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"SL pr' -'fan - . -.v--f Y F -1, T,-W - -'-f- ff-V, fa- 7X , fn . X. Mrk' 1,:,' H .-, ,gf ,ghjym 1 4 , gvg. . ,P ' .. 54 .,.:: 4.5-. ,. J-r 14,1 ffiz, 'fix-F-fffil 'g:.HQ1Q':f .iv 416 ,iggggtg A 1, 1 - exe..-2 . , yxygv-'sz--ggi.-. r -.ljfg 3 QFD X ..'.4....f" y.'1.d-A. 5. if E-15' QF' Y-H3752 3: En :1v'fi'. igekg, -'f if '- A " Q ,-Yiviiif -" ' 1 J a 2 3 1 5 1 I -. Af vw. ,dfgvxgza . :'g,Lf,gf " 'gS.m,5x:- -Aff. - A 1 - . 1 ms, f ..-Q.:-ffi'rmfQ., is, my 's' Us-Va 11: va -mg,-Digi .5 . 5 , 55535 '.,3'Q,12,.5':1I ' ' nfgjjfgj' . ' S: 1-' ,fi ez-:V h V, f7f,?f'? 157112 - ' " f 1: - nfl , A , 3 -' - ' if' 41" -L ,gif 5-21 ' "i f-si ..,:.1 .iii 3 ff fl? ,-A ,af 'fi-I-, ' 11' N, 21 xg 2 fs ,' JL A f iMf"' . 15.341 ' ,iii " 1.12 , , . 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Q When we grow old and gray, Mem'ries will linger stillg Happy hours we've spent with thee Their mission shall fulfill, Life will be sweet and fair, joy will awake anew, May we ever faithful be, Dear Alma Mater true! . 1 1 P T s ,,.- ..,...f--4 Z' 1 Wi For I dipt into the future far as human eye can see, Saw the vision of the world, and all the wonders that would beg Saw the heavens filled with commerce, argosies of magic sails, Pilots of the purple twilight, dropping down with costly balesg Heard the heavens filled with shouting, and there rained a ghastly dew From the nation's airy navies, grappling in the central blue. - Cigennyson Dedication Administration . Classes Activities Athletics . Advertisements . School History . Taye 73 77 37 37 H D wziagg wwf-X WWW .-'J' , if X A af owraga. n 1. s.nAs.vJc s av, V ' l W ' ""' Yan- qdwm- ws X 'L 'Ex-ewan 'gvcvwzb xvsrxgx-'Y siren 'H ,. J if AMELIA EARHART ,... ,,.,, M 'ff A ,A,l X "AQ Jw .WN 11 lynx X R K S1 MQ' '-N. x x JMS MX, 'SPV E X Q wx i 1 ' ,ff ,ki Xi 'Rf R rw ' ',f"',,.w' at . 1, xx 'Hx L, ,.vl:?,,Q- x S x 1 ,E ,R ,Y A gm Ev. E' H 2 2 if 1, ,w,w.1'j.,7,1g x 'ix it"- . pf14,.,,,, Z, x'Sy i.,. , Y, R V ' i in '1i . , ,X . x ., Nr -R 5-L'E.nS..5 og' tsukxt.. AZN' JAX NM. kumfl Th CHARLES LINDBERGH XX-XS Avcxtnk Svwwk "4 ser X-sz.. kngw no x. 199 'K X fn A Q. 4,3 2 X - . , kwa nk. .nf ,AJ I mug ina:-. AAu5x W9 TG Aug X. gf Tj' . + F 'E r L4..,,,,T,i-,.. . ,- To the pilot of the good ship '35, whose untiring efforts have guided us safely to many "happy landings," we, the passengers, appreciarively dedicate this book. E 1 1 1 FALCONS OF THE AIR They Fly Alone.-Alone? ls he alone at Whose right side rides Courage, with Skill within the cockpit and Faith upon his left? Does soli- tude surround the brave when Adventure leads the Way and Ambition reads the dials? ls there no company with him for whom the air is cleft by Daring and the darkness is made light by Em- prise? True, the fragile bodies of ,his weaker fel- lows do not weigh down his planeg true, the fret- ful minds of weaker men are lacking from his crowded cabing but as his airship keeps her course, he holds communion with those rarer spirits that inspire to intrepidity and by their sustaining po- tency give strength to arm, resource to mind, con- tent to soul. Alone? With what other com- panions would that man fly to whom the choice is given?-New York Sun IIEHHHHH E221 -x , ,. E5 93 345 K ,f Q, pp, is 1. fa. 1' ' dx 95 away ww ffskkf- F322 ki -ff A :spake-2 F755 .5 7? ,1 "':""5g,Ii Sgifzmgi All V, 1 5 1- 5' E55 W1 . ' 4 'E H15 f 1 Ui 59 ' EY! ' 32? f fv '- 'ag ' 5 H Y A . gill: A. as If 63 fic!-vlr Ha v ver L.Y...Jl,,,,. Department of School Administration F. CLARK SKELLY Mr. Skelly possesses quite a few Alma Maters, for he has attended Oakville High School, Shippensburg Normal School, Dick- inson College, and Cornell University. He entered Tyrone High School as a teacher of physics. His fine work as a teacher was given the recognition due it when he was raised to the principalship of our high school. ELSA DIETRICK-"Pat" plays the role ofsecre- tary to our superintendent. She attendedJuniata College, where she received a commercial certi- ficate. Her cheerful ways have won her innum- erable friends. She also is counselor for the Alpha Tri-Hi-Y and a member of the Senior Play Business Staff. WILBUR JOHNSTON -Wilbur Johnston was graduated from the local high school in l93O. Since then he has been indispensable as manager of the book room and as an office helper. He is always at hand just when he is needed, and he is willing to undertake any task that is offered him. WILLIS W. EISENHART-For fourteen years Mr. Eisenhart has served as superintendent ofthe Tyrone schools. His devoted efforts to further the interests of our schools have won him the admiration of the student body as well as that of the townspeople. He attended the University of Pennsylvania, where he received both his Bachelor of Science degree and his Master of Arts degree. Departments of Arts, Languages, and Music JEAN BARRETT A-Miss Barrett is anewcomer to Tyrone this year, but already her pleasing per- sonality has won her a host of friends. She re- ceived her Bachelor of Science degree at West Chester State Teachers College. She fills the position of Music Supervisor. RUTH KESSLER-Miss Kessler is the one who teaches the junior high girls how to become model housewives. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree at Beaver College. She very capably manages our Home Economics Department. FLORETTA GIBSON'-Whoever said that Lat- in is a dead language would surely change his mind if Miss Gibson taught him. Her classes have given life to Latin, She received her Bachelor of Arts degree at Northwestern University. MARIE EBLE-Miss Eble is also a newcomer this year. After receiving her Bachelor of Arts Page 14 degree at Pennsylvania State College, she attended Columbia University and received from there her Master of Arts degree. Miss Eble teaches French, and, accordingly, is sponsor of the French Club. She is fond of handicrafts, especially knitting, and hiking. JESSE DANIELS-For twelve years Mr. Daniels has very capably filled the position of manual training teacher. He attended Central State Normal School at Lock Haven and also Valparaiso University, where he received his Bachelor of Manual Training degree. DOROTHY GOVEV- -Artin the Tyrone schools has reached a high level under Miss Cvove's super- vision. She received her Bachelor ofArts degree at Ohio University, but she also has done special art work at Columbia University. Under her direction the Art Club has become one of our most active clubs. Mathematics Department RUTH KING Miss King must be quite mathe- matically minded, for she teaches plane and solid geometry, algebra, and trigonometry. She received both her B.A. and M.A. degrees at Bucknell University. She serves as junior Class Dean and as coach for extemporaneous speakers. HAROLD B. ELECK -- Mr. Fleck teaches arith- metic and music, but these are only some of his achievements. He has done much to improve the standards of music in Tyrone High. Not only has he organized a high school orchestra, but he also has been made director of the Sophomore-junior Boys' Glee Club and assistant director ofthe band. He studied at Penn State and Ithaca Conservatory and received his B.S. degree in music at the New York University. GRANT HIXSGN junior high hails a new algebra teacher this year in the person of Mr. Hix- son. This newcomer to our ranks received his B.S. degree at Juniata College, and he also has attended Pennsylvania State College. He has had charge of the cheer leading this year, and is also treasurer ofthe band fund. His hobbies are travel, reading, and sports. ROBERT H. WAITE - Mathematics has proved to be a more interesting subject to boys and girls in junior high school since Mr. Waite is teaching it. Mr. Waite attended Gettysburg College where he received a B.S. degree in Industrial Engineering. As assistant coach he has won the friendship and admiration of the boys on the team. He is also the junior Hi-Y adviser. Departments of Health and Athletics CARL A. SHOI.I.ENBERGERYWhat would the "Potent Profs" do without Shollenberger? Or what would the boys' gym classes be without him ? He has helped to put health and physical educa- tion on the map in his own Alma Mater. He is the Intramural Director of boys' sports, and, accordingly, likes all forms of athletics. Gberlin College awarded him his A.B. degree. NADINE STEWART- Miss Stewart came to our school from Brenau College with an A.B. de- gree and a Certificate of Physical Education. She directs all of the girls' gym classes, and she also teaches health to the junior high girls. Herinter- est in sports and her ease in managing them have won her many laurels. Her pleasing personality has made her a friend to all the girls. BETTY KLOSS-Red Cross work in Tyrone High School has meant something since Miss Kloss has become School Nurse. In fact, so creditable has been her work in connection with the junior Red Cross that Tyrone has been given recognition in Washington, D. C. Miss Kloss received her R.N. degree at Breslau University in Germanyg she also trained at Hamot Hospital in Erie, Penn- sylvania. MERLE EMERY STONEBRAKER --Coach Stonebraker claims Bucknell as his Alma Mater, for it was there that he received his B.S. degree. The energy that he has left after drilling many boys in football and basketball is used in teaching history in junior high. His position as coach also makes him an important member of the Athletic Council, Although his greatest interests are in sports, he also likes reading and the movies. Page I5 Commercial Department GERTRUDE MARY BENNER-A teacher so new in the profession that she doesn't even know whether she likes teaching yet is Miss Benner. She is a graduate of Indiana State Teachers College and also Lehigh University. Her subjects are junior business training and business essentials. NEVA E. VVEBB-Typing and stenography are very capably taught by Miss Neva Webb. She attended Bowling Green College of Commerce, and, upon graduation, received her A.B. degree. Miss Webb is faculty adviser of the Alpha Tri-Hi-Y Club and also co-advser of the Bisignis Club. GAIL F. ,HEMMINGER CSeatedD-The com- mercial stafl has taken into its ranks a new member by the name of Miss Hemminger. She has attend- ed Columbia, Cornell, and Susquehanna Univer- sities and also Irving College where she received her A.B. and M.A. degrees. She teaches type- writing, stenography, bookkeeping, Business Eng- lish, and Commercal Law, Miss I-Iemminger is assistant dean of the sophomore class. GEORGE T. GLEASON-T. H. S. is proud of its model business man. Mr. Gleason attended Bowling Green College of Commerce from which he received his A.B. and B.S. degrees. He also is a former student of the University of Kentucky. Mr. Gleason is the efficient teacher of bookkeeping and business essentials, He also is business ad- viser for the Falcon, examiner for school bank, bookkeeper for athletic association, and co-adviser for the Bisignis Club. Science NANCY JANE LUCAS CSeatedD-Miss Lucas has attended American University, where she re- ceived her A.B. degree, Penn State and University of Pennsylvania. From her the students learn their general science. The debating squad would be lost without their guide and director, Miss Lucas. She also is chairman of the freshman class and counselor of the junior Tri-Hi-Y. VERA COUCH CSeatedD--The students are aided greatly in their research work by the efforts of the new librarian, Miss Couch. She is a gradu- ate of Bucknell University, where she received her A.B. degree. At Columbia University she received her B,S. degree in Library Science. Miss Couch served as assistant librarian at Allegheny College in Meadville, Pennsylvania. LILLIAN M. WILSON-Biology' has become a prominent subject in our high school since Miss Wilsoiu has been teaching it. Miss Wilson attended Bucknell University, receiving there both her B.A. Page 16 De pa rtment and M.A. degrees. She is the efficient dean of the sophomore class. STANLEY E. STEIGERWALT-Meet the band leader, Mr. Steigerwalt, He received his B.S. degree in chemistry at Muhlenburg College. He also at- tended Penn State and the University of Pennsyl- vania. "Steigy', teaches chemistry, physics, and algebra. He is dean of the senior class, chaperon for the 'IOn To Washington Club," and Hi-Y adviser. ELO BRESSLER-Tyrone High's operetta pro- ducer answers to the name of Miss Bressler. She attended Grove City College, Penn State, and Co- lumbia University. The subject taught by her is science, and she also is the leader of several glee clubs. MARY CORNMESSER-Science has its good points, too, with Miss Cornmesser teaching one phase of it-geography. Miss Cornmesser is also the business manager of the Senior Play. She is a graduate of Indiana State Teachers College. English Department HELEN U. BOIXXIMAN QSeatedl-Miss Bowman received her training at Barnard College of Colum- bia University. She has rendered valuable service not only as faculty adviser for the Spokesman, but also as chairman of the class day committee. MINNIE R. IXIOORE CSeatedl-Miss Moore has been a loyal 4'Penn Staterf' for she returned to her Alma Mater for her Masters degree. She has also done some extra work at the University of Colo- rado and at Cambridge University. She is dean of senior girls and faculty adviser for the school annual. OLADYS MARIE MYERS fSeatedl-Shippens- burg State Teachers College is Miss Myersls Alma Mater. This petite teacher of English is also coach for the Ninth Grade Play and the ,lunior High Operetta, and she is the Gamma Tri-Hi-Y adviser. SAIR MACDOXWELL-As a teacher of English, Miss MacDovvell is singularly successful. Her clever arguments and witty remarks make many English periods pass quickly. Under her very capable direc- rorship the Senior Plays have always been big successes. DONALD SHAEEER-Mr. Shaffer was gradu- ated with honors from Shippensburg State Teach- ers College, receiving a B.S. degree. He also has studied at Duke University. He teaches English and coaches debaters. HAZEL MARIE LATSHAW-This 'ftried and true" teacher of English received her A.B. degree from ,luniata College, but she also has attended North Carolina College for Women. She now serves as President of the P. S. E. A. and as coach for the Ninth Oracle Play. History Department ANNA MARY MILLER fSeatedJ-The institu- tions of learning which Miss Miller has attended are, Indiana State Teachers College, Columbia University, and Penn State College. She received her B.A. degree from Penn State. This little teacher also coaches orators for Forensic League Contests, and she is dean of the seventh grade. MARY JULIA GRAEIUS CSeatedD-It was at the University of Pittsburgh that Miss Orafius ob- tained her I3.A. degree, and, at Columbia Univer- sity, her M.A. degree. Miss Crrafius expertly teaches juniors United States History. She is a member of the Class Day Committee. DOROTHY CRAWFORD-Miss Crawford re- ceived her HA. degree at Wilson College. Through the efforts of this clever teacher English and His- tory are being firmly established in the minds of the pupils. She holds a place on the Freshman Play Staff. CLEADETH V. SNYDER-The proficient pIay- er for the 'Potent Profs" received his training at Dickenson College, Penn State, Duke University, and Juniata College. The latter institution awarded him his A.B. degree. Mr. Snyder teaches history and civics, is faculty manager of athletics, and Hi-Y adviser. MARGARET M. PIPER-Miss Piper attended luniata College, and from there she received her A.B. degree. She earned her M.A. in Enlish Liter- ature at Penn State College. She also is a teacher of civics and history. Her hobby is stamp collect- ing. RALPH T. WOLFGANG-Mr. Wolfgang is a graduate of luniata College. He teaches Problems of Democracy and is director of the Boys' Cvlee Club. Mr. Wolfgang claims his main desire and hobby is getting seniors "across the lordanfl His main dislike is work-so he says. Page 17 ..T.,,,.Y,'.-,7.,-.-YY-5.7 Y 1-1-rw --, -.,vv.,.-.v,,.,.,v-,..-.- ,- W- -rf. -.--,...c,,,,,,.,.,7..-...-Y-.-. .... V.. v, . . ....,. .W W.. -..,.-- .... . , ., l'nga18 ? The wise are instructed to reasong ordinary minds, by experiencegbthe stupid, by necessityg and brutes by instinct.-Qicero f . ,- ,..a..x..L...gk.,...4.. S I MUD. Q wx WE E 3953 . Wifi by ,Aki f-v4Vv.M1.5 , -.. I 7. L' iwixl' '71, "' ggviafazpifgi h 'jg 1Q.Afmmif.?":?f 53,553 phi .,.,,, R ix uf, ' ws4is?Q,,f'-f,.,i .Q . K 1 1 513515 ,. L if' wx Week , ' ' " 0 " -2,L1.:'fL?PQ!i'H',?W1. QR .5 1 9. 1 'Z-K. is A gn? ,f ,gx 4 ,A 1 f14,,gn.,Qq!:'-. NP 2 Q is 'iifiif A K via al X sf . svn , X, .. fi 4, gui? . cw N' nys yy-my W A.,,.kg A FY., "W 4 H 'WIS TM' f"'f.' Qi va, M fr 'Q 'v5'f53vi5'2wb1fw -Mr W iz,- wx l"9g"fzffi 23f'hf5,Q M 1+ . , .V .P avel ' ' A '-gf 'X . waffa A fl 'f53f3"42- 1- 4-" - ff-,f N251 L 31 M , ' -. . 'K 'H 3- . X ASQ ig3i4L,,.3 f x .Xb Magi! W4 WW ' , Q - r , xi X17 in YQ, :,if3Y"qf13 X :fmt - gi ' if AL .52 A-M .5312-5' , 'li , 152-Q ' A . ' fkfg ' gficjibffi ' "--iii-Af ': 5'S?i1fi WSYQQV ' " 1f'l'If'i Wi" M 'W '5's1"w3f M ' 4 2?1fS?3L'13f4' :H W ?,3Qh,, ije2l: .l 3,9 5, 'j?,,g'7f.y. 4319: 1, P v ".,51k " , A M- ,ggi ,Air 3 95 My A Y A x vw Af' J,i"-ggi., 9 Q? K' . A-fp? L ' 3 f-5?vfgi'fg?i?'7ff: KX - 'V " 7 'E ,Iggy X Q A-".if:'5Ej'3f'u'5 .. " wma " K: f, v,,. 4' , ,VC ,- 1,4 w M i 3 , 2ggirffZf sw y Mis, XXX N-533414 X ", - .L I xv 5.8m V hi 315 I m:.,,v'.v t,e' a ,W wwf f- A ,- ,+P Q. '. 'X vir fx. ,mx f- rv if 1 Q- 1 5 WA -f qv x5fJ, b'- - ' K r' P-55' V-'ff 'rg 'QQQQQ W I fa. Vi ,f 'X 4. " " ' 4 . ff,'1f,:?' L ,f xv , fl:-', J'gy'J.2' X X 'Q ,ff Q, frQ4,S?'gr X L 4- ,.?,55,g? T' -Y 3, ' ,iw KK , 'f"+"' .P if il! 3 ' V3 95' :gif X -' .Al U ' ll 1 ' K X ' f 'xt ' Q '5 I' , X x N! X S f X F Howe? 5. wisp I AZ ,S , ,al me ADAMS, RICHARD DAVID My 3, I Glee Club 'seg Band '34, '35, French Club '35. A T. Ii. S. student and a leading musiciang We hope upon leaving us he'll ob- , tain a good position. ALL ,pybzftif-v Mast 'looks with a happy sqm K' d xxkll Ttonsider worth- i 54 5 ,Q Lf'l'!' A ' .krhj . ' If 3 -I "' ' f ,A ky .V ,x' ' ' V5 A- AND , MYRTLE L I I A Glee ub '33, '34, '35g Falcon ', Staff ' 55 Student Council '34, , cyf33, '3A4g Bisignis Club Qss. ,gf I , yrtle is a lass beloved by allg 5 om our pedestal of love may she l K 'lk never fall, I A p ' J BARBER, KATHRYN Glee Club '33g Frencliplub 735. 6 . Qi' ' K ty is 2. imiigifi, 3 bashful one 1129 at that 5 ill-if But wqliruntil you k w her-shfeijd ' i certainly lovei so c by - I . F if LE ' l 'I . x We -V l . f f ,f U . ,, Q7 2 3 , ,ff Q 1 :A i2flV1ANy EPI-I B. 2 A ' - A ' 5 G 2 tibia-'4i 'a'?4ADeb f '34. MJ '317n!Qf!Lu debut Coun3ile'35g gl , French Club '15, 'WA wonderful boy in books and li xg! k I . L Q Woceo ti the task unto which he Z hooks, ' Mil 'ff "' ,, Q Ula , A ali? 4 Mili 13, BLACK. DOROZHY . I 'g an ' , lil? Glee Clus' '33, ,353 Library Q QW: Staff '354 Latin Club '33. '34g gig? french Club 'sag Tfi.Hi.Y '34, ii? Ta 55' ,Q 2 i i " nnie's" h pp 'le 2 . WBl?erever ybijmayy irhancztilo bi? 'ai' is , 'He Q- Y- fm i . 4' I Q 5 l 1 I H D QS 2: E 'Y BLOONI, HELEN EV42., . 5 , 1 fl v Glee Club"'23, '34, '3'51Sp0k9S- lx I man Staff '55, Library: Staff '33, iii '34,'35g Latin Clubi33,'34, ' ' " - l, , A modest littsle maiderrl comes to if class each ayg ,- i It is our happy l'Vannie" with her 5 ever-pleasing way.' b Page 20 L 1 , ' xl , l L, ,- XJ3-vs,.z L , 1 i . Q, . rg Y f S N , Vg ALBRIGHT, CARL 1 ' 9" ,f V, Q Glee Club 24. 'ssl Football '33. ,34. '35: Basketball '33, '34. '35g French Club '34. A good football player who played on end, We hope to some college his spirit he'll lend. ..4" A I . 1, ,f WJ 'I FRMAN. ' f GEQTRUDE VTVIAN Glee Club '33, '34, '35. Gerry's pep and wir nin Gif a Keeps us happy al t d l .HA AH We' miss er w our chool a s e . BATCHELER. SHIRLEY Glee Club '33, '34. '35, Falcon Staff '35: Forensic Trio '34: Student Council '33. '35: Latin Club '33. '34: French Club '34. '351Tri-Hi-Y '33, '34. '35. Shirley with her winning smile 'Tries to ple? us allrthe while. ln -' 8 N., lvqa., D fri . J . Q il,,r I ' ,gf .1 " 'J all - IJ I di, .ia - Jr, Ga BECK, CAROLINE Cilee Club '33. '34, .351 Senior Play '35: Library Staff '35: Latin Club '34: Tri-I-Ii4Y '35, Caroline is another girl who hasn't much to say. But. of course. you can't deny she has her winning way. wQA.q1Zfai0v74f Q 7717 gan-r4Jf5o YABLACK. HAZEL LA RUEQ e,,,,J4i,u f' Glee Club '33, '35: Library Staff '35: Latin Club '33, French Club '35, Tri-Hi-Y '34, '35, 'I110 other Black with flaxen hair- Yoiirnqust admit they're a charming pair: L , ,Tr J BLOWERS. MABEL Glee Club '33, Bi-signis Club '35. She hasn't much to say at school But never, never breaks a rule. Q 5 man ta ! 'i ul mf ' al ' O Kb A .. . if ia. ig ub' 4, 3x5 an a is j l f . y '- I BRICKLEY, HAROLD E. Glee Club '35g Football '33. A boy of valor and rustic ways, We shall miss him for many days. BROWN. JACK R. A broad-minded boy who worked well for our school, Elsewhere in life may he apply this same rule. ! I s Y Y , CARLfNG, ROBERT Elec ci b '55: Football '34, '35: Bastetball '34, -351 A glassmate rrueg and one of the tgam. Sturdy and strong like an olcl oak beam. CISNEY. ERMINE B. Bisignis Club '35. "A small boy," that's what we all say, But he handles his talents in a big man's wayr - 0. COWHER, DOROTHY RAE!! Glee lub ,33, '34, '3 ' Spokes- man aff '34, '35g F on Staff '34, l gXBisignis Club 4 ,355 Tri-H' 735. . Do ii a 'iousg h r oal is She' susel ucceed ' she c - tin ' IC tr . 6 1 E CRO . JULES Glee lub 3 Ba '35g Or. chest '35g in Cl '33,'34. boy alen cl a star of uneg A cl that s all no be fo orten ' 5 n. H C 'R, LIZAB TH ELE I Clul?23.'3 . sg Lip ma Sta ' 3. ' : Student Co cil '3 i343 L' rary aff 73 . 34: Fre ch Clu '34, 5: Tn :Y '33 '34, '3 he like to swi 3 she 'lies to ance: h S 's alyay happ ta ing a HDCE, 5 ,I I' C P f , 'sf ' - ' 1 DANIELS? MARY ELIZABETH Glce Club '33. '34, '35, Falcon Staff '35: Senior Playg Latin ' Club '33, '343 French Club '35g "' Oratory ,34g Tri-Hi-Y '3 5. Margds a popular one with all the f at dents hereg' ' She's one we can depend upon without the slighest fear. DAWSON, KARL Glee Club '35g Bisignis Club '35, Sturdy and strong like the man at the wheel, So sure his success, if his ships never keel. 4 W N. tx' WV J' K t X 'wt DERR, HAZEL GleeV'Club '33, '34, '35: Falcon SHR' '35g Senior Play '35: French Club '35g Alpha Tri-Hi- , Y '35. An hour for toil, a day for sport- Life for Hazel is all too short. 1 ,l! ,fo .fi DICK ON. ROBERT ' e S. I . . g X Spokesman lftafi' '34. '35g Hi-Y '35 ' I ' Y ,Bob's rather quiet at times, 1 But do: 't et the 'mp si rh r heldgfes. 1 Wie' 3 l 1,1 I' D L , WALLA , . , 'L '34, ' Q Football l v ' 3, I etba y, ' 43 Bisig- nis ' ' i I I - . . 'X In . . hour, or a wild stam- Ou 1 I s find "Dougie" hold- in - Q lead 0 mf Cl l33, ' ch u . She as her ups, she has her clowns: But one thing she doesnit have is frowns. ESCHBACI-I, KENNETH Glee Club '33, ,34, 335: Library Stag '34. ,355 French Club '33, '34g I-Ii-Y '33, '34, J35. Always he greets you nicely upon meeting, But if you hear any noise, it's Q. .3 . Kenny bleating. Page 22 ,. U DAVIS. JAMES Baskerba1I'33, gifsfgcgi uncil '35gf ' Play '35g If La 'n Clu ' 33 French Club "34 '3 , i-Y'33, '34, f35. Jim I 's the boy full of fun all the e. T, Si will miss him and his lov- 'n smile. DE DIOS. ROBERT Bisignis Club l35. A fine. upright, sturdy boy, To sit and talk is his one big joy. w,.,,.e,,,f.fw.M ik get . .,,,, 1 14, 5. -. ,efyf ,W .n DEWEY, ELIZABETH Glee Club '33. '35g Latin Club 33: French Club '35, Tri-Hi- '35, There is something sweet about your way: We like you better every day. A if DIEHL. MARX? LA RUE 5 Glee lclifb '33. '34, "3'5g Latin Club A342 Otafory '34. ' . Shemgfeat and flrlendly and very 8 5 J Shjgioesxall the things a good girl xt' ould bs' if ., 3 x r 1, mix s 1 DYSART. EDWARD Glee Club '35, Hi-Y '35. 5 Another quiet student of T. H. S. But, for a friend. he is one of the best. ENGLEMAN. MARY RITA Glee Club '33: Senior Play '35g Latin Club ,33. '345 French Club '34, '3Sg Tri-Hi-Y '33, '34,'35. A brunette without a doubtg a 3 clever one we'll agreeg Mary is generally about just when you want her to be. ESTRIGHT. EVA MAE Giee C1513 '33, '34, '35. Eva is a pleasant one, And fun for her has just begun. , . . ik' A-at fo.. .WWE i .J Q 1 FARRAND. ' FREDERICK CLARK, JR. Glee Club '3 4, ,355 Spokesma Stag 334, ,353 Senior Play French Club '3 5 . would slip , To offer a smile and emen '- ship. FICKES EL M. Louella af nd ie Who a ay gr s a smile. A boy who often f 'S Q FISHER, THOMAS W., JR Football '35, '34, '3Sg Ba-. et ball '33g Falcon Staff l35 Sen ior Play '35g Latin Club 33 French Club l34, '35g Hi-Y 33 i ' '34, ,35. fTo a football team Tommie s the many A friend to us all, and with plenty of syiip. i 0 1 I if lf. ' b .X i il FOQST, MARIAN ,. I I., Ciiee Clulp-'53, '34, ess.. Ee Carefre ature, happy Qce V Of soxgr w may she never if rracei. . ' I 1 1 FRAIEITZQARUBY PAYE , I ' Glee Club ,32,"34, ,359 B '35,K Faye is a. quiet lass who hasn't much to say in I i FROMM, ROBERT K. Robert's quiet and sedateg At his books he's never late GAULT, HARRY A wonderful boy in books and looks is Harry, His burdens are never that heavy that he can't carry. Mill, ,. ' ' i , 1 1 'I ,J J- I J X A, X! GIBBONEY,STliWART 1' , ' . 1' ci' ' '54 ' ,S ,w 3 Tgpiinng '72, ?'E+'ft'i'i"s'f"sl2fii'e"i J Councili '34,J,' 53 Senior Preq. X! K' ' denl,,a'35'f r . fl i',1' '-'B Stewartfx the bay whojiieacled our labs. 2 , l riddled his hgkkfrom the first to by' ' the lasnw " J-f J J Nw I JJ J' GLASGOW, SUE FULKERSON Glee Club '33: Library Staff '34, '35g Latin Club '33, '34, French Club '35g Tri-Hi-Y '33, '34, '35. Curly hair and eyes of blue. Is it any wonder we al like you? 4, -5- J. X 1 , 0 ' U ,Q .4,w,,LJ,10 f A ,, f f f , l ,f.,f.4,-1 Q t 1 ft v' ' ' l A!" I M ' 4.1 ' , Aj-4 X' i.fDI"-fn! Q , ff HAGEN, Gemfnfuos .4 E .,, Erika. Club '33, '34g Bisignis 4 u '34. l' I Gertrude is our schoolmate. too, x The best of luck we wish to you! ' Y I a "' ' 1-IASSLER, WILLIAM Glee Club '33, '34, '35: Spokes- man '33, '35g Falcon '35: De- 'N bate '33. '34, '35: Student Council '33. '35, Class Presi- dent '34, Latin Club '33g , French Club '34g Oratory '34, , ,321-ii-Y'33,'34,,35. E He has the ability to make friends and to do good workg As Falcon business manager he never did shirk, O WMA 1 f : 5.7 j,v' 4' , ' 0 ff' ' si! r ff HEBERLING, JACK ltr' Assistant Football Manager '34g Football Manager '35. Worked well at his booksg a good manager he madeg And in our chain of friendship his link has stayed. HEYL. HENRY Glee Club '34, '35g Football '33. '34, '35g Senior Play '35g Hi-Y '34, '35. "I-len" says, "Give me a football and a For d. And to the ladies I'll be king ancl lord." HOUSER, XVILDA Glee Club '33, '35. Y e moves allout sodquaetly, h an I' utpeygas w oiss e. . W 4 lg ff nl V X K1 J jf!!! J' 9 '- f " I if . , ,M it tffiffff. N GINTER, HARRIET Glee Club '33, J34, '35q Tri- Hi-Y '35, K Harriet is a girl with a heart of goldg That she's a jolly friend one neecln't be told. s GLENN, JOHN l Glee Club '33. '34: Bas tball '33: French Clilb '33'f signis Club ,sag Hi.Yg,'3s,,'ia, 35. I "June's" great'sporr"is danc' g, A Wlith here and there a bit 'gf ro- mancing'S W s U 1 4 ' y 'l,g j Y rf 1 ' l . 1, f EN ELIZABETH . 1 X ' SQLGERMAN, , I K I l 1 5 Glee Club '35, '34.Y35g Student 4 Coupcil ss, '34, . Hlflappy am I. frorii cane set free, Why aren't they all contented like me?" fplxgn UH HAQYISEQLLJ 'I N! ,1 . r Sp 6d'HaV3g1 Latin b '34g Hi- '34,' '35.,1 K ...-Ill ' A bright and st ' . S. scholar: tw., Get sentimentalvand watch him "holler." EDN FUQA I . R 'RY e ub 34 '35lJ'gis' b ' 4, ' . I Oh! sh alv-fa verywhere. Walkin ere, hu ing there WS I-IOO , FRANK Glee Club '33, '34, '35: Band '35g Orchestra '35g Basketball, J, V. '34, '35g Spokesman Staff '33, '34, '35, Falcon Staff '34, '35: Bisignis Club '34, '35, Hi-Y '34, '35. Frank. a boy we shall never forget, To be a studious student his goal was set. HUFF, G. BURTON Glee Club '35: Band '33, '34, '35, Orchestra '35g French Club '35. Htiff can handle his drums as well as his books, And he is a real eyeful when it comes to looks. LJ .WV 1 IKE, BESSIE . f 51 '33 . ,ry .fy 'L wif' H, rf. Q J LL, 15ORQ19ilY MAE ' GI ,'b'33.'34,'35g Lb , ff ' staff Triiji-Y '34, 'sis .my 4 nj' ii Dimpled Dottie.. Qvith smile so ,,, sweeil ' ' Y? Bfingius joykxghekcr we meet. .,- 3 I Club '34, ,35 I Bisignis Club . lg MAX W G ee Club 33, 34. 35: Band 333, 334. l35g Hi-Y Club.'3z '35, L IGOU, ANNE M. Glee Club '33, '34, '35, Library Staff '35, Anna Mary does not like school- Boys are more interesting as a rule. Y'35. quiet and small, don't always accompany tall. JONES, WILLIAM R. ,Foot ll '33,:'3,4 ' Sysnskete ball 3233 Ayskesfikf staff rss, , , ,353 Falcon Staff,',35g Stu' ent Council l34g L' :aff '33: Fnxnch 9-312 ' 4, 5g Hi- Y Club '33,-1 , 35, 5::5mtgzl:gQan, whom opponents eaves us this ear ,lifiii fiaisj qlitii ' Ms. 4 W? wish hint success w en ' V xx "lt MAX difference," creone . says, T i W Y "Max will l e a life t aysf' you Sl ug T 1 3 1 1 1 I ' A BP J' ' ' A i U 1 f 1. f f ' ' i A Q 5 ,J tg V' V Irwin, ,5 .KRE I H' I-1 A Lim? ., 4 L ee I K1il?f:550ANrd MARYIVW' - W u 'a ' E1 C1bJ3 J- ci 1, I l ,35 ri-Hi , ee Yu 1s uAl HU S . BLM "' 41' sm fisher Harpy-go-lucky, but still true, pare- Petgzle lfcej yuu,AgA'befy few, A' 3 ,J ' l l 1 . i . .2 t of l 1 L , M JORI . jx A .Q r ' J . Gle lb '3 ,i 4 35: con U ' 4' 3545 33. Bisig is ,Club '34: LA'NGf3N?gA9HER' LPOYD rl- 1-Y Club 3, 34. 35, Ggeizuij vsiglfnhf Club ,sity Shgos loot so biearo look at. or not 'Lloyd fona of Study and Ph-,yin But her brains and energy are Bm? of whlch are good Vn men' something we should cheer. iuay' M' LA PORTE, WILLIAM A , f 4-41 ,.f-f Glee Club '34, ,353 Orchestra g.Lff"'f"'f" .."'.'f1 -1544! hi Vi" 7335 Football l33, ,34, ,351 Bas' ' ' Q ketball as, l34, '35, senior A..A.ff J Q-f-a.1f.f,f"' N, Play '35g Student Council, '34: , i V fy' 1, Latin ciub 334g HLY Club '34, if ,plea C1ubj,i3,,jf4,,'sS. , fr a '35, vb I f ' ' - ff' 1 ,v'w'1-tfV' 'Th C h 1 d h 'Charmin , brwht, gad, 6, so I, ' ' e apta'n w " t ' 4P'Sl0l f- -. - -- , f 1 through lhe segorfg is ma Ea Yolfan , ha a's:nil'51:r"all. ' W They made a success, and this was -9 f the reason. f.,.gg2"',j- A i ' ufisf,-LAC? 1 H ' Page 25 f' ' "xv 'N I ". H f 's 'I , L., 1 ' 31 1 .f I , . .N I ' LONG, HARRY H. ' Glee Clubf35g Spokesman Staff - ,'35g French Club '35g Hi-Y , 3553 Extemporaneous Speaking '33, 7345 Debating ,35. A wonderfully friendly boy is Harry Long, And he handles his work so as never "to be in wrongf, I ' ' 'J YA X4 ui s 5 , F' .V .-,-1. Pete is a st lou d and 'A lly LUND, MELXQN C, ily 'K H Meals., 1? JF QN- jpfiti' 1 ,XJR H MASQ , :win UGUS . w Gie Us 34, las ni E Pl 435: u 134, rarypS ' 1353 Frenc lu 5 1- i-Y J35. 515, iysgol he n be- The ype e like to see. 4- McQOVERN, EDNA Glee Club 333, 734, Bisignis Club.'34, '35. I "Who is that?',' IRE boys all cry kwhen Edna passes by. F 'F .,, 5 - x of A' MCNJEAL, ROYER I 'Football+Ass,t Manager '33g French Club '343 Hi-Y '35. A happy, friendly student of T. H. S. Nothing more or less does he pro- fess. U S '5 1 ! , MILLER, ISABEL Glee Club 334. V I Her friends, they're many, Her foes-are there any? MILLER, MELVIN L. Bisignis Club '35. Timidity and bashfulness our Mel- vin must counteract, With happiness and success his life will then be packed. Page Z6 L J 35' L K,,,,,...,,5 EEL. QL ,pil 354 Loiwrllfii 'GIZK p that 2k.sm?5t5f.t:iQ Latin Club '33, ' 5 Gamma' Tri-Hi-Y '34, '35. ' T' A charming girl is this pianist,, Tripping to fame as another Liszt. INIANNINO, JOSEPH ROBERT Bisignis Club 534, '35. A smiling. good student, the fun of our life, His school work he conquered with little or no strife. -47',,.,,,, 1 swf g MCCLINTOCK, SUZANNE 7' wg Glee Club '33, 334, '35: Bisignis Club '35, Tri-Hi-Y '33, ,34, ?35, Sue is witty, but faithful, too. We've tried her, and she is real true blue. McNEAL. ROBERT Band '34, '35g Basketball '33, '34. '35: French Club '34, '35g l'li-Y '34, '35, A student worth mentioning, a member of the band, May a happy, successful career be at hand. MILLER, BEN Glee Club i35. Slight in build but large in thought: His smile and friendship we all sought. MILLER, JAMES Glee Club '33, '34, '35g Foot- ball ,34. "Jim" is one we seldom hearg He is sure to find a great career MILLER, ROBERT CARLYLE Glee Club '35, Football '33g Student Council '33g Hi-Y ,3 3, '34, ,35. Curly and blonde is "Bob," At wlhose, "No," many a girl doth so . MOIST, CLEDA Girls Cvlee Club '34, i351 Bisig- nis Club '34, i35. A girl who always attained hcr mark without cluressg One who will be greatly missed by T. H. S. I he p .1 . l w. MORROW. ANNE Glee Club '33g Tri-Hi-Y '34, l35. Anne has proved a friend to allg If you need aid, you have just to call. I f 13, 4 NAYLOR. JOSEPH Bisignis '3 5. Rather slow. but a happy, cheerful frienclg Best wishes and good luck we all send. NEUGEBAUER, ELLSWORTH L. A stuclious boy, quiet and rc- serveclg One whose calm is never disturbed. O'ROURKE. MARGARET M. Glee Club '33. '34, '35: Spokes- man Staif 4353 Bisignis Club '34, '35. She likes to sing. to dance, to Pl3Y! Shes sure to be an actress some day. PATTERSON. DOROTHY Glee Club '33. '34, ,351 Bisig- nis Club '34, '35, She isn't tall. she isn't small. She's smallest of all-she a "Dot," PRICE. HARRY Bright and studious and always jollyg He smiles when you meet him and is never melancholy. MORRISEY, JAMES A bashfulxboy and a friend so true: Succes' ' im," we are still with you -qv Q If Q ' 1' Xi CN 55 4. OY ,Wee 5 C C '33, '3 , Tri-Hi-Y H? y-go-lucky, fun-loving K -mf, Sheis full to the neck with vigor and vim. p I NEARHOOF. GERTRUDE Glee Club '3s, '34, ,35. I Shy, timid, silent Gertrude, Into her thoughts one can never' intrude. Ol-IRTMAN. ANNADELL Glee Club '33, '35, A friend we all consider worth- while: She meets and greets us with a smile. I' - 4 Kes- 'v eb ln.: Wisne- . M., . ,Q ,A ,Ju b OWENS,lTAE A, E. ' '.- 'NK is-4' f l Glee Club '33, '34. '35:iStu- dent Council '34: Library Staff f-. 4. -., Q.-...J , '35: Latin Club 333, ,343 French Club '34, 'ESQ Tri-I-li-Y '33, 1 ,, '34, '31 7 'M-Q4-f -vu Fae is willing to do her part, I , 1. 'H just give her some work, and off 9 sheill start, .E ,N l km - -3 Q 4? . P WN+:3a:w6e if A f- tvfocoia '33. '34. '35: Falcon , I Staff ' 5: Selgior Pl y 7351 Stu- if ,. i a dent oilnci '35g lgfbrary Staff, ., V 7 '34:"P1jLncl-l Club '34, '353 .-., Y 338. 34. 35., M 4 i 'Another of uufpal.-, u f orb ll 'P he did play. S an D 3 f When there was no place to go , Qhgpugh, he? foundh a way. '7 I t ' REEDER, MARJORIE E, Glee Club '33. '34, '35g Tri4 I-ii-Y 33. '34. '35. The boys can offer no objection To this .girls lovely rose com- plexion. Page 27 1 i X 9 - xl-IODES.F OREN E 1 ' , '34. Sq Stude Council ,3 3g Bisignis '35. ' , "Dock" in l s ' ortsi The ty erfjust a sorts, g,,.-f4'f"' Y, A Q ROBERTSON, A. FLORNELL Glee Club '35: La? Club '34: French Club '35g ri-Hi-Y '35, uiet. timid. lovely, bright- gfillie-'s"4a person -of no little might. ROMANO. NICK A studious student. a pal to us. One thing we never knewfthat bookkeeping was his lust. ROTE. JOHN I Cleo- lub '34. '35: Football Q' '33. '344 '353 Basketball '33, , . I '34 '35 W A tall. dsky. angular lad. Happi ess and success are his to be haca SCHNEIDER. FRANCES R. Glee Club '33, 534, '35: Bisig- nis Club '35q Art Club '33. Friendly. quiet, pleasant. true- T'hat's our Frances through and through. SCORDO. JAMES Cwlee Club '35g Football '32, 333. '34. '35, Basketball '32. '33. '34. '35. The "Mighty Mite" takes up his Flight And leads them o'er victory's ,height. SHARER. ROBERT DEAN Cilee Club '35. He is very fond of sports but never takes any part, When you offer him friendship, he takes you to heart. Page 28 vim 3 1 RHODES. HOMER Glee Club '34. Homer was good in books and a friend worthwhile: Always when hc met you he would Hash you a smile, RODGERS. ROBERT Glee Club '33, '34. '35, A bright student, who always would cheer Those who worry and those who fear. I I .. J 1 - ' ., 1 JA., 4 Vs ROSS, DARIUS A good pal and a studious studentg A cheery friend, whole-heartedly back of any movement, ROYER. JEAN Glee Club '33. '34. '35: Library Staff '33, '34, '35: Latin Club '34, '35, Jean is quite a clever lass- About the brightest in the class. SCI-IOPP. LEO A friendly boy, but rather quiet, No matter how large the task, he will always try it. SELLERS. MARJORTIE Glee Club '33, 134. 'asa Bisiii- nis Club. '35g Td-Hi-Y Club '35, 'X . Margie is always laughing and gay? With gnergy to lalt thrqiugh the most tiresome Clay. - Q Re SHIRK. ELIZABETH LORRAINE Glee Club '32. '33. '34. '35g Library Staff '33. '34g Alpha Tri-I'Ii'Y 733. '34. '35. "Shirkie" is always out for fung She keeps all the boys on the run. . I v ,fi-'bf I 1 if' l K 2 N e ' L SINGL la, BLANCHE p . ' Glee ub 433. '34, '35: French Club 34, '35g Tri-Hi-Y '34, '35 ' RI . . In French or English shes the SHUXQ. So you see, afer all, there s much in a I1a !WJ1"1y,g.j'f f IT ,DO I I 6 y t ni ' ' - , . Hb "H 'ie I b M I Eli' HIC HEIITIC WOL1 8 E Jolly. SPANELLI, KATHRINE F. iGlee Club '33. '34, '35: Bisig- nis Club '34. Kathrine is q 3 an.d ervedg el' F5 on t e 0 rved, J 9? , Y! .yl R M V. . ECE, CLARK 'Z L Glee Club '35: Ba ' 3. '34, '35: Football '33, ' 4. '35: French Club 434. '35: Hi-Y '35, A smiling boy and a member of the team: If you hear any noise. it's the Speece Regime. STEXVA RT. PEARL Glee Club '33. T34. '35g Bisig- nis Club '34g Tri-Hi-Y I33. Pearl is always ready for fun. But First she must have her lessons clone. TAYLOR. GEORGE George just came to us this year And proved to be a friend most dear. TURNBAUGI-I. PAUL A quiet but stuclious lad he is: Our best wishes for success are his. SMITH. CARQLY-.N Glee Club '33g Bisignis hub '34. f M nl' 11, Carolyn is just another blond. U But her smile is an unusual one. SMITH. FANNIE Cvlee Club '33, ,35g Library Staff '35s Latin Club l33g French Club '35g Tri-I-In-Y '34. '35, "Smitti.e's5' our little rhyming store- Full of jingles and clitties galore. , , fl 'ff 3 Pa-f", I A SPANELLI, ROSE M. I Cvlee Club '33, '34, '35g Bisige nis Club '34, This can be said of Rose-- V She's as sweet a flower as grows. eCu I A M 9 l b 3 , ' q 1 Staff '35g Sex' l ' 5: French Club ' g I-Iea Cheerleader '3 Our leading Chee and er of Clark: A successful career he has set as ' his mark. STINE, DOROTHY at Glee Club'33,l34, '35g Spokes- man Staff '35g Senior Play l35. Dot. with herl dimpled cheeky' Keeps usvhappy through the weeks. 1 5 I l s TR , JA . e lu ' Bas all '33, 4, l35. s ' g la wl'l basketball la sg " activities are ndfl in creclita a le ways. y 0 VESPA, ANGELO 0 G,lee Club 333134, Yssfof- ghedr 7355 pokesman Staff 333: Senior Pllvy 335g Qfatery 33. B 'S In music our Angelo doth rate quite higlfi But song other sqadies do make him sigh. mga 29 I IIII . fl . .S , il SEI -'ml sH, RICHARD J. 5' Spokesman '33g Debate '33, I 5 ,345 Student Council '33, '34, 1 5 '35g Class President '33g Libra- si ,xf ry Staff '33g French Club '34g , in L Hi-Y'33,'34,'35. 1 , , His talents he handled in a serious . W Wa . V Y : IQ X His fzice will be missed on his , If I leaving in May. . ' I I I I I I ' I I lg I 1 II WILLIAMS, ARTHUR s., JR. .- Glee Club '34, '35, Library Staff '35g Hi-Y I35. A bright boy, whom we hold high in our friendshipq He is jolly, but quiet, and frowns at courtship. , jk , X 'I' I u I 2 f JF, f is I if " ' ,fl WILL1ffMS,L'XJIiE' x Iitfli ' 5 M -MII ' it lee Clqfl'33, 'asg Library gaH'?f'T'Hi'lfJ'34 'san . P, i I ' ' 4 Yr' Q Ili Louis is ve friendly 'fndetkxg l', fl We pe at she mfalways suc- 3 zxed.vh I I I WI , MILDRED lee Club y33. ,3 olcesman If Staff ,335 Sdhio ay '35g Bi- Mila si s'Club'35 ' is alw iling I g Il e tilling ' ' ' 1 t great field-education. . fr 6' 0 ' ll , IQ ff Q 1 I I? I ML BER D 517. Glee Club 3 , 4, '35 pokes- ,man Staff ,'35g eJ34g Libr tff,34 UIEN El i studious pi end to usg ,I ' i E ay in his onor be thrust. Q53 ' 1 X If f Iii' I L, X ' ZIMMERS, MABEL P. Glee ciub '33, '34, '35, Mabel is just another blondie To set boys agog from Monday to Sunday. f I MER rgggii Page 30 WUI :MII IIEIII WATSON, JOHN H. Glee Club '35, A smiling. good-natured boy, and a studious one at that, His smiling face you will always know, for he wears no hat. f I fl 5 In 1 WIL , DAL riend to ryoniq and real pal: ' 7,1 His k was pr wdxfrhy, for 4 f did it well. ' be fi, gf f ,IW WIL , MARQARET r C b'33,'34,',,B"- e ual?-4 Iss fpfmg is Cl , , , . In ar a e s eacl or fun- Q s s' l s s go un- , AIM I WO E FRAN S E ta bare 34 Stude o I He ' a cl mate won, w se le ng u ill a loss, hi es glee Clu '3 53 Spokesma 5 1 ' 3 C 'L V3 But ay Sis f success the lbiyy yi , ,H Glee Clu 4, ' 1 Lib- rary taff ' ' 3 F c Club 35 11 t h T Y 't ra g el gi who goe a UP ZANG A EL u K aw I i s u f X x , I , v-rv -- - -W Officers for Class of '35, SOPHOMORE YEAR Richard Vlfalsh-President Blanche Singler-Secretary Thomas Fisher-Treasurer jay Speece-Social Manager Mary Daniels-Social Manager JUNIOR YEAR William Hassler-President Pearl Stewart-Secretary Shirley Batchelor-Treasurer Mary Daniels-Social Manager Richard Walsh-Social Manager wr SENIOR YEAR Stewart Gibboney-President Robert Miller--Vice President Marjorie Lane--Secretary Frank Hoover-Treasurer Betty Cupper-Social Manager jay Speece+Social Manager Page 31 MM 'N 'M """" ' ' ' 7" ' ' x ., r s "-,F 1. Ta' A 4' A min' P if", ,fri ,Lf . .11.'f""f!0'p, 'Larry' Juniors 1 , ,Wy ' P f' ffff' f TOP GROUP First Row: Franklin Hagen, Anthony Gondolfo, Michael Franchio, Edith Harpster, Frances it ii Hiney, Winifred Kustenbauder, Jessie Kanour, Jane Jeffery, Grace Hostler, Edgar Keys. I "' Second Row: Charles Dysart, John Duff, Forest Hosband, Dorothy Hample, Betty Gardner, Marie ll Kolessy, Rosemary Hagerman, Helen Isenberg, Wilmer Johnsonbaugh. Third Row: Samuel De Dios, Nick Leasure, Stephen Kaspick, Kathryn Ingram, Helen Ike, Suzanne th Kanour, Betty Herlt, Robert Dickson. Q. P V J, Fourth Row: Jesse Fleck, Robert Keppler, John Hoffman, Gray Faust, Charles Hale, George ,gi i J Fernau, Samuel Grazier, James Hoffman, John LaRosa. 7 7, ' I . J .Ll Q V BOTTOM GROUP 5 ' ' ,A i First Row: Antoinette Lombardo, Helen Largent, Mary Mi emier, y ino, Hilda Near- , 'S I hoof, Eva Miller, Jean Miller, Matilde Mercado, Willia i ips! ard' ttle. -L-by , ..,, N Second Row: Katherine Oster, Ruby Murphy, Maryygae N , ' epvydthouse, Estella Lykens, . N M' M-,X Josephine Massaro, Don Moffit, Leroy Nearhoof. 5 1 ii 'NX ' 1 Q V, Third Row: Robert Little, Ernest Oakwood gar tljuvtnan Paidine Myers, Helen Morrow, S R,-eg' , 6 A rl Martin, Amber Oakwood, Eleanor Mil , Lloyr? chap 'William Miles. GA 43: a " i aurth Row: Francis Moore, Robert M an, Ja' Reeder, Jack Morrissey, William Rodgers, X , 7 'gn X' Paul Price, Howard Patton, Gerald New n, Ja JMc Dis. r '- iqr., - .-2-f -1 X I N fx yn, f , Tj i 5 5 Q' i Y 2 N , V MK:Pzi,e3 yi , 7 O Q ,Ji qi 1 f N 'lf .. ff -si f ek A :Vex-. I ix sr,,.. -,gli 1 , r X ii' or . -xx -be Q , ' Q., -, 7 u x 1 ' Ill Qs N 1' QM, N , iii s is 1 I r E s.f' . Hoff! Fr" I gr 'fi Af, . 30 , W wWVv'Ell'4'! Juniors A ,f,,Vl,vE ft ' TOP GROUP E First Row: Maude Brumbaugh, Leah Calderwood, Florence Cupp, Elizabeth Carich, jane Conaghan, Susan Beck, Robert Cupper, Frederick Dannaway, David Brower. Second Row: Esther Anderson, Pauline Anderson, Vivian Cowher, Helen Dawson, Agnes Big- gins, Elsie Butterbaugh, Evelyn Colabine, Rachel Cook, Nevin Davis, Frank Bailey. i Third Row: Ronald Bloom, john Candy, Sanford Beyer, Robert Cowher, Evelyn Cowher, Louise I Candy, Frank Dean, Robert Charles, Robert Beyer. Fourth Row: Ralph Bonsell, Wilbur Bigley, Albert Allison, Paul Bressler, Maynard Barner, Lou' Cox. BOTTOM GROUP ow: Robert Zimmerman, Dennis Snyder, Robert Shuey, Joseph A. Zang, Howard Smith, es teele, Lewis Watson, Gilbert Summers, George Wolf, Harry Steele. c Row: Dorothy Thomas, Pauline Sheeder, Marian Wilson, Thelma Wilson, Mary Elizabeth a eman, Marjorie Shea, Betty Snyder, Betty Strasbaugh. hird Row: Lelia Smith, Dora Shildt, Margaret Yarnell, Doris Sloey, Isobel Rurnberger, Mary- elle Woomer, Robert Vogt, Devon Winslow. li Row: Anthony Turiano, Benjamin Woodring, Joseph D. Zang, William Stevens, Walter 5, Horner Shildt, Allen Thomas, Wilson Rumberger. -I .. 3 B., v' , Page 33 N ,,' - tml , 4, N 4 - S. 4- S J s Y , ' Q 4 fi 1 t by L X --J ' V' P Sophomores " ' X N ' a X We TOP GROUP , First Row: Ruth Miller, Thelma Port, Janet Mogle, Marjorie Myers, Mary Rossman, Olive Lyons, Marjorie Magill, Marion Miles, Josephine Marthouse, Lester Markle, Bernard Matthews, James Rhodes. Second Row: Freda Reynolds, La Rue Mills, Gladys Newman, Helen Pannebaker, Josephine Massaro, Rhoda Miller, Betty Miller, William Lykens, Joseph Panasite, Francis Kimberling. Third Row: Anna Peters, Grace Naylor, Florence Fromm, Mary Louise Morgan, Nellie Rupert, Elizabeth McCanns, Max Moflit, Thomas Robertson, Raymond Neil, Guy Miller, Le Roy Nestle- rode, Bruce Jones. Fourth Row: Paul Miller, Josephine Pownall, Betty Shaffer, Marcella Robinson, Marjorie Rhoades, Phyllis Nearhoof, Albert Merrits, William Rhoades, Michael Romano, Charles Ortman. Fifth Row: Howard Moore, Paul Miller, Gerald Mills, Oliver Ormsby, Earl Rishell, Daniel Romano. BOTTOM GROUP First Row: Mahlon Gates, Milton Getz, Thomas Lane, Gordon Harris, Marjorie Hostler, Betty Hagen, Betty Glenn, Betty Lloyd, Louise Lewis, Martha Krape. Second Row z Michel Franchio, Jack Leinhart, Samuel Grazi r, mes Haverstine, Wilmer Gephart, Margaret Keefer, Faye Johnson, Genevieve Harpster, Mar ra tz, Louise Gartner, Jane Loughrey, Florence Hockenberry. Third Row: James Hoffman, Geraldine Keefer, June off hn Fisher, Elizabeth Keefer, Alva Hamilton, Jeanne Graham, Ruth Gingher, Dorothy ' m , h Goss,John Kaspick. Fourth Row: Arthur Kennedy, Roliert Kilmartin, O e X j y, R-ichar McCahan, Gertrude Kerlin, Sarah Guttshall, Carolyn Krieger, William ller ac ylcens. Q f Fifth Row: Curtis Sensor, Alton Pannebalcenk o Ki er, V irgil Gates, Ralph Hous , Clayton Lykens. J rl , I 'T XR ' ' Ai ' . Page 34 , '5 A H g , , 4' Z f' :Ni XX '- r I1 I X x X . f A ' ' K x ' -- fs.--r fa , - X. 5 ,fstr-1-.gf nr m l I A Sophomores TOP GROUP First Row: Max Andrews, jack Clark, Mary Bauer, Marjorie Eckert, Anna Jane Cox, Helen Cunningham, Louise Cook, Betty Bridenbaugh, Robert Black, William Duff, Frederick Fowler, Robert Bathurst. Second Row: Frederick Beyer, Howard Baldrige, Elizabeth Delozier, Theda Bailey, La Verne Anderson, Vera Burkett, Barbara Creppage, Marie Carling, Lois Bickle, Albert Di Memmo. Third Row: George Beyer, Earl Bryan, Robert Albright, Kathryn Diehl, Beatrice Borman, La Rue Brumbaugh, Anna Bratton, Dorothy Bailey, Pauline Adams, Ray Bowers. Fourth Row: William Beam, Donald Barrett, Melvin Baughman, Dorothy Anderson, Alice Dan- iels, Lois Beam, Byron Faust, Francis Brisbin, Victor Crust, Robert Clites, Eugene Baer. Fifth Row: Guy Brisbin, Albert Bryan, Leslie Fink, Marlin Bathurst, Robert Ammerman, Ber- nard Burns, james Crane. BOTTOM GROUP First Row: Lois Williams, Wynona Wolf, Louise Shirk, Frances Van Allman, Marie Updikey Lucille Walhriclge, Betty Updike, john Yenter, William Shively, Harry Yukelson, james Warnock, Second Row: Ruby Young, Ruth Zimmers, Dorothy Shellenberger, La Rue Shuey, Amelia Vespa, Louise Shively, Virginia Vanneman, jane Wertz, Harriet Turnbaugh, Florence Simondale, Robert Smith. Third Rmu: Frances Wertz, Robert Zimmerman, Winifred Snyder, May Snyder, Helen Witt- man, Cleo Waite, Elwood Snyder, Gordon Stine, Wilkie Smith, Stanley Singler. Fourth Row: Donald Wesley, Frank Waite, Orvis Williams, Frederick Westbrook, Ralph Stone- braker, Donald Wilson, Roy Waite, Delbert Shildt. Fifth Row: Franklin Thompson, Robert Woomer, john Westover, jack Yarnell, Robert Smith, Richard Waite. Page 35 Adams. Dorothy Ammerman, Jane Ammerman, Malcolm Andrews, Marie Aults. Rodman Aurand, Marie Ayers, Raymond Ayers, Samuel Barr. Richard Bateman. Mary Bathurst, Doris Belin. Helen Bennett. Gerald Bennett. Verna Berkstresser, Ruth Bickle, Robert Blair. Elaine Bonsell. Mildred Boal, Elizabeth Broskley. Stanley Burns. Grace Butterbaugh, George Carpenter, Bruce Carper, Miles Cassidy. La Rue Catich. Edward Chess. Faye Chille. Lewis Christine, Tillie Cook, Catherine Cooper. Sheldon Cornelius. Frank Cowher, Neldon Page 36 NINTI-I GRADE Cox, William Cupper, James Cupper. Jack Daugherty, Richard Davis, Mary Dayton. Betty Jane Decker. Samuel Del Baggio, Eddie Dickson, Charles Dickson, Sara Dixon, Kathleen Dixon. Mary Louise Duey. joseph Eckert. Constance Eckley, Clarence Engelman. Eleanor Estright. Robert Evans. ,lonelle Ewing, Dorothy Fagley. Eileen Faust, Anna Marie Fike, Bettv Fink, Charles Fink, Telford Fisher, Carolyn Fisher. Ira Flenner. Betty ,lane Fowler, Ronald Frantz, Joy Frantz, Le Roy Friday. Dorothy Friday. Bettv Gallagher, Chester Gallagher. Lester Gardner, Thelma Gates. Harold Getz, Charles Getz. Dorothy Ginter. Helen Ginter. Louis Glenn. Thomas Goss, Earl Grazier, Robert Haag. Francis Haag. John Hagerman. Doris Hall. Dorothy Hample. Oscar Hand. Dennis Harris. Samuel Hicks. Alice l'iitchings. Norma Hooifer. Mildred Hoover, Wava Hostler, Thomas Hoiiser, Robert Idarola. Joseph lgou. Robert Irvin. Elmer Irvin, Ruth lames, Robert Jermino, Paul Johnston, Florence Johnston, June Kaup. Richard Keefer. Howard Kerchner, Stella Mary Kerlin, Charles Kimnel, Myers Kimberling. Velma Kinch, Robert Kirkpatrich, Eleanor Koener. Bernard Largent, Richard Lehner, Louise Little, Jane Maxine Little, Martha Helen List. john Lykens. Blair Lyons. Ethel Mannino, Angelo Mannino, Victor Marketto. Frank Mavhue. Ray McClellan. Bernice McConahy. Harold McCoy, Evelyn McKnight, Betty McNeal. Beatrice McNeal, Marilynn Mengel. Aileen Merritts, Dorothy Miller, Catherine Miller, Charles lVliller. Chester Miller, Donald Miller. Pauline Miller. Reed Miller. Ruth Moist, Dorothy Moore, Donald Morrissey. Harry Moyer, Edmund Nearhoof. Betty Ncarhoof. Harold Nearhoof. Orpha Newman, Stanley Oakwood. Ruby Oberly. Marjorie Parker. Mary Jane Parsons. Samuel Plumber. Marian Powley. Ruth Price, ,lames Price, William Riggle, Helen Rishell. La Veme Rhoades. Edward Rhoades, ,lanet Roberts, Mildred Rodeers, Eugene Rumberger. Anna Grace Russell. Louise Scordo. Josephine Schneider. Jerome Searer. Enid Seymour, James Shea. Alice Shildt. Bernard Shuey. Eugene Shultz. Robert Smith. Marjorie Snellbaugh. Donald Snyder. Adaline Snyder. Albert Snyder, Charles Snyder. Elvagene Snyder. John Snyder. Marie Snyder, William Stanley, Jane States, Florence States. Raymond Stauffer. Margaret S'eele, Mary Jane Steele, Samuel Stewart, Mildred Stewart, Robert Stonebraker. Thelma Stover, Mardell Stroup, Amber Stull, Jack Thompson, Helen Thompson, William Treaster. Naomi Troxell. Marie Varner, Earl Waite, Dorothy Waite, Leonard Walker, Fred Warrender, Ruth Wertz, William White, Kathleen Williams. Mary ,lane Wills, Freda Mae Wilson. Martha Wiser. Sara Woodring, Alton Yaudes. Relda Yarnell. William Zindell, Vivian Albright, Ramona Ammerman, Betty Ammerman. Lester Antikol, Israel Baer, Orris Barnhart. Thomas Batcheler, Ardriene Benton, Dolly Beschler, Earl Beschler. Elizabeth Beyer. Donald Bickle, Iva Biddle, Martha Black. Donald Black, Elizabeth Boal, Margaret Boytim. Robert Brickley, Dallas Brisbin, Agnes Brown, Helen Brown, Henman Brower, Robert Bryan, Robert Burns. William Burnham, Margaret Campbell, Mary Cassidy, Ardis Charles, Janet Chlofar, Rocky Conaghan, Sara Cowher. Harold Cupp. Dorothy Cowher. Robert Cupper, William Decker, Beryl Denny, Raymond Dickson, George Diehl, Ralph Diehl, Robert Dworsak, Richard Fernau, Roger Focht, Dean Franskio, Joseph Fuoss, Louise Garis, Betty Garman, Elizabeth Gates, Mary Getz, Edward Glenn, Peggy Gingerich, Robert Ginter, Joan Givler, George Goodman, Elwood Goodman, Ruth Grazier, Virginia Griffin, Charles Grove, Thomas Gunter. Leo Hall. Mary Hamer, Harry Hampton, Elaine Hand, Shirley Havens, Howard Henderson, Herbert Herlr, Jack Holly. Clare Homan, Sidney Hoover, Margaret Hoover, Winona Huey, Lois Iddings. Alma Igou. Betty Ike, Earnest Irvin. jay James. Dorothy Johnson, Elmer Johnson. Quentin Kaspicl-t, Earl Keller. Dorothy Keatley. Mary L. Krape, joseph Langenbacher. Elizabeth Langenbacher, Jane Lehner, Francis Lewis, Jack Lombardo, Mary Jane Lombardo. Samuel Lykens. George Lykens. Laura Lykens. Victor Lytle, Alfreda Magill, Edwin Makepeace, James Mannino. Charles Mastropli, Nlary McConahy. Ronald lVlcDonald. Richard Michaels. Pauline Miller. Agnes Miller Charles Miller, Elinor Miller, Gerald Miller, Janet Miller, Lyman Miller. Marion Miller, Robert D. Miller, Robert H. Miller, Robert P. Nloffet, Millroy Moseman. Erwin Nearhoof. Harold EIGHT!-I GRADE Nearhoof, Janet Noel, Ethel Ormsby, Richard Parks, Laura Patterson. Hazel Patterson, Marlin Patterson, Morris Paulhamus. Edwin Peters. Dorothy Peters. Lois Phillips. Lois Postreich. Kurt Putman, Leona Richards, Dale Rhodes. Frances Rhodes. Lowrie Roberts, Marie Robinson, Buddy Romano. Adaline Schneider. Elizabeth Searer. Ruth Shultz. June Simondale, Edna Simprose, Jennie Snyder. Clair Snyder. Glenn Snyder, Lewetta Snyder, Lorayne Spicer, Francis Stauifer, Zenith Stewart. Mary Stewart, Robert Stine, Mary A. Stine, Mary Stitt, John Sronebraker. Hope Stratiif, May Study, Samuel Tahaney, Mary Tate, Janet Thomas, Harold Thomas, Larue Troxell, Hilda Turnbaugh, joseph Updike, Burtis Updike, Georia Wagner, Jean XVaite, Kenneth Walk, Clair Wlatson, Clifford Weikert, Mary Ann Weston, Louise Weyer, Genevieve Wills, Marcella Wilt, Alice Wilt, Emma Wise. Margaret Woodring, Lawrenc Woomer, Betty Woomer, Eleanor Woomer, Vivian Wyland, James Zanghi, Samuel Zeiders, Jeanne Pllgt' e 3 Abrams. Joe Adams, John Anderson, William Andrews, Joe Andrews. Mary Jane Baker, Lucille Barner, Randall Barr, David Barto, Vivan Bateman, Daniel Beckwith, James Benn. Bruce Benn, William Benton, Harold Beyer, Jane Biddle, Helen Blair. Jeanne Blair, Sylvia Bowser, Shirley Boytim. William Bradford, Maryetta Brown, Ralph Brubaker, Bertha Butterbaugh. Marjorie Caldwell. Edith Candy, Guyer Carnes, Althea Castagnola, Tony Colabine, James Conogham. Mary Cowher, Catherine Cowher, Glenn Page 38 SEVENTH GRADE Crain. Eddie Curry, Billy Dachenbach. Louise Dannaway, Mary Dean. Catherine Dean, Fred Dean. Harry Dean. Maxine DeMario, Charles Duey. David Duff. Edward Duff. Thelma Dysart, Paul Ellenberger, Robert Femea, Paula Fetters, Jack Fetzer. Evelyn Fink, Marjorie Fisher. Gilbert Foust. Frances Foust, George Friday, Charlotte Fry, Ivalou Getz, Kathrine Gibboney. Jane Gingerich. Cathryn Gunsallus, Howard Plaag. Betty Hagermal1. Kathrine Halleran. Margaret Hamer. Charles Hand. William Henderson. Dorothy Henninger. Mary Hiller. John Hoover, Cecil Houser. Luther Hull. Helen Iddlings, Ruby Igou. Gerald Igou, Robert Isenberg. Dewey Jermino. Frank Jermino. Nick Johnston, Leatrice Johnston, Pauline Keith. Elmer Keppler. Phyllis Kerlin. Ernogene Kirkpatrick, Charles Koon. Jack Kustaborder. Lee Lannen. Delbert Leeper, Jean Lewis, Marion Lightner, Joseph Little. Paul Lloyd. Donald Lloyd. Sara Long, Richard Mattern. Helen Louise Mauk. Louise McClain. Edward McKinney, Earl Mentzer. Marjorie Merritts, Franklin Michaels, Marjorie Miller, Francis Miller, Joyce Miller, Shirley Miller, William Miles, Jack Miles. Samuel Moist. Fred Morrissey. Margaret Mosel. Helen Mull. Charles Myers, Betty Jane Myers. Louise Naylor, LaRue Nearhoof, Jean Nearhoof. Russell Nestlerode. Floyd Ohrtman. Janie Parker, Robert Patterson. Lucy Patton. Donald Patron. Jack Port. Robert Price, Elaine Reed. Hope Reynolds, Elaine Riley. Marian Rinker. Foster Ritter. Robert Robison. Alice Romano. Mary Romano, Ralph Sealfon, Miriam Shaffer. Pauline Shea, Kathleen Sheckler. Betty Shildt. Pauline Shuey, William Simondale, Marjorie Singler, Kathleen Singler. Reeder Smith. Joseph Smith, Naomi Smith, Ruth J. Smith. Wayne Snyder, Charlotte Sprankle, Mary Ellen Stanley, Lois Stephens, Mildred Stewart. Betty Mae Stonebraker. Betty Stroup, Ardrienne Stuart, John Sweitzer, Jack Sweitzer. Robert Thomas. Herbert Thomas, Dorothy Turiano, James Umholtz, Helen Waite. Alton Waite, Boyd Waite, Charles Warraixder, Helen Weaver. Thelma Westbrook, Ralph Wingate. Robert Wiser, Helen Woleslagle, Dorothy Wolfe. George Woodring. Lester Yingling. Jack Young, Margaret bl . -W 7 if f "" , A- "x 45- 5 wwalrgg, , 1, 3: 21 'ff U .-ff is ' ' is rg an 'fa gk v. 'M lm' 'Q' S' ' HS' 1 , is --..--1. w s ig 1 fs! 'E an 1, Q5 fy-rg -A X,:. pw- , 1 my A ,Q .V ik Em - Qi aLLf..,ff:1f43g T as L' :I 2 M ' if ,iq f V Q55 'f J 1' f ' ni S- ' ' UPI" ' ff" fgf sm U ' 1 ,gfgq ig - f Q , f . , gaw 5, kb. z, 'gb fn: we 2 rm' --S 5? Q! A M X f X-Xgovff GIRLS' GLEE CLUBS SOPHONZORE iUpper Groupl First Row: Betty Hagen. Amelia Vespa. Louise Shirk. Helerx Cunningham. Marjorie Rhoades. Miss Barrett 1Music Supervisorj. Marie Updike. Marie Frantz. Genevieve Harpster. Betty Bridenbaugh. Betty Updike. Second Row: Mary Rcssman. Florence Fromm, Louise Cook. Pauline Adams. Gertrude Kerlin, Josephine Mart- house. Sarah Gutshall, Rhoda Miller, Elizabeth Delozier, Betty Glenn, Louise Gartner. Third Row: Jeanne Graham. Betty Miller. Betty Shaffer, Wiixifred Snyder. Anna Jane Cox, Jane Loughrey, Vir- ginia Vannen-ian, Marjorie Eckert. Lucille Walbridge. Fourth Row: Nellie Rupert. Ruth Goss. Dorothy Gillman. Marilyn Miles. Thelma Port. Alice Daniels, Louise Lewis. May Snyder. B Fifth Row: Harriet Turnbaugh. Jane Wertz. Grace Naylor. Anna Peters. Geraldine Keefer. Ruth Gingher. stty Lloyd. JUN IOR-SENIOR fLower Groupl First Row: Fannie Smith, Estella Lykens. Ruby Murphy. Cecelia Wiixeski, Helen Isenherg. Mary Mannino. Thelma Wilson. Nancy Scordo. Frances Hiney. Hilda Nearhoof. Dorothy Thomas. Second Row: Angeline Zang. Louise Williams. Dorothy Black, Hazel Black. Jane Conaghan. Dorothy Patter- son, Miss Barrett iMusic Supervisorj. Susan Beck. Winifred Kustaborder. Marie Kolessy. Vivian Cowher, Leah Calderwood, Betty Gardner. Third Row: Dorothy Hull. Madeline Focht, Suzanne McClintock. Elizabeth Dewey, Marjorie Lane. Faye Frantz, La Rue Diehl, Caroline Beck. Pauline Anderson, Lois Cowher. Helen Wiimslow, Edith Harpster, Lelia Smith. Fourth Row: Lorraine Shirk. Evangeline Bloom. Pearl Stewart, Mildred Wilsoix. Helen Dawson, Dorothy Stine, Alice Chamberlain. Camilla Koon. Harriet Ginter. Frances Schneider. Marjorie Reeder. Catharine Spanelli, An- toinette Lombardo. Jean Miller. l-ifth Row: Myrtle Andrews, Rosemary Heddinger. Nlaijorie Sellers. Elizabeth Herlt, Mildred Moyer. Bessie Ike. Mary Minemier. Vivian Edmonds. Anne Igou, Eva Miller. Dorothy Hample. Sixth Row: Betty Cupper, Alice Lotz, Helen Morrow. Betty Snyder. Josephine Marthouse. Isabel Rumberger. Marian Wilsoiu. Phyllis Kreps. Wfilda Houser, Yolanda Leasure, Fae Owens, Mabel Zimmers, Gertrude Amrner- man. Florence Rhoades, Catharine Ingram, I-lelen lke. Seventh Row: Mary Augusta Maschke. Betty Strausbaugh. Annadel Ohrtman. Rose Spanelli. Dorothy Albright, Marian Foust, Helen Hagerman. Cleda Moist. Dorothy Smith. Margaret Wilson. Rosemary Hagerman. Eighth Row: Pauline Myers. Pauline Sheeder. Helen Largent. Emma Hastings. Grace Hoster, Clare Smith, Eva Estright. Alberta Frantz. Esther Friday, Gladys Fink. Mildred Crust, Evelyn Cowher, Louise Candy. Ninth Row: Jessie Kanour, Jean Royer. Flornell Robertson, Gertrude Nearhoof. Doris Sloey, Jane Candy, Pearl Martin, Shirley Batcheler, Dorothy Cowher, Hazel Derr, Evelyn Colabine, Margaret Yarnell, Catharine Oster, Elsie Butterbaugh, Suzanne Kanour. Page 40 GIRLS' GLEE CLUBS NINTH GRADE lUpper Groupl First Row: Florence States, Sara Dickson. Mildred Bonsell, Dorothy Moist, Josephine Scordo, Thelma Stone- braker. Sara Wiser, Alice Hicks, Ruth Warrencler, Carolyn Beck iAccompanistl. Ethel Lyons. Second Row: Jane Ammerman. Pauline Miller. Marie Aurand. Thelma Gardner. Mardell Stover. jonelle Evans. Miss Bressler iDirector of Glee Clubj , Betty Boal, Grace Burns. Ruth Bergstresser. Third Row: Enid Searer, Kathryn Cook, La Rue Cassidy, Marie Troxell, Tilly Christine. Helen Belin, Mary Eatfman, Elaine Blair, Elvagene Snyder, Jane Stanley, Mary Stroup, Amber Stroup, Dolly Benton, Velma Kim- er ing. Fourth Row: Norma Hitchings. Dorothy Friday. Adaline Snyder. Betty Nearhoof. Eleanor Kirkpatrick. Mar- garet Stauffer, Mary Jane Parker, Florence Johnson, Stella Kerchner, Mary Jane Williams, Dorothy Waite, Helen Riggle. Fifth Row: Mary Davis, Kathryn Miller. Mildred Stewart, Marjorie Oberly, Yvonne Russel, Vivian Zindell. Eleanor Engleman, Marie Snyder, Jay Frantz, Margaret Stauffer. Kathleen Dixon, Evelyn McCay, Marilyn McNeal, Anna Grace Rumberger, Marie Andrews, Dorothy Merrits, Doris Hagerman. Louise Lehner, Sixth Row: Maxine Little. Kathleen White. Marjorie Smith, Mildred Roberts. LaVerne Rishell. Helen Ginter, Alice Shea, Martha Little, Betty Flenner, Ruby Oakwood. EIGHTH GRADE fLower Groupl First Row: Laura Lykens, Jennie Simprose. Mary Lombardo. Janet Tate. Marcella Wills. Mary Alice Stine, Mary Mastropoli. Mary Louise Stine. Marjorie Strattiff. Janet Miller, Marie Roberts. Second Row: Peggy Glenn, Agnes Miller. Dorothy Peters, Dorothy Keller, Ioan Ginter. Mary Tehaney, Miss Bressler iDirector of Glee Clubl, Lois Phillips, Leona Putman, Ramona Albright, Margaret Bumham. Lois Huey, Bettv Igou. Third Row: Helen Brown. Betty Woomer, Lewetta Snyder. Mary Helen Stewart. Mary Gates, Ruth Goodman, Elaine Hampton, Frances Rhoades, Emma Wilt, Margaret Boal. Virginia Grazier. Agnes Brisbin, Shirley Hand, Mary Ann Weikert, Margaret Wise. Hilda Troxell, Louise Fouss. Fourth Row: LaRue Thomas, Alfreda Lytle. janet Nearhoof, Betty Garis. Jean Wagner. Alma Iddings, Mary Heyl. Elizabeth Schneider. Martha Biddle, Dorothy James, Zenith Stauffer. Lorrayne Snyder, Hilda Krape, Eliza- beth Black. Clare Holly, Mary Louise Keatly. Mary Ann Hall. Fifth Row: Dorothy Cupp, Elizabeth Langenbacher, Ethel Noel, Gloria Updike, Eleanor Woomer, Frances Spicer, Ruth Searer, Elizabeth Beschler, Elinor Miller. Vivian Woomer. Sixth Row: Janet Charles, Ardis Cassady, Edna Simondale, June Shultz. Sara Conaghan, Margaret Ho-over, lva Bickle, Pauline Michaels. Page 41 BOYS' GLEE CLUBS SOPHOMORE-JUNIOR lUpper Group! First Row: Robert Zimmerman. Oscar Kephart, Harry Yukelson. Nlichael Franchio. Mr. Fleck iDirectorl Rob- ert Vogt. Donald Moffett. Tony Panasiti. james Rhoades, Second Row: Wilkie Smith, Joe Zang. Thomas Kibler, Frederiqk Beyer, Roy Waite, Jack Clark, Robert Bathurst. Third Row: Robert Beyer. Nick Leasure, Howard Smith, Francis Brisbin. Raymond Neil.Dennis Snyder. Gilbert Summers, Donald Wilson. Fourth Row: Frank Dean, Maynard Barner, Evelyn Colabine lpianistj, Jack Yarnall, James lVlcNelis, Thomas Dawson, SENIOR 1 Lower Groupj First Row: Frederick Farrand. Stewart Gibboney. Jay Speece, Clark Speece. Harry Long, Mr, Wolfgang fDirectorJ. Graydon Huff. Robert Sharer, Angelo Vespa. Richard XValsh. Arthur Williams. Second Row: James Miller, Robert Rodgers, Edward Dysart, Lloyd Langenbacher, Jules Crowell. Robert Miller, Joseph Bateman, Richard Adams. Jack Troutwine. Third Row: Francis Wolfe, Bernard Yulcelson, Burnell Brown, James Scordo, Robert McNeal. Henry Heyl, Carl Dawson. John Watson, Benjamin Miller. Fourth Row: Harold Briclcley. William Hassler, Max Kimmel, Kenneth Eschbach, Charles Dougles. Eugene Fasano. William La Porte. Louis Cox. Homer Rhoades. Fifth Row: Robert Carling, Frank Hoover, Carl Albright. john Rote, Page 42 MUSICAL ORGANIZATIONS ORCHESTRA IUpper Groupl First Row: Angelo Vespa. ,Iules Crowell. Mr, Fleck IDirectorl , Graydon Huff. James Rhoades. Second Row: Michael Franchio, Gilbert Summers, Frank Hoover, Bernard Keener, Joseph Panasiti. BAND ILower Groupl First Row: Howard Baldridge. Buddy Lehner. Wilkie Smith. -lack List. Clark Speece. Cvravdon Huff. Harold Gates. Howard Moore. Jack Clark, Second Row: Dale Richards, Myers Kimmel, Gilbert Summers. jay Spence. Richard McDonald. Lester Markel, Jules Crowell. Max Kimmel. Third Row: William Boytim. joseph Panasiti. Robert Smith, Harry Dearx. Richard Barr. ,lack Lykens, Elmer johnson. Robert Diehl. Blair Lyl-tens, Fourth Row: Howard Havens. Robert Bathurst. Bernard Koener, Richard Adams, Michael Franchio, Donald Garman. Robert lVlcNeal. Mr. Fleck IAssistant Band Directorl. Albert Allison, William Cupper. James Rhoades. Fifth Row: Frank Hoover. IVlr, Steigerwalt IDirr.-crorj. Pzzgu 43 PUBLICATION STAFFS FALCON STAFF lUpper Groupj Seated: Bessie Ike fTypistl, Walter Pownall fAthlctic Editorl. Marjorie Lane lTypistl. Myrtle Andrews lldistorianl. ,lay Speece lsnapshot Editorl. Shirley Batcheler fEditorl, Hazel Derr lHistorianJ. Frank Hoover lArr Committeej , Dorothy Cowher LArt Committeej. Standing: Williain jones. fAdvertising Mniiagerj. Nlary Daniels lAssistant Advertising Maiiagerl. Mr, Gleason lFaculty Business Managerj, Jane Candy 1Arr Committeeel, Williain Hassler lBusiness Managerj, Miss Moore llfaculty Adviserl. Not in Picture: Miss Gave QArt Supervisorl, Alice Chamberlain lTypistj . Thomas Fisher lAssociate Editorl, The Falcon Staff desires to express its vcry great appreciation for voluntary services rendered by the following seniors: Jack Brown for his assistance given the editor. Fred Farrand for the photog- raphy he did, and Hannah Antikol and Margaret Oilflourke for their typing. if Both publications of the Tyrone Higli School are members of the Blair County Press Associa- tion, the Pennsylvania School Press Association. and the National School Press Association. SPOKESMAN STAFF Ql.ower Groupl Seated: Dorothy Stine lTypistj, Lois Cowher lTypistl. Bernard Yukelson fAdvt-rtising Manage-rl. Lelia Smith fAssociate Editorj. Robert Dickson lEditorJ, Edith I-Iarpster ilsiterary Editorl. William Jones iBusiness Man- agerl, Dorothy Cowher QLiterary Editorl. Francis Wolfe fAthletic Editorl. Harry Long iAthletic Editorl, Standing: Dede Lytle lRepoi'terJ. Margaret OiRourke lifypistl. Burnell Brown llleporterl. William Phillips fAssistant Advertising Nlanagerj, I-Iannah Antikol fTypistl. Nevin Davis fAssistant Advertising Managerl. lames Yifarnock llleporterj, Gray Foust fAssistant Advertising Nlanagerj. Williain Hassler lEditorial Writerj. Dorothy Hampltr flleporterl. Frederick Fariand fcirculation Managerj. Evangeline Bloom IExchange Editorj. Robert Vogt fAthletic Editorl , Frank I-loover fldeaclliiie Writer' and Copy Readerl. Janet Mogle lReporterl. Miss Bow- man fhaculty Adviserj. Edward Paulhamus 1Reporterl. Bernard Nlatthews fReporterl, Howard Havens fReporterl. Not in Picture: Louis Cox QMake-up Edirotl. Raymond Neil lRepnrterl. Stanley Newman llleporterl. Page -14 STU DENT GOVERNMENT CLASS OFFICERS AND CLASS DEANS 1Upper Group! First Row fSenior Offirersj: Mr. Steigerwalt lDeanl. ,lay SpeecefMember of Social Commitreej. Marjorie Lane lsecretaryl, Stewart Gibboney ipresidentl. Betty Gupper fMember of Social Committeel. Robert Miller fVice Presidentl. Frank Hoover 1Treasurerl. Second Row Uunior OH:lCEfSlZ Miss Webb iDeanl. Miss King lDeanl. Evelyn Colabine fVice Presidentl. W'ilson Rumberger fpresidentj. Sanford Beyer 1Social Managerl. Pauline Myers 1Secretaryl. Sue Yarnell fTreas- urerj, Helen Morrow 1Social Managerl, Third Row fSophomore Officerslz Howard Baldridge Ipresidentl. Marjorie Eckert iSecretaryJ. Jane Wertz 1Social Chairmanl. Robert Ammerman fSocial Chairmanj. Miss Wilson 1Deanl. Mahlon Gates fVice Presidentj, Anna .lane Cox 1Treasurerl. Miss Hemminger fDeanj, STUDENT COUNCIL 1Lower Groupl First Row: Robert Black iffhairman of Propertv Gommitteel. Donald Moffet. Stewart Gibboney lchairman of Booster Committeej. Richard Walsh ipresidentj, Charles Getz. John Stitt. Edward Paulhamus lchairman of Grounds Conamitteel. Stanlev Newrran :Chairman of History Committeej. james Warnock. Second Row: Francis Wolfe 1Ticket Committee Chairmanl. Gordon Harris 1Chairman of Alumni Committcel. Pauline johnson, David Brower fAttendance Committee Chairmanl. Betty May Stewart. Betty Garis. Lois Phillips. Hope Stonebraker. Lee Kustenbauder. Third Row: Amelia Vespa ichairman of Lost and Found Committeel. Ruth Goss. Josephine Pownall. Alice Lotz. Shirley Batrheler. Verna Bennett. Marian Plummer. Jane Loughrey lSecretaryP, Fourth Row: Willianx Hasslci' fl-lonor Roll Committee Chairmanl. Harry Dean. Rosemary l-lagcrman Qclvair- man of Welfare Committeej. Lelia Smith lchairman of Reception Committeej. Robert Vogt 1Vice Presidentj. james Davis, Charles Waite. Mr, Skelly QFarulty Adviserj. Page -15 . . 4 SENIOR PLAY SENIOR PLAY CAST fUpper Gioupl First Row: Alice Chamberlain 1Mary -Ianej, Dorothy Stine lAmyJ, Camilla Koon 1MelbaD. Mary Daiiiels fAunt PollYl. Mary Augusta Maschke 1Ruth Wzxtsonj. Hazel Derr lClaral, Second Row: Willianx La Porte ljohn Finnl, James Davis fTom Sawyerl. Sair MacDowell KDirectorD. Jay Speece fl-luck Finnj. Angelo Vespa fFred Raymondj. 'C SENIOR PLAY BUSINESS STAFF llsower Groupl First Row: Elsa Dietrich fMakc-up Artistl. Mary Engelman lArt Director and Business Nlanagerl. Dorothy Smith fproperty Maiiagerl, Mary Cornmesser lFaculty Business Managerl, Caroline Beck fpubliciry Maiiagerj. Mildred Wilsori fproperty Managerl. Second Row: john Condo lStagc Managerj. Fred Farrancl lproperty Nlanagc-rl. Vfalter Pownall fStage Man- agerl. I-Ienry Heyl Qfflectriciaimj, -lack Trourwine fproperty Managerj, Tom Fisher lBusiness Maxxagerl. The Class of '35 presented "Huckleberry Finn." a dranxarized version of Mark Twa1n's classic. to three apprecia- tive audiences on December 13-14. Of rhc numerous successful plays coached by Miss MacDowell. 'KI-Iucl-:IL-berry Finn" received the most favorable comment. Pam' 46 ART CLUB UPPER GROUP First Row: Samuel Parsons. Kurt Postreich, Richard McDonald. Katherine Cook. LaRue Cassidy, Enid Searer Second Row: jack Watson. Charles Fink. Yvonne Russel, Gene Ziders, Mary Bateman, Daniel Bateman. Third Row: Dean Focht. Miss Gove. Richard Largent, Katherine Miller. Doris Hagerman, Ardrene Barcheler Betty Ammerman, Herman Brown. Harold Nearhoof, Dave Barr, Joe Lightner. Not in pictureiMarion Riley. Xvilliam Boytim. Joe Turnbaugh. OFFICERS President . . , .,.. .... . . . Secretary-Treasurer Business Manager Social Manager . . Red Cross Art Chairman LIB RARY STAFF LOWER GROUP Katherine Miller Richard Largenr . Sam Parsons Katherine Cook . Mary Bateman First Row: Angeline Zang, Evangeline Bloom. Mary Augusta Maschke. Alice Chamberlain. Miss Couch Pauline Myers. Betty Glenn, Anna Mae Igou. Evelyn Cowher. Second Row: Eugene Fasano. Kenneth Eschbach. Jane Candy. Louise Williams. Hazel Black, Dorothy Black Louise Candy. Dorothy I-Iample. Robert Dickson. Devon Winslow. Third Row: Fae Owens. Sue Glasgow. Carolyn Beck. Ruth Irvin. Fannie Smith. Dorothy Hull. Helen Marrow Jean Royer, Helen Ike. Page 47 +1 V , wwe CLUBS FRENCH CLUB lUpper Groupl First Row: Frederick Farrand, Mary Augusta Maschke. Evelyn Colabine, Miss Eble. Elizabeth Dewey, Mary Engelman. Pauline Myers. Margaret Putman. Thelma Wilson, Amber Oakwood. Second Row: William Phillips. Wilbur Bigley, Jane Conaghan. Dorothy Black. Hazel Black. Shirley Batch- eler, Fae Owens. .lane Candy. Estella Lykens. Matilda Mercado. Blanche Singler. Eleanor Miller, Howard Smith. Richard Adams, Nevin Davis. Third Row: Robert McNeal. Donald Moffet, Fannie Smith. Betty Cupper, Katherine Oster. Helen Dawson, Dorothy Albright, Agnes Biggins, Louise Candy, Betty Strasbaugh. Vivian Edmonds, Betty Snyder, Robert Vogt, Calvin Edwards, Fourth Row: Russel Blowers, Robert Shuey, Graydon Htiff. Forest I-Iosband. Michael Franchio. Marjorie Shea. Edith Harpster. Sue Glasgow, Harry Long. William jones, Fifth Row: Walter Pownall. James Price. Robert Little. Evelyn Cowher, Flornell Robertson. President, Mary Engelmang Vice President. Betty Cupperg Secretary. Mary Maschkeg Trcasuvrer, Margaret Put- mang Social Nlanager, Tom Fisher. BISIGNIS CLUB il.ower Groupl First Row: Gladys Fink. Lelia Smith. Helen Morrow. Rose Mary Heddinger. Miss Webb. Miss Benner. Miss Hemminger, Dorothy Cowher. Camilla Koon. Mr. Gleason, Frank Hoover. Second Row: Emma Hastings Eva Miller, Pauline Sheeders. Katherine Ingram. Francis Schneider. Margaret O'Rourke, Helen Isenberg. Suzanne McClintock. Marjorie Sellers. Third ROW! D0r0Cl'ly Patterson, Faye Frantz, Edna McGovern. Mabel Blowers. Hannah Antikol. Lois Cowher. Alberta Frantz. Wiixifred Kustenbauder. M Fourth Row: Phyllis Kreps. Marian Wilson, Anna Mary Kreiger, Myrtle Andrews. Margaret Wilson. Jean iller. Fifth Row: Pearl Martin, Esther Friday. Cleda Moist. Florence CUPP. Dorothy Hample. Betty Gardner. Eliza- beth Catich. Sixth Row: Thomas Dawson, Robert De Dios, Carl Dawson, Charles Dysart.1ohn Duff. Charles Douglas. Ermine Cisnejf. Joseph Mannino, Seventh Row: Maynard Barner. Albert Allison, Frank Dean. Robert Cowher. Melviti Miller. Frank Bailey. Joseph Naylor. Anthony Turiano, President, Frank L, Hooverg Vice President. Camilla Koon: Treasurer, Dorothy Cowher: Program Committee, Rosemary I-leddinger fChairmanl. Camilla Koon. Charles Douglas. Page 48 TRI-HI-Y GAMMA fUpper Groupl First Row: Harriet Ginter, Dorothy I-lull. Fannie Smith. Miss Myers fCounselorl, Louise Williams, Hazel Black, jane Conaghan. Second Row: Estella Lykens, Elsie Butterbaugh. Susan Beck, Marjorie Sellers, Phyllis Kreps, Caroline Beck, Flornell Robertson, Dorothy Black. Third Row: Helen Largent. Helen Morrow, Mildred Moyer, Ann Morrow, Dora Shildr, Alice Lotz, Blanche Singler. OFFICERS President ,..,. .......,.... . . .Fannie Smith Vice President ,... ..... , , . , . . . . Alice Lotz Treasurer ,.,... . . .Hazel Black Chaplain, .,.. . . Anne Morrow ALPHA 1 Lower Groupl First Row: Sue Glasgow, Marjorie Lane, Alice Chamberlain, Mary Engelman. Elsa Dietriclc fCounselorl, Miss Webb fFaculty Adviserj, Elizabeth Dewey, Mary Augusta Maschke, Betty Cupper, Helen Marthouse. Second Row: Lorraine Shirk, Marjorie Reeder, Lelia Smith. Mary Daniels, Rachel Cook, Louise Candy, Betty Strasbaugh, Betty Snyder. Third Row: Fae Owens, Edith Harpser, Dorothy Cowher, Suzanne McClintock, Evelyn Colabine, Katherine Oster, Pauline Myers, . Fourth Row: Suzanne Kanour. Margaret Putman, Marjorie Shea, Jane Candy, Shirley Batcheler, Eleanor Miller, Hazel Derr, Mary Elizabeth Vanneman. OFFICERS President ,..... .............. , . .Shirley Batcheler Vice President ,... ..... S ue Glasgow Secretahy ..,,... ,..... J ane Candy Treasurer ..,., .,...... F ae Owens Chaplain ..., . . ,Marjorie Reeder Page 49 l'1rs Row ane Loughrey osephine Pownall Polly Vanneman Harriet Turnbaugh, Marjorie Eckert Anna ane Cox second Row Helen Martha Little Alice Shea Mary Bey r Marjorie Rhoacles, Jane Wertz, Katherine Cook Third Row Mardell Stover Katherine Miller Elizabeth Delozier Miss Stewart lliaculty Adviser M155 Lucas President Harriet Turnbaugh Vice President Josephine Pownall Secretary . .Marjorie Eckert Treasurer Virginia Vanneman Chaplain Lucille Walbridge . JUNIOR RED CROSS Cl-IAIRMEN l First Row' Helen Biddle Howard Baldridge Jay Speece Miss Kloss lSchoo1 Nursel , Dorothy Hample Evelyn Secciid Row Pauline Shildt Dorothy Adams une Johnson Ruth Irvin Faye Chess, Mary Bateman Wynona T rd Row Grace Naylor Alice Daniels Helen Hagerman anet Mogle, Naomi Smith, Elaine Hampton ,Dorothy Hample . .Evelyn Colabine Howard Baldriclge , . . .Grace Naylor ,Evangeline Bloom I-ll-Y JUNIOR HIVY CLUB lUpper Groupl Firsi: Row: Wilkie Smith. Howard Baldridge. William Cox. Thomas Lane. Mahlon Gates. Richard Barr. James Rhoades, James Warnock. Samuel Parsons. Second Row: George Beyer, Justin Harris. Raymond Neil. Robert Ammerman, Mr. Fleck fAdviserl, Jack Clark. Ben Matthews. Max Andrews. William Wertz. Third Row: Myers Kimmel, Gordon Harris. Milton Getz. Charles Getz. Max Moffet. Leslie Fink. Stanley New- man, Robert Black. Harold lVlcConahy. OFFICERS President ..... ..,. ......... . . . Mahlon Ciates Vice President . . . ..... ,..., . . .Samuel Parsons Secretary ..,,, . . , William Cox Treasurer . . . Thomas Lane Chaplain. . . . , . . .James Warnock SENIOR HI-Y CLUB ll.ower Cvroupl First Row: Edward Dysart. Mr, Steigerwalt lAdviserJ. William Hassler. James Davis. Thomas Fisher, William LaPorte. Mr, Snyder lAdViserl. Robert Irvin. Second Row: Harry Long. Clark Speece, Henry Heyl, Mr. Warnock CKY" Secretaryl. Mr. Barr l"Y" Repre- sentativel. Mr. Skelly fHonorary Adviserl. Arthur lxfilliams. William Jones. Richard Walsh. Third Row: Lloyd Langenbacher, Nevin Davis, Paul Bressler, Robert Charles. Eugene Fasano, Royer McNeal, Frank Hoover. Renfrew Ilgenfritz. Robert McNeal, William Phillips. Fourth Row: Robert Dickson, Max Kimmel, Luther Hawke. Walter Pownall. Robert Miller. Kenneth Eschbach, Albert Allison. Wilson Rumberger, Allen Thomas. Lewis Cox. OFFICERS President , . . .,,.,... ,.,.. . , .William Hassler Vice President .... ........... . . .William La Porte Secretary ,,.,... . . .Thomas Fisher Treasurer .,... ....... J ames Davis Chaplain . . . .Renfrew Ilgenfritz Page 51 Ao DEBATERS Seated: Sanford Beyer. Howard Baldridge. Miss Lucas lDebating Coachi, Joseph Bateman. Richard Walsh. Standing: Nevin Davis. Francis Wolfe. Mr. Shaffer lDe-baring Coachi, Harry Long, William Hassler, PROPOSITION FOR DEBATE: Resolved: That the Federal Government should equalize educational opportunity throughout the nation by annual grants to the several states for elementary and secondary education. DATE March SA March 12 - March 21 - March 21 - March 28- March 28- April 44 April 4' Page 52 Tyrone Tyrone Tyrone Tyrone Tyrone Tyrone Tyrone Tyrone THE SCHEDULE AND RESULTS OF DEBATES: TEAMS negative Vs. State College affirmative affirmative vs. State College negative negative vs. Hollidaysburg affirmative affirmative vs. Hollidaysburg negative negative vs. Williamsburg affirmative aflirmative vs. Williamsburg negative negative vs. Claysburg affirmative. ., affirmative vs. Claysburg negative. .. ViCToRs State College Tyrone Tyrone l-lolliclaysburg Williamsburg Williamsburg Undetermined at this date HIHHH . N 4 ,gp , i f f wi if ia- n 2 sis as lg .J ll 5- 'V-Jwggiwiia 11133511 :maui I Ill - :- .. !.::L, - 1:5 --unlin- Ill ll I ...l F Hoover ,J FOOTBALL SQUADS JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL SQUAD fUppcr Gi-oupj Seated on Ground: Edwin Moyer ilxflanagerl. First Row: IVIarlin Bathurst. Bernard Burns, Donald Barrett, Nlalcolm Ammerman. Charles Hale, Paul Miller. Robert Smith. Second Row: Robert Irvin icoachj, Dewey Isenberg. Lewis Cox. Robert Estright, Franklin Thompson. Robert Little, Melvin Stiver. Ray Mayliue. Eddie Del Baggio, John Condo iCoarhl . Third Row: Samuel Decker. james Miller. William Cupper, Samuel Steele. Arthur Patterson. Charles Johnson. Lester Woodring. Robert Shuey. Don Miller, Paul Jermino. VARSITY FOOTBALL SQUAD QLower Gfoupp First Row: Willinnx Snyder. Robert Carling, Tom Fisher. Jim I"Iofl'man. Robert Morgaim. Second Row: Wfalter Pownall. Paul Bressler. John La Rosa. Bill Jones, Yvilliam La Porte fCaptainj. James Scordo. Jack Reeder. Henry Heyl, Oscar Kephart, g A Third Row: Mr. Stonebralcer icoachj, Joe Seymour. Clark Speece, Carl Albright, John Rote, Iiomer Shildt, Alton Pannebaker. Fred Vfestbrook. Mr, Waite fAssistant Coachl, Fourth Row: Wfilliam Shively. Guy Brisbin, Frank Waitef' James Crane. John Candy. Edgar Keyes. Gray Faust, Albert Snyder, Richard Nlccahan. Walter' Ross, Charles Zanghi. K av. Page 5-I ,, Q. T 1 FOOTBALL The Golden Eagles of Tyrone Hi opened their 1934 football season by defeating the mountain- top team of Osceola Mills by an 18-O score on the home field, October 1. Albright, Tyrone's right end, scored the first touchdown of the season. Reeder and Shildt also crossed the goal line during the game. The Eagles made a splendid showing in their new orange and black uniforms. The next week the Eagles found themselves matched with their old rival from Clearfield. Re- membering the defeat of the previous year, the local team went out to settle up an old score. The Eagles worked clocklike all afternoon. On defense, the line held like a stone wall, and on offense, they opened holes. The backs showed their stuff. The first score came after several long passes, and the second came from Shildt's line plunges. The final score was 13-0. Leaving the home field for the first time this season, the Eagles traveled to Johnstown. The Blue Johnnies were just too much for the visitors. The Eagles were outclassed in many ways. Many bad breaks also aided the Johnnies in their afternoon of victory. At the close of this hard' fought battle, the score was 34-0. Following the Johnstown game, the Eagles went to Huntingdon to play the powerful team of Huntingdon Hi. The Eagles were very much handicapped by injuries received in the Johnstown game. The Eagles outplayed the Bearcats, but bad breaks kept them from crossing the chalk line. Bill Snyder was the star of the afternoon. His running was fast and shifty, his punts were long and high, but all this would have been impossible if there had not been good teamwork. The game ended with a 13-O score. Returning to the home field the following Saturday, the Eagles battled with Bellefonte in an oozing sea of mud to a 7-7 tie. The Eagles played rings around the Bellefonte crew, not even allowing them to make a first down, and only twenty yards from rushing. The Bellefonte score resulted from a blocked punt behind the Tyrone goal line. The Tyrone score resulted from the powerful line plunges of Pete Shildt. When the game ended, the Eagles had the ball on the one foot line. What a break for Bellefonte! The Eagles, playing their last game in the Y.M.C.A. Athletic park, left the field after a vic- torious afternoon at the expense of Bellwood. The Eagles did not score during the first half, but came back strong in the second half and scored two touchdowns in the opening minutes. Shildt led the offense attack with his smashing line plunges. 12-O was the final score, with the Eagles on the long side. The big event of the season took place on Armistice Day, when the new football field was dedicated. After a colorful parade led by the different bands and drum corps of Hollidaysburg and Tyrone, the field was officially dedicated and named the Gray Field in memory of Mrs. Ada M. Gray. Following the dedication, the Golden Tigers of Hollidaysburg and the Golden Eagles of Tyrone clashed on the new gridiron. The Tigers were the rulers of the afternoon, although the undefeated Tigers were held to their closest score of the season--namely, 7-6. Both teams played hard and brainy football. The Tigers used the forward pass to great advantage, the Eagles played straight football. The Eagles took to the road again, and this time it was over the mountain to Philipsburg. The game was played on a slippery field. Both teams were held scoreless in the first half owing to the bad conditions of the field. ln the second half the Eagles managed to push over the goal line for six points. Shildt, Reeder, and Kephart were the big guns for Tyrone. After sliding around in the mudufor about an hour, the game ended 6,0 in favor of Tyrone. Tyrone visited State College and was defeated by the undefeated State College team. State College scored two of its touchdowns by long passes, and the third score came from a long run. Tyrone came within scoring distance several times, but State wouldn't allow the Eagles to get into the end zone. After several attempts, the Eagles succeeded in making atouchdown. Paul Bressler scored the extra point with a placement kick. The Eagles started a rally in the last quar- ter, but the game ended before the Eagles could overcome the eighteen points scored against them. The final score, 18-7, was in favor of the College team. The Eagles battled with Altoona in their annual Thanksgiving Day classic, and this year it was played in a slough of mud at Mansion Park instead of the usual snowfcovered field. The Maroon team proved itself master of the muddy situation by running up a score of thirty-three points against the Eagles' zero. Shildt and Snyder did most of the ball running for the Eagles, but the mud kept the light shifty backs of Tyrone from showing their speed. The game was just a series of line bucks, with the heavier team having the edge. Page 55 ROBERT CARLING-HALFBACK "Lightin" was small, but tricky and fastg We wish him good luck and hope it will last. CARL ALBRIGHTYEND Three seasons "Onions" spent on the forward lineg He is one to be praised, because his work was fine. JACK REEDER4HA1.FBAcK K'Gram," the one who carried the pigskin for the Eaglesg When he had the ball, he got through on sideslips and wiggles. ALLEN THOMAS-GUARD At guard and at tackle were "Allie's" positionsg Charging on ofense and defense were his requisitions. l , Y ,,,, M, OSCAR KEPHART-HALFBACK "Jocko," the left handed passer and punterg He went through the line like rolling thunder. WILLIAM JONES-CENTER "Teaberry" was good in his position as centerg We praise him for the services that he did render. JIMMIE SCORDO-HALFBACK "Jimmie," one of the fastest and smallest men on the squad, Made up for what he lacked by getting over the sod. HENRY HEYL-QUARTERBACK "Hanlc,l' a good but small quarterback, who knew his blocking If he couldn't get through by running, he would by rocking. JACK HEBERLING-MANAGER To the manager there goes much praise For conducting his squad in such good plays. Page 56 IOHN LA ROSA-END "Rosie," a promising, ideal end mang I-Ie had grit plus plenty of sand. WILLIAM LAPORTE-END-CAP'rA1N "Daisy," the captain, worthy of his position, A wonderful player, with a fine disposition. JOHN RCTE-TACKLE "Scotty," a wonderful tackle and a thorn in the opponents' playg I-Ie was ready and waiting, when they came his way. PAUL BRESSLER-GUARD "Dodo," a hard man to stop on the defense, And he seldom missed his man on the offense. HOMER SHILDTAFULLBACK "Pete" was a big ground gainer and delivered smashing line plunges, Backed up the line on defense, and put it forward on the offense. THOMAS FISHERAGUARD , Not one of the regulars, but he saw plenty of actiong When in a game he was a worry to the opposing faction. ALTON PANNEBAKER-TACKLE "Penny" certainly was the largest man on the squad, But he could get his man and pull him to the sod. CLARK SPEECEAGUARD "Baldy" was a good tackler and a good blockerg I-Ie was fine on the field, also in the locker. WILLIAM SNYDER1QUARTERBACK "Bill" could pass, he could receive, and he could buck a line, And as a punter and a field runner, Bill did fine. Page 57 Page 58 ON THE GRIDIRON 4 DEDICATION OF GRAY FIELD Page 59 it il' in 'iffnny 5 SET? W if Q 3 A . Avi is BASKETBALL SQUADS UPPER GROUP Seated: Paul Bro.-mler. Robert Morgan, Paul Price. jams-5 Scordo. Robert Carling. Robert McNeal. Robert Zim- ITICITIXHII- Standing: Mr. Stonebraker lCoacl'xJ. Jack Reeder. I-lomer Shildt. Alton Pannebaker. Jack Troutwine. William Laporte. Mr, Waite LAssistant Cuachb. Jamr-5 Davis llVlanagerJ. LOWER GROUP Scared: Clark Specce. Max Moffit. Frank Hoover. Jeshe Flvck. Arthur Kennedy. Robi-rt Beyer. Fred Westbrook. Standing: Mr. Waite 1Coacl1l , Williaxxm Lykcns. Thowas Glenn. Louis Cox, Williaixx Slxively, Charles Zanghi, Mr. Stonebralcer Ccoachl. WU, CC, WI! 1 1 1 l 1 a V 'QI UC, l I. Page 60 Basketball Games January 4fScore 24-22 BELLWOOD February 12W-Score 18-22 The Eagles opened their court season by playing Bellwood in our own high school gym. The game was filled with thrills from beginning to end. The Eagles came from behind to win 24-22. The game at Bellwood, later in the season, was not a happy one. The much improved Bellwood team downed the Eagles 22-18. Price, the Eagles forward, was high scorer with ten points. January 8-Score 26-17 BELLEFONTE February 19AScore 18-26 The Eagles split fifty-fifty with the Bellefonre quintet. Our boys won the game on the home floor 26-17, and dropped an 18-26 score at Bellefonte. The Eagles took the lead early in the first game and kept it throughout, When the Eagles played at Bellefonte, the tables were turned, Bellefonte taking the lead early in the game and keeping it until the bitter end. january 11-Score 10-28 HUNTINGDON February 1-Score 13-20 The Eagles opened their Mountain League campaign with the Huntingdon delegationfthe group which proved to be the champion one of '34. The opening was a sad one, as the game resulted in a one-sided score 10-28. Captain Long of Huntingdon was the spark plug for the Huntingdon five. The second meeting between the Eagles and the Bearcats seemed to be a,closer contest. The Eagles seemed to have better control, and they kept the score very close, several times being in the lead. January 15YScore 14-28 PHILIPSBURG February 5vScore 14-28 ln the two meetings between Philipsburg and Tyrone, the team from over the mountain had the upper hand. The Eagles were defeated on the Philipsburg floor 14-28, and on the home Hoor 14-28. The tall center from Philipsburg was the one who kept the Eagles on the wrong side of the fence. January 18-Score 28-31 MOUNT UNION A February 8-Score 19-38 The two games that took place between Mount Union and Tyrone were entirely different types of games. On the home floor the Mount Union team was held to a 28-28 deadlock at the end of the game, but, in the extra period, the Mount Union team scored three points, which enabled them to carry off a victory. When the Eagles visited Mount Union, the "Powder Town" team had their own way. The Eagles couldn't get near the basket, while the home team dropped field goals from any angle on the floor. This contest ended 38-18 in favor of the league leaders. January 22-Score 25-31 LEWISTOWN February 15-Score 11-24 The Eagles' old rival from Lewistown took both games in the meetings ofthe two teams. The game played on the Eagles' floor was a close one until the last minutes, when the visitors began to drop two-pointers from any place on the floor. When the Eagles visited Lewistown, the home team kept the Eagles away from the basket, only allowing them to score two field goals during the game. january 25-Score 17-27 HOLLIDAYSBURG February22-Score 16-21 The Eagles again took it on the chin when the Golden Tigers from Holliclaysburg defeated the Golden Eagles 17-27 and 16-21. The Golden Tigers proved too much for the Eagles. During the game played at Hollidaysburg, the Tigers were on top throughout, while at the game at Tyrone the Eagles had the upper hand during the first half, but a last-minute rally of the opponents made the final score spell defeat for the Eagles. Date Ian. 4 JAY-VEE SCHEDULE Opponents .....Bellwood1V.. . Scores . . . . . 11-6 jan. .......... Hi-Y .......... .... 1 9-10 jan. ..... Huntingdon JV ..... ..... 2 O-8 Ian. ....,. Philipsburg JV .... .... 2 2-17 Jan. 18. .... Home Room 204 .... .... 1 9-13 Jan. 22 ,... .... A lexandria Varsity . . . . . . 21-18 Feb. . . .Huntingdon JV ..... .... 1 4-13 Feb. ....... Faculty ....... ..... 1 6-9 Feb. ...... Bellwood JV ..,... .... 3 7-11 Feb. .,.. Bellwood Y. M. C.A ..... .... 2 7-18 Feb. Feb. Truly .......Alexandria..... .........Philipsburg..... BC reditable record for the .. ..18-23 .....17-18 Jay-Vees ! Page 61 J , y Qi P 16 wifi, I . , , WILLIAM LYKENS-FORWARD "Pint," a new member to the basketball squad, Gave wonderful service and deserves some laud. ALTON PANNEBAKER-CENTER jf 1 "Penny" was always good for a few points, although not a re 5 ff 1 A good pivot man, and one with whom the opponents had o re. w ' " J WM 110' ROBERT MORGANAFORWARD N - ' . "Mamie"--fast, tricky, and a good dead shot, . . I In most of the games he figured a lot. Mfg! n Q. . . WILLIAM LAPORTE-GUARD "Daisy"-handicapped most of the year, but was one of the squadg He always gave his best and deserves some laud. 1 Q FALCUN Page 62 -ini CHARLES ZANGHI-FORWARD "Charlie" is a fast and tricky basketeerg When on opposite sides, he was one to fear. JACK REEDER-GUARD "Gram"-a flashy guard who gave his bestg ' Give him the ball, and he will do the rest. ROBERT ZIMMERMAN-GUARD "Zim" played this year as one of the new members, His fast dribbling and passing is something to remember. JAMES DAVIS-MANAGER "Jimmie," the manager of the team who deserves recognitiong He always gave his best and is extended commendations. JACK TROUTWINE-CENTER "Eagle',-a tricky passer who was the pivot mang Always was good for a few points, and stuck with his man. ROBERT MCNEAL-FORWARD "Bob" was fast, tricky and not afraid of work, Always dependable, and never did he shirk. JAMES SCORDOAFORWARD "Jimmie" is tricky and flashy and a good dead shot, When it comes to praise, "Jimmie,' deserves a lot. 11 li iw ily: J all I ,wi Jw , J , , W A -ii: Vi' 'J W il J 1 E i HOMER SHILDT-GUARD-CAPTAIN "Pete"-the guard and the captain who in action was just so many iiashesg He was always alert, altl broke up many of the opponents' passes. ROBERT CARLING-GUARD "Lightin," a dependable player and one who never says "die," "Always stick with your man" is his loud cry. PAUL PRICE-FORWARD "Pepee"-a flashy forward, a high scorer, a spirit that never lackedg He handled his position with the greatest of tact. WILSON RUMBERGER-CENTER "Rummy"-the flashy pivot man on the Jay-Vees this yearg He was a man whom the opponents had to fear. Page 63 5 fig ilii vi i, . if iigg Qi , Jiff' I i F Boys' Intramurals This year saw the lntramural Division of Athletics develop rapidly. Activities were started earlier this year than formerly with the result of more contests being played during the year. As formerly, each room in the junior-senior high schools elected an athletic manager who was responsible for the organization of the home-room team in the various sports. Each home-room group in the school played every game that was scheduled, showing great interest and enthusiasm throughout the entire season. Hence the Intramural Division came near to the achievement ofits aim, the opportunity for every student and faculty member to take part regularly in some form ofsport. Volleyball was run off this year on a league basis, rather than on a tournament basis, in order to give each team an opportunity to play more games. There were two leagues organized in the senior-high, Room 302 was the champion of the "AH league, and Room 312 was the champion of the "B" league. ln order to determine the school championship, Room 302 played Room 312. ln a closely contested game Room 302 proved that they were the champion team of senior high. ln the junior high 8-1 was the champion of the eighth grade league, and 9-4 was the champion ofthe ninth grade league. The seventh grade was not organized, because they were not familiar with the game of volley ball. A 0 Senior I-ligh Mat Squad Left to right: William Phillips, Er- mine Cisney, Howard Little, James Hoffman, Robert Di Dios. Kendall Harpster, William Rodgers, James Rhoadcs, Budd Smith, Robert Beyer, Ronald Bloom, Donald Moffitt, Clark Speece. Page 64 Volley Ball Champions First Row, League "A" Winners: William Stevens. Howard Patton, William Rodgers, Wilson Rumberger. Walter Ross. Paul Price. john Watson. Gilbert Summers. Second Row, League "B" Winners: Paul Miller, Orvis Williams. Frank Wlaite, Harry Yukelson. Jack Yarnell, Donald Xvestley. Fred Westbrook. Charles Zanghi. James Wfarnock. Boys' Intramurals iConl:inuedl Intramural basketball was played off this year as formerly, using the same league set-up as in volleyball with the addition of a seventh grade league. The results in basketball were as follows: WINNERS OF BASKETIXALI. Seventh Grade, ., ..... .... Eighth Grade. .. Ninth Grade .........,.. Senior High "IV League. . .. Senior High "A" League. .. Champion of Senior High. . . T-6 S-2 '.f'.9f4 ...sos ....ZO4 M204 The Intramural Division devoted forty-five minutes each week to mat practice. There were two mat squads organized the senior high mat squad and the seventh grade mat squad. These mat squads were organized mainly to give an exhibition of mat and pyramid work on May Day. Senior High Basketball Champions First Row: Paul Bressler. Harold Brickley, Fred Danna- way, Thomas Dawson, Maynard Barner, Robert Charles. Second Row: ,Iames Rhoades. Leroy Nestlerode. Ralph Stonebraker. Daniel Romano, Delbert Shildt. Robert Smith. Franklin Thompson, Joe Seymour. joe Panasite. Third Row: Max Kimmel. Jack Heberlilig. Robert Irvin. Benjamin Miller. Donald Garman. Rover McNeal. First row of boys. representing I"Iome Room 104. tied with second row group. representing Home Room 308, for championship League B, Third row of boys. representing Home Room 204. were champions of League A and also champions of senior high. Seventh Grade Mal: Squad First Row: Eddie Crain, joseph Lightner. Luther Hou- ser. I-Iarry Dean. Alton Waite, Marion Lewis, Ralph Rom- ano. john Long. Edward Duff. Jack Sweitzer, Second Row: Reeder Singler. Donald Lloyd. Robert Igou. Francis Miller. Samuel Miles. Robert Parker, Wil- liam Boytim. George Foust, Joe Andrews. Donald Patton. Third Row: Floyd Nestlerode. John Adams, Frank ,lvrmino. F Page 65 A 0 I Boys lntramurals lconclucledl It is interesting to note the number of contests actually played during the year and the number of students taking part. The following table will give this data: Sr. High lr. High Sport Students Students Total Contests Volleyball ... ...132 143 275 62 Basketball .... .,.13O 156 286 152 Mat Squad .,..... 20 30 50 Grand Total .... 611 214 Those responsible forthe continued success of the lntramural Program during its second year were: 111 The Athletic Board of Control f2j The student body GJ Officials' john Condo, Robert Irvin, Paul Bressler, Kendall Harpster, Calvin Edwards My The home-room managers. Faculty members, school employees, and student teachers who showed special interest were: Mr. Snyder, Mr. Hixon, Mr. Wiiite, Mr. Stonebtaker, Mr. Oberly, Mr. Burns, Mr. Ramer, Mr. Flem- ing, Mr. Clarke, and Mr. Shollenberger. Junior High Basketball Champions First Row lSeventh Gradel: Harold Nearhoff. Edward McClain. William Miller. Robert Parker. Ralph West- brook, William Benn. Ralph Brown. Second Row fEighth Gradel: William Price. Robert H. Miller. Lynn Miller. Harry Hamer. Gerald Miller. Robert Brower, -lack Watsori, Third Row lNinth Gradel : Sheldon Cooper, Paul Jer- mino. Charles Snyder, Edward Rhoades. Jack List. Earl Goss. john Snyder. Malcolm Ammerman. James Seymour. Chester Miller. Raymond Ayers. Paige' Junior l-ligh Basketball Champions First Row: Mary -lane Williains. Dorothy Hall. Relda Yaudes. Betty Fike. Second Row: Marie Snyder. Mardell Stover, Evelyn MCA Coy. Eleanor Engelman, Janet Rhoades. Third Row: Tillie Christine. Martha I-Ielen Little. Doris Hagermaii. Marie Troxell, Marie Aurand. Alice Shea. G' I ' I I ir s ntramura Program The Physical Education Department has striven in the Girls' Intramural Program to have every person in the high school participating in some form of athletics during the entire year. This year the girls' group came near to the achievement of this aim. ln the fall the program began as formerly with the election of captains for each room in the high school. This captain was responsible for the organization of the team. Volleyball started the pro- gram, with a great deal of interest being shown in junior high. In a closely contested game 8-1 de- feated 8-5 in the first group. 9-5 defeated 9-6 in the second group, and were in turn taken over by the 8-l section, who carried off the honors in junior high. The seniors, likewise, won the laurels in the senior high. The second part of the program began with basketball. The inter-room games are going strong as the Falcon is going to press, but nothing definite can be predicted. The senior team was defeated this year by a team made up of lady faculty members, to a tune of l5fl2. More than the usual interest was present on both sides in this contest. A mat squad was introduced this year, and was received with keen interest in both the junior and the senior high. One day every week was given to this activity. The basketball tournament will bring to a close the program this year, raising the number of individuals participating in sports to 435. Junior High Volleyball Champions First Row: Elizabeth Schneider, Peggy Glenn, Mary Stine. Margaret Wise. Alfreda Lytle. Elizabeth Garman. Second Row: Mary Helen Stewart. Dorothy Peters. Jeanne Zeiders, Betty Garis. Louise Fouss, Hilda Troxell, Ardrene Barcheler. Third Row: Margaret Burnham. Agnes Miller. Mary Ann Hall, Mary Heyl, Nlargaret Boal, Ardis Cassidy, Helen Furbie, Betty Ammerman. Junior I-Iigh Volleyball Champions Seated IEighth Gradel 1 Robert H. Miller, Lynn Miller, Gerald Miller, Harold Nearhoof. Robert Brower, Charles Miller, Harry Hamer Jack Watson, Standing INinth Gradel: Lester Gallagher, Paul Jer- mino, Charles Snyder, Charles Miller, Thomas Glenn. john Snyder, Malcolm Ammerman, Raymond Ayers. Page 67 A 0 Tyrone High School Songs and Yells PEP SQUAD Camilla Koon ,lack Clark Gertrude Ammerman Jay Speece Howard Baldridge HERE COMES THE TEAM Page 68 Here comes the tea Let cheers fill the s Welre going to win Ring out the chorus, we'll sing our songs And give a cheer for each of our men- Rah! Rah! Rah! my kv, for Old Tyrone High, again they dash to the field Out from the gym, Into the fame and glory to yield, While we all cry, For you are striving "Win, boys, or die, for the fame of Tyrone High." Chorus : Then stick to it, boys, Play the game every man. Fight it to the finish, Do the For we For we For we And T best that you can, shout, "Victory!" shout, "Victory!" shout, "Victory!" yrone High forever! VICTORY Fight, Fight, Fight, With all your mi Victory shall our Dear Alma Mater, fairest of all, The loyal sons shall obey thy call To stand right back of the Orange and Black, Ever the goal to gain. Into the game for Tyronels fame, Fight on to Victory. All-along-the-line- ghr, slogan be. Qrepeatl TYRONE LOCOMOTIVE WE WANT A TOUCHDOWN We want a touchdown T'Y'R'O'N'E We want a touchdown T-Y-R-O-N-E We want a touchdown, NOW T'Y,R'O'N'E We're gonna get it We're gonna get it TYTOUC We're gonna get it, HOW? COME ON, ORANGE Come on, Orange, Come on, Black, Come on, Tyrone, Push em back! EASY! YEAH, TEAM! Hit em high, Hit em lowg Come on, Tyrone, Let's go! HlHIHlIlI 'T N 'ff ' -- ..-H .,, wa- . K f A , . ,ma , -. 41, . K , .. , , ,,,, . I5 R . f in 353299324 gkf.25,?5'd , vygffffg gym in g,.,g ,5g.'b3 Q5 4 Qt -, M- ' . . A . A- . ' -w .f 2 - 'fm g ff. ,M 1 ' ' nf X23 f ' 'f Q4 -'iff ' f ' 1 f I f 1 ' '- -11: :E Q15 31 . Ma, 8 A V , - r in . ii W ,.. 5 by . . L g f ' A - - - HM "7 '53 ' ' Vi " 1 25:55 A " fn ' K L . i F I-faave X THE HOME OF Clothing and Furnishings for Men and Boys Harry H. Gardner Tenth Street Tyrone, Pa. JONES and DE FERIE ATTORNEYS-AT-LAW TYRONE, PA. Kurtz Bros. SCHOOL SUPPLIES and . EQUIPMENT Mmfufactureffs of Modern School Papers CLEARFIELD, PA. Getz Market Store Complete Finest Food Service Quality for 29 Years MEATS PRODUCE GROCERIES GARMAN, the Jeweler Appreciates Your Patronage ELECTROPURE MILK ALL KINDS OF DAIRY PRODUCTS Hoffmanis Ice Cream CHARLES G. WAPLE DAIRIES, Inc. Page 70 STERLING SUPER SERVICE STATION Corner 10th St. and Blair Ave. Tyrone's Leading Station in Service and 10096 Quality Products Quaker State Motor Oils and Lubricants Complete Line of Accessories for Your Car Road Ilzformafion Sanitary Rest Rooms MAYTAG PHILCO WASHERS RADIOS Wolf Furniture Co. Cash Easy Terms GRUNOW STAR REFRIGERATORS GAS RANGES Buy Your Spring Cold Medicine at Rossman's Drug Store Rossmanis Laxative Cold Tablet Contains all the Important happenings of the world, and chronicles every local event of consequence. The Tyrone Daily Herald A finely equipped job priming plant is part of the Herald establishment, in which quality predominates. Tyrone ' Lime SL Stone Company TYRONE, PA. Limestone for All Purposes First Blair County National Bank 61 Years of Progress Page 71 WILSON and EL PATIO THEATRES The Best in Motion Pictures WE WILL WELCOME YOUR EVERY SUGGESTION FOR THE BETTERMENT OF OUR ENTERTAINMENTS WE ARE STRIVING TO MAKE EVERY PROGRAM FOR YOUR FULLEST ENJOYMENT THE MANAGEMENT Pg7Z THE WEST VIRGINIA PULP and PAPER COMPANY Tyrone, Pennsylvania M Ofli PkA N YkC 1 9 3 5 BLACK BROS. 214 East 10th Street rnlcon fo, CHRYSLER AND PLYMOUTH CARS KW! Fender and Body Repairs James R. Black Service Station 101 West 10th Street for SINCLAIR GAS AND OIL DANKS SL CO. Complete Home Furnishers Since 1 8 9 6 "Where Shopping is a Pleasure" Complete Stocks of: Egfdgffivear YOUR CREDITS GOOD Millinery Children's Wear Men's Furnishings Shoes Rothert Company IN TYRONE, IT'S DANKS 10th Street, TYRONE Page 74 Page 75 F The Altoona School of Commerce Offers a post graduate business training which meets the demands of modern industry, commerce, and banking. COLLEGE GRADE COURSES- Stenographic Secretarial Executive-Secretarial Administrative Secretarial Business Administration Professional Accountancy Endorsed by the leading business men of Tyrone and vicinity, together with a large numler of the former graduates, more recently grad- uates of the Altoona School of Commerce and now permanently employed. 1110 Thirteenth Street Altoona school of Commerce Altoona, Pennsylvania Shaffer Meat Plant Wholesalers Of QUALITY HOME DRESSED MEATS Anderson Paper and Twine Company Altoona, Pa. Johnstown, Pa PENNANTS BANNERS The Fullington PILLOWS Auto Bus Company Add dignity, color, and spirit to your school work by the use of Felt Pennants, Banners, Pil- lows, Emblems, Caps, Berets, and Chenille letters. No order too small to receive our attention. CATALOGUE FREE Standard Pennant Company BIG RUN, PA. Clearfield, Pennsylvania Page 76 ,, Y ,,,,, , E OR DEPENDABLE SERVICE See THE BRINER MOTGR CU. Phone 486 1216 Blair Avenue TYRONE, PENNSYLVANIA Auiborized BUICK PONTIAC G. M. C. TRUCKS SALES AND SERVICE TWENTY-FOUR-HOUR SERVICE FINK BRCTHERS GARMAN BROS. The Best in Hardware The Department Store that Leads WALLPAPER and PAINT in Quality as Well as the Lowest Prices Tyrone, Pennsylvania P A Shiffler and Metcalfe PRINTING Prescription Drug Store Thaw It We Do It The Corner Logan Ave. and 10th St. Tyrone, Pennsylvania Way You Want It That's What You Want Isn't It? TI-IE TYRONE TIMES Page 77 L Biggins SL Heberling 16 S 8 Columbia Avenue Bell Phone 573 Taste and be Convincezi BREAD CAKES PASTRIES Kienzle's Bakery Phone 267 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE TYRONE, PENNSYLVANIA TYRONE LAUNDRY COMPANY, Inc. WE WASH EVERYTHING PHONE 2 0 3 Reliance Mfg. Co. Md1lZLfdCflLYE7S Of BIG YANK WORK SHIRTS THE HISTORY Sept. 5-School opened with a bang! We're off-our last year-our most successful year. Sept. 6-New faces-new everything! Today we settled down to business. Sept. 7-Our assembly was nice-our new Miss Barrett even nicer. Sept. 10-Faculty picnic at Reservoir Park. We're told that Misses Myers and Lucas can cook. Sept. 11-Junior Red Cross started another progressive year. The Falcon Staff was nominated also. Sept. 12-We received our first Spokesman from the staff gratis. Mighty fine gift it was. Sept.13--Nominated senior class officers. There was some electioneering, too, min'jal Sept. 14-Student Council organized. Miss King gave Walt Pownall and Robert C. Miller some instructions on how one should enter and leave the auditorium. fWere their faces red?l U Sept. 17--There arrived some student teachers from Juniata. Boy, oh, Boy--ch Boy! Sept. 18-We elected as our class president, Stewart Gibboney. Sept. 19-Band practice! "Steiger" sure can make them there boys make purty noise, can't he? The seniors lost their dignity and indulged in some delicious lolly-pops, Y'see-we won the Spokesman derby. Yipee! Sept. 23-After two weeks of school, Bill La- Porte still insists that he can't get adjusted to it, and worst of all-he refuses to act dignfiied. Would we know him if he did? Sept. 24--Falcon Staff elected. To Batch, Bill, and all the rest-Success! Page 78 BOOKS MAGAZINES Stationery Office Supplies Lending Library Greeting Cards BOOK TORE 1005 Pennsylvania Avenue TELEPHONE sso SPORTING GOOQS Burchfield SL Co. 1506 11th Avenue Altoona, Pa. "Outfitters to Sportsmenn BASE BALL Tennis Golf Foot Ball MUSH BALL Basket Ball Volley Ball FISHING TACKLE Guns Ammunition Buy the best for less H. F. BOWSER THE HISTORY Sept. 25-Another interesting Spokesman. And, by the way+we started the football rolling. Sept. 26-Were some of the girls funny look- ing? Tri-Hi-Y initiation. Sept. 27-Miss lVIacDowell was heartless! She did not allow Libby and Dick to chat in the hall. Oct. 3-The Spokesman Stal? was appointed. Student Council Representatives elected Dick Walsh president. Oct. 4-Miss MacDowell displayed a new 'lblack business man's coupe." Swanky, we think. Oct. 5-No school. Institute at Lock Haven. Oct. 8-The yellow envelopes contained indi- vidual pictures of seniors, and their prominence betrayed the fact that seniors think they're pretty nice. Oct. 9-Ermine Cisney and Bud Douglas ar- gued in bookkeeping class about who was arguing about arguments when they were arguing. Oh well, you know how those two perform! Oct. 10-We were very glad to have you retum, Miss MacDowell. We missed you. Oct. 13-Well, we lost 34 to 0, but who didn't have a good time going out and coming back? I-Iohnstown gamej . Oct. 16-Miss Miller and Mr. Hudson met with those interested in poetry. CI-Ias it ever oc- curred to them that there might be other interests than those the Muse offers?J Oct. 18-We must compliment Miss Couch. She has really developed a fine system in the li- brary, and the least we can do is to show we ap- preciate it by being courteous. Rea 6' Dericlc, lnc. cur RATE s'roREs "Where Spending ls Saving" 1056 Pennsylvania Avenue TYRONE, PENNSYLVANIA PATENTS TOILET ARTICLES RUBBER GOODS STATIONERY SODA CANDY CIGARS CIGARETTES TOBACCO Page 79 Q - L L Tyrone Fuel and Supply Company "MILLER,S" Hardware Paint Wall Paper Electrical Appliances Fuel Building Material Sales FRIGIDAIRE Service 1008 Penn'a Avenue Tyrone, Pennsylvania Phone No. 46 LEW SPRIGGS Permanent Waving FINGER WAVING MARCELING SI-IAMPOOING MANICURING All the Latest Styles in Hair Cutting Hollywood Dress Shoppe Coats Dresses Blouses Millinery Hosiery "EXCLUSIVE BUT NOT EXPENSIVEH HOME ELECTRIC LIGHT and STEAM HEATING COMPANY THE HISTORY Oct. I9-Wonlt jay, Cam, Gert, jack, and the others look swell in the uniforms they are going to get? Oct. 20-junior Red Cross held a grand carni- val at the Y.M.C.A. gym. It was a huge success. They sold 15,000 tons of peanuts-fwell, al- most! I Oct. 22-Sorry to hear that Dale Williams had to go to the hospital. Oct. 27-The "swimming" football meet be- tween Bellefonte and Tyrone tied 7-7-Who men- tioned mud pies? Oct, 30-The cast for the Senior Play was made known today. Oct. 31-Under the eEicient direction of Miss Kloss, first aid instruction was sponsored by the Junior Red Cross. Nov. 2-We note with interest the progress made in intramural sports. A very interesting program presented in assembly today by room 304. Nov. 5-Miss MacDowell very sleepily ad- mitted that she had a lovely birthday party on Fri- day night. Nov. 6fThe French Club was reorganized. Nov. 7-The "On to Washington Club" was organized and has successfully started its func- tioning. Nov, 9-Goodbye, student teachers-but you can always come back, you know! Nov. 12-In all solemnity, and with deep ap- preciation, we dedicated Gray Athletic Field. But glory cannot be too pronounced, and we acknowl- edged our first defeat on this ground to Hollidays- burg. Page 80 Dorf! Neglect Your Eyes Dr. S. H. Hosteter oPToMETR1sT Thursday, Friday, and Saturday 9 a. rn. to 5:30 p. m. Evenings by Appointment Penn'a Hotel Bldg., Tyrone, Pa. GRAHAM MOTORS ANNOUNCE New Distributor JIM DAVIS Class of 213 53, LUMBER M1LLWoRK CLASTER' BUILDING STRUCTURAL SUPPLIES STEEL THE HISTORY Nov. 13+New student teachers arrive fa red- head, tool J Nov, 14-A nice Spokesman-that last one. Nov. 15-Dot C. and Frank H., nice kids, both of them, keep romance alive! Nov. l6?We enjoyed an excellent lecture in the auditorium, by Mr. E. C. Raine. Nov. 19-Almost a collision in the hall today ?Carl Albright making his non-stop flight to junior high, met Miss Barrett. Fortunately, she understands romantic haste. Nov. 20-Macbeth is just about ready to mur- der King Duncan, literally speaking, in the Fifth period English class. Nov, 21-Hen Heyl boastfully admits he's off women for life. Nov. 22-23-Mr. Wolfgang gave an excellent reading of "Rip Van Winkle', for the benefit of the band. Nov. 25-A convention at Harrisburg for Hi-Y and Tri-Hi-Y organizations. A number of our young folks attended. Nov. 27-A nice Spokesman-thanks for the "dope" on the student teachers! Nov. 29+An ugly day does not blight high hopes. We courageously met our annual Thanks- giving Day rivals. Nov. 30-Dec. 3-Vacation, Dec. 1iMiss MacDowell paraded Pennsyl- vania Avenue with a flash light! "I-luck" Finn worried her. Dec. 3-Sorry, but we had to come back and get down to business. Did'ja have a nice vacation? Fuoss and Glass Funeral Directors ' AL 1? Tyrone, Pa. Bellwood, Pa. Page 81 FA L itil-- 0 . RUPERT CHEVROLET COMPANY 100 Per Cent Service Visit Our Show Floor And See the Leader For 1935 215 East 10th Street FRESH CANDIES At Prices That Will Please You 6ardner's Candy Store We Dye For Our Living We Also Clean All Kinds of Clothes F. SL F. Dye Works 119 West 10th Street EDUCATION IS PROTECTION Life Insurance Protection Is Education College Funds Especially W. C. BECK Underwrites Everything in LIFE INSURANCE-See him about Business Insurance Winter Music Store "Everything Musical" Band and Orchestral Instruments and Supplies High Grade Pianos The Home of the "Steinway", RCA-Victor, Sparton, Crosley and Stromberg-Carlson Radios Victor Records THE HISTORY Dec. 5-The visitors at school today were mem- bers of the C.P.E.R.T.--figure the abbreviation out for yourself, for you need to know your al- phabet in this year of 1935! Dec. 7-The Bisignis Club and the 8-1 geogra- phy class had a lovely time swimming in the pool at State College. Dec, 10-Alice Chamberlain's cold gave the Senior Play Cast and their coach a case of watch- ful waiting. Dec. 11+-Le Pere Noel QSanta Claus to you, attended French Club tonight and left some candy. Dec. 13-Senior play a "wowl" Fair attend- anlfe. Dec. 14-YA full house was in attendance at the Senior Play. A "curtain cally for Miss Mac- Dowell. Dec. 18-Leave it to the Spokesman Staff for novelties! The "green" Spokesman was very nice in color and content. Dec. 19-Miss Webb was heard to exclaim in her lovely voice lsouthern accent noticedj "Where shall I spend my vacation?" Maybe she will go to the old South. Miss Barrett and Mr, Wolf- gang combined their Glee Clubs for a Fine Christ- mas Cantata. Dec. 20+-The Senior Christmas Party was really very nice. It was lovely to meet the alumni -quite a few of them there. Dec. 21-The Spokesman Staff held a Christ- mas Banquet-tree and everything. May we com- pliment Miss Kloss and her helpers on the success of their Christmas party? Dec. 22-Jan. 2-Christmas vacation. Page 82 EDWARDS PHOTOGRAPHER HUNTINGDON, PA. ZANG BROTHERS 127 West 10th Street TYRONE, PA. Shoe Repairs of All Kinds Getz and Dickson AL 17' BIG JOE and BETSY ROSS BREAD THE HISTORY Dec. 26-The Hi-Y Christmas Dance was a whooping success! Jan. 2-We are still nursing big heads fover- indulgence during the holidaysl . Jan, 3-The Senior English Classes are enthu- siastic about the note-book contest Miss Moore is conducting. Jan. 7-John Condo borrowed a necktie from Clark Speece in order to appear handsome in the photograph of the Senior Play Business Staff. Jan. 8-The P.T,A, meeting was well attended. Jan. 9-The Girls Glee Club discovered that they can harmonize on a few pieces after four months of practice. The "orchid" goes to Miss Barrett, not the glee club. Jan. 10-The Falcon Drive is fast coming to a close. The senior class as a whole wish to thank Mr, Gleason for his untiring efforts to make this book a. success. Jan. 11-Miss Woods, of Juniata College, gave an interesting talk on India, in assembly. - Jan. 15+Miss Moore received a detailed dis- cussion from Fred Farrand in class today. Ask Fred about it! Jan. 19-Jack Troutwine tried to get some chalk from Miss Eble's room but-woe unto jack ghe didn't succeed! The trees are bare. but the leaves are turning-oh deah, only a few short days! Jan, 20-Mary Engleman discarded the dark glasses temporarily. Jan. 21-Who persuaded Mary Daniels to ap- ply the red grease paint to her lips in gym class? just one more day to cram. Sue McClintock claims she has lost five pounds over all this fuss! MARY ALICE Beauty Shoppe All Bmueloes 0 Beauty Culture 15 S 2 Columbia Ave., Tyrone, Pa. Telephone 272-J Clover Farm Store C. B. ABRAMS, Prop. "Good Things to Eaf' 21st Street and Columbia Avenue Page 83 FAO MM iii ,U . .,, FA L if..A G. B. iller 85 Company Insurance Brokers 326 Penn Street HUNTINGDON, PA. Phone 75 5 Rhodes Planing Mill 1615 Clay Avenue and 16th Street Manufacturers of All Kinds of Planing Mill Work Dealer in Sash, Doors, Mouldings, Hardwood Flooring, Surface and Finishing Lumber Phone 648 WIRTNER' S The Home of Nature's Only Refrigerant ICE THE HISTORY jan. 22-23-Complete silence-and that ques- tion was just what I didn't study! Jan. 24-Please, teacher! Break it gently. Jan, 25+-Angelo's orchestra played in assem- bly. We enjoyed some slides on the faculty players, prepared by some sophomores. Jan, 28-Brrr! It's so cold-Ann Igou bor- rowed Dick Adams' coat in French class. She looks grand in mannish clothes! Jan. 29-Angelo Vespa returned from a day's vacation sporting some facial fungus-mustache to you. Jan. 30-Barney Yukelson blossomed out with a cookie duster. It is rumored that the entire Ajeba Club intend to acquire soup strainers. Jan. 31-The store room project is now well under way. Feb. I-A gardenia to the freshman class. We are looking for a marvelous play when you are seniors! Feb. 4-Senior high waxed enthusiastic about the paper contest. fEverybody caught up on back readingl . Feb. 6-Bob Dickson said that he's dynamite. Who'd a thunk it? Feb. 7-The boys and girls of the two glee clubs teamed together today, They tried just two selections. You tell us if they were successful! Feb. 8-The Sophomore Party was a huge SUCCCSS. Feb. 11-The Falcon Staff enjoyed a theatre party at the HY." Professor Zellner was very in- teresting. Bud Pownall swallowed his chewing gum, Page 84- BIRMINGHAM SCHOOL for GIRLS Birmingham, Pa. 0 6 wf,lCot'Ji Bt Grlj fefmi- Bgfnisqjoufi 6665,-i6iiS THE HISTORY Feb, 12-Margaret Wilson celebrated her birth- day. Incidentally, it was Abraham Lincoln's, too. Lucky Abel Feb. l3fSomeone has said that great people have been born in February. Vivian Edmonds turned lovely eighteen and wondered if that in- cluded her. Feb. 14-"To My Valentinew and "Dearest Sweetheart" slogans abound profusely. Feb, 15fThe "On-to-Washington Club" pre- sented a minstrel at the Wilson. Did Louella get her snow suit? Feb. 18-Hannah Antikol wanted to know a historian's duties-Oh--how cruel! Feb, 207lVliss Grafius acknowledged to Miss lVlacDowell her defeat in the paper drive and treated room 210 with lollipops. Feb, 21-Mr, Snyder very nicely refused to chaperon the sub-debs on a party, His face was the loveliest crimson. Feb, 22-The Bisignis Club had their first party. We must admit that those commercials sho' can step aroundl Feb. 23-The exciting noise caused by the loud jingling of sleigh bells tumed out to be a group of senior girls making good use of old man winter. Feb. 25-It was a bad day for fifth period P.D. Class-so bad Burnell Brown couldn't sleep peacefully. Feb. 26-Jules Crowell and Fred Farrand turned theatrical producers. The strange contrap- tion they hauled to school was their First enterprise -a puppet stage. PETERS BROS. 320 East 10th Street TYRONE, PA. Tires, Tubes, Accessories We Give Service Every Day in the Year RICHFIELD TEXACO SUNOCO GAS OIL 1362 Pemfa Avenue Phone 882-R Qualify and Service at SAM SHAB'S CONDUCTS SHOE SHOP REPAIRS SHOES TREATS FOOT TROUBLES FOOT EXAMINATIONS and PEDOGRAPH FREE Page 85 ll 0 'ur Tyrone Auto Salvage and Service Station JULIUS sEALFoN, Prop. On Tyrone-Altoona Highway, One Mile West of Tyrone NEW AND USED PARTS AND TIRES BUY AND SELL USED CARS AND TRUCKS REPLACE DOOR AND WINDSHIELD GLASS Phone Tyrone 475-R 24 I-Iour Service S H O E S For the Entire Family at MACK'S Capitol Shoe Store H. H. MAGDov1Tz, prop. TYRONE'S CUT PRICE SHOE STORE A lVm'm Welcorme af THE DAIRY STORE FOUNTAIN SERVICE DAIRY PRODUCTS Dodge and Plymouth SALES AND SERVICE Phone 31 1100 Blair Ave shou eel proud of the complimentary letter Dorothy Cowher received from the Northern En graving Company for her drawings submitted fo B TI-IE HISTORY Feb. 27-Blanche Singler put on a canvass for meone who would take Vivian Edmonds to Bell- wood She wanted to go so badl mf 'A raving. March 1-We were sorr that Miss Hemmin er Y 8 was called home on account of illness. March 4-We enjoyed the vacation. Thank ul Page 86 . y. Feb. 28-We note t att e"ex-tem " s ea ers d h h p p k are getting into practice again The entire school r To the Relatives and Friemis of Gmduazfes You Will Find in Our Store The Best Selections of Gifts For the Graduates AMONG THEM ARE Sheaffer Fountain Pen Sets Eaton's Stationery Yardley and Lentheric Compacts and Toilet Articles All Priced Moderately McLanahan's Drug Store BUENA VISTA DINING ROOM IS A GOOD PLACE TO EAT Ab 1? 804 West Fifteenth Street JOE SAYS 10070 Discount to All Grads on Your Suits, Shoes, etc. You Get the Smartest Stuff in Town Young Men's Shop 1113--11 Street, Altoona THE HISTORY March 7fEva Mae Estright wanted to know if she could please use her own typewriter for one period. People are always borrowing it, March 19--Bud Douglas couldn't figure out how the Black twins kept from getting their clothes mixed. Dorothy settled it by saying hers were "Say It Wiffa F10'LUC1'S,, ENGELMAN'S Flowers for All Occasions PHONES 428-134 J. G. McCrory Company 5 6- IOC Store Where Your Dollar Has one half size larger-or was it Hazel? C April 20-Some of the biology projects Miss More ents Wilsoxx has on display are very interesting May 23-247Senior exams. ' June 2-Baccalaureate Sermon. June 3-Class Day. 5-C . G db , 1 - Hiviiilaiejuniorsommencement oo ye sen At the Lowest Prlces Page 87 L HOW MANY TIMES HAVE YOU PAID THE PRICE FOR "GUESS WORKD With a scientiflc motor tester, mechanical and electrical units of YOUR MOTOR checked before your eyes ACCURATELY WORK GUARANTEED 24 HOUR ROAD SERVICE "Like a New Car" AUTO PAINTING , THAT PLEASES Fender and Body Work by Specialists JOSEPH W. READER HT-'l'Il14l7lC Finder and lvlotor Tunc1"' Tyrone 9 If No Answer Call 213-J-13 ZOO E. 10th Street Tyrone, Pa. When you have something Hx it. When you can't fix it take it to Readers When Reader can't Fix it throw it away. THE Typewriter PHOTOGRAPHY Dealers IN THIS BOOK gypeffmter upp ies WAS PRODUCED BY Printing done as you want it- when you want it 7 Pgghlllos THE Mann Printing Co C07lZ77161'CId1 Prinzfing Typewriters 966 Pennsylvania Avenue TYRONE - - PA Page 88 Page 89 lx QQ neNorWalk Vault PERFECTION EQ SAFETY PERMANENCE Selected for its Natural Beauty Dedicated to the Departed A Tomb Everlasting Manufacfured by The Tyrone-Norwalk Vault Co. TYRONE, PA. PENNSYLVANIA HOTEL REO SALES AND SERVICE SMITH'S GARAGE 945 Wash. Avenue Reo Sales and Service BATTERY SALES AND SERVICE Repairs for All Cars Gasoline Oil Parts Official AAA Service Station Juniata College Beautiful Location Academic Attainments Adequate Facilities Christian Ideals Varied Curricula Extra-curricula Activities For Detailed information Address: President ' Charles C. Ellis, Ph.D., D.D. HUNTINGDON, PENNSYLVANIA Page 90 I , ABSOLUTE CONFIDENCE GEMS AND WATCHES Should be purchased from houses in which you place implicit faith Diamonds purchased from this house carry the assurance of genuineness Watches bought of us carry a guarantee of service for a generation SPECIAL DISCOUNTS ON WATCHES AND JEXVELRY FOR GRADUATION fXf2PfL1IqQIEXAfElJRlfC3CD. The House of Diamonds W S Tyson Drug CO Chandler McConahy 0 i i I11su1fance Fire Life Automobile Surety Bonds WHOLESALE We Insure Everything-and DRUGGISTS UWE WRITE IT RIGHT-BELIEVE ME" Masonic Bldg. Tyrone, Pa. Diehl's Beauty and 1 C Cosmetic Shoppe 1021 Bald Eagle Avenue TYRONE, PENNSYLVANIA HUNTINGDON, PA. PHQNE 774 Page 91 FALCUN wir L GBM 1Ha1trnnn Beyer Company, Lumber W. G. Crampton, Barber Dr. S. C. Daugherty, jr., Optometrist E. P. Dickson, Dairy and Confections D. B. Forcey, Barber Shop Geraci's Shoe Shop GrifHn's Hat Shoppe Koener's Beauty Parlor Lantern Tea Room John A. Little, Auto Sales and Service J. Walter McKinney, Auto Trimming and Furniture Upholstering Mrs. G. C. Snyder, Beauty Shoppe The Templeton Company Miss L. C. Traynor, Fancy Merchandise Nick Yitopulis, Hat Cleaning M. E. Updike's Meat Market F. P. Waite, Farm Implements and Fertilizers R. C. Waite SL Son, Meats and Groceries Katie M. White, Katie's Beauty Shoppe D. Zang, Barber Page 92 OUR ADVERTISERS Abrams, C. B.. , ..... . . . Acklin jewelry Co. . . . . . Altoona School of Commerce, . . Anderson Paper BL Twine Co.. . . Beck,W.C. Biggins 66 Heberling Groceries. . Birmingham School for Girls. . , Black Brothers ...,,..... . Book Store ,..,........ Bowser, H. F. .,...... , Briner Motor Co. ...... . Buena Vista Dining Room. . , Burchfield 66 Co, ....... . Capital Shoe Store ...... Clasters and Co.. . . Dairy Store ........ Danks 66 Co .,,......... ....... Davis Service Station ........,,..,, Diehl's Beauty 8: Cosmetic Shoppe. . . Edwards, Photographer ......,... Engleman's Florist Shop ...,.... F. at F. Dye Works .,....,,.., Fink Brothers ................ First Blair Co. National Bank .... Fullington Auto Bus Co. ...,.. . Fuoss Bt Glass .,,.......... Gardner, Harry , ..,. . Gardner's Candy Store. , Garman Brothers ...., Garman, Jewelry Co.. . . Getz B6 Dickson Bakery. , . Getz Meat Market ..,,.... Hall, Paul L. ......... . Herald... .................... Hollywood Dress Shoppe ...., , ....., , . Home Electric Light 66 Steam Heating Co. Hostetter ..........,..,........,... jones, B. C. .,...,,,.....,,........ . Juniata College . . . Kienzle Bakery ....... Kurtz Brothers . ...., . Mann Printing Co. ...... . Marv Alice Beauty Parlor. . . McClanahan's Drug Store. . McConahy, Chandler ..... , Mccrory Co, . . ..... . . . Miller's Fuel and Supply Co.. . . Miller Insurance Brokers .... Pennsylvania Hotel -.... . . Peter's Service Station ..,. Phillips Studio ........... Rhea BL Derrick Drug Store. . Reader, joseph ,.......... Reliance Manufacturing Co.. . Rhodes Planing Mill ......, Rossman's Drug Store ..,....... Rothert Company ....,..,....... Rupert Chevrolet Co.. . . .... . . . , . Sealfon Salvage 66 Service Station. . . Shab, Sam ..........,........, Shaffer Meat Plant ... ....... Shiffler BL Metcalfe Drug Store. . Smith's Garage ...,,,..,... Spriggs, Lew ,....,...... Standard Pennant Co., . . Sterling Oil Co. ....... . Tyrone Laundry Co. .... . Tyrone Lime 66 Stone Co.. . . Tyrone-Norwalk Vault Co.. . . Tysorfs Drug Co. ........... . Waples Dairy . .......,.. . . . . West Virginia Pulp 66 Paper Co.. . , . Wilsoam Theatre ....,......... Winter's Music Store .......,.. XVirtner's Ice Co. ...... ..... . Wolf Furniture Co. ............ . . Young lVlen's Shop .............., Zang Brothers Shoe RSPBU' Sh'-UP ---- QAlphabetically arrangedj Page ... 83 91 76 ...76 ...82 .. 78 ...85 74 79 79 77 87 ...79 ...86 ...81 ...86 ...74 ...81 91 83 87 82 77 ...71 .,.76 ...81 ...70 ...82 ...77 79 83 70 86 71 80 80 Bl 70 90 78 70 ...88 ...83 ,..87 ...91 .,.87 .,.80 ...84 ...90 ...85 ...88 ...79 88 ...78 ,..84 71 74 82 86 ...85 ...76 ...77 ...90 ...80 76 71 78 71 90 91 70 73 72 82 84 71 87 83 - Page 93 0 K' . v T1 9 3 5 AUTOGRAPHS l FALCUN f4M-'fu-0 U-U 5 A--,-l1- i 1 ' U , C,5.-a.aJ'e'-"ll- ' in-am' 2z6'JJf"'VMa h f ,,,,,l,g,, nw, ,,,, , W, AUTOGRAPHS y mu: Page 95 'nm LW, .1ffQ'7"'J Mmm d'Z""17""'2'i'7""7"""' MM ,ddop no ' '... Z,gi2M2677Q 1-d4qz.,4.,a Zan, -lo.L,,u4,1 has 4..2G',1Leol'Z?TLQ i mm? 7"u""""""""'7'-40-'49L.74.Lr..r A-a.r'..il ' qw fad., wap. aw 31tWjjjfMLM7fWwgl27mlL'Zmg1,1 J giufgb 7 my 7"'ffwlM7.f'?.,4.,76 .""""'fM"'f"4w-J wwf- l9fwM7?,l7M:+f,,2f'M WM fJ4Muw,f7z.4.iA.,21,2,,,4ZwM ,m7A"'L"""""' gym-,m,.....,,e1..,,A wfwmg. "7'l"""'-67 JWMPLWWWL7 Mfwwmfvw' . ? """f14a-dMfC.wrL,f,,,,,,u, , . f"""'1'. i711-4fw.....z..,,f-..,,71,.,.9,4.1.,gA, ,Adj JeW4u,,,. d..w.4.,JL.zf.f'-fM,,1,,,1Mj'7wLw3 !"""f"'7"j4 '7"""'7 24.1.-1.f9,4,m, . h"'z'5"""7 - M'f6""""Q'c"5-'f1f'4'30-ff-u M7-ff ww' Jlqh, A-no Jmag., ie 1 Y -5.

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