Tyrone Area High School - Falcon Yearbook (Tyrone, PA)

 - Class of 1949

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E 1 3 Y I 5 L 5 1 L W K r I F 'A Q5 mf W kg - vl"gs,,,, 4-QQ MU 2' xr!!! his iygt E"!Q,, 1 2 , ., 1 H,i?,:gL gf' 5 l:w ', Id I1 Ag U 4 95? F? " L W V 1- X J 4. 4,?q:,: .31 I x i '2'?g5,iQ1?i4x,l+fwfff- X wha 1 N .anti .J-""'w x fagii, ': ,:, 'x " I 3' ' x ',,y4v'7'h'w Q Q N uv 6 1 ba haf-- 4 fi Q!! Q f J, ,gn-q M 1 1 Q I fa ml , ,E-5 4 ,Jn igcgj Q 'qt if A v Lg- E-'Si -Q 3 in g, 4.32: pg 'Ji 'S 1 Mil. ' f ? .- ? if Y , E' f l , 415712 -i. ? i J A .gb V . .5 ...f"i'1 ""J5 It V. .M...', ,-,A 4.42" -' 1' fx.,?-.!4QE- -- Y .4,,f:-f , A . , .- l ' , .wry 1, v rf , . Q,--,W 'Wi wg. ..'f:Q .xi .Q 'i..- f-,f-v,,.Q-L K . . ' -' , , W .v L Fv,'..h ,.., , 1 f' , X L XX ' M , a CN 0 fx X ' ' ,Hn 4 X K Y v 'ajxx 1 'R sz 'Q Xxx, X X xx SETI TYKO HIC SCHOOL mon um 'x I .Nf N47-,H-.ah K7 1 'X , '- If x r x ,V Xu 4' x . x ' NH-.. Q f 'Q I 5 1 Q E 9 I Q , . Y it bmi: x. K . ti, Ny. N. v' . xx -.N r, ' v ,i X .W J' 1 10' ' , ssQ M- 'iv f""-X 1 M 'H YQ' NT, " Y Y v 111 y" ' Q... '.. 1 ' Fr- . - l .II In v If gives fhe class of '49 disiinguished pleasure fo preseni fhe male Academy Award winner from Tyrone High School of fhe year nineieen hundred forfy-nine, COACH STEPHEN JACOBS. Tl1ere's always been a good foofball leam af Tyrone, a ieam fha? learned more on ihe gridiron 'ihan ihe game of foofball. Coach Jacobs has done everyfhing fhaf could be aslred of a coach, and has performed his duries io periecfion. His pasf record has been one of merif. Thus, as a fribuie +o a job exceedingly well done, by means of fhis Oscar, we co-dedicaie our yearbook fo you, Coach Sieve Jacobs. ACADEMY AWARDS With greai' happiness, we, fhe class of '4?, focus our spoilighf on fhe female Academy Award win- ner from Tyrone High School of fhe year nineieen hundred forry-nine, MISS DOROTHY CRAWFORD. Whefher conducfing a hislory class, advising The Falcon Slaff, or prevenling filibusiering, Miss Crawford has lrepi' her perpeiual good humor and her iovial smile. The years rhai she has been a member of our 'laculfy have been fahen up by leading her classes 'foward higher goals. In order fo show our grafifude for her parience and counsel as adviser of our yearbook, and in appreciafion of her 'lhorough leaching, wilh fhis Oscar, we co-dedicaie our yearboolr io you, Miss Dorothy Crawford. PREVIEW OF THE SCHOOL IN ACTION IN LINE AT THE CAFETERIA Q igibi .V 4 :gf-mx h it--.Q .MESA Q V- -x , If-IF?-. I , Qkvvz ' f-f'-'-Wigx' Y-1, - "V Q .I.O., - I 5 I I' 'V21Qxit"5' we' ,. . X xxx , s I ,AQ I s Legg Jfvsf 0 I 1 , . -. 5 L, Lbwlphd, , LM iw . ..f.s3. ,mxxrb A 'qfxffwwf DRAFTING FOR THE FUTURE BOB BEFORE THE GUIDANCE BULLETIN BOARD N C" , fx N U -0 :Q , GUARDIANS OF LINCOLN AVENUE 12' Ll . C V! lf . L 1 I' ,--fb n , X f 'Mr ' i - Q1 - T '51 1 L I k 5 4 STQPA 1 E, v. , V . ,- s F1 AA 1 ff' I mf Av K SPOKESMAN REPORTERS PLAN TO MEET THAT DEADLINE NOW: WHY WERE YOU ABSENT7 1 I V 1 ,W wav A 1 E 45. W, Ill RS ON 1 ff' " . s , A.,. .y . . Y I I 1 I I 4 5 3' I X 77 'g-' 'JU Q: s, . -. ' ' TY i Es I fi 5- .". .X . , C 4 .,. , H A-i,w' " Q 432' A up f .M Acade i "Bah" n b I, Z: ed Cross Chairma , 33 Dramalic u , 3: sman 3: Girls' C r I Ari Club I: L y a . Ve sfudi . . , excellenl reade . . . lo ks forward Io a career of aching . . . chums wi Pai, and could live on fhe Villa S ecial . . . ofien plagued wi+h hic-coughs. fi ALLEN, RICHARD JOSEPH Vocalional "Dick" Craflsman Club I, 2, 3. Dick plans Io join Ihe navy afler G. Day . . . likes lo cul'-up in shop . . . gangs wilh "Baird's Boys"--Bill, Duck and Gene . . has a pariicular dislasle lor school work. BAYER, MARJORIE Academic "Mugs" Gamma I, 2, 37 Lalin Club. One of Ihe few aclually dignified seniors . . . quile sludious . . . leeds on chili con carne . , . will leach as a Physical Educaiion inslruclor. BECHTEL, 'CAROLYN A. Commercial Relurned Io Tyrone I-li in her iunior year . . .dips ice cream af Tyrone Storage, bu'r plans 'ro become a sfenographer . . . has a qrge colleclioh ol snapshois . . . runs around wilh Mary nd Ellen . . . hales early dales. BENTON, PATRICIA ANNE Commercial "Pai" Gamma I, 2, 31 Girls' Chorus I, 25 Dramalic Club 2. 3. Travels wilh Jean and Glenna . . . wrifes Ieliers for a hobby X' now, but may in Ihe luiure wrile Ihem as a sfenographer . . . believes herself Io be quile slubborn. wp: ' ' ,--' .ir Q I J, .5 , ," 1 . s',, ls BARONNER, SARA JANE Academic "Sally" Gamma I, 2, 3: Spokesman I, 2, 31 Lalin Club, Girls' Chorus, Mixed Chorus 2: Dramalic Club 3: Home Ec. Club 3: Youlh Cenler Commirlee Chairman. Easy Io gei alonq wiih . . . enjoys running around, chewing gum and especially bolhering Miss Eble wilh her challer . . . clerks al McCrory's, bui plans Io go in Iraining . . . goes with an alumnus. BAUGHMAN, CAROLYN JEAN Commercial Girls' Chorus I. Loves io hike or eal fried chicken . . . alonq wilh her pal, Paliy Benlon, she aspires Io be a slenographer . . . has hard Time conirolling her Iemper, especially around inquisitive people. BESCHLER, EDWIN F. Academic "Ed" Mixed Chorus I, 2, 33 Dramalic Club 23 Lalin Club 2. Looks wislfully foward an army career . . . works al' Engle- man's and pals wilh anolher Ed . . . member of senior play casi and is an excellenl acior . . . fills spare momen'Is wilh a greal number of books . . . loves ice cream bul hafes back-seal' drivers. Mixed Chorus I, 2, 3. Ed's brolher . . . one ol lhe solid ciiizens-fireman Iha i . . . spends mos? ol his school days in 'fhe carpenl . . . wanls To become a skilled cabinel-maker. BESCHLER, JOHN LAWRENCE, JR. Vocational 'Uohnlj AKD W If BLASKA, .I N 5 ED ARD ocalional Jack" Foolball I if ' N N Jack e To e e Ih navy I diaiely aller high school l p s :Th Ie hal 'II a nor unusual habif of over- sleeipi . . aim, ald Eagle Aulo Service, I Ll I 95,1 1 1,-"'.,', '. 1, 1 . I c ' -, 1 i -A HQ . 5 'I ' " , J . H '- l 1 he i ! 'Sis' ' BLASKA, MYRTLE VocaTional Horne Ec, "Meri" Girls' Chorus l, 2. Gales hopeTully Toward ThaT noble posilion, a housewife . . . haTes qefling up in The mornings . . . spends mosT of her McCrory's pay on I-lam Bar-B-Q's. BONSELL, DON VocaTional ConcerT Band l, 2, 3: Marching Band 2, 3. Applies his vocaTional Training aT Feller's Garage . . . all Tor The Navy . . . haTes ThouqhT of having To go inTo The Army . . . wiTTy . . . loves all The girls buf can oTTen be Tound in Bellwood. BRANTNER, ROBERT N. Vocational "Bob" Collects ciqareTTe liqhTers . . . has an incurable habiT oT Tardiness , . . will pui Mr, Thomas' Teachings To work and become an eleclrician. BURKETT, CHARLES RICHARD General "Dick" Marchinq Band I, 2, 3: ConcerT Band l, 2, 3: Mixed Chorus I, 2, 3: OrchesTra l, 2, 3. Excells in any phase oT music . . . inspiring vocalisT and mas' TerTul insTrumenTalisT . . . maesTro oT his own dance band . Tlies all over The counTry on his summer iob as a piloT . . . inTeresTed in becoming an airplane mechanic . . . is peeved by qirls who are ouT of slep in The band. CANNISTRACI, ANGELO Vocalional Now employed aT Morrison's Drug Slore . . . laTer hopes To be an auTomobiIe mechanic . . . seldom seen durinq hunTinq or fishing season . . . has Trouble geTTing up in The morninqs. 1 ' I I T :X ,ff 1? Qs., -.nfs gf.1.,.e'Q ' , I I 'i f' 'P . ii I I ,f , . 1 ,f .f 1' BRISBINFJOAN MARIE I Commercial "Jo" Alpha l, 2, 33 Girls' Chorus I, 23 Falcon 3. "Jo" handles The finances for The Falcon . . . wanTs To become a secrefaryi aTTer qradualion . . . neaT . .-. could live on hamburgers and Trench Tries. BRYAN, PATRICIA ANN Commercial Gamma I, 2, 37 Falcon 3': Girls' Chorus 2. A TaiThTul worker in any underTaIzing . . . Arlene, Jean. and Bea raTe Top on her lisT oT Teminine Triends . . . clerlvs aT Tv1cCrory's buT is eager To become a secreTary . . . does her sTinT Tor The Falcon by Typing. nPe+u BURKET, BETTY LOU VocaTional Home EC. DeTiniTely dislilces sluclvup people . . . chums with Anne Belle and Jean . . . collects snapshoTs . . . has designs on a career as an inlerior decoraTor, "Blondie" CANNISTRACI, NINA Vocalional Home Ec. Chums wilh Myrlle . . .spends her spare Time lisTeninq To The radio and eaTing ice cream . . . haTes nosey people. DAYTON, PATRICIA L. Commercial "PaTTy" Alpha I, 2, 35 Girls' Chorus lg Mixed Chorus 2. PaTTy's ambiTion is To become a sTenographer . . . she enioys slcaTinq . . . loves chip sTeaks and Trench Tries, Ki v R -,ig.i'- .1 N A W ff xx. -. va 'k,1 ' J if wp' ' ii .4 l ff , . 45.9 f , I' Te if I U U s Q ' . 1? Fw i f M .9 H ,, ' . .wx-A 'ff'V"' N X . i F W.. 5" ,f-"T DE ARMENT, DONALD KARL General "Termite" Smallest male member of the senior class, hence his nick- name, "Termite" . . . drives a truck after school hours, but hopes to become a carpenter after graduation . . . girls top his list of likes, while homework scrapes the bottom. DIEHL, THOMAS R. Vocational "Tom" Band I, 2, 3. Tom works on the family farm . . . hopes to own one of his own some day . . . could live on chicken . . . loyal member of the T. H. S. band . . . plays the French horn. ELLENBERGER, EARL Vocational works at his lather's qas station but hopes to own his own Teday . . . travels with Dick and "Soon" . . .collects guns K. troubled by oversleeping. X13 EVA6, ERXAUCIS E. dd6mlC "Skeeter" , .Empped aypardnerls' house . . . wants to be a truck tdriv . . . avorite s tormenting girls . . . hates car- crazyxuggirls . usua aded with iokes . . . gangs with 'jlohn nd,,Fred. ' Xl' i 'X fx' lf . X ' XX FASICK, JANET LOU Academic "Fir" Alpha I, 2, 35 Chorus I, 2, 33 Library Statt 2: Falcon 3. lntends to become a nurse . . . "stars" in basketball for the "Y" Girls . . . can't stand snobbish girls . . . worst fault is telling iokes . sociable. DILLON, DON Vocational "Live to eat and eat to live" is Don's motto 'lor life . . . his best eating is ice cream . . . works on farm . . . Sam Lewis is his best pal. EDMONDS, MARTHA ANN Academic Alpha I, 2, 35 Spokesman I, 2, 35 Latin Club lg Dramatic Club 3: S. ot S.L.A. l, 2, 33 Home Ec. Club 3: Red Cross Chairman I. Very active in extra curricular activities . . . quiet . . . talent for music . . . plans to enter Wheaton Colleqe . . . clerks at her tather's store. N X ' N -i ,JAVI f.,fi1.Z, f . A ,- FlN,K, RCNALD, E. ' so cpdemic "amy" Wmks atfhts' t5lh'er'sfst'oref.oi'?lquiet and sincere . . . hates silly girls . . .jpumpkin pie is tops on eats. f fl M Y,L. FINK, THOMAS G. Academic "Linlry" Wrestlinq l, 2, 35 Senior Play 3. "Linky" has been a produce man at the Acme for several years . . . plays baseball in spare time and hopes to "play- ior-pay" someday . . . as a rugged wrestler, Linky's worst fault is havinq to lose weight. FRANCHIO. PETER P. Vocational "Polo" Enjoys huntinq and tishinq . . . craves spaqhetti and meatballs . . . runs around with Tom Diehl . . . raises rabbits. i i , ,fr H lfxthqisq , ' 1 , 24 , 'ki :lu i-- . P 1 I ' 1' f, 7c"'f" i I ' , ' f .Q vw. in 'i ,If':--4:5 ii ' : lg ' 1 I ' , .L in ' S I , -, . .Z X . .few . A s 4- ggi, -- ,L ,A.- . - 3 , ., :Q-fy K vi if 1 ' . my - FUNK, JAMES ALBERT Academic "Manork" Foofball l, 2, 3. Dark . . . curly hair . . . friendly . . . oufsfandinq cenfer on T. H. S. line . . . works for W. W, Warninq 81 Sons . . . nice build . . . wanls To be an enqineer . . . likes spagheiii. GARBRICK, RUSSELL General Quief , . . minds his own business . . . his arnbilion is fo qel' ou? of school . . . likes spaqheffi . . . hales To get up in The mornings. GETZ, DIANE General "Di" Chorus l, 2, 33 Home Ec. Club 3: Spanish Club 3. Friendly . . . never fully awake . . . likes music and french fries . . . worsl faull-gum cracking . . . ambifion--George. GILLMEN, FRED B. Vocafional "Bud" Quiel , , . always chums with R, l-louser . . . drivinq is his hobby . . . has ambiiion lo be "Wire Bul'cher" . . . hales cominq To school. GODLASKY, MARY LOUISE Addilion fo The senior class from Osceola Mills . . . pos- sesses aqile iinqers for crochefinq . . . hopes lo discipline her pupils wilh her win, ing smile . . . dislikes giving oral 'epO"'S',lie...ff fyffgwuf fm Ufegfrflwi Academic . ,N , '- -3-,gl A 2 1 'Iii' lfiiii . A ' V , fi, e t K . l I ' 3, , f wi! GETZ, ROBERT LEE Academic Foofball 2, 3. One of fhe lucky people who doesn'l have a nickname . . . husky . . . always seen wifh John Romano . , . doesn'f like falkafive girls... his arnbilion is 'ro ioin fhe Navy. a hobby of ealinq. GILLAM, DONALD M. Vocafional Fooiball I: Craflsman Club l, 2, 3. Amiable . . . always laughing . . . drives a Ford . . . girls . worsf fault is qeffin in frouble in sho . . g p . . . io ioin "Hell Drivers" . . . employed ai "fable" steak. GILLAM, ELIZABETH GEORGELDON Academic he has "Duck" hobby, aspires . likes "Libby" Alpha I, 2, 3: Spokesman I, 2, 3, Chorus I, 23 Dramafic Club 2, 37 Lalin l, 2. Brillianf sludenf . . . nice personaliiy . . . can'l keep away from a brown Plymouih . . . has a hobby of horseback ridinq . . . a spagheffi fiend . . . editor of Spokesman . . . plans fo be an inle rprefer, GRIMM, WILLIAM PAUL Vocalional Craflsman l, 2, 3. Husky . . . friendly . . . holds hamburgers lille . . . always seen drivinq his red converfible . . . woman haler . . . his wars? faulf is raisinq heck in shop . . . plans fo ioin "Hell Drivers." HAGG, EUGENE RALPH Vocalional "Gene" Foolball I, 2, 3, Wresilinq l, 2, 3, Craffsman Club 2, 3: School Palrol I. Friendly . . . has hobby ol slaying off school , . . ambifion to qraduafe . . . likes lo sleep in hisfory class . . . always seen with "Scrufl" Lucas . . . one of T.H,S. eleven . . . can'i keep from ealing sleak. ,Qby '-X i' , ,,1?"i" "' fiffffl., , . we , if i ' be l A ' e 5 y if" 1 L'.L i 'i 12 : ii' I fi , ' if? i l Q Y A I i tk - V, N V J' Tx y ,X , l iff, ' . , .I Ik xi. ' . X i "Wx 'ii Mr' F , ' A A I if i Rl' ' ,I X 'ry ma A, C if 5 K I ' il Ill II HAGG, JOSEPHINE HELEN Academic "Jo" HALL, LOIS LORAIN Academic Alpha I, 2, 3: Spokesman I, 2, 3: Chorus I, 23 Drarnafic Gamma I, 2, 3: Lalin Club I: Red Cross Chairman 2, Club 2, 3, I-lome EC. Club 35 Library Slalil 2: l.aIin Small . . . qoocl sfudenl . . . always seen wilh Mariorie B. Club I. , , . worsf Iaull is falkinq foo much . . . Oh! how she Very active qirl . . . well liked bul Ialks loo much . . . one likes pumpkin pie . . . hafes 'ro wrile compositions . . . nurs- ol Ihe qanq . . . worsf laull is being lale . . . canll' live inq is her arnbilion .... likes swirnminq. wilhoul french fries . . . has an ambilion Io become a nurse HAMOR FREDERIC W Academic iipredii Jls ' ' ' puls ln Mme al me Flve and Ten' Foolball I, 2, 37 Baskelball I, 2, 3, Falcon 3: Track I. Ns HALL. JOHN R. Vocalional "Jack" EGSY QOIDCJ . . . friendly . . . always in Trouble wilh John and Oufdoor Iype . . . chums wilh Fred 6 .... always migginq his "hoI rod" . , . Iavorile Iood is milk shakes and harn- XH- school . . , pel peeve is being drafled . . . has a hobby of burgers . . , his ambifion is Io buy a hol doq from PeIe's drivinq . . . plans Io ,become a machinisl . . , follows everye . . . well liked . , . one of Ihe miqhly eleven . , . always - body else in likinq sleaks, dependable for a Iouchdown, -ff" HAMPTON, MILDRED Academic "Millie" A Q", Lalin Club I, 2. HOOVER- CURT C' VOCGIIORQI I Always seen wilh Janel Nixon . . . a loyal supporler ol Ihe WVf?5ll'DQ li 2i 3- Y fooybail Squad ' Y l Wdnys yo be 6 nurse U V ' enyoys edfgnq Fayorile food-beans , . . wants Io blow fuses . , , has a Lywcoiafe pie A I A Word fault is her yemperl habil of eahnq banios . . . ha'es fo come Io school . . . famous for his wresllinq . . . employed al Ihe qraveyard . . . one ol lhe Wesl End qanq. HAUPT. LRROY VICTOR- JR- VOCRHORGI HOUSER, RICHARD LESLEY vaeiiiansi "Rube" Keeps all lhe cars running . . . quiel . . . Dick rales as besl Fooybayl 3. chum . . . hales liqold diqqer5".,., . always Ialye For school Quiey. l I l ycryendiy l I I one of me I-Oyd qdnqii . O Y ambmon . . . loves hamburqers . . . ambihon-aulo rnec anic. -Wire buycher I I t qyrl hayer . I I CA Hoover ranks high wiyh him . . . always horseback ridinq , . . likes chicken. HOLLOBAUGH, BETTY JEAN Academic "Jean" HOUSER, SHIRLEY ANN Academic ,yu Gamma 2, 3: Lalin Club I, 2, Chorus I: Lalin Club I, 2, ' Sleaks rale besf wilh her' . . . friendly . . . quief . . , has a Has her eye on nursinq . , , always pleasanl . , , a lillle shy X' hobby of readinq and hikinq . . , always chewinq her nails .. , . . pel peeve is her sisler . . . likes chicken . . . always seen gels alonq qood wilh Miss Wilson. wilh Millie. I 2' f. vb . 0, ,, , .iij5.-'- , , '- T' ' K at '..i, i - vi , r ins .sis S .Wi-Mft - - ,- 1 - X 55-.ga -:'11 fi " " R at Qs?-e ,A f t I I I I 'iii' .1 FJ ,. ,I U I kr W, , , ,sg , a , I is .N L? I 1 Q X A .9 S9 ss' HUNTER, ALLEN F. Vocational Hopes to be a machinist . . . has the habit of missing school . . . just give him ham and eggs . . . Jack Hall rates as best chum. IADAROLA, MARJORIE L. ' Commercial Alpha I, 2. 3: Spokesman I, 2, 33 School Banker 3. Hopes to be a secretary , . . can not keep away from chocolate candy . . , likes to sleep in . . . never on time . . . McCrory's slave . . . always seen with Ellen Reed. IRVIN, CATHERINE R. Commercial "Catty" Gamma 2, 35 Spokesman 31 Chorus I, 2. Very active . . . wants to be a secretary . . . steak fiend . . . hobby ot roller skatinq . . . pet peeve is work , . . worst tault is being late tor appointments. JONES, THURMAN R. General Always seen driving a big car . . . one ot the tamous twins . . . his hobby is to collect paintings . . . usually in trouble. KENNEDY, ROBERT JAMES Vocational "Peck"' Band I, 2, 37 P. A. System 2, 3. One of the West End gang . . . quiet . . . hopes to be an electrical engineer . , . hates to get up in the morning . . likes to sleep . . . can't keep away from tried potatoes. '29 if ' ' ,f if f IRVIN, JEAN Chorus I: Home Ec. Club I, 2. Quiet . . . hopes to graduate , . . doesn't like noisy people . . . hates to get up in the morning . . . tavorite food is trench tries. Vocational I-Iome Ec. JAMES, KENNETH H. Academic "Kenny" Football 31 Falcon 37 Latin Club I. Friendly . . . quiet . . . hails trom East End . . . his ambition is to be an air force pilot . . . always seen with P, Morello . . . tavorite food is turkey . . . hates to get up in the mornings . . . never quits building radios , . . a taithtul tootball player, JONES, HURMAN General Quiet . . . good art student. . ,ambition is to be a carpenter . . . one ofthe tamous twins . can be seen driving a big car. KIENZLE, JANICE RUTH Academic "Myrtle" Alpha I, 2, 3: Spokesman I, 2, 33 Chorus I. 2: Dramatic Club I, 2, 33 Latin Club li I-Iome EC. Club 3. Nice looking . , , chums with Mary Thomas . . . ambition- Secretary , . . vivacious . . . hates to wash dishes . . . lives on trench tries and liver . . very active. LANNEN, JAMES BYRON r'Vocational "ScrutT" Football I, 2, 3. One ot the salt water tiends . . . quiet . , . friendly . . , lives on turkey . . , hobby--tishing . . . one ot the important toot- ball managers . . . chums with Calvin Westover. img. ,Q If-ffgg: ','- .ill H i' I V s , - 1 -rf' f F' .W -wr Qi X X X s ir. .. 1 J .- i Lxfqyaly '12 ,rw I 'f x' a' 'I . .v 'fm I I O ' as 'X ,SN -o-... fx' ff' LAUGHLIN, JOANNE H. Academic Alpha I, 2, 33 Band 2. 3: Chorus 2, 33 Lafin Club I. Always seen in a black Chevie . . , can'f keep away from Don . . . hopes fo qo fo college . . . doesn'f like bossy people . . . worsf faulf is beinq a nighfhawk . . . likes corn on fhe cob. LEHNER, ANNA LOUISE Commercial, I yr. Vocafional Sweef and amiable . . . claims quife a knack af embroidery . . . peaches and cream complexion . . . one of fhe few frusfy women drivers . . . an ardenf 4-H member. LOOSE, THEODORE EUGENE Vocafional- "Ted" Ted sfrives fo follow Ben Franklin's foofsfeps in fhe field of elecfricify . . . claims never a quief momenf . . . chums wifh Jerry . . . a chicken dinner can safisfy him . . . pleasanf. LUCAS. ANNA BELLE Vocafional Home Ec. Chorus I, 2: I-Iome Ec. Club I, 2. Characlerized by her blonde hair and pleasing smile, Andy busfles around fhe I-Iome Ec. Room . . . a cerfain alumnus claims her spare momenfs . . . nice Io know . . . fashions a foofball sweafer. f' ' is I is ' elrlfl l LUCA,S, ROBEEIQHEIL Q iqpc' we Foo 33 B I all I, 2, 35 Falcon' 3: Track 2 ' ' ' ss ffi 3 i , Lafin Club I, ' er . f . . 1 urn ,wif G eba . . Jlys r orfcake . . . i6?LIs?9?f:Qew I . . . aspire f I fhrouqh life happily . . . beaufiful eyes . . . claimsf sf fagif is eafinq foo much . . . made a hif af Sprucefe e 'rkyresides over The senior class . . . one of fhe miqh even. 've I LEWIS, SAMUEL W., JR. Vocafional-Machine Band I, 2, 3. One of our vocafional-machine shop boys . . . was affracfed by fhe posfer "Join fhe Navy" . . . if seems Bellwood appeals Io Sam . . . cufe and friendly . . . flashes a pleasing smile . . , makes model airplanes his hobby. LONGWELL. BETTY LOUISE Alpha I, 2: Spokesman I, 2: Band 23 Mixed Chorus 2: Dramafic Club 2: Lafin Club I. Leff her Alma Mafer for Juniata Colleqe in her senior year . . . achieved fame in orafory . . . fall and loquacious . . . hopes fo charm a iury in fhe fufure. LYTLE, WILLIAM ANDREW Academic "Bill" Baskefball Manaqer I, 2, 33 Chorus I, 2, 33 Dramafic Club 27 Track Manaqer 2, 31 I-li-Y 2. Aspires fo be an asfrophysicisf . . . offen seen wifh Max . . . feeds on "I-lush Puppies" . . . likes fo fish . . . a whiz in science. MAGILL, JOANNE OLIVE Academic Alpha 2, 3, Chorus lg Cheerleadinq Ig Lafin Club I. Small and vivacious , . . likes fo whisfle af people . . . ham- burqers and french fries are her hearf's desire . . . dislikes wreckless drivers . . . plans fo enfer fhe nursing field. MARKEL, MARGARET LOUISE Vocafional "Marqie" Margie finds fun in mosf fhinqs . . . claims her worsf fauli fo be iusf plain sleepinq . . . has quife a fime drivinq . . . aspires fo be a fypisf . . . chums with Ann and Pal . . . drools over ice cream. egg V... r ' ,Y i M eva" ., r . c ,Q-51, we 4 .M as - I .- fs ,ff A-ss p 31 whit 'f fi .. ' Q. fav? . r.-. is -. .,ff,hi-' i' at .. V 1 .' ,' -Ml. -- K W ,, , , , MARTIN, DAVID W. Academic "Daffodils" Football I, 2, 3: Basketball I, 2, 3, Chorus I3Track I, 2, 3. Chemistry and physics made Dave famous in high school . . . takes care of his friends at the barber shop . . . known to the gang as "Daffodils" ...shy smile... rugged member of the tootball and basketball squad. MCCOY, DONALD L. Academic "Don" Football I, 2, 3. Known to the qirls as the class walt . . . blonde, daring, and devilish , . . mischievous eyes . . . makes friends easily . . . one of our Golden Eaqles . . . usually found with the gang. McKINNEY, BETTY ARLENE Academic "Bam" Alpha I, 2, 3: Spokesman I, 2, 35 Chorus I, 2, 3, Art Club 3: Dramatic Club 2, 35 Home Ec. Club 3: Latin Club I. Another Warriors Mark fan . . . "Bam" claims a hidden talent in oil paintinq . . . can be seen "cowboying" her dad's car . . . enioys beating up Bob in her spare moments . . . nice looking. MILLS, HELEN L. Commercial Gamma 2, 3: Chorus 2. Comes summer, she obtains a lucious tan . . . a good athlete . . . dislikes snobby people . , . claims roller skatinq her hobby . . . hopes to brighten up an ofhce in the future . . . loads of fun. MOIST, JOYCE ARLENE Commercial Alpha I, 2, 3: Chorus I, 21 Cheerleading 2, 3, Dramatic Club 2. 3: Falcon 3. Likes hamburgers . . . never on time . . . usually found with Arlene . . . one of our advertisers . . . wants to fly an airplane. MILLER, BETTY JANE Academic Gamma I, 2, 3, Spokesman 35 Chorus I: Art Club 3: Dramatic Club 2, 31 Latin Club I, 2. Employed by the Puritan Cleaners . . . winning smile . . . quite often seen with Wilma . . . aspires to be a temperature taker . . . makes history her pet peeve . . . enioys collecting post cards. MILLER, JAMES FRED Vocational "Jim" Wrestlinq I, 2, 3: Craftsman Club I, 2. 3. Jim claims his best chum to be the Northwood qanq , , , bashful and quiet in presence of girls . . . hates to get up early . . . hopes to be a machinist . . . made himself famous as ianitor. MILLER, PATRICIA ELAINE General "Pat" Gamma 2, 31 Chorus l. Pat chooses the unusual hobby of raising dogs . . . qiddy girls irk her . . . she admits her worst fault to be losing thinqs . . . in the future Pat hopes to use her sweet smile in the riursing field. MOORE RICHARD MORRISON Academic "Porky" Football I, 2, 35 Track I. Porky's ambition is iust to grow six inches taller . . . every- body's friend . . . usually seen with G. E .... makes frequent trips to Hillcrest-calls Elizabeth his buddy . . . a sturdy guard of our mighty eleven. MORELLO, PATSY Academic "Pats" Falcon 3: Latin Club I. , One of our time editors . . . hates to get up in the morning . . . pals with Kenny and George . . . puts in time at the theater . . . likes ham sandwiches. ,., 1. as "' U' L I . if I ' :if I: M ' L t1 f 4 +554 , , KK ,K , . I , :T H ASK I I 'I T MZ? ' 1 A A ,V y. ,Lx Q .A I C X 5 ,, fi Q. 5 2 s if Jfll' Q er TT "" if rf f . J . TEES? NIXON, JANET MARIE Commercial PARSONS, WILLIAM JOSEPH VocaTional "Bill" Gamma 2, 3: Spokesman 2, 3: Chorus 2: DramaTic Club 3. CFGTTSVTIGVI Club I. 2. 3- A ralher shy commercial sTudenT . , . possesses a sweeT speak- Bill Only aspires TO CJGT OUT oT school . . . enioys immensely ing voice . . . chums wiTh The Birmingham crowd . . . enioys iusT running around . . . qeTs quiTe peeved over The girls horseback ridinq and Tennis . . . easy To geT along wiTh Trom Janesville . Bill admiTs his worsT TauIT To be going . . .worries over The finances oT The Gamma. OVSF The UWOUHTGIU. NOEL, KENNETH VocaTionaI "Kenny" FooTbaIl I, 2, 3: BaskeTball I, 2: Track I. GeTs quiTe peeved over The IlTh grade play boys . . . The gridiron made him Tamous . . . qoodlooking . . . The marines are his ambiTion , . . one oT Those carefree, happy go lucky PAVLIC, JOSEPH M. Vocafional "Jon" WresTlinq 2, 3: CraTTsman Club I, 2, 3. The Navy is wailing Tor shy Joe . . . indulges in apple pie . . . lives Trom one hunTinq season To The oTher . . . very guys . . . known To his buddies as "Baldy" . . . Took inTeresT . . . . .. . :,, our head Cheerleader. Tew guys claim his curly hair. . . claims a devilish smile. PETERS, JONATHAN BENJAMIN Academic REED. ELLEN G. " Commercial FooTball l, 2, 3: BaskeTbaIl I, 2, 3: ConcerT Band I, 2, 3: Alpha I. 2. 375DOI1SSmGf1 I. 2. 3i ChOFUf'I. 22 FGICOH 3. Chorus I, 2, 3: Track I, 2, 3. A very eTTicienT TypisT who will please some lucky employer STiIl looking Tor an ambiTion . . , rides in sTyle in a sleek- Wllh hel' Oufsfdndinq BIDIIIIIY and fed hal' - - - POSSGSSOI' of 0 lined Sfudebaker . . . buddies wiTh Freddy . , . car-crazy winninq SODVGVIO voice - A - U5U0IIY 'HCCOUWPGVIIBCI by MOFQY girls annoy him . . , has quiTe a voice Tor crooning . . . looks - A - W0VlhY TVSGSUVGV OI Ihe Alpha - - - MVS- IZIOWGI' N-BIIS dashing in a TooTball uniform. K, Tir-sT onAjTier 'IisT oT Teachers. PRICE, NANCY J. Academic "Irish" ',JEE ER" QSEAUN I Academic ' "Q ' " Marching Band 3: ConcerT Band I, 2, 3: Chorus l, 2, 3: "1 ,, A ,- , 2, gyspdke md I 2 32 Margbi1gLHQLd, DramaTic Club 2, 3: LaTin Club I. . JL., C , Bad' 'I:, 2,.f?I-jioldusziifzr ji Chee Ietzeimyi Nicknamed "Irish" . . . Tor 3 years has been a member of The XII, ,DFd,lU9CI,iL.QIUb Er 3-r' VI f?I'U'IbI-H ,. ' AIToona Civic Symphony . . . her violin made her Tamo, ' I 'ETIperT carToonisyKJ. r-QSSSSBGG hylhfv-'ThEjI'QQfIX1H.uQ,4Y . . . aspires To be a concerT arTisT . . . keeps well-qroo Y0f1r'.II'br49T'I .I . can fnak The sT qr ch mile . . . boys hair. -'simpIyVddn'T ascinaTe her . . ays a T l od Time REA, SHIRLEY JEAN Academic . . . krrOWn'To all as " har' ' ' Alpha I, 2, 3: Spokesman I, 2, 3: DramaTic Club 3: Home ROBINSON, DA ID I ' "Dave" Ec. Club 3: LaTin Club I. FooTbaIl I, : k I ' Loyal supporTer oT Warriors Mark . . . good adverTiser Tor Always ready Tohqo Ti Q . a claims his worsl' Rea and Derick's . . . charTed member of S. oT S.L.A .... TaulT is keepi awa ro irls . . morous and wiTTy naughTy buT nice . . . knows how To handle her man . . . . buddies NWN . Xi"maIces picTures his claims a cuTe giggle. hohhi' 'Q A ' S , fb v' , . N ig f Wt. ,. is 1 Eff. I I ' ' ieifif' ff! , Q . I I , ,A A -1 I , I ' ' Y If R 3' I I 1' 'Q i ll ,ie Q1 W X ' 7 f is Ay? 1' if F, , . V gr eg'-,.., 4 , X 4-3 X ROMANO, JOHN C. VocaTional Foofball I, 2, 3: Baskefball I, 2, 3: Track I, 2, 3. Chums wiTh Lee GeTz . . . a flaT-Tooled aThleTe . . . is quiTe an arTisT . . . always handy in helping his dad mix cemenf . . . wanls To become a pilot . . . nice looking. ROMANO, LEONARD PETER VocaTional "Honey" Leonard claims The unusual nickname of "Honey" . . . "Honey" can'T sland snoopy kids . . . member QT The shop gang , . . sfrives To be a mechanic in The near TuTure . . . chums wilh Jerry Mills. SCORDO, JOSEPH JOHN "Joe" Foolball I, 2, 3: BaskeTball I, 2: CraTTsman Club 3: Track I, 2, 3. One oT The speed demons on our gridiron . . . admiTs his hearT's desire is in Alloona . . . flashes an aTTracTive smile . . .claims his Chevy To be his pride and ioy . . . nice To know. SIMONDALE, PHYLLIS MAXINE Commercial Likes hoT dogs collecls icTures a reaT ar uer' . . . p . . . q q . . . wanTs To be an office worker . . . quieT . . . preTTy eyes. SIMPAROSA, BEATRICE LUCILLE Commercial "Bea" Alpha I, 2, 3: Spokesman I, 2: Falcon 3: Chorus I, 2. PeTiTe, preTTy and picTure-sque characTerize Bea . . . noT easily TlusTered . . . her TuTure remains a quesTion mark . . . peeved by lazy people . . . easy To geT along wiTh . . . Tun. SELLERS, LOUIS RONALD VocaTional "Jughead" WresTlinq I. Employed by The Acklin Jewelry Co .... known To his friends as "Jughead" . . . claims The sole ambiTion of owning his own gas sTaTion . . . sluck-up girls are his pei peeve. SHELLENBERGER, ROBT. LEE VocaTionalfElecTrcial "Bob" Band I, 2, 3: OrchesTra I, 2, 3. Tyrone's own Harry James, Tor he cerTainly blows a sweeT Trumpef . . . seems quile seTTled when PaT's around . . . keeps ouT of Trouble . . . quiTe fond of ice cream . . . never seems To be in a rush. SHUEY, MARGARET JOYCE Academic "Peggy" Gamma I, 2, 33 DramaTic Club 3: Home Ec, Cluq 3. Presides over The Gamma . . . loves ice cream . . . wanTs To be a nurse . . . chums wiTh Knufe . . . collecfs iewelry . . . girls ThaT TorgeT Gamma meefings peeve her . . . worsT faulf is ealinq Too much. SIMS, ROBERT B. VocaTional "Bob" CraTTsman Club 2, 3. Possesses a shy buf cute qrin . . . wifh his masculine build. he'll sTrive To Till The posiTion ol a sTaTe policeman . . . Bob claims girls are his pei peeve . . . raTes sporfs as his hobby. SKELTON, DELMAR C. VocaTional-Eleclrician "Goonie" Band I, 2, 3: OrchesTra 3: Track I: School PaTroI 2, 3. Goonie is a qreaT lover of roller-skaTing . . . qeTs all wrapped up in his Tavorile dish, spagheTTi . . . loyal member of The band . . . a Triendly Tellow . . . belongs To The group who dislike giggling girls. Il? ' 'Q ., ml., F ggi 5,4.i'.A, . .12 e g I .J egi ws I I is SNYDER, W. RICHARD Vocalional "Dick" SPICER, PATRICIA MARLENE Academic "Pai" Wanfs 'fo be a pninler . . . chums wlih Harold I-liichings Alpha I, 2, 3: Chorus I, 2, 3: Cheerleading I, 2, 3, . . . likes chocolafe malls . . . has a hobby of roller skaiing Lalin Club I. - - - peeved bY "q0lf-I diggers" . . . works for The Herald Heads 'rhe cheerleaders . . . quief? . . . nice 'Io know . . . . . . a greaf gum chewer. worries foo much . . . usually found with Joan . . . waiting for X someone peeves her . . . likes french fries . . . pre'H'y eyes SX , . . . likes io dance . . . lulure is undecided . . . fall and dark. ' ,AA4 A K SPRIGGS, A. RICHARD, JR. Academic "Dick" ,ij-'ei' Foolball I, 2, 3: Wreslling manager 2, 3: Spokesman Sl LD G PA ICIA JOS H E Ace emic "Pai" I, 2, 3: Track I, 2, 3. I'f :"IiV' am 2, Dr fic lu 3: ' in C I. Anofher of The barbershop union boys . . . made fame as ' Co in 'Io fr Ih s of ndi a In claims Ihal' sporis ediior of fhe Spokesman . . . Irouble comes easy fo Q Q a en? in Ia . . I disl - a soda ierkess Dick . . . iolly and good-nafured . . . mischievous . . . claims Cf' uh um er . esse i a gi - gab . . .loads of quife a knack at feafure wrifing . . . one of fhe Golden , , ln. yy Eagles. 5 1,I9.f""f. ' SPYKER, ERNEST E. Vocalional "Ernie" STATES, FRANCES ANNE Academic "Red" Foolball I: Wresflinq 2. Alpha l, 2, 3: Spokesman I, 2, 3: Chorus I, 2, 3: Cheer- Travels The way with the Wesi End gang . . . peeved by siuck leading Ig Dramafic Club I, 2, 33 Laiin Club I: Vice- up girls . . . quiel' . . . leeds on spaghefli . . . would like Presidenl of Youih Cenler 3. 'ro be a machinisl . . . hares Io gel up. One of our fine edifors . . . believes in Ihe "Good Neighbor Policy" . . . popular . . . a brain . . . usually 'found wifh Nancy . . . likes Io "fickle" The ivories . , . peeved by com- STANLEY, PATRICIA ANN Commercial "Pai" plaining people . . . heads Ihe Alpha . . . aspires Io be a Alpha I, 2, 3: Spokesman 2, 3: Maioreffe 2, 3: Chorus physical Iherapisl . . . 'Iemper fo malch her hair. I, 2: Cheerleading I: Conceri Band 2, 3: Library Sialf 2. One of our high-sleppin' maiorefles . . . will make some STEEL, PATRICIA C. Commercial "Puffy" lucky employer an afiracfive secrefary . . . Thinks going Always eafing fornaloes . . . "Oh, boy!" . . . chums wirh sfeady is ideal as long as i'I's Bob . . . a charming blonde Beffy . . . collecls slamps . . . wanfs fo be a secrelary . . . . . . always willing Io favor someone. quiei . . . pleasing personalily. ' STEVER, SARA KATHRYN Academic "SIinky" STARR, ARDITH JEAN Academic "Slinky" Alpha I, 2, 3: Chorus I, 2: Home Ec. Club 3. Gamma I, 2, 3: Chorus I, 2: Library Sfaff 3, Sells candy for Gardner's . . . likes french fries . . . neaf Talkafive . . . eafs spaghelii . . . usually found wilh Shirley dresser . . . seen quile offen wifh Don . . . likes 'ro argue A , . . . likes to square dance . . . good sense of humor. . . . aspires fo be a nurse . . . giddy girls peeve her. ri . ,H 'g,,a,, y , I , I WR 3, 5 T mr: .f1i.3l5f. A I I L j -Q ' I I , , , 5 A I A cis, .L c ,f .ri I f . a' '--' NH Q- s 1 .f Q' Zhu. X- ei STEWART, GEORGE H. Academic I-li-Y 2: Youfh Cenfer Treas. 2, 3: Spokesman 2, 3: Falcon 3: Marching Band I, 2, 3: Concerl Band I, 2, 3: Lalin Club I. George acquired renown as Edifor-in-Chief ol lhe Falcon . . . gained oulslandinq success in phofography . . . as Treasurer, George worries over finances ol lhe Youlh Cenler . . . comical on fhe sidelines. STROHM, NANCY JAYNE Academic Alpha I, 2, 3: Spokesman I, 2, 3: Chorus I, 2, 3: Arl Club I: Dramalic Club 2, 3: Home Ec. Club 3: Library Slall I: Lalin Club I. Known fo her friends as "Slupelyinq SIrohm" . . . always ready wilh and lor a joke . . . very allraclive 'ro a cerlain alumnus . , . charter member of the S. of S.L.A .... devilish eyes. STRUBLE, WILMA IRENE Academic "Bill" Gamma 2, 3: Arl Club I: Dramalic Club 3: Lalin Club I, 2. Answers Io "Bill" . . . likes Io sleep lale . . , wanls Io be a lab Technician , . . reads in her spare lime . . . eals apples . . . has a pleasant voice. THOMAS, ELEANOR MAE Academic Alpha I, 2, 3: Spokesman l, 2, 3: Chorus I, 2, 3: Dra- matic Club I, 2, 3: Home Ec. Club 3: Library Sfalf 3: Lalin Club I. Aspires Io be a nurse . . . small . . . prefers cocoanul cream pie... has a habil ol laughing loo much... one of lhe Easl End gang. THOMAS, JACK A. Academic "Fuzzy" Foolball I, 2. 3. Lonqs fo finish school . . . always ealinq . . . chums wilh Don . . . dislikes sludyinq . . . pleasing personalily . . . nice. SUMMERS, HOWARD G. Academic Foolball I, 2, 3: Band I, 2, 3, Chums wlih Dud . . . always ealing . . . prelly eyes . . . school peeves him . . . eals ice cream and cake by lhe qobs . . . wanls lo be an eleclrician . . . one of fhe mighly eleven. "Big Howd" r SUMMERS, MARJORIE MARIE Commercial Pals wilh Pal and Ellie . . . hails from lhe Easl End . . . feeds on hor dogs and french fries . . . quiel . , . nice disposition. THOMAS. BETTY MAY Academic Alpha I, 2, 3: Spokesman I, 2: Falcon 3: Chorus I, 2, 3: Cheerleading l: Dramafic Club 2, 3: Lalin Club I. I-Ier 'Friends address her as "TanIaIizinq Thomas" . . . charler member of lhe S. ol S.L.A .... inilialed bangs in lhe T.I-l.S. spofliqhl . . . arlislic and devilish . . . expressive eyebrows . . . claims an unusual imaqinalion. I y 1, , , ffl .iff I N , VIH THOMAS,l MKRYc,g:I if , A l ' , I General AI - ' ' ' I I 'I, 2, 3, orud I, Nfl Club 3, Home Ec.!CIub 3. b u cafclyel . . . brinqlsllrade Io Ihe Tyyrone Sloraqe . . . fl oh! oljiln ancj lconverfribles . . . every! il as nice as she appealsl. . 5 flak s Iileps il comes . . . made Rayslown famous . . . has afcufe- giggle. ' TRIMBLE, DOLORES JEAN Commercial "Louie" Spokesman 2, 3: Maiorelle 2, 3: Chorus I. 2, 3: Cheer- leading l: Library Slall I, 2: Senior Play 3. Pilols fhe Sludebaker . . . homework peeves her . . , wanls Io prove lhal all men lie . . . chums wilh Dana Mae . . . Molhe-r's chili rales . . . one of our snappy maiorelles. A., for v ,riff .,.4 . .1-:-:fy 4 .' . fluff pr y eff? W, p ,,.. Bill' 1 . Q ,. 5 I? Wi s gy gyiiifi 1 3 3 u I 'S "' X I . I l ' 1 5 4. iii J, 5. ,,,.N.,.t . wif." D 'ws V' s f - ,L ,L, . Y K . . - ' I if fx V. gi if r , . f - iw, 352' f... I .:1-2:5 'ff . iw x . .Eff gi. -.,.. ' I SK I I "ft-iisi, I , 4 5 ys .ff UMHOLTZ, PEGGY Academic "Peggy" Gamma 2, 35 Spokesman I, 2, 3: Art Club I: Dramatic Club I, 2, 3: Home Ec. Club I: Latin Club I, 2, 33 - Social Chairman of Youth Center 2. Poetess . . . ierks sodas tor McLanahan's . . . pals with "Stinky" . . . mannerless boys peeve her . . . has a temper . . . aspires to be a nurse. WAGNER, MARGARET LOUISE Vocational "Peggy" Alpha I, 2, 3, Spokesman I: Chorus I, 2, 3: Art Club 31 Home Ec. Club I, 2, 35 Library Statt 3. Employed at Lugg and Edmonds . . . who cracked their chewing gum? . . . best triend is Joanne Laughlin . . . is a qlutton tor meat-ball sandwiches . . . always seen with "Chink" . . . pretty eyes. ikgx ' ex ,J ,XJ KJ 'w 'Tsxix flyVEQSHL1YIREQN3lX It s Academic Jinney TP" r' he eshj 3 Falcon3 Cho QQ is a -I 2515 k FI, 2, I I FUS . 'a4XX :'geerle.hfmq I, 2, 3gXDl'amatic Club 2, 3, Latin , b I. X, -3 A' gfxttraxcts patrogiiltobihebllyilsin Tneater .. ..... takes her 5 ool Qsermisly . . - st a nice looking as she appears :E hrslsfiaodiwigri fx. f Spruce Creek her summer gs., mate X. swwvsarcjemet-Iss ., .W N .Q . WESTOVER, CALVIN Vocational "Cal" Wants to be a machinist . . . chums with "Scrut'l" . . . cigarette bums peeve him . . . stays out late . . . quiet??? . . . likes any kind ot pie . . . puts in time at Esber's. WILSON, JOSEPH DUDLEY Academic "Dud" Concert Band 2, 3: Marching Band I, 2, 3. Is iust as good lookinq as his picture appears . . . known as Ted Feller's riqht-hand man . . . beats a wicked drum . . . tashions a crewcut . . . boasts his own transportation. WAITE, GERALD LEE Vocational "Jerry" Wants to be an electrician . . . best triend is Ted Loose . . . dislikes getting up in the morning . . . collects stamps . . . eats french tries and hamburgers by the gobs . . . quiet . . wide awake in science? WAITE, THEODORE RICHARD Academic "Tad" Football I. 25 Basketball I: Chorus I: Track I, 2, 3. Travels the way with the qang . . . likes milk shakes . . . makes model airplanes and boats . . . claims worst leult is oversleeping . . .- works as a grease monkey . . . sophisticated females peeve him . . . wants to be a mechanic. WILSON, GEORGE C., III Academic "Gel COO" Footbal I, 2, 37 Basketball I, 2, 3: Spokesman I: Falcon 35 Track 31 l'Ii-Y 2. "Gee Cee" claims a cultivated hobby ot girls . . . an all- around sportster . . . never gets out ot trouble . . . easily excited . . . visits his harem by means ot a ieep . . . can put up a good argument. WILSON. GEORGE EDWIN Academic "G. E." Football I, 2, 3. Tall, dark, and qoodlooking . . . one of the mighty eleven . . . trequently seen with "Porky" . . . pilots the family Packard . . . Frances Anne rates as his number one buddy . . . blessed with curly hair. WILSON, GLENNA JEAN Academic "BucIlie" Alpha I, 2, 3: Drum Maiorette 33 Chorus I: Cheerlead- inq I3 Dramatic Club I, 2, 3: Home Ec. Club 3. Loves to write letters . . . pretty blonde hair . . . our lirst female drum maiorette . . . is a glutton tor sauer kraut . . . usually seen with Patty Benton . . . conceited people peeve her . . . hails from Eleventh Street . . . hopes to be a nurse. -N1 V' xt WISER, DORA LOUISE Comrneicial NSIIOFIYU im X Gamma I, 2, 3, Spokesman l, 2, 33 Chorus l, 2. Would lille Io lravel . . . qellinq up early peeves her . . . lilies ihipped slealc sandwiches . , . Chums wilh Calherine. Pal and I-lelen . . . small . . . neaI.,.lemper1o maleh her .' ...quiel??? , , . a qreal gum chewer. WOOMER, RICHARD Vocational "Dick" Wnnls lo be a mechanic . . . pals wilh Den . , , eals french ' Irics . . . peeyed by "snoopy kids" . . , slays ou? lale. WOODRING, JOYCE RUTH Academic Apha l, Y, 3, Spokesman I, 2, 35 Chorus I, 2, 3: Dramalic ' Cub 31 Home Ee Cub 3, Library Slall I, Lalin Cub l. A qu-al Lonyersalionalisl . . . lilnes a colleqiale Qhap . . . Chnilorc-d member of lhe S. of S.L,A ..,, vlvacious, friendly, and Cullured . . .,shorl, darlx, and darinq . . . claims a cule way of wrinlnlinq her nose. YARNELL, CLARISSA JEAN Academic "CIarsey" , Alpha I, 7, 35 Spokesman I, Y, 3: Falcon 3, Chorus Q I, 7, 3: Dramalir Club 2, 31 Lalin Club I. fy' A qrviil lallcer,..pi1oIsIIieieep... chums wilh Arlene and ,,,. .luyur . , . homework peeves her , . . puls in lime al Mc- Im 'V' X' Croiy's . . . fall and dark . , . neat dresser . . . aspires Io a L X, Ive fi nurse . , . pleasinq personalily . . . always chewing ' mlm , . . lrenih Iries rale. YAUDES, ERNEST H. Vocalional "Ernie" Relurned vcleran , , . qradualinq under lhe GED, les? . . . Impivs Io own his own business . . . inleresled in Iearinq lhinqs capfirl . . . always lhere when Ihere's Irouble . . . Chums amiind with his "Chevy" . . . employed al fhe Paper Mill. YEE, JEAN General Chorus I, 2: Arl Club I. Wiaruls Io he a business inlerpreler . . . basl fhum, Bea . . . chiilien chow mein pleases her rnosl , , . peeved by home- wprlc , . , helps her ialher wilh lhe laundry business . . . pri-lly Illinli Ilcllf. ZIMMERMAN, RONALD Vecalional "Zimm" Basliellnnll I, 7, 33 Traflc 7, 3. Pals wilh ,lim . . . silly qiils peeve him . . . always Iendinq money . . . cgollecls class rinqs . . . wanls lo ioin lhe Navy . . . Iilces harnlourqgis, SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Firsf row: B. Lucas Ipresidenll, L. Sellers Ivice-presidenll, P. Spicer Isecrelaryl, J. Moisl Ifreasurerl. Second row: Mr. Kerr Ideanl, R. Reeder Isocial chairmnnl, R. Kennedy Isocial chairmanl, Mr. Hilchens Icleanl. Silk' ,mn 5-J ls? .sg Known +o everyone are Frances and Bob Umm, nice! Tha+'s Hue besf builf irio of fhe senior class, Kenny, Pai, and Gene S www NNW. s Johnny and Frances are Iusi beaming N wifh personalify Janei and Kenny are fhe sfars in fha w.,,,.1 .. sv-""""s ,f-rw" in i N-.A , :Ab A h A 1? uf Ab f ., .h I ig' if . W , .V . You can couni on Mary ' ' c and Gene io be your dear- Y ' ' . es? fnends ' I G. C. and Peggy have become for fheir flirfing abilify The senior class has chosen George and Elizabeth as lhe fwo mos? likely 'ro suc- ceed ,.mf.,N.gu-wvlw' TW 1 3 famous Jean and Dicln are always sporling fhe lalesf sfyles K KWX O ,. X Experls al "culling a rug" are Fred and Roseann e 1 L Hollywood sfars have nolhi own Jinney and Bob Widen fhe lens, Jinney and G. C. are abouf fo smile! N il + -tina- ng on our -l ,' , ' if?-52if',s slum Wwffmw Qfvwfff, WW Wi? wi Mi Wi n 3- W Q ff QXSQXAAH My fgpwrkm IOQRE 0 ,ff EX, ff 2 Qgsjyl , ll! M223 I -ylfhwf Q xv IEEE -QQTQM. A 2 M ff wwf wi i vii QW! uw ,x f f 'fi QGQLW fl41g,1iA5'5'Mf"J"f E W 1 xg ijglylryji Mhmw f' ,nw Him gm! WQWP ' ' ff X f L73-M..Jc57 TMA DNN QI.:-4g.C-U-5'-0N"'N CW? gg,Z,,,g XDWQ- if imma 415 Wfz, , "I M J-VF f I wax., w-1 K 1 xg , ' ,I - x f-ffl Q V Q . A U fi 1- 1' 'x , z '- , N gi H X k A I Q gADmw . fS1H L 'wngu ! f'X + Q , ., W51 ff' QQS 1 Z X , 1 ' 1'-, P 4 ' V C Z ffl ? QE ff '- K IXMX, W K3 1 f L 1, J, ly X X ,f fl S : Qxer, " l q 2 gf , . , A iff g A,-5' ' !i ,u fl I ' 4 1 A 1 1 - , Q , f - V--D . 'Nfl SCHOOL BOARD Leff fo righiz Mr. Hilderbrend, Mr. Heberling, Mr. Hicles fsecrefaryl, Mr. Glass fpresidenfl, Mr. gl" DR. NORMAN MILLER Superinfendenf of Schools "DIRECTORS MR. N. GRANT HIXSON Principal Laughlin Qvice-presidsnfl, Mr. Sfsel, Mr. Woodrmg. Dr. Miller. Wm'-'- ,fmx 'WX 'Nr- IN FOCUS" 'W' X SECRETARIES Mrs. Barr, Mrs. Hoover, Mrs. Varner, Miss Hicks. ummm WW" ., 'Y . 1 l . 1 1 , V 1 1 1 1 V hi' i ,f ff! ff J ,M ,- COMMERCIAL AND FOREIGN LANGUAGE Sealed: Miss Eble, Mrs. German. Sland- ing: Mrs. Hower, Miss Hemminger. ..T,,f l I THE SCIENCE AND MATHEMATICS Sealed: Mr. Sfover, Miss Wilson, Miss Cornmesser, Mr. Laporfe. Sfanding: Mr. Hifchens, Mr. Schell, Mr. Merlmel. VOCATIONAL Sealed: Mr. Corbin, Mr. Thomas. Sland- ing: Mr. Gwin, Mr. Moore ldireciorl, Mr. Baird. PRODUCERS ENGLISH Seeded: Miss Dauglwerfy, Miss MacDoweii Miss Moore. Sfanding: Miss Lafshaw Mr. Kerr, Miss Johnsion. SOCIAL STUDIES Seefedz Mr. Winger, Mr. Kimmel, Mr. McCloskey. Sfanding: Mr. Sionebraler, Miss Crawford. vw .1.g .7t: , Zff,'Q-zfaAz.A,f' ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL AND GUIDANCE Miss Cornmesser, Mr. Kerr. MUSIC. HOME ECONOMICS, LIBRARIAN AND ART Seafed: Miss Woomer, Miss Burgef, Mrs. Wagner. Shading: Mrs. Hower, Mr. Bowman, Miss Cramer, Inof piciuredl Miss Maloy. 2' 1. A . IX' I 4, '44 Q . m 1 x ,f px r R . 'fs f X I 0 - f fu X + Wg A, as I7 .Xb L, X Y ,gwva Q.-51 Y.:'k'ff.' JA . ,,,,- "A1f',s- 'n-13, .P- 8 Wei .wr , ,3 - ui... Q ma. 44254, ,jx e f C I L- ,.. A -Q -f u m Q .,,-4 ' if A FIRST R flll by Firsf row- A M Griswald My G s Lyl19nsL2ll:. Pawn, H. align? arpsier C Hand E Alyare l L l gi arps-hefxw w S con A TS H , . , . 1, . 4 , . up ' ' r B. low: J. Anderson, C. Hand, R. Ga ay H.l MQQPAS, RNC? e J. n so I I i : M, o if PFK n J il V H e V H r Bo an, A. Burlrelf, M. Grove, urq rd dx son . man, K, Barqer, M, DelBaq , o e , , . , u G Gro ourlh row: S. Krider, D. Flosller, E. Kil1pr+i i a well H.'Adams, . An elo, N. Bressler, S. Cowher, L. Hous r, R : Q . Cli l w T. Feller, E. Crolcheclc, G. Gaulf, T. Laughlin, T. Gil R. rp r, . L q, D Lewis, G. Crist, W. Hilchinqs, E. Lehman, C. Caldwel. Si r : G. fsoclr R. Dillon, C. Burns, D. Fink, F. Gurelmovich, R. Barr, J Fish . Jumonsy . rl, . . LU sscomo mzgdvl T . Firsf row- A Rulherlord J Wolf , J. Wlisoni R. Nearhool, J. Thomas, D. Pallo? W. Turnoauoh, J. Sfonabrlalcer, Sprdnlclmff. Pago, W. Woomer, J, Snyderf Thomas, J. Updylne. Sp 'nd rg : Oiwiclc, M, choch, J. Weslley, B,RaYi M Spranlcle, M. Piper, Sf olfe,,'Mf wi, Mfgdcler, M. Quarry, M. Mbifnqla, J d H M Miller Osborne, F. Marshab J'1irUrowVJ, esllew . Richar son, . . 1 A. Taylor, E. Paf?on4iM,Werl1,J,Wlk, G. Marlnle, M. Robinson, Giimlerlbgfqer E, Wolfe. Fou fmow: Schoon aker, J. Williams, D. McCahan, D. M. Roberjs R. Spauldinq, R dll Vmannino, F. Snyder, H. Moore, R. Spachi. Fiffh :bw D. McFarland,iJ. Millei J.JvfcCahan. W. Waile, J. Sleelh, L. Miller, R. Whren G. Mills, C. Widney. Silt! row: W. Ranclc, E. Palermo, R. Reese,'il.xSmiTh, R Reeder, D. Sweifzer, E. Reese, N. Sheppard. .- N Q J 11' ...- Qi Dru Z gli' - W F! rmsr enour l r la , . Loi ,' H. Kloss,'R. Cannislraci, P. Branfner, J. Gibbons C. urlca, , D. Lucas, P. Adams, A. Krider. Second row: B LuqaI,iN. H,o pei, wali,"M. Houck, J. Kinqsfon, E. Buclc, S. Frain 6lLQl?Qon llR?Le pm, Hou M. Davidson, F. Adams. Third row: G. Ecl: gfofliy . Giilamxi. Cf ienl M. J. Bayer, J. Hammond, P. Briggs. L. Hollo l bavqlw, L. I bril r, P. arlowe, M. Harpsler, J. Bulferbauqh. Fourflw row I I, Harfq, Bylmor C. Cr' , J. Conaqhan, C. Boyd, S. Hammer, S. Edward, D ,f u 'rms J F. dies, ii-jfxiisfiqiii. Fam. ww: Q. Henry, P. Gillam, H. Carson, M Cl s on, .lllinkg . Lewis. Sixfh row: D. Holls, D. Herrinqlon, H. Edmonds, F Ggler,jFiyyr, D, Inqram, F. Guflsliall, J. Kelly. Sevenfh row: M. Gvefz, F l Leliner, J. Ll er, B. Glwerrily. , ,i is SOPHOMORES of SECOND GROUP Firsl row: C. Slmullz, D. Riqqlemen, J. Miller, A. Zanglwi, A. McKinney D. J. Snyder, J. Waile, E. M. Rudy, T. Romano, H. Reeder, B. J Simms. Second row: M. Minericli S. Pallerson, E. Wes+ward, Y. Miller, N. Wood- rinq, D. J. Waiie, J. Williams, J. Wolfe, B. Rilinq, L. Parsons, M. McKinney Third row: S, Cannisfraci, J. Simondale, M. E. Thomas, P. Russell, M. A. Miller P, Mannino, D. Mcl'luqli, M. Woomer, S. McMullen, A. Snyder, T. Smillw. Fourlh row: G. Owens, J. Woodrinq, D. Ray, J. Meredillw, J. Ray, R. G-ill, R Williams, D. Wilder, P. Fisher, B. Miller, M. Slwolslalwl, D. Wilson. Flffh row: D, Myers, S. Parker, R. Waile. J. Goss F. Slwuqarfs, G. Eyer, B. Anderson, S Wesfbroolr, R. McEwen, L. Kobuclm, R. Iddinqs. -IHA!-I GROUP I Firsi row: M. Snyder, D, Drye, G. Harpsler, J. Bonsell, M. Diclcson, I.. Brallon, M. Wagner, M. Delwiler, H. Hughes, S, Gvoheen, F, Boyd. Second row: D. Houclc, J. Heberling, P. Lucas, L. Nixon, P. McMullen J. Anderson, P. Waile, E. Brobeclc, B. Bonsell, J. Irvin, L. Gummo, J. Guisler. Third row: R. Anderson H. Hamer, J. Iraci, J. Brady, H. Andrews, J. Keilh, J. Edwards, J. Everharl, B. Calderwood, J. Calver D. Miller, J. Aslccrall, N. Gibson. Fourfh row: B. McLaughlin, J. Smifh, B. Sfever, D. Slroup, W Hand, Cr. Gwin, T. Harper, B. Lucas, J. Hoffman, R. Buclc, T. Cupp, H. Duey, B. Diehl. Fiflh row: K. Hannah, B. Hunler, S. Mallery, C. Hunler, J. Branler, M. Gelz. Sixfh row: D. Hippensleel, E Fasiclr, N. Amrnerman, C. Duey, M. Bowman, S. Rolhroclc, P. Morrissey, L. Harler, A. Trimble, D Whifney, S. Levy, J. Holly, R. Knepp, R, Lilfle, G. Shullz. Sevenih row: R. Frilzpalriclc, D. Barreff D. Miller, A. Wilson, J. Kelly, J. Higgens, C. Rolhroclc, B. Waile, M. Hampfon, M. Mannino, J Smilh, J. Ray, P. Price, E. Aulls, F. Crisl, C. De Long, E. Longobaclcer, T. Barr. I NINTH GRADE Firsf Row: M. Marshall, D. Miller, K. Shildl, K. Sfonebralzer, A. Lender, L. Ranch, S. Woomer, S. Seeds, J. Simparosa, K. Pafricln, R. Fochl, D, Weaver, P. Mannino, N. Eflers. Second row: S. Weslon, M Weslley, A. Rodgers, M. Friday, M. Oslraslry, P. Ivlannino, E. Cowher, S. A. Cupp, A, Daylon, A Tiplon, N. Meredilh, B. Walk. Third Row: H. Wolfe, R. Woomer, A. Miller, H. Sfroup, D. Snyder E. Hall, S. Erneigh, C, Reese, M. E. Turman, H. Houser, H. Phillips, J. Irvin, B. Dixson, M. Diclcson Fourfh row: M. Pallo, C. Friday, B. Wallr, R. Neil, D. Marrow, J. Cannislraci, J. Flemming, J. Gill J, Slever, B. Rodgers, D. Keilh, D. Diehl, L. Rigglernan, D. Snyder. Fiflh row: J, Slarr, B. Pannebalcer M. Sawyer, F. Loose, B. Zang, R. Hilderbrand, J. Panasifi, B. Everharl, D. Diehl, J. Brenneman, B. Wall: R. Elder, L. Hamplon, G. Balchler, R. Spranlcle, R. Leach, J. Woomer, O. Wallr, I I Firsl 5 R sly '13 R' GROUP l rvin, J. Schock, E Franchio J Bayer M H l . , . , . amp on, M. Kienzle, R. Hosband, D. Morrissey, D. Hallbriller. Second row: B. Haslinqs, S. Slever B Harper J Teere B Rh' ,X Q. , . , . rs, . inesmidr, M. J. Hixson, C. B. Dauqherly, R. Slroup. Third row: J. Caffarelli, B. Sollenberqer, Goheen, , L. Goss, J. Kessinqer, M. Johnson, M. lddinq, C. Dixson, N. John- T. Hunler. Fourfh row: N. Cox, S, Herlf, E. Hoover, T. Miller, L. Bonsell. G. Aulls, E. Yeager. N. . Cambridqe, B. Shenelell. Fifth row: J. Waple, R. Robinson, G. Hewifl. R, Woomer, R. Reeder, D. Rhine, L. Carper, R. Pelers. GROUP ll Firsf row: A. Sprankle, A. Consenfino, H. Hamer, J. Bressler, S. Sliver, J. Davis, A. Shollenberqer, J. A McCall, J. Miller, S. Lewis, C. Garland, N. Boffeicher, B. Albriqhf, J. Devine. Second row: L. Grey, u J. Wolfe, D. Cherry, J. Lewis, J. Hall, A. Cowher, B. Greer, J. Gill, E. Lyboll, M. Smilh, C. Closson, M B. Rulherford. Third row: P. Snyder, R. Hunfer, J. Hippensfeel, P. G-razier, N. l-land. B. Hunfer, G. O'Rourke, F. Zanqhi, B. Emeiqe, K. Snyder, P. Thompson, A. Bryon, M. Kirkpatrick, J. Yarnell, S. McNeil. Fourfh row: C. Hicks, J. Bayer, C. Beamer, A. Burkef, J. Sfales, P. Lykens, B. Sionebraker, R. Slonebraker, D. Smifh, P. Shroyer, R. McCahan. Fiflh row: R. Kobuck, W. Owens, J. Woomer, C. Moullan, W. Thomas, F. Slafes, D. Cherry, C. Hoover, A. Cowher, R. Crusf, R. Sellers, F. Fasick, E. Frazier, J. Saylor, C. Walk, K. Chronisler, D. Hand, J. Saylor, S. Sfryker. A "M, V-s Hx R 5 -vm N MCNMD Q l """""' ""l .fr' L1 l '13 wig 681214 v--'lk GROUP l Firsl row: R. l-lunler, J. Zerbe, J. Meclnes, M. Sleel, B. Kessler, P. Sclioonmalcer, A. Fausl, J. Newlin, J. Marlin, , Buck, l-laupl, D. Miller. Second row: R. Reeder, R. M. Jermino, S. lrvin, V, Slarzesliy . Ray, E. i er, S. Gisler, P, Waple, C. Briggs, G. Adams, J. Eyer. Third row: R. Albriql'-il, T. Wilre on ral: r, M, Werlz, R. Bailey, A. Lonqenbaclier, P. Keilh, A. Slwroyer, B. Walk, B. Jones . o n, S. Hooper, C. Weslbroolc. Fourfh row: K. Wasson, R. Slever, J, Boal, R. Frifzpalricli B. , S. Kr der, M. Mills, l-l. lewis, J. Mayer, D. Price, D. Davis, A. Heberling, J. Tlwomcs, D. Buck l . SEVENTH GRADE GROUP ll Firsl row: M. Burford, R. A. Rodgers, M. l-leqedus, M. Fry, V. Pallon, M. Hiclis, M. Hale, C. Hamp- lon, R. A. Faqley, G. Keller, S. Reeder, M. A. Fousf, S. Keilli. Second row: J. Beasfon, H. Clirisfolic G. Damico, S. Beschler, W. Sweifzer, R. Wilson, D. Leliner, A. Rodqers, W. Fosler, l. Fink, F. Travis James. C. Mills, C. Zindel. Fourfh row: E. J. Weslley, B. Gilliam, R. Sliellon, D. Wilson, M. Shinqler N, Morello, P. Wrye, J. Richardson, R. Welle, E. Sloner. Fifth row: W. Saylor, F. Woodrinq, C i Friday, B. Davis, l-l. lsenberg, A. Sliollenberqer, R. Woomer, W. Liqlwf, J. Bonsell, G. Miller, E. Gill R. Golden, R. Cupp, C. Walfers. Sixih row: C. Roberfson, R, Edwards, M. Chrisfine, K. Chronisfer S, Pallersori. L Third row: M. Franlz, R. Moisl, T. Huff, M. A. Snyder, D. Marfin, B. Allen, M. Moore, A. Bryan, J ..L.- SIZE Qs., had 'iTI.lDENT FIETIVITIEE A f e1'I 1 ,. O X, Nw - f f" C' , f I ' Ill l :Q HV' f Q f 1 , ' cs gf 5 ' '11 Q J 17 H -1":z::ag::'1:1iiasiiaif g ' V! T 12 ' ' iz.. ol , A U x --- 4' 1 I X ,E 1 L A I.: I n 5-AJ11 Kfnn - l'l. ' C Try Befiy Timoma s expfains a pic+ure io Paisy and Jinney as George looks o is figuring ihe finances and Frances see ' n. Joan ms highly amused by fha? pidure. BeHy displays her arf 'I Arlene and Roseann ou 5 l 1 RN r ofher expert ariids. ov 1 u p offs rf. I 4 -9' s riser i B U vs- . xr as n 3- X1 X I' , , is SCRIPT WRlTERS" underclassmen our supporling cas'r. We seniors realize fhai we were noi always seasoned acfors. When +he 'raleni scouis from various grade schools sen? us fo 'rhis big sludio, we were insignificanf lii"rle exlras. As The reel slarled, we developed info 'rhe class we are Today and, as 'rhe climax of our drama is reached, we bring you The I949 Falcon. Fred Hob and G C sfar nn both foot Kenny Jean Joyce Janef, and Peggy Beafrice, Ellen, and Peffy do if so easy bel end beslcefbell so nafurally +hey who missed fhe puchnel represenfed They are our experf fypisfs were our sporfs edifors fhe Felcon by selling edverfising. kJ fi -5523.4 , wlvi - is .N X sw :asks VT LsQ'fS?.+? A 5 I ass: - .-wel' E' 4 'Q ,Q 3. 'QTQQ FQX Q 1 CX ffifw f" x A --seg ' L Y x sg wg f s , vas? Last Snturrluy niuhi ri Weiner - V l ' p A .Am c Y I he Spokesman VOLUME 37 NO. 3 TYRONE, PA, WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 24, 1948 W 10 CYNTS A COPY Tri Hi Y Amiins CP ' CTEPHEN JAC05'5 Vicrgmoug EAGLES Eagles Overcome Slglll uumc tv '. All 1948 Opposition To Win Top Honors Pivrtt-f multi v - . Q4 l-iiliw' .vuuin lmw uttni- ln Lu' mmm, ' 'Ivoire Gaiden l-Jnalvf Thr- it-nun. 'ff if: v'r'.v.'n Y nr--'i1. rm-in-X vi-un Cum of eleven games. luts run up me .1-4 rfllwi winning streak Hx tvcvrny- .mn mrle nvcr period of ihrev yn-urs, I. tying the district rvrorrl. wlurli. in- 'N lull-nxlllx, un, mills, n-' "l'xrun-- U . .incl -ll! .1 The Spokesman advertising sl ff lr lr nfii. ti - . d C ' . l" " adv Bc in . 1 erhsmg manager 9 with the ls-we Q. r iv 1 ' Pils- ll Karl ini-iiri.-. t.r-m-up i., mum.. f-W, ,Hmm Y- rwlh Sm-l. John l'r-lets. I-'red Humor. , ,., Curt' tf'nmS. .xml llusi tru lwiiw. u'-- llm Connell Sta-pin-xx Jnrnbs. uhm, Wm mm, M MFI, W ' i Um -y, :men img-tr-f. minuii mrpr-f. i.-r- um. Tix ,lj V K' f""""A T yrfrm. Runmi mu-rf. .nmpn sm-flu, Tiuinmt 3 F Pflflfl 1' fulfil 4 "'lfl"'ll"" rr. Assistant lou-h Merit- ntirnrhrakvr. Am. C+'nlr.il C,uunlll's lflllllllvl will .hrhn Xlillrmls, vlalnlv- Zimilll, Rlrlmrrl llillpvn Wlwlill lil 'l-4' T ll 5 lfhlllll 'H'-1' HU inuio. Kmun-in Jzxnws. .uw-1 llulhr-riortl. lxfmm nm-ri llxru ww- plum-Pri iw 'iw 1947 llllf ' ... 4-L fa .n.u1uzr'r: :ind llnnzilil Nlillrr. sopluunnri- nnnmes-r. uhm -i 1-I ilu, pjglglly. if ily- 1."..,1,-e ' I ,akcnz ,,.,.nvs lunno-u. senior mzirmgvr .mil Rolwrt Kulrlwv-ll. I cppmn- :him Main my 5-'.l ,i,.,ql3 .ul lfli Pri. , 'l.i- uulrl' lv. lx: KYlllll.l S'll.l:l" xi. nun mul.. 1 4 tw- lfi -in Hin.-.rw ul 'ul . ll1.fuiilul" 'l'lv liwfrx :uni tru n.i.ly uv nrt l"i-ll,AX i-rl nm. lllliit ut w.'li iv' Many Plecises Audiences 'l'lu- Girls' Ikisvmrnn- nus bwininr- .t xirx i-upulur uwuiimiinu in :ln ' lu:-Ev -rin-ul. inning in nf. vrvilll .l tv' I'w'.' l'li1livlll.' lvllrvll-.1 lv: l,4 Mir. Tm-inlrlv uiwu. Yu 1 ll WMA r Nlllllt Allllll' " ln n shvrl Milk. l-ilirn vm-ri nu- mir pantry. in nn- 'an iii-v it .- ,im . . lnrvl nunxliilx' ul iin'1n:1iunl- 'hue Im' lillr- '.'Clil'. funn- vlu' gnlv tim nnpmrnnce in llur Pennsylrzinln Vwvk nssunbly. whvri- they snug: slush vvnr popular Reprcsenlalives From lx ' . vi lziifm ns "Winter Wuiulrrrlnnrlq nun . M Th . -V 4 '- r-una HQ e editors and d . - ber 1 Q visor making U HI pm, 1 . P 5 Pd Per :nun Q5 iluls- RL-v. Buckle Sym E H , V 'ha' girls ulxxut the huxlmlintt ul at l'i'li ll.llx r'Ix.il'.ivlrl', nllvl lin' umlflr- :unnles nllnrdt-d by the clubs ln do 'hi-.. The acilrnui :md beautiful C-u-.un - lizllit Sr-rriri' Wiki Culltllwlvxl lm Frrmcws Stairs, Alplni Pri'-l.lvul 'Ihr' Cnmlltlnlcs for mr-n1l.:vr'lin- mu li ix-nruiz fl czmdlv. pi-nnnfru tu - , ft .l 1: num tin-.1 'rn nw-'wllwl -liurtunxulxilts, lfl rlewlnp it flrurzit ull-rnunfl lil l ll null funn Chris t -i nlnlri. lfl' I1 tarlum at dt-voted ln!! ol both Wild r, mais, will prrscnt one oi the most outstanding canlne acts.now belon- --- ...lurid '-- --- nm, Wull: Alone. ' - . thc 'Tri-Hi-Y induction ecrmnuuy. udrlf-d to that salt-uni fum unprwf ure uc-muton Their wxidxlnui ul "I Pledge Ailvyzlmlcc lu My Flux" :ultl 'lluzs is My c.,unuy', :uf-nine tin- pntrlntisrn uf ilu- suidvnl bully in ilu- mxnunl Armisllrv Dru Ameri- cnnlsm nrozrnm. Tlu'vu nl the :urls from the oriscmhlc were cliwen to who-so songs at the Rotary Club ru-i-umr rr-cenily They wer' Don- l Jtnnlwixilr Bc-xc x Lum! and Plitn 'Yhnu iillll-ed un Bulirrl Qcwn tn o thelr Silly' N.. 'tnd the nvolved wlth held the umm 'l'yrone'5 future and the or the world depend solely upon the A -.. rs.. manic. lm In When thu zuvscmblii f the cox Rita Arm B C ra x rr express. Qpokcsixilaxx Alter :x Nlr. Scott was ns pas: expert-more in 'ni and cxprcss- for highly ciilritell today. pane write-rs found ln the sectional nufci- 4100 until 4:45. The thc' ditierent groups - Martha Edmonds: Umlxultz and Sports 'Thomas Rrprcsentmives sclmols izuve nnd dlscus-sed pntn Y 1 making ei suc- r-n L 0l'l'll Glllil Hilti the schools were discussed cms ol ear, from Mr. Scott were very welcomed. Fnllowlnp a dinner served by Miss Bur-gett's Home Economics Mildred Club. the convention was cllmaxed b ' n 8 entertainment, held in the lurn. The program consisted of vor: sluts, an . Hollldaymurg High School will be host to the spring convention of the assoclatlori. s n auditor l and instrumental wins, d imperwnauoru --ummm. LOCK Hx-il 'VOD Q... Pups will ri-'u'uu in tin- r-.i . -.rin Alu-ntil' 'urn-n-rv nr Alu- 'ix ...nun r ,,.,,,- dt the . .rnlsticc lik. luuty ago :uid recalled the horrors of World War II. The program was concluded hx' thc' slriglng of the Alma Mmer. gn'- rornpnnled by the Tyrone High School Band. U nlolcl Varied Activities The ml mom will mon lu- llw siti- ot busy Ari Club nwuilu-rs workin.: on Christmas riimjmts Cirrus :uid unit prmelts lime ulrwuly lu-nun State Heolth Agent Durinu the Thnnksgziving runn- inwn. tht- Youth Cvntvr will upzxxin ln' uziyly clcrm'.ilrrl. .uul the Alplut girls will take :wer lui' ri. iinnco. "'l'odny's ymith must. indeed, he -- mentnlly nwruw. nl.v.1v uns lwlrl by ilu- Allahu Tri- the s . us ,mlm Hi-Y nt the Boy Scout Camp. near riwee Typlsls ef Work OI1 'lhC Co tive Ol the Vall- an a PY rtmeut .ts The newly-m'i:n1u1.ed Leaders' Club ie d. lend by Mr, o . o , ,,,, ,, . arm-mon ls a girls' orgnnlzntion lormed of from each school was pres- Bgenxbue, gn me gynmnsgumq Nu. gym virus girls who wlll help ln the nt nt the panel table. where prob- vembeq- 12, organization and li-nchlng of gym Dr. Caldwell declared that the-sc objectives of the Boy Scout Pledge should be applied to the life of every Amerlean youth. He plead that his audience, as representa- tives of the future cltlzenshlp of Tyrone, would regard good health as the highest lttainahle ldenl ln life. Emphulzlnl the necessity that every student adopt for himself za derlnlw set at health precautions. Dr. Caldwell claimed that the tndl- vlduol must now. of nll times. rec- oqnllt health as the moot vita-l re- quisite of B. happy llie. ' """"l1 mme tl! TYTCHC Hllh classes. Their assistance vllll also be used for intramural games and outside-school activities, Member- shlp ln the club will giiln points lor the glrl's award at the end of the year. Leaders may be recognlud by their small pins. The Dnmntlcs Club will present their mst play. 'The Moon Keeps Shlnlng", Deremher 8. At their November meetlns the Llbrury Club decided to hold o Chrlstms-A pany, December lo. Georslpnnn lclrwih will tab! tb! lead ln the Latin Club's drunatln- uon. which wlll he presented nt. 5 --flu! meeting. This club hu poli- - ,. .M ...nw "REFLECTING NEWS OF We locus our camera Tor a minuTe on our school paper and iTs T h l work Tor unTirinq edilors and sTaTT. Days oT energeTic a Ter-sc oo Tho ediTors, The TaculTy advisors, and The members OT The sTaTT pre- ceded each publicaTion oT ll-TE SPGKESMAN. O Th, da fs belore each issue, ElizabeTh, MarTha, Peggy, Dick, n e y and Miss LaTshaw could be Tound working Teverishly To meeT The T d To deadlines. MaTTers oTTen seemed hopeless as They aTTemp e shape The iiq-saw puzzle oT prooTs inTo a newspaper. Probably more Than once They exercised desperaTe eTTorTs in qeTTing assignmenTs in on Time. As news ediTor, MarTha accomplished an exceedingly well-done job in coverinq The span oT evenTs This year. More Than once, Peggy, as TeaTure ediTor, broughT To liqhT The liTTle incidenTs ThaT consTiTuTe i' school liTe And cerTainly worThy oT praise are Dick and Eddie ou . who did such a noTable job as sporTs' ediTors. WiTh a bumper crop ' ' ' d h T'r'n eTTorTs oi ideas from The ediTors and Their reporTers, an T e un i i g oT The adverTisers and TypisTs, The Spokesman was broughT To you. ' l El' b Th, The ediTor- We, The class oT 49, wanT To conqraTu aTe iza e in-chieT and her sTaTTg Tor, as The Spokesman enTered our hands, we T T' T T'on. always experienced a sense o sa is ac i SPOKESMAN STAFF FirsT row: E, lliainas, P. UmholTz, E. Gillam, M. Edmonds, J. Woodrinq, E, Reed, J Williams R. Spriqqs. Second row: G. STewarT, J. M. ladarola, M. Thomas, , , Kicnzle, A. layloi, A. Miller, B. Abrams, M. WerTz, S, Rea, J. l-Taqq, D. McCahan, 6, Riilmrdsoii, Third row: F, STaTes, P. Briqqs, C. HunTer, B. Gillarn, G. EckroTh, U. Wisixr, R, Re-oder, J. Piper S WesTley, B. Brown, N. Bressler, S. WolTe, R. Sw.-wiht, Fourfh row: J, Yarnell, A. McKinney, E. Thomas, Miss LaTshaw, B. Miller, ' J N' S T Irvin J Gibbons, P, Stanley. FiTTh row: N. STrohm, M. Bowman, . axon, C. , . Baronnor, J. Osborne, Mrs. T-Tower, T, Kobak. THE DAY" 5 N- .x . 'QQ .N I M -A 9 fi-if' RT l X f T24 :s,+ilfis,'1"'lhT?f-:"'f 'KSA MSR L N Ur 4 ,, Jane Cupp Pafly Slanley Delores Trimble Joan Kingsfon Phyllis Kooken "AT THE HOLLYWOOD BOWL" BAND Firsl row: P. l-laverslein, G, Wilson. Second row: C. Widney, R. Neil, G. Hewill R. Spranlxle, E. Ellenberqer. Third row: J. Gill, P. Adams, J. Cupp, J. l-leberlinq, J, Kelly, M. Miller, J. Kinqslon, P. Koolcen, D. Trimble, P. Slanley. Fourfh row D. Wilson, B. Gherrily, C. Rolhroclc. J. Yarnell, D, Derr, Fifth row: D. Wilder, H Wolfe, J. Boal, B. l-laslinqs, L. Cower, B, McLaughlin, J. Gwin, G. Owens, D Waile, M. Sawyer, D. Wilson, C, Pallerson, A. Lewis, N. Price, D. Mol-luqh, J Smilh, F. Crisl, C. DeLong, B, Kennedy, S. Lewis. Sixlh row: D. Slcellon, B. McKee B. Woomer, P. Ward, A. Sline, B. Albriqhl, B. l-lilchinqs, F. Giles, A. Burlcell J, Bowman, G. Garlner, J, Snyder, J. Panaselfi, M. Werlz, R. Reeder, V. Hoover G. Richardson, I-l. Myers. Sevenlh row: B. Shellenberqer, G. Slewarf, M. Shof- slal, J. Tonlcey, B. Miller, D. Hallz. F. Diehl, J. Eshbauqh, J. Gull, D. Diehl, J Anderson, l-l. Edmonds, J. Gill, R. Nearhool, D. Bonsell, D. Burlcelf, S. l-lomer B. Dewey, M. Grove, F. Gullshall. L 571 'W .. 1 4 .X - ' w-f.f.a?'. .,, , C' P ' ' " l ll, ,409 'wk 'Bw ix KSA Q V eo-h lie' wx-T565 : c fi 'dm ,Q ,4 A X Q' S 'I ,- EQ' Q , jf --1-suis, 5' ,,. 1 Ma,-Y Ann Miller Joyce Heberling Janei Gill Peggy Adams JOYCS KSHY f 4" X v, , ,f . nfl , 'fl' .Nl "A LITTLE SCREEN SPICE" Q The B feam was fighf were , n :fs return fwm N 0 greet 14,8 f 'x 1 if E. 6 N .5 ,' D K lu ew York, oofbdfl P'-4 E 9, I LX 'X-.0 l 4 ,J Paify Haversiine Pfdtffce fnalreg go fo me Held. perfecfxfhe Band "WY +0 W1 ' X tl .Ting hi Q E E gf- M .E '4"' , J' A E ,,, .,E8..E,,,E,.M.,...w- I . . v Ei, A , NFB? xg QJL 'vxj -t A 4345.3 -,V .- - X if -T . ff" l'X 'NS- "LYRICS BY ----- " f..- W, -1""Tf'rL.-1 .11 LIT L1 3 ,4- ,- .9. , . 'I' .2 Jf',ly1liJ' ll ,..f-J QQJLZ GIRLS' CHORUS Firsf row: G. Eclirorh, J. Fasiclr, D. Sell, A. Taylor, B. Gillam, M. Kienzle, M. Miller, A, Zanghi, P. Russell, Miss Maloy Idireciorl, Second row: J. Hammond, N. Woodrinq, P. Adams, B. Lucas, F. Adams, N. Hooper, J. Williams, M. E. Thomas, J. H ff N. ' o man, Lewis, M. Berkman, J. Bufferbaugh. soig Lori Til-IE CINEMA" ,IX 'lj f II' I N , Firsl ro . J. eeler, Ri gag? Sicond row: D. Burl: Hy E. adschkr, Q I1 .iIy, D. Wilder, M. Shof ahl, B. LyIIeNJ.l nyder, D. Spranlrle. Third row: . Burgoon,NH. Edmonds, D. Williams J Bowman, B. Garlner, S. Edwards, J. Beschlerl, Ti Laughlin, Miss Maloy Idirecrorl. Fourih row: C. Hand, R. Spaulding, N. Price, D. Geiz, A. Miller, ,.,.i...x.. . -I P""'11"" I MIXED CHORUS R. Reeder, D. Trimble, S. Wolfe, P, Wagner, M. Piper, G. Richardson M Edmonds J Bufierbau h. . - - - Q Fifih row: M. Werfz, I. Laird, P. Neil, D. Roberfs M W + E AI . er z, . varez, A. McKinney, J. Yarnell, J Laughlin, V. Welsh, P. Spicer, N. Sirohm, B. Thomas F. Slafes, J. Woodring, E. Thomas. ,mtglgii gf- rm ' 'V --A-A I I 'CQ' .11 J. LIGHTS LOW, MUSIC SWEET" "STAGE MANAGERS" GIRLS' ENSEMBLE Seated: J. Buiierbaugh In pianol, M. Thomas, N. Hooper, P. Briggs. Sfending: M. Davidson, D. Waife, G. Eckrofh, E. Buck, J. Lucas. J. Kingsfon. The Leaders' CIub parficipaies in Inter-Mural Sporfs and assisis in Physical Educafion cIasses. 'Q Ili lug I I I I I' I I I 1 5 fs II I 'I 4 2 fi --an 'i RED CROSS CHAIRMAN Firsl row: W. Slruble, F. Adams, A. Smill1, M. Weriz, J. J. Wagner, B. Abrams, K. Slonebralrer, R. Foclwl, N. Price. Kingston, J. Piper, D. McCalian, D. Hoover. Second row: Third row: F. Giles, L. Goss, M. Slwingler, J. Davis, B. Bonsell, C Lewis, M. Bowman, C. Hunfer, E. Alvarez, J. Kessinger, Miss Eble, J. Meckes, C. Weslbrooi. "CALLING DR. KILDARE" "HISTORY IN TECHNICOLORH Firsl row: R. Lifile, S. Levy, F. Gufshall, T. Barr. Second row F. Adams, J. Hoffman, D. Miller, M. Dickson, N. Hooper, M. Thomas, G. Ecllrolli, J. Hammond. Third row: S. Hommer, R. Andrews, T. Meredilli, R. Franlz, P. Mennino, C. Slone laralrer, D. McHugli, M. Mannino, J. Higgins. Fourfli row O. Miller, B. Shugaris, J. Rae, J. Smiili, B. Lucas, P. Mannino P. Russell, M. Frain. Fif+h row: P. Mannino, P. Morrisy, F. Crisl, P. Price, C. Duey, D. Houclr, P. Briggs, M. Miller, C. Kienlle. Sixlli row: J. McLauqlilin, B. Miller, C. De Long, M. Trimale, D. Widney, B. Gillam. Sevenllu row: D. Herring- fon, H. Kloss, S. Seeds, S. Rolliroclc, M. Bayer, M. Bowman, J. Holly, S. Mallory. Eiglnh row: E. Pallo, J. Slarr, A. Wilson, D. Slever, P. Ward, M. Sawyer, F. Giles, K. Sliullz, C. Hunler, A. Gvelz, P. Haversfein, J. Gwin, J. Kelly. PI FN 5 rf' fi 4-. - -..ii . A+ 1 Y GAMMA TRI-HI-Y 1 , , .ff f f Firsf row: F. Adams, A. McKinney, P. Bryan, W. Sfruble, R. Spaulding, C. Henry, J. Hamer, J. Hoffman, P. Spaulding, J. Nixon, P. Slwuey, S. Baronner, J. Williams, N. Hooper, A. Sfarr, M. Boyer. Fourilw row: J. Wolf, B. Erneigli, D. J. M. E. Thomas. Second row: C. Burlra, E. M. Rudy, P. Har- Waife, J. Wai+e, P. Miller, D. Gert, L. Hall, V. Mannino, B. lows, M. Harpsier, S. Pafferson, R. Leeper, P. Benfon, N. Harpsfer. Fif+h row: Miss Baiclieler, ,P. Koolxen, M. Werfz, Lewis, M. Barkman. Third row: J. Hollobeuglw, L. Hollobeugh, E. Alvarez, M. Burwell, B. Miller, G. Mariel. "HCLLYWOOD DEBS" any iimmx . V. 4 . .. - ...X A .cw F 3 . 11. I ,Q 1 ,.,. ,... I X i 4 EW, L y M ' S' 2 S " " S ' 'M ii f ,p. H . ' SEM, . QQ ,AQ M,,,,,,fsvf1 47 -X 3--xp' - ALPHA TRI-HI-Y J Furs Ndow: A. Zanghi, N. Woodrinq, J. Hammond, J. Kinqsion Nbams, M. Davidson, J. Gibbons, P. Mannino, M. Miller, cRro+h, M. Del Baggio. Second row: E. Reed, E. Buck riggs, B. Gillam, M. Kienzle, B. Lucas. P. Russell, D uqh, J. Buflerbaugh, M. S. Frain. Third row: D. Roberis, olfe, O. Angelo, G. Wilson, R. Reeder, P. Dayfon, J , H. Adams, B. Schoonmalrer, J. Fasiclr, N. Bressler, B. n, H. Moore, G. Richardson, J. Magill. Fourlh row Y. "PRIDE OF BE l. Laird, M. Werlz, J. Osborne, M. Mingle, E. Thomas, M Siclrler, P. Sianley, J. Gill, J. Laughlin, J. Yarnell, A. McKin ney, J. Wesiley, S. Cowher. Fiffh row: P. Neil, E. PaHon H. Myers, D, Mccahen, M. Piper, V. Hoover, J. Brisbin A. Miller, J. Moisf, A. Taylor, P. Spicer, N. Slrohm, J Kienzle, S. Sfever, F. Sfafes. Sixfli row: S. Rea, J. Haqg B. Thomas, E. Gillam, M. Edmonds, Miss Maloy, Miss John sion, M. ladarola. VERLY HlLLS" Whal if lalres fo be in Alpha! K 1 'xv 1,-.. G 4, ,- ., :gi fi H j gg Q f' . ffwa.-gl. r f .L 'f . 1 3' . .ct sf ,, , ., Ari' W . vu 'P 3535 -1 ' 1 I 11 '56 , x-.Q ,- t-. .... Q fi Q -DL an ffl 36 " i HOME ECONOMICS CLUB Firgihiow: P. Waqner, M. Thomas, E. Thomas, J. Woodrinq, Miss Burkeii iadviserl. Third row: J. Woomer, H. Kerchner, M. Edmpnds, S. Rea, J. Haqg. Second row: M. Quarry, S. J. Harpsier. Ba41QgncQ3P. Si'1ueyv:EA. McKinney, N. Sirohm, G. Wilson, .n X xx QIEWERYSXOUNG GIRL SHOULD MARRY" X N- M jk. J N iw if I N Y' "RESEARCH DEPARTMENT" .V ,J X, .Q LIBRARY STAFF Firsiiroiig B.'J. Rufherford, P. Braniner, J. Gibbons. A. man, M. J. Hixson, B. Kessier, S. Mewlin, B. Abrams, M. Zangiii, .Jivomag J. Teefers, P. Wagner. Second row: Wagner, A. Herberling. J. H4mrQ6nd,J. Hamor, P. Adams, N. Woodrinq, N. Ammer- .'XN X - X I 1 .ull::Q ' 1 , -4,-.F-f ., X I ,,,,,.. sg 2 if The Tri-Hi-Y groups during inifiafions af Qhe Yourh Cenier DEVELOPING J v 1 Our fufure secrefaries pracfice profici- ency af fheir fypewrifers mfg M Special English packs boxes for needy youih overseas during fhe Chrislmas season. 4. I-I1 THE DRAMA ll , Q K .I S. 5: Qpsimw jim The Youfh Cenfer Council wills their acl- visor, Mr. Hoffman, plan for recreafion ,,pv"'-Q, AA liLAll2"!. x x ws. .X C9 af-f 1 I ., 5 , if H Dick Spriggs experimenfs for The Physics class. Senior girls preparing for ll1e fulure 51 F4 I vi '2 "A 0 'J QV v 5 S' if A -Q' 3, - ' ' 1 L Firsf row: E. Reed, D. Bonsell, P. Umholfz, T. Finlr. Second row: B. Lyfle, B. Thomas, P. Shuey, E. Beschler, D. Trimble, K. James, F. Sfales. i Burgoon, for once, isn'1' inferesle Alf" ii 'fi L' r H1 ' I X HOLLYWOOD"--". f DRAMATIC CLUB Firsf roiv: M. Spranlrle, A. McKinney, M. S. Frain, N. Woodring, A Zanghi, H. Smifh, V.- Welsh, J. Kienzle. J. Woodring. Second row G. Richardson, S. Wolfe, D. Trimble, R. Reeder, C. Hand, S. Baronnor R. Spachi, M. E. Thomas, J. Wesfley, P. Benfon, B. Brown, J. Nixon 'N. Bressler, J. Hoffman, N. Price, G. Wilson, M. Edmonds. Third row J. Hammond, N. Sfrohm, P. Russell, M. C. Kienzle, B. Abrams, J. Moisf S. Rea. Fourfh row: A. McKinney, A. Miller, H. Myers, H. Adams J. Cupp, E. Thomas, E, Alvarez, P. Umholfz, A. Taylor. M. Werfz, D Bickle, J. Haqg, M. Shofsfahl. Fifth row: J. Yarnell, P. Spauldinq P. Koolzen, P. Neil, B. Lucas, J. Piper, R. Spaulding, D. Waila, G Eclrroih, P. Briggs, M. Davidson, M. Werlz, F. Domeniclr, J. Kinqslon E. Crofchecll. 'I'-SQ1-I-I-1 -C HI-Y Firsl row: C. Hand, J. Snyder, R. Carper. R. Garlner. Second row J. Bowman, M. Grove, A. Burkelf, A. Rulherford, E. Pallo, M. Shofsfahl E. Burgoon, W. Lyfle, R. Spriggs. Third row: E. Thomas, T. Laughlin J. Sleelh, R. Ruperf. Fourfh row: Mr. Schell ladvisorl, F. Gullshall H. Edmonds, R. Whren. lf "SOCIAL PROMOTERS IN FILMLAND" "VARSITY UNDERSTUDIES" JUNIOR VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Fnrsl row Joanne Snmparosa Georgeanna Eclzrofh Second row: Jean Holly Marulyn Davxdson Thurd row Dolly Wudney Donna Jean Waife. 'Z -WSWS I f ' f ELECTRICAL SHOP Lefl lo riglwfz D. Houser, T. Loose, R. Zimmerman. B. Slwellenberger, G. Waile, J. Lannen, C. Hoover B. Kennedy, D. Slnelfon. "TECHNICIANS ON LOCATION" MACHINE SHOP MACHINE SHOP Lell fo rigl1+: E. Lehman, D. Dillon, Mr. Corbin, Lefl +o righl: T. Diehl, A. Hunler, Mr. Corbin J. Hall, C. Widney, J. Wolfe, J. Miller, L. Miller, K. Noel, E. Spylrer, C. Caldwell, S. Lewis. J. Miller. AUTO SHOP Left lo righl: Mr. Gwin, D. Woomer, R. Garlsriclc, AUTO SHOP Lelf fo right J. Blaslra, D. Snyder, Mr. Gwin, L. Romano, E. Ellenberger, L. Sellers. HCONSTRUCTORS ON THE SET" CARPENTER SHOP CARPENTER SHOP Leffnfo riglwfz D. Allen, B. Grimm, D. DeArmen+, B. Leff lo rigl1'r: B. Sims, J. Pavlic, D, Gilliam, D. Parsons. DeArmen+, B. Parson, 6. Hagg. ? fxl1ELEiy" -0.-5 ywsar'-5-':'l iv ' fl A X. 111 -MA 05-T -,Al DG QQ aug 39' 1 V. vswgx Q 'i PATROL BOYS Firsl row: D. Slielion, G. Eyer, W. Wesfbrooli, B. Myers. Sec- ond row: B. Dickson, B. Thompson, D. Skellon, D. Herringfon, J. Reeder, R. Ruperf, Mr. Laporie ladvisorl. "STUDIO COPS" "PROP CREW" ART CLUB Firsl row: R. Calford, M. Harlowe, B. Kessler, M. Fausi, M Wagner, D. Fifzpalriclr, S. Newlin. Second row: S. Irvin A. Dayfon, J. Irvin, S. A. Boyer, C. Dickson, C. Ruperf Third row: A. Burgei, A. Williams, A. McKinney, B. Brown M. J. Hixson, B. Reinschrnidf. Fourih row: S. Keifh, M Diclison, G. Wilson, P. Benlon, J. Hippensieel, J. Boyer Fiffh row: G. O'Rourlre, F. Zanqlii, W. James, L. Goss, R Hunler, P. Snyder. Sixih row: C. Beamer, J. Sfales, C Clouser, C. Hunfer, L. Slarzesky, R. Bailey. Sevenfh row Miss Cramer ladvisorl, B. Hunler, M. Mennino, J. Higgins K. Shullz. J-' 1. ... sa..- Yi XA WM M Hkh.. ,,.f.nu- "kk"-'-5 ,V i ff f ff ff f nf, U W 1 V , L-,-u 4! f 1 ff 'Wfff5 4, ' ff ff ef, , 1 X ,f ' f f THGHI J! Cv 1 1:54, K ,4- llaf ,fr V iw 'V Uv, , , L" ,... "'H ,ew . Qi , YQ? 5 ,5 , 3' 1 "THE HEIGHTS Coach Sieve Jacobs who leads fha Eagles To vicfory I X E x in 3 Q' - .K l I 'iff' 'fx v' ,f xi --1, ,f 5 , 'l ' I C , Y - 1 Xb I 1 .A M fg Assisfani Coach Merle Sfonebralner -J, 1, lil 1 My W y if- -4fpf,1 " an 1 I I 0 Er 'laliidlb .lw.B"'T!' 84111114 OF STARD.OM" S A Bern Oberly, Irainer of 'Ihe Golden . Air' X? Eagles for Iwenfy-five years We I V B Xl QW We B ,E tv . Y . NX Axpyex 4 QGN 60" . A, 'I 4 4 -XX i J +I , f X HY. I FJ we fe- ' s I '--M I 'Q . . A ,, Assisianf Coach Reid McClosI:ey Q 49, A NQ I-A -1 I JN 'is F ' R l IJ X 'N 4 A K7'1'f , X 4 X' A. ,. l C .J ' ly 1 fuzz. ,, ',,f QI , PX ,-"nn L7 ' V - '92 44 A "T I f , f y , , N17 DQS' nf' Q1 .71 fry, 'I' I' , IDI 1' . x VA f,-'QQ .Lp Is' I, fi X I Af, f -A 1 TYRONE HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL SCHEDULE - t . 1 , . n A J. September IO Bellwood al' Tyrone .,.. I7 Osceola Mills af Tyrone 24 Lewisfown al Tyrone Oclober I Tyrone a+ Alfoona Cailw. 8 DuBois af Tyrone I5 Tyrone al Philipsburg 22 Tyrone al Clearfield 29 Tyrone ai Sfaie College November 5 Lock Haven a+ Tyrone I2 I-Iollidaysburg al Tyrone I9 Tyrone af Jersey Shore VARSITY FOOTBALL SQUAD Firsf row: K. Noel, J. Scordo, G. Hagg, G. E. Wilson, H. Summers, D. Mariin, J. Funk, G. C. Wilson, J. Pefars, R. Moore, B. Lucas, F. Hamor. Second row: E. Pallo, B. Eckert F. Gill, T. Laughlin, D. McCoy, J. Thomas, K. James, R. Spriggs, L. Gefz, J. Romano, E. Reese, R. Hippensfeel, B. Waiie. Third row: R. Elder lmenagerl, J. Lannen lmanegerl, D. Miller lmanagerl, H. Wagner, D. Righfnour, J. Sfone- bralxer, J. Smifh, G. Grove, J. Wasson, R. Carper, D. Mc- Calmen, R. Reeder, G. Gaul? lmanagerl. if 'sauna EFFECT AGENTS" Q arbara Schoonmaker J Q abel Laird N . Joyce MoisT Q, 7 BELLWOOD Tyrone's Golden Eagles sTarTed ouT wiTh a bang as They overpowered Bellwood 32-7, end- ing Their IO-game winning sTreak. Noel Tallied 3 Times for The Eagles. The TirsT score came in The firsT period as Noel crashed Through from I2 yds. ouT, climaxing a 60-yd. drive. The Blue Devils Then seT up a T.D. by passes, and Pickens, Blue Devil back, scored from The 3 yd. line. The Eagles racked up anoTher one as Hamor scored on a reverse. A few minuTes laTer, Noel smashed Through again To Tally his second Touch- down. ln The lasT quarTer, Noel inTercepTed a Picken's pass and wenT The whole way for a T.D. The second Team played The resT of The game. Joe Scordo scampered over Tar The final Touch- down. The Golden Eagle line sTood ouT on defense and offense as They consTanTly sTopped The Blue Devil ground aTTack and opened wide holes in The enemy line which enabled The Eagle backs To score. OSCEOLA The Golden Eagles rolled To a 2510 vicTory over Osceola Mills. The lndians puT up a sTiff baTTle before going down To defeaT under The ll Zi ' XUEQRVW' 7 accurafe passes and hard hiTTing line ges of The Eagles. Early in The game B'o'b Lucas M cepTed an enemy pass and ra yds. To The Osceola 27 yd. line buT could ' Q'Trom There and losT The ball on downs. e Indians couldn'T do a Thing eiTher and icked back. AnoTher exchange of punTs followed and Then The Tyrone offense sTarTed To roll. Lucas and Noel Took Turns carrying The ball and racked up Two firsT downs on The Osceola 20. Lucas Tossed an aerial To Gene T-Tagg on The Ten and l-lagg Took iT over for The firsT T.D. A shorT Time laTer, Hamor Took a Lucas pass and wenT 40 yds. for The second score. In The fourTh quarTer, Bob Lucas inTercepTed anoTher pass and This Time wenT 42 yds. for a Touchdown. The second sTring Took over from here and T-lippensTeel climaxed The scoring as he and Romano Took Turns ToTing The leaTher. LEWISTOWN The Golden Eagles Triumphed over a sfrong PanTher eleven I3-O for Their Third win of The season and also made iT 2l sTraighT over a period of Three seasons. The Eagle linemen played a brillianT defensive game as They sfopped Two Lewisfown aTTacks deep in Tyrone TerriTory. The Eagles scored in The closing minuTes of The firsT halT. The Touchdown was seT up by Lucas's Two passes, one To Noel and The ofher To Hamor, and a I3-yard gain oTf Tackle. Ken Noel plowed over from The oneeyard line afTer The PanThers had been penalized I5 yards. The second Tally came in The fourTh quarTer as Noel, afTer a nice punT reTurn by Lucas, bulled his way over from The 6. The Eagles played heads-up ball The whole game as They sTopped The ground and air aTTacks of The PanThers. ALTOONA CATHOLIC The Eagles Took To The air early in The game To seT down a sfubborn Maurader eleven 27-6. The TirsT score came in The TirsT quarTer as Noel Tossed one To l-lamor who was downed on The AlToona Tive. Two plays laTer l-lamor circled lefT end for The T.D. and Noel converTed The Lucas carries The ball n fl ni ,TP PaTricia Spicer .2 Z . H Virginia Welsh sevenTh poinT. TyroneNTpslPTo The air again as Bob Lucas Tossed a beauTiTul pass To Joe Scordo, who sTepped over Tor The Tally. Noel added The exTra poinT. -AnoTher aerial, Tnlamor To G. E. Wfilsam, accounTed Tor a Touchdown. Noel again spliT The'UprighTs. Noel climaxed a long drive in The TourTh quarTer as he wenT Through a wide gap in The Marauder Torward wall To score sTanding up. The Marauders Then passed To The Tyrone one-yard line and scored Their lone Tally on quarTerback sneak. OuTsTand,ing was The goal line sTand by The Eagle Torward wall. The Marauders had Tour downs To make 2 yards and couldn'T do iT. DuBOlS The Golden Eagles overpowered The DuBois Beavers by The score oT 39-IZ. Tyrone racked up The largesT score oT The season and also had The mosT poinTs scored againsT Them. ATTer being halTed on The one-yard line in The early minuTes, The Eagles Took over again as DuBois punTed immediaTely and .l-lamor, on a reverse, wenT 23 yards Tor The TirsT Touchdown. The Eagles scored Twice in The second period. G. C. Wilson recovered a DuBois Tumble on The Tyrone 35. Lucas passed To Noel Tor 20 yards and hi-T T-lamor wiTh one ThaT was good Tor The T.D. Again Lucas passed To Scordo Tor 20 yards and Then skirTed righ+ end Tor The score. The Beavers scored on a pass aTTer The second halT sTarTed. A Tew minuTes laTer, Noel climaxed a drive by scoring Trom 20 yards ouT. Then Don McCoy, Eagle guard, recovered an enemy Tumble on The DuBois 40. Noel and Lucas carried The ball To The 20 on Two plays and Noel smashed over Trom Their. Carper, Tyrone end, recovered an- oTher DuBois Tumble and Romano ran 25 yards Tor The Tinal score. The Beavers scored Their Tinal TD. on a pass. All 35 Eagle players saw acTion as Tyrone rolled To iTs TourTh vicTory oT The season. PHILIPSBURG Playing a brillianT deTensive game, The Golden Eagles downed a TighTing MounTaineer Mary Delbaggio eleven 7-O beTore a record breaking crowd aT The Philipsburg Memorial Field. The Moun- Taineers were planTed on The Tyrone I6-yard sTripe on The TourTh play oT The game. The Eagle Torward wall held and Tyrone Took over on downs. Early in The Third period The lvlounTai- neers pul' on a drive ThaT carried Them To The Tyrone I2-yard line. Then Jim Funk, pivoT man, leaped up and inTercepTed a Philipsburg pass and Lucas punTed Trom The end zone. WiTh The ball on The Tyrone 30, Philipsburg passed and iT was inTercepTed by Wagner and reTurned To The mid-Tield sTripe. Ken Noel, wiTh TerriTic block- ing, wenT 60 yards Tor The game winning Touch- down, and l-lamor wenT oTT Tackle Tor The exTra poinT. The Golden Eagles held The MounTaineers and had possession on The P-burg 33 as The Tinal whisTle blew. This deTeaT knocked The Moun- Taineers Trom The undeTeaTed ranks. A Tense momenT aT Gray Field CLEARFIELD The Tyrone Golden Eagles made iT seven sTraighT as They Tramped over a TighTing Clear- field Team 20-0. Joe Scordo, Eagle halfback, ran wild as he scored all buT one poinT. The Eagles sTarTed rolling in The second frame as Scordo climaxed a 40-yard drive by skirTing lefT end for The firsT Tally. Scordo scored The sevenfh poinT on The same play. ClearTield's SmiTh fumbled The following kick-off and Johnny Romano' pounced on iT. Noel and Lucas. alTernaTing, carried The ball deep info enemy Terrifory. Noel Threw a pass To Scordo Thaf was good for IO yards and a Touchdownz Noel plowed Through for The exTra poinT. ln The final quarfer, The alerT Eagle Iinemen recovered a Clearfield Tumble. Tyrone drove Towards pay- dirT and Scordo Took a handoff from Noel and romped around end for The final Tally. The second sfringers saw acTion during The second half and sTopped The pass aTTack which The frusTraTed Bisons were forced To use. STATE COLLEGE The Golden Eagles had Things Their own way as They marched over STaTe College 25-O. Tyrone sTarTed off wiTh a bang as G. C. Wilson, Eagle guard, recovered a STaTe fumble on The fiffh play of The game and on The nexT play, Noel ran Through The middle of The sTaTe line for 22 yards and a Touchdown. On The following kickoff a Sfafe back again fumbled and The alerT Tyrone Iinemen recovered on The enemy 3I-yard sfripe. Two plays IaTer, Scordo Took a reverse from l-IippensTeele and raced I7 yards for The Tally. ,Lafer in The second period, Romano. Hippen- sTeele, and Scordo carried The pigskin To The STaTe IO and I-Iippensfeele smashed Through for The TD. I-'lippensTeele received The following STaTe kickoff and almosT wenT The whole way buT was downed on The STaTe 45-yard line. Lucas Then Took HippensTeele's pass and made I I yards To The STaTe 20 where Scordo skirfed The end for The final Touchdown. G. E. Wilson snagged I-IippensTeele's pass for The exTra poinT. The Tyrone defensive looked good as The enemy was forced To punf almosT everyfime They ,goT The ball and couldn'T complefe a pass. LOCK HAVEN Tyrone's Fighfing Eagles sfayed in The win column as They came from behind To overcome a I3 poinT lead and knocked The BobcaTs ouT of The undefeaTed ranks, I4-I3. The Bobcafs IosT no Time in geTTing Their powerful offense rolling. They had banged over for a Touchdown on The TenTh play of The game and added The sevenTh poinT, and a few minufes IaTer infercepfed a Lucas pass and on The nexf play, Snyder. Bobcaf back, wenT 66 yards To paydirT. The ball was Thrown To The grandsfand on The exTra poinT Try. The Eagles came fighfing back as l-IippensTeele Tossed a pass To Hamor, good for 35 years To The Lock Haven 20. Noel Then Took over as he ran 8 yards To The Twelve and Then bulled his way Through for The Touchdown. NoeI's pass To Hagg was good for The exTra poinT. Bob Lucas Tossed a beaufiful pass To G. E. Wilson for a Touchdown To sTarT The second half. and Noel flipped To G. E. Wilson for The all-imporTanT poinT. The Eagle forward wall played a briIIianT game as They consTanTly Threw The enemy backs for losses. A new aTTendance record was seT as over 8,000 people wafched The Two powerhouses baTTIe iT ouT. HOLLIDAYSBURG The Golden Eagles clinched The CenTral CounTies TiTle and made iT IO sTraighT as They walloped T-lollidaysburg 32-6. The TirsT score came Through The air as T-lamor Threw To G. E. Wilson in The end zone, and on The play Moore, Eagle guard, recovered a T-l-burg Tumble and on The nexT play, Lucas slcirTed end Tor 23 yards To The l-T-burg 9. l-lippensTeele brolce Through Tackle and scored sTanding up. Lucas plowed Through Taclcle Tor The exTra poinT. LaTe in The second quarTer, The visiTors Tool: To The air and scored Their lone Tally on a pass Trorn ATrica To O'Brien, l3uT iT Toolc Them Tour downs To do iT because The TighTing Eagle Torward wall reTused To leT Them come Through The line. Finally, on The TourTh down, T-l-burg passed over The cenTer Tor The TD. The second halT Tyrone had The siTuaTion well in hand as Lucas scored Trom The one, aTTer l-lippensTeele had made abouT 20 yards in Two Tries. A Tew minuTes laTer, T-lamor climaxed a 40-yard drive by going over Trom The one. Johnny Romano added The Tinal score as he inTercepTed a l-l-burg pass and scampered 444yards down The sidelines Tor The Touchdown. Kenny Noel f 1 I l l Lucas hicls as Hamor heads inTo The line Mr. Jacobs addresses The sfudenfs af The FooTball Rally honoring The championship Team of I948 "STARS OF TOMORROW" Gene Hogg 11 T .-f' John PeTers ,H G. E. Wilson Howard Summers Dave Marfin we X f t 755: li ' .Qs 1 . - I A we 942 v no . gf:-I ,ig 1 .-, gl' I W K A V Joe Scordo fi .T ii ,ilr r is . I . Ronald Elder, Donald Miller, GranT Gaulf and James Lannen serve as managers dfgp. for The Golden Eagles The Golden Eagles "mix il up a bil" JERSEY SHORE The Tyrone Golden Eagles exTend Their sTring oT vicTories To 29 games and conquered The WesTern Conference Tor The second con- secuTive year. Coach STeve Jacobs' TighTing charges slopped Through The rain and mud Tor a 6-O Triumph over Jersey Shore. Every Eagle did his share oT The worlc To bring abouT The Tyrone vicTory7 in TacT, if iT wouldn'T have been Tor The Tine line play of The Eagle Torward wall, iT would have been a diFferenT sTory. Tyrone wenT righT To worlc aTTer Jersey Shore had Tumbled and Summers, Eagle Taclcle, recovered. l-lamor Took a reverse and carried To The opponenT's I I- yard sTripe. Lucas made 7 yards To The 4 and Noel wenT over Two plays laTer. NeiTher Team did much aTTer ThaT oTTensively because OT lumbles. Eleven seniors played Their lasT game Tor T.l-l.S. and seven more waTched Trom The bench. Q l ' " v-F' If . .5 Q 1 X s -LJ 4 4 John Romano I Kenny James Kg ,. .l Don McCoy Qs 7 r , T 1 ' f f ig If J X , , iff I .ii g I I X 5 fix ix ,5 Dick Spriggs - ig I ,V K v 1 E V ,J Jack Thomas il X W J' N 'lg l "' Mi , - -9 . fin .gg Coach Karl LaPor'Ie. JUNIOR VARSITY SCHEDULE AND SCORES K .li I7 ........,... A+ Juniala Valley Tyrone 23 .... ...... A I Philipsburg .Tyrone 30 al Tyrone Tyrone 6 ..... ,......., A I Bellefonfe .Tyrone I4 al Home Tyrone 2l af Home .Tyrone 28 af Home Tyrone 4 Bellwood .Tyrone 9 al Home Tyrone JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL SQUAD Flrsl row J Woodrmg B Hamor D Rnghinour J Reeder rmglon, R. LiMIe. C. Keillw, D. Neil, J. Everlwarf, T. Barr. G Sllulh P Gel: B Ruporl' L Rmggleman B lsenberg Third row: B. Thomas lmanagerl, J. Slarr, B. Wall, K. Walk. Myers D Phrllups S Weslbroolr R Hagg Second row P Fisher, J. Simondale, F. Allbriglvl, R. Branlner, M. Pallo, L Kobuclr B Shugarls C Irvm J Bryan D Myers D Her J Panasifi, J. Thomas Imanagorl. Does everyone w McCloskey? ani that ball, even Mr. SCHEDULE ec. Clearfield ..,.., Home Open Clearfield ....... Away Hollidaysburg Home Bellwood ........ Away Feb. Playoff Alumni Hunlingclon . Home Bellwood .... Home Belle-fonle .. Home Jan. Alloona Calln. . Home Ml. Union Away Hunlingdon ...... Away Lewislown .....,. Away M12 Union Home Plwilipsburq .. Home Lewlsfown ..,.... Home Alfoona Calh Away I8 Bellefonle ....,.. Away Hollidaysburq ...Away 2I Philipsburq ....,. Away I 1 I I STRAIGHT-SHOOTERS OF THE COURT VW' 'Y Firsf row: 1 B. Eclcerf, VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM Mr. McCloskey lcoacl-nl, H. Wagner, B. Lucas, ond row: J. Snyder, R. Caldwell, R. Zimmerman, D. Marlin, D. F. Hamor, G. C. Wilson, B. Lyfle lmanagerl. Sec- Gillam, R. Carper, G. Owens, C. Caldwell. Lucas, cenTer, Tries a "peep" shoi The record oT The T.l'l.S. BaslceTeers This sea- son has been one oT good sporTsmanship againsT Tine compeTiTors. AlThough our record so Tar has been one oT Three wins and Tive losses, The players all have ThaT TighTing spiriT ThaT excels aT Tyrone High School. In The TirsT Tour games Tyrone spliT a pair oT games wiTh Bellwood and ClearTield. ln The game won Trom Bellwood G. C. Wilson made 25 poinTs To be high scorer. ln The TiTTh game The BaslceTeers losT To A. C. T-l. S. To The Tune oT 38-3I. Traveling To l-lunTingdon our boys again came ouT on The shorT end OT The score. T-laving losT Three games in a row, Tyrone came baclc and Trounced MounT Union 62-27. Lucas and Gillam played well on The deTense and T-Tamor accounTed Tor I3 poinTs. ln The eighlh game oT The season our courTmen losT a hard ToughT baTTle To LewisTown by a 54-5I counT. Reid McCloskey, coach of The Baslreh-:ers Carper and G. C. Wilson affer a re "CAMERA SHOTS" T' bound, as Hamor Tries for e shof Carper iumping for a rebound wifh Eclerf guarding "READY FOR THE OLYMPICS" 'x Q L fx Fx , Q rf. f r ml V Dill a 3 459 N L A 9 44: .-,..... id 'L"""M" y I , .A . 4 W Q Y . . F L 4 ' - 1. A . 2-1 ,f 4 I f Q 9 V ' X. -1--L J. V. BASKETBALL Firsl row: A. Levy, R. Hamor, D. Hippensfeel, D. Miller, B. Baronner. Third row: B. Glierrily, R. Miller, M. Sawyer, F. Pannebalrer, A. Wilson, D. Meyers. Second row: J. Sfarr, Giles, R. Rudy, Mr. McCloskey lcoachl. F. Givler, J. Tonlray, R. Hagg, B. Ruperf, D. Herringfon, T. .51 IE D F? U7 I Y-ins' . . - ,W . llMNf'l35'-"i'f'f. NQT. S . ww.. -- I948 TRACK TEAM Firsi row: H. Wolf, J. Hoover, F. Owens, F. McCaulley, S. Miller, R. Caldwell, D. Marlin, D. Pelers, T. Tale, A. Burkell. Wesibroolr, B. Updylre. Second row: J. Smilh, S. Thomas, C. Caldwell, D. McCal1an, B. Garlner, J. Scordo, B. Lyfle J. Wasson, l.. Miller, B. Lucas, J. Romano, 6. Slevens, P. lmanagerl. Andrews, B. Myers. Third row: Mr. Kimmel lcoachl, G. fr 375' fff' I I TT 1' A 'W L-'Q ig X if el. If 1,4 .' 9' . I i . Q.,-N- 'wg , f 4, L Q' Coach Carl Shollenberger, Curl Hoover gels +I'1e advanfage over Bill Turn OJ' menior of The Mefmen baugh wifh a cross-body ride SCHEDULE Dec. 30 Lewislown ...... .... A way " Il Philipsburg .,.. .... H ome Jan. 7 I-Iollidaysburg ... .... Away " I7 Slale College ,........... ....I-Iome " I4 DuBois ....,,. .... A way " 25 Clearfield ..................... Home " 2l Bellefonle .. .,I-Iome March II-I2 Dislricls af Loclc Haven. " 28 PI'1iIIipsburg .. , .... Away March I8-I9 Slale Ivleel al Lancasler. Feb. 3 Bedford .... ..I-Iome "GROANS FROM STUDIO I" VARSITY WRESTLING Firsf row: J. Slever, R. Williams, B. Wallr, C. Hoover. Sec- J. Miller Imenagerl, B. Myers, F. Long, D. Spriggs Iman- ond row: J. Slonebraier, B. Turnbaugh, T. Fink, G. Hegg. egerl, Mr. Shollenberger Icoachl. B. Waite, J. Bryan, E. Reese. Third row: J. Wesiley, lim Bryan fiaiiens Tom Gill Tom Fink has somefhing io boasf abouf as he pins Gene Hogg wifh a guillofine hold. - J' with a half-nelson body press f ' WRESTLING The Tyrone High Schools wresiling Team goi' fhe i949 season off io a flying siari by winning four siraighi dual meeis by decisive scores. Wifh such veierans as Curr Hoover, Bill Turnbaugh, Torn Einlc, John Slonebralcer, Gene Hagg. Tom Gill, Elwood Reese, and las? year's disiricr champ ar IO3 llo. class, Eddie Burgoon, Coach Shollenberger has hopes for an undefeaied season. Wiih all four vicrories on ihe road, "Shelley's" boys opened againsi a sirong Loclc Haven 'ream which lhey defeaied 25-l2. Ouisianding for ihe grapplers were Einlc and Reese who boih regisiered falls. On December 30, ihe "Grun'r and Groanu Brushing up on pinning combinaiions fo beef DuBois. socieiy iraveled io Lewisiown where They 'thoroughly 'rrounced ihe Panrhers 3246. Reese and Einlc again regisiered falls along wifh Turnbaugh and Smiih. Going io Holliclaysburg on January 7, 'rhe Eagles again reiurned home wiih a 24-I5 win. Elwood Reese gained rhe only fall for ihe locals while Siever, Hoover and Hagg loolced impressive in winning. Traveling io DuBois, ihe Eagles ended iheir road four wirh a 25-I8 viciory. The ailing Burgoon reiurnecl 'ro The line-up and gained The only fall while Sionebralcer and 'rwo newcomers, Jim Bryan and Bill Waire, scored needed poinls. Seniors in baslnefball and wresiling-Kneeling F Humor, G. C. Wilson, D. Gillam, B. Lucas. Sfand Q ' Q 1 .1 J. V. WRESTLING J Firsl row: J. Wolf, R. Woomer, E. Palmer. Second row: leraci, L. Kobuclr, B. Wesfbroolr, E. Fasiclr, G. Gill, Mr. B. Thomas, E. Bonsoll, J. Miller, E. Lehman, R. lclding, C. Slwollenberger lcoachl. Nulfon, G. Gaulf. Third row: C. Dal Baggio, K. Long, J. "UNDERSTUDIES" ing: G. Hagg, C. Hoover, T. Finlr, D. Spriggs Finl: and Hoover display "bridging" feclwnique lmenagerl. WH W V. i 'rw f 's fn , xy.: . '43 1. Q is la' , r. Vx . O 3' l. -Q' Ei. vm- ' v A .. r wlqlt' ai I' S , H N' A iv. W ' K ,s F :, K I Q 2 ' 9 vi I BEEPAX .L. 5 J., A ,h - a,, . y,.Qf ' gf M , EB Compliments of the Tyrone Ministerium "The tear oi the Lord is the beginning oi wisdom: a good under- standing have all they that do his commandments."-Ps. 111210. "Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord: and the people Whom He hath chosen for His own inheritance."-Ps. 33:12. FIRST METHODIST CHURCH Rev. D. Perry Bucke iff FREE METHODIST CHURCH Rev. Howard Duncan if AFRICAN METHODIST CHURCH Rev. A. N. Minney Sir FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH Dr. R. L. Hutchison if SALVATION ARMY Adi. Everett Eccleston 'Ar UNITED BRETHREN CHURCH Rev. Budd Smith if PEN TECOSTAL CHURCH Rev. C. O. Peters YOUNG MEN 'S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION A. I. Hoffman ik' COLUMBIA AVENUE METHODIST CHURCH Rev. Dennis Smith if? CHRISTIAN AND MISSIONARY ALLIANCE G. L. S. Kyper iff METHODIST HOME FOR THE AGED Rev. Samuel Strain ik' TRINITY EPISCOPAL Rev. Walter E. Edwards if CHURCH OF THE BRETHREN Rev. M. I. Weaver Si? FIRST LUTHERAN CHURCH Rev. C. Edgar Koehnlein GRACE BAPTIST CHURCH Rev. W. I-I. Rutherford PROFESSIONAL SERVICES ik E. G. MURCHISCN, MD. ICI-IN A. AYRES, MD. wif ICI-IN M. DOLLAR, CD. sk RICHARD W. STEVER, DDS. RICHARD W. MCCLAIN, DD.S. Sk F. ADELAIDE FARRAND, D.D. FRED C. FARRAND, D.D. 74 Compliments RELIANCE MANUFACTURING CO. TYRUNE PENNSYLVANIA , 0,41 P TENTW COSMETICS WOLF FURNITURE C0 ,PMP 9 fm? HWWM i ,441 ' TYRONE'S NEWEST f cj gd' f MODERN FURNITURE 0 STORE . . sir Rea I.. nc' General Electric iff FOUNTAIN AND SIMMONS BEDDING J HEONETTE sir ' . K b BLACKSTONE WASHERS I if Y KS "WOLF'S ARE FINE PEOPLE Q TO DEAL WITH" HARPSTER CHEVROLET COMPANY SALES - SERVICE First Because It's Finest "For Economical Trcmsportc1tion" COMPLETE LINE OF GENUINE PARTS BUICK GENERAL REPAIRS - TOWING COMPLETE AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE Warriors Mark 910-R-12 MILLER BROTHERS CO. HARDWARE - WALLPAPER H- PAINT - SEEDS BUILDING MATERIALS COAL STOKERS 1008 Pennsylvania Ave. Tyrone, Penna. LESTER'S WORKMEN'S DAVE'S TAILOR SHOP SHQP CLEANING PRESSING oLoTHEs POR WORK AND REPAIRING DRESS "Made To Measure Clothes" Shoes and Rubber Footwear 951 Pennsylvania Avenue 1055 Pennsylvania Avenue TYRONE. PA. Tyrone, Pa. TYRONE HERALD Compliments of COMPANY SAM FORTE SHOE ,ik SERVICE Publisher 1003 Pennsylvania Avenue DAILY HERALD Compliments Si? of EVERYTHING fl and R IN FIRESTONE STORE PRINTING Complete Home and Auto Store ik 1050 Pennsylvania Avenue Phone: 2 Phone: 483 Tyrone, Pa. 77 Here's Wishing You Good Luck from SIMMS' Jewelers Don't Forget a Simms' Diamond Ring for Your Next Step in Life-Your Vtfedding Day S7 ?i ELUEL 20 West 10th Street Tyrone, Pennsylvania ABRAMS CASH HOMER C. THOMAS MARKET 'iff General ii? Insurance ti? 21st Street Columbia Ave. 10 West 11th St. Phone: 457 "Where Buying Is Saving" CMasonic Bldgj BLATCHFORD FURNITURE C0. EVERYTHING FOR THE HOME Home of the PARKLANE Furniture ON THE CORNER ON THE SQUARE TYRONE PENNA. Olympic CITY CAB Athletic Equipment TYRONE' PA' Reconditioners if 9 O 4 O il? W' I Dispatched by Radio '52 Sir SPORUNG GOODS Owned and Operated by East Stroudsburg, Pa. R. W. KINCH Business Training That Qualifies LIFETIME EMPLOYMENT CARL L- FRY SERVICE TO GRADUATES CONTRACTOR AND BUILDER ALTOONA SCHOOL OF COMMERCE 1110 Thirteenth Street 604 WEST 18TH STREET ALTOONA. PA. Phone: 63941 Congratulations to Class o f 1949 from CHICAGO RIVET 8a MACHINE CO. Tyrone, Pennsylvania THE VILLA GILES AUTO BODY AND PAINT SHOP if NEW HEAVY TRUCK FRAME AND AXLE MACHINE GOOD LUCK Wrecked Cars cmd Trucks Rebuilt CLASS OF '49 24-Hour AAA Towing 7? V4 MILE WEST OF TYRONE ROUTE 220 Day Phone: Tyrone 862 Night Phone: Tyrone 769 9 East 10th Street THE WILSON CHEMICAL CO., INC. JACK AND IILL GELATIN DESSERT WILSON CLOVERINE SALVE WILSON COUGH DROPS if Established 1895 iff GEORGE C. WILSON, IR., President 81 FELLER MOTOR COMPANY Sales - PAC KARD - Service GOODRICI-I TIRE DISTRIBUTCDR WILLARD BATTERIES QUAKER STATE OIL AND GASOLIN E Blair Avenue and 10th Street Tyrone. Pa. Phones: 805-R -- 9014 Taste And Be Convinced FRED M. MOORE BREAD CAKE PASTRIES Plumbing and I-Ieatinq KIENZLE'S BAKERY 1010 Logan Ave. Tyrone,Pc:. Phone, 261 Pennsylvania Avenue Tyrone, Pu. il? Rural Gas Company Distributor PENNA. HOTEL if st? Phone: 1322-I I TYRONE. PA. 82 TYRONE NEWS OAKWO0D'S AGENCY SERVICE STATION 'ik vi? We Specicriize WE in DELIVER AUTOMOBILE PAPERS ELECTRIC SERVICE ii? Sk 121 W. Tenth Street Phone: 38-I Tyrone. Pct. TYRONE. PA. LEVIN E BROS. FOR QUALITY CLOTHING 1058 Pennsylvania Avenue FOR QUALITY SHOES FAMILY SHOE STORE 1078 Pennsylvania Avenue J OHN SON'S GARAGE Northwood, Tyrone, Pa. OFFICIAL INSPECTION STATION BODY AND FENDER REPAIRING ELECTRIC WELDING AND CUTTING PAINTING RADIATORS REPAIRED GENERAL REPAIRING Repaired Generators - AAA Towing - Batteries Ignition Parts Call TYRONE 9033 If No Answer Call TYRONE 30 USED CARS BOUGHT AND SOLD A. L. GETZ 8z SONS tk' ROOFING AND SPOUTING WORK Also FURNACE WORK et: Vi Rear. 1229 Pennsylvania Avenue Phone: 451-R Residence 390-M TYRONE, PA. 84 THE WEST VIRGINIA PULP 8z PAPER COMPANY af TYRONE PENNSYLVANIA vm Main Offi 230 PARK AVENUE New Y k C ty JOHN C. YENTER General Contractor Telephone: Tyrone 721 Commerce Building Tyrone, Pa. SCRAP METALS JULIUS SEALFON 1256-58 Blair Avenue Tyrone, Pa. Phone: 516 Sf? SERVICE STATIONS AND WRECKING YARD Si? Phone: 475 Grazierville. Pa. TYRGNE LAUNDRY COMPANY, INC. - 6,304 or SERVICE? WE WASH EVERYTHING 'ik' Phone: 203 THE W. F. HILLER AGENCY Phone: 57 970 Pennsylvania Ave. Real Insurance Real Estate 'iff 57 Years of Unexcelled Insurance to Tyrone and Vicinity COMPLIMEN TS OF STEEL'S DRUG STORE 15 W. 10th St. Tyrone, Pcx. il? PRESCRIPTIONS AND FINE DRUGS Si? The Rexcrll Store ik' Phone: 538 HEBERLINGRS STORE sk QUALITY Poems ik Where You Get What You Like and Like Vifhcrt You Get ik' PHONE: 573 tk Columbia Avenue and 17th Street G. M. KESSLEH H, L, THQMAS D. B. KESSLEE il? Plumbing and Heating TYRONE MILLING CO. gb fy 5 jg!!-I. TY-CO FEEDS mmm if PLUMBING GOLDEN EAGLE FLOUE ,fy 1310 Wash. Ave. Tyrone.Pa TYRONE. PENNA. Phone: 801-W HGME ELECTRIC CO. wiv TYRONE PENNSYLVANIA STREM STUDIO Onicial School Photographers I sir Illu- 1826 12th Ave., Opp. Gable's Arcade. Phone 3-1529 OLIVER F. SCHELL Certified Public Accountant CNeW York? QF INCOME TAX CONSULTANT MUNICIPAL BUII.DING TYRONE, PA. .I UN IATA PACKING CO. COMPLIMENTS if OF F G F CLEANING Phones 590 - 591 and DYE WORKS R9 BLACK BROTHERS i? CHRYSLER YA? V4 PLYMCDUTI-I if? DIAMOND T TRUCKS 'xii' LOGAN AVENUE Phones: 112 and 828 READY TAXI 'A' Phone: 899 The Home of CLOTHING AND FURNISHINGS for MEN AND BOYS HARRY H. GARDNER TENTH STREET Tyrone. Pa. KINGSTON'S GERACI'S SHOE SHOP SERVICE ST ATIQN For Better Sterling SHOE REBUILDING Quaker Slxali Products 1552 COLUMBIA AVENUE GAS W OIL TYRONE' PA' Phone: 9045 Phone: 98'R Cor. Lincoln Avenue 15th Street B E W I S E H1LEMAN's B U Y LADY's APPAREL at the GARMAN DEPARTMENT 27 WEST TENTH STREET STCRE TYRONE. PA. Phfmef 39'W TYRONE PENNA. CONGRATULATIONS MYERS RESTAURANT To THE Always 36 Flavors CLASS OF .49 Quality PIKE'S Fresh FRQM ICE CREAM THE CUT RATE Made Fresh Daily 8 WEST TENTH STREET 10 W. Tenth Street Tyrone. Pa. BEST OF LUCK ' COMPLIMENTS TO TI-IE QF GRADUATING CLASS ENGELMAN'S GF FLOWER SHOP 1949 u Mun I DS'-I R P RE ' we MQ' ir' noweas Store 134 JOHN HAGG, Jr. G H 428 D reen 01159 TYRONE TAILOR SHOP Clecmin - Pressin - Re cirin R Tailor-Made illothes p q E To Order S IOSEPH SCHOCH, Prop. T WEST ELEVENTH STREET A U R Rossrs A AIRPORT SERVICE STATION N T THE ONE-STOP STATION 34 W' Street Phone: 9056-I-2 Tipton. P LUGG 8z EDMON DS Department Store as TYRON E HUNTINGDON THE BRUCE STUDIO Wishes All the Metnbers of the Class of ,49 Good Luck Throughout Life 'iff Come to Us for All Your Photographic Needs ik' 1263 Pennsylvania Ave. Tyrone, Pa Congratulations to the Graduating Class of 1949 if LOYAL ORDER OF MOOSE TYRONE LODGE No. 25 l l I l Q 1 ELLEN BERGER'S SERVICE STATION RHODES PLANING MILL Manufacturers of ALL KINDS OF PLANING MOBILGAS and on MH-L WORK Special Lubrications Dealer in Surface and Finishing Lumber Sash - Doors - Mouldinqs Phone: 9001 Tyrone. Pa. Hardwood Flooring TYPEWRITERS INSURANCE and ADDING MACHINES WILLIAM C. BARR Cleaned - Repairecl - Overhauled TYRONE, PA. 203 E. 12th Street Tyrone, Pa. Phone: 537 Phone: 680 Phone: 1219 R. D. 4, Tyrone PETERS AND SUN FLORISTS Phone: 737-R 110 W. 10th Street if A Complete Floral Service -W e FLOWERS TELEGRAPHED EVERYWHERE 95 "STUDENTS CORNER" CONFECTIONS - FOUNTAIN SERVICE -- SCHOOL SUPPLIES MAGAZINES - LENDING LIBRARY - SUNDRIES COSMETICS - HOME REMEDIES - GIFTS WILSON'S STORE Cor. Columbia Ave. and 15th St. Phone: 1021 THE YOUTH OF TODAY Before Leaving TOWN WILL BE VISIT WORLD LEADERS OF TOMORROW 9 A PETERS Compliments BREAD - GROCERIES of CANDY - ICE CREAM MEATS - GREEN GOODS Y' M' A' GASOLINE - LUBRICATING OIL 'T A ALBERT I. HOFFMAN General Secretary SPRING - I-'ALL SUMMER -- WINTER F R O Z E N F O O D S Are Always Garden Fresh Preserve the Modern, Ecrsy Wcxy - FREEZE IT TYRONE STORAGE CO. TYRONE'S MODERN LOCKER PLAN 1362 Logan Avenue Phone: 1317 l 3 L l I l 96 M. L. CLASTERS 82 SONS, INC. Building Supplies Lumber Millwork Home Insulation Structural Steel Tyrone Phone: 87 if LOCK HAVEN LEWISTOWN STATE COLLEGE BELLEFONTE I-IUNTINGDON CLEARFIELD IERSEY Sl-ICDRE BENOVA WILSON AND EL PATIO THEATRES Under the Direction Of WARNER BROTHERS it Always the Finest in Screen Entertainment PACIFICO'S SHOE REPAIR 31 West 11th Street 19: CONGRATULATIONS POR A ICB WELL DCNE , COMPLETE Compliments HOME Gf FURNISHINGS S' 1896 LOGAN HOTEL me air R, YOUR CREDITS Soon 1001 Logan Avenue TYRONE X? Phone: 9047 ROTHERT COMPANY 10th Street Tyrone COMPLIMENTS OF PORTAGE CLEANERS AND DYERS CASH and CARRY Coll For cmd Delivery Service - 3 Dcry Service Telephone: TYRONE 1411-I Tyrone Store-3 East Eleventh Street 98 9 0, W X ky H Wffwf Fmxf W I I Wg a- . N, No. HW M 393' ,Ny X' EQ , 1 Aff J x A 1 'X . 4 , ' 9 U I K ' ' 5 2 ' A. . , I 5. J' ' if Y 1 ' ' I ,Q JW VW W Q P157 ,. Com eteflsqnkiiuiilize 4 Y f 5721 . . VJ 1 t1tut1bnxJyjYjBJ 5 M 69 if ny ip My 1? Egg!! jab' il,"?13Y mf, Ngx V56 5 4 f fy 1 , Mud LI ,J ,gf J W Hamm? lm W Cm? B?1f?a J 1 dn DIA S D fgndsxv - ' SQIHE icxmon A s e ich ' .MV D fy The Fige if ond Rings P1 . J' J FT QUARQJERSCEEQ EVERY OCCASION E . w IOO SEARER'S 1. W. FISHER Maytag and Electric Store is Westinghouse Refrigerators H A R D W A R E Philco Radios P A I N T Small Appliances .2-if 1112 Pennsylvania Avenue PHONE: 595-I phone, 572 1010 Pennsylvania Avenue S A B A T H N E ' S Since 1904 ls Where Quality Service in Warm-Air Heating, Air-Conditioning, Roofing, if Spouting Can Be Had T tone Perma 908 Pennsylvania Avenue Y ' Phone: ma Altoona Tyrone Philipsburq 1125 Pennsylvania Avenue TYRONE Phone: 320-321 FREE DELIVERY CLOVER FARM STORES THE PRINGLE SHOP IFormerly Mary Fcurcxndl HFEMININE FASHIONSH LOOKING OUT FOR THE SMART YOUNG - OUTLOOK - 1105 Pennsylvania Avenue FRESH CANDIES cmd FRESH OLIVE KIST NUTS AT PRICES THAT WILL PLEASE YOU GARDNER'S CANDY STORE CONGRATULATIONS TO CLASS OE '49 PIPER'S RESTAURANT THE WHOLE FAMILY WILL CHEER OUR MILK CHOCOLATE MILK BUTTERMILK CREAM 'iff EYER'S DAIRY FARM 107 J. J. WOODRING 1356-1358 LOGAN AVENUE Phone: 351 Tyrone, Pa. 17-21 East 10th Street Phone: 655 BURNHAM FEED COMPANY POULTRY SUPPLIES ESHELMAN - RED-ROSE -0 GUARANTEED FEED CASE FARM MACHINERY TYRONE, PA. Phone: 770-M Phone: 770-I Specializes in CQNGRATULATIQNS Bonot Permanent Waving and FROM Raye-tie Cold Waving C. T. SNYDER , PAULINE Hotpoint Refrigeration 1510 Col. Avenue Tyrone. Pa. Phone: 1110 409 17th Street BATCHELER'S F. 1. FORCEY BARBER SHOP 1603 COL. AVENUE TYRONE PENNA. SERVICE STATION GULF PRODUCTS 1301 Pennsylvania Avenue 9037 Tyrone, Pa. TEMPTING FOODS! FINEST QUALITY MEATS FANCY CANNED FOODS CRISP VEGETABLES FRESH FRUITS DELICATESSEN - DAIRY PRODUCTS GETZ MARKET STORE 1068 Pennsylvania Ave. Phone: 636 Office Phone: 1343 BEYER 8z COMPANY J. W. Hildebrand, Jr. '53 CONTRACTOR AND BUILDER Lumber and Pianing if Mm Work Picminq - Mm work 79? if Rough and Dressed 1505 LINCOLN AVENUE Lllfflbel' TYRONE. PA. ir Phone: 169 1411 Hamilton Avenue TYRONE. PA. H. L. NEIL Warm Air Heating-Air Conditioning Furnace Cleaning - Roofing and Spouting Furnace Work TYRONE. PA. I0 Congratulations to the Graduating Class Of 1949 THE AMERICAN LEGION Howard Gardner Post No. 281 TYRONE, PENNSYLVANIA M 6910 ! , Svfflkfzl-2 5 'Q M' E E fan:-:A S 9 SGIO we W' ul""'9 AULTS 8z CRAIN GOOD LUCK CLASS OF l949 Phones: 388 - 1200 22 Wesi 10th Street TYRONE. PA. BEACEIQIEIAIEARERFIEICE Wallpaper Paint Specializing in Electrical Appliances COLD WAVING HAIR STYLING Radios SCALP TREATMENTS POWDER PUFF BIs:AU'I'Y I' L' PINK SHOP 1007 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE 671-R Masonic Bldg. Phone: U96 coNg'l"RlI?cKTIoN W' C' MORROW AGRICULTURAL C 0 M P A N Y IMPLEMENTS AND 932 Pennsylvania Avenue SUPPLIES Phone: 925 Tir 'A' Tyrone, Pa. 207 E. 10th Street Phone: 1121 CONTRACTOR 'ik Builders of MARTIN'S RESIDENTIAL' SANITARY BARBER SHOP CQMMERCIAL 24 wssr IITH s'I'RI:z'r and 'rYRoNI:, PA. INDUSTRIAL ' BUILDINGS I. B. MARTIN, Prop. Congratulations to the Class of 1949 'iff RAY BURIAL VAULT CO TYRONE, PA. RUPERT CHEVROLET CO. Oldsmobile 6? Chevrolet as MECHANICAL REPAIRS AAA SERVICE BODY AND FENDER REPAIRS ee Used Car Headquarters fir 215 E. 10th Street Phone: 350 BOB REINSCHMIDT Electrician R AUTHORIZED FRIGIDAIRE SALES CS SERVICE I-IOUSE WIRING AND ELECTRIC MOTOR REPAIR REFRIGERATION iff COMMERCIAL AND DOMESTIC Phones: 9048 and 823-I 1366 Pennsylvania Ave. Tyrone, Pa. -R SHOW ROOM-IOIO LOGAN AVENUE ELECTROPURE MILK FRANCIS I. HERRINGTON Ceuophcme Hooded - All Kinds of ATLANTIC SERVICE DAIRY PRODUCTS STATION HOPFMI-xN's ICE CREAM Special Lubrication ' Phone: 9041 Tyrone, Pa. G' DAIRIES. INC. HENRY B. KEARNEY. IR. COMPUMENTS RADIO SALES - SERVICE OF 458 Washington Avenue Phone: 1323 Tyrone. Pa. The Future Belongs To Those Who Prepare For It For Family Security--See B. E. MOGLE S. H. STOVEB P. I. MEIKLEIOHN C. L. WIDNEY R. H. SHOFSTAHL THE PRUDENTIAL INSURANCE CO. A Call CAMPUS f on Your next Yearbook. A Learn Y-V-Ill this Organization f 1 is the Largest Producer 5 otvFine Sohool and CoIIege Annuals. It CAMPUS PUBLISHING H 1420 WALNUT ST., PHILADELPHIA 37 WALL ST NEW YORK ART SERVICE 0 ENGRAVING v LETTERPRESS AND OFFSET PRINTING 1' - A I ,, wif r'-.MM-mwmmrmad ,ng f 0 'nf LLL LLLL ld J 4.151 i V rgx f H. v M, M

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