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5 - 'A in Lk A Z5 sf 1 Q 44 ,fn we f A N v 1 V "swam y Q ii' -5 an w 41 5. ,,1-ggi va . , K L A X, V W Q '3 T' if H vi " A M . ,. A:,,, .A I 4 -Af ,, 1 ,ylgisffv -x ,.,. i'fi, , mQgff??K Q- , ' , ' .f Ji Jfslgw I kv x , ,gi , g if ,awx f Q fx A EQ . e x ,gy ' , 1 A f, , aj , I X -' IL, Q 3 iv fx z ,f ww Q W . - Q H: qw, viswx v V X A Y r-. ' ' ,QQ - if ,'w""HN 1 Ja 5 'im X AZN' ' - K " 1 X' gi .4 J? 'Q' 5,5 Q I 'fr V"1 2 4 X A 5 14. ' Ik' 1 , ,. I Q ,gk Q 'I W x H Mx me '-mwfwxm 'cw mama www -mwmk I? W in I as ,mf Aw 4 x .Q K if JV? 4 v. X i 1 1' 'N X x Q Ffklwsffi S Ni kk' gy 53 W as-is fa Q FL 9 gg F5 , N k T K 'W -, ,, -if 255. . an ,. A Y 9 N , Y ,, Q R . W B X Wx Sf E 4 ,MF L 'E 42:-7-Q. f 4 mmm, an . YM 10 My f 306400 X . Jl!l'0l'l 11, QI. X , xjjronn ,fgrzfa ,AAQA xg foo! 7 'X , I if AY I -----Y , , A if X f X 6 MH ? W. - 1 fa-. Nm f f f ' x 779' S? 9 , , NV! ' yr if , 1 x ' I X , N, 14, N f A l f X K 2 M M ' U A K K A NNE' Z H W 15? Jy J Jw N 5:5-f ff si f H X mf WW sg U -22 5- 3 - A XNA , 1 if allmimn X 5, 5 1 .Rx M W if B K 4F N 5 ,U E a ,i,,gg1f W w A JM m l? ? FJ x N Xm ff 7 L g T4 X X x, X' fn. f 1 X Q X 0 - B K S xx X f 5 X 1 , p N Xa b N S 9 J,,,-:lr F - iff t V 41 0l"8 lfU0l" With pride we of the class of 1958 introduce the ,58 edition of the Falcon. Like our predecessors we of the Falcon staff, under the invaluable guidance of our advisor, Miss Crawford, have toiled diligently to present a yearbook encompassing each of the numerous school activities, however, we are particularly proud of the unique arrangement of this yearbook. In retrospect this Falcon will serve as a reminder of six tremendous years of arduous study, great athletic victories, adven- turesome field trips, and class parties and dances. With these ex- periences behind us, molding our characters and preparing us for adulthood, we look to the future confident that T. A. H. S. will always be proud of the achievements, past and future, of the class of 1958. 4 ledicafion MR. JACOB 0. CORBIN In appreciation of his constant and lllltlI'1llg efforts to im- prove the machine shop and train young men in mechanical skills, we, the 1958 Falcon staff, dedicate our Falcon to Mr. jacob O. Corbin. His Work has been behind the scenesg there- fore, he has received little recognition. His personality and initiative are rated as tops by all who know him. We sincerely hope you will accept this dedication as a 'ithank youv for all your fine Work. r-f O X A 2 N Q X ' ' I I f - fy 'M X oy S f My NX fig: f f W M N a a' X aff fx X Wf 2 ' f f ' f ,P X J X ,N I H4 A X V" -N H I . Q V Q I 5 f ggi! f- .1:f:' 's ang X KW 1' . S-+'f4ff V .gf --x. lm N? ff! f f :,,..,,. 5 hr? s 9 006 Q1 ,785 f Y if M 6 , OU Cl 1 2 , LR , W 3 WN Ke ?l"0lfL8 P866 52 00 fx Seated: Eldrvd D. Hilcumn Clarence T il y 1 0 1' , Ah-x E -lolmstcm. Standing: Harold -I Erhnrd, M. C. Waite, Alex F. VVilsou. Seated: NVilfred C. Buck, lst Xyift'-Pl'CSiClCI1tQ Jcsso Al. VVOod- ring, Prcsidcntg Marjorie E Burr, Sm-ere-tu1'y. Standing: Dr. Norman Miller, Sllpcrintclldvlltg Clay I. Trcuster, 3rd Vico- Presidcntg 121111113 B. Crawford 2nd x7iCL'-Pl't"SidCl1f. 1 Earn! of glallfacafion Seated: Herbert W. Conrad, Robert D. Sharer, William H. Hicks. Standing: Robert B. Nearhoof, Donald C. Brown, Richard D. Shellenherger. Absent members: Harry N. Glass, Harold E. Baker, Henry F. Laughlin, L. Paul Funk William D. McNaul Cnon-mem- bcrl, Samuel T. Friday, Wil- liani E. Artinan, Mrs. Cora L. Kaup, Mrs. Edna R. Waite Charles Pryor, Mrs. Sara j. Parks. a ln Seated: liohcrt P. H1-lmerling Curtis YV. Solt, George C Lake. Standing: Lu-lancl IJ ML-lNIonagle, Loon Cox fnon- l110Il1lJl'1'l, john A. D u n k L' l Shannon XV. Ramsey. 9 l Er. Worm an Wifdvr lfaloerinfenofenf Q W EWZAQW Wane orozfzgfz .xgzfalffiorify Standing: Dr. Norman Miller, Superintendcntg B. C. Jones, Solicitorg Hugh D. Markle, Vice-Presi- clcntg Ralph A. Gill, Treasurerg Marjorie E. Barr, Asst. Secretaryg J. Lynn Ferncr, Presidentg Dr. john A. Ayres, Secretary. Not in Picture: Francis j. Herrington, Asst. Secretary-Treasurer. 10 ibirecfor 0 owriczfa um Dr. Willard Kerr rincayoa N. Grant Hixson ocozfionaf ibirecfor D. Thomas lyigore lil"8Cf0l' 0 gli GLVLCE .!glff8l'L6!0fl'ZCQ jnjfrncfionaf Waferiag lirecfor L-Zyirecfor H. Dale Winger Mary Cormuesscr WViIlium Baker .glcrefaria romp Left to Right: M. Barr, R. Prough, P. Kustenbauder, D. Walk, R Hoover. 12 VLC? . L, ffl.. c34f"'d' d DJAW1 N Jw ' 1 Wa LLA8lfIfL6LfiC5 - dence X 7 , I Seated: K. Lul'm'tc. L. Hitchens, XV. Gillmm, A. Reed, NV. Smith. Standing: C. Hiuks. 0. ,V C XJUL Kncidinger, j. Plc-tcl1e1'. XV. Baker. F. Nvjuko, -I. Nlusood. QQ, x ommerciaf- warg - lfwic - .Af fiff 44.4-n .13 . ,Nqr Q .M Q , J Y V xx ' 'W Y Seated: NI. Cunlphell, F. -101105, P. Budd. K. XVOUIIICIX P. AIUIIIISUII. Standing: NI, Boek, C. . ,N I'ea111-e, YV. Price. C. NVugmf1', D. Hicks fNot PiL'tlll'l'lD. IQ 1 xx, .M X W '? . d ff, ij, N N oem! ,Sif1fLc!ie53' ome conomiw ii Seated: D. Crawford, li. Nlctxlvr, 1. Gorman, J. Standing: M. St0lN'lJI'Zlkf'l', VV. Hullshzlltcr, -I. Plm-tcllvlg C. Hicks, P. 1 A lfLgA:5A C , Q. !' N . ,f l X AW Qiym K. J A ffiffw V Seated: M. Diaz, M. Elmle, S. Macllowvll, S. D1-rr, B. FiHIlCg2l1l. Standing: S, He-dgc-, A 14 Lake, H. Lzntshuw, L, Daugherty, C. Moon-, C. Czup, F. Dzmnuwaly. s. fl 5 Q 4? Q .5 UB vJ w -H? Us Mcafiona K- ,Nome conomicc Seated: Mr. Thomas, Electrical Shopg Mrs. Nc-u1'l1ouf, Voc-aitimml Home Ecoxiolnic-sg Mi Corbin, Machine Shop. Standing: Mr. Haxyvs, Agriuulturcg Nlr. Cwin, Auto IXIc-clmiiicsg M1 XVc-Stk-y, Carpenter Shop. pA?:5iC6L! gycfvacozifion - .AIQQML egzwfice Left to Right: L. Price, 1. Molmcy, P. Btlllltll Not Pictured: V. Milos CNursvJ. R. Sim-luii fDontal Hygionistj. 6-16254. Z ZA. Ziggy, ! mania! xggruice Medica! xgzruzfce . 2: ...g" Dr. Vvilliillll Gilbert dm-s l'Lxllll'diil1 dental work Dr, David j. Kirk vxamincs u student assisted by with tho zlssistniicv of Miss Rona Sinclair, dcntail thc- school nurse, Mrs. Lois Pricv. hygivnist, A tense' mmncut. 50066 g,lfLCAl'6'LlfL 16 L w oo 8 0 we . 3 J N . filiz. fig: Q, i V K fL" f' ' , flyeilibwssif , .- M . .V I 'f.k 2 ' M a - - .. , '- ,wwfi,,.c.f:fH 'ask , ,K ,Q I W AL ..N:,.,. ..',g. 2 , Z A? kV..k: -'fox . ' ,J C H Aa liao f Go 7 10, 5566. f 1 Choiflcff C 5 lr qftg mass 5 ,If fn ev' GK a W wQ' k , .R Mffgxskxfv , . I ::,. 1 5" vo de, Aug!-,KK l.Jnq back. IN Jr, I-1:15 fjzeve, Vid fi 24 "-'fini fn ,gf 'mf doe, Hom mn. H louqtr 70 "Sf ucv 90,4 W Wfmh jadon FALCON STAFF First row: H. Snyder, D. Calderwood, I. Fisher, P. Vanneman, A. Idarola. Second row: M. Richards B. VVarrendcr, S. Moffct, J. Plisinsky, S. Ohrtman, N. Ritchey. Third row: A. Lewis, L. Blanchard, S. Fagley, B. Judy. Fourth row: D. Hildebrand, I. Albright, C. Decker. ARTISTS We, the 1958 Falcon staff, have tried to the Nancy Ritchey, Arlene Lewis, and Doug best of their ability to bring you one of the best Hildebrand. Falcons ever printed. We chose a theme very different from any other and tried to have every student in the school photographed at least once. Then, too, there are many of the popular nsnapv pages, along with other special features. We have Worked hard to prepare this outstanding Falcon, but it has had its share of fun, also. Without the help of our Wonderful advisor. Miss Crawford, We would not have been able to present such a yearbook. She has put in many of her spare-time hours to tie up "loose-endsv and just give aid whenever it Was needed. We, the Falcon staff, never find Words enough to say how much We appreciate all your help. As the last page is finished we hope you, the subscribers, Will be able to look back through your yearbooks many years from now and find great enjoyment from the 1958 Falcon. 18 I lIII'il I3I1111cI1z11'cI. B111- Illlfl FIIIKIX, SI1111'4111 OI11't- SPORTS' EDITORS ADVERTISING STAFF AND BUSINESS MANAGER Q, '13 -Ii111.-XII11-igI1t1111LICI1111'IivDvckr-1' AIIIOIIIUIIC' IQIIILIFOILI, Rvv xI"ilI'I't'IIKII'l'. ,I114111 I'Iixi11sIxi. Nluric- RiL'I1111'cIs. IIIIII S11IIy NI11II1'I, TYPISTS 1, ilIllI SI1v1'iII I'Iz1gIc'y. EDITORS PCM- X 1111111-1111111. IJ11111111 C11I1I1-r- wuocI, IIc1pn- S11ycIn'1', QIIIKI Ic'.111 I'IISIIl'I'. IFJ ADVERTISING STAI7 F The advertisers, planning a new lay- out for the next Spokesman arc. from left to right! .lanie Bell, Gail Hamer, and Nancy Lal'orte. ' COPY READER 'l'his is ,Barbara Kingston,'proofrcader for the spokcsmimi 7 'A' " K "' is E uk , i ,ai X x X ki EDITORS These are both the old and new e dito rs, exznnining a Spokesman, printed last year From left to right there are. seated: Polly -I. Bowser and Eleanor McNaulg standing: Neil lhllll'L'lllSUlI, janet Buck, lim Crawford, Sally Dawson, Indy Kelly, Dick Gardner, Leah Levine, and Linda jo Friday. 20 xS?OOA85lfIfL6LlfL Published throughout the school year., our newspaper, the Spokesman, continually informs us of the latest in sports, music, clubs, elections, honors, and student opinion around T. A. H. S. Under the excellent guidance of Miss Hazel Latshaw and the capable editorship of Polly Bowser, the 1957 Spokesman Staff instituted many innovations, not only maintaining, but improving a scholastic newspaper which has placed high in numerous contests. This year in the state contest the Spokesman attained sec- ond place with Neil Murehisonis sports page receiving a perfect score. VVhen we, as alumni, look back upon our high school experiences, the Spokesman will stand out as a well written record of those events which molded our lives. .aariwuwi X5 4 vf L 4 N' r 4 Y' L L 5 ' V V lf The busy Spukesmzm typists are from left to right: Alive sb fn y V ,' SPOKESMAN STAFF ' irst row: N. Mureliison, J. Buck, L. Fricluy, P. Bowser. E. NIeNaml, S. Fugley, H. Limtslmw. Second row: j. Root, C. Lilmolcl, D. Ohrtmzui, E. Bouss-ll, C. Bousell, BI. Cowlier, -I. Bell, S. j' g - Cupp, H. Mayline, F. Suylor, D. Crist. S. Zimglii. Third row: L. Levine, AI. Ilooper. B. Me- 1 Neal. G. Amlerson, Horulmugli, A. Ulil, C. Thomas, M. Cluclney, S. Filit-ky, L. Geist. H. . Peterson. VV. Nenrlioof. Fourth row: -I. Kelly, S. Bz11'1'ett. B. Sluirer, C. Bloom, Nl. Long. NI. ML LlI'ilW'f0l'Cl, ,I Cmimcl. S. Dawson. P. Ililclc-lmliicl. F. hVl'2lVl'Qx M, Stoiielmlkely A. Leueh. Fifth x row: S. Curner, P. Vzuinemzm. J. Martin, NV. YVoleslugle, VV,XIIigks. R. X71lIll1l'lllLlIl, A. Dewey. N B. xlillt-r. - ' 'KB' ,M X Q XREPORTEIIS l'he S1 lil'Ill1l1l l'ltD0l'lC'TS, eorreeting .heir stories, are, from left to right: Bill Nliller. Pete xyillllllxlllilll. Cheri Buss, Carol Bloom. lleleu Clemi. NlilXllll' Neil, Elizabeth Naylor. Curnl Fleelc. Nlairy Aliee Long. Steve Cuiwier. zmcl Melissa Bryan. TYPISTS Uhl, CllO1'l21.A1lCll'l'S0ll, Slierrill Fugley. Darlene Ohrtmzm, Annu Leueli, l7I'llDL'lS Sz1vl01', . letsy Rout, zmcl Put Kepler. 21 L enior KLZVLC! M WJ l ,UM V .I V ' v Majorettes-E. Mc-Mullen, -I. Root, LI. Bell. C. Bonsell, T. Elder, P. Myers, C. Beckwith li. Hull, F. Saylor. First row: j. Minemier, D. VVoo1ner, M. Richards L. Geist M Heherling, AI. Fisher, I. Swayne, j. Eekroth, C. Fisher, C. Cunsallns. Gi Andersoii, Lift 'l 'F L. Blanchard. A. johnson, I. Martin, D. Davis, P. Nowlin, K. Moore, P. Cunningham, .Q X B. Patton, J. Kelly. Third row: Mr. VVagner, C. Lewis, B. Barnes, D. Kohuek, P. Bowser., 1 J . B. Hossman, B. Miller, P. Rice, J. Ross, J. Bryan, T. LaPorte, L. Herrington, S. Gardner. A . bf ,lf . M - , , 1 x. l ll r ll if . 1 v L Bradford, N. Miller. Second row: B. Snyder, J. Port, M. Stonehraker, K. Gunsallus, .QV .ry f LV L ji Jff l l uv' L L. tu ,pg 5 Fourth row: M. Kohuek, E. MeNaul, J. Barber, D. Lazeration, C, Minemier, -I. Hastingsm Q. it A I xv J 1 X YU' CV' I l ' , v f W . , ,Xaf Q 1 Y v ALM U-A V V M M ' lf vl l V yy W X v V sr T A SPECIAL THANK-YOUVL ,L Nancy Ritchey, although she was knoxf a cheerleader or member of the hand, did her pa1't in helping our teams to he victorious during the sports' season. She spent many long, spare-time hours drawing and paint- ing posters for every football game. Not only did she prepare posters, but she drew. mimeographed, and colored cheerful. peppy tags for almost every student in the school to wear on the day of the sport event. She was never given any formal thank-you for her effort, so we. the Falcon staff, would like to say to you, Nancy. "Thanks for all your work and school spirit. Every one appreciated itlv 22 X THE Qlesw' one mm TU Al. lXlL'Nk'lll. T. Boyd, R. Gilpin, P. Wooclring, T. Arnold D. Kcplmrt, P. IIllI'DStOl'. Fifth row: D. Cravcs, M. Fctzvr, B. VVolf, C. Dean, G. Boytim, D Mornin5.Zr0cl, 1. Crzlvvs, F. Pricc-, li. Crowell, 1. EL-kc-rt, M. ffllourkc, D. Bathurst, D. Ashcroft. AI. O'Connvl. 6'Lf.0lf'Q ffm Left to Right: F. Suylor, I. Hoot E. ML-Mullcn T 15111.-f, Ii. Bell, C. Bm-kvlzitlml R. Hull. -N IU R Ik, lu J.. , , P' . J ,I 6' 1 1 . .uv V .! KK PRETTY om., Www Xia iw n u' N3 ax' M7 x ,X ijsibb-K e 0 C-' S., L' ., gk D L J 0 fl xi' P59 JL D . -YD , on fnllt' ot tllosc lmuncl stunts. bob 'QN , , 1 J .5 'i l , ' x xi . ' , ' I X I . ' I LJ ' 1 ' I l U 1' Olabkl , , , N' le X 23 VARSITY COACHES Left to Right: O. Kneiclinger, -I. Chuckran fHead Coachl, WV. Hanshalter. Mardify joofgaf Bellwood 0 Tyrone 32 As the 1957 season got underway, the Golden Eagles rolled over the Blue Devils for a 32-0 victory. Tony Scordo led the scoring with three tallies as he rolled up 113 yards in three carries. Dannaway lugged the pigskin six times for 67 yards. Vanneman carried three times for yards. The team as a whole worked together for victory. North Cambria 6 Tyrone 41 The Tyrone Golden Eagles broke a three year jinx by romping to a 41 to 6 victory over the Colts. Tyrone scored on the fifth play but the Colts came back with a 74 yard march and the score became 7 to 6. At this point the Tyrone backs went to work, using the long run as Myers and Dannaway scored twice and Scordo and Cowher each crossed the final stripe once. Drake made good five P. A. T.'s. lt was truly a team victory. Lewistown 13 Tyrone 7 The Eagles traveled to Lewistown for their first loss of the season. The Panthers bottled up the Eagles offensively. The Panther's scores came on 90 and 36 yard runs. Tyrone's lone score came in the last quarter when Tyrone re- covered a fumble on the Panther's 29 yard line. Eight plays later, V anneman smashed over from the one. Drake's placement was good. Powell took individual honors in rushing with 132 yards. Dannaway chalked up G7 yards for Tyrone. fy My-1 EEN CJ TRAINEE Bern Oherly 224 it-lm 49 Etvl oy! Y. QQ 392 First row: L. Drake, R. Tre nary, D. Gill, J. Cowher, R Thomas, B. Hicks, B. Dixon N. Murchison, T. Seordo, -I TYRONE '6B" Bald Eagle Tyrone Philipsbnrg Tyrone Altoona , . Tyrone Philipsburg , Tyrone Moshannon Valley .. 2 Tyrone VVilliamsport . Tyrone Huntingdon 19 The Eagles ontrushed the Bearcats. but fumbles at vital times proved fatal as Hunting- don came out on top by the score of 19 to 12. lt was the second straight setback for the Eagles. An injury to Fred Dannaway. Tyrone fullback. left the Eagles Without that extra punch. Scordo defensive play of all-state tackle Lynn Drake was the best displayed all year. Chief Logan 6 Tyrone 24 In the opening seconds the Mingoes kicked off to the Eagles. Tyrone fninbled and a Nlingoe halfback scooped up the ball and scamp:-red for the first T. D. But that was not to stop the Golden Eagles from coming from behind to win their third game. Philipsburg 20 Tyrone 13 A fired np Philipsbnrg eleven invaded Cray Memorial Field and handed the Colden Eagle: a 20-13 defeat. A bad center and fumbles payed the Way to the Eagles' third loss. It was a hard fought game and the blocking and tackling were crisp on both sides. Cowher snared a T. D. pass and Vanneman scooted the end from three yards out with Drake making good one of the place- Tyrones scoring and Dannaway each scored for Tyrone. The 535 ff ments take 33 l cg i JE BB. 75 .EE , .. n ' ' ' r .. 1 T a ive 1 W 'WJ ' S .Q.4l2 1 VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM wright. Second row: -I. Greene. C. XValk. NV. Harpster, C. Michaels. B. Clites, N. Maisano. I Nlyus, l". Iyasile, R. Vanneman. J. Maisano. Al. Scordo. D. W'illiams. Third row: F. O'Ronrke. xonp, G. Higgins, j. XValk. B. Stcck, C. Calllarclli, D. Miller. S. Patterson, J. Dannaway, T. ish dl, M. johnson. D. Hagg. Not Pictured: E. Dannaway, D. Smith. H. Carper. B. Cray. State College 7 Tyrone 6 Once again fumhles caused the Golden Eagles their fourth setback of the season. A total of sixteen fumhles was accumulated. Tyrone out- played State hut lost in the point system. The last time State College defeated Tyrone at Gray field was in 1953. 7-0. Lock Haven 13 Tyrone 13 Tyrone made the long trip to Lock Haven and had to settle for a 13-13 tie after leading the Bohcats almost the entire game. XVith 2:32 to go and the score 13 to 6 in favor of Tyrone a 127 pound quarterback returned a punt 82 yards for the tying score. It was Tyroneis liest effort since early in the season. The play of Lynn Drake was his hest effort all year as he repeatedly hroke up Lock llavenls running plays, Seordo and Malcom lohnson shared Tyrone's touch- down honors as Drake made one of two place- ments to account for Tyrone's scoring. Hollidaysburg 27 Tyrone 0 The Tyrone High Golden Eagles suffered their worst defeat of the year at the hands of Hollidaysliurgg 27-0 at the county seat with the Golden Tigers scoring two touchdowns in hoth the second and fourth quarters. This was Tyroneis fifth defeat of the season while this ac- quired for Hollidayshurg an undefeated season. Clearfield 6 Tyrone 27 The Eagles closed the season in an impres- sive way as they downed the Clearfield Bisons 27-6. The Eagles revealed early season form lay rolling up 364 yards to 127 for the opponent. Fourteen seniors saw action for the last time under the colors of Tyrone Area High School. Hohbie Vanneman racked up three touchdowns and Scordo scored once with Drake making good three placements. Tyrone finished the season with a -1-5-1 record. ogglflfermen H Mn A Hgfmjgz xx Yffifwh g f ml . iss ' I .'1"i1:Q zg - Wit NEA. mukculsow RON TUOMQ5 9 2, Co- Cnwrnm T. JW, Cowuera 004 Seo sw TRSUHRY TREE, EFRZTSIZUW Mack: mnuzn +09 ,ow 'U 1 9 Jm Q-smear Dan. fliu.. ru 27 .. JW 2....,f4..ff SW First row: 'I'. Miller, C. Crm-lic. B. cJ,Bl'lK'Il, K. Kncclit, T. Vlfaxtson, T. Yingling, ll. Russell, S Naylor, Ol, Tliolnpson, D. YVikc. Second 1'ow: llurpvr, C. Moors, K. Gilliam, H. Miller -I l'll'l'Ill'l4 B Cu' " ' ' ' " ' l it son. C. lxlrlxpatlitlx, Ci. Nl0lI'lSl'ya ,l. lxllnnicl, D. Rlg1jI,ll'lll2lI1, Lyncli. Thirc row: Mr. Plotclic-1' Ccouclil, S. Fink. C. Stitt, C. Woonivr, E. Bickt-l, D. Huy, j. Tnriuno, S SfI'j"liCI', K. Mills, C. N1-tl, ll. Kcznnvr. Mr. Hicks lcouclil. Fourth row: T. ClllllSL'l'. S. Nlillcr C NVolfortl, Vl. Dawson, tl. Long. ul, lilimulvs, B. Fink, R. Kirlipz1triL'li. K. NVQ-ston, 'l'. EL-lit-rt S Fetrifflit 3 ll . , .. K., , l . E Q 4-11 TYRONE JUNIOR HIGH SCORES State Collvgt- 6 Tyrone 16 Bellwood . 0 Tyrone- Osceola Nlills 0 Tyronc 20 Captain Inc-lc 25 Tyronv Dlnnizita Valley 0 Tyronc , 19 281' Q00 Qlffj B. Naylor. li. Czlllciwlli. P. Browvr. K. Nt-wliu. Nl. Bryan, B. Crvst. S. Class. 28 ,J O lliamifg CAQWLQ em Fust xow 1 VVh1tc S Nloflct D. Calclerwootl. Second row: j.Hoopc1 C' Bloom B S ucr 1X Lynn Drake, better known to all of us as 'iSl11g,D has beeolue famous aeross the nation as a terrif'ie football player. The husky 6'2", 225 Tb. boy, has playecl right taekle on the T. A. H. S. varsity squad lor tour years. For two years 41956 tit 1957 seasonsl he has been a I1l0llllN'1' of the first team AP ancl UP All-State football team. ln these same two years he played first team on the "All 331, sponsored by a Harrisburg newspaper. His greatest honor per- haps, eame in the 1957 season when Slug reeeivetl the news he hacl been chosen for the All Alneriean Iligh Sehool team. During the 1956 sea- son, Slug reeeiyefl Honorable Men- tion on the salne team. He has reeeivetl plaques antl trophies for all these honors. Not only these, but Slug has been offered scholarships to colleges zuul universities sueh as George W'ashington, Penn State, Southern California, S. M. U., Xllllllll, and about thirty or forty more. He has not yet tleeiclecl where he Wants to go. YVe want to wish you all the luek in the world for your career, Whether it be football or not, antl tell you that we are very proud to be elassinates of sueh a great athlete. 251 ww-w----QQ lfmiom ,jj Wlyzbwkjl PJ vi X fp ,ll W 0 Q 71" Afwll V .ff ' ff if Q M QAM J ' JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS N lg! J J V B. Crawford, N. Prough 'N C vxhmi It Vu AJ 'fb man, KI. Swayne, T. Elf X 01 First row: S. Cupp, C. Bonsell, C. Baney, M. Burket, S. Berkstresser, L. Carpe-r, D. Crist, B. Butterhall, C Cree, B. Beschler, L. Bradford, S. Barrett, L. Derman. Second row: L. Clouser, E. Carper, H. Albright, C. Mertiff, L. Bonsell, Burwell, P. Cunning- ham, N. Cowher, E. Denny, M. Crawford, I. Conrad, S. Dawson. Third row: B. Bell- G. Alhright, -I. Cannistraci, C. Bloom, E. Anderson, NV. Ayers, C. Cisney, bl. Eyer, B. Berkstresser, R. Crawford. Fourth row: R. Bohn, j. Boytim, T. Boyd, D. Batlnirst. A. Duey, T. Elder, D. Ashcroft, H. Carper, D. Alhright, B. Estright, -I. Cowfer. First row: P. Kepler, L. Herrington, R. Hull, E. Kirkpatrick, K. Friday, E. Ingram, B. Fisher, P. Hildebrand, bl. Hooper, M. Gladney, j. Cannistraei. Second row: S. Carner, M. Fisher, C. Bonsell, M. Ceraei, R. Howard, F. Goodman, C. Harris, M. Koehera. -I. Kelley, S. Filieky, P. Keith Third row: J. Barber, C. Keller, YV. Harpster, C. Gilliland, j. Hastings, D. Gilpin, B. Gray, R. Ferguson, B Kustenhauder, D. Grimm, D. Kephart. Fourth row: M. lohnson, C. Amnierman, C. Hamer, B. Kurtz, D. Heaton, C. Griffith, L. Fisher, M. Kohuek, M. Fetzer, 1. Koehera. Fifth row: B. GunSalluS, E. Kimherling, H. Kobuck, B. Henry. 30 I ' -' J First row: K. Liholci, D. Uhrtmun, H. Nlzlyhuv, A. hiL'CiL'ii1lll, tl. Miilvr, F. Kinvh, C. Nlyt-rs, ll. NIL-Nr-ul, B. Lund, C. Moist, XI. Ncil, L. Lvvinc-. Second row: N. Prough, j. Mr-Clvllaui. ll. Pvtvr- son, B. Prior-, B. PL-also, D. Pricc, A. Milla-r, D. Nlym-rs. NI. McNIl1ih'n, B. Patton, N. Xlillvr. Third row: H. l,r1Rosz1, B. Rvciimyvr, I. Naylor, C, Parsons, C. Lvwis. A. Nlr'Ciiii'1-. J. Nh-Cioslwy. IJ. Nyc-rs, R. Loose-, j. Zincivi, C. Light. Fourth row: E. Aillffili, C. NIcCh-Ili-n, Il. lfikv. -I. l'4ix'liv, NV. Pint-, lt. Lucas. j. Lykt-ns. Fifth row: -I. NlcNm-il. C. Postrivch. K. Nlillvr, K. Parks, Nl. O'Roiirku. 7g',D+ Q: mdx 5 Piss 5522 5 ' N .J , ' CKY , exist- bit-Il.. +5.61 ' G In x X ,rust i5,..1q,'l'hs , -1 ' " "TJ 3'1'Ns'J Oo CA, row: C. Svilicr, AI. Ross, lf. Suylor, S. Zzuighi, C. NW-stlcy, C. Tlionuis, bl. VVouvvr, S. YVry4-. 0 X! Bt' XYL'l't1l1Ll1l. .l. Shopp, M. Stviiiw, Il. Stvinhcisvr, D. XXX-aikhlml. Second row: C. Srivtlvig -I. Stoni- Sq QJ'-'JAZQ -I. Root, Y. Tilivry, A. Uhl, NI. lhisst-ll, E. Hohcrtson, B. Slizirvlx F. Sonvs, P. W'vlc'l1, P. Styx-i's. an .C JJ W Third row: C. VV11lk, ll. Higglcumn, j. Stroup. H. XYZIIHICIIIZUI, -I. Swuyno. H. Sliildt. NV. Nlillcr, B. V Lf XVisc-r. H. Ziglcr. NI. SllllllllL'l'S. Fourth row: D. Hoot, -I. Stitt. VV. NVulk. ll. Slmiiufm-lt. D. Sliiltlt. 'J Q' V K. vVLl,QIlOl', B. Smith, F. Zamghi, -I. Zincicl, hl. Sc-ifvr, C. Dry. Fifth l'0VV: C. Smith. C, lilliliimwgvr. O J D. Xviiiiillllx ll. XVhitc. r- if 31 i If 1 9, .vm T w if ' ,SVA YJ ' . K by ,N Lin t I Ll f X lr. if f if Ut X 4 My f M If X 3 K 7' J Ldv V 1 P ,UV kt ,Si1!o!L0m0re5 Wu ' x N5 Fx Q r ' lf' X bij? ALA fix Hi' , jj VV A 1 LJ 1 N' ,vu .fi U' X My af' AJ' ff uf- 1 V ix' X V NX L xp 1 N 2 " 'ix' I X i '-i V ' . XD VJ l Nw ,X .GL ,7 P MJ ,vii soPHoMoRE CLASS OFFICERS ' iv, ' n ' . X, j ,J A 'J Q xi! LD' First row: B. Millt-r, D. C4-tx, S. Glass. Second row .V L J in gt ,. , . ., X Nix ,J J fi' X W Rf L. lxnox, j. Blyklll. L N Y Z5 N x XJ Y x E5 ' i w EY? N N34 'xiN5 ,. Ay l First row: C. Buss. B. Davis, M. Bryan, B. Crust, S. Burkct, 1. Ilzlllglwlllmrlgli, L. Couch, N. Con- rzui, j. Donny, j. Bulick, B. DL-un, M. Cnpp. Second row: S. Decker, D. Bonscll, I, Chronistvr, D Briggs, D. Dnnkcl. N. Bennett, C. Boyd, hl. Conrad, S. Cllristofic, M. Cowlu-1', M. Burnos, E Cllii-L'1't'iii. Third l'0W: C. Burns, S. Bnrnhznn, Ll. Cl'ilWi:1ll'Ki, B. Bock, B. Broiwvk, B. Billlgillllilll li. liuronr-r, A. Britton, M. Bradford, AI. EL-kroth, C. Admins. Fourth row: C. C1lfi.C'l'L'lii, B. Clitcs T. Arnold, j. Czninistruci, C. Coovvr, I. Bull, QI, IJLIIIIIQIVVLIY. -I. Cannpiwii. Al. Cnpp, il. Brvun. ll -Xclanns, P. Borm-U, D. Bonsc-ll. nFirst row: rl. Ccruci, V. Frunchio, V. imcnimurg, M. Hznnimriglit, H. Ch-nn, P. Hull, M. CllI'l'kf7ViL'i1, g 1 S. Class, C. Fisher, C. Humor, K. Friday, C. Cunsulius. Second row: E. Kinch, J. Fr:-dc-rick. C. - ,ijflm-k, -I. Crt-vim. L. Hardy, A. Kingywriing, M. Ilillurd, E. Harpstcr, B. Cvblmrt, F. Fiorv, M. Fir-ck. F , S. Cray. Third row: LB. Kinfstolu S. johnson, j. Ingram, P. KillliJl'1'Hllfl, L. Alzuncs. D. cil'2lVL'S, H. ' Q' - ' 'cc-TL. I1 -. ' : . c I-3 - M4606 Hand. R. Halpstml. W. Fl . I nnplc Fourth low D Kmlmntix, I' Cctl, L. Knox, S. Hurd inrfs F Ivviic D ciLt7 D H11 I Higg' ' L H'l L C" F I' in 5, D C-Vi ' I '25 -, . ,X ., . .gg, ,. ins, . .1 c-, . umm, .. sc-n nrr, . .tcm-1, 5. W- Hrvncin, D. I"1'yc. H. Houck, B. Frantz, C. Fla-ck. 32 1, 'llr' ' ,Af i in-f r ' 'L' .Y u K. . 1 ,f h X i ,, F , , lf - V' Ml , ,fl .,-'l X V., .znlv ' ' Q-Y xi' xr it M xv Wi'-'M A First row: M. Miller, B. Nearhoof, M. McFarland, D. Linn, C. Neat, F. Owens, B. Loose C. Morrissey, AI. Larnherson, N. LaPorte, M. McClellan, P. Mvers. Second row: A. NCVliIll' 'l'. Marshall, N. Lannen, A. MeCahan, E. Patterson, H. Noll, B. Markle, B. Miller, D. Navloiri A. Otto, N. Langenhaeher. Third row: D. Morningstar, j. Minelnier, P. Pease, B. Miller, K Moore. C. Navlor, M. Newlin, P. Nowlin, C. Laird, L. Liner, T. LaPorte. Fourth row: Bi Miller, J. MeClosky, D. Patton, F. 0'Bourke, D. Maule, I. Maisano, D. Miles, D. Miller G Miller, C. Michaels, VV. johnson. Fifth row: C. Ellenlx-rQer, B. Metz, C. Miller, B. Meehan, x A T. Posterieh, S. Patterson, F. Magnotto, K. Lucas, -I. 0,Connell. Q 4 ' First row: L. Taylor, S. NVestley, P. YVeston, M. Steele, D. Steele, S. VVilllillIlS, D. Spicer. M. f' Stonehraker, -I. Shellenherger, j. Boss, N. Silnondale, D. VanAllman, D. NVagner. Second row: W ,I. VVagner, P. Romano, B. Rossman, P. Bice, M. YVhite, M. Bolnano, E. Teeters, B. VVelsh. iS. Stoniier, S. Savitts, B. Shaw, B. Tower. Third row: B. XVert2, B. Beese. N. Stetter, B. 1 dvIll'11l1Zlllf.fll, B. NVaite, K. Summers, C. Bay, J. Stahl, D. Ston ', L. Westley, C. Ramsey. Fourth row: B. Snyder, H. Zeigler, -I. Seorrlo, B. Steek, B. Sehaul, . VVaite, B. XVolfe, C. Boclgers. V1yfjxV1lI'I'Cl'lllCl', P. VVooclring. Fifth row: V. Steinheiser, 1. nnpson,-B. Stimer, D. Shawley. O rlpiwllb' F. A. Spicer, H. VVhelancl, D. NValker, B. Beinsel id C. xlike, D. Shoppe. Sixth Dk LW pf nw: C 'einer, B. Sehroek, C. Rutherforddj. N lk. N, ,N 'N ,. ML' MIN 1. prfx u Af' ' N ' . , ,M Jr' 5 ...LV A A .Y A P N M AJQQL X17 Ml J MJ el AF' - ' i A A in ' , AA ' . U, I I - fj. vw v. - ' W N' ii A . ,ff is ff WL A W if ,A . YP lj fl -', ef' fl I l ix wt ff .H fl it ff if L w .Y . I X of 1 lvl!! ral! Q IJ. Q W U s -.1 I- ' . ni 'l - If Rf 5 X' fe, f l' A 38 , V' J xl n LL df ,Q I ,L Wg .1 Y7! jf LL I2 ,f7!, . of ij L W . L L First row: K. VVagner, D. Fisher, K. Barrett, M. Creenawalt, H. Hand, D. Lannen, P. Brishin, S. Harpster, B. Fisher, B. Ceist, K. Carclner, E. Hicks, M. Miller. Second row: P. VVeher, P. Bonsell, C. Skelton, B. Stewart, M. Hoffer, E. Keith, R. Bohn, Pm. Kll1ll7GI'lll'lg, K. Moffatt, D. Fisher, Bryan, Moist, tl. Cree. Third row: Striker, G. Neff, C. XVatson, C. Croshy, 'll1'0lll'VVlI1C, Bookhammer, L. Philage, S. Bart, P. Brower, M. Lewis, -I. Canlt, B. Markel. Fourth 1'0W':""C'.' Tanner, B. Mooseker, R. Snyder, J. Ferner, B. Homan, D. Foek, E. Nearhoof, C. VVoon1er, C. Crowell, j. Gates, B. Shildt, P. Updike, K. Shaw. First row: V. Yingling, Borst, M. NVaple, M. Thomas, R. Bonsell, B. Gibson, B. Barlett, P. Ross, B. Koener, R. Patterson, G. Ayers, C. Harpster, M. Butterhaugh. Second row: K. Parsons, K. Newlin, C. Beckwith, B. Lykens, C. Davis, P. Sharer, M. Fink, P. Calclexwoocl, j. Smith, S. Sprankle, B. Ramsey, j. Carper. Third row: C. Conracl, L. Lake, C. Bloom, D. Bayer, P. Sehoonmaker, L. Smeltzer, M. jones, J. Harpster, B. Moist, L. Eekley, B. Eniel, -I. Waring. Fourth row: C. Douglas, Beckwith, B. Beamer, C. VVatson, II. Ferguson, D Smith, B. Hoyne, F. Laircl, B. Kilmartin, E. Otto. Fifth row: D. Colden, F. Moore, C. Baughman, L. Zeiclers, C. VVaite, A. johnson, D. McClellan. 84 ,jlf'815AlflfL8lfL First row: C. Fanasc, J. Zanghi, DI. Houck, Ramsey, j. Dean, B. Shultz, D. States, S. Hunter D. Patton, S. Boss, j. Stantfer, B. Hotten, F. Smith. Second row: L. Stonebraker, J. Ferrari, P Bilger, L. W'oolfortl, D, Dickson, L. Snyder, I. Dixon, -I. Casper, F. Lewis P Murray H. Snell lmach. l. Hunter. Third row: -I. Rhodes, C. Moore, A. Steinbeiser, M. Meiehan E. ZillllTIl0I'Ill2ll1- D. Rhodes, H. NValk, D. Fisher, L. Johnston, C. Moore, j. Holloway, D. Lannen. Fourth row S. Fink, Al. Smith, H, Smith, D. james, C. Bchrer, -I. VVeaver, D. Harlow, C. Wylancl, B. Frantz li. Day, L. Corinan. Fifth row: A. Dixon, C. Morrissey, C. Kirtpatrick, E. Bickle, H. Miller li. Dernnan, C. Mills, A. Miles. Sixth row: C. Stitt, j. Kinnnel, M. Barnes, T. Weston, C Burget, D. Martz, M. Osterhout, D. Rodgers. First row: -I. Booklunnlner, M. Briekly, N. Schultz, j. Isenlwerg, A. Bonscl, M. Couch, A. Hagen, B. YVeavcr, B. Steward, F. Postreich, J. Fox, B. Romano, C, Fleck. Second row: F. Estright, B. McClellan, j. NVaters, L. Harris, T. Kobuck, J. Beckwith, -I. Fagley, C. Beals, P. Irvin, li. An tlrews, E. Morrisey, J. Lucas. Third row: B. Myers, K. XVeston, H. Yaudes, R. Ellenlmerger, I. Bridges, VV. Miller, W. Puitlierforcl, J. Tn1'iano, NV. Schaul, bl. Rhoades, T. Cooper, R. Keller. Fourth row: D. Stoncluraker, C. Kriclcr, R. Ashcroft, J, Lynch, D. Umholtz, D. Rlgglflliltlll, li Christofic, D. Scott, R. Ncarhoof, F. Wilson, Gilliam, D. Morrow. Fifth row: I. Carper, j Myers, R. Laird, A. Bohn, R. Waite, B. Carson, VV. Hartsock, R. Houser. 35 cfZgAfA Qi.. Q First row: Ritter, C. VanAllnian, D. Eyer, C. Wzlite, T. Yingling, E.. Reeder, D. Harlow, L. Kimberling, Beckwith, S. Bartlebaugh, L. Kennedy, I Parker, J. Dunkle. Second row: B. Kenny, Snare, H. Haupt, K. McCloskey, N. Ben, M. Price, D. Goss, D. Moore, N. Hagen, K. Port, B. Getz. Third row: S. Ingram, K. Huff, M. Turnbaugh, V. Hildebrand, L. Wolfe, L. Stephens, N. Weaver, S. Drake, D. Borgess. Fourth row: H. Peterson, I. Crust, T. Watson NI. Smith, A. Grey, S. Irvin, R. Houck, P. McNeal, C. Leasure, I. Lykens, V. Stonehrakerj Fifth Haw: C. Lower, B. Bayer, C. Lykens, M. Kobuek, B Bohenolt, B. Elder, S. Harper. T. Mi er. First row: J. Decker, C. McCoy. j. Sessaman, B'l.1Gill2lll1, D. Drake, C. Berkstresser, D Heiehel, I. Bathurst, j. McMullen. P. Miller, B. Cafferelli, L. Bollinger. Second row: F. Me- Monagle,'N. XValk, B. Muff, A. Sharer, B. Shaw, T. Seott, B. Branstetter, B. Snyder, C. Pol- loek, johnson, M. Marshall, E. VVheland. Third row: H. Conrad, B. Parks, S. Estright, B Kirtpatriek, H. Mingle, B. Perry, B. Yothers, B. Hoover, D. McCloskey, W. Cates, R. Cramer D. Frye, B. Sharer. Fourth row: D. Little, D. Friday, D. Hedberg, D. Cupper, P. Ziders, VV Cunningham, D. Weaver, D. Ross, F. Cannistraei, D. Baye, H. Sweitzer, S. Wolfe. .fm wg I CTQKQLYLJZ1 if L-L 36 M First row: D. Root, D. Flock, C. Mills, M. Briggs, j. Scrolls. P. NVOOIIICT, bl. Root, C. Gnnsallus S. VVoonlring, P. Thompson, L. Butlcr, E. Parks. Second row: H. Emory, R. Parks, bl. Snyclvr C. Baugliman, M. lNIaylinc-, S. Harpstcr, R. Piper, A. Harris, R. Kirtpatrick, H. Miller, C. Bakvr B. .l0l'lI'IS0lllJilllgll. Third row: B. Koenvr, 1. Miller, D. NVikc, D. Panasiti, Thompson, H Stem-lc-, E. Carpc-r, K. Fulcomc-r, T. Stahl, A Bayer, AI. Long, R. Kirkpatrick. Fourth row: R Isvnlmurg, T. Clonsc-r, I. Cornelius, D. NValk, D. Monntz, B. Bratton, VV. NVQ-ax'c-r, B. Patti-rson B. YVo0clring, L Whclancl, K. Martin, B. Kirkpatrick. Fifth row: R. Fink. H. Golclcn, C Kriclcr, H. Smith, T. Decker, C. VVyland, C. Richards, NVolf:-, R. Smith, B. johnson, J. Savitts. J. NVaitc, VV. Rossman, B. Fink, I. First row: -I. Smith, -I. Wcaklancl, j. Cowie-r, B. Pricv, A Harris, S. Miller, C. Cassacly, -I Brinkman. G. Kridc-r, L. Zinclol, 1. Zcrhy, AI. Philingc-r, BI. Sprankcl. Second row: R. Dot- wilcr, C. Burlcy, B. VVQ-stlvy, K. Port, D. Pvasc, S. Wise. L. Mchlinn, K. Harpstcr, C. Clark Minglv, B. Bruce, M. VVkllli0l'. Third row: F. Kimlmcrling, D. hVi'2lVi'l', I. Buchanan, S Hicks, F. Crier, K. Kncc-ht, 1. Dawson, C. Vannm-man, T. Harclv, S. Springer. Fourth row: -I Housf-r, H. Ccrarhart, E. O'Prourkc, C. Cl1l'OI'IiSlfCl', C. Croc-nc, L. Crampton, A. Ruthorforcl, It Kvllcr, NV. Ncal, J. Stimcr, 1. Morgan. Fifth row: NI. Griffin, j. Carpe-r, R. Friday, R. Aye-rs Carpr-r. R. Dvtw' er, H. Bremwman. SA, pp? I .., 23 4, l .M . Gly 37 QUQWTA QTL Q First row: J. Sehopp, D. Bahe, A. Gardner, j. Caffarelli, -I. Miles, E. Mooseker, P. Meredith. P. WVeaver, D. Bressler, C. McNeal, P. jones, E. Hindshaw. Second row: E. Eckert, G. Taylor, L. Miller, L. Andrews, B. jones, C. Pearce, C. Buterhaugh, G. Iadarola, B. Fink, G Bonsell, B. Halhritter. Third row: E. Mc-Kinney, Keemcr, C. Ferguson, A. Shoemaker, S. Baahe. W. Kaufman, R. Richards, J. Marsden, -I. Waite, W. Shockley, B. VValker, I. Esher. Fourth row: A. Bohenolt, H. Culbertson, C. McCloskey, R. Scott, Pr. Fleelc, j. Ball, R. Charles, B. Miller, F. Goodman, S. Arnold, B. Iddings, F. Heaton. First row: D. Miller, D. Zanghi, B. Stouhfer, WV. NVehh, NV. Shultz, j. Smith, Al. Cupp, -I. Boot, B. Friday, M. Beckwith, C. Moore, D. Gardner, B. Ncarhoof. Second row: P. Stouffer, N. Christofie, M. Emery, N. Auker, A. Stienheiser, W Bonsell, P. Motfet, P. Mingle, D. Miller, D. Taylor, J. Watson, B. McClellan, S. Mountz, -I. Snyder, D. Niel. Third row: D. Robinson, N. Bell, I. Conrad, D. McNeal, bl. Bookhamcr, D. Berkstresser, O. Snyder, R. Weakland, D. Markel, B. Parsons, D. Wolfe, P. Savitts, 1. Myers. Fourth row: C. Walters, M. VVcleh, D. Fink, T. Bohn, K. Ellenherger, L. Mt-Closkey, S. Ingram, T. Goodman, L. Rossman, T. Miller, F. McFarland, J. Burford, C. Davis. Fifth row: H. Fink, C. Gallagher, R. Zindel, E. Murray, T. Snyder, M. Miller. 38 First row: G. Fleck, C. Stonehraker, B. Rhodes, P. Craxier, P. Getz, D. Umholtz, A. Gaines D. Saylor, B. Seeds, T. Eckert, J. Harmon, C. Bickle, C. Crust. Second row: li. -Iohustou T. Beckwith, M. Balclauf, D. Alhright, R. Frantz, E. Steel, D. Mills, J. Catich, Davis, C Ingram, T. Fikc, D. Stoner, -I. Rutherford. Third row: L. Teeters, E. Herlt, B. Baughuiau C. Snyder, B. Bickle, L. Beckwith, L. Williams, J. Hample, D. Parks, C. Miller, D. Sessluan M. Loncr. C. Martz, C. Smith. F0u11h row: S. Nttt. E. Christine, B. Bair, M. Pollock, M Gregger, S. Shawley, K. Wills, I. VV:-yer, B. Liner, M. Shultz, M. Shank, S. Cower, C. Gardner K, McClellan. First row: D. Croshy, T. Crawford, M. Beam. S. Stcck, B. Kustenhauclcr, E. Sager, J. Auuuer- mau, M. Snyder, T. Zeek, S. Morgan. D. Recd, J. Troutwiue. Second row: -I. Smith, D Haverstine, C. liiggleman, -I. VVL-hh, C. Decker, Russell, M. Murray, L. Fleck, -I. Kurtz D. Censimore, S. Kaufman, C. Spraukle. Third row: G. Bodtorf, W. Herrington. P. Herz-r, D Simondale, B. Hall, J. Bohn, S. Borgess, R. YVooclriug, B Suycler, R. Harpstcr. Fourth row E. Cory, P. Ross, S. Naylor, B. Neiu, H. Langenhache1', IJ. Parks, B. Clipper, j. Ewing. 39 M X X M ff f , J X l I' ! 673 ,f fffqg KA IH f f" f Q aft ,IVR "' 4 .F U.. ' 1. flxtf' X lf .1 ,VL L Q likjjjl lx! l p jj VARSITY BASKETBALL X J fy 'I J A x,lJ gx V Xl First row: D. Getz, C. Long, D. Morningred, Graves, M. O,PiourlQe, A. Dney, Mr. Pletchur fC02lLll Y 14 X ' Second row: D. Graves flxlilllilglffl, P. Myers, T. Mnrsliull, D. Heaton, j. Martin, F. Dzinnawn if' 'tj f C. Minemier, K. Lucas. , I ,KN Xxx Iim Pletcher Varsity Coach Z?MLefMf 195 7- 7958 Willizunshurg ,. ,, . 64 Tyrone . .. H38 Bellwood ,..,.. ,. . . ...49 Tyrone .. . .. .42 VVllll11lDSlJll1'g .,... . . 67 Tyrone ,. . 50 Bellwood , . ...,..., ,.,. . .49 Tyrone , . . -..54 Roaring Spring .. .. ,.,. 62 Tyrone .,.....45 Bald Eagle 40 Tyrone 42 Tyrone opened its First mountain League game with u close victory over Bald Eagle 42-40. The game was close, right down to the last second. Heaton's four foul shots turned the tide for Tyrone to wind on top of the score 42-40. Graves was the high scorer with 18 points. 42 Lewistown 79 Tyrone 55 The Eagles got oft with a slow start while the Panthers were rolling up the seore. The Eagles hit rather well on the charity line, hut Lewistown was too fast and kept hitting eonsistently with jump shots. Graves was high seorer with 21, while Marshall eou- trihuted ll points. Huntingdon 61 Tyrone 50 Tyrone threw a seare into the Huntingdon Beareats. eoming within three points of overtaking the Beareats with ahout three and a half minutes remaining, hut eouldn't stop the Beareats from pouring on the points. .loe Graves led all seorers with 27 points, while Marshall and Myers added ll and 9, respeetively. Bellefonte 58 Tyrone 41 Tyrone onee again got liaek into the win eolumn hy handing the Red Raiders a 58-41 sethaek. Two sophomores, Dave Cetz and Tom Marshall were the spark plugs for the Eagles. Marshall eontrihuted 13 points while Heaton and Crayes seored 11 and 12 to round out the scoring for the evening. Philipsburg 64 Tyrone 67 The Mountaineers gave the Eagles a run for their money. The seoring was elose right down to the last few seeonds. Graves, Myers, and Heaton made the donhle hraelcet with 17. 16 and 12 points respeetively. jump a little higher, Dan! F. Dannaway, D. Morningrecl, J. Graves. SENIORS-BASKETBALL First row: Cl. Minemier, F. Dannaway, l'. Myers Second row: C. Long, ll. Graves D. Mornmgred , Mount Union 55 Tyrone 71 Tyrone nroved into third plyee nith an easy yietory oyer Mount Union. The ehaiges of jim Pleteher had command praelieally the entire game. Tyrone hit eon- sistently from the outside. Graves was high seerer with 22 points while Xlyers and Heaton eaeh had 12 points apiece. Hollidaysburg 72 Tyrone 30 Hollidayshurg proved to he the lmetter team he- eause of its towering height. Tyrone was held to the outside without getting a ehanee to work the hall in for a good shot to seore heavily during the game. Graves was high seorer with 11 points. Bald Eagle 57 Tyrone 50 A hig freeze and a slow start eaused the Eagles to drop their first game in the seeond eyele. NVhen Tyrone eame elose, Bald Eagle put on a treele. Graves and Myers were the only two Tyrone players hitting the douhle hraeket with 28 and 14 points. respeetixely. Lewistown 59 Tyrone 62 A great exhihition of determination and will to win eleared the way for the Eagles to upset the Lewistown Panthers. Tyront-'s longest lead was five points near the end of the game. Graves was high seorer with l-1 pointsg while Xlyers and Martin had 12 and 153, re- speetively. Huntingdon 61 Tyrone 45 Tyrone usually shines at the foul line, hut this night the hosts sank 31 out of 40 attempts while Tyrone only made 15 of 22:2 attempts. Neither team eould hit from the field throughout the game. Joe Graves was high point man with 10 points. N. ,. Y' .F U ff? f A A . fx ,fi Ji Ji 1 . - x, -x J. V. BASKETBALL First row: C. Kirkpatrick, XVatson, D. Miller, Bohn, I. Bryan, R. Sehaul, j. Ball, Mr. Baker CCoaehD. Second row: C. Mills, P. Miles, J. Ferner, F. O'Rourke, C. Crowell, B. Steek, C, LTQIH-Cl'l'lll. B. Shaw. 1s It Going to Co In? G. Long, P. Myers, G. Minemier. Z?mLQfM fQ57- M58 Philipsburg 53 Tyrone 48 Tyrone's dying ehtort fell short of its goal and the visiting Mountainecs won 53-48. Tyrone trailed onlv hy two points going into the fourth period but eouldnit take over the lead. Heaton and Graves scored 13 and 12 respectively, while Myers scored 10 points. Mount Union 58 Tyrone 54 Joe Graves led the way with 32 points, hut that wasnyt enough as Captain jaek poured it on. jim Pleteheris charges dropped their defenses illlil relaxed long enough to let Captain -lack cop a 58 to 54 victory. Bellefonte 49 Tyrone 62 lt was an even game until the fourth quarter with Bellefonte trailing as mueh as nine points and hy as little as two. The Eagles zoomed to a 16 point lead in the last period to pull away from the Red Raiders and coast to a win. Pep Myers took scoring honors with 22 points. Hollidaysburg 54 Tyrone 30 Neither team was too deadly in the first half, but the County Seaters built up an insurmountable lead by out-scoring Tyrone 29-17 in the second half. Tyrone finished the regular season with a 7 win and 13 loss ledger. Myers and Graves were high scorers with 11 points apiece. vmior Zl.?0wLefAa! First row: B. Yotlu-rs, F. Estriglit, B. Kirkpatrick, C. NVyluud, T NVatscm, D. Crust, B. W'vz1x'c'1', Sir. Km-idingn-r fC0z1c-lil. Second row: B. Buy:-r. T. Miller, B. Perry, P. Russ, D. NVQ-ilvm-1', B. Svwitzn-1', Nl. Futrick. Third row: j. Long, G. Nvii, B. Zimmerman. L. johnson, D. Stoner- l7l'illii'I', C. Bzmglimzm. B. Cearlmrt, D. Ray. U ,Jw amify l sl L A g . . QE ' 'V First row: C. Hagen, N. lXTiliS2ll10, D. Gill, F. TJZIHIHIVVQIY, WV. Hicks, li. Tl'0Ilill'y, R. rllllllllllh, T. Scordo. Second row: D. Morningrvd, -I. Gran-s, D. Smith, I. Albright, AI. Mnisimo, xl. Crm-m', E. ciI'00IlK', G. Scllvrs, Third row: D. Kolmck. C. Niil'lf'Illll'l', R. Vzmm-mam. L. Drake. T. Boyd, R. Gilpin, P. Myers, N. Kimmel. 45 if Cf fl f i if W f , ii W !w'Lf,' ' yy. ,N V XR txf, ,, wwf mg Q. VARSITY YVRESTLINC SQUAD First row: j. Greene. li. Ilarcly. C. Decker, 'l'. Seorclo, Al. Alhright, B. Hieks. l,. Hagan, ll. Yanne- man. ll Kolmalx, B. Clites. C. Kliehaels. Second row: C. Hagen Chlanagerl, -I. Nlaisano, -I. Whllk, ,l. Swayne. ID. Gill, Nlr. Smith, fAss't eoaehl, Mr. Xlohney CHQ-acl eoaehl. Tyrone 42 Captain jack 7 Tyrone 3 Lock Ilaven 45 The Colden Eagle Matmen openecl the season with The Colclen Eagles were snrprisecl hy a fired np an impressive win over Captain Flaek. liarning falls tor Boheat team anml left the gym as -15-3 losers. Rohhie Tyrone were: Seonlo, Ilielts, Vanneman. Kohalc, :mtl Vannemam, was the only Eagle grappler to win as he Swayne. Greene. lleelcer. Hagen ancl Clites won hy cleeisionecl Boh Ueitz 5-l. lumom Tyrone 8 Lewistown .38 Tyrone macle the long trip to Lewistown ancl eame haek on the short encl ot a S38-8 score, XVinning for Tyrone were Tony Seorclo and Hohhie Vannemam. Charles lleelier was helcl to a flraw with nntlefealteml Bill XVyltmcl. Tyrone 8 State College 42 A powerful State College wrestling team ernshetl the Golden Eagles 42-S. The only winners for Tyrone were Charles Ueelxer and llohhie Yanneman. Tony Seorclo was pinnecl for the first time in lglllll' years of xarsity eompetition. Tyrone 24 DuBois 23 NVinnin,Q six of the eleven honts, with one encling in a clraw, the Colden Eagles nosecl out the DuBois Beavers 24-23. Don Kolwnli seorecl a milcl upset when he helcl Bill Hohh, last yearis Distriet nine ehampion to a 4-4 cleaclloeli. Seoring falls for 'Tyrone were Seormlo. Hielcs ancl Vannemzln. while lleelcer ancl XVallc settlecl for cleeisions. Tyrone 19 Bellefonte 32 Laeli of falls meant the cliflierenee as the llecl Raiders of Bellefonte mlefeatecl the Colden Eagle mat- men 32-l9. Tyrone won five of the eleven honts hut eonlcl manage only two falls as eomparecl to six for Bellefonte. llohhie Vanneman won his sixth straight SENIOR XVRESTIAERS mateh when he pinnecl Bill Corman. Seorclo reeorcleml a full for Tyrone ancl cleeisions were seorecl hy Deeker. C. Deeker, -I. Alhright, B. Hieks. llieks, ancl Kohalq. 46 SENIOR WRESTLERS SENIOR WRESTLERS I.. Hagmi, 'I'. Sc-ordo. D Koluak. Left to Right: ID. Gill, C, llagc-n lAilIll2lQi'lfl. ll Ilag T. Scordo, C. Doc-lu'1', -I. Alln'igl1t, B. Hicks. ll. Kolw Tyrone I5 Philipsburg 29 VVl'l1SVilit' inatincn liandcd 'l'y1'o11v its 1-igl1tl1 loss of tl1:' Lusk of .I lwlwy Weight D,-QVU41 tlw downfall of tht. syason. Sgflflllg talls for lyronv wc-rv iJl'L'iil'l: .and Cowon Eqglcs as they won. dt.h.utQd by A 29-15 Stun.. St-ordo. wlnlc XQIIIIIOIDLIH llllil lxolmak won lay Clt'L'ISlUIlS. M'i1111i11g tor Tyrono wore -loc Gl'Lli'1l, Cll2ll'lt'S Dvclic-1', Tyl-one 17 Bald Eagle A,-on 26 lony SL-oido. Rolmlm- XAIIIUPIIIQIII. and Don Ixobalt. The Coldcn Eaglk-S Q-1051141 ilu- gr-115011 by losing to Tyrone 19 Ilollidaysburg 27 Bald Eaglc Arca 26-17. Tlu- only liaglv tall was rv- XVinning four of thc inatclics liy falls, two in tln- i'ff1'd0fl IW Cl1111'lf'SPvvkv1',llfnw5vf11'fllf1.ll31ll'lllfkslRall- first pvriod thc HfJlliil2ly'Sl7lll',Lf Colds-n Tigers l'l'l112llllCCl ll'Vilfl'T'i'Vl"l'i31'f Qolllkfl mkH5t'fl'l",.l "m5"'m'lXifllllwi iindcfvatvd as tlic-y handed thc- Coldvn Eagles a 27-19 'fl'U1V?'l5 tu' 'ml 111f+lf'1 H1 'lla' lull' im "m V l'i'l"l sctluack. x'iilIHll'll1ilI1 was hold to ll draw lvy Hollidays- 'WON' i7lll'j.I,S oncv lX'1lll'll Cary Patti-rson. Bill Hicks pulled DISTRICTS an npsvt as lu- dm-tt-atcd tliv previously nndctoatc-d Miki- , - H , I - , V - . A 4 V. . 1 - Q 1 . . I lxionm- took .1 tall tt'Lllll to Lon-lt llaxvn lm tl11- H11-11m'11. Also 111111111151 lol Iyionv wc-lc llvclxci, SL-oido, ' . . 1 . wflllk ,md Kolmk annual district to111'nan1c-nt. l'o111' local lxoys. C.1'cv111-. l ' A Dc'clxv1', Sq-ordo and Hicks. 5lll'VlVCCl tin- Dl'l'llllIillill'l4'S2 TYFOIIC 23 Q Q Clqearfleld 26 lint top sc-mln-cl XYLIIIIIUIIIRIII was npsvt. Dvclwr and 5l'01'llT2 21 filll ill ill? filllll llflllf H10 Clvllfiivlll BiS0I1S Scordo also NVOII QIIQIITCI' final IIl2lfL'lIOS. Sq-oido won 1-clgm-cl tln- liaglv gr:1pplQrs 26-23. Falls wt-rc rccordvd lw Don Koliak llllil Davv Gill. NVinning by dc-visions wvrc -lov cil'K'1'Ili' and Cliarlvs lJ1'Ciil'l'1 llolilmiv Vannv- lllllll won by a dc-fanltg S1-ordo held to a draw. thc Sl'llIl-iiiI1lllS, Ulltllllllljl l1i111 to 1-o111pt1t1' ill tln- finals. llllt ln' was clm-fc-:1tc-cl ill tln- final llliliCll by 'i1l't'SSil'l' of Statm' Collm-gc lay a 6-2 da-cision. lfonr YITQTUIIC' liovs fi11isl11'd with winning 1'c-cords, tl11'y 1lI'l'Z llolmlmic' N'llllll4'lIlllIl TYYOWL' 16 C1ll'WCI1SVill6 28 lil-0-lg Cliarlcs llcwlivl' SJ-l-lg iiilllly Svordo S-2-l and By winning fivv of tht- last sown boats thc Cnr- Don Kolwak 7-3-l. 1 I. V. VVRESTLINC SQUAD First row: D. NVall4cr iBl2lI12lg'Ol'l, C. Rlltlll'I'i:OIIl, L. Hardy, C. Nlicliacls, j. Swaynv, A. l0lHlSOIl, L. Criniin. Second row: K. VVvston CManag4-rl. D. Ga1'dnc-r, T. Postriccli. bl. Holloway, Al. XValk, D. Hagg, J. Maisano. X I , ...L Y J U F A Oz' - CH 6LfLlfL on its f' Nh Sn First row: P. Boss, P. Cuidvrwood. D. Buyer. I. Sinith. B. Cihson. C. C1n'dnt-r. B. CL-ist. S. Burst. V. Yinghng. C. Buss. E. Naylor. K. Kimora-. C. Fishs-r. I. Fc-kroth, N. L41Portc.S. N11-Ciuliini. C. Hzinu-r. NI. Ilznnhright. K. l"ricIz1y. N. Silnondzih-. P. Nlcyvrs. Second row: B. Kihnurtin, K. Parsons. C. Hau'pstt'1'. B. Balrictt. S. Brvun. S. f mist. B. Lylwiis. C. Davis. C. CIIIIISUIIIIS. B. Cm-hhurt. B. NM-rtz. Xl. Ncwhn. P. Cnnninghznn, B. Nlilh-r. Mi. Cow- hc-r, NI. B:u'nc's. B. NI ills-r. E. Cui'I'z11'cIli. B. Shaw. If. liohvrtson. NI. McXInIIc-n. -I. Nuylmz Third row: A. Iohn- sun, A. Otto. P. SI1ill'CI', NI. Fink. S. Troiltwim-. P. Updikc-. S. Burto. B. M:n'kIv, Nl. Lcwis, N. Lniigc-iilxu-I1c'1'. P. l'mnsL-. IC. Pgxttvrson. S. Bnrnlnun. K. Ncwlin. P. Brown-r. ID. Fishvr. S. Huipstcr. B. Fisher. K. Mofin. B. Davis. P. Nmxilin. Fourth row: D. Buyvr. L. Lnkt-, C. Bloom. B. Bonst-II. M. Thonnxs. -I. Crm-. UI. Czinlt. K. xV1lj.flll'l'. E. Hivks. Nl. Nlillvr. P. WR-In-1'. VI. Conrad. S. Swishc-r. XI. Cnpp. C. Postr:-ic-li. -I. I'1C'l'llC'l'. B. Hoinun, C. Mit-lmvls. Fifth row: C. Douglas. M. -Iont-s. B. Beck. -I. Cute-s. B. Browvll. C. VVCIOIHIJIQ C. Nc-ii. S. Strvkcr. B. Shihlt. B. ydcr. li. C1n'dnur. P. Nlilvs. AI. Crm-n. L. Hardy. B. Stock, F. 0IBol11'Iw. C. Miiivr. VI. Cuinivhc-II. Sixth row: Nlr. IJQIDIILINVZIY. P. sL'Il0OlllHilIil'l'. B. Halync. S. Nliilc-r. D. Fon-ht, C. Wlxtsoii. C. YI1tlIll1Cl', B. Snydvr. B. Nioosvkvr. C. CLlII'ill'K'III. li. Niilh-r. D. Nlznliv. B. Nh-vlmii, -I. Uzilimiwzly, B. Bohn. -I. f:l'LlVVf0l'fI. ID. Patton. T. Postr:-ich. D. Crimln. lo0mi5 tj . UMA 1 'V 9 If rf . I' 5' i I xxu Vklxf' AIS I A A I 1 T V I ii U m ,Q Mn V First row: L. XVilliznns. D. Shildt. M. 0'Bourkc. -I. Port, M. Long. I. Conrad. M Nt-il. Second row: F. Orinshy. D. II1u'pst01', D. McNzxlIv. D. Crigt. C. SnvcI4'r D. x'VOUIlR'I', Y. 'l'iIh-ry, S. Dawson. S. Ban'11-tt, N. Xlillcr. Third row: C. Kloist K. Ci1lIlSilIIl1S. B. BCL-kwith, N. Bnrkct. S. Fivlivky. B. NL'CIilIlf'1xl'. -I. Hooper. P Hilda-Inmid, L. La-vinv. I. KL-ily. Fourth row: Nl. Crawford. K. Croc. M. Burke-t E. NIL-Nunl. N. Cowhvr, M. Cladnvy. L. Ilvrrington, B. Patton, C. Bloom. L Dm-rnnin. Fifth row: T. Boyd. A. Duc-y. P. VRIIIUUIIIRIII. lt. VQIIIIIUIIIQIH. B. Nliiivr H. Ziegler. A. Nlagnirc, I. Cowfc-r. 48 qfwaifreww 1 J Left to Right: S. Stimcr, IJ. Nlyvrs. li. Stm'i11hvisc'l'. S. BK'I'kSfI'L'NSI'l'. NI. l'riu'. lf. NYmu1x II D. llllllkvl. D. Spicvr. Nl. Sfinvr. ome conomicd 'risk row: D. IDIIIIIQUI, B. Nlu1'l'is1-y. P. Styws. D. Briggs, NI. Chvrry. IJ. Myvrs. H. Sim: vim-r. Second row: S. Cupp, Nl. XYhitw. l'. Spic-vr. li. Fl'1'Cll'iL'h, N. Yollwrs. K. l'!l'ill2lj' I f:lllllliSll'1li'i. S. lic-1'kst1'm-ssn-13 IC. KiIHI3l'I'liI1g, IC, I3vn11y, C, Burns. Third row: I". Owvns. ID Str-4-In-. K. clllllllllll. K. Nlinvr. H. Sl'm1c'lm1kcl'. B. ljbilll. Xl. Hallllsy, B. Lmmsm-. ll. Nvalcl, I l'1't'tl'l'S. Fourth row: M. Rlllllilllfl, N. NYz1itv. l". W'vuvv1'. S. Dc-un, S. Stimvr, P. KilIlIJl'l'lIll C. Huy, l.. CUHQI1. Fifth row: S. XVilliz1n1s. P. I.:-c-pvr. NI. Nloorv, li. TXI1lI'kl'l, -I. lfink. l 'Yl'Ylillg, P. IJl'1l5Q'. Nl. Siimvr. 49 , Q rf? jmfwre .Zac em J First row: -I. Bvll, 1. Hoot, D. Uhrlman, Y. Tillcry, C. VVQ-stlvy, M. Burkvt, 1. Kvplcr. Second row: M. St0I1Cl7l'2lkCl', C. Bloom. P. Bowscr, H. Hull. B. Millcr, j. Martin. l lflfffflflng lflflnifeif First row: L. Ch-nn, I. Hoopc-1'. B. Bvckwith, C. Snydvr, N. Klillcr. xl. Conrad, KI. NIURIIIIICI1 Second row: E. Rohm-rtscm, S. Mnftct, A. Fiore, B. Ha11'pstf-r, N. Burke-t, D. VVuo1ne-1', M Cllndm-y, N. Hitt-lu-y, S. Burrm-tt. S. Dawson. Third row: F. Souvs. L. Friday, -I. Snvitts, NI Km-lwlul. L. Bradford. C. Naylor, L. C4-ist, L. Dc-rumn, -I. Port. Fourth row: L. Ht'YI'iI1gtl7Il K. Cunsullus, P. VVhitv, D. Culdcrwood, AI. Fisher. M. Richards, B. Nc-dimyc-r, M. Long. E Nh-Nulll. Fifth row: B. Sll2l1'L'l'. P. Cllllllillgllillll, B. Patton, N. Cowhcr. P. Hildchrimd. 50 WMM. JJJJW L v .Ze niciaufw yjjd V mf.. of -I. Barber, C. Ammerman l u in ll! ommerciaf First row: j. Beals, j. VVeston, S. Barone, A. Leach, J. Parker, L. Blanchard, S. Fagley, -I. Bonsell, C. Clark. Second row: Miss Hieks, NV. Nearhoof, H. Goss, D. Mills, B. XVklI'fCllCl0I', Ohrtman, j. Savitts, J. Plisinski, A. Idarola, G. Naylor, C. Smith, Mrs. Campbell. Third row: M. Kohuek, F. Saylor, K. Lihold, D. Ohrtman, ,I Bell, R. Mayhue, S. Zanghi, B. Fisher, A. Frye, P. Kepler, E. Bonsell, S. Cupp, C. Thomas. Fourth row: C Albright, L. Carper, B, Butterhangh, P. Keith, V. Barley, Wrye, P. Wertman, E. Gallagher, A. Uhl. Fifth row: S. Anderson, S. Rorahaugh, I. Boot, A. McClellan, N. Prough, I. McClellan, H. Peterson, M. A. Ceraci, N. Goodman, A. Howard. 51 fylrofogralo y CM First row: D. Ashcroft, B. Hicks. H Snvclc-r, E. Gulluglic-1'. Second row D.. Nh-Nuilv, j. XVL-sion. C. Cuppcr. M, Cluchicy, A. Uhl. D. Iiilclchruild Third row: B. Buyvr, j. NVilson, F W'c'a1vvr. C. Postrcich. ll. Ashcroft NI. Oilioukv. -h 'A pecia Ab CM First row: xV2lgI1L'l', N. Yothc-rs, li. l"1'a-cle-1'ic-k, M. lizilmvy, D. Briggs. L. Couvh. Nl. Stom'h1'ukm-1', B. Donn. Second row: K. Cummo, xl. Port, C. Xloisi, N. VVuitu. N, liitclicy, li. Lu-pw. Nl. Nloorc, S. Cupp, K. Xlil- lcr, Nl. XVhih-. Third row: Xl. CI'2lNX'i:lJl'ii. I". xVi'2lYl'1', B. NIo1'1'isu-y. D. iJllllkl'i., D. Spiu-r. P. Myvrs, Nl. Cha-rrp, C. lilly. D. Stvvh-. Fourth row: ID. IIiilil'i7lilll1ii, C. Cuppvr. H. Xlzzrks-I, R. Stit'lli7iSt'l'. KI. llvrlt. R. Nlarrkvl, L. Nu-vliug. Fifth row: D. Slnilflt. li. listrighf. P. Nlyvrs. L. llraliiv. Niilfiill. C. Nlilh-r. xx X Q. S Si X x i fl'- X 'XJ X px AX x YQ inf? K X5 Q., LSZAUUK 'FX XJ 3 First row: AI. Hoot, K. Lihold. B. Fishur. Nl. Gludncy, IC. Ingnun. L. Clousvr. AI Book ll. Hamel. C. Nuxd. A. Kimhcriing. Second row: IQ. Kim-h. S Barra-tt. E. fXlc'iXIl1ih-li 'X Str tt I, Slim-llcnlmvrgm-r, I. Hows. E. Iluqvstm-1'. NI. O'Rourkm-. Third row: S. l3llI'l'iK'tEN,' ilolxllmiigh. IJ. Daivis. P. YVcich. B. YVvrtz. D. Str-t-lv. A. Otto. bv, Qf , . J 52? W1 yy. 1 it Waffof Q? 'uf First row: L. llrukv. P. Xlyvrs. IJ. l"rym', U. Smith. Second row: L. Grimm. XV. Fimwii. C. llvckcly A, Spiuvr. CZ. Nvili. Third row: C. Mor- rissvv. -I. Nh-Closkvy, vl. xV1ltl'l'S. -I. Pwr-kwith. H. Bohn. Mr. Lz1l'ortc 11.111411-1'5. Fourth row: C. Flock. C. Ury. S. Ih-aldings. B. Mc-tx. 553 N Y x K M . VF' First row: P. Browvr, E. Naylor, lf. lJ:111111ux'uy, ll. Xlillllllllllilll, D. Cc-tx. Second row: T. Scott I U. lic-ml. -I. Clitvs, S. Nlillvr, Nl. BlIttC'l'l'ILlllQll, AI. Chronistvr, D. Stonor. T. Sn-orclo. T. Clousm-r Third row: -I. Zzlnghi. M. Pollack, -I. B00kil1llllL'1', A. Gaines, N. Cowhvr, C. Bloom, D XVUUIIIUI' S. Iluyvs. N. xllII'ClliSOD, B. Wolfv. Fourth row: E. 0'Rourko. T. Coopvr. C. Cilil1l'l't'lli. G Nl Crown-ll. ll. IDCTIIILIII, K. Ylllglic-r, -I. Stroup, P. Myers, NV. I"Ikll'17litt'l'. X .14Mf.,7f7f,.-..'fffff2Qf Z6 fl f",f'Qr'.c'f ffldam r .. L! 3 it fn enf nw ey UL . -F 'U' S2 ij First row: C. Niincmicr, UI. Crzlvvs, Al. Et-kvrt, R. Thomas. li. Vanncxnzm, P. XVHITDCIHQIIT, N hlllI'L'lTlS01l. Second row: Xl. fYR0llI'liC, hi. Martin. -I. XVilS01l, E. fil'Ct'lll'. .I Philugc, C. 1301-km A. Halt-, L. Hardy, -I. CllAt'l'Ul', L. Spikvr, G. St-Ill-rs. Third row: T. Elclm-r, -I. Boytim. Al Swnym-. I". lJ1lllll1lNV2ly, D. Gill, H. Gilpin. J. llustingm, Al. Clllll13lJl'll, L Drake. Fourth row J NI. Luke-. li. Crowell, L. XVilliums, Cl. lost1'ic-cll, D. Ci2lI'IT11L'I', I. Brvam, T. LklPOI'tl'. F. O'Hourkc- B. Stn-uk. Fifth row: D. xlU1'Illl1gI'i'Cl, -I. Stroup, -I. Scorclof C. Miller, L. Knox. xl. CI'llXK'liK?l'Cl B. Bt-ck, j. Ilrynciu. Sixth row: C. Long. C. Cl2lilil'I'l'lll, D Mille-r. L. VVolvsla1glc-. T. Post rim-lr. P. VVooclring. 3-1 First row: D, McNally, 1. Weston, M. Richards, N. Wait H. ' yder. Second row: P. VVhitc, L. Glenn, S. Moffet, L. Blanclulrd, . Geist, cu . Third ro : DI. Beals, BI. Stone-hrakcr, P. Bowser, D. wV00l11Cl', C. dc . 3 5 If X, ,SA amor ra - A - y 0r ML - ,M j First row: M. McMullen, P. Hildebrand, A. McClellan, L. Derman, C. Thomas. Second row: B. Butterbaugh, G. Albright, C. Anderson, 1. Burwcll, B. Weston, L. Czirpcr, C. Bonscll. Third row: J. McClellan, N. Prough, H. Peterson, I. Root, j. Bell, S. Dawson, K. Lihold. 55 omior gan! First row: Ilzupstcr, K. Burr:-tt, K. Harpstcr, C. XYQIIIIIPIIIZIIL V. Yingling. Second row: Nlr. Pricc, D. Fry, C. Conrad, S. Hicks, D. Panralsiti, M. Millvr, L. Bollingcr, bl. Bhodcs, K. NVug1u-r, T. Kobuck, B. NVoodring, T. Scott, P. XVomnvr, XV. Neil, H. Mingic. Third row: DI. BllCkilIl1lIl, L. Crznnpton, B. Stcwnrt, P. Czxldcrwood, B. Bur- lr-tt, S. Bulnscy, Nl. VVa1lkcr, C. Hzlrpstvr, P. XVchcr, D. Fishc-r, B. Putt:-1'son. B. Conn-r, YV. O'Briun, B. Coil. Fourth row: B. Cui'fc1'cHi. J. Clitcs, NI. Kobuck. L. Luke, C. Bloom, C. Billljlillllilll, L. Snydvr, E. O'Bourkv, E Zilnlncrnlun. D. Cuppcr, C. Crown-il, L. johnson. K. Ixlurtin, T. Yingling. Fifth row: K. Hoff, L. Kil11i3l'l'iiIlj.f. K. XVikr-, S. XVc-iss, C. Cnrdncr, B. Cc-ist, M. Marrslmll, D. Hvickcl, D. Focht. E. Ncarhoof, C. XVOUIUCT, 'I'- Coopcr. B. Hoync, B. Bair, Fuglz-y. Sixth row: -I. Fox, B. Ncnrhoof, C. Nc-if, S. Stryker, F. Estright. B. Dm'- mzln, D. i'1iSilCl'. I. Smith, A. johnson, E. Bicklv, H. Nlillvr, K. Cillzrm, H. Ynudcs. B. Sham-1'. QCBQB Oyj 7 CAOIWDL5 -5 First row: L. Friday, D. cj2liCi0I'VVOOd, P. Bowser, 'rst row: L. Hardy, L. Lincr, 1. Czunphell, C N. Bitchey, C. Crcc. Second row: C. Minn-inicr. I A Ni -r, Mrs. johnson fDirr-ctrcssj. Second row D. L2lZCl'ilfi01l, T. Dawson, J. Cowlicr. ' , '. '. huns T. LZIPOITQ F. Iavusilc- mf, C, AQ , , , 3 1 awford, L. Knox. Third row: T. Postrcicli, B . ydcr, 1. Mincmier, D. Getz, -I. Hryncin. xx 56 N Q :Pk - 305' Km gi My X enior CA0ilf'I,Qb gbisbbj WED First row: Nl. Rim-lu11'cls, D. VVOOIIIIT, L. CL-ist. B. Bl'SL'Illl'I'. K. Crm-0, ID. Ilmpstn-1', H. Snyclvr, Al. l3lll'XYl'H. B. l"islu'1'. VI. Fislwlg S. Nlolfvt, L. Flimlaly. Second row: -I. W'illizuns. j. Hastings, ID. c:2llill'TNX'0lKl, H. Slmrw. Xl. Long. Ii. NIL-Xuul, P. Bowscr, D. McNally L. Blum-lmrcl. N. Xlillvr. li. Hull. Nlrs. JOlIIlSOllfillSfl'llL'tUl'. Tllird row: C. xIiIlK'lllil'I', ll. 'l'l1onu1s. D. LilZl'I'Llti0H, -I. Cowlwr. 'lf llzlwsrzbl ll. xlUl'llillf.fI'L'll, lf. Sonvs. C. Dm-1111. I. lCclw1'f. J. c:l'2lXl'S, 'l'. Eldvr. D. Kl'1Jl12ll't, B. Cllnsulllls. ' I J .5 9 , Vp Ml ' K duff. , W -ff- .f, J f - UQ jf UL W' -42' endow lfwemgg ' ,yi X 9 2 , j - . , ,- 13 ' F L' ' ,ij I W!! up 47, '7 MQGW lfmior ndemgg .br- B. Sll2ll'UI', IJ. NIcN:11ly. ll. Burwc-ll, K. Crm-. L. First row: C. Cuxlsullus. IC. Naylor. Xl. Nvwxn Gvist, Il. SIIYCIOY, Nl. Rh-l1z11'cls. D. Iflurpstc-r, NI. Second row: l'.P1-asm-. M. Hnn1ln'igl1t.Cl. llauncr Nlmwow. C. Buss. j. Eckrotln, P. Nlorrow. 37 First row: S. lluwson, L. IJC'Iillllll1 S NV111'1'c'1rclv1'. C. Allmriglxt. xl. Iiurwabl ,. L Second row: N, Xlillur. Xl. X1-il' , l'urson u hlolnisun. Third row: .. -lnlins I lllhlll ya vr. x. us L Q. mir. XI. f,'H1Jlll'ii4', -I. lIickS. 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Clvnn. N. Lziprvrtc, rXIL'ClL'lIlll1, C. 1 iii? llaunvlx NI. iIilllli1l'iLfi1i, j. lickrntli. Xlrs. -'0iIIlSOIl. Second row: B. Davis, D, Lynn, Lunncn. " B. Ccplmrt, -I. Curisullns. P. Xowlin. K. Nlonrc. Nl. Ilillurci. B. Town-r,XB, Kingston,fS. Iolmson. ', ' Tllird row: X. L2lllgt'lli7il1'iiCI', S. BlIl'I'lilill1l. P. Pm lsr ,I Conrul D. Vain Allman, K. Fricluy, li. . X Nikll'iiL'L B. Niillcr. C. i'ii5ilL'l'. B. Naylor. NI. Nvwlin. li. Turnbzlugh. l.,.11, 0If'lfLf5 WMA Qi.. U 7 LOWL5 First row: V. Yingling, S. Horst. Nl. Crcvnawalt K. Barrett, B. Barh-tt, M. NYaph, l'. Caidc-rwood S. Harpstcr, B. Fishvr, B. Cvist. Nl. Bnttc-rhangh, Miss W'oomvr. Second row: L. l.aiw. Xl. Fink C. Ifanasv, L. Stom-hrakvr. C. Har Jstcr, -I. Smith, II. Crm-c-, K. Rloiiia, D. Fishvr. K. Parsons, M 1 Thomas. Third row: D. For-ht, I. Fagh-y, C. XVatson, P. Silt'tll'l'l', K. Nvwlin, I'. B1'mvcr, C. Croshy I. Canlt, l'. XVoh4-r, K. NVagnvr, Fourth row: C. Nt-HQ li. Dm-rinan, NV. Bm-aim-r. II. Nlillvr. C IVoonicr. I. Catcs. E. Zimmerman, C. Crowell. II. Smith. SWA 0' Si? F' QPHJP CA0l"l4v5 First row: K. Harpstvr, C. Vanncman, S. Springer, P. XVOOIIIQII N. VValk. F. Nlchicmxiaiglv. IJ. Ht-it-kc-l, D. Harlowt-, I. Bathurst, L. Kimhcrling. R. Parks. XV. Nt-il, Miss NVoo1nu1', Second row: XI. NValiu'r. B. Bl'llL't', S. Cassady. S. Mivnglc, C. Clark. VI. BIICKLIIIQIII. C. Romano, K. HoH', Xl. D 'iIlll'lliDRllIj.fiI, S. Hicks. D. lcasv, C. Lakv, I. Smith. Third row: IJ. Hiivman, B. Snyder, S. Nlilhir, F. Cricr. l.. Nh-Minn, S. Drakv, P. ML-Neil, -I. Clitcs, H. Cramc-r, B. O'Bris-n. Fourth row: C. , . , . Burl:-V. H. Ct-arha1't. I. Dawson, T. Hardy, 'l. Watson, C. C:I't't'l1t', IJ. VVL-aw-r. SZWJA gina 0 7 Loma First row: P. Moffct, P. Ioncs, D. Babe, P. Mcrcdcth, C. McNeal. H. Richards, B. Halhrittcr, E Nloosckor, I. NVt-yer, Miss YVoomcr. Second row: D. Mille-r, B. jonvs. I. Marsdc-n, -I. Milos, B Fink, A. Gardner, C. Pearce, ,I. VVaitc-, C. Bodtorf. Third row: D. Croshy, C. Butcrhaugh, C T'1'lor L Nlilivr NI Rrim L Andrcxw E E -kurt C Mille-r I NVcll Fourth row: S - .5, ..',i. c.,. "., .VL ,J. ,..'-U. 09 Niartin, S. Kaufman, D. Ce-nsimorv, S. Ste-ck, M. Snyder, Hyndshaw, S. Raahc-, D. Recd. W ff? 1.59 A553123 QQW ,-,gi D 1 -r'l X X' 1' 1191 gf "1 J V x I r S a Q Q M ,f W 7 Y 'Y f ff i-11 if 3' X, fx , l 41' 7 4d'f',ir l y . ,fl- , , 1" 1' f x ,lf -ag, -1 -i . ? ,-,QL h - f'wa - ,2 4:---. 25 DEQ KMQAJK 795 7 ' A Q V 1 -'fm l Q 1 ' ea- - 12:55 'ff K , , iw M . . M f I K ' K A t, ' x V QQ ., MQ H. --yi.. '. 185 V ,M iw. W X ir '14 ...hi Z lf i fi .I 5 S X First row: D. Getz, J. Dannaway, B. Burkct, j. Pavlic, G. Cililland, G. Sellers. Second row: J. Pavone, j. Stroup, E. Grccnc, j. Albright, T. Scorclo, W. Hurpster, B. Gilpin, T. Boyd. Third row: Mr. Smith, P. Hunter, D. Spauhling, J. Perry, B. Bilger, -I. Houser, F. Daunaway, Mr. Stonchruker, P. Sellers, Mr. Lz1Porte. river glalucafion 62 Mr. Gorman flnstructorl, B. Crawford, K. Cree, Mr. Czap Clnstructorb. l lflflftlfe 6Ll"WL8l"Zl NlL'Cls'llan Left to right: NI. 'l'rmtlC. Il. Nlnfla. S. Hayvs. Left to right: R. Urlxan, A. Enwl, .l. Human. First row: C. lilll11l5l'l'j.fl'l', C. Cillilancl, BI. Trostlc, fu. Hayes, -I. Human, L. liislu-r. li. Crawfnrcl, Second row: V. Stn-inlx-isvr, ll. Emcl, F. Crust, R. Urlman, R. l'ii'l'f.fllSOll, i Riu Third row: II. Houck. IJ. Morningstar, .l. 'l'l1ompson, QI. NlcCloslivy, C. new xr A Q .-- nm ln. Wajiine ,gjlmp Left to right: C. Dc-L-kelly C. Housc-r. T. Yvugcr, C. Svllc-rs. Turning pivcc of uns-tal in 11 lutlio. Left to right: P. lhnnscy, j. Pliilugc- E. Zinnncrinun, D. Fink. Milling ai jul: on ai milling mzicliins-. 6 4 .AfLlf0 SZOIO Left fo right: H. Avvrs, L. Hzigcn T. Shultz. llc-moving tlic- pun. Left to right: P. Hurpstc-r, li. Kiln lun-rling, F. Som-S. H. Ruling. Clin-cli ing il coil, gicfricaf xgzop Left to right: -lim Albright, Bob H11- lu-rt, Ed Mc'Alvx'y, Clurc-ucv Hll,LIi'l1. Rufio ,SZOIQ Left: Tom Dawson. Right: Nick Xlnismm. wif' ' 'ww Xu --fi im., af' I ga ul 6Llfl08IfLf8l" xSZ0l9 Left to right: D. Ilannvr, j. W'a1tsm1 Left to right: P. Snydvr. li. lligglm l11illl. 65 Seated: J. Fishcr, L. Blancllurd, M. Morrow. Standing: N. Murchison, P. Vaumcmzm, -I. Hicks. C7 CD LCC'l"Zf we wv? eniom 7958 enior .xyafuidofw Mr. Hitchens Mr. Bake-r Albright, James Lee "Jim" Vocational Football 1, 2, 85 Wrestling 1, 2, 35 Falcon 33 Varsity Club 1, 2, 35 Baseball 1, 2, 85 Photo Club 1. Jim's ambition is to become an electrical engineer . . . His best pals are Pep, Dave, Tony, and Nick . . . His pet peeve is playing five hundred, "NVonder why???" . . . His worst fault is getting in dutch with H. S .... His special achievement is going with Miss Tyrone!! . . . Jim's favorite pastime is sports, or is it??? Ayers, Robert "Bob" Vocational Bolfs a cowboy, but hates Mercurys . . . Slaves away at Herringtoifs . . . another Daniel Boone?? He hunts . . . aims to be a big success! Good luc Bob!! J arle Q a re "Lar " Academic restlin -5 Key b 2, L' Club 1. ves to p thin at ' 's art aleck" girls, he-'s not onelgl . . A fu re a to ' er, ashes windows at Fink's Drugb tore, which l clain ' est i town. Bames, William "Bill" Academic Basketball lg Spokesman 15 Band 1, 2, 35 Track 1, 33 Photog- raphy Club 1. "Gooiin oft" is worst fault . . . another conceited girl hater!! Claims Elmer, Joe, and Fern as best pals . . . plans to be a flyhoy . . . loves eating and salts everything. - J v xc" -QQ C f x X , GW .M X Barone,' hir ey9Axmg ,Sk . B'fBazook', Commercial . , K mmereial Cluhgg 35 G ' ' de,'Oilice Worker. .' K J Drivin 'Qds ratebliq e cially to Northwood!! . . . Dis- ' f likes boys wlme mg. their le ' . . . Hopes to be a secretary to a I, big handsome xec. XJ ,. Beals, Judith Ann "Judy" Commercial in Senior Tri-Hi-Y 2, 33 Library Club 1, 2, Girls Chorus lg Com- mercial Club 2, 3. Another secretary . . . Cracks gum all the time fthe boss wmi't like thatj . . . Judy, Alice, and Arleen rate . . . This girl hates con- f -- ceited people in general. 'Y ' ' --- M1 Ev s Beckwith, Bemice Academic Spanish Club 2, 3, F.N. A. 1, 2, 3. A future medical missionary, will make a terrific one! . . . Quite talented, plays accordion and piano . . . Writes letters all the time . . . To whom???? . . . Chunis with Frances and Kathy and hates slang and smoking. Beckwith, LeRoy A. "Becky" General Here's a professional Romeo! although he insists that junior girls are his pet peeve . . . He and Fred just don't agree on eligible females . . . Wants to be a man, but has a distaste for work Cwho doesn't?j . . . loves eating. Blanchard, Laura Ella "Noodle" General Senior Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, Spokesman 1, 2, Falcon 3, Band 1, 2. 23, Mixed Chorus 2, 3, Choir 3, Latin Club 15 Girls, Chorus lg Commercial Club 2, 3, Y.C.C. 1, 2, 3. Hers-'s a day dreamer with a nasty tongue . . . Dreams of being a secretary . . . possibly at Clasters!!!! Pals with Dan?, Deb, Marie, Hope, and Donna . . . With this gal, guns and two-faced people don't rate . . . Cute dimples. Bonsell, Judith Ann "Judy" Commercial Girls Chorus 1, Commercial Club 3. Many chums! Gayle, Jo, Joyce, Nancy, and Gerry??? . . . Digs that cool radio . . . Goes for lots of sleep . . . also an enemy of conceited people. 67 hw 2 5 '- t its Wrgws ,..,..,.. .V , . , 51" 1 Bonsell, Kenneth Hayes Football 1, 25 Varsity Club 25 Track 1, 2. Ken claims his worst fault is poor driving . . . a cowboy huh? . . . wants to be a photographer . . . baseball occupies his spare time . . . math just isn't his sport. Bowser, Polly jo "P. J." Aeademie Senior Tri-Hi-Y 2, 35 Spokesman 2, 3, Band 2, 3, Mixed Chorus 2, 35 Choir 35 F.'1'.A. 2, 3g Octet 3. Never on time . . . nose pulling peeyes her Know who would do such a thing?l . . . can, frequently, be seen with her chauffeur and shadow "Dicebo', in a black Olds. Buek, Janet Louise "Janine" Academic Spokesman 1, 2, 3g Mixed Chorus 25 Latin Club 15 Girls' Cho- rus 15 Science Club 2, 3. A brain . . . loves science courses land instructors! . . . talks and talks . . . worthy Advisor of the "Ho" Cirls . . . hunts, pals with .Io and Sherrill, and plays piano . . . is a quiz kid. Burket. Naney Lee A'Nancy" Aeademie Spanish Club 2. 35 F. N. A. 1. 2. A future Clara Barton . . . day dreams about too niueh honiework . . . on the labor battalion at Myer's Restaurant . . . usually late. but always prompt with those history notes Anna, Jane, and Dolores are tops with her. Burket, Robert Crawford "Bob" Aeademie NVrestling lg Key Club 1, 2, 35 Mixed Chorus 1. 2, 3g Choir 3: Baseball 2, 35 Latin Club Ig Photography Club lg Boys' Chorus 1. Bolfs a farmer . . . raises beef. pigs, and dairy calves . . . loves to sleep in . . . claims membership on State Dairy Judging Team as greatest achievement . . . slaves away at school and at the farm . . . hates girls that smoke. . ,K t ggi? ,ww "Little Boy" Vocational Ag. . , .. ., 5 W Calderwood. Donna ,lean t'Donna', Falcon 3g Mixed Chorus 2, 3g Choir 2, 35 Cbttrle idmg 1 7 3 Latin Club 15 Ensemble lg Student Council 1 1' N A 1 '7 Girls' Chonis 1g Octet 2, 3g Youth Center founcll 7 3 Gibis girl . . , a terrific pianist . . . doesn't study enough CI nondti why?Q . . . Sally, Lynne, and Jean rate-snobs don V sum' her money for some unusual debts she will owtl Cannistraci, Gene K'Dagio" Votationil Hopes to be a big success . . . never late? . . , o ts to get up n the morning? . . . a mighty hunter . . . paid cash 1 nutd it Sluth Sunoeol for his hot rod. Cherry, Millieent Kaye 'tMillie" Not Home Ft Basketball 1, 35 Art Club 3, Home Ee. Clum 3 Fi s Softball 2, A jealous Home Ee. Club 'presidente' . . . bopts to miks 11 n happy . . . skates, but show off skaters peeve her nsiln It 1 and Joyce are buddies. Clark, Carol Ann "Bu1my" Commercial Commercial Club 2, 3. Desires to wear that Airline blue . . . never on tint usuillx daydreaming tabout whom?l . . . always cracking gum . Cowher, james L. T red hot temper, "Jiin', C entr il Football 1, 2, 13, Basketball 1, Mixed Chorus 1 7 3 Choir 1 Varsity Club Ig Track 2, 35 Spanish Club 7 Boys Chorus l Octet Can hardly wait to leave T. A. H. S. .- . . swinlnnng lu sk xtiu 1 eating, and sleeping are tavorite pastimes . . it dv vu s taboo, but girls in general are acceptable ttasciuitzi quirk with the wise eraeks. K. ,qs ,W -.-M. ud,,,,- mmf"-H-:va-nai. u1. ,I f slam ,K 68 lXaney, Carole lt ind bovs ritt Crowell, Ray jules "Ray" Academic Key Club 1, 2, 3, Band 1, 2, 3, Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, Or- chestra 1, 2, 3, Photography Club 1. Cars are his fascination . . . dreams of owning a new Desoto- Plymouth Garage . . . another enemy of those poor conceited peo- ple . . . Pals with Glenn. Bob, jim, Fem, and Tom. Crust, Fred W. "Fred" Vocational Ag. Basketball 1, 25, F. F. A. 1, 2, 3. A future famier is Fred . . . he's overjoyed to have made it to twelfth grade . . . loves to run around with Sam and jim in his worst fault, the car . . . labors on the old fann. Cupp, Sara Louise "Sallie" Voc. Home Ee. Art Club 3, Home Ec. Club 1, 2, 3. Sally always seems to be worrying about nothing . . . Claims Millie, Annie, Rhoda, and Nan as best friends . . . becoming a telephone operator in Philly tops her list of dreams . . . she's a radio and record fiend. Clipper, M. Constance "Connie" Academic Mixed Chorus 3, Art Club 3, Latin Club 1, 2, F. N. A. 1, 2, Photography Club 2, 8, Girls' Chorus 1. Connie has a laugh and a smile that's hard to beat . . . She's an oil painter and Sunday school teacher, too . . . Edls her beau . . . she talks a lot and brothers get in her hair . . . Connie can hardly wait to graduate, lF'fW....4 ,- Da way re GZ ,Le up "F I Ciiiogiall 2, 3, Basflcethall 1, 2, 3, Kay lub 1, 2, 3, V rsity , 1 3, se 2, 3,"Lat' 1, Student C cil ll QLL4 ' V , 1, Q sta1 y sw . ' udent council e dent he is and . ,16-v. . . . a meer who lo tossaiep te . . . Becky and Ron rate . . . jan never listens a ' eeves. Davis, Donna Jean "Donna" General Band 2, 3, Mixed Chorus 2, 3, Library Club 3, Latin Club 2, F. N. A. 1, 2, 3, Girls' Chorus 1. Awaiting for a certain sailor is Donna . . . to a business school she's bound . . . loves to eat . . . chums are Emma Lee, Peachy, and Donna . . . conceited people are out. Dawson, Gilbert Thomas "Lazy Tom" Vocational Football 2, Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, Choir 1, 2, 3, Boys' Chorus 1, Octet 3. Here's an energetic .fella . . . stays out late . . . a future electronics expert . . . hates history, loves food . . . can be seen slaying away at Lester's. Dean, Glenn Ivan Thomas "Sonny', Academic Band 1, 2, 3, Mixed Chorus 1, 2, S, Choir 2, 8, Latin Club 1, 2, Photography Club 1, 2, Boys' Chorus 1. Glenn's a musician at heart . . . aspires to be an orchestra and choral conductor . . . 1ust can't seem to find that perfect daniel? . . . digs that long hair music . . . coins as well as records he collects. x 'Veg X I 1 . . pct' 'lI'f..,f.i' Y" ',,l2P9Ilk4Ll5xflf'B,JlH ,ull "Curly" General ,glare 1 '35, Hjhnegac. Club 3, Latin Club 1, 2, F. N. A. 1, 2. X, oifwear " ol lfjwedding ring is her aim fwonder whose?J . . . I of' a12ge'. . . Anna Marie, Donna, and Sally rate . , , ,VY Pj arrpjn, oo, M X ' D9ckYl'v C i "C arl'e,' Vocational ' 3. en C 'f "p,.. 4 . wi if J "1 p , .-. although sno 1 girls - desprses, he's a man hu . . . Can he seen A n th hot -ard:-ier 1ck. 69 Dickson, Esther Jane "E stheri' Clerical A pizza lover, bot dogs, too. . . . claims she works at home . . . a midnight snack fan ther worst fault?D . . . Jean, Carol, and Rhoda share her fun. Dillon, Carol Ann "Carol', Academic Latin Club l, 2.5 F,N.A. 1, 2. Carol's a blond who aspires to be a beautician . . . pals with Jean and Esther . . . girls who aim too high miss her list . . . but Jim doesn't . . . she talks, too. Dixon, William Vocational Football 2, S3. Bill's a gridiron hero . . . loves a good but whirlpool bath . . . slaves away at school . . . aims to graduate and become a father . . . dissatisfied girls peeve him. Drake Lynn ewis 1 A ' ug" eneral P if ,9-s 16251, 1,2,s, . lub .., 3, Track, 1, ' , 3, cliool 1 35 tuclent Com ' 1, . S m th . . . . . asgir ' T.,A.H. '. .nt ' . . , . ' ir , , y ' ' all Jract' e he usuall is '. . LATE .e, is e mid li , .i somebod e ?? X , .3 Eckert, James "Jim" Academic Key Club 1, 2, 35 Band 1, 2, 3, Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 35 Choir 35 Latin Club lg Photography Club lg Boys' Chorus l. A future midsbipman is be and an ex-attorney general . . . to district band and Keystone camp he's been . . . Grier, too. . . . He's ,1 politician, too. Emel, Richard Franklin "Dickey,' Voc. Ag. F. F .A. Glassworking or farming is his dream . . . would rather hunt or lish than study . , . specializes in chicken raising , . . Bill and Charley rate. Fagley, Sherrill Jean Commercial Spokesman 2, 33 Falcon 35 Mixed Chorus S, Girls' Chorus lg Commercial Club 2, Sberrill's a Liberace, pianist . . . secretary to a millionaire tops her aspirations . . . stuck up people rate Way clown . . . full of gals and wants to be a great big success . . . Pals with Janet, Florence, and Jane. Fink, David E. "Dave" Vocational Book reports are his terror . . . loves to hunt, Hsb, and above all, to nnss school . . . Tom, Paul, and Charlie are his buddies . . . aspires to be a machinist. Fink, Joyce Catherine "Joyce" General Home Ec. Club 2, 3. Being with Ed is ber pleasure . . . a jealous girl is she fof whom?D . . . people who think tbeyire something irk ber . . . aims to join the Air Force. Fiore, Anna Marie Academic Latin Club 1, 2, F.N. A. 1, 2, Pert and cute is Anna Marie . . . a nurse or airline hostess she hopes to be . . . a real cool driver . . . relishes pizza . . . digs jive . . . silly girls, ughlll T l H u ' Q Fisher, Dorothy ,lean "jolly" Academic Falcon 34 Girls' Chorus 1, Youth Center Council 1, 2, 3, Pep Band, Band 1, 2, 3, F. N. A. 1, 2, 3, Mixed Chorus 2, 3, Choir 35 Latin Club 1. Jolly Jean is a Bo girl . . . Worthy Advisor no less . . . She's bound for Polyclinic and hopes to retum a lady in white . . . talks, cracks gum, and hates pests, Frederick, Ruth C. "Ruthie, General . its a at if Art Club 3, Home Ec. Club 3, F. N. A. 1. Ruthie wants to be successful . . . Hates moon-light nights?? . . . A waitress at Sable's . . . real moody . . . expert driver . . . hobbies 2 .M J t . are reading and sewing. ,il 9 Friday, Linda Jo "Jon Academic Spokesman 1, 2, 3: Mixed Chonis 2, 3, Choir 2, 3, Latin Club 1, Ensemble 1, Photography Club 1, 2, 3, Girls' Chorus lg , X Octet 2, 3. -V 1 Jo's an active one . . . another future lady in white . . . Past Worthy Advisor of the Rainbow Girls' . . . reading she enjoys, late mga, l people peeve her . . . she and Iannie have a debt to collect! . . . a , 1 quiz kid ,tool ' V l Geist, Linda "Mert" Academic Tri-Hi-Y 35 Spokesman 1, 2, 3, Band 1, 2, S9 Mixed Chorus 2, -' , 3, Choir 2, 3, Orchestra 1, 2, 3, Ensemble 1, 2, 3, Photography K . Club 1, 2, 35 Girls' Chorus. sw 42 y To go to Polyclinic is Linda's wish . . . best chum is Eleanor . . . 2 , -Q dislikes people who think they are more than they are . . . plays a A I 'ii hot piano . . . pretty eyes. y lift. Gill, David Charles "Dave" Academic Football 1, 2, 3, Wrestling 1, 2, 35 Key Club 1, 2, 3, Varsity Club 1, 2, 3, Latin Club 1, 2. Girls spell out hobby to Dave . . . wants to go to college after graduation . . . one of our mighty wrestlers . . . can be found with e Fred or Ron . . . real nice fella. Glenn, Mary Lynne "Posy" Academic Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, Mixed Chorus 2, Latin Club 1, 2, F. N. A. 1, 2, 35 Girls' Chorus 1. Canit stand rice C??D and cats C??D . . . runs with Sally, Donna, and jean . . . would like to be a telephone operator . . . enjoys writing letters and dancing. Track 1, 2, 35 Baseball coach. Si Goss, Helen Louise "Bam" Spokesman 1, 2, Library Club 1, 2, Commercial Club 2 3 Would. like to join the WA F , . . hails from Port . . can t stand noisy tcllows . . . favorite pals are Candy, Wee Willie, 'ind Bee Jay Graves, N. joseph "jug" Basketball 1, 2, 3, Key Club 1, 2, 3, Band 1, 2 3 Mix l Chorus 1, 2, 3, Choir 3, Orchestra 3, Varsity Club 1 2 8 3. A terrific basketball player . . . well liked by everyone can be seen at the "hop" w1th Bill, Becky, Fred, or Elmer . President of the Band . . . loves to dance . . . would like to be i basketball if Wf ,afar ,- Vp QB fjfmzifz fi 61 A, wg? MEAE! 3 Basketballl Wrestling 2 3 Key M' A, F, .,,, 'ji' -ei , s .aa " . in w , 71 fe 9, 91' - "Chink" l e 1 , 5 5 - 5 - ' Hb 1, , 5 man lg Varsity Club 1, 2, 3 Basketball cf 1 2, A- rea c fello . . . Employed C??l at A dt P p1ls 'ire Bill, S ech, Bob, and Ian . . . going to join the Air Force can't stand girls that smoke. Gl'iPP, 990112 Edward "Fritz" Vocational Would like to go hunting in Africa . . . pet peeve is people who make fun of others . . . would like to be a success . . best chums and Harry, Gene, and Glenn . . . interested in girls and sports cars .- H , Gummo, Kathryn M. "Kay" Art Club 3, Home Ec. Club 1, 2, 3. Hates to get up in the moming , . . can be seen with Bemice, Barb, Ruth, and Frances . . . aspires to be a "number please" girl . . . Favorite pastime is typing. Gunsallus, Kay Lorie "KatyD Band 1, 2, 39 Spanish Club 2, 3, F. N. A. 3. Pretty red hair . . . best friends are jean and Diane . . . Has the nast fault of bitin her nails . . . can be seen with a certain fellow Y Z . . . can't stand conceited people. Hagan, Clarence E., Ir. "Junior" Basketball lg Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 33 Varsity Club 3, F. F.A 2, Wrestling Manager 2, 3. Purchased his own car . . . canlt seem to stop smoking . . . Nick Maisano is best pal . . . employed at Gill's Body Shop . . . just wants to get married and settle down. Hagan, Leslie "Les" Wrestling 1, 2, S. Can be found working at the F and F or staring at the girls . . can't stand slow cars . . . claims his worst fault is speeding . . pals are Larry, Don, and Bob . . . another of our wrestlers. Hamer, Delbert "Screech" Vocational Football Manager 1, 2, 8, Basketball Manager 1, 2, 3, Varsity Club 1, 2. Avid sports fan . . . Best chums are Bonnie, john, and Chink . . . , works???? at Steele's . . . a riot . . . would like to work with sports . . . worst fault is girls. Harpster, Barbara lean "Titian senior Tri-Hi-Y 3, Latin Club 1, 2, F. N. A. 1, 2, 3. Only 4' 8" tall . . . would like to be a nurse . . . Mary Anne, Ann, 1 Roselyn, and Donna rate tops among her pals . . . loses her temper ' easily . . . can usually be found at the "Hop." General Academic Vocational Vocational Academic Harpster, Donna lean "Snooks" Academic Mixed Chorus 2, 83 Choir 2, 3, Spanish Club 2, 3, Latin Club lg Ensemble 1, 2, 35 Girls' Chorus 1. Terrific soprano . . . her thumbs are down to conceited boys . . . always seen with Hope, Deb, Marie, Lauraella, and Connie . . . Career-Airline Hostess . . . talking and chewing gum are her worst faults. Harpster, Eugene Charles t'Harpy" Vocational Likes to drive sports cars and hunt . . . best chums are Pat, Tom, George, and Gene . . . just wants to he a success . . . can't seem to make out with a certain person . . . another of Doc's boys. Harpster, Phillip "Phil', Vocational Band 1, 2, 3. Famous for his jeep rides . . . claims his worst fault is overloading his jeep with fellows and girls . . . would like to be his own boss . . . can be found with Steve and Ierry. Hayes, Samuel E. "Sam" Vocational Photography Club 35 F. F. A. 1, 2, 8. Claims his special achievement is being born . . . forever getting behind in math homework . . . best pals are Marylin? and Larry . . . ambition is to be a veterinarian . . . can't stand "Brownies" 72 fjqcy, argl' e1.f"41- -f'4e"t.g' ' ' Heberling x C Luu"K, jj., gn,-,',Academic Hicks, William L. ' "Bill" ACHl'l9l1aiC 2, 3, Mixed Ch '-2, 3, Latinblub lg Girls' Chorus 1. Football 1, 2, -3, Wrestling 1, 2, 3, Spokesman 2, 33 Varsity Famous herlfmiek-J ' ' M6322 skip, and Donna . 1 . Slug 39 Idiitgi Sh? 1, Student Council lg Photography Club Lock Haven State Teachers College is her pet peevc . . . attended - 1 fflce u ' U U ,k I i Keystone Girls, State, , .7 Claims milking cows as his favorite pastime . . . would li e to .mc ' ' ' an agricultural engineer . . . works on the farm . .. . alrval nice Heberling Robert Charles ..B0b., Academic fella . . . always reading ffor an argimient-especially in physics ' classl. Can be found with Fem . . . people who are always late irritate . him . . . hobby is skiing 1 . . never gets enough sleep . . . going Hildebrand, Douglas Kenneth "Doug" Academic to he H School "'1'ch"' m mm yemb' Spokesman 35 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3g Art Club 1, 2, 3, Photog- M ,, raphy Club 1, 2, 3. Hern' Jo Anna In General Is going to be the first to fly to the moon . . . pals are Don, Ron, Art Club 35 Library Club l. Bob, and Lester . . . drives too fast . . . works for Fifty Piper. Forever cracking gum . . . wants to graduate and keep house for I Q Del , . . employed at Methodist Home . . . lean and Gayle rate Hoi-nan, Iames Robert, Jr. g "lim" Vocational as br-st friends. Fqbtbau .li A' 15 2' 3. , , l. 4 I V a , . ,, , , T 1 d G ge ae best frie ds . . . girl: are his pet peeve . . Hwks' Iamesfj IH V D7 f' 141 ,fm , ,J ,v j 'fu fyggalfwnal e'llY:l0f'l:Cl afolklzferr Run.Orchgrd. ' J S S Mixed ,Chorusf2J 35 Bgiys' Chorus 1. I I f L 'I H D , I A,mt1-wr of HDIQQSHOQP 1TafI-17.1439 klshilfggfb-imgljvaaghvgcl Houser, Charles E. Chuck Vocatlona .I . . best pll IS Bob Ayers . . doesnt get his 01116 0 110119 011 Dates Bonnie . . . pet peevc is high class girls . . . sleeps late . . . time . . . firls wah sniolgs ate loyv, wih hi 1- works for T E Wagner . best friends are Paul Tom David L tl 1? sf I if I ffff FL J--1: I , K .md Ch.u.l9V' ' ' A , l , , . uv f -1 A ' ' 1 Hicks, Jane Marie "Poochie" J ll Commercial b f R b J ,. B H1 V al I - E Y I . V 'V .. lf, , t- Mlxed Chorus 3, Girls' Chorus lg Commercial Club 2. 0 grill? 0' QA!! J' Unk? ,l 'lea lon Our cute school banker . , . terrific personality . . . will be a legal f, . , "f"F'ff'PhWC1U' 33 E V M-,K J f secretary someday , . . can't control her hair . . . claims Anna, it Goin .fto Jouythe . . .I est cllufgliflare DQIJ, D11 0, fmd h Ardis, Shirley, and Sherrill as best friends . . . forever eating crab I A - s lgVPS,5fFQQt J S - 7- worst Ulf is UYIDE f0,ft-ZW gllilff, nd cakes . . . employed at Wilson Theater. then ,ing o get rid of them . . . works at Harpst 's. .k,f'b'f 73 Iadarola, Antionette H, Commercial Kimmel, Neil Academic Spokesman 2, Falcon 3, Library Club 1, 2. Can be found keeping her eye on Don . . . very attractive . . . can't stand people who cheat , . . employed at McCrory,s . . . talks on the phone too long. Jones, William A. "Bill" Vocational Band lg Track 1, Photography Club 3. Worst fault is too many girls . . . plays a guitar . . . hates Bermuda shorts . . . runs with Harp, Les, and Bob . . . placed in the teen- age rodeo. Judy, Barbara Ellen "Bee Jay" Commercial Softball 1, 2, 3, Girls' Basketball 1, 2, 35 Falcon 3. Wants to be an educated bum . . . best pals are Wee Willee, Goosy, and Toynet . . . wreckless driving is her worst fault . . . usually seen with Dave. Kimberling, Dorothy lean "lean" Clerical A red head with an temper . . . travels with Carol, Esther, Margie, and Rhoda . . . a tuture airline hostess . . . enjoys riding in a "56,' red and white Plymouth. Kimberling, L. Robert "Bob,' Vocational Best chum is Pete Miller . . . ambition is to be au auto mechanic . . . likes to shoot guns . . . always teasing. Football Manager 1, 2, S, Varsity Club 3, Track Manager 1. Hates to work hard . . . stays up too late at night . . . Ea, Elmer. Mike, and Glenn are his best buddies. Kobak, Donald Lee "Don" Academic Wrestling 1, 2, 3, Varsity Club 2, 3, Student Council 1. Going to go to college . . . runs around with Larry, Tony, and Sam . . . spends time at Tyrone Appliance Center . . . spends too much money. Kobuck, Margie Ann "Marge,' Clerical Library Club 15 Girls' Chorus, Commercial Club 2, 3. Best friends are Bonnie and Iean . . . loves to be with Ronnie . . . sells dresses etc., at David's . . . just wants to graduate . . . goes to bed too late. Lake, Oliver R. "Mike" Academic Football 2, Key Club 1, 2, 3, Spanish Club 2. Claims his pet peeve is girls C?????J . . . usually found talking or tinkering about his motor car . . . friends are Bernie and Annabelle . . . going to be a mechanical engineer. Lazeration, Richard Wayne "Rich" Academic Key Club 15 Band 1, 2, 3, Mixed Chorus 1. 2, 3, Orchestra 1, 2, 3, Photography Club lg Boys' Chorus lg Octet 3. Loves "Sweets, . . . plans an aeronautical engineering career . . . advertising manager UD of Gardueris . . . best friends are Car, Gib, Ray, and Deac. Leach, Anna Louise "Anna Banana" Commercial Spokesman 1, 2, 3, Commercial Club 2, 3. Another future airline hostess . . . considers passing her drivers test an achievement . . . best gal friends are Benny, Tex, and Dippy . . . can't stand people who take advantage of others . . . eating- worst fault. Leeper, Rhoda "Rody" Home Ec. Art Club 35 Home Ee. Club 2, 3. Her achievement is becoming a senior . . . Rody is a future WAVE . . . usually seen cowboying around with Peg, Diane, and Nancy. Lewis, Patricia Arleen "Lou" Commercial Spokesman 1, Falcon 3, Mixed Chorus 2, 3, Art Club 1, 2, Girls' Chorus lg Girls, Basketball 1, 2. Keeps the mailman busy with letters to Spark . . . runs around with Hope, Laura, Caroline, and Diane . . . conceited people rate low with Arleen . . . runs over chickens and twirls her hair!! Long, Gary E. "Car" Academic Basketball 1, 2, 3, Key Club 1, 2, 3, Spokesman 2, Mixed Cho- rus lg Baseball 3, Spanish Club 2, Latin Club 1, Boys' Chorus 1. Travels with Ray, Rich, Gib, Deac, and Fred . . , pastime is petting animals???? . . . aspires to be an aeronautical engineer . . . girls who talk a lot are his pet peeve . . . a riot. Long, Mary Alice "Tory" Academic Spokesman 1, 2, 3, Mixed Chorus 2, 3, Choir 35 Spanish Club . 72, 2, 35 Latin Club 15 F. N. A. 1, 2, 35 Girls' Chorus 1. ': A future Florence Nightingale . . . famous for her spats with ,li 7 U s - Eleanor . . . always seen with Ioan, Eleanor, and Mary . . . Spanish 5,4 Club President . . . dislikesNQfo-faced people. V ' ki ' Maisano, Nicholas Charles "Nic ' Vocational gi X Foo an 1, 2, - Wrextli 1, ,vars Club 2, 3. 5, , 1 iion g 5 olleg, . vc um' ' Jim, Dave, Punk, V A 'Q ' d -p . . di ik Wo en' . . li . to ok at girls . . . 2 , , uld o u ing or wi in a ime. Q W, K ,V " Markel, Rosalie A. "Rosie" Clerical Art Club 3, Home Ec. 2, 3. Enjoys making Willy happy . . . pals with Mill, Leah, Joyce, and Peg . . . expert at flirting . . . fights with brother, Don . . . favorite saying is chatta-chatta. McAlevy, Edgar . " "Ed ' 'i ' Vocational mei ffm'-ii" """' Flflgglgxp C 3 hztball Manager Lg ws c tr 1' s 'n 'Navy . . . can be found wit 1 . . . can't stand girls ' . enjoys hunting . . . neve has homework done. McMullen, Emma Lee "Skip" Academic Majorette 1, 2, 3. A future airline hostess . . . likes to hop at Jimis . . . conceited people rate on her peeve list . . . chews gum constantly . . . goes the way with jetsey, Bev, and Donna. McNally, Deborah jane "Debby" Academic Senior Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, Band 1, 2, 3, Mixed Chorus 2, 3, Choir 2, 3, Spanish Club 2, 8, Latin Club 1, Ensemble 1, 2, 3, Pho- tography Club 1, 2, 33 Girls' Chorus 1. Waits for the fleet to come home . . . never on time . . . plays the organ . . . future merchandiser . . . claims Hope, Donna, Marie, Lauraella, and Connie as best pals . . . loads of fun. 75 -1 sl " McNaul, Eleanor Lee "Spess" Academic Spokesman 1, 2, 3, Band 1, 2, 3, Mixed Chorus 2, 3, Choir 35 5 Spanish Club 2, 3, Latin Club 1, F.N.A. 1, 2, 3, Girls, Chorus l. ' .Ts I' The life of the party . . , her dancing, eating, and talking keep 5 ' 1,1-- - 1, 'Sli things moving . . . keeps Spanish class alive! . . . Hopes to follow Sif im .. .,-, mother into nursing . . . snobs don't rate, but definitely . . . really 5 K going places. Miller, Kay Margaret "Casey" Vocational 'A A A Art Club 3, Home EC. Club 1, 2, 3. 'X " "Lazy Livin" is Kay's ambition . . . plays Elvis records to the 'W birdsP? . . . sleeps too much in school . . . seen with Barbara, Leah, 38, f Carol, and Saddie. "ii ,- X 1 ir' -L T .A V ' Mills, Donna Janis "Janie" Commercial Commercial Club 2, 33 Softball 2. Employed at Methodist Home . . . unexpected tests are pet peeve . . . Sharon merits as best churn . . . future secretary . . , perpetual gum chewer, Minemier, Gilbert Donald "Gib', Academic Basketball 1, 2, 3, Key Club 1, 2, 3, Spokesman 1, 2, Band 1, 2, 3, Mixed Chorus 1. 2, 3, Choir 1, 2, 3, Varsity Club 3, Latin Club 1, Photography Club 1, 2, Boys' Chorus 1, Octet 2, 3, Youth Center Council 2, 3. Future civil engineer . . , worst fault is mixing too many colors . . . employed at City Pharmacy . . . goes the way with Gary, Neil jim, Deac, Dick, and Donna . . . spends time on 18 Street. Molfa, Nicholas Joseph "Joe" Vocational F.F.A. 1, 2, 3. Is going to join the army . . . likes to spend his time fishing.. . canit stand class work . . . doesn't study enough . . . best friend is Bill Urban. Moifet, Sally Ann "Sam" Academic Senior Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3g Falcon 3, Mixed Chorus 2, 3, Choir 3' Cheerleading l, 2, 3, Girls' Chorus 1, Youth Center Council 1, 2, 3, Latin Club lg Ensemble lg Student Council 24 F. N. A. 1, 2, S. A future Florence Nightingale . . . spends time with Donna, Lynne, and Jean . . . enjoys reading, dancing, and listening to radio . . . won't tolerate prevaricators . . . eats and talks too much . . . is peppy head ch ee rleader. an Moore, Mildred Louise "Millie" Academic Art Club 3, Home Ee. Club 1, 2, 3. Hopes to hail trom Philly as a telephone operator . . . is good at brushing her teeth while eating hreakfast??? . . . pet peeve is curiew on date nights . . . sleeps too much . . . travels to Houtzdale . . . pals with Sallie, Leah, and Pat. Momingred, Daniel H. "Deacon,' Academic Basketball 1, 2, 3, Key Club 1, 2, 3, Band 1, 2, 8, Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, Choir 2, 8, Photography Club 1, 25 Latin Club 1, Boys' Chorus 1. Wants to become successful . . . pals around with Pete, Gib, Gary, and Neil . . . story telling is his pet peeve . . . always getting his foot in his mouth . . . a brain, but doesn't like to disturb it. Morrissey, Barbara Jean "Babs', Vocational Basketball 15 Art Club 3, Home Ec. Club 1, 2, 3. Hails from Decker Hollow . . . ambition is to find one of those Hsh in the sea . . . cowboys around with Kay, Casey, and Millie . . . ean't stand boys who won't eat her cooking . . . sews a mean seam. Morrow, Mary Elizabeth 4'Mary,' Academic Spokesman 1, 2, 35 Band 1, 2, 3, Mixed Chorus 2, 35 Choir 2, 3, Spanish Club 2, Latin Club 1, Ensemble 1, 2, 33 Student Council 1, 2, 8, F. N. A. 1, 2, 35 Girls' Chorus 1. A future lady in white . . . 4-H member . . . forgets easily . . . hails from the country . . . can do without muddy football field on band momings . . . pals with Mary Alice and Joan. 76 S' 3 4 Y as ,, r 1 1't fff, A m,M?5ja,4AyJ,. bye we 5... at Murchison, Neil Bryant "Neil'l Academic Football 1, 2, 85 Wrestling 1, Key Club 1, 2, 3, Latin Club lg Spokesman 1, 2, 3, Spanish Club 2, Student Council 33 Youth Center Council 2, 3. A future doctor of medicine . . , :an't do Without swimming, ice skating, and loafing . . . cauit stand girls that talk too much and don't think enough . . . wise cracks are Neil's worst fault . . . pals with Gila, Deac, Pete, Jim, and Gary. Myers, I-'aul Eugene I " ep" General ootb is 1 3 Art Club 2 3 Varsity chool Patrol 1 2 3 Spanish tm l 1 ouncil 3 Photogrlphy Club 1 F ' 1, 2, ' 1 'kL 1 , g , g . bx ..., 13: a g l . , , 5 l g L L ,' 1 g 2 . Ch'f a bi i' t ef z ier . . . paints the town with Slug, on, 1 , ' ni . 'pends time at 1712 Columbia Avenue . .i . . t , irs irk . . . jealousy is worst fault? Naylor, Gayle Elizabeth "Gay', Commercial Girls' Chorus lg Commercial Club 2, 3. VVants to make Louie happy . . . can't seem to keep her temper . . . eams the green backs at the Methodist Home . . . won't tolerate people who are late . . . goes the way with Io Anne and Judy. Nearhoof, Wilma Marjorie "VVee Willieb Commercial Spokesman 2, 3, Library Cluh 1, 2g Student Council lg Com- mercial Club 2, 3. Always sleepy . . . drives a coral and white Ford . . . pals with Bee jay and Goosy . . . can't stand to hear gum being chewed. Nevling, Leah Cynthia "Leah" Clerical Art Club 35 Home Ee. Club 2, 3. A future airline hostess . . . best chums are Mill, Bonnie, Ioyce, and Rosalie . . . likes to date and go to the movies , . . stays out too late . . . fights with Roy. 1 t 1 Fo- if wal' New Ohrtman. Sharon L. "Sha Sha" Commercial Falcon 3g Girls' Choms 1, Commercial Club 2, 3, Basketball 1, 2. A pert little horseback rider . . . in the future will sit on her bosses knee to take dictation . . . slaves in guidance otlice . . . pals with Shirley and Donna . . . can't get the family car enough. Omisby, Florence Lytle "Flon Academic Spanish Club 2, 3, Latin Club 13 Girls' Chorus 1. Everybody's friend . . . ohums with Sherrill and Donna . . . spends time writing to Millersville . . . can't keep to her lnidget . . . loses temper easily. 4' v . JI" ..-"MV JV ' , . 1' ' 1 " f ' I Oyfinfel nbgiary' Anne I 1 "Speedy" Academic ,Ltbrart Qilfiwigg spanish Club 2, s. Nice perso?alify". ...., tells secrets to Muriel, Debbie, Sandy, and Barb . .A aVorite pastime is sleeping . . . canlt tolerate late people . . . eats too much but doesn't look it . . . cute. f VU ' f 1 Y Parker, l l'lE Lzfznien Commercial Girl ' ioryfkl 12 1 1 a Club 2, ' . H pit be alll . . Jrztor, or sec ary . . . haunts the Hop S . dis ' s c e ed 0 . . . always hurrying . . . is t e .v ' Ii , An 1 , , and Bonnie. Parsons. J. reda " da" Commercial Girls' Chorus 1. NVill he doing housework in the future . . . chews with Cork . , enjoys being with Ray . . . alarm clock is her worst enemy . . slaves at Harpster's Chevrolet Co. -- ll Philage, James T. "Iim,' Vocational Ramsey, Margaret Ann "Margie" Vocational Key Club 85 Photography Club 3. Art Club 33 Home Ec. Club 1, 2, 3. A future machinist . . . tinkers with model airplanes and trains . . . Plans to be a success . . . best chums are Bonnie and Sarah . . . a certain girl is his pet peeve? . . . pals with Paul, Eugene, Tom, cooks and sews . . . worst fault is typing with one finger in typing and Charlie . . . eams date money at Morris Levine's. class? . . . likes to read novels and Bible stories. Plisinski, Joan "Ioanie" Commercial K H , . . . Ramsey, A. Paul ' Bumb Vocational Falcon 3, Mixed Chorus 2, 33 Llhrary Club 19 Girls' Chorus lg , . Commercial Club 2, S5 Basketball 1. A fut e farmer . .f. ilungis witlgl Charles, Eugen? and jim . . . VVants to pass shorthand . . . dislikes people who don't use Sunoco e 5 eball and not m ' ' ' 'mcmg lb wont 'lu ' Gas-I wonder why! . . , talks too fast . . . everyone's friend . . . ' 1 travels to 18 Street . . . Bev, Becky, and Cookie comprise the gang. ic d . Ad 1 ..Mm,ie,, Academic Port, Joan Marie "-loan' Academic eni r T 2 i- 2, al 33mBandC1,l2,18HEMixei1Clior3s 3, ' . C . Lt' . . v . Band 1, 2, 3, Arr Curb 1, 2, Spanish Club 2, 3, Latin Club 1, F' .Rf If 3. Fig," 0,55 fm ui ' mem 6' ' ' , F'N'A' 1' 2' 3' , , fiiti rs . . b, ope, Donna, and Laurella comprise Nice to know . . . never has much to say . . . future lady in white t g lg . . ' jo swi n and making clothes U l l cmft Stand . . . Mary Alice and Eleanor are best pals . . . spends time swim- op W W 'tx it lheyirt. Wrong 1 . . eats Wlwn She is not ming, dancing, and eating . . . can't stand conceited peoplefwho , ng . 1 oc S tl could that be? . . . does tomorrow what she could do today. , Price, R. Fern "Tina" Academic Riggleman, Thomas Irvin "Tom" VOC3tl0ll3l Band 1, 2, 35 Art Club 1, 2, 3g Latin Club 1, 2. Wants to be'an auto mechanic . . . pals with Iohn and, Pinky . . I. Hopes to make a career of drafting and designing . . . Bob, Carl enloys tmkerm Wlth cms ' ' ' Dorothy 15 his Pet peevv "" Wont jerry, Joe, Jim, and Tom comprise the gang . . . likes ice skating fault is his Ford' and swimming . . . can easily resist the bell on the alann clock . . . complained of not seeing Norma enough . . . a high stepper in the Gardner Gum-ds, ' Ritchey, Nancy Louise "Bambi" General , , , H U , Falcon 3, Mixed Chorus 3, Art Club 1, 2, 3, Home Ec. Club Ralmg, Keith Harrison Harry Vocational 15 plmtogmphy Club 2, 3? F, N.Al 2, 35 Octet 3, Plans to be an auto mechanic . . . tinkers with cars . . . won't Future farrneris wife . . . draws heautifully . . . makes all tags tolerate giddy girls . . . drags Pennsylvania Avenue in his "Hot and posters for sports events . .I :pals with lfthpda, Nancy, Dot, and Champ" . . . pals with Stan, Phil, and Charlie . . . eams gas Doats . . . enjoys horseback riding . . . dlsllkes glddy glrls . . . money at Batcheler's Gulf Service. can't seem to help her temper. ,Qi 1 ings Q Ma F Q' A ' if gi J an r K , xv mm ms.-1. . 78 .ai ,.f v f ,seal , W, 5 1 1 Savitts, Mae Jean "Jeanie" Commercial Girls' Basketball 1, 2, Library Club 1, 2, Girls' Softball 1, 2, F. N. A. 35 Commercial Club 2, 3. Wants to travel and meet a fellow . . . best chums are Kay, Io, and study hall teachers?? . . . likes horses and likes to write letters . . . pet peeve is money?? . . . gets too many flat tires . . . earns gas money for Chevy at Fink's Drug Store. Scordo, Tony "Ninny" Academic Football 1, 2, 3, Wrestling 1, 2, 3, Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, Varsity Club 1, 2, 3, Baseball 1, 2, 3, Latin Club 1, Student Council 1, 2, 3g Boys' Chorus 1. To be a coach is his ambition . . . pals with Larry, Nick, Frank, and Dave . . . excels at sports . . . can't tolerate girls who smoke or show oft . . . spends time with Nancy. Sellers, C. Glenn "Lou" Vocational Football Manager 1, 2, 39 Key Club 1, 2, 3, Varsity Club 1, 2, 3, Photography Club 3. A cute little fella . . . just wants to get along good in life . . . runs around with George and Ray . . . pastimes are loafing and driving???? the car. Shultz, Thomas "Deacon" Vocational Employed at Gardner's . . . wants to get a good job . . . can't do without hunting and fishing . . . pals with Don and John . . . alarm clock is pet peeve . . . daytlreams too much. Simondale, Eugene Donald "Romeo', Vocational Wants to get a job at the Paper Mill . . . Les, Bob, john, and Larry make up the gang . . , spends time with Debbie . . . dislikes L'acky??? girls . . . is too lazy. Smith, Charlotte Irene "Lolly" Commercial Commercial Club 3. Hopes to be a legal secretary . . . Pat is best chum . . . hobby is boys? . . . broods on unanswered letters . . . can't control her temper. X A x , lg . A QXQ 'Hr 1 , QL 1 6 cfeielp' L' L. - 4-tiki by F' 'L Smith, Raymond Donald "Smitty" General Football 1, 2, 3, VVrestling 1, 2, 8, Art Club 1, 23 Varsity 'Club , 2, 35 Track 1, 2, 35 School Patrol 1, 2, 3. Hopes-to get a job at the Paper Mill . . . chums with Slug, Pep, and Nick . . . spends time with Antoinette . . . won't tolerate stuck up girls . . . claims he travels to Thomaxtown too much. Snyder, Caroline Faye "Caroline" Academic Senior Tri-Hi-Y 35 Mixed Chorus 2, 3, Art Club Ig Spanish Club 2, 35 Latin Club 1, Student Council 1, F. N. A. 1, 2, 35 Girls' Chorus 15 Pep Club 2. Another lady in white . . . pals with Diane, Arlene, and Pep . . . likes football and basketball games . . . dislikes perpetually late people . . . hard to control her temper. Snyder, Earl "Pinky" Vocational Wants to be a carpenter . . . chums with Tom and john . . . likes girls and cars, what a combination . . . earns the green stuff at johnny's Body Shop. Snyder, Hope Annette "Que-enie" Commercial Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, Spokesman 1, 25 Falcon 3, Mixed Chorus 2, 3, Choir 2, 3, Library Club 1, Ensemble 1, 2, 3, Photography Club 1, 2, 35 Girls' Chorus 1. Would like to study music . . . Centennial Queen . . . travels with Deb, Donna, Lauraella, Linda, Connie, and Marie . . . usually found with Jim . . . dislikes two-faced people . . . friendly. 79 Sones, Paul Fred "Bones', Vocational Mixed Chorus l, 2. 3g Senior Choir 3. Employed by S. E. VVilliams . . . a squirrel lmnter . . . going to join the Air Foree . . . Pet peeve is women QHal Ha! Hall x Ni Stimer, Sat-ly ,Mae "Pudgie" General , Home, Ee. Club 2, 3. f 'N -X Keeps letters flowing to her special fella . . . pals are Fudgie, Pat, and Ieanie . . . just wants-to be happy . . . employed at the Cut Rate Shoe Store. i Stitt, Carol Ann "Stitt" Commercial Likesito occupy hotel lobbies at- 2:30 A.M .... bot temper . . . best iriend is Carol . . . works tor Grier School . . . grabbed Skip . . . cault tolerate eonceited people. Stonebraker, Merle Louise Academic Tri-Hi-Y 2, 34 Spokesman 1, 2, 35 Band 1, 2, 35 Mixed Chorus 2, 3, Cheerleading lg F. T.A. 1, 2, Sg Latin Club lg Photog- raphy Club 2. Runs with Mary Lou . . . occupies time at Long's Dairy Store . . will be a teacher someday . , . likes to read and dance. Thomas, Ronald Nevin "Chop" Academic Football 1, 2, 35 Key Club 1, 2, 35 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 39 Choir 2, 35 Varsity Club 1, 2, 3, Track 1, 25 Baseball 3, F. T. A. 3. Has the ambition to become a teacher . . . His best chums are Kay, Fred, and Dave . . . Spends spare time fishing? 'ifor whatiy' . . . Ron's pet peeve is loud, noisy girls . . . His worst fault is eating too much . . . His special achievement is being President of Key Club . . . ls employed at Woodring's Clover Fann Store. Trenary, Ray "L. L." General Football 1, 2, 35 Key Club 1, 2, 3g Varsity Club 1, 2, 35 Spanish Club 2, Latin Club 1, 2, Photography Club 1, Basketball 1. 1'lay's ambition is to become a jet pilot . . . Best chums are LR., Becky, Gary, and Rich , . . Favorite pastime is trips to Blair Avenue???? "Who lives there???', .. . Pet peeve is gossip spreaders???? . . . Worst tault is not getting home on timell!! "Wonder Why???" Trostle, James Marlyn "Marty" Voc. Ag. Football 15 F. F. A. 1, 2, 3. Marty's ambition is to become a future farmer . . . His best pals are Ray, Rich, and Sam . . . His favorite pastime is hunting?P?? . . . He is employed with the construction gang . . , Bashful???? Updike, Robert james "Bohn General Bobis ambition is to become an electrician . . . He pals with Don and Bob , . . His favorite pastime is bowling and loafing at Arties??? . . . Pet peevegcertain people who stare at mel!! . . . He finds his worst fault is getting his homework finished . . . I wonder what stops him??? . . . He is employed at the Villa. Urban, William Ralph "Butch" Voc. Ag. F. F.A. 1, 2, 3. Famiing is to be this fellow's future . . . His best pal is joe Moifa . . . Hunting ???? is his hobbyllll . . . He has no pet pee-ve?? . . , He is employed on the fann at home . . . Good luck with your famiing, Butch. Vanneman, john Peter f "I, P." Academic 4' Wrestling 2- y l 3 , g Sp . ,'2, 35 Falcon 3g4'i1'xe 1.1 , ,f a o cal , test , 8, ' aniQ1 Club 2, 3g atin Clu 1, hoto. l b 1, Boys' C rus , AQ. .' D on e- la . . ', best pals are con, eil, Jim, Ron, and Gib . . avorite pastimelis talking . . . His pet peeve is "The big Queer . ' . . . HI. P.'s" o fault is being late along with stupid mistakes . . . Special ' wi nt was being Governor of Perma. Keystone Camp. 80 1. ssmalmwm 1 1 l I W P WVaite, Nancy Jean "Nano" General Senior Tri-Hi-Y 3, Art Club 33 Home Ee. Club 8, F. T. A. 2. 3, Spanish Club 2. Nancy's ambition is to blast into space for the first moon excursion . . . Her best friends are Felecia, Sal, Mil, and Rhody . . . her hoppy is weavin' in and out of traffic in a Packard . . . pet peeve, waitin'??? . . . VVorst fault is being perverse . . . Nancy's special achievements are being treasurer of Tri-Hi-Y and passing math tests . . . cute. Warrender, Beverly jean "Bev', Commercial Girls' Basketball 1, 2, 3, Falcon 3, Mixed Chorus 2, 3, Cheer- leading 1, Girls' Chorus lg Commercial Club 2, 3, Girls' Soft- ball 1, 2, 3. Her ambition is to he a secretary . . . best pals are Emma Lee, loan, and Cookie . . . favorite pastime is being with Al . . . pet feeve is conceited people???? . . . Worst fault is traveling over the mountain!!!! Watson, John "Watson" Vocational Iohn's ambition is to be employed at the Paper Mill . . . he pals with Tom, Don, and Screech . . . his favorite pastime is hunting girls while driving a Ford , . . his pet peeve is sick Fords . . . is employed at Sears Roebuck Co .... better watch those girls, John! Nveaver, Leah Felecia "Flee" General Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, Spokesman 1, 2, 3, Art Club 1, 2, 3, Home Ec. Club 2, 8, Library Club 1, 2, Photo Club 1, 2, 3. Her ambition is to marry "George" . . . her best chums are Yavonne, Nancy, and Sally . . . Her favorite pastime is writing letters. To whom we wonder??? . . . Her pet peeve is people who act smart . . . worst fault is day dreaming . . . her special achievement is playing the piano . . . is not employed. Weston, Judith Lee "Blondie" Commercial Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, Library Club 1, 2, Photo Club 1, 2, 35 Com- mercial Club 2, 3. Iudy's ambition is be a secretary for "E.S."?? . . . She pals with Judy, Hope, Arleen, and Deb . . . her favorite pastime is being with Eddie . . . her pet fee-vc is conceited people . . . her worst fault is her temper . . . special achievement is being Vice-president of Tri-Hi-Y . . . is employed at W. C. Morrow and Son . . . pretty hair. White, Patricia Lee "Patty" Academic Tri-Hi-Y 2, 35 Mixed Chorus 2, Sg Cheerleading 1, 2, 35 Art Club lg Latin Club 1, F. N. A. 35 Girls, Chorus 1. Patty's ambition is to become a nurse . . . she says her best chum l 1 Sl' is evcrybodyllll VVe feel honored, Pat . . . her favorite pastime is keeping Bell Telephone Co. in business . , . pet peeve is boys that si i.? smoke cigars . , . worst fault is being jealous of H-Burg High!! Q X Why Pat???? . . . special achievement is being a cheerleader. ' PM Williams, Lester E. M. "Les" Academic , Key Club 1, 2, 35 Band lg Mixed Chorus 1. 3, Choir 3, Spanish , Club 2, 35 Latin Club 15 Photo Club l. This fellow's ambition is to be a Millionaire????? . . . pals with Doug. GUS, Terry, and Gary . . .V hobbies are cooking and eating!!! . . . pet peeve, girls?????? . . . his special achievement was learning to drive!! Wilson, James W. "Pr0fe5S0f' Academic lgRyh?iilE.2, 3, Latin Club l, 25 Photo Club 1, 2, 3, Science , jim's ambition is to be a genius and to make monev without work- ing. "Vlfay to go, kid!!" . . . his best pals are Bill and jim . . . y his favorite pastime is guns . . . be careful . . pet peeve is lack of money and I. P. . . . worst fault, none!!! . . . special achievement is setting record for losing money at poker-shame of you, Proff . . . is employed??? at A Br P supermarket . . . CBraiusJ. 1 Woleslagle, William Thomas "Willy" Academic gilslgffghag 33 spokesman 1, 2, 3: Art Club 3, Spanish u g am u . Bill's ambition is to see the "Pirates" in a world series game . . . he chums with Hump, Gary, Jim, and Dutch . . . Favorite pastime is fishing . -. . party dolls and warm gingerale??? . . . worst fault is betting against the odds . . . special achievement is snarling traffic in downtown Hong Kong . . . is employed at the Dairy Dip. Woomer, Diane Carol Academic Tri-Hi-Y 25 Band 1, 2g Chorus 1, 2, 33 Choir 2, 3, Art Club 1, Spanish Club 3, Latin Club lg Ensemble lg Student Council 3, F. N. A. 1, 2, 3, Quartet 2. Special friends are Caroline, Arleen, and Rhoda . . . keeps the mail- man busy with letters to Bob . . . long dark hair . . . can't stand two-faced people or prevaricators. 81 N ,, mf is , , :ma lf A Q , 1 my .sei Yl'1ltIl'Y- Tlmmais C. "'l'imi" Vocational Zinnnvnnan. Eugene A. "Miki-'A Vm-ntionzil Hluclviit flmiiivil 2. Bimcl 2, 535 Huw' Clmrus l. .Xmhitimi lx tn lim-uniiv zu miic-liinixl . . . hi-,wt imlx im- Clmrliv, Pzuil, Miki-is zuiihitimi ia tu lwcrmim- xi lttklCl1ll1lSl liki- J. O. Cnrhiii . . . ln' Dzivicl. :xml lhll . . . L-l.ums his iaix'm'itc lmsliim' is talking to Mr. pals with Frm-ml, Clziytmi, mul -In-ri'y . , , lzixmiti- pustiim- is lnmtmg l,m'hln mul rmllimq xmiillinl. "l wmiclm' Wl1c'l'c'?r"' . . . his pvt amrl fishing?P? 'Aim' whut" , . . pct lwvvc' cmiL'c'itm'Ll girls , . . hu pu-xv In Qxrlx who thlnk thi-x' ui high 1-l.lxs . . . worst izullt is viltinu claims his worst taxlllts ilu' SlL'L'Dll1H :xml jllirifilill up in shrill . . . Iii- tfiu iiiuclif! . . , is 1-iiiplrwys-il nl Czuxinlyk Sl-l'x'iL'v St.itimiH?? vinpluys himwll hy :luing uclnl jolm????? Yotlu-rs, Nutalic Ann "XYi1-k" Gcncrul NOT PICTURED ,Ml Chili l, 53: Ilrnm' F14 Klhlh l. 13. . ,, . . , , ' ,,J,. . Bennett, VVllham Paul Vocational Xliilxs uiiilntimi iw tu iii.1i'i'y' .A 4-mvlmy ?.:':' . . . Nhz- 17ill5 with lluth .xml kltlllii' . . . t.ixm'.tr paul im is uritiiig to Bill . . . L-uuking is hm-I' Toni Yonge-i's hut pail . . . hu 1-iiriis hls lllllllUtlS ut 1'1kc's . . . put pn-mv . . . Utlfsf fault is spa-mliiiq tori murli iiiniiwyll . . . lu-r Amitlu-r maid iiivcliziiiic, hs- liiiki-rs with L-urs in his spurt' lima- . . . lpn-itil in-lil:-xviiim-iit was li-nnwiimg to ilriu' . . . is 1-iiiplnyi-il ut t'4'llSl1l'S limiting mi sf.-lmul Lluys. hut sclwul in liuiitmg ss-usual pl-vu-5 lmiiis'???? him . . . ai lutim- lima-liiiiin. u.qgt'5 io?-:di ll' 500-KHQHIH qqlbfb I rig:-ads +0 HE' 'F-'acl ,Y WW. . . K HI-Kkfomgf P lv?- SENIOR PERSONHLITIES FY' r. or-nd IYUSS Tm. 'AM 34-gilt. Loads of sugcgss axe L oo ws by '-X wvo. Q'a MQ al """f1 cfwrf 4.9, 7 fl? 6 AQLQCIXQ I n 6 6- 'B 4 f .v 0-" uc fvk-"X os x 4,- 'if' -bf 4fw if 00' A c.-"" yt ,aw Q 'vm Q 4 ,lr gl Qff"'Q,-f Poll me' rbqdd Vs HIGH' 0 hand clay " 1 y , R NN W '59 .cy Qxphe S99 th Inga, Wg- 'Wn 'Cd Y 4g QK J 60 X An o ,z f Ma' I " J-53.3 Y V' -. ,gg v Q. A, dm "' L -+ gg -QA if Y , . F ' -f 13? r. , x L x A .Q 1 y 156 ,ilu Tk L q 0 and dl d 'bei-uv-da ulqhf Good old C. S. +,.., :Fw bn? 'U Vx I NU' 4 ,Q of' 1. Q' A D w" ' Q7 00' Qpofv of" 'wk QV ox -JN' 'Dau' 'Q' I 100 gn Kaogf., .JM .W c.ovIdu'+ Cvh , Y QVYJKQN WKQQ ,sau mqrvltd ?e,g did 'ff ww.. SQ U' You '39 'A dd, yx 0 6 dp- 'ina 6'Poll " Ron Let.. 'F H ? u I-N are glou rtqllgx '4-ka? gldlkfgdbf 1 . 1- S990 a+ Y--LE, ' l1xlf'f"za ss-P Hu hlqghfgqibd 4Qf?y lieu, no eodiona if 'cw Ulf .IOHN A. AYRES. M. D. C. C. BRADIN, M. D. RALPH P. ERDLY. M. D. J. A. GREBE. M. D. AIOHN C. HOVVELL, M. D. DAVID ll. KIRK, M. D. E. B. MURCHISON, M. D. N. B. REAM. M. D. G it X1 15 it REYNOLD G. ALTBERG, U. D. AIOHN M. DOLLAR, O. D. 5 0 15 if VVILLIAM E. GILBERT, D. D. S. L. LAKE. D. D. S. RICHARD W. MCCLAIN. D. D. S. R. WV. STEVER, D. D. S. xt D 15 it R. H. STEVER. D. S. C. 4 1? 5 4 IU' FRED C. FARRAND, D. O. F. ADELAIDE FARRAND, D. O. 87 See us at our NEW HOME 129 West 14th Street at the Railroad Crossing Coal Building Materials Hardware MILLER BROTHERS CO. Phone MU-4-0220 Patents Cosmetics REA Sz DERICK INC. Fountain and Luncheonette Prompt - Courteous - Dependable Service Candy Kodakls Store of Service Fountain Service-Sundries Lightlunch-Sick Room Needs Magazines and Sunday Papers Delicatessen Service MIKE'S CUTRATE Phone MU-4-0680 Tyrone, Penna. Culflex Lubrication MIN EMIER GULF SERVICE STATION CAS - OIL Strickleris Ice Cream Adams Ave. and 20th Street Phone MU-4-3499 G. S. Minemier PETER,S SERVICE STATION Crocerier - Meats - Confections CASOLINE - OIL East Tenth Street, R. D. 1 Tyrone Penna. Compliments of MOLNAR'S JEWELRY Hamilton and Gerad Bulova and Elgin Art Carved Diamonds Authorized Iewelers W. C. MORROW AND SON Dealer in International Harvester Agriculture Implements and Supplies Refrigeration and Service Whirlpool Washers Phone 207 EAST TENTH STREET New Holland Manufacturers Harness and Riding Equipment Monarch Store M U-4-2561 TYRONE, PENNSYLVANIA STOP AT THE PANTRY PENNA. HOTEL for the Best in Candy - Groceries - Ice Cream Sandwiches TYTOUC, Penna- Confectionery Store COMPLETE HOME FURNITURE since 1896 ROTHERT COMPANY your creditis good 10th Street Tyrone, Pa. RHODES PLANING MILL Manufacturers of All Kinds of Planning Mill Work Dealers In SURFACE AND FINISHING LUMBER SASH DOORS MOLDING HARD WOOD FLOORING For Attractive Clothes to Meet the Needs for all Occasions visit THE PRINGLE SHOP 1105 Penna. Avenue TYRON E PENN A, 89 You Are Always Welcome At THE FINK WALGREEN AGENCY DRUG STORE Prescriptions a Speciality MEN,S CLOTHING AND ACCESSORIES from the store He Patronizes B. F . LEVINE STORE Home of the Name Brands FISHER HARDWARE HARDWARE PAINT Phone MU-4-1587 1010 Pennsylvania Avenue Tyrone's Pioneer McCRORY'S STORE CORP 5 and 10C Store LUGG AND EDMONDS FOR HOME AND FAMILY SHOPPING FINE FURNITURE 10th ST. E. LOGAN AVE. PHONE: MU-4-0440 1 5 Q -. - J 'fy r fg ' 'Mx' 'rr M '." v ' ' 5 ' J 9 . J X, X A ,- , 0 ,V ' "uv Q 'X f ,P . V. 1 'f "' I - - - 1- r.. , , STRENISTUDKJ SCHOOL PHOTOGRAPHERS PHONE WI-3-1529 1326 12th Avenue, Opp. Gables Arcade Altoona, Penna. IOHN'C.YENTER GENERAL CONTRACTOR Telephone MU-4-2670 Commerce Building Tyrone, Penna 91 TYRON E MILLINC COMPANY TY-CO. Feeds TYRONE, PENNA. Compliments of A. bl. B. SPORTLAND BILLIARDS K'Where Old Friends Meetn TYRONE APPLIANCE CENTER Frigidaire - R. C. A. - Hoover Youngstown - Dormeyer g'We sell the Best and Service the Rest." 912 Pennsylvania Avenue Phone MU-4-3892 THOMAS AGENCY General Insurance 6 West llth Street TYRONE LAUNDRY AND CLEANERS We Wash and clean everything 'D' Pl10I'16 MU-4-3760 UVIEISOI1 Phone MU-4-1020 ' 4 7-'r-f'- 5 ROSSI's,+MOTOR1sALEs I - 1.,', MERCURY SALES AND SERVICE I No. 220 I TyrOn'e, Penna. I I I ROSS BROTHERS, Props. If I7-21' East 10th Street p f I ' Phone MU-4-2330 BURNHAM FFED STORE Poultry Supplies Eshelman-Redrose Guaranteed Feed Case Farm and New Idea Machinery TYRONE PFINNA. L I L K R 'A UNIFORMS-SPORTING GOODS VPOOTWEARA X A ' I I . tl X W M A V K UNIFORMO LETTERING' SERVICE L . I SC,HULMAN'S ,CIKOZI Penna. Avenue Tyrone, Penna. Phone MU-4-03585 CENTRAL DISTRIBUTORS CO. If 'JANITOR SUPPLIES!-' I - Paints - 'BI'USlICSv,AEfISfS, Suplplies, 1064 Pennsylvania -Avenue Tyrone, Penna. , K A Pluone M U-4-361.0 JOSEPH At DICKSON TAX COLLECTOR, K Hardware -I Wallpaper - Paint AFINK BROTHERS HARDWARE I Phone MU-4-0580 'IGUNS " AMMUNITION ' TOOLS ' PLUMBING 956 - 957 Penna. Avenue Municipal Building p Tyrone! Penna. TYRQNE PENNA 1 VSEALTEST PEODUCTS Supplied! By X R WAPLE DAIRIES, QNC. 4 . L ' x .. L . 9th az Logan A T' Phone M11-413870 , .H . X, 1 bl JSNYDEIFS ELECTRIC 1 . x 1 ., I lr 115101 Columbia Avenue V Z-yPh0neVMU-4-2245 l ,' . 'X Linoleivm Floor Covering U if Hotpoint Appliances C' Radio and Television I Sales and Service X, 1 Tyrone Penna , xp K-Y E And SULLYS SWEET SHOPPE Freezer Fresh-Soft Ice Cream A Candiesf- Toys - Lunches -"Fountain . -1 1, . , , X 1 N . 1120 Pennsylvania Avenue . J ' ' J , M - X, Coon LUCK5 .N J ' sr-ROM 1 1 V xg. lg 'S1MM,S JEWELERS A A :Q L x f ' I ., -' .K :Dont forget Simmis Dianiond-fRing pt 1 ' For Your ,Step in Life y ' ' 'Your Wedding Day Q' 20 W. Tenth Street A Tyrone, Penna X 1 - f' M 1. , 3 . , , N x 'Tyfone,s Leading Furniture,rStore 1 A WQLF g 1 FURNITURE COMPANY .V C It Home of lthefinest nationally known lines General Electric Appliances N Tappan Cas Ranges - Maytag'Washers Kroehler Living Room Suites - Mengelliedroom Suites Philco - Motorola T. V. Sets Simmons "Beautyrest Mattressv "Wolf's Are fine people to deal withi' 1222 Penna. Ave. Tyrone, Penna. F ITZPATRICK'S TAILOR SHOP Made to Meausre Clothes Cleaning - Pressing - Alteration Formal Rental Service FRESH'S MUSIC and GIFT SHOP 4 Speed HiFi Players Records and Music Accessories Phone MU-4-0197 Gifts 1211 Penna. Ave. Tyrone, Penna. 1127 Penna. Ave11ue Tyrone. Penna. Compliments of ' CARMAN DEPARTMENT STORE SAM F ORTE SHOE SERVICE 1003 Pennsylvania Avenue The Shopping Center For Thrifty People The Largest Assortment OF Fresh Candies in Central Penna. GARDNERQS CANDY STORE l Tempting Foods Finest Quality Meats Crisp Vegetables Fancy Canned Foods Fresh Fruits GETZ MARKENT STORE 1068 Penna. Ave. Phone MU-4-1150 GIB,S PLACE Chicken-In-The-Basket Delicious Sandwiches French Fries Spaghetti Bald Eagle Penna. I 1 1 1 - A Complete Banking Service Since 1874 A Sound Financial Institution With Trust Powers to Act as Administrator, Executor, Guardian And Trustee FIRST BLAIR COUNTY NATIONAL BANK Tyrone Pennsylvania RUPERT CHEVROLET CO. Oldsmobile and Chevrolet Mechanical Repairs A. A. A. Service Body and Fender Repairs Used Car Headquarters 215 E. 10th Street Tyrone, Perma. 96 1 Compliments I UN IATA PACKING Phone MU-4-2270 OUR RATES ARE FAIR READY TAXI COMPANY and WESTERN UNION Phone MU-4-0140 MU-4-0103 1062 Blair Avenue Tyrone, Penna, Prompt - Courteous DEPENDABLE SERVICE OWNER - MAYNARD E. MECKES CEISTS Auto Service We Specialize In Rebuilding Wrecked Automobiles 24 Hour A. A. A. Towing Phone MU-4-0507 Bald Eagle Tyrone, Pennu CARDNEIPS CLOTHING STORE The Home of CLOTHING AND FURNISHINGS for Men and Boys TENTH STREET TYRONE, PENNA Phone MU-4-2546 BANEY'S F LORIST Flowers For All Occasions 106 W. 10th St. Tyrone, Penna. 'fig' "ITE ' J. J. WOODRINC 1360 Logan Avenue Phone MU-4-2520 Tyrone, Penna. SEARER'S Maytag and Electric Store Westinghouse Refrigerators Westinghouse Radios and T. V. Small Appliances Phone MU-4-1540 SWAYNE'S Radio 61 Television Service R. C. A. and Zenith 815 W. 15th Street Tyrone, Penna. Phone MU-4-3051 Plant No. 1. Stover Station TYRON E LIME AND STONE CO. Phone MU-4-2570 MU-4-34 10 THE YOUNG lVlEN'S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION It is a World-wide fellowship united by a common Loyalty to Christian principles, for the purpose of building Christian per- sonalities and a Christian Society. Of this, the Tyrone Y. M. C. A. is a part. Thomas E. Cray, General Secretary Tyrone, Pennsylvania Congratulatlons To The Graduating Class Of "1958,, VETERANS OF FOREIGN WARS OF UNITED STATES ANDERSON-DENNY POST NO. 4559 Ty Pennsylvania ma fm ,ff W,yj,ff,,w1 fikyfg fg3MQ5,,4W3fff,Mfff2Wf ff M . ,V J KM5W,5Q ff WWW M QQJWQQJQQWQMWWWMW M MCP 4512 f MQW M9222 W ,MU WW Mfww .1 W' Y"'T Compliments of PEL SHOE STORE Compliments of L. A. LEATHERS MERCURY LINCOLN 'C' The House of Service BROOKVILLE PENNSYLVANIA BROOKVILLE PENNSYLVANIA HAGER RESURFACING 8m SUPPLY CO. GRASSQ COAL MINING Bituminous Material And Construction 'IO87 Sunset Drive P. 8. G. COAL CLARION, PA. COMPANY Ycrcl Strottcmville, Po, BROCKWAY PENNSYLVANIA Phone: Clarion 312-M TYRONE HERALD COMPANY Publisher Tyrone Daily Herald Everything in Printing Phone MU-4-2100 Compliments of STEEL'S DRUG STORE Prescriptions and Fine Drugs THE REXALL STORE Phone MU-4-1190 THE VILLA AND THE HUB Good Luck Class of "58', 9 East 10th Street 102 "STOP and SHOPD at the WING SHOP Congratulations To the Class of '58 Phone M U-4-3901 1050 Penna. Ave. Tyrone, Penna VVHOLESALE DISTRIBUTORS OF QUALITY PRODUCTS BAYER BROTHERS, IN C. Tyrone, Pennu. Sponsors of Mid Penn Division ACKLIN IEWELRY COMPANY WVatChes Hamilton - Elgin - Crue-n - Bulova - Omega THE FINEST IN DIAMOND RINGS Fine China Btillltiflll Crystal Gifts for Every Occasion IO? RUTH H. SLOAN GENERAL INSURANCE NOTARY PUBLIC Insure to be sure Phone 376 Clarion, Pa. Phone 7 Cla HASKELL FURNITURE CO. Quality Home Furnishings at Reasonable Prices. 4- CLARION PENNSYLVANIA THE THRIFT PLAN "When if is economy To Borrow Money, Get a Lift From Thrift." rion, Pa. Some Day You Will Need IN S U R A N C E When You Do ---- Call On FLANAGAN'S INSURANCE SERVICE Phone I42 504 Main Street CLARION PENNSYLVANIA GROVE MOTOR'S CHRYSLER PLYMOUTH Phone M U-4-0072 Tyrone, Penna. HEBERLINCFS STORE Where You Get What You Like And Like What You Get Phone MU-4-0660 Columbia Avenue and 17th Street For Quick and Efficient Service IOHN HAGG, IR. DAIRY Milk at finest Quality Phone MU-4-2902 Tyrone. Penna Congratulations to The Class of 1958 THE HICKES CROCERY 1401 Penna. Avenue Phone MU-4-3370 Tyrone, Penna. Scrap Metals HODES BROTHERS Phone MU-4-0870 Lincoln Avenue 61 West 16th Street Tyrone Penna. THE W. F. HILLER ACENCY REAL INSURANCE - REAL ESTATE Over 65 Years of Unexcelled Insurance Service To Tyrone and Vicinity Phone MU-4-3340 970 Pennsylvania Avc HCME ELECTRIC Tyrone Pennsylvania BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1958 106 BLATCHFORD FURNITURE CO. Everything for the Home Featuring PARK LANE FURNITURE Phone MU-4-1100 1000 Penna. Avenue Tyrone, Penna. INSURANCE AGENCY WILLIAM C. BARR 201 jones Building Phone MU-4-2033 Tyrone, Penna. BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF "58" from EN CELMAN F LORIST Compliments of BEN FRANKLIN STORE Goods from S .05 to 5151.00 DEAN ,S SERVICE STATION Mobil Gas and Oil General Repairs Special lubrications We Give S 81 H Green Stamps Phone MU-4-9930 3rd Street :Sz Washington Ave. ABRAMS CASH MARKET Home Owned Low Prices High Quality 21st Street 61 Columbia Avenue Tyrone, Penna. 107 1' i 1 l THE BRUCE STUDIO of the Class of "58" GOOD LUCK THROUGHOUT LIFE COME TO US FOR ALL YOUR PHOTOGRAPHIC NEEDS 1263 Pennsylvania Avenue Tyrone, Pennsylvania GOOD LUCK - SENIORS OF "58', DAVID'S David Goldberg, Owner Corner Penna. Ave. and Tenth Street Phone MU-4-3650 Tyrone, Pa. Diamonds - Watches - jewelry Ladies' Wearing Apparel BURLEY BROTHERS Nu gas Distributors 960 Pennsylvania Avenue Tyrone, Penna. Phone MU-4-2370 J. L. FINK HARDWARE Hardware - Paper - Paint 1007 Pennsylvania Avenue Phone MU-4-3011 Tyrone, Pa HARPSTER CHEVROLET COMPANY Sales - Service CHEVROLET SWEET, SMOOTH, AND SASSY BUICK NEWEST BUICK YET Complete Line of Genuine Chevrolet Parts General Repairs Towing Complete Automotive Service WARRIORS MARK Phone 10-R-12 109 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1958 RAY BURIAL VAULT CO. TYRON E PENNSYLVANIA OLIVER F. SCHELL 6: COMPANY Certified Public Accountants MUNICIPAL BUILDING Tyrone Pennsylvania FRED M. MOORE Plumbing and Heating 1010 Logan Ave. Tyrone, Pa. Phone MU 4-2863 DEALER FOR O. A. Smith Permaglass Automatic Water Heaters Guess Who? Compliments of THE TYRONE MINISTERIUM Roy O. Bodtorf First Methodist Church I. Martin Dick Baptist Church Harold E. Crosby Assembly of God Dr. R. L. Hutchinson, President First Presbyterian Church Harry C. Stenger Methodist Home for the Aged Rollin H. Taylor Columbia Ave. Methodist Church George F. Sickenberger Christian Missionary Alliance David E. Straesser Sinking Valley Parish H. B. Burkett Free Methodist John Boyce Bethel A. M. E. Church Thomas E. Gray, Secretary Young Menys Christian Assln. Budd R. Smith First E. U. B. Church Henry G. Springer, Treas First Lutheran Church Dr. W. R. Kensinger Church of 'the Brethren R. E. Borland, Vice President Sinking Valley Presbyterian Church Major Mildred Bowles Salvation Army Leland Keemer Warriors Mark Methodist Church D. T. Whitesel Trinity Episcopal CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATING CLASS OF 1958 LOYAL ORDER OF MOOSE TYRONE LODGE NO. 25 1 Con gratulations to the IONES AND NEWLIN Graduating Class of Attomeys-at-Law 1958 THE AMERICAN jones Building HOWARD GARDNER POST NO. 281 Tyrone Pennsylvania Tyrone Pennsylvania O. A. KENNEDY,S HOBBY SHOP RELAX WITH A HOBBY All gauge Train Appliances Toys - Appliances - Gift Items Crafts - Boats - Cars - Planes Portable Radios and Phonographs Taste and Be Convinced Bread - Pastries - Cakes KIENZLE,S BAKERY Phone MU 4-2161 Penna. Ave. Tyrone, Pa. M ay Success and Happiness Be Your Goal MORRIS LEVINE Family Shoe Store CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1958 x.. N- VX , - ' VJ Y. P f' X ' WH - ff, T J I Fx I A V Y V' Q U X jmxjxg J 5' My xf' SBI' EH X L A .5 w x J, f'yf9J xii W 51' f L N01 if 'figfef QA' XE! 1 X V , 3 ja X! ,V J AJ ,N jj ,X V, jx . ,L XY A f A ' I Y" 5 . ' M X fffwiifgf I JJ yffjffbkcfmigyf J gif' I ?'j7:PP"3 X I A SSJFTJRQ SW NW M' Xf ki 'La' H I, V , ,J X N .. , ji S51 ,ETX J, K X 2 1 K j I JB! E , yr, V: J XSJ if. Jfhrjfvfflg C5-L Xyf Sify M V-jj ,AX IJJJLXTW U . , fx 9 .,VV K J I Vi N I QQ fr ,f . X., E I 'RWM HF ,J JDJ ,ffwjji X If if RXJ I Ei , fu f- K' ff H-f NI LA: J J' 'xn -' rx' K. iff: A X 77 VH Q J NN' -,H i f ' If ,L ff E5 Aff , I ij N ,L " vQIjJJfXofCK 3 if X Nj ff! I Rf 'Of J I H 'I SMI-LHP AJR IJ V" I IJ! fx F1 cvs . ' IJ' EN I K1 6? ,IU J H V! f'J J XR! 4IO THIRD ST. I N ll I ll! ill QIUIQ H BIRDS HUB WUSBHB BDI! H5303 Bl SURE!! BQ BDSBIHINGIB 388388533955 HBH! W H MH IR CANTON, OHIO o GL 6-8277 mmm QB! HB8 BH B HHN BBB BSR HBH PHOTOGRAPHY ENGRAVINGS ELECTROTYPES RETOUOHING LETTERING AKRON CLEVELAND COLUMBUS PITTSBURGH DETROIT I 1. 1 K' ,f - N' ff, PS is 1 v7 if 'f f-A Tdff x Qjr cp 1 1 , 5' ,A Vf -t ,vp Q Y- 1 V ' I gn! x ,. X V, J- f , 1 ' - P Q7 , Y jj f J 1 RY' f' ff V " 'S s N A Q 1 B , , 1 , if My , A J T, . . ' J 'E Q' A Q, ji J ' J-1,1- PJ ,fix 3jT YO QWQQODEIEALTH AND ENJOYMENT ALWAYSD fit of J X Q X 1 1 fr U ' -1 .-yisir the DAIRY DIP yd ff' .sf Q! VD" ,- I jf Af 'P 1 - DAIRY DIP - Lf' - '-if r A Sf' We 'f rf' 'f' QP" ff . ,Qi 075 0 ff: pwyl' vga ,,.'Iust West of Tyrone on Route 220 'X-42 J 1- JL! y Tv-fa x - J y df-J i Viale ,for the Big Dairy Dip Truck - Only the best in Dair Products served A ,J V A DJ. x 5 Y Zvi UT U T'i'wf'F, .wifi A Ma jf YZ! - 1 35' pf ' nf' Donit miss years, many Big Contests! p Stop at the Dip for all details A Listen Always To the Dairy Dip Hit Parade Daily Gver W. T. R. N When the treats on You - X Make it the best! Stop at the Dairy Dip, open Daily 11:00 A.M. ,till 1:00 P.M. Try a delicious'Pizza Pie, 'Foot Long Hot Dogg Bar-B-Ques, and the Best in Dairy Products at the DAIRY DIP 114 X tix e xx .1 4 Y' 1 .QVLJQX of .fga!uerlfi5er5 Abram's Cash Market ,. Acklin,s Iewelry .. . A. B. Sportland .,,. American Legion ,..r... Baney's Florist . ..,. . Barrls Insurance .Vi.r Ben Franklin ,.i4,.i,. Blatchfordis B. P. O. E. ..,.,,. . Bruce Studio , , .r... Burley Brothers .a..,. Burnham,s .i.,ir..,.. Canton Engraving ..,..,,. Central Distributors i,,.r... 107 ,,.. .103 92 ...112 98 ..,.....,1o7 ,N .,..,,.,.107x,i 107 .........104 .108 108 93 113 93 Chicago Rivet ,..,.r.. .. ..,, ......... 1 01 Agilloxlerhfann Stores .... 103 Dairy Dip .. ...,. ..,..r... . .,......114 Emi-:Sigma station ..i.,.., 107 Dickson, I. A. ........,.,, ir,i, ,....... . Englemanis Florist ..,.... ,.,, .110 Fink Brothers .,...,..,. ....., 9 3 Fink, L. Hardware ...,....... .. ..,..., ,,.i ......., .108 Fink,suDrug Store ,.......... ....... , .,........ . .. , 90 LFirst Blair Co. Nationa1Bank ,... 3 1 ..., .. , 99 Fifipatrick Timor .,..,.....,.... 95 Fisher's Hardware , ..,..,..,.....,,. ..., , .. 90 Forte Shoe Shop ..,. ...,..,,. 9 5 Fresh Music and Gift .. .t 95 Gardneris Candy Store ,... . 95 Gardner's Clothing Store ...,.., , 97 Garman,s Dept. Store ..,. .. , .. .. .. 95 Geistis Auto Service ,, , 97 Getz Market .....,..... -,..,- . 31. 95 Givler,s Place ..,.,,......., 95 rcfisve 4' ,QM ..,. 105 aggfsx airyV,.f...v'Y. ..., . 105 fTChevrolet Co. . 109 e er ingis Market ......,..,. . .. ..,..,..,..,. . ...105 . Hickes Grocery .. ..,.....,,....,.. X ........ .,,.,, , .. , . 105 ,i'Hiller Agency ....,.,,.,..,.. saffhf .......,..,... ,....... . 106 Hodes Scrap Metal..,.4 ...,..,,..... , 105 lliorne Electric ,.,..,...,.....,.,..,.,,,, .106 11JXNewlin,,qAttorneys ..,,.,. ...,.. 1 12 iata Packing'Co. .......,,.......... ....... 9 7 Kennedyis Hobby Shop ...,..,.., .. 1.112 Kienzle,s Bakery ...,.,... 112 Levineis Shoe Store ,..,. 112 115 ...X t Levineis Men's Store ..,,. Lugg Sz Edmonds . McCrory,s Store ...... Mike's Cut Rate ,........... f,Miller Brothers ...........,....... . '-xMinemiers Service Station 'Ministerium ...,..,,.,..,. ,.. .... .... Nrlglnafs jewelry ....... Mooreis Plumbing . , , oose Home ..,... ,,.. , ,.., ..,. . Morrow,s Equipment .,..... ....., Pantry Confectionery Store .... Penna. Hotel ....... .......... . Peter's Grocery ....,.... Pringle Shop .. .. ...,.. ., ., Professional Services ,..,., Ray Burial Vault . ..... Rea and Derick Co. .... . Rhodes Planning Mill ,.., . . Rossi Brothers, Service Station Rothert Co. ,...,..,., .....,.. . .. .. , Rupert Chevrolet Co. ...,..,.,,. . Schell, O. F., Accountant ..,. . S chulmanis .,......,. ...., ......,.... Seareris Electric ,. .. ..,. ., ., Simm,s Iewelry , Snyderis Electric .. .. .. Steelis Drug Store . ,. ,, , .R Strem,s Studio .... .fr 1 lTSL111YlSq'5,YYCgtV Shop .. Swayneis T. V. . ,. . . Thomas Agency . .,,.., .,.,..... . Tyrone Appliance Center , , Tyrone Herald . ,.., .,..,. . . Tyrone Laundry ..,..,....,,., Tyrone Lime and Stone . Tyrone Milling ....,......,.,..,. V.F.W. ........,..,, ,..,. . Villa and Hub ....,...... .. Waple's Dairy .......,.....,.,....... . West Va. Pulp and Paper Co. Wing Shop ..............,...,....,.....,.. Wolf Furniture Co. . Woodringis Market ..,.....,..,.. Yenter, I. C., Contractor .,..,, Ready Taxi Co. ....,..,.. ..,..,..,. ,..,. . . . 90 90 90 88 88 88 111 88 1 10 1 1 1 89 89 89 88 89 87 1 10 88 97 89 93 89 96 110 93 98 94 94 102 91 94 98 92 92 102 92 98 92 99 102 94 100 102 94 98 91 ofldfdf 61171, jd f0Ll4fIf8lfLf We, the Class of 1958, being of cluttered mind and unsound body, do hereby bequeath to our most humble underclassmen our memories of our six years of high school. Getting ready for those cold winter morn- ings during the next few years will be Nancy Miller wearing Tony Scordois wrestling sweater. Perk up, Dot Stoner and "Doats,, McMullen, because you are the recipients of Nancy Ritcheyis ability to play touch football in the junior high halls. Get the car ugassed upf, Sherry, because you will be making your sister, Sally Cuppis, regular trips to Houtzdale. jean Savitts wills to her sister the ability to get up in the morning and get the old "Chevy started for school. Happy motoring, Shirley. A new mathematician is in the making. Muriel Hambright will probably be able to add two and two and get four when she inherits Caroline Snyderis seat in Mr. Winger,s senior math class. Gayle Naylor regretfully leaves her journey to the Methodist Home in the evenings after school to Mary Kochera. Donit work too hard! Lucky fellas who are going steady. jane Parker leaves to you her last name-Park-erll Jo Anna Herlt gladly wills to anyone willing to receive them, her long hours spent doing shorthand. To her sister, Laura Mae, Jean Kimberling wills her ability and patience to control the temper given to all red-heads. jane "Smiley,, Hicksv wills to Delores Lynn her unbearable laugh. All the bumps and rattles of the ride on the school bus are yours, Jerry Harris. You may thank Iudy Bonsell. Our heartfelt sorrows are with Mr. Wagner because Lauraella Blanchard wants Dale Frye to have her badly worn band uniform and the troubles that go with it. Fern "Bomeo', Price bestows his mastery to pick out beautiful women to the future "Romeo', in his gang. Bob Heberling leaves to Claude Lewis his supply of midnight oil. If Mr. Matusky ever needs any new jokes, and he will, Rosalie Markel will gladly give him all her old worn out ones, provided he tells them to juniors only. Looks like Albert Duey will be getting his hamburgers first from now on since Eleanor Mc- Naul leaves him her place in line at the Pantry. Take it easy on the onions. If any African lover ever needs a name, joan Port will be glad to give him her Spanish name, "Briana," But she has to keep her tom- toms for future use. With the sounds of screeching tires and crunching metal, all of Earl Snyder's automobile accidents are yours, Gene Eyer. Isnft that a lovely gift? jetsey Root and Betty Lou Fisher are the lucky beneficiaries of Hope Snyder's special corner in the hall to meet their fellows. Get your "ink-wiper" out, Shirley, because you get your sister, Nancy Burketis, leaky foun- tain pen. Bob Hubert wills to Don Grimm his "privi- legesvft? to run up and down the streets of Tyrone, without being caught. Don't push your luck too far, Don. jim, "Maxie the taxi-driverf, Eckert wills to Tom, "The future Maxief, Getz his job of haul- ing the neighborhood kids to T. A. H. S. Who, for instance, jim? Do Fords and the know-how to get along with women go together? If so, Clarence Hagan wills these to Charles Cafferelli. Fasten your seat belt, Bernice Beckl You are the lucky recipient of Mike Lakeis dangerous rides in a red jeep. joe Graves wills to Dick Graves his side of the car to see the curves of 'the road. You're sure it was the road you were looking at, joe? Jim Campbell is privileged to have Le Roy Beckwithis parking??? Jas! am! jsfameni Galen Gilliland will be going "wild', after he receives Sam Hayes' love of Elvis and Rock'n Roll. Shake a leg, Galen! Star quarterback next year will be Winston Harpster since Pep Myers leaves him his start- ing position. Better call the right plays, Winston. Mr. Hixson and Mr. Moore will need a shave from now on. Eugene Harpster just willed them his sideburns. Don Smith wills to Howdie Carper his ability to goof off at football practice. By the looks of the honorable mention of the Central Counties teams you didn't do too much goofin- off, Don. One seat in the school bus from the Valley will be taken by Ed Moore, willed 'to him by Fred Sones. If jerry Cupp is willing to take care of Tom Rigglemanis Ford with his life, then he may have it. Patty White wills to Nancy Cowher her position in Lancaster fnear Millersville! Umm! Interested in football, Nancy? One seat in the bus will be filled permanently by Sarah Steele, willed to her by Margaret Ramsey. Esther Dickson passes on to sister, Nancy, all the education she has obtained although she doubts there will be much room for it. Of course, she is just kidding. Carol Bloom is the beneficiary of Mary Alice Long's Spanish Club gavel and her ping pong paddle minus a partner. How many times did you beat her, Carol? Donna Harpster Wills to jane Smith the ability to keep her shoes on in math class. Did you have troubles, Donna? Pete Vanneman, with deep regret, person- ally bestows upon Prob the leadership of the Hillcrest "horde.,' Coming up are future trips to the Blue Goose for Linda Derman willed to her by Donna Calderwood. Donit squirt any more ketchup, Linda! "Chink,v we mean, Elmer Greene wills to Dick Waite his chinky eyes and handy dandy ricksaw. To her sister, Betty Anne, Linda Geist wills her alarm clock so that she may have the won- derful feeling of rising and shining at six thirty on those cold school mornings. Mary Anne O,Rourke bequeaths to Debbie Crist her ability to be early so that perhaps someday Muriel will be on time. Watch out, blond-headed fellows! Shirley Barone just left to Kay Gondolfo her attraction for you! This is interesting. Richard Emel leaves to anybody, anything. Itis yours for the taking. Any junior who would like to have Gar Long's history outline is welcome to them. That is, if you can get them from Miss Crawford. Time for a commercial! Larry Barlett leaves to any ambitious junior his position at the best drug store in town-Finkisl Sore fingers and dull chisels are given to Marty Kobak from Paul Bennett. George Gripp leaves to john Rice his seat in Mr. LaPorte's class and his days of absence. To anyone who is willing to smell feet, jim Philage bequeaths his job at the Morris Levine Shoe Store. If she gets 'there on time, Peggy will re- ceive all her sister, Mary Morrow,s, crazy rides on the band bus. Phillip Harpster, or F rintzer senior, wills to Frintzer underclassman, or Steve Garner, F rint- zer senior. Do you understandil? Water boy, Neil Kimmel, wills his job to the future T. A. H.S. water boy, Bill Shaw. Tom Yeager wills to Charlie Rodgers his ability? to give book reports and to work in machine shop for Mr. Corbin. jerry Walk will be the lucky recipient'of Nick Maisano's guard position on the football team, but he will also have to take all the heck from the coaches. rav- wrg' v 1' j .Lai W! an jlafamenlf Because of a very special boyis initials which are M. W., Cork Seiner is the beneficiary of Freda Parson's job at Harpsters. Leah Nevling bestows to Barb Welch her fast ride to school on the bus. Hang on to your seat, Ba1'b. Put on your winged shoes because you, Kay Gondolfo, are the lucky recipient of Nancy Waiteis fast walking through the halls of T. A. H. S. To anyone who will make them, David Fink wills his book reports. Bonnie Sharer will be having a good time at sports events from now on because Don Kobak wills all his enjoyable times to her. Natalie Yothers bestows on lucky Susan Christofic her history book, if you call t at luck. Larry Lucas can thank jim Albright for all his future running around and loafing in the halls on shop time. Tom Dawson regretfully leaves to Shirley Gray all his love and affection for good old T. A. H. S. Charlotte Smith will be happy to give to Pat Miller her special seat on the school bus. Ron Thomas bestows upon some lucky junior the gavel of the Key Club president fRest in piecesj. Next fall Winston Harpster will be able to enjoy all Bill Hick's long rides home after foot- ball practice. Sally Moifet bequeaths to Carol Bloom her megaphone. Cheer real hard for T. A. H. S., Carol. Some lucky junior typist will be the re- ceiver of Kathryn Gummo's typewriter seat. Another loafer by the name of Bill Smith will roam the halls next year because Bob Ayers gives him his loafing time in shop. Florence Ormsby bequeaths her ability to work in study hall to her brother, Sidney. And this isn,t a jokel To Rose Marie Mayhue, Judy Beals gives her giggle, famous in the C. Club. Barb Judy gives to any girl on the basket- ball team the privilege of wiping up the floor. fBrush burns and allj. Winston Harpster will have a hard time changing when Marlyn Trostle wills to him his shyness with girls especially Winst0n,s sister, Ginny. john Seiffer is the beneficiary of Gene Can- nistraciis hot six. Don't make it too hot, John! Carole Westly will have to work fast now because she is to receive from Carol Clark the ability to keep up with Mr. Bock. Carol Stitt bestows on lucky Carol Mertiif her many long and exciting walks to the Prin- cipal's Office. They weren't really so bad, were they Carol? Some underclassman with straight hair may have Sherrill Fagley's natural curly hair for the asking. To anyone who wants to run out of gas conveniently, jim Wilson will bequeath his broken fuel gauge. Marie Richards wills to some junior who is an ambitious alto her wom, torn ensemble mu- sic. Of course, this ambitious alto should be able to sing. Glenn Dean wills to any sophomore or junior who can sing, his senior choir gown and all the good times that go with it, and he means good times. Bonnie Rossman is the lucky recipient of Delbert Hamer's lone walks to school. Don Simondale wills to Debbie Crist his ability to pay attention in class and still get into trouble. Harry Albright, by some good turn of fate, rffceives all Paul Ramseyis good times in math c ass. Glenn Sellers bestows on jim Maisano his good times and laughs in Miss MacDowell's room. Are you sure it was just Miss MacDowell who caused all the laughter, jim? To anyone who owns a ,50 Chrysler, Rich Lazeration bequeaths his ability for was it the caris ability to hold back those big bad 300, cisj. ,pi qu . ... ...-.-.vt .. .fair W!! W! Zafamenf Suave Charlie Decker wills to future suave Warren Pine all his luck and good times with the girls in the class of ,59. Mr. Corbinis in for it when Bill Dixon be- stows on Abby Carper his jurisdiction over Mr. Corbin. To Frances Zones go all Bernice Beck- withis good times doing experiments in the chemistry lab. Don,t blow up anything, Frances. Poor Mr. Pearce will suffer when Connie Cupper wills to Santa Rose Zanghi her ability to make messes with a paint brush in art class. Long hours are ahead for Ianie Bell be- cause she is the recipient of Merle Stonebrakeris presidents gavel of F. T. A. Io Friday bequeaths to her sister, Karen, all the long walks from the east end. No special someone to walk with this next year, Karen. Barbara Miller is happy to receive the ability to keep the band cheering. You can thank Mary Lou Heberling. Douglas Hildebrand wills to Ron Ashcroft his photography experience and his ticket to the moon. The ticket's good for 30 days only. Red-faced Ianet Buck bestows on Mary jane Russell her ability of getting into the mid- dle of embarrassing situations. lean Fisher wills to her sisters, Carol and Dixie, all the fun she's had in school and in the band and also her late hours spent doing home- work. Now girls, don,t iight over which gets the fun and which gets the late hours. Ray Trenary wills to Alice McClellan his job of riding shot gun with Crash Beckwith. Deacon, wake-up-early, Morningred will- ingly gives to sleepy O'Rourke the CAheml ability to get to the football field on time. Hold your head, Pat Hildebrand, because Neil Murchison wills to a junior on the Youth Center Council a chance to throw the gavel at you. D'on't bother studying any more, Mary Kochera, because Tom Shultz wills you all his bad grades. Bob Carson will be playing real cool guitar music, thanks to Bill jones. Diane Woomer bequeaths 'to Linda Philage her seriousness. If you can be serious, keep a strong hold on that sense of humor too, Linda. To a lonely junior girl goes a package of airmail stamps and a sailor hat given by Deborah McNally. Ietsey Root will receive from Emma Lee McMullen her worn out majorette boots. Not so lucky, Cookie Anderson, receives Rhoda Leepeifs long walks back and forth to school. Kay Miller wills to any home ec. girl her arguments with Mrs. Nearhoof. Lucky Dorothy Dunkel procures Barbara Morrisseyis ability to sew a mean stitch in home ec. class. Lynne Glenn regretfully wills to Ietsey Root her love for black Chevys. VVhat a gift, huh, Ietsey? Roselyn Markel will have a beautiful supply of shoe strings as Barbara Harpster is giving her hers. Thanks to Leslie Hagen, Bill Wiser will have a seat ready for him in math class. Lester Williams bestows on Gus and Bar- bara his best wishes in the days to come. Another fast ride is on the list for Patty Welch as Millie Moore gives the one she takes to school. William Urban bequeaths to jim Cowher his ability to do farm work. You soon will be plowing a mean row, Jim. Space No. 102 in the marching band will be occcupied by Ieff Rhodes. You can thank Bill Barnes, Jeff. Robert Updike wills to Philip Fleck his long rides to Altoona and back. Gary Crowell will be sorry when he re- ceives from Ray Crowell the early, cold, tiring mornings at the football field for band practice. If Clayton Walk has any ambition, he will be glad to receive Eugene Zimmerman's ability to be a good machinist. ' 5' W' .fda W am! ,Z5famenf If Darrell Shildt can get by without being caught, he may use Jim Hickis drafting and blueprint work for Mr. Moore. Gib Minemier bequeaths his history note- book to anyone who can read Latin. Surely your writing isn,t that bad, Gib. Ianet Stouffer will have a back seat in world history class provided for her by Ruth Frederick. Sharon Ohrtman wills to her sister, Darlene, her job in the Guidance Office. Millie Cherry gives to a skating enthusiast, Judy Gault, all her books on skating. Lucky Robert Detwiler is the recipient of Sandra Deanls history outlines. That should be a help. Donna Davis wills to her sister, Sue, her long walks to school. Get out your walking shoes, Sue. Margie Kobuck bestows on Bonnie Butter- baugh the next year of misery. But Bonnie, it really isn't so bad. Many trips will be made to Port Matilda by Geraldine Harris. You can thank Ioyce Fink, Geraldine. To anyone who wants the bumpy seat on the bus, Carol Dillon gives it to him for the asking. Bill Woleslagle bequeaths to Charlie Hamer his favorite cabin. Bob Kimberling wills to Charlie Dry his car for the time when Charlie's bucket of bolts breaks down. Dick Albright will have a high standing in machine shop next year, 'thanks to the gener- osity of Charles Houser. Eddie McAlevy wills to Kenny Parks his good grades in electrical shop. We hope they are good grades. Bev Warrender leaves to Cookie Anderson her ability to goof-off on the girls, basketball team. Arlene Lewis wills to Peg Bilger and Delores Taylor the ability 'to run down chickens without killing them. C10 pointsl Sally Stimer bequeaths to Bernice Shultz her love for the boys, especially the ones with light brown hair. Lynn Drake bestows on Bob Clites his right tackle position. Good luck, Bob. Unlucky Gwen Burns is to receive all of Ken Bonsellis bad driving habits. Helen Goss wills to Helen Peterson all her trips to Port Matilda, both necessary and un- necessary. Iim sure either will satisfy you, Helen. Judy Weston wants Alice McClellan to gage as much fun at P. I. parties as she always 1 . Antoinette Idarola sends along to her sister, Gloria, her many happy hours at T. A. H S. Harrison Railing bequeaths to Stanley Mor- rissey his handy, dandy hobart Welder with a faulty electric fuel pump and unreliable gover- nor, in the auto shop. Keep it oiled, Stan. Sister Carol will have all Kay Gunsallus luck in keeping that special person. The back seat on Pop Sickle's bus will be filled by lim Crowford. You can thank Bob Burket, Iim. Fred Dannaway bequeaths to his brother, Ian, the keys to the car. Fred says that you had better have money for gas because the old man won't buy any for you, Ian. Happy walking Nancy because you are the recipient of your brother, jim Cowher's, long hikes to and from the school. One seat in agriculture goes to Roy from his brother, jim Homan. Ann Fiore joyfully leaves to her sister, Florence, a compass to find a shorter route to school. Mrs. johnson won't have to buy any new shoes for a While because she is to receive Polly Bowseris red gum drops. Now you can step on them all you like, Mrs. Johnson. Finally, to all underclassmen, we, the class of 1958, do hereby will our remembrances of fun filled days so that you too may cherish happy memories of your school years forever. 1 A fx , yi' 1 E ar V . A Q, , l of . , .. gy no '. ' YW U1 X Q V5 ,gl mmm ai' o fa Ns v gg QR - .- 5 ,m fa .S as 'MQW x-Wm W ,K ix f' fx? ,X hm? 33 r E25 Ry f gkrlw Mybwimx , .. fn, ,Af xy, NE Y my ', vig. n Tumi N ,SF N . Q2 iw 5 EW xg 4' 1. 4v 2 iz: A Z? iw W- x Gif' 13 g Q! K? M W v Qigiifl V gliimm ,vi Q g y , .Y 5g, . E M Aa W qw 353,20 Us QQ ,mm 91 ish gg Q , 3- ' Bw W fe A A S

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