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IJTLUYLE Qooklncg saint A r r 2. 1 2 ii 11 I fi .2 5: E. 11 Q? Ex ,I I i, .V 11 HY 4, r 1. Q! ., 'n L I! 14 i 1, I 'S 'I ii ,. F 11 r, I, 9 VW W ,W W-WWMWW 'WEN WW W 'WW WW WW WW W W, ,-W WWW A ' W W WW WW ,WWW W1 'WQ,, ' L I IWWWMWWWWWW K ., : ,,. WW ,W :JW bf J, W .qi V , . , . I- .in yn. ,WWWWWWWWN W WQWWW' W 'Wu 13:93 WWF Wfjif? ,. W if 1.16 F? V '23 ,F 15: :Ei :1 W WW W WW W W W , W WW W W W W . . WWWW W Q W gW'frpWWWWWWWWWWWW WW W -W 'WWW-Q W i:ifi,W W ,W ' ..'. , A I v .Wf W ig, QW"W'NWI'1W,3 W fWWW W W W WMWW "W1..,,W' ' ig . Z All W :iv u-3. .lx - -hi, Li. ET ,71 WJ WPWWWWY W V W1 WWW ' R 'fn Wa WW., 1 4- WWW W me Wgluh 1 W W W W W WW- W. W' W W I -.vA. W,-' W WF, W ,W W -. W WWW-.+L WWWWWW W 1 W W1 .. J,-.., . . N ' U ,ff " n""' g 2.-Al" ' r.. . -Z. - ,Z 5412.- 1 WW'WW'j??W?fWWW " W'wWWW'WW-WW WWW ' I -' W W WWWWWWM W".WWWW3WWWWf-WWW-.EW-MgWWW,WW.WWwW!yg1Wy 4- 4.9 W WW,g.,.,W ,ui WWQWJMW-,WV,!'lW'f ,159 , N - ,, W "2 W'WfW'W?HWWWWW- 3 WW' W If -g. 'Wi . W W 'W -W..WW JWWWW: W: N N WW . W W 'nWWW'WWWWW1?1iW ' W 751, W2- gz W, . W 2 ' liz., .' 1 3: W -.u.i?a. 'vi W 1 12. F-Iii W W WWW W W W '. W ,W ff . ,mf- 31, W. W W, ' -'W '5 Ziglar-lf4'W.W'vv 1 W-M WWWWWWW WWW W' WV IW1 W W .WW W W WWWg5W,NWWlWWWNj' Q11 W 'W ' 1 WW ' XW' c 1 v ,gag 'W-F 1 f . IW fi -W- Within a crook of God's world Each day there it stands To light a flame of happiness To each and every man . . . Tyrone. --Betty Reese, Class of 'Volume 24 '41 .s""'S""'w 'kgwswgif BLAIR COUNTY PRESS ASSOCIATION CICLQCU YL Quo ka at OOM WINDOW C-lamina ne cmfintan dileautlff cmfinten Duty CTU cTl5TlU V16 Where the jewels of nature's toil Mingle with the hard-worked soilg Where bubbling springs and lazy rivers flowg Where birds pause in their Bight Even in the darkest night Lies a city fait and bright-Tyrone. Where the sounds of manufacture Mingle with the gay, light laughter And ring round the streets and corners far and nearg Where the sound of moving doors Point out the busy stores Lies a city of fame--proclaimed Tyrone. Where every one obeys the rule Even to the smallest one in schoolg Where every stranger feels at home, And few desire from it to roam There is a city truly home-Tyrone. --Charles Stiles, Ir., Class of '41 VVINTER MAGIC t... .-T.-ff f:""" : ,. 1- :uw-Dj.: -- in ' A ..V5'A-VMS. 1, WINTER WONDER Wu 'Tunone I guess there isn't any space or place in which you roam That's quite as swell a place to dwell as the place you call your home. That may be why the natives sing and bring in voices loud A song all down the little town of which they're very proud, And you'd excuse their pride, not chide, if you lived in Tyrone, And you would shout, without a doubt, and not in undertone. From east to west our schools are best, and brilliant are our teachers, We have a lot of churches, too, with learned priest and preachers. We've several scores of splendid stores where you can do your shopping, And restaurants line where you can dine, and hotels for your stopping. The darkest night our streets are bright, you walk and do not stumble, And as you walk ou'll stop to talk to friends both rich and humble. Our High School Band' sounds very grand with bugles loudly blaring, For this was long a town of song--the home town of Fred Waring. We take our parts in all the arts-composers and portrayers, Musicians, choirs, chorus, glees-and e'en the Tyrone Players. - The Herald daily adds new zest and keeps abreast in all the newsg And we're loyal to our Hag that furls along the avenues. And so in praise my voice I raise to the town I call my own, And I sing loud with accents proud: Hail! Hail! Long Live Tyrone! -Janet Dayton, Class of '41 Photography on pager .fix and :even is credited to Laura Richardson of lronwille, Penmylvama Dedication The Class of '41 respectfully dedicates its yearbook to Mr. Bern Oberly. For more than a score of years Mr. Oberly has given unstintedly of his time and services without remuneration in the inter- ests of athletics. Such unselish service receives its reward in the evidence tangible on this page, and in the knowledge of having had a part in the successes of our various athletic teams. N MR. BERN OBERLY SUDTZLLCE. CUEEIQ CTLLYLYLEQ Pbotugraflfoy by lilac!! ll im fwlitrg. ififtititfrt. in wi The memorial plate pictured here was unveiled on May 25, l94O, as a part of the Field Day Program. The plate itself was placed very appropriately on one of the pillars which command the main entrance to Gray Field, an addition to school property which Mr. Vanneman, as citizen and school director, strove so hard to make a possibility. The Tyrone Kiwanis Club made possible the presenta- tion of the memorial plaque to the Tyrone School Board. Le!! In riylvzz Mr. Frank Acl-tlin, Mr. Robert A. Miller, Mr. Luther Woonuer tSecretaryJ, Mr. Foster E. Barr fPresidc-ntl, Mr. Harry N. Glass lVice-Presidentl, Dr. Roscoe M. Quigley, Mr. joe F. Smith. TYRONE BOROUGH SCHOOL BOARD CTLJTLCI VIE A SONNET Deep in our hearts we'll always have a place For you, Tyrone, and if we chance to roam To seek our fortune, you will be the home Of our returning. The world cannot efface The happy days we knew, nor time erase Our memory of you, e'en 'cross the foam Your fertile hills, your streams, your very loam Will call us back into your fond embrace. Here was our joy, our school days, youth, romance, Our football team, our teachers, and our class Of nineteen forty-one, the final quest- Commencement, Class Day, and the junior Dance. There is no town on earth that can surpass TYRONE-a toast to you, the very best. -janet Dayton, Class of '41 Miss Lelia Smith, Mr. Norman Miller, Miss Thelma Wilson SUPERINTENDENT AND SECRETARIES N. GRANT HIXSON Ar-r-is-mm Principal Mr. N. Grant Hixson came to Tyrone from the Vfarriors Mark Franklin Consolidated School, where he had taught four years. During most of the seven years which Mr. I-lixson has spent in the Tyrone schools, he has taught mathematics and served as Athletic Business Manager. Assisting the principal and serving as a director of boys in guidance were additional duties for Mr. Hixson this year, Mr. Hixson is a graduate of Juniata College, which awarded him a Bachelor of Science Degree. Penn State awarded him a Masters Degree in the held of education. Miss Elizabeth Delozier, Mr. F. Clark Skelly PRINCIPAL AND SECRETARY - ' TYRONE RESERVOIR-STULTZ FIELD-GRAZIERVILLE BRIDGE I V-Q7-. l T. TEEFNX'-24. r , union-Senlon High .SQHUOQ First Row: Kerr Bloom Second Row: Barrett Third Row: Moore Shope Musser Pbolography by Walk and Wilmn MR. JOSEPH LA PORTA Subftitute Teacher for Shop E141 aculltlff of C-lolffnona, Cpannalfllwania walt Wolfgang Daniels Eckert judge Hixson Miller La Porte Aurand Billingsley Lucas Myers Woomer Hemminger Eble Bieleield Latshaw Leonard 'lornmesser Wilson MacDowell Grafius Crawford Barr Kloss Piper Frain Poorbaugh Stonebraker Jacobs l 15 l Name AURAND, PAUL BARR, HELEN BARRETT, JEAN BIELEFIELD, HELEN BILLINGSLEY, LEORA BLOOM, ROBERT L. BOWMAN, HELEN CORNMBSSER, MARY COUCH, VERA CRAWFORD, DOROTHY DANIELS, J. H. EBLE, MARIE ECKERT, HAROLD FLECK, HAROLD FRAIN, MRS. GRAYSON GRAFIUS, MARY HEISS, RENETTA HEMMINGER, GAIL HIXSON, N. GRANT JACOBS, STEPHEN JUDGE, HUGH KERR, WILLARD KURTZ, MAR JORIE LAPORTE, KARL LATs1-LAW, HAZEL LEONARD, MARJORIB LUCAS, JANE MACDOWELL, SAIR MILLER, WARREN E. MOORE, MINNIE MUssER, ALICE MYERS, MARIE PIPER, MARGARET POORBAUGH, THELMA ROUTCH, VALGENE SHOLLENBERGER, CARL SHOPE, FLORENCE STEIGERWALT, S. E. STEWART, NADINB STONEBRAKER, MERLE WILSON, LILLIAN WOLFGANG, R. T. WOOMER, KATHLEEN aculltlj Subjectr Taught Mathematics English Music Supervisor Mathematics Commercial Subjects Civics English, Dramatics Geography, Guidance Library Science History Industrial Arts French, English, Penmanship Mathematics Mathematics, Administration Spelling, Writing History Typing, Mathematics Commercial Subjects Mathematics, Guidance, Administration General Science Vocational Shop Geography, Science Latin History, Health English, Penmanship Vocational Home Economics English English Commercial Subjects English Art Supervisor English English General Home Economics Instrumental Music Health, Physical Education Art Chemistry, Physics Health, Physical Education History, Science Biology Social Studies Music l16l Reridence Tyrone, Pa. Tyrone, Pa. Brookville, Pa. Tyrone, Pa. Grove City, Pa. Tyrone, Pa. Huntingdon, Pa. Bellwood, Pa. Tyrone, Pa. Tyrone, Pa. Tyrone, Pa. Tyrone, Pa. Tyrone, Pa. Tyrone, Pa. Tyrone, Pa. Martinsburg, Pa. Altoona, Pa. Greencastle, Pa. Tyrone, Pa. Philipsburg, Pa. Tyrone, Pa. Harrisbur, Pa. Warriors Mark, Pa Tyrone, Pa. Martinsburg, Pa. Altoona, Pa. Philipsburg, Pa. Tyrone, Pa. Tyrone, Pa. New Holland, Pa. Tyrone, Pa. Newport, Pa. Tyrone, Pa. Stoystown, Pa. Hastings, Pa. Tyrone, Pa. Tyrone, Pa. Tyrone, Pa. Birmingham, Pa. Tyrone, Pa. Tyrone, Pa. Tyrone, Pa. Tyrone, Pa. dgliq Slpnlnq ALBRIGHT, MERLE D. Moe Band 2 Husky . . . one of the Dworsak gang . . . sportsman . . ."Join the Navy to see the world". . . contented . . . pleasant . . . optimistic AMMERMAN, FRANKLIN Frank Basketball 1, 2, 3g Football 1, 2, 3g Mat Team 1, 2, 35 Mana- ger Track Team I, 2, 35 Wrestling 25 Mixed Chorus 3 Aspires to be a navy man . . . well-dressed . . . majors in foot- ball . . . frequently seen on Park Avenue ANDREWS, T. JOE Joe Glee Club 33 Mixed Chorus 3 May be found on Twenty-First Street . . . taking up the finer points of life and learning to dance . . . dislikes having his picture taken . . . cheerful . . . devilish BAILEY, GLADYS DELORES Dee Glee Club 1, 2g Mixed Chorus 33 Tri-Hi-Y 3 Nice-looking . . . interested in a New Jersey Joe . . sociable . . . frequenter of Paul's Diner . . . giddy BARNES, ARTHUR K. Art Bisignis Club 2 Extremely quiet . . . from Grazierville . . . hunter and archer . . . girls take no part of his time . . . earnest . . . easy-going. BARTO, ALBERTA BETTY Jack Glee Club 1, 2 Has a great desire to finish school . . . hates to get up in the- morning . . . mdulges in ice skating and swimming . . . amicable . . . "It's a tomato" BATCHELER, FRANK Butch Band I, 2, 35 Bisignis Club 23 Falcon Staff 33 Glee Club 3g Hi-Y 1, 34 Mixed Chorus 3 Can't understand why mealtime comes only three times a day . . . quiet . . . likes music . . . wants to be a white-collar man BATEMAN, BETTY JANE Bell: Bisignis Club 2g Glee Club 25 Mixed Chorus 3 Genial . . . hopes to be a good helpmate . , . clerk's at McCrory's . . . an engaging friend . . . favorite spot is Hoover's Lane BATHURST, MARJORIE EILEEN Marge Glee Club 2 Composed . . ."Mother, I come home to board", . . good speller . . . coy , . , well-liked . . . abhors gossipy people BENTON, HAROLD Baldy I Roguish . . . ambition-less . . . West Tyroner . . . skates ABKAMO BAILEY BATHURST and hunts . . . a pal of many . . . teaser . . , self-reliantr. . . ABRAMS BARNES BENTON diverting ALBRIGHT BARTO BICKEL AMMERMAN BATCHELER BOAL ANDREWS BATEMAN BICKEL, ROBERT O. Ridgerunner I . Football 2, 39 Wrestling 2, 3 ABRAMO, TINDARA E- M. Tmme Tall . . . well built . . , reserved . . . does not spend his Reserved . . u enjoys Home Economics I s l petite u I I hopes time with the fairer sex . . . excels in football and wrestling to be a secretary . . . reticent . . . likable . . ."Oh, Boy!". . . - ' - halls ffom Bald Eagle good-natured . . . sympathizing BOAL, MIRIAM Tiny ABRAMS, H. GLENN Abie Basketball 1, 2, 3g Football 15 Mixed Chorus 34 Hi-Y3g Spokesman Stal? 3g Mat Team 3 Has succeeded in being a good bachelor . . . takes part in all sports . . . enjoys James Cagney any time 18 Glee Club 2g Gym Leaders' Club 2, 3g Mixed Chorus 39 Tri- Hi-Y l, 2, 3 Likes dancing . . . exquisite dresser . . . cheerful . . enjoys going to Paul's Diner . . ."Thar would be tender". . it's a secret BRATTON, HELEN LOUISE Nin Gym Leaders' Club 2, 3g Library Staff 2, 33 Tri-Hi-Y 3 Likes to travel . . . would like to have a home with Reed . . . has a delinite hatred for the National Guards . . . regular specta- tor at the Football Field BRESSLER, RAYMA LEE Mike Glee Club 2, 3 Individual . . . horseback rider . . . loquacious . . . eager to be graduated . . . Nelson Eddy fan . . . admirable . . . sensitive to cold weather BRIGGS, VERYL M. Peg Pleasant . . . rides around in a blue Ford . . . prefers War1'iors Mark . . . makes a hobby of collecting souvenirs . . . cute BRISBIN, GENEVIEVE Jennie Bisignis Club 2g Spokesman Staff 3 Fastidious . . . versatile . . ."You said 'er, pall". . . dances . . . frequent goer to movies . . . rehned BRISBIN, SAMUEL, JR. Sam Greatest desire is to be graduated . . . quiet . . . friendly . . . baseball and hunting occupy most of his time . . . likes the mountains around Tyrone BUCK, MARY JANE jane Glee Club 1, 23 Mixed Chorus 35 Spokesman Staff 3 Has a favorite who is an army man. . . talkative . . . set on bein an Air Hostess . . .enjoys dancing . . . likes Tyrone in B general BURLEY, JEAN ELIZABETH Bean Cheerleader 1, 2, 3g Falcon Stan' 31 Glce Club 1, 25 Spokes- man Staff 25 Tri-Hi-Y 2, 33 Bisignis Club 2 Likes everything around town . . . striving to be a good cook . . . animated . . . enjoys eating, dancing, and Clark Gable . . . neat dresser . . . giggles BURNS, VELMA KATHERN Punch Science Club 1, 2g Glee Club 1 Refreshing . . . seldom seen without chewing gum . . .trailed by another senior . . . wants to be a beautician . . .little BURNS, WILLIAM V. Will Band 1, 2, 33 Glee Club 1, 2, 35 Mixed Chorus 33 Orchestra 3 Hopes to be a minister . . . goes for baseball . . . collects pen- nants . . . cannot seem to put the car into the garage without hitting something . . . lively . . . plays bass in the band . . . chummy CAFFARELLI, ROSE MARY R0 Bisignis Club 23 Spokesman Staff 2, 3 "Gee" alwa s a 1 in wder and li stick enjoys I -.- lv PPYIBEW , P --- ,, walking and dancing . . . hails rom Ironsville . . . has a devilish twinkle in her eyes . . . happy CAMP, JUNE LEE Campie Glee Club 1, 2g Gym Leaders' Club 1, 2, 33 Mixed Chorus 35 Spokesman Staff 1, 2, 33 Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3 Inventive . . . head of the Spokesman Staff . . . favors a certain Bald Eagle lad . . , pennant collector CATICH, STANLEY R. Stan Football 1, 2, 3 Athletic . . . drives a Model A Ford-after cranking it . . . frequents Washington Avenue . . . impressive . . ."Lazybones" l19l COLITTO, HELEN ROSE H A Retiring in school . . . souvenir collector . . . intends to be an old maid . . . humorous . . . dress-shop hound . . ."Hey, you!" CONWAY, EDWARD EARL Hi-Y 2, 3, Track Team 1, 2, 3 Ed! Veteran of the track team . . . rides a bicycle . . . likes hiking . . . Gary Cooper holds his heart in the movie . . . does not bother the "gals". . . Democrat world . . . quiet BRISBIN, S. CAFFARELLI BRATTON BUCK CAMP BRESSLER BURLEY CATICH BRIGGS BURNS. V. COLITTO BRISBIN, G. BURNS, W. CONWAY COX, JEAN MARDELL Jennie Our beautician . . . her heart is in Decker's Hollow . . . swims and draws . . . dislikes sophisticated people . . . giggles . . . spends her spare time in the theater CULLISON, BETTIE Bam Mixed Chorus 3 just a new comer to T. H. S, . . . wants to be an interior decorator . . . enjoys dancing . . ."E-yowl". . . wonders why the paper mill must work all of the time . . . coquette COX DAVIDSON CULLISON DAWSON ELLENBERGER CULVER DAYTON FERNAU DANNAWAY DILLON FETZER DAUGHENBAUGH ECKERT FLECK CULVER, WILLIAM B. Puppy Hi-Y 1, 2, 35 Science Club 1, 2, 3 Radio-minded . . . hopes to be an electrical engineer . . . bicy- clist . . . has a great inspiration in Hillcrest . . . dislikes people who talk too much . . . always answers, "Nuts!" DANNAWAY, SAMUEL Darhaway Uses very big words . . . aspires to be a farmer, mechanic, or professional golfer . . . likes the feminine hussies . . . pet peeve is garrulous prevaricators . . ."Phooey" DAUGHENBAUGH, JAMES SEYMOUR jim Original . . . happy-go-lucky . . . considers Tyrone an unat- tractive town . . . tinkers with the car . . . fiddler DAVIDSON, GLADYS E. Peeny Glee Club 1, Mixed Chorus 3 Spends much of her leisure time embroidering . . . possesses a deep voice . . . plays basketball . . . eager to get her diploma DAWSON, HARRY Pete Felicitous . . . distributor of the news . . . takes everything as a joke . . . a "Babe Ruth slugger". . .plans to be an airplane mechanic DAYTON, JANET COLLEEN Iunnie Falcon Staff 35 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Gym Leaders' Club 1, 2, 33 Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3 Actress of the senior class. . .likes everything about Tyrone . . . popular . . . puts in much time in the theater with Lew Ayres . . .collegiate DILLON, LOMA Reposeful . . . individual . . . usually found with her nose in a book . . . friend indeed . . . untiring nature . . . timorous ECKERT, HARRY J. Brub Football l, 2, 3 Unobtrusive . . . talkative with friends . . . sincere . . . football player . , . likes to eat and sleep . . . dances ELLENBERGER, BERT WILLIAM Bill Football lg Football Manager 2, 3 Gloomy world-no money! no car! no girl! . . . would like to take up aviation . . . neat . . . full of fun . . . likes Donald Duck . . ."Beat Me Daddy, Eight to the Bar" FERNAU, NANCY MITCHELL N ance Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 35 Gym Leaders' Club 1, 2, 35 Red Cross I Ambition is to spend a whole season in Ocean City . . .likes driving a car and dancing . . . deplores an empty gas tank . . . cautious of the speed traps . . . tall FETZER, EVELYN ALMINA Eve Glee Club 1, 3 Giglet . . . aims to own a chewing gum factory . . . voluble . . . has a preference for State College . . . tiny . . . noisy FLECK, ALICE FLORINE Flecky Glee Club 2, Gym Leaders' Club 2, 3, Mixed Chorus 32 Tri- Hi-Y 2, 3 Has a pick upon a certain member of the National Guard . . . hangs out at Marie's . . . desires to be a kindergarten teacher . . . "I'm ignoring you" l20l FLECK, CHARLOTTE I. Chuck Irresolute . . . is seen often in a Ford . . . chatty . . . another senior is the "apple of her eye" . . . blithe FLECK, MARJORIE B. Sir Tall . . . comely . . . attracted to Warriors Mark . . . refined . . . regular "Blondie". . . fortunate . . . takes things as they come FORCEY, LORETTA M. Doodle Glee Club 1. 2g Mixed Chorus 3g Science Club 15 Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3 Just wants to be a housewife. . .ignores parlor lights . . . hangs out at the soda fountain . . .enjoys driving the Olds- mobile . . .full of fun . . . jovial FRIDAY, LOIS FERN Wimpy Lofty . . . boyish . . . skims over the ice with the greatest of ease . . .good sport . . . quiet . . ."Well, I'll be dog-goned!" FULKERSON, WILLIAM K. Bill Adopted from Altoona . . . can't stand the quiet, small-town life . . . pursuer of game . . . makes a perfect villain FUOSS, LEONARD LEE Uncle Duck Band 1, 2, 33 Hi-Y 2, 33 Orchestra 1, 2, 35 Debating l All-around fellow . . . one of the "Sreigites". . . ambitionless . . . watches the Buicks go by . . . hikes to the Eastlawn Cemetery . . . likes broad-minded people . . . seems contented while in the library GARDNER, NANCY JANE Nance Glee Club 1, 25 Gym Leaders' Club l, 2, 33 Mixed Chorus 33 Spokesman Staff l, 23 Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3 A peanut vender . . . cannot seem to remember to stop at red lights . . . dislikes indifferent people . . .lighthearted . . . liloes that certain boy GATES, DONALD HOFFMAN Don Band 1, 2, 3g Spokesman Staff 55 Camera Club 3 A double for Donald Budge. . .interested in salesmanship . . , very dependable . . . prefers his own company GIBBONEY, JANE CLEMENTINE Clem Glee Club l Singular . . . capricious . . . her objective is to be a nurse . . . bookworm . . . likes the wide, open spaces . . . jolly GILLAM, JAMES C. jim Goliath . . ."wiz" in Economics . . . from Chicago . . . plays "hunt the hare". . .works at Gillam Brothers GIVLER, BETTY JANE Glee Club 23 Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3g Mixed Chorus 3g Science Club 3 Exiguous . . . movie fan . . . favorite tree is Pine . . . rubescent maid . . . enjoys dancing. . . a sincere associate GLENN, CHARLES D. Sonny Hi-Y 1, 2, 33 Mixed Chorus 3 Ingenious . . . dwarf-like . . ."O. K., Joe! . . agile . . . aspires to be a State Patrolman . . . good swimmer . . . hiker FLECK, C. FULKERSON GILLAM FLECK, M. Fuoss Glv1.En FORCEY GARDNER GLENN FRIDAY GATES GOSS GIBBONEY GRAFF1Us GOSS, BETTY LARUE Gorrie Tri-Hi-Y 2, 33 Glee Club 1, 2g Mixed Chorus 3 Small fry . . ."Well, All Right!". . . dainty . . . good cook . . . likes dancing . . . wants to learn to drive . . . changeable . Q . energetic GRAFFIUS, RICHARD S. Dicla Football 2g Track Team lg Mixed Chorus 3 Modest . . . lives in Spruce Creek . . . owns a Pontiac . . . travels often to Altoona . . . blushes easily , l21l GRAZIER, ALTON EUGENE Mat Team 1, 25 Wrestling 1, 2 Soda jerker at the Corner Room. . , second home on Penn- sylvania Avenue , . . pool-shark . . . powerful GROVE, RUTH HELEN B10 ndie Refined . . . serious student . . ."Did you see Gus?", , . polite . . .' It's three o'clock in the morning". . . spirited GUTTSHALL, MARY ALICE Glee Club 2g Mixed Chorus 35 Tri-Hi-Y l, 2, 3g Camera Club 5 Assiduous . . . stately . . . enviable hair . . . preference for a Mifilm male . . . elevated . . . congenial HAGG, M. LOUISE Weire Science Club 1, 2 Interested in a last year's graduate . . . skier . . . wants to join the pulse-testing profession . . . attractive. . .laughs often . . . snap fiend HALE, M. JANE Buckey Science Club 1, 2 Tomboyish . . . thinks Altoona is too far away . . . car-smasher . . . aspires to become a professional nurse HARDY, FRANCES J. M oe Football lg School Patrol 1, 2, 33 Wrestling 1, 2 Cecil's chum . . . shines in sciences . . . wrestler . . . likes girls in general . . . avoids speed traps HARLOWE, FRANCIS E. luck Built on a small scale . . .owner of black wavy hair. . .the navy or aviation attracts him as a future occupation . . . ambitious HARRIS, J. EDWARD, JR. Ed Glee Club 1, 2, 3 Very studious . . . friendly . . . aspires to be an army oflicer . . . likes football, reading, and dancing . . . comes from Home- wood . . . admires the girls of T. H. S. HARRIS, EDWIN F. Lenz Speed demon. . .bent upon being a mechanic . . .hates to have a gas tank register empty . . . smokes a pipe HASSLER, MURIEL ELIZABETH Had Glee Club 1, 25 Mixed Chorus 35 Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 5 Our opera star . . . perspicacious . . . tennis player . hates. to walk . . . amicable . . . finds some special attraction in Phila- delphia HERLT, ROBERT G. Boob Football Manager 1 Mischievous . . . chauffeurs his pals in a grey Chevy . . . argumentative . . . hankers to be an aviator . . . pesters the girls HEVNER, MARJORIE ANN Marge Q Gym Leaders' Club 2, 33 Tri-Hi-Y 2, 5 Good looking . . . pleasant . . . Heat . . . full of animation . . . detests "Pardon me, but you look like Margie". . .her heart is in East Tyrone l GRAZIER HALE HASSLER GROVE HARDY HERLT GUTTSHALL HARLOWE HEVNER HAGG HARRIS, J. HICKES HARRIS, E. HICKS HICKES, WILLARD Will Travels with Bud and Max . . . coachman of a Plymouth . . . dates out-of-town girls . . ."butcher boy" when not in school HICKS, PHYLLIS RAE Felix Glee Club 1, 2 Good typist . . . merry-maker . . . a giggle: . . . attracted to Spruce Creek . . . agreeable . . . flighty l22l HOLLAND, ELWOOD LYNN Sum Tom Thumb . . . bashful . . ."Dutchy". . . obtained from Mor- risdale . . . saves old coins . . . objects to Paper Mill . . . ladies' man . . . active HOLLY, MARIE ELIZABETH Tri-Hi-Y 1. 2. 3 "Kilie" is tops. . . dainty dancer. . . good-looking . . .full of spirit . . . an open-hearted friend . . . thorough . . . slender HOLLAND HOUSER HOLLY IGOU JOHNSON, M. HOMAN IKE. A. JOHNSON. R. HOOVER IKE, M. JOHNSTON. H, HOUCK JOHNSON, H. JOHNSTON, L. HOMAN, PAUL EDWARD Paul Quiet . . . quick-witted . . . hangs out at Annabellc's . . .-travels to East Tyrone quite often . . . amb1t1on is to End a girl who looks like Margie HOOVER. CECIL K. School Patrol l, 2, 3 Slender as a thread . . . shuns conceitecl girls . . . companion- able . . . passes much of his time in dreamland HOUCK, MARJORIE LENOA lion-lee Sunny . . . in a blissful state when with a certain Tipton chap . . . accumulator of horse pictures . . . her ambition ts well known - . - PCPPY HOUSER, PAULINE FAYE Polly Falcon Staff 5 Wearer of red . . , observant . . . bears the burden ofbusiness manager of the yearbook well . . .ujitterbug '. . . beautiful hair IGOU, ROBERT D. Rabbit Mat Team lg Track Team 1, 2, 3 Waruts to he a good bachelor...fastest man on the track team . . . may be found at Piper's Restaurant . . . does not bother the girls . . . good sport . . ."I also ran" IKE, ANNA R. New Tri-Hi-Y 2, 33 Camera Club 5 Nimble-witted . . ."Early to bed and early to rise". . . dcmure . . . hides her light under a bushel. . ."On to New York" IKE. MARGARET S. Ileey Tri-Hi-Y 1. 2. 53 Glee Club 1, 2g Mixed Chorus 33 Camera Club 5 Multiloquous . . . prefers to travel Lincoln Avenue . finds uniforms attractive . . . not punctual . . . tricky . . . undecided JOHNSON, H. MARIE Gym Leaders' Club 2, 3g Glee Club 2g Mixed Chorus 5: Tri- Hi-Y 2, 5 Astute . . . propels a Chevy . . . a certain football hero rates . . . detests bow-tie Wearers . . . fair JOHNSON, MELVIN C. Coach Discreet . . . Sam's boon companion . . . shy . . . believes in bringing D 'em back alive, especially opossums . . . frequently visits Blair Avenue . . . loyal JOHNSON, RUTH M. Ruthie Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3 Glamorous . . . possesses a very modish wardrobe . . . spends summers at Peurto Rico . . . fluent Spanish speaker . . . likes long nails JOHNSTON, HARRY E. Nijz Basketball lg Football lg Red Cross lg Track Team 2 Banterer . . , member of the National Guard . . . constantly seen at Hillcrest . . . favorite flower-rose JOHNSTON. LORAINE E. Larry Bisignis Club 25 Falcon Staff 3 Conscientious student . . . pursues the noiseless tenour of his way . . . Wallace's backer . . . collector of stamps l23l JONES, CLARA JANE I 07161-1' Gym Leaders' Club 1, 2, 3g Science Club 1, 2, 3, Spokesman Staff 1, 2, 35 Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3 Industrious . . ."Teaberry". . . would like to deal at Kienzle's . . . capable . . . aspires to be a social service worker . . . keen JONES, DOROTHY MAY Dol Wary . . . interested in a former graduate . . . affable . . . quiet life bores her . . . Dot's goal is marriage . . . chronic reader KASPICK, MARY ISABEL Izzy Class Treasurer 2, 3, Bank Cashier 3 A Punster . . . gridiron fan . . . abominates "Liz". . . brainy . . . likes to juggle figures . . . satisfied . . . trusts to luck KEATLEY, ROBERT M. Slaang Hi-Y 1, 2, 3 Clever . . . first-rate dancer . . . praiseworthy maker of models . , .vacations at Raystown . . . deft . . . wants to 'remain single . . . hilarious KELLER, FRANCES LUCILLE Glee Club 25 Library Staff 1, 25 Mixed Chorus 33 Camera Club 3 Difiidenr . . . diligently attentive , . ."An apple a day--". . . prefers hiking in the orchard to walking around town . . . agree- able . . . youthful KELLY, NORMA Kelly Gym Leaders' Club 2, 33 Tri-Hi-Y 3g Camera Club 3 Wearer of the motley . . . collector of old coins . . . air-minded . . . beautiful locks . . . care-free . . . sporty KEPPLER, PHYLLIS Tootie Easy-going . . . plays the piano well . . . hearty . . . quiet dis- position.. . enjoys being behind the wheel of a Chevy . . . Mary's comrade KIRKPATRICK, MARY MARGARET Minnie Glee Club 1, 23 Spokesman Staff 5 Clever . . . blushes to the roots of her hair . . . exception to the general rule of red-heads . . . rather taciturn in class.. . helpful KNARR, WILLIAM M. Duck Orchestra 1, 2, 3g Band 1, 2, 5 Fun-loving . . . blows off at the mouth-into a horn . . . handsome . . . venturesome . . . ice-skater . . . talented KOLESSY, JOHN ANTONY M uit Wrestling 2, 3 Gag man . . . free and easy . . . mischief maker . . . collects books of matches as a hobby . . . good actor KORMAN, WILLIAM Bill Ludicrous . . . ardent fan of the Lone Ranger . . , passes time roller skating . . . slim . . . women drivers irritate him . . . felici- tous KRIDER, RUTH ELAINE Ruthie Glee Club 1, 2g Mixed Chorus 34 Spokesman Staff 3g Tri- Hi-Y 2, 5 Trustworthy . . . takes to water like a duck . . . busy . . . loathes gum crackers . . . likes a good time . . . peppy 1241 KRIEGER, MARJORIE L. Marge Glee Club 1, 2, Mixed Chorus 35 Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 35 Camera Club 3 Modest , . . often visits Paul's Diner . . . a steadfast pal . .. Philadelphia calls... Reservoir Park is her favorite spot . .. spontaneous KUSTENBAUDER, JANE L. Science Club lg Red Cross 1 High and mighty . . . thinks all Mondays are blue . . . nice- looking , . . loads of fun . . . a frisky hiker , . . smiling KELLER JONES. C. KELLY JONES, D. KEPPLER Kasmck KIRKPATRICK KEATLEY KNARR KOLESSY KORMAN KRIDER KRIEGER KUSTENBAUE B LANGENBACHER LONG, D. MATTERN LEWIS, E. LONG. G. MATTESON LEWIS, J. LYKENS MCCANN LITTLE LYNN MENCER LLOYD MARTIN LANGENBACHER, DUANE C. Wennie Football l, 2 Well-developed . . . comical . . . never a dull moment . . . pre- fers Altoona "gals", . . devilish . . .Dodger . . . nice guy LEWIS, ELLEN MAY Tiny Glee Club 23 Mixed Chorus 3 Small in stature and shy in character , . . likes to go places and do things . . . considerate . . . as quiet as she is tiny IZ5 LEWIS, JOHN W. lack Football 1, 2, 3 Fills the pivot position on the football team.. .quiet.. . never seen with a girl. . .desires to see an Army and Navy Football Game . . . may be seen around Texas Lunch . . . strong LITTLE, E. KENNETH Ken Football 1, 2g Wrestling 2 ' Complacent . . .works for Warner Brothers . . . fascinates the girls . . . the more the merrter . . . somnolent . . . partial to Bir- rningham LLOYD, SARA JANE B. H. S. Gym Leaders' Club 2, 35 Tri-Hi-Y 3 Would like to be the wife of a paper hanger. . .little . . . quick . . . neat . . . hares having her picture taken . . . lively . . . likes dancing with Renny LONG, DELBERT I... Deb Football 3, Science Club 13 Spokesman Staff 13 Track Team 1, 2, 39 Glee Club 1 Personable . . . dislikes detours on the way to Altoona . . . trips it on the light fantastic toe . . . jester LONG, GERTRUDE LARUE Gert Often seen but seldom heard. . . means to meer the Justice of the Peace . . . not Well known . . . well acquainted with books LYKENS, FRANCES LOUISE Fran Diminutive . . . never minds a seven-mile walk if it's in the right direction . . . quiet as a mouse . . . nice to know . . . wishes to be a chief cook and bottle washer LYNN, ROBERT S. C ornie Football 2, 5g Track Team 2, 3 Ex-member of the football and track team . . .ta1l, clark, and handsome . . . his heart rests on Fifteenth Street . . . aspires to play college football . . . not enough dances at Tyrone MARTIN, GEORGE W. Speed Track Team 1 Long . . . determined to see Alaska . . . excels in any type of math . . . will be the HEAD of the house when he gets hooked . . . earnest MATFERN, HELEN LOUISE Sir Glee Club 1 Regards long walks with. pleasure . . . spruce . . . wants to be "Somebody's Stenog". . . writes poetry in her spare moments MATTESON, LOIS MAXINE Stony Glee Club 13 Gym Leaders' Club 2, 33 Mixed Chorus 33 Red Cross 1 Pleasing . . ,"Moonie". . . always on the go . . . trim . . . often ' seen with a former graduate . . .Well-likecl MCCANN, JAMES F. Jim Glee Club 13 Track Team 1, 2, 3 Tall . . . glib . . . admirable sport . . ."you're not kidding". . . travels to Reservoir Park regularly . . .slow but sure MENCER, KATHLEEN SARA Petie Humorist . . . averse to the name "Kate". . . makes friends easily . . . talkative . . . 1ov1al . . . expects to be a beautician . . . candid MENGEL, DAVID GROVE Fingle Detests the farmers from Warriors Mark . . . life course is undecided . . . stands out in baseball . . . quiet . . . does not like the Police Force MENTZER, LUCILLE ELIZABETH Lucy Glee Club 1, 23 Mixed Chorus 5 Urbane . . .sets the table in a roar in Home Ec. . .has an eye to soda jerking . . . cheerful . . . unaffected . . . frank IVLENTZER, MARJORIE GERTRUDE EMMA Margie Glee Club 1 Possesses an individual personality . . .impatient . . . Lucille's sister . . . devoted to the movies . . . undeviating MERRITTS, BETTY CAROLINE Bets Falcon Staff 3g Glee Club Ig Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3 Pretty . . . chooses Huntingdon as future home . . . creamy- whip eater . . . amiable . . . Betty R's crony . . . tasteful . . . pos- sessor of a sparkling smile MERRITTS, FRANKLIN Huntsman . . . light-colored hair . . . good mixer . . . gains the friendship of all . . . knave . . . valiant . . . merry-maker MILLER, BETTY L. Mill Bisignis Club 2g Falcon Staff 35 Gym Leaders' Club 2, 5g Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3 Gay . . . future is almost certain . . . keeps her jaws busy . . . "Hi, Keed!". . . winning manner . . . clever MILLER, FRANCIS CLIFFORD Clif Red-head . . . wizard at billiards . . . certainly likes his last name . . . has a captivating smile . . . optimistic . . . reliable . . . his spirit is as bright as his hair MILLER, MARY FLORENCE Teane Spirited . . . picture collector . . . effective . . ."tell it to the Marines". . . straightforward . . . desires to be a clerk . . . prac- tical . MILLS, AUDREY JANE Sammy -An ocean of pep . . . musical . . . breezy . . . marked by wit . . . frivolous. ..wishes to live nearer the school. . .slapdash ways MOGLE, BYRON E. Barney jr. Hi-Y 1.3 Basketball 1, 2, 3g Track Team 2, 3g Falcon Staff f 54 Class Pfwdeflf 2' 3 , MENGEL - MERRITTS, F. MOGLE Flashy forward on the basketball team . . . chums with MENTZER, L, MILLER, B4 M0131- "Dutchy". . . hopes to get a job . . ."It's a clipper dipper". . . MENTZER, M- MILLER, F. MOORE dafk - - - all-2f0Uf1d fellow MERRITTS, B. MILLER, M. MoRR1ssEY MILLS MOYER Mo1sT, RUSSELL J. Rim MORRISSEY, SUE E, 1' Ditch digger-he hopes not . . . just drifts . . . hunts deer, Chauffenrerre of a '33 Chevy . , , a commuter , , . seldom not dears . . . a favorite with the girls . . . has a decided dislike Serious . . . envies Dixie Lee . . , sunny disposition . . . composed for W0rk . - - lacks WOrIi6S and CHFCS . . . saves picture post cards . . . not so tall MOYER, MARGARET LARUE Marg MOORE, VIVIAN RUTH Peep Glee Club 1, 23 Mixed Chorus 3 Blonde . . . believes that silence is golden . . . pensive . . . likes a good time . . . lofty . . . a good listener . . . nice hair . . . gloom- chaser . . . handy l26l Bisignis Club 25 Falcon Staff 53 Glee Club 1, 25 Gym Leaders' Club 2, 55 Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3 Wants to be an old maid with a little black cat . . . small . . . dark . . . snappy . . . giggles . . . likes eating and dancing . . . collects matches and tie pins. . .spends the summer swimming MULHOLLAN NOEL PATTON, R. MYERS, E. OHRTMAN PHILLIPS, H. MYERS, L. PANNEBAKER PHILLIPS, R. NEARHOOF, E. PATTERSON PIERCE NEARHOOF, R. PATTON, M. MULHOLLAN, DAVID E. Dave Ambition is to be an aviator . . . camper . . . a friend to all . . . "I would rather eat than sleep". . . pleasant . . , nice kid . . . avoids junior-high fountains MYERS, LAVERNE M. Bernie Bisignis Club 2g Cheerleader 1, 2, 3g Glee Club 1, 2, Mixed Chorus 3g Spokesman Staff 1, 2, 33 Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3g Orchestra 3 A nightingale . . . votes for Spruce Creek . . . sings with the orchestra , . . a bonnie lass . . . hopes to get shorthand NEARHOOF, BEATRICE Bee Priss and prim . . . attracted to males . . . dance-loving . . . wants to hook a nice husband . . . self-styled . . . looks sober . . . exceptionally quiet NEARHOOF, RODNEY J. Tubby Football 2 , 3 Fond of athletics . . . feeds the fish hook, line, and sinker . . . likes airplanes . . . skips the "gals". . . never in a hurry . . . full of vigor . . . likable NOEL, MERYL HAYES Iugbead Football 1, 2, 3g Basketball 1, 2, 3g Track Manager 1, 2, 53 Mat Team 1, 2, 3 Pillar of the football team . . . game . . . training rules are odious to him . . . man of action . . . thinks a lot of the coach OHRTMAN, FAY Mooney Thinks a certain sophomore is pretty nice. . . smooth dancer . . . blond . . . sparkling and whimsical . . . man about town PANNEBAKER, MARY LOUISE Penny An athletic girl . . . collects salt and pepper shakers . . . Bill Holden is tops with Penny . . . candid PATTERSON, MARLIN RALPH Pat Cheerleader 1, 2, 35 Hi-Y 2, 3g Patrol 1, 2, 3 Dark hair . , . good dancer . . . ushers in the theater . . . hates people who overrate themselves . . . loud-voiced PATTON, MARY JANE Jane Ambition is to graduate and live on Pop's salary. . . goes to the movie to see Tyrone Power . . . humorous . . . merry PATTON, ROBERT SKIDMORE Hobo Fond of hunting and ice skating . . . unassuming . . ."When do we eat?". . . calm and composed PHILLIPS, HARRY FRANKLIN Is quite a hotsernan . . . drives a truck . . . amicable and com- plaisant . . . pet peeve-women drivers PHILLIPS, ROBERT Bob Hi-Y 2, 3g Track Team 3 Doesn't like the price of the movies . . . detests French class . . . aspires to get the first shot at Hitler . . . radiates fun MYERS, BETTY JAYNE PIERCE, JACK O. Dwi Inquisitive . . . can't "stay put". . . lives to eat , . . takes life Band lv 21 53 Track Team 2 easy . . . entertaining . . . cut-up . . ."No place like home". . . Expects to he a machinist . . . annoyed when he can't get the volatile car . . . full of vitality . . . gets a kick from chasing rabbits 27 PLUMMER, VIVIAN ELEANOR Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3g Glee Club 1 Plumb Mannerly . . . would like to be a millionaire . . ."You said a mouthful, Toots! . . winsome . . . participator in dancing, swimming, and ice skating POWNALL, JOHN H. Band 2, Hi-Y 1, 2, 33 Track Team 3 Hip Takes his time . . . peeved by a Model T Ford . . . golfer . . . neat looking. . . captivating manner . . . a mainstay PLUMMER RIGHTNOUR POWNALL RINKER REED, F. ROBERTS REED, J. ROBERTSON REESE ROBINSON, G. ROBINSON, L. Ronoans Roor ROSSMAN REED, FLORINE VIRGINIA Florrie . A quiet, husky-voiced young lady who thinks Reservoir Park is about the most scenic part of Tyrone.. . ambition: to be a nurse REED, JAMES C. jack Ambition is to be an airplane flyer and designer . . .likable fellow . . ."Holy Cats!". . .plays baseball and billiards REESE, BETTY MARIE Bet! Glee Club 1 Has a knack for writing poetry . . . bottle collector . , .wants to enter the nursing profession . . . congenial . . . sedate RIGHTNOUR, BETTY JANE Boop Seems to think the bookkeepefs life is the life for her . .. Winsome . . . vivacious . . . pleasing personality RINKER, ARDIS WINIFRED Rink Bisignis Club 2 Doesrft like being told to get her hair cut...earnest. .. giggles . . . chatterer . . . gay and light-hearted . . . pleasant ROBERTS, WILLIAM Whitey Basketball Manager 2, 3, Track Team 2 Whitey wants to be an animal trainer-mostly dogs lwhy not lions? J . . . keeps up one's spirit . . . cordial . . . self-possessed ROBERTSON, WALLACE Rolabey "Y-e-a-h!". ..Rock Ridge is Robbey's favorite scenic spot . . . quiet . . . hates working in the rain . . . good-humoured ROBINSON, GRACE ELIZABETH Micky Favorite spot around town is the Apple Orchard.. ."Hm!" . . . likes Tyrone because it's not too big or too small . . . cordial ROBINSON, LOYAL Robby Tall, blond, and good-looking . . . jubilant . . . drives a Buick . . . kind-hearted . . . unaffected RODGERS, ANNA EVELYN Anna views things on the sunny side ...is an example of cultivated simplicity . . . timorous . , . dainty ROOT, JAMES H. Pee Wee Wants to join the army. . ."Yes, I guess". . . pastime: sleep- ing . . . free and easy . . . dark and nice-looking ROSSMAN, PAUL H. Clyde Football 1 . Not only quite accomplished in hunting, but also in canoeing and skating , . . Paul is going to join the navy to see the sea . . . sociable l28l ROYER, PRISCILLA M. Prisry Bisignis Club 23 Tri-Hi-Y 2, 5 Likes red hair . . . wants to own a convertible . . . camps at the Corner Room . . . hopes for the best . . ."Yeahl" ROZICK, MARY D. Bisignis Club 2g Spokesman Staff 2, 3 Dislikes stubborn people . . ."Well, I'll be-". . . jovial . . . attentive , . . not hard to please . . . liked by all her classmates SHAFFER, PAULINE Plucky . . . looks on the bright side of life . . . unaffected . . . noiseless . . . lady-like . . . seldom expresses her opinions SHELLENBERGER, RICHARD DALE Dick School Patrol 1, 53 Football 15 Basketball 1 Aspires to make lots of money . . . neat . . . detests arc lights . . . frequently seen on Washington Avenue . . . gilds the pill SHILDT, PAULINE Shilly Pauline is one of our best jitterbugs . . . abhors Huntingdon boys . . . thinks Tyrone lacks amusement . . . slim . . . immaculate SHILDT, RUTH LORRAINE Kelly Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3 Hopes to be an aviatrix . . . dislikes cars that rattle . . . ice skater . . ."No Kidden". . . should have been a boy SHIVELY, BETTY JANE Raymond Glee Club l Betty is quite a collector of tie pins fbeware boysl. , . enjoys watching a good game of football . . . easily excited . . . inclined to giggle SHOEMAKER, HARRY G. Doc Glee Club 21 Track Team l, 3 Intends to go to college . . . thinks the best comedy is "Hip" in the laboratory . . . disturbed by the roaring night life of Tyrone SHOEMAKER, WILLIAM E. Doc School Patrol 2, 3 Doc hates buttoned-up, ironed shirts . . . another prospect for National Guard . . . rides horse back SICKLER, MARY SUZANNE Sue Falcon Staff 33 Gym Leaders' Club 1, 2, 33 Science Club 1, 2, 5g Spokesman Staff 1, 2, 3g Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 39 Red Cross 1 Woultl like to spend whole season in Ocean City ...bans empty gas tanks and speed traps . . . swims in the ocean . . . neat . . . collects match covers SINGLER, REEDER C. Reed Mat Team 1, 35 Basketball 1, 33 Football 1, Z,35Track Team 3 Destined to lead a married life . . . flashy fullback . . . hates to get up in the morning. . . regularly seen in Northwood . . . "Charle Corncobn SKELLY, WILLIAM CLARK Bill Band 1, 2, 53 Basketball 1, 2, 3g Hi-Y 1 Wishes to be a chemical engineer . . . tall . . . studious . . . likes swimming and hiking . . .home work gripes him l29l SMITH, LORMA FERN Smitty I-Im! lt seems Smitty enjoys entertaining a certain neighbor . . . jovial and friendly . . . enjoys a good laugh SMITH, MADELINE VIVIAN Mat Tri-HivY 2. 3 Ambition is to be a nurse for soldiers . . . likes footballf especially the players . . . won't park . . ."What d'ya know, joe?" SHILDT, P. SICKLER ROYER SHILDT. R. SINGLER ROZICK SHIVELY SKELLY SHAFFER SHOEMAKER, H. SMITH, L. SHELLENBERGER SHOEMAKER, W. SMITH, M SNYDER, WILLIAM BYRON Yak -Band 1, 2, 5g Bisignis Club 25 Falcon Staff 31 Glee Club 2, SQ Hi-Y l, 2, 3g Science Club 25 Spokesman Staff 33 Track Team 23 School Patrol 2, 3 Folks always know when "Yok" is around . . .likes music . . . lively . . .easy-going SPANELLI, PETE Stoolie Pete's ambition is to protect his country in the ranks of the National Guard , . . dark . . . composed . . . animated STILES, CHARLES Ted Band 1, 34 Glee Club 5g Science Club I Photographer . . . is blessed with the gift of gab . . . an added attraction to the band . . . rational . . . instinctive . . . open-eyed STINE, RAYMOND Ray Epigrammatic-. . . interested in foresty . . . poultry farmer . . . boisterous . . . glib . . . indebted to his thumb . . . pulls the wool over your eyes . . . sports-fan . . . comical STONEBRAKER, GUINEVERE J, jimmy Camera Club 5 Wants to enter into the stratosphere a little farther. . . con- ciliatory . . . modest and timid . . . earnest student STROUP, ARDRIENNE Den Tri-Hi'Y l, 2, 53 Glee Club 1, 23 Mixed Chorus 3 Often found at Pz1ul's Diner . . .thinks Lawrence Olivier is just wonderful . . bright-eyed and sparkling . ."Well, all right!" SWEITZER, HAROLD Dutch Basketball l, 2. 3 Vigorous . . . devil-may-care . . , desires to be a professional golfer . . . listens to Baby Snooks . . . mischievous in Economics Class . , , speedy basketball player Tl-IAL, FRANCIS J. junior Band I, 2, 3g Track Team I, 2, 33 Hi-Y lg Falcon Staff 3 Travels with a carnival during vacations . . . has the wander- lust . . . Lothario . . . brisk . . . does his level best . . ."Go West, young man". . . gallant THOMAS, BETTY MARIE Betty hates to be kept waiting . . . wants to be a good cook . . . optimist . . . praiseworthy . . . loathes the distance between west end and town TROUTWINE, PATRICIA GOI-IEEN Pal Y M X Gym Leaders' Club l, 2. 53 Spokesman Staif 1, 2, 55 Tri- SNELEBAUGH STINh 1 ,IHHOM-IASI E Hi-Y 1, 2, -gg Red Cross I, 3 SNY'g'igf gd 21fQg5,'2RAK'1R WIESEFW N Collegiate . . . going to California . . . drives incessantly . . . ZEZINELEJ ' SWMTZER WALK' very fashionable. . ."Here she comes, there she goes!" STILES THAI- WAITE, BOYD R. CdIb0llJe SNELLBAUGH, MAX Football lg Track Team lg Band 2, 5 Football 1, 2, 3, Mat Team lg Wrestling I, 2, 3 Sky is- the limit , . ."Dizz". . .plays a bass drum . . .generates Shuns people who are stuck-up . . . diminutive . . . likes the H 8004 UIUC - - - HCVCY W1fh0Uf ff1fff1ll5 skirts . . . has bull-dog courage . . . gridiron hero . . . dare-devil WALK, WILBUR, JR. ll7ilbur SNYDER, ROBERT 1X""'e camera Club 2, sg Falcon starr 5 FO0Ibal1 1, 2, 39 Tf21ClC Team 1, 2, 31 Hi-Y 1 Aspires to be a commercial photographer . . . tall , . . chums One of the big eleven . . . hopes to be an electrical engineer with Bill Wilson . . . hobby is photography . . ."Bless Bess". . . . . . robust . . . friendly . . . owns an attractive mien . . . has grit helpful I l30l WATSON, JEAN M. Jeannie Bisignis Club 2g Glee Club lg Tri-I-li-Y 2. 3 "Well, Good!". . , unaffected and likable . . . pet peeve: be- ing teased about Bellefonte . . . fashionable . . . dignified WERTZ, CHESTER LEE Lee Ambition is to be a superman . . . drives a Buick . . .good dancer. . ."Let's Eat". . . soda jerker . . . prefers a Cook WERTZ, LEE EARL Skee "Speechless". . .wacky chemist . . . musician . . . skier . . ."Still waters run deep". . . has something in his head besides air WILLIAMS, HERBERT M. Herb Football 1, 23 Basketball lg Hi-Y l Owns a soft. husky voice and a gay chuckle . . , good looking . . .mild . . ."Begone, dull cate!". . . unobtrusive WILLS. MARY JANE Glee Club 2 Tall, slender jitterbug . . . affable and conversable . . .enjoys skiing.. . leans toward the held of interior decorating for a career WILSON, MARJORIE J. Merge Falcon Staff 3g Glee Club 1, 2g Mixed Chorus 39 Tri-Hi-Y I. 2. 5 The Senior Class's number one student. . .ice skating takes up a part of her time in winter . . . lolly and clever WILSON, WILLIAM M. Bill Track Team 2, 3g Camera Club 35 Hi-Y 35 Glee Club lg Falcon Staff 3 Absorbs something when he reads it, especially if it is "Boy Dates Girl". . . interested in photography . . . track member . . . swell sport WISNIESKI, EDWARD Ed Bisignis Club 2g Falcon Staff 3g Hi-Y 3g Spokesman Staff 3 An artist . . . tall . . . likes long walks . , . skyscrapers give him a stiff neck . . .says a lot in a few words WOOMER. HENRY Hank Ambition is to be an aviator when he graduates . . . there's no love lost between Hank and a Ford . . . genial . . . sociable WOOMER, LUTHER VAUGHN Mickey Band I. 2. 5: Debating 1. 2: Orchestra 1, 2. 51 Hi-Y l Determined to be a research chemist . . . has no time for two- timers . . ."Stooge". . . regrets that Tyrone does not have a park or square in the center of town ZANGHI, JOSEPHINE C. Jo Goes to the movies to see Spencer Tracy . . .likes the streets of Tyrone . . . petite . . . owns a merry giggle l31 WATSON WILLS WOOMER, L WERTZ, C. WILSON, M. ZANGHI, WHRTZ, L. WILSON, W. ZANGHI, S. NVlLLlAlvIS WISNIESKI ZERBE woomen, H. ZANGHI. SANTO V.. JR. Sonny When he isn't playing baseball, he is at the cinema watching Pat O'Brien . . . a quiet chap . . . thinks trucks are a menace on the highway ZERBE, CHARLES BURLEY Z efrb Camera Club 2. 5g Hi-Y l, 2, 3g Track Team 33 Glee Club l Handsome . . . takes part in tennis and swimming . . . selects a yunior . . . being a test pilot attracts him uniona uniona FIRST GROUP Firrt row: Jeanne Schneider, Imogene Miller, Marie Miller, Sarah Patton, Helen Nestlerode, Suzanne Near- hoof, Marion Rightnour, Betty Magill, Janet Myers. Second row: Betty Robinson, Dorothy Neil, Nancy Musser, Miriam McCahan, Roberta Nearhoof, Zita Miller, Frances Mannino, Ella Mae Hoover. Jane Rhoades, Audrey Renninger, Reed, Annabelle Oswalt, Hester NeH, Dorothy Reese, Eugene Parker. Third row: Betty Elaine Pletz, Louise Fourth row: Ruth Ray, Alice Riggleman, Wallace Robinson, Robert Meredith, Edward Patterson, Clarence Moore, Merle Schmidt, Raymond Robinson, Edward Myers. Fifth row: Nicholas Popovitch, Jack Schell, Zilian Rumberger, Elvin Rhodes, Richard Mowry, Warren Pine, Gerald Reese, David Price, Walter McKinney. Sixth row: Clarence Nearhoof, Richard Schopp, Elmer Parker, Albert Price, Francis Rossman, Walter Marthouse, Roy Reeder. SECOND GROUP Snyder, Jayne Snyder, May Sum- Mary Scordo, Betty Waite, Nancy Vogt, Louise Zang, Lenore Spanelli. First row: Louise mers, Jane Summers, Second row: Lucretia Summers, Marjorie Snyder, June Westover, Betty Jane Wirtner, Gloria Williams, Betty Wagner, Marjorie Shay, Anna Jane Simondale, Robert Shildt. Third row: Robert Wisnieski, Dolly Thomas, Leroy Shildt, Anna Woodring, Louise Zerbe, James Wooden, Dennis Sharkey. Fourth row: James Snyder, Eugene Thomas, -Norman Stryker, Lawrence Thomas, Glenn Stewart, ,Edward Shollenberger, Richard Wirtner, Berman Sehroyer. Fifth row: John Zimmers, Joe Zang, Morty Temple- ton, John Thompson, Paul Walk, Robert Umholtz, Richard Stever, Howard Searer. Sixth row: Stewart Shea, Paul Sweitzer, Jesse Tem- pleton, Terrence Weston, William Shultz. THIRD GROUP Firrt row: William Kanour, Joe Lombardo, Adelaide Gates, Mary Jane Gartner, Josephine Hannah, Janet Hoover, LaRue Kennedy, Julia Gilbert, Marguerite Johnson, Isabelle Igou. Second row: Frank Maceno, James Fink, Eleanor Lykens, Georgetta Long, Ann Lightner, Marietta Gray, Dorothy Friday, Suzanne James, Gladys Irvin. Third row: Kenneth Holt, Eva Korman, Mildred Kerchner, Virginia Long, Mary Jane Hagg, Mary Jane Hitchings, Janet Hampton, Mary Henderson. Fourth row: Ernest Evans, Harold Lloyd, Esther Keys, Agnes Jackson, Frances Glass, Eva Mae Estright, Mozelle Hewitt. Fifth row: Eugene Grazier, Martin Hardy, Charles Gunsallus, Harold Houser, John Lennous, Robert Har- nish, Robert Grove. Sixth row: William Fowler, Russel Friday, Lester Ike, Elmer Ginter. , ' Mg all, FOURTH GROUP if Firrt row: Mary Culver, Edith Anderson, Miriam Brady, Charlotte Burkett, Josephine Colitto, Rosie Diaz, Betty Bush, Kathleen Bratton, Thelma Cook, Nunzie DelBaggio, Betty Burka. Second row: Evelyn DuH, Angeles Diaz, Helen Bris- bin, Margaret Bell, Mary Louise Dawson, Ada Boyd, Anna Estright. Third row: Jack Boytim, Charles Dickson, Elwood Dickson, Ruth Dillon, Dorothy Caldwell, Christine Bowser, Mabel Bowman, Genevieve Engleman, Betty Albright. Fourth row: Joe Castagnola, Paul Dickson, James Brisbin, Lee Adams, William Beyer, Chester Bollinger, John Andrew, Allen Beyer, Charles Cassidy. Fifth row: Frank Davidson, Ralph Allison, Dale Ed' mondson, Dominick De Mario, Dorsey Butterbaugh, Alexander Catich. JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS 5 President .............................. Norman' Stryker Vice'-President .... ..... J ack Boytim Secretary ...... ................. C harles Cassidy Trearurer ........ ................... W illiam Kanour Social Managers ........ Dale Edmondson, Christine Bowser 33 .. . . ,.r--.I I 5009 l"lC7YYlOTLEb. FIRST GROUP Firrt row: Verva Hatter, Dorothy Forcey, Adelaide Hay, Elaine Henney, Lara Haverstine, Vivian Givler, Jennie Jermino, Helen Harris, Nellie Hale, Louise Hoff- man. Second row: Mary Ann Gillam, Mary Ann Jensen, Betty Getz, June Isenberg, Carrie Hamer, Janet Harp- ster, Mary Hostler, Pauline Kaup, Ethel Hand. Third row: Virginia Kaspick, Norma Harper, Jose- phine Iavasile, Virginia Holly, Betty Harper, Marjorie Johnson, Mary Garber, Martha Gingerich, Ethel Kerlin. Fourth row: Max Hall, Robert Hughes, Keith Kelly, Donald Kaufman, Edith Fleck, Melvin Harpster, Paul Gillam, Joseph Ieraci, John Givler. Fifth row: Richard Getz, John Forcey, Carlton James, James Iddings. Sixth row: Daniel Irvin, William Grifiin, Richard Fisher, Eugene Igou. SECOND GROUP Firrt row: Isabel Riggleman, Adeline Knipper, Alf betta McKinney, Myrtle Lykens, Gladys McKinney, Gloria Martin, Irene Shirlc, Dolores Rutledge, Betty Price, Mary Price. Second row: Beatrice Reese, Helen Moore, Martha Merritts, Mary Ann Quigley, Leona Long, Janet Ross- man, Jean Lebkicker, Mildred Krider, Maryann Leeper, Margaret Korman, Melissa Little. Third row: Daniel Meckes, William Longenecker, Adair Peary, Bernard Sevel, Betty Neil, Mary Garber, Josephine McCahan, Dolly Rhoades, Margaret Rigglef fanart, Eileen Knarr, Marilyn Morrison, Ardis Kusrenf auder. Fourth row: Richard Seater, Harry Laird, Robert Piper, Robert Pannebaker, John Mannino, Bernard Min- gle, Carol Phillips, Joyce Rott, Frances Mastrapolo, Andrew Pavlic. Fifth row: George Myers, Guy Mogle, Layne Langen- bacher, Karl Miles, Glenn Newman, Lee Port, Donald Matteson, Richard Long, Cloyd Snyder. THIRD GROUP Firrt row: Anna Jane Wilson, Marjorie VanAllman, Marjorie Thomas, Agnes Sickler, Mary Ann Varner, Anna Mae Thal, Carolyn Waite, Katherine Thompson, Janet Wagner, Adeline Simms. Second row: Delores Spanelli, Louise Stevens, Suzanne Shoemaker, Joyce Yingling, Evelyn Stroup, Betty Weic- rick, Carolyn White, Phyllis Wirtner, Jane Thomas. Third row: Thelma Thompson, Alice Summers, Sara Jane Thomas, Betty Waite, Maxine Weston, Jean Mc- Clanahan, James Trimble, Thomas Stanley, Ralph Thomas. FOURTH Firrt row: Mary Lou Davis, Grace Barner, Madeline Engleman, Sue Evans, Carol Elder, Carrie DiMemmo, Mary Celmo, Jane Burford, Dorothy Calderwood, Patricia Everhart, Betty Dixon. F . A Second row: Peggy McGovern, 'Polly' Burka, Marjorie Carling, Jacqueline Barnharr, Ida' Brenneman, Leora Cowfer, Antoinette Damico, Inadel Boyd, Gloria Edmondson. Third row: Betty Burns, Marie Bryan, Patty Clark, Mary Louise Cox, Dorothy Duey, Margaret Beschler, Robert Charles, Alvin Bathurst, James Crain, Teddy Dougherty, Evelyn Edmondson, Elaine Bailey. Fourth row: Robert White, Robert Woomer, Gerald Woomer, Harry Smith, Frank Sweitzer, Robert Stryker, Robert Smith, Max Singler, Denver Smith. Fifth row: Charles Turiano, Dale Stringer, Richard Searer, George Waple, Carl Wilson, Cosmo Zang, Don- ald Stine, Ralph Stonebraker. Sixth row: Frank Kolessy, Jerry Steele, Cloyd Snyder, Earl Bowser, Ivan Spacht, James Shea, Donald Cowher, Robert Price. GROUP Fourth row: Andrew Cannastraci, Warren Erters, Shirl Dillon, Wilbur Boyer, Richard Campbell, Daniel Irvin, Carl Dressel, James DeArment, Donald C. Cowher, Paul Baker. Fifth row: Robert Calderwood, John F. Fink, Ward Gardner, Calvin Albright, James Gunsallus, John Fink. Sixth row: Hayes Bickle, Chalmer Burkett, Donald Cowher, Thomas Conaghan, George Dannaway, .larnes Adams, Earl Dickson. SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Pferident ..,................. Vice-Prerident . . S ecretary ..... Trearurer ........ Social Manager ,... Mildred Krider ......Ted Dougherty Lee Port .....Mary Ann Varner ..........,Max Hall l34l 0b'Jl'IC7YY'l.C77'1,Eb 35 Wllnth Cgnadle Albright, Ronald Andrews, Evelyn Aults, Vanelda Bateman, Betty Bathurst, Elaine Bechtel, Jeannette Bennett, Gaynelle Beyer, David Beyer, Lois Bickel, Frank Black, George Blair, Mary Boal, Shirley Bonsell, James Bowman, Dean Bradford, Clarence Brenneman, Anna Bryan, Bruce Burger, Lois Burket, Jack Burns, Domer Burns, Mildred Caldwell, Margaret Chilcoat, Joseph Clark, Charles Clouser, Stanley Colitto, Jennie Cowher, Carey Crofcheck, John Davidson, Henry Dawson, Robert Dayton, Junior Dearing, Betty DeArment, Charles Delozier, Harry Delozier, James Denny, Helen Detwiler, Chalmer Detwiler, John Dickson, Donald Dickson, John Dickson, Joseph Dickson, William Diehl, Anna Jane DiMemmo, Rosie Dougherty, Arlene Douglas, John Edwards, Greta Evans, Joanne Ewing, Edith Fetzer, Robert Fink, Allen Finnegan, Betty Fisher, Mary Focht, Vera Foust, Charles clflinth Qnacllz-: CLASS ROLL Foust, Robert Franchio, Ardrienne Frantz, Annetta Frantz, Leo Friday, Albert Frye, Joseph Fuoss, James Gardner, Jean Garland, Marybelle Gates, Josephine Gault, Clinton Gault, Nelson Gill, Louise Gingerich, Aline Gingerich, Carl Ginter, Luzette Griffin, Joseph Gunsallus, Edna Gunsallus, Thelma Gurekovich, Michael Haag, Eleanor Haag, Robert Hagg, Vincent Hall, Robert Hamer, Lawrence Hampton, Marion Hampton, Roy Hand, Ella Harper, Hubert Harper, Norman Harris, Lucille Heaton, Roy Hooker, Sarah Hostler, Helen Houser, Lola Hubert, Donald lgou, Frederick Ike, Naomi Isenberg, Max Jermino, Joseph Kane, Barbara Keatley, Lois Keith, Alice Keller, Allison Kerchner, Caroline Kimberling, Evelyn Kirkpatrick, Betty Kline, Fay Kloss, Gloria Kolessy, Frances Kustenbauder, Jane Lamborn, Clay Lannen, Paul Leach, Ida Mae Leasure, Phyllis 7l Lego, Martha Lewis, Martha Lombardo, Angeline Longenecker, June Lucas, Jack Lykens, Harry Mann, Robert Mayhue, Richard McCahan, Lasca McFarland, Margaret McGovern, Frances McNeal, William Mengel, Chester Mentzer, Margaretta Meredith, Gwenivere Meredith, Janice Merryman, Sylvester Miles, Walter Miller, Anna Belle Miller, Audrey Miller, Sara Anne Mills, Marjorie Milton, William Moist, Marjorie Moore, Betty Moore, Pauline Musser, Jack Nearhoof, Anna Newman, Betty Noel, Calvin Noel, Pauline Owens, Robert Palermo, Raymond Patton, Hazel Phillips, Bella Phillips, Jonelle Popovich, Margaret Popovich, Rose Reed, JOY Reed, William Reeder, Boyd Reynolds, Mary Rhodes, Nancy Riggleman, Leroy Riggs, William Riley, Kenneth Roberts, Lee Robinson, Lietha Robinson, Raymond Robinson, Rietha Romano, Agnes Romano, Mary Jane Rorabaugh, Dorothy Rozick, Stephen Schneider, George Schneider, Martha Scordo, Dominic Sealfon, Sara Belle Sessamen, Robert Shildt, Betty Lou Shildt, Helen Shope, Mary Shroyer, Velda Shugarts, Audrey Sickler, William Simparosa, Evelyn Skelly, David Skelly, Edwarda Smith, Clair Smith, David Smith, Revere Smith, William Snyder, Christie Snyder, David Snyder, Frances Spicer, Miriam Stewart, Earl Stewart, Paul Stine, Kenneth Stonebraker, Othella Stonebraker, Victor Stryker, Gladys Summers, Nevin Tahaney, Patrick Tate, Helen Treaster, Lola Trimble, Harrison Turnbaugh, Clair Turnbaugh, Joseph Umholtz, Lois Umholtz, Phyllis Waite, Herbert Walton, Marie Wasson, James Wertz, Patricia Westley, Evelyn Weston, Irene White, Anna White, William Whren, Adeline Williams, Glenna Williams, Louise Williams, Marjorie Wittmann, George Wolfe, Rebecca Wolfgang, William Woodring, Samuel Woomer, Irene Wrye, Edwin Yaudes, Harris Yukelson, Joseph Etqlttlm qnadla: Adams, Donna Albright, Dorothy Albright, Mary Barnes, John Batcheler, Beverly Bechdel, janet Boal, Ronald Boytim, Paul Burford, Eva Jean Burget, Paul Burwell, Faye Butterbaugh, Jerry Carson, William Chiofar, William Chiofar, Helen Christine, Harry Colt, Lucille Cox, Calvin Crain, William Crissey, Betty Mae Damico, Joseph Daniels, Isabel Daugherty, Margaret Daugherty, Suzanne DelBaggio, Rocco Dickerson, Logan Dickson, Warren Dobbs, John Duey, Edna Duncan, David Emery, Fred Fleck, Alice Flipping, Nancy Forcey, Doris Foust, Eleanor Foust, Genevieve Franchio, John Frantz, William Fnlkerson, Oscar Gilbert, William Gill, 1 Richard Gillam, Robert Gillmen, Louise Givler, Mark Goss, Matilda Grazier, David Grazier, Ruth Gunsallus, Russell Hagen, Ronald Harpster, Mary Alice CLASS ROLL Heller, Arlene Hevner, William Hicks, Cecil Hicks, Lelia Houser, Jane Huff, Rena Hull, John Iddings, Betty Igou, Mildred Jackson, Renwick Jensen, Jay johnson, Doris johnson, George Johnston, Betty Karling, Kathleen Keatley, Helen Keller, Loraine Keppler, Jack Kerchner, Betty Kessinger, Eugene Kest, Julia Kobuck, Catherine Krider, Marian Langenbacher, Lorraine Lannen, Richard Lewis, Virginia Lombardo, Anna Longenecker, George Lucas, Jeanne Mattern, Robert Mengel, Jesse Meredith, Shirley Miller, Alice Miller, Arlene Miller, Jack Miller, James Miller, John Miller, Shirley Mogle, Glenn Morrison, David Morrow, Virginia Mountz, Dorothy Nearhoof, Harry Nett, Mary Noel, John Ormsby, Harry Patterson, Betty Patterson, Dorothy Patton, Mary Lou ,L 581 Piper, Robert Price, John Priestly, Sara jane Ray, Ivan Reeder, James Reeder, Mardell Rhoades, Donna Richardson, Charles Riggleman, Paul Robbins, Bruce Rodgers, Carey Romano, Frank Rupert, Dorothy Sawyer, Mary Louise Sensor, Verna Shope, Margaret Simondale, Vivian Skipper, Robert Snyder, Cecil Snyder, Howard Snyder, Velda Spicer, Cecil Spicer, Loretta Steele, Faye Stever, William Stonebraker, Richard Stroup, Jack Sweitzer, Harry Sweitzer, Kenneth Thompson, Mary Troutwine, Christine Turnbaugh, Clair Edward Varner, jack Veasey, Clyde Wagner, Ann Wallace, Paul Waple, Margaret Watson, Ruth Watters, Gerald Watters, john Weaver, Naomi Wertz, Kenneth Weston, Leeland Widney, Evelyn Wike, John Williams, Janet Wiser, Hannabelle Woomer, Shirley Yaudes, Ernest Zerbe, James Eighth Qnacqe Anderson, Robert Baker, William Baldrige, Jack Barnhart, Herbert Batcheler, Buddy Bayer, Nancy Benton, Betty Beyer, Joe Beyer, Margaret Bistline, Edward Bonsell, Ralph Borman, Betty Nl. Boyer, Ray Bradford, Florence Bressler, Fred Buck, james Burka, Barbara Burnham, Jane warmth Qnaclle CLASS ROLL Burnham, Mary Butterbaugh, Mary jane Calderwood, Gene Calclerwood, Ruth Cannistraci, joseph Carson, Elwood Charles, Kathryn Christine, jean Colitto, Samuel R. Dayton, Mary DelBaggio, John DeLong, Marjorie DiMemmo, Tressa Estright, Janet Evans, Janice Fern, Earl Fetzer, Doris Fink, Miriam l40l Fink, Williaimu Fisher, Robert Focht, Roy Fry, Sam Fuoss, Mary Gates, Lyle Gaut, joseph Gibboney, Williain Gill, Charles Gingher, Martha Gondolfo, Lorenza Gossard, Dolores Gregory, Iris Hagerman, Rae Hampton, Shirley Harpster, Joseph Havens, Leo Hessler, ltene I-IoHman, Ardenia Hopkins, Alice Hosband, Margaret Houck, Lucille Houser, George jones, janet Kirkpatrick, Edna Kolessy, Bernadine Lannen, Kenneth Leach, Betty Leach, Delores Lewis, Adeline Lewis, Jane Little, Donna Lombardo, Josephine Lucas, Harry Martin, Fletcher Mattern, Eugene Matteson, Charles Mauk, Evelyn McCahan, Robert Miller, Charles Miller, Dallas Miller, George CLASS RGLL Miller, Ralph Miller, Wilbur Minemyer, Louise Mosel, Robert Musser, Carol Myers, Doris Nearhoof, Lee Neil, Patricia Nestlerode, Velda Newman, Amos Oakwood, Barbara Owens, Frank Patterson, Betty Patterson, Carl Phillips, Marlin Potaris, Lulu Priestly, Sam Reese, Frances Rightnour, Bertha Schell, Marjorie Seeger, Arlene Shawley, Delores Shollenberger, Carme ll Seventh Cgnadla Shope, Betty Skelly, John Smith, Richard Snyder, Eleanor Stewart, Janet Stiles, Betty Stover, Joe Thomas, Carlyne Thomas, jay Thomas, Mary Louise Thompson, Pauline Varner, Eleanor Wagner, Donald Walk, Dale Walk, LaRue Walk, Robert Westover, Joe White, Eleanor Williams, Dean Wilson, Betty Lou Wilt, Bradley Wolfe, Robert Wrye, Wendell Zindel, Richard Qu CWM-:moniam , BORN-February 20, 1925 DIED-October 8, 1937 CAUSE-Complication of disease BOYD ALLEN JOHNSON Jlllma lwlaten Ours is a school to love, Loyal by her we'll stand, Mountains tower over her, Solemn and grand, Long may they reign above, Those Alleghenies fair, May they ever shelter thee, Dear old Tyrone High! When we grow old and gray, Mem'ries will linger stillg Happy hours we've spent with thee Their mission shall fulfillg Life will be sweet and fair, Joy will awake anew, May we ever faithful be, Dear Alma Mater true! l42l N-r. , -M, . II I . ,al III , . 'Fw 'KI . V " fs, -?'V:V'3L. ,I .fp 44 ' ' -If 4-I ,, . 1, If XI,-I , -'ip 'I 1-Er, I IL, , A I I5-555: '.. ,I I I I -II .:i:,If.i 5 If'-I -I .. I I . Ig I I II , I ,I , ,I . S , I fhkv 1 II I I -'Z' -lf! - 1 bg' ' V- 5":7?'- W5'ffi'512y - ' 'ff' 1 - UP' 'X Q' -4 .N "fi J ' - ' I-.55 I- -.I 3.14, . 1 '-'mv gag Q . R---. I . , V - - ' , .rn .' .f-L'ffi. I., . 5 K-1 'f - I -5' 'fi 5, 1 .' K , u .M-. ,A X V , . - ' . 4' V . 4 I .IIi,,,i, I . XI II , . .I II 1. ,I . II -' , V- " 5 V . .. Q fir.. V- ' ivv- wg ' 4' +41 . . -HLPW? -Zi.. n 1,-I ' ' 5514 5155, il-M ' ' V LQ 'Q QL' ' rf in V . A - W.. . 3 'fmt :-K, , - 3 ' V, V. 4- ?wf3'1 M-V . If I . I ,I I V,f I, -I . :,.I,I - V N1 4 ' , ' 4 - V-I, I VV. -. V: 5 gp - 1 ., - f , 43 .' ,gf - .3 - ,bf LJ, -,N . -- ' Xf-J , , V, . Mg: Q-jailjfj f ,,L'.tw-.Qi..- IQ, . I, , I f 1 A A . v - 7 -., - Y V jun.. A Vp. .W f 1 mf V-1 5 , .2 -' - -' , "'- . V - ' ' V K 1 V-z K- , 5 f ,. , 5 ,,, - I , xI ' I I IV KSMV. " I III e V 1 .. NI' WIN' f"'a.,,, if I gg - - A V' -A V -,A , 'ff j ,A ' 1- ,J ff . - 5, I' av, ,V X .M fr ,,:.i K ' 'Y 'Ye' - 1. + , ' - vw., ' 'Y V . iw V 'V wr ' , ,Vw ,. V "Sw ., 5 - M33 Yr V, . ,, Q ' " ' " V, .VJ Vi ,A 'Q fs. Y, . 7... .L A II Q .N . , 'Q A , II,. P, II . . , ,- fy . , . mg - K N- ',' k - . , ,, V VV., , .wx - A ,Q .M ,-, vq'9"'? . x I . 1 , 1 W ' M342 . V. L V MM A A 7 M':f"-F3 "Mw'V7?'V ' ' if fl ' V' " 1 V1 vm V " -'WW L 3 "ff 'X' ,- ' .v 'f ,. , A, y f 5 :Nz V. ' fs' V ,.V5.,VV,wV .. W ' ' - Q. P L- .V H.-gym: .,. ' . V , I . ,, QQ wk , ,, Af V h M , - Q ff' ,V , - ,uwf fV f A -V - , V , I' I T I , I In X- A I I I ,V IQIIIIQQ ,, I I , I I H I 2, III,I,.x:rI II I' ,'fI , 1 ,JI-VMI Va I A Q ' Q' ' - , N ,?5,zL'7f'-H V W, I f T? 6 5525 I ,VM I ' if 3 f I 5 . .V og Q wp, Q . V V P, K , b V , V - 3, w h . 4' f ,s , ' V fy VV . V3 YN , 5 'fa' .fr iymlgf 'W' M E 3 Iff,'fQ,Q,W .Q 5 . -w,.III M - ' 9 VV ,. H K , " ff ""I 1 . -, ww ,. uw "1 K 'V , qu ' V - -f"f"W1f'2:- A VV 1 ' 'f -f - gg . -V " ' ' 1-V, " Y-- 1 ws .f '- wr- ' 'r-Q ' , -'- - Va., V -H Aw-N ' I'II ' If-.f "L, -gf--EI QI I '- ,IQIII I I N'-SI ."'a' A r U ' gg: -iff-af:AEf',N xv -- V. qu, ' "- .- ,. pu-4,5-5 S' V- , 34?-Inf ,x,.. , 'SSR ' M' V, fm-g1'f.2.-egg '.QV,,.. , V. - - fx,-1' N ,V 1 , V X, . W I if- .AL ,Q 71 "..II VX... xi, -' an ,I 1-,,1-,A .. wt' A N499 4' Q R -4. 'a 4 X . ., I ,II I X I I Nxng 'SUN zu, N, ., I. ., II I - ri' 'WM ,, 4' 4, Q Q 4, , Y . ,. xg gs 4 Sis ffgl' 655 fig .,, gli gr ZR wi x f 4' ' 2' 'gag 'UQ 3 f I fe v Photography by Walk ON THE MARCH As each year passes, the band seems to approach, more nearly, its estab- lished goal, which is a full-sized, completely-equipped, musical organization capable of producing a. good-sized repertoire of band music of quality. The number in the band this year reached a new height, seventy, which is a great increase over the eighteen members in 1927, under the direction of Mr. P. J. Potteiger, and the eighteen again in 1931, when it was directed by Mr. Harry Smith. The band also has added some completely new features to its usual forms of entertainment. The Swiss flag throwing, an innovation for T. H. S. members, was introduced, and an elementary school drum major was made an added attraction to the band. The band has provided entertainment, not only for school events, but also for many out-of-school gatherings. On August 17, 1940, it played at the Fire- men's Convention at Lock Haven, and at the All-State Convention in Lewis- town, on September 13. During the recent Presidential campaign, the band played at two Republican rallies and one Democratic rally. Our band won Hrst prize at the Christmas Parade held in Altoona. Members of the band will go to Roaring Springs, where they will be participants in the Blair County Band Festival, an event which was formerly held in Hollidaysburg. The band has showed its usual faithfulness in being present at all football games, both home and away. A part of the band, known as the German band, attended many of the basketball games away from home and most of those at home. This is the first year the band has used the Fullington buses as a means of transportation. Band members are grateful for the thoughtfulness of the Band Mothers' Auxiliary and the Athletic Board who made such transportation pos- sible. They are also deeply grateful for the full course turkey dinner given them on February 27, by the Band Mothers' Auxiliary. The band has been practising regularly in the Library this year on Tuesday and Thursday evenings of each week. Mr. Steigerwalt, the instructor, deserves much credit for the accomplish- ments of the band. He has been their constant director since 1932, and has given unselfishly of his time to make this organization what it has come to be. He is responsible, also, for the enthusiasm the boys show in their band activities. ,f " X. F451 liiml row: Valgene Routch CPianistJ, Robert Stewart fGuitarJ, Williain Fleming fTenor saxophonel, Vaughn Wcxomer fAlto saxophonel, Harry Delozier IAlto saxophonel. Sefoml ma: Keith Kelly fTrumpetJ, William Knarr lTrumpetJ, Leonard Fuoss KTrumpetl, Richard Macdonald CTromboneJ, jack Boytim CTromboneJ. Thin! ?'f1Il'Z Robert Hamish CBusiness managerl, LaVerne Myers lVotalistl, William Burns 4Sousaphone7, Zilian Rumberger lDrumsJ, Boyd Waite fAssistant managerl. C-Iotynone Jdlcath Schooll Cncheatna The High School Dance Orchestra was organ- ized at the beginning of the school year by Mr. Valgene Routch. Under his direction it practised intensively during the weeks immediately follow- ing the opening of school, in order to be ready for the first Friday night dance which was held on November IZ, an event which was amazingly suc- cessful. A series of these dances followed, being planned for and sponsored by such groups as the Orchestra, junior-Senior Class, and the Cheer- leaders' Club. The money which the Orchestra earned by play- ing for school groups was spent for equipment. hits," spent twenty dollars for music stands, and financed a new public address system. At differ- ent times during the year, the boys added new features which lent color to their organization. The boys of the Orchestra are of high school age. They spend three hours in practice every Wednesdzty evening. They give freely and will- ingly of their spare time that the Orchestra may be a success. It is the general opinion of the student body that the Dance Orchestra is better than average, and that it has provided the pupils with many an opportunity for enjoyment. This active group bought fifty-six popular "song- Mr. Routch, a newcomer to Tyrone this year. received the Bachelor of Science Degree in Public School Music from State Teachers College at Indiana, Pennsylvania. At the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Michigan, he has spent two summers working for his Masters Degree. In the Tyrone Schools, Mr. Routch has been made Head of the Department of Instrumental Music. He teaches not only in the junior- Senior High School, but also in the elementary schools of Washiiigton, Logan, and Adams. He has organized the dance band, which has been very successful this year. Preceding his coming to Tyrone, Mr. Routch taught in the Rock- wood Schools in Somerset County. w. VALGENE Rourcn H6 I dglfilghl Qllee Cllub First row: Edward Harris, Joseph Dickson, Allison Keller, Max lsenberg Ronald Albright. Second row: Robert Harnish, William Snyder, William Burns, Charles Dick son, Gerald Reese, William Wolfgang, Tlflird row: Janet Dayton fPianistD, Mr. Wolfgang CDirectorJ, Morty Templeton, Joseph Andrews, Edward Shollenberger, Frank Richard Long Batcheler. CVVllxecll Chonua Fin! mu: Ellen Lewis, Betty Bateman, Mary jane Gart- ner, Betty Rightnour, Ardrienne Stroup, Betty Cullison, Thelma Cook, Janet Hoover, Marjorie Wilson, Miss Barrett lMusic Supervisory Scunzrl run: Nancy Gardner, Vivian Plummer, Christine Bowser, Margaret Ike, Bettie Goss, Gloria Williarris, Marietta Gray, Dorothy Neil, Frances Keller, Ruth Krider, Josephine Hannah. Thin! mir: Mabel Bowman, Ann Lightner, Lucretia Summers, Delores Bailey, Betty Givler, Marjorie Krieger, Lois Matteson, Lucille Mentzer, Vivian Moore, Muriel Hassler. Fourth mu: Mary Alice Gutrshall, LaVerne Johnson, Alice Fleck, june Camp, james Fink, William Burns, Miriam Boal, Loretta Forcey, Ruth Ray. Fifth mir: Richard Mowry, William Snyder, Richard Grallius, Charles Glenn, Elvin Rhodes, Zilian Rumberger, Glenn Abrams, Charles Dickson, Gerald Reese, jack Boytim. Sixlb mir: Jack Schell, Charles Cassidy, Frank Batchcler, Robert Harnish, Walter Marrhouse, Joseph Andrews. Louise Zang, Myers, Marie l47l vs,N.Ni .v,v Cloulvlllcatlon Statta FALCON STAFF Fin! voir: Marjorie Wilsrun Cliditorj, janet Dayton fAssistant Editorl, -lean Burley CTypistD, Betty Miller lHead Typistl, Margaret Moyer Khfypistl, Pauline Houser fBusiness Managerl. Semin! rnizt Miss Moore fAdviser7, Williziirfi Snyder fAssistant Advertising Managerl, Frank Batcheler 1Assistant Advertising Managerl, Francis Thal lAssistant Editorl, Suzanne Sickler lAdvertisin5g Managerl, Betty Merritts lTypistJ, Miss Musser !Ait Supervisorl. Third mir: Willwtir Wtilk lphotographerl, Willizliii Wilscun fPhotographerl, Loraine Johnston Vfypistl, Edward Wisnieslii CStaff Artistl, Byron Moglt lSports Editorl. SPOKESMAN STAFF Fmt rnzv: Miss Billingsley KAdviserJ, Mary Rozick CTypistl, Mary jane Buck 1Editorial Writerj, LaRue Kennedy fAssistant Editorl, janet Hoover CReporterJ, Betty Price Klub Reporterj, Christine Bowser CReporter7, LaVerne Myers Vfypistb, Adelaide Gates fReporterl, Melissa Little lReporterJ. Serum! mir: Ruth Krider lHeadline Wi'iter and Copy Readerl, Malvel Bowman fReporterJ, Frances Glass lFeature liditorj, Marietta Gray lAssistant Exchange Editorl, Agnes Sickler fCuh Reporrerl, Mary Ann Varner fCub Reportery, Joyce Yingling 1ReporterJ, Glenna ,lane Williartis fCuh Reporrerl, Sara Belle Sealfon iCub Reporterj. Tlnml mn: Mr. Willartl Kerr lAdviserJ, Genevieve ffffllllillllwl on page 492 lfi8l Cfhe qctllcort ln casting about for a central idea for the 1941 Falcon, the staff, early in the spring of 1940, decided that Tyrone itself, and its vicin- ity, would afford splendid opportunities for a photographic theme. Photographers set to work at once to capture some of the scenic beauties of summer, and they continued their efforts until some of the wonder and magic of winter in and about Tyrone was translated to Film, and later, to the pages of this book. Tucked away, then, in the 1941 Falcon is a lit- tle bit of Tyrone to be added to the many other memories a yearbook evokes. A staff, slightly increased in number, took upon itself the production of the 1941 Falcon. The editorial staff was increased from three to four members in order to cope with the amount of work made necessary by reason of a very large senior class. The advertising stalf was increased from three to live members, one of whom, Donald Gates, volunteered his services. Cooperation between and among staff members was excellent. Twenty persons, working to- gether as one harmonious unit, made possible the wide coverage found in this book and the largest sales campaign in Falcon history. The Falcon Staff joined the Spokesman Staff in sending delegates to the Pennsylvania School Press Association Convention held in Pitts- burgh during the month of October. The social event of the year was a theatre party to see one of the staffs own members. Janet Dayton, play a role in "The Royal Family." I-Tl'lE, cTl37'L0'YlE gb'3OlQElb.YYlG.Yl The Tyrone Spokesman, as it is being called this year, formerly known as The Spokesman, has brought to its many readers smashing head- lines and latest news flashes from the exciting activities of the student body of the Tyrone High School. Miss Billingsley and Mr. Kerr, though new to the staff, proved themselves excellent and worthy advisers. They are proud to announce that they have an enlarged staff-forty-five members, eleven of whom are seniors-a wider distribution of the paper in the grades, and new feature attractions. The Guidance Department features articles for the studentsg Personality of the Week is a clever column which names the outstanding personality of the weekg the pic- tures which appear in each edition, some of people and some of scenes, are done on lino- leum blocks by the senior class artist, Edward Wisnieskig and then there is a special section for the elementary grades. was more subscriptions. Never before has the paper had such a response for subscriptions from the elementary grades as it had this year. The Staff has an exchange of 50 schools, not only in Pennsylvania, but also in a number of other states. Copies of the Tyrone Spokesman are sent to members of the School Board and Ministers in this vicinity for the purpose of letting them read what is going on in this school. A number of the Staff attended the Pennsyl- vania School Press Association Convention on October 25 and 26, 1940, at Pittsburgh, and four of the members took part in the program. On the twenty-fifth of january, the Spokes- man Staff had a dinner at the Arlington Hotel and a dance in the High School Gymnasium, the School Orchestra furnishing the music for the dancing. The Tyrone Spokesman finances itself by subscriptions and by advertising done for mer- The goal of the Spokesman Staff this year Ch2mtS Of the COW11. Brisbin CTypistJ, Rose Caffarelli CTypistD, Pat Troutwine fAdvertising Managerh, Gloria Williams CReporterJ, Genevieve Engelman CReporterJ, Gladys Stryker fCub Reporterj, Edwarda Skelly CCub Reporterj, Mary Ann Jen- sen fReporterJ. Fourth ww: Jack Boytim fAssistant Athletic Editorb, john Andrew CCirculation Managerl, june Camp CEditorj, Suzanne Sickler Uunior High Editorl, Clara Jane Jones flixchange Editorj, William Kanour fAssistant Athletic Editorl, Edward Wisnieski CArt Editorl, Robert Harnish fAssisrant Advertising Managerb, Glenn Abrams CCub Reporrerj. Fifth rozrz Dominic DeMario CCirculation Managerl, Jack Schell tAssistant Feature Editorl, Donald Gates 1Assistant Advertising Managerj. CARLTON JAMES Photography by Walk and Wilson E491 Calst ot "China 05015 Sealeal: Betty Kirkpatrick fAnnie the Maidl, Glenna Jane Will iam s fCharlotte Makb, Sara Belle Sealfon fLulu Mae Robinsonb, Edwarda Skelly fMrs. Parkerj, Jonelle Phillips fSelma Parkerj. Standing: Miss Piper iliaculry Stage Managerb, jack Lucas fBill Parkerb, Sam Woodring CWill Parkerl, Ronald Albright fMark Mills, who is "China BOYHP, Max lsenberg CGeorge Robin- sonl, Nevin Summers CBob Troumanb, Miss Myers CCoachJ. All "China Boy" photography by Walk and Wilsrmii W'ill Parker. the principal, has no trouble enforcing discipline at the Middlesboro High School, but in his own home-fwell, thats another matter. His son, Bill, thinks of nothing but foot- ball, and his daughter, Selma. has her heart set on winning the Middlesboro Munchie-Crunchie Ice Cream Companys Popularity Contest. Thats the way things stand when. suddenly one summer morning, they get a letter from China! Mrs. Parkers sister is sending her son Mark to the Parkers to continue his education in America. Mark, according to the letter, is a wonderful boy, a model of virtue, and as nearly perfect as a mortal can be. Mark arrives and lives up to all advance George Robinson, the meanest boy in town, has picked a fight with Mark Mills, who is "China Boy." Mark turns the tables by downing George, sitting on his stomach. and eating ice cream until George says, "Uncle! " The other characters are interested to see the outcome, because they despise George. l50l ll notices. He is always helpful-too helpful to please Bill and Selma who would gladly send him right back to China. They say he isnt a "regular guy." Then Lulu Mae Robinson, a twelve-year-old terrorist, takes Mark under her protective wing. With her aid, he gets "in wrong" with his uncle and aunt. They have made all plans for his re- turn to China when Mark proves that he can be "one of the boys" after all. The younger Parkers apologize and take Mark into their circle-even their football games. They even like his quota- tions from Confucius, although Annie, the maid, insists to the end that Mark is a pyromaniac and that the whole house must be fumigated. Phillips, Williams, Albright, Isenberg, Summers, Lucas A very familiar and inspiring sight found in Tyrone during the month of December is the scene of the nativity placed on the memorial plot at the junction of Tenth Street and Washington Avenue. It consti- tutes a part of the city lighting at Christmas time and is the handiwork of Alexicraft. Photography by Wilson SCENE OF THE NATIVITY Clgnlnce ot Claeace A pageant entitled "Prince of Peace" was the form of entertainment offered the assembly groups during the week preceding the Christmas vacation. This pageant emphasized the idea that although Evil has menaced Peace in the world before, it was always defeated in the end. Evil is defeated by a power higher than human power. Costumes, stage sets, lighting, and music pro- vided the proper atmosphere for this deeply signi- ficant program. Many well known Christmas Lucas Kirkpatrick Skelly carols were interspersed throughout the pageant. The following pupils were assigned character roles: Voices-Elaine Henney and Richard Searerg Shepherds-Joe Ieraci, james Trimble, John For- cey, john C. Fink, Peasants-Marilyn Morrison, Ethel Hand, Daniel Meckes, Keith Kelly, Mary- Nancy Vogt. The Art and Music Departments gave valuable assistance to the Dramatics Department in the presentation of this program. Anne, the maid, is asked to clear out two lower drawers of Bill Parker's dresser in order that Bill can share his room with Mark Mills from China. Bill resents this because he has valuable "stuff" in those drawers. The valuable "stuff" includes a rat skeleton in a jar, two detective magazines, a moth-eaten stuffed squirrel, and two banana skins. fill MISS ENID ALICE MUSSER Club Director Every May tryouts are held for those who are interested in becoming members of the Art Club. These aspirants are given a definite piece of work to do which will test their abilities in the field of art. The results are judged, and those whose work reach a certain standard automatically be- come members of the Art Club. Members of the Art Club decide, in the fall, what type of work they want to do during the school year. This year they chose to make marionettes. These marionettes, which are made from papier-mache, are very difhcult to make. Club members have been working steadily on these at their meetings, which are held every Fri- day after school, and have been doing very well in their mastery of the difficulties found in marionette construction. The club, when their work is completed, will Fin! row: jonelle Phillips, William Frantz. 4-fha Jlnt Club put on a marionette show in assembly. They wrote the play themselves, which is to be an adaptation of "Rip Van Winkle." Scenery for the show was also made by the Art Club. Controls which were needed have been supplied by the shop department. The stage was got from Logan School. This stage is of regulation size, having the same dimensions as that of Tony Sarge, who is one of the best known makers and operators of marionettes. Members of the Art Club are awarded letters if they have belonged to the club two years, one of which must be the ninth grade. This year Miriam Spicer was elected president of the club, and Dean Bowman is serving as sec- retary. Miss Musser, Supervisor of Art in the Tyrone schools, directs the activities of the club. Second row: David Duncan, Shirley Miller, Lois Burns, Miriam Spicer, Alvin Bathurst, Dean Bowman, Richard Stonebraker, Evelyn Widney. Third row: Miss Musser iArt Supervisorl, Genevieve Foust, Margaret Popovitch, Betty Finnegan, Rose Popovitch, Ruth Watson, Loraine Keller, Mary Alice Reynolds. l52l Photography by Walk and Wilson i l l Firrr row: Dorothy Calderwood, Gloria Edmondson, Kathryn Thompson, Ethel Hand, Mary Price, Nancy Vogt, Suzanne Nearhoof, Louise Zang. Sammi row: Suzanne Sickler, Virginia Kaspick, Clara Jane jones, Mary Jane Gartner, Mary .lane Hagg, Ann Lightner, Betty Waite, Melissa Little, Pauline Kaup. Third rozr: Ruth Ray, Virginia Long, Marguerite Bell, Evelyn Duff, Georgetta Long, Miss Wilson iAdviserJ, Suzanne Shoemaker. Clahi-Chem-dill The activity of the Science Club, a group which was f1rst organized f1VC years ago, is a very interesting phase of school life. The purpose for which this club was started was to create an in- terest in science. Meetings of the Phi-Chem-Bi are held twice a month, on the first and third Wednesdays. At the present time the enrollment of the club is twenty- four. In order to become a member of the club, a project on some aspect of science must be made and accepted. The club director accepts or rejects such projects. Phi-Chem-Bi members expect to attend a dis- trict meeting which will be held in Altoona on May 10. In preceding years this meeting extended only through an afternoon and evening, but this year it is to be an all-day meeting. This gather- ing will have as the main speaker, a representative l5 of some college, but students will also speak. After the morning session, all members attending the meeting will go to Horseshoe Curve, there to have a picnic lunch. Then they will return to Altoona for the rest of the district meeting. Our own Science Club expects to take outdoor trips in the near future in order to make a study of birds and flowers, two subjects in which many members of the club are interested. The Phi-Chem-Bi this year elected Suzanne Sickler to the position of president, Clara Jane jones, vice-president, Marguerite Bell, secretary, and Nancy Vogt, treasurer. The club has joined the Pennsylvania junior Academy of Science which also includes member- ship in the District junior Academy of Science. Miss Wilson, teacher of biology in the Tyrone Senior High School, is the director of this club. MISS LILLIAN WILSON Club Director Seated: Betty Waite, Miss Couch fLibrarianD, Frances Mastrapaolo. Standing: Louise Reed, Virginia Long, Georgetta Long, Louise Bratton, Jane Kustenbauder. .Cibnanuf Our library has been improved this year in appearance and in content. More shelving has been added both to the library and to the work- room, and this in turn has made space for a better and nearer arrangement of the rapidly increasing number of books and magazines. A new twelve- drawer card index has also been added. Many new books have been placed in our library, including much interesting fiction and non-fiction, as well as helpful reference books. Some of the outstanding additions are: Sandburgs six volumes fSangamon edition of Abraham Lincolnp, Van Nostrands Scientific Encyclopedia, The Unabridged New Standard Dictionary, World Book Encyclopedia, the 1940 XWho's Wfho in America, and the Aircraft Yearbook for 1940. The library subscribes for eight more periodicals than it previously received, making the total num- ber of periodicals thirty-two. At any time during or after school, the girls on the library staff may be seen properly placing books on the shelves, taking library permits to the various rooms, checking books out and in, or even taking complete charge of the desk. This enables them to become familiar with the work of a librarian and to come to know a very large num- ber of books. Photography on this page by Walk and W M011 CHARLOTTE Fl. ECK Libra1'ia2z',r A.i1i'i.i'!l1f11 541 .gchooll Safety, Clgatnoil The Safety Patroi was organized five years ago. Its objective is to pre- vent accidents and promote safety. The patrol is made up of nine boys. They are on duty as the students come and go from school. Their duty is to prohibit trailic from traveling be- tween Thirteenth and Fourteenth Streets on Lincoln Avenue, This year's force is made up of Marlin Patterson. who is head patrol- man, Richard Long, Allen Beyer, james Snyder. Richard Shellenberger. Wfilliam Snyder, Richard Schopp, Cecil Hoover, and Williaim Shoemaker. Photography hy Wingate MARLIN PATTERSON Qheenlleadlena Hats olli to our Cheerleaders, and let's give them a rousing cheer! They have added pep, vim, cold and vigor to our athletic contests. Braving and rainy weather, our Cheerleaders never failed to add some color and excitement to our games. Their time and efforts were greatly appreciated by the students and adults. The Varsity Cheerleaders are made up of a group of six. Marlin Patterson is head cheer- leader. The others are Louise Snyder, Jean Bur- ley, LaVerne Myers, Christine Bowser, and Betty Burka. The junior Varsity Cheerleaders are Mildred Krider, Carol Elder, and Anna Mae Thal. Mr. Aurand is the faculty manager for the Cheer- leaders. Both the Varsity and junior Varsity Cheer- leaders attended the band banquet. At the present time, the Cheerleaders are hav- ing school dances to raise enough money to pur- chase new uniforms for next year. Marlin Patterson 1Head Cheerleaderh, jean Burley, Christine Bowser, LaVerne Myers, Betty Burka, Louise Snyder i55 ' 2 Jlltvlm b. ammo' Find :be HY" marco!-lbe fat u Il M Cgoallh GAMMA TRI-H1-Y ALPHA TRI-HI-Y, SENIOR H1-Y, JUNIOR H1-Y To build a better world, ready I must be, in To create, maintain, and extend throughout the place where life doth find me, holding fast yet the school and community, high standards of pushing on to glorious adventure-you and I and Christian character. God. Photography b fwnwmw' y Wootlring, Walk, and Wilsczii X YQ- union Jfli-QQ Firxl mu: Robert Piper, john Mannino, james Crain, Teddy Dougherty, Robert Charles, Berf haul Mingle, Richard Campbell, Richard Seater, james Glenn, Strom! mu: Robert Owens, Daniel Meckes, Charles Clark, Ronald Albright, joseph Dickson. Ri,hard Getz, Robert Hughes. Thin! ron: John Dickson, Cosmo Zang, Nevin Summers, Robert Mann, Williani Reed, Keith Kelly, joseph Griflin. lirmrtly rozi: Donald Hubert, David Skelly, Robert Hall, Dean Bowman, Robert Hagg, Mr. Bloom fAdviserD, Eugene lgou. anion J'll-'lg Firrz mir: Charles Glenn, Kenneth Holt, Allen Beyer, Glenn Abrams, Charles Cassidy, Edward Wisniesl-xi. Seronrz' row: William Snyder, John Andrews, Robert Phillips, Edward Conway, William Culver. Third rout Leonard Fuoss, Walter McKinney, Jack Schell, Dennis Sharkey, Lee Adams, Ernest Evans, William Wilson. Fourth f0Zl'Z Richard Mowry, james Wooden, Mr. Eckert fAdviser7, Frank Batcheler, john Pownall, Burley Zerbe. union Ugnom Duc: May 2-i, I9-10 5 Theme: Hawaii Q " Orchestra: Barry Blue Special Feature: Grand March COMMITTEES Music Progrgull Invitation Decoration CLASS DEANS Mary Grnfius Rcnctra Heiss ljgj Photography of Prom by Robert Wingate lm? fRaAanuoln Cpcmlfe Cf Nb' ff' Q? 5 ,Eg N5 ik? JC Q5 Sgfv Q? 60' O Qs Photography by Walk and Wilson qootbctllll 'Tnophlea In skyrocketing to state-wide prominence, the Eagles secured for themselves and the school three beautiful championship trophies. A trophy was awarded them for each of their three titles. namely, Bald Eagle League Champions, Cham- pions of the Western Conference of the Pennsyl- vania Interscholastic Athletic Association and Co-Champions of the Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association. As the winner in the Bald Eagle League, the Eagles attained the envious record of winning 5 and losing O. Tyrone scored 157 points, while it limited its opponents to 2. It also placed five players on the All-League First Team, these being .Cz-:vine frwancll Ammerman, Noel, Schnellbaugh, Lewis, and Sny- der. This team was picked by the league officials. Tyrone gained its nrst Western Conference Championship this year by establishing a new Conference record of ll wins against no defeats. In their conference play, the Golden Eagles scored 525 points to their opposition's 16. In tying the Eastern Conference representative, Shenandoah, 0 to O, the Eagles came out Co- Champions of the Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association. This game was really a great moral victory for Tyrone because the Eagles were out-weighed about 20 pounds per man and were handicapped by playing on a muddy, foreign field. The winner of the annual Levine Award this year was Coach Jacobs. This award was given to Coach Jacobs after the players, who vote on the winner each year, voted unanimously for their coach. In naming Coach Jacobs the winner of the Levine Award, the players showed their fine appreciation of his work with them. In the three years that he has been in Tyrone, he has done much to build up football in our school. Our varsity team now ranks high among the teams in the state, and this year it became the co-champion team of the Pennsylvania Inter- scholastic Athletic Association, a goal Tyrone never achieved before. MR. STEPHEN GEORGE JACOBS Coach l61l Clfanalttff qootlffallll lTt-:am lfimt row: john Forcey, Dale Edmondson, james Bonsell, Earl Dickson, LeRoy Shilrlr, Delbert Long, James Glenn, Guy Mogle. Secozzrf ron z Franklin Ammerman, Elmer Parker, Robert Bickel, Terrence Weston, Max Schnellbaugh, jatk Lewis, Ralph Thomas, Robert Beckwith, Meryl Noel, Reeder Singler, Robert Snyder. Third rout Bern Oberly fTrainer!, Raymond Robinson, Harry Eckert, Lee Port, Elvin Rhodes, Rodney Nearhoof, jesse Temple- ton, Karl Miles, Stanley Carich, Eugene Igou. lhzznrtla mfr: Harold Eckert CAssistant Coachb, Christie Snyder CManagerJ, Max Singler fManagerJ, Harry Laird fManagerD, Hays Birkel, Martin Hardy, William Robinson, Vlilliam Ellenberger LManagerD, Stephen Jacobs CCoaehJ. Bickel C. Snyder Oberly Ammerman Photography by Walk and Wilsrxn Bickel Ammerman l62l i ! ln R -il undnqdo TEN BIG RAHS Rah-Rah, Rah-Rah-Rah Rah-Rah, Rah-Rah-Rah Team! Team! Team! 2-4-6-8 2-4-6-8 Wfhom do we appreciate? Team, Team, Team dl Sl"l.E,YlCLYlCQOCll'l. In their annual "Turkey Day" battle the Tyrone Golden Eagles did themselves proud in trouncing Huntingdon, 15 to 0. It was a determined and hard-fighting Eagle outfit that completely out- classed the Bearcats. Only the breaks kept Hun- ingdon in the game and held the score down. The Orange and Black avalanche started right from the opening whistle and drove 78 yards to their first score. This drive was highlighted by hard line-smashing and clever thinking by the Tyrone quarterback, Franklin Ammerman. He, along with Noel, carried the brunt of the attack. Tyrone drove deep into Bearcat territory several times during the game, but was unable to score again until the final period. This score came as a result of an intercepted pass by Ammerman. Noel and Ammerman again paired off and carried the ball to the Huntingdon 4, where Ammerman scored. A fake placekick play, Tyrone's pet play this year, worked to perfection as "Knute" Snyder pulled in a pass over the Bearcat goal for Tyrone's 13th point. The final whistle brought Tyrone a hard, well- earned victory and the Western Pennsylvania Football Conference Championship. l63l Tyrone's Golden Eagles went east to Shenan- doah for the State Championship Play-off Game. They garnered Tyrone's greatest "moral victory" in the schoolis history, by holding a very much heavier Blue Devil eleven to a scoreless tie in a sea of mud. The Eagles made the first threat of the game in the first quarter after Singler made a beautiful run-back of a Shenandoah punt and Ammerman did a 20 yard run on a spinner play. The Tyrone attack carried to the Blue Devil 18, where an intercepted pass proved disastrous to the Eagle cause. From this point the game was a see-saw affair, until just before the half, when Shenandoah drove to the Eagle 11 where they were stopped dead. In the fourth quarter, Tyrone drove to the Shenandoah 20 on another great punt run-back by Reed Singler. The Eagle attack faltered, as the Blue Devils stiffened their defense. Both teams were stopped dead after this by stubborn defensive work on both sides. The mud and rain stopped the Eagles' razzle- dazzle attack, but their defense was superb throughout. Photography hy Wilson AT BELLWOOD TYRONE With a T With a Y With an R With an O With an N With an E -R-O-N-E Tyrone With an H With an I With a G With an H H-I-G-H High Tyrone High rfhe Champa in a cvlutaheilll TYRONE HIGH OPPONENTS 12 .....,.,. ...... G ames Won ...,.. ,........,.., 0 1 ...,.. ........ G ames Tied ...,.... ...,..... 1 383 ......... .......,.... P oints Scored ..... .t.. . 4 22 163 ..... ..,.,..,.,....... F irst Downs ....,......... .,..,,... 5 9 3345 ,..,.t ...., Y ards Gained Scrimmage ..,... .,.,...i 9 56 182 ..,1, .,,. Y ards Lost Scrimmage ,.,. ..,... 3 81 85 ......,.. ......., P asses Attempted ...,. ...,.. 9 7 34 ........, .4....4..,. P asses Completed ...,.,.. .,..,. 3 6 459 ....A..,. ,.,,.. Y ards Gained from Passes ...., ..... 3 82 7 ,...1..,. .,.A... O wn Passes Intercepted .....,. ....,. 1 8 30 ,....... .....,..,.........., F umbles ...,,....,...,.,.... ....., 2 4 16 ,..s..... , ..... Own Fumbles Recovered ,.ss... ..,.r 1 1 6 .,...,... ...,,.,,.,.. L areral Passes ....,..,.,,. 3 52 ,..,..... ...,.......,.... P enalties ........,.....,..,........ ...... 2 6 460 ..,...... ,.......,...,.,.....,,,... Y ards Penalized ...,......,..,4,.......,...., ...,.. 2 30 union qfanalttf qootluctml CT:-:am First 1ou': Gerald Watters fStudent Managerj, Roy Heaton, Dick Campbell, Teddy Dougherty, john Detwiler, Clay Lamborn, Jim Shea, Robert Piper, William Sickler, Victor Stonebraker, David Snyder, Dominic Scordo CStudent Managerl. Second row: Charles Chiofar iStudent Managerj, Jack Keppler, John Dickson, joseph Frye, George Dannaway, Walter Miles, Carl Dresf sel, Calvin Noel, Jack Douglas, Bud Anderson, Thomas Stanley, Nevin Summers CManagerD. Third row: Denver Smith, Mr. LaPorte iCoachJ, Kenneth Wertz, Mark Givler, Dick Fisher, Bob Foust, Pat Tahaney, Charles Waple, Boyd Reeder, Chester Mengel, Vin- cent Hagg, Harry Ormsby, Ed Foust, Gecifge Wittrnan, Jim Miller, John Hu . 1641 YAH DIN AH Yah Dinah, Dynamite Welve Got Pep, and We've Got Fight. 'With Coach Jacobs And his Team Holy Moses, We've Got Steam! RIP SAW Rip Saw, Rip Saw, Rip Saw Bang- We belong to the Tyrone Gang. Are we in it? I guess, Yes! Tyrone High School Yes! Yes! Yes! Photography by Walk and Wilson AT SHENANDOAH union llfanaltyf Sconea Tyrone .i,.. ....... . .13 Philipsburg , .. , 8 Tyrone ......, ..,.,, 0 Bellwood , .,..,.. ,.....,. 1 8 Tyrone ..,.,.. ...!., 0 Huntingdon ...,...! ..,.. . 14 Tyrone ,...... ...... 0 Bellwood . ,....,..,........ !,..,.... 1 9 Tyrone ...., . ..,....... 12 Philipsburg .,...........,,..,....,..... 0 Tyrone ..... ..,,.. O Roosevelt CAltoonaJ ...,., ,...., 2 0 Tyrone ...., . ,..,,. 6 Osceola Mills ..!,.,...,..,... ,..... 0 31 79 Three games wong four games lost Coach-KARL LAPORTE Alfifldflf Coach-PAUL AURAND ONE A ZIP One a zip Two a zip Three a zip-zam We play football and Don't give a- Razzle, Dazzle-Hobble, Gobble Sis, Boom, Bah! Tyrone High School Rah! Rah! Rah! The picture to the right shows a part of Tyrone's great "Victory" celebration at the end of the football season. This bonfire was located on the Laundry Playground on East 12th Street. It was built by the student body with the help of the business men of the town, on Monday evening, Dec. 9, 1940. The fire reached a height of 40 or 50 feet. All of the townspeople and student body gathered around the fire, and, accompanied by the High School Band, sang songs and gave cheers, until late at night. The celebration at the bonfire was preceded by a street parade. l65l Photography by Walk VICTORY CELEBRATION Kneeling: Williain Roberts 4ManagerJ, Meryl Noel, Elmer Parker, Charles Cassidy, Byron Mogle, Merle Albright, Willard Hickes. Slruzdiugz Mr. Jatobs lCoachJ, Eugene lgou, Eugene Grazier, Paul Sweitzer, Harold Sweitzer, Clark Skelly, Elvin Rhodes lManagerl. clfctnaitij Uilcmlaetballll C-feam JANUARY 3-Huntingdon l2-56 fHomel The Golden Eagles got off on the wrong foot in their Mountain League Schedule by dropping a 56 to 12 decision to Huntingdons Bearcats. A towering, well-drilled Huntingdon team found Tyrone no match for them at all. JANUARY 10-Philipsburg 18-26 CAwayD The Orange and Black traveled to P-Burg for their next Mt. League encounter. Here the Eagles played their most erratic game of the season and dropped a 26 to 18 game. The passing and shooting of both teams was very poor. JANUARY l7-Mount Union 26-52 tl-lomei Mount Unions Trojans invaded the Lincoln Gym for the Eagles, third league game. Tyrone led for three quarters, and was tied with two l66l minutes to play, but a Mt. Union rally spelled victory for the visitors, 52 to 26. JANUARY 24-Lewistown 24-25 QHomeD Tyrone garnered its first Mountain League victory at the expense of Lewistowns Panthers in the Lincoln Gym. A last-minute field goal, the climax of an uphill battle, brought victory to the Eagles. The Panthers led throughout, but the Eagles never gave up and salvaged a hard-fought victory. JANUARY 51-l-lollidaysburg 26-24 CAway9 Again the Golden Eagles showed the never-say- die spirit that characterized their play all season, by coming back in the second half to upset a highly favored H-Burg crew. The Eagles climaxed another last half rally with a last-minute field goal to gain a 26 to 24 victory. FEBRUARY fl-Huntingdon l3-52 CAwayJ Tyrones Mountain League aspirations were again dampened by the Bearcats of Huntingdon, as they administered a 32 to 15 shellacking to the Eagles. Tyrone took the first quarter 5 to 2, but the Huntingdon attack got rolling in the second quarter, and they proved themselves worthy of the League Championship. FEBRUARY 7-Philipsburg 24-I8 CHomeD The Eagles returned to the win column on the home hardwood by downing P-Burg 24 to 18. This game was close the whole way, but the Eagles' last quarter again proved the deciding factor. FEBRUARY I8-Lewistown l9-Sri tAway7 The annual trip to Lewistown proved to be a disastrous one, as the Eagles absorbed a 54 to 19 trouncing. The large floor cramped the Eagle attack, while the Silktowners' attack worked to perfection. The game was again marked by good sportsmanship. as are all meetings between these two schools. FEBRUARY 21-Hollidaysburg 40-52 fHomeQ Tyrones final home game was one of their best of the season. The Eagle attack clicked to per-- fection, especially in the last quarter. The game was close and hard-fought throughout, but another last quarter rally brought the bacon to the Eagles. This defeat of our opponents, coupled with Tyrone's first victory over them, gave Huntingdon the League Championship. Huntingdon won 8. lost 2, and H-Burg won 7, lost 5. FEBRUARY 25-Mount Union 30-47 tAway1 Tyrone's curtain-closing appearance at Mount Union saw the Eagles drop a 47 to 30 decision to the Bowsermen. The Mount Union attack was unequaled by any Eagle opponent all season. The Trojans just didn't miss, and the Eagle attack was very spotty. After being a pre-season choice for the Mt. League cellar, the Eagles upset the dope, climbed to fourth place, and enjoyed a rather successful season. union clfcmaltig Clflctalaetbaflll CT:-:am J'f7786?ill,QZ Denver Smith, james Glenn, Raymond Robinson, Buddy Anderson, Thomas Stanley. .Shzzrdizzlqz Mr. Eckert Kloachl, Ralph Thomas, Robert Foust, Richard Fisher, Robert Beckwith, Calvin Noel, James Crain lManagerJ. 67I getty- clfee Uzlaaleetballll U In the past season the Tyrone Varsity Understudies compiled the envious record of hfteen wins against one doubtful defeat. This record brought them and Tyrone their hrst Mountain League Championship. The lone defeat that marred their record was an overtime game at Huntingdon, which they lost 22 to 17. This game should never have gone into an extra period play, as the "Little Bearcatsl' scored their tying tally in a very disputable play. Tyrone's diminutive guard, Bob Foust, was rushed against the wall of the gym and knocked unconscious, nevertheless he was called for fouling a Huntingdon player. The foul shot was made and thus the game was forced into extra minutes, during which time Huntingdon racked up three held goals to Tyrones lone foul tally, to garner the 22 to l7 win, Last season, practically the same ,lay-Vee team tied for the league title. but this year there was no doubt about their superiority. ZIGGETY BOOM COME ON ORANGE Ziggety Boom, Rah! Rah! Come on. Orangeg Ziggety Boom. Rah! Rah! Come on, Blackg E-A-G-L-E-S Come on, Tyrone, Eagles Push 'em back! JUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL TEAM Kzzeefifzg: Kenneth Sweitzer, Dominic Scordo, Lee Roberts, Edwin Wry'c, David Snyder, Robert Hall, Charles Clark fManagcrJ, Sldllulfllgl Mr. Bloom fCoachJ, Bruce Bryan, Boyd Reeder, Charles Foust, Chester Mengel, Jack lieppler, David Skelly. l68I Seated: Richard Wirtner, john Andrew, Morty Templeton, Richard Stever, William Sifkler, John Hull. David Grazier. Kneeling: Lee Port, john Dickson, Henry Davidson, Hubert Harper, james Shea, George Dannaway. Standing: Mr. Shollenberger fCoachl, Robert Shildt, Bernard Mingle, Max Schnellbaugh, Nelson Gault, Robert Snyder, Vincent Hagg, Melvin johnson, Hayes Bickle, Donald Cowher, Frank Ammerman. clllfnelatiltnof CI:-:am The Tyrone High School Wrestlers opened their 1940-41 season with a 24 to 18 win over Philips- burg at Philipsburg. Philipsburg led throughout, but Tyrone won the last two bouts, and also the meet . . . Tyrone's initial home meet was with Lock Haven, who administered a 341 to 6 beating to the only two traveled to 15 shellack- injuries and Orange and Black. Tyrone won bouts , . . XX7hen Tyrone's wrestlers Lewistown, they were handed a 51 to ing. Tyrone's team was riddled with sickness . . . In the Eagles, next home meet, an in- experienced. but aggressive Curwensville team was handed a 54 to 5 jolting . . . The Eagles won their initial encounter with Bedford, 20 to 13, in the Lincoln Gym. Ammerman scored the only fall of the meet . . . The second meeting between Tyrone and Philipsburg took place in the Tyrone Gym and proved very successful for the Orange and Black. The Eagles left the gym that night with a 28 to 17 victory added to their string . . , i691 Lewistown was next to invade the Lincoln Gym, Tyrone got "sweet revenge" for the beating they received at Lewistown, as they handed the Pan- thers a 27 to ll setback . . . An improved Cur- wensville team was then given a 28 to 6 setback on Tyrone's third invasion of foreign territory . . . Tyrone journeyed to Bedford for a return en- counter with Bedford where they extended their winning streak to 6 straight. The Eagles brought home with them a 23 to 13 victory. The Eagles' final meet of the season proved very disastrous, as they were handed a 29 to 3 trounc- ing by a much superior Clearfield team. The meet, held in the Lincoln Gym, brought forth an over-capacity crowd . . . The Orange and Black finished their season with 7 wins and 3 losses, and they also placed Schnellbaugh, Snyder, and Mingle in the finals of the District Eliminations at Philipsburg. Claolle clfctulltlncat The picture to the left shows Tyrone High Schools pole vaulter, Robert Snyder, clearing the bar at about ten feet. Orange and Black pole vaulters have done well for themselves in past years. The school record has now reached the height of 11 feet 10 inches. This record was established in 1938, and is held by Bernard Shildt. Tyrone's track team would fare much better if the field events were strengthened, Much is being done to help this situation. Pole vaulting was given a big lift when the school purchased a new aluminum pole, with which Tyrone's vaulters hope to reach new heights. Pole vaulting has advanced by leaps and bounds in re- cent years, and the world's record was recently boosted to fifteen feet by Earl Meadows in Madison Square Garden. Pole vaulting is a very good sport to develop one's body. It develops leg and arm muscles and helps greatly to build up all parts of the body. Speed and body coop- eration are also needed to obtain much height in this sport. ROBERT SNYDER Tyrone High Schools 1940 Track Team enjoyed a very successful season. It was Tyrone's most successful season in years. The Orange and Black "Speedsters" won three of four dual meets with neighboring schools. They also won the Bellwood-Antis Invitation Meet, in nach which eleven schools participated, and placed third in the Shippensburg Invitation Meet. In the Mountain High Meet at State College, Tyrone finished second. Tyrone held the State Championship in the Half- Mile Relay, and also placed third in the Mile Run. First rozr: James McCann, William Wilson, Leroy Shildt, Karl Miles, Byron Guyer, George Myers, john Lennous, Francis Thal, Robert Snyder, William Robinson, James Glenn. Second row: Harry Smith, Raymond Robinson, William Roberts, Richard Stever, Bud Ander- son, Jack Keppler, Dale Edmondson, Morty Templeton, Joseph Smith, Frank Romano, Donald Cowher. Third vow: Mr. Jacobs CCoachJ, Albert Price, Herman Brown, Edward Conway, Robert Lynn, Calvin Waite, Guyer Candy, Robert Beckwith, Eugene Igou, Glenn Cowher, Robert Igou, Meryl Noel CManagerD, Frank Ammerman tManagerJ, Mr. Aurand QAssistant Coachb. l70l Photography by Thal Thal lgou Thal lgou lgou CRunnenA tn Jlctttm Track is the most interesting spring sport in continues until school closes. About forty boys school. Track season starts about March first and report for track each spring. These boys run out of doors every afternoon. The usual running dis- f tance is five miles, but there is a shorter run of one half that distance. Track is an interesting sport, and it is becoming more popular each year. TYRONE LOCOMOTIVE T-Y-R-O-N-E T-Y-R-O-N-E T-Y-R-O-N-E Tyrone 'Tnaclft 'Championlthlp Tyrone High School won its first State Championship in Track in the 880 yard re- lay. The members of this relay team were Robert Igou, Robert Lynn, Edward Conway and Calvin Waite, with alternates Robert Snyder and William Robinson. These fellows covered the half-mile distance in one minute and thirty-one seconds to win the State Championship for the Orange and Black. The meet was held at State College. The regular relay team of Igou, Lynn, Waite, and Conway never tasted defeat in their high school competition. Lynn Conway Waite lgou l, 71 l x , ' W-.l1!f I ,Mw,fW, zefggfgk fs 1 S'112f?1,?i,'1,, l . Qfswliziff 2:1 Qt ,Z ,, Q, 7555, .. gf 5 X. 'L - 'M W f k Q, V f"f,f..f,u. J f x ,Vi , ig lg, if ,Y ua gg X v K 5 ,A M, , KU -,jf - A ' Q W gm Q fx . , 5 ,, 5336 I In :A ff- 'MQW--A.,, , .--xi, infra, g A ,, -..W 3 'A ' L' ,Xa-ww! . . H 6? . 3 P ,Q , 54 lf., - A! V- H lzfffff if ,,,j,f gm- '?M4:4,,, ffm.- f'81. 6 ' ff Q -V Q, ,kL, f , 4' . .. , 5' ,K - Q A sw If? 4-'lr , ,. 5' " Ai .f K K ' , ,Vx . , 4 5 25555 1 ' Ms., .Q Ai' 52' ff! fffgff-NVWQ . , , - 51 - V9 I 2355? 'ifwgw ' 'ww ,-Miz ,' 1."2V Q'Zvh' QI ff 4,8 416 U ' -.1 5 Y ff, S ig? I - "3 ' V? fr' Wffifflf ' gm 31:5 M ff:L:5 HQ',: ,gi fd v' A A ' "' 3 My J X 431: mga Km me wg, 551 ,K ,XN,g, vQv1gq,4Zf?Hig4 1 if 1-Q K gg -M, 5 Q ,ZA . J , if ,ff " f ' f ' , - V -' ' A -1 'X 'Pr ff - P? 1 ' .Y 6 I 5 1 A 7' -, A-' ' - Q fi ' ' 1, ' Q15 X, , , Q , '12 . gy, F? X Wil," 5 . 'H' fx fa ' ms ', J f, A n ,,, ,P ' ' ' ' J Tj M, 'A fa :Q in f- 15 f A, 4 ' . M- 7 W , S 5 if -fe' A A V ' My if X X ' V ' , U ,,., A , f .- ' , H J - , , V , . 'Y 15?-z ' - f H H Viv,-W ' fi my :iifiQm" A51:g7,. FW? 2' - imjfm ' 2 X H ., gig' QI, W ,g,,U.,f,w-' 12:24 if: , A .,,... MA, ,A W . ,,,x,W3u,,:,L ,I ., in S ' 1 Z Q - K S , . , ,, ,.,, . ,633 , f ' wif, , -I Q, 'msg wel"-rfw'-fl 'ww-" if U: :fm . , ,,,. ,,.., fwf: aff w L , h 5 ,, f ' 1, y5,,Fi f., A , I V K , ,, I f 4 ., ii X: 2,:.f,i,fi3,.f,, si,2zJ5:5w ii f' .X KN. ,e if ga ff .-vp A ff 5 ,,,, Insert-Jeanne Blair qiellcll Dag, Uanocynam "America," the theme of our Sixth Annual Field Day Exercises, expressed the colorful history of our many-sided nation, in a never-ending pageantry of games, sports, and dances. In the programme were depicted, through Physical Education, the Youth in various periods of our na- tional development-in the belief that it would give a clearer, more vital picture of the life of these periods. TY TY-TY-TY-RO RO--RO-RO-NE Thats the way you spell itg This is the way you yell it- TYRONE! Photography by Fleck and Walk "America"-JEANNE BLAIR with her attendant MARY CONAGHAN representing the Colonial Period , PERIOD HERALDS Elaine Price, Ruth Smith, Mary Jane Andrews Julia Gilbert, Naomi Smith, Dorothy Neil. PERIOD HERALDS SINGING AMERICA and her COURT Photography by Fle flancqnam Continued I. INTRODUCTION a. High School Band b. America and Her Court take places 1.Color Guards-Betty Stewart, Marian Rightnour, Grace Robinson, Jean Cox, Sara jane Patton, Louise Snyder, Ruth Watson, Carol Phillips, Betty Rightnour, Dorothy Rhodes. 2.Spirit of Freedom t..t . ,....,...., ,.....4,., P atty Rhodes 3. "America" ..,.......,...........,..........,........,. Jeanne Blair 4. Colonial Period ,.,... Mary Conaghan, Janet Dayton 5.WeStward Movement ....,,..,...,.,.,..,.......,..,.,.,.,...., .. Dorothy Calderwood, Marjorie Butterbaugh 6. Civil War. ........,....,. Nancy Fernau, Ann Garman 7. Twentieth Century .,,......,... ,..,...,..,,.,.......... ..., ,, Kathleen Singler, Betty Merritts II. COLONIAL PERIOD Period Heralds ..,. .. ...........,,...,....,...,..,.. "Yankee Doodle" When the Colonists Brst came to this country they brought with them the 18th century games and dances of the continent. 1. "Here We Go 'Round the Mulberry Bush ",. ,.... , I 2. "Did You Ever See a Lassie' '.,,. ................. G rade II III. WESTWARD MOVEMENT Period Heralds ..,.......,.,.,.......,.,.,........,..,..,.. "Oh, Susanna" The pioneers pushed civilization westward, lighting physical hardships all day long, but at night, the old fid- dler struck up a tune and called all to dance. 1."Pop Goes the Weasel" .,,.., . . . .,... Grade IV PUPILS OF LOWER GRADES AWAITING THEIR TURN Photography by Fleck l75l Obnoqnam Ccntinuedl IV. CIVIL WAR PERIOD Period Heralds A... "Carry Me Back to Old Virginny' In this glamorous period we find that the gracious 'quaclrilles and polkas were the new favorites of the younger generation. 1."K1nterpolka" .......4.........,...,..,.,.... Grade III 2. "Virginia Reel". ,,,.,.. ....,.. G rades V and VI V. THE TWENTIETH CENTURY Period Heralds ......,......,,........,.. "Over the Rainbow" Here in freedom, the twentieth century youth colors everyday life with games, sports, and dances in his pursuit of happiness. 1. Patriotic Dance ............... junior High Girls 2.Twentieth Century Activities ...,........,....... ...................,,,...junior-Senior High Boys Volleyball, Touch Football, Playground Ball, Wresthng, Dashes, and Tumbling 3. Dedication Ceremony a. Dedication address-Rev. Edgar R. Heck- man, Supt. of Methodist Home b. Acceptance-joseph F. Smith, Board of Education Representative c. Presentation by Athletic Board of Control -F. Clark Skelly, President 4. Dance ...... "Strife and Peace"-Sr. High Girls VI. FINALE l.Band , ....... , ........ "The Star-Spangled Banner" 2. America and Court leave field General Chairman, Nadine Stewart EXHIBITION OF MAT WORK Photography by Fleck l76l cwlctt 'Team Another sports activity of Tyrone High is the work of the Mat Team, pictured at the right. This team is under the coaching of Mr. Shollenberger. The activities of the Mat Team are confined generally to the Field Day Program. Left lo right: Herman Brown, Franklin Ammerman, LeRoy Shildt, Meryl Noel, Eugene Grazier, Byron Guyer, Carl Burwell, Denver Smith, Max Hall, and Coach Shollenberger. MAT TEAM Uanoqnam Continued! PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT Carl Shollenberger ...,.,.,...i...............,,.,...,,...,..,.i..,,,,,,,,.,i,,,,,,,,,,,, jr,-Sr, High Iva Mae Van Scoyoc i..... .,.,........ A dams Kathryne Gearhart .,.... ...,...,. A dams Helen Barr ,.,...........,. ....... L ogan Harriet Cowher ..,,. .....,.... L ogan Gertrude Pollock ,...,. .,............., L ogan Marjorie Pfoutz ,.iei ...,i,.,. ..i....,i,,,.... , .,.,... W a shington COMMITTEES Costume Music Field Stage Program Announcer .....,.,... ....... .,.,..,,......,..,. , ......,................ R o bert Bloom Period Heralds .......,....i.....,,...,.,, .s...,..,,..,..,...,,.,,..... M ary Jane Andrews, Ruth Smith, Naomi Smith, Elaine Price, Dorothy Neil, Julia Gilbert Om' Sincere Gratitude Zo: The American Legion for flags. The Girls Bugle and Drum Corps for costumes. The parents who procured costumes. Miss Eble and Miss Piper, and the Art, Music and Home Economics Departments for their cooperation. All who helped make the program a success. Photography by Fleck Photography by Wa foe A-:c-------09017 - -A---------A-----,---AA-- ---ooo ------ -- 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ 0 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ +I 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ I+ 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ H: Ugnoteaaionafl R. H. BARNES I. A. BOUCHER C. C. BRADIN C. B. DAUGHERTY D. J. KIRK E. B. MURcH1NsoN DR. KIRK M. D. M. D. M. D. M. D. M. D. M. D. Photography by Walk and Wilson +781 :::: ::::-., I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 0 0 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I II II II II II II II II II II Il II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II Il II II II II II II II II II II Il II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II Senuicela W. E. GILBERT D.D.S F. G. JONES D.D.S S. L. LAKE D.D.S W. E. LOTZ D.D.S E. C. SHOEMAKER D.D.S R. W. STEVER D.D. S FREDERICK C. FARRAND, JR. D.S.C F. ADELAIDE FARRAND D.O FREDERICK C. FARRAND, SR. D.O HOWARD BARR O.D J. NORTON GOLDMAN O.D R. M. QUIGLEY V. M.D TYRONE'S GOLDEN TREASURE In this war-torn, weary world Peace, the jewel, is found Not in the great city's tall splendor But in the midst of our own home town. -june Camp, Class of '41 TYRONE Tyrone, with its tree-laden mountains and hills Gives many a scene-loving heart great thrills, Its beautiful park, when summer's in sway, Turns many people to travel this way. -Helen Louire Mattern, Class of '41 boot l79l y8Ol C-filpton Uzleaenuoln - -AA ------------,, --- ---,,-- - ----,--A--- SIMMON DS Altoona CONGRATULATES TYRONE ITS HIGH SCHOOL AND THE GRADUATING CLASS :::0:::::::0000:::::::::0:::0 For "Gif'rs" 'That Are Up-to-the-Minute Every Minute Remember to Shop at CcImpbeII's Gift Ma rf 1066 Pennsylvania Avenue Tyrone, Pennsylvania II In 0 I I I I I ll II 0 II II I 0000 00000000 ELECTROPURE MILK All Kinds of DAIRY PRODUCTS Hoffmc1n's Ice Cream CHARLES G. WAPLE DAIRIES, Inc. Phone 4 5 8 --------0---0---0- -------- - I Sgl III i 5 SIIIC Home of Wilson Chemical Company 821 --AAA ---- oA---A--.- I -I ' '4 U f: ' -i l Em 3 8 Pu Eg O E CD 77 IP fn , ww V, -1 CD 75 Q : Q5 Q 5. Q1 gf wg :ga 28Q.?s2Ufw5s -:Ke H I 3 3 M5 -.- :ggi za was : C515 Z .,.Q..O 323 UG I is PQ, m gl -is ,-I i 2 5' -2, 5- Q E ECL 713 QS: 3 E 5 gp , LQ U 5 l CD l E ll 3 ll tn ae is E 2 2 ss 0 'Q 1 Q Q N ll 'P "' ffl- -5 S I, E 'ls C CD T Q nl oo ul G I 3 'Ne lg EE O M ll rn E- U7 Q 5 Q P U: In :l P ID 'F U' Q 1: as 2 'L 9. 5 KS na D -.5 -' 3' g 2 3 BL W CD The Wilson Chemical Co., Inc. Jock oincl Jill Gelatin Dessert Wilson Cloverine Solve Wilson Cough Drops Established 1 8 95 GEORGE C. WILSON, JR., President : : :oo0::::o- l83l Hands Grasp hands, eye lights eye In good friendship And great hearts expand And grow one in a sense of This world's life. Robvrt Browning The Educational Committee Tyrone B. P. O. E. No. 212 --Q9, v -v -------voQ-Qq v---oooo- - oooovvoooovvvo- - -ooo I8-41 o:::::o4! ooo ll ll ll oo: :::ooo : 0900 ll l -----voQ---vo----- First Blair County National Bank Tyrone, Pennsylvania Capital Surplus and Profits .... 53LL50,000.00 O 0 0 O O . ll EE 3 67 YEARS OF BANKING EXPERIENCE 2 ll ll ll ll nu ::-:: ---- :::--':::::f "--' 2: "'-' f:':::f2::22:::: l z gg PATSY'S 3 . . READ . . ll , E1 BEAUTY SALON 1: The Tyrone Daily I-leralcl ll ll l E ,Ucemed Nestle Shop l 3 4 EVERY TYPE 1: El of 2 1613 12th Avenue Altoona, Pa. 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NEIL WARM AIR HEATING AIR CONDITIONING FURNACE CLEANING ROOFING AND SPOUTING FURNACE WORK Tyrone, Pa. ---- -----AA-AAQAAAAAAAQQQAAA-A-A O O lb lb ll I 0 0 0 0 ll 0 0 n lb ll 0 0 ll 0 0 II 0 ll II li 0 0 ll lb lr lr tl ll ll II It In lb lb 0 qw ll lr lb 0 ll ll lr lr qu ll xl U H xr H xr It H 0 U ll H H It In ll li 0 ll ll ooooooo oo ooo SING LEE CHINESE HAND LAUNDRY All Work Guaranteed 1 121 Pennsylvania Avenue Exclusive Agency for the World-Famous "JOHN JUZEKN Violins, Violas, Cellos, and Double Basses Metropolitan Music Co 222 Fourth Ave. New York, N. Y. AAAAA AAAA AAAA AAAAAoAAAoooo 881 00000000 -v .....,,,, ---- ...,, ----- ..,, -o-v,- --, ,,----v-- .... v- -- . . . And when you think of . . . shoes, think . . . of KQEUQ rl. d5.7'LOl.-1. Altoona- : -Harrisburg WILLIAM BURNS ALL KINDS OF CARDS Graduation Cards a Specialty 41 S-20th Street Tyrone, Pa. -09Q,-,-, ,.... ,vvoo--o,v----vo SCULLIN Maker 0 f FINE CLOTHES V 0 0 0 0 0 ll 0 0 0 ll ll ll ll 0 0 0 0 lr 0 'I 0 o 0 0 0 II lr nr ll 0 0 0 0 0 0 lv nu In ll lb ll 0 ll 0 U lb 0 ll 0 ll 0 0 ll lr ll I I ll ll ll ll ll 0 0 0 0 0 --------A ---- A--- - ----A-----:::Q:::o H. F. BOWSER Clover Farm Store 1125-27 Pennsylvania Avenue TYRONE, PA. Phone 320-321 Free Delivery Raymond A. Hagerman Registered Civil Engineer 1 v- Municipal Building Tyrone, Pa. oqooooooc :o:: : :::::ooo::oo:::: Peck's Service Station 309 East Tenth Street PHONE SS-R Atlantic Gasoline and Oil Goodyear Tires and Tubes JOE ZANG AND CO. 1003 Pennsylvania Ave. SHOES REPAIRED While-U-Wait 112' F' if , 1 EXUE TREPAIR 1 891 ----oo-A---Q---------QQ Cffine West 'Uirginia rlpnlp and Taper Gornpan Cfffyrone, 'Pennsylvania eiffain Qffice 2 30 FPark Qlfvenue JNQMJ :york Gity P I L. --..-..------------Q--------------...-- .4 E901 o:::o: : : ::::: :oo:::o::ooooooo Shaffer Stores Company Qualify Meats Groceries FREE DELIVERY ::Q:::: :::o::ooo 0 0 0 O 0 4I lb ll 0 0 IP 0 mu u ll 0 tl U ll 0 0 0 0 0 ll ll ll 0 O U ': I JP 0 IP IP 0 0 li ll ll O 0 9 O IP nu Photography by Wilson and Walk GRAFIUS-MOORE-HEMMINGER Complimentf of 4 Friend Qoo-o---ooooo----- - Y----vv----vvv---vvo CONGRATJLATIONS 'ro The CLASS of '41 B L 0 C K' S Qualigf Clothes of Tistinction FLORSHEIM AND JARMAN FRIENDLY SHOES :::: :: -::::: ::::o::o::oooooo l911 -voa oogvvv - 9090000000ooeoqqoeooooooo.--Q Soy if . . . -WITH- iBeautiful Cglowew -FROM- Kloss Flower Shop ELEVENTH STREET 9000000ooooooooooooooooooooooo Photography by Wilson and Walk DISMISSAL ...cocoa-QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ0.00.0 PAUL'S DINER THE HOME or TASTY FOODS Ex peril 31 Prepared to Meet the Approval of Cookery Critics 'YY 111 W. 10th Street Tyrone, Pennsylvania Qaogqoooeeoooaoooooooooooeeoeo THRIFT FASHIGN - SATISPACTIQN 'VV' Lugg 6' Edmonds Deporfment Store Tyrone, Pennsylvania ::::e::o: zooeo: :::::::o:: : :::o::: 21 ,----,. -----------------Q-------------.---Q-----------------------------..----- ---------------------1 QQQQQQQQQQQQQ-QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ- QQQQQQQQQQQQQQ-QQQQQQQQ-QQQQQQQQ School Supplies Oflice Supplies Stationery The Mann Printing Company 955 Pennsylvania Avenue QQQQQQQ-QQ--QQQQQQQQQQ-QQQQQQQ QQQQQQQQQ-QQQQQQQQQQQQ-QQQQQQQ Q -QQ QQ-Q- QQQQQQQQQ-Q-QQ-QQ Q-QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ FRESH CANDIES 17' AT PRICES THAT WILL PLEASE YOU YY GARDNER'S CANDY STORE QQQQQQ QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ Tempting Foods! ! Finest Quality Meats Fancy Canned Foods Crisp Vegetables Fresh Fruits Delicatessen Dairy Products Cheese for Every Taste Frosted Fruits and Vegetables GETZ MARKET STORE U T 5 Ask Bob who his photographer was z 1068 Pennsylvania Avenue PHONE 636 T9 31 00000000 000000000000 00000000000000000 00000000 0000 0 004 00000 0000000000000 00000000 I-IARPSTER .Sake QEVLQ I77 .Serwtce TELEPHONE Warriors Mark 10-R-12 Port Matilda 15-R-2 TYRONE LAUN DRY coMPANY, inc. WE WASH EVERYTHING PHONE 203 E MN Tue CELL 'QS-' :4 " 4 'WE 21:7-F-L--I viii 000000000000000000000 00000000000 O 4 0 0 41 nu 0 0 0 O 0 ll 0 0 0 0 in in 0 0 0 0 0 lr li O mu 0 O u in 0 0 ni o O 0 0 in in 0 0 0 0 It Compliments of Atlantic Machinery Exchange Dealers in METAL AND TINSMITH MACHINERY 212 Centre Street New York City Phones: Canal 6-7957 6-7958 GELLMAN 8: ZEISEL, Proprietor: Warehouses: 1.76 Grand Street and 147 Baxter Street i941 0000000 oo-:: : c : : : : :o: : : :::o::q: :-ooo- : :ooeoooeooooooooooooooooooqoo THE LARGEST STORE BETWEEN PHILADELPHIA AND PITTSBURGH C-5ABLE'S The Shopping Centre of Central Pennsylvania The William F. Gable Company, Altoona, Pa. -ooo oooo oooooeooooooooooooooqQogoooooooooeooaogoeo oooo coooooooo o rflu: E Trust a Woman 0 W. F. Hiller Agency To Sense the Difference 970 Pennsylvania Avenue ll 3 SHOPPE if Specializes in Pc'r1na11e11t WaL'es 62801, INSURANCE ll ll X If 26 W. 11th Street 0 an U --QQo::::ooo::::ooo::oooo::::o ll TASTE AND BE coNv1NcED ll cReaQ mate IE BREAD CAKES PASTRIES ll 9 . Il Klenzle's Bakery ll 0 49 years of Unexcelled Insurance E PHONE 261 Service to Tyrone and Vicinity jj Pennsylvania Avenue Tyrone, Pa. ll ll :: '----' :::::--'-A- ---- -- :::::::::::::::::::::-- :::::::::: l95l QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ 0-0- QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ-0-0-90---ooo ::o::::::::oo::::- ::::o::o::::: :::::o:::: ::::Qo: DUNN YARDS cumin DUW I1 E ll II ll Il THE FALCON STAFF submits this illustration as a token of its appreciation for this fine score board O 0 A. L. Getz and Sons Q WAlTE'S ROOFING AND SPOUTING 5 Clover FQ,-m 510,-9 FURNAOE WORK g and l GOOD THINGS RADIATOR COVERS E TO EAT Rear 1229 Pennsylvania Avenue E PHONE 1139-W l PHONE 597 O I Q0.000ooooooooocooooeooooooooo oooeqaoooooooqqqaooogooooooaooooo Lose a Minute and Save a Life Children Should Be Seen'-Not Hurt TYRGNE BURIAL VAULT CO Tyrone, Pen nsylvounio l96l 0000-00 'E z z O z z O O 0 9 O 0 0 0 0 O 0 0 0 0 O 0 ll 0 0 0 0 0 ll O 0 0 O O 0 0 0 ll 0 0 O 0 O 0 ll 0 4 0 0 ll ll 0 0 O 0 O 0 0 O E 0 O O O I O 0 O O 2 0 O S l O 0 0 --:: oo---..--ooo-------------o------- -Q o...... .... -------- oo ------ooo.. -----o..o "On the Corner-on the Square" ------- --------------,---,--------A---,, O 6? cn gb' one 22 TQ- ZCD U5 22- if-r OO I-'EO .lo Z rn G UI DP Z O be L-' 75 rn rv :DE 5,53 DP 2 'PU rn O E Z mo: ES 54 O me U 'ri rn Z U rn PU PU L1-1 re E FU CD -- ----------- -------o 215 EI I0fb Street :::::::: ::::::::::--: BLATCHFORD FURNITURE CO. EVERYTHING IN HOME FURNISHINGS Phone 350 - --....---........oo SHIFFLER PHARMACY THE PRESCRIPTION DRUG STORE Logan Avenue and Tenth Str Tyrone, Pennsylvania -----v-v-----v-- ..., - ---vv vvvvv..... -vovvov Reody Mixed Concrete Tyrone Lime 6- Stone Company Lime ond Limestone for All Purposes Phone 415 Tyrone, Pa. I97I THE TEMPLETON COMPANY Fine Furniture West Tenth Street TYRONE, PENNSYLVANIA --- ---AAAAAAQQAAA- -----A- C. T. SNYDER ELECTRIC GENERAL ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES 1 S 10 Columbia Avenue Geraci's Shoe Shop BEST MATERIALS AND WORKMANSHIP 1508 Columbia Ave., Tyrone, Pa. A Senior at Two II II I I I II II II II II II I II II II II II II II II II II II II I II II I II II II I I II I II II II II II II II II II II II II II Il II I I II II II II I II II II II II II II II I II Il II II II Il II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II I II II II II GARMAN the JEWELER APPRECIATES YOUR PATRONAGE oooooooo: coo: ::ooo::oo::ooo:: LIST'S ARLINGTON HOTEL and RESTAU RANT 10th Street and Logan Avenue ALTOONA PIPE AND STEEL SUPPLY COMPANY Pipe, Pipe Fittings and Valves Plumbing and Heating Supplies 1? 21 11 Beale Avenue Altoona, Pennsylvania PHONE 6151 SI 9Q::::::: ::::::::::oo:::o::::: ll 0 0 THE HOME OF E CLOTHING AND FURNISHINGS 0 -IOP 1: BUICK COMPANY o 0 MEN AND BOYS E Blair Avenue and Tenth Street Harry H. Gardner E Tyrone, Pennsylvania ll 1 Tenth Street, Tyrone, Pa. JAMES C. DAVIS, Proprietor nr -------------A-------AA-A---:: 0 -::--::-:::::::-:::::::::::: : vv-wvvvrv-vvvvv-'W--vf-"v- N C . 9 , DIehl'S BGOIUTY Gnd if HCbCfl1Hg,S Store Cosmetic Shoppe QQ QUALITY FOQDS . 4' 112 3 Pennsylvania Avenue E Where Courtesy Dweus and INDIVIDUAL I Service Excels OOIFFURES Phone 573 Phone 774 E Columbia Avenue and 17th Street 0 0 ---,:::::::,:::::,:::::,, c: I :::::::,:::::::::::::::::::::: We Tye For Our ,Living N ER ll o We Also Clean All Kinds 2 I of Clothes E Hats Cleaned and Blocked 1: " V Like New ll Q FIRE AUTOMOBILE ' SURETY BONDS 4 F. 6- F. Dye Works 2 ,,,,.,,,,,....,,,, mmmm 119 West 10th Street . . Rhodes Plamng M111 l Manufacturers 0 f All Kinds of. Planing Mill Work Q ,, 'X Dealer in Surface and 3 W 1- O Fmishing Lumber f S o Z Y l 161 S Clay Avenue and 16th Street '4 3 I PHONE 648 3 --A'----ooo---- o- - -0- - ---oooooo E991 oooooooooooq.4o:::::o4: :oo: :::oo::: :oooccccsooo AA ov v ooooooeeoqqoqq oooooooao .wal Photo ral b Burns 8 PW Y Tyrone Reservoir under a Blanket of Snow --- -Qo-o--------- A -ooo : ::ooo::o-::::::::::-o::::Qe:: THE VILLA Good Luck Closs of '41 9 E. 10th Street n Ll. SEMGDDS A ----- :::::o::: QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ QQQQQQQ Q-- QQQQQ I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I Miller Brothers Co. HARDWARE PAINT WALLPAPER SEEDS VICTOR RECORDS BUILDING MATERIALS 1008 Pennsylvania Ave. Tyrone, Pa. Chandler Mcllonahy Uffices INSURANCE and COMMUNITY LOAN AND INVESTMENT COMPANY Loans up to 3530000 23 West Tenth Street, Tyrone, Pa. Qogooooooooooooooeooooooqg ---o--0--Q---AAA-ooo ----- occ ---------------..---o--o-0--- ---------..-.....---..-..-----,----------------...4 5---------....--- H001 000000000001 00000000000000000000000000000000000o000000000 00000000000 W00000000000000000000 000000 00000000000000000000000000000-00 0000 0 0000000000000000000000000 3 l Gompliments to o I Glass of ,4I 3 I S L. R. BATCHELER o 8 Open All Night SPAGHETTI GRILLED STEAK . SANDWICHES 5 PlPER's y Q RESTAURANT SAMUEL BRISBIN E Pennsylvania Avenue Phone 9042 Jzlbsolute Gonjidence GEMS AND WATCHES Should be Purchased from Houses in Which You Place Implicit Faith Diamonds Purchased from this House Carry the Assurance of Genuineness Watches Bought of Us Carry a Guarantee of Service for a Generation as Arklin Zlvmvlrg Gln. The C'3'6ouse of fDiamonds U01 000 ------- -A--,, ----- v----0--vv ------00 sPoR TING Goons BURCI-IFIELD 6' CG. HOUTFITTERS TO SPORTSMEN" QUALITY MERCHANDISE AT MODERATE PRICES Wbolr-sale aml Refail Disfribulors of ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT To Schools, Colleges :mel Clubs ...TWO STORES . .. TYRONE, PA. 1103 Pennsylvania Ave. Masonic Bldg. LESTER'S WORKMEN STORE Clothes for Work and Dress COMPLETE LINE OF FOOTWEAR 1055 Pennsylvania Avenue 0 0000 0000000000000000000000000 Specializes I 71 BON AT WAVIN G Pouline Beauty Shoppe Phone 1110 409 17th Street 0 0 O 0 0 O O I 0 0 0 O 0 0 0 0 0 0 O O O O O 0 0 0 O 0 I 0 0 0 000000000000 I O 000 00000 00 00000 000000000 000000000 O E 0 O 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 O 0 0 0 S 0 9 0 O O 0 O O 0 O O O O .. H021 0000000000 00000000 000000 ALTOONA, PA. 12th Ave. S. 16th St. On the Corner Photography by Wilson and Walk IS HE STUDIOUS? Compliments of a Friend 0000000000000000000 0000000000000000 fo .... I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I II I II I I II I I II I I I I I I II I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I II I I I I I I I I I I I I I :o-- -QQ I I I I II I I I I I A- A-------0p--Ao---o----0--A- WILSON and EL PATIO TI-IEATRES Under the Direction of WARNER BROTHERS Always The Finest in Screen Enferfoinmenf MATINEES AND EVENING SHOWS DAILY AT EACH THEATRE oooooooooooooooooooosaoooooo - - oooqo - - o v... - v voooo- vo--ov H051 --vvv--vv-- ---,,,,---,-v,,--::::: ---- -------- --- Clover Farm Store C. B. ABRAMS Proprietor 1 Y' 21st Street and Columbia Avenue oooeooo oooooooq oaooooeoooaceqo Black Bros. 952 Logan Avenue Phone H2 --For-- Chrysler and Plymouth CARS SALESMENI Ralph Miller Lewis W. Gingery Robert L. Harmon Howard M. Moore ooqoooooooogooooQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ.- ll ll lb lt 0 0 0 0 0 ll lr lr lt 0 0 O ll ll ll ll ll 0 0 9 U O O O 0 ll tl 0 O ll II ll ll ll tl ti lb 9 O ll tl 0 0 0 tl 0 0 0 0 0 o U li li 4+ 0 0 tl 0 na nt 4+ nr tl 0 0 0 IP 0 0 4+ tl 0 O O O O tn ma tl nr 0 0 o 0 0 0 nt 0 0 tl 0 0 0 H041 CARL L. FRY CONTRACTOR AND BUILDER 604 18th Street Phone 639-R oooooooooooe QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ BURKHOLDER Maytag and Electric Store Westinghouse Refrigerators Philco Radios and Small Appliances 1 1 12 Pennsylvania Avenue PHONE 245-J : : eo: : zooeaoo: :gage :oooo::oooo ,Say It with qlowers Engleman's FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS Phones 42 8-134 WE neu if no sas -4 ooooooooooooqg0.4Qaqoooeooooooooooooeooooooo Qooooogqeooooe Q -oo QQ. oo o oo.. .oo Q... 0 O 0 O 0 O 0 0 0 0 O 0 It 0 0 O O 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 O O ll tl O 0 l pqqoaooeqQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ ---oc- Photography by Wingate CAN YOU IDENTIFY THIS SPOT? Complete Home Furnishers Since 1896 YOUR CREDIT'S GOOD Rothert Company 10th Street, Tyrone -- -----o--A----A-o---o--A----- O 0 0 0 0 O 0 1 1 1 O 1 1 O 0 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 O 1 1 1 1 ---QQ ...oo 0009000.09000 oooooooooooo I ... 1 TASTE AND BE CONVINCED , CREAMY WHIP SUNDAES AND BANANA SPLITS HOME-MADE BREAD AN NABELLE'S 8 West Tenth Street oQ0ooooooooooooooooooooooooooo RICHFIELD GASOLINE AND OIL ICE CREAM CONFECTIONARY Pe'rer's Service Station East Tenth Street ov,:: :::::::::::::::: H051 LOYAL ORDER OF MOOSE A Great, Patriotic, and Humanitarian Fraternal Or- ganization. Owns and maintains the MODEL CHILD CITY at MOOSEHART, ILLINOIS, where otherwise hapless or- phan children are reared, instructed and equipped to take their place in life as useful AMERICAN CITIZENS who are an asset to the nation. Located at MOOsEI-IAVEN, FLORIDA, is a home for the aged, Where the last mile of life is spent in a cheerful, pleasant, and happy atmosphere. A MOOSE is taught to love and respect his GOD, his COUNTRY, and his Fellow Man. The LOYAL ORDER OF MOOSE needs YOU and you need the MOOSE. Membership is open to any man 21 years of age, of GOOD CHARACTER, who is a good, loyal 100W AMERICAN CITIZEN. Its all embracing program cares for the sick, the be- reaved, the orphan, and the aged. TYRONE LODGE No. 25 LOYAL ORDER OF MOOSE bids you Welcome. ooooooeooeooeooooogovo: : ::-ooQQ: : : : ae: : : :o: : oe: :oeeoooo H061 ll 0 ll 0 0 0 II ll 0 qi 0 0 ll 0 0 lr ll 0 ll ll lr 41 ll 0 0 nn 0 0 in ll ll 0 nn na li U O O ll lr lb n ll 0 0 ml nu an 0 O 0 0 0 nu 0 O ll 0 0 0 ll 0 O 0 0 ln 0 lu 4+ 0 0 0 ll 0 ooe: ::::: : :c :occ goo: : ::o O od oo::::v:::::::::::::::: ::::oeo- Y 0 0 0 0 0 il Ii 0 n 0 ia li O 0 O O 0 lu 0 0 0 0 0 il 0 tl 0 I 1 0 0 il 0 0 li li 0 nu 0 I lr li il 0 0 O 0 O I il 0 0 in 0 li 0 0 0 O O 0 0 il ii ll li ll ll 0 I O 0 0 nu ll ll 1+ li 0 O 0 O 0 E 3 0 I I O 0 0 5.0.0. STEINWAY ond Other High Grolde Pionos EVERETT ORGATRON The Organ that Looks, Plays, and Sounds Like a Pipe Organ MUSIC AND LITERATURE for every instrument, and on all subjects pertaining to MUSIC MCONN This store is heed quarters for every- thing the band or or- chestra player needs. I See our big stock of lnuru- l N 'N Q menu and accessories. RCA-VICTOR Radios and Combinations Classic and Popular Records iti Winter Music Store ALTOONA TYRONE oo::::::o::::oo:: :o:::::oo::ooooooooo::: :o:::: ::::oo: :: :::::: Our Patrons READER BARBER SHOP HAINES SHOE WIZARD FORCEY BARBER SHOP -oooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooo004ooo0oQQooooooooooooooooooooooo PATENTS COSMETICS Rea and Dericlc, Inc. STORES OF SERVICE Fountain and Luncheonette CANDY KODAKS oo9.09ooogoooooooooooooooooeeoooooooo : : oo: :::oo::oooo: c ooo: : H071 00000000000000000000000000000000000 0000000000000000000000000000 HOME ELECTRIC LIGHT AND STEAM HEATING COMPANY 00000000000000000000000 00 00000 THE VILLAGE DAIRY STORE Try Our SANDWICHES SPAGHETTI SUNDAES Nealmont Phone 3 19-J-1 00000 000000000000000000000000 BE WISE FOR REAL INSURANCE PROTECTION SEE W. D. METCALFE Sz SON 1 Y 1104 LOGAN AVE. PHONE 535-M 0-000 0 0 O O O II 0 ll lb qs O O ll ll II 1+ qu 0 0 O li lr 0 0 O 0 0 I ll ll U lr 0 0 0 O 0 0 0 0 0 I 0 0 0 0 ll 00o0000000000000000000 000000 BLOOM BROS. "If iff alone with paint, we do it." PAINTING PAPER HANGING DECORATING Free Extimazfes 27 West llth Street, Tyrone, Pa PHONE 623 0000000000000000000000000000 SHOES FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY .iafl MAC K'S Capitol Shoe Store H. H. MAGDOVITZ, Proprietor Tyr01ze's Cut Price Shoe Store 1081 aqutoqnalp HA A CHUBBY SENIOR I 1091 llnclex of Jlclluentiaena Abrams' Clover Farm Store ,..,...,......... Acklin Jewelry Co ..,,............,..,.........,,.,......,.,.... ...,...... Altoona Fipe 8: Steel Supply Co., Altoona .,...,... Annabelle s ...,...........,....,,...........,.......,......................,... . Atlantic Machinery Exchange, New York City ........,. Auto Electric Service Co ..,............,........,.................. Batcheler, L. R ..,.........,.,.............,..,...,.....,... Batcheler 8: Minemier .,,...............................,.... Benevolent Protective Order Elks, No. 212 .....,... Blatchford Furniture Co ....................,...,........... Black Bros. ........,,.........,.... . Block Clothiers .....,..,..,,. Bloom Bros. , .......... .. Bowser, H. F .,.......,..................,...... Burchfleld and Co ......,........,,............ Burkholder Maytag Electric Co .......... Burns, William ......,.....,.,,..,......... Campbell's Gift Mart .,,....,. Davis Buick Co ...........,,...r. Diehl's Beauty Shoppe ,..,....... Engelman's Florist Shop .....,.... F. 8: F. Dye Works ...............,,.,,.... Fink Brothers ......................,.........,. First Blair County National Fishers Hardware .........,..............., Flenner Insurance Agency ........,..... Forcey Barber Shop ............... Forte, Sam ...................,,.....,.. Fry, Carl .................................,.. Gable, Wm. F. Co., Altoona ..,..,.. Gardner's Candy Store ..........,.., Gardner, Harry H .....,.,....,..,......,.. Garman Department Store .......... Garman, Jeweler .,.......,.,.....,.... Geraci's Shoe Shop .............,... Getz, A. I.. 8: Sons .......... Getz Market Store ......... Gilbert, R. H ...,............,...., Gillam Brothers ...................,. Hagerman, Raymond A .,..,.,..,. Haines the Shoe Wizard ........., Harpster Chevrolet Co ...,...... Heberlmgs ................,..,..... Herald .,..,..,..,.,..,,.....,....,..,.. Page No. 104 101 98 105 94 86 101 86 84 97 104 91 108 89 102 104 89' 82 99 99 104 99 87 85 88 99 107 87 104 95 93 99 85 98 98 96 93 86 86 89 107 94 99 85 Hickes Grocery ........,......................,.....,........,.. . ,.... . 86 Hiller Insurance Agency ....................................... .......... 9 5 Home Electric Light 8c Steam Heating Co .......... .......... 1 08 Hunter Bakeries .....,............................,..........,. .,.,,. 8 7 Ivory System, Peabody, Mass ..........,.............. ...,...... 1 02 Kienzle Bakery .,.......................... ...... 9 5 vv- .... v- ......... v ...... -vv ..-. o---ovv4:---v 11101 -Ao--o -A--------A-A----- --+-- -A-----oo--oo--AAA ,Slndlex ot Cllclluentiaena Klevan Bros. .................... . Kloss Flower Shop ....... , ...,.,... .. Lester's Wotkmen Shop ....,.... Levine Bros. .........,.......,,...., . List's Arlington Hotel ......... Lugg 8: Edmonds ..,...,.....,....... Mack's Capitol Shoe Store ..,..... Mann Printing Co ........,.......... McConahy, Chandler .....,.....................,......... Metcalfe 8: Son .....,............................................... Metropolitan Music Co., New York City ......... Miller Brothers .,.......,..,,........,......................... Moose ................,.........,...,.........,................,.. Neil, H. L ......,...,...,.........,. Patsy's Beauty Salon ,..... ....... Pauline's Beauty Shoppe ......... Paul's Diner ............,............ Peck's Service Station ...................... Peter's Service Station ,...................... Peterson System, Greensburg, Pa .......... Piper's Restaurant ............................. Rea 8: Derick ...............,........... Reader's Barber Shop ........ Rhodes Planing Mill ....... Rose's Beauty Shop ......... Rothert Company ........ Rupert Chevrolet Co ........ Scullin, W. H ..............,... Sealfon, Julius ,...,......,.......,..... Shaffer Stores Company .......... Shilfler Pharmacy ..........,...... Simmonds, Altoona .,....... Sing Lee Laundry ,...... ...... ,...,.......,..,.. Snyder, C T. Electric ...,.....,...,.......,....... Standard Pennant Co., Big Run, Pa ....... Templeton Co. ...,.......,...,....................., . Tyrone Burial Vault ....,..............,....... Tyrone Laundry Co .....,.......,... Tyrone Lime 8z Stone Co ....... Tyrone Milling Co ....,,........ Villa ..,.........,..,,.........,...,,.. Village Dairy Store .....,.... Waite's Clover Farm ............... ,..... . Waple's Dairy ...,.......,...........,......,.... West Virginia Pulp 8c Paper Co .,.....,.. Wilson Chemical Co .....,.......,............ Wilson Theatre ..,..,,.,,.................... Winter's Music Store .... ,,.. Wolf's Furniture Store. ,....... Zang, Joe 8c Co ...,...,.....,... Page No. 89 92 102 87 98 92 108 93 100 108 88 100 106 88 85 102 92 89 105 91 101 107 107 99 95 105 97 89 85 91 97 82 88 98 88 98 96 94 97 87 100 108 96 82 90 83 103 107 88 89 H111 Photography by Wiiigatc JUNE-1941 THE HOLTZINGER STUDIO, Tyrone, Pennsylvania THE PHILLIPS STUDIO, Tyrone, Pennsylvania THE NORTHERN ENGRAVDMQCOMPANY,Cmnon,Ohm KOVER KRAET, Chicago, Illinois BERLIN PUBLISHIHG COMPANY. Berlin, Pennsylvania H121 LAJIUYIS Qocvklncj waht f

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