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1 K Q . X I of V A S . Ps i A Z' ' F' rx, my 5, ' ' ,,,g.w..'-- ' 'Q ' 44. ' ' . rqimfw, ,gf ,vb Q' bg, A . mn X km' - I .gv I ' K f 4 A Q lm ff 4 2 - Q - It K .hw 1 3 , W an .4 A VM 'N If ,iw 'M 4 . ni 4 V ' M' ,nn .Q V . A ' A X 4 N. we A 2 Q-'Q 'I K? is U y . 1- ' 6 - A ' A . - A . 1 r if gy G , Fl sf 954 'ax Y af f ,af is 5 H 4 ' .- - W A up Q V Q A 1 Q Ai' , . 'ZA 4 -NW , ,, ' Q 44,5 I' my alfa- 1 , , I ai A gm Q A ' , Q, :ix Y' f e 3 M: iff" ' 'M W A 5-Q4 ff? Qs. W X nf SSN J""'Tfa i 12' ' . M ,4 It , , by . E L l iff W 7 k in 44, M 1, laww Mm iam M M ,H . mmm A ,L :ff M ,W-4 .ga 4- M 4 , , Wm 4.44w'f7m? MW 44 ff 4 ,fmgg Wnmkwf' W ff .M n hw W4 4.44 4 4 X - f 44 H 3343-Q.:4 "hfQ4f'2Af T W-iiifilfl' wi Gif" af' ' L't3.l"3f ' FQ ' 44? f a' wwf"1mf'LM,,4g 1 A A , W4 , ., , N A ,J W, Ma ! , ,t W ,. iw, AH 4, 'Qu-w , 4 q.,,m,x,, , 4 . 4, 4 Lmfvip, , ,VM . , N: Www' . 'five'-ft? MMM, Y M, 4 M4 4 . 4 ff 3215. 2 W' W4 aw. 4,4 .... 2, :L fb w-ff 4, ar -HM , N, 'VY'-4. 4 4 bm 43.1 ,W . gay, JA' , X, W 1 ,, if 4 y ,. ,an -f 14, if Q g,,Q.m A MJ, M W mn K Z A.an,1h,w ., as pw A W , U EEG ' f l Qk L3, , ' qv A, 1, 4.. j' - ',,,"'54 5' 555' fkw w-Yfrsfwfivx Q A' WDM -1 f 44' WA X V Nm if f - -. 5 V" 'aaa' '- "" 'K 'wfinwf L4 iwsikk 3? V X up ,ymi 4 C I y J, 4, ,,,-3..?-,4.,,,,f , I' ,-::' A M A wx 4, W .-.,... - ., iih v- i ki? 4 V , Q - D -4 - .4 A K, 4 Mm, my 'G' V W ' M? 5 5 3 151515 .rv iQ13'.,f4"2' 'Q'VzYg 2wvm6'T- 4665 3 KW 4 A :VM E ., was m i 1 U n i w w h Mk if Y x . ak 1,.. k Qsgnwhif B lm Jag L ..:,,.. ,I '- 5 V I 34.4 Vuzul j gwi 2 --" . --'- f N 'Q V, 4 57 'Q 3?f'if 'V W 4 1 A f 4 ' ...L.j - ' V yi? 'D f Q K if 5' ' M -'-" A V 'YA -4? ' ' "" " ff' L mpwgw If ' W' W' W My ,NP .f w f'3.?M W H W , X A Q 'S Y A ff 'W -' , ling' M, if 'Y if W' Wu WW!! 4,4 w 4' f4?,4f,fw'?-f- 'MD' at , W www ids E Quai 1 F 5, X' if M L T W qi tk M 'yi 'V M M ' ' N S 7 M 4 ax mi, Q 933 3 . '- ,x W ' ,4 ' 44 W , - . A' ,W X ""' 'W 'x -V' F, Q' , A L , .,.. - if ,, , A in - 1 , , wa, ,M 4 Q. M, gi I ..,, 4 .fW5M,5Q4g,pfH'5npv, 4"xffi'gg' -Qu: M 7 . if r 4 Mxw ?AAN is 4 ,. ,.,- -.,,. ,,.: ,M iiwqfj MM Volume 39 Foreword Like all good things, our days at Tyrone Area High must come to an end. Even though our school days are at an end, We have had many experiences which will not be easily forgotten. Later in life, when we look through the pages of the Falcon, We will relive many of the in- cidents Which have taken place. From the con- fusing days of seventh gradeg We have grown to become the graduating class of 1957. When We have settled down in the various fields that We plan to enter, We will reminisce concerning the different trips our class has taken and the incidents that have occurred. Didnlt We have fun? Then, too, the athletic teams have given us many happy moments to remember. However, there has been a portion of hard work blended in With the many good times that We have had. Through the efforts of our teachers, we should be prepared to advance in the fields that We have selected. In this class, graduating in the centennial year of Tyrone, We hope that there will be many outstanding personalities. Using the Centennial as our theme, we have tried to make the 1957 Falcon one of the best. l We hmfwfz 9'yww,e'a IDD k YEARS ,a XE? UWMWM O r X 2 i ll" R , ff, .,l. ! A ! 'ff , 'lp ffl . ' i 'l-1 E I A 155 -n Wil X ff? f Afx X K' sf J 'Ulf O " Q L A - 1 ' V 1- 179 x X- V Qi, 'Y YV, K , ' , ,,,. t i -I P, , ff x L gn , , I x K ' . ' ' V X - - . Y . Ll 1957 I-'ALUO TYIIDIIE HIE! IIIBII SGIIDOL TYIIOIB Pl. l ,ze I8 5 7 Q UF? f S E E E Q 35 ul Q as ,. .1 xnxx.. 1 nn1n ---1 -u--- T vw 1957 OW ii I i 5 Dedication Hazel Latshaw For her untiring patience and guidance as adviser of the Spokesman Staffs, Miss Latshaw merits this dedication. As an outstanding and gifted teacher, she has been most faithful to the many classes through the years, and has proved herself to be a guiding light both spiritually and educationally. It is with grate- ful appreciation and admiration that We, the Class of 1957, dedi- cate our yearbook to MISS HAZEL LATSHAW. jr 6 W! MN? -. v"' .M-.. 1 ,ft "Nw 6 1ff1l1"lv:1'-ffijjkffffw. ,1f'!?H?Qs..,,.unb i X:x:,, -...M jf! 1' ' ' , xx ' QA2'J4Z4,Hl2lbLgw4 WDA-?"' W' , 'f' is :V f Wa V 'I' 1 Q lg ,, .. xx x S Mpwm, 1 1 , f 4 Q ADULT A 1 QE 4 A 1!1 gf nz vp ' " ' Standing: jay Tilson, John E. Baker, Hieharcl H. Pease Cnon-rnemherj, Oscar F. Iohnson, YVil- liam D. ML-Naul fI101'1-1H6lHl7Cl'J, Dr. Norman Miller CSuperintenclentj and Elclrecl D. Hileman Seated: Clay I. Treaster-3rcl Viee-President, W'ilfrecl C. Buck-lst Viee-Presiclent, jesse -I VVooclring-President, James B. Crawford-2r1cl Viee-President, Marjorie E. Barr-Secretary. T rone Area School Committee ,.. e Standing: XI. C. YVaite, Clarence Taylor, Harold I. Erharcl, Alex F. Wilson, Alex E. Iohnston, Shannon NV. Ramsey. Seated: Leland D. ML-Monagle, Mrs. Cora L. Kaup, Curtis XV. Solt, Mrs. Edna H. YVaite, George C. Lake. Not in Picture: Harry N. Class, Robert A. Steel, Henry F. Laughlin, L. Paul Funk, Charles Pryor. Mrs. Sara J. Parks ancl Samuel T. Friday. 8 4. K3 """"""" as Standing: Le-on Cox 411011-ll'I6I1HX'l'i, Ha-1'liert YV. Conrad, john A. Dunkc-I, Donald C. Brown, Robc-rl B. Nvnrhoof, liiclmrd D. Slll'HOIlbC1'gl'l'. Seated: Rolwrt D. Sham-1', Harold E. Bzikcr. Robvrt P. Hcberling, XVillimn H. Hicks. YViliizim E. Artimm. T Tone Borough chool District Authorit ...-Q-sg. Standing: Dr. NOI'111illl Nlillc-r, Supi-1'i1itm-ndontg B. C. -loncs, Solicitorg Hugh D. Nlurkle. Yiw- Prcsidentg Ralph A. Gill, Tl'Ci.lSllfCI'Q Nlil1'j0l'iC E. Burr flllfS.J, Asst. Sm-c1'etu1'yg -I. Lynnc Fc1'mL1', Pri-sidenlg Dr. john A. Ayn-s, St'L'l'l'tlll'y. Not in Picture: Francis -I. Hvrringlton. Asst. Sc-c1'v- hi1'y-Trcalslm-i'. SJ Superintendent Dr. Norman Miller Principal N. Grant Hixson I f Secretaries t t ght: D. walk, KI. Barr, H. Hoovn Director of Curriculum Dr. Willard ' Keer Vocational Director D. Thomas Moore Secretaries L ft to right: D. xlCl'li1l'l2lllCl, U. Myers, H lei'- l-l. Dale Winger Director of lnstructional Materials Edwin Hasson Administrator in the Elementary Schools N f' 7 , Mary Corninesser Guidance Director 'J U . . g ! W4 'S Facult MATHEMATICS-SCIENCE Seated: Mr. NejakomChemistry and Physics, Mrs. Scott-General Scicnce, Mrs. Moore-English and Arithmetic, Mr. Hitchens-Algehru, Geometry and Trigonometry, Mr. NVinger-Basic Math. Standing: Mr. LaPorte-Related Mathematics, Mr. S1nith-Arith- mctic, Mr. Hicks-History and Mzithcinutics, Mr. Buk- er-History and Mathematics, Mr. Kncidinger-Georg ruphy and Science, Mr. Pletcher-IXIuthcmatics and History, Mr. Gilhzun-Biology and Science, Mr. Stcvc-r -Scicnce Cnot picture-di VOCATIONAL-HOME ECONOMICS Seated: Mr. Hayes-Agriculture, Mrs. Nearhoof- Home Economics, Miss Wilson-Home Economics, Mr. Corbin-Machine Shop. Standing: Mr. Gwin- Auto Shop, Mr. NVcstley-Carpentry Shop, Mr. Thonms-Electrical Shop. NMA' W SOCIAL STUDIES Seated: Mr. Chuckrnn-Pennsylvania History and Community Civics, Mrs. Metzler-History and Geog- raphy, Miss VVoo1ncr-Geography, Miss Crawford- YVorld and American History, Mr. Sto11chruker-A1ncr- in-un History. Standing: Mr. Hanlsluxlter-Americzln History, Mr. Blatusky-Problems of Democracy and American History, Mr. Pletcher-American History, Mr. Hicks-Pennsylvania History and Mathematics, Mr. Gorman-Prohlcms of Democracy and Driver Fd- uc-ution. X 1 f U LH I ff!! if PU V I JW J BIUSIC-ART-COMMERCIAL-LIBRARIAN Seated: Mrs. Thxmizis-Comincrciul, Mrs. Czunphcll- Commercial, Miss Budd-Art, Mrs. johnson-Vocal music, Miss XVoomcr-Vocal Music. Standing: Mr. Bock-Commcrcial, Mr. Pearce-Art Supcrvisor, Mr. Price-lnstriuncntul Music, Mr. Mzisood-Lihrziriim, Mr. Wil2Hlxl'-lllStl'lIIHOl'ltill Music. 0 f LW gzwuyw, in ' 4,UfV" ' Mvvfj 5 4 Ofjfifn W Aid' 'JMW 'uf of fl if.fl74fQ C? Qfwr fl""Z uffvl' HEALTH SERVICES Seated: Miss Sinclair-Dental Hygicnist, Mrs. Milcs- Nursc, Mrs. Pricc-Nurse. Standing: Miss Bauer- Health and Physical Education, Mr. Mohncy-Hculth and Physical Education. ENGLISH-FOREIGN LANGUAGE Seated: Mrs. Dcrr-English, Mr. Dannuway-Lutili and English, Mr. Czap-YVriting, Spelling and Driver Education, Miss Ehlc-Spanish, Writing and Spclling. Standing: Miss Finnegan-English and Reading, Mrs. Lake-English, Miss Dzuigherty-English and Hcuding, Miss Diaz-English and Reading, Miss Lutshaw- Englishfwliss gfiicllowcll-Englisli Knot picturcclj :Ziggy . W Health Services Dr. Davicl j, Kirk examines ai student us' sistecl by Nlrs. Lois Priee, seliool nurse. Dental Services Dr. NVilliam Gilbert, Seliool dentist, flees remedial cleutul work with the ussistauiee uf Miss REIIRI Sinelair, dental hygienist, 4 leo Slew. Q Hffgg ,M y 'fha 0 , . Q' .."t ie 1938 .... V ,Kg "u X .u ww" gm-3-if vi' -I K X- "--,.,, f,,::f,r::- wg zz www 'f'f2fiW2f.J", 1-.'.aQ-'I fl 5-rw" x fllf Y X 9 'NL ju' X Ill 1 ' ff x. ' uw U! ,ff .ff ff? I I ff!! S s- K ' Q,- Aug if N ww "W C A. SIS f vm- L X ts :AMY WM' Senior lass Officers Seated: B. Higgins, L, Ferner. Standing: D. Sellers, I. Pnvone, R Lzlliusu, L. Stonebrukcr. Senior Advisors Lehman Hitchens Edwin Husson Adams, Clarence Edward K'Edv Academic Football 1, Basketball 1, 2, 3, Key Club 1, 2, 3g Spokesman 1, 2, 3, Falcon 3, Chorus 1, 22, 3, Choir 3, Varsity Club 2, 3, Track 1, 2, 3, l".'1'.A. 2, 3, Latin Club 1, Special English. Tall and handsome . . . runs around with "Hube',, "SoupU ,... heartily dislikes unflat flat-tops . . . wields the mop at Kienxlc-'s Bakery . . . plans to coach a win- ning team. Ayers, Lewis 'KLQWH Vocational F.F.A. 1, 2, -3. Likes to hunt and fish . . . wins many awards at dairy shows and fairs . . . is going to grow peas and carrots . . . sleeping too much is worst fault. Baker, Judith Ann "Jud D VAC em' 'ini ri ' 4 ' 3, Chr ' 1, 1 er nk ' , - . . , , ' ' l lu 22, , in ' p ub 1 5 X A ry- " . tra s sc 01 1 yi nia s- A lak hopes to to llc e . '. e s e . m to victory . . . quiet . . . pre ty slnilc Q Barber, Irvan William "Mea lv Vocational Band 1, 2, 3, Orchestra 1, 2, Expects to go to trade school . . . Larric, Tom, and Nevin rate as best chums . . . l1as a flare for hunting? . . . confused by the girls . . . sleeps to late . . . gets greasy at Rossi's. Light, Priscilla Barth 'KPercy" General Senior Tri-Hi-Y 2, Chorus 1, Art Club 1, Latin Club 1, 25 F.N.A. 1, 2. just wants to be a housewife . . . plays the accordion . . enjoys dancing . . . loses her temper . . . cl1ums with Sherry McClellan and Bev Eyer. Bateman, Nancy jo "Toots" General Loves to rollerskate . . . would like to own a convertible . . runs with Mill, Rosalie, and Sally . . . hates thc i alarm clock . . . small. Beckwith, Joan C. "C-ertv Vocational Home Ee. Club 1, 2, 3. Has the ambition to become an airline hostess . . . Clllllll- my with Ruth, Carla, Herby, and Margie . . . likes to hike . . .canit endure nosey people . . . helps around the farm. Behrer, Robert W. "Bob" Vocational F.F.A. 1, 2, 3. Hails from the country . . . a farmer he will be . . . pal is Ted . . . could go fishing anytime . . . dislikes women? 1-an't seem to stop smoking. e n hristine- "Ann', General S e 111 1, 2, F.T.A. 1, 22. 1 ' nl ion is to ork in an oi'l'ice . . . often d 1 n ithy . . . likes to write letters I1 to1 it 1 a . . lg ra b ' ' Phe . . . forgetful . . . can be found ' . ng a antry. X Ni- 1 Q .kt Marg' Margaret "Ma1y', Academic " Senior Tri-Hi-Y 33 Chorus 1, Library Club 1, Span- Kish Club 2, 3, Latin Club 1, F.N.A. 1, 2, 3. fqiure nurse . . . likes to go to parties . . . can bc 5 bon with Pat and Ginny . . . always jumping around . g. evm' on time. X 19 ffl. ii A J Bilger, Robert M. I "Spark" Vocational Footbal 1,1 , Qfufgaketbzill 1, 2, Varsity Club 3, lg 51 -, 31- f Hope: o e a oach . c u is with lim and Nick . . . observer of all femalk. . . doesn't care for conceited people . . . can be seen running home late at night. Bonsell, Barbara Ann "Barb" Commercial Senior Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, Falcon 3, Chorus 1, 2, 3. A future secretary . . . can be seen with Bev and Reggie .1. . enjoys reading and television . . . talks too much in c ass. Bonsell, Carla Jean "Bonse', Vocational Home Ec. Club 1, 2, 3. Goes the way with Gert, Herby, Walkie, and Marge . . . spends spare time watching T.V .... conceited people rate as her pet peeve . . . can't seem to control herwtemp- er. Bonsell, Ralph F ., Jr. i"Short " ocational Band 1, 2, 3. Wants to soi ip jet nes . . . r ms -- ' c with George and He shel . . d ' es his " otulf thx: Penna. Furn- 'lce t 1 stuck a X , rns gas money K . . ca 1 - ' I at Tyr iipment Co. A' .4 Q Hoe Brantner, Gloria M. "Peachy,' Commercial Senior Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, Falcon 3, F.T.A. 1. Friendly smile . . . plans to take care of "Chef, . . . runs around with Mickey, Donna, and Judy . . . always writ- ing letters . . . can't tolerate the late mailman . . . has a bad temper . . . employed by the Five and Ten. Briggs, Mildred "Millie" Vocational Home Ee. Club 1, 2, 3. A future "Number, please" girl . . . pals with Viola, Elaine, and Jeannie . . . likes to drive the tractor . . . claims she eats too much . . . works around the farm. Brown, Hazel P. "Hazel" Academic Chorus 1, 2, 3, Choir 3, F.T.A. 3, Spanish Club 2, 3, Special English 3. Friendly to all . . . hails from the country . . . pals with Marcy and Zelda . . . enjoys learning to dance . . . in- quisitive people aren't on her list . . . "gabs" too much in study halls . . . a future teacher. Brubaker, Raymond C. "Ray" Vocational F.F.A. 1, 2, 3. Likes to hunt . . . would like to work in the Forest Ser- vice . . . chums with Iess and Robert . . . has too much night life . . . hates to hear the boss call at 5:00 a. m. Bulkley, Catherine L. "Catherinev Academic Spokesman 1, 2, Falcon 3, Band 3, Chorus 1, 2, 3, Choir 3, F.T.A. 1, 2, 3, Spanish Club 2, 3, Latin Club 1. Friendly . . . hopes to be a medical-agricultural mission- ary . pals with Aileen, Lindsay, and Karen . . . doesn't H1 2 3 Chorus 1 2 3 Cho1r3- Cheer- ish Club 2 3 Litm Club 1- F.N.A. nur m the future claims Barb as likes to cheer at the games . . . giddy . . quiet . . . perpetual gum chewer. get enough s eep . .. . writes to a certain fellow. Ca wo ev ly Ann "BevU Academic S Hi '- ' . 5 , , 9 ' , l di " , , z ' , 1 2 . V t ' . . . ' ' be u ' p ir er Conrad, Fred E., Ir. "'l'etler'i Vocational NVrestling 2. Chief ambition is to graduate . . . can be see11 cowboy- ing ilI'0llIld with "Mego,', Arch, and Ralph . . . tl1e State Police haunt him . . . works at tl1e table . . . spends too much money. Cosimati, Dominic 'KCosv Vocational Falcon 3, Track 1, 2, 3. "Cos" hopes to own a Cadillac someday . . . can really' heave the discus . . . blond Hgalsv are on his black list . . . slaves at the l1ospital. Couch, Freda Marcella "Flossic" Commercial To join the service is F lossie's ambition . . . Patsy is best pal . . . paints and reads in her spare time . . . doesnt like noisy people. Cowfer, D. Earl "Little Horacei' Vocational School Patrol 3. Wants to be a success in life . . . pals with two Bills . . . likes to go hunting? . . . stays up too late . . . won't tolerate high classed girls. 21 Callahan, Colleen Barbara "Colleenv Academic Spokesman 1, 2, 35 Chorus 1, 2, 3, Cheer- leading 1, 2, 3, Arr Club, F.T.A. 1, 2, Spanish Club 2, Latin Club 1, Youth Cen- ter Council. A future "angel of mercyn . . . Virginia is best pal and also pet peeve . . . pretty eyes . . . loves to dance . . . capable cheerleader. Cambridge, Loretta A. i'Lorie'i Commercial Would like to graduate . . . rides horses in her sparc time . . . wants to make Charlie happy . . . hates to get up in the morning . . . goes the way with Gayle and jo. Campbell, john B. "Soupy', Vocational Foofball 1, 2, 3, Key Club 1, 2, 3, Varsity Cl 12, Qgh-F.F.A. 1, 2, 3. justypq in big' . :Z . endangers the lives of "Hqbe"','-.VEd, and Fred iiillli Chevy . . . enjoys all sports .Y . a future peaahndu carrot grower . . . vsdnspiiany prizes at county fairs . . . slavesh on liisfpadis farm. Carper, Donna Jean "Donna" General Student Council 1. C11te little package witl1 pretty eyes . . . plans to get a job . . . Zelda, Hazel, Marcia, and Rose are best pals . . . keeps the mailman stepping . . cant enchxre conceited people. Chil at . "'Ceor ' Academic , or VS' an 1 ' 1 ll H1 s fi s or' ood pay . . . 1 e eenpwil .l Hershel . . . could Omen ret his goat . . . earns W l y . c a . ids. Con d, Donald i'Don'i Vocational .F.A. 1, 2, 3. Hails from Warriors Mark way . . . wants to be a farmer . . . pals with Bill Stahl . . . likes to fish . . . never gets enough sleep . . . slaves at the Gillbrook Farms. Cowher, Beverly Jane "Bevc" Commercial Band 1, 2, 3, Art Club. Slavcs at Blum's . . , pals with Carol, Loretta, and Nancy Jo . . . gabby people get her goat .. . . loafs at the Pantry . . . can't seem to get up in the morning. Crawford, Aileen i'Crawfie,' Academic Student-Council 2, Latin Club 1, 2, Spanish Club 2, 3, Orchestra 1, Future Nurses 2, 3, Spokesman 3. Tall . . . expects to be a medical secretary . . . ehums with Carol, Catherine, and Lindsay . . . worst fault is throwing water on hayrides. I s Crust, Shirley Ann "S 'rleyu eneral Home Ee. Club 2. Y . ' Quiet . . . aspires to be 2 retar . . . als ar eel , Carol, Mary, and Linds. . . casft stand: - eited N people . . . active in 4-H Club. , Cunningham, Arlene "Ar eneei' General Senior Tri-Hi-Y 3, Chorus 1, 2, 3, Choir 3, F.T.A. 1, 3. Perpetual talker . . . likes to dance . . . doesn't care for moody people . . . Linda, Peggy, and Judy rate as pals . . . sells papers at Tyrone News Agency j ' LQIL-4425 1'CX-' Cupp, Helen Blaine "Cuppiev Vocational . -CZ' 1 , ffl, fy I, L4g' Chorus 1, Home Ec. Club 1, 2, 3. X 1 - Wants to get a job away from Tyrone . . . C gt A' usually seen with Frances, Viola, and Millie 6'- . . . enjoys roller skating and square dancing . . . dislikes conceited people . . . can be seen at the Five and Ten. I ,X u Derman, Larrie A. "Snozv Academic xv X' Key Club 1, 2, 3, Falcon 3, Band 1, 2, 3, IV ' if QQ Photography Club 2. K , Xplol xl Pounds the gavel for many of the clubs of T. A. H. S .... chums with Tom Nevin, Bill, and Hode , . . enjoys running his model trains . . . canit seem to be on time . . . Fits clothes at Lcvineis. DelBaggio, James William "Pancho,' Vocational Wrestling 1, 2, 3, Varsity Club 2, 3. Star wrestler . . . hopes to get out of school . . . pals are jim, Dale, and Pete . . . can't seem to get to school on time . . . eats too much . . . otten seen with Linda. Dirmyer, Judy A ujudyu Commercial Eckert, William C. "Bill,' Academic Football 2, 3, Basketball Manager 1, 2, 3, Key Club 1, 2, 3, Varsity Club 2, 3, Latin Club 1. . Hikes to school with Dave Gill . . . wants to go to college . . . capable manager of the basket- ball team . . . overeating has caused his hig- ncss . . . women drivers irk him . . . swabs decks in the Naval Reserves. Ellenberger, Mae Viola "Fripyv Vocational Home Ec. Club 1, 2, 3. Main ambition is to get a good job . . . pals with Melvin, Toot, Elaine, Millie, joan, and Donna . . . loves to swim and roller skate . . . has a bad temper . . . dislikes conceited people. 22 Emel, Janet Pearl njaiixiiev Vocational Home Ec. Club 1, 2, 3. A future telephone operator . . . collects pictures in her spare time . . . best chum is Lucille . . . claims she ar- gues too much . . . likes housework. Estright, Sandra Marlene "Sandie" Academic 'Tri-Hi-Y 3, Art Club 1, 2, 3, Latin Club 1, 2, F .N.A. 2, 3. Friendly . . . only enemy is the alarm clock . . . loves to dance . . . a future "lady in whitef, Ewing, William Richard "Tank" Vocational A future mechanic . . . favorite pastime is eating . . . claims his pet peeve is girls . . . friendly . . . wonderful personality . . . card sharp. Fasick, Virginia Ann "Ginny,' Academic Tri-Hi-Y 3, Falcon 3, Chorus 1, 2, Cheerleading 2, 3, Library Staff 1, Latin Club 1, 2, Student Council 1, F.N.A. 1, 2, 3. Cute and peppy . . . chums with Pat and Mary . . . a certain junior monopoli er time . . . loves cheering at games. ' Ferner, Lots laughing Y-,.."3A sn Lindy . Academic .1, , 3, Chorus 1, 2, 3, St' ff Spanish Club 2, 3, Lat- , F.N.A. l, 2, 3. ratesf best friend . . . always too much . . . this ambitious girl . has pretty eyes. "Friday,' Vocational school . . likes to dance . . . can be awa 't Franklin's . . . pals with Bill cl. ad tc mper. Gensimore, Zelda "Zeke-5' General Special English 3. Comes from down Warriors Mark way . . . little . . . but can she talk!! . . . pet peeve is snobs . . . chums with Hose Marie, Donna, Hazel, and Marcy, . . . a future X-Ray technician. Getz, Sandra L. "Sonie,' Commercial 'l'ri-Hi-Y 3, Spokesman 1, 2, Falcon 3, Chorus 1, 2, 3, Choir 2, 3, Ensemble 1. Known for her infectious giggle . . . pals with "Boots, . . . keeps the mailman busy . . . dctests people who are late. if ' Getz, 1 An! W uSue,' General .A 3' 1- '-Y 2, 3' 2Eyl.v2, Cliifus 1, F.T.A. lg Latin r 11 - F. . 3. - . . . ' oth nklin gnijployee . . . secret talent is p a ng t . r . . . seen with Sherry. A d r in iool quiet . . . well dressed 1 P' 1 Y Gilpin, aren "Karen', Academic Basketball 1, 2, 3, Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, Spokesman 1, 2, 3, Chorus 1, 2, 3, Choir 2, 3, Library Staff 1, 2, 3, F.T.A. 1, 2, 3, Latin Club 1, Ensemble 1, 2, 3, Softball 1, 2, 3. Could cat, sleep, and drink sports . . . chums with Gin- nie and Sandie . . . a future teacher . . . puts her time in at the Cut Rate Shoe Store. 23 Civler, Frances Louise "Fran,' Academic Latin Club 1, 2. Wants to be an "angel of mercy" . . . eoneeited people irk her . . . will make some lucky fellow happy . . . can always be seen with Elaine, Jenny, and Lois . . . works at M cCrory,s. Colden, Jean Doris "Dorie', Vocational Home Ee. Club 1, 2, 3. Main ambition is to change her last name . . . cowboys a red and white Ford . . , Ianet, Dolores, and Lottie are her pals . . . spends time writing to jim . . . beautiful hair. Grazier, Judith Ann 'fludyv Academic Spokesman 2, 3, Band 1, 2, 3, Orchestra 2, 3, Span- ish Club 2, Latin Club 1, F.N.A. 1, 2, 3. Always on the go, especially to State . . . will be a good nurse someday . . . cute and friendly . . . temper gets the best of her sometimes. Crazier, Theodore Lee "Ted', Vocational F.F.A. 1, 2, 3. Will patrol our state highways . . . money burns a hole in his pocket . . . doesn't care for girls who smoke . . pals with jack, Don, Lewis, and Al. Gross, James R. "jimi, Vocational Wants to serve "Uncle Sami' . . . eanit get enough sleep . . . where there's a black ,50 Ford, there's jim . . . can be seen with Smoke and john . . . currently employed at Herrington's Service Station. Grove, Chester E. "Chef Academic Key Club 3. Chetis new around T.A.H.S. this year but already he's everybodyis friend . . . famous for his "hotv car . . . loves to drag . . . one of our Lady Killers . . . claims his pet peeve is Chevy's . . . I wonder why! . . . pals with Pete and jim. Cunsallus, Judith Ann "-ludyv Academic Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, Falcon 3, Chorus 1, Library Staff 1, 2, 3, Latin Club 1, 2, F.N.A. 1, 2, 3. A real cute gal . . . keeps her eye on a "blue chevy" . . . aspires to be a nurse . . . pals with Donna, Peachy, and Pat . . . always late . . . one of Sully's slaves. Hale, H. Lynn 'iSidD Academic Key Club 1, 2, 3, Spokesman 1, 2, 3, Band 1, 2, 3, Spanish Club 2, Concert Band 1, 2, 3, Pep Band 2, 3, Class Oificer 2. Has brains but wonit use them . . . can do and will do most anything . . . if heis not with Judy, you can find him with Tom and Gerry . . . plans to be a lawyer . . . employed by Steelis Drug Store. Harper, L. R. Clair "Sami, Vocational Pursued by the girls . . . will be a good machinist . . . favorite pastime is ice skating . . . pals with Newt, Pooch, Tank, and Caunch. Harpster, Joan Marie njoniev Academic Chorus 1, 2, 3, Choir 2, 3, Latin Club 1, 2, En- semble 1, 2, 3, District Chorus 2, 3. Tiny and cute . . . wonderful singer . . . can be seen with Carol and Virginia or Kenny. 24 Hoover, Pearl Louise "Ht-rbyv Vocational Home Ec. Club 1, 2, 3. Sweet and quiet . . . enjoys riding horses . . . a future airline hostess . . . pals with Ruth, joan, Carla, and Barb. Houser, James Charles Ujiml' General Football 1, 2, 3, Basketball 1, 2, 3, Baseball 1, 2, 3, School Patrol 1, 2, 3, Key Club 1, 2, Varsity Club 2, 3, Student Council 3. A regular "goof-offv . . . fun to be with -never a dull moment . . . an all-around athlete . . . nice looking . . . runs with Pete, Dale, and Jimmy . . . hates the alarm clock. Houser, Irvin William 'KBillv Vocational School Patrol 1, 2. Likes to eat . . . claims hc spends all his money . . detests giddy girls . . . aspires to be a carpenter . . . seen with Gerald . . employed by Long's Dairy. Hubert, . W 'am "Hubbie" Vocational l Foot ll 1, , 3, Ba B 1, Track 1, 2 , Wrestl- 'n , , Y 9 , oru' , lub 1 2, 7a ' ty Cli . 7 .' - 2, Phot r' phy good fri . . . lots of fun tro ible 'eepin in sha orts . . . m l ntral Cot ty l- r riot? my . Soupie, and Fred a is si . wants 1 is a co' N , 1 W Harpster, Virginia G. "Ginny" Academic Basketball 1, 2, 3, Falcon 3, Band 1, 2, 3, Orchestra 1, 2, 3, Softball 1, 2, 3. Everybody's friend . . . famous for her Special English talks . . . loves any kind of sports . . . if you're with Ginny, you're sure to have a good time . . . has a cute laugh. Herlt, James Hjimv General Nice to know . . . wants to be a millionaire . . . can be seen with joe, Clair, and Spike . . . cleans thc woods out come hunting season . . slaves for J. A. Gardner. Hessler, Robert Alan "Bohn Vocational Will make a good radio and T.V. technician . . . can't get to school on time . . . detests those monthly book reports . . . enjoys tinker- ing with old radios. Higgins, Barbara Rae "BarbH Academic Spokesman 1, 2, Chorus 1, 2, 3, Choir 2, 3, Cheerleading 2, 3, Spanish Club 2, Lat- in Club 1, Ensemble 2, Youth Center Council 1, 2, 3, Special English 3, F.T.A. 1, 2, 3. Barb is our peppy cheerleader . , . always smil- ing . . . plans to be a nurse . . . personality plus . . . ehums with Vicki. Hogan, Barbara Ioan "Ioanv Commercial Falcon 3, Chorus 1, Library Club 1, 2, 3. Cute . . . indescribable giggle . . . always on the go . . . talkative . . . seen with Rosemary . . . wants to find a job. Hoover, Arthur "Pat'l Vocational Plans to be a farmer someday . . . always dodging the T.P.F .... can be seen with Bill and George. , Keller, Patricia Ann uPat,' Commercial Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, Chorus 1, 2, 3, F.T.A. 1. A cute little blonde who pals with Peachy, Donna, and Judy . . . nice complexion . . . laughs a lot . . . toils away at MeCrory's. Kennedy, Thomas A. "Tom,' Vocational NVants to be a mechanic . . . likes to tinker with cars . . . best pal is Tom Riggleman . . . keeps late hours, Kilmartin, David "Dave', Vocational "Dave" wants to be a "Marina-i' . . . says he likes ears, but drives too fast . . . his best chums are Fred, George, and jim. Kobak, Dolores Ann "Sis,' Vocational Home Ee. Club 1, 2, 3. "SisU busies herself at the Methodist Home for the Aged . . . abhors girls who smoke and crack gum . . . runs with Doris, Ianet, and 'Bill ' f " ' f Lake, Lois Lindsay "Linn Academic Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, Chorus 1, 2, 3, F.T.A. 3, Softball 2, 3, F.N.A. 2. Aspires to go to college . . . "Linn says her pet peeve is her hair . . . bubbling over with fun . . . always talking in study hall . . . her eyes sparkle. La Rosa, Rosemary "Pasqualle,' Commercial .1 ok . an 1, 2, 3, Chorus 1, 2, 3, Library lb , , 3. Ioan , he best ehum . . . abhors that midnight lrfe a friend of everyone . . . her +3 be a secretary. lgou, John Charles njackv Academic Football 1, 2, Basketball 1, Key Club 1, 2, 3, Chorus 1, 2, 3, Choir 3, Track 1. A future Air Force pilot . . . blonds are his pet peeve . , . likes to hunt . . . Ted and the F.F.A. boys are his pals. Isenburg, Richard Darrell "Birdy Vocational Key Club 1, Band 1, 2, 3, Orchestra 1, 2, 3. Bud's ambition is to be an employee of the Paper Mill . . . chums with Larrie Derman . .. stubborn . . . claims girls peeve him but he hides it . . . enjoys work- ing on cars. James, F. Robert "jess,' Vocational One of the machine shop boys . . . claims girls as his favorite pastime-hm . . . pals with Bob Kimberling . . . works at Fink Bros. Hardware. johnson, Nevin Blair "Roekyn Vocational Key Club 1, 2, 3, Band 1, 2, 3, Chorus 1, 2, 3, Choir 3, Orchestra 1, 2, 3, Concert Band 1, 2, 3, Pep Band 1, 2, 3. Rocky wants to be an electrical engineer . . . goes the way with Bill, Larrie, and Tom . . . nice personality . . . slaves away at City Pharmacy. ,PZ29-" ,af ,cxeffz J, ff ,J - Loose, Carol -lane Academic Library Club 1, 2, Latin Club l, 2, Student Council lg F.N.A. 1, 2. A mighty attractive gal . uscallopsu . . . burns the that boy at Penn State. . . always with joan . . . loves midnight oil writing letters to ullottien General Lynch, Dorothy A. U Tri-Hi-Y 2, 35 Home Ee. Club 35 F.N.A. 2. A tuture lady in white . . . drives P P a blue chevy . . . pals with Rose, Shirley, Doris, and Delores . . . says late people bore her. Maisano, Jeanette J. "Peskeenie,' Commercial Tri-Hi-Y 22, 3, F.T.A. 1. MPL-skeenicu wants to land a certain blonde . . . Freda, Busy, Sateh, Bcv, and Irene comprise the gang . . . always traveling to Northwood . . . quiet. Marshall, Rose Marie ' I'iny,' ademic Ho V- lub g S ' 1 Ch 'g '. .Af l. "Tinyn wa . a nurs . . . a ways aug ung and dancing . . . eluuns witl U Hartz, David L. "Grease Nlonkeyn Vocational Youth Center Council 1. Dave wants to be a good mechanic . . . dislikes work . . . goes the way with 'Wvoocliev . . . slaves at DelX'Iay Buick. I McCaulley, Ma jo . xgxyllrfeu General Bas -thrglxg , 35 Concert Band l, 2, 3' .A. l rf Yale . . . v rf ' hletic . . . lHC ' . .l'an,t tolerate ' wants 0 .K McClellan, Sherry Nan Sherryi' General Latin Club 24 F.N.A. 2, 3. A future woman in white . . . always giggling . . . can be seen with Priscilla and Sue . . . worst fault is not doing her homework. McNeal, Karl "Bud', Vocational To be a machinist is his ambition . . . pals with Ron and john . . . keeps late hours . . . toils away at Getzis Market. Merritts, George B. "Mego', General Une of the Thomas boys . . . always ugoofin, oft" , . . best eluun is Fred . . . Laziness is his worst fault. Miller, Leslie H. "Les" General Very quiet . . . likes to hunt . . . can be seen loaiing with Smoke, joe, Clair, and Bill. 27 W f lMiller, Virginia Louise "Jin', Academic all .F OJ 07 ff 0' ,va as, ea ,PW if Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, Spokesman 1, 2, 3, Chorus l, 2, F.T.A. 1, 2, 3, Spanish Club 2, 3. A brilliant blonde . . . loves to read and dance . . worst fault is car troubles and driving too much . . "Jin,' can be seen with Judy and Colleen. Minerich, Rose Marie 'cChink,' Academic Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, Spokesman 1, Band 1, 2, 3, Concert Band 1, 2, 3, Spanish Club 2, 3, Latin Club 1, F.N.A. 1, 2, 3. "Chinkn wants to be a nurse . . . shels a dude of a dresser, and loafs l l at Sully's . . . dislikes conceited people . . . her best chums are Dottie and Shirley. Morrissey, Ira John "Morse, Academic Spanish Club 2, Student Council 1. 'cMorsev likes to shake pinball machines . . . quiet . . always loafing with John, Bill, and Don. Morrow, Thomas Glenn c'Panch,' Academic Wrestling Manager 1, 2, 3, Key Club 1, 2, 3, Spokesman 1, Chorus l, 2, 3, Choir 2, 3, Varsity Club 2. 3, F.T.A. 1, 2, Latin Club 1, Photography Club 2, 3. V "Panch" is a barrel of lun . . . claims his tavorite pastime is eating . . . loves to agitate Don Stewart . . . can be seen with Woody, Larrie, Nevin, and the boys. Murchison, Mary Lee Academic Spokesman 1, 2, 3, Chorus 2, 3, Art Club 1, Spanish Club 2, Latin Club l, F.N.A. 1, 2, 3, Girls' Chorus 1, Youth Center Council 1, 2. A bashful, but cute little blond . . . can be seen with Judy, Janie, and Judy . . , she sure loves that "0ldsD I . . dirty, White shoes annoy her . . . ambition is to be an occupational therapist. Murray, Lois Jane "Murphie', General "Murphie" loves to be ordinary . . . loves to sleep . . . and Wants to keep Johnny happy . . . best chums are Jenny and Frances. Myers, Robert H. "Smokey" General Football manager 1, Basketball manager 1, Student Council 3. "Smokeyv has trouble keeping out of trouble, but wants to be a success . . . likes to drive to Bellwood . . . dislikes girls who crack their gum. Naylor, Don "Orby,' Vocational School Patrol 1, 2, 3. VVants to be a 'cabinet malmri . . keeps the halls of T. A. H. S. clean . . . likes to hunt . . . chuins with "Spike" Westley. l ura n 'urav Commercial a d 1, ..., 3' ncert and 1, 2, 3, Library Club 1, T nbh 1 1b ', 2. a 1 N ts O 2 ' " s . . . just loves band it Rate Shoe Storey . . . usiness. S rae e . ..s e tt ' eep tl . Post e Nea oof,'Lois,Ann ', ann Commercial Chorus 1, 2, 3. "San" wants to be a secretary . . . best chum is Freda . . . another "Liberace, . . . can be seen with a guy named "Jess.v 28 are Pease, M. William, Jr. "Bill', Vocational "Bi11', just wants to he successful . . . likes to hunt and fish . . . is one of the many who hates to crawl out of the sack. Perry, Jay E. p "-Iason' General l-1, ' 2 con S , Varsity Club 3, T' ' 1, 2, aseb 1 2, F.F.A. 3. I o t e 'l'.,1 . H. S un' it U . . . an all around .port . . ' be s requ w't john, Marlin, Bob, -1 x , . . say ie nev 16 in a baSk1't- li game. f lf W if J . Phillips, Maxine Lee "Max,' General "Max" likes a certain guy named "Gene, . . . aspires to be a good housewife . . . runs with Freda, and Patsy. Piper, Peg I "Pi-gi' General Tri-Hi 3, orus 1, Home Ec. Club 3, Latin C11 1. . 1 3. Canit in. 1 1 mind to 'ii ambition . . . chummy with .Bo da, Ca y , and Arlene . . . worst fault is ch 111 in ly e akois class. Neil, Samuel M. nskllllu Vocational Band 1, 2. 3, Concert Baud 1, 2, 3. One of the E. T. Boys . . . hates that early morning alarm . . . throws knives and likes to hunt . . . his pals are joe, Lee, and Andy. Newlin, Edward S. "Nc-di' Academic Football Manager 1, Basketball 1, 2, 3, Spokesman 3, Band 1, 2, Concert Band 1, 2, Chorus 1, 2, 3, Choir 2, 3, Varsity Club 3, Track Manager 1, 2, 3, Spanish Club 2, 3, Latin Club 1. Takes excellent pictures . . . girls are his pet peeve . . . "Ned" claims his best chum is john Pavone . . . likes basketball and is one of the T.A.H.S, "mighty fi." Noel, Virginia Mae ujcnnyu General Band 1, 2, 3, Concert Band 1, 2, 3. Friendly to everyone . . . she caught a guy named 'iKennyv . . . loves to eat spaghetti . . . pals with Lois, Frances, and Sherry. Owens, Lee Esther "Estov Academic Basketball 2, Home Ee. Club 1, F.N.A. 3. Another future lady in white . . . loves to dance and listen to records . . . always day- dreaming and laughing. Pavlic, Frances Ann "Nic-kyi' General Home Ec. Club 2, 3. Loves to cook . . . can be seen with Carol, Mary, Sally, and Donna . . . worst fault is keeping late hours. Pavone, john William "Teabonev Academic Football Manager 1, 2, 3, Basketball 1, 2, 3, Spokesman 1, 2, 3, Falcon Staff 3, Varsity Club 2, 3, Baseball 1, 2, 3, Class Oflicer 2, 3. NVants to be a civil engineer . . . a brain, but doesn't like to disturb it . . . pals with Ned . . . pet peeve-people who think thcyire always right . . . likes to watch television. W... I l , . ,. l F Q 1 l 1 L Raabe, Hershel Edwin "Hersh,' Academic Band 1, 2, 35 Chorus 1, 2, 3, Choir 2, 3, Concert Band 1, 2, 3. i'Hersh,' wants to go to college . . . always late . . . enjoys hiking over the mountain . . . goes the way with Ralph, George, and Gerald. Ray, Jess "Jessi, Vocational Band 1, 2, F. F. A. 1, 2, 3. "Jess" wants to enter tl1e service . . . best chums arc Ray and Warren . . . likes to hunt . . . works on his tather's farm. Roberts, Raymond Gerald "Gerry" Academic .- Wrestling 1, Key Club 1, 2, 3, Falcon 35 Band 1, 2, 3, Chorus 1, 2, 3, Choir 2, 3, Orchestra 1, 2, 3, Latin Club 1, Student Council 2. A handsome guy . . . if it's music, Gerry can do it . . . plans to make it his career . . . shy and bashful . . . claims he daydreams too much . . . Tom, Lynn, and Bill are his buddies . . . Tyrone Herald keeps him b1lSy. Romano, Lucille "Lu" General Home Ec.zClub 1, 2, 3. Y W Wants to make some fellow happy . . . pals around with janet, Rhoda, and the gang . . . hates to be called "Tex.D Ross, Nancy Carol HBQ-Bop" General Home EC. Club 2, 3. Small and c11te . . . a future i'Number pleasei' gal . . . likes to cowboy the family car . . . companions are Dianne, Shirley, and Donna. Rossman, Harold Frederick "Fred', Vocational Basketball 1, Key Club 1. Nice smile . . . likes the girls . . . main ain- bition is to- join the Navy , . . one of the T. A. H. night owls . . . travels with Becky, lim, Dave, and Mel . . . earns board at Stcel's Drug Store. Pollock, Gene Il. Vocational Wants to be a truck driver . . . pals with jim, john, Jerry., and Bud . . . drives too fast . . . likes a certain girl from Birniinghaui. P0l't, Allll D A Cademic Tri' -Y 35 5 f U ls rl: 3 Spanish C 1 , 3, ' 1211 's f . . . A fl c lz l ite- .. ce crso ' ty . . . always P111 thi oil 1 til 16 la t 11111111 . . . best chum is trol. L Prough, gina Ann " cggicv Commercial ' z kc . X I 1 1i mb e a -r-tar . . . ca w- 5 be s i arh , z ' Sc i . . fav astime 1. adi or . di f r po A . '. . s busy k veping o11r s -l oolis an s 'n go order. 6 Pryor, David L. llaeen Vocational Electrical engineering is this manis goal . . . his favorite pastime is hunting, and-chasing the Grier School girls . . . pals with Sam and Andy. Saylor, Shirley Ann "Bon General Tri-Hi-Y 3, Home Ee. Club 2, 3. Shirley thinks graduation is her chief achievement . . you've made it, kid . . . never sees the sun rise . . . cowboys the car with Nancy, Gus and Rose. Seiner, Joe "joe', General Ioe wants to sec the world . . . always goes to bed late . . . girls who smoke donit rate with this guy . . . likes to hunt . . . seen with -lim, Clair and Les. Sellers, David Earle "Pe-ten Academic Football 1, 2, 3, Basketball 1, 2, 3, School Patrol 1, 2, 3, Key Club 2, Varsity 2, 3, Baseball 2, 3: F. T. A. 3, Spanish Club 2, Student Council 1. Wonderful personality . . . plans to go to college . . . never heard of work . . . Pete was one of the many who kept our football team on the ball . . . goofs ofl' with Jim, Dale and Jim. Sellers, Janet Kathleen "janv General Main ambition is to be a success . . . claims worst fault is cracking gum . . . detests girls who brag . . . pals with Doris and Mary. Sheppard, Marcia Jean "Mari-yi' Academic Chorus 1, 2, 3, Choir 3, F. T. A. 3, Spanish Club 2, 3, Special English 3. Cute and friendly . . . hails from Warriors Mark . . . will make 'npattractive teacher . . . likes to dance . . . always witl azel, Mary Ann and Zelda. Shock, 0 Fa Donna "Donna" General Contei ate -hanging hen last name . . . likes to travel the l 'g 21-6923 T'pton . ii . hates people who crack gum . . .Kflmums iwith Wet ' jIltCharlotte. l 'fl' Mig' ,XJ . t I , if lv 1 X 54 NX Shultz, Ca l LQ-J of "Shultzie,' Academic 3, Qsfikcsliitin 1, 2, 3- horns 1, 2, 3, Xi-p F. T. . gi, Sparish Club v, Latin Club 1, bf ,o ci . V Shu tgje is tihywlnd 'in . . . frie ly . . . leaps before s ooks . . . tra ' with Ann Port . . . wants to teach third graczi . . . book. and music pass the time. Smith, Charlotte "Lottie,' Commercial Snyder, Donna J. "Donn General Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, Chorus 1, 2, Library Club 2. Donna desires to take care of Don . . . corresponds with the Navy . . . goes the way with jude, Peachy, and Pat . . . slaves at McCrory's . . . gets peeved at that bov who flashes his smile at the girls. l Spaulding, H. Dale "Pork" Academic Football 1, 2, 3, Chorus 2, Varsity Club 2, 3, Base- ball 1, 2, 3, Spanish 2. Dale plans to go to college? . . . crazy about girls and football . . . able co-captain of our powerful football team . . . can be found with jim, Pete, or jim . . . developed thc habit of wrecking cars . . . thinks it's a sin to be on time for school. 31 Stahl, William 'cBillU Vocational . F. F. A. 1, 2, 3. Tall with black curly hair . . . girls keep him broke . chums with Don Conrad . . . that certain teacher irks him . . . plans to farm or fly . . . employed by a Fox. Starzesky, Andrew Charles nAndyv Vocational Band 1, 2, 35 Orchestra 1,' 2, 3, Dance Band 3. Andy wants to be an electrician . . . travels with Sam, George, and jess . . . hates to get up in the morning, maybe thatis why he is always late? . . . likes to hunt and fish . . . if you ever want a fly tied, take it to him. Stewart, Donald L. c'Hoddiev Academic Key Club 1, 2, 3, Band 1, 2, 3, Chorus 1, L, 7 3, Choir 3, Spanish Club 2, 3, Pep Band 1, 2, 3, Boys' Chorus 15 Freshman Operettag Concert Band 1, 2, 3. Loafs at Daveis Dream . . , thereis something about that fourth period study hall . . . plans to be a fly boy . runs with Larrie, Gib, Lynn, Bill, and Nevin. Stonebraker, Lois Helen "BootsU Commercial Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, Spokesman 1, Falcon, Chorus 1, 2, 3, Student Council 2. Boots is wild about horses . . . friend to all . . . that gas station holds a certain fascination . . . wants to sit on a bossis knee . . . practices by being secretary of our class three years running . . . pals with Sonie . . . homework gets her down. V X . ,XM c 'Sfone it ' 'A. "Pat', Academic Q19 JT - 2, 3- Chorus 1, 2, 3, Spanish Club 2, 3, fb VLa n li F.N.A.1,2,3. A t Wa 1 ailing people back to health . . . 454 ith ar igelow and Virginia Fasick . . . just eating 1 h r hobby . . . dislikes nasty girls . . . alwz s misses ti first few minutes of everything. oner, M. Victoria ',A"Vieki,, Academic R499 iaphk than 1, 2, 3, Falcon 3? Chorus 1, 2, 3, iii i . '. . 1, 2, 3, Latin ,Club 2, Youth Center Council fl, 2, 3, Special English 3. cf Per nality plug. .".,, always ready for a good laugh . . . do E afgie w'ih tlijd galfi . . shefs got you beat before ytiista . . .iiatesjo bd bounded for Spokesman articles .EIA ge a ckarge-.out oflthe Tyrone "rowdies" . . . goes the Way wi Barb. Stouffer, D. William "Bill" Vocational Wants to make? ? money, you can go to jail for that . . . chums with Les . . . snobs rate low on his list . . . but hunting is way up at the top . . . Schulman's pay his wages. -Atringer, Dona1dfEugene ...,,"Don" K fVocational Football 1. Don is always aiming for higher grades in shop . . . those theories really got under his skin . . . duck when he blows his lid . . . enjoys chasing animals through the woods . . . travels the way with Clair, joe, Jim, and Dick . . . employee of the A SIP. Summers, John J. "Mack,' Vocational A true nature lover . . . Ioves to reduce the number of wild animals . . . looking for a good job . . . that 7:00 A.M. buzzer really shakes him . . . leaves till tomorrow what he can get out of today . . . gets along line with jim, Gene, Bill, and Gerald. Swayne, Gilbert L. "Gib" Academic Key Club 1, 2. Plans to go into forestry . . . seen with John and Don . . . quiet . . . but enjoys a good argument . . . un- expected tests are his pet peeve fwe stand behind you.J 32 FNX XX, A Y Q... X Walk, Wouise "Anna" is-axycadeniie F.T.A. 1, 25 Spanish Club 2, 3, Latin Club 1, F. N. A. 1, 2, 3. Can be found with Ruth, Pat, Freda, or Herby . . . enjoys playing the piano and organ . . . wants to follow in the footsteps of Florence Nightingale. Walk, Ruth Naomi "Walkie" Vocational Basketball 1, 35 Home Ec. Club 1, 2, 3, Softball 1. A future 'Knumbcrs pleasev girl . . . snobs bore her . . . can't seem to catch that bus . . . pals with Bonse, Gert. Herb, and Mick. Walk, Willis W. Vocational Going to see the world at the expense of Uncle Sam's Navy . . . pals with Richie Ewing . . . can sleep any- time. Walker, C. Robert "Bohn Vocational F. F. A. 1, 2, 3. Hunting and eating suit him fine . . . that teacher peeves him . . . pals with the Ag. Boys . . . another night hawk . . . quite the ladies' man . . . wants a farm of his own . . . employed at Fisher's Dairy Farm. Tate, Patricia L. "Patsyv General Would like to serve as an airline hostess . . . dislikes being tripped up . .. chums with Freda Couch . . . Fred rates . . . gives a teacher competition in talking. Taylor, D. William "BillD Vocational F. F. A. 1, 2, 3. Wants to be a farmer . . . likes to hunt or swim . . . chums with Bob and the Ag. Boys . . . claims he steals girls . . . employed at home. Tennis, Donna Lee "Donna', General Home Ee. Club 2, 3. Keeps her eyes on yellow and black Mercurys . . . late people irk her . . . goes the way with Nancy, Diane, and Ann . . . temper, temper . . . wants to get a diploma and be a success. Turiano, Joseph E. "Bo" Vocational Key Club 1, 25 Falcon, Oratorical Contest 1, 3. Attended Keystone Boys' Camp . . . keeps classes in an uproar . . . wants to be a five-star general . . . has the hardest time finding rides home . . . Acme Super Market keeps him jumping . . . up till the wee small hours. Turnbaugh, L. Dianne K'Dianne" General Chorus 1, Home Ee. Club 3. Plans to marry that certain boy!! . . . blue Buick watcher . . . troublemakers and giddy girls pain her . . . another tardy miss . . . can be seen with Nancy and Sherry. Waite, Frances Jane njaniev Academic Tri-Hi-Y 3, Spokesman 1, 2, 3, Chorus 2, 3g Choir 3, Art Club lg F. T. A. 1, 2, 3, Spanish Club 2, Latin Club 13 Youth Cen- ter Council 1, 2, 3, Girls' Chorus 1. Anybody want to sell Florida? janie will buy . . . nuts Cbut definitelyi about clowns and daisies . . . dislikes lagging school spirit . . . finds it hard to keep work up-to-date . . . sells open-toed clodhoppers at the Triangle . . . bums with Judy Grazier and Mary Lee . . . cute curly hair. 33 , Williams, Freda M. "Tish', General Senior Tri-Hi-Y 3, Chorus 1, Student Council 1, 3. Winner of the Teenage Road-E-O Award . . . especiall likes traveling to Burry Hill . . . can be founcllwith Jean, Bev, Irene, and Satch . . . worst fault is eating up-side-down banana splits. Woodring, I. Thomas uWoody', Academic Key Club 1, 2, Spokesman 1, 2, Band l, 2, 3, Chorus 1, 2, 3, Choir 2, 3, Pep Band 1, 2, 3, Concert Band 1, 2, 3, Dance Band 2, 3. Friendly . . . works long hours on the "Ford', . . . best pal is Lynn Hale . . . dislikes girls with skyward noses . . . an avid hunter . . . toils at DeMfiy Quick. Q VSLolford,,Peggy h "Pe VV ' Academic 9 -'Se 'ir T '-1jIi- m,3, S esman 1, Chorus af 1,',I!T5 fkilhoirg, 3,Mi1anish Club 2, En- .se1iible.1,2,35F.Nfr .1, 2, 3 , Citi always belfound Writing let . . . es- pglciially dislilqdi dea beats . . .wp anslto be a 'nurse . . . cliiims vgih Linda Fcrner . dips ice-cream at the Tyrone Storage. Woomer, Garry James "Jimi, Vocational Wrestling 1, 2, 3, Falcon 3, Varsity Club 2, 3. Wonderful personality . . . can be found with Fred Rossman if not with Leah Levine . . . dis- likes giddy girls . . . wants to be an electrical engineer. Zeek, Mary Ann "Mary Annv General Plans to be a dental hygienist . . . quiet . . . likes being with Gene . . . chewing gum is her worst fault . . . seen with Judy and Marcy. Zeiders, Ruth Ann "Toots" Academic Senior Tri-Hi-Y 3, Latin Club 2. Enjoys jazz . . . pals with Freda, Janie and Karen . . . forgetful . . . dislikes people who copy . . . wants to go to college. Weaver, Richard Lee "Dog,' Vocational Key Club 1. A future electrician . . . likes to tinker with old radios . . . worst fault is girls . . . slaves for Blatchfordis. Westbrook, Carol Ann J "VVestic" General ' tball 1, 2, 3, Bird 1, 2, 3. LH d . . . frien X . . . Westie plans to be a file cle a :Uh sewif . . . favorite cronic is Beverly do when sg. ' obs 1' on her black list . . . music Q scgylkti awigk ,' ish, 'Mk Westley, Darrel J. "Spike,' Vocational School Patrol 1, 2, 3. Dreams of making millions . . . Park Avenue holds an attraction . . . girls, smoking peeve him . . . chums with Jim, Clair, Smoke, and Joe . . . employed at thc Wilson Theatre . . . considers that diploma an achieve- ment. Wike, udith An ' "Judy" Academic niq - 9 . , Spokesman 1, 2, Chorus 1, 2, 3 ir 1 -, rt Club 1, Library Club 1, F. T. A. ,' 'pani ' ub 2, 3, Latin Club 1, F. N. A. 2, 3, pec'a nglish 3. Won e dancer . . . friendly . . . plans to enter ' Jcfl n and go in traini g . . . goes the way with r n Cu ingham, Peg olford and Linda Ferner. J 34 Q, SeMe,v5 ' JARQWS'-Y ' G' HGUIU' b"K pg rg. J 'I 4 1 . 1 griz :'." A -... 'A:- as 3 AWA grade YM MGB Yhdvx DQQS +51 bxvflke YEBHLX V' "Ut '11 Ffgjuq- +10 five .M ,- jay .L Mft. Ywflf voue FNS ntou I-v-qw! un 1 I-uonf llwlc-XS be 1 35 L .zsnxi bas? 'cvlexd ww., 1 M wlffmox '1 InnnT:e.qQq,Vvf1vxQx:+. cywxtv I xusf ioog Yo haue. pw fxcfavc. . faken " Maul OHM-X comm once a dwg Miha woR?cl'5 Zvn jfhzof' shapm SEN QQ V E'-V418 NV014 N-'rsezcf -2. fafgex-nd Spoafa on pcfsadz H 5 451 v 36 ppdf vm:e,5 x'f1o7"l1l,-,Y 5LAQc.e2dS Y PLQSONAIJTIES L.ke. sf..LQe.ss Did ya, e.V1LQ 31.1. q dG'2-C-v-A vvc-Jkimj? P' H as 'uuvh plafe-S O11-IR pe.Rso-r,Qli+J, makes -You, Sl HU wvxzzds Flkfhqq Musa Senior Pla SENIOR PLAY CAST Seated: M. Bigelow, ul. Maisano, DI. Gunsallus, S. Estright, M. Briggs, -I. NVaite, H. Mineiidi Standing: V. Harpstcr, G. Friday, AI. Igou, F. VVillia1ns, T. Morrow, F. Bossiuan. G. Cluleoat F. Adams, YV. Eelwrt, Teachers: N o More Homework CAST Coach Guthrie . Miss Goodin ...,...,...,. Mrs. Glendenning . Miss Ugilyie , .,,, .. Mr. Harper , ,.,,.. Mr. Lindquist . .T ' Students: Pamela lones .. "Bunn Bailey ..,. .. Shalimar Ames ...,. , i'Midge,l Murphy Fayersliain Lightly .,.,.., Tallulali Ploetz Bonald Sassoon . .,.. . Others: Miss Dill HTiek,' Tok . Mrs. Hatchet .,., Elmer B. Ames . . S38 , Eddie Adams Sandy Estright Mildred Briggs Janie XVaite George Chilcoat Bill Eckert . ,. Bose Minerieh . ., joe Turiano Indy Gunsallus Jeanie Maisano Fred Bossman Freda VVilliams ., lack lgou , Mary Bigelow ,. Gerald Friday Ginny Harpster . Toni Morrow STUDENT GROUP FACULTY GROUP cated: li. Minerieh. Standing: -I. Maisano, -I. Seated: Nl. Bigelow, 1. YVaite, M. Briggs. Stand Cnnsallus, VI. lgou. F. llossman, lf. XVillizuns. ing: V. Harpster, C. Fridav, S. Estriqht, G. Chil coat. T. Morrow, E. Adams. XY. Eckert. Driver Education Driver Education is available to senior high school students of sixteen years of age or over. Juniors and seniors are given preference in this training. The purpose of the Driver Training Course is to train students to hecome skillful and responsible automobile drivers. Classroom instructon is given con- cerning safety and motor code regulations and actual driving instruction is given. using a dual control automobile. Nlr. Gorman and Nlr. Czap are the instructors in this course. DRIVER EDUCATION Left to right: Mr. Gorman llnstruetorl, P. Tate, j. Herlt. B. Berkstresser. Hr. Czap flnstruc-torl. 139 Be careful, it might explode! Pete und Merle Louise prepare un experiment in solulules. Eleventh Grade ELEVENTH GRADE First row: C. C211111ilSfft1Cl, M. Cherry, A. Cowher, D. Davis, S. Barone, S. Cupp, UI. Beals, N. Gurper, P. Bowser L. Blunelizncl. il. Buck. Second row: I. Cowher, D. Czxlclerwoocl, B. Beckwith, S. Dean, C. Dillon, E. Dickson I. Bonsell, L. Drake, B. Crowell, B. Burket. Third row: -I. Bzitluirst, B. Ayers, Huyes. C. Decker, -I. Al bright, B. Urlmn, F. Dunnuwuy, L. Beckwith, L. Barlett. Fourth row: G. Deun, bl. lfekert. T. Dawson. .I lloinaui, F. Crust. B. Burnes, B. Einel, B. Diekson. P. Bennet, XI. Trostle. First row: A. ludrola, NI. Koliuek, L. Friclay. L. Geist. UI. Fisher, L. Glenn. bl. llieks, j. Kiinlxerling, xl. Herlt H. Goss, B. Hubert. Second row: ll. Fredrick, -I. Fink, K. Gununo, XI. Helierling, D. Hurpster, A. Fiore, B Hurpster. S. Fugley, K. Gunsullus, B. llucly. Third row: X. Kimmel, E. Greene, D. Hzuner, L. Hagen, D. Gill B. Hieks. C. Hagen, B. Kiinlierling, G. Bennet, F. Faust. Fourth row: I. Hieks. l. Groves, D. Hilclelurund, D Fink, D. Koliuek, B. Helmerling, C. Houser, G. Gripp, G, Hzirnster. ELEVENTII GRADE First row: F. NVezn'er. 1. Snvitts. -I. XXX-stuii, S. Stimer. I. NVQ-uver, K. St-lim-k, C. Stitt, X. Ritelley. lt. Leeper. P. XVhite. X. NVuite. C. Snyder. D. XYou1ner. BI, Hii-liuuls. Second row: L. NYillii11ns, D. Smith. 'l'. Secmrclo, C. D Sellers. R. Tlimnus. l. Vannemun. T. Thmnpsun. X. Yotliers, NI. Rannsey. B. XVurrender. H. Snyder. Nl. Stone- iruker. Third row: 'l'. Schultz. 'l'. lligglenmn. R. llpclike, P. Snider. P. lhnnsey. T. Yeager. li. Trenury. H. Hulingg, I. YVilson. D. Slllllllflllllillix, B. Xllnleslagle, E. Znmnernmn, F. Sones. First row: bl. Philzige, K. Phillips, F. Pmsons, C. Clipper, A. Parkes, G. Naylor. S. Ohrtniun, DI. Plinsinski, A. Lewis, E. Nh-Nlnllen, XI. Moore, B. Rlorrissey. L. Nevling. Second row: N. Murchison, M. fYll0ll1'liL', YV. Neurlioof, A. Lezleh. lf. Ormshy, D. Mt-Nully, S. Mullet, Nl. Morrow, BI. Long, j. Port, E. Mt-Nzml, ll. Murkel. K. Miller. Third row: R. Idclings. IC, Nle.-Xlevv, P. Hzxrpster. N. Nluisuno. I". Priee, D. Morningrecl, D. Luzern- llflll. C. Xlinemier. C. Long. XI. Luke. B. jones Eleventh Grade he . fr U ls that lille straight, Charlie? Cih clenicmstmtes how to eonstruet il lNlI'2llll'l0g1'2lIH ill TENTII GRADE First row: L. Clonscr, j. Bnrwcll, C. Alluriglrt, C. Cru-4-, XI. Crawford, Nl. Bnrlir-t, S. Bvrlcstresser, nl. Conrad -I. Bair, l. Bntterlbaugli, C. Banvy, ll. Cannistraci, ID. Dr-twilc-1', C. Bonsell, E. D1-rnry, C. Nlertiff, Second row C. Anclc-rson, B. Best-lilcr, D. Crist, N. Cowlier, S. Barrctt, S, Dawson, L. Dc-rman, C. Bloom, P. Cunningham L. Bradford, ll. Bell, C. Bonscll, E. Bonsell, S. Cnpp. Third row: J. Boytim, D. Ashcroft, B. Ayers, C. Cisnuy C. Fyr-r, E, Carper, B. Crawford, B. Bcrkstresscr, H. Allnriglrt, 1. Cowfer, D. Alluriglit, C. Dry, B, Estriglil Fourth row: J. Barber, C. Arnrncrrnan, T. Boyd, T. Elder, A. Duey, D. Batlnlrst, H. Carpcr, B. Bohn. First row: l. Kelly, B. Hull, li. Kirkpatrick, -I. lloopvr, S. lfilicky, NI. Fislu-r, Nl. Km-lwra, A. Frye, P. Kr-itll E. Callaglmr, XI. Cladnvy, D. Kirkpatrick. Second row: L. Fisln-r, P. Kepler, L. Herrington, P. Hilclc-brand, K Canclolfrm, B. Fislicr, K. lfriclay, NI. Ceraci, R. Howard, N. Flwgal, F. Cooclwin, C. Harris. Third row: CL Ka-llc-r. T. Hogan, XV. Ilarpstr-r, S. Carncr, D. KL-plrart, Xl. johnson, B. Cray, D. Fila-, D. Crinnn, B. Cilpin Al. Hastings. Fourth row: T. Harris. F. Kurtz, C. Cilliland. B. Henry, B. Cnnsallns. Xl. Ft-tzer, C. Criflitli. B vlolnisonlxanglr, R. Krlstenluzrriclcr. li. Kinilwrling. B. Kolmck, C. Harnor. Fifth row: I. Kcicliera, NI. Kolum-lt ID. Hvatori, B. Ferguson. Tenth Grade Docs it wiggle anymore? 1-artli worm in Biology. 42 Tlic studv of tlu- structure and svstr-ms of llu Fil TENTI I GRADE First row: 13. NIL-XI-ul. B. I..11mI, N. IITUIIIQII. XI. Lz111,Qc'11IJa1cI1L'r. Ii. NL'tIIllIj'L'1'. NI. NIUNIIIIIVII. C. Xloist. ID. Ulmrt- mm C IiImoIcI X NILCILII111 YINIUI I Iumn XI 'N I li I t..., JJ.. ' ..'..'1'l,. . J. f" -. . .fei. . jklfffill. Second row: Y. N yers. . . zylma-. B. I f I II XII Inu 'N Xl1IIcr. I. NIcCIcIIun. R. Luircl, D. Prim-. B. lk-use. A. NIiIIer. A. LuircI. D. Nlyvrs, S. xlflllllfl. Third row: B. Imliosax, A. Rip-Cuirv, C. Lewis, J. I'z1vIic, I. Lykt-us, S. Nlorrissey, R. IJ1lHL'1'SO11, L. Patton, NI. O,lI1Dlll'Iil'. Cl. Postrein-I1. YV. Pine, I. NIcCIosIiey. C. Xin-CIQ-Ilan. Fourth row: Il. Xlurtin. B. XIiIIer. K. Parks. Ii. Palrkm-1'. T. IInI'1IIs I Lum II Lf Iillu .4. I 1 .. ws. . o use. II. N 'st row: C. Tlxonnls. S. liomlmmgll. C. NYvstI4-y. Y. 'l'iII4-ry. I. StoufI'vr. j. Ross. B. SI1urc'1'. -I. Hoot, I". Suylor. B. Suook, bl, Russell, U. SL-im-r. S. Zllllglli, M. Steiner. Second row: D. W'e:1kIzu'11I. A. lIicI1zmIs, A. UIII. bl. Slxopp. S. XYrye. P. XVCl'I'lllilIl. C. Snycler. Y. I,vmIc-r. IS. NX'eston. P. NVQ-Ich. II. Stn-inlwiscr. j. NVertx. IC. ROIUOFISUII. F. Sones. l'I1ird row: D. XYIIIILIIIIS. UI. Swalynu. I. Rico. II. RiggIc-lnun. -I. Stroup, li. XbLlI1IH'lIl1lIl, R. SImiIcIt. D. Hoot. C. XYAIIIQ. II 7i In If ZIUQIII B Smith H NYI1't F 'th tl XY NN .JH 1 W , . . , . le. om row: C. Smi 1, '. IAIIIQ. B. NYQW. H. Slmlmfelt. XI. Sunnmvrs I. ZimIc'I. II. VVisc-r. IJ. SI1iIcIt, C. IIl1111I1e1'gel'. K. VVa1gm'r. H, SfUIlL'IlI'ilIii'T, AI. Seifelt' Oops! XVrong Key! Tenth Grade It X nc-tit-ing postlm' and 2lC'l'lll'1lL'f' fm lolus an IIIA 4' S4'Cl'l'till'It'N ISS JUST VVHERE IS HICKORY STREET? The local coininnnity engages thc intcrcst of tlicsc ninth giucie Civics students. P inth Grade First row: H. Nucl, B. ltossniuii, P. Roinzlno, -I. Bnlick, M. Bryz1n,P. lticc, j. Boss. j. F11-ch-1'ick, B. Bnuglnnzni S. NVvstloy. P. VVcston, -I. Geruci, A. NICCZQIDZIIT. Second row: S. Dcckcr, B. WL'21VL'1', D. Miller, D. Bonsell, Nl Detwilvr, D. Linn, C. Flock, R. Markle, H. Glenn. B. Miller, L. XVe-stlcy, C. Bainsvy, D. Mc-Coy. Third row: -I NIL-Cioskcy, KI. Miller, B. Clitcs. V. Steinhciser, I. Muisano, F. Ivasillc, T. Blmsliull, D. NVulkcr, B. Nlillcr, C Fleck, B. Hurpstvr. Fourth 1'0w: C. Miller, L. Hznnplc, YV. Flock, B. Knstarihorclcr, S. Spicer, S. Headings. First row: V. NVQ-ston, IJ. Pcusv, M. KIcFurluiid, -I. Conrad, A. Britton, B. VVcrtz, E. Pzittn-1'son, B. Wfclsh, lf' Fioru. B. Ct-hhzxrt, C. Cnnsullns, P. Nowlin, Stouth-r, B. Davis. Second row: G. Burns, S. XVilliznns, E Tut-tors. M. Briclgvs, F. Owens. S. Bnrkct, KI, Romano, A. Kimhcrling. P. Kiinhm-i'ling, B. Dean, B. Loose, D Dunkel. V. Ismilx-ig, C. Miller, N. Lzuincn. Third row: B. Snyder, A. N1-vhng, D. Kohuck. D. Patton, B. YVolfm- T. Cc-tx, D. Cc-tx, D. Milhrr, B. Scliznil, D. Crzives, 1. Miniiniur, VI. Bull. P. Monntz, I. Crt-1-lic, AI. Wfiutcrs, B Huncl. Fourth row: C. Coove-r, Al. Dnniizmfuy, C. Nlichzivls, L. NVo1eshighg D. Curchicr, L. Knox, L. Spykcr, C Achnns. C. Bcmclgws, G. I':HL'l1lJCl'jlk'l', NI. Burncs. B. Shock. L. Criinin, D. Burns, F. Parks, P. NVo0ching. First row: S. Patterson, Nl. Brgulford, B. Myers, B. NVaite-, -I. Stahl, N. Conrad, N. Ste-ttcr, N. Bcnnvtt, D. sfill, S Christonc, -I. Donny, A. Otto, L. Taylor, M. Barnes, B. Kingston. Second row: -I. Higgins, M. Curekovich, B. Nvnrhoof, C. Laird. E. Harpstm-r. B. Towvr, S. johnson, D. XVugiu-r. XVz1,Qncr, XI. NVhitc, NI. Millcr, NI. Conch, C. Buy, Xl. Str-ol, I. Dauiglicnhuugli. C. Xvucl. Third row: L. lznncs, C. Boyd, NI. Stoi1olJ1'ukm', D. Ichopp, C. Upclikv, I". Shaw, -I. Cannistrnci, L. Hallo, B. Frantz. C. liutlicrforcl, B. Vlilk, .l. Stinc-r, B. Slmwlvy D. NVaitc, -I. Cnpp. Fourth row: VV. johnson, KI. Bryan, D. Hagg, T. La Porta-, P. Bonsz-ll, T. Arnold, J. Nic- Lzuiglilin, C. Sensor, T. Scordo, B, Metz, D. Frye-, I. O,Connr-ll, K. Lucas, H. Houck. Fifth row: H. VVnyl4nul. IJ. Bonsell, B. XV2ll'l'l'IlCl1.'f. First row: K. Friday, E. Naylor, N. Sinionclalc, S. Burnham, P. Ainmc-rinan, R. Suinincrs, XI. Hannhright, N. L11 Porto, P. Vlfliitc, C. Humor, ML-Clcllun, C. Fishvr, J. Et-krotli. B. Milla-r, K. Moors, B. Buroner, ID. Stone-r. Sec- ond rows C. Buss, S. Swishcr, XI. Cnpp, D. X7llI1Allll1ilH. P. Morrow, XI. Ne-wlin, D. Briggs, Al. Slll'll0I1lJi:?1'jIL'l', li. Turnhaugh, B. Rccsc, E. Snyclcr, BI. Hilliard, D. Ln-vy. Third row: NI. Flock, J. Clironistcr, C. Nlorrissvy. xl. Lannlwrson, S. Savitts, C. YVolf, V. Fruncliio, S. Cray, E. Culfcrelli, X. Ecklcy, NI. Cowlu-r, N. I.i2lll,!C1Tl3llL'lit'li. L. Hardy. Fourth 1'0w: B. Beck, Class, B. Crust, D. Naylor. L. Linvr, D. Bigvlow, C. Hiller. -I. Crawford. Al. Hrynciu, P. Milos, F. 0,Bonrkc-, B. Stock, R. Zn-iglr-r, j. Cznnplicll. C. CnH'crc-lli. inth Grade YVILL THERE BE AN ELVIS HERE? Ninth grade chorus is lwxrning ai now song nndcr tht- clircction of Nliss XVoonier. 45 First row: F. Postreieh, H. Hand, j. Christoiie, P. Boss. J. Houck, S. Hunter, C. Skelton, L. Snider, C. Beek with, D. Fisher, B. Stewart, HI. Bookhamer. Second row: NI. Coueh, K. Barrett, C. Fleek, L. Stouehraker, K Nowlin, NI. Wfaple, D. Fisher, B. Geist, G. Harpster, M. Creenawalt, D. Bayer, T. Ol'lllSl7jf. Third row: M Butterhaugh, K. VVagncr, M. Miller, S. Barto, C. Shaw, P. Sharer, S. Bryan, S. Moist, B. Moist, A. johnson B. Andrews, C. Conrad. Fourth row: P. Sehoonmaker, B, Snider, C. Morrissey, F. XVilson, VI. Beekwith, H Smith, E. Morrissey, B. Shildt. Miller. C. Mills. C, Baugluuan. D. Foeht, D. XValk. First row: B. Boinano, B. Patterson, A. Bonsell, B. Ramsey, K. Parsons, V. Beam, P. Calderwood, M. Holter, C Croshy, Al. Crce, S. Harpster, P. Brower, B. Bartlett. Second row: L. Eekley, M. Nead, N. Shultz, B. Fisher K. Mofla. E. Hicks, C. Gardner, P. XVeher, S. Troutwine. C. Bloom, L. Lake, -I, Smith, -I. Cault, XI. Thomas Third row: D. States, B. Xlayhue, F. Smith, S. Sprankle, B. Nlooseker, C. W'atson, C. Douglas, J. Ferner, C Crowell, AI, Gates, C. Tanner, B. Beamer, C. W'oonier, E. Nearhoof. Fourth row: T. Shingler, D. Smith, I, Laird Al. Minerieh, M. Snook, J. Holloway, C. WVaite, -I. Bridges, j. XVaring, H. Bulkley, -I. Fagley, Stryker, C. Nell Fifth row: F. Laird, VV. Payan. F. Magnotta, D. Biggleman, C. VVatson, H. Ferguson. gwv. Zlwwwg J. W Grade CAN I FIGURE THIS ONE OUT? Making individual projects in woodworking helps these eighth grade Boys to deeido on a vocation. -16 First row: QI. Smith. C. I7111111s1'. II. limistlll. I. ZQIIILIIII, Y. YIIIQIIIIQ. C. II1'It. B. CliImsnn. S. lIa1111st-xg .-X. Stt-iiiluviwx S Hoist P IIII Inn I' I31I II I3 XI1 's ' , , 'gt . . 11'IicI. S. Stm'Ic-, Second r0w: 'If Ccmpt-1', III-c'I1wiII1, I.. ,IoI1ns1111. IQ. Zim IlK'I'lII1llI. Cy. II11rg1ct, C.. Lt-11011, I. III1oz1rIt-s, -I. III1mIt-s. ID. Umliultz, II. Clnristofic, ID. I"IISIll'l', I. IIz11'pstv1'. XY. Xlil I1'1'. 'If Kc1Id11c-II. Third l'0NV! II. K4'II1'1'. -I. K11111111-I. C. KIl'I'xDkltI:IL'Ix. I3. Sw:-ivy. C. Bt-I11'1'1'. L. CIOYIIILIII. ID. Irvin ' S Ill! JI'l 't I lll I ION Ol II. c.2ll'SOII. II. IIIQIQS. XI. Ioncs. ID. rI.lIIIU,'. ID. Str -I III ' '. If. Stltt. F0 1I ' ': I.. II111'1'is. XI. S11 tk. K. XXYPNIUII II, ID1-1'm1111. II. NtIllI'IlIJlJf, NI. Fink. C. ID11vim, B. I.yIwns. IC. Bit-IxI1'. II. KiI1nu1'ti11, First row: ID. LQIIIIIUII, F. I.iIw1'1It1m1'i. II. IDUIIII. NI. liricklcy. B. II11II'1-r. I. SIIBIIII-l'I'. I. Fox. Ii. K1'itI1. I. Xlyurs. II XIiII1'1'. I3, SI111ItZ. B. xYL'tlYk'l', I. B01JItI1111111-1'. ID. IBZIIIOII, II. Ki111IJ1'1'Ii11g. Second l'0XV1 B. NIL'CIl'II2lIl, .-X. IDiX0n, I3 Km-111I1', I... W'1JOIf01'tI, II. NI111'111y, ID. Hlll'IlDXN', C. XI0011-, ID. BIIYIIS, I. ISl'llIJlll',LI, -I. XVI-112, I. ID1'a1n. I. Ifvvrs, I I.11L'11S. I. CiII41Dl'1'. cI2lSIJCI'. I". Lt-wis. TI1i1'cI row: II. Y1111tIc's. K. KIIIIRIIII, N. IDivIQs0n, -I, IDix-on. II. ScI111t-IIIJz111gI1 I IIIIIIIII C' H1101 II I:fniI I Ztil is ID XIOIIUX 1 , 1. 'c'. . 1 . .. 'cvig . . " x , II. II lllSL'l'. S. Fink. ID. XIt'CIc'IIz111, II. Xlotm-. Fourth row I. YYz1Iv1's, ID, III1ocI1-s, B, I'II'1llItZ, G. Kriclc-r, L. NYa1Iters, ID. Clulclc-n, II. IIocIgc1's, 'I'. XII-stmi, NV. St-ImuI. NY II111'tsuvI4. II. Day. II. I':IIt'IlIX'l'LfI'I'. II. Niyws. ID. NIz11'tf. E. Otto. Fifth row: C, Btn1Is. II. .'xSIIL'l'0II. I., S111cItzc-11 Eighth Grade I I . I I. " IVIIO SAID I WVAS AN AIITIST? a ' . .-X11 is Llll 111y'u1lI1111I1I11 l'Xpt'1'II'IIL'l' for Iunim' l1i I1 St'IIO0IQl'0ll1JS. 'l'I1is11igI1tI1 ,LfI'kltIl'QI'UllD wmks on its clmwings. Can tht-se seventh grzlclc experts he unsentecl hy that forest ot hzmds? Experts? Yes, indeed! 'Q eventh Grande SEVENTH GRADE First row: B. liohenolt, E. Pxeider, -I. Miller, J. Bitter, Al. Decker, C. VzmAllman, H. Mingle, S. XVolfe, j. Root, C McCoy, S. Hurpster, C. Baughinan. Second row: YV. Cates, H. Burns, B. Snyder, V. Stonehraker, E. Wheland, A Harris, K. Levy, B. Shaw, B. Hoover, B. Buyer, R. Brunstettcr, D. Ray. Third l'0W1 B. Perry, B. Mulli, A. Sharer F. MeMonaglc, C. Berkstresser, S. Bartlehuugli, L. Bollinger, R. Cuiferulli, H. Johnson, D. Drake, D. Harlow, -I Dunkle. Fourth row: R.YOtl'l61'S,H.PGt6I'SCJI1,I.ClifL'S, L. Kimherling, C. Bomzmo, I. Kocher, D. Fleck, R Houck, M. Muyhue, M. Koback, P.Miller, M. Marshall, N. Hagen, K. Port. First row: M. Root, V. Hilderhrund, J. McMullen, S. Beckwith, N. XVulk, L. VVolfe, P. Piper, M. Briggs, P YVoomer, NV. Steele, D. Friday, j. Cornelius, C. Baker, D. Pzmusiti, B. Paterson. Second row: A. Rutherford C. Romano, H. Sweitzer, B. K4JIlL?1', B. Sharm-r, D. Moist, D. McCloskey, I. Miller, H. Morgan, F. Stimer, B Kirkpatrick, F. Cannistrnci, D. YVike, B. Getz, M. Smith. Third row: A. Bayer, S. Irvin, D. Goss, D. Moore, B XVea1ver, S. Romano, YV. Emory, S. VVooch'ing, D. Little, B. Parks, C. Richards, D. Boss, B. Detwiler, -I. Houscr, I. Stimer. Fourth row: H. johnsonhaugh, 1. Snyder, L. YVertx. P. Thompson, A. Gray, M. Price, J. Cowfer, D. Clipper. C. Moore, D. Xvvlllk, M. Griffin, T. Clouser, E. Carpcr, H. Brcunemam. T. Stahl. 'll SEVICNTII GRADE First l'oW: XY. cYBI4it'Il. T. XYz1tsou. ll. Cism-y. IJ. XIUIIHIZ. li. ISf'IllJi'I'Q. C. Kridcr, Cl. clllllS2llIllS. N. Aycrs. 'l Dm-kcr. H, llcftwilw. li. Ki1'kp11t1'icl4. ll. jolmsou, I". l1tlNllt'l'liIlQ. ll. liolucuolt. lfkslllilll. C. Hills. Sccond ron C. l.5'kt-ns. -I. Cl'I1'L7IlISfl'I'. I.. c.I'illlllJf0ll. 1. Lgxrpcr. Al, llmompson. U. Ildemzul. L. Lmdcl. Xl. S13I'Lll11xll'. -I. XM-uk lilllll. IC, Parks. Al. Zcrlmy. Xl. Nlalrsludl. B. Pl'iuc. -I. Pl1ili11gcr. H. Fink. CI. Emcl. Third row: S. Hiller. FI. IJUXXSOII H. Clc'z1l'lm1't. C. YYolt'ord. IC. Curpcr. K. KIN'L'Ilt. B. Swc7y, ,I. Hun1scy. H. Udiollrkc. B. lirucc, bl. Bllldlllllilll T. llzlrdy. N. l7ridz1y. Fourth row: S, YYWSS. S. IJVLIKC. lf. luke. li. XYcstlcy. S. S17I'iIl,LIi-'1'.C:. BllI'll'j'. D. l,K'llSi XI, Vrulkm-1'. Al. Sllllfll. S. Xlmglc. ,l. Pu1'Lr'r. S. Laxssudy. C.. Clark. Cy. Xgm11c'111zm. S. Hicks. l'. Cfrlvr. I. XICXHIIII. First row: l., Wolfe. Scssglllulll. X. BUIHI. -I. Lylwlns. P. lilwodcs. C, Pollock. K. NIcCIoslwy. S. 51111112 C LCLlSllI'1', P, Xlcxczd. li. Hzuxpt. Second row: T, Scott. CI. I.oWcr. D. E31-r, HI. NYz1itc. H. Smith. li. K6'ilI'lll'f' I. lirinkmzm. xl. Butlunrst. L, Stcplu-ns. D. llicchcl. K, Hurpatcr. Xl. Ylwlll'IllJilllj.fIl. Third row: S. lngrmn. NX' RUSSIIILIILXIJ. lfrye, S. Ilzlrpcr. li. BIAQIHUIL K. Holt. N. XVOZIVUIA, T. Yingliug. B. YVoodri11Q, B. lfldcr. -I. fjIll1IliIl,Lf lmnl. FI. Loud. K. xlilltfill. Fourth row: C. XYclcl1. IJ, HL-cum:-rg. P. Zcidcrs. K. lfulcomcr. Salvitts. C. Nluddcu J H. Fink. S. Berry. S. listrigld. ll. Colden. N. NH-11x'c1'. Cl. Circ:-nc. 15. lllillips. , Seventh Grade .Q U Cot your bags packed? on Z1 trip RUYHIINI thc world? '19 .-Xnyonc Wllllf to ilL'COIIlDilllf' tlxvsc- sew-ntlm gmclt-ls 0 .ln-.... pfffciaad 45 pu nf-it 1? uuflf -vqgvguq bn. +81 E QE 'H Hold Hum J MQW Mkt A+ L.o..m,-I' lf Lock un3Q..lx'c SQVYXQ. qqgfhx'-fvx ': Q mf Nfnm good old cla-fs uf' S,f5iX,SA .lifts cz good +'B.nY Woufd GM beiig Ve. ,f:1Mf.Jf4kY of-Ly Cnrnfi: ,Y 50 A Gfrfu-L Q wcnk, VVL dev-y'1'M have 'fxhqm 6047 +'i7l,,kx'Pp f?3s5'c,,+qqg5 A 'W B96 DEI.- fvxtgflfqq f IIIDIWV-X333 Qf ,Y--1 Aw wx-:Q fgufff, vikuxb 'ba' 4 'X ' 0' f N15 :of I I - n lf- 0 f '71 X - X K -Q , h k , H- x S - A, 7' 1 Sx..1x A W 6 X f f I 7fxX XXX HEI xxx 1' ff X Ail,r, 1:6 L-X I ig gm 'fill' ' , I -iff' fff' ""' ' -QIXFQ ,,1,,. ff' INN 4 ---- " . " i9 V f . H... ,. Ll., .. ACTIVITIES Falcon FALCON STAFF First row: S. Getz, L. Stoncbraker, L. Derman, V. Stoner, B. Higgins, E Adams, V. Harpstcr. Second row: J. Cunsallus, G. Brantner, I. Hogan, B Bonsc-ll, C. Bulklcy, V. Fasick. Third row: D. Cosimati, J. Pavonc, I Perry, C. Roberts, j. Turiano, C. VVoomcr CNot Picture-dj. WVe, the Falcon staff of 1957, have put forth our efforts to the best of our ability in publishing this thirty ninth edition of the Falcon. Many hours have been spent in its preparation. They have been memorable hours of Work mixed with pleasure and We hope that you, the subscribed, Will enjoy this annual half as much as we have enjoyed bringing it to you. Miss Crawford, our very capable 'cbehind the scenesv advisor, certainly de- serves much more appreciation and gratitude than we can express. She was with us to the end and We Wish to thank her for her unending patience and tireless efforts. VVith these Words the 1957 Falcon takes its place among the memories of T. A. H. S. Barbara Higgins and Larrie Derman glance up for a fcw minutes from the lay-out they are showing Ed Adams and Vicki Stoner. These four editors prepare the Write-ups for the various groups and activities. 52 ARTISTS TYPISTS lov 'l'uriamo, Dominic Cosimati and Cutlwrinc liclt to right: B. Bonscll. Cl. lirauitrrvr. S. Gt-tx, Brrikivy arc clisplnyiug somv artistic clooriivs in QI. Hogan. 1m'l71mlti'm fm' HN' FQIIVUII Aft XVUVIX- Tilcsc girls am' tin- iiulispciisuimlc pcoplt- who spm-ml ADVERTISING STAFF AND BUSINESS MANAGER jimmy Fasick of thc' advertising stuff amd Lois Stoiicbmkcr, business lNil11L1gCl', clit-ck on rc-ceipts us -Indy Gunsullus, urlvc-rtising stuii, looks on! At tht- hoard jimmy Hurpstvr shows Gerry Roberts how she plums to mukc- up advertising copy. liours Dl'l'Di1I'IlIg tin' c-opy tor tin- printvr. SPORTS' EDITORS Sports' Editors, ,lay Pcrry and john Pavouv. arc rcsponsiimlc for all sports, writc-ups. They supvr- visc tin- urrzmgm-merits for photogrupliy for all sports. pokesman taff SPOKESMAN STAFF First row: E. Bonsell, L. Hale, A. Leach. S. Fagley. Xl. Nlurchison. pl. Waite. L. Ferner, Y. Miller, K. Gilpin, Miss Latshaw iadvisorj, I. Buck, Second row: R. Zanghi, C. Bonscll, E. Adams. C. Shultz. L. Friday, L. Blanchard. L. Geist. H. Snyder, A. ladarola, ul. Beals. F. NVcaver, A. Bennett. Third row: G. Anderson, Al. Bell, P. Bowser. -I. Crazier. V. Stoner, VI. NVike, R. Laliosa. M. Morrow, A. Crawford. E. McNaul, NI. Stonchraker, H. Coss, NV. Nearhoof, B. VVolcslagle. Fourth row: D. Hilderhrand, E. Greene, pl. Pavone, T. VVoodring, N. Newlin. li. Hicks. P. Vanneman, N. Murchison. C. Minemicr. C. Callahan. M. Long, C. Long. The Spokesman. our school newspaper. is published each month of the school year and gives the students a fresh look at the latest fads. honors. and social activities going on each month. As the deadline draws closer the staff-editors, reporters. typists. advertisers. artists, copyreaders, husiness managers, and advisors-works frantically to finish all the details that make its paper of the highest calibre. It is this same high stand- ard that has gained state and national honors. In the years to come when the students look over the old issues and happy memories return, they will realize how much they owe in gratitude for such a newspaper. But we, the Falcon staff. wish, here and now, to express a fraction of the appreciation we will feel in the future. Thank you. Miss Latshaw, and your staff, for a joh well done. OLD AND NEVV Sports editor .. . Editor in chief . Feature editor .. Ele anor X News editor .... . . STAFF Neil Murchison, Karen Gilpin Polly Bowser. Linda Ferner lainie NVaite, It-Naul Cat deslil Virginia Miller, Linda jo Friday Y X 1 " v . 5' Y .X V " V ,X Y XX, my Fx' X it X' xv. N V NX 'asv C x, ix Kr' ,tw X 1 X 15 1 1 at ,N ' X Nr' x. ,L N NC , V X F s L 1 KI Nik ' li f A fyf P NQYEPORTERS 3 VlFi13?,1ibyv: jucly Kelly, Maxine Q NBL' arol Blo o 111, Bonnie I , Sharm-1. Second row: Sandra 1 9 Qyiaiii-1311, inciiim- cfm. Third 4 X fowv Mary Alice Long, Pvtc y,XftllYl'lClll2lI1, jay Martin, Albert J.'D1jtry, Mary Kochera, Margie Qfaclncy. Fourth row: Stove Carnvr, Bill Hicks, Bill Miller. SPOKESMAN TYPISTS First row: Anna Leach, Vvlllllil Nearhoof. Second row: -loan Miller, Judy Bt-als, Sally Nora- baugli, Felicia NVcaver. Third row: Sherry Cupp, Catherine L i lm o l d , Ann Bennett-head typist. Fourth row: Carolyn Thomas. PROOF READER Lzuiravlla Blancharcl l STUDENT BUSINESS MANAGER Regina Prough Senior Band Majorettes ond row: I. Root, F. Saylor, J. H4-ll Beckwith 56 Front, Kneeling: li. Xlg-Mullcn Sec- Tllird row: R. Hull, T. Elder, C. I SENIOR MARCHINC BAND First row: R. Hull, AI. Root, E. xlL'hllllll'll, T. lilclcr, F. Suylor, tl. Bvll, C. Hcckwitlr. Second row: C. Lmris, -I. lfislu-1', QI. GI'llZll'Ii, Y. Nom-l, L. Nvzlcl. C. VVL'StlD1'00li, V. Ilurpstcr. Nl. Hclmcrliug. L. Bruflforcl. NI. NIL-Curlllvy. Xlr. NVngm-r Cllirvctorl. Third row: B. Burucs. L. Dcrmzm, Nl. Swuync-, M. Ko- lmck, j. Martin. S. Caruer, R. Gilpin, T. Boyd, Il.. NIL-Neal, D. McNally, D. Davis, L. Gr-ist, I. Hastings. L. Bllllltllillll. Fourth Row: G. Boytim, C. D4-rm, P. Curminghum, C. Bulklvy, M. Stonclm1'ukv1'. K. Cunsullus, C. Anclcr- son. NI. Xlorroxr, D, XYoon1cr, Xl. liiclmrcls, N. Nlillcr, P. Bowscr, P. Harp- stcr, ll. Bonscll. bl. B21l'lJL'1'. Fifth row: L. Hulc. X. jolmscm. C. Mirrvlrrim. NV. Bkll'lJl'1', ul. Port, ll. XIcNrml, B. Patton, il. Kelly, L. H1-rringtou. B. Cow- hcr, D. Bathurst, D. Ka-phurt, H. Hzullw, XI. Fctxcr. Sixth row: D. Ashlroft, j. Crave-s, H. lsculn-rg. D. Nlorningrm-cl, C. Rohm-rts. T. YVooclriug, j. Eckert, NI. O'l1ol1rkc, D. Stewart. I". Price-. N. Crowell. S. Neil, A. Stzrrxt-sky, G. clllilkflilt, C. 1"ricluy. V H V .' - " r 'v. Junior Band First row: S. ll2ll'17Sti'l', K. B21I'l'L'll. -I. Boss. 13. Miller. B.ROSSlll1lll, P. Xlyvrs. Y. Yiugliug. Second row: H. Kolmt-lx Al. BL-ckxxitlr. T. Kubrick. D. Fishvr. P. XYc'lwr, -I. Fox. Mr. Price- Cllirm-torl. Third row: Ii. Nvzrrlroof. F. Zim mvrmzm. X. LuPortL-. S. HLIIIISUX, VI. lfuglcy. Pm. Bnrlr-tt. K. XY1l,QIlCl'. C, llu1'pstv1'. -I Rlroclos. Fourth row: B Stvwzllt. H. Xlillvr. P. Czllclcrwoocl. H. Clvml. P. NC!XX'llIl. U. For-ht. ll. Sllyilitf. C. Crowcll, P. Xlboclrillg L. XVz1ltc'rs. C. c:IlIl5illlllS, C. Curclncr Fifth row: B. C4-ist. T. l1LIl'i0l'l. C. XVOIJIIICIQ D. lilioclcs, K. Cillum XI. Nlilh-r. C. CTOIIIYIKT. li. Bin-klu. J. Smith. L. Sniclvr. P. Nlorrow. Sixth row: li. D4-rmrm, D. jmnos, C. Bloom L. Lzlkv, P. Rico. P. Lilxorutori. I. Minvmivr. C. Fisher. K. Nloorv. I. lCckroth. C. Bauglnmur. li. XVolfc. Sev- cnth rosi: R. Xczrrhoof, 'I. Duirriarxvuy. XV. jolmslon, 1. Bryzm, C. 'XIills. P. Bcmsvll. IJIIUUS. J. OlComu-ll S. Stryker, C. Nc-H, T. Arnolgl, .-X. jolmsou. .I. Crawford. 4 Mixed Chorus First row: U.C11ldciwvood. P. Bowser, L Glenn, A. Lewis. B. NxY1ll'IAl'Ildl'l', H, Snyder, il. Piisinski, S. Getz. L. St0Hl'T7I'flkC'1', R. Lzillosu, L. Bhinchurd, ID. Davis, L. Friday, j. Burk, P. Keller, L Nm-nrlioof, L. Geist, M. Hehe-fling, P. johnson. Second row: P. Stoner, AI. NVuilc, G. Shultz, NI. Nlnrchison, B. Czddeiiwvood, B. Bonscli. A. Cnnninghzun, D. Hzirpster, C. Snyder. D. McNally. -I. Hil1'1JSfl'1', S. Nloiiet. P. NVhite. K. Gilpin, Xl. Richzwds. D. XVooine1'. Third row: L. Luke, XI. Sheppard, H. Brown, J. Baker, B. Higgins. Y. Stoner, M. Morrow, M. Long, E. NIL-Nzud, NI. Stonehrakcr, C. Cailzilizin, -I. XVikc-,. L. Fe1'11c-13 P. NVolford, C. Bnlklvy, j. Eckert. Fourth row: L. Dvrinzui. j. Cowher. P. Vzmnc-inzin, li. Thomas, E. Adams, sl. Giuvvs. 15. Gilpin, j. Hastings, -I. Marlin. T. Elder. I. Swuynv. R. Vunnc-man, D. Kephart, G. Postcreich, ll. Bnrkvt, R. Growcli. Fifth row: NI. O,RO1Il'Til', T. XVoodi'ing. H. RQILITUP, T. Morrow, B. Nliiler. T. SL-ordo. D. Hiidchrund, H. NVhite, U. Niorningred, T. Dawson. G. Mincinicr, D. Luzorzition, G. Dean. Sixth row: -I. Iflou. D. Stewart, N. Iohnson. M. johnson. R. Gunszilhis. T. Wligiia-i', N. Newiin. C. Hagen, F. Sones. J. Hicks. Mixed Quartet Boys, Chorus P:il'5t 1i0W? -L' l'11'ifli1Y, D- VV0011K'1'- Second WW: First row: D. XVTTTTQIINS. Rl. johnson. T. Elder, K. C'- AMm4"mf'l! D' C21ldfAl'W00d, A4'l'0mPUm5ff IJ' XVl1gI1l'l', D. Kvphurt, G. Postriech, Mrs. johnson Dcinizni, fIJil'CL'ffl'SSD. Second row: H. Gunsulhis, H. Vunne- nizin, I, Hastings, YV. Milla-13 M. 0'Rou1'ks, R. NVhitv. ' au W. is l f' a..'.,mvm ' Ienior Choir vi? SENIOR CIIOIR Firsi row: II, .IUIIIIMYIL li. Higgins. D. XYc1m11L'1'. l'. NYuIforci. I, XYalilgi,'S. Getz. I.. SIUlll'IJl'1lIi4'I', XI, Siiuppailti. I.. C11-ist. ID. Ilurpstvr. VI. II11rpstvr. I.. Ifriciaxy. II. Snycivr. Second rm 1: II. Brown, K. Gilpin, Ii. cI2lIKIl'I'XYI7Uli. -I, liziiwig IU. Cuiriwxxmmci. C. Bliikic-53 I., I'.t'l'IIL'l'. .-X. CIIIIIIIIIIQIIRIIII, AI. Ivgikc-. XI. liiciiunis. IJ. XIc'Nz1IIy. Third row: Xl II. lIzu1Ivm-. I. IDLIXYSOII, I., Iii-rmzui. IP. Slvwzllf. Y, Nc-wiiii. ,l.f-,1goIT,'I5, I,zIZL'rz1ti011. li. VIIIIOIIILIS. fl. Iiciimwts. Xlrmrrfiw. Fourth row: Y, Iiiiniscm. CI. Iivaui. 'lf xYfJNCII'IIlQ,QI5.AAKILIJIIS. Di Xlcmriiiiiggrvci. fl. Xiinimic-r. 'J ,P ,ei .' , I' - . I ' " i 1 if - If E ., L, X lr a, , fir" K I' f' mr nf .ii ' f ' V ' il b' I ' Pl -in ,fi fy 14,5-Q Q qi, pf A If o A Semor Ensemble Iumor Ensemble I - an--9-' i, f f ' , I' , , ' "H emu., fn 7 Seated: II. Siiyciw. VI. IIQIIAIISIVIX K. Ciipin. l'. V H 1.1 First row: IS. I'IISIIl'I'. II. IIi'M'ilI0l'. K, Crc'v. Su A ond row' I IIrJ0pc'r I Bair I IIlII'VVl'Ii N. XIIIILI XYuIi'o1'cI, I.. I7c-riivr. l.. Cla-ist, Standing: ID. IIQIYDY H Third Wlwf I, Cm'lm'Imhl ' " I . 'V un X Cuviiivr C wtvr. IJ. NIL-Naiiiy. XI. liia-Inu-als. XI. XIOITHNX, XYc'stIc-y. 0 Y .gi K fy W . Q, 1 . ' . .,... . --: " 0' ff' f "i:,." Wg' ,Lx x. Wx mgmw gf 5 W 5 ax E -:M ...I First Row: j. YVertz, D. Kirkpzitrick, L. Derinun, S. Dawson, P. Hilclchrnncl, S. Burrc-tt, AI. Hoo- per, C. Bloom, B. Shzircr, C. Thoinus, C. XVcstlcy, Mrs. johnson CDiroctrvssJ. Second row: B. Hull, B. Ncdiniycr, -I. Naylor, j. Binwell, C. Alhright, B. Fishe-r K. Cunclolfo, -I. Kc-lly, M. Nt-il rl. Bair, C. Crue. M. Ckaxvorcl L. Lcvinv S. Filiuky. Third row: B. Best-hlcr, S. Zzinghi B. Butcrhznigh, N. Prongh, 'Boot, S. Ohrtinun. M. Clalclnvy, A. Uhl, E. Cullnghr-r, D. Crist li. Bonscll, L. Clmrei-. ,Fourth row: N. Cowhvr ,P. Cnmnnghrnn, G, Sm-inr-r. B. Pnttonl N. Millcr. Xi 1 'g ,r , X9 ' D r X K xl Q.: 1 l rv X' X X X : gf hx I x t xg ' I V 1 First 1'0NV: K. Friday, Y. Mbston, -I. Conrad, R. Pllllfllllllllgll, N. lAlI1gL5HlJ2lCl'iUl', C. Buss, D. Yun- Alhnun, N. L.ziPorte, M. McClc-llan, G. Humor, li. Naylor, Miss NVooincr, ClJll'PCtl'CSS7, P. Whitv Second row: P. Pease, S. Burnham, M. lhnnhright, B. Gchhzirt, C. Cnnsullns, B. Millor K. Moorv, C. Fisher, Fisher, UI. Ea-kroth. B. Towcr, S. Iohnson, M. Nc-wlin, P. Morrow Third row: G. Adams. D. Getz, T. Getz, L. Knox, T. Lz1Portc. L Liner, B. Markle, M. Bryan, H. Glenn. D. Lynn, S. Class, M. Cowhc-r. Fourth row: B. Snyder. 1. Crawforfl, ,l. Cannpholl L. I'Iurdy, C. Miller, T. Postrvich, B. Str-ck. ,l. Hryncin. , . l Q fi' . ml' 4. he ,w y M, R IV .51 . .IW 1' ! Y ll Ja? . 1 l x L l ' 2 'haf' nu. ,f -3 Girls? Chorns F V 5, ' li l , fi M' 'f nr 'll .Y V LJ jxy .f inth Grade Chorus G0 A.. Eighth Grade Chorus First row: XI. NYz1pIc'. K. Wliguer. XI. I3utte1'Ium1gIi. L. SIUIlCI5I'klIi0l'. C. Fuimsc. B. Fishi- C. Croshy. B. Barth-tt, V. Yingling, S. Ilurpster. K. Pnrsoiis, C. Holt, Miss VVOomc-r IIDi1'ct-tn-ss Second row: K. Barrett, P. Shurer, K. NcwIi11, K. NIOHEI, AI. Smith, P. YVeIx-r, V. Ream, I' 1. Coopvr. ID. Focht. C. XXYZIISUII, C. XL-f'I'. II. Bulklvy. Cl. Croxu-II. I. Cates. G. XYOOIIICIQ E. Zim mm-rmun. Fourth row: NI. Cin-1-imwult. Cl. H41i'pstc'1'. D. Fislu-r. H. Cin-st. S. Burst. NI. Ifiuk fIiIILI1.'1'NXUOCI, L. I,a1Iw, P. Brower. I. Cimlt. rl. Croc-, NI. IIIIIOIIIRIS. Third row: XV. BC2llIIi'I', I. Fugli-y. H. Smith. Seventh Grade Chorus First row: S. Springer. C. Vuiiiwnmii. S. Xlilh-ix NI. 'IIllI'IlIJ2lll5lIl. L. Kimlmvrling. S. Chissitly, N. Wi1lk,.l. Iizithurst, I' XILXIH 1 I S H t P XYrm11ie1 I7 II I ' I ' Y 'I " t' "I ' I A . -. mirage. .. 1u'psn'r. . '. . mowv. Seconc row: Bliss N oomvi Duct- rosa. IJ. Hih-mam, XVutsou. G. Crm-vii. It. I31'mistcttc1'. S. Xlengt-I. K. HoII'. P. NIL-XvuI. NY. O'I3ri1-11. R. xYl'ilYl'I'. II. Iiirks. YV. Nt-il, 'If Hardy. Third row: L. WoIfe.B. S11yder..l. Clitos. ID. III-icheI. C. Lake. ID. I'ez1sc, C. Chlrk. ,I. BllL'IIilllil1l, B. I31'm-c. NI. xV21IIxL'l', vl. Smith, -I. I,2lI'IxCl'. Fourth row: bl. Koa-Iwr, F. Crier, S. Hicks. L. XICNIIIIII. H. cIt'llI'IIllTt. C. NYoIford. Al. Dziwson. S. Snare. C. Burley. K. Hz1rpstc'1', C. Itomamo. I First row: C. Bloom, R. Vunncmun, L. Dorman, F. IDQIIIIHINVQIY, K, Czmclolfo. Second row: N Millvr, T. Scorclo, K. Wlatson, C. Vannemzm, R, Bohn, S. Hunter, j. Clnronister. Third row: K. Hurpster, M. Morrow, S. Mollct, J. Root, F. W'illiums, A. Iadaroln, B. Millcr, B. Swcezy Fourth row: T. Elder, T. Millor. I. Housor, L. Lucas, B. Myers, T, Youger. ll. Nc-zirlioof Al. Cates, R. Snidvr, D. Cctx. N First row: C. liolx-rts, T. Morrow, D. St:-wart, L. lJt'l'lll2ll1, j. Igon, E. Adams. I. Graves, B. Burket, L. Burlctt, Mr. Hzrsson CAclvisc-rl. Second row: xl. Hastings, C. Crovc, B. Gilpin C. Dm-kcr, C. Ammcrman, l. Barber, D, Kcplmrt, H. Vunneman, -I. Swuyne, C. Sellers, X Murchison. Third row: H. Crawford, R. Thomas, I. EL-lcvrt, F. Dunnuwuy, D. Morningred P. Vzxnneman, C. Mincrnier, D. Gill, E. Crcmief. Fourth row: T. NVoodring, T. Elder, N -Iolmson, M. Oillourkc, M. Fetzer, j. Stroup, ll. Crowvll. Fifth row: L. Hale, j. Campbell B. Eckert, M. Luke, L. Williams, j. Boytim. a v tudent Council Key Club 62 Future Teachers Future urses 5 V 653 First row: C. Bulklcy. P. Bowser, bl. Wlxitc. Y. Hiller, C. Shultz. -I. Baker, A. Cunninghzun Second row: V. Stoner, L. Luka-, K. Cilpin. H. Brown. XI, Sheppard. N. NVa1itc-. Nl. Stonvhrzikm-r Third row: E. Adznns, j. Igou. AQ. First row: j, Crzrxivr. L, l"s-rnvr, P. NVoli'ord, B. Beckwith, N. Cowhcr, Y. Fzlsick, XI. Nlorrow B. Culdcrwood. C. Loossf, Al. NVikc. li. Owens. li. Klnrshull. P. Piper. B. Walk. S. Estright Second row: M. Nlnrr-hison. D. XYOOIIIUI1 C. Snydc-r. P. Stone-r, L. Ch-nn, C. Clipper, B. Ilurp ster, C. Dillon, A. Fiore. S. Domi, D. Davis, C. Sciner, NI. Russell, S. Getz. Third row: B Higgins, tl. Port, NI. Ling, B. Nlincrich, F. Soncs, j. Naylor, E. Robertson, L. Bradford, S. Daw son, P. Ilildchrund, NI. Chldnvy, B. W'cst0n. Fourth row: N. Bitchc-y, NIL-Clclhun. Nl Bigelow. J. NIcCh-Ilan, S. Fciicky, X. Burkct. Ni. Kochvru, NI. NIL-Nlullcn. B. NUCiilHyl'l'. L Herrington, L. Ucrrnuri, Barrett. L. Friday. Fifth row: li. NIL-Xnul, A. Port, X. Milivr. B Patton, bl. Fisher, NI. Riclmrds, Nlofh-tt, D. Culderwood. F. XVUQIVPY, P. Cilllllnllgillllll, B Share-r, j. Iloopvr. Special English First row: A. Port, A. Crawforcl, C. Loosv, ,I Harpstvr, K. Gilpin, I. Gnnsallns, S. Klutz V. Harpstcr. Second row: L. Lalu-, l. Barkvr, P. Vllolforcl, L. l'lt'I'llL'I', C. Slniltz, V. Stoncr l B. Higgins, M. Slicpliarcl, Z. Ccnsiniorc. Third row: M. Mnrcliison, l. YVaitc-, I. Crazivr, P Stonvr, M. Bigelow, V. Millcr, I. Wikt-, C. Callalian, C. Bnlkley, H. Brown. Fonrth row: L D1-rnian, L. Halo, E. Aclains, B. En-la-rt, N .N0wlin, C. Bolx-rts, P. Sollc-rs, Mrs. Dr-rr llristrnt-tor? Latin Club First row: M. Cupp, D. Cray, A. Fiorc, S. Dt-an, V. XVcston, B. Davis, B. Hull, B. Nctliinycr, M. Kochera, M. Claclncy, M. Fislicr, P. Hilclclwancl, S. Dawson, Stoui'lcr, P. Nowlin, F Fiore, B. Wtelr-li, E. Patterson. Second row: McClellan, C. Haincr, N. Laporte, N. Sinnnon- clalv, C. Dillon, C. Cnppvr, J. Conrail, A. Britton, B. Cc-liliart, C. Cnnsallus, M. McFarland, B. Vvcrtzl 11' Pease, K, Friclay, l. Naylor, E. Boluertson, M. Russcfll, B. Wlvston, S. Barre-tt, j. Bair, I. Conracl, C. Blooni, B. Sliarcr. Fouiili row: D. Crist, N. Cowlicr, B. Miller, K. Moorc- T. Postreicli, D. Patton, J. Martin, B. Snytlvr, B. Beck, M. Johnson, D. Sliilclt, I. Hastings M. Crawford, C. Cree, 1. McClellan, B. Patton, N. Miller. Fifth row: Mr. Danriaway, B Burmnncry P, Morrow, C, Fisher, bl. Er-krotli, S. Carrier, T. Elder, B. Vanncnian, Stronp j. Swavnc, G. Postrcit-li, D. YVillianis, I. Caniplicll, Pi. Miller, P. Vlloodring, E. Naylor, K Friclavl Sixtli row: P. Cnnningliain, D. Stonvr, S. Burnliani, R. Snnnncrs, M. Ncwlin, F. Price T' Hfggimg J, 111-ynciu, j. Crawforcl. Pi. Bolni, B. YVolfe. M. O'Bonrkc-, R. Carclncr, D. Crinnn v a a 64 Library Iub First row: NIY, XILISUOII. C. I'1lll1lM'. IJ. cJIll'II1lilIl. AI. Knot. A. NILTIIUIIQ111, VI. Illmts-r. C. ISIUO111 -'Q Q "is -' fcconc row- Vs -' - ' xv 14-' '1-Q 1 Xl. NUI. B. I311ttc1Ibu1K Il. XI. I .l111. S I . B. l1l111. FI. 13111, XI. CA: I I. VI. XI .fox I I. 151-41Is, 11. llvrnmll, S. lJ11wsm1.wl. NIL-Cla-II1111, C. I,iI1r1IcI, A. Ilmv4mI. Xl. cIl'l'C'Il2lXV21II. Thirc row: -I Swvitls -. - 1,-. . -. .. 1 , . .- . 4 1. ,- . 1 ., lx.C,1Ip111,,l.C-1111s.1II11s.Al. HON111, II. I,.1IIm.11. IJ.C.1.15,A, I.1cI111uI.1. I . XM.1x4l UI. Ilmmpvll I'. IIiIcIc-Im1'z1mI, Fourth row: Al. SIIl'IIl'llI7l'IAQl'I'. H. CI11ll11QI11-1: I,. CfImlsc'r. II. floss XI' Ym IIIIUUII I3 Stltcs C ISU 111 l II . fa I. IIS' . Q. IIUIISL' . Ipanish Club XI Long. Ii. C2lIiIl'l4XX'lJllCI, II. Stcrxlvr. A. Cf1'11wfo1'cI. XI. XIu1'1'mx'. I'. XIQIIIIIUIIILIII. First row: . . N. XIIIFCIIISOII, X. Nc-wIi11. Second row: C. Shultz, XI. I3ig1'Imx', I,. I"1Cl'lll'I', nl. XHIXI-, H. IJQITJXVII. D. Hurpstvr. C. I311IkI4'y, B. Bm-kwitlm, N. Burkvt. Third row: ,l. Port. A. XVAIIQ. V. MiIIor. l1cI I7 XILN1IIx Ix C1l11s1II11s I O1 I X XI utr C S11 I XI 3 ll. Bi1I'il'l'. NI. Slwppa ' . . . -. 1 .. . 1 Ja .. L '111s1y. . . 4 1, ,. . ymvr. . . UIIIm11'Iw. Fourth row: If. XIc'Nz1l1I. A. Iori. IJ. Stnfxxallf. II. 'I'1'v11z11'y. I". XI'IIIiz1111s. XI. I,11Iw. I. C11wI1v1'. II. XIIlN'l'Il'II. B. XVuI1-sIz1,2I1'. Cl. Lung. H3 First row: L. Stonehraker, S. Getz, L. Ferner, P. YVolforcl, I. YVuite, V. Miller, K. Gilpin Second row: I. Baker, C. Shultz, L. Lake, I. XVike, P. Keller, D. Snyder, S. Getz, B. Minerieh Third row: J. Mnisuno, M. Bigelow, P. Stoner, B. Bonsell, B. Culclerwoocl, C. Brzintner, j Cunszillns, D. Lyneh, Senior Tri-Hi-Y Home Economics Club First row: N. Boss, S. Saylor, ID. Tennis, li. Whllk, A. Cowher, A. Laird, D. Lyneh, D. Turn hungh, E. Cupp, V. Ellenberger, M. Briggs, M. Ramsey. Second row: C. Bonsell, j. Beckwith N. Cruzier, Cnpp, B. Morrissey, C. Cunnno, R. Steinheiser, K. Nliller, F. Thompson, L Boninno, I. Einel, P. Piper, B. Leeper, N. Upclike. Third 1'0w: F. Puvlie, A. Rieliurcls, D Myers, P. Hoover, C. Burley, j. Cuimastmei, K. Detwiler, A. Miller, S. Mountz, S. Berkstresser Mrs. Nearhoof CAclviserD. Fourth row: NI. Cherry, J. Fink, L. Nevling, D. Kohak, D. Colden YI. Burtlehaugh, B. Markle, B. Laird, P. Keith, j. Shoope, J. Wertz, M. Christofie. 66 -3 1 -L.I. rz2.m2.t1I- Junior Tri-Hi-Y F irst row: .l, BKHIIS, VI. Fislwig Rl. Hiclmrcls, H. Sllyclvr, j. XYL-stan. Second row: L. Clvnn P. Bowser. D. McNally. L. Blam'l1zu'd, S. Nloffit. P. XfX!i1iti', M. StOl1Pi5l'ilk6'1'. Commercial Girls First row: P. Kellc-r, L. Ncncl, R. Lzxliosu, L. Stom-brakm-r, j. Bluiszmo. Second row: C. Brant HL Bzltvlnuii, L. Nwlrlmof. 67 -r, H. Pmugh, j. Hogan. S. Cm-tl. C. NVQ-stbrook, Third row: B. Cowlxcr. L. Clll11i1l'ifi2,'Lx. X Varsity Cluh First row: J. DelBaggio. P. Hunter, D. Sellers, C, XVo0me1', j. Perry, E. Aclams. Second row: G. Sellers, T. Scordo, C. Decker, 1. Albright, F. Dzmnawziy, B. Bilger, I. Pavone. Third row: B. Thomas, F.. Greene, D. Hamer, D. Cill, B. Hubert, T. Morrow, j. Graves. Fourth row: J. Bice, I. Houser, D. Spaulding, B. Eckert, N. Newlin, L. Drake. K Ci 1' 'ext J N 'Q 1 s ' x , i 5 ,A T rx . ft 4,1 1-fi... L -L 420 Photograph Club First row: N. Ritchey, H. Snyder, B. Hicks, C. Mininiier, D. Ashcroft, M. Stonehraker, C Beckwith, C. Cupper. Second row: B. Fisher, B. Besehlcr, D. Crist, Y. Littery, I. Schopp A. Uhl, E. Gallagher, F. Weaver. Third row: J. WVCSUJD, M. Glaclney, N. Cowher, C. Seiner M. Russell, L. Geist, D. McNally, T. Morrow. Fourth row: R. Ashcroft, I. VVilson, BI O,Rourke, D. Mornirigrecl, P. Vuiinenian. D. Hilclehrancl, C. Dean. D. Lazvrutioii. l 68 Art Club First row: S. listriglli, M. Bryzm, Nl. cll'l'l'112lVk'2llt. j. Bell. F. Pricc. Bl. Cowhvr, A. Lewis Nl. Bc-mu-tt, IC. Bonsvll. Second row: C. Moist, II. Nm-I, B. Rossnmn, nl. Bulick, P. Romano Y. liitclu-y, C. Burns. C. Bonsvll, C. 'l'lmnmS. Third row: F. WR-nvv1'. D. Dnnklv, D. Hilda- urnncl. j. Nlnrtin, C. Svnsor, L. Clonsc-r, C. 1.1-wis. r 1 N .Q if Patrol Boys First row: D. Scllcrs. ,l. Honsvr, IJ. Naylor, D. NVQ-stly, li. Cowfw. C. Cnpp. Second row: D. Fry, ll. Bohn, H. lsvnbcrg, H. Nlillvr, A. Spin-r, Mr. Lrilplllffx. Third row: B. NIL-tx, C. Dry, C. FI1-ck. U, Smith. L. Ilfilklk 69 X 'N FUTURE FARMERS Future Farmers of America First row: NV. Taylor, -I. Ray R. NValker, L. Ayers, D. Conrad, -I. Campbell, Rl. 'l'rostlc. Second row: C. Gilliland, S. Hayes, R. Brulmaker, T. Crazier, VV. Detwilcr, R. Urban, I. Mc- Closkey. Third row: D. Root, L. Fisher, R. Ferguson, F. Crust, R. Emel, B. XYay, R. Crawford. Fourth row: C. Rumlwcrger, C. KIcCullan, R. BC'll1'l'1', I. Human, XV. Stahl R. Patterson. Agricultural CHAPTER OFFICERS john Cainpluc-ll .,..,. .. .. , , . . . . . ,.,. President Don Conrad , . Vice-President Lewis Ayers . ,. .. Secretary Bob NValkcr . .. ,. . Treasurer Sam Hayes, jr. . .. Reporter Bob Bt-ltrer , , . . Sentinel a Group F Agriculture students running a chemical test on soil. First row, L. to R.: Nlarlyn Trostlc, Ted Crazier, Richard Emol, Jesse Ray, Iiln Homan, Ray Bru- baker. Second row: Mr. Hayes, instructorg Bill Staltl, Bill Taylor, Bill Urban. itammwmsww. i Ld 'Xi-15 't to right: j. Gross, nl. SIIIIIIIIUIAS, D. Naylor, Left to right: C. Friday, Cl. Pollock, NV, llousor. I Km-nncciy. Qrlwliesv boys im- ripping uucl ioiutiug f'l'liL-sc boys are working ou ai scale- uiomlm-1 of il on tho two pa-1'spn-ctivo imu-l1inus.l lnouscni M h'ne Shop I Left to right: H. -lzunos. li. Hcsslcr, E. Cowfor, LLM to right: D. Cosimuti. lTliis mucliinist is R. Striugvr. XY. StouHc1'.hf'I'his group is doing ning out Ll special job on ll latin-.J xnrious iolms on ma1c'l1i11vs.l -iw - X . 'mi1.1.ah- -4-1111.1 f Electrical lhop Left to right: L. lJl'yU1', N. -l0llllSOIl, XY. Bur- lwr, R. Iseiilucriyq, C. Me-rritts. C'I'liis groiip I'K'l7I'0Si'I'ltS the radio section of tlic sliopj Left to right: bl. rl'lll'l21I10, R. Bilgvr, G. NVUQ- mvr. A. Stuizcsky. S. Neil, ll. xY1.'ilN6'I'. CTliis groiip 11-piwsviits the electrical section oi llic' sliopj 72 uto hop Left to right: NY. IR-zisc. YV. llulmvrt, F. Ross- nmii, R. Boiisi-ll, ID. Cwiu QVl'i'2lL'llOl'l. CTliis group is ucliiiiiiistmwiiig am 4-iigiiu' time iip.j Left to right: I". Ccxiiiuul, A. Iloovcr, R. Ewing, D. Kilmurtiii CTliis group is prepar- ing tlu- uutmnolxilv for state ll1SDt'L'll01'k.7 K fs, w."" M: M-f ff f-M xx Q X S' - 'Mm f " . x . fQ,"I ff LLXE.. ' --lcllxram '73"1W5f34vy 2X:l.l 4 ,I 5" , y Vu 4 I bi: End W's""0'h f ffl . XC xl K 'hit ff' f ' Ilfff' V Q I 0 - , 0 1 s'r , -'n 'Q '4 ",',L Y any 5 P11 3 145 is gpg . 1 4 A 1 i' V L J l V,,, " f 5 . 'K ' ll S " Varsity Football y Q1 tr, . 4 '-M First row: E. Greene Olanagerj, B. Gray, I. Pavlic, D. XVilliamS, 1. Rice, NI. Lake, G. Sellers Olanagerl. Second row: D. Hamer CManagerJ, B. Eckert, B. Hulbert, P. Sellers, 1. Houser, D. Spaulding, B. Bilgcr, P. Hunter, J. Camplmell, I. Pavone CManagerl. Third row: N. Maisano, D. Gill, F. Dannaway, I. Cowlier, D. Sniitli, P. Mye1's, R. Tliomas, I. Stroup, 1. Albright, H. Trenary, L. Drake, N. Kimmel. Fourth row: N. Newlin Qlanagt-rl, VV. Harpsteq, R. Riggleman, NI. Iohnson, R. Carper, C. Dry, B. Hicks, R. Vanneman, N. Murchison, C. NValk, T. Scorc o. Scores Bellwood O ............... Tyrone North Cambria Tyrone Lewistown 12 ........... Tyrone Huntingdon 7 ..... Tyrone Bellefonte 7 .... Tyrone Philipsluurg 14 ..... Tyrone Clearfield 13 ....... Tyrone State College 0 Tyrone Lock Haven 14 .,,... Tyrone Hollidaysburg 7 Tyrone 7-1 Coaches Mr. Hzlllslmltc-r, Mr. Km-iclingvr, Mr. Chuck- rzm flu-acl com-115. Mr. Xlutusky Cequipmcnt mz111z1gc1'.J -U Bellwood 0 Tyrone 28 The rock-ribbed line of the Golden Eagles proved too much for the Blue Devils as they could only muster 25 yards against it all night. Paul Myers flipped two scoring heaves to Iim Houser to build up an early 15-0 lead and from there the Eagles coasted. Fred Dannaway and Tony Scordo scored on short plunges in the last period and two conversions by Paul Hunter and a safety credited to Lynn Drake rounded out the eveningis scoring. North Cambria 18 Tyrone 6 Lack of depth in the line led to the downfall of the Eagles in their encounter with a big Colt eleven over at Barnsboro. Fred Dannaway gave Tyrone the lead when he barreled over from inside the three late in the third quarter, but they just couldnit hold it. Too much John Bobby, thatis all it was, as the Speedster went to work with less than four minutes to play and scored two touchdowns and set up the other. VVorking out at football camp. Lewistown 12 Tyrone 19 Back at home, a fired-up Tyrone team came from behind with two touchdowns in the second half to upset the highly touted Lewistown Panthers. Victory seemed certain for the Pan- thers at intermission after they had cancelled Dannawayis six pointer with two quick touch- downs of their own. Sellers breathed new life into the situation with a 62 yard gallop down the sidelines to open the third quarter and Scordo assured at least a tie with a 32 yard burst a short time later. Time ran out on the Panthers as they moved the ball deep into Eagle territory, Huntingdon 7 Tyrone 12 The 13 game winning streak of the Bear- cats came to an abrupt halt at the hands of the mighty Eagles, who were really up for this clash. One of the largest crowds in Huntingdonis his- tory saw Tyrone score the first time they got their hands on the ball. A 31 yard pass play from Myers to Sellers climaxed a sustained drive of 75 yards. The Eagles got a big break when Huntingdon fumbled on their 4 yard line to open the second half. Myers slipped over on third down for what proved to be the all important tally. Five plays after Huntingdonis lone score the game was in the books. 76 Bellefonte 7 Tyrone 26 'iParents Nightv at Gray Field found the Eagles grinding out a hard fought win over a spunky Bellefonte eleven. juniors handled all the scoring, as Dannaway and Scordo scored Qflontinued on page 781 Football Trainer Bern Oberly wffbff? cwfbfffa CQ 4 cfvfa Z1:ff'ff2 Afffkfffi 5,PHff'f47!f'77 .Xifzfzfi Cf57f?7f0.f'?4.:!f fyufdfi' 8. fiwf Kiwis r' M060 Evoff 6 .fglflf 1 We of Ak win ,fp Lf Qqipfaffi .xjfffz 16452015 GF ml , W , Q A - ..: ,,..'., Q N'-sm H . , . .:...1f:,'-nw' 1 if ? gf mt mws A 225 'go 'Fw 93" vw' Whig? ME' 'Nu " 'S 1 ,fin Ek twik i -5049 fifk ,pe Ze 5 6ffl6f".5 wagm-x f 4 1 .i A ..,. .,.. 5 , ,W A. .,...,. . . . ww- mg, , V I.: 'X :Y In .. ? .f..2I zYSgw+Q 7 fy ., K SM? . Wqizrslzil. "'2.2 g3f " 'E M i' N53 5 TQ f V " J' N' F5-f3:"f3' .' , Ifflifk, -- 152- ."-3-ggi:-2:-,g:z::, . , '5 4 ' Z .:' " . .' '- -ff'-3fi5E2i:E: tggi,E:-..,::EE-I.g ,,,..,..:.,,,.. uf .,.... K . , --v.-- , ,,,, CContinued from page 76D two touchdowns -apiece and Drake converted twice. Inst before the iinal gun, Belletonte scored to avert a shutout. Philipsburg 14 Tyrone 25 Tyrone traveled over the mountain and re- turned the victor, after a wild and wooly battle. Paul Myers plunged for the first- tally and then threw scoring aerials to Bilger and Sellers. In the third quarter, Lynn Drake intercepted a pass and outran the entire Philipsburg team to put the final icing on the cake. Clearfield 13 Tyrone 33 Tyroneis hard running backfield showed traces of brilliance, in this one, as they literally tore the Bison's line to shreds. Sellers grabbed two touchdown passes, Scordo ran for two more, and Hunter chipped in with eight points of his own. State College 0 Tyrone 36 The Eagles traveled to State College and really poured it on the Little Lions. Not until the last quarter did the hosts manage to work the ball out of their own territory. Tyrone scored in every quarter with Myers and Danna- way hitting pay dirt twice and Paul Hunter tally- ing once. Hunter also kicked four extra points and State threw in an automatic safety for good measure. Lock Haven 14 Tyrone 36 The Colden Eagles cut loose with their biggest offensive yet on Gray Field and literally ran the Bobcats into the ground. Houser, Sel- lers, Dannaway, and Scordo did Tyroneis scoring, with the latter two boys each getting a pair of six-pointers. Dannawayis second touchdown, a sizzeling 98 yard job, is the longest ever re- corded by an Eagle gridder. Hollidaysburg 7 Tyrone 20 Playing with visions of a VVestern Confer- ence Crown dancing in everyoneis heads, the Eagles were at their very best. jim Houser started the fireworks early when he stole a stray Tiger pass and raced 28 yards for a Tyrone touchdown. Hollidaysburg struck back quickly, but after Tiny Tony Scordo scampered 70 yards to paydirt on a punt return, the Eagles were never headed. Fred Dannaway added a second half touchdown to his pair ot extra points to round out the season's scoring and put the game on ice. Although later squeezed out of the con- ference title, the Colden Eagles, in winning their last eight games, displayed a brand of ball Tyrone fans hadnit seen in many a moon. The team was certainly a credit to Coach Chuckran and his Hn-e staff of assistants. Junior High Football - JUNIOR HIGH FOOTBALL First row: B. VVarrender, S. Patterson, J. Rhodes, I. Greene, D. Kobuck, R. Steck, P. Miles, B. Clitcs, R. Miller, L. Hardy. Second row: C. Clouser, J. Byran, C. Michaels, J. Dannaway. j. Mincniier, D. Hagg, F. Oillourke, J. Higgins, D. VValker, C. Caffarelli, T. Marshall, S. Craves. Third row: Long, S. Branstetter, D. Colden, li. Kirkpatrick, C. Watson, J. Wzilk, I. Holloway, L. Iames, L. Crinnn, R. VVike, J. Cronestcr, O. Kobuck. Fourth row: I. Pletcher fhead coachl, P. Irvin, E. Bickel, K. YVeston, H. Miller, B. Carson, J. Ferner, C. Kirkpatrick, J. Kimmel, D. Colden, D. Riggleman, D. Fry, C. Hicks Cast. inanagerj. Ixffff U ff!! AV!2"6 ,ff r fl M6 621 Varsity Basketball f- VARSITY BASKETBALL First row: C. Sellers, manager, j. Pavone, D. Hamer, j. Perry, G. Nlinemier, P. Myers, F. Dannaway. Second row: D. Graves, manager, B. Eckert, manager, J. Graves, E. Adams. N. Newlin, ll. Houser, D. Nlorningred, D. Sellers, Mr. Pletcher, Coach. BASKETBALL 1956-57 Non-League Games XVilliamsburg , 55 Home Tyrone Bellwood . 35 Away Tyrone NVillia1 nshurg , ..,,., 71 Away Tyrone Bellwood . . ,,.. .45 Home Tyrone Roaring Springs .. 52 Away Tyrone Bald Eagle 39 Tyrone 54 Tyrone welcomed Bald Eagle into the Mountain League with a resounding 54-39 setback on their own floor. Pete Sellers led all scorers with 19 points, while Houser, Pavone, and Adams, added 12, 11, and 10 rc- spectively to the winning cause. Lewistown 39 Tyrone 52 A tight man to man defense, good shooting, and excellent rehounding and team play were all factors as the Golden Eagles halted a 32 game win streak of the Panthers in league play. The charges of Coach jim llletcher jumped to an early lead and much to the delight of the home-toyvn fans were never headed. Ed Adams with 17 points and Aloe Graves with 15 shared scoring honors. lluntingdon 45 Tyrone 52 The Eagles traveled to Huntingdon and ran into the slow down tactics employed hy the Bearcats. Al- though Tyrone was never hehind, the game wasn't de- cided until the Hnal whistle. Adams and Houser each tallied 12, while Pavone chipped in with 11. , ... ,. H68 U62 Coach .lim l'letcher .. ,. ...59 ,. ,74 ...,71 Bellefonte 39 Tyrone 71 The Bellefonte fans were treated to a rare demon- stration of court mastery as the Eagles ran roughshod against their own Red Raiders. The game was fairly close at intermission, hut brilliant floor play hy Myers, Newlin, and Adams allowed the hoys to coast home to victory. Philipsburg 54 Tyrone 59 The Mountaineers gave the Plctcherinen some mighty anxious moments before finally running out of gas. Good rehound work hy Houser and Perry gave the locals the margin of victory. joe Graves had 16 points, followed closely hy Adams with 14, and Sellers with 11. Mount Union 50 I Tyrone 52 Adept rebounding and scoring by jim Houser and Ed Adams kept Tyrone ahead in the league race. The Eagles foul line ability finally paid oft as hotli teams were even from the field. The game went right to the top as Mount Union blew a chance to send it into over- time with two seconds left. ' JOHNNY LOOKS AS IF HE MIGHT CATCH IT WITH IIIS MOUTII! Left to right: -I. Houser, bl. Pavone, D, Sellers, ul. Graves. VVHOTS GOING TO GET THAT BALL? Left to right: N. Newlin, j. Perry. F. Dannaway, E. Adams, G. Nlinemier. SENIORS Front row: -I. Perry, ll. Sellers, I. Pavone. Stand ing: E. Adams, N. Newlin. tl. Houser. Hollidaysburg 59 Tyl-gmc 47 Hollidaysburg threw the league into a three-way tie hy handing the Eagles their first loss on the home boards. Besides having four of their own men in the double column, the Colden Tigers shut Tyrone prettv well off from the field. A standing-room-only crowd didn't help either teams, playing. Playoffs Lewistown 59 Tyr-one 56 Hollidaysburgis luck held as they drew the bye into the finals of the two game playoff. Tyrone met the Lcwistown Panthers on Mount Unionls neutral floor and returned home the sad, but proud losers. Sellers, Adams, and Graves all managed to break into double figures, but their work was more than equaled by Lewistown's two big guns, WVade and Searer, who had 40 points between them. Hollidaysburg, with three days rest behind them, then proceeded to whip the Panthers to the tune of 52-42 and wrap up the first cycle crown. Bald Eagle 33 Tyrone G1 Everybody got into the act as the Golden Eagles massacred Bald Eagle in Lincoln Gym. joe Graves led all scorers with 17 points, while the whole team contrib- uted to the mismatch. Lewistown 73 Tyrone 66 NVhen two teams play their best games of the year on the same night against each other, something has to give, and that's exactly what happened at the silktown court. Not even playing on their own floor gave the Panthers an advantage in this nip and tuck battle. Graves and Adams had 22 and I8 points respectively, but 'that man VVade set some sort of a record as he dunked 34. Huntingdon 54 Tyrone 57 Upset-minded Huntingdon invaded the papertown and, except for a desperate last period rally by the Eagles, would have taken this thriller. .lim Houser led Adams, Graves, and Pavone into the double column, but the Bearcats, substitute forward, Bob Crum, topped everyone, accounting for 27 digits. Beliefonte 57 Tyrone 60 The Golden Eagles just managed to squeeze past a much improved Red Raiders five. Heavy scoring by Houser, Adams, and Sellers built up a somewhat comfort- able lead which Bellefonte was quickly narrowing at the buzzer. Philipsburg 47 Tyrone 64 Every team is supposed to have its night, and this, indeed, must have been the Eagles. Nothing, it seemed. could go wrong as the entire squad performed like a polished group of pros. Adams led the eveningis scorers, followed closely by Sellers, Houser, and Graves. who all made double figures. Mount Union 32 Tyrone 56 Picking up steam as the game progressed, the Golden Eagles' court crew romped to an easy victory over a hapless Captain jack team. Hometown fans saw defense at its finest and the Trojans could only score ll points the entire second half. jim Houser and Ed Adams led both teams in rebounding and scoring. Hollidaysburg 78 Tyrone 48 After an even first half, the Golden Tigers exploded and handed Tyrone its worst defeat of the year. Fans were hanging from the ceiling in the county seat gym as Hollidaysburg broke Lewistownis three year domina- tion of league play and salted away their fifth crown in the process. Another fine Tyrone team was denied the Mountain League crown, symbol of Central Penn- sylvania Basketball supremacy. 86 lunior Varsity Basketball JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL First row: S. Garner, Manager, J. Martin, H. Carpcr, D. Heaton, B. Miller, M. Johnson Second row: Mr. Baker, Coachg M. O,Ronrkc, L. Lucas, A. Dney, C. Hogan, R. Shanalclt T. Marshall. I 4 1 1 JR. HIGH BASKETBALL First row: P. Johnson, C. Crowoll, J. Ball, E. Johnson, C. Watson, C. lXlll1ClDl6I', R. Schanl. Second row: J. Bryan, D. Miller, P. Milos, C. Mills, J. Fernor, G. Neff, J. Crawforcl, D. Cvtz. Third row: Coach Kncidingcr, C. Higgins, B. Baird, L. Zimmm-mlm, C. Kirkpatrick, B. Bnlklvy, B. Swcitzcr, J. Stitt, D. Stonobrakcr, B. Shaw, D. Hagg. Junior High Basketball Cheerleaders Varsity First row: 1. Baker, C. Cailalian. Second row: S. Mofirct, B Higgins. V. Fasick, Third row: P. YVl1itc, D, Caiderwoocl B. Calderwood. Junior Varsity Left to right: L. Derman, N. Cowher, B. Sharer, C. Bloom, E. Naylor, D. Ohrtman, S. Glass. 82 1 .Ne , VNU, 2 Wrestling - 57 VARSITY YVRESTLINC Front Row: D. XYallw1', bl. Xlzlisuno, -I. lla-lliuggio, A. Sc-orclo, -I. Allmrigfht, ll, X-2lIlllt'lHtlll, NY. l llicks, ID. Gill, Al. Vlfornner. Standing: C. Ilngen, Mgr.: Nlr. Nlolmey, Cong-lug T. Morrow, Mgr. Lewistown 33 Tyrone ll Tln' Pnltln-rs ull-ff-Html Yllf'l'0lll' for tln' first time in 15 yl'Lll'S IS the curtain was lvronglxt up on nnotln-r CUHVI, wrestling sezlson. llolmllie Valnnelnzln, Tony S4-on-do, :Incl lim XMIM Lynn llnlkc non cle-visions nncl Iluve Clill lllilllilgbll ll ' A mlraxw. ,Iohnstown 15 Tyrone :ZS 'I'Iu- Colclvn l'l2l,LL'l4'S lmtl cmnpletv c'c111l1'ol ul' ilu- Sllllklllllll lrmn Sturt to finislu :incl nun xxilll lllwxlvm-lvcl valscz Xlansznm. SL-onlo. Llllil XXOUIIIUI' 1'a11'm'Ll tllllL'l'x lzllls wllilc' llvllizlggio. X'1llIIll'lIl1llI, Clill, llllll Ilmlw svttlt-fl lol' :la 'visit My l 5-J I E Lock Haven 21 Tyrone 23 Another thriller was written into the record hooks as the Eagles eame from hehind to nip the Boheats on the losers mats. Coming through with vietories were l3elBaggio, Seordo, Vanneman, Hunter, Gill, YVoomer, and Lynn Drake, who got that all-important final de- eision. State College 33 Tyrone 11 The Little Lions eame to Lineoln Cym with one of their strongest teams in years and really poured it on the Eagles. Leading from the outset, State allowed Ty- rone only 3 wins, with those going to Dellriaggio, Seordo, and YVoomer. DuBois 20 Tyrone 19 Both teams put forth superh eiliorts with the Beav- ers iinally emerging vietorious hy the slimmest of mar- gins. DelBaggio. Seordo, Hieks, Gill, and Wfoomer all won, hut DuBois pieked up a couple of influential first- period pins. Bellefonte 28 Tyrone 19 XVinning heavily in the heavyweights, the Red Raid- ers edged Tyrone on the loeal mats. Falls were reeord- ed hy Hagen, and Vannemang Nlaisano, Hielss, and XVoomer got decisions. Philipsburg 38 Tyrone 8 Philipshurgis mighty mat erevv routed the Gold Eagles and won their 29th straight dual meet in the pro- eess. Only baek to back deeisions hy Bill Hieks and Robbie Vanneman and a draw hy Tony Seordo pre- vented a shutout. Hollidaysburg 37 Tyrone 9 The eounty seat gym was the seene of another Eagle slaughter as the Tyrone boys eonld muster only three wins. Diek Hagg, Seordo, and Vanneman did the eveningis seoring. Beford 27 Tyrone 12 VVinning the last six matehes gave Bedford more than enough points for a eomfortable victory. DelBag- gio returned to action and garnered a decision along with Klaisano, Seordo, and jim Alhright. xlllllllf Union 20 Tyrone 30 'lllllx ci0llll'Il E11gl1-s s1111pp1-1l il six 11111t1'l1 losing st1'1111l1 with illl 1-xciting 1'o1111-lvack win ov1-1' tl11- 'l1l'0jilDS. Sl'0l'll0, lJl'lBllj.fj.fi0, Gill, 11111l VV11111111-1' won falls Wl1il1- Xl11is1111o, V1111111-111z111. 11111l Don Kolmk S111-111'1-1l I3-point ll'lllll!I7llS. Clcarficld 28 Tyrone 23 XVi11s by IJ1'lB11ggio, Scorclo, V1111111-111z111, lIi1-lxs, Gill. 11111l XVoo1111'1' w1-1'1- to 110 11v11il as tl11- Bisonsx lwpt rolling along. All Cl1-111'fi1'l1ls points 1111111- vin tl11- full 1'o11l1-. Bald Eagle Nittany 37 Tyrone 9 The S1-11so11's Hnzxl f0lIIlCl tl11' Eagles bowing to il pot1-11t Balcl Engle Nittany crew. Tl11- 1HiltCl1 wus l1igl1 ligl1t11cl by vlilll D1'lBz1ggio,s defeat of highly to11t1-cl ,lack Day, Tony S1-o1'1lo,s win over 11r11l11f1'11t1'1l Ike 1SiC'lllTOVV- 1-1', 11111l IJRIV1' Cill's 1l1-1-ision. Tl111 IIlilfl1lCIl 11111l111l the 5111151111 with tl11'1-1- zmcl 11i111: log, but los1- only tl11'1-1- let- t111'1111-11. putting tl11- tl-'illll i11 good slmpc for 111-wt S1-z1so11. I V XVRESTLINC mt IOXV C NX 1ll1 C Nl11l1 lLlS h K 111111 R NVolt'1-, hl. C11-1-111-. L. C1'i111111. G. KL'lll'1A, C. f'1t Lcond IOWV C 1 U18 . l'ost1'11icl1, C. Rlltl16I'f0I'Cl, S. Pz1tt111'so11, hl. IIIIIXX IN hind iow XI1 1 tilllll I SLOICTO, P. XH111111-1111111, ll. Clill'Kll1l'l', -I. Sw:1y111-, li. Heenlf VV-1. CLu7"H- Egg wglm :.,f. ., 6 .. . Wggfw . , W h jywww 'W ' f"'fKse -rgrb he A mwmmgwfwwwwwyw ' ew f Kr' ' ' "' J " Dmfl wa look hkq, +51 Bobbse 'fwzmsz .AL Jqnlf' a4'w'a7'5. Look mke+LQ Shanxi on-:I 5m-er. l"7'5 YV-'ZS OMR M1357 'fo howl 6 FRa:.+:Qe, Q 1 E71 Read-J '-59,752 vs-vii! c,,,,,,a 1 Vfhm Hoppvxvxgrlj Lohan QVOHU K Q YY! QOUNK P ' 'Yen be es moadf. 'QQ,E' 29 Ar Rxggwqgg off Level., 86 tl' ifh +9115 -Qqn HM ii 3, Q35 H " M fs gc? 'awww ., ' If Q . .2, :..5-:: g H' U .. - ---. -. nfwgkmg Oh F,Q31f dai Jovi! ako-nga Professional Services JOHN A. AYRES, M.D. C. C. BRADIN, M.D. RALPH P. ERDLEY, M.D. J. A. CREBE, M.D. JOHN C. HOWELL, M.D. DAVID J. KIRK, M.D. E. B. NIURCHISON, M.D. N. D. REAM, M.D. Q ii It it REYNOLD C. ALTBERC, O.D. JOHN NI. DOLLAR, O.D. 0 0 15 15 NVILLIAM E. GILBERT, D.D.S. S. L. LAKE, D.D.S. RICHARD W. MQCLAIN, D.D.S. R. XV. STEVER , D.D.S. Q Q R. H. STEVER, D.S.C. 43 41 Q FRED C. FARRAND, D.O. F. ADELAIDE FARRAND, D.O. 87 li. , . l 'F 5 THE TYRONE IVIINISTERIUM J. T. T. Cummings First Methodist Church Herbert L. Bulkley Baptist Church Harold E. Crosby, Secretary Assembly of God Dr. R. L. Hutchinson First Presbyterian Church Harry C. Stenger Carl C. Helt, Asst. Methodist Home for the Aged Ezra L. Parks Columbia Ave. Methodist Church M. S. Parish Bethel A. M. E. Church Thomas E. Gray Young Men's Christian Assin Budd R. Smith, President First E. U. B. Church Henry G. Springer, Treas. First Lutheran Church Dr. W. R. Kensinger Church of the Brethren R. E. Borland, Vice President Sinking Valley Presbyterian Church Major Mildred Bowles Salvation Army STOP AT THE PANTRY PENNA HOTEL For the Best in Candy - Groceries - Ice Cream ' Tvrone, Pa. Sandwiches ' Confectionery Store ROSSI,S MOTOR SALES MERCURY SALES Sz SERVICE R D., No. 220 Tyrone, Pa Phone MU-4-2754 ROSSI BROTHERS, Props. RHODES PLANING MILL Manufacturers of All Kinds of Planing Mill Work Dealers In SURFACE Bt FINISHING LUMBER SASH - DOORS - MOLDING HARDWOOD FLOORING THE BRUCE STUDIO Wishes all the members of the class of "57v GOOD LUCK THROUGHOUT LIFE COME TO US FOR ALL YOUR PHOTOGRAPHIC NEEDS 1263 Pennsylvania Avenue Tyrone, Pennsylvania ACKLIN I EWELRY COMPANY WATCHES Hamilton - Elgin - Gruen - Bulova - Omega THE FINEST IN DIAMOND RINGS Fine China 0 Beautiful Crystal Gifts for Every Occasion 89 Xl, W. C. MORROW Sz SON Dealer in International Harvester New Holland Agricultural Implements and Supplies Manufacture Harness Refrigeration and Service and Riding Equipment XVhirlpool Wfashers Monarch Stove Phone MU-4-2561 207 EAST TENTH STREET TYRONE, PENNSYLVANIA PETERS, SERVICE STATION For Attractive Clothes To Meet the Needs for All Occasions Groceries - Meats - Confections Vlslt Gasoline - Oil THE PRINGLE SHOP East Tenth Street-lt.D. 1 1105 Penna. Avenue TYRONE PENNSYLVANIA TYRONE PENNSYLVANIA CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATING CLASS OF 1957 LOYAL ORDER OF MOOSE TYRONE LODGE NO. 25 90 D, lb? fi V 7 1 THE W. E. HILLER ACENCY REAL INSURANCE - HEAI ESIAI1 65 Ycars of LTll6'XCCHCd I11s111'1111cc Sc IN 1u To 'TXIOIIK and Vich PIIOIIKA NIU-4-33-40 9 O Pumsxlx 11111 Xuuuc HOME ELECTRIC TYRONE PEN NSY INA N IA 111 DEAN,S SERVICE STATION Xlolnil Gas aucl Oil Gcm-ral Rt-pairs Spccial LlIl7l'1L'iII14lIlS NVQ give S Gt H Grvvn Stamps FRESH,S MUSIC and GIFT SHOP -1 Spcccl Ililfi Playcrs Rt-corals and Music- Acc-vsso1'iGs Gifts Pllom' NIU-4-9930 , , 112' Pe 1.'X', X Tf' H 9- 1 Srcl Street aml VVLISDIIIQIOII Avouue l Uml f lemll vom' llmll You Are Always XVv1comv at THE FINK VVALGREEN AGENCY DRUG STORE 1J1'GSCl'1PI1O1lS a Specialty 17-21 East 10t11 Strvc-t Phone XIU-4-2330 BURNHAM FEED STORE POULTRY SUPPLIES 1'.SllL'1l11kl1l - llvclrosr- flIl2ll'1llllt't'il 1411-ml Cam' lfarm ancl Nur lclva x11ll'll1IlL'l'j TYRONE PENN.-X. Cmnplimt-nts ot BEN FRANKLIN STORE Goods from 3.05 to S1110 CENTRAL DISTRIBUTORS CO. IANITOR SUPPLIES Paints - liruslws f Artists'Supp1it-s 1064 1'c'nllsy1x'al1ia Aux 'l'Vro1lr', Pa. Plronc NIU-4-S610 Complimvnts ol' SABI FORTE SHOE SERVICE 1003 Pomlsylvania AYUIIIIK' BURLEY BROTHERS Xugas Distrilmtors 960 1'0nusy1vania Aw-. Tyrorw. Pa. Pllonc NIU--1-2370 HARPSTER CHEVROLET CCMPAN Y Sales - Service CHEVROLET SWEET, SMOOTH, AND SASSY BUICK NEWEST BUICK YET Complete Line of Genuine Chevrolet Parts General Repairs Towing Complete Automotive Service VVARRIORS MARK Phone 10-R-12 93 LUOG AND EDMON DS Sales and Service for Kelvinator Appliances FINE FURNITURE Ready to Wear Apparel For the Entire Family HEBERLINGDS STORE Where You Get What You Like and Like What You Get Phone MU-4-0660 W Columbia Avenue and 17th Street SCRAP METALS HODES BROTHERS Phone MU-4-0870 Lincoln Ave. or West 16th St. TYRONE PENNA KNECHTS Headquarters for all School Supplies 5 - Esterbrook Pens Portable Typewriters Ring Binders Printing - Stationery - Office Supplies 995 Pennsylvania Tyrone, Pa CONGRATUI ATIONS TO CLASS O11 1951 from CHICACO RIVET 81 MACHINE CO. IYRONF PENNSYLVANIA I as i. The Largest Assortment of Fresh Candies in Central Penna. GARDNER'S CANDY STORE Compliments of MOLNAR'S JEWELRY Hamilton and Gerad Perregaux Watches Art Carved Diamonds Authorized jewelers GARDNEIYS CLOTHING STORE The Home of CLOTHING AND FURNISHINGS for Men and Boys TENTH STREET TYRONE, PA. MILLER BROTHERS CO Hardware - Wallpaper - Paint Seeds Building Material Coal 1008 Penna. Avenue Tyrone, Pa Congratulations to The Class of 1957 THE HICKES GROCERY 1130 Penna. Ave. Phone MU-4-3370 Tyrone, Pa O. A. KENNEDYS HOBBY SHOP RELAX VVITH A HOBBY All gauge Train Appliances Toys - Appliances - Gift Items Crafts - Boats - Cars - Planes Portable Radios and Phonographs W! AULTS 81 GRAIN GOOD LUCK CLASS OF "57v Phone MU-4-3550 22 West 10th Street Tyrone, Pa YOUR CLOVER FARM STORE Hardware - Wallpaper - Paint FINK BROTHERS HARDWARE Phone MU-4-0580 GUNS - AMMUNITION TOOLS - PLUMBING 956-967 Penna. Ave TYRONE PA. Good Luck Seniors of 'K57v DAVID'S DAVID GOLDBERG, owner Corner Penna. Ave. and Tenth Street Phone MU-4-3550 Tyrone, Pa. Diamonds Ladies, Watches Wearing Jewelry Apparel OUR RATES ARE FAIR Youire Sure To Get There READY TAXI COMPANY Phone NIU-4-OILIO 1062 Blair Avenue Tyrone, Pa. PROMPT - COURTEOUS DEPENDABLE SERVICE PATENTS COSMETICS REA 81 DERRICK INC. FOUNTAIN AND LUNCHEONETTE Prompt - Courteous - Dependable Service CANDY KODAKS Store of Service CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1957 RAY BURIAL VAULT CO. 13 MV fm wdwds, TYRON E PENNSYLVANIA BLATCHFORD FURNITURE CO. Everything for the Home Featuring PARK LANE FURNITURE Phone MU-4-1100 I000 Penna. Avenue Tyrone, Penna Compliments of BEST VVISHES I A. J. B. TO THE CLASS OF "5T' from SPOPITLAND BILLIARDS "YVliere Old Friends Meetn ENCELMAN FLORIST A Complete Banking Service Since 1874 A Sound Financial Institution with Trust Powers to Act as Administrator, Executor, Guardian And Trustee FIRST BLAIR COUNTY NATIONAL BANK Tyrone Pennsylvania 00 May Success and Happiness Be Your Goal MORRIS LEVINE Family Shoe Store MEN'S CLOTHING and ACCESSORIES from the store He Patronizes B. F. LEVINE STORE Home of the Name Brands IONES AND NEWHJN Attorneys-at-Law Iones Building TYRONE PENNSYLVANIA Tyroncis Pioneer McCRORY'S STORE CORP. 5 and IOC Store Taste and Be Convinced Bread - Pastries - Cake KIENZLE'S BAKERY Phone NIU-4-2161 PENNA AVE. TYRONE, PA Compliments of STEELE DRUG STORE Prescriptions and Fine Drugs THE REXALL STORE Phone MU-4-1190 A X X! TYRONE LAUNDRY AND CLEANERS XVe Wash and clean Everything Phone MU-4-1020 SEALTEST PRODUCTS Supplied by VVAPLE DAIRIES, INC. 9th 61 Logan Phone MU-4-3870 FISHER HARDWARE HARDXVARE - PAINT Phone MU-4-1587 1010 Pennsylvania Ave. SULLYS SWEET SHOPPE Freezer Fresh - Soft Ice Cream Candies - Toys - Lunches - Fountain 1120 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE OLIVER F. SCHELL Certified Public Accountant MUNICIPAL BUILDING Tyrone Pennsylvania TYRONE HERALD COMPANY Publisher Tyrone Daily Herald Everything in Printing Phone MU-4-2100 THE VILLA AND THE HUB GOOD LUCK CLASS OF 'K57v 9 East 10th Street GOOD LUCK FROM SIMM'S IEWELERS Don't forget a Simmis Diamond Ring for your next step in life, YOUR WEDDING DAY 20 WV. Tenth Street Tyrone, Pa. C. T. SNYDER ELECTRIC 1510 Columbia Avenue Phone MU-4-2245 Linoleum Floor Covering Hotpoint Appliances Radio and Television Sales and Service TYRONE PENNSYLVANIA 'TYRONE,S LEADING FURNITURE STORE WOLF FURNITURE COMPANY Home of all the finest nationally known Lines GENERAL ELECTRIC APPLIANCES TAPPAN GAS RANGES - MAYTAG XVASHERS KROEHLER LIVING ROOM SUITES - MENGEL BEDROOM SUITES PHILCO - MOTOROLA T. V. SETS SIMMONS HBEAUTYREST MATTRESSESU ciWOLF,S Are fine people to deal Withv 1222 PENNA. AVE. TYRONE, PA. 102 hxkpxy Culflex Luhrications f Yi sv FOR QUICK MINEMIER GULF SERVICE STATION and EFFICIENT SERVICE IOHN HACG, I R. DAIRY MILK AT FINEST QUALITY Phone MU-4-2902 Tyrone, Pa. Cas ----- Oil Stricklerls Ice Cream Adams Ave. 61 20th Street Phone MU-4-3499 C. S. Minemier Fountain Service - Sundries Light Lunch - Sick Boom Needs Magazines ESI Sunday Papers Delicatessen Service 1NlIKE,S CUT RATE Phone MU-4-0680 Tyrone, Pa. Tempting Foods Finest Quality Meats Crisp Vegetables Fancy Canned Foods Fresh Fruits GIB,S PLACE CHICKEN-IN-THE-BASKET DELICIOUS SANDVVICHES FRENCH F1i1ES GETZ MARKET STORE SPAGHETT1 Bald Eagle Penna. 1068 Penna. Ave. Phone MU-4-1150 F R E D M. M O 0 R E G A R M A N Plumbing and Heating D E P A R T M E N T S T O R E 1010 Logan Ave. Tyrone, Pa THE SHOPPING CENTER FOR THRIFTY PEOPLE Phone MU-4-2863 Dealer for O. A. Smith Permaglass Automatic VVater Heaters 1.1. WOODRINC 1360 Logan Avenue Phone MU-4-2520 Tyrone, Pa SEAREITS '-.. MAYTAC .md ELECTRIC STORE T3 YVestinghouse Refrigerators VVestinghouse Radios and T. V. Small Appliances Phone NIU-4-1540 Plant No. I Stover Station TYRONE LIME AND STONE CO. Phone MU-4-2570 and MU-4-3410 TYRONE APPLIANCE CENTER Frigidaire - R. C. A. - Hoover Youngstown - Dorineyer dVVe Sell the Best and Service the Restv 912 Pennsylvania Avenue Phone MU-4-3892 RUPERT CHEVROLET CO. OLDSMOBILE and CHEVROLET Mechanical Repairs A. A. A. Service Body and Fender Repairs Used Car Headquarters 215 E 10th St. Tyrone, Pennsylvania THE WEST VIRGINIA PULP AND PAPER COMPANY 'I' N 0FF1 RVFITZPATRICKS TAILOR SHOP Made to Measure Clothes Cleaning - Pressing - Alteration Formal Rental Service Phone MU-4-0197 1211 Penna. Ave. Tyrone, Pa J. L. FINK HARDWARE Hardware - Paper - Paint 1007 Pennsylvania Avenue Phone MU-4-3011 Tyrone, Pa CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATINC CLASS OF 1957 THE AMERICAN LECION HOWARD GARDNER POST No. 281 Tyrone, Penna ABRAMS CASH MARKET Home Owned Low Prices - High Quality 21st Street 61 Columbia Ave. Tyrone, Pa. The Whole Family will Cheer our MILK - Chocolate Milk Buttermilk Homogenized Milk EYERUS DAIRY FARM W IM My! UMW Wf Wlff M- . W if Q1 ,M ,W ,M M WM JV MMM W WM W WWW wwf' 5!q9HQ5r1g1 IMQJTQR J WWW! mf'!U COHPIXEAYMIB ,M J , MW W M ,DL WMA 15,514 F ,JW My ,KW WM W ' ' Z 'V W7 n '3 ' W My - WW WWUY C!?.PJY4gLER ,H M ,MM MW yjjW,1uW WWDJW If -pf J, W j ,ffP'fSfM0UTg1,,,WM!fV M + Ji, AVENUE any D My W ONE Iiijjwi, I My My MQ? DU! ..i.WWMA 'MMM My J uJ M W - A JM - 1 W' F' fx L '- Q 1 , 1 1 x, 1' , ,IL 9' LL V 5 I 1 i M . lf, j'1'oj2foU 11,csc5o1p11f1 EA1J1'i1 AND v I ' ' 'sf ' I Vl 2' , VL 5 L, Li L , 1 --N ' V 1 rv? 51' ' Lv L M i LfENJqYM1LNj1f, AIQVAYS 8160? if I , Q , LXA15 THE DNAIBY mpg? 5 H L Y " , 5'-f ' 'I . 1 , i ' : A . xv ! VV L , Miki! f A ' 111sgiUYV ost 01 TY1'CJl1VCL' ' J f w 'V l L I J 7 . fi- - , U' X l 5- mu I ,' , ,L ' I L V Lf' Q x Q Lou pmre 220 A 1' K f L L L KL L, w AL, 0- LM J A L f , , ,, L , I V W -LL 'I . - ,f n. , f 4, , ! I X ll '- W .fljff -'ff ' g V V' ,T ,Q-! L, . H K, 1 ff" QP ug H'1g,?!UDip nightlxxunc lf!! -YJ L 12?k11lGSktLgiQv,J7 Hit Songs. Tl istcn Q Y U -to theglg irv Dib Hit 1 'lc ail 'V xx , 1 'U Nb DQUJ A ,U mx?3m'K7T1iN 6:30 - . Daidgllp FQatu1' - Humbu1'qe1's, Nc t Lou f Hot Dogs . , . 'X X55 ft!! Cones, Tubs, fihii W, SUIKJ ', Piuts JM Quarts, GMIKT Alw-1 viiit the I ' D IR IP 'W 1, Ov HBH M Wfff M QW R f , A , QW LQXDQQ jziff W J sk UfWyf df 0 5 J! if ff W QQJQM f W ML 'yu f:'fg,vWCJW0L A , W M My My 2 M A my M WQJUW w Q fjiflfigfx M E4 QQ QWQWQEA S?gl1OI5?RSg5LI.P A AR S swf BROTPERLJJKLOVIQS? J pg gi 109 1345 , . A ....,,V r Q??7!f X,,v f f Q, HAVV X X277 E NETT TT T TETT 'T If AW f ff f ,ff ,NYU fm gf jp "f"' "W ff, jf ,ff I f ' I I I W wa , 12 I ' '41 'fiumffgi ng -1. 'H' 4 .'-Jew ' f Q 6 ffif X f f f I f N! ,M if ,H JG' Tu U l ,f M. ff 0 .Wi 5: ' ,Z 2 T V f Q I gg fl , , Sbfwmeb Qmmi OUR , COMPLETE SERVICE WILL lgwf X dnt YEARBOOK PROBLEMS. Fnodufihm 5 EIQLYTQQQQA, MQW 'I'IlE CANTON ENGRAVING 81 ELECTROTYPE COMPANY 410 3RD. STREET S.E., CANTON, CHIO 110 INSURANCE AGENCY UNIFORMS-SPORTING GOODS WILLIAM C. BARR FOOTWEAR 201 Iones Building UNIFORM LETTERING SERVICE Phmw MU-4-2033 Tyrone PQ SCHULMAIVS S W A Y N E , S RADIO 6: TELEVISION SERVICE 10211 Penna. Avenue Tyrone, Pa. Phone MU-4-0358 815 IV 15th Street Tyrone, Pa. Phone MU-4-3051 Compliments of IUN IATA PAC KING Phone MU-4-2270 111 STRENISTUDHD SCHOOL PHOTOGRAPHERS Phone 3-1529 1326 12th Avenue, Opp. Cables Arcade Altoona, Pa. 1OHNPC.YENTER GENERAL CONTRACTOR Telephone: MU-4-2670 Commerce Building Tyrone, Pa. 11" CONN RATULATIONS TO THE CRADLATITNC CLASS OP ll VETERANS OF FOREIGN WARS OF UNITED STATES ANDERSON-DENNY POST NO. 4559 T P l I COMPLETE HOME FURNISHINGS Since 1896 ROTHERT COMPANY YOUR CREDITS GOOD 10th Street Tyrone, Penna. HSTOP and SHOPT at the WING SHOP Congratulations To the Class of ,57 Phone MU-4-3901 1074 Penna. Ave. Tyrone, Pa. THOMAS AGENCY GENERAL INSURANCE 6 Wk-st 11th Street Phone MU-4-3760 CMason Bldgj THE YOUNG MEN'S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION Is a Worldwide fellowship united by a coin- mon Loyalty to Christian principles, for the purpose of building Christian personalities and a Christian Society. Of this, the Tyrone Y.M.C.A. is a part. Thomas E. Gray, General Secretary Tyrone, Pennsylvania Compliments TYRONE MILLING of ai FRIEND COMPANY T Y.-C O. F E E IJ S JOSEPH A. DICKSON TAX COLLECTOR TYRON E, PENNSYLVANIA Municipal Building Tyrone. Pa. grnfzdrkffrzfgy Gvwing - - .Since !BEElg 'EBM EE 5 L EE passages, Ag nm gg s ef' FX- k ! T T PITTSBURGH, Pg' VYYYY Q T ,ff fl X iiin W iiiii Q . , KX Built to Serve You . . . ix Pictured above, Kurtz Bros. factory and warehouses along with the Pittsburgh Branch and Kurtz Bros. Eastern Division occupy over 4V2 acres of floor space. In Clearfield under one roof, your school annuals are printed, bound and cased Il into covers . . . Truly a plant built to serve your printing requirements . . . Our Word is Our Bond." KURTZ BROS. 21225 CLEARFIELD, PA. H5 Index Abramis Cash Market Acklinls Iewelry A. I. B. Sportland American Legion Aults and Crain Barr's Insurance Ben Franklin Blatchfordls B. P. O. E. Bruce Studio Burley Brothers Burnhamis Canton Engraving Central Distributors Chicago Rivet Clover Farm Stores Dairy Dip Davidis jewelry Dean's Service Station Dickson, I. A. Englemanis Eyeris Dairy Fink Brothers Fink, L., Hardware Finkis Drug Store First Blair Co. National Bank Fitzpatrick Tailor Fisher's Hardware Forte Shoe Shop Fresh Music and Gift Gardneris Candy Store Gardneris Clothing Store Garmanis Dept. Store Getz Market Givleris Place Grove Motor Co. Hagg's Dairy Harpster Chevrolet Co. Heberling's Market Hickes Grocery Hiller Agency Hodes Scrap Metal Home Electric Iones and Newlin, Attorneys Juniata Packing Co. Kennedyis Hobby Shop Kienzleis Bakery Knecht,s Stationary Store Levineis Shoe Store of 106 89 99 106 97 111 92 99 109 89 92 92 1 10 92 95 97 108 97 92 1 15 99 106 97 106 92 99 106 101 92 92 96 96 103 103 103 107 103 93 94 96 91 94 91 100 111 96 100 94 100 Advertisers Levine's Menls Store Lugg Sz Edmonds McCrory,s Store Mikeis Cut Rate Miller Brothers Minemieifs Service Station Nlinisterium Molnar's Iewelry Mooreis Plumbing Moose Home Morrowis Equipment Pantry Confectionery Store Penna. Hotel Peter's Grocery Pringle Shop Professional Services Ray Burial Vault Rea and Derick Co. Ready Taxi Co. Rhodes Planing Mill Rossi Brothers, Service Station Rothert Co. Rupert Chevrolet Co. Schell, O. F., Accountant Schulmanis Seareris Electric Simms Iewelry Snyderis Electric Co. Steel's Drug Store Stremis Studio Sully's Sweet Shop Swayneis T. V. Thomas Agency Tyrone Appliance Center Tyrone Herald Tyrone Laundry Tyrone Lime and Stone Tyrone Milling V. F. W. Villa and Hub Waple's Dairy VVest Va. Pulp and Paper Co. Wing Shop Wolf Furniture Co. Woodringis Market Yenter, J. C., Contractor Y. M. C. A. 100 94 100 103 96 103 88 96 103 90 90 88 88 90 90 87 98 98 98 88 88 114 104 101 111 104 102 102 100 112 101 111 114 104 101 101 104 115 113 102 101 105 114 102 104 112 114 Senior Class Will and Testament We, the class of 1957, being of empty mind and battered body, preparing to embark upon the sea of life after having paddled thru the pond of education for quite long enough,'do hereby surrender our oars and other articles dug from our seabags to those inexperi- enced seamen . . . the underclassmen. The Senior Class president, John Pavone, wants Neil Kimmel to have his set of water buckets. Take care of them, Neil. As Barbara Higgins steps from her cheerleading position, she bequeaths her megaphone to Donna Calder- wood. Keep us that school spirit, Donna! Rosemary LaRosa wants Mary Alice Long to have her notheri' days. VVe wish you luck with them, Mary Alice. T o Jean Fisher goes Boots Stonebrakeris many trips past a Sunoco Station. 'Nuff said. Step up to the mirror,Fred Sones, for you have in- heriter all of Dave Kilmartin's good looks! Now the girls will storm you! Crash! Bang! Look out Gary Long! Joe Seiner has thrown your way his four-barrel carburators. Good luck, fellow! Lois jane Murray bestows upon Lola Carper and Freda Parsons her good luck in getting that "special' ring. Surely that ring doesnit come from the tele- phonc!!??? Get out your Wheaties, Tom Riggleman. You might need two strong arms when you find you have just re- ceived Tom Kennedy's rowboat. Chink . . . We mean Chet Grove decrees that his slanted eyes be transferred to Elmer Greene. After much meditation, Dale Spaulding regretfully turns over to Don Smith his position on the bench in football. Is he kidding??? To her sister, Judy, Carla Bonsell wills her ability to board the school bus each morning with a hop, a skip, and a jump. Keep the door open, busdriver! Well, Billy Kurtz, you are a lucky guy . . . you have been chosen as the recipient of Billy Taylor's good grades. Keep working. All of Ailenn Crawford's ability to warble is sent along Mary Morrow's way. Since Mary has always had a desire to sing, she should welcome this little gift. Miss Eble can be sure of at least one Spanish II stu- dent, anyway, because Don Stewart is making sure Jim Cowher gets his Spanish book. Take care of it, Jim. I Horrors!!! Weire hoping Mrs. Derr doesn't get wind of this! jess Ray offers to Larry and Phil his . . . catch this . . . boring sessions in "Macbeth," jay Perry, in taking leave of his dear ole Alma Ma- ter, hands down to Winston Harpster his spikes. They may not fit, but then, Winston is a growing boy. Lewis Ayres proudly bequeaths his ability to show dairy animals to Galen Gilliland, as if he needed it! Yawn! Sleepy Bill Eckert has willed to any needy junior, his loud-ringing alarm clock. It always comes in handy after staying up 'til the wee hours doing history outlines. Bob Ayres, you're a mighty lucky guy . . . Youive just been given Fred Conrad's hot rod gaskets. joan Harpster relates wise advice to her sister, Don- na, when she tells her to take cookies and string with her to Washington . . . especially if she's staying on the 7th floor, room 708 . . . and there are fellows below. Beverly Cowher, bored nearly to death by the many long, dull hours in Mr. Bockis shorthand classes, passes them on to Judy Shellenberger. I Hurriedly, Bob Hessler gives to Jim Hicks his luck for getting to shop right before the bell rings in the morning. Peggy Wolford, who keeps the Post Oflice in busi- ness, wants Marie Richards to have her ink, stamps, writ- ing paper, and pen for future use. Bob Myers has decided to give up his pleasant trips to Bellwood and let John Watson make them all. By the way, what's so pleasant in Bellwood?? john Campbell, with sad lament, says farewell to his nickname "Soupy,'-the receiver, his brother Jim. After taking stock of all her attributes, Donna Snyd- er has decided to leave her most prized possession to a very dear friend. Patty Hildebrand inherits Donna's small waistlinc. Marcia Shephard wants to pass on her place in Senior Choir for next year to Murray Fetzer. Course we know you wouldnit be in the alto section, Murray! With a few happy memories, Mary Lee Murchison donates to her buddy Stevie Garner, a nickle to play the Pantry juke box after school. Big Bill Hubert bestows upon Lee Grimm his foot- ball pants. How useful! Clear the highways, everyone! jim Gross appoints Delbert Hamer to take over that "driving skillv of his. Congratulations, Rich Lazeration, Lynn Hale, the hot rod fan, has just bequeathed to you all his drags on Red Hill in Altoona. Looks as if Don Naylor will be searching for a new name, since he is relinquishing his nickname of "Orby,' to Gary Cisney. Lanky basketeer Ed Adams divulged to us that he is willing to joe Graves his crinkled-up practiced jersey and half a orange. Thatis quite a sacrifice, Ed. Ambition to be a machinist is offered by Bill Stouf- fer to deserving Tom Yeager. Use it well, fella. Tubby Gerry Roberts is giving up his struggle over eorpulence and throws his diet book in jean Fisher's di- rection. Kindly, Sherry McClellan hands down her means of transportation to and from school in the ,57 Ford to a deserving sister, Judy. Now she can sleep in at least fif- teen minutes! Beware, Miss Eble! You'1l have to watch Eleanor McNaul, for to her goes Carol Shultz's laughing spells in Spanish class. If all her teachers and Walter don't mind, Linda Io Friday is the happy recipient of Sonie Getzis famous giggle. Senior Class Will and Testament Vicki Stoner rcgretfully leaves the icy road home to her sister, Dorothy. Be careful-Janesville Pike can be dangerous! A new scientist is in the making! Sandra Dean will probably be able to invent a spray to dissolve teachers when she inherits Ruth Zeiders' knowledge of chemistry. That sweet Rich Ewing doesn't want to leave any- thing to anyone, he just wants to leave. VVithout permission, ,Clair Harper bestows upon lit- tle brother Sheldon, all of Miss Crawford's history books. He probably hopes Sheldon will hide them from her! Hazel Brown has passed on to Jim Cowher, and any- one else who likes excitement, her good times at the Cairo in VVashington, D. C. The all-important English classes are coming your way, Axel Spicer-directly from Willis Walk. Get your hikin' boots on, Antionette Idarola, for to you Suzie Getz has given all her long trips to Juniata hoping, of course, you'll find that certain Juniata fella. Judy Baker, our own combination of Roger Williams and Liberace, insists that Linda Geist take over her Sat- urday morning seat at the piano bench. Mr. Thomas, take heed! Bill Barber passes on his ability to loaf in shop to his brother, Joe. There had better be someone to keep him busy! Jim Herlt names Charlie Decker to his position at the Gardner Candy Company. Does that make you head of the company, Charlie? Rose Marie Minerich wishes to confer all the luck she had with a '52 class ring upon Cathy Schock. Use of the basketball court is bequeathed to Dick- ens Hagg, Johnny Ferner, Phil Miles, Davey Getz, and Mike Higgins by towering New Newlin. "At last!" conjectures Linda Lee Ferner as she leaves to Polly Jo Bowser her troubles and fun of being editor-in-chief of the Spokesman. Well, finally!! A safe, courteous driver, Gene Pol- lock names Bob Kustenborder to receive his good repu- tation. Keeping it in the family, Regina Prough sends along her dislike for carrying an umbrella and wearing boots to her sister, Nancy. Arenit you lucky, Bob Ayers? You are bestowed with all the ambition Bill Pease has shown in shop. Lindsay Lake leaves, surrendering to Barbara Judy all the joys and hardships of her senior year. Hope you got hiking boots, Donna Davis, cuz comin' your way from Judy Gunsallus are all her long hikes to school. I Janet Emel has agreed to refurnish and put an extra soft cushion on the back seat of the bus before she passes it on to her brother, Richard. Here come the hunters! To Gene Eyer and Bob Gunsallus go all of Jack Igou's hunting techniques. Here's a pretty big package for Janie Bell and Martha Cowher. It's the local "YU dance floor . . . ,specially from Judy Wike. In remembrance of her big debut, Judy Grazier hands over her ability as a T.V. star to a deserving re- cipient, Nancy Cowher. My, what a lucky beneficiary! To Sam Hayes goes Bob Walkeris ability to work in agriculture class. Now get busy, Sam. Pokey Hershel Raabe bequests to his buddy, Warren Pine, all that excess energy to run for the bus on cold mornings. Some lucky junior is the recipient of all the gay times Karen Gay Gilpin had while attending District Chorus. Joan Beckwith insists that Helen Goss take her place as chauffeur for the Young People's Meeting on Tuesday nights. Safe driving, Helen! "Dig those crazy kats!" Such exclamations will be heard in the halls of T.A.H.S. as Rose Marshall passes her jive talk on to Tom and Sonny. Mary Bigelow leaves her jumping ability to Jo Anne Hooper so she can get rolling on her Hoop. Clear the way, everyone! Carol Loose bestows upon Sam Headings all of her good times in Washington. Enjoy yourself, Sam, but be good!!! What could be in room 303? It must be pretty worthwhile, because Karl McNeal gives up his seat there to a lucky boy, Charlie Decker. Freda "what's H40 anyway" Williams doesnit mind giving Don Smith her ability to gab in chemistry class. Poor Mr. Nejako, he must have a hard time of it. Tom Morrow has passed on to Larrie Barlett all the adventurous times he had in Altoona. Prum! Prum! Prum! Carol Westbrook hands over her drumsticks to Ray Crowell. She wishes him much success in the band next year. Peggy nstudy-all-the-time" Piper, in leaving T.H.S., has decided to force upon Bonnie Gebhart the many long hours spent burning the midnight oil. To you, Gene Eyer, go all the bumps, ruts, flats, and rough driving of Ted Grazier . . . and get this!! It comes complete with a worn out tractor!! You're a lucky boy. Darrel had better purchase a pair of spurs and lari- at to keep that cowboy license in control which was don- ated to him by his sister, Doris Golden. "Babysitter Wantedf, Sandy Estright wills to any girl who doesnit like football games, her exciting ex- periences as a babysitter for the teachers . . . Grab your pen, Lauraella Blanchard, for Virginia Noel bequeaths to you her endless days of writing letters. Good luck and donit get caught writing letters in class. How lucky you are, Harry Simondale, for you've be- come the recipient of the pocket heater that George Merritts carried to school so faithfully on those cold winter days. Elaine Cupp ruefully surrenders to her sister, Sally . . . her ability to get into trouble in Sr. math class. Crash! Bang! Take hold of yourself, Marlyn Tros- . ., ,A 1' .- ' 7kl Yfxies--2 Senior Glass Will and Testament tle, for to you goes Robert Behrer's hot rod . . . com- plete with tickets!! Dominic Cosimati, with sad lament, wills his hopes in the machine shop to capable Jim Hicks. Remembering all the good times to be had in Eng- lish class, Richard Isenberg leaves to Rich Lazeration, his own special seat. All the grunts and groans plus ability are given to Les Hagen-from Jim DelBaggio. Tick tock! Tick tock! A chance to tix the clock. lt's the clock at the Grazierville school and this is willed to junior Hagen by Andy Starzesky. Get on your dancin' shoes, Kay Barrett! You are the lucky recipient of Bill Houser's fondness for dancing on Friday nights. Look out, Charlie Decker, you are about to receive Robert James' special seat in J. O. Corbin's ollice. Be on the lookout, all you who live on Logan Ave- nue, for one of you has inherited Gerald Friday's slightly used, not complete, history outline and notebook . . . congratulations, whoever you arel!! Our heartfelt sorrows are with Mrs. johnson and Mr. WVagner because Tom Woodring wants some chorus and band member to carry on his tradition of being late for rehersals. Calm, resigned Esther Owens bestows upon Marva and Frances her ability to wait patiently over the week- ends. Going, going, gone!!! All those should-have-been study halls in Miss Eblels room for Diane Woomer from that noise maker, Virginia Fasick. john Watson is donated a love for the out of doors and many memories of Scout Camp and-who's this?- "Allah', by john "Davy Crockettn Summers. Button up yer coat, Dave Fike, for comin, your way from Lee Pryor are all the cold walks to electrical shop on winter mornings. So that "Docv Thomas will always be a happy-go- lucky guy, devilish Joe Turiano bequeaths to even more devilish jim Albright, his ability to keep "DocD that way. That sad, unhappy Darrel Westley passes thru the portals of T.A.H.S. only hoping Charlie Decker will have many more joyous hours in machine shop than he had. In hopes that you have your own ink, Sally Cupp, you have received Frances Givler's worn out pen . . . the one she used for those many history outlines. Generous Marjorie McCaulley is handing over to Helen Goss all her girlfriend's boyfriends. That's down- right kind of you, Margie! Get out your heavy shoes, Dave Gill, for Paul Hunt- er decrees that his long walk to school be transferred to you. Larrie "Ray Anthony" Derman wills to a hard work- ing junior band member, his first chair in the trumpet section of the band. Ability to park the car . . . at school, is passed on by Dave Martz to Barb. Fred Rossman willingly prescribes to LeRoy Beck- with, his no. l position at Steel's Drug Store . . . effec- tive July 31. john Morrisey leaves, bestowing upon Lane Hale a portzebee fa Portzebee???D in hopes he can find a good use for it. We hope you can too, Lane. George Coover, you're the fortunate owner of all the difficult tests given in electrical shop . . . and if you want to take revenge, the donor is Sam Neil. How lucky can a girl be? Donna Jean Carper wants Frances Saylor to have her brother from Warriors Mark. A pretty handy gift! State police, be on the lookout, for Nancy Io Bate- man is generously lianding over to Mill Cherry and Ros- alie Markel her car keys. The only provision is that they can go to only Bellwood or State College. To you, Joan Port, a challenge! Ann Port is willing to endow you with her ability to ice skate . . . if you're silly enough to attempt it. YVake up, Mary Kochera! You've just received Catherine Bulkley's microphone from her 7:15 A.M. program. Ralph Bonsell regretfully bestows upon junior Hagen all his good times at the local "Y" dances. Willed to Bill Miller by his sister Virginia Miller, is the boring task of driving "bustles', to school everyday. Arlene "walk a mileu Cunningham bequeaths to Sally Moffet that long cold walk to school. just what she,s always wanted, no doubt. In case you aren't fond of them already, Shirley Barone, Pat Keller is passing on to you her attraction to blond haired boys. Hmmmmmm! ll juniors, beware! ! To you come all the unfinished history outlines of Dottie Lynch. Ginny "Barrel of Fun" Harpster donates to Win- ston and Glenda Harpster her ability to rock the class with her Special English speeches. BOPSTERS . .. to the highest bidder Ioan Hogan will auction her love of Mozartls "Blue jean Bop." Mary Louise Nead is the recipient of all her sister, Laura's slow motions. We hope you don't get into any trouble with your teachers. Remembering how well she liked English, Frances Pavlic gives her seat in Mrs. Derr,s class to Carol Bonsell, along with many good wishes. XVe hear Barbara Welch needs a leaning post so . . . obligingly this is given to you by Pearl Hoover. Best of luck! l ! Mary Ann Zeek, not forgetting her wonderful time in Washington, D. C., hands down her fun in room 908 at the Cairo Hotel to Judy Wertz. Uh-oh! Better be careful. Janet Sellers is leaving . , . but she wants Linda Westly to take good care of her cowboy license. Watch out, Marlyn Trostle! ll Here comes Don Conrad's old cracked-up car-and dented fenders! Colleen Callahan, with diabolical joy, sends along her great love of trombone players to Emma Lee Mc- Mullen. Senior Class Will and Testament Chink Waite, you're the lucky recipient of Richard Weaver's handy-dandy rickshaw with dual exhaust and fuel injection. Visit us sometime, Dick! Ambition in shop is being given by Earl Cowfer to Charles Decker. Now, what in the world would you do with something like that? jeanie Maisano hopes Busy Naylor will keep up the tradition of the annual walk to Spruce Creek and all the fun that goes with it. What did you see that day, Busy? To any junior or sophomore commercial girl Qwho wants to know whatis going on before the rest of the student body, Freda Couch donates her job in the Guid- ance Office. jim "take your life in your own hands" Houser gives up, to Jean Fisher, his position of riding shotgun while Dare-Devil Dale pilots the Pontiac. Now he feels much safer! ! Scientifically minded Ronnie Shock has been honored with sister Donna's seat in her 314 chemistry class. juniors, look out! Comin' your way from Raymond Brubaker are his boring sessions of World History. Have fun, Kids. Get busy, Mr. Sandman-jerry has just received from his sister, Ruth Walk the ability to sleep in on those dreary school mornings. Pete Sellers shakily offers Fred Dannaway his ninth story ledge in Washington, if he can make it that far. Maybe Fred would be better off staying on his own fioor. XVadda you think? Janie Waite bequeaths to Bonnie Fisher all the time she spent! out of class. This comes complete with a manual of excuses for teachers. "Going once! Going twice!-Soldlv Don Stringeris record of "Blueberry Hill" to Jim Miller. Anna Louise Walk willingly bestows upon Nancy Burkett, her ability to giggle in Spanish II class. Fasten your safety belt, Jean Kimberling! Dianne Turnbaugh hands to you her thrilling rides to Northwood in a blue Buick, no less! The distinct pleasure of dating a McClellan boy goes to Diane Woomer from Loretta Cambridge. Don't think she hasn't been taking advantage of her legacy already! ! If no one else minds, Pat Hoover wishes to give all the games on Sully's pinball machine to Jim Bathurst, who seems to be somewhat of an expert on pinball machines. "You canit take everything with you,', Delores Kobak says, so she has decided to pass on to all lucky juniors, her fun with Mrs. Nearhoof in home ec. class. Hmmm!! This sounds terrific! Zelda Gensimore bestows upon Betty Lou Fisher the delicious and exciting cokes she had while in Washington, D. C. Cokes . . . exciting? 'P P You're a lucky fella, Junior Hagen, . . . you've just received from George Chilcoat a silver dollar . . . to pay your parking tickets. Get out your glasses, Beverly Crust, for you are about to gain one hour in the library at lunchtime from your sister, Shirley. Maybe you will be able to find something more intriguing to do than read a book. Donna Tennis, in one of her better moods, names Beverly Miller as beneficiary to her ability to drive any kind of Mercury. Busi?1, Nancy Ross passes on all her working ability on to litt e sister, Judy. She must have been thinking of her 5th period study halls. To some unfortunate junior who is as forgetful as Barbara Bonsell, she donates her-whoops, what was it she wanted to give away? Oh, she has it now, it's that over-due bill at the library! Although she hates to give it up, Ann Bennett has finally consented to leave her job as head typist for the "Spokesman" to a worthy junior. Unfortunate, unlucky, unhappy Bill Stahl is packing up all those traffic tickets he's received through the years, he plans to pass them off on Sam Hayes. Pat Stoner has finally given up all her hilarious episodes and that ever-present ability to get into devil- ment to Judy Eckroth. Les Miller doesn't think he has anything worth bestowing on any of the underclassmen. VVadda you think? Intelligent jim Woomer bequeaths all his superb knowledge of electricity to little jim Albright, hoping he will get a large charge out of it. You have all the reason in the world to be proud, Patty White, because "Peachy" Brantner has just willed you the privilege of wearing a 1955 class ring. Prepare yourself, Donna . . . cuz from your sister, Milly Briggs, comes the ability to keep the Weyer boys pacified while ridin, ye olde school bus. To Rhoda Leeper, Lucille Romano leaves a much loved English seat in 205. Rah, Rah! Beverly Calderwood yells loudly as she hands down her position on the cheerleading squad to some deserving junior. These school buses must be the best part of the day! Viola Ellenberger is willing to givehher favorite seat to Anna Laird and Patricia Tate regretfully hands hers over to Shirley Wrye. Shirley Saylor offers to Ebby Carper her driving ability . . . but only from Warriors Mark to the Saylor residence. Wonder why? ? ff' ? Shocks and sparks from the electrical shop are being passed along to Jim Albright and Nick Maisano from their live-wire friend, Bob Bilger. To Freda Parsons goes Lois Ann Nearhoof's F. F. A. jacket, keep warm, Freda. Another long walk is willed-this time to Philip Woodring from his neighbor, Nevin Johnson. Have fun traveling to the football field for band practice. With these words, we pass jubilantly out of the T. A. H. S. pictures. Signed, sealed, and delivered by the Class of 1957. NVritten by: jayleen

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