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mmmmm ■ AiiiiMlmmmm mmi§ ms« •% SB B iii — — , .I S t WI KMBBES ■ m iE ' ' Bi " H pi ' P . bk ' " i 9 w ' «• ' » " •• r: ■ aole of y ontentd Apacheland 4 Big Chiefs 12 The Tribe 26 Sophomores 27 Freshmen 49 The Reservation 74 Personalities 90 Beauties 100 Organizations 114 Band Belle? 150 Sports 162 Advertisements 176 otivart J To propose to cover a school year in words and pictures as a yearbook tries to do, is im- possible. Life in college is so much deeper than the surface picturing of classes, dances, and ball- games: yet a yearbook must try to do this so that students may have a visual record of their year at TJC. ZJne -Apache taPJ ' Editors Arvinell Newton Jan Anderson Organization Editors Mary Romberg Sue Ivey Classes Editors Dolores Herwig Frances Mitchell Glenda Wilbanks Campus Life Editors Sue Clark Judy Farmer Beauty Mitors Camille Carter Dee Hernandez Personality Editors Pat Haesley Carolyn Lynch Art Editor Judy Jenkins Band Belles Mitor Mary Lea Kennedy Mary Ann Herber Business Managers Mary Fitzgerald Juanita Cade Sports Editors L. D. Lampkin Gil Barton In appreciation of his interest in and work with students and athletes at Tyler Junior College in bringing glory and prestige to our campus, we dedicate the 1962 Apache to COACH FLOYD WAGSTAFF. mm m(2) ) - 1 " JI. .J_ ILtj iKameu _ ameu Since November 28, 1956, after each TJC victory in athletics or scholastics, the " gold light of vic- tory " has burned for a twenty-four hour period in the familiar Ramey Tower, a part of the admin- istration building of the TJC campus. The tower is a gift from Judge and Mrs. T. ' ower B. Ramey. Judge Ramey is a former president of TJC ' s Board of Trustees, and, in a dedication speech, November 6, 1956, said that the lighted tower would symbolize " the light of truth which all students are seekino;. " The W. A. Wise Auditorium and Fine Arts Building The TeePee ifi ; :: •Sifc The Gentry Gymnasium The Athletic Dorm 1 f i The Boys ' Dorm The Girls ' Dorm !•« The Texas Eastern School of Nursui}; Dunn The Technology Building The Cafeteria The Wesley Foundation The Baptist Student Center The Church of Christ Bible Chair ' BIBLE ;HRlS ' chair u 12 DR. H. E. JENKINS, President B.S., Kansas State Teachers College; M.A. and Ph.D., University of Texas 13 -tfM DR. E. M. POTTER, Dean B.A. and M.A., University of Texas; LL.D., East Texas Baptist College 14 RICHARD BARRETT Business Manager and Administrative Assistant B.B.A., East Texas State College; M.B.A., A M College of Texas 15 iiZ -iii diit:iifiiS4;,i,;) V4-;-ijj,S imti-:i DR. JIM VAUGHN MRS. ARTHUR SQUYRES CECIL BAGWELL HOMER W. EIKNER vSoard kJp ZJrudteed WATSON W. WISE President A. D. CLARK, JR. First Vice-President J. PAUL PRICE HUBERT TUNNELL »».. -i.vv -.-..«w - ..-,-y,|rij,)yH,|g-,| g,g|mjj EDWIN FOWLER Registrar .j.S " ' ' ' ' ' AVA LEA GENTRY Administrative Assistant ' ' ff ' - m fH Office f- erdonal LINDA HICKS Assistant Registrar MAXENE ROBINSON Secretary to Dean AUDREY DOGGETT Bookkeeper MARY KATHLYNN NEILL Assistant Registrar LOUGENE WILSON Secretary JEANE BROWNE Chairman of Speech Dept. ELIZABETH BRYARLY Chairman of English Dept. Dean of Women LOUISE CLINKSCALES Chairman of Business Dept. L L. FRIEDMAN Director of Evening College Coordinator of Distributive Education FOREST GRIFFIN Director of Vocational Education Drafting J. C. HENDERSON Biology, Chemistry Chairman, Science Dept. WILKY ,ji.;NklNS Chairman, Social Science Dept. History JOSEPH KIRSHBAUM Director of Music EVELYN McMANUS Librarian BLANCHE PREJEAN Journalism, Director of Publicity AGNES ROY Director of Nursing ETHEL STOKES Director, Women ' s Residence Hall MILDRED B. STRINGER Director, Apache Belles Director, Student Activities Counselor 20 FL OYD WAGSTAFF Director of Athletics MARY WALLACE Director of Counsel and Guidance MABEL WILLIAMS Chairman of Mathematics Dept. jracutiu irlemb, ers MARGARET ANDERS Assistant Librarian PRUDENCE ARNOLD Women ' s Physical Education DRU BAIN B.A., Art CLAUD BANKS B.A., M.A. English, Education LAWRENCE BIRDSONG, JR. B.A. Speech JAMES F. BARNES B.A., M.A. Government, Economics JACK BETTS B.S., M.Ed., Drafting Engineering Drawing JULIUS A. BUCHANAN B.S. Petroleum Technology JOHN M. BURKET B.A., M.S. Geology 21 acuttu ilfiemb erA BILLY J. CHANDLER SYLVIA CLAYTON HERMAN CROW B.S., M.A. B.B.A., M.B.A. B.S., M.S.. Government History Business Director of Men ' s Dorm KENNETH DACUS KENNETH A. EVANS B.B.A., M.B.A. B.A., M.A. Bn«ine»e Mathematics LENA EXUM B.A. English 22 JAMES R. FIFE JOHN H. GARNER AVERILLE GREENHAW Director, Church of Christ B.S., M.S. B.S. Bible Chair Mathematics Home Economics ■C.l— 1««M-T -«-«. ' fT ».-« 1. »-W .fWV»— Vi. | SJ-acultu iVlemo erA JAMES HALLMARK B.S., M.S. Physical Education Assistant Football Coach JOHN HUNTER B.S., M.A. Choral Music, Voice JAMES LEWIS B.S. Economics, Business CHARLES M. HIX, JR. B.S., M.S. Physics GLORIA JACKSON B.A., M.A. History LORETTA HOLBROOK B.S., M.A. English BAIN JOHNSON B.A. Sociology, Psychology KENNETH LEWIS B.S.. M.S. Agriculture H. F. MILLS B.A., M.A. History 23 Zracuitu liHemo erA JAMES MURRAY B.A., M.A. English ■afr5B8aaEgiBiHBiga».a;» ' . HERBERT RICHARDSON B.S., M.Ed. Physical Education DAVID PENA Licensed Civil Engineer Surveying WILLIAM RICHARDSON A.B., M.A. English 24 HERBERT ROHLOFF, JR. Chairman, Methodist Bible Chair LEO S. RUDD B.A., M.S. Guidance and Counseling ROBERT REYNOLDS Piano TOMMY ROBINSON B.A., M.A. Geography ISAAC SANDERS B.A.. M.A. Math Z acuitu llflemb ers EVA SAUNDERS A.B., M.A. Education WALTER SMITH F.C.C. Licensed Radio-TV Engineer, Electronics EDWARD SIMMEN B.A., M.A. English SAMMIE SMYRL B.A., M.A. Mathematics REX SMITH, JR. B.A., M.A. English GEORGE STILES B.S., M.A. Biological Science LORENE STRICKLAND B.A.. M.A. English H. JEROME WALSH B.A. French, Spanish MARY A. YOUNG B.S., M.A. English 25 crpm U w r ft ■ it:: 1 YtW ' 4 AWWAvf 26 ' I y0m AJ ®mm SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS President, Robert Marshall Vice-President, Joe Hooker Secretary, Mary Lea Kennedy Allen, Billy Lindale Allen, Richard Tyler Alston, Emmett Tyler Adams, J. E, Whitehouse Adams, John Troup Adkins, Carolyn Tyler Adkins, Mary Grand Saline sopjjowo e£s 62 Anderson, Betty Paris Ansley, Jr., R. D. Houston Atwood, Bryan Frankston Aven, Travis Tyler Baker, Bobby J. Mineola Baker, R. C. Tyler Baldwin, J.T. Tyler 28 Baldwin, Phyllis Tyler Baber, Cyndie Tyler Barnes, M. P. Tyler Bailey, Bill Tyler Bates, Janina Tyler Bean, Dwain Port Neches Beaty, Linda Tyler sopjiowoms 62 Bender, Raymond Tyler Berkeley, Rusty Jennings, La. Bickerstaff, Shirley Bullard Biddy, Era Jean Tyler Blanton, Charles Abilene Boles, Charles Mt. Enterprise Bouterse, Patsy Tyler 29 Bowlin, Diane Timpson Bowman, James Tyler Boxley, Henry Bryan Braly, Nickey BuUard SOPJ OWO e£S 62 f ¥- Broom, Lynn Tyler Brown, R. J. Ben Wheeler Brown, Steven Waco Bugg, W. L. Troup Bullard. Mack Mt. Enterprise Burns, Terry Tyler Burk, Greg Tyler 30 Burroughs, Lynn Palestine Cade, Juanita Chandler Callender, Betty J. Troup Camp, Carolyn Tyler Campbell, Carol Tyler Capps, Freddie Tyler Canterbury, Maxine Waco sopjJowofe£s 62 Carroll, BiU Tyler Carrol, Loy Grand Saline Carter, Glenda Grand Saline Chesley, Stuart Tyler Carnes, Don Winnsboro Carpenter, Jimmy Lindale Carter, Camille Tyler 31 Clark, Sue Chandler, Tex. Cole, M. B. Big Sandy Cool, Lester Palestine Chitsey, C. D, Winnsboro Clancy, Jimmy Tyler Christopher, Larry Rusk Clark, Jr., J. H. Houston sopMomoms 62 Coon, Owen Tyler Cooper, Billy Troup Cooper, G. R. Tyler r- wwmimiMi itl- ' ' ' .« " Cosby, Gayle Arp Costin. Kaye Tyler Carl, E. L. Mineola Crocker, Carole Dallas, Texas 32 Dark, Ruth Tyler Davis, Charles Tyler Davis, David Hawkins Davis, Sharon New Summerfield Davidson, Jim Tyler Deen, Sarah Sue Wills Point Dempsey, Jim Denver, Colo. sopjJowo e£S 62 Domm. Cora Marie Grand Saline Dyess, E. K. Tyler Echols, Patricia Rusk Elliott, Joe Tyler Denton, James Quitman Deslatte, Joe Van Deere, C. M. Tyler 33 Fallacaro, Michael Tyler Faulkner, Tim Tyler Fitzgerald, Mary Chandler Emerson, Bob Tyler Emmons, Nancy Tyler Ernst, F. B. Dallas Falgout, Tim Port Neches SOPMOWORCS 62 Frank, Eloise Tyler Gabriel, Bobby Tyler Gaiser, Joe Tyler Garner, J. B. Dallas GaOlier. Sam Grand Saline Germany, Ronnie Tyler Gibson, Anna Lee Tyler ' ' , ' rWjL.ii 34 lllilMMIMirB»1Tn nWli7l ' TTf«w«»H . a« . -MBtffff Gibson, Mary Golden Gilstrap, Barbara Canton Gimble, John Mac Lindale Glaspie, Vernon Tyler sopjJomoie£s 62 Haesly, Pat Tyler Hall. Troy E. Hawkins Hanna, Jerry N. Sulphur Springs Harleston, Dow C. Tyler Greener, R. W. Winona Greenwood, James New Summerfield Grubhs, Dicky Tyler 35 sopjJonio e£s 62 Hildreth, Harold Delaware Hill, Pat Tyler Hindi, Mahmud Kuwait-Arabia Henderson. Nikki Sue Tyler Herwig, Dolores Tyler Hicks, Lynda Tyler Hill, James Mineola 3S ■ M;wit.wMMWi.»»M».tare. wsrtaPfj « ' «- fMl-iMnff. »i?fgays Hill, Ken Arp Hodges, Bill Honeycut, Howard Tyler Hood, Edith Tyler sopj owo e£s 62 Herber, Mary Ann Dallas Hunter, Gary Canton Hunter, Patsy Dallas Ingram, Bill Tyler House, Gary Frankston Howard, Jo Ann Troup Hubert, Clara Houston 37 Ivey, Sue Tyler Jenkins, Judy Tyler Jeter, Carolyn Alto Johnson, Lloyd Laneville sopjJowio e£s 62 Kay, Annette Winona Kear, Jerry Tyler Kelly, Robert Marlin Kinney, Rose Mineola Kent, Leon Tyler Korkmas, Sharron Tyler Kugimiya, Atsuko Tokyo, Japan 38 Lampkin, L. D. Price Lancaster, Neal Tyler Loinette, Melvin Dallas Lewis, Charles Garland Lovett, Dorothea Carthaga Lowrance. Tommy Tyler Lyan, Beth Lindale sopj owo e£s 62 Malone, Patrick Louisville, Ky. Manley. Aaron Marlin Martin, Marian Tyler Martin, Stanley Ben Wheeler Mackey, Larry Tyler Mallard, Dick Tyler Malone, Linda Mineola HHHHk-dflHHIilH 39 Medlin, Kenneth Hawkins Merrill, Larry Arp McBee, Robert Tyler Matthews, Beth Ann Tyler Maxfield, Gary Tyler May, Robert Tyler May, Sandra Big Sandy SOPMOmOR S 6: McCallum, Bette Tvler McCarrol, Bob Dallas McCaslin, Betty Tyler McCord, David Jacksonville McCulloch, Alex Dallas McCulloch, Sylvia Dallas McDonald, Lillie Tyler 40 McDowell, John Tyler Mclver, Jimmy Palestine McKay, Thomas Noonday McLain, Foster Alto sopMomoms 62 Murray, Wayne Tyler Myrick, Kenny Tyler Neaville. Suzanne Shamrock Neeley, Peggy Flint Moore, Becky Troup Moore, Hayden Tyler Murphy, Clinton Garland f 41 Nelson, Sue Tyler Newton. Arvinell Winnsboro Nichols, Edward Tyler Murrell. Jerald SOPMOWORCS 62 Pardue, Rebecca Tyler Parker, Jerrol Brownsboro Parsons, J. D. Tyler Partain, Charles Tyler Payne, Eddie Washington, D. C. Perkins, Terry Ponta Peters, Diana Tyler 42 Peterson, Charles Orange Phelps, Nelda Kirbyville Pinkerton, Sue Tyler Pinson, Barbara Lindale Pitts, Flora Tyler Pitzer, Mike Tyler Prestwood, Jan Tyler sopj owo e£s 62 Redfern, Rose Mary Marshall Reedy, Carol Tyler Rone, Ronny Roark. Glenn Tyler Puckett, Gerald Mineola Quirk, Kirby Tyler Rawls, Aubrey Fort Worth 43 Prichard, Donald Richardson Prichard, Ronald Richardson Sanders, Sandra Tyler Robison, Robbie Alto Rodgers, Shirley Romberg, Mary Wright City Royce, Gerald Tyler f l Mk«yiMMyMMn sopjJowofe£s 62 Sawyer, William Tyler Scarborough, Betty Palestine Shankles, James Shipp, Lynn Mineola Shuttlesworth, Donny Troup Sides, Harold Van Sifuentes, Raul Michigan 44 Singletary, Don Tyler Sisk, Jess Tyler Sjerven, Barbara Tyler Slopr, Kathryn (Mrs.) Tyler SOPMOWOt CS 62 Smith, Gary Tyler Soape, Jerry Winona Sparkman, Era Jo Kilgore 45 Stone, Ruth Troup Sullivan, Ragna Tyler Summer, Hoyt Tyler Steffens, Sondra Arlington Stephens. Billy Grand Saline Stewart, Charlotte Tyler Stodghill, George Tyler sopjJowo e£s 62 Svore, Don Dallas Thomas, Sandra Tyler Todd, Jane Tyler Tomlin, Kenny Tyler Tomlinson, Tony Tyler Thompson, Judy Dallas Trahan, Gerald Port Neches 46 Tucker, Robert Durham, N. C. Tunnell, James Tyler Turner, Sara Jacksonville Van DeCarr, Don Tyler Wallace, Donnie Lufkin Wanamaker, Sturdy Nacogdoches Wardrup, Paul Big Sandy sopMonoRcs 62 Wells, Lawrence Tyler Welmaker, Pat Tyler Whatley, BUI Tyler Wheeler, Walter BuUard Ware, Byron Quitman Warren, Gwen Arp Webb, Mandi Houston 47 Whisenhunt, Jimmy Arp White, John Dallas Williams, Melton Rusk Williams, Doug Beaumont sopj owo e£s 62 Wojtkowski, Dolores Ambridge, Penna. Wood, Jerry Garland Wood, Richard Fort Worth Woodall, Lyndon Tyler Woodson, Jack Hawkins Wortham, William Timpson Wyatt, Sandra Tyler Wynn, Sharon Waco 48 mm iiEiiOT FRESHMEN CLASS OFFICERS Mickey Wright — Vice-President Doug Warner — President Sammie McKinney — Secretary 49 Allen, Loneta Arp Allen, Mary Lindale Allred, Neal Tyler Alston, Bill Marlin Alston, Fran Tyler Abemathy, Lucy DaUas Abna, Michael Bullard Adair, Patsy Tyler Adams, Mary Whitehouse Adams, Russell Grand Saline Alfred, Warren Tyler 3l £SJ4W£f] 62 Amos, Joe Tyler Anderson, Chris Tyler Andrews, Don Tyler Anderson, Jan Greenville Aplin, Danna Tyler Arms, Geoff Tyler Ashcraft, Tommy Tyler Atkinson, Jim Lamarque Ayers, Larry Ben Wheeler Bailes, Nixie Seymour Bailey, Dan Tyler Bailey, Edward Grand Saline Balfour, Burton Lindale Balfour. Molly Lindale Barr, Joseph Choes, New York Barrett, Martha Jo Waco 50 H;fl«t}iir9unauawKWivuic un»Kn]c«rcAXj;riS0 iNtyH.v:fvv- v- ?4a Barrett, Royce Whitehouse Barron, Larry Kirbyville Bamett, Allen Oakwood Bamett, Howard Tyler Bamett, Jerry Lindale Barnes, Ernestine Tyler Barnes, Mary Lou Tyler Barry, Martha Tyler Bass, Charlotte Troup Barton, Gilbert Chandler Barton, Marcile Grand Saline je£SJJW£fI 62 Bishop, Julian Pasadena Black, Lynda Rusk Black, Shera Tyler Bland, Jimmy Tyler Blankenship, Clenda Arp Blount, Larry Sulphur Springs Beall, Kaye Whitehouse Beall, Roy Tyler Baer, Diane Richmond, Va. Biggs, Mike Tvler Bell, Rex Tyler Bennett. Allen Hurst Berry, Charles Amarillo Bice, James Alto Beighle. Philip Tyler Bishop, Butch Orange 51 ■Tm ms W ' •r ' Bobo, Carroll Tyler Booth, Travis Mt. Selman Bott, Ronnie Tyler Bouvey, Mary Bob Tyler Bowling, Jimmie Tyler Box, Buddy New London Brady, Kathleen Tyler Brady, Ronald Tyler Brand, Dennis Brownsboro Braswell, William Rusk Breakfield, Mary Lee Tyler 3l £SJ4W£fl 62 Bridges, Charles Tyler Briley, Myrna Tyler Brinkley, Betty Nederland Broome, Gordon Tyler Brodnax, Phil Tyler Brogdon, Gayle Quitman Brooks, Eva Lindale Brown, Jack Tyler Brown. Jackie Tyler Brown, Tommy Tyler ■■n Brumley, Tommy n 1 Tyler r k ; Bullard, Jerrie ■ Jacksonville Iej ■L Bruckhart, Denni K-- ' ' VH Roxana, III. Ik V B Burns, Robert B ' ' wF Dallas WJ Bush, Leroy H Austin Bush, Wanda V Laneville 52 KC5 t3i ;i w«twr.-« » ' »v«.-. «i Butler, Martha Ben Wheeler Byrd, John Tyler Byrd, William Big Sandy Caffey, Garry Mineola Callender, Helen Troup Cameron, Mack New Summerfield Cade, James Chandler Cannon, Calvin Shelbyville Cames, Kenneth Mineola Carpenter, Bobby Tyler Carter, Nancy Tyler 3R£SJ4W£fl 62 Chambers, Bette California Charles, Terry McGregor Cheek, Charolyn Tyler Chesser, William Waco Churchwell, Frank Grand Saline Clack, Tom Amarillo Cash, Jane Tyler Castling, Thora Tyler Caswell, Dick Tyler Gates, Ronnie Dallas Gates, Talmadge Tyler Catlett, Beth Hawkins Cauthron, David Tyler Ghalker, Mary Tyler Chandler, Becky Jacksonville Chandler, Jane Tyler 53 Coleman, Robert Tyler Collier, Mike Marlin Collins, Morris Sulphur Springs Conley, Nancy Tyler Connally, Linda Tyler Clancy, Jerry Tyler Clark, Julie DaUas Clinkscales, James Tyler Clinkscales, Tom Tyler Clem, Billy Troup Clyburn, Reta Tyler JReSMWlCf] 62 Cook, Dan Rusk Cook, Larry Tyler Cook, Louise Marshall Cotton, Linda Canton Cowan, Mary Mineola Cox, Sheria Tyler Craig, Lynnda Henderson Crawford, Juan Tyler Crawford, Sharalan Rusk Crawford, Shary Port Arthur mtmmKm Crawley, Tommy Tyler Crim, Rex Henderson Critdock, Bill Tyler Crook, Earl Tyler Crouch, Marcus Tyler Dahl, Alvln Qifton 54 M» w wn ni wj«wt-a M» iiif wMiiiniii .[■■i Bii i i x i:fCffan:qsKi ' ?gKycs ?qL- ' i«; Dailey, Richard Little Rock, Ark. Darby, Harry Winnsboro Pate, Tony San Antonio Datz, David Tyler Davidson, Billy Tyler Davis, Dianne New Summerfield Davis, Larry Grand Saline Davis, Martha Tyler Davis, Martin Tyler Davis, Mike Troup Davis, Raymond Marshall DI £SJ4W£f1 62 Poimbeauf, Joe Hawkins Dorough, Linda Tyler Douglas, John Mineola Dowing, Clayton Lindale Dozier, Linda Winona Drummey, Paul Marlbovo, Mass. Davis. Winston Big Sandy Davis, Zedic Van Dayle, Richard Tyler Dean, Marketta Tyler Dickerson Lynn Mineola Dickerson, Nancy Tyler Dickey, David Troup Driggers, Ronald Tyler Dillon, Charles Livingston Dodson, James Port Neches 55 g ' % r Dublin, Michall Jacksonville Durrett, Billie Rusk Duncan, Benny Tyler Dunn, Gayle Tyler Dunn, Howard Ben Wheeler Durrett, James New Summerfield Dwire. Frankye New Summerfield Dye, Terry Tyler Easley, Don Tyler Echard, Flossy Troup Echols, George Tyler 3l £SJ4W£fl 62 Edwards, Linda Marshall Elliott, Gary Tyler Ellzey, Elizabeth Price Irving, Peggy Tyler Evans, Isbel Flint Evans, Kenneth Tyler Fahring, Sondra Anahuac Fallacaro, Camellia Tyler Falls, Tim Hawkins Fornet, Judy Houston ' . Fazande, Lana Tyler Ferguson, Betty Tyler Time, Bill Jacksonville Fitzgerald, Jimmy Austin Fleet, Donald Tyler Fleming, Jimmy Lindtile 56 Folwell, Ronald Lindale Flowers. Jimmy Grand Saline Forbes, Earle Ann Arp Forman, Patricia Tyler Fortner, Peggy Tyler Fox, Darlene Tyler Fox, Patty Tyler Frame, Jimmy Bellmead Franklin, Jack Tyler Fraser, Ruth East Alton, 111. Frederick, Joe Tyler 3f £SJ4W£fl 62 Freeman, Pat Tyler Friedlander, Harriet Tyler Fry, Steve Tyler Fugua, Steve Ballinger Fuller, Frances Tyler Gallion, Judy Waco Galloway, Donald Livingston Gammill, Rusty Tyler Garland, Thomas Logansport, La. Garrard, Hedwig Tyler A i v.. m Garrett, Homer Jacksonville Gasparine, James Tyler Gaston, Lewis Tyler Gathright, Linda Tyler Gilbreath, LaQuita Van Gill, Mitchell Tyler 57 Goodman, Clenda Brownsboro Gott, Sharon Ft. Worth Graham, Nancy Dallas Graham, Tommy Tyler Grant, Bill Dallas Gilliam, Melody Tyler Glaspie, Ronnie Tyler Glenn, David Tyler Glover, Terry Jacksonville Goff, Gerald Rusk Goodleet, Paula Tyler 3Je£SJJW£f} 62 Gray, Douglas Troup Gray, Linda Arp Green, Nancy Chandler Gresham, Janice Tyler Gresham, Virginia Kilgore Griffen Dean Ft. Worth Griffin, Fred Waco Guillory, Allen Tyler Guinn. Larry Henderson Hackler, Jerry Mineola Haire, Linda Hawkins Hale, Bobbie Medford, Oregon Hall, Tim Bowie Hallmark, Danny Lake Jackson Hallmark, Mike Tyler Halyard, Dianne Lufkin 58 Hancock, Buddy Center Hancock, Stephen Dallas Handley, James Greenville Hanna, A. Mac Paynor Hanson, Malcome Rusk Hanson, Tommy Mineola Hathcox, Kyle Hawkins Harden, Betty Tyler Hardie, John Tyler Hardgrave, Susan Palestine Harris, Jerry Brownsboro MM JI £SJ4W£fl 62 Harris, Kenneth Marshall Harris, Wanda Tyler Harrison, Bill Tyler Harrison, Wayne Tyler Hassell, Hilton Rusk Hatchett, Ronald Bellmead Hayden, James Tyler Heard, Vaughn Gilmer Heath, Elaine Tyler Heath, Mary Ann Tyler Heidrich, Susan Tyler Hughes, Robert Tyler Heller, Thomas Tyler Heller, Beth Tyler Hemby, Ronny Troup Henderson, Buddy Tyler 59 Hicks, James Tyler Hicks, Johnny Tyler Hill, Mike Van Hill. Martha Tyler Hill, Ronnie Arp Henson, Jim Nederland Henderson, Peggy Tyler Hernandez, Delia Dallas Hershiser, Judy Big Sandy Hewes, Cecil Tyler Hickman, David Garland 3 £SJ4W£f] 62 Hitt, James Mineola Hodges, Linda Henderson Holland, Milha Tyler Holland, T. H. Tyler Hollingsworth. Kenneth Tyler Hood, Gay Tyler Horn, Bonnie Mineola Horton, Richard Houston Houghton, Ronnie New Summerfield Howie, Sandra Winnsboro Hoybrook, Amelia Tyler Hubbard, Sharon Tyler Huckabee, Mary Tyler Hudnall, Lometa Tyler Hughes, Bill Golden Hughes, James Tyler 60 HoUoway, Haden T er Hunt, Deason Tyler Ilbery, Judy Waco Irby, Linda Winnsboro Jacobe, Kenneth Tyler Jackson, Glenn Hawkins Jackson, Jon Winona James, Hurshel Tyler Jennings, Margret Mt. Pleasant Jennings, W. H. Tyler Johns, Jill Tyler 3fe£SJJW£f] 62 Johnson, William Lake Jackson Tyler Jones, Ronald L. Jones. Mary L. Longview Jones, Eileen Jacksonville Jones, Allen Tyler Johnson, Ronald Tyler Johnson, Robert Ft. Worth Johnson, Mauren Tyler Welch, Bud Wills Point Johnson, Sally Tyler Johnson, Horace Tyler Johnson, Janet Dallas Johnson, David Waco Johnson, Allen Mesquite Johnson, Carole Tyler Johansen. Barbara Tyler 61 Kemp, Shirley Mineola Kendall, Richard Watervliet, N. Y. Kennemer, Gene Winnsboro Kennemer, Kay Tyler Kinsley, Boh Tyler Jones, Mary Rusk Jones, Travis Tyler Jones, Vaulene McGregor Jordon, Frank Lindale Juett, John Dallas Kelly, Tommy Tyler 3l £SJ4W£fl 62 King, Janet Winona LaBarge, James Tyler Lake, Larry Jacksonville LaMar, Gary Hagerstown, Ind. Lamb, Joe Tyler Lambert, Rodney Tyler Land, Frank LaMarque Lamer, Robert Dallas Lasater, Larry Tyler Lawson, David Waco Lawson, Ronald Texarkana Layne, Lonnie Tyler Lea, Joseph Dallas Leavitt, Edmund McGregor Lindsey, Marianne Tyler Littlepage, Gary Dallas 62 Linguist, Tom Ft. Worth Long, Lynda Bullard Love, Shirley Winnsboro Lyles, Priscilla Arp Lynch, Carolyn Tyler Lynch, Lynda Tyler Lynn, Qaudine Lufkin Lytle, Sharon Gladewater Maciel, Raymond Van Mackey, Carol Diana Macnab, Robert Tyler 3l €SJ4WI£fl 62 Maddox, Clinton Dallas Mahaffey, Mike Dallas Maitland, Mary Rusk Malone, Elmo Tyler Marse, Pat Sherman Marsli, John Grand Saline Marsh, Leland Hawkins Marshall, Kay Tyler Martel, Denny Nigara Falls, N. Martin, Martha Lindale Martin, Mary Troup Martin, Robert Hawkins Mason, Jan Longview Mason, Jean Tyler Massey, Charles Dumas Mathews, Ann Tyler 63 Matteson, Andrea Tyler Mauldin, Don Dallas Maya, Julia San Benito Maxfield, Pat Tyler McAlpin, Jerry BuUard McAfee, Johnny Saltillo McCallister, Mary Tyler McClellan, Gary Tyler McCIure, Devin Rusk McCambs, Barbara Tyler McCubbin, James Kilgore 3Je£SJ W£fI 62 McCugh, Gloria Tyler McCugh, Joe Lynn Bullard McDonald, Mike Tyler McDonald, Carl Big Sandy McKay. Charles Quitman McKinney, Sammie Tyler McKinzie, Gail Tyler McKnight, Keith Gallatin McMichael, Nelan Tyler McMinn, Joyce Henderson McCullen, Dale Grand Saline McReynolds, Joe Tyler McSwain, Bobijy (Mrs.) Tyler Measles, Gerld Mineola Mercer, Peggy Hawkins Medlin, James Hawkins 64 Medford, Johnny New Salem Meggs, Rogert Dallas Mills, Gwen Tyler Mills, Marilyn Winnsbroro Miller, Bill Aha Loma Miller, Moody Tyler ■ JSSMW- ' S.:, Mitchell, Frances Troup Missildine, Pamela Palestine Moore, Kathryn Rusk Moore, Butch Dallas Moore, Patti Tyler HT ' IHiHI , 3fe£SJ W£fJ 62 Neill, Jack Tyler Nesbitt, Sherlee Abernathy Newton, Karen Tyler Nichols, Cynthia Hawkins Norrell, Teddy Canton Norris, Richard Tyler Moore, Robert McGregor Morris, Jane Van Morris, Carrie Tyler Moss, James Arp Moss, Sally Rochester, N. Y, Mullens, Mickey Tyler MuUings. Douglas Tyler Murphy, Mike Tyler Murrell, Mary Winona Meel, Bobby Troup 65 Nunn, David Tyler Nunn, LaDonna Tyler O ' Byme, Carolyn Tyler Oelsie, Richard Houston O ' Leary, Tim Waco Oliver. Becky Dallas f£i Olsen, John Tyler Overstreet, Gloria McGregor Page, Frank Shreveport, La. Paggi, Janet Austin Parker, Ellen Buna 3l £SJ4W£fl 62 Paschall, Nancy Mesquite Parson, Kenneth Ripley, W. Va. Patterson, James Tyler Pattillo, Leroy Arp Payne, Mike Dallas Petty, Jerry Tyler Penn, Pamela Tyler Peck, Carolyn Tyler Peters, Mike Tyler Petty, Roy Tyler Payne, Mike Tyler Perful, Bob Dallas Phillips, Rose Lone Star Petrash, Cookie Ft. Worth Pipes, George Tyler Pitt, Tommy Tyler 66 Pittman, Sue Canton Pitzer, Manse Tyler Pool, I oug Whitehouse Pool, Jerry Mabank Pool, Linda Tyler Potts, Judye Palestine Pomerneke, Lynn McGregor Pope, Eugenia Tyler Pope, Oscar Alvarado Power, Nancy Rusk Praytor. Harriet Lindale !J e£SJJW£fI 62 Ray, Joe Palestine Reed, Richard Logansport, Ind. Reese, Glenn Tyler Reinecker, Mike Houston Rhodes, Forrest Mineola Rhone, Shirley Tyler Praytor, James Lindale Presley, John Longview Pressly, Albert Dallas Pynes. Paula Tyler Price, Patt: Tyler Purifoy, David Jacksonville Pumraer, Merry Tyler Pyron, Vikie Tyler Quattlehaum, Larry Winnsboro Rawlings, Barbara Tyler 67 Richardson, G«OTge Tyler Rhoadea, Jeanne Winnsboro Robinson, Dorsey Big Sandy Roye, Doug Rusk Rice, George Palestine Richardson, Ronald Livingston Roark, Woody Gilmer Robbins, Mary Wills Point Robertson, Joe Joshua Robertson, Richard Jacksonville Robinson, Clifford Lindale 3 e£SJJW£V 62 Rogers, Charles Tyler Richardson, Giva Livingston Rogers, James Big Sandy Rodgers, Leslie Kingsville Rogerson, Rita Marshall Ronayne, Don Tyler Rountree, Grady Jacksonville Roysee, Janet Garland Rucker, Glenna Texas City Rumbo, Gerald Tyler Rumbo, June Ben Wheeler Reynolds, Jimmy R. Canton Saad, Arafat Damascus, Syria Sabers, Sandra Wi nona Sadler, Agnes Troup Sanders, Clarence Tyler 68 Sampson, John Allen Troup Sanders, Jeny D. Tyler Sanders, Robert Joe Van Sapp, Betty Irving Sargent, Evyone Mt. Pleasant Sanders, Cliff Tyler Sawyer, Freddy Tyler Schulze, John Tyler Schutza, Donald Sessions, Beverly Faye Brownsboro Seyffert, Jan Tyler 3fe£SJJW£fI 62 Shafer, Arthur Dean Tyler Shanks, Joyce Ann Tyler Sharon, Larry Levelle Palestine Shavor, Amanda Sue Brownsboro Shaw, Weldon Troup Shelton, Nancy Dallas Sherk, William C. Dallas Sherrod, Lynnette Tyler Shirey, Gerald W. Jacksonville Short, Bill Tyler Shugart, Ernest Austin Shaggs, Donna Clarksville Sievers, Carol Ann St. Louis, Missouri Sikes, Tommy Waco Silcox, Charles Ra Fort Worth Sims, James Galveston Sloan, Bonnie Opal Daingefield 69 Smith, Barbara Tyler Smith, Bobby Tyler Smith, Charles L. Edom Smith, Elton Leroy Big Sandy Smith, Gerry Don Tyler Smith, Juanita Tyler Smith, Larry Gene Tyler Smith, Tim Jacksonville Smitherman, Harriet Corpus Christi Snell, Glenn Tyler Snyder, Linda Mansfield, Ohio Solomon, Paulette Troup 3 e£SJJW£fI 62 Sowell, Sally Tyler Sparks, Norman L. Jr. Henderson Spence, Vonna Dallas • Spiegel, Joel Andrew Fort Worth Spruill, Richard Tyler Squire, David Lee Tulsa, Oklahoma Stanley, Johnie Sue Kilgore Stamps, Anna Tyler Starr, Marilyn Van St. Cyr, Mary Tyler Stegall, Gid Junior Tyler Steinmann, Betty Tyler Steward, Jarrye Fairfield Stewart, Mary Tyler Stoue, Mary Van Stokes, Brenda Lindale Strader, Paula Tyler Strowe, Charles William Garland Stine, Richard Tyler Sturderant, Mary Garland Sublette, Mike Tyler Sullivan, Patrick Tyler Shuttlesworth, J. L. Troup Swift, Dennis Tyler Snyder, Sue Mineola Talbert, Carter Lindale Tarlton, Sherrian Ann Dallas Taylor, Janis , Tyler Taylor, Jimmy Mineola Taylor, Randy Tyler 3 e£SJ m£f} ' 62 Teagne, Danny Lindale Teagarden, Frank Dallas Tidwell, Ralph Tyler Tell, William Tyler Ter-Poorten, Marty Houston Terry, Dell Pine Bluff, Arkansas Terry, Pat Golden Tharp, Tommy Frankston Thomas, Terry Tyler Thomas, Sybil Tyler Thurman, Carole Tyler Todd, Richard Dallas Toohe, Donovan Martin Troup Tomlin, Carolyn Lindale Tomlin, Patricia Ann Tl mp Tomlinson, Elwyn Noonday Tompkins, Carol Chandler Towns, Alpheus Jr. Tyler I Townsend, Dee Longview Trotter, MoUie Rusk Truitt, James Robert Winnsboro Truman, Will Tyler Tucker, Richard T. Durham, N. C. Tucker, Sandra Graham Turnnell, Tommy Tyler Turney, Brenda Jacksonville Vaughan, Connie Bullard Vanclove, Paul Wills Point, Texas Vick, Carol Ann Tyler Vick, Johnny Tyler j e£sjfm£fi 62 tarn -• - ' l ' m f m Mim »i N Ummel, Larry Kent Tyler Wacha, George Palestine Wall, Judy Tyler Wallace, Harry Tyler Walker, Gary Tyler Walters, John Mark Gladewater Warden, Patricia Dallas Warren, Tim Tyler Sears, Warren A. Tyler Watkins, Bobby Tyler Watts, Richard Edward Arp Weaver, James Tyler Webster, Roger Twelve Mile, Inda. Weir, Shelby Dallas Welch, Betty Jewett White, Donny Tyler White, Shirley Tyler White, Phyllis Mt. Pleasant 72 White, Ronald Grand Saline Whifus, Evan Lindale White, Sondra Orange Wilcox, Donnie Rusk Wilkinson, Stele Tyler Williams, Ronald D. Tyler Williams, Sherman Tyler Williams, Mary Waco Wilson, Kenneth McGregor Wilbanks, Glenda Troup Willeford, Judy Tyler Williams, Judy Faye Tyler 3l £SJ4W€fl 62 Williams, Judith Ann Leesville. La. Wilson, Nickey Winnobora Wilson, William Richardson Wingate, Louise Amarillo Windham, Martha Beaumont Wiseman, Don Cleburne Woods, Carey Tyler Wood, James Mineola Wood, James Tyler Wood. Ronald Mineola Woodall, Ray Grand Saline Woodyard, Tommy Bryan Worster, Roland Tyler Work, Clifford Kountze Wright, David Overton Wright, Melvin Marshall Wright, Miki Tyler Yarbrough, Donna Marshall 73 Zlk 13 Id our hfe! ' • ' i •::. i-s HHb « s ■n H l ■ rk Hb- 4 9 ■ 1% N W !J ' Relax! HO-Hum S T ei Jacuic ar5 Busy, Busy Caesar???? 76 o u B u d S e c r e i a r i e Faster, faster Filing away Working so hard 77 Jhode irst 78 Getting their beauty struck ! ! Size please? Pretty maidens in a row — r lViiilfi II II ' I ' f Ta ' irftTfjjr ' ■ ' " ' ■■ji-j -f.f ifi " - " " " ■- " " - S ew lAJeeKi Hey, let ' s twist!! Study hard - What ' s going on ! ? ! 79 Here comes the bell Here comes the band Here come the belles M m e c o m n 6 1 Beat the Rangerettes Queen candidates liiiiiEHiiliiKiiiiiHtti Pile it high What ' s this??? Go-Apaches Apacheland goes on the warpath to win the 1961 Homecom- ing Game against the Kilgore Rangers. On the warpath 81 1—2—3 A real pep talk The Apache spirit 82 Ready to roll Must be Western Week Need help????? 83 " ■ ■ ■; ' ' -?.t ' ■■ ' ' ' ■■ ' v " ■ ' ' " .- " ■■ Come on in, the water ' s fine. ii ' k fe Bathing beauties! Come on, boys! s. -4. P c n c 84 How about a game? a t e P a r I. No one for dancing? Mighty good! 85 T.J.C. beauties Practice makes perfect 86 Our Christmas queen Miss Patsy Hunter ' ' ,f; ' ,i» ,. ;- " ' •■■ ,- - ' ■ ' - " ' tMSw A pleasant memory — • Never {orgotten 87 paches on the War J- ain 88 n tne Ue eenee « am pus sravorii GLENDA CARTER HENRY BOXLEY 1 - -.-•-■ ■ , pr • -?r f oplt omorei avofitei SONDRA STEFFENS GLYNNE JOHNSTON V " li W ■ •■? ? ' ' ¥.:o. % ,iiii.« .. 0 r ' »•? L mf- ' " W i In |i||,j|| tedhmen favorites MIKI WRIGHT DOUG WARNER 1. fr ..mv. f ' i NANCY CONLEY J omecomina ueen y» rr ■• rSJ JUDY JACOBSON CHARLOTTE BUTLER SONDRA STEFFENS -, ,... SH..sc " «tf L neerleade, iers SUE NELSON WILLIAM JONES MELVIN LQINETTE SANDRA THOMAS MIKE McDONALD COOKIE PETRASH u PATSY HUNTER o- aion L nridtmaA ueen .. nd J i rinceiies JUDY JENKINS PENNY WILKINS — ' paclti o-C diti orA JAN ANDERSON ARVINELLE NEWTON DIANE HALYARD Po Wo C ditor 99 r ' f- iifS oit JSeaat ' dui kJvi n K amnuA .T aumm ' ®fe.fea w»» 4 , ulodt IJ eaul ' ijul C Vi Campud Que.,, Of DL WaJl g,u. " ■ ' " " JS J Second nCunner- Ljk A unner- uip incedS fflcii ' tlia lA inan lucient (council ant y fjwr-. i- ' ' ' » C ' •- ' !ySj fl;yi- ' s:Vii« w nird IKunner- ufp f- tinceAA Aharon lAJi nne T — Apache Ljuard fourth nKunnef- Up J 2? S P ■ ■% LADY Juanita Cade £ e u r r n 6 M LADY Kay Horsley he o ueen 6 i ourt LADY Sondra Steffins LADY Sandra Wyatt S 3 s A J J LADY Sue Pinkerton D S t n r i n « a " c i u L LADY Camille Carter LADY Marian Martin k E P k i D k LADY Pat Haesly J P P € W if ' r LADY Sharlot Stewart I c i u L t k C i LADY Mary St. Cyr LADY Glenna Rucker s LADY Sue Nelson c i J i k c i p F a s J m o a m - y .««K LADY Linda Gathright LADY Marv Ann Herber LADY Sherrian Tarleton LADY Louise Wingate ' ' , 0 ' - c w tn i a ( n d d e J4 E P w s E d LADY Jeanne Rhoades LADY Maxine Canterbury LADY Mary Romberg LADY Sandra Thomas s I a I I c i Sharon Wynne hears the announcement that she is third runner-up Peggy is stunned upon hearing news that she is queen Five local judges selected the " most beautiful " and runners-up The Queen and her Princesses nfl- 1 IB Us Ik. € ' ili.tii!iii| ii I i i Ki mi IliliiliUt V .. V V .J - " " mim Officers : President, Peggy Neeley; Vice-President, Nancy Carter; Secretary, Sara Turn- er; Treasurer, Mary Ann Herber ; Reporter, Sharon Wynn; Historian, Nancy Con- nelly; Student Council Rep- resentative, Carolyn Alford. Sigma Sigma is a secretarial science organization open to all students majoring in business. Through this year interesting and worthwhile programs were presented to the group. Various speakers such as businessmen gave different aspects of the secre- tary ' s life and duties. m- » . fi B ' SMe-, Jt .;r ' ' y student i ouncil The Student G uncil is the official organization for student government. Representatives from each campus organization serve as members. Among council activities were the on-campus movies, homecoming preparations, and Thanks- giving and Christmas assembly-services. Officers President Glynne Johnson Vice-President Glenda Carter Secretary Patsy Hunter 116 Po«, Wo. Staff Journalism was instituted in TJC in 1952, with seven charter students. Since 1952, the Pow Wow has accumu- lated nine awards from the Associated Col- legiate Press: two first places and seven All-Americans. In the last rating, it was the lone Junior College bi-weekly in the nation to receive an AU-American. pache taj-f Sponsor: George Stiles Co-Editors: Arvinell Newton Jan Anderson 118 Sports Editor: L. D. Lampkin Assistant Sports Editor: Gilbert Barton Assistant Organizations Editor: Sue Ivey Organizations Editor: Mary Romberg Assistant Personality Editor: Carolyn Lynch Campus Life Editor: Sue Clark Art Editor: Judy Jenkins Business Manager: Juanita Cade Assistant Campus Life Editor: Mary Fitzgerald Photographer: Harold Sides Assistant Beauty Editor: Dee Herandez Class Editors: Frances Mitchell Glenda Wilbanks Beauty Editor: Camille Carter Personality Editor: Pat Haesly r % K| H B8 8M v ' - i ' i , K ' ,A. 1 P r W tm iBk c Jb ' K ' l o- alon ororiti y Officers: President, Marian Martin; Vice-President, Judy Jenkins; Treas- urer, Judy Thompson; Historian, Nelda Phelps; and Reporter, Sue Pinkerton. To-Kalon, the Friendly Maiden Sorority, was organized in 1927. Pledges are chosen by the senior members each fall on the basis of personality, leadership, and character. Mem- bers of To-Kalon have traditionally been active in school affairs, with several honor students and officers of other organizations being among the present membership. Colors for the organization are red and white. Its flower is the rose. Highlights of the year included To-Kolan ' s All School Christmas Dance, at which the Christmas Queen and Princesses were present- ed; participation in the Homecoming Parade; and presentation of the officers for the com- ing year at a dinner dance given in the spring. Carolyn Alford Nixie Bails Phyllis Baldwin Martha Barret Betty Brinkley Marcille Barton Juanita Cade Linda Edwards Judy Ellbury Nancy Emmons iHip It X. Marty Terporten Ruth Fraser Janice Greshem Patsy Hunter Pat Haesly Judy Jenkins Marian Martin Gail McKenzie 121 Sue Stamp? Mary Sturdavant Sharon Tarlton Sandra Thomas Judy Thompson Carol Tompkins Penny Wilking Judy Willeford Phyllis Williams 122 f- tii ZJketa a Members: Mack Stuart, John Baldwin, Larry flngland, Robert Kelly, Walter Davis, R. C. Baker, Shirley Bickerstaff, Glenda Qirter, Linda Beaty, Miss Exum (sponsor), Barbara Gilstrap, Penny Wilkins, Judy Jenkins, Pat Haesly, and Ruth Dark. Members not pictured: Juanita Cade, Edith Hood, Linda Milner, Marie Oelze, Jerry Presley, Sue Stamps, Janet Wood, James Woodall, and Terry Anderson. Highlight of the year was the officers ' attendance at the National Con- vention in Biloxi, Mississippi. »S ' i3pa Alpha Omicron Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa, the national junior college scholastic fra- ternity, has as members stu- dents selected by the faculty and local chapter on the basis of scholarship, leadership, and service. Pledges are chosen from full-time students with a 2.5 grade average. Member- ship is limited to 10 per cent of the student body. Officers: President, Mack Stu- art; Vice-President, Penny Wil- kins; secretary, Judy Jenkins; Reporter, Pat Haesly; Treasurer, Jariet Wood (not pictured). Sponsor: Miss Lena Exum. r. A J A anj ouci c ororct V Sans Souci Sorority is active for the second year on campus after being inactive for a period of five years. The aim of this sorority is to estab- lish a sisterhood that will have for its four-fold objective the physical, intellectual, social and spiritual development of its members. It is symbolized by a shield and a torch. The chosen flower is the yellow talisman rose. Sans Souci is French meaning " free of care. " High- Officers: President, Mary Lea Kennedy ; Vice-President, Camille Carter: Secretary, Mary Ann Ber- ber; Treasurer, Sondra Steffens: Historian, Glenda Carter; Pledge Mistress, Sharon Wynne; Report- er, Maxine Canterbury; and Stu- dent Council Representative, Mar- tha Windham. lights of the year for the sorority were the ac- ceptance dinner for the pledges, the all-college spring formal, and the formal installation of of- ficers and dinner. The four of the five top most beautiful girls on campus were from Sans Souci. The all school favorites were also members of Sans Souci. Miss Sylvia Clayton sponsored the sorority. J r ' ' ? c » ' 1W| Diane Bear ••f ' Kk V " •■ ■ Mary Bob Bouvy Kathleen Brady Maxine Canterbury Glenda Carter Camille Carter Becky Chandler Carol Crocker Betty Ferguson Hedwig Garrard Carole Johnson Judy Jacobson 125 Miki Wright Sharon Wynne Mary Ann Herder Mtta uta uta Atta Kula Kula, traditional organization of the women of the college, provides a general program of recreation, enter- tainment, instruction, and so- cial activity for all women in- terested in membership. Highlights of the year were the fall style show, all-college Christmas party, and spring luncheon. Officers, left to right: Sandra Wyatt, Secretary; Pat Haesly, Vice-President; Sue Pinkerton, President; Miss Elizabeth Bryarly, Sponsor. SST c L - ■ ' , %. -ks4 ion Officers: President, Bert Camp; Vice-President, Kenneth Tomlin; and Secretary, George Pipes. The purpose ol the Apache Guard Association as set forth in their constitution is to promote better school spirit, to protect all property of Tyler Junior College, and to work in hand with all organizations of Tyler Junior College for the bet- terment of the school. The AGA worked hard to make this one of tho best years ever in the history of Tyler Junior Col- lege. At all of the football games and pep rallies, the " Guard " sat in a group and gave their moral support to the " Warriors " on the field of battle. The AGA was in charge of the famous victory bell and the equally famous scalp pole which con- tributed greatly to the school spirit. 128 Sweetheart: Sharon Wynne BELLE GUARD Ronnie Germany, Jimmy Clancy, Jimmy Carpenter, Jim Davidson, and Bob McCarroll. m ' rr - ' tx: SPONSOR Mr. James Lewis INDIAN DANCERS Bert Camp and Dick Doyle Howard Barr Butch Bender Bert Camp Jimmy Carpenter Dick Caswell Jimmy Clancy Jim Davidson Alvin Dahl George Echols Bobby Gabriel Kenny Germany Henry Harrison Hilton Hassell Gary House Tim O ' Leary Tony McClenny Don Morten George Pipes Larry Quattlebaum Robbie Robiaon John Sampson John Schutz Gary Smith Glen Stanley Kenny Tomlin Joe Williams Nelan J. McMichael appa S lama cJLamodi raternitu Officers: Pledge Master, Glynne Johnson; Vice-President, William Jones; Presi- dent, Scip Vonsteen; Secretary and Treasurer, Steve Brown; and Woody Roark, Parliamentarian. i HI ' w ffj «l-- »■ m|L f l«J H • ' H l ■ i y l H A Ml ■ jr ' r in ' " d | J -Sj 1 V ■ ' iwi m. ■ 5 1 llfiJP ' f K ' % " W|l% ' B - ' « l |n| 1l H ' V H Bill Bailey Rusty Berkeley Lan7 Blount Steve Brown Tommy Cartlidge Bob Emerson Larry Harwood Bob Johnson Glynne Johnson Mike Pitzer Gary Walker lAJomen A aJji orm 134 We.: 2). ' otm t- ' fi- W " K " - ' ' ' ■ ' ' " ' ■ ' V " - " ' Officers : President Allan Johnson ; Ser geant-at-Arms, Byroi Ware; Librarian, Mar] Lou Adkins; Clara Hu bert, Secretary ; Ka Costin, Vice-President: and Choir Director, Mr John Hunter. inainq. .. pach laina acneA There ' s " Music in The Air " when the Singing Apaches lift their voices in joyful praise or blend them in the close harmony of popular song. By stressing a professional quality and appearance, the Singing Apaches are much in demand for concert appearance before schools, civic clubs, and similiar organizations throughout ELast Texas. 136 4 I inaina . pacnei VSl Officers : Presiden Mary Romberg; Ci Vice-Presidents, Mai Stewart and Janis Ta; lor; Vice-Presidents i charge of: Recruitmen Delores Herwig ; Pn grams, Ruth Dark; Se retary, Janet Wood Treasurer, Phyllis Bal win ; and Historia: Mary Fitzgerald. Not pictured is Becli Moore, Vice-President i Publicity. Sponsor: Mrs. E Saunders. student C ducation - AAoclah ion Mrs. Saunders, SET sponsor at the All-School Picnic. 138 . l 1 ' ' »«»; ' •-= r»i« «■! ' v . !te ' T, I The Student Education Association was origin- ally organized as the FTA. In 1958 the name was changed nationally to distinguish the college organ- ization from the high school organization. It is open to all students interested in teaching as a career. The Tyler SEA was chartered January 5, 1957, as the Mary Wallace Chapter under the leadership of Mrs. Mary Wallace. Some of the most outstanding programs and projects included the SEA 1961-1%2 year were: sponsoring the all-school picnic, leading a session and participating in a panel for future teachers on Career Day, and having many interested speak- ers such as Mr. Edward Irons, former coach and principal at Robert E. Lee High School and Mrs. Owens, elementary teacher. 139 The Engineers ' Club at Tyler Junior College is a student chapter of the National Society of Professional Engineers. The purpose is to acquaint students with the total practice of engineering which includes ethics and professional conduct as well as theory. The organization traveled to Dallas where they visited the laboratories at SMU. They also visited various electrical labs in Tyler. €, naineeri L lub 140 Officers: Sponsor, Mr. Hix; Vice-President, John McDowell ; Presi- dent, Mike Hill, Secre- tary, Owen Coon; Co- Vice - President Robert Kelley. J ome C i conomicA y iub Officers: President, Juanita Cade; Vice-Pres- ident, Donna Taylor; Secretary, Jane Todd; Treasurer, Delores Her- wig; and Reporter, Mary Adams. The Home Exonomics Club at Tyler Junior Col- lege was organized January 6, 1961. The principal objective of the club is to provide for professional development of college home economics students. The club works with the homemaking depart- ment and programs are planned to develop skills and to increase knowledge of the various areas of home economics. Two main highlights of the spring activities were: a reception for girls interested in home eco- nomics on Career Day and a spring tea for the mothers. SALADS r HORS n ' Qtu m fi ■j . Si V- H . ' iJ- The Geology Club is composed of students ma- joring or minoring in geology. The organization took field trips during the year to such places as the Arbuckles Mountains in Oklahoma, the Central Mineral Region in Texas, and the Wacheta in Arkansas. Ljeotoau L iuo Officers : Treasurer, Lynn Safe; President, Tim Hall; and Secretary, Jeanne Rhoades. 142 Walk CU Officers: President, R. C. Baker; Vice-Pres- ident, Gerald Royce ; Secretary - Treasurer, Mary St. Cyr. The Math Club was organized during the 1960- 61 school year. The club is open to all students interested in the field of math. This year films were ordered on math which would benefit the group, and members of the organization traveled to Austin, Texas where they toured the Texas University Computation Center and the Balcones Research Center. .-Jraache Oub Sweetheart: Rita Beckworth The Apache Rodeo Club was organized during the spring, 1962. The purpose is to promote rodeo and agricultural interest to students and pre-stu- dents of TJC. The officers are: President, William Oswald; Vice-President, John Sampson ; Secretary -Treasurer, Glen Stanley, and Correspondent, Foster McLain. SJlte lA esieu oundaL y uon The Program Interdenominational in scope Worship Two services each week Communion service each week General Assembly — second Monday each month, 10:42-11:36 Plays, films, speakers, debates Nights Study, films, plays Noon Lunch Brought Prepared in kitchen weekly 10:42, Mon., Wed., Fri. Coffee Hour Informal discussion Daily 8:00-5:00 Recreation Study Unscheduled meetings, dis- cussions Reading in Library An Interdenominational Ministry of the Methodist Church Tyler Junior College " For the worship of God and the service of men. " uSaptidt Student Lff nion Greg Burk President Pat Freeman Vice-President Jo Ann Howard Secretary Ruth Dark Editor: Apache Messenger Betty Jean Callender Student Center Chairman B. S. U. Executive Council Darlene Fox Social Chairman Donna Taylor Music Chairman Carol Vick Enlistment Chairman Mike Barnes Morning Watch Chairman Shirley Bickerstaff Commuter Program Ch. Faculty advisor is Charles Hix. Pastor advisor is Bob Jones. B. S. U. Director is Jim Manley Carolyn Lynch Evening Program Ch. Edith Hood Missions Committee Ch. Marylen Graham Summer Service Ch. Mike McDonald Spiritual Development Judy Jenkins Publicity Chairman Student Led Baptist Student Union Conducting a Christ Centered Ministry to the leaders of tomorrow Student Center Program Credit Bible Courses Daily Devotions Recreation Facilities Christian Library Prayer Room Church Related BSD Activities Morning Watch Programs Study Groups Discussion Groups Fall Convention South-Wide Student Retreat Mission Projects Youth-Led Revivals Socials Monthly campus-wide meeting Pre-School Retreat Bible Study Retreat Summer Missions Fund Drive Bible Studies Fellowships Missions Conference Mid-Winter Retreat Summer Service Dedicated Vocations Week 147 4 r lutsina 148 A N D uSountu KJf (iSeautu Six of the 72 Apache Belles who performed at half-time at the T.J.C. football games in 1961. From left to right are Marian Martin, Sue Stamps, Linda Cathright, Miki Wright, Mary Lea Kennedy, and Camille Carter. 151 S onlt mhomoreA l elle Camille Carter Glenda Carter Mary Ruth Payne oafi r lomorei V-JelleA Mary Romberg Sue Stamps Sondra Steffens Linda Thomas Judy Thompson lO P r %- aK s X «wmi Tr , 1 It iW Sara Turner Penny Wilkins Sharon Wynn Mary Ann Herder 153 lt ' -nBtz w piTW ' Mt»inHririTr BTifcTn ' niiii I i ..— . w — -.- tein men l JjelleA Dana Aplia Nixie L. Bailes Diane Bear Rita Beckworth Mary Bob Bouvy Kathaleen Brady Wynette Brazzil Mary Breakfield Betty Brinkley Sharon Coon Linda Dorough Flossy ikjhard reAn men IfJjelleA Bette Ferguson Linda Gathright Janice Cresham Dee Hernandez Amelia Haybook Mary Ann Huckabee Judy Ilbery Kay Kennemer Sanunie McKinney Peggy Mercer Shirlee Nesbitt Cynthia Nichols Carolyn O ' Byrne Carol dinger redhmen (l3elleA Eugenia Pope Patti Price Paula Pynes Giva Richardson Janet Royce € ' £ . Barbara Smith Jerrye Steward Mary Stewart Sherrian Tarlton Carol Tompkins Sondra White Phylis Williams Judy Williford Louise Windgal Martha Windham Miki Wright Mildred Stringer 157 ZJne aJjitect on Edwin " Pinky " Fowler Al Gilliam Mildred Stringer Gilbert Barton Marylen Graham Apache V and Eva Brooks Maxine Canterbury Charles Dillon Nancy Green Linda Hodges Mary Martin Hedwig Gerrard Pam Missildine Richard Morris Clifford Robertson TKorles Lewis Olson Barbara Pensen Judy Potts Schulz Donna Tqylor Mary Stone Byron Ware Y ' ' M ' nrjj ' . U and ellei M? - •—- " ■■ - jS9 --..-..„ ... , :£=-=: " ■ " ■ " ' " ■ — .-. ' -■■■• — ' — — — ' " - -— .- -.- % r::::r:ii. - - ,.„_» Sl ' - « - ■- •- — w- v,„ B- v.-r,„..i r. " i t : " " " :i V- i nT., 3%.:,.:. .-»— ..... i-nii jiim x .- - %-:rl a, , ' . fllv« uter junior L olleae pacneA WE OPPONENTS THEY 40 Navarro Junior College 28 Henderson County Junior College 21 Texarkana Junior College 32 Paris Junior College 3 Kilgore Junior College 12 Henderson County Junior College 18 21 Texarkana Junior College 20 Paris Junior College 20 Kilgore Junior College 19 Tyler finished the season with a 8-1 record and a 7-1. This was a very suc- cessful year for the Apaches. They allowed their opponents to score only 37 points while scoring 217 themselves. 163 I jHHIUJ UA B9 v nH ' avi ' vvMn4yvif«N:i x Head Coach FLOYD WAGSTAFF Assistant Coach BABE HALLMARK 164 LARRY HARWOOD Guard Sophomore PHIL ISBELL Tackle Sophomore PAT BRINKLEY Guard Sophomore HENRY BOXLEY Halfback Sophomore NAVARRO STOPPED BY T. J. C. 40-0 . A. C . 0} I lavaro 0. In the opening game of the 1961 season, the Tyler Junior Col- lege Apaches gave the Navarro Bulldogs a 40-0 beating. Displaying tremendous and speed, backs Henry Boxley and Donnie Wallace led the Apache squad in offense. DWAIN BEAN Fullback Sophomore 165 Playing in their favorite bowl, the Rose Bowl in Tyler, T. J. C. put a stop to the winning hopes of Henderson County in a 28-0 battle. T . J. C. led by Larry Harwood is over-balanced in the de- fense department and HCJC just could not get a scoring drive started. RICHARD WOODS End Sophomore WALLY WHITLEY Guard Sophomore ribe laui ,.J4-k Ak ( ardinaid TIM FALGOUT Quarterback Sophomore ALTON STANDLEY Center Sophomore DON PRICHARD End Sophomore l JtOk yi i-A DON PRICHARD End Sophomore AUBREY RAWLS Tackle Sophomore A. J. TREMONT Quarterback Sophomore BILL HEINEN Fullback Sophomore J, A. C-. 21, Jexarnana ■ " 6i 6fea5 i?:os4S- ' ' , ' BUTCH BISHOP Halfback Sophomore Journeying on foreign soil for the first time of the young season, T. J. C. met with no opposition in Texarkana as the 21-0 score indicated. Playing with the aid of many friendly Tyler fans, T. J. C gave another great defensive show allowing the Bulldogs no points and few yards rushing. 167 DONNIE WALLACE Halfback Sophomore rlbe toas e i pi Taaond i 30-0 The Apaches traveled to Paris and downed the high-spirited Paris Dragons 30-0. This was the fourth straight victory for the rampaging Apaches from Tyler Junior College. GAYLE COSBY Tackle Sophomore TOM ANDERSON Fullback Sophomore GRADY ROUNTREE Quarterback Freshman . pacnei aueak dSu r anaers 3-0 ' i i In a hard-fought game at Kilgore, the Apaches came through with a 3-0 victory thanks to the talented toe of Donnie Wallace. Wallace kicked a field goal which turned out to be the only points scored by either team. r if ' aV M [3 H - gdM r 1 B yi|r-. ' l " -. ' - ' mn IHjfhM H ' QSi 1 HORACE JOHNSON Center Freshman 168 O L Vp.d 8 M.C .C. 18-12. In one of the biggest games of the season, the Cardinals of Henderson County Junior College handed the Apaches of Tyler Junior College a 18-12 upset. It was a hard-fought game but when the final whistle sounded the Cardinals had come out victorious over the Apaches. CLAYTON DOWNING Tackle Freshman REX CRIM Guard Freshman CALVIN CANNON Halfback Freshman TIM HALL Halfback Freshman Jrioe oDej-eats ( - aitdoa5 28-0 After a set-back the preceding week, the Apaches again got back on the winning streak by handing the Texarkana Bulldogs a 28-0 defeat in Rose Stadium. Thanks to the great defensive wall of the Apaches, the Bulldogs were unable to penetrate the Apache goal line. iOM.MY WOODARD Guard Freshman 169 PAUL DRUMMY Halfback Freshman ZJribe tapA J- arU 20-0 In a game which saw a superior Apache Defense again hold its foe scoreless, the Paris Dragons were handed a 20-0 defeat. MARTIN TELGER Guard Freshman CHARLES BERRY Guard Freshman ALLEN BENNETT Guard Freshman lA arriorA iip ( J IKanaers 20-19 In the final game of the season, the Apaches gave the Home- coming crowd a game well worth the tradition of the former Apache teams. The Apaches defeated a determined Ranger team from Kilgore 20-19. 170 LARRY BARRON End Freshman .. paclte ASaARetbati t T earn. Head Coach-FLOYD WAGSTAFF Assistant Coach — HERB RICHARDSON Gold Black Name Ht. Hometown 10 11 Paul Drummy 5 ' 8 " Marlsboro, Mass. 12 13 Joe Garner 6 ' 1 " Dallas, Texas 14 15 Larry Guinn 6 ' P ' Henderson, Texas 20 21 Bobby Carpenter 5 ' 10 " Tyler, Texas 22 23 Sturdy Wanamaker 5 ' 9 " Nacogdoches, Texas 24 25 Doug Williams 6 ' 1 " Beaumont, Texas 30 31 Tommy Jones 6 ' 5 " London, Texas 32 33 Loyd Rex Johnson 5 ' 7 " Laneville, Texas 40 41 Don Eckleman 6 ' 6 " Houston, Texas 42 43 Dennis Brand 6 ' 5 " Brownsboro, Texas 44 45 Gary LaMar 6 ' 6 " Haguestown, Indiana 171 TOMMY JONES Forward 6 ' 5 " DOUG WILLIAMS Guard 6 ' 1 " STURDY WANAMAKER Guard 5 ' 9 " 172 JOE GARNER Guard 6 ' 1 " DON ECKLEMAN Center 6 ' 6 " BOBBY CARPENTER Guard 5 ' 10 " 173 DENNIS BRAND Center 6 ' 5 " LOYD REX JOHNSON Guard 5 ' 7 " PAUL DRUMMY Guard 5 ' 8 " 174 LARRY GUINN Forward 6 ' 1 " GARY LAMAR Forward 6 ' 6 " Sturdy Wanamaker makes a long jump shot. 175 nWvC Serving the Greater i MOIT COMPilII yc chmi(ll Meet Your Friends at NEIL SIMPSON DRUG STORE NO. 6 Apache Shopping Center Delicious Sodas, Sundaes, Homemade Pies Luscious Meals A Cable " Hook up " is Your Best Buy in Television TELEVISION CABLE SERVICE COMPANY INC. Now Serving More Than 8000 Homes with 5 Channels of TV Glenn Rinn Johnny Mankin Raymond Hedge DERRICK NO. 1 61 1 South Beckham Phone LY 3-7061 177 Broughton Collins GULF SERVICE STATION 1232 E. Fifth New Henderson Hwy. Just across from Junior College THE BORDON COMPANY Tyler, Texas CARLTON HOTEL Excellent Food Department Banquet Facilities Private Parties Tyler Texas Good Luck Apaches from f actio Where you hear the K-DOK " Apache Fight Song " 1330 on the Dial ZJne ( antera ilflctrt 109 E. Seventh Tyler, Texas Bergfield Shopping Center TYLER PACKING COMPANY Manufacturers Distributors of Beef, Pork, Meat Specialities P.O. Box 11 16 C. C. Giles, Gen. Mgr. Kilgore Hwy. Herbert Buie Pit. Mgr. Tyler, Texas H. B. Willis, Accnt. Phone LY 3-9592 GE Air Conditioning Heating Built-in App. TEXAS DISTRIBUTORS, INC. Kilgore Highway at Loop 323 Tyler LY 4-5531 Compliments of T F BIGABURGER 1226 S. Beckham Tyler ' s Friendly Family Drive-in 178 ANTONS RECORD SHOP STORY WRIGHT INC. WeJngar+en Shopping Center Fine Printing • Social Sationery Office Supplies Tyler, Texas LY 2-1681 213-15 N. College Compliments of 3ord KING CHEVROLET YOUNG MOTOR COMPANY Home of the King Size deals 700 W. Erwin Tyler 527 W. Erwin LY 2-4377 it ' s a Date Compliments of ROSE BOWL LANES IKeaan 3 Downtown and Sreenacres Front and Palace Tyler Texas The Optomistic Selling Salesman BEN fitzgerald TYLER UNIFORM CO. realty 1309 W. Erwin CO. Tyler, Texas Specializing in Selling Houses 179 member Air Line ASIA Steamship Tours ROBERT H. JACKSON Jackson Travel Agency Inc. 116 S. Broadway, Tyler Phone LY 2-0861 COX ' S GRILL 1423 S. Baxter Phone LY 2-9574 " Across from T. J. C. Campus " BROADWAY JUNIOR SHOP 410 S. Broadway Fashions to meet every Need of the Colleg Girl FOWLER FURNITURE CO. Sifts and Wall Accessories Furniture Rugs Appliances 522 E. Erwin Ph. LY 4-7485 Tyler G. H. LASATER No. 2 1717 E. Erwin Tyler, Texas XEVEIiETT JEWELERS TYLE R i!li!lii TE X AS HARVEY PONTIAC COMPANY HflRVEV 11 ' ponTiRC.Gompnnv tCBina IcECSS IijjiIm jL (522 W. Erwin 1018 E. Fifth Tyler, Texas Apache Shopping Center 180 Compliments of OLIVER MOTOR CO. Congratuiotions Graduates • ■ • • • • MONTGOMERY WARD East Texas ' most modern and complete Department Store . . . Bergfeld Center Tyler, Texas " Always Remember! " Shop Wards before you buy 124 S. Bonner VAUGHN ' S SWEET SHOP LY 4-5539 Tyler Congratpilations Graduates 181 da I r«f inplle PRESCRIPTION PHnHMACT LY 2-1638 1 222 So. Beckham Tyler, Texas LY 3-7303 J o%%itu ± k 0£1 1 12 E. Ferguson LY 4-4-4502 Green Acres LY 3-7191 Lloyd James FUNERAL HOME C » (zJ evvice jor ' ' niers DIAL 4-6611 Tyler, Texas 110 E. Front assad s d- FINEST IN MEN ' S WEAR 200 W. Erwin St. Dial LY 4-7922 Tyler, Texas Connpliments of Roosth $ Genecov Production Company p. O. BOX 2019 PHONE LY 2-7304 Tyler, Texas «JVi ' A. S. Genecov, Pres. Bennie Roosth, Vice Pres. Isadore Roosth, Sec.-Treas. 182 WAGNER CADILLAC 623 W. ERWIN STREET COMPANY (fi-r- ' - W. ; -JK!»f i •»£• i PHONE LY 2-1636 mm 6 L C Y C L E S HOLLEY LINCOLN MERCURY SALES, INCORPORTED 517 W. Erwin LY 3-9435 CONTINENTAL MERCURY COMET STUDEBAKER Where Our Customers Bring Their Friends HOLLEY MOTOR COMPANY 236 S. Broadway IMPERIAL DODGE LANCER LY 4-7278 CHRYSLER PLYMOUTH VALIAKT DODGE TRUCKS Holley Saves You Money! JIM HOLLEY BUICK 302 N. Broadway LY 2-1641 SKYLARK ELECTRA LA SABRE SPECIAL Buy The Best — Buy A Buick BEST WISHES FROM THE 1962 APACHE STAFF 183 !iz!:r:z3man s shoi 125 South Broadway Tyler ' s Best Shop for Men Tyler, Texas Phone LY 4-6744 CADE LUMBER COMPANY Division of Cochise Lumber Co. Inc. Lumber and Building Materials 238 South Glenwood Blvd. Tyler, Texas P. O. Box 622 Phone LY 4-4282 DAIRY QUEEN 1815 W. Erwin 1627 S. Vine Tasty Malt 1800 W. Bow GOOD ' S PHARMACY 815 South Beckham Tyler, Texas Dial LY 2-8283 BURKS- WALKER-TIPPIT Funeral Home, 215 E. Front Insurance Office, 427 S. Fannin LY 2-6533 Tyler, Texas JOYNER-FRY Men ' s Wear Boys ' Wear Tyler, Texas 113 W. Ferguson St. Ph. LY 4-7245 LUBY ' S CAFETERIA Serving Hours 11:00 2:00 a.m. 4:45 7:45 p.m. Closed on Sundays 114 S. Broadway Tyler 184 • % hW. ir« «« , .m : ' . " M -Jl ; - m i ,- y I W Ill iiuMwilMIliUllliU liiiiiiiiM

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