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ln the beginning . . Organizations . . . Alpha Delta Sigma ....... Alpha Tau Alpha ..... Alpha Tau Omega ..... Apache Band ........ Apache Belles ....... Apache Guard ........... 112 114 116 ......31 ......26 ......34 Baptist Student Union ..... ...... 1 04 Campus Christian Center ........... 106 Center Hall ...................... ...... 9 9 Chamber Singers ..... ...... 4 0 Cheerleaders ...... Claridge Hall ...... Concert Choir ....... Delta Upsilon ....... Dental Assisting ...... Dental Hygiene ........ Drafting Club ........ Electronics Club ....... Epsilon Delta Pi ............ ......36 100 ......41 132 ......48 ......5O ......45 ......58 ......56 Fashion Merchandising ........ ...... 6 0 Future Farmers of America ......... 84 Gospel Choir .............................. 62 Harmony and Understanding ....... 38 Heaven and Earth ......... 180 Home Economics Club ........ ...... 6 4 Homecoming Queen and Nominees ....... Kappa Kappa Psi ....... Las Nlascaras ....... Law Enforcement ....... 188 126 ......68 ......74 Medical Technology ...... .... NADS ....................... Opthalmic Dispensing ....... .... Pan Hellenic Council ..... ....... Petroleum Club ....... Phi Theta Kappa .......... .... Physical Educaton Club ...... .... Pi Kappa Alpha ............ ....... Recreation Leadership ...... .... Respiratory Therapy ...... .... Rodeo Club ............ Sans Souci ........ Sigma Phi Epsilon ..... Sledge Hall ........ Student Senate ....... Tau Beta Sigma ..... Tau Kappa ........ TESN ................ TJC News Staff ..... Wesley Foundation ...... West Hall ....... Yangs ............... Yearbook Staff ....... Zeta Phi Omega ..... Sports . Athletic Statistics ...... Basketball, Ladies ...... Basketball lVlen ....... ..78 182 ..8O 185 ..42 ..82 ..85 144 ..96 ..86 ..88 148 154 102 ..18 129 162 ..94 ..92 108 ..98 168 275 174 214 206 200 Football ....... ....... 1 S Tennis ....... 2'l Administration... Academic Faculty ...... Administrative Faculty ...... ...... Board of Trustees ..... Campus Police ...... College Staff ..... Directors ........... Dorm' Directors ........ Faculty Senate ...... Library Staff .................... ...... President and Chancellor Vice Presidents ........ Classes . Freshmen Officers ...... Freshmen ............. Freshmen Retakes ..... Sophomore Officers ...... Sophomores ............ Sophomore Retakes ...... Sponsors . Index . 222 222 2 2 r s r S s 21l 2 2 2 2 222 222 222 222 21l 21l 2, 24 26 2 2 2t l YI 'n .VA 'F I 4 A . "ffl , . -ff . ' . if , EL I -2 'H' I f Z' : W ' Y , "T- Y . ,g .. F'-S5 A 4 ..-- f -. : H AW: . A '21, L .1 j ,V 'ff-u. , . V A ' - , . ",,, ' ' ' '- , Y ' ' Ji . , ' A ' 1533' ' . 3 X if- -9' . A , . A ,, , f , , . . H 1 1. f 1 , l . .3113 avg ij' Iv A, 1 ' .4 1 A ,f . fm -- 'gn A' , . 'e .'1 , - ' 41' Y.-' '51, 'Qui 1 liar, t 1 r 7,95?V1.Tf: ' f, Jeff' ' . " -"Vg , ai , l , ,,,' ggi' V U ' . ' Q, ', riff:-" ., --. .N I wi ' . ' ":.i?"VA'y' ' 'Lil .' Q ,gg J 12,5 ,gg jfiff l i ff? , . ,,,i- ,gfeqxz 15' -A, Q - ' :':2L'fff 5f 1 -.' 1 '. v, . .gn ,l , .. 1, P' . . u o Beginnings x ,, xifzuf, 'iff V iw, :rum 74 fgyggzifufi D 'lm 51 we 1 if it - 'V ' il, A V-..' 'W' "it, wi rl, f' , g W 4 l 4 ii lil?" I tj l T X ' Wish -A if 2 Registration for many TJC students marks the beginning of a new experience . . . new surroundings, new acquaintances, new schedules, new routines . . . college life at its best. For others, the familiar routine that goes along with beginning a new semester represents on-going challenges to achieve. TOP RIGHT: Freshmen enjoy a night out on the town. BOTTOM LEFT: Registration is the beginning of a new life for most freshmen. BOTTOM RIGHT: Starting a new life gives one the desire to buy new clothes, 'ix Ig f L5 n N' 'x R r IMIIIIQQ v1' .0-.Q 1 , ' --- - - -- - 1 - --- rmfivsxcuinsu- Irg.--,it-.-Q---v-0-5- , 91001131313-so1:n1111tC , E1 5 33114-U : v rnnxzxhfav iicfxwrnilt-'3'l , I 5g lv'bv'hr'i:"1u-"b'hl3.Lv.: r an 3 D I , V- ,J 14 171 3.3 3 3.1 ur 3 1 1 5 TT ,. ' ? 1 1 1 1 nu ' ' "' t 1 me qt' O I-fncicfcfcfecfc, J'..3".. ... 'TX T C 1 "' bbuci 1111134 - l F . s i D W n i A ITB . 4 . hr luv -- an as nu rn' an s 1 1 1 n-u nn ' J : an an 1 1 an 1 an Qu lu 1 1- ' f ': ff' ' 'T' ' 1! ', :Q x i i? - or v'NfF.5L5lQi22esvs: l 'Zim V -tr.: fyflqrfif- ' wtbglfs, , me .l,., r. n vs WLT' TOP: The Student Center IS just one of the many places students gather to talk thungs over, MIDDLE LEFT' The band takes a break after practrcnng the halftnme performance at the Dallas-Houston game MIDDLE RIGHT' Much preparatuon us needed for Belle halftume performances BOTTOM: Belles refresh themselves after a long rude from Tyler to Dallas, Y VVe're on Our Way... Make the grade, outshine the competition, create an impression . . . this is the challenge. Each chooses a different road, as he starts out walking, then learns to run. ,.,1Tlv ,-4"'4 'sl' X Ql TOP RIGHT: The Vaughn Conservatory in all its glory. MIDDLE LEFT: Students gave a little bit of themselves when they donated blood to benefit the Shriner's Burn Hospital. BOTTOM RIGHT: The sun reflecting off a distant car windshield makes Donna Watson appear to be an angel on the tennis courts. I., " , pg . 4' ' . . we T S: ,. I Klfxr ' 'rf 'a -l Ls X, .3 iii? ..- l? ll' ' TOP RIGHT: Registration is the begnnnlng of a new and excitunq college life but can be boring. MIDDLE LEFT: The Apache Band performs before a sell-out crowd at the CowboyfOnIer game un Texas Stadoum. BOTTOM LEFT: The Apache Belles made a good Impression on the crowd at the Apache-Navarro game by goung out and gnvlng a fantastuc performance un the pourung ram. Watching the Signs . . . As we share horizons that are new to us, signs along the way guide our path. i 1 l w . ,, . W, lf, 0255 W ale ' ..,.,. l -e if l p V fr """"" 'ii is gf if i F E541 MA IX! V- X V X' ' ' ' ,x . ,g ,, A . ,iv A TOP: The familiar Apache symbol marks the beginning of Apacheland. MIDDLE LEFT: Political signs throughout the Rose City urged us to vote for the man of our choice. BOTTOM: "Keep Off Grass" is a familiar warning sign to students to keep the T.J.C. campus attractive. 6 ii: :ii- J : l is :gi - i-gp.. x .!.. . , TOP: Apache cheerleaders provide football players with a run-through sign each game to boost spirit. MIDDLE LEFT: San Souci pledges get their cars branded to show where their loyalty lies. MIDDLE RlGHT: The geese in the Cultural Arts plaza remind us to look for signs of the future. BOTTOM LEFT: Fifth Street signs guide us from campus life back into the world going on outside T.J.C. BOTTOM RIGHT: Tyler Junior College is a sign of progress and growth to Tylerites. as, -i '3,gf:'5 . i 'xi ' u -qy Ulf t J j, 6 1 h V ef...- pg f'7,'nav-ff? 5. up V , ,g as i Q 1 ' -U -I A , ' 0' 1 M i 1 1 - 1 1 Q i . C ' U ' 1 I ' 1 v 1 f 5 F' f ' ' ' 1 I. 1' l I 1 JJUUULJCUV y -1 , gawk , . , - ,, .- f-.fy ,. V i. -'zo ', '- . , ..f-. .Q '-'x'5 ' . , ' . - .- -. I r Q. ,-C'f?'?tl.kp '1'.-t 5 I Q " L-'fxivw f---ssl, 1 ' 'ei " X. , :W u 11? 1-1 a-.- L--fr- . ' .'-- 'L , r .Eh ,Q ,rf,1.: ,. Q:gg,f,e'j,v A ,L A--,Ayi,p 3 WYE, Z, 1 .56-Q, VJ. .- -. -.mf " fff','- v, -L9 JT . ,fy ' Q- '-1' r. ' uvlx '- 'I gl? ' 4 4 . Y- J 'srl'--if Lai: .' w i v'-" if yr- --Y -r".-:Mgr-' ..-silk' ' v:.6--"jr ,:'f..i' -' , ., a'.3"f'.',,i:9"'-'- 'f'rL11",i?f:q5f T95 " '-f . I .' ,-' ' ei '-. fH?2' - " 3-. xf'fJ,-'. ?' 44' X " -'r fi- 'ni lf' 4 I-ar 3' , .,5.4,:f'-.- .. A- - - -.gif 'j :1f'..',1 ' ff. ff' as-."' '. -' 1- -g , ' Z" s .-gg 55: , - ,A-"1 ' Q- , try " 9 e..'.:, ' wa! '.fh.-'.4'- A -Nfffu' - me-I :.- V "fn -. u'1'xqS. A , 1-, ., I X - 1- .. ,4 -. '- .-f ' -. 1 1 , 1 .- , ,-4, ,.,.,,d-,- fn-. V. gg., - ,- - 4' r . , . , ,f ,IJ - ,- K gc - , .v-, . . thx .k,.- .-. ,f 544 1542 ' l7d"f .Q - ' 1--"" 'p4.f--'-'S' 9 'T E"-f""f' - f"- if '1' T' -XR' 9:5 " ide'-" E sa fs- '-'95, 11 , 'G -' 'gt' --uf 51" ., ,.-. , -. . - ' '51 fig' .. '- 9 . ':g,rRm3i'?.+zLi--'X T Talking It Over . . . There are times when we need to have someone to talk to, whether it be a hard math problem or a personal problem. It helps to have someone to make you feel like things will work out. Q55 'sr 7 an .1 4? .41 . T Lug , ':- nf-, '..1u5.a, ' TOP RIGHT: Between classes students gather in the TeePee to discuss classes, parties, and everything else under the sun. BOTTOM LEFT: You have to admit it was good to see number "83" worn by a second generation of McGintys. Father and son discuss future plays in the Blinn game. TJC won 17-O, BOTTOM FHGHT: "TJC News is Write Behind the Apaches" is just one of the many colorful banners displayed at the Blinn game, Working Together . . . TOP LEFT: Many students meet In the TeePee throughout the day to rap with friends or whoever will listen. MIDDLE RIGHT: Students helpung one another as a bug part of college Infe. BOTTOM RIGHT: "You thunk I should draw the lane here7" What Lies Ahead . . . With so much of life ahead, only the scope of our dreams, combined with the efforts we put into their achievement, limit our success. 'I 'si-' fy. TOP RIGHT: Apache Guard members are dwarfed by the activity going on inside Texas Stadium, MIDDLE LEFT: Apache Band members catch their breath during a long practice session. MIDDLE RIGHT: Apache Belles create special effects in Texas Stadium. BOTTOM: Salesmanship careers Iie ahead of many T.J.C. graduates, O .,,,,..--s1"' M -few I 1,41 fw- sunk tu eng . cn, , -3 I -8 1 I 1 in Q , 'I I l I ,i ll I il l ,I I I . I l 1 I 'N 'E I .,,h:. --prima--A . ' ' ,. V ' ' . A , U H d g ,qw Q ,fu I Y 4 ' I . it , wwf Q M... can an an sur qu' -P 'IP' "F" """"' "" Q' "' in tn or an tr no -an 'ill 'F' "" 1' "" an t eu- -un' an ti 19 'I' Cl' i 9' 'U' tn an an Qu 1 in 1? 1' 'Q' ""' "' " i .3 3 3 ,lm 3 -1 2 1 1' 3' 3 xi cn an an can ..... -un an -:lr or 0' """" i if 1 1' in nun can an in Cl' 'IU' Q- an 1 an 1 :nn an 1 nl' 1 1 :li 1: 1 7' '3 "" 1 1 can 4' ""' 9 3 in xv """' ""' in 'W "" 41 """' "" .l - 1 l if i in IQ H and inns v-In 95 32.133-' 'N TOP LEFT: A busy day of classes lies ahead of many students who begin their day in the TeePee. TOP RIGHT: Activity slows down in the aftern TJC campus. MIDDLE LEFT: Performances at the Dallas Cow Belles. oons as students have obligations beyond the boy game provide a welcome escape for Apache MIDDLE RIGHT: San Souci pledges relax at an afternoon intramural game, 'll And VVe've Only Begun . . . TJC is just a beginning for many as we continue the search for new experiences . . . saying goodbye to the old and looking forward with anticipation to the new. O, nf' 'OR iv i,- N- . Fai' X fl Rf h . 1 t a , . 1 E ,ff X 1 . TOP LEFT: It must belong to 3 freghmany TOP RIGHT: One down, one to go. MIDDLE LEFT: Big mouth! Huh! BOTTOM RIGHT: Both pledges and actives enjoy a little cotton-eyed-Joe at the OU's first mixer, 'S MV A ' X ,N F liyi ,Ill . t 1 1 ,. TOP: Freshmen begin the new school year with a two day course of freshman orientation. MIDDLE RIGHT: Sans Souci pledges "show their stuff" to active members. Unfolding Day by Day Dedication ceremonies for the Watson and Emma Wise Cultural Arts Center were held this fall as construction on the Wise Cultural Arts Building was completed. September 28 ceremonies featured speeches by Governor William P. Clements and Ross Perot. The Cultural Arts Center includes the Wise Cultural Arts Building, the Tyler Art Museum and Wise Auditorium. The center of the complex is highlighted with a fountain of geese sculptured by famous Houston sculptor Pat Foley. TOP: Dr. H. E. Jenkins led dedication proceedings Saturday morning. MIDDLE LEFT: Governor Clements' speech praising the growth of cultural arts in Texas highlighted dedication ceremonies. MIDDLE RIGHT: The sign in the middle of the Cultural Arts complex gives a finishing touch. BOTTOM: A special plaque in the Cultural Arts Building outlines the history of service rendered to T.J.C. by Watson and Emma Wise. We Grow! Fun Tl'-., sn. X A -'Wi " l ' 'i ""f 'M' 'er , ' .i WM V, I ,L g l m ww-wdeglgwi . 1 . N . z i 'Lf' M... . ,' 1 ix' ,nw In 5 fY!T,,!lw" "J I, "3?'3"f' -, ,wk-'f ' ' WI' Q ' MM :Wi 'Y """" U ruff, . . """Y+-1-2 ' V1 1 3 - "' Q ' ' -V .. . Tfbwrj r, -- if' 4 :':a"e:-: ' '-.hu -fluff - .r ,, Q, ell i., -4 2 4 W' I, fp-u"""...-. GJ' ,f-fiwai Q . " -T x ... H ,. . 7 - " ' i nv., . , use-. , an Qi' 14 TOP: A fountain of geese adds artistic flair to the Cultural Arts plaza MIDDLE: The Wise Cultural Arts Building houses the Jean Speller Browne Recital Auditorium, numerous classrooms and practice rooms with storage for costumes, scenery and supplies. BOTTOM: Deep stairwells characterize the new Wise Cultural Arts Buildng. illill di .. at A . V W3-,jug lv- r ,Ha -Li ?f' nveaa rd A,'.-W,-4.'ur,,i .fx A, '. .rgvffiiwes A- we .i sf -fwfr' ' 4 .Jw ,a"v'1.,..4g 4.. I- 'X f- ,ill , ' 1--. .. ,, f - i I X Reflections . . . TJC is many things to many people. For some, it is a place to mature and become one's own person. For others, it is merely an extension of high school. For sophomores, it is a time to look f,f"Wi9' h back and see what was accomplished at TJC. For freshmen, it is a time to see what we can accomplish while still here. TJC will forever leave its mark on us and what we do with our years here will make a difference in our plans for the future. B... Ll' i.,- --1. Zi sp .iq - IH: idle A Wm 15 is ...ul , :r ., ,A - 4 ' ' " ' ' 'af , Q. In ,,,.,,.. ' , ,f .V 'P ' " - ' 1 ' . 'f f .. . U V . . l TOP LEFT Registration started the frustration for many at TJC. TOP Pifllli' Bohbie Steed takes a moment to rest at a practice session before the Cowboy football game. BOTTOM .FFT iaking time from studying makes the day go easier. l3OT'ta:im" irltiwf' The Apache Belles support each other as they get ready for the Cowboy game. v G c M- Q 4h OH J Kilim, Student Senate Calendar September 4 Howdy Dance September 27 Navarro Football Dance October 1 Bingo Party October 4 Motorcade to Kilgore October 7-8 Fall Blood Drive October 8 Hobbit Concert October 13 Backgammon Tournament October 31 Halloween Carnival November 8 Homecoming Festivities Parade, University Plaza Pregame queen presentation November 14 International Fair Moliere Festival December 3 Christmas Open House 81 Party January 20 Organization Night January 21 First Advisory Committee Meeting January 26 Harlem Globetrotters February 18 Boxing Matches March 9-12 Spring campaigns March 12 Spring elections April 9 All-school field day, barbeque dinner, country and western dance April 14 Spring blood drive April 28 Senate banquet TOP' lVl-'fry '1-txitlf-i'.is chose to give life as they donated blood H1 the ljill EM'-f.f1 rliwe. MIDDLE L 'fii 'B ,,,i :ple and Debbie Dickerson discuss plans for the in we-,tern dance before a meeting BOlTOlv1 "rr ii: and Criket Harris show off as the TVCSDWGO i the sophomore president The Student Senate is the student governing body of Tyler Junior College. The Senate moved "into a position of active Ieadership," said Senate President Jeff Clark during a speech in the fall. Never before have there been as diversified activities as this year. This was a development year for the Senate. The Senate's stated goal was to provide a cohesive campus community-by providing diverse activities, by bringing together the organizations and independents of Tyler Junior College. The Senate looked at a variety of problems- It opened the Teepee two nights a week to give students a place to go on campus. lt was involved with long-range planning-Homecoming, Harlem Globetrotters, the Country 81 Western Dance. lt responded to short-term student needs-the Senate Rape Patrol in December, for example. The Senate staff evolved from the nine officers provided for by the Constitution into a full government-with an advisory committee representing diverse campus groups, with special committies charged with short-term planning. The Senate started small with a few committed individuals and grew into a vast coalition of dedicated persons-from all across campus. lVlore involvement, more ideas, a more committed student body symbolized the Student Senate this year. -X' -X- -X' ...L ,xi Q-F,cqX"s: I7 yi gc , ami. E .X-.. fs f. ., il. af' Ov. i . - N. 31 ,4 . ,f' 'CJ 5 1 53531, , ff-- -, im W 2122 - 'wg was waf - ,--Qsg, -V A , Q2 .3 - 6. , I -V A T, ,qfi QW 57 , 2 -E S4-'tab Emi, ' M , f S 41.55,2gf K I ,, J, .Q V .,. 4 4' , -Q yi I ' x 0 0 ' ' I-we ul' fl "1 1 f , , 1 ' Y' ,A ' 4 Q ' , 1 Lx 2 J? x X , '1 i 32, , x 1512 'S , '1 ,f '. , 4 T D. 4 J 1 I H-"I, ., M , " e" 4 , .5 1 fqglj , 1 fsf' ., 'J g 1, Ola ,ww-. , M 5 4-1 3 . 1 , ,f,: W 1 .44-' " ,T za: 1, , H. ' 4 i Fl' 'if .M f 5 f. Wir! fk,5,L'Tf?s ni ' 'Vt' - 1 TOP LEFT: Dorm mother Mary Key got an unexpected pleasure as Andy Bielitr asked her to dance. TOP RIGHT: Tim Turner and the Texas Goldrush provided real country atmosphere as they played for the dance. BOTTOM LEFT: Much romancing went on at the dance as girls asked guys to dance and vice versa. Student Senate KY px! a Q v -. - - ' 5"-" "' QI x "S ' R115 'NFC E S 'te ?1...':"xT sedate -3 stxee' P 1" N- X x -,-- -V -.- 2. V. - V. 'Q .,.,.. .-v 4 X . ..:....r . . x ,,:-.5 I W 'H' N.. t. ... ,... ,V VN ,.,.,. ..,, . ,, , . Q .. r t . :E ..r 5 Ht-. 5 t .'-5 -N N "CTT . : -da '+- er X: :' its res' " 1 'tx -' 'f. Q' -'ee' 'X ue' ig- . . . .. 3. . . e.. . . .. e.. dbg, 6 '1 'S' f":: -C Sf,tJ"' TCF- C" QTSTS' 5 1 u .t'N,.,'.-, -., -,,.- . Y - - ""' - -5.--rs .- . .fx r .. ye I',-"IIN K"'bj"':6 ugg, ggi -x Tx 5 E 1' J 5.2 ' ' Q5 "Q,-, H 'gg v--HS' '1 ' Q- -in 3:14 fitti- gli x A I J X ' x .4 I TOP: Jeff Clark, Student Senate Presldent hauled fans as he rode down the street durrng the Homecomung parade MIDDLE: Hobblt entertamed students wrth nts specnal effects as it played on October 8. BOTTOM: The play, "The Doctor In Spute of Hnmselff' brought many teachers, as well as students, to TJC after school hours. Student Senate TOP LEFT Freshman VrcefPressdent Tammy Clark VOP MIDDLE Freshman President Brltt Puerce TOP RIGHT, Student Senate Prestdent Jeff Clark BOTTOM LEFT: Student Senate Vnce-Presldent Erlc Frnzzy BOTTGM RIGHT: Freshman Secretary Lrsa Dean MW? ,187 9 ami rl nf -ljlx. A , ., "-., 'f-Ag, 1 b -- ut Fx. ' .Wx I .4 , ' r . ', b A S 4 '.fr V 'W , 'fx N., ., f 2, AZT' -Q4 , 1 . QQ, 279' I " -' Q 1-nr' 'ln 5 1' K 4 W 4. t l 4 1 lil I J ' , 55 ig, R r? 2 , ..a4.'i,ix'2'e4sgElf'-ws. 1 i L X46 L N D' QL! ' fe-gzfw f- '-if - ,V -,-4,--ff, , .1 ' .. ' "5 . . .. -f A-ffl mf ' -A ev- rm, 'Sf Iii!- Jk ' .4.... S... L. uf' Q JP: Student Senate Representatives, Front row, Assistant Student Avtivities Director Emma Lou Prater, Lynn Dudek, Vanessa Carter, Kay inner, Lisa McNeal, Cheryl Bickerstein, Debbie Dickerson, Senate Secretary Kim Sample, Jaci Stone, Pat Blackshear, Lisa Bass, Lynn Anderson, ionda McKinney, Judy Yarborough, Cherie Owens, Kelliann Nowell, Jackie Christian, and Karen Dems. Back row, Gary Smith, Sunny Shook, udent Senate President Jeff Clark, Sue Flournoy, Floyd Ashcraft, Kim Dowd, Tommy Adams, Allen Loller, Tim Truitt, Mike Mirabella, Sophomore :e-President Andy Bielitz, Robert Butler, Student Senate Vice-President Eric Frizzy, and Bill Burke JTTOM: Sophomore Secretary Lynn Anderson, Sophomore ViceAPresident Andy Bielitz, and Sophomore President Criket Harris f"' d' mi 1- 41" TOP ROW: Marrlyn Allrson, Lynn Anderson, Kay Barnes, Janna Boze, Kem Canalizo, Cindi Carr SECOND ROW' .lenmfer Cbadwell, Tammy Clark, Suzr Clemens, Jrll Copeland Tl-HFZD ROV .f" Sonya Crocker, Sandra Dannhaeuser, Klm Davis, Traci Durham, Dee Dee Eden, Erin Evans FOURTH P1',:l.','r Karen Faber, Colleen Grrffath, Stacey Hall, Robrn Hammer, Cindy Hargis FIFTH Pfllw' 'V.l:vly Harness, Crrcket Harris, Teresa Hobbs, Lrsa Huebner EIXVH rw Jacobs, Jams Johns, Carla Johnson, Luzona Kelly, Kay Kenner, Karen Klmbro K l it , vi Q 5 J' -4 TOP ROW: Stephanie Lester, Chari Lloyd, Rhonda Logsdon, Jena Malone, Melissa McGinty, Debbie McKamie SECOND ROW: Amy Moore, Mitzi Muirhead, Sherry Newton THIRD ROW: Elizabeth Nichols, Kelliann Nowell, Kimberly Peters, Sonya Powell, Tonya Powell FOURTH ROW: Kimberly Ragsdale, Randi Royder, Felecia Sansom, Jan Schexnayder FIFTH ROW: Lauri Smith, Susan Streun, Amy Thompson SIXTH ROW: Marilyn Thompson, Melissa Walizer, Brenda Weaver, Kathy Whitley, Brenda Wilcox, Jan Wood .JL Belles Stun Cowboy Fans Q 91 1 1 O I -u ,419 'V - , nag -, , 1' Q.- -0 " ' .1 13 '.. vw , ,u W -xr A Q " -9 1. J., .xx s . Y ' 5 u obo pg on o ooooo coca vacuo ooo sooo 'luoo W. if-0-Q 0 5 0- 9 lb' 0 0 9 D Q. 'Q' V U of ,o 9 , , Q. , O 0 's 7 9 0 -Al f' 'er 4' 4' 1 :pw W we . M , -W an .iiiy fl!! Ii'f,1,a17.Za131f, I' ' .1"a"i?'n'-izldl 'lf '-'ffffflfiiilwwix 'zwaaizaizaagaaaafi .ms .4 " V v"f"5 M M -...--qi.-.-.-4-4---.1--poo,""il .I ,,, """""""","-I'-I.. ,I Q an no-eg' ...-.-.-.-.-.- -- 0'-v""'a ,. 9-fini? '--'- 51 nuns-qua: "fa 3, -vm ' 1 v-1"0""' ad I-01:3-'F UIQODQDC Q1 1 1 11 -v-1-vfw .Nw Q -7 .. ml x QWith Spectacular Halftime Show If ii:'i1:f'f::: L g v I 4 .s ' , ,I A142 ,fx M- 4 19" Y' 3.. 7 -C ' K iw ,wgw v ' U I TOP LEFT: Tyanne Hewett and Kathy Whitley "mum it up" at TJC Homecoming game TOP RIGHT' Karen KimbroandKayKenner Belles-a tradition at TJC The internationally famous Apache Belles epresent a proud tradition at Tyler Junior College. The Belles no ily highlight Apache pep rallies and football games, but also 1' .orm for area service clubs, conventions and parades. Local appearances this year included th' f annual Texas Rose Festival parade and stadium show, Senior Ciuzens Day at the East Texas Fair, United Way kick-off luncheon, Tyler Christmas parade and TJC's Fine Arts Festival. Through the years, Apache Belle performances abroad have earned them the title "internationally famous" and found them in the national spotlight on numerous occasions. This year was no exception as the Belles performed in the pre-game and halftime show at the Gator Bowl on Dec. 29 in Jacksonville, Florida, as well as appearances at the Gator Bowl Association stage show and "5OO Club." A little closer to home, the Belles provided halftime entertainment at the Dallas-Houston pre-season sell-out at Texas Stadium and were the Grand Finale in the Cotton Bowl parade, nationally televised on New Year's Day. Screened for beauty, charm and poise, the Belles acquire basic modeling techniques, as well as correct posture and good grooming habits. . V Wk. vs l 4 ,x r l X F' ai x G 5. gg, ,fi':v Qi- Qian W , re prepare to lead the Belles onto the field for S 5 an Q ' W., presairif- performance , , 2 'rvxfl I 'VI Qwfi 'fi I 'Qx hh: 'Y IH' E r 5 orneconreriri Q I Q g 1 3 S-,, - H Q 'bf Q. - t . Q , ' , . ., -A aorrorvi emails . S, .2 r ', ,' i it f Y 'T HC- " 1 in gh V gk remain ptieeet -,Sim -- J ati-, 1 V H 1' bi is 5 r A 2 I ' 3, S leave the Lil -i T L ,' - f' ,Q .Q X, providing haili I WK 'gif " - 7 4 5 Q, t B195 3 Huw- .. 3 t ertairime-nt ' ' - 4 Homecoming ii. .. -f'- - ck !" -- E gi B 'Q , 7, ,XT i vi land performs at Gator 'Z Band members were: First row, Carla Priddy, Lynette Smith, Donna Cook, Steve Ich, Jimmy Blackwell, Joe Mitchell. Second row, Yalonda Brown, Tina Navarro, Molly ss, Bobby Steed, Laura Scott, Claudia Gruber. Third row, Lynette Ellis, Janet Beesley, inne Cottnell, Susan Norris, Warren Norris, Lisa Thompson, Fourth row, Joel Hegermeyer, y Kirby, Kevin Walding, Carol Dodd, Tina Terry, Leslie Newton. Fifth row, John Faust, rry Pruitt, Robert Hensarling, Dave Gray, Kevin Lachausse, Greg Bennett. Sixth row, iin Beaird, Barry Swanson, Vicki Williams, David Magouirk, Lisa Martin, Micki Jones. enth row, Carol Smith, Mac Mock, Kenny Harris, Jason Waller, Pam Tanner, Bulah wn. Eighth row, Kim Worden, Jack Dennis, Tim Goolsby, Clay Reynolds, Marcia Welch. ITOM: Other members: First row, Kyle McGill, Randy Permenter, Mike Rice, Sylvia lor, Cathy Kinsella, Karleen Oklhausen, Lois Walker, Second row, Beverly McCasland, n Metcalf, Jackie Holbert, Ann Rodriquez, Missy Lyles, Dina Haynes, Susan Dobb. d row, Melissa Wells, Lisa Laney, Billy Abbott, Jennifer Carrington, Robin Smith, Kelli son, Roy Stockinger, Fourth row, Del Marie Moseley, Daphne Delk, Melanie Hogden, ja Miller, Mike Mirabella, Rusty Sartor. Fifth row, Tim Worsham, Leland Kennedy. Dowd, Kelli Lloyd, Lindy Benton, Mickey Crawford, LeAnn Gibson. Sixth row, Teresa as, Sue Flournoy, Gary Reynolds, Danny Mogle, Greg Ball, Mary Stephens, Jim Hines. enth row, Gladys Best, Jeff Ragan, Jim Hallford, Kenny Nash, Robert Borues, Kenny rry, Mark Coker. Eighth row, Marcia Welch, Hugh Flake, Rodney Crocker, Skip Halleck, icy Ross. Bowl The world famous Apache Band had a busy schedule this year. They have traveled to Florida, Dallas and to all of the Apache football games away from home. ln Florida the band backed up the Belles in the pre-game and halftime show at the Gator Bowl. The Band also marched in the Cotton Bowl parade in Dallas. The Band marched in the Homecoming, Christmas and Rose parades here in Tyler. Not only did the Band back up the Belles at all their performances but they got and kept the spirit going at the pep rallies. The Band was under the supervision and direction of Mr. Jack Smith. Cladia Gruber was the featured twirler and Beverly McCasland was the Apache Princess. l I l I I : , l i l l i l 31 . . and the Band Played On' rf? ' cl Q ' f Q , iv , i T 1 ff: f W eazff ' '- M "away . E K " '55 5 gqwsfff f ' E-1530-. s ...M XV V, J -A Tv M... ,, ,M :X?,?,M,zW, gm PT: 75-21,1 ' V fi ,,,,. f , jf-?'giMf5 7 V5-,t-1-A 4935, ,533 M A wk-x' cash. .l,.w-W .45 , X ' f 1 Wig? was Ewa. ...ee W.,a-il. 2 ' . e, ' N -. T 1 - M: f ff .Qs if f , we N- G-My -M -me Me' , f V , T155 , ' fig .M 'fa '24-ai M, . ,gif H A W I 'Q T ,, V Vzaitifi Q' h ,fa -:fr -if , all f' .x 7, - .MV T. 'ev ...gb 1 X Fi.. 'f' , . . 1 . , -Jr' ' xg - ' ,gif :ov-ig, Exi f , '-'ff 4 W ,IIS , ' ng - 5 "N" wwe. , . .. -,lg ' gx,?T!?'5gl5QflHwt ,, .gn J fip if 'gil iv .4 51 fQT1z4?' ' . N il . - s v . ,gi-V :.: ,Q 3- , i' gf4 f5fgM ,2 ' -2 .4 :- : Xi 1' :sag , " W ! , I f 2?,wVgfV3"Q?? 'I ' 'Qff - V , ff - ' , 'I 8 5 1 ., , 9 1 ' ' 3 ,V ,ga .mes H e-: ef , . Q ,avr 1.:. P P - -- V 'f 1 e ' , WW' a -Z' "5" '- - g 5. fix ., E ,l l ,A A . 1,1, H 5, .I i,,.: ,g 'M N h - 5 V V V g H , lx" 1 ,. I , , . fi PARK N . , , ,. , ,. T My f ff, New M -A 7, ' in so aa aa T v TS: W T 5 Q53 A? ' ,- ,fig s ll fi 1... pal: r 4 - ' "" ' . 5 . , ' -V 2? . fi, Sa as - , P, r My ,,,, , , 1. - if -f-, , , f A' aww. ,,e,,,Q:- , N' ,fig A , E , . ,ff 'Q - if :ff . - .- .qg ,HNF ,w',8l:'Sf , . ' , ' Q r 'W sim qw my 'Ply T 4 'filgfx , S- , 'J' B T 5 ,K -In A.-'gb f' ' " -fi' K' 12' T . Eli: 'F f. P Q. i fhlfbu . """"'-if T .- - xft-ln, ,. ,, f . -, A ' ' . , . , - 5 'Q - , ' ,far f if N 2, .i'P??" 'JN' T- MQ' , if KQV 4 we 5, 3 an , ze- - ,, . Q swan iii xi'3'e- X 1-3 'V: .A 5.!,:'5:., 0 TOP: Wanda Morris, hands held high, leads the band on to the field during halftime. BOTTOM LEFT: Donna Cook enjoys playing the bells, recently acquired by the band. BOTTOM RIGHT: Leading the band is only one of the duties of Apache Princess, Beverly McCasIand. il lf' ii? ' Qi'fsm,,,,,,,,,,sr' l 127515 '21 just 35-fi T.: ,t 2 an xx, 12: ,L rw 'F' 'Mesh-A',' A eff- -Y l,EFT: Beverly McCasIand, escorted by Mike Mirabella, was the Homecoming Queen nominee RIGHT: Kevin Lachausse, Joel Hegemeyer, and Tim Worshaw puff out a tune at a pep rally TOM LEFT: Featured twirler Claudia Gruber was a star attraction at many TJC games. TOM RIGHT: John Faust joins with fellow band members in the halftime entertainment. Apache Guards, .9 mme? Wfnlfg Wally Brewster Belle's Handy lVIen The Guards exist for one reason and that is to assist the Belles. The top 20 Guards were chosen by the Belles. Then the final 12 were chosen by Anna Carpenter, Belle Director, and Harold Trimble, Guard sponsor, by interview. The Guards main purpose is to watch over the Belles and to see that they don't come to any harm. Some of the other jobs the Guards do are putting yard markers at games, assisting Belles during routines, getting refreshments during the game and a lot of other odd jobs. The Guards travel with the Belles during football season. They have accompanied them to the Dallas-Houston pre-season football game and followed them in the TJC Homecoming parade. 4 Jeff Lancaster Freshman Britt Pierce Freshman E fe , 3 . Nwq. J' 1 33' Q- . . ' N' 'fi "'. 5 Wiz 571- 'E 4 A Dane Denman Danny Johnson Sophomore Freshman al-Mi.. i W' AB Q, f, j Y . I wx 3 Robbie McEmurry Sophomore ,adm r . Luke VanCleave Sophomore rr- , M ,Hank Mark McDermott Freshman H2351 -fh. up 5.5 ' I . Lance Watson Sophomore 1. .40- if 35 kd: ,ow Y Eze., l fr 5 -1 In -M' .4 E5 1 I Y nan Ill . A K Y A uv Nl Ill , Y Ill ll! ng: fl u X ., J. gf ,ll " ,,: f 355 3 ni . -g. T :ll f T: " f- " .. 'rf Ill Ill u X.. .... . ... QR 6 - -.. 6 --. N 41- , Q ' J, A 'S C"-if f T T af' , LL 2 l it .Nz il I H TOP RIGHT: Robbie McElmurry acts like a real gentleman and helps Lance Watson on with his coat. MIDDLE LEFT: No. the page isn't moving, it's the Apache Guards. The Guards add a little life to all the football games. MIDDLE RIGHT: Apache Sponsor Harold Trimble. BOTTOM LEFT: The 1980-81 Apache Guards: front row, Wally Brewster, Jeff Lancaster, Lance Watson, president, Dane Denman, treasurer. Back Row: Harold Trimble, Mark McDemmott, Danny Johnson, Britt Pierce, Robbie McEImurry, and Luke Van Cleave. xmvii. , ff X ' T 4 A Cheerleaders Ignite Spirit at TJC The cheerleaders main purpose on campus is to ignite school spirit. The 1980-81 cheerleaders were Belinda Green, Scott Cline, Kim Bethea, Marcus Caldwell, Kay Chandler, Tony Landers, Beth Gray, John Boone, Cindra Paige, Dwight Smith, Sharon Pru'Homme, and Jay Sanders. Emma Lou Prater and Maxene Robinson shared the responsibility of the squad. The cheerleaders got spirit going high at TJC in many different ways: pep rallies, signs, a booth at the Halloween carnival and by giving participation awards to various organizations on campus. Andy Navarro was the squad's Indian Mascot. He dressed up for all the pep rallies and at the football games. Jennifer Patterson was the squad's little mascot. -e....x -'fs' , , +i??'i'3Ql 4' 'fl' 3-1. Q25 nw ,ii',,lE 'uf :f X l F" 'ei and Maxene Robinson were cheerleaders sponsors. Andy Navarro l he two rnascots, V the cheerleaders nominee for Homecoming Queen. hx F H-W f Y- --.sh , 4Q,,f,,,, -v.-.khC-.tl T -L N A V for 8 t- , 5,Zg4"grK fm' 13 'p "Q 'Q "--- . 'Q---v C -1 1 --...,-':-- Q. Nw... ,s .- Ah 4 I --,--':- 'I ' p- ,gf-, ' sf T L '-9505 ffr0Qusg.." V V. ti P-5-.. 'TTT' life .'I.".'I.'.'.'. t in Y'1'I.fi:g'.4f'7' I' -. , 3 "vi" S rffffffnrp, 1.1 ' uq,:,,."' Y s Y... ,,. iv 'S f-u Sharon Pru'Homme Jay Sanders ." L vu.. Kim Bethea Marcus Caldwell :iq Haag 4"-Q 'Kiw- 4-A 'Qs Q Civ? 'XC- .Iliff E5 3 wiv ,ig R XX 3: 'S fx J, '14 ' ,wig 9 G ' ' I ' 'I EL H fa. Q 1 K n 1 ' ' I -ar ' -' - A N wi 7 Q-gf. ,.. ie' ' ' I Jg' in A . 5 " ' 'V 4- 1 ' . 'f-,lust . r- . W5 Q. -' 3' A4 K k ' :gh-. H wah -fi-Q ' '-u4","' . L. , "5. 4 Wa , Y , 3 ggi uv- 3294 w21P"A'f5':' wx Sh-.L,:'f " f xnxx ,i Kay Chandler Tony Landers Beth Gray John Boone -fn. 4 Belinda Green Scott Cline Cindra Paige Dwight Smith 37 gif' ' 5, f-' :Leif 'VJ172 , if .-,M .pt 1 f in f ' 1 , if ,295 Ay .V i' f' I1 ll Ensemble sings in Harmony Harmony and Understanding is TJC's highly select vocal ensemble. Appearances this year included the State Fair of Texas, Texas Stadium and many local performances, including the annual "Pops Concert". TOP RIGHT: Dayne Bacon, backed up by Steve Nelms, Sharon Hendricks, Terry Eaton and Kevin Newsom, "sings her heart out" to on-lookers at Texas Stadium. BOTTOM: Harmony and Understanding members for 1980-81. Front row, Brent Glaze, Jim Holley, Sharon Hendricks, Dayne Bacon, Terry Eaton, Amy Motes, Jim Cox, Kevin Newsom, Steve Nelms, David Shelton and Jeff Wallace, Back row, Rhonda Glaze, Dellaney Bramlett, Donna Cook, Leigh Ann Rector, Paula Moore, Karen Roberts, Darlene Miller and Janice Carpenter. 'il , TOP: Janlce Carpenter leads Harmony un "hats off" entertainment at the annual Pops Concert. MIDDLE: Harmony adds an East Texas flaur to festuvmes at the Texas State Farr. BOTTOM LEFT: Ronda Glaze and Donna Cook accompany Harmony at one of many local appearances, John Tyler High School. BOTTOM RIGHT: J.W. Johnson and Ronda Glaze add instrumentatlon to Harmony's performance at Texas Stadium. U Chamber Singers perform at dinner The Chamber Singers is open only to those in the choir. One must audition for membership. The group performs at various activities both on and off campus. The group's feature performance was the Madrigal Dinner. The Singers also gave a Spring concert. TOP: The Chamber Singers were just one of the many groups that pertormed during the Christmas Open House. BDTTOM: Members of the Chamber Singers are: First row, Cheryl Rogers, director: Leigh Ann Rector, Evelyn Tudman, Sharon Hendricks, Dayne Bacon Cheria Fields, Donna Cook. Second row, David Shelton, Steve Nelms, Ron McCune, Jeff Wallace, Dex Edwards and Kevin Newsom. Not pictured Jin Col l V N. i- -sim ,I -fr. Concert Choir sings with "unsinkable" talent The Concert Choir consists of students who are interested in performing music. Anyone can join the choir and credits are given. The choir gives a Pops Concert at the end of the fall semester and puts on a musical play at the end of the spring semester. This year's musical was "The Unsinkable Molly Brown" The choir also gave a second concert May 4. TOP LEFT: The choir at the Pops Concert. First row, Donna Cook, Dellaney Bramlett, Tim Goolsby, Roger Hassell, Jim Cox Second row, Evelyn Tudman, Ramdna Rayborn, Cheryl Cannon, Jeff Carroll, Ron McCune, Steve Nelms. Third row, Rhonda Edwards, Susan Perkins, Karen Roberts, Amy Motes, Greg Womack. Fourth row, Kim Dowd, Sheila Cox, Yuvonne Cottrell, Dayne Bacon, Kerry Symes, Jason Waller, Tony Landers and Jeff Wallace. MIDDLE LEFT: First row, John Millington, Leigh Ann Rector, Gini McCandless, Martha Dennis, Angie Prince, Janice Carpenter, Freda Gardner. Second row, Kevin Newsom, Sharon Hendricks, Kelly Wulkerson, Kathy Horton, Cindy King. Third row, Brent Glaze, Terry Adams, Jo Kammerdoemer, Terro Eatan Paula Moore. MIDDLE RIGHT: First row, Frank Kimlicko, Tim Goolsby, Roger Hassell, Jrm Cox, John Millington, Cheryl Rogers Second row, Cheryl Cannon, Amy Motes, Jeff Caroll, Greo Womack, Ron McCune, Steve Nelrns, David Shelton, Brent Crowder, Kevin Sewsom. Third row, Keri Symes, Jason Waller. Tony Landers, Jeff Wallace, Dex Edwards, Brent Glaze BOTTOM LEFT: In last year's musscal, Dayne Bacon and Mike Castleberry play the main characters, Elsa Schraeder and Captain Von Trapp in the "Sound of Music". Club formed to further professional growth Petroleum Technology majors become acquainted with the practical aspects of their chosen field through a club formed to further their professional growth. This year for the first time, the Petroleum Club participated in all-school activities. They built a float for the Homecoming parade and won second place for their endeavor. They also helped the Senate in some of their activities. Q 41' 6. -..9n Q I 'T gikiw' ' W 'Lu- ,ltl J TOP: Robin Bell, Homecoming Nominee of Petroleum Technology Club, is escorted by Larry Don Gilley in Homecoming Parade. MIDDLE: Petroleum Technology Club 1980-81. BOTTOM: Petroleum Club officers, Jimmy Hawkins, treasurer, Karen Armstrong vice-president: Larry Don Gilley, president: Susan Rebich, secretary: Allen Loller, Student Senate representative. .-,...... ht. K.. i- YN -1 'L TOP LEFT: Teacher Seymour Vanos can't believe his eyes. TOP RIGHT: Petroleum Club members listen to a farewell speech by President Larry Gilley. MIDDLE: The Petroleum Club float won second place in the Homecoming float competition. BOTTOM: Members listen to Petroleum Club business at fall meeting. Petroleum Club ' .1 v 3 X TOP LEFT: Larry Gilley, President. U A TOP RIGHT: Jim Lewis and Seymour Vanos sit in on a Petroleum Club meeting. MIDDLE: Petroleum Club meetings aren't all business. BOTTOM: Teacher Jim Lewis learns a lot from his pupils too, i I -s 1'-I rr :E 'F YQ 'iii 's 14' , El Y'5?f: 497' rafting Club learns practical aspects The Drafting Club is open to students enrolled in Engineering Graphics as well as Drafting. Practical aspects of drafting as a profession are emphasized through field trips and guest speakers to further individual knowledge and interest toward professional growth. 1 i Q , W, I...- i .i....1-. -1 Q 1 npiadi TOP LEFT: Drafting Club officers: Betty Ballard, Floyd Ashcraft, David Meek. TOP RIGHT: Homecoming Nominee Julie Whitaker BOTTOM: First rowg Sponsor Ed Ketchum, Dina Haynes, Benji Primrose, Betty Ballard. Sue Scott, Julie Whitaker, La Vonda Adams. Ed Churchman, Sponsor Richard Thedford. Second rowg Richard Haughee, Patti Johnson, Neal Anderson, Danny Alexander, David Shipley, Jeff Pierce, Thomas Crane, Irai Solouki. Third rowg Royce Phillips, Sam Mabry, Marcus Turman, David Rumbelow, Robert Thompson, Shari Jonas. Fourth row: Mike Hutchins, Dale Golden, David Meek, Gerald Hightower, Greg Ball, Steve Kolb. Fifth row Tim Allen, Mark Stuck, Ronald Curry, Jeff Chittenden. Sixth row, Carlos Yarbrough, Floyd Ashcraft, Davis Dickson, Cindy Cox, Rocky Richard. Drafting Clul '19 Q., L , un! TOP: Mark McDermott apparently enjoys drafting very much, MIDDLE LEFT: Mr. Jack Betts teaches many drafting classes as head of the department. MIDDLE RIGHT: Bruce McCullough gets unto has assngnment. BOTTOM LEFT: Drafting students often work long and hard to make sure their asslgnments are just nght. BOTTOM RIGHT: Part of draftlng is Ilstening to the instructor tell you how to do a particular drawing. V A '1 'sa mg., 4? A. K3 ,.,-,, .. V. . -. . c AH, ,gg . ,. J, .?. L QD-L. W' - a.La..g, 1-g,,,,-M .-,api ak, f - ,-my nr ' -a . if 5,..3' ,.' J' 4 H XY 'I' f I 5 V 1 , :fri A ,X Q' x ' 53 xxx 1 -' X - 11:- la 1 V! ll I TOP: Learning how to use a template is a very important part of drafting. MIDDLE: Carlos Yarbrough finishes up an assignment for class. BOTTOM: Mark Stuck gets ready to draw in his drafting class. Dental Assisting learn dental technlque' TOP: Flrst row, Treasurer Molly March, Secretary Penny Brock. Second row, Presndent Pam Gulluon, Vnce-Presrdent Judy Waddle. MIDDLE: Velyncra Beal and Penny Brock learn how to use the X-ray equlpment In the Dental Hygnene Lab. MIDDLE RIGHT: Leigh Ann Darden and Pam Gulllon check X-rays. BOTTOM. Furs! row, Judy Waddle, Molly Mar-tn, Penny Brock, Mary Ann Searcy. Second row, Lengh Ann Darden, Velyncla Beal, Maggle Kung, Debbue Warren, Pam Gullxon Lvvwrla Nzxon Ruby Cooper, Suzar-wr Garner Ji +V -W - 1. 'ful Q" H-unlu-,.,X .ll 15,825 T 9, Y TOP LEFT: Molly March practices dental procedures on patuent Suzanne Garner. TOP RIGHT: Maggle Kung checks up on Mary Ann Searcys blood pressure. MIDDLE: Llnda Nuxon along with Judy Waddle examine teeth X-rays to fund posslble cavmes. BOTTOM: Molly March and Suzanne Garner check iental supplues for comnng labs, Although cleaning teeth, administering flouride, and teaching proper dental hygiene are a major part of the Dental Hygiene program, students also have fund-raising events including monthly bake sales and a car wash. This year the students attended a Midwinter Convention and the Beeville Student Workshop. ' , 1' J 7 "- C' 1 x wi "2 it 5' TOP: Sophomores First row, Debbie Dillon Lindy Sturgis Pam Coston Cynthia McElroy Vanessa Carter Glenda Reid Shannon Moore Second row Chris David Wheeler, Marcia Truett, Katie Kober, Karen Hood Lisa Young Third row Brenda Johnson Julie Culley Debra Van Winkle Corlie Crowder Marlane Klotz Jill Fourth row, Betsy Parker, Melba Grant Regina Call Robin Newsom Terina Hejny Lisa Carpenter Jeannette Koehler Cindy King EOJTOM: Freshmen: First row, Gwen Peiskee Rhonda Haynes Theresa Edwards Betsy Earnhardt Pam Hitt Anna Dicker Kim Hegan Sheryl Larkin Cherie Pankell Angeir: Amerson, Carolyn Whitehead. Mary Hodge Carrie Hunt Lori Sanders Second row Ginger Gary Gina Pritchett Dana Smith Cindy Billings Kathy Holcomll Teresa Esker, Melany Chadwick, Waynette Smith Lynn Dudek Susan Cox Janet Myers Lana Baker Kathy Ward Mignon Mouton X XX Qs' N VT X T X .1 z.w TOP: Shannon Moore and Vanessa Carter check a machine for readings. BOTTOM: Cyndi McElroy works on one of the many patients who pass through the Dental Hygiene Clinic. REGINA CALL LISA CARPENTER VANESSA CARTER PAM COSTON CORLIE CROWDER JULIE CULLEY CHRIS DAVID DEBBIE DILLON MILBA GANT TERINA HEJNY BRENDA JOHNSON KAREN HOOD Dental Hygie Q Q GLENDA HOOTEN MARLANA KLOTZ KATIE KOBER JEANETTE KOEHLER CYNTHIA MCELROY SHANNON MOORE ROBIN NEWSOM BETSY PARKER LINDY STURGIS MARCIA TRUETI' DEBRA VAN WINKLE PATTI WHEELER JILL WILEY Dental Hygiene TOP: Julne Culley focuses the X-ray machune. BOTTOM: Instructor Elnzabeth Ingram shows Jail Wnley the proper way to adrmnrster a flourude treatment. S ',TZ7Av-w-.. 7' - x, ' 1 .112-'vii 1 ,, - .,, f". g . jf 1 f"-st... A-'Hx ... law.. ua I pf N K M X 1 .J TOP: Robin Newsome was chosen as the Dental Hyguene Homecomung Queen Nominee BOTTOM: Karen Hood checks her patnem for cavmes. T' 'I 4 XX EDP speaks computer language Epsilon Delta Pi is an organization of students interested in data processing, key punch operating and other forms of computer science. The purpose of the organization is to promote the use and understanding of computers TOP: EDP officers are President Cheryl Norman, Vice President Norma McDougal, Secretary-Treasurer Rekha Vallabh, Senate Representative Gary Smith. BOTTOM: EDP members: First row, Cheryl Norman, Norma McDougal, Rekha Vallabh, Gary Smith, Barbara Rogers and Faye Dozier, sponsors. Second row, Dee Anne Decora, WyoniaWillis, Pete Kiser, Sondra Smith, Christi Rlcherson, Patty Walker, Ginny Sherbit. Third row, Allyce Kuykendall, Becky Gentry, Sharon Kennedy, Cindy Meadows, Virginia Lockey, Penny Spelling, Rebecca Dawson, Kevin Murphy, David White. Fourth row, David Darnell, Kay Chandler, Judy Yarbauch, Robert Willis, Laura Saye, Brenda Lambright, Sue Ann Carter, Sue Trotter, instructor. Fifth row: Bryant Kennedy, Mark Witherspoon, Phillip Williams, Billy Wrlliams, Fred Wallace, Ray Wallace, Reggie Conley, Karl Grismore, Diane Morris and Jamie Carter, instructors. Back row, Rocky Bolton, Carlos Sequena, Millard Harkrider, instructor, Alfred Elder, J. J. Wade, instructor uno-ax ,. -'1 L' . ' ' ' "' ' du.. - --,. .., .- l ,-. ' ,,- , .. w 1 ., 1 ' --. v- x . ., -- - '- . -. ,. 3 1. 1 .Q I' -1 .I no fr - - 'ar-1-rf . "-" wife' 'i..1?..,g.' V' ' I. A "f, v :yum wfiflqpg.. ,M 3 , I ' . , S 1- 'Pk"-'-,g',--a-,nuqn-ug, N ' "W Y " 1: QPWW, ?'2x2 saw' fr' , 4, W- -oh 52' 2 5 ' I 35? 5'- S ' I F1 23 if Q L. ,xr Q-vw" 3 lzk .1-' if , 545 K1 ah,:,x 1 w 4914 in Electronics Club develops interest The Electronics Club is composed of students who are pursuing an electronics profession or other related fields of study. The club also invites as members students attending TJC who are radio amateurs. The purpose of the club is to acquaint the student with the practical aspects of the electronics field, and to further individual knowledge and develop interest in professional growth. TOP LEFT: Steve McKenzie and Jeff Curry check out some radio equipment. TOP RIGHT: Steve Freeman and Richard Smith learn to program a machine, BOTTOM: Steve Freeman and C. V. Rao program. S TOP: Sponsor Kenth Bridges helps Rrcky Campbell and Dipak Patel on an electromc lab, BOTTOM LEFT: Steve McKenzie works on a clrcult board. BOTTOM RIGHT: Leslie Newton and Greg Bennett learn how to use one of the machines un the electronic lab. Fashion ' Merchandising involves students in profession The Fashion Merchandising Club is made up of fashion merchandising students who are interested in learning more about their future profession. The club takes trips to Dallas and other cities to learn more about fashion. Sometimes, they even have their own fashion shows to learn to use the various techniques they have learned in class. Faculty sponsors are Mary Adams and Beverly Cory. affix.. Y- rx-ff? Y Q -x..4L , . s.. ' . . . Q A s . . ,, in -, .. '-- ,- .as ' '. 1 f-LJ, I -v -, ' in P - Y .-' Jw: .- ',.,.-. ' - .,,-w.'5f-fi 'If' ,1- ',x, - "'.',,' .' ,' . ul.. . ,-:5'AgA-lil.--bw.-. . Y' f - ,X c. H, 1 5'-'asa w . .- ,,t.-:Q ..,."'.Z--if .-, -.- X 4,2 , . - -t.- -A -.. g,v.- -A .. - ' .X-.5 Q' s +,x4x.,. ' .r.- .-A ' '- , 'K 3 ,vw-A. ,X x- V - . 1. -.Q .,- ,- .v 1. - ., . .4 -:I ' 'Q " - - L -f ..- ' '. "'1- .. ,F . ., f' -"'. Y - s -.7 " " ' F -r . -pod -2- 'f -J-2. 53" -'5--'eg -- . -- - s - .' Mr- . fi 'Z-'s.,t'. --4Fii.'-'IL . . . . :F .-A - -- .- -4 " '-rf .---f...- .A -.. 1 . - . -. - "x, ' .:r'+." - ui x.." 4 , L . s 5 j . h -J -,xt - z .Am Q- 7-5. ' 1' '.-as :'- ' sfg , ,.- f ' Q ' -11 IL17 1. T . A . "Y, L- .S Q '-"..Fx: - '4- -." fa 5 ':l.. TOP LEFT: Charlie Roberts, Donja Martin, Sharron Melville, and Sue Munn wait for their tour to begun on a field trap. TOP RlGHT: Shirley Edwards walks across the downtown plaza as she and her escort. Donny Boyce, are announced. She was the Fashion Merchandising Homecoming Nominee for 1980. BOTTOM: Connie Mann, Donna Sherrill, Sandra Williams, Cherie Owens, and Darlene McWatters enioy the field trips they attend as a club. lt sure is good to rest a minute though. Y HN --.-..-4..- vq... i luv- ,W T... .pf -Q.-1. rn ' it FF' lg' ftv 2 iiflfs 5 Q. fr P 7' 4 J' 2 ,, an f Q, V? ' s "film qu- TOP: First row, Darlene McWatters, Callie Rollins, Marion Lindly, France Oglesby, Melinda McMillan, Kathy Grant, Tammy Jarrell, Sylvia Malcolm, Yvette Williams, Miriam Stansberry, Carolyn Williams, Shirley Edwards, Stephanie Weaver. Second row, Stephanie Lester, Deanna Alexander, Paula Price, Jackie Barnett, Karen Cooper, Donja Martin, Kay Thornton, Suzanne Carrell, Sharon Melville, Mary Beth Dion, Sherrell Moody, Jamie Wall. MIDDLE: First row, Gloria Curtis, Dorothea Chalk, Rossue Sheffield, Patsy George, Julie Boyd, Corin Chance, Deidre Dunn, Delaine Dickson, Alisa Halloway, Deona Wade, Lori Lopez, Renee Bridewell, Pam Stephens, Lori Wyatt, Cheryl Blevins, Vicki Whitmore, Sonia Fry. Second row, Tara Jones, Jennifer Gehrig, Sally Ford, Tracy Brown, Sherrall Stone, Cathy Boydston, Vicki Padgett, Sherrie Thompson, Marshelia Mallett, Debbie Green, Cheryl Nye, Sue Munn, Karen Kautzer, Cherie Owens. BOTTOM: Fashion Merchandising Officers: Sponsor Beverly Cory, Sponsor Mary Adams, Secretary Jamie Wall, Vice President Shirley Edwards Presider.. Melinda McMillan, Historian Yvette Williams, Activities Director Diana Wade. Activities Director Deanna Alexander, Senate Representative Cherie Owens, Historian Miriam Stansberry. l R XA fi: 1 Choir sings the gospel at TJC J 1 The TJC Gospel Choir sings for credit while promoting TJC and the gospel through tours and concerts. The 1980-81 choir had the largest membership in the choir's history. TOP: The Gospel Choir showed much enthusiasm as they clapped their hands at the December concert. MIDDLE: Gospel Choir Officers: First row, Yolando Brown, Loretta Roy, Sheretta Booker. Anetha Francis, Deirdre Dunn, Cynthia Madison. Second row, Billy Jimerson, Markus Henderson, Marcus Buchanan, Jerry McCoy, Vincent Henry, Charles Eldridge. BOTTOM: Gospel Choir Members, First row, Gwen Dial, Felicia Swanson, Jackie Smith, Sharron Starr, Pat Harper, Cherrie Jones, Mary Randall, Rhonda Williams, Teresa Roberts, Debbie Leach, Teresa Carr, Constance McNealy, Benita Love. Second row, Anetha Francis, Janice Allen, Valria Sanders, Wanda Hawkins, Cheryl Derrough, Shelia Craig, Doris Sanders, Viette Morgan, Deirdre Dunn, Ledetta Dancey, Sheretta Booker, Third row, Twanna Bowder, Colletta Smith, Della Morgan, Elmelda Allen, Terry Smith, Evelyn Tudman, Elaine Mosley, Vicki Williams, Tonia Rider, Jerry McCoy, Marcus Caldwell, Sponsor Audrey Woods, Charles Eldridge, Fourth row, William Sullivan, Marcus Buchanan, Markus Henderson, Darryl Reece, Bryon Flowers, Earl Jones, Billy Jimerson, Hugh Flake, Vincent Henry. ------- -""".- ... . sig- '-llfrfz. :'..... 'Lift P' 'Q f"""'f'0::"+'l--. .....-.... .-...V . .,. ... ...t ..........-.... Q "' """"J.5?1-'3-3' Tl' I . 'ii 4 "1.,.2""""'7....Z ' ' P " '-- -- .. - .., .. , ,... , - 5 1 4 I.:-Q----5.4 : ' , , -:M :Ll--S'7"T-, ..., "3:J'J.,l'..,i'.'2.J-.1"3' 7' ' '::'."" 227 r W - 6- A -,, 7:-ac 0: . ,. -L W, ..- -..... : .,.. . .., Q M A ..- uf-A .U .,,..,,- T. , ...- Q -.. V.. .--- --1 .... ..,,- au, -5 , -0 .: .,,.g.,,,, .,,-: ..--....... .. .. . ,. .1-... . -., -. ...N .M--W an "" 52.5715 .-"L: wif- ' "IJ" "..5!' ac.:-:,tAfC.,:':::nI'-"ii", 'Lf' 1.-2' 'S xr" ' .:"..-..,.:',"'. L.. ........,. ........a-. . ,, . A. ... t .. -ii wud-'Gi viii' H """' " r 1-H ' JBAQQ and DN f- -,u-so ' --f V -eff! ...ee-.. f nav..-...,... ,..1 i ',,,...... ' :ful--Q...-a" i 4- s t .., ,.. . ,,.. .., A All I ...ffm .. L. My .pg . "" - Mi 4 457.10 J...-...nf-. .W ...- -is .,.. --.M . ,- M.. J V .,.. , -..- VV .wr ' ", as , an , , " V' ' a W . Q Q 3 . A Ja 8 , 'av ,NAA W! lk ' - .4 2 ' 4, ' R sf Y ,:. 1. I Q K f' W l K 1 ' , ' 9 ' e, we ,,'f' 9- '1 .. M . i L L 1 xv fa I V X ' In JK, l 4 A Qi' 6 ' ' .A 7 i l I yy- ' vig., 5514 " .O-6 iii .41 ' . - - ,, , I , ,,..,. 1,534 ,y.,l,?,.w.,1sqa':-- ff- ,V T V. fsQ,g,'i K,-ML' "TV 51' U, gr 4 sw. , ,Xt Mg, gan:-g A , 4 ,skip . , ,, , a TOP: Anetha Francis boogied down as a clown in the Homecoming parade. BOTTOM LEFT: The Gospel Choir featured a sponge throw at the Halloween Carnival. BOTTOM RIGHT: The members of the Gospel Choir usually have maxed feelings before performing although you couldn't tell it by their performance. l Home Economics cooks up activity The Home Economics Club is composed of students who are interested in home economics. They participate in bake sales, going on field trips, and preparing food for campus events. This year, the club helped prepare french onion soup for the Moliere festival, cakes for the cakewalk at the Halloween carnival, and held bake sales. The Home Economics Club is sponsored by faculty advisors Athena Russell and Blanche Gibson. i .1-9 0 il 35 5 -1.21 i t X .ei Brewer, Jenny Ward, Dee Inman, Colleen Tillison, Pat Lee. Second row: Margaret Embry, Robin Matthews, Beverly McCasland, Denise Martel. l-.im Veitenheimer. Fourth row: Cathie Blankenship, Mitzi Hawkins, Linda Johnson. Fifth row: Michelle Hilbert, Della Malone, Shannon Charles -- wi Jones. "I fill-.eel holds the trophy given to the Home Economics Club for best decorated hall during Homecoming Week. Officers Della Malone, Mitzi Hawkins, Denise Martel, Second row, Beverly McCasland, Pat Lee. Third row, Alicia McNeeI, Kim Veitenhel Q. Uv I 4 4b. P..- ' -Q i . 934 jf, . ' ,W V5 vm w sffwqq 47"ff,ffQ TOP LEFT: Pat Lee, Angela Apa and Mrs Athena Russell preparung for Career Day. TOP RIGHT: Della Malone rnakrng boxes for the annual Valermne cake sale, MlDDLE LEFT: Vuckne Cobb and students at Peete Klndergartens annual Halloween party glven by Home Economucs. MIDDLE RIGHT: Denise Martel frostung a cake for scholarshnp bake sale BOTTOM LEFT: Club members returmng from scavenger hunt before lasagna dunner at Hlde-A-Way Lake. S Home-Ec Serves at ..... Christmas Open House ,fff ' 4 TOP LEFT: Mrtzu Hawknns, pres- udent, serves punch at the Chrrstmas Open House. TOP RIGHT: Mary Adams and Wynoma Johnson chat durung the Open House. BOTTOM: Pat Lee, Blanche Gibson, Dr. Potter and Athena Russell at the Open House. .::f7"r 'Y .as A- :H :slag fl 4, .M 7 ,uf f 2 .me-,W 1 1 , - x .N H, s . ff-T 1 5: wgv. O -v A ,. .T ,..o.pe , 1 .7 'F- S7 aj' i gl 'sn III nu' Un 1 i I, X of , 2 ' N ' 4 ..'!' r- "nFw3 PM TOP, Many teachers and drstnnguushed guests vnsrted during the Open House BOTTOM: The Home- Economrcs department does the Open House as a servrce to the teachers Thus year s Open House was a very bug success. 17' i' Las Nlascaras unites talents in productions Las Mascaras lDelta Psi Omegal nurtures interest in all phases of dramatic art, speech, culture and public service. The organization, formed in 1926 and the oldest on campus, is open to all students who are interested in the theatre and public speaking. The club sponsored three productions: "A Man for All Seasons" October 10, 11, 12, 13, Si 143 "Ondine" December 5, 6, 7, 8, Si 93 "Dear Brutus" April 3, 4, 5, 6, 8i 7. To become a member of Las Mascaras or Delta Psi Omega one must collect 50 or 75 points. The way one gets points is by working on the stage crew or being a member of the play cast. Las Nlascaras holds a spring banquet to present their own kind of "Academy Awards". 'Q 1 . its M ,"r 'iv-1,1 up-4 actifes and pledges. iiiiminee, Amy Motes and escort Doug Gilpin. it nr' t ers Vice-President Jetta Felder, Secretary Cindy Phillips, i'ki-'t.ifl+'V1T Doug Stricklin, theater. 'Ng OP LEFT: Lady Alice More IKathy Schlottachl and Lady Margaret More ICnndu Phullupsb seek comfort from ir Thomas More IDex Edwardsl. 'OP RIGHT: Doug Gnlpun, Doug Stncklln, David Greer and Shannon Smuth during Act I of MA Man For II Seasons". OTTOM LEFT: A scene from "Ondme". -OTTOM RIGHT: David Langford as Auguste and Kenth Hoffpauer as Hans un "Ondune", I Drama moves into new SIX Drama opens with " IVIan f r All Seasons" The first production of the year, "A Man For All Seasons," was the story of Sir Thomas More and his conflict with Henry VIII leading to the establishment of the Church of England. A fast-paced, exciting and very human story of one man's struggle to preserve his own in integrity. 9 TOP RIGHT: David Wright as King Henry VIII and Candi Phillips as Lady Margaret More. MIDDLF .EI-I The Duke of Norfold IDoug Gilpini thrashes out in anger at Sir Thomas Edwaiilsy ED'I'7O?w: LH T Avian The Duke is upset but this time it is at Lady Alice More IKathy Schlottach NIGHT 2f.f frfmwts as the Boatrnan and Dex Edwards as Sir Thomas More. "Ondine" delights crowd "Ondine" was a romantic fantasy. It was a delightful version of the "Little Mermaid" legend. It also lifted everyones' spirits and sent most into the Christmas season with a smile. .0 v3 iv' TOP LEFT: Lord Chamberlain lDex Edwardsl succeeds in cheering Ondine lAmy Motesl up. BOTTOM LEFT: Marla Fields as Eugenie in "Ondine", BOTTOM RIGHT: David Greer and Dex Edwards in "Ondine". Las Wlasoaras members gain experience through productions TOP LEFT: Davrd Greer drags Joe Funke up the starrs rn "Ondlne". TOP RIGHT' In last years play "A Mud Summer Nsght's Dream", 4 Mu? as Ronnre Black lThusbVl prepares to krll Dex Edwards lPhrarnusl. BOTTOM' Doug Grlprn as Norfolk Instens as Doug Strrcklrn, playing Cromwell, argues has pornt of vrew an "A Man For All Seasons". TOP: The Old One speaks of evil nn "Ondune." BOTTOM LEFT: Keith Hoffpauer as Hans, speaks to Amy Motes, Ondme, about the strongest emotnon a man can feel, love. BOTTOM RIGHT: Ben Roberts played the Old One in "Ondine." 73 evv Enforcement learns new to cope 1-1... . 1: 4. 2 N . rg, . - e 1 ...- QE ..,, args .rn- TLJF' MFT In-,tvmlwr Ds-:wax Pm vifvwvm Htmlu'-. Huw In ml-xv .a fuvlqwvgnvmt TOP RIGHT Svrqrusv1ILsIArr7v. Ruf!H11E,+ I-vw 1' Iv-rv-iw Hu' qslcniuw an Nw Tw HHTTUNI LFSA Prvxlrivlwl Firm ffurmf vw -Jun A I.nfJ v-rwMu1r'1m-HT -,lmis-zulu Muff gin In 1 T Lavv Enforcement learns tactic TOP: Mnke Wyzell shows how to search a suspect. BOTTOM: Laverne Campbell demonstrates to Vanetta Phupps the use of a fnngerprnnt camera. I 5 1 s ..- f, f ,Z 1 ,ff L i x. ,ff tif W. .4 TOP LEFT: Dennls Prlce, Instructor, shows drug samples to law enforcement students, TOP RIGHT: Law Enforcement Homecomrng Nommee Rrnda Prrce rs escorted by Luther Tallferro. BOTTOM: Dennrs Pruce demonstrates a takedown hold. I1 Mu Lambda Tau extends course The Medical Technology Club is an extension of the Medical Laboratory Technician two-year program. As a result of this program, students will be granted an Associate-in-Applied Science Degree. ln the first year a student is basically concerned with liberal arts courses on campus. ln the second year, courses are included which provide supervised clinical laboratory work in hospitals and clinics. Upon completing this course, a student is able to perform in all areas of clinical laboratory. T I i ' 1 yi TOP: Karen Cook and Tammie Tusher check slides in lab. l MIDDLE: Front row, Marilyn Ford, Melissa Cockerham, Barbara Wentworth, Wanda Flobinson, Sheila Michels, Karen Cook, Kishi Milstead, Lu Ann Holcomb, Tammie Tusher, Margaret Hamilton, Evelyn Zoeller, Debbie Gilbert, Tony Murphy, David Williams. BOTTOM1 Front row, Lynda Gunter, Ramonda Pinckard, Rhonda Shaw, Bill Stephenson, Fleena Chambers, Jana Jordan, Nancy Praffit, Lynette Hobbs, Safdra Sanders. Back row, David Hilliard, April Lofton, Avalon Bona ,ll 'fawn Brown, Mary Weidner, Bazer Dunn, Elizabeth Breland, 5 ' Margaww Tu:-wr s - I 'ff-' Walker, Judy Ballard, Lynette Hobbs, Lynda Gunter. Back row, Susan 2 ' A 'x , :I L 1-- M ,fs Jxixvbmnl , 'ik 1,5 5 '5- 1 . Wax Q 'ill R... , w ,Q ,,, Ei., - .. Y 5? I 5, .4 I H ' Y I 9 . 9 i:l.!f.i uv' v TOP LEFT: Preparing test tubes for lab is one of the many duties of David Hilliard. TOP RIGHT: Tawn Brown and Bazar Dunn check specimens. BOTTOM: Medical Laboratory Technician students Margaret Turner and Jana Jordan fill jars and test tubes for practice. Opthalmic Dispensing seeks better vision Opthalmic Dispensing is a program of theory and practice in all and objective mechanical means to determine the scope ofthe e aspects of the profession. Students are prepared to employ subjective functions TOP: Members of the 1980-81 Apache Opthalmic Dispensing Club. First row, Instructor Clyde Davenport, Jackie Harvey, Robbie Patino, Carlos Perez, Judy Conrad, Nzdal Bou-Chedtd, Lisa Guckert, Daisy Yu, Dixie Stansel, Pickney Sullivan, Steve Hagan, Salih Alahmad and Instructor Dr Ron Smith. Second row, Lynn Garrett, Kim Hill, Denise Pharr, Vicki Schriver, Rhonda Pool, Carla Glenn, Dean Rosinbaum, Wayne Luker, Don Warren, MIDDLE: Members of the Freshman Opthalmic class include Donald Ray Warren, Robbie Patino, Denise Pharr, Carlos Perez, Lynn Garrett, Salih Alahmad, Kim Hill, Steven Hagan, Jackie Harvey, Pinkney Sullivan, Vickie Schriver, Wayne Luker and Dean Rosinbaum. -., -A? 1, BOTTOM LEFT: Members of the Sophomore Ophthalmic class include Judy Conrad, Lisa Guckert, Nadal Bou-Chedud, Rhonda Pool, Carla Glenn and Dixie Stansel BOTTOM RIGHT: Officers of the Apache Optical Club include Carla Glenn, Stephen Hagan, and Judy Conrad ,s -I Q . .. Q.. l 31 1 l . in f1T i an N f, C' I .thug 1 0.0.0. 000 , if r 1' I' X MN fn I x ' 1' TOP LEFT: David Huckabee and Judy Conrad work an the opthalrmc duspensmg lab. R 1 TOP RIGHT: Duxle Stansel looks at lens, ,rx BOTTOM LEFT: Ronda Pool adjusts one of the machmes un the opthalmlc duspensmgs C 5 lab In the new addmon to Pnrtle Technology buuldmg, A jf, 81 hi Theta Kappa serves for 50 year' The Alpha Omicron Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa, the national Junior College scholastic fraternity, is composed of members selected on the basis of scholarship, character, leadership, and service. Its membership is restricted to ten percent of the students enrolled in Tyler Junior College and the faculty and local chapter names as members those students meriting special honor. This year was Phi Theta Kappa's Fiftieth Anniversary on the TJC campus. Dr. Jenkins presented the chapter with a plaque and commended their service to TJC. The Christmas party and the spring banquet theme was "Fifty Years of Service." Members of Phi Theta Kappa serve as hosts and hostesses for TJC. -.-E, TOP: Left side of staircase from topg Jeff Clark, Richard Whipple, l. L. Friedman, Edwin Fowler, Sponsor Lena Exurn, Don Gaiser, H. E. Jenkins, Iva Jenkins, Johnnye Kennedy, Mary Jane McNamara, Sandy Prater, Bob Peters, Lynette Hobbs. Right side of staircase from topg Jeff Wallace, Mark Wheat, Ned Fowler, John Stephens, David Shelton, Rajesh Vallesh, Steve Nelms, Trudy Spruill, Cheryl Cannon, Sharon Hendricks, Eric Faust, Suzie Vinzant, Jim Lewis, Kay tnenner, Sunny Shook. MIDDLE LEFTt Kay Kenner, escorted by Paul Latta, was chosen as the Phi Theta Kappa Homecoming Nominee. MIDDLE RIGHT: 'N"It1lf!lV Cheryl Cannon, T.J.C. President H. E. Jenkins, Sponsor Lena Exum, ' Litiit Kay Kenner, Vice--President Rajesh Vallesh. BOTTOM: T.J.C. President L 'i::'iltirtS presents President Kay Kenner a plaque received from the national i. iiriiw of Phi Theta Kappa. Tb. Q vsfiwtii TOP LEFT: Secretary Cheryl Cannon sugns un new sprung members at the December Chrrstmas party. TOP RIGHT: New members get acquamted at the Chrrstmas party, Members were rmtrated Into Phu Theta Kappa, BOTTOM: Phu Theta Kappa members enjoy "Frfty Years of Servrce" at the Chrrstmas party. CG- FSI "N-M ,-J I KH! ind 'fjfi 83 The Future Farmers of America is an organization that involves students in crop production farm and ranch ma and the agricultural aspects of livestock such as breeding market value feeding and health and adaptability of animals to climatic regions. it we ,W -..-..... I -- - gay, -,l':rl lnde Tim Truitt, Student Senate representative: Jliane Bessire, secretaryg Nicky Nesbitt, treasurer: ft Mark Smith, sentinelg seated, Greg Hood, ' "ares, John Nesbitt, Mark Smith, Nicky ' .Ifmr-iledo, Greg Hood, Second row, Johnny "i-fler, Tim Truitt, Jeff Jenkins, Keith ' -fills Charise Nolan, Diane Bessire, "'lririm. ......... '.E. Majors boost spirit The P.E. Majors Club is open to anyone interested in a physical education m.ijor. The club participates in all phases of intramural sports as well as boosting spirit during football season. They ld black and white pompoms to raise money for their organization. They also participated in the Student Senate Iloween carnival with a game booth. I Q00 TOP Parliamentarian Bobbie Steed. Secretary Leigh Ann Lowe, Vice-President Keith McDougal, President Carol Jeter, Treasurer Kelli Nowell BOTTOM' First row Lee Ann Gibson, Leigh Ann Lowe, Elissa Hightower, Carol Jeter, Jo Stanley. Kelli Nowell, Second row' Instructor Sandy Prater, Rick Hassell, Lequitta Land, Instructor Audrey Woods, Kevin Johns, Keith McDougal Respiratory Therapy Club learns by using methods TOP: Jeanette Couch, Tammy Harper, Ronda Cooley, Debbie Becker, Instructor Lee Rice and Liz Ford put adaptors together for pediatric manual ventilators. MIDDLE LEFT: Instructor Ken Stegall shows Liz Ford and Felicia Dixon the function of a manual ventilator. MIDDLE RIGHT: Instructor Lee Rice demonstrates the use of manual resuscitator on a model. BOTTOM: First row, Tammy Harper, Sharon Szabo, Felicia Dixon, Lucille Bailey. Second row, Tracy Neighbors, Le Ann Montgomery, Jackie McKenzie, Rose Crayton, Roslyn Staley, Brenda Flakes, Ronda Cooley, Rochelle Smith. Third row, Raymond Henning, Jerry McCoy, Kim Hutchins, Tonya Cook, Karen Dennis, Jay Trammel, Jeff Hembry, Debbie Becker, Wendell Warren. The Respiratory Therapy Club is made up of students enrolled in the Respiratory Therapy program. Courses for this program include not only courses on campus such as English and Physics, but also classes instructing students in therapy. Students also have in-hospital training at area hospitals. Respiratory Therapy moved this year to the new addition to Pirtle Technology Building. ,, .L lull. ' N A 4 X. 3 1 I ' ' 1 J i 35. x I . l 1 ei a.- QNX v .J iaiifr, """"',f1 .W X P XX 'Gwyn' 2 f - '7- f ,.... . ' Vip, L 4. '-Q - lu ' My sbt' lx ' ' l TOP: Jay Trammell, Sharon Szabo, and Sharon White use a ventilator an practlcung for hosprtal situatlons. A MIDDLE LEFT: Don Barnett shows Sharon l Szabo and Lucille Barley how to use a manual Q g . ventilator. MIDDLE RIGHT: Jay Trammell, Sharon Szabo ' 'wg ml Y Q 3 9 and Sharon Whute practnce technrques learned "' ,ff in lab. f , BOTTOM: You wonder sometimes what ns on ' L the minds of all those teachers out there. "Df- qf-uqp 'of' , ,gs- 8 7 Rodeo Club competes for team trophies The Tyler Junior College Rodeo Association has been organized and operating for the past 15 years. The club is open to any full-time student at TJC who is interested in the sport of rodeoing. The club has had an average membership for the last three years of about 75. Some of these students participate in the sport of rodeos, but the majority are interested in helping produce local shows. The Rodeo Club has been a member of the National Inter-collegiate Rodeo Association for the past three years. TJC has sponsored three NIRA-approved rodeos where more than 200 contestants from the southern region have competed each year for the men's and women's team trophies. ln addition to the NIRA rodeos, the club has sponsored the fall and spring Buckout and Play Day, which was used to help promote TJC spirit and involve other clubs on campus in friendly games of contest. The TJC Rodeo Association has as its objectives, helping to promote the sport of rodeo at TJC, and helping to support the activities at TJC by involving other groups of students while they attend TJC. In order to participate in rodeos, the students must maintain a desirable scholastic record and follow all rules and regulations of the college and NIRA Association. S 7 15 if 'Z Il 1133111 The pictures on these two pages are of the first place ladies team at Stephen F. Austin and South West Texas Junior College NIRA Rodeos. The team consists of Carrie Peterson, Becky Barnes and Jan Woolery. Jan Woolery was the all-around cowgirl at the SHSU rodeo and the Texas ABM rodeo. She also placed first in the all-around competition at regional This qualified her to compete at Nationals. Cowboys enjoy. . . TEAM ROPING . . . Team roping, fast gaining in popularity, has two basic techniques-Dally Team Roping and Team Tying. ln Dally Team Roping the header ropes the steer's horns then quickly turns him. Immediately the second rider, the heeler, ropes the steer's hind legs and dallies his rope on the saddle horn. Time stops when both riders face their horses toward the steer. When it is Team Tying, ropes are fastened to rider's saddle horn. The header ropes the steer's horns then turns off and logs the steer. Quickly, the heeler ropes the steers heels. Then the header leaps off his horse and ties two of the steer's legs. Riders have to be able to think and act fast. SADDLE BRONC RIDING . . . Saddle bronc riding has less competition than any other event in rodeo. There's a reason-the instinctive reactions required to keep in the stirrups, sense what a horse will do next, and the rhythm required, because there is nothing solid to hang onto, make this event one with no substitute for years of experience. The dependency a cowboy has on his rein makes the difference between a good and a champion rider. The rider is downgraded by the judges if he loses control-cowboys call it "getting into a strom"-and if this happens the Saddle makes recovery difficult. 11 -C .F in J sf .Ji 1 .5 l "Q--bf l i il ji Aiill 0-x i I flu , ' J - 'I J r, , I 1 iq an i x i Americas No.1 Sport BAREBACK BRONC RIDING . . . The 8-second bareback ride is confusing because sometimes a cowboy's wild spurring appears to be simply showing off while in fact the rhythm of a man's legs on his horse is all that keeps the rigging-a handhold on the surcingle-from being torn out of his hand. The bareback rider throws his feet forward in time with the horse's jumps and at the same time this motion keeps his seat close to his riding hand. He's well aware that once he slips away from the handhold he's on the launching pad. BULL RIDING . . . The most popular rodeo riding event, and the most dangerous is bull riding. Many of the big crossbred Brahmas go a whole season without being ridden the required 8 seconds. Because they will charge their up-ended rider, only the clown can help him. The clown's courage and anticipation of what the bull will do are the reasons that bull riders can eat supper. A bull rider uses a rope which is looped like a noose around the animaI's middle. lt is a tlat plait with a handhold. The rider takes the free end of the rope and lays it across his palm, wraps it once behind his hand and lays it across the palm again. 91 T.J. T. News reflects progressive reportini "Involved, Aware, Enlightened" was the TJC News' motto for '81. The first Homecoming float in News history won the coveted sweepstakes award. News layout style changed to reflect a more progressive publication. The paper was put together every Thursday afternoon. Many students, both freshmen and sophomores, were involved, When the first issue came out the News celebrated with a "first edition party" and later with a Christmas party. The writing, layout, headlines and administration was put back in the hands of students. Students listened to Ronald Reagan, William Clements, John Connally, Ross Perot and lI'm madl Eddie Chiles. "We watched, we wrote, we learned . . . We, the Tyler Junior College News Staff 1980-81. ts, tftwif 'TK il . ,bv . , ' , ' I f ,x I X grit Vnzsas 'V' E . ,, 5 E .i 'X .fi Q Q .M . , . Y K- I T MN-NT' 3? 5 149' 4 ' 5 UD ft TOP RIGHT: Linda Zeigler was the News adviser, Without her help and understanding, the paper wouIdn't have been as professional as it was. TOP LEFT: Homecoming Nominee Sunny Shook and Escort Glen Barker walk through the plaza downtown. BOTTOM: News staff awaits the awarding of the homecoming trophies. -., --.K t Q.. I l I. 8 , l R-N - AFD' I 1 M, to V'-ww-1 T W--M MN '--.,,,,', sq 2 Wx A "'v.,N 1 We tl l 4 I X l g 3 l TOP: Sunny Shook, Ellen Flozelle and Rhonda Logsdon stop for a quick photo. BOTTOM LEFT: Jeff Clark was the '81 news editor. BOTTOM RIGHT: The News float won first place in the Homecoming float contest. ' Nurses T. J. C., Medical Center Hospital and Mother Francis Hospital cooperate with the Texas Eastern SchoolofNursinginthetrainingofFlegistered Nurses. In the first two years of this three-year program, students enroll at TJC for instruction in the fundamentals of nursing, receiving practical training and experience on the units of the hospitals. The third year of the program is conducted independently by the Texas Eastern School of Nursing, Upon completion of the three-year program, students are eligible to take the examination for licensure as Registered Professional Nurses. .-s V.. .K TOP RIGHT Student nurses, from left, Marilyn Fielding, Nancy Kniffen andBarharaVVeaverlearnR N fundamentalsastheyobserveInstructor Margaret Taylor, R N MIDDLE LEFT Student Nurse Fonda Delk applies a dressing to class member Mitzi Rochelle. BOTTOM RIGHT Student Nurse Laurie Potts gets practical experience in the preparation of a dressing on the arm of Student Nurse Joan Thompson E r 3 i rl it 11 ll ' ' wrap up Clinical L lli""xS -1-w. vs' al 54 N 'N SS lg 5 ull, 'Pg . X .Y fr Q I N D 'N , f ,Of JA l -,X fa-- in X K. ."""--iw.- TOP LEFT: Nancy Knrffen and Jannce Phullups learn the technnoue of dressing an nnjury, TOP RIGHT: Student Nurse Mlndy Hogue goes through the procedure of applying a dressing on Sarah Durham MIDDLE LEFTi Student Nurse Sarah Durham poses as patuent .as Fonda Delk practrces nursung procedures. MIDDLE RIGHT' Instructor Margaret Taylor, R N , seturus bandages on Student Nurse Cherrljo Sudduth 5 ll' ll Recreation leadership, for sports-minded lt is the ultimate goal of the Recreation Leadership program to elevate the standards of the recreational profession as a service to humanity. Upon completion of the program, students are qualified to seek employment in sport facilities such as pro-shops and tennis clubs, as well as other recreational services. 'bk TOP Recreation Club officers include President Roy Blackshear, Secretary Kevin Eby, Treasurer Scott Nichol, and Senate Representative Eric Frizzi. Not pictured is Vice President Kari Rocha. MIDDLE: Arthur Rosiles, P, K. Dass, Glen Howe, Bennie Ford, Charles Kerr, Pat Turman and Beatriz Oliveira enjoy a break from serious classroom YOUIIVIB, BO VTOM LEFT: Pat Turman, Bryan Lawrence, Charles Kerr, Bryant Wattles, Kevin Eby. Glen Howe and Barry Kniffen participate in a "Dress for Success" project with Sponsor Arthur Rosiles adding his approval, BOTTOM RIGHT: Roy Blackshear reminds club members of upcoming activities. TOP LEFT: Recreation class members Barry Knrften, P. K. Dass. Kevin Eby, Bryant Wattles, Pat Turman, Glen Howe, Charles Kerr, Buff Wlllard, Julie Hayes, and Bryan Lawrence are "ready for action". TOP RIGHT: Recreation Leadershlp Sponsor Arthur Rosrles presrdes at a club meeting. MIDDLE: Club members Scott Nrchol, Enc Fnzzr, Roy Blackshear. Jamie Reardon and Julra Hendon dlscuss possnble prolects for the Sprung semester. BOTTOM: Club President Roy Blackshear and Sponsor Arthur Rosiles display the Christmas ornament made by recreatron class. West Hall homes a variety of men rg ,i til vt l l West Hall provides facilities for 48 men, It is one of the three dormitories provided for men. Men from all over the state country make their home in West Hall. il i TOP: Front row, Jeff Davis, Mike Bain, Pete Molidor, Chris Springer, Nicky Nesbitt, Joe Guerra. Second row, David Wysoki, Lee Smith, Wes Crisler, Jimmy VWQ Randy Kuen, Bill Shoemaker, Allen Blakeborough, Scott Hill, Brad Ward, Mead Coley. t BOTTOM: First row, Charles Woods, Doug Gilpin, Mark Smith, Kenneth Speering, Phillip Lakey, James Miller, Steve Ginder. Second rowg Hal Anderson, Wtvl, Sullivan, Lonnie Jackson, Greg Ball, David Donnelly, Dave Gray, Tim Goolsby. , W, , , ,,,...V., mmm. 4 y , A Q uma liiwwiei E we 'Wal 5 rf, 'idea at 2 ly- f mag 1 Q 7 fy' f l H WH ABM i g , 2 f .sew 5 L Wcfzc " F ,U 1 K' , P W , ,- A 4:1 ' l use 'Wf T 3 4 I I ar' 12 - 'v W3 .,",', ' f' '..,J,s V ' ll . ,WH '-1f?f.'g,SiA"..l' piggy:-K MDE, ,dd Q.. A in W 2 ww same mm n mesa an an 3 una i an Z 1 'kll mHlE'l"Wb ., 493 W ,gf 3 t l li , HI I 2 '-4' .aw E ? i tw l "PIE 2 Q J 1 if . 1, l O .rr- ':24s'fJ' 'A GCE Al Center Hall residents un o 'f 7 .IM-'-'L-'..-2-41 TL -Q 1 qu Q11 i .. . .. -- .1 - ii' 1: ' v-v1IA1 : .-- ...- E L- ' ...."'Z.."'J"'en 12' 2: - 1.".7.g"J'a '-I Q ' - "" , F af' .-1--au Q: -n J , - ' 1.'.."i'.-. I E b - -- , " .' "'...T" "..f"...:3 ns 5 - A,-' l .'1.2"T.I'L.. ... 5' "1-1-,..L Y --f -r' " ff' --L .-H5 ' 4.2 1:-:ai +5 :LQ-v-....M . . .....-..an -:iL- . 'int 11.1, ,",-'IQ' 2-.41-1--.--n Q .,,...-a .1 If e' A ,,.. ,-.-- - .1 .....- -an-u - - , ,. ..... ,. ,, -Q-...M qu M ....'.53,q-,-- ....4..- . .... .. - , --, -n ---Q -Q F , nk, ,.-- V .4 . SM- ,--X' Q-cum - Q1--ni -:I -,,., M... .P-W, ' ,,, .,, ,,, .. , . .,.g .- .1-Q -.. . , , .,.,.,....-.v , - , .....- ..- B viiwuni-n-up-1- p-ns--- v "". , . . -. -ang . 4 run 5 .:::14,f1 . . - N,:f elk --MH-r:51iLiE:1:- ...n......... .- . ..-.-.-.--in 1'-"' " , .4 -.. ...tn ... .....-.-..- -..- -- 113 ...f-,.run1-- ff -A il. L-.I -,,,..,,,-,. .......-...en . in -.. -v.-vanns-mrrf- L, A, ,, ,,,Q.v-4--Q..-.-..,w .-Q..-uni G '1-' -4 " """' ' " . ' an -..- Q.-.---.aa-G --In - S5131-..- -..- --Um 1 , . ' 'i....... , ..-..-,... ..- -- --- - -n - -gr-...-.,.,.. f.. ,ff i-f- - - ,,..e ..-... ,.. - ....... -.- -..--. - , Q.--was-4---' L-:fn ,,,,,,, ... . . -n -4- 11'-.413 a ..gq--a-Q -. U A , ,,,.. . -ti, Y 5 vy g, nrt- C' it 1 3 ill llllllll ill 'iii' ' "' fslsfi li iii iltl nl :.r":.:':-' ':' I. l I lea .-.cn t J . wltgk -L, . -. ,UA ..- 4.4-u 1 in : . s. Ili I1 i : -I mr. , - ..- F: fl - , Y U" , ,,. .Q L .TI-.I"-...L "' ' fi R . M" "1 .T'LI"'2-'T-"th: 1 EE , g A, xvfnn -1 ..--sn:-I - .J E I I 4. ,- I. , ..., f ae...-tv H 4. ' -N 1 , i ng , - - -4-a.ni-us ,al - - uc 1 t it I 5: -'Eg-If 1 rr!-init igivymionign , V A "':"'..:'.".:: ' L: i f' iilM'412SI0N ,gi-' ::::"":: 2' F: -' """"""""' Y '1""T-"::': .J : ... -,,..,, sf.- Q: "' , , , ,, , 2: na ..- 9 . l ' in-11:1 '- !'2gl3l-Hill-If "!!!1g -' '-' '- 92211. 'n.:'::.: ..-.::. 3 In Uv'-'-' -'ff'-' " . .- P ,--..----U ..-Q -Q ..- - "'-"""' "' """ -4 u '--. .-.......-.-.....-.....J .- Ivlll-'1 -"'-' """" - .Q Q ' - ---. .... . ..-Q.-..-un. - 5--1 -""' """""' - it i 'fi Quinta.--1.-.aa-vases-0-ii an ll--v--'-"' "" 4 I .-W...-.-..-.--... .....- -.- l19'13"""""" ""' ' Q ' 11... ----nun--.ina-4-iq an 131'-"'x""B"""1' '-A-, Aialv -Q-iaqnainngpii an :L-.:.::..-:.:::..-:. .J A - . .......,...-................- -. 1-uw-fi 0--' -'NIU' F -3 'S " Z'.I"l:-ai"-:':q-'14 4: L9'i1i"" i Zi H 7 - isTw:f- v- s. -.glib-v 1 ,lyv,...a!' Q- -f 3 ,sn I, A -e wa n ' ex' i . ,- 1 QI A . F K , I v, -R ' 4 ' 45 . , if f...'i4g' fJLf"-si.-is ' ' - -'N 4 , ...g"'-.....- A -fi 3- .. 1.61 f ' -:UP SW: 335033 baeyliis-1lvSBL.nvr6 -P '-Q bail meant vf.,:. '- Ii misuse ,M pf...f- , 4 an K can 143 I 'N' armies: 1 "" wil , 2 Y.-.ai ,li is I . 4 . H w --f ..:': I- -I - ll I 1. lu -I - JS , 'Puff 3 Ngngl W7 I-1:1105 in-:ll 6-awfri 5 pu 'E 'Q fl I all-9 '.'l'5 Xl .ill -4 M ' .mn -ws...-L i I iiuili1Ql -ul Emu. . -x will WSW? 144341 li 1 QI- :faiBUlIuiLi'1l Iii! U ' i5l22H3f3I1 P0161 1 il an lil pan I 1 OU n2'h have fun Center Hall is one of three dormitories provided for men at TJC. Facilities are provided for 48 men. TOP: Residents at Center Hall like to have fun, even though they each have different backgrounds, they manage to have fun. MIDDLE: Bottom floor: First row, Matt Coflelt, Scott Cline, Joel Hegemeyer, Dick Summerford, J, R. Jensen, Ben T. Roberts lll. Second row, Yankee Lynch, Italian Stallion, Ju Bielitz, Action Weems, Ahoe Stevens, Marcus lJoel Caldwell, Rodney Crock, Mike Conwrrght. BOTTOM: Top floor, First row, Aaron Watkins, Bib "B" R. Grey, Dexter Meneifield, Alfred Godini. Gary Whrtworth, Elton Webster, Red Johnston. Second row, Prince A. Bridges, Kevin Carlisle, Doug Hall, Gary Lockhart, Magic Wilson, Curtis Wallace, Coon Man Summerford, PK Dass, Charles Hill, Ricardo Acioly, Don Dingle Berry, Lance Watson, Ron Whitter, Bryant Wattle, Warren Norris, Casanova Jenkins. Claridge cited "special place" Claridge Hall is cited as a very special place to live for two years by house mother, Mrs. Horton. Privately owned, it opened in 1964. It houses 93 girls. TOP: Top row. Mandy Harness, Cathy Paape, Bottom row, Beverly Schmidt, Wyonia Willis, Mrs. Horton, Kim Sample, Jan Schnexnayder MIDDLE: Top row, Beverly Schmidt, Bernadette Richardson, Beth Holladay, Darla Buckner, Landa Rigsby, Kay Warrick, Kelli Nowell, Melissa Walizer, Luzoni Kelly, Sherrie Jones, Connie McNealy, Geri Hedrick, Elizabeth Henderson, Debra White, Middle row, Cheryl Jones, Pat Harper, Ledette Dancy, Judy Yarborough, Mary Randle, Sheila Ashley, Stephanie Lester, Wyonia Willis, Tammy Jarrellg Bottom row. Gail Davidson, Lysa Dickerson, Jackie Otto, Jane Miller, Kristin Peters, Lisa Laney BOTTOM: Top row, Karen Neisler, Kerry Potetz, Chris Lee. Cathy Paape, Brenda Wilcox, Rosemary Mireles, Terry Persons, Laura Hogan, Cynthia Schrievener, Mandy Harness, Jan Schexnayder, Aleatris Collie, Bottom row, Diana Feinberg, Terri Dorsett, Joan Givins, Lisa Herrin, Lauri Smith, Jana Boze, Allison Schillecia, Jamie Argenbright, Belinda Lopez, Monica Newman, Becky Gunn, Connie Mann, Zoe King, Kim Sample -my ,-1 I vuyl? If'-Vfili if-3 ff s ,i 't- 15? Q' 'Gig -Q .Ht sf? ISU' 4394235 fflfzfz ' H r " 1 u,tV,- ' f-1 i'.u-nl w, A, J: ' LJ sf., ...- ri Lf: . -nf 3 oo -A-94: l TOP: Connie Mann, Lusa Hernn, Jamne Argenbrught, Momca Newman, Karen Nelsler, Zoe Kung, Cathy Paape, Laura Couslns, Donna Sherrill, Allison Schlllecu, Laune Rrchey, Krm Hagen, Sandra Fletcher, and BeLynda Lopez exchange gufts and laughter. MIDDLE: Donna Shernll, Rosemary Mzreles, Sus: Jacobs, and Alluson Schlllecl eat theur way to obllvuon at the Chrlstrnas party. BOTTOM: Laura Couslns, Laurle Rlchey, Cathy Paape, BeLynda Lopez. Alllson Schullecl, Karen Nersler, Jamue Argenbrught and Nlonvca Newman get a little Chrnstmas spnnt Into theur Irves at the Chrvstmas party. Sledge girls reside i in newest facilities ' Sledge Hall was erected in 1977 and is the newest dormitory on campus It houses 72 girls in modern, safe and convenient facilities. Mrs Dorris Jernigan has been their dorm mother for 4 years. a gf ' . Pagin- ,- -X 2. fri, .ggrs L.4w"' 'Q TOP RIGHT: Patti Smith, Jennifer Chadwell, Faith Cutler, Ronda Cooley, Mary Cartwright, Rhonda Logsdon, Dee Whitman, Elmelda Allen, Rosie Washington, Yolanda Lumpkin, Emilie Lumpkin, Kay Chandler, Cindra Paige, Randi Royder, and Loretta Roy. MIDDLEL Stacy Howard, Julie Stolusky, Shannon Moore, Windy Whippo, Jill Knox, Cindy Morton, Ginny Sherbit, Coleta Smith, Gloria Woods, Alisha Auzenne, Sharon Lariez, Lisa Alexaner, Cheryl Binkenstein, Tina Montague, kneeling: Debbie Dillon, Dorris Sanders and Maggie Bishop. BOTTOM RIGHT: Kay Chandler, Dorm President, Mrs. Dorm director: Cheryl Binkenstein, Senate Representative. TOP: Rosle Washungton, Jennrfer Chadwell, Lrsa McKrnney, Emrly Lumpkrn,RandrRoyder,L1sa Dean, Lnsa Alexander, Rhonda Logsdon, Sara Slmmons, Knstr Stunson, Sheula Wages, Shan Stanley. MIDDLE: Frrst row, Grnny Sherbrtt, Jacelyn Vasquez, Felecra Sansom, Mary Cartwnght, Dorrrs Sanders, Second row, Lynn Anderson, Sue Ann Carter, Della Malone, Rosle Washrngton, Elmelda Allen, Cheryl Derrough, Coleta Smith, Esther Holmes. Thrrd row, Beth Owen, Farth Cutler, Rhonda Logsdon, Kay Chandler. Fourth row, Dee Whitman, Cindra Pauge, Margaret Embry, Emslre Lumpknn. BOTTOM: Kay Chandler shows how greedy Sledge Hall resrdents can be when goodres are offered. 1 :- . . , BSU makes "Impact" in '80 The Baptist Student Union is a place for students to go to have fun between classes and at night. The Baptist Student Union had a fall emphasis program this year featuring dorm Bible studies as well as regular Bible study meetings. The Fall emphasis program was titled "Impact '8O". It was the hope of the Baptist Student Union to enable students to learn more about themselves and God. The emphasis program ended with a week-long program of evangelical preaching. In addition to this emphasis program, the BSU offered regular meetings. ' fc K i I I E '12 teach a clowning seminar. People were taught to use the clowning in telling others about Christ. MIDDLE: Agape Iuncheons like this one were given by the BSU TOP: Ernie and Jean Liebig came during the fall semester to 3 Q during the school year. BOTTOM: Geno Robinson leads the activities at the BSU as well as teaching some Bible classes. as 104 I RAI HPACT .LQ Cf Q-'ax " L-4 AW 1.3 1 gl , TOP LEFT: Ernue Lueblg lllustrates clown techniques durlng BSU Semnnar. TOP RIGHT: BSU Durector Geno Robunson speaks at "Impact 80" outreach. MIDDLE LEFT: Speakers and smgers dune at "Impact 80" dmner, BOTTOM LEFT: Mike Rlce portrays Dracula at BSU Halloween Carnival. Tri-C offers place to relax The Campus Christian offers different things for different people. Tri-C offers both non-credit and credit Bible courses. Activities such as fellowships, meals, seminars, devotionals, and sports keep students busy at the Tri-C. The Tri-C is a fun place for any student to go and relax between classes or at night. TOP: Jim Strait, director of Tri-C often takes time out from teaching to play various games with students. BOTTOM: Card games are almost always going at the Tri-C. It is very rare to find a person playing solitaire. IR b . 6 .ff"N:Lf' fffxuf-, Judi xil lu ,, "s-. TOP: Volleyball is usually one of the late-night games played at the Tri-C. The Tri-C has a volleyball court outside their main building. MIDDLE: Meals are offered at the Tri-C on certain nights. A student can receive a good. hot meal without paying for it. BOTTOM: Devotionals were held on Tuesday nights at the Tri-C after a meal. When the weather was good, they were held outside. E'--1 PS 'y ic- . - 1 YA . g -J-if -U! 1 -JJMYE, ,S , . K M J, Q 1 "ri I--A 4 ,-,-.ww V vw E Wesley sponsors activities Wesley Foundation is one of the four religious centers at TJC. The Wesley provides a place for any student at TJC to come and relax between classes. The Wesley also sponsors retreats, dinners and worship. In the fall, the Wesley went to Lakeview Assembly and repaired some of the buildings in exchange for food and lodging. Just before Christmas, the Wesley sponsored a dinner for underprivileged children. The Wesley also sponsored rap sessions as well as dinners. X . : .4-t, J il!-Lrg., if Li t, fflrf Y te I , 4- , v iff. 4s.p,glN if la W AW 'Y' We- 5,334 1, 6 X 3 .tw Q4 S, v ' ' Q 1 if 5' Q . fi . tx 'Vi 4 Q- .gre 2 as fn, i f , L .nf f-- 4--3'-f'. I ifSLTf.f1gf,3, v v M. "i'4'.k7"qiXY i .40 :iii K xrtt ja' K X Q l' 'f-'Rat' gi, 'J H Xqw . I if 'Q l' i ft 4 "' -it 'lk'-fx '- 'Q 1 . X , ' 'ie Q. L at " TOP LEFT: Melinda Benton was assigned the job of painting the fence at Lakeview. She shows her good humor by smiling through the task. TOP RIGHT: Donna Maurer was chosen as the Homecoming Nominee for the Wesley Foundation. BOTTOM LEFT: The Wesley sponsored free suppers for students throughout the year. Ladies from churches provided the meals. BOTTOM RIGHT: Reverend Gene Bynum was invited to speak at many of the worship services and rap sessions at the Wesley. 'F fi K., t 2 T3 F 2 Z 1 i Gnu, W1 'D . J' ,Y Y were ,. we 4 i an .- z N EL. fw. . "- 'MM ii A 2 x l 1 I 2 3 52 , I T' 3 ,fi M , 5 it f iota A 3' M . 0 N. sf N 2......., , kv , Y' 11,4 . I I naw :www TOP LEFT: TJC students enjoyed lunch at the Wesley several times during the semester. TOP RIGHT: Many students took Bible classes offered at the Wesley, MIDDLE LEFT: Willie Mae Beckendorf led students and children in Christmas carols at the Christmas dinner held for underprivileged children. MIDDLE RIGHT: The children at the Christmas party also enioyed a hearty meal of turkey, dressing, and cranberry sauce as well as treats afterward. BOTTOM: Wesley students took responsibility for one child during the Christmas dinner. They were responsible for seeing the child got something to eat and had a good time. Many lasting friendships were formed. 10 9 Wesley Foundatiol TOP: Sue Flournoy talks with the Reverend Harvey Beckendorf about activities at the Wesley. TOP RIGHT: Sue Flournoy gives a devotional at one of the Wesley worship services. ' MIDDLE: Sue Flournoy was the recipient of the Wesley Foundation Ann Adams Scholarship. The scholarship honors Ann Adams, a former dormitory director. The scholarship is given to a freshman student who has made the greatest contribution to life at the Wesley. The selection is made by a special committee from the Wesley Foundation. BOTTOM: Secretary JoAnn Smith works hard at the Wesley keeping things organized. eg, 4, asf- H-' ...xl A 'Q I. linister keeps Wesley going u- l'. , ' ' .UR . ',' 1. . . -q.- -. ,D i 1. . I 1 . it' I l :I-lg . ,s ' ' HI ', ' '. Q sg., .- 55-" : i uifhfhx jr 4 .f fvV,L'l.' Liz. ,Y , s all X H.. Q. 5 in-v Vi-f. . 52 F U D wqgmv :lt- - .T , . ., Q 1 4, 5 Qt! -1? H , 5 in -"""' "Z The Reverend Beckendorf is the minister at the Wesley Foundation. He plans extracurricular activities as well as teaching classes. He is also a minister at Liberty Hill United Methodist Church. TOP LEFT: The Reverend Beckendori helped paint the cafeteria at the Wesley retreat. He painted the fence real well. TOP RIGHT: The Reverend Beckendorf frequently holds services at the Wesley chapel. BOTTOM: While at the Wesley during the day, the Reverend Beckendorf is often busy with details of keeping the bible chair running. 1 Alpha Delta Sigma advances social service Alpha Delta Sigma is TJC's newest sorority. The object of ADS is the advancement of social service and encouragement of highest scholastic standards and character among its members. Membership is by invitation only. TOP: Lois Walker, escorted by Micheal Printer, Walks across the plaza at the end of the Homecoming Parade. MIDDLE: Sponsor Joy Watson explains what Alpha Delta Sigma is all about at a fall rush party. BOTTOM: Mary Allen, Rhonda Williams, Deidre Dunn, Barbara Smith, Jackie Christian, Brenda Flakes, LaDette Dancey, Shelia Ashley, Linda Smith, Annette Johnson, Ann Dorsey, Willie Radford, Lois Walker, Dorris Sanders, Sheila Craig, Cheryl Derrough if-g,f ,'v.. fp ...ht - 6 . i .a ff -I' W 'fb we , 7' 2 if 2 2 n Y ' 14- , ,X it, 1 A :er W hw. 1 t A tux. , . . , f v .tfkia , .Q v4 f '?f "1?f "' 4 f fy 1 5 1 - Q, it ML .. K1 4 V .,. , A I-P4 3 1 4 4 ' f w 1 A rp , g 2 Q ,Mig .. ffs 25' - f 441' t? lf r JL-ff' 5 vi, ' , 165. ,- ft Lt, f' ' 1' .7 wwf' 11 -. ,V N., 2 w. . , gf- 'Q ' 'Q . ., 3 Q, ta, 'A ' .i21bfi" ' , ta. ,...v, l ,, f ' il?-,V 1 it LQ! A l i,Lv:':t,:1" ta ,, -Qu I - ,. k.,,,,. , - - -' viii' rl'.'?f?.. fx! VVV- N, C L t 4 4 sgxqlgife ' lr, 55, ab. Q 32'-5' rue L. ..- .L Q, Ei - e if r, TOP: A fall tea was held to IHIEIESI potemml rrwemhera an lmuorvnrmg pledgers BOTTOM LEFT. Cookles and punch were served as treats, The tea vvab held outside the Student Center because of the mae weather BOTTOM RIGHT: Actives Sheila Ashley, Lots Waller and Ledette Danny enjoy the tea. f KW 'Nw Ns Ml 53: fl' ms ' 4 "sf can-lv" 113 Alpha Tau Alpha cheers for Apac The Alpha Tau Alpha is one of the many fraternities here on campus. Members are taken by invitation only and must receive a bid to join. TOP: Alpha Tau Alpha officers from topg John Reddick, Randy Jordan, Ercie Wynn, Ruddel Warren, Kenneth Black. BOTTOM: Alpha Tau Alpha members cheer for the Apaches. an H 'a ll an-nw 2, .I HEART at 563 TOP: First row, Lillian Williamson, Marshelia Mallett. Second row, Tara Jones. Alisha Calloway, Kenneth Black, Shelia Bawkman. Thkd row, Bonme London Janice Miles, Ercie Wynn, Evelyn Smith. Ruddel Warren. Fourth row, Gwen Williamson, John Reddick, Aretha Taylor, Randy Jackson. BOTTOM: Alpha Tau Alpha Little Sistersg Bonnie London, Aretha Taylor, Janice Miles, Lilliam Williamson, Sheila Baulkmon, Marshelia Mallett, Alisha Calloway, Gwen Williamson, Tara Jones, Evelyn Smith. EAR' wfwf ffifaigg QIEEEEEEI, ,,T, ,S 1 X- QlTJl Q15 ' 5' gap Pfgfl iF? 'fgi,gQ f Z jk--7 ,f N ...q....,, ......--4 X 'J K X X X I w X x N X xx x I x , -w., , ff 73 ll!! I!! .. Z zrrifixk fx QQ! KNSKX "'R"' v X XJ X, ' !'gggi"oV Alpha Tau gmega serves community -. -. fit! "., van . ,V rw Alpha Tau Omega is the mast nationwide fraternity on campus. Its purpose is to promote unity and understanding between its fellow men and to serve the community as well as the school. Membership .a in this organization is open to any male student at TJC who receives an invitation and a bid to become a member. -F up M, ,4d 'za' l 96 id TOP LEFT: Advisor Leo Rudd. TOP RIGHT: Xavier Guzman escorts Jack.e Otto in the Homecoming Parade, BOTTOM: Front row, Kippie Goggans, Kay Ronzello, Jamie Argenbright, Carla Clements. Shannon Berry, Monica New- man, Jackie Otto, Laura Rayburn, Pam Ball, Marilyn Allison, Marion Lindley Second row Xavier Guzman, Randy Smith, Chris Frazer, Doug Cole, Ronald Stidham, Larry Lump- kins, Bruce Copeland lf' 3 41' , L , 'vsq Alpha Tau Omega " 1.6 XAVIER GUZMAN Presadent RANDY SMITH Vuce-President ax 9 6 X -v .L . ' S: 1 BRENT ALLEN r-f"""""f a. z"' Y"""" 'va '5' 2, 1531 S, . .3?f"5,,1A A QP lx ...funny -3 . -a ru w3""'g-44 sl 'ALI nn' dbfw Jew!! x Xa J' 'They X Z f T IK- - ls - . f r, T ,' r! lf' Q4 1 ' fl iv-as MEET li 'm fliirf-T' TOP: ATO Presldent Xavler Guzman and Lnttle Sister Manda Coleman sneak away from the party to talk, BOTTOM LEFT: Llsa Ashley and Muke Stewart learn a new dance step wuth some duffuculty. BOTTOM RIGHT: Many new people come to rush partues to see what a fraternlty us all about or yust to have fun, 9 TOP LEFT: ATO Iuttie sisters and frlends have a good tume at a fall rush party at the Kmghts of Columbus. TOP RIGHT: Mnke Stewart and Jackie Otto try a new dance step at one of the ATO partues. BOTTOM: ATOS try to learn the Cottonaeved Joe at one of therr parties. Alpha Tau Omeg Vx--3' .542 r'I 'fd 4 ! 1 -4 I I AI Alpha Tau Omega Llttle Sisters LISA ATCHLEY KIM BETHEA MARY BIGGS MAFICIE BREEDLOVE MANDI COLEMAN CINDY FEIST KIPPI GOGGANS JULIE HAUTZ DEBI JONES CHERYL LARKIN MARION LINDLEY DEANA MCCLENDON MONICA NEWMAN JACKIE OTTO KELLI STEPHENSON WENDI WOOD l i ATOs dress for the occasion: TOP LEFT: ATO President Xavier Guzman and Ellen Cumings pause for a picture at an ATO party. TOP RIGHT: Little Sisters Kay Ronzello, Kipp: Gogons, Marion Lindley and Cindy Fiest are out-fitted for ATO pimp party. BOTTOM: Denise Harris, Larry Lumpkins and Marion Lindley party-it-up at ATO pimp party. i i. ll v is-v4"N ,..li TOP LEFT: Kay Ronzello and Marion Lrndley get unto the splrit at one of the many ATO parties. TOP RIGHT: Randy Smith shows lsttle ststers what Alpha Tau Omega is all about, BOTTOM LEFT: ATOs learn what partying is made of. BOTTOM RIGHT: Xavier Guzman takes time out to show a little love. I Mx :ls K RET 'Q 3 "..a mst. I I ,442 - ,Jf E- J' "in f 'MA , f' , A' f 1-"' Q ' . " ., SJ' ' -Q I , K l . .gi , l , , ' M, an li l. lingual!" r,.,. To ' 34 ATOS IVIix and Nlingle I1 1 as 9: TOP- ATOS emertam Little Snsters BOTTOM: Gettung to know one another at ATO-Apache Mnxer are, Andy Beleutz, Monuca Newman, Doug Coie, Karen Neusler and Kevin Loudarny. 3 1 MW gl f TOP: ATO "PARTY TIME" LEFT: Little Sisters Jamie Argenbrnght and Momca Newman enjoy the festnvmes. BOTTOM: Enjoymg the ATO-Apache Belle Mixer are Knppue Gogans, Cmdy Keust, Kay Ronzello and Marlon Lindley. Kappa Kappa Psi aids Apache Band Kappa Kappa Psi is the band fraternity. Members must be currently enrolled in the Apache Band. Each member is admitted to the fraternity through pledgeship and must maintain a C average. The fraternity helps the band in loading buses for games and events. TOP: Sophomore Kappa Kappa Psi members: First row, Tim Worsham, Randy Permenter, Second row, Skip Halleck, David Magouirk, Rusty Sartor. MIDDLE LEFT: Secretary-Treasurer Skip Halleck MIDDLE RIGHT: Vice-President Randy Permenter BOTTOM LEFT: President Tim Worsham BOTTOM MIDDLE: Pledge Trainer David Magouirk BOTTOM RIGHT: Freshman Kappa Kappa Psi members: First row, Clay Reynolds, Danny Mogle. Second row, Matt Coffelt, Leslie Nelson. g I Tau Beta eigma, Ban have fun ,gp ID av I V .. ' lr ,?"' , .. - . - W W . t, Z , wg.. ., - , , i nf., Aly: ef' .lffvyf -fyfnu ". ,X . I,1lV,., 5,4 A- ,-,Vx ,f 4' -t ' .1 ,' ' .1 -' . ,, je, . . .,, -. , V..- . M.. . . ,L f'1.,. ' wr- , , 1' f - I we I 1. fi" fl, is -. fgf. - ' TOP: Jack Smith impersonates Kojak as he watches the Gator Bowl from the sidelines. MIDDLE LEFT: Kelli Lloyd feeds the hungry seagulis on the Jacksonville Beach. , MIDDLE RIGHT: Kim Dowd found someone at the Gator Bowl that she can relate to. W BOTTOM: Jack Smith and Greg Bennett play pool on a pier at Florida. 'fv- if wa : nw 4 I-1, . - 'A 4444-C lf.-'Y' ,Q . tlfrfrf f an . A .f x t W ' u....e ,M 1117.1 TOP The band had many fun bus rudes un Floruda. MIDDLE: Kam Dowd also fed seagulls on the Jacksonville Beach, BOTTOM LEFT: Jack Srmth and Gladys Best couldn't understand why they accepted the lnvntatlon to Florida after they realnzed how much work was involved. BOTTOM RIGHT: The band rnunched out on plzza after the Gator Bowl. 7 . Qi 1? ,,,,.. f I L5 N.. a ' 11- iv' 'B Q -- f- 4 , -- ' A ' Alf'-D fs ' J ff mia. 'Q ' 1-f "' 'iv 1 7 J, .+V , 1 ., tl A 4, we 47 ' ' -'J Umar ' N. ' 1 . 4' N ' Smll-.-5. ,,,, I 'W - Q., 5 A V v Tau Beta Sigma serves band D c,r ,4--0' 1 . - if .5 5 5 f u, ' i .iggm ii ,il H YZ 'Y' ef WU! . U 'Q-P Y. 113 , Tau Beta Sigma is an organization of the women in the Tyler Junior College Band. Their purpose is to create a wholesome respect for their activities and achievements. Membership is open to any female in the TJC band. This organization is affiliated with the national organization. WN 45 V34 2 i -'hd l 7 TOP: Tina Navarro and Kim Dowd dunked for apples at the Halloween carnival. Apparently Kim is not going fast enough because she is given extra encouragement by Mr. Smith. MIDDLE LEFT: Sophomore officers: Pam Tanner, Lindy Benton. Dina Haynes, Kelli Lloyd. MIDDLE RIGHT: Freshman officers: Del Marie Moseley, Leann Gibson, Donna Cook, Teresa Stiles. BOTTOM: First row: Karla Priddy, Tina Navarro, Kelli Lloyd, Marla Sumrow, Lynn Metcalf, Laura Scott. Second rowp Donna Cook, Marcia Welch, Nancy Ross, Lindy Benton. Kim Dowd, Ann Rodriquez, Leann Gibson, Micki Jones. f Del Marie Moseley. Third row: Molly Glass, Teresa Stiles. Bobbie Steed, Dina Haynes, Pam Tanner. -vi' 129 TOP. Mr. Smlth greets pledges after they played the fight song rn front of hrs house at a late mght Tau Beta Slgrna rally. MIDDLE LEFT: Pledges enjoyed havung shoe polrsh put on therr face as part of pledgrng. MIDDLE RIGHT: Klrn Dowd made a grand entrance dressed as Mr. Smith at the Halloween party. Shes the one on the rrght. BOTTOM LEFT: Gladys Best, Tau Beta Slgma sponsor. BOTTOM RIGHT: Lundy Benton had a most unusual costume for the Halloween party. I ,I Tau Beta Sigmfl is.. 51 """'v--.... 5'-su.,- BFIN' E DF' I i . I .rv ""H?a-?5 f ,:1' '.f,g-.wi lf, 4 O L , r "4i,l"Qfg 5 , gf, I' " , 6 I , ,- fl' 2 -is ' ff nf' 1, 5 Q ' L fe f 4 7' ,'J'!T?3: ' - V -,X ri. 'arf 9 ,em 132 .LT 1. ' ' -f ' "1 1 , . 4 . 1 ' f W . 3454!-5? if 51? TOP LEFT: Pledges got some practice on their playing at one of their rallies. TOP RIGHT: Kelli Lloyd and Lindy Benton seem to enjoy all the devilish antics they pulled at the Halloween party. MIDDLE LEFT: As part of pledging, freshmen were lined up opposite the Hobbit concert at the East Texas Fair to give a high kick routine, MIDDLE RIGHT: Mr. Smith holds an apple Kellie Lloyd managed to knock down at the Halloween carnival. BOTTOM: Pledges became members as they were invited into the sorority on the final night of pledging. 1 1 NK When the National lnterfraternity Conference approved national fraternities for junior colleges, Delta Upsilon became a colony in December 1971, and a national fraternity the following February. Delta Upsilon Fraternity of TJC was the first national fraternity in the United States to be approved for a junior college. The purposes of the organization are to promote fraternal brotherhood and to be a service to the city of Tyler and the world. Membership is by invitation only. DU's must carry a "C" average. lH!li'i'lHU!'?7flF1'U?l"Y1ll ff fl 'Q- . -X, , 'X 1, N , 3, , TOP LEFT: It looks like "TRUE LOVE" for Donna Tomlinson and Kemp Kasling. TOP RIGHT: Fall pledge class does yell in front of the marque. BOTTOM LEFT: Roy Blackshear, vice-president, gets ready to present little sisters with roses at the summer rush party, BOTTOM RIGHT: Robert, Roy and Kyle love to go to a good toga party. 1 'W -"x SX A A X I X I I LANNY WILLIAMS TOM WHITSTINE JEFF MCNEIL TOM CONNORS Presndent Secretary Chapter Relations Chaplain ,i 0, .L X TIM TRUITT RANDY JOHNSON JOHN HAYS ARTHUR ROSILES Sgt. at Arms Llttle Slster Coordinator Sponsor Sponsor ,X X I, , RICKY DIKE ROBERT DURHAM CAP ELLIS LEO ESPONO I1-. .LJ-new .131-jfgfgfif. 1 5...-','y --, ' u Lx W ui." 5 515: II, 1 I . I. IM! V 4 I 1 DANNY FILLIPS KEVIN FLETCHER JOE FLOYD MICHAEL GREEN I if 'lf " ',n'?, ,I A..-,Q fu- 'Q-4. I ,. . .T t,, I W5 ,,,, r: " If, Us-I? 2 ..'gt,QA Iffgifff ,IRI - , I I Q' Q ,,.. - -Sify. JOHN HOUSTON GREG JOHNSON STAN LUSK MURRAY MATHEWS TOM MCCLAIN ROBBIE MCELMURRY DAVID MCGUIRK BRITI' PIERCE 'iw QQ EUGENE PRYOR DAVE ROBINSON BRAD ROYDER JIMMY SANDERS I i' 'l!"' ERIC UNGERECHT MARK WALDREP KEVIN WARD RONDA MCKINNEY Preydent CRIKET HARRIS Vice-Presldent SUZANNE WALKER Secretary KATHY DIKE Treasurer NANCY ROBERTS Sgt. at Arms LYNN ANDERSON LISA ASKEW JANNA BOZE 1? 11 I 9' .Aff YT , 1 JL. ll X rw" af' v'f"s- JERI HEDRICK LISA HOOKS SUSIE JACOBS SANDY LAMINACK MOLLY MARCH AMY MOORE SANDRA DANHAUSER KIM DAVIS DELAINE DICKSON TRACI DURHAM KAREN EBERLAN MARIFLOR ESPINO ERIN EVANS COLLEEN GRIFFETH WANDA MORRIS SUSAN MURPHREE TINKIE NEWMAN JOANN PICKETT RANDI ROYDER JAN SCHEXNAYDER LAURI SMITH PATTI SMITH DU Little Sisters TERRI SMITH AMY THOMSON DONNA TOMLINSON LISA WELLS DEBBIE WHITE BRENDA WILCOX Q- CNT' AQK 3 is-.I ,T III, N A 'F' d L9 'Y 13' DU's Love to Have a Good Time W Il TOP LEFT: DU'S at a fall rush party. MIDDLE LEFT: Little sisters, Ronda McKinney, Laun Smith, Janna Boze, Colleen Griffeth and Sandra Danhauser celebrate Kim Davus's birthday. MIDDLE RIGHT: Everyone enjoyed the cotten-eyed-Joe at the DU-San Souci mixer. BOTTOM LEFT: "Hmmmm . . . what a party", dreams Jeff McNeil. 9 L DU's Boost Spirit on Campus TOP RIGHT: DU's show sprrut at pep rallys. MIDDLE LEFT: Sponsor Arthur Rosules and Roy Blackshear chat In the parking lot MIDDLE RlGHTi All the DU's got together for a party at "Coors" In Longvlevv and sard cheers BOTTOM RIGHT DU's go Toga, AT ts. 5 w K 1 if, - 1 Ai ' x :- qu 'X 1 an ..-l'?'.5, TOP LEFT: Roy Blackshear and Donna Tomhnson at a Tau Kappa Mnxer. TOP RIGHT: Lanny Williams, Ronda McKinney and Greg Johnson at TUUOAYBISIDQ car wash, BOTTOM LEFT: Curlers un your haur, shame on you' Ronda McKinney, DU Llttle slster president. BOTTOM RIGHT: "Sheesh, all thus partyung rs kllhng me," says DU Britt Puerce, 141 DU's Stay Active . ,tg ", 1 . - T , 0. V 'fig T ,, .' . " " it' -v""" .aff in-'ls -V' TOP RIGHT: DU's get in a good yell! MIDDLE LEFT: DU's and Zetas catch some rays at the coast. MIDDLE RIGHT1 Coy Kale thmks Mr. McKmney's pancakes are pretty good. BOTTOM RIGHT: Delta Upstlons Inmates December 7, 1980. :dx - fold aa -mu. 'al 4 ..., . L , ,.g',al l l ., ll! it 1 l ll 1 ' AM' i. ,. ' 7-ad J-Tl TOP LEFT: The four as they were. MIDDLE LEFT: Delta Upsilon had a very good year in football. They came in second for intramural sports, beat their alumi in annual game for the first time in 10 years and beat the Sig Eps in a friendly game of touch. MIDDLE RIGHT: DU Little sister officers. BOTTOM LEFT: DU-Zeta homecoming float. Pikes get involved with school activities Pi Kappa Alpha is a national fraternity. It is the only Pike chapter at the junior college level. The object of the fraternity is to promote physical, intellectual, social and spiritual growth among its brothers. Some of the things the Pikes were involved with were: Homecoming parade, Halloween carnival, work project and many more. in-inning.-a 1-1 F ll- I'---Q ln- -It-"fl ...ii -anq- .-' 1" l x l ll? ras T t ' " L, tb x JKLI . -1lu- I1 P i ilu dd' I- TOP LEFT' Forthe Pikes work project they washed over 800 chairs for United Rent' all. TOP RIGHT: Pike Officers: are Eric Frizzi, President: Richard Hal- leck, Vice-President Clay Jensen, Secretaryg Tom Nlullender, Chapter Consultant BOTTOM: Pike members are Mark Freehling, Clay Jensen, Eric Frizzi, Chuck Ede rnonson, Scott Cline, Rodney Crocker, Perry Stevens, John Boon, Ed Dion, and Richard Halleck it filet L. Je X' 12 r lil 16962: hr- nazi ' 504-a li itil init Mx lun t auarqg 'Wine as L Gr Sl -'W as iii E12 Q . 58 U' Mgmt 'WVU Ka I aff- 1. tam-me ' Z 1601 , 3-H ms ,nf 'Aix lv.: 'Vw-I .-L' , , HOG 4, -S i 1 fl U-it, 1 -I . th N Q 5 ,, Wir Q 44 ' ,gems H-will In ll , .1 I VIC -fo TOP: The Pikes Homecoming float had the theme of "Ease on Down the Road" to a victory. BOTTOM LEFT: Clay Jenson holds the plaque the Pikes won for being the most active group on campus during Homecom- ing week. BOTTOM RIGHT: Tracy Nabours was the Pikes choice for Homecoming Queen. She was escorted by Eric Frizzi, Pike president. falmg Pi Kappa Alpha promotes 4' 3 If f 't mb rs ,X vveareolsme e 1 'Xjv2xxAX R f f'4rF" M XX aa FRIZZI esudent LLECK esident easurer ENSEN cretary 1,1 754 OCKER Trainer EVE NS nstorian BOONE F. '6- U CLINE PIPER X 5 , it i sf A , K. Q ONSON f X EHLING ' 3 ii 4,6 A . , x rf . Pike Little Sisters ig, I 1 , fz- A, I , , 'X is if L. 'H -1' vx L . Nu. A WI ' 31 5,55 ' X ku .Q Ep Q..- ,Ai LISA SMITH GINGER THOMPSON JOCELYN VASOUEZ MARY BETH DION President LORRIE MUSICK Vice-President MELISSA COCKERHAM Treasurer FELICIA WILLIAMSON Sergeant-at-Arms DIANE ARATA DONNA BROWNING KAREN CLAMPITT LYSA DICKERSON KATHY KELLY KATHY PHILLIPS SALLY ROSS KIM SHUMATE 7 Sans Soucis aim toward sisterhood San Souci Sorority was founded in 1929. The sorority aims to establish a sisterhood that has as its four-fold object the physical, intellectual, social and spiritual development of its members. The San Soucis do all types of social work. The Soucis' main job during the spring semester is working on the All-Campus Spring Formal, which is assigned to them by the Student Senate. 2 ,fe 'ii Q! r' eff' i 9 .ff ji Top: First row, Sandra Fletcher, Activity Chair- man, Laura Cousins, Pub- lnctty Chairman, Brenda sg-4:7 Eidd, Treasurer, Becky Gunn, Pledge Counselorg President, Connie Mann, Zoe King, Vice-President. Back row, Toni Craig Secretary and Rush Chair- man, Robin Rossy, Sergeant-at-Armsp Kathie Phrllips, Student Senate Representativep Lorrie Mu- 11 A...- sick, Historian, Sharon McMillan, Pledge Mistress. Middle: Sans Souci Fall Pledges Front row, Lisa Laney, Jocelyn Vasquez, Lauri Smith, Ginger Thompson, Sharon Asa. Susan Wise, Carolyn Raidier, Dee Inman, Sus: Jacobs, Penny Uhrich, Mary Diggs, Suzzr Clemens. Back row, Cathy Horton, Mary Beth Dion, Mandy Harness, Rosemary Mireles, Aleatris Collie, Laura Smith, Brenda Cook, Kim Shumate, Karen Clampitt, Kelly Lanham, Lori Wakefield, Judith McDonald. Bottom: Sans Souci Actives Front row, Robin Flossy, Kathy McDoungh, Sandra Fletcher, Laura Cousins, Brenda Eidd, Becky Gunn, Lorrie Musick, Connie Mann, Zoe King, Felicia Williamson, Kim Hagen, Kathy Sanders. Back row, Nancy Roberts, Cathy Paape, Nita Shurley, Angel Carpenter, Toni Craig, Kathy O'Shea, Kathie Phillips, Sharon McMillin, Karen Neisler, Melame Stephens. ,Q .ty .. I l 2 -A I V Q, 1 fo OAG 4 ,., . D A 3: -af, , ev, K me 1 i l' ' 'ev if , ' V. A ' x I H K I X X' gi' E. ----,et 'T ' -u' 'T 4 -if in . I lf 9 .N ln- ., I 0,5 - 3 Q 1 H' Z il 1. 1' an v .nv -as 1 1-LQ! 14q..n.,fu.. T 1. 1:-our 'N dvvih 'lin if 'G 1 'U' "'1"' 5-' in Qi if ' 1 ' 0, 9.81 ls---f .6 - oak! 'rf . " 7? "'3'g,,..g I up annum Ik v- - If-W 4 ig . . , .. 1 rl 'fi . i 9' " . ,, nn' -5 m ll" ' f if '- uni . ,. 1, ' , M10 ,B - 7' ,,. :- snip ' 1- ll '- , ,. M. Na w A .1 ' , I ' at Q -ff-F'-Jflr v 4 , . '- fp' I 'n ,iv . sf .A ..- .. .L fav, ,,, . . - -n , f -,I rg. H , -A ' , - 5 I 4 I 1 L 5 'L ' , A . ' '-I If U , . ,Q M . ' N X .-, 1, M w 4 ' ,- 'l , . " Y H .f. iK'qfbv ., .4 T3 - y , 1 ' 2 1. Y 45", .'., "N ,1 "F ' ' -" - ' -fjla Y , I -4' IA . 4 fruity., ,. A' X 4 Ac, F ,- . , . . -1 t 1 "' fifi? ws .1 iw' F, a f it 'S .Lt by 5 ,Jw . -- , 1. H. A 'U' ' wwf' ,Z fgjfzizg " , W 1,5 'L 'Q-If nga ..sn-+. . r, r'.'1 5 2:-.J . mt'-. L57 e, 14,, .., ,A N., f 4 X , , -gxx ,X X 1 'H-.. 11:5 'Q5f':Urr'c-ffm' K4' ? V A, 'K ,f L ",' 5 T P Q... .4 ' 5. ...u TOP LEFT: Becky Gunn, Sandra Fletcher and Laura Couslns shine a car at a fund-rausnng car wash. TOP RIGHT: Nancy Roberts, Lorne Musuck, Sandra Fletcher, Sharon McMullnan, Laura Cousnns and Zoe Kung dressed as the characters from the "Wizard of Oz" at the Sans Souci's Hayride the nught before Halloween. MIDDLE LEFT: Souci's party down at the lake. MIDDLE RIGHT: Angel Carpenter made Jocelyn Vasquez into qunte a creature. BOTTOM LEFT: Sandra Fletcher grabs for the flag. 149 Sharon Asa Denrse Beard Angel Carpenter Karen Clampitt Suzie Clemens Aleatris Collie Brenda Cook Laura Cousins Tons Crarg Mary Beth Dion Brenda Erdd Sandra Fletcher Sherry Garrett Becky Gunn Krm Hagan Mandy Harness Sharon Hill Cathy Horton 4 it 3 ,g tw if V A . 3 at ami FW wr' "' - I Q des 9 rs. i.-Q in 'f he N - ,-' bi , , X-I . San Souci Sororitzq Jilin up-iw 's gy.. F , iw wp-r"'f"'v M1 'S 1, Dee Inman Suzue Jacobs Jerry Krghtlrnger Zoe Kang Lrsa Laney Kelly Lanham Connre Mann Judith McDonald Kathy McDonough Sharon McMrlIln .W uv W us- .5 'D 'f 'rg g ll ,L . Z 1,A .. gg fi! ,- i 4- ww San Souoi Sorority YF 19-.rv " Q- s fr ,l E pf' -I i ef 5 iq, 3 ,fifth F ,lf -qv 6 TW i if L. i I 9 I of Rosemary Mirales Lorrie Karen Kathy Cathy Musick Neisler O'Shea Paape Christin Peters Suzie Peterson Kathie Phillips Carolyn Radar Nancy Roberts Robin Rossy Kathy Sanders Donna Sheryll Nita Shirley Kim Shumate Laura Smith Lauri Smith Melanie Stevens Ginger Thompson Penny Uhrich Jocelyn Vasquez Lori Wakefield Sandy Williams Felicia Williamson Suzane Wise 3' T' asia. fa - 'Q -D I San Soucfs being themselves . . . ,-Ld... Aa, , 3 ,R 'fx 'lf .73 f ', ,. TOP LEFT' Sandy Willuams, Connle Mann and Brenda Eidd fry burgers at one of the Soucn pncnucs. TOP RIGHT: Nancy Roberts was the San Soucu homecoming nomnnec MIDDLE LEFT Laura Couszns and Sandra Fletcher say "CHEERS" in a very btg way. BOTTOM LEFT: Everyone had fun at the Soucl-Sug-Ep Mixer. BOTTOM RIGHT: Crowds gathered at the Soucu Sag-Ep Mlxer. .,,,. an LFSICLM H-ov TOP LEFT: Nancy Roberts greets Troy McGinty and Ronda McKinney at the Sans Souci-DU mixer. TOP RIGHT: Connie Mann studies for her first semester finals. MIDDLE RIGHT: Karen Neisler prepares Suzie Peterson for the night before Halloween. MIDDLE LEFT: Karen Neisler, Robin Rossy, Zoe King, Laura Cousins and Sandra Fletcher get together for a Souci meeting. BOTTOM RIGHT: Brenda Cook sits patiently while Robin Rossy and Laura Cousins put the finishing touches on her face, BOTTOM LEFT: Kathie O'Shea readies pledges for the night before Halloween, a WN 65? QW W 10 - Wig 5 Sig-Eps Promote better relations Membership is by invitation only. Wah' 1 as 0: rw' v x 45 E.: 3 ,r -xfpsjx 6 W. .,. ...ww rw 1, .. X , V , .V ' r f t,.t tw t' V. ,-iff , -r"': fir. . ,jim fre.,-f'3:L ,ff wig 1. ff- 14314 r r in-7 . ' ' ff ez ff'ff': Wm . 5 ff wif ' ,rr r WM. N 515 5, .1 . ,o N 1,145 f. H ew , 9, , ,124 f 'tft fva V -f ' were ,E A A-.lv 'I , if A U -. K --1. A yi- 5, J. ,Q X .M , -. ,Ng , . 251 M , , Q ...A ffgff 9 ,ggi p ., I W 2"" at Sigma Phi Epsilon is a fraternity with national membership on the TJC campus The purpose of Sigma Phi Epsilon is to promote better relations within the College 1 'I ,,,, ,, Wight ,4., 5' X' rw, -f-s, r , , at 9 , . , f ,, A ' ' . ', . 9' A 4 ' ' 4- , 9?"?: 'lr I 1 ,il P J' 'fxnwff ' QC J' V., af gn? All l l 'N' LEFT: Connie Mann was selected as the Sigma Phi Epsilon Homecoming nominee She vvas escorted hy Fraternity Member Charles Ward. I RIGHT Controller Gary Johnson, Recorder Charles Howard, Secretary Jett Lide, Vir,efPrestdent Randy Childress, President Luke f' Cleave, VVOM: First rovv, Jeff Lide, Clay Jarrell, Charles Howard, Connie Mann, Zoe King, Nita Shirley, Randy Childress Steve Epp Luke fl Cleave, Mark Dial. Second rovv, Tony Robertson, Steve Parker, Stan Miller Gary Johnson, Rick Hale Jay Revis, Dane Uanari, l i LUKE VAN CLEAVE President RANDY CHILDRESS VucefPresident JEFF LIDE Secretary GARY JOHNSON Controller CHARLES HOWARD Recorder COY SCRUGGS Chaplain STEVE EMMONS JOSE FELICIANO GARY HALBROOKS RICK HALE PAUL HARRIS CHRIS ISHAM CLAY JARRELL STAN MILLER BRYAN PHILLIPS TROY PHILLIPS 'WL Q-.-'xr Sigma Phi Epsilon inn, 1 ' 1 I ' ' f U I Z Q , ., .Y ill? Wi -wwf 1--'ff' -fs:-e--f ROY ROBERSON TONY ROBERTSON BUDDY UNTERSEE MIDDLE: Sig-Eps get straught A's when it comes to partying. BOTTOM: The Sig-Eps supported the Apaches during football season by preparing the banner for the football team to run through before one of the home games. SUZY CLENIENS BRENDA COOK TONI CRAIG KAREN FABER CLAUDIA GRUIVIBER TINA HILL BETH HOLLADAY LUZONA KELLY LISA LANEY KELLY LANHAM STEPHANIE LESTER CONNIE MANN IVIITZI MUIRHEAD SUE IVIUNN KELLI NOVVELL FRANCE OGLESBY Sig-Ep Golden Hearts I., f""5 wx, I ..-fr N- 5? V'-ZIFP' Q.,-Q P. ,W qu,- FT" 'N-an-"'N Yi , , . I". I , 'I v , I , I , , f - ., 3 , : I ya., JJ,-f .f ' A ,"' ,A V' Xa fax X" .Qu A ,, I IQQNFQXL 'UH I t ,W 1?-E' ,,,...,. ,-.-.5 15-. ' 'QR -r 5 s is Y 4: .xx XZ in ' ll MELISSA VVALIZER DEBBIE WARREN BRENDA WEAVER KRISTIN PETERS LANDA RIGSBY KATHY SANDERS NITA SHIRLEY X '.', u.' A . rr--1 -.-,!.,.t ,L-.-T-,.+ xy J I . 1. , . ' h .4 4 -H. L31 gr 4 iff . Ag' The Srg Eps would luke 'V to thank all the Hearts Tfr for therr partlclpatloh 3,5 and hard work- we 'gd love you, I .iw Stg-Eps .K f' ,7 - af. y -4- .. 4' 4' F7 , .f - v , 7 nil -'- f- ' '9 .257 1,1 'WJ 15' t"" f"',"i K ,4P ,vi KJ' 1-.. Xa WI Q'-L L." ' Sag Epa ttsk mt tirm you thunk about lt? f--gh 4-Ii 9 ,. -' 4., vgf-' 0. z: 1,51 -- .. !' ,.' .. -- ... gnu! 1" -.. -""' .lun U" 3: 1 2 4--' x - . TOP RIGHT: Tradmoh goes on wlth Randy, TOP LEFT: The Dasco klds pam down. MIDDLE: Sag-Eps love a good party. BOTTOM' The Sug-Eps had fun at TYIYSIBIG 160 Don. X and Truman. Q Sig-Eps love to have fur 5 3' 'S-Q. 4541! i v ,gil . , I iff! , fl. ' P. -I I A X W A- 1-1 b-- , , T4 , Q 32,1 ,fin F , i .11 1, ' 1 1 4 1 VV gi Q- Q --f 8 , 121. 1 .ng .-, ,A-.. . A ,'. 'I F.: ff 'fi' 12. - ..- . .. I 14-. 1 If 4 4 ,' - , - . ' A . 4 1 in " 1 'i dab ff -Q Q -T AA' M., as i, I'-lr Q ' , 'll 'es . ' , ,.w. . g We iymwv . ,W f ' 'ijt vi 37 tg O ng? ff, - .ef af " U 'k f?'1'x5TV"? ffjfgj 5 M . TOP: Luke Van Cleave and Nrta Shrrley have a good tlme at the Golden Heart Rush. MIDDLE: The Fall Pledges made the run through sugn for one of the home football games. BOTTOM: Thus couple rs truly together forever. 161 Tau Kappa strives for sisterhoor Tau Kappa sorority is one of the many sororities open to women on the TJC campus. Members must have at least a C average and membership is on invitation only. Tau Kappa members pledge themselves to strive for sisterhood, service, pride, friendship, and love. TOP: Minnie Mouton and Lrlla Patout take time out from partying to chat. MIDDLE LEFT: First row, Jac: Stone, Yvonne Fuller, Tracy Aston. Second row, Sharon Byley, Sponsor Kay Arms, Martha Barron. Third row, Lisa Herrin, France Oglesby, Patti Boyd, Minnie Mouton, Lrlla Patout, Shelly Dennis, Kenly Stuart. MIDDLE RIGHT: Tracy Aston and Patti Boyd show their spirit for Tau Kappa. BOTTOM: First row, Jana Wilhite, Yvonne Fuller, Lrlla Patout, Patti Smith, Sharon Byley. Second row, Jac: Stone, Jennifer Hoelle, Lisa Keys, Marsha Dickson, Ginger Johnson, Dee Dean, Lisa McDonald, Kaye Byley, Lisa Stanley, Minnie Mouton, bf KAPPA sonomrr A its-III TOP: Yvonne Fuller, Sharon Byley and Pattu Smuth head therr way to Grlley's. MIDDLE LEFT: First row, Kaye Byley, Bug Brother Rusty Wheeler, Marsha Dackson. Second row, Dee Dean, Sharon Byley, Lrlla Patout, Pattr Smith, and Demse Harrns party hearty on 50's nught. MIDDLE RIGHT: Sponsor Kay Arms. BOTTOM LEFT: Furst row, Jac: Stone, Laura Cousins, Second row, Kenly Stuart, Patti Smrth, Yvonne Fuller, Sharon Byley. BOTTOM RIGHT: Frrst row, France Oglesbv, Lilla Patout, Sponsor Kay Arms, Shelly Dennus, Yvonne Fuller. Second row, Lusa Herrrn, Kenly Stuart, Patti Boyd, Tracy Aston. N 5,-my-may 0-, Tr in ,lf was an M 'mmurh B. , ,"' 'Q ,, '11 Hlx N, 'I J Q .T ,E - Qin , 1 Y 5. A' 'Q 'Q A an ?,Q:.h'i g "wi" ' nga. X4 -ws 1 sf- 4 'iff " , A 1 J as v A l -,e'-i Z. 51,1 Q , ,v V I f 145' -,Eff wg, ' - fi , , 1 gvfig i 11' 'Z s V 5 3 C. , 'Ei Q P31 J? X , 3 y X if K ww 1 V Jaw - . V-.,7. xiii? , X 4a.f?.Q 'Qf, :X 1' '. gT4i,.3-32,-3323! 3 , 1- - , 2 'A ,",l,..v: I Q if ' ' " '7 Mi 5' 4 i , S f uh if 'g4,w,' -1 ,- 1" i. fi: ' Q V ' :le A W. LQ? V ga.. , , ,' :F ,. 13 ' S 1 J sy, fi, ,ng , , ,K 1 1fiZ'ggQ,, , , , 1 ' k , 7 1 9 fy . f ' Wallet' A Q- 55? if 'lg T '22, A ' '56 ,QU 11 'I Lf' S gh. K .Az ,ap A ,' .3-.11 I Ncfiwmi V I V 1' 31:2 ' 7. , ' 1. iff? - f '...,w .fgf. 5 , , L , R4 .,- . N 0,3 . f. . fir 'ffm if y, '.-,C ry A, in .fp ,Q ! I 4- 'Q' 4 9 Vai' '4 xr n ff R-0 x a ,L M J W M sg 6 1 1 If , f -xi , 1 X r. 44 N, Wa x 1 H, 'df' iw ,W '- ,yy Q f iff' ' ' ' 'A . 61' I f 1 . ,, A . I . un..- 6 np.. 'x .gb ' c .,. A " V 'x I x I ff.:-.y ' . ,454 if 1' 'L'-, . , rn TRACY ASTON PA'I'I'Y BOYD SHARON BYLEY Vice-President SHELLEY DENNIS YVONNE FULLER Public Relations, Student Senate Representative DENISE HARRIS Rush Chairman, Treasurer Tau Kappa ' fr' . -G. A' LISA HERRIN MIGNON MOUTON Pledge Mistress ra I' '22-' ,. 7' .Q W Q 6 1. if ' ,S eye.. Ti Tau Kappa ii"-4 'M 4 v , ' Q 10 6 5 P 5 JACI STONE Historian Student Senate Representative KENLY STUART WAYNE PARIS Big Brother RUSTY WHEELER Big Brother FRANCE OLGSBY Pledge Counselor LILLA PATOUT Secretary PATTI SMITH President The Yang Organization is a conglomeration of free-spirited individuals who believe "true fraternity" can be achieved without initiations or payment of dues. Together as young men and women they exemplify a lasting love and respect for one another: Yangs believe that is a true definition of brotherhood. Yangs are a brotherhood pledged to having fun. TOP. The Yangs of 1981. MIDDLE: Yang Little Sisters of 1981. BOTTOM: Yangs yell for spirit. 65 Yangs pledged to having ful Lil. AX, - 'WD' vi x f' Fix I I I I I li ,,f uf'.'?" 'J TOP LEFT: First row, Allan Blakebrough, Mike Blakley, Phil Lakey, Dave Gray, Nicky Nesbitt. Second row, Wes Crisler, Mike Brown, Meade Coley, Brad Ward. Third row, Chris Springer, Mark Smith. Top, John Briggs. TOP RIGHT: Sponsor Rick Hotman. BOTTOM LEFT: Homecoming Oueen candidate Rosanne Canada escorted by Lee Smith. MIDDLE RIGHT: Randy Keen, David Donnelly, Chuck Wood, Lee Smith, Corky Welch, James Miller, Steve Ginder, and Kenneth Speering, center. 169 Life at TJC . . . Because organizatons pay for the majority of our yearbook, we do not have a chance to show students who do not belong to organizations. lt is our hope to show with these pages a little of life at TJC, apart from organizations. df' mzanauis --H ' a ,M 170 Paid foi ip, ilii i .nits "- ' .. N 5. ww-.,.....,,,,,w.-.M ' Paid for by the Yangs171 mi for he Yangs 1 , pp Apart From Organizations - X' 1 if Q Q i I I .lt ,, .Q ,4 .1 ,Q , A, 5 , I 3 , 4 ,4 , it ,r ., W -Q 1. 1 N ,. " ' 4 , 4 4, r Ya J . 1 ii 9 4 , -.fl IJIAUL ff! was-1 --V-nn-1 'E l --.---A 3 I ,B +5 ' F331 3 ' 2 4 W ,,v ' K I ""'7.J'! -41 5 . - . ' M.. 5 Paud for by the Yangs173 .X Agxzvlz WY? H Yu 123 ETF! ao 81 A Vffvemris mo H7607 C7 Lff.ME H JWJff'5'fj film! N10 Jwwer LJKE .Q Z5 1222, for 80 81 are Top Row Mehssa Lopez Jackie Otto Lisa Shankles Wanda Morris Joann Puckett Pat Blackshear Wendy Parker Molly March, JANE MILLER President JILL REEVES Vice President LISA BASS Secretary LISA HOBSON Treasurer PAT BLACKSHEAR Rush Chairman MOLLY MARCH Pledge Trainer JOANN PICKETT Historian MELISSA LOPEZ Student Senate CAMILLA SMITH Chaplain LISA SHANKLES Asst. Pledge Trainer, Sgt. at Arms WE NDY PARKER Publicity Chairman JACKIE O'I'I'O Intramural Sports WANDA MORRISS Alumni Relations MARILYN ALLISON SHANNON BERRY KIM BETHEA MELANIE BOWERS TAMMY CLARK SANDRA DANNHAUSOR KIM DAVIS LISA DEAN DELAINE DICKSON PAM DOZIER KAREN EBERLAN KELLY ESLER CYNTHIA HOOTEN LUZONA KELLY TRACI KEENER KAREN KIMBRO LAURA RAYBURN BRENDA WEAVER DEBBIE WHITE The Zeta-DU float receuved second in the Homecommg float contest. .-at f 'if' 5 l The Zetas were 33 members strong this year. With these members the club did various services for TJC and the community. Zetas participated in the annual blood drive. They worked a dunking booth nightly for the Jaycee's fair. They sponsored a child overseas. Zetas won the spirit stick five times in the fall for outstanding school spirit. Zetas united with the DU's to have a float in the Homecoming parade. The Zetas are involved all over campus, many are in Belles, Student Senate, Band, Intramural Sports, Dental, Nursing and Data Processing programs. I 5 ef. -Q52 g. '25 -.L TOP RIGHT: Zetas made a late night of it at a pajama party' Sambo's. MIDDLE: Zetas showed their stuft at the Country and Western dance in fall. Top Flow: Karen Kimbro, Jane Miller, Jill Reeves, Kim Bethal, Brenda Wetv L ' s . 'ogg Mft X Z . V' Q f ll I . .1 . Karen Eberlan, Wanda Morris, Melanie Bowers, Lisa Dean, Middle Row: he . l Q I ? ' t 1 Talbert, Lisa Shankles, Luzona Kelly, Bottom Row: Molly March, Joann Pick' "T i " and Jackie Otto. Bottom Left: Zeta pledges feature entertainment in front of the Tee Peewl 7 day of pledging. 1- ' K ' 4 8123 y g T 1 ' I x H 3 its " ' 0 A , t ig. J . f fi l l le cf: TFB TOP LEFT: Zetas wait at the entrance to meet many fall rushies. TOP FIIGHT: Lisa Shankles and Molly March await Zeta pledges first arrival. MIDDLE LEFT: Zetas and Sig-Eps pose for a picture during a very successful Zeta-Sig-Ep fall mixer. MIDDLE RIGHT: Zetas do their yell on Zeta hall Alumni weekend. BOTTOM LEFT: Zeta and DU officers pose for a picture at an exciting fall mixer. BOTTOM RIGHT: Zeta's Lisa Bass and Joann Pickett always manage to have a good time. xi -nm,J"' 1312 2'-.I'r'11C Sri? , gg,-.qmxyf 5 Yu? 4, ' QA f Asa!! -N. it lc., 59 179 Heaven 'n Earth hit the sc - ' ,mr Heaven 'n Earth was formed in 1980 to promote brotherhood. The organization is open to both men and women. This year the ,-f':-iz-':,, Heaven and Earth Homecoming -fr' . gg: Nominee, Wyonia Willis, won the A A honor of being the TJC Homecom- K 'iz mu ing Queen. E7 Q ' 194. ---rl ' ' 'll 5 , iii il 1 - 115-39, S TOP: First rowg Daphne Franklin, Judy Yarbrough, Jackie Anderson, Wyonia Willis, President Teresa Carr, Connie McNeaIy, Wanda Ferguson, Paula Wright, Patricia Harper. Second row, Founder Ray Wallace, Tony Landers, Carlos Hudson, Fred Wallace, Alvin Jones, Anthony Wooten, Ronnie Warthough, Vice President Alfred Welden. MIDDLE1 Fred Wallace and Alfred Elder prepare to dive into the pond in front of the new Fine Arts Building, BOTTOM: Tony Landers, Fred Wallace, and Alvin Jones boogie on down l U -f ao 0 F 1'-5 sw. .Za ii? I "I Y i f , ,,.,..,,e. .,, I , Biff gf-f-Ri, U. rvjgf 1 if .2 f I .-We--f, was 4 -.ff , A W..- ,rs ..-,Y if ' 1980 QEN sgqqlxl -j-sq Ti- 'VT5 4 . .fl J if vit, TOP LEFT: Tony Landers and Daphne Franklln show a luttle brotherhood whsle Paula Wrlght looks on, TOP RIGHT: Tony Landers, Anthony Wooten and Ronnue Warthough really can get unto that raduo musuct BOTTOM: Teresa Carr prepares for the Intramural basketball season. I 181 8 NADS active in friendshipg Friendship, leadership, brotherhood and good times ai characteristic of the NAD organization. Only in their second ye- the NADs have set high goals and continue to be active in ni college activities. DK,- tj qc 4 li! 0 . -J C If , J ,I .Qt fr NAD NAD NAD HOBIE MATLOCK ROYCE KENNEDY KYLE MORGAN Little Sister Little Sister Little Sister BEVERLY MILLER DONNA TIDMORE LEANN MORGAN Q .I Q, te, sq xx ' Tim" ag. " , 1 " 5 "' 1. Q ' Y 5' 9' 0 '.,,i-, fu " Q arg' NAD NAD Treasurer NAD I MIKE HOSEA CHRIS GABY BILL HOFFMAN 5 Little Sister Little Sister Little Sister N LUANN COCKRILL KRISTIE O'BRYAN LYNNETTE SMITH I i l l L. L eadership, brotherhood, good times M cnuvif 'UVM ,L,sd'v. K -w-ual, PF 1 3 I 1 Bl, 'mx -uv, ' F1 X I 'Emu "rx 5 . XX r fs- 'V L I NAD President NAD Secretary NAD BRET ROGERS TOMMY ADAMS Vrce-Presrdent Little Sister Little Suster JAMES KILBORN BONNEY MIRES LESA POOL TOP: Hobre Matlock, James Krlborn, Kyle Morgan and LeAnn Morgan combme food and fun at NAD Barbecue dunner. I, I 183 l MIDDLE LEFT: NADs Wayne Clements and Tommy Adams take a llttle tume to relax. MIDDLE RIGHT: NAD President Bret Rogers has the gurls in control at the Senate sponsored Country Western dance. BOTTOM: NAD members take tnme out for refreshments. YB4 Council promotes harmony among Sororities The purpose of the Pan-Hellenic Council is to promote harmony among the sororities and to coordinate their activities on campus. The Council is composed of representatives from each Greek-letter sorority recognized by the Student Senate. C Jane Miller Pat Blackshear Nancy Roberts Kenly Stuart Toni Craig Patti Smith and Anna Carpenter attend a Council meeting, TOM Pat Blackshear Connie Mann Anna Carpenter Dean of Women and Pan Hellenic Advisor Sharon Byley and Jane Miller go over the minutes of 185 TOP: Cindra Paige was the Cheerleader Homecoming Nomin- ae. She had many Homecoming mums to display at the game Saturday night. MIDDLE: Students got a special treat ea Harmony and Understand- ing sang at the Homecoming pep rally. . BOTTOM: Marcus Caldwell held a "revival" at the Homecoming pep rally to inspire the Apaches on to victory. 1 i 1 .rlfx ff f , X N Y Q T I v i 1 9 f "v -- ,gf ki yy, 4 V V 3 gfchgyf 1, 1 ' 1 Q 1 ' Z ,W .L I5 iii' 1 sn.- 5... .3 U in -ifww-13, 5 . 1 l A-Q," 5 -1 ,F TOP: A Homecoming pep rally was held on the Square after the Homecoming parade. Cheerleaders led cheers to inspire the Apaches on to victory. BOTTOM LEFT: Mascot Andy Navarro led the Homecoming parade as a chief would lead his tribe. BOTTOM RIGHT: Criket Harris hugs Wyonia Willis who was crowned Homecoming Queen '80. , .., .... ,W ,,,, A -' 4g2"'- 1 C. As"-Digg M2755 ' "1 ' if fi .,.f4,MQGfjf ' . r ,.A :mg Zkdgfflf' .:V:i1.,,,.? qfwr, Y IU, 3:3 gf 1 Li.: 35,-. -ff" , ' A --f - :, X: 'Q' 2.M:iG-Lmi-mi, 4 .H ,,,r..,.,.,, M .. ,'.. . i.T':'5I ff, ':',3:-.N "RT X f ' Kv-," Heaven and Earth f "9 '1ff5'2:' "fe ' QQQFQQQI' Homecoming Queen lyaifigafff 3-'H-i:,r 'LHR' 5959: 5531, , ', , mtg-'Ji'-xv,1,g'!'gi.s, ,-,. A'L N'5,.,-H . 1XfgcwffF.g!:Q'f2Qf,af '1h:aN,,, ' f, '-5- ,yu - Y"'W:if4, Q'QeSQQLiY5L?1'1i " ?q?fggj-g5if4,Lii"'1f N QyHL3.Z' iilff A 'Q' it we X -fb 2 . rg' -1. 3, -,3fpg4a.1g., ',:,1 5.53 3 AW I 'i,aef::f12fz:f - n M . ' ,-:vim -.K J,f.r:,i'.!-'Mi' A-wi-V 45 -" viii Aw 'Jw1"'Ak"f'4w5'.--iw? 1 1'3" www ' if 2' A Us: if . n f f T 55:7 L-J' QCJHQLJ , H 3,5,, f"if:5Q2d j-f6,:ft".' " n n ',4gj,g1, 1 1' fsai' " 9,-'13a.4e,Lq'g-"pg-' AL. ' fyl- w' '3 ,ff ui' J -v'3'fnJ,f 'f1"5.15 'X' 1 N',vZlx'6 4 FEQ'f"'. 3 - - 3:5 me 9 --we 1s+ff'5:ffi-fu' -e'- mv view -weft' H nfl- ,',3,.y' ,J ',,l',v1--,J,'.4x, - 3. 1, -v ::x.'n-snivlfg f fewxm W- x .A- if 1 I,-3 Wanda fi: F?-'nv VT" 33112: I . I, , -4 'I .f' .jj1f1::,f ff Q - -, 1 1 -mv'v:-nut' ' -'LS-."' if-43, :ln . A ,f- ."9f5ii'Jf"lfif'Q .Q , 4. .2 Y ,M , -V W, ig .Q ,, Q-,z .'ii'f"k'z - Rf7:fl'j If fir' , ' I.i.Q'4W'i'f4-Qfxifwqly 1 'gsgugigs I Q I 7551 5 ll - si?f'W:af'ra+ I 5. 1 ft' .."FvcaV .:,x,' ,I .I -I get I 1-,. " 1 4 xi? ay-, , . , 35 I g5npg4,g,2 V' g5if5jjgf.3y,.I:. si,-Q31f"v, Q I f?Q51I,7 N gig SAX:-Tlgaff MILL. 111343-hlgwqi 1' ., vilifi'-itiifigwi 'rfifm iimfiicf u I :iMif,:'1-..f-i- ' mn ag-"'L,','2'Q -' ' -Q 3' - PM-nf' 55--1:.IL-Wu, ' -623.1--I IQ " -- .I '- Elifihirwwwwz: I ' Z 5'fffQki1?.E5Q v, I .I f efwp.-592' '-f,1:Ig',sru 'J 3- iz, -39119 1: x my Af- -A In I -rgnixflivw I. I'Ffff'7H?i,Ln,. 'lmepifwfxxg I f E -:.wf5fE!',Iw : i?f.zI1" - r '4" " S.,IGbTlRgfjil'Q-iq, -2 -'2:,:f11..' IES? ZF'vg3,?g5.'fififfflfwf-'ifiigfhs'f AiM.T-fl. ,li 'I ' ' I ggi If -. ,P 'ff-w W, 51.3 4 vm I If I' ,B N ' La I i I Y ? ' X Y 1' . it X 'gmt '- ,d ming QL' A 'I -I I - Ir, uf gf, T51 IL,AQ.,.:I.1'f' A f5.""-f:51"w:,f2. '3x1?".1- , I1 'xx .Q .'Ttf-IQ-T. 3 x ' 62.5 N,"!':',I-ff 'Qf,'Q",,1'1g., nv ,,, pajdw- . ,,',3,. f, :Nl ,- L,yfx wz,nIIv I , I qtuqm, ,I , :I . wt. WM my ., ., I. . I -.5+ I IJ. .-U3-I. V, -. .. , '.v-""ff'?.1 Zn?-:'.'I 'f' I I 3- A . sv 1 is A45'f?:'6r'Lf. .QFZHL ff iiqgjf DANE BACON ROSEANNE CANADA KAREN DENNIS Music Yangs Respiratory Therapy T SHIRLEY EDWARDS MARILYN FORD MI12I GODWIN Fashion Merchandising Medical Lab Home Economics Technicians CLAUDIA GRUBER CRIKET HARRIS DENISE HARRIS Football Student Senate Tau Kappa 4 'UI E, L KAY KENNER LORI LEWIS CONNIE MANN Phi Theta Kappa FFA Sigma Phi Epsilon SONYA MAUNEY BEVERLY McCASLAND JANE MILLER Campus Christian Band Zeta Phi Omega Center in s 1. 'W' Q A FELECIA MOORE TRACY NABOURS ROBIN NEWSOM Baptist Student Pi Kappa Alpha Dental Hygiene Center '4fa22lf.3:..,:f:3f227f2g31v .rw sffffl t ' ifgii 9 on 4 ,Y - V . g'.'?-'f:?'1:j',': 5- ef -,Q-,:51:a rf., 1 ,':"31-j ' 1-:YL 1. 1 574:55 ,lF:ffLf' , I - A '.f:f??15l:i?tPY11- ' ow- A' 'L-YF?-31, " - "4 ,,. , 5: i.,.f J-,.,,.. qu . A I. 4..- . .. -as Iwff.:-1' ff 5 ,sh .4 .. ,,,In', ?1r"T1v31f4l?43:'.'3Q'5f":"fu ' 1-I., 'N . 4-:.-gig,-'-:if ' A uf- . -. . . g., V P ' Egolf 1 I K ..,.:? M wziix. -4 " mi-I Q I iii. gwegfa . ,. 5 fljkf? 44 'pm ' 5 ,,:3'giiIj:1w?,g,, u.u Q, '- ' .Ig-'iw I- 2,34 1'-:Liw TV-.vXy,. WS F. cg f 1, L'-ig'-. ' Y. ,-"wp 5-pl X ' 3, I, gag. ' ,-f,...,.4 :vw-ml, 'X'-: ,-w F11.lw .. ,M 3 ,W HER. ,QQ q, let-3. are 'IEMY' 41-J, w:,1,1'.: :-s-fvI-fIw'- . , .f 1,11 1 v-'Gr -L. ' fa, 'fn 'I--lt," .-It--I ,am iff?" Ir?41"'b' "-Ev' ',"1'g.f'Q if TiI.25'A-""Iq? . 'lf -2111 "' ' '1f',1a I "I I' 1111? Mffllr, ir ,-.1-,. 4, "ip --.4 ' "UI .I 'I I-f.,l,.,f gyfm,, r-,-.:-, in Iv -. JG .fa ,-:I .1 3. ,V :VFP iz. 21,9-. ,UN Q I V .I If I--..-.1 :ffm L- . I I .112 '-:- Magi--I, ,, 'xf I rijfgm I -I '.g'?'.,-pw I .J I-, ,- ke. ':,,f.Lx I I ,-C Q' I -' 1 I I: Ii. 1- 'A ,, lg , f'-I. '. ,,, w,f.,,vg A I. " .. , 'H14+if""" tn 'iq WNW" ' We "5" -Huff., 44,y,ye1iVI ,I 'II fb ,I ,551 .. ,. ,L I 11, 1 x , , , ., .jg-I' .1-m id. ,If,I.'flj!' , V, .2 - ,. W ,fx L V ,, fr, I .:,'h.v' f"".."M52.1l.- ' 'I f-'IM i"4fIg HL2fIA., , ,Q-1 ,, . 43 - sg - . I i,'.:!, -A. 1 ,',,,p,'j,' I, , fl, ,I 4 'w:',,gfrV, , , u ll! ' YfZ,Lq.61ifIf1' ' 51'-' ' P .-,, , wx,.'-- ' is . yr-'-1--, .' ' lsifiwiflf-J' 'f If?--4x'e,.mM . M I I .,. . . 2 y , If, I A , I U t, 1 1 1 . gf-f 'if '.Ig1' "":f 1 l'1-r. 'f"V FTII.-1'-"fx.'n1 ' I .' Y I I 'IIw3tl1?:'2T"ff" Lf KELLI NOWELL JACKIE OTTO CINDRA PAIGE P.E. Majors Alpha Tau Omega Cheerleaders RINDA PRICE ' GINNY SHERBIT SUNNY SHOOK LESA Epsilon Delta Pi TJC Publications ,ps A-.N tary.-.Qui NI LOIS WALKER DEBBIE WARREN JULIE WHITAKER Alpha Delta Sigma Dental Assisting Drafting G G' Q up ,a 323' 42 MARICE BELL OHSFISIVQ Back, John Tyler WYMON BOLTON Tall Back, Shelbyvulle KEVIN BRAGG Offensive Tackle, Samuel Clements NATHANIEL BROWN Quarterback, South Park BOBBY CARTER Offensnve Tackle, Bryan RICKY CORBIN Defensrve Back, Boswell BRETT CUMPTON Tlght End, Bryan DERRICK DAVIS Nose Guard, Troup KEN DAVIS Nose Guard, Texarkana JIM DeSILVA Center, Woodruffe GIFROD EASLEY Full Back, Conroe KEITH ECKEIMAN Oefensuve Tackle, Sharpstown Apaches Compete GARY FLANNEL Full Back, Bay Cnty HERSCHEL FORRESTER Lnnebacker, W. T. Whrte STANLY GREENE Defenslve Tackle, LaPorte COLUMBUS HARRIS Tail Back, Bryan R. L. HARRIS Splut Recelver, Hlrshl I l 1 I I Tight Conference Play 'Ia li" MARK TYLER Tailback, South Garland MARCUS WALKER Guard, John Tyler JIM WHITMAN Manager KIVA WILSON White CHRIS WILLIAMS Linebacker, Madison Defensive back, W. T, RONNIE HICKMAN Defensive end, Kashmere DEREK HOWLE Quarterback, Portage STANLEY JACKSON Split receiver, Seguin RUDY JIMENEZ Offensive guard, Mansfield TERRELL MIKESKA Linebacker, Katy LARRY MILTON Offensive Tackle, Bishop Dunne ALFRED MITCHELL Tailback, Big Sandy TROY MCGINTY Split receiver, Whitehouse BOBBY NEWTON Quarterback, Gonzales DENNY RANDOLPH Linebacker, Chilton JOHNNY RIVERS Defensive back, Vicksburg TERRY SMITH Defensive back Dullus Mrddle Rught: Columbus Harns l2Ol struggles for additional ground. Bottom Left: Father and son, a fare combrnatron on the football fueld. Bottom Right: Apache gndders prepare to take on the Navarro Bulldogs. The Bulldogs proved slippery when wet, slnppmg by the Apaches 17-O, l"T 30 WEE: X-N Q Ib L-, . ,f Q fhifliv, , H Wfr' ..- f H . 444 'gif'-:f 40- Q Rack Langley Backfreld Coach Torn Phllllps Defensnve Coach Bottom Left: Assistant Football Coach Tom Phnlllps barks out Instructions from sldelunes. Nllddle Fhght: Asslstant Coach Phnlllps pounts out orders to players on the bench, Bottom Flught: Gary Flannel! l24l advances agamst Navarro for more yardage. Q av ,.. issw , ' 197 x Z!" -HQ 'M gg . .wiki TOP LEFT: Claudia Grueber, escorted by Brett Cumpton, was the football team's Homecoming nominee. MIDDLE RIGHT: Stretch, baby, stretch . . .Stanley Jackson stretches across the forty-yard line for a first down during the Navarro game. The Apaches lost the game 17-O. BOTTOM LEFT: Alfred Mitchell scrambles for yardage. BOTTOM RIGHT: Center, Jim DeSiIva watches tailback, Columbus Harris trip over the yardline. 198 . ,W JY! m. I I x I .Q - Q ... . F, ,Q y.: I ,X ' ' . 'Z K S . vt Q . -1 f'H A ,it '1 RBQPX .,, V 1-3.0, . , ' we' v v wig Q The Tyler Junior College Apaches returned this year with the Texas Juniq College Football Conference title. Picked as the favorite to win again this yehi they rallied against Henderson County to win 20-7. Still at the top, the Apache gained another victory beating Wharton 34-9, the Apaches hit the road il clash with Blinn. Their 2-0 record was broken when the Buccaneers endiel on top 10-3. The Apaches took another beating when Navarro shut out T 'I in the rain 17-O. The next week brought on another loss to the Kilgore They chopped the Apache's totem pole one wack at a time to a 34-20. I I 1 f Gridders finish 4-6 . . . I !i I x 24 I aw ., I x Om' I as 5.-nj. Y' T X 'gg .IL'73"l"" ' 1. B2 me I I I 1.41 End disappointing season Determined to come back against Blinn, the Apaches managed to reverse the outcome of their first meeting and shut out the Buccaneers 17-0. In the next game, the Apaches proved triumphant, handing Wharton their third straight loss in three years. The smile from whipping Wharton, 16-O, soon turned to a frown when Navarro gave the Apaches a beating 31-16. Another effort of success failed as the Henderson Cardinals took a 14-7 victory. With just a handful of wins for the Apaches, taking the Homecoming game would allow them to end the season on a winning note, but as it turned out TJC ended up empty-handed, contributing to Kilgore's undefeated record, , 'V -gm,-,.,,,.f 1 l ll sa' l sv 'Y I an f. b , nf! lil . , , X K Cv' ' 'G' - 9' fi' ,,.. 'll Q"""" . vi 'I' M , ar -3 TOP RIGHT: Stanley Greene takes a break in action during one of the home games. TOP LEFT: Front row, Larry Milton, Ricky Corbin, Keith Eckeiman, Jim DeSilva. Derek Howle, Kevin Bragg. Brett Cumpton, Mark Tyler. Middle row, Stanley Greene, Johnny Rivers, Terry Smith, R.L. Harris, Gifrod Easley, Wymon Bolton, Rudy Jiminez, Ronnie Hickman, Terrell Mikeska, Troy McGinty. Back row, Bobby Newton, Herschel Forrester, Denny Randolph, Gary Flannel, Kiva Wilson, Chris Wil- liams, Columbus Harris. Ken Davis, Nathaniel Brown, and Marice Bell. These men made up the 1980-81 fighting Apaches. 199 K Men's Apach YLAI3. W! E Ulla TYLER n 1 5 'vu' U A 0 sf' '-mug, IU 'YYLED I Ylfg 46 a1'f'-EH mm Q1 LS TYLEQ TY!-Eg 1vLnn 12 l Basketball Team T3 1 . i mcuf f mcuf .J I. .1. Q ' AA 1 . J ""' .. if .,.. .Y- agents 1 ELTON WEBSTER RON WHITTER PAT WILSON F'-IB U1-fn 3 ,pd- 0 5 1 AARON WATKINS, Manager TONY ZAGER, Manager 7:7 There is often much embarrassment when players are introduced. Some guys find a way to combat this feeling by acting "cooI." 201 TOP No. 54, Alan Johnston and No. 50 Curtis Wallace play a tight defense. BOTTOM: Elton Webster gives a "high five to a team member after being introduced. J i Roundballers continue winning vvaysi The 1980-81 Apache Basketball team got off to a running start from last year's 32-7 record and third place finish in the National Junior College tournament by winning their first 18 games. The Apache squad soundly asserted themselves in the TJC Classic by defeating Laredo, 109-66 and Temple, 102-65. The black and gold scoring machine displayed consistent scoring efforts by averaging 94 points a game throughout the first half of the season. Lon Morris spoiled the Apache's perfect 'record and ended the 18 game winning streak in Jacksonville, Jan. 22. The final score read Lon Morris 66, Tyler 64. Curtis Wallace, Elton Webster, Prince Bridges and Howard Jenkins led the team in scoring. Other standouts included Joe Turner who led the team in steals and Robin Grays who earned the title "Mr, Dunkenstein" by doing the ol' rim binder on a regular basis. llflff if K if uf.. s 5 l 3 qs ., un-Q i l -al g QSACHLS' ..-:L .faq ..- ve ,yr K l ..- .-ch..,,.,.v 'Q ,ff Ja , N - I ' wi Q WS -. if TOP: Apaches and opponents get into a tight squeeze over the ball. BOTTOM LEFT: Kevin Carlisle puts up a perfect "two", BOTTOM RIGHT: Pat Wilson walks onto the court before the Paris game. em O Apaches start season with 18 game winning streak . . . I v L .n TOP: Howard Jenkrns snnks a base Ilne shot. BOTTOM LEFT: Prnnce Bndges does some fancy dribbling to get around hrs opponent. BOTTOM RIGHT: Everyone carne up off the floor nn hopes of blocking the shot, ii? l I i i Q 1 ,J -NA... .1 6 A A 'Q , A. s ,A -4 K 922'-'AH .HQ 'XA Q 'E are W TTL!-' Before losing to Lon Morris s 1 1 gs 2 i 'fd N HJ 1 N TOP: Howard Jenkins pumps a shot while No. 40, George Kash readies himself for the rebound. BOTTOM LEFT: No. 44, Dexter Menefield tries to block a shot from behind. BOTTOM RIGHT: Curtis Wal- lace pleases the crowd with a rim-rattling dunk. 205 ROSIE ALDRIDGE KARA AUDREY BARBARA ARCHIE CINDY BADGLEY CALLIE BARKLEY PHILIPPA BROWN BETH CHAMBERLAIN KELLI HARNED CARLA HURCHINS KATIE OSTEN LAURA PEYCKE WILLIE RADFORD Apache Ladie 1 V Basketball Team T? OBIS img PAM HARDY WAYNE RICHARDSON L LEE ANN RILEY C. lSPOOKYl WARREN LISA WILKERSON BOTTOM: Apache Ladies Front row, Barbara Archie, Wayne Richardson, Trainer, Rosie Aldridge, Middle row, Pam Hardy, Manager, Lee Ann Riley, Callie Barkley, Philippa Brown, Lisa Wilkerson, Beth Chamberlain, Laura Peycke Back row, Coach Herb Richardson, Cindy Badgley, Carla Hurchins, Kara Audrey, Kelli Harned, Katie Osten, C. lSpookyl Warren, Willie Radford 0 Apache Ladies dominate Conference pla The Apache Ladies started off the 1980-81 season by winning seven of their first eight games. With high expectations, the eight returning Ladies combined their talents with in-coming freshmen to try and improve on last year's almost perfect 28-5 record. The first defeat of the year came at the hands of Howard County College who slipped by the Ladies, 61-60, as TJC had to settle for second place in the Howard Co. tournament. The team returned to their winning ways by defeating North Harris County and Weatherford College in the Henderson Co. Classic. The Ladies suffered a second defeat at the hands of Abilene Christian College, 66-64, in the Apache Ladies Classic. The team rebounded with a five game winning streak in conference play before losing to Henderson County in a 64-63 barn burner. Sophomore Rosie Aldridge, who averaged more than 21 points a game in conference play throughout the first half of the season, and Barbra Archie led the Ladies in scoring. T Q S I :Wim '11-. if dino Paley mades the turn u court to set u defense i p p , . J... it me Ladies' Barbra Archie goes up for just one of her many baskets. BOTTOM .-v"" .rffsoin gives his "ladies" a pep talk during one of their practice games. ' me-, lose two on a fast break, . 'Z E." , , Q M-Q ' .na ' 'v ' wg, y fi ff' 6' J N ,,,..,. .. I Li' 1 xt 41" .-OX-f 511 I 1' ,r ab." Ili in -s.. s XM N.,-, ii 1 i Q , nf A TOP: Callie Barkley fights for the ball. BOTTOM LEFT: Spooky Warren puts up and hits a base line shot. BOTTOM RIGHT: Coach Richardson draws hrs Ladies unto a wmmng huddle. 209 Apache Ladies "Shoot the hoop" In hopes of -vf' 'L , X X 'R Y . so -Q -- tg ..---",7- I Z natlonals as .. Q- -:Img M- 'TH f"" so 4-12 ,-Y Y , 1 N snub- X TOP RIGHT: Apache Ladues watch as a Pans opponent puts , up a gumpshot. ' to ' BOTTOM LEFT: No. 21, Spooky Warren keeps a sharp eye on the ball in hopes of a steal. " BOTTOM RIGHT: No. 45, Kara Audrey tries to block an opponents shot. W" pf 4 of '1 Q .- Q, w 'f ' " x xsa Q ...md-" flu 3 li S..-I 11 L I 0 I it 1 .Zu , 4 Netters Stroke Perfection The tennis team, defending national champs, were devoted to winning and winning 1ey did. The team practiced two or three hours every day. Besides practicing on 1a courts, they moved to the weight room to work out on the grid iron. Working n the weights improved the team members' quickness, strength and endurance. --9, ...,....,...-....,...-.....,.-c......,.. - - - ..,. .,.,..,, ,,..,,,..,,..., .,.,.,.,.,,...,,.... N 't....3. ....,. , ..., 3.-. .. I "'- f----- . ..,. . ......,f4... . i -v -4-.--...,..,,,, Q4 1 5,5-4fQ-1, , - 1 X T' RIGHT: Coach Kniffen changes roles from tennis coach in shorts to a true kicker, hat and all. 'DLE LEFT: Doug Hall and Lance Watson practice their doubles strategy. TOM LEFT: Jim Lynch puts a line shot over his opponent. BOTTOM MIDDLE: Gary Whitworth practices hiforehand. 3'TOM RIGHT: Lance Watson scoops up a low volley. I i I I i 1' A L Tennis Defends Championship M101 ... ...- TOP LEFT: Zane Cudd hits a cross court forehand. TOP MIDDLE: Becca Fiasor smashes a high volley. TOP RIGHT: Cheryl Simcox practices her serve. BOTTOM LEFT: Karen Wesson and Donna Watson practice doubles together. BOTTOM RIGHT: Donna Watson displays her unique style of a forehand volley. A128- .QWAM TV J 1 U'?5?"FiE'9'.' ' V lm- I ian' 'ya' 1 l ,.v 1 i 5 va S-1 i G' ,S 1 X -,, 7: Ji' 3 I i 1 i h1 Y. 'T' TOP: The 1980-81 tennis team: Front Row: Kim Bastian, Cheryl Simcox, Jane McWard, Zane Cudd, Sherri Reynolds, Becca Rasor, Donna Watson and Karen Wesson. Back Row: Ricardo Acioli, Erwin Danenberg, Lance Watson, Tim King, Gary Whitworth, Doug Hall, Scott Nichol, Jim Arnet, Klaus Danenburg and Coach Fred Kniffen. BOTTOM LEFT: Klaus Danenberg stoops low for a volley. BOTTOM RIGHT: Ricardo Acioli saves a low volley. 2 For the Record 2f1O 2!14 2f17 2f25 3X5 3X9 3f1O 3f11 3f13 3f2O 3f31 4X1 4X6 4X7 4!1O 4f27 Henderson County Wharton County Blinn Junior College Navarro Junior College Kilgore Junior College Blinn Junior College Wharton County Navarro Junior College Henderson County Kilgore Junior College MEN'S BASKETBALL FOOTBALL TJC- OPPONI 20 34 3 O 20 17 16 16 7 6 WOMEN'S BASKETBALL lincompletel lincompletel TENNIS SCHEDULE TJC-OPPONENT Kilgore College Men 84 Women Weatherford 73-59 Northwest Louisiana Men 81 Women North Harris 102-90 Louisiana Tech Men 81 Women East Texas State 80-58 Texas Christian Men 81 Women TJC "Apache Classic Centenary Men Laredo 109-55 Centenary Women Temple 102-55 East Texas Baptist Men East Texas JV 80-58 Stephen F. Austin Women Grayson County 104-54 TJC Tournament Men 81 Women "Kansas Classic" Oklahoma State Tournament Men Seminole Oklahoma 87-59 Kilgore Men 81 Women N.E. Oklahoma A 8: M 93-74 Paris Men St Women Independence Kansas 97-90 Angelina Men 81 Women Cooke County 82-75 Navarro Men 81 Women North Harris 104-53 Conference Tournament Men Sl Women Weatherford 83-54 Regional Tournament Men 81 Women "Navarro Classic" Cisco 107-99 Eastgate 90-82 Kilgore 79-70 Navarro 81-54 Angelina 65-57 Paris 99-71 Lon Morris 54-55 Jacksonville College 55-52 Panola 79-71 Kilgore 54-53 Navarro 72-59 Angelina 77-54 Paris 85-57 Lon Morris 57-55 HCJC 52-55 Jacksonville College 58-59 Panola HCJC TJC-OPPONll l i Weatherford 69 North Harris 89- Cisco 61 "Howard Co. Tournament" Western Texas 72 Odessa 64i Howard County 601 Grayson County 767 Cisco 616 "Henderson Co. Classic Weatherford 1010 Seminole Oklahoma 81:1 North Harris 71'- Weatherford 7' - "Apache Ladies Classic" Murray Oklahoma 8"- Abilene Christian 615 Kilgore 61'- Navarro 8'- Angelina 7!- Paris 75- Lon Morris 8.1- HCJC 621- Panola 7l -1 Kilgore 8- ' Navarro 7- 4 Angelina 8, 1 Paris 6 'T Lon Morris 7 -f HCJC 6 ij Panola l l L 'J S s, 1 if-4 Q 34 1 Q K VJ, 4 -dp, ' v ,E ,P w....U , -,w,. Uh.. U, fif.w1!?-., 4- -1- gfx ,Wel,1fwm:fqfzf. 2J52W3-Hfw1:'A - EM f W H, ,, 5.0, V v, , ,4-.W , ,, v 123, X ' , R-j , 0 -2 f'?ihl'5 ii" -f TV' 'I ' .zffi T' V me ' " 'Him' fi 'X 'w .k ' ,:"E ?' . 'f f' ,QL-f , J: fi 1 1.2 fp f' flmg, Lwffw' w "914"k',f5'fEvfiN,13i 4 ' ,ggi N- ,N ,qW'Ii'F5,1 , 'HH , ' 7,-"tim-' . Y 7' 1? -frm vifizvz M s :U I ' . T., A F 'Y fiii w QW If ima?AF5v2:Mw,,EZs3, f . " 9iQ4f7"t'iElal,'.2-L, if 1 l- -H314 ,a2.gr??1:.f,,.sf5is2f5V1 ,flgfjb Wiz! I- -gg ,xK?T,f1f'fmE5, , Mm ., w , I 4 4'1Qfj qj uiiWfH 'HN " :K " mmf, , U , ' ' ' :YJ if lt- f -.f.1,,f ww W' 'M . , . '. - Ma! " ,Q 133 'QH 7 TH I .fi g E. u . ,V ' ,H J? wi, w Xu. -Tf"1'1:Kii??'357wg5H,4 Mfw , .,'a'-1,49 W-. ' al K jj, W , 'ttf-Ifvz - emi: .,,,.ff , - fam Af1fsis1fQss?!if:Qf - w:fi,41xw:,gaeg ffm , A ,Q ,. -13541 'f T QM .Q . ' 'zjk ,V was-fl ! " 1, W w-1 '- I in , ,?M,Hi1!, A , Q + KW L J, iii, , nl im' um:-.. s ' 1-'El , nj-nw. x Img ,Y 1-4, -Ah, .1 , :JM ,ww a1J..1 5 fist-x4 4 W., ,ww X' Q, 374: 7 n f, 4 xfiwaia I N, F .j ihm,.e" ' pi ' M I 1 'I A'-W ,wi , ,M ' W, W :WELL 1 Y, ..,1 .,1,,,, .,-,Uh - , L f.5,:5f,,5A5J?vz:,1 - 1-:1-Mzffsfzfsfe , 5,713 .Q Pip.. 'fqwt-41: fu '. NEW' lg f fl ,K 1..k:yg'1--,yfigierf . x W -'QQ 2 'lit 5, ir Ty r ,D , QF' 'W 1 ,:. President and New Chancellor H. E. JENKINS 3.S., Kansas State Teachers College: lVl.A., University of Missouri, Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin X x fi R' ' ,fx Lt, Executive Vice President RICHARD H. BARRETT M.B.A., Texas A8mM University 'Nssmnn-N i ,I Administrative Vice President EDWIN E. FOWLER M. Ed., East Texas State University L.L.D., Ambassador College 9 Administrative Vice President I. L. FRIEDMAN M.L.A., Southern Methodist University Administration fly' C257 AVA LEA GENTRY Executive Administrative Assistant A.A., Tyler Junior College ANNA MARIE CARPENTER Dean of Women, Director of the Apache Belles, M.A., Texas Women's University I ,Maw On T1 BILLY J. DOGGETI' Director of Student Activities: M. Ed., Stephen KENNETH D. LEWIS Dean of Admissions Registrar: M.S., East Texas F. Austin State University State University nw KEN DANCE Business Manager B.B.A., Baylor University .f-11 4 ...AA A egg, . X fda-f?s"" V, .. .-- -'Gif' H.. -fi fs Q ' I X . AD' ' QU A , V If L if '- ,,, '1 i, Q' ' 2 , 131.-f-"'.'ni . I ,,,, - . 3 ,vm f .. ..+ i . X RICHARD MINTER Dean of Technology Division M. Ed., Sam Houston State University ff ALBERT BAADE: M.A., Texas Eastern University: Director, Continuing Education Department MERRILL O. CANTRELL: A.A., Tyler Junior College: Computer Programmer R. H, CLEMMONS: M. Ed., Texas Eastern University: Director of Student Financial Aids BOB CULLINS: M. Ed., Northwestern State University of Louisiana: Technology Counselor FRANCES FRIEDMAN: Director, Hudnell Planetarium ALFRED GILLIAM: Dance Director of the Apache Belles ELMER HYDEN: M.A., Southwest Texas State University: Assistant Dean of Technology COLINE KING: Audio-Visual Aids Coordinator JERRY LEARD: M. Ed., University of Texas at Austin: Academic Dean VIVIAN YOUNG: R. N., Asbury Hospital, University of Minnesota: Student Health Service CHRISTINE BALDWIN: Assistant to the Director of Technology NINA BLOW: Business Office JANE CLEMMONS: Secretary to the Dean of Admissions CAROL CUCA: Secretary, Office of the President DIANE DAVIS: Secretary to the Dean of Technology Division PHYLLIS FERTITTA: Secretary, Journalism Department and Student Publications ARNITA FORD: Secretary to the Dean of Admissions ANETHA FRANCIS: Secretary to the Counselors GLORIA GENTRY: Assistant Bookstore Manager BUNNY HECKMAN: Secretary to the Dean of Admissions PATSY LEWIS: Assistant Bookkeeper DOROTHY LLOYD: Secretary, Dental Hygiene KATHRYN NEILL: Assistant Registrar JOAN NORRIS: Assistant Registrar EMMA LOU PRATER: Assistant Student Activities Director Directors .HW 'Bb l College Staff IX, MARY JANE McNAMARA: Library Assistant JULIA WARREN: M.S., North Carolina Central College: Assistant Librarian NELLA WILLBANKS: Library Assistant JANE COMPTON BAKER: West Hall VERA BAILEY: Holley Hall MARY KEY: Center Hall Campus Police MAXINE ROBINSON: Secretary to the Administrative Vice President VIVIAN STORY: Bookstore Manager LOUGENE WILSON: Secretary to the President: Mail Supervisor REBECCA WYATT: Bookkeeper EVELYN MCMANUS: Director, Vaughn Library: M.S., East Texas State University SUE BETTS: Library Assistant: M. Ed., East Texas State University IVA JENKINS: Library Assistant JOHNNYE KENNEDY: M.L.S., Texas Women's University: Assistant Librarian CLARICE MARTIN: B.S.E., Southern State University: Assistant Librarian CHUCK CAMPBELL JOHNNY GALAC O'I'I'O HEWITT H. M. MCMILLAN TOMMY THOMPSON Senate provides for faculty participatioi The purpose of the Faculty Senate is to provide an organization through which the faculty will have a means for participation in the formulation and implementation of academic and professional policy matters relating TOP: Blanche Preiean, Johnny Abbey, Seymour Vanos, Edwin Brogden and l. L. Friedman talk leisurely before Faculty Senate meeting is called to order. MIDDLE: Faculty Senate Representatives: First row, President Rebecca Laughlin, Vice-President Edwin Brogden and Secretary Evelyn McManus. Second row, I. L. Friedman, Seymour Vanos, Diane Morris, Sandy Prater, Lynnette Hobbs, Nell Warren, Judy Haile, Blanche Preiean, David Demic, Bob Peters and Judy Carr, Back row, John Johnston, Johnny Abbey, Mary Peddy, Peter Jones, Monty Newman and John Dickson, BOTTOM: Johnny Abbey, Mary Peddy, Sandy Prater, Bob Peters, John Dickson, John Johnston, Peter Jones, Rebecca Laughlin and David Demic exchange ideas at Faculty Senate meeting. to the College. The Faculty Senate is composed of representatives from each of College departments, elected by members of those departments. x P sd Q Q 9- Clg A -rl-5 r , ', aff' Q Q ng:- fuv' J J 4 ,um 1 1 '71 'Oil' bull 24 Q9 Q..-,, JOHNNY ABBEY: M,B.A., University of Texas at Austin: Secretarial Science JACOUELINE ADAMS: M.A., Stephen F. Austin State University: Art VICKI ALFRED: B.A., Texas Tech University: Journalism HOWARD ALLEY: B.A.A.S., Texas Eastern University: Electronics KAY S. ARMS: M.A., Texas Eastern University: Mathematics RAY BAGWELL: M,A., East Texas State University: Chairman, Department of Government and Economics BRENDA BAKER: B:M.Ed., Texas Christian University: Music ROBERT M. BALLARD, JR.: Ph.D., East Texas State University: History JAMES F. BARNES: M.A., University of Mississippi: Government and Economics L. ALAN BARNES: M,A., Texas A8iM University: Counselor DONALD R. BARNETT: A.A., Tyler Junior College: Respiratory Therapy HARVEY O. BECKENDORF: M.Th., Perkins School of Theology: Religious Studies: Director, Methodist Bible Chair CHARLES BENNETT: M.S., Oklahoma State University: Business Administration GLADYS BEST: M.A., Stephen F. Austin State University: Music JACK W. BETTS: M.Ed., East Texas State University: Chairman, Industrial Department, Drafting LAWRENCE BIRDSONG: M.A., East Texas State University: Speech, Drama LARRY BLEVINS: M.A., University of North Colorado: Mathematics ZELDA BOUCHER: A.A., Tyler Junior College: Nursing GENE BRANUM: M,Ed., Stephen F. Austin State University: Physics KEITH BRIDGES: M.Ed.. Texas Eastern University: Electronics EDWIN S. BROGDEN: M.B.A., East Texas State University: Business Administration JEAN BROWNE: Ph.D., State University of Iowa: Chairman, Department of Speech and Drama PAULA BUCK: M.A., Stephen F. Austin State University: English JOHN M. BURKET: M.S., Baylor University: Geology STEVE BURKET: M.A., Austin College: Government KEITH BURSON: M.S., The American University: Electronic Data Processing MARY BURTON: M.A., Sam Houston State University: English ROBIN BURTON: A.A.S.N., University of Texas at Arlington: Nursing NOAMIE BYRUM: M.A., Stephen F. Austin State University: English IRENE CAMP: A.S., Tyler Junior College: Radiologic Technology JUDY CASWELL: M.A., Stephen F. Austin State University: English L. E. CATTERSON: M.Ph., University ofWisconsin: Economics CHARLES J. CAVANAUGH, JR.: M.F.A., Stephen F. Austin State University: Chairman, Department of Art MARY CHARTIER: M.S., Texas Eastern University: Nursing MILFORD T. COLLINS: M.A., Stephen F. Austin State University: History 225 226 DAVID CRAWFORD: M.A., Stephen F. Austin State University: Speech, Drama DOROTHY CREEKMORE: M.S., East Texas State University: Secretarial Science LYNDA J. CROSS: M.A., Stephen F. Austin State University: History FELDER W. CULLUM: Ed.D., North Texas State University: Chairman, Department of Behavioral Science CHARLES F. CUNNINGHAM: FCC Licensed Radio-Television Engineer: Chairman, Department of Electronics CLYDE J. DAVENPORT: Certified Ophthalmic Dispenser: Ophthalmic Technician MARVIN P. DAVIS: M.A., Louisiana State University: Chairman, Department of Mathematics J. R. DEBENPORT: B.S., East Texas State University: Electronics DAVID DEMIC: M.A., University of Texas at Austin: Mathematics JOHN DICKSON: M.M., Baylor University: Music LENA EXUM: M.A., University of New Mexico: English ANNELLE FOWLER: Ed.D., East Texas State University: Mathematics NED W. FOWLER: M.Ed., East Texas State University: Basketball Coach ANTHONY A. FULCHER: B.S., East Texas State University: Ornamental Horticulture WALTER A. FULLER: A.A., Tyler Junior College: Electronics BLANCHE GIBSON: M.A., Columbia Universi- ty, Home Economics FLETCHER W. GIBSON: M.A., Columbia University: Physical Education ROBERT GLOVER' Ph.D,, North Texas State UHIVGVSIIVJ Chairman, Department of History STEVE E. GREEN' M.S., East Texas State University, Mathematics DALE E GROOM' M.S., East Texas State University, Curator Bonna Bess Vaughn Conservatory, Ornamental Horticulture LYNDA GUNTER: M.S., East Texas State University: Medical Laboratory JUDY HAMMOND: M.A., University of Texas at Tyler: Nursing MILLARD T. HARKRIDER: M.S., University of Tennessee: Electronic Data Processing SARAH HARRISON: M.A., East Texas State University: English CAROLYN HARVEY BSN, Texas Eastern University, Nursing JANIE LEE HARWOOD: M.S., Texas Women's University: Nursing JOHN HAYS: M.A., University of Houston: Spanish CAROLYN HENDON: M.S., Illinois State University: English ERNEST E. HENDRIX, JR.: B.S., Texas A8rM University: Surveying MARGUERITE HEWITT: Ed.D., East Texas State University: Psychology MILTON W. HIGGINS: Ed.D., University of Oklahoma: Business Administration JAMES H. HILL: M.S., University of Arizona: Chemistry KEVIN FLY HILL: B.S., Southwest Texas State University: Registered Respiratory Therapist: Respiratory Therapy Program Director A." i"i 'ETFVVART HINDIVIAN' IVI A , Univer- iiv, I I mn, Speech - H Ni' VV - IFES: B.S., Baylor University: il if the laboratory Technician Faculty fi fi ...mv-nv "v iv? 6-Q.. f. LORETTA HOLBROOK: B.S., Stephen F. Austin State University: English NORMAN G. HOOT: D.D.S., Baylor University College of Dentistry: Chairman, Dental Department HERMAN H. HUBBARD: Graphic Communications Program Coordinator JAMES P. HUCKABAY: B.S., Texas Eastern University: Law Enforcement DAVID HUDSON: M.A., North Texas State University: Government ELIZABETH INGRAM: B.S., Stephen F. Austin State University: Dental Hygiene MARIE JACKSON: M.Ed., Texas Eastern University: Nursing J. W. JOHNSON: M.M., North Texas State University: Chairman, Department of Music WYNOMA JOHNSON: M.S., East Texas State University: Art JOHN JOHNSTON: M.A., Pittsburgh State University: English LYNNE JONES: B.S., Baylor College of Dentistry: Dental Hygiene PETER E. JONES: Ph,D., University of Oklahoma: History KAY L. KEAGY: M.A., Texas Tech University: Mathematics CHARLES E. KEASLER: B.A., North Texas State University: Real Estate Management E. WAYNE KEITH: M.A., Baylor University: M.A., Peabody College: History SHERRY KENNEDY: B.S,N., Northwestern State University: Nursing EDWARD C. KETCHUM: M.E., East Texas State University: Drafting FRANKLIN KIMLICKO: M.M., Southern Methodist University: Music EMOGENE KING: B.B.A., North Texas State University: Secretarial Science FRED KNIFFEN: B.B.A., Hardin-Simmons University: Recreation Leadership, Tennis SHERON LACEFIELD: M.Ed., Northwestern State University: Counselor ROBERT LANGHAM: B.A., Sam Houston State University: Graphic Communication RICK LANGLEY: B.S., University of Houston: Physical Education, Assistant Head Football Coach REBECCA LAUGHLIN: M.Ed., Stephen F. Austin State University: Psychology, Sociology MARSHA ANNE LAYTON: M.A., Baylor University: Geology ELIZABETH H. LEE: M.A., East Texas State University: Mathematics RITA LEHTO: B.S., Si B.A., Arizona State University: Nursing DAVID LIGON: M.S., Eastern New Mexico University: Government PAT LOGAN: M.A., East Texas State University: English BRIDGET C. MANN: M.A., Stephen F. Austin State University: Foreign Language JEFF MARTIN: M.A., University of Arkansas: Mathematics JO ANN MARTIN: Registered Radiologic Technologist: Radiologic Technology, Program Coordinator: Chairman, Hospital Technician Department LEOTA MARTIN: B.S., Stephen F. Austin State University: Veterans' Counselor VERNA MARTIN: B.A., Texas Women's University: Counselor DENNIS MAYFIELD: B.S., Texas A8iM University: Biology Laboratory 227 MOLLY McCOY: M.S., North Texas State University: Music LORETTA McGEHEE: M.A., East Texas State University: English CHARLES MCGINTY: M.S., North Texas State University: Physical Education, Head Football Coach BOBBY MCGREGOR: Graphic Communications CINDY McKINLEY: B.Ed,, Pan American University: Secretarial Science JULIE METTLIN: A.S., Tyler Junior College: Dental Hygiene ROBERT E, MEYER: B.B.A., East Texas State University: Mid-Management ANN MILLER: M.A., Stephen F. Austin State University: Art EUGENE MILLER: B.B.A., Southern Methodist University: Chairman, Department of Mid-Management MARY EVELYN MILLER: B.S., Texas Women's University: Chemistry Laboratory H. F. MILLS: M.A., Rice University: History BENNIE C. MIMS: M.S., Texas Eastern University: Criminal Justice Program Coordinator CHARLES G. MOORE: M.S., Stephen F. Austin State University: Mathematics GEORGE MUELLER: M,M., American Conserva- tory of Music: Piano FRANKIE E. MUFFOLETTO: M.A., Northwestern State University of Louisiana: Vocational Counselor JAMES MURRAY: M.A., University of Texas at Austin: English JUDY NEWMAN: M.S., East Texas State University: Secretarial Science MONTY NEWMAN: M.Ed., East Texas State University: Drafting MARGIE NOEL: M.A., Tulane University: History RHEY NOLAN: M.P.A., North Texas State University: Economics, Government JOY F, OLIVER: M.A., Miami University of Ohio: Mathematics WILLIE PALMORE: M.S., East Texas State University: Biology JUDITH A. PARKS: M.S., Stephen F. Austin State University: Biology MARY CATHRYN PATTERSON: B.S., University of Texas at Austin: Biology Laboratory ADRIAN PEDDY: M.S., East Texas State University: Geology MARY W. PEDDY: M.S., Mississippi State University: Counselor GLORIA PEGGRAM: M.A., Stephen F. Austin State University: English ROBERT PETERS Ill: Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin: Government, History MARY JO PHILLIPS: A.A., Tyler Junior College: Nursing THOMAS W. PHILLIPS: M,Ed., McNeese State University: Physical Education, Assistant Football Coach LARRY PILGRIM: M.S., East Texas State University: Agriculture BETTY PLYLER: M.A., Stephen F. Austin State University: Counselor SANDY PRATER: B.A., Texas Tech University: Physical Education BLANCHE PREJEAN: Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin Chairman, Department of Journalism DENNIS E. PRICE: B S . University of Southern i"flfSS'Sf1IDpi: Lavv Enfocement 228 Faculty mtg ' N55 4, 'li 592 .,, - ,qi nl? I it 4401 u ui Faculty , l 'O Qi' -'FT l O it 1 A Q 1 .f , ' Q ZV- LP x VQV4 g 31 -7 .1 , :- STEPHEN B. RAINWATER' M.S., Stephen F. Austin State University: Mathematics HERBERT L. RICHARDSON: M.Ed., University of Houston: Physical Education JO ANN RICHARDSON: B.B.A., University of Houston: Secretarial Science MIKE RICHARDSON: M.Ed., Stephen F. Austin State University: Intramurals DALE ROBINSON: Ph.D., Southwestern Theological Seminary: Religious Studies: Director, Baptist Bible Chair Physical Education, TOM RODGERS: Ph.D., Peabody College for Teachers: Mathematics RUBY ROGE: M.S.N., Northwestern State University: Nursing BARBARA ROGERS: Processing CHERYL ROGERS: M.A., Stephen F. Austin State University: Music LEO S. RUDD: M.Ed., East Texas State University: Psychology Electronic Data ATHENA RUSSELL: B.S., Stephen F. Austin State University: Home Economics JOHN T. SALEH: M.B.A., North Texas State University: Chairman, Department of Business Administration FRANKIE SANDERS: Licensed Vocational Nurse: Vocational Nursing JACOUE SHACKLEFORD: B.S., East Texas State University: Speech TOM R. SIMMONS: M.S., Mississippi State University: Biology B. J. STAPLES: M.S., East Texas State University: Chairman, Department of Secretarial Science KENNETH STEGALL: Registered Respiratory Therapist: Respiratory Therapy MARGARET STEIGMAN: Ed.D., East Texas State University: English LARRY W. STEPHENSON: Drafting JEANETTE STEWART: Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin: Biology KATIE STEWART: M.A., Atlanta University: English GEORGE STILES: M.A., Colorado State College of Education: Chairman, Department of Natural Science JIM STRAIT: M.S., Emporia State University: Religious Studies: Director, Campus Christian Center CLARENCE STRICKLAND: M.S., East Texas State University: Speech and Drama KAREN THEDFORD: B.S., Texas Eastern University: Secretarial Science RICHARD THEDFORD: M.S., East Texas State University: Drafting WILLIAM THOMAS: B.S., East Texas State University: Counselor LEE ANN TKACH: A.A., Tyler Junior College: Dental Hygiene HAROLD TRIMBLE: Chairman, Petroleum Tech- nology Department M. SUE TROTTER: B.S., East Texas State University: Electronic Data Processing JUDY TURMAN: M.A., University of Texas at Austin: English EILEEN VANDERLEE: M.B.A., University of Chicago: Business Administration SEYMOUR VANOS: M.Ed., Stephen F. Austin State University: Petroleum Technology FLOYD WAGSTAFF: M.A., North Texas State University: Athletic Director PAMELA WAITES: B.S., Baylor College of Dentistry: Dental Hygiene 229 MARY WALDROP: M.A., Austin College! Chairman, Department of English CHARLINE WALLIS: M.A., Stephen F. Austin State University: Art NELL F. WARREN: B.B.A., Sam Houston State University: Mid-Management LINDA WATKINS: M.S., East Texas State University: Sociology JOY MARIE WATSON: M.A., East Texas State University: Sociology STANLEY WATSON: M.A., Stephen F. Austin State University: History CHARLES L. WEST: A.A., Tyler Junior College: Air Conditioning, Refrigeration STEVE WESTHAFER: M.S., Stephen F. Austin State University: Speech and Drama JOHN WHEAT: M.S., University of Mississippi: Mathematics RICHARD WHIPPLE: M.S., University of Houston: Engineering, Physics JAMES WICKS: M.S., Southwest Texas State University: Chemistry JAMES M. WILLBANKSZ A.A., Tyler Junior College: Mid-Management GEORGE WILSON: A.S., Tyler Junior College: Media Center Technician AUDREY WOODS: M.Ed., East Texas State University: Physical Education FRED WORTHEN: 8.S., Stephen F. Austin State University: Real Estate Management GLADYS VVYLIE: M.A., Stephen F. Austin State University: English MYRA YORK: Audio-Visual Aids RADIANCE YOUNG: M.A., George Peabody College: English LINDA ZEIGLER: M.J., University of Texas at Austin: Journalism Faculty 1 " A' i .x ur L Uk W' xi Af: A7 av' Not only is registration boring for the students but the faculty has to sit through it year after year. Mrs. Zeigler, Journalism teacher half-heartedly enjoys a book while the registration is slow. 30 ,Ms-.-0 Y, I. I- ., hp.. .r': -Q ...I-, 154. 'MQ 3 4 1 HN, P . ,,,,.-.nr-IVA.- J .l . 1 1 w N n W l 4 F X , I Q l I 7' A0 Q' 425 4v 43-4 Q2 if Q' 0 ...Q Fang gun 9 gg T .v.v.v v.v.viv " --Tor 'U 1- -vzv-.13-1' 'av' vi - raivv Q0 'Y Tw' 0' 'C"7 15.2, pf-z ,Aj W - w 19, ""'?ahs-In 0 Sophomore Officers Sophomore Vnce-Presndent Andy Blelltz Sophomore Secretary Sophomore President Lynn Anderson Cruket Harrus 'hw w 4: ,g Sophomores 1-7 ' I I I I I 1 4, 'F vZ -'Z- f I I or MARILYN ALLISON+Deer Park LYNN ANDERSON-Plano DIANE ARATA-Garland MARI ANNE BAKER-Grapeland TERESA BAKER-Terrell JAMES BARNHART-Tyler JANICE BELL-Mineola MELINDA BENTON-Tyler DEFIAY BENNETT-Tyler SHANNON BERRY-Tyler KIM BETHEA-Chapel Hill EARLE BIELVI2-Dallas CINDY BILLINGS-Terrell CINDY BLACK-Atlanta PAT BLACKSHEAR-Tyler TAMBRA BDNNER-Teague JOHN R. BOONE-Pasadena KYLE BOUCHER-Tyler JUDY BOWEN-Paris MELANIE BOWERS-Mount Pleasant 233 LINDA BOYKIN SUZANNE BRALY REGINALD BROUGHTON REX H. BUIE Tyler Tyler Tyler Tyler ROBERT BUTLER-Victoria JOHN BUTTS-St. Augustine CLOTHILDA CAMPBELL-Chapel Hill CHERYL CAN NON-Liberty ANGEL CARPENTER-Tyler Cl NDI CARR-Beaumont SUZAN NE CARRELL-Van VANESSA CARTER-Houston JOSTE LL CASTON -Palestine JACKIE CHRISTIAN-Marshall JEFF CLARK-Richardson CARLA CLEME NTS-Flint LISA CLOUD-Tyler MELISSA COCKERHAM-Teague JOH N NY COOK -Tyler KARE N COOK -Tyler Sophomores X 1 'S I , B "ul .I 'Il' I If Xi' ,,- MARK COOPER-Tyler PAMELA COSTON-Overton CHRIS COULTER-Tyler LAURA COUSINS-Crandall MARK COX-Tyler TONI CRAIG-Tyler ERNEST CRAWFORD-Palestine HERSCHEL CRIST-Rupat, W. Virginia JACQUELINE CRIST-Belton, MO. RODNEY CROCKER-Pineland CHRISTINA CROSS-Plano DOUG CROW-Tyler TRICIA CRUMLEY-Ouitman JULIE CULLEY-Henderson MARY HELEN DAVIDSON-Gilmer MARK DIAL-Tyler DEBBIE DILLON-Wylie CAROL DODD-Whitehouse RICHARD DODGEN-Winnsboro DAVID DONNELLY-Modesto, Calif. 23 ANDREA DORSEY-Arlington ISAAC DURHAM JR.-Jacksonville BRENDA EIDD-Sherman LYNETTE ELLIS-Troup BELINDA EYLEY-Tyler CHERI FELCHAK-Tyler JETTA FELDER-Huntsville ANNETTE FIELDEN-Frisco TERRI FIELDS-Troup SANDRA FLETCHER-Palestine SUE FLOURNOY--Mineola VERMA FORNY-Nacogdoches JEFF FREEMAN-Tyler SUZANNE GILLEY-Tyler LAREE GLASS-Allen KARLISTA GOOD-Arp TIM GOOLSBY-Ouitman TURK GORKMEN-Tyler ROY GRAHAM-Cayuga BETH GRAY-Garrison Sophomores S. 7 s ' f . 1 T' n .V 7 .1 ' li' , ,I 5' "5 'Q 'Q , ,, ,, " K ' . f , . I lf ,mol X' fb, ,"'x.f X 2 N 5' 'qs' ' 'T r A if-E . J' " ?a x r ' 193, 1' 'I 4 1 ,sy '37 TZ 1 5 1' 1 'P I 2 11? N iv 'X - Sophomores rx 0? Sri I ' L54 EI I' 'I 1 I :Ash-J I rl! Xj iq' IK, I i , 1' 1 . I 1 l.'n' 'vi J ,, 5, I ' A..l it vt 1 BELINDA GREEN-Chapel Hill JERRY L. GREEN-Winona BECKY GUNN-Palestine RICHARD HALLECK-Tyler JIM HALLFORD-Aztec, N. Mexico ROBIN HAMMER-Big Sandy ALLIE HAMPTON-Tyler CRIKET HARRIS-Garland KIM HARRIS-Dallas LISA HERRIN-Garland ROBERT HERRING-Tyler SHARON HILL-Ore City JACKIE HOLBERT-Tyler KAREN HOOD-Paris STACY HOWARD-Crowley KEVIN HUDGINS-Pittsburg LAURA HUGHES-Tyler THERESA HUSBAND-White Oak CLAY JENSEN-Teague CAROL JETER-Tyler KIMBERLY HAFlOLDfL0s Angeles, Ca. BRENDA JOHNSON-Corsrcana CARLA JOHNSON-Nacogdoches KATHY KELLY'-Houston KAY KENNER --Tyler STEVEN KENT 7 Columbia, Va. ALLISON LANAGAN--Wlnnsboro MARION LlNDLEYfMrdland MARK LITTLE - Tyler CHARI LLOYD- Austin KELLI LLOYDfTyler YOLANDA LUMPKIN-Palestrne EARLETHA MACKEY Tyler SYLVIA MALCOLM Tyler CONNIE MANNH Georgetown MOLLY MARCH -Longview BILL MCCLENNEY -Tyler FEXICCA MCDONALD Frzmkston NURIVIA MCOOUGAI. Tyler IAIOUIQRT MCELMURRY Tyler RONDA NICKINNYfTyIer NIELINDA IVICMILLAN'-Dallas SHARON IVICIVIILLIN-wSherman LYNN METCALF-Tyler JAMES A, MILLERADaIIas JANE MILLER-College Statuon MIKE IVIIRABELLA-Georgetown AIVIY MOORE-Hughes Sprmgs FELECIA MOORE--Tyler SHANNON MOOFIE-Alto CINDY MORTON-Palestine MIGNON IVIOUTON-Lafayette, La PAT MYERS-Dallas KENNETH NASH-Chandler TINA NAVAFIROfEr1ms KAREN NEISLER+VVllls Point STEVE NELMSvIVIount Pleasant MONICA NEVVMAN-VVIIIS Point ELIZABETH NICHOLS-Garland CHEFIYI. NORIVIANfVan FRANCE OGLESBY-Waxahachie JACKIE OTTO-Beaumont BETH OWEN-Plano CATHY PAAPE-Houston STEVE PARKER--Tyler WENDY PARKER-Garland GARY PAUL-Pittsburg ELIZABETH PETRY-Tyler ROYCE PHILLIPS-Tyler JOANN PICKETT-Lufkin CHRISTY PIERCE-Columbia, Ms. SKY PINKSTON-Tyler RONDA POOL-Portales, N. Mexico DAVID PRICE-Tyler NANCY PROFFIT-Teague C, V. RAO-Tyler TERRY RAY-Dallas NORIE REAGAN-Terrell LEIGH ANN RECTOR-Austin JILL REEVES-Tyler fi I ll if Sophomores I, v , A mm 3 I K I ' I III 1 CAROLYN RIDGWAY-Jackson, Ms STAN RILEY-Tyler ANGELA RoBlNsoNkHousmn KAR: ROCHA-Tyler CALLIE ROLLINS-Tyler ALICIA ROOKS-Jacksonville ROBIN ROSSY-Houston DEBRA ROUNSAVALL-LaRue BRAD ROYDER-Lancaster RANDI ROYDER-Lancaster JIMMY SANDERS-Sherman SANDRA SAVAGE-Flint LAURA SAYE-Houston GERALD SCHULER-Gilmer K. D. SCROGGINS-Tyler SUSAN SEBESTA-Snook DAVID SHELTON-Mount Pleasant DONNA SHERRILL-Irving NITA SHIRLEY-Tyler SUNNY SHOOK-Richardson SARA SIMMONS-Newton BARBARA SMITH-Henderson LEE SMITH-Dallas LISA SMITH-Houston PATTI SMITH-Lancaster KENNETH SPEERING--Houston DIANA SPENCE-Longview CAROLYN JO STANLEY-Ore City MELINIE STEPHENS-Tyler PHILLIP STEWART-Tyler KRISTI STINSON-Mount Vernon JULIE STOLUSKY-Kaufman DOUG STRICKLIN-Tyler RUTH SWITZER-Longview SHAWN SYLVESTER-Tyler KATHY TRAMMELL-Dallas TIM TRUITI'-Pittsburg TAMMIE TUSHER-Tyler DIANA WADE-Corpus Christi Y-'.'Z.5.NNE WALKER-Whitehouse Sophomores .--K C g, nl l s 'I fhff' 14,4 ' 7,.. JEFF WALLACE-Tyler JOHN GREGORY WARD-Valencia, Calif. ELIZABETH WARE-Houston 3 4 4 i K .Xin EDIE WARREN-Van JIMMY WELCH-Dallas MARCIA WELCH-Tyler WENDY WHIPPO-Burleson O KAREN WHITE-Tyler RENEE WILLIAMS-Palestine SANDY WILLIAMS-Quinlan X J PAULA WRIGHT-Sulphur Springs The Fashion Merchandising Club sold programs at the football games to make money for their club. 4 Freshman Officers Freshman Presrdent Brrtt Prerce Freshman Vrce-Presndent Freshman Secretary Tammy Clark Lisa Dean 44 F LAVONDA ADAMS-Athens TERRY ADAMS-Spring JACK W. ADAMSON-Paris LISA ALEXANDER-Houston PROSHIA ALLISON-Overton CATHY AMOS-Humble ELIZABETH ANDERSON-Tyler GARY ANDERSON-Tyler JANE ANDERSON-Calvert MARNITA ATKERSON-Beckville SCOTT AVERILL-Jacksonville CINDY BADGLEY-Canton TERESA BALLARD-Quitman SERENA BARRENTINE-Canton LYNN BASINGER-Mount Pleasant JAMES BATTEN Ill-Tyler BRIAN BATTISE-Livingston JIM BEAN-Tyler DENISE BEARD-Ore City RANDY BEARDEN-Tyler MARY ANN BECKENDORFfTyIer GREG BENNETT-Jasper TIM BERRY-Tyler SHARON BICKERDIKE-Gilmer MARY BISHOP-Houston JACK D. BONEY-Tyler JAN NA BOZE-Houston KATHY BRESLIN-Houston JOH N NY BREWER -Troup KAYE BR EWER-Tyler JOH N BRIGGS-Houston KEVIN BROWN-Arlington VONNIE BRYANT LOU ANN BUCKINGHAM JAN BUIE DAN BULLARD Tyler Tyler Tyler Tyler RICK BURLESON-Troup KAYE BUTLER -Winfield ANNE M. BYRNE-Tyler MARK CAMACHO-Houston Freshmen X OU' f, C3 '12 L-If Q2 - fl KEM CANALIZO-Carrollton BECKY ANN CARPENTER-Tyler GUADALUPE CARVAJAL-Tyler JENNIFER CHADWELL-Lancaster MELLANY CHADWICK-Tyler DIANNA CHAFFEE-Houston LISA CHAFIRON-Dallas KAREN CLAMPITT-Athens DIXIE CLAKLEY-Tyler TAMMY CLARK-Kingwood JORJA CLEMENTS-Quinlan WENDELL CLENDENNEN-Tyler SCOTT CLINE-Bullard MATT COFFELT-Dallas MANDI COLEMAN-Tyler ROSE COLEMAN-Frankston ALEATRIS COLLIE-Fairfield KELLY COLLINS-Tyler THOMAS COLLINS-Conroe BRENDA COOK-Tyler 247 DONNA COOK-Tyler JILL COPELAND-Chandler CINDY CORDELL-Whitehouse RICHARD COTHREN-Tyler JANNA COUNTRYMAN-Tyler FIITA JAN CRAWFORD-Canton JOYCE CRIST-Cambridge, England SONYA CROCKER-Mesquite ZANE CUDD-Pearsall GREG DACUS-Tyler JOE DANIELS-Tomball SANDRA DANNHAEUSER-Marshall CHARLES DARNELL-Tyler RHONDA DAVIS-Jacksonville ANNA DECKER-Carthage DAPHNE DELK-Quitman DICKERSON-Hot Springs, Ark. DELAINE DICKSON-Ennis TOMMY DINGLER-Brownsboro DEBRA DORSEY-Arlington Freshmen 'KJV IU" i gs- Fil fu-0 -14 '15 1 W LAURA DOUGLAS-Denton DEBBIE DRAKE-Marshall LYNN DUDEK-Bryan TRACI DURHAM-Dallas KAREN EBERLAN-San Augustine STEVE EMMONS-Tyler ERIN EVANS-Denton DEANNE FAYLE-Willis DIANE FEINBERG-Lumberton CHERIEA FIELDS-Tyler DANA FIKES-Houston JANA FLEETWOOD-Plano DAPHNE FRANKLIN-Sulphur Springs LEANN GIBSON-Harmony DAVID GILLIS-Houston JOAN GIVENS-Claridge MOLLY GLASS-Mount Vernon GAYE GOLDMAN-Crickett MARY ANN GOWEN-Tyler DEBBIE GREEN--Tyler 4 250 COLLEEN GRIFFITH-Houston SHERRELL GUNTER-Tyler BOBBY HALBROOK-Wylie SHELLY HARDIN-Georgetown MANDY HARNESS-Willis FLOYD HARTSFIELD-Tyler HAROLD HAYDEN-Tyler RHONDA HAYNES-Carthage DEBRA HEDDINS-Grand Saline MICHAEL HENDERSON-Tyler DANA HENDON-Tyler ROBERT HENSARLING-Tyler RICKEY HENSON-Killeen PAULA HEFIMAN-Tyler TYANNE HEWETT-Houston KIM HILL-Palestine SCOTT HILL-Greenville WILLIAM O. HILL-BuIIard TERESA HOBBS-Tyler MARY HODGE-Dallas Freshmen Q? 1 XX , IZ1 Kar 6 at 4 1 I7 fu- s 11" TAURA HOGAN-Orange DEBBIE HOLT-Malakoff GREG HOOD-Bullard KAREN HOOKER-Chandler CATHY HORTON-Burleson KIM HUDGINS-Pittsburg DIANE INMAN-Cypress SUSAN JACOBS-Houston TAMMY JARRELL-Henderson TERESA JEMISON-GAY-Tyler LAURIE JOHNSON--Dallas POLLY JONES-Tyler RICKY JONES-Dallas TFIUDY JONES-Silver City, N Mexico MAHMOOD KAMDAR-Tyler KAREN KAUTZER-Oak Creek LUZONA KELLY-Dallas LAURINDA KIMPLE-Plano CONNIE KINCAID-Woodville KOFII J. KNOX-Atlanta KEVIN LACHAUSSE-Tyler SANDY LAMINACK-Richardson SHERYL LARKIN-Tyler CHRIS LEE-Fairfield srevs-:Ame LESTER-Forney LACRETIA LEWIS-Atlanta Lon: Lewls-Tyner DAVID Lmosev-Terran KANDACE LOTT-Jacksonville VICKI LOVELADY-Magnolia JAY LOVING-Tyler WAYNE LUKER-Bartlesville, Okla. EMILIE LUMPKIN-Palestine JENA MALONE-Carthage PAULA MARKERT-Houston DOUGLAS MARSHALL-Tyler GLENNECE MARTIN-Tyler SONYA MAUNEY-Van PAULA MCCLAIN-Crockett TOM MCCLAIN-Gilmer Freshmen Freshmen -1 f?' b f ff Q 4,25 :ii 40 ', IZ SVS LESIA McCELLON-Gilmer BECKY McCLURE-Tyler JERRY MCCOY-Dallas BONNIE McDONALD-Rockwell DEBBIE McKAMlE-Tyler DOUG McKAY-Flint KRESS McLAIN-Nacogdoches JANE MCWARD-Rogers, Ark. ROSEMARY MIRELES-Fairfield TINA MONTAGUE-Houston LINDA MONTGOMERY-Madisonville DEBRA K. MOORE-Jefferson LEAN NE MONTGOMERY-Grand Saline PERI MORRIS-Duncanville GALEN MORRISON-Tyler CAROL MOSS-Tyler MICHELLE MOTAL-Groesbeck LORRIE MUSICK-Jacksonville TANYA NEELD-Mount Vernon TINKIE NEWMAN-Pittsburg 5 SHERRY NEVVTON-Gonzales KELLIANN NOWELL-Dallas CHERYL NYE-Tyler LAURIE OLSON-Tyler MADELINE OLTORF-Marlin RHONDA PARRISH-Hughes Springs GWEN PEISKEE-College Statuon TERRY PERSON-Marshall KIMBERLY PETERS-Sprung KRISTIN PETERS-Georgetown DANNY PIERCE-Cushlng LINDA PIERCE-Tyler MARGARET PLEMMONS-Marshall LAURIE POTTS-Grand Saline KARLA PRIDDY-Tyler LILA PRINTERS-Tyler TODD RAFKIN-Dallas TODD RAMSEY-Dallas ROBERT REED, JR.-Tyler 'Su UNADETTE RICHARDSON-Cameron Freshmen Q JODI HICHARDSONfPortIand JUDI FIICHAFIDSON-Alice TONIA RIDER-Tyler LANDA FIIGSBY-Dallas KAREN ROBERTS-Tyler DAVE ROBINSON-Gllmer JAMIE ROSENBLADfHouston DEAN ROSINBAUIVI-Clyde ELLEN FIOZELLE-Tyler BIRDIE RUSH-Tyler JANA RUSSELL-Tyler MIKE SANDERS-Rusk BETTY SAWYER-Irvmg JAN SCHEXNAYDER-Houston ALISON SCHILLECI-Cypress CINDY SCRIVENER-Marshall JOHN F. SELF-Denton TAI SHELTON-Malakoff LINDA C. SHORT-P0wderIy ELIZABETH SKINNER-Arlington ROBERT LEE SMALLEN-Tyler DANA SMITH-Corsicana LAURA SMITH-Seagoville LAURI SMITH-Houston MARK SMITH-Bellaire ROBIN SMITH-Waxahachie BRIAN SOMERFORD-Marshall PENNY SPERLING-Roxton JUANDA STANSELL-Winona TAMI STARR-Dallas BOBBIE STEED-Harmony TERESA STILES-Arp ZACK STROUD-St. Louis, Mo. MARY TEMPLE-Farmerville, La. TANYA THIBODEAUX-Tyler CURTIS THOMAS-Van KRISTI THOMAS-Wylie JOAN THOMPSON-Tyler KATHERINE TOOLE-Marshall YVETTE TFIAMMELL-Tyler Freshmen 3 I fl' i 7 'Ffh , Uh 90 I :gr IIQ I Freshmen ef ,rf - fi. TX Xi' "7 UK 4? 'D ,,..-ey DONA YOUNG-Tyler TONY ZAGER, JR.-Woden PENNY UHRICH-Houston WALTER UNTERSEE JR.-Tyler DANNY VELLA-Arlington SHEILA WAGES-Wills Point DAVID WAITS-Tyler MELISSA WALIZER-EI Paso DONNA WATSON-Palestine BRENDA WEAVER-Mineola KAREN WESSON-Mullin STEVE WHITAKER-Tyler CAROLYN WHITEHEAD-Longview BRENDA WILCOX-Houston VICKI WILLIAMS-Tyler JAN WOOD-Dallas NATHAN YOAKLEY-Conroe DAVID YORK-Van 2 LISA BASS-Conroe RICKY CORBIN-Ft. Worth SHELIA CRAIG-Dallas DEBBIE DICKERSON-Frankston CHRIS FRAZER-Nacogdoches JERRY GLOVER-Van CLAUDIA GRUBER-Austin MARY HAHN-Wills Point KIM JOHNSON-Edgewood ALLYCE KUYKENDALL-Jacksonville SANDE KRISTIANSEN-Van BONNIE LONDON-Longview LARRY LUMPKINS-Tyler MARLENE MAGEE-Tyler MELISSA MCGINTY-Victoria SHEREE MESTRIOT-Dallas PAT MITCHELL-Mineola AMY MOTES-Tyler NANCY ROSS-Tyler Sophomore Retakes C -- 1 'i 1' X. 1? -4, Sophomore Retakes ' ,,,....,.A,..A SALLY ROSS-Jacksonville VICKI ROSS-Whitehouse LAURA SAYE-Houston BART TATE-Tyler RAJESH VALLABH-Tyler REKHA VAILABH-Tyler MARCUS WALK ER-Tyler xl r xU " DAVID WHITE-Tyler M 4, gf F if 5 U I EL gf. S 4 92855: an fi ii 8 8- Q Q. wgwum Qmnmgtgig QI L. Q, E ,, WEN WYONIA WILLIS-Laneville DONNA YARBROUGH-Van 259 PHILIP BONDS-Arlington KAREN BRITTON-Tyler SUE ANN CARTER-Tenaha CASEY CROSS-Tyler KEVIN GORE-Wills Point KALITA HARRIS-Fort Worth RHONDA LOGSDON-Pottsboro LISA LANEY-Dallas CHRISTI LANGAS-Arlington JOHN LEHENBAUER-Crockett LISA McKAY-Tyler MILDFIED MOSELEY--Ben Wheeler WARREN NORRIS-Terrell BEVERLY NUCKOLS-TyIer JAMES PALMER-E. Hampton, N.Y. MARK PAYNE-Tyler DAVID PEDDY-Tyler KAYREN PERRY-Odessa DAPHNE PIEFISON--Palestine MIKE SANDERS-Wills Point Freshman Retakes ILIIX ig f 'Af fn- fa all 19' WMI Freshman Retakes . Q V I' ish' 4 L, . , . lwsl. 'ig 2 . Q, chain' 35-if f 1+ '5i1'x3-.+:-i,4.,,A,- ., se :ef 'gif Q 'Q .Yi M' Q Y'ff-IQQFTf1g1cf.Q'41Z.'.'.C-3'-'71if .g"5'l'ffxgFsaxg 1-"in g, U 4.,,,, ,1 .gffxgk in ,,4., 55 .M n -,f43.f-,. -.-w.- Nr, K., 'H . , 4 'mf . .-v-, 'Hg :q.14.",,gC57's,,-' 'Al'fJf..'.'Q"-f. 4. 5,5 ',,.,? L , .nfw , .fn .x "Af1'fNi'Mr 'T 9-3 f 5' -ff" -'7'u ' '1."", - -A -A .W-3: , .q?-'-"',5f- .5-3-"q'.svQxg, -gpg S., . 4, Of' .1 - , ' ,4 I, -'FL I' 9 KQTIQA' ', 1 " rf' V ' q 2-24 fi, Q .. mx, ,. ., .V V -., ,fe. I. :Ning-,Ay-.,5 P. .1'9NKf3.f 1- ,,-+. 'vzifmfra p,!hZTw.r,"L.'3' ,QM 5 , If KATHY WHITLEY-Arlington WAYNE YAFIBFIOUGH-Lindale 2 -. ...J AH PAUL SHAW-Tyler EDWIN STOCKINGEFI-Mt. Pleasant LISA THOMPSON-Hawkins ROBERT THOMPSON-Emory KIM VEITENHEIMER-Tyler JASON WALLER-Gladewater DAVID WAITS-Tyler MELLY WATKINS-Orange Student environment-in the world, in the nation, at the college, changed greatly. It was a year of paradox. Stability became a rare commodity. Strength was the greatest hope. Iran released the 52 hostages when the United States agreed to return frozen Iranian assets held in the U.S. and Congress declared January 29 a national day of thanksgiving. Former actor Ronald Reagan was swept into office in the same landslide that threw control of the U.S. Senate into Republican hands. A strange day. The hostages held 444 days in Iran were released on Inauguration Day. New hopes for the hostages, new hopes in a president. A fragile, seemingly real anticipation began. Wars continued to plague the world. The Soviet Union invaded Afganistan, Iran and Iraq continued to fight, and Polish union workers going on strike at the risk of Soviet invasion to gain better rights. Inflation soared to 18 percent as the cost of gasoline rose to 51.15 per gallon. Draft registration involved many male TJC students in August. The Supreme Court denied females the responsibility of registering. As in photography, when events move quickly, it is hard to get a clear picture. It is the hope of the Apache to show Tyler Junior College as it was in 1980-81-the students, teachers, friends and fame. The Tyler Junior College Apache 1981. Sunny Shook 524 M, G '2..,25? Q ? 1? It Q'-. ' rw pkg 442 47' l.fi. ' S 26-fl 5 I --Say it with Flowers" I Lens Duplicated Contact Lens RX Filled Glasses Adjusted TYLER ALLIED A ' FLORISTS - '99 Frank Ragsdale I 593-8466 818 S. Beckham RAGSDALE OPTICAL Best Wishes I0 the ADHCIWGS We Guarantee Optical Perfection Roosm AND GENECOV 1 I Q - XX! Coke Adds Life. TTGRY RIGHT i M A N OFFICE SUPPLIES OFFICE FURNITURE PRINTING-GREETING CARDS- -5 GIFT ITEIVIS FOR ALL OCCASIONS "Serving the East Texas Area' -Ss 215 N. College 595-1991 CJQCIA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY-Tyler Pfinlinf-1 Offifff NO- 597-2375 TILIIII CLIIIIIIIII HUISII ISSUIIITIIII COMPRISED OF THE CITIZENS FIRST NATIONAL BANK NATIONAL SECURITY BANK THE PEOPLES NATIONAL BANK SOUTHSIDE STATE BANK TYLER BANK AND TRUST COMPANY HERITAGE NATIONAL BANK ROSE CAPITAL BANK For future investments, furthering education and savings accounts ,LT Nag-.:Vs,9 EAST TEXAS SAVINGS ,f .. L 5 , I in sf' f A f ,. ' l f T . . '-ff g, 5 azz f Fa mm awaadmf ef .' .in .L S T .V Tien N, 'rlqghfbf .1l1l!lI""k' JQYEQTV . srnemcrn - smvics 218 NOYHI Broadway TYl9l' Texas f :run 41 I- We -.........,..i 595-4561 for all offices Branch offices: Loop 323 8r S. Br0adwaY, Tyler 304 S. Main, Lindale GREEN ACRES CENTER BERGFELD CENTER 1124 E. ERWIN 2235 W. GENTRY PKWY. 2734 E. 5th 815 N. BROADWAY SHILOH RD. AT "+ mf" llchlcfl t H y 31 s. BROADWAY '337 wHiTEHousE ws Q 5 MMI W 2772 -S HOME FUR ei-mace 215 w. ERWIN Broadway Square Mall Tyler Private Customer Parking BILL STAPLES Tl on "84 Years Serving East Texas" CO OWNER' MGR mal 61 5106 COMPUTERIZED coMPuMEN'rs OF " AIRLINE RESERVATIONS BANQUE INTERNATIONAL, I IN C, AIRLINE TICKETS STEAMSHIP CRUISES HOTELS 84 REN I'-A-CAR FREE TICKET DELIVERY No Service Charge Credit Cards Acceptable li 561-2828 4205 S. Broadway Tyler 75701 TRAVEL BANQUE PLAZA I A SKAGGS ALPHA BETA FOOD 81 DRUGS OPEN 24 HOURS 7 DAYS A WEEK 1800 S. BECKHAM AT FIFTH ST. Phone 597-3336 Pharmacy 597-1358 G- J- I-OETTERLE GEORGE w. PIRTLE PETROLEUM GEOLOGIST GEOLOGIST Peoples National Bank Building Peoples National Bank Buld ng 597-6334 -J CONGFIA TULA TIONSI C C Center Chemical . SLSERVICE, INC. M r i I Z ' I 0 1812t SE LOOP123 0 TYLER TEXAS 75701 m O n S S h O p , . n C. TEL 93 1604 D 597 13 Celebrating our 25th Year in Tyler Broadway Square Mall I - J CKSON TRA EL AGENCY, Inc. "CALL YOUR EXPERIENCED AGENT SERVING THE ENTIRE EAST TEXAS AREA FOR JVER 22 YEARS" gifergffung U1 rave! - oretgn C9 Eomesfzc Comouferized Airline Reservations And Tickets mo SE RVICE CH -4.269 ""'. vi' . . . . --nn T' Specializing In Cruises 8- Tours Escorted 8 Independent :Wi "2 ' ' ' - Rssonrs 0 Horns a. 1- ., of " ' -A-A-1-e--fe -1-'A-A-A-A-A Rem-A-CAR 'l4EI'n1Y' "" "The Sign Ot A Professional MON. THRU FRI. 7 - 1 1 Travel Consultant" 8:30 A.M. 'TIL 5:30 P.M. 1817 S- BROADWAY 1 Oftices Also In . ongvievv, Texarkana, Ft. Vllorfn bt Shreveport, Louisiana C O N G R A T U L A T I 0 N S F R 0 NI ,'.' H19 A 0-f QQ ' M3 ' : I I I Q QI! -m'm""p' """-v--""' '-..,,......,.-L I T5 TYLER BEVERAGES INC. 1839 West Gentry Parkway Tyler, Texas 75702 Q W 267 HE BEST EET ARKETI T . K? scifi Fix . 5 E" N. L X ' in I ' C ' 3:50 iw . QT'-1 11-.1 E' ,- 'V t rs ff, p is , . y t f- ,, . f At . 'av U t 'L -- ' CX, J ' ' --'IPR . nn, , "H" 1 t ' " .J 1 EX 9 - Li, ' .li 11' - I I Q , 'I'5: . ' ' ff' .C 'F "' 3. .-'SY' 4 ' , rn ' . A . . ,jx , ..- z f - , .1 s-- t - -- lt "'f' 'fi 1 i ,EJ ' iw - f Y .E-r s s . lt N x " " ' 'F -' ' ' ' . fairs! . f 2 l' 41' J- is - 2-awe:-ff. - R ies 1 NY xy A E-A. 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The Campus Cafeteria Saga Food Service Thereis no better place around to make new friends. Or meet your old ones. Not to mention, get a great meal. The campus dining facility. Convenient. Fun. And reasonably priced. With a variety of flexible meal plans to choose from. And a wide selection of foods at every meal. It's simple. It's healthy. It's delicious. And the best part is, no matter when you come, we're always cookin'. W r f LJEQLQQF 99 92 , X . ' , . DY L E mm N' N ' L n Q X X-'Spun xXX uid , . Q I A W ' 4 'Tarn l 1 K Q E 'rw T ' A 'l 'o ' Y - R ' M -ll r L 'A r ' .Q l' ' F r l I," I l In v I ' I Ig' ' I ' X Rl, "1"" vi 'le If I 1 Ml Q , fff' 'f V Ryu jzze COWlpf2tQ gofliege COLLEGE BOOKS Hydcrou ,Z-om M27 gaxfer jyfer, jexaj pftone 592-4ff2-Kam!! e7!L0mp50n LLOYD JAMES FUNERAL HOME 'dit xSX6'CVL.CL' gait C9fAZ'CJ H P A C SMART JOHNNIE STEWAHT LEONARD SUQZELL . NX IOII EAST FIRST STREET-TYLER PHONE 597-66Il li '1' '- ..,. I , rw .D FJ Q P- I -- V ,ff-f -A - v-A V -..A , ffl' lrif The il Patch is looking up! You can be a part ofAmerica's energy frontier. lfyou're interested, there's a place for you in the oil patch. AN EQUAL OPI ORTL INITX EMI LOX FR X .g.r-- For The Best In Cor, Home And Business Insuronce YOUR fzdependenf Hssizvss You FlRST"' lll5l!fdl7C6 AGENT I... 4, P., J., 'X we ,, vw . "fy, Independent Insurance Agents of Tyler ABC Insurance Agency Andrews-Daughtry Agency Apache Insurance Agency, Inc. Bergfeld Agency Bosworth and Associates Broadway Insurance Agency J. H. Brogan Insurance Agency R. L. Caton Company Campbell-Whitney Insurance Herman Cryer Agency East Texas Insurance Agency Fair Insurance Agency B. C. Floyd Agency Foster Insurance Agency Haddad Insurance Agency West-Hilliard 81 Associates 1 1- vm vnu- 11-msn-n:-7 Heath Insurance Agency Hibbs-HaIlmark-Threlkeld, Inc. Hougth-Stagner Insurance, Inc. Liles Insurance Harold Loving Insurance Agency R. L. Mullins and Company Murphy and Associates Pickens Insurance Center, Inc. Fannin Plaza Insurance Agency Shaw-Mitchell Insurance Suddeth-George Insurance Jack Smith Insurance Agency Statewide Insurance Agency. Inc. Stonewall Insurance Agency Thompson-Hicks Insurance i EVERYTHING FOR THE COL EGE STUDENT A Q Compliments of GULF STATE LUMBER CO. 302 E. Line 593-9465 Texas Distributors, Inc. 2600 E. Fifth Street Tyler, Texas 75701 597-8381 Air Conditioning Brad Spr adlin Purchasing Agent ' Sheet Metal Shop Manager I 0 PLUMBING 0 HEATING AIR CONDITIONING ir Wholesale ir JIMMIE 8. JONES 600 E. Houston 593-8491 ANDERSON LDCKSIVIITH SERVICE 241 S. Broadway Tyler, Texas 75702 I214I 595-1109 24 hr. Mobile Service The Student Centex: I , - K A -' 12 , f l 1, -f f -, W 'pa I. A, I ,.. I. 5 , - I Irtfngv ' v It ' - X AAN , . xfw I I Ill, at fn! ,ff Q..-..... 'Ct '..'.-f ' -- ' Q 2 f QS . A ' I . - -1 1 f Going to McDonald'sf9 is almost as much a part of school as going to class. You've made us the place to meet, to talk, to have a good time, to celebrate your victories and help forget defeats. You've made McDonald's more than just another place to eat. And that's why, at McDonald's, "we do it all for you? " No eandoit likeM naldsca.n,,.. Q77 MC h8ld'8 ' l. WISENBAKER FIX AND ASSOCIATES CODSUIIIHQ Engineer-5 Tyler-Denison I "1 Q NATIUNAL umm MACHINES ILS The Hcxf In Cjhfjlu' fZvCjll1'lI7HIt' Your Diamond Store Broadway Square Mall Tyler il' Ill 5 Q 'f SALES "' RENTALS " SERVICE N-'15 LH 1101 E. FIFTH 214 597-2368 TYLER, TEXAS 75701 214 597.2369 ou i can help. TEXAS POWER 8c Hlfflf 90M PP-NY -. -4 -o -1 N1 'O '1 '1 -4 s s N Nl Ni 'I y Youve heard a lol' oboul' The need To conserve electfrieiry and all forms , of energy- NoT only does conservomon help save our nallorls preemous f"'W's'Er2G'.ner resources .iT hel s ou and 'SY . P . Qi' your farnxly save money exnoe T e c.o5'r of energy we a-og 1 Chunli ou"r of mool' larmlxeo buolcaefs. You can help your for-nil hyd ololng your par-T...rngKe sure. V v ' l you close. doors and wxndows Q elm 1 when rhe heaT'1nc3'or air condlhonlng f ' UMW 15 Ong olorlT 'care-Le" when you raiol I The refrigerofror '-' know wharf you 1 + l 'Q 's lf 9 WanT before you open The doom , f-fm-f-nf hoT waTer Takes energy - fgyuyfffql QQ? Try a shorler shower, ff2.,"3fCy4,,3,,a anal make sure The Televusnon or oTe.reo 5 off when you're Through r' . ' lf S EI A wlfh 'tl' Work wl'Tl'1 your -4 -4 5 I-Q -1 l'-Q on - Family To save energy now... you'll help make sure There will be enough roreveryone when you 5'rarT Q farmly of your own. s Stereo and llc ofd Center Hi Fi Components and Car Stereos Corner of Amherst and Broadway Ph0l19 5617455 Olde English Village if ! If it's Borden, ltS gg to be good. 805 W. Front Good ideas endure. kdm QWTAMQ X J In 1937 Mr. Joyner and Mr. Fry had a notion Tyler could use a mens store. me They were right. Joyner Fry 0 Guys 'N' Dolls 0 Florshelm Shoes THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS I I WRSITY ff it y .9 gnslnn, - Q QMXA , rnilyr f ,Q T - + rg, 7 I. l-ia J f V "5 ' 3.900 University Boulevard TE v -A f : W f ,fziigfiii-lm: J Tyler, Texas 75707 f W, 03 " 00" L "' 214!566- 1471 47 YQ Lf, 0 Grang- : PHARMACY F orAll Your Needs: O Prescriptions O Toiletries 0 Gifts O Maybelline Charge Accounts A vailable Wlfklxfl ED Photographers Copyvvriters Layout Artists Typists Ad Salesmen Staff Artists ,K -.- . ' 1 X "' N I - ' N o .1 1' 4, we "-A-53' Mm, 'QI' . W, 453. '-L. r V- . . W ' ' ' ' 1 -af trwzvwt . , 1-.M - " ' ""-I a ggi, v -v"Yil',4v'. W W W' ' 'K " , r 'a .?Q::w--- . ,,.,,'f,,,yA..v W, .... A ,, K' ' 1 ,,jir'rinhl'i'.as1il'-aw"'Y9f.ug Mix - 1 '14 --- - - f Y' . .gfw.,N. o D Avlkfhg A ' ' .fn fv- " " 'ixguuiun Q. V 4- " -.w , , ,f..x,, n ,wav 2'-. - Q .ay ' sf' ' M' ,nn -1, ,, If ink Q Sv- VPS XJ' "V tv: f . :I if ?"f'?:g. 3,2-3. - ,zunvg-' -3 Alyo.. .V . K '.' 0 4. . 6 uri? ST. 'wg 5- Q dai, . N H 'A A p -, , . . A . - .., 'Q r.'mQ Moa., . ., s if 'Q-9 Y' 2337 , ' " . 'Uh "Jw V' ' .'Qf"'- ' " r' - ' 1 W - 43 c , Q ff' L. . "Qu V f - -pn . -Q, . "A , ' ." 'Q fi' fw,""3if- 'ff 11.1,-ff ,. ' A r ... I ' -. fi A' ' ..... ' , ,,-, I 14' A - 'O' AA, ' A Q , Y . 4, gg'r'i ,J ...Q 4, . , ' Y 4' ' AL . f- 9' Working on the TJC Yearbook staff earns one hour's credit per semester. Staff members have the opportunity to meet interesting people and attend many college activities. It is a rewarding, as well as a learning experience as students have the added pleasure of knowing they played a role in the making of the yearbook. ACH RB GK 27 L Mwoiiqli the l98l Yearbook Staff consisted of only two returning stall mwrnbers, new faces with high school yearbook experience brought a variety of talents to the staff. Deciding on the theme "VVe've Only Begun" was only one of many major decisions that had to be finalized before actual production on the yearbook could begin. A yearbook cover contest was held for the first time to develop more student interest in yearbook production. Lack of cooperation from campus organizations often slowed down the production process, as staff members had problems locating key organization members to schedule picture-taking and provide identification of members. It was not unusual to find lights on in the Journalism Lab long after classes were over as staff members often worked late into the night to complete yearbook pages by publishers deadlines. Through it all, the staff learned that although the process of producing a college ,,.. yearbook requires a lot of hard work, it can be a very rewarding experience. 95,41 gi. 1 cf' '.. if , Q- " at 'W -nv- , Q . " 1 " 'fr ' ' I ,-. "Z",,t-,J Ps .,..- - s, 'S ' x., Yearbook Staff captures 1--Lang' T W: an 2 l :If I FM " J' Q I ' ' 11. ace!" 34- P? fm' 'ff' i naw .fi . .5 V an 4 I 0 . . . .5 e -4- . . -L -x WP ai ' 5 -i - affix 1 .-W. WW LLCT: For Philip Bonds, assistant photography editor, loading a camera is a daily routine. TOP QfCHT'Yearbook Editor Sunny Shook looks on as Adam Ferguson, freshman art major, adds the finishing touch to his winning entry for the yearbook cover K . -HG 1ti't'TCTlRfi Lined up and ready for action are staff members Michelle Green, Mildred Moseley, Philip Bonds, Phil Stewart, Sunny Shook and Kim Harris. ,lil pr 81 in pictures , llllllill- l V5 ill li N X X X .-:sim ' 4 X , kr- fy iiqw? , 1 , 1 w4!9"' TOP LEFT: Photography Editor Kim Harris spends a lot of time in the darkroom printing up yearbook pictures. TOP RIGHT: Assistant Editor Michelle Green types up copy on the final layout of a football page. MIDDLE LEFT: Mildred Moseley begins the tedious task of matching names with page numbers for the index. MIDDLE RIGHT: Phil Stewart completes one of many layouts that will eventually result in one of the 282 yearbook pages. BOTTOM LEFT: Laura Hughes concentrates on coming up with just the right copy for an organization page, BOTTOM MIDDLE: Britt Hammond takes a well-deserved break from photo duties. BOTTOM RIGHT: A hard-working yearbook staff was not all Sponsor Vicki Alfred was "expecting" the fall semester. 'T'-'.a-P' f M. A 1 'TTS Ui .N -HW HZ- Cl Not pictured: Edie Warren. 277 Abbott, Wulluam 31 Index Bass, Lusa 25, 175, 179, 258 Bastuan, Kumberly 213 Batten, James R. Ill 245 Battuse, Bruan 245 Baulkman, Shelia 115 Acuoly, Rucardo 213, 99 Adams, La Vonda 245, 45 Adams, Mary 61, 66 Bean, James 245 Beard, Margue Denise 245, 150 Beard, Robun 31 Adams, Terry 245, 41 Adams, Tommy 183, 184, 25 Bearden, Arthur 245 Beckendorf, Mary Ann 246 Beckendorf, Wullue 109 Adamson, Jack 245 Aldrudge, Rosalyn 206, 207 Alexander. Danny 45 Alexander, Deanna 61 Alexander, Lrsa 102, 245, 103 Beesley, Janet 31 Beleutz. Amy 124 Bell, Januce 233 Bell, Mauruce 194, 199 Allen, Brent 118 Allen, Elmelda 102, 103, 62 Allen, Januce 62 Allen, Mary 112 Allen, Turn 45 Alluson, Marulyn 26, 176, 233, 117 Alluson, Proshua 245 Altermann, John 84 Amerson, Angela 50 Amos, Anna 245 Anderson Jane 245 Anderson Eluzabeth 245 Anderson Gary 245 Anderson Hal 98 Anderson Lynn 26, 233, 103, 25, 136 Anderson, Neal Apa, Angela 65 Arata, Duane 233 Archue, Barbara 206, 207 Argenbrught, Jamue 100, 117, 125 Armstrong, Karen 42 Armstrong, Keuth 84 Arnett, James 213 Asa, Sharon 148, 150 Ashcraft, Floyd 45, 25 Ashley, Lusa 119 Ashley, Shelua 100, 113, 112 Askew, Lusa 136 Aston, Tracy 166 Atkerson, Marnuta 245 Audery, Kara 206, 207, 210 Auzenne, Alusha 102 Averull, Scott 245 Bacon, Sherry Dayne 38, 40, 41, 190 Badgley, Cynthua L. 206, 207, 245 Baan, Muchael 98 Baker, Lana Kay 50 Baker, Maru Anne 233 Baker, Teresa 50, 233 Ball, Gregory 31, 45, 98 Bell, Robun 42, 189 Bennett, Ken Deray 233 Bennett, Gregory 31, 59, 246 Benton, Lundy 31, 108, 129, 130 Berry, Donald 99 Berry, Shannon 117, 176, 233 Berry, Tum 118, 246 Bessure, Duane 84 Bethea, Kum 37, 176, 178, 233 Buckerduke, Sharon 246 Buckersteun, Cheryl 25 Buelutz, Earle 21, 22, 25, 99, 233 Bullungs, Cindy 50, 233 Bunkensteun, Cheryl 102 Bushop, Maggue 102, 246 Black, Cundy 233 Black, Kenneth 114, 115 Black, Ronnie 72 Blevuns, Cheryl 61 Blackshear, Pat 25, 175, 233 Blackshear, Roy 96, 97 Blackwell, Jummy 31 Blakeborough, Allen 98, 169 Blakley, Mike 169 Bolton, Wymon 194, 199 Bonds, Phullup 260, 276 Boney, Jack 246 Bonner, Tambra 233 Bonsall, Avalon 78 Booker, Sheretta 62 Boone, John 37, 233 Borues, Robert 31 Boucher, Kyle 233 Bowder, Twanna 62 Bowen, Judy 233 Bowers, Melanue 176, 178, 233 Boyd, Julue 61 Boyd, Patrucna 166 Boydston. Catherune 61 Boykln, Lunda 234 Boze, Janna 136, 246 Bragg, Kevun 194, 199 Braly, Suzanne 234 Bramlett, Dellaney 38, 41 Breland, Elizabeth 78 Breslun, Kathy 246 Brewer, Johnny 246 Brewer, Kaye 246 Ball, Pamela 117 Ballard, Betty 45 Ballard, Judy 78 Ballard, Teresa 245 Barker, Glen 92 Barkley Callue 206, 207, 209 Barnes Kay 26 Barnett, ,lacquelune 61 Barnlmr Brtru f nt ll t, James 233 une Serena 245 ' firuttu Lynn 245 Brewster, Wally 34, 35 Brudges, Prunce 99, 200 Brudwell, Renee 61 Bruggs, John 169, 246 Brutton, Karen 260 Broughton, Regunald 234 Brown Bulah 31 Brown Kevun 246 Brown Lynda 136 Brown Muke 169 Brown, Mathanlel Ill 194, 199 233 Brown, Phuluppa 206, 207 Brown Tawn 78, 79 Brown Tracy 61 Brown Yalonda 31, 62 Bryant Vonnue 246 Buchanun, Marcus 62 Buckungham, Lou Ann 246 Buckner, Darla 100 Buue, H. Rex 234 Buue, Januce 246 Bullar, Danny 246 Burke, Bull 25 Burleson, Ruck 246 Butler, Stella Kaye 246 Butler, Robert 25, 234 Butts, John 234 Byley, Sharon 136, 166 Byrne, Anne 246 Caun, Donna 136 Caldwell, Marcus 37, 62, 99, 186 Call, Reguna 50, 52 Calloway, Alusha 115 Camacho, Mar.k 246 Campbell, Clothllda 234 Campbell, Rucky 59 Canada, Rosanne 169, 190 Canaluzo, Kemberley 26, 247, 136 Cannon, Cheryl 42, 83, 234 Carlule, Kevun 99, 200, 203 Carpenter, Angel 148, 234, 150 Carpenter, Becky 247 Carpenter, Januce 38, 39, 41 Carpenter, Lusa 50, 52, 84 Carr, Cynthua 26, 234, 136 Carrell, Suzanne 61, 234 Carrlngton, Jennufer 31 Carroll, Jeff 41 Carter, Bobby 194 Carter, Sue Ann 56, 103, 260 Carter, Vanessa 25, 50, 51, 52, 234 Cartwrught, Mary 102, 103 Carvaual, Guadalupe 247 Caston, Jostell 234 Chadwell, Jennufer 26, 102, 103, 247 Chadwuck, Mellany 50, 247 Chaffee, Duanna 247 Chalk, Dorothea 61 Chamberlaun, Beth 206, 207 Chambers, Deena 78 Chance, Corun 61 Chandler, Kay 37, 56, 102, 103 Charron, Lusa 247 Chuldress, Randy 154, 155 Chuttenden, Jeff 45 Chrustuan, Jacquelune 25, 112, 234 Churchman, Ed 45 Clakley, Duxue 247 Clamputt, Karen 148, 247, 150 Clark, Jeff 23, 24, 25, 66, 93, 234 Clark, Tammy 22, 24, 26, 176, 244, 247 Clemens, Suzue 26, 148, 150 Clements, Carla 117, 234 Clements, Jorja 247 Clements, Poger 184 Clendennen, Wendell 247 Clune, Scott 37, 98, 247 Cloud, Lisa 234 Cobb, Vickie 65 Cockerham, Melissa 78, 234 Cockrull, Lu Ann 182 Coffelt, Matthew 98, 126, 247 Cole, Doug 117, 118, 124 Coleman, Mandi 119, 247 Coleman, Rose 247 Dannenberg, Erwun 213 Dannenberg, Klaus 213 Dannhaeuser, Sandra 26, 176, 248, ,137 Darnell, Charles 248, 56 Dass, Pabrtra 96, 97 David, Chris 50, 52 Davidson, Gaul 100 Davidson, Mary 235 Elder, Allred William 56 Eldridge, Charles D. 62 Ellus, Cap 134 Ellis, Lynette Marie 31, 236 Embry, Margaret L. 103 Emmons, Steven Lee 249 Esler, Kelly Sue 177 Espuno, Leo 134 Coley, Mead 98, 169 Collie, Aleatrus 100, 148, 247, 150 Collins, Kelly 247 Collins, Thomas 247 Conley, Reginald 56 Conner, Tom 134 Conwrught, Michael 99 Cook, Brenda 148, 247, 150 Cook, Donna 31, 32, 38, 39, 40, 41, 129, 248 Cook, Johnny 234 Cook, Karen 78, 234 Cooley, Rhonda 102 Cooper, Karen 61 Cooper, Mark 235 Copeland, Bruce 117 Copeland, Laura 26, 248 Davis, Derruck 194 Davis, Jeffrey 98 Davis, Ken 194, 199 Davis, Kim 26, 176, 137 Davis, Rhonda 248 Dawson, Rebecca 56 De Cora, Dee Anne 56 Dennus, Jack 31 Dennus, Martha 41 De Silva, Jim 194, 198, 199 Dean, Lusa 176, 178, 244, 103, 22 Decker, Anne 248 Delk, Daphne 248, 31 Denman, Dane 34, 35 Dennis, Karen 190, 25 Dennis, Shelly 166 ,24 Espuno, Maruflor 137 Evans, Erin Gaye 26, 137, 249 Eyley, Belinda Ruth 236 Faber, Karen Marie 26 Faust, John Calvun 31, 33 Fayle, Deanne Beth 249 Fernberg, Duane Marie 100, 249 Felchak, Cheru Marie 235 Felder, Jetta 68, 236 Corbin, Ricky 194, 199, 258 Cordell, Cynthia 248 Coker, Mark 31 Coston, Pamela 50, 52, 235 Cothren, Richard 248 Cottnell, Yvonne 31, 41 Coulter, Chrus 235 Countryman, Janna 248 Cousins, Laura 101, 148, 235, Cox, Cindy 45 Cox, Jum 38, 41 Cox, Mark 235 Cox, Sheula 41 Cox, Susan 50 Craig, Sheila 62, 112, 258 Craig, Toni 148, 235, 150 Crane, Thomas 45 Crawford, Ernest 235 Crawford, Mickey 31 Crawford, Ruta 248 Crusler, Wes 84, 98, 169 Crust, Herschel 235 Crust, Jacqueline 235 Crust, Joyce 248 Crocker, Rodney 31, 99, 235 Crocker, Sonya 26, 248 Cross, Casey 260 Cross, Chrustuna 235 Crow, Douglas 235 Crowder, Corley 50, 52 Crumley, Trucua 235 Cuudd, Zane 212, 213, 248 Culley, Julie 50, 52, 54, 235 Cuumungs, Ellen 122 Cumpton, Bret 194, 198, 199 Curry, Jeff 58 Curry. Ronald 45 Curtis, Gloria 61 Cutler, Faith 102, 103 Dacus, Donald 248 150 Dancy, Ledette 100, 113, 62, 112 C'Danuels, Joe 248 Derrough, Cheryl 103, 62, 122 Dual, Gwendolyn 62 Dual, Mark 235 Ducker, Anna 50 Drckerson, Deborah 258, 18, 25 Dickerson, Lysa 100, 248 Dickson, Davis 45 Dickson, Delaune 176, 248, 61, 137 Diggs, Mary 148 Duke, Kathy 136 Duke, Ricky 134 Dillon, Debra 102, 235, 50, 52 Dungler, Thomas 248 Duon, Mary 148, 61, 150 Dodd, Carol 235, 31 Dodd, Susan 31 Dodgen, Richard 235 Donnelly, Davud 235, 98, 169 Dorsett, Terri 100 Dorsey, Andrea 236, 122 Dorsey, Debra 248 Douglas, Laura 249 Dowd, Kim 25, 31, 41, 129, 130 Dozuer, Pamela 176 Drake, Deborah 249 Dudek, Lynn 249, 50, 25 Dunn, Bazer 78, 79 Dunn, Deurore 61, 62, 112 Durham, Isaac 236 Durham, Traci 26, 249, 137 Earnhardt, Betsy 50 Easley, Gifford A. 194, 199 Eaton, Terry E. 38, 41 Eberlan, Karen Rene 176, 178, 249, 137 Eby, Kevin Eugene 96, 97 Eckelman, Duane Keith 194, 199 Eden, Dee Dee 26 Edwards, Dex Archer 40, 69, 70, 71, 72 Edwards, Shurley I, 60, 61, 190 Edwards, Rhonda K, 41 Edwards, Theresa Ann 50 E-udd, Brenda Kay 148, 236, 150 Felucuano, Jose A Ferguson, Adam John 276 Fielden, Annette 236 Fields, Cheruea Dian 40, 249 Fields, Marla Annette 71 Fuelds, Terri Ann 236 Fuest, Cindy 122 Fukes, Dana Lynn 249 Fullup, Danny 134 Flake. Flakes, Hugh B, ll 31, 62 Brenda Joyce 112 Flannel, Gerry B, 194, 197, 199 Fleetwood, Jana Kay 249 Fletcher, Sandra D, 101, 148, 236, 150 Fletcher, Kevin 134 Flournoy, Karen Sue 25, 31, 110, 236 Flowers, Byron L. 62 Ford, Bennie Alvun 96 Ford, Marilyn A. 78, 190 Ford, Sally Mae 61 Forney, Verma Nell 236 Forrester, Herschel 194, 199 Francis, Anetha 62 Franklun, Daphne J, 249 Frazer, Donald Chrus 117, 118, 258 Freeman, Jeff 236 Freeman, Steve O. 58 Fruzzu, Eric A. 22, 24, 25, 96, 97 Fry, Sonia Verna 61 Fuller, Donnie Lynn 84 Fuller, Yvonne 166 Funke, Joseph Scott 72 Gaby, Chris 182 Gardner, Freda 41 Garrett, Sherry 150 Gary, Ginger 50 Gentry, Becky 56 George, Patsy 61 Gibson, Kelli 31 Gubson, LeAnn 249, 31, 85, 129 Gilbert, Debra 78 Galley Larry 42, 44, 43 Galley, Suzanne 236 Gillis, Davis 249 Galpan, Doug 68, 69, 70, 72, 76 Glnder, Steven 98, 169 Givens, Joan 100, 249 Glass, Molly 31, 129, 249 Glass, Nancy 236 Glaze, Brent 38, 41 Glaze, Rhonda 38, 39 Glover, Jerry 258 Harris, Harris, Harris, Harras, Harris, Harris, Harrls, Kenneth 31 Kam 237, 276, 277 Denise 166, 190 Kalata 260 Cricket 18, 25, 26, 136 Paul R, L. 194, 199 Hartsfield, Floyd 250 Hassell, Roger 41 Haughee, Richard 45 Hawkins, Jammy 42 Hawkins, Mitzae 66 Godane, Alfred 99, 200 Godwin, Mitzi 190 Goggans, Kappae 117, 122, 125 Golden, Roy 45 Goldman, Gaye 249 Good, Karlasta 236 Goolsby, Tim 31, 41, 98, 236 Gore, Kevin 260 Gorkmen, Turk 236 Gowen, Mary Ann 249 Graham, Roy 236 Grant, Melba 50, 52 Grant, Kathy 61 Gray, Beth 37, 236 Gray, David 31, 98, 169 Hawkins, Wanda 62 Hayden, Harold 250 Hayes, Julie 97 Haynes, Dina 45, 31, 129 Haynes, Rhonda 250, 50 Heddans, Debra 250 Hegan, Kam 50 Hedrick, Jera 100, 137 Hegemeyer, Joel 33, 31, 98 Hejny, Terana 50, 52 Henderson, Elrzabeth 100 Henderson, Markus 62 Henderson, Machail 250 Hendon, Dana 250 Hendon, Julaa 97 Grays. Robin 200 Green, Belinda 37, 237 Green, Debbie 61, 249 Green, Jerry 237 Green, Michelle 276, 277 Greene, Stanley 194, 199 Greer, David 69, 71, 72 Griffith , Colleen 26, 137, 250 Gnsmore, Karl 56 Gruber, Claudia 31, 33, 190, 198, 258 Guerra, Joe 98 Gunn, Becky 100, 148, 237, 150 Gunter, Lynda 78 Gunter, Sherrell 250 Guzman, Xavier 117, 118, 119, 123, 122 Hagen, Hahn, Kam 148, 101, 150 Mary 258 Halbrook, Bobby 250 Halbrooks, Gary Hale, Rick Hall, Doug 211, 213, 99 Hall, Stacey 26 Halleck, Richard 237 Halleck, Skip 31, 126 Hallford, Jim 237, 31 Halloway, Alisa 61 Hamilton, Margaret 78 Hammer, Robin 26, 237 Hammond, Britton 277 Hendricks, Sharon 38, 40, 41 Henry. Vincent 62 Herrin, Lrsa 100, 166, 237 Hensarling, Robert 31 Herring. Henson. Robert 237, 31 Rickey 250 Herman, Paula 250 Hewett, Tyanne 250, 30 Hackman, Ronnae 195, 199 Hightower, Elissa 85 Hightower, Gerald 45 Hall Hill Hill Hall Hall Charles 200, 99 Krmberly 250 Scott 250, 98 Sharon 237, 150 Tana Hampton, Allie 237 Hardin, Shelly 250 Hardy, Pamela 207 Hargas, Candy 26 Harned, Kelli 206, 207 Harness, Mandy 100, 148, 26, 250, 150 Harold, Kimberly 238 Harper Patricaa 100, 62 Hairrat Brien! 184 llfaaa a-, Denise 122 Haraaa- Columbus 194, 196, 198, 199 Hrll, Wrllaam 250 Hallard, David 78, 79 Hanes, Jlrn 31 Hitt, Pam 50 Hobbs, Lynette 78 Hobbs, Teresa 26, 250 Hobson, Lasa 175 Hodge, Mary 250, 50 Hoffman, Ball 182 Hoffpauar, James 73, 169 Hogan, Taura 100, 251 Hogden, Melanae 31 Holbert, Jacqueline 237, 31 Holcomb, Kathy 50 Holcomb, Lu Anne 78 Holladay, Beth 100 Holley, Jam 38 Holt, Debra 251 Holmes, Esther 103 Hood, Greg 251, 84 Hood, Karen 237, 50, 52 Hooker, Karen 251 Hooks, Elrsa 137 Hooten, Cynthia 177 Hooten, Glenda 52 187, 190, 237 Horton, Cathy 148, 250, 41, 150 Hosea, Machael 182 Houston, John 135 Howard, Stacy 102, 237 Howe, Glen 96, 97 Howle, Derek 195, 199 Hudgans, Kevin 237, 251 Huebner, Lisa 26 Hughes, Laura 237, 277 Hunt, Carrae 50 Husband, Theresa 237 Hutchins, Carla 206, 207 Hutchins, Mike 45 lnman, Dee 25, 150 lsham, Chris 155 Jackson, Lonnie 98 Jackson, Randy 115 Jackson, Stanley 195, 198 Jacobs, Suzte 26, 101, 137, 148, Jarrell, Clay 155 Jarrell, Tammy 61, 100, 251 Jemason-Gay, Teresa 251 Jenkins, Howard 99, 200, 205 Jenkins, Jeff 84 Jensen, Clay 99, 237 Jeter, Carol 85, 237 Jimenez, Rudy 195, 199 Jammerson, Bally 62 Johns, Janis 26 Johns, Kevin 85 Johnson, Annette 112 Johnson, Brenda 50, 52, 238 Johnson, Carla 26, 189, 238 Johnson, Dan 34, 35 Johnson, Gary 154, 155 Johnson, Kim 258 Johnson, Gregory 135 Johnson, Laurie 251 Johnson, Patti 45 Johnson, Randy 134 Johnson, Wynoma 66 Johnston, Alan 200 Jonas, Shari 45 Jones, Cherrae 62 Jones, Cheryl 100 Jones, Earl 62 Jones, Macka 129 Jones, Polly 251 Jones, Ricky 250, 251 Jones, Sherri 100 y Jones, Tara 61, 115 Jones, Trudy 251 Jordan, Jordan, Jana 78, 79 Randy 114 Kamdar, Mahmood R, 251 Kammerdlener, Jo Nell 41 251, 150 Mabry, Sam L. 45 Mlllrn If Kash. George Thomas 200, 205 Kautzer, Karen L. 61, 251 Keen, Randolph John 169 Kelly, Luzona 26, 100, 177, 178. 251 Kelly, Kathy Kimberly 238 Kennedy, Bryant 56 Kennedy, Sharon K. 56 Kennedy, Leland Ray 31 Kennedy, Royce 182 Kenner, Kay 25. 26, 30, 191. 238 Kenner, Tract Lynne 177 Kent, Steven Baker 238 Kerr, David Charles 96 Kightlinger, Jerry 150 Ktlborn, James L. 183 Ktmbro, Karen Kay 26, 30, 177, 178 Kung, Cyndy Kay 41, 50 King, Tim 213 Kang, Zoe 100, 101, 148, 150 Kinsella, Catherrne L. 31 Kirby, Kelley Leah 31 Krser, Pete Lmn 56 Klotz, Marlane 50, 53 Kmffen, Barry M. 96, 97 Knox, Jrll 102, 251 Kober, Katie Marte 50, 53 Koehler, Jeannette L. 50. 53 Kolb, Steven Randall 45 Krrstransen, Sande 257 Kuen, Randy 98 Kuykendall, Allyce A. 56, 258 Lachausse, Kevtn 31, 33, 252 Lakey, Philip 98, 169 Lambrrght, Brenda 56 Laminack, Sandra 137, 257 Lanagan. Allison 238 Lansaster, Jeff 34. 35 Lance, Jim 99 Land La Oulta 85 Landers, Tony 37, 41 Laney, Lisa 31, 100, 148, 260, 150 Langas, Christi 260 Langford, David 69 Lanham, Kelly 148, 150 Lanez, Sharon 102 Larkin. Sheryl 252, 50 Lawrence, Brtan 96, 97 Leach, Debbie 62 Lee, Chrts 100. 251 Lee, Patsy 65, 66 Lehenbauer, John 260 Lester, Stephanie 27, 61, 100, 252 Lewis, James 44 Lewis. Lori 191, 252 Llde, Jeff Lnebig, Ernie 105 Lindley, Marion 61, 117, 122, 123, 125, 238 Lrttle, Mark 238 Lloyd, Chart 27, 238 Lloyd, Kelli 31, 129, 130, 238 Lockhart, Gary 99, 200 Lockey, Virginia 56 Lofton, Aprtl 78 Logsdon, Rhonda 27, 93, 102, 103, 206 Loller, Allen 25, 42 London, Bonnie 258, 115 Lopez, Belynda 100, 101 Lopez, Melissa 175 Lopez, Lorella 61, 101 Lott, Kandace 252 Loudamy, Kevin 124 Love, Benita 62 Lovelady, Vicki 252 Loving, Jay 252 Lowe, Lergh Ann 85 Lowry, Kenny 31 Luker, Johnny 252 Lumpkin, Emilie 102, 103, 252 Lumpkin, Yolanda 102, 238, 252 Lumpkrns, Larry 117, 118, 122, 258 Lusk, Stanley 135 Lyles, Melissa 31 Lynch, Jim 211 Mackey, Earletha H. 238 Madison, Cynthia D. 62 Magee. Marlene Lee 258 Magoutrk, David Henry 31, 126 Malcolm, Sylvla J, 61, 238 Mallett, Marshelra A. 61, 115 Malone, Della Mae 65, 103 Malone, Jena Elarne 27, 251 Mann, Connle B. 60, 100, 148, 154, 191, 238, 150 March, Molly Kathryn 137, 175, 178, 179, 238 Markert, Paula 252 Marshall, Douglas M. 252 Martel, Denlse Marne 65 Martrn, Donja J. 60, 61 Martin, Glennece Lynn 252 Martln, Lisa C. 31 Matlock, Hoby Alan 182, 183 Mauney, Sonya Dee 191, 252 Maurer, Donna Darling 108 McCamdless, Gini D, 41 McCasland, Beverly J. 31, 32, 33, 191 McCellon, Lesra Jane 253 McClain, Paula J, 252 McClain, Thomas 135, 252 McClenny, Bill 238 McClure, Rebecca K. 253 McCoy, Jerry W. 62, 253 McCullough, Bruce 46 McDermott, J. Mark 34, 35, 46 McDonald, Bonnie B. 253 McDonald, Judith A. 148, 150 McDonald, Rebecca 238 McDonough, Kathy 148, 150 McDougal, Keith 85 McDougal, Norma J. 56, 238 McElmurry, Robert P. 34, 35, 135, 238 McElroy, Cynthia L. 50, 51, 53 McGrIl, Kyle Layne 31 McGinty, J. Melissa 27. 258 McGlnty, Troy Dean 8, 195, 196, 199 McGurrk, David 135 McKamie, Debra Lynne 27, 253 McKay, Doug Howard 118, 253 McKay, Lisa Darlene 260 McKensie, Steve 58, 59 McKinney, Leesa Ann 103 McKinney, Ronda 25, 136, 239 McLarn, Samuel Kress 253 McMillan, Melinda 61, 239 McMlllin, Sharon E. 148, 239, 150 McNeal, Lisa 25 McNealy, Constance R. 62, 100 McNelll, Jeff 134 McCune, Ron Lane 40, 41 McWard, Jane Marte 213, 253 McWatters, Darlene 60, 61 Matthews, Murray 135 Meadows, Cindy Ann 56 Meek, David Wayne 45 Melvllle, Sharron G. 60, 61 Menefleld, Dexter L, 99, 200, 205 Mestrtot, Sheree 258 Metcalf, Lynn 31, 129, 239 Mrchels, Sheila Duane 78 Mlkeska, Terrell Ray 195, 199 Mules , Janice 115 Miller, Beverly Ann 182 Miller, Darlene 38 Miller , James Arthur 98, 169, 239 Muller, Jane Elise 100, 175, 178, 191, 239 Miller, Sonya Ann 31 Muller, Stan Mark gton, John Lee 41 Mtlstead, Susan Lea 78 Milton, Larry Carlton 195, 199 Mtrabella, Michael J. 25, 31, 33, 99, 239 Morales, Rosemary 100, 101, 148, 253 151 Mares, Bonney 183 Mltchell, Alfred Lee 195, 198 Mitchell, Joe Lynn 31 Mitchell, Pat 258 Mogle, Danny, Jr. 31, 126 1 Molldor, Peter Stuart 98 Montague, Tina 102. 253 Mock, McCord Lee 31 Montgomery, Leanne 253 Montgomery, Linda P. 253 Moody. Sherrell Renee 61 Moore, Amy Merle 27, 137, 239 Moore, Debra Kaye 253 Moore, Felecra Diane 191, 239 Moore, Paula N. 38. 41 Moore, Shannon Lee 50, 51, 53, 239, 102 Morgan, Kyle 182, 183 Morg Morg Morrl an, Della 62 an. LeAnn 62, 182, 183 s, Perl Wrnona 138, 253 Morrrson. Galen Fred 253 Morrlss, Wanda Kay 32, 175, 176, 178 Morris, Dianne 56 Morton, Crnthra Lynn 102, 239 Mosley, Elaine 62 Moseley, Del Marte 31, 129 Moseley, Mildred J. 260, 276, 277 Moss, Carol Jean 253 Motal, Mrchelle L. 253 Motes, Amy Lou 28, 41, 68, 71, 73, 58 Mouton, Mignon F. 59, 166, 239 Murrhead, Mitzi Lyn 27 Munn, Sue Ellen 60, 61 Murphree, Susan A. 138 Murphy, Kevin Lee 56 Murphy, Tony 78 Musick, Lorrre 148, 151 Myers, Janet Lea 50 Myers, Pat 239 Nesbrtt, Nabours, Tracy 191 Nash, Kenny 31, 239 Navarro, Navarro, Andy 36, 187 Tina 31, 129, 239 Perkins, Susan 41 Permenter, Randy 31, 126 Perry, Kayren 260 Person, Terry 100, 254 Peters, Kim 27, 254 Peters, Kristin 100, 254, 151 Peterson, Suzie 151 Petry, Elizabeth 240 Peycke, Laura 206, 207 Neeld, Tanya 253 Karen 100, 101, 124, 148, 239, 150 Nelms, Steve 38, 40, 41, 239 Nelson, Leslre 126 Neisler, John 84 Phillips, Bryan 155 Phillips, Cynthia 68, 69, 70 Phillips, Kathie 148, 151 Phillips, Royce 45, 240 Nesbitt, Nicky 84, 98, 169 Newman, Monica 100, 101, 124, 125, 239 Newton, Newman, Tinkie 138, 253 Newsom, Kevin 38, 40, 41 Newsom, Robin 50, 53, 191 Newton, Bobby 195, 199 Leslie 31, 59 Phillips, Troy 155 Pickett, Joann 138, 175, 178, 179, 240 Pierce, Britt 18, 22, 24, 34, 35, 135, 244 'Pierce, Christy 240 Pierce, Danny 254 Prerce, Jeff 45 Pierce, Linda 254 Reid, Glenda 50 Reynolds, Clay 31, 126 Reynolds, Gary 31 Reynolds, Sheree 20, 213 Reed, Robert 254 Rhodes, Renea B4 Rice, Michael 105 Richard, Rocky 45 Richardson, Bernadett 100, 254 Richardson, Christi 56 Richardson, Jodi 255 Richardson, Judi 255 Richardson, Wayne 207 Richey, Laurie 101 Rider, Tonia 62, 255 Ridgway, Carolyn 241 Rigsby, Landa 100, 255 Riley, Lee 207 Riley, Stanley 241 Rivers, Johnny 195, 199 Palmer, James 260 Newton, Sherry 27, 254 Nichol, Scott 96, 97, 213 Nichols, Elrzabeth 27, 239 Nolan, Charrse 84 Norman, Cheryl 65, 239 Norris, Susan 31 Norris, Warren 31, 99, 260 Nowell, Kelli 25, 27, 85, 100, 192, 2 Nuckols, Beverly 260 Nye, Cheryl 61, 254 0 Bryan, Kristie 182 Oglesby, France 61, 167, 240 Oliveira, Beatriz 96 Oltorf, Madeline 254 Olhausen, Theresa 31 Olson, Laurie 254 0'Shea, Kathy 148, 189, 151 Osten, Katre 206, 207 Otto, Jackie 100, 117, 120, 240 Owen, Karolina 103, 240 Owens, Cherie 25, 60, 61 54 176, 178, 192, Paape, Cathy 100, 101, 148, 240, 151 Padgett, Vicki 61 Pierson, Daphne 260 Pinckard, Ramonda 78 Pinkston, Sky 240 Plemmons, Margaret 254 Pool, Lesa 183 Pool, Ronda 240 Potetz, Kerry 100 Potts, Laurie 254 Powell, Sonya 27 Powell, Tonya 27 Praffit, Nancy 78 Prater, Sandy 85 Price, David 240 Price, Paula 61 Price, Rrnda 192 Priddy, Karla 31, 129, 254 Primrose, Benin 45 Prince, Angle 41 Printer, Mrchael 112 Printers, Lila 254 Pntchett, Gina 50 Proffrt, Nancy 240 Pruitt, Sheri 31 Roberts, Ben 70, 73, 99 Roberts, Charlie 60 Roberts, Karen 38, 41, 255 Nancy 136, 148, 189, 151 Roberts, Roberts, Teresa 62 Roberson, Roy 156 Robertson, Tony 156 Robinson, Angela 241 Robinson, Dave 255 Robinson, Wanda 78 Robledo, Carlos 84 Rocha, Karl 96, 241 Rodriguez, Ann 31, 129 Rogers, Bret 183, 184 Rogers, Jimmie 118 Rolllns, Callie 61, 241 Ronzello, Kay 117, 122, 123, 125 Rooks, Alice 241 Rosenblad, Jamie 255 Rosiles, Arthur 134 Rosinbaum, Dean 255 Ross, Nancy 31, 129, 258 Ross, Sally 259 Paige, Cindra 36, 37, 102, 103, 186, 192 Pankey, Cherie 50 Paris, Wayne 167 Parker, Betsy 50, 53 Parker, Stephen 240 Parker, Wendy 175, 176, 240 Parrish, Rhonda 256 Patel, Dioak 59 Patollt Lilla 167 Patil Gary 240 Payne Marla 260 PPV, llrfvmf 21930 R ' frmOri'l0ll,.'i1 50, 254 Prudhomme, Sharon 36 Pryor, Eugene 135 Radar, Carolyn 151 Radford, Willre 112, 206, 207 Rafkin, Todd 254 Ragan, Jeff 31 Ragsdale, Kimberly 27 Raidier, Carolyn 148 Ramsey, Todd 254 Randle, Mary 62, 100 Randolph, Denny 195, 199 Ross, Vicki 259 Rossy, Robin 148, 241, 151 Rounsavall, Debra 241 Roy, Loretta 62, 102 Royder, Bradley 135, 241 Royder, Randi 27, 102, 103, 138, 2 Rozelle, Ellen 93, 255 Rumbelow, David 45 Rush, Birdie 255 Russell, Jana 255 Sample Kimerly 18, 22, 25, 100 Rao, C, V. 58, 240 Rasor, Becca 212, 213 Ray, Terry 240 Rayborn, Romona 41 Rayburn, Laura 117, 177 Reagan, Norma 240 Reardon, Jamie 97 Rebich, Susan 42 Rector, Leigh Ann 38, 40, 41, 240 Reddick, John 114 Reece, Darryl 62 Reeves, Jill 175, 178, 240 Sanders, Dorns 103, 112, 62 Sanders, Jay 36 Sanders, James 241 Sanders, Jimmy Sanders, Kathy 248, 151 Sanders, Lori Sanders, Mike 255, 260 Sanders, Sandra 78 Sanders, Valria 62 Samsom, Felecra 27, 103 Sartor, Rusty 31, 126 Savage, Sandra 241 4 Sawyer, Betty 255 Saye, Laura 56, 241, 258 Schexnayder, Jan 27, 100, 255 Schilleci, Alison 100, 101, 255 Schlottach, Kathy 69, 70 Schmidt, Beverly 100 Schrievener 100, 255 Schuler, Gerald 241 Scott, Laura 31, 129 Scott, Linda 45 Scroggins, Douglas 241 Scruggs, Coy Sebesta, Susan 241 Self, John 255 Sequera, Carlos 56 Shankles, Kisa 175, 176, 178, 179 Shaw, Paul 261 Shaw, Rhonda 78 Shelton, David 38, 40, 241 Shelton, Taneesia 255 Sherbitt, Ginny 102, 103, 56, 192 Sherfield, Rossie 61 Sheryll, Donna 60, 101, 241, 151 Shexhayder, Jan 130 Shipley, David 45 Shirley, Nita 148, 241, 151 Shoemaker, Bill 98 shook, sunny 25, 92, 93, 192, 241, 276 ' Short, Linda 255 Shumate, Kim 148, 151 Simcox, Cheryl 212, 213 Simmons, Sara 103, 242 Skinner, Elizabeth 255 Smallen, Robert 256 Stephens, Mary 31 Stephens, Melanie 148, 242, 151 Stephens, Pamela 61 Stephenson, Bill 78 Stewart, Phillip 242, 276, 277 Stewart, Mike 119, 120 Stidham. Ronald 118 Stiles, Teresa 31, 129, 256 Stinson, Kristi 103, 242 Stockinger, Edwin 31, 261 Stolusky, Julie 102, 242 Stone, Jac: 25, 167 Stone, Sherroll 61 Streun, Susan 27 Stricklin, Doug 68, 69, 72, 242 Stroud, Zack 256 Stuart, Kenly 167 Stuck, Mark 45, 47 Sturgis, Lindy 50, 53 Sullivan, William 62, 98 Summerford, Dick 99 Sumrow, Marla 129 Swanson, Barry 31 Swanson, Felicia 62 Switzer, Ruth 242 Sylvester, Shawn 242 Symes, Kerry 41 Talbert, Terri 178 Ungerecht, Eric 135 Uhrich, Penny Lyn 148, 257, Untersee, Buddy 257 Vallabh, Rajesh 259 Vallabh, Rekha 259, 56 151 Van Cleave, Luke 34, 35, 154, 155 Van Dusen, Stephen 184 Van Gs, Seymour 43, 44 Vanwinkle, Deborah 50, 53 Vasquez, Jocelyn 103, 148, 151 Veitenheimer, Kim 261 Vella, Danny 257 Wade, Diana 61, 242 Wages, Sheila 103, 257 Waits, David 257, 261 Wakefield, Lori 148, 151 Tanner, Pamala 129 Tate, Barton 259 Taylor, Aretha 115 Taylor, Sylvia 31 Teaves, Joey 84 Temple, Mary 256 Terry, Tina 31 Thrbodeaux, Tanya 256 Thomas, Curtis 256 Thomas, Kristi 256 Thompson, Amy 27, 138 Walding, Waldrep, Walizer, Walker, Walker. Walker, Walker, Walker, Walker, Wall, Ja Wallace, Wallace, Kevin 31 Mark 135 Melissa 27, 100, 257 Kishi 78 Lois 31,112, 113,192 Marcus 195, 259 Patti 56 Sheryl 242 Suzanne 136 rnie 61 Curtis 99, 200, 205 Fred 56 Thompson, Ginger 148, 151 Thompson Joan 256 Thompson Lisa 261, 31 Thompson Marilyn 27 Thompson, Sherrie 61 Wallace, Wallace, Jeff 38, 40, 41, 243 Ray 56 Waller, Jason 31, 41, 261 Smith Barbara 112, 242 Smith Camilla 175, 176 Smith Carol 31 Smith Coleta 102, 103, 62 Smith Dana 50, 256 Smith Dwight 37 Smith Evelyn 115 Smith, Gary 25, 56 Smith Laura 148, 256, 151 Smith Jackie 62 Smith Lauri 27, 100, 138, 148, 156, 151 Smith Lee 98, 169 Smith Linda 112 Smith Lisa 242 Smith, Lynnette 31, 182 Smith Mark 84, 98, 169, 256 Smith Patti 102, 167, 138, 242 Smith, Randy 117, 118, 123 Smith Richard .58 A Smith Robin 31, 256 Smith Shannon 69 Smith Sondra 56 Smith Terry 138, 195, 199 Smith Waynette 50 Solouki, lraj 45 Somerford, Brian 256 Speerling, Kenneth 98, 169, 242 Spence, Diana 242 Sperling, Penny 56. 256 Springer, Chris 169 Springer, Raymond 98 Stanley, Carolyn 242 Staney, Jo 85 Stanley, Shari 103 Stansberry, Miriam 61 Stansell, Juanda 256 Starr, Sharon 62 Starr, Tami 256 Steed, Bobbie 31, 85, 129. 256 ,, 2,, Thornton, Marsha 61 Thompson, Robert 261, 45 Tidmore, Donna 182 Tomlinson, Donna 135 Toole, Katherine 256 Trammell, Kathleen 242 Trammell, Yvette 256 Truett, Marcia 50, 52 Tudman, Evelyn 40, 41, 62 Turman, Marcus 45 Turman, Patti 96, 97 Turner, Joe 200 Turner, Margaret 78, 79 Tusher, Tammie 78, 242 Tyler, Mark 195, 199 ' Ward, B rad 98, 169 Ward, John 243 Ward, K Ward, K athy 50 evin 135 Ware, Elizabeth 243 Warren, Spooky 207, 209, 210 Warren, Deborah 192 Warren, Edith 243 Warren, Ruddel 114, 115 Warrick, Velma 100 Washington, Rosie 102, 103 Watkins, Aaron 99, 201 Watkins, Molly 261 Watson, Donna 4, 212, 213, 257 Watson, Joy 112 Watson, Lance 20, 34, 35, 99, 211 Wattles, Bryant 96, 97, 99 Weaver, Brenda 27, 177, 178, 257 Weaver, Stephanie 61 Webster, Elton 99, 201 Weems, Don 98 Weidner, Mary 78 Welch, Corky 98, 169, 243 Welch, Marcia 31, 129, 243 Welch, Stephen 31 Wells, Lisa 138 Wells, Melissa 31 Wentworth, Barbara 78 Wesson, Karen 212, 213, 257 Wheeler, Patti 50, 53 Wheeler, Rusty 167 Whippo, Wendy 102, 243 Whitaker, Julie 45, 192 Whitaker, Steve 257 Whotworth, Gary 99 White, David 259, 56 White, Debbei 177, 138 White, Deborah 100 White, Karen 243 Whitehead, Carolyn 257, 50 Whitley, Kathy 27, 261, 30 Whltman, Dee 102, 103 Whitmore, Vicky 61 Whitman, Jim 195 Whntter, Dan 118 Whitstine, Thomas 130 Whitter, Ron 201, 99 Whitworth, Gary 211, 213 Wilcox, Brenda 100, 27, 257, 138 Wiley, Jlll 54, 50, 52 Wilkerson, Kelly 41 Wilkerson, Lisa 207 Williams, Bill 56 Williams Williams Williams, Williams, Williams, Williams Williams, Williams Williams Williams Carolyn 61 Chris 195, 199 Lanny 134 David 78 Rhonda 62, 112 Yvette 61 Vlcki 257, 31, 62 Phillip 56 Renee 243 Sandy 243, 60, 151 Williamson, Felicia 151, 148 Williamson, Gwen 115 Williamson, Lillian 115 Willis, Robert Willis, Wyonia 100, 187, 188, 259, 56 Wilson, Klva 195, 199 Wilson, Pat 201, 203 Wise, Susan 148, 151 Witherspoon, Waymon 56 Womack, Greg 41 Wood, Jan 27, 177, 257 Wood, Chuck 98, 169 Woods, Gloria 102 Worden, Kimberly 31 Worsham, Timothy 33, 31, 126 Wright, David 70 Wright. Paula 243 Wyatt, Lori 61 Wynn, Ercie 114, 115 Wysocki, David 98 Yarbrough, Yarbrough, Yarbrough, Yarbrough Donna E. 259 Carlos 45, 47 Judiet O. 25, 56. Wayne L. 261 Yoakley, Nathan Owen 257 York, David Brian 257 Young, Dona Sue 257 Young. Lisa Renee 50, 53 Zager, Tony Calvin 201, 257 Zoeller, Evelyn Leah 78 100 U , . aj L se. ff' uv-v ZA . Z O My 3 ' HMB Q9 R ww A '1' , Fm A 'ty I .pf 6 f, R , , u 7 ,I I 1 I Q f I I I Q f f. , 'P I W If J M7 7 'f L. 5' '--I . fr ". X . flu.-fx. 111 g --. - rdwfv-3-wr Ef,vUV Q k 5' f' Q 1 uv f Er- ' 'ffl N A V ' 'N 1 " A ' r 1. G A 7 E' . . ?A A -.vc ', NV g, , ,js -, .249 :1-mr?-1 " A, V . if".' I N uv H Y 'uh , 5 . ff' 'if Sz' -V yr- 21 V-I -A-'zivLVi4 a v'-jf" . ""fiudyA5"" ' ' V - 4'ir"..'v-Nga-uh' M, - by -' 'N,aib'IW- . . ,,a::f'Y. -mf - .. - - he K1 ' -.ff '- ..-,gg,,' V- - '--, - V ' "" Q-I f ' V 5, V' X Q., MVAVVL 1'-fr :,V in -,VTE ,VM :, ' ff' .f'4YY1i'4::4f,yff5-if-f'.:'f' ':"'j,,l5Ng3,,,-,g tg f,j:"f?? 1' , ' ' , 1 - ,,,- YN-J.. 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Suggestions in the Tyler Junior College - Apache Yearbook (Tyler, TX) collection:

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