played the lead role at T. A. H. S. This singing, cheerful girl wants to go to business school Pat's best friends in- clude Batch, Cathy, Peggy, and Sue. CALDERWOOD, MARTHA NIAE "Cissy" Academic Band 1, 2, 35 Mixed Chorus 2, 35 Senior Choir 3, En- semble 2, 3, Girls' Chorus 1, F. T. A. 2, S, Spanish Club 2, 3, Latin Club 1, 2. Cis is our snappy head majorette .. . Iudy rates as her best friend She loves wrestling matches!!! . .. Martha desires to be a secondary education English teacher . .. a friendly, outgoing gal. CAMPBELL, RICHARD Vocational F. F. A. 1, 2, 3. Dick enjoys hunting and rifle shoots . . . I-lis best chunis are Charley Light, Charley Kimberling, and Bucky. 27 Carson, Nancy Cherry, Bonnie Chronister, Sallye Cox, David Crowell, Judith Crust, Linda CARSON, NANCY LEE Clerical Nancy says graduating is her sole ambition . .. Terry seems to occupy most of her time . . . Nancy wants to be a secretary . . . firey redhead . . . good dancer. CHERRY, BONNIE KAY "Tracy', Academic Senior Tri-Hi-Y 3, Mixed Chorus 2, 8, Girls, Chorus 1, Latin Club 1, 2, F. N. A. 3. Bonnie is a future lady in White She says she can't stand moody people . . . Wants to graduate . . . best friends are Beth, Sandy, and Judy. CHRONISTER, SALLYE MARIE "Sal" Academic Spanish Club 2, 3, Latin Club 1, 2. Sallye is a horseback-riding fan . ,. loves dancing and swim- ming . .. went to Oklahoma with the 4-H . . . wants to go to college , .. Nancy, Gretchen, Elinor, Mary, and Marlene are her best friends. COX, DAVID CHARLES Vocational Dave claims all he Wants to do is f.u'aduate . . . an outdoor man has the ambition to go to Florida best pals include Jack, Sonny, Steve, and Mike. 28 Davis, Eileen Davis, John CROYVELL, JUDY ANN Academic Spokesman 1, Mixed Chorus 1 , 2, 3, Girls' Chorus 1, Art Club 13 Library Club 1, 2, 35 Science Club 15 F. N, A. 2, 3. Judy keeps thc Mercy Hospital on its toes . . . future lady in white . . . loves to read and listen to music . . . a hard-working, cheerful gal . . . sure to be a success. CRUST, LINDA FAYE General Senior Tri-Hi-Y 3, Spokerman 2, 3, Dramatics Club 3. Linda claims her special achievement is being a part of the Class ot 064, She aims to be a success in life spends ber time writing to a certain Airman . . . has great school spirit. DAVIS, EILEEN SUE "Siren Clerical Senior Tri-Hi-Y B, Cheerleading 1. Sue is a future beautician . . . Barb, Sue, Sandi, Karen, Janie, and Mary are her best friends always smiling' and very Iriendly . . . very talkative. DAVIS, III, JOHN McCLELLAN "Fiber', Academic Football Manager 1, 2, 3, Wlrestling 25 Baseball 1, 3, Key Club 3, Mixed Chorus 35 Boys' Chorus 3, Varsity Club 2, 3, Latin Club 1, 2, Student Council 2. Johnis very friendly to everyone . . . Fiber Wants to go to col- lege and join the Air Force . . . says his special achievement is not getting caught bushwacking . . . wants to be prosperous, no doubt he will!!! DAY, SUSAN ELAINE "Sue" Academic F. N. A. 2, 53. Sue says getting an "A" in chemistry was her special achieve- ment . . . another future "lady in white" . . . easy going . . . Penny, Judy, and Sharon rate with Sue. DEAN, BONITA JOYCE "Bonnie" General Senior Tri-Hi-Y 3, Spokesman 1, 2, Sq Mixed Chorus 2, 35 Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 35 Science Club 1, Dramatics Club 3. Bonnie is a cute, little redhead who is glad to be part of the Class of '64 . . , seems to like horseback riding . . . best friends include Pat, Nancy, Fran, Linda, and Sue. DEAN, PAMELA KAY "Pam,' Academic Senior Tri-Hi-Y 33 F. T. A. 2, 35 Latin Club 1, 2. Pam is another past Worthy Advisor of Rainbow . . . wants to be an elementary teacher . . . loves music and dancin g . . . Dave seems to take up most of her time . . . has spent more time in our hospital without being sick than anyone we know!!! DEAN, SUSAN KAYE "Susan', Clerical Senior Tri-Hi-Y 3, F. B. L. A. 2, 3. Susan loves to play the organ , . . wants to become a good organist and a beautician Karen, Judy, Ioan, and Carol rate as her best friends . . . friendly smile with personality to match. DELBAGGIO, VICTORIA LEE "Vicky" Academic Spokesman 1, 2, 3, Band 1, 2, 3, Mixed Chorus 2, 3, F. T. A. 2, 3, Spanish Club 2, 35 Latin Club 1, 2, Youth Center Council 1, 2, 3. Vicky is the able president of the Youth Center Council . . . wants to make the dean's list in college Worries about everything loves tennis and reading always looking for a good time. DETWILER, PAUL ELVVOOD "Paul', Vocational Football lg Baseball lg Track 1, 2, 3, Key Club 3, Var- sity Club 2, 3g Latin Club 1, 2. Paul claims being a physicist is his main ambition . . . valuable asset to our track team . .. won a gold medal at the Juniata College Relays . . . has the "hottest', scooter in Tyrone. DRESSLER, KENNETH RAY "Kean Vocational Ken says all he wants to do is graduate .. . a future army career man . . . loves to lounge around Bob and Bill rate as his best friends. DUFF, DONNA MARIE Academic Senior Tri-Hi-Y 3, Band l, 2, 35 Latin Club 1, 25 F. N. A. 2, 3. Donna tvants to become a registered nurse .. . says her spe- cial achievement will be to get into nursing school . . . makes long distance telephone calls!!! . . . Io Anne, janet, Susie, Vir- ginia, and Kathy make up her gang. Day, Susan Dean, Bonita Dean, Pamela Dean, Susan DclBaggio, Victoria Detwilcr, Pau Dresslcr, Kenneth Duff, Donna l Dunkel, Judy Dworsak, Gerald Dysart, Gail Edmondson, Clair Ellenberger, XVilliain Emigh, Carolyn Erdly, Elinor Estright, Virginia DUNKEL, JUDY IRENE Clerical Senior Tri-Hi-Y 35 Mixed Chorus 2, 3. Judy's special achievement was getting her driver,s license . , . aspires to be an elementary teacher listens to a special tape recording . . . very serious about her work. DWVORSAK, GERALD RICHARD "jerry" Academic Track 1, 2, 33 Spanish Club 2, 3, Latin Club 1. Jerry is one of our "Boys of the Monthy' . . . intelligent and hard working . . . wants to be a bioehemist . . . ought to have a strong arm carrying all those books. DYSART, GAIL E. "Desert" Academic Girls' Basketball 2, 34 Senior Tri-Hi-Y 3, Spokesman lg Senior Choir 3, Ensemble 2, 3, Girls' Chorus 1, Latin Club 1, 2. Gail says she wants to make it through college . . . jo Ellen, Pam, Kay, and Margie arc her best friends . . . Chuck is her magic word . . . Her personality and cute smile can't be beat. EDMONDSON, CLAIR MILLER, IR. "junior" Vocational Football lg Wrestling 1. Clair Wants to make a career out of thc Navy loves to work with cars . . . Sam, Dave, llay, and Ken rate as his best friends. ELLENBERCER, III, VVILLIAM BERT "Bill" Vocational Track 2, 534 Archery Club 1, 2. Bill is everybody's friend . . . tremendous sense of humor . .. always ready for a good sprint . . . Bill's close friends include Mike, Carl, Terry, DuH, Bill, Dean, Jerry, joe, and the rest of the gang wants to be a computer technician. EMIGII, CAROLYN JOAN 'KSis" Vocational Senior Tri-Hi-Y 34 Home Ec. Club 3. Carolyn wants to get a good job after graduating . . . did some- one say Bobil? . . , says her special achievement will be to pass senior math. ERDLY, ELINOR JANE Academic Spokesman 2, 33 Band 1, Z, 35 Mixed Chorus 2, 35 Girls' Chorus l, 3, F.T.A. 2, 3, Spanish Club 2, 35 Latin Club 1, 2. Elinor is another past VVorthy Advisor of Rainbow .. . Swim- ming is her favorite pastime enjoys making friends and likes to be around other people . .. a real "brain". ESTRIGHT, VIRGINIA LEE "Ginnyv Academic Senior Tri-Hi-Y 3, Library Club 1, 2, 3, F. N. A. 3. Ginny seems to like the scenery in Altoona . .. wants to be- come a nurse . . . always smiling . . . Susie, Io Anne, Donna, Janet. and Kathy rate in her book. 4 l Ewing, Beverly Eyer, Kenneth F einea, Paul Ferner, Mary Ann EWVING, BEVERLY A. "Bev" Secretarial Girls' Basketball 2, 3, F. B. L. A. 2, 3. "Be-vi' is a lover of sports . . . would like to he a secretary . . . Linda, Carolyn, Barb, and Cris rate with Beverly. EYER, KEN LLOYD "Ken" Academic Wrestling 2, 3, Student Council 1. Ken loves to "goof ofln .. . says his special achievement is staying home at night . . . is a regular rodeo goer . . . wants to go to school after graduating. FAGLEY, LYNNE LUCILLE Secretarial Senior Tri-Hi-Y 3, Band J, 2, 3, Student Council 3. Lynne is the life of our class . . , Rick takes up most of her time . . . wants to be a good secretary . . . Joyce, Betsy, Mary- Anne, Beth, Judy, and Mary make up her gang. FAGLEY, TERRY JOE Terry Wants to be a mechanic at Rll1lL'l'f,S .. . loves to Work with cars . . . does Peggy ring a bell?? .. . thinks his special achievement is getting his clriver's license. Fagley, Lynne Fagley, Terry F errari, Mary Ferrin, Carol FEMEA, PAUL LEROY Wrestling Manager 2, 3g Band 1, 2, 35 Mixed Chorus 1, 3, Dance Band 2, 89 Boys' Chorus 3. Paul never starts anything he can't finish on the spot . . . wants to become a doctor . , . is a familiar sight in the locker room after school . . . John, Terry, Bill, and Dave rate with Paul. FERNER, MARY ANN "Fa-mer" Academic Band 1, 2, 3, Mixed Chorus 2, 8, Girls' Chorus 1g Spanish Club 2, 35 Latin Club 1, 25 Student Council 1, 2, 3, Youth Center Council 1, 2, 34 F. N. A. 2, 3. Mary Ann is one of our prettiest majorettes . . . able leader of the Student Council . . . future "lady in white" . . . friendly hut quiet . . , Janet, Kathy, Gretchen, and Margie are her best friends. FERRARI, MARY FRANCES "Little Dagov Academic Senior Tri-Hi-Y 3g Spokesman 1, Band 2, 3, Mixed Cho- rus 2, 3, Senior Choir 23, Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 39 Latin Club 1, 2. Mary Frances is one of the smartest dressers in our class . . . gets along with the boys!! . .. Her ambition is to become a cosmetician and a fashion designer . . . loves "Bonneville-s." FERRIN, CAROL LOUISE Vocational Senior Tri-Hi-Y 3, Home Ec. Club 3. Carol claims all she wants to be is a housewife . .. is a good dancer . .. Gail and Marge rate as tops with Carol. 31 Fink, John Fink, Penny Fisher, Estelle Fisher, Terry FINK JOHN E. Hjackg' Vocational Jack is another future machinist . . . claims graduating will be his special achievement . .. Iackis best friends include Bill, Gene, and Bob. FINK, PENNY I0 "P. J." Academic Senior Tri-Hi-Y 3, Latin Club 1, F. N. A. 2, 3. Penny Jo is another future nurse .. . says getting straight A's in algebra is her special achievement . .. loves dancing . . . P. I.'s friends who rate are Sue, Bonnie, Sandy, and Judy. FINK, WILLIAM CHARLES "Smokey', Vocational Band 1, 2, 3, School Patrol 1, 2, 3. Bill can be found keeping the Neptune Fire Co. on its toes . . . a future airman . . . likes to play the tuba . . . Ray, Mike, and Bill are Smokey's best friends. FIORE, MARY JOSEPHINE Secretarial Girls, Basketball 3, Senior Tri-Hi-Y 3, Latin Club 1, F. B. L. A. 3. Mary is the high school's chief banker . . . says she wants to graduate . . . talks a lot, especially over the phone . . . Judy and Lynne rate as her best friends. 32 Fink, VVilliam Fiore, Mary Flaig, Ruth Fleck, Elizabeth FISHER ESTELLE BEATRICE , "Farmer', Secretarial Mixed Chorus 2, 35 Girls, Chorus lg F. B. L. A. 2, 3. Estelle is a class goof-off 4-H representative of Blair County to Illinois . . . wants to he a secretary . . . HF2l1'1U6l',SU best friends are Ruth, Donna, and Lola. FISHER, TERRENCE LEE "TerryU Academic VVrestling 1, 2, 33 Baseball 2, Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 33 Senior Choir 1, 2, Boys' Chorus 1, 2, 3, Varsity Club 1, 2, 3, Art Club 1. Terry is one of our tough wrestlers . . . wants to go to drafting school . . . favorite pastime is being with the "boys" . . . seems to like dances!! FLAIC, RUTH ELLA "Ruthie,' General lluth hopes to be a typist .. . goes to church n lot . . . a true lriencl . . . Carolyn, Isabell, and Betty are her best friends. FLECK, ELIZABETH JEAN "Liz" Vocational Home Ee. Club 1, 2, 3. Liz is a future "homemaker" . . . seems to be accident prone . . . Donna, Peg, Sue, Indy, Cathy, Ruth, and Isabell are part of her gang. FLECK, JUDY LYNN Secretarial Girls' Basketball 35 Senior Tri-Hi-Y S5 Latin Club lg F. B. L. A. 3. Judy's special achievement was going to VVashington wants to be a successful secretary life of the class with her goofing off. FLECK, MARGARET ANN "Peggy" Vocational Senior Tri-Hi-Y 3, Home Ec. Club 35 Student Council 3. Peggy seems to like 1???J senior math classes . . . Wants to join the VVaves . . . likes to chew gum . . . claims her special achievement was getting her driveris license. FOX, MARJORIE ELLEN "Marge,' Vocational Senior Tri-I-li-Y 35 Home Ec. Club 3. "Marge, likes to listen to the radio and loves to eat Her special achievement will be passing senior math . . . wants to get a good job after graduation. FRIDAY, LORINE DIANE "Noodle" Secretarial Senior Tri-I-Ii-Y 3, Latin Club lg Student Council 2g F.B.L.A. 2, 3. "Noodle" is going to be a success in some Held of business . . . pals with Joyce, Shirley, Carol, Verna, Judy, Gladys, Linda, Sandie, Maureen, and George . . . Dancing, reading, and sports rate with this friendly gal . . . fun to be with . . . very intelli- gent. GAINES, ANALEE LAUREN Academic Spokesman 1, Falcon 3, Band Ig Girls' Chorus 1, Spanish Club 2, S, Student Council 1, 2, Future Nurses Club 2, 3. An able Falcon editor . . . a sympathetic listener and a loyal friend can be seen With Jerry, Judy, and Pat sincere and mature . . . has xv. snappy figure . . . prepares to become a Florence Nightingale by being President of F. N. A. . . . keeps the mailman busy?! GARLAND, RONALD LEE "R0n', Academic Art Club I, 2, 3. "Ron" plans to join the Air Force . . . likes to hunt . . . Taylor, Harry, Leroy, and Bob rate as pals . . . likes to cut up in class .. . friendly and easy to get along with. GERACI, JOSEPH ANTHONY "Little Joei' Vocational Wrestling Ig Falcon 3, Student Council 2. Leaming to drive is "Little J0e's" special achievement . . . goofs off with Gerry, Joe, and Randy . . . a hard-Working Fal- con editor . . . always smiling and fun to be with. GERACI, JOSEPH MICHAEL "Big Joei' Vocational P. A. Technician 2, 3. Plans to go to trade school . . . seems to get along exceptionally well with girls can be found running around with Randv, Joe, and Gerry . .. good dancer always around when you need a friend. Fleck, Judith Fleck, Margaret Fox, Marjorie Friday, Lorine Gaines, Analee Garland, Ronald Geraci, Joseph A. Geraci, Joseph M Gill, Orvis Gingery, Elwood Grimm, David Grimm, Michael Gunsallus, Robert Hagg, Joanne Halbritter, Dean Hample, Oscar GILL, ORVIS MARTIN '4Orv" Academic Football 1, 2, 3, Wrestling lg Track 1, Baseball 3, Key Club 1, 2, 3, Varsity Club 1, 2, 33 Latin Club 1. One of the T. A. H. S. football stars .. . llis goal is Michigan State pals with Dutch, Dick, Elwood, Meatball, Ron. Da1'ryl, VVilbur, and J. M. . . . likes to hunt . . . hates to do homework .. . usually can be found with janet. GINGERY, ELVVOOD RHINE "Woody" Academic Baseball 1, 3, Key Club 2, 3, Mixed Chorus 2, 3, Boys' Chorus 2, 53, Latin Club 1. Plans to go to school . . . amuses Dick, VVilbur, Ron, Meatball, Darrel, Orv, Stoney, Fiber, and john with his poor driving . . . likes to dance seems as though he can't stay out of rnis- ehief . .. special achievement is becoming a senior. GRIMM, DAVID CHARLES 'tMaynard" Vocational Football 1. To go to Stevens' Trade School is his ambition . . . pals with lim, jerry, and jim Turnbaugh friendly to all . . . enjoys dances at Juniata College . . . can be found at Citizens' Fire Company. GRIMM, MICHAEL JAMES "Miken Vocational School Patrol 1, 2, 3. Hopes to become an electronics technician . . . Sonny, Dave, Iaek, and Ken comprise the gang . . . likes hunting, fishing and cars . . . very good dancer. GUNSALLUS, ROBERT EUGENE "Panchov Vocational Basketball 2, Baseball 1, 3. Going to attend a technical school . .. runs around with Ron, Ken, and Joe spends time riding in his Plymouth "Pancho', has a swell personality . . . very lrienclly. HAGG, JOANNE Glow Academic Latin Club 1, 2, F. N. A. 2, 8, Dramatics Club 3. A futurc Florence Nightingale . . . working as a junior Volun- teer is "jo,s" favorite pastime pals with Donna, Janet, Susie, Virginia, and Cathy . . . always joking . . . friendly. HALBRITTER, DEAN EDGAR "Cooz', Academic Basketball 2, Key Club 2, 3, Band 1, 2, 3, Spanish Club 2, 3, Latin Club 1, 2, Science Club 1g Youth Center Council 1, 2, 3. Plans to be an accountant . . . can be found with the gang . . . enjoys fishing, swimming, dates, and tennis . . . a party lover always smiling at the girls. HAMPLE, OSCAR LEWIS Academic Football 1, 2, Falcon 3, Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, Senior Choir 2, 3, Choir 2, 3, Boys' Chorus 2, 3, Art Club 1, Latin Club 1, 2. Has a Wonderful personality very friendly . . . plans to become a drafting engineer . .. best pals are Charlie, Harry, Ron, and Butch . .. enjoys art and reading .. . aims to be a success. Hand, Michael Harhai, Michael Harpster, Russell Harpstcr, William IIAND, MICHAEL COURTNEY "Dud', General Basketball lg Baseball 1, 3. To graduate is Mike's ambition . . . pals with Howd, Scales, Chet, Hnz, Bug, Terry, Ken, and Boh . . . enjoys fishing and hunting . . . good dancer . . . terrific friend. HARHAI, MICHAEL CHARLES "Mike" Academic Mixed Chorus 3, Senior Choir 3. Mike's ambition is to become a pharmacist . . . can be seen with Dave Douglas . . . lavorite pastimes are sports and hunting . . . very handsome . . . always has a kind word for everyone . . , pleasing personality. HARPER, ALLEN DALE "Monson Vocational Band I, 2, 3. Plans to become a machinist . . . pals with Bill, Larry, Moose, and Iim . . . "Mouse" is known for his honest character . . . friendly to all. HARPSTER, I0 ANN "Jo" Secretarial Senior Tri-Hi-Y 8g Spokesman 3g Mixed Chorus 2, 33 Girls' Chorus 2, 35 F. B. L. A. 2, 3. Io's ambition is to become a private secretary . . . enjoys draw- ing . . . can he seen with Barb and Sue . . . achievement was becoming Youth Fellowship President . . . known for her pretty hair . , . can be found eating pizza or french fries . . . a friend to all. I-Iarper, Allen Ilarpstcr, Jo Ann Harris, Carrie Harris, Wilfred HARPSTER, RUSSELL KENNETH "Ken" Vocational Kenls ambition is to hc a mechanic or tmck driver . . . spends time slaying at the gas station . . . keeps the shop-fellows jump- ing .. . very friendly . . . fun to be with. HARPSTER, WVILLIAM RUSSEL t'Bill" Vocational F. F. A. 1, 2, 3. Billls ambitionlis to be a famicr . . . likes to hunt . . . pals with Bucky, Dick, Charlie, and Dennis . . . truc friend. HARRIS, CARRIE GAIL Vocational Gail's oil' to the WAC's after graduation . . . likes to dance . . . pals with Carol, Marge, and Judy . . . very friendly . . . sweet smile. HARRIS, XVILFRED CHARLES "With General 6'Wif', plans to raise and sell beef cattle . . . favorite pastime is hunting . . . can be seen with Stoney, LeRoy, Ron, and john friendly .. . doesn't like girls that swear or smoke trustworthy. 35 Hayes, Catherine Haynes, wvilllkllll Hazzard, Donna Heiehel, Barbara Hickes, Sandra Honian, Patricia Hoover, Dennis Hoover, Susan HAYES, CATI-IERINE CLAIRE HICKES, SANDRA ARLENE "Kitten Clerical "Sandy" Academic Hopes to become a secretary . . . "Kami, enjoys playing the organ chums with Catherine, Ruth, Sharon, Betty, and Betsy . . . always joking . . . fun to be with. HAYNES, WILLIAM EDGAR t'Bi1l" Vocational A future carpenter . . . clnnns with Bob, Ken, Sam, and Jerry . . . enjoys hunting and swimming . .. friendly .. . willing to help others . . . always smiling and a pleasant personality. HAZZARD, DONNA LEE ..D0n,, HEICHEL, BARBARA ANN :'BarbU K Band 1. Plans to be a beautieian . . pals with Sandy, Judy, Lola, always has a smile . . . shy. S6 Secretarial Clerical enjoys sewing and reading . . and Donna . . . friend to all . . Spokesman 2, 3g Mixed Chorus 2, 35 Senior Choir 3g Ensemble 2, 33 Cheerleading 1, 2, 35 Art Club l, 2, F. T. A. 2, Spanish Club 2, SQ Latin Club lg Girls' Cho- rus 1. One of our poppy cheerleaders . . , wants to go to college and major in English eau he found with Martha . . . enjoys reading and sports .. . intelligent . . . neat appearance . .. channing personality. HOMAN, PATRICIA JOYCE "Patsi" Academic Spokesman 15 Art Club 1, 2, Sg Latin Club lg Dramaties Club 3, Plans to go into modeling and fashion designing can be found with Pam, Janet, Mary jane, Pat, and Sue .. . enjoys painting and reading . . . always fashionably dressed . . . care- free attitude . . . admired by all. HOOVER, DENNIS "Miken Academic F. F. A. 1, 2. Mike only wants one thing.: from life . . . to be successful . . . type of boy who may just go out and take the world by the tail . . . sharpshooter during hunting season . . . buddies arc Mike, Dick, Dave, Terry, and Charlie. HOOVER, SUSAN ANN "Sue" Academic Falcon 35 Girls, Chorus 13 Spanish Club 2, 3, Latin Club 1, 2g Student Council 29 Dramatics Club 3. Sue's ambition is to travel . . . special achievement was repre- senting Pennsylvania 4-H in Oklahoma . .. an able Falcon editor . .. a friend to all . .. known for her writing ability . . . wonderful personality. HOUCK, MARY LOUISE Clerical Mary hopes to become a secretary . .. chums with Susie, Sue, Gladys, and Karen . . . can be found heading for State College . . . friendly personality beautiful red hair. HUBER, SUSAN LOUISE "Susie" Academic Senior Tri-Hi-Y 33 Art Club 2, 35 Latin Club 1, F. N. A. 2, 3. Wants to become a nurse in the Air Force .. . can be found vvith Virginia, Jo, Donna, Janet, and Cathy . . . likes to drive fast . . . fun to he with. HUNTER, RAYMOND N. "Cockie" Vocational Aspires to be a truck driver or fireman . . . pals with Ham, Clair, Sain, Jim, Fred, Bill, and Dave VVorking at the Neptune Fire Company is Ray's hobby .. . friendly. HUTCHINS ON, WILLIAM RICHARD "Hutch" Academic Spokesman 3, Spanish Club 2, 3, Latin Club 1, 25 Sci- ence Club 1, 2, 3. "Hutch" hopes to become an Aeronautical Engineer . . . pals are John, Carl, and Kooze . . . Rockets and Mr. Confer's ad- vanced science classes compose his spare time . . . likes G. M. cars .. . life of any party. HYNDSHAW, ALBERT YEISLEY "Dufl', Academic Basketball Ig Key Club 2, 3, Falcon 3, Band I, 2, 3, Mixed Chorus 35 Dance Band 2, 3g Spanish Club 2, S5 Latin Club 1. "Dull" hopes to go into high-speed photography . . . can be found with Suzie, Bill E., Bill YV., Bill L., and Bob . . . an able president of the Senior Band . . . excellent trumpet player . . . good-looking . , . fun to be With. JOHNSON, ETHEL RUTH Academic Girls' Chorus 1, Library Club 1, 2, 3, Latin Club 1. A future Florence Nightingale . . . best churn is Carol . . . This intelligent gal enjoys reading . . . very quiet and friendly . . . loads of fun and always smiling. JOHNSON, JOHN LEROY Academic Art Club 1, 2, 3, John pl-ans to get a new Corvette . . . pals are Bill, Don, Dick, and Wii-f . . . spends spare time working on cars . . . can usu- ally be found in his blue Ford . . . friendly to all. JOHNSTON, LARRY SHEA HPHUY Ball" Vocational Aspircs to become a machinist . . . friends are Joe, Bill, Ken, Don, Bob, Jim, Ron, and Steve . . . favorite pastime is hunting and fishing . . . always joking . . . friendly. Houck, Mary Huber, Susan Hunter, Raymond Hutchinson, Williani Hyndshaw, Albert Johnson, Ethel Johnson, John Johnston, Larry Johnston, Martha Judy, Robert Keefer, Susie Kimberling, Charles S8 Johnson, Ronald Justice, Marlene Keith, Judith Knecht, Martha JOHNSTON, MARTHA ANN ulwaffyu Academic- Band I, 2, 3, Mixed Chorus 2, 3, Girls' Chorus I, 33 Library Club 3, F. T.A. 23 Latin Club Ig F. N. A. 3. "Marty" hopes to become a nurse . . . Can be seen with Pat, Jerry, and the gang enjoys reading, music, and Howei arranging . .. honest, faithful, and very kind easy to get along with. JOHNSON, RONALD LEE "Ronnie-U General Football I, 2, Baseball 33 Key Club I, 2, 3, Art Club 2, 3, School Patrol 2, Dramatics Club 53. "Ronnie', enjoys hunting and fishing . . . can be found with Dick, Woodie, Meatball, Darrel, Orve, Stoney, Fiber, and VVilbur . . . good-looking . . . gets along with everyone . . . good dancer. JUDY. ROBERT EUGENE 'KBob,' Academic Spanish Club 2, 3. Bob plans to become an electronic engineer best chums are Dull, Bill, llarry, Run, John, and Suzie considered rather serious . .. a friend to all. JUSTICE, MARLENE ANN Academic Senior Tri-Hi-Y 3, Spokesman 3g Spanish Club I, 3, Dramatics Club 3, Aspires to become an interior decorator .. . chums with Suzie .. . enjoys reading . . . very neat dresser witty and peppy . . . friend to all. KEEFER, SUZANNE MARIE "SuzieU Academic Senior Tri-Hi-Y 35 Band I, 2, 3, Mixed Chorus 2, 3g Ensemble 2, 3, F.T.A. 2, Sq Spanish Club 2, 35 Latin Club lg Student Council I, 3. "Suzie-H plans to teach business education cluuns with Duff and Marlene . .. President of the Tri-Ili-Y . . . has a cheerful smile for all . . . a great personality. KEITH, JUDY ELIZABETH "Suzc,, Clerical Hopes to go to business school . . . can usually be found with Grace, Virginia, Carol, Gail, and Marge . . . keeps the mail- man busy . . . likes to drive . . . always smiling . . . friend to all. KIMBERLING, CHARLES XV. "Cllarlie', Vocational F. F. A. l, 2, 3. Hopes to become a farmer . . . best pals are Dick, Terry, and Mike a true friend to all . .. great personality . . . can be seen walking thc halls with Sharon. KNECIIT, BIARTIIA A. Academic Mixed Chorus 2, 35 Senior Choir 35 Ensemble 2, SQ Girls' Chorus lg Cheerleading 2, 8, Art Club lg Spanish Club 2, 3, Latin Club I. Wants to travel . . . best churn is Sandy enjoys pushing our boys on to victory . . . peppy, enthusiastic cheerleader . . . creative . . . sincere and helpful. Kocner, oan Lake Gcor fe , Langham, Theodore Lewis, Marion KOENER, JOAN YVONNE "Beak" Vocational Aspircs to become a beautieian . . . best pals are Kathy, Donna, Sandi, Karen, and Sandy . . . can be found riding in a 1953 black Ford . . . lun to be with . . . always ready to have a good time, LAKE, GEORGE C. "Mudtly', Academic Football 2, 35 Track 3, Baseball 2, Mixed Chorus 33 Boys' Chorus 3, Spanish Club 2, 3, Archery Club 1. "Muddy" plans to go to college . . . can be found with Frank, Bob, Stoney, Meatball, and Dick . . . enjoys hunting . . . very neat dresser . . . handsome . .. always happy. LAKE, XVILLIAM SAMUEL 'Qlolml' Academic Key Club 1, 2, 3, Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3g Senior Choir 2, 85 Boys' Chorus 3, Spanish Club 2, 3, Latin Club 1, 2, Science Club 1, 2, 3. Plans to become a doctor . . . can be found with Hutch and Carl . . . enjoys working on cars and science projects . . . spe- cial aehieveme-nt was being selected "Boy of the Month" always cheerful .. . willing to help others. LANGENBACHER, LOLA EDNA Secretarial Falcon 35 Art Club 1, 2, F. T. A. 2, 3, F.B.L. A. 2, 3. Aspires to go to Hawaii and get a job , . . best pals are Ruth, Donna, and Estelle . . . special achievement was becoming sec- retary of F.B.L.A. pleasant personality has many friends . . . beautiful hair. Lake, VVillia1n Langenbacher, Lola Light, Charles Little, Sydney LANCHABI, THEODORE "TerlH General Ted wants an easy job with a big pay check . . . can be found with Steve, Sandy, and Cathy . . . always friendly . . . has a smile for all. LEYVIS jR,, MARION SAMUEL "Sam,' Vocational Pals around with jerry, Dave, and Hon . . . Hunting is Sam's favorite pastime Trade sehool is Sanfs ambition after school if hc can keep his mind off a certain girl and on his studies. LIGHT, CHARLES DAVID "Charlie" Vocational Track lg Baseball 1, 2, 3. Charlie hopes to be big-league bound as a baseball player . . . Goofiug oil with Terry, Chet, or Howd is Charlie-'s pastime, when he's not hunting or fishing. LITTLE, SYDNEY ANN "C00ki6,' Secretarial 39 Loose, Cerald Loose, Iudith Maisano, Anthony Maney, Sandra LOOSE, GERALD WILMER "Jerry" Vocational "jerry" . . . liked by everyone who knows him . . . spends his spare time either hunting or just walking when not with Sain, Tom, Blaze, or Chip. LOOSE, IUDITH ANN "Judy" Clerical Iudy is proud of being able to say she's a graduate of T.A.H.S. . . . glad she passed her driver's test .. . likes riding around with Karen, Susan, Shirley, and Peggy. LUCAS, JUDY SANDRA "Yogi" Vocational Home Ec. Club 3. Judy, when not sweating out her math homework, enjoys listening to records .. . or just running around with Annie, jackie, or Sharon. LYKENS, CHARLES G. "Chuck, Vocational Football Manager 1, 2, Basketball 1. Chuck . , . who's specialty seems to be doing nothing all morn- ing long and getting away with it . .. would like to continue on to become a good machinist. 40 Lucas, Judith Lykens, Charles Manspcakcr, Betty Mayhue, Sandra MAISANO, TONY Academic VVrestling 1, 2, 3, Basketball 35 School Patrol 3. This fun-loving boy considers becoming a senior his special achievement . . . maybe in his case he's right . . . Hunting and running around with the gang take up Tony,s spare time. MANEY, SANDRA LEE "Sandy" Academic Senior Tri-Hi-Y 3, Spokesman 2, Latin Club 1, 2, F. N. A, 2, 3. Army-bound is Sandy, serving her country as a nurse Sandy can be seen having a good time with Bonnie, Beth, Sandy, Diane, and Cookie. MANS PEAKEB, BETTY EILEEN "Eileen', Academic Senior Tri-Hi-Y 8, Spokesman 1, 2, 3g Mixed Chorus 2, 35 Girls' Chorus 1, Cheerleading 35 Library Club 1, 2, F. T. A. 2, 3, Spanish Club 2, 35 Latin Club 1, 23 Stu- dent Council 1. Eileen . . . one of our lively cheerleaders can be seen with either Roberta, Barbara, or Vicki . . . Eileen,s good per- sonality will help her in becoming a teacher. MAYHUE, SANDRA LEE "Sandyv Clerical Senior Tri-Hi-Y 3. Sandy . . . future secretary and then homemaker . . . can be seen with Donna, Cathy, Karen, and Ioan . . . having fun at thc games and dances . . . graduating is No. 1 for Sandy this year. MCCAULLEY, GARY DENNIS Vocational Gary hopes and plans on graduating this year . . . then to further go on and become a mechanic . . . includes Fred, Terry, Dick, and Ted as friends. McCLELLAN, CHARLES LEE "Chuck" Vocational WVrestling lg Latin Club 1. Chuck, when not fixing his car or being at Homewood, can be seen with Blup, Rip, and Huzzy . . . Chuck would like to go on and further his knowledge of electronics if Dilbert cloesift have him ton mixed up. MUCLOSKEY, DAVID NEAL "Mack" Vocational Wrestling 2, 3. Mack . . . when not working on his cn' or hunting or trying to move dirt banks with his car .. . is with Pete, Scott. Charley, Tack. and Sonny . .. After graduating Mack will become a job hunter. MCMONACLE, LELAND DAVID "Wee' Vocational To be a food carpenter is XVee's ambition Building and hunting take up his time when not with Hershel, Andy, Her- man, and Paul. McNAUL, GRETCHEN KAY "Gretchv Academic Senior Tri-Hi-Y 3, Band I, 2, 35 Mixed Chorus 2, 33 Girls' Chorus Ig Art Club 1, 25 F. T. A. 2, 3, Spanish Club 2, 35 Latin Club 1, 24 Pep Band 2, 3. This XVorthy Advisor of Rainbow's plans include teaching and social work Gretch's friendly personality will help her here . . . parties . . . football games . . . Wrestling matches take up this lovely girl's sparc time .. . friends are Kathy, janet, Marg, Elinor, Sharon, Mary Ann, and Susie. MERTIFF, PHYLLIS D. "Mert" Vocational Home EC. Club 1, 2, 3. Mert .. . the type that keeps everyone wide awake in class . . . enjoys two things . . . dancing and boys . . . graduating and being a housewife are future plans .. . friends are Yogi, Gloria, Liz, Mary Sue, and Carolyn. MICHAELS, STEPHEN JOSEPH "Steve" Vocational Basketball l, 3. This friendly goof-off's special achievement will be to gradu- ate and to keep from getting thrown out of any class Ste-ve's friend list includes Dave, Sonny, jack, and Mike. MILES, BEVERLY JEAN "Bev" Clerical Bev when not talking . . . likes to dance A beautician is Bev's future aim . . . A list of friends includes Ruby, Darlene, Mary, Donna, Sonny, Billy, and Ken. McCaulley, Gary McCloskey, David McNaul, Gretchen Michaels, Stephen McClellan, Charles McMonagle, Leland Mertiff, Phyllis Miles, Beverly Miller, Sharon Miller, Wilbilr Moskel, Cathy Murray, Anna Nearhoof, Dennis Nearhoof, Shirley Neil, Sharon O'Conncll, Patricia MILLER, SHARON LEE "Blondie" Academic Senior Tri-Hi-Y 33 Band l, 2, 3g Latin Club I. NVitty and a true friend is what Carol, Ioan, Pat, and Patsy consider Blondie . . . bowling is Blondieis hobby . . . career as beautician is her aim. MILLER, VVILBUR DAVID "Butch', Academic Key Club 2, 33 Spokesman 3, Mixed Chorus 2, 33 Senior Choir 34 Boys' Chorus 2, 3, Photography Club lg Dra- matics Club 3. Proud of his part in Oklahoma .. . To be a music teacher is Butchis goal . . . Golfing and swimming with Don, Ron, Dick, Mike, John, Elwood, and Darrell take up sparc time. MOS KEL, CATHY MARIE A'Stuhby,' Clerical Senior Tri-Hi-Y 35 Library Club 1, 2, 8, F. B. L. A. 2, 3. Stubby considers herself lucky in getting to twelfth grade . . . Cheerful and always smiling are her main traits .. . enjoys reading and being with the gang .. . Sandy, Pat, Ioan, Annie, Ruth, and Barb rate. MURRAY, ANNA JANE "Annie" Clerical Girls, Chorus 1. This fun-loving senior enjoys making trips to Three Springs or Spruce Creek . . . considered a girl with neat personality and a real nut by her triends .. . jackie, Yogi, and Sharon arc lrlends. NEARIIOOF, DENNIS LEE "Blup" Vocational Blup an easy-going guy . . . just enjoys having a good time . . . proud of making it to graduation . . . pals are Chuck, Rip and Hnzzy. NEARHOOF, SHIRLEY ANN nShirl,' Secretarial Senior Tri-Hi-Y 3g Falcon 3g Mixed Chorus 2, S5 Girls, Chorus lg F.B.L. A. 2, 3. This pretty senior is proud of having been president of F. B. L. A. and a member of the Falcon Stal-I . .. Shirl likes dancing, swimming and being with Dave . . . hopes to bc a good secretary and wife gang includes Carol, Linda, Verna, Maureen, George, Lorine, and Joyce. NEFF, SHARON LEE "Sharon" Academic Band 1, 2, 3g Mixed Chorus 2, 3, Ensemble 34 Girls' Chorus Ig F. T. A. 2, 3, Spanish Club 2, 3g Latin Club Ig Student Council 3, Majorettc in Sr. Band I, 2, S. Conseientious and a good friend is what Vickie, Gretchen, Mary Ann, Kay. and Elinor think of Sharon . . . College bound is Sharon . . . Sharon gets fun out of playing miniature golf. O'CONNELL, PATRICIA ARLENE "Trish" Academic Band 1, 2, 39 F.N.A. 2, 3. Trish . . . a county band member . . . gets fun out of just es- corting the gang around in the jeep . . . To become one of the nurses is Trislfs mark gang includes Jerrlyn, Annalee, Marty, and Judy. Ornibsy, Richard Osterliout, Barbara Patterson, Isabell Patton, Darrel ORMBSY, RICHARD FRANK 4'Dick'l Academic Football 1, Basketball 1, 8, Spokesman 35 Mixed Chorus 2, 3, Boys' Chorus 2, 35 Art Club 2, 3. Hunting and bushwacking and sleeping out in the park with Elwood, Ron, Meatball, Darrell, Orve, Stony, John, and Wil- bur are Dick's extracurricular activities . .. Dick aspires to he a Navy otiicer. OSTERHOUT, BARBARA LEE "Peanut,' Secretarial Dancing, smiling, and eating take up Peanut's spare time . . . hopes to be a beautician . . . likes to drive around with Conny, Marsha, Peggy, Beverly, Cookie, Sue, Nancy, Sandy, and Linda. PANASITI, RICHARD SCOTT "Scott" Vocational Scott . . . well-known for some experiences . . . likcs to try to fix old radios . . . Going on further in the field of electronics is Scott's aim . . . friends include Jim, Bob, and Chuck. PARKS, KAREN MARIE Clerical F. B. L. A. 2. Karen's time is taken up by dancing, talking, and writing let- ters . .. Karen's redhair sets her out . .. runs around with Judy, Joan, Susan and Carol. Panasiti, Richard Parks, Karen Patton, Jack Pearce, David PATTERSON, ISABELL "Izzy', General Home Ec. Club 1, 2, 8. Friendly, easy-going, Willing to help others is what Izzy is noted for by her friends . .. Ruth, Donna, Linda, Darlene, Gloria, and Judy . . . graduating is what Izzy wants most. PATTON, DARREL J. "Big D" General Football l, 2, Wrestling l, 2, 3, Key Club 2, 3, Varsity Club 2, 3, Art Club 3. Big D counts only a few of the important things in life . . . to he happy, successful, and rich Big D is either riding around in a red truck or with Dick, Elwood, Dan, Orvis, Ron, John, Mike, and Duff . . . Big D is proud of being elected paper-passer in English class. PATTON, JACK LESLIE Jack's plans arc to make good after graduation . . . Working on his car takes up Jack's time . . . or riding around with David, 5-onny and Mike. Vocational PEARCE, DAVID RAY "Dave" Academic 3 Mixed WVrestling 2, Spokesman 1, 2, 3, Band l, 2, g Chorus 2, 3, Senior Choir 35 Dance Band 1, 2, 3, Boys' Chorus 35 Varsity Club 3, Spanish Club 2, 3, Latin Club Dave . . . always worrying about other peopleis 'problems . . . plans to become a minister . . . hunting' is Dave's lavoritc sport. 43 Peterson, Herman Piper, Donald Ramsey, Grace Reeder, Kenneth PETERSON, HERMAN EUGENE "Hep', Vocational Hep . .. the one who keeps things lively in the gang . . . en- joys hunting and swimming Furthering his knowledge of carpentry is Hep's goal after graduation .. . buddies are Dave and Leland. PIPER, DONALD LEE "Pip,' General Pip enjoys working with model trains and cars when not riding around in his car . . . Pip hopes to find a job after graduation . . . Pip's friends include Dave, Ray, John, and Tom. POSTRE ICH, RICHARD ROBERT "Dick', Vocational Football lg XVrestling 1. Dick is looking forward to that diploma then going to work at the Mill and making lots of S . . . Dick gets a kick in taking Sue on motorcycle rides . . . buddy is Bill. RAFFETTO, MARY MARGARET "Margie" Academic Spokesman 3, Mixed Chorus 2, 33 Senior Chorus 2, 3, Ensemble 2, 8, Girls' Chonrs 1, 3, F. T. A. 3, Latin Club 1, 2, F. N. A. 2. Margie's cute laugh can be heard at most of the parties that go on . . . ready with a smile and always ready to have fun . . , Teaching little tykes after graduation are Margie's plans . . . Margie cuts up with Janet, Kathy, Gretchen, and Mary Ann. 44 Postreich, Richard Raiietto, Mary Reese, Howard Reese, Linda RAMSEY, GRACE EVELYN Clerical Grace hopes to enter the secretarial field after graduation .. . Judy, Barbara, Joan, and Donna consider Grace friendly .. always ready with a smile and always willing to help out. REEDER, KENNETH EDWARD "Ken" Vocational Basketball 1, 23 Track 1. Ken . . . a future executive enjoys Hshing and sports or gooling off with Bob, Ron, Larry, and Steve .. . when not trying to solve a girl problem. REESE, HOVVARD WVILBUR "Howd" General Football 19 Wrestling 1, Baseball 1, 39 Senior Choir' 2, 35 Art Club 1, 2, SQ Science Club 2. HoWd's special achievement was to stay out of trouble, but he clidn't quite make it swimming, hunting, and girls are extra activities when not with the gang colleagues in crime are Bug, Huz, Chet, Charlie, Terry, Ken, Dick, and Jim. REESE, LINDA LEE "Linsey" Secretarial Senior Tri-Hi-Y 3, F. B. L. A. 2, 3. Friend, fun, helpful and intelligent is what Shirley, Carol, Janet, Maureen, Judy, Mary, and Georgie think of Linsey . .. Cap and gown, then a secretarial job is ahead for Linsey. RHODES JR., HARRY WILLIAM Academic Harry . , . a T. V. bug is thought to be even-tempered fexcept when madj and quiet by Bob, Ron, and Oscar . . . Harry hopes to be one of our future bridge builders after college. RHODES JR., HOMER NEYVTON 'tKib" Academic Wrestling 2, 3, Track 3, Key Club 2, 3, Band 1, 2, 3, Latin Club l. Cne of the rare students who takes homework seriously . .. considers getting out of bed on school mornings a task well- done . . . Kib can be seen riding around with that certain girl. RIGGLEMAN, DONA JEAN "D. J." Vocational Senior Tri-Hi-Y 3, Home Ec. Club 3. Uncle Sam's going to have his hands full if this girl stays as active after graduation as she is now enjoys dancing and reading uhen not with Peggy, Sue, and Pat. RITCHEY, SHARON DARNELL Clerical After the diploma's are given out Sharon hopes to go on to secretarial school . . . likes to talk . .. a good dancer . .. has fun with Annie, Rose, and Yogi. RITTER, JOYCE ANN "Joyce', Secretarial Senior Tri-Hi-Y 35 Falcon S, Library Club I, 2, 3, F. B. L. A. 2, 3. Joyce,s most important hobby is Whitey . .. proud of being elected to Falcon staif . . . a little moody, but fun-loving . . . hopes to become a secretary or Work for Alexander Bell after graduation . . . loves wrestling and football gang incudes: Lorine, Carol, Shirley, and Maureen. ROBENOLT, BARBARA JANE "Barbie" Clerical Senior Tri-Hi-Y 3. Barbie likes watching for that certain someone and going to dances . . . This gal is joining thc VVACS Sue, Sandi, and Jannie claim her friendship. ROBERTS, WILLIAM LEE "Bill" Academic Baseball I, 35 Key Club 3, Band l, 2, 3, Mixed Chorus 2, Senior Choir 3, Dance Band 1, 2, 3, Spanish Club 2, 3, Latin Club 1, 2. Bill gets a big kick out of sleeping, sports, and listening to music .. . The nurses will have a rough time because Bill's going to study to become another Dr. Kildare . . . friend list includes Terry, Carl, Dean, Mike, and Bill. ROMANO, DONNA LEE Clerical Senior Tri-Hi-Y 3. A future hoss's little helper after graduation, Donna hopes to become a secretary .. . likcs to just ride around in a black Ford with Sandy, Joan, Karen, and Sandi. Rhodes, Harry Riggleinan, Dona Ritter, Joyce Roberts, William Rhodes, Homer Ritchey, Sharon Rohenolt, Barbara Romano, Donna 1 l l i i Ross, Paul Rumberger, John Wilson Schaul, Barry Michael Schulman, Judith Ann Scordo, John Eugene Scott, Charles Darwin Sharer, Catherine Diane Shildt, Michael David 46 ROSS, PAUL "Scabie-Doon General Football 1, 2, Basketball 1, 2, Varsity Club 1, 2. Hopes to get his wings after graduation and to go into the Air Force .. . wants to stay in school and to keep out of trouble . .. buddies: Charlie, Huzzie, Howd, Mike, Ken, Dick, Terry, Tony, and John. RUMBERGER, JOHN WILSON "Bug" Academic Wrestling 1, 2, 3, Baseball 3, Key Club 2, 3, Spokesman 1, Senior Choir 2, 3, Art Club 1, 2, 3, Latin Club 1, 2, 3. Bug hopes to enter the field of fuse blowing Celectronicsj after graduation . . . ready to have fun with Ken, Howd, Huz, Dick, Chet, Charlie, Jim . . . big game hunter .. . likes swimming. SCHAUL, BARRY MICHAEL "Meatball', Academic Key Club 1, 2, 3, Mixed Chorus 2, 3, Senior Choir 3, Boys, Chorus 2, 3. Aspires to be a college student .. . always cheerful . .. enjoys bushwacking and hunting . . . very dependable . . . good friend to Dick, Elwood, John, Dan, Darrell, and the rest ot the gang. SCHULMAN, JUDITH ANN Academic Falcon 3, Mixed Chorus 2, 3, Senior Choir 3, Ensemble 2, 3, Girls' Chorus 1, Cheerleading 1, 2, 8, Library Club 1, 2, F. T. A. 2, 3, Spanish Club 2, 3, Latin Club 1, Student Council 2, 3. Can usually be seen cheering for our boys . . . very poppy and energetic .. . a sincere and determined future member of the Peace Corps . . . desires to visit the uculturedl' Mexicans with Barbs, Martha, Eileen, and Judy. SCORDO, JOHN EUGENE "Tojo" Academic XVrestling 1, 2, 3, Track 3, Key Club 2, 3, Falcon 3, Mixed Chorus 3, Boys' Chorus 3, Varsity Club 1, 2, 3, Student Council 2. Tremendcuis personality . . . desires to wrestle in college and to be a success in life . . . a good friend at all times-especially to Terry, Bob, Stoney, Meatball, and the gang achieved District Champion at 103 pounds enjoys wrestling for T. A. H. and fishing. SCOTT, CHARLES DARWIN "Charlie" Vocational Basketball 1, 2, 3, Band 1, 2, 3. Likes to play basketball . . . desires to become a cameraman . . . a lot oi fun to be with . . . can be seen with Bob, George, or Duff . . . a real clown who is always smiling. SHARER, CATHERINE DIANE "Cathy" Academic Spokesman 1, Art Club 1, 2, 3, F. T. A. 2, 3, Latin Club 1, Spanish Club 3. A future teacher . . . claims everyone is her friend . . . is a good dancer . . . easy to get along with . . . enjoys riding horses and joking with a certain lifeguard. SHILDT, MICHAEL DAVID Academic Wrestling 1, 2, Spokesman 3, Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, Choir 1, 2, Boys, Chorus 8, Art Club 1, 2, 3, F. T. A. 2, 3, Spanish Club 2, 8, Latin Club 1, 2, Science Club 1. A neat dresser friendly .. . desires to become rich . .. very nice looking . . . seldom a dull moment . . . claims Carl, Terry, and Bill as friends . . . sure to be a success . . . always on the move. Shirk, Louise Marie Shollenberger, Carl Alvin Shollenberger, Karen Ruth Shore, Andy Ianies Singer, Terry Lynn Skelton, Georganna SHIRK, LOUISE MARIE "L0uise', Academic Art Club 1, 25 Spanish Club 2, 3, Latin Club lg F. N. A. 2, A future lady in wlliterir, . quiet and choosey . . . likes to dance . . . enjoys the company of Ethel, Margie, Sue, and Mary a loyal friend particular about her appearance. SHOLLENBERGER, CARL ALVIN "Carl" Academic Key Club 1, 2, 3, Mixed Chorus 2, S, Senior Choir 8, Boys' Chorus S, Spanish Club 2g Latin Club lg Science Club l, 2, Very interested in the field of science . . . generally happy . . . speaks quite favorably of Fords . . . wants to be an engineer . . . can be found with Bill Lake and Hutch . . . Science proj- ects are a special achievement. SHOLLENBERGER, KAREN RUTH "Blondie" S ecretarial Senior Tri-Hi-Y 3, Spokesman 35 Library Club 15 F.B. L. A. 1, 2. Hopes to become an IBM operator . . . known for her beautiful blonde hair enjoys the company of Georganna, Mary Frances, Kaye, Maureen, Ioyce, and Bonnie . .. likes to play the piano can usually be seen in a '59 Ford. SHORE, ANDY JAMES Vocational A friend to all . . . wants to go into the field of electronics , . . likes to tote a gun during hunting season pals with Iiershel, VVee Wee, Cecil, Herman, and Bob is usually joking and laughing. Smith, Carol Lee Smith, Verna jane SINGER, TERRY LYNN "Terry'l Academic VVrestling 2, 3, Basketball lg Baseball 1, 2, 3, Band 1. 2, 3, Mixed Chorus 3, Dance Band 2, 3, F.T. A. 2, 8, Spanish Club 2, 3, Latin Club 1, 2, Science Club 1, 2, 3, Youth Center Council 1, 2, 3. A Kiwanis "Boy of the Month" . . . friendly to everyone . . . a good dancer wants to enter a military academy . . . Carl Barlett, Mike Shildt, Bill Roberts, and Bill Waite rate as friends . . . a happy, out-going personality. SKELTON, GEORCANNA "George" Secretarial Girls, Basketball lg Senior Tri-Hi-Y 3, Mixed Chorus 2, 3, Girls' Chorus 1, 3, F. B. L. A. 2, 8. A future secretary . . . friendly with everyone . . . our F.B.L.A. vice-president . . . hates to do homework . . . enjoys swimming and dancing . . . chums With Gladys, Maureen, Bonnie, Kay, Karen, Joyce, and Shirley . . . YVatch that temper! SMITH, CAROL LEE "Smitty" Clerical F. B. L. A, 2, 3. A dude of a dresser . . . can be seen dancing with Mike at the 'iY" . . . dreams of marrying a millionaire . .. spends a lot of time with Joan VVoodring, Karen Parks, and Sharon Miller . . . neat personality. SMITH, VERNA JANE "Pebbles" Secretarial Senior Tri-Hi-Y 35 Falcon 3, Mixed Chorus 2, 3, Girls' Chorus 1, 35 Library Club 1, 2, 3, F.B. L. A. 2, 3. Often seen with Shirley, Lorine, Carol, and the rest of the crowd . .. likes to swim and dance . . . desires to be a good receptionist . . . greets everyone with a smile our Tri-Hi-Y secretary. 47 Snyder, Harold M. Snyder, Stewart Snyder, Williaiii Charles Starzesky, Suzanne Rae Steinbeiser, Gloria Faye Stetter, Susan Kay Stonebraker, Daniel Paul Stoner, janet Louise SNYDER, HAROLD M. Vocational STEINBEISER, GLORIA FAYE , . . . . "Gloria" Vocational Quite a hunter . . . clalms he has no speclal ambition . . . often seen with Mike Miller or 1.arry . ,. enjoys playing football. Home Ec. Club 1, 2, Wants to fly high in the YVonu-nis Air Force . . . claims she really emoys baby sitting .. . always smiling . .. never a dull moment with this girl companions are Fayetta, Cathy, and Dianne. SNYDER, STEWART . "Bill" Vocational S'1'EiI'TER, SUSAN KAY 650993, Clerical Football 1, Track 2, 8. Our chief projectionist . . . interested in the field of electronics . . . hopes to be a radar technician for the Navy . . .ltreads the halls with Larry, George, and Mike . .. likes to tinker with radios SNYDER, WILLIAM CHARLES "Bill" Vocational Claims his special achievement is keeping his Ford converti- ble running .. . enjoys working on cars and will make it his occupation . . . chums with Chuck, Jim, Dick, Charlie, Dave- and Debbiel STARZE SKY, SUZANNE RAE "Sue" Academic Spokesman 1, 2, 3, Band 1, 2, 3, Mixed Chorus 2, 35 Choir 3, Ensemble 2, 8, Girls' Chorus 1, 34 F. T. A. 2, 3, Spanish Club 2, 35 Latin Club lg Science Club 1, 2, 35 Bible Club 1, 2, Varsity Ensemble 3. One of the T. A. H. S. band members . .. special achievement -learning to swim . . . cheerful . . . a future math teacher . . . a loyal friend. 48 Senior Tri-Hi-Y 3. Enjoys the company of Mary, Sue, Gladys, and Barb . .. a fu' ture beautician friendly .. . always fun to be with a good dancer favorite pastime is being with the gang . .. has a neat sense of humor. STONEBRAKER, DANIEL PAUL SWUCY7' General VVrestling 1, 2, 35 Baseball 35 Key Club 2, 3g Mixed Cho- rus Sg Boys' Chorus 3, Varsity Club 1, 2, 35 Student Council 3. Hopes to be a Wrestling coach . .. likes to go "bushwaekin1.:" .. . keeps late hours .. . usually found with Knsty, Orv, and John . . . has trouble getting his homework clone, STONER, JANET LOUISE "Jann Academic Qbokesman 2, 3, Art Club 1, 35 Latin Club 1, 2, 33 l'. N. A. 2, 3, Dramatics Club 3. Can't seem to beat the clock while trying to get home . . . lots of fun . . . enjoys having parties . . . a future lady in white . . . easy to talk to . . . friendly likes moody people. SUMMERS, DAVID LEE "Dave" Academic Football 1, 2, Basketball 15 Art Club lg Latin Club 1, 2. a jeker . .. always has lots to talk about . . . dreams of driv- ing his own Corvette . . . simply Wants to be a success in lite . . . enjoys hunting and boating . .. friendly, especially with Joe, John, Mike, and Tom. SUPINA, SUSAN 'tSue" Vocational Senior Tri-Hi-Y Sg Home Ee. Club 3. A future Wave . . . neat personality . . . lots of fun . . , Peggy, Donna, Connie, Barb, and Nancy rate .. . good dancer. SWEITZER, KAY LOUISE "Swish" Academic Senior Tri-Hi-Y 3, Mixed Chorus 2, 35 Choir 3, Girls' Chorus 1, 33 Spanish Club 2, 35 Latin Club 1, Girls, Basketball 1, 2, 35 Soccer 3. Enjoys dancing and playing basketball waits for letters from Penn State .. . always full of laughs . . . has a pleasing word for everyone . . . wants to be a physical education teach- er . . . likes those long weekends. TEPSIC, JOSEPH MARK "Joe" Academic Baseball 1, 2, 3. Quiet will make his fame as a chemical engineer . . . sel- dom unhappy a.good hunter .. . spends his spare time hunting, playing golt, or playing baseball .. . best chum is Dave Summers. THOMAS, BARBARA IRENE "Barh,' Secretarial Senior Tri-Hi-Y S, Spokesman 3, Mixed Chorus 2, 34 Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 85 Library Club 1, 2, 35 F. B. L. A. 2, 33 F. N. A. 3g Bible Club 1, 2. Goes the way with JoAnn, Linda, Mary . . . plans to go to Bible college . . . a true Christian friend .. . likes to eat ice cream finds it hard to be on time. TURIANO, CHARLES JOSEPH "Chuck" General A lot of fun . .. claims his achievement is getting through P.O.D. .. . hopes to graduate and go into the service . .. easy to get along with . . . enjoys the company of Sonny, Mike, Huzzy, Bob, and the rest of the gang pleasant. TURIANO, JAMES ANTHONY "Jimmie" Vocational One of our good-looking seniors . .. will see the world with the Marines , . . a devotee of rod and gun , . . can be seen with Huzzy, Rummy, Chct, Ken, Mike, and Sonny . . , friendly .. . has a great personality. TURIANO, SANTO "Sonny" Vocational Can usually be found under a car . . . claims he will shed no tears at graduation easy to get along with . . . a good friend to Mike Grimm and Tony Maisano . . . very sincere . . . a nice gay. Summers, David Lee Supina, Susan Sweitzer, Kay Louise Tcpsic, Joseph Mark Thomas, Barbara Irene Turiano, Charles Joseph Turiano, James Anthony Turiano, Santo 49 Turnbaugh, James Varncr, Terry Walk, Wilbur Waple, Io Ellen 50 Updike, Ianct Waite, WVilliam Walls, Virginia Watson, Mary TURNBAUGH, JAMES LEE "Rip,' Vocational Football 1, WV1'estling 1, 2, 85 Varsity Club 1, 2, 3, School Patrol 2, 8. One of our wrestlers . . . honest never a dull moment . . . enjoys being with Sandy . . . looks forward to going to trade school . . . reliable . . . pals are Huzzy, Stony, and Clmck. UPDIKE, JANET MARIE "Janet" Academic Senior Tri-Hi-Y 3, Art Club lg Library 15 Latin Club 1, 2, F. N. A. 2, 3. Pretty dark hair . .. another future lady in white favorite pastime is playing the piano . . . always happy . . . proud ol the fact that she passed chemistry. VARNER, TERRY RICHARD "The Kid" Academic VVrestling 1g Key Club 3, Band 1, 2, 3, Mixed Chorus I, 2, 3, Choir 8, Boys' Chorus 2, 3, Latin Club I, 2, Bible Club 1. Quite a joker . . . just wants to be a success . . . always smiling . . . enjoys the company of Bucky, Bud, Bob, Tom, and Charlie . . . a special achievement is being able to drag himself home after eight periods of school. WAITE. XVILLIAM F. Academic Wrestling 1, 2, 35 Band 1, 2, 35 Choir 35 Dance Band 2, 3, Spanish Club 2, Student Council 2, 8, Science Club 2, 3. Outspoken wants to become everything hc's able ll . .. sincere .. . a favorite pastime is takin, it easy . .. argumenta- tive. WVALK, WVILBUR F. "Sonny" Vocational Basketball 1, 2, 33 Baseball 1, 2, 33 Varsity Club 1, 2, 35 Photography Club l. Good natured . . . will study more in technical school . . . pet peeve is little kids with big mouths . . . became S100 richer during Cash Bonus Days in Tyrone . .. well-liked by all who know him. XVALLS, VIRGINIA ROSALIE "Genny" Clerical Loves to swing her partner to the tune of a square-dance band . . . Wants to get a good job and settle down . . . can be found with Bev, ludy, Millie, and Ed . . . listens to the radio in some of her spare time. YVAPLE, JO ELLEN "Ion Academic Senior Tri-Hi-Y 3, Art Club 1, Spanish Club 2, 3, Sci- ence Club lg Dramatics Club 53. One of our beauties .. . has hopes of a college education . .. known tor her XVlttlllt'SS . .. has a cute smile .. . friends are Gail and Leah. WATSON, MARY SUE "Snow Vocational WVatson, Robert VVeaver, Cecil VVelch, Nancy NVertz, Chester lVestbrook, Ronald WVestley, Donald llfestley, Maureen Westlcy, William VVATSON, ROBERT XVESTLEY WESTBROOK, RONALD LEE "Bimbo" Vocational "Moose" Vocational Football 1, Photography Club 1. Basketball 1, 3, Baseball 1, 2, 39 Band 1, 2, 3, Varsity Friendly will work hard to be a successful machinist . . . Club 11 90 3' tinkers with autos, especially his own considers graduation One of our first-string baseball players .. . marches with our his special achievement . . . XVhen not working at the service band and the Gardner Guards . . . pleasant personality . . . station, he can be seen with Sonny, Dave, Mike, Huzzy, -lack, best chums are Ken, Bob, joe, Charley, George, and Bud. or Steve. VVEAVER, CECIL GARY VVESTLEY, DONALD OREN "Cec', Vocational "Huzzy,' Vocational A. lover of field and stream Z.. another future machinist . . . llfrestling 1, 2. 'UCC 5170315 N5 Sllme Ulm' with Amlyv Bob, Bill, and A smart dresser . . . known for his diving ability one ot Hilmld - - - UUJOYS Wflfkmg 011 CMS' our good-looking senior boys . . . can be seen with Rip, Chuck, jim. Tary, and the rest of the gang enjoys the great outdoors. WELCH, NANCY JANE WESTLEY, MAUREEN ADAIR 'tNance" Secretarial "Mar" Secretarial Library 1, 2, 3, F.B. L.A. 2. Senior Tri-Hi-Y 33 F.B.L. A. 2, 3. A loyal supporter of T. A. H. S. . . . always smiling . . . a loyal Vice-president of Senior Tri-Hi-Y . . . a dude of a dresser . . . friend to Betty, Cookie, and joan . . . would like to turn her is destined .to be a good secretary . . . a charming personality favorite pastime, drawing, into a career fun to be with. sports tan can usually be found with Dick gang includes Bonnie, Georgie, Shirley, Joyce, and Carol. NVERTZ, CHESTER LEE WESTLEY, VVILLIAM EARLE "Cl1et,' Vocational K'Bill" Academic Basketball 1, 2, 35 Baseball 3, Varsity Club 2, 235 Student Band 1, 2, 3, Art Club 1, 25 Spanish Club 2, 3, Latin Council 1, 2. Club 1. A friend to all bound for a career in electronics . .. takes Extremely witty .. . a future government worker . . . sure is pleasure in playing basketball and loafing with the gang proud of his band sweater . . . rarely complains . .. claims special achievement . . . getting through basketball season. Kib Rhodes and John Iohnson as friends. 51 White, Gary Woodring, Stephen XVHITE, GARY LEE XVolf, Gerald XVoonier, Henry "Sam,' Vocational Spins the Wheels on his Pontiac . .. friendly tries to clean out the Woods during hunting season plans to see the World at the Army's expense. VVOLF, GERALD LEE "Gerry,, Vocational A future electronics technician .. pals with Big Joe, Chet, Ron, and Little joe . . . even-tempered . , . eheertul . . . enjoys experimenting with radios. XVOLFORD, CHARLES WALTER "Charlie" Academic Football 1, 2, 34 Wrestling 2, 3g Baseball 1, 33 Key Club 34 Mixed Chorus 2, 35 Boys' Chorus 3. One of our athletes . . . Wants to lie successful and happy .. . a triend to all knows the way to Park Avenue . . . his achievement . . . graduation. VVOODRING, JOAN CAROL Library Club 1, Q.. Clerical Friends are Carol, Karen, Nancy, and Sharon the "YD dances rate will be a receptionist . .. sure does like to dance . . . has a cute smile. 52 XVolford, Charles VVoodring, loan Ziinnlerrnan, Peggy Zinnners, Ruth YVOODRING, STEPHEN DALLAS "Steve" Vocational Football 23 Vllrestling lg Baseball 1, Carefree friends say lie's a confirmed girl-chaser .. . d1'iv-- ing around occupies much of his spare time . . . another future electrician . . . always joking . .. friendly. VVOOMER, HENRY FOSTER 'KButch', Vocational Quiet, but friendly . .. can't decide between the Air Force or a trade school -. .. a eoin collector . .. Gary, Carl, Allen, and john rate as friends. ZIMMERMAN, PEGGY JEAN "Peg" Clerical Spokesman l, 2g Mixed Chorus 2, 35 Girls' Chorus l, 2, 3g Library Club 1, 2, 3g Latin Club lg Bible Club 1, 2. Fine Christian character .. . a great talker . . . will go to a Bible school can he found with Terry a friend to many , . . Witty. ZIMMERS, RUTH PAULINE "Ruthie" Secretarial F. B. L. A. 2, 3. VVell-poised loves to joke, as Donna, Lola and Estelle know .. . Wann to work and then get married . . . being with Fred is a lavorite pastime always smiling. The Washington Trip As history was being made, seniors from Tyrone Area High School W61'6 in the midst of it. On this page, some of the sights of the Wash- ington trip have been recalled. Here We see scenes from the late President Kennedy's funeral, the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, and our na- tion's Capitol. This, and many others, will live in the memory of each senior who took the trip. Our pcppy j.V. substitute, dHz1ppy Driving" "Yea for our Faculty It is 1 uitc obvious that olm and Duvc are . l workmg very lmrd. As Mr. SlO11ClJI'2lliL'I' leisurely rvucls The Tribune-Democrat, therc is no cloulut in llis mind that the students of T.A.H.S. arc not laboring lmrd in their classes. The Falcon Staff is working diligently on thc 1964 Falcon. 55 Class of 1964 MOST FRIENDLY l Suzanne Kcefer john Davis MOST INTELLIGENT Lorinc Friday NVilli1nn Warite Who's Who BEST FORM Mary Houck Donald Vfostley BIOST WITTY Lynne Fuglcy YVilbur Miller BEST LEADERS Mary Ann Ferucr Gary Burwcll BEST DRESSED Maureen VVG-stlcy Mic-has-I Harlmi MOST SCHOOL SPIRIT Indy Sclmlmun john Scordo MOST TALENTED Patricia Butler Clmrles Light Santa Claus and his liurd-working lielpcrs. "Now, Santa Claus, do I or do T not gct ai mink cout for Christinasr' 60 I'll tell you why WC,1'0 smiling. Sllllfil is going to give us holli ai sc-cond cliuncc for nvxt your. Q E E Way Back When - H. Rec-so C. Turizmo B. Thomas S. Mnylmo R. Zimmcrs L. Iolmson bl, Sn-ordo S. XVooclring M. YVOstlCy D. DUH' Davis L. XICKIOIIIIQIC Left to Right-Row 1: J. Crampton, Mr. Tate, T. Singer. Row 2: AI. Ross, B. Celmo. Row 3: S. Cnudy, B, Snyder. Row 4: R. Newman, M. Sclmcll- baugh. G0 Mr. Tata' Mr. Fulminu ? fffwf' Left to Right-ROW 1: S. Bresslvr, B. Bollinger, M. Couch, B. Dannaway, J. Crawford, B. Cclmo, S. Cowfcr D. Bosuaino. Row 2: 1. Brenna-man, B. Bollinger, D. Calderwood, G. Brower, C. Cupp, P. Cunningham, S Adams, S. Coady, A. Crawford, S. Davis, M. Cox. Row 3: D. Blowers, B. Black, J. Adams, S. Black, S. Beals N. Coumos, R. Briggs, S. Bridgcs, S. Bcnnctt, B. Briggs. Row 4: T. Bcrkstrcsscr, R. Bathurst, M. Albriglrt, I Crampton, B. Carson, E. Carpcr, S. Crawford, D. Adams, H. Ammcrman, G. Barr, B. Cassady, M. Creppage Left to Right-Row 1: Denny, K. Greenland, M. Faust, B. Dickson, J. Dawson, C. Dean, B. Givler, M Graco, A. Gebliart, D. Ellenlncrger, D. Ellcnbcrgcr. Row 2: J. Fox, L. Greenawalt, j. Griflfitli, P. Cowhcr, E Emigli, B. Fink, G. Grye, D. Foster, R. Gates, I. Delozier, R. Eggc, T. Emery, VV. Diclil. Row 3: D. Gardner D. Glnnt, R. Dean, J. Francliio, J. Estriglit, G. Gardner, G. Eckrotli, B. Gcarhart, D. Grager, bl. Fink, R. Dc-cker K. Friday, D. Dvcker, -I. Esclrlbacli. n 7 Left to Right-Row 1: S. Koppler, B. Hannon, K. Hildebrand, E. Kimlucrling, L. Hurd, L. Hand, J. Cureko vicli, R. llarpstcr, P. Goodman, B. Gunsullus, S. Kiniberling, M. johnson, C. Lumborn. Row 2: B. Kirkpatrick C. Irwin, D. Igou, S. Harris, W. Kennedy, D. Kimmel, C. Keyes, T. Hyclc, R. ladznola, G. Hazzard, H. Hayncs Row 3: J. Hart, D. H21ISl1lDLYI'g61', J. Haverstein, H. Houscr, I. H2ll'l'i61', AI. Lakc, R. Kvcfer, 1. Hoover, WV. Hynd sliuw, R. Klesins, R. Kcatley, C. Moore, bl. Irvin, E. Iolmson. Left to Right-Row 1: -I. Neil, M. Langlunn, R. Naylor, S. Lunnen, E. NL-arlioof, H. Murtz, C. Long, P. McClcl- lun, Noel, 1. Millor, AI. Miller, J. Lewis, B. McClelland, K. Moglc. Row 2: A. Mengcl, M. Nloskcl, D. Moore F. Long, ,l. Nklll, R. Leach, -I. Lzunlmerson, R. Liner, I.Ner11-lioocl, P. LL'LlSllf6', C. Owens, I. Miller. Row 3: lj Leliner, R. McNeal, VV. Miller, L. Lnngenlyuclwr, C. lX'lllClClCI1, S. Millcr, R. Newman, M. M4-Nm-lis, J. McDonald C. McKinney, L, N92lI'll4lCJf, S. Morrissey, C. Moore. 64 1 Left to Right-BOW 1: A. Richards, C. Pressler, M. Ramsey, B. Snyder, V. Spaulding, L. Reese, Pine, C Shively, I. Sellers, KI. Reader. Row 2: D. Smith, J. Ross, V. Richardson, D. Patton, M. Beecl, P. Shuey, F Priclcly, E. Shildt, N. Bieharcls, L. Pfiefer. Row 3: L. Pease, B. Shultz, R. Shultz, T. Singer, -I. Morrissey, VV Miller, M. Sehnellhaugh, I. Phillinger, P. Maisano, D. Pltterson, R. Ritchey. Row 4: J. Parker, E. Shultz, M Soellner, R. Price, I. Plisinslci, R. Sheckler, D. Sehirm, W. Stephens, R. Sprankle, I. Smith, VV. Panisiti, D. Spran kle, I. Nearhoof, R. Shawley. Left to Right-Row 1: I. Weyer, M. Stiver, j. Stitt, R. Steele, K. Stewart, L. Troutwine, S. XValker, J. Thomas M. VVooclring, S. White, B. Williams, F. VanAllman, J. Turiano, M. VVeaver. Row 2: P. Vtloorner B. Stahl I NVakeHelLl, M. Upclyke, I. Strayer, D. Walk, T. Turnhangh, H. VVhelancl, E. Taylor, K. Zilnnierg, I. Stewart, Zeigler. How 3: G. Watters, J. Thomas, R. VVaite, XV. Tennis, B. Tespie, W. Stever, R. VV0oclring, L. XValker, T. NVOmlring, C. VV00mer, K. VVeyer, L. VVeleh. a CLASS OFFICERS Left to Right: F. Maisano, I. Haffetto, I. Forccy, S. My- ers, T. Templeton. Sophomores CLASS ADVISORS Left to Right-Row 1: Mr. Stonebruker, Mrs. Nearhoof, Mr. Stroup. Row 2 Mr. Norris, Mr. YVl1ite. Left to Right-Row 1: B. Calderwood, 1. Blowers, C. Cassady, S. Brower, S. Albright, C. Boytim, C. Bcck, C. Ayres, -I. Cooper, E. Bickle, D. Catich, D. Calderwood, C. Albright. N. Chamberlain, M. Chencharick. Row 2: ,l. Anders, L. Carper, M. Bridges, A. Brower, B. Carson, R. Angelo, C. Catich, D. Caldwell, M. Bennett, I. Barn- cr, L. Christine, N. Adams, S. Brcssler, C. Baney, M. Boughainer, A. Bohn, I. Burket. Bow 3: S. Bressler, B. Anlts, E. Bressler, L. Bradford, I. Brinkman, O. Burns, NV. Ahranio, C. Batchcler, D. Barrett, K. Bartlehangh, C. Chcrry, T. Anderson, D. Bridges, B. Cannistraci, G. Bonsell. Left to Bight-Row 1: M. DcCirolon1o, P. Dixon, C. Futrick, B. Eshcr, S. Erdly, L. Davidson, L. Dawson, P. Dick- son, D. Ellcnhcrger, C. Denny, E. Focht. Row 2: K. Gallagher, D. Dean, F.. Cupp, C. Bhodes, L. Garber, D Cupp, B. Fox, S. Dillon, R. Fleck, B. Cault, A. Gandolfo, B. Goss, D. Fink. Row 3: E. Harpster, K. Dawson P. Cowhcr, C. Denny, I. Forcey, B. Fisher, B. Cragcr, B. Diehl, R. Cox, C. DiDo1nenico, N. Dclozier, D. Friday H. Fink, F. Forney, I. Estright, D. Decker, R. Dannaway, G. Ferguson. Left to Right-Row 1: H. Iluncl, K. Irvin, B. johnson, M. Alolinson, S. Kinnnvl, M. Johnston, L. Kinnncl, K. Givin D. Getz, L. Goss, M. Hip-kc-1, G. IIIISIHZIH, S. Irvin, S. Hoflrnun. Row 2: S. Ilillurcl, I. Huber, T. KIl11l7Cl'IIllg, ,I Iernci, D. Casper, S. Kinnnol, M. Irvin, C. Hall, -I. Iloovcr, G. Hurt, S. Ignn, R. Have-rstein, I. Hoover, S. Ilurris M. Iolin, D. Greene. Row 3: XV. Grebe, I. Harris, R. Igou, T. Hogan, ll. Hitchens, I. Gill. T. Hcclln-1'g, B. Kop- lmrt, D. I'ICSS, R. Hall, G. Hickcs, P. Harris, H. Ilollcn, W. Hart. I ii Luft to Right-Row I: A. Mnttcrn, O. Miller, M. Milc-si-I. NICBIOU2lf.Ill', M. McCoy, A. Morrison, M. Mac-Gnu, T. NI2lI'l'iCtl0, S. Laughlin, B. Moglc, NI. Lynn, S. Moore, D. Miller, S. BIQIISRIIIO. Row 2: V. Loncliur, P. Munspcukcr, R. McGulnn1, B. Munninn, H. Lynn, R. Moist, J. LaR0sa, R. Light, R. Martin, D. Moore, Libolcl, G. Kriclvr, li. Lawler. Row 3: N. IXlcFzn'land, K. Lykcns,-I.Marsl1all, D. Mullet, B. ML-Nelis, Al. Mnncy, AI. McNclis, G. Miller, D. Lucas, D. Miller, D, Lunglunn, D. L2l1lgGI1lJ11CllC1', F. Muisano. Left to Right-Row l: M. Pfiefelg ll. Reed, I. Nearhoof, D. Mosemann, L. NGllgl'l7LlltG1', Seiner, M. Smith, N. Smith. Row 2: Bl. Priddy, hl. Ralletto, D. Shank, P. Rhoades, il. Paul, I. Paul, M. Patton, K. Smith, B. Tower, S. Ormsby, S. Myers, S. Phillips. Row 3: B. Page, J. Schock, T. Watters, B. Shaw, T. O'Connor, L. Shildt, T. Querry, A. Reader, J. Riggleman, R. olwick, C. Perry, C. XVL-aver, F. Owens, B, Stanley. Row 4: C. Rora- haugh, T. Sherry, BI. Morrissey, M. Romano, B. Smith, I. Nearhoot, D. Pressler, R. Smith, L. Mountz, T. Sensor, L. Sliirk, M. Romano, S. Rhodes, C. Sessamen, F. Noel. Left to Right-Row 1: M. Updike, S. Trostle, NI. Stiver, J. WVolford, C. Snyder, C. Snellbauglx, S. Snyder, L Snyder, J. VValk, P. Walk, D. Wilt, C. Weber, B. WVaitc, S. Sprankle, D. WVrye. Row 2: A. Steinbeiser, A. Sprankle T. Tnrnluaugh, R. Wfeston, J. Troutwine, R. Williams, R. Stouffer, P. Miles, C. Stewart, R. Mayhue, J. Watson B. Walk, S. Zeigler, D. YValters. Row 3: P. Orenias, M. Stack, R. Steele, T. Varner, C. XVrye, R. XVhvc-land, C xVOOCl1'il1g, D. Umholtz, T. Ilitlfllljilllgll, T. Templeton, R, Stryker, R. VVooclring, C. Seellner, C. Steele, B. Steele j. Stoniler, C. Wfaitc. 69 Ninth Grade I guess the higgest aclvantago Caesar had over us was that he had all his lilo to learn Latin and we have only two years. I A AXQMJXL fm Niwfowifwi' Cb ,Ajhnl-ffjlf A' F.AmCX'6QSvmL-fffwvlm JW K ' N Drjww Q, YQ I RU5 XVe shall now practice tho proper procedure for I 1 1-egtiug ygur head on vom- figt. One never knows which of these art stuclents will he the Picasso of the future. amglfgfillxwuui l . , .Q . . 77? . , 4 L ,af ,fic ,EL 0 P - f f 1 u ,fr ,f4..' 53 LL' 5' 45" ,. ,I , ff ti J A fr, 171, L 'J I 1 , I. X L .,, V ff. 43 1, c A , f I .V ,, .jr ,f kj? fjwg! yi' ' . ' Y f , ,. j, 1 gg, J A' f' VJ '10 'J if lc P 5. , A fi 'ff' ffl ficfi .1533 . ci' 1 , f Ax 1. . V' J' ' P .Q '-r"l 5, 1 , fl A.-XJ ' -ff' -f 1- , . ,- I , 'Mitt ,fl'?L.-41" ,497 ""jKifilfCff! ivy f9'U...f'XJ5 5 fry-f fl l . "JP, M . ., , - ,J , 73.555 V Left to Right-Row 1: S. Cupp, E. Biddle, A. Carson, L. Burns, M. Carson, D. Burns, S. Bonscll, D. Bickcl, D. Dcl- Baggio, P. Batchelor, B. Bathurst, S. Burns, C. Byrun. Row 2: D. Bickel, A. Arnincrinan, L. Cournos, T. Black, J. Conrad, D. Custugnola, B. Babe, D. Chronistcr, T. Christofic, B. Black, VI. Anderson, C, Conrad, j. Anclcrs, I. Brown, K. Carson. Row 3: L. Bonscll, D. Bnnsi-ll, C. Dean, H. Beckwith, T. Bonsell, S. Brisbun, V. Dcun, P. Boal, G. Dciln, F. Conrzul, J. Bun- nett, L. Albright, M. Anclroski, D. Brown, A. Albright, L. Dean. 'li TW! Q fa 33335 I .. .F 1.1-A fr rw , , H., . J... r Left to Right-Row 1: D. Ccnisinore, N. Eyer, I. Fisher, M. Hagg, S. Duff, M. Hall, FlCckr,f"S..lH2in1cr, L. Hampton, 1 D. Greenland, K. Drcsslcr, S. Elnigh, K. Elclcr. Row 2: S. Grecnuwalt, L. Harmon, Gillnlan,.S.iFrcsh, V. Fleuk, Pr. - Fink, I. Grebe, Al. Gurekovich, P. Ewing, M. Fleck, B. Fink, P. Flvck. 1. Dickson. ROW' 35511.-.DickSr3ri, S. Focht, -I. Cvrzrci, S. Hall, P. Frye, T. Ezlken, D. Fisher, M. Ellcnbergcr, D. Erclly, F. Dickson, B. ,Gra1Zi6r, 'Curc:kovicl1, C. Dresscl, D. Friday, N. EllCHl.JE7I'gCl'.,f LUV, fr- ,, ,,,, , 73 . r , A 3 .. , ,J,QzS:.W J-' A ' . " ,. .1 K' fi 15,2 ,, ' ' ' ' N fqflffllr' if u f .JV L " . w l .uv r . ,. w J.. fl A 30, 3-gif ' ev.-f' N" Left to Right-Row 1: S. Cunsullus, D. Peusc, P. Rznnsvv, N, Ruinhcrgclr, D. Snyclc-r, K. Pricv, E. Ronnsey, C. lloflgcrs, R. RlQ,'glClllilI1, B. Romano, C. Slllxlllklllgll, S. Schulman, S. Scl11'ucdc1', B. Pctcrs. Row 2: C. llichurcls, M. Robinson S. Sellers D. XVQQIYCI' R. Scott G.Sl1ilclt A. Steclc, G. Shultz, B. Rhodes, B. Priclcly, I. Snyclvr, D. Smith, I.7l72ltt0Il. Row 3: M. Sfoclc, P. Stvvlc, C. i3utton, D. Shultz, C. Stephens, E. Rccsc, tl. Sultzlgc, L.. l Hicharnls, D. Rhodes, B. Stvwurt, R. Shu-llenhvrgcr. B. Simms, M. Shopp, T. Singer. J. Snoull-cr, B. Slmwlvy, l B. Smith, R. Spicer. Left to Right-Row 1: I. Kvnnecly, D. Ilockcnherry, E. Kinch, ll. Irvin, Z. johnson, A. KiI'li1l2ltl'iL'k, D.-johnson A. Hunter, I. Lauder, W. Lzingenlmchcr, A. johnson, P. johnson. Row 2: S. Igou, D. Irvin, JCH1-ries, N Hoover, S. Iscnberg, M. Kimmel, A. Luckner, S. Iam ', P. Little, D. Lynn, P. Kelly, milman. Row 3 E. Femail, T. Hoyne, T. Iclclings, R. Hilclvhranrl, C. Hoc V ohnso hun l1NB.XHousc , C 'vy, D. llolmcs K. lla1'pstc1', T. Hosllcr, S. Iclclings, D. Housor, I 1 S cln ', NV. ncr. X K , I . X ,lx , ..,, ov., X Q56 H i . x i lvl 79 - . Bflsiiv Nw O Lv'l.l.m 4 l f1.W?Qm,w5?' M . Leff to Fight-Row l: P, Stomfr. ul. XVllllk1H1S, A. Walters, S. Wfuitc, J. XVlxitv, P. XVL'lCll, Nl. XVUOINQI, F. WVilliums D. Stouffer. Row 2: F. NVoodring, B. XVisuieski, C. YV.1itc, K. Warner, D. Welch, G. VVo0mur, R. Sloucln'uke1' R. Updike, I. Walk, I. Rodriguczz, B. Stitt. Row 3: R. Supinu, Vurner, B. VVulk, G. Wartz, R. Thomas, R XViuslow, A. Hollcu, J. Turiano, M. Turnbnugll, G. YVcave1', I. Stewart, ll. XfVll1'1'6I1ClCl', K. XVcstlcy, C. Walk 73 W We,1'e finally lcauniug thc uiusidc story." Eighth Grade Dorft ull of you run to erase the board. I culled for iust one volunteer. fjl'g2lI'liZilfi0Y1 - the key to success. 74 Left to Right-Row 1: A. Brower, 1. Creppuge, M. Ghronister, E. Biclclle, D. Butler, B. Davig, D. Albright, D Brown, E. Ayers. Bow 2: I. Beckwith, D. Bonsell, T. Cherry, B. Curper, G. Bressler, j. Cowier, R. Burner, B Beringer, L. Briggs, S. Alhright, P. Bzrver, J. Andrews, R. Be-rkstresser, P. Davidson, Row 3: S. Bryan, B. Annner- inan, V. Grofeheek, M. 1. Czilrle1'W0ocl, G. Brower, L. Behrer, L. Brishin, L. Aclznns, N. Burley, E. Branstetter C. Dziviclson, D. Calclerwood, L. Benton, R. Duugliarty, L. Bickle. sv 3 Q .3 Tfgigi , .... .L F K ' K .:. A K A 1, f ...L , fr '2 . ,.1 cw. M -M, ...di ,,,,-41 ii Left to Right-Row 1: B. DelBz1ggio, M. Grinnn, G. Fisher, 1. Hunnnoncl, G. Ilurpster, M. Hoffmann, P. Grehe, K. lillenherger, L. Fox, B. Dean, J. Hilenmn, K. Ferguson, L. Diehl, D. Dillon, W. Ewing. Row 2: H. Harris, I. Deziring, F. Goss, B. Glnnt, C. Gezirhzirt, S. Ferner, H. Hzinnnoncl, R. IlilI1l1Tl011Ll, R. Hiekes, ,l. Funk, A. Frunqui. A. Fleck, -I. Fox. Bow 3: Gregor, P. Gray, D. Dunkel, A. Elder, L. Ilollcen. E. Dean, T. Hzrncl, B. Diehl. K. Decker, D. llurbzith, K. Gunszillns, S. Hicks, G. Dixon, E. DeArn1ent, XV. Fox. Left to Right-ROW 1: B. Mzlttern, R. Howurcl, B. Mzirkel, S. Lf-liner, D. Kirkpatrick, lXIcCalin, R. Hopkins F. Light, G. McGill, M. Markel, M. Barnes, N. Lecpcr. Row 2: B. Munlc, H. Matlcy, P. Lnnglnnn, D. Keller, C. Kaup, B. Meyer, C. lXlCClllli1H, K. Martin, M. Irvin, D. Kirkpatrick, G. johnson, 1. Kirk, R. Koon. Row 3: R Kennedy, D. Irvin, B. Lucas, P. Lykens, D. jolinston, ,I. Haync, D. B'lCFlll'lilllCl, C. Kessinger, K. Givin, J. llolnies, D. McGovern, A. Lloycl, B. McCloskey, F. Lewis, L. Kypcr, D. Korman. Left to Right-Row 1: L. Ostcrliout, B. Miller, S. Myers, K. Noel, B. Miller, K. Miller, T. Miller, Moore, D Naylor, M. Miles, M. McNeill, L. Ncngzilniner. Row 2: B. Norris, C. Neairlioof, ll. Noel, K. Owens, E. Moscnizinn B. Ncarhoof, M. Osterliont, B. Laird, C. 0'Connor, B. Miller, P. Moskcl, D. Patterson, R. Painaisiti, E. Moore ROW3: C. Miller, R. McNeal, M. Miller, B. Miller, MQ-Mullen, D. Morrison, G. Moglv. T. Miller, R. Milos. H Miller, D. Moglc, C. Noel, V. Patterson, R. Nczirlioof, B. Norris. Left to Right-Row 1: D. Siunmers, ll. Smith, P. Pfiofer, S. Snyder, B. Reed, I. Spimlkle, S. Speeee, B. Rhodes nl. Smith, S. Snyder, B. Shaw, I. Riggleman. Row 2: R. Pastreieh, D. Rigglelnam, D. Spicer, M. Rhine, S. Stephens B. Snyder, L. Smith, P. Snyder, B. Smith, B. Stever, L. Smith, 1. Strayer, S. Peters, S. Reader. Row 3: C. Roth L. Peterson, -I. Sharcr, S. Sheekler, A. Port, C. Price, J. Stonebruker, Piomznio, B. Shultz, j. Reese, L. Stronp, M Pease, P. Snyder, G. Rhodes, I. Reader, N. Scott. Left to Right-Row 1: YV. VVeber, S. VVilli:nns, L. VanAllman, D. VVz1lters, C. Trimble, R, XXICZIVCT, D. Walls A. Wertz, K. Werner, A. Turiano, R. NVertz, C. VVeuklund, T. Weyer. Row 2: XV. Bristline, K. Snpinu, Tulianey, B. Turnhungh, S. Thomas, XVOOIHCI, -I. Sweitzer, C. YVuts0n, A. Wrye, D. Weaver, B. NVilliznns, -I. VVyland, D. WVestlcy, R. VVeyer, I. F4-mea. Row 3: B. Wfeidley, M. VVilson, L. XVulls, B. Zerhe, j. VVulk, N. VVilson, K. VVaznuk, I. Zzing, C. lVutters, S. Tnrnbaugh, K. Waite, C. Weyer, R. Wilson, V. Tennis, A. NVood- ring, C. Vaughn. 77 :wk eww: U5 CD 4 ID II -1- 3' Q 3 OJ CD R0lNClDlX'1' thc simple rule, K' cl' hcforc 'e' cxc-ept after 'Civ -6352953 Could soma-one toll ine how to pronounce this word - 11-n-t-i-cl-i-s-c-s-t-a-h-l-i-s-li-in-e-n-t-11-1'-i-an-n-i-s-ln? Those funny little black things are not men-they ure cnllccl notes!! Left to Right-Row 1: XV. Botteichcr, D. Bresslcr, D. Albright, C. Anchioski, D. Bryan, M. Brower, L. Bressler, V. Anderson, D. Boytini, D. Beck, C. Bistline. Row 2: D. Burns, R. Bock, AI. Bryan, D. Bonsell, Al. Ayres, K. Cherry, N. Beard, B. Beckwith, D. Carper, M. Anlts, C. Bonscll. Row 3: D. Barr, V. Barlett, D. Aclains, G. Blasku, ll. Biddle, P. Candy, W. Bryan, D. Borman, 1. Beckwith, J. Beckwith, B. Candy, l. Calclerwoocl, XV. Bickle, Allen, T. Be fer, 1. Calclerwoocl. l i . . .. 3? 15 'iii 1 3 1 '55 .,.,. , .:.,.. f V .5 . , "-, :" K 'rf' fa. W5 , ..-Q - .. .H 7 is: , gl E: . 5 V . , , i . . .3 ' 5321: ,Q L: ii Jw: fm .J H 5 , " wg . Left to Right-Row 1: H. Ewing, S. Cowhcr, C. Decker, T. Crowell, R. Forcey, L. Focht, L. Conrad, B. Ellcn- hergcr, C. Eyer. Bow 2: H. Elclcr, I. DelBaggi0, D. Emigh, A. Frederick, C. Fink, C. Fink, 1. Diehl, C. Fink, P. Fox, P. Emery, D. Dixon, K. Conaghan, S, Osterhont. Row 3: K. Cornelius, S. Clark, E. Dysart, D. Friclay, M. Corrigan, XV. Fisher, J. Dav, N. Faust, K, Crain, B. Fink, B. Detwilcr, D. Christine, C. Friday, K. Estright, C. Eschhach. 79 w if 5 f s is if I Left to Right-Row 1: L. Hopkins, P. Hillarcl, D. Cragor, S. Crager, E. Houck, P. Kusper, C. Harrison, C. Irvin I. Cripp, A. Hosbnncl, D. Hunter, D. Hoffman. Row 2: D. Hardy, K. Hardy, L. Harris, D. Isenlmerg, B. Hoover R. Hoekenberry, C, Civler, D. Heaton, XV. Hunter, I. Hiteliens, V. Getz. Row 3: j. Igou, A. Haigli, E. Hznpster L. Harris, I. Harris, C. Frye, J. Heieliel, B. Henninger, S. Hiller, K. Cunnno, K. Icldings, I. Hulbert, F. Kaspieli Left to Right-Row 1: S. Mingle, NV. NICFRI'l21l'lll, R. Moore, nl. Loner, C. Loose, S. Osterllout, R. Knstenbaucler M. Myers, VV. Moore, Martinez, R. Lauder, C. Miller. Row 2: C. Myers, D. Miller, P. Neil, H. Lynn, K Koluk, I. Keith, C. Loudon, C. Mutely, N. MeNelis, T. lNlCF1ll'l2llHl, E. Koelier, D. Koon. Row 3: K. Keppler, S NC2lI'lIOUl:, C. Nezirlioof, K. Knarr, Al. MeKinner, C. MeKenriek, -I. MeCutc'lieon, N. Kullninnn, V. Mertill, S. Mor- rissey, C. Little. J. Lloyd, J. Maisnno. 80 Left to Right-Row 1: D. Hcellcr, C. Reese, Shaw, D. Page, C. Parker, T. RLllTllDCI'gCf, W. Reese, D. Shonherg P. Palnnsiti, C. Riclcerts, L. OSW7kllt. ROW 2: S. Root, QI. Rozick, I. Shcllcnherger, S. Shaw, K. Price, K. Price, P Otto, V. Shilclt, K. Shock, B. Shaw, D. Riclizmls, ,I. Rice. Row 3: N. Robenolt, T. Rlmclcs, D. Rigglemun, K Recs:-, XI. Shirm, L. Recd, V. Price, P. Rcccler, A. Rhozles, C. Slit-llcnlwrger, D. Sims, XV. Roth. l l . 1 l 1 Left to Right-Row 1: D. Smith, L. Stcinhciscr, P. Stewart, -I. vVlHgi1tC, I. Wike, G. Smith, A. Soellner, D. XVil- son, D. VVatson, B. Stanley, C. Vlaite. Row 2: L. Stroup, L. Spicer, F. Snyder, A. Tcpsic, M. NVoomcr, C. XVert- man, R. Stager, J. Walls, M. Smith, C. Smith, C. VVylancl, R. Starr, M. Wrye, C. Steele. Row 3: C. XVirtnc-r J. Sprzmlclc, J. Vzlrncr, P. Snyder, F. Sultugo, D. Vowler, R. Spencer, C. Stoner, II. Woodring, D. Tlwmus, P Smith, D. Stehlcy, S. Snyder. 81 a rfinilliz ...,:gg5 Stuclenf Council Left to Right-Bow 1: T. O'R0u1'ke, D. Erclly, T. Singer, K. Martin, M. vl. Calderwoocl, S. Nell, G. Brower, M. A. Ferner, A. Nlengle, L. Fugley. Row 2: Mrs. Stacey, R. Hopkins, P. Stewart, M. Hzxgg, -I. Dearing, ll. Sliellenlierger, -I. Hnluert, -I. Martin, NI. Turnbaugli, C. Friday, P. -loluison, S. Clark, K. Noel, Al. Ayers, Mr. Confcr. Row 3: D. McGovern, P. Snycler, NI. Fleck, Keefer, E. Iolinson, T. Singer, T. llycle, F.. Taylor, F. Mnisano, D. Moffett, M. Wooclring, P. Boul, V. Price, D. vVillfC1'S, A. Candolfo. Row 4: R. Sliellenlnergcr, B. Burnliznn, D. Barrett, VV. Waite, N. Delozier, D. Hess, B. Genr- liurt, il. Crzunpton, B. Czlssady, I, Rumberger, C. Bnrwell, T. Miller, ll. VVz1tters. Key Club be-rger, D. Patton, K. Brown, D. Stoneliruker il. Seorclo, T. Hyde, C. Burwell, Mr. Mutusky Bow 2: M. SL'llillll, S. Harris, B. Kezltlev, G lolinson, il. ICIYIQT, bl. Irvin, B. Lynn, F. Owens B. Smitli, D. Igon, AI. Asllliuugli. Row 3: O. Gill L. Lzuigenbueher, A. Hynclsliuw, H. Rlioudes S. Black, D. Hzillxritter, G. Keyes, R. johnson D. Ormsby, J. Rumlnerger, B. Cussucly. Bow 4 wiler, B. VVoodring, C. XV0lfo1'd, j. Davis, I erts, B. McNeal. 84 Left to Right-Bow 1: D. Patterson, M. Ellen- E. Gingery, D. Gardner, NV. Miller, P. Det- McDonalcl, D. Sharm, B. Hyndsliuw, B. Rola- F. T. A. Left to Right-Row 1: K. Burtnctt, V. Dt-lBaggi0, M. Shildt, S. Harris, ,l. Schulman, C. Irwin, S. Davis. Row 2 D. Boseaino, E. Focht, N. Chamberlain, A. Gandolfo, S. Hoffman, I. Cooper, L. Dawson, D. WValters, M. Heichel K. Smith, M. Miles, C. Hileman, J. Crawford, D. Calderwood, B. Batchelor. Row 3: S. Starzcsky, V. Spaulding V. Laneher, M. Calderwood, B. Esher, N. Richards, D. Caldwell, E. Erdly, L. Snyder, S. Laughlin, G. Brower S. Kcefer, M. Raffetto, S. Nell, G. McNaul, P. Manspcaker, C. Ayres, Mr. Artman. Row 4: M. lDCCjvl1'OlOITlU, K Hildebrand, B. lohnson, L. Davidson, WV. Miller, D. Gardner, L. Langcnhaelier, D. Schirm, I. Hoover, B. Stryk- er, R. Shcckler, C. Hickcs, M. Harhai, S. Bressler, F. Maisano, E. Manspcaker, R. Bond, B. Burnham. F. B. L. A. Left to Right-Row 1: P. Butler, L. Langcilhacher, S. Nearhoof, C. Skelton, J. Ritter. Row 2: Mr. Little, Mrs Campbell, N. YVelch, I. Reader, M. Westlcy, K. Shollenhcrgcr, E. Fisher, L. Friday, K. Burtnett, C. Brishin V. Smith, D. Hazzard, C. Smith, C. Moskvl. Mr. Mingle, Mr. Snyder. Row 3: S. Donny, L. Reese, L. Hand B. Kirkpatrick, Al. Dawson, C. Hazzard, L. Pease, B. Thomas, -I. llarpster, P. XVOUIIICV, F. VanAllman, S. Dean S. Little. Row 4: B. Snyder, D. Moore, R. Zimmers,j', Batt-Iieler, L. Crecnawalt, -I. Nearhood, F. Priddy, T Emery, S. Behrcr, P. Lcasure, V. Richardson, H. Haynes, D. Ellenherger, J. Fox, K. Ziinmcrs, B. YVillia1ns. Dramatics Club Left to Right-Row 1: XV. Miller, B. Harinon, P. Holnan, M. justice, P. XVOOIHSI, Mr. Shuss. Row 2: E. Nearhoof, -I Turiano, L. Troutwine, J. Nearhood, P. Moskel, j. Ross, D. Getz, K. Given, R. Martin, B. Eslner, D. Mosemann, C. Futrick J. Nearhoof, N. Fulcoiner, O. Miller, L. Reese, M. Faust, K. Stiver, V. Spaulding, S. Orinshy, N. Chainlnerlain, M. Pfeifer Row 3: B. Dean, L. Crust, L. Bayer, C. Snyder, B. Burnham, G. McNanl, J. E. VVaple, j. Stoner, M. Caldcrwood, G Dysart, Hoover, G. Brower, S. Coady, I. Hagg, V. Estright, E. Bickle, C. Ayres, S. Myers, j. Raffetto. Row 4: B. Schaul E. Gingery, B. Burns, P. Detwiler, D. Patton, R. Orrnshy, R. johnson, G. Barto, R. Stryker, XV. XVestley, D. Halhritter 1. Gurekovieh, I. XVolforcl, S. Ziegler, L. Hurd, K. Hildebrand, J. Martz, K. Lykens. Left to Right-Row 1: C. Rodgers, D. Nearhoof, G. XVatson, E. Rounsley, D. McGovern, M. Calderwood, T. Martin, j. WVhite, A. Gehhart, D. Patton, L. Snyder, S. Erdly, S. Laughlin, V. DelBaggio, S. Ormshy, S. Irlotfman, M. John, S. Schul- man, I. Fisher. Row 2: R. Coon, A. Richards, D. Kirk, J. Fisher, D. Fisher, -I. Hitchens, I. Harris, B. Keatley, N. Hoover, M. VVoodring, V. Brower, P. Moflfet, G. Keyes, D. Pressler, P. Boal, M. Turnbaugh, K. Martin, I. Neil. Row 3: T. Singer, B. Waite, C. Barlett, B. Grebe, M. Mooseker, J. Fink, VV. Hutchison, D. Umholtz, B. Sheckler, J. Hoover, R. Stryker, R. Buck, B. Roberts, D. Gardner, W. Miller, B. Price, T. O,Rourke. C Science C I u b Home Economics Club Left to Right-Row 1: I. Burner, D. Nlertilt, P. llurris, NV. Sprzxnkle. Row 2: Mrs. Xeurlioof, H. Stoneluralzcr, C. Pressler, A. lXlOl'1'lSOl1, 1. Burkct, L. Christine, M. Upclyke, B. Steele, C. Denny, D. Ellenberger. Row 3: KI. Bennett, B. 'l'0wc1', B. Mickey, D. Dean, P. Goodman, H. Fluig, B. Cvunsallus, S. Irwin, I. Miller, M. Fox. Bow 4: C. Fcrrin, G. Harris, S. Supinu, P. Fleck, D. Riggleinun, E. Fleck, I. Patterson, C. Sic-inlmciser, C. Burcl, S. Bressler, J. Lewis, P. llurpster. Senior Tri- Hi-Y Left to Right-Row 1: Miss Taylor, V. Smitli, NI. VVL-stlev, S. Keefer, J. I-larpster, j. Branstettcr. Row 2: K. Sliollcn- llcrger, G. Skelton, C. Brower, B. Dean, Fislicr, Neurlioof, S. Dean, P. Fleck, S. Supinu, K. Schweitzer, C. Harris P. Fink, S. Mayline, C. Moskcl, M. Ferrari. Row 3: L. Reese, C. Brisbin, L. Faglcy, B. Tliomus, D. Dull, S. Muney D. Bigglelnun, D. Romano, S. Little, L. Fricluy, xl. Ritter, -I. YVz1ple, V. Estriglit, C. Fcrrin, C. Dysart. Row 4: B. Cherry I. Fleck, P. Dean, B. Bnrnluun, L. Bayer, J. Butclieler, J. Dunkel, S. Stetter, J. Upclike, M. justice, E. Mzlnspczlker, R Bond, Huber, B. Rolx-nolt, S. Davis, L. Crust. Art Club Left to Right-Row 1: Mr. Ammcrman, Mr. Tate. Row 2: E. Cupp, L. Goss, F. Long, A. Mongol, M. Iolmston, S. Coady G. Brower, L. Snyder, P. Homan, P. Cunningham, I. Stitt, S. Adams, L. Kimmel, Harris, ll. Blowers, R. Martin, M Chcncharick. Row 3: A. Crawford, B. Caldc-rwood, D. XVilt, D. Whilters, VV. Grebe, J. Ieraci, R. Iolmson, R. Ormsliy, I Dclozier, D. Patton, K. Bartlelnaugli, E. BI'K'SSli'I', I. lolinson, K. Hildebrand, M. Cox, S. Hulvcr, R. Naylor. Row 4: S lgou, T. Hedlburg, B. Steele, D. Harslilmcrgcr, P. Harris, R. Klc-sins, M. Albright, T. Emery, D. Umlioltz, O. llamplc, I Iloovvr, L. WValker, R. Stryker, M. Sliildt, C. Garner, NV. Wfclstlcy, H. Rhodes, D. Langham, R. Woodring, B. Stanley R. Garland. Future Nurses of America Left to Right-Row 1: L. Troutwine, I. Crowell, A. Gaines, M. x'V004l1'l11Q', L. Pfiefer. Row 2: C. Lamborn, I. Neil, A. Crawford, M. Faust, J. Sellers, K. Moglc. K. Stewart, R. Naylor, Pl. Dickson, S. Noel. ROW 3: S. Kcppler, S. YVallicr J 1. Slmoy, L. llurd, S. Adams, A. Mengel, D. Patton, B. Thomas, M. -lolinston, M. Fcrner, D. Dull. Row 4: S. Mancy, P. Fink, B. Clicrry. Day, C. Cupp, P. O,Conncll, I. Gurekovicli, Al. Upclikc, Al. Stoner, S. Huber, I. Hagg, V. Estriglit. 88 1 P. A. Technicians Each morning and afternoon throughout the school week, all persons at Tyrone High School are informed of important announce- ments by means of the public aclclress system. Two boys, a junior and a senior, are chosen from the electrical shop each ycar to keep the system in good Working conclition. Our two P. A. Tcchnicians, Joe Ceraci and Bill Tennis, are to be colnmenclecl for the fine job they have clone to kccp the sometilncs-tempermental sys- tem in goocl working orclcr. Left to Right-J. Gcraci, B. Tennis. Latin Club Left to Right-Row 1: S. Albright, D. Caldwell, AI. Halletto, C. Snyder, N. Chamberlain, lx. Cnvin, S. Moore D. Cctz, ll. Lynn, C. Snellbaugh, M. Pfiefer, P. Dixon, K. Futrick, C. Cassacly, S. Cornelius, L. Carper E. Lawler, V. Loucher, D. Calclerwood, M. Maceno. How 2: M. DcCirolomo, J. Nearhoof, C. Albright, P Dickson, bl. Neil, S. Davis, D. Boscaino, K. Beck, K. Creenlanci, M. Chencharick, S. Laughlin, E. Bickle, M Miles, K. Smith, E. Rounclsley, A. Johnson, E. Focht, S. Mengel, S. Schulman, F. VVilliams, V. Fleck. Row 3 N. Aclams, H. Irwin, S. jcifries, P. johnson, Duit, D. Nearhoof, C. Rodgers, D. Johnson, T. Fleck, N Hoover, C. Hewitt, XV. Langenbacher, R. Martin, C. Ayres, A. Luckner, J. Martin, N. Eyer, P. Batcheler, J XVhite, J. Grebe. J. Fisher, P. Manspeaker, D. Patton, C. Hileman. Row 4: T. O,Bourkc, B. Babe, D. Friclay M. Anclroski, J. Gill, C. Batchclcr, D. Moltfct, T. Turnbaugh, B. Crebe, D. Friclay, Al. Hitchens, D. Barrett C, Shilclt, T. Querry, F. Maisano. C. Hickcs, P. Boal, J. Irvin, M. Creppage, S. lgou, B. Neorhoof, I. Patton M. Turnbaugh. Row 5: B. lgou, N. Delozicr, B. Mannino, D. Lucas, D. Holmes, Al. llarris, M. Morrissey, T Singer, D. Umholtz, B. Stryker, bl. Hoover, D. Brown, M. Sliopc, B. Shellcnberger, M. Mooseker, D. Erclly E. Rccsc, I. Morrow, R. Fisher, I. Mancy, C. Miller, D. Hess, N. Counios. Varsity Club Left to Right-Row 1: D. Patton, O. Gill, Al. Davis. D. Stouelirulcer. F. Owens, T. Singcr l. Scorclo, T. Fisher, J. Buuglmizm. Row 2: T. Tvmplrltori, M. SCll1lPlllHl1ILLHll, R. McNeal, C Scott, C. VVcrtz, W, Wailk, I. Tliomus, D. Kimmel, C. Burwvll, R. YVestlirool4. Row 3: T. Turn bzlugli, R. Kcvtcr, J, Craumtou, R. Birrus, P. Dctwilcr, C. XVolfo1'cl, XV. Ct-z1i'l1z11't, D. NVcstlcy -I. Nam, D. l'cz11'cc. Any boy Wlio luis curnecl 21 varsity lt-ttcr iii any of llic intvrscliolzistic sports of Tyrouc High, is cligiblc to ioiu the Varsity Clulm. The club is clvvotccl to greater pzwticipzxtiori iu sports zmcl better sportsmzmsliip. Patrol Boys Left to Right-S. Millar, C. Scsszimc-11, Mr. LaPortc:, K. Brown, E. Taylor, WV. Fink. Not present when picture was taken: M. Grimm, R. Fettcrs, M. Morrissey. 90 , Spanish Club Left to Right-Bow 1: B. Roberts, S. Neff, Mrs. Angelo, B. Burns, S. Keeler. Row 2: A. Gaines, M. A. Ferner, K. Sweitzer l. XVaple, M. Kneeht, K. Stewart, J. Murtz, E. Kiinherling, N. lfnleonier, A. Rielmuls, D. Boseaino, V. Spaulding, L Pliiefer, K. Hilclehrzmcl, S. Stzirzesky, B. Dickson, B. Cellno, M. A. Cox, NI. Faust, L. Troutwine. Row 3: l. Sehulinzln -I. Ayres, S. Wfalker, S. Noel, D. Smith, R. Boncl, M. C12llClCI'VVOOCl, Wfhite, K. Dean, P. Cunningham, C. Me-Naul, E Shilclt, j. Curekovieh, Griffith, I. Thomas, A. Cehhzlrt, C. Cnpp, l. Stitt, S. Coucly, V. DelBz1ggio, E. Bl2ll1SD1:'21liBl', M xVO0Cl1'iI1,Lf. S. Chronister. Row 4: S. lloover, E. Erclly, B. XVestlry, I. Dworsak, D. Garner, .l. Delozier, B. Punusiti, E Czxrper, C. Barlett, T. Singer, B. Waite, C. Luke, C. Garner, M. Annnerman, B. N6XK'1I12lll,I. ESL'lllJ2lllgll, A. llynclshuw il. Adams, B. qlucly, C. Keyes, T. Hycle, I. Lehner. Row 5: Hiekes, C. Shollenherger, M. Shilclt, B. Lake, B. Hutchison -I. Plisinski, B. Bathurst, K. Friday, D. SClll1'lH, B. Sheekler, B. Hyntlshuw, D. Aclzuns, D. Pearce, C. Burr, B. Tepsie D. Igon, M. Upclike, W. Bohinson, D. Sprunkle, D. llz1lln'ittei'. Left to Right-Row 1: ul. Morrow, ,l. Crehe, S. Orinshy, B. Nlogle, E. Foeht, A. Canclolfo, B. Esher, Miss Eble. Row 2 F. YVilliz11ns, S. Mengel, D. Nezxrhoof, C. Ayres, A. Jackson, P. johnson, E. Bounslev, C. Boytini, C. Hilennln, M. Turn- huugh, L. Albright, T. Hoyne, il. Patton, D. YVz1lters, N. Eyer, C. Lznnhorn, j. Fisher, P. Rznnsey, S. Keppler, VV Langenlmeher. Row 3: -I. Cooper, Hollxnan, D. Miller, B. johnson, D. Biekel, S. leltries, S. Coucly, P. Shuey, J. Criftith N. Rielmrds, S. Aclanns, A. Mengel, L. Hurcl, A. Cruwiforcl, N. Hoover, A. Luekner, V. Fleck, D. Nowlin. Row 4: T. Fleck D. Bzlrrett, D. Lungenlmeher, I. Fink, T. Templeton, B. Stryker, B. Cezwliart, bl. Hoover, il. Forney, L. Lzlngenhueher, B Bluek, B. McNeal, T. Singer, NI. Sehnelllmugh, S. Erclly, M. john. French Club 1964 Falcon Editors-It is the joh of the four editors to see that all the material is gathered for the year- book and to see that it is all cor- rect. The pages must then be sent to he engraved and printed. The editors are the organizers of the Falcon. S. Hoover, ul. Goruci, A. Guin:-S, C. Burlctt. Left to Right-Row 1: J. Scorclo, A. Iflynclslizlw. O. Hznnplc, Mr. Snyder, Aclvisor, C. Barlctt. C. Bnrwc-ll, -I. A. Gornci. Row 2: A. Gaines, L. Lzingr-nlmclier, S. Hoover, P. Butler, M. Rilllviltffl, B. Butcliclcr, J. Ritter, j. Schul- man, S. NL'klI'l1OK7f, V. Smith. Joyce Ritter, Verna Smith Pat Butler, Lorine Friday Typists-The chief duty of the typists is to type all the print seen in the Falcon. The typists are kept busy trying to understand the editors' Writing. Advertisers-The main Worry of the adver- tisers is to go to business and professional people and to get them to invest in our yearbook. This year, thanks to our advertisers, We acquired more patrons and advertising than We have had in years gone by. Sports Editors-Coverage of all the football, basketball, Wrestling and other sports is the job of our two sports editors. Since both these boys were in sports, it Was a good choice to have these people on our staff. Business Manager-To her goes the unique job of handling the money for the yearbook. Con- gratulations to her for resisting temptation. Photographer-To cover all school events and to capture their memories in pictures is the job of our photographer. Thanks, Duff, for a fine jobl Bonnie Batchelor, Judy Schulman, Oscar H a in p l 4 and Mary Raffetto. Albert Hyndshaw and Shirley Nenrhoof. Gary Burwcll, Iohn Scordo .cessful than it has been in pre- The Spokesman Spokesman-This year our school paper has been more suc- vious years. A big thanks goes to all the Spokesman members for all the time they had to spend to make the paper a success. Eclitors - D. Pc-Liree, -I. Stoner, B. Bond, B. Burnham. Left to Right-Bow 1: D. Pearce, M. Faust, B. Burnham, B. Boncl Clfclitorl, I. Stoner, K. Burtnett, George YVillnn CAclvisorl. Row 2: Myers, D. Walters, pl. Neurhoof, M. A. DeCirolomo, C. Snyder, S. Fresh, N. Buinberger, B. Bathurst, I. White, AI. Crebe, P. Ramsey, Starxeski, E. Focht, K. Stewart, L. 'l'routWine, B. Bollinger, N. Chxnn- lu-rlain, M. Pflefer, C. Skelton, K. Shollenberger, K. Stiver. Row 3: I. l'urker, Al. Ralletto, S. Ormsby, L. Crust, B. Dean, A. Hunter, E. Bickle, C. Futrick, M. Kimmel, L. Miller, K. Rodgers, Price, D. Mt-Cluin, V. lJelBa1g- gio, K. Hilclebmncl, I. Harpster, B. Bollinger, M. Stiver. ll. Naylor. Row 4: XV. Millcr, E. Cingery, S. Black, B. Iohnson, S. Hiekes, M. Iustice, D. Ormsby, M. Shildt, B. Hutchinson, H. Stryker, D. Umholtz, M. Sehunl, lf. Man- spenker, N. Hoover, E. Erclly, L. Kimmel, B. Thomas, I. Brennc-num, I. Curekovieh. 94 Left to Right-C. Wfolf, C. Wcrtx, R. Hopkins, Left to Right-Bow 1: B. Ncurlioof, D. Stonc- C. Scott. lncuker, B. Miles. Row 2: Pliillcngcr, T Black, J. Duuglivrty, B. Snyder. Row 3: R Fink, P. Little, S. Cornelius, M. Bennett, F Lewis. Proiecfionisfs Archery Club Library Club i Left to Right-Row 1: V. Estriglit, C. Brisbin, V. Sinitli, Mrs. jones. Row 2: M. Johnston, P. Zinnnerniun, E. Cnpp, S. Muisano, J. Ritter, j. Crown-ll. Row 3: K. Beck, I. Walk, M. Stivcr, D. WVilt, B. Dawson, D. Ellenbcrgvr, M. Iolinson. Row 4: J. Havcrstein, N. Wclcli, B. Tlionius, S. Zeiglcr, QI. Ross, D. Patton, S. Snyclcr, Fnlcmner, Kinnnol. 95 Left to Right-Row 1: M. A. Ferner, M. Culclerwoocl, M. Chenehurielc. Row 2: B. Esber, S. Neff, Coacly, N Richards, S. Keefer, C. Ayres. Maioreffes The spirited Colden Engle twirlers, skillfully heziclecl by Martha Calderwoocl, led the band at the half-time presentations at both home and away football games. These high-stepping girls, using such noticeable routines as "Henna-seyl' gave the hulf-time shows the uclclecl boost of their liveliness. 96 Senior Band Left to Right-Row 1: M. F. Ferrari, M. A. Fcrner, B. Esber, Neff, Coady, M. Calderwood, N. Richards, S Keefcr, C. Ayrcs, M. Chencharick, K. Mogle. Row 2: B. WVcston, A. Cebhart, J. Batcheler, L. Fagley, D. Moore I. VVakeHeld, T. Varner, S. Bresslor, D. Greene, M. Johnston, D. Duff, S. Starzeskey, R. Shecklcr, E. Foch, N Fulcomer, S. Cowfer, 1. Branstetter, K. Stiver, K. Stewart, M. Stiver, Fisher, A. Richards, A. Sprankle. Row 3 B. Panasiti, D. Halbritter, T. Singer, B. YVaite, I. Crawford, Laughlin, D. Caldwell, S. Miller, B. Batcheler, C Cnpp, D. Calderwood, C. Irvin, M. A. Patton, P. Manspcaker, V. DelBaggio, K. Bnrtnett, D. Mosemann, D XVilt, B. Bollinger, L. Troutwine, B. A. Martin, K. Smith, M. Heichel. Row 4: A. Hyndshaw, H. Rhodes, A Harper, I. Strayer, T. Beckwith, C. Keyes, T. O,Conn0r, S. Harris, B. Keatley, B. Wfesthrook, P. Femea, T. Varn- er, C. Madden, B. Fink, L. Snyder, P. Butler, E. Shildt, P. O'Connell, S. Erdly, E. Erdly, G. McNaul, XValker J. Adams. Row 5: D. Schirm, B. Newman, H. Alnmerman, S. Crawford, B. Stryker, C. Barr, B. Woodring, YV Roberts, XV. XVestley, Beals, R. Bathurst, B. Hyndshaw, D. Pearce, D. Hcss, C. Miller, N. Comus, D. Prcssler Al. Maney, C. Stewart, M. Morrissey, J. Hitchens. .lunior Band Left to Right-Row 1: K. Martin, C. O'C0nnor, C. VVatson, P. Batcheler, 1. White, I. Crehe M. Irvin, D. Moglc. Row 2: E. Roundsley, D. Nearhoof, P. Snyder, B. Glunt, C. Kaup, R Beckwith, D. Kirkpatrick, A. Kirkpatrick, A. Iohnson, P. Kelly, S. james, B. Miller. ROW3 K. Carson, B. VVeidlcy, D. McGovern, L. Stroup, M. J. Calderwood, V. Cillmcn, L. Miller, D Nowlin, D. johnson, A. Woodring, S. Duff, K. GllHSklllllS, J. Martin, S. Burns, P. Ramsey S. Greenawalt, A. Port. Row 4: B. Snyder, J. Fisher, M. Mooseker, C. Trimhlc, B. Ncarhood D. McFarland, T. Eaken, T. Hand, L. Thomas, R. Fisher, B. Smith, C. Shildt, R. Scott, A Albright, K. Kolac, B. Smith. Row 5: P. Gardner, D. Irvin, B. Babe, T. O'Rourke, T. Miller M. Mooseker, L. Richards, D. Holmes, P. Boal, M. Shope, T. Singer, -I. Stewart, H. Hopkins D. Friday. Senior Ensemble Left to Right: S. Starzesky, I. Schulman, G. Dysart, J. Branstetter, R. Bond, P. Butler, Keef- er, S. Neff, M. Baffetto, L. Bayer, S. Hiclccs, I. Ayres, I. Batchelor, M. Knecht, M. Caldcrwood Concert Choir Left to Right-Row 1: S. Hickcs, B. Hurrnon, C. Lzunhorn, R. Naylor, K. Smith, M. F. Ferrari, J. Brunstetter, Miss Datz, S. Starzcsky, L. Davidson, S. Kepplcr, G. Dysurt, M. Calderwood, I. Schulman. Row 2: S. Coady, L,.,,Grccnzuvalt, Adznns, N. Richards, C. Snyder, M. john, K. Sweitzer, J. Thonius, M. Knccht, M. M. Rulletto, F. Long, C. Cupp, j. Bnteheler, ml. Ayres, A. Mvngel. Row 3: L. Buyer, P. Butler, R. Bond, D. Patterson, B. Luke, D. Barrett, Black, M. Hurhui, B. XVuitc, M. Schuul, T. Singer, C. Shollenherger, J. Lynn, Bresslc-r, Kcvfcr, Laughlin. Row 4: M. Shildt, O. Haniplc. T. Turnlmaugh, VV. Miller, G. Eckroth, B. Gearhurt, B. Newman, D. Schirm, D. Pearce, C. Miller, NV. Miller, T. Vurncr, Miller, B. Roherts, D. Friday, R. Buck. Girls' Chorus Left to Right-Row 1: S. Starzcsky, B. Snyder, C. Lzunhorn, C. Snellhnugh, V. Smith, C. Skelton, M. F. Ferrari, K. Stew- art, Miss Datz, R. Naylor, S. Phillips, N. Charnhcrlain, S. Myers, B. Cehno, C. Irwin, S. Maisuno, L. Pficfcr. Row 2: C Barney, j. Brunstetter, C. Cupp, D. Calderwood, B. Dean, A. Crawford, L. Goss, S. Alhright, I. Stitt, K. Sweitzer, I. Raf- fetto, Kepplcr, S. llilliurd, j. Anders, D. Crcenc, V. Loucher, M. A. Milos, B. Carson, j. Wakefield. Row 3: A. Mt-ngel M. Johnston, S. Irvin, l. Sellers, K. Moglc, L. G1'GCll2lNVillt, M. Faust, P. Ziinrncrinan, K. Burtnett, S, Cozldy, D. Culdorwood P. Shuev, C. Snyder, ul. Nearhoof, M. Hcichel, 1. 'l'ho1nas, D. Most-inaxnn, M. M. Raflctto. Row 4: J. Bntcheler, I. Harp ster, B. Thomas, S. X'Vz1llier, N. Adams, K. Futrick, P. H2l1'1JStC1', P. Butler, E. Erdly, N. Riclmrds, I. Miller, 'Bressler 1. Crifhth, S. Davis, E. Shildt, M. A. DeCirol0n1o, bl. Lynn, P. Dixon, P. Manspcuker, K. Givin. 99 .4 I Y Q if i . N' 'rh Grade Chorus Left to Right-Row 1: N. Hoover, B. Stitt, K. Elder, YV. Langcnbaelier, S. Einigli, D. Nowlin, B. Romano, C. Snelllmaugli S. Fresli, D. Gensiniore, S. lgou, E. Rounslev, A. jolinson, S. Duff. S. Scliulinan. Row 2: D. McClain, j. Guerkovieli, D. Near- lioof, L. Harmon, S. Mengel, Al. Martin, C. Rodgers, P. Ramsey, Miss XVooiner, B. Fink, M. Morrissey, Burns, C. Miller P. Butclieler, bl. White, -I. Grebe, Fislier. Row 3: P. YVeleli, L. Pannebaker, D. Snvder, A. Aminernian, C. Dean, I Kennedy, M. Kinnnel, A. Hunter, P. Kelly, C. Price, M. Carson, A. Luekner, S. Jeffries, Z. jolinson, ul. YVillianis, L Miller, D. Iolinson, Row 4: N. Eyer, G. Sliildt, A. Alliriglit T. Black, B. Balie, T. O'Bourke, M. Moosekcr, D. Erdley R. Sliellenlnerger, D. Holmes, L. Richards, NV. Sinis, M. Sliope, T. Singer, G. Patton, Al. Lawdcr. Mixed Chorus Left to Right-Row 1: I. Branstetter, K. Sweitzer, M. Ferrari, S. Bouglier, B. lflarinon, G. Skelton, V. Sniitli, E. Kiiiilier- ling, A. Candolfo, S. Hoifnian, Miss Datz, M. John, B. Snyder, K. Stewart, S. Keppler, B. Naylor, M. Ferner, G. Dysart P. Ziininerlnan, E. Foclit. Row 2: C. Lainldorn. S. Nearlioof, -I. Seliulinan, C. Hilcinan, D. Hazzard, M. lolinston, K. Mogle C. Avres, I. Cooper, B. Clierrv, F.. Fislier, B. Esller, M. Faust, L. Reese, K. Sniitli. J. Tlioinas, A. Mcngel, D. Calder: wood, B. Iolinson, I. Harpster, L. Greenawalt. Row 3: B. Celino, B. Martin, I. Stitt, C. Cupp, J. Sellers, A. Crawford, L Davidson, C. Brisliin, S. Hickcs, M. Caldcrwood, M. Kneelit, V. DelBaggio, B. Bond, E. Manspeakcr, K. Burtnett, C. Irwin C. Snyder, L. Hurd, I. VVakcfield, B. Tlionias, S. YValker. Row 4: P. Sliuey, S. Lauglilin, E. Bickle, B. Mogle, I. Lynn P. Leasure, j. Dunkel, P. Butler, M. Raffetto, S. Neil, S. Keefcr, Al. Miller, Coady. I. Ayres, P. Ilarpster. F. Long S. Davis, N. Richards, L. Bayer, B. Dean, S. Starzcsky, ll. Batelieler. Row 5: -I. Crowell, R. XVlieeland, I. Iliteliens, C Ilickes, G. lickrotli, B. Keatliy, O. Hainple, I. Crawford, S. Erdly, E. Erdlv. G. McNaul. L. Snyder, Brcssler, B. Hyndi sliaw, D. Lucas, R. Buck, D. Pearce, D. Scliirin, M. Annnerinan, j. YVakefield, J. Grillitli. Row 6: AI. Harris, M. St-haul ,l. Forcey, D. Pressler, M. Sclinellbaugli, B. Lake, T. Varner, AI. Davis, C. Barlett, G. Garner, B. Cassady, XY. Miller P. Feinea, j. Gill, D. Gardner, C. Stewart, VV. Miller, B. Price, S. Harris, C. Miller, B. Newman, M. Sliildt, S. Black Row 7: D. Patterson, K. Lykcns, A. Steinlieiscr, H. Orwick,A. Sprankle, -I. Scordo, L. Sliildt, T. Singer, I. Hoover, R Ferguson, C. Scliollenlmerger, T. Singer, A. Hyndsliaw, D. Stonelyraker, D. Morliet, -I. Parker, T. Querry, F. Maisano, I. Lake G. Nlfrye, C. Bateliler, G. Lake, M. Harliai. B. Bolierts, E. Gingery, D. Orinsliy, S. Miller, B. Gearliart, C. XVolford, T. Temp eton. a w w a a 1 BOYS, CHORUS Left tollighl-Row 1: R. Whceland, I. Parker, L Shilclt, P. Fenica, R. Ferguson, K. Lykcns, A. Spranklu Miss Dali, R. Orwick. I. Hoover, A. Steinlwiser, T Fisher, I. Scorclo, D. Pattvrson. Row2: B. Pricc, D Gardner, S. Harris, W. Miller, B. Kcatley, C. Barlvtt D. Stom-lwzlker, I. Harris, I. Forcvy, G. YVrye, D f5!Tl'lS'l3y, E. Gingvry. I. Lalkc, F. Maisano, T. Querry T. Singvr, M. Schaul. Row 3: I. Gill, C. Stvwart, B Lake, C. Hiclws, NY. Millcr, S. Blillcr, G. Garner, B D. Scliirm, B. Newman, B. Gcarhart, D. Pearce, O Halnplv, T. Tvinple-ton, M. Annncrman, I. Davis, C VVolforrl, D. Lucas, B. llynnlsllaw, C. Millvr, R. Buck Al. Nan, C. Lakc, D. Prvsslcr. stctlcr, R. Bond, M. l"1-rrari, Starzesky, S. Kepler, K S. Brvssler. Laughlin, J. Bntchcler, S. Kcefcr, P Bntlvr, N. llicharcls, XI. Kncclit, M. Raifctio, F. Long L. Crucnawalt, S. Cuacly, S. Hickes. Row 3: S. Black D. Barre-t, 'l'. Varnvr, B. Waits, B. Roberts, I. Ayres S. Adams, L. Bayer, C. Hickcs. C. SlxollcnlJerf.ivr, W Mills-r, S. Prcssler, XV. Miller. Row 4: B. Lakv, M lmangh, O. Hamplv, D. Shinn, D. Friday, D. Pearce COUNTY CHORUS B. Newman, H. Buck, S. Millcr. EIGIITH GRADE CHORUS Lcfttolliglit-Row1: C. Kaup, S. Albright, NI. Irvin, Ferns-r, C. XVaison, I. Dvaring, A. Lloyd, B. Ainnwrinzui, P. Snyclvr, Miss VVoon1er, L. Langvnhaclier, K. DeckPr, B. XVcidlPy, D., ML-Govern, L. Stronp, S. Bryan, I. Irlilcman, J. Creppa1.:c. Row 2: K. Martin, C. Gunsallns, C. Gvarhart, P. Nloskcl, S. YVoomci', E. Branstf-til-r, Shccklcr, C. Brower, D. Morrison, M. Pvasc, D. Mogle, L. Diehl, M. Calrlvrwood, K. Waifv, Lelmer, M. XVilson. ROWS: I. Holnics, C. Trimblex, E.VMos0- mann. C. XVL'y1-r, D, VVnltcrs, R. Nvzirlioocl, L. Bclircr, D. Johnston, R. Daugherty, I. Andrews, R. Hopkins, I. Ilarpstcr, R. Koon, A. Wcrtz, NV. VVQbcr. 7 Cassacly, S. Black, C. Batclwler, BI. Shildt, C. Shollvn- lxergvr, C. Eckroth, M. Sclincllbaugli, T. Varncr, Row 4: Loft flikigllt-fRlIW 1: A. Mciiglv, K. Smith, I. Bran- Switzcr, R. Naylor, B. Harmon, C. Lamlmorn. Row 2: Harhai, M. Sliilclt, C. Eckmth, C. Miller, T. Tum- "That was hitting the moon with first 'cAucl NVl12lt,S Wrong with my playing thq shot, wasift it?" piano und singing to girls in the micldlc of Pillow Talk the clziyf' Bill Ellcnlbcrger, Crctclicn xICN2llll, Miko flllfllill, Mzlrtlizl C:2llC.lGYXVO0Ll, Johfllcn NVuplc, Eilccn Nlill1SPEtlliCl', Ron jolinson, Samcly Hickes, Slmron Neff, jucly Sllulmzm, Mzirtlm Kuvclit, Miko Sllilclt, jerry B1'ZlDStClIf6I', LL-all Buyer, Pzltsc Hillllilll, Kutliy Burtnctt, VVillJur Miller, Sallie Clmronister, Marlena- justice, joycc Butcliclcr. Ei? V If they only kncw it was ll wrong iiumber. 5 "HHS always O11 the phone with some girl!" 4 nTllLl'C,S u fertility goddess! It looks more like u back- SCI'2ltCllCl'.U 4 "just El minute Har- ,, vnrcl man! 5 Carrie Pipperidge Iulie Jordon .....,.,. Mrs. Mullin .,,,... Billy Bigelow ..... Policeman ,.....,..... David Baseombe Nettie Fowler .... . Enoch Snow ,..l... jigger Craigin .,.. .,4,,. , . ......... . .i,.. Carousel Hevei Naylor Pat Butler Karin Mogle Bob Newman Dave Schirni . Don Friday Suzie Keefer Bill Roberts CAST Arminy ...... ,. ., Sharon Bressler Iennie . ......,.i.. ,,.... ,. ..i,. Karen Stewart Captain .....,.., ,..,,.., , . .....,.. Steve Black Heavenly Friend ,.,.,,,. .,,.r.. lN like Schaul Starkeeper ,. ,.,..,. ,, . ,.,, . Wfilbnr Miller Louise ,. ......, ..... C herrie Laniborn Enoch, Ir. ,r.... .,..,.. D erry Patterson Principal ., ,.,...., . .,..,..., Tony Singer Doctor Selden ..,. , A l,,.r,.,, ,.r,.,.. D ave Pearce Terry V arner The Carousel Crowd urfhjg h0yV fifgljjen Qg11'1'y pQQplQ,U N, ,.,.,. is lillldll lllClllICCl to lil! wet." M l 1 N Left to Right-Row 1: Rohert Fleck, Tom Kimhorling, Gary Hurt. Row 2: Iohn Hurt, Frank Noel, John Hoover, Richurcl Fox, LeRoy Beckwith, Harold VVheland. Row 3: Preston Kep- hart, Bill Harpster, Sum Con- rzul, Terry Branstctter, Clmrlc-s Kilnherling, Ned Dunkel, Sid Orinshy. Future Farmers "ls it really ll pre-fuh hog house? VVhz1t will they come up with nextrw "Since weivc solved the farm-surplus problem, We can go on to the next item of hnsiness for this lnec-ting., 106 NIC Tarzan, you . . . Gee whiz, Mr. Bubln, you promised us weicl meet june if We c-limluocl up here. Now just where is sho? Girls' Basketball Team Row 1-S. Sliulmun, B. Tll1'UlJllllgl1,yhliSS Hurpster I. Fisher, I. Martin. Row 2-S. Dufl, nl. Sweitzcr, J Grebe, I. VVl1ite, P. Grebe, D. Iolmson. Row 3- Miss Bauer, QI. Thomas, R. Martin, I. Blowers, B Ewing, S. Cornelius. Row 4-K. Sweitzer, Behr- er, G. Dyszlrt, L. Suycler, P. VVo0mer, B. Bzltclieler Varsity Ensemble Row 1-S. Coucly, Stzlrzcslcy, S. Adams, C. Lumborn, B. Harmon, F Long. Row 2-L. Bayer, L. Greenu- Wult, J. Butcheler, N. Bicliarcls, S Kccfer. 107 Electrical Shop "lf we turn enough of these knohs, we might he lucky enough to hear something hy the Beutlesf, "My calculations up there on the lJl2lClilJO2lI'Cl agree with those of your electronic Wizarcl, so it must he true. One plus one really clocs equal twof, 108 achine Shop 'WVcll now that we have enou fh hel 3 I is 1 , all wc need IS someone to tell us how to work thesc xnaclminesf, N521-y, loc,- lc-tls Wulch those two guys in front of us. Mzlyhc they know what Wcrc supposccl to hc cloingf, fli i5x3-l.r'5 " n-Mn., Carpenter Shop "All right, all you carpvnte1'S, weyvc got to draw at house hvforc Wo can huiid itf, 'N'-Q... , 'W-wr K QQ- Hurd-working carpcnters Auto Shop "I think we cull that little thing un engine, hut I'1n not quite survf, Hoy, Sonny, if you ask me, thc real trouble with this can is the nut hvhind the whcelf, Qa- hm 9 W 4 1 1 4 110 .A.,. ,g 116. Q 2111:-1. 'ZEEEEZQQ i f 5:-:3' ."7 c, t xtkx 2 X , ...-HZ. :W lj -' i i szgzl 111 Mr. Corrigan, Head Coach Football After Hftccn years, Mr. Ronald Corrigan has rotirccl from the profession of coaching. He has a lifvtilnc rccorcl of 89-32-5, one of which lie Cer- tainly can lm proud. NVhen Mr. Corrigan loft thc Ht-lrl of coxrcliing, lic took with liini gratitude for all lic had clonc for Tyrone Area High School as lmotli a tc-aclu-r ancl a coach. To liim wc extend our lmcst Wislws for a silcvcfssfril future, Senior Football Players with Manager Left to Right-Row 1: C. Bnrwvll, O. Gill, C. Lake, C. Wolford, L. Bock- With. Row 2: Al. Davis, Manager. in Left to Right-Row 1: B. Keefer, D. Kimmel, J. Nan, M. Soellner, C. Wolford, G. DiDomcnico, T. Singer, C. Burwell, B. McNeal, T. Templeton, J. Thomas, B. Cearhart, M. Schnellbaugh, O. Gill, J. Crampton. Row 2: T. Ccnsor, C. Soell- ner, C. Rhodes, M. Updike, D. Langenbacher, B. Carson, C. Hickes, T. Turnbaugh, L. Shilt, M. Romano, L. Beckwith, B. Tepsic, B. ldarola, G. Eckroth, F. Maisano, C. Lake, I. Davis. Row 3: B. Smith, I. Morrissey, I. Hoover, C. Stcclc, D. Umholtz, J. Walk, M. Albright, B. Woodring, D. Friday, N. Dclozicr, J. Forcey, C. Batcheler, S. Kimmel. BELLWOOD TYRONE The Tyrone Colden Eagles began its season by dropping a hard-fought 18-6 verdict to Bellwood. Tyrone was unable to move the ball consistently against a much larger Bellwood team. The ball- carrying duties were shared equally by all four backs with Douglas being the leading ground gainer. Cearhart scored Tyroneis only six-pointer on a six yard end run up on a 49-yard roll out. Tyrone's only other threat was halted on Bell- wood's eight yard line when Douglas was stopped a yard short of a first down. MOSHANNON TYRONE In its opening home game the mighty Eagles came screaming back, downing the Moshannon Valley Knights 13-6. Once again Tyrone had to scramble the entire ball game against a much bigger foe. Tyrone lost one of its leading ground gainers - Dave Douglas - when he suffered a broken right leg late in the first quarter. Tyrone didnit start to click until late in the first quarter when Bill Cearhart scored Tyrone's first touch- down, with the help of Douglas and Schnell- baugh, on a three-yard plunge into the end-zone, Schnellbaugh booted the placement to give Ty- rone the lead 7-6. Tyroneis second six points came when Gill picked off a Mo-Valley pass and swept down the side-line into the end zone. LEWISTOWN TYRONE The Colden Eagles dropped their second game of the season when Lewistown cashed in its breaks to score a 27-12 victory. Trailing by just one point at the half, the Eagles saw the Panthers score the deciding touchdown following a 77-yard punt return. Both of Tyrone's tallies came on long runs by Schnellbaugh and Turn- baugh. Schnellbaugh did most of the running chores and was the leading rusher. Tony Singer was converted from guard to halfback, to Hll up the gap left by Douglas. Bob McNeal did a sparkling job on defense earning a nomination to the Big 33. BELLEFONTE TYRONE Something seems to have crept into the Colden Eagles' football team, they just couldn't move the ball on the ground in their last two games. The Colden Eagles only got into the Red Raiders territory just four times, with the furthest pene- tration being to the Bellefonte 25. Cill and Cear- hart tied for rushing honors. Coach Corriganis team at the half way mark in the season is 1-4. HUNTINCDON TYRONE A strong Huntingdon eleven came stomping in- to Cray Memorial Field to hand Tyrone its third loss of the season 32-0. It was just one of those nights for the Eagles, for they just couldnit hold on to the pigskin. It seemed that they had a se- vere case of 'ifumblitisi' as they lost the ball eight times. Bill Gearhart and Max Schnellbaugh were Tyroneis leading rushers, while Max Soellner and Gary DiDominico did a good job in blocking two of the Bearcatis extra points. 113 Philipsburg-Osceola Tyrone Three touchdowns in the first period was the turning point of the game when the visiting Mounties downed the Eagles 28-7. Once again Coach Corrigan switched his line-up and went to the air, as they fired 29 passes, completing 12 for 165 yards. Tyrone was kept scoreless up to the third quarter, but Tyrone scored when Cear- hart flipped a pass to Schnellbaugh for the T. D. Schnellbaugh then added the extra point. Clearfield Tyrone Tyrone played a stellar ball game in the first half of play by holding the powerful Bisons scoreless. However, the top-rated Bisons came picking back at the smaller Eagles to produce a 19-0 win. State College Tyrone In its final home game of the season Tyrone was nipped by the Little Lions 18-14. It was the Eagles best scoring effort of the season, but the Eagles just couldnit come out on top. Bill Cear- hart and Max Soellner scored Tyroneis touch- downs while Tony Singer and Max Schnellbaugh added the two extra points. Lock Haven Tyrone Again a much larger, powerful team took the field against a determined Tyrone team. Tyrone was overcome quickly, but the mighty Eagles fought late in the game for a deserving score. The final score was 266. 114 Hollidaysburg Tyrone Tyrone dropped the final game of the season to a mighty Hollidaysburg powerhouse by a score of 53-G. The Eagles started out like a house on fire when Cearhart hit Dave Kimmel for valu- able yardage, and before the Tigers knew it the Eagles were knocking on the Tiger goal line. On the next play Cearhart gave to Schnellbaugh for the T. D. Tyrone completed the season with a 1 and 9 record. Bob McNeal, a junior, was named to Second All-Central Counties team. "MaXern around the end. Tyrone stops a goal-line threat. Charles W Orvis Gill olford Senior Grid Stars Gary Burwell George X Leroy Beckwith Lake 115 Eileen Manspeaker ww Judith Ayres SENIOR Sandra Hickes Judith Schulman CHEERLEADERS Martha Knecht VARSITY FOOTBALL SCORES HB, SQUAD FOOTBALL SCORES We They G .,,. . . Bellwood . .. . .. . . ..... , 13 VVC They 13 Moshannon Valley , G 97 Bind Elwlc 6 12 Lewistown , R, , 27 A ' L me O ,..... , .. Huntingdon . . .. .. 32 12 - Phlh135bU1'S A V- 5 0 .......,.... Bellefonte ,.,. . ,. .. .212 5 ...QV Altoona 21 7 ......,.. , Philipsburg . 28 25 E Beuefome A.A 7 0 ,. .......i. Clearlield A .... A A 19 14 ..,...... .. State College 18 7" Houidaysburg 32 G ,. ..,.. Lock Haven . . A A A 26 7., A R. . A Moshannon Valley . 1-1 6 ......... Hollidaysburg . A ,. 53 116 f N rleaclers wg, 7.15.1 E Row 2: 1. Ayres, E. 3lLlllSDCt1li4'1', V. B1'owv1', P. Cllllllilljlllillll. Luft to Right-Row 1: S. Hickvs, M. Kilccht, Al. Scl111l1111111, C, Ll1l'lll701'N. 'H+ PEP IS THE PASSVVORD The carwash, the first footlxall QQRIIIIU, Mr. lJ1'LlliGlS bus, all those- pep rallics, Olll-WI'CSlli1lg Iolmstown, and the 52-50 Lcwistown galm' - - these arc the things our lJl1lL'liCliHl Cl11'c1'lcaclc1's 1'e111e111be1'. They workccl vm-ry hartl but had fun, ew-11 when half of thc-111 c1111lcl11't walk aftcr practicing splits. Hcacliug those poppy gals is jutly Ayres. Cheerleaders Row 1: A. Ganclolfo. Row 2: C. SCl1I1ClllJL1llgl1, B. Romano. R0w3: S. Meugle, C. Dean. Row 4: j. Cooper, B. Mogle. Mr. Bubb :mal Mr. Czzip Junior High Football Coaches Left to Right-Row 1: Mr. Buhlm, Mr. Czup. Row 2: Mr Burley, Mr. Caircluer, Mr. Sclrcmcwulf. .lr. High Football Team Left to Right-Row 1: J. Curckovich, S. Focht, D. Holmus, L. Albright, C. lD01lIl, S. Brislvin, D, Erclly, T. Hustler, Hull, R. Sclicllcnlncrgeig E. Reese, J. Brown, B. Stewart, M. Ellciilx-rgcr, lYlllll2lgCl', B. YVnrucr, B. Sims, S. Sellerg, Stcplwns. Row 2: ul. Holmes, T. Miller, D. Houscr, l, Sultuge, D, Rhoda-s C. Hoover Xl Anclroslci B Nlertifl S. C. C. Wz1r11c1', C. Shilclt, D. Fisher, I. 'XVulk, T. Borisell, ll: Brown, C. Shultz, -ll Stn-wart, ll? l7rlf. ROW Cv.-Millerj K Ni3L'l, -I. Auclrcws, C. Brcsslvr, D. Browii, L. Smith, J, Hoyne, L. NCllQ'Cl3l1lll'l', K. XVurm-r, B. Duviclson, A. XVrye, B Hlckes, bl. YVutt0rs, NI. hlL'NP2ll, C. lxcssmgcr, B. Snyclcr, D. Erclly. 'O o 60 9 -xg vs xx W wx' lv fo OQLA, N woo Just about Nzce jo b, f ellou 0116196 Q If I, 56124 3' 11, 6 6.3109 lip 81911 Head Coach-Mr. Wfiherg Senior B iislqet ers O I X Varsity Basketball Ml this year beeauise of the lack of interest. The varsity team ns ste only em hovs, with only three as seniors and, only one being six ' et tal i' ' i they did not have ar winning season. they worked hard an nade ' good s x ' ig tor themselves. In the eyes ol their coach and everyone - 5 , the did 1 e - R.NVvstb1'ool4, NV. Wh li, C L Coach lohn VVilJGl'g.S Colden Eagle quintet had to r llly xx Jr Xtra j My M 1 l K ons job for Tyrone. l H li ' 4 ' A W' 'N"" ' Hb'f'1"" ' ' 'w24?59!59"n5E:r':wH'ff"' 25135.-":,. , . --L, , v :vp . .mv Row 1: G. Perry, I. Forcey, T. Marshall, E. Brcssler, G.!hVrye. L'!Row 12: D. Friday, D. T. Templeton, T. Turnhaugh, C. Miller. V , I Junior Varsity Basketball y , 1 'Crah that Hehoundl ls this haskethall or foothall? Tyrone V' VA . e Central Tyrone opened up its MouutlainLeague, sched- ule With a 51-50 verdictjover visiting Central. Fouls caused Tyrone the 'most t1'O1llDl6',QS'dtll6 Eagles lost three players early in the third quar- ter by Way of fouls. The Golden Eagles had leads of as much as 13' and 14 points' but faltered late in the ga1ne.'HoWeve1', Cearhart pulled the game out of thelfire by scoring on a lay up and two foul shots, with 9 seconds' in the game. Gearhart and Hickes led Ty1'one's scoring with and 10 points respectively. X 1121 Tyrone Hollidaysburg The Colden Eagles gave a taller Hollidaysburg team a run for it as they dropped a 70-56 set back to the Tigers. Tyrone stayed with Holli- daysburg for three periods, at which time the score was 46-40. But the Eagles couldnit quite stay with the Tigers in the last quarter. Bill Cearhart led the scoring for Tyrone with 35 points, followed by Bob McNeal with 9. Tyrone Lewistown A strong third quarter rally by Tyrone gave the Colden Eagles a 2-1 Mountain League record, with a 52-50 victory at Lewistown. The victory gave Tyrone a 5-5 overall record thus far in the season. Lewistown took a 14-7 lead in the first period, but Tyrone cut that lead to just 2 points at the half. In the third quarter, Tyrone scored 20 points, which proved to be too much for the Panthers to overcome. Cassady and Cearhart scored nearly all the Colden Eagles, points with 22 and 21 points respectively. Tyrone Huntingdon Tyrone battled league-leading Huntingdon down to the wire before dropping a 49-45 deci- sion to the Bearcats. The Golden Eagles stayed with Huntingdon all the way and led at two points in the game, but just as Tyrone came close the Bearcats pulled out to a few-points lead. Bill Cearhart was Tyroneis leading point maker with 27 points, while Bob Cassady followed up with 10 points. The Colden Eagles League record was evened at 2-2. Tyrone Bellefonte It seems as if the law of averages was against Tyrone as they dropped a 69-63 decision to Belle- fonte. The Bed Raiders hadnit won a game on the Mountain League for 37 straight games and Tyrone turned out to be their victims. The Cold- en Eagles could make only 24 of 87 from the field, while Bellefonte made 5321 from the field, which was too much to overcome. After being down by as much as 20 points, the Eagles stormed back with 27 points in the last period to cut the Raid- ers lead to 6 at the end. Cearhart had 25 points, while Cassady and McNeal had 16 and 10 points respectively. Tyrone Philipsburg-Osceola A slight point advantage at the foul line gave Tyrone a 47-44 victory over Philipsbnrg-Osceola. Tyrone led by four points at the end of the first quarter, but fell behind at the half by one point. A slight scoring edge by the Eagles in the last two quarters gained the victory for Tyrone. Bill Gearhart led Tyroneis scoring with 17 points, fol- lowed by Bob McNeal with 12. 122 Tyrone Captain jack Tyroneis best shooting in several games gave the Colden Eagles a 63-47 decision over Captain jack and a 4-3 record in the first cycle of the Mountain League. Tyrone jumped off to an open- ing quarter lead of 21-4 on 15 straight points. Tyrone showed good team balance as Cearhart, McNeal, Cassady, and Hickes all scored in the double figures. Tyroneis overall record at this point was 7-7. TYYUHG Central The Colden Eagles dropped their second cycle opener, 66-59, at Central. The score was dead- locked at 14-14 in the first quarter, but a ten point edge in the second and third quarters by Central was all they needed, as the Eagles could only gain a three point edge in the last quarter. Bill Cearhart had an outstanding game with 37 points for Tyrone. TYFOHG Hollidaysburg It looked like Tyrone might dampen Hollidays- burgis hope of winning the Mountain League, but an 18-point third quarter outburst by the Tigers was too much for Tyrone to overcome. The Cold- en Eagles led 10-3 with only four minutes gone in the first quarter, before Hollidaysburg had to battle back to tie the score and take only a five- point lead at the half. After the Tigers big third quarter, Tyrone gained a five point edge in the last period. Cearhart again scored a tremendous 37 points for Tyrone. Tyrone Lewistown Tyrone held the lead for nearly three-quarters of the game, but couldn't quite hold on as they dropped their third second cycle game, 51-48 to Lewistown. The Colden Eagles held the lead several times and led by as much as six points. The lead changed hands several times during the last two quarters with Tyrone coming out on the short end of things. Bill Cearhart turned in an- other sparkling scoring performance with points. Tyrone Huntingdon Tyrone dropped its fourth straight Mountain League game at the hands of a taller Huntingdon team by a score of 89-53. A cold-shooting night by the Colden Eagles along with the Bearcat,s hot-shooting, gave Huntingdon their big margin of victory. Tyrone had three players in double figures as Cearhart scored 24 points followed by McNeal, with 12 and Hickes with 10. K f I I 1 1 Tyrone Bellefonte The Colden Eagles seemed unable to find the range as they suffered their Hfth loss to Belle- fonte, 50-43. The Bed Raiders scored a four point advantage in the first two quarters, but Tyrone battled back to trail by just two points in the third quarter. However, the Eagles were outscored by seven points in the last quarter as Bellefonte gained the victory. Bill Cearhart f reached the five-hundred point mark as he scored 5 nineteen points for Tyrone. Tyrone Philipsburg-Osceola Bill Gearhart scored twenty-five points to set a new Mountain League record with three hun- dred and fifty points in a losing cause to the Mounties. The lead changed several times as Philipsburg took the Hrst period by one point, but Tyrone took the second period by 2 points to lead at the half by a 27-26 score. In the third C5-:gg period the Eagles went cold and fell behind by 10 points. Tyrone came close as 3 points in the last period, however, ended up 5 points short in 1 Q-Lf the end. Chuck Hickes backed up Cearhart with 1, X, L' 4 I 1 points. 1 1' ' Tyrone Captain jack .ni UA Du. Tyrone finished the season in a winning way 'VX WV 1 golf by scoring a 51-45 victory over Captain jack and y . 51' C ifztopping a 6-game losing streak. The Colden G be V TIM' Eagles' shooting improved as they hit on 21 of KN .58 attempts from the field. Tyrone led 17-10 in N.gif1.rlyl1 ff Uthe first period but fell behind by one at the half. wi The Eagles came back strong in the third period f 1 V H with an 11 point scoring edge. However, the Tro- lu jans cnt the margin to just 6 in thc last period. Gearhart scored 24 points, followed by Cassady and Hickes with 9 points each. mir-kill 'T f0,Rrn1rl:1- 'T' Rnnsrrll T5 Frrllv R glv'-llnn1'u:-rxror N1 Fllnnlxn ...N..,.l, , ?., LmX2'w2!i??z4:ri5i,.... Varsity Wrestling Coach Bob Bubbis Golden Eagle wrestling team turned in a terrific job this season. Last year, where there was a lack of team balance in the upper weights, this year the team had the strength there to win the matches that were needed for the team to win. Also those seniors who didn't get to wrestle this year, but who have been out for two or three years, deserve a lot of credit. They are the ones who pushed those who wrestled to do their best. Everyone helped make a successful season for Tyrone in wrestling. Kim YVcstley, Alolm Scorclo, Frank Owens, Terry Fisher C 11l Bulttt Dm Stoncbi ilxri Cuy Burwcll Iolm C ill lim Thomas, Dave lX1cCloslcey, lim Turnbaugh, Max SLllI1ClllJl1lfTll D ntl Pitton M ssmf liom the DILTUIC is C nx D1 Domenico. ...TiT""""'..'g'3iL"Li This match proved to he a very impressive upset ind victory for MDillon.U Fisher about to score il reversal. Tyrone-15 Clearfield-26 The Colden Eagles matmen opened their 1963-64 season by dropping a 26-15 verdict to the mighty Bisons. The match was 15-all at the end of the 154-pound class, but the Eagles couldnit hold their own in the last three matches. Scordo, Eyer, and Turnbaugh posted decisions while Owens, Barlett, and Stonehraker had to settle for draws. Tyrone-14 Lock Haven-34 Tyrone High's wrestling team went down to its second defeat of the season to a visiting Lock Haven powerhouse hy a 34-14 score. Friday the 13th seemed to he a jinx for the Eagles as they could only manage to take four out of twelve weight classes. VVinning decisions for the Eagles were Fisher, Stonebraker, and Burwell while Cary DiDomenico, a sophomore, did a tremen- dous joh with a pin at 180. Senior Wrestlers Senior Wrestlers: john Scordo, Terry Fisher, Carl Barlett, Bill WVaite, Ken Brown, Dan Stone- hraker, Cary Burwell, Terry Singer, Homer Rhodes, Dave McCloskey, jim Turnhinigh, Darrel Patton, Paul Feinea, Manager. 125 . , . . . Tyrone Hlghs U-H1 Stombmltcl Ummmmg hls bully Tyrone's Bin-lm-tt in complete control over his opponent opponent. Tyrone-44 Captain Jack-6 The Tyrone grapplers won their first dual meet of the season after two setbacks by thump- ing Captain jack 44-6. Owens, Scordo, Thomas, Schnellbaugh, and DiDomenico were all pin- happy, while Kim Westley, Burwell, Stonehraker, and Turnbaugh gained decisions. Ken Eyer won hy default. Tyrone-20 State Colle ge-31 Once again the Eagles lacked in the upper weight classes as they dropped a 31-20 Verdict to the Little Lions. Draws and pins were the turn- ing point oi: the match. VVest1ey, Burwell, and Turnbaugh had draws, while Scordo and Stone- braker put their men away, and Fisher came out on top with a decision. Tyrone-36 Huntingdon-3 The Tyrone matmeu won their second dual meet of the season by downing the Huntingdon matmen by a triumph. Wfestley, Fisher, Barlett, NVatters, Burwell, Thomas, McCloskey, Schnellbaugh, DiDomenico, and Patton all won by impressive decisions, while John Scordo had the only pin of the match for the Eagles. Tyrone-24 Bellcfonte-19 The Tyrone High grapplers won their third straight dual meet of the season by surprising a Bellefonte powerhouse by a 24-19 verdict. The count was 11-all at the midpoint of the match, hut a fine job by the middles and uppers gave Tyrone the victory. Barlett, Stonebraker Qwho is still undefeatedj, Gill, and Thomas had impres- sive decisions while Scordo and Schnellbaugh pinned their opponents while DiDomenico set- tled with an important draw. 126 Saunas- Tyrone's Golden Eagles wrestling captains john Seordo and Dan Stonehraker. Another victory over Rightenour for lim. Tyrone-18 Philipsburg-27 The Golden Eagles matmen dropped their fourth dual meet of the season to a mighty power- ful Philipsburg team by a 27-18 verdict. Tyrone had four Close bouts which were the deciding is- sues of the meet. Those winning decisions were Scordo and Fisher, while Stonebraker and Di- Domenico had pins and Maisano settled with a draw. Tyrone is now 4-4 for the season. Cary gaining riding time in his second win over Hollidaysburg. Tyrone-32 Hollidaysburg-9 After Hollidaysburg took the Christmas Tournament, Tyrone came in second with bad drawing and took 'revenge on the tournament champs by stomping them 32-9. Tyrone led 21-0 in the meet before H-burg could score their first point, which gave Coach Bubb a 5 and 4 for the season. Owens, Fisher, Barlett, Stonebraker, Burwell, Turnbaugh, and Sehnellbaugh all had impressive decisions while DiDomenico pinned his old buddy, and Scordo was the lucky one Tyroneis McCloskey breaking his man down to the mat. having a forfeit. Tyrone Higlfs champions and runner-up at the Hollidays- burg Christinas Tournament, were john Scordo, also named most outstanding wrestler of tourney at 103, Steve Settlers 88, Terry Fisher runner-up at 112, jim Turnbaugh 154, Dan Stonebraker 127 and Gary Burwell at 133, Tyrone had to settle with second place in the tourney. Tyrone-26 Lewistown--14 Tyrone matmen won their sixth dual meet of the season, which insured them of a winning season by downing the Lewistown Panthers by a 26-14 triumph. Those winning decisions on their opponents were Owens, Scordo, Fisher, who did an outstanding job, and Barlett, Watters, and DiDomenico also won. Dave McCloskey had the only pin of the match for the Eagles. Tyrone-43 Bald Eagle Area-3 The Colden Eagle matmen drew in their final to climax one of the best seasons in Tyrone Highis history by massacring Bald Eagle Area by a 43-3 triumph. VVrestling their last dual meet for good old Tyrone High were John Scordo, Hollidaysburg Tournament Despite the fact that Tyrone High had five individual champions crowned and a runner-up in the sixth annual Hollidaysburg Invitational Wrestling Tournament held over the Christmas holiday, the Colden Eagles had to settle with second place while Hollidaysburg finished first with two individual champions and 8 runners-up. Steve Sellers won his first H. I. VV. T. as he decisioned Wylan Clark of Everett 5-1 in the SS lb. class. Jolm Scordo won his fourth straight H. I.W. T. and was acclaimed the outstanding wrestler in the Tournament, as he decisioned Jake DeBartholomew of Hollidaysburg 10-1 in the 103 lb. class. Terry Fisher fought to capture his third straight tournament but was defeated in the finals by Ron Buck of Cresson 5-3 in the 112 lb. class. At 127, Dan Stonebraker won his second H. 1. VV. T. as he defeated Bob Vernocy of Indi- ana 7-0. Gary Burwell won his first H. 1. XV. T. as he decisioned Jolm Bryant of Hollidaysburg 128 who pinned his opponent, while Terry Fisher, Carl Barlett, Dan Stonebraker, who was unde- feated in dual meets, Cary Burwell, Dave Mc- Closkey, and Jim Turnbaugh all decisioned their opponents and Darrel Patton won by a forfeit. Others winning were Owens by a decision, and Sehnellbaugh and DiDomenico had pins. The Tyrone matmen and Coach Bubb finished the 1963-64 season with a tremendous 7-4 record. Tyrone-35 Johnstown-8 An all-out team effort was put on by 'Tyrone Highis grapplers as they downed the Johnstown Trojans by a 35 to 8 triumph. Owens, Fisher, Barlett, Stonebraker, Gill, Turnbaugh, Schnell- baugh, and Patton all had impressive decisions while Scordo and Thomas had pins. 3-0 in the 133 lb. class. Jim Turnbaugh won his third H. I. XV. T. as he decisioned Ken Rightnoun of Hollidaysburg 3-0 in the 154 lb. class. Over- all things turned out to be a very nice Christmas for Coach Bubbis boys. Districts Once again Tyrone was well represented by taking eight wrestlers into the District Six Wres- tling Tournament held at the Jaffa Mosque in Altoona. Tyrone Highis John Scordo was the only Tyrone wrestler to win the championship which marked his second consecutive District 6 championship at 103 pounds. Those bowing in the Semi-Finals, which were all by close deci- sions were Frank Owens 95, Terry Fisher 112, Dan Stonebraker 127, Cary Burwell Jim Turnbaugh 154, Max Schnellbaugh 165, and Cary DiDomenico at 180. Over-all the Tyrone Matmen had just cliinaxed a tremendous season for Cood Old Tyrone High and their Coaches. Junior Varsity Wrestling Tyroneis junior Varsity, coached hy Mr. Miller and Mr. Gill ended its campaign with a 5-5-l mark. The Little Eagles had to give up 12 points before they even stepped on the mats as they had to forfeit l80 lb. and Unlimited. The Little Eagles Won victories over such teams as Captain Jack, State College. Huntingdon, Belle- fcnte, and Bald Eagle Area. They drew with Hollidayshurg. Frank Maisano and Dave Lang- enhacher lead the Little Eagles With very im- pressive records. Left to Right-Mr. Miller, Mr. Cill, Mr. Thoinas, Mr. Young. Left to Right-Row 1: D. Moffet, I. Conrad, T. O,Connor, M. Turnhaugh. Row 2: S. Sellers, NI. Androski, B. Bahe, F. Maisano, D. Langenhacher, ul. XVattcrs, T. Singer, B. Grehe, L. Langenhacher, AI. Crumpton. Row 3: S. Bressler, C. Shultz, B. Smith, A. Albright, S. Brishin, L. Albright, M. Shop e, B. Black, bl. Morrow, B. Smith, B. Black, B. Supina. Row 4: R. Orwick, J. Ieraci, J. NValk, B. Shultz, I. Hitchens, M. Mooscker, il. Brown, I. Lake, P. Tahaney, ll. Iadarola, T. Singer. mm mwmmm -iief'-W-'wmmm ,M Last Will and Testament We, the Class of 1964, do now bequeath our treasures with the hope that you will enjoy your senior year as much as we did. Bill Ellenberger renders his track shoes to the jim Thorpe Club, which will be in the charge of Dave Langenbacher and Frank Maisano for the next two track seasons. We hope that they do as good a job as oihcers as Bill did. Martha Calderwood says: "To my sister, Debby, I hereby bequeath my worn pair of band sneakers. They are to be used at those cold, foggy practicesf' To Sally Ann and anyone else who wants them, Donna Duff leaves her early-morning risings and her cold walks to school. She also leaves behind all the homework that goes with being a senior. Susan Day wills all the fun and happiness she had at T. A. H. S. to her sister, joanne. Sueis B's in algebra H, along with all the studying it took to acquire them, go to Sharon joy Zeigler. Roberta Bond bestows on Peggy Manspeak- er her membership and position in the Indian Club. Gladys Brower donates to her sister, Shirley, all the fun of getting up at seven oiclock on those cold mornings so she can ride to school on that crowded bus. Good luck in finding a warm seat, Shirley! Albert "DuiJf', Hyndshaw wills to his brother. Bill, the presidency of the Senior Band, which, incidentally, has been in the family for the past two years. Bus riders seem to play a large part in the lives of some of our ,64 seniors. Here are four examples of generosity: C17 Lola Langenbacher leaves all those athletic disappointments of run- ning to catch the bus to her sister, VVanda. Get out your track shoes, Sisl Lee Langenbacher receives jerry Dworsakis bumpy rides to and from school. All Verna Smith's long, cold waits at the bus stop go to her brothers, Bob and George. C47 Bill Burford wills his bus seat to Judy Ross. Evev Nearhoof, thanks to the wishes of her sister, Shirley, will receive all the books and homework Shirley had during her senior year at Tyrone Area High. To Betsy Dickson and MaryAnne Cox, 130 Lynne Fagley wills all her laughs, joys, and tears at good ole T. A. H. S. Pat Butler, leaves this thought for her sister, Jeanine: 'iMay you walk briskly on those cold walks to school. Keep your chin up because it wonit last fo'rever.' Two seats in history class, room 202, have been given so generously by Linda Crust and judy Dunkel. Lindais goes to any junior, but judy wants hers to go to her cousin, Ned Dunkel. Both girls hope the recipients enjoy the class as much as they have. The fun-filled days of her senior year are given bv Pam Dean to judy Sellers and Margie Stiver. Pamis hope is that they will be filled with halt as much fun as they were for her. joycc Bitter leaves two things to jean And- ers: the long, cold walks up Bald Eagle Avenue to the high school and her scat in shorthand class. judith Ayers, last will and testament: "I be- queath to Chris and jack those uncommensurable and ameborative mellenuims of Spanish Class. To Ron Bathurst, Sandy Fisher wishes to will the stimulating cold morning band practices down at the football Held. Stewart Snyder reluctantly hands over his kev to the schoolis projection booth to the chief projectionists of the coming year. Take good care of itl Your senior year certainly is a great one. Lorine Friday wishes all the fun and hard work of her year to brother, Darryl. Russell Harpster leaves Skip Morrissey his shop job and his long ride to school each morning. Everyday a bus travels the long road to Sinking Valley. ludy Keith gladly leaves her lengthy rides to Terry and Butch. uPutty Bally Iohnston Clsarryj leaves his nickname to Ron Iadarola. Bill Tennis is really in luck for joe M. Geraci wills all the chances he had to make out with girls in the halls, while on job as P.A. teclmician, to him. Orv Gill hands over his place on the bush- wacking gang to Frank Maisano and brother Ion, hoping that they have as much fun as he had. Last Will ancl Testament Dick Postreich not only wishes good luck to Bill Kephart, but also wills him the privilege of walking Theresa Marketto to class. Mike Shildt is giving one of his most prized possessions to Sam Harris. Itis a large map of the areais back roads. Lynn Harris should do well in school now, for brother VVilfred wants to be generous and keep his books in the family. Attention future senior girls! G1'ace Ramsey is leaving her fifth period history classes espe- cially for you. Bill VVestley is giving his morning rides to school with Mr. Gardner to Peggy and Carol. There will be some great times on the band bus next year for Pat O,Connell is willing all her fun and cider to anyone who can stomach it. To her sister Sue, Gail Harris leaves all the books she has had to carry. To Margaret Bennett, Catherine Bard wills her seat in Home Economics. Carol Ferrin wills her long years in high school to Kathy Hardy. To brother Bobby, Elizabeth Fleck has given her worn books and the long walks to school. Here's another set of worn-out books given to Polly and Bucky from their sister Peggy Fleck. VVoody Gingery bestows all the fun and en- joyment of sleeping out to lim Thomas. To sister Marietta goes all the work, fun, and term papers from Joanne Hagg. Cathy Hayes gives all of her friendly teach- ers to all deserving students. Here come some cold mornings for Tom and Tim from Cousin judy Lucas. Look out bus driver! Dianne Mertiff wills .limmv LaPxosa those last minutes of making the bus driver wait. Good luck to Frank Owens from Danny Stonebraker. Take good care of that treasured wrestling uniform! Here goes another Home Economics seat from Sue Supina to her sister. Make good use of it. Button up Larry because here come those long, cold walks from 21st Street to Clay Avenue from sister Barbara Thomas. Don't fall asleep during shop theory, Larry Mountz. Cousin Bob Watson thinks you might. To anyone brave enough to take them, Vir- ginia lrValls entrusts her clerical books. Ron Westb1'ook wishes to leave all of those bedtime jokes from the Fiesta Dairy to Mr. Stroup. Bay Hunter wills his mufHer work to Bob Shawley, his truck work to Skip Morrissey, and any other work to lim Francio. Work hard, boys! To some industrious student in Mr. Conferis advanced science class, Bill Hutchinson wills his position in the dark room laboratory. VVatch out for those explosions-everyone cleans up his own mess. Frank Maisano is to receive all of George Lakeis football equipment. Make good use of it, Maureen Westley bequeaths to Bonnie Civ- ler all those shorthand notes and all the hard work which must be done. Better start digging in now, Bonnie. A warning to teachers! jim Turiano bestows upon all those teachers who liked lim so well, his younger brother, George. Kay Sweitzer bestows upon her sister, Judy, her luckv basketball uniform. Also to Judy goes a lot of fun in study halls. To Boxy Martin goes Marlene Iusticeis unique ability to maintain a neat locker. Not another trip to the principalys office, Roxy. Carolyn Emigh wills her Monday morning droop and the long cold bus ride to Cherrie Lamborn. Indy Boss might well enjoy senior math next year, for she has been given Donna Bigglemanis seat and the fun that she has had there. Darrel Patton wills his favorite ball point pen to all those lucky juniors who will have world cultures next year. Sandi Noel is going to receive all the fun Barbara Robenolt had in business English class, but along with it, go all the books and homework, too. 131 Last Will and Testament Maypo has just inherited all Chuck McClel- lanis vast shop experiments and unlimited sup- ply of knowledge. Bill Roberts is bequeathing his prized his- tory outline to any junior crafty enough to outwit Miss Crawford, and who is quick enough to raid her iiles before the annual "Spring Burning? Judy Stewart and Peggy VVoomer better get the hot pads out, for Linda Reese wills them her cold seat on the bus. juniors, quick! Don Piper is giving up his parking space to any one smart enough to grab it. Along with this, too, go all Dons books and homework. Georganna Skelton leaves to Punkie Grace a seat in typing class. Have fun Punkie, but don t make too many errors. Lucky Tony Singer! Terry has given him his good grades and a portion of his superb ath- letic ability. Suzanne Starzesky wills to Eileen Foeht the mad dashes for the bus on those late mornings, and the long cold wait when she is early. Troubles galore are being willed to all the juniors in electronics class by Ken Reeder. And to the smartest of the gang, Ken leaves that spe- cial bench. Karen Irvin and Sandi Noel are in for a lot of fun as Donna Romano leaves to them all the fun she has had. Sharon NeH bequeaths to Sam Harris all the fun in the practice room. Put it to good use, Sam! Make a run for the back seat of the band bus, Mary Ann Patton, for Sharon Miller be- queaths this, along with a pair of white bucks and many broken reeds, to you. Darlene and Linda are going to have more than the usual amount of books to carry as Isa- bell Patton bequeaths to them all of her own books. jack Pattonis exceptional ability to solve those extra tough problems in Mr. LaPorte,s math class goes to all vocational juniors. Tiny Barbara Osterhout wills the long reaches to the top of the locker to her sisters, Suzi and Darlene. Better get a step-ladder, girls. 132 Cathy Moskel gives to her sister, Peggy, all the fun sheis had in Mrs. Campbells clerical classes. To her other brothers and sisters, Cathy leaves that long walk to school every morning. Anna Murray leaves to any unlucky junior her seat in Mr. Mingleis business English class. Attention Northwood kids! Beverly Miles has just bequeathed those long waits at the bus stops on those especially cold mornings to you. Chuck Turiano leaves his seat on the bus to Sam and Fred Conrad and Euggie Shaw. Hope you can all squeeze in that seat. Rose Ritchey has just received her sisteris seat in business English class. Sharon hopes youll have fun getting up every morning! Herman Peterson leaves his share of running the shop machines, cleaning and dusting the shop, and getting legs to Bob Fink. Herman is confident that Bob will do a good job. To Ron Stryker, junior Commander in charge of Sophomore Division of the Indian Club, I, Bill Lake, bequeath the Indian Club Tomahawk. Penny jo Fink is donating her seat in physics class to anyone who wants it. Any takers? Watch out Terry Christoiic, for you have just received the biggest package of all-the whole school. You can thank Bill Haynes for his generous gift. Sallye Chronister leaves her many happy memories and experiences to Nancy Eyer. To all advanced science students, Sallye bequeaths the dark room and all its secrets. I wonder what secrets she means! jim Turnbaugh leaves this school the peace and tranquility it had before he entered. In his departure, he relieves the teachers of all the troubles and worries he caused them. jo-Ellen VVaple bestows her seat in physics class to the highest bidder. Wonder how much itis worth! Natalie Richards will have fun next winter walking to school in the knee-deep snow that janet Updike wills her. Some "lueky,' junior is to receive joan YV ood- rings beloved seat in Mr. Littleis second period economics class. Last Will and Testament Bundle up Betty Fink, because Nancy Welch is leaving all those cold morning waits for the school bus to you. And future seniors, Nancy gives you all those homework assignments. Virginia Estright bequeaths all the good times she's had, as well as her long walk to school, to Kay. Lucky Christy Snyder-Leah Bayer relieves you of the many tedious hours spent putting up Leahis unaturally curlyv hair. Make use of thosc extra hours, Christy. Miss Datz-here comes Darlene McGovern to take over Leah Bayeris scat in the Alto II section. To Marsha WVoodring, Analee gives her gave! and the many happy hours she spent in F.N.A. Good luck, Marsha. Linda Fox will, no doubt, continue to get up early every morning and take the long walk to school, just as her sister, Marjorie, wills it. Poor F ayetta Priddy! Not only will she have her own homework to do, but also that which Gloria Steinbeiser left to her. Better get busy. jeff McNelis receives all of the fattening food of the cafeteria from cousin Charlie Wol- ford. To any junior who wants it goes Henry VVoomer's machine shop seat and everything that goes with it. Get ready Eileen Cupp. Peggy Zimmerman bestows lots of homework to you. Ready for dictation? Kay Zimmers will be with all her sister Buthis shorthand notebooks and work next year. joAnn Harpster gladly wills to her brother, Kenny, all those long, cold winter walks to school from Adams to Clay Avenue. No fair riding, Kenny! LeLand McMonagle is leaving Charles Mc- Kinney all his good times in shop and the jobs he used to do for Mr. Westley. Sue Hoover wills her memory book of T.A.H.S. to her two brothers, john and Bill, in the hopes that they will enjoy reading it as much as she has preparing it. Now share it, fellas! W To some lucky person goes all the wonder- ful moments spent in gym class from Sue Behrer. Of course, they should be willing to work. To her lucky fellow travelers of the illustri- ous path, Sandy Hickes leaves her walks to school over that elevated route. Bonnie Dean and Dave Summers will to every fun-loving junior the right to "goof offv in senior math class. Good luck, juniors. Craig Batcheler is going to have his sister Bonnais seat in plane geometry class next year. Anyone like to outline history? Well, john Abramo is giving his seat to anyone interested in world cultures. The fun and hard work in physics and chem- istry is to be given to Nancy Rumberger from Gail Dysart. Dean Halbritter gives his right to say hello to all of the pretty girls to Sam Harris. Karen Pine is going to have lots of fun be- cause Sue Davis bestows upon her all the books and good times of her senior year. William Snyder is willing Mr. Gillis seventh period senior science class to all the forthcoming Cscience-minded or notj senior boys. Have the alarm set Beth Harmon? You'd better since Bonnie Cherry says youill be getting up at 6:30 every morning for those walks to school. Barbara Burnham doesnit want Christy Sny- der to get lonely so to Christy goes some neigh- boring seniors. Karen, Eileen, Scottie, Sue, Dave, Gordon, and Audrey will receive all of Mr. Dolinger's sermons from jerrlyn Branstetter. Bon Burns leaves his writing ability to all the undergraduate fans of the late, great julius Woomer. jim Thomas and Frank Maisano will need lots of luck, for Dick Ormsby is leaving them his brains and good looks! Mike Harhai wills his membership in the Casinovas to Sam Harris. Sue Huber wills her sister, judy Kay, the many times Mr. C. and Mr. B. found her writing notes and talking in their classes. 133 , .WW K - . an A J' 3 ,NN K . AF ,X , f Eg.. M , ,K AALAA 5 ,-', , I- + f ,A g .,.' ' 'mg f fw A. -1- if ff 5 ifmf' ' fl Jw 53- 'i ,, 1: " 5 K V Aykh A AZ' A' Af? V ' 1 125 1 , ii: i 'S SY , wifi W-:,,3,eLS?,V37 f Sifexii' '41 5 Ziiil . PROFESSIONAL SERVICES JOHN A. AYRES, M.D. CAREY C. BRADIN, M.D. RALPH P. ERDLY, MD. 1. A. GREBE, MD. DAVID J. KIRK, M.D. E. R. MURCHISON, MD. N. R. BEAM, MD. 1. L. SHONBERC, M.D. 0 O O REYNOLD O. ALTBERG, O.D. JOHN M. DOLLAR, O.D. O O O WILLIAM E. GILBERT, D.D.S. SAMUEL L. LAKE, D.D.S. RICHARD W. MCCLAIN, D.D.S R. W. STEVER, D.D.S. O O O R. H. STEVER, D.S.C. FRED C. FARRAND, D.O. F. ADELAIDE FARRAND, D.O CARL R. BABE, V.M.D. Plates for the 1964 FALCON by Zimmerman Engraving Co. SYKESV1LLE,PA. Best VVishes to the Class of ,64 Pruonto's Hair Design Institute 705 Twelfth Street ALTOONA,PENNA. Wlndsor 4-4494 'iYour Success is our Greatest Assetii 8131311 Your W01'k and W01'k Your Planv Compliments of THE BUDGET PLAN, INC. 23 XVest Tenth Street Phone MU 4-0790 Tyrone, Pennsylvania Cvndzjfewzfgj Q'0wing - - Snag 1894 Eggliggg . Etlieegggl? Eng s si +2 I tssesggli , ll"!l'3"'t if Q Q ,I YT uni, X X X s PA ft ---:Jilin 4 PITTSBURGH. . 7 I PAou, PA. The House that Quality built: Kurtz Bros. offers o combinotion of over o holf century of experience coupled with the operotion of the most up-to-dote equipment in producing the highest quolity ovciilcible in school onnuols. Your onnuols ore printed, bound ond finished by skilled croftsmen. Truly o plont ond orgonizotion built to furnish quolity cmd service in fulfilling your printing requirements ..... "Our Word is Our Bond." KURTZ BROS. 72Z'fZ!L'i CLEARFIELD, PA. Courtesy of TYRQNE HAIRDRESSERS ASSOCIATION Tyrone, Pennsylvania Best XVishes Class of '64 Stop Here for A11 Your Photo Needs CAMERAS - FILMS - SUPPLIES - MOVIE EQUIPMENT COHEN'S PHOTO SERVICE Street Tyrone, Pennsylvania 40 NV. 10th Compliments of HARPSTER'S CHEVROLET You can give sweets to the sweet if you shop at ' 0 5, Y. me A v' ' if 5 L ' I l. ig' , I .fl A, Everyone can look like 21 model if they Wear Clothes from W'NG'5 GARDNEPJS CANDY 1 J You never outgrow your need for milk, especially milk from HAGG'S DAIRY NAREHOOD BROTHERS, INC. Crushed Limestone Pulverizecl Limestone Ready-Mix Concrete Phone MU 4-3570 MU 4-3410 MU 4-4905 Tyrone Herald C ompuny Publisher TYRONE DAILY HERALD Phone MU 4-4000 Visit STEEL'S DRUG STORE and GIFT SHOP for the finest items. Phone MU 4-1 190 International New Harvester Holland FARM MACHINES W. C. MORROW St SON 207 E. 10th Street Tyrone, Pa. SADDLE AND RIDING EQUIPMENT Iamesway Barn Equipment Agrico Fertilizer Meyers Pumps and Sprayers F armall and International Tractors INDUSTRIAL EQUIPMENT May Success and Happiness Be Your Coal MORRIS LEVINE FAMILY SHOE STORE H. L. NEIL Warm Air Heating - Air Conditioning Roofing and Spouting - Furnace YVork Phone MU 4-2230 CORNER VVASHINCTON AVENUE AND TENTH STREET Stop at the LION INN OUR CROVVTH IS PROOF OF THE FINE FOODS WE SERVE Open Till Midnight Tyrone, Pennsylvania Phone MU 4-9945 Congratulations to the CLASS OF 1964 THE HICKES GROCERY 1401 Pennsylvania Avenue MU 4-3370 Tyrone, Pa. THE W. F. HILLER AGENCY 970 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE TYRONE, PENNA. 71 years of Continuous INSURANCE protection and service Phone MU 4-3840 IOHN C. YENTER DESIGNERS AND BUILDERS GENERAL CONTRACTOR Phone MU 4-2670 1062 Lincoln Ave. P. O. Box 69 TYRONE, PENNSYLVANIA 2 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATINC CLASS OF 1964 FROM THE FIRST BLAIR COUNTY NATIONAL BANK Member Federal Deposit Imurance CIOFPOTQIIIOII TYRON E PENNSYLVANIA FIRE EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURERS AGENCY SALES AND SERVICE EVERYTHING IN FIRE EQUIPMENT 1637 E. Pleasant Valley Boulevard Altoona, Pennsylvania WI 2-4325 Visit our new service shop where we repair and service all types of iire extinguishers and equipment. Also visit our new display room of fire equipment where we carry police supplies as well as fire equipment. HARRY WAKEFIELD, IR. Owner and Mgr. We now have two service trucks which are equipped to service your equipment at your location. FOR FAST SERVICE CALL MU 4-4440 DAIRY LANE STORES, INC. Route 220 Next to Acme Congratulations To The Class Of 1964 AULT'S GROCERY STORE TYRONE PENNSYLVANIA HABDXVARE - WVALLPAPER - PAINT FINK BROTHERS HARDWARE GUNS - AMMUNITION TOOLS - PLUMBING 954 Pennsylvania Avenue Phone MU 4-0580 Tyrone Pennsylvania MILLER BROS. CO. BUILDEPCS SUPPLIES LUMBER COAL I-IARDVVABE 129 IV. 14th St., Tyrone At PRR Crossing Free Off-Street Parking JONES AND N EWLIN ATTORNEYS-AT-LAVV Jones Building Tyrone Pennsylvania I 145 CHICAGO RIVET 81 MACHINE CO. RUPERT CHEVROLET COMPANY OLDSMOBILE - CHEVROLET - CORVAIR MECHANICAL REPAIRS A. A. A. Service Body and Fender Repairs Used Car Headquarters 215 East 10th St. Tyrone, Pa. Congratulations To The Class of 1964 RAY BURIAL VAULT CO. Tyrone PCIIIISYIVHIIIQI Compliments of SAM F ORTE SHOE SERVICE 1008 Pennsylvania Avenue BURLEY BROTHERS NUGAS DISTRIBUTORS 906 Pennsylvania Avenue WESTINGHOUSE APPLIANCES BOB'S ELECTRIC BOB AND ETHEL STRUBLE 1104 Pennsylvania Ave. Tyrone Phone MU 4-2370 Tyrone Pennsylvania WILLIAM C. BARR INSURANCE AGENCY KNECHT'S 3 East 10th Street YOUR Phone MU 4-2033 SCHOOL SUPPLY Tyrone Pennsylvania HEADQUARTERS OLIVER F. SCHELL CERTIFIED PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT 912 Pennsylvania Ave. Tyrone Penna. Use Our Student Co-op Plan And Save 1092: On All School Supplies 955 Pennsylvania Ave. Tyrone, Pa. 148 Best Wishes to the Class of 1964 HOME ELECTRIC N0 Other Dollar You Spend Buys as Much As the Dollar You Spend for Electricity 'I' TYRONE PENNSYLVANIA Wlioleszile Distributors of Quality Products BAYER BROTHERS, INC. TYRONE PENNSYLVANIA Sponsors of CLOVER FARBI STORES Mid Penn Division Taste and Be Convinced Co1ig1'3tUlUti0US to the Bread - Pastries - Cakes Craduating Class of 1964 KIENZLE,S BAKERY THE AMERICAN LEGION Plione MU 4-2161 HOWARD GARDNER Pennsylvania Avenue Tyrone Pennsylvania Tyrone Pennsylvania 150 BAN EY'S FLORIST YVhcn You Say It WVith Flowers Say It YVith Ours DON 61 PEG BANEY 106 VV. 10th Street Tyrone Pennsylvania ' WILLIAMS APPLIANCE 1100 Pennsylvania Ave. TYRONE Patents Cosmetics REA Sz DERICKS, INC. Fountain and Luncheonette Prompt and Courteous Dependable Service Store Service Candy Koclaks Fashion Starts With THE BOUTIQUE 1105 Pennsylvania Avenue Congratulations Class of 1964 CARDNEPCS CLOTHING STORE Menis Clothing and Furnishings GEORGE ESCHBACH Owner 28 NVE-st Tenth Street Tyrone Penna. FIESTA DAIRY STORE Downtown Tyrone Delicatessen Complete Fountain Service Light Lunches No Charge for Take Out 151 You Are Always Welcome At THE FINK WALGREEN AGENCY DRUG STORE Prescriptions a Specialty F 81 F DRY CLEANERS 120 YVest 10th St. MU 4-1990 WI 2-7700 Open Daily 7:30 a.m. ,till 9:00 p.m. We Offer Five Big Services l. Regular dry cleaning 2. Sliirt launclering Our Rates are Fair READY TAXI COMPANY AND WESTERN UNION MAYNARD E. MECKES-Owner Prompt Courteous Dependable Service Plione MU 4-0140 3. Storage-fur and garment MU 4,0103 4. Custom deluxe dry cleaning All garments hand cleanecl-measured before cleaning and blocked to measurements alter 1063 Blair Ave. cleaning 5. Coin-Operated dry cleaning Self-service dry cleaning-8 pounds of cleaning for 342.00 TYRQNE PENNA' 2 COMPLIMENTS OF B. P. O. E NG. 212 TYRONE LODGE B. P. 0. E. No. 212 ! 1 3 GETZ MARKET STORE Fresh Fruits Tempting Foods - Crisp V egctables Finest Quality Meats - Fancy Canned Foods 1068 Pennsylvania Ave. Phone MU 4-1150 GARMAN,S DEPARTMENT STORE The Shopping Center for Thrifty People Best WVishes to the Class of '64 from ENGELMAN F LORIST HARRY SICKLER CERTIFIED PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT ROSSI MOTOR SALES ROSSI BROTHERS, Proprietors MERCURY 0 Comet Phone MU 4-2754 R. D. 220 Tyrone, Pa. FRESHIS MUSIC AND GIFT SHOP 4 Speed Hi-Fi Players Records and Music Accessories Gifts 1127 Pennsylvania Ave. Tyrone Compliments of BEN FRANKLIN STORE Goods from 50.10 to 81.00 Compliments of MOLNAR JEWELRY Accution Bulova and Krementz ART CARVED DIAMONDS Authorized Iewelers 54 COLONIAL BARBER SHOP Compliments of COLONIAL BARBER SHOP KEN KENNEDY, Prop. Congratulations Seniors for the Many Years Ahead ANN'S PLACE Bald Eagle Tyrone, Pu. THE SQUIRE SHOP From 'KHISU Store 1058 Pennsylvzuiia Avenue MU 4-3010 Tyrone, CENTRAL DISTRIBUTORS CO. IZIHHOI' Supplies Paints - Brushes - Artist Supplies 1062 Pennsylvania Avenue Phone MU 4-3610 Tyrone Pennsylvania PENN A. HOTEL TYRONE, PENNSYLVANIA i I l TYRONE HERALD COMPANY Publisher TYRONE DAILY HERALD Phone MU 4-4000 WW W KWWWW My WWW? ,Z fl 156 W ANDERSUN - - DENNY PUST We Zfyw Schulman,s THOMAS AGENCY General Insurance G West lltll Street All sports-minded people shop at l SCHULMAN'S the big store in MU 4-3760 CMasonie Bldgj i downtown Tyrone News Agency l Congratulations l to the l Class of ,64 THE VILLA Follow this example Q East 10th Street and Shopat 1 THE TYRONE NEWS l AGENCY

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