Tyndale University College and Seminary - Yearbook (Toronto, Ontario Canada)

 - Class of 1949

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Tyndale University College and Seminary - Yearbook (Toronto, Ontario Canada) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Cover

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W. - Toronto LOOK FOR THIS LABEL ' ' D A Y M A C ' ' LADIES' AND MEN'S RAINWEAR LATHWELL COAL CO. 1909 St. Clair Ave. W., Toronto JUnction 1533 BEST QUALITY COAL 81 COKE Install Sarmpsel Autormwmc Draft Controls" L 173.1 , ,, ANSTEY-GRAPHIC LIMITED BQQKBINDERS' MACHINES 510 King Street West Phone EL. 3938 Toronto, Ont. BRANKSOME HALL d d A Residential and Day School for Gurls e a a 10 ELM AVENUE, TORONTO Y Iunior and Hoxzirrr Matriculation Iunior Schools-Art-Music-1-louseh hold Economics-Secretarial Course Y M-Swimming Pool-Skiing at School Farm-Skating New property ol " six acres just added, Sh 1 - 2 Th d ,S 18111 'C OO re Open urs ay ep -,,,, 105 Bond Street - Toronto I- nf fll,1rf,,n.,l,,1lHffl 111' ff-f 1 r- rhf l'rwff I MISS EDITH M. READ, IVLA., LL.D. Listen to . , . SONGS FROM HEAVENS AIRWAYS Every Sunday night at 11.05 over CKEY-Toronto -580 on your dial '.'.'lff1l3,l. fu-.Lrf 'Ji-'17 fIlfA affi af 'rue iffuu' ll. g'r3,1re:'1 e l'1f.1.Z1I-iT'lZ ".- 'Now fi l .z" :".z.:.'a.:' zz ' 'c rf: 1" 6 5 .' .-.'l'r.er, GUS AMBROSE. Director Box 127. Toronto MAYFIELD FLORIST Elmore Houser D, E. Tvnney ' I ' Barrlster and S0l1c1tOr Flowers lor AliOccas1or1s Bouquets, Corzaafgxes, Floral DSS1Q1'lS 35 Toronto Street 2354 Bloor St. W. - JUnction 7998 WAverley 1768 ANTIQUE and MODERN .TEYYELLERY Interesting Iewellery Shop SILVERWARE - WEDDING GIFTS 32 13110011 STREET EAST - - Mltlwzly 5975 Nr-:x'1'1muH TI I1 A c ARP eewee Hobbs Glass Ltd. 54 Duke Street AD. ll45 Glass For All Purposes Slit-cl, l'l.m', Mirrors Struttunll Glass Gluss lilotks O PlT'l'5l5URGH PAiNTs lxxclusixc C.1n.ltl1.1n Dixt1il'1utui's ENJOY EXCELLENT MEALS AT HARBORD LUNCH 80 HARBORD ST. Congratulations to Graduating Class of '49 O. A. BREWTON, D.S.C. FOOT SPECIALIST B1-:sr WISHES Phone MA. 6472 30 KILBARRY ROAD An allrartixe and compelling: The Gospel Mairazine of IG pages Ningllv' rupfvs fu llff1'1rr:1f zlrlrllrxsr' l 4 py, por yt-:ur .,....,. ,,.,,..,.,..,..,, . I ll Vupivx, pc-r your ..,.......,..................... 000 Q39 Danforth Ave. .lll in on' Irnmllv in um' 4111111-rss 5 Vopim-s, in-r yn-nr ,..... .,,....,..... 4 Nl HA' 497' Z5 Fnmils, in-r your .. ,...... .,.,......... 0 Hll 100 Copic-s, mfr yi-:lr ... ,,.. ...,,.. ,......,.....,,,. 25 5 ,llll Sy -.:C1i.l1:1l.1 in Sliyhlly lufgfllvv' ruff in Vunrulvlu VVALTERICK PRINTING CO. I-'om' DODGE. lowA liilvll-s - lknoks - Chrietian Supfnlits Home-Cooked Pastry, Cakes, Tarts, Cookies and Meats Congratulations to Graduating Class of '49 Groom Pet Shop 999 Bloor St. West "Catering to Every Pct Need and Comfort" liycs lixnminctl Prcscriplions liillcnl DAVID R. IOSEPHSON R.O.. L.B.E.O. 556A Bloor St. XV. f.ll hp.ulm.l RJ., Toronto, Ont. Ml. 9494 TYPEWRITERS RENTED ALI. MAKES NEW' AND USED PORTABLIZS MODERN FURNACE CO. Ltd. l060 Duponf Street New Furnaces and Repairs FOR SALE TC All Mdkeg CITY TYPEWRITER CO. AIT-CCNdIIIOUlDQI Yonge St. Amade H35 Yonge SLI LC' "6"2 AD. nw llll lflelll THE DISTRICT DRY GOODS DEPT STORE G R I N S T E A D S At Bloor and Margueretta - LOmbard 6615 We offer Congfrutulatiuns to those in the Graduutirm Class Qf 1040 Congratulations selllp, skin .lml ll.lnll 'lmlllllemr fo H.llr Styling .lml pUl'll1.ll'1L'lll XY.lxing Graduating Class Sellwood Salon LAKE SHORE DAIRY LTD. 54 Browns Line Gglglwl 75 LONG BRANCH - ONTARIO 2-12 Bloor Sl. East KI. 8493 BABAYANS LTD. KILIIILILIIIIS Largest and I7ol'cllwsr Orugllllzalrillll of Oriental Rugs I I I lIgsr.lIwllxlxuI Iwmj 86 Yonge Street - ELgin 4301-2 - Toronio, Oni. CQNGRATULATIQNS H.lx'c Your I5tLOl'LlIIIIg Dont TO IIIL' "'xY"rlgllr" Vklly GRADUATING CLASS or 1949 F. R. WRIGHT . - PAINTEH DECORATCH DUNS Glft and 93 Glendale Ave. - LA. 2698 I'1HIjjl'Ilf!IlIlfI.lIHN fn flu' frl'llfIllIIfI'Iljj CVIIINN 648A BLOOR sr. WEST Ml. 3, 1,3 --IOI -- LIGHT 81 LIBERTY X WIIIIIIIII5 II'I.Ii':I'Iu4- nl:-xwtwl In Illu- I I' III4 Wiml III' tlrnl, :intl thu- Wurk I II I I I I I I I I I I I' I I tl I I' It I I I I I VI I I Iupp. por pvar, I .S.A. , .,.,,,.,,,... ..., 81.00 l Popp, pvr 51-nr. Vnrmndn and l"orvign.,,.Sl.23 IVAI.'I'I'IllIL'li PRINTING CO. I-'UNT INIINSIC. IUVYA llilulv- - lhnvlw - I'Irri-Ii:Ir1SvIlmlnx G. W. SCOTT Builder "lu'.rc'r'pt flu' Lord lmilrl u llmlsv, f1ll'jlIClIIUlU'l.il vain that build it." Psalm 1127: 1 Fine XX'.IrtI:U If1ur4CI.rn Rcparu The FIDEA Company Sxxrxx XX'.lttli11i.IkcIx SI6 YONGE STREET Toronto cII.lxILI.lIL'N -ir' tlxc Iilriinris Ilvmlugiml lnxrilulv of SXYIILCI I.1mI P. Bauman KI. 2622 SOFT DRINKS COOKED MEATS GROCERIES Valley View Dairy 698 Spadina Ave. Toronto. Ont. 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SLLILLLLL Bclwvul- lll.l,11l CIHIVCI' BL-x'x1L'Lw ll .I.lIT. .IIILI T p II INIun4I.Ly, S p.m. H,Y.IJ.I' I I L I XI LrLwr.1y.N mm, 'l.LyL'1 I L'L'llIl:U X1N1I-IIN Alxxnxx NX LIL-wmv. :sl X 'Is ux II X I1 ul C.:-.LLIu.uimg Claw I I I2 J THE TORONTO BIBLE COLLEGE GRADUATION EXERCISES OF THE FIFTY-FIFTH SESSION WILL BE HELD IN THE UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO ARENA BLOOR ST. WEST NEAR ST. GEORGE IBedIord Road Car Stopl Thursday Evening, April 28th, 8.00 p.m. TICKETS MAY BE SECURED BY APPLYING TO THE SECRETARY DOORS OPEN AT 6.15 7,000 SEATS - OFFERING Compliments of PARAGON HALRDRESSLNG PARLORS Ten All-White Sanitary Parlors 337 Roncesvalles Ave., Toronfo LL. 7627 Open Tuesday and Thursday ev ngs LEVITT'S GROCERY 673 SPADINA AVE. Iluc 5IArI'C Ilmt Suu Xml, lxlrmyy c.II0l1U C-ROCIISRIITS, PROVISIONS .md COOKIZD MFATS ITIIIESH FRUIT .md VITGIYTAIILIYS - 103-W VMZMEWY YOUR . CHOC 833331 if B M2352 'K 10-4 .- Mb-LTE MXL ara' 1' L. 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Qui YJ -YQ L, -r' Q ve vw I I , . sgri rg 11.5 nm ' any f' WfL . - I Q Q :Vp ' ,Q F ,Q ' 'V ., I QQ Q" Q QQ, '- Q ' A L ' qu- ik V n V V. 4' Y It ' V A, , I, Q +-n yrfiQ Q L ,JQQL N I' QU Q! ,. A QQ QQ AE 1 Q ff -P fi -H 1 ' f f f' 5' lf' M Li-f'f-V' 1 ,- f V M. V i' - V . I I , Q Q, fr L 1 , 'W v I , .1f.-f - M Q gm, P 'Q - Q .AQW ,Q O 0 A 9 Q Q QQ QQ? Q.Q . I-QQ w M. Qvi Q.-i-aj! -gf , '?'r'Q?K' i' 1" : -HA . 1-.F 9 ' :,i+'g,f fe -,, ' , f I LTQQ ' rr' , qi' QQ , J- - Q QQQJQQI- Q lull Q. Q AQ X .Q QE Q , Al f IQ-QQ-15, Q "FJ Q -X. Q 4 ' Q 'FQ .Q4QQ'2 'Q , ',, f . e 1' - . W 1. ' 41. - . +f J 'gin ' 1 IQ alt 'gf .kk A - l ' il? ,v -V' 11.3 F541-Q.' ' f i' , 1' , , -1 fl 1 . , ' .',f., F r" '1 , ' ' Q QQ , r QQTQ1 UQ ,JQQWQQ L Q Q6-QQ, Q QQ F ,QQ Q 1' A . Q QQ 14 "-F:-QQQ ',l- .,1,-jmg: , ,Q ' , . , , I .. , . - E J ., Il. T'f,rlVr J Hg: QQLQ A QQ U QQ , 3. Q- A- gli L, 1 W f It 4. 7? '-5 I nm , 11 -2 ','l 'QIE '- -lr 'M Q In W Q Q iQ' 7,215 Yi' . .,QQQ,, WR I P 4 ,Q I QQffQs,Q,QQH: , 14Q -gg my-at Luv' O U R P R I N C I P A L RFK' I. H, RHOIDI-5, MJ... li,lJ. AIIR l3YVl'5l9i QD BRASS '49 In moincnrous d.iys, yut diys ot' urgt-iii nut-d, you go forth to your Iiftfs st-ryitu You will not f.iil to intst-t tht- th.illt-ngt' il, in tht- spirit ol' your tr!.iss motto, you go Ml"OFRX'.1Ftl with Christ." XVh.it th.it iniplitrs is indititt-d in your thoscn tl.iss text, 'lohn li: I6. It rt-minds you of CiHRl5'I"S C HOIC Iii "Yu h.tyc not thostn Mc, hut l h.iyc thost-n you." Tht- pcrsonil pronouns .tru tAinIHli.1sizt'd, Th.tt is the ultimatt' .issumntc of our C'hristi.ui tfiith. Not tlmt wt- lovttd Him, but ih.it Hu lowd us, And He who h.is begun His good work in Us will not l.ul in it. Our rt-sponsibility is to lct Christ lmw His pcrfctt w.iy with us. In us is so much that is inipertbct, so much tli.ir fiils to ruilize cvcn our own .ispir.itions, but Ont- who saw that His first creation w.ts "wry good" has undertaken thc rt:-crcition of our liws. rcduuincd on Calvary hy His grate, In Him we .try maids suflicicnt for .ill things. lt rcniinds you ol' C HRISTNS QUMMISSIUN, "And .ippoiiittwl you, th.it you should go .ind lvring forth fruit. .ind th.i! your fruit should .ilwidt -.il Christk tlioitt- t.ills you to surxittz Suth scryict inyolyt-s .ittiyityg l'tli.it you should go." Under the lt-.iding ol' His Spirit wt, .irc to suck out .tnd cntt-r into tht' slwlicrt- of st-rvittt Ht' h.is .lIWV'O1llICtl us, .itross thu sms or hurts .it honitn And in that sphtrc wc .tru to "bring forth fruit." Such scrvitc involvt-s rt-ctptiyity, As thc trtm rccuivcs from the .ur .ind soil .ill th.it ii rftluirt-N for growth .ind l'i'uitAlvc.iring, so wt- rctt-iytt from Christ through His XY'ord .ind Spirit, tht- nour- ishment of our spiritual lift' th.it wtt may htnir fruit to His pmist-. As you go "l:orxx.ird with Christ," God bless, ktbcp .ind ust- you tyttryonc, Rcv. vl. B, RHODES, Print'ip.il. s o ,M . . THF' 'O L. ' 1 I, 's N4 .fl , H. 'C was llf'Z.1'T :f -Q f me L LA-.IH "" ilu I Q n u-1 f dv4 N' l I as ' O, . fi 4 H 4-4 fi' W f -fe .. F'! - TfE"W I 'riff f' 7 phi" , 43 'gg .f dl, b ' Ill iL!n Lfa.- .J ivy F .146 I i IJ J nl , ' I J-iw -. 4 Y ,N I I lk 1 -'Ll A 1 ,+ -5. J - -4 . I , Q O 00' Jo 1 'ia' 1 Lvl 4 ffl- rd . I 'C' S f L L 'wing ' JJ' 4' Q, 4-if n J-A F1 N, ,QF ig? on 1' 1 5' 44 4" III- Q i w q Q Q H ' 'T "" 1 u FW gm ' f, -P 4 ' J J, yo 4- 4 .4 1 xi. r-4 . O F r n I. IVQKTQLJI l L 31 'qu 5 Li 5 X 6 JQ 'LQ -'II . JW., r.iq.i' X ji: ' In J -f .- 1 I fl 1-H ", w . -Q J' u 1, p fy' 0- 9 ' 4 ii 13 ' ,L Li V' 1 -ig! 4 4 I! F 'Lau V+ .' .'r'f4 3 , A -6 TJ Q f, " f :.' v V 1 i vi. U 1 ,' ' T, ffl' il ,2.2R"1p . rm. J' - lJ.fF'.flig!', z Q' :"15'5i :bf I1:'1'f',-7 .,.. -H,..z ,5 .54 2.91, '1:L:'.-A'i.i'f'-" -'Z-' W.. 'Q -4: ,vuezy -..1.+,.,.,.,...gr f . 4fw,-M y. '.9s...1g,,r'-':.' :. -jgg 5.-, .if-'-3.4 . J-1. r v Ir' ' '.:5g.,hg. 1 1'-J 1 I K. yer., . . . J:4zgT.'??"- .gfr:f'f'f -1' -ew-..-. , L,1f,,, .1 gg fgpff, 'jsgg -5, A.,-.. v. N5y,,1,1, Q 1145-',:i':'-g 1,-'vxfH'19,,ig.g' 4 .15-fgfehpf up U34 u--:::-,g -. 1 ,-. ,- y., --, V' jf-mf ':,- ,pff' 4,. ..- ,-.few , J, 1:42 '- ,yur 5, 1,1 Y 45 . rim: 5 - ':'f. T .' .' " , ,"J9yg-hgfjff H545 ,, ,RQ 1 ix,-5'-.'--v"" us. 1 ,lun 'fx' .az..-.,. v, ' " K, ' - ',,ff5"1:7.f'!'f','-71 , ,V g,5f'a55,16dz7'C.12 i:..'1' .- f'T'f -:'7"5EW5 1-:i,,,5:f:f,:.gE1,vf.:- , A .Lg - 1, ' ' . ,r 1-'-PQI: '-glj? , 'rv' -3-' , '?,, -- :yuan - .1.'5w--, -"if L fx?-ff-"A 'f mc. V' 12: . .,,., .. .,, , 4:3312 ," , if-..f '11:.Irf . .. ,, , .- -' . fm A ,-,Xa - ' ,rf . f ' , 1 1 'v 'rr' : P55-.., La:-.t 33.77.-, na. K. R VICE- PRESIDENT BOARD GOVERNORS MR. NVM, INRIG ll3llDlNlEfllR24VllflIllllbfXQlflllllDlEll CLASS "4IlEllP That the Board of Governors is pleased with the success of the graduating class, is but a mild statement of what is, in actual fact, a deeper feel' ing of pride. A term of hard study has ended, which demanded the strenuous application of mind and will on the part of every studentg and the second largest class in the history of Toronto Bible College has come through to graduation honors. Of course, it was expected that "Class 49" would do their best. Someone said, "they are a brilliant lot." Christian effort, in the matter of Bible Study, is like Christian warfare, fll Tim- othy 2: -aj. The admonition of the Apostle Paul has been taken seriously by the student body, They have been diligent in their work. and the Lord has given them victory. It is undoubtedly a fact that the curriculum of the college has been more exacting and dini- cult than in some former years. This has been beneficial in two ways. lt has maintained the high standards of T.B.C., and has better fitted the graduating class to meet the challenge of the future, all of which is in keeping with the need of the limes. lt has been a high privilege to sit under emin- ent and able teachers. XX'hether it was Biblical and Systematic Theology under Dr. .lohn Mc- Nicol and Rev. j. B. Rhodes. or Homiletics and Evangelism under Rev. Dixon A. Burns, or Philosophy and Pedagogy under Rev. C. A. Armstrong, or XY'orld Missions study under Rev. ,l. B. McLaurin, "Class i-19" met the challenge of the entire faculty. They have not been "plucked," The results have been magnificent. Congratulations are in order. lt has been quite apparent in the corporate life of the College that the missionary spirit has prevailed. Young men and xx omen, with an accumulation of experience during war years, have envisaged correctly the need of this world of today, and have turned to Toronto Bible Col- lege for preparation to meet that need. The graduating class members have prepared them- selves well. They will go forth from the College equipped and consecrated for service for Christ for life. Members of the Board of Governors con- gratulate the splendid "Class of '49." On behalf of the Board. NYM. INRIG, Vice-President. it ,qi ,..,, iff WX 'Ni Printipal-limeritus Rev. john McNicol, D.D. Dr. McNicol joined the College Faculty in 1902 and four years later became Principal, which position he held for forty years. He graduated from the University of Toronto with honours in Classics, from Knox College, Toronto, with a post-graduate B.D. degree, and in 1955 received the honorary degree of Do:tor of Divinity. His contribution to Christian literature includes "The Christian Evangel" and "Thinking Through the Bible" in four volumes. Dr, McNicol's teaching and example serve only to incite in the students a desire to follow more closely the Risen Lord "until He shall reign, whose right it is, whose we are and whom we serve 1." Principal Rev. B. Rhodes, M.A., B.D. Mr. Rhodes received his early education in the Chefoo Schools, China. Coming to Canada, he took honours in Phil- osophy at the .University of Toronto, earned his M.A. the following year, did post-graduate work at Princeton Seminary, graduated from Knox College, and later received his B.D. degree from the Presbyterian College in Montreal. After a ministry of ten years in Exeter and Cobourg, Mr. Rhodes joined the College Staff and became Principal in 19-io. Called to the high responsibility of guiding T.B.C,, Mr, Rhodes performs his duties as Principal with a devotion that never ceases to create in the students a determination to seek out the particular task which God has for them and "to per- form it." Registrar Rev. C. A. Armstrong, M.A. The call to the ministry challenged Mr. Armstrong when in his early teens. Following this call, he has graduated from T.B.C., earned his M.A. at McMaster University, and engaged in graduate studies in the University of Toronto leading to his Doctor's degree in Philosophy. He has had pastorates in Ontario, Quebec and B.C. Mr. Armstrong served in a part-tiine capacity for two years and last year became Registrar of the College. During this time he has become the very good friend of every meinher of the student body. A, IQC.. Rev. D. A. Burns, B.A., B.Th. Supt. of Student Activities For twenty years Mr. Burns has been Superintendent of Stu- dent Activities, and for twenty-four years. Secretary-Treasurer of the Alumni. Graduating from T.B.C. in 1916, he later received his B.A. and B.Th. degrees from McMaster University and entered upon post-graduate BD. work at McMaster Uni- versity and Emmanuel College, Toronto, Mr. Burns has served as pastor in Toronto churches for many years and as Mod- erator of the Toronto Association of Baptist Churches. In addition to the supervision of student activities, Mr. Burns' versatility lends itself to lecturing, counselling and the care of an ever-growing personal library. Rev. D. E. Raymer, B.A.Sc. Secretary Mr. Raymer, Secretary of the College, is also one of our own graduates. Prior to coming to TBI.. he had studied Civil Engineering at the University of Toronto, receiving his B.A.Sc. in 1956. Subsequently he became lingineer in Defence Industries Ltd., I-lead Olliceg Supervisor of Management Train- ing with Verdun Vlforks, 19-13,19-lig after war years, Confer- ence Leader Instructor in subjects pertaining to management and supervision in the C.I,L. l-lead Ollice and plants through, out Ontario and Quebec. Mr. Raymer was pastor of Grace Church in Ville La Salle, Quebec, and is at present engaged in final year B.D, work with the University of London, ling- land. Mr. Raymer has found it possible to ht into his already crowded schedule as Secretary, lectures on the Book of the Acts. J. M. Vffaters, M.D., C.M. Medical Adviser Dr. Waters is our good friend from Middlesex County. Before joining the College Faculty in 1925, he had taught school in London, Ontario, for three years, graduated from Trinity Medical College in 1902, and served as a medical missionary in India for twenty-threevyears. On his return to Canada, Dr. Waters was, for a short time, Director of Student Activities at the College, and then served as Registrar for twenty-two years. Last spring he retired from this position but is able to continue in the capacity of Medical Adviser and lecturer in Elementary Medical Studies. i-13 -.- , Lge- a""!,'5X fat... A in s. P i x ' ' Director of Musit Mr. Cyril Redford A more recent addition to our College lfaculty is Mr. Cyril Redford, who became Director of Music in September, 19-AS. Mr. Redford has received great distinction in the field of choral music first for his organizing and conducting of the Kodak Choral Society, then as director of Cooke-'s Presby- terian Church Choir in Toronto, and. more recently, as organ- izer and conductor of the Ambassador Choir. ln addition, he is Manager ofthe Music Department of Evangelical Publishers. His quick smile and familiar "Youre greatfu help to infuse the choir members with his oxvn obvious delight in singing praise to our God. MifGlIflIR4DlllDlllllV3lIllINll4L2f QDTILUIR SClIfAllFlllT 0:0 ...Q qt'-v Standing: Miss Ann Mutkala, Mr. Bob Allan, Miss Sylvia Smith. Seated: Miss Alice Tremain, Mrs. M. Scott. Miss Ruth Oliver. ttciict REV. JOHN RICLALYRIN. D.lD. Christian Missions X! SHDHESMBMQCML HINSTIFIIRUQEQITQDHRS wwf " MRS. rl. B. RHODES MR. S, BROXVNSBFRGIER MISS R OLIYITR Mathematics Sunday School Specialization Hixiory .md Ciuogriiphx MR. BROWN Photography wi '1"""'i9" 3 .ff S 2 'F " I. IWRS. D. C. PFRCY Piano 4 If 3 1119? MR. R. STIfXY'AR'I Voice TffMt3llllilf9CllfClf tlEllHllA.lNlit?fllfBS Every organism maintains its life by change and adaptation. Our bodies continually undergo a process of adyustment to the environment. XVhen the writer came from Britain a few years ago he found that nature generously cared for the variation in season and climate by making certain definite adjustments to the new environ- ment, thus enabling the physical organism to continue to function without interruption in the new country, XY-'e have heard it stated that the laws of the Medes and Persians did not change, but they did not serve a living God. Nations, like indi- viduals, must adapt themselves to changing con- ditions or perish. Stability is not stagnation. The College, like every living thing, changes in numerous ways but, like the human body, it remains identically the same while it keeps on changing. lt perennially renews its strength, its spirit and its testimony without changing its principles or its message. Missionaries on furlough and other graduates returning to college after years of absence, find the same fellowship which they learned to appre- ciate during their undergraduate days. They find the college day still begins with the hour of prayer from H until 93 that each class period begins with prayerg that each Tuesday at 10, books are dropped, classes forgotten and othces closed, in order to permit the entire school family to gather for the weekly devotional hour. They find the XX'ednesday missionary meeting at 12 as well attended as everg that cabinet and committees function in the way they have done for years, and, when they vist the various lec- tures, while they may observe that the lecturer is a stranger to them, they immediately recog- nize that his message has the same emphasis as that which they learned to recognize as being distinctively typical of T.B.C. The year 1948 was a year of many changes at the College. Dr. Witters, who had laboured with patience. grace and faithfulness for over twenty years in the office of Registrar, retired to lighter duties in the ofhce of Medical Adviser. Mr. Shildrick, after over twenty years as Director of Music, found it necessary to relinquish his duties on account of the unsatisfactory condition of his health. Both of these gentlemen made an outstanding contribution to the development of the work in their respective departments. Their term of office will be known as the decades of XVaters and Shildrick. They will be greatly missed by the hundreds of students who came to know them and who prohted by their ministry and counsel. Mr. Vesey won a warm place for himself in the affection of a large part of our college con- stituency by his contacts on behalf of college maintenance, and Mrs. Lantz, by her careful attention to detail and her association with hundreds of graduates over a period of almost twenty years, endeared herself to many mem- bers of our College family. It is fitting that the Gateway of 19-19 should acknowledge the contribution made by these devoted servants of God to the developing and expanding ministry of T.B.C. and to the wider interests of the church and the kingdom. In the providence of God their places have been taken by younger men and women who are equally capable, equally devoted and who are imbued with the desire to maintain, strengthen and expand the ministry to which they have been called. The College ministry of the writer has been contemporaneous with that of those recently retired and those chosen to succeed them. He is overjoyed to be in a position to announce to the friends of the College every- where that for loyalty to revealed truth, for devotion to the Spirit of Christ, for qualities of leadership, for thoroughness of academic preparation for appreciation of the college min- istry, and for self-sacrificing service, the new members of the Faculty are not one whit behind their predecessors and not one bit inferior to their colleagues. Changes such as occurred in 19-LH are inevitable in every developing institu- tion, but to return to the thought with which we commenced this thumb-nail sketch, the Col- lege has again renewed its strength, chastened its spirit and enriched its testimony without changing its principles, its outlook or its mes- sage- still "Holding forth the Wortl of Life." sem.. uGlIRfMID1UA CIM N M2 . ,lx V - ' 'I Q ff X N gi X V1 A XF Q f G G XX! TA'-EQ X 1 X 1 'A X N f E Wi V1 xx!! "Yr haw not clzosfu mr but I have clzosfu you ana' orn'aim'd you that yr Jlzould go and bring forth fruil and that your fruit should l'K77ZCliH.U H -Iolm 15: 16. ..17-, ' ir ' Q 'o i 1 RIEV. C. A, ARMSTRONG, MA Honorary President W, 137, CHHHH IRB CIBJIIDAASS IBXILSMBUCJLHLVIQ5 X NLSTWQZLEW ROY XYAl.I..Xl,l' IFRANLFS KIQRR XY'll,l.lAM ROGERS f,1vvl'1w11lu1I fm--lyxwnluur X'1gu-l'ruy.hf1! 4 RUTH IIALCONBRIIXQIE ARTHVR lll'X AVDRIZY ROBERTS Scu's:tal1'y limmmwx Dcmnlx 'l.l'L'.lNlllkI FRNIE STRONGITHARM PAULINIT ROCKXVITLI. CIHRISTINF ITIZRRIIQR G.lIcW.1y S'vCi.ll Kuulvcllux' C3.lIL'NY.ly 1 IQ ,, Margaret E. Barry Barbara Beck Beam-r Harlwour, Ncw Brunswick Sault Stc. Marie, Ontario 'l'. Evangelistic Bantl '57, lfvangclistit' Bantl 718. Voluntary Work Committctt '18, Stutlunt Ciabinttt .mtl Sotial , and livangqlistit Bantl Committcc K Philippians li 7. 15, W Isaiah 30: I5 Ida G. Bell Hamilton, Bt-rmutla '17 Evangelistic Bantl . N, Broadcast Committee Dcutt-ronomy 31: r-4 Margaret Bragg liort liranttw, Ontario Io. Voluntary XX'ork Conimittuc K 47, Missionary Committct- IN. Souial Committcu ll Timothy l: ll Wfrcnfred Bryant Clarence E. Cameron Vcrtltm. Quebec Lontlon, Ontario Voluntary XY'ork Committct- '-lo. Social Committee 7 Missionary anti Social Com- i'l7 E"'m!Vll5Uf Blml mittces ilq 1 - Stutlunt Clabinut, Devotional Ciommittcc ll Corinthians 9: S Ill Dt-votional Committuc Philippians 'li 13 David Cameron Raymond H. Costerus T Sotm oronto, Ontario l Committee 'N l1V.lI1gCllSllC Band .int XYJ5' Committee Romans :iz H Toronto. flI'lI.1I'lH ff, Missionurv Committee '13, livpingelistit Band Ps.ilm io: l XY'ulter A. Cruicltshanlt Toronto, Onmrio F. llxpingelistie Hind ix. Nlissionurv C ommittee Ps.ilm NlI ll XVilliam H. Crump Bnrtonville, Ontario Evan Socia gelistie Bmel l Committee Student Cibinet. Iivangelistie Band Il Corinthians 12: 10 Alex M. Deans Bolton. Ontario His eourse interrupted by .irmv service .ind subsequent illness. God has restored to Alex .1 measure of health sulhcient to enable him to graduate and to .inticipiite full-time service. Isaiah -ll: IO .,,31,,. .IH Barbara M. Deer Mmcliester. Englxntl . Social Committee 48, Missionary Committee Deuteronomy 31: 8 Lillian Dotlham Toronto. Ontario 16, Dt'votion.1I C,ommittt't- 'f 1', Bro.ttlt.tst Committee 18, Stutlunt Cdibinct Provcrlu 5: 5, 6 Helen R. Durrant St. M.try's. Ontario , Broatlcttst Committee is, Stutltrnt Cltbint-t, Broitl Committee Pliilippians -li I3 LJBI .17 Gordon T. Elliott Toronto, Ontario , Sotial Committtfc ' kt, Missionary Clommittt-c ls.ti.th ll: 2 Ruth A. Fnlconbridge Toronto, Ontttrio 16, lixptngclistit B.tntl 17, Missioniry Committee IS, lfxxtngclistit' Bnntl Pliilippians 5: IO Christine M. Ferricr Toronto. Ontario 17, lfxxtngclistic Band IH, Broatlcast .intl G.ttcw.1 Committees Ps.tlm V161 1 ..,,W5,, Y Joan I. Filycr XVillowtl.1lc, Ontario 317, Exxtngclistit Bind 18, Evangelistic Band Pliilippians 4: 7 R. Dunn Filycr Slontlvillc, Ontario 4 , lfxglxmgclisticlilml IS, Mixsionglry fi0IHI11llfL'L' Rum.1n l: ll, li. II, Gordon L. Fish Sr, 'I'lmm.u. Cmmrm . llxmgulmn ljklllkl Vcrlie C. Gnrrold Cnxnlulp-n, Unmrio lllv, lfxpmngqluxln linnl Mlmmnuy .lnd Vulnnmry li- lrlVl'WL'l'NUK Bjml Yihrk C-OIllllllllL'L'N lknlm -H I Ns, lfx.l11lgL-Imran llhlllal lN.lI.lll 541, li Frcd C. Gould Tomnto, Ontario 47, limngclisric Band KH. lfvnngelistic Band Romans S: JS Muriel Harte Sul Clove. New Brunswick '-17, Iivnngclistic B.1nd IAIH, Missionary Committee Plmilippmns -i: I5 M 23 K Trcssu Hill Blaxxu-ll, fJIll.ll'lH 17, lEV.lIlgL'llSIlC l5.1nd IH, Missnonuy Commirtcu Pmlm S71 5 Shcil.1 M. Hong Knthlcen M. Hull l'i111gstu11. flllhlfltl XY'm1tl5tt1tl4. New l5rt111sxx'1tl4 '1", SULl.ll Ct11111111IIcc.' Y18, l'1ro.1tlc.1st flOlllI1lllU.'L' '10, M15s1un.1ry fllbllllllllltk' '17, Bro.1tlc.1st c.OlllllllflL'C '18, Sot1.1lCommittuc l'llllIIWPl.lIlS 5. IU llulwrt-ws Il: 3 Arthur C. Hux llt1tl11t'y, CJt11.1r1u '17, lQv.111KQul1st1t Bantl 18, M15s1ongtry C,o111n11ttcu l11l111 li: lr, My rtlc M. Ingersoll Margaret li. johnson l'ml.1tlx8 l'l.lflWUllf, Ncxx l2ll'Llll5XX'lLl'i R.1vcn11.t, Ontario '17, lixptngulisttu Bdllkl '17, x'OlLlI1l.ll'y Wfork Committee '18, lixxtngclistic B.111tl '18, lfxxtngclistit' litntl CI.1l.11i.111s J: Ill ls.1i.1I1 ll: I 2 1 Lolita I. Kelley Montreal, Qucbcc 17. Bro.ulc.1st Cbmmittuc '18, Missionary .mtl G.1tcw.11 C0l1'llTllII1:L'S l,S.lll11 111: l-i li. Frances Kerr junct M. Kerr Joyce B, Kcrr viwng junttion. Ont.n'1o NlOIlll't.',ll, Quclwt-t Ytrtiun, Quobct VICE, limngt-Iistit lilntl . K A My BfO.ltlC.l5I Commlttt-c ', Bro.ntlt.15t C.ommxttt-t- 'lj gmdum flbmcr V q I I Q I 1 , lXll5SlOI1.1fy C ommittut- N, lfmnlgt-Iixtlt' l5.Lntl JN. Stutitrnt Cl.1l11nut , , , , ,, 15:4 lzmmgcllxtit liintl N olunmry XX ork Committt-C ' Vloxlnu li 'I lJllllIlWlW!.ll1x li I9 l'1'oxt-rlw 3: 3. 6 Alex C. Latxhlin Mildred H. Law jenn Linton Toronto, Ontario l-lampton, New Brunywick Btilmm, Ontario I 4 '47, Broadcast Committee '47, lixyingclistit Bind -iS, lfv.1ngcl1st1t'B.1ntl I - I V W u 4 18. Duvonongil Committee -18. bot-1.11 Committee Matthew 6: 35 Proverbs 3: 5, 6 COlOS5l.lfl5 l: IH - 35 F- Nw, 17. Nl, Clarence XV. Lohnus Jessie R. Muir lflsie C. lwl1lIl'lCYV50I1 Kmlnum-r. Onuriu 'I'm'unm, Unmriu Nux'1n.1rkL-1, Ormmriu Bl'O.lxlk.l5l Ciommimm- I I I 17, l5ro,ull.1s1 Loxmnnucf lQx.IlnwliSm- Band '17, Bru.ulc.15t Clommilrcu . . , . . . , l-IH. CSJICVVLI' and Missiormr' Mnsslormry .md C1.1ruxx1V QS, lzxylmgclxsrnc Bmll C, .l 5 . . ' ' ommurrucs Cormmtrcu l'lulnIwIwi.1m S: I5 l'l11lnlwpl.nm II IS Nl.lllllL'W ll 1 234-SU Isabella G. McColl Lorna li. McComb Howard McCormick Port Arllmur, Onmriu Toromo, Ontario Boar Rivcr. Nova SL'Oll.l II I I I I I I I I I '46, Volum.1ryXY'ork Commiucc 947, lmlngulnscxc Bmll V, Nursus C.om.1cl c,OIDI'l'llfICC I I I I 447, lzxxlngullstlc Band 418, llxxlngclistic B.1ml 'lH, Soci.1l Ciommirtcc , , . . WIS, lxmngclxstnc Band fVl.1l.1Il.lf1N 1: JU lNl.lllllL'NV ll: 28 ll Ckorinllmians 0: li 16 Fin' M. McDonald Ycrnun XY. McDoi'm.'nd XY'illinm Y. Nlilnur NI.ly.ll',l lfillx. UiiL.ii'w XX.iiiitliu1, fliimrzii liliiuilli. Xml Sliiiii . Q - i i Si-ii,il Liiriiiiiiru-L .mil 4 . buiml Ciiiiiiiiiiuu I l3xNul1UIl.ll Cwiiiii'iirrL'i , lpmiigglixm Biml Tm, lfuiriigclixiip Biml 'ix l2x'.iiiguliNiil liiml ' ' iw bmill Cummirrcu lkilm Ili: ll l'l11limii.1iix w E lkilm IV- ff Glen A. Newsom Cmml Villuy, Onmrm 47, Social Commiueu -48, Evangelistic Band 'Holm 6: 3' Percy XY. Page Montreal, Quulxl Evangelistic B.mLl Bro.1dc.1sr Commirrcf Clmlosaiam 5: I' 77' lflorcncc L. Plctsch c.lly.lYl'. Alix-rm 16. Nunba C.om.ur C oininiiu-c F. Social Cfommirrcu GN Miasiomry Cioiiiiniiru' ll Timothy l: ll ' ir ' Q 'o i 1 Audrey M. Roberts Hamilton, Ontario lb, '-io, Evangelistic Band ,- . , . '-if -1 '. lzvangelistic Bantl '18, lfvangelistit' Bantl 'IX l l,L'll'I' iz 7 john XY". Roberts llamilton, Ontario Broatlt-abt Committee antl livangelistit' Band Student Cabinet and lfvangelistit' Bantl Student Cabinet .intl lfvallgclisfit' l':.lI'1tl Romans N: is Pauline F. Rockwell Truro. Nova Stotia '17 livangelistit Bantl Broatltast Committee .intl lfvangt.-listit' liantl Psalm UI: ll Wfillizxm A. Rogers 1 Xlifeston, Ontario 16, BFU.lklC.lSl Committee 17, NuraeS Contact antl Missionary Committee 18, lfvangelistit' Bantl antl Liatcway Committee Romans li: JO M. Douglas Ropp XVootlstoclt, Ontario io, Missionary Committee I7, Dt-x otional Committee 1:-G, Student Cabinet .intl Missionary Committee Il Corinthians 5:11 ,, jg W, Yvonne Ii. Sampson Toronto, Ontario 17, Sotial Committee 718, Misuionary Committee Romans H: IH Doreen M. Schram Shirley I.. Spencer Joyce M. Stafford Toronto, Ontario lialinotttli. Nova Stotia M.1ry5x'ille. New llrunsxvit '47, llvangeliatit Bantl 47. Hroatltast Committee '47, l'5roatlta5t Committee GIS. Social Committee IN. Sotial Committee 'li Devotional Commit l.L1ltt' I3 5" lxaiali ll: Ill Psalm Ol: l Georgette P. Stevens Ghent, Belgium . , . , 46, 17, Mixsionaiy Committee iQ, Devotional antl Gateway Committees Romans H: 37-39 Ernie Strongitharm Vertlun, Quebet Evangelistic Bantl Devotional Committee Broadcast and Gateway Committees Proverbs 3: 5, 6 4 19 .A, Thelma G. Tetlfortl lntlian River, Ontario '47, Social Committee '48, Student Cabinet l Peter 5: 7 Ruth M. Tollcy Ifvclyn M. XY't1ll11ce Roy F. XVztllz'u. N ult Stu. Mutt-, Uttutrm 5JllWtNSiI1sQ,lLlIlLltOll,CJI1l.lI't0 Nipimtng blunttmn. Ontttm T Broatltttxt Ciotntnittw 17, Iiv,1rtgt'Itstit B.mti 'ti llutttlgtlltstit Clommttttt N, htttdunt C..ll'3lI'lL'l I ' tudfntf lblmt , ls. fXI1ssl0n.try Colmnttttt Nurwt- s C,tm1.tt't C tbthlttlttct' lx.11.tl1 ll: IU Pttwvrlw xi 5 tw lcllI'Ul1lklL'Slfx 'I Il.jt1mc5 XVcstm11n X'.t1ttotn't-r, British Ckolumln 'l'. Stmci.tl Committee th. Sttttluxt Ctlvittut. Nutm- Iclzt M. XVhitc l.l Clotlcritlm, Ontuio 5 Cionntct .mtl Voluntary XVork Ckommirtt-us IJI'tlYCl'l5N S: 5, 0 -.. an - 6, Nursck Cont.1t't Cbtnmittt-Q IS. Ifxgtngclistic Band Provcrlws 'sz 5. tw --Jia Marjorie G. XX'hitson Grunt L. Vfright Sylv.1:1i.i. S.1sk.1teliew.1n Omngexille. Onmtio 'IT lfiyizigelisrie liintl 'IT liuiiigelistir l'v.1nil "IS, Sot-i.iI Committee UIH, Siutieiit C .ilwinei ls.1i.1h IO: Ywl Philippisns i: 13 ALL HAIL 'I'Hli POXYIZR Ol" EIIZSUS' NAMIZ All hiiil the power of jesus' niimef Let angels prostrgite fiillg Bring forth the roygil diaelem, And crown Him Lord of iillf Crown Him, ye miirtyrs of our Ciotl. XVho from His altar egillg Extol the stem of jesses rod, And crown Him Lord of till! Ye chosen seed of Isrtiel's race, A remnant weak and small, Hail Him who saves you by His grit And crown Him Lord of all! CC, 51+ Ye Gentile sinners, ne'er forget The wormwootl rind the giillg Go, spread your trophies git His feet And crown Him Lorel of .tllf Let every kintlretl, every trihe, On this terrestrial hiill, To Him gill majesty iiseribe, And crown Him Lortl of .tllf Oh, that with yonder sgiereel throng XY'e at His feet may ftillg join in the everlasting song, And crown Him Lord of till! Scsi lllilebillbl ll3A,ll5lIlN lick Seated: l.1llian Dodham fSecretaryJ. james XY'estman lAssoc, Head Hoya, Grant Vfriglit lHead Boyl. Ruth 'l'olley llnlead Girly, laner Kerr QANMHC.Htatlfill'll,'lil1cll11.1Teclfillcl lil-I'L'.lNLll'Cl'l. Standing: XX'illiain Crump fAssoc. Evan. Leaderl, ,lohn Roberts tlfvan. Leaderj, Helen Durranr 1News and Deiailb, lwelyn XXallace fNLll'5L'l, Barbara Beck fbocial Leadeil, XX rentied llrv- anr 4Devoironal l.c-aderl. Douglas Ropp fM'ssionarv Leaderl, lfach of our three years at T.B.C. has had its own rich ministry. Under the friendly guidance of our Faculty we have been led into a deeper understanding of Gods will for our lives. Now we iind ourselves on the threshold of a new and broader phase of our lifes work. lt is a time which we have joyfully anticipated despite our natural regret over leaving the College which has become our spiritual home. As we leave we are conscious that we become members of the already world- wide T.B.CQ, family, and confident that the training we have received has better fitted Lis to withstand attacks on our faith and to carry the Christian banner into the camp ofthe livil One. lt goes without saying that we shall greatly miss association with you who remain to complete your course. XY'e are persuaded that you are learning that the set ret of effective Christian service is a personal fellowship with Christ that has its issue in unslacking perseverance. "Therefore . . . be ye steadfast. unmoveable. always abounding in the work off the Lord, forasmuch as ye know that your labour is not in vain in the Lord." . , 8 15110 N D TLA R IJIQASSS AX lfrunt Row: llnlvcn lit-ll, Dumtlmy l,l.llIL'I', 011.1 Hltlv. lXl,lIx fm-pm, lrmlx l,.l1lxL. l'.lC.ll11'I' XXEIIW Mltlcllc Row: l7x'.mli SINNUH. l.Illl.lI1 l':INl1L'I. l,.u1x.t lXl.lLl:.lI'l.lIIk.'. XYL'I'H.l l,.lXXNwI1. lXl"Il.l 'lllwlupvvly Xt-rum l:lk'XXL'lllll4lQ, l..1t11.l Nwltlwu-tt. lxlllfltl lxllflilllllklk, lXlu.z Rwuglwltx. .-Xxtlm f.nlmr--H. lhtk Row: 5l'Xlll4PLlI IM-ltr, lwlm R1-lwmx--11, lfrmu Nullrmxt-l, lltmx litll. flnlw f-wt-:tux Xllllkllll l.4vl1m-N, 5 l1.lIlx'x lxllux'l1.t1'l. 1' . A Front Row: Dm-vtlwy Ixxnllvtlclui. Kathryn Turncr, Shirlcy Btlrgcis, lNI.11'iun Ncwlwy, H1Itl.1 Gsrtzcn, Ellcgt-11 S.1wl'v1'i-Jgc. Middle Row: Iuvcc Bctutlu, Put 5t:xx'.11't, Ruth Stttrlctt. Nux'm.1 F.1lttv11lvr'x-,lgm lXl,u1m'1c B.11'1', Fltwrxmfu Hwllcy, l3lQ.'.lI1Hl' V.1lcnt1, HilLl.1 Rcctl. ' Back Row: H.tnlx' XXX-txlcn. Clmrlci Long, Duuglm bpcnccr, All.m C,.tmcrwn. lhyrmwrmtl Hwllcv. Rmct' Pilsw-vrtlm, Kun Ncslwxt, H.1tultl Scott, Bryxtnt Smith . Absent: Svlxm Amluwn, Alu AIl5L'.lll. Mat- Guultl. Bxll H.tt'x'mgttm, Gt--1tl'1'cx Lee .tml RUl.lIlkl NcCmtr11ick. 33. l, ll! lll lll-1 5 bll' ull in A lllfl 'lj llly A 5 QS X , 'iii' lfront Row: lL'.lllllL' Mxllmuy lily Cll.lIIll'K'lN, 7lHNL'PlllIlk Slullxl-1, Duwrlxy Dunmn, Ruth R-vlwiuwn, Allcc Bull, lc.m I.uL-rn 11, Middle Row: Vclnm Hullwclc, Al.lI'l1ll'lC Hlll, ,Iran Hlll, lillL'L'll C511-L'11xx'w-ll, -luycc T.u'l1v1', Shirlcx' Alwlwll, l'lc'lLll Dyxlll. Fl'.lllklN Qumm-ll. lltfll' lXlqu.1lfc, llurlw fl.lllxL', lwm' llxwiy. llgxcli Row: 'lk-ll l5U.lxlXY.lY, Henry S.llm1,-lmmw Fxlu. llnll llmlll, ll.l1'I'x' ln-lw.11'-ls, Amin-xx R--M, li-llw llL'tl1u1'll1guvl1, Glyn If-no, Nulllg liluxurfvll dl l Q, I 7 r, . f - 4' l x . - 1 K. '. I from Row: Gladvs Aluxamlcr, Dunclda lXIcl.u.1n, M.u'x' XY.11'd, -l4ll'CLA Recd, Iflilc Htlpklllg, Ruth XY1glu, lgqm flftll, PL-.url Nalmfly, Murlcl Bdilllllklll. Middle: Row: N.mmx Same. lu.m Clllllllllglhllll. lwlm-l lkhrcu, lip-tu' D--ckur, lunc l'S.11'l4cl'. l.Illl.lll Smnzh, l-+310 llxrlu. Malwl S.1wyc1'. Mnlwcl clI'L'3bIU.lll, lilltkll l,.1n.u:l1fvruc, l,ur1'.1i11c H.1rlmttlc. Hack Row: PM 'l'msncml. Gcurgc liuycu, l..m'rc11:c l4.u'ku', lfmnlx XYx'l1u, Alxxxly Bull, vlulm Grey. lllllfk' ckl'lPNKslQI, liumu l.lClQsm1, lpn XX'.lrsux1, Alwwm: lull l1llxx.1uls, llIl.l lklxnlnlx, l,Hlll.l Kllkll.llIl,lll1NN N.1nzlm.ly.Xwlu-Umm,A1'm.md V.llcI1ti, lum XYmlx-ln. Sclq-flmxmg rlqdll. SI' T3 lit ilti 15 tif M5 A T it ront Row: Betty Parish, Alice Bedford, lilsie Maki, I,e,1h I-ilii1stoii, Marie I.c-xvis, Simone l..int-ue alle Row: Marion Brittain. Viola Martin, Beth f uthbeit, Connie Nlieiwxuotl, Pauline Slessiii, He Noble, Mtigdalenti Martin. Helen Murdoch. tck Row: Vincent XY'ootll1ouse. N-irnian Txifljlhltldll, Cfliailes litlcoitcl. lt-lin H.1i1c-v. Ron Patteiso Iohn Crewe, Robert Nurdoclr. Absent: David Andrews, Hazel Ciilinoie, lSiil Xxvlllffillibl The Preparatory Course The Toronto Bible College is anxious that no deserving youth. hoxvever deficient in academic background, should be deprived ot' an opportunity for spiritual and practical training if he has the moral zeal and mental etluipment for such training. Sixteen years ago .1 Preparatory Course, one ye.1r in length, was instituted as .1 pre- face to the work of the General Course. Through the years it has been found that some of the Colleges best students are those who have "come up through Prep," which is itself testimony to the high quality of work being done in this preparatory year. The Preparatory Course represents .1 combination ot' Bible study, vocal musit. supervised practical work, and such basic high school subjects as English, Elementary Mathematics, Geography and History. For the latter, textbooks used in Ontario High Schools i1re employed and the standard of excellence set is that of 'lunior Mntriculation in the Province. Wfith .1 shorter year at the Bible College than obtains in tl1e regular high school, the high school programme must be somewhat abridged. The "Prep'l Course is open to Christian young men and women who are at least in their eighteenth year and are recommended by responsible persons. Since the class hours in this Course .1re held Monday through Friday from 9 .l,ITl. to 1 pm., it is possible for it "Prep" student to accept employment outside the College for afternoon or evening hours and for all of Saturday, so long as he reserves enough time for home studyg and thus he may work his way through this year of school. When he graduates to the General Course this policy can be continued. gg- t3llHllflDlllfll3llt5 illti ll3lDlllllRSllB5 Students attending Toronto Bible College are able to select from among the courses otfered in the day and evening schools the one which meets their particular requirements, whether general or special. Nine courses are being of- fered at the present time, with varying entrance requirements, components and proofs of com- petence. The Preparatory Course, as its name suggests, is designed to prepare a student delicient in academic background for entrance into the Gen- eral Course. fPlease see article on page 35.5 The General Course is the three year basic course of the College, which has been developed to its present excellence over a half century of time. The minimum academic requirement is two years high school, but full matriculation is desirable. Provision is made for work in the departments of Bible Exposition, Biblical and Systematic Theology, Introduction and Evi- dences, Historical Christianity, Missionary Train- ing, Practical and Devotional Training, Music, Language, Philosophy and Psychology. The Regular Missionary Course incorporates the basic subjects of the General Course, but provides in addition certain specialized training needed by candidates for overseas or home mis- sion service. The entrance requirements is junior Matriculation. which most mission boards are now demanding in addition to Bible College training. A Special Missionary Course open to medical students who are currently attending university, is given in the evening school. Transcripts of university credits are required, and these together with regular hours of systematic study in Bible and kindred subjects, plus additional reading in summer recesses, lead to the regular Bible Col- lege Diploma. The Christian Education Course recognizes the need for specialized training for Sunday School teachers and workers in other branches of Chris- tian Education. The Toronto Bible College is a member of the Evangelical Teacher Training Association which gives its Gold Seal Diploma along with our own for those who graduate with high standing in this Course. The Pastors' Course is a four year course to be introduced in the Session 1949-50, for the student who has completed his high school train- ing and who wishes to do thorough academic work in a conservative and spiritual atmosphere. ln addition to the basic work of the General Course, additional work is required in English. Homiletics, Theology and Hermeneutics, with an eye to the demands of the home ministry. A Divinity Course, requiring exacting work over a period of four to tive years, depending upon the progress of the student, is now in operation for the really ambitious young man who wishes to prepare for a degree on the Bible College premises. It consists of a combination of basic Bible College training and work set by the University of London, England, and leads to the regular Bible College Diploma plus a B.D. degree from the University of London. Students who elect this course require to be free from the necessity of taking employment during the school session so that they may devote most of their time, except for practical work assign- ments, 'to classes and home study. The Bible-Arts Course comes under the same category as the Divinity Course, except that it leads to a BA. rather than a B.D. degree. The basic Bible training is the same as for the Divin- ity,Course, but English, History, Philosophy and Ethics may be elected in the students Senior years, to qualify for the University of London degree in Arts. The Regular Evening Class Course is an abridged form of the General Course offered in the day school, providing for systematic study of Bible text and doctrine and of devotional and practical Christianity. Three years of study in this course lead to the Evening Class Certificate. Q IJ f'N Qa 55+ 62 Q L5 Q5 GTZ' 3 El F Q, Lf TX 1 Q 1 I, lx: w zjilk' if J f z I if ' 'I wffj p , I 1 i v N 1 A 1 K X . LH li SH- . X X Hx :Ai ' ':JD' X i f f 1 ' ff K ww, S .-1, f BVAN TIME CHE IR E 3. L 5,15 ,1 ag j 1 l 7 n- g , 4 2 1. 1 Q7 K1 4 39 --- Z .C .2 f. lf 1- 1 J 11 .1- Q :If 4 f. f .1 1- Z Q 'C 1 f .1 .1 f 1 f .1 C. .1 9' 3 2 E Y.: .1 LA I. f 11. .7 1 Q T LC fi ... ri 7 If L- I5 5:1 Q3 Lf.-I 14 35 SL Z5 fN 3... Q Q: P,-' 7: ,- tQ 'lr .-Q 44 lf: 1,1 TU 37 -C.. 'L EQ 41 .!' Q 1L.J '31 232 7 L 2 .L f Q L .1 Q 7 .1 .1 .1 f 1.1 7 5 Q , IN .1 .1 1. 1- x.1 'T3 -.Z C 11 Z Ll H' L .1 .I 4. 9' P 1 -5 - -: c Z1 U L L1 Q 2 Q .1 1 .1 -1- Q .1 fs Q 11 .4 .1 .1 2 Q L. Z .1 Q1 .LC Q v 1 Z 11 2 1 L1 f f L1 v L7 Q 11 -. I ZJ. Q k .1 .1 LJ L L 9 11 I2 9. f- T 5 .1 L1 Ai v f .1 Ll- L1 1. A 1-1 .1 Q .1 .1 11 F .1 L L1 T1 5 5 L1 LC 11 -.-1 C 5 L L1 5 -r -. 1 1. :C :- 2 f f A. 11 'Q f L' L1 .1 9' 1 .L 1 'Q L 3 Ld I. Z -E Z 'f1 Q I 7 v 11 5 1.1 L1 '.1 I. 7 f f1 J li x.1 Q f 5 .2 K 2 41 S 2 2 A 4 .gc 7 44 .1 N, 11 5 ll. v gc LJ I1 Q :E P lf 'f, I, .1 .1 x1 P 4 Z2 11 Q1 5 T1 ... 4 :I LJ w 11 w if -.1 -E IJ E Ll .4 4 ,lf "A ,VA 151 1141 'fa11Q11MT1'11112 1131A 11111 TD 1 bentud: 1XT.l1.L1.lI'L'I 1'5.1i1y. 111.1 XY'1111u, 1:l'.lI1ClS licrr, E11I1.l Roug111cy, -TUNtfP1'11I1C S14.111l4, Ruth F.11c11i1h1111g:, 1111111 Rohcrtx, A11111'CY 1111111-1'ts, 1NI.ihc1 5.lXY1'C1A. L'11.l 1f11w.11'11x, 5111.111 Filycr, 1i.1111ryn Turncr, CQ11r.1 Hiclu. econcl Row: 11111: 151.11111-. 1fi1c1An 15111, 1f1c.1n1+i XX'1'1hy, Yloycu Kerr. Vurlic Gg11'111111, T..1Ll1'.1 NU1'111C41II, 1x.111c11.1 M1Co11, S11i1'11Ay Htirgcw, lswic 1xI.111', SY1X1.l A11x1Cl'N41l1. bloyrc R11c11, 1i.1v C11.l1'1117L'l'N, 1YI.11'1U11 N1-why, 1xI.11'.E.l1'El .l1111nw11, li111l1X' P.11'111:, XYCIHA D,1xxw11. Third Row: 1,.111r.11NI1'F.1r1.1r11g 1111111 R11h111sor1,Cf11111'1caLong, Brynint Smith, Dgtvc CQ.1i11cr11n, H11w.1r11 MCC11r1111Cl4. XXlI1l1.1111 Clrump. H.1r11y XX'111'11c11, R111.1nd N1C,oi'111111f1, RM' Co'-tc1'11s, Myrtle 1i1.1gc1s111, .1111 Row: F1c11 G1111111, Alex l..lL1g1111I1, B111 Riigciw, C11.111ic 1l11iL11'Il.1l'l, Glen NCNYNHI1, Arn1.1n11 X7.l1L'11l1, Vcrnon 1X1cDor111.11111. Royce P11nx11rt11. Ahscnt: l,.lLl1lI1L' 1111111111-ll. 1".1y M1D11n.1111, lun: B.11'1iL'f, 11111 Fi11'w,D111'11t11y 91.1111-1', N.111n11 5111111 B111 H111- 1'111t1lI1111. Scl1t1'n1hcr to 1"1Abr11.1ry -5111111-nts v1sit1'11 1,0311 11OI11tS, t.11li611 with approxi- I11.1U:1y Sill in11ix'i1111.11s .l1WOLll their souls N.11y.1tion. r11por1f11 112 111'1'isions for Chrixt .1r111 1'on11111t1'11 of Misxion 51-rvi11As. S11n11.1y 811111111 11.15s1w .trc 1.111g11t in '1'oron1o L1lLl1'L11L'5 of 111.l11y n1L'l10111111.111lJ11N hy si st11111-1115. 11.1111 Sl1l111.ly 111Uf1l111Q N1Llk1L'111N g.11111Ar .11 11111 Toronto Gcn1'r.11 1-1osl1i1.11 xx'111'r1' I11Cy 11111111111 IS x1rvi1tcw in 1111' 111111fr1'n1 w.1r11s. 12.1111 11-1-1-11, x111'x'111w .1r1- QiO11k1llQ1L'kl .11 Yonge Strccr Mission, SCOII Mission .11111 R.111xx'.1y Miwion hy SlL111L'I11N, .1n11 on Sun11.1ys, in 211 11111r1'111-s throtighout 0n1.1rio. T1111fx'.1ngu1is1i1 Cl1oiro1"10voi1'cs11,15 bean wi11c1y11su11 in .1 number of Toronto .11111 OLII-O1--IOXXT1 Ll1l11'L'l1CN. 611111 11.18 r11111y hlcsu-11 1111-ir ministry ir1 song. wor11 .1n11 lL'N11111011y. , HI, , H44 Q s 1 K A5 ' ' , M asi a EWSPSIY i "fl'1vrril.,,.m s 5 ,. 1 5 f. 5ll ID ISV 'UT M 'U H A M5 lrrum Row: Mnldlul I..uv. ,Immc RIAHUHI. Nwrnxnl Flcwullnng. Nliddle Row: Grupucttu Stuclmx. XY1'cl1fl'ml Hl'Y.111t, PM fxlulxxwvlm, Maxx flmpcl. BM-k Run: R.ly'Il1Ullxl Hulk-y, Nclxm IJIIJU, Ifrmc Nullmcyu. NIIEQNWS ANR HDIIEHIFAIIHILQ .ltedt Kun NL-whim, lilunmwr V.xlcnu. N-v1'n1.1 F.1lo1nlW1'idgc, Shcnla Hthlg, Purcy Palau, IJ.1 Bull, blurlux' Iiuxljuux, lmnm' Mnlnur. nding: f lll'lAflI1L' FCII'iL'l', IIIHIC Srmng1xlm1':11.Dnm:Ikl.1 MkI.c.m, Rm1P.1ttcl'iul1, P.uxlmc Ruck- xxvll, I:l!L'L'I1 Hull, Vimum lmlmxmcx. Iflulun DlllI'.ll1l, IQ-.ln Hxll, Fl-n'cm'L' llullcxk --.QW Frum Row: l'.11 91cw.111. l.11l11.1 K1-II11, M.11'111114' H1Il. l,4111.11111 H.11lW-Itllc, f7I111u111r I'lL'1Cl1, I1lI1111 l'lxIlL'1 uund Rum: Yx111111L- 5.ll!1pN11lI, AILIHCI H.11I1, 51111111 M1f11111111, 131111: llupp, IIN11- M41 'lqI'L'NN.l Hull, l5.111W.11.1 Dcul, Unk Ruw: R111 XXv.lII.lQL'. fiI.11u11u' l.11I111u, 13.11111 l511xm'1.151i1.111f.111111-111, l"1.1111x 51w1111, M-111.1 II1 llll N1111, Ruth ll11lw111w11, 0111111111 Iilllwrt, U111'1l1111 FINI1. fI111N 61-N11111x ll.11:1I-I NL1111, A11 H11x Alwxunl: 51311111111 H1111-. XX'.1lt11 f11111lwl1.111L, H1I1l.1 H1111 Front Row: AI.1l'g.ll'tI Bragg, Allhlll C1llIlI1IIl4E,l1.lIN, K.11'c Hull, Rullw SI.lI'XL'Il, If1I1'c11 S.1wb1'11l.1gc. Qccoml Row: Gladvs AlCX.1l1L,L'IA, M.11'11111c B.11'1', Vl1llLlhI.ll'IlI1, H1ll'h.ll'11F5L'Lk,Iil9lL' H111-1k111x, N.11 Dwrccn SQI1111111. Third Row: IN11rm1111 Huwe, Alr.1 A1'bc.111, M.111j111'ic V4'I111s11r1, Ic.1r1 I.1n11111, Shwlcy Spcrmcm, M.1c l.111'n11 NcC11n1Iw. Blick Row: XY1lI1.1111 IXI1l11c1', H.11'1'y lj1lw.11Ll5, Hcnrv Bull. If1'111u I.1Qkx1111. VlI1Lt'llI XY11111ll11111xc, all ill lll ll ll3llfalle1X'x W7ll'73illi'5lIlf GMU lllrlll lIMIllllClITilITll'75l1r5 ,Q av- i. lm. Seated: Mona 'l'ltotnpson, Verlie Ga T 1 rtold. XY'tenft'ed FSt'y'ant, liileen I,gtngthorne. Standing: llttrtt' lfdwards, Norman lNIcPhadc-n, l.eah Vloltnson, Clarence Loltnes, Royce Pilsworth, November lath-2othf'I'he 1918 commemora- tion ofthe founding of the Toronto Bible Col- lege. Our thoughts were turned back to the begin- nings ofthe College when, in 1894, Dr. Elmore Harris, the hrst President, and Dr. XVn't. Stew- art, the lirst Prinicpal, laid the foundations of l.B.C,. Dr. McNicol reminded tts ol' the contribution made to the spiritual life of the Clollege by Dr. R. P. McKay, who became C,h.tirtnan ol' the Board in I9lo. On Tuesday evening, at the United Rally ol' day and evening class students, Rev. D. li, Ray- mer spoke on the theme f"l'he Cfontinual Burnt Oilleringf' emphasizing the necessity of the death of the self-life and the acceptance of the leader- ship of the Holy Spirit. The Founders' Wfeek Social was held at the Baraca Clubg colourful costumes and clever skits contributed much to the thorough enjoyment of the evening. "New Horizons" was the theme for Thursday, Rev. D. A. Burns addressed the student body on "The Enlarging Stewardship" ol- the Col- lege. Graduate parents of present students were guests at our special luncheon. On the last school day of Founders' Wee-k, having reflected upon Gods gracious guidance ol' the development ot' our College in the past, we were presented with a challenge to "Press on to that day when, through close communion with Him, our faces shall be Hooded with the radiance of His love and our hearts shall yearn, as does His. for those living in the darkness ol sin." , llen " ID WRYVA, Tl TD XVHVT PI lf T TT H I XVI!! " " ll lfzlfsowfw' yf ffm, in foam' or r2'fmf, do all in tin' zzamf of flu" Lord fwszu ,15- "Go Ye Into All 'che World . . In obedience to Christ's Commission, the following T.B.C. 'graduates have gone forth to HPREACH THE GOSPEL" during the past two years: CHINA M Mrs. Cyril Weller, '45 Miss Barbara Phillips, '47 Mrs. Leslie Smith, '57 Rev. Beulah Rediker, '59 INDIA - Miss Leona Cressman, '46 Miss Alice Gleason, '46 Capt., '59, and Mrs. Gordon Holmes Rev. john Leech, '47 Miss Mary Nichol, '45 Miss Dorcas Tyers, '42 AFRICA N- Miss Doreen Barrie, '47 Miss Goldie Blakeney, '44 Miss Hazel Callaghan, '45 Miss Muriel Langley, '47 Miss Ethel Chernik, '47-'48 Mr. Harold McMillan, '59-'40 Miss Margaret Petrie, '46 Miss Emily Stewart, '39 Miss Grace Wilson, '41 Miss Bertha Zimmerman, '44 Mrs. George james, '41 BOLIVIA - Miss Mildred Seary, '41 B.W.I. - Mr. John jefferey, E.C. '57 ARGENTINA - Mrs. Doris Snyder, '44 MONGOLIA -Rev. Edvard Torjesen, '47 PORTA RICA - M rs. SOUTH AMERICA -Rev. Fred Swartzendruber, '46 Leslie Cockram, '41 . . And Lo, I Am With You Always 4 4-16 23 22 Published by The Graduating Class 1 949 I-1 1155 M M5 M lib lib HR .1 ., 1 Y La' H f Wfgf A. fMnL b bw IM A A C562 c 1 7, 1 x4i'2,I'f.4fAf 272072, 57 U14 mzwf QW, of MVIIHIIACIIT A.IIZnffOlltlCIIIJ IIIQASGIIF CIITIIIBAIIRQS flI3IlRtfkIllDS? W'e understand DIOHN MILLER didn't reath the S.lII.Il'.lIIOII point at T.B.C.. Hes absorbing more Theology at the Seminary? .IIM PIMENTALS pastorate is on Manitoulin Island, Ontario. Tl1e Lord is blessing 'Iim's work there. RUTH HENDRICKSON desires our prayers th.1t ehurehes in her eommunity will soon re-open. Shes in Sleeman, Ontario. Eour of last years grads are in nurse's training- RUTH PATTERSON, MARIE XVILCOX, MURIEL SCRIBNER .1nd MARION SALMON. 'IOSIE MQLELLAN is baek in her old stamping grounds, N.B. Says shes using her fcould she me.1n Mr. Burns'l psychology there. DOREEN KERR is nursing in Montreal, l1opes to organize .1 Nurses Fellow- sl1ip there. Last ye.1r's Gateway editor, BOB BOLTRKE, has retovered sutlieiently from his editing job to find himself .1 wife. Best wishes, Bobf ANNE BAKER .1nd NANCY HILLS .lft working in Toronto, theyre both busy witnessing to fellow-workers. BEATRICE BALL and IIEAN EOXVLER are at Dominion Business College. 'IESSIE XWRIGHT is in the midst of her probationary period .1t the SIM. Home in Toronto. Vile praise God for leading 'lessie thus far. LILYAN BRANDON, 'IIS class Secretary, has recently gone to St. Henry's Baptist Mission in Montreal. DON XVILKINSON tells us that he's in tl1e building business building up young Christians in tl1e faith, and building .1 new ehurth in Kenora, Ontario. DESIRE IACQUES is .II home in Studder, Ont. XVe may be sure that she keeps herself bL1Sy for the Lord. ENID ENGLUND LCLIFICFJ has taken unto herself .1 husband, They are living in Philadelphi11. LUCINDA SNYDER is at Goshen College, Indiana, EUNICE BALDWIN at Sir George Willittiias College, Montreal, KIM MORRIS in Toronto at tl1e United Church Training School, and STELLA GAVERLUCK at tl1e Russian Bible Institute. They want to know where and "who" their classmates are now! XXfe l1ear that BESSIE MORPHET is busy training young people for missionary service at tl1e Missionary I-Iealrh Institute, Toronto. Wfork on the jewish Wfork Committee proved a training ground for MILDRIZD SMITH, she's with tl1e Toronto jewish Mission now, Wl1at do you know! ART MCLEAN is wintering it out, no, not Florida, but in Nova Scotia. fEditor's note: Most of tl1e above newsy items were gleaned from the '-IS Class Letter. Wisl1 we had heard from all of you.j L, 49 Y X 94 ' 490, PEN f?7ffv7S' fYffa,PcH Ox N0 Q M OW 50M E '!7l'57'0Ry NN S T .Fw 051175 Y 5 T11 H F 6 ,04 49 HAP' I-UL? oi' Q57 HPPLKED fgycpfgg ggy STOUFFVILLE cAMP If sw ,-ffgfv ' v:v3.53figs I' 'I ffff 1 TWZN " J 'Y v - 57, ' who L 546 AMS P Cfwxca fisvomf ' 0 igfks-ECUTIUN UNDER Dfo.:1.57'fqfv WHAT A SITUHTIQN! O 8 .1 TL E126 .ff 'C O Cf Zfiff if 4 'Q ' ' I r . Q LS L I J ymfv. F W I Cfwvir 556 A 77Vff1'6 f A Zensvvc O O ,a'D0c'rfvn' o O fCoRF!Q 0 SQ t ghlq gt rll15 f Q affa- hqlvauu 9 WH Cer D0 H7 ff ff f ff, Q xl V551 it Wonlerful Q 217 to Q able to 70 15l5VVlT'l'lr"Ilnq? A 9 b f l S QM A .g.,.,...f,.,4 A fx A ,K 51 WH when 5.1-.ance as Gold Phd WISC AYOU POOR' fnln? IC You hive t4 ' . Room wuz H h U IT Really IS FJ blC'35l In Q ,A ndeg the hnvndnynvi X llldIlllliIL?ilHlllllQlll4l.2slllllClll8 FIRST YEAR DAY-the d.1y III-II stands OLII in the memory of every T.B.C. st11dent and grad. This allfout welcome included .1 tour of To- ronto and then of the school buildings, dinner .1t the College, and an evening of fun at Baraca Club. Family devotions bro11gl1t the day to .1 close .IIILI new students felt themselves a vital part of the T.I3.C. f.1mily. FALL HIKIZ-How we all had been looking forward to tl1is dayf- b11t, on THE day it rained! Hot dogs, instead of being cooked over an open fire at Centre Island were cooked over the school stove. QThese indoor l1ot dogs taste every bit as good as the outdoor varietylj G.1mes and skits added much to tl1e fun. Mr. Armstrong led in family devotions and .mother TBC. family gathering came to a close. FOUNDERS' XVEEK-All who participated in the 1948 celebration of Founders' Week were greatly blessed. Wfe looked back to the begin, ning of the College in lH94, and reflected upon Gods guidance of those men who were chosen by Him to give this institution the direction it has followed rigl1t to the present day. In faith. we are anticipating Gods continued blessing upon our College in the days to come. STOUFFVILLE CAMPAIGN-an event long to be remembered by every member' of the stu- dent body. Iiighty students were engaged for eight days in Stouffville and district, making over SOO visits in homes, conducting evangelistic church services and teacher training classes as well as childrens meetings and young peoples rallies. Many were led to rededicate their lives to the Master and others experienced the joy of salvation which is in Christ jesus. We thank God that He saw fit to use the students in this manner. CHRISTMAS DINNER-Ilxcitement had been steadily motinting as the days of early December were ticked off on our calendars. Holi- days were drawing near, but-more importantf so was tl1e Christmas Dinner. Turkey and plum pudding with all the trimmings, Santa Claus with his pack of presents for the good children, and .1 skit LIIILI pageant presented by the Social Committee, .1ll made up a wonderful day and the students left for their homes where, with their own families, they would celebrate the birthd.1y of our Saviour. DAY OF PRAYER-The highlight of the year. Lectures set aside, the day and evening were spent in meditation upon the Word. and .1 prayer to the Living Wlord. Dr. McNicol addressed the school in tl1e first hour, emphasiz- ing ag.1in, as he alone can, the necessity of the death of self .1nd the entl1roning of Christ in the heart of every child of God. During the prayer sessions, lives were rededicated to the Lord jesus Christ, and the plea of all students was that as His perfect will is revealed, we might be made pliable in His hands. MISSIONARY CONFERENCE-February 7- 12, tl week of challenge, of decisions, of inter- cession and of pr.1ise: Challenge-in that it applied the Great Com- mission to ourselves, bidding us, in His strength, to go to the dist.1nt places with tl1e Gospel of Christ. Decisions-As particular needs of the various mission fields were presented, Gods specific will was made clear to many sttidents anticipating foreign mission service. Intercession-for the messengers of tl1e Cross in the difhcult places, for those hearing for the first time about a God of love .1nd an all-sufh- cient Saviour, and for converts who have re- sponded to the presentation of tl1e Gospel. Praise-to our God "who is able to save them to the uttermost that come 11nto God by Him." IHS V ilib IN lli M lli M 555 154 HR HD lLii!XC'Hi1'55 Ili QD 41k QI' KW CQ X Km WRU ST E T UMR G Sv REDS C2 WWW X i P H ' L 4. I i 3 "I fan do af! flzingx fflrozrgfl Cflrfff fc'f1ic!1 sln'11gff1m11'fl1 nut' -Philippians 4: 13. g5- QIKH M15 ili'5V M JliMI1lrXl1mmN fll3 llbQ4XfS8 II1BX III3G13lLlQlIHII'V ilk X1 ,1 IWRS. J. B. RHODES H-1mv1.1l'y' Pl'C5Xklk.'llI A ""?ZZ"" EDITH BLOXVING THIfI.1N'lA ATKINSON Prunlcxwt Vicc-Prcaidcm ADIfI.lf CANTXVFLI. MARION SLIGHTE ELEANOR PATRICK gCkl'L'l-IVY 'I':'c.m1a'Q1' Sucml Cmmu-:wr ,Nil , www' In sk 5494 .fx -if quasar... I'IIIfI.MA N. ATKINSON ACINIIS M. IIAX'I'IfR I'fI5I'I'II M. IILUXVINCH IIXIFIILIILIC. IIIIIAIIH .I. tyllxll :Nl UNMIK, 'I' wvxrvll tw, IIIIIJIIU Munn' fmmnllrcr Umm 14wnx. :I KIIIIIIIIIIICL' I'lw.c1'Iwx R S I lwIm I ll! Il-111l.1m H IN ID. .4.DIfI.If CANTXVFLI. MARY If CHARBONNHAI' IVA ISNCILISII 'I'-flu-x1tnv. c,III.ll'lH XXK-wvlm. 0111.111-I 1 s I'IkNIMIIUIl, IIIIIJIIU Siu-hm C..nI1mcl .xml Nzudcm f.1I'um-I, M1w1--11.1xx Mmm C'umm11tcc .mxl IDU-wrwm1.1I CQ-wmuxwurruw I IJCICI' 5: ' Iwhn li I6 I Iwlm I. Ill JEAN PARISH IILIEANOR M. PATRICK IIIiI.I5N M. RICHARDSON Furl Ifric, Q,lII.lI'IU H IIIIIIUHIHQ Omni-1 Immmtw, Onmrw Q Iiv.m,ucIiSric Iinml II'"'lKIL?74llI1Z12iIRIJZWHIAHII Isniuh 26: 3 Plmilippians -4: 13 Iuhn 3: 16 ,A 55 -, GRACE Ii. SIZLIT MARION H. SLIC H'II iliiwulllcm, fJl1I.lI'lir 'l411l'0I1I1l, QDIIIJH Srntlt-nz Cfalunt-1 .intl Student Cahinet Music Committee Social Coininiutt Romans ll: 2 Pliilippians -l: 1 1. 1 DORIS TINNFY AIIDREY XVARRIAN 'l'o1'onto, Ontario 'l'ol'ol1Io. Onlal 5-otual C.4!ININIIIL'C llI'uYL'l'lHs 51 6 W-. Psalm - I Il "STRENGTH FOR TODAY' My Father, this I ask of Thee- Knowing that Thou wilt grant the plea: For this, and only this I pray, Strength for to-tlay-just for to-tlay. Strength for each trial and each task, Wligtt more, my Father, Shoultl I ask? -Inst as I need it, tlay by tlay, Strength for my weakness -- this I pray. Strength for to-day, that I may make Some sad souls glad for Jesus' sakeg Then they with me at eve shall say Thank God for strength He gave to-day. ...jgi SC111111lD1I13111l1Q1l fI1EA1I12v1l1 N 135111 5.5 Seated: ,llillll Dray, l.L'l1.lILl Hioxxri. fullllfllllk' XX'1ll1.1111soi1, A111-le c..llllXNL'll. Standing: l1oxx.1rd Ptirreisoii, ci1.lkL' Sell, Maiv C.l1.11lw111111e.1t1 l.e11o1e 5l1.lIPL'. 41111111111 1.k'.llI "l count all things but loss for the exeellency of the knowledge of Christ jesus my Lord." Philippians 5: 8 The Lvening Class Cabinet lully appreciates these two tactsg hrst, that only in proportion to our willingness to yield to Gods will as i1 is revealed to us will the world come to this "1-gnowledge o1Christ jesus" our Lord, and second, 111.11 it is only because of the grace of God manifest toward us that we may have .1 share in this work of extending His kingdom. We appreciate the zealous endeavour of the members of the Evening Class COIDIUHICCS IO serve the Lord, and the whole-he.1r1ed support given to the Cgibiner by the students. Their co-operation has made the work ol' the Cabinet much lighter and the times we have spent together in prayer have been a source of strength lo 11s 1111. We count it 11 privilege to have joined in the ac1ivi1y of Illf: College in conjunc- tion with the Day Classes. Our fellowship with them has meant a gfC.lI deal to us and rogether we have learned to "come boldly un1o 1he throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need." Clllflrlllllb lIDfllD4lfr3CllFllRlIllIN1lAllb TBASTS GDIIF ClTllHllllB ll3iIDlllQlllQ-lllfblll-NIB Some years ago, Dr. Grilhth Thomas. speaking at a Bible College gathering, made this statement: "XVe shall need more and more such institutions as the Toronto Bible Collegeg and for two reasons. First, because they insist on the knowledge of the Bible as the essential equipment for Christian workg and second, because they bear testimony to the great fundamental realities that are the common heritage of all Christians." The latter part of that statement indicates the character of the T.B.C. Doctrinal Basis. It is designed to emphasize the great funda- mental realities that are the common heritage of all Christians. It is a doctrinal basis that seeks to unite Evangelical Christians, not to magnify those things on which they diner. Yet it is a basis that preserves and safeguards all the cardinal and essential elements in a full-orbed, Biblically-founded, Christ-centred faith. To this Doctrinal Basis every member of Faculty, Board and Council givesfull assent. l. The Divine Authority and Plenary Inspiration of the whole of the Old and New Testament Scriptures. 2. The Deity of Our Lord jesus Christ. 5. The Doctrine of the Trinity. -1. The Fall of Man and his consequent Depravity and the necessity of the New Birth. 5. The Atonement through the Substitutionary Life, Death and Resurrection of Christ. 6. justification by Faith in our Lord jesus Christ. 7. Regeneration by the Holy Spirit. S. Sanctihcation through the Xliford and the Spirit. 9. The Second Coming of our 'Lord Jesus Christ and the Resurrection of the Dead. 10. The Eternal Blessedness of the Saved and the Eternal Punishment of the Lost. ,.lk- K 5 1 - 2 I f 5 ,.v, wt 1 2 'X a 'I' I' , 'fax fi VK NISSIHNARY C4lM1NIl'l"l'l7If 1SL'.llg-KU' IXl.l1'y clI.lIl7Ul1IlL'.llI, HL-lcn ll1qIl.lnlvu1. Alwwnt M.ll.Q.zlcx c,lIl1Pl3g'lI. DIfVU'l'lUXAl, f,47fXIMl'I"l'lfiQ l5l.lYIxiIll'Q,' Iillkllltll Iillllkk, Uunlun l.k'.lH, IEJIIII Hluwxll-ng Alwwnr I'l.ll'Hl1,I XX'.:l kll.lxx as ' 1-Q. ,N f Q, QQ " -x . fx "5 ' .x cv.. 4 f 'T x N HRUADl.AS'l' CUMMI'l"l'lflf fSk'.llL'xU. D-mulw XY'lllH1uI, Iv-In-I lfflntwxll. Alwwm Allwxnn D.1ux. I,-ns Clmk, Nl'NIl CUMMII ll'l' Q5t.unlll14:l YXILIIIUI Nlmlrx KIIAQCNCH, hiv,XX,1Mlmm-lm. lhll 5LlIlkILI .ig stil ANGlfl.lS'lAlf. fiUlNliXll,lA'lAlfl l5Q.'.llk'xll Doris ll.lIpu4 lifllil DIAL l'liixx.llil l'iiiir-isim. fikllsllkv Sui lkllll l,.ll'lNll. IAI. COiNlMll"l'll l5l.iii-liiiligl Dil-llex XY.iiil, le.in ll.-ll- ns. l,enillQ glI.llPK'. liiuinnii' liiiiiliels. M ,ner lXlfF.1il.ine, Helen Slim llie live-ning C.l.iss iominirrees .ire orgiiiizeil ro oirry on m.1ny loims ol l1f.lLllL.ll Cilwrisrian Activity. Tliey io-operate wiili ilie Un' C l.1ss killlUIHlllL'L'N in liospiml work .mel in conducting servires regulirly .ir Yonge Street Mission They unilert.1ke .is well many emngelisrii .lppozntinenrs of ilieir own .inil i.irry on .i xigorous pro- gramme ol' exxingelism zlironglioui ilie summer monilms. Five liunilreil lfvening Class sruilenrs line reeeixeil ierriziiares ot' tgr.iilu.ition upon the completion ol' rliree ye-.irs work in ilie Evening School. Uniler the three your Course, 1,3 40 sruilenls line gf.lLllI.1IL'al from rlie lhy Siliool, making ll total of H200 sinee the lioiiniling ol' rlie siliool. 'l'l1e lv IU gf.lLlLl.lllIlsU. il.iss is rlie largest in rlie p.1sr ren ye.irs. ln .iililirion ro the liunilreils of 5gr.nln.ires of ilie Toronto Bible College wlio lmve gone to the foreign mission lielil, .ipproxiinarely 500 lure entered the C,l1risii.1n ministry in many uommunions .lr home, so rlur roilay the sun never sers upon the worlil-wiile Bible College l'.imily. .ll W, so - fXfliEiliQHN1!'GDM7iILfQlli3iIiD1E3fHMIIiIE5iINliQiIiNSS X , l"AC.UI.'I'Y ADVISERS Mr. Rhodes Nr. Iiurm Mr. Armstrong DIETAILS Miss R. Olivurrf Miss A. 'l1l'L'IU.liI1 CON'l'RIBU'l'ORS Lciurd Brown Rulli 'llilluy Clizint Wfriglmr ART WKJIKK Normdn Storey fflloru-ii Scl1i'.lm-- 1ir.1m'e5 Kerr PHOTOGRAPHIZR lNIcCQullough Studios IZNGRAVIZR Norrhgmvc Limited i1RiNTi2iz wiirii X Qur-sr Lui. isoomiwniziz Ansicy-Graphic I.rd. - dd 50 ,dd uiogra A FOND FAREWELL to our UNDERGRADUATES "Now the God of peace, that hrought again liroin the dead our Lord jesus, that great shep- herd of the sheep, through the hlood of the ever- lasting covenant. Klake you perfect in every good work to do His will, working in you that which is well pleasing in His sight, through jesus Christ: to whom he glory for ever and ever. .xxllltillfi llfhrfwf 135 20-21. 'l'Hli iIR.XlDL',iX'l'INLI CIUXSS. .,.53,,, I,'UiYGR,l7'l 'l,.-l7'lO.N'.S' TU THIRD YEAR Ori: l'iz.xx'1fi:s CIuXYi'i'1i Yoi "Uh C Soil, who tloeth :ull things well. Clrziiit this our eziriiest plea, Kluitle Thou 'l'hy St'l'X'fII1IS' footsteps CD11 lzmtl :intl 011 the sea. .Xml wlien storms are raging, .Xml lvillows heating high, lo lhee, the Rock of ,Xges Our Saviour, may they lly. 'lho' tlistzuiee will separate us, XYithiu the coming days, 'llhy lvlessiiigs, lleaveiily l"ather, Un lliird-Year' Class. we pray." "7'f1i' Lord Tl'Ilft'!l llfltzwfzl mf' and ffnw' fc'f1i'n :cw fm' alfxfnf our from afzoflzwrf Cleiiesis 31: 49. SFCOX I7-YILXR CIMXSS sggw TO THE GRADUATING CLASS WE WOULD: That you with us could always remaing That we might inherit the worth of your nameg That you continue Christ to proclaimg That we shall always do the same. WE THANK YOU: For your example, greatly clialleiigiiiiug l"or the banner you lqept llyingg lfor pleasant words of welcome and greetingg For the quiet testimony of Christ's saying. WE PRAY: That your ministry will he rich and powerlulg That Christ's loye will he most meaningful: That your efforts will he yery fruitful 3 That your testimonies will he exceeding joyful. "Y'hf Loral hlfys Ihff, aml h'I'i'fJ Iliff, Thr Lora' malef his fare Jhinf upon Ihff, azzfl bf grafious 1111140 Ihffq Thf Lord lifI up his coznzffzmzlff upon 1'lII'I', and gief Ihff pfflrff' Numlwers 6: 2-l-26 l"rom: I'RlCl'IXR,X'l'ORY CLASS .x l"lRS'l' YICAR. A-GI SUDAN INTERIOR MISSION Cf1'l11'1'1lf l7ir1'1i111' H111111' l71'1'1'1'l111' R1-11, II, XX'. IiI,XX'If.XIIC 1511,XI,.X1IH,x1:11111'11 .X1'1'ic11 .'1 I,111511s1 SL. XI111111'11w, I'g1, I'.XX.XIPI.XN HIf.XIM,jL'.XIi'I'ICIiS I NIIIQII SI' XIIQS IIIi.XI7I.jI'.XIi'I'IiIiS '!I'3 Nt I cwrffc NI I11r1111111 .1, II111:11'111 I1IXX1'sI 1I1I1b1,.X1-xx h4YI'Ii 222, XMI Y11rI ..1,... ,N1'1'1'1'l111'.1--Ii11'., IQ II, 111,111 I4 ,N'1'1'1'.'l111'1' IQ111 VI. Il, I'IiIII'X 514.141 1x1. '1 III' I 111:11 1x1 ADEN, ANGLO-EGYPTIAN SUDAN, ETHIOPIA, FRENCH WEST AFRICA, NIGERIA We Need: Evangelists ChiIdren's Workers Bible Teachers Printers Pharmacists MW, gh We Need: Doctors. Nurses Teachers and Other Professional Personnel IS HE WAITING FOR YOU? II 11111 Iucl I1111'1I111u1I I111' the Inq 111 1X11111.1. -III grunt c111111111ss11111, please write 111 any 111' IIIL' 11I111x'c 11I'I11'1-4, I11f111'111:1I11111 XVIII Im' Send Ior our Iree bi-monthly 1I XXIIXIIII l'11II'1I XIIIII' wII2lI'L' 111' IIII' gIz11IIyg1x'c11, 111' SIRI, IIIL'I'2IIIII'C wut. FRENCH IIUUIILIUI I893 Ivy R. V. Iiingham The Sudan Witness Supple-meni as x HAVE YOU CONSIDERED EUROPE? 400,000,000 non-Protestants in the unevangelized countries of Europe are in need of the gospel, 20,000 DIE DAILY in the unevangelized countries of Europe They die without Christ and Without hope. THE EUROPEAN CHRISTIAN MISSION has been laboring in Europe since 190-'1 Many thousands of souls have been born again, has established TWO BIBLE SCHOOLS since the close ol World War ll, and is planning to establish others. HELP NEEDED NOW God-called, Spirit-lilled workers for strategic positions must be prayed for, raised up, and sent forth Financial support for the program of relief and evangeliiation must be mains tained and increased. EUROPEAN CHRISTIAN MISSION 32 Roxborough Street East 1101 East 35th Street Toronto 5. Ontario Brooklyn 10, New York G P Rand, President HAVE YOU READ IT? THE PROPHETIC WORD A magazine that brings monthly blessing into the home Its articles are helpful, prayerful, Scriptural, I-Iighly commended by Christian leaders in different counf tries, Copy sent on request. One dollar a year. Write to: 32 Roxborough St. East, Toronto 5, Ontario. "WE CAN NEVER REPAY YOU!" Thus spoke a lewess at the close of a visit paid to her home by two of our missionaries, In a time of sorrow her heart had been comforted by the coming of the two workers, The children had been reached through the meetings held in the Reading Room, the parents were reached through visitation in the home. The hearts of parents and children were hungry for Gods Word. lewish hearts are open to-day. Laborers must be sent forth. Now is the time to increase our witness to them in Canada, America, and Europe. NATIONAL IEWISH MISSION 32 Roxborough Street East 1101 East 35th Street Toronto 5, Ontario Brooklyn 10. New York Legg-- ..f s 6, I im. W K -I A. A "I found Christ because some ot Toronto Bible Colle-ge's graduates came to Africa with the Gospel. There is room tor many more." AFRICA STILL NEEDS CHRIST Giwi SUDAN UNITED MISSION REV. JOHN RUSSELL, Secretary 73 ADELAIDE ST. W. SUNRISE GOSPEL HOUR Toronio I, Oniario Calgary, Alberia 89 OUINCY ST. Brooklyn 5, New York ' 15 4 if " Ti-. ' il' In 0 0 0 In vf. V- J, 5 "" ' fi' ' I.. , wr gi v " ' ' 4 Q 'THIS DOORS Ami STILI. cwlix 'ru I ,., I ' --" TI-Ili PRHAC HING OF 'I4HIi GOSIJI1. I r g I 'Y ' " I ' THI: I3I1OPI.Ig ARI: BIORI, RISPONY iw ,N 1 , ,,l'jj', V -Y X 5 SIVIZ TO Tl-Ili GOSPEL lNIIiSSAGIf f 'K I W ,wiki v ' .- I THAN EVER' ' NYE ARE wnrhny new rnissnwnarru .nnl calling for more SIIIQIC nun .IIILI Wm nu-n and IU.lll'1CLI Couples. ' Now upemtrng mn Brhlc schools rn rrutin n.1rix'u Pl'C.ICIICI'Sf-UIIL' is IUNI nuwly opened in North Imlin. .inning Wu new nr 1.1n.ngcs 'nr Lua IA ' Pl ,V I I t I l 1 tutc clnlllrcn in North India, in .uhlition In our tour III South lmlm. ' Occupying new .n'c.1s .lml IWLIIIKIIIIIL naw huildinggs hcsldcs lU.lII1l.1II1Il1g our regu- lar work. 1 1. ., . 21 4 THEREFORE . . WE CONTINUE TO ADVANCE The witness CUIIIIIILIUS In go out tu many tlwusamls of Hrndus and lXIuslc1ns lI1l'Ul1gIl frnlhful, sglcrihcing CI1l'ISII.1I1 Nun 41 n LI XYIUIUUII CEYLON AND INDIA GENERAL MISSION Cannclinn Ofhcc: Room 205, 169 Yonge Street, Toronto, Omnrin XY'1'ite for Free Literature And FLIFIIWCI' lnfm'm.1tinn 67- ' .. 258 llHlIm511D1mm: llF1QIlP6llV H GIIUIHUIEB Woman EMM 1118994 f-D IILSEMLQIH 'V THE PEOPLES CHURCH 100 Bloor Street East - - Toronto, Ont. DR. OSWALD J. SMITH, Pastor DR. P. W. PHILPOTT, Associate Pastor Attention, Prospective Missionaries! A course you cannot afford to miss. Designed especially for YOU. Instruction and practical experience in the rudiments of Infectious, Tropical and Childrens Diseases, Surgery, Obstetrics, Hygiene, Sanitation, Dental Erner- gencies, Eye, Nose and Throat Diseases, etc. V Enables you to protect your own health and care for co-workers in sickness. Opens hearts and doors to the Gospel. ' ul am made all things to all men, that l might by all means save some." -I Cor. 9: 22. MISSIONARY HEALTH INSTITUTE ilncorporatedl 305 Sheppard Avenue West - Lansing, Ontario HYland 5538 -ggn Keeping the Gospel Pre-Eminent qi.-,?.,u l- -Q:-1 T " ---X! N ' iolqfSIREIIMlS-:Q I1 1 896 R W' 1 949 i ri. eil l -, Lf i - . 'T?.LE?jr - -lg , . UNM -- - A g l l ol 1 l y .-. .1 .N I 2 55' 'K ' ' i'. --- L i w..--L- -Z-, , Y -.Ll Fifty-Three Years ol Daily Gospel Ministry 'co the Poor and Needy YONGE STREET MISSION ANDREW CHISHOLM, Supl. 381 Yonge Sf., Toronio Spare Not.. .EnIarge. . . Lengthen . . . Strengthen The Sum Mission 'in the henit of .1 60,000 Ulcxxisli p41pul.1t1un, SLIl'lULllMlL'Ll hy mnnemus Synngogues, jewish Cafes, RCSl.lLll'.lI1lN, Clubs, Factories .inrl organ- ization The centre uf fnnuticisni and unbelief. Here we have raised our Ebenezer. XVQ need your prayers and your support as never hefnre. Send your lilhes .Ind offerings tu: The Scott Mission, Inc. MW Zlza yyylyvvu V I byyl y U "a,fmwz,u m...,.,..N., , Y ' " 'YY' REV. MORRIS ZEIDMAN, B.D., Ph.D. - 502 Spadina Ave., Toronto 4, Ont UNEVANGELIZED FIELDS MISSION, INC, 125 Missionaries aided by 200 Nationals, Evangelists, Pastors, Teachers, Nurses, Doctors, Printers, ministering to 23 tribes in 10 languages. FIELDS-BRAZIL, BELGIAN coneo, HAITI, w.i., PAPUA Thousands reached regularly with the Gospel. Literature gladly sent. MISSION HOMES AND OFFICES 1150 North 63rd Street 18 Howland Avenue Philadelphia 31, Pa. Toronto 4, Canada REV. E. J. PUDNEY, Gen. Secretary Member Mission - l.F.M.A. SPAIN The Spaniards have not yet received the Gospel. There are 128.000.0130 people in Spain, and only 7,000 of them have professed to have accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour. Why so few? Because, unfor- tunately, Spain has been spiritually negzlected. Through its unique ministry the SPANISH CHRISTIAN MISSION is endeavoring' to evangelize Spain. At present 22 fully or partially supported native missionaries are giving' the Gospel to the Spaniards. Many more workers are needed. The Christians in Spain are passing through great trials and persecutions. Some have even been killed by servants of the Roman Church ---the church that controls every corner ot' the Spanish Iife. Pray for the evangelization of Spain. Help in this faith and non- denominational ministry. . Xlillniut charge a copy of SPAINGRAMS will he sent to you upon request. A PRAVING FELLOVVSHIP OF BFLIFVER5 FOR THE MINISTRY IN SPAIN I SP2-INISH CHRISTIZIN MISSION North Ann-rit-an Iltmlqrizirti-rs Ilr. Zaearias P. Carles, Founder and Iliret-tor 3 Hillsboro Avenue - - Toronto 5. Ontario. Canada 70 THE UPPER CANADA BIBLE SOCIETY Auxiliary to The British and Foreign Bible Society The British and Foreign Bible Society was founded in London in ISU-1 "to encourage a wider circulation ofthe Holy Scriptures without note or comment," for every man in his mother tongue. At the time of the Society's foundation Holy Scripture had been translated into only 72 languages. The Society has now circulated Scripture in over 780 languages, and in normal times distributes over ten million copies annually. The Upper Canada Bible Society was founded in ISIS to do the work of the British and Foreign Bible Society in the Province of Ontario. lr employs tive colporteurs within its territory and circulated last year over IO-1.000 copies of Scripture in 43 languages. Besides providing for its own undertakings, it shares in the world-wide work by con- tributions to the Parent Society, and by the support of some 25 colporteurs in foreign lands. To lceep pace with growing demands and to make use of larger opportunities the Society seeks an increase in its membership. Contributions in aid of its work. and enquiries regarding membership and Scripture supplies, may be sent through any local branch or to THE UPPER CANADA BIBLE SOCIETY Bible House - - I4 College Street, Toronto 2 POWER HOUSES Bible Society Depots in many lands are Power Houses generating Divine energy in the translation and circulation of the Holy Scriptures. It that supply tails, it will mean a spiritual blackout tor thousands of men and women in lonely places in the World. The only hope for this poor, wounded and wayward world lies in the Gospel of Iesus Christ. the divine revelation enshrined in the pages oi the Bible, We need your help to enable us carry on the vital message, abroad, in the Dominion among displaced persons now making Canada their home. Contributions gratefully received by your local auxiliary. The BRITISH AND FOREIGN BIBLE SOCIETY in Canada and Newfoundland Central Office: 122 Bloor St. W., Toronto 5 -71- THE CHILD EVANGELISM FELLOWSHIP of Ontario C alled into being and dedicated to the purpose that every child in this generation shall hear the gospel. E ver working toward our objective through the Good News Home Bible Clubs, Open Air Evangelism, Teacher Training and the promotion ot all evangelical effort among the children. Fervently praising God that He has raised up thousands ot friends who, through their daily prayers and consistent giving, have made this vital ministry possible. 0 For further information write: Russell G. Flaxman, '48 229 Yonge St. Director Toronto, Ontario T01110ff0W'S Leadefy now in High Schools, Universities, Teachers .intl Nurses Training Schools are being reachetl to-tiny for Christ through the Inter-Varsity Cfhristian Fellowship. Eleven start members rite on the field to .issist students in Bible study, prayer meetings, missionary .intl expingelistic programmes. A summer eimp progmmine h.1s been esiablishett: Pioneer Camps t'or'High Sthool stutlents in Onmrio, Manitotmi and Alberta .intl C.lIHPLlS-iI'l-Il1L'-xY7OOtlh in Northern Ontario for University stutlents, This stutlent work is not supported by .tn endowment or lin.1nci.1l gu.ir.intee . . . tontrihutions ot' C.hristi.1n men and women .ire the sole means of support. Prim' for the Inter'V.1rsit' Christian Fellowshiw. Monthly wrrivcr l . . hulletins are .lY.lIl.lI'3lL' on request, INTER-VARSITY CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP so sr. MARY smear - ronomo, om. we 72 fs ,fri T94 YOURS.. dang for the asking i wr., X ,iciifgfxjy g This valuable catalogue of the BEST T tlvx A gm 5 l in Christian Literature, Church an 3,6553 . ggi Sunday School Supplies. 5225 li g 3 A T we-rf' I T s F R E E .--- L 1:4 EVANGEUCBQ Write For Your Copy To-clay! EVANGELICAL PUBLISHERS 366 BAY STREET - TORONTO I, CANADA CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATING CLASS OF 1949 50 EUSTON AVE. TORONTO 6 - ONTARIO - Tel.: GL. 5153 o Operated for the purpose ol supplying the very best in Christian literature and Sunday School material Bibles - New Testaments - Devotional and Study Boolcs - Missionary Stories ancl Biographies - Gospel Music - Greeting Cards for every occasion. o I e or Phone for efficient, courteous service. E possible effort will be made to very till your requirements. The Christian Life Series Sunday School Literature, Quarterlies ancl Papers Following the International Uniform Lesson Topics Including an Advanced Quarterly A pl 1 A ll I ent to :mv 'iumlav School Official questmg sample Address UNICN GQSPEL PRESS BOX 6059 EX. - - CLEVELAND I, OHIO no DW "That I may know Him, and the power of His res- surrection, and the fellowship of His sufferings, being made conformable unto His death." Philippians 3: 10 I Emmaus BIBLE School AFTER GRADUATION - Continue the good work. Commencement comes at the close ol school life, but at the beginning of life's work. Continued studies by Correspondence will hr:-Ip you to maintain the good worlr already done and increase in usefulness for the Lord. You may talre individual courses as below, or enroll lor a year's study and talre as many as you can carry. IN No. I GROUP- Messianic Psalms, Personal Evangelism. IN No. 2 GROUP- Old Testament Survey No. I and No. 2, Primary Truths, Person and Worlc ol the Holy Spirit, Child Study, Pedagogy, Sunday School Worlx, Homrletics, Christian Missions. IN No. 3 GROUP- New Testament Survey, Epistle to the Hebrews, IN No. 4 GROUP- Epistle to the Romans, Topical Studies. IN No. 5 GROUP- New Testament Greelc. Individual Course prices on request. Tl-ie annual registration lee is six dollars. Write to EMMAUS BIBLE SCHOOL, EMMAUS BIBLE SCHOOL, Sl Harcourt Ave., 69O'2 South Normal Blvd., Toronto 6, Ont. Chicago QI, lll. ,I .-f l 'ir f 'ms EVANGELIZING the woRLD with the WORD of GOD ' At home unrl znlwozul ilu-rv is ai rlumzmrl for rho Scriplllro ol' Truth such as has IIQVCI before been upproacherl. Klultiturles nl' rwwiy literate people are stwtcliiriu' out eager hands for the Word. ' A single Gospel or a c'z11'el'ully chosen st-lucLion of Scriptures, pix-paliul in attractive form, will ottvn servo as ax "nail in il sure plzruc-" long' :iftm-i' the livzirnuolist hue pnssvrl on. - I'.IltIllll'll'S :irc invitorl lr-om fhristinn worlu-rs iritr-it-slvil in llzl.NH5.,-Xl, l'.X.XINl.l',l,- ISM Wl'l'll 'l'lIl'l WORD tbl" llllll. SCRIPTURE GIFT MISSION 502 Bathurst Street. Toronto l Headquarters: London, England RA. S135 ' News Bulletin free on clemunrl to any who pray. u.-me MOUNT PLEASANT ROAD BAPTIST CHURCH ,llomfl l'Ir'1l.vl11f Ifoott lllltl lfrlxfiz' lirfvr' 'AIIULIIINH FORTH THE IVOIZII OF Ll1'Il',"' RICY. W. N. t'lI.KRI,'I'tkN, I':istor WICIDNICSDAY Sl'NlJAY . , 8.00 p.in.-I'rayer and Illhle Study 0.115 41.111,-Iiihlc School lf' R I DA Y ll.00 a.ni.-Morning' Service , W , 1 , 7.00 p.m.-Happy Hour for Boys and Girls 1.00 p.ln.--Iuvcning Service H.00 p.m.-Young: I'e0plc's Society ,A rw - v - . ,-I lillrlf' ll'lll'IllIljl, tlospcl lIl't'llt'Illlltj flzmrlr II'l'fh Il l"1'if'nrU11 II'4'll'Hlll0 for .Ulf "Thr C'l1n1'rh with flu' l,i1'fHy1 ,Ilwxsfryc of flu' l,iz'iny t'l:1'isf" Philpott Tabernacle Park and Merrick Streets in Hamilton. Ontario REV. PICTER IIOUGENDANI, Th.Ii. 'l'h.NI. Hamilton's Gospel Centre with a World-wide Program Hur Young' I'coplc arc serving in many parts ol' thc world and we maintain the support of twenty missionaries in CHINA -INDIA - AFRICA - SOUTH AMERICA BRITISH WEST INDIES-HOME FIELDS We covet Q1 plum- in your interest and intercession. When in Ilziniilton come and fellowship with us. - 757 COME TO THE PEOPLES CHURCH SUNDAY SCHOOL THE PEOPLES CHURCH - 100 BLOOR ST. E. Classes for All Ages Beginners to Adults, Sunday Morning at 9 45 Bethany Girls' Class at 4,15 If I.. KLEMIVI, Supl "The Fiiendly School wiih a Missionaiy Vision' SECOND MARKHAM BAPTIST CHURCH STOUFFVILLE, ONT. celebrated TUU years ot active work for the Lord We reioice in the recent Caiiipaigii and fimxse tiie Lit-it lair tlie iesiilts REV. NORMAN ROWAN IMMANUEL A s M J .A :FIX-wi P KiT7l 4 BAPTIST ,ii . at s ,i it f Toronto 1-b Centrally located at Wellesley and jarvis Sts. Welcomes You To EVANGEUCAL Services That Are VVQRSHTPFUL MISSIONARY MISSIONARIES ON FOREIGN FIELDS BOLIVIA: Miss Jean Pyper, R.N. IT.B.C. Graduate '26l Canadian Baptist Mission-La Paz, Bolivia. PERU: Miss Anne G. Soper, R,N. lT,B.C. Graduate '36l Founder and Field Director Peruvian Inland Mission, now affiliated with the Regions Beyond Missionary Union. CONGRATULATIONS TO 1949 GRADUATES Rev. and Mrs. D. A. Timpany lGraduates '32 and '33l -- 77 m, QMD Clllllmllllio GUIIF 0lll4llHllllE5 llglfljlllolllglllbllulellld Mr. Bob Allan, '50 Mrs. M. Scott Miss Alice Tremain, '43 Miss Ruth Oliver, '44 Miss Sylvia 'Smith, 1 '45 Miss Ann Mutkala, '48 This Book is allectionately dedicated, in sincere appreciation of their faithful service and constant expenditure of time and strength in the interest of the whole student body, by the Graduating Class of i Forty-nine. ,age X TORONTO BAPTIST SEMINARY 337 Mavis smear - rononro 2 f lr i l' SI'Ilr.Ll S l3:e,..if'r.t A egg ' it Irie lf'rg-fiifvfu .ncwidiiig the Doctrinal Sta i :riff S-'Azura will be :ent on . ,quasi SCHOOL 'l'lIExM 19-1'1'19bli J uri .il 51.11-:.':a lvl i.,i1- ether Lf Lest-. 1 i COMRADES Godspeed as you go - "Forward with Christ" Your Executiv G GREETINGS To all TBC. Missionaries at Home and Abroad "He Goeth Before" MISSIONARY COMMITTEE 1949 CHURCH OF CHRIST llfeele and Annettel Sunday-I0 a.m., Il a.m. and 7 p.m. Wednesday-8 p.m. A Warm Welcome To All T 3 C Siudents and Friends L. F. HUSTLER, Pastor SLAVIC MISSIONARY SOCIETY lonnerly The Russian Missionary Society Inc Conducts an evangelical ministry among the Slavic races numbering over 200 million, Maintains an Orphanage in Poland, Broadcasts to Slavs in North and South Aniericag Prints and distributes Scriptures and tracts to Slavs all over the world, Sends regular relief to refugees in Europeg Supports missionary pastors and evangelists in Poland, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, Denmark, Sweden, France, Uruguay, the Argentine, etc, S.M.S. CANADIAN HEADQUARTERS I52 Eglinton Ave. E. - Toronto, Oni. The Avenue Road Church Toron'to's Centre of Sane, Aggressive Evangelism Rev l, D Carlson, Minister YOUTHLAND SERVICES--MONDAY, 8.00 P.M. 78 Eemfivlh iHHe1nnrial Qlhurrh RITV. If, Ci, III 5 SUNDAY SFIIY If,If5 Sumlzu' Sclwiil IIX. IJJNIUI' 1 9.-iw .i.m XY'urship ll,HU .i,m. Ifwingcliitic 'UU P-H14 XVICISK NIGHT SERVICES Tuusmlny Pruning Prayer Service 1-i.1mp,m, 'I'hursilily Fvcning Young Pcnplck 8.00 p.n1. A XX'IiI.CUIXII7 AXYAIIS YOI HOPE GOSPEL CHURCH AsSoC1ATED Qosmio CHURCHES 1992 Yonge Street - Toronto Rex' 77 I' Fafoini 'IQIHI-jE1.ifC' 9 Xgxooe 69 we ' W Cx' .. , ft C, C099 9696 C335 Miss lql1llIFdlCOT1IDTId.QJ9 Mr. Bill Crump f : " fix, '.-:T:.,: fir. '1 rrfyaciw 'lie J ,iv PM If . r,. An: If I am w I wat' flhiati ' H I L L C R E S T Church of Christ lDisciplesl vAuc-HAN ROAD and HELENA Nlinisler: Rex. Neil Crawford ulwlii Xlforsliip - I 1.00 A.M Tim PM ,Y.If. - NI3 PM You are cordially welcome! SILVERTHORN BAPTIST CHURCH Rowntree Ave. at Silverthorn Minister: REV. ALVA S. ROBLIN - Phone: HU. 7228-MU. 6372 Sunday Services at Il Alvi and 7 PM, Personal Counselling by Appointment The Dignity of Worship and the Warmth ol Evangelism -,79,, The Senior Christian Endeavour Society OI Zion Evangelical United Brethren Church, Rodney, Ont. Nlinislcr: 'l'IIIi RICY. I". l'Al'I. ICRIS. IIA., Il.'I'h., '36 lixtc-ml l'lIIlIS'l'IAN GIIICICTINGS TU TIIIC CLASS UI" '-lil '-Tl.. fp,-W. ..f mf 1,..,'.1 .mm wfnfxf ..,f.1 fn. l,.,,-. My mul, .ml mr lfwlf.,,.N.w1.f,. ,WI 1-.mm uf Ihr llnIlfNpr1fl, In with :nw ull. Annu." II Cnr. Ili: ll, CLASS OF '49 and ' O Best Washes to C' f ,4 College St. Baptist Church a SS O 9 College at Palmerston From one oi '39 0 THE MOUNT DENNIS BAPTIST CHURCH Weston Reed at Sunnybrae Crescent mzv. MALCOLM F. MORDEN. Pastor "HOLDING FORTH THE WORD OF LIFE" Week Night W lLOfd'S Dag A FRIENDLY WELCOME 2.5.1251 - Tuesgay Orsmip, 11. 0a.m. . .. . - ues ay Bible School. 3.00 pm. AWAIT5 YOU" Prayer - wednesday Gospel, 7.00 p.m. Juniors - Friday CONORATULAHONS TO THE GRADUATING CLASS CONGRATULATIONS TO GRADUATES OF 1949 VERDUN BAPTIST CHURCH Sezvxces Sunday, II UU 5 ID - 7 OU p rn Bxble School--3 UO p III Monday, B OU p m 7 -Young Peoples Wednesdays, B OU pm -Prayer and Bible Study For 40 ye-ar.: fin.: church haf: been dedmcatod tO Missionary Endeavour, Bible Teaching and Soul Winnlng A Friendly Vlelcome AWGIIS Ycu REV. I.. E. IONES. Paslor Y SU- - Young Man or Young Woman Ruluircd Ivy old qst.1IwI1sl1uI IDLIIWIISII- :ng House to rirszrrlmm rclrgmus lur- cmruru IIT their spurt IIIIILL Iixrcp- rrormlly Inge emmmssiom, splemlid opporrunrry' ru Lununuf your mmm' mg, XY"rnm NOXY' for further Imm- klII.lI'5. DOMINION BOOK and BIBLE HOUSE 60 FRONT ST. WEST - TORONTO I T U N E I N C H U M SUNDAYS X I-I.30 T Rev. I. Scott fs HOUSE 'TT Ti-If Un EIFTTHFLA Q ff SOULQS fr HOME FAFT 'TF I.fITS9T'FffQf Forward Baptist Church l89I GERRARD ST. EAST - TORONTO S T. J A M E S PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH rI'Ul'uI1lu STOUFFVILLE MEMORIAL CHURCH lucv. x:L'ss1c1,1, sm.:-'. rm., NI.'I'h. Srm1.Q 1mfrmffrflfrlfmrw A Frzlrcxlmm' ffm! lgffff II'1'.wlrf.w FAMILY Illmlfmffm lfruxlx rl. Nll'IR IxIRlx , . NIIIIISICI' wrirvmrris wr' Mennonite , - - Comphments Gospel Mission QI74 DANFORTH AVE. t0 fhe Tin' C'l11r1'4'l1 'IUIIUIAL' ,ww Graduating Class Tw! ul IIUIIII' Sunday School - I I a.m. Of '49 CI1urcI1Servuce 1 7 p.m. Mid-week Prayer Service Wednesday, S p.m. REV. E. I.. McDOWELL Belgian Gospel Mission Congratulations to the Graduating Class ot '49 RIN' H F5 Ii0I,I.MAII STOUFFVILLE UNITED MISSIONARY CHURCH Stouffvillc, Ont. Canadian Baptist Seminary 1B9l Gerrard St. East Toronto 8, Ont. HITV I SCQTT, I3 TI1, Cimirzii 11 REV G BROWN, A A, Ilfian SENDING SQWN 6004? AFRICA KY MGIW ? GOD'S ' ' LA -X! Xx f ,V Z MESSAGE fi 5 South Africa General Mission 4,0 Sb 14 P k R d G. N. ELLIOT, Secretary T X WERE IT NOT FOR THE Shantymen's Christian Association Of North Ann-riui I'i'L-.niiiiig Christ .intl Him cruutiui In th-,sc otiiciwvisu unrcacliui. tlwus.1niIs of mcn in IumI'wr, n ini iiilxxi mini gg . t . .y camps would mwcz' Iic.ii' the Gospel. In .LII xxuillici' our twcnly inissinngiiwcs nmiic long, Imtd I--iirncys In win msn, w-mu-11 .ind cI1iIiI1'cn ot uvcry n.1tiun.1I1ty. CUIIII' .ind Croc-QI in uvcty provimc ot C.lI1.1xItl .is wall .is in thc Kcnuicky .Ami Omrk ihilIllIll.liI1S. XX c PAY rriiwutc ri- thu splcmini wixicc rcmicreti by ylilll studt-nts .ind scnti Special grcctings in tI1uCir.nIu.ir1ng C,I.iss ot 1010 366 BAY STREET TORONTO. ONTARIO. CANADA Congratulations Graduating Class MISSION GARDENS S. E. Thomas FROM THE MISSION GARDENS TO THE MISSION FIELD Congratulations to our Minister Vurnon McDorm.m1I- - 19,19 Glen jones - - - 1951 Lc.1l1 johnson e - 1952 Irwin CHURCH OF CHRIST QDiscipIcsI WINGER - ONT. FIRST AVENUE BAPTIST CHURCH House of Friendship To All Nations lMissionl 209 KING ST. EAST Kitchener, Ont. rlrw-: ii-'Ariitriirrieszzorifril SERVICES Sunday, ll.3O a.m. For transients Sunday, 3 p.m, Public Service Tuesday, 8 p.m. Prayer Meeting Direclor: Rev. Joseph Cramer Missionary: Miss llda Bauman Social Worker: Miss Ruby Dellweiler "Vu iff' llll'l'4'l-HIA1' rrrrrl fwrrrlr 1 1rll,'N'4rflnirs." First Avenue at Boulton Tt,r,,..ro, REV. FRANK RICE, B.A.. B.D. M1 Extends Christian Greetings and Congratulations to the Class ol '49 Gninrzfr WESTON BAPTIST CHURCH Pastor: REV. A. G. GREER, B.A. T 2 f' wry f r Congratulations and best wishes lor God's continued blessing on Bill Rogers' graduating this year. Sincere Congratulations to Helen Durrant and Evelyn Wallace r,-, 4, r1'rJ.Il .iff Rural Life Missions Inc. A: lr."1 1'-r. 'r.:.rrri'1:rZ'r 1. l".'frr.Jofr"'ri Firth l.lV'rn OUH AIM Ti glorrtw' Gifl OUR MFTHOTP Taking 'ne Gospel to Plural Area.: MISS MAE BROOKS Hagersvrlle, Oni. REV. FRED SWALLOVN' 24 Howard Park Ave., Toronto, Onl. To To Tir To TH A MACEDONIAN CALL "C'rrnrr' nrrfr rrirrl lrwlp rm." prvach the Gospel nf our' l.or'rl Jesus Christ to the lr-pr-rs: provrrlc shelter, fimrl, clothing. anrl mr-ilical twzrtriieritg rescue thi-ir' healthy chilrlreng help stamp out lr-pi-rrsy around the win-lrl. Such is thc Gofl-commissiom-rl task nt' E MISSION TO LEPERS Intr-rnatirrrial --- Interdenominational 366 BAY STREET - - TORONTO 1, ONTARIO REV. G. H. KING. Secretary u, g3,- Home Evangel Book Shop 418 Church St., Toronto, Canada - Phone: ELgin 2815 BIBLES, HYMN BOOKS EXPOSITORY BOOKS, TRACTS, REWARD BOOKS WALL MOTTOES, PERMASTONE PLAQUES, CALENDARS GREETING CARDS, SUNDAY SCHOOL SUPPLIES Ask lor our 1949 Catalogue The Scriprurt- Unimi prfmintus the prayerful and svstcniativ reading of the Bihle, which is the hrst step towards bevniuing a Bible Student and Tuarher. The Scriprure Union provides a consecurivr' scheme of study which imparts an afturat and thorough knowledge of thc Bible. The Scriplure Union provides various helps ln- wards the understanding of the portions to he read: suth as "Daily Notes," "Daily Bread." etc. All these helps may be regarded as thoroughly reliable. The Scripture Union Costs LESS than two cent per week. Membership and Notes, 85 cents per annum, The Scripture Union has an infiuenve upon which the sun never sets, The Cards are printf ed in ninety different languages. and thc num ber of members is about one million. Enquiries rniiverniiig the work. Scripture Union publications and inrminp, of branches will be cordially received. THE SCRIPTURE UNION :zo sr. Muzi' ST. . 'i'oRuN'm. UNT. REV. ti. VY. J. GRHGSON Vzunrirlizin lh'pn-senlzitive lLVERTHORN'S PIRITUAL ANCTUARY "Where there is neither Greek nor Jew, Barbarian or Scy- thian, bond or Iree, but Christ is all and in aII." United Brethren in Christ tir.1nr unto thy SCYY.ll1lS, that with .1II hultlmws they m.iy slit-.ik thy word," Paismr: VIAMIZS li. XYIIAN CHRISTIAN BOOK ROOM 853 Bloor Street West iJust west of Shaw SLI Toronto 4, Ontario Phone: LO. 3037 BIBLES - SUNDAY SCHOOL SL'I'l'LIES - HYMN BOOKS Sound Christian iJit9l'2ltll1'6 - Gospel Tracts YOU'1.L GET A HEARTY WELCOME CENTRAL TECHNICAL SCHOOL BIBLE CLASS lnvllu you in lt- HVENING STLIJY MEETINGS Third Sulurmlny lixellillpz uf liuvh Month at 7.30 u'Clm'k II1'ip:I1tSl1uu1n:, lull-1'ewl1m,: Sluilii N Iluppy I"i'lI4m'Nhl1i I'i:l1'IlYnv-1'IlIl1J ix qui!" ilnI'i:rm:lI ziml ix hvlil in Xorml-ni:-H I14-nw limliiiiw- ill' RUSS PENN.-L President 600 Concord Ave. VERNA KELSO, SOJCYQIZJVF. ME. 6775! T31 Manning Axe, CHRISTIE STREET BAPTIST Christie Sheet X Iiuplixl 4II1urrI1 with a Hililv Ili:'Lit'IlIIl mm:-lry. I-mlvamiiiig li. pruimitf- Num Svriplurul f-xungvli-m INIIII ul Imxnv an .1I1 .1 I. xlamliug um1u.1IihfwIIy up--n II: Hililw .15 ilu' lm'll.lllI. IIIILIIIIIIII' mul Ill-Ill! 1'4I XXUIAI HI 1.1--I. lim! ll l.NlI4'N In lfn' ,Nllnlwfllx :mil lhrifflnllmhu Ilan l'UNGR.K'l'l'l,.X'l'lUNS IU llllu ILASS Ulf' lf!-ISI FRONT 'I'HlC YUl'NG l'l-I1ll'l,l'I'S DliI'.XR'I'NIlCN'l' THE PEOPLES CHURCH - TORONTO i'll4'y:'xf1'1l1I!1lxf, rfnmuf'1'uI aff, 4llll'1l!lN irlmffmllmf in fin nwulf ffl fllrI,m1I" l V1 1' li' HN XM' vm-vi 1-vvrx' Nlmulu' :it S pm, Congratulations Hearty Congratulations to 'O MISS LILLIAN DODHAM GLEN NIZWSON and all the members of an THE GRADUATES OF 1949 EBENEZER PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH CSouth Lutherl - GRAND VALLEY, ONT. REV H K CASLOH, BA the Graduating Class WOODBINE HEIGHTS BAPTIST CHURCH "i'.':fg ill-1:1-3 and Sammon Avea W REV. A. de V. HUNT Mxnintar IVITH TIIE f'O.ll1'LI,llIf.YTS OI" Tlllp' .-l.lI1i1.klSSA1l0IZ JI.-ILE SIXHIJRS ANI! THE AMIIASSAINJIZ L.lIIl' SINHERS IIYIIII. l Hu-mxlr Y- limrtm- UONGRATUI,ATIONS CONGRATULATIONS To CLASS OF ,bw The CRUSADER GRADUATING CLASS B O O K S H O P from 12107 Blom' Ht. W. 'l'UltUX'l'U The Broadcast Committee 'INN Wm ltmlx Congratulations to Grads of '49 . He Must Increase MOUNT PLEASANT ROAD BAPTIST YOUNG PEOPLE 'ln all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy path" o Vilwiafziv Meerzrig Fwdfiv B P M But I Must Decrease John 3: 30 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATES OF '49 From the Church in which Toronto Bible College began its gre-at work in l894l Walmer Road Baptist Church REV C HOWARD BENTALL, BA, BD, Pas::r REV DAVID B PHILLIPS B Jr" r -1- ' BD l O' i.. Czirxstxar LG O A . ,, .T'i!'9Cf ,vv "ll 4' l'l'l'lll'lI flirrsf f'1'11r'l'-ficfl Calvary Baptist Church Ontario and Locust Streets Burlington - Ontario JOHN JAMES ROBERTS, Pastor 1'miyrrlflrlufioils fo llzr' I law nl 111511 II C0l'lIltl'll2lIlS li: H Aggg KNOX CHURCH ispaaam. and Harbordl WELCOMES T.B.C. STUDENTS Make Knox Your Church Home While Away From Home Sunday 945 a in A-Bible School and Knot-1 Bible Class il 00 a 1:1 -Services of Worship-7 p in Monday E 00 V rw -f-Young Peoples Society Wednesday 8 00 p :ti -' lfno:-: Mid-week " Congralulatmns to Miss Lillian E. Dodham and all the Graduates of 1949 MR. and MRS. DODHAM and FAMILY Y.. A 'alll Congratulations to the Graduating Class of i949 MARION CROWLEY NEWBY Contralto Gospel Singer 5 ROOSEVELT RD. - TORONTO 6, ONT. GE. IO34 A Friendly Welcome Awaits You At OAKWOOD BAPTIST CHURCH Oakwood and Iesmond Aves. Pastor RFE' FIOBIIRT M GORDON Sunday Services li 00 a in flflorning Worzzhip 3.00 p ni,-Bilofe School fCla.4.:e.s for alll 7.00 I2 in ---Evangelistic Service Come and Share the Blessing! NOT ONE SINGLE BIBLE! NOT UNK 5lNCil.li lJvllil.lf 'ICO Hi BOl'GH'l"' is the :mist umniuimix plrmsc .inning Cl11'isti.zns in Germany. The E.l2.C,.. is Lllkltflillillltl to furnisli 20.000 Bilvlus fm Gospel work in Gcrnmny during rlw coming inuntlis. Wall you pixiy tlmt this may hc .iccoinplisliul f i' if t EUROPEAN EVANGELISTIC CRUSADE. INC. IANES A. STFXVART, Gcncxuil Director I l79 Delaware Ave. I39 Alfred St. Buffalo 9, N.Y. Sarnia, Ont. H57- C O E D I T O R I S IERNIIE 5'I'RONC1I'l'HARM CHRISTINE FERRIFR 1 I XY'II.I.IAM ROGERS C-EORGFTTE STEVENS CfLARI2NCIIf LOHNES Plmmgmplly Anlxcluxing Nxlwulprmm IZLSIE MATHEXVSON DAVID CAMERON LULITA KIiI.I.FY Secretary 'I4I'C.1NLlI'L'I' Typm Q7,, Th F 'th M' ' ' C d flncorporaiedl The para-nf tr4x,:.11Cr'm koqfrrx over xx:-:tj.' year: ago in Scotland, and now operate: 'fin'-at Brrtam, Ireland, South Atrrca and Canada It.: prrmarw' ohm-:f:'.'c 1:5 to preach 1 Gospel rn our rural areas and .small 192-mn, and on the keache-.s We are praymg for on frundr-id God-Coiled '2VClT1QQ11.41:1 and more prayer-he-lper: wh: wtlf back the work tv inet prayerg and mteresf. TEtC'1'IDif1IY1 .fif:'rTc:1rrqw-1" GENERAL HEADQUARTERS: 86 Woodlawn Ave. West. Toronto 5. Ont. I. ALLAN WALLACE General Supt. Klngsdale 4564 XVHEN IN GALT, ONT. Welcfrnle to Wforship DELTA PARK BAPTIST CHURCH DELTA PARK R. ff. PLANT, l3.Sc.. Minisur CASTLEFIELD BAPTIST CHURCH Just West of Yonge REV. H. F. NORDLUND RUTH TROYER, India T.B.C. Graduate Congratulations to Doreen Schram and A11 Graduates CONGRATULATIONS to RUTH, BARBARA, SHIRLEY and KAYE "As thou goes! step by step, I will open up thy way before thee." From t -Proverbs 4: 12. he Girls at 3681! . gg,, Whe11 You Want Your Dollar to Go Farther Call In and See EARLE POTTER CALL IN I cL.4s.s'1c.4L wo SEE oL'R wo COMPLETE RFLIGIUI 5 sTocK REPORDS OF X , - IV RECORDS STOCK if , RADIOS, REFRIGERATQRS, LU WASHERS and RANGES t IMMEDIATI-I DIELIYIERY Make Your Troubles Our l Pleasure to Serve You KET A-'Eg SERVICE ON ALL RADIO AND El,EC'l'RItIAl. APP! OPEN EVENINGS Potter Electric 81 Hardware 349 RONCESVALLES AVENUE I,Akeside 9110 -.. 9... .1 4, K JL, 'V 1 . xrPI"Le'ir ' -qigur 0,- '- fx I' P2 Fl , ' ,. 'fp 'fnvicffn e WE PRAY FOR SHOWERS OF BLESSING FOR THIS YEAR'S GRADUATES OF THE TORONTO BIBLE COLLEGE CANADIAN INSURANCE SERVICES HAROLD w, BICKERSTAFF, Manager noon sultomc . rnimss II75-76-77 Tonomo 5 "H It's Insurance We Have lt" 0 have graduated from this nohle institution, the Graduating Class and to those who may the great recompense that comes from de- votion to duty, be theirsg and may their calling and the duties it entails always be a source of joy and peace to them, and to those to whom they minister. The Rexall Drug Store in your Community always stands ready to serve you in sickness and in health. The most impor- tant part of their service is PRESCRIPTIONS-only quali- hed pharmacists do the compounding. Remember - Rexall for reliability - accuracy - service and courtesy. YOUR REXALL DRUGGISTS A ood. Compliments of ORTHGRAVE LIMITED ART - PHOTOGRAPHY ENORAVINOS - STEREOS ELECTEOS - MATS 129 ADELAIDE STREET WEST TORONTO PLaza 1921 I-IAEAMOIJT' MOTEL CV N fi? . Hemtzrnan Hall M- W "" ORGAN SALON ..,. Vif1SI1f1UOfQf1f1S zarraiaaaaaaaarHfmfhaaaaaa POHdbU2CWQGHS saaasa ReGdf3fQdHS ....T fmwwwmwm ' E'EE Over 15,000 Hammond Organs installed in 57 different Countries in Churches, Homes, Chapels and Auditoriums. I-IEINTZMAN 61 CO. LIMITED Makers ol Fine Pianos For Over 98 Years Toronto - Hamilton - London - Windsor - Fort William Regina - Calgary - Edmonton .KQ1 E XVL- I .lffy .1 C omplulc Stonk ol' All the l'opuI.lr Bmnila of' I'ort.llwlu 'l'ylw.-writcrx Umlcrwood, Remington, Corona, Hermes, Royal, Imperial Ranging in price from 5565.00 to 5595.00 THOMAS CS CORNEY TYPEWRITERS L I M I T E D 88 Adelaide Street West AD. 8291 Toronto 1, Ont Makers of Fine MATRICULATION JEWELLERY CASES P11-sc1'ilmfi work ful Junior or Terlilor' Alzltlin-Lllation il1wLl'TlT'iYL'- 5 town-ri .lt 13.15 on Night Schoolg strong- staff of l'nivv1'- SilXALI'2liIll'1i tczxclu-rs: 40 j'l"ll' SLlt'L'CSSi'LIi exlwriuncm For Merclmndise in A For free L'2lL1liOS.l'LlC phono Refllll SUWS AlIf:,::517..,-wt-iw The William J. '-" ANDERSON The Dominion I I . 1 company Llmlted Businees' Col ege Llmlted WHITBY - ONTARIO 323 Bloor St. NVest - 'l'oront1 CONSUMERS' COAL COMPANY "That Dependable Firm" COAL MERCHANTS FOR OVER 30 YEARS 401 ROGERS ROAD, TORONTO - - LY.2161 A A 92 A ENQUIRIES INVITED COLLEGE INSIGNIA Rings, pins, lapel buttons, compacts, shields, medals, trophies, sports day prizes, presentation gifts, dance favors. O D g desttmates b Hd th I blgt BIRKS INSIGNIA DEPARTMENT Yonge at Temperance, Toronto CONGRATULATIONS from FREDERICK C. BAKER 81 CO. PRECISION INSTRUMENTS . EXPERT REPAIRS 229 YONGE STREET, TORONTO - Abelaide 8529 CONGRATULATIONS from Canadian Steel Strapping Company Ltd 770 Dupont Street Toronto. Ont. 4, LW, Compliments of CHATEAU-HELLMAN DISTRIBUTIN G CO. - - ,, ilqeorgfl ruimr, lib u Sfffe yr first flu' A'1lIglIION1 of Cm! ani! His riglzffozzs- zzffxg and aff flzfxf' things sim!! lm czrfffrff 111110 yon." S-keel Filing Cabinets Now in srocx Stainton 8: Evis XI 1 1 LIMITED A JU' 6' iw 30Adelaic1e Sheet Wesf, Toronto ELgin 1491 Phone HO. 9591 FRANK A. BARKEY EXCAVATING GRADING GRAVEL --PITRUN and CRUSHED 85l COXWELL AVENUE - TORONTO. ONTARIO R. DOUGLAS HILL R. C. BERTRAM HILL AND BERTRAM Chartered Accountants PLaza 1104 15 King Street West, Toronto 1 F 315 I I P 47 i 'f N JA Ai1Li-2 QM I5 f if ,H Ii I W 'f I I If III, if 21 f'3 ff? '17 L : 3' U- 2 'D T C - 'U 5Q 5 -H CD -H El Q- "" HD' F I ,VL Z U gg if I-I-I QJ 1 m U. 3 Q QI . ,V ,U F U- CD CD W 'I 1 J 0 us V5 2 cl. Q 0 F 2. E CD U7 m M THE DOMINION REGALIA CQ. LTD. 2 ELM STREET . TORONTO TIMELY TOPICS I'llIH1I,l.lIIl'IIIN of :XII IIILl5II'21ft'1I 4-Iwzngv ilwspvl I'u1w1' 'W 1 ' nw v-- "-N r x' -'sr N " yum. U11 In N K 4 that Alam-:lla tu the Ilvzulvr. I'RIN'I'IiIJ IN TWU l'Ul,0RS l I II 1 I 23 rnpiz-X, mu' mi4Irvw, ywr gun' 2.5 Am: llill - lik, ':IIr-tr. lm' 5 -ar , YU Q,Q.glST I :IIiII1I-N, II.-r HI-ninth I Tngpffffgafl' Slightly Iziuln-r rm-' tw Vzlvmzlrlzn :null I'-rr-lun ' - Fm' lm-:liwinu 1.-ld Em- nu :II-.vw rzefxx, .-:ul iulln-, I IV.-XI,'I'ERICIx PRINTIING C0 I'UIi'I' lllllllili. IINYA ll IDM - ILwI,- - l'I1rixll:m Su1+1v'x CONGRATULATIONS TO CLASS OF '49 Nhfl PICIII E S T E R G5lR R.!Kf3 E R.BARR -- 95 V- 'I""'l'Ii'W"'l' f'UlIlllHIHl'HfX nf ..r N d ERNlE'S SHOE REPAIR O r a y 277 Roncesvalles Avenue Ladies' Wear Lid- MASTER SHOE REBUILDER 382 Tlllijll' Slrect 'rmmN'ru oN'r.uuo N0 fob foo bi?-None foo Smal'-' Congratulations Compilments of to Graduating Class Off949 OWL DRUG O VARSITY RESTAURANT S T C R E S 328 Bloor Si. West BLOOR and SIDADINA O DELICIOUS HOME-COOKED MEALS Tofomo' Om IF YOU are PURCHASING or SELLING Your Home be sure to Contact L. S. Snelgrove 5. Co. 49 EGLINTON AVE. E. Toronto Dependable Servxce Member: of Toronfo Halal Estaif? Board HY' 7100 THE RIPPON ART hxllghflll Clzina l"1'nH1f'ff lJTL'f!1l'z'.V amz' Gr f'f' filly fjlll'tf.Y For ,JH Ufc'f15im1.s' O 490 BLOOR ST. WEST PHONE ME. 4961 -195 L,

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