Tyrone Area High School - Falcon Yearbook (Tyrone, PA)

 - Class of 1931

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Tyrone Area High School - Falcon Yearbook (Tyrone, PA) online yearbook collection, 1931 Edition, Cover

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llnlm TG. Srhaul Rnhvrt A. miller, Zlr. Leonard CG. Spykzr linheri B. mnlfz Hubert iilllilrn 'Robert 6, e9fCillef .Samuel I e9YCcmnino JAMES BOYNTON CRAWFORD CLINTON G. SINGER 1a. mw N THUG TALCQYTU, pwamuamem Y mae SQKHHCDIV CLASS cfm? mm TWR JRGQ IHIHGH SUCZIHMMUIL TFTFIMJDHHQQQ FQHHMX O 333555 Q 255 ' P . . 4. 'S 4 T hh iv 1 F, 3,4 if 5 . R l, a 4,3 1 V . J ee, X r, we iv w, .,, ,.,,XNV . ., at .nf 'tj it V ,W 'Ez V by wr It 'wx Jwad r um Q V nf' Y J 'fr ,A X 4 1 ,F X ' s f ,-lv fffgjywy W r W W lg W MM- P XADEDICATIO l To the Alumni, through-.whose untiring efforts we have . learned to appreciate the dignity of wdrk add theibeauty of xr -ve ' 5 - . sf M . , ,. high ideals, We, the students of the senior class of 1931, ' respectfully dedicate this number of THE FFALCON. N Q Y 3 1 x . N l U is l Y w V N ., s. , sw . , . QJE,-,jg ,ANU .iiiiffsi is , ,,i,. V, ,. ,sf :l .'1!'-Mn, '. '4- Explanation of the Theme ...1..- - Since the Tyrone High School celebrates its fiftieth an- niversary this year, the Falcon Staff thought it particularly fitting to commemorate that event by building its annual about fifty years of school history. Accordingly, it chose for its art theme, the book, and for its content theme, the march of school events for half a century. This annual was designed to be, then, not only a repository of information, but also a mirror of progress. an .4 an ? ie LA-1' QY 1, " file 'ii f A 5 X2 fr X VV ' ,, . 16 , xqn fl ,...-1.- V 5 X - 'wifi r Q fivwa-f ef ,f xi " ,mg K , W ,ttyl 1 ,wyyxvh W, 4 51 537 1? at WZ n.. K-if .L wwf, i- a 43, 2 mis . we fi- M -2- x :M qw.,,.:'f xgwmgfw ,J f 'fbi P- Je: ' 1 X ' x , a N a 1 1 if M1 ff 'W Q ww 5 eff 4 "' K w.. Q , , 3 M . 5. 'T . , f 2, A, , V. . f1s?', X W-is-if ,K 4, , Q 'M . JY, xg - Y i w ifgfif W7 V a k. . , '1f V nk H , pliijt 5, V .' .,,' Aim -:xx W "W -322' "' x 51 + K 7 A ff ---- .. ,Kg jjw, YIM ,Arm wu- i ,. 5' K ' ,. A ,ti FL 'V " Y R' 1 ' '7"""'Wl!n-- x ' A .Lf 1 Jw, 4, Q' i Q da W v, I 4, 'iw ry 6 Bmw. ,K ' B ,V -Wins V.. S , ' f . . . , ' . A ' . ..., 3,A-W ,fd .. 'M ' 'E' A K - 1 A-ef A, yff- ' 4 fp . 4. ' . , f . 'S' A ' ' ,aA""': .. ' N ouwf, 'Q M ff 41' N ' ff ., b b w 1 l,,, wg, , 'Q , K a1w, ',iQ up 1, 'K -ff' f Q f A 8 ,sf Q44 fi 'A nga-,Q-.Vg ' ,. .3 ae PM ' ' i- ,alfa A "af 1 5,2 " A W X ,-X V' L' u, 4 V' - A K 'A A , v U' V' 4 , R , - 'M 'wwf 43 A A 1 Q ' 'A 2 M., 5, K " wif .K ,. 56. 1-my' , ,, f H " L, Lg, 6, -994 , MK, Mlm K 7- ,K Q . if -- .-1 ,- , if If N.. QW' .--7 4 3, - 'AA . 4 A ' ' ' , - fx 'V f-Y .nw ff , g"f'fPm,- , ifgf 1' ' 'ff' -41' V ' ' '. v ' 2 , xy ' 7 9. M K .17 1 K, . f- 5' ' 1 IK, 5 ' PE ir 'Z 'A , K. 'iff 2 if we -'3K Jffgix ' .K -R . , .. " -W. ,JQV , ,WWW . , WF' ' V A Q 3' . vw ,r fa. wi'-5 1 ,g ' A A., , A V A " f ' 2 -f 1 new M fu ,Q + Y W ' Q, , - K , -1 X A 1 K- A Qc ,, H , .ff fi 5 K . KA a . ' . J X 5 ,x K K , N K ' . . 'x qu 3 Xi KA K A 'Pdf' Ski ' . , W- ' N , Y Il ' . , fs. 5' " :if A s Q, .. f 4, 1' 4 .454 , , 1 1 . fp, ng 4 QUE KK N 1 K .53 ,K M, ' YQ 'FA' Hx , A - in .A , '1 A' 35:4 ,W . ,A - A Q KK - f ' K W, ' , sK . ,, Q -7 -Q, KK 1 1 fx. -. . vim fx M M- W..-Q.-,J Q s." , 21-A S Elm-wgi A - A , ff - 1593, '11 N,-ti1,:,K '- -iv A?1i,ylQ T,-XA' 1 A .- , X K - X K4K,,3,KQas,,n1 K .. -. K ,. 3 . K ,K ,K ,X , KK K W KK., , A ,K ' f Y ., A' ,A -A .bf N K K ,K KK K sf KK? KKKKK K WJ pff:e,x.g1Q, A -Aifj, we .LW QM 3 3K T ' 2 , N QQ W: A A M K, i -KK , A f, Ag ,W K 'K ,K , I-gfsulf i,g3,5',gW .Aff 5 A :Kiki f ' J K K. N K Q, any 5 14,-K 1 - ,KKK K Lg:-Jin viii!-,xgiw . . , K K K .E 'Pla Ki.: X Sky: -A W f K aw, ,UK K Milbjuf -f A -' "4 " " af ,Y X K1 ,Q ,V A K ,. A K . fi ffQ45,3y:f?1fT'5"K1- 4 ,.,k+?5FK . 1 K 2 K , K, -. As ASA AA'f'Afw?m:A' -wfff.. .A A' 5 V .' fa, bs . 2. A L3 5, 1 MJLDWM T'-,y ., J 4 - A V TK f-1 "vw A fri W' ' , ,. 'JW Azmfa. A . K- Y "A 7 A . , ,- pg X' , X 5 .W ,f Mg. K fwifigri 1 - , ' 5 W 5 X 2 ,K J ,Q 5 K W7K3,.KA-Q4 .W ffililf Kijpa, 'A A K-, ,Q K 1 K ' A I , ,. 1 A KK Q, .y . KKK? f.KK S ivg K A lil- K ' Q, KK . K KQLM K, KMK ,,.. .4 Af., LM X f I, gk Y' K !,gKKK fi K ff ., it N K 1 - - - K 5 X AK :KK K K .S LK Q - jr x A ff, - img,-A - 'Q,?"2 K ,, y 'Q' A' 'ii fx I A fm- t.,sKKK ,. , 4, ,KM , KN, K pw .,, K X L 5 fm , 5,-K 'f . R f MWF gf' .'fW.Y'f af, A W2 2 sg U,-af, "uk V, vm -5, ,S W iw A A. Wx fy K ,Kr-ag, ,,,,,3l Myxff' -' ' ,,+w?jg,3.i WA 3. X f'-ff y X -W .Q x ,QA - 4, fimggw , - . Af f K, X . 1 g 'i '.,5,1i- ' 1 Q, in Q N ff 4 .' Af L1 ,R K, F wi K ,Q Q, ,K ,K 5. 5- , .. W, - nn.. .X-K, ,fm . , , J 5 K, -. Ki wi K X 1K.KK.MK YK. gn ,K K ' J ,aw 'Kan' V. ,K Q 535' K F2- 1 -Q wi 'QA' 'Vi ' Q. QA , ' M 1 4 f ,f A ' A V 5. kb, ' 15 . ' L,', .QV 5 .K Q 5 - ,gif , Y' A: A .' 'A f 7' 'A L - . V. ., mug. A ,Ji 3 . K, ' K A , A55 A' "Earl" ,qw '17mAf-.x"'3a-A A 'HF fi ' - ' 4 A Yr' faiml , -Fqfni 'GM "-YV' Xxfi .-, .- ' A-J . I , 'Q-g-l:lx ' 'Q ,wff 4: AA fm -P FM' ' vv?'1.' -As ,. -,J ' M, 4 -4 ua f 4 fa V, Y KW M r N , , . N -4? A-Mwmg ' ' IM, F .xx-, W A , 'WW' A 7 , , M if i c, A . Q. 9 A W' AN'- ,K', A A, ty 'PM-. , ,-,ng ,F X ,ig Wg! . ' 7 K, , . ,If K . K , M ,, jg. 4 :Y 11, in WH. Au ,,, K K, , . , KK K . 1 V N .X .K .,.m K ,K fs, way K f'-,...,,. W W N -K .K 11 . 1 ff mid, 'A xtwmgm, df ,N A V -' K: ,A , ,f A :-,a,. :hy A f W - wr 'gf , fm - ' 'fr' .An , xmw' u ' 4 ,fa A A EY . A ' W 3. K ' .Q i . ' ' Lfwn X NA A H, K V 'K A ,J , M ,Wav KK N5 . 4' gm Liff' WX? .- :KKK 1 -P' ' V ' :N -'A W . V. ' , N ,- ' zy' ' 'A A ' , L ' i" 4 , 'Fi P wftv' ,ffff 'M' ,. A .0 rx , ' .if 1 f fe' V W ' 'M 4 1 ' A ,Aw mx -M X -dz, ' my M. f KKK W. 1- . Q 'X ,Q fr, A' . yy .,- . EW f- V . H ': A U nm, f kyfq, 'L .K " H'-M.3P1fvp,,,.,xg41 w 7 KIM, K. 9 ,- K wg sm! ,K Q-Hfigmtn' an tm Q ' f-M - f -w K wr. , 3- :mv 55' A L 1 A A A , wg -'4 5n.nfI L " SQ' Six Q 4, Xl JS' SS W K X X-if-Hwj f M y X115 ix ' ADMINIST TION gf, MLC Qllfll W. W. EISENHART F. CLARK SKELLY Superintendent of Schools Principal of High School University of Penn.-B.S., A.M. Dickins Co eg .B. Penna.-M.A. Q1 Z AI ff' A ,f fl lf N. I f ' I fijlfxfqi " lfi99Lffl4 --ill ilfllllf' Pi rf .,A-K ' ,nuff -'LAB-9-4' ' MLC Qlhl N,....s.. y x I, bs q-l'0 ' X J.L,' . Helen Armagost Florence Beckman Lucinda Brought Mary Bigley Typewriting French and History English and History History Bowling Green Un- Penn State, A.B. Susquehanna Uni- Indiana State iversity, A.C.A. versity, A.B. Teachers' College Mary Cornmesser J. H. Daniels Geography Industrial Arts Indiana State Valparaiso Univer- Teachers' College sity, B.M.T. Helen Bowman Flo Bressler Earl Davis Elsa Dietrick English Music Science and Assist- Sec'y to Supt. and Geography ant Coach B a r n a r d C01 Grove City College Gettysburg, B.S. Juniata College lege, A. B. 'llll ijillllf' - Page twelve MLB 0151 Bess K. Furbie Dorothy Gove Ruth Kessler Ruth King Music Supervisor Art Supervisor Home Economics Mathematics Ithaca Conserva- Ohio University, Beaver College, A.B. Bucknell Universi tory of Music, B.M. B.S. ty, M.A. Mary Grafius Hazel Latshaw History University of Pitts- burgh, A.B. English Juniata College, A.B. Columbia Universi- ty, M.A. Mary Hofiner Wilbur Johnson Edna Lesher Luella Lovelass Business Training Office Assistant Physical Education Latin Elizabethtown Col- Tyrone High School Stroudsburg State Juniata College, lege, B.S. Teachers' College A.B. -' 'lul l f' 1 1 f :lu- 1-I v ,X 7 Y, ,l-1 Payge thfiwfteew .. 7 . MLC QM Jane Lucas Evelyn Lund Minnie Moore Mayetta Mountain History and Civics Sec'y to Principal English English American Universi- Tyrone High School Penn State, A.B. Juniata ty, A.B. College, B.S. Richard Mayfield Charles Paynter Bookkeeping Physical Education University of Ken- Stroudsburg State tucky, B.S. Teachers' College Sair McDowell English Juniata College, A.B. Walter Mensch Frances Pearson William J. Skelton Mathematics a n d Mathematics Science and English Coach Gettysburg College, Lock Haven State Lock Haven State B.S. Teachers' College Teachers' College '1lll EEllIIT5--- Page fourteen MLS CCM Diana Smith W. O. Snyder Lillian Wilson Librarian History and Civics Biology Georgetown, B.A. Juniata Bucknell Uni- Drexel Institute College, A.B. versity, M.A. B.S., L.S. Thelma Stipe Stenography Drexel Institute, B.S. A'dra Stone John Stone Lottie I. Yohn Mathematics Science and Mathe- Mathematics matics Juniata College Juniata Hood College, A.B. A.B. College, A.B. Ralph Wolfgang History Juniata College A B Erma Zellers Art Albright College, A.B. --qll WQ.lV Page fzfteen MLB Qlfll ALMA MATER Ours is a school to love, Loyal by her we'll stand, Mountains tower over her, Solemn and grand, Long may they reign above, Those Alleghenies fair, May they ever shelter there, Dear old Tyrone High! When We grow old and grey, Mem'ries will linger still, Happy hours we've spent with thee Their missions shall fulfill. Life will be sweet and fair, Joy will awake anew, We will ever faithful be, Dear Alma Mater true! I age swateen ' il N NS W J 1 Xxxx 1 N jx fff fvi N R Sym gg aw, gigugligii A CLASSES ,, , .l , . ' 'KWW fy vt, fu' V' "if v"'AZ3' j L ' af I ,J e A - l 1 , -L- 039' " A - ' ' Q1 sersezr: - V A Y.: Q Y ' 1 -. 1 1 1 ' I xx 1 E-' 'sl ,L-'J 1-gp 1 ' 5 Nj. . 'J .J ,iyfdfju . ,f , .f-1 Y , J , gy' .JJ 'J' lf K.',fj'J A A A ' f .A 41 l. 1 il pf. xl . img w LJ- ' J U . 1' lv xl ' 'J 1 A E a JZ Q '-4-4 1 ef M U, 5, . s Q Q X Q 1 ' 4,1-1,1 Q I . V ff -- 'Y vvp-1 1 P X Irma Adams Ruth Adams Fred Beringer Gertrude Beringer ' X "Pat" "Ruthie', "Porter" "Gert" " X Studious and re- Lazy and happy Popular and gay Snappy and active served. Albert Agnew John Beyer "Agnes" "Percy" Slight and alert Joking and air- minded Harold Bafletfi Cl3.I'eI1Ce B9CkWlth Wi1f01'd Bgwman Marg-argt Bulick "Shorty" HBQCICYH "Sf0gY" "Peg" Small and bashful Steady and iHdUS- Athletic and care- Industrious and fair trious free 1 E 1 NEf , Page azxmctccn Elf X F ls. War' iq jab'- K 59yxiA:i.l",rJ.?' jpg. , x pg '- ---, Q KAP' N51 lin"-ri L K f Q: ,f vlfff 4. J W ,,..,.1 ,- gli-v Af. .1 :fi ',f"'l,,J' D!" ,' . A I 1, I ,, X81 ,,l7jL04o"l' Y -f Joseph Charles Madeline Cherry Woods Cunningham J. McClellan Davis 4 QJJ HJOe7! KKMaddieI7 HSOXIY KlMaC77 Capable and dreamy Quiet and retiring Cheerful and girl- Talkative and witty . shy da Cox Ralph DeGeroloma KlTil1y7Y llJerry71 Prim and choicy Retiring and quiet Robert Cox James Crawford Harold Eckert Helen Elder lCBObH lKJimY7 KlDutch7! llMickey!7 Reserved and seri- E' es .and sober Dignified and ath- Happy and dreamy ous letic xl l M - 1l r '- - X ,X sf' -1 W- F? ' If .fu Q K Y M K F ' LQKDM 0 " Q JVJ ' Km . , .- 1.4 S J , F K K ' I A X -- N R3 45 if J W "L, ii 3 1 ig. fe , 'i X 'i s KW- ' f x . W. ix-fb . A Q Jiffy , 'X , X, UH' , ,gg ,JA ' f" ig' fe M!! i' JIWJ' '-er ff 'A , CQQ if ff K--'zfww' " :eq , 'L my "ME Ja' .C ,QCfQL11,rJ Mgr' C , A, Horace Elder 1,3Anna Friday Olive Friday "Pete" -, "Dimples" "Olliey' Lively and mischie- and sincere Demure and dis- Cheerful and lucky vous creet Faye Ferner Bernard Gates "Fadie" "Bun" Changeable and Courteous and dig- talkative nified Robert Fisher Ruth Fleck William Gearhart Margaret Gensi- "Bob" "Rif" "Wearie Willie" more KKPeg!! Witty and tricky Alert and active Precocious and Lanky and friendly dauntless L Pagv twenty one vjyldvgf. L-l 'T gi xv, .. of ax Marr'- George Gill Lewis Gingery Tom Hollick Robert Jones 5KJug,!! Ktwoodyii llMuSic7l HB0b77 Humorous a H d Witty and ingenious Trustworthy. a n d Constant and loyal spontaneous energetlc Anna Goss Gertrude Kaspick KIA-rlnli l6Ge1,ty77 Gay and busy Fun-loving gnd lov- able Sara Hickes Robert Hiltner Lucille Lehman Phyllis Lynn Hsalfi HB0bH lKL0uH HPhi177 Lively and funny Informal and Quiet and dignified Peppy and sporty QW talented U.. '9 Pj Um ig , 1 it Page rw fffl fy-two Y -1- X J lx ly X4 f I 4 ji Dew' Vu? f.. AFX. X - raw'-"'2l4" r iw' f ful' i 'li ,- J-ci W 1 ew- ' Mb ' 'JW v-4,0-Z! I ist .H I A ' ' : . V,,n 4 '147':"'L 'i '97 1, 0 N 'i:"L flf k'-. N "'A,,s.. J A rl' I u 1 rlfff. dj ,e if' I I f.. s-I f"'! 1 Oi, f L71- ,1':l', eff '-.f S. '- Y ,xii ,Q si '14, AA" J, i Q, Z 43 Samuel Anna Marthouse Robert Miles Amy Miller X 'Q' . qi? 66Sammy7! 66Ann3! l6B0bY! 1? ilAmy!! 'X ' fx, A. M L ' ' . 'ivuj Clever and shy Dainty and bashful Friendly and frisky Quaint and studious .. .V ', Vincent McCoy Robert A. Miller HVin7! ClBOb77 Studious and keen Jolly and sporty Pearl McCrea Pauline Meredith Robert E. Miller Eva Morrow Hpearlfi HPO11yY7 IlGilly!! KlEva7Y Tiniid and busy Smiling and musical Venturesome a n d Tricky and fussy V romantic in I 4 5 Pane twenty thief "----flll ilfm V ufkywyf I Lrmbvnfikifv ' 5 MILCZ Hfyynf I' VVV, . .4 Aj! ff rf' ,' f 7 , W ' f I' '1 y. rpg, .Iv YAY 1 far rj!! ij Kjxx' VX J S-99" 1 1 f n Cv Lsv1,Q,f,f'l4f I -,Q 4,.Q.,x,0 -7' 11 . N f 2 4,19-Q4 I 1 My yr V Miki -flee" ,J MM , If I f M44 ,Vw if 2 . , ,x 1 KJ s L ik? K T' F1 X r ,M K A ' Madeline Murphy Lenore Myers Bernice Ann Prough , "Micky" "Lenore" "Bernie" "Ann" ' Comical and quick Sedate and intelli- Comical and supple Snappy and mis- - gent chievous v Donald Pardoe Mary Quider , I A - "Donny" "Bunny" . N , Lx . Innocent and ener- Alert and impulsive ' I f getic -2 , N X ' ' A Gerald Pardoe Beatrice Pollock Madeline Reese Vivian Reese . X llJ'erry7Y liBedeU KiMaddy,Y lKViV!7 hi Witty and compla- Ambitious and alert Calm and merry Petite and steady , cent as ' fi , , N . 5 K .MN , 5 I ' l , I Page twenty-four ' ,fwui x J. ,A Wm I :ll W' 'L ,4 . wl",.L'sg fivigll 1-J J J it ia, at I fx. L if f . fc' F+fwf Robert Reinschmidt Edgar Riggle Harold Sharer Bernardine Shildt xsRudy1v caEddyry xsHa1lyv! x4Bernie!v Fun-loving and sin- Long and loyal Quiet and sedate Blushing and cere charming Josephine Romano Pauline Shildt HJ07! Hpatly Saucy and athletic Cute and modest Robert Roseberry John Schaul Cl rg ' r Ardis Smith 55-B0b77 IKJOhnny72 HArdie7! M0d9St 35111 dill- Calm and timid A ' happy Jolly and tricky gen A v Page twenty-five WT X , V fgfff'-f ,vw fevriff-ffguy. ,fy ,ffmff-W f' f , ge ,, ff' , 1" , 1 X01 ffiffffzzff ,ffWf'f1fhf4 ,fwffff 1 Sw ,rl 4 f , vfff e ,fffwfffffe f' N' tl n pf ni"-"' 4 P 0 Q X , AHB ll 51 x ivfw . si 00?-'S ivy! A t fl' "J A .. - A' - f ,f 1 , ' K Al' Q i v v " 'A f - 5' 1 li' XR. Mm 53, . . - 1 A 1 1 ,, 1 N' ,l I ' J' .. by 4 yX' A x Nix N X X .il X X ,K 'JS' X xl N W nf. - -, , 'X i X-Nb X Xl H X , 1 f ' LV- ,211 ffl Mi' ,V " I J, ff' e sy' f Jf fi ' Q . y Chg., N 2 C tyxicgg S' :an ,N MN. M Boyd Smith Leonard Spyker VQWQPQU W ayne Williams '4Smitty" t'Len" "Bull" - " "Chris" Prompt and perse- Sportive and indus- Handsome and high- Clever and sympa- vering trious brow thetic Joseph Stewart Alexander Wilson HJOe!Y UA-lexu COYITDIHCQHYD 91111 Se' Lively and vigorous rene Elizabeth Sullivan Melvin Wzaite Dallas Wike Robert Wolfe uBettyv MQl7 nDalu nBudu Shy and dreamy Surprising and Loyal and friendly Dignifiediand indus- modest trlous 'llIl iE'lIV5--- J A J f EXLQQM HIGH SCHOGL CLASS OFFICERS SEN IORS Robert Wolfe ...... ............. P resident Bernard Gates .......... ....,......... V ice-President Romayne Williams ..,....,.....,..,..i...,.......... Secretary-Treasurer Pauline Meredith, Robert Fisher ...... ..... S ocial Managers JUN IORS Eugene Plachecki ....... i....... ............ ............ P r e sident Jack Vanneman ......,. ..,..... V ice-President Ruth Putman ......... ....i.... T reasurer June FitzPatrick .,.,.......,,......,..........,...l ................ S ecretary Lillian Smith, Lawrence Calderwood .. SOPHOMORES David Zentmeyer .....,......i....................... Helen Louise Long ..,.., Dorothy Holt ............ Elizabeth Reese .........................,. Elizabeth Gartner, Jack Moffett ...... Social Managers President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Social Managers Page twenty seven ' I V Jul' ,fl cyffiif ' A 0 l ' g ' , A L M ,Hn K7 ,A' r Aj, C9 N 'if' jx lf, gr i gl yffciiflj 'J TV . 1 Y AK' rt' gi ik , K -,ii .ii X G' iflfcr CL 1 g NIJ 5- qx ,. f' . ki 'R if if if li is K I I D W , ,bi . Jr .I M fr, vale L Ggihbs rnlgua . xox K vjg, N qf7fM-6-1----- , ,JD 'alla-, x C S 4 K 4 4 I First Row-Tanzza Mannino, liathr i anasiti, Patsy A- redith Vivian Stover Pauline Stonebrak ,'-Ph be 'ne, Ruth May utman, Anna Louise Putman, Betty Smith, Miriam Umholtz. Second Row-Irene Shildt, Phyllis Wiser, Mary McNaul, Marjorie Miller, Lillian Smith, Eloise Snyder, Anna Robinson, Margaret Panasiti, Leona Smith, Loretta Reese. Third Row-Maybelle Stevens, Marjorie Marthouse, Marie Reeder, Ivalo Weaver, Betty Stoner, Helen Sheckler. ' ll Egllllr l-'- .Y , 1 . ,X j ' O A 'f i3f'+Qk",i A QA 1 i J ja c M X A In..,,-. In fu... ff Wwyiuwion GIRLS :4,w"' gwf ' -- 'ZQ Q- First Row-Bernice Isenberg, June FitzPatrick, Kathryn Lauder Esther Antikol, Evelyn Calhoun, Dorothy Hardy, Janet Chamberlain, La- vonus Barnes, Gladys Carpenter, Helen Hileman, Louise Givler. Second Row-Margaret Colabine, Anna Kreps, Irene Black, Anna Mary Biddle, Gladys Gingerich, Naomi Beely, Dorothy Freeman, Kathryn List, Rebecca Caldwell, Mildred Clarke. Third Row-Romaine Billets, Edna Eaken, Eva Christofic, Margaret King, Hilda Cowher, Ruth Houser, Lucille Long, Louise Daughenbaugh, Mildred Ike, Joy Brower. 9 lfglLQ Qlill JUNIOR BUYS First Row-John Bowser, Milford Butterbaugh, Cleo Harpster, Ralph Hazzard, Walter Bauer, Donald Gingerich, Charles Burnham, Eugene Harpster, Joseph Barber. Second Row-Fred Dickson, Harold Hawke, Clair Harpster, Raymond Cowher, George Eyer, Edwin Comly, William Hall, James Barber, John Dworsak, Thomas Bigins. Third Row-Robert Cassidy, James Freeman, Edwin Bulkley, Alex Haag, Fred Burget, Kenneth Blowers, Carl Getz, Joseph Dawson, Paul Bollinger. Fourth Row-Emory Daughenloaugh, Lawrence Calderwood, Victor Foust, Lloyd Friday, Earl Dawson, Gerald Funk, Richard Gardner. 'lm ig11llF '- ,ww 4 .r ,. tw- - ffm fa Qlffllizi' JUNIOR BUYS First Row-Boyd Ross, Earl Lamborn, Fred Phillips, David Long, Andrea Lombardo, Philip Miles, Samuel Scordo, Alvin Wilson, Roland Mil- ler, George Rogers. Second Row-Donald Miller, Charles Igou, Ronald Kennedy, Leonard Singler, Charles Stewart, Karl Kelly, Jack Vanneman, Paul Newman, Glenn Waite, Jesse Woodring. Third Row-Norman Rhodes, Kenneth Lloyd, William Sensor, Albert Largent, James Wilson, Eugene Plachecki, Budd Lucas. 'm A 'N W Q Cjliliz Q v ,gffvf Y" -gf uf Iig'a'if SOPI-IOMORE GIRLS . X 5' JJ - JX5 irst Row-Euloyde Schmidt, Winifred Parode, Lois Wise, Ruth 'ker, Elsie Walk, Mary Zang, Laura Robertson, Elizabeth Reese, Mary 4 averstein, Clarabelle McManamy, Louise Williams, Evelyn Steele, Mil- Jfljlfrjred Shoenberger, Mary Louise Pownall. Second Row-Mary Vogt, Mary Sprankle, Louise Waite, Thelma McCahan, Helen Plesic, Leila Nearhoof, Anna Woodring, Betty Scruders, artaye Bowser, Elizabeth Noll, Margaret Mosel, Phyllis Reeder. S cf' T -.Q Third Row-Marie Way, Pauline Merryman, Grace Rossman, Ger- trude Thomas, Elsie Dillen, Julia Parks, LaRue Colt, Helen Batchelor, Betty Moyer, Elisabeth Oster, Marybelle McGovern, Lucinda Rudy. Fourth Row-Gladys Nearhotf, Olive Mountz, Margaret Summers, Elizabeth Seeds, Lenora Lund, Dorothy Thomas, Pauline Strunk, Ada Reese, Savannah McNeal. , x u r lll - O Page thirty-two I , uf' MLC Gini?-:I . . .. , , s . '5' SOPHOMCRE BOYS -.l. First Row-Charles Baker, William Fromm, George Gripp, Robert Fink, Tony Geraci, Albert Fisher, Merle Cowher, Leo Garman, Robert Harmon, Howard Barr, Leonard Crust. Second Row-Abe Dannaway, Calvin Edwards, Donald Baker, Wil- lard Douglas, Boyd Hutchison, Lawrence Brisbin, James Black, Warren Glasgow, Leonard Hardy, William Glenn, Herbert Bayer. Third Row-Ernest Focht, Donald Dickson, Robert Hall, Robert Chronister, Claire Harpster, Larue Burget, Maurice Igou, Richard Isen- berg, Jackson Frantz, Paul Funk. Fourth Row-George Bulkley, Lawrence Calderwood, Paul Aurand, Robert Cassidy, Grey Croyle, Herbert Houser, Harold Candy, Ronald Gin- grich, Cahoun Getz, .Alexander Haag. -41111 2 1 MLQQEB1 I i 1 , xjlf' 1 M , vids' L 'J IM! QQW ff' L7 J My ,J r-I J Y-J ff .'s JL I . J, ,ze 0, . s , J. Q1 ,. '3 kk, K YR f 5, 1 F--4 I. ff 7- ,R .L X W fo 4 , 1 E :iFALQ0i61iS Wm fmilwr' l ., -il- g Q s Xiief-.. P . - Y, ag ' ' -,-, 5 3 ! fiFfPQLQ CDiHl?'fl2 1 - 5 Page thirty-eight 2 A K A -T ' E R Q? X 1 i 6 'lx I1 T1,l-' Z, ri X EEE .X W - - l --j f by j - Kb T f ' :Z ,' .1 - 2 5f ...., Ng - Y 'ff ' 1 3 4 Q , s QQ Q s K 3 v V0 Q S E 3 F , x ii Xfir . 5 k"5??flT5 F ix 1 P ' AN SEQ N333 Y - rQ Qing X r 'Wir' WX! 3052: Q 5 - 'f,. .s , NL ACTIVITIES 'QP pV,pf1f' , ff J A M222 ,044 iff, JJ ' 'Vf4g"M ,f MLC Cdiill BOYS' GLEE CLUB First Row-James Freeman, Edwin Ccmly, John Bowser Jack Moffet Mrs Fur bie fSupervisor of Musicb, Leo Garman, Roland Miller, Robert Miles, Jiohn Beyer, Tom Hollick. Second Row-William Sensor, Harold Hawke, Charles Witter, Horace Elder, Charles Stewart, William Weikert, Fred Dickson, Robert Cox, Gerald Pardoe. Third Row-Robert Reinschmidt, Robert E. Miller, Robert A. Miller, Robert Hiltner, James Wilson, Clinton Singer, Alexander Wilson, Lewis Gingery. History of Music in the Tyrone High School Instruction in music and musical activities have had a steady growth in Tyrone High School since Tyrone had its first supervisor of music. This supervisor was Miss Josephine Duke, and she became a part of our system in 1904-05. Glee clubs were organized by Principal John Gaunt in 1912. In 1917 the glee clubs rendered the musical comedy, "Miss Bob White", for the benefit of our grand piano fund. Likewise, in 1924, the Girls' Glee Club presented the musical sketch entitled "Uncle Samis Boys in Camp", the proceeds of which were used to buy a victrola. Mrs. Bess Furbie has had her combined glee clubs present two oper- ettas this year, "Love Pirates of Hawaii" and "The Sunbonnet Girl", to raise money to purchase music, records, and a radio. Glee club history is not complete without mention of the excellent service rendered the Boys' Glee Club in the years of 1921, 1926, and 1927 by Mr. Wolfgang. A good voice, fine vocal training, and "a wav with boys" were a Joy and inspiration to those so fortunate to come under his instruction. ---EW QIQQMD :ilf.lfiLQ Qld GIRLS' GLEE CLUB First Row-Bernice Isenberg, Rosie Chiofer, Vivian Stover, Margar- et Panasiti, Dorothy Hardy, Mrs. Furbie, fSupervisor of Musici, Gertrude Beringer, Gladys Beringer, Anna Louise Putman, Irma Adams, Josephine Romano. Second Row-Tanzza Mannino, Bernardine Shildt, Lenore Myers, Ar- dis Smith, Bernice Priest, Romayne Williams, Euloyde Schmidt, Eleanor Griffin, Dorothy Holt, Jane Pansiti. Third Row- Irene Black, Esther Mae Daniels, Louise Williams, Paul- ine Meredith, Evelyn Calhoun, Loretta Reese, Hilda Cowher, Faye Ferner, Phyllis Lynn. Fourth Row--Romaine Billets, Marjorie Miller, Dorothy Freeman, Rebecca Caldwell, Anna Mary Biddle, Anna Robinson, Louise Givler, Mary McGovern, Ruth Dayton, Madeline Reese, Patsy Meredith. Fifth Row-Elizabeth Reese, Gladys Grey, Eloise Snyder, Mary Zang, Dorothy Igou, Ruth Fleck. Sixth Row-Louise Daughenbaugh, Irene Shildt, Pearl Cupp, Leona Smith, Marie Reeder, Pauline Stonebraker, Mary Quider, LaRue Ammer- man, Pauline Shildt, Anna Goss. Seventh Row-Anna Woodring, Gertrude Thomas, Phyllis Reeder, Helen Long, Florence Krider, Ivalo Weaver, Winifred Irvin, Janet Cham- berlain, Helen Elder. llll igif' - HIGH SCHOOL ORCHESTRA First Row-Eloise Snyder, Betty Cupper, Martha Gingery, Clark Speece, Warren Glasgow, Tom Smith, Mrs. Furbie fSuperVisor of Musicb, Charles Witter. Second Row-Lewis Watson, Grayden Huff, Angelo Vespa, Frances Lynn, Har- riet Ginter, Elizabeth Noll, Louise Holt, Louis Cox, John Jones. Third Row-Jules Crowell, Elmer Badin, William Sensor, Anna Woodring, Anna Louise Putman, Fred Dickson, Leo Garman, Herbert Bayer. Fourth Row-Jack Moffet, Harry Lykens, George Bulkley, Harold Hawke, Michael Frankio, Edwin Bulkley, Roland Miller. ORCHESTRA HISTORY The staff was unable to learn the exact date of the organization of the first high school orchestra in Tyrone, but it must have taken place about 1912-'13. It was under student direction, and G. Clarence Black was its moving force and director. For at least ther past ten years, how- ever, the high school orchestra has been under the direction of the music supervisors. From these various groups have gone out pupils who have made for themselves and their Alma Mater a name in the musical world. Most notable of these is Fred Waring, leader of "Waring's Pennsylvaniansn. In fact, the personnel of Fred Waring's first orchestra, known as the "Waring's Pennsylvaniansn, was made up of Tyrone High School boys. Among them were: Fred and Tom Waring, Fred Buck, Roland McClin- tock, Ward Campbell, and others. Fred Campbell, brother of Ward Campbell, was, for a time, a mem- ber of Sousa's Band. Wilbur Van Scoyoc, class of 1913, is a recognized trombonist and com- poser. For some years he has composed the music for the local Kiwanis shows. He has also developed a system of trombone teaching by corres- pondence. An enviable record. E K Page foray-time ,i lily ,iwfy MLC QM HIGH SCHOOL BAND First Row-Mr. Harry Smith fBand Directorb, Jack Moifet, Michael Frankio. Clark Speece, Warren Glasgow, Tom Smith, William Jones, Charles Witter, Fred Dickson. Second Row-Leo Garman, William Houraney, Harold Hawke, Herbert Bayer, Edwin Bulkley, Roland Miller, Gilbert Summers. Third Row-Robert Cowher, George Bulkley, Harry Lykens. BAND HISTORY The school years 1926-27 and 1930-31 are unique in local high school history at least in one respect, and that is that T. H. S. had a band during each of them. The 1927 delegation consisted of eighteen members and was directed by Mr. P. J. Potteigerg the 1931 delegation likewise consists of eighteen members and is under the direction of Mr. Harry Smith, Messrs. Pot- teiger and Smith, out of a love for the propagation of band music and their interest in the high school, have given unselfishly of their time and effort to their respective groups. Band organization affords splendid apprenticeship to young people musically inclined, and also adds prestige to a school which sponsors such an activity. At no time is this prestige more marked than in football and basketbah seasons. In future years may the high school be more active in this field of "lx1n i,?,.!1..Q.lVl.?---' Page forty-four 1 WILD 0161 OPERETTA-HLCVE PIRATES OF HAWAII" Seated-Robert Miller, James Freeman, James Wilson, Harold Hawke Donald Pardoe, Robert Hiltner, Lewis Gingery, Horace Elder, Charles Stewart, Gerald Pardoe. First Row, Standing-Josephine Romano, Pauline Meredith, Bernice Priest, Evelyn Calhoun, Anna Woodring, Mary Quider, Florence Krider, Helen Long, Dorothy Holt, Mary Zang, Lois Wise, Margaret Panasiti, Robert Cox, Rosie Chiofer, Ardis Smith, Tom Hollick, Ester Mae Daniels, Phyllis Reeder, Gladys Grey, Vivian Stover, Romayne Williams, Hilda Cowher, Pearl Cupp, Dorothy Igou. Second Row, Standing-Robert Reinschmidt, William Hall, Mrs. Fur- bie CDirectressJ, Fred Dickson, John Bowser, John Beyer. Music Supervisors of the Tyrone High School and their Terms of Service. Josephine Duke 1904-1906, Elfriede Weiss 1906-19105 Mabel Stryker 1910-11, Lena Aplanalp 1911-125 Florence Kloss 1912-135 Janet Freeman 1913-145 Dorothy Jenkins 1914-165 Dora Wilcox 1916-185 Bertha Wingart 1918-193 Grace Kohler 1919-20, Flo Fetterhof 1920-21g Mae Haas 1921- 225 Mildred Jarrett 1922-243 Mabel Zimmers 1924-265 Hester Fleck 1926- 27, Evelyn Speakman 1927-28, Margaret Nash 1928-305 Mrs. Bess Furbie 1930-31. --QII EWZQIV Jljgk. l l THE SPOKESMAN STAFF First Row-Leo Garman, Jack Moiet, Betty Cupper, June Fitzpatrick, Pauline Meredith, Miss Brought CFaculty Adviserj, Bernice Priest, Gertrude' Beringer, Irma Adams, Hugh Miller, Gerald Seymour. Second Row-Dorothy Deeters, Hannah Antikol, Ruth Putman, Anna Putman, Phyllis Havens, Margaret Bulick, Evelyn Calhoun, Olive Friday, Dorothy Holt, Eul- oyde Schmidt, Robert Miles. Third Row-Bernadine Shildt. Elizabeth Sullivan, Amy Miller, Lenore Myers, Romayne Williams, Betty Smith, Rebecca Caldwell, Lillian Smith, Sara Hickes. Fourth Row-Fred Phillips, Harold Hawke, Roland Miller, Horace Elder, Joe Charles, Bernard Gates, Juy Zindel, Merle Cowher. Fifth Row-Robert Reinschmidt, Boyd Smith, Charles Witter, Robert Cox, Jack Vanneman, Mac Davis. Staff Member Not In Picture-Beatrice Pollock. SPCKESMAN HISTORY In 1913 the first copy of the school paper, the Spokesman, was issued. Its monthly publication continued until the school year of 1926-27, when it became a bi-Weekly. It continued a bi-weekly until 1928-29, when it became a weekly. In 1923, under the direction of the faculty adviser, Miss Elizabeth Gaston, the "Spokesman" took on such added features as music, alumni, and art departments. Special attention was paid to color and design of cover, also. A day of each month was set aside as "Spokesman Day", on which every member of the high school was given an opportunity to write an article for the paper. Much credit for the growth of our school paper must be given to Miss Bayle, who guided the policies of the school paper during 1925, 1926, and 1927, to Miss Ash under Whose supervision the paper became a weekly' in 1928, and to Miss Brought who succeeded Miss Ash as faculty adviser in 1930. The Spokesman has been a member of the Pennsylvania Scholastic Press Association and of the Columbia Press Association since 1928. It is also a charter member of the National Scholastic Press Association. I 'll B..W - MLC 0161 FALCON STAFF First Row-Gertrude Beringer, Typist, Robert Wolfe, Editor, Miss Moore Faculty Adviser, Helen Elder, Associate Editor, Joseph Charles, Business Manager Second Row-Ruth Fleck, Snap Editor, Mac Davis Advertising Manager Ro mayne Williams, Typist, Leonard Spyker Athletic Editorllrma Adams Tv ist Fh 1: 7 7 Y e p I y lis Lynn, Joke Editor. FALCCN I-IISTCRY It was the class of 1915 which originated the idea of a yearbook such as we think of yearbooks today, and the class of 1916 which gave the name, 'iFalcon," to its number. The 1915, 1916, 1917 and 1921 year- books fthere were no annuals published during the War periodl were small booklet affairs approximating seventy-five pages C12 in. by 10 in. in sizel bound in paper. The 1922 Falcon, which received help from the Howard Gardner Post through the sale of poppies on Armistice Day, was bound on the long side, and, in appearance, made a closer approach to our present book. The 1925 Falcon, sponsored by Miss Bayle, shows an advance step in annual building, a step which she endeavored toitake with each subse- quent book she built. There is on file in the superintendents office a copy of each Falcon that has been published. The National Scholastic Press Association has awarded First Class Honor Rating to the 1929 Falcon and Second Class Rating to the 1928 and 1930 Falcons. Faculty advisers for the Falcon have been as follows: Ethel Myers, 1916 and 1917, Helen Reets, 1921 and 19223 Elizabeth Gaston, 1923 and 19241 Evalyn Bayle, 1925-1929 inclusive, Minnie Moore, 1930 and 1931. -fll iiilllf .,., ,. 1-"eilF'EilLlQCfDli1lief-1' History of Dramatics in the Tyrone High School Incomplete as the records are, enough evidence has been found here and there to show that the Tyrone High School has always been greatly interested in dramatics. It was customary in the early nineties for the junior class to present a program during commencement week. The following numbers repre- sent the dramatic productions offered over a period of six years at these junior class programs: 1889-Dialogue ..............,.....,................,...... "Deaf Uncle Zed" Farce ......... ...... ' 'Worth's Trouble" Drama ......................... ................ ' 'Mexican Pride" 1890-Dialogue .....,rr................... ...... ' 'Pretty Housebreakern Historical Burlesque ,..... ................... ' 'Pocahontasn 1892--Drama ......,..........,.... ...........,.....,......... ' ' '76-92" 1893-Drama ...........,....r...........,..........,............ "The Deacon" 1895-Drama ...r.....,r....,.................... "The Midnight Charge" About 1914 the high school established a custom of producing an an- nual play, the cast of which was made up principally of seniors. In 1916 the high school presented Shakespeare's "As You Like It"- in the tercen- tenary celebration of the great dramatist's birth. "Mr. Bob", a light farcical comedy, was given in 1917. For an interval of several years there was no senior play. In 1922 one of the seniors, Sid Kelly, wrote a play for production entitled, "I Never Thought of That". "Kathleen", a romantic musical comedy, was presented by the senior class of 1923 under the direction of the John B. Rogers Company. The same company directed ""Princess Bonnie" for the class of 1924. Drama, both from the standpoint of study and production, received a boost in the Tyrone High School when Miss Evalyn Bayle became head of the English Department in 1925. An ardent student and lover of drama herself, she inspired all who came in contact with her in her chosen art. The "Bayleon Players", a dramatic club interested in the study, presenta- tion, and writing of plays was organized under Miss Bayle's supervision. The following represent the major plays produced by seniors under her 1929 direction : 1925-"The Admirable Crichton" 1926-"Green Stockings" 1927-"The Gypsy Trail" 1928-"Clarence" .1.s4Du1Cys! -"Just Suppose" -"Pals First." Miss Bayle's successor as dramatic coach has been Miss Sair McDow- ell, and a most worthy successor has she been. The two very delightful productions which she has presented-"Icebound" in 1930, and "The Mil- lionaire" in 1931--attest her professional skill in this field. Large and enthusiastic audiences have given Miss McDowell's productions unstinted praise. :iYALQ Qiiiz mu HUM: i , i ' N Page form -n' ! s 1538100151 1930 Junior Oratorical Contestants First Row- -1i. Name Subject Prize Sarah Hickes "Thaddeus Stevens" Second 5537.50 Lucille Lehman "John Dickinsoni' First 37.50 Beatrice Pollock Stephen C. Fostern Fourth 555.00 Second Row- Name Subject Prize Robert Cox "Nathan C. Shafferu Seventh 32.50 Phyllis Lynn 'iStephen Girard" Sixth 82.50 Horace Elder "William Tennent" Fifth 85.00 Not in picture- Louise Hepler "George Atherton" Third 35.00 The Junior Oratorical Contest was instituted by the junior class of 1901. Each succeeding year since 1901 has seen this contest give an op- portunity to each junior in high school to match his skill in the field of oratory with his fellow classmates. For a number of years this contest was a part of the commencement program. Since 1924 it has taken place several weeks earlier, however. Public spirited citizens of 'Tyrone have generally donated prizes. When prizes were not forthcoming in this manner, the Board of Education sup- plied them. .. 'ii liilllf' - NW un MLC Uiill J l DEBATING SQUAD First Row-Phyllis Reeder, Anna Louise Putman, Mr. Wolfgang, fDebating CoachJ, Anna Woodring, Jane Getz. Second Row-William Gearhart, Betty Bressler, Elizabeth Noll, Robert Cox. History of Debate in Tyrone High School T-.ill Although debating was always actively engaged in by students of Tyrone High School in their various literary societies, it was not until 1912-13 that the school sponsored inter-school debates and then there followed a series of yearly debates with Huntingdon, ulntil the late war period, that were memorable. Men of prominence were brought to Tyrone or Huntingdon to preside over and judge these debates. It was not uncommon for the debating teams to be greeted with crowded houses either at our local Y. M. C. A building or the Huntingdon Grand Theatre. Additional coaches were addl ed to trains to transport these crowds. ' Tyrone won two of these debates: the 1912-'13 debate and the 1914- '15 debate. Interesting questions were discussed as: Resolved: That the United States should fortify the Panama Canal, and Resolved: That United States should adopt a budget system. This year Tyrone is competing with five other county teams in a dis- cussion of the question: Resolved: That Old Age Pension Legislation should be enacted in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. At this writing it is too early in the season to make any prediction of the relative rating of the Tyrone team. -lwllll i ll MLC Qld l HI-Y CLUB Seated-Robert Hiltner, John Beyer. First Row-Robert Reinschmidt, Harold Hawke. Woods Cunningham, Mr. Wolf- gang QFaculty Instructorl, Bernard Gates, Joe Charles, Robert Miles, Tom Hollick. Second Row-Boyd Smith, Robert Wolfe, William Hall, Horace Elder, Jack Van- neman, Edwin Comly, William Weikert, Paul Newman, Eugene Plachecki. Third Row-Robert A. Miller, Karl Getz, Fred Beringer, Fred Philips, Roland Miller, Mac Davis, Robert Cox, Fred Dickson. Fourth Row-Paul Aurand, Harold Eckert, Robert Fisher, Lawrence Calderwood, Lloyd Friday, George Rodgers, Blaine Berkstresser. l-ll-Y HISTORY The Hi-Y Club of Tyrone was founded under the direction of Mr. lVIc- Featers, the secretary of the local Y. M. C. A., in the spring of 1924. Mr. Abernathy, high school principal from 1926-1928, was one of the first fac- ulty advisers of the group. Mr. Wolfgang has guided the religious in struction very ably the past few years. The local club has limited its membership to thirty-five boys. These boys have been chosen from the three upper classes in high school. The purpose of this club is "to create, maintain, and extend through- out the high school and community, high standards of Christian char-- acterf' 1'l Ql: "" QQJFALQ 6161?-fl MI 166351 '7?slQ2m ff T951-L4QQi?1l?:1 WW MV fiff f J M X IL 'WWI VW S55 X K 11? :- Q2 i1 l. ATHLETICS fzifklbbi Cdlflliz FOCTBALL SQUAD rmsu' Row Posn-ron Earl Davis ...................... ASS't. Coach Abe Dannaway .............. Halfback .. Dick Gardner ................. .Halfback ...... Dutch Eckert ........,...A... End ............ Kenneth Blowers .,,.....,. Guard ........ Edwin Igou .,............. Alexander Haag .,,,... Walter Mensch ..,....,. SECOND Row i Jesse Woodring ..,..,.,...... George Rogers ........,..,,... Lawrence. Calderwood Paul Bollinger e..,A..o......., Jack Fromm .....,............ LaRue Burget .,.o............ Ralph De Geroloma .,,.., THIRD ROW Vance Hildebrand .....,.... Lloyd Friday ....,....,,,.... Karl Getz ............ .... Bernard Gates ..... .,...... Paul Aurand .,,........i,..... Edward Robinson .......... Frank Hooper .........r.,,.,. Blaine Berkstresser i.,... Charles Waple ..,..,.,....,.. FOURTH ROW Dallas Wike ..,,. .,...Halfback .....Halfback .....Head Coach Fullback ..... Tackle ..... Guard ,.... Tackle ............ .....,. Guard ............... Quarterback End .,.............. ..... Halfback .....,...., Quarterback End ......,......... ..... Tackle ..,...,.. Center ........ Halfback .... Guard ..,.i..t, Tackle .,..,.............. ..... ,End ............. Jr. Varsity Coach AGE V WEIGHT 22 148 146 150 170 150 145 145 140 170 165 165 180 135 140 148 180 148 0 156 163 161 152 170 159 Mac Davis ........ .,..,,,. M anager Fred Phillips .,...,r ...o,.... A ss't. Coach Earl Lamborn ..........,..... -lr. Varsity Manager Jack Jones .................,.... Jr. Varsity Ass't. Manager 11 5 5 1 -" 1 il l s GI , ir ' ' Page fifty-seven Iillzflhfj Old FOOTBALL HISTORY OF 1930-1931 September 20-The local boys opened their drive for a successful season with their first victory of the year over Roaring Springs at the local field. This game was especially interesting, because the opponents were coached by a former Tyrone High man. The score was 14 to 7. September 27-The Orange and Black met and trounced the "miners" from Madera. It was really a good practice game for the local warriors, as we ripped and tore our way through anything the "miners" could put up. Hildebrand, Dannaway, and Gardner starred for T. H. S. The fray ended with the score of 47 to 0. October 4-Tyrone met its first real test of the season when Morris- dale journeyed to the local field. It was a nick and tuck battle that left the score knotted at the half, O to 0. In the third quarter we broke away for the only counter of the game. Hildebrand again featured with his long runs. The game ended 6 to 0. October 11-The local gridders met and defeated a strong, fast- traveling aggregation from Clearfield by a score of 13 to 9. The latter team failed to get a first down until the third quarter, in which they made their only score. October 18-Tyrone journeyed to the county seat of Bedford county and lost their first game of the season by a 7 to 0 score. Tyrone outplayed the county seaters after their score was made. We were seriously crippled by the lack of some of the varsity, and so we feel the game was a victory in defeat. October 25-Tyrone traveled to Mount Union and fought to a 0 to 0 deadlock. This was our third straight year to tie with the Union boys. We were greatly out-weighed, but our fellows formed a stone wall defense, and Mount Union could do nothing but pass and punt, which was about all we did. We were again handicapped by the lack of three of our regular men. October 31-Tyrone had a good work-out when Bellefonte was slaughtered by the score of 78 to 0. The fellows got so tired running the ball around that the officials finally called the game off, and another scrimmage day was over. This was good preparation for the annual game with Holidaysburg. November 11-T. H. S. played one of the most important and histori- cal games of its career, when Holidaysburg was downed by the score of 12 to 6. It was a hard, gruelling battle, both teams playing superb football. Tyrone backfield speed spelled defeat for H-Burg. November 15-The Orange and Black went over the mountain and brought back another scalp, when they downed Phillipsburg to a tune of 25 to 14. The mountain boys were completely outclassed by our fellows, even though Coach Mensch kept our third team in. November 22-The Orangemen gained a brilliant victory over State College on the new Beaver Field, State College, the final count being 52-0. The local fellows were rather slow in getting started, but before the first quarter ended, they were back in their form. This was a good practice game for Altoona. November 27-T. H. S. fell down and couldn't get up on "Turkey Day" at Altoona. The Orangemen showed nothing of their usual playing, Altoona taking an easy victory, 33 to 0. Tyrone was swept completely off its feet and was powerless to recover. It was hard luck, fellows. But we closed a very successful season, in spite of this defeat, with eight victories, two defeats, and one tie game. Page fifty-eight I :iFElLQQif11?: l66I F751 v :ilfEilLiGQli1l History of Athletics in Tyrone High School Athletics took form in Tyrone High School in 1907, and from that year until 1911 it consisted of baseball and basketball. Baseball was played on a lot at Ninth Street and Park Avenue, and basketball was played in the old Y. M. C. A. Building of the Pennsylvania Railroad located at Fourteenth Street and Burley Avenue, and also in the old Sher- idan Troop Armory located at Eleventh Street and Blair Avenue, now the Penn Alto Garage. There was no paid coach. Teams were organized and games arranged by interested persons. In 1912 baseball was dropped as a high school sport. Professor John L. Gaunt was elected to the principalship of the Tyrone High School in 1912. An added duty of Mr. Gaunt's was the coach- ing of basketball, which made Mr. Gaunt the first paid coach of the Tyrone High School. Mr. Gaunt succeeded in turning out a winning team in his first year of service as coach in spite of a hard schedule. The fol- lowing teams were our opponents for that season: Lock Haven, Altoona, Huntingdon, Johnstown, Windber, Clearfield, and St. Francis College. The high school team also defeated the New Century Club and Y. M. C. A. Juniors in a post season series. No bad record for the 1912-13 team. It is interesting to know that the games of this season were played in the Old Auditorium at Thirteenth Street and Bald Eagle Avenue, that the material used by the team was bought by the players, and that members of visiting teams were entertained in the homes of local players to save expense. Uniforms for the basketball teams were bought for them by the school for the first time in 1914. At this time interscholastic football was forbidden, although games in that sport were arranged and played between classes. Track, tennis, bowling, and rifle practice were engaged in competitively by the classes in high school at this time. In 1916 George Replogle coached both the girls' and the boys' basket- ball team and succeeded in turning out successful ones. The girls' team of 1916 met and defeated such formidable foes as Juniata College and Lock Haven Normal School, winning for themselves the Central Penn- sylvania Championshipg the girls' team of 1917 coached by Mr. Manbeck won seven games and lost only one. The destinies of athletics in our high school were presided over by D. A. Sharkey during the three years from 1917 to 1920 inclusive. The war cloud which hovered over the world at this time gave sports, in gen- eral, the country over, a set-back during these years. The year 1920-'21 saw football make its first appearance in T. H. S. under the instruction of Coach C. F. Snyder. Lack of equipment forced practice to be discontinued, however, and no playing schedule could be --Q-.'l EQ1T '- :ilFEllL.Q Qld arranged. The girls' basketball team was discontinued at the end of the season. Coach Albert Bowen succeeded in putting a football team in the field the following year which has set a pace for each team since. Victory was not granted them in a great degree, but the seed of a fine morale was scattered broadcast. The 1921-22 basketball team won sixteen games and lost ten. L. P. Keiser directed athletics during the year of 1922-23 and the fall of '23, He developed a good football team. Mr. Keiser's resignation early in the year of '24 brought Clair Davis in as basketball coach that spring. Nine victories and one tie was the unusual record piled up by the 1924-25 football squad under the guidance of Coach Wm. Skean. These undefeated champions tied with Altoona for the Blair County champion- ship. Ammerman was the leading point scorer in Penna., that year, making 210 points. Mr. Skean returned in 1925-'26, but left the system before the basketball season opened, so his work in this field was taken over by Dennis Sharkey. The destinies of football and basketball in T. H. S. during the years of 1926-27 and 1927-28 were presided over by Coach Ed. Schlosser. The 1928 basketball team finished in second place in the Mountain League. Coach Schlosser was succeeded by Eugene Mc Connell. "Mac" and his football team succeeded in bagging half the football games in the fall of '28 and ten of the thirteen basketball games in the spring of '29. The present coach, Walter Mensch, deserves no small amount of credit for the line work done by our teams during the past two years. This year he was assisted by Earl Davis, and these two coaches succeeded in turning out the best football team Tyrone has had since 1924. At this writing it is too early to make predictions about the relative standing of our basketball team, but for the past five years it has taken second place in league rating. Tyrone has played all of its home football games on the Penna. Railroad Athletic Field. Its home basketball games were played in the Y. M. C. A. gym from 1914 to 1929, when it became possible to play in the new gym provided in the high school. A consideration of athletics in our high school would not be complete without mention of Bern Oberly. Bern's unswerving loyalty and devotion to our teams is worthy of emulation by many another citizen. Much praise be to him. In passing it should be noted that after a lapse of many years girls' basketball is again being organized in our high school. Miss Lesher, physical director of girls, is coaching interclass teams. :iF!4SILAC3QfQN f:-1' Ax U MMM -'f--'5v Q!V -':-- f-ilfE1l1.Q01fd BASKETBALL SQUAD First Row-La Rue Burget, Center. Second Row-Fred Burget, Forwardg Paul Aurand, Guardg Philip Miles, Guard, Vance Hildebrand, Guard. Third Row-Alex Haag, Forwardg Harold Eckert, Guard, Edwin Igou, Forward, Lloyd Friday, Center, Ralph De Geroloma, Forward. Fourth Row-Robert Miles, Manager, Karl Getz, Forwardg Boyd Hutchinson, Forward, Jack Vanneman, Guard, Harry Kaufman, Guard: John Dworsak, Guard, Mr. Mensch, Coach. BASKETBALL HISTORY OF 1930-1931 -l January 9-Tyrone opened its 1931 Basketball Season at the high school gym, with H-burg. The local tossers lost by one point, 18 to 17. It was very much H-burg's game the first half, but in the last, Tyrone opened up, and, if given more time, might have won. It'S a tough begin- ning, but-it's the first game! January 12-The Orange and Black journeyed to Bellefonte and trounced the fellows down there. It was a practice game for us, after the defeat suffered from.H-burg last Friday. January 16-Well, more sad news. Mount Union came to visit us, and went away with our scalp, 32 to 24. The Orangemen couldn't get started, while the Union boys dropped 'em in from all corners. January 19-We went over the Mountain and revenged our Mount Union defeat by scalping Philipsburg to the tune of 28 to 22. The Burget - 711 2 ? E:ilf!fllL.Q Qlili-if Brothers put on their act and the game Was a cinch. Here's hoping they keep it up. January 23-Seems to be a jinx riding on Tyrone's tail. The Mensch- men went to State College tonight and came home with the short end of a 33 to 20 score. We'1l have to do better than that, fellows, to win the League Pennant! Let's start, now I January 31-Tyrone went up to Altoona and lost to their old rivals, 40 to 6. Altoona had everything their own way, and we were beaten from the start. That was a tough one to lose to a rival. February 6-The Orange and Black went 'way down to Lewistown and came back supporting the short end of a 34 to 21 score. The local fellows were dwarfed in comparison with their team and put up a good fight, but just couldn't see the basket. February 7-The boys from Bellefonte came here, bent on revenge, but they just couldn't get started. The Menschmen swamped them, 34 to 17. Everybody scored, when and how they wanted. Februarv 10-Tyrone journeyed to Mount Union, and, after leading throughout the entire game, was overcome by the Union boys' last minute spurt, and finished on the short end of a 30 to 29 score. February 13-Friday the Thirteenth! No wonder Tyrone lost to H-burg. It was just our unlucky day, that's all. The county seat boys beat us, 33 to 19. Too bad, fellows. February 17-Lewistown traveled to Tyrone and tied in a hard fought game, by the score of 28 to 28. The local team wished to play a third extra period and break the tie, but Lewistown refused and walked oif the floor. February 20-State College lost a hard game to the local tossers on our local floor, by the score of 26 to 19. Haag and Miles were the boys who cinched the game with their long shots. February 27-Tyrone lost a clean game at Huntingdon by the score of 41 to 26. The Center County boys were too much for us, Green getting nearly half of their total points. The local fellows just cou1dn't stop him. March 3-Tyrone closed its basketball season with a victory over the Mountain boys, 21 to 17. Philipsburg put up a great iight, but were un- able to come across with the necessary "push" in the closing minutes. , Riff lm EJIV "'- IJQIFALQ 0iBI?f I W if 'GOI WS' :iIYflLQ QlHl Cl-IEERS fTune: "On Wisconsin"J On Tyrone High, on Tyrone High, Fight within these lines, Pass the ball around Mt. Union, Basket sure this time, Rah! Rah! Rah! On Tyrone High, on Tyrone High Show off the Orange and Black Back Mt. Union, back, back, back We'll win this time. QTune: "Ain't She Sweet"J Can we play? Watch us win this game today. Now I ask you Very confidentially, Can't we play? Can't we play? We will make Mt. Union pay, Now I ask you very confidentially, Can't we play? Just see the ball, Go in for a basket. Now, what's our score? We need not frown, For we do say We'll win this game today. Now I ask you very confidentially, Can't we play? iTunes "Cornell Song"J From rocky heights, we come to iight, For the name Tyrone has made, And we can cheer, without a fear, That her good name will never fade. Fight in the end, don't break or bend, Until our team has won the game, And fight for might, for right for Tyrone's name For the glory that brings us fame. Make all advances, strong and sure today, Take all the chances fate throws in the way. Fight for glory, for glory alone, Victory makes history, so fight for Tyrone. 1661 'EEIIIII Page swcty-s E 'S S S S S in is E X Q S 1 N i X X Xa E 0 ALUMNI 'N-. ' ALC Cdlfll ROLL CALL 1881-1931 The following names represent the people who have been graduated from the Tyrone High School during the past fifty years. The Class of 1881 Helen Burley William Daugherty Claude Jones Kate Kane Anna Laird Mrs. Emma Sprankle McCormick A. C. Myers W. L. Scott Mrs. Clara Nowlin Ken- Mrs. Jessie Calderwood Mrs. Eva Miller Ricken- baugh Emma Roberts Bertha Scott Mertie Sharer Cora Smith nedy Waring Mary Smith A. C. Snowden The Class of 1886 The Class of 1891 The Class Of 1894 Mrs. Jean Moore Grazier Robert Bam Mary Josephine Albright Mrs. Cora Ewing Harr D- R- Caldwell. Myrtle Bridenbaugh Mary Owens Mrs' Grace Shlrk COX Annie Calderwood Mrs. Mamie Moore Watts M,arYb?u Estrlcher Helen Ray Caldwell Nannie Snowden Vlrglma Etmer . . R. Wade Davis Mrs. Clara Kane Frisbie Esther E. Graffius The Class of 1887 Mrs. Ella Stewart Bo- land Guy Colony Vina Crawford M. W. Fortney Budd Gray Carrie Guyer L. Blanche Miller Stella Wilson James A. Witter M n A C It G a-The Class of 1892 rs nna ou er r - Mrs. Rhea Laird Anderson zier . .i B 1 L 'd Mrs. Nora Guyer Blair MIS Grace? ur ey el y Mar aret Caldwell Bertha Smith The Class of 1888 Mary Coulter F. R. Crawford Inez L. Fortney Cora L. Hiltner Mary Hall Caroline Imhoff' Alberta Nevling Mary Nevling George B. Stevens Walter Study William Study, Jr. Emma L. Vogt Mary Melinda Waring Evagcuoulter Mrs. Musetta Fortney Cecil A. Ewing Wllhamson G8I'lZI'lld6 HlltH6T The Class of 1895 Katharine Jones Blanche Miller Jean Miller Mrs. Jennie Burley Kloss Lina Reese Mrs. Mary Caldwell Kloss Mary Shirk Martha D. LaPorte Annie Simons M1's. Jessie Bowles SempleThe Class of 1893 M. Belle Snyder The Class of 1889 Elsie Barr Ada Hoffman J. Austin Maloney David G. Meek Mrs. Jessie Owens Mur- dock Charles A. Piper Linda Van Scoyoc Josephine Vogt The Class of 1890 Mrs. Luella Meek Arm- strong Leila O. Beitler P. J. Carns C. S. Hiltner Laura Kennedy Mrs. Jeanette Goodwin Baker Florence E. Barr Nina Caldwell Harriet Coulter Elsie M. Bell Alice M. Krider Charles C. Mattern E. Pearl McKinney Byrd Owens Mrs. Anna Flenner Rhodes Thomas J. Sexton Jennie K. Smith Anna E. Stineman Edna M. Taylor Mary Crawford The Class of 1896 Mrs. Nellie Etnier Day- ton Mrs. Mary McFarland Eyer Earl Glassco Leroy Harris Mrs. Mary Kane Havens Gussie Hoffman Bessie M. Jones Mrs. Vema Taylor Lantz Myrtle Lucas Albert Oakwood Maggie Owens Edwin S. Africa Effie Bookhamer Virginia Bouse Mrs. Grace Haslett Buck L'owrie Crawford May Ewing Thomas Fisher Maude Jones Mary Lanners Gertrude Miller Amber Parks Harry A. Piper Charlotte Porter Page swrty nine 8 l66lI'75l gi Erma Reed Mary Reiley Bertha Smith Mabel Spahr Minnie Stewart Mrs. Mary Neff The Class of 1897 Mary Atlee Laura Beyer Walter S. Brooks Stewart Edgar G. Ellenberger Jessie F. Fetterhoo Julia G. Gray Lillie D. Glasgow Mary R. Hahn Edith W. Hoffman Juliet Hyskell Maria Kennedy Millie K. Meek Sadie A. Parks Daniel P. Ray Anna Scott Amber G. Smith J. Howe Stevens f Mabel E. Taylor Ada M, Wooden The Class of 1898 Mabel Bell Nannie Canan Margaret Imhof Isabel Nevling Elizabeth J. Sholly Nellie Stewart Helen Study The Class of 1899 T Walter Albright J. Alvin Bathurst William K. Camp Nathan C-osel Benjamin Crampton George S. Flenner Emma Graifius Bertha M. Grazier J. Aubrey Harper Milton D. Hoffman Franklin Hull Joshua A. Hunter Frank Jones Albert G. Lanners Edward P. Lehner Harry E. McConahy John A. Reiley Marybell Sausser Frank Sholly Grace Snider Wm. .F. Taylor Leo J. Zerbe he Class of 1900 Belle Bookhamer Mae Buck Florence Crawford Edward Dunkel Byrd Fisher Mary B. Flenner MLC 01.61 T Eleanor Fulkerson Katharine Fulkerson Charles M. Goodno George Haagen Sarah J. Morgan Rose M. Palmer Elizabeth Templeton he Class of 1901 James Downs Verna Elder John Ginter Mary Long S. F. Plachecke Elbert Rymer Marion Schulty Flo Smith Grace Smith Carl Waring Kathryn Waring Nettie Wertz Jessie White Alex Wilson The Class of 1902 T Bertha Boob Laura Canan Nell Chamberlain George Curfman Sue Dickson Walter Estricher Thad Graffius Lulu McCann O. Mulhollen Mary Reamey Edna Sausser Maxwell Shirk Florence Smith Boyd Stewart Bessie Wertz Berta Wilson he Class of 1903 Mary Austin Ada Blair Mary Boyer Pearl Copenhaver Sam Crabtree Mary Elder Clare Fetterhoff Ivaloo Gray Mary Grazier May Haupt Ethel Henry Hattie Hooker Charles Hunter Hattie Hunter Ange Jones Grace Jones Lucy Lehner Alice Lighty Grace Maloney Viola Markle Bess McConahy Ruth Porter Anna Schirm Marjorie Shulty l gllll: ""' Ella Snyder Anna Stewart Artie Stonebraker Anna Strohmyer Leah Templeton Elliot Trego Elizabeth Whitney The Class of 1904 T T Maude Bonsell Edward Bush Theressa Cook Gertrude Cowher Linda Curfman Alice .Farrel Robert Fisher James Foster Myra Gates Edna Goheen Verna Hamer Walter Hoffman Bess Levingood Helen Love Bessie Pennington Bessie Wooden he Class of 1905 May Beaston Cary Bradin Helen Brooks Neil Burnham Dean Canan Laura Canan Lillian Cohill Edith Fisher Florence Hesser Bernadine Hoover William Kennedy Warren Long Lovinia Miller Mary Mullen Lydia Schulty Anna Stewart Nell Thompson Myra Vincent Edmund Waring Erma Weighaman he Class of 1906 Elsie Austin Sara Austin Leida Beyer Mary Burley Earl Ellenberger Jay Garman Joseph Gundaker Cora Harrier Charles Hull Beth LaPorte Frances Maloney Grace Merriman Edna Myers Elizabeth Reiley Carrie Schirm Edna Shirk Claire Sweitzer Emma Uhl EiFElLC3QIE11?: -mm w ln : . Y page S - The Class of 1907 Guy Cowher Howard Foster Ruth Graiius Gertrude Hofman Edith Kerlin Oscar Miller Kathleen Mullen Rhoda Oster Hugh Porter Anna Ray Mary Schirm Claudia Speer Kathryn Troutwine Lloyd Tyson Frances Waring Jennie Widney Mae Weighaman Carrie Woodring Ruth Steele The Class of 1908 Flossie Abbas Stella Bathurst Robert Biddle Vera Coulter Anna Cryder Don Cryder Roberta Ellenberger Jessie Garman Ruth Goheen John Gunter Kathryn Gunter Linda Hooker William Laird Alvesta Lancaster Emily Myers Nan Reamy Pearl Ray Ethel Schollenberger Clara Stewart Howard Waring Alice Wooden Florence Wooden The Class of 1909 Mary Barr Dora Bigley Ruth Bowser Flo Bressler Chester Burleigh Merle Cassidy Marguerite Cherry Claire Dixon Joseph Dixon Esther Elder Edith Fisher Edna Funk Isaac Gates Edith Gibbs Jean Guyer Helen Hesser Grace Hoover Leroy Houck Cora Huntsman Oscar Kennedy T T ALO Old Adaline Keppler Clarissa Laws Theda Lewis Edna Lower J. Fred Miller Mae Moore Rhoda Oster Edith Schirm Calvin Seeds Lillian Shirk Helen Sholly Louisa Stine Paul Stratifl' Katie Troutwine Florence VanScoyoc Alton Woodring he Class of 1910 James Austin Stella Bathurst Margaret Bayer Frances Beyer Verna Brice Hazel Calderwood Pansy Cowher Eleanor Cryder James Davis Roberta Ellenberger Mary Foster Mary Freeman Luella Fulton Paul Herlt Claire Hoffman Annie Irvin Susie Love Paul Lower Cline Lowther Frances Murdock Edith Oster Earl Russell Bertha Schirm Dorothy Schirm Ethel Shollenberger Florence Smith Clara Stewart Marion Weston Edna Weighaman Mary Weighaman Frank Zimmerman he Class of 1911 Luella Billets Emma Burley Helen Calderwood Vinginia Hesser Florence High Esther Hiller Margaret Hiller Charles Johnson Gilbert Kanour Paul Kienzle Edith Lancaster Esther McCormick Cecelia McGovern Bell McNelis Bernard McNelis Bessie Merritt T T Anna Miles Nina Miles William Musser William NeH Venzella Newson Helen Plummer John Reader Florence Rothrock Ruth Schirm Margaret Steel Mary Swartz Luther Woomer he Class of 1912 Walter Baker Harriet Burrows Eleanor Cryder Maurice Cryder Oscar Harris Ralph Haupt Iva Huntsman Ruth Igo Benjamin Jones Pearl Jones Ruth Lighty Ruth McConahy Dorothy Meminger Lena Miller Edith Oster Carl Royer Jennie Schell Ernest Skipper Edna Steel Iva Wertz Imogene Weston he Class of 1913 Mabel Austin Viola Beaston Robert Biddle Mary Bosworth Hazel Brown Charles Calderwood Hazel Cox Marie Cupper Viola Daugherty John DeFerie Bess DeLong Paul Dolan Marion Evans Miriam Evans Ruth Ewing Robert Flenner Mary Gibbs Burns Goodwin John Hiller Clare Holly Arthur Jones Jane Love Verna Lovell Anna Montier Robert Parks Margaret Piper Marjorie Purdy Dora Ray Wilbur VanScoyoc Helen Waring ceii 'l igllfi - The Class of 1914 Charles Campbell John Clark Robert Cowan Pearl Cowher Ruth Cox Margaret Cree Elsie Ermine John Fulton Walter Gates William Graffius Eleanor Hoffman Jackson Holtzinger Harry Huntsman Esther Kennedy Elizabeth Laird Grace Lewis Richard Lukenbach Cuthbert Mather Mildred McClintock Russell McConahy Marguerite McNelis Jessie Miller Nora Miller Ed Musser Selma Patton Marie Port Edith Ramey Park Ray Foster Reader Grace Royer Anna Scruders Virginia Scullen Harry Sellers Rhoda Trego Catherine Vogt Ruth Wertz Ralph Wolfgang The Class of 1915 Helen Copenhaver Albert Cree Thelma Davis Charles Dougherty Forrest Ellenberger Wm. Nevin Elliott Raymond Flenner Lawrence Flenner Ruth Gates William Goheen Carolyn Hartman Joseph Hedding Elizabeth Jones Helen Jones Helen Kennedy Theressa Kline Miriam Luke Anna Maschke Frank McCanns Foster Miller Walter Musser Marguerite Palmer Ada Rhodes Margaret Simms Catherine Waple MLS Qld The Class of 1916 Katherine Blair Marguerite Bollinger Harriet Bosworth Alverda Bressler Mary Burns Howard Calderwood Hazel Cryder Margaret Cutler Mildred Eschbach Robert Eves Edith Fleck Thelma Fleck George Glenn James Clement Halli Miriam Haupt Edith Harris Guy Keatley Lynn Locke Alice Lucas Sylvia McCaulley Alma Meehan Nellie Merritts Ardis Nason Chauncey Piper Eva Jene Sawyer Ivaloo Schirm Robert Scullin Carl Seeds Mildred Sprankle Roy Stine Minnie Trimble Margaret Troutwine Clarence Waring Harold Waring Beryl Weston The Class of 1917 Grace Austin Adaline Albright Mary Albright Gladys Bailey Charles Benson William Brewer Gladys Cameron Mildred Campbell Vaughn Cherry Van Cree Mildred Daugherty Ella Dysart Helen Everhart Sarah Epstein Rachel Ewing Isabelle Eyer Miriam Flenner Nellie Gray Allen Grazier Edith Hand Walter Hamor James Havens John Hoffman James Johnson Elizabeth Joy Jennie Keller Sam Kirk Mildred Laurie Llewellyn Lloyd Virginia Mattern gan Vincent Matthews Edith Miller Versel Miller Edna Moifet Grace Moore William Moore Lester Palmer Harriet Smith Fay Sausaman Marian Smith Virginia Stewart Helen Thompson Agnes Maree VanScoyoc Frederick Waring Anna Wertz Roy Wolfgang Caroline Morrison The Class of 1918 Bernice Albright Josephine Arnold Virginia Bateman Myrtle Biddle Frederick Buck Isabel Bullen Zada Branstetter Edna Cupper Foster Dickson Naomi Fetters Margaret Fulton Amber Gardner Isabel Haag Mae Hamer Ruth Hamer Lawrence Haupt Margaret Havens Gertrude Herr Frances Hitchings Mary Hoffman Byron Hoy Agnes Keohane Hazel Laird Evan Lloyd Randall Luke Esther McCans Eleanor McClintoc Sair McDowell Hazel Meredith Grace Miller Thomas Mitchell Murtle McNeal John B. Nason Harry Nelson Mary Nelson Oliver Schell Helen Schirm k Murtle Shollenberger Katherine Sickler Cora Snyder Helen Snyder Helen Stanley Paul Stephens Jessie Waite Rhelda Wallace Herman Walton Sara Williams Esther Watson Q :iFEXLQ01f6l?:-T X WK EEIIIIT' E P , nty-four ' ' Esther Watson Sarah Williams The Class of 1919 Ardis Albright Marion Albright Joseph Antikole Marian Austin Bernice Bartlebaugh Mildred Batcheler Dixon Calderwood Frederick Campbell Richard Campbell Martha Cree Christeena Cupp Joseph Eschbach Elizabeth Flenner Frederick Fouss Mabel Goss Effie Grazier Edna Hand Alfred Houser Elizabeth Houser Richard Huss Goldie Kelly John Keppler Kathryn Kienzle James Kirk Sara Kyle - Andrew Laurie Virginia Lehner Christine Long Mildred Lucas Hays Mattern May McKinney Lynn Mitchell Harold Oster Mildred Phillips Lorinda Ross Mabel Ross Katharine Sawyer David Schirm Maurice Scott Elizabeth Stewart Maude VanScoyoc Earl Waite Ralph White The Class of 1920 Eliza Benton Revere Berry Franklin Black Max Chamberlain Rae Cox LeRoy Demart Charles Dubbs Katherine Engler Mildred Evans Harold Fleck Hester Fleck Harold Fuoss Milton Fuoss Frederick Gartner Rebecca Givler John Grazier Ada Hamer WISILQ 0151 Frederick Hedding Mary Hoy Manita Hunter Esther Irwin Helen Kling Robert Kloss Norris Lucas Dorothy McNeal Sara Miller Fred Mills Gerald Nolan Mildred Riggle Rosalyn Scott Florence Sprankle Margaret Stewart Ralph Stine Margaret Louise Van Scoyoc Thelma Wertz Byron West Jesse. Woodring Carl Woomer The 'Class of 1921 Furman Beyer Isabel Campbell Marian Dawson Max Dougherty Max Epstein Karl Eschbach Sayford Fasick Mary Fisher Anna Fouss Leroy Giles Madeline Gingery Paul Goss Clay Grazier Joseph Grazier Francis Halligan Florence Haag Mildred Haupt Helen Harvey Susan Houser David Kirk Ada Krider Martha Libold Helen Morrow Cleo McNeal Hugh Oakwood John Pavone Violet Price John Raabe Howard Robison Margaret Rhodes Albert Rothrock Gwendolyn Sharer Geraldine Shelow John Smith Anna May Schirm Elwood Snyder Ruth Sprankle Catherine Watt Fay White Sara Woomer The Class of 1922 Catherine Barr Mary Cady Helen Colvin Harold Cree Mary Custer John Dietrick Fred Davidson Marie Eble Chester Finnegan Margaret Friday Clark Giles Walter Harnish Arvilla Hoover Raymond Isenberg Sidney Kelly Bertha Little Donald Mattern Martin Miller Margaret Moore Ruth Myers John Nash Thyra Naylor Thelma Orr Laurabelle Patterson Hazel Robison Emma Rollman Margaret Sickler Alfred Smith Helen Smith Calvin Stewart Gertrude Sullivan John Vickers Dorothy Waring Kathleen Woomer Roberta Zentmyer The Class of 1923 John Henshey Baldridge Helen .Flora Barr Simler Batcheler Earl Clayton Bateman Frances Guyer Blair ' Sara Adelaide Bollinger Irvin Luther Crawford Elsa Ruth Dietrick Francis Virgil Everhart Madeline Louise Flenner Esther Humphrey Frain Dorothy Maravene Hardy Jessie Pauline Haupt Helen Pauline Hickes Ruth Kessler John Bernard McKelvey Gladys Lucille Miller Harold Lynne Myers Thomas Blair Nowlin Jayne Eliza Nowlin Mary Wike Patton Roberta Paulhamus Laura Violet Sensor Isabelle Sharer Margaret Adeline Singler Virginia Ruth Spyker Iva Mae VanScoyoc Page seventy fwe IOC3II'75l K, up The Class of 1924 Forest L. Benford Mary Ellen Bigley Clyde Davis Black Lewis Bernett Blair Helen Margaret Bollinger Florence Louise Caldwell James Leroy Candy Jean Burden Clute Lulu Eleanor Daugherty Ruth Elizabeth Eckert Mildred Adaline Fortney John T. Funk, Jr. Anna Geraldine Gingery Margaret Griffin Helen Marguerite Hewell Sylvia Mae Keller Charles W. Krider Robert Gray McLanahan Bernard A. Miller Mary Adaline Miller Virginia Nancy Miller Margaret Emma Nearhoof Marian Elizabeth Oakwood Wilhelmina Elva Ross David William Canan Rothrock Violet Isabel Sellers Ruth Naomi Shollenberger Cathleen Jane Singer Harry Lawrence Stewart, Jr. William Arthur Thomas Robert Henderson Waite Glenn Jeffrey Waring J. .Florence Watt Lorena Kathryn Wills Howard Williams Wood- ring Mirabel Faye Woomer The Class of 1925 Margaret Jeanette B SOY1 Lewis Charles Berk- stresser Robert Wilmer Boyer Elizabeth Chamberlain John Elliott Davis Seth Van Davis Elizabeth Alice Dawson James F. Durham John Arthur Ferner Edna Viola Fink Dorothy Rebecca Fleck Helen Beatrice Flenner Joseph Leaverne Gardner Virginia Schroyer Garman Charles Clark Ginter Frances Marie Gordon Clara Jean Grazier William Lewis Gunter Ralph William Hall GH- ESLQ Cdlill Harry Norman Hazel Ethel Hickes John C. Hiltner Adaline Hoffman Edward Isett Kelly Viola Dysart Kenhart Sarah Emily Mattern William D. Metcalfe, Jr Harold Keith Miller John H. Miller Morris Jonathan Morgan Armena Regina Moffett Bonnalyn Allen Price Ruth Elizabeth Rhodes Alice Gertrude Scruders Alta Arline Shimer Albert L. Shollenberger Frances Murphy Sickler Sarah Pauline Snyder Myrtle E. Stonebraker Gladys Leona Stover Kathleen Adaline Stover Walter Thomas Lee F. Wagner Vivian Ayres Weighaman Earl K. Westley LeRoy Williams Harry Wooden Margaret Elizabeth Woodring The Class of 1926 Clemence Ray Barr William Clark Barr, Jr. Clarence Elwood Batch- eler Elizabeth Annette Bathurst Harold Bigley James R. Black Roberta Virginia Brower Joseph Bishop Cady Margaret Elizabeth Cald- well Florence Edna Colabine Julia Vivian Conrad Richard E. Crampto Eleanor Crawford Mary S. Crisp Anna Belle Dawson Josephine Harriette William F. Eckert Chester D. Edwards Morris Philip Epstein George Albert Eschbach Kathryn Kennedy Eyer Goldie Adelaide Fink Marian Fleck Mary Lucil Forcey Eunice Margaret Gardner Mila E. Gallagher Dorothy Jane Givler John Livingstone Giles James Lewis Grazier, Jr. James Martin Gwin Ethyl Louise Griffin Richard Gilbert Hamer Tl Derr T Clarence Eugene Ham- bright William Ross Harnish C. Kenneth Hessler Gertrude Hollabaugh Maude G. Igou Eugene Calderwood Johnson Francis Jones Josephine Kanour Henry B. Kearney Nineveh Diana Kirk Minerva Leif Anne Piper Lukens Hewitt Baird McCloskey Edna Winifred McMahan Dorothea Maxine Menold Alice Leache Miller Myra Louise Miller George Samuel Minemier Julia Pauline Morgan Dorothy May Morrow Ward Lee Myers Jerry Kenneth O'Mara Elva Vesta Park Josephine Pesci Racasi Elsie Marguerite Rhoades Estella Mae Rhoades Elda Estelle Riggle Maxine Sawyer Wilbur Schaul Florence Carmon Schneid- er Mildred Seeger Mary Kathleen Sellers Donald Andrew Shiffler Mary Gertrude Singer Gilbert Coleman Smith Emmy Lou Snyder Robert Ashton Steel Marlin C. Stewart Thomas Harvey Stoner Esther Ellen Stouifer Mary Ellen, Stryker Samuel Joseph Thompson Hulda Mary Tree Frances Louise Walton Ernest Weyant Bernadine Louise Wertz Emma Elizabeth Whippo he Class of 1927 Margaret Allen Rose Anna Barr Mildred Mae Beringer Mary Melissa Beyer Florence E. Bush Margaret Henderson Campbell Helen LaRue Chamberlain N. Marion Condol Marie E. Copenhaver Catherine Elizabeth Cox Dorothy Dean Crawford Velma Pearl Crowell Charles F. Davidson Wilbur Irvin Edmundson .... 'l ifilllli - Nathaniel Wayne Gray .Farrand Elverda Mae Fagley Florine Fleck Mildred Rider Gates John Clifford Hall Mary Louise Hall John Bernard Hand Charles Alexander Har- nish John Mason Harnish Bernice E. Haskins Clement Seward Hiltner Helen Pearl Katherman Ruth Iona Kennedy Anna Marie Kaufman Richard Hyland Knarr Virginia Elizabeth Krider Bernice Helene List Doris Leona Lorsong Anna Chandler McConahy Clarence A. McCoy Katheleen Louise McLan- ahan Albert James Miller Ralph C. Mills Natalie Romaine Moffet William Burket Moore Thelma A. Noll Sara Elizabeth Patton Lawrence R. Pavone James A. Pollock Gladys Louise Prough Helen Estella Raabe Chester Clarence Robison James Andrew Rorabaugh Robert Harry Rupert Fred Crawford Shoen- berger John William Shollenber- ger James Alexander Steele Thomas Steele Edna Mae Spyker Dorothy Geraldine Swit- zer Margaret Madelon Ta- haney Anna R. Thomas Byron L. Taylor Sara Emma Taylor Ardreine Pearl Updyke William E. Walker John Chester Wallace Pauline Annette Wallace Nelson Emerson Way. Margaret Jayne Wertz Nancy Elizabeth White Anna Josephine Wilson Hedwig Louise Woomer Myrtle Vira Woomer The Class of 1928 Violet Pearl Allen Chester L. Aults Lorain R. Batcheler Florence Emelyn Bat- hurst ALC Civil Janet Louise Bowser Dorothy Ann Brower Richard Seeger Burley Samuel Jordan Bloom James Graham Charles Elizabeth Buffington Cawher Cleo Clarissa Clemens Melvin Samuel Cowher Harrison F. Crampton John Franklin Dickson Olga B. Dixon Alice Virginia Emery Henry Clinton Fagley Nellie Sue Fagley Aelaide Florence Farrand James Lynne Ferner Raymond Eugene Fisher John F. FitzPatrick Faye Virginia Fleck Frank G. Fleck Albert A. Freeman, Jr. Emil Wilkins Gallagher Marjorie Adell Garman Geraldine Natalie Ginge- rich Margarette Adaline Ging- erich John Howard Grazier, Jr. Catherine Virginia Gra- zier Ina Louise Grazier Edna May Hastings, Charles Hunter Heinly Van Buren Henninger Elizabeth Hepler Joseph D. Imhof J. Van Johnson Charles H. Jones Kathleen Kaufman Mary Eleanore Kessler Gladys Mae Kimberling Helen Eva Kimberling Phyllis Elizabeth Kinkead Maude Elizabeth Kling Dorothy Ellen Knight Frances Elizabeth Lewis Robert C. Marthouse Arthur' M. McCann June Lucille McCartney Harry Eugene McClain Dorcas L. McMurray Joseph Goheen McWil- liams Kenneth Nevin Miller Ralph Miller Arthur J. Moore Allen Michael Moser, Jr. Elsie Annetta Naylor Anna M. Nelson James J. Panasite Forest N. Priest Fred LeRoy Rhoads Calvin Meredith Sharer, Jr. Eathen Allen Sheeder Annis Dora Shildt Carl Alvin Shollenberger Alda Singer Katherine Anne Sprankle Richard Albert Spriggs Robert Burton Spriggs Donald L. Smith Mary Dorothy Stillwell Robert Lee Struble Gertrude Belle Study Clair Malcolm Summers Helen Mabel Switzer Tomassina M. Tomei Kenneth Tower Elizabeth Emma Van Scoyoc A. Dean West Lois L. Weston Charles Edward Wills Vance Grazier Wertz Anthony Leonard Zanghi Farran Zerbe The Class of 1929 Julius Antokol Marian Elizabeth Ardry Charges Malcolm Baldrige, r. Adaline Rebecca Barlett Hazel Naomi Bateman John I. Beaston Kathryn Elizabeth Belin Maxwell I. Beringer Aaron Frederick Beyer Kathryn Louise Black Belle Block Mary Block John C. Chamberlain Frederick Eugene Conrad Dclcena E. Crabtree Foster Crawford Thomas Davis Jessie S. DeDios Nancy Evelyn Eberts George H. Eckert Theodore Ernest .Fink Katherine Elizabeth Franks Bernice Alverda Gates Clayton Gates Hilda Gwendolyn Gault Ruth L. Getz John David Gingery Edward B. Glenn Mary E. Grazier Marcella E. Griffin Kathryn C. Hardy Dorothy Mae Hawke Janet Hepler Adaline E. Herlt Willaim H.,Hicks Gervase Phyllis Hoover Cecil A. Hileman Kathryn C. Holsopple Louise A. Holt Joseph Ray Hutchison Robert C. Hollobaugh -' Ill ? C7 . I X- : 1. . Page seventy-seven Marion Gunter Kanour Margaret G. Krider Vera L. Lloyd Ellen Evelyn Lund Anthony A. Mannino Basil W. Mannino Claire G. McCahan Ruth Ellen McCrea Margaret Ellen McHugh Nannie Rebecca Miles Phyllis Beryle Miller Jean Charlotte Myers Doris S. Noll Gladys S. Noll F. Geneva Nowich Paul L. O'Mara Anthony Panasite Madeline V. Pfoutz Sara Grace Robison Liston O. Ross Karl Crawford Seegar Sheldon Byron Sellers Kathleen E. Seymour Catherine R. Sloey Clarinda R. Smith Beulah S. Smith Ethel E. Summers Florence Evelyn Troxell James C. Thomas Anthony N. Tree Elizabeth Jane Wlker Elmer Wyant James Alfred Witter The Class of 1930 Mamie Antokol William Lloyd Barr Charlotte J. Batcheler R. Franklin Bayer, Jr. Stanley R. Black Althea May Bloom Frances A. Brower MLC CM Melville Max Burget Charles Caffarelli, Jr. Bernice Evans Chilcott Kenneth M. Crawford William G. Cree Marianne, LaRue Cupper Aleck Dannaway Roy W. Davidson John M. Derr LaRue Emma Dewey Harry V. Dickson Albert K. Dole George Hull Dugan Helen Loretta Duvall Harry Elder Melvin Lawrence Focht Verna Mae Forcy Belva C. Gates Edgar Wilson Gates Virginia Katherine Gear- hart Margaret Elizabeth Halli- gan Oscar L. Hardy Naomi Velda Harpster Waneita Jeanne Hawke J. Egbert Holsopple Carl L. Holt Charles J. Houser Mary J. Idarola Samuel Whitney Irvin Benjamin B. Johnson Earl M. Johnson Wilbur Lewis Johnston Irvin Luther Katherman Lois Margaret Kaufman Martha Jane Keys R. Madeline Krieger Dorothy Eleanor Lane Harrison J. LaRosa Miles Wilbur Lewis E. Raymond Libold Regena Florence List Santo P. Lombardo Elizabeth Helen Lucas W. Hull B. Lucas R. Gilbert Mannino Jane Elizabeth Mattern Katherine M. McCahan Helen Elizabeth McCarty ney Helen E. C. Meredith Doris Luella Miller John David Ohrtman Kathleen Z. Park William Wallace Paulha- mus Stanley F. Plachecki, Jr. Gertrude E. Pollock Elmo Lynn Richards Elizabeth P. Rodgers Reuben Patterson Rudy Eugene K. Smith Frances Rebecca Smith Martha Constance Sprankle Grace Steele Marjorie Locey Stillwell Kenneth Franklin Stover Elmer George Summers David Lewis Swartz Guy Arthur Thompson Eleanor L. Turnbaugh Virginia Harding Wallace Bond A. Way Grace Jeanette Wilt Ruth Marie Wilt William Carl Woleslagle James J. Wolfe Evelyn Marie Yingling Lem C. Zindel W E! - WSSILQOIH IN MEMORIAM These alumni and former students of the -Tyrone Public Schools gave their lives in service of their country in the World War. EDWARD M. BEIGHTOL JOHN H. BENNETT PAUL W. BURROWES HARRY G. DOSLER RICHARD G. FISHER JOHN H. GARDNER JOHN G. GATES SIMEON H. GLASSCO OSCAR KENNEDY ORRIS W. MCNEAL D. BLAIR MINGLE JOHN G. ROBINSON JOHN J. SICKLER Page seventy nine S 10611251 i 'S ALB Qlil 1 fi , X 1 , f A LGGAN BUILDING ,-.ilil W: my . l The first building used for high school purposes in Tyrone was Lo- gan Building. The original building, which was sixty-six built in 1866. Extensions were made in 1885 and 1888. Principals of Tyrone High School and their periods feet square, was of service: A. W. Greene .................. 1880-1883 N. Koontz ........................ 1911-1912 A. R. Read ....... ......... 1 883-1885 J. L. Gaunt .......... ....... 1 912-1914 A. B. Orr ............ ......... 1 885-1886 W, W. Raker ........ ....... 1 913-1917 B. F. Pinkerton C. E. Kauffman Hamilton .. I. C. Ellenberger J. C. H. S. Fleck ........ E. Houck .......... I. E. Holsinger .. ..............1892-1895 ..............1895-1897 ............1897-1898 ..............1898-1908 ..............1908-1909 1886-1892 H. B. Weaver J. Meily .............. J. K. Grimm ....... W. R. Bell ...,,,.,... R. R. Abernathy J. A. Bowser ..... F. C. Skelly .,.... 1909-1911 ....... 1917-1918 .......1918-1920 ....... 1920-1922 .......,.....1922-1925 ............1925-1927 ..,. ..-1927-1929 .......1929-1931 'lu Q 1 ,i....-.i--- , y 4 , n .lilini l I v 1 1 I ' 1 Page eighty " E2lll.iC.3KJl.i1l?f Tyrone High School and Annex 1- The Tyrone High School building proper was built in 1910, and high school activities were transferred to it in the succeeding year. By 1916 the student body had become so large that an adjoining residence was purchased and fitted to accomodate the Commercial and Home Econom- ics Departments. This addition was known as the "Annex." Superintendents of Tyrone School District and their Periods of Ser- vice: C. E. Kaufman ...... .....,. 1 895-1898 W. W. Raker, .... Aug. 1917-May, I. C. Ellenberger ............ 1898-1908 1918. H. S. Fleck ....................,. 1908-1914 F. M. Haiston, .... May 1918-March J. L. Gaunt ...... 1914-August 1917 1921. W. W. Eisenhart, .......... Mar. 1921 Page eighty-wie :iFEllLiQ Ciiill 1 7. I 1 ,f 71 l f ix ,ffw -A MNT. j ' xx fs - if f ' K . C "4'-3... JUNIOR-SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL BUILDING The erection of a junior high school building and the comp e e re modeling of the senior high school building took place in 1928-'29. INTERESTING FACTS i,.1L-1- lt In 1898-'99 both the Commercial and the Classical Department had its own distinct commencement program. h S h l had four teachers and 195 pupils in In 1900 the Tyrone Hig c oo 1924 it had twenty teachers and 453 pupils. Departments of high school were added as follows: Home Economics in ...i.....,.........,.....,o,,.,.....,......,.. 1913 Art in ,.....,,................,. ........ 1 914 Manual Training in ,...... .....i... 1 916 Library in .l..,.............., ,... ,......,,. .,...,... 1 9 1 6 Health in ,..,...,,...,..,..,.,,I.,......,..o..,,..,...,.. ,,.,,,.,, 1 929 Athletic Board of Control dates from 1922. High School P. T. A. dates from 1924. iw EEEIIIIT' - Page eighty-two ' f X 3. N X Eg O3 g Q! WE 1 Q E: x , g J ylx r EEE E E X X QE fi 0 5 My R ' .J ., 44 4 Xa ADVERTISEMENTS uininininnsinnuninninunuunnnminnumuuunnunmun QW Blair County National Bank Sz Trust Company 57 Years of Progress Hoover and Stanley Home Dressed Meats 13 E. 10th St. Tyrone, Pa. 'nn um uunmuumm nnunnunninuIuniunnnnnuuununnnnumnu "Say it with Flowers" Adolph Engleman FLORIST Bell Phone Display Room 428 134 LATIN Boyibus kissibus girlibussorum, Girlibus likibus, wanta somor- um, Papibus hearibus kissiborum Kickibus boyibus outa de dorum Darkibus nightibus, no lightibus: sorum, Climibus gatipost, breechibus torem. Ji L59 Miss Wilson-When do the leaves begin to turn? LaRue Ammerman-The night before exams. M4 L!! Miss Bressler-What is the highest form of animal life? Ann Voght-The giraffe. fa! V59 Bud Comly-Do' you sing bass? Donald Pardoe-Sure! How does the first verse go? uinininnuanuinlummininnunnmnnunnn Q . D Vi I ,s Jrnsninosr IPAHRWS CCILQCUJTPHJIHIEIFRS and the authorized Charter House Griffin Bros. luufl ullunlnnnl - D 1661 V751 y I Page eighty five -filfhllho Cdlfl Authorized Dealer for Underwood Portable Typewriters D THE MANN PRINTING CO. TYRONE, PA. ummmmuunmn-nun nnnumnnnnnnmuuunmnmun Mr. Ferner-Why did you get 1 "D" in Latin? I Faye-Well-we-we, you see, Dad, that's par for the course. and Al 755 Inc. Donna Marthouse - Boo-hoo, Mother! All the clothes are gone 1 off my baby doll. Mrs. Marthouse - Sh! Your big sister is wearing them tonight. .--- " " CUT RATE sToRE Madeline Cherry-I am indebt- ed to you for all I know. --- Miss Beckman-Oh, don't men- tion such a trifle. 0' 25' 1056 Penna. Ave. Alex Steele-Columbus certain- ly was some prophet. TYRONE, PA- Bob Steele-Why? Alex-When he discovered Am- eI'iCa, he shouted, "I see dry land," .. ..-- ----- I ---'--- - -------- 'm millllf' - , X 3 Page eighty-six X i nur Snyder's Tonsorial Parlor Haircutting a Specialty "Dave" Forcey Sz C. R. Snyder, ii Operators -li 5 117 Penna. Ave. 5 Tyrone GETZ sf DICKSON unnuuunumnnmn mnmn-mn mmmu Betsy Ross Bread The Arlington Tyrone's Leading Hotel i Special Banquets by Appointment 2 I ' 10th St. at Logan Ave. TYRON E W. E. HOFFMAN BIGCIN S 81- 5 HEBERLING COMPANY 1 Ice Cream, Sherbets, The Home of - Milk, Cream, QUALITY FOOD Cocolac, Butter -li 1656-58 Columbia Ave. Bell Phone 573 TYRONE, PA' E l i Page eighty-seven ff-ilf!flLQCCDiE1l inrunninlnunununnnnnnnunvnnnunnuunnnnnnuuuulu The Tyrone Daily Herald Central Pennsylvania's widely known neswpaper - Containing all the important 5 happenings of the world and E chronicling every local event of consequence. By Mail or Carrier A finely equipped Job Printing plant is part of the Herald es- E tablishment, in which quality work at reasonable prices predominates. annununnnnuninununnnnuunnu unnnnnuunnun Pete Chilcot-Fred, our little girl spoke her first Words today. Fred Rhodes-Really, I bei she said "Da da." 1 Pete-No, she said, "Rudy Val- ee." 5 79' Mary Hickes-I understand most English barons are social flops. Mr. Snyder-Yes, very few of them have any manners. val Q95 Olive Friday-Say, it's past midnight. Do you think you can stay here all night? Donald Baker-Gosh, I'll have to telephone mother first! 5 VS Miss Lucas-Is the earth round or square? June Glen-Neither. It's crook- ed. nuunuunnun:nnunnnnnnun:nnununnnuun Zang Brothers Shoes Repaired While You Wait il.- 5 E. 10th St. 127 W. 10th St. nunnunnnnunnuununnnnnnnun:nununnnunuuu uuunnnnnun Eat at Bloom's Restaurant The Hickes Grocery and Market Pennsylvania Ave. and Twelfth St. l...- Staple and Fancy GROCERIES Fresh and Cured Meats . Grand Valley Butter A. J. Hickes C. W. Hickes -- l Page eighty-eight Y Home Electric Light Company l Tyrone and Bellwood Tyrone Fuel and Supply Company Wholesale and Retail COAL and BUILDERS' SUPPLIES Main Office 20 W. 10th Street TYRON E, PA. VALCQMQYQ lylyyyyylyyylylyyllyllllyllyyyyynyyylyyyny Auto Ignition and Battery Service Philco Radio 1 Strasbaugh's Service Station 121 W. 10th St. The Griffin Hat Shoppe The Newest and Best in Millinery Tenth St. Tyrone, Pa. unnnnnmmnuuunmm 1IunuluIninnnmmnnnlunn Ann C.-How were your grades the last six-weeks period? Marg. M.-Jules Verne. Ann-How's that? Marg - T w e n t y thousand leagues under the HC." Q3 at Bob H.-Say! your glasses are dirty. Bob C.-Thanks. My eyes are bad and I couldn't see it. A QU Florist-Here are some very fine cotton blossoms, sir. Ben Jones-Cotton blossoms, sir! You insult me. My wife must have the best. Send around two dozen silk blossoms. ' l ls. Page wghty wwe - GH S' y S ALC CM nnuunnnunnnun Harry H. Gardner The Home of Hart Schaffner Sz Marx Clothing nnunnnn innununnnnnnunuuu Shoes For the Entire Family at lVIack's Capital Shoe Store H. H. Magdovitz, Prop. Tyrone's Cut Price Shoe Store nnInnnnun:nninnnununnunnnun:nun:nunnunnunnnuu Miss Bowman-Make a sen- tence using the word, "fiddle" Betty Myers-I Will, fiddle do you any good. 3 V9 Miss Moore--So you can't de- Cleanliness Combined with Proper Refrigeration Insure Fresh Meats At All Times Our Market is Equipped to Meet Both Requirements l-ln For Health and Strength Eat Meat in a Balanced Diet Li...- GETZ MARKET STORE . C. U. Getz, Prop. R. T. GARMAN fine a mirror? Well, what do you JEWELER look in after you Wash your face to see if it is clean? Bede P.-The towel. at H Eva Morrow-Do you know Max? Peg Colabine-Max who? Eva Morrow-Max no differ- ence. Vg, Y, TOGGERY SHOP Bede Pollock-rm stuck on this Clark Mcmnahan Prop problem. ' ' Miss Grafius-I'm glad you like it. 'sllilflllllllllllllllllll 'll iillll l Page 71-inet!! X l Ei? 311.0 Qld nnunuunnuinInmnunnuunmm There Must be a Reason 13,611,000 Cars and Trucks in Ten Years S. A. WOOMER PRODUCTS Phone 845 1227 Penna Ave. ' Ford Policy is Value far above the Price 1nununnnnvnnunnmnunnnnmmannunvnuinmununnnnmnu Plumber-Say, who was that lady I saw with you last night? Welder-That was no lady. It was just an old acetylene flame of mine. M ,sl Bud W.-My, how beautiful you look this afternoon. Bernie S.-Yes? I took a beauty nap and must have over- slept. :JI M Louise Cupper-There are sev- eral things I can always count on. Jay Speece-What are they? Louise-My fingers. 3 Q59 Bud Comly-I dislike you. Becky Caldwell-Why, Bud! hoW's that? Bud-I dislike to love you all the time. WINTER'S Tyrone's Music Store STEINWAY PIANOS "Instrument of the Immortals" VICTOR, SPARTON, ZENITH, STROMBERG-CARLSON RADIOS The Music You Want When You Want It On ietor "c'J.1,'J'S2?f3:af"' Records 00611751 K . Page mnety one "Oh! How my Feet Ache" would never be heard if you were shod with a pair of STUDY'S SHOES We will put our time against yours to show you that it's economy to buy your shoes and hosiery at STUDY'S SHOE STORE 1009 Penna. Ave. Tyrone, Pa. We Give Service Every Day in The Year Tires Tubes Accessories ...li-1 PETERS BROS. 320 East' 10th St. TYRONE, PA. The New Green Tydol Gasoline Veedol Economy Oils and Greases atc on Some boys smile in the evening, Some boys smile at dawng But the boy worth while Is the boy who can smile When his two front teeth are gone. J 3 Bun G.-My girl is like a poem. Bud W.-How's that? Bun G.-Wait'll you meter. el .99 Jack Moiet-Has your brother come home from college yet? John Beyer-Either that, or the car has been stolen. el .29 Mr. Stone-Am I speaking loud enough? Bill H.-Heck, yes, I can't even sleep. For Clothes of Distinction Fitz Patrick The House of Satisfaction nunsnun::nununnnnunnnnnnnunnu:nun n ELECTROPURE MILK All Kinds of Dairy Products I-Iersheyfs Ice Cream i..-1-1 Charles G. Waple Dairies, Inc. uv nnununnnunu nnuun Page ninetyftlw p f:iFEXLQCCDiQf11?f ! 4 , w Q I - l66llf75l 4 w 1 i-1.-1-1 P X z ............ P ' -f L s 2 I A . , T H E WEST VIRGINIA PULP AND PAPER COMPANY TYRONE MILL TYRONE PENNSYLVANIA .ii1 M Off 230 P k A NEW YORK CANDIES and Home-Made SALTED PEAN UTS Always Fresh at Gardner's Candy Store Tenth Street Tyrone Bowser Super-Service Station Sinclair Gas and Oils 10th St. and Logan Ave. TYRONE, PA. S. G. WERTZ GROCERY The Best by Test Ferndell Products 10th Street Tyrone Pa Tyrone Grocery Company Groceries, Fresh Meats Fresh Fruits, V egetables, and Produce unuun nnuunnu IInmuluulunnlluununlnunnnu Mr. Stone-Harold, what is steam? Harold H.-Water gone crazy with the heat. 5 A9 Bernie Priest-Oh, yes, I've had plenty of stage experience. I've completed an engagement in the "Road to Rome." I played the part of the detour. .99 5 John Beyer-How long did you sleep last night? Gert B.-My full length-five feet, two inches. .29 J Harold Hawke - Something's preymg on Mac s mind John Beyer-Dont worry it'll d1e of starvation. Page mnety five iiii ABSOLUTE CONFIDENCE GEMS AND WATCHES Should be purchased from houses in which you place im- plicit faith. DIAMONDS purchased from this house carry the assur- ance of genuineness. WATCHES bought of us carry a guarantee of service for a generation. vii- ACKLIN JEWELRY COMPANY the house of Diamonds . munnnun un mummm nnnnnnnunnununnnmmuum Betty Jane Fink-William the Conqueror landed in England in 1066 A.D. Miss Bigley-What does A.D. mean? Betty Jane-I don't know ex- actlyg maybe it means after dark. Q9 5 Tillie Cox-Do you know, Hel- en, Faye thinks Marshall Fields is a play ground? Helen Elder-Ha! Ha! That's a riot. But say, just what do they use those fields for anyway? ai -29 Sara Hickes-I believe this school is haunted. Bob Hiltner-Why? Sara H.--Because they are al- ways talking about the school spirit. mnnuunmmn ALBRIGI-IT'S Newer and Greater GRILLE Sodas, Sandwiches, Sundaes Home made Candies, Peanuts -.il DANCE in the BLUE ROOM annunnunnnmnnunnunnunmunummunu 1 ' 1 D. PANASITI it . Sanitary 4" ,- . -, . " Fruit Market Choice Fruits, Vegetables, I and Nuts in 'Season Cigars, Tobacco, and Confectionery No. 9 East 10th St. TYRONE, PA. THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK :iFElIL..Q CDIIEI , lst Scot-Did you hear that Sandy went to the dentist yester- day? 2nd Scot-Did he have much trouble with his teeth? lst Scot-No, he just wanted to catch up on his back magazine reading. al 3 Mrs. Adams-Didn't I tell you to notice what time the soup boil- ed over? Ruth-I did g it was half past eleven. -3 '29 Gert Pollock-I just had a let- ter from home. Room-mate-Good! Let's go and spent it. MILLEIPS TYRONE STYLE sHoP 1000 Pennsylvania Ave. Tyrone Pennsylvania Lantern Tea Room TYRONE, PA. 1. 1203 Penna. Ave. - -- TYRONE PA. Phone 10-M 5 y --- III I SI I'75IIIII '1- ' 1 ' i ' Y Page ninety-Seven I' : ,, ' 1 ' : ' - I - , V4 ' U .L . V : ,gr-, -. 5 ,, 1. 4 , f 'I . A -IQ. Fi" 'if-1 . -S, , ' A . -fs. if" Eff ' 3. 3-W - :rf-,-A -' . WAMA its Zifklhb Qld Have at Least One nnnunmm I . , Ay? Dress With a Jacket ' High School Sizes 34.95 -and up to 316.50 A High School Miss without a jacket is like the well-known ship without a sail-or a love story without a happy ending. So we're out to Jacket every man Jack of you! D0n't Pay More Than a Dollar! .1 1 D D I -for Silk Hose, full fashioned, newest colors, 1 n'everything. More money to gedunk! 'f ' 1 f fx , N NZM 1 l .fi 3 L 3 ff AQ' X f 'f" "' .'f as J 1 1 Leading Young VVOmen's Shop 110. 52, ' Q fy V, if ll Hall and Stryker Electric Store 2 Congratulates the 5 CLASS OF 1931 5 nmin1n1innnnnmununmnmn Mr. Wolfang-Who was the smallest man in the Bible? Anna Goss-The Roman sol- dier who fell asleep on his Watch. .99 13 Bill Hall-Something bit me on the head. Miss Beckman-Things always strike at weak points. V91 fa' Miss Grafius-When did the re- vival of learning begin? Dot Freeman - Just before exams. Q3 Q52 Ardis Smith fteaching Sunday School!-Johnny, do you know who built the ark? J ohnny-Naw I Ardis-Correct. l0 B5ll V-5--- ACME TIRE CO. - DAVIS SERVICE STATION United States Car Alemiting Royal Cords Simonizing Sunoco, Tydol ESS0- ewgleso Oil Draining American Gasoline 4 A Washing KENDALL 1 Q O,.oR 09' 9,0 o o Batteries Mlm OIL Carbo-Solving Vulcanizing Tires IAS. C. DAVIS MOTOR SALES Graham-Sixes and Eights FRANK STONEBRAKER, Mgr. u:nmnnnnmInnnnnnnununnunuunmunnnnuunnuninmum:nunummumnnmununulnnnulnn uuunmunuuannnmlninnumnnunnnvunnnnmnunuumnmr nunnnnnuunnuninnnnunnnnnnnunnunnuunununuunnnunu Dry Cleaning, Pressing, We Dye For Our Living s and Repairing We also Clean All Kinds Individually Tailored Clothes of Clothes 320 up 5 I. T. Gray 81 Son 5 11th Street Tailors F gi F Dye Works Phone 677J ' ' 119 W. 10th Street nminnumnuinnnunnnnuunnununulmunlnunnnuunnn :nunnnmnnmnmnnnnn , , Mrs. Furbie-Well, didn't 1 fell Majestic 2 you if you Wanted to go over big, Radios and you must sing louder. Refrigerators Micky P.-I'm singing as loud as I can. Mrs. Furbie-Well, Margaret, wth St. be enthusiastic. Open your mouth and throw yourself into it. Page ninety-wine ann: Joseph H. Griffin Louis E. Ginter GRIFFIN JEWELRY CO. YOUR JEWELERS 1005 Penna. Ave. ELGIN, HAMILTON, ILLINOIS and BULOVA WATCHES All Repair Jobs are Finished in our Own Shop Call 800 for Correct Time Leonard Spyker-My girl goes 2 out with only one party. ,....-.1 : Mr. Wolfgang - Which, the Democratic or Republican? Always the Newest 2' 5 Ditto-That young bride cer- Hfld tainly does worship her husband, : doesnt she? Best - Likewise - Yes, she places 5 burnt offerings before him three Dry Goods, Shoes, and Ready- times a day. to-Wears at : 'I 'M : Lloyd Friday-I can't seem to G 8K think clearly on Warm days. 1 Mr. Davis-It isn't the heat, it's the stupidity. ...... ' JV vb! She-What's your name? 'llll fliillllf' - l Page one hundred Y A + H , , , I Hn A THE GORGEOUS NEW EL PATIO THEATRE Showing Daily Educational Photoplays of the highest type EL PATIO The Home of Refinement with THE WILSON THEATRE Instructive Stage Presentations unuunununununumnnnunnnn1nnnInuuunuII1unuInnuunmlnnmnunnnnuuuumm:nnnnannnIn1unmumnmmunmlnunuumnnnunnunnu I 1061 WS' on 1- -I- I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I : i u , I I I I I I I I I I I I I 'I' -i- I I cgfl QtO,3"lLI P go GYI GCU1, egneffmlofcieo fi Qc, I Expressions that today are priceless-will change in a few years to more mature moods. Only photographs can re- open the door to-Memories. We portray the true likeness in our PORTRAIT and COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHY THE KEPLER STUDIO and GIFT Sl-IOP "High School and College Photographersv 127 E. Market St. Lewistown, Pa. E fy!!! 6r1f,1m'1ff1 If fl fflllyk whim muff" 4 I ItIIII IIIttII I tIItItIItI Page one hundred two X X FALC3 CCD1F11i2 Q 3 T: 5 1061 V751 l QQVQALQ Quiz ibm EEN!!! , 1' , , 1. - 2 i undred four 1,-ff' A - wwf fyjfffifw , my ffm-YCAPXMJSILT WW' xy , U 1 My - --l i ms oi L-QVALQ Q1a1 ?f?ff L Sqvww mo mv' XQAVX '00 Www 'fy M if QW X If WWW I' i ni 9 A 'Xx ,M MK Q s Q N W WHY Mrk wx dregd six ll. Jnnmhiur Humana Amg E. Ill. Miller Mahrlinr IF. linac Niuian IE. Einar 'Phyllis 'Uirginia Lynn IL Rumagnr williams Anna Blur Jfrihag Ehiih llahrlinr Uhrrry

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