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1 J I AV f A840 Sv X6 V! Q? Fray em: A-,gn N Q ww f 5 1 C ,IQ 'Qu ,5- , 14 Qu . :M T il ,L 5.75, , ,T I ' 'Liz .--W' . .-1 , Y Q. I--4 5 it J' , Y' F Q X tit? IP- : "' 1 Ti' - in -1 . T - f rg' A i., R AP- 1 , is I. .i. lei. ,-.' .' -L 4' .Q ,js , r. . , JI., .,.' 1. . '4' 'r I ' rw 1 5 i vb B 'ir " 3 u if .J f ' -Q I I -F ,H 'm 'lr f , Y , 4 A f Q . c Hs.: K-I gat' '- 4107105 gf , .L . A if A sv -JF "' N Y ' f .rl 5 A - ' X 'jflif lf! 5' ry' n is .K ,.-,. 1. v,.H.,,l: will Q- .- :lg , NK, . 4-f MW.. i. J .1 i + "'-.M 'rw f - 'K .' Ax, ,N ,. rs: , ' f:'waE"? 1 . g MQ-zs, ?1 f Y ' S Q1 img. , . -5 L ff 1 1. 322 ,., ' , V -- - ,,.,M , f ffi:l'ef1" "L , W. , I fm 1 A K , W . A- - Q V I ml f Xwsx, wm..:, , .. . , .. 1 , , . ,...,.. -ft - ,pw A - 1 -:azz Hifi' , iw A - ' ' f ,f ,, , C? Tft2iLf2 ,vQE iff . 5 V , , , Q. , , - ,.:,, .-wp , , iw. f W 33 3 v av 1' . ' A f i A 7 'liiffl n ' A 7 ' I Q A, 5 :1',i.'r:,N:ffiE ,2 2- ' 'wALsa,iw15: J, K? - v.., 0,5 ,ry 5 , Qgue .bi ha s Q i ff E pi X X: i fi Y 5, ,Em .. n , . L "" ,r- -, ,gf f. z 2 1 , . Q' N ' ME, 'A 2' fy ,1 ' -Q 'M as 1 ,N . " Rfk X3 Q U1 3 ' 5 ' 'vga 5 QL .J 'TT X' 1 W' EM m 'F ,-Y' I W. 3 AH Q hx, X .J ,, .,.. .5 'L,:2,, A 1 1 X 0, 7 xx N 5 H xp is , .1 S I Q 1? 2, 1 X ig., K fs, f X X a 4 v Q' Wx , 5 g, L X xg: J F on fE.5e.avev Zlialrnn Whose eyes have pierced that tragic East Where a miraculous sun ascends, Whose flight has hovered above that feast The lion makes, with lesser friends. Whose scinzitar wings through darkness break, Through icy cold and gold of dawn To slant across a Iilied lake And sheathe upon a lilac lawn,- Proud flier, I can read aright The bleak, keen brightness in your eyes, Though cruel wings hunt down the height, Curved talons track the cruel skies. Buzzard and vulture linger low To tear rnan's heart, but higher, higher Into a zenith light you go Unguessed of kite or lammergeierg And here, upon my shoulder set, Unhooded, freer than aught that flies, You bring the heavens' star-spangled net Trailed from your beak to blind my eyes, So only since your pride is mine, Your love of all things wild and fleet, With GOLDEN and with PURPLE twine I tie these bells about your feet. -WILLIAM Rosle BENET im? -.QI Q 1, , G NATIONAL SCHOLASTIC mass ASSOCIATION Volume XXI BLAIR COUNTY PRESS ASSOCIATION 1-. , ,J N N a'??w'1i'-- fiff ' 4,-4 .,"5h . I f V - t' 2 31 N Xi, if ur' I, W ' 33 vvlyk 2 gf ' , 5 H N" I ' P A' ff ' ' '22 we ' ' - fi 'WETEY5 5 J' Q35 Wg . :ful I K , . 5, f f , x 4, M, 1 t 55 3? L. f ff if 1 2 .1 S . X A , Q ,E Y Q 2 i rf , 2 5 3 2 kg mm' Cillag , ' " Q ' tb y is . 9 out -7551911 51111001 xi KX 'C nv f , Ai 15 nz, B . , xrrk Y 'S' '--.. J i h i l f LIS: -4'7 I R: 1 - R L' N xr V ' 1 BAL! nfl' Uhr Zffalrnn I know a falcon swift and peerless As e'er was cradled in the pineg N o bird had ever eye so fearless, Or wing so strong as this of mine. The winds not better love to pilot A cloud with molten gold o'errun, Than him, a little burning islet, A star above the coming sun. For with a lark's heart he doth tower, By a glorious upward instinct drawng N 0 bee nestles deeper in the flower Than he in the bursting rose of dawn. No harmless dove, no bird that singeth, Shudders to see him overhead g The rush of his fierce swooping bringeth To innocent hearts no thrill of dread. Let fraud and wrong and baseness shiver, For still between them and the sky The FALCON TRUTH hangs poised forever And marks them with his vengeful eye. -JAMES RUSSELL LOWELL or wo is A fc ,LJ 5? YSL I 'Ni l f I. 1? H To the Golden Eagles and their falconer, Mr. Kavel, the class of '38 respectfully cledicates its annual as a token of appreciation of the honor conferred upon the class by the Eagles in winning the Center County Conference Championship. WW? fa life W P COACH KAVEL ,LJ Mnlhvn Eaglvn KLM 7Qif57-if 57053942 fig! It will surprise many to learn that the art of falconry, or hawking, goes back to the remote and unwritten past. We have many proofs of this in the frescoes and sculptures of the early Egyptians and Persians. And in all the time that has passed since that early day there has never been a total lapse of the art 5 falconry has in every age been carried on in some part of the world. Ancient history is eloquent with the influence of the noble sport of hawking, the history of medieval Europe is richly col- ored with it, sixteenth and seventeenth century literature fairly abounds in passages concerning it, and the language of the day was so tinctured with the jargon of the hawkers that it is fair to conclude that, before men had knowledge of gun-powder and the fowling- piece, hawking was such a general practice as to be the principal means of obtaining wild game. At Flodden Field, gold carpeted for the meet- ing of French and English Kings, a falconry tournament was the high point of royal enter- tainment, and kings vied with each other in demonstrating the speed and obedience of their imperial gyrfalcons. Within the last twenty years there had been a great renascence of amateur falconry among the English, and some rather suc- cessful attempts have been made in America, particularly in the Genesee Valley, New York. Probably soon the bronze music of the falcons' bells will be heard in the United States as Amer- ican sportsmen and sportswomen train these sav- age birds in the aristocratic practice of taking game without firearms. . O F3 1 S t Y' a Q- K 0 E! -pfbelff' CLARK P. SKELLY mgraphy by Cuppef Principal WILLIS W. EISENHART Supu'ri11tc11dcnt WILBUR JOHNSTON Secretary LELIA SMITH -- r-M-on va. nfgqg E101 Secretary Ulgrnnv Svrhunl Enarh Name Term of Service DR. F. C. FARRAND CPresent presidentl .... ........ 1 7 years MR. R. A. MILLER fPresent secretaryl ..... ...,. 1 5 years MRs. E. S. HOOKER fRetiring memberj .... ..... 1 2 years MR A. V. VANNEMAN ...........,...... ..... 1 O years MR. J. F. SMITH ...... IO years MR. F. E. BARR ........ 9 years MR LUTHER WOOMER .... Z years MR. H. N. GLASS ....... 1 year Barr Farrand Vanneman Smith Glass Miller Woomer Hooker U 11 ilktrultg H a X vs . X Tlmxu snared: Fleck Lnrshnw Eckert First mu' xulmiirlgz Snyder Kloss Crawford Stewart Scrum! row smmling: Couch Hcmminger XVolfgang Cornmessel l L1-21 Igrnnv High Srhnnl Kg' X X x N, 19 I N X V J n SN x Myers Steigerwalt Bowman Billingsley Stonelwraker Barret Kavel Miller Kurtz Eble Hixson Grafius Shaffer M:1cDowell Daniels Moore Bloom Wilsrwn Lucas Piper LaI'orre Savage Heiss U31 Name BARRE'l"l", JEAN BILLINGSLEY, LEORA BLOOM, ROBERT L. BOWMAN, HELEN G. CORNMESSER, MARY Coucu, VERA CRAWFORD, DOROTHY D. DANIELS, JESSE EBLE, MARIE ECKERT, HAROLD FLECK, HAROLD GovE, DOROTHY GRAFIUS, MARY JULIA HEISS, RENETTA F. HEMMINGER, GAIL HIXSON, N. GRANT KAVEL, GEORGE Name Barrett, Jean Billingsley, Leora Bloom, Robert L. Bowman, Helen G. Cornmesser, Mary Couch, Vera Crawford, Dorothy Daniels, Jesse Eble, Marie Eckert, Harold Fleck, Harold Gove, Dorothy Grafius, Mary Julia Heiss, Renetta F. Hemminger, Gail Hixson, N. Grant Kavel, George Kloss, Elizabeth Kurtz, Marjorie iliarnlig Residence Brookville, Pa. Grove City, Pa. Tyrone, Tyrone, Pa. Pa. Bellwood, Pa. Vandergrift, Pa. Tyrone, Pa. Tyrone, Tyrone, Tyrone, Tyrone, Tyrone, Pa. Pa. Pa. Pa. Pa. Martinsburg, Pa. Altoona, Pa. Greencastle, Pa. Huntingdon, Pa. Tyrone, Degrees ILS. B.S. B.S. A.B. B.S. A.B. B.S. B.A. B.S. B.A. M.A. B.A. BS. B.S. FLA. M.A. A.B. A.B. M.A. B.S. B.S. M.A. BS. R.N. AB. Pa. Subjects Taught Music Shorthand Typing Geography English Geography Library Science History Manual Training French History Mathematics Mathematics Art History Bookkeeping General Math Bookkeeping Tvpimz Mathematics Mathematics School Nursing Latin English U41 Alma Mater West Chester State Teachers College New York University Grove City College Shippensburg State Teachers College Barnard College Indiana State Teachers College Pennsylvania State College Bucknell University Wilson College Valparaiso University Pennsylvania State College Columbia University Gettysburg College New York University Ohio University Pittsburgh University Columbia University University of Pittsburgh Irving College Susquehanna University Juniata College Pennsylvania State College Carnegie Institute of Technology mints Extra Curricular Activities Directing Girls' Glee Clubs Assisting Bisignis Club Directing intramural sports Coaching Junior Varsity basketball Directing Spokesman Staff Acting as business manager for all drama- tic productions. Serving as dean for eighth grade. Directing Freshman Play. Advising Tri-Hi-Y Directing French Club Assisting in coaching Junior Varsity football Directing orchestra. Assisting with band. Directing Boys' Glee Club. Counseling Hi-Y Directing Art Club. Assisting with Falcon. Acting clean for sophomore class. Assisting dean of sophomore class Assisting Bisignis Club Advising Bisignis Club Directing school bank Cheerleading. Acting dean for junior class. Coaching athletes ffootball and basketball! Directing Red Cross Name KLoss, ELIZABETH KuRTz, MARJORIE LA PORTE, KARL E. LATSHAW, HAZEL LUCAS, NANCY JANE MAC DOWELL, SAIR MILLER, WARREN E. MooRE, MINNIE R. MYERS, MARIE PIPER, MARGARET SAVAGE, GRACE SI-IAEEER, DONALD W. SI-IOLLENBERGER, CARL SNYDER, CLEADETI-I V. STEIGERWALT, STANLEY STEWART, NADINE STONEBRAKER, MERLE WILSON, LILLIAN WOLFGANG, RALPH M1111 Name Degrees LaPorte, Karl E. B.S- Latshaw, Hazel A.B. Lucas, Nancy Jane A.B. MacDowell, Sair A.B. Miller, Warren E. B.S. Moore, Minnie R. A.B. M.A Myers, Marie B.S. Piper, Margaret A.B. M.A Savage, Grace B.S. Shaffer, Donald W. B.S. M.A Shollenberger, Carl A.B. M.A Snyder, Cleadeth V. A.B. Steigerwalt, Stanley B.S. Stewart, Nadine A.B. Stonebraker, Merle B.S. Wilson, Lillian A.B. M.A Wolfgang, Ralph A.B. Eliarultg Residence Tyrone, Pa. Warriors Mark, Pa. Tyrone, Pa. Martinsburg, Pa. Philipsburg, Pa. Tyrone, Pa. Tyrone, Pa. New Holland, Pa. Newport, Pa. Tyrone, Pa. Altoona, Pa. Mercersburg, Pa. Alma Mater Breslau University Hamot Hospital, Erie Juniata College Juniata College Juniata College American University Juniata College Franklin and Marshall College Pennsylvania State College Shippensburg State Teachers College Juniata College Pennsylvania State College Tennessee College Shippensburg State Teachers College Tyrone, Pa. Carlisle, Pa. Tyrone, Pa. Birmingham, Pa. Tyrone, Tyrone, Tyrone, Subjects History English Pa. Pa. Pa. Taught Duke University Oberlin College Juniata College Muhlenburg College Brenau College Bucknell University Bucknell University Juniata College Extra Curricular Activities Coaching Junior Varsity football General Science English Salesmanship Jr. Business Training Mathematics English English Civics English Home Economics English Health Physical Education History Civics Chemistry Physics Physical Education History Biology Economics .Sociology llfl Coaching debaters. Acting dean for fresh man class. Directing Senior Play Coaching forensic aspirants Advising Hi-Y. Assisting with Falcon. Assisting with Freshman Play. Directing Falcon activities. Assisting with Commencement Program. Advising Tri-Hi-Y Assisting with Freshman Play Coaching debaters Assisting with Commencement Program Directing intramural sports Coaching Track Team Acting as manager of athletics Coaching Track Team Acting dean for senior class. Directing School Band. Serving as Hi-Y adviser. Directing girls' intramural sports. Advising Tri-Hi-Y Assisting Athletic Coach Directing Science Club Directing Boys' Glee Club. Directing Com- mencement Activity. Of the hundreds of lzinds of hawks, only eertain ones possess the eoinhina- tion of qualities neeessary for the beautiful and rolnantie sport of faleonry. A hawlz. rnust he at onee kind and fierce, it must be able to stand the Change of eliinate of its owner's Country, it nznst be strong enough and swift enough to orertalze and strilze down its quarry, and intelligent enough to be able to unlearn inueh of its native lzinowledge. These qualities are possessed by only about a dozen species, belonging to two groups or genera-the true faleons, of the genus Faleo, or long-winged hawles, and the short-winged group of forest-hawks known as "Aeeipiters." The peregrine is the only faleon proper found all over the world. There is no other bird with sueh a cosmopolitan range. It is found on both sides of the Equator, throughout the entire world, nearly to the Aretie and Antarctic' eireles. It is natural, then, that this should be the falcon of faleons and known to all ages of nzan as a traetable and capable help in his search for food, for faleonry was at first a Very praetieal and eeen sordid pursuit, only later-nzueh later- lzeeoining the sport of the privileged classes. QW' Q00 CN' 96 -A! 9' K 0 ' WX' ,QW Q9 5109 , 5 wx' 5+ Q5 YfxSQ'PN5 5466 vvas wil According to tbe "Boke of St. Albans," publisloerl about 1486, tbe kinds of bawlzs apparently used by tbe various elements in Englisb society are given as follows: ' Emperor so,s .e ,oo,o,,s, as ,S ,os,,s,s,....s,ss7,..,,,.ss,s....A.,s Eagle King S oee.oe. ,.,....s . Gerfaleon and tiercel of gerfalcon Prince o,.oo, on,.7o7,s F aleon gentle ana' fiercil gentle Duke ,eeee.. ,ee,e Y ee,ee,e A e,ee.e.ee,ee,e. . e.,,eeR0ck falcon Erle e,ee,e ,e S .,,,..,,ee,..,,. S ..,,..... Peregrine Baron v,ee.ee,ee v,.,ee,.e e ,,..,ev,.,.. . Bastark Knigbt e,e,,e,, ,,,.. ,e,,e , S acre and saeret Squire eee,,. . , e... e,,e L anare and lanret Lady ,e,,e , e..e,,, ,, ,.,,e,, ,,e,,,, M ezlyon fMerlinj Young Man eeeeee A e.e.ee,e .....,ev,...eeee,, eee. H 0 bby Yeo man ,e,.,e,, .,,e,.,A,..,,.,, G osba-wk PUOYIIZLIIZ , , , ..,,,,, ,,..,,,e,,,.e.ee T ezeett Priest eee,,,e,,e,ee,.. ., .,ee,e. ,e.. , e.e,e,,,Ae,.e,ee,ee,.., S parrowbawk Holywater Clerk S. ,..,e, ..,ee,ee,. . .e.e,ee,e.,...,.,e,...,e e , Muskayte -Louis AGASSIZ FUERTES i171 . nv -.DJ ,M K ' "ff gig, ev V39 5 Alma Mater Ours is a school to love, Loyal by her we'll stand Mountains tower over her, Solemn and grand, Long may they reign above, Those Alleghenies fair, May they ever shelter thee, Dear, old Tyrone High! v When we grow old and gray Mem'ries will linger stillg Happy hours we've spent with thee Their mission shall fulfill, Life will be sweet and fair, joy will awake anew, May we ever faithful be, Dear Alma Mater true! r Two nanzes have grown up beside each other in our language. "Hawk," was the Anglo Saxon name for Ihr- aerial pirate fhaf terrorized the poulfry yard, while a "Falcon" was this same bird, trained, hooded, and perehed on the mailed glove of a Norman Knight. Despite this dijerenee in terminology, the fwo birds are the same creature, with the same mag- nijieenf eourage, the same commanding eyes, and fhe same razor falons. A Iruly noble bird. U31 Economics Class 011215555 Upper Group-Sewing Class Luwur Group-Manual Training Class Photography by Cupper l 191 AURAlNlD, MARIE GLADYS Ulee Club '36, '37, '38, French Club '37, '38, My, hut we wish we till coulil he As sweet limi clreerfiil its Marie! BARR, RICHARD E. Difk Glue Club '38, Spokesman Stuff '36, Football '36, '37, '38, l31lI1Ll '36, '37, '38, Hi-Y '37, '38. Dick will he rnixseil when he is gone, Built with lmiins to match the Immun BEAM, LOIS V. 'Bim Glue Club '36, '37, French Club '38. Laughing, happy, 11e1'e'r grim Brimful of life :mtl pep is "l3im." BERKSTRESSER, RUTH R. 'Klllhie Ulee Club '36, '38, French Club '37, '38. Ruth'x smile and wonlx are very rare, But, oh, so lovely, when they're there. BONSELL, MILDRED ISABEL Clue Club '36, '37, '38. Mighty gooil sport ix our "Millie, But, oh, that giggle is so silly. BURKETT, REBA H. x Reserved und :wi ' this one,l But yet she's L1 'as 'Qfor BURNS RA L ' ' Glue Cl i - r e 'J' -36 33' . . tw ' , u S ' ki catafl ' e" o she can he BUTTERBAUGH, GEORGE C. Hi-Y '36, '38, Football '36, '37, '38, Track '37, '38, French Club '37, Olee Club '36, '37, '38, Guess what it is that strikes us funny! But it's our center's nickname, "Sonny" AMMERMAN, MALCOLM JAMES Shari Glue Club '36, '37, '38, Football '36, '37, '38, Basketball '36, '37, '38, Truck Mighty on the football held, l'37, '38, French Club '37, Hi-Y '38. A hoy like "Shan" will never yield, ANDERSON, DOROTHY JANE D01 Glue Club '35, '36, '38, Tri-Hi-Y '38. Don't you think her smile is winning? Antl she's Ll girl who's always grinning. Sv P II i n ANDREWS, I. MARIE Hel-'y Glue Club '36, '38, Spokesman Staff '36, jr. Red Cross '36, '37, '38, Tri- , Muylve she's too hind of chatter, fHi-Y '37, ',38. 1 Anil yet, that really shoultln't matter. 5 AULTS, RODMAN D. 'Roddy Football '37, '38, Bisignis Club '37, '38, Senior Play '38, 1 Rather small and always funny, A liiil whose smile is very sunny. AYERS, SAMUEL E. Sum Football '36, '37, '38, Track '36, '37, '38. Strong tmtl silent, trietl tmtl true, A footlvoll mon u gootl one, too. BATHURST. ROBERT A. Bal: Glee Club '36, '37, '38, Band '36, '37, '38, Orchestra '36, Student Council '38, French Club '37, '38. "Btmil's rhe thing" for which he goes, Right ltetimly tloes he tlo his "lvlou's." BELIN, HELEN 'Bridget' Glen Club '36, '38. Hull all she leiirnetl lveen from ii hook, "Bridget" timiitl not he such ii cook. 13,436 ' MQ 'I BOAL, DOROTHY ELIZABETH 'Belly Glue Club '36, '38, Bisignis Club '37, '38, Jr. Red Cross '38. Betty's not too fond of wortls, Being more often seen than heartl. Millie dated. Sonny 5 CASSIDY, LA RUE ELIZABETH Glee Club '36, '37, '38, Operetta '37, French Club '37, Tri-Hi-Y '37, '38. P Laughing, talking, never hlue- Can anything annoy La Rue? n COX, WILLIAM R. C axie Spokesman Stnff'36, '37, Band '36, '37, '38, French Club '37, Hi-Y '37, '38. i With his cheerful grin and ready uit, Can "Coxie" help but make a hit? I1 CUPP JAMES ' , jim I, Football '37, '38. just a boy u'ho's full of vim - 5 Could we forget our peppy "Jim"? CUPPER, JACK B. jggk Glee Club '38, Falcon Staff '38, French Club '37, '38, I-li-Y '38. jack's a laughing, clever, handy lad, Can't blame him if his jokes are had. DANIELS, ALICE LOUISE Tanny Glee Club '36, '37, '38, Operetta '37, Library Staff '36, '37, '38, Student Council '36, '37, junior Red Cross '36, French Club '37, '38. A lassie infinitely "milky" Dependable and somewhat "cocky" DAVIS, MARY A. Ag Glee Club '36, '37, '38, Falcon '38, Oper- etta '37, French Club '37, '38, Tri-Hi-Y '37, '38. Mary always has a song, Dehonair the whole day long, DICKSON, SARA LOUISE Sally Cvlee Club '37, '38, Operetta '37, Tri-I-li-Y '37, '38. She's a most provoking tease, Does her hest, and aims to please. ENGELMAN, ELEANOR ANNE Glee Club '36, '37, '38, Operetta '37, French Club '37, '38, Tri-Hi-Y '37, '38. Eluano'r's the fairest posey E'er to make the dull days rosy. Dot's a tile bus hae.: Et r su ee of glee DAUGHERTY, RICHARD Dick Senior Play '38. ' Dick's one with whom just silence rates. Don't bother rllim, he concentrates! - I . N dl' X" N" I' u' V "I 'A ' rl ., if ,J .7 . su Am' , E Bets V I JN l 4 . clfqeqb X aj ,131 'sskftafm Club '36, '37, HX , ' j., X Belty's helvl is made of gold, rlDoj1.frt't,,bt'er pour or scold. xy' ECKERT, CONSTANCE HELEN Glee Club '36, '37, '38, Senior Play '38, Operetta '37, French Club '37, Tri-Hi-Y '36, '37, '38. Connie loves her fun and dancing, Every moon finds her romancing. EVANS, JONELLE B. Glee Club '36, '37, '38, Operetta '37, Tri- Hi-Y '38. just a lass, bored with it all, Ever wishing some one tall. , Dot FAUST A A RIE -' Am, e b al ' ' xg 's ' ,'38. e r sh n gh at oth r olks FINK, TELFORD, ., J . Falcon Staff '38, French Club '37. 'lJ""1af"'w'iie?'7+7w??"" Tyrone High will miss "Mike" Fink, For he's a lad who stopped to think. Mike Flwgggnc OLYN A LL AJ ,I3'h"' ld lld ll Z 7 n eca e sma , . igbcmdheibdgef 'Lf' ,Zo-oxnc 1, If 1' V ' . '-p,,Lwv X NV ,Ui-' Q FOXVLER, RCYNALU 7'0I1jf Football '36, '37, '33, l3z1sl4etb:1ll '36, nfls 6, '37g . , Hi-Y '3l'3. Rm111ie's Sluikusjruure is atrocious P Fmntlmll, rhmigh wliy l1u's lcr1ici6lG3r'v'C!G I, Y V . It FRANTZ, JOY E. l V MT . Glcc Club '36, '37, '38, I joy by mitme, .luy by mum Fvicmlly, smiling, uluuys gaim. U FRIDAY, DOROTHY MAE Ipollic' 1, Glcc Club '36, '37, '3i'3, Senior Flay '38, Frencb Club '37, '38, Tri-Hi-Y '3f3. Do! is Hicmlly, suwut, mul cliucrful, f . Full offxni mul iiuwr tearful. Fi GARDNER, THELMA ELIZABETH Skill!!-I' Ulce Club '36, '37, '33, Opercttu '37. Ti Thi-limi likes Ilia lumllxmnu lluls Guts llium um, just lvy rlw "snails," GINTER, IIliI.lfN JANE Gilllly Glec Club '36, '37, '38, Frencb Club '37, '3B. Hu1'e's u spun lmtli ITHL' mul fine- cITlYl11l'lI,Lf, luippy all tlie time. HAGG, FRANCIS X. Frmlrie l-:1tin Club '36. "Fmm'iu" is quiet, calm, mul slly. Hu will sncceunl, fivr lic will try. J J 5 . -1 Y N5 4 J AL'y,kldgkcr1' y' . mf 'f .J NF, on ' :iff ' , 'b rlencling '36, '37, '38 is' 1 Clu '37f'l Tri-Hi-Y'37,'38. H' Q , nyuu ucullXrll1ispap tor? X' "Huy! gflclwt big" tu suit our "Dim" l HARRIS, S. JUSTIN lily Fmml '37, '38, Orcbestru '38, Student Council '36,'37,Frencl1 Club '37, Hi-Y '36. justin in his quiet way Helps tu ilriu' the glfmm away. M HAAG, JOHN if. 1.1.-if Band '36, '37, '38, Orclicstrn '37, '33, Senior Flay '38. just fi lmy with plain guml scnsi His mental pmlvrs ure imniunsc HALQERMAN, noius 1. lsnggy Glue Club '36, '37, '3S, Student Council '37, '38. Dear In vmmy liucirrs is Doris, Her miturc is nut um' lo lim-u ns HARPSTER, GENEVIEVE Gt'lIIIy Glen: Club '36, Bisignis Club '36. GC7IU1'lL'l'L', zllrlwugli sl1e's sliy, Has L1 smile that makes gloom fly. I-IICKS, ALICE ELIZABETH Ptkllllll Glue Club '36, '37, '38, Library Staff '34. A playful girl is i'PCll71HI" Hicks Hur spwrkling eyes l7L'ITLlj' lief tricks. l HITCHINGS, HELEN NORMA Ngrnl Glee Club '36, '37, '38, Falcon Staff '38. 'lNUT1Il'S" li 5f14LlL'1lI fl'LTUll,Ql7. aml tl11ougl1--- Helpful, kind, and wer mic. HOFFNlAN.fLLlNE ELI ,. BETH Didzl Psisignis Club '36. ' L ' S C ' just a czmws , as 1 idgf , I V f- aff.. Her ' dd 'jDidd.' f HOOVER, BETTY JA , I " gf' Ballina Tri-l-li-Y '37, '38, Commercial Club '36, '37. Bellu,flmtc's loss is Ty'rone's gain, Hurds to girls like Betty June. HOOVER, VIOLET MILDRED Illillie Glue Club '36, '37, '38, Frencb Club '37, '3S. Many girls lwrc envy "Millie" Happy always, but not silly. ,I-Q 6 . A . 'M J, IGQU, ROBERT M." ' C, I' ,fr Rohgt hafbillade himself a name, -f ,, ,Y ., JOHNSTON, FLORENCE LADEAN Falcon Staff '38. Fine, though hashful, is our "Flo"- Just ci girl who hates much "show" KAUP, RICHARD F. Kicks if football news is had. CHARLES Charles is, so we have heard, Kind in thought and deed and word KERLIN, KIMBERLING, VELMA PEARL Tools Glee Club '37. Velma's 71015 one to complain - Kind and sweet in sun or rain KIRK, IJONALIJ Don Football '37, '38, Track '37, '38, Glee Club '38. Did we have foothall every day, Kirk still would fight through every play. LARGENT, ROBERT RICHARD Glee Club '36, '37, '38, Falcon Staff '38, Football '36, Mat Squad '37, '38. Right here we give a cheer for "Peepee"-- Lively, quick, and never sleepy. LITTLE, MARTHA HELEN Toe Glee Club '36, '37, '38g Operetta '37: Cheerleading '36, '37, '38, French Club '37, '38. My! When anyone says go, Lightning is the word for "Toe" LYKENS, JACK Ginger Jack is giddy, so uie've heard- Loves to go to Philipsburg. LYONS, ETHEL MAE Sis Glee Club '36, '37, '38, French Club '37. Ethel's one who never talks. Lovely! Ethel gives "no-knocks." MANNINO, VICTOR Victor's on a no-talk dietA Modest, shy, reserved, and quiet. MCCANNS, ELIZABETH MARIE Belly Glee Club '36, '37, '38. Elizabeth makes so little sound Most folks aren't aware when she is around. oil-'..c1u3j3s, Football '36, '37, '38,T1'.aQk,'37, '38, Red Cross 36. 'v .jp fbotlvall and gIEEAglul5 lie his fame. Glee Club '36, '37, '38, Spokesman Staff'38g Right here we have a Spokesman lad Bob 9 P Flo 11 i IJ Dirk 1' 5 Band '37, '38, Orchestra '38 v Dearon KIMME L, MYERS PUTMAN Track '36, '37, '38, Band '36, '37, '38g Or- chestra '36, '37, '38, Hi-Y '36, '37, '38. Myers is not classed among the "cranks"g "Kills" his classmates with his pranks. KIRKPATRICK, ELEANOR R. Kirk Glee Club '36, '37, '38. Eleanor's smile, so sweet and rare, Kindles fire in her bright hair. LIST, JOHN CHARLES JR. lark Glee Club '36, '37, '38g Band '36, '37, '38, French Club '37, Just our unassuming Jack Likes to stay well in the back. LITTLE, JANE MAXINE Muxs Glee Club '36, '37, '38g French Club '37, 38. Maxine's name suits not at all- , Little girls are never tall. will ME RITT , :Ice C 1 . ,R38, cl ri-Hi-Y or hy than play MILLER, RUTH N. Boots Ulce Club '35, '36. Right often, though, her tales are tall, Makes l'lL'TXL'lf'Ll friunil tu all. MOORE, DONALD F. Prsr French Club '37. Dmi's ii hal who does his lvvst Mi:rit's not the name of "Pt-st." MOYIER, EIJMUND lfzlzliz' Falcon Staff '38, Football Mgr. '37, '38, Asst. Basketball Mgr. '36, '37, Hi-Y '37, '38. Eililufs a Wil and likes to tease, Many girls he aims tu please. NICCONAIIY, HAROLD R. 5 Ulee Club '36, '37, '38, Senior Play '38, French Club '37, '38, Hi-Y '37, '38, Hariilil's final uf resolutiim, P Mystery stories, ami suliitiims, NIUCUY, NIARY FVIfI.W'N Ifbb-1' "Ehhy's" not it girl to worry . Makes very little fuss or flurry. I McNEAI., MARILYNN LOUISE Alirkii' n Glue Club '36, '37, '38, Tri-I-Ii-Y '36, '37, '38, Operetta '37, Student Coun- Many ,flilks are jimil of "Miclcie." lcil '36. 1' My, that line of hers is tricky! NIENGFI., AILEFN JEANNE 5 Student Council '36, French Club '37, '38, Tri-Hi-Y '37, '38. A girl who really likes her fun, li Mighty jew things leaves undone. MILLER, CATHERINE MONTEREY Glue Club '36, '37, '38, Falcon Staff '38, French Club '37, '38, Tri-Hi-Y '36, '37, '38. Can we forget this lively lassie, Merry, industrious young "Cassie" MOIST, DOROTHY JEAN Dolfy Glcc Club '36, '37, '38, Tri-Hi-Y '37, '38. "Dany" lvlushes fiery reil, Mean things always leaves unsaiil. MOORE, HOWARD M. Hour! Band '36, '37, '38, Glcc Club '37, '38, Student Patrol '37. "Hiiwil's" a lail who lows his fan Makes friemls with 'most everyone, NEARHOOF, BETTY M. Glec Club '36, '37, '38, Opcretta '37. Betty hates much fuss or noise, Never mingles with the lwys. NEARHOOF, HAROLD L. Nz'in'lJoof Glue Club '36, '37, '38, Spokesman Staff '37, '38, Student Council '38, Hi-Y '38. He wmilil talk himself ileliriuus, Nice when silly, or when serious. UAKXVOOD, RUBY R. Glcc Club '36, '37, '38, Spokesman '36, '37, '38, Frcncb Club '37, '38, Tri-Hi-Y '38. Ruby hasn't much to say, Or ilriesn't say it, anyway. OBFRLY, MARJORIE LUCILLE Glue Club '36, '37, '38, Spokesman '36, '37, '38, French Club '37, Tri-Hi-Y '37, '38. Milrjiirie enjoys her fun, Ohliging is to eiierymic. PARSONS, SAMUEI, Sum Cvlee Club '36, '37, '38, Football '36, '37, '38, Basketball '36, '37, '38, Hi-Y '36, '38, Such a lively football hack Pcppy, sure, and quick to act. Q PLUMMER, MARIAN ADELAIDE Toodles Senior Play '38, Cvlee Club '37, '38, Falcon Staff '38, Bisignis Club '37, '38. P My, such neatness and such care! Pretty smile and flaming hair. 11 PRICE, JAMES E. Cookie . Cvlee Club '36, '37, '38, Track '36, '37, '38, Basketball '36, Football '36, I Just a ready man, and rough- l'37, '38. Pleases girls with cave-man stujf n RHODES, WILLIAM Red 1' With girls he's shy, and that's a shame, "Red" seems to get there just the same. 5 RIGGLE, HELEN LENORE Ri I gg Cvlee Club '36, '37, '38, Falcon Staff '38, Senior Play '38, Bisignis Club '37, Here's a girl whose smile's "delicious", I:'38. Ready, willing, and ambitious. RISHELL, LA VERNA R. Sue Leaves nothing to be sad about, Glee Club '36, '37, '38, Operetta '37, Right good sport, and gadabout. I GER, Ann l e u 36- oyi gs just e rcan Ether patient "Ann." SEARER, ENID MAE Everyone admires our "Een", SEYMOUR, JAMES M. French Club '37, '38. Jolly is the word for lim- SHAF FER, BETTY JANE "Bet" is quiet hut not cold. She's a home girl we've been told. SHEA, ALICE LORRAINE Glee Club '38, French Club '37, '38, Tri-I-Ii-Y '36, '37, '38. A nickname more like "Pen," we think, Suits Alice, for she takes to "Ink." SHILDT, BERNARD Track '37, '38. Bernard's always shy in classes, Swell sport when among the masses. SHIVELY, WILLIAM S. Glee Club '38, Football '36, '37, Basketball '36, Hi-Y '36, '37, '38. Would you think to see that grin Such gravity could be within? 37, '38, Een Glee Club '36, '37, '38, Operetta '37, French Club '37, '38, Tri-I-Ii-Y '38. So few much nicer have been seen. Jim Glee Club '36, '37, '38, Spokesman Staff '36, '37, '38, Cheerleading '36, '37, '38, So active, quick, and full of vim. Bel Al Doc ROBERTS, MILDRED Millie Cvlee Club '36, '37, '38, Spokesman Staff '38, Bisignis Club '37, '38. Mighty talker and a "cut-up," Rarely stops unless she's shut-up. RUSSELL, Y. LOUISE Glee Club '36, '37, '38, Spokesman Staff '36, '37, '38, Student Council '38, French Club '37, '38. La Yvonne is temperamental Rather than too sentimental. SEVEL, HELEN ANN Senior Play '38, Tri-I-Ii-Y '37, '38. How we shall miss our little Sevel! Smiling, frank and "on the level." SHAFFER, LAURA ANNA Latin Club '36. A jolly, laughing, friendly "gal"- Simply swell to have for a pal. Q SIIUIQY, EllCilfNE Gem' Spoliesmzili Stull' '37, '33, Hi-Y '3S. P Eugene'x ii mlm ulw lions to filcuse, Siiuu' unil 7lL'1'4."l' ill ut eiixu. ll siniiav, LA Rini L f ,ig ' Louglix ln-iirlily ivlien sim-rl-il pil' I I Sl1u's one Il1LlI nuwv' is oiitsniiwteil. 'Nl ' 11 SHUl.'l'Z, L. iiomzirr X W?" A Bob . Really scientific niiml 7 . 'l 1 Stuiulier lull you eiinnot find. ' I 5 smiiii, Mfuijoniu KALSTROM 7 l l ' f Aim-gi' Bisignis Club '37, '38, High School Bunk sbioupb. A111 Margie likes to iloncc and play, ,I 75" ' ' Sl1c'x so lively ilnil so gtljl. I, 1 ,ll i 1 , iq l SMITH, ROBERT E. Boogie Glee Club '36, '37, '38, Mat Squad ' '37, '38, Band '36, '37, '38, Orchestra '36, '37, '38, Rates very high with all the girlj So nice-looking with those curls. sm' , .1.vAffylQA reQNtz1 -1 A njlg s quite p'rm'oking Slater, ut doesn'r cure for joking. i STOVER, DRUCIE MARDELL Merry songxtur, singing sweetly, SNYDER., WINIFREID PAULINE Glee Club '35, Operettn '37. Winnic's got get-up and go -V Sulilom quiet, ricver slow. STEELE, SAMUEL A. Red Football '36, '37, '38, Glee Club '36, Track '38, See ii num who keeps his class Still uniting for that touelulown pass. Clee Club '36, '37, '38, Spokesman Stuff '38, Senior Play '38, Tri-Hi-Y '3 m Stuulx the ludiliex' heimx completely. THOMPSON, HAROLD P. Cvlee Club '37, Student Council '36. Hure's u nice young spelling fan, Thou fh l1u'x 'uxt ii "one iirl num." A l-. THOMPSKYN, HELEN JANE Glue Club '36, '37, '38, Bisignis Club '37, '38. Helen is lmtll sweet unil kind, Tliouglt a more timid girl you cannot fiml. TOXVER, RUSSELL Russ is good at work UT play Thinks rl1urc's no cur like Model A. l P , u ky Perl: I Russ 36, ub 37, ' gnis Club '37, x. SNX'l3ER, ALBERT E. T001 F13Q7g ' 1512, -38: 37, '38. All-star, Llll-CITOIHILI ut ere: A Speedy half-lvaek thot SNYDER, ELXVOOD Clliilk Hi-Y '37, '38, Cleo Club '36, '37, '38, Stu- dent Patrol '37, '38, Student Council '38. Elwooil ix, as you all know, So mueli the moilern Romeo, s'rAN1.m'. EVELYN JANE "' sun Gm Club '37, Gs. just iz reuse, ue lniw been rolilA Smiling sport ivirh lmir of gold. STEXVART, MILDRIZD MARGARET Cvlec Club '36, '37, '38, Spokesman Stull '37, '38, Senior Play '38, French Club '37, '38, Tri-Hi-Y '37, '3S. Milil1'u4l's ,Emil of lvooks unil drcimiing, Singing, und, or some times, screaining. WALKER, FRED Logan .Glee Club '37, '38, Fred's the lad behind the grin, Will have his girl friends tall and thin. WERTZ, WILLIAM Bill Glee Club '37, '38, Senior Play '38, Hi-Y '37, '38. When Billy leaves the high school scene, Won't things seem quiet and serene? w1LLiAMs, E. BERNICE zen, Glee Club '38, Spokesman Staff '38, Fal- con Staff '33, Senior Play '38. Energetic little worker- Winning ways, and not a shirlcer. fe'fe?,,ii?,f5ff2 Q Z ' and nstration, Works hard o ' ov c tion. l i TROXELL, MARIE LOUISE Troxie Q Glee Club '36, '37, '38, Spokesman Staff '36, '37, Senior Play '38, Tri-Hi-Y Marie is noisy, never hushes, l'37, '38. P Thinks it's awful when she lvlushes. WAITE, DOROTHY LOUISE Dee n Cvlee Club '36, '37, '38, Falcon Staff '38, Mat Squad '37, Tri-Hi-Y '38. O "Dee's" a girl with lots of vigor- I Works very hard, is always eager. WAITE, RICHARD LEROY Dick n L-f,,f.f exert? d'nd"quiet,. t quick: 1. L' hiv, omf do' ther "Dick,QQ . - ' J WAITE, ROY M. Wuily 5 Cvlee Club '36, '37, '38, Roy has friends and friends galore, Wears a smile that wins him more. WARRENDER, RUTH ISABEL Glee Club '36, '37, '38, Tri-I-Ii-Y '37, '38, Ruth's a girl who just won't frown --- Won't let anything get her down. WHITE, KATHLEEN Kaibie Glen: Club '36, '37, '38. "Kathie's" a lady and a student- Wise and witty, sweet and prudent. WILLIAMS, MARY JANE Glee Club '36, '37, '38, Tri-I-Ii-Y '38. Merry, laughing, true, and fine, Weeping isn't in her line. Ianie Maw Y 'iv' W SON P A. Pbeetz A u . M Phws Won't change onee s ' a up d. ' ,,, We W SER, SA IZA o rj " rty s" fo ackin wise Willing, t , o compromise. YARNELL, WILLIAM H. Glee Club '37, '38, Football '36, '37, '38, Hi-Y '37, '38, When "Bump" starts out in work or play, You know he's going to win the day, YAUDES, P. RELDA Red Relda's a conservative, Yet freely of her time she'll give, X"UKELSON, HARRY Arfb Glee Club '36, '37, '38, Student Patrol '36, '37, '38, Student Council '37. - I, -eg , Bump Harry's quite the business man- Yes, he is an Economics fan. '38, ZINDIZI., VIVIAN Cilee Lfluh '30, '37, '33, Student Council '36, '37, Red Cross '38g Tri i Vigiwrcnizs imil lively "Vi1"' 'lust xliu luis to lmigli and live. IRVIN, ELM ER Zin Hllrmnrimn The Class of '38 is very sorry that illness forced Elmer to drop from its ranks in November 1937 and that death removed him from its midst on March 4, 1938. CHARLES WILLIAM GETZ Born Fehruary 7, 1920 Died july Il, 1935 fDeath was caused b y appendieitisj I love to think of my children whom Gnd has called tn himself as away at school atthe hest school in the universe, under the best teachers, learning the heat things, in the best possible mannerf- Bussuet i281 lgrnminmt Sveninrz E291 K il 4 Q 'r I ll If ku 1', I " U.. I J' , ,J X.. M if If I QI' W' . ' AL fir: ,' ff' 5 .gf U 'I rr 1' fu' ' 4 ' 7 . 1 1 ' 1 . If if 'Q' ' , a x'wf'x:,-.' i1'x',v'x 1 ' li fa I ni ffx 0 ny D ' r 4 sl 0 I P p 1 , A .,., i Juniata FIRST GROUP First Row: June Snyder, Laura Lykens, Betty Murray, Lois Phillips, janet Miller, Louise Westoii, Dorothy Peters, june Shultz, Edna Simondale, Alfreda Lytle. Second Row: Arlene Mosel, Joanne Miller, Elizabeth Schneider, Marie Roberts, Ethel Noel, Mary Mastrapaolo, Zenith Stauffer, Mary Stroup, Richard MacDonald, Edward Paulhamus. Third Row: Harold Nearhoof, Gerald Miller, Ruth Seater, Elinor Miller, Betty McKnight, David Ross, William Morrow, Lyman Miller, Adrian Snellbaugh, Victor Lykens. Fourth Row: Eugene Rogers, Charles Miller, Donald Neff, Edwin Magill, Reynold Shirk, Charles Mannino, Robert P. Miller, Robert H. Miller, Glenn Snyder. Fifth Row: Edward Rhoades, Richard Ormsby, Dale Richards, john Miller. SECOND GROUP First Row: Francis Lehner, Howard Havens, Stella Kerchner, Mary Heyl, Betty Cvarman, joan Ginter, Mary Ann Hall, Lois Huey, Peggy Glenn, Margaret Kaup, Charles Griffin. I Second Row: Louella Irvin, Dorothy james, Betty Garis, Claire Holly, Mary Louise Keatley, Mary Gates, Betty Igou, Shirley Hand, Mildred Kaspick, Philip Hagg, Ernest Ike. Third Row: Thomas Hostler, Robert Grazier, Elaine Hampton, Dorothy Keller, Margaret Hoover, Louise Ken- yon, Elmer johnson, Sidney Homan, Gerald Guyer. Fourth Row: Robert Givler, Paul jermino, Robert Kinch, Herbert Henderson, Thomas Grove, Dean Focht, Edward Hagg, Harry Hamer. i301 FIRST GROUP First Row: Betty Ammerman, Ardriene Batcheler, Ardis Cassidy, Agnes Brisbin, Ramona Albright, Hannah Calderwood, Helen Brown, jane Ammerman, Alton Ewing, Robert Bryan, Robert Brower. Second Row: june Daughenbaugh, Louise Fuoss, Margaret Burnham, Sara Burns, Martha Biddle, Clara Dixon, Elizabeth Black, Sally Conaghan, Gilbert Bryan, David Black. 'Third Row: Robert Diehl, Charles Fink, Louise Engelman, Betty jane Flenner, janett Charles, Margaret Boal, Roger Fernau, Jack Diehl, George Dickson, Sheldon Cooper. Fourth Row: Rocky Chiofer, Richard Dworsak, Bruce Carpenter, Robert Boytim, Ira Fisher. SECOND GROUP First Row: jean Wagner, Gloria Updilce, Agnes Miller, Mary Jane Steele, Mary Tahaney, Marcella Wills, Lor- raine Snyder, Mary L. Stine, Janet Tate, janet Rhoades, Marie Snyder. Second Row: Mary A. Stine, Dorothy Whren, Emma Wilt, Maryhelen Stewart, Marjorie Stratiff, Hilda Troxell, Lorraine Thompson, Loretta Wilson. Third Row: Earl Varner, Joseph Turnbaugh, Wenclel Thompson, Mary Ann Weikert, Peggy Wertz, Margaret Wise, Clifford Wilson, Charles Vogt. Fourth Row: Marlin Patterson, john Stitt, William Thompson, jack Watson. . -9 , j g pf 9' fa J - . XY Q W ,gif .ilumnra .,il,i'jS A , I . 1-' x',. i ,A 1 A-!'- Q .. 'x ' T311 .- .U it -. X . l 1 Q ix 'i .5 J- ,N I 1 tx' ef i x ii qu is xi Q 1' Ah I 1. rv ,f al! I ef V1 3 --! . . I ' f, .M 1 TW .J , , . , if - fm--f' , V, . -' '-4.1.13 ,.,- ya 51 , . f 1-.W ff---.mf --'-- --A -.v-',- ...-i-if 1 .-,LEE ,.,.....,, .... ...ML zu 'll-Ln 41? Qi YQ 7.1130 11, ,i',,,,,li1,f9,' gnm -V---7-Y-if f' 1' ll '- , ' FL W, 1 -M , I , 1 F E K l x J .i"7"b'f-:,,,LfL, .1 FIRST GROUP "j V - ' F' , ,-- ':,f , ,,x,J,,:L', y Firxt Row: Beryl Hilderbrand, Mary Grace Henninger, Marjorie Fisher, lvulou Fry, PklLlliHCV.1:1l'1DUOI'l,' Ruth Goodman, Helen Hull, George Givler, Earl Kaspick. ,,rV N ' K. .V 6 X , , V U 1 Second Row: Betty jane Haag, Emogene Kerlin, Evelyn Fetzer, Kathryn Glngerich, Dorothy Henderson, fane Gibboney, Marjorie Fink, Vernon Etters, Mike Evennach, Harold Grazier. , . H, n x 4 we Third Row: Alice Ewing, Betty Friday, Alma Iddings, Lenore Keith, Ruby lddings, Katherine Hagerman, Margaret Halleran, Robert lgou, john Hiller, Gilbert Fisher. ' , , ,fu , I, , . Fourth Row: George Foust, LeRoy Harper, jack Fetters, Dean Focht, Williiim Fleming, LeRoy Frantz, Francis Hardy, Charles Hamer, Frank jermino, Cecil Hoover. 1 ,fb . ,i -"- . 1 Fifth Row: Byron Foust, Dorothy Keller, Willis lrvin, Elmer Keith, Eugene Grazier, Clarence 1-lartsock. SECOND GROUP 1 ' , ug,-':1.gy 4. .f , '- t. . ' Fivst Row: lyiary Conaghan, Mary DeMario, Thelma Duff, Alma Dickson, Jeanne Blair, H,elen Biddle, Mary lt --ft ,ru L P' Lr--.. jane Andrew, Marjorie Butterbaugh, lane Beyer, Althea Carnes, Louise Dachenbach. ' ' - ' Second Row: Williaim Boytim, Anthony Castagnola, William Burns, Irvin Bennett, Dorothy Calderwood,Lnn1a' Dillon, Verna Burkett, Louise Bratton, Rebecca Biddle, Edith Caldwell, Mary Dannaway, Thomas Barnhart. ' ' ' Thinl Row: john Adams, joe Andrews, Daniel Bateman, Williani Anderson, Francis Bressler, Russell Cruik- F shank, Dean Cherry, Guyer Candy, David Barr. Fourth Row: james Colabine, Edward Duff, Robert Cowher, Robert l.. Ellenberger, Harold Beamer, Glenn 3- F ' Cowher, George Diehl, Charles DeMario, Williani Curry, Carl Burwell, Clarence Bell. Fifth Row: Shirley Bowser, David Duey, joseph Abramo, Frank DiMemmo, Paul Dysart, Dallas Brickley, Robert ff, E. Ellenberger, Harold Cowher, Bruce Benn, Donald Beyer, Edward Crain. ' , Q KL ., .. ' ' r ' r " JJ: f ' Muff' ' A AW Q7 f Svnphnmnrva , 1 i I gl! - A-.1 6- , ,,e1-.hx- I , 1 " L ' ' - U23 r DJ-M V. ONUX NP Y, . k2Lfze5Lzf:fg,f'!4lift-' , 121612 ' A? L ,H gig!! ff 'l J, " 401 4-f P e ' fl JI x Fmsr GROUP 7' First Row: loyce Miller, jean Leeper, Marjorie Magargel, Harriet Malaker, Elaine Price, lean Nearhoof, Marion Miller, Kurt Postreich, Samuel Miles, Robert Port. Second Row: Marian Riley, Shirley Miller, Audrey Mills, Lucy Patterson, Marjorie Michaels, Helen Mattern, Helen Mosel, Marjorie Mentzer, Margaret McCoy, Sara Lloyd, Floyd Nestlerode, LaRue Naylor, lane Ohrtman, Reed Miller, Gordon Lykens. :Third Row: Kenneth Little, Lorain Little, William McGovern, James Root, Mary Romano, Dorothy Miller, Magill, joseph Lightner. Fourth Row: Samuel Lombardo, Ronald McConahy, Foster Rinker, Russell Nearhoof, Alice Robison, Edward Magill, Allen Miller, Franklin Merritts, Donald Lloyd, Cliford Miller, Patrick Maschke. Fifth Row: jack Pearce, William Miller, lack Miles, Mike Patrick, Erwin Moseman, Ralph Romano, Delbert Lannen, Robert Lynn. d,3 etty Myers, Mary McNeel, Helen Miller, Louise Myers, Frances Rhoades, Hope Reed, joseph Radcliffe, Frank 5 wit SECOND GROUP First Row: Helen Wiser, Pauline Frantz, Vivian Woomer, Gladys Waite, Amber Way, Ruth Smith, Ardrienne Stroup, Naomi Smith, Pauline Shildt, Kathleen Shea, Betty Tate. Second Row: LaRue Thomas, Helen Warrender, Betty Woomer, Kathleen Singler, Betty Stewart, Helen Um- holtz, Charlotte Snyder, Miriam Sealfon, Jennie Simprose, Pauline Shaffer, William Sponsler, Lawrence Wood- ring, Pete Spanelli. Third Row: Dorothy Thompson, Helen Wilt, Betty Sheckler, Lewetta Snyder, Lois Stanley, Madeleine Smith, Marjorie Simondale, Clarence Frantz, Clifford Watson, Haydn Walk, Dean Schade, Marlin Patterson. Fourth Row: Pauline Wilson, Margaret Weaver, Alton Woodring,Joseph Smith, Samuel Study, Robert Wingate, Henry Woomer, Gwin Rumberger, Donald Patton, joseph Rozick. Fifth Row: Robert Stewart, Robert Stuart, james Wyland, William Shuey, Calvin Waite, Wayne Smith, Herbert homas, Robert Sweitzer. QNAAH ' U . 'ill tm A , K J' Mk ,..sex,,XX.X, vi x xx' k ' ,,f,,.u L ly , il .ilu , 1 s J ltf . 'xiii l O , api i ., P i . F fa . f if ls 1 lol 'l' .Q,Jlw-0-Q, ws ' L4 , fc. 'U lc" u F , g.,,, Cffkl- '1"" . s 4 , . , Ahramo, Mary Da 1, arty gate, Wlimani - lxorman, Williani Abrams, Cilenn Da T er , ber, I' 4 lirider, Ruth Albright, Merle De e X 4 'Nile' er, a iorie'l fi Krieger, Marjorie Ammerman, Franklin Del gio, e i ne W HQ: s, ilBaQJ , Kustenbauder, -lane Bailey, Dolores Diehl, Robert y ic .', Phyllii ' J Langenbacher, Duane Baker, Frederic Dunkel, Richard il bra , Chaney, Learner, Verna Barnes, Arthur Faken, Jane . f o , J Lewis, Ellen May llarto, Alberta Fckert, Harry an, aul' ,U l,ew1s,lohn ly 4.Batcheler, Frank ' Fllenherger, Vlfilliam ' o lglflarjotiel . lLew' rioii fl ,x,4!?Qate-man,'4Betty', Fwing, Marice 0 se Harold ng, lbert Lf' Bathurst, Marjorie Iiernau, Nancy Hong-a uther Long, G rtrude Beamer, Kenneth Fisher, Charles - lrloufserf auline Ljiaefsk ran-:es Benn, William l 4 X ' I uff, Boyd , ls in, George 1 Benton, Harold Fort ey, oretta ' , 5 lp.,vu, Gerald yfilhlas olo, P Bickel, Hays Forte, Delores N? wh lla , Anna ,-'JV M. tt , Lois, Bicleel, Mabel Friday, Lois X g l ' , Margaret ' ' ' nl es' Bloom, l-lowaril Fuoss, Leonard , l Nladvs -1 lvl' ' , lwar lloal, Miriam Furst, Russell 1 e' i ' t . cDer 't 'F Bressler, Rayma Lee ' Gardner, Nancy ',,, l ,V ' .1 ' ard ' - . . Briggs, Marjorie i Hates, Donald , loinson, .ri af Mcliin Brisbin, Genevieve ' n. 'mc Florenc lo ison, in lX'lCl1CCR.Rfl1lCEl I 4 Brisbin, Samuel, lr. lie Kat tn .Q X lohn. u Harry lengel, David i Buck, Mary lane Cii r, B ' lane lohnston, ortain . entzer, Lucille ' Burka, Rita til , 'irles X jones, Clara ,lane 1 errirts, Betty Burley, lean Ch ones, Dorothy 5 filler, Betty Burns, Velma U a us, 'hard ' spick, Isabel 'E ' T liller, Florence Butterbaugh, Dorsey R t e, Ro ert lxeatley, Robert - , l N3 Mogle, Byron Caflarelli, Rose Ci 1 X I 'eith, Arlene ', A , X Moist, Fred Camp, ,lune Lee tiunsa ' 'arriehelle J' Keith, Charles i X Q X Moist, Russell Catich, Stanley t shal , ary Alice 'eller, Betty XA NQQ Moore, Vivian Colitto, Helen Conway, Eilward Cox, ,lean Culver, Willizlnu Cunningham, Vffarren Dannaway, Samuel Davidson, Ciladys C Ha ii r n M -lane l' w rancis Har is, H ' art Ha. r, Muriel - l irlxpatrielt, Mary Margaret' Kelley, Norma i,-5 Keppler, Phyllis X Kirkpatrick, George linarr, William Kolessy, ,lohn fiaiiicliiiluil on Page 372 D41 'eller, Frances . " Q RQ! A l' lt 9 "li Morissey, Lois Morissey, Sue Moyer, Margaret Mulhollan, David Myers, janet Neathoof, Beatr' A Nearhoof, Rodne Ji A 0 ,iff i s - -az H Y Adams, Lee Albright, Betty Anderson, Edith Andrew, John Baer, Dorothy Betz, Geraldine Beyer, Allen Beyer, William Blair, Lillian Bloom, Genevieve Bollinger, Chester Bowman, Mabel Bowser, Christine Boytim, John Bradford, Margaret Brisbin, Helen Brisbin, James Buck, Charles Burka, Beatrice Burkett Charlotte Caldwell, Dorothy Cassady, Charles Castagnola, Joseph Catich, Alexander Celmo, Petro Chiampa, Josephine Chiofar, Mary Colitto, Josephine Cook, Thelma Cowher, Edward Cowher, Marie Culver, Mary Dawson, Mary Louise Dean, Catherine DelBaggio, Nunzie DeMario, Dominic Diaz, Angeles 3 ighih Mrahr I, .ff I fl' 1 1,111-ffv Diaz, Rosario Dickson, Charles Dickson, Paul DiMemmo, Carrie Duff, Evelyn Estright, Anna Evans, Ernest Femea, Paul Fink, James Fowler, William Friday, Russell Furst, Harry Gartner, Mary Jane Gates, Adelaide Gilbert, Julia Ann Ginter, Elmer Givler, Deeter Glass, Frances Goss, Myrtle Gray, Marietta Gunsallus, Howard Hampton, Janet Hannah, Josephine Hardy, Martin Hamish, Robert Henderson, Mary Hitchings, Mary Jane Holt, Kenneth Hoover, Ella Hoover, Janet Hopkins, June lgou, lsabella lke, Lester James, Suzanne Johnson, Robert Kanour, William Keefer, Clarence fConcluded Kennedy, LaRue Kerchner, Millie Kerlin, Ethel May Keys, Esther Korman, Eva Leeper, Norman Lightner, Anna Lombardo, Joseph Long, Richard Lykens, Eleanor Magill, Betty Mannino, Frances McCahan, Josephine lVlcCahan, Miriam McKinney, Alverda McKinney, Walter Meredith, Robert Miles, Kirby Miles, Robert Miller, Imogene Miller, Marie Miller, Zita Moore, Clarence Mowry, Richard Mulhollan, Edward Myers, Edward Myers, Frances Nearhoof, Clarence Nearhoof, Roberta Nea oof, Suzanne Nei , Dorothy Nestlerode, Helen Oswalt, Annabelle Parker, Elmer , Parker, Eugene Patterson, Edward Patton, Sara Jane on Page 371 Pine, Warren Pletz, Elaine Popovich, Nicholas Price, Albert Ray, Ruth Reed, Louise Reese, Charles Rhodes, Elvin Riggleman, Alice Riggleman, Margaret Robinson, Betty Robinson, Joseph Robinson, William Rossman, Francis Rumberger, Zilian Rupert, Tessie Schell, Jack Schopp, Richard Scordo, Mary Searer, Howard Shea, Stewart Shildt, Leroy Shildt, Robert Shollenberger, Edward Shroyer, Berman Shultz, William Simondale, Anna Jane Snyder, James Snyder, Jayne Snyder, Louise Snyder, Marjorie Spanelli, Lenore Stautfer, Lillian Steel, Boyd Stewart, Glen Stryker, Norman Summers, Jane 351 Sveuenth Mrahv Albright, Calvin Anderson, Harold llarnhart, jacqueline Bathurst, Alvin lleschler, Margaret Bowser, Earl Boyer, Sarah lloyer, Wilblir Bressler, Williani llurford, jane Burka, Polly Piurltett, Chalmer Calderwood, Dorothy Calderwood, Millard Calderwood, Robert Campbell, Richard Cannastraci, Andrew Celmo, Mary Charles, Robert Clark, Patty Clites, Esther Conaghan, Thomas Cowher, Donald Cowher, Donald Cowher, Robert Cox, Marilouise Cox, William Crain, james Damico, Antoinette Dannaway, George Davis, Mary DeArment, james Denny, Reginald Dickson, Earl Dougherty, Teddy Dressel, Carl Duey, Dorothy Ebersole, Betty Edmondson, Evelyn Elder, Carol Estright, Fred Evans, Sue Fink, john Fisher, Richard Forcey, Dorothy Forcey, john Franchio, Ardrienne Franchio, Louise Fuoss, james Getz, Elizabeth Getz, Richard Gill, Flo Gill, Louise Gillarn, Mary Givler, Vivian Glenn, james Goss, Marybelle Gregg, Sarah Gunsallus, james Hagen, janet Hale, Nellie Hall, Frances Hall, Max Hamer, Carrie Hample, George Hand, Ethel Harpster, janet Harrier, Nancy jane Harris, Helen Haverstine, Sara Henny, Elaine Hilderbrand, joyce fConcluded on U61 Hilderbrand, Norris Hoffman, Louise Holly, Virginia Ieraci, joseph lddings, james lgou, Eugene lsenberg, james james, Carolton jensen, Mary A. jermino, jennie Kauffman, Donald Kelley, Keith Kirkpatrick, Elmer Knarr, Eileen Knipper, Adaline Krider, Mildred Kustenbauder, Arids Kyper, Daniel Laird, Harry Langenbacher, Layne Lannen, Paul Lebkicker, jeanne Leeper, Mary Ann Little, Mellissa Longenecker, Williani Mannino, john Martin, Gloria Martz, Harry Mastropaolo, Frances Matteson, Donald McKinney, Gladys McKnight, Leona McLanahan, Gene Meckes, Daniel Mentzer, Margaretta Merritts, Frances Page 372 Merryman, Sylester Miles, Charles Miles, Karl Mingle, Bernard Mogle, Guy Moore, Helen Morrison, Marilyn Morrissey, Robert Myers, George Neil, Elizabeth Pannebaker, Robert Patterson, Ethel Patterson, Kermit Peary, Adair Piper, Robert Port, Lee Potaris, W'illian1 Price, Betty Price, Mary K. Price, Robert Quigley, Mary Anna Reese, Beatrice Rhoades, Dorothy Rossman, janet Seater, Richard Sevel, Bernard Shea, james Shirk, Irene Singler, Max Snyder, Cloyd Spanelli, Dolores Spicer, Axel Stanley, Thomas Steele, Lewis Stine, Donald Stine, Kenneth -1-. , Noel, Meryl Ohrtman, Fay Pannebaker, Mary Louise Parker, Robert Patterson, Vivian Patton, Mary jane Patton, Robert Peters, Florence Phillips, Harry Phillips, Robert Plumber, Vivian Pownall, ,lohn Price, David Reader, Roy Reed, Florine Reed, James Reese, Bettie Rhinesmith, Malcolm Rightnour, Betty Rinker, Ardis Robbins, Donald Roberts, William Robertson, Wallace Robinson, Grace Robinson, Loyal -Summers, Lucretia Summers, May Sweitzer, Paul Thomas, Dolly Thomas, Eugene Thomas, Lawrence Stiver, Viola Stonebraker, Ralph Stroup, Evelyn Stryker, Robert Summers, Alice Sweitzer, Frank Thal, Anna Mae Thomas, Marjorie Thomas, .Sara Thompson, Kathryn Trimble, james Ninth Chrahr fConcluded from Page 341 Robison, Wallace Rodgers, Anna Evelyn Rossman, Paul Royer, Priscilla Rozick, Mary Schmidt, Ross Schnellbaugh, Max Shellenberger, Richard Shildt, Ruth Shively, Betty Shoemaker, Harry Shoemaker, William Sickler, Mary Simparosa, Harry Singler, Reeder Skelly, Clark Smith, Lorma Snyder, Robert Snyder, William Snyder, William Stiles, Charles Stine, Raymond Stonebraker, Genevieve Sweitzer, Harold Eighth Chrahr !Concluded from Page 351 Thompson, john Wagner, Betty Walk, Paul Welch, William Weston, Terrence Westover, june Swumth Chrahr fConcluded from Page 361 Turiano, Charles Updike, Edward Updike, Richard Van Alman, Marjorie Varner, Mary Ann Wagner, Janet Waite, Carolyn Waite, Mildred Walk, Clara Waple, George Weierick, Betty E371 Templeton, jesse Thal, Francis J., jr. Thomas, Betty Troutwine, Patricia Turiano, james Waite, Boyd Waite, Geraldine Walk, Wilbur Watson, Alice Watson, jean Weaver, La Rue Wells, Frederic Wertz, Lee Westley, joe Williams, Herbert Wills, Mary Wilson, Onah Wilson, Marjorie Wilson, William Wisnieski, Edward Wittman, Marion Woomer, Vaughn Wyland, Marjorie Zanghi, Josephine Zerbe, Burley Williams, Gloria Wirtner, Richard Woodring, Anna Woodring, Howard Zang, joseph A. Zerbe, Louise Wesner, George Weston, Maxine Weston, Richard White, Carolyn White, Robert Williams, Louise Williams, Richard Wilson, Anna ,lane Wilson, Carl Wittman, George Zang, Cosmo Ullman Gmiirvrz OFFICERS OF SENIOR CLASS President .................................... Samuel Parsons Vice-President .... .... W illiam Wertz Treasurer ....... ................... M ardell Stover Secretary ......... ..,.............,........ A lice Shea Social Chairmen ............. William Shively, Constance Eckert OFFICERS OF THE JUNIOR CLASS President ....................................... Louise Fuoss Vice-President ..,., .... R oger Fernau Secretary ....... ..... ........ B e tty Garman Treasurer ....... .................. A gnes Brisbin Social Chairmen. . . .... janett Charles, Lyman Miller OFFICERS OF THE SOPHOMORE CLASS President ...... Vice-President . . Secretary ...... ....................................JoeSmith . . . . . . .Carl Burwell . .................. LeRoy Harper Treasurer........ ......... Social Chairmen .... .... .Pauline johnson .Marjorie Michaels, Samuel Miles Pilfitriifl Las 'llllhy hy Cupp Physics Cla Qlhm' -Elwhvrn Fochr Sey mour Smith Snyder Patterson Nesrlerod A tb 0 T 6 Thompson Snyder Yukelson Shultz Shively Svrhnnl Elgatrnl Photography by Waite U91 ,, , V? l 1 -.' w ' 1 l 7, A 'Y jx 1 A J Nr 'x 32-ft Y i ' if xl' ja XJ' A Qi' tiff .bf Qffp lpn, JF, Q-41 wrt il.-2 Xi Svrninr Qiirln' 05192 Qlluh First Rmv: Ruth Warrender, Mary ,lane Williams, Dorothy Moist, Mildred Bonsell, Marilynn McNeal, Lois Philips, Helen jane Uinrer, Alice Daniels, Elva lean Snyder, Margaret Kaup, Dorothy Peters, Alfreda Lytle. Second Row: Edith Fisher, Betty lane Dayton, Sara Louise Dickson, Mildred Stewart, Enid Searer, Constance Eckert, Sally Conaghan, Alice Hicks, Mary Helen Stewart, Elizabeth Garman. Third Rmu: june Daughenbaugh, Amber Way, Vivian Woomer, Eleanor Miller, Norma Hitchings, Dorothy Anderson, Ardis Cassidy, Bernice Williams, Dorothy Wziite, Mary Gates, Mary Louise Keatley. Fuu1tl1Ruu': Dorothy Whren, jane Ammcrman, Sara Burns, Ethel Lyons, jane Stanley, Phyllis Wilson, Agnes Miller, Dorothy Friday, Marie Troxell, La Rue Cassidy, Lois Huey, Marian Plummer, Mary Ann Hall, Martha Biddle, Hilda Troxell, janet Miller. Fifth Row: Mildred Kaspick, Pretty McKnight, Pretty Nearhoof, Lewetta Snyder, Helen Thompson, Helen Brown, lonelle Evans, Verna Burkett, Mardell Stover, Marjorie Oberly, Marjorie Stratiff, Mary Stroup, LaVerne Rishell, Helen Riggle. Sixth Row: Louise Engelman, Claire Holly, Helen Belin, Mary Tahaney, Doris Hagerman, Thelma Gardner, Eleanor Kirk- patrick, Elizabeth Schneider, Dorothy Hall, Margaret Burnham, Grace Burns, Ruth Searer. SL'1'07lIl1 Rout Marie Roberts, Mary L. Stine, Alice Shea, Peggy Wertz, Elizabeth McCanns, Eleanor Engelman, joy Frantz, Ruby Oakwood, Catherine Miller. Eighth Row: Marie Aurand, Maxine Little, Mary Heyl, Marie Snyder, Mildred Roberts, Gloria Updike, Elizabeth Black, Stella Kerchner, Louise Russell, Mary Davis, Dorothy Merritts, Marie Andrews, Janet Tate. Ninth Row: ,lanet Rhoades, Martha Helen Little, Kathleen White, janert Charles, Arlene Mosel, Mary Ann Weikert, Mary A. Stine, Dorothy Boal, Ruth Berkstresser, Vivian Zindel. First Row: james Price, lack Copper, Howard Moore, Mr. Wolfgang fDirectorl, Mrs. Steigerwalr QPianistl,James Seymour William Thompson, William Shively, Robert Smith. Second Row: Donald Kirk, William Yarnell, Fred Walker, Harold Nearhoof, Richard Largent, Richard Kaup, Roy Waite, George Butterbaugh, Malcolm Ammerman. Tlainl Row: Sam Parsons, William Wertz, Harold McConahy, Myers Kimmel, Robert Bathurst, 'lack List, Richard Barr, Robert lgou. Svrninr Bugs' 05122 Qllnh l, ..l.i- l40l In if lip . . .J Glluha S ,Uuninr Enga' C5192 Olluh , , as - Jimi First Row: joe Andrews, Patrick Maschke, Charles De Mario, joseph Haag, Robert Wingate, Mr. Fleck lDirectorj, Charles Vogt, james Colabine, Marion Miller, Kurt Postreich, Tony Castagnola. Second Row: Carl Burwell, William Burns, john Adams, Edward Duff, Cecil Hoover, Lyman Miller, jack Hiller, Guyer Candy, Tom Barnhardt, Robert Diehl, George Dickson, Richard Dworsak. Third Row: Ernest Ike, Reynold Shirk, joe Smith, Floyd Nestlerode, Edward Crain, William Fleming, Irvin Moseman, William Cupper, David Barr, Robert Brower, Robert Miller. Fourth Row: Ronald McConahy, Dallas Brickley, jerry Schneider, Marlin Patterson, Richard Ormsby, Clifford Wat- son, Richard MacDonald, Harold Nearhoof, Clifford Wilson, Lester Woodring. Fifth Row: Earl Goss, Kenneth Waite, Dean Focht, Harold Cowher, Sam Study, Calvin Waite, Leroy Frantz. First Row: Helen Wiser, Helen Warrender, Jeanne Blair, Helen Biddle, Ivalou Fry, Pauline johnson, Alma Dickson, Mary DeMario, Louise Dachenbach, Althea Karnes, Betty Sheckler, Mary Conaghan. Second Row: Elaine Price, Marjorie Fisher, jean Leeper, Marjorie Magargel, Madeleine Smith, Louise Bratton, Rebecca Biddle, Mary Henderson, Miriam Sealfon, Marjorie Fink, Joyce Miller, Pauline Shildt. Third Row: Betty jane Haag, jane Beyer, Gladys Waite, Emogene Kerlin, Evelyn Fetzer, Beryl Hilderbrand, Mary Henninger, Shirley Miller, lane Ohrtman, LaRue Naylor, jean Nearhoof, Helen Mosel. Fourth Row: Margaret Weaver, Pauline Wilson, Marian Riley, Kathleen Shea, Mary Dannaway, Katherine Hagerman, Ruth Smith, Adrienne Stroup, Harriet Malalcer, Helenl?'Hull, Mary jane Andrew. Fifth Row: Mildred Stevens, Edith Caldwell, Helen Mattern, Marjorie Mentzer, jane Gibboney, Audrey Mills, Naomi Smith, Margaret Halleran, Marjorie Butterbaugh, Dorothy Calderwood. Svnphnmnrr Girls C6122 Qlluh l41l - , This year has heen one oi' feverish activity for the hand. The memhers have turned out iaith- fully this year, as well as tor three preceding years, for every foothall game. Aside from playing at the foothall games and doing all the practising necessary for these appear- ances, they have managed to accomplish a great many other things. Two tag days, three dances, and a card party were sponsored to raise money for a trip to Xwashington. Ar Christmas time, they played Christmas Carols at services held in the Methodist Church and also tor the Girl Scouts. During this season, too, they comhined with the Glee Cluh in the presentation of the carols in stores. In one year, the memhership ofthe organization has heen increased from tortyftive to sixty-one, and, although Mr. Steigerwalt modestly denies it, has improved wonderfully. Twentyfthree ot' these memhers were chosen to play in the Blair County Paand Festival held in Hollidayshurg on April 8 ot this year. Our hand was also selected to play at the Troop B, 104th Cavalry Horse Show on April 22. The group is made up of good and willing workers who have worked to make the hand a credit to the school and who have certainly had a great deal ot' success in doing so. 'Irv Zfianh lrml Rau: Mr. Steigerwalt lDirectorl, Xxfilliam Snyder, Zilian Rumherger, Rohert Stewart, Clark Skelly, Ylack List, Clifford XVarson Clirum Majorb, Francis Lehner, Donald Gates, Howard Moore, james Fink, Mr. Fleck lAssistant Directorj. Seconil Rout ,Ioseph Qfastagnola, Lyman Miller, Rohert Diehl, Dale Richards, Richard MacDonald, Meyers Kimmel, XVilliam R. Cfox, Xwilliam Burns, Edward Shollenherger, jack Froytim. Tliml Rauf Donald Huhert, Charles De Mario, Rohert Smith, Fzlair Lykens, Williainm Cox, Elmer johnson, XX'illiam Potaris, Frank llatcheler, Leonard Fuoss, Frank Magill. Fninili Rau: .Iohn Fink, Willigirii lioytim, Howard Havens, jack Pearce, lack Diehl, Richard Kaup, Alustin Harris, Willizim Fleming, lack Fetters. laiitli Row: XVilliam Kanour, Francis Thai, Charles Vogt, Rohert Bathurst, Thomas Grove, Harold Nearhooii, Richard Dworsak, Charles Stiles, Rohett Grove. A5 ,,......1.-- i421 First Rim: Howard Havens Qpiccoloj, Nicholas Popovich fviolinj, William Snyder fdrumb, Elmer Johnson ftrumpetj, Robert Smith ftrumpetl. Second Rout Richard MacDonald fguitarJ,Vaughn Woomcr fbanjoj , Richard Kaup Kclarinetj, john Haag fclarinetl, William Fleming fclarinetb, Harold Nearhoof Cclarinetj, Bruce Carpenter Qtrumpetj, justin Harris ftrumpetj, jack Boytim ftrom- bonej, Myers Kimmel ftrombonej. Third Row: Robert Bathurst Ksaxophonej, Mr. Fleck fsaxophonej, Clifford Wait- son fbass violj. Ihr Gbrrhvatra Harold Fleck Director Every Tuesday evening after school you hear music being played by the High School Grchestra. The orchestra is un' der the capable direction of Mr. Fleck. This year the num1 ber in the orchestra has doubled. All of the members of the orchestra but two play in the High School Band. The stringed bass is a new instrument that hasijust been added this year. The orchestra kindly rendered its service ata Fo- rum Program, the Senior Play, and several school assemblies. l43l First Rau: Dorothy Merritts iReporterJ, Ruby Oakwood iHeadline Writer and Copy Readerl, Mildred Roberts iTypistb, Mildred Stewart fReporterl, Louise Fuoss iAssociate Editorj, Mardell Stover fTypistj, james Seymour fllrusiness Managerl, Marjorie Oberly fliditorl, Howard Havens lAdvertising Managerl, Bernice Wllll1lI1lS fFeature Editorl, liugene Shuey lAssistant Advertising Managerl, Louise Russell llfditorial Writerj, Harold Nearhoof1Athletic lftlitorj. Secuml Rmc: Harriet Malaker illub Reporterl, 'lane Amrnerman fTypistj, Dorothy Waiite lTypistl, Sarah Conaghan Klub Reporterj, Robert Harnish Klub Reporterl, janet Miller fReporterj, Betty Garman fReporterl, Mary Gates fReporterj, Alfreda Lytle fAssistant Advertising Managerj, Mary Wilstmn fTypistl, Clara lane jones fReporterl, Betty ,la ne Flenner fReporterl. Tluvtl Row: Richard Kaup iAssistant Athletic Editorj, Richard McDonald 1Cub Reportery, Edward Paulhamus QRe- porterl, Ralph Diehl fCirculation Managerj, Francis Lehner fCirculation Managerj, Dorothy Whreri fTypistl. Not in picture: Lois Huey fFeature Editorl, Margaret Boal fCub Reportetj, Miss Bowman lFaculty Adviserj. 'hr Spnkvmnan sinh 3115 Eininrg ln the school year of l9lZ-I3, a brave group of Tyrone High School boys and girls decided that what the school needed was a good magazine, and that it was their business to see that it got one. It was, therefore, in this year, mst fM'U1lI:N"fil'C years ago, that "The Spokesman" was born. It began its career as a magazine which boasted three issues a year. The staff of this first "Spokesman" was as follows: Editor .........,,.. ,..,........... . . . A. Claire Sager Litemry Editor .... ,... R alph Wtwlfgting School News. . . . ..... Helen Wziritig Sport News. . , . .... Edward Musser Bias. Mgr. ...... ..... J ohn Hiller Asst. Bits. Mgr ,........................ ...................... J ohn Delzerie ln this magazine there was published much the same type of imaterial that we find in "The Spokesman" to- day sports news, club news, student literary efforts, and little bits of gossip and news of interest to the school in general. ln addition to these things, there was always a story which covered several pages of the book. "The Spokesman" was a magazine until l9ZO-21 when it became a three column newspaper, only to be changed back to a magazine in IQZ3-14. With the new magazine, they had a "Spokesman Day" each monthg and on this day every member of the high school was given an opportunity to write an article for the paper. The year i926-27 saw "The Spokesman" once more as a three column newspaper published semi-monthly at the price often cents per issue. Wlieti Miss Bowman "took over" the paper and became the faculty adviser in 1931-32, the little paper grew into a four column and finally into the standard five column "Spokesman" which we have today. "The Spokesman" has, since 1938, been a member of the Pennsylvania Scholastic Press Association, the Colum- bia Press Association, and charter member of the National Scholastic Press Association. lt has a wide exchange with school papers all over the country. l44l "You can't take a wild thing like a falcon, tame it and train it without getting attached to the bird. There is nothing wilder or fiercer in its native state than the falcon. Training requires endless patience and time. You've got to like fal- cons to be bothered, but, after the bother, there is a certain satisfaction and pride of accomplishment in having so wild a thing that will fly at command and, better still return at call," says a famous trainer of falcons. Similarly, neither can a yearbook staff, working for a long time among a mass of heterogeneous materials, fashion a publication that has some semblance of an orderly record of school events for a year without developing an interest in their work and an attachment to it. Then, too, publication work like falconry requires endless patience and time. But neither patience nor time is reckoned by the staff member who likes his work and is interested in the finished product. A certain satisfaction and pride of accomplishment are the rewards the Falcon Staff of 1938 received for producing this annual for their classmates. Ihr Zlialrnn First Row: Miss Moore fadviserl, Dorothy Waite fphotographerl, Bernice Williams fphotographerj, Dorothy Hall ftypistj, Florence lohnston ftypistl. . Second Row: Marian Plummer ftypistj, Enid Seater Kart editorj, Edmund Moyer fathletic editorj, Anna Marie Faust ltypistj. Third Row: Richard Largent fbusiness managerj, Norma Hitchings fassistant editorj, Catherine Miller fadvcrtising managerj, Helen Riggle fassistant advertising managerj. Fourth Row: jack Cupper lphotographerl, Telford Fink fphotographerj, Mary Davis feditorj, Mr. Miller ffaculty business managerj. 4 l45l N NEW' FIRES, u urnmuly in luv .vt'u11w hy Cfluirlus Quim- lw liimlurrc, was uhly' fwuwiit- 5 0 Nl hy' ilu' Kfluxx of lofhl of Tymiic High Sulmul in ilu- W. M. C, A, Aiulirrzrixmi on X'm'u111lw1' 5, 1937. Q12 iw Uhr iglagvru Lucinda Andrcws, a widow .... Dorothy Friday Suzanne Tolor, a spinstcr .... Constancc Eclccrt Sid Spcrry, a liarm hand ....... Elwood Snyder Ylcrrv, his son .................. Rodman Aults Stephen Santry, an author ......... john Haag llilly, his son .........,........ Willizllii Wurtz Phyllis, his daughtcr. ., ...Mardcll Stovcr Ann, his wifc ,....... .. Mildrcd Stewart Olivc, his daughtur ........, Marian Pluninwr Eve, his daughter-in-law ...... Pmcrnicc Vlfilliams Dick, his son ,...,.....,... Harald McConahy Doctor Lynn Gray, physician ............... ........................Richard Daugherty Mary Marshall 4....... ......, H clcn Suvcl Mrs. Marshall ............ ..... H clcn Rigglu " Angie Sperry, Sid's Wills.. .... Mario Troxcll Miss Clvrninussur llmiricxx Mmuigur lmlivitliml lllmmgmjwliy' lw Cuppcv' i461 all igrnhurtinn Qlninmiitrr Director . . .... . . Business Manager. Student Managers. Art Director ....... ......Sair MacDowell . . . . .Mary Cornmesser . . . ..... James Seymour, Marjorie Smith . . . . . .Eleanor Englemnn Property Managers ...... Alice Daniels, Mary Davis, Ethel Lyons Miss MacDowell Coach Publicity ........ Stage Manager .... Sound Effects ..... Furniture .... . , . . , . . . . .Marjorie Oberly Bressler Dale Richards. john Stitt .Courtesy of the Wolf Furniture Company 'W fri' P471 First Run Miss Kloss 1 idviserl. Ardrienne Srroup itreasurerj, Dorothy Merritts, Harold Cowher ipresi- dcntb Lois Huey lsccretiryj Mrs. La Porte tcounselorj. Second Rou Ardrienc Bittheler, Gladys lrvin, Suzanne Sickler, Mary Wilstaii, Carol Phillips, Edith Anderson Mary bcordo Thelma Thompson, Edward Duff, Polly Burkett. 'Third Rau Pitrici 1 Troutwine, Dorothy Whren lchaplainj, Louise Meyers, Hope Reed, Marjorie Snyder. M iry line Hutchings Rich ird Campbell, Fred Wells, Bobby Miles, Lorraine Johnston. Last Rau lane Kustcnbauder, Elaine Pletz, Betty Boal, Marie Andrews, Vivian Zindel, Evelyn Edmund- son Earl Kispitk Fred Estright, Wzilliice Robison. AM, ,Z Euntnr IKPE1 Glrnwa , 'Z , ' Z-2' 7- fdftl, The junior Red Cross, under the capable supervision of Miss Kloss, has greatly helped the community this past year. The Home Room Chairmen made place cards for the Philipsburg Hospital at Thanksgiving time, Christmas time, Valentine's Day and Easter time. At Thanksgivingthcy gave the children in the Philipsburg Hospital books and small toys, gifts which these young patients appreciated very much. A Christmas Party was held by the Junior Red Cross and the Kiwanis Club for the underprivileged children of Tyrone. More than three hundred children received toys and candy from Santa Claus at this gala affair. The members ofthe lunior Red Cross again showed their artistic skill by making menu covers for the United States battleships, dur- ing the Christmas season. Miss Kloss also conducted First Aid Classes, an activity which greatly bene- fited those taking the course. lt is through Miss Kloss' untiring efforts and the cooperation of the Home Room Chairmen that the junior Red Cross of Tyrone is one ot' the most active organizations of the community. i481 Ihr 0Brigim1l Stair Glnnumtinn The Original State Convention of the junior Red Cross was held at Tyrone, April 2, 1938. In order to raise funds to finance the convention the local group sponsored a movie, held a dance, sold candy at basketball games, and held a Doll Exhibit and Tea. Program for Original State Convention of the Junior Red Cross at Tyrone, April 2, 1938. 9:00 to 9:30 Registration 9:30 General Session Presiding Officer-Harold Cowher fP'resident of Junior Red Cross, 1. Greetings-Mr. W. W. Eisenhart, Superintendent of Tyrone Schools Z. Discussion Topics A. Finance ........ Harry Carney, Harrisburg 1. 1:00 Round Table Discussion A. Group 1. Safety in Home Safety on Highways a. Service Funds B Gmu 2 b. National Children's Fund c. Expenses B. Organization ......................... .. . . . . . . . . . . .Eugene Emlet, Landisburg C. Junior Red Cross Building Council D. Service to One's Own Community .... . . . . . . . . .Barbara McDowell, Bellefonte E. National Service. . . . ...... ........... . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Betty Ferguson, Clearfield 3. Address . . . ................. Miss Concannon National Representative ofjunior Red Cross 4. Music-Senior Boys' Glee Club Brass Ensemble Lunch 11:30-1:00 FIRST AID GIRLS Kneeling: Janett Charles, Dorothy Whren. On Mar: Marjorie Snyder, Edith Anderson. P Roll Call Raising Money Selecting Delegates C. Group 3. Other Service Projects International Relationships Z. 2:00 General Session Reports on Round Table Discussions 3. 2:30 Tours of Paper Mill Wilson Chemical Manufacturing Plant 4. 4:00 Tea Dance FIRST AID BOYS Kneeling: Fred Estright, Harold Cowher On Mat: Robert Miles, Earl Kaspick. 1491 Ifrrnrlp Glluh First Row: Ardriene Bateheler, Betty Ammerman, Ruth Seater, Dorothy Peters, Lois Huey, Margaret Xwise, Marfella Wills, Miss Ehle fadviserj, Anna Cvraee Rumherger, Margaret Kaup, ,loan Ginter, Mary Ann Hall, Martha Biddle. Second Row: Hilda Troxell, Mary Louise Kearley, Betty Uarman, Agnes Brisbin, Ramona Alhright, -lean Whig- ner, Mary Tahaney, Shirley Hand, Arlene Mosel, Lois Phillips. Third Row: janet Miller, Louise Engleman, Ethel Lyons, Dorothy Friday, Mildred Stewart, Mary Gates, Mildred Hoover, Louise Fuoss, Helen jane Ginter, Aileen Mengle, june Shultz, Eleanor Engleman, Louise Russell, Alice Shea, Ruth Frerkstresser, Constance Eckert, Marie Aurand, Enid Searer. Fourth Row: Rohert Bathurst, Willizlnw Thompson, lanett Charles, Catherine Miller, Ardis Cassidy, Martha Helen Little, Mary Heyl, Millard Stonehralcer, Fifth Row: Maxine Little, Margaret Psoal, Richard Largent, Harold McConahy, Charles Vogt, lack Clipper, james Seymour. First Rmu: Mary Stine, Mildred Roherts, Marian l'lumrner, Marjorie Smith, Miss Hemminger ladviserl, Dorothy Waiitt-, Bernice Willialrns, Agnes Miller, Helen Brown. Second Row: Marie Roherts, Mildred Kaspielc, ,lune Snyder, Betty Murray, Helen Thompson, Anna Marie Faust, Dorothy Ewing, Mardell Stover, Dorothy Hall, Betty Boal. Third Row: Harold Nearhoof, Betty lgou, Mary Alice Stine, Dorothy Wlwreiw, Hannah Calderwood, Miss Heiss fadviserl, Clara Dickson, Miss Billingsley Kadviserl, Rodman Aults. N tin i ture: Helen Riggle, Elya ,lean Snyder. 11556 fffwf iliiuigzlia 0111111 U01 FirstR1iu': Vivian Lewis. Ruth Grove, Loretta Forcey, Clara ,lane Jones, Helen Nestlerode, Adelaide Gates, Chris:ine Bowser, Suzanne Nearhoof. Second Row: Robert Philips, Josephine Chiampa, Rodney Nearhoof, james Fink, jack Boytim, Kenneth Holt Thin! Row: Albert James, Francis Thal, William Hawke, Zilian Rumberger, Howard Woodring, Miss Gove ldirtetor L1 Rue Weaver A.i.Qlllh Q 4? ffldff - lp' r II 0 ,D Z7 ,B fm' ju' ik, ,riff ,il 'WMM ,ill J ,XA fl V J NJ Svrienrv Uluh First Roux Marjorie Fink, Marjorie Magargal, Margaret Boal, Sally Conaghan, Dede Lytle. Second Roar: Roger Fernau, Lawrence Woodring, Dorothy Peters, Petty Ammerman, Richard McDonald, Ar- driene Bftchcler, Thinl Row: -lack Watscwn, Ralph Diehl, Edward Paulhamus, Robert Diehl, Donald Beyer, Miss Wilstvn ffacufty adviscrj l51l Shalier flloachl, Louise Fuoss. Xilllllllll XY'oiner, Frederic linker, ilhnmrr-up Glup fur thv Zlinrvnair Glhampinnahip nf thr Stair nf linnnagluanin At the tenth annual Forensic League Contests, which were held in Altoona, April Z3-24, 1937, the Tyrone Debate Team was awarded the runner-up cup. The presentation of the cup was made hy Congressman 1. Buell Snyder, founder and first president ofthe State Forensic League. Lois Huey received the cup for the Tyrone debaters. The winning of this trophy was a signal victory for the debate teams, for it was the first time that such a distinction came to Tyrone. This trophy is kept one year hy the team winning it. lf won three consecutive years by any one school, it becomes the property of that school. Ph IILTLIIIIV iw C,ulv1n'1' and Merrill During 19363371 the Tyrone affirmative team was undefeated in league compe- tition. Beginning with a decision over Huntingdon, eight victories were scored, many by unanimous judges' votes. In winning the championship of Blair County, the team defeated Hollidayshurg and Williamsburg. Debating at Juniata College against the strongest teams of Central Pennsylvania, the affirmative won the dis' trict crown hy virtue of defeating Westmtmnt-Cambria and Freehurg. In the State Championship Event at Altoona, the affirmative defeated Leck Kill and Doyles- town hy unanimous decisions and, in the final triangular dehate, won over Han' over 2-l. Fm! Row: I,-vis Huey, Mr. Xi-mml Rim: Leonard Fuoss, Aftirmatiuv Bvhatvra U21 'lQsolved: That of legislation. Hrnpnaiiinn fur Eehnir the several states should adopt a Evhatv Sfrhvhulr fm' 1537-'38 Feb. Z4-Lock Haven Q21 at Tyrone. Mar. 7-Tyrone negative at Huntingdon Mar. 9-Tyrone affirmative at Huntingdon Mar. lO-Lewistown affirmative at Tyrone Mar. ll-Tyrone affirmative at Lewistown Apr. 9-Tyrone affirmative at State College Apr. IO-State College affirmative at Tyrone unicameral system This year's negative debating team is composed of Margaret Burnham, Margaret Wise, Marjorie Stratiff, Mary Louise Keatley and janett Charles. Marjorie Stratiff and Margaret Wise became interested in debating in 1934, as seventh graders. janett Charles was a speaker and Marjorie Stratiff an alternate on the affirmative team when freshmen. ln that same year Margaret Wise was an alternate for the negative. Margaret Burnham joined the debaters last year as first speaker for the negative. This is Mary Louise Keatley's first year on the debating team. The speakers for this year's negative team are Margaret Burnham, Marjorie Stratiff, Margaret Wise, and Mary Louise Keatley. janett Charles is the secretary of the debating club. All of the members of the negative team are juniors this year. l53l First Row: janett Charles, Miss Lucas CCoachD, Mary Louise Keatley. Second Row: Margaret Burn- ham, Marjorie Stratiff, Margaret Wise. Negutiur Erhatrra Mill I ri-1-It l G11 W A111113 Ili I tgwiiplix lw l'ltllt Zluitizttintt 'l'l1i1'il Knut llettv Sheeltler, Mary Kfonaghan, Mildred Stewart, tl, Mary liates, Mary Louise Keatley, Martha liiddle. First Row: Ardriene Pvateheler, Marilynn McNeal, Ruth Smith, Alice Shea, Dorothy Friday, Constanee Eckert, Aileen Mengel, Catherine Miller, Eleanor Engleman, Agnes hrisbin, Betty Uarinan. Seuuml Rmr: Marie Troxell, Enid Seater, Dorothy Moist, Sara Dickson, Naomi Smith, Elizaheth Sehnieder, lonelle Evans, Betty ,lane Hoover, Alfreda Lytle, .lanet Miller, Hilda Troxell. Tliirtl Row: Mardell Stover, Dorothy Hall, Kathleen Shea, Ardrienne Stroup, Louise Engleman, Ardis Cassidy, Mary Heyl, Louise Kenyon, Vivian Zindel. Fmartll Row: LaRue Cassidy, Marjorie Oherly, Mary Davis, Peggy WCffZ,,lllI1Cff Charles, Miss Dorothy Crawford lkfoun- selorj, Miss Nadine Stewart Mfounselorl. First Rim: Lois Phillips,jean Vlfagner, Helen Biddle, Mary jane Vfilliams, Miss Myers, llfounselorl, Betty ,lane Flenner, Ruhy Oakwood, Dorothy Watite, ,lane Ohrtman, Sally ,lane Conaghan. Sammi Rout Claire Holly, .leanne lilair, Ruth Wztrreittler, Marjorie Pautterhaugh, Elizabeth Black, Lois Huey, Gloria Up- dilce, Mary Helen Stewart, Mary Ann Hall. Margaret Burnham, Einogene Kerlin, Louise Fuoss, Margaret lfmmli Rim: Dorothy Anderson, Dorothy Merritts, Marie Andrews, Marie Roherts, Arlene Mosel, Mary Ann XVeil4ert, Eleanor er, Ruth Seater, llxerniee Nxfillianxs, llelen NVarrender, Ramona Alhright. 62111111151 l54,l First Rout james Price, George Dickson, William Shively, Malcolm Ammerman, William Yarnell, Roger Fernau, Albert Snyder. Second Row: Harold Nearhoof, Edmund Moyer, William Wertz, George Butterhaugh, Richard Barr, William Thompson, Elwood Snyder, Ronald Fowler. Third Row: Harold McConahy, lack Cupper, joseph Turnbaugh, Robert Brower, Eugene Shuey, Robert Bryan, Lyman Miller. Fourth Raw: Richard Dworsak, Samuel Parsons, David Black, Myers Kimmel, Mr. Steigerwalt Iadviserl, Robert Miller. First Row: Robert Snyder, Robert Keatley, David Duey, Mr. Fleclc fad- viserl, Mr. Miller Qadviserj, Fred Wells, Robert Patton, Charles Glenn. Second Raw: William B. Snyder, Floyd Nestlerode, David Barr, Robert Port, Cvuyer Candy, John Pownall, William C. Snyder, Byron Mogel, Her' bert Williams. Third Row: Cvlenn Cowher, Donald Patton, Clark Slaelly, john Hiller, Robert Pzoytim, Richard Shellenberger, Edward Duff, Lester Woodringg. -1 . mi Glluha Svninr Ph 1 l!ug1'tLl7l1j' by Cu ppm' Zlnitiniinn 3luninr wi l"lTXlRIl1l'Z Clark Skelly, Albert james, Harry Sinipruse, Rielmar-,l Searer, .lack Buytiin, Kenneth Hnlr, Charles Glenn, George Wt-siier, Lee Wertz. SCCU1ltlRU!l'Z Mary Margaret Kirkpatrick, Anna jane Wilstwii, Duruthy Hall, Bernice XX'illianis, Uuris Hagerman, Mary Ann Leeper, Tessie Rupert, Lois Phillips, Betty Garnian, Ernest lke, ifliffnrtl Wilsiwii. Thml Row: Helen Hull, Kathleen Shea, Ruth Gontlinan, Elvin Rlindes, Louise Russell, ,lanett Ciliairles, Roberta Nearliuof, Vivian Lewis, josephine Mellalian. lfnurlh Rim: Robert Bathurst, Wfilliarn Cupper, Williaiiii Spnnsler, Mr. Skelly lfaeulty advi- serl, lflwnnnl Snyder, Enlwaril Paullianius. Stuhvnt Qlmmril gi? A in wiv, Xezlletl: Mary VC"ilsun, Miss K Cloueli, Margaret Wist-. Stamlinyqz Alice Daniels, Hnwarel llavens, Elva lean Snyiler iflillfilfll Svtutf U61 Phumgmphy by W'illian1x Cheerleader SEYMOUR MQ. Z-Xthlvtirz Photography by White I 5 71 V lfiumnia Aumrh The Tyrone Kiwanis Club presented a trophy to the 1937 foot- ball squad which was the recognized winner of the Central Coun- ties League. The schools participating in this league are: Morris- dale, Philipsburg, Clearfield, State College, and Tyrone. ln the 1937 grid season, Tyrone won all the games that it played in this league, and, accordingly, was awarded the trophy. ln the following years the Central Counties League will pre- sent a trophy to the recognized winner ofthe league. Photography by Clipper and Merfirtx Kiwanis Award 3Hnnihz1ll September IO Osceola Mills O Tyrone- 46 The "Quarry Boys" opened the season on a warm Friday night. Osceola was completely outplayed in every way. Touchdowns Ammerman 3 fCapJ, Snyder 3, Barr 1. Extra points Ammerman 1, Barr 1. September 17 Mt. Union -- 6 Tyrone-34 A scrappy Mt. Union team was outplayed the first half, but came back strong in the second half, and scored. The score came as the result of a blocked kick. Touchdowns Ammerman Z, Snyder 3. Extra points Ammerman 4. September 24 Clearfield - 6 Tyrone-Z6 A scrappy Bison outfit came to Tyrone with a record of one victory and one defeat. The Eagles outclassed them in every way. The second Tyrone team played almost the entire game. Touchdowns- Ammerman 1 iCapj, Snyder 2, Parsons 1. Extra points Ammerman 1, Benn 1. October 2 jersey Shore-0 Tyrone- -14 The Eagles journeyed to jersey Shore fully confident of victory. The two Orange and Black teams played a spec- tacular gamc. Ammerman and Snyder scored in the second and fourth quarters. Touchdowns- -Ammcrman 1, Snyder 1 fCapj. Extra points- Ammerman 2. October 8 Morrisdale - O Tyrone 54 A light tricky Morrisdale team was defeated easily by the score of 54 to O. Snyder, Ammerman, and Isenberg gained ground at all times. Touchdowns --Snyder 4, Ammerman 3 QCapj, Abramo 1. Extra points- Ammerman 4, Ayers 1, Benn 1. Qctgbcr 15 Huntingdon 12 Tyrone- 34 The Huntingdon Bearcats came to Tyrone to try to break Tyrone's winning streak. However, they went home without succeeding. Snyder and Ammerman were again the ground gainers and scorers. Touchdowns - Snyder 3 iCapJ, Ammerman 2. Extra points -Ammerman 4. October Z3 Bellefonte--O Tyrone-0 Tyrone traveled to Bellefonte and played in an oozing sea of mud. The Eagles played rings around the Bellefonte squad, making seven iirstdowns to Bel1efonte's none. 1581 -4 Y ---------' f' -- -W " f -- Y ..fA. ..Y .Y Y . - ,,,..4-Me. E October Z9 State College --'O Tyrone ff 18 Tyrone played their last night game of the season at State College. Tyrone once again outplayed their opponent. The ancient "Statue of Liberty play" was again used on State, almost resulting in a touchdown. Touchdownsf-Snyder 2 fCapj, Ammerman 1. November ll l'-lollidaysburg4O Tyrone - 27 A scrappy Hollidaysburg team held the Eagles scoreless the first half. The second half, however, was completely dominated by Tyrone. Ammerman scored all the points. He just wouldn't be stopped. Touchdowns-V Ammerman 4 fCapj. Extra points -Ammerman 3. November 20 Philipsburg- O Tyrone- 20 The Philipsburgers came to Tyrone determined to blast our run of luck, but they too failed. The Orangemen would not be beaten. Touchdowns-Isenberg 1, Ammerman 1, Steele I. Extra points--Ammerman 1, Benn 1. November 25 Altoona-39 Tyrone - 6 The Orangemen went to Altoona for the Final clash between the two elevens. Altoona had too much power for the Eagles. Ammerman scored in the last quarter, for Tyrone's only score. Uhr Evuine Anmrh Willizini "Bump" Yarnell, husky, six-foot, one hundred eighty-five pound tackle was chosen by his fel- low varsity players as the most valu- able member of the team and as the one most deserving of the annual Levine Brothers' Award. The award this year was a black blanket with an orange border. The center of the blanket was decorated with a large UT." Levines are planning to make this award an annual one, their only stipulation being that the winner of the award must have played his last year of football. 1 i U91 . S., 7, Av, . . . ,. , , , , , ,. ,,- Y , . N Q. ,- .4-.1 ' 1 Q l Q L QL' Pk 'A' Q Q1."."?"Q l'T'TlQ'vT 1 v v -v . . 5 in 'Lis ' ' ' - I J I? JJ! -'J rr 0 Firxt Ruw: Charles Cassidy lmanagerj, Stanley Catich, Willialm Hand, Kenneth Li ?,Tetrence Westtwli, Max Snell- haugh, Ralph Irvin, Harold Sweitzer, Roy Reader, Fred Moist. 'f ,fl . - Second Row: Robert Herlt lmanagerl, Donald Patton, Paul Rossman, Harry Dawson, Duane Langenhacher, Franklin Ammerman, George Kirkpatrick, Elvin Rhodes, Reeder Singler, Harold Benton, Willizim Fowler, Willianx Roberts fmanagerl. Thin! Row: Vernon Etters, Merle Albright, Harry johnson, Pete Spanelli, Willizlm Curry, Carl Burwell, Williaim C. Snyder, Bert Ellenbcrger, Boyd Huff, Barney Faust, Harold Houser, Robert Port. Fourth Row: Harold Eckert lassistant coachj, Charles Waple, Russel Cruikshank, Stewart Shea, Harry Eckert, George Whitmairi, William Knarr, Richard Shellenherger, Alexander Catich, Chalmer Burkett, Karl LaPorte Qcoachj. Jl?lS Gfluclx 0. ' kia ron -fri-J rlfslbslcaalcg 1 cmcmbfhf' 6l:lultg'n l I 191.9 Remember' Bur bibl' vi all 'a Y Y ll 3112 Haruitg Svrnrrn in ilinnthall Vixirorx T. I. V. Oct. S-Warriimrs Mark .,,.. O .... .... . 0 Oct. I5-Huntingdon .,... ,.. ll ... ... tw Oct. 22-Osceola ......... .. . O ..,. , .. 6 Nov. l-Xlifarriors Mark ..... .. . U .... . .. 0 Nov. 5-Roosevelt ..... , . , T .... . . . O Nov. ll-Huntingdon . ,. . Z0 . . . . .. T i601 Name Ammerman Abramo Ayers Barr, D. Barr, R. Benn Bennett Brickley Brower Butterbaugh Cupp Dickson Duey Estright Fink Fowler Franchio l-louser lgou lsenberg Jermino Kirk Lynn Noel Ormsby Parsons Paulhamus Price Smith Snyder Steele Srirt Woodring Yarnell Harzitg ilinnthall Hlagrra Height 5ft. 8in 5ft. 5in. 5ft. 4in. 5ft. 6in. 5ft. 8in. 5ft. 6in. 5ft. Yin 5ft. 9in 5ft. 5in. 5ft. 6in. 5ft. 5in. 5ft. 8in. 5ft. 1Oin. 5ft. 1Oin. 5ft. Yin. 5ft. 6in 5ft. 8in. 5ft. 9in 5ft. Yin. 5ft. 9in. 5ft. Yin. 5ft. 1Oin 5ft. 9in 5ft. 4in. 5ft. Yin 5ft. 4in. 5ft. 11in 5ft. 7in. 5ft. 5in. 5ft. 8in. 5ft. 9in. 5ft. 9in. 5ft. 5in. 5ft. llin. Cheerleader HALL Age 17 17 17 15 17 18 16 18 16 17 17 16 17 18 17 17 17 16 17 19 19 17 17 16 17 17 16 18 15 18 18 16 17 16 Phorographjv by VC'illiamx Weight 178 144 156 143 148 150 131 146 142 159 134 148 185 138 124 142 133 147 152 151 134 1Y5 145 121 126 135 177 143 148 152 151 155 141 188 Grade Senior Sophomore Senior Sophomore Senior Sophomore Sophomore Junior junior Senior Senior junior Sophomore Senior junior Senior Junior Freshman Senior Sophomore Sophomore Senior Sophomore Freshman Junior Senior Junior Senior Sophomore Senior Senior Sophomore Sophomore Senior i611 1' . . . . MEI5kPThEIll Hull, Little, Seymo Plum rgriljvliy' lvy Cu filler' fowl Row: l: tl rn ii n tl Mover lmnnngerl, llolwerl james, Earl Kzlspiuk, lose eph Turnhnugh, l.ym:m Miller, loseph Alwrnmo, Ronald Fowler lninnngerl. Sci-mul Rfnu: Mr. Karel lrozitlil, lohn llerlr, Mal' rolm fxllillltffliilll, lohn NlU:ltson, lvliilll l7ot'ht, Al- herl 'Snyder, ll tl w il r tl Rhoatles, Mr. Stonelirnlter lroarlil. Hlnuntain llwgur 162111125 ,Innuary 7 Hollidnyshurg 43 Tyrone Z4 Tyrone opened the Mountain League hy defeating H-Burg 43 to 29. The Eagles' offensive drives proved to he too much for the visiting team. january 11 Philipslnurg- 32 Tyrone 31 After fighting hard for three quarters, the Eagles' were overcome and defeated hy the "Blue and White." This game was very fast and rough. Almost the entire team was "thrown out" on fowls. january I4 Mt. Union 44 TyroneA3f1 The Trojans of Mt. Union journeyed to Tyrone and defeated the Eagles, 44 to 36. Only in the last quarter did Tyrone show its usual pep, when it outscored the Trojans 10 to 3. lanuary 18 Lewistown - 41 Tyrone -29 The fast-breaking Silktowners handed Tyrone its third Mountain League defeat. lt seemed as though Tyrone couldn't get an early enough start, for it wasn't until the third quarter that Tyrone outscored its opponents. january 21 Huntingdon Z4 Tyrone 17 The undefeated Bearcats journeyed to Tyrone, determined to keep a clean slate. Tyrone tried hard to break their winning streak, but Hunt- ingdon added speed and accuracy and came out on top. lgaraiig lllaakrilmll Ssqiraii rm 3luninr Haraitg Eaakrthall Svquah First Raw: Charles lgou, Glenn Abrams, Guyer Candy, Clark Skelly, Charles Glenn, Elvin Rhoades. Second Row: William Ellenberger fmanagerj, Samuel Miles, Harold Sweitzer, Clifford Watson, Joseph Smith, David Barr, Meryl Noel, Mr. LaPorte fcoachj. February 4 Ho1lidaysburg+29 Tyrone-30 Tyrone defeated the H-burgers again with a last minute shot by Herlt. With twenty seconds to go and Hollidaysburg leading, Ammerman intercepted a pass and threw the ball to Herlt. Herlt sank a "pepe" and won the game. February 8 Philipsburgf1'l Tyrone-31 Tyrone defeated Philipsburg in a fast, rough game. The Eagles were "on" and were determined not to be beaten. This was the first time in many years that Tyrone defeated P-burg. February 11 Mt. Union-37 The Mt. Union Trojans defeated the Eagles by the score of 37 to 29. The Eagles were out in front but could not keep the pace. Tyrone-29 February 15 Lewistown-35 The Silktowners journeyed to Tyrone and outplayed the Eagles. The Lewistowners took the lead and never relinquished it. Tyrone could not keep up with the fast pace of the Silktowners. Tyrone--27 February 18 Huntingdonf 36 Tyrone journeyed to Huntingdon and defeated the Mountain League Champs 38 to 36. The teams were tie, 35 to 35, at the end of the game. Tyrone-38 In the extra period both teams made a foul and then james made a field goal to win the game. Tyrone won seven and lost eleven games. Ian. lan. lan. -lan. Elan. lan. Feb. Feb, Feb. Feb. Feb. A fair season. JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL RECORD 4-Roaring Springs 7-Hnllidaysburg ll-Philipsburg .. 14-Mount Union 18-Lewistown .. 21-Huntingdon . 4-Hollidaysburg 8-Philipsburg .. 11-Mount Union 15-Lewistown .. 18-Huntingdon . l63l Visitors T. IL V 36 Z9 .. ....26 32 . .... ....l9 25 15 21 22 42 .. ...19 .... H27 22 26 13 32 29 17 ....2O 32 21 iliarultg Eaakrthall Umm Mr. Bloom, Mr. Snyder, Mr. Stonebraker, Mr. Shollenberger, Mr. Cberly, Mr. Miller iMana- The faculty basketball team of Tyrone High School has been an active organif zation during the last few years. This year the faculty team defeated Morrisdale, Madeira, and several homeroom teams. They were defeated by the Philipsburg Faculty team and the Tyrone Varsity. The financial returns of the faculty games are used for intramural equipment and to help support the track team. ilivrnrh nf Elrark Eurnta gerj. Event Time 100 yds. .103 120 yds. .245 440 yds. 58.0 880 yds. 2.6.3 200 Low Hurdles .24.9 Half Mile Relay 1.31 Half Mile Relay 1.37 Half Mile Relay 1.37 Half Mile Relay 1.37 Name Robert Charles Robert lgou Millard Stonebraker Myers Kimmell Alohn Miller Albert Snyder john Miller Paul ,lermino Robert lgou Record Year of 'rnadc in Graduation 1936 1937 19 37 1940 1937 1939 1937 1938 1937 1939 1937 1938 1937 1939 1931, 1940 1937 1940 1641 Efrark Gram First Row: Ronald Fowler, George liutterbaugh, Paul Vlermino, Frank Dimemmo, Samuel Ayres, john Mil- ler, Robert lgoii. Sammi Roar: Vern o n Etters ildanagerj, Vlames Price, Herman lirown, Malcolm Atnmerman, Lester Vlfoodring, Richard Ormsby, Robert E. lgou. Thml Row: Mr. Shollenberger ifloachl, lxiillard Stonebraleer, Don- ald Kirk, Bernard Shiltlr, Myers Kimmel, Albert Snyder, ,loc Fran- chio, Roger Fernaii, Mr. Snyder Qffoaclil. Indoor Tennis Basketball Photography by Waite I Gym Instructor, MISS STEWART Zlntramuralz Photography by Cuppcr I65I Photography by Cupper Fencing The Girls' Intramural Program opened this year with another new sport added to its list, namely tennis. Tournaments were held in Senior High only, in both Singles and Doubles. Due to a lack of time the latter tournament was not completed, but will be completed in the spring. In the Singles tournament, the laurels are held by Betty Garman, Helen Sevel, Louise Fuoss, Janet Miller, Dorothy Waite, and Marie Troxell. With the passing of tennis, the volleyball season opened in both junior and Senior Highs. Many interesting games were played off in this activity. ln Senior High, rooms 204, 208 and 210 were victoriousg while in Junior High the olive wreath went to the following sections as winners of their respective grades: ninth grade 9-4, eighth grade 8-3, and seventh grade 7-1 and 7-4. Upon the completion of volleyball, basketball again became king of sports in Senior High. This is a game greatly enjoyed by the girls, and each game played proved to be closely contested. The end of the tournament found the following rooms proud win- ners-senior room 202, junior room 210, and sophomore room 302. Captain ball, a lead-up game to basketball, was played in junior High, but clue to the fact that the tournament was not completed before this book went to press, the victorious rooms could not be given. l66l CEU is BUILDINC OF PYRAMIDQ 3' 5 MODERNESTIC DANCING This year a Girls' Gym Leaders Club was organized in Senior High, to assist in the daily gym classes and the Intramural Program. The refereeing and scoring of all the games were in charge of the club members. Special sports, such as fencing and badminton, were taken up in this group. This year in the Intramural sports we had approximately 310 girls engaged in activities, thus surpassing our number of last year, a fact which shows the growing interests in these sports. The success of our program this year was due to the fine co-operation of the student body, the room captains, and the Leaders Club, with Miss Stewart. Appreciation is expressed to the fol- lowing groups and individuals for making the intramural season so successful: QU The Student Body, KZ, Home Room Cap- tains, f3J Gym Leaders Club-with spe- cial mention of Dorothy Hall, Mary Heyl, Mary Ann Weikert, Margaret Wise, Mar- del Stover, Alfreda Lytle, Ardriene Batcheler, Peggy Glenn, Sara Wiser, Louise Fuoss, and Betty Garman, and Q41 Mr. Burns. Photography by Cupper l67l BUILDING OF PYRAMIDS MODERNISTIC DANCING Ph t A ajhy by C ppur RIGHT DRESS SVVEDISH DANCING SVVEDISH DANCING gas BOOMfA-LACK-A Boom-a-lack-a, Boom-a-Iackfa, Boom-a-lack-a-Bah! Chick-a-lack-a, Chick-a-lack-a, Chick-a-lack-a-Cha! Boom-a-lack-a-Bah Chick-a-lack-a-Cha Tyrone High School Rah, Rah, Rah. Engle' Zlntramural Hrngram SPORTS PROGRAM 1. Touch football .... ..................... 2. Volley ball .... 3. Basketball ,.... 4. Wrestling ........... 5. Playground ball 6. Soccer 7. Boxing Touch football 7th grade 8th grade Volley ball 7th grade 8th grade 9th grade . . and Sthgrades . . . . . 7-8-9-10-11-12th grades . . . ..... 7-8-9-10-11-12th grades .. . . . . . .10-11-12th grades Q5-6-7 participation in gym classes onlyl WINNERS Basketball .....7-4 7th grade.... ....'.7-4 -----8'2 8thgrade.... .......8-4 9th grade ...,.. . ...... 1 .9-7 7-2 .......8-5 ......9-2 Pre-season Sr. High "B" league ....... Room 302 Sr. High "A" league ............. Wrestling 115 w't class 125 w't class 135 w't class 145 w't class 158 w't class 175 w't class Unlimited w' Rooms 204 and 210 tied . t class Winner Carl Burwell Kurt Postreich Richard Dworsak Kenneth Waite Lester Woodring Jack Herlt and Malcolm Ammerman Sr. High "B" league ....... Room 302 Sr. High "A" league ...... Room 204 bask-etball tournament Room 212 'winner Room 206 runner-up Runner-up Edward Duff Vernon Etters Fred Walker Robert Brower John Hagg Samuel Ayers fTiedD William Yarnell Photography by Cupper 1691 BOXING VOLLEYBALL TABLEIOFIPARTICIPATION Touch football .... .... 1 40 participants Volley ball ..... .... 1 94 participants Basketball .... .... 1 72 participants Wrestling .... .... 5 5 participants Photography by Cuppur U01 ON FOR TYRONE On for Tyrone! On for Tyrone! Run right through that lineg Take the ball around the end, boys Touchdown sure this time. Rah! Rah! Rah! On for Tyrone! On for Tyrone! Fight hard for your fame. Fight, fellows, fight, fight, iight We'll win this game. Those responsible for the program were- Carl A. Shollenberger-Director of Intra- murals Robert Bloom--Ass't. Intramural Director Officials- Edmund Moyer Jack Herlt Samuel Parsons Ralph Stonebraker Albert Snyder Lyman Miller Photography by Crapper ORANGE AND BLACK Hurrah for the Orange and the Black! May it wave as our standard forever, Let others show what they can do- We'll be ready to face them too. Let opponents remember the day That we downed them in mighty endeavorg We'll sing as we march to the fray, And by our right and by our might We'll stand forever! E711 BASKETBALL WRESTLING TYRONE LOCOMOTIVE T-Y-R-O-NfE T-Y-R-O-N-E TfY-R-O-N-E Tyrone. YEA, TEAM, FIGHT! Yea, team, fight! Yea, team, fight! Yea, team, Yea, team, Yea, team, fight! COME ON EAGLES Come on, Eagles, I.et's gog Come on, Eagles, Let's go, Come on, Eagles, Let's go. FIGHT, TEAM, FIGHT Fight, team, fight! Fight, team, fight! Fight, team, fight team, Fight team, fight! Strawberry Shortcake Huckleberry Pie V-I-G-T-O-RfY Are you in it? I guess yes Tyrone High School Yes, Yes, Yes. TY TY-TY-TY-RG RO-RO-RO-NE That's the way you spell itg This is the way you yell it- Tyrone. ALLA GENICK Alla genick, genack, genack Z-4-6-8 Alla genick, genack, genack 2-4-6-8 Hur-rah Tyrone! Hur-rah Tyrone Whom do we appreciate? T-Y-R-O-N-E Tyrone! Tyrone. E721 ! 1' 111 ivlh Bag Photography by Fink BAND ACTIVITY Illrrnrhz In Bair nf Iliielh Bag 151121115 Event Discus Shot Pu: Javelin Throw Broad jump High Jump Pole Vault Distance 103 ft. 10 in. 39 ft. 2 in. 158 ft. 10 in. 20 ft. 11 in. 5 ft. 9 in. 10 ft. 10 in. Name Donald Kirk Donald Kirk George Butterbaugh Robert Charles Albert Snyder Russell Heyl Ai' K AMPLIFICATION OF FIELD DAY EVENTS I 73 Record made in 1937 1937 1937 1936 1937 1933 Year of Graduation 1938 1938 1938 1937 1938 1934 1 YXRXQIIX fxigg . WM NS-9 T495 V QQUPX .fggggfgE?2Ky Qth, k h . X i741 ? if iliivlh Bag Field Day exercises for all of the pupils of the Tyrone public schools were held on Gray Field-May 20, 1937. The committee in charge of the program planned the following events. PROGRAM Olympic Games-with Runner Greece-Greek Frieze-Senior girls Rome-Relays-Senior boys Germany-M Sweden-Wa arching Drill-Junior boys nd and Dumb-bell Drill--Fifth and sixth grades Denmark-Interpretative Dance-Eighth and ninth grade girls Folk Dance Period Ireland-Irish Dance-Seventh grade girls Holland-Du American Period tch Dance-Third and fourth grade girls Story Plays-First and second grade Tumbling'-Senior boys Pyramids-Se nior boys and girls PANORAMIC VIEVV OF FIELD DAY ACTIVITY i751 Photography by Robison pci X11 OWL Vhu mg WNW ew Ahuvrtinvmvnta f A A A Photography by Robison U71 THE TYRONE-NORWALK VAULT PERF ECTION SAFETY PERMANENCE Selected for its Natural Beauty Dedicated to the Departed A Tomb Everlasting MlIl1lIftll'fll!'l'l1 by The Tyrone-Norwalk Co. TYRONE, PA. The Fullington AUTO BUS Tempting Foods ! ! Finest Quality Meats Fancy Canned Foods Crisp Vegetables Fresh Fruits Delicatessens Dairy Products Cheese for Every Taste Frosted Fruits and Vegetables Getz Market Store CLEARFIELD 1068 Pennsylvania Avenue PENNSYLVANIA Phone 6 36 Us G. B. Miller and Company I nsurcmce Brokers HUNTINGDON, PA. Complete Home Furnishers FIRST BLAIR COUNTY SinCe1896 NATIONAL BANK YOUR CREDITS GOOD 64 YEARS Rothert Company OF 10th Street Tyrone E791 HARPSTER CHEVROLET CO. Sales and Service WARRIORS MARK, Phone 10-R-12 PORT MATILDA, Phone 15-R-2 HIGH SCHOOL TOURS TO WASHINGTON L. R. Batcheler, Organizer Tyrone, Pennsylvania "Established at Tyrone High" TRUST A WOMAN To Sense the Difference ROSES BEAUTY SHOPPE Tenth Street gg3IgRlQxgSEMENTS C. T. SNYDER ELECTRIC FOLDERS Columbia Avenue, Tyrone, Pa. CARDS STATIONERY GENERAL ELECTRIC SCHEDULES REERIGERATION ETC. RANGES SWEEPERS Typewriter Dealers APPLTZINCES The MANN PRINTING C0. 10 W. Herald Street and TYRONE, PA. SUPPLIES T801 IF YOU "WANNA" MAKE RHYTHM-USE KENDALL The ZOOO Mile Oil See Your KENDALL Selected Dealers for Real Service C. E. SCHWAB, Disfribufor Tyrone, Pennsylvania Robert Posey's Clover Farm FOOD MARKET "Say It With Flowers" ENGELMANS -QUALITY- Groceries Meats Fruits Vegetables FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS 11 West 10th Street PHONE 1200 DELIVERY Phones 42 8-134 1201 SERVICE Rea and Derick, Inf- CUT RATE STORES "Where Spending I s Saving" 1056 Pennsylvania Avenue SWf1lWillllllllll " " "WW Siwll V W x x 1, ,217 ,f',-', 1 iiie'-- S it A Y flfe 1 f TYRONE, PA. PATENTS TOILET ARTICLES RUBBER Gooos STATIONERY SODAS CANDY v.Qzm c1GARs ATHLETIC euulnmenr CIGARETTES TOBACCO 608 Wood Street PITTSBURGH, PA. T81 B h l d M' ' CMR FARM STORE C. B. ABRAMS, Prop. 1301 Pennsylvania Avenue TYRONE, PA. 4 ,- ELECTROPURE MILK uGOOd Things To Eat" ALL KINDS OF DAIRY PRODUCTS 4 V' Hoffman's Ice Cream CHARLES C. WAPLE DAIRIES, Inf. 21st Street and Columbia Avenue Piper's Restaurant Try Our Grilled Steak SANDWICHES AND SPAGHETTI Look for fbv Blur' Sign Flenner Insurance Agency FIRE-AUTOMOBILE SURETY BONDS GEORGE S. FLENNER 3 East 10th Street Phone 1181 Tyrone Lime 81 Stone Company Tyrone, Pa. Sweet Clover Pulverized Limestone and Lime For All Purposes PHONE 413 A POWERFUL ALLY In Securing Good School Marks is a Dependable Royal Portable Typewriter Cash or Easy Terms McCARTNEY'S 1107-ll Ave., Altoona, Pa. rw PHOTOGRAPHS THAT PLEASE Phillips' Studio 966 Pennsylvania Avenue The Home News-- Every Week The Tyrone Times "A Community Newspaper" FRESH CANDIES At Prices That Will 'Please You Garclner's Cemdy Store Dr. S. H. Hostetter McLANAHAN'S ttttttttttttt DRUG STORE PENNSYLVANIA HOTEL BUILDING Diehl's Beauty and Cosmetic Shoppe FINK BROTHERS HARDWARE, PIPE 1123 Pennsylvania Avenue ttttd INDIVIDUAL FITTINGS COIFFURES Phone 774 PAPER AND PAINT Iss l A We ACK' S BETSY ROSS BAKERY . e ice Station MOBIL GAS AND OIL Century Tires and Tubes National Batteries Cars Washed Cars Waxed Excellent Lubrication System "JIM" BLACK, Mgr. 449 West 15th Street 'Bigjoe and Betsy Ross BREAD J. A. DICKSON, Mgr. H. F. BOWSER Clover Farm Store 112 5-2 6 Pennsylvania Avenue TYRONE, PA. Phone S90 Sanitary Supplies -For- , Institutions, Hospitals, Industries, Of- fice Buildings, Schools, Hotels, Homes Lawrence J. De Ferie . . . and Wherever Cleaning is Done. Att0yney-dt-ldw Altoona Chemical .la111t01' SUPPIV TYRONE, PA. 1715-15 Union Ave, Altoona, Pa. Phone 2-9458 JOHN HAGG, JR., DAIRY Distributors of MILK, CREAM, BUTTER Pennants, Banners, Pillows Add dignity, color and spirit to your school work by the use of felt Pennants. Banners, Pillows, Emblems, Caps, Berets and Chenille Letters. No order too small to receive our attention. wld CATALOG FREE BUTTERMILK Ph H90 T P Standard Pennant Company On' yum' 3' BIG RUN, PA. 1841 GARMAN the JEWELER APPRECIATES YOUR PATRONAGE OUTSTANDING Bri ghten-All Duz-All for for Desks Floors New Method Varnish Co. Elmira Heights, N. Y. Juniata College No finer education can be got- ten than that which a small liberal arts college can offer. Juniata offers you the heritage of many years of service. Recent changes in the curriculum make study at Juniata more significant. Inquiries solicited DR. CHARLES C. ELLIS, Prexident JUNIATA COLLEGE Huntingdon, Penna. Pennsylvania Hotel Tyrone, Pa. LEVINE BROS. Quality Men's and Boy's Shop 105 5 Pennsylvania Avenue TYRONE, PA. Wfe Dye For Our Living We Also Clean All Kinds of Clothes Hats Cleaned and Blocked Like New F. 8: F. Dye Works 119 West 10th Street Contains all the important happenings of the world, and chronicles every local event of consequence. The Tyrone Daily Herald A finely equipped job-printing plant is part of the Herald establishment, in which quality predominates. rss We Buy and Sell USED CARS AND TRUCKS New and Used PARTS AND TIRES -Replace- Door and Windshield Glass 17' Tyrone Auto Salvage And Service Station JULIUS SEALFON. Prop. PHONE TYRoN13 47s-R Always Buying SCRAP IRON METALS HIDES other WASTE MATERIALS 1 Y Julius Sealfon 1 2 5 6- 5 8 Blair Avenue 24 Hour Service PHONE 516 CAMPS Shaffer Meat Plant DEI-ICATESSEN The Best in Meats SHULICK'S GARAGE Radiator Repairing and Wfelding Day and Night Service Official AAA Service Phone 400 Northwood Tyrone, Pa. Laura S. Camp WASHINGTON AVENUE Burley Service Station Use All Three: Atlantic White Flash Atlantic Motor Oil Atlantic Lubrication rw 87 Altoona School of Commerce ONE AND TWO YEAR COURSES College Grade Central Pennsylvania's outstanding secretarial ana' accounting institution of commerce ALTOONA, PENNSYLVANIA Arlington Hotel A. L. Getz and Sons 10th Street and Logan ROOFING AND SPOUTING Avenue EURNACE WORK and SCHOOIZUEINNERS RADIATOR COVERS BANQUETS Rear 1229 Pennsylvania Avenue PHONE 1139-W Schirm's Cut Rate THE 1604 Columbia Avenue W. F. Hiller Agency HOME-MADE ICE CREAM OUR SPECIALTY INSURANCE REAL ESTATE Phone 9039 T881 Well's SL Way Service Station Sinclair Gas and Oils Lubrication, Car Washing Century Tires Corner of Tenth and Logan PHONE 9009 LEW SPRIGGS Barber and Beauty Shoppe Permanent Waving Our Specialty All the Latest Style THE HOME OF Clothing and Furnishings for Men and Boys Hair Cuts H H G d arry . ar ner PHONE 9062 Tenth Street, Tyrone, Pa. Winter Music Store THE EVERYTHING MUSICAL H. k G Apartment Uprights IC CS rocery Grand Pianos THE Musettes Band and Orchestral Instruments "The Home of the Steinway" F erndell Store l39l Lugg and Edmonds "Where Shopping is a Pleasure Cornplvfv Slovks of: JACK'S PLACE LIGHT LUNCHES GAS AND OIL 19 16th Street, Tyrone, Pa. DRY GOODS READY-TO-WEAR MILLINERY TASTE AND BE CONVINCED CHILDRENS WEAR BREAD MENS FURNISHINGS CAKES SHQES PASTRIES Kienzle's Bakery TYRONE'S BUSY STORE Phone 261 Pennsylvania Avenue TYRDNE, PA. Dod e and Pl mouth g V E. J. FORCEY SALES AND SERVICE PAUL L. HALL Phone 31 1209 Blair Ave. 'Barber Shop COLUMBIA AVENUE H. K. Miller Service Station Quaker State Lubrication Williard Batteries 15th Street and Lincoln Avenue The Garman Department Store WHERE THE BEST IS SOLD FOR LESS T901 SHOES For the Entire Family MACK'S CAPITAL SHOE STORE H. H. MAGDOVITZ, Prop. Tyrone's Cut Price Shoe Store Andy Rorabaugh Plumbing and Heating New and Repair Work Steam-Hot Water 31 W. 11th Street Call 230 COfliceD 557 CResiclenceJ Burkholder Maytag and Electric Store WESTINGHOUSE REERIGERATORS PHILCO RADIOS and SMALL APPLIANCES 1 1 12 Pennsylvania Avenue PHONE 602-J Miller Brothers Company HARDWARE PAINT WALLPAPER ELECTRIC APPLIANCES and WIRING SUPPLIES WASHERS REFRIGERATORS IRONERS RADIOS LIGHTING FIXTURES 1008 Pennsylvania Avenue COOL OFF . . . at Our Fountain TWU ICE CREAM Specialties The Corner Room Biggins 81 Heberling 1658 Columbia Avenue BELL PHONE-573 Benjamin C. Jones Attorney-at-law TYRONE, PA. l91l The West Virginia Pulp and Paper Company Tyrone, Pennsylvania Main Office 230 Park Avenue New York City i921 Soles Agency BUICK AND GRAHAM CARS James C. Davis, jr. Motor Sales Forcey's Barber Shop D. F. Forcey LOGAN AVENUE KENDALL GASOLINE-OIL Rodgers Kendall Station WASHINGTON AVENUE Af Hillcrest Say If TYRoNE Wffb LAUNDRY Beautiful Flowers COMPANY, Irw- From WE Kloss Flower WASH Shop EVERYTHING ELEVENTH STREET PHONE 203 I93 941 Cl ABSOLUTE CONFIDENCE GEMS AND WATCHES Should be Purchased from Houses in Which You Place Implicit Faith Diamonds Purchased from this House Carry the Assurance of Genuineness Watches Bought of Us Carry a Guarantee of Service for a Generation . 1 ..,.. Sil t - - :E-'ll Y if Tix-41:4 I. ACKLIN JEWELRY CO. C6716 Cgfjouse of "Diamonds Kurtz Bros. School Supplies and ' Equipment MANUFACTURERS OF MODERN SCHOOL PAPERS CLEARFIELD, PA. Rupert Chevrolet Co. OLDSMOBILE AND CHEVROLET Sales and Service 215 E. 10th Street Phone 350 f9S Blatchford Furniture Co. Complete Home Furnishings HOME OF THE FAMOUS NORGE PRODUCTS Refrigerators, Washers, Gas Ranges, Ironers, Stokers and Air Conditioning Philco Radios Maytag Washers Zenith Radios Faultless Washers RCA Radios Apex Washers Rugs, Curtains, Window Shades, Armstrong and Gold Seal Rugs and Linoleum, Gliders, Awnings, all kinds Summer Furnishings, End Tables, Occasional Tables, Coffee Tables, Odd Chairs, Hi-Chairs. ,fowest Prices Easy Terms 20 W. 10 St. CLAIR R. HOOPES, Manager Phone 84 Kline Bros. Smart Shoppe KOENEPVS BEAUTY SHOP LADIES' APPAREL PERMANENT WAVES OUR SPECIALTY Pennsylvania Avenue Call 496 PONTIAC SALES A AND SERVICE ATLANTIC GAS Italian.: Spaghetti AND OIL Smith's Garage 12 INCH HOT DOGS 954 Washington Ave. E961 CONGRATULATIONS to the CLASS of U38ll BLOCK'S Clothing and Slaoesfor Men and Young Men., Chandler M Conah THE Sevreb INSURANCE V Fire Life Automobile OF A SATISFIED FAMILY Wertz Grocery Store Tenth Street Surety Bonds We Insure Everyibilzg-and "WE WRITE IT RIGHT- BELIEVE ME" 23 West Tenth Street, Tyrone, Pa. joe Zang and Co. 1003 Pennsylvania Avenue TYRONE, PA. Have Your Shoes Repaired by a Good Shoemaker While You Wait J. W. Fisher Est. -for-. HARD WEAR HARDWARE PENNSYLVANIA AVE. I97I HOME ELECTRIC LIGHT AND STEAM HEATING CCMPANY Black Brothers 952 Logan Avenue Pau1's Diner The Home of Tasfy Foods Expertly Prcparvd fo Meet the Approval of Cookery Critics 1 Y 111 W. 10th Street, Tyrone, Pa. Phone 112 fo, Guyer's Clover Farm S03 W. 15th St. Phone 597 Chrysler and 1 h GROCERIES P VH10'-lf Cars FRESH MEATS 0 PRODUCE Dlamond T Trucks BENSON 'S ICE CREAM I98I Smith's at Northwood SPECIALISTS -i ,1- LADIES' DRESSES AND MILLINERY Store Open Evenings for Your Convenience We Save You Money! PHONE 685-R-5 Tim's Service Station Wilson Chemical I' T- B10ugh,P'0P- Company GAS, o1L, ACCESSORIES AND CONFECTIONERY 1 r 1560 Pennsylvania Avenue TYRONE, PA. CLOVERINE SALVE MAYTAG PHHLO WILSON COUGH WASHERS RADIOS DROPS Wolf Furniture Co. 1 " Cash Easy Terms FRIGIDAIRE TAPPAN GAS RANGES ESTABLISHED 1895 i991 L71 Feller's Garage Birmingham School HUDSON AND fm' TERRAPLANE GIRLS Sales 6' Service 1? 1? 1100 BLAIR AVENUE Phone 696 BIRMINGHAM, PA. A. G. ANDREW Compliments f' t of A Friend ENGINEERING AND CONSTRUCTION COMPANY I 1001 WILSGN and EL PATIO THEATRES Under 'Direction of Tlllarner i,BTOfI'I,CTS ALWAYS THE FINEST IN SCREEN ENTERTAINMENT Matinees and Evening Shows Daily at Each Theatre 51011 Ubin' lgairnna Haines The Shoe Wizard, Neil Gray, Manager Miss L. C. Traynor Lantern Tea Room The Templeton Company Mr. E. Updike's Meat Market Reader's Barber Shop Geraci's Shoe Shop Ed. Dickson, Dairy-Confections Katie M. White, Katicfs Beauty Shoppe Paul Henry, Barber Shop E. Lillian Miller, Notary Public Richard H. Gilbert, Aftorney-at-law PATRONIZE CUR ADVERTIZERS 51021 GD111' Ahurrtiavra C Alphabetically arrqngedj Page N o Abrams, C. B. .................. . . . .... . . . 82 Acklin jewelry Co. ............... . . 95 Altoona Chemical janitor Supply .... . . 84 Altoona School of Commerce ...... . . 88 Andrew, A. G. ............... . . 100 Arlington Hotel .......... .. 88 Batcheler and Minemier. . . . . 82 Betsy Ross Bakery ............ . . 84 Biggins and Heberling ......... . . 91 Birmingham School for Girls .... . . 100 Black Brothers .............. . . 98 Black's Service Station ...... .. 84 Blatchforcl Furniture Co. .... . . 96 Block's ............... . . 97 Bowser, H. F. ............... . . 84 Burkholder Maytag Electric .... .. 91 Burley Service Station ...... .. 86 Camp's Delicatessen ..... , . 86 Capital Shoe Store .... .. 91 Corner Room ....... . . 91 Davis Service Station .... .. 93 De Ferie, Lawrence J. ..... . . 84 Diehl's Beauty Shoppe .... .. 83 Engelman's Florist Shop. . . . . 81 F. 5: F. Dye Works ...... . . 85 Feller's Garage .............. .. 100 83 Fink Brothers ................. . . First Blair County National Bank .... . . Fisher, J. W. ................... . . Flenner Insurance Agency ...... . . Forcey, D. F. ............ . . Forcey, E. J. ............ . . 79 97 82 93 90 Fullington Auto Bus Co.. . . . . 78 Gardner's Candy Store .... . . 83 Gardner, Harry ...... . . 89 Garman Brothers .... . . 90 Garman, jeweler ..... . . 85 Getz, A. L., 8: Sons .... . . 88 Getz Meat Market .... .. 78 Guyer's Clover Farm. . . . . 98 Hagg, John ......... . . 84 Hall, Paul L. ........... . . 90 Harpster Chevrolet Co. .... . . 80 Herald ..................... . . 85 Hickes Grocery ................ . . 89 High School Tours to Washington ...... . . 80 Hiller Insurance Agency ................ . . 88 Home Electric Light 8: Steam Heating Co. .... . . 98 Hostetter ......................... . . . 83 Jack's Place ...... . . . 90 91 85 Jones, B. C. ..... . . Juniata College . . . . . Uosj Gbur Ahurttiarra Qflfphnbelically armngedb Page N o Kendall .................................... . . 81 Kienzle Bakery ............ . . 90 Kline Brothers Smart Shoppe .... . . 96 Kloss Florist Shop ............ .. 93 Koener's Beauty 8: Barber Shop .... . . 96 Kurtz Brothers .............. . . 95 Levine Brothers ............ . . 85 Lugg 81 Edmonds. . . . . 90 Mann Printing Co. .... . . 80 McCartney's ........ . . 82 McConahy, Chandler .... . . 97 McLanahans ........ . . 85 Miller Brothers ...... . . 91 Miller, G, B. .......... . . 79 Miller, H. K. ........... .. 90 New Method Varnish Co. .... . . 85 Paul's Diner ........... . . 98 Pennsylvania Hotel ..... . . 85 Phillips Studio .... . . 83 Piper's Restaurant ...... . . 82 Posey's Clover Farm ..... . . 81 Rea 84 Derick .......... . . 81 Rodgers Service Station. . . . . 93 Rorabaugh, Andy ...... . . 91 Rose's Beauty Shoppe .... . . 80 Rothert Co. ........... . . . . 79 Rupert Chevrolet .............. . . 95 Schirm's Cut Rate ................ . . 88 Sealfon Salvage 8: Service Station .... . . 86 Shaffer Meat Plant .............. .. 86 Shulick's Garage ............. . . 86 Smith's At Northwood .... . . 99 Smith's Garage ........ . . 96 Snyder, C. T. ..... . . 80 Spalding, A. G ..... . . 81 Spriggs, Lew ........ . . 89 Standard Pennant Co. .... . . 84 The Villa .......... . . 96 Tim's Service Station .... .. 99 Tyrone Laundry Co. ...... . . 93 Tyrone Lime 84 Stone Co. .... . . 82 Tyrone-Norwalk Vault Co.. . . . . 78 Tyrone Times ............. . . 85 Waple's Dairy ............... . . 82 Well's and Way Service Station ..., . . 89 Wertz, S. G. ................... . . 97 West Virginia Pulp 8: Paper Co. .... . . 92 Wilson Chemical Co. ............ . . 99 Wilson Theatre .............. . . 101 Winter's Music Store ..., .. 89 Wolf's Furniture Store. . . . . 99 Zang, Joe ix Co. ...... . . 97 H041 2 -. mmfogvap As Lgufograplns . jx x WL Q!fz4,4 !ff,4'V!!'5 ' if 7M JA, JJ I 'A I 01 JP! gffjl. yi , 1 ,V. -Z ag? J, . Y' 44-'lf'-'4-'6", Q ',,f,' I r- .V . Q V, 4,,vf, I 14-.f .'-,f V' -I .,,-,'7f7 , ' X 1, I 1 " I , 1' . , 1.. M NS fifff 105 f ',,, 1 A ,, J' X . Wm-In wfaufeaj-' Azz lf iwxagf '5ffCf4'4f'76fn9ufc,cMf-.11 Vffwfjbfic Jmlgalvf ' If Lg214fog1fajJl1fs .9,e.w,l'.c 1 an-af-14-1x95 pq WUWM' my My 1 j73yfFjjj6A'?fQU'XL viz, WfWwW fo rw Mfffff 5 Jw Wifi AM Jeff? S 0, U 51061 Qu fogrczp As A iw ' ,mp LJ, Q7 mm-V 'gefwwfawvve-V'f0' C'1MJ'a,lu,q?0Wl.QMlZa0vL1. OJ'1'9v0Jf'f ', 33fu.Qw-rvlxfvwv'-4 WML? L7 KM , mf wif W oh WW fb gg nf ,iff LJQTQNJQ . .Q QEMZOQVCLPZLS d! wb 9- Z? ,4.,,., f V.,-4.,gg,mm.,-.U 4' fn . M J 134"""' """4f4- Efffyv-e, Gvfyhft - 911 .l3A+,wQ4-G.wq4 rf Am pmowfdgwaz 70'n'Lf9f'-ffl-7 ,lfwfruwy G'-"df,t.af,4:A 7""7"fw-L 1'-flyfp-f,.l1f gf mf+Jw"""' J n4,,.,, 7YW1"'M' MLM'- l7J 77.2, ' w "' "! mu Zograp As L .Z I 1' ' I! LQ igvcxfi 5 if ,l-f'.fv"L'9"Q 1 ff - ,L-ofh .! 7 1 V ff1,,,,ff4, -ff, C, V -,V . .,.fvr,.,' , X -. ,f f - fffidrary -57,4 -,4,,3,,,,f,,,,,A.. Kjybf X by hy 'LC W My 5 M' CM' JLG. Bun Vuyngc and Good Luck to tln: Class of' N33 THE l'H11,LlPs' S'I'L'mo, Tymnu, Pu. THE IQORTHERN ENuRAvlNu CiOMl'ANY, Canton, Olmiu Pu51u.1N PUHIJSHINL: Co., Berlin, Pu. 47 w ! 'iR1 gQf 1:3 fy W' Q fMk9 ,f1fgJf11,,, 5Q7QQl , jf Wi W MLA' fwffwbffmyiwafiww QWJMWQL' +W 47 qgpf WKJJ'

Suggestions in the Tyrone Area High School - Falcon Yearbook (Tyrone, PA) collection:

Tyrone Area High School - Falcon Yearbook (Tyrone, PA) online yearbook collection, 1935 Edition, Page 1


Tyrone Area High School - Falcon Yearbook (Tyrone, PA) online yearbook collection, 1936 Edition, Page 1


Tyrone Area High School - Falcon Yearbook (Tyrone, PA) online yearbook collection, 1937 Edition, Page 1


Tyrone Area High School - Falcon Yearbook (Tyrone, PA) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Page 1


Tyrone Area High School - Falcon Yearbook (Tyrone, PA) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Page 1


Tyrone Area High School - Falcon Yearbook (Tyrone, PA) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 1


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