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i 5I14N1,auK.:1Lil.l.n.h.,1......zr ' '- '5 ' ' ' ' ' , J , . 1 X 1 4 , Q .-V v Q F . A , nf, -, .' H. .,. ,.. ' .I 5' V .N ci -lay . k 'J-Q-2-Ggf. yf W . : , K X..k'wT -f" -uf-.f., - L Q11-t:F,'J.? ' ,5 ' HA .xlE.1 : I V 5 ,-3.4, 4- L-,X,. .q 3- ,, .M , .. I .1 ,wr xr Y. r ,X ,v, Q, .f--,, ,- . f'?4vlf "5-Tflwyr . - Q .1'f+f.ii1 ,g,-m'- Hwy . .ffvkgT2'5L,.,E"'..f4-l Q gigFf.f'11 1 . N. 2-K , , ' 3 ,. ., .,!. Y K4 1 .. wing. .ci -?5'1f ,j,EiQL ,. , - :K A 7 fm" ' 'S 'Sim' ., wm- - 4 .,, ATM A Jw., - X K 1 1. . MQ, x if ,L .S gf .1 li 1-, , . ' . 4 51 JJ 1 1 4:1 4 W iq il flril' Q ,-'f 1 'JM Lg 0 I Wu g 2 ,a Hu 'x We ,, M1 , 1:1 J' .3 . ffivf' ip f ' lv INA ? 15.54 , jim 1263 .' rig' ,., 'L 15:1-H 133241, ff? fy'-l 5. ' if 3 1 ig? K ' , .11 - ,.:,- A 512' , Qi., Q vim? ...n , , ff-:gl .LQ V1.1 ' W ' 1954? MQW 1 L A ri ' LW E me ' if ' 1 sw ,gl an 'U I Q42 1.22535 1 ,dr 5 ,1 T "vi, ' ll' . -4 " 4 A" Q, .4 A v N ' X 4 F .,f., .' R 1,5 .. Q1 .ff '-xr 5 1 ,111 A. ,. 'i ,, L ...' , : ' 4, M." .f H. 1. 1 -3,0 ,J I 1 '1, rf "'.,, 4:12 - 'fffiifif ' , ,, ,,.., . L 1 ' 'f'f7f1r' "Sk sl emily' ' , -A fl. - V L f. P . . -Q -. .., .L, Q- vb. -4- . -, ,ax A,'n:'..,-X ,- ,. ,... rv 2, , .fur ,,-f. Q, - .Jw v 1- Y 31, ,4:..i5"4 , -'Paz :agp ' I. ,,,, , L,-,. t, wr . 5 :1 7 e ,FU , -4, ,, A nv 1 rin , yr , 5, 'Wg QW, ,, 1-fi lx QW ' F ,. , , I at-E vt ,.- 10 ,, .1. l , ,,, j li, ' fr ' 5 .' 4' T 'v S 1 Ax X. , ,,-. K. p , , . K, 4 f- -V. 2' '41 H . . 21:1 f!.9.0fImli'?SN Lg. 'ef . - V . . '.-' 1 , , -544- .- rw A, . -Q ' - - I., If-up---.rfg '-' ff gf ,--W1 -V I , L: fkfg,-f:,..-1 - H, i- Nyfr ,ff 5 Q? ,, .3-br 51 '4 7 7: XL. y. 1,15 UL, 5 ip Qi af 1 Q H2 :- . V'z-.-.'fe,- 'I 'Ili-jf ',-"-f-IQSW,-f .f .is A L. . - -- ., T. I' 1 nf, ,, 2 I- M 11 ' MQ- "'.f,.g, " ' ,f, V - L... -gf V - Sith' 'J W . ' gs' 31, ... ,,.:. J. ,, , . ' "i'.':"'fi"-141:"- . , f v vi .-. , Q '---'L--g .iaN fm 1 - A -",11 -" rf'-f.-- : . ' ' ...WM . - . .' 1, ., L' . ig 'F ' ,V ,. pg g' gf: ff' D I ' 1- N if! 1.1g!ff,fiQ''T:gs,E,1:" Sf, wfkvi 'f ' . ' ' -' '- 'A' ' '-'- " -'G 'Wag .1 ', - 5,.,. 1 fn ' 1 , 'J' , I e A " 1 uf" K f. ,Q -1- h' 1 ,M DL. ...Lf N - , N- - 3 ,. , f , I M Lx. 1 ' G' ,.vs.,LKA,, ,. , 'H' :-Er 1.912 v 4, 4 , jg ., . '11 1 l 1 9 1 ff 1 x , A 4 , , . Q N SCHOOL DAYS Still sits the school-house by the road, A ragged beggar sunning, Around it still the sumachs grow, And blackberry vines are running. Within, the master's desk is seen, Deep scarred by raps oflicialg The warping floor, the battered seats, The jack-knife's carved initial, The charcoal frescoes on its wall, Its door's worn sill, betraying The feet that, creeping slow to school, Went storming out to playing. Long years ago a winter sun Shone over it at setting, Lit up its western window-panes, And low eaves' icy fretting. lt touched the tangled golden curls, And brown eyes full of grieving, Of one who still her steps delayed When all the school were leaving. For near her stood the little boy Her childish favor singled: His cap pulled low upon a face Where pride and shame were mingled. Pushing with restless feet the snow To right and left, he lingered:- As restlessly her tiny hands The blue-checked apron fingered. He saw her lift her eyes, he felt The soft hand's light caressing, And heard the tremble of her voice, As if a fault confessing. "Pm sorry that l spelt the word: I hate to go above you, Because,"-the brown eyes lower fell,- "Because, you see, I love you." Still memory to a gray-haired man That sweet child-face is showing. Dear girl, the grasses on her grave Have forty years been growing. He lives to learn, in life's hard school, How few who pass above him Lament their triumph and his loss, Like her,-because they love him. -John Greenleaf Whitder D1ED1CA Twenty-five years ago the Falcon had its inception as the year- book of the Tyrone High School. During that time its appearance has been regular except for the post-war years of 1918, 1919, and 1920. The Falcon Staff of 1940 thought it only fitting then that it dedicate its anniversary edition to all those past staffs who helped to build a pictorial and written record of school days in Tyrone during the past quarter of a century. Photography by Fleck For some time during the past, Falcon Staffs have built their annuals about themes. In an anniversary edition of the Falcon it is not then out of the order to review some of these themes. Over a decade, these themes are as follows: The 1930 Falcon centered about Chivalry The 1931 Falcon used fifty years of High School 1-listory in Tyrone The 1932 Falcon drew inspiration from Mountains The 1933 Falcon went to the Circus The 1934 Falcon cultivated a Garden The 1935 Falcon flew with Lindbergh and Earhart The 1936 Falcon laughed with Will Rogers The 1937 Falcon was charmed by Music The 1938 Falcon turned to the Falcon The 1939 Falcon paid tribute to Chief Logan MA MATTER Ours is a school to love, Loyal by her we'll stand, Mountains tower over her, Solemn and grandg Long may they reign above, Those Alleghenies fair, May they ever shelter thee, Dear old Tyrone High! When we grow old and gray, Mem'ries will linger still, Happy hours we've spent with thee Their mission shall fulfill, Life will be sweet and fair, Joy will awake anew, May we ever faithful be, Dear Alma Mater true! BLAIR COUNTY PRESS ASSOCIATION COLUMBIA PRESS ASSOCIATION in Q. ENE T TQ A- 5:3 fa-'W-"Ciara 'Still sits the school house by the road"--Whittier NORMAN MILLER Superintemlent of Scbrmlx Mr. Miller is a native of Fulton County, Pennsylvania, having been born near Three Springs. He attended the public schools of Antis Township, Blair County. Choosing Harvard for matriculation, he centered his efforts in the Social Science field and was awarded a Bachelor of Science Degree. His Alma Mater later awarded him a Master of Arts Degree in Education for his graduate work in School Administration. Other high' er institutions of learning attended by Mr. Miller are the Universities of Leland Stan- ford, Columbia, Southern California, Chicago, and Penn State. In the field of Administration, Mr. Miller has served as supervising principal of Antis Township Schools for four years, of Stony- creek Township Consolidated School for five years, of the Berlin-Brothersvalley Schools for two years, and as superintendent of the Tyrone Borough Schools for one year. Shippensburg, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, claims Mr. Skelly as a native son, and the Newton Township public school initiated him into the three R's. Shortly after being graduated from Shippensburg State Teachers College, Mr. Skelly elected to serve his country in France for a period of time. While in France he attended the Uni- versity of Clermont Ferrand. Upon his re- turn, he resumed study at Dickinson College, which granted him a Bachelor ofArts Degree. Mr. Skelly has done graduate work at Cornell and Penn State. Penn State awarded him a Master of Science Degree in Education for his graduate work in School Administration. In the field of Administration, Mr. Skelly has served as principal of Newton Township High School for one year, of Clayton Avenue Elementary School, Waynesboro, for one year, and of the Tyrone junior-Senior High School for eleven years. F. CLARK SKELLY Principal of High School ln the death of Arthur V. Vanneman, occur' ring on February 8, 1940, the faculty and student body of the Tyrone schools were deeply saddened, for they realized that Tyrone had experienced a really great loss in the passing of one of its fore- most citizens. ln the capacity of school director, Mr. Vanneman, for more than eleven years, gave unstintedly of his interest, his erlorts, and his time, in the promotion of a better school program. His work will live on in the lives of the young people whom he so faithfully served. ARTHUR V. VANNEMAN Tyrone Borough School Board First 'rout Mr. Luther Wtwomer lActing Secretaryj, Mr. F. E. Barr lPresidentl, Mr. R. A. Miller. Sccuml rout Mr, H. N. Glass lVice Presidentj, Mr. J. F. Smith, Dr. R. M. Quigley. CHOO AYS School days, school days, Dear old golden rule daysg Readin', and 'ritin, and 'rithmetic, Taught to the tune of a hick'ry stickg You were my queen in calico, l was your bashful barefoot beau, And you wrote on my slate, ul love you, Joe," Wlien we were a couple of kids. Photography by Fleck A very definite part of school days during the senior year of Ty' rone High School students is the Christmas party with its attendant decorations and festivities. Not the least of these were the gifts provided hy the senior class of '40 for a worthy, needy family. X ! . . 'z' mf- "'? gm -A 1 W 7, ' .I Qfn-nh 14, nvvwh "Within, the mastefs desk is seenn.-fwhmm U TEACHE S 6 Aurand, Paul Burket Barrett, Jean Mathematics Music f :Ex Bowman, Helen G. Cornmesscr, Mary E. English Daniels, jesse H. Manual Training Geography Eble, Marie Gertrude French History Billingsley, Leora Shorthand Office Practice Typing Couch, Vera Quindare Librarian Eckert, Harold Algebra I General Math Elementary Physics Readin' S Bloom, Robert L. Civics Crawford, Dorothy Dean History Fleck, Harold B. Mathematics O R TEACHERS Grafius, Mary julia Heiss, Renctta History Typing Commercial Math Kerr, Willard Eugene Geography Jacobs, Stephen George Science Hemminger, Gail Bookkeeping Commercial Law Commercial Geography Kloss, Elizabeth School Nurse Hixson, N. Grant Algebra ll Plane Geometry Solid Geometry Trigonometry Kurtz, Marjorie Elizabeth Latin English 'E' iz' " r-ll L-eifigkst :" Fi . i?' "t" LaPorte, Karl E. Latshaw, Hazel M. Leonard, Marjorie Frances Lucas, Nancy jane History English Home Economics English jlflllfimy History Macllowell, Sair English Myers, Marie English Steward, E. Nadine Health O TEACH RS Miller, Warren E. Mathematics Salesmanship Piper, Margaret M. English Stonehraker, Merle E. History Civics Moore, Minnie R. English Shollenberger, Carl A. Health Musser, Enid Alice Art Steigerwalt, Stanley E. Algebra ll Chemistry Physics Wilstmn, Lillian Biology 'rithmetic Wolfgang, Ralph T. Social Studies 'WE -AT Qw ,ff 1 'eh' x vit! QEASSES "Pm sorry that I spelt the word, JI hate to go above you." ---Whittier School days are days of preparation. ABRAMO, JOSEPH J. foe Football 1, 2, 3g Basketball 1 Afpirex to he a profefxional golfer. . keeper of the trearury. .nzeritortouy . Joeiahle. ADAMS, JOHN Hank Football manager 2, 35 Basketball 23 Glee Club 1 Mirchietfout. .teafex the girlx. .fre- quently .feen at the "Y"..ert1rt1ahle. AMMERMAN, ROBERT LESTER Pete Keep: to himfelf. ."Watch the Ford: go hy!". admirahle. .a Wert Tyroner . patient. ANDERSON, WILLIAM G. Hunk Doenft mix math with others. .oh- Jerzfing getx hit Jhare of Jleep.. original. ANDREW, MARY JANE Andy Glee Club l, Z, 35 Gamma Tri-Hi-Y lg Gym Leaders Club 1, 2, 3 Dimplezl third of the triomhauntt the Comer Room. ."Srreu'hall" it topf. BENN, BRUCE J. V. Football 2 Devoted to the rod and reel. .mindt his PU and Q'.r...rportmtarz..er1ter- taint the Jandman. ...14... lm I' of il ET I ' I I5 . .-.'fr"' BENNETT, IRVINE S. Harry Football 1, 2, 35 Hi-Y 33 Wrestling 3 Full of pep garruloux. when at the theater, u'ar1t.r to go to college . amicahle. BEYER, DONALD Don Glee Club 2, 33 Phi-Chem-Bi 1, 2, 3g Hi-Y 3 Fond of rnutic, model airplanex, and radio. egregiolu. .walking dictionary . horthontie. BEYER, JANE LOUELLA Glee Club I, 2, 33 Gamma Tri-Hi-Y 3 Companionahle. .zvantx to he att air- line hoxtexx. .chumx with Betty jane. BIDDLE, HELEN VIRGINIA Honey Glee Club 1, 2, 33 Spokesman Staff 21 Gamma Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3g Gym Leaders Club 1, 2, 3 One of Corner Room gang. .ardent admirer of Ronald Colman. popular. BLAIR, JEANNE STUDY Cherry Bisignis Club 2, 3: Gamma Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 33 Falcon Staff 3: Spokesman Staff Z, 3 Secret ambition-to he a houxetrife . dainty. .good cook. .zrell-groomed. BOYTIM, WILLIAM Bill Falcon Staff 35 Football 2, Band 1, 2 Fond of driving. .eon.feri'ati1fe. .am- bition ix to he an accountant.. doeJn't like to dren ap. if- : 0 m '-tt-V Q k L! rgs xkajtls. 3. ll , fil e 2 ,. Work and ploy makes tlle scltool day BRATTON, MARCIA Marsh Bisignis Club 2, 3 Always gets along understanding . has a hig heart. .writes poetry for a pastime. BRESSLER, FRANCIS EARL Unohtrusive . .always pleasant. . .en- joys taking long walks. .regular fel- louz BRICKLEY, DALLAS GEORGE Curry Glee Club 15 Football 25 Hi-Y 1, 3 Cosmopolitan hates to he idle .en- livens a group. .sufirnnzing fan.. genial. BROWN, HERMAN ARTHUR Track 1, Z, 33 Wrestling Z, 3g Football 35 Mat team 2, 33 Spokesman Staff 2, 3g 1' alfon Staff 3g Hi-Y 2, 33 Student Patrol 1 Exrellent artist. .oar douhle for Tar- zan. .dislikes inactivity. snersatile. BURWELL, GEORGE CARL Whitey Falcon Stal? 39 Bisignis Club Z, 33 Spokesman Staff Zg Wrestling 2, 33 Glee Club 1, 35 Hi-Y 3: Mat team 2, 3 Short and hlond. .good-natured. .ur- hane. .always engaged in activity. BUTTERBAUGH, MARGERY VIVIAN Corky Gamma Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 33 Glee Club 1, Z, 3 Collects odd pins. ."Binky". often late ."Well, All Right!"..Cornie rates. .fun. CALDERWOOD, DOROTHY MAY Dot Glee Club 13 Alpha Tri-Hi-Y Z, 33 Falcon Staff 3 Loads of fan. ."Gentlenzen, afon't croufd!". .hikes in the woods. .fas- tidioas. CANDY, GUYER EDWARD Tink Glee Club 13 Basketball 1, Z, 33 Track 2, 33 Hi-Y 1, Z, 3 Tall, dark, and handsome. .wields the Hi-Y gavel .hroke the mile rec- ord. .oar "pres" CARNES, ALTHEA ALMIRA The.: Glee Club 1, 2, 3: Bisignis Club 2, 33 Cashier of school bank 39 Gamma Tri-Hi-Y 3 Ire skater. ,school questor. ."At your ser11ice!". .detests h e i n g c all e fl "Blondie". .laudable CASTAGNOLA, ANTHONY JAMES Tony Lillipatian. .more serious than rnany . .cheerful .spends time with books. COLABINE, JAMES Rotkers Glee Club 1, 3g Spokesman Stal? Z, 3 Takes an interest in printing. .deep- voireil. .nonchalanl .g 0 0 d fellow- worker. CONAGHAN, MARY CATHERINE Teetie Glee Club 13 Gamma Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 33 Spokesman Staff Z, 3 A zvinsome lass. .inclined to he hash- fal. .determined .lovely black hair. ...15... N..- 'lla-W1 X X'X+"7x, l c, . ' vu 1 1 Q . ' ' . . Q 5'-'ff liz. 4 Ju -91,1 Q ' CHF: I, K 'a an-4 . .- ,Q 'm. ' gre-4""l COOPER, SHELDON TROUTWINE Beanie Wforkx for Wfarner Brotherx. .hefty lad. .about to enter the field of :alex- rnanfhip. COWHIZR. GLENN C. I-Ii-Y l: Track 1, Z, 3 Sedulou.f,.throu'er of the discux.. peruxer the tteuufpapers. polemic. COWHER, ROBERT E. Cowbells Chatter! emllenly. .watrhex the .rtock market. .humorixt. .travelf on eight u'heel.r. CRAIN, F. EIJWARD Rerl Glee Club 1: Bisignis Club 2 Frequent: Rudy? and Northwood.. attracted to wine, women, and Jong . . good-humored. DACHENBACH, LOUISE M. Darby Glee Club lg Gamma Tri-I-Ii-Y Z, 33 Spokesman Staff 3 Plans to operate a grocery :tore nz the future. .induxtrioux worker. .rides a bicycle. IDANNAWAY, MARY C. Sis A miniature lan. .Kay Kyxer devof tee interested in Jportx. .one of our mort willing claxsnzatex. There are no days like school days DE IVIARIO, CHARLES Charlie GICC Club l, Zg Band l, 2, 3 "Still waterf run deep". .cooperative . peryezfering. .potential mail clerk. DE MARIO, MARY A. Glee Club lg Spokesman Staff Z, 3 Keepx her opinioru to herxelf.. Jpendx leixure time with bookx and radio. Iredale. .Jhy. DICKSON, ALMA C. Tick Glee Club lg Bisignis Club 2, 35 Alpha Tri-Hi-Y 2, 35 Gym Leaders Club 2, 3 Her heart'.r with the Nazfy. .here to- tlay, gone tomorrow. .likeable .ham- !If01lJ'. DICKSON, CLARA MAE Cub Linguacioux if loft without chewing gum. .unique perxonality. .agreeable DI MEMMO, FRANK Football 2 Enjoys working in a garden. .another golfer. .talks very little. .perJe1tering. IDUEY, DAVID CLAIR Speer! Hi-Y I, 2, 33 Football lg Falcon Staff 3 lVear.f a camera like a zvatch. .huJky .rarex match boxer. .exceedingly rot1z'er.fatiot1al. ...16... School days should be happy days. DUFF, EDWARD COUCH Si Glee Club 1, 35 Wrestling 1, 25 Red Cross 1, Z Clam "5creufball"..Frencb ir Greek to him. .batex loafng. .agriculturalirt DUFE, THELMA E. Dany Bisignis Club 2, 31 Falcon Staff 3 Would like to be a beautician . blitlse. .not many are like ber. .talkr often-Jay: little. DYSART, PAUL B. One of our xilent partnerx. .buntr . winter sport: fan. .airplane entbuxt- a.rt. ."fern" repeller. ELLENBERGER, ROBERT EARLF Elly Often confuxed witb Robert L . la- bor: for Sbafferir. .grand Jport.. amenable. ELLENBERGER. ROBERT LEE Elly Collectr magazine coverr. .inconven- able. .good friend to all. .liker rnilif tary life. EVENNACH, MIKE IJ frugal with the uJe of ufords.. rexpectful. .manners of a gentleman . .diHident. ...17... I, ,fgwv f' az' '- I AWS-' lx up UNC5 4""'Y X KS 1 f 1 sl 2. 7 tl ,X T533 54 1 '. I pw' nwkfgjf. .. W., . Y ye N EWING, ALICE A. Ale Har a rmile for everyone. exceed- ingly noncornrnittal. .tbinkx biking II enjoyable. .commuter FETTERS, JOHN j. Snuffy Band 1, 2, 3 Often found at DworJak'J when not in school. .glib. .xcouflr al courtrbip. FINK. MAR-IORIE ELAINE Finky Phi-Chem-Bi 1, 2, 33 Glee Club 1, 3: Spokesrnn Staff 2, 3. Gamma Tri-Hi-Y 3 Eary-going. .partial to Altoona maler . .dependable for French. .urbane. FISHER, GILBERT H. Gib Swimmer. .glides over the ice. vivi- fying. .veraciouJ. .likeable fellow. FISHER, MARJORIE MABEL Marge Glee Club 1 Excegtionally quiet. .voice ba: a plearing quality. .conrcientiour rtu- dent. FLEMING, WILLIAM E. Bill Bisignis Club 2, 35 Glee Club 1, 35 Band 1, 2, 33 Orchestra 1, 2, 3 Playx clarinet in band and orcbertra . lajfable. .everybodyif friend. .takex picturer. FOUST, BYRON MAXWELL Gee Football 1, Z3 Basketball Z, 3 Batkethall Jtandhy. . pafsex the "daily difturhern mixchief maker Jtraightforuard. FOUST, GEORGE B. Hopex to he a xecond Isaak Walton . raixef rahbitx. .dixlikes getting up in the morning. FRIDAY, BETTY AMEUA Lucy The domestic type. .thinkx a lot of her Hand. .honnie. .a loyal friend. . okay! FRY, IVALOU B. Small Fry Glee Club 1, Z5 Gamma Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3 Muxical. .domextically inclined. con- riderx otherxutalkx a good hit.. candid. GARMAN, ANN ELIZABETH Zip Glee Club 23 Gym Leaders Club Z, 33 Spokesman Staii Zg Alpha Tri-HifY Z, 3 Quick-tempered . .attractive . . collegi- ate .Corner Room cowgirl. .argu- mentatizfe. GINGERICH, CATHRYN MAY Kate Bisignis Club 2 Excitahle preferx Jquare dancing . lend! a helping hand . .quick-witted. School days are the best days. GIVLER, GEORGE M. Modern Robin Hood with hit boa' and arrow. .xkii.r. .fraternal he just can't he rufhed. GOSS, EARL Honey Glee Club 2 Goex on his way. pal! with Ken . .fhies away from the girly. .pertir1a- ciouf. HAAG, BETTY JANE Bette Glee Club l, 39 Gamma Tri-Hi-Y 3 Unxeljixh. .sparkling Jmile. .souvenir collector. .movie fan. .favorite letter H1 ft HAGERMAN, KATHARINE ANN Katie Glee Club l Cheerful. . .hearty laugher. . .good- natured. .u'ant.r to join the nursing profexiion. HAGG, JOSEPH WILLIAM foe Glee Club 1, Z, 33 Wrestling 2, 3 Plays a mouth organ. .timoroux in puhlic. .livex on a dairy farm. HALLERAN, MARGARET ANNE Irish Glee Club 1, 2, 33 Alpha Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3 Neat ax a pinmtakex a fancy zo "Good Gulf GaJoline". .ozrnx a con- tagioux giggle. fax " .- .,, .- N 4 5' v . ,, fl' 2, ' , Bt-All ...18... f X A HAMER, CHARLES L. Shorty "Care for a caddy, Mister?" ."Brui- serf. .interested in automobile mech- amsm. .steadfast HAMER, JOHN CALVIN jack Blond and curly-haired. .acquired from Port Matilda .always sleepy makes his fortune at the Texas Lunch. HAND, WILLIAM J. Pee-Wee Football Z, 3 Frequently travels to East Tyrone . quiet trustworthy. built like a sky- scraper. HARPER, A. LE ROY Boy Bisignis Club 2, 33 Falcon Stal? 3 One of our youngest classmates . blushes easily. .clubbable .outstand- ing eyes. HARTSOCK, CLARENCE HOWARD Frog Another "ridge-runner" from North- wood. .docile. .hasn't much to say. HENDERSON, DOROTHY LOUISE Dot Glee Club l, 2, 33 Bisignis Club Z, 39 Falcon Staff 3 Sagely silent .bashful smile. .camps at Huntingdon. .daydreams in classes. Mwfl . R1 ff 0 L, 3 . 'Q view f y . -1-2 Ni l- 13,cuf11 HENNINGER, MARY GRACE Glee Club lg Bisignis Club 2, 3 Laconic. ardent worker .ca able ' - P seamstress. . composed . .earnest and praiseworth y. HERLT, JOHN EDWARD Brown Basketball 1, 23 Football 2 Human dynamo. .never serious . headstrong. .enjoys being behind the wheel of a car. HILDEBRAND, MARGARET BERYL Pluto Bisignis Club 3 Diary-keeping missnlooks forward to Commencement. .attracted to Al- toona. HILLER, JOHN D06 Glee Club 1, 2g Hi-Y 1, 2, 33 Band 2, 3 West Point is his ambition. .talented trumpeter. .good-natured grin. .com- mendable. HULL, HELENE LOUISE Henny Glee Club 1, 2, 33 Gym Leaders Club 2, 35 Falcon Staff 3g Alpha Tri-Hi-Y 3 A tiny tot. .has good taste in clothes . talks a blue streak. .happy-gm lucky. IRVIN, RALPH D. Stoolie Football 1 Often slumbers in salesmanship class . .takes his time. Jackadaisical. Senior olays pass all too quzclcly ...19... JERMINO, FRANK "Oh, how I hate to get up in the morning!" .. undeviating .. great golfer. JOHNSON, PAULINE EVELYN johnny Glee Club 1, 2, 3 Happy ax the day is longmgood thingf come in Jmall parkagex.. romplaisant. KASPICK, EARL L. Nose Basketball I, Z3 Track l, Z5 Football manager 23 Red Cross I, 2 Drivex the Jquad trurk. .eordial . outstandinj member of the track team. .cre ible. KEITH, ELMER WARREN Sportx enthuxiaxt. .nice to know. . Wen-emler. .palx around with joe. . nine-looking. KERLIN, BERTHA EMOGENE Emmie Glee Club I, lg Gamma Tri-HifY l, 2, 3 Talkatiile. ."The Mariner are rom- ing". .exrelx in 5 p o r t J. .uinning u'ay.r. giddy. LANNEN, HARRY DELBERT Deb Skatex through the hallf. .emfbzble hair. nimble. .ufex the bow and ar- row. 5 h B 1 U? anal lunge - l E 5 ,.. U 'tad LEEPER, JEAN ELEANOR Glee Club 1, 2, 35 Tri-Hi-Y 2, 33 Spokesman Staff 3 Refemblef a DreJden doll. .reserved prefers a certain junior boy.. thorough. LIGHTNER, JOSEPH Joe Unanunzing in Jrhool. dependable. . neglertx girls. .good friend and flau- mate. LYKENS, GORDON GLENN Punkin Falcon Staff 3 Bookkeeping ufhiz. .doex hi.: Jhare of talking . . capable . . player of alley football. MAGARGEL, M AR-IORIE ANN Glee Club l, Z, 35 Phi-Chem-Bi lg Falcon Staff 35 Spokesman Staff 2, 3g Gamma Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3 Margie A channel yawner. .flutterx and fume: .. merry .. dainty dancer ., fhurnmy. .con1f11fialzJt. MAGILL, FRANK E. Gutcby Roguish. ."lVhi.rtle while you work" . .very small. .doeJn't favor the girlx. INIALAKER, HARRIETTE VIRGINIA Fuss Glee Club I, 33 Spokesman Staff 1, 2, 33 Alpha-Tri-Hi-Y 2, 33 Gym Leaders Club 3 Pilotf the gang in a Buick. .Jmooth danrer. .fashionable Jenzperamental. School days-fdea ...20... r old golden-rule days MASCI-IKE, PATRICK Pat Glee Club 1, 2, 33 Hi-Y 33 Camera Club 3 Neat dresser .. good-looking .. in- clined to be in a fog in physics class. .attentive MCCONAHY, RONALD DEXTER Ronnie Glee Club 13 Hi-Y 3 Worries are not a part of bis life . coin collector. .rival of Beau Brunt- mel. MCCOY, MARGARET LOUISE Dislikes being teased about her height. .regular features. .felicit0us. . always pleasant. Stump MCGOVERN, WILLIAM Bill "Begone, dull care!". .makes a bobby of dogs. .flashing srnile. .plenty of vim, vigor, and vitality. MILES, JOHN E. lack Glee Club 1, 2, 3 Breeds Rhode Island Reds. .iocund . .outdoor man. .thoughtful of others . .curly-haired. MILES, SAMUEL W. Sox Football 3g Basketball 1, 2, 3 Short and jolly. .inclination toward aviation. .alert. .pigskin toter. .devil- ish. School days establish friendships, MILLER, DOROTHY JANE Dot Bisignis Club 2, 35 Spokesman Staff 2, 3, Gamma Tri-Hi-Y 3 Never has much to say. .pleasantu willing worker. .unaHected. .courte- ous. MILLER, SHIRLEY AMBER Sis Glee Club lg Bisignis Club Z, 3 Conventional. .sensible senior. trav- els around on a bicycle. .reticent. MILLER, WILLIAM H. Flash Football lg Basketball 1, 2, 3 Lofty. .an asset to the basketball team. .has a preference for a certain junior. MOSEMAN, ERWIN Mase Football 1, 25 Glee Club 1, 2, 3g Band 3 Spends many hours drawing. .clever . staunch Glee Club supporter. . skates and skiis. MYERS, LOUISE Laura Bisignis Club 2, 3 Poetry flows from her pen. .taciturn "I'm off for Unionville!". .a good listener. NAYLOR, FRANCIS LA RUE Glee Club 1 Sophisticated to the Nth degree.. dance-loving. .uses words sparsely.. frank. 1 ,.. -. :"LJ?,:' J X . filer " 'R an ...21... A S' ' N ,un wwsyl 41' 5' ' f if Sports add zest to school olays. NEARHOOF, JEAN R. Jeannie Glee Club 1, 3 Sportive. .writer of many epistles. brunette. hopes to adorn an office at the Paper Mill. NEARHOOF, RUSSEL Slubby Hunter .. unperturbed by girls .. clowns in classes .. light-hearted .. short in stature. NESTLERODE, FLOYD PARKER Pbilbert Glee Club Ig Cheerleaders Club 1, Z, 35 J. V. basketball manager 23 Mat team Z Leads cheering at the games. .lots of fun. .takes life as it comes. .aviator- he hopes. PATRICK, MIKE Pat "Hollywood, here I camel". re- sourceful. .guards his ideas. .buffets the waves. PATTON, DONALD JAMES Duby Football 1, 2, 3 Good worker. .plans to study agrb culture. .sports lover. ambulatory. PORT, GEORGE ROBERT june Hi-Y 1, 33 Football manager 29 Falcon Stal? 3 Prefers State College. .tall, tan, and terrific. .likes out-of-town girls. ...22... -L I I l n lil. -ff? . l!'l'gtsss lv xl!-vw POSTREICH, KURT Wrestling 25 Glee Club 1, 2, 3 Large vocabulary-they say. loquactl ous short in stature. .backward days are gone forever. PRICE, KATHRYN ELAINE Deanna Glee Club 1, 2, 35 Spokesman Staff 2, 3 Talkative . . enjoys singing . . collects pictures of movie stars congenial. RESIDES, EDNA MARIE Sally Friendly. .newcomer from Arcadia, Pa. . .likes Latin. . .helpful . .collects popular songs. RHOADES, LAURIE Football 1, 2, 3 Taller than average. .stand-by of the football team. .squire of flames. . sure. Hump RICHARDS, DALE A. Dip Band 1, Z, 3 Toots a trombone in the band. deb- onair experiments with electricity.. talkative. RILEY, MARIAN ELIZABETH Pepper Glee Club lg Gym Leaders Club 2, 35 Library Staff Z, 3 Natural permanent. aspires to be happily married . .seldom seen with' out Dale. V iv'-su , .tal Biff.. 1 9 h z? .37 ' KEN'-SN 'Yr W F V 13 r c aft! RINKER, FOSTER EURTISE Rink Contentious. .chauffeur of a '31 Chrysleruenjoys the thrill of the hunt. RITTER, ROBERT Bob Band 2 Saves airplane pictures. .prankish.. often breaks dates. .aspires to the heights. ROMANO, RALPH Didly Football Z, 35 Wrestling 2 Aviator-he hopes. ."Superman". likes sportsuoutstanding golfer.. amiable. ROZICK, JOSEPH J. Joe Track 2, 3 Fauored by the girls. .high-spirited . albaround T. H. S. athlete. .benig- nant. RUMBERGER, GWIN Rummy Football 33 Wrestling 2, 3 Cuts figures on the icenshy. .ron- ciliatory..o1zerlooks the girls. .easy- going. SEALFON, MIRIAM Miram Falcon Stal? 33 Glee Club l, 2, 33 Alpha Tri-Hi-Y 2, 34 Spokesman Staff 2, 3 Tickles the ivories. .assiduous. .mixes fog with phyxics. .engages Naiureir curling iron. School days are not soon orgotten SHECKLER, BETTE Gamma Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3g Glee Club 1, 2, 3 Good dancer. .cute. .adheres to fun and parties. .meticulousz .chatty. SHUEY, WILLIAM Bill Modern charmer of the fairer sex.. somnolent. .makes friends easily. SHULTZ, JUNE FAYE Shultz "Pen Pal". .wizard of the roller skat- ing art. amusing. .comely miss. .gay. SIMONDALE, EDNA ELEANOR Eddie Retiring. .takes life seriously. .dim- pled. .reads fishing books often. SIMONDALE, MARJORIE LARUE Simmy Embroiders the hours away. .quies- cent. .Edna's sister. .innocent smile. SIMPROSE, JENNY MARIE Simpy Has a sweet manner. .naiue. .reads murder storzes...built on a small scale. ...23... v W at V! 1 h I W9 "V " "'49 VI ,fa -A I Q1 J I Fun and frolic clwtmctemze sclwol days ' W - 1 if f? 1 T 'Y " I -. SINGLER, KATHLEEN MAE Katie Glee Club 35 Bisignis Club Z, 3 "Miss Tyrone of 19J19". .full of fun ..prefer.r cavemen. .tall and slender . attractive. SMITH, GLENN WAYNE Smitty Never ha: much to Jay. .likex to eat anj play hall. .preferr Dead End Ki J. SMITH, JOSEPH E. joe Football 1, 2, 3, Basketball lg Track 2: Glee Club I, 35 Hi-Y 2, 3 Hike: to Northwood. .very athletic . .Jtmng and Jtuhhorn. .pilotx a 1940 Plymouth. SMITH, NAOMI JEANNE Nomie Glee Club l, 2, 35 Cheerleadefs Club I, 2g Alpha TrifHi-Y 1, 2, 3 Nifty and nice. .half of "our twins" ..paragon of the Terpxichorean art . .sincere SMITH, RUTH JOSEPHINE Smitty Glee Club 1, 2, 33 Bisignis Club 2, 33 Alpha Tri-Hi-Y I, 2, 33 Spokesman Staff 2, 3 Petite. . one of thoxe muxical Smiths Uperxonality plux. .interexted in an ex-football hero. SNYDER, CHARLOTTE E. Tat Cheerleader's Club 1, Z, 33 Alpha Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3 Viuaciou: cheerleader. .Jmall. .Jhootx mark ax a pastime. .true hlue. .com- plying. STANLEY, LOIS R. Stun Bisignis Club 2, 35 Falcon Staff 3 Outxpoken among her friendx. .tena- cioux. .talkative on the telephone.. arlinzated. STEPHENS, MILDRED FULKERSON Glee Club 1, 2, 3 Ingeniou: . . read: well . . musical . . preferx long nailf. .findx biology in- terefting. STEVER, THOMAS WARD Tom Hope: to he a doctor. .collectx .ftampf :n Jpare momentx. Jtnohtruxive. . conscientiour. STEWART, BETTY MAE Happy-go-lucky. .anxiom to get out of Jchool..Jhadowetl hy a certain :ophomore hoy. STEWART, ROBERT PAUL Bob Raiyes pigeom in .rpare momentx. . equestrian. . .wavy hair. . .all-around gooa' fellow. STONEBRAKER, HOPE MARIE Wifie Glee Club lg Red Cross Z Ponefsor of a deep voice, ,good-time addict. .dixputatioay .friJky. ...24... School days here today, then gone forever. STUART, ROBERT MOUNTZ Nick Band 1, 2, 3 Travels to 1Varriors Mark. .makes excellent drawingr. .c h a r rn s the ladies with his guitar. STUDY, WALTER SAMUEL Birdie Glee Club 2 Experiments with electricity. .gives the girls the go-by. .interesting SWEITZER, JOHN L. Chip Takes to the woods during hunting season. friendly. .drives a Ford V-8 . .jo1.fial. SWEITZER, ROBERT Turk Haunts the local links. .skirt spurner . .algebra is his favorite subject. . collects golf balls. TATE, BETTY LUCILLE Bet Not so big. .diligent student. .swing band enthusiast. .benevolent THOMAS, HERBERT Buckskin Extraordinarily quiet. .nice kid. .ir able to take care of himself. .serious. ...25... WEQEH EEC :ei 1-.111 32,9 1-.I-4,-I SON C. Q5 Sm 2. S. E. li Gm 3-je WE .,'g' Q... B UQ 'S' N-.of Si' 3 53' 3. E' 3 R. Q -N Q. Q IU- E A 3 Q. B N m 3 Q. T Fa.,-I Y-.T I V I , ' I n '-1 Fx ' ' ' 1 if 'A ' ,y'r-llm " ' c T' I' . Q,-B WAITE, CHARLES KENNETH Bearmeut Glee Club lg Football Z Tallish blond. . a gridiron fan. .plays pool at the "Y". .easy to like. WAITE, S. CALVIN Diz Glee Club 1g Track 2, 3 Blessed with good fortune. .lives at the Forge. .neat. .often found with Bern. WALK, HAYDEN RAYMOND Never uses his Hrst name as an in- spiration. pensive. .shark at pinochle and pool. WARREN DER, HELEN LUCILLE Honey Glee Club 1, 3g Gamma Tri-Hi-Y 1, Z, 3 Radiates fun. .rides horseback. .indi- vidual. .never in one place long. WATSON, CLIFFORD CHU Band 1, 2, 33 Orchestra 1, Z, 35 Glee Club Z, 39 Hi-Y 1, 25 Basketball 1, Z3 Track 1, 2 Slaps a bass fiddle..courte0us..fu- ture orchestra leader. .Knazfe of Hearts. .happy WAY, AMBER F. Seldom heard. .red-haired. ,nose of- ten found in a hook. .livex in Bald Eagle. .ohllging WENGERT, PHYLLIS IRENE Rene Bisignis Club 3 Adopted from Altoona. .huxky voive .. po.f.ve.r.re.r an individual ualh .. ingenuoux. WILSON, LORETTA ANN Retta Arm Alpha Tri-Hi-Y 2, 35 Library Staff 2, 3 Hope: that the may tome day he a surgeon. .heen. .1,4'orthy of admira- tion. thoughtful. WILSON, PAULINE NAOMI Georgie Attracted to the Jtronger .rex. .witty tony. , "live wire." , gln llBI1IIJ1'1ZI1II BATEMAN, DANIEL R. F. Bom June 10, 1922 Died October 11, 1937 Ere .fin could hlight or xorrow fade, Death came with friendly care The opening had to heaven conveyed, And bade it hlouom there. -Colmkllmma ...26... . .doex quite a lot of reading. .felici- WINGATE, ROBERT N, W'indy Glee Club 15 Student patrol 1, Z, 35 Falcon Staff 3 Travelx to Waxhington often, .David Niven ll. .xporty drexxer. .intakes a pipe. WOODRING, LAWRENCE Larry Hi-Y 1, Z, 35 Glee Club 35 Falcon Staff 3 Alzrayf teaxin' someone. would talk a donkey? hind leg off. .ladieJ' man. WYLAND, JAMES ROBERT jimmy "I love a parade!". .rhiz'alrou.r.. hang: out at the Citizetu' Fire Hall . .good pal. YINGLING, -IACK LENWOOD Yiukie Glee Club 1, 35 Hi-Y 1, 2, 35 Student patrol 1, 2, 3 Born to dance. .learnr theme Jougx of orchestrax. .well-liked . .blond ,K r F ...27... Class of 194111 CLASS OF 1941 First group First row: Frances Lykens, Ellen Lewis, Sue Morrissey, Sara Lloyd, Florence Miller, Anna Rodgers, Ardis Rinker, Mary Jane Patton, Grace Robinson, Betty Myers. Second row: Audrey Mills, Kathleen Mencer, Betty Merritts, Lucille Mentzer, Florine Reed, Mary Rozick, LaVerne Myers, Margaret Moyer, Beatrice Nearhoof, Wallace Robertson, Robert Patton. ' Third row: Meryl Noel, David Mulhollen, David Mingle, Lois Matteson, Priscilla Royer, Bettie Reese, Vivian Moore, Mary Louise Pannebaker, Vivian Plummer, Betty Miller, Byron Mogle, Robert Phillips, Paul Rossman. Fourth row: Delbert Long, Jack Pearce, Marjorie Mentzer, Helen Mattern, Clifford Miller, Harry Phillips, Marlin Patterson, James McCann, Franklin Merritts, John Pownall, Rodney Nearhoof. Fifth row: Robert Lynn, Kenneth Little, Jack Lewis, Loyal Robinson. Second group First row: Betty Thomas, Guinevere Stonebraker, Josephine Zanghi, Raymond Stine, William Snyder, Burley Zerbe, Harry Shoemaker, Betty Shively, Pauline Shaffer, Ruth Shildt. Second row: Marjorie Wilson, Mary Wills, Jean Watson, Santo Zanghi, Lee Weitz, William Wilson, Pat Trout- wine, Suzanne Sickler, Pete Spanelli, William Shoemaker. Third row: Max Snellbaugh, Francis Thal, Pauline Shildt, Vaughn Woomer, Herbert Williams, Madeline Smith, Robert Snyder, Boyd Waite, Chester Lee Wertz. Fourth row: Clark Skelly, Edward Wisnieski, Sam Study, Reeder Singler, Harold Sweitzer, Wilbur Walk. Third group First row: Pauline Houser, Phyllis Hicks, Marie Holly, Mary Kirkpatrick, Isabel Kaspick, Betty Goss, Margaret Ike, Anna Ike, Louise Hagg, Betty Jane Givler, Byron Guyer, Francis Harlow. Second row: Jane Gibboney, Frances Keller, Norma Kelley, Marjorie Hevner, Dorothy Jones, Marjorie Krieger, Marjorie Houck, Jane Hale, Ruth Krider, Phyllis Keppler. Third row: Mary Alice Gutshall, Clara Jane Jones, Muriel Hassler, Nancy Gardner, Ruth Johnson, Jane Kusten- bauder, Marie Johnson, Edward Harris, Edwin Harris, Melvin Johnson, William Korman. Fourth row: Cecil Hoover, Boyd Huff, Lorraine Johnston, Robert Keatley, Robert Herlt, Leonard Fuoss, William Hawke, Charles Glenn, Robert Igou. Fifth row: Harry Johnston, Paul Homan, Francis Hardy, William Knarr, Donald Gates. Fourth group First row: Charlotte Fleck, Betty Bateman, Dolores Bailey, Evelyn Fetzer, Rose Cafarelli, Rayma Lee Bressler, Marjorie Bathurst, Helen Colitto, Mary Abramo, Lois Friday, Jean Cox. Second row: Marjorie Fleck, Genevieve Brisbin, Jean Burley, June Camp, Mary Jane Buck, Loma Dillon, Janet Dayton, Loretta Forcey, Miriam Boal. Third row: Alice Fleck, Nancy Fernau, William Culver, Sam Dannaway, Edward Conway, Veryl Briggs, Mabel Bickel, Fred Baker, Vernon Erters, Glenn Abrams. Fourth row: Arthur Barnes, Frank Batcheler, Frank Ammerman, Stanley Catich, Harry Eckert, William Curry, Russell Cruikshank, Robert Bickel, Samuel Brisbin, William Burns, Joseph Andrews. 1941 Class Ojjicers President ...... ...... B yron Mogle Vice-president .... .... P at Troutwine Secretary ..... . . . . . ..... Marjorie Wilson Treasurer ....... .................. G lenn Abrams Social Managers. . , . . .Janet Dayton, Vaughn Woomer ...29... CLASS OF 1942 First group First row: Marjorie Shay, Betty Jane Wirtner, Geraldine Waite, Jane Snyder, Mae Summers, Anna Wood- ring, Louise Zerbe, Mary Scordo, Jane Summers, Lenore Spanelli, Robert Shildt. Second row: Anna Jane Simondale, Marjorie Snyder, Louise Snyder, Virginia Scullin, Louise Zang, Betty Waite, Gloria Williams, June Westover, Nancy Vogt, Dennis Sharkey, Richard Schopp. Third row: James Snyder, Norman Stryker, John Thompson, Paul Walk, Richard Shellenberger, John Zimmers, Berman Schroyer, Betty Wagner, Lucretia Summers, Leroy Shildt, Paul Sweitzer, Richard Stever. Fourth row: William Welsh, Morty Templeton, James Wooden, Joseph Westley, Edward Shollenberger, Jesse Templeton, Eugene Thomas, Lawrence Thomas, Stewart Shea, Glen Stewart, Richard Wirtner, Terrence Weston, Robert Umholtz, Joe Zang. Second group First row: Edward Myers, Frank Maceno, Marie Miller, Imogene Miller, Frances Mannino, Eleanor Lykens, Sarah Patton, Helen Nestlerode, Suzanne Nearhoof, Jeanne Schneider, Janet Myers, Zira Miller, Betty Magill. Second row: Roberta Nearhoof, Marian Rightnour, Ruth Ray, Dorothy Neil, Virginia Long, Marguerite Ratt, Betty Robinson, Agnes Jackson, Edward Patterson, Harry Simprose, Alice Riggleman, Betty Jane Rhoades, Elmer Parker. Third row: Albert Reader, Tessie Rupert, Walter Marthouse, Miriam McCahan, Annabelle Oswalt, Eugene Parker, Gerald Reese, Howard Seater, Clarence Moore, Francis Rossman, Elvin Rhodes, Clarence Nearhoof. Fourth row: Albert Price, Warren Pine, Merle Schmidt, James Reed, Louise Reed, Elaine Plerz, Zilian Rum- berger, William Robinson, Edward Pearson, Glenn Newman, Walter McKinney, Richard Mowry. Fifth row: Robert Meredith, Nicholas Popovitch, Edward Mulhollan, Jack Schell, Kirby Miles. Third group First row: Lee Adams, Edward Cowher, Paul Dickson, Elwood Dickson Margaret Bell, Kathleen Bratton, Nunzie DelBaggio, Thelma Cook, Betty Albright, Beatrice Burka, Mary Chiofar. Second row: Allen Beyer, Charles Dickson, Charlotte Burkett, Mabel Bowman, Christine Bowser, Ada Boyd, Helen Brisbin, Mary Louise Dawson, Mary Culver, Marie Cowher, Miriam Brady, Thelma Chilcoat. Third row: Dorsey Butterbaugh, James Brisbin, William Beyer, John Andrew, Dorothy Caldwell, Josephine Colitto, Mary Colitto, Betty Bush, Velma Burns, Gladys Davidson, Chester Bollinger, Charles Buck. Fourth row: James Daughenbaugh, Ralph Allison, Joe Castagnola, Jack Boytim, Edith Anderson, Rosie Diaz, Ruth Dillon, Lillian Blair, Angeles Diaz, Josephine Chiampa. Fifth row: Charles Cassidy, Frank Davidson, Dominick De Mario, Maxine Dean, Harold Benton, Merle Al- bright, Alexander Catich. Fourth group First row: William Kanour, Lester Ike, Josephine Hannah, Gladys Irvin, Mary Jane Gartner, Ella Mae Hoover, Janet Hoover, LaRue Kennedy, Adelaide Gates, Isabelle Igou, Eva Mae Estright. Second row: John Kolessy, William Fowler, Joe Lombardo, James Fink, Evelyn Dui, Mary Jane Hitchings, Mary Jane Haag, Julia Gilbert, Marietta Gray, Marie Ewing, Janet Hampton, Gerald lgou. Third row: Martin Hardy, Robert Hamish, Ernest Evans, Georgetta Long, Mary Henderson, Genevieve Engle- man, Ann Lightner, Marguerite Johnson, Suzanne James, Carrie Belle Gunsallus, Eva Korman, Charles Gunsallus. Fourth row: Elmer Ginter, Norman Leeper, Eugene Grazier, Kenneth Holt, Russel Friday, Dale Edmondson, John Lennous, Mozelle Hewitt, Dorothy Friday, Esther Keys, Frances Glass, Millie Kerchner, Harold Lloyd. Fifth row: James Gillam, Luther Houser, Richard Long, Harold Houser, Robert Johnson. 1942 Class Oficers President ...... .,.................................... J ack Boytim Vice-president . . . . . .Zilian Rumberger Secretary ...... . . . ....... Helen Brisbin Treasurer ........ ............ W illiam Kanour Social Managers .... . . .Jack Schell, Mary Jane Hagg ...30... 1 J' 'li T I l 1 i Class of 1942 Class mf 21943 Adams, John Albright, Calvin Anderson, Buddy Bailey, Elaine Bathurst, Alvin Barnhart, Jacqueline Beckwith, Robert Beschler, Margaret Bowser, Earl Boyd, lnadel Boyer, Wilbur Brenneman, Ida Bryan, Marie Burford, Jane Burka, Polly Burkett, Chalmer Burns, Betty Calderwood, Dorothy Calderwood, Robert Campbell, Richard Cannastraci, Andrew Carling, Marjorie Celmo, Mary Charles, Robert Clark, Patty Conaghan, Thomas Cowfer, Leora Cowher, Don Cowher, Donald W. Cox, Marilouise Crain, James Damico, Antoinette Dannaway, George Davis, Mary Lou Dearment, James Denny, Reginald Dickson, Earl Diehl, William Dillen, Shirl Dixon, Betty Dougherty, Teddy Dressel, Carl Duey, Dorothy Eaken, Martha Ebersole, Betty Edmondson, Evelyn Edmondson, Gloria Elder, Carol Engelman, Madeline Etters, Warren Evans, Sue Everhart, Patricia Fink, John Fisher, Richard C1455 R011 Fleck, Edith Forcey, Dorothy Forcey, John Gardner, Ward Getz, Betty Getz, Richard Gillam, Mary Ann Gillam, Paul Gingerich, Martha Givler, John Givler, Vivian Glenn, James Goss, Marybelle Goss, Myrtle Grager, Florence Griilin, William Gunsallus, James Hale, Nellie Hall, Frances Hall, Max Hand, Ethel Harper, Betty Harper, Norma Harpster, Janet Harpster, Melvin Harris, Helen Harter, Verva Haverstine, Lara Henney, Elaine Hildebrand, Joyce HoEman, Louise Holly, Virginia Hostler, Anna Hostler, Mary Hoy, Adelaide Hughes, Robert lavasile, Josephine lddings, James leraci, Joseph lgou, Eugene Irvin, Daniel Isenberg, Jane James, Carlton James, Laverna Jensen, Mary Ann Jermino, Jennie Johnson, Marjorie Kaspick, Virginia Kaufman, Donald Kaup, Pauline Kelly, Keith Kerlin, Ethel Knarr, Eileen Knipper, Adaline Kolessy, Frank Korman, Margaret Krider, Mildred Kustenbauder, Ardis Laird, Harry Langenbacher, Layne Lebkicker, Jeanne Leeper, Mary Ann Little, Melissa Long, Leona Longenecker, William Lykens, Myrtle Mannino, John Martin, Gloria Mastrapolo, Frances Matteson, Donald McCahan, Josephine McClanahan, Gene McDonald, Vanetta McFalls, Sara McKinney, Alverta McKinney, Gladys McKnight, Leona Meckes, Daniel I Miles, Karl Miller, Robert F. Mingle, Bernard Mogle, Guy Moore, Helen Morrison, Marilyn Myers, Frances Myers, George Neil, Elizabeth Pannebaker, Robert Parks,,Mary Ellen Patterson, Ethel Pavlic, Andrew Peary, Adair Phillips, Carol Piper, Robert Port, Lee Potaris, William Price, Betty Price, Mary Price, Robert Quigley, Mary Ann Reese, Beatrice Reese, Charles Rhoades, Dolly Riggleman, Isabel Riggleman, Margaret Rossman, Janet Rott, Joyce Rutledge, Betty Rutledge, Delores Seater, Richard Sevel, Bernard Shea, James Shirk, Irene Shoemaker, Suzanne Sickler, Agnes Sims, Adaline Singler, Max Smith, Denver Smith, Harry Smith, Robert Snyder, Cloyd Spacht, Ivan Spanelli, Dolores Spicer, Axil Stanley, Thomas Steele, Jerry Stephens, Louise Stine, Donald Stonebraker, Ralph Stringer, Dale Stroup, Evelyn Stryker, Robert Summers, Alice Sweitzer, Frank Thal, Anna Mae Thomas, Jane Thomas, Marjorie Thomas, Ralph Thomas, Sara Jane Thompson, Kathryn Thompson, Thelma Trimble, James Turiano, Charles Van Allman, Marjor Varner, Mary Ann Wagner, Janet Waite, Betty Jane Waite, Carolyn Walk, Clara Waple, George Weicrick, Betty Wesner, George Weston, Maxine Weston, Richard White, Carolyn White, Robert Wilson, Anna Jane Wilson, Carl Wirtner, Phyllis Woomer, Gerald Woomer, Robert Yingling, Joyce Zang, Cosmo ie Haag, Robert Hagen, Janet Hall, Robert Hampton, Marion Hand, Ella Heaton, Ray Heverly, Walter Hooker, Sarah Hubert, Donald lgou, Frederick Ike, Naomi Isenberg, Max Jermino, Joseph Kane, Barbara Keatley, Lois Keller, Allison Kerschner, Caroline Kimberling, Evelyn Kirkpatrick, Betty Kline, Faye Kloss, Gloria Kolessy, Frances Kustenbauder, Jane Lannen, Paul Leach, Ida Mae Leasure, Phyllis Lego, Martha Lewis, Martha Lombardo, Angeline Longenecker, June Lucas, Jack Frantz, William Gilbert, William Gillam, Robert Gillmen, Louise Gill, Richard Givler, John Givler, Mark Goss, Matilda Grazier, David Grazier, Ruth Gunsallus, Russell Hagen, Ronald Harpster, Mary Alice Heller, Arlene Hevner, William Hicks, Cecile Hicks, Lelia Hoff, Donald Houser, Jane Huff, Rena Hull, John Iddings, Betty Igou, Mildred Jackson, Renwick Jensen, Jay Johnson, Davis Johnson, George Johnston, Betty Lou Class Roll 1944 fConcluded from page 351 Lykens, Harry Mann, Robert Martz, Harry McGovern, Frances McNeal, Williams Mengel, Chester Mentzer, Margaretta Meredith, Gwenivere Meredith, Janice Merryman, Sylvester Miller, Anna Belle Miller, Audrey Miller, Sara Ann Moist, Marjorie Moore, Betty Moore, Pauline Morrissey, Robert Musser, Jack Myers, Charles Nearhoof, Anna Newman, Betty Noel, Calvin Noel, Pauline Owens, Robert Page, Kathryn Palermo, Raymond Philips, Bella Philips, Jonelle Popovich, Margaret Popovich, Rose Reed, William Reeder, Boyd Rhodes, Nancy Riggleman, Leroy Riggs, William Roberts, Lee Robinson, George Robinson, Lietha Robinson, Raymond Robinson, Rietha Romano, Agnes Romano, Mary Jane Rorabaugh, Dorothy Schroyer, Velda Scordo, Dominic Sealfon, Sara Belle Shildt, Helen Shugarts, Audrey Simparosa, Evelyn Skelly, David Skelly, Edwarda Smith, Clair Smith, David Smith, William Snyder, Christie Snyder, David Snyder, Frances Snyder, Leroy Spicer, Miriam Steele, Lewis 'I Stewart, Earl Stewart, Paul Class Roll 1945 lConcluded from page 361 Keatley, Helen Keller, Loraine Keppler, Jack Kerchner, Betty Kessinger, Eugene Kobuck, Catherine Krider, Marian Lannen, Richard Langenbacher, Lorraine Lewis, Virginia Lombardo, Anna Longenecker, George Lucas, Jeanne Mengel, Jesse Meredith, Shirley McMahon, John McMahon, Richard Miller, Alice Miller, Arlene Miller, Jack Miller, James Miller, John Miller, Shirley Mogle, Glenn Morrison, David Morrow, Virginia Mountz, Dorothy Nearhoof, Harry Noel, John ...54... Ormsby, Harry Patterson, Betty Patterson, Dorothy Patton, Mary Lou Piper, Robert Price, John Q Priestly, Sara Jane Ray, Ivan Reeder, James Reeder, Mardell Rhoades, Donna Richardson, Charles Riggleman, Paul Robbins, Bruce Rodgers, Carey Romano, Frank Rupert, Dorothy Sawyer, Mary Louise Sensor, Verna Simondale, Vivian Skipper, Robert Snyder, Cecil Snyder, Donald Snyder, Howard Snyder, Velda Spicer, Cecil Spicer, Loretta Steele, Faye Stine, Kenneth Stonebraker, Othella Stonebraker, Victor Stryker, Gladys Summers, Nevin Tate, Helen Treaster, Lola May Trimble, Harrison Turnbaugh, Clair Turnbaugh, Joseph Umholtz, Lois Updike, Richard Walton, Marie Wasson, James Wertz, Patty Westley, Evelyn Weston, Irene White, Anna White, William Williams, Glenna Williams, Louise Williams, Marjorie Williams, Richard Wittman, George Wolfe, Rebecca Wolfgang, William Woodring, Samuel Woomer, Irene Wrye, Edwin Yaudes, Harris Yukelson, Joseph Stonebraker, Richard StouHer, Donald Stroup, Jack Sweitzer, Harry Sweitzer, Kenneth Taylor, Pearl Thompson, Mary Troutwine, Christine Turnbaugh, Clair Varner, Jack Veasey, Clyde Wagner, Ann Wallace, Paul Waple, Margaret Watson, Ruth Watters, Gerald Watters, John Weaver, Naomi Wertz, Kenneth Weston, Leeland Weyer, Francis Widney, Evelyn Wike, John Williams, Janet Wiser, Hannabelle Woomer, Shirley Yaudes, Ernest Zerbe, James Class ow l944 Ronald Albright, elyn Andrews, Ev Andrus, John Aults, Vanelda Baker, Samuel Bathurst, Elaine ' Jeannette Berhtel, Beyer, Francis David Beyer, Lois Blair, Mary Shirley Boal, Bonsell, Clarence Bowman, Dean d Clarence Bradfor , Burger, Jack Burger, Lois Burns, Domer Caldwell, Margaret Clark, Charles Colitto, Jennie Cowher, Carey Cox, William Clin Roll Dawson, Robert DeArment, Charles Delozier, Harry Denny, Helen Dickson, Donald Dickson, John Dickson, Joseph DiMemmo, Rosie Dougherty, Arlene Douglas, Jack Edwards, Greta fComZuded ...55... on page 341 Estright, Fred Evans, Joanne Ewing, Edith Fetzer, Robert Finnegan, Betty ht Vera Foc , Foust, Charles Foust, Robert Franchio, Irene Frantz, Annetta Frantz, Leo Frye, Joseph Fuoss, James Garland, Marybelle Gates, Josephine Gill, Flo Gill, Louise ' ' h, Aline Gingeric Gingerich, Carl Ginter, Luzerte Griffin, Joseph Gunsallus, Thelma Adams, Donna Albright, Dorothy Albright, Mary Barnes, john Batcheler, Beverly Bechtlel, Janet Boal, Ronald Boytim, Paul Burfortl, Eva Jean Burger, Paul Class lC1lfLlSS Roll Burwell, Faye Cowher, John Butterbaugh, Jerry Cox Carson, William Chiofar , Charles Chiofar, Helen Christine, Harry Christine, Jean Colt, Lucille C00 per, William Cowh er, jack fCor1c1uded on ...36... , Calvin Crain, William Ctissey, Betty Mae Damico, joseph Daniels, Isabel Daugherty, Suzanne Del Baggio, Rocco Dickson, Warren Dobbs, john page 341 of 19 5 Dougherty, Marga Due K ret y, Edna Marie Duncan, David Emery, Fretl Fleck, Alice Flipping, Nancy Forcey, Doris Foust, Eleanor Foust, Genevieve Franchio, john M EW TE "One fwlw still luer steps delayed When all the selwol were leaving."--Whittier First 'rout William Snyder fBell lyrej, Lee Wertz fAlto hornj, Walter Marthouse iSnare drumj, ' Castagnola fTrombonej, Richard Searer fTrombonej, Edward Shollenberger iTromboneJ, Charles jack Boytim fTrombonej, Richard Macdonald fTrombonej, Donald Gates fSnare druml, Robert Dickson iBaritone hornj, Lyman Miller fBaritone hornj, Clifford Watson fDrum majorl. Second row: S. E. Steigerwalt fDirectorj, Clair Smith iTrumpet5, Sylvester Merryman fAlto hornl, Jo fTrumpet J, Richard Schopp fPiccoloj, Norman Stryker fClarinetj, Robert Skipper fClarinetj, William Kanou Woomer fAlto saxophonej, Harold Fleck fAssistant directorj. Third row: Gerald Reese fTrumpetj, Frank Batcheler fTrumpetj, jack Fetters lTrumpetj, Donald Huberi fSousaphonej, William Burns iSousaphoneJ, William Wolfgang iBass hornj, John Fink iClarinet7,Willian' Thal fClarinetl, George Meyers fClarinetj, Robert Grove fClarinetJ. Not in Picture: Thomas Grove fClarinetJ, Robert Diehl iTrombonej, William Knarr fTrombonej, Harolc SENIOR Throughout the year the band provided successful entertainment in both school and civic pro- grams. It won a number of prizes for its laudable performances. Our band took the first prize in the Firemen's Parade at Philipsburg on july 4, 1939, and in August it won second prize when it played at Houtzdale for the Central Counties Firemen's Association Convention Parade. Dur- ing September it played for the Blazing Arrow Hook and Ladder Company at Clearfield and earned a nice sum of money. Now the boys are busy preparing for our own concert and the Blair County Band Festival at l-lollidaysburg on April 14. At all football games at home and away the band contributed its usual share of music. During the second semester, several band members played for the senior high assemblies while students were entering and leaving the auditorium. On the night of February ZZ, the Band Mothers' Auxiliary gave a sumptuous banquet for the band and the cheerleaders. lt was at this time that the mothers surprised the boys by presenting them with two new bass drums and a harness for the bell lyre. The harness is different from any other type in that it allows the player to use both bands for playing purposes. The white gloves used for parading were also purchased by the Band Mothers. This has been a year of "firsts" for the band. It is the first year that a school squad car has been used as a medium of transportation for the bandg it is the first year that there were color guards with the flag bearersg it is the first year that a bell lyre was used throughout the entire year. ...38... ink fSnare drumj, Clark Skelly fCymbalsH, Boyd Waite iBass drumj, Robert Price isnare drumj, Joe Gun-bearerj, Reed Miller fFlag-bearerj, Erwin Moseman fFlag-bearerj, Harry Hamer fGun-bearerj, Cymbalsj, Robert Harnish iBass drumj, john Pownall fCymbalsl, Kenneth Holt iSnare drumj, Charles ang iTrumpetJ, Robert Hall ffrumpetj, Keith Kelly fTrumpetj, Dean Bowman ffrumpetj, Elmer Ginter Glarinetj, joe leraci iClarinetj, Harry Delozier iClarinetJ, Charles Vogt iAlto clarinetj, Vaughn Trumpetl, Charles DeMario ffrumpetj, jack Hiller ffrumpetj, Leonard Fuoss ffrumpetj, William Cox leming fClarinetj, Howard Havens iPiccolo l, William Hawke iClarinetj, Jack Pearce fClarinetJ, Francis lcarhoof fClarinetj, Zilian Rumberger 1Snare drumj. .lvumioor Band First row: Gene Hample, Kenneth Snyder, Mark Laird, John Smead, Gene Snyder, Richard Panabaker, jack Myers. Sucoml row: Dean Bowman, Lee Roberts, Gene Calder- wood, Sam Fry, Robert Stryker, John Skelly, Alvin Hos- band, Paul Andrews, joe Marshall, William Smith, George Snyder. Third row: Ernest Skipper, james Getz, jimmy Hall, Frank Davidson, Bruce Robbins, Oscar Barkman, Francis Mc- Laughlin, Mr. Fleck fDirectorj. Fourtli vow: William Wolfgang, Fletcher Martin, David Skelly, Howard Searer, Lyle Gates, Ioe Stever, Kenneth Wertz. ...39... Photography by Fleck Christmas Cantata Group CHRISTMAS PROGRAM l'7'csc11tctltoasscrnlvlygroups ivy the Music Dcpartnlent of the Tyrone Schools during wack prccctling Christmas joy To The Vforld .............. . . . . .,......... Section of the Band Prophecy .......................... ,..... I saiah 40: I-11 G Thou That Tellest Good Tidings to Zion, from Messiah-Handel ....... .... L Tirls' Glue Club Lo, How a Rose, Practorius ......,................ ........... G irls' Trio Christmas story according to Saint Luke ........... .... S aint Luke Z: l-ZO Five Christmas Carols arranged by Katherine K. Davis. .... Girls' Glee Club Spanish, Croatian, Hungarian, German, French A Dream of Christmas, Kutclivy .................. . . . ....... Girls' Trio Deck the Halls, Walsh Carol .... ............ G irls' Glee Club Christmas Carols .................,.........r..... Band and entire Assembly Senior High Boys, Cylee Claim ...40..r Senior High Girls? Glare Cllllr .lrlrrlwr Hziglr Girls, Glee Cllllm ...41... First mtv: LeRoy Harper l,Typistj, Thelma Duff fTypistJ, Carl Burwell lAdvertising mana- gerj,jeanne Blair 1Head typistj, Larry Vlfoodring 1Photographerl, Marjorie Magargel KAssis- tant Editorl. Second row: Robert Wirigzite Kphotographerj, Dorothy Calderwood lAssisrant advertising managerj, Herman Brown iArt editorl, Miriam Sealt-on1Editorl,Ueorge Givler QPhotographerb. Third mu-: Dorothy Henderson KAssistant advertising managerj, Lois Stanley QTypistj, Miss Moore iAdviserj, Pat Maschke llihotographerj, Robert Port QAthletic editorj, Fuurtli mtv: David Duey lphotographerj, Mr. Miller lAssistant adviserl, Mr. Steigerwalt fAssistant adviserl. . Falcon Staff The 1940 Falcon Staff unites with all past Falcon staffs in pointing with pride to twenty-five years of yearbook history. Unfortunately this fine record stands not unbroken. The years of 1918, 1919, and 1920 leave a regretable gap in this quarter of a century of school history. This written and pictorial record, a formi- dable array of the youth of Tyrone who passed through the portals of our high school, was made possible largely through the determined efforts of staffs work- ing with their advisers, together with the financial support of Falcon advertisers. A glimpse at the yearbooks of the Tyrone High School by the casual observer is a glimpse at the growth of the school-its student body, its personnel, its pro- gram. But how much more the graduate of Tyrone High School sees when he inspects its yearbooks. To him, the yearbooks mean a return to school days. Accordingly, the yearbook serves a double purpose. To the extent that it chronicles school history and serves as a memory book, it justifies its existence. ...42... Under the capable direction of its advisers, Miss Helen Bowman and Miss Leora Billingsley, the Spokesman Staff has just completed another successful school year. This is the first year that Miss Billingsley took over the management of the business staff. Ever since Miss Bowman assumed respon- sibility for the publication of our school newspaper, she has been its sole adviser-that is, until this year. ln order to gain experience in newswriting, students who are interested in joining the Spokesman Staff must serve as cub reporters before becoming part of the regular staff. This is necessary because our school does not give a course in journalism as do a number of schools. Any person in the high school is eligible to apply for a staff position. The Spokesman has an extremely wide exchange with other schools, and, in this way, we are kept in close contact with the activities of various schools all over the United States. Seventy different high schools are represented in this exchange, including papers from Pennsylvania, Virginia, Maryland, California, and Vlfashington, D. C. The event to which all staff members eagerly look forward, the annual Spokesman dinner dance, this school year was held on Friday, December 22. The dinner, attended by staff members only, was followed by dancing in the high school lobby. One of the outstanding features of this affair is that all former staff members are invited to attend the dance. This serves as a connecting link between former members and the school and brings them closer to an activity in which they once were engaged. This publication, which is a member of the Blair County Scholastic Press Association and the Penn- sylvania School Press Association, is proud of its twenty-eight years of unbroken activity. liirrl rout Herman Brown lArt editork, Miss Bowman lAdviserJ, Virginia Scullin lCub reporterr. Ruth Smith lReporterJ. Nancy ,lane Gardner lAssociate editorj, Miss Billingsley lAdviserb. Harriette Malaker lEditor-in-chiefb. Marjorie Magargel rAdvertising managerl. June Camp lFeature editorl, Richard Mowry lAthletic editorh. Serum! mir: jack Boytim lAssistant athletic editorb, LaVerne Myers lRepurterJ, LaRue Kennedy lCuh reporterl, Elaine Price 1ReporterJ, Miriam Sealfon lReporterJ, Suzanne Sickler lExchange editorj, Marjorie Fink tHeatlline writer and copy readerb. Jeanne Blair tTypistJ, Joyce Yingling tCub reporterl, Charles Dickson lAssistant advertising managerr. Third mtv: ,lean Burley 4Typist7,1ean Leeper lEditorial writerl, Louise Dachenbach fliusiness managerl, Marietta Gray 4Culw reporterl. Christine Bowser CAssistant art editorj, Patricia Troutwine IAssistant advertising managerl, Dorothy Miller 1TypistJ, Mary Rozick lTypisti, Melissa Little fCub reporterf, Dominic DeMario lAssistant advertising manageri. Fourth mtv: Clara ,lane jones lCirculation managerl, Mary DeMario ijunior high editorb. Julia Gilbert lRe-porterl. Rose Catfarelli lTypistl. Frances Glass lReporterJ, Mabel Bowman 1Cuh reporterl. Gloria Williams lCuh reporterl. Mary Ann Jensen tCuh reporterl, jack Schell IAssistant advertising managerb. Spokesman Staff ...45... Mimi lvletalmes Mrx. Meuilims. Hal Kenny . .. ciTlll'llfh Meiitlrra Mr. Meililmvs. . Molly ......... Elaine Meuilmvx Glenn Stevens. . Judy Arling .... ... .... .Richard Getz DONT EVER GROW UP ...Carol Elder .. ..... Daniel Meckes Dial . . . . . . .Betty Neil Currie . .. . . . . . . Mildred Krider Velma. , . . .... Suzanne Shoemaker rs. . .... Richard Seater Delvlvie . ..... Mary Ann Leeper . .. .Robert Stryker Rae. .. ...Madolyn Engleman . ....... Betty Price ,lean .... ...i. J oyce Yingling . .... Elaine Henny Slim .... . . . Chalmer Burkett . ......... Keith Kelly Iolmny ............................... Max Hall . .... Evelyn Edmondson Boys from the Orcliestni. . .john Fink, joseph leraci Mimi Meadows, a naive but delightful girl on the threshold of sixteen, manages the "Bull- dogs," the local football team. All her energies are bent toward aiding the team to its first ll victory in year t l t l l tl P tl r s over i s ia et riva s, ue an we s." Success seems certain, for her team ias securet t e service o- a enn , ir - merican Xa ac on is s rinvvaca ion. l lh fl-llK ythdAllA llfbk h pg t Mimi has wheedled her mother into letting her use their lawn for a uVictory Bazaar" as a celebration on the night ofthe game, which is also the night of Mimi's sixteenth birthday. However, things are complicated somewhat when Mimi has her first "crush"-Hal Kenny, who is being used as a foil by Elaine, Mimi's elder sister, to arouse the jealousy of Glenn Stevens, her wealthy suitor. Mimi is willing to go any lengths to prevent Hal from throw- ing himself away on the heartless Elaine, so she makes her supreme sacrifice, and Hal, much to his surprise, is saved from himself.. Much more happens, and as the final curtain falls, Mimi tells the audience that she has discovered that being sixteen is indeed the "something special" for which she has been waiting all her life. lfiril mir: Robert Stryker, Elaine Henny. Mildred Krider. Carol Elder, Mary Ann Leeper, Joyce Yingling, Evelyn Edmondson, Richard Getz. .Sinrnizl mir: joe leraci. Miss Myers lCoachJ. Miss Crawford lStage managerj. Betty Price, Mailolyn Englernan, Betty Neil, Suzanne Shoemaker. Chalrner Burkett. Tlvirzl l'll1l'f Daniel Meckes, Richard Seater. Keith Kelly. Max Hall, John Fink. Cast 0 "Dunk Eiver Grow Upn ...44... Left to right: William Fulkerson, Marcia Bratton, john Kolessy, Gordon Lykens, Miriam Boal, Kathleen Brat- ton, Marjorie Magargel, lrvine Bennet, Betty Bush, William Kanour, Mary lane Andrew, Carl Burwell. Photography by Fleck Cast of "Mayor for UL Dayn Mayor for a Day, a one-act play written by Ralph Birchard, was presented to both senior high assembly groups on December the 11th and 14-th. The cast was chosen from pupils in home rooms 202 and 212. Mr. Donnelly, student teacher from Juniata College, coached the cast. ALMOST lEllGHTlElEN We have always tried to be a bit unique, but we did not mean to be so utterly successful when it came to publishing and printing news of the Senior Play. Maybe the person who selected the play had the quotation ofthe advertisement in mind-"If you are shopping for a play whose sucf cess is remembered when the programs are gone, try 'Almost Eighteen' by Dana Thomas." Be that as it may be, "Almost Eighteen" is a comedy drama. The story centers around the efforts of Eddie to write an essay. The play will be given in the Y. M. C. A. auditorium, on May 27, at 8:15 P. M. It will be under the able direction of Miss Dorothy Crawford. The cast is as follows: Wfilliam Barry .... ....... W illiam Fleming George- H '..I Donald Beyer Grace Barvy .... ..... M arjorie Magargel Am, l.-.. s --...'. Ruth Smith Beatrice ...... , .......... Naomi Smith Tommy hll' '..-. I: lgyd Ncstlerodc Mabel Wfiirrcvi. ..Margery Butterbaugh Sam ....'-v-.. .... M nrgaret Hallman Mrs. Granville. . . ........ Loretta Wilson MT, Mgmt ,,,,,-. ..,'-'. D avid Duey Eddie '--' -- ----- Kuff Pmtfelch Miss Dalrymplc .... .... M arcia Bratton ...4b... l'iril ron: Savanna Ncarhool. Margarv.-t Bull. Nancy Vogt. Mary .lanu Haag, lit-tty Wfaitc, Louisa Kang. .Xvimnl run. Louisc Rpt-il, Louisc Hagg Hurry Alana' Givlcr. VL-lma Burns, livulyn Duii. 'l'lm'J ron, Clara Alanc vloncs. Miss Xwilson iAilviscrJ, Suzanne Sicklcr. Marioric liinlx. ,l.inc ll.ilc. D-malil licyn-r. Nm' in jvitflmz W'illiam Culvcr. PlizifCCl1LemfBi Tht- l'l1i-Qflicln-limi otTyronc High School was organizctl hy Miss Lillian Vililson four ycars ago. The ohjcct of thc- cluh is to promotc a greater intcrcst in scicncc among high school pupils, to givc cluh mcnihcrs an opportunity to hccomc hcttcr acquaintccl with mt-mhcrs ol' other science cluhs, ancl to cnahlc scicntilicallyfminclccl pupils to hcar lcatlcrs in the licltl of scicncc spcalt on various phases of thcir iicltl. Accortlingly, any pupil from any ol' the scicncc classcs in our high school, as well as any pupil intcrcstccl in scicncc, may hs.-colnc a nicmhcr ol. Plii-Clicmflii. Thu cluh mc-cts hifmonthly. Onc mccting is a husincss mc-ctingg thc othcr is spcnt in thc cliscussion ol' projccts or of scicntilic suhjccts. A projcct ccntcring ahout a suh- jcct choscn lironi thc liclcl ol' scicncc is a ycarly rcquitcmcnt of cach mcmhcr. Tlit- Pliififlicin-l3i is a mclnhcr of thu Ccntral l'cnnsylvania ,lunior Acatlcniy o Scicncc. Thc annual convention for this group in our district was hclti in thc Tyronc High School cluring April, at which timc our local hranch actccl as host. The lnccting was in chargc ol' thc clistrict prcsiclcnt, Marjorie Fink. The statc mccting of thcrlunior Acatlcmy ol! Scicncc was hclcl at Vlfashington and lcrfcrson Collcgc cluring the Easter vacation. Thu olliccrs of lllii-Clium-l3i for 1940 wcrc: I'1'csitlc1iz, Marjoric Finkg X"iccf1m'sitlt'nt, Suiannc Siclilcrg Sucrctuty, Clara .lanc joncsg Trctiszarcr, Louise Ham: l7TU4QTilH1Cjllcli7'IHcl7l, Donalcl Pmuycr. ...-'l6,.. T. The Bisignis Club is a club organized to promote commercial education in the Tyrone High School. lts membership consists of students who are majoring in either bookkeeping or secre- tarial studies. During the present school term, the club's advisers are Miss Billingsley and Miss I-leiss, The officers are: president, Carl Burwellg vice-president, LaVerne Myers, secretary, Dorothy Miller, treasurer, Williiim Fleming. The club meets on the second and fourth Wednestiay of each month. The business meeting is followed by a program on some phase of business education. ln planning the programs, Alma Dickson, chairman, has been fortunate in securing, as speakers, outstanding business men of Tyrone- They talk to the club about the type of business organizations which they represent. In this way it is possible for the commercial students to get some practical information about Tyrone business positions, and thus supplement their classroom instruction. A few of the many topics discussed are: store selling, merchandising, business dress, banking, general principles of selling, and the possibilities ofjob placement in Tyrone. To familiarize the club members further with local busi- ness situations, field trips are planned. This year the club has had the privilege of being taken on conducted tours through the bank and the paper mill. These trips proved to be quite inter- esting and enjoyable to the members. Not neglecting the social aspect of the club, the club chose Jeanne Blair ancl LeRoy Harper as social chairmen. During the year, they planned for informal get-togethers of the club and for the formal banquet at Christmas. lfiryl mir: Jane Summers, Mae Summers, Miss Hemminger iAdviserl. Ruth Smith, Alma Dickson. Miss Heiss lAdviserJ, Althea Carnes. Grace Henninger, Miss Billingsley iAdviserl. Sammi wiv: Betty Bateman. William Snyder, Kathleen Singler. Irene Wengert, Louise Reed. Ella Mae Hoover, Jane Snyder. Shirley Miller. Isabelle lgou. Beryl Hildebrand. Third mir: Carl Burwell. William Fleming. Lorrain Johnston, Dorothy Henderson, June Westover, Mary Henderson, Thelma Dufl, Lois Stanley. Ruth Dillon. Funrlla mum Priscilla Royer. Margaret Moyer, Esther Keys. Rose Caffarelli, Jeanne Blair, Louise Myers, Fillln mir: Betty Miller, LaVerne Myers, Marcia Brattnn, Dorothy Miller. LeRoy Harper. zisignzis Climb ...47... 0 Q Gamma Tri-Hi-Y First row: Bettie Goss, Marjorie Krieger, Betty Sheckler, Betty jane Givler, Marjorie Magar- gel, Marie Holly, Ruth Krider, Althea Carnes, lvalou Fry. Second row: Mary Alice Guttshall, Marjorie Wilsimn. June Camp, Jeanne Blair, Helen Biddle, Dorothy Miller, Mabel Bowman, Ann Lightner, Ruth Ray. Third -row: jean Watstvii, Mary Conaghan, jean Burley, Betty jane Haag, Margaret Moyer, Priscilla Royer, Miriam Boal, Ruth Shildt, Helen Wtirrentier. Fourth row: Miss Kurtz fAdviserj, Jean Leeper, Louise Dachenbach, jane Beyer, Betty Mil- ler, Betty Merritts, Emogene Kerlin, Marjorie Fink, Margery Butterhaugh, Miss Myers fAdviserj. Q O Alpha Tri-Hit-Y First rim: Muriel Hassler, Suzanne Sickler, Clara jane jones, Ruth Smith, Miriam Sealfon, Naomi Smith, Charlotte Snyder, Gloria Williams, Genevieve Engelman, Alma Dickson, Helene Hull. Second mtv: Ruth johnson, Vivian Plummer, Marjorie Hevner, janet Dayton, Dorothy Caltlerwood, Loretta Forcey, Dorothy Neil, Suzanne Nearhoof, Jeanne Schneider, Harriet Malaker. Thiril row: Marie Johnson, Madeline Smith, Nancy Fernau, Ann Garma julia Gilbert, Marietta Gray, LaRue Kennedy, Christine Bowser Fourth rout Nancy jane Gardner, Alice Fleck, Ela' Anna lke, Miss Crawford fAdviserl. Mis' n, Ardrienne Stroup, , Margaret lke, Adelaide Gates. me Pletz, Virginia Scullin, Pat T s Stewart fAdviserj, l.aVerne ...-48... routwine, Myers. Senior Hi-Y First row: Burley Zerbe, Edward Conway, William Snyder, Cvuyer Candy, jack Yingling, Carl Burwell, Leonard Fouss. Second row: Robert Keatley, Patrick Maschke, Herman Brown, jack Hiller, William Cul- ver, Donald Beyer, Charles Glenn. Third row: Marlin Patterson, Dallas Brickley, Robert Port, John Pownall, Lawrence Wood- ring, Ronald McConahy, David Duey. Junior Hi-Y First row: Elmer Cvinter, john Thompson, Allen Beyer, Lee Adams, Kenneth Holt, Keith Kelly, Richard Seater. Second row: Richard Long, john Mannino, Richard Campbell, Clarence Moore, Dennis Sharkey, Robert Piper, john Andrew. Third row: jack Schell, Walter McKinney, Dominic DeMario, Richard Mowry, Howard Searer, Daniel Meckes. ...49... All over the world this year, people are celebrating the anniversary of live hundred years of printing. In 1440 men first began to print from movable type, in l539 the first printing press was established on this continent at lviexico City, and in 1640 the earliest book printed in the American colonies was published at Cambridge, Massachusetts. lt is generally believed that the printing press was invented by Johann Guten- berg, but there were others who developed early methods also. Nevertheless, the first printed volume extant today was finished in 1455-56, and it is called the Gutenberg Bible. There are several copies of it in libraries and museums in this country. We are so used to seeing printing every day of our lives that few of us realize how important it is. It preserves all our knowledge and history and literature for us and for people who will live after us. And because it is a simple, quick, cheap process, printed pages can be rapidly made over and over again, so that all of us can have books and magazines and newspapers. Before the invention of printing, only the wealthiest people and a small group of monks and students were educated. But now, with the spread of printing through the past five cen- turies, everyone of us today can have far more learning and pleasure from our reading than those few fortunate people had many years ago. Our own library is an excellent example of the advantages made available for all of us by the printing press. At the present time it contains more than forty- two hundred volumes, both fiction and non-fiction, and it subscribes for twenty- four of the more prominent periodicals. The librarian is assisted in her work by a small staff of senior high pupils. The work of the staff consists of placing books in their proper places on the shelves, taking charge of the desk, and checking books in and out. This activity enables the students to become acquainted with the vast world of books made available today by the printing press. First mu: Miss Couch fl.ibrariani, Loretta Wilsniri, Louise liratton. Sucnml row: Pretty Wzlite, Frances Keller, Marian Riley. Library Staff ...50... School Poitroll First row: jack Yingling, Rohcrt W'in- gatc, Francis Hardy, Sucoml rout Marlin Patterson, Willi:lI11 Snyder. Thinlrmr: Cccil Hoover, Richard Shul- lcnbcrger, Williiirxi Shocrnakcr. First row: john Mannino, james Crain, Dean Bowman, loc lcraci. Second rout Donald Cowher, William Griffin, Earl Dickson, Myrtle Lykens, Maxine WCSfLWl1,JL3I1CllC Phillips, Phyllis Lcasurc, Marjoric Moist, Miss Musscr lArt teachcrj. Thirtl rmr: Miriam Spicer, Helen Moore, Dorothy Rorahaugh, Margaret Popovitch, Rose Popovitch. Art Clvwlv ...51... DEBATE l7ROllOSlTlON . . , TIQ'S0i'l7CLlI That the Federal government should own and operate the railroads. The aflirmative side oi' the proposition was dehated lay txvo teams. Frances Glass and Dorothy Neil composed one team, and Wfilliam ljreyer and Norman Stryker, the other. The negative side consisted of Gloria Vifilliams and Norman Stryker on one team, and Vaughn XXfoomer and ,lack Schell on the other. ScHEnta.E Fehruary ll-Both affirmative teams delwated Lewistown at Lexvistoxvn. Fehruary 20-Both negative teams dehated Lewistown at Tyrone. Felaruary Z7-Afiirmative and negative teams debated Lock Haven at Tyrone. March 9-Dehate tournament at Lock Haven. March ll-Both negative teams dehated Huntingdon at Huntingdon. March I8-Both aflirmative teams debated Huntingdon at Tyrone. Firxt roar: Gloria NX"il- liams, Dorothy Neil, Frances Glass, Miss Lucas llfoachj. Second row: Willialni Beyer, ,lack Schell, Vaughn Xllfoomer, Mr. Kerr Kfoachj. ielbtiters ...5Z... F 1, K' ,,.. A Kr ,ZPL-uf M g-If-" Thc feet that, fcffeepring slow to s.Ch00.l, WVENI stmming om to plmyinlgfffwvhirrier NN JACOBS ECKERT Coach Ars? Coach OSCEOLA MILLS-September S CHomeJ 26-O The Eagles of 1939 opened their season under the lights of Gray Memorial Field against a fast and shifty eleven from Osceola. With a veteran line and a new backfield, Tyrone held the upper hand in all but the third quarter. After having received a beauti- ful pass from Ralph Romano, Bud Noel had the honor in the second quarter to score the first touch- down of the year. In the final quarter, Tyrone rolled up three touchdowns before the final whistle blew ending the game 26 to 0. CLEARFIELD-September 15 fAwayJ 7-13 The Orangemen on their first invasion of a foreign field lost to a powerful Clearfield foe, 7 to 13. Taking advantage of two breaks, a fumble, and a blocked kick, Clearheld scored twice in the first quarter. In the second quarter, the Eagles got as far as the Bison's five yard stripe, but there they bogged down. Tyrone's lone tally came in the third quarter: the re- sult of a blocked kick. In the most spectauxlar play of the game, Reed Singler ran for 32 yards and then lateraled to Smith who, for a moment, was in the clear. The big tackle, not being fast enough, was tackled short of the goal. Although beaten, the Golden Eagles played a good game. BELLWOOD-September 22 C1-Iomej 32-O The Golden Eagles, on the rebound from the defeat handed them in the previous week, completely Out' classed the Bellwood team. Scoring on drives of 57 and 83 yards, the Orangemen had their opponents well in hand. Bellwood's only threat, which came late in the fourth quarter, was soon repulsed. Lynn, the Eagle's lanky end, on a double reverse through right tackle, ran 43 yards for a touchdown, making this the longest run of the game. The Eagles came out of the fracas with an impressive victory, scoring 32 points to Bellwood's none. WARRIORS MARK-September 30 fHomel 28-O For the first time in the history of the two schools, Tyrone's varsity football team played the Warriors Mark varsity. Scoring in every quarter, the Orange- men overpowered the Warriors Mark Indians 28 to O. Taylor of the Warriors made several long runs, although the Indians made no serious scoring threats. The Eagles, as expected, came through with their third victory of the season. SHOLLENBERGER HIXSON Equipment Mgr. Butinexr Mgr JERSEY SHORE-October 7 CAwayJ 32-O The Orangemen, making their second appearance on a foreign lield in the season, from the start of the game had things their own way, completely outclass- ing their host in every department of the game. Everything the Eagles tried seemed to work. Even the number three team succeeded in scoring in the final minutes of the game. The Tyrone front wall con- tinually broke through and stopped the Jersey Shore backs at the line of scrimmage while their own mates were running up a score of 32 to O. MORRIS TOWNSHIP-October 13 lHomeJ 43-O Taking up where they left off at Jersey Shore, the local boys continued their winning ways by pounding out a victory of 43 to O over Morris Township before a large crowd at the Gray Memorial Field. The Golden Eagles scored six touchdowns with a different teammate scoring each one. "Corny" Lynn in five tries kicked five placements with his educated, size 12 foot. Singler was the "big gun" of the evening, making gains as regularly as clockwork. He did much in helping to defeat the Morris boys. PHILIPSBURG-October 20 fHomeJ 54-6 Remembering the 7 to T tie of the previous season, the Golden Eagles came back to score an impressive victory of 54 to 6. Three minutes after the starting whistle had blown, Singler went over for the first touchdown. Twice more the Eagles struck before the whistle blew ending the first quarter. Philipsburg scored its lone touchdown as the result of a blocked punt. The Eagles aerial attack was superb, making 232 yards through the air. Lynn succeeded in kicking another five points without a miss. A decidedly suc- cessful game. MOUNT UNION-October 28 fHomeJ 29-0 Due to the postponement and cold, the attendance at the Mount Union game was rather small. The Eagles succeeded in revenging the defeat of the pre- vious season by "trouncing" the Mount Union eleven. All Tyrone's touchdowns came in the second quarter. Striking like lightning, the Golden Eagles scored three times before the opponents could dig in and stop them. Tyrone succeeded only in scoring a safety in the second half, and the game ended, Tyrone 29, Mount Union O. STATE COLLEGE-November 3 lHomel T-U The Tyrone football team scored its seventh straight triumph of the year by defeating State College. The State boys played a good defensive game: consequently, the Orangemen didn't score until the third quarter, when Bud Noel went over for the lone touchdown of the game. Lynn completed his eleventh straight placement kick. Dave Barr, a former Tyrone grid player, succeeded in breaking up many of Tyrone's plays. Withtwtit him State could not have fared so well. Tyrone simply proved to have the better team. HOLLIDAYSBURG-November ll CAwayl IT-6 The Orangemen came through with a brilliant win over the Hollidaysburg High School team at Dysart Park, Holli- daysburg. Hollidaysburg scored first after blocking two kicks in succession. Tyrone then began to move, and came from behind to score four touchdowns, defeating Hollidays- burg Zi to h. Lynn broke his consecutive string of place- ment kicks at eleven straight, the wind giving Corny a bad break. This is truly a commendable record for any high school player. BEDFORD-November 15 fAwayl Z-O The Orangemen's winning streak almost came to an end when they encountered an inspired Bedford team at Bed- ford. The Eagles, who were resting a little too much on their laurels, did not score until the closing minutes of the final quarter, when Ken Little broke through the line and pinned a Bedford back in the safety zone, Three times the Orangemen threatened to score, and three times they were repulsed. But they would not be defeated and came through to win their closest game of the season. HUNTINGDON-November Z3 fHomeJ 13-7 The Tyrone Golden Eagles in their final game of the sea- son, the annual Turkey Day game, defeated the Bearcats from Huntingdon. The determined Huntingdon team scored the first touchdown in the third quarter. It then occurred to the Orangemen that they would have to hustle to defeat the Bearcats, so they hustled and defeated them, ending their season in a blaze of glory by scoring two touchdowns in the final quarter. Fifi! mir: Robe-rt.Lynn. ,loe Smith, Aloe Abramo, Irvine Bennett, Max Snellbaugh. Laurie Rhoades, William Hand. Sammi mir: William Welsh. Franklin Ammerman, Meryl Noel, Ralph Romano, Reeder Singler, Martin Hardy. Robert Snyder. Sam Miles. Third mtv: Mr. Oberly lTrainerH, Herman Brown. Duane Langenbacher, Russel Cruikshank, William Curry, Terrence Wes- ton. Kenneth Little, Robert Bickel, Family mum Mr. Hixson fAthletic business managerb. Francis Hardy, Richard Grafhus, Rodney Nearhoof, Robert Beckwith, Elvin Rhoades, Jack Lewis, Stewart Shea. Stanley Catich. Mr. Shollenberger IEquipment managerl. Fzltlr mir: Mr. Jacobs tCoachJ. Harry Eckert, William Robinson, Gwin Rumberger, Mr. Eckert fAssistant coachk, John Adams llVlAI1a,LZCl'J. Varsity Football Team STATTSTTCS OF THE SEASONS GAMES Tyrone High Opponents 11 .. ...GamesWon.. .. 1 300 .. ...PointsScored.... .. 31 169 . . ....4... First Downs ..... . . 54 2648 . . . . . Yards Gained Scrimmage . . . . . 960 169 . . , . .Yards Lost Scrimmage. . . . . 186 97 . . .... Passes Attempted . . . . . 98 51 . , ....... Passes Completed ..... . . Z8 802 . . . . .Yards Gained From Passes . . . . . 409 4 . . . . Own Passes lntercepted . . . 14 30 . . .......... Fumbles ......... .. ZZ 18 . . , . . Own Fumbles Recovered . . . . 15 11 . . ......... Lateral Passes ........ . . 4 86 . . . . . Yards Gained Lateral Passes . . . . . 41 40 .. .......... Penalties ......... . 25 310 . . .... Yards Penalized .... . . 180 Firrl rote: Eugene Igou, Robert Foust, Joe Westley, Ralph Thomas, Lee Port, Bud Anderson. Charles Reese, Thomas Stanley, Eugene Grazier. Second mir: George Waple, Chalmer Burkett, Guy Mogle. Harold Lloyd, Robert Miller. Elmer Parker. Raymond Robinson, Carl Miles, Dale Edmondson, Fredrick lgou, George Wittman. Third rout john Dickson, james Glenn, Deeter Givler, William White, Boyd Reeder, jerry Steele, Teddy Dougherty, Calvin Noel, Robert Calderwood, Dorsey Butterbaugh, Ralph Stoncbraker, john Forcey, Allen Beyer. Fourth rnufz Mr. Aurand 1Assistant coaehp, Christie Snyder 1M:1nagerJ, Dominic Scordo tManagerJ, Elmer Kirkpatrick. Russell Friday, Edwin Wrye, Dale Stringer. Harry Christine. james Shea. Warren Etters, Victor Stonebraker. ,lack Miller, David Snyder, Mr. LaPorte 1CoachJ. .llaiaior Varsity Football Team ...56... XX'II.I.lAM HAND The Lefviine Aiuvecrdl The annual Levine Brother's award was presented this year to Willizini "Bill" Hand. Bill was chosen lay his fellow varsity players as the most valuable memher of the team and the one most deserving the Levine Award. The award this year, as in the two previous years, was a large black blanket with an orange laorder. Decorating the center of this lalanket was a large orange UT." ln keeping with the donor's only stipulation, the winner of this award had played his last year of high school football. Bill, a quiet, lanky fellow, played varsity end for two years. Standing six feet tall and weighing one hundred fifty pounds, Bill was chiefly adapted for "smashing" interference, hence, a very valuable player who did much in the way of helping to complete a successful season for the varsity laoys. ...57... Ifiril mir: W'illiarn Roberts lAssistant managerl, Sam Miles. Byron Foust. Bud Noel. liyron Mogle. Glenn Abrams, Mr. l.aPorte fCoai'hl. Serum! rout Floyd Nestlerode llvianagerf. Frank Ammerman. Guyer Candy. Harold Sweitzer. Gene lgou. Clark Skelly. Varsity Basketball Team january 5. Hoimiimvsisuno 52-,M cAwayJ Tyrone opened its Mountain League season with Hollidaysburg on the latter's floor. The Orangemen played a good fast game. The game was deadlocked at the end of the official time: consequently, an extra period was played. Mogle's well-aimed shot brought the bacon home for the Eagles. January 12. MouNT UNION 24-28 tHomeJ The golden-feathered dribblers made it two straight victories by defeating Mount Union. It was the first home league game of the sea- son, and the Orangemen showed the fans some real ball handling. The game was nip and tuck throughout, but Tyrone's strong defense and fast offense brought them another victory. january I9. LHWISTOWN 52w25 fAwayl Tyrone journeyed to Lewistown where a strong Panther-five used its claws to good ad- vantage. The first half was both hard and fast throughout. The second half was a sad story for the Orangemen. With the help of Checks timely shooting, Lewistown outplayed Tyrone considerably. Although defeated, the Eagles fought hard to the end. January 26. PHILIPSBURG Z7--25 tAwayJ The Eagles were again given a setback by a never-say-die Philipsburg five. Tyrone led Philipsburg for three quarters, but in the final quarter Philipsburg put the pressure on and came through with a well-earned victory. February 2. HUN'rINGooN 30-I7 fHomel The Orange and Black drihblers continued their losing ways, this time against a strong Huntingdon team playing in the Lincoln gym. The Eagles were unable to get their offensive started against the lanky Bearcats. In the clos- ing minutes of the game, Tyrone opened up with long shots, a large percentage of which found the cords. Their final spurt was in vain. because the Bearcat lead was too large to over- come. February 6. HoLLmAYs1xURo 27-I 7 tHomel The fast improving l-Iollidayshurg team journeyed to the Lincoln gym where they atoned for the previous defeat handed them by the Orangemen. The Eagles offense was poorer than at any other time during the season. Ty- rone tried desperately to get back in the "win column." but Hollidaysburgs deadly offensive was too much for them. February 9. MOUNT UNION 28-24 CAwayb The Eagles made a valiant effort to defeat Mount Union the second time, but the Powdermakers were determined to have revenge. The game was hard fought, and victory was well earned by the local five. The numbers of the final score were the same as they were in the previous encounter of the two teams, but this time the Eagles were on the short end. February 16. LEWISTOWN 59-28 1HomeJ The Orangemen, remembering the defeat handed them on the Lewistown floor, tried hard to overcome the Silk-towners, but the invading five proved to have the better team. The Panthers took an early lead, which was never threatened by the Tyrone team. Although defeated, the Tyrone hve played a good game of basketball. February 20. PHILIPSBURG 50-23 lHomeJ On their last appearance on the home floor, the Eagles again went down in defeat. The team from over the mountain took an early lead which was too great for the Orangemen to overcome. In the final minutes Tyrone went on a scoring spree, which was the only thrilling part of the game. February 25. HUNTINGDON 60--32 ' 1AwayJ The last game of the season was played at Hunt- ingdon on the Bearcats gym floor. The Tyrone de- fense was very weak, and the Huntingdon lads scored at will. The Orangemen were a badly beaten team when the whistle blew, thereby ending the game and also concluding the current league season for the Eagles. Firzri mzw: Eugene Grazier. Elmer Parker, James Glenn, Ralph Thomas. Robert Foust. Svmnd mir: Mr. Jacobs iCoachJ, Robert Beckwith. Elvin Rhoades, Paul Sweitzer. Charles Cassidy. Calvin N.:el, Merle Albright, Lee Roberts lManagerJ, james Crain 4ManagerJ. .lanzior Varsity Basketball Team Photography by Fernau Krzeeling: Merle Noel. Robert Snyder. William Snyder, William Curry. Delbert Long, Francis Thal, h M'll Jo n i er. Standing: Mr. Aurand IAssistant coachl, Glenn Cowher, Robert Lynn, Earl Kaspick, Calvin White Herman Brown, Guyer Lantly. James McCann. Mr. Shollenherger lCoachJ. Nu! in pirtnre: Mr. ,lacobs iAssistant coachj. Track Team The Tyrone High School track team won two of the three meets in which it participated. ln the first meet, with Bellwood-Antis, our track team had a close call, but they succeeded in defeating their opponents by two points. State College proved an easy victim for the Tyrone team. The local lads ran away with the meet by defeating the college town boys, 73Vz to 39W A strong I-lollidaysburg team handed the Tyrone team its first defeat. Tyrone led in the number of first places, but when the final score was tallied, Hollidays- burg led 64 to 49. ln the Mt. High Meet, Tyrone placed third, being led by I-Iollidaysburg and State College. In the District Six Meet held at Altoona, Tyrone took two third-places and one fifth-place. ln the State Meet, Tyrone received one fifth-place award. Considering the fact that Tyrone's track team was strewn with "green" mem- bers, coaches Mr. Paul Aurancl and Mr. Carl Shollenberger did a fine job with the team. The 1939 track team broke four Tyrone High School records and equaled one, which is quite a contribution to Tyrone track history. ...60... 62" I 'ii .' .2 .v RECURD or TRACK EVENTS Event Name of Record Holder Mile run ...... . . High jump ..... . . Broad jump. . .. .. Pole vault ..... . . Javelin .... . . Discus ..... . . . Shot put ....... . . " 100 yds. 220 yds. 200 yds. 880 yds. 440 yds. 880 yds. 120 yds. dash ....... dash ....... low hurdles. . . relay ...... dash ....... run ....... low hurdles Guyer Candy ...... Kaspick-Snyder . . Robert Charles . . Bernard Shildt ..... Ronald Fowler. . . Donald Kirk .... Donald Kirk .... Robert Charles. . Robert Lynn Q . . . John Miller ....... Cvraflius-Conway. . . Miller-Lynn Millard Stonebraker ..... Myers Kimmel ..... John Miller ....... Record 4 min. 45 sec. 5 ft. 9 in .... 20 ft. 11 in.. 11 ft. 10 in.. 160 fr. ..... . 112 ft. 4 in. . 45 ft. 1.5 in.. Year Made ........1939 1939-37 .........1936 .........1938 .. ..... 1938 .........1938 1938 10.3 sec .... . . . ..... 1936 22.5 sec. . . 23.8 sec.. . . . .....1939 .....1938 1 min. 35 sec.. ..... 1939 .52 sec. .... . . 2 min. 5 sec.. 14.2 sec. . . ....1938 .....1938 .....1939 Earl Kaspick fupper rightj shares the honor of holding the Tyrone High School "high jump" record of five feet nine inches with Albert Snyder. Second jumper pictured is Herman Brown. ...61... Photography by Duey This year the Tyrone wrestling team entered its second year of interscholastic ccmpetif tion. Mr. Shollenherger, the coach, was assisted hy jack Vanneman ...... The Tyrone "grapplers" opened their season on january Z with Philipshurg, on the flcor ofthe latter. Owing to the great improvement, this year, of our team, Tyrone gained an easy victory hy defeating the Philipshurg team 43 to 5 ...... On january IZ, Tyrone traveled to State College to take part in their second meet. State College was taken unaware and was defeated hy the score ll-l9. The matches were close throughout, hut in the last match, Boh Bickle secured the second win of the year hy throwing his opponent ...... The Tyrone wrestlers' initial appearance on the home floor took place on january l9 against Lewistown. The crowd was fairly large and cheered the home team on to victory. Lewistown was defeated hy the score of 3l to l5 .,.... The return match hetween Tyrone and Philipshurg took place on lanuary 30, at the Lincoln gym. A much improved Philipshurg team was handed its second defeat of the season hy rlme local team when they were defeated .36Vz to 9Vz ..,... The scheduled return match hetween Tyrone and State College, which was to take place at the Lincoln Gym on Fehruary I9. was dropped on account of the death of Mr. A. V. Vanneman, school hoard representative of the Tyrone Athletic Association ...... The return match hetween Lewistown and Tyrone, which took place on the "panther" floor on Fehruary 16, added another victory to Tyrone's growing string. Lewistown was defeated 41 to 5 ...... On Fehruary 2.3, the "Orange grapplersn journeyed to Bedford to take part in their sixth meet ofthe year. Both Tyrone and Bedford were undefeated, hut at the end ofthe meet Tyrone alone had a clean record. The score was ISW to l5V2 .,.... At Clearfield, on March l, Tyrone met its strong- est opponent ofthe year. Clearfield, with a string of twenty-eight consecutive wins, gave Tyrone its first sethaclc. Witln all matches extremely close with the exception of one, Tyrone was heaten hy the score 26 to 6 ,..... In the tournament for districts 6 and 9 held at Lock Haven on March 8, Tyrone placed 5 wrestlers in the semi-finals. Eugene Urazier and Ber- nard Mingle placed second in this meet. liirirl F0111 Donald Stine. Rohert Charles. Max Schnellhaugh, ,loe Ahramo lM,xnagerJ. Carl liurwell. Gene Grazier. Roh t Piper. .Yviulnl mir: Aloe llaml. Melvin Johnson, Kenneth Little. Herman Brown. Rohert liielcle. Tfwirfl mu: Mr. Vannenian tlioathl. Richard Camphell, Lee Port, lrvine li,-nnett. Martin Hardy. francis H.u'tlv. r Shollenherger lf,lJalLl1J. Wrestling Team ...62... s Senior High Volley Ball Champions Sealed: William Snyder, Jack Sweirzer, Leroy Shildr. St d' W'll' Sh lc R b S an ing: 1 iam oema er, o err rewarr, Robert Sweirzer, Reed Singler, Richard Shollenberger. BOYS' INTIRAMIUIRAILS ORGANIZATION OF INTRAMURAL PROGRAM Carl A. Sbollenberger .............................................. Director Merle Stonebraker ........................................ Assistant Director Ojjlicials: Earl Kaspick, Joe Abramo, Jack I-Ierlt, Eugene Igou, Byron Foust, Byron Mogle. Faculty members who assisted with the intramural program: Messrs. Bloom, Eckert, Aurand, Jacobs, and l.aPorte. SPORTS PROGRAM 1. Volley ball-Participated in by grades .......... .... 7 -8-9-IO-II-12 Z. Basketball-Participated in by grades ....... .... 7 -8f9-10-11-12 3. Wrestling-Participated in by grades ........., .... . . .9-IO-II-12 4. Playground ball-Participated in by grades .... .... 7 -8-9-10-11-I2 5. Soccer--Participated in by grades .........,. .... 7 -8-9-IO-11-12 6. Speedball-Participated in by grades ...... .... 7 -8f9f1O-11f12 7. Boxing-Participated in by grades ................... ...... 9 -IO-IIJ-IZ TABLE OF PARTICIPATION Volley ball .................................... ZOO participants Basketball ........ . . . 180 participants Wrestling .......... .... 6 O participants Playground ball .... ..... a ll students Soccer ........... .,... a ll students Speedball ..... ....... a 11 students Boxing ...... .... .... 3 O participants ...63... Baslcetlmall Champions Seated: Glenn Moglc, lack Kepler, David Grnzier, George johnson, Kenneth Sweitzcr. Kneeling: Williamm Reed, Leo Frantz, Raymond Robinson, Jack Burkcr. Standing: Donald Cowhcr, Carlton james, Buddy Anderson, Deetcr Givler, Andrew Cannistraci. Kneeling: Waxrrcn Pina, john Pownall, jack Reed, Donald Patton, Floyd Nestlerodc,Willia1 Roberts. Standing: Robert Lynn, Ralph lrvin, Earl Kaspick, Delb' Benn. m nrt Long, Frank jermino, Bruce ...64... WINNERS VOLLEY BALL 7th grade .... Sth grade .... .... 9th grade ........................ . . , , Sr. High Champions ...... .......................... Annual Faculty versus Sr. High Champion Contest Room 312 ..............,.......................... BASKETBALL 7th grade .... Sthgrade ..........i. Sr. High "A" League .... .... Sr. High "B" League .... .... Sr. High Champions .... .... 9th grade ............. ....7-5 ....,..8-3 .......9-4 Room 312 .the victor ....7-5 .......8-4 Room 214 Room 304 Room 304 Seated: Glenn Mogle. Jack Kepler, David Grazier, George johnson, William Cooper, John Wike, Kenneth Sweitzer Kneeling: Dominick Scordo, Harrison Trimble. Harry Lykens. Christie Snyder, Harry Deloizer, David Snyler Max lsenberg Allison Keller Fred I ou. - H Slarzdingz Chalmer Burket, Lee Port. Alvin Bathurst, Denver Smith, George Dannaway. .llvumior High Vollejy Ball Champions ...65... GIRLS' LNTRAMURALS The Girls' Intramural Program for 1940 opened with volley hall. junior High had two tourna- ments instead ofthe usual one of previous years, and Senior High participated in one. The win- ners in Junior High were sections 9-l, 8-4, and 7-5, and the victorious rooms in Senior High were 308 and 2l2. The next sport enjoyed hy the girls was basketball. The leading junior High teams, hefore this hook went to press, were sections 9-l, 8-Z, and Yfl. Some new gym equipment was added for the use of the girls. This consists of shufllehoard, hadminton, pingfpong, and dart hoard. Plans are heing made to hold shutflehoard, ping-pong, and hadminton tournaments in the spring. The Gym Leaders' Cluh organized this year with Suzanne Siclaler as President, Pat Troutwine, Vice-president, Clara jane jones, Secretary, and Nancy jane Gardner, Tournament Chairman. Tryouts hy refereeing were held for the new members. Memhers of the cluh took charge of classes in hoth Junior and Senior High. A class was also organized for the ladies of the faculty. The teachers participating in this ac- tivity plan to challenge the gym leaders to various tournaments. Approximately 307 girls have thus far engaged in intramural activities. The success ofthe pro- gram has heen due to the cooperation of the students, the home room captains, and the Gym Leaders' Cluh with Miss Stewart, Girls' Director of lntramurals. Firrt muf: Nunzie Delbaggio, Norma Kelly, Sara Lloyd, Miriam Boal, Marie Johnson, Marian Riley, LaRue Kennedy. Janet Hoover, Adelaide Gates, Margaret Moyer, Helene Hull. Semnd ww: Marietta Gray, Christine Bowser, Virginia Scullin, Mariorie Hevner. Alice Fleck, Alma Dickson, Mary Jane Andrew, Helen Biddle, Harrictte Malaker. Third muf: Miss Stewart iGym instructorl, Clara jane Jones. Pat Truutwine, Betty Miller, Suzanne Sickler, Nancy Fernau, Ann Garman, june Camp, Lois Matteson, Eve Korman, Mabel Bowman. Gym Leaders ...66... Senior High Volley Boll Champions Firft row: Isabel Kaspick, Marie Johnson, Helene Hull, Janet Hoover, Mary Henderson. Serorm' rout Jane Beyer, Marian Riley, Mary Louise Pannebaker, Elaine Pletz, Louise Reed, Althea Carnes. Sealed: Mildred Igou, Angeline Lombardo. Agnes Romano, Mardell Reeder, Ruth Shilclt, Sara jane Priestley, hiary Lou Patton. Helen Tate. Kneeling: Evelyn Wfidney, Margaret Dougherty, Mary jane Romano, Mildred Krider, Eleanor Foust, Jane Houser. Anna jane Cox, Betty Kcrchner. Slandiugz Agnes Sickler, Melissa Little. Betty Getz, Margaret Waple. Marilyn Morrison, Mary Ann Jensen, Jane Thomas. Rena Huff, Elaine Henny, Anna White. .hmiovr High Vollley Boll Champions ...67... FIFTH ANNUAL FIELD DAY TYRONE PUBLIC SCHOOLS MAY 25, 1939-2:00 P. M. GRAY ATHLETIC FIELD F OREWORD May Day is an old institution. An early Roman poet says that Roman youths used to go into the fields and spend the day in dancing and singing in honor of the goddess of fruits and flowers. The early English consecrated May Day to Robin Hood because the favorite outlaw died on that day. One writer says the villagers used to set up May-poles, and spend the day in archery, Morris-dancing, and other amusements. This year the physical education department decided to use May Day as the theme about which to center its annual field day. The dominant feature of the celebration was the entertainment of a crowned May Queen. Program I. Introductory 1. Pupils take places on Field 2. Queen and her Court take places II. Early May Festival Period 1. Fairies and Brownies-Grades I and II-leave hiding places and per- form before Court. Z. Pixies and Elves-Grades III and IV--lured by the fairies and brownies join the revelry. 3. Flower Dance-jr. High Girls 4. Butterfly Dance-Jr. High Girls 5. Dance of Queen's Attendants-Sr. High Girls lll. Medieval Period 6. Folk Dance-Fifth and Sixth Grade Girls Children of Court Villagers seated on Grand Stand 7. Queen's Entertainers a. Tumbling-Seventh and Eighth Grade Boys b. Advanced Work-Sr. High Boys 8. Folk Dance-Sr. High Boys and Girls-villagers dance before Queen 9. Queen's Pages Drill-Fifth and Sixth Grade Boys IV. Modern Period IO. Marching Drill-Sr. High Boys 11. Modernistic Dance-Sr. High Girls 12. Races-Ninth Grade Boys 13. Awards to Winners 14. Tyrone High School Band ...68... DONALD SHAFFER, Announcer Physical Education Department Carl Shollenberger ..................................... jr.-Sr. High Nadine Stewart ...... ..... 1 r.-Sr. High Kathryn Gearhart ..... ....... A dams Iva Mae VanScoyoc .... ..... A dams Helen Barr ......... .... L ogan Martha Keys Hicks .... ...... L ogan Harriet Cowher . . . .......... Logan Marjorie Pfoutz .... ................. .... W a shington CGMMITTEES Costume Stage Music Field Program The members of the Board of Education and the Superintendent of Schools are indebted to the Physical Education, the Art, and the Music Departments, and to a large number of the Teachers of the Tyrone Public Schoolsg also to the Mothers of the Adams, the Logan, the Washington, and the High Schools for their splendid services in promoting Field Day. Seated Eisenhart Supe-rintenden F. C. Skelly Principal D. C. Shaffer Announcer Photography by Fleck llnterested Onloolcers ...69... fi4J to May Queen: Dorothy Whren Heralds: Richard Vifoomer lleftj, George Ste- vens Qrightj Flower girl: Suzanne Wolfe Train bearers: Joyce Woodring Qleft of queenj , Betty Abrams fright of queenj Photography by Crawford Queen and Court Attendants Nancy jane Fernau Suzanne Sickler ...70... 'oY Crawford Phow Emphy Butterflies Mary Ann Jensen, Marietta Gray, Martha Merritts, Nunzie Deibaggio, Genevieve Engieman. Photography by Duey Review Mr. Eisenhart with color sergeants reviewing band drill on Field Day. Photography by Fleck Winners John Miller, Earl Kaspick, Richard Grafius, Max Schnellbaugh. Photography by Fleck Photography by Fernau Mat Work At left may be seen some of the members of the Mat Team in action at Gray Field on Field Day. The efficient mat squad of 1939 was coached by Mr. Sholl- enbergcr who may be seen in background of pictures. ...71... oo : : : :oo : :Q : :QQQQQQ ooeqooogqgogq QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ 1 0 O 0 PROFESSIONAL 0 0 up 0 O ll ll 0 0 0 O 0 0 nr 0 0 0 0 O 0 0 0 0 O O R. H. Barnes M. D. l. A. Boucher M. D. C. C. Bradin M. D. C. B. Daugherty M. D. D. F. Glasgow M. D. O 0 nu U nu ll EE ll II l 11 D. Kirk M. D. 4' o E. B. Murchison M. D. Il ll ll ll ll 11 ll 0 II 3 0 School Days g 9 0 School days, school days, dear new modern school 2 ways, Swimmin' and Coolcin' and Basketball! Shootin' and Singin' ancl that's not all. They have achievement, mental test, And they have "Savings" with the rest, For they're trying each day with zest, These fortunate kids of today. 2 z 0 z z 0 E z :-::::::::-::Q:::---f-----...--------....--......,...4 ...72... T 0 z 0 s z z z z z z E z z E z z z z O z z z z z 0000 000-0--0 0-0 00 000 --000 000 0-0 0000000000000- 0-00-0- '00--000000000000-0000000 0000000A 00- - - - -00 SERVICES W. E. Gilbert D. D. S. F. G. Jones D. D. S. S. I.. Lake D. D. S. W. E. Lotz D. D. S. E. C. Shoemaker D. D. S. R. W. Stever D. D. S. F. Adelaide Farrand D. O. Fred C. Farrand D. O. M. M. Edeistein O. D. Howard Barr O. D. R. M. Quigley V. M. D. Photography by Wingate FATHER AND SON ::0: :0000::::AAAA::: :00::0:::::0:::A ...73... TYRONE LOCOMOTIVE T-Y-R-O-N-E T-Y-R-O-N-E TfY-R-O-N-E Tyrone Z-4-6-8 2-4-6-8 Wlntmnu do we appreciate? Team, Team, Team TY TY-TY-TY-RO RO-RO-RO-NE That's the way you spell it, This is the way you yell it- TYRONE! ZIGGETY BOOM Ziggety Boom, Rah! Rah! Ziggety Boom, Rah! Rah! E-A-G-I.-E-S Eagles COME ON ORANGE Come on, Orangeg Come on, Black, Come on, Tyrone, Push 'em back COME ON EAGLES Come on, Eagles, l.et's go, Come on, Eagles, l.et's go, Come on, Eagles, Let's go. Fifi! mir: Louise Snyder, Mar- lin Patterson. Charlotte Snyder. Second row: Christine Bowser, Beatrice Burka. Third row: LaVcrnc Myers, jean Burley. ALLA GENICK Alla genick, genack, genack Alla genick, genack, genack I-lurfrah Tyrone! Hur-rah Tyrone T-Y-R-OfNfE Tyrone STRAWBERRY Sl-IORTCAKE Strawberry shortcake Huckleberry pie V-I-C-TfOfR-Y Are you in it? I guess, yes, Tyrone High School Yes, Yes, Yes TEN BIO RAHS Rah-Rah, Rah-Rah-Rah Rah-Rah, Rah-Rah-Rah Team! Team! Team! RF! :: . fa: ,i v A ' 'J as I .0 X if 54' " " .f He lifves to learn in life's hard school."--Whittier I I II II II II II II II II II II II II II I II II II II I I I I I I I I I I II II II II II II II II II II I I II II II II I II II II II II II II II II II I I II II II II 0 II II 0 0 II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II 0 II II II II II I I II II II II I A- 000000000000000000000000000000000 DON'T GET CAUGHT This Year ...... without Awnings-Upholstering Window Shades Venetian Shades Stoner Awning Co. 125 W. 10th Street 00000 0000000000000o00000000000 Good Luck Class of "4-O" llirharh ill. Gilhrrt Absolute Confidence 00000000000000000000000 0000 000000 Black Brothers 952 Logan Avenue Phone 112 -fm- CHRYSLER and PLYMOUTH CARS SALESMEN Ralph Miller Lewis W. Gingery john H. Harmon 000000000000000::: : :0::0:::00000A A A A A A A A AA00- A A 'O' ' '00009 GEMS AND WATCHES Should be Purchased from Houses in Which You Place Implicit Faith Diamonds Purchased from this House Carry the Assurance of Genuineness Watches Bought of Us Carry a Guarantee of Service for a Generation , IF 4 Ir II I , Arklin Blrmrlrg Gln. The Cfflfouse of fDiamonds 0 000000000 000000000000 00000000000 00 000 000000000000000000000000000000 6... 000 Q- Q QooooeqQ-QQQQ0900.000oooooooooooooooooooooo.I Q- O 0 0 O 0 0 00000900-0990 5Hir5i 'Blair Glnuntg Natinnal Ziank TYRQNE, PA. Capital Surplus and Proits--fH5450,000.00 66 years of fBanking Experience TYRONE LAUNDRY COMPANY, Inc. WE WASH EVERYTHING PHONE 203 Q 0-000 QQQQQQQ Q QQQQQQQQQQQQQQ 000000-00 00-00.000 :::9Q :oo : :: Specializes in BONAT WAVING Pauline Beczuzjl Shoppe Phone 1 110 409-17th Street ooooo--v--ooo--coca-vvovvvvvv FRESH CANDIES AT PRICES THAT WILL PLEASE YOU CEz1rhnPr'5 Glanhg Sturt o-o-----o---- -A---- -ooo--ooo-AQQQ 77 o I I o I I ------......l ooo : ooooooegeg oooooo oo 0 0 0 QQ A, ..-----: Q-- -Q oooooooooooogogoooooooqoq -0000-oo-.og QQQQQQQQQ: coooooz: e: : : :0::oo HOME ELECTRIC LIGHT AND STEAM HEATING COMPANY ooooooooooaaoqeqoooegoqq--0- - -QQAA - - - --A - ---- A - - A- - - TWO FEET EQUAL ONE YARD E THE :E HICKES GROCERY THE EERNDELL STORE H. L. NEIL 0 0 WARM AIR HEATING AIR CONDITIONING 0 41 n nu ll o l . 1: Roofing and Spoutnng Furnace Work nr 0 O 2 Tyrone, Pa. -Q--- : : : : : :cos :oe-so : :ooooegoooooooqoo -Q,--oov,, ....,,. -- ...78... --v--o---vv v... o--ooo--ooao--oo oo-,QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ oo ooo :ooo Q cocoa: ooooooeoooecoooooooeooooooo9099990 o ooQ-oooooooooooooooooQQQQQQQQoooooooooooocooocoooo1 -QQ QQ QQQQQQQQQQQQQ: : : : co-- -ooo---A ----0--0 Ililrnnrr Zlnmrranrr Agvnrg FIRE-AUTOMOBILE SURETY BONDS QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQOQQQQQQQQQQQQ Batclweler and Minemier Service Station GULF PRODUCTS 1301 Pennsylvania Avenue Tyrone, Pa. PHONE 9037 Complete Home Furnishers Since 1896 YOUR CREDITS GOOD iffinthert Glnmpang 10th Street, Tyrone --o-oo-A--oAA-- -A--o--- We Buy and Sell USED CARS AND TRUCKS New and Used PARTS AND TIRES -Replace- DooR AND WINDSHIELD GLASS Tyrone Auto Salvage AND Service Station JULIUS SEALFON, Proprietor Phone Tyrone 475 24-Hour Service o::o:: Q::ooo::oe-:::oo:::::::oooQ 00- v - - - v --O oooooooooooyqggg Jlllwalya Clilumjinq SCRAP IRON METALS HIDES other WASTE MATERIALS JULIUS SEALFON 1256-58 Blair Avenue PHONE 516 Q-- I O 0 0 I ll 0 0 ll oo::::ooo I I It r ll in 4 0 o o nv ll 0 0 It lu lb 0 0 li lb o 0 in 1 0 0 O l 0 O 0 0 I O 0 0 O O ll 0 0 ll I I 0 r 0 n li O ni ll O 0 0 o 0 o n tl ii O 0 ll u 0 0 o II ll U O O 4 fee I II II II II II II I I II I II II II II II I I II II I I II I II II II I I I II :I I I II II II II I I II II II I I I II II II II II II II II I II II II II II II II L:: ooooooeaooooooaooooooooooooo Qooegocoeeooooooeooeooo .Q QQQQQQQQQQQQQ Rupert Chevrolet Co. OLDSMOBILE AND CHEVROLET MECHANICAL REPAIRS BODY AND FENDER REPAIRS AAA WRECKING SERVICE 215 E. 10th Street ::oo::o::o: :::::::ooo:::::ooQQ--ooo S H O E S FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY ..dt.. MACli'S CADITOL SHOE stout H. H. MAGDOVITZ, mp. Tyrone's Cut Price Shoe Store ::::oooo::ooo:::::: ::o::Q::ooo Guyer's Clover Farm GROCERIES MEATS FRESH VEGETABLES ICE CREAM Free Delivery PHONE 597 Betsy Ross Bakery me JOE AND msrsv ROSS BREAD J. A. DICKSON, Manager Phone 550 ooo::::::: ooooc: ::oooQ: :oooqool Lflvuinr 131115. Quality Men's and Boys' Shop 1055 Pennsylvania Avenue TYRONE, PA. l e!! UNM!! --A-oooo----oi----QQQA-ooo? - New Method Varnish Co. ELMIRA, NEW YORK DUZ-ALL CLEANER BRIGHTEN-ALL POLISH SPEED COAT WAXES FLOOR AND GYM SEALS For 25 Years Specialistr in the N eedf of Imtitutiom Q-A--ooo-A---- AQQAA - - A --ooooeo PENNANTS BANNERS PILLOWS Add Dignity, Color and Spirit to your school work by the use of Felt Pennants, Banners, Pillows, Emblems, Caps, Berets and Chenille Letters. N0 order too small to receive our attention. Catalogue Free Standard Pennant Company Big Run, Pa. ooecco: : :c coo: :ooooeccc : :::::oooooo ',000 000000000 000000000000 00000 000000000000000000000 0 00 000000000000 0000000000000 00000000 0000000000000 'Y 2 0 0 0 O 0 O 0 0 0 0 O S 0 I 0 0 O P' F Q 2 N sw F5 Q- cn O F3 U3 DU o o 'HE 52 Z0 RE me We W: 2 m 'PU D' E D' 52 WS. O O 4 IT! 'FU un FU FD D "1 wr, lv me ow Z3 ma :a WS Toe. gm :D 4 fb D C fb 00 00 0 00 0 00 00000000000000000000 PAUL'S DINER THE HOME OF TASTY FOODS Expertly Prepared to Meet the Approval of Cookery Critics 111 W. 10th Street Tyrone, Pa 0 000 0 00000 000000000000 0 0000000 We Dye For Our Living We Also Clean All Kinds of Clothes Hats Cleaned and Blocked Like New EF. Sc IF. Bge mutha 119 West 10th Street 000 0 00000 00000000000000000000000 joe Zang and Co. 1003 Pennsylvania Avenue SHOES REPAIRED WHILE-U-WAIT 000000000000000000: : : : : : : : 0: :00000 00 00 00000000000 00000-0000000 0, 0000000 000000000000000000000000000000000000 000 O O O 0 O 0 O O O O 0 O O 0 1 O O 0 0 0 I 0 0 0 O 0 O E 0 0 GARMAN the JE WELER APPRECIATES YOUR PATRONAGE 000000000000000000000000000000- " Qrcwely " WE TAKE OUR HATS OFF TO CLASS OF "1940" 00000000000 0000000000000000000 BLACKSTONE PHILCO WASHERS RADIOS Wolf Furniture Co. Cash Easy Terms FRIGIDAIRE TAPPAN GAS RANGES D - --000AA-----00--0000---- -A-0--0A- ...8l... :::::::00: ::::::::::::::0::0: 000Qeooggooooeoogooeoeooooo Clover Farm Store C. B. ABRAMS Proprietor 21st Street and Columbia Avenue A-o -A-- 0 ---- A QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQoooo o o l Stationery Printing Typewriters o QE Office Supplies ll If School Supplies 0 0 3 -AT- ll ll U ll tl The Mann Printing 0 ll ll ll U EE Company jf Our New Location 4 ii 95 5 Pennsylvania Avenue E: :I "Think of MANN when you 'want Printing" o O -----o--o---o----- -A-A-oo----QQ CONGRATULATICNS to the CLASS of 0409, B L C C K ' S Quality Clothes of Distinction FLORSHEIM AND IARMAN FRIENDLY SHOES :YY ::::oo:::::::oo::::::: 000: ..82... 0000-------------------------1 000000000000 000 0 0 na O O 0 IP 0 ll 0 O O 0 ll 0 0 0 0 O 0 '0000000000000000000: :00: : : 0 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000q HARPSTER 0.3 0 250, , Sales LCQEVROQ1 Serwce TELEPHONE Warriors Mark 10-R-12 Port Matilda 15-R-2 0000 00000000000000000000000000 CARL L. FRY Contractor and Builder 604-18th Street Phone 639-R 0000000000 00000000000000000000000 ---- ---AAA-------------,,,,,,, 000vvvv00---- ---vvv-- ALL KINDS OF DAIRY PRODUCTS Hoffmarfs Ice Cream CHARLES G. WAPLE DAIRIES, lm. 00000000000000000000 000000000000 O O O 0 0 0 0 0 0 O O O 0 O 0 O 0 0 0 0 O 0 0 0 ll O O O O 4+ IP O 0 4+ O 0 0 0 nl o o 0 O 0 0 0 IP lb O O 0 0 O O ll li I O 0 O 0 0 0 0 0 0 O 0 II ln 0 lb IP 0 ll lb O lb ll lb 0 ll ll 0 O 0 I 0 E O O 0 0 I 0 0 0 04 Harry F. Beaston BUILDING CONTRACTOR 19 S 0 Adams Avenue TYRONE ESTIMATES CHEERFULLY FURNISHED PHONE 656 0000000000 0000000000000000 0000 COIVIPLINIENTS to the Class of 1940 WHO IS HE? A big space for a big senior who once looked like this. O O O 0 0 0 0 0 0 O 0 O 0 O 0 0 0 O 0 0 O 0 O I 0 0 0 O O 0 O 0 O I I I 00 000000000000 00 000000000000000000000000 000000000000000000000000000000 000000000000 00000000000 O 0 O 0 0 O 0 0 0 0 0 0 O 0 O 0 0 O O O O 0 0 O O 0 0 O I O I 0 0 000 00 00 Diehl's Beauty and Cosmetic Shoppe 1 123 Pennsylvania Avenue INDIVIDUAL COIFFURES Phone 774 Igeniunnin 01. 31111195 Attorney-at-la'w TYRONE, PA. 00000000000000000000000000000 '?07'f7"6lfL: and Commercial Tbotogwzlbloy KODAK FINISHING FRAMING Phillips studio 966 Pennsylvania Avenue 00000000000000000000000000 00000000000000000000000 00000 oocoooooaoo: : 0990: : Q : :o-o: : Q O O 0 tl lr 0 0 0 0 0 lu 0 0 0 li lr 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 li li 0 0 It li nu 0 Tefnpting Foods I ! Finest Quality Meats Fancy Canned Foods Crisp Vegetables Fresh Fruits Delicatessen Dairy Products Cheese for Every Taste Frosted Fruits and Vegetables Getz Market Store 10 6 8 Pennsylvania Avenue PHONE 63 6 Chandler McConahy Insurance, Community Loan and Investment Co. Loans up to 3300.00 23 West Tenth Street Tyrone, ooo- -oo-- -oQ-- --o--- -QQA Acco Compliments of C. T. Snyder Electric 6'lectrz'cal Appliances 1510 Columbia Avenue oo::eeQ:::::::::::0:::::- P oo QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ-5 ees-- ooooo .QQ QQQQQQQQ Q. 0 : : -Q QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ Qoooagooo O O 0 nu ll 0 0 0 ll O nu ll 0 O QQQQQQQ :-: :::ooo-: ccooo: :oo oo 9 0 O ...85... Sporting Goods QUALITY MERCHANDISE AT MODERATE PRICES Burchfield St Co. 12th Avenue-16th Street on the Corner "Outfitters to Sportrmenu ALTOONA, PA. ::q::::0: ::::::::o::oo::oooooo Compliments FULLINGTON AUTO BUS CO. Rear 314 Cherry Street CLEARFIELD, PA. :::::::o:: :::::Qq:::::::oo:::: SCHOOL MUSIC Out of the classroom, MUSIC becomes an integral part of every school activity. Social Sport Physical Education Through the Grades, into High School, and on into College. Train to be a part of your school's musical activities Music is a kind of inarticulate unfathom- able speech, which leads to the edge of the infinite and lets us for a few moments gaze into that-Carlirle. Winter Music Store "The Home of the Steinway" QQQQQQQQQQQ oooooeooogoq Qoeeooooo Q ooQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ ooo ooeecooqoeoooeoooqoooo0-0-0-0 DODGE AND PLYMOUTH Sales and Service Reconditioned Used Cars Shope's Garage Phone 31 1209 Blair Avenue oooooooov -ooovvov vo- - - - -ov - - - v FINK BROTHERS Hardware Pipe Fittings Paper and Paint ooooooooooooopqaooo QQQQQQQQQQQ fBlaclc'5 Service Station Mobil Gas and Oil CENTURY TIRES AND TUBES NATIONAL BATTERIES CARS WASHED CARS WAXED EXCELLENT LUBRICATION SYSTEM "JIM" BLACK, Manager 449 West 15th Street Qoooeooooooooaoooooooooeeooooooooo ONCE IN A LIFETIME Compliments of a friend ooooooooqqooo Ocoee- oooeoeooooo The Garman Department Store The Shopping Center for Tbrwy People 0.0- oooooooqoooooocqeooo 090000 Geraci's Shoe Shop BEST MATERIALS AND WORKMANSHIP 1508 Columbia Ave Tyrone, Pa oooooooeoooooooooooooooooeoooooo Q. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO 'O OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SOOO -OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO 'OOOOO00 OOOOOOOOOOOOOO a Wu tl p a om a y nm QT n mu www Col a mv awww hwd lp W wkw To n m T .mm a , MTW qv O W mx me we W 2 'll OOO O O00 00090000 OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OO OOO O 0 O O0 O 000 OO 00 yo 4 P Allllllllll Sllllllll ot CUIIIIIIEICB ALTOONA, PENNSYLVANIA Strictly Post Graduate One and Two-Year Courses Approved by State Committee on Standardf FRONT ROW F ASHION S FOR THE THRIFTY Lugg SL Edmonds Tyrone's Family Department Store SX, Say it -WITH- Beautiful Flowers -FROM- Kloss Flower Shop ELEVENTH STREET KURTZ BROS. School Supplies and Equipment Manufacturers of MODERN SCHOOL PAPERS Clearfield, Penn'a - A--- --- --- -----------,--,---- ---,----- -0000---- --- vv, v------ Altoona Leather Store 1509-11th Avenue Altoona, Pa. Distributory Spaulding-Reach-Goldsmith ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT Luggage Leather Goods 0 -A00000- - - - -- -000- -0---A--000 QUAKER STATE OIL REFINING CORPORATION STERLING OIL DIVISION 100 QQ Pennsylvania Products WHOLESALE OFFICE! Corner 10th Street and Blair Avenue T YRONE, PENN'A Phone 130 00000 00000000000000000 00000000 DISCRIMINATING CUSTOMERS --CHOOSE- ROSE'S BEAUTY SHOPPE Phone 1 183 26 W. 11th Street If tx II - A :: -:::000:::::::0:::::: ::::0 00000000000 000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 000 00 00 000000 0000 0000000 0000 000000000 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I COMPLIMENTS OF Lyons and Carnahan 1? 76 Ninth Avenue, New York New York DOIBEIQT DOSEY CLOVER FARM FOOD MARKET -QUALITY- GROCERIES MEATS FRUITS VEGETABLES 11 West 10th Street Phone 1200 Delivery 1201 Service 000----0--00A ----------------- TASTE AND BE CONVINCED Creamy Whip Sundaes and Sodas Home-Made Bread Annabelle's Between the Two Theaters I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I ...89... po I II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II 0 O I 0 II II II II II II II II U I I I I I II I I II II I I I II U 0 II II II II II I I II II II II II II II II II II II II II II I I I I I II II II II II II II II II I I II II II II II U L -QQ--oe-eAA----A-Q----q-Ao----oooo--Q- I3 L0 CM I3 IQ 0 S . "lf itff done with Paint-we do it" AIRPAINTING For that factory-like finish HOUSEPAINTING Free Eitinzatef 1364 Lincoln Avenue Tyrone, Pa. PHONE 623 Lester's Workmen Store Clothes for Work and Dress Complete Line of Footwear 1055 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE o-::a:::::Q::::::::::::::::::: The Dairy Store QUALITY COLD MEATS DELICATESSEN LUNCH Cool Of at Our Fountain E. Stanley M. Stanley Proprietors Across from the Post Ofiice A-,-----------------------,-,---, Heberling's Store QUALITY FOODS II'7lJere Courtesy Dwells and Service Fxcels Phone S73 Col. Avenue and 17th Street -Q0000oooQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ Rhodes Planing Mill Manufacturer! of ALL KINDS OF PLANING MILL WORK 1615 Clay Avenue and 16th Street PHONE 648 :::::o:::::o:::::::o:::::cocoa Raymond A. Hagerman Registered Civil Engineer Municipal Building TYRONE, PA. Be Wise For Real Insurance Protection See W. D. Metcalfe 6' Son 1104 Logan Avenue Phone S35-M A-ooA-A- -A-- QAA-A ----oo--- Qeoooqq- Q..-Qooooocoqoaooooooooov ,oo Q - - oo, v v v Q - - 000 - - - Photography by Merrirrs and Cupper MR. FLECK-SMILE AND ALL 0---QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQoo-QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ The Wilson Chemical Co., Inc jack and jill Gelatin Dessert Wilson Cloverine Salve Wilson Cough Drops fktablished 1895 GEORGE C. WILSON, jr., President ---o--oooooov-----ooo- ---o-- -0--- - -Qo---- - - vovv-- - ...91... ::::o--:: -..---...---------..------------------..----- -,-----,-------Q..------..------------------------4 5-- y000000000000 00000000000000000 000 I II II I I II II II II II II II II II I II II II II II II II I I I I II II II II I I I II II II II II II II II II II II I I I II II II II II II II I II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II I I II I I I II II II I I I II II II I I I L 00000000000000000000000000000 ASK BILL BURNS WHO IS PATCHED I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 0000000 00000000 000 0000000000000000000 00000000 I I I I SAM EORTE SHOE REPAIR SHOP Shoe Q-'Bzzildifzg My Specialty 7 E. TENTH STREET 0 0000 0000000000000000000000000 Miller Brothers Co. HARDWARE PAINT WALLPAPER SEEDS BUILDING MATERIALS and VICTOR RECORDS 1008 Pennsylvania Ave. Tyrone, Pa. Tyrone Lime SL Stone Company Ready Mixed Concrete Lime 3? Limestone for all Purposes PHONE 413 TYRONE, PA. 0000000000000000000 000000000000000 ...92... 000000000000000000000000000000 1 I I I I I I I I I I 000 II II II II II I I I II II II II I I I II II I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I II II I II II II II II II I I II II II II I II II II II II II I I II II II II II 004 oooopooga I 44 4 4 --v::::-:::ooo-::o -ooo:: : : : -Q ooo.. .0 ---oo pooooooooo -Q 00.00-00 , .............. .. 0 0 0 0 4 I I O O O O 0 O 0 O O 0 4 O 0 0 i 0 0 4 9 S 4 O 0 4 9 O I 0 O O O O 0 4 O E 0 0 E E QQQQQQQQQQ qoooooeoooeq QQQQQQQQ -- ---- --- --- ---- ---- ----- -- --,----,::: 4 0 4 4 O 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 O 4 I I 4 4 4 4 4 O 0 4 I 4 4 4 4 4 4 QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ 000000-00000QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ O O 0 O 0 O O 0 0 O O 4 I 0 0 O 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 E 0 O I O 0 O 0 0 0 O 0 0 0 I 0 O E 0 O O O E i O 0 0 O O Brown's Shoe Shop Shaffer Stores Company PARROT SHOES FOR BOYS EGERTON SHOES FOR MEN 8 W. Tenth Street Quality Meats THE HOME OF Clothing and Furnishings Groceries for MEN AND BOYS F 9 1' Harry H. Gardner We e ww Tenth Street, Tyrone, Pa. PENNSYLVANIA'S MOST BEAUTIFUL STORE The Blatchford Furniture Co. Everything to Make Y our Home Beautzful and Comfortable LOWEST PRICES-EASIEST TERMS Corner Pennsylvania Avenue and 10th Street Phone 84 TYRONE, PENN'A C. R. HOOPES, Manager ...95... '00 000000000000000000000000000000 I1 II I1 I 1 I1 I I1 11 I1 I1 II I I1 I1 I1 I1 II 1 1 1 II II I1 II I I II II II I II II II I 1 II II I I I1 II I 1 I1 I1 11 I1 I I1 I1 11 I1 I II II I1 II I1 1 I1 11 I1 II II I I II I1 11 I1 I1 I1 I1 I L :::0:::::::0:::0:::::::0:::00 000 00000 Lose a minute and save a life Children should be seen, not hurt TYRONE BURIAL VAULT CO. TYRONE, PA. Auto Electric Service Co. Automotive Electric and Battery Service GIANT TIRES AND TUBES PAUL J. WALKER, Proprietor 121 W. 10th Street Phone S37 Tyrone, Pa. THE W. F. Hiller Agency 970 Pennsylvania Avenue Real INSURANCE Real Estate 48 Years of Unexcelled Insurance Service to Tyrone and Vicinity 0000 I I I I I I 00000 000000000000000000 0: : : : 000000000000000 vA::::'00 II II I1 1 I II II I I .------::--- I I I I I I I I I I I I ...94... 0000000000000000000 0000000000 00000000000000000000000000000 Say it with Flowers 9' 9 iinglvman 5 FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS Phones 428-134 .Arlingtnn HHTPI. 10th Street and Logan Avenue SCHOOL DINNERS and BANQUETS BURKHOLDER Maytag and Electric Store Westinghouse Refrigerators Philco Radios and Small Appliances 1 1 12 Pennsylvania Avenue PHONE 24 S -J 0000: 200: : ::0::00:: : :::0::::: 000000000000000000000000000 0 0 000000000000000000000 -eel I1 I II I1 I1 I I I1 I1 I1 I 1 11 I II 11 II I1 II I I II II II I1 11 I1 I1 I1 I1 I1 I1 11 11 I1 I1 I1 1 II I I I 1 I I1 I1 I II I1 I1 I1 I II II I1 I I1 II 1 I1 II I1 I1 II II I1 I1 I1 I1 I I1 I1 I1 11 I II II I1 I I II II II II II II II II 4 MEETING THE CHALLENGE THE NEW AUDITORIUM The same high standards which have enabled Juniata College to grow as an educational institution make for the nor- mal growth and development of her stu- dents. At low cost the College offers the conscientious student opportunities for growth-physical, mental, social, and spiritual. As a liberal arts college Juniata is daily meeting the demand and challenge of modern living without losing sight of the Christian values so essential in a changing turbulent world. Registration may be made now for the Fall semester which begins September 9, 1940. Send for the pictorial bulletin and catalog today. For further information addrexs: IUNIATA COLLEGE Huntingdon, Pennsylvania oo ------" A ------ -oooqo---Q--0 -A--ooo--QA-----A00--QQQA-0-0 - Taste and be Convincea' Davis Buick Company ll ? Z 3 5, Q as if E W U Q Pl' gl II E. CD 0 'B D 2 0 v-I la D, 'U N nv 4 U1 "" in 1+ 'ri O CD9 Q l 5 E V1 :S ,, H od 55 EE E H ii ll C G 'V 0 D' 0 Z F! cn ii fn t4 'l PU It 5 5 ll . CD ll 000 000000 l ll 0 El '- 73 2 mu 5 PD E. 0 G, Q "' 3 "' z E 1: 0 P1 Q gg Q fe E 1. 4 E 3 2 1: 5 C-'3 El E1 It 'E' 2 5 T3 11 5' ft 2? .Q :g 2 E 3 4+ II REA AND DERICK, Inc. STORES OF SERVICE Fountain and Luncheonette CANDY KODAKS ...95... ------..----..-----..------- 1 v-Q09-0-9QQQQQ0-0.0-90-00Q-oeoooooeoooooooaoooooooqoooqeggqooqooo Q00-00QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ 0-00-ooQ--QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ "It's Ford For Forty" G. C. Black Motor Company qondl ancll rwlancwug TYRONE, PENN'A Phone 206 1258 Pennsylvania Avenue The Home of the Best in Used Cars and Trucks Qo9oooo-0o---0Q-Q::ooo: :ooo : : : oooooooooeggeeoQooeooooqoooeooooqqo THE VILLA spmdzfzef in Italian Spaghetti 9 E. 10th STREET ooogoooaoooogqooogaqoooooqoooo Tyrone Milling Co. Golden Eagle Flour Ty-Co Feeds PHONE 744 H. F. BOWSER Clover Farm Store 1125-26 Pennsylvania Avenue TY RON E, PA. Phone 590 oooeeoooooaooQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ Contains all the important happenings of the world, and chronicles every local event of consequence. The Tyrone Daily Herald A finely equipped job-printing plant is part of the Herald establishment, in which quality predominares. -ooo O O 0 v -coco - -QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ PENSIVE -Qoo---ecooqooooooooooeoeaooqq F orcey Barber Shop Haines Shoe Wizard john A. Little, Motors ---QQ 00----.4-009000-00 00-099000 Q ...96... -eco L-...---------.., ..----o-..----..-.....--------- ---..------------------ -----..---..--------------o4 ------.. 1 00000-00 QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ oecoooooogaooqeoo O 0 0 O il 0 U 0 0 090000- : : -QQ : : : :Q 0- Q. .QQ QQ.- fbi? U r P r -o:: Q::o: : :::::--:::oooooooooooo: ::ooo::::: WILSON and EL PATIO THEATRES Under the Direction of WARNER BROTHERS Always the Finest in Screen Entertainment Matinees and Evening Shows Daily at Each Theatre :::::-::::--QoQ:::-0:::: :oQoQ-::: ...97... H H H H H H H H H H H H H ll H H H H H H H H H H H H H H U H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H ll H H H H H H H lb H H H 4..------ - - A OUR ADVERTISERS Abrams, C. B .,....,,,...,.,. Acklin jewelry Co .......,..,....,, Altoona Leather Store .,...,...,,. Altoona School of Commerce .......... Annabelle's ,. .,....,..,,.....,.....,.. . Arlington Hotel .....,.,.........,., Batcheler and Miriemier .,..... Beaston ....,..,..,........,.,,.,..... Betsy Ross Bakery ,..,.,.,......... Black Bros. .........,...,............. . Black, G. C. Ford Agency ....., Black's Service Station ,......,.., Blatchford Furniture Co ..,.,.. Block's ..,.,..,,....................,..,.,. Bloom Brothers, Contractors Bowser, H. F ........,,,..............., Brown's Shoe Shop ...,.,...,...,.. Burchfleld and Co .........,..,....,. Burkholder Maytag Electric.. Capitol Shoe Store ..,,.............. Dairy Store ...,.,......,..,.....,..... Davis Service Station ..,.......,.. Diehl's Beauty Shoppe ......... Engleman's Florist Shop ........ F: 8: F. Dye Works .....,........., Fink Bros. ...........,........,..,,,.,.,....,.......,... . First Blair County National Bank ......... Flenner Insurance Agency ..,.....,..,..,.. Forcey Barber Shop ,.,..... ., ..,........,.., . Forte, Sam ..........................,.. Fry, Carl ....,.......,........,............. Fullington Auto Bus Co ........., Gardner's Candy Store ...,...., Gardner, Harry H .......,.,..,....,., Garman Department Store .......,., Garman, Jeweler .... ,,......,. ..... , 4 Geraci's Shoe Shop ........ Getz, A. L. 8: Sons ........ Getz Market Store ,......... Gilbert, R. H ..............,.... Guyers's Clover Farm ..,.... Hagerman, Raymond A .,...... Haines the Shoe Wizard. .,... . Harpster Chevrolet Co .......... Heberlmgs ..,,,.......,..,,..,..,.. Herald ..,........................, Hickes Grocery ..,..., :::Qo:::Q::::o::::::::: ::::::::oo:::o::oo:::::: Page N 0 82 76 89 88 89 94 79 84 80 76 96 86 93 82 90 96 93 85 94 80 90 81 84 94 81 86 77 79 96 92 83 85 77 93 86 81 86 81 85 76 80 90 96 83 90 96 78 eo: OUR ADVERTISERS Hiller Insurance Agency ...,....,...........,.....,..,..,...... ...........,... 9 4 Home Electric Light 8: Steam Heating Co ...4.... ,...,..,.... 7 8 jones, B. C. ..,......,....................,.........,.............. .,...,,, 8 4 Juniata College ......,..... .....,.,......,..,........... ....,.., 9 5 Kienzle Bakery ...,.......... .... ,.,, 9 5 Kloss Florist Shop ....,..,..... ......., 8 8 Kurtz Brothers .....,,............., ....,... 8 8 Lester's Workmen Shop .......,.. ........ 9 0 Little, John, Motors .,.........,... ........ 9 6 Levine Brothers ....,..,..,.,.. ,,....., 8 0 Lugg 8: Edmonds ...,., .,...... 8 8 Lyons 8: Carnahan. .,..,..,. .,....,. 8 9 Mann Printing Co ......,..... ....,.., 8 2 McConahy, Chandler ..,.... ......., 8 5 Metcalfe 8: Son ....,......... ..,..... 9 0 Miller Brothers ...,.....,....... ..,..,.. 9 2 Neil, H. L ..,......,......,............. ....,,.. 7 8 New Method Varnish Co ..,..... .... ,... 8 0 Pauline Beauty Shoppe, ........ .,...... 7 7 Paul's Diner .................,.,. ..,.,.., 8 1 Phillips Studio ..,.........,. .,..,... 8 4 Posey's Clover Farm ....., ....,... 8 9 Rea 8: Derick .,.,.,,....,,..... ........ 9 5 Rhodes Planing Mill ......... ....,... 9 O Rose's Beauty Shoppe ........ .,...... 8 9 Rothert Company ,.......,.,... ...,.... 7 9 Rupert Chevrolet Co .,,..,... ...,.... 8 0 Sealfon, Julius ......,.....,..., ........ 7 9 Shaffer Stores Company ....... ,....,.. 9 3 Shope's Garage .r.,.........,.....,. ........ 8 6 Snyder, C. T., Electric ............... .,....., 8 5 Standard Pennant Company ,....... ......., 8 0 Sterling Oil Division ,...,...,...... ..,...., 8 9 Stoner Awning Co ...........,.... ......,. 7 6 Tyrone Burial Vault Co .,...,.. ......,. 9 4 Tyrone Laundry Co ...,,..,..,... .,..,... 7 7 Tyrone Lime 8: Stone Co ...,...... ........ 9 2 Villa ....,,..,......,....,,,..,...,...........,,.,. , ,....,. 96 Walker, Paul J ....,..,.........,............... ......,. 9 4 Waple's Dairy .....,............,.....,..,......,.. ..,.,.., 8 3 West Virginia Pulp 8: Paper Co ..,..,.. ......., 8 7 Wilson Chemical Co .........,...,..,..,,. ,.,..... 9 1 Wilson Theatre ,...,..,...,.....,.,...... ....,... 9 7 Winter's Music Store ....... ........ 8 5 Wolf's Furniture Store ..,...... .....,., 8 1 Zang, Joe 8: Co .....,.......... ,,,,,A,. 3 1 - - ----A-AAA---oAAAA-o------ -AAooe--oo- A--------Qo- ...99... S2 ufcngvczfp fzs 'lfliIlOg'1'C1p!1S U THE PHILLIPS STUDIO, Tyrone, Pennsylvania THE NORTHERN ENGRAVING COMPANY, Canton, Ohio KovER KRAFT, Chicago, Illinois THE BERLIN PRESS, Berlin, Pennsylvania .,..100

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