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 - Class of 1937

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Tyler Junior College - Apache Yearbook (Tyler, TX) online yearbook collection, 1937 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 68 of the 1937 volume:

YR?XiFf ' . 'Tl' "'l.n".'. "rf: . ku- ' . V ' 1, A., - lr fm g A ' 1- 4. .-11-i. '...'.w ' 1 1 " x 1 , , v r . " w fr.-X .3 V . - 1 . 1 ,., ... ff 4-A . .34 'uf . wi ' "ny, n 1 1 ffm V f .wff-.'1--.1 ' Iixjf' ' 52 4 ' X!A.- IA. .. . Qu-"4 F " nv A ' ,41.'-,: ...ll A .wx L -g.:.'1. , 47 H V-nv. 54. .V , A ,.-. ' X ,- ' ., .,, .471 . V g Rn' , - "fri -,Y v gsm-,. U , . M71-f .4 ',. X "M f'- 712. rg . f. V-...I ,A .U .IV .. 4.' H :, 11, Hr. 1' 1? 4,1 .11 . '," , -X Hhs -..w- '. F, .,.,1f ., ff, v.a,.- .- 'fr :Vfw . .X , .' I. - ., -Cy r ',YFl'1'.-1 w. :fa "f"'w ,. 1 . , , , fi-.f ."--ff ' F MIL. 1- :":-".-f v' 'y X x v I ff 41" ' v .-'him ., 1' 1 . .1 x . v mi '1 'P 1- , ' . .1-M, "' s in ln.-Ziff,- f ',w.-r." ' J- .,, .t ' of fi' ., if . yt! .. Q?-.gn-.. 4 N . 'EYE U A. K ' ybfr aff' m ' .g,-r,g.,.'+ -f 'N .gvS,,,f. nw, ,.-gf 1 , - M , x, .. ,. s-- -.. 7 - M ' ,fv.1 XA11 ,' .f jf 1--7' ' ' .. ,, Ili!-f'. w L-3 -, . . ..'g'w-Ju-, . up-s '- ' 4-n x-.. ., g 1... ., . ,f. ,n,,7.v-4. Q. ,In 'V ' V v ' 'ug ,H . . '. lv .,. 4 4' - ny . '- ...nu .-w ..'. I ' .-' .A . 1 ."".1:. ' L-,fl-. . .V x uf-,-gf. . 1 -yi - 'Qylf 1 rw -1 'frm .f ,, '-12.1,-'..f 1-i Hi lf-2. - 1. .,..L. . if -4 J 72-'L' 'A-1' .'f 1' -13.- '.,,- ."4r" - , V.. . -.v S .l -JL.. .lr I e' ' . Q x ', , 1- . v '.. 3 ' YZ- 'Vx .M I . ... fs Y 1' ' I X I f JL y- .' qr,'ff,'f. I g v D If n I ' 'Y L' H?"JL f4" 4f 37 .flkxukgliv -elgsd. LAK ki-.NL 'H ,f-. EX Li Tis TI-IE1937 oarning the Apache reservation for a decade, hraves and squaws and youu g papooses have followed trails to happiness and freedom, have engaged in sportive competition, and have dis- covered treasured riches in the halls of learning. To commem- orate the achievements of the one thousand and sixty-tivo ex- Apaches and to record the story of the present one hundred and ninety-one Trihesrnen, is the purpose of this Qfqpache LANE IUDGE ,........ Editor RCBERT BQULTER, . Business Manager HPHCHE K4 1..g-- 'll ll' , 0 4 , ff Q 1! av a-wlhik 'am' X --f ' -pw -.,,, ' , 1 , -M .1 -- i . 3.4-f --.tg ' W has wx, ' . . .afghan- IN HPPRECIHTICDN HE inseparability of the facts of a persoffs life from the record of his accom- plishment was a truth which Miss Mattie jones impressed repeatedly upon her students. No more convincing proof of the verity of that statement than her own history could be evoked. About her life the usual details of biography recede in signihcance before the strong currents of inspiration and achievement flowing triumphantly from the fountain of wisdom into the lives of countless people whom she awakened to intellectual consciousness and to the dignity of service. Miss Mattie was a teacher whose concern for pedagogical distinction through the acquisition of academic honors was totally eclipsed by the desire to qualify most ably to instruct. For many years she translated experience and knowledge into useful material for building through education the solid structure of citizen- ship. Realizing the vicissitudes of life that often subvert honor, she wove into the rich tapestry of her lessons the golden threads of character. Yet even these bulwarks she considered insufficient against the insidious inva- sions of temptation. Together with information and ethical procedure one must know the relationship between the present and the eternal, must perceive the divinity in all things. Equipped with this understanding, a student emerging from her classroom would be able to see things in their true perspective and appreciate their relative inzportance. Her methods of instruction were unique only in their perfect adaptation to time, place, and the student. In the classroom she gave full expression to her great personality, and her students listened and believed. The secret of her power was not in profundity but in graceful simplicity through which her humor twin- kled, her charm radiated. and her joy in living glowed. ln her own life she illus- trated the efficacy of her principles, and one could scarcely deny that eloquent testimony. Her absorption in teaching did not dull her ears to the world of affairs. Her multiplicity of interests outside the school gave the sparkle of timeliness to her remarks: her connections with business and industry made her a vocational guide for many whom indecision or circumstance might have deterred: and her' complete awareness of swift changes that alter all phases of social and economic life made her able to predict and prepare for the demands of the future. Although Miss Mattie has retired, although the full flavor of this rich and so humanly lovable life may not be the good fortune of students who now pass through the college halls, theirs will be the heritage of perpetuated memories: for in the minds and hearts of her students she has nzade indentures through which tributaries of wisdom will flow, extending her name and influence to new eras, confirming her enduring character. QW ss- , ' .a.-w.-Q., mx 60 MISS MHTTIE IGNES Who has been a guide to us, teaching us what is wisest to love and honorg who has been a sympathetic companion in all our experi- ences, and whom we have come to know as our most loyal friencl. 1Q..m.,.i fi. ..11 nw nm . ,,1f1.,. i 1 p..is1.th.L.1 lv lxl.-. Hin. s.1..s..i in ww I r Q APACHE, 1937 xaw X 1 .ff W iff "A gfipv-f1,gvmv'fwv, , fx .F , ,, ' ' V "fi J 11 A :Ki if , fi' M A 1 N 19 fi, L J 'Y M' .5 WPILIL 7' r, W!! AL APACHE STAFF lilhflll' l!lI.11lIl'A.V ,llrzfzfzgw .I xxrf jx nm Rmnfru limml rin ASSIS'l'.XN'l' I'fmTuRs lS.xRB,xx,x N1.XXlIl'l IT Blix XV1111 rl. Mxkwwg Nhkmsx M.'xRu1.x Surf ii.'x5s.xw.xY Ifkxwchs Nrlluufw Mmm IQMIIN 'l'1mMPsux 1'xIWIER'I'ISING STXITI' I',u:1x 'I1lN Nl4I,l P.Xll Klum I-XXIIIII 'lull XVr xx:-'R liumx ICIJITHRS ,Imax S111-uv-xx XVAI ll'R Urn n lfxu l,'l'Y Smxsmzs Miss Al,1.l1Nlf I-Slumnrxlzlw: MR, ll. I'1..lIlNKlNS V -'11 ' XX 1 Jfyf J., Q4 UQJNA I I ,, ,W,, ,,., , Qi pa f m13wAn.H14- AHMm1x1wM ,,,ff-1r1ffAA1m+-:MM-A.1AIA-H1-IAQQLQAA-IrrL1aIHm111rz1rr51 , ,,,, in, if A Ax V.-., hWAf9E"3'Ni :x 5 ?f - 5 g 1 , A -. MM-, 4 A . ,5 . it fx' ' l , - fn - P fs K Z i I , W Y " . 1if":-?V:'sl'?' 1 I X V . V .-N A ' ,Img-V x4g.,3j1:y. f ' 1-A ' X 5 ' . f '.Sf"'frf' L+, . aYgv,f,,zg3.- -f- , -.AU . -U., i lf' X 427' , I' -ZX :'.,',f'fi'f25 X ' 1 f ' ' 3 4 1 ig, x hx vb Q ,X f' 11,1-,pity F ,- ng. 02:1 54 '7 '. W En -5- z, V. , '- f" I Q , ' .L '24 ' 'f'5f.1 ' , 7 '. 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A 4. lil-1914 "'-A '1'- f,fYf9Z"-- --firm 'f' ' V , --,-H, 4 V X ,, , v 1 gnfwkn, 34, .r wiw l ' . 2 Jia' Ee:-f f ' QW Qf12r7'f'-F W 1 ' - X dir, .' iy" 5'!6ff 9 , fit,-xl 0 f . 1' 4 :Q " "A 4- KPN. 5-,QEZ "" 11 1,5 12,1 ff' ' ' Q "'fi4fxi'm A""f'4". "'- Q ' . 1 .Q--. , V .5 - ,A 31,341 ,.-15 ,.?,. 5 ' if ' ' " ,11:W.1..5Qt?fL'2w1'fe1S'f L N ' Z ug' L :gig k, Jf y', ,flr5,:',:,Ql -3?-.3 li., . x , ' ef 5 . , mf Mfg iv Q vf Afga , - 'xp ' f' Y ' ' .. H 1 -f.wfif3,K I 3 .. ' 'Lv 51 CT' -P' " 'ffigf'-1' ' 1'-"ELM ft- , ,,. , 3 .ri A M wdffai. ,img ,Qfw 4 1 i 1 . gsm' U 225455, ,fgfi-if. L' , 1 ' Jzgqu v fkrilggfyg gym. . VEyffg5u' gi., 3 n 'ua v ' '4 H1141 W if 'iff - 1 -' M- "ff1.'f J if 55- 1 i7'21,..f3'.,g-1-.aka fr' . L '2 4 I . .V 22,23 '- ' f ".,fff"i, 'Wf-':" 'HTC --f ,wifi ' Z , .N -. px ?5g9'2gSfff-9 ,527 33 Q ' 4. -- ' 'QF f 2-f 2? 5 Vff '7'5?2f"" ' Xf 43? 7 W' 32' Q 'iii E .VI -vk,3- 1,3 , - , I WM L I f , ,:N 3, A ,. 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H F II-NKINS MISS INIARY HENDERSON .Q .,A,,, .,,I,, 1 w ,-I,,. IDI-.m .If 14x-W.-,. We 8 , 720 II -YJ IIIXIIIIIIIIIKIIIXJJT ?igQIIxiX Q - J m:m1iOIjI4- Tig ,'-l V, I f . v Y,.-A 4 T" " A fag, rf APACHE, 1937 'S SK ' H . m2 ws I!! I . www I Ill I llIIlIllllIlllllllImTTiIll' 7'T nmlnll Tlim I numnuuul num umn u nnuu nunu llll l l umm-" r ' sal Z Z ' 5 fir' QEAX 1 ,'-- ' f FACULTY Miss ALLEN13 BR.xNnENRL'Rm:, MA. Englislz l'.fyr'lmfngy A JC. Miss AIJELE HENmzRsoN, M.A. llisiory MR. KI. C. IJENDERSUN, ISA. Sfiflll 1' Miss AIARY Hrixmmsux, MA. llistrrry and lflkfllllllllili I K X A sf Miss AIILIJRED HflXX'IfI.l., MA. 'If 1 Fl'l'IIl'll and Sfwurzislz 7 MRs. S. T. -luxus, MA. c10'l'I'I7lII1l'llf MR. J. A. Puswx, 12.5. Miss LL'c1,x Iluusms, M LX f..22-Z' M - ' P59 I- x xx XA.. " . Ala?-' - ,J ' sf if.. f , . M. 'hm C' . .4 A ,,- Ex- Q 5:.,gg" 3 .SMH N-1 'gf ww- L tzfirffwi "' ?" 'V nun. J' V .,'UN. Q S.. ' AY' On MR. Ia. A. I,.xwx'12R, 15.5. Ifrzgfirzrfrizzgf-Ilrufwifzgl lllallzrrllulifs fi g Y Miss Xxx R01aERTs, BA. l,ilIl'tlfil1ll ' .fr ' . 9 ol .- fwf-.W Q1 A si R 'NYX'-X' ., M - 1 -. . L E. . ,gfgLU1z,q1s R 4,fK Zj777ff.5. by SX' XXV! ,ffls 5 ?.L'f,"' ', S ff wig'-,Kd',0Q0,.,k "" -.1f!mffff1fummNQNff1f v'vmm"W Lg.f42mX3,gy9-E 'CJ -Lf' S-. Q-, g 155-,-'llfax , Q 1 . Qyii r-.' APACHE,1MH ki K .m i .1 1 ' ' Tmzn-vm ,111 . ."11E2iWP1Li,-:W FACULTY MRS. PE.xRl. RUIHQRTSUN, M.A. aff lf.1'1u11lin11 and Psyflmlogy Sj14'1'lf1 and lflzgflixfz f3 anim: , an ' . . MRs, 151.5112 SMUTHERS, M.A. 1 f ,aff , . , f,0lllIlll'I'lltl! l,0llI'5l'5 fi kb , . ' Mus. H.XRlll.lJ STRINGER, Bb. Y? Pllyjilllf Elilllllfillll MR. 111311111313 A. l"u1,Tz, 13.5. .lfhlf-fm MR. 11l.xRRY IC. PARSHALI., B.M. MR. R. F. SAIUTHERS, 13.5. Miss R1.'TH RVCKER, MA. Miss NIAIEIEI. XVu.L1.1.A1s, M.A. ,Uufff Miss NIARY IJ, XVALKER, M.A. Foods 1 ,Mb 10 - 1'-7117.1 ljflhf fyvx '1 Y A if 1 WHY? A xff3xWW1.f 11 ' ,i ' , N ,lr fi- V. ,J--5 f Q, ,, A hQx?gjJw.,.iWP: wszl ,YK pf ,af ' l, fgihfz BRAVES - SQUAWS XA I x w S1 'K v -"' " n l ' -ffzfl' -V s l ,llfl , C APACHE, 1937 lj ' VK "'VII11TXIFQUUTf2T1fKS1IIYfISI111UIl1l3IIE1IIL1'I1IL li afnllgi 23651-,Q-:'W,: X S SOPHOMORE CHIEFTAINS Q: X P,x1'L 1XIL'SSl.EWHlTE Ill' tlllfllllfhlljlllki ills irfzpnyxilllr-Jilrrlf1' for ilu' lilzmry. ' " l'u-Nillermr of Soplwnmre Class, Pre-Law Club, Las Mnxcarns, f , ' S liasketbnll. X A N Q -1-H 3 N' 4 lblmuix l,lPL'HL'RCH . , A " 'Tis lfrllrr In -uwar 0111 than In rust auf." .lift Yimfe-l'1'esimlent nf Soplwmbre Claws, Pre-Law Club, Basketball. Mun' Ifxum' Tumwsux b ll'ill1 :lr-'vrr fuqil mmf frzfifw prn, ll? pmpln-yy, szznrss ,vl1f'll fwin, Srwctznry ul Suplmxlmre Clan-, Girls' Forum. A ved! L+. A 9 5, T C TNIYRLENE INERREN x V' Y . . . . 'U "' il' llwr 1711111151113 fn If lUI1fllflIfIll.Y,' lin' rfzrrgfy 15 lmzmdlwu. 'l1l'C'lNlll't'I' of Snplmrnnre Claus, XV. A, A., Tcnnix Club, Choral Club, l,us lX'1ll5L'Ill'1lS, Apnrlu- Stuff. Ill , 1 lw l2 K q IJfM47!f77x -1' l 4 4 ',rffwf'L'fff' fwfzkflflllllllllf 1 ,kiilblllfff 3 A 5 l ' fb iminmu1nQhq gli'mHT.jQQmmmu1 Qll 1,7 i xl f "Yin 7!:':-Y A gr APACHE, 1937 lllllllllllllllIIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllulllllll mul!" E N ' ulllllIllIlllulmumlulllllllulllnnllwl IIiiililllIiIDIHWWIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIW liulmuunlulu um YN' , , SK, fXg rf W . XX 'X H E4 - X r ki.. R 7 Qwd, WARRIORS EIJITII ALLEN This liztlf S'ou1ln'rn lwllr has pain'-am! fwlmt ll Kf'nl11z'ky drafwl. XV. A. A., TQ-nuis Vluh, Phi The-tn Iiuppn, Lux lX1:1sw':u'as, I.itv1'zl1'y XX'm'kslmp. BEN Hanan, ".X'il1'n1r is nmrr flllqllfllf lllan fwnfdsf' l':llL1iIll'!'l'S' Vluh. Ronmu' HUUI,'l'IiR "O Romro, Romro, fwf1f'l'a'fo1'r ur! Ifmu, R0IlII'0.2', I'l'1'-LZIXV 4'lul1. IM-lmtv Vlulv, Las Ivlasf-:1l':ns, Busimfxs Iwilllzlgvl' ul' .-Xpzmvlu-. IJUROTIIX' BRUOKSHIRE "Thr llmff has 1'wa.vo11,v llmf rwumrz Jmgr not unJrr5land." XX'. A, 4-X., 'FUIIIIIS Vluln hlrls lfnrllxln. Inns M:ns4':u1'z1x, 4'lm1'zll 1'l1lIf. Lfwms BYRIB ".l frm' fffrnd is f0I'm'rr ll fri1'm1'." 1 v - , . 1 has 1XfIz1:4f':1l'zns, XX. ,X, A,, 11ll'lN lwwum. EUZABE1 H AN1'mNls'l"l Ii f'.'XMPBl?I.I, .I frm' Sll1lf!ll'l'll gfrlzllwfwonzarz fwillz illrun of luv' ofu,-11. Lita-l':u'X' XX'wrlcsln-p, has Mnsf-:u':ls, XX'. .-X ,X, Iiialing Vluh, Bmwxcrf CfXUDl,li Hrr ryrs ylou' fLL'iflI lln' 'lL'lU'lIlfll of mm- radrslllp. XX' -X X A K K Virlv' Flrrlllll Moxfx Dieu, EASON Rl'lI0'LUlll'L, for !l1'I' brauly and lfmrnz. Lux M:us1'4nrus, l'I1m'41l Vlulf, XX, .X. .X.. 'lwvlllllx Vlull, MARHN RRWIN .1 mullifudr of friwml.v !n"ll -u-in lfilfz Ilml fwldr, rrzgfagirzy ffflll. l'llIg'illl't'I'S' Vlub. MfXR'l'llA Sui GAss.xw.-xx' Killrnisll 011 Ihr krys-as Qcrll IIJ llzw Iom- Iom. Vlxurzul Vlull, XX'. A. .-X.. 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'H f 3, - .g?e3.,:4y,- 'xX"x V XX "v K , X 4. x R il 1. - . -i- Y ,f ., V 51,5 VAS, ,::ggi.'!,.y.'1 V k V Xi' V A +V Q' x " ff V 1 V V M K 1 XV Q- ' Q 'YV ' VH V7 "i 3- 11":'ff3' FA V L: 'K L V ' X R V if. ,- V1 'mcg "L"i'3ki"'h X R- '- 1 ' I 'X f.eV2"f:V .V E V ,ii X. YV N V! ,,-y.VV... gf-.a!'3,,-, .Vp .,3g.,.,M::V' ' V VV VN fhfx. , . V . - s xl N t vlf?i13i??3'gf-3-332 I-', -P' V"25'R??ff 'V V -'ENE' 'V-4. X ' . ' Vz " ' N. KV X X e ' , . V Vg ' ' V V V ', : V ss. ., X . . 5 - A X :N-gs, XIVQL X., -,S X W f" X ,.2i'- ' . i ' W ' ' " ' 55.113 ' V., V V ' V. VF" VV A M' 1:-'fn2,,fV. VVHQM4' V " 'V V ' ....,.,,,,,.A H -,Wim-H-N-NW -'nn x Un the RESERVATIQN Y I I I 4 4 W r N 1 T Harvest Festfval Queen Freshmen Favorftes DOROTHY BROOKSHIRE PARK TUNNELL KITTY EDXVARDS V s"""' 795 Sophomore Favorftes RAY HELENE SMITH ROBERT BOULTER BEN JOHNSON RITES A BRIEF SURVEY OF TYLER JUNIOR COLLEGE The falling leaves of 1926 found Tyler Junior College beginning to carve its record on the totem pole of history, with Mr. G. O. Clough as president and Mr. M. Hodges as dean, crystalizing the dream of farsighted citizens. Since 1927 Mr. M. Hodges has been president, and the position of dean has been held by Mr. W. A. Nelson, Mr. P. H. Walser, and Mr. H. E. jenkins. In contrast to the first year's faculty of nine members, the present faculty consists of twenty-two members. The college ranks high, as it has long been a member of the Texas Association of Colleges, the Texas Association of junior Colleges, the Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools of the Southern States, and the American Association of Junior Colleges. The school has an excellent library containing 5,000 books and 40 periodicals. Col. T. N. Jones, Mrs. A. Golen- ternek, and Mrs. Elizabeth H. Potter have made outstanding contributions. Apacheland, as the school became known in 1927 by vote of the student body, has many achievements and records of which it is justly proud. No chronicle of Tyler Junior College would be complete without mentioning them. The first student publications were the "Apache Pow-Wow,,' appearing in the Courier- Times, and the "Apache" published jointly with the High School annual. Since 1935 the "Apache" has been an independent and much larger issue. In keeping with the In- dian tradition, the tribe has acquired a number of trophies. The Totem Pole was designed and presented by an alumnus, Sam Nash, Jr. A tom-tom and a war bonnet were given to the college by Apache Mansos, one of the Council Groups. In 1930 the students adopted the Apache Chant as their school song, both the music and poetry of this haunting Indian melody were composed by a student, Miss Frances Strange. The activity program has grown through the years. In 1926 there were five clubs, and at present there are ten. The oldest clubs on the campus are the Hiking Club and Las Mascaras. The largest organization is the Womenis Athletic Association. Since 1932 Miss Mary Henderson, Dean of Women and faculty sponsor of the club, has given to one or more of the members a scholarship of a semester's tuition, which is the highest honor of the association. In 1930, Alpha Omicron chapter of Phi Theta Kappa was organized in Tyler Junior College. This organization had five members the first year, it now has eight members and seventeen pledges. The Young Citizens Club was founded by the Rotary Club in the same year, members are chosen for meritorious conduct in cleanliness, thriftiness, courtesy, loyalty, honesty, service, dependability, sportsmanship, scholarship, and leadership. In a number of intercollegiate contests, Apache students have won honors. In 1931 Miss Sara Christian, appearing in "Greasy Luckf, presented by Las Mascaras, was selected as the best actress in the district contest: Miss Dixie Alexander achieved the same honor in 1935 in "Mansions.,' Three times Las Mascaras plays have won second place in the district contests. In the State Oratory Contest at Temple in 1931, Miss Elizabeth Cuthrell won second place. In 1933 the basketball team won the State Championship. Ernest Gilley, Esten Ray, Blake Wood, Ray Cwilley, and Cleve Gilley were on the team. The factor which lends a unity to the rapidly-changing student body is the tradition of democracy which has grown up through the decade of advancement. Based on Indian legends and history, the spirit of Apacheland has become a unique part of student life, as each class has added to the customs and unwritten laws of student behavior. As long as new moons wax and wane, as long as Apache warriors are trained for future councils, the traditions of the Black and Gold will increase in number. 24 APACHE CHANT I el: I-qu 1 I I I I I I I F1jgncesISirunqIv. ti Ii :Ci A QII ,G gig gf, io, ive.--QU 'L' "-N ,'-,a h-1 fl-vuluf-Qlnuclnq li 'II I-1 ll . Il . II e. 5:4 " 15,1512 I' - , M fsssiscsrsggggcsgs fs az'-'Ha ,un l 5 - 9 Q Q :. ,:: : it 'I , I an I' : ' O Io. l I Q 1 .1 2 2 Li G 2 - fi S 6 6 v 5 ' 5 ,J A 2 ,J ' 1 1 f ' ' -' + A UI Cs C4 P3 Q , 4 'V:.',1,g-W - F I - Egiiigi-friseif. 553573715 iq' I silz fs 'ii a if . 2" ff: ' 1, 6 - 0 - YQ 4 I !E'A": I I I Q 1 1 r r I Q -E 3 Q fig A D I 4 5 E 2 I5 ' 5 6 Q tg 13 IHJILLQ fo I if r a ai - I I I, 1 F - lgfjj 'Tgggfm' - LZ QE51 .. ' I 1:24-msg.. if- QQ gr. i i fggggg 1- EQ.-1 i t 1? fl c 'el ' -Jil had if . ,, Q Q I E 3 gig! It in-iii. : r fj rf f ' I I Y 'i W l I.- It 5 ' lglle if CHQ I Ii'5lIOJC.If5lVfg51l gagl ir-'I' ' lu i' F I 'lvl' ' 'I ' e MM 'f-if 1 - ' lf! - 'ENN Pr '- -s z: 3 ' K0 I gal: ei CJ- nl!! Nm I j-- 'ff -I Ifr , I I- -I jing ? Q I Q Q 1 3 , 5 5 :s": 6 ' E O ,G VVc're Apache tribeamen, Dauntleas, brave, and strong. To defend our tntem pole, VVe would suffer long. Gathered 'round our council tire, VVe smoke our pipe nf peace. Real Atta Kula Kulak wc- Till life! pow-wow we cease, 25 NVQ will he real red men . llnnnring our hand. VVc will make nur tnmahau lv lfeared throughout the land. ln nur sacretl Hunting Ground, XXX' give this mug nf praise. ' l w ller unstzuned Blacfx and hnltld- Shall reign throughout nur days. ii we 'flgilllpma W f IPX ff' 5 ,. f A g APACHE,1937 j A W-im, KUKTlm1.Lmm """'f!i iUir2 ' iw XXN. l""7'i-L1.LJ'F it i'1'u.ClIH1il1- i -- El' LIFE WITH THE APACHES The eleventh year on the reservation has seen the accomplishment of a certain goal. In the beginning the faculty conceived of this institution as a true happy-hunting ground, that is, a true democracy characterized by a spirit of happy cooperation. With this year the Apache spirit has become all-pervadingg without a discordant element the tribe has been a unit in body and spirit. In work and in play every student has found his place in the group and has been happy. Early in the fall semester a band of ten braves and squaws attended the second annual meeting of the Texas Student Government Congress at T. C. U. in Fort Worth. Our delegates were Paul Musslewhite, Jane Judge, Myrlene Nerren, Robert Boulter, Barbara Mayheld, Mar- guerite I-Ienslee, Leon Levinthal, Ben White, Park Tunnell, and Robert Woodson. They returned with a joy of realization: "Our college has true student self-government in that it seems to have no government at all." Aware that their only problem was the establishment of a more collegiate atmosphere in the library, the delegates in reporting to the student body recommended the creation of a Student Library Board. This board, consisting of Paul Nlusslewhite, Edna Earle Epperson, Edith Allen, Ben Bedell, and Park Tunnell, virtually accomplished its purpose. The improvements on the reservation have contributed to this alto- gether successful year. The library, which is the center of all college life, has been enlarged, now it is a place of comfort and beauty with adequate facilities. With the convenient adjoining lounge and kitchen, the library is easily converted into a recreational room. The very modern music hall and the splendid new gymnasium are of exceptional value to tribal activities. Throughout the years the college has made consistent progress along all lines. Imbued with such a democratic spirit, the life on the reserva- tion will continue to foster intellectual liberty and happiness. pl 26 fl! . "Tiny A A llff,'f,ffv'Wx .M V a , xfffffffv A -R y Rfwwl ,E ln ,xg ,f U -X ET-TT"'f1ijV3L'J A A F-egg. 1 --Ly- Ll- Q. 1 . ,KA it ' , ,W W- t 56? 'V I Late for class? 2. "Icky" and Martlza. 3. rlrcade conference. 4. Out for a little air 5 Apache maidcns. 6. "U'e will be real rednzenf' 7. .-Ipaclzc squan' rides on big pony e're betting on the winner. 9. Get that ball, Rutlzf 10. Beauty rvpairs. 11. Yes, iff plaids this season. 12. A Bos! who d0esn't boast. 27 f' F5 IKM 'U eg ji lj 3, i-TW I, IL' A P A C H E, 1 9 3 7 ,gig nl I ' " . A ,.... ......... s .. JOKES Miss Adele Henderson: "Queen Mary followed King Edward VI. Does anyone know who followed Mary?" Jules Constantin Qafter deep thoughtj: "Her little lamb." POINTS OF ADVICE TO GIRLS 1. Never make dates with biology students: they enjoy cutting up too much. 2. Be careful of dramatic club members: they usually have several good lines. 3. The tennis man is harmless, but he enjoys a racket. 4. Always let the member of the band talk about himself: he enjoys blowing his own horn. Miss Walker: "Didn't I tell you to notice when the soup boiled over?" Edith Allen: "I did. It was 4:10." Doris Mcphail walked into the library and asked Miss Roberts for a copy of The Red Boat. After consulting the card catalogue, Miss Roberts told her that there was no such book in the library. Doris said, Q'I'm not positive: the title may be The Scarlet Yaflvrf' Miss Roberts looked again, with the same result. Cpening her purse, Doris glanced at a slip of paper, and said, "Oh, of course, itis the Rzchaiyatfi Bill Nettles: "Miss Rucker, I want to suggest a new speech course for next term-the C. C. C." Miss Rucker: "What on earth is the C. C. Cf?" Bill Nettles: "Course in Cute Comebacksf' Mr. Henderson: "Name three things that contain starch." Bobby Henry: "A collar and two cuffs." ... .g. .g. john Krattiger: "This book says that if one wears a turquoise, he can never be seriously injured in a fall. What do you suppose would happen if I jumped olI the roof of the school with a turquoise ring on my finger?" Rex McDonald: "The turquoise would not be injured." L, X. 28 g A V, A ll llslhyyxv J Nxlllf I Q'I4f jiifjg A li 'L no :aeiefiwwgxs 1' ...gnu Jw.- ,.p.,1'4 lb-il n ,ff -if I -?1,,, . - .5- llnii -, .4 '-SK... 1 Q Uh. 3 I 1 9, 5 11 -fl 5 .iw ., . qw. v V Yi. ,., anifida 1. Lan'-abiding Apaches. 2. Solving the camera mystery. 3. "Dol's me." 4. "IVE advocate outdoor classes." 5. More W. 11. A. racket. 6. A universal favorile. 7. Forty per ccnl of the mid-term graduating class. 8. That? a million dollar smile. 9. If pictures could only talk. 10. Fran and Jean. 11. M1110 said ll1YCC'S a crowd? 12. Hully-gully. Hon' many? 29' Lip IE gy 7, APACHE, 1937 .inlzzl ' --uu uumummmuun mmulln mm I I SIDE LIGHTS ON STUDENT LIFE Phi Theta Kappa elected seventeen pledges in February. They were Edna Earle Tipper- son, Hannah McKay, Mary Louise Castle, Mary Emily Thompson, Elizabeth Ann Har- rell, Marguerite Henry, Martha Christian, Carol Liggett, Hazel Mitchell, ,lane Tbfd- ford, Vllilliam Harvey, Fannie Belle Pledger, Myrlene Nerren, Robert Vlloodson, Mona Dell lfason, C, ul, Thompson, Marguerite Henslee. Apache maidens feel that the addition of the Girls Lounge and kitchen has heightened the joy of life in the college. lt has supplied a real need in giving the girls a place to relax and chat with their friends during their spare minutes. NIS if HI- The Mattie L, jones Scholarships were awarded this year to Edith Allen and Martha Christian. This is the first year that these scholarships have been presented. The chosen students are given a full year's tui- tion in the college. BIG il? Our two-word description for basketball enthusiasm- Martha llarris. if tk :It VVe Vllonder-XVhat Apache maiden took a tumble off her horse? C. L.? XVhy lfrwlzw- bull holds such fascination for F. li, P.? VVhat is Ruth Myers' hamburger capacity? lf Martha Sue has learned the difference be- tween discussion and beating around the bush. VVith the braves along the fence and the squaws on the bases, the year has been filled with both work and play. lf Y- Interest was quickened by certain editions of a news bulletin. Noteworthy among these fire? "The Radio News" by Vvalter Guild and "The Pow-XVow" by the -lenltins, Sleeper, and McDonald Publishing Company. It I Did you know-The Senior Class of 1930 presented the Library with our electric Clock? That lIooker's Lafwx of l1il'l'll'XTll5fll'I1l Polity in the Library is 230 years old? New life has been brought to our bulletin board by the display of student talent devel- oped in the art course. The Girls' Forum, under the able leader- ship of Miss Adele Ilenderson, brought to Tyler the Hendrickson-Bruce Shakespearian players, who presented Juliur f.lIlf'.I'llI' and llanzlwl. :ti 'K if To acquaint the general public with the activities and talents of junior College stu- dents, and to give additional opportunity for development through self-expression, the Ty- ler junior College inaugurated a series of ra- dio programs from station KGKB, I W, ill, L :ti I E r 'rl V EEIQ Su ti L: "1JZ'T'1f. , ' F 'ff' -- r- 'f 'gg I-A - +-- LE h I fi' 'Ni Qi-5 his F ii' kd we-ff f 1. .lack explains the situation. 2. A bunch of monkeys in the tree. 3. The hamburger squad. 4. Pharmacy philosophers. 5. On to Waco and the debatef 6. A couple of campus jelly- beans. 7. "I bet mine's the bestf' 8. Bow ties are quite the fad. 9. "Tn play or not to play." 10. Settling down to read this year? 11. On the stairway to knowledge. 3 I ff Z ,r g APACHE, 1 937 -I D AY. WE? W, JCKES Don Wood and William Bailey were studying for an English test. Don said, "Will you explain to me what a metaphor is?,' William answered, "A metaphor? That's a kind of signalling used chiefiy for long distancesf' Two Tyler business men stood on the street talking one day. 'QI under- stand your son is pursuing his studies in Junior College now,', said one. "I guess sof' replied the other, "he's always behind." Miss Brandenburg: "In what circumstances does the fourth act of Hamlet Q77 f begin Martin Erwin: "It commences immediately after the third act." QQ. 4. .Q- Loyd Denton: "That certainly is a wide yawn, Danielf' Daniel Bost: "Nothing of the sort. I was just getting ready to give the Apache war-whoopf' A child had gone to the city for the first time, and was very much inter- ested by the tall buildings. "Motlier,', she asked, "will there be any sky- scrapers in heaven?" "No, honey, it takes engineers to build skyscrapers." -9. -9. -9. Bill Niblack and Ben White were discussing the merits of the professions they intend to enter. "I don't say all lawyers are crookedf, said Bill, "but you must admit that your profession doesn't make angels of men." "No," retorted Ben, "you doctors do have the best of us there." Miss Howell: "How many wars were waged against Spain?" Dorothy Brookshire: "Six," Miss Howell: "Enumerate them." Dorothy: "One, two, three, four, five, sixf, 4. 4. 4. Miss Williams: "What is a vacuum?" Gordon Riley: "I have it in my head, but I can't express it." Ruth Myers: "Do you know the number of Elizabeth Campbell's house West Bow?" Catherine Lee: "No, but you can't miss it-it's right over the door." 011 'Q A Y"li'f"' ft l . ,H tial Xl , li. 32 D fi . fytfffs ,V - .fi f'liNiilfl'l. , ffl 6fN'+l.VlXl.v 4 KL" --xi 2 fi' ! ' it f at l l . ff si' r -:X . . Y Q V.. 3 , g 5 -1 ,422 H W 2543-1 X ,in ' . D '+D- wg ' mil 4-4 V vff 4+ 3 3, ,..v- P' up , ' E. 'dia C. 1 a . fl 1' Q13 .N 5 ' I' 3,11 if wg: 1' 1 I. Laqyboncs. 2. Macs! be spring fever. 3. .+I couplc of Phi Theta Kappas. 4. One of those tall-tale conferences. 5. Think it's going to rain? 6. lfifaiting for the bus. 7. Hc rin: in spite of the hooks 8 One of the business managvfs 1ncr1'ita1i1'c moments. 9. flu educational f?l meeting. 10. On thc threshold of success. 11. Time out for the camera. 12. The reason for the increased membership in the Pre-Lan' Club. 33 . ,S 4'5""" 'xx " at ,-1""' Q. ' u-w-uf' 1. mljsjkjfrlv? ls rlzis Bulsllmfisnr? 2. Lmmgiug in the loungv. 3. lllvct tin' Barron. 4. .-Iin't Nalurv xrumlvrfxll? 5. ,-Ilvsurlring 41 lilllc lilcraturc. 6. Just 41 pose from Leroy. 7. Note the sucks. 8. xl smilv and 41 pair of dancing lrluv cyvs-llzafs Suv. 9. Om' of .ijnzclrvlmldk papunsvs. 10. Ball? Strikv? Nu, a hmm' run.' I1. Mvlldf? nlnotlzvr sit-dmrn slrikc? 34 "'-A 'v s i ' x. 1 fl , Y-ix 6 . a - . 5 , ' A 1 ' , . W f r 1 I-, "w 3"'iwi1 wi W ff' 5,55 Y flux Y. no fue - k'xL, t fm a - D, t.. 1 52 TAS ig, . f'5f- if r Q Q Q ini , -N "E-'-s.4'i.,. rw- i. . Q, . Q .v M t Him WT" 0 qt. a ,J -Y, A 'iff' ,T,....' 1 I ' Il, la . ii is N M ya' Q in u 1 , K. W , 'ffwe.:.3'w.Y.'a'-f - fat ' r 1 ' M W- 2w,,Q,??o.or,1',?wr-1. ,M T 2 4 .- - 1.-gg..-.fFf,, 1 .. ' 412, A Q, .- .W 1. The Ice Age. 2. Wfhy so wan, Dot? 3. Cramming for a quiz? 4. Four jolly good fellows. 5. Captain Myers and her crew. 6. Baseball fans. 7. The modern hunter goes a-shooting. 8. Off to rehearsal with Doc and the boys. 9. When the Engineers get together! 10. Circus day. 11. Open air learning. 12. Pep Squad at the big football game. 35 Z a' my p APACHE, 1937 xy f -.-Y , ,i MX . QW , 1 cu I " ' A till? lljjjItf.:f',1 W4 LETTER FRCM AN APACHE TO AN EX-APACHE Dear Ex-Apache: Remember all our good times together last year? Young 1936 had just broken through and you had passed chemistry, I, bugology. Everybody kept repeating auto- matically that prosperity was just around the corner, which made us acutely aware that spring would soon be here, with the new-spring-bonnet problem. That was before the college had been done over, with more classrooms and a larger library. The new Girls' Lounge now occupies the space where Room 212 once was. You know, I learned a lot in that old room. Remember the "measuring stickv and all that?--but we learned something there that will stay with us when the "measuring stick" means only a straight edge. I-low many times between classes we ran off to get something to eat! There is no appetite like a Freshman's. In the afternoons we went out to the old courts for tennis, and while waiting for a court, we sat on the old weather-worn bench. I remember how I admired Gullick's tennis, and declared that I could never be that good. Sure enough, I was right. The thrill of thrills was Girls' Week, with Richard Halliburton. What if my romantic ideas did get a bit let down:-it was just another growing pain, but what a pain while it lasted! When the weather became warmer, we could DOI resist going for a swim, with those heavenly hamburgers afterward. At last came the day when I-Iank and Bill handed out the "Apaches,i' and everyone started chasing autographs. Soon exams arrived, finally we sighed our last sighs, and war-hooped to be out. Then the Centennial began, with Ginger Rogers and Robert Taylor in the Cotton Bowl. Wasnlt Casa Nlanana the most beautiful, breath-taking show? But time rolled on, and school was with us once more. There was a difference, though, for you weren't here, and I was a dignified Sophomore. Cf course, we all miss your jokes, but we do have some one with wit-Stagner. I-Ie's a lad "with lokkes crulle, as they were leyd in presse." I know you would have enjoyed the new riding class, which we got up after long suffer- ing. Incidentally, there was some suffering after the class began, too. The Pre-Laws and the Engineers had a great football game: though the Engineers won, I donit think it proves a thing about brain and brawn. There was a very spooky I-Iallowelen party in the library about that timeg and everyone enjoyed it immensely. After Christmas vacation was over and we were back at work, the lights went out one afternoon. That was the beginning of the famous ice spell. Sunday evening we heard that school would not meet, as the heating system could not be started. We had an unexpected three-day vacation, during which we lived by candle light. After school started again, there were some thrilling basketball games, notably the one with Lon Morris, with score 25-23. Well, the Totem Pole still stands. I, So long, Boo. 36 fyj i'ifWl!,y .4 I' . . A f ,X Umm, -M if X 1 Jggwjiyxifjlji X if ,EVE six I ., v.- Fm' I ' 'T' I 5 5 5 , 5 1 1 ' I 1 - 5 l 5 I i I 5 I 'suffi- fr ,,, '3-Q'.,1'?f.5A1T-"l4fA.4i:i,ffvfj'f-f - -Iflx'-'vs . " - A 4 'I fwfr., if- fn- 3..s'-,.,-fff , .Z -.wm,.,,,-,.Jx,:"w-X ' J. ,Y :L ' 1--g--fi -ig 4 I v 1 V- ' .5"""'-'f'7a'if'.g17I:i'. vfff:i',,' - ' 43: W ' ' , wamfbrisf--Gfffqf' L4 ,C CCDUNCIL FIRES -II 933 - ii! ' I 225.33 :. 4 KKJ Q PALII, Ei N gf SOPHOMORE COUNCIL GROUP ML'ssI.EwIII'II3 . - ---- Prrsidnzl H.-IIIEN I'I-CIIL'kcII .... . I'in'-Pr'rsidmzl IWARI' IQMIIAA 'l'IIIIMI'sIIx . . . . Swu'f11Iry lVII'RI.h N I. N I- RR li N Trva.f11r'fr lfirsl Row VVIIII.-IM ISIQIIIIN -IIessII-' FA RI2s5EI,I, BEN XVIIIIE FANNIE BIiI,I.H PI,EI3f.l1R IIIVIII DAVIS IDORIS MCPIIAII, PICKENS PINKHWIIIN MI'RI,IfNI5 NIaRIzI5x MARVIIIRI' SAIJLER DE EIIRA 'l'IIoMI-sox CIYIIIIQIIINIIQ Luv R.-II' IIIQLHNI1 SMIIII IIAIIEN I'I'cIILIkcII MHIBA XvlI.I.lS N1AR'lli.X IIIKRRIS VVAIJIIQII CIUIIJI S. XV. Iimnxw REX McDcIN.III.II I7lL'K SI.EI2IfIfI1 -I. C. NIcIIIII.sox LEX MMQHIH St'l'0IIIl Rum' 4'xMl',I.I.X Ilvaxsfw M.IR'IIx IQRXYIN I',lll'l II AI,I,I-N Thin! Ron' l,.'Xl'lI N1L'S5I.laXX'Ill'lI I.m ffII.BI-IRT NIQII, MIIRRIS IfI,UlSIi 'IQLTCKFR l'w0llI'f1I leffll' ROIIHIIII BIILIIJI FR ISIN HIeIIIfI,I ISI-'IINIQF f'AL'Ill,lf -lAxIf klL'IIc:I-' 38 M.IR'IIIIx SUE G,Iss.-IIIAY MINI DELI. EASUN RoIIIak1' XVOIIIISON Dmzo'I'III' BROOKSIIIRE fIIiNliV.X MANN lil.lZ.KRIi'l'lI l',IMPBIeI.I, BEN j0IIxsoN BIII, NIIIIJICK M.-IRI' IEMIIN FFHOMPSON -,We-.. MR. HENDERSON'S COUNCIL GROUP PARK rI1UNNlZLL , . ..... l'f-vsiflmt JACK N.-XSITS ......... . l,it't'-lJl't'3iIlt'lIf EI,lZ,XBETH ANN lI xRRlf1,1, . . Sfm-nzry First RUM' Muax' JANE lI.xl,s lN'I,uu llreu-,x' N'1LxKlfI.X'l1'N' JEAN Iivlfliksow M.xRf:1'1fR1'1l4. Illexm' I,mN I,lzYXN'lll.fXI, I,.x Rlflf NlfXX'l1lN I',I,IZ.XBFIll ,ANN lI.XRRI'I,I, Sworn! Ruiz' Mk. llnxlnaksfm J. CI KI4I,I,N A. J. Smxm -lux Nuns RIlBl'.R'I SMH11 HLXRYIAN UARXXX xx' fl'l1ir1f Row RM MUNI! BUl'l,'lliR I'.xl:K 'l'L'Nrw.1,l. I,m'lm I7r-.vmx -Inlrfs l'.x1r-. g , N -. -I ' av ' lv v 39 f MISS HOWELL'S COUNCIL GROUP INIVSIIN . . . . . , . I,I'f7KiIIl'IIf 'I' II. cIII.I,IfY . ...... . I'im-l'rI4vi1lI'I11 KIIRQI I2IzI'I'I2 IIIfNsI.I2If . . Sl'lTl'fIlI'j' l"Ir.If Raza' I..xRIIK.I SMIIII Ixxr 'I'IIFIIIVIIIcII ICIIIN IX'Idirm'.xx K. I. 'IAIIIINIIWIIN YIRI:IxI.I RI'ssII,I QYIRIII, I,If:f:r'I'I XVII I,I,x:w1 RI'ssIfI.I. SIRI 'l'IIIzR.xNs Su mul RUN' I. V. I'lI'IIlI-R SIAM I,fIII5I- l',xs'III, M.xIaIII,x f'IIRI5Il.XN RAI MIIMI .'XI.IfX.XNIJI:R HIII, NI'I,II.I'.S M.xRI:I'I-'RIIH IIIfNsI,I4I Dux' XVIIIIII 'l'l1inf Rom' XVII I IMI II.xI:I IW IIIMIIIIIII IIIRRINIJ I'IIII I II' f.,XMI'III"I I uv, as-v 491 D4 ,gn -IO -Ili 40 'Y' ll 113 gd ,4 MR. POSTON'S COUNCIL GROUP PXTRICI.-X IAIANKERSUN . .... . P IJANIEI, BUST ...... LURLINE ANIHERSCDN . EDNA IZLHQN Fllm,r,R,xl,n L EO B R.-xnsu Aw MR. PoS1uN GAR'HI KING r1'ANNIiR PERUUH SAM Him, I"ir,vl Raza' I.L'RI.l N li .ANDERSON Kl'I'I'X' Iimsxxklms Suomi Rau' '1'rmM,xs LH: I,owRY N1ARSll.Xl,I, r1ilIIiIlIfORlJ REBECCA CANNON DANIHI, B051 Third Raw EUNA Iifxklm EPPERSUN jon XVEAVER FRANCES NIERREN BURNS r1'lI,'l'0N 4l l'it'I"JJ7Al'XiIl!7llf Sl't'l'l'fIIIAV1V Imkrn' SMHH K.X'IlIl'RlNli BME Hum. NUICHEI r, I'I,xNN,xu MCKM' jC1,1.fxN NIARIDOCK P.xL'I. Rm'No1,ns Ab "x -., WOMENS ATHLETIC ASSCCIATION The Women's Athletic Association is composed of women enrolled in the col- lege who are participating in tennis, hiking, or horseback riding. The purpose of the organization is to encourage athletic development as a means of promoting fellowship, recreation, health, and skill in sports. Officers for the year are: Presi- dent, Edith Allen, Vice-President, Marjorie Sadler, Secretary, Mona Dell Eason, Treasurer, Melba Willis, Publicity Manager, Elizabeth Campbell, Tennis Manager, jane judge, Hiking Manager, Ruth Myers, Health Month Monitor, Fannie Belle Pledger, Scrapbook Keeper, Mary jane Hals, Lounge Hostess, Geneva Mann, Faculty Sponsor, Miss Mary Henderson. One division of the W. A. A. is the Hiking Club, known as Atta Kula Kula lFriend of the Wliite Manl. Each Tuesday the club meets and hikes for an hour, in this way the girls have an opportunity to make new friends. This year the club varied its regular routine by engaging in a few baseball games. The Tennis Club challenged the Hiking Club to a baseball game, and though the hiking girls hate to admit it, they were defeated. A popular club on the campus is the Tennis Club, which has made great progress this year. Increased interest is due to the two new courts which were built last summer. The Riding Club is a new division of the W. A. A. Classes meet three after- noons each week. Members have enjoyed the new activity very much. Each spring a scholarship is awarded to the member or members having a de- pendable and constructive attitude, possessing a spirit of optimism, making an average grade of C or above, and receiving the highest number of points. Points are awarded for entering into a sport, holding an ofhce, managing a club, making a team, and keeping health month. It is an honor and a distinction to be given this scholarship. Those who won the award in 1935-36 were Fannie Fridkin, Ella Kendrick, and Bernice Gullick. The winners in 1936-37 were Ruth Myers and Fannie Belle Pledger. Each fall the girls look forward eagerly to the state convention. The hostess school this year was S. M. U. Our delegates, Fannie Belle Pledger, Mona Dell Eason, Ruth Myers, Elizabeth Ann Harrell, and Edith Allen, returned brimful of ideas which they presented in an entertaining assembly program. This year the girls and their sponsor, by their diligence and perseverance, were able to place a nice couch in the girls' lounge. They derive great pleasure from this gift, which will be enjoyed for many years. 42 i XX- A-1 44 WWF mr-a W. A. A. 43 KP Uv-I , 1-. wa., nh 1 5 , I l P R E - L A W C L U B ROBERT XVUUIPSHN . . . ..... l'1'4',vi1lf'11t ICLVIN Kltf l0W,XN .... . I'iff'-Pl'c'.s'lzfl'l1l .IL LIETTIZ NIcL'.xl,1, . ...... Sl'l'l'f'f1ll'j' BEN NIUHNSUN . . Pfzrfizzlllf'lllnrifnl l"iryI Ron' ll,xm,w Vrcunkcu lim Vk'n1'lr Iixkkx' vlxcrms Iirfx Vluuxwx lI.xs.N.u1 Mclin PAL1, lVll'SSI liXVlIl'lI5 Divx SI,liI'l'l-R RUIXIzR'l lim I,'lI'K J. U, NICIIHISHN S1 HHH! RUN' Mk. Vllixklxs Rnnmu XVmm5m. -lL'l,1H'llf lX'lL'l'.XI,l, l'ZIYIN IX1cii1m.xx 1.1-rn Hlunsrl m The Pu'-l,z1u' Club in llll flllllllllllltlilll uf stumlcnts who intvml to cntvr the legal profcssimm. lt is one of tlw must zlctiw fluln in flu- mlll-gc, flu' l'lX'2ll of tlu' lfl1gim'c1's. rf. . . . . . . Ilns ycnr rlu- UVQZIIIIZIITIUII llzul il l1lI'Ql' IIll'Il1lWL'l'Sl1IP NK'lllk'll lllCllI4ll'tl lt':l1ll'l'S m :lll l sclmul znctivitivs. Blr. ll. lf. slcnkins is the sprmsm' uf rlmc club. 44 LAS MASCARAS BEN jnnxsnx . . . l'n-.ritiwrzl Mikmixis Niskkiix ...... Rtpulfr BEN W7IlI'lE . , . . 1'if1'-I'rrsi.lr11l TQLIZABEIII ANN ll.xkRifl.1, , l'rngmm I mm TVTARJURII-f SAnl,HR . . Snrwlury-Trraxzzrrr C'.x'iiir.kiNh LN ,,..,. hillfillf Lilllllllllllll Miss Ruin Rucxrzk . ..... S 'puzrmr trnt Une Xtt l.:1s Mnsvarzis, the dramatic clnh nf Tyh'r Vlnninr Collette, entertzuincd the Dis '- Plan' Fonts-st in March, 1936, Lon Nlnrris -Inninr Cnllegc, vlzlvksniivillc linptist Vnllcgc, Mar junior Cnllege, and Tyler -luninr Cnllcgge clitert-tl tha' cnntvst. The Tyler entry was t"l'hc Sn f fs ui Linn in hnnni nt the pore Spider." The cluh's spring, prndurtinn, ufil't't'Il Stnvkini., ," 'as f' " ' ' yradualting Classes nf Tyler High Svhnnl :ind the other high suhnnls of thc snrrnninling tmx I'ntil this year the sponsor has hccn Miss Milflrcd Howell. Decelnher ll, Las TNTIISCQIIYIN pruscntc'ti Sli:1kespc:ii'c's "Txwlftli Night." In I"eln'nnrx is clnh gave two unc-:ict plans, "Light," :ind "XVhn Says C'1in't." Lats NTilst'1ll'Zls gigziin c the District Contest, whirh Mmm Dru. Iiixsox Ei.izAm:'iii Axx IIA Dnkis McPn.ixn, P.x'nnci.x H AN Krksnx IIANNAII TTURUI ni' I.t'Rl.1Nr: Mi'Ri,hNr1 j Hssir: If,i M.iRjnRnf MCKM' Tnnn Axnrgnsnw Nlfkklix RL'SSliI.l. S,-xnmfk M.-xkt:LfERl'l F Hr Nui TTURUIHX Hknnxsnikr. 4 , I was hcltl in klZlL'ksllIlYiITQ'. llizxiiaisns 'lux livifi-,Rsnx lint NI'l'lI.l'b RRIil,I. KIIIX Iimmkns lim XVinir, I3,iRn,iiz.x Nlmiiir-1,11 TTARXI-X C'.xk.xn.xi TiI.lZ.'XIihIIl f'.XMl'IH1l.I. Rtx Mcl7nx,xi,n Ri-mfuxx Uxxwnx Lux lill.UI'R'l lnxunis liikn llxkkis lit unix PARK 'ltxwiaii tinknns Rn,m I.m'n Difxinx Rumnxn Hntiii-R l'.xi'l. Ruxnins Rnmki I-Stn I tru xlrn' T,l'.fXL'll li.KRlIl Kim: HHN' .IUIINSUN RHIHRI XVtnulnsux .TERRY XV.n'irKs Dirk Si I-PPI-R if Ein' 45 ENGINEERS' CLUB Rum-,ul SMIIII , Blixlirnnill . , . l5.xxll1I,liusl , l"il'A'f Rom' D.xNu',l, H1151 j.XN1l'I5 P.-x'l I1 Blu, NI"llIl1S R1IBlzR'l SMIIII -I. C. lxr'r,l,x' Srrrnzzl Rau' Mk. l,.mvrR V:-Eurwx 'I'urmN'mN A. VI, Smurf RumuwnAl,l1x.xN1m11k lil-N lil4n11l.1, Third Row l.nL'n-, lhkxrnw ,lfmx Kli.XlIIl2!1IR jul' XVr.xwR 1. C. FI!'IAlllfR Jl'l.l.XN M.'XRll4lL'K NLXRIIN IQRXKIN ,.. , . ,, . , , . . . l'l'r,mlf . 171 r-l'r1'5iJrl1l , .S'rn'wlz1ry Hmm '1'L'kNraR lIL'Kl.1fx' RM' URAIJDIJCK l.mn lirvlux CfllRAI,Il C'HR1s'11E l'lcm'Ns l'1s.kl-'Klux 'I'.'xN N mc PHRIIUIQ II.xRx'l4x' i',xk.m.xx lhlx your the I'.llg11lwc1'N lluh Wllh Mr. Ia. A. Linn vcr as sponsor had the largest lmwlllwrshlp Ill IIN l1lNtwx'y. lhc group hm herll very zlvtivc, huth in srhnml nmlivitivs :tml in thc pl'UlllUIiUIl nl fricmlxlmip lx-twcull thx- wlmul llllll Vllfillllx ellgirwcrillg hrnu. During the FCZII' thc rluh nent nn ll numhvr uf iIlIt'l'L'NIillLf held tripx. Nll'll1lTt'I'N of tha ' 1Il'QLlIll!lilIlllIl xwnr thrvmgh the nun Qjlllllllqlllll xxhilu it was umlur l'IiIlNIl'llt'IilIllQ thry LIINH ur In ll phwtu urpy VHIIIPLIIU, :I hmllmlaxrjx, gm ull l'C'f1IlC'l'f', :mal :ul c'lcc'trim' pfmcr plum. lznrly m thr year thc I',II:Llllk'Cl'N' Cluh mlchultul thu PH'-l.nxu in :1 hmrlwnll gains hy ll scum wi rg-I., Qgnifb 1' -ru... A 4 -E' Qifzx A . E Q W A Q it i ,, lxw. V f ,LJ X' E if M -sL1J V , 4' . 4 .. -,lf Q X" , Y . . w. Z A JJ ' V N 1 - 46 h LITERARY WORKSHOP . - , . l'rrsiJ.'1z1 C iluikixu Lui . - . . . Iir,izAmi'111 C.'xMvBii.1, . . l'i1w-l'rwxi.Ifnl RL"l'll MYERS . . . . , .S'm'rrlary Dmus MCP11.-ul, . . lfrpmlu- First Ron' M.iRm:unRi'1'r: Iiifwsriaia Rum NiXl1RS EIIHII Al,l,rfN Drums NICPHAH, N1ARfQL7liRI'I'li HENRY Srmlzrf Rau' JANE jumcri L'.x'1m4.R1Nr LEE I':l,IZ.KBliIIl CAMPBIzI,I. JIiSSlli FA RL'ssi2i.1. The Literary XVorksl1up adopted ns its purpusc fur the year thc study uf thc wiography. As :I part of this stiuly-prugrzim, the mcmherw attended Niisx Fvclyn Uppcnheimcrk hook rcvivw of the mfidcrn hiugrnphy, "Saint ,Ioan of Arc" by V. Salckville VVest, which was :1 50lll'Cf' of impiraition fur the entire f't'2lI"5 work. N1t'Il1iNt'I'S of the urgzmizzitimi fuumi the study tu he lmrh cnjuygilwlc and pmfiigllwle, 47 THE GIRLS' FORUM OF TYLER 'l'l,.+ Hills' Ifilxum is mil- ul thi' must uutstzllinllliu vllilvs In thi- sf-llmvl, IK is vnrilpuswl of High s lilml :mil .limlni 1'wll--qv girls, ilu' spflimsnr is Miss ,Ml-llv llwlnle-1's.m, First rim. M:l1'Ill:1 l.5nl1-- Ilvinslf--1, lmiwltliy It--ll, 1':1i--I Liu:--tt. lllaulys Hllilwl, Mary E:li'lv Duffy lluisl- Ml l'li:lil. M:l1':11wl'itv Ilvnslw-, l':llrif'l:i li2llllxl'l'SHll, K:itliv1'lm- S2lil'll, Illllll lvlvlivv, l'11tliv1'ii1v Imm- l llxzlln-xl: Vzillmlxn. Sl-ilmul mix, llulmzill Illfliply. l::liI-:lm Mznplil-l-l, ldlixzllwllm Aim lluru-ll, Imrlltliy N4-ll XYillizxms ss .X-l-Alv Ili-lille-isuli, llulli Mvl-rs, Ni-ll Smith, , fm, ' ' V' si I .s V - f ' A " 1 f -. K: ' ' ' . 'R , V H . W g l- 1" -L,,'- figl SQ I A 4. .L .. F37 ' 5 -., ,-.' .,, , . .1 fi 534211, - fl ,f ,V ,. H Try., , is .-5--f f . PHI THETA KAPPA l'Iun 'I'll--l.: lizlm-.l is :ull lllmiiuwlux s--lmlsnlsluip iliuzliiimulillll xxitll Bliss Mililri-al Ilmvwll :is spmlsnl' lIslxu'ii1lwis:li'-- fllllsl-lu linux lla-A ug-iw: Ivll lPl'l'1l'lll nl ilu- slllllvlll I-wily. lflist inn Mi:-s Xlul-lui-nl Ilnixwll, Sp:-lisfn, lt--ii Wliitw, l'i'vsl1li-lnlg Aluillm Ilxliiis. 'l'l'i-zlslli'-'r. Swfllill :mx .I:m-- .lmlul-, Ni--I--Iain, All-ll-:i Willis, V1-1-l'i'1-sl-I--lit. 'l'llni1l inn Iizix llwli-in Smith. lllvlllln .Xll4'll. llllmsl- 'l'u:lwr. IZ1-11 .lHllll5Ull. 48 DEBATE CLUB First 1'm1': Jun- I1w:14'11, I.111'l1111- .X111l4'1's-111, Miw 11114 km, 1,11 lflll' N1-1111111 Sr-1111111 11111: 1lnlua1't XY11f1c1s1111, J. I' NivI1n1f1111, 13111 N1-1111-S, 11' 11 XY111l-1, 114'1l J111111s1111. '1'111- llelmtu-l'l11l111l Tyl--1' J11111111' 1'11ll--gf-, XYll11 Miss 1:11111 1l1l"1i1'1' :lf f111111N11, 5--1-lxs 111 Ir1'HIlllI11'1I11 11111.-1'--st 111 1111111114 :1l'l'11i1's 411111 11111-111' :lim-115si+111. This y-1:11 I1l1' -11111 is 11z1111+1111:1ri11: 111 11111 'I'--N11 Jlllllul' I'ulIvL:n- S11vw'11 .XNS1I4'11lll1I11 1h111:1tn- 1'1111t1-sts, 1111- 111-0111151114111 l'111' 11111111 IH llvsulxwl, 111111 V1111 gnlss s11111111l 111- 1-111111,11x'v1w-11 tr- fix 111111i11111111 xxuul-s11111l 11111xi11111111 lllIlll'N 11-1' 111-lustu. "?' 1-v-. - 1 -y-.vv- W' -7.53 gf- it 1, ,- CHORAL CLUB P11111 111-y1141111s. 1':11'l1 T1111111-11. 1X1yl'l1'1l1' N1-1'1'1f11. 11111w11l1y '1'-1-111, 1111111 My-1-5, 51411121 lwll 1:Z11f-1 11111111 15111-11 Fitzuerzllel, 1,11111N- 'l'11zi1-1, A1111'l111 lI1'11s1111, Iliwlc S11--111--13 111-x Mf'1m11:1l-1, M:11g1111'1.- Smllvu 101111 Stl-1-111-11s, J. V. Kelly, M13 1'111's11:1l1, M1114' ll.-11-11 IN1v1i--In-3' at 111:11111. Tl11.- l'11w1':1l 4'll1l+ WHS 0l'1-l:l111Z1'11 lknl' 1111- lirst 11111-9 this 311113 lt 11115 111111111 :nent I'l'4r:l'1'SN 11111111 1111: znllle 1111'1:1-111111 nl M11 11ill'1'5' E. l':11'sl1:111. 49 I kceinlw r l,CK'Q'llll1L'l' 2 Dwexnlwr 2 lur 'lor 'lsr BASKETBALL SCHEDULE OF GAMES . . qog . .ss . ,go v v v s 1 Bullard . . XVliitelmusc . . Athens . . jmiuxlrx 'ler . , 36' Parris . . -Innliilry er, . 36g Mzirshxill . -Innuxtry lsr . . 391 Baylor . . . . A Dlzmuzirx 'lsr . . 333 blzwksmiville Baptist . C' jxmuzirx Ier . . 371 Inn Morris . . . C' x'1lIllllll'N 'lsr , . Rig XVcstminster . C' i'it'i7I'lI'll'f lcr . . 25g 1.011 Morris . . C' lfelvrunry 'Icr . . 59' XVcstminster . . , C" l'iL'i5l'll'll'j 'lei' . . 37' jzu'ksom'ille Baptist . . C' lfclwru'iry 1 Icr , . 241 1,011 Morris . . , . C' lfchru 5' 1 lcr , . 3R -Izrcksmlvillc Baptist . . C Ifulwruwry lsr . . qq ,lZll'kSOI1YiiI6 Baptist . . C l'vl'lTl'll'll'VX It-r ,...,.. 3: I,17ll Niurris , . . . - K' XVcstminstcr furtvitud two Cmltr-i'a'l115c games to 'liylvlx lfiml rms: I-lrkss 'l'li,ms, ILXRRIS l'31'kmx, N. li. Kisrz, Brix XVil1'lri, IBHJIUN Iimzsmxs, llljxrx Ru L'R.XIlllllL'h, Axim R Clrxsmuc. Stvnzzfi mac: Niiisux XVHHI4, I.m 151115:-ki, ,Irma NVAI in-Rs, -lui 'l'rkRx, T, I,. Uilrrx, G. T. Simxru, MR, tirfnu.rf Fm II, imzirli. . A , iv 'E'jk : if V . an, ' if My-4-an--evff E ,1....,,., , , as .L M ENN E 1 ,wa W ""' run -' 50 M- 4. ,..asaus.u..-Wikia : 1. '- , 1 ' . ,h -. .w.. - ans gn T- -I ' if Lrfi In righlf 'll I.. lIii.i,m, jon 'l'1aRRx', l.or cill,BIiR'l, jmuu XV.uyiFRs, U. 'I'. Simzxrik BASKETBALL This year the Apaches had quite :1 successful season. Loy Gilbert, center and captain of the team, was a consistently high scorer. jerry VValters, tall forward, was especially valuable in gaining possession of the ball. G. T. Stagner, :1 good passer and floor-man, was responsible for many of our victories. Joe Terry, master of one-hand shots, was an outstanding scorer. T. L. Gillefs steady Hoor work and dependable guarding ability were of great worth to the team. The lettermen were Loy Gilbert, Joe Terry, G. T. Stagner, T. L. Gilley, Jerry YValters, Hun-ly Ray Craddock, Harris Burton, Burns Tilton, Klilson YVhite, Ben YVhite, and joe Leach, RIIlll2lQ.ft'I'. This year marked the opening of the new 1hIU0,0U0.00 gymnasium. Large and enthusiastic crowds were present at every game. 5l ON HES PRATT JEWELRY CC. East Texas jeulelers EXPERT WATCH-JEWELRY REPAIRING ASK FOR AND BUY AMERICAN ACE MATCHES JW CLASS OF 1937 WE CONGRATULATE YOU FEDERAL INSTITUTE A Professional School of Business FOR HIGH SCHOOL AND COLLEGE GRADUATES TYLER, TEXAS Citizens National Bank TYLER TEXAS if V' 1' 'Tiff ' .. S I 5 5555. .2252 5, ' 55"5-s--.idilrgsffl C-Ei s':g:?. , . .,,. A"X'f'fgf+"43 PTT' " ' ' ' 'M 11 . .S . . ..,. :sl- aw- .,., ,,,.,. , 5, . f ss fs.: , 5 .. - ' ' f T fs Z7 557: s I:1:-: s, s s . :-'Y ri '-I rx... . fzgffg' 25. 51- ' 1 -. f ff 'iii " ' :ff 'i f . 3:-:-3 ,. .- 3 : P 4: I:'-- 5 :qs 1-3.5 3.-:-1-1-:s : ss. . .-p-3 " ,sz w :- ss s . , Q, 1. 1s ,. 5. .-.s.5.5. 5 .- 1 , sz-:- 7151:- ' zsti:-: "' ":?. 4, - 7 s. - .5 : s fb .5' : 2. " 'S 5 -' , . 33 :-:s. - ..:-:. -111513. I.-,:3:i:3:5:5:5:3' -. 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I ., ---- .. ,, .5:s :s. .- -'-- s 1.-?i8.v.... ...... 5. 5.5,.5:5:5:315:3'3:5s.j3t5'3tf:5.5:5:f:ff:f:f:Q5:':5:Q.-"5:s":s'f:.:--I,2,:g:g.5:.5:- Miz.. -142553553555jgE5EgE535E5Egi3E255E555'QQ'Qrg.,Eji5Egig5g'-53:1g3-3g351f-15115255555551-Q1115is15E11555I113.115Ili55525Egi151'15gig5555555g55555.5:3.3:5, 5, iS222i2zis2s2s:ai52sii52i2:zIs.55:525252122252fi252535252255222Ea222fQi25a:525i32zi5a2525212222.f5:sf5fe:5:x I The"New" MAYER fe? SCHMIDT ggiifggfg sfiffsfsis' . . Established 1 899 CONGRATULATIONS, '37 SENIORS ROSEMONT NURSERIES A. L. THOMPSON, Owner Phone 3202 COMPLIMENTS OF Blackstone Hotel and Coffee Shop "Home of Delicious Food" CULVER'S PHARMACY A. W. CULVER, Presideni Peoples Naiional Bank Bldg. Compliments of TYLER MOTOR COMPANY Tyler Tgxag Ford V-8 Sales and Service C pl, I f Compliments of J, H. CALHOUN BURKS-XQLFEEDANIEL SAMPSON-LYLE CLO. CO. SES I-IAYNES CLEANERS HomeszEc'i12:zf2:eF.1:eS?.':rSand AND JOE 206 W. Erwin Phone 202 328 South College SI. Phone 287 Compliments of JUDGE, The Florist 1215 South Broadway Phone 3333 Compliments of VAUGHN SWEET SHOP Phone 3304 HODGES MOTOR COMPANY CHRYSLER-PLYMOUTH 120 South Broadway Compliments of Hooker-Horn Chevrolet Co. 517 West Erwin TYLER STATE BANK AND TRUST COMPANY CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS OF ,37 ROYAL CONFECTIONERY See us after the show "Home of Delicious Homemade Candies" COMPLIMENTS Caldwell- OF Hughes, Delay Ed AIIen BABBLIN' BROOK DAIRIES DEPARTMENT STORE "EVERYTHING FOR YOUNG PEOPLE" BROWN DERBY P. K. Birclwell Hardware Co. Tyler's Meeti11g Place C. M. HAMILTON, Ma'lag Specially-School Supplies Better Drug Store Service BURNS RULLER RINK NEIL-SIMPSON DRUGS AND SWIMMING POOL Phones 2000-2001 218-220 Broadway Tyler, Texag EISEN'S FRENCH MARKET ANU UELICATESSEN KL1NE'S Bois D,Al'C and L0CU5t DISTINCTIVE APPAREL "If lf's Eisen's, lf's Good" We oenve Ph 3486 3487 TYLER BASKIN 86 ALEXANDER TYLER HOUSE FURNISHING CO. Open Day and Nighl--Wrecker Service Furniture Floor Coverings Ph 298 GOODYEAR TIRE30 so Br d Y Y Home Should Come Firs1" Phon 275 AMERICAN LAUNDRY, INC. TYLER SERVICE STATION DRY CLEANING U. S. ROYAL TIRES 20 Per Cent Discount Cash and Carry. "Mosf Convenie 1 DUDE BATTERHES Curb Service in me Cn," College and Elm St. Phone 17 COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND Graduates of Tyler High School and Tyler junior College show by their work in our school that they are efiiciently trained in the fundamentals which are so desirable in bus- iness training. Your standards are high, your faculty is cap- able: and we always appreciate whatever patronage we have from these two outstand- ing Tyler institutions. Our best wishes to the nineteen thirty-seven graduates. Tyler Commercial College School of Business Administration Tliifiy-Simi year in Tyler Capital and Surplus, .S120,000.00 Congratulations '3 7 Seniors HALE CLYDE Men's lVear Compliments of HIGH SCHOOL PHARMACY w. R. ci-mwooo, Prop. TYLER, TEXAS TEXAS MOTOR COMPANY OLDSMOBILE eos EAST ERWIN NORWOOD DRUG CO. Cor. S. Broadway and Square Phone 3717 Tyler, Texas SOUTHERN ICE CO., Inc. AND SOUTHERN CREAMERIES Phone 90-934 Tyler, Texas TYLER GAS SERVICE CO. Your Service Institution Phone S000 Tyler, Texas B660 mes EDUCATIONAL WARREN'S PHARMACY Free Motorcycle Delivery Phone 748 S. E. Corner Square BUCK'S Successor to LOUIS MARMAR Men's and Young Men's Clothing, Shoes, and Furnishings TYLER TRANSIT COMPANY Ride the Bus and Save Phone 3480 Tyler, Texas PEOPLES NATIONAL BANK THE ARCADIA, LIBERTY, QUEEN, and MAJESTIC theatres have brought to you entertainment that has played an important part in education by a portrayal of modern social and business life. Each year these theatres have given you a fine selection of talking pictures, short sub- jects, and the current news reels. We hope to bring you even greater things throughout nineteen thirty-seven. ARCADIA-LIBERTY QUEEN-MAJESTIC The Management Our Faith in the new rose TEXAS CENTENNIAL has been fully justified by the award of The American Rose Societyis Gold Medal Certificate This award was based on a 2-year test of the plants in the International Rose Test Garden, Portland, Oregon. Texas Centennial was given 92 points, the highest accorded any of the 142 new varieties. DIXIE ROSE NURSERY lntroducers of The Texas Centennial Rose TYLER, TEXAS Compliments of FRY AND SONS . "Tyler's Newest Mer1's Store" Compliments of IDEAL BAKING CO. WALKER ONE-STOP Texaco Certified Service Broadway and Locust-Phone 224 J. W. Walker T. E. Walker Compliments of CRIM MOTOR COMPANY 114 South Broadway Compliments of HOLLEY MOTOR COMPANY Dodge-Plymouth-Dodge Trucks Sandwiches Sodas FIFERS' PHARMACY 3I0 S. Broadway Phone 4848 Drugs Prescriptions Compliments of W. I. CAMERON CAFETERIA Compliments of THORNDIKE FUNERAL HOME 110 E. Front Tyler, Texas Mrs. Leeis Beauty Bungalow 329 So. Bois d'Arc St. Phone 508 E. H. 86 A. DAVIS Reliable Clolhiers RDSEQUE N 3 W 4 I E sl 4 J 3 42 'V 5 I E fl' 'tvs IW' 2 'xx K 4 fl Distrilnu fed by HOWARD DODD COMPANY TYLER, TEXAS Goodrich Silvertown ALCALDE Stores PHOTOGRAPHER OPPOSTW POS' Omce Portrait and Commercial Studio 123 103 1-2 West Ferguson Street . , KODAKS LOANED FREE IPCS Tubes Batteries , Miscellaneous Automotive Services VVADEIJCONNALLY C n liments of HARDWARE COMPANY 0' P ngview Tyler Palestine The Crescent Laundry Featuring United Motors Service I"f0'Pf""'ed Compliments of Congratulations '37 Seniors H. lWasler'Clcaners Where Dyeing is an Art TIRES 109 S. Broadway P11002 3400 Compliments LIGHT CRUST BREAD S. 86 W. Baking Co. Sandwiches and Drinks CLAUDE CROCKETT, Proprietor At Your Grocer BUTTERNUT BREAD Tyler Baking Co. Compliments of i Florence Furniture Co. GUS FLORENCE, Owner GULF STATE LUMBER CG. LUMBER-HARDWARE-PAINT- WALL PAPER ALL KINDS OF BUILDING MATERIAL Phone 3711-3712 TYLER, TEXAS P. O. Box 869 Working with Tyler Sch l Since 1899 zsssszzusssss PATRONIZE OUR R. E. BRYAN, Inc. ADVERTISERS Qflutograplvs ff XX Y l 1 i W lx - 4 , ff 5 1 E' Ill I." I7 I1 Q 0 an K F U' I-T3 va 5' o u slenuuq abauoa 5 Qfqutograplvs Q14 utographs Qflutograplvs 1-W, ng. vw-. f, .- I . 1 I 5. 4-33 - . , l , A-'av 3 fl- ' . ' yy W:-xv. " 'n U, T 41f',vl' ."'-4 ' Nm, E-T-7 'JR , w , v,l,'jL I 5 I ,.'f9Aei"' I -T ... r Y-1. f'.' 'V .f,.,lJ',- ' W I f A-- , . vgj ,l.,,s DK .:,?.i-in 4 '31-.','NI,4 , .""l-" . 4555" I Q f .-97. . 5 fa' iE1?2'.. . 1 .SY 2 93? Q .jxv A fx-Y. f Aff?" Q97 'I , Ai, f - 4,5 'Q' f: . . .aj?v.. '1 -if--f .- 1 A " fe. -1 W. "Q, . 4 ,Q-V F fi :-' vig, 'X ,rg ,, 1 ' m . V, -' . , 4.4. Ii .qw r4J"' . A , - .g..4,r,g L A ' ' ., , V Av. .Q 'I "4 v qw.. , Vg' '- Y", ' V. YR ",-1,53 .l ' ff Ln. . 'Ti' ' ,Q . . .,. I. . If I-4 x .-Q 'I 'r. ."x.-1 lr Y ,I nk.- : 5' N .15-J My 5 ' ,N ,,. l .M 1. . W.-1 V b ,- KS ' ,--P- -' I? lx A- it N 5 1' 'g - f ,. .l 4 , 1 44,9 xx., 4 , 3 4' ,f .' KUU KAAJ4 " 1 m D, fjtlv .,:' Q I N' -1 -, 14 ' cf, ' h , 1 4. L u I 'fx ' ' , .v, ...S , 1175. ' 7. 1' -' ." . - -', f , - . . ., , - . .. 'S .911 . , , ,w"' atv. JD' ,'- Y:-lcv' fa , , "'f.1'h,q, , f , q 3' ,L N. .vm ."-. ' ' " I df:-'14 1 - rf 'Zi , ,- 5 ..,4'.i'1' 1 5.1, 1. qi 4, ,I ,, 4- 'w Q--'-. Y,-'ft' - . .- ' -. : ' ' - 1' 1 . '- v JN gm- A - ' A ,QQ 3,9574 glztlilfzi-1.4,JkL5 QE, V. J... 2 v, . I. -: '-' 35 5- gt 'n fv ,cwh,'1,1 , ' VL ., ', X, pri Y-'Ti 'f,'.,2ll. V124 ' HA' , 'L F ,., Link, .gnigqvlr 3 - .P-'.'?': ' . . , " "F-'+ 1 my ,XI-,,:L,.,,43gg:g.f-159 A M W , Ni,--,,.'AfUV.,gwuN?1Eg. A fggf' . 7 w,AY'j.'.'L--6121, V-,rw : . ff? R ' . H ma' 7 'lif ' ' 1" L 1 'T fi" !..'7xH'-'f. 1 -3 x " ' "1 . "ff J - .--7 , -1 ,,. , - ..f-y,'.'if,gf '5 , 4 3 F 1' , 1'-4.-Lt .55 , . 'Z '.'-1 ff' ' SV 5-aaf-gi E v- ',, v, 1 ' ' x gg ,X L. uf a-gf. 1, P " ff" r.: ,, . . ,fx ,, . Q 4 25.11 I -iz A .V , r TA 7 T , . x - 4 if ' :I ' x 4 . .. M. . -. I, . 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