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 - Class of 1934

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K .- ,t if UL A, A , ff Ygwixa I T- A L ' . f- ' ,f ' 'I Q W - a3..- I. V, Q! 16 f W , I, Nga ., , -f ra . A cf V z K V,kk , I":'l'S?'5 f - .. - -LQ. - U, . WQMQPWSQ 'W 5 N mm, r wr' , hh .M 4, f K ,,. I X' 'P v'gAA4xX'L,a-5 "if W e M - -VM 'W'-ul K, 4. 5 E E l George Gleason Dedication As an expression of its appreciation for his services in the School Garden, the class of 1934 dedicates its annual, The Falcon, to George Gleason. lt desires him to know that the seeds of patience, kindliness, interest, sympathy, courtesy, and self-effacw ment which he soweul have come to flower in this Nosegay. 'Ghz Ghemo Let'si Make a Garden Let's take the rainbow's colors And the brightness of the sun To color each ilower diferently Unlike the other one. Let's take the green from erneralds And paint it on each vine That curves and climbs majestically For the gardener-a living sign. Let's take some dew-like crystals From out a fairy's spring And scatter them ever so gently Like a bird on silent wing. Let's place them around a fountain, Add a brook, some grass, and a stoneg Then enter a garden-exotic and rare, lt's your garden, my garden-our own. Jackson Frantz, ,34 1. 3 , , vu . 1 Jw l .m Lp. x .n N WW H i W' WW wwmfmww . '11 11 . 1 E L, l . Q. , '1 w wg wi 1- .M ,w,,!,,kv ,. w 1 W-3 V, -Q. ,. 1 m . . - . V .. 'E , 1 5- Q . ' if '. 2 -- W f . ' ' 1 U ' . 'P ' 2? - ' 4 W.-V 1m M 1 -ww.: ' w ' - f g.,., .. .i ' wi , wig. . W. fi, ,. if ' ' 1.5.4,-12l . ', J,-J, Y I :EYAN f :xi ' . V .,. 1 1. , 5 s ,, w',N ,,,:'3".,WI,,,1 ,,,dU'3"fZ,i"h', " ' 3 X M, ',16Wg'Qw!!:.' 'vw ,W , ft- , W w vb ws : ,M l q p u r b f H N1 W W LW- X Y, 3-,Q-1 f, 1 , f:1W f ml yy pq us1:11gw. w,gwm Nj way nw I' N ' Sfm N ,M 4. rf if 1, cf' L X ,p, V, lf ,'.4 -,ll ,. l ,Qi iii. , .u.4n.a. , I'l Q , . r' I 0 v 1 - X I 0 C 0 U I g I 1 I I 4 'g Q 0 O rx I 1 x I 5 ' I I 1 I i I The Faculty Cast off your duties, sorrows, and woe, Come with the breezes- to the garden we gog Let's say a word to each flower as we pass, All are in row- each one is a class. Here is the Faculty, good garcl'ners all, Who feed food of knowledge, to plants large and small Give them material- for good ground each one needs, Give to them praise for their priceless deeds, Be faithful and true to each difficult test, The Faculty- the gardeners- will then do their best. Jackson Frantz, '34 TEACHER Sc u ted: Elsa Dietriclc ..., Rose Barr ........ W. W. Eisenhart. jane Lucas ....... Hazel M. Latshaw Strmtling: Minnie R. Moore. Mary Grahus. .. Dorothy Gove, . . Betty Kloss .,.. jesse Daniels ..,. Mary Cornmcsscr Wilbur Johnston. Dorothy Crawford. . ' ,..., . . . Ftztulry Members YIUE in Picture: Stanley E. Stcigcrwalt ..,. .. Ruth King ....... Kathleen McI.anahan .... .. FACULTY SUBJECT YEAi1s oi SERVICE Secretary to Supcrintentlenr . .. .. Mathematics .. .... Superintendent .. Science , ..... ..... English and Latin.. English . ., History .... Art .......... School Nurse .....,. Manual Training ... .. Geography ......... Office Assistant. .,..,. . . English and History .... . . Science, Chemistry, Physics. .. .. Mathematics ...,......,...... .. Health and Physical Education. . . . . Five Th ree Thirteen Five Five Six Seven Five Two Eleven Five Four L3ne Three Five One TEACHER Stated: Ruth Kessler ....... ... Carl Shollenberger Neva Weblw ..,.... Lillian Wilstmn ..,. F. Clark Skelly Flo Bressier ...... Helen Bowman .... Robert Wiiite ..... C1ladysMyers ...... Louise O. Myott. . . St lildillgl Elizabeth Rutter. . Floretta Gibson ..,. George Gleason .. Anna Mary Miller Florence Schneider Williani S. Skelton Pauline Meredith. . Sair MacDowell. , . Cleacleth V. Snyder Lottie l. Yohn ..... Ralph T. Wolfgzirig .... ... Merle Stonehraker. Nadine Stuart ..... Donald W. Shaffer. .. .. FACULTY SuEjEeT YEARS or SERVICE Home Economics ............., .. Health and Physical Education .... .. Commercial Subjects ........ . .. Biology .............., . . . Principal ............... . . Music and Geography ..... .. English ............. Mathematics ..... ,... English ............. French and History .... .. Commercial Subjects . . . . . . Latin . ........ . .... . . . Commercial Subjects. , . ... History ........... Music Supervisor .... . . . Commercial Subjects. Librarian .... ..., English ......,...... . . History and Civics .... . .. Mathematics ........ History and Social Subjects .... .. Coach and History ............. . . . Health and Physical Education .... English .,...................... . . . 2 :fl Four One Three Eight Twelve Five Five One Three Three One Two Three Three One Four Three Seven Three Four Sixteen One One Three X I E i i ! 1 i ! l a E I i I I F v ai ,V rf.. 5,9 7 'fa' ci 'Ma' Cf, e X' X J 9 VG' Q , ' F-fv 4 l "". Y fl Q! 'HZ 'ali X LJ 1 F l i 1 I r E 4 A QQ 5 11 1 3 The Classes When Hrst we enter, our impression ls beauty massed without expression, just shelf on shelf of blossoms closely packed Thrown in together with no show of tact. But as we look more closely, there we see Not incongruity, but harmony, Now here's a section just for daffodils, And other bulbs like crocus and jonquilsg Then next are lilies, regal, fine, and proud, Beside them, Violets, from the common crowd. And there are roses, some with thorns, that's true, Perhaps there is a sleepy drone or two Concealed within some fragrant bunch of flowers- Entranced we wonder through this place for hours -John Oberly, '34 Seniors ADAMS, SARA Glee Club '32, '33, '34, Orchestra '32, '33, French Club '34 AGNEW, GEORGE H. Basketball Manager '34, Glec Club '32, '33, '34, Falcon Stag '34, Operetta '33, Frcncb Club '33, '34, Hi-Y '33, '34 ANDERSON, JACK Football '32, '33, '34, Hi-Y '34, Bisignis Club '34 BARBER, lSAl3EL Glee Club '32, '33, '34, French Club '33, '34 BARLE-l'l'E, VIRGINIA E. Olee Club '32, '33, Frisignis Club '34 BARR, ROBERT Football '32, '33, '34, Basketball '32, '33, HifY '33, '34 BENTON, GERALDINE E. Glee Club '32, '33, Operetta '33 BENTON, MARY Cvlec Club '33, Spokesman Staf'f'34, Falcon Staff '34 BIDDLE, JEANNETTE Glcc Club '32, '33, '34, Falcon Staff '34, Senior Play '34, Operetta '32, '33, French Club '33, '34, Tri-Hi-Y '32, '33, '34 BLAIR, VIRGINIA Glen Club '34, French Club '33, '34 l3LAZlNA.JOSEl'l'l Bisignis Club '34 l3RATTQ3N, VVALTER Bisignis Club '34 BURNHAM, SAMUEL N. Spokesman Staff '33, '34, Hi-Y '34 CIALDERWOOD, LEONARD F. Football '32, '33, Bisignis Club '34 CALDWELL, KATHRYN Glee Club '32, '33, '34, Operetta '33, French Club '33, '34, Tri-Hi-Y '33, '34 Seniors CAMPBELL, RICHARD E. Basketball '32, '33, '34, Cvlee Club '33, '349 French Club '33, '34 CANDY, HAROLD R. CI-IAMBERLAIN, ROBERT Glee Club '32, '33, '34, Senior Play '34, French Club '33, '34, I-Ii-Y '33, '34 COLT, LA RUE 1. Ulee Club '32, '33, Bisignis Club '34 CONDO, ELEANOR Glee Club '32, '33, Opcretta '33, French Club '33, '34, Tri-1-lifY '34 COWHER, HARRIET Glee Club '32, '33, '34, S. P. Q. R. '33, Tri- Hi-Y '34 COWHER, MARY LOUISE CRAWFORD, ROBERT B. DAYTON, RUTH Glee Club '32, '33, '34, Operetta '31, '32, French Club '32, '33, Library Staff '32 DICKSON, MARIE Cvlee Club '32, '33, '34, Spokesman Staff '34, Operetta '33, French Club '33, '34 DICKSON, MARY JANE Ulce Club '32, '33, '34, Operettfi '32, S. P. Q. R. '33, '34, Tri-l-Ii-Y '32, '33, '34 DICKSON, RUTH Glec Club '32, '33, '34, Opcrettn '32, '33, French Club '33,'34 DRAKE, LYNN Football '31, '32, '33, Basketball '31, '32, Bisignis Club '34 DVVORSAK, MARY E. Cvlce Club '32, '33, '34, Spokesman Staff '34, Operetta '32, '33, Library Staff '32, '33, '34, French Club '33, '34, Tri-I-Ii-Y'32, '33, '34 ELDER, j. CALVIN Glee Club '33, '34, Falcon Staff '34, Senior Play '34, S. P. Q. R. '33, Hi-Y '33, '34 Seniors ENGELMAN. WILLIAM Football '33 FLECK, ISAFQELLA Glee Club '32, '33, '34, Frencb Club '33, '34 FOCHT, MARTHA M. Glee Club '32, '33, '34, Opcrelta '33 FRANTZ, JACKSON N. Glee Club '32, '33, '34, Orchestra '32, Senior Play '34, Upercttn '32, '33, Bisignis Club '34 FRIDAY, SARA Glee Club '33, '34 FRIDAY, WILMA L. Clee Club '32, '33,'3-1 FRYE, ELMER GARMAN, CERTRUDE Clee Club '32, '33, Operetta '33, French Club '33, '34, Tri-I-Ii-Y '32, '33, '34 . GARMAN, JAMES S. P. Q. R. '33, Ha-Y '53, '34 GATES, ROBERT N. GETZ, ANNA E. Glue Club '33, '34 GETZ, IANE Glue Club '32, '33, Spokesman Staff '32, '33, '34, Debate '32, '33, '34, Operetta '33. President of Student Council '34g Library Staff'33, French Club '33, '34, S. P. Q. R, '33, '34, Tri-I-li-Y '32, '33, '34 GINCERICH, ROBERT D. Senior Play '34, Library Staff '33, French Club '33, '34 GINGERY, MARTHA L. Clee Club '32, '33, '34, Spokesman Staff '32, Operetta '33, Library Staff '34, French Club '33, '34, Trial-lifY '32, '33, '34 GLENN, WILLIAM B. Football '32, '33, Basketball '32, '33, Hi-Y '34, Bisignis Club '34 l Seniors GRIPP, GEORGE A. Library Staff '31, '32, '33 HALL, JEANNE Cvlce Club '31, '32, '33, '34, Bisignis Club ,34 HARPER, CLAIR HARPSTER, CLAlR HAWKE, MARY ELLEN Glue Club '32, '33, '34, Operetta Staff '34, French Club '33, '3 '34 HAYES, SAMUEL Basketball '32, '33, '34, Frenchf HEVERLY, BARBARA Glec Club '32, '33, '34, Bisigni HEYL, RUSSELL Football '32, '33, '34, Hi-Y '33, HICKES, MARY Glec Club '32, '33, '34 HOUSER, MARTHA Glee Club '32, '33, '34, Spokesman St:-1ff'34, Bisignis Club '34- IGOU, MARGARET Glee Club '31, '32, '33, '34, Spokesman Stnif '34, Manager lntra-Mural Games, Bi- signis Club '34 LARGENT, LOIS re Club '32, '33, '34, Operctta '33, Bisignis lb '34 ER, MARY -e Club '32, '33, '34, S. P. Q. R. '33 XRDO, NINA V. e Club '32, '33, '34, Library Staff '32, '34, Bisignis Club '34 BETTY Uwe u , ,' , , gen, ior Play '34, Operetta '33, French Club '33, '34, S. P, R. '33, '34, Tri-Hi-Y '32, '33, '34 I Seniors LOTZ, WALTER Football Manager '34, Ass't Football Man- ager '32, '33, French Club '34, Hi-Y '33, '34 LYKENS, ROBERT Football '31, '32, Bisignis Club '34 MAGILL, WIT LIAM G. Glee Club '33, '34, Library Staff '32, Cheer- leader '32, '33, '34, Bisignis Club '34 MARTI-IOUSE, STEPHEN Glee Club '33, '34: Basketball '32, '33, French Club '33, '34, I-Ii-Y '34 MASSARO, VIRGINIA Glce Club '32, '33, '34, Lib xry ""ilI"34 MASTROPAOLO, ANTHONY Football '32, '33, '34, French Club '33, '34: Falcon Staff '34 MeCLEAF, MARY LOUISE Glee Club '32, '33, '34, S. P. Q. R. '33 MeNAUL, WILLIAM Basketball '33, Glce Club '34 MICHAELS, CHESTER Basketball '32, '33, Library Staff '32 MILLER, FLORENCE E. Glee Club '32, '33, '34, Spokesman Staff '33, '34, Falcon Staff, Editor '34, Operetta '32, French Club '33, '34, S. P. R. '33, '34, Tri-I-IifY '32, '33, '34 MILLER, I-IUCvl'I C. Spokesman Staff '32, '33, '34, Cashier High School Bank '34, Bisignis Club '34 MILLER, JAMES A. Basketball '33 MILLER, SAMUEL Glue Club '34, Spokesman Stal'f'343 Senior Play '34, Bisignis Club '34 MINEMIER, GILBERT D. Bisignis Club '34 MOORE, DOROTHY Glee Club '32, '34, Bisignis Club '34 Image Not Available Seniors MOORE, VVILSON Glue Club '33, '34, Operetta '33 MORROVV, THOMAS U. MYERS, ELIZABETH Cwlcc Club '32, '33, '34, Operetta '33, French Club '33, '34, Tri-Hi-Y '33, '34 NAYLOR, VERNON NEARHOOF, HELEN B. Glu: Club '32, '33, '34, Bisignis Club '34 NEIL, JEANNE Glec Club '32, '33, '34-,Operetta '33, French Club '33, '34, Tri-Hi-Y '33, '34 NEWMAN, MARY ELLEN Glue Club '32, '33, '34 OBERLY, JOHN 1. Glue Club '32, '33, '34, Spokesman Staff '32, '33, '34, Senior Play '34, Operetta '32, '33, S. P. R. '33, '34 OLSON, LA BONNA Olee Club '33, Senior Play '34, S. P. Q. R. '33 O'ROURKE, ALOYSIUS E. Football '33, Basketball '34, Bisignis Club '34 PALERMO, JOSEPH Senior Play '34, French Club '34 PARDOE, WINIFRED G. PARKER, MARIE A. Cilee Club '33, Falcon Staff'34 PARKS, MAY Cvlee Club '32, '33, '34, Spokesman Staff '34, Bisignis Club '34 PFOUTZ, MARJORIE E. Glee Club '32, '33, '34, Spokesman Staff '34, Bisignis Club '34, Tri-Hi-Y '34 ii - .......,,...,-a,,ix,.1iaA..,....- iw., M.,,,.,-.M .., ...... . Seniors PHILLIPS, BETTY JANE Glee Club '32, '33, '34, Senior Play '34, Fal- con Stz1ff'34, Library Stall' '32, '33, '34, S. P. R. '33, Tri-Hi-Y '33, '34 RHODES, WILLIAM Cv. Bisignis Club '34 RIOGLE, ESTHER M. Olcc Club '32, '33 ROBERTSON, GUY RYAN, NORMAN Glee Club '33, '34, Band '33, '34, Orchestra '32, Falcon Sraff'34, Senior Play '34, Oper- ettn '33, French Club '33, Hi-Y '34 SCHNEIDER, ANNA MARY Cvlee Club '32, '33, '34, Tri-Hi-Y '34 SEYMOUR, MIRIAM Glce Club '33, '34, Operctta '33, Library Staff '33, '34, French Club '33, '34 sH1LDT, cARoLYN Glue Club sz, '33, '34, s. P. QR. Gami- Hi-Y '33, '34 SI-IILDT, JACK Glec Club '34, French Club '33, '34 SI-IIRES, GEORGE French Club '33, '34 SMITH, FRED CHARLES SMITH, JANET Glec Club '32, '33, '34, Operctta '32, '33, Library Staff '34, French Club '33, '34, Tri- I-Ii-Y '34 SMITH, THOMAS Glue Club '33, '34, Band '32, '33, '34, Or' chestru '32, Basketball '33 SNYDER, LOUISE M, Glee Club '32, '33, Library Staff'32, Bisignis Club '34 STROU P, JOHN Football '32, '33, '34, Glen Club '34, Class President '34, French Club '33, '34, l-Ii-Y '33, '34 Seniors SULLIVAN, ROBERT D. Football '33, Basketball '32, '33, '34, Presi- dent of the Bisignis Club '34, Spokesman Staff '34, Falcon Staff '34, Hi-Y '34, Senior Play '34 THOMAS, NEVIN S. P. Q. R. '33, Hi-Y '34 THOMPSON, IDA C. Cvlee Club '32, '33, '34,Spolcesman StafI"34, I3I'signis Club '34, Library Staff '32, '33, '34 THOMPSON, MARIE ANNA Glue Club '33, '34, Library Staff '33, '34, l3isignis Club '34' TROUTWINE, GEORGE W. Glue Club '34, French Club '33, '34 WARNOCK, ADELAIDE Clue Club '32, '33, '34, Spokesman Staff '34, Senior Play '34, Operetta '33, Library Stuff '34, French Club '33, '34,Tri-I-Ii-Y '32, '33, '34 WERTZ, SARA C. Glue Club '32, '33, '34, Senior Play,'34, Op- erettn '32, '33, S. P. R. '33, Tri-Hi-Y '33, '34 WESTON, SARA M. Glee Club '32, '33, Spokesman Staff '34, Falcon Staff '34 WHITE, CHESTER Football '32, '33, '34, Cvlce Club '33, Latin Club '32 WILT, BLANCI-IE Glue Club '32, Bisignis Club '34 WOLESLAGLE, WALTER E. WOLFE, DONALD French Club '33 WOLFORD, CHESTER Senior Play '34, I-Ii-Y '34, Bisignis Club '34 WOOMER, MAHLON A. Ass't Football Mgr. '32, '33, Glee Club '33, '34, Falcon Staff '34, Senior Play '34, Oper- etta '33, Hi-Y '34 WOOMER, RUTH Glec Club '32, '33, '34, Spokesman StaH"34 ZANOI-Il, SAMUEL Bisignis Club '34 ZINDEL, WAYNE Football '32, '33, '34, Glee Club '34, French Club '33, '34 5 uniors i , UPPER GROUP In ly , W FRONT ROW: Dorothy Albright. Shirley Batrheler. Evelyn Cox. Mabel Howe-rw, Maude Brninlwaugli, Duro- rhv Cowher, Lois Cowher, Mildred Crust, Elizabeth Dewey, Evangeline Bloom. SECOND ROW: Richard Adams. Charlcs Baker, Hannah Anrilcol. Vivian Cowher. Myrtle Andrews. ,lane Candy. Alice Chamberlain, Betty Cupper. Mary Daniels, Caroline Beck. Hazel Derr. Katherine Barber. THIRD ROW: Charles Douglas, Hazel Black. Dorothy Blark. Verna Dean, Edna Ammerman, Gertrude Ammerman, Burnell Brown, Karl Dawson, Robert Dickson, Thomas Dawson, Edward Qygarr, Errnine Cisney. FOURTH ROW: Robert Carling. John Allison. Robert Dc-Dios. James'DiFyET-Elmer Badin, Joseph Baie- man, George Albright, ,lack Brown. John Condo. Carl Albright. Jule: Crowell. LOWER GROUP FIRST ROVV: Stewar: Gibboney. Frederick Farrand, Rosemary Heddinger. Mary Engelinzm, Dorothy Hullr Madeline Focht, Esther Friday. Gladya Fink. Fay Frantz, Donald Garman. Thomas Fisher. SECOND ROW: William Hassler, Louella Fickes. Emma Hastings. Gertrude Hagen. Eva Mae lisrright, Priscilla Hoffman, Cora Etters, Sue Glasgow, Luther Hawke. THIRD ROW: Frank Hoover, Nlarietta Getz, LaRue Diehl. Alberta Frantz. Marian Foust. Wilda Housar Henry Heyl. FOURTH ROW: john Gingher, Eugene Eckley, Max Kimmel, John Glenn, Kenneth Eschbach, Jack Halver- ling. William jones. uniors UPPER GROUP FIRST IQOW: Annalvc-ll Ohrtman, Marybclle Neil. Isabel Millvr, Esther Lylccns, Dorothy Patterson, Hilda Nearhnwf, Alice Lotz. Mary Auguslu Maschlce, Faye Owens. Marjorie Lane. Anna Morrow. SECOND ROW: Cleda Moist, lrcne Nazi. Anna Mary Kremer. Edna lVlcGovern, Frances Lynn, Phyllis Kreps, Yolando Leasurc. Anna Mac lgou, Marie Moffet, Jane l,.ewis. THIRD ROW: firaydon Huff. Clara Reed, Dorothea Noel. Margaret O'Rourlce. Gertrude Nearhoof. Bessiu Ike, Suzanne McClinroi'k. Vivian Edmonds, Mildred Moyer, Camilla Koon, Willialn La Porte. FOURTH ROW: james A, Nlillcr, Eugene Fasano. Royer McNeil. Melvin Miller. Melvin Lund. Robert Mc- Neil. Benjamin Nliller. joseph Naylor. Joseph Mannino. James Morissey, Lloyd Langenbacher, Robert C. Nliller. LOWER GROUP FIRST ROW: Dorothy Smith, lilorence Rhoadus. Margaret Wilsoim, I-Ielvn Wilislow. Hannah Richardson Mildred Wilsoiu. Doi-oihy Stine, Pearl Stewart, Malwel Zimmers. Catherine Spanelli. Fannie Smith. SFCOND ROW: C1l'0lyn Smith. lilanche Sinizlcr. Marjorie Sellers, Lorraine Shirlc. Marjorie Reeder, ,lm-an Royer, Flornell Robertson, Rose Spanolli. Frances Srhneider. Angelina Zang, Louise Williams. THIRD ROW': Lois Stimer, Dorothy Thomas. Dale Williams, Angelo Vespa, Edward Rornanak. Darius Ross. Bernard Yukelson. john 'Watso11. Harry Recd, Nick Romano. FOURTH ROW: Jay Speece. Richard Walsh, Arthur Williams, William Sherwood. Francis Wolfe. Clark Speece. Ellsworth Neugehauer. ,lack Trourwine. Harry Price. James Scordo. FIFTH ROW: Walt:-r Pownall. Luo Schopp. Robert Rodgers, john Rote. Homer Rhodes, Paul Turnl-augh. l C A r I i Sophomores UPPER GROUP FIRST ROW: Russel Blowers, Ralph Bonsell. Dorothy Briggs, Agnes Biggins, Elsie Butterbaugh, Jane Conaghan, Susan Beck. Frank Chiofar, Robert Cupper, Fred Dannaway. SECOND ROW: Robert Bathurst. Sanford Beyer. Florence Cupp. Leah Calderwood. Esther Anderson. Paul- ine Anderson, Elizabeth Catich, Louise Candy, Evelyn Colabine, Rachel Cook, Evelyn Cowher. THIRD ROW: Nevin Davis, Edward Baer, Albert Allison, Salema Dannaway, john Briggs, Harold Brickley, Walter James, Maine Frye, Wilbur Bigley. Robert Beyer. FOURTH ROW: David Brower. Robert Charles, Maynard Barnet, Byron Gunsallus, Robert Adams. Ber- nard Burns, Paul Bressler, Robert Cowher, john Candy, Louis Cox. LOWER GROUP FIRST ROW: Michael Franskio, Edith Harpster, Dorothy I-Iample, Gertrude Fetzer, Martha Krape, Wii1i- fred Kustenbader, Marie Kolcssy. Anthony Lombardo, John Duff. SECOND ROW: Robert Dickson. George Fc-rneau. Mary Helen Largent. Antoinette Lombardo, Frances Hiney. Helen Isenberg. Betty Gardner, Jessie Kanour, Suzanne Kanour. James Hoffman. Charles Dysart. THIRD ROW: Charles Hale, Forest Hosband, Gray Fousr, Kathryn Ingram, Helen Ike, Ruth Little, Betty Herlt, John Hoffman. Wilmer Johnsonbaugh. Samuel DeDios. FOURTH ROW: Frank Dean, Thomas Grazier, Ralph Houser. Samuel Grazier. Robert Fromm, Lloyd Dean, james Dawson. ' 31 Sophomores UPPER GROUP FIRST ROW: Stephen Kaspick. Howard Little, William Phillips. Paul Price, Marian Minemicr. Dorothy Robbins. Matilda Mercado, Josephine Massaro, Helen Marthouse. Estclla Lykens, Freda Reynolds. SECOND ROW: Robert Little. Donald Moffit, Edward McDonald, LeRoy Nearhoof, Franklin Hagen. Dany Mannino, Amber Oakwood, Eleanor Miller, Katherine Oster. THIRD ROW: Edgar Keys, Lloyd Michaels. William Miles, Margaret Putman, Pauline Myers, jean Miller, Eva Miller, Helen Morrow. Marian Lynn. Pearl Martin. FOURTH ROW: Tom Mills, Francis Moore. Arthur Keppler. William Lykens, Robert Morgan. Robert Ke-ppler. Ernest Oakwood. Howard Patton, Nick Leasure, Jack Morrissey, Gerald Newman, Russel Lego, Clar- ence Pardue. James McNelis, John LaRosa. LOWliR GROUP FIRST ROW: Nessie Scordo, Thelma Wilson, Isabel Rumberger, lVlai'y Belle Woomer, Cecelia Wisnieski, Mary Elizabeth Vanneman. Marjorie Shea, Betty Strasbaugh. Betty Snyder, Barbara Thomas. It-an Shuev. SECOND ROW: Robert Vogt, Howard Smith, Pauline Sheeder. Doris Sloey, Margaret Yarnall, Claire Smith. Marian Wilson. Lelia Smith, Dora Shildt. William Wisei'. Allen Thomas. THIRD ROW: Benjamin Woodring, Joseph D. Zang. Anthony Turiano. Robert Shuey, Dennis Snyder, Joseph A. Zang, Chester Steele, Don Weston, Floyd Spranlcle, George Wolfe. FOURTH ROW: Walter Ross, jack Reeder, Jack Yarnall. Carl Wittman, William Stephens, Harry Steele, W'illiain Rodger. Lewis Watson, Robert Zimmerman, Wilsoim Rumlaerger, Gilbert Summers. Abrams, Dorothy Adams, Pauline Albright, Robert Anderson, Dorothy Anderson. La Verne Andrews, Max Ayers, Raymond Badin. Lolly Baer, Eugene Bailey, Dorothy Baldridge, Howard Barrett. Don Bathurst, Marlin Bauer. Mary Baughman, Melvin Beam. Lois Beam. Williatn Bennect, Verna Beyer, Frederick Beyer, George Bickle, Gladys Bickle. Lois Bickle. William Black, Robert Borman. Beatrice Bowers, Ray Bratton, Anna Bridenbaugh, Betty Briggs, Harvey Brisbin, Francis Brisbin, Guy Brumbaugh. La Rue Bryan. Albert Bryan. Earl Catich, Edward Clark. ,lack Clites, Robert Cook, Louise Cox, Anna jane Creppage. Barbara Crust. Victor Cunningham. Helen Daughenlvaugh. john Delozier, Elizabeth De Memmo. Albert Diehl. Kathryn Duff. William liaken. William Eckert. Marjorie Faust. Byron Fink. Leslie Fisher, john Fleck. Don Fleck, Julia Focht. George Fowler. Fred Frantz, Marie Fromm. Florence Fryer. Edward Gallagher. Lester Gardner. Ruth Gartner. Louise Gates. Mahlon Gates. Virgil Gebhart. Wilmt'r Getz, Dorothy Getz, Milton Gillman, Dorothy Gillman. ,lohn Gingher. Ruth Ginter, Louis Glenn, Betty Glenn. Thomas Goss. Ruth If inth Graham. ji-anne Guttshall. Sara Hagen. Betty l-lamilton. Elva Harlowe, Marguerite Harpster. Genevieve Harris, Gordon Haverstinc. james Hockenberry. Florence Hostlcr. Marjorie johnson. Faye Johnston. Charles jones, Bruce Kaspick. john Keefer, Elizabeth Keefer, Geraldine Kuefer. Margaret Keith. Clara Kephart. Oscar Kerlint-. Gertrude Kennedy. Arthur Kibler. Thomas Kilmartin. Robert Kimbc-rling. Francis Kreigcr. Caroline Lane. Thomas Levy. Robert Lewis. Louise Lienha rdt. ,lack Lloyd. Betty Loughrey. jane Lykens. Clayton Lykens. jack Lyons. Olive Magill, Marjorie Markel. Lester Marthouse, Josephine Grade Matthews, Bernard McCahan. Richard lVlcCanns. Elizabeth McClellan. Bernice McConnell. Harold Mt-Donald. james Mentzer. Ruth Merritts. Albert Miles, Evelyn Miles, Gerald Miles. Nlarian Miller. Betty Miller. Guy Miller. Paul Miller, Rhoda Miller, Ruth Miller, William Mills, La Rue Moflitt, Max Mogle, Janet Moore, Howard Morgan, Louise Myers. Marjorie Naylor, Grace Nearhoof, Mary Nearhoof. Phyllis Nearhoof, Wilfred Neil. liarry Neil. Raymond Ncstlerode. Leroy Newman, Gladys Noel. Charles Ohrtman. Charles Ormsby, Oliver Panasite, Joseph Pannebaker. Alton Pannebaker, Helen l . l Patti rson. Arthur Peters. Anna Port. Thelma Pownall. Josephine Rhodes, Marjorie Rhodes. james Rhodes. William Rishell. Earl Robertson, Thomas Robinson. Frank Robison, Marcella Romano. Daniel Romano, Michael Rossman, Mary Rupert, Nellie Sensor, Curtis Seymour. Joseph Shaffer, Betty Shel lenberger. Dorothy Shildt. Delbert Shirlc, Louise Shively. Louise Shively. William Shuey, La Rue Simondale, Florence Singler, Stanley Smith. Robert Smith, Robert Smith. Wilkie Snyder, Bertha May Snyder. Elwood Snyder. James Snyder. John Snyder, Richard Snyder, Winifred States, Adelle ' Stere, Helen , Stine, Gordon Stiver. Melvin Stonebraker. Ralph Thompson, Franklin Tu rnbaugh, Harriet Updike, Betty Updike. Marie Van Alman. Frances Vanneman, Virginia Vespa, Amelia Waite, Cleo Waite. Frank Waite. jane Waite. Ray Waite, Richard Walb1'iclyge, Lucille Walker. Charles Warnock. James Welch. Coleman Wertz. Francis Wertz, jane Westbrook, Fred Westley. Don Williams, Lois Williams, Orvis Williams, William Wilson. Donald Wilt. William Wittmann, l'lelen Wolfe, Wynona Woodring, Chester Wfoomer. Robert Young. Ruby Yukelson, Harry Zanghi, Charles Zimmers, Ruth I O , I 1 I 5 l t Ammerman, Jane Ammerman. Malcolm Andrews, Marie Aults. Rodman Aurand. Marie Ayers. Samuel Barr. Richard Bateman. Mary Belin, Helen Bennett. Gerald Benton. Dolly Berkstresser. Ruth Blair. Elaine Boal, Elizabeth Bonsell. Mildred Boyer, Jane Bryan. Robert Burns. Grace- Butrerbaugh. George Carpenter. Bruce Cassidyf LaRue Chess, Eay Chille. Lewis Christine, Tillie Colitro. Mary Cook, Catherine Corneliu Jane Cowher. ileldon Cox. William Cupper. Jack Cupper, William Cupp. Dorothy Cupp, James Davis, Hazel Davis, Mary DelBaggio. Eddie Dickson, Charles Dickson, Sara Eckert, Constance Esrright, Robert Etzers. Pearl Evans, Jonellc Fasano. Alphonso Fink, Charles Fink. Telford Flenner. Betty Frantz, Joy Frantz. LeRoy Friday. Betty Friday, Dorothy Friday, Esther Foust. Marie Fowler. Ronald Gardner, Thelma Gates. Harold Qgrz, Charles. Ginter, Helen Goss. Earl Graves. Joseph Grazier. Robert Gunter. Leo Hagerman. Doris Hample. Oscar Hand. Dennis Hicks, Alice Eighth Grade I-iitchings. Norma Hooker, Margaret Hoover, Wava Igou, Robert Irvin. Ruth James. Robert Jermino, Paul Johnson, June Johnston, Florence Kc-rchner. Stella Kerlin. Charles Kllnberling. Velma Kimmel, Myers Kirkpatrick. Eleanor Koener, Bernard Largcnt. Richard Lt-hner. Louise Little. Martha Helen Litilc, Maxine List. John Lykens, Blair Lyons. Ethel Mannino. Angelo lVlanninO, Victor Mayhue. Ray lVlrConahy. Harold McConnell. Harold McNeal, Beatrice McNeal. Marilynn lflcngle, Aileen lVlerr.tt3. Dorothy Miller. Catherine Liiller. Charles Miller, Chester Miller, Pauline Miller. Reed Miller. Ruth Moist. Dorothy Nloore. Donald Moyer. Edmund Ncarhoof. Betty Nearhool. Harold Newman. Stanley Oakwood. Ruby Oherly. Marjorie Parker. Mary Jane Parsons, Samuel Price, James Price. William Rlioacles, Edward Rhoades, Janet R.gp:le. Helen Roberts, Mildred Rodgers, Eugene Rodgers. Helen Russell, Yvonne Seordo. Josephine Schneider. Jerome Seater. Enid Shildr. Bernard Shuey. Eugene Shultz, Robert Smith. Ruth Snyder. Adaline r , J , l 1 Snyder. Albert Snyder, Charles Snyderfilprotliy Snyder, .Elvagenc Snyder, Marie Snyder. William Stanley. Jane States. Florence States, Raymond Steele. Sam Stewart, Mildred Stewart. Robert Stimer. Samuel Sionebraker, Millard Stover, Mardell Sri-oup. Amber Slroup. Mary Thompson, Helen Thompson. William Troxell. Marie Verner, Earl Waite, Dorothy Waite. Kenneth Walker. Fred Weaver. John Wertz, William Weyer, James White, Kathleen Williams. Mary Jane Wiser. Sara Woodrilwg. Alton Yarnall, William Zindel, Vivian . i. ..4 nf, .. r Q B a s ' 4 Albright, Ramona Ammerman, Betty Ammerman, Lester Antikol, Israel Baer, Orris Baker, Lucille Barnhart, Thomas Barto, Vivian Batchelor, Ardrene Bathurst, Raymond Beckwith, james Benn, William Beyer, Donald Bickle, Iva Biddle. Martha Black, David Black, Elizabeth Blowers, Homer Boal, Margaret Bowser, Leona Boytim. Robert Btickley, Dallas Brisbin. Agnes Brower, Robert Brown, Helen Brown. Herman Brown, Ralph Brubaker, Catherine Burnham. Margaret Burns. William Campbell, Mary Carlson, Phyllis Cassady, Ardis Charles, janett Chiofar, Rocky Conaghan. Sarah Cowher, Harold Cowher, Robert Decker. Beryl Denny. Raymond Dickson, George Diehl. Ralph Diehl. Robert Dworsak. Richard Fernau. Roger Focht, Dean Foster, Charles Franskio, Joe Euoss, Louise Garis, Betty Garman, Elizabeth Gates, Mary Gingerich, Robert Ginter. Joan Givler, George Glenn, Peggy Goodman. Elwood Goodman. Ruth Grazier. Virginia Griffin, Charles Grove, Genevieve Grove. Thomas Hall. Mary Hamer, Harry Seventh Grade Hampton. Elaine Hand, Shirley Havens, Howard Hendersoii. Herbert Herlr, ,lack Holly, Clare Homan. Sidney Hooi'er. Margaret Hoover. Winona Huey, Lois lddings. Alma Igou. Betty Ike, Ernest ' Irvin, Jay James, Dorothy Johnson, Elmer Johnson, Quentin Kaspick, Earl Keatley, Mary Louise Keefer. Howard Keller, Dorothy Krape, Hilda Krape. Joseph Lytle, Alfreda Magill, Edwin Mannino, Charles Nlastropaolo. Mary McClain. Edward MrConahy, Ronald McDonald. Richard MrNelis, Eugene Michaels. Pauline Miller, Agnes Miller, Charles Miller. Elinor Miller, Gerald Miller, Janet Miller. Lyman Miller. Nlarian Miller, Robert D. Miller, Robert H. Miller, Robert L. Miller, Willia Moffett, Millrrd? Mosel, Helen Moseman, Erwin Langenhacher, Elizabeth Myers, Boyd Langenbacher. Jane Lehner. Francis Lewis. Jack -1 Lombardo, Mary Lykens. George Lykens. Laura Lykens, Victor Myers, Edna Nearhoof. Harold Nearhoof, janet Noel, Ethyl Ormsb Richard arker. o ert Parks, Laura Patterson, Hazel Patterson, Marlin Patterson, Morris Patton, jackson Paulhamus, Edward Peters, Dorothy Phillips. Lois Postreich, Kurt Putman, Leona Rhoades. Lawrie Rhodes. Frances Richards. Dale Roberts, Marie Robinson, Buddy Romano. Adaline Seater. Ruth Shildt, Betty Shultz, June Simondale. Edna Snyder, Clair Snyder, Glenn Snyder, Lewetta Snyder. Lorayne Spicer, Frances Stau filer, Zenith Stine. Mary A. Stine. Mary L. Stitt. john Stratilf, Marjorie Stuart. Mary Stuart, Robert Study, Samuel Tate, Janet Templeton. John Thomas, Harold Thomas. La Rue Troxell, Hilda Turnhaugh, Joseph Upd e Bur 's p y e, Gloria Van Alman. Annabelle Wagiwer, ,lean Waite. Charles Walk, Clair Watson, Clifford Watson, ,lack Weikett, Mary Ann Weston, Louise Westbrook, Ralph Weyer. Genevieve Wills, Marcela Wilson. CliH'ord Wilt, Alice Wilt. Emma Wise. Margaret Wolfe. George Wooclring, Lawrence Woodring. Millard Woomer, Betty Woomer, Eleanor Woomer, Vivian Wyland. James Young, Margaret Zanghi, Santo Q A , , is '.: ,f, , Dry wtlfr Jw - ' XY ' if Gy vb 41 ' T9 ' N, M gg Qi rt ' rr 9 e Alma Mater la .A T' w K? also I ln ? I s 'S' 5 mx? 5 if 0 J Ours is a school to love, Loyal by her we'll stanclg Mountains tower over her, Solemn and granclg Long may they reign above, I Those Alleghenies nigh, May they ever shelter thee, Dear old Tyrone High! 'When we grow old and grey, Mem'ries will linger stillg 5 HaPPY hours we've spent with thee Their missions shall fulfill. Life will be sweet and fair, Joy will awake anew, , We will ever faithful be, . s.. Dear Alma Mater true! 3 - all False 5--.r S is 2 I 232 3?-S ,mil Q, wfffj Mm MM NZM WW W RW' M ,W Q ww ALZFM ? Eg Sfifcaaizl OVC? 332535 MQ Q 51312 R , . av 5 W. W S , mu 1 wp . J Q Q QLZffQ ,. Q . i EN-jlflf,-ffU . ,I I - 'Ai , LA yuviz' A.: I X bij 0 !4 awe 3 RQ J M Q AQCN 2, N fluff X X Xi QW , ' ! . rl N f J . ,, " P2 "' .N Gb 11 x . .gd , 1 66 35 s . 3 aj? QW C fo Q? Q5 C Us M QOQZQQ WC Q3 ' O QQQH - Qu Activities Turned is the soil, with a spade begun, In each bed the clods are broken, After which each plant in the shining sun Will send forth its new, green token. When these works are done, in splendor alone Each will stand in its bed of choosingg The large and the small to us will be shown In their colors bright and pleasing. -Jackson Frantz, ,34 JUNIOR-SENIOR GIRLS' GLEE CLUB FIRST ROVV: Lois Largent. Ruth Dickson. Dorothy Patterson. Mabel Zimmers, Cleda Moist. Margaret O'Rourke, Dorothy Hull, Madeline Focht, Lois Cowher, Marjorie Pfoutz, Betty jane Phillips, SECOND ROW: Anna Mary Schneider, Jeanette Biddle. Emma I-Iastings, Mildred Crust. Glaclys Fink, Sara Friday. XVilma Friday, Miss Schneider, fNlusic Supervisorl. Yolando Leasure. Margaret Igou. Shirley Batchelor, Harriet Cowher, janet Smith. THIRD ROW: Virginia Massaro, Nina Lombardo, Edna McGovern, Vivian Cowher, Anna Mae Igou. jane Lewis, Myrtle Andrews. Martha Hauser, Isabel Miller, Dorothy Moore, Kathryn Caldwell. Betty Myers, jean Neil. Adelaide Warnock. FOURTH ROW: Catherine Spanclli. Betty Musser. Mary Ellen l-Iawlce. Virginia Blair. Isa- bella Fleck. Ruth Dayton. Mary Dworsak, Isabel Barber, Dorothea Noel. Rose Spanelli. Irene Nau. Angelina Zang. Betty Long. FIFTH ROW: Evelyn Cox, Vivian Edmonds. Mildred Moyer, Florence Miller. jane Dickson. Carolyn Shlldt. Phyllis Kreps. Fay Frantz, Gertrude Nearhoof. Dorothy Stine. SIXTH ROW: Marjorie Sellers. Rosemary Heddinger. Hilda Nearhoof. Dorothy Thomas, Marjorie Lane, Faye Owens, Pearl Stewart, Helen Winslow, Mary Ellen Newman. SEVENTH ROW: Barbara Heverly, Marie Dickson, Marie Thompson, Helen Nearhoof, May Parks, Dmothy Cowher. Alberta Frantz Mary Louise lVlcCleaf, Mary Lauder. Gertrude Hagen, Sara Adams. EIGHTH ROW: Eva Mae Estright, Marian Foust, Cora Ettcrs, Dorothy Smith, Martha Focht. Ruth Woomer. Anna Getz. Jean Royer, Frances Schneider, Camilla Koon, Marjorie Reeder. NINTH ROAXV: Marie Parker. Florence Rhoades. Margaret Wilson, Marie Moffet. Gertrude Ammerman, Anna Mary Kreiger. Frances Lynn, Carolyn Smith. Hazel Derr. Blanche Singler, Mary Daniels. Evangeline Bloom, Sara Wertz. LEFT, STANDING: Esther Lykens. Esther Friday, Clara Recd, Ida Thompson, Marietta Getz. RIGHT. STANDING: Jane Candy, Alice Chamberlain, Marybellc Neil, Lorraine Shirlt, Mary Augusta Maschkc. SOPHOMORE GIRLS' GLEE CLUB FIRST ROW: Nessie Scordo, Frances Hincy, Josephine Massaro, Pearl Martin, Antoinette Lombardo, Miss Schneider, Mary Mint-mier, Dany Mannino, Helen Isenberg, Lclia Smith, Edith Ha1'pstex'. SECOND ROW: Cecelia Wisnuislci, Dorothy Hample, Betty Gardner, Leah Calderwood, Evelyn Cowher. Louise Candy. Eva Miller. Winifi'ed Kustenborder. Marian Lynn. THIRD ROW: Margaret Yarnall. Elsie Butterbaugh. Dora Shildt. Ruby Murphy, jane Con- aghan, Evelyn Colabine. Helen Marthouse, Rosemary Hagerman. FOURTH ROW: Thelma Wilson, Claire Smith, Doris Sloey, Marian Wilson, Pauline Myers, Katherine Oster. Senior High Glee Clubs There are many parallels to be found between the interests of an out-of-door garden and those of a School Garden. Certainly a very attractive feature of a natural garden is the music to be found there in the songs of birds and in the sweet noises made by the smaller creatures found in shrubbery and grasses. Equally true is this today in our School Garden, where human song birds endeavor to bring enjoyment to themselves and others through the medium of song. School assemblies, school banquets, Parent-Teacher Programs, etc., were among the occasions during this school year for which various musical groups gave their services with pleasure to others and credit to themselves. The Grand Concert held in the Y. M. C. A. Auditorium in April by the various musical organizations of the high school gave these organizations an opportunity to show their abilities and gave the school public an opportunity to hear really ex- cellent music. The Junior-Senior Girls' Glee Club contributed "The Lord ls My Shepherd," "Comin' Thro' the Rye," "The Kerry Dance," and "Blow, Ye Gentle Breezes, Blow" as their numbers, and the quartette composed of Betty Long,Janet Smith, Sara Wertz, and Adelaide Warnock sang "Starry Night." The Sophomore Girls' Glee Club pleased its audience with "O How Amiable Are Thy Dwellings," "Honey Town," and "A May Song." Not having confined their singing to their own School Garden alone, selected groups of our song birds matched voices with musical groups from other schools in the State Music Contest conducted by the state during the month of April. The groups which competed, together with their musical selections, follow: Selected Girls' Chorus-"Lullaby, My Sweet Little Baby", William Byrd fRequired numberl "The Kerry Dance", Mollay fSelected numberl Double Trio fBetty Long, janet Smith, Jane Candy, Sara Wertz, Adelaide Warnock, Hazel Derrl "Sweet Day", Handel fRequired numberl "Good Night, Good Night Beloved", Pinsuti fSelected numberl Trio fMary Ellen Hawke, Shirley Batcheler, Martha Gingeryl "Golden Slumbers", Jacob fRequired numberl "Mistress Mary", Macirone fSelected number, Piano Solo by Alice Lotz-"Rondo in G", Beethoven fRequired numberl "Prelude in G Minor", Rachmaninoff fSelected numberl Soprano Solo by Betty Long-"Have You Seen But a Wliite Lily Grow", Anonymous fRequired numberl Alto Solo by Sara Wertz-"Sleep Songv, LaForge fRequired numberl By reason of its music and song the School Garden is a pleasant place in which to dwell. 4010 .A-'PS Q9 Q oak JV 'ails' 3 'H ul J v 2' J ,HJ 5 4'-J et ,N A R, I-r . gyaffvf 5 7 ,xy by N, ,fliyy FQ' i Q G! jr ' .1 l x i l 10 I' vi' fy' 5 Y k i 5 7 -,-if' 1-9 5 GIRLS' GLEE CLUB or THE NINTH GRADE FIRST ROW: Betty Miller. Jean Graham, Marian Mills, Marjorie Miller. Marjorie Rhodes, Alice Daniels, Miss Bressler lDirectorl, Marie Updikz, Margie Kecfer, Dorothy Anderson, Olive KI Lyons. I'Ielen Stear. 'Fromm, jane Wertz. Betty Glenn, Gertrude Kerlin. Elizabeth Dclozier, Lolly Badin, Betty ridenbaugh. Helen Cunningham. Betty Updike. THIRD ROVU: Dorothy Gillman. julia Fleck, Marjorie Eckert, Mary Bauers. Grace Naylor, Helen Wittman. Rhoda Miller, osephine Marthouse, Betty Lloyd, Ruth Goss, Wynona Wolfe, Helen Pannebaker. Pauline Adams. Louise Cook. FOURTH ROW: Bernadine Bratton. Nellie Rupert, Cleo Waite, Mae Snyder. ane Loughrey. Ruth Nliller, Anna ane Cox. Elizabeth Mccans, Marie Frantz. Beatrice Berman, Ruth Gingher, i b All , 6fQrWQlrg,,nQ S C Q 4 1 G PT 4' ' D J ' 44. x gn, , , 5 X . V4 rr XR: SECOND ROW: Thelma Port, Margie Magill, Virginia Vanneinan, Betty Hagen, Florence D fs Q, QS . LB , I N N -C ss 45 'Ji' 'Y' J v Q y ix 4' J 1 NV J Elizabeth Keefer, Mary Louise Morgan, Louise Shirk, Louise Shively, Amelia Vespa, Adele States. FIFTH ROW: Betty ShafFer, Lois Beam, Mary Rossman, Louise Lewis, Caroline Krieger, Kathryn Diehl, I-larriet Turnbaugh, Josephine Pownall, Verna Bennett. SIXTH ROW:Geraldine Keefer, Anna Peters, Winifred Snyder, Evelyn Colahine, Pianist. GIRLS' GLEE CLUB OF THE SEVENTH AND EIGHTI-I GRADES FIRST ROW: joy Frantz, Marie Aurand, Helen Belin, Mary Bateman. june Johnson. ,lone-llc Evans. Ruth Warrender, Marie Snyder. Betty Friday. Josephine Scordo. Sara Wiser. SECOND ROW: Thelma Gardner. Mildred Bonsell. Mary jane Parker. Margaret Stauffer. Elvagene Snyder. Tillie Christine, Marilvn McNeal. Alice Shea, Florence Johnson. Mary Strcup, Mary Davis. THIRD ROW: Dorothy Merritt. Jane Ammerman. Stella Kerchner, Dorothy Cupp. Eleanor Kirkpatrick. Hazel Davis, Adaline Snyder, Mildred Stewart. Vivian Rhodes, Mardell Stover, Helen Ginter, Ruby Oakwood, Elaine Blair. Yvonne Russel. Vivian Zindel. Martha Little,..Flor- ence States, Dorothy Friday, Louise Lebner, Norma Hitchings, Alice Hicks, Marjorie Oberly, La Rue Cassidy, Grace Burns, Marie Troxell. FOURTH ROW: Betty Flenner, Mary Jane Williams, Dolly Benton, Ruth Bergstresser, Ruth Smith, Irene Grey. Kathleen White, Betty Boal. FIFTH ROW: Maxine Little. Mildred Roberts. Ruth Irvin. janet Rhodes. Marie Andrews, Helen Riggle. 42 junior High Girls' Glee Clubs ln Nature's garden right earnestly do the fledgelings make attempts at song in imitation of the older parent birds. And thus it is in the School Garden, where groups from the lower grades of high school undergo specific training in order to qualify for more advanced work later on. The Ninth Grade Glee Club demonstrated their quality of work to teachers and parents when they presented the cantata, "Why the Chimes Rang" on December nineteenth, 1933, again when they sang for the Parent-Teacher Association in March. These young people will also be remembered for the delightful numbers which they gave between acts in the operetta, "Bits o' Blarney." Each of the glee clubs of junior high school took an active part in the Grand Concert conducted by the music department of the high school. The following numbers were sung upon this occasion by the respective groups with much credit: Ninth Grade Girls' Glee Club: "Sylvia", Speaks-Deis fThree partl "Will You Remember", Romherg-Riegger fThree part, "The Green Cathedral", Hahn fThree part, "The Alphabet", Mozart CThree partl Girls' Glee Clubs of the Seventh and Eighth Grades: "Sunshine in Rainbow Valley", Hamblen KTwo partl "After the Rain", Pinsuti fTwo partl "Massa's in de Cold, Cold Ground", Foster fThree partj 'KLittle Black Sambo", Baines fTwo partl Miss Flo Bressler, the director of these groups, is an enthusiastic and inspira- tional teacher and secures correspondingly good results. 3 A-:rf-SWK? gfoak 'u 14 WIWYQ Boys' GLEE CLUB ' FIRST ROW: John Glenn. Frederick Farrand, Jay Speece, Charlea Douglas, Charles Baker. Mr. Wolfgang 4Dirvctorl. Louis Cox, Edward Romanak, Angelo Vespa. Bernard Yukelson, John Oberly. SECOND ROW: Norman Ryan. William Laporte, James Mille1'. George Agnew, John Stroup. Mahlon Woomer. Charles Shawley, Kenneth Eschbach. Wilson Moore. THIRD ROW: Calvin Elder. Frank Hoover, Burnell Brown. Robert Rogers. Thomas Smith, Richard Campbell, jack Shildt, William Hassler, William Sherwood, Samuel Miller. FOURTH ROW: Williaiii Magill. William McNaul, Jackson Frantz. Max Kimmel. Arthur Williams. Robert Chamberlain. Joseph Bateman. Richard Walsh, Eugene Fasano, George Al- bright. Wayne Zindel. John Rotc, Carl Albright, Harry Reed, Stephen Marthouac. HIGH SCHOOL BAND FIRST ROW: Harold Gates. Wilkie Smith. Graydon Huff. Thomas Smith. Clark Specce, jack List. Jack Lykcns. SECOND ROW: Donald Carman, Bernard Koener, Robert McNeal. Albert Allison. Elmcfr johnson, Blair Lykens. THIRD ROW: Robert Smith. Gilbert Summers. Max Kimmel, Mr. Stcigcrwalt fDirectorl. Norman Ryan. James Rhoades, joseph Panasitc. Q ' 44 ,ll M N lr il Boys' Glee Club The harmonies heard in the great garden of Nature are a blending of high, treble sounds and low, deep, throaty ones, and there is a counterpart for such blending among the various musical aggregations of the School Garden. Mr. Wolfgang and his group of boys supply the second factor needed for such harmony. Not only is Mr. Wolfgang a good singer himself, but he can make music appeal to all, an ability which is so necessary to secure the desired results in musi- cal work. The Boys' Glee Club pleased its audience when it sang at the March meeting of the Parent-Teacher Organization. The quartette and solo numbers given as the club's part of the Grand Concert were high in quality. UGh How Shall l Receive Him," an old chorale, was the selection a picked group of the glee club sang in competition with other groups in the Pennsylvania Music Contest. The following boys composed this special group: FIRST TENORSfWalsh. Vespa. Romanak, Moore. Troutwine, SECOND TENORS-Marthouse, Speece. Glenn, Heyl. BARITONES7Ha:-asler, Obs-rly, Campbell, Yukelson, Frantz. BASSES-fAgnew, lilder, LaPorte, Shildr, Fasano, Stroup. High School Band A garden, whether School Garden or otherwise, may be an intriguing place musically for reasons other than its vocal music. ln Naturels Garden there are the wind, the rain, noises of insects, et cetera-all of which are pleasing to the ear. ln the School Garden there is the band, whose music always sets the pulses beating at a faster rate. Mr, Steigerwalt is the peppy bandmaster of this up-and- coming group. Two years ago he started the High School Band with a small group and with very limited equipment. At present the band numbers eighteen equipped members. lt has set thirty-five members for its goal. During the school year the band purchased two sets of books of marches, one E flat Helicon bass horn, one bass drum, and one snare drum. Very active, indeed, has been this musical group. It provided music for all foot- ball games both at home and away from home, it played for all home basketball gamesg it supplied music for a meeting of the Parent-Teacher Association, it headed the school division of the N. R. A. Parade in Tyrone, and it played for the Sterling Gil Company in the N. R. A. Parade in Altoona. fTransportation of the band to Johnstown for the Johnstown-Tyrone football game was made possible by the Sterling Oil Company, a gesture which the band and its director appreciated very muchj The march and waltz numbers which the band contributed to the Grand Concert were well received. Another phase of this active bancl's program was the campaign for new members and more instruments. This drive was sponsored by the High School Parent- Teacher Association headed by Mr. Smith, its president. The following towns- people are now giving the movement support by conducting classes in the playing of various instruments: Mr. Van Scoyoc-trombones, Mr. Koener-clarinets, and Mr. Smith--cornets. 45110 i .4-espn? can .2 KE I SPOKESMAN STAH4 SFATED: Nlarjorie Pfnuu fl-had Typistl. Frank I-Iuovvr ll-lcadlnmc Writmfrl. Jimmy W.xr4 nock ljunior High Reporterl. Florenrv Nliller iliditorial Wiaxterl. William jonca 1Advertising Nlanaixvrl. Jane Gctz lEditor-in-Chiefl. john Obcrly 1Assoriate Eclitorb. Richard Walsh lfxrh- letir lidrtorl, Rolwrt Sullivan lAssiStant Arhleric lfclitorl. Fdirlu Plarpatur IRepo1'tcrl. FIRST ROW STANDING: Bernard Martlu-ws Hunior High RL-porrerj, Martha Houher llypisll. M3I'KRl't'Y lgou fTypIstj, May Parks fTypistl, Sara Westoii fifypistj. Ruth Wocvilmei' lwlqypislj, Nlary Dworsak fllvporterl, Lvlia Smith lReportvi'l. Lois Cowlxer fR0p0i'lurl, Advlaidc Wfarxiofk flleporu-rl. Mario Dicknon lRcporre-rl. Berry Cuppur llfxchange Edimrl. Misa Huw- man 1l'aCL.lty Advuerl. SECOND RGW STANDING: Bm-rnard Yukzlson lA-an-tant Aclva-rtising Manage-rl. Rolwrt Dickson 1Ashi5ranr Advertixing lVlanagvri, Huglm Miller 1Typ1srJ, Ida Thompkon 1Typi:.rJ. An- gelo Vvspa IRl'porterl, Frcdcrlck Farrand lAsbiatamt Circulation Nlanagcrl. Robert Vogt fAmi5t- anr Advvrtising Managed. STAFF MEMBERS NOT IN PICTURE: Elmur Badin llVIake-up Iiditorl. Samuel Burnlmrn lBusinvsss lVla11agci'l. FALCON STAFF SEATED: lzlmer Bflclin lArt Coinrnitt-221. Miss Govc lArr Supvrviaorl. jam' Candy iArt Commitzs-el. Plwlln Krvpx lAr: Committee-J, Nlaric Parker flypiarj. Florence Miller 1Edimr-1n- Chivfl, Betty Long QAssociatv Eclitorl. George Agnew lfiuainess Nlanagerl, Alicv Chamberlain QAM Committuvj. lfrank I-loover QA:-r Committeej. STANIDING: Betty Phillips fsnap lidirorl, Jvanettc Biddle fCl1airman of Ari Comrnittvul, Nlary Pmvnton flypistj, Sara Westoim flqypistj. Mr. Gleason lliaculty Business Nlanagerj. Nlahlon Wocmi11r'v' fASSislanl Advertising: Nlanagwl, Robert Sullivan lAtl'xletic liditorl, Norman Ryan QAd' ve-rtiwing Nlanazerl. Miss Moore ll.in-rary Adviwll. NOT IN PICTURE: Tony lVlas:rOpaolo. who lent valuable absibranrv to adxvrnsmg manager. Publications ln a striking array of myriads of colors the blooms of a garden tell their own story of growth and development from day to day and season to season. They are the heralds of the garden, and the garden's story may be read in their faces. Less colorful but equally accurate is the story of the School Garden as it is re- vealed from time to time in various ways. One way in which a School Garden reveals itself very authentically and periodically is by means of its publications. Herein all may look and read the school's story as it unfolds. "The Spokesman," the bi-weekly school newspaper, covered the happenings of the School Garden from seed-time to harvest faithfully and well. This faithful service for the school has been made possible by continuously raising the standards for admission to the editorial and business staffs of the paper and retention therein. Very active advertising managers together with two peppy subscription drives made possible a larger budget for the l934 Spokesman, which, in turn, enabled the staff to increase the size of the paper, to use a better grade of paper, and to put out four special issues-namely, the Thanksgiving Day Football lssue, the Christmas lssue, theuSpokesboy," and the Commencement lssue. Gn December ninth, Jane Getz, Richard Walsll, Florence Miller, Lelia Smith and Edith Harpster attended the county press convention at Keith junior High in Altoona. "The Spokesman" is a member of the Blair County Press Association, the Pennsylvania School Press Association, the Columbia Press Association, and the National Scholastic Press Association. ' e7 G17 In "The Falcon"-the yearbook-an attempt is made by the Senior Class to give an annual display of the activities going on within the School Garden. lt aims to be more pictorial, more colorful, and less detailed than its sister publication, "The Spokesman." The Art Committee under the supervision of Miss Gove chose the flower garden as the motif for the 1934 Falcon. lt executed all of the art work to be found with- in the book, using linoleum as the medium for much of it, and thereby effecting greater economy. Capable business and advertising managers working heartily in cooperation with Mr. Gleason, the faculty business adviser, increased the budget to the l93l level. "The Falcon" is a member of the Blair County Press Association, the Penn- sylvania School Press Association, and the National Scholastic Press Association. Delegates represented it at the county press conventions held at Altoona and Hollidaysburg and at the press convention conducted by the School of Journalism of the Pennsylvania State College. During the past seven years the National Scholastic Press Association awarded "The Falcon" first honor-rating three times and second honor- rating four times. The Pennsylvania School Press Association awarded the l933 Falcon a medal for standing second place in its class. . 'GMU 4-'FSMQ QQ. n 5136 fy S'lALJDENT COUNCH. FIRST ROW: James Rhodes, I-lulvn Ginter, ,lonclle Evans, Nlilton Getz, Edward Paulhamus, Marcella Wills. Ruth Searcr. Nlarie Roberts. Ssanlvy Newman, Richard lxtrgenl. Kurt Postrvirlw. SECOND RC.7W: Tillie Christine. Adelaide Xvarnoclc. janet Smith. Bvttv Long. Betty Cupp0r. Nlary Augusta Mavhlce. Fayt' Owenx. Louise Gartner. Dorothy Gillman. Paulinn Miller. 'l'HlRD ROW: Anthony Nlasrropaolo, Francis Wfolfr. Sn-wart Cwibboney. lVlr. Skelly lAdvi- serl. lane Getz. Gvorge Agnvw. Clwstur Wolford, Betty Herlr. IJOURTH ROW: Robert Vogt. Calvin Elder, James Carman, Waltet' Lotz, John Stroup, Homer Rhodes. Curtis Sensor. CLASS OFFICERS AND CLASS DEANS FIRST ROVU. SENIOR CLASS: Norman Ryan lSccial Managerb. Martha Cnngery fSocial Mttnatigurl. Georigr- Agnew lSecr-Jtarvl. Gertrude Garman lTreasut'crl. john Stroup Ipresi- dentj. Berry Long fVice Prcsidenrl. Mr. Sreigermalr KDQ-anl, SECOND RONV. JUNIOR CLASS: Richard Walsh lSorial Nlanagvrl, Mrb. Nlyott 1Dcanl, Pearl Stvwart lsvcretaryl, Shirlty Batrlwler QTreasurerl. Mary Dalmicls lSoQial Managerl. Wil- liam lrlnssler lPt'tmidet1rl. 'I'l'llRD ROKW. SOPHOMORE CLASS: Mrs. Rutter Kllcanl, Evelyn Colabinc lVice Presi- clentl. Katherinv Oster fSccretaryl, Jack Yarnall lPreQidcntl, Ambcr Oakwood fTrca5urc-rl. Margaret Putman lSocial Managery. Student Council Constant vigilance must be given the Garden if it is to function properly and come to full flower and fruition. Such vigilance can be given only when a number of factors coordinate purposefully and smoothly. The Student Council is one such factor in the School Garden. Most of its work is done through committees directed by a common head. A glance at the committees reveals the scope of the work done by the group. These committees are: honor, scholarship, attendance, reception, welfare, lost and found, ushering, pep, alumni records, historian, publicity, care of school property, tickets. Visible evidences of the Student Council's work were the following: The typing and placing in the assembly song books of school songs and old favorites. Reports for home rooms on class standing, letter awards, ushering, etc. Regulation of library permits. Arrangements for students to study in vacant rooms on their honor. Repair work. The securing of privileges for publication typists in the matter of elec- tric light. ' The sending of representatives, jane Getz and Richard Walsh, to the central Pennsylvania Student Council Conference, at Altoona, on March 8. The group is concentrating on a handbook. which is to be ready for distribu- tion at the beginning of the next school year. This seriousfminded group meets on alternate Fridays, and its officers are: JANE GETZ ,... , . ...,.. . . ..,.. , . .... .... ......,.. . . .President BETTY LONG . . . . . , Vice President PAULINE NIYERS .... .... , .Secretary MR. SKELLY ......,....,.,.. ,.....,.., ,,...... F a culty Adviser Class Officers and Class Deans Effective class organization and functioning greatly facilitates the Student Coun- cil work, for the functioning of the School Garden is the functioning, in total, of its parts. The sophomore, junior, and senior classes were especially fortunate this year in their respective choices of the deans and the officers chosen for class adminis- tration. The Sophomore Party, the junior Prom, the Christmas Party, the Senior Ban- quet and Dance-each will be remembered by the respective class sponsoring it as a gala and highly entertaining affair. Busiest, of course, throughout the year was the senior group with its many ac- tivities and functions, but the class president, John Stroup, and the senior dean, Mr. Steigerwalt, found the Class of 1934 very cooperative and well unified. . l I .. ms fi SENIOR PLAY CAST SFATED: Adelaide Warlmmirfk lMis3 Wilke-5. Stenographerj. Sara Wcrtz lViv1an Dar' rcllj, Betty Long lAnn Wilistonj. Robert Chamberlain lllolnert Prestonl. Jeanette Biddle lliranres. the maidl. La Bonna Olson lOlga, the rookl, Betty Phillips lPl1orographerJ. STANDING: Calvin Elder Vfhomas, the burlerl. Samuel Miller lNL-wspaper re porturl. jackion Frantz 1PulicrmanJ. Robert Gingerich lPl'iotograpl1erl, Joan-ph Palermo lDol::son. the villainj. Misra lVlacDowell lCoaclil, john Oberly lDr. Talleyj. Norman Ryan fMec-k, the clerkl. Mahlon Wooiiiei' lRev. Loringl. Chester Wolford lBeansy, the oflflce boyl. SENIOR PLAY BUSINESS STAFF SHATED: Gertrude Carman lpropcrty Managerl, janv Dickson fBusiness Mnnagcrl, Nliss Cornmesber ll7aculty Business Managerl. Elsa Dietrick flVlake-up-Dirvctorl. Flor- ence Miller fproperty Managcrl. Janet Smith lArtistic Director-J. STANDING: Walte1A Lorz llilectricianl, Hugh Millvi' lBusiness Nlanagerl, Stephen Nlartlinuse lstage Managerl. Robert Sullivan fstagc Nlnnagcrl. George Agnew fHL'ad Usherl . Thomas. a butler . ..., JOHN CALVIN ELDER The Senior Play Much that is dramatic transpires within a School Garden. The pupil, being the principal protagonist, finds here both comedy and tragedy-comedy, in its truest sense, when, at graduation, he realizes that he has surrnounted all his school difficulties, and tragedy, when he is stalked and worsted by that school Villain, failure. Once every year the Tyrone High School lays aside and forgets its own struggle, dramatically speaking, to enjoy its dramatic production, the Senior Play. "lt Won't Be Long Now," a farce in three acts by Milton Herbert Cropper, was the selection made for the 1934 number. Its plot was woven about a young busif ness man, Robert Preston, who believed in the policy of never mixing sentiment with business. Doctor Talley, one of his best friends, and Ann Winston, the girl with whom he was in love, worked up a scheme to make Preston change his ways. The scheme involved telling Preston that he had taken by mistake a poison for a headache solution, and that, consequently, he had only twenty-four more hours to live. Many hilarious situations arose before Preston discovered that his destined hour had not come. The players in the order of their first appearance in the play were: William Meek, clerk . . "Beansy" Blake, office boy . Robert Preston, business man .. Miss Wilkes, stenographer ..... Charles Dobson, political healer Dr, Walter Talley ..........,. Ann XVinston ........ Vivian Darrell .,.., Rev. Dr. Loring . . . A policeman .... Frank Cullen . . . Olga. a nook . . Frances. a maid .. . . Photographers ,...,. . . The following people made u Director , . . . . . Faculty Business Manager . , Nlnke-up Director ,..... Student Business IVlanagers,. Artistic Director ....,... . . Property Managers, . , . . , Electrician . , . , . . . Stage Managers . . , , , . . .. NORMAN RYAN , , . CHESTER WOLFORD . . . ROBERT CHAMBERLAIN . .... ADELAIDE WARNOCK .JOSEPH PALERMO . .. JOHN OBERLY ..,,....BETTY LONG . SALLY WERTZ , ,MAHLON WOOMER JACKSON FRANTZ . , . SAMUEL MILLER LaBONNA OLSON JEANETTE BIDDLE . BETTY JANE PHILLIPS, ROBERT GINGERICH p the production committee: .. SAIR MMDOWELL .........,..MARYCORNMESSER .................ELSADIETRICK . HUGH MILLER and MARY JANE DICKSON ...............................JANETSMITH . . GERTRUDE GARMAN and FLORENCE MILLER LOTZ STEPHEN MARTHOUSE and ROBERT SULLIVAN 1 The cast and Miss MacDowell, the director, received unstinted praise for the creditable work which they did. A good and enthusiastic house attested to the popularity of the Senior Play. r:-S""'W oak .7 LIBRARY STAFF SEATED: Evangeline Bloom. Iivelyn Cox. Betty Phillips. ,lvhsie Kanour, Marv Ellen Hawks-. Bernard Yukelson. Miss Meredith KLibrariani. Adelaide Warnock. janet Smith. Mai-y Augusta Maschke. Ida Thompson. STANDING: Dennis Hand. William Cuppur, Jack Ynrnvll, Walter Pownall. Betty Cuppur. Suzanne Kanour, Sue Glasgow, Alice Hicks, Lorraine Shirk, Nina Lombardo, Alice Lotz. Nlary Elizabeth Vanm-man, Virginia Massaro, lVlii'iam Sevmour. Doris Sloey. Angelina Zang. ,lean Foyer. Marii- Thompson. Eva Miller. Hclen Ivlorrow. Ruth Irvin. ART CLUB FRONT ROW: Charles Fink. Thomas Lanv. Jack Lienliardt. SECOND ROW: Jack Clark, Robert Ammcrman. Raymond Neil. Callwrine Nliller. THIRD ROW: Sam Parsons. Yvonne Russell, Richard Lament. Jack Clipper. FOURTH ROW: jane WL'i'lz. Nlarjorie Eckert, Nlilton Getz, Mary Bala-man. Iill:TI-I ROW: Miss Cove IA:-i' Supervisorl. lderman Brown, Enid Svarcr. LaRue Cas- sidy. Catherine Cook, Amelia Vespa. I I ' 5' 1' I, ' .Z Rfk -' flJoff.,..x f-ja-""J n If V4 i ' 1, ...1 74,-,f -if!!-'r""LA' !""'-3 . -' ' 1 Z-,JO-!1f ,Z I 'Q V5 A-, vC?4,o.,,pf69',1 ,Va f ' X fl 1 , - - - f " k, - "-ff,-17,0-.,,,, - . I !L,,,- ff..-g, Q Y.-j p-1,411-1.1 y, J A , 52 ' X f , - N , if X V! 4' ay --Tex, -,,.,.,f r I5 'fl .zo LJ -..,' -cw 7,4-.yay W, Q V I J I' 'I v 1"-5""'7Q li 7'A! '77 . ff--f -1"--f J- in 4 fr f' 'w fr-f .ff I 'X I ,, INWIV' 1 . . rl '1 I-' nr 4' ,.5,p.' 4 -.,,, van... M- -' f, jilif Library Staff The selection and purchase of seeds and plants and the cataloging of the same is no small part of the work of a Gardner for his Garden. The parallel carries over into the School Garden, where a trained worker and a staff of student assistants perform a similar piece of work. Among the duties for the librarian and her assistants are the purchase of new books and magazines, the arrangement of all reading materials, the help given stu- dents to find desired materials, the checking of all out-going and in-coming ma- terials, and the mending of books. A library school held during the last two months of school was designed to teach students the use of call numbers, card catalogue, Reader's Guide, etc. Staff meetings were held from time to time by Miss Meredith, the librarian, and there was also a social function for her assistants. Art Club Brilliant displays of blooms are the Garden's best advertisement of itself. Simi- larly, in the School Garden, the work done by the Art Club is an expression, in color and form, of many of the activities found in the school. The work of this club showed itself in beautiful posters made to announce the various dramatic productions of the school, the publication drives, the drive for band members, athletic events, etc. The poster contests conducted by the Ameri- can Legion and the Womenis Christian Temperance Union have always called forth the best efforts of some of this group. A study of puppetry, including the wood carving of heads for the puppets, was a project undertaken by the group this last year. Gut-of-door sketching parties combined work and play for the group. A roller skating party and a Christmas celebration were the social events for the year. Membership of this club is a limited one, and new members are voted in by the club itself upon approval of Miss Gove, the Art Supervisor, who is singularly successful in motivating this type of art work. C .. WNW Af-'S M! Neo n ,5 S, P. Q. R, FIRST ROW: John Oberlin Alice laotz, Sue Glasgow. Mary Elizalseth Vanneman, Miss Gib- bon lFaculty Advise-rl. jane Getz. Elmer Badin. Mary Daniela. Betty Phillips. Fred Dannaway. Robert Cupper. SECOND ROW: William Wiser. Mary Lauder. Betty Long. Luther Hawke, Mary Engelman. Thelma Wilson. Edith Harpsler. Dennis Snyder, Jules Crowell. Evangeline Bloom. THIRD ROXV: jean Royc-r. H.xrrict Cowher. Florence Nlullvr. Jane Dickson. Shirley Batche- ler. Faye Owens. Fannie Smith. FOURTH ROW: Eleanor Miller. Caroline Beck. LaRue Diehl, Flornell Robertson. Dorothy Black, ,lane Conaghan. Katherine Oster. F RENCH CLUB FIRST ROW: Jay Speece. Gertrude Garman. Betty Long. Jeanette Biddle. Mrs Myott lFac- ulty Adviserl. Ruth Diclcaon. Marie Dickson. Isabel Barber, Sara Adams.. Jane Getz. SECOND ROW: Eleanor Condo. Blanche Singler. Mary Ellen Hawke, Florence Miller. Mary lingelman, Shirley Batrheler. Martha Gingery. Betty Cupper, Virginia Blair, Isabella Fleck. THIRD ROW: Kathryn Caldwell. ,lean Neil. janet Smith, Betty Myera. Miriam Seymour. Faye Owens. Robert McNeal. Stephen Marthouae. Royer McNeal. James Davis. Anthony Mastro- paolo. FOURTH ROW: Robert Chamberlain. Adelaide Warnock. Walter Pownall, Walter Lotz. Richard Campbell. Samuel Hayes, joseph Palermo. ,lohn Stroup. Thomas Fiaher, William Jones. FIFTH ROW: Jack Shildr. George Shim-us, Wayne Zindel, George Agnew, William I-lassler, Carl Albright. Language Clubs "To him who in the love of natureu visits her garden "she speaks a various lan- guage," and thus it is in the school garden at Tyrone, where two other languages besides the mother tongue are heard. The S. P. Q. R. fSenatus Populusque Romanus-The Senate and the Roman Peoplej or Latin Club, although not actively engaged in speaking Latin, is very enthusiastic about its study. The Latin Club held its first meeting of the year in October, at the home of Jane Cvetz, where the following officers were elected: President . .... ...... ....... ..,...,..,...... ..,... E L M E R BADIN Secretary-Treasurer . . . , , , . . .... . . . . , MARY DANIELS Chairman of Program Committee . . .....,.. . . . .........,,..... JANE GETZ New members, students who had earned a certain grade in Latin, to the num- ber of fourteen were added to the Club this year, making a total membership of thirty-three. A Market held in November provided money to buy a model Roman house which was assembled and painted by club members, and exhibited at the Spring Exhibit along with other Latin projects. The annual banquet was held in the rooms of the Domestic Science Department, February 22. Dr. I. Harvey Brumbaugh, the head of the Latin Department of Juniata College, was the chief speaker at this event. A skit, as well as the songs, menu, and program for this event were written in Latin. The moving force of this active language study group is Miss Cribson, whose origin- ality and penchant for hard work has made the club what it is. The French Club started its year of activities in the month of October, when it voted in its new officers. The officers elected were: RICHARD CAMPBELL .......,.........,.,......,.... ,,....,,.. P resident GEORGE AGNEW . . ,... .,.. ..,......... .,.,.. ..,....,., s ecfe f 3 YY ROBERT CHAMBERLAIN and MARY DWORSAK ....,,..,....,. Social committee An interesting project undertaken by this active group was an assembly program given entirely in French. An entertaining number of this program was the play, "Little Red Riding Hood." Solos, popular songs in translation, and group sing- ing by French students were well done and well received. Socially, the club made merry at a Weiner roast held in Stevens Park in early fall. At a dance held in the Junior Building during the month of February the group mixed French with rhythm. Mrs. Myott, the club's adviser, is well qualified for this type of work and receives whole-hearted support from the group in all her efforts in their behalf. fr:.S""0 4- -ggi .us H1-Y CLUB FRRST ROW: Mr. Skelly 1Advisory Councill. Mr. Su-igerwalt lAdvise-rl. John Glenn. Mr. Xvolfgang lAdvisory Councill, Mr. Humplmrey lAClvisory Councilj. Kenneth Eschbarh. john Stroup, William Hassler, Robert Miller. SECOND RQW: lVlal1lon Wnomer, Norman Ryan. Robert Barr. Russel Heyl. Jack Anderson, Stephen Marrhouse. William Glenn. Chester Wolford, Robert Sullivan, THIRD ROW: Nevin Thomas, George Agnew, Walter Lotz, Robert Chamberlain, Thomas Fisher. William LaPorte. Henry Heyl, Robert McNeal. Williaxn jones. Frank Hoover. FOURTH ROW: Calvin Elder. Allen Thomas, Louis Cox, james Garman, Max Kime mel, Luther Hawke, Walter Pownall, DEBATING SQUADS FIRST ROW: Howard Baldridge, Bernard Martliews, Raymond Neil, Harold Near- hoof, Marjorie Strariff, Hilda Tru.-cell, Margaret Wise, Louise Fuoss, Margaret Beal, Harry Yuki-lson. SECOND ROW: Mr. Slxaffer. Miss Lucas lCoacl1usj. THIRD ROW: joseph Bateman. Francis Wolfe. Wilson Rumlncrgcr. Jane Gerz, Wil- liam Hasslvr. Bernard Yukelson. Richard Walsh, Hi-Y The School Garden has many able exponents but none who are more interest- ed in propagating the good seed sowed there than the Hi-Y boys. The interest which the members of this club show in the club's aims, activities, et cetera is attested to by the facts that a majority of the group attended the club rally at Ebensburg in October, and that eight boys-Kenneth Eschbach, jack Anderson, john Stroup, William jones, james Davis, William LaPo1'te, Thomas Fisher, and George Agnew attended the Older Boys' Conference at Uniontown, December 6. The group also joined hands with the Tri-HifY's and the Gradale Club in a Fellowship Banquet held in the Y. M. C. A. in November. Further proof of the high aims of che group is evidenced in their donating Christmas baskets to the needy of Tyrone and in their wholehearted entrance inf to the state Bible study contest. Nor is the group inactive socially. Monthly club banquets are big events for the boys, and the annual Christmas dance is a festive occasion eagerly anticipated. The advisory committee for this group is composed of Mr. Steigerwalt, Mr. Wolfgang. Mr. Barr, Mr. Skelly, and Mr. Humphreys, the Y. M. C. A. secretary, who directs the club. Although Mr. Humphreys has worked with the boys but one year, results of his work are very evident. The ofiicers of the Hi-Y Club are: KENNETH ESCHBACH . , .,...,.. ......... P resident JOHN STROUP ,--------- .,., V ice President JOHN GLENN ..,...,. ..... S ecretary ROBERT MILLER . . . ..... .... ..... T r easurer Debating The year 1934 noted a favorable increase in both quantity and quality of verbal contenders for the School Garden. Moreover, the question which was ontheir minds and tongues was one of vital interest to everybody both inside and outside of the Garden. That the United States should adopt the essential features of the British system of radio operation and control was argued pro and con by the following students: Affirmative side-jane Getz, Francis Wolfe, Bernard Yukelson, and Wilson Rumberger. Negative side-Richard Walsh, William Hassler, and Joe Bateman. The schedule and results of debates were as follows: DATE TEAMS VICTORS February 21 Tyrone afirnmtive vs. State College negative. State College February 24 State College afnrmative vs. Tyrone negative. Tyrone Max'ch 6 ..., ,... I' iuntingdon aflirinative vs. Tyrone negative Tyrone March 7 .. . .... Tyrone afirmative vs. Huntingdon negative Tyrone March 8 .... Tyrone affirmative vs. Hollidaysburg negative Tyrone March 8 Hollidaysburg affirmative vs. Tyrone negative Tyrone Mar:h iS.. .... Tyrone afErmative vs. Williamsburg negative Tyrone March 15. . .... Williamsburg affirmative vs. Tyrone negative Williamsburg March 22 ..., .... T yrone affirmative vs. Claysburg negative. . Claysburg March Z2 .... .... C laysburg affirmative vs. Tyrone negative. Claysburg April 3 ..,,. .... N anty Glo affirmative vs. Tyrone negative.. Tyrone April 6 ..........., Tyrone affirmative vs. Nanty Glo negative. .. Nanty Glo Miss Lucas and Mr. Shaffer, as coaches of the affirmative and negative teams respectively, worked tirelessly to bring debating to the esteem in which it is held today in high school. They have spread interest in the activity to the junior high school, where younger pupils have signified a desire to learn debate procedure, con- structive argumentation, and standards of criticism. ,r s UIQ as s I-SQ, - P ,Q it fader? SENIOR TRI-HI-Y CLUB FIRST ROW: Mary Dworsak. Jeanette Biddle. Jane Getz, Florence Miller, Elsa Dietrick lCounselorj. Gertrude Garman. Adelaidi- Warnock, Betty Long, Betty Phillips, Marjorie Lane. Faye Owens. SECOND ROW: Anna Mary Schneider. Mary Engelman, Carolyn Shildt, Sara Wertz. Janet Smith, Marjorie Pfoutz. Kathryn Caldwell, Betty Myers, Jean Neil. THIRD ROW: Harriet Cowher, Martha Gingury, Betty Cupper, Mary Ellen Hawke, jane Dickson. Shirley Batcheler. Eleanor Condo. FOURTH ROW: Sue Glasgow, Lorraine Shirk. Suzanne McClintock. Marjorie Reeder, jane Candy, Alice Chamberlain. FIFTH ROW: iAdvisc-ry Committf.-el Miss Neva Webb, Mrs. D, J. Black, Mrs. R. M, Putman, Mrs. F. K, Lukenbaugh. JUNIOR TRI-HI-Y CLUB FIRST ROW: Josephine Pownall. Anna Jane Cox. Marjorie Eckert, Evelyn Colabine, Virginia Vanneman. Helerm Marthouse, Suzanne Kanour. SECOND ROW: Miss Jane Lucas iCounselorQ, Nlargaret Yarnall, Eleanor Miller, Rachel Cook, Mary Elizabeth Vanneman, Betty Snyder, Pauline Myers, Miss Rose Barr Qcounselorl. THIRD ROW: Mrs. John Dworsak iAdviserJ. Lclly Badin, Harriet Turnbaugh, Mar- jorie Shea, Margaret Putman, Katherine Oster. Tri-Hi-Y To replace ugliness with beauty, and, having produced beauty, to share it with others are some of the aims for makers of Gardens. Both in the School Garden and the Garden at Large the members of the Tri-1-lifY Clubs endeavor to achieve their goals, namely-"to seek, to find, to share." The Senior Tri-1-li-Y Club is the first chapter of the organization to be found' ed in Tyrone. lt has completed for its third year of activity a very ambitious pro- gram, as the following record will bear evidence. lts new oHicers performed their first notable service by inducting into office the officers of a sister club at State College, on May 11, 1933. jane Getz and Elsa Dietrick, the club counselor, attended the Tri-I-li-Y Camp at Newton Hamilton during the summer, and the club has profited much from their experiences and reports. ln September, practically the entire group, along with members of the Junior Tri-Hi-Y and Hi-Y Clubs, attended the Fall Rally at Ebensburg. The offi- cers and several members of the club conducted a model meeting for the Bell- wood Tri-Hi-Y Club at Bellwood on November 9. ' The combined Tri-Hi-Y Clubs were hostesses, on january 27, to the Central Pennsylvania Tri-HifY Conference held in the First Presbyterian Church. The Conference Theme was 'iBuilding a Better World," and was under the direction of Mr. I.. S. Erickson of the State Y. M. C. A. Staff and Mrs. Lillian B. Fierstone, Secretary of Women and Girls' Work, State Y. M. C. A. The Senior Tri-HifY Club enrolled one hundred per cent in the State Y. M. C. A. Bible Study Contest. The discussion classes were held every Sunday after' noon at the Y. M. C. A., from january 28 to March 18 inclusive. The social functions of the year were a party at Gertrude Garman's summer home at Axmain in june, an Armistice Day dance, and the Annual Christmas Dance, held in the Masonic Temple on December 27, and sponsored by the three "Y" Clubs. The officers for the year 1933-'34 were: GERTRUDE GARMAN . . .... . . .President ADELAIDE WARNOCK , ...... Secretary FLORENCE MILLER ......... Vice President JANE GETZ .............. . . Treasurer BETTY LONG .......,......,.............,....................... Chaplain An initiation for the new members of the Junior Trifl-li-Y Club, elaborate be' yond all previous initiations, marked the first event in this club's calendar for the year. On Columbus Day, October 12, an lmmigrant Masquerade was held in the Y. M. C. A. Gymnasium. The entire club also attended the Fall Rally for "Y" Clubs at Ebensburg. The Junior Club, in cooperating with the Senior Tri-Hi-Y and HifY Clubs, conf tributed much to the success of the Annual Christmas Dance, and to the State Bible Study. This club also joined with the Senior Club as hostesses to the Tri- Hi-Y Convention in january. Their prospective program for the remainder of the term includes a swimming party at State College, and a Mothers' and Daughters' Banquet. The officers for this year were: EVELYN COLABINE .......... ...... P resident MARGARET PUTMAN .... . . . . . .... Vice President SUZANNE KANOUR ...........,.. ....... S ecretary MARY ELIZABETH VANNEMAN . . . .... Treasurer g PAULINE MYERS ................ ..... C haplain xilivw .A-'T-:SQ 0 I cgi x8 trier? F It , v .J , ry, 5 ' 4, , ' Lf' I ' ' CNY My X Af ' I , msioms CLUB 'A I fy' X I FRONT ROW: John Glenn, Robert Sullivan, Blanche Wilt, Dorothy Moore, Dorothy Patter- J i,' f f ' 4 ' 1 ' ' ' . ,. V- son. Miss Webb Faculty Adviser , Rose Mary Heddinger, Camilla Koon, Evelyn Cox, Alice , l '. Chamberlain, Gladys Fink. , l SECOND ROW: Louise Snyder, Barbara Heverly. Martha Hotlser. Margaret O'Rourke, Mr. Gleason lFaculty Advisory, Virginia Barlert, Bessie Ike. Dorothy Cowher. 4 Ll l ,f L 1 dl 1 nf ' :A 'X W ll, , y X THIRD ROW: Ida Thompson, Thompson, james Nliller, Thomas Dawson, Chester Wolford, William Glenn, Jail: Anderson, . 1' Samuel Zanghi. Catherine Spanelli, Cleda Moist, Rose Spanelli, Marie ' FOLTRTH ROW: Lois Largent. La Rue Colt. Margaret Igou. Helen Nearhoof. May Parks. Alberta Frantz, Lois Cowher. Emma Hastings. Pearl Stewart. Lynn Drake. Robert Gates. Joseph Blazina. Aloysius O'Rourl-ce. FIFTI-I ROW: jackson Frantz. Clara Reed. Nina Lombardo, Marjorie Lane, Hugh Miller, Frank Hoover, Robert Lykens. joseph Mannino, Walter Bratton. IUNIOR CROSS Cl-IAIRMEN FIRST ROW: Peggy Glenn. Mary Louise Keatley. Mary Lombardo, Miss Kloss lschool Nursel. ,lean Graham. Betty Miller. Janet Mogle. SECOND ROW: Dorothy Cornelius, Jane Conaghan. Betty Ammcrman, Charles Dickson, Alice Shea, Catherine Miller. THIRD RONV: Dorothy Hample, Joan Roycr. Mary Dworsak, Helen Hagerman, Elizabeth Deloziel'. FOURTH ROW: Lco Gunter, Clifford Watson. Jack Yarnall, Oscar Hample. Thomas Smith. Burnell Brown. B1S1gI11S Club A beautiful and successful Garden is the result of a wise and carefully planned expenditure of money, time, and effort. A group of students in the School Garden who are particularly interested in efficient business administration everywhere, both in school and out, is the recent- ly organized Bisignis Club. The projects which the group outlined for execution give a fair idea of the aims and accomplishments of the group. Among them are: An investigation and inspection, by students, of the business offices of Tyrone, with seniors observing office procedure for at least one half of a clay. An investigation of the qualifications and training required of applicants for business positions in Tyrone. A Commercial Exhibit in May. Entrance of contestants in the Regional Commercial Contestin the subjects of book- keeping, shorthand, typing, business law, and business arithmetic. The social function of the year was a banquet held in the Home Economics Rooms. The speakers for this occasion were District Attorney Gilbert and Prin- cipal Skelly. The officers of the organization are: ROBERT SULLIVAN ........... ,..... ...... . . . ..,.,., President HUGH MILLER ......, .... V ice President LOIS LARGENT ........,......................................... Secretary MARGARET IGOU ....,..,...., .................,.......,..,.... T reasurer The sponsors of this club are the teachers of the Commercial Department-Miss Webb, Mrs. Rutter, and Mr. Gleason. Red Cross Activities Not only must a beautiful Garden be wisely and efficiently planned, but it also must be given constant surveillance and care. ln the School Garden the juniorlled Cross Chairmen have delegated them- selves, together with their very efficient guide and counselor, Miss Kloss, to the task of looking after the health and physical welfare of people in and about Tyrone. The work done by this group is its best song of praise. After collecting 556.73 in the public schools follows: of Tyrone and Grazierville, it disbursed a portion of it as 58.00 52.70 53.87 51.98 S .98 53.25 for coal for two families for candy for gifts for Christmas party for shoe repair for thermometer for Jr. Red Cross First Aid Books 510.00 for jr. Red Cross journals for all schools 83.00 for ointment for skin cases treated in school 51.95 for medicine for boy suffering from a thyroid condition These Junior Chairmen held a Christmas Party at the high school taking care of ninety-two children and giving each a gift and a stocking of candy, hot cocoa, and cakes. Most of the gifts distributed were old ones which had been collected and repaired by the juniors. In addition to the Christmas project there have been held, every two weeks, First Aid Classes. Plans are under way to provide the wherewithal to send a delegation of these young helpers to the National Con- vention which is to be held in Washington, D. C. The officers of this group are as follows: DOROTHY HAMPLE ...,,..........,.... ...... I ,resident MARJORIE LANE .....,, . . .Vice President ALICE SHEA .. ,. ...... Secretary HELEN HAGERMAN , . , . . Treasurer BETTY KLOSS R, N. . ., .... Chairman 'll Su' fm .A--- gf oak ry 51096 'ii ! n i 5 E Z E i 2 1 Jo U s. v u I Q Q I 5 a 5 . 3 Athletics In rocky crags of mountain near The hardy mountain laurel grows, Surviving blasts throughout the year, Emblem of victory to honor heroes. just as harsh elements strengthen the laurel, So activities of the track, the gym, and the Held Develop true character and strengthen morale- Earning us the crowns that these laurel shrubs yield --Mary Jane Dickson, ,34 SENIOR HIGH FOOTBALL SQUAD FIRST ROW: Joseph Seymour. Robert Carling, Graydon Faust, Walicr Ross, Harry Baer, Michael Franslcio, Charles Zanghi, Edgar Keys. SECOND ROW: Walter Pownall. Jack Anderson, Anthony Mastropaolo. Chester White. Russel He-yl. Homer Shildt. Chester Woodring. John Stroup. Jack Reeder, THIRD ROW: Mr. Oberly fTrainerl. lVlr. Stonebraker fCoachJ. Walter Lotz IManagerJ. John Rote. Robert Barr. Carl Albright. John Condo. Wayne Zindel, Wilson Rumberger. Alton Pannebaker. Richard Westley. Mr. Waite fAssistant Coachj, Mr. Snyder lFaculty Business Man- aged, Jack Heberling lAssistant Manageri. FOURTH ROW: John Candy, William La Porte. Thomas Fisher. Paul Bressler, William Jones, James Scordo, James Hoffman, Eugene Fasano. Allen Thomas. Aloysius O'Rourke. JUNIOR HIGH AND JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL SQUADS FIRST IQOW: Robert Estright. William Wilt. James Snyder, William Snyder, Roger Fernau. I--Lnrold lVlcConne-ll, Edmond Nloyef Hunior I-ligh Nlanngerj, Chester Miller. SECOND IZOW: Paul Miller, William Shively, Malfolm Ammcrman. Mahlon Gates, Eddie Delljaggio, Francis Wertz, Charles Johnson, Jack Snyder, Robert Kepler fAssistant ManagerJ, TIHIRJD ROW: Mr. Slmollenlwrger K-Junior Higlx Conchj, Paul Price fAssistant Nl:-xnage1'J, Nlarlin Bathurst. Melvin Baughman. Robert Smith. Frank Waite, Melvin Stiver. Williaxn Yarnall, Mr, Snyder lFaculry Business Managerh. FOURTH ROW: Joseph Seymour, Edgar Keys. Edwin Baer. Graydon Faust. Walter Ross. Robert Carling, Charles Zanghi, John Candy, Michael Franskio, Aloysius O'Rourke. Football Players NAME Pos1TIoN Albright, Carl. ..... . . Ammerman, Malcolm ...... Anderson, lack ............ Barr, Robert .... Baer, Edward ..... Bathurst, Marlin .,., Baughman, Melvin Bressler, Paul . . . Candy, john ........ Carling, Robert ..... Condo, john ..4........... Del Baggio, Edward . Estright, Robert ...... Fasano, Eugene .. Faust, Grey . . . Fernau, Roger .... Fisher, Thomas ...., Franskio, Michael ,.,.,..... Gates, Mahlon ..,... Gunsallus, Byron .... I-leyl, Henry . .. Heyl, Russel .... Hoffman, james .... Johnson, Charles .... jones, William .... Kephart, Oscar .... Keys, Edgar ......... Kilmartin, Robert .... LaPorte, William ..... Larosa, john ......... Mastropaolo, Anthony McConnell, Harold .. Miller, Chester ....... Miller, Paul .......... O'Rourke, Aloysius .. Pannebaker, Alton . . . Pownall, Walter .... Reeder, John ..... Ross, Walter ........ Rote, john .......... Rumberger, Wilson .. Scordo, james ........ Shilclt, Homer ...... Seymour, Joseph .... Shively, Wilson ..... Smith, Robert ..... Snyder, jack ...... Snyder, james ....... Snyder, William .... Stiver, Melvin .... Stroup, john .... Thomas, Allen .... Waite, Frank . . . Weaver, John ..... Wertz, Francis .... Westley, Richard .... White, Chester . . . Wilt, William ....... Woodring, Chester. . . Yarnall, ,lack ........ Yarnall, William ,... Zanghi, Charles. . . Zindel, Wayne .... Tackle . Center . . . Center ..... Tackle ..... Quarterback End ........,.... Center ..... Center . . . Tackle ..... Fullback. . Tackle . . . Center . . . End . . . Tackle .... Guard .... Tackle .... Guard ...,.. . . . Halfback ..... . . Center ..... Fullback .... Halfback ..... . . End ........ Guard .... Guard .... Center ..... Halfback . .. End ........ End ...,...... . . . End .............. Quarterback ....,. Quarterback End ........ Tackle . . . Guard .... End ...... Tackle ..... Fullback .......... Halfback ......... Center .... . Quarterback ...... Tackle ..... Halfback ..... . . Guard ..,... . . . Tackle ........ . . I-lalfback ......... Fullback .......... Halfback . . . Halfback ......... Quarterback Guard ............ Halfback . . . Tackle ..... End ........ Fullback . . . Guard .... End .... End .... Tackle . . . Guard ...... Tackle ,...... . . . Tackle ..... Quarterback ....,.. Tackle ........ . . . AGE WEIGHT 16 .... 146. 13 115 . 17 .. 150. 16 .... 156. 16... 136. ITS 15... .... 118 ..... 16 .. .... 135... 16... .... 153 .... 15 .. .... 169 .... 16... .... 134 .... 18... .... 160 ..,. 15... .,,. 100 .... 14 .. .... 124 .... 17... ..,. 148 .... 16... .... 164 .... 13... .... 144 .... 16.. .... 145 .... 17... .... 123 .... 14... .... 135 .... 17... .... 148 ..... 15... .... 139 .... 17... .... 15l... 18... .... 137 .... 16... .... 119 .... 16... .... 142 .... 18... ...160.... 17... .... 140 .... 16... .... 128 .... 15... .... 141 .... .... 137. .... 145. .... 145. 93. 17 17 16 13 15 106 17 156 16 176 16 145 16 154 15 142 18 167 15 173 17 120 17 156 17 143 14 113 15 .... 124 . 15 109 17 .... 122 . 16 132 16 132 17 140 14 162 15 132 16 131 13 126 17 144 19 145 16 122 17 142 17 154 15 135 17 134 18 160 CLASS junior 8th Grade Senior Senior Sophomore Freshman Freshman Sophomore Sophomore Junior junior 8th Grade 8th Grade Junior Sophomore 7th Grade junior Sophomore Freshman if Junior Junior Senior Sorhomore Freshman junior Freshman junior Freshman junior Sophomore Senior Freshman Sth Grade Freshman Senior Freshman junior Sophomore Sophomore junior Sophomore junior junior Freshman Freshman Freshman X Freshman -. . n Freshman 42- 8th Grade Freshmag Senior Sophomore Freshman Sth Grade Freshman Junior Senior Freshman Freshman Sophomore Sth Grade Freshman Senior .. 46100 A!--S ,pl gn, .ff Football Tyrone High School's 1933 football campaign was ushered in on September 23, under an entirely new coaching staff, by scoring an impressive 25-O victory over Osceola Mills on a hot afternoon. Stroup starred for the Eagles with several long runs. The following Saturday Tyrone bucked up against unexpected opposition and was on the short end of a 13f7 count at the end of the first half. - The game end- ed at that point when Robertsdale refused to withdraw some ineligible players. The officials' decision was "no contest." On October 7 the Golden Eagles traveled over the mountain and lost a heart' breaker to Clearfield High by a score of 12 to 6. Tyrone's play looked ragged in their first contest away from home owing to the innumerable fumbles. The Tyrone lads returned to the home field with a revamped line-up and swamped State College by an 18 to O score. The Eagles looked like a new team and had everything their own way throughout the encounter. Morrisdale, the husky group from over the mountain, gave Tyrone High one of their biggest surprises of the season when they held the home boys to a 6-6 dead- lock. Chet Woodring saved Tyrone from a bitter defeat by intercepting a pass, in the waning minutes of the last quarter, and racing 60 yards to score. Friday, Cctober 27, saw the "Tarzans" travel to Bellefonte and, for the second successive week, battle to a tie. This time there was a zero mark for each team. It was the first time in five years that the Eagles didn't beat the Governors. In- complete passes and fumbles marred all chances either team had to score. Reed- er's fifty yard run was the longest of the day. After a week of hard practice the Golden Eagles treked to Johnstown and suf- fered the worst defeat of the season at the hands of a heavier and more experienced team. The 26 to O setback came as a result of Tyrone's misplays, as three of the touchdowns were purely gifts in the form of fumbles and intercepted passes. The tenth annual clash with our ancient rival, Hollidaysburg, was played under the floodlights and resulted in another scoreless tie game for Tyrone. Neither team had a chance, as the weatherman carried off all honors. There were no sen- sational plays due to the severe cold and ice-covered gridiron. Keppy's punting was the big feature of the game, twice getting off sixty yard-boots from behind his own goal line. On November 18 Tyrone played host to Philipsburg on a mud-be-spattered field. After four hectic periods of mud slinging, the scoreboard showed no score for either team. Had "ole man weather" been more lenient the Eagles might have emerged victorious, as they had numerous opportunities to score. As a let-up before the Turkey Day Clash the "Tarzans" handed Williamsburg a sound thrashing to the tune of 26-O. The Eagles displayed by far their best brand of ball of the season in handing a bitter defeat to a team that was rated on par with our boys. For the final game of the season the Golden Eagles journeyed to Mansion Park with visions of a victory, but were sadly disappointed as Altoona handed them a severe 26-O setback. The "Scarlet Steppersn played one of the best games of the season in administering Tyrone a defeat for the fifth straight year. In scanning over the season we find Tyrone enjoying a season with three victor- ies, three defeats, and four ties. Let's give a cheer for Tyrone Hi- Hur-rahl Hur-rah! Let's give a cheer for all our men- Hur-rahl Hur-rah! We'll play the game, we'll do or die We'll always play for Tyrone Hi, And we'll all feel gay for Tyrone Hi will win. 1 .. WNW A!--SQQ! aloe: , 'find .1 'I 'NYE i PERSONALS JOHN REEDER HALFBACK Jack ...... varsity berth in his first year. . . . . .aborn ball toter ...... fast ...... dependable. . . . defensive star .... . .a future star. JACK ANDERSON CENTER 7 ff Pete ...... varsity center after three years of hard work ...... accurate passes ...... full of pep ' ...... kept the teamls spirits up ...... vicious tackler. JOHN CONDO TACKLE Lindy ...... in every play ...... steady offensive and defensive player ...... calm. . ...a safe tackler. JOHN STROUP HALFBACK Johnny ,.... .steady player ...... cool ...... a dependable blocker ...... sure tackler .... a noted ball carrier ...... accurate passes. ROBERT BARR TACKLE Bob's senior year ...... a hard-hitting tackle .... ..opened up big holes for the backs. . . . possessed that "never say die" spirit. A JOHN ROTE QUARTERBACK Scotty ...... a newcomer to our school ...... the tallest man on the squad ...... an exceptional blocker. . , . .a fine punter ...... called plays to perfection ...... a smashing line plunger. RUSSELL HEYL, Co-Captain . END Russ .,.... a dependable end ...... in every play ...... rated one of the best ends in the con- ference group ...... a quick thinker .,.... always got his man. BYRON GUNSALLUS, Co-Captain FULLBACK Bud ...... an inspiring leader ...... a great line plunger ...... took plenty of punishment ..... thorn to all our opponents ...... has another varsity year. 1 . l . J? PERSONALS EUGENE FAsANo GUARD Gene .... . .a fighting, smashing guard ...... a hard tackler ...... a good blocker ...... possesses plenty of pep. CHESTER WHITE END Chet ..,... a hard fighting end ...... a fine tackler ....,. very consistent ...,.. a good offensive end .....t fast and tricky ...... will be missed by the '34 machine. CARL ALBRIGHT TACKLE Onions ...... tall and angular ....,. incomparable on the defense. . . .second varsity year . . . . . .always kept fighting. ANTHONY MASTROPAOLO QUARTERBACK Tony ...... second string signal caller ...,.. a hard worker ...... things were bound to happen when he was inserted ...... always gave his best. CHESTER WOODRING GUARD Chet ...... proud possessor of that Waiodring fight ....,. showed up brilliantly on the defense ......indispensable. . . . . .a real lineman. OSCAR KEPHART HALFBACK Keppy ...... short and stocky ..,... one of fastest men on squad ...... only a freshman ..... noted for bullet passes ...... a great punter. I-IOM ER SHILDT GUARD - Pete ...... up from last year's jay-Vees ...... in every play ..... tackles with deadly accuracy ......fast. . . . . .ablocker. JAMES SCORDO HALFBACK jimmy ..... our diminuitive star ...... what he lacked in weight he made up for in speed .... . clever side-stepper ...... his quick wit was always noticeable. , f ff' VARSITY RASK ETBALL SQUAD SEATED: Thomas Fisher fAs5istant Nlanagerl. Charlvs Douglas. ,lack Troutwinc. james Scordo. Robert McNeal. Paul Breswler. Mr. Snyder lljaculry Business Nlnnagerj. STANDING: Mr. Stoncbrnlcer lcuachl. Carl Albright, Homer Slmildt john Roto, Robert Barr, james Miller, Mr, Waite lAssismnt Coachl. JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL SQUAD SEATED: Clmrlvs Znnglxi, Paul Price. Robert Carling. Robert Zim mcrman, Jolxn Glenn. STANDING: james Davis fAssistant Nlanagzerl. Mr. Sronelnnlcer lCoacl1l. Anthony' Nlastropaolo. Mr. Waite lAuiwmnt Coachj, Nlr. Sny- dcr CBusincss Manaizc-rl, if . film ,S .-Y' . df' NAME Albright, Carl .... Barr, Robert .... Bressler, Paul ..... Carling, Robert ..... Douglas, Charles.. Glenn, john ......... Mastropaolo, Anthony McNeal, Robert ,..... Miller, James . .. Price, Paul .... Rote, John ...... Scordo, James ..... Shildt, Homer .... Troutwine, jack ..... Zanghi, Charles ...... Zimmerman, Robert.. Basketball Players Pos1r1oN AGE HEIGHT ...Center. 16... ...5ft.11in... ...Guard.. 16... ...5ft.11in.... ...Guard.. 16 Sft 7in ...Guard.. 16... ...5ft. Sin... ...Forward 17... ...5ft. 7in.... ...Guard.. 18... .. 5ft. 8in.... ...Cvuard.. 17... ...5ft. 5in.... ... ...Forward 16... ...5ft. 8in.... ...Forward 17 Sft. Sin ...-Forward 14... ...5ft. Sin... ...eemep 18 6ft. ...Forward 17... ...5ft. 3in... ...Guard.. 17 5ft.1Oin Forward .... 16... Sft. 9in... ..Forwa1'd 17... ...5ft. Zin... ...Forward 15... ...5ft. 6in... TUNE-Cornell Song From rocky heights, we come to ight For the name Tyrone has made, And we can cheer, without a fear, That her good name will ever fade. Fight in the end, don't break or bend, Until our team has won the game, And fight for might, for right, for Tyro ne's name, For the glory that brings us fame. Make all advances, strong and sure today, Take all the chances fate holds in the way. Fight for glory, for glory alone, Victory makes history, so iight for Tyrone. CLAss junior Senior Sophomore junior Junior junior Senior . 3, W junior 5 .W Senior Sophomore Junior Junior junior junior Freshman Sophomore M ' 0 . 'rr-.s""'W A- 'hx Q ,Ik 141533 gg, PERSONALS . JAMES MILLER FORWARD jim .... a finefloor worker .. .triclcy passer. . .. one ofthe minute-men .... never got over-worked. PAUL BRESSLER GUARD Paul. . . .another fine guard .... quick-witted .. . .a plucky youngster. . . .very promising. . . . two more years of competition. ROBERT McNEAI. FORVVARD Bob .... a jay-Vee product .... a nice shot .... handles himself well .... varsity timber for next year. CARL ALBRIGHT CENTER Onions ,,,. second string center ,... up from jay-Vees .... an exceptionaljumper .... an average shot .... a hard Fighter. GEORGE AGNEW MANACIER Dizz .... our efficient manager .... jolly .... wit- ty .... respected by all the tcam .... always ready for work .... dependable. JAMES SCGRDO FORWARD Jimmy ,... a tricky little forward .... a crack shot. , . .handicapped through lack of height. . . . another loyal man. ROBERT BARR GUARD Bob .... an exceptional long shot .... stuck with his man .... easy going .... a fighter 'til the end. IOHN ROTE 'ii CENTER Scottie .... lanky center .... loyal to the school ....a real leader. ...a hard worker. . . .leading point scorer. HOMER SHILDT GLIARD Pete .... a diligent guard .... a little rough .... always in on the scoring .... always on his toes.. dependable. JACK TROUTWINE FORWARD Eagle .... a flashy forward .... excellent short range shot .... turned in some excellent perform- ances. Basketball january 5 ALUMNI Score 36-32 The Golden Eagles opened the 1934 season in a blaze of glory by defeatinga fast Alumni team by a 36-32 margin. A seventeen point lead accumulated in the first half by the High School spelled defeat for the grads. january 9--Score 27-19 BELLWOOD January 30-Score 14-20 Tyrone defeated a strong Bellwood quintet on the Lincoln gym to the tune of Z7-19 in a fast game replete with thrills. The game was quite rough and the Tarzans led throughout. In the second meeting the Tyroners lost a thriller to our neighbors by a 20 to 14 score. This game was fast and clean throughout, only nine fouls being called. january 12---Score 23-20 HOLLIDAYSBURG February 2-Score Z1-Z5 The Tarzan Tossers opened the Mountain League season at H-burg by scoring an impressive 23-20 triumph over the Golden Tigers. The game was close throughout, with Tyrone leading 16 13 at half-time. Hollidaysburg turned the tables, however, when they met us on our own floor and copped their first victory of the year at the expense of the Golden Eagles by a Z5 to 21 score. January l3ffScore 17-23 JERSEY SHORE lanuary Z7-Score Z0-27 Jersey Shore handed the Eagles their first defeat of the year in our own backyard with a Z3 to 18 verdict. The game was delayed approximately an hour due to Jersey Shore's being slowed down on slippery roads. Before the second game at Jersey Shore the varsity team staged their memor- able walkout, and the Coach rounded up the Jay-Vees, who lost a great fight by a 27 to 20 score. The jay-Vees became the varsity from this game on. January l6FScore 17-39 MOUNT UNION February 6-Score 20-36 Tyrone lost its first league game to a strong Mt. Union aggregation by taking a severe lacing of 39 to 17. Our boys were helpless in the closing frames while the visitors tossed 'em from all an- gles. The victory was repeated at Mt. Union in much the same manner, as Tyrone was again on the short end of the 36-20 count. The Tarzans fought gallantly, however, against tremendous odds. January 19-Score 13-22 LEWISTOWN February 94Score Z0-30 A weak Lewistown team handed our boys another reverse at Lewistown by a score of 22 to 13. The zone of defense used by the opponents was a big factor in Tyrone's downfall. We were held to two fouls in the first half, while they hung up ten markers. A much improved Lewistown crew meted out their second defeat to our cagers in the second contest. A final period spurt gave them a ten point decision. january 23-- Score 20-35 PHILIPSBURG February 16--Score 20-34 Tyrone took two more "on the ching when Philipsburg's tall and rangy outfit was met. the first encounter went to Philipsburg in a walk, 35 to 20. The second was much the same, with Ty- rone being on the tail end of a 34 to Z0 decision, The height of Philipsburg's team had much to do with these defeats. january Z6--Score 9-Z7 HUNTINGDON February Z3-Score ll-36 The pennant winners, Huntingdon, administered a most humiliating defeat to coach Stonebrak- er's charges on our own floor by trouncing them by a Z7 to 9 score. Tyrone closed the league season at Huntingdon on February twenty-third by taking the worst defeat of the year, this time 36 to ll. lt looked well for Tyrone, but we faltered after holding, them 14 to 8 at halftime. February 13 ANTIS TOWNSHIP Score 37-15 Tyrone met Antis in a non-league performance and came through with a victory. The final score of 37 to 15 indicates that the Eagles had things much their own way. Captain Rote led the point makers with fourteen to his credit. February 20 STATE COLLEGE Score 16-31 In another non-league battle, State College walloped Tyrone, at State, 31 to 16. The Tyrone lads were no match for the more experienced opponents and their accurate shots. February 27mScore Z4-17 WILLIAMSBURG March 5--Score 24-26 Williamsburg High brought a fast, tricky team to Tyrone to meet the Eagles, and after forty minutes of thrilling basketball they left on the short end of a Z4 to 17 count. Our first half lead of seven points proved the margin of victory. The Golden Eagles lowered the curtain on the 1934 season at Williamsburg by dropping their closest game of the year to the "Billies." The winner was not determined until the very end, the score being close throughout with the home team leading Z6 to 24 at the sound of the final whistle. ' ' 5 I I . I ,Alan-5 . P 4 7 I .556 The Boys' Intramural Program This year marked the beginning of an Intramural Division in the Tyrone High School. At the close of the football season the Athletic Board of Control dis- cussed the possibility of inaugurating a sports program. Mr. Shollenberger was asked to draw up an intramural program and present it to the board, which im- mediately indorsed it as presented. The aim of this Intramural Division is to offer to every student and faculty member the opportunity to take part in some form of sport as regularly as his interest and time will permit. It wishes to provide a varied program of competitive athletics throughout the school year. Further- more, the department wishes to offer recreation to the students who take part voluntarily 'ibecause they like it." It is very evident that there is a marked movement toward the recognition of the principle that physical education, intramurals, and inter-scholastic sports are all phases of one broad program of physical activity and not separate and distinct units of organization. The required physical education provides for teaching skills and developing intererest in various activities. Intramurals, the next step, offers the opportunity to students to turn their skills to competitive sports. The final step, inter-scholastic sports, give the superior few the opportunity to represent the school in interfschool competition. The following is a summary of the intramural activities promoted by the department. The faculty tennis tournament was won by Mr. Snyder, with Mr. Skelly as runner-up. The student tournament was not completed owing to inclement weather. The volley-ball tournament came next and included a total of twenty games. Home Room 202 nosed out 212 in the final match after a hard struggle. Room 202 was capably represented by Bill Glenn, Harold Candy, George Agnew, Lynn Drake, Len Calderwood, Calvin Elder, lack Anderson and Dick Campbell. The Junior High volley-ball tournament was won by 9-2, with 8-6 as runner-up. Basketball was organized on a league basis. Senior high home rooms were divided into two leagues of seven teams each. The faculty and junior Varsity were also entered in these leagues. The league consisted of two cycles with each team playing six games in each cycle. Room 202 upheld their supremacy in the first cycle of league B and fought for the championship with the Faculty, the win- ner of the second cycle. The Faculty emerged victorious, and thus became first champions of the Intramural League. In League A room 304 defeated 302 in the championship feud. A basketball tournament was then run off with all varsity players eligible to compete. Room 202 carried off the honors by defeating a snappy little team in the final match. This winning team was composed of Bill Glenn, Len Calderwood, Lynn Drake, Bob Barr, and Harold Candy. Playground ball and a big track meet rounded out a most successful year of intramural sports. The number of boys participating in these events, in both Junior and Senior High were as follows: volley-ball 265, tennis 20, basketball 2603 foul throwing contest 420. Those responsible for the success of the Intramural Program during its first year were QU The Athletic Board of Control, Q21 Mr. Shollenberger, Physical Director, C31 Mr. Snyder, Q41 The Student Body, Q51 Clark Speece and Jack Troutwine, Senior High Intramural Managers, C61 Arthur Kennedy, junior High Manager and UD Robert Sullivan, intramural publicity manager. The Girls' Intramural Program The Girls' Intramural Program was organized for the purpose of promoting phy- sical, social, and moral values to the individual and to the group. Also for the purpose of promoting the highest ideals of sportsmanship. The girl who engages in an activity which is meaningful to her, and who participates in such activity in the company of others, develops certain habits, attitudes, and appreciations towards that activity, as well as toward those others with whom she comes in contact. Accordingly, this program was organized, so that the outcome will be such as will best conserve and promote these values. The Physical Education Department has striven to have every girl in the high school participate in some form of athletics. The girls' gym classes serve as the foundation upon which to build interclass competition. The Intramural Program is governed entirely by student management. Each "home room," in junior and senior highs, is headed by intramural managers who have been elected by popuf lar vote. Each team, after organization, participates as a selfforganized and self- controlled unit. ' The first lntramural Tournament was held in volley-ball. The contests in both junior and senior highs were closely played. The close of the tournament found the juniors leading in the senior high, and the eighth grade holding honors in the junior high. The laurels were captured by the eighth grade, after defeating the juniors in a close and fast game. The next sport in line was the Intramural Basketball Tournament. The contest is going strong at the time the Falcon is going to the press, but nothing definite can be predicted. The girls hope to continue their program in tennis and other spring athletics. The spirit of athletics among the girls has developed a great deal through lntra- mural Sports, and it is hoped that these sports between the classes will continue. Alla genick, genack, genack, Alla genick, genack, genack! Hur-rah Tyrone! Hur-rah Tyrone! T-YfR-OfN-E Tyrone. I F 5 W,HWGWMwN 1 ,,1:,,w' , ,,,, , , , ,V ' ,, V, YM: , Y, Y X V ' Q55 rf,51,sW, ,, , L Wig ,vff - V I Jr, ' W, M' ",3 " , Q Q +Wj+, ,, NW iw f W, 'NV 1, ' N, V l b 2:1 - 5 E 5 ' ,f.,, ?1 if ' fx 2: V, ' WH, , , ,., . ,,w1,, w,,, ,f , f, k, A' 9,33 , W , Qfldiuiixf Wu ' ','1' ' 9 ' , ,wg w, -, , H, - - Q' 1 U E g., ' ' Y , 'K 1 . , K 4. in Vi 1' ij- I Y ,N V. Q 9 1, W sri,Q ,v.,,H,,,,, , H - YQ , , wi 'iU,f,- N2',W'W,, UNE 'xy , H lm Y' W 1: 1,,.',N N ,V-,V 13 f ? !' ' ,f ,S Qiiii 'f1'iA? 3 "Li gg--7" I 1 , k mfg' . . 'Q gist, If , Q 1 ix ,.,AwQ51,ni, V 3 Q ,Q I 7 ,'V'7" , 'N n W 7 ' ' .f I fa 1" WN? ,iw -, - g , Yf2,,,'4',1-if "P ' M, " cy, ,, W, , , 'f - if Q ig.' , ,tmp J .l, . J , ., , ,i ' 1 ng -. 5 r . - x - - I.. 1 I . , X ' ' 1 , . f, '5 n . , ' 'IA , 5' L 1, 4 J 35" X- , ,Ct We "' ,iw YQ, ,m,:M.,i M WN 'Mx L, ,,, ,g l, yy ', M ,,w,3, , , wa ,,,',, ff ,,,, 1 ,L , FL- EWL1 If M ,uf 7, I Y . .. 1 A ,1 ., 2 2 E1 Y- E Aa 'N 'VHF1 'V' 1- 1 ,v.,,, A ,,,,,,,,, Q +, 1, " ' , V wr ,,y- "Ire , .4 , ,W M gl, X , H! ' ' NLM, ' -N , , , wwf I A ,gn x ! T ij , -, , 1? ,vc-' ,M f" ' , jx ,,,,,' ,Nj , ' I 1 ,., ,, 1 r ,,,, 'U ,V 'M 1 NM, ' 4111, ,,'4,'if 2, 1 , . 4 Q, , ,,,wMw M- ,, ,-,M M ' v ing, .g, x ' , ' ww. w fu, , wyl- X, ,M 31, vw ' Y, , H4 , F 4 ' 1 ' ,. .L. L 1 , cj rl , ' 7:51 ,, -, u ' 'L ' ,, ? Fi'-,,1, ,1 ir, W 21, , W Ag1,4Q,' "HE fig? ,- ,gg ,,',.2 f ,,, ,, , ,,: E EMM' , ,,',: ,r-1' ,",,,1 vj4""'x ' ' I V 1j"1:,'I,, 1'U:k.,,"v,-,Q,5'1Q,A , 1,,, .,w,,,',,,',y,1q,, 4, . A 1, mf- W, "v Y ' ,,',- l,,,1,:?,,-,, ,,,-,, . ',,'- TT f Y:-.Ml Qs, ' A 43, . V .f , ..-- ' ' L, V1 j 'f ' - Q imvli-3 , ,, ,- ' 'ff 2 , 'fa In f - Z' 1 ' ,rica it 7 rr' :fgfzf ' ,, if , P ,:, Q, l. ',, W,,,f7'f,,,,,,1, g5 .Q, M QQ ww, ,Wf,w,,,1 W ',,w,,,,Qw ' , ,,l Mg,N ,:,,,, ,q- ,wf,iagH ,f.iA5iQ 9. , , f"'..ffi ' F . I , ?-5, -5-gp , A 'i .u , , ' ,,,.lA:I , 1 5, fl " ,'1J'fC,'1,' 'E',"!,',1i,'1 '., Qffw.fW'l , 2 ,,,,, yw , , ,,,,,,, l ,M , , W, my Wm L4 f 'Li -ge. j fgvav. it 'J , jl :QV 4,1111 f ' , .' A 2 P .- , Q WJ 'Z'g:1,'A-'if f ' ' ' ,S Ly' 'fi ,i.-U F , . . ' , 1 'W' MWWWWHN 'wwf ,,,"-,www 1' ', , ,s,, , ,, ww- Wmwwwmwmiw 3' ' . -. 3. .sf 'G' ' : , Q , 1, if , ,, 'fQ ,, l.,,I hm I , . M,,w1,:iv5 ' M, ' , 'SQL ,E . f T: 15' ' ,fx-. ' 1 :ni jg ,F , - , ' ff' ff WMN5 V-ff, 1' ' , , E, ,M , -PM in 1- ,uv A , ,2,1' 2,1 w,f,i,i"W'f'1E'5N,g,l'ff'3'X,,Q5' ,, f ,gpm qi, LW ww, Tim ,W iw 5E?51QMEf'E'W'Q, WU w W' W, 1,:x", -""" Y " . 'f zi 151-23,--Q 2 , 1 A2 ,Q : 1-,Q r ' , i" N ' D I -gi , -F 1 'E , A, if , .E -ft H". ' P- I-'IL J 04 I' T- 9 , I-"L V1- Vz- I-'L ,. ,s O 4. O J X , W MV W W? A l , w 1 V' 'Wim Y 1 H ,W V r W 1 1 1 , V , w ,L -f 41 Q M A . . det buy, and serve, and sell V Axnd in each deal ag?-.fmt Yau, vw buf 1wrkenf A M 'lf ? ' W W. ff .1,,,l!'I E, XL: . A, ,1 'fx' . r ' ' ' w V N Lf M, ' - , , fTQ','f3i'X::f"t " V, Y A ' , ,Z , if 129 ma. ,gi - 1'r.a-Q.1+1f.4-V. 3 f-ff"fe- - ,QQ Hg 1 'Qi 13, f QBII1' idairnna JA- 'VY Engelman, Florist Robert T. Garman, Jeweler Geraci's Shoe Shop Griffin Bros. The Griffin Hat Shop Forcey's Barber Shop, Columbia Ave. Karmelkorn Shop Koener's Beauty Parlor Lantern Tea Room john A. Little, Auto Sales and Service G. W. McConahy, Friendly Shoes W. W. McKinney, Restaurant and Waiting Room Moonie's Barber Shop P. T. Neil, Fancy Groceries and Meats, C. F. Stores Co Mrs. G. C. Snyder, Beauty Shop Hoover and Stanley, Meats and Groceries The Templeton Company Miss L. C. Traynor, Fancy Merchandise M. E. UpClike's Meat Market Paul's Diner, 125 W. 10th St., Real Eats Theatre Shop, Cut Rate S. G. Wertz, Groceries Katie M. White, Katie's Beauty Shoppe, Logan Ave. 82 THE FALCQN INTRODUCES , ITS ADVERTISERS SUPPORT FORD lglgglvg Who Supports OUT-FITTERS Our f01f' "Waring's Pennsylvaniansn DAD and LAD S. A. WOOMER, Ford Dealer Pen 11,3 Ave. TYRONE PA TASTE and be Confviwcecl HARRY BGWSER BREAD 'FOR- CAKES GAS OIL PASTRIES ACCESSORIES Logan Ave. and 10th Street Phone 267 Penn'a Ave. TYRONE, PA. Cuumuus Tmuuu Qui 83 E25 y TYPEWRITER DEALERS TYPEWRITER SUPPLIES PRINTING Done as you want it- When you want it. The Mann Printing Co. Commercial Printing :-: Typewriters TYRONE, PA. MILLER'S Tyrone Style Shop MILLINERY COATS DRESSES 1060 Pennsylvania Avenue T AILORS TO THE MEN WHO CARE Wear Clothes You Can Respect and That Command the Respect of Others PRESSING i DRY CLEANING Ancl Repairing of All Kinds Done on Short Notice I. T. GRAY 11th Street Tailor Suits to Measure, 523.50 and up TYRONE LIME SL STONE CO. TYRONE, PA. LIMESTONE PRODUCTS H. B. CLEMENS DODGE and PLYMOUTH SALES and SERVICE 209 East Tenth Street THE HISTORY Sept, 7-School began. Sept. 1l+The Faculty held a weiner roast at Reservoir Park fprof. Steigerwalt furnished the woocl.l Sept, 21-The "Y" Clubs attended the Fall Rally at Ebensburg. Sept, 24-The existence of a "freshman" was discovered by Steve Marthouse. Sept. 25-f-Senior Class elected its officers. Sept. 26f--The "Spokesman" appeared. Sept. 29-Senior reception for the Faculty. Oct. 5-The Falcon Staff came into being. Oct. 6-Professor Steigerwalt told his Physics class in a lecture on "poise" to "be natural, but for heaven's sake be human." Oct. 9-"Y" Club's initiation week. Oct. ll--I-Ii-Y held first banquet. Oct. 16-Clark Speece thought he could "bust" a shower faucet. Oct, IBA-Thanks to the gym instructors. an Intra-mural Sports Program was put uncler way after a two-year lapse. French Club held a Weiner-marshmallow roast at Reservoir Park, Oct. 21-Mary Dworsak cheered so hard she fell off the bleachers. 84 INSURANCE THAT INSURES W. F. Hiller Agency 970 Penna. Ave. BIGGINS SL HEBERLING Bell Phone 573 16 5 8 COLUMBIA AVENUE -- THE HISTORY Oct. 23-Big N. R. A. Parade, after which manv students danced to the tunes of Fred War- ing and his Pennsylvanians in the new Reliance Factory. Octl 26-Big pep meeting and snake dance. Oct. 27-juniors held a I-Iallowe'en party in the high school lobby. Oct. 28-The local merchants made possible a special train to Johnstown. The Eagles "got taken" in their first game with the Flood City, Oct. 31-The Latin Club held a Hallowe'en patty at the home of jane Dickson. Nov. 3-The cast for "It Won't Be Long Now" was selected. Nov. 15--Practice teachers from Juniata Col- lege appeared to take over classes. The Hi-Y. the Tri-Hi-Y's. and the Gra-dale Clubs held a mammoth covered dish supper in the local Y M C A. Nov. 20-The volley hall team of 202 elimi- nated all competitors by beating the "potent Profsu the best out of three, five, and seven. iGood old 202.1 Nov. 28--The Spokesman Staff put out a "wow" of a paper featuring the Tyrone-Altoona annual strife. A Complete Photographic Service Portraits Enlargements Copies Kodak Finishing Commercial Photography Framing Phillips Studio 966 Penna. Ave. List Restaurant Good Place -fo- E A T 1007 PENNA. AVE. FINK BROTHERS The Best In HARDWARE WALLPAPER and PAINT TYRONE, PA. HCME ELECTRIC LIGHT and STEAM HEATING Co PETERS BROS. Tires, Tubes, Accessories We Give Service Every Day in the Year RICI-IFIELD TEXACO SUNOCO GAS OIL HATS for The Young Man Clark McLanahan "The Toggery Shop" When You Wan! Printing You Can Be Sure Of Good Printing By Having If Done -AT THE- TYRONE TIMES FOR A Smooth, Clean Shave 01' ll GOOD HAIRCUT go io D. F. FCRCEY Logan Avenue To the Relatives and Friends of Graduates You Will Find in Our Store the Best Selections of Gifts For the Graduates AMONG THEM ARE Sheaffer Fountain Pen Sets Eatons Stationery Yardley 86 Lentheric Compacts and Toilet Articles ALL PRICED MODERATELY McLANAHAN'S DRUG STORE F. P. WAITE FARM IMPLEMENTS FERTILIZERS SEEDS REPAIRS HARNESS AND HARNESS REPAIRING Phone 1134-J TYRONE, PA. 207 E. 10th Street Diehl's Beauty and Cosmetic Shoppe 1021 Bald Eagle Avenue TYRONE, PENNA. PHONE sos-J BRETT BROS. Buying the Best and Being Pleased Means SHOPPING HERE 1067 Penna. Ave. TYRONE, PA. ELECTROPURE MILK ALL KINDS or DAIRY PRODUCTS CHARLES G. WAPLE DAIRIES, INC. THE HISTORY Dec. 8-10-Hi-Y members attended the stare- wide conference at Uniontown. Norm Ryan- bless his heart-sprained his ankle, and with the Senior Play only four days away. But it was all right, since he had to limp in said play anyway. Dec. 9-Dress rehearsal for the Senior Play. Dec. 10-Representatives of the Spokesman Staff attended the conve r on of the Blair County Scholastic Press Association at Keith junior High, Altoona. Dec. 11-"It Won't Be Long Nown was pre- sented before a big audience. Dec. 14-Bisignis, the new commercial club, was organized. Dec. 15-Bob iPersonality Manl Chamberlain was found to be recuperating nicely from his success in the play. Dec. 16-A banquet was held in honor of the football team at the Graysville Church. Dec. 18-Spokesman Party. Dec, 20-Presentation of the famous !'Christ- mas Carol" by Mr. Wolfgang. Dec. 21-The Senior Class held its Christmas party. Dec. 27-The annual Christmas dance of the "Y" Clubs was held in the Masonic Building to the tune of Norm Houseman. 'WHEN IN TYRONE -I t's the- Stewart Restaurant Every Meal a Pleasant Memory M. C. STEWART, Manager D. J. BLACK AMERICAN OIL 86 PRODUCTS HOOD TIRES West 15 th Street THE HISTORY Dec. 30-'Work was begun on the new ath- letic stadium. Jan. 3-Football letters awarded. Jan. dates" 4-"Hank" Heyl-broke his "no more resolution. jan. 19+Examsl Jan. 2 2--More Exams! Jan. 27+Tri-Hi-Y was hostess to convention. The local varsity basketball team obliged us with a lit:le excitement by deciding on a "no eats- no play" policy and by walking out on the high school. Jan, 29-Caused much embarrassment and noise--the reading of English themes. Feb. 2-All suspense ended with the appear- ance of report cards. Peg Putman cur down on her dates+O. F. H. iOrders from home,J Feb. off his Feb. "Dawn Feb. Board 8-Chet Michaels' razor slipped and cut fine soup strainer. ll-Max-tie Gingery officially joined the Patrol." 14-Mr, Randolf Thompson, of the of Game Commissioners. gave an illus- trated lecture on wild life, in the auditorium. Feb. 16-The Sophomores held a Saint Valen- rine's party in the school lobby. Reliance Mfg. Co. -Ab 'VV' MANUFACTURERS Of BIG YANK WORK SHIRTS Clover Farm Store C. B. Abrams, Prop. "Good Things to Eat" 21st Street and Columbia Avenue The Heart of the Community Offers You YOUTHFUL FRIENDSHIPS THAT MAY LAST A LIFETIME. MORAL AND RELIGIOUS INSPIRA- TION AND INSTRUCTION. CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT THRU WORTHWHILE ACTIVITIES. ASSOCIATION WITH OTHERS IN SERVICE FOR OTHERS. Samael Graham, .lin 1? FUNERAL DIRECTOR 1 Y TYRONE, PA. ECONOMY STORE Fancy and Staple Groceries Fresh and Smoked Meats FRUIT AND PRODUCE 24 W. 10 Street Phone S36 FREE DELIVERY TYRONE FUEL SL SUPPLY CO. "MILLER'S', HAIIDWARE PAINT WALL PAPER FUEL BUILDING MATERIALS Main OHice and Store 1008 Pennsylvania Avenue TYRONE, PA. Ezferyflaing for fha' Home YOUR CREDITS GOOD ROTHERT CO. 10th Street Shuliclc's Garage OFFICIAL AAA SERVICE CALL TY-400 THE HISTORY Feb. 18YThc Senior Sages challenged the Mentor Nlarvels to a chess tournament. Feb. I9-The local negative clashed with the local affirmative. thereby beginning the debating season. Feb. 22f5I'he Latin Club held their annual Roman Banquet in the Home Economics Depart- ment. Feb, 244The committee for the Sophomore Party. having overworked themselves. relaxed on the ice at the Raystown Dam. Feb, 27-Much sorrow was felt throughout the school and many a salty tear struck the local tiles when Patsy Bob. the Goldfish, passed away. Marclx I?Russ Heyl's career as a woman hater ended officially today. Russ's ill-luck in last year's hunting probably urged him I0 this step. Johnny Stroup became concerned, Marcli 2- -The Profs were no longer "Potent" and the Spinsters no longer "Sizzling.'l March 3--Prof. S. E. Steigerwalt, one high in local esteem. took the position of "Supreme Rook" on the Mentor Marvels' chess team. March 84-The Spokesman was entered into the Columbia Scholastic Press Association con- test. FRESH CANDIES At Prices That Will Please You GARDNER'S Candy Store COMMUNITY LOAN AND Investment Company Masonic Bldg. 8 W. 11th St. THE HISTORY March 9iA mixed group of students went Swimming at nine degrees above zero fnot in- fidel at State College. Louis Cox got a distinct icy out of splashing the teacher that Hunlced him. The Boys' Glee Club "sang" in Chapel. March 15-Lindy arrived without Hattie. 1lVlarch 29-April 2l7Easter Vacation, April 541-larry Reed contracted a serious case of spring fever. May 1+Conditional Announcement of thc Graduating Class. May 7fTink Candy went fishing. Exhibition Week. May 16--Seniors struggled through exams. May 17-Seniors struggled through more exams. Mav 21-Final Announcement of the Citad- ua'ing Class. May 24-257Underlii-:gs took their exams. May 27fBaccalaurea:e Sermon. May 29-Class Day. May 30fMemorial Day lholidayl. May 31-Commencement. June 1?Oh Weill Distrihutiox1 of report cards. Oh. how cruel fate-it cannot was! KURTZ BROS. SCHOOL SUPPLIES AND EQUIPMENT Mulzufacturrrs of MODERN SCHOOL PAPERS CLEARFIELD, PA. Shaffer Meat Plant Wholesalers of QUALITY HOME DRESSED MI-IATS GARMAN BROS. The Department Store That Leads In Quality as Well as the Lowest Prices 1014 PENNA. AVENUE First Blair County National Bank TYRONE, PA. AL 'YY 60 Years of P7f0g1f6SS Griffin Watch Shop 1009 Logan Avenue Wfatch, Clock and Jewelry Repairing a Specialty WE DYE FOR OUR LIVING We Also Clean All Kinds of Clothes F. Sz. F. Dye Works 119 W. 10th Street SHCES For the Entire Farnily AT MACK'S Capitol Shoe Store H. H. Magdovilz, Prop. TJVf071P,S Cuz' Prim' Shoe Sfore The Tyrone Daily HERALD Contains all the important happenings of the world, and chronicles every local event of con- sequence. BY MAIL OR CARRIER A finely equipped Job printing plant is part: of the Herald establishment, in which quality predominates. DANKS SL CU. "Where Shopping Is A Pleasure" Complcfe Stocks of: Dry Goods Ready-to-Wear Millinery Childrenis Wear Men's Furnishings Shoes IN TYRONE IT,S DANKS 92 fs S . Q 3 , 1 y S x - f 5 . , ., - . ,,f-m,,,,,, ,, ,S . K ,, 5?'2n ,. ,,-'fgli-iiffff 1 Zz. ' i-wwf. .' - fiwstv - F, ' 5' , . .1-5 - - .' . M5554- : M N 'W - ' V0 W -.. -N Q H' lb' 34 X .fW J 1 Z f . f - 557321 122.1 H , -, ,, 'J 2 M-x""ff'g ,iris--ffw,:?39w wg: Q-.. 4. 1 k I --,sw--f,-flfgzgcivr-. :mx,fp,.f,,A:fff:mQ,,,,Qx fl, --,.,.M,,,..,w.ff1, fc, , , f me , ..,. .5 -- ' ' v vfffiwz F -WSW -1 'M AL,,f'iiL--fl' 'iwhzfi 7. 1 A - Wfflxlfm A xii f - ' 1 ' ,w , - , 1. gym, :,,L- U, iw- rw .:':,5,, 11- ' 'z ,- f' -ff :.f-:fww 57 1. in-,,.L,, I - - . -- ,, ' :9'?'k1,'KJ"'f-M' --'1'f'LG- -lffsvl' ii. WV 'I " '::1fff5i'5iTf'U7, U f ,"5fiHT,,'?:, :T'5:fE,'--fft"l V - - Hi k5f"v'1f'wE:E', ' -- . k , f4ggg,,.-- ,gy-1..:g,:417 - ..,, , N A , ,,,. :- 5-5.-,,. f - 1- may . . . -iggm , M, f V,-192 ,QEQV ,. ig:-1 ,M-,,:Q,W My , ff .y-,mgff ms-V f - . ..- - f f xii? X W 'H 5, N in X -, EL X A S 1 " S 1 S 9 ,I ' la x X . Q ' x I f Z 2 9 ' f Z W X1 X y , ff,-X Q- f,,,. , .,., ,K ,kA, , ' ..,,.. -.-.fv.. .Q,-- -- Q wg E , Q ,N an , .5 ,,L.. 4, ..,,., .K A .,.. Fm S...,,., ,,, .f . iw +A- f f f ,Q - ,, - -2 N M 5. 7 X 1 Q , xx 1 . if 5, , Q X K J va 5 wdiigsjss 5: Q K X Y ps 19 53' ' ' KK -iz,-f 11'-:.,.,q . A131-,,wf1iZf1"' ' A A . " A I f I ,,,,H fn. - gNg.g,-,,. , A ., ziggy-1,-:?:, :ff V . fs-1. f -, --1"-w .- ,- K .. V ., ,,--- 7 f-11455 2,5 . H4 M ., , .,-L f- -'L' ' , A - -,'.--. , ,...' A A H- , Ez. .ff2mo,fv . if , 'Q , , f - 1 ,,,,- :ja J .. . --IVV . VILL W A P J if in VV ' ' Hg f" V X - - f , ,- Q E 5 V W, A A x r N Q ,jig -Q M t gf: Q A - NR f . 54 . . 1 K ff" f , X ' ' 1 4' I i - ' ,, .,g,, X fr- ..,,,,, , , x, .- V -,fw y f - -,..-, -.X-.,,,,-'gg' .fx-, V 0 ' - . L.---' .,,-. .. ? , , , fi. ,,,,,,. M ,MA-414, . . , ,, , . .,.. ,. ., , , .. ., V ,MZ wx , . ., . K . Lfk. , -.,,- g 4'--' Xf,-- ,Q f K A ' in , ,- A .gg-,gf A 7 . , . , - ,- - 11-:Q,,.f,.-2 2' ., 5, .f., ,A.,,5- 1 " .5 ' ,,,k ,K , - ., K A A - X A f - f --'- lj N A f A 2 7 "N K 'ffii - K "lk 1 ' f ' ,k.' -,'.' , ' I X is . A , V- " 'Xl ' in , 5.1 .i. pkg ,ff W" Yi , 121. I - - ' S N- - . A . - Sl' Q Y Q 4- 1 If X . . . f . 1 ,' -1 ' Q - 'Q ' .,... . 7. ,LL. ,, ,, .K Mu ,.., . 'Nah , 49: . .M V by . ,N A 'QM ,, U.. ' -, . ' - . , - ' -X Q", g A 1 ,,'. ,, ' ' ,J53..55,,, A W VL Ak,., A L! I-. - - 5- ,ik Q -'egg -J-93" F A . ,V V.-.-4.3735 "'g gf ' kV,. Vk.- ,K Q 'V , , " - yr V V1 f'f,ff.'i u 2p' 1Sf?f ' 'dl1!U" ' d ' ' ai, I I A 'A .. X.L' . -f.. AN f ' A l H . ,. 1 i ' .- X ' , ' A J 5 ,J ' , 1,1 i s ' ,, ' , ' A A 4" ' 1 ff , . - Y ' . - f ' C-W" ,,-, - ..LL. - - 1 ' ' , - . . Q l 11,2 f 7 - ' - ,--- ,, JLYK ,V A K I V, I H .M V AZUZIJV I I I . i . XX, 54 I fy, " xi N9 ,gy N, 4" ' ' ' . " 'sf-f '5 ' - 5 1 .l .. ' X, if , 7 I V ' A 2, 1 .- WILSON AND EL.PAT1o THEATRES PRESENTING The Best in Motion Pictures We will welcome your every suggestion for the better- ment of our entertainments. We are striving to make every program for your fullest enjoyment. THE MANAGEMENT 94 THE WEST VIRGINIA PULP AND PAPER COMPANY The Tyrone-Norwalk Vault PERFECTION SAFETY PERMANENCE Selected for its Natural Beauty Dedicated to the Departed A Tomb Everlasting The Tyrone-Norwalk Vault Co. TYRONE, PA. TYRCNE STERLING L SUPER SERVICE STATION Corner 10tl1 St. and Blair Ave. WE WASH Tyrone,s Leading Station In Service and EVERYTHING 100 Z Quality Products -v r 1 r A Complete Line of Accessorie Phone 203 For Your Car 96 ABSOLUTE CONFIDENCE GEMS AND WATCHES Should be purchased from houses in which you place implicit faith Diamonds purchased from this house carry the assurance of genuineness Watches bought of us carry a guarantee of service for a generation SPECIAL DISCOUNTS ON WATCHES AND JEWELRY FOR GRADUATION ACKLIN JEWELRY CO. GETZ MARKET RUPERT STORE CHEVROLET COMPANY COMPLETE FINEST F0913 SERVICE 100 PER CENT SERVICE Quality for 28 Years Vgslliiglr 5112011 ailxior for 1 9 34 MEATS PRODUCE GROCERIES 215 E. 10th STREET -,, , x M" 4 Q Q .6 - Q ' ' 53 A X. N, A2 X Qqh' as X .5 t i , 5 f ' ' 5 i ' Q-X 3 H, A Q in i ii1 s f ' y f f! g i Q X. ' ' 'Tia-f35'-xy ww ox- S E. 10th St. TYRONE, PA. GET INTO THE CLASS ' GROUP FOR A FEW DOLLARS MORE A MONTH The Whole Ideal of American Life is Built Around the Philosophy THAT To-morrow MUST Be Better THAN Today. CERTAINLY IT'S A PLEASURE TO OWN THE NEW PONTIAC OR BUICK COME IN FOR A DEMONSTRATION BRINER MOTOR CO. 1216 Blair Avenue TYRONE, PA BUICK PONTIAC G. M. c. TRUCK Official Inspection Station Autlyorizea' Sales and Service Holden's Bus Line J. E. RHODES AFFORDS Invites Convenient and EHicient Service Your Inspection of his Tin- General Merchandise TYRONE 314 17th Street Phone 85 S GOOD SHOES Jones and De Ferie Should have Good Repairs ESEE- Attorneys-at-Law Joe Tunano TYRONE, PA. 99 Hall and Stryker Electric Store Con gratulates the Getz SL Dickson Class of 1934 1' BIG O BLACK BRos. J GARAGE AND 214 E. 10th Street BETSY ROSS CHRYSLER PLYMOUTH SALES AND SERVICE Phone 1 12 Rea 6- Derick, Inc. CUT RATE STORES "Where Spcndiug Is SaL'i11g', 10 S 6 Pennsylvania Avenue TYRONE, PA. john L. Porter Representing State Capital Savings and Loan Association INSURANCE OF EVERY CHARACTER Phone 472-J 1010 Logan Ave PATENT'S TOILET ARTICLES ATLANTIC WHITE FLASH RUBBER GOODS PLUS GASOLINE STATIONERY SODA RODGERS CANDY SERVICE STATION CIGARS CIGARETTES TOBACCO WASHINGTON AVENUE AT HILLCREST 100 We "Eliminate Guess Work" with this scientific motor tester. Mechanical and electrical units of YOUR MOTOR checked be- fore your eyes ACCURATELY. WORK GUARANTEED 24 HOUR ROAD SERVICE "Like a New Carn AUTO PAINTING That Pleases FENDER AND BODY WORK BY SPECIALISTS Joseph W. Reader "Trouble Finder and Motor Tuner" Tyrone, 903 8 If No Answer Call 2131-13 7 -S th St. TYRONE THE Bayer Gillam Co. CLOVER FARM STORES HOME-OWNED Desire to Sell You Fresh Pure Foods at LOWEST PRICES THE HOME OF Clothing and Furnishings FOR MEN and BOY'S Harry H. Gardner Tenth Street TYRON E, PENNA. MARY ALICE BEAUTY SHOPPE ALL BRANCHES Of BEAUTY CULTURE 1552 Columbia Ave. Tyrone, Pa. Telephone 89R CANDY CIGARETTES ICE CREAM DAIRY PRODUCTS E. P. DICKSON 13 S6 Logan Ave. Phone 2 S 3 -J Charter a Blue and White. Parlor Coach For Your Picnics Vacations Athletic Events Trips Made Daily to and from TYRONE ESTIMATES GLADLY GIVEN Fullington Auto Bus Co. Incorporated Winter Music Store "EVERYTHING MUSICAL" Band and Orchestral Instruments and Supplies High Grade Pianos The Home of the Q'Steinway" RCA-VICTOR, SPARTON, CROSLEY AND STROMBERG-CARLSON RADIOS VICTOR RECORDS 101 4 J ll fograp! 1 .s 103 In Parting This Garden of School Life reluctant we leave, As we enter the Garden of Life's School beyond, Swift closes the gate on those joys as we grieve, But may brighter flowers spring from ambitions fond I --Mary Jane Dickson, ,34 1 04 14 , w ww www w,www . . -wiw ,,. w Jw' 'well-ww w'w w- 1ww"ww w. wwgwwgww- w ' ' ' 'w wwf' ww ww' '. ., , w w www ,,, wt 1 w wwmwxwxwwwxw ' w .xwwwwixw ,w W w,'w,U'ww'54+'- ' ,'fY.,uww' w Y W iQ!wwJw'-wwwiwx w w - ,gg wwwmwwmmgwmww Mw, , !,w A, www, ' w ww, :'1'fliif1Hw1'wwwfww ,wwnw w'wfj"' wwf..-'Eg ', 4 a E 'LI 'A -: s 4 ' . w w'wf'w"ww'Qw'ww'wwpg1 ' ,w wwWwwwww3:!,wwww'wy "wwww,. w, wwlwww'f,wWwwwwwwwwwww W , w'W w wyww!,,wfjww,IwU www- ag, 1" I w, u5l'w'w" N ,, w " w 1, w,wF.w , , ML: I Flww -www + wi:-.f!fBA.s1 R ,I Q --,Q w 4. 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"5wi:rq,J1A ":- 1m J 'I I , 1 Xu , , .44-'xx v,Q I. . :Wil Q, ',.1 ,, ",v!' , 'ir' . x. . J , fl, 1 n J f x fist-r . ,I .V M4 'gy W-, Y N Qwpgtig fx ,'-'Q I muh! us' 5- 4' 5 wa, 5 EQ ,.,yfl - , ,L ,-M .,. rg-. ,Q-at " ' W' 1 ' ' .. ,. nu , w w ,w M ,wx 1-Na 6.4 W. Hs 1 l .H 3 sew. fi-7 2 -4 "f H- " "A.' .:- 1 U, f. ' " W " Q a "' 19 H .En fri? ' ., El Y Nikki' ' if mmf, ' .f .f 6' , J-,K f ww I -gk 'Q f ma . . ,-' - 2 F , 5412 3 1 as k

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