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-wwf' ' SENloRs- lNE'rEEN iff NDRED FIFTY- HREE M7953 FA C N , 'U -:a 3 ff .1 ff 72 ??A'QX .. L D ,QQX N a"'-A-vhif,-?',', , X 75" yyk V g'-,l5'X'2X'XLf,I9 ky J xx? 7 xv TYRCDNE AREA JOINT HIGH SCHOGL VOLUME 35 TYRONE, PA. Dedication We the class of 1953 wash to express our apprecnatlon to Mrs Shlrley Stryker for her tireless efforts an helping to make our sensor year long to be remembered She has wnllnngly rendered her servlces as the durectress of our Sensor Play and has put forth much eflort In conduchng the programs of the Specual Englush Class Her sense of humor and expert teaching ablluty have comb d I k d It us wlth snncere gratatude that we dedicate the 53 Falcon to Mrs Stryker Mrs. Shirley Stryker 4 O I I I I ' " ine to make her well i e by the entire class. . . . . . , x . if A-mm. Sfxxx X 2 Superintendent Dr. Norman Miller Principal N. Grant Hixson SEATED Mrs Barr Isecretaryl Mr Ramsey Mr Glass Dr Muller Mr Hlleman Mr Solt Mr Baker STANDING Mr Weaver Mr McMonagIe Mr Hlldebrand Mr Heberlmg Mr Hlckes Mr Pease Mr Woodrlng Mr Tllson Board of Educahon TYRONE AREA JOINT SCHOOL COMMITTEE AND BOARD TYRONE BOROUGH Mr Mrs Harry N Glass Eldred D Hlleman Curtrs W Sot Marlorle E arr Oscar F Johnson Jay Tllson Richard H Pease Snannon W Ramsey Harold J Erhard Leland D McMonogIe Warner Weaver Andrew J Hnckes Harold E Baker Rob rt A Steel Jesse J Woodrnng Rob rt P Heberlmg Jol-n W H Idcbrand Jr President Ist Vuce Presldent 2nd Vnce Presrdent Secretary lnon membert J Lynn Ferner Francns J Herrungton John A Ayres Henry F Laughlnn L Paul Funk 5101 SCHOOL DISTRICT AUTHORITY President Vuce Presldent Secretary Treasurer Asslstant Secretary Treasurer 0 I ,I lqflff' L I Mr. . ' Mr. . ' . . ' ' - ' Mr. ' . ' ' - ' Mr, ' . I ' - ' Dr, . . ' ' ,B . Mr, . ' Mr. . ' - Mr. . Mr. ' Mr. Kennefh M, Crawford Mr. ' . , O I9 Mr. . . A V "A f- . . u ML Vu L5 M" A ' U zmr Mr. . L' ,I L ' Mr. e . . ' 6 Mr. 9 . ' Mr. . . I - , . L L Elementary - Junior High School Coordinator Willard E. Kerr Senior High Vocational Director D. Thomas Moore Secretarlal Group Guldance Dlrector MISS CORNMESSER Attendance Director MR. SCHELL I S 'N iwgfi' W 5? i 4 V H vs ,,-. V, A .1 ' Q 'X Agn x ,ia W , 7-2? --MM N---f-ww--w..v.-............... -.-wmw.,.,..Y A N xk.. ,www , if' QWQ wx k ix. F i j'f?3 13236 ik if Ygfi? gf 2 I Q s Y .' v gg 'R .... Mm uf 1- We -fa ..-Q..-.v--.. -..W-.. m........4--..---V V iw, L K I I 1' ,, l 4 Q V A Y 2 is Q fi td k ?i :SRX iafxfxi' 'L gm M W -'YQ 'ht' , JN, . 3 1 . , . S K L if P WY' J' 2 is SQ , 7 v ,ss f 1 1 ,- E, ff 'T A: 5 "A, 9' 1 Q Faculty BAIRD DALE Carpcn ry Shop Duector of School Prolects BARLEY MARY LOU Health Physlcal Educatnon Coach of Ch erleaders Drec tcr of G rls Intramural Program BOCK MELVIN Commerc al Bus n ss Manager of Spokesman B RGET MILDRED Home Economics Cafetena Supervlsor Advrser at Home Eccnomucs Club Assistant Adv ser Junror Class CARR PATRICIA Lrbrarlan Advxser Lab ary Club Advrser Junlcr Tr Hr Y CORBIN JACOB Mach ne Shop Presudent at P S E A CORNMESSER MARY Geograpwy Gurdance Dlrector A sembly Commuttee CxAWFORD DOROTHY Hrstory Advnser of Falcon Assembly Commrttee DAUGHERTY LULU Englnsh Adviser of Seventh Grade EBLE MARIE Spanlsh Readrng Wrntmg Spellnng Advuser of Spanush Club Busmess Manager of Sensor Play English Hnstory Freshman Play Drrector Sensor Tru HI Y Advnser GILHAM WILBUR E Bnology Hlstory Advuser of Eleventh Grade GWIN DEAN Auto Shop Mamtcnance of School Truck HEMMINGER GAIL Commercral Advnser of School Bank HITCHENS LEHMAN Ma hemat cs Co Adv ser of Senna Class HOOKER SARAH Matnematlc JACOBS S G General Science Draver Educatron Head Football Coach Advrser of Key Club KIMMEL MAX Crvrcs Drnver Educatnon Adv ser of Nnnth Grade Track Coach LaPORTE KARL Mathematics J V Football Coach Baseball Coach lxocn Hour Supervisor LATSHAW HAZEL Engl sh Spokesman Advts r LEIDY WALTER Instrumental Muslc Dlrector of Bands and Orchestra Assembly Cammnttee Supervrsor of lnst umental Musrc MacDOWELL SAIR Englnsh Assembly Commuttee Drrec or of Amerncan Le qon Oratcrlcal Ccntest Ass stant Advrser of Eleventh Grade McKINLEY JAMES Arrthmetuc J V Basketball Coach AssastantAdv1ser of Eighth Grade MERKLE PAUL Science Treasurer of Athletrc Assoclatuon Aclvuser of Boys Junlor Ho Y METCALFE MARGARET Home Ecanomrcs Ass stant Cafeterra Supervusar MOHXEY JAMES Health Physncal Ed catuon Wrestling Coach Advts r of Boys S nlor HI Y MOORE GRACE Engl sh Aruthmetrc Assustant Dar ctor and B sn ss M cger of Freshman P ay MOORE D THOMAS Drafting Industrial Ar s Vocational Director NALE LOIS l.atn English Adviser of latin Club Assistant Advuser of Nrnth Grade PEARCE CHARLES Art Advnser of Junror S mor Art Club Supervrsor of Art SC HELL JOHN Mathemattcs Attendance Drrector School Psychologist Durector of Vrsual Ards Assembly Commltt e SHOFSTAHL HAZEL Art Englnsh STONEBRAKER MERLE H s ory Assns ant Foo ball Coach Eq.up-'nent Manager Advuser of Tenth Grade STOVER PEGGY Vocal Musc Choral Drrector Assembly Commnttee p rvlsor of Vocal Music ST"YKER SHIRLEY Englrsh Dlrec or of Sensor Play Dnrector of Dramatcs Advlser of Home Room Program Commlttee THOMAS EDWARD Electrrcal Shop Supervusor of Publlc Address Equrpmen Adviser of Hameroom Program Commrttee WINGER H DALE Geography Arrthmetlc Hrs ory S udent Councnl Advuser Advus r of E ghth Grade WISER GERALD Hrstory Basketball Coach Ass stant Football Coach WOOMER KATHLEEN Music Geography and Science Assembly Commlttee Choral Dxrector r 1 .1 ' , 3 ' . , ' '- e , I - -1 , , 7. . , I ' I . If ie , V . - . .. . , l I ' ' 'E , I ' , , . . . . . - f - , . . . . V - , 4 T ' ' ' ' I QA T. , .. t '- ' " l ' , ' '- ' 'e -ic :n- a V I 3- I I ' , , . . K . . r f 'Y t I .I .ii . , I . . I 1 1 ? ' ' V FINNEGAN, BETTY Y- A - rf- - I - . I . .-.- , ' i . I -V V - . . . . , e I - , 1 - ' , . , I -- ' lt - 'f L , , I . 1- - I 'r I 2- ' , ' ,Su- I D I ' . .5 K , + ' I ' I I i I U . ' I. V v . .. . . . . f I, I i - , - - , . . . ., , . . I i l r I ' vi' I -f , , . . - c . , , 3- 'e l ' f l ' 'I .ll ' I .I A 1 . I I 5 - J I2 4.35 N..-" ,.,',--' pf ,. .a, Ja xxx I ,: L Q . gg, ..,...,.1-.., - A. Y lr V V V Ll! 5, lf, rf V 11 - J- - ---lhl-H'1mnal-1-u.x--M -ijjlgfnlm SENIORS Senior Officers I4 Advisors JOHN SCHELL L CES XX mi i K THE FALCON E7 W 61 if 44" Z If - C an of 19.91 s 2 1 xjfrolfw XSUAOOK Vrana, cz. F LEHNIAN HITCHFNS E8 LCG, fL0l'L In l'6LOgl11tl0ll of hls auperlor abllltleb as .1 Elfted mstructor and wlth deep 'lppreclatlon for lus patlent effoxts m our behalf as class dean we the Clfiss of 1951 do smcerely 'md gratefully dedlcate our year book to MR F LEHMAN HITCHENS . . 1 go c I .. ." . ...Q '- T. .i . C .. 1 a C. 7 - C 7. E! l "Our frugrtdhzmau is quite Wgal. , ' , 1' I l. BARA ANN "Barb' 1 Commercial et all po es an 'Girls' o- l sec ry she ts t , A sit upon b s ' kne Ea French ' s, e urg ni , o go h ack ing w l suit her right. BAYER, JOSEPH M. "Joy Bee" rf Academic Hi-Y C15 Latin Club l5 Key Club 2: S ltesm l, 2, t Youth Center Council 2, ajjtf X Sl ping isjay B9'fwors7 fail!! Hetjilreis steal! and Fw fries with lots q,:2,lr. Jay Bei with his set of curls- Must be why he the girls. Boys' his loyal, his blood boil. . A, A f novsiif 1oANNt' ci. "Jo" ' Ccxmmercigl I If u Girls' basketball 152, 32 Tumbling Club I , . . . "Jo's" ambition is to be a segietaryt ' And sit upon the boss's knee. Pork chops and Frenchfries she'd eat each day, ' And with the commercial gang she is quite gay. l, CAFFARELLI, JOANNE S. "Jo" Academic Tri-Hi-Y l, 2, 35 Cheerleading 2, 35 Span- ish Club 25 Latin Club l5 Spokesman l, 25 Falcon 35 Home Ec, Club 35 Sr. Class Om, cer5 Girls' Chorus l "Jo" is really built swell, But her brain capacity i -'ob vllelfl' She's one everyo e co si S a pal l , I , 1, .X 5 ,' J. , s It A ' X4 Seniors l953 1 ffqtftc' N' 'livuf' 15 . . t,- ' 1 if xr ' " 4 ' ., '. ,' 4' - ,fx -'A' f ., 1 5 'n 0 'D' ., 'I ALLEN, BAEBARA LEE "Bobbie" General Gamrna,25 Band 35 Senior Play ' tall, and blond, with eyes of blue, You 'can tell by her face . she's good natured Na. She's a maiorette in the Tyrone Band, Watch her strut, she's really grand. l 4 . BEAMER, CARO JOAN V ro "Cas ' Aj x ' Cplamercial ' 4 f m quill, 2,t9D Fake ah 'l, I 35 con 'Band l, 2, 35l.Girls' rus 'l5 ixevhoruyf, 35 ArlfClub , To 'a V . .iirhel re,',-, l idinpfa horsb ets hey egrt afiae. --Case 'Works at McCr s fivqgmd dime, F codtxited is e, she can find no tiny. I BOTTEICHER, NAN Y N "Boomey" ' -Voc I ask bl ' , 5 Home'Ec, b , , 3 Love pQt nt yfre F frie 'cnnie sh r occ ' W' on' ru S e keeps 4 g, n celted girls keep r raving. BURGET, AGNES MAE "Ag" Academic l Gamma 'l, 2, 35 Girls' Chorus 'I5 Home Ec. Club 37 Latin,Club l, 25 Tumbling Club l, 2 "Aggie" is suited for most anything, Likes to square dance, eat and sing. Has light brown natural curly hair, As pretty as you'll find most anywhere t J cdwsnwoob, BENJAMIN B. "Benny" V - Vocational Class Officer 1, 2, 35 Senior and Fresh- mcm Play Castl J Ben starred in the freshman and senior t play, t He's gm' jolly fellow and always gay, Claims his worstxfault is too much money, After marrying Suzie we'll see' if that's 'funny. . A CAMBRIDGE V HOWARD Howd Vocatnonal School Patrol I 2 3 Howd s best fraend IS his car But stgll he prefers Jo by far To watch after her he trles And loves cheeseburgs and French fries CLQUSER CCNSTANGI' E ousg, Commercxal 1 n,.Afpha 2 3, gh meal Orchestra 1 7, Girls Chores 1 K horus 2,3 Spokes n T 1 ul s Body5hcp they keep her sl mg ou ubtners sl! s always r um, 0 Her modi s always onjhqfg Ask Bettl and Barb they'lt-4611 ygusi C3 V? ce Orchesjl' B ass S xtet 1 2 3 alcon Stow HI Y 3 March ng Band 1 2 3kfPncert Band 1 5, Academic J 6 as really a v y Ask Gus Da and B ll they ll tell you why He Ilkes musuc of any kmd And he knows It that youll Gnd VI JQQJCE l Glnnle General Gam a M Chorus u om onom cs Club 2 Her amb tuon IS to bl sew rs mmglsthe oem r e e fo s her plc bgds k FY: Duc Sensors 1953 1 yjm if 1 M1 lj! ISIAFH ANN snm sv General om :cs Club 1 2 Sh rley won even try to deny The Army took h r favorite guy Squar danc ng to her IS delight And Alr Force IS her future flight CONRAD JEAN PAUl.A Academnc Al'phq 1 2 3 Sqolsetlnan 1 2 3 Fal C011 3 Band I 2 3,5 Drc I 'I 2 3 Spanlsht Club 2 Lalp lub 1 FTA 2 outlvCenter Counell 2 Student Council 1 Grls Chorus 1 Nfxed Chorus 2 3 Sen or Play Cast Jean seems to b everyone s pa J To a she IS a populd' gal Gettmg enough sleep as her rough task About th s problem a Chuck we ll ask Cowen oAvlb ALAN G up Vocahonal t Basebal 3 Hu Y 3 Adds tall and dark wxth a handsome facql He 'keeps a run or gurl at o fast march we Pere When not with Betsy he s with Bob Waite On hs lust hamburgs and French Fries rate 16247: Lflff! 5 Zu Ax Iliff 1 f DAUGHERTY BEVERlY ADINE s 7 A d 9' dun, U. C1512 a 1 kesman on 3 wwi alles 0 S ol Orchestra 3 amsf! ub 2l?J Ilgju 1 Freshma lay Cast To Bev a bird s eff gesture She plans to b tmcher She says her favorite TOOCLIS ple And she s the apple of Toby s eye Glo CHARLES Q5 t General ot re mg 2 3 Tra 2 HNF? Reglo land DlstrlctChamp1on t he s t restler of Tyrone H gh ver very I y never very sod ,Among the guys he s a FOVOYITS lad G ns mtg le guy , . ' . ' I. , 1 H , ' . 0 ' Q 2 5 , ., 'g- V ' - 1 . N. , V' L fr b Y - . , ,' , 5 A , , 1 - . ,' - .1 A,,,.'tlw5fu,.: e J -I 1 ' x ' 1 s f i I lftb yist , .. ,V jr!! j I' I :A I 5 , I , ' Q' 1 ' . . . , I ri V u , u A ll A 'l Ro , sl ' 3 " ' . l ,- J 1 R.. . X I f : . D , I 1' 1 , A T , ' . - Z: Ie ,uf 1 I I- 0 . f 1, :. ,, Pi W I I if fx . A ,. x 1 . F3'aZh1alI1,2,1l37 l2, 2 '- rw - A - ' we . , . 14 y - l - . fl, 5 ' ' , , 5 .K ', 111 f l , ,, Q F il gl " A 7 I , , JL ' ' .W . " 'F ,' -7- 1 .. L E , K , wa - ,, ,. , . .' 'A T 7 ij- .1 J I 3- r , I I lph 25 If - alc 5 : - : - , Gi -s ,' 6 ru 9,155 H' I , l , I 2, 5 : Y , :hh le ' - 9fJYf ki 3 ul. ' ' I I wa. ' I . I 5' A - 'lla X T I ,QV Tx A EE ' ' M De - A f A fx, 12, Gi , os I i d Qfro :Qin 1, Q, sn' .15 , , 'ck ,s . A CI lg lj qt Zk, 1- -1 . , .. I xv Li , 1 I Gil' Q" ' nf F- Of , ' w , r I 5 He y' i bs 'ki ' ' I l ' Q A K. A i 6 MW A Mfr 9' I pw, lim! Sensors 1953 f Minn J oAvm Dove Academic DeVINE JEAN ELLEN e Academnc 'l 2 3 Key Club 2 3 Latln u 1 F T A 2 Marching Bond -I 2 3 on Art Club 'l Gamma 2 3 Glrls Chorus cert Band I 2 3 Brass Sextet 2 3 Mxxed I Spunmh Club 2 3 Chorus 1 2 Boys Chorus 1 Spokesman Conc :ted boys drave her mad 2 Freshman Play Cast Chnl: con came makes her glad Dove S G sman lad who H ge, ahead Com collectmg and hllung she hkes to do so MBS Lanhaw always wld And to be a nurse would sunt her too One day he may be a V I P If he becomes an M D I " oucysorf' 2Anofw1':f2I4fW MVL' 4 'UMQ yfvawfho 1, Smses KMARLGARET J c P95375 c Vocatmnal lrls Basketbal, M2 Gamma 'I , U if ome Ec Club 2X3 lu ,,1zW2.s.L,:f,1i,..mfffff f W N pegs ?rm rypretty gm J f She goesthifgay wut Peg and Sue fm Q G W U Butflndslots of CBo too ,ww jrpfwsw of ffl!!!-f Adel' F! H' 1 o N L6 E jvc -5211? :om ug f 4 Joannle ACQTIMGYCICI ECKLEY C ERNEST !. 1.2 Girls Chorus 1 Mlxed Chayus,2 E 9 VOCUNOYIUI T A .loanme lakes to tap dance anytume And eating :ce cream suits her fyae Unfraendly people peeve hen abut And makes her temper seem unfit hcllalto ork after school C pts to b successful wvs sfipjiblest Q cl r chill e d wall! a mule EMIGI-I BETTY JANE Betts Commerc EMEL CHESTER J BUCIKY Vocahonal Betts and her best chum Sure like to chew gum Concelted people she lust can t stand But swlmmmg and wrxtlng letters she thinks IS lust grand To all farmers he s a handy man To become successful IS his plan Lnkes pork done any way And could go huntmg every day ESCHBACH JOHN W EVERHART ELIZABETH L Johnny Academic Bows Co"'me""'I Footballl 2 3 Track 2 3 Mixed cha 3 ru I 2 3 Spamsh Club 2 Boys HIY 'I wma 2 3 Freshman Play Cast Betts Rea d e Drug Johnny s one of our popular lads O Who wears latest fashrons and fads Eats' " 'C ec and ells Wave Says worst fault's staymg out all night, To he' 'he A" F e ul e e fe' As an F B I Agent, he'll be all rnght or slay Q0 an e or 'fe ,X Xsov. ULF.. 3,3:L"Ei'X I7 ENREQXQQE ' t x ' I - ' I ' VMA1 I I .I J ' ' K 'ny 'J' If I , - l gf , 1' , , A P , J f 1- I I ,t ' wt . , ', t S. L ,L M-VT tv: 1 ,A 1 . . 5 I it r is M' W . t , ! ' rf 'I f L 'L 41 'Q fill A 'I I IIJ dll s Hi-Y , , , , , ' CI b . : . . . : ' 1 1 :C - , ' ' 7 ' L' ftiffln ,Iva 1 .Ni ' s ' 1 - :Ji A 7' -,Lf K X ,HV ' A ' .1 ' f A ' ' ' 1 I K L. n 1 ,LV .' L 1' 4 A s ,dj , . 1 lf, , ,1 ' I, A 1, q I . JI p. , i I 1 v , Cx L . 'A - 5 sh l 27 F. T. . 1, 4 1 ffzn 4 1 2. , X C - ' - -- 1 .- 1 ' - . fc ,f f ' " " - ' ff. - ' A 1 g ' N 'Tvf1it" is I cqrd L ' Who's fu womenqs ht-gg, 6 1' fl , r f ,f'!LQl2g Y V 4 K Mu lin p I ." ' 'I - . ' A 1 1 I ,1 - 7 fb , ,- n - ' A 5 V ' X I " xg' f i C' V ,: " . y aff" K - , C Chl, gf I 117- 54' ' ,Qt 'I , ,4 H K' I ' 1, ' fl . 3 A . "- 1 A, ' K 1 , V f ,- .L ' ' 1 - . 1' I . I, 3: . 11 N? 11 L . F. . . 2 , H: li" f . ' I ' I ' '. . 'L ' ' . lf S . . I ' . I c p , p I, g - I 'ian . . . ' 11 11 ia' , . H H . 11 11 X . 1 1 : 1 : ' - A 2' ' es n 2' 7 Pal' S 1 1 1 ' : ' '- 1 1 I " ' at" n rixclc's" 1 St , A . , E A' ' Q 5 . Q ',-1... 9 -' ,' I Y , Y ' riurllrmcn, DIXIE LEE "Dix" ' f' Academic Alpha LJ, Spokesman T, S, Spanish Club' 2, Iv Latin -Clob ly uth Center 'So0ncil Nb 2 3: Girls' Chorus ly Mixe horus L 3- Freshman and Senior Play This iolly' lass we all call Dix Helps' to keep the Spokesman in o fix. ipb'in the nursing field she s seeking onertill ' speaking she s generally lspeak' g. I' GARDNEIl LQVONNE KATHLEEN Sq uegk Commercial G s Cho s l M d Chorus 2 3 pokesman l 2 B con 3 To be a concert I er is her desire She likes chili on carne hot as fire Likes talking picwks of th ngs she sees And keep n scrapbooks of what it may Glll GERALD Jerry cqdem Band c c Brass Sextet Z 3 Lee nd'Ken7QA quiet r is ou' G 0 S Acad anl23 u Sca hpr t sm e, oc etm ake p u ome kin Pee a e it Giuwes MAIl.lbRlE E Marge General Home Economics Qlvbh This crazy nu! is a friend to ll When it comes to ck-inning she s on ba ' Wanls to graduate beforqphe s twenty Personality? 'She s go plenty' , I Q 1 Seniors 1953 Wi Football l, 2 Gennie plans to ioin the Navy Mona comesggfapfdiit in Vail She a i nursing BM evml Clu hwood is our 5 FRANCHIO, EUGENE RICHARD f'Genni " Vocational Where he ll have a cliet of gravy. Always talking people make him mad He says Bob Hosbancl s his favorite lad. ARDN R, MQNAUC ,vo 5 , Acadepic nd quiet real sweet too Her PIOQW smile ggifflvrough td you A N U eneral lks s a Kee ids keeps her busy A ertaln fellow makes her Izzy ,.fW!"' ff awgnssf hon s a g she get a Club 3 l her ture plans are set YOU Ingers and place your bet General r ub , d c , , A ' , ' Q 2 ' I N 'x'pl M7 U I I4 H rl - ' ' - v f L ' ,, -' Y 'W A ' I Q ' Ti , 17 ' girl' :- i , : Hsi Jud! ' '- I n S I I I-51 , iv' rp' V 'I' i L A' 1 f' 'I . ' . . . I.. I . . . E I 4 N. , 1 WI ' ' . 5 9' . . . 2 - be. . ,V . N V 7 A f , F. 0 .. .. . r , G E AT rl. I be ..,, , X . lv , , . lx ' ' r 0 Olr 5 :Il , ' , - x I ' I' II 15 pr of ' I ' - V ' - e . - H' ig : .. - K L. U 'K I . It I ff '- " - to y . ' - W' xi ' Y X Q7 ' ' y i I 4 A9 . . ,y . , by . I K , W Tl IRQ! J ,V .J ,IP ,, 1 ic ytf R M u , - po , , : ho- H H . ' r , 5 C lg H e Ec ics ' I 'V I C 3: L in Sp i h Cl 2' i I y l' my e nomics Club Eng ll ,. . l I a I . ny th Y ll , Fr ro gh gg I ' u i l S C i ' e g in be n , r ' K y ' g "5 k ' y. ' . l I H H N k 'y J' X A AV! I, .kv .9 h .Xi . .M J ' X .1 J E 35 A Y -If . i ' . fk ' , ' X' 1 'N u. 2 fy 'C' of 'll' a ,l, J! n. ' V ,V Pl ,Lf sbs- ., 'W .1 ,. I A 34' he 1, 3- , -X. 5 , ' X' .. .V .. 1 A - l B.. l x 8 HAND NANCY CAROL Nan Commercnal Gammal 2 3 ThQAl1 Force will clalm thus pretty gurl Cause she s gomg to guve the Wafs a twlrl Can t walt to graduate and hlt the road Although she loves her own abode 1 1 I l Aruows mmf? seglttrrf Shortne Gm a'l23Chous1S shClu Lotm Club 1 1 an have a p te per h e bug a e d auhc 9,115 ml'l.ll"o'ft'Z.f...,... Ban' 1 2 3 Base e ra1 2 3 Youh Ce erC I Trac 3 latin Clu ss e e dl rlgh and mce yy ep le I5 our Bull enn In the fall I Joke goo we know he wull HIXSON MARY JANE Academic Alp a 1 2 3 5 esman 2 3 Chorus 2 3 Home Ec Cl 3 Llbrar Staff 3 Specsal English 3 F T A 2 3 Ensemble 2 3 SpanlsltClub Zl Latm Club 1 Mary IS claimed as part of he Gang Fellows all she e o Wa ts to be a bus ss a t clalms sh m etter p acher ROBERT ARTHUR Vocatnonal Footbal 2 Bob IS quite a handsome lad Claims hls slster makes hum mad Drives the squad truck here and there And nature curls has pretty halr llwfdw w fwulwwfgu Sensors 1953WlMf!,W My HAND RICHARD ARTHUR Butch Vocatlonal Football 1 Falcon 3 Class Presndent 'I 3 Hr Y Presuden 3 Club 2 Butch I5 the President of our class Promxsed for the Navy but Loretta s his ass He llkes to hunt and f1sh ln faur weather or mud With Reuben John Bucky and Bud HARPER BARBARA ANN Barb General t Alphall 2 3 Spokesman 1 2 Thus luttle packogejs wntty and mce Sheit make a nurse qt any prxce , I Her Course was'quate mofed up ut s true Bslhcdunt ont Barb ,whatever you do HICKS CAROL I. Hncksy Commercial ucksey at Sully s can always be found Wnth Jam or the gong she s hed and bound The Wilson Theater tokes her tume, Complamlng people hren t worth dume HOOVFR CHARLES N Chuck! Vocatnonal Football 2 35 Basketball 2 3 Chorus 1Z3yT1'ack2'3 H1Y13 Another one ofthe machine shop crew Clasms admiration for thus brew J O IS has Ideal man But Jeanne IS has loyal fan HUNTER ANTHONY H T'-'by Academic Football 1 Basketball 1 2 3 HI Y 1 2 3 Spokesman 1 3 Band 1 Spanush Club 2 3 Latm Club l Toby wants to go to college Says he wants to claum some knowledge Bev rates f1rst upon hns lust And all agree that hell be mussed' . ,Ujk . , , vs , . 4 l , ," -' V XV Q! . .. ,le N , -A A V - J . ., ' ' + X U A ' X, . ll! ,H , I ,-, DD, 1 U , -W V 2, 3, Hi-Y Q, , ' f , Key tl 'l ' 'e ,Ulm-' , . , H ' 11 ljlf- all - . x ' U, ,. ., A 3 U , , : - 1 ' ' . 2,:4,nlX' 1 ' V-: 'EE Rigs e d ic t k , U " -' I 4 ' l I X, jle i ' f I l -Q. l l' A , o .. . A It H ' ' '. l ff ' 1 jf xr s . ' A I I ui 1 , - K , ' x 1 - . Ilbh Q r , 2, 3, Hi-Y 1, 2, H ' H .J ,' t Y '- :5 Oh , d f , : - n ' bo a r 5 SR , , 1 t HH 1 'Q ' 5 ' ' vb., ' , 'l 2, : ' b 11 ' l ' ' 0 ' gl' . 1 A. . li I, ' ' ' , -- -, 2 ln ,, ik, . , . , y H edf ' , P el i ' ' l . h , 1. li , I ,Li 1 I LI, J U 1, , 1 . 1 ' ,Y : , , p - - H 'ff - 7 - -"-' . ' ' , ' t ng. . ' ' . t er, 1 ' ' , ' a . 1 Q l l H . F . ', 19 H van iysknrb l Co mercual am Chorus 'l lAr1 Club 'I Tha lille gal ull of pep o keeps her really hep Ca alwa be und wnh Max and Jo d ms me are all lhe go s HUNTER NROGERT L Bg Vocational fesssdnal ba eball IS has dream ays lhat gsr s are quufe a scream A1 the orchar he s employed Also huhlmg he has enloyed m AM ENN cuuzx Academuc 3 ey OM 2 Con l Q4 o s ru 'l oufh ent r ul' M rl m w v y d It do ll or on 1 and graduate you won 4 II11 ys HI lll e car e :sn I very far a hammer ln shop e al ope he comes out on lop JOHNSON MARGUERITE Lt Maggie Academic Glrls basketball 2 Spokesman 2 3 Chorus l 2 3 Ari Club 1 Ldllh Club 'I Spanlsh 2 3 Special English 3 Fllrtallous vuvucxous and wlNy IS she Maggie a nurse IS golng lo be Llkeable laughable and preNy Yoo Jefferson Hospltal she s up T6 youll Seniors 1953 'ff' A of NR, .af HUNTER MARGARET REBECCA Becky Comm Glrs Basketball l ha 'l 2 Spokesmanl Becky comes from West Tyrosgl- Claims Fred as her very own' lydla and Adda are par? of her crew Go lo McCrcry s shell yi It on you :Bom MAXTNE Comlpr a Alpligjl 2 Spain n 2 lcon 3 Band I2 3 lassNTjeas gr T lllh lilglhl 53 as une a po Qzur la Tvyurlsa Yon belfer than anyone can And wams lo marry the ndeal man' V 1 fl, 'IRTIIN 1 K Professo General C "' k1Clubl3 Slash Professdr a cl .lack are a few Of the naryet lrllvvrn to me and you Has lokes are funny In a funny way Wanls lo reflre wuth an easy pay JOHNSON HELEN E General A H S sen? her here Temper as her la ggesl fear Hufes to wall on anyone Nuce fo know and lofs of fun N r e Ac iam: con orus l u heer a In u e C u CI a sm cla ngll C an 5 er We at mes oseep Ms? ,slip KESSINGER, FRANCES JEANNETTE "Nettie" Commercial Alpha 'I 2 3- Spokesman 'I 2- Chorus Nettle Sherlock has won her name Tlmes at Clearvlew brought her fame Frrend to all mce to know Muller s gfllce keeps her on the 'Q KIRKPATRICK MABEI. GlADYS Sleepy Vocatnonal Home Economics Club I 3 Art Club 2 3 Sensor Trl HI Y 3 Mabel says that school as fun But shell be glad when rt IS done Wants to graduate and lonn the Waves Must be Navy Gravy that she crave LEWIS CLAUDE C Tu: Vocatlonal ln auto shop he worked away Down at Batchelers gat his pay Tuck was taught by Mr Gwln A 36 Ford youll Gnd hum un' l.IBOlD EUG NE Gene Academlc Basketbal lISpoke5man 2 3 Band 'I 2 3 orusl 2 3 Trackl Q-OVYS Chorus A tractgor traller drlver hell be e'now spends his time bt the ASP Ll es to sgend money dnd eat :ce cream Whale andy and Bull he thinks are 579001 LOUDEN CARI. I. Honey Vocatnonal We all know a blonde boy by the name of honey Hrs ambmon us to make lots of money Hrs chums are Howd Jlm and Duck But of all these Arlene as has puck, J Seniors 1953 i B-4 Q, 'fl' zLE,.PA L MTEHAEL " ' ' v 5 ty Academic okesmanl 2- Trackl 2 3- '- 2 3 Key Club2 3 We re proud of Mlke thus 53 Annapolus bound he s sure to be Prlots a Plymouth here and there Can be found wlth Goat most any where ucK,ur6sER1 EUGENE Vocational anager 'I gmothefmlaghrnrst from J O s crew Gett ng up early IS hard to do Huntmg deer ns qurte some hobby But lust the thing for our Bobby LEWIS JOHN Johnme Vocational Johnn a nr4l00lUD99U'Y 'I He can t stand gyls I wonder why Youl find h wnth the e ecylfal shop 'bays -4 'Pi Q' Model alrpla s French frles and sleep In :S 5612 D I LINER CHARLES EUGENE Charles Vocational T'o be surcesdfull ts Charlie S ambntaon H just lov s hqvn g 'F bm Clalrhs silokzgg ls' not if 9 'Thaw who dfyfilfb dbg sw? 'T Z MAGUIRE BOBERT l Bo Vocatronal Chorus 2 .Jccessful he would luke to be And he loves huntlng terrlflcally Hrs best pal IS Charles Liner He enloys being a spaghettl diner ,,4.....14...w-vw' "L.,afl wiv' " nf H A . 2 Seniors l953 McCAULLEY CLAYTON Dlppy Vocatronal Drppy us quite a flne lad But In shop he s sometimes bad Eatlng burgers never makes hum bored Can always be found at Monkey Ward McMU EN JAMES W Muck Vocatranal lf you th nk fixing a car rs a tuck Just call an a boy they all call Muck Sleepnng In shop IS a very bad habnt Bu show hum a hamburger hell sure grab It HWY' L6 rs.. 204. Basketball I 2 3 S 9 efs m.w.2,'sJM64t at -A4124 ase almgncgwi W rned Nce boy IS called are dandy f M needs laeJff!415f-wh'S'kno'w'fl'31-ll But he sure can handle d apketb ll MURRISSEYL RICHARD N Hector Vocational ebaiuza H Jams of belng a baseball star At oodrulg s he knows where grocer nes are Sam Colnto as one of has pals Funds time to flrrt with all the gals NAYl.,6R MELVIN E me ocatlonal l"'Band12 3 rownle certainly dlslrkesfblg wheels But be does engoy wlndlng flshrng reels Thmks travelllw up hrs Plymouth us lots of Ifun And IS often seen totlng a gun 22 cKEE WILLIAM J Academic Dtzsketball l 2 Band l 3 Orchestr l 2 always late WI u rn tame to o Stat In the T H Band he s surely gr t That enght o clock call he I ays hate G EAL Z General esa HoecCl er wrt erta n Benny t has fr: nds ve many gn g ha oug m wx! probably change I' TTQH1 l CIQAKLES ngyisnr C nc Acade IC L orus ,ly 2 gl Sfool Pqtr tudentllgouncrl P 2 G ,MJ Ch ck' wrll hlsf ure I farmmg flndf gurls ar very charming e w od smger n a chorus U A real great patrolman for us of K JL Jp N lfabqtranal L Truck l I Patrol 2 well known l the Janesvvlle Poke not bad says spaghettn IS hrs favorite dish 0 marry Darlene his favorlte wash Ill Q NEWLIN SUSANNAH M Suzrei J I .4 A ,f , , Atademlc Alpha 2 3 Spokesman 2 3 Chorus l 3 Latln Club l Spanlsh Cub 2 Youth Center Council l 2 Suzie Belle rs tall and blond Of French elevators she s very fond People on tlme she says she hates And with her Spruce Creek really rates' s I Q- A l ll 1 ll ' 1. ' 1 ' I 2' ' ' ' , J - , . 1, 2, 3 ' ' ' - 'fsalr' is - .L - - l ' H f 'll - p ' ' g to H- H A 4 I S , . o Y " hr Q , NE J - - .. I , . " I' ' k nlp E. 1,2,3 5 - - - - ds lh II 'rl 2 , A ' H ' 'Q s ' , . ' ' ' ' l r ' B t r e, ' 4 - ' I f 5155.11 f d sh I I , W 1" , ' q . V 4 K, Jill, L JC , ' l I iff I YW., . ' ' e n , ,e , J . -A ' C. . -v'1 2' . 1. I ,LJ LUV! - e- ln . C " ' T' ,' 5401 ,s4E'f,:s, Q ' 1 t' I . , I . 'L ' G L, V1 'I' . U . - ,, 5 V, . 8 . . .-f . 1 jk rhmkbmnbpuifk D Q 1 I leaf Miki? . . My I . . ' . I1 ' . 4 - ' 9 A . QS, ,l.f'r'l ' iv . . :fr A f A-'Ti ' x - H U nlxi o. . 4 . ff 1, 5, " f-' V - X JL ' . 1 , 1 1 . : . Xuan 1 1 K . - Y 1 fix., e - . ' l I x rl ' I G I I . . 1 . . Q I ' T D l'.'4"l 11' 4 'P 4 .Il . l V '11 ' '.'s4, 0 L. p 7 . N b 7" 1 0 .gy 5,1 if gf T: fs, . by 1 Q ., ' ' ' ,, . ' I 1 I . H - 1, Q " :Q - - f- ' 'U 2 'ff' f 2- . -B, ., rw Lf ' "' fa? I 5 ' V' I I I 1 ,V . . I . I NEVLING RUBY L ,Rub Vocatuona Chorus 1 Home Ec Club 3 RLby loves to roller jkate Pork chops and spaghettu r ra er om utuon us to travel We hope f her many mu es wull ravel f Y O NS W ll TH MAS Genera X 2 Chorus u ar I d s n wn s Wullue cts o u rrub y su es to e amb.urgers and drunk mulkshak s ln the Aur F ce hus career hell make POWLEY DELORES ANNA Dolly General Home Ec Club l 2 To become a housewufe us her aum Whule Dolly us her nuckname Ch lu rs her favorute food Guddy gurls upset her mood CVJA RAY LeROY CLAIR Leroy General Wrestlung '7 Band 3 Chorus 3 Orches tra 2 3 Leroy us thus gentleman s name The munustry us has call to fame Gettung up un the mornung us what h hates Whule Helen us the only one he dates RIGGLEMAN R DONALD Donnue General Football l 2 'l Trackl Lubrary S ff 3 Baseball2 3 Donnue us a fellow who does hus duty Hus favorute pastume us datung Judy H doesnt luke to study books Thus fellow s known for hus good looks O'ROURKE, GERALDINE GAIL Gau Academuc Alpha 2 3 Spokesman l 2 3 Chorus 1 lbtun Clu 'ly Spanush Club 2 3 Lubrary Gaul O Rourke us this gal s name Claums beung a nurse wull brung her fothe Creamed peas on toast us her favorue food Lakes chewung gum when shes un the mood PA EE WILLIA LEWIS JR u Vocatuonal ull mpl ed Glenn s Servuce Statuon Q tes h h un hus estuma uon tum s spent un auto shop pare e pu ot hus ua ap PRICE RICHARD V Duck K Vocatuonal MTG wre rmy usgvere Duck us bound rtaun Helenfyfi qqen found unks hamburg ench frues are good He s often found hu ng un the nearby wood uzsusscnmubr usgvemv A Bev l Academrc Grrls Bas tball 21' Alpha 'I 2 31' Spokesmdn l .2 3 lass Officer I Youth Mer Couneal 'l 2 Chgerleadung' 3 Art lub 'I Latun Cl T Spanush 2 Spec al Englushffl Lubrary 'l Thus baby of the class us very sweet Wluose poplrlaruty, s hard to beat Bev QVBY1 pretty neat and tall For masedlune boy she seems to fdll 'Gr ,A T.. ,uae-l' Schoo 8 r oun T us no as otun famuly made H thunks he s uute a guy uth the gals But Ken and Ed are hus favorut pals ROBINSON ROBERT LEE Bo Vocational Bob a carpenter hopes to be Hell be a good one wait and see! Chicken and waffles he likes to eat At sleeping in class he s hard to beat ROSS ELIZABETH JANE Betsy Commercna Gamma 2 3 Chorusl A mighty fine gurl I5 Betsy She sure enloys a Pepsne Waiting for Russell makes her mad When he arrives she s always glad RUTHERFORD BETTY JANE Betty Commercial Gammal 2 3 Chorusi A telephone operator as her ambition Eating spaget seems a tradition Roller skatlng is her hobby Doesn t like people who are snobby SCHOCH .JOHN JOSEPH Yo Hon Vocational A fine lad ns Yo Hon who lives on a hull Of chicken and potatoes he can t get his Wlll be a good farmer and get up at dawn And will always be ready with a 1 bully song H JANE Lefty f General AK! Club 2 3 B Clu M e a b tlclan ould ll to Her vorltefstlme edtlnglkh I You can usually find hey a summer Eating frozen Qt al way tm , all Seniors 1953 'iq "sr, R BAUGH, WALTER RICHARD ' Vocational Football 2 3' Track Manager 'I 2' Stu- dent Council l A most popular guy is our friend Dick Bobby Mike Bill and Gene are his pick. His old car most of his troubles as brought To be Queen of his car many gurls have fought RUPERT CAROLE ANN Rupe Academic Alpha I 2 3 Spokesmanl 2 3 Fal con 3 Chorusl 2 3 Cheerleading 3 Youth Center Council 2 Home Ec Club 3 Special English 3 Class Officer 2 F 2 3 Latin Club I Spanish Club 2 A nice gurl by the name of Rupe Whom you find driving o Chevy coupe Eating fried chicken she thinks ll dandy All her time is for a guy named Andy SAYLOR JOHN EUGENE Johnny Vocational Wregqln X n is -Jsllmmlhq and ace skating if Glady As on lsxist are taboo kde hoyt?l1e kee at the drop of a hat A mechanic hell be in spite of all that SELLERS ROBERT MARLI N Vocational Wie know o lad called Bob that s sure Wants to cook food and food galore In the army hell make a cook Has a certain glirl on the hook t SHENEFELT WILLIAM VAUGHN I I Vocational uliootball 'I 2 Basketball I 2 Track I H Y I This friendly lad IS known as Sheney His friends both sexes are true and plenty He plots his Pontiac here and there Ba ers love to experiment with his hair 4 Spoke man -1, Z 35 Library1StafF 1, 2, 3, sumti P M MXN Bhpggy , Academic Girls Bas ball 2 Spanish Club 2 Latin Club HF T A 2 Buggy aspires to be an R N We all feel sure that she really can To being stubborn she has confessed Y ull always f' d h r quite well dressed HOEMAKE KEN ET HILLE Ken emu: o y is yi Kfutilely to ma his Plymouth run e 2 is anything but fun His favorite foods are fries and steak Lots of money Ken h SMITH ANNA MARIE Blondie Ge eral Home Economics 2 3 Libiary Staff Shes known as Blondie and you can see why Her lang bonde locks sure catch your eye Concelted people she does despise But she can handle a plate of French fries cnylr H'-1 '41 I1 vf SMITH JOSEP ICHAEL Smitty Vocational School Patrol 2 3- Baseball 2 3 Smitty aspires to be an electrician All through school it s been his ambition. His best pals are Ralph, Danny, and Dutch. Likes hunting and swimming very much. 4 7,1 , 'J - " 'aj f slid H, MARX Lou "T ie" Commercial Falcon 3 1, Tiny'Mary.,l.ou is knQavn at Tonie, Her lavdrite food is chili con carne. Collecting souvenirs is the hobby of Mary, She will soon be a fine secretary. Seniors 53 Cir x ,...-f 47 SHlVEl.Y JOSEPH ge General Movies and Joe go hand in hand We all think he s really grand The qirls are a bother to this friendly lad But Betty Grable would make him glad O ALBERTA MAY .me General laS l23Home u ssne ea e Air Force way o ew ore and more every H Club is proud of Burt At times she s known to be a flirt SMITH DEIORES JEAN Smitty Vocational Chorus 2 3 Home Economocsl 2 3 Delores Jean CSmntty1 is a vocational girl Who dislike! flirting but givjs it a whirl Chili can carne rates as her favorite fpod Can be found traveling to Altbona wh n in the mood SMITH JOHN P Vocational School Patrol l 2 3 John loves to tinker with radios Claims he s fond of meat and potatoes. He finds Joan a fine companion, Hopes to be a state policeman. SNYDER, KATHlEEN SUE "Kate" Commercial Tri-Hi-Y l, 2, 33 Art Club l This good natured lassie s known os .lf ' I Sl'l'e e ys thing moreithan sleeping in e s sure w at s , Eih a Wave or a secretary when 'f ol s . 174 1 X, ff SNYDER PAULINE Snyd Commercial Chorusl 2 3 Oh what a temper has Paulune PIIOIIDQ o Chevy she s often seen She hopes to wear the Air Force blue Soon as her hugh sc ool days are through J' 1 steven MRA ffglly Academic A hal 2 .3 Spokesman 2 3 Chorus I 2 3 En5emble 2 3 Cheerlq: mg Orchestra-I Sally s fklendly as one gurl coul be She s been bl sed wath talqa musnca Slngmg and playmg and cuthltg o rug Her two best pals are Jo and Bug srogggan 954, L' 'J Aga emu: vol? e5 I'IfClUf,y me- gb Sa I 35 Latin eu-wtllyr 4.96.-1 b d gp' 'P chlegmrnte a h 9X Y of ed ere Z we -7 oc Ayrew if .N 'jf Af I SUJAM KS, CHARLES S C ll pq Vocational Fodfbolll 2' :4 s Atbolll P lar hazz ts hugh wuth the guys 1 hl d9VVn'0WI'l quarterbacks are any r mg but wise HI ambltao rs to wear the Navy blue Gettlng morn adn: hum thru 3' iff Academic rmgI23HY en I2 Q a teifell as a farmer 'lo I y ks he s qulte a churmer Howeve rms hrs hobby IS cows Maybe he's so Interested ln gals Seniors 1953 A. 26 STATES JOANNE JJ9, 5, L, Commercial N J 'IrI'HnY 'I 2 3 Cheerleodmg 1 3 Fal co 3 Class Treasurer3 Pr ty neat funny and sweet Jo ns one who can t be b ot Howd rates first upon her heart Dresses nice always looks smart NE H AN Academic Hu Y 3 n I Chorus 2 r I I B0 ys or 3 oys u r t DbQ1ce,qr c e a 3 I wnlngof mh M slcol Fnenywtha Lit ,God can SI g or q And r dis o s ool y morn STRYKER STANLEY W Bug Stan Academuc Thus httle lad we coll Bug Stan ls quite th ard nt sports fan Bug Stan IS r ally very little Hls loke prove to be o ruddle ,..i if ,. VZ new Jean ns gust an around ga Who clan est pal THOMPSON PATRICIA MAE Bert General Gr: Basketball! 3 TruHnYI 2 3 Home Eccnomtcs Club 2 Bert makes good use of her spare tame Kehmd 6 counter at the tive and dame A good natured gol who often laughs, Her hobby IS co Iectmg photographs K ' WALK CHARLES D tub Vocatnonal Falcon 3 Baseballl 2 3 Dutch seems mterested Hn Bellwood Hugh wonder If a garl ns the reason why Hrs best friends are Benny and Jlm Hamburgs and French fries agree wuth lm wAssoN BhRIBARA.ANN Barb F Acaderhc Hu Y T 2 3.x Spokesman l 2 Chorus 2 3 tn Club I Spogrsh Club 2 J Youth Center C uncnl l 2 F T A Neat frnenclly octuve and brlqht Barb 1 answers are always rught' Yter best pak are Dux and Arlene In the summer dt Spruce Cr ek s e 'K often seen WELCH FRANCIS G Chucken General Footballl Baseballl 2 3 Chrcken s worst fault s malung was cracks He has a terrible dlsluke for cats He s very fond of lcegream and p e Wall loun the A r Fqrce by and by WILLIAMS BARBARA ELLEN Bobby General ' Chorus 3 ob I lomed us our seplor year Chewm gum s hel worst fault I fear Her et poeve she claims IS boys But the nght' one I b t would brln, her great oys WOLFE A RALPH lm Vocational Duck and Sidney are Jlm s best chums He d like to be a flreman when gradua tnon comes He knows how to handle most any cllsh But has favorite he claims IS flsh Sensors 1953 27 L og fdGmlC 3 3 Spokes Latun Club l 8 lub 'I 2 oys s eclrtor ef of school Spokes ma e hu mo r I ad ng as hor fun nr s ark hu ond descn lon college IS h s a button WEAVER MARGARET Margie Vocational Margaret s ambntlon IS to travel here and there For people runnxng others down s e doesn t care Sewing sure does rate hugh on her lust Butterscotch ple she gust can t resist N w J X Ii XJ W A LENE l Wu e Academic 1 2 3' Spokesm n I Chorus ry"Sta l tn Club l Y ru Si t Council 2 Wlt A e Carl sure doek rst fau t IS s ng up ate M she s Efthxj and ten ope to Bttnul la ss s hool t en WILLIAMS MYRA ELAINE ottsae Vocational H NY Eco Club' 2 V Myra kes tb ook W 'J She a r Int YGSISQHOUQH She nds let sp time with Ju e a s arr5l,hnm FN WOOMER JOHN W Vocat anal Bhsq I f gfsamb tloh as tob a man ,L Hrs! petylpeeve b g gurls wonder fh can B H nter he Q1 mg to be l' best chum rmkmg only 5 akes d huntmg are 1 un lots mr JWR yy- Seniors l953 WOOMER, RALPH ARDELL Vocational Ralph Woomer is a vocational lad, ln the army his ambition is to be had- Cowher and Snyder rate as his favorite QUYS, Model airplanes his hobby, favorite food, French fries. ZANGHI, FAY LOUISE "Spook" Academic Girls' Basketball lg Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, Chorus lg Latin Club lg Spanish Club 2 Fay says that Joyce is her very best friend, She iust wants to be happy when school days end. Merle seems to give her trouble galore, Millrshalces and hamburgs keep her yelling for more. YARNELL, JOYCE IRENE "Red" Academic Tri'Hi-Y l, 2, 3, Band 'l, 25 Chorus 3, Spokesman l, 2, Youth Center Council 'l, 2, 3, Latin l What name could fit Joyce better than "Red", She's headed for dramatics it's been said. H r favorite food is Artie's French fries, e f peeve is that school time never iii? is f7H 55355 C.,'Znl.Ll'1f1L6Y6 Iidyfvf C-Pu Eff ' flL'afn6f,L19e, 'IJIH ci I PY. file fre le. Cm gd Hefdfff' 3-fiisfffffffz I W rf Og Q - - 'U . A ,+ ,N uf Juniors ,L-B' KIM ,kr IYIJJJJ W 'Lvl , , .V , 14' I- . X xr IN rv ' L- '- ,,- 1 w V I, J!! IL tk VV nf.. K V If - s' " v 4 my ' V Ilcxcvijl.-'P M, 'IF' --'Y J 1 I, ,J .JJ ,- gr' .AV .-. ,, -an L Qi, ' v Ov E-UL IITH GRADE GROUP I FIRST ROW S Barr R Loncher D Muller P Mornmgred S Klmberlmg B Lynch L Cornelnus P Kelth R Bcnley M Frederick G Keller T Huff SECOND ROW D Kooken B Gllllam M Mllls A Foust B Jones D Davldson B Kessler A Heb erllng M Martz R Germmo M Frye B Funk B McNeal M Hlcks THIRD ROW R Cowfer A Langenbacher M Hegedus H Lewls C Moyer J Meckes N Morello S Krlder M Foust D Martm B Hand FOURTH ROW D Eckert J Boal R Crust M Burford B Beckwnth M Heal D Muller R Hunter J Hosko C Friday A Haupt D Bucke G Adams G Hand G Irvm SIXTH ROW A Hogg C Klenzle J Eyer E Halbert G Hulderbrancl B Cowfer W Estrnght G Lynch SEVENTH ROW D Morrlssey D Lauver R Davidson B Barnhart H Cowfer G Damuco EIGHTH ROW J Marlm D lucas J Beaston V Boyd D Gardner NINTH ROW E Gull G Hewltt H Isenberg si-33 so J. Bdnsell, E. Miller. FIFTH liow: B. Foster, B. Defong, DI Lehner, R., Frederick: . . . , . , . . Y Q Y' S9 E . A n ' . Xl 4 St' if ' - I N 1 A ' . I 77' If!! . 17 My J . A- Juniors IITH GRADE GROUP II FIRST ROW N Price A Pryor J Woomer C Hampton S Ray D Prlce P Schoonmaker M Steel P Wrve E Westley D Wllson V Patton J Sones SECOND ROW C Patterson B Walk J Thomas J Zerbe V A Rodgers L Spyker F Snyder P Waple D Rudy A Walk C Westbrook THIRD ROW B Sweutzer P Swayne P Pavllc B Skelton J Newlln K Wasson T Wlke E Stoner FOURTH ROW R Patton B Smuth A Shoenberger J Richardson R Treaster R Stever R Reader D Woomer FIFTH ROW B Saylor R Updlke D Spauld Ing G Snyder B Waste C Robison P Ray 31 : . ', . ,. , . , . , . ', . I n ' a il u I 1 . I n I v A : . , . ,. ,. , . . ,. ,. , . , . , . , . . : . . ,. ,. .,. ,. Y- .,. ,. . ,. . : . ,. ',. ,.' , . , . ,. , . . : . ,. ', . - ' I a fn .lu . 'l n X dx.. - ' E . .DN , -5 5 J' ,gi Sophomores T Q xj ' ' xX 'X 3 I J I if gl IIIQEI NI vylxllxlf I ly M Q53 :we ' Nm TENTH GRADE-GROUP I FIRST ROW: S. Goss, J. Friday, C. Hughes, M. Ardrey, B. Grazier, S. Brobeck, C Cherry, D. Hildebrand, K. Franchio, M. Everhart, D. Branstetter, D. Burket. SEC OND ROW: P. Lewis, G. Kennedy, M. Burnshire, D. Isenburg, B. Kimberling, C Etters, C. Erhard, S. Beckwith, D. DeStefano, E. Chronister, l. Edwards, B. Dunkel M. Buck. THIRD ROW: N. Goheen, J. Givler, J. Gummo, J. Burget, G. Fink, D Emigh, J. Hall, B. Hample, D. Harper, M. Hicks, J. Kilmartin. FOURTH ROW: J Boytim, J. Hunter, J. Givler, R. Dickson, P. Fink, F. Kilmartin, K. Estright, E. John son, B. Largent, B. Callahan. FIFTH ROW: G. Eckert, C. Cannistraci, D. Hunter G. Eckert, B. Duey, D. Barone, D. Goss, A. Harris, M. Graves. SIXTH ROW: F Fink, J. Harris, G. Bathurst, C. Kustenbauder, C. Ewing, G. Bickle, L. Bickle, B. Derr B. Lewis. SEVENTH ROW: J. Guerkouich, M. Headings. EIGHTH ROW: G Heaton, I. Hartsock, L. Cupp, R. Crawford, R. Gill. 32 4 t 1 avr ff gf' 6'4" Leg: . V?'vf'lf.,'yn,1f,f I Sophomores 4 TENTH GRADE-GROUP II FIRST ROW: L. McCaIley, L. Mannino, R. Turiano, C. Plisinski, A. Morrow, G. A. Thomas, S. Waple, D. Miller, E. Martin, M. Minerich, M. Stryker, B. McGuire, N. O'DonneII. SECOND ROW: S. Shultz, R. Ray, D. Waite, D. Rote, B. Philips, D. Stiner, S. Woomer, J. Sweitzer, B. Travis, E. Smith, E. Williams, J. Wilcox, S. Wiser. THIRD ROW: K. Rudy. M, Woomer, B. Woodring, M. Struble, D. Miller, J. Richards, M. E. Rorabaugh, J. Wilson, N. Reinschmidt. FOURTH ROW: D. Miles, C. Stewart, N. Maisano, C, Wilson, T. O'Rourke, L. Moffa, G. Rorabaugh, D. Nearhoof, D. Sellers. FIFTH ROW: D. Shaw, Z. Sprankle, J. Ross, J. Shawley, F. Sellers, N. Shea, D. Swayne, W. Thomas, J. Marshall, M. Wilson, J. Myers. SIXTH ROW: R. Riggleman, P. Rea, G. Snyder, M. Spicer, E. Stover, E. Ross, L. Walker. SEVENTH ROW: J. Winters, D. Welsh, B. Skelton, H. McClellan. EIGHTH ROW: J. Westwood, B. Zim- merman, R. Teeters. Kan--' ' '- ' ' ..,,, X, -1-if-. 33 N- 1 X S NINTH GRADE-GROUP I FIRST ROW: N. Kobak, S. Hamer, E. Richardson, J. Sheckler, G. Crofcheck, R. Higgins, B. Schell, D. Bradley, R. Dry. SECOND ROW: M. Miller, D. Meredith, P. Morrissey, J. Waters, N. Hildebrand, A. Garland, G. Miller, D. Brennaman, M. Raling, T. Ivasile, D. Moist, D. Lloyd, J. Snyder, E. Snyder, R. Dillon. THIRD ROW: S. Zimmers, D. Bussick, K. Henry, S. Mills, G. Owens, E. Smith, N. Estright, D. Myers, N. Wiser, D. Walk, S. Gibson, E. Davis, J. Andrews. FOURTH ROW: A. Craw- ford, L. Umholtz, S. Fisher, M. Patrick, L. Miller, A. Phillips, R. Good, R. Sessaman, G. Moore, W. Shultzaberger, R. Eaken. FIFTH ROW: L. Sprankle, D. Rhodes, R. Knepp, T. Hagg, D. Walk, B. Hazzard, T. Ferguson, L. Cowfer, C. Cannistraci, B. Snyder. SIXTH ROW: L. Westley, B. Keith, L. Varletta, D. Naylor, L. Woomer, D. Emigh, J. Laird, J. Ramsey, T. Smith, E. Kephart, J. Lucas, J. Getz. SEVENTH ROW: O. Kochera, K. Schandelmier, C. McNeal, A. Wilson, J. Grazier, D. Kinch, G. Bonsell, W. Moore, W. Loose, R. Hedberg. EIGHTH ROW: C. Kienzle, R. Markle, C. Cannistraci. NINTH ROW: E. Miller, G. Gardner, D. Hoska. TENTH ROW: A. Holloway, W. Friday, C. Goss, M. Woomer. Freshmen 34 Freshmen if-me f iff' Taq. . I o ' il ' if ' G44-Q W u nm! I NINTH GRADE-GROUP ll FIRST ROW: G. Houser, C. Miller, L. Meredith, D. Burley, D. Fry, D. Clouser, R Hampton, R. Kennedy, E. Krider. SECOND ROW: S. McQuin, D. D'Uva, J. Cow- her, L. Youdes, B. Loncher, M. Michaels, S. Lynch, M. Stiver, L. Markle, Price, N Williams, C. Markle, P. Kinch. THIRD ROW: P. Pallo, K. Price, P. Irvin, D. Brad- ford, D. Snyder, R. Friday, K. Kanet, P. Hixson, J. Meredith, G. Newman, C. Sharer FOURTH ROW: P. Fleck, S. Hessler, S. Young, J. Cupp, S. Daugherty, C. Shollen berger, J. Erhard, L. Drake, S. Kloss, D. Whitesel, D. Chronister. FIFTH ROW: B Lykens, N. Collier, C. Smith, S. Anderchin, N. Hegedus, M. Westley, J. Heberling J. Givler, D. Kirkpatrick, D. Snyder, P. Marlin. SIXTH ROW: J. Burket, T. Stoner J. Bigelow, M. College, M. Emel, G. Miller, J. Wills,' P. Rutherford, S. Detwiler H. Yeager, D. Rodgers. SEVENTH ROW: T. Welsh, J. Barr, D. Forcey, S. Decker R. Parker, L. Bulkley. EIGHTH ROW: J A. Phillips, B. Leach, E. Kinsinger, W. Baugh man, D. Hambright, D. Smith. If I I I' ' if . ,fr wb .3 7' L' W A .1 1 ,X YV llc 1 V l . ' J , ',",','v X .1 g"l fl V X .f' ," ll -J' W p Vfx, fl . ,, x fl f? 'Jill L 1 J Vx - , - -. , . , V, V7 If ,fl I J' , . Elghth Grade EIGHTH GRADE GROUP I FIRST ROW W Eckert J Morrussey W Conrad J Houser D Sellers J Pavone E Newlln F Rossman L Hale J Morrissey SECOND ROW N Harpster P Garland E McKinney D Schock B Uhl V Lewls P Wolford J Wlke S Getz L Ferner S Hardy M Murchuson C Umholtz R Prough THIRD ROW J Reese A Rhme S Saylor R Marshall E Cupp P Rudy A Boore L Stonebraker J Wertz P Stoner P Hoover J Beckwith C Callahan FOURTH ROW R Walk I Funk C Bonsell C Shultz D Turnbaugh S Sheckler V Muller J Bartlebaugh D Watson K Gulpnn A Port J Perrme FIFTH ROW B Calderwood N Brad Gnvler B Bonsell J Gunsallus L Nead SIXTH ROW G Pollock G Woomer P Hunter R Carnes L Derman B Bulger A Starzesky N Johnson L Muller G Swayne G Robert W Metcalfe SEVENTH ROW J Gross T Morrow T Wood rang D Stewart H Raabe flee-fix. 'A IQLJ of Jywcf A 36 if f' ,FJ ,, . : . , . ' , . , . , . , . . ' , . , . , . ' . 1 . , I - ' I 1 I - I u . I - I I . I Q I , . , . ' , . , . . : . . . I - I . I 1 I - I n I 1 I , . , . , . ' , . . : . . . , . , . , . , . , . . , . . , . ' ' , . , . ' . : . , . - ford, M. Bigelow, L. Shawley, M. Carper, E. Crawford, C. Bulkley, P. Keller, F ' , . , . , . . : . , . . I v I , I . . I - I . I p . I , . , . . : . , . , . - , . , . . - y ,L J, ,, 1, . 1 lf, I I fl ' " 1 , ' 1 C, . K Eighth Grade www xfffw vc! EIGHTH GRADE GROUP ll FIRST ROW D Levy T Kennedy E Merrltts R Patton M Varletta J Herlt J Hoffer T Wlllrams R States R Carper SECOND ROW B Cowher S Ruchards D Klrkpatncl' M Briggs A Walk M Phrlllps D Kobuck l Cambridge C Smuth D Weaver M Plper D Snvder V Faslck THIRD ROW D Golden L Hagen N Bateman C Westbrook D Sellers C McNeal C Prnce A Sones M E Owens McCaulley S Brlsbm S McClellan FOURTH ROW F Wllllams C Cunningham P Barth E Lewls M Zeek S Getz J Emel G Davls J FIFTH ROW W Detwuler E Cowfer R Weaver C Harper S Nell Loose A Colledge D Pryor B Pease J Peary R McCoy R Hessler J Bonsell SIXTH ROW D Krlmartnn G Chllcoat J Summers D Westlev J DelBagglo R Bonsell R Burnshlre SEV ENTH ROW R James J Rav J Seuner R Rodgers K McNeal W Stauffer F Conrad B lsenberg A Hoover R Ewing F Muller D Martz EIGHTH ROW R Myers W Walk W Hubert C Adams J lgou 37 Bqq I GCP sw, A4517 I 4111! pf I . I , N. ,B ,. I If Q In .I f ,. fx' l ,Jw . . ,,. , . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . . 1 . , . , . ., . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . Q , . . , : . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . ,. , . . : . , . , . Q , . , . , . , . , . , . , . . : . , . , . , . - , . , . , . , . A, . , . , . . . . , . ' , . , - F, . , . , . . ' kg . of . . , . F, . , . , . , . , . c I l C 0 , . , . , . , . , . . . . ,, I u I u I o I u u 1 SEVENTH GRADE GROUP I FIRST ROW L Ingram R Hubert G Grupp J Harpster C Muller D Summondale D Quarcy A Duxon R Kumberlung R Teeters E Snyder R Upduke D Smuth W Urban SECOND ROW D Huldebrand J Albrught G Bennett R Waute E McAlvey F Crust J Graves H Brenneman R Mules E Denny G Rumberger E Ross R Irvun THIRD ROW K Muller D Davus A Cowher M Ramsey H Duxon B Jones R Ayres J Moore J Kumberlung D Funk B Bustlune FOURTH ROW F Weaver C A Dullon R Frederuck S Barone C Hagen P Harpster R Emel S Ohrtman S Cupp E Stryker S McNeal B Morrussey FIFTH ROW K Gummo N Carper J Bathurst C Cupper M Zundel T Ruggleman L Hagen T Dawson J Hucks A Lewus B Duckson J Bonsell N Morrussey SIXTH ROW N Mausano K Phullups D Kobak L Glenn J Mollla L Drake L Beckwuth N Kummel W Holla way G Brobeck J Herlt M A Mules A Parker L Nevlung H Goss SEVENTH ROW T Shultz E Green F Culbertson P Ramsey J Muller D Hamer J Wat son C Harrus EIGHTH ROW C Houser P Hand S Sensor C A Stutt NINTH SEVENTH GRADE GROUP Il FIRST ROW B Golden E Duckson G Beamer N Muller B Allen M Moore J Funk M Ewung M Davus M L Palmer M Cherry R Markle C Ostrasky M A Detwuler SECOND ROW A Iadarola J Kunch B Beckwuth W Nearhoof S Molflt J Hucks E McNaul J Porte C Sndver N Wolford G Naylor N Rutchey Fuore M L Heberlung THIRD ROW McMullen L J Fruday M Ruchards Smuth B Fusher FOURTH ROW P Ingram J Weaver J Weston D Woomer J Fusher S Dean D McNally M Kobuck FIFTH ROW J Eckert L Wulluams B Woleslagle P Vanneman D Gull G Munemuer R Burket N Murchu son H Reed R Varletta J Wulson C Decker F Sones T Yeager SIXTH ROW G Dean R Heberlung F Faust F Dannaway T Scordo G McFarland R Thomas SEVENTH ROW J Cowher H Ralung R Johnsonbaugh H Markle EIGHTH ROW Paul Bennett D Funk B Barnes F Pruce B Warrender M Stonebraker J Beals A M D Fleegal N Burket N Yothers A Leech E P J Bowser D Calderwood L Blanchard R Whute L Geust M Morrow R Crowell E 38 I . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . . . . , . , . , . , . , . . . , . , . , . , . ', . , . , . . : . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . . : . , . . . . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . . : . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . n . . . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . ' , . , . , . . , . , . , . . : . , . , . , . , . , . , . - , . . : . , . , . , . . . ROW: R. Iddings, P. Myers, B. Sprankle, H. Snyder. . . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . . . , . . , . , . , . , . . . . . , . , . , . , . . . I ' I ' I ' I ' , I ' I ' I ' I . . . , . , . , . . , . . . . . . . , . , . , . , . , . . , . , . . , . , . , . , . . . . . . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . ' . , . , . , . , . . . . , . , - , . , . , . , . , . ' , . , . , . , . , . , . . : . . , . , . , . , . , . , . . . . . . , . , . , . . , VV . . X gt! : , . , . , . . I v 'lub is J C49 I I A ' ff-i hi f2fQ,41J"'IALJ I I j, ' . f' H 5 1,37 uf!! ,- V T9 . I 'qj'3fNJL,L ,Qflfufp 1 " A ----' Seventh Grade 39 -i 'Q gg F ggi? ., , .J Bw A X3 ,, Q Q F " A' if N X 'An r . 5 , V 1:5 ' ,E gig 5 x ff 1 3 5 I 1 1 mf. Student ' r Council 1 r . N 5 Boys' Hi-Y Club 1 Q 4 an T YIX STUDENT COUNCIL FIRST ROW: M. Sliver, L. Ferner, D Michaels, T. O'Rourke, B. Thomas, G. Hewifi, D, Chronisier, J. Fisher SECOND ROW: S. Sfever, D. Whifsel, D. Calderwood, D, Sellers, B. Kessler. THIRD ROW: G, Minnemier B. Duey, R, Gill, R. Hampton, E. Adams. FOURTH ROW: M. Spicer, B. Shenefelf, C. Miller, J. Pavone BOYS' HI-Y CLUB FIRST ROW: A. Cowher, J. Meredith, E. l'bold, K. Ingram, D, Hand, F. Hunter, B. McKee, B. Haslings J. Waple, R. Sfever, D. Derr. SECOND ROW: M. Kienxle. E. Halbert. E. Gill, J, Bayer, H. Stine, J. Esch bach, C. DeIBaggio, B. Thomas, L, Cowher, W. Owens. THIRD ROW: D. Spalding, E. Stoner, D. Rudy R. Reeder, P. Waple, K. Wasson, J. Boal, J. Newlin, B. Waiie. FOURTH ROW: A. Hagg, G. Damico, B Foster, R. Frederick, D. Bucke, D. Eckert, D. Price, J. Richardson, J. Eyer, A. Shoenberger. FIFTH ROW J, Marlin, B. Barnhari, G. Hewill, D. Riggleman. SIXTH ROW: C. Hoover, B. Shenefeli. 42 Senior Tri - Hi -Y Junior Tri-Hi-Y TWELFTH GRADE TRI-HI-Y FIRST ROW: J. Yarnell, D. Fitzpatrick, B. Wasson, M. J. Hixson, B. Reinschmidt, J. Caffarelli, C. Rupert, R. Stonebraker, L. Goss, M. Harlowe, A. Burget. SECOND ROW: B. Everhart, B. Harper, A. Williams, J. Conrad, N. Johnson, B. Daugherty, M. Iddings, C. Beamer, N. Hand, N. Botteicher, S, Stever. THIRD RCW: J. Davis, H. Hamer, C. Clouser, K. Snyder, B. J. Rutherford, R. Hunter, J. Kessinger, B. Hunter, J States, G. O'Rourke, P. Thompson. ELEVENTH GRADE TRI-HI-Y FIRST ROW: M. Hegedus, D. Davidson, J. Woomer, N. Price, B. Walk, M. Hicks, E, Westley, B. Fink, R. Jermino, D. Martin. SECOND ROW: M. Martz, J. Meckes, A. Heberling, M. Mills, J. Zerbe, V. Patton, M. Steel, B. Jones, l. Cornelius. THIRD ROW: C. Moyer, B. Gillam, R, Loncller, D. Kooken, N. Morello, P. Schoonmaker, D. Price, B. Kessler. 43 KEY CLUB FIRST ROW: B. Foster, E. Halbert, D. Derr, D. Burke, B. Thomas, H. Stine, B. Reeder, R. Stever. SECOND ROW: E. Ross, J. Boytim, J. Boyer, B. Largent, J, Waple. THIRD ROW: D. Miller, G. Snyder, G. Eckert, J. Marlin. LATIN CLUB FIRST ROW: D. Smith, S. Hamer, J. Sheckler. T. O'Rourke, B. Duey. W. Thomas, E. Ross, T. Welsh, J. Burket, B. Glenn, K. Shildt. SECOND ROW: L. McCaulley, L. Mannino, R, Turiano, B. Dunkel, C. Plisinski, D. Rate, L. Drake, M. Hicks, G. Rorabaugh, J. Kilmartin. THIRD ROW: D. Burket, G. Thomas, S. Waple, M. Buck, J. Burget, S. Fisher, C. Smith, M. Patrick, N. Estright, A. Crawford. FOURTH ROW: P. Kinch, B. Wood- ring, A. Morrow, M. Minerich, C. Shollenberger, S. Daugherty, J. Givler, D. Walk, N. Wiser, S. Anderchin. FIFTH ROW: D. Whitesel, S. Kloss, D. Bussick, J, Heberling, N. Hegedus, M. Whilesel, M. Westley, D. DeStephano, E. Williams, J. Friday, K. Kanet, C. Sharer. SIXTH ROW: J. Barr, A. Hogg, J. Zerbe, C. Moyer, N. Morello, A. Heberling, T. Hagg, D. Hambright, B. Hcmple, R. Friday, J. Givler, P. Marlin, J. Meredith, G. Newman, T. Stoner, D. Forcey. SEVENTH ROW: P. Rea, G. Eckert, G. Hauser, J. Bigelow, J. Newlin, D. Bucke. EIGHTH ROW: G. Snyder, R. Higgins, G. Eckert, J, Gralier. NINTH ROW: R. Parker, M. Headings, D. Spalding, E. Halbert, E. Richardson. 44 Key Club Latin Club Libra ry Stall Spanish Clulsy LIBRARY CLUB FIRST ROW: R. Turiano, J. Wike, L, Nead, A. Morrow, M. E. Rorabaugh, D. Hildebrand, R. Stonebraker, A. Shoenberger, M. L. Smith, G. Hewitt. SECOND ROW: E. Martin, J, Zerbe, L. McCauIIey, B. Dunkle, C. Cherry, E. Smith, M. J. Hixson, M. L. Stonebraker, P. Bowser, L. Blanchard. THIRD ROW: L. Ferner, P. Kinch, D. Whitesel, D. Bussick, C. Shollenberger, A, M. Smith, M. Hicks, L. Drake, B. Walk, J. Andrews FOURTH ROW: B. Snyder, G. Givler, D. Riggleman, L. Kurtz, M. Frederick. .ace 1853 .5- I Y v yu I 1 1' - x X -V N ' 1 X y 1 T 1 it . , , sPANisH ciua I ' ' . I ' x' FIRST ROW: C. Moyer, J. Meckes, M. Martz. J. Zerbe. M. Hegedus, N. Morello, B. Kessler, M. Johnson, B. Wasson, M. Steel, B. Jones, H. Lewis, J. Thomas. SECOND ROW: J. Sones, B. Beckwith, P. Schoon- er D. Price M, Shim , D. Fitz atrick, A. Consentino, M. Harlow, J. Devine, G. O'Rourke. THIRD q I mak , , P P Ia , ROW: J. Waple, B. Foster, E. Halbert, P. Waple, L. Goss, B. Daugherty, T. Hunter, D. Rudy. FOURTH XX - ' ROW: R. Frederick, D. Bucke, B. Domenick, D. Spalding, D. Eckert, K. Wasson, B. Reader, J. Newlin, I 9 , Baal. FIFTH ROW: J. Marlin, A. Hagg, G. Damico, R. Stever. xxx if I I 45 FIRST ROW: S. McNeal, J. States, M. lddings, B. Everhurt, C. Beamer. M. Smith, L, Gardner. SECOND ROW: J. Conrad, N. Johnson, C. Rupert, B. Daugherty. TH'RD ROW: R. Hand, J. Meredith, B. McKee. FOURTH ROW: C. Walk, l.. Cowher. Falcon This year's Falcon brings to you life in Tyrone High School. We've tried to have every member of the student body portrayed in at least one ac- tivity. The purpose of a yearbook is to produce the effect of reliving "School Days" with our class- mates and friends when those days are ended. This is done by photographing all sports and school activities along with snap shots of "gangs" and groups. Each yearbook should hold within its covers those memories most fondly cherished by each student. In an attempt to reach our ob- iective this year's Falcon StaFF has portrayed those highlights dear to each student's heart. We ofthe staFF extend our appreciation to our adviser, Miss Crawford, and to the faculty and student body who have helped to make our 1953 Falcon possible by their cooperation. We believe that we are presenting a yearbook which will maintain the high standard set by its prede- cessors. 3 I'-L. Editor-in-Chief Carol Dickson TOP: Editors, Typists. BOTTOM: Sports' Editor, Business Monagerg Artists, Advertisers Com. Cirk Spedal Enghsh COMMERCIAL GIRLS FIRST ROW: M. L. Smith, K. Snyder, J. Beyer, M. Iddings B. Harper, C. Clouser, C, Beamer, N. Hand. SECOND ROW: J. Donnelly, J, Kessinger, B. Ross, B. Hunter, B. Emigh, B. Albright, B. Everhart. THERD ROW: L. Gardner, J. States, R. Hunter, C. Hickes, B. Rutherford. ...Q SPECIAL ENGLISH FIRST ROW: J. Yarnell, A. Ccnsentfno, M. J. Hixson, Mrs. Stryker, D. Fitzpatrick, M. Johnson, G. DelBaggio, J, Eschback. SECOND ROW: T. Hunter, B. Reinschmidf, C, Rupert. B. Daugherty, L. Goss, M, Shimp, B Thomas. THIRD ROW: J. Teetors, B. Williams, J. Meredith, M. Kienzle, N. Johnson, G. 0'Rourke. 48 FIRST ROW: N. Miller, B. Allen, D. Woomer, A. lewis, A. Cowher, G. Davis, J. Wike, M. Woomer, D. Bussick, S, Waple, P, Hixson, K. Miller, J. Kinch, P. Bowser, L. Glenn, N. Rilchey. SECOND ROW: S. Hardy, M. Murchison, C. Callahan, I. Miller, K. Gilpin, M. Heberling, B. Warrander, E. McNaul, D. Calder- wood, J. Fisher, J. Weslon, J. Fiori, P. Piper, S. Gibson, J. Gunsallus, D. Snyder. THIRD ROW: M. Miclxaels, N. Esfrighl, P. D'Uva, R. Turiclno, P, Barth, S. Young, P. Woolford, E. Davis, J. Andrews, M. Buck. FOURTH ROW: M. Sliver, P, Pallo, T. lvasile, R. loncher, K. Kanei, B. Woodring, H. Reed, F. Dannaway, T. Scordo, K. Phillips, B. Snyder. FIFTH ROW: N. Maisino, J. Waite, M. Everhorf, D. Whilesel, S. McEwen, N. Rein- schmidl, S. Friday, L. Blanchard, P, Dinges, I.. Ingram. SIXTH ROW: G. Thomas, M. Rorabaugh, J. Kil- martin, M. Hicks, S. Kloss, S. McNeal, M. Kirkpatrick, D. Hilclerbrand. SEVENTH ROW: A. Hagg, C. Ostrasky, M. Davis, M. Palmer, L Williams, E. Halbert. EIGHTH ROW: T. Welch, D. Smith, M. Headings, R. Miles, T. Wilme. NINTH ROW: G. Damica, B. Fosler. FIRST ROW: H. Lewis, J. Thomas, N. Morello, M. Hixson, B, Daugherty, B. Jones, M. Sieel. SECOND ROW: M. Marll, J. Meckes, C. Rupert, P. Schoonmaker, B. Kessler, B. Wasson, C. Dickson, C. Moyer. THIRD ROW: E. Gill, D. Bucke, J. Boal, J. Marlin, J. Newlin, D. Derr. 49 Jr. -Sr Art Club Future Teachers of America 'WM Wim.- 3, ai.. I gf, 'W Nas h Spokesman Wy l FIRST ROW E Gull D Fntzpatnck B Wasson J Waple B Relnschmndt M J Hlxson S Stever M L Smuth L Gardner R Stonebraker R Jermmo SECOND ROW B Everhart C Beamer B Glllam J Conrad N Johnson C Rupert B Daugherty C Patterson P Mornlngred J Caffarellu E Martm THIRD M Buck L Goss FOURTH ROW J Wllson C Pllsmslu G ORourke L Mannmo R Tunano B Albnght B Jones M Steel G Thomas S Waple FIFTH ROW D Martm G Newman J Meredlth P Htxson G Rorobaugh D Sellers M E Rorobaugh SIXTH ROW J Bayer B Largent E Ross J Mereduth SEVENTH ROW L Cupp J Newlln M Headlngs B Hastmgs J Boytlm T Hunter E Llbold Our monthly publucatlon the Spokesman reflects the lnfe of Tyrone Hugh School with ts news club actnvntues sports storues and the latest gossip about people places and events 7 ,ELEM The staff under the capable leadershlp of Mlss Latshaw has worked hard to produce paper that the students enloy The members the student body will all agree that thus years Spokesman has been an outstandung one 52 - R NE y rv X H X l J Q" YT . Y M as lx 4 it if ig bl, L. . ,A , - R Xi rx A t 2 C ROW: J. Yornell, M. Audrey, P. Lewis, D. Davidson, M. Mills, A. Foust, B. Harper, C. Clouser, M. Johnson, 1551792 v CIS . I I I . . . i ce I I . Rec ' a ' . of . . , J B '41 SUM K as qyvuqll ' 1 v-Y- N ba sf, N Q 'QW , 3' L' Wiz aqui af!! -V x 5 'I 'UB bn 1 Concert Ba nd NTLM., I-1 FIRST ROW: J. Thomas, A. Helaerling, M. Martz, J. Roberts, J. Conrad, D. Burket, D. Davidson, K. Was- son, J. Kilmartin. SECOND ROW: T. Wike, R. Stever, T. Woodring, L. Cowher, B. McKee, H. Stine, B. Duey, J. Boytim, R. Burkman, J. Richards, G. Gill, J. Lucas, H. Lewis, E. Kephart. THIRD ROW: D. Barrett, C Shollenberger, M. Hicks, B. Lewis, P. Rea, L. Derman, N. Johnson, D. Isenberg, L. Walker, D. Lauver, L. McCauIley, E. Ross, A. Shoenberger, C. Bilger, L. Bulkley, W. Baughman, E. Johnson, D. Forcey, D. Burke, J. Boal, B. Hastings. FOURTH ROW: B. Walk, W. Leidy fDirectorJ, K. Ingram, T. 0'Rourke, E. Libold, G. Eckert, D. Hambright, C. Patterson. Concert Orchestra FIRST ROW: J. Conrad, L. Mannino, J. Thomas, A. Heberling, A. Port, B. Daugherty. S E C O N D ROW: J. Hotfer, A. Craw- ford, C. Shultz, L. Cow- her, H. Stine, B. McKee, B. Hastings, D. Bucke, D. Forcey, D. Rudy, C. Clou- Ser. THIRD ROW: M. Leidy IDire:torI, T. O'Rourke, K. Ingram, B. Walk, C. Patterson. Ll! wi' K . J' 6l'fX Band rms. .,,,.,...-.......-.. MM... .. ,, . .Yee 2 X - ...,- -., 4-ul Huh F BAND FIRST ROW: B. Allen, N. Morello, D. Bussick, C. Beckwith, M. Iddings, C. Beamer S. Waple. SECOND ROW: B. Barnhart, L. Ray, B. Smith, D. Barrett, L. Derman L. McCaulIey, M. Naylor, E. Gill, B. Reader, E. Ross. THIRD ROW: N. Johnson L. Bulkley, M. Headings, J. Sheckler, G. Houser, J. Roberts, B. Isenberg, B. Barber FOURTH ROW: W. Baughmon, J. Thomas, H. Lewis, G. Thomas, D. Waite, J. Kil- martIn, M. Hicks, M. Martz, A. Heberling. FIFTH ROW: E. Johnson, E. Kephart D. Forcey, J. Richards, C. Patterson, D. Burket, A. Shoenberger, P. Rea, J. Conrad B. Walk. SIXTH ROW: G. Snyder, B. Hastings, G. Gill, K. Wasson, T. Wike, T O'Rourke, D. Lauver, C. Bilger, B. McKee, H. Stine, E. Libold. SEVENTH ROW: D Hambright, B. Duey, E. Richardson, J. Lucas, D. Bucke, J. Boal ,L. Cowher, K. Ingram R, Stever, J. Boytim, B. Lewis, G. Eckert. 55 1 1 MIXED CHORUS FIRST ROW: C. Moyer, J. Zerbe, M. Steel, P. Schoonmaker, B. Kessler, D. Davidson, M. Hicks, J, Davis J. Yarnell, P. Morningred, H. lewis, J. Thomas. SECOND ROW: M. Martz, J. Meckes, B. Jones, M. Hege- dus, M. Mills, L. Goss, S. Stever, P. Snyder, C. Beamer, C. Clouser, D. Kooken, S. Barr. THIRD ROW: M Johnson, M. J. Hixson, N. Johnson, B. Williams, A. Williams, B, Wasson, L. Gardner, J, Donnelly, B Daugherty, C. Rupert. FOURTH ROW: J. Waple, C. Bilger, W. Owens, J. Teeters, J. Conrad, D. Fitz- patrick, K. Ingram, E. Rcss, G. Eckert, W. Thomas. FIFTH ROW: C. Hoover, H. Stine. J. Boytim, E Libold, C, Miller, D. Bucke, J. Boal, L. Ray, K. Wasson, J. Newlin, G. Hewitt. GIRLS CHORUS FIRST ROW: C. Hughes, D. Rate, B. Hample, C. Erhart, M. Ardrey, M. Rorobaugh, D. Sellers, M. Struble S. Brobeck, D. Hildebrand, K. Franchio. SECOND ROW: P. Lewis, J. Wilson, J. Givler, D. Burket, D DeStefano, L. Mannino, R. Turiano, S. Wiser, J. Friday, S. Shultz. THIRD ROW: G. Kennedy, G. Rura- baugh, G. Fink, B. Maguire, L. Edwards, D. Nearhoof, D. Harper, C. Plisinski, B. Dunkel, A. Morrow. FOURTH ROW: N. Reinschmidt, B. Woodring, M. Buck, D. Steiner, M. Woomer. 56 1 Mixed Chorus Girls' Chorus auf! 1 av - ff NI I , 1 1 SK sf . QI? . -.Nm-m 'I x . ' N sg" Y -Q K M4 NINTH GRADE CHORUS FIRST ROW: M. Raling, J. Watters, P. Kinch, L. Drake, J. Meredith, G. Newman, C. Markle, C. Sharer J. Cowher, D, Kirkpatrick, K. Woomer, director. SECOND ROW: A. Crawford, D. Bussick, M. Stiver, K Henry, S. Mills, C. Shollenberger, S. Daugherty. J. Givler, P, Fleck, R. Friday. THIRD ROW: J. Burket B. Lykens, N. Collier, D. Whitesel, P. Hixson, D. Price, S. McEwen, J. Cupp. P. Marlin. FOURTH ROW: D Smith, D. Forcey, L. Bulkley, S. Hamer, J. Sheckler, R. Kennedy, G. Hauser, A. Holloway, R. Welch, R Hampton. 7TH AND STH GRADE CHORUS FIRST ROW: S, Getz, L. Ferner, V. Miller, J. Gunsaullus, B. Bonsell, K, Gilpen, K, Woomer lDirectorI, C Callahan, J, Wike, P. Stover, S. Hardy, M. L. Merchinson, S. Artman, M, L. Stonebraker. SECOND ROW J, Hicks, M. Biglow, L. Blanchard, J. Fisher, P. J. Bowers, C. Snyder, D. Calderwood, N. Wofford, M Kobuck, M. Richards, B. Warrender, J. Beals, M. L. Heberling, W. Ritchey. THIRD ROW: S, Moffet, A Iadarola, E. McNauI, L. Stonebraker, P. Wolford, S. Sheckler, E. Cupp, L. Friday, D. McNally, M. Morrow A. Lewis, D. Woomer, J, Kinch. FOURTH ROW: G. Pollock, D. Flegal, B. Calderwood, L, Derman, K Bulkley, D. Turnbaugh, V. Fasick, S. Getz, P. White, J. Weston, F. Williams, D. Weaver, FIFTH ROW: G Woomer, J. Watson, K. McNeal, T. Dawson, R. Crowell, L. Williams, G. Mineinier, R, Burket, T, Scordo SIXTH ROW: H. Raabe, J. Cowher, T. Morrow, F. Dnnnaway, F. Faust, P. Vanneman, J. Eckert, G. Dean AUTO SHOP-GROUP I LEFT TO RIGHT: Instruclor, Mr. Gwin, B. Hosbund, E, Eckley, D, Rorabaugh, J. Woomer. Vocational Auto Shop 59 AUTO SHOP-GROUP II LEFT TO RIGHT: B, Purmelee, E. Fran chio, J. Saylor, H. Cambridge. Vocational Machine Shop MACHINE SHOP-GROUP II LEFT TO RIGHT: J. McMullen, C lewis, J. Lewis, B. Kobak, C. Emel B. Culderwood, D. Morrisey, Mr Moore, Instructor. 60 ELECTRICAL SHOP-GROUP I LEFT TO RIGHT: J. Schock, J. Myers, A. Cowher, C. Walk. Vocational Eiectric Shop ,.,-Q . ELECTRICAL SHOP-GROUP II LEFT TO RIGHT: R. Woomer, Joe Smith, John Smith, D. Hand. 1 J f , V 1 rf' I JI I!! if-" 'N'0'sf'! Varsity Football Squad RV N . I. ,,. , J ' - H . , , . A , f . ' 'Q 4 , . I , t 4, . 3. 1 1 4 . x - I rf 1- 1 v ' i ' IU F' ff ' . J' x KI 6 by 1 x f, 1 I I 5' F 1, ' if .Narsity J Cheerleaders FIRST ROW: D. Price, J. Caffarelli, J Sfufes. SECOND ROW: P. Schoonmuker N. Johnson, C. Ruperi, B. Reinschmidt. BELLWOOD ANTIS A ball that acted as though it were covered with grease plus a small but fast and aggressive Bellwood football team were iust too much for Tyrone as the Blue Devils defeated the Golden Eagles 19 to O in the 1952 lidlifter for both teams. Although the Blue Devils were outweighed at nearly 15 pounds per man, they didn't let this stop them. The Eagles couldn't seem to hold onto the ball which they fumbled eight times. Bellwood got off to a quick start when they recovered Lee Kurtz's fumble on the second play of the game at the Tyrone 27 yard stripe. Five plays later Al Dillen scored from one yard out to make it 6 to 0. After the Eagles moved the ball up to their own 47 yard line, Al Hogg fumbled and Clark fell on it on the 50 yard line for Bellwood. The Blue Devils failed to gain and had to kick. Don Riggleman fumbled the punt and Don Garmen recovered for B-A on the T.H.S. 14 yard line. Dil- len passed to Campbell three plays later for their second T. D. Clark made the extra point on an end run, making it 13 to O. After the next kick-off, Bill Thomas, Don Riggleman, and Joe Hosko moved the ball from the Tyrone 42 yard line to the Bellwood eight. Erland Miller then broke through a beautiful hole in the Bellwood line, but fumbled the ball and Bellwood recovered on the six yard line. Again in the second quarter the Eagles got as far as the Bellwood 23 yard line when Bill Shenefelt recovered a B-A fumble. However, two plays later Tyrone returned the ball in the same manner. The Blue Devils scored their third and final T. D. early in the third quarter. The drive started on the Tyrone 25 yard line when Fetterman in- tercepted a pass thrown by Thomas. Dillen then scored from the two a few plays later making the score 19 to 0. OSCEOLA MILLS Tyrone High rebounded from its defeat at the hands of Bellwood and romped to a 25 to O victory over Osceola Mills in the second game of the season. Tyrone's offense got rolling late in the second quarter when halfback Don Riggleman un- corked a 33 yard pass to Al Cowher on the O. M. 33 yard line. After picking up a first down on the nine, the Eagles moved the ball to the visitors one yard line with one down to go. On the next play, Bill Thomas, on an attempted quarter- back sneak, found the hole closed, rolled off the pile and into the end zone for Tyrone's first 1952 touchdown. The extra point was good on a pass from Riggleman to Thomas. Midway through the third period an intercepted pass by John Eschbach and a beautiful 20 yard run by Riggleman put the ball on the Indians 26 yard line. Al Cowher then made a sensational leap- ing catch of a pass thrown by Riggleman, putting the ball on the two. Riggleman hit the center on the next play for a T. D. The extra point was missed and Tyrone led at the end of three quarters 13 to O, Early in the final quarter Riggleman put Ty- rone in position for another touchdown when he recovered Jimmy Pitt's fumble of a punt on the O. M. 19 yard line. A 15 yard clipping penalty moved it to the four from where Denny Barone scored on a run around right end. Lee Kurtz's try for the extra point was blocked and Tyrone led 19 to 0. Late in the quarter Al Hogg intercepted an Osceola Mills' pass on the Tyrone 35 yard line and with beautiful blocking gal- loped 65 yards for Tyrone's fourth and final touchdown. LEWISTOWN ln the third game of the season at Gray Field, the Golden Eagles took the worst beating given to Tyrone's team since 1935, when they were shellacked by Lewistown's smooth work- ing Panthers 35 to O. Lewistown scored in every quarter except the first. The Panthers had a T. D. called back in the first period when someone was caught clipping on a beautiful 95 yard punt return by Tom McCaf'ferty. Early in the second quarter Powell fired a 32 yard pass to Hague on the T. H.S. 46 yard Riggleman around end, Kurtz and Damico blocking line. Three plays later Jerry Bannon went over from two yards out for Lewistown's first touchdown. Darwin Scratchard then kicked his first of five consecutive extra points making it 7 to 0. Later in the quarter Lewistown's Shumaker scored a T. D. from the five yard line after Scratchard had set it up with a 40 yard runback of an intercepted pass. ln the third quarter the Pan- thers marched to the T. H. S. 15 yard line from where Powell scored on a boot-leg that fooled the entire Tyrone team. After recovering George Damico's fumble of the kickoff on the Tyrone 31 yard line, Lewistown moved to the seven. Shumaker then scored his second T. D. of the game. Lewistown's final T. D. came late in the final quarter when Carpenter went around end for 19 yards and the score. Scratchard's fifth conversion made the final score read 35 to 0 in favor of Lewistown. HUNTINGDON Tyrone traveled to Huntingdon for its first away game and was handed a 6 to 0 defeat by the Bearcats, Entering the game without the services of Harry lsenberg, Bill Thomas, and Al Cowher, the Eagles were a three touchdown underdog. The Tyrone team, however, put up one of the greatest battles ever seen by Tyrone fans. Every player played his heart out from start to finish. On the first play ofthe game Tyrone tried a sleeper play that was beautifully executed by John Eschbach, only to have it called back because of a penalty. The Eagles were forced to kick and Huntingdon took the ball and marched 60 yards for a T. D. At this point it looked like a runaway, but Tyrone's defense stiffened and the teams played the re- mainder of the game without further scoring. DUBOIS DuBois' Beavers won their fifth straight game of the sea- son as they overpowered the Golden Eagles 38 to 13. The first two times DuBois got their hands on the ball they scored. On the opening kickoff Gene Mikelonis raced 80 yards down the right sideline for the first T.D. After Tyrone moved the ball into Beaver territory they fumbled, and DuBois recovered on the 50 yard line. On the first play, all state candidate, Don Gilbert broke through the line and scampered 50 yards for a touchdown, Still early in the first quarter DuBois recovered Bob Waite's fumble of a punt on the T. H. S. 12 yard line and on the next play Gilbert scored standing up. DuBois scored one more T.D, in the initial quarter when end, Bob lshman, picked up a fumble by Mikelonis and went 45 yards for the score. ln the second quarter DuBois drove to the Tyrone twelve from where Gilbert again went over, DuBois' final score came early in the third quarter, After they moved the ball to the Eagles' four yard line Gilbert crashed center for this fourth T. D. making it 38 to O. ln the fourth quarter Tyrone advanced the ball to the DuBois two yard line. Reserve halfback, Joe Hosko, hit the middle for Tyrone's first score. Charlie DelBaggio passed to Al Cowher for the extra point. Late in the quarter, guard Charlie Summers picked up a Beaver fumble and raced 55 yards for the final touchdown of the game. PHILIPSBURG Tyrone's grid team was handed its fifth loss of the season as it dropped a 19 to 0 contest to the Philipsburg Mountaineers on the victor's field. As the game started it looked like it would be relatively easy for the local lads. John Eschbach, Don Riggleman, and Joe Hosko moved the ball to the Philips- burg 24 yard strip. Riggleman then threw a pass that bounced off the hands of the intended receiver, Charlie Del Baggio, but was grabbed by the alert Hosko and taken to the three yard line. Here the drive stalled and the Eagles never again threat- ened to score. On the second play from scrimmage by Philips- burg, Trump broke through the Tyrone line and appeared to be on his way, but he was pulled down from behind by Riggleman after a 66 yard run. Early in the second quarter .loe Shedlock Cowher tackling, Shenefelt ready to do the bruising Managers of Philipsburg blocked Al Cowher's punt and recovered in the end zone for the Mountaineers' first score. Minarchik's try for the extra point was good and Philipsburg led 7 to O at half- time. Early in the third quarter Philipsburg took the ball and drove to the Eagles two yard line from where Barnett went over. Late in the final period the home team took the ball on their own 20 and marched 80 yards for the final T. D. Barnett again hit the middle for the T. D., making the final score l9 to 0. CLEARFIELD A much improved, hard fighting Tyrone team dropped a 20 to 6 game to Clearfield on the Bison's field. The Centre County lads, favored by four touchdowns, found the going tough. Clearfield drew first blood in the opening quarter. After Clearfield and Tyrone both failed to gain, the Bisons took a Tyrone kick and moved on the ground to the one yard line. Billotte scored the T. D, and Wiggin's placement made it 7 to 0. The Bisons second T. D. came in the second period when they took over on their 25, and with five first downs drove 75 yards for the score. Sturniola scored the T.D. on a quarterback sneak. Wiggins again converted and the half ended T4 to O. Tyrone's score in the third period was set up on a blocked punt by Pat Waple that was recovered by Bob Waite on the Bison's 29. After the Eagles moved the ball within the Bison's five, Charlie DelBaggio threw a iump pass to Al Cowher for the T. D. Clearfield scored the final T. D. of the game in the last quarter. A series of passes moved the ball to the T. H. S. one yard stripe. Wiggins hit the middle for the touchdown making the final score read 20 to 6. STATE COLLEGE After a losing streak of five straight games, Tyrone broke into the win column with a 12 to 7 victory over State College. Tyrone struck early in the first quarter. With Tyrone in posses- Thomas sweeps the end for yardage sion of the ball on the State College 47 yard line, Don Riggle- man fired a long pass into the waiting hands of Al Cowher on the 25 and Cowher outran the safety man for the touchdown. The Eagles' lead lasted until late in the quarter when State's quarterback, Don Stickler, threw a screen pass to Don Gates, who went 53 yards for a T. D. Gates converted, and it was 7 to 6 in favor of the Little Lions. Neither team could score in the second or third quarters although State College threatened a couple of times only to lose the ball on fumbles. Midway through the final quarter a 26 yard quarterback sneak by Charlie DelBaggio, a 45 yard pass play, Riggleman to Cowher, and the combined rushing of DelBaggio, Riggleman, and Joe Hosko put the ball on the State College 8 yard stripe. Del- Baggio then rifled a pass into the end zone that the unstop- pable Cowher pulled in for a T. D. LOCK HAVEN Lock Haven's supposedly mighty Bobcats had a rough time edging a courageous, hard fighting Tyrone High eleven. The Eagles, who were supposed to roll over and play dead for the Western Conference leaders, left the visitors know they were in a battle up to the end. Midway through the second quarter a beautiful return of an intercepted pass by Erland Miller set up the first touchdown of the game. Andy Holloway passed T0 yards to John Eschbach for the T. D., and Charlie DelBaggio passed to Al Cowher for the extra point. Russel scored Lock Haven's first T. D, from 2 yards out when he took the ensuing kickoff and marched 55 yards, but Tyrone still led at the half 7 to 6. The first two times Lock Haven got the ball in the third period they marched 48 and 57 yards for two more touchdowns. Goodman scored both T. D.'s and converted after each one, making the score read 20 to 7. The Golden Eagles still wouldn't give up and they scored again late in the game. The final T. D, of the game came on a 2l yard pass from Eschbach to Cowher. HOLLIDAYSBURG A powerful Hollidaysburg High football team closed out its season with nine wins and one loss as the Golden Tigers thumped Tyrone 32 to O. Late in the first quarter the Tigers re- covered a Tyrone fumble on their own 'I9 and proceeded to march 81 yards for a touchdown. Jack Nash scored from the one. Benson kicked the extra point. Just before the first half ended Hollidaysburg tallied again when Straw caught a pass, that had been deflected by a Tyrone player in the end zone. The visitors led T3 to O at the half. Tyrone took the second half kickoff but couldn't move. The Tigers took Cowher's punt on their own 29 and moved on the ground to the T. H. S. nine. Bruce Fox then raced around left end for the T. D. On the third play ofthe final quarter, with the ball on the Hollidaysburg 40, Nash broke through the Tyrone line and went the whole way on a 60 yard touchdown iaunt. This was the outstanding play of the game as the powerful Nash literally ran over two Tyrone tacklers. The winners' final T. D. came late in the quarter when quarterback Fox threw an ll yard pass to Nash in the end zone. lt was Nash's third touchdown. Fox closed out the scoring when he made the extra point on an end run. JERSEY SHORE Tyrone High closed out their season at Jersey Shore as they dropped a T3 to O contest to the Bulldogs. The season closed with the Eagles having two wins and nine losses. The game re- sembled a swimming meet more than a football game. The steady rain and mud hampered both teams. The Bulldogs took the opening kickoff and marched 60 yards for their first T. D. Neil Klinefelter, Bob Moriarity, and Bob Perry shared the ball carrying honors, with Moriarity scoring from the one. Perry buckled over for the extra point. The teams then pushed each other around in the mud for two quarters. Jersey Shore's final score came in the fourth quarter when they took the ball on the Tyrone 27 yard line and went for the score. John Smith trav- eled the last four yards to make it 'l3 to 0. Bill Thomas makes the first tally of the season 3' .L U VX ' 3 , 1,7,.', - 1 L iiffi YG? .4 . g'?3..L'fg54s ggjyjfi' . If Q 75 'ga SBMW' .ff 3625-'i .:-lay, '55PN xggk. , -Jfif 553 . SET .1,, .f X Ssensauw K... fb g 1 X u Q, I 5 S"-,J Q P Y 3 bl .Hi H5 V. Y ...QQ LU... :I-f. 'ixflg f'u?f5:Yf , . ,r'gfff '.. Mb,-. ,?f .PA-K ' W 41 r T if , 1 'f'flK,'1's X ly r' s ff? Q' .5 I 5?'?.4I: KJ uf Q f 1 . . 'Jr' ', ' : sgu 'fi f"1 ' JH , F 3' y fin ,I , Y W-N 4' ?. KC w. I4 , Ck fl, 2 'f .ij 5' 16, ,ku , J, . 'Q A gi I' wixf .. 'a ..y.,?S'i5,.g'f 5 .- -y T-gfnf, . Q . 32:3 S few c .I , q..V?'.KAf.Q3 L. .zqgay . g :.U:f.-J. . i.55l"iW':'fQ" J i ini., ., 'Yf5FHf4' :f A ,- . ,,.z,1 h 5, NM, pl'i.,' .ft .3 1 -fi. tif. vs 941. '.g,k - I 1114" ,. 1: ...L W, X '1 fifth' ' -. .' 93.365 M , 'V W .11-:. ,g My-A f 5' ti" iffy' ' 1. 1 V1 , -. ,,: '5 -. 1 Y ' -.f5'g:.Qf-,.2'.g.-1 .- i""' 'f-'ff 4 ri, H, Q 'I rg 155, Sf xg, 2- 31 "-5 ' X 3511-'wi xl 4 far! 9. ' I A, .gn , tw' 1. I Y L R I 5 iff: 1 . , . -.5 ,ii ' X 'x 13' K ', hs .' 122- . , 1 , .al Q k dff , J vie f T .541 -rrfey ' A. - , I1 Nix L t ,fi I ii, 1! X ' 'x.. ,rn N . ,.. .,, 1r"F'u- . f., ,I r. xt., 1,,L,.,. Q. 1 .fig ,iii s,- 1. '. 41- , -," .VW I ,. 1 ., 1 5... a J.. ..- x .4,.., , 5? 3' fx Q? ,lf s 'bfklaxq Xe, man 'Ding Q Nw.. H-20.0 he-f 4 I .- 'B.'E5he ne.Qe.H' X nu" . 4 1 1 1 Q. Fkymvs a si.:- , .. My 'l, Z: "V L Q' .. 2 , .f ' , N I, , ,H-.fplfhgf -'EMM ,ff-5 W ffl, X X K 3. . .:4.f'. ff M" ' ' ' .L ' ' - 1.5. fb J ' - Tx " ' . ULN- ' M ' - -' . ..' A LSP , , , .x . W. Jw 1 , 'Q' " Q' 4 iff 'A ' .'1"f'f1L - 1 . ' ' .f-'- ' . ' Q0 r' Nik,-. .-1 iq 5 ' 'gefw 5 ' A H ., - ., 1-ff" . ', 19, :'i'.f't,, ww 'Q' ' it Www", Mgt.:-,',9:,x'f" ' Tl, M' C ng. H.: "N . ' A ,-09' 1' 'DT-Pr 6 Qc. K Nl h Q l'vyq,.5 S u Q- Qx Uv sa f N .X Y I , N 4 if , ...M 'Q X . Cl-De.l'Baqqio n- it L41 Hg 1-". U1 3 an V, , 4 1 I 4 k-KILYTY.. . aw, 1 I Q.5u.mme.vs ' ,.f'1t9fw' ,,. ...Q , mp., - W 'N' . q,i!..r'f..5., 4 ' -snr' iv Qkgtxg , U . x -b -h ,. 0.4 . .'. 4.l- AFR -I -.N g 1 M. - ' awe, 'V-'T w ,., ,W ,fm A. 11 . 5 f '- , , A Ag. S o . -A ,, Jas. . v f' W Ffnax ggf vp " , 13:5 Af , ' 1 ' , is F ,.-rv-,yi . V- vb A Zi ,lv , 4 VA: 'K 'a 'X -SIVL' 1 ,fq 'y r 5 X uv , b 6 1.j,,,,'-" "' ,r .54 . .- . ' K: 'M I 1 .!l.fL".""'.:?"F " ' FJ?" ' f. " "?"'f , -- 4'- - . "- ' ' f. vga ' ,. I , . 1 . .gfggwggf-'71.-. . ,,,, W, -" y ' f','f ,egg ' Qu 5 . , Lffxsfv V N Q ,fffzff Q ' - flu! 44 v i a . Ln- 7?"4, - . .ggarvf ,nf ' .ir , if ff- '-'- ' - ' mf.-gr ,i1','Qf"' fi N- . '.:, ',,..,.,'i-.,,:g4:z. . - dt ,.,4.w .ann f :pw . ,H 1 ..,g3,, mv A 1- - K , fs-1. . s W-.1"-s"5,, -.V - ,Q ,-A ---' L. vxC.,.m. -4 jg -- "' ' ,..-1 I . 13- n,.m1-,- 19,31 ,..'3'Gi'- X wk ,,.:, vu' ' , '?-'-'- , M.. if-A w FIRST ROW M Wo Jr. Varsity Football Squad AAoshonnon Joint Phdlpsburg BeHefonte Holhdoysburg BeHwood Ahoono Ccthohc Phnhpsburg BeHwood SCG RES Tyrone Tyrone Tyrone Tyrone Tyrone Tyrone Tyrone Tyrone JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL omer B Harisock A Phnlllps R Gull Z Sprunkle R Kennedy T Welch C Kuslen bauder N Mulsano R Parker C Ewing J Westwood J Myers J Pavone lmanagerl SECOND ROW K LoPorte Qcoachl K Esmght fmunugerj R Crawford J Barr J Burke! G Buckle D Burley .I Showle T Gruzler R Hampfon W Skel M Y on Spicer G Eckerf I. Moffo D Hosko J Glvler M Wilson R Myers Imanugerl E Thomas Icoochl "7" ,Qu-Lv. -JL-fly 1. vudp. A410-'42 ps? Nc'-0 "Mio I 4 ,I "'QfL,:' A ASKETBALL TEAM , ' , FIRST ROW: G. Do ico, s, . e th. B. Waite err. SECOND ROW: M. Wilson, B. Has- -5 i 11 tings, E. Halbert, u H D R . Newi anageri, Coach Wiser, J. Boal imanogerl, A. -' Sc oen rg in ur . -A L? 1 """eY A"""'!-r' if 4.5 Q ,fly Varsity Basketball ew ' af W Q T UNION-Away really poured it on the second half as the Eagles MT y ne High Cagers opened the 34th played one of their worst games of the season. se f the Mountain League by dropping a Big Clyde Tott of Huntingdon led all scorers with to 47 contest to Mt. Union on the tricky Trojan court. For a while it looked as though the Eagles might upset the heavy favored Troians. Mt. Union held a slim 23 to 21 half-time lead. ln the final half the home team's height advantage and their deadly shooting proved too much as they won going away. Ed Taliff led all scorers with 19 points. Graves, Damico, and Wilson paced the Tyrone attack with 'l'l, TO, TO points respec- tively. PHILIPSBURG-Home A big second quarter enabled Philipsburg High Cagers to down the Golden Eagles 63 to 45 at the Lincoln Gym. After giving P-burg a 14 point lead at halftime the Eagles came back strong and played on even terms with the visitors in the last half. Doc Tompkins of Philipsburg was high man in the game with 25 points. Sandy Meredith hit for i7 points to lead the losing Tyrone team. HUNTINGDON-Away A red hot Huntingdon High basketball squad romped to a relatively easy ol to 30 victory over a sluggish Tyrone quintet. After playing on almost even terms with the Bearcats the first half, the Golden Eagles fell apart. The home team 28 points. Melvin Graves and Sandy Meredith scored eight and seven points respectively to pace the losers. HOLLIDAYSBURG-Home The Golden Eagles dropped their fourth league game as they were deflated 82 to 52 by a powerful Hollidaysburg team. The Golden Tig- ers with three starters back from last year's cham- pionship squad, had one of the most potent of- fenses in the state. Although outscored in every quarter Tyrone's quintet played its best game of the season. The 52 points were the most that any team had scored on Hollidaysburg all season. lt was a hard fought game from beginning to end with both teams fighting all the way. The game was never in doubt after the second quar- ter which found the visitors leading 43 to 20. Bruce Fox with T9 and Al GriFfith with T8 led the county seaters scoring parade. Sandy Meredith and Mel Graves again set the pace for the Golden Eagles. Meredith bucketed ll while Graves hit for TO. LEWISTOWN-Away Tyrone closed out the first cycle by dropping a 5i to 29 decision to Lewistown onthe Panther's court. The Eagles had trouble moving the ball through the home team's fine man to man de- fense. The Panthers kept the Eagles point get- ters bottled up the entire game. Top point getter for the evening was L-town's Schubert with 16 digits. George Damico garnered 8 points to head the Golden Eagles. SECOND CYCLE MOUNT UNION-Home Tyrone opened the second cycle by dropping a close 52 to 49 decision to Mt. Union in one of the best games played this year by the Tyrone quintet. After a bad first quarter the Eagles came to life and really left the Trojans know they were in a ball game. The contest was undecided until the final minute. Outstanding in the Eagles bid for victory was the defensive play of the for- wards Meredith, Waite and Wilson, the rebound- ing of Derr, Graves, and Damico and the all around alertness of the entire team. High scor- ing Ed Taliff registered 23 markers to lead the visiting Trojans. Sandy Meredith sparked the Golden Eagles' attack with 18 points. PHILIPSBURG-Away The Golden Eagles dropped their seventh straight Mountain League contest 61 to 40 at Philipsburg. Tyrone played the Mountaineers on even terms for most of the first half. The victors then began to gradually pull away and win by twenty-one points. High scorer for the evening was P-burg's speedy guard Joe Middleton who racked up 22 points. George Damico was high man for the Eagles with 13 tallies. HUNTINGDON-Home Tyrone won its first Mountain League game of the season as the Eagles romped to a 48 to 27 Senior Basketeers LEFT TO RIGHT: S. Meredith, B. Hastings upset win over an improving Huntingdon quintet. Playing their best game of the season, the Golden Eagles worked like a flawless machine. Tyrone's zone defense limited Huntingdon's Bearcats to a mere seven field goals. Clyde Tott the Mountain Loop's top scorer was held to 9 points. The game was fairly close until the third quarter when the victory starved Eagles turned it into a rout. Bob Derr, Mel Graves and Sandy Meredith led the Eagles in scoring with 12, 10 and 9 points respec- tively, but it was the play of the entire team that won the game. HOLLIDAYSBURG-Away Hollidaysburg High won its second straight Mountain League title as the Golden Tigers de- feated Tyrone 63 to 31 on the county seat fioor. lt was the Eagles eighth league defeat in nine games. Tyrone's fine zone defense limited the Tigers to 23 points the first half, but the victors powerful oFfense got rolling in the second half and they scored 40 points. The deadly outside shooting and the rebounding were the big factors in the H-burg victory. High man for the Golden Tigers was Ed Soyster with 18 points. LEWISTOWN-Home The Tyrone Cagers closed out their 34th sea- son of play in the Mountain League by dropping a 52 to 41 decision to Lewistown at Lincoln Gym. The Eagles fought hard the whole way and it looked like they might upset the visiting Panthers until midway through the final period. The vis- itors then started hitting from all over the floor to pull ahead. Lewistown's high scoring forward .lack Hogue scored 27 points to take scoring hon- ors for the evening. Bob Derr and Sandy Mere- dith paced the Eagle's offense with 16 and 12 points respectively. Jay Vee Basketball Jr. High Basketball as J. V. BASKETBALL TEAM FIRST ROW: B. Skeleton, T, O'Rourke, B. Duey, L. McHa, B. Snyder. SECOND ROW: J, Marshall, J. Bigelow, A. Holluway, G. Eckert. THIRD ROW: Coach McKinley, J. Winters, D. Hambright, G. Eckert, C. Kienzle lmanagerl. JR. HIGH BASKETBALL TEAM FIRST ROW: P. Sellers, J. Houser, S. Hamer, E. Adams, N, Newlin, F. Rossman, J. Graves. SECOND ROW: W. Baughman, Jack Igau, Joe Seiner, Andrew Starzeslty, T. Woodring, T. Morrow. THIRD ROW: E. Thomas lcoachj, D. Burley, J. Pavone lmanagerl, B. Barnes, B. leach. 73 Varsity Wrestlers FIRST ROW: B, Bnrnhcrt, D. Crust, C. Friday, J. Saylof, C. DelBoggio. D. Miller, B, Suylor, B, Lorgent. SECOND ROW: Coach Mohney, E. Stoner, B. Davidson, N. Kobuck, B. Thomas, A. Hogg. Jay Vee Wrestlers FIRST ROW: F. Burletts, E. Gill, N. Muisano, L. Spyker, R. Knepp, J. Phillips. SECOND ROW: Coach Mohney, H. Cowfer, D. Miles, D. Rudy, M. Spicer. 74 Final Year Wrestlers SENIOR WRESTLERS LEFT T0 RIGHT C DelBaggo J Saylor B Thomas BURNHAM DERRY Tyrone High opened its T952 53 wrestling season with a convincing victory over a strong Burnham Derry squad at Lincoln Gym on Decem ber l2 The score was 28 to 15 Bill Saylor Ron nie Gill Thomas and Al Hogg all won victories by the fall route Duck Miller and Charlie DelBaggio copped decisions Burnham Derry CLEARFIELD Wrestling their second match in two nights the Tyrone grapplers fell to Clearfield High School the kingpin of Pennsylvania wrestling 32 to ll Ronnie Gill and Ed Stoner won their bouts by decisions Bill Thomas again pinned his man for Tyrone s other win The upset ofthe evening was Goat DelBaggios loss to Dean Triponey in the 'IT2 lb class LOCK HAVEN Tyrone traveled to Lock Haven for their first away meet of the season and they came home on the long end of a 28 to 22 score Bill Saylor and Ed Gill both captured decisions for the Gold en Eagles Ronnie Gill Ed Stoner Bill Thomas and Al Hogg all came off the mats with pins to their credit Thomas and R Gill won their third LEWISTOWN The Eagles went to Lewistown for their fourth match ofthe season and were victorious 27 to 21 Ron Gill Ed Stoner and Nick Kobak copped dec: sions for the Eaqles while Goat DelBaggio and Bill Thomas captured first period falls Tyrone received its winning six points when the Lewis town heovy weight forfeited his match to Al Hagg : : . i , . , . . . I . . 1 . . I I . ,, ,, . . . . took five decisions for their T5 points. straight matches without a loss. I . . . . I . , . .- . . . . . ,, ,, . ' .7 I . ,I . . . . . . . . . - ' 11 11 - 1 - ' - 75 Wrestling STATE COLLEGE The Tyrone matmen wrestled State College on the home mats for their fifth match of the sea son The Little Lions upset the Golden Eagles 25 to 24 Trailing 24 to 22 going into the final match State Colleges John Cole turned out to be the hero as he declsloned Tyrones Al Hagg to give the visitors the victory Bull Saylor Ronnie Gull Charlie DelBagglo and Bull Thomas all pinned th ur men for Tyrone while Ed Stoner won by a decision lt was Thomas fifth straight pm win DUBOIS Tyrone dropped its third wrestling meet of the season as the Eagles were trounced 38 to 14 at DuBois The Golden Eagles managed to win only three bouts Charlie DelBagglos declslon along with falls by Bull Thomas and Ed Stoner w re the only points the Eagles received BELLEFONTE The Golden Eagles dropp d their fourth meet of the season as they were defeated 31 to I4 by the great Bellefonte wrestling team Ty rone could win only three bouts one by a dec: sion and two bv falls Don Duck Muller copped th decision as he defeated Bellefontes Bear In the upset of the afternoon Tyrones second vac tory came when Goat DelBaggto pinned Don Hyde ln the match of the day Bull Thomas at 165 lbs with sux straight puns met the Red Raider s Denny Anderson with five straight puns Thomas pinned Anderson in the first period to run has streak to seven PHILIPSBURG The Tvrone Hugh matmen dropped their fifth match un eight starts as they were beaten by Phtltpsburg 29 to 13 Duck Muller Goat Del Baggto and Bull Thomas were the only Eagles to come out victorious DelBagguo pinned his man while Muller and Thomas copped decisions was Thomas first decision after seven straight falls Tyrone gained two more points when Ed Stoner and his opponent wrestled to a draw HOLLIDAYSBURG Holltdaysburg Hugh handed the Tyrone grapplers their sixth loss as they edged the Gold en Eagles 22 to 18 on the County Seaters mats Five of the Eagles came home with victories De ctstons were won by Nick Malsano Duck Muller Goat DelBagguo and Al Hagg Bull Thomas pinned H burg s Pringle in 55 seconds of the first period for his ninth straight win BEDFORD Tyrone Hugh grapplers broke their losing streak as they trounced Bedford 37 to 8 The Eagles 37 points came on three first period falls four decisions and one draw Miller DelBagglo and Thomas pinned their opponents in the first period Nick Kobak got the second period fall Bull Savlor D ck Crust Bob Davidson and Al Hagg won decisions while Ed Stoner was held to a draw Highlight of the match was Bob David son s victory lt was his first varsity win CRESSON The Tyrone Hugh wrestlers ended their regu lar season with a 41 to 5 rout of Cresson e victory at Cresson gave th Golden Eagles a 5 6 record for the season Tyrone scored on three falls six decisions and a default as they won ten of the eleven bouts The wrestlers gaining dec: sions were Matsano Muller Saylor Spacer David son and Thomas Thomas win was over Cres son s previously unbeaten Bull Carney and ut en abled Thomas to end the season with 11 straight victories The three falls went to Charlie DelBag gno Ed Stoner and Al Hagg Ed Gull won by a default when his man suffered a broken elbow Th only loser for Tyrone was Nick Kobak who was pinned nn the second period DISTRICTS Tyrone Hugh entered a full team in the an nual District 6 9 Tournament at Lock Haven Two Golden Eagles advanced to the finals with one coming out victorious Charlie DelBagguo who lost to Dean Trtponev in the regular season was pinned bv th same Clearfield man tn the finals In the 165 lb class Tyrones Bull Thomas had no trouble as he d cnstoned Bellefontes Dennne An derson to take top honors In his class REGIONALS Bull Thomas represented District 6 9 un the 165 lb class at the Regional meet held at Clear field In the afternoon Bull pinned Wmdbers Bull Martell whnl in the evening he dectsuoned Emil Young of Grove Cnty 3 O STATE WRESTLING MEET Bill Thomas became Tyrones fourth State Champion since the school took up wrestling I the afternoon bout Bill met his toughest opp nent of the season in Joe Thomas of Chartters B ll copped a 3 to 2 decision ln the finals he had a relatively easy time declslonlng Bull Evelhatr of Hughesvllle 7 to O Bill Thomas ended the sea son with 19 wins and 0 losses u . . I ' ' , 1 h c . , I . . . I . I . . . . ' I 1 - ' I ' Q' ' . - v 1 . . , . . . I ' ' ' ' . e - . . , . . V - . . 1 1 1 1 1 ' , . , . . . e I . . . - , . I - . . - 11 11 1 Q ' 9 . . , . - - - D , . . S . . I . 0 . . , . - - - 11 11 ' 11 I1 . , - I ' . D . . . . , . . ' . e . . . . . . . . , I - . n . ' ' e . ' . I - - . . ,, ,, . . . 1 1 - 1, 1, . . . . . . . . . . , . . . . ProIesslonaI Servnces DAVID J KIRK M D JOHN A AYRES M D J A GREBE M N D REAM M D JOHN M DOLLAR O HOWARD BARR O WILLIAM E GILBERT D D R W STEVER D D S LA E D FRED C FARRAND D O F ADELAIDE FARRAND D O 78 . . , .D. .gs . , . D. , .D. RICHARD W. MCCLAIN, D. D.S . , . .S S. L. K , .D. S. -. -. Come unto Me all ye that Iobor and are heavy laden and I wull glve you rest f x fX X QXX X 4 f' A Vfkffniaiw wx Yo eff-Q S Tyrone Youth For Chrlst EVANGELICAL UNITED BRETHREN CHURCH Second ond Fourth Saturday 7 30 P M EVERYONE WELCOME INSPIRATIONAL MUSIC CHALLENGING MESSAGES LIVELY SONG SERVICE INTERDENOMINATIONAL For God so loved the world that He gave Hrs only begotten Son that whosoever belleveth In Hum should not perlsh but have everlasting llfe JOHN 3 I6 79 N x X ffjy, X . 'I ff I KI. J I7 . I Vx A 5 4 ht, I 3 . . . w.i.gh .ble-x nb Q :X Af. Q ll E A I 4 3 ,ligm mf' ,....--- ik., sw i n ' Q I 1 x lbngfxk -.... ' -' I ""1 y 'S if "5 , .y Comphments of THE TYRONE MINISTERIUM D Perry Bucke Vlce Presndent M S Pclrush Fnrst Methodlst Church Bethel A M E Church Hefberu- BUIHQY Vsfnlluom Pormolee BUPNST Church Young Men s Chrustlon Assoclotuon Horold Crosby Presld t Budd Smnh Pentecostal Church First E U B Church Wllllom Ernert Dennus Smnth F M h d h h ree et O 'SH' Urc Colurnbuo Method st Church JosephT Heustond Trlmty Eplscopol Church Henry George Sprnnger Sec Treos FlrstLuthercsn Church R L Hutchinson Fnrst Presbyterian Church Methodast Home For The Aged THE PANTRY For the Best CANDY GROCERIES ICE CREAM SANDWICHES CONFECTIONERY STORE WEST 13TH STREET TYRONE, PA 80 . , . . ' , . . . . , ' en . ' 1 in LAWRENCE J BEERS ATLANTIC SERVICE STATION BURCHFIELD 8. COMPANY SPORTING GOODS GA O TWO Smeg LUBRICATIONS Tyrone Po Altoona P Phone 9061 Tyrone P 810 W 15th St Ext Phone 1062 CompIIments SWAYNE S RADIO and TELEVISION SPORT'-AND 511-UARD5 SERVICE Where Old FrIendS Meet Tyrone Pennsylvomc: C , SNYDER HOMER C TI-IQMAS HotpoInt and PhIlco RefrIgerotIon and Apphonces RCA GE ond PhIco RodIo and TSIGVISIOD GENERAL INSURANCE 1510 Columbus Ave Tyrone P FOR THE BEST CANDY NUTS ICE CREAM V'S" 10 WEST IITH STREET SULLYS SWEET SHOPPE 1120 Penno Ave Tyrone Penne Phone 457 fMcIsonIc Bldg J 81 S - IL , . , CI- , c. of I A. J. B. Phone 770-M Phone 770-M . . . 4- . . ., . ., 'I ' . , o. 4' Congratulations To The Class of 1953 RAY BURIAL VAULT CO TYRONE PENNSYLVANIA Pafents Cosmetucs Our Rates Are Farr You re Sure To Get There REA 81 DERICK INC READY TAXI COMPANY Cand Store of Service PHONE 899 FOUNTAIN AND 1062 BLAIR AVE TY LUNCHEONETTE Prompt Courieous y Kodaks Dependable Servuce RONE PA 82 o 1 I . ' f 1 Phone STINES SERVICE STATION Gas Publtc Scales Congratulations to the Class of 1953 736 J Val 1256 SCRAP METALS Phone 516 58 Blair Ave Tyrone JONES 81 NEWLIN ATTORNEYS AT LAW Jones Bunlclnng TYRONE PA GIVLER ESSO SERVICENTER Blalr Avenue and Tenth Street omethung More at your happy motortng Store BURLEY BROTHERS Plumbing Heahng NUGAS Dustrtbutors 960 Penna Ave Tyrone P Telephone 1020 COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND - Oil A ' Us - - -2 'I I H HODES BROTHERS Appliances - Hardware -- ' . , Pa. ' ' ' 83 A Complete Banking Service Sunce T874 A Sound Funcmclal Instututlon wuth Trust Powers to Act as Admnnustrators Executors Guardians and Trustee FIRST BLAIR COUNTY NATIONAL BANK TYRONE PENNSYLVANIA GHLS Auto Body and Paint Shop HEBERLING S STORE Where You Get Whot You Luke Phone 862 Tyrone an HENRY B KEARNEY Luke What You Get RAD'O PHONE 1396 SALES SERVICE 958 Washington Avenue Phone 1323.1 Tyrone Pa COLUMBIA AVENUE AND I7TH STREET .:. .L-. -. .I-. , , .-. .,,-I .,-. 0 CompIiments 1 of I -. , Pa. d JR 0 . , . 84 HARPSTER CHEVROLET COMPANY SALES SERVICE CHEVROLET First because its Fmesf For Econormcol Tronsporfcxhon COMPLETE LINE OF GENUINE PARTS BUICK SALES AND SERVICE GENERAL REPAIRS TOWING COMPLETE AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE WARRIORS MARK PHONE IO R I2 85 . . , . ll ' ' ll MARLIN S MARKET QUALITY MEATS GROCERIES PRODUCE FROZEN FOODS 962 Washington Avenue Open 8 OO 10 30 Monday Saturday Phone 341 Delnvery The Future Belongs to Those Office Phone 1068 Res 643 J Who Prepare for It H L L For Family Securtty see Beck R H Shofstahl D Hoover C L Wldney Wunter and Summer Aur Condltlonlng THE PRUDENTIAL INSURANCE COMPANY 964 Wash Ave Tyrone Po LUGG 81 EDMONDS DEPARTMENT STORE TYRONE HUNTINGDON 86 1 . . . . NEI B E- Mogle F- M- Budd Heating and Ventilating R J. . . FELLER MOTOR COMPANY Soles PACKARD Service Firestone Tnre Dnsfrubufors Goodrich Tlre Dlsfrlbufors Wlllord Bofferles Quaker Sfote Oal ond Gosolme TYRONE PA PHONES 904 9014 Compliments SAM FORTE SHOE SERVICE T003 Pennsylvonuo Ave TY The I'IOI'TI6 of CLOTHING and FURNISHINGS or Men cnncl Boys HARRY H GARDNER TYRONE PENNA Tenth Street Tyrone P 87 Bloir Avenue ond IOII1 Streef of I MILLER RADIO SERVICE Phone 1661 J Radlo nd Televnsuon Service Gulfex Regustered Lubrncahon MINEMIER GULF SERVICE STATION Gas 1 Strncklers Ice Cream Adams Avenue and 2OIh Tyrone Phone 151 J G S Mnnemner W C MORROW 8. SON Aguculfural Implements and Supp es PETERS Grocerves Meats Confechonery TYTORE PC' Gasoline and Oils 207 E lO1h St Phone U21 E051 Tenth Sfree! Phone 1219 R D 4 Tyrone PETERS AND SON FLORIST A Complete Floral Service FLOWERS TELEGRAPHED EVERYWHERE BB - - on . .. sr. I as I HOME ELECTRIC TYRONE PENNSYLVANIA FISHER HARDWARE Hardware Pom! Phone 585 J Complnments F 8. F CLEANING AND DYE WORKS Toste ond Be Convmced BREAD CAKE PASTRIES KIENZLE S BAKERY Phone 261 Perma Ave Tyrone Pennc D F FORCEY BARBER SHOP T364 Logan Ave Tyrone P B9 of IOI O Pennsylvania Ave. I THE AMERICAN LEGICDN HOWARD GARDNER POST NO 281 . ,. ..,, ,. QM: ' Compl ments HOUSEWARES TOOLS PLUMBING SUPPLIES PINK BRoTHERs JUNIATA PACKING HARDWARE Phone 534 Bunlders Hardware Specualust PHONES 590 591 965 967 PENNA AVE TYRONE FnnestQUo1lty Meats Fancy Canned Foods Cru p Vegetables Dairy Products Delncatessen Fresh Frunts GETZ MARKET STORE 1068 Pennsylvanna Avenue Phone 636 The Largest Assortment of Fresh Candues nn Central Pennsylvanna GARDNER S CANDY STORE 91 of TEMPTING FOODS 1 COMPLETE HOME FURNISHINGS smce T896 Your Credut s Good ROTHERT COMPANY 'IOtI1 Street Tyrone Po OLIVER F SCHELL CertntIed Public Accountont Munncupol Buuldung Tyrone SEARER S Maytag and Electrlc Store Westnnghouse Refrngerctors PhnIco Rodlos 8- T V Smoll Appluonces GOOD LUCK from SIMMS JEWELERS Dont forget o Snrnms Diamond Rang for your next step n Ife Your Weddung Doy 20 WEST TENTH ST TYRONE PA SHAFFERS STORES COMPANY Tyrone Penncu ROSSI S KAISER FRAZER Soles ond Servnce D Route 220 Tyrone P Phone I572 J 3 ' ' ' ' , Po I 'II04 PennsyIvonio Ave. Phone 527 1 I I I - R. . , o 92 J J WOODRING 1360 Logon Avenue PHONE 351 TYRONE PA W I B WORLD LEADERS OF TOMORROW Complumems of Y M C A Wnllaom Pczrmclee General Secretory JOHN C YENTER GENERAL CONTRACTOR Telephone Tyrone 721 COMMERCE BUILDING TYRONE PA 93 4. .'. .-. .-. THE YOUTH OF TODAY il e I7 2I East I0tI1 Street Phone 665 BURNHAM FEED STORE Poultry Suppltes Eshelman Redrose Guaranteed Feed Case Farm and New Idea Machunery REINSCHMIDT an KIBLER FRIGIDAIRE DEALERS ELECTRICAL WORK SERVICE III2 PENNA AVENUE PHONE 620 BLATCHFORD FURNITURE CO EVERYTHING FOR THE HOME featuring PARK LANE FURNITURE IOOO Penna Avenue Tyrone Penna Phone 84 94 d TYRONE, PA. . ACKLIN JEWELRY COMPANY WATCHES Hammlton Elgin Gruen Bulova The finest In Dnarnond Rnngs Customized Diamonds Keepsake Dnamonds SEALTEST PRODUCTS Supplned By ABRAM S CASH MARKET WAPLE DAIRIES INC 9th 81 Logan Phon 8 HOME OWNED Low Prices Hugh Quality DEANS SERVICE STATION Mobll Gas and Oll General Repanrs Speclol Lubnccmons 2Ist Street Columbia Avenue Phone 9001 TYRONE PA 3rd St and Wash Ave Tyrone P 95 .5- 'I' 'I' .:. .:. Gift Quarters for Every Occasion .,-. I 1 e 45 I . . . , G. BEST OF LUCK to the GRADUATING CLASS 1953 JOHN HAGG DAIRY TYRONE LAUNDRY AND CLEANERS WE WASH AND CLEAN EVERYTHING PHONE 203 TYRONE LIME AND STONE CO Phone 413 ond T423 J Offce Jones Bu Id ng Tyrone P TYRONE DINER TYRONE HERALD COMPANY PUBLISHER TYRONE DAILY HERALD Everyihlng In Pr nhng Phone 2 of .5 -.'- '." .-1. , JR. Plant No, I Stover Station I : I I , o. . . i . 96 ALTOONA SCHOOL OF COMMERCE l504 Lmcoln Ave 110 Thirteenth Street OWNED AND OPERATED BY Altoona Pa THOSE IT SERVES Feed Gasoline POINTS Fuel Oll H F Seeds Kerosene 1125 Pennsylvama Avenue Fertilizers Freezers Flour Hardware phone 320 321 Water Systems Cement FARM MACHINERY 'REE 'WVERY THE BRUCE STUDIO Washes All the Members of the class of 1953 GOOD LUCK THROUGHOUT LIFE COME TO US FOR ALL YOUR PHOTOGRAPHIC NEEDS 1263 Pennsylvania Avenue Tyrone Penna 97 , . .-. Grain Motor Oil 'I' Q .Is , O. A. KENNEDY HOBBY SHOP Relax With a Hobby All Gauge Trains' Accessories Figurines - Paints - Oils - Canvas Cra ts - Boats - Cars - Planes Cornplvnents MOLNAR S JEWELRY Hamilton and Giraud Perregaux Watches Purity Registered Diamonds AUTHORIZED JEWELERS RESTAURANT 34 WEST TOTH STREET For Attractive Clothes to Meet the Need For All Occasions Visit THE PRINGLE SHOP T105 PENNA AVE TYRONE PA LESTER S WORKMEN S SHOP Shoes and Rubber Footwear TYRONE HOLLIDAYSBURG MANN S STATIONERY STORE Social and Business Stationery Esterbrook Pens and Pencils Eversharp and Parker Sets School Supplies of Every Kind 955 Pennsylvania Ave Tyrone t of Clothes for Work and Dress ' . , Pa. 98 THE W F HILLER AGENCY REAL INSURANCE REAL ESTATE 61 Years of Unexcelled Insurance Servuce to Tyrone and Vncunnty PHONE 57 970 PENNSYLVANIA AVE Sprung Summer Wunter Fall Always 36 Delucnous Flavors TYRONE LOCKER PLANT 1362 Logan Avenue Phone l3I7 Cleanmg Presslng CRAIN s Foon MARKET A'fefG"Of1S Good Luck JUNIATA TAILOR SHOP Goss of 1953 BERYL TEETERS Prop Phone 264 J Northwood Pa 953 Penna Ave Tyrone Pa 99 of PIKE'S ICE CREAM I . TYRONE S PIONEER Fountann Service Sundrles Lnght Lunch Suck Room Needs Magoznnes and Sunday Papers MCCRORYS STORES CORP MIKES CUT RATE 'I 5C and OC Store Phone I77 Tyrone P Upholsie mg A nmgs R fmsh ng s o D H MYERS 1366 Logan Avenue Tyrone P Phone 972J TYRONE PA SI p Co ers Venet on BI nds D ape es Rug B nd g MILLER BROTHERS CO HARDWARE WALLPAPER PAINT SEEDS BUILDING MATERIALS COAL 1008 Pennsylvama Ave Tyrone P LEVINE BROTHERS FOR QUALITY CLOTHING 1058 Pennsylvanaa Avenue FOR QUALITY SHOES FAMILY SHOE STORE 'I078 Pennsylvania Avenue 'I00 I I 1 , a. r' w ' - - - El ' I cu! m made R ' ' to rder epomngs 0 PENNA. HOTEL , . , a. - - i v i I r ri I in ' . , a. Compluments ENGELMAN S FLOWER SHOP Phones STORES Store 4 Greenhouse 428 ABRAHAMS MUSIC SHOP Rodros ond Record Players Records ond Music Accessorues 1127 Penno Ave Tyrone Pc: J F DOLHEIMER DESOTO PLYMOUTH Woshlngton Avenue ond First Street TYRONE PA 101 of 13 Gifts BPOE TYRONE LODGE B P O E NO 212 102 NCD. 212 STREM STUDIO School Photographers CONGRATULATIONS To The Closs of T953 THE HICKES GROCERY 1130 Pennsylvonno Avenue PHONE 576 TYRONE PA T03 Phone 3-T529 T326 12th Ave. Opp. Goble's Arcade CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF T953 from CHICAGO RIVET gl MACHINE CO TYRONE PENNSYLVANIA T04 TO 'C' " -. -. RUPERT CHEVROLET OLDSMOBILE 8. CHEVROLET MECHANICAL REPAIRS A A A SERVICE BODY AND FENDER REPAIRS USED CAR HEADQUARTERS 215 E Tenth Street Phone 350 CENTRAL DISTRIBUTORS The Whole Fcxmlly JANITOR SUPPLIES WIII Cheer Our Ponnfs Brushes ArtlsIs Supplies T064 Penno Ave Tyrone Phone 852 MILK CHOCOLATE MILK BUTTERMILK INSU RANCE HOMOGENIZED MILK WILLIAM C BARR AGENCY 2OI Jones Bunldlng S Phone 680 Tyrone Po I05 CO. x CO. . . . , Po. 1 LOYAL ORDER GF MGOSE TYRONE LODGE NG. 25 OOD LUCK SENIORS OF 53 AULTS as CRAIN DAWD5 DAVID GOLDBERG Owner GOOD LUCK CLASS OF 53 on wer Penno Ave ond Tenth SI Tyrone Penne Phones 1201 1200 DIAMONDS LADIES 172 W sf IOII1 St Tyrone P WATCHES WEARING JEWELRY APPAREL BLACK BROTHERS CHRYSLER PLYMOUTH LOGAN AVENUE PHONES 112 113 107 ,-. I U 1 , ' C 'r . V. . Phone 440 1. e . , G. A . 1010 Lo FRED M. MOORE PLUMBING 3. HEATING gan Ave. Tyrone, Dealer for O. A. Smith Permaglass Automatic Water Heaters Phone 1322-J COMPLIMENTS STEEL S DRUG STORE PRESCRIPTIONS AND FINE DRUGS THE REXALL STORE RHODES PLANING MILL Manufacturers of ALL KINDS OF PLANING MILL WORK Dealers in Surface and Finishing Lumber Sash Doors Mouldlngs Hardwood Flooring RUSSELL MUSIC HOUSE 1212-12th Ave. Altoona, Pa. Musical Instruments and Supplies FITZPATRICK S TAILOR SHOP Made To Measure Clothes Alterations Cleaning Pressing PHONE 934 1211 PLNNA AVE TYRONE PA JOSEPH A DICKSON Tanx Collector Municipal Building Tyrone Penna or 1 I -R PHONE sas H ' ' ' ' 108 THE WILSON CHEMICAL COMPANY INC JACK AND JILL GELATIN DESSERT WILSON CLOVERINE SALVE WILSON COUGH DROPS GEORGE C WILSON III Presucle I IO9 l . Established I895 . ' n THE WEST VIRGINIA PULP AND PAPER COMPANY CONGRATULATIONS TO THE ORADUATINO CLASS OF T953 ANDERSON DENNY POST NO 4559 OF UNITED STATES Tyrone Pennsylvomo III VETERANS OF FOREIGN WARS WILSON AND EL PATIO THEATRES Under The Dlrechon WARNER BROTHERS ALWAYS THE FINEST IN SCREEN ENTERTAINMENT THE VILLA wow FURNITURE co AND THE HUB GOOD LUCK 9 Eos: 10th S1 Tyrones Newest MODERN FURNITURE STORE General Electric Refrxgercliors Simmons Bedding Blackstone Woshers Wolfs Are Fnne People Deol Wlth T12 of CLASS OF "53" L To A " y Z fff QQ, fff Ill 4 E A ' Qwwwe H oun commm senvlcs X wlu. sow: HM Youn YEARsooK PROBLEMS lwducllfm EWWW' EKQUZTQUMAQA, MQW TI-IE CANTON ENGRAVING 8 ELECTROTYPE COMPANY 410 3RD. STREET S.E., CANTON, OHIO ,, f f' . Q ,ww 11 -fu .5 frrliaifiw ff f:::1n'I,G'11fa 3 15 '-'lip 1521" f Z 'lil-.51?x..'W C , Z " 4 . ,f f 7 f f 42 f ' ,V X!! ?,L,, f f ff f T T T ff 2 I, X ,,, 4X!fZ,M11, ., ,, If 'lr' V! f ff f ,ff 1 Iii L, , f fd! , - ff 2 VT? ,!fg7ffj1'f ff! ' ' V QQ, Emi ,J fyfl yf ff! , , , 1 V ,N ' '- 4-' . 1 I , . V, ff , , :132jf!1Qw.,,1 ' ,ff ,Li :fc ,Q A 41 ,75 , in I "ZlrE!'T"u'EiF"nlwl-. ' ' 5 4 ' 2 f 2 ' ,I hu-.lg U- 'I w 1 ,-I-51,1 f 1, f n ,W-Q q't,E::4,vh. Z T V, A V 5 1, If ' 'wil ' f W' W "ir , ,I ' V fb ' "N fi?" W' 1 4 - 44 ff T T ' 4 GZ 1 A iz 2 yy y if 1 ' l W X 0 X I : I T u Index Advertisers Abraham s Muslc Shop Abram s Cash Market Acklun s Jewelry A J B Sportland Altoona School of Commerce American Leglon Aults and Cram Barr s Insurance Beers Servuce Statnon Black Brothers Blatchford s Bowser s Bruce Studlo Burchf1eld s Burley Brothers Burnham s Central Dnstrubutors Chtcago Rivet Co Cram s Market Davld s Jewelry Dean s Servuce Statron Dickson J A Dolhelmer s w Engelman s Flo er Shop Eyers Daury Farm Bureau Feller Motor Co F 8: F Cleamng 8. Dye Works Funk Brothers Fnrst Blanr County Natlonal Bank Fntzpatrlck Taulor Shop Fushers Hardware Forcey D F Barber Shop Forte Shoe Shoo Gardners Candy Store Gardners Clothlng Store Getz Market Gull s Auto Body Shop Guvler s Esso Statlon 114 7 4 7 of A ' ' 101 ' .. ., . , 95 ' ' 95 97 ' ' . ...,.,.. ,. .,. .. .. . 90 ' ,, .. 107 B ' ., ,.,......t . 105 ' ' ' ,. . ..,..,.............. 81 ' ..,, ,. .,....., ,,....,...,.. ,.,.. 9 4 ' , .,.....,. ............... 9 7 B. P. O. E. , . . ..,.,,.................. . 102 ' .....,....,......,........ 97 ' ..............,....,.......... 81 , .. ........ ..........,... . 83 ' . ...,... .. ...... 94 C ' ' ...,. ......... . .. . 105 ' ' . ......... ,................ . . 10 Clover Farm Stores .,,.... ,............,,.. , . 101 ' ' ..............,........ .... 9 9 D ' ' ,.,...... ........... . 10 ' ' ' ,.....................,,....... 95 ' , . . ............,........,,.... 108 ' ' , .......,....,................ 101 E ' ............... . ..,...,.....,, 101 ' ' . ...,.... ......................... 1 05 F 97 . . ...,. . .... , . .. 87 ' . ,. 89 ' .... .. ...,. ., 91 ' ' ' , , 84 ' ' ' .. 108 ' ' .. . . ........ ,. 89 , , , , ........,...... . 89 A .. . ..,........... ,. 97 G ' , ..,. , 91 ' ' ....... 87 .. .. .. . . 91 ' ' . .. .. ., 84 ' ' ' ,. . 83 Index of Hagg s Daury Harpster Chevrolet Co Heberlnng s Market Hlckes Grocery Hnller Agency Hodes Scrap Metal Home Electrlc Co Jones and Newlun Attorney Juniata Packlng Co Junvata Tallor Shop Kearneys Radio Shop Kennedvs Hobby Shop Klenzle s Bakery Lester s Workmen s Store Levnne Brothers Lugg 81 Edmonds Mann s Statnonery Store Marlln s Market Mikes Cut Rate Muller Brothers Millers Radlo Munernuer s Servuce Statuon Mlnlsterlum Molnars Jewelry Moores Plumblng Moose Home Morrow s Farm Implements Myer s Uoholsterung Nell s Plumbtng Pantry Contectuonery Store Pauls R stourant Penna Hotel Peters Grocery Peters 81 Son Flortsts Prlngle Shop Professlonal Servnces Prudential Lute Insurance Advertisers O O OO O O6 O O H ' ' 96 - 85 A ' ' 84 IO3 A 99 , 83 ' - 89 J ' , 2 83 ' ' . 91 ' ' 99 K ' A 84 ,' 98 ' ' 89 l ' ' 98 ' , I O 86 M ' ' 98 A ' 86 McCrory's Store Corp. 'IO0 ' ' IO ' I ' ' ' 88 ' ' ' ' ' 88 ' ' ' 80 ' 98 ' ' I 8 I ' 88 ' , ' IO N " ' 86 P ' 80 ' e 98 . IO ' 88 ' , ' 88 ' 98 ' ' 78 ' ' 86 Index Ray Burlal Vault Rea and Deruck Co Ready Taxa Co Relnschmudt and Kubler Rhodes Planung Mtll Ross: Bro hers Servlc Statuon Rothert C Rupert Chevrolet Co Russell s Musxc Store Schell O F Accountant Searer s Electruc Store Shaffer Store Co Snmms Jewelry Snyder El ctrnc Shop Steels Drug Store Stunes Market Strem Studuo Sully s Sweet Shop Swaynes Radlo Shop Thomas H C Insurance Tyrone Tyrone Tyrone Tyrone Tyrone Tyrone Diner Herald Laundry Lnme 81 Stone Mlllung Storage V F W Vtlla and Hub Wap'e s Daury West Va Pulp and Paper Co Wllson Chemncal Co Warner Brothers Wolf Furnuture Co Woodrlng s Market Yenter J C Contractor M C Youth For Chrnst Advertisers 116 O 9 of R ' 82 ' . 82 ' . 82 ' ' ' 94 ' ' 108 ' 1 'e ' 92 O. 92 . 105 ' ' 108 S , . ., 92 ' ' 92 . 92 ' ' 92 e ' 81 ' 108 ' ' 83 ' 103 ' 81 ' ' 81 T , . . 81 ' 96 96 96 ' 96 " 87 99 V . . 111 ' 112 W . ' ' 95 . . 11 ' ' . 1O 112 ' . 112 ' ' 93 Y , . ., 93 Y. . .A. 93 ' 79 Y, 543 C X. 2.558 PM k . I' V l .UQ . if E Q5 ,, .. XNSENIORS - WETEEN ,an H L T x I

Suggestions in the Tyrone Area High School - Falcon Yearbook (Tyrone, PA) collection:

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