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 - Class of 1950

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Tyler Junior College - Apache Yearbook (Tyler, TX) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Cover

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f ,,fw,,.w - ,. .wff -I nl ll x -.4Nq4.1. X v Q , , 'Q'o'o'o . o'o'o'. O O 0 90' . A Q Q - r Iv , , 0 O 90.4 lp 1 o 4 ,, 1 0 I 'fxf 0 4 , La' . 0 oc WQQQ' OX' I v, 'gl ,0'o 5 'Q ':9' ',9 0 0 0 Q0 9 0 Q01 O' Q f. 0 5.0 .0 0' ' ,Ig 45,3 . 1 O O Q 51,4 P ' I ' 'o 0 I Q ' ' f o.0J I :n,Q 1,4 '98 ', Q . ' 1 1 1 Q 9 , S: 1 , " 4 fx Q 'fo 3,0:o'q 4' 'ami is 0 059990 4' 000, Q 0 ' ' "fe 0 H 0,4 ,'0Q ' fYi 'Gu NF vAueHN 8-I-H0 is U C uf 9' u I , .In N 'MT Y' Q U L Ol' if -I C J' l ,I 0 I. qw. QF, rc 4 o o 1 C F 4 ' hir' I 5 n rf9r -4 I if I 9 Q . f if '.. Iamqlri :wmv 1 Y olleqe CONTENTS DEDICATION CAMPUS ADMINISTRATION ACTIVITIES BEAUTIES VVI-IO'S WI-IO FAVORITES SPORTS -I SOPI-IOMORES STAFF Ed for- n-Ch ef Owen I'IarnricIc Assisianf Edijrors Bobby Jean Clark Carol Inabnef Business Managers Jo EIIen SmiII1 Ann SisIc-AssisIan'r Ac+iviIies and Organizafions ' Pai Lundy S I y por s Edward Thwaifes ArIis'rs FRESI-IMEN ADVERTISEMENTS Joanne Sebasfain-Edifor ' Jeannine Casey Snapshofs Rosemary MaxweII Gloria Toolce X Typisis Aniia Gann-Head Jean I-Ieard Joan Keeling Plwoiography Loyce C. Jones I-Ien y AIIen R I. FauIIcne IIIIIIIIIIIIIII I-Iarry Jenkins APACI-IES I 2 IIIII D . 1 I Q f BUILDINGS up 1':-ca' 'H gi.- IRI! - lm ,K frail THE CAMPUS OF T. J. C. - 'u1 1'7'f'1fKf N W.. 2 :Q TMJ., ,Q ,V , , X M-cg., ' ,: 3 ' . f M T3-E, Q ' 1 W? A Q sf. ..- A f , wg, y I-5, , I w rw- M V fx- ea. xi? ' Q 7,1 1, ,- . ' ' ...IZ . X w,..f' ,- V- EM. - ' ., 'H ' xg. ,P "7 Y . "1 fl , '5 ,ZX ' F 1 ,, ' P" ' ' .- if' - -I . 57' " ' , ' ' a 45- , X - J - A4 . -- ' A - WP? ' .. K 3 "' ' fp- ' L ., 1' -A ' 3 - . 1...-ff-H ' - ' zur- el 1 E r.,...- ,-, Y V 1 GENTRY GYM sn' . "1 Q49-,., , . I - pm .. , , ..,, I , .MIL . D I 'G' - I - .Q--gms, M . ,H vm. Saw' ,A ' 'Ms ,'d-GQWQM , , ,- xX,.,,., I . if .,l'Vlff3l-' 4 f , RQQTW n . 71"-. "M . ' 6 F ,t " " V ""'1' . A4 V, 5 - 1 ,wwf-w. 5 , ,"1u+p. " I 51. x 0' "W-ov.. 1, ,Iv , ,A It 'bp vmgk -Nwm, ,mdk -N, 'wb . I THE VOCATIONAL SHOPS BUILDING THE NEW TEEPEE IS ALWAYS A BUSY PLACE AT T. J. C. -5 'Q.,'l" . , , . TYLER JUNIDR COLLEGE H. E. JENKINS, PRESIDENT TYLERQTEXAS Uwe can look upon the junior college movement which is now spreading throughout the United States as the most signifi- cant occurence in American education in the present century.W --Ex-President Wilbur of Stanford University To the Students of Tyler Junior College: May I congratulate you, who are the student personnel of the new Tyler Junior College, upon the record which you have made during the year and the contributions which you have made to the continued progress of the college. - Already this new institution, begun only three years ago, has assumed a place of leadership and importance in the system of higher education in Texas, as well as a prominent place among the junior colleges of the nation. For example, never before has the national convention of Phi Theta Kappa been held at a college only three years old. To you, the students, I express the appreciation of the Board of Trustees and the college faculty, as well as my own. The junior college movement is the Uwave of the future.W You will always be proud of your part in the development of this new institution, a part of the national junior college movement. 1' , .3 3 . M., ,...,A-a:-'- --was me--nur -- 1-g g - ? , Y , Q ? g I 5 C"""'1 i is H. E. Jenkins, President Tyler Junior College Dr.ti E.JenHns 2 Premdenf TYLER JUNICIR COLLEGE OFFICE OF THE DEAN To the Studen Your presence a realm apart May your Stay f armed into a you, in looki of my inspira EMP:bw V ng back, may say "Alma Mater, thou nurturer rug ,M 0-,,,,....--an-""""" '3 :DL if 4. ,3 ,f V 44,2 .I r Mrs. Mildred Sfringer Direcfor of Slrudenf Acfivifies Roberjr Boyd Direcfor of Voca+ional Aqriculfure , - V--. 1 3' W...S...-.., .Au ., x.. tumwi , 8 2,1 Johnnie Armslrong Jean Browne Myrle Burford John Carson Louise Clinlcscales Edwin Fowler Averille Greenhaw J. C. Henderson Mildred Howell Mildred Jernigan W. l.. Jones Charles Morrow Lelia Parlc Salora Parsons Lo'r+ie Ray Mary Terry Mary Wallace Mabel Williams BeHy Williams .4 FAC U LTY 'A Y!" 3 4 N 1? 'll A 1 If ,ni-incl., ,gn 'Q . :Y Jff '23-'Q i -.,- 0 L Xxx X Fe! -I 7' 4 2, STUDENT CQUNC I I. lvlillrecl Lewis A A A ,A,.Presiden+ Bill Palmer AA Vice Presidenf Pal Andrews A A .ll.,. A A ,AAA A Secreiary Cllficers: lra Earl Tunnell, Sybil Aulrey, An- Jrlwony Kamel: Jimmy l-licks, Bill Lawrence, Carolyn Barron. O 5 QW .if QA gy 5 4A,-1116 B. S. U. Ba pfisf Sludenf Union Rev. Bealy, Pai Lundy, Belly Pallon, Virgie Barron, Jolnnnie Human-President Peggy Epperson, Dapliine Yancey-Secrelary, Rev. Pallon. Second Row-Billy M. McClos- lin, Helen Rice. Georgia Larrison, Joy Wells. Third Row-Bill l-lorlon, Bobbie J. Clark, Marvin Harris--Vice President Bonnie Greenwood. Tommy Slwerard, Vicfor Granberry. RSV - P . 1 - XP 'SHO B S U. Valenlme Pal Xl Vkordirior Aglzclub Soo . s We ' ' Ofp Off M "Son Commilleeg or resenf fry QS- l':fel'7e RSV. S N 1 he ,Of frfyxfzai R' Beary A C Ufejl of. STQN ES AN D BQNES Geology Club Er-.-. rin rf' w - 9 . 1 , I , l Nl, A k I I? 5 7' X Bill Bufler-Sponsor, John Ford-Presido ..,, f4ei+l'w Sharp-Vice Presidenl and Field Chairman, Mary E. Fausl-Secrelary, and Jean l-leard. RIFLE CLUB W., 'l X W ll lf Q1 ' ' ,as 4. il- X .. - :au M I F, ,M l 5 v .1 ,fr I 'JA ' 5 M N As -1 Nh! 5 . 'xdenlz dk Kooncxii XJ pxjxiix-xne . on af S Pre5'xClen2g-gllilugeflfellawz F5 syxmfflxl KN. PH I THETA KAPPA - . 1 , , -1 A ., 7 .. . - 1 id . 's '75 1 65Qii'..,g x by , -. Ei X. X 1 1 ai' Johnnie l-luman, Dorolhy Wood, Euline Williams, Judy Winn, Mary Faust Ramona Milchell, Amanda Johnson. Second Row-Bobbie Clarlc, Pal Andrews, Billie Boyd, l-lelen Rice, Sybil Aulrey. Third Row-Sylvesler lvlaflhews, Donald Young, Norman Reynolds, Carney l-lamilfon. Norman Reynolds-President Bobbie Clark-Vice President Judy Winn -Secrelary, Mary E. Fausl-l'lis'rorian, Donald Young-Treasurer, and Sybil Aulrey. ENQNEERS MIES W1'ff1'amsxSponsor, Mfffon Jonesx Woe Presfdenf Cerro!! GimblexPresfdem2 Jimmy SfarK'eyxRe,oorfer, Biffy Ba fefnaf1XSecre fary- Treasurer. WS Wm xo QW 'W APACHE a7""K. M ' 1.12" OWEN I-IAMRICK STAFF Edifor :Ns , ' -ff- -!"v vw fw T-."..."' 'S S. N, BOBBIE J. CLARK JOE BICE ANITA GANN JEAN HEARD Assn. Edifor Business Mgr. Typisf Typisf N3 -1-4 '17 N-Q IX, CAROL INABNET AMANDA JOHNSON JOAN KEELINO PAT LUNDY Assn. Edi+or Eeafure Edifor Typisf Organizafions gsm ,.I3. inu- 'Ui 'ifx 'Q JOANNE SEBASTIAN ANN SISK EDWARD THWAITES GLORIA TOOKE EULINE WILLIAMS Ar'r Edi'ror Business Sporfs Edilror Snapshofs Feafure Edifor THE P0 VQL XIII Tyler Junior College, February 9, 1950 l r 2 , l l "iraqi- STAFF FOR THIS ISSUE Editor in Chief ....... Managing Editor... Assistant Editors... Copyreaders ..... ......... . . .Harry Jenkins. Dorothy Pinkerton Co Photographers ........ .... .................Johnnie Human .... . . . ...... . ...... Sybil Autrey ....Jean Hill. Dorothy Pinkerton .. ..... Ted Bryan, Harry Jenkins Girls Activities Reporter. . . . . . . ........ . . . . .Ramona Johnson . . . . .Pat Andrews. Bonnie Greenwood. Dorothy Pinkerton. Helen Rice. W, B. Wallace. Betty Williamson Sybil Autrey. Bobble. Jean Clark, Dwight Ewing, Betty Patton Typists ......... Dolly Langdon. Harry Jenkins. Jean Hill Exchange Editor ...... ........................W. B. Wallace Circulation Manager............................Sonny Kellam BUSINESS STAFF Business Manager .............................. Marcus Drews Bookkeeper ..... . . . . . . . . . .Thurston Koonce Faculty Adviser .... 1, W.. s- awfgx gs .. V. -, x f . .Y ,z , - X sag - fx L ,fn J.,-,, , '. .Q , -xiii' f Y is t l 5, l 2 . , 'fgu Q 6, V 53 li 215' fo all ef I l 3 P . . .Miss Leila Pltk X hr- I O M " N S v E x Y X S lk- 1 mb- X Y , L ' X- g x L Don Russell, Bill Denlon, Don Calhoun, Bill Barber GIRLS TRIO T. J. C. QUARTET '-7 T7 Gelfy Lee l-lunler, Dorolhy Pinlcerlon, Lucy Sfanlord Q M , ns I' cj ,, A SANS SGUCI ! , VV 5 R 1 Z A 5 A Presidenl-Joyce House: Vice Presidenr-Elizabelh Johnson: Corresponding Secrefary -Parsy Bryan: Recording Secrelary-Belly Wlialleyg Rusli Caplain-Mary Bolesg Reporler-Belly Williamson: Treasurer-Dolores McKinney: Parliamenfarian-Pal Andrews. 'v ,,,,,, 'E' I if 6 Joyce Maddox Palsy Sjreplwens Joyce l-louse Elizabelli Johnson N qs 11 fl? Mary Boles Jane Williamson Pal Andrews Palsy Bryan J ff ,,. .4- Qf - rn -.yf V7 Anila Gann Dorolhy Pinlcerlon Belly Williamson Joyce Forlenbury fn. , ,Q 9- if N-5 'T' ' www.. ,-fi 2' 3' ,-.-v -oy 4 Rosa Mallory Nora Korlcmas Olhelia Dorn Dolores McKinney fb" i 1 ' . . 'S 1 . 'W za ,,.,,n ,M -ni '-7 ix' I 3 X , , V 'i 1 Shirley Brown Barbara Shaw Belly Graham Joan Johnslon w- 21 '.1,"L" nn -gy' K ,Cf N J Dolores Davis Belly Whalley Merry Johnson Mary Nell Owens ,ff-sf' X 5 Pal Risher l . f-1 sr: xl ia OFFICERS: ll. +o r.l Ramona Mifchell-Secrefary-Treasurer. Joanne Sebaslian-PresL dent Ada Nell Clark-Pledge lvlislress, Mrs. Jean Brown-Sponsor, Mrs. R. H. Mir- chell-Sororily Molher. 1 LAND OF TO-KALON l-lave you ever been To To-Kalon? Why i+'s The land of only girls Wi+h very nice manners and prerlry curls, And in This land of To-Kalon There are Two lcinds of chafs. There are 'rhe members, And, of course, lhere are The rals. They are proud of Jrhis land called To-Kalon For now if is len years old: And sllll if slands, Proud and bold. They say lhis land of To-Kalon ls where everyone has lung And when if comes 'ro unify . .. They are all one. So won'+ you come +o To-Kalon And visif a day wilh me, Where everyone is happy, As happy as can be. -by Carol lnabnel MEMBERS: Beffye Aclcer Virgie Barron Jane Broadlool- Jean Broadlool Jeannine Casey Mary Lou Casey Pal Casey Ada Nell Clarlc Jo Genlry Carol lnalonel Ramona Johnson Jo Ann Kannel Ramona Milclwell Jackie Morgan Belly Presley Joanne Sebas+ian Ann Sislc Julia Slecld Lucy Slanlord 'fin- 'ici -nur 9 'Y' xf. Q37 757' 4 A inf- 5-'KQ C V :gg E3 'S "DL 7? fl' "Ui 1 sf Y' ,,.., -4 ATTA KULA KULA QD sf ,1- OFFICERS OF A. K. K. Mrs. Bryarly-Sponsor: Dorofhy Pinkerron-President Mary Boles-En+ef+ainmen+ Chairman: Joyce House-Vice President Joyce Maddox-Secrefary. Carol lnabner, Dororhy Pinkerron, and Jean Hill are picrured plan- ning for a Valenrine Tea. gg.: 755 4 , ,E . . 21. ' , 5x45 , 31, A.. ... A :ami-:'x'c'5mn"W: f Q' ATTA KULA KULA La 1-T X, ug E U7 O L+- O Q. I O g U3 QD P enfah repres S5 IS Qc +- 6 O ZZ YU .E 1: ro OW L O E ow B o .C O un fU C FC cn 5.2 :Z Qi F' 'QQ' 19,5 ' 'C-1.4 vg , C312 'ig .X A -fi .- , '.A-'H L, av X , DA,-A x. U 1'-N Wufxi 4 5, 131 ' ' "45Hv'.,. 'hy Pfriedow Es EF'+G'VE6W.'Q Jerry, William, and Wayne on +heir 'IQ fo Mebco. I, Donald Allred Charles l-louse Wayne Blewell Edgar lvlclvlillan Jerry Thompson Harold Whiralcer Paul Pierce lv1.0. Bridges Jack Price William Crook Billy Denlon Gerald Dale Jerry Waldrip Tommy Turner Chuck Bealry 'Tix nu? 5 i 1 J fn 'H CAMPUS 0 fr . P S Y f v x G' . 5 ,fl P A 1 LIFE 'N Igilw CAMPUS 3 f? ,711 1 1.4-2' fL" ,av LIFE I , --.. 'bluff' Q in' ' -.MQ I. A "N lk-.pa Camera hog. Raise your voices high. . . Don't kid us, girls! F Z"' 1- Double or nothing. Uh-oh! . . R"Y '-5.,.- I f-,ix-4-Q ' , .. ,... .J , -. V 5 ' H 1311 if Little Bit? 1. l 1 "California there they go. . ." 3- Music? You name ii! Q 1 Having trouble, Iwo? 1.0014 out j0hn Having fun, Donald Joe? 'Q Goo C1 family baCkS'O und! ,wr , L. 'J' 'm"'lna--mf unqawwvf-Sw H" W" fx" Q Ik i F' CHEER LEADERS Anflwony Kernel, Don Russell, Par Rislwer, Marilyn Murray, and Shirley Brown 32"- -',-1 Q 44865181 A ,.-VL M vw " 'f 3 ' 5 u:w'1'Lf74'L"'fF" """ a"""f5f"3"'i'i!'c-5 , ' ' . . ,-uf ' , "bf 'fa-.gp "5 :- , Vg-' v 'HY 5" - ,J ' X' F rg 1 ..-" .w w " N i:"n5?""" "f56f- - '.' i'i5'A ' .'Sm J ' Wk fb ' aan.. J A I ' - 1 1 . , " ' - ff. .. , rf . ' .., 9- ' f fa, ,JA MBLX14. '1:'.-g,,- 1-.nb V , 536425, . 1 A Y,Y,,,,,..- .,., IP , . ..- x ,JY L Q Mm -1 "'x vf ,xf . 3 XX X ' xx I Pr 7 3- gy' ,rj 'wx Ji lla-01 5 ,.. ,gf min" 1. 1' " ' Q yy, 4.,. 5 6 . 1 ' X.-a , 1 . A r , .uf 1, 4' 'Q 'sfqx Ziff' I in '13, . Q 3 1 3 Kai' V " H N '-. he ""'. --""'-..::. a. Gigs .,' v , ,N s'vqgf.v,.A, if 'ar31.2'iHc. , :H , , if W , A W-Q ' Cs. .IE "'f X rM,.,.L vi W 64 T o N lilllbl-I 98321111 awful :ali ll .O. ?J-"d,g' ff' KM , . 'ws- ' C r Lg "-.6f'.' Y-if 09 'pf x . 'wg ' f X , , 0 .1 ' ,', Q. A 'A' ,M U 9 Hr" Q24-'ff-f ' ff' .. . . 5 iff' 'D' -JO, YQ! ' . 9. ' 'x' 1 '3wl."":.if' G 'G Eggdf - 2?- R5 il i,A4lLfj!kKo,Fd':!? f-.T Livggiifgi' .fi"fQf'J-f-QQ '-:'3"f111.r'-- ?i'w.- -,fff ..-fi--Q 11: 'Q ---1 f ' --W.: fp .,, ,.1."-'JJ .",v- -SQ. .. -'fry '. w.w"S -'x '41-' "g,".' f'.'Il mf.. ' f-.'-N9-ff' ff' '-4'-:"c.-ff' '9- "'f""f-4 1 "I" 'U-1" flfbhiil, gJi'45L'.?7" Q5"f" 227212: b.-J--ff.f:'2,:5'-3'E'11. -zfifgq, ff- :fu-jzfff' -I., " -6" -W 7' 'v-Ia" .Lf .-n-jghwe. 'L' .lt ,f-JI K?" iff 'hge fvfj 'f5'f'l7" vim ':".5Y".fk .f"2Z- Q1- T2 C..--A,4ij2"Q.' ' f' .AP ' "7 '1Q1T:'l' 2' Wh, , v' "iJ""" -in-'if1S3,Q2fa5'-if5"i-'.f Af. .' .liffiixz 'S'f'w."f6.f-I Y " f '.fggffgf:g.- 4 , "iw ' 1 "-f.1'f.:"1g-,3.'a.-4,'-g'i'.Qf L7'f".n-'ffLg,f' 'ff ' 'W 9""'ff ffl JJ ... - ""'r:.-vs. .fr-A "' 3-'X' N' ' , - 1' we . , . in, 1 "' 1' Z' - ' JK. 'tQQ"i" 1 ae , -if iff- .ff-1ye'..I .- 3 ' ' V ' - -.. "' .N 4401- .efhfb .2 ii .,V?, P :QM 0 ix vin,-.', V 1'8" A o N A .04 ,. J . ,g.,.Q':f,f -15,3155 CN 'wr ,. I .-, Aff' I.. 4 .' 4 . cr f r 'J ev'-J'-It I AA 4 ,' sf . aff AL' I , p 4 - v Y 1 0 ky, 6 I 1 P ii wie' 5.1 s A rf' .' . , nz, , ax-V .,. - --y .,, f - '-,, .3 .v 5-, X .x,, .. x -- .- R I nf . . .. --as ... .. x . 4-iff. ,h I i .. ,-, r , V .1 , .,,,, -6 'Q .ff Q TQ,,!r.3q..,:g'.1. if-. Q. is ,fm M5 , x..g:m. ,, 44.3 - ,..,..ki1 Y ,aw-rx..e-.eg ,,:.,:?-T'-Mi -, . s-x3'.-11'-,..-f:e+nSl-' 'XJ' " Tp,:f":3f'!g1:'5.' - L 18. J , ' fl .-"w'4'JJm,4"-EAf-- ' -' . 1'v' - -' -"' '- bf: , H Q :'aiJSi:?M'mi1.f:.'?:k Anil. I K' ' - "f 1.1" xx .QA ,lf I :ur 1 I J ,. K 4 tx? p Ju F ,-'g1.a:'h.A- 'T' 311. vw' ,,," f ' r Kargflr S-4-.K A , V3--., L 4. Q w .7 1 NJ ' 03,-. ..- 1 ,J-KAW 'wx' "- fg"" , ,f-j: MV, W...-av ., . rm " --'H M 4 -- W- aw 7- ' ' - 1 5 1 ' - - -... - bv f 1'1J,".-. S V--one-e s fl . ,. l' L' -L . . ,. Af' +..z '-vs. ..,,.,-.., '. Vu up 1,1555 'Nr' 1 . , .4l' 'T .J .fr N Mi' an. 1 ' 1 Sv, -L pf ".x' I -.-gray, ?,. n 93 fm, '- , f' O - , .- ' 'WZ' 'M . - . v 1 . 1 I , u K. . 6 . ' 421- .x,3Lx,, V X. ' 4 ,J -O -. using! Q' , '..x. in-1 , W . , , .. . , V, , -- . . :gf I-'. A .,+,L?a,' V.. V- . in ,,' ,l-sm , v 45, ,g . -.' x .at S 7,155-A,,, 'f'5,:-,A L 5 wx" " "f -'--'-,Wx " f ' -7 .:mt"n':: F w.1 TA '-M' " ' v 3 .--'A 17 .Qs-' 'ivw' 1 f' :Lv-H, . , 3 - 1 ,4 N--Q? W .- ,, 1. . - V gg? ,W J , ., -X ,Q - . -5 ,W ' " -, -My ' , 5- '- p 1 ., -fx A Y H... Q ' 8 -- '-. . P. --HB. - ' . .K .' - -1' 1-E!-85,3 . . + , ' al-11 In Xa 9 F f f f I I I I I V , BELLES nn ' ' 13935 ,xx A '14, 'WL i ' M-sf. x' . -. N . 152444 A 2 1 'A 1' .f,, , My vi A W... ffix ,f -.- X- J' Q ,g ,X ,E Mm.. ,il 'wg H' 'Zxp n T5 a- .I l , , V53 TQ,i:':4w'w, 5,1 ,K , q ,W , 'W Mavza WY P' XF-Q, D In-...L hgafiz 4 D K ,IAA . 1. V' 5 'ff ,, , Q ,Q fs LAN y if A ' 9 .-M 'f f m X M f X 3 R 1 n.-Ag f 'VI f 1 5 , ' xl , 2, sq 41 X , g ,1 ' , L 41 .' ! Al t . x 1 lg . ' .-n is 1 I 5 1 r L P! viigln ' lljplllwzl 'Til ill. VL. 3 QA O Q lfnbif 5 .N 'cj if K ig! E P A B CH EL E LE ' A S V U 1 , Drum Major IWANA BURK M I H DORIS UPTON E IZABETH JOHNSON BARBARA VICKERY -5 . ' '55 S JANE BROADFOOT Majore'r+e 'G' T. J. C. Band on parade in Paris. GOODYEA JEAN BROADFOOT Majore++e JAX 'EMI I QF, . id. vw- 5,1 u o Jw LQ JJ 5g4,..1fz3,s X f' " xy 1 YS X 1 5 - , I Q ,vi s,-' ' asv I lv", X I TJC, BAND e,. - '-if 'I Q ff' 'Vlhh " QE x X K ,Z , S- ix pYU'A' ikf ffws 1653 'QW i7""'Aif3 glffff,slfg0 af ' xygj v .K xl .jp V, xii ww NYF5? f i R xx ,, ln an Q' 1 K sc- i . ffl' 1-:Z-, I Oq ,199 9 sill ,i.,o:'Q 'I 4,4 ,- 1 x. ,fqfrig ' I I 'Ff Q1 ,I 1 Q Xe - wig!! MX W Z many JOHN ROBERT POWERS A G E N C Y C O R P 247 PARK AVENUE NEW YORK CITY I7 january Qlh, l95O Q Miss Euline Williams nThe ApdCh2n TYLER. JUNIOR COLLEGE Tyler, Texas Dear Miss Williams: Il has been a qreai pleasure lo seleci The mos? beauiiiul girls for your yearbook, nThe Apache.n The phoioqraphs ol lhe candidafes, which you submilfed, were all so ailraclive lhai I found if diliicull lo make a decision. ll was also diificull lo make my seleclion wiihoul seeing and lalkinq io each conieslani. The winners, Doris Upfon, Bobbie lean Clark, Joanne Sebasiian, Joyce Maddox, Sybil Aulry, Mary Helen Walker, Palsy Bryan and Wanda Sullivan, were selecled on lhe basis of personalily, characler, and inielligence, as well as for nalural beauly. My choice was influenced, of course, by my qreal inferesl in and admirafion for ihe Nalural Girl. ll ihe conieslanis are ever in New York, il would be a pleasure lo meel ihem. Wifh besl wishes lo Ihe conieslanls, lo lhe slaii of nThe Apachen and lo ihe sludenfs of TYLER JUNIOR COLLEGE, I am Sincerely yours, ohn Roberl Powers JRP:ea 1' Doris Uplron MOST BEAUTIFUL f ' .f"::' WIC: ' ,.'- 2,,'f' f,,,.f- - ':g v ig, 5 . - , , ,..',,,Q5?'A'ZiA ,' 6' -:Th iff-Q' f,,.s'f-1:-2, - . 5- -'23 We' , -17: ,. ,f aj, M: ' - , .M -fl -1', -' 34,,.'f5f,f..'4,. I-iv.-1 ' yn. ff r 2' , Z .y.--:"'-?f.QF1:," 1 ' Sze -- . ' V1 ""., ' Y - A' - mf'- - 1 1, 1: .,, " H1 g:1f'5Q.' -Fw-fg. -- v , . . '."-'.'- ' i' .-3,-f, '-'Yf','E?5,Af 235- -are -. -'.'-..f- f7"" ' V ' ' +1 ' ' ' , Thin ? za p, ,A fx I , ,A..,,,,,4-,.'- 5.40 , ,K t I Y 4 iw ' .5 ...MX - V i'..xg P f - 5133 gg' fs.. 4 ,V ., 1,-ff. 31, '-I.:'.j'A-1 L , K .f. 42" Yr 4' 'n x J 4 fm, l Bobbie Je-an Clark 3 Q' ,Q BEAUTY BEAUTY ' I X ' Q 1 a Aw I ,nm ,F MRL 4 nxua J fs W1 N . . O , 0 . ' Q 'I 1634-it Q K W' ' 'rf' . 'SW , 1 9 VK ff' . ' ua S : ' X ' r.:r"s, ' , 1- 'O 11-. mf: " 3 frfiiiqvdfbl w x " -, ' ' i :..,7fgE?i :pay 7 . , I ' If - .5 5 11: ,N--N ' f- : -wwyyw ' fl V I 1 9,-M fs, ., 'S' ' 0 'Q V K 'Q oil X 0 , ' 1 W! xr. t. .X . , K. O 1 ' I y G . I 5 . 0 V . Joanne Sebasian Joyce Maddox BEAUTY ZIV' ul.. , .With-f of 4 3, I Mary Helen Walker Sybil Aulrrey fx' 'T 2, ,rf 'frv .5 Pafsy Bryan VVanda Sumvan .qw 'lwwy-' , f . V "TM "N'31"5f-P3 fig Ywmff-','.' N ,J , L , 'fn Q r , Ju W NM , M . 1 "'J,!+ ..' Q-1, 5 ,yr wg.. .3'f1"v5",'f 'Qui 'y f...-MJ fwfwmwwmgmmwm, we-f .- W ' ' . 'Z' .az M ,X Hv., 4- ",,.'w gf ,fvs,,3:.,, ,V -v W, 1 , Rug'-,iii V,-QM H " V' ,,L"4vw,, - w.f3a2gx.,'m., 15' ,Q'ff,,.2fm,,, Wag. , , 4 .P E 'yf41'3'fE:zm"' Y Q- 'ff 1 ,,, . ,,. ,,.,.,.,,,w, - W, we 1--'Y' . -' W -A ' r N,f,nxQ,,1f-sgfwv . 5 Maj, -1, :Kagan .-,r4,,.,,.A , 'X L0 Jv9""' Wl-IO'S lvlilfrecl Lewis Presidenl Sluclenl Council .I Jimmy l-liolcs Presiclenl of Freshman Class A lra Earl Tunnell Presiden+olSopl1omore Class "1- BHll4 THE 'av .2 wi ff mf" f ,wwM?l3"' ,gui Amrwy, . J' "A ' Z X fr' 'W UR Jo WHS anne SebasHan orfon '. vu . .HMV IVVA I x Qwwgawikr V J W 4 MOST TALENTED Sym -umm W H Q ' S Norman Reynolds x A x L ,. . ,E MOST INTELLECTUAL QW Ba rba ra S I1 aw .N ,vuwfifu ' pf ',fLi,,,,,:.Q 'S wma Kenne+h Bahnsen Fodrball Personalify W H Q One-il Weaver Baskefball Personalilry ' Qs! A nx Y x Ifif I X X HK Xin, Mary Helen Walker N HOMECOMING QU EE fr ?"""'VJf-J++-' e FAVORITES E E E V11 E un gil, U I Joyce Maddox I W I ' f eg ,W 3 xs- 51511110 'K 41 4+ 1 ,gm .4 . ww, I - fi E9 A lwana Burk Milfred Lewi SOP!-IOMORE FAVGRITES , . .. .... v- - f "fs Q-.Air in mlm' ul as V was l m O U P6 ,, I 'R uf' 'X 5. 'W W 1' o 4-u f ,VA Kr , in 1 0 'SSL 511 Q- uw: f fl 31 af ' ' my 'W ' -s filwll ' Q 4 4 . ' if 'Y ' .n OL- Wh ww If 3 MQW .V 1- ' A 144 f' ,,,. f:-1 ww W 03 Winds wud: Qu has M... f in f "ie A 'fre WJ f' M 'fauna 1 'Atv' 55-M w-bday, 4 'W' 'flifiibv uv- iQ "ir - M.- " 'Q mu, lil O 'mf W "YS "lv nf' 444 'lf' am . -it it A fu and lint Xlvlinau . Va Ylv lr 'LQ ,p,'M,, - IIIIH5' .. 2 f ff zi in wi, 1 -U" ,L U41 wi, - I . f fi! ' F. ,, iikwma . A AH Q x if x , ' "Glue E kv-X .-1 qw Jhi:n4,d ,L .hyd . 714, -' X A .1 rx. ,gi 4 Ku-Q. Synth 1 0 P ' sl- A "N N My f, , V Q 'J . in Anlrhony Kamel Shirley Brown PRES!-IMAN FAVQRITES A W K its ! -U Don'r they pay teachers any more? ??? ON ge A we , I 0 B eaoile S A Alms for the love of Allah! 2x91 o W711'ZbdZg!! 17 SP: We heard If effecred his bra' - X- ln! sho Win Xi Is she really taler1ted??? 8 Fort Lewis the SO u Chem h Ospifal ' ity Mrs. Carlyle tells us how to be beautiful??? fm' f 1433 www! 'X iid V Y 7 t f,t"LI YQ. W ,A A 4 4 Im' Ill ga? wa ' + ,. QQ 'gig-' Q 1, 0 Q' a . x 5 K' gr " . X ur Q., 4' Va x 'l.w'1fy 5- 5 M EQ Ylfhbi i N lux x f E 3 A 'A ' .-4 4 ' cf" X 5 0 if "W E 41 ' " W E: I N 1 5v!'.fwvfvE 5F'5'qs 7' 'QM 515. 'wil- pm WW LITTLE ALL AMERICAN ALL CON FERENCE PLAYERS . up tv '- .K ' N x r . ,, Y' I Q. pun, if- , ' 5 . 1 - A A .1 ' .V J 1 'A 1 , , 4 X. , - ' -A Sdney Dauphm ,W .ef-91 cz. -, F-4 NW ,av Kenne+h Bahnsen 40 TYLER - FT. LEWIS O The ouTsTanding record oT The Apaches ThroughouT Their eleven game season won Tor Them a bid To The Annual Texas Rose Bowl Classic. The opponenTs, FT. Lewis, Colorado, Aggies, were champs oT The Colorado Junior College Conference. The Apaches were able To display Their amazing power in spife of a driving rain and small buT TaiThTul crowd. The Aggies were never able To work inside The Apache 40 yard line. Besides This record, The Tyler deTense, in The Torm of guard Sidney Dauphin, managed To seT uo Three Touchdowns on pass inTercepTions. Lemmons scored Twice in The course oT churning up I29 ground yards, an average oT 9.2 yards each Try. Bahnsen challced up 76 yards on The ground and 92 yards by caTching passes. By The end ol: The TirsT quarTer The score read 20-O. AT The halT iT had risen T'o 33-O. Fumbles and penalTies along wiTh harder rain lcepT The Apaches Trom scoring in The Third quarTer. BuT again in The lasT period They managed To end a 69 yard march wiTh a Touchdown, Clark and Lemmons made Two scores each while Bowlin and Bahnsen each had one To The crediT. The Teams came oTT The Tield congraTulaTing each oTher on a game nicely played ThaT ended a colorTul Third Rose Bowl Classic. Y f fi lf ,, December l 5 1 :E EJCDVVL X JF- X Y "' 3182 '-W W H,- ., 'f .33 . Al.: SEPTEM BER I7 W' "y-f',1 V '27 TYLER f NRNEESE 'I he Charces, "Ql'k'1:gv,qg ' A The season opener, ar Xfchan F'ceXd, La se'c 'che Pxpaches on che rcqhk 'rrah for a 'rouqh bui' ND MCGAL vcccorcous warpach. Pshchouqh 'che 'c'cX'c wckh 'che Cow- ' '-'. ' A boys was non-conference 'c'c showed scudencs and 'cans N wha'c couNd be eagpecced o'c 'checr eceven aqacnsi ocher hard-'clcqhhnq 'coes f a hcqh scandard whcch chey up- hecd chrouqhouc che season. The Apaches were on 'rhecr 'c orn 'che very hrsc 'cnkercephnq a Cowboy pass on cor a couchdown. Xn the same Y 'ro qacn a Noes r 'che hrsc scrcrnrnaqe pcay quarcer, however 'che Cowboys scruck bac seven 'co she Xead. From ihen on 'c'c was che Apaches qarne. Pxn unreXen'c'cnq qround accack by 'che Apache back- e'c'ced 'chern a 'cocaX oc 'SVI yards rushcnq and 'chree backs were ou'ccXassed, qacncnq hdowns were Jef more cahys. The onXy X09 yards on che qround. Psp by CXark, Dear and Lernrnons. Yorker converke chree oui oc Your crys. L BOBBY BEAL l U 'cr J, ,N as Nic 9 run B enard IN P . orrer s kick looks good' 'c'ceXd. n Cowboy ache rouc d Rn 22. '949 SEPTEMBER V 7 5. if 41 TYLER ARLETO A la N O rge crowd gafhered in Rose Sfadiurn fo wifness fhe firsf home game and lirsf conference mafch for The Apaches. The Plowboys only scoring fhreaf came in fhe first period when a fiffy-five yard run carried fhe ball across fhe Apache goal line. This play was called baclr because of an offsides penalfy. Affer fhis fhe Apache defense sparlred by Kennefh Shobe lrepf fhe Plowboys oufside Tyler's 26 yard line and refarded fheir ground game fo only fwo yards gained rushing. The opponenfs complefed only fwo our of fen passes for 24 yards. Meanwhile some brillianf passing from Dan Page fo Bahnsen, McGinfy and Driscoll was direcfly responsible for fhree Apache scores. Specfacular runs by Bahnsen and Lenwmons helped VA.. challc up 302 ground yards and Three more Trips fo pay- dirf. Porfer's slcillaf conversion was proved b five ouf of six fries. y a record of 'V X JOHN T 7 i 77 - -" DAN PAGE if eeJ 'Redblrdn L af eauaon ewdesa am Mc HES STEVE HUG g.. X 4 . jfiiw ,- i LIN CHARLES BOW T .Q T 1 TU E BER co 'I949 5 . T cc c Q ff-sr 43 TYLER f SCHRETNER T3 BO For The Apaches, The game wTTh The TJTounTaT es rne a ong Tr'cp and a powerTuT conTerence Toe N deTeaT. Bu'c The rnounTaTn Tr rnusT have been resTcTu o Them, Tor rcfcdway Tn The TTrs'c guarTer a Tong p ss Trorn Page To NTcGTn'cy seT The pace Tor The TTrsT T. J. C. ouc - down. T'c was TJTcGaTTTon who carrTed The baT oy r eTT TacTcTe Tor ThTs TTrsT sco e. The NTounTaTneer TTne showed heTr s'crengTh as They rushed 'n To bTocTs PorTer's Tdc . Durcng The game Two Apaches rnade TheTr T'rs'c To h- T downs oT The season aTTer snTTchTng The baTT Trorn e opponen'cs. They ar Royce Townsend and ATvTn BeaT. Th'cs TaT'cer TaTTy was aTrnosT caTTed back because oT TndecT- sTon oT The oTT'ccTaTs concernTng'a cTTppTng charge. Bahn- sen scored once aT'cer a ounTaTneer punT was bTocTced n The '20, AnoTher ouTsTandTng TeaTure oT 'che game was ccessTuT T'ceTd oaT execuTed by Por'cer Trorn e Ther spec'cacuTar score was made reTuT ToTocTcTn . e 'cTory L - if a su yard TTne. Ye'c ano T.ernrnons TrayeTed 55 yards w'Th ca MounTaTneer scores came Ta'ce 'n The game. ThTs yr Tor The Apaches TeTT The powerTuT and undeTeaTed Lamar e onTy obsTacTe To The SouTT'cwesTern .TunTor CoTTege JIMM 'cg-gym T "T" 1 . "1-'-ri, -. 1 Q , BT ff NCE sr R'CKLA ND M Q . c allcon affer a Ran geY"5 Scal P T' 1 , QT ' cv cl ' in f Ti Tc 4, ne r T' an'c T To E' a T T 6 r ck M gcc T e T il T -T I 'c c T2 c uc 3' I A Th e T! ' T . N M Q3 ' -, ,, 0 X - g Th 7.7. c. c 1 as T 4,,'y. T q Th 1152 as Th 3, T' crown. T T' T T klyz L ' T' , i ' TT cg V T lj? 'T s T, A N T Q cf 1 ' ' 4 ef c 3 . W H W r QT 13 ic Tw Fl i. 9 25. '94 NoVEMBER ' l .X N., lb 27 TYLER X LAMAR I3 xl The Lamar filf was probably fhe mosf excifing game lh of fhe season for a paclred sfadium of enfhusiasfic fans. xl The Cardinals sfarfed sfrong as McNeil scared fwice I in fhe opening sixfeen minufes of play. The seo.: read xl l3X0. Then fhe Page fo lv1cGinfy passing combinafion N began fo make fhe Cardinals dizzy. The Apaches drove X 73 yards in eighf plays. Hughes carried over from fhe il one. Porfer kicked fhe goal and fhe score slood l3X7 af l fhe half. The Apache fans saw new hope and worlred N fhemselves info a frenzy of spirif and excifemenf which N aided as much as a fwelffh man on fhe field. Early in the fhird period, Tyler counfed again on fhe 25 yard Page fo Bahnsen aerial. The hiclc was bloclced and fhe score i was fied I3-13. The fie was brolcen as Lamar fumbled on fheir I6 and fhe ball was recovered by Jimmy Sfewarf. Page fhen pifched fo Bahnsen for six more poinfs. Porfer converfed. Wi'fh fhis lead, fhe Apaches concenfrafed on 3- fheir defense checlcing Cardinals drives on fhe 27, I2 and PM again on fhe 7. ln fhe lasf half minufe of play, Fulfon infercepfed a pass on fhe 50 yard line and zigzagged across 'rhe field in specfacular fashion for a bonus of six poinfs. This lasf score was made possible by a mighfy block from End Tom Driscoll. Porfer converfed for fhe fhird lime. T. J. C. had won a share of fhe Soufhwesfern Junior College Crown. A lool' af fhe sfafisfics will show how well fhe Apaches deserved fhis honor. BILLY PORTER -. ffiff ' "i'j:.l'lR if "" ,ul 4u'1'QT"3"xki 91' F. DO ,. - , L PAR . L. , BILL . -mf . 'Q' 6.4 - 'W' ' 1 . f'wi"".,f'. W' an fish? -. ' n ,ll "ApaCPeSU Hang on YI I' 1' G . IAA. OCTOBER I I949 el f H 49 TYLER f LOS ANGELES O 'l Eor khe coXor5uX annuaX Rose EeshvaX YM, 'he Apaches y eXes Cxky Cohege Cubs Xnsphed Hu iadrum 'uh o' "Ar, MY V IIN were hosi ro 'rhe Los Ang y by some good Texas sunshfrne and a s L en'fhus'rasR'rc 5ans, 'he Apaches scored 'rn every guarrer and Yep' 'che Cubs away horn any rerfrkory w'xih'xn 'then 'rweniy yard hne. X' was a brkhkank o'i?ensKve garne ior the Apaches, wkkh 'two runs 'rn 'che hrsi Marne, one by Lern- rrwons and one by Bahnsen. each carry'rng 'he bah 'ro 'che one 'ook hne. Bofh hrnes 'che bah was pushed over for a score. Okher runs by Lernrnons, Hughes, and de5ens'we d 'or ihree rrrore iahys. A spec'tacuXar ' X pass 'rnrercepkkon by ached ff A - Shobe ma xi Page-N'1cG'rn'ry pass an fa! 5 .it Euhon broughk rhe orher kwo Apache scores. up 365 ground yards and VBR yards passrng. compared ro bq and L54 yards 'or 'he Cub. ?or'Ker's record 'lor the ahernoon was pergeck wkih 7 success5uX conversKons ou'f oF 'I rrkes. X' was 'rndeed an 'rrnporiani 'rnkersechona y'rc'rory for Xhe Apaches. DQN ,fx 3 i V K TQM D l. Shoesfring Tackl e r I I 3 5 1 l S i Q V. i lr w F I I I .S 5 ' accounke d a 'nrney TyNer r l I 'A I 1 lr I 1 L! ' u L 5 fl! L X ,,vaf' Q49 OCTOBER 6' ' 47 TYLE Quffe I P X 2,1915 ' w 'Q ff- 9 T 1,m' ,5'd .r-Q D5"fS Q G O'W"CwV'g 73ure.e: ': Djfg Aoacfves' setofd it"'e'erie gfwe. 'fwie gg-5 scored on We Jfrs' ::"a,' "ri," sf'f"f'iQ'e , Ar 5 Page fo Mfg'-Ps! 5553. rg -r-33 5,57 Dragons, Hlwgy -'Um5n'e.d -he bac! VU' .gn A165755 Sf'Sd. lf 4235 Q,'3,!', gf-,fin Off-S C5513 ljr ,fe 7-IW,-ev aided by a f'fgr:+,4:g ,Mg rg pug- -he 53 219, ::,.5A:,, f5HV- Rey A4235 lw'!N :CW 'CCAL +"5 rrjnf 5 -4 Q , ' ., D,-gskirz over we Jas' yyd ,Z Calla.. me 3 :- of mfs Slam? "5 5 'ffbffe fi +48 ve"fa'V:1e:s-'sffe 'sem 'rr ffwe Apacfves. The D335-3 made ,Z Sen: 3 SF Mreaf Mroughcm We 96"'T9, Kfiffv' Effie' nas :War Sfve sfar fgr we p,'QF+ f5:4,',..? LD lj ,Tix C5 H9 Z:H.vSA A br,'lj,'5rrf 33 yard fu, by j,L?,eS has rescjwdce :jp anoffver of fre scores. Ag :gr ggn,9,3:5.5 pine, M-3553! fwo ouf cf' seven M95 one ?5,'0Ue beg? due ,Z 5 had D655 from Cenfef, Afxd' Sfgffrvq was df'-9 ,A-1 4-9 -A W,'x ,S- 4-,ee periods: 5 lfgrwf fair, ff, +55 Second gag: Sqn sive of bgfh beams. ,hed Arc " - :Hrv- i If 'J F NS LEMMO BENARD END RQYCE dw 'M 'li' u4'M vmqiwi' lr MBERT POSY LA . 7 Qaific 5+IV5 B I Sparkles in Rose Fe A. ea 'A up - i, yr T el Q. T z I yr l. I 5 T 4 4 4 TT I T 1 T , K 1 l T 1 1 L4 1 T ' 'I n gn T. T, T 2. Ly! I Q r . N, T KP 4 it H T U :T- 2sf--- My WT Mi T J' VINSQ MELVI N HARRISON W ' .,,ghmJnh 'ar Bll-LY R AY CLA RK ER 5 ' l949 fn ff f 71,1 V T T T 1-W '27 TYLER f SAN PNNGELO 0 Th'rs was proba'oTy The hardesT won v'rcTory oT The seasonfaT TeasT The Pxpaches paTd dearTy Tor Those '27 T po'xnTs. T. J. C. sTudenTs huddTed around Thekr radTos and The Tew Tans who 'gourneyed To San PNnqeTo were d'rshearTened as They heard The news ThaT Three oT Then' xl ouTsTandTnq pTayers wouTd be ouT Tor The aTT-TrnporTanT N Tfnqore TTTT The nexT week. Pss TT Turned ouT. TCenneTh Shobe and Horner Dear were ouT Tor The resT oT The ly N. season, wh'rTe John Carroh was To be ouT Tor seyeraT Ty. T weeks. The Rams heTd The Pxoaches scoreTess Through The T N TTrsT quarTer and haTT oT The second. Bahnsen, Hughes, and T'rnaTTy Lernrnons carTed The bah Tn a ser'xes beq'xnnTnq . it on The Rarn 42 and endknq 'rn a Touchdown Tor TyTer. . N PorTer converTed. Page cTrcTed end Trorn The B Tor The second Tahy. The Th'rrd Touchdown was The resuTT oT a Rarn punT bTocked by McC5aThon 'rn The end -Lone. PorTer made hrs Thrrd and TasT conversTon, CTark aTe up The yards Trorn hTs own 49 Tor The TasT su po'xnTs oT The qarne. The qarne ended w'xTh The Apaches on The Rarn Tour yard hne aTTer anoTher nearTy successTuT drTve. fllffg -ami h mill' if Q.. ,, ,V A ,v I 1' M .. .1 . N " -A ' M ,V 'H '.v,, ma.. '2 .nz Th, ' ,ay f TL , , , . ,I J s I ' .-1 ' my ,ff ,, I, ' ---gl Per, ',..-7 i ' so-9 ,, . .. ye HEY fellows! D On'-f "do . Qplleu 4949 6l TYLER X ARUNGTON STATE 0 Affer a weelc of gruelling worlcouls, fhe Apaches were ouf fo renew fheir preslige. Their firsl and onl defeaf was fresh in fheir fn quarfer, neifh 5 y fasfe of ernories er lea W fhe . During fhe firsf '77 was able fo come wifhin reach or' covered goal line. Bur in fhe second period, a fourfh down pass from Page lo Clark gained 33 yards and a fouchdown. Shorfly affer, a pass infercepfion by Bowlin sef fhe sfage for a 4l yard run and fhe second score by I Bahnsen. The longesf run of fhe game was made by Apache guard, Bobby Duncan, when he inlercepfed a Blue ' Qider aerial and followed his blocking down fhe cenfer 4 of fhe field for 7l yards and a fouchdown. ln fhe course I of fhe game, Billy Ray Clarlc crossed fhe goal fhree l limes, Kennefh Bahnsen fwice, Charles Bowlin fwice, Bobby Duncan once, and Dan Page once. Porfer's c were successful seven ouf of ' scoring gafn onversio nine f' e of fh AP ns ifnes. This highesf e season definilely proved fhaf h aches had losf none of fheir roughouf fhe se efnonsfra Miusl' T fhe punch cl I ason. fed l . xiii ' "f' " T, 'SV ' leS Anqe I nf! gain aQainSJf LOS for 5 O goes Lemmons QD fir W6 ' gf! L ALVIN BEA NIEL MCDA CYRIL .r+"""' ITH RICHARD SM .AD I z y 5 T gi., ' mf!-n I i y E ng . .- y 1 HOMER DEAR Ti wi y L Q 5 2 E L ,L rl' if ygy 1 ' . I ,ii hi 151 -153,79 I 1 :Ty y Qy I ry r r I yr ry I y y yy we I lyy T , r QV yy! y n-' TE by ,: ikFZ'f"f' yi lKh,m as Ei my T yyr Li'- ,E ? yy yy yy , yy yy? 1 T A Ui' RMARDo 1 ,Ny fi- M.. BER y8 . l94o ' 'l' '-31' 3" Y 1 'ZS TYLER f COMPTON T4 The a'rr Trkp To CompTon, CahTorn'ra, was one The y Pspache Team shouTd never TorqeT. The'rr hard-won 'rnTer- secT'ronaT y'rcTory There brouqhT renewed Tame and presT'rqe To Tyyer. Pxhhouqh noT many Tans couTd make The Tr'rp, The Team knew ThaT They were bernq morahy backed by a y mob oT Apaches aT a T'rsTen'rnq parTy 'rn TyTer. TT was a new y and excTT'xnq experTence Tor mosT Tans. CahTornKa Tans were yy y asTon'rshed by The power d'rspTayed by The Pxpaches. EarTy y 'rn The T'rrsT perkod bahnsen pushed over Trom The Tour To Wy N end a dauhnq 'IO yard march. The Pxpaches hne. Ted by y T bobby beak S'rdney Dauphrn, John Carroh, and Royce I y Townsend, sT'rTTed The TarTar ground aTTack. The Pxpaches WT, 'T scored Twkce 'rn The T'rrsT quarTer and once 'rn The second. Aly T The TaTTer was cahed back Tor a penaTTy, buT anoTher Wy pass and qround aTTack once more puT The bah Rn The yy coyeTed end lone. The TarTars' T'rrsT score came TaTe 'rn y y The second ouarTer. Tyhdway Tn The Th'rrd Trame, The Tans yy were brouqhT To The'rr TeeT by a b8 yard Page To Bahnsen Tyy pass ThaT ended Tn a TD Tor TyTer. PorTer added Tour ly po'rnTs To The score w'rTh h'rs exceTTenT kRck'rnq. Th'rs qame Ty yy more Than eyened up The '20-T9 deTeaT 'rn The preyRous my encounTer 'rn T947. T ,,?,,,.. fi .ff ff- 3 hmimn BUD SA FLOYD WAGSTAFF Head Coach wr-,.:.gg,i EARL Sl-IANKS Assisfarfr Coach ,Mm QYCE RAY Ecf :refs B-Eafc1 RAMON ORONA Forward El Paso O NEAL WEAVER Cenfer Marfins Mill af W TOMMY HANCOCK Guard Prairie Valley Y? I wi ' we r 1 Af". i i V ar V 1 5, ,Q I S A is . N-""""""' ' JERRY CHAMPION Guard Dallas X :L JIMMY BROWNING Guard Chandler I lq l Y ' ll 1 1 xr l l ll' may V 1 iTg"y1' ry, N 1.53341 ', RMP KENNETH PEMBERTON Forward Srrafford BOBBY MADRID Guard El Paso 'x'!i-HIV" ROWAN RAY Forward Bullard 626195 'ilbilllff DON FAIR Forward Colorado WILSON RICHARDSON Forward Livingsron ""! ' W Qual' BASKETBALL RAMON ORONO TOMMY HANCOCK ROYCE RAY JERRY CHAMPION O'NEAL WEAVER APACHE BASKETBALL SOUAD I949-50 NATIONAL TGURNAMENT HUTCHINSQN, KANSAS F IQ F 85, 3' lk 'sg H . W.. ,ME , ,,,..... aw Q. fl Q if N'-A rv A I' 'fl' Q'Jilu.b 'J I 4' ks mg A -- ' Mflf"i'f,,3 I it 5- iz Us Q What's joan got that makes her so stuck up? Building our bonfire before Kilgore Game ,-no-I 5-w 'Q P FQ 'lm r fi Think those socks will help? Getting into formation L if gt! Meeting football boys home from Compton Guess Who, 1 Q f'?r Work hard, boys! hw, , . if-eff: Yr P H " I I 9 5 I r ""'..W in .Ls 5017 D, ' 1 fu e e + 1 .,. fx' ur hx bp 29.45 Got an English rest, Speed? These smart people! Ladies of leisure Aga The Corn-Cobbersn When we go: the Tom-Tom back 'i' X, K IT HP a+ Mi, Aufry """? """"'? Ai 'E 12 5 2 Y, Vp Rs: I gi 5555 :FEE Hifi , X1 -2--f"' Z-JXAIXA fix S' 7',jXv7 fi PAT ANDREWS Dallas Sec. of Sfudenjr Council Sans Souci SororiTy: Apa che Belles: Phi TheTa Kap- pa: Pow Wow. 1 'J SYBIL AUTREY Tyler Las lvlascaras: A p a ch e Belles: Phi The-Ta Kappa: STudenT Council: Secre- Tary of Senior Class: Man- aging Edilror OT Pow Wow 'Nd' in-ui. A 1? C. A. BARNES Bullard Engineers Club an ifwl if-of 1,- fi GENE EARL BARRON Tyler -lg?" Jw BETTY BARBER BILLY BARBER Tyler T-Ylef Apache Belles: Sans Souci l-GS Mescaras: T.J.C. Sororify- QuarTeT: Apache Guard: Delvlolay, Pre-Med Club f, M ik ' fl E , L ALVIN BEAL Waco FooTball: Track R56 WAYNE BLEWETT MARY BOLES BILLIE BOYD Tyler Brownsboro Chandler Kappa Sigma Lambda Sans Souci Sororify: Las S-Tones and Bo n es: Phi Mascarass Apache Belles. Thefa K a p p a: Apache Belles. ROBERT BLALOCK Quilrman AgriculTure TQTTTA A M. O. BRIDGES Tyler Kappa Sigma Lambda PATSY BRYAN Tyler Alla Kula Kula: San Souci Sororifyg Apache Belles fs!! K "g.9" it IWANA BURK Joinerville Drum Major: Alla Kula Kula: Besl Personalily of '49p "Miss Tyler of I949." LENDON CAMPBELL Beaumonl Las lvlarcaras: Band fn 52 -13. . 4 -aka . BOBBY CRONE Tyler HENRY C. CARSWELL Tyler N J :S GERALD DALE Tyler I .fl A-v llc s, in 5. ,fs . BILL BUTLER Tyler X VR nj 'lung' --1' DON R CALHOUN Ty er Slones and Bones: Apache T. J. C. Quarlely Apache Guard Guard ADA NELL CLARK Tyler Apache Belles: Las Mas- carasp Tau Phi Lambda: TO-Kalong Alla Kula Kula. BOBBIE JEAN CLARK Lindale Phi Theia Kappa: "The Apache" gui, BILLIE DENTON Winona T. J. C. Quarlelg Apache Guard: Las Mascaras. 411- JOHNNIE DOWELL Golden, Tex. if 1 f wr I: 4 x I . ROSE ANN ELLIS FRANCIS P. ELTIFE Chandler Apache Belles Shreveport La. Dollars and. Sense '56 JOANN GENTRY JOHN KELLY GILES Van Van ATTa Kula Kula Sli-vw!! E . ' - I l , W MARY ELLEN FAuST Tyler Choral C l u b: Apache Belles: Slrones and Bones: Phi Thefa Kappa: AHa Kula Kula. BETTY CASON GIRAI-IAM Tyler Apache Belles: Las Mas- caras. Sans Souci SororiTy: ATTa Kula Kula: Choral Club. -A 4.103 .23- gm EI f'-:JE H' JOHN FORD Van Presidenf of The Sfones and Bones. VICTOR GRANBERRY Van 2- C. R. GIMBLE BONNIE GREENWOOD CARNEY HAMILTON WAYNE l'lARDIN Tyler Mineola Tyler CanTon Engineers Club: Phi The'ra Choral Club: Pow Wow: Phi Thefa Kappa: Las Engineers Club Kappa. A'rTa Kula Kula. lvlascaras. 1, Ri OWEN HAMRICK Arp Edilor of "The Apache" 4-"-A JOHNNIE HUMAN Tyler Phi Thera Kappa: Apache Belles: Edilor of Jrhe Pow Wow. 1' sq Q-nl an JACK JOHNSON Wills Poinl Pre-Law Club: Tennis Club '33 f 'IA T'--nun if MARv:N HARRIS Troup Baprisl Sludenf Union Zu? PATRICIA HuSKEY Arp Alla Kula Kula: Apache Belles. MARY ADA JOHNSON Ben Wheeler ".-'J gg mf! rj QRN NEILL HAYES Edorn v F xpzifs , Q f S I Q PERRY JACKSON Winona ,fx 'Ci 5, E '15, MERRY Lu JOHNSON Tyler Apache BelleS: C h e e r Leader of '493 Sans Souci: Las Mascarasi Alfa Kula Kula. K .4 JOYCE HOUSE Tyler Presidenl of Sans Souci Sororily: Alla Kula Kula: Apache Belles. E' s '5 ELIZABETH JOHNSON Dallas Alla Kula Kula: Apache Belles: Sans Souci Soror- ily: Homecoming Duchess Ol '50, I . 1-1' W Q .fix T? ' ,X f m ' f ii A 5 fi MARY AMANDA y JOHNSON 1 Tyler Melhodisl Sludenl Move- menl: Pre-Med Club: Phi Thela Kappa: Ana Kula Kula: "The Apache" ef' LOYCE JONES Tyler ' 12 I. .ft-vv""Y 'J I .I+ ,I JACK LANGDON Tyler Kappa Sigma Lambda , 'FOOrball: TraClc: Baseball. Pre-Med Club: Las Mas- CGFGS. -np, - fy 5. BOBBY KING Tyler Band I ,-aug: l PEGGY LANTRIP Van I I 'O' "".!f" BERNARD LEMMONS Qzona MILERED LEWIS i l-lawlqins Pres. OT Sludenl Council 2 ,bw in 1 P all' ip. K lu' f BILL LAWRANCE Tyler Kappa Sigma Lambda: Cheer Leader. MARY LYON Arp 3 i "' I' GLORIA JOYCE MADDOX ROBERT l-l. MINes ROMONA MITCHELL JUNE MOORE Tyler Tyler Tyler Wrighl Cily Sans SOuCig Sludenl COurI- ApaChe Guard TO-Kalon SOrOri'ry: Phi Apache Belles: Alla Kula Cil OT '493 ApaChe Belles. Thela Kappa: Apache Kula. Belles: Alla Kula Kula. MARILYN MURRAY Tyler Cheer Leader 4 ...QF 4 .ndx , 55' ii y T Tw gi DAN PAGE Leverelfs Chapel Foolball vcr X .. 'aww 'Ralf' .. 1, PAT Oesu RN Tyler 'A'-5-'llbi J! BILLY PORTER Tyler Foolballg Track 94-'Pr' 1' iidv' , MARY NELL OWENS Tyler Apache Belles: Sans Souci SOrOri'ry: Alfa Kula Kula. -sub' JACK PRIcE Tyler Kappa Sigma Lambda! Band. 1 .I I' 'inf BILLY PALMER Tyler T Kappa Sigma Lambda: Vice-Pres. Ol S + u d e n 'I Council. gums Ag' ai-'N 'z' yay. 'W' ly I-4. lb T NORMAN REYNOLDS Tyler Pres. OT Phi Thela Kappa: Band. Q 'WJ' aqnvn' vu' 5' 1 lx ,AF HELEN RICE WILSON RICHARDSON JAKE ROOSTH RUDY ROSENSTEIN Winona LivinqSlOn Tyler Tyler Phi Thefa Kappa: Baplisl Baskelball Pre-Law C l u b: Band: Sludenl Union: Pow Wow. Sfones and BOVWGSI Melb- Odisl Sludenf Movement it ml AMINUAN SAYLORS Brownsboro ' Sans Souci SororiTy - DOROTHY SHEFTALL Mineola Dollars and Sensei Bapfisi STuclenT Union. TI 'S' Tvx A 4 an .13 E .I SAM SMYRL Tyler J' I JOANNE SEBASTIAN Tyler Apache Belles: To-Kalong The "Apache," I.. L. SIMPSON Tyler PATSY STEPHENS Arp Sans Souci Sororijryg Apa- che Belles. A l JOHNNY SHARMAN CAROLYN SHEFTALL Tyler Mineola Dollars and Sense: BapTisT STuclenT Union. lliirllli Jo ELLEN SMITH MARILYN J. SMITH Tyler Tyler Sans Souci SororiTy: Apa- che Belles: "The Apache." 14-gi' fwolx, y T JIMMY STEWART NEAL TAYLOR Brownslooro Kilgore Foofball IRA EARL TUNNELL Tyler Pres. of Sophomore Classy FooTball. MITTIE LOU WARREN GladewaTer Choral Club: AT'ra Kula Kula. Q' 'S BETTY WILLIAMSON Tyler Apache Belles: Sans Souci SOroriTyg Pow Wowg AT+a Kula Kula. FLOYD R. TURNER Tyler Engineers Club 'am 5' 'J BETTY LOVE WI-IATLEY Tyler Sans Souci Sororifyg Apa- che Belles: Las lvlascarasi ATTa Kula Kula. 16 -uv-ff," JUDY WINN' Tyler Phi Thefa Kappag Apache Belles. .X , 'Jil f-V' 'fgi nw f' 3 'it' V 09 la DORIS VAUGHN W. B. WALLACE, JR. Tyler Tyler The Pow Wow ,XI ...Yr W e . 1. - :W - I 9 . , ' ' , gk. XENA .Y .- . , . . ?' W f f " ' - ,L Lf..-va. .- , . 5f:1gf,?.f, g+, .- Y- . :gg f il, 'fly fi A. G. WHITE EULINE WILLIAMS Texas CiTy Van The "Apache" Sfaffg Phi Thefa K a p p ag S'ruden+ Council. Pre-Law Club: Kappa Sig- ma Lambda. ailn ,f'ur. ,Q i' 1 up ,j-1 . . , . f , . f -4.5,.-- V, ' gjgf "4-L .-4 J, ' L.: . "P-4.4.0. , , --OU" ' "--- ' DOROTHY WOOD DAPHENE YANCY Edom Arp Phi TheTa Kappa: Engi- Bapfisf STudenT U nioni neers Club. Sfones and Bones: ATTa Kula Kula. ,X ..... . ,,.. 1 Kr I' - T . 3 gc! --f.4,a.,- - -. XM' 1 r ' I -, v A 11 Vt A F 3 ' X -L, JIMMY Hlcxs Presidenf 1 """"w i Jil CAROLYN BARRON Secre-'rary .aww ang: uw. 'Ns..Jr ANTHONY KAMEL Vice-Presidenf J 1 2 if Y 3:-S. YS' 5 ac, A F' BeHye Acker, Tyler 'wgvi 'O Bobby Alford, Tyler V V ' Roberl Earl Ashby, Tyler K Fay Bagwell, Van Grace Barnes. Tyler Carolyn Barron, Tyler f rw. 'Z fr' Y cf ea if . 2' V44-.N v- c R ,Q rc. 31-fa' li X .' A em S fuffff X is Virgie Barron, Tyler Joyce Bailey T11 Billy Neil Baleman, Canlon T -use , Nelda Berryhill, Gladewaler X Joe Bice, Tyler Pauline Blow T 1 .Q tg Q ' c ' Pal Bogan. Mineola 1 7' Dorofhy Nell Boynlon . 4. Jerri Bradley A3 If 1 W. R. Brady 'qi Sara Bridges. Tyler Richard Brammell, Tyler Par Branson. Tyler Billy Brown. Lindale Joyce Brown, Lindale Shirley Brown, Tyler Noel Browning, Chandler Tecl Bryan, Tyler Gloria Burns, Tyler J. D. Campbell Doi Carl, Tyler Jeannine Casey, Tyler Mary Lou Casey, Tyler Pal Casey, Tyler Ann Cliambless, Tyler Julia Chap Nina Clemenfs, Bullard Margie Cole, Canron Jimmy Collum, Tyler Jimmy J. Coolc, Tyler N' any 'Sf 39-we -,'2-nxlg. J' W 'i-H' fur V O p as-13' ,Og 3' 1' Q Q--v-1 ,a , .V 1.-1.4:-'E 3, 1 '58, Wfiili- 1' ' ' ..-: .iiiif 5' 'i Wil? 2:1 R .1 'T' i ensl- XQQ Q ' a ,Q 4" 5 2 , gy I .. , l g T 'N' . I 1 , 1' N i o l l 9? If 1 S r ...f l , fi f J YA ..3F6.'9. 'O QQ 1 ,yr "'l'ZI9" xi R i , ffl 1 5-'I g A -A I ' Zi . AQ, Vido Jo Copeland. Chandler Belly Jean Craft Flinf Jaclc Crafl. Eclom Rolan Crawforcl, Tyler Glynn Davis, Canfon Ernesf Dean, Tyler Billy Diclcarcl, Van Roy Dickerson, Mineola A. D. Doggell, Jr.. Tyler Olhelia Dorn, Tyler Belly Doraugh, Tyler Carl Dorsey, Tyler Marcus Drewa, Tyler James Dyess. Tyler George W. Edgell, Tyler Theresa Ellife. Tyler Peggy Epperson, Mineola Dwiglwl Ewing, Tyler Marllwa Ferguson. Tyler Belly Fleming. Tyler Billy Fosler, Canlon Jack W. Fosler, Tyler James Fosler, Hawkins Dean Founlain. Tyler Fred Friclc, Troup Lorena Genlry, Grand Saline Bill Grubb, Canlon l-larlan l-lall, Lindale lvlarllwa l-lallman, Tyler Tommy L. l-lancoclc, Prairie Nancy l-lardee. Clwandler Melvin l-larrison, l-lulclmins Jo Ann l-laslcins, Tyler Jean l-leard, Amarillo George M. l-liclcs. Canlon Jean l-lill, Tyler Lee Q-his -no 4:-G, -ili- A . 'V i lm f A il Q 41 l I Q.. 3 :C fxd i 98 wqk s-ali Q ff '02 i a 'N M l-l 1 if x Z Q92 1: ,4 "Irv QC. if 'Q ' .JV 'C7 Y ll f if V ' in 4 V fa. if ' Ji 7 K 352: r ' ' sg 9. ' 4' KATE N I 42 5 X 1? 911 7 'Y if Q" , i s A v,.., xy lem ,L f 4:-'Siu 'wr- 'S' .l f 'N 'Q 2635: 'O 'YQ Nd , fx gy' are-G-:L , if v ,QQ air-:Q Y' gmif 4--7 l L Y. ,- fs z-K "fr i Qs 'CQ 1 ""53l?' 11 Jean Hill. Tyler Joyce HiH. Tyler Beniie Holbrook Bill Horlon, Tyler Gelrrie Lee Hunler, Hawkins Carol lnabne+,Galves+on Howard Jackson, Big Sandy Frances Ann Jenkins, Troup Harry Jenkins, Tyler Jo Anne Johnsron, Tyler Roberl' Jones, Tyler Ramona Jolnnson, Tyler Doris Juslice. Mineola Anlhony Kamel, Tyler Jo Ann Kamel, Tyler Joan Keeling, Tyler Barbara Kidd. Tyler Nora Korkmas. Tyler Thurslon Koonce, Tyler -' 3 E Bobbie E. Laminaclc ii 'U Georgia La rison, Tyler Jacquelyn Loclcey, Troup Pal Lundy, Tyler Gerry McAlis'rer, Ben Wheeler Billie McCoslin, Bullard Speed McKay, Arp Dolores McKinney, Tyler Edgar McMillan, Tyler Belly Jo Maddox, Van Arliss Mallory, Lindale Rosa Mallory Boyd Marlin, Como Rosemary Maxwell, Tyler Jeannelrle Moon, Jaclclyn Morgan, Mineola William J. Morgan, Tyler aug 3 r 'wif 1 ! NY 'xo 15 .im Y ., ' , ,wx YH, , 451' Q . 1 .7 -4 'lf 2 l 39' 1' fill 93,5 l .1-tk A9 ex. li if ln. "!.""'T? k",.:1,, ,7 Q4 TN - l' fi 1 Alb -2-we, l is l I- i ,. 'll , 4, 4- Q iixp- dbg? ,E 34?-Q 'wi I 4" gfjh., 'Yrs Q , 11:57, 1 if W -"'ii in-an va i 'Phi -ww 'Y' X, x w. La Weela Morris Kelly Moseley. Tyler George lvlurad, Tyler Billie Norlon Belly Pallon, Tyler Paul Pearce, l-louslon Jim Plaller, Edgewood Olela Pollard, Chandler June Poller, Tyler Dan Power, Tyler Belly Presley, Tyler Teddy Pruden, Quilman Joan Pruwill, Overlon Palsy Puckell, Tyler Rowan Ray, Bullard Virginia Roberson, Troup James Rodgers, Tyler Ann Lynn Sadler, Tyler Rose Marie Saleh, Tyler Charles G. Sarlcis, Tyler Gaynor Saums, Tyler Eva Nell Sawyer, Tyler Bruce Schenlcler. Tyler Barbara Shaw, Troup Palricia Shellon, Tommy Sherrard, Mineola Alan Shullleworlh, Tyler Ann Sislc, Tyler Julia Sleclcl, Tyler Barbara Shyder, Mineola Lucie Slamcord, Tyler Johnnie Siewarl, Tyler Jimmy Slarlcey, Tyler Bobbie Slrreely, Mineola J. T. Slrinqer, Canlon Paul Slone, Lindale 4 so! QQ if fi ,. T2 'N-fx, "Vc- 3 s rl M F! N. X QQ 'YYY fwi '27 V- 'slr 4-my V 'U A '16, iff' N9 0115 ""'hA i T 3 I -1 x l I Q 4. , -of 'x 3 rg 'mi r '27 lv-'x V X 'UI gr'- Y O' 3' R ii law l l l 'kts 'M 1 'T 1 K 1 .1 I Q9 4 A av' 'Z' 'JS- BRL' If 'f A iflfx Wesley Taylor, Mineola Jerry Thompson, Tyler Edward Thwailes, Bullard Gloria Tooke, Tyler Bobbie Treadaway Belly Jean Truill, Troup Marjorie Truill, Troup Thomas Turner, Tyler Travis Turner, Tyler Barbara Vickery, Grand Saline Doris Uplon, Arp Marlha Wade Jimmy Warren, Tyler Jo Ann Washman Joy Wells, Lindale Charles While, Tyler 1 l l E' Melvin While, Tyler Bobby Wilder, Tyler A. D. Winslon, Tyler Fonlaine Zipl, Tyler --R lu Q, , H V 1 9 1 1 1 ,i WV! o o Q JN. , Sw- 'E 4 5 .-- :Eu "' I I igff fv I 1-'STV " 441,-I Y ,x Av ,fj,5, A As. . O . 'w ' ' ff fx A " It ' 5 Y ' f 1 K HW K , 'nfl Hi , 1 y . -A My -,,.1..f"'34'5 . .. , -I.. - . - '. ..- s sk i ., . . -' Z'L- I., .. . 1. - , --"--. - '- . fx. -,-Y vf L 1 'If' P' . . ' . .1 X 4 V 4 . 3.- ---1 , - r lg. ",.a .'-,,v-,.--'r:'.-.-:. ' K-1. . A , ,v ',, ' ' ul' A' 4 1 .Q 1.-,-"' ' f ' f 1 '- Y J' . , -,L -gh-. -'ug r' ' ' V ,A ' 'QA U,- -'Z4 4. 4 Z .,4'.,,,rr4 ny- .. , 44 4 W ., . in x - X ' 'n 1 a ff- Amir,-' Y' Z 'L 1 ' 'J lf- ' LE' T' " 'f-.75 , . -'- .- . .. 1 1' . . -' .""..' ,' -- ,. , .. . , , , si ' . Q' , l 1- ,-,. .. ,,. ., . ,.. A , . H .. TYLER JUNIDR COLLEGE H. E. Jznxms, Pnssmswr TYLER, TEXAS May 1, 1950 To Whom It May Concern: We, the Apache Staff cf 1950, have tried to the best of our ability to present to you another outstanding edition of WThe Apachen. May we then, at this time, offer our thanks to the faculty, the photographers, and the mem- bers of the student body who helped make this yearbook possible. Then, may I on behalf of the staff express the sincere hope that you will find much pleas- ure and enjoyment by glancing over the pages of this yearbook in the years which are to follow. Sincerely, Q Editor OH:ag :',- 5 - 1 0 J' 'P '1 LOST FOUND 'v ANT D FOR SALE while try- ing t o pronounce French like Miss Howell does. somnial Try Prof. E's Boring Lectures P One tree on the TJC Campussilll Lost--2 O poundsltl Lost due to hard la bor over a mean History beast. My Mothe and my Fathe when Phi Found--Cloel Fouhdi hiding behind the one tree on the TJC Campus. W ill its location tell for a small NOTICES Music n chang lues, d Bee rom teve Bach bal tea Trad Dotty Upton wi trade her bottle of peroxide fo s hort curl red hair. .lg-L-:rr-v Ann Sisk ni trade her winsome way for lessons on how to w in-some boys. oun The n o lif on th d to Il. nd by y Boles NTED TO TRADE Ramona Mitchell will trade her career as a histo teacher for a career as Mrs. J. Pickle. I Joanne Sebastian will giver her eye teeth to get to fo to Austin Collefe next year. 63815 ESESEEPEJSEAF for nothing. Ranger Scalps-ll! Highest prices paid forlive nice looking Rangerett Ibe uduit desires 1? 1. One used book which belonged to John Beans. Consider the owner and you will know this book has nevevr beeen used. to do your home work. Teacher desir a class who w be in place a readv for clas ring of t econd bell arson will or a ell any y in e week. Miss Parson's wishes to purchase barrells of Umid- night oiln for her students and warm blankets for her pupils. Urgently Need.... any kind of scalp' ---Nr. Freeman and Dean Potter. Unq uenchable Thirst for know- led ge. Carlo lnabnet wil give lessons on Southern Drawl on Saturday nights o her front porch. ell he s of I Apple T for those ose anding om only nightss at the Basketball games. A nswers to all Cl tests . For salef by honest, uprigh trustworthy, un- failing lab. assistant. I will care for your brat if you will get my Eng. homework. For Sale: Good sleeping quarters- located in room 204. On the back row. Easy te rms- See James Rodgers' Sale---One For RaggMoppl Jack Johnson will' sell information d andy I v F i l X 1 4 N H ,f 9 f5 E Sl 1 E W. M V I 3 w W 9 'x ,l fi W V H E 5 U Y N Y T 1 1 in 5 Y 1 w Meei' your friends a+ M O T O F1 CQ DZiTlf'Zfff5l'l+" XNUOQWS WW fi' DEPARTMENT STORE Qwcuwwc by 'M J EWQLEQS CKZEZ' N rfheasi' Corner of Square Dial 4-737l I522 W. Erwin Dial 4-9389 Qu-SSM II ID ig ' QQ an f QMWW M H1 'ij Milfon Vanderpool TYLER TEXAS EAST TEXAS FINEST BAKERY for Q QM wobovs ,fQQ,fQ'QfQQLaQ, 30014 STQRQ Q95 mf f Wife T QM576' Zgfibf W -:HRV l LU BYE Qafefefziaf- Norilw Broadway A+ Locusl' 'I l Tyler, Texas ' mo. "Eas+ Texas' Mosr Complefe Appliance S'l'ore" Backing +l1e APACHES ar all limes REAL ESTATE' I AA LOANS '.' U A N ' I Cl L. E A NI E l'-2. .3 IV I I Cleaner I Fur Sforage .A I ' I Cleaning - Glazing Dual 2-652l 2-5334 I X ' I 111 APPRQVED -SERVICE 2202 Wesl' Erwin Tyler, Texas ll 1 I l -1-I IT. I 328 S. College Tyler I Phone 2-4394 y ZW A x-W Maize - IN VH 590575 LP. ' NC O O il 2II N. Broadway f-YN A Phone 2-6432 l Tyler, Texas Guns 8: Ammunifion Fishing Tackle A+l1le+ic Goods I Golf and Tennis Supplies Spor+s Wear l8ll S, Broadway Evin Rude Mo+ors Camping Equip. I889 I950 A Tyler Owned lns'ri+u1'ion MAYER aw? S CHMIDT THE FASHION CENTER CF EAST TEXAS t lliullmll lllolor Kemp nu DODGE PLYMOUTH DODGE Job-Rafed TRUCKS 236 S. Broadway Phone 4-632I Phone 4-93Ol Men's Work-All Purpose Choir X UNIFORMS Waifress-Docfor-Maid ROBES Graduafion . 'Xi Nurse-Beaufician A Cappella :AZN X Glee Club Embroidered 'gtg 4 COSTUMES Frafernify LETTERING Fe-I+ b b Professional Chenille N f TYLER UNHURM CU. 'HX 7lI N. Bois d'Arc Tyler, Texas Makers of 'rhe uniforms of fhe famous Apache Belles l 7 I l 'ill' Ullilf-life lliillw llHlhl .QUIK lnlflu llll li I llllf Qlldl Ill r i I IIIWUU F gglkll ggllll I iiiiiiiiiiiig . in f i WE CALL FOR 81 DELIVER FUR STORAGE 7,5 Q ' . eargffffsfmz flffaxfue Dugger Ray, Owner Ha+s Cleaned 81 Blocked DI 5 5 I O Phone 4-46II 243 S. Broadway E 9 2 l P RUDD PLUMBING 6- HEATING PLUMBING, HEATING AND GAS FITTING CONTRACTORS I43I Easl' Erwin P. O. Box 298 Res. Phone 4-853l Office Phone 4-853I Diamonds, Gifls and Wafches Luggage CQIVIPLIMENTS OF NAI. 1,44 - , . M an O1 I PHIIIWIND UOMPANXlNt. JEWELERS ' 23: sQu+h College I I I E. Erwin Tyler, Texas P-Lyler' 1226252 Dial 4-97OI I one ' RIVIERE BOTTLING at MANUFACTURING CO. QUALITY BOTTLERS .. --. ...nn . ..-.I-,., N, .'...1.g-1-1 ,g.:,1..y ...N .,-, .- U 5 -:.:.'-jg., .j.j:':Z2.jZ -2722525 :1:1:f3:T:1:Z!:--My 51:33:12:-5:f:-:-:-:c-:- ly:-:fq:f:g:y Pqkzkf-:-2-:-:Q 111513 2:T'7:1a::b -:-:-.-:-:-:gt1gI+I!:-:- gp-:-:-:-1-:-:-Q:-23: zgtgld-air:-5'-:-:ge :C-.viz-22412153255 -: :-1-313:31 2:-:T:?:1'3a.-:-:-a:-:-:zz 3.9: ::gf:f:f:I:372' 12:-: :-:':f:E!':55gS:5:::,4 zzgrgxg-:-:-24:-:-13:5 -::.5.,3. :-11:5',3.5,y .:-: ,5.5.g.g,:--' -:zz-.-141: . . -----9:-:cg-:-5.1.3 3.5.-.1-:4: zkkcfgca:-5 'fifirzf 7:1 1:f:f:f:5:m R155-1:-2:34-:-: :-.Vg-cf r':3:2:f5:fA r "-iw:-2 ' ' 4: '12-1-11---ag-11---.1-:14 N :imi- ' 4 , V I ' gglzgq i . J I I J I, -14-.32 - - , ' -:Ar-1-:-.51 'ze-rf. - , 5215:-. 2152122515 A .1.5g33gqEg51. liiiilixrzfff- '. . :3:"3:EZ'5f H, G 000 I 0 I L I Y I I -.wx . '-I-I-I' :I f"'Z'I. X ggi,-'l13.-51' :E-'-zz .. . A , , ,.,, -3-4 -11.-1 '-9:21.-:A 3-:..,g.-' -1-1+ -S:-1-1-:-ze.-:-'-.gg-. -1 t-1.23: -1:1-r .-g::-zz. 14.5.3 S' ,lf--I-ig'g-gg,---' -:N-11. 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Rusk Il5 E. Erwin 609 Glenwood I206 W. Bow I I 5 ,,.." .'f22 ""' 800 W. ERWIN ST PHONE 2-I636 MILK ICE CREAM Since l857 fhe firsf name in milk 805 W. Fronl' Phone 2-735i Tyler Compliments of cw got! 511757: Ladies Ready To Wear Piece eeede Tyler, Texas Dial 4-8672 ln Tyler H"s K-G-K-B fr F M "The Preference of fhe Listener Compliments of Wagccf, C LEAN E QS JOE HAYNES, Owner The Choice of fhe Adverfiser" Phone 4'42ll 'lo S' College Diamonds Giffs and Wafches Silverware gg Compliments of iixl.lifM l3lQlN-l-lNG CO. Office Supplies-Prinfing Office Furnifure Diel 2-6504 222 N. Broadway l06 E- Ferguson Tyler. Texas Dial 2-424I QY' TYLER' TEXAS 401 X, '7 Q, flf DRILLING OIL CONTRACTORS PRODUCERS EvansviIIe, Ind. Denver, Colo. Shreveport La Old Na1'I. Bank Bldg. Empire Bldg. Ardis Bldg. Housfon, Texas Odessa, Texas I3I4 Cify Na+I. Bank Bldg. Box 866 Phone Cen+raI 7428 Phone 444I Dallas, Texas 22I0 Mercanfile Bldg. Phone R-I56I DRILLING OIL CONTRACTORS PRODUCERS ez Q5- 4 Q Q09 UL C, F DRILLIS BPUCQ MOlOP C:OI'l1pClI'llj DeSo'ro-Plymoufh . . . Sales-Service 42I Wesr Erwin Phone 4-6349 Tyler, Texas fzowwfww Cl-E9lXlEl:2'E': "Tyler's Fas'res+ Growing Cleaners" TYLER, TEXAS No. I No. 2 No. 3 No. 4 I72O S. Broadway 60I S. Glenwood 2I2 W. Locusi' 8I3 E. Erwin Phone 2-0232 Phone 3-3I4I Phone 2-670I Phone 4-950I PLAZA ' l'l0TEu. 7f7'?S Y "fig 1213111524 4 iiff V frrrrr F V' fl 5I5 Easl' Erwin S+ree+ MJ, ' Phone 2-383I Home of +he Tropical Room y Tyler, Texas Qmf! 522372 I LUM BEI2 COMPANY LUMBER-HARDWARE-PAINT I All Kinds of Building lvlalerial Phones 37ll - 37l2 Tyler, Texas S'rore No. I - l24 S. Bonner in 5 . 4 v I cw- SCHOOL ANNUALS ' " ,., 'A,:f4' '4 Q i1if4l'Ql5eQQ'iR , , , E, ' A iiii A - igaffo' F xg I' J. f 4 mf i. "rW Efi i ' SKILLED CRAFTSMEN - MODERN EOUIPMENT and 35,000 SOUARE FEET OF FLOOR AREA are combined io produce FINE SCHOOL ANNUALS for I4OO schools in iweniy-Jrhree siaies 3 ' A 1 V W , Q l L ...,:.-,win , I , ,Yugi-ii ' L' S4-ix --jx " 'H li ' .av Checking in copy Composition Paneling Picfures Ari Work ' 91 Masking Pleie Making ""P5'N "' ' ITII. xx-,ljivlff 4 WE?'1f-319,173 -' yi'5iJ?13'W"f'fYc:Z3'Y1g3?y,yX ' X wi ,pg ,fd ,f?Q'rrg3y,iNf,41 ff LV ' F lifyx' 1 Gafhering q9.,Qv f ,'I,-7xfFS- . ' X ' -Af RNA-231' Clif fix' X W 'fa QQ x -' ka. 1,4 j 3 4' ,'? NA , fzzigyf if 4' 4 I fl .9 4 -9 f J Binding Inspecfion O ! U l I ...AAL Wk., xx.: .I I. . 1 ' ' , x. X. 'lf ,, wr" "U" " ww' ' N 1' WI rw .n' "Y, ',,,w".',,lx ,rw '1"' 12Y?375?"'?f?i5'9. - 1. ""Q'1' '1f'3f'.N5 '5. 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