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N 'N A Q w ' w! N ll M li I m N W - H E-T 1 1' 1 1 1'1 1 1 1 :D 1:5 Ash Isl 4:5 lgb Isl dal lah I Ahminmmiinn THE FALCON IM DEDICATIDN As a token of appreciation for the foregoing modern structure with its manifold facilities which their sacrifices made possible, as Well as for the guidance which they have given us during all of our formative years, We, the class of '30, dedicate this Falcon to-our parents. .v. l 9 3 0 M.. Page fi 5' 1 1 wr Mum M THE FALCON mlmlrmvmmmmxfwrmu FOREWORD. It has been the purpose of the staff which built this annualto make it a shield upon which evi- dences of 'four years of encounter and effort are so deeply and legibly engraved that all Who see and read may know the achievements of the "fair ladies and brave knights" of the class of '30 of Tyrone High School. I W WfWYlMWM l 9 3 0 MM ..i,..M, M A THE FALCON mg! TABLE OF CGNTENTS Administration . . . . . . 9 Classes: Senior ..,. ..... 1 9 Junior ...... ..... 3 2 Sophomore .... ..... 3 7 Activities . . . ..... 45 Athletics ...... ..... 6 1 Advertisements . . . ..... 83 LQ A A age eig MM M l930 M MA I k N.: A THE FALCON AM I XV. NY. EISENHART F. CLARK SKELLY 13.8, 1X.IX'l., University of Va. AB., Dickinson Sl1lJCl'il11Cl1dC1'lt Principal ul. T. XX'lLl.1AMMIZ1i.HIR. JMB., Bucknell University Assistant Principal . LTAQIHZIFEIIMLM A MMA 'l930 M Page eleven LU! ." . Beam B.S. Susquehanna University Social Studies Elizabeth Bell B.S. Juniata College English J! 122 Mary Bigley Indiana State Teachers' College History .52 .59 W m Flo F' ssler Grove, ity College usic 4 .1 THE FALCON mm A4 A EU! MM Page twelve M A l930M Lucinda J. Brought A.B. Susquehanna University English at an 4 . Mary Cornmesser Indiana State Q Teachers' Colleg Geography el? 5 .S J. H. Daniels B.M.T. Valparaiso University Manual Training al eil Elsa Dietrick Juniata College Secretary to Superintendent ff' 14 M A THE FALCON EQ! AA ,f Dorothy Gove B.S. Ohio University Supervisor of Art 44 M Mary Grafius A.B. University of Pittsburgh Algebra H 3 1 1 or 3, ?f',.'iLl55A!Guise1' B.S. Penn State Science el S Grace Hoover Lock Haven State Teachers College Social Studies r Z l I v ull' jf ' nfl,-H11 f , " V, ' ll L ' l .le , ' ' ' . . .fs I 'V 3 Ilxvllf I 1' f E U1 LA- -' HL l Jw ' - N , ' lg . l X Q l Y 1 W A' W fJY,s1.fl , llnyud, N 5.1 1--' L , ' x J '. -' f nfl? vi .9, hifi Arlene Johnson Lock Haven lf ' State Teachers' ' College Mathematics .3 .3 Ruth King A.M. Bucknell University Geometry Trigonometry Hal w7n I uniata ollege English .al 5 Edna Lesher B.S. , , Stroudsbu1'!vState I Teachers' lCo'llege Health.Ed'Efcatio i H' l 1" JL l ff ,J 1 v :grip AM MMM, mug 19 3 0 M.....a..e,.e.e.vAe ' Page thirteen , , I r 4 1 T if in . f F, ,. W Luella Lovelass A.B. Juniata College Latin Nancy J. Lucas A.B. American University Science Geography Mathematics ,X X , l If I N X n nd xx cr ry tg fi ro Slain Sqhofsl uhm l 'N 1 JN v P f J .Q 515512 J Sair McDowell ' A B Juniata College ' English HZ! ..- ..e .J ,..e .. Page fourteen THE FALCON Walter Mensch B.S. Gettysburg College Algebra Q3 Q! Alma Miller Millersville state Teachers' College Librarian el el Minnie Moore A.B. Penn State English JI .24 Sara Moser A.B. Hood College I-Iolne Economics l 9 3 0 ,l ,A A-lg,-lg Ag Margaret Nash B.S.M. Oberlin College Supervisor of Music .20 ,SC Louise Owens A.B. Goucher College French, History .9 M Charles Paynter B.S. Stroudsburg State Teachers' College Health Education V59 .AP Frances Pearson B.S. Lock Haven State Teachers' College Mathematics THE FALCON Erma L. Porter B.C.S. College of Commerce Bowling Green, Ky. Commercial Subjects 1:3 vel Mildred Rodgers College of Commerce Bowling Green, Ky. Commercial Subjects Al V50 Mary Snively B.S. Shippensburg State Teachers' College English 5 Q9 Thelma Stipe B.S. Drexel Institute Commercial Subjects Y l 9 3 0 ,Y v. .rl v. .,. .,. .,. .,. .,. .vi Page fifteen gg THE FALCON ' c Ralph Wolfgang A.B. Juniata College Social Studies 2 Erma Zellers A.B. Albright College Art, Guidance ar ,sr V9 Q' Lillian Wilson Rose E. Ziegler A.M. A.B. Bucknell University L9baT10n Valley Biology College. European History LATE ADDITIONS T0 FACULTY Miss Helen Bowman Mr. Wilbur Snyder Q A.B. A.B. X' Barnard College Juniata College English Civics The Alma Mater Ours is a school to love, Loyal by her we'll standg Mountains tower over her, Solemn and grand, Long may they reign above, Those Alleghenies fair, May they ever shelter there, Dear old Tyrone High! XYhen we grow old and grey, Menfries will linger stillg Happy hours we've spent with thee Their missions shall fulnll. Life will be sweet and fair, joy will awake anew, 'Wie will ever faithful be, Dear Alma Mater true! ,.v. .,. .,. .,. .,. , ,. .,. .v. .- ,. .,. l 9 3 0 .v. ,. ,. .-. .v. ,.,.g. Page sixteen I I I -!!'!.!.!'!.111-- v Ar 1:5 lzl 1:1 I: I 1:5 Ash 155 4:5 1:5 ls! la! V Qllaznrz THE FALCON SENIGR CLASS Samuel lrvin .... ........... P resident james Xvolfe ...... Vice-President Helen Duvall ...... ...... S ecretary Virginia Ciearhart .... 'l'reasurer Now that the day draws near when we, as knights of Tyrone High School, shall be awarded our honors, we cannot help but look back to '26 when we entered the now forgotten annex of this High School as Pages CFreshmenj. VVe were taken under the care of instructors to be taught those qualities which in later years. as full lledged knights, would qualify us to receive our honor, and so we strove as a unit to reach the invisible castle of fame. After spending a year in strenuous studying, broken by various activ- ities such as that unforgetable April Fools' party, and those unique Hallow- e'en parties in the annex, we advanced to the ranks of Valets CSOPl101'l101'CSD. :Ns Sophomores we kept a large representative body on the Honor Roll. lt took the "Sophs" to keep the "Math." Biology, and French Clubs going. XVe also realized the importance of the Spokesman and Athletics. At this stage in our career we had an enjoyable "Pollyanna" party. At the end of our second year of training we rose to the rank ol Squires fbluniorsl. Oratoricals, debates, journalism, etc., were the contests in which we engaged. A "Hal Masque" and the "junior Prom" were festive occasions socially. After this, we began our last and linal study to become noble knights. It was at this time we were permitted to wear the seal of the institution in which we were studying. Socially, the class showed hovv parties could be "put over" well, The "Nutty,' Reception, Christmas Party. and Senior Ban- quet will always be outstanding in the history of Tyrone High School. Having nobly attained the diploma in our "Quest for Graduation." we, the class of '30, with heads aloft. proceed into the open world to achieve fame and glory for ourselves. Mann rnnnnn,193o,maana sannna Page nineteen i 1 ' I ,xA,.- Mamie Antokol In her work she is jolly and gay, Doing deeds of kindness for some- one each day. V99 .M William Barr Bill is our athleteg To watch him play is quite a treat. 5 .AU Betty Batcheler Faithful and loyal and real true blue, That is our Betty t h 1' o u g h a n d through. '22 ts! Franklin Bayer Oh! talk not to me of a name great in story, The days of our youth are the days of our glory. Page twenty THE FALCON Stanley Black Stanley is one of our popular lads, Who watches the fashions, and knows all the fads. eb? tal Althea. Bloom Our A. B. is charming, small, and petiteg We like her be- cause her manner IS sweet. ' ga' .22 Frances Brower F r a n c e s , y o u know, is a whimsical lassg And always stands at the head of her class. Charles Caffarelli He goes through life with a smiling faceg A s m i l e t a t trouble cannot erase. I9 3 0 ,ir ,A QQ AA Q THE FALCON Q Bernice Chilcott She is pretty to walk with, and witty to talk with, and pleasant to think on. W4 139 Kenneth Crawford A day of toil, an hour of sporty But for this friend, life were too short. Q59 if! William Cree Bill is a boy, so very bright Who always does everything just right. J! ,Bl LaRue Cupper Dainty and fair haired, with eyes of blueg You can see by her face, she's good natured too. .AA F N 1930 Alex Dannaway Generally speak- ing, he is-well, he is-generally speak- ing! Q33 L35 Roy Davidson W al ki n g, here, hurrying- there, Oh! he's always everywhere. tsl te! John Derr Heroes are born, madeg To Win many a game required hls aid. 7:0 M LaRue Dewey A sweet little pal with plenty of pep, Who will keep you awake you may safely bet. YA Paige twenty-one MA, A THEEMLON gg Harry Dickson He's bright, and that is why we say He's sure to meet success some day. ,tl .fi Albert Dole His hair is gold, sure, his heart is, toog H0 stands four square for the white and blue. .3 U4 George Dugan His dignified man- ner and good under- standing Give him an air of forceful command mg. ,QC .sl Helen Duvall Always the same sweet stately girl Who is hard to forget because of a curl. - ADAM ..... UMM, l930 A Harry Elder Calmness fills his eyes- This lad who sel- dom sighs. ,sl ,AB Melvin Focht The melodies you played, your skillful touch, Old T. H. S. will miss them, oh! so much. V22 .25 Verna Forcey A maid of quiet ways is she, Friendly t o a I 1 she'll ever be. N 1 Belva Gates Belva is so quiet, so gentle, so shyg The reason for this-well, we won- der why? y- -- -. v. -,. -.,-.A IAAAAKA AAA Page twenty-two THE FALCON MM -' Wilson Gates Happy am I, from Naomi Harpster care set freeg Shorty's "rep" Why aren't they all contented like IS Han Ocean of ine? PGP-H J' ,ez ,ez Virginia Gearhart Waneita Hawke Happy-go -lucky To be evel V . W ' ' pleas- but Suu hue! ant is her desire. Is it any wonder of her - . personality we all hke you? we never tire. 1" Li' vs ,ez Margaret Halligan A sweet disposi- Egbert Holsopple tion, a sunny smile, Long Shall' We . k his likeness Makes her friend- See . . .. ' ship a thing worth long m vam' Whlle- Nature f o 1' m e d but one such man. 25' -5' at as Oscar Hardy C ' H lt A lad very deter- -all 0 mined about women Curly hair and you seeg eyes of blue, Many wonder Eager, faithful, what his future will staunch, and true. be. l 9 3 0 AM -M M A Page twenty-three gpg o M THE FALCON fum A Charles Houser Here's a man of whom our school IS proud- His line accom- plishments for him speak loud. ,AC ,S Mary Idarola Mary, who always has a smile, Keeps the school happy for all the while. M .HZ Samuel Irvin Of pep and grit, he has a great amountg And out in the world we know he'11 count. 95 YH l Benjamin Johnson 1 Just before we hear the gong, X Ben is sure to rush along. 11 Earl Johnson l The chief of har- monica kings Does play until the Welkin rings. Q93 Wilbur Johnston No matter what position he is asked to fill. He accepts it with meekness, and works with a will. J! :S Irvin Katherman Happy and care- free he goes, Full of joy from 'head to toes. Z4 at Lois Kaufman Lois sweet, Lois fair, L 0 i s wr a. n t e d everywhere, N .,.s..l .L .L .L Ll .... ... ...,..., l 9 3 0 M Page twe1zfy-fo1c1f Martha Keys Breezy, smiling, and cheerful, Never gloomy or tearful. ,SU 13 Madeline Krieger Patty is a bonnie lass, One of the fairest in the class. 3 5 Dorothy Lane A maid of quiet ways is sheg Friendly to all she'1l ever be. el ,El Harrison Larosa Harrison's always happy and gayg He says that be- ing otherwise does not pay. , -f' A THE FALCON mmm AA Miles Lewis He's serious, he's dignifiedg He's mastered everything he's tried. Q! 3 Raymond Libold Like the rest of us, he loves a good timeg To Waste time in study, he thinks is a crime. :Z 3 Regina List Her friends there are manyg Her foe s-are there any? ev! A Santo Lombardo The word I give, I'11 fulfill- It is my duty, and I will. !LU!l!Q'iLVZlESlI Arrmimmfifg l 9 3 0 M., , ,.r A Page twenty-five A Elizabeth Lucas Her jolly eyes we never c-an forgetg ' She is the happi- est girl that we have ever met. ,st RS. Hull Lucas He does his work, and goes his way Without so very much to say. JC J! R. Gilbert Mannino Gilly is a, boy so very bright Who always does everything just right. 3 .4 Jane Mattern She is jolly as she is fairg With her, none can compare. .AAA,,xAA.A AAAAAANAAAAA il'age twenty-sin: I THE FALCON Katherine McCahan Katherine w i t h inanner so charm- mgly gay, Pushes each ob- stacle out of her way. Q9 3 Helen McCartney She was peaceful and quiet and be- loved by all. ,AZ ,SB Helen Meredith Helen always does her work, Her duty never does she shirk. JU .35 Doris Miller If silence is gold- en, you're rich be- yond words, For seldom it is that your Voice has been heard. sl l930 AMAMA- M .A John Ohrtman John, with curls so pert and sandy, In all his classes is a dandy. ,3 ,MB Kathleen Park She is always laughing, ni e 1' r y , and gayg She reminds every one of the month of May. ,HZ 98 William Paulhaumus Two bits of pep, and add good cheer, And you have the spirit of Bill right here. .SQ .58 l Stanley Plachecki A scientist he hopes to beg Let's wish him luck in his destiny. 1' THE FALCON Gertrude Pollock To be at a card party, merry and jolly Seems to be Ger- tie's favorite folly. .3 A Elmo Richards A quiet boy, sel- clorn heard is his voice, If we all were like Elmo, teachers would rejoice. ei! vb? Elizabeth Rodgers Around this lass you'll find happiness and cheer, To all alike doth she administer. ,Sl gl Reuben Rudy When we look at his picture on this P9-ge, We are sure that Reuben should be on the stage. eaiewewewewwwnm A m I 9 3 0 QM.: Ma le. ... ser .A 4 Page twenty-seven M A THE FALCON MMMM , Marjorie Stillwell Eugene Smith I Marjorie, W 1 t h In for all the fun Spirit as bright as to be' had, her hair, And friendly with Is Sm-e to win each and every' lad- honors and friends to spare. G3 L55 M Q55 Frances Smith Kenneth Stover When duty whis- S0 long as that pers l 0 w , ' ' T h 0 u which might have must," been-isn't, This youth replies Why worry your "I can." head about it? 14 P' ,sz ,sz M21l'th21 SP1'aT1kl9 Elmer Summers Martie, gg e n t l e, When yourre in Sweet: and mild: need, he'l1 hear your Really is a model Call, child- A friend, indeed, he is to all. Q55 ,et cg kg Grace Steele Happy - go H lucky David Swartz 2111 day lone l Dave is a boy who If She iSn,t chat- llkes to have fun, tering, something is A party dance he WTOUE- will never shun. en- .,r.e..r.r l 9 3 0 ,r ,...,r.-.S M.r.,r.., Mg Page twenty-e'ig1Lt M M M THE FALCON mam rg Guy Thompson Grace Wilt Guy is as gallant Fair of form, and as the- knight of old fair of face, Bright and merry, H a p p y , with a we treasure him smiling grace. gold. Lat 98 QU Q8 Eleanor Turnbaugh Her virtues are Ruth Wilt many, her faults are f She's the type you ew, like to see- And to those who know her, sl1e'll ever be true. Pretty, graceful, happy, and free. L-2 at Lf' Virginia Wallace Carl Woleslagle His going leaves a space that none can fillg There is some- thing sweet about your wayg He always works and does things with a will. We like you bet- ter every day. ,gt ,sz 75? .23 Bond Way James Wolfe His hair is red, his Never very jolly, eyes are blueg never very sad, smart without a fol- ly-a most unusual lad. He is a Sheik, but studies too?? M1930 MV M M Page tweizty-nine QMMQMM THE FALCON 1,QfxfmfiM Evelyn' Yingling Lem Zindel Evelyn can read and Writeg she can May, P19 9- 5 a T1 t also Walk 01. 1-uni memories never end, But what Evelyn In TYTOH3 High enjoys i s h a v i n g' Leln was our friend, loads of fun. GRADUATE STUDENTS Basile Mannino John Shollenberger It's not the lui n iet "noisy" bird that Oni Samui? d qu ' gets the worm. , A wise ni a n h e . A gentleman, S11'S, has learned to be. is the only term. Melville Burget fEnte1'ed at Mid-Yearj Always a pal at beck and call As you may guess, he's liked by all. Senior Class Song The Senior girls are great, There's none that you could hateg Let's give :L wink, boys. to one you're near. XVl1en it comes to sports and fun, It's the Senior boys who'x'e won. l,et's give a wink, girls, to anyone. l'Ve're happy and guy, funny that way- In love with school days that pay, Xlfonclerin' why all Tyrone High can't be that way. The class of '30 is- The best there has been yet, So let's keep painting the class with sunshine. ' mruzmilei MMM.Mf 1930 , M ,ALM A M ,A Page thirty Mmmmmmggggwo THE FALCON AMM MMM IN MEMGRIAM RUTH XYATSON MARTHA MABEL HARRIS Clzmsslnate Teacher of English .lforgive our grief for ones removed Thy creatures, whom we found so fair. ' NVe trust they live in thee, and there XYe'll hncl them worthier to be loved. -Tennyson IQLQIMMMMM M MAMA 1930 EMM.. M MM I Page thirty-one iQiQ THE FALCON .mfmmlmigfimiivtimiiafmis JUNIGR CLASS joseph Charles .,......,... President Robert XYolfe .,... Vice-President lflelen Elder .......... Secretary lrforace Elder ..,. ,,... . . .,,.. .,..A.. . . ..... ..... 'l Treasurer The curtain rises on the first scene. .lt is Xvednesday morning, Septem- ber the fourth, ninteen hundred and twenty-nine. Pupils of Tyrone High School are slowly and reluctantly wending their way to this new seat of knowledge and wisdom. XYe can easily see the Juniors. The most of them are stepping briskly along with their heads held high, for they are rather proud. They have at last attained the much coveted place of upper class- men. The scene changes. XfVe now look on a football field. Three weeks of school have passed and the officers have been elected to guide the class through its numerous activities. There are the junior athletes sweating and pushing and making a large part of the High School Football Team. Again a new setting flashes before us. It is the lobby of the high school at the annual hlunior Halloween Party. and what a weird sight it is! Strange figures dance past. There are ghosts. rag dolls. clowns, and everything imaginable. ' This picture of joyful festivities again changes to one of running and sweating athletes. XVe see a basketball lioor with the juniors dropping the hall neatly through the hoop from the center and all parts of the floor. A tranquil scene then presents itself. A debate is in progress, and several -luniors are noticeable on the debating team. At about the same time the juniors are seen displaying their oratorical ability in the best Gratorical Contest any class has ever held. A Then follows a slight pause in the almost ceaseless activities of this peppy class. They are now seen studying eagerly, getting ready for the hnal tests which decide for them whether they will continue to be members of the Class of '31, But the juniors still have something to which to look forward. It is the most entertaining, the most exciting of all the things the class has done. In other words, it is the Junior Prom. The time hnally arrives and again the curtain rises. This time the scene is one of beautifully dressed girls dancing with well dressed boys. The lights grow dimmer. the music fainter, and the curtain silently closes on the last of the Juniors many pleasures. which all too quickly have passed away. H,!afiLQfl1v1imf MMAM1iQfi1L'11t1s I 9 3 0 M Page thirty-two in e THE FALCON A ' X ' i , i Ali , t 'X e 4 e JUNIQR GIRLS First limv-Ainy Miller, Ruth ll1I.lll1ClDZlliCl', ROIIIZIXIIC XX-"illi:11ns. .lose- phine Rmnzmo. Pauline lllereclitli, Arclis Smith, Bernice Priest. Madeline Murphy. Vii'izm Reese. Seeuncl Row-Ruth llriee, Beatrice llulluelc, Guinevere XXICITZ, Anne Pruugh. Eva lX.lO1'1'OX'V, Madeline Reese, Betty Sullivan. 'l'l1i1'cl Row-Marry Quicler, Pauline Shilclt, Lenore Myers. Bernacline Shilflt. I 9 3 0 4... .A ML.. M M A-A Page thirty-tIL1'ee A 1-- . THE FALCON i First R0 Fridav, Gertr JUNIOR GIRLS - W-Marjorie Marthonse, Irma Adams. Eleanor Gault, Olive ude Bcringer Fvelvn Calhou M ' ' , ,, -I . n, . argaret Lulick. Lucille Leh- man, Helen Elder, Ruth Fleck. Second Ferner. Anna In Third Ro more, Edna B Row-Madeline Cherry, Thelma Albright, Ruth Adams, Fave Marthousc. Louise Heplcr, Sara l-lickes., Phyllis Lynn. v xv-Anna Friday, Anna Goss, Matilda Cox, Margaret Gensi- uwscr, Gertrude Kaspick. Pearl McCrea. 21 -242 , 'SA Page thirty-fam' 1930 A4 AA QA .A .AVxA.n,5Js,: Y Q1 -A . THE FALCON M !-f- f ' - - f E JUNIQR BUYS First Row-Clarence Ellenberger, Robert Cox, Albert Agnew. Horace Elder, John Beyer, Joseph Charles. Fred Beringer. l-larold Barlett, Ralph DeGerome, Second Row-Harold Eckert, Thomas Holliek. Clarence lieclcwith. Allen Burwcll, XVilliam Hall, Bernarcl Gates, Fred Burget, Lewis Gingery. Third Row-Gerald Funk. Robert Hiltner, George Gill, Emory Dauglien- baugli. Victor Foust. Robert Fisher. XN7oods Cuiiningliam, David Grove. Fourth Rcm'-XVilforc,l Bowman. James Crawford, Mae Davis, Paul Boll- inger. ,M M, l 9 3 0 LAM .a.Q.,iM .JM M A, A., Page thirty-five gg ig-rlgg THE FALCON M ' . f' f N. JUNIGR BUYS First Row-Uoyrl Smith. Robert Roseberry, Samuel Nzumino. james lfllilsou. 'Yiueeut lllefoy. Samuel Seorclo, Doualcl Parclo. Robert Miles, Robert Miller. Second Row-lfrecl Smith, George Troutwiue, Alex Wilson. XXIZIITCII XYZLY, Dallas XVilce, Charles Stuart, Gerald l'zLrclo,Iol111 Sehaul, Melvin XYaite. Thircl Row-Rzmclnll r.l1llO111lD5U1'l. Rex Seymour, Robert lVolfe. Robert Jones, Benjamin Shelleuberger, Edgar Riggle. Vfilliam Sensor. Robert Rein- Schmidt. Fourth Row-LeRoy Naylor, Clinton Singer, Leonard Spiker. M l930M A Page thirty-six M THE FALCON SOP!-IGMORE CLASS Xvllllillll Xleikcrt ,,,. . A........,, President black Yannemzui ,,,., ...,... X 'ice l'resident .lane Gilbert .,,.. ..... .Y... S ecretary llilda Cowher ..... ,....., T 'reasurcr Not just another Sophomore Class! It will go into school history as the hrst class to enter Senior High under the new system. Hut that is not its only claim to history! Scarcely had the term begun when the Sophomore Class, standing on the sidelines at the Athletic Field, saw its husky boys battling on the varsity eleven. V The football season had hardly closed-with golden credit Cand orange T's'p to the Sophomcares-when many members of that class could be seen racing across rfb-'1'O1lC'S new gym lloor. Tip-olt-pass-dribble-pass-shot! XVho made that? A Sophomore! Meanwhile, there had been election of class officers. Of course. the best men-and girls-won. and everyone was well pleased. Then, in mid-February, came the great social event of the year-the class party. The Orthophonic, determined to spoil this occasion. refused to work. Its stubborn will was not bent even by the wiles of the class dean or some of the Soph girls. Finally. however, it yielded to the skill of Mr. Smith, who, with great logic. demonstrated the fact that the plug must hrst be put in the socket. After this, everything went well. Teachers and pupils alike seemed to enjoy the contests. After a see-who-can-be-funniest program in the auditorium, refreshments were served and vanished instantly. A very un- prejudiced person UD--the class dean-pronounced it a great success. Thus, after a very happy and successful year. the class of '32 passed its second milestone on the way to that final goal-'32, ,e - c., .,. .,. at ,., l 9 3 0 ' Page tim-ty-sezvc-14 MM 4 THE FALCON 4 . SOPHOMORE GIRLS First Row-Catherine XYiser, Anna Louise Putman. jane Panasiti, Tanzza Mannino. Mary Zang. Yolando Sisto. Pauline Stonebraker, Vivian Stover, Betty Smith, Anna Robison, Margaret Panasiti. Second Row-.Patsy Meredith, Helen Sclmellliaugli, Loretta Reese, Mary MeNaul, Phyllis lViser, Maxine Myers. Martha XVallcer, Marie Reader, Ruth Mae Putman, Phoebe Stine, Eloise Snyder, Miriam Umholtz. Third Row-Margaret Summers, Irene Shildt, Marjorie Miller, Lillian Smith, Madeline Ohrtman. Anna Mary Mentzer. Betty Stoner. lvalo iXYeaver, Helen Sheckler, Leona Smith, Marian XVeston. M - M l 9 3 0 .-A .-e,-1 .,. .-.J-. .,.Q .-i,.,i,-i .ng Page thifrty-eight ,- M THE FALCON in M SOPHOMORE GIRLS First Row-'Hilda Cowher, june Fitzpatrick, Bernice Isenberg, Louise Liivler, Dorothy Freeman, Dorothy Hardy, Pearl Fisher. Janet Chamberlain, Caroline Calhoun, Jessie listright. Second Row-Margaret Colohine. Rebecca Caldwell, .lane Gilbert, Betty Hooker, Catherine List. An11a,K1'e1ms, Esther Antokol, Helen Hileman, Kath-- erine Laucler. Third Row-Mildred Clark, Roinaine Billets. Joy Brower, Naomi Beely, Marion Fisher, Louise Dauglienbaugh, Irene Black, Anna Mary Biddle, Gladys Carpenter, Neida Gill, Catherine Cupp, Gladys Gingrich. Eva Christo- lic. Fourth Row-Mabel Fink, Ruth Houser, Imogene Branstetter, Frances Kobak, XVinifred Irvin, Mildred Ike. Lavonus Barnes, Florence Burwell, Edna Flaken. and ..,.,i ,. ...Mai .4 l 9 3 0 A A M Page thirty-nine QM THE FALCON l l SOPHOMOBE BOYS First Row-james Freeman, Albert Fisher, George Ever, Donald Ging ' l erici, Robert Harmon, Ralph Hazzard, Charles Baker, XVa1ter Baeur, Ra., mond Cowher, Eugene Harpster, John Bowser. Second Row-Charles I Harpster, Carl Kelly, Thomas Biggins, Harold Haxrke, Theodore Block, Fred ericl: Cnpp, Frederick Dickson, Richard Gardner, joseph Barber. Third Row-Albert Baclin, James Barber, Milford Butterbaugh Edwin Coniley, Ronald Kennedy, Lawrence Calderwood, Hayes Kennedy, Calvin Edwards, Alexander Ha Of, K 'I Cr - ' 1 " ' ' ' ' Richard Hand. ab a1 et7, Blaine Berlxstlessei, Paul Auiand, Fourth Row-Earl Dawson, Kenneth Blowers, Lloyd Friday, Robert Cassidy, Herbert Houser. L., .v. .-. .,. ,. .v. ...E .,. ... .,. l 9 3 0 ,... .,...v .v. .,. .,. .,. - ...,. .,. .,, Page forty Xf- gou, Cleo Harpster, Charles Burnham Clair THE FALCON SGPI-IOMORE BUYS First Row-Talmadge Moffett. joe Turiano, Derwood Priest, Homer Stanller, l'aul Stonebraker, David Long, Roland Miller, Fred Phillips, Alvin Xlfilson, l"hilip Miles. Second Row-Louis Tree, Raymond Roberts, Edward Robinson, Nor- man Rhodes, lloyd Ross. Glenn XYaite. Joe Mogle, Leonard Singler, Robert XV:1yne. Third Row-jesse XVOOCl1'l11g, Earle Larnborn, Jerre XYaite, Donald Mil- ler, Paul Newman, xvllllillll XYeikert, Jack Vanneman, Kenneth Lloyd, Albert Largent. Andrea Lombardo. Fourth Row-Budd Lucas, Charles Mosel, Thomas Seheekler, Iaines illiller, liugene Plachecki, Delbert Umholtz. Mer... ,. .ewrmmrgng I9 3 0 ,. ..r....... .-r..r..., Page forty-one will THE FALCON if if 4 Q iz milf? X ,fifty '!?w:i'iy'J L ov iff. ply ijh' ix X4 if X if ' Lv 4 ggi- ' Xi' ' qffjii 1 Ninth Grade of the Junior High School M M M ..4,.,N ,A 1930 Page forty-f'1,vo ,X Q , LJ K .Sd X ,DH KX, . 'gil 'tg xg I Eg' K i H 1 X ks ' n I Y iii E J i MQW M A y?nf15V'P'1 WMM IMEQIIE my -51 1 , ,NY Eighth Grade of the Junior High School 1930 Page forty-three 4 1: , I S h if pil ik V ' L- - VL' ggi. J - Ay' . l"' - 5 H.-wx. , f ' 7 1' if 3 LffE'i'7 P f 1 I . D Lug UV, 5 ' rf , .e.ffef.,, o., VK"-ff?'3 Q Q. 3' AA THE FALCON M Mmm Seventh Grade of the Junior High School .,., .J l 9 3 0 ,A Av Page forty-fou H r' ur I I I -!!'!!.g'!111-- v dgh lg! dsl Isl lg! lah Ish lah Isl Isl ls! Isl V Arriuuiw THE FALCON Girls' Glee Club of Senior High School First Row-Bernece Chilcott, Rcniayne Vliillianis, Yivian Stover, Marie Reeder, Bernice lsenberg, Gertrude Beringer, Margaret Nash tSupervisor of Musicj, Naomi Harpster, Dorothy Hardy, XVaneita Hawke, Tanzza Mannino, Mary Panesiti, Mary Zang. Second Row-Martha Keys, Romaine Billets, Rebecca Caldwell. janet Chamberlain, Dorothy Freeman, jane Gilbert, Betty Hooker, Marjorie Miller. Eloise Snyder, Evelyn Calhoun, Anna Mary Biddle, Hilda Cowher. Third Row-Ruth Fleck, Martha VValker, Irene Black, Ruth Pannebaker, Matilda Cox, Anna Goss, Pauline Shildt, Louise Daughenbaugh, Irene Shildt. Patsey Meredith, Caroline Calhoun, Althea Bloom. Fourth Row-Betty Fink, Margaret Halligan, Lenore Myers, Bernadine Shildt, Louise lrlepler, Phyllis Lynn. Betty Batcheler, Faye Ferner, Ruth ,-Xdams. Fifth Row-Ardis Smith, Pauline Meredith, Helen Elder, Beatrice Pol- lock. judging from the different comments made after the club had entertained the Parent-Teacher Meeting and the Senior High School at Thanksgiving time, this group of girls have certainly shown what unusual ability they have. Music NVQ-ek they joined with the boys and gave a beautiful portrayal of the Operetta, "Miss Cherryblossom," which was very effective and well acted. Their very successful year, however, came to a close on May 29, when they made their hnal appearance at the Commencement Fxercises. M, l930 MM A Page forty-seven mm MMM TUIEQ THE FALCON A l" , ! , I A X , , 'i Boys' Glee Club of Senior High School liirst Row-Fred Dickson, Derwood Priest, Albert Agnew, Horace lilder, Miss Margaret Nash CSuperyisor of Musicj. Fred Philips, Roland Miller, Robert llliles. lflarolcl Hawke. Second Row-Charles Stewart, Iidwin Comley. james XVilson, Rex Sey- mour, joseph Charles, Robert Miller, Reuben Rudy. Franklin Bayer, Vincent Q'Rourke. Third Row-David Swartz, Robert Cox, Robert lfliltner. Elmo Richards, ltlarry Dickson, LeRoy Naylor, Alex Dannaway, XVilliam Sensor, George Troutwine. Fourth Row-Kenneth XYalker, Guy Fisher, Clinton Singer, Alex XVil- son, Thomas llollick. li-ood Glee Club work, as well as any other development of musical talent. is an art which cannot he successful without preseyerance in practice. Al- though this year the Clee Club rehearsals were limited to one a week, the work was in every way, equal to that of former years. This club, although a modern organization. was similar to that old Ol'- ganization of ,"X1'tl1U1'lZ'lll Knights, in that ideals were upheld, and the greatest of these was loyalty. The club accepted cheerfully the requests made for programs at various times. The combined Glee Clubs rendered a delightful cantata. The last presentation made by the club was at the Commencement Exercises. WMM MMMMA, 1930 Page forty-c'iglzt i 111 M THE FALCON E? . ,fp Urchestra of Senior High School Seatecl-Eloise Snyder. Miss Nash tSupervisor of Musicj. Anna Louise Putnian. Second Row-XX'illi:1111 XYeilcert, Robert Miller. Franklin Bayerg Samuel lrvin, XN'illiam Sensor. Fred Dickson. Thircl Row-Davifl Grove. Melvin Focht, .lack Myers, Harolcl Hawke, limory Daiiglienhaugli. livery XYeclnesclay alter school cluring the school year orchestra members eoulml be seen faitlifully carrying their instruments to the aticlitorimn for the weekly rehearsal. l.iste11ers have no doubt come to know that the orches- tra's motto is "Practice makes perfect." AIDIJCIITZIIICCS in publie have been made at various times clnring' the year by this group ol' musicians. Such appearances have been at chapel programs. l'. T. A. meetings. Senior play, anrl cominencement festivities. The players put forth their best ellorts, and these were keenly appreciated. Some valuable aclclitions were made to the personnel of the orchestra this year, aml we are looking forward to many new players from the junior High School next year. MIQMM M 1930 M N - - Page forty-vzifne A THE FALCON 3 M Junior l-ligh Girls' Glee Club First Row-Phyllis Reeder. Elizabeth Gster, Anna Wloodring, Mary Louise Pownall, Florence Krider, Esther Mae Daniels. Second Row-Almeda Cupp, janet Smith, Mary Benton, Mildred Moyle, Mary Meredith, Betty Philips, Ruth Dickson. Marjorie Pfoutz, Betty Gartner Gladys Gray, Helen Hagerman, Sue Glasgow, Edna Annnerman. Third Row-Helen Long, jane Bradin. .lane Candy, Betty Myers, Betty Long, LaRue Colt, Gladys Beringer, Louise Isenberg. Lucinda Rudy, Adel- aide Wfarnock, Madeline Focht, Sara Vkfertz, Ida Mae NVelch. Grace Duvall, -lane Lewis. Ruth Anderson, LaRue Amiuerinan, jean Neil, Florence Miller, Florence Rhodes. ' Fourth Row-Pauline Merryman, Mary Louise McCleaf. Carolyn Beck, julia Parks, Barbara Heyerly, Dorothy Igou, Mary .lane Dickson, Flo Bress- ler Cinstructorj, Margaret Wfilson. Lorene Briner, Mary Daniels, Euloyde Schmidt, Mary Ellen Hawke. This is the Hrst year Tyrone has had a junior High Girls' Glee Club. There are lifty girls in this club, and they have worked very hard to become good singers. The Glee Club has sung on several occasions in the town. They have also sung in assembly. Their favorite song is "The Lullaby." M ...Gai .-, .4 .,,.,, .-L ,,., ,L l 9 3 0 ,ao A - wi-L , -, ,vi Page fifty v yn' ,s n rl X71 W 'i O A y lfvf' I if - 'S 1' Affffs.. f it 7 THE F N Junior High School Orchestra v First Row-Clark Speece, Anna Nlioodring, Elizabeth Noll, Dorothy Holt, Martlra Gingery, Frances Lynn, Betty Cupper, Elmer Badin, John Stroup, lilizabeth Reese. Second Row-XVarrcn Glasgow, Harry Lykens. Jack Moffet, Norman Ryan. XYilliam XVestbrook. john jones, Flo Bressler CSupervisor of Musicj, Wialter Lutz, llerbert Bayer, Leo Garman, Williairr LaPorte, Laurence Bris- bin, Sara lVertz. Charles XVitter. The Junior High School Orchestra, composed of twenty-three members, is one of the "peppy" organizations of the school. One of the most en- joyable features connected with this organization is the entertainrnent it provides outside of school. The members are quite proud of their xylophonist. Charles XVitter, who is fast approaching the expert stage. lt will be unfortunate to lose Harry Lykens, our only troinbonist, next year, but our loss will be the gain of Senior High. This is the original "Logan Orchestra" which was organized eight years ago with seven members. It has steadily grown until it has attained the present number. ,r ,r .,.r - F... .-i,.v.r.,i l 9 3 0 ,vi .A ,rar .,., .-r i,.s.s...,. .,. .-A Page fifty-one gmgn- AJMMM c THEFALCON Emmy M AMAANQ FALCON STAFF Stamliiig-XN'illiam Paulhamus, Art Editorg Harry Elder. joke Editorg Miss Moore. Faculty Advisorg Frances Smith, Associate Editor. Seatccl-Gertrude Pollock. Snap liditori Lois Kaufman. Typist: Betty ljatcheler, Editor-in-Chief: Samuel lrvin, Advertising Manager: Gilbert Man- nino, Business Manager. XVilhur -lohnston. Typist: CNot in picturcl. a The Falcon Staff worked diligently to achieve the goal it set for itself and to bring success to the annual it produced. That goal is expressed in the foreword of this hook. To the degree that this hook will vividly recall school- day activities in the minds of its readers, to that degree will it he a success. The static desires to extend its thanks to the several teachers and students who lent their aid in the business lnanageinent and editorial work of the hook. Proud of the co-operation it has received. as well as the hook it has built. the Falcon staff of 730 extends to the class 017,31 a challenge to rival its Falcon. M 1930 mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Page fifty-two N THE FALCON iA.A,s.A A A, Tl-IE SPOKESMAN AND ITS l-IERALDS The spirit uf the heralds-chief and subordinate-which has animated the weekly news sheet during the entire school year was exeniplilied by the manner in which this sheet made its initial appearance. School opened XYednesday. September fourth. and a stall' meeting was called the sanie day. Articles were as- signed. copy was submitted and corrected, and the iirst registry of events, contests. and activities was in the hands of readers. Tuesday. September tenth. Nor did the ardor of these heralds wane. More special issues recounting the valiant exploits of Tyrone High School appeared this year than in any previous year of Spokesman his- tory. Moreover, messages of information. courtesy, and defiance were sent by this medium between Senior and Qlunior High Schools, thereby helping to create a greater unity in school work, as well as giving splendid training' in this line of work to younger aspirants. The Spokesman itself has been its own best herald this school year. .J E M M A, ,cr ,wr .cr .cr M .-. .vi l 9 3 0 MM Page fifty-tlwee M THE FALCON MM THE SPGKESMAN AND ITS I-IERALDS EDITORIA L STA FF: Standing-Phyllis Lynn, Reporter: Guy Ziuclell, junior High Reporter: Robert Reinschniiclt, Reporter: Betty Smith, Reporter: Lillian Smith, Re- porter: Miss Brought, Faculty Advisor: Dorothy I-Iolt, -lunior High Reporter 1 Seated-Beatrice Pollock, Reporter: Merle Cowher, junior High Editor' Amy Miller, Assistant Club Editor: Stanley Plachecki, Make-Up Editor: Virginia tiearhart, Associate Editor: Frances Smith. Editor-in-Chief: Horace Elder, Assistant Athletic Editor: Lenore Myers, Copy-reader: Bernard Gates, Athletic Editor: Harry Elder, Humor and Feature Editor. BUSI NESS STAFF 1 Standing--Robert Miles and Joseph Charles, Circulation Managers: Miss Brought, Faculty Advisor. Seated-Madeline Murphy, Typist: Boyd Smith, Assistant A,clye1'tisi1ig' lX'lanager: Mamie Antokol, Typist: Franklin Bayer, Advertising Manager: Betty liatcheler, Business Manager: Mac Davis, Assistant Advertising Man- ager: Frances Smith. Editor-in-Chief: Jack Vanneman, Assistant Advertising Manager: XVaneita Hawke. Typist: Pauline Meredith, Typist. StaH Members not in Picture-Helen Duvall, Club Editor: LaRue Cup- per, Exchange Editor: Rornayne XVilliams, Typist: Anna XVoodring. Junior High Reporter: Leo Carman. junior H'igh Reporter. .-T .,.,.-. .E .,t.,. , ,. .-. l 9 3 0 M .E -T .-,K ,. at -. Page fifty-four AA -----4? THE FALCON ,-, ,., 9 L Q. lv? v'1'- jf: X ww., v,. 51- A if ILT fiilsqnr : i f ' if- -V1 ,. , . fp ..z..:vIbi:'I"- 'G' 553: 5"fZ73g N'-'-:JE A' ' i'f,5'H lzgffsg. -, Psi'j:fa , 'jp 'J-' 1 .M ,S POKESMAN X I ,Z ,. .... i' 1 A AAAA AAA AA A1930 M Page fifty-five A THE FALCON M M ' ', '. 1l.""f YT? Y ' 1' ':-'j ' A .II hyat it '. , '.i".' ', A 'gt f 3: ,fi i ' ' ' f 'iff' N' sg Q fi fl Y, ' V,-SV , ' ' .1 M... . . ,A , 54 M- A, , - ' . ,f .V , . V I... . .5 Contestants In Junior Oratorical Contest Seated-Helen lXIeCartney, Frances Smith, Betty Bziteheler. Sl.2ll1Clll'lg1XNlZI1lCltZ1 Hawke, Grace Steele, Virginia Gezirhart. Nut in Picture-Ricliarcl XYilson. The Junior Oratorical Contest of the class of l93O was held in the audi- torium of the Netlioclist Church on May 3. 1929. The contestants were zihly enzleliecl hy Miss Szlir McDowell. The lirst prize was ziwziwlecl to Frances Smith. the second to Helen McCartney, and the third to Betty Batcheler. Speakers and Subjects Betty Batchcler-"The linmigrants and the Problems They Present to Us." Rielmrd XVilsonM"I-Iistory of Printing." Grace Steele-"The NVonclers of the Kitchen," 'XVz1neitzL l'lawke-"Certain Phases of Extra-Curricular Activities." Yirginizi llCZl.l'l1Zll't1U'Tll1C Garclen Spot of America." llelen lllcfartney-"This Disobeclient Generation." Frances Smith-"XYhy a High School Credit Should be Given in journal- ism. ' LMMMM..M.M,M,. M M.. . l 9 3 0 AM M MM Page fifty-six - THE FALCON The Debating Team Seated-Beatrice Pollock. Ralph W'olfgang and XVilhur Snyder Ctfoaches in Dehatel. XYarren Glasgow. Stancling-Samuel lXlannino. Not in Picture-Lawrence Brisbane. Betty Batcheler, Frances Smith, and Louis Tree. After the tournaments on the football field and in the gym are over, our school turns to tilts of words. Three combats were helcl, with Bellefonte. Pliillipslmurg, and State College as worthy opponents. This year the question at issue was: Resolvecl: That the county be the unit for support and control of thc schools ol Pennsylvania. As in previous years we clevelopecl two teams. The afitfiianative side of the proposition was upheld hy Lawrence lirishane, Samuel Mannino. and Beatrice Pollock: the negative was espoused hy VVarren Glasgow, Betty liatehelcr. liiances Smith, and Louis Tree. Mr. Snyder aucl'Mr. XVolfgang clirectecl the campaign. lt is the aim of this activity to clevelop aclclress in public speaking, clear thinking, and logical reasoning. The schedule follows: March lel-Tyrone .Nlftf vs. Bellfonte at Tyrone. State College Att. vs. Tyrone at State College. Narch 21-Tyrone Aff. vs. Philipsburg at Philipsburg. Philipshurg' Aff. vs. Tyrone at Tyrone. March ZS-Tyrone vs. State College at Tyrone. Bellefonte Aft. vs. Tyrone at Bellefonte. t 1930 ' A M Page fifty-seven mr A A . THE FALCON Q SENIQR PLAY The Senior Class presented Gwen Davis's drama, "leehound," on March ll and 12. Two enthusiastic audiences will attest that a11 "leehound' east held its listeners spellhound. The Jordan family were very cold and indifferent to each other and were only waiting for the mother to die in order to get their share of her estate. NYhen they found that she had given all of it to the maid, it caused a nuinher of family quarrels. These quarrels often gave rise to humorous situations. Soon jane, the maid, reformed Ben jordan, the outlaw of the family, and gave him the biggest part of the estate, after which they were married. Many congratulations were given to hoth the east and the direetresses, Miss McDowell and Miss Bell, on the sueeess of the production. Their tireless efforts merited inueh praise. CAST OF "ICEBOUND" Henry jordan .... .... X Yilliain ll21L1ll1Zl11ll1S Iinnna, his wife ...,. .. .. ..... Martha Sprankle Nettie, her daughter by a former lNZ1l'1'lZlgC ..... .,... X Vaneita lflawke Sadie Fellows, once Sadie Jordan, a xvidoiv .... ..... L iertrude Pollock Orin. her son ............................,...... ..... l ,aliue Cupper Ella Jordan. the unmarried sister ...,' l lelen McCartney lien .lordan .... .... l leuhen Rudy Doctor Curtis ..., ,.... I ilmo Richards ,lurlge Bradford .. ...... james lVolfG -lane Crosby. a servant .,..... Grace NVilt Hannah, a servant ......... ...... L aRue Dewey ,lim lay. Deputy Sheriff .,.. ...... X lex Dannaivay CCM l 9 3 0 LM ,LM A Page fifty-eight . THE FALCON A Cast of Senior Play Seated on HOUI'-I,ZlIQ11C Cupper. Seated-James XfVuIfe, XX'aneita Hawke, Reuben Rudy, Grace NYilt, Alex Dzumaway, LaRue Dewey. Standing-I-Ieleu McCartney, Elmo Richards, Gertrude Pollock, YVilliam Paulhamus, Martha Sprankle. . 1 fi? E ,MM MM ,A MMM l930 A M- Page fifty-nine MIME imma THE FALCON QT M THE HI-Y CLUB Seated--Franklin Bayer, W'ilson Gates, XfVilliam Barr, Lloyd Friday. Stanley Black. Bernard Gates. Samuel Irvin, Hull Lucas. Standing-john Derr. George Dugan. Paul fXurand, Harold Hawke, Ralph XYolfg'aiig', t'l'eacher of Clubb, XYilliam XYeikert, XVoods Cunningham, lYilliam Hall, Mae Davis, Thomas iilaclicaters QY. M. C. A. Secretaryj. The Middle Ages are pictured for us as a time of coarsenessg as a time when men had lost their appreciation for line things: as a time when they had no ideals. A dark picture indeed. But there was one ray of light that llickered in the darkness, and that was chivalry. There were a few men who definitely espoused the cause of right: they came to the defense of the weak: and they sought to substitute justice for wrong. In short, it was their aim "to create, maintain and extend throughout the community high standards of Christian character." lt is the same pledge which is repeated at every meeting by the members of the Hi-Y Club. There are thirty of these boys-the cluh will take no more. They are carefully selected by a committee. and come in only hy invitation. Any visitor to a regular Sunday afternoon meeting could easily see that its 1116111- hership constitutes the cream of the boyhood of the school. The most conspicuous project undertaken by this eluh this year is the promotion of a series of eight Sunday afternoon discussions on topics of interest to boys. These discussions are open to all the boys of the High School, and a goodly nuniher take advantage. It is the opinion of many that these discussions will hear good fruit in the future lives of the boys who took part. Besides sponsoring this project, the club acts as a link between the school and the Y. ll. C, A. And perhaps hest of all, the club acts as a leaven to raise the moral standards of the school. .... .A .sa .A A.a M. ...r .A I 9 3 0 Page sixty 4 l XS -52.1 E Q IU! -!1'!!.,'!.!!1.!-- 055 A: A 4: A ls! 4:5 4:5 1:5 Isl lg! dal Isl la! as Athlviira H AA AA AA AA AA AA A THE FALCON FGOTBALL SQUAD First Row-l.loycl Friday, Dallas W'ike, xyllllillll Barr QCaptainj, John Derr, Kenneth Blowers. Second Row-Kenneth Crawforcl. NValter Snyder, Xlfilbur Albright, Xlaltoi' Mensch CCoachj, Hull Lucas, Harrisoil Larosa, Paul Aurand. Thircl Row-George Dugan CNlZ1llZl.gC1'b. Bernard Gates, Jesse Wood1'i11g, Harold Eckert, Mac Davis, fAssistant Managerj. Scores of the Respective Football Games T. H S. Opp. Mnrrisclalc ....... ...... 2 l O Uscenla Mills ...... 46 0 Clearfield ........... ...... 6 21 State College ...... ...... 2 O 0 Mount Union ,.,... O O llellefonte ......... .. 0 I3 Holliclaysbllrg' .... ...... l 9 26 Pliilipsburg ....... ...... Z O O Beclforcl ..7....... 0 19 Altoona .....,. O 27 151930 MM AA AA Page sixty-three A THE FALCON M M . gifgiils as- new V: an lm 54"-1 ' A . sm, A-'QAM I A A i OUR SHIELD-BEARERS ON THE GRIDIRON .,.,.,. .-. .,. .,, .,., -A ,-A ,-, ,A l 9 3 0 , .AM M .J .-. .,. ,.-A. -A .Y., .A A4 Page s'ixty-four - THE FALCON M, i MORE GF THEM You l1aven't got the pep, You l1aven't got the jazz. You l1ayen't got the team That Tyrone has! Wle like you: we love youg XYe'll stick to you tight. Yea team, Yea team! Yea team l Fight!! Little tiger wee! Big tiger wow! Bellefonte-wee! Tyrone-wow l Alla geniclc, genack. genack, Alla genick. genack, genack! Hur-rali Tyrone! Hur-rali Tvrone! T-Y-R-O N-E Tyrone. l,.et's give a cheer for Tyrone Hi- , Hgur-rah! Hur-rah! Let's give a cheer for all our men-- Hur-rah! Hur-rah! We'll play the game. we'll do or die, XVeyll always play for Tyrone Hi, And we,ll all feel gay for Tyrone Hi will win. Letys give a cheer for Mr. Mensclv- Hur-rah ! Hur-rah ! Let's give a cheer for Captain Barr-- Hur-rah ! Hur-rah l For John and Pork and all the men XVe'll give a cheer and cheer again And we'll all feel gay for Tyrone Hi will win! And we'll all feel gay for Tyrone Hi will win! A .ar ., .,. M., .el -.,lr5 I 9 3 0 , .ata or .v.q.,a.,l ,a,,r.4 Page sixty-five A A THE FALCON 'I V , , f By courtesy of C. H. Russell, Photographer A MODERN TOURNEY--MOUNT UNION GAME THE VALUE OF ATHLETICS To be a good citizen and member of any group having survival value each person must have self-restraint, motor co-ordination. fire of nervous energy, good physique, and an unselfish point of view of sacrifice for the other members of the group. These requisites for a valuable citizen are in- tensified to a great degree by competitive athletic games. Athletics develop within the youth initiative, resourcefulness, and the ability to think for himself. Athletic games are largely a contest of wits, and teams who have played the game properly get much benefit mentally as well as physically. Participation in athletics instils in the youth loyalty, perseverance, and a certain fineness of execution in all his doings that could not be obtained other- NVISC. ' The continual grind of study or work tends to tear down the nervous system and the tissues of the body. This necessitates a building-up process which cannot be accomplished unless rest or recreation is afforded. Many youths instead of getting wholesome recreation, are standing on street corners smoking cigarettes and doing other things injurious to body and mind. This, in particular. is being looked after very strictly by the schools and civic or- ganizations, who are providing recreation for the youth of the country. M Av, ,A Av, My ,-T ,A Ai, ,ti - .J .vt l 9 3 0 ,A .-T .-, .-, .J .vt .vs .-T A ,J ,J 'Page sixty-six THE FALCON Ji i By courtesy of C. H. Russell, Photographer A MODERN TOURNEY-MOUNT UNION GAME THE VALUE OF ATHLETICS Qcontinuedj Those who doubt the unhtness of quite a few of our young men of today need only to refer to the disqualification records in the late war, due to physical disability. Incidentally, during the war, college athletes volun- teered almost to a man, and, because of their superior physical condition and the qualities which won them a place on a team, they usuallyibecame officers. I sincerely believe athletics for boys need expansion and not curtail- ment. The youth of today need more, and not less. athletics. Besides teach- ing youth to be clean in body, mind. and spirit. athletics help them to teach themselves the fundamentals of character. so that the youths may become valuable citizens of their country. -VValter Mcnsch, Qffoachl ti: I9 3 0 ,.., .....,.,. .v..s.... .J Page sixty-se-ven THE FALCON La BERN OBERLY WALTER MENSCH Trainer Coach The success of Tyrone High on the gridiron this year should be credited to the lighting spirit of the team and to the work of a good trainer and an experienced and competent coach. Mr. Qberly has been a faithful friend to Tyrone High School football since that form of athletics was started here in 1922. "Bern" works with, and for the boys for sheer love of it. He likes boys and the spirit of a "never say die" team, and he is present at very practice and every game. lX'l'r. Mensch, who came to Tyrone for the first time this year in the capacity of coach, succeeded in turning out a successful team. He has been a friend as well as instructor to the team. Many valuable plays were initiated and perfected under his supervision. Coach and team have supported each other wholeheartedly. The team of 1929 won four games, lost hve. and tied one, meeting, per-- haps, some of the strongest elevens representing local high school football. gm M ,Mmm I9 3 0 A MMMMUQAIILQQ Page sixty-eight QM M THE FALCON Ig BASKETBALL SQUAD First Row-l'l1ilip Miles, -lolin Derr, XYil5o11 Gates. Second lqOXY-R.Ol9C1't Cassidy, Fred Burget, XValtcr Mensch CCoachl. Ralph Deiicroloina. LaRue Burget. Tliircl Row -Xxvilllillll Barr, Alexander Haag. SCORES OF RESPECTIVE GAMES :'1Alumni ..,,.,......i.,...i........ .,.......... . Mount Union State College ljellefonte ..,.... Huntingdon ,..... Pl1llilJSl'7l1l'g' .. Mount Union lluntingclon ...... Lewistown ..,., H outzrlale .,..... :l:Altoona ....,.. lloutzclalc .,.,.., Lewistown ..... l'lolliclaysl5u1'g' .. State follegc .,.i,. Pliilipslmrg ,, liellefontc .,,.... l-loin e :':Altoona ..,.,.,....,...,.., .......,. Holliclaysburg' "'Not league g RINGS KA, A4a.AnaA AAA Away Home ...,.,. Home ,...... Home ....... Away .........l'lUlllC .....,,..Away Away Home ,,,.... Away Away ..,... Home ..,... Away Away Home ...... Away Home ....... Home ..,... T. H. S. Opp. .,.,...25 33 19 12 ,,......18 16 9 19 1,6 ..,...,l3 23 28 .....w..l7 69 ..,....34 13 ......,26 36 .,.4....28 29 ..,.....2O 35 ........16 36 25 13 26 ...,...17 37 ........26 30 l930 FL!! AA A Page sixty-nine li THE FALCON ,A M OUR SHIELD-BEARERS ON THE BASKETBALL FLOOR .J .,.,.,.,., .vt ,,. .,. - ,A I 9 3 0 .L - Page seventy THE FALCON 1 W W , ,nm ,W H H. , l Vi Li-, . iw, W . T' v sexi 'Jr' ' 3 . - ,-.f,,. Q' LLOYD GUISER HARRY DICKSON Faculty Representative Manager BASKETBALL Shortly after football season closed, Coach Menseh issued a call for bas- ketball men. and fifty responded. Of these fifty men only three had seen serv- ice in earlier years. They were John Derr, VVilliam Barr. and Fred Burget. This year has been a favorable one for T. H. S. in basketball, but next year we are looking forward to even greater possibilities. Our school should be on top in major sports, so let's boost, and put it there. The season opened on our new gym Hoor, with the famous players of the Alumni as our opponentsq In this game T. ll. S. kept the lead throughout a harcl-fought contest. lfaeh man played good ball, and T. H. S. won its lirst game. On january 3. Tyrone traveled to lllount Union to play its first league game. where it lost a hard-fought contest. Mount Union had already played live games, whereas Tyrone was playing its lirst game. Accordingly we were handicapped. Derr shone 'lor T. lil. S. with live double deekers, while Holsea starred for Mount Union. In playing our hrst league game on our home lloor, we defeated State College. The game was a contest of close guarding. but Tyrone Came through in the fourth quarter, when we gradually got the outer edge, and this spelled victory for T. H. S. :LA l930 ,M, ,A Page sc've'1zty-one THE FALCON A M ,Q On January IO, we met and defeated a strong team from Bellefonte High. Starting from the sereech of the whistle, Tyrone gradually got the upper hand. The score was deacllocked many times, but Tyrone came through to win. Derr starred for T. H. S. with ten points. while Confer shone for the visitors. On january lel, Tyrone was defeated by the tall boys from Huntingdon on our floor. Tyrone had a difficult time getting started, as Huntingdon secured a well earned lead. In the latter period of the game both teams' defense tightened, but the visitors held the lead. On January 24, Tyrone travelled to Philipsburg. and defeated that school's team. Ten orangeinen featured in this contest, and each man played a good game. Tyrone held a secure lead throughout the entire contest. Tyrone lost to Mount Union High on january 25 before a large crowd of rooters from both towns. Both teams played even ball in the first half. In the Second half Mount Union shot frequent long ones, and these seldom failed to register. Tyrone lost to a strong team at Huntingdon on January 31. Huntingdon had little trouble in locating their basket, and Tyrone sought to cheek this. Tn the second half we held this team to eight points, while we ourselves secured ten. But we did not start soon enough, and lost the game. Coming back to their home floor after two hard games away from home. Tyrone defeated Houtzdale High here. Every man played good. fast ball, and the visitors were held to two points in the first quarter. while Tyrone scored sixteen. Tyrone started the second half with a rush and never stopped until they had marked up a victory. Holding a lead at the half of 19 to 12. Tyrone lost to Altoona High. at Altoona, in perhaps the fastest game of the season. Tyrone came off the floor at the half with a lead of seven points, but Altoona came back in the seeond half to win a hard-fought game. T,OSll'l0' a game that never should have been lost, Tvrone lost to Houtz- b- b . dale at that ilace. b f one Joint. VVe had showed ourselves far su erior to ! this combination the week before, but somehow could not strike our stride and lost. Playing the league champions, Lewistown. on our ho1ne lioor, we held this fast combination to one of their lowest scores of the year. Tyrone held the lead up until the finish of the first half, but the league champions came back to win a thrilling game. Derr starred for T- H. S., while Clelan shone for Lewistown. ,M MM 1930 MMA .A . A MM Page seventy-two M THE FALCON Tyrone met lflollidaysburg High at Hollidaysburg and lost. The score does not indicate that lfl-burg had an easy time of it, for not until the second half was almost gone did they secure a hard-earned victory. Tyrone High was defeated by State College High at State College. Tyrone could not strike their pace in the lirst half, but came back in the second hall and scored seventeen points, w.hile State was held to seven. On February 22, Tyrone met and defeated Philipsburg I-ligh, at home. The entire T. H. S. squad was used in this game, and each played good ball, thus accounting for a decisive victory for T. H. S. Tyrone lost a fast game at Bellefonte, on March 1. Both teams fought to secure a slight lead, but neither succeeded in getting more than a five point margin. The game was close as the score indicates, with Bellefonte winning in the last minute of play. Tyrone lost to Altoona here on March 7. Altoona struck their stride from the beginning ol' the game. Tyrone tied the score in the third quarter, as Barr ripped the hall through the net for a nice two-pointer. VVS: could not stay even, and lost. The most thrilling game of the year was played at the new Lincoln gymnasium, March 13, to close the T. H. S. season, Hollidaysburg being the strong opponent. Both teams were evenly matched, and, as the half closed. the score stood at ten all. At the beginning of the new period, Tyrone got into the lead by two neat double-deekers. Barr and Derr getting them. Hollidaysburg. by means of long shots. secured a two point lead, and, with ten seconds to go, F. Burget dropped a beautiful long one in, to even up the score. An extra hve minute period was allowed, and Hollidaysbnrg nosed out victorious, as I-.lughes dropped in two long counters. . E 6 gl930:,,M M 1 Page seventy-tlzrca QEQAIIMM .4 M THE FALCON gggrpyg M M SCHOGL DAYS ., School clzlys. school days, Dear old golden rule claysg Rcaclin' and writiu' and 'ritlunctic Taught to the tune of the l1ick'1'y S You were my queen in calicu, I was your lmasllful lmrefoot lmeaug You wrote on my slate, "l, love you, XYllCl1 we were am Couple of kids. AA Y Page seventy-fozn' l 1930 Lick- joe AA A.- A.A 1' fu, IUSU fig Y :ix Y I f 002 Q60 ,Q xx S X N l , Em , . A231225 5433?-,Q A .14 f 193i , f'-.'f:-fi?-Q XX- - , aff' -11124: ' J 1 'zfrx ' :- Zi-ii? .ff ms- Xb-M V' -Z' - 1, if 'E-1, x V ggyv , 45-1Q,,i'1-5 L-,? , ,-iii ,F 5942?-ui.-LL?-Q Af, -T'1:?Lf' , Qxffgff V , yur-X: 1, 11:-,-1- --5: L7-' - . ' N.,7fffqf. wil rat?-'ff-E: J ,QQ . lyff, ,W ,,,, . . K.. Xwx 0-V15 ' f., , , P'-. Ny fy ca .! N., , ,f W ,- '. N .-x,X,,.v X UQ: W -'W 1-. -- .Q X Wx ""' a'f H '. -IW RQ' X . I p.. l. 1 , 1 m:,4.1 Fw' ' ., Nik f 4,50 L X ,uw . If' . N ., 1.1 h Yluhllshzd bp, t R uf Hradunilng I lass aaasmer 1211653 Saw MQ 4 WB ?QlE THE FALCON KLTIEI, -All students sat and gazed at walls. paint, etc. and said, "Quite nice, eh lO- Z ll l-l ltr l9 20 Q23 27 .N ...L l 3 .li J? 7 10- ll- -Town celebrated. Tyrone lileven defeated Morrisdale: Z1-O. "Pork C A L E N D AR SEPTEMBER Spokesman made its initial appearance. No work was done all day in classes on account of praising the stalt. -The Seniors nominated their class olifieers and planned a Faculty Re- eeption. -lfirst and Second foothall teams clashed at Athletic Park. "Pork" made the lirst touchdown of season. hut it didn't count. -'1'eaehers made "X'Yhoopee" at "Mary lillen Tea Room." -Yery peaeeahly the Seniors elected officers. -livery Teacher and Senior was the answer to a squirrel's prayer, for the Faculty Reception was a "Nutty Nite." -Home room captains homharded hy students desiring Athletic Associa- tion tickets. "Shorty" l-larpster declared she almost developed gray hair over the affair. -High School Orchestra made dehut in Senior Asseinhlyg applauding con- tinued for live minutes. , made lirst real touchdown of season. OCTOBER U Spokesman "hlew" sixty-live cents on a News Box. "Country Kids use it. at noon. for discarded chewing gum wrappers. -"Bus" and "L'appy" wrecked the tackling dummy at practice. ,lunior lligh Ciirls' lilee Cluh hegan to warhle for Miss Bressler. .Xnother victory: -lo-O! Osceola felt quite battered up. ,lim Hilde- hiand received a nasty hump on the hack of his neck. Seniors decreed thirty cents a month for dues. so all ol' them appeared at "I'Joc's" or "Dutch's" to spend the surplus. These Seniors did keep "Sain" on the rush. Disaster! Johnny forgot to come for "Sal" i11 the truck, and Miss Owens had to walk home in the rain. Snake dance down town was a huge success. Tourists inquired what college hroke loose. l2-Tyronne was trimmed hy Clearfield: 21-6. "DickH Gardner iinally landed the crowd in Clearfield hy means of the Ford, after having had two "flats" and having' carried a gallon of gas three miles. Cupper and Frances were sick from eating hot dogs. M M l 9 3 0 M .vt .A .M .-., .-A .J ,vr .vie ,J A-Q Page seventy-five My A THE FALCON A M - lo-Board ol Activities set to action. 18-The moonlight hike appealed to all the dignilied Seniors. "Tink" and "Gert" certainly do like green apples. 19-State .High bowed to Tyrone: 21-O. "XVib" showed what he was made of. Took Lois to show in evening. 22-Falcon Staff linally elected after two postponed meetings. 26-Spooks and Cats reigned supreme in the "Y," when the Hi-Y entertained the student body. Harold Hawke proved to be the "windiest." Z9-Riot of color in school. Spokesman appeared on orange paper. Quite uniquel Q NOVEMBER 2-Amid torrents ol rain Tyrone lost to sturdy Bellefonte: 13-0. George Dugan wished for a bathing suit many times. -l-New seats in assembly. Only trouble was that "Libby" Lucas didn't lit. 6-Detective made appearance at school. Yietims received write-up in Spokesman. Students kept away from Harry Elder. 7-Detention hall kept alive by Fred Smith and "Cappy', Edwards. ll-No school-Ray! Armistice Day. Fast and furious game at lilollidays- burg. l-l-Burg Victory: 26-19. 12-Room 214 turned into studio. Handsome Seniors had their lair counten- ances photographed. 15-Booster Club displayed unusual pep and enthusiasm-Shorty. Phyl. and Ardie put plenty of snap into the evening. 16-Wlonderful cheering helped bring us another victory with Philipsbnrg: 20-O. "Butch" absolutely was the star of the game. l7-Hook week in evidence. Reuben Rudy and "Skeeter" Hawke each read a book review in assembly. 23-Nice weather. Ideal for Bedford's undefeated eleven. just another glorious T. I-I. defeat. 25-"Sophs" presented an Estates-General meeting in the Auditoriuin. 27-Senior boys received their rings and pins to wear to Hi-Y convention at Blooinshurg. All Seniors were delighted with their pictures. 28-Snow didn't dampen the school's or tea1n's spirit at Altoona. You only read about this kind of game. DECEMBER 2-Randall Thompson appeared with his hair marcelled, and captivated the girls' hearts. 9-Dr. Crawford began physical examination of students in stock room. "Stand erect and be quiet" is his motto. pm , M l 9 3 0 A at .,,, .,. .,, .,. .A ,,. .,. er er .v. 4,9 Page seventy-six M M THE FALCON aqggqyg ll-Alter school Mr. Kepler photographed the organizations. Oh, those long time exposures! lZ-"Sophs" took on some dignity. and organized their class and elected oliliieers. 13-Superstitious lllacbeth class protested against scheduled test, and so they studied a short story instead. 19-Seniors held gay celebration in lobby. Everyone left with the Yule- tide spirit after having had "the best time ever." 20-Vacation again, and how we needed it! 30-Letter Day in assembly. It was funny how bashful such husky men could be. JANUARY 4 2-Only a part of the student group returned to school immediately after vacation, and so little work was done. 4-Another victory in basketball. Score with State College Hi was 19-12. 6-Bells rang at wrong time. All Seniors, except three, were tardy as a result. 7-Clarence broke New Year's resolution and brought a Hhlledn W'est Ty- rone Bus to school. 8-Football squad exhausted the Arlington Hotel's food supply. Thanks to the Kiwanis Club! ll-"Stuey" .Burget helped to win the Bellefonte game by means of his mar-V velous long shots. 13-Color Day! The High School lobby, Auditorium, and all the Seniors were bedecked with the glorious "blue and whitef' Sam Irvin wasn't "i'ussed" when he made his initial address in assembly. Several teachers had birthdays. No names need to be mentioned. l-I-l.aRue Dewey didn't get to see Glenn. and so we lost the Huntingdon game: l9'9. 15-Loads of noise! Business men turned into school boys again and visited school. They made more noise than the students do. 16--Mr. Lazear interviewed Falcon Staff members. Z2-Spokesman Stall' performed in assembly to non-subscribers of our school paper. Albert Agnew acted the part of a joke quite efficiently. 23-"Gert" Pollock pleaded for "snaps" in Junior and Senior lrli. Secret service brought in the good ones. 27-NVoods Cunningham nearly suffocated everyone in laboratory by trying to prove to Mr. Wlilliammee that such a thing as "sullirocious acidl' exists. l2sAllMllLAlMlMllMl-LU ' ' K I 9 3 0 M- A-s A -is A -s -+ -vs A-s A-+ AYAEQILS Page seventylseveiz Q THE FALCON LM .31-"Mysterious Guest" was presented by four Senior girls in assembly. There also were rendered those unique harmonica selections. Thanks, boys! FEBRUARY l-'Lewistown defeated Tyrone on the l.ewistown tloor by a large margin. 3-Dr. Charles A. liame spoke in chapel. 5-The Art lixhibit started, and the Falcon Drive, the most successful in the history of our school, ended. Office practice class visited the Bell Telephone Exchange. 7-Many students forfeited lifteen cents each. this day, to escape their third period class, and, incidentally, to see the :Nrt lfxhibit. Tyrone defeated I-ioutzdale: 34-ll. 9-Tyrone was defeated by Altoona: 36 26. Fast game. Tyrone held the lead until after the first half. ll-Miss Miller's and Miss Owens engagements are announced in the Spokesman. The Falcon Stalii held a theatre party. Mads Theatre Shop thought a circus had broken loose when the party marched in there after the show. ' 12-lrloutzdale defeated Tyrone by a one point margin. XYilson Gates said. "Can you imagine that?" l-I-Valentine day. .lohn sent Skeeter the sweetest Valentine and patched up the fifty-third variety of scraps. l9-Seniors may be dignihed, but they are also certainly vain! The pictures arrived. Albert Dole and Stanley Black were smiling so charmingly that the two LaR,ues could hardly refrain from stealing Z1 picture. 21-This was the day of the Sophomore party, and Harold Eckert just longed to be a Sophomore. State College defeated us: 2-l-25. Another one-point tragedy. 22-Tyrone defeated l'hilipsburg badly. The Junior and Senior girls staged a "jack rabbit" race between the halves. 25-Ur. Finnel tallied on the harmfulness of tobacco. Every girl listened very atteutively. Spolcesinan announced that "Tyrone ls To Be Tee- bound Next VVeek." Sounded cold. Carl Holt said. "Turn on the Heatf' MARCH 3-Girls' Glee Club entertained Senior High Assembly with a medley. 4-Under classmen started to sell "lcebound" tickets to win a prize. Photo- graphs of XX'aneita Hawke, Grace Wlilt, and l.a'Rue Cupper appeared in Public l,edg'er, thereby helping to advertise the play. 5-Majority of faculty as well as students attended "Sunny Side Upf, fm A AAMAAC 1930 2LlfiKz1iAA A A A AA Page seventy-eiglzt S mf ,M - M M THEFALCON MM M A 7 St lO- ll- l3- lsl- I7- 203 21- Rivals meet again. .Xltoona Tyrone, Fast, interesting game for the lklensehnien. Combined Football and Basketball Banquet held at Graysville. John llerr still likes mashed potatoes, and all the players said the chicken conldn't he excelled. . "lcebound" was presented to a large crowd. Best play ever staged in Tyrone. .-Xnother record-breaking night. "leehound" proved to be a dramatic and tinancial success. Seven delegates representing the Spokesman Stalt left for,New York City to attend the Columbia Scholastic Press Association Convention. First debate of season held in auditorium. 'l'eachers make "XYhoopee" at West Yaeo Club. The male members said the eats were all that could be desired. Mr. XYolfg'ang' told his lil. D. class how to conduct a model family. Bill liarr insisted that it won't work. i :Xnother startling' debate is held. Audience spellbouncl by the debators, lluent speeches, 24-".lenThree" in full sway again. Quite a peppy club. APRIL l-wbieniors gave a big "l'rom"-April Fool! 3-Sam Irvin said students ought to get paid for going to school. -lefklhert didn't get a note from Pat so his ahieetions were transferred, l-l- Zl- -lust another six-week period gone. liaster vacation ended. lfaster bunny treated everyone well. Mr. VVolf- gang gave l3illie's surplus to one of his P. D. classes. 25-Report cards distributed. Seniors get the conditional "will or won't graduate." MAY 2-Teachers made a run on the bank: nothing more than pay day. 12-Corridors were so full: students had a diliiicult time getting to classes on time. Beginning' of exhibition week. Zl-Seniors showed the knowledge they possess. Exams were as easy as 23-Senior girls displayed "sweet" evening' 25 they could be made. Oh yeah! gowns and boys marvelous ap- petites, at banquet held at Penn Alto. -All Seniors listened to a sermon-the Baccalaureate Sermon. , Zo-Oratorieal contest was a wow! Topics showed that Juniors possess originality. Z7-Class Day Exercises were very uniqueg the town will talk ot them for years and years. ' 29-Senior girls supplied themselves with three handkerchiefs apiece, for they thought Commencement would be so sad. LV! A AA MMG 1930 MA M M3 M, Page seventy-11i11.e - in e THE FALCON For Last Will and Testament of the Class ol' l93O of the Tyrone High School Time-eAfter the last big tournament of the Seniors, in the year of 1930. 'Place-A short distance apart from the field of the tourney. The Assemblage-The Senior and Junior Classes of the Tyrone High School, met in response to the summons of a herald. Action-Sir Samuel lrvin commanded his trumpeter to signal for silence. A hush then fell upon the field as Sir Samuel slowly and sedately unrolled a list made of parchment. His sub-vassel. joseph Charles, was suinniondecl to advance to receive the scroll after its reading. In the presence of vassals and sub-vassals the following bequests of the Senior Knights and Ladies were read. XVe give jim Xvolfe as a private tutor to George Troutwine. Wie will to Dallas XVike a "swell" car in which to take Ruth Fleck out to see the scenery. so that she won't have to stand and wait for the Sinking Valley bus. To Melvin Vlaite we bestow the job of distributing the Spokesman. That's better than delivering the Altoona Tribune. XYe are establishing a soda fountain in the corridor and leaving it to Guinevere XX'ertz. so that she won't have to spend her odd moments at Steele's. Katherine Mcfahan bequeaths her years of experience as a Mcfrory clerk to Romayne VVillianis. Marjorie Stillwell leaves her ability to have a love aiifair and keep it going to Robert Xvolfe. Clive 'em a break, Bob. Wle bequeath to john Schaul a copy of the piece, "1-Xny Ice Today, Lady?" Miles Lewis leaves his lunch box to Gerald Pardoe and Robert XVood- ring. Eat, drink, and be merry. NN'e leave Bede Pollock some diamond rings and all those things, 'cause she is live feet two! Wfe give Ben Shellenberger and Harold Sharer an apartment in New York so that they may grow accustomed to the wicked city life. XVe leave a continual permit to talk in Study Hall to Gertrude Kaspick and Marjorie Marthouse. . NVQ: leave Madeline Cherry an unusually valuable tip. Mr. Skelly knows all about it. VVhen late for school, instead of running down the steps, she should come through the hedge. 193-0 fa Page eighty A THE FALCON A M i Frances Smith recommends Madeline Murphy and Tom Hollick to any business man in Tyrone. They are good typists: they did Spokesman work efficiently. Dot l.ane bestows some of her long hair to Peg Gensimore. lt won't match, but that's a minor detail. Betty Batcheler leaves her shining ability as an orator to Robert Fislfer. Charles lflouser wills some poor marks to Samuel Mannino so that he will know what it is like to have them. Helen Meredith wills her Huntingdon sweetie to Faye Ferner. tiny Tlioznpson bequeatlis his rules on "How to Grow Up" to Horace Elder. 4 Roy Davidson donates one-half dozen boxes of toothpicks to XVoocls Cunningham to satisfy his craving to throw things. Harrison Larosa bequeaths his speed to Fred Burget. Then there will be some signilicance to Fred's nickname. The Seniors will the ambition of John Shellenberger and Basil Nannino. each of whom is taking a post-graduate course, to the Wlilson twins. Nlianeita I-lawke awards john Derr to Evelyn Calhoun. This is the re- ward livelyn has for consulting Laurie MeGrail several years ago. jim NVolfe wills all the rabbits that he missed last hunting season to lack lrvin to shoot next year. Carl lrlolt wills his charming. blond curls to Mary Quider. l,ib Lucas wills her sheep-skin to David Grove. Isn't that a break. David? David Swartz fTish Tishj wills his ups and downs Celevator jobj to Fred Smith. lien johnson wills his art at wise-cracking to Robert Roseberry. Be bold and bad, Robert. Sam lrvin wills his car to Peg Bulick in order that she may be able to go to l-'ort Matilda. The ear knows the road. Peg. To LeRoy Naylor we leave Mary ldarolo. LeRoy always wanted a girl. To 'Ruth Pannebal-:er we leave lrvin Katherman. Sorry he doesn't have a roadster. Martha Sprankle wills her ability as a history shark to Thelma Albright and lidna Bowser. Iiarl .lohnson bequeaths his mouth organ to Emory Daughenbaugh. You'll be an orchestra soon. l-leleu McCartney, Ruth VVilt. and NVilbur Johnston will their deniure quietness to a group that much needs it, the junior Class. lfvelyn Yingling' wills her secret formula on "How to l-lave Gay Experi- ences" to Betty Sullivan. Magnum awmrm rm o I 9 3 0 A M A ,IKZHLZIIK Page eighty-one ,gig THE FALCON ,MM M M Charles Calliarelli wills his unusual hair cut to all the Junior Class sheiks. lileanor Fisher wills her pleasant disposition to Sarah Hickes. Smile once in a while, Sal. Frank Bayer wills Ann llrough to .loc Charles in recognition of his faith- ful services to the class. Oscar Hardy presents some of his self-confidence to Vincent McCoy. lDon't use it like he did. Vincent. Bill Cree wills Paul Bollinger one-half of his brains. Bill will still have enough to get along. Frances Brower wills some of her elliiciency and soberness to Phil Lynn and Ruth Adams. ' l.aRue Cupper presents some ol' her excess hoy friends to Lucille Leh- man and Betty Fink. M Bill McNally wills his motor cycle to Clarence Beckwith, so that he won't need to crank his Ford every morning. George Dugan bequeaths some of his numerous roles as a president to Fred Beringer. liond XVay linally gives over Helen Elder to his kid brother, Bud. Grace N'Vilt donates some of her pleasant sedateness to Gert Beringer. Use it to a good purpose. Gertie. Randall Thompson will be pleased to know that John Ohrtman bestows upon him the modernistic wave in his hair. llarry Elder wills his ahility to win a girl to James Crawford. Save you some gray hair, jim. A Prof. Eugene Smith leaves some of his extra hooks to Lewis Gingery. Vvllkfll you lose your books next time. Lewis, use these. Grace Steele hequeaths some of her famous audacity to Eva Morrow. Use it mildly. Bill llarr leaves to Clarence Ellenberger two gallons of gas so that the lvus may be re-chartered. Yirginia 'XVallace leaves her ahility in French to Gilly Miller and Bill Sensor. Fully Summers leaves two or three hundred pounds of llesh to Ruth Price. Stanley Plaehecki presents Rohert l-liltner with his dehnition of elec- tricity. To Bill lflall, ive, the Seniors. leave a comb. To llliarold Barlett we bequeath Leni Zindel's height. .lane Mattern wills her wavy hair to Anna Marthouse. mm M M MMA 1930 M M A A Page eighty-tfwo MMM THE FALCON MIME M ,. .Xlex Daunaway gives his john Gilbert mustache to Johnny Beyer. lleg llalligau leaves some of her surplus hair pins to Amy Miller. ligbert lflolsopple bequeaths his height to Donald Pardoe. Make the most of it! Mamie Antokol presents her curly hair and her ability to type to Eleanor Gault. Yerna Forcey wills her digniied air to .-Xrdis Smith. Use it, Ardie. Lois Raulliinau wills her lovc to XVilbur Albright, if he doesn't already have it! Dot Miller presents Sal l-lickes with her car so that she wonlt need to come to school in a truck any more. .lohn Derr leaves his practice of making faces to Bob Miles to accom- pany his ability to imitate animals. Martha Keys wills Butch Snyder to Dede Kepler to love forever and anon. Ken Crawford wills his quiet ways to Wfilfred Bowman. liernice Chilcott bequeaths her "come hither" air to Lenore Myers. Reuben Rudy wills his "deep-down" voice to Albert Agnew. Stan lllack donates his collegiate air to Robert Miller, ":X.'li." Bloom wills her feminine ways to Pauline Meredith. 'Helen Duvall wills Pork Friday to anyone who can take him away from her. fiilly Mannino wills his loudly ticking watch to Edgar Riggle to keep him awake. llill McNally donates his unusual automobile to Allen Burwell, so that he won't need to use his bicycle any more. Ken Stover gives his sleek hair to Bob Cox. LaRue Dewey donates Albert Dole to Pauline Shildt. Take good care of him. Pauline. Harry Dickson bestowes his blush upon Leonard Spyker. To Matilda Cox we will Bill Paulhamus's ability to paint. Let's see rosy checks now, Matilda! XVe will Yirgiuia Ciearhart's pep, and enthusiasm, and school spirit to the -lunior class in general. Lib Rogers confers some of her height to Yivian Reese. Belva Gates wills her pet curl to Mac Davis to wear in the middle of his forehead. 'l'hat's something' for Mac to play with in his spare time. Bill Barr gives his car to Bernice Priest. lt hasn't learned how to park in Sinking Valley. V Cilly Mannino leaves his position on the banana truck to Samuel Scordo. Xkilson Gates wills his unusual football ability to Ralph Defieroloma. PXZIM. 4MM fiE l930 MA Page eighty-H1'1'ee A THE FALCON To Rex Seymour. David Swartz leaves his rheumatism medicine. A cheer leader must not have any kinks. Elmo Richards wills the words he uses that he thinks are big to Boyd Smith. lf Boyd stores them up he will be a walking dictionary. Stan Black wills Harold Eckert his position as the bashful sheik of the Senior class. VVe, the Seniors. will a bicycle to Vic Foust, so that he may start going out to Northwood again. Melvin Focht leaves his musical ability to Josephine Romano. Added to what she already has, she will soon be on Broadway. George Dugan wills his "car" to George Gill, which is a step farther towards an automobile. The Seniors will Robert Reinschmidt a fresh air girl to ride in his 325 fresh air car. V Wie bequeath to Clinton Singer and Charles Stewart a pocket edition ul Shaffer stores which they may manage all by themselves. lVe also donate Madeline Kreiger to Bob Jones, a sweet girl to a regulai fellow. Shorty Harpster leaves some of her pep and school spirit to the Friday sisters, Olive and Anna. Regina List wills Anna Goss a vanity case. Now Anna won't have to borrow a vanity, and Regina's cheeks will be less rosy. Our last wish for Pearl McCrea is best success with her boy friend. XfVe will Eleanor Turnbaugh to Gerald Funk. .Kathleen Parks bequeaths her big brown eyes to Allen Burwell. They might be better to flirt with than Allen's blue ones. Raymond Libold leaves his mythical reversible seat to Gilly Miller. Santo Lombardo leaves his art ability to the junior class in general. Carl X-Yoleslagle leaves a piece of peppermint candy to every junio". Gert Pollock leaves Eugene Smith and her romance to her sister, Bede. Guy Thompson willingly bequeaths his imposing and obstructing pedal extremities to "Bun" Gates. XYITNESSES: Madam Sara Ann Hickes Mlle. Charlotte Batcheler Lady Frances R. Smythe Lady Beatrice a la' Pollock Sir McClellan Davis Page Horace Gobeen Elder Knight Robert de' Hiltner m mM aa. a 1930 M ,M MM A M Page eighty-fo1.u' H ' H 1 M 1 1'1 1 1 1 - al dsl Ash lsh dsl 4:5 Isl 1:5 1:5 A Ahurrtizrmvnta mw THE FALCON uunnummnununnnunlulnunuunnnnum:nuanunum:xmnu-mmnuvuannunnmumunnnnnnnnunnurnunnnuumnnmnnmnunnun RAYQS DRUG STORE unmmumunmunummnmnmummmu1ununumm:umn-num:numnnnnmmm COMMUNITY LOAN AND INVESTMENT CO. An Institution for the Benefit of Tyrone Managed and Owned by Tyrone Business Men 1010 LOGA N AVE. 1930 M Page eighty-seven MM M M M, THE nuunnnnu nm:mnnnnnuuuumnmunu nmuunnunum L. R. Batehelei' High School Tours A "Batchele1' Tom", Suggests the best Economically and liclueationally unnmnu nmnun :num umm Harry H. Gardner The Home of HART SCHAFFNER Sz MARX CLGTHING mununumunuu numuunnnnxm mnunmuiuu Mills' Music Store 'l'yrone's Own Music Store The richest child is poor with out a musical education" Pianos Radios Victors nnmuumununn uuunmmum unuumununnnm . :AA NA AAA, AA Page ciglzty-eight FALCON mmeeui A Mmfimfmix 5 Man Qto R. Rudy whose eye was E tied upj-My goodness, were you ' hurt? Rudy-Only doing my duty. Man-Oh. A little soldier then I' Rudy-No! XVashed niy faee and got soap in my eye. 'I' 'I' Caroline C.-So you spent your vacation at a fashionable resort? Pauline M.-Yesg they even put on riding breeehes to toss horse- shoes. 'I' 'I' lighert ll.-Suppose you were in my shoes, what would you do? Liilly M.-l'd shine them, Gift Goods- XX'hiting's NVriting Papers Kodaks and Films C I' Picture Frames Made to Ord XValil Pencils and Pens Leather Goods W. H. AGNEW Gift Shop and Stationery Store : Q Xlvest Tenth St. Tyrone, Pa. lu unnnn nummmnnuinunmuunmnulu 1930 M M M.- M THE FALCON :MMM . MMMM A Annnunn nn in nnnnunuu CLEANLINESS Combined with Proper Refrigeration Insures Fresh Meats At All Times Our Market is Equipped to Meet Both Requirements For Health and Strength Eat Meat in il Balanced Diet ------v-v-vv-v---v----4 . . Getz Market Store C. U. Getz, Prop. Nr. Xxulill-g'Zll'lg'-rlilliltiti the third time you'x'e looked on Georges paper. .-Xllmert U.-Yes. I lcnowg he clues- n't write very plainly. 'I' 'X' Miss lVillYCi'Xvll1ll'S your idea of l'l2ll'l11Olly? xY1lltCl' l'.otz-:X frcckle-facefl girl with :1 polka-clot dress, lezulingt Z1 giralfe. 'I' 'I' Cziptain to Private-Ymii' name? lien -lOllllSflll+JUllllSOll. sir. Cillllfllll--Xvfllll' age? lien-Eighteen. Ciziptziiii-Yoiil' rank? Ben-l know it. nu -miummmmx uunuuummu uuumuimnnu in umm 9 Chileott s Specialty Shop Bell Phone SS Dresses, Gloves, Hosiery Lingerie, Costume Jewelry, Novelties, Hemstitching, and Picoting Getz Bldg. Penna. Ave. TYRONE, PA. W. E.WHOff111H11 Co. cf -"uf-in TYRONE, PA. IYMMM.-.M M I9 3 0 Mmm Page eiglnty-nine numIniuinuininluininnu:nunnniuiuniunmmun 'Elf A-M AM A ,MA THE unmuu mm munnmunumnuuunmi-in miunu-mnnu: The First National Bank OO-O TYRONE, PEN NShvl.X7ANliA Eat all Blooniis Restaurant iununu:nuninuuuuuininum-unmuinmninnnnu 1:nununi-umu-nunin:muinunnnunnnfnunnnuul FOR FINE TAILORING um Fitz Patrick The House of Satisfaction AA Page 'ninety FALCON pmfmr M Ls, Where All Good Fellows Meet Funlis Billiard Parlor J. D. Funk, Prop. inniin1innuninnmnmuumumun innnnuuunin-in-munmmnmnmimmmin M. E. Updike Dealer in Flresh and Cured MEATS 129 XVest Tenth Street Bell Phone 720 Lois Kaullnian-Tell nie, what does a Christmas tree stand for? Wilson Gates-XYell, it would look sort of silly lying down. 'I' 'I' Fatlier-YVhy are your grades so low since the holidays? G u y T h o in p s 0 n-Y o u know everything is marked down after Christmas. 'I' -I- Rohert Barr-'XVhat did the ab- sent minded professor give his chil- dren for Christmas? XVarren Glasgow-An Easter lily. a package of tire-cracker, and some April fool candy. l 9 3 0 f"""-'Wi'---' AA M A pg THE FALCON THE WILSON THEATRE Instruetive Stage Presentations- Regularly With The Gorgeous New El Patio Theatre Showing Daily- Educational Photoplays of the Highest Type EL PATIO The House of Refinement W M l930U Page 1 tJ M A - LSZIIQ THE FALCON uluuunu nnunnen-nunmninnnnunnunmnnannuuunnnuununnnnumxumuunmn I A New Type of Motor Car Hudson's Great 8 HUDSON ESS ':,':iae.e'l EX qgg- And ,Mnmn ' EARS - Essex Challenger ' In Ten Body-Styles and Colors TYRONE AUTO SALES COMPANY K, Montgoinery, Prop. "Opposite Rays Drug Store :incl just as Reliable" TYRONIZ, PENNA Mr. Shelly-XVl1:1t is.the greatest I contribution that Cheinistry has gn'- and en to the world? - "Stan" Black-liloncles. Home-Made 'I' 'I' SALTED Bus l1'x'in-Doe, my health is E badg what foorl should l keep away Always Fresh at fi-om? Q V ., Doc-Keep away from clates and G3I'f111C1 S g peaches on school nights. Candy Store -1- + : Chief Michaels-You are arrested 5 for speeding. Pete C.-You ez1n't arrest me. : This isn't mv Cai' and l clon't have Tenth Street Tyrone E any license' LM A MMM .M ,- MM 1930 QMMW AM M MuM in Page oziizety-two N THE FALCON MLM -1 .Mfg 31nnnmmnummnum unmmmnn nn umnmmmnn The Griffin Hat Shoppe The Newest and Best in MILLINERY I r 1 .l cnth St. Tyrone, Pa. mu mnunnnuu ununuunmnmnumnn mmm ummm: Guy Panasci Shoe Repairing Done Neatly and Quickly by New Process 1inannunnuununmmnmmnmnn llolm Niles-fXYlio heat you up so hadly? C. Singer-l started through a re- volviilg' dom' and then changed my mind. 'I' 'P Slmrty liZl.l'l7STlCl'-lSll't that or- chestra divine? Oscar lflarcly-Naw, I think it's de hcrriesl - 'X' 'P .-Xnna llrongll-llo you think you could drive with one hand. Frank lilayei'-.-Xhem. you het! A. l'1'ot1gl1-XYQII then, have au apple. 'I' 'I' Teaclici'-Please don't put your feet on the desk while studying. Allen Burwell-NVho said l'rn studying? '.A,cC.f:s.ze .Af 1 A A Af Af- 1,-ef-In I mum mmmImmunmunmmuunnu:I nmmmummn The Hickes I Grocery and Market Pennsylvania Ave. and 'Twelfth St. Staple and Fancy GROCERIES V Fresh and Cured MEATS Grand Valley Butter -x. J. lflickes C. W. I-lickes 5 Lantern Tea Room 1203 lilenna. A ye. TYRONE PA. ljhouc 10- M unmnnu uunnunu uunnnmuuu um-mmmunummmvuunuumunnunnuunnnunmnmu We Dye For Our Living - We also Clean A11 Kinds of Clothes F 81 F Dye Works 930 119 XV. 10th St. num unmn:mumumummnmm LA,-A A,-, ue. LA, Page ninety-three M THE FALCON A nninsininmumnnnnnunn nun ABSOLUTE CONFIDENCE GEMS AND WATCHES Should be purchased from houses in Which you place implicit faith. DIAMONDS purchased from this house carry the assurance of genuineness. WATCHES bought of us carry a guarantee of service for a generation. ACKLIN JEWELRY COMPANY the House of Diamonds Footwear since 1882 McCo11al1y Shoe Co. 5 XV. Tenth St. Tyrone. Pri. l..A .,. .va 4,4 -.A A A -A , . Y . Page nivzety-fozor l93 mn:-num:mimunnuummimnnmnmunummnmmuuun Miss Owens-Can you under- stand me if l speak French? George lloclgers-I coulrlu't uu- dcrstaud a womzln if she spoke Huge lish. 'I' 'I' Albert Dole-I was glad to be clown and out once in my life. LaRue Dewey-XVl1e11 was that? Albert Dole-After my lirst ride in an aeroplzme. 'I' 'I' Farmer-Come ou. that dog wou't bite you! A barking dog never bites. Ell'lUl'y D.-Sure. l know that: but l ClO11,t know when he's gonna stop barking. 'I' 'I' Louis Treev-XVhat was your sis- ter so angry about? Delbert U.-She sent me lo-1' cold cream and I got the coldest l could hurl-ice cream. Ou, M M THE FALCON .i H. .-1 , ' Han QU Sluw ,pf . I K , lv V ,V ll"-if .Lev k' 1 ' . Av ' U gui L 1 V A- 5 ' K I 'Fulham Bnd31':5n Me In "'et'9" 35- 4?-5. MM M A AMIE 1930 M Page ninety-five THE FALCON I uunnunnuununnnuunuuuumunnnmuuununnun:nnnunnuuuuI unnunnnunnnuunnmn nu THE TEMPLETON CO. 22 to SO XVcst Tenth Street Tyrone, Pa. COMPLETE SHOWING Coats-Suits-Temple-tone Radio Carpets-Rugs-Linoleum-Lace Curtains Upholstery-Trunks-Bags-Furniture Stoves-Ranges-Refrigerators Edwards, : 1Foot fknnfort Store lfverything For the Feet Q We Specialize On Foot Troubles : And - Proper Fitting mn..............-.........-.-.ni............H................-.....................:, its mamf l 9 3 Page ninety-sian Father-My boy. your studies are costing ine a lot of money. Miles Lewis-I know, dad, and I don't study very hard either. 'I' 'X' Cleo Harpster-Your suit is be- ginning to look a little rusty. Ted l3lock+XYell, my father guar- anteed that it would wear like iron. 'X' 'I' Mr. Kepler-l'd try another photograph if I were you. Martha Keys-But this picture looks like nie. Mr. K.-'l'hat's why I would try another. 0 arifxzfiiaid A M Hmmm A - THE III muumnnum Quality Concrete Products lllziin-Puiiel-'Rock and Special-Fucecl Building Blocks Concrete Block Carabts Z1 Specialty Marion H. G. Shirk Sll XVILSI1. Ave. Bell Phone 379-M 1vunlnuininInlumuunnuuununn COMMERCIAL PRINTING Done as you Want it When you Want it THE MAINN PR FALCON up mum: WINTER? STEINWAY PIANOS "The instrument of the immortals" VICTOR RADIO Outstanding tone value me Music You WANT z WHfN You WANT lr- I on iClLOIPlCCOIdS T INTING COMPANY IO VVest Herald St. TYRONE, PA. munnmuumn um unmnmnun QIMML, MI I4 l Authorized Dealers for Underwoocl Portable Typewriters Standard Keyboard Six Attractive Colors nmmmnnmmmnmnmumuuuuunnumm nmnnmvumnmnn 930 garmin MIAMI MMMM 3 Page vzivzety-se'vc71 nf Tyroneve Music Store AAAA im THE FALCON M nnI1nnuununinuumuinnunnunnnnumnnnuumnmuu ACME TIRE CO. nannun:An1nrnuinuininnuanin1nunnunnnnmunununnmniuunu James C. Davis, Prop. Tires 1 Aleniiting Dayton Stabilized XX-aghing United States 1 U v SIITIOHIZIIIQ' Tydol Gasoline Draining Batteries Yuleanizing C arho Solving DAVIS SERVICE STATION mm: ummnnmn HU TER Froeks for the Young Miss Gold Mark Hosiery Underthings NfiMEUPQf Page ni'net.y-aight nnunu'-nnnnmnununinunuunnmnmnn un John Derr-XVho was the peach I saw you with this evening? I.aw1'ence C.-She wz1sn't a peaehg she was a grapefruit. I squeezed her and she hit me in the eye. 'I' 'I' Miss Ziegler-XVhy did you say Benedict Arnold was :1 janitor? Charles VVil'son-Because I read that he spent his last years in aliase- ment. 'X' 'I' Puiify Summers-I ani going' to get zt job with Swiftfs, next sum- mer. XVoods Cunningham-Sure, you ought top they need big hams. 1930 .. - .. H THE FALCON Frigidaire Electric Refrigeration Keeps Food Colder Better . .Longer HALL 81 STRYKER ininnnmnuuunnmununnnnunmnr ummmmmuu W. H. MeLa11aha11 DRUGS PERFUIVIES CANDY Yisit Our Leucling Library All the latest releases MAC'S THEATER SHOP TYRONFYS Leading Soda Fountain Quality and Service our Mott 'Iin11unin1innnnmunnummunnIunuumnmmmmun ,CAAANA AA . A, umumuininnianmnumnumi:mmm uunummmmnu 0 ml lilmo R.-Some day you editors E will light for my poems. : Frances S.-XYell. I always was a good loser. 'X' 'I' Louise D.-I want to buy some apples. Grocer-Do you want Balclwius? : Louise-Of course. Did you think I wanted hair on them? 'I' 'I' Miss King-Run up the blind, Bill. Bill I-lall-Vtfhat do you think I am, a squirrel? 'I' 'X' Carl H.-They come in pears. Kathryn List-Vifliat, stockings? Carl-No, pear seeds. n Rupert Chevrolet Co. Chevrolet : Sales Service The Greatest Chevrolet of Chevrolet History Ask for a Demonstration TYRONE, PA. muh muuuuuum nuuunnluluuun 1930 MMMM Mqmmrmfrg 1-Paige izinety-fnine ummm? - THE FALCON MIM IME Shoes for the Whole Family - Every pair of shoes in our E store. whatever their size, shape, or price, is guaranteed , to give good value and satis- factory service. Study's Shoe Store A good place to buy your shoes and hosiery mnnnm num: un nnmmnumunnunumnunnnnnnnnnmnunnmununm Tyrone Style Shop A Step Ahead in Fashion .-Xlxvays Show Something New MILLINERY COATS DRESSES i and SPORTSWEAR for Women, Misses, and Children Home of Phoenix Hosiery lO6O Pennsylvania Avenue .n1inannuunmnununnunnummIuninnuninuninumuuunu-nnmm Carl XV.-Do you know the "ln- dian Love Call ?" -lack M.-I don't need to. A honk will bring her out. 'I' 'I' Miss Moore-Helen. your essay on "My Mother" is just the same lflorace's. Helen E.-Yes, inalanil XYe both have the same mother. 'I' 'I' Earl Johnson-XVhat kind of a cigar are you smoking. Carl Holt-It's an Al Smith cigar. Earl-VVhat kind is that? Carl-Up from the streets. """" lllllllllll Tyrone Fuel and Supply Company XVholesale and Retail Coal and Builders' Supplies Main Office 20 XV. 10th Street TYRGNE, PA. inuuu 1930 Ag Page one hmzcl-reel Z1 I ,ig THE FALCON M zu mmumnnn nu I nnninnininunan-lunluinnuununnnummuininnnannumnmnnnnnnm umm DANKS 81 Co. U ' ii T yrone's Popular Apparel Shop ' FASHION .- is playing a leading role this week, next Week, - :incl every week, for we are approaching the glorious season of Spring and Summer. 3' ,fa in 'ii i ll ' :Yi ,fzf ' DRESSES ' V i A Modes of the Moment . , 1 354.95 w 316.50 i , The T . 5 Grace Note G' v with every Spring costume is Hosiery. Good "Gor- la don" Hose at this Store adds the charm of flawless I. . t silk-the distinctive V-line heel, 31.95 a pair- l, f l French heel, 81.50 a pair. mmmmnmmmmm inIInininninnnun-Iluninuinummnummnnn niuumunmuumu mmm numnmum:inuinninmnnnmnnmumnmnnnuunnuum llud XVay Con phonej--Alelello, darling! xvoulcl you like to have din- ner with me to-night? ' ILXLIJ KINDS QF DAIRY PRQDUCTS HERSHEY1 ICE REANI Bud Xvziv-XX'ell, tell your mother Q C I B1 Shilclt-NVhy, lid love to. l'll he over at seven o'eloek. Charles G. Waple DAIRIES, INC. 'I' 'K' Clarenee li.-XYhat is that group uf H1911 guthcfgcl in Q1 hufldle ffjf? : -nmmmIninnmmumm-mm. IS it H football iczuu? umininnmnnn-ummm Roh Cox-No. thz1t's 21 hunch of SHOES . SCOtCl'll1lCi'i liglitiiig' their cigarettes. FOI' the EDUF6 Falfllly ' At 'I' 'I' 9 B. Hooker-You remind me of an 5 . Macli S eight-siclecl figure. CHPIIO1 S1106 StO1'C Q H. HaxvkeMAll ofxvhiel1n1eans-- H. H. Magdovitz' prop. li. I-looker-You oetagon home E TYRONE,S mg ago' CUT-PRICE SHOE STORE innunlunnnnnnuuunn:muinmuniinnu1unmnnumnuunnnnun Page one hmzdrecl one zrriereeirl l 1930 whose MM M 4 THE FALCON yuannun:nuuuunuunnnnnnnlnnnmnmuununnnnnuunnun:nunnnnnununuuuunnnn THE WEST VIRGINIA PULP AND PAPER COMPANY A TYRONE, PENNSYLVANIA M M 1930 ,.,I.,I.. P 1 fi C1 ,- wiuwmwiwsuwwwsww THE FALCON KEN QEDY 0110 .7-Qoyaltf E gg'fl?adio ELECTRIC REFRIGERATION IHCHARD S BURLEY 1316 PIENNA. AVE. REYNOLDS MILLER FOUSS CO. FURNITURE FLOOR COVERING CROSLEY RADIOS TYRONE, PA. Miss Clove-I want a caniells hair brush. Shop Girl-Do camels use hair brushes? 'I' 'I- Bill Pziulhanius-I lost it at sea. 5 Skipper-Lost what? Bill Paulhamus-Sight of land. 'I' 'I' Virginia Vlfallace-I want to coin- 5 plain about thc flour I bought here 2 yesterday. Grocer Canxiousj-XVhat was the matter with it. niaclani? V. XV.-It was tough. My family simply couldn't cat thc biscuits I made with it. ,AA AA l 9 3 0 ,.,. -I .-.. .-I .-I .,. .L Page lme hundred three muuunnmmnumn unmmmumuuuunnunumlxmuuumulvuuxm- A "" " ' . THE FALCON The Mary-Ellen Tea Room Home of Good Foods Dinners by Appointment Special Attention to Parties and Family Groups Five Miles From Tyrone On the Lal-:es-to-the-Sea Highway MRS. GRACE GILL and MARY li. RISIQSMAN Albert Agiiew-XX'l1z1t hccame of that girl who was the cream in your coffee? Boyd Smith-Oh. she soured on me. -l' 'I' T-lull Lucas-I hate dumb women. Roy Dztviclson-Alia! at woman hater. 'I' -X' Charles Houser-Golf is a rich mzufs gzune. john Orhtman-Yes. and yet Blair County National Bank SZ Trust Coinpany i., 56 Years of Progress "Say it Wfith Flowers" Adolph Engleman FLORIST CUT FLOVVERS for All Occasions Special Attention Given to FLORAL PIECES , J X 1 there are thousands of very poor BLU Ihout Display Room players. 423 134 Qi MMM, it 1930 Page one hundred four mi M A THE FALCON M Ug g- '17s-,fag -Q , ,, r .: wg 3,.:. '1- 1'+..g-,gr . 1 . , 'V '--5155-: Mr' ' .- 2' Hz, ' J 1 Ab' It ek V. ' . I' ,V ,-,Jiri Y: ,, , , i "1 M. 9 IPI? ':.-Q. . ,I .5 , , ai. I I 1 l .id V X , Q , W 5 ., 5 ' , ' , , V ' ' 511' 'f'Q'll! :- lf' ' ". 'xi-S'-KfEbL214ii ' Q, .. r 51:7-' ig, ,, :Q-gf--. ,sw f , 5.45, 1543. . -. ..4.' - U , ,r , ,.. , :Y . , - -f., 1,1 b ., . V 4 W , f , x 5, 4 V,-..,. . , iixalf, ' u , .. ,, H'-512' 1' A .,-4 , . . 533-. 1 N 'Mn' wi 1 f ' f:,. E1e:.,1": 4- ,ff ., fy ww ..wo.m:L - -vw L.-.BQVA A -w MmfW 1930 QIMM MA 1,4 . 'JSM ra ffylwfifp-5 1 .:,4 :Qu , ,.4,..m,,., . f.Q ,J 1. 1 , V A A . Page one Imnzclred five V - l THE FALCON M 1200 Stores 1200 Stores MURRAY TIRE STORES 103 West 10th St. Frank L. Stonebraker, Manager Americas Best and Most Complete Line of Automobile Tires and Tubes "NO MILEAGE LIMIT-N0 TIME LIMIT" "SATISFACTION GUARANTEED" MURRAY'S UNLIMITED GUARANTEE Murray Heavy Duty A-15,000 Tire Murray DeLuxe A-25,000 Tire Murrueo A-10,000 Tire Lyons Batteries for All Cars Garden Hose Rubber Matting Carryola Portable Bus and Truck Tires 12,000 Guar. Phonographs Seats Covers-Radio Tubes, Licensed by RCA Buy From Murray-Have Less Wo1'1'y Satisfaction-Guaranteed 1200 Stores :.r6'N' .tiff 'Seto . Jmsuiinon' I IPAHRUSS CCLGDWTHUHIEHRS 'tif' . ' and the authorized Charter House Griffin Bros. Page one Itzwzdred sim 1200 Stores Teaelier-VVhat is it a sign of when El student never passes any- thing? XVIII. Iflvillliplltll' table manners. -Z' -I' Cleo. Dugan-One man in New York dies every minute. XVilson Gates-Yeah. I'cl like to see him. 'I' -X' I"l21l'I'y DicksonQ:Xre you going to the fair? LaRue CIIPPCI'-Xvllilt fair? H. D.-The paper says fair here today and tomorrow. 'I' 'I' Bond NVay-NYZLS that :1 six-week exam? Marjorie S.-No, just a fo1'ty-Five minute one. lulllllxlfin l9'30 ,M M THE FALCON nuulInannumumuuInnunnnnnun1nunnnunnnannun:nunnnnunanmmnunulunune ll we l ,.,l,.- aa, I ,1?f,g4 ' V ' in i V j f lip, ".' '-' .Lili iii 1253 .5 if ii.- 5l .I , -' l'setif.f lfii?F5f25'l' ff"'1"' l il ! 'ffiaaani iiimlinr-1-:'mJLq ff ' "1 3sQEl:!!Ill,il ,1 '-llgi LTI:-'4"?f":1: ' me 'X on Www 1: '- j' ff: Is, Qiiimli' lam 4 nun i allele ff ...fffjsll 3 3 wifi ' ,mai-.' .' "M v Q lim:-lil -7--1-:T I - mx tl iuiuol...i,,yi.' 3: 12, 4, A --I 51- I '1.f'-,nJsl 4' tt ,fr ui jf,-.fax " ax' - ' M' tu ' B" , ' 'filffwlf 22-?I1 -I THE FARMERS AND MERCHANTS NATIONAL BANK TYRONR, PA. Resources. . . . . .0ver a Million Dollars J OS61Jll H. Griffin ' Your Jeweler Elgin, Hamilton, and Illinois Watches Repairing our Specialty Telepliouc Hell 709-R for Correct Time 1005 Pennsylvania Ave. TYRONIYI, PA. 1nnn1inininununuinnummuinnmnnnnmnmmmu mum :nun Mr. WllllH1111I10C-NOXXV gas ex- - pands when it is heated. 1 Samuel-Can you tell ine a way to prevent this expansion? Mr. XYilliamniee-Sure, donlt heat it. 'I' 'I' ' Miss Ziegler-VVho said, "Don't give up the ship ?" Peo' G-.-I don't know. but it must bu have been a Scotcluuan. 'X' 'X' - Sam lrvin-At our drug store we : give a bird away for every glass of water. lll. Meyers-lVhat kind of a bird? Sam-A swallow. f 'I' 'I' Roy Davidson CfAfter guest had rung' for ten minutesj-Did you ring sir? Guest-No, I was tolling. I thought you were dead. A num: 1930 A Page ovzfe lnmdred se'ue11 M TH E FALCON M John Hagg J r. Dairies Dealers In Milk and Cream Phone 531-I S. G. WERTZ The Home of Ferndell Products Phone 716-717 CITY . GARAGE H. B. Clemens, Prop. 2 CHRYSLER PLYMOUTH and OLDSMOBILE Sales and Service ZOO East lOth St. Phone 1100 lien Stover-l-low much do you charge to weigh pigs? Slaughter-house man-Just get on the scale: I won't charge you any- ? thing. , 'I' 'I' Jack Yanneman-Do you know why XVashington threw the silver dollar across the Potomac? ZANG BROTHERS Shoes Repaired While You Wait 5 E. lOth St. 127 NV. 10th St. C. Harpster-No, why? jack V.-He was teaching a couple of Scotchmen how to swim. 'I' -I' Miss Brought--XVhy all the air- mail stamps? I.. Spyker-I am just speculating, tl1ey're bound to go up. un nunnununununnmununuun nnunnu lgage cnzevhigzdied eight: A-A 1930 ni .E THE FALCON -111nu111111 111u111111uu11nuvn1 1111111111111-11nm111u1nu11111In111uuuunnuuun1:11nnlumnnulnunnln11111 HARRY F. BEASTON BUILDING CONTRACTOR Modern Homes Built Plans and Estimates Cheerfully Furnished Remodeling a Specialty J 515 XV. 20111 Street Miss lilllg'-XVllO will cleiinc ll circle? R111-' lJz1vi1ls1111-11's :1 straight 111111111 line with ll hole i11 the miclmlle. 'I' 'I' .Xrtisl-l :1111 g'1'1i11g to paint your house. l:ILl'IllCl'-rlll'lZl.i.'S line. l'll fetch you :1 cuuple 11' good lung laclclers. 'I' 'X' Jessie XV1111cl1'i11g' C.-X1 f11f1tl1z1ll 111111- quc-ti-I :1111 full 1111 111 the neck. H1111 ffiZ,lfCS?'JXllfl above that you are empty. l 1111116 C156 TYRONE, PA. nun111111111um:nmm11n111u111n1 We Give Service Every Day In The Year TIRES TUBES ACCESSORIES Peters Brothers 320 East lOth St. TYRQNR, 111. THE NEXV GREEN TYDOI. GASOLINE VVEEDOI. ECONOMY Ol'LS AND GREASES 1111111111 11111111111111111in1111111n1111u11111n11un 1 11 r l 9 3 0 , M5311-,Q M A' Page one h,H?ZCl'l'6d 'nizw ff! M y M yy M THEFALCON irgryytv, y M 1 nnuuumxuunnuuunun muunnnmu nnmnn I Outstanding Features of the New Ford Beautiful New Lines and Colors Silent Six Brake S stem ' Y Fully Enclosed Four Houdaille Double-Acting' Hydraulic Shock Absorbers Triplex Shatter-Proo Rustless, Non-Tarnishing Steel' For E Unusually Large Number Of Ball An Forty Kinds of Steel f Glass Windshield xterior Bright Metal Parts d Roller Bearings 11 y At All Speeds Quick Acceleration Smoothness, Balance, And Secu "t Good Dealer Serv 55 to 65 Miles An Hour ice After You Buy the Car Typical Ford Economy Reliability And Long Life S. A. WOOMER Ford Policy is Value Far Above the nu Garman and Sons - I Dry Goods and Shoes : Ready-To-Wear Department - Second Floor .nmuunnnununnnuiinnununununinnununuunnunun unmu l 9 3 Page one lzimclred ten 1227 Penna. Ave. Price Miles lewis ' . . - .-l went to the fleu- tist yesterclzly. Gilly M.-Docs the tooth still ache? M. l..-l clrm't know: he kept it. 'I' 4' Teaclier-lVl1at arc the uve most important races of mam? Ray Mills-The hunclrecl yards thc two hunclrccl vircls the cu t - . ., 1 ar er mile. the mile. and the hurdles. v 'I' 'X' Frank BElj'CI'+l'lCHV can you chew your gum so long? Chas Caffmilli 01 .. C 'Q - 1, .l soak it in gasoline to get more mileage. 0 Mies ,M QQQEM A Ivrgggg THE FALCON Q ,xi A lmmnmmm mu amuminmxin4innmmmmnmnm um ROTHERT CO. You Furnish the Girlg We Furnish the Home. Everything for the Home R. T. Carman JEWELER Willard Battery Service Station mmmu mmm unnnmmnumumim umm: joyous Springtime is Here All Seek the New and Beautiful Having Found the Most Beautiful COATS SUITS and DRESSES XVe Especially Invite You to See the First Styles of Spring LOWlE-li CO. Druggist Cgetting up at 3 a.m, :Xpril the first, tu answer phonej- Hello! Yoice-Have you Prince Albert in the can? Drnggist-WYQS. 'Yoice-NYell, let him out. he'll smother. 'X' 'X' Robert A. Miller. Jr.-The doctor saysl shonlcl stop eating. Helen M.-Stop eating' what? Robert-Seven times a clay. 'I' 'I' Rats l..-XYhat is the difference between a Hea and an elephant? R. Rudy-I clon't know. VVhat? Rats-W'hy, an elephant can have fleas. hut a llea ean't have elephants. RM M MMMAil930AA M M i Page one hundred eleven mumummmummuuu umnmnmm ummmuu M T THE FALCON M nnun uunumumm Getz Sr Dickson Betsy Ross Bread J. C. IRVIN l 'J PLUMBING Ty ,Q o T, LM A Page one hzmflred twelve nuuunuulnu'nunnunun:nunmuunnuunuununuuunnn The Tyrone Times The Office Where The Spokesnian Is Printed 5 Printing done the way you want and at reasonable prices GLENN R. MINER Sole Owner nunnnunnnnuununnuu nuunnnumnnnn EAT AT Listls Restaurant If "U" Don't Come In VVe're Both Gut 976 Penna. Ave. Tyrone, Pa. - Teacher-Did your father help E you with this problem? Z Pllffy Sumniers-No, l can get 5 them wrong myself. 'I' 'X' Bus Irvin treading Ivanhoej- 5 XYhy rlicl the kings tap the men on 5 the head when they knightecl them? Benj. johllson-Because the stars 5 made the knights more realistic. 'Z' 'I- Carl Holt-I say. olcl dear, XYl12lt,S good for biting finger nails? Young Miss+Sharp teeth, silly! uuunnfu 1930 - -.-- .-4 TH E FALCON A 1 nummmunmuummmnnnmnunmnnum1 Photographs The Language Of Vision All May Read And Uliclerstzuicl THE KEPLER STUDIO - and - GIFT SHOP 127 lf. Market St. Lewistown, Pa. High School and College Photographers This Book Serves As A Sample Of Our VVork lnnnnn nuunnuunnunnnnn u M I 9 3 0 M ,-., .-,1.,, .,. .ll .l.o,.-.ou .,. Page one hzmdreii tlzirteen THE FALCON fmm THE STEED OF THE MODERN KNIGHT-A FORD The body-the largest part-T. H. S. The linish-That which gives lustre-Loyalty. lixlmust-Usually snioking-Reuben Rudy. Motor-XVork5 hut Seldom-Frank Bayer. Manifold-Distrihutes hot air-Alex Dannzuvay. Cut out-Source of noise-Guy Thompson. Iflorn-XYorse than ent-out-Bond XfVz1y. Brzike-:Xlxvay5 lizmclv-U-illy Mannino. Spark l,lllg'-Cl'ZlCli6Cl-Sllllll. Black. S1Jrings-Brolce-Roy llaviclson. Qlllllli-C111 which much labor is wastenl-ICg'lme1't Holsopple. Valves-Llontinually in need of attention-Sain Irvin. llull Bearings-Never Still-Gertrude Pollock. Gas-Rencly to explode-Bill Bztrr. Cyli11cle1's-,"Xlxvz1vs missing-l"ete Chilcott. DiFferentizll-l'lollow-David Swartz. X'Yheels-Spokes all loose-.lane Nattern, Xxilllllllll Cree. Kathleen Park. Charles Cziffnrelli. Stun. Plachecki, Marjorie Stillxvell. Spare Tire-Full of air-Ken Stover. Spot Liglit-Alxvays looking for trouble-Bill Paulhzimus. Tools-Not all there-lflztrry Elder. XX'indshield-lizlsily seen througli-Yirginizt XYallz1ce. jizielc-lizisy in trouble-liugene Smith. fins Tank-Never was full-Alhert Dole. Xlnllfler-Does its best-Carl Holt. l..ig'hts-'Illuininzitiiig'-Dallas 'XVike. Tail Ligllt-fXlxvays lJCl1l!1fl-lxlilftllil Keys. Cushion-Far from sol't-Assignments. Raclizitor-Gets hot easily-Elmo Ricliarcls. liCZll'S'-."XlXVZ1yS grinrling' axvavg-liin XYolfe. Tires-H:Xll pulled up-Iilnier Summers. Inner Tubes-Nearly for El hloxv out-lflarrv Dickson. Speedoineter-Measures our progress-Reports. The license-Yery necessary-l3oarcl of Activities. The StzL1'te1'-Always on the job-Mr. Skelly. Steering XYheel-Guides us safely-Mr. Eisenhart. M MAA M.Nl930 Page mic hzmdred fom'fee1'z 1 THE FALCON is ln IIN! and on of ool in ggpgu I 9 3 0 A Page one hmzdred fifteen SW K MIMIMLV- M, A-, THEQFALCON . 'ff A'f X' I 1 K H,-!4f'. 1 L-P 1' W ' fgff 6 f' 1 . , , - , 1 , n 1. , J! rijn ' K l Y , V Q' ,f ' 7 7 af 4' 15. V 1 A f Q f rf , fx ' 'Y N ' f , if - x ' ,g - X I , ii 2 59 Ag. I, 5, 15,1 -Q X R if Az' AN. YU 1 4 f if Q Mfg ' WM ' E3 X' X ,K" k-jk! K ' Qi K ' f jj fl! J. f K fy V ff X 'N f K l J R 5 tcm-' ." ' xx N it A If 1 ,W X6 C 1' 'W 5 4 G' 0. fl f A iff' ' . ' V ,Q 2 H? Qi W f if X13 2 V' f 5 E E X fi 1 ' ' 2 E fi if E O" I2EI?l5E1:I.A7gfgJXOP E If X? F5 I Q! E Fowlm.. Ind. E X XX vs , W 0 1' .Q 67 mr M MM. M M1930 MM, MISTER!! Pageo' l'ocl"d ' ' THE FALCON "Einar Gunther jlilemnrp ,. 1 I 9 3 0 ,.,, .,. .,. .'. .- Page e I d d te wmv if 0 4 Q , ?5 H f M 1 1 iiwglllllll 42 Z Z f , l x ME 5 W L g 'llillll f I 2 Z ? 7 Q n. if Z 1IlIIIIl' ay Z 5135236112 KE 4 v x 1 -. -- f Y x -, ,,,- ' ,-. - .-. - , X. .. , A -" I - r ' In v. , . T M . N-A' ' .. ', x L ---xg K ' x . SX 4 ,Q .-,.-...A ,., M ,,..,....Y--.....,, ,, ,-. . v, , "'. Y i

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