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1 ,.' ..'1 1. .xt it I, 1 I 1X8 1 I .1 I 1 . 'I V,-l' .. ' .Wi new L.-.4 111 12.11. .1"11 1. 11 '. 1 1 , . 1 11, I I .. 1,12-311 " 1 1.1, !.', . nf' 1, 'x . ,, "P .lm 1 1' 1 "1 1, V .J' ,' ' 'J' X 10' 1'. fl F ,. , r 11 - . M1 'I' I U 14 -A r A' "11.1 -' , " 11 .11 1 1 1 1 ' .15'l1.f"1. ' " 'I ill Q1? 1'1,"' 4 1 1 I. ".," '11 l .vt ' 1 WL yi 1' I." 1 1 1 X '. .'111fK' ' 1"' " '1 K .'1 . -.1111-A, 11 . . ., . .V . , . . 1 ., 'I3.. 13" 1 '1.m'- .1 ' 1 ' W, 11' 111 " 1 - 1 ' 1 .711 ,1 .1 1 .'1 Y 7 1 .ysl"' 1 . .1 1 1 1 1 1 1 , 14' 1 11 ,V '.!J, F. 11 .1 I' 11 V 1 1,1 , IW .1 ' .IAVI1 '- I ', '1 I'-V1 .' I 1 -. 1 .1 ' 'lynn Vx, - . 13'.!"." ' L1A1fg,:!-A 1 "1111,7I,1j,.I" 1111. , .e 1- ,1 l1"1"11 1 ,. ., 11' . N , 1 1 1 .1 , 1 1 . 1k' ' 1 ' 1 41, .11 ' 1 1. 3 , 1 1 1 .. 1 ' I , X P .Pj 1 17'-52 K ' -,, . L A I ' I . A ., W1 1 1 , ' '1 1 1 1 1 1 ' Vg 1 I W 1 ,1 K11- nfs' I. v 1 . 1 1, ,' .I1,, 11 Y - , I f , . . my . .1 . N114 '., .. C" 1 ' 1 1 ' 1' ' B' 1 1' -1 X 1 '1.1J. ' 16' . .1.... I.-.. J- 1.11.f1n.1.1f' . - ' 5.1: 1 1 ,1 ' ,r ' 1 1' 1' 1 1 . 3 1 5 4 1 11"1'!., lf! '. s.1"' ,Q '- l"':l' N 1'1-'11' 1 ,fu V1 1 '41 P11 1 1 F12 7:5111- 114 1 I,,ug,Qfr.1. " 1 ff' Q ff 1: ,j?1,5.4,,. 1 1I1l' 5 .,.,y1A. V. ...1 1 "Af I 111'11 51.1111 , 1- , I' ,M .11' 1.11. 1. 4035 1 1.1. , ,""Qfp'fc'1'1' 1 ,11 11 '. 1,,1... .1 ,, .N 'ja .'1f1' "F:-.1.11,k'3 11 1-31 ,A - , 1 1 I1 . , ,. 1,51 -:wr S ' 1 1 11, ,UL1 Q 1 '1. 1"5:1if'3'. 'V-fk' 'L ' 11' 1 1?'fg'1.11 ,1 1.113 11, '7. . -1 , 11, 1. 11.1 'vwvpg ,11 .11 1 Q.'11.1.l1-+.1'193,"o'-'- 1 -f 1 1 ' 1'1.,"l". fr. U ' 11 11:11','1 K 1,4111 .M11f ..l.-41.11 1.l3'.L1f -' A-"'1',3!.f3fa, I. 1 1 --yu I, .,'1'1 ,,'1i"..Jf'.. ff. ,, Q..-.11-J-,1..,,4-M. ,111 1 ,. 11-.4 1.1, 1 .1 ki v . .P . ifo T' ', A ' , W 'U mx 'f 3 "- Ni ' . ' 1 K n ' Q fp' I I 'I -m A4 ' " I 'V so Z ' v- I, .2EIff ,lx Q 'I r 'V V X O I I 1. I 4 , "oi-an ., X I ,ilu . "'v A' An' . ' 'Q 4 ' J I lf' I r' . I: I, Q ' IgI 4 fy. J' . I 'il' I V I .u ' 1? ' ' ' - .A 0 ' tII,'1l 'I-:IIII. I--3 , 4 AQ' 'a' t 'TTA ' ' ' ' . ' ' 1, 5 I , 1 I. A I-o I I S .6 .sl I Ov I I I I1 N .W B x's'b NQ5 .'I' '. ' Ny I ' Hg f f5ylU- 7 V 41 :LL Pa- A-:Yr ..hZf .- - 'A' If , In is , ' ..n5I--,JI I au .J ull. ' III . , -ny I-I ' ' . " f. 1 . ri " A WQN Vgnmy fH'W ' ' i"' . 'I . I . f sv 1'.-J ' 5 4 ' vi '.. . mi --. ' 'H uw SGA ' pw' I.I. I' ' ' I Il I Iqlfglv - 9' Y." -'O ' 0 .' '. N N. lg Y' Q 'Il 'vf:.. " . if! " . . v m,-' I -, ,, w.I, x ' ,Q J' MI? s 4. I V ,Q-13 "b I, ij - : "1 ' ' o - W I fwgn W9 Y 1,6 , 3 , . 1 v xv 'Y v .I. I. A 0 T -'vv-nI- . I1 . A J, -0 r - . 5 Q . ' . '. , ' - - ff., v f ' I - - inf '- 1 - l . Q . ll ., IM 5 Ig, AI l -. , 1 I 1 .- 4 3 mln' , 1.gj'x . I .I .l.'V,l.AI II'L:- ,IIN ' L., 21. .I AVI., ,BI r'N'f.'.'fff, 3 .,. 1 ,"' pw ri- ', . V ,why ,WV Jf'I'.. pf A ' . .I , . . . .. ,ff .." , w. - .uf - , II , I, . 3 , U14 ,I wn'W" I rl 3-" .1 I, I ...' 1 ,', M. 4 'ir.,," f 'I A 14 III, 1 "- 4 4. I4 A Q . X ...- ..,cI ,I o I I -I I Q 'S-if I 'v-ix. ' A HQ "'9 9 5 In' 'O I II Al I , . , Q. -3, 1 s Y . A Y 'la . 4 .x ' -:sl tt I ' MI.. I Q 'I ' .'.c 1 L . . .I -' .rv .4..4 .1 1 . v .x K v . N I ' 1 . :v . ' I .'. n qu 5' 5 A I 'wif' I,,. . IA' N Q2 .wr A A I ' ' B- 1 -4 ' ' I9 Copyright SUNSHINE NEELY Editor MITC HELL SALEH M afna gel' VQMII .5 ff ,Q ,I X I WF' I I Y, 'J r Z4 . ,fi D V I - .. ? flihe H931 QL V , AILCCAILDIE PIublIished by the SENIOR CLASS of TYLER HIGH SCHOOL and TYLER JUNIOR COLLEGE TYLER, TEXAS l Tl 4. x fi' 7 .4' J ,-rf: J rw rl! use nisnifcmrisn i L W . ,' 1d rig fb 0 Nliss Nlaiuifdl lpetiers psi , A 1 1, 1 - 5"--V., If Willingness to assist us in any un- dertaking, ability to maintain the stu- dents' viewpoint, and faithful co-opera- tion that has rriade possible the publica- tion of four successive year books merit recognition, Miss Peters truly deserves the dedication of the 1931 Alcalde which is only suggestive of the appreciation the student body feels for her Work. MISS MAUD PETERS Ire- fl sv 4 wi' l r KZ , mg ,l titty 'N lqlg-Q I Lqi? Greetings those who find delight in the memories of school days. We have tried to so record the events of I93I that you who turn these pages in after years may spend a happier hour when you seek the pleasures of remembering. QCONTIENTS THE SCHOOL ADMINISTRATION CLASSES ACTIVITIES FAVORITES FEATURES ORGANIZATIONS ATHLETICS TIHUE SCHOOL ix fi- , Qi. t,-I Ji E5 7 49 ' Y 6 ff MMLGLGL Y. V Q- -, wild, ll' ' fqf Y v on 4 ., :ss fa? " 1 gf I Q? , ,Q gy 13 ,fs The Passing School, dear school, that has loved us best, School that has gathered us all to its breast, Bulwark for us against all wrongs, Scene of our many triumphs and songs, Lend your ear to us once more, Before we, too, pass from thy door. In your strong arms we have fought four years, In you we have shed many sad tears g In you we have laughed our sorrows away, So sadly, then, comes our parting day. Listen carefully, dear old schoolg In you we have broken many a rule, But now we do very sadly repent For the wrongs we have done in the years We have spent. Now soon We'll give the parting call, This one thought will be the thought of ally Though to see many schools may be our fate, Our Tyler High School is the best in the state. -Josephine Bfrinkelrhojjf. JI Y' IX i 'Qty ,X Our Trophy Case There stands the trophy case Of T. H. S.-a revered place, There those who come may always know The untold victories that i-t can show. A loving cup for basket ball, And various other cups for all The sports-for Latin tests galore, And every year brings more and more. We are just as proud as punch Of every one of all that bunch Of students who make our dear T. H. S. Be classed as one of the very best. Oh, let a toast ring to the sky, For that dear old case in Senior High! Let's hope the case will fill 'mid cheers Of loyal Lions all through the years. -Marie M cM ahon. l Iyrx-lil, ADMINISTRATION ,,14Yx M -'99 ,k X WA Rx. ,Tlifx Iii A -I MR. J. M. HODGES SIljlC'I'I.lIff'Ild0'1'Z,ZL of Public Srhools and Pl'6'.Yl.lI61'7lf of Tylw' .I u nz'0r College I MR. S. B. BURK Pl'l.lIf'I.jJfl, of Tyler High School ,--, H MISS VADA HEFFNER Secwftcwy to Mfr. Hodges ,IFF Q1 1 f RR-W WRA- MRS. ROY C. OWENS Direftm' of I1zxtrzmfz7o'n MISS DOROTHY CHAPEL Svf'rwtru'y to Mrs. Owens MISS ANNIE MAE BYRUM Sl'Cl'l'flLVQZf fo Mr. Burk 71 QQ Fifimwl rin' MISS SARAII MARSII Ifrzfflisll MISS RUBY IJUKE Hponislz, Hzsfory MISS BLAND EURANII Illnflzwnzrrfzcs, Hzology MR. J. A. POSTON IlIr1fl1wm11iic':: MISS ALICE IIOUGLAS Clofll ing MISS LOTTIE RAY Lilzru rum ,.., it ,, 'QYXY fl W 476 gf 'fAi L I 9-'Y 'V xi I I P vw-- II tl IYXQI -S - A -. gmgiwggn MISS MORRINE TAYLOR P1lI1IicSpeulfz'11g MISS LEf1'A YARRROUGII Spa 71 ish , MR. C. B. SPENCER I'70l'1lffOHllIAgl'iC1l1fIl'7'P MR. F. D. ULIIIER Mr1tI1e'n1rIz'icS, History MISS VERA MANIRE Hvulflz Erlumfzon MRS. W. O. VVILLIAMS Dic'f1'f1'on MR. J. P. SLACK History MR. J. C. BACIIMAN Hzsfory, f:Ol'f'Vl1IIlt'IIf MISS MAUD PETERS Maflzenm tics MISS AILEEN GRIFFIN English MR. GEORGE FOLTZ 17111181.0111 T7'lll'lll'7lf1 MISS INA ROBERTS LiIH'Cl7'f!Ul I ll ' . :nf 4 'X' 1 , '-17 ' I I X mn V I IP w MISS MARY BOURNE Latin, Enghsll MRS. KATIIERINE CURTIS FOLTZ Hioloyivrll SI'I'l'7Il'f' MRS. S. T. JONES Hixtory,G0v1'r1ln1e'11I MISS LUCILLE STOVER Clwmistry, Plzyszvx MR. RUFUS KING l'1zySi1'ulT1'un11r1y R1' IFLLII-F1 f ' Ai J A PLL L. - L. qgfxqg J S--FL ,V ,lf y 1 W W . 1 T R BOARD COMF EDUCATION D. G. CONNALLY, PRESIDENT T. B. RAMEY T. C. WILLIAIVIS J. L. BOOTY R. W. FAIR J. D. SHAW J. H. BARRON P. T. A. JUNIOR COLLEGE qhlcez MRS. E. P. PRICE,Pl'f'Sf1I4'Hl MRS. J. VV. STOVALL, Firsf VIN'-P1'c'sirIc'J1f MRS F. L. BEALL, S!'f'OPIf! Vice'-Presirlvnf MRS W. T. SCURLOCK, Thi:-fl V'ivf--I'1-ff.w'fIe11I MRS. VV. A. NELSON, Se'1'1'4'f111'y MRS. J. H. CA1.11OUN, TI'l'llSlH'I'I' MRS MRS. MRS MRS MRS. MRS MRS MRS. HIGH SCHOOL ERNEST GORNS, P1-miflwzft GEORGE FOLTZ, 1'1l'I'Nf VI'l'f'-Pl'l'Sfl1l'7lf PERCY GASTON, Snfmml Jf'il'f'-Pl'4'NfII6'llf A. J. HARRIS, Third Vim'-I"1'c'S1'rIe11I E. P. MCKENNA, Fourfll Vice'-Prf'si1I011f F. E. CHILCOTFI,Ffff1l Vice-Presiflwzt G. G. ACKER, Si.-'flz Vim'-P1'esirIe'1zI JOHN V. HUGHES, CfIl'l'6'S1lOllfIilIfj Sec'1'f'tzm'y MISS MAUD PETERS, Rl'f'lll'1Il'lI.fl Se'01'f'fr1f1'y MRS. OSCAR BURTON, Trfwwwr 77- -7 1 Jr Y' "T L L-if' .A .QF SIENIICGJRS . r .,, O .l N Ce Ol ,H Q3 ag -. O AOO COMES , The Nlidemerm Graduates of 1931 OFFICERS LOUISE ZARR, President Spanish Club, Secretary Junior Class, Honor Roll Club, Hi Lights, Alealde Staff, Pep Squad, G. A. A., Footlights Club, T. H. S. C. of C. Ci-Iwi: To be Houdini. Nwwl: Magic. MARY HELEN GRIOER, Vice-Prcsidmzt Library, Glee Club, Orchestra Cl:-wil: To rival the proverbial mouse. Navi: Less silence. PAULI NE ALLEN, Secre to ry Honor Roll Club, Spelling Club, Glee Club, Footlights Club, Pep Squad, Hi Lights. Cwwl : To be a post-graduate. Nrwrlz A diploma. HONORS ...r,-.Ffirst Honor Student it ,,,, ,,,.,,, S econd Honor Student LOUISE ZARR ....... ,.... .... JOHN WHITTINGTON O MenzImr.w of National Honor SfN'7'6'I'j1 LOUISE ZARR MARCUS SI1U'rTI,EivORTH ntu V J Cum: BAKER Band, Orchestra, Footliuhts Club, Latin Club. Crwd: To be Einstein. Nrcd: More mathematical knowl- edge. ELM!-11: BAlucoN Band. Orchestra. Creed: To be unobtrusive. Nerd: Success in fighting: Cupid's arrows. SIDNEY BAKEH Military Club, Spanish Club, Band, Tennis Club. T. H. S. C. of C.. Hi-Y, Orchestra. Creed: To have a stunning vocabu- lary. Need: A dictionary. NENX'1'0N BERRY MA N Football. Baseball. Creed: To wear as many colors as possible. Need: Vivia. TRUEMAN Brzrls Crwd: To be faithful. Need: A cafeteria to run. JosEPH Blucrr T. H. S. C. of C., Basketball. De- bating Club, Honor Roll Club. Creed: To execute every task well. Need: To be known by more people. F.-+. .-Y Y. W- HWY.-Y- -- 1 l ,4.V l ri, qefifk L71 to C 1,2 TC af 'C S- V T. .. 1 i i 1,ols Iilzou xlxu Spanish Club, Honor Roll Club, Pep Squuwl, G, A. A. !'rr1rl.' To be an English shark. Nrrrl: A l7l'L'2l.L'l'll'l'. '1'ili:l,Ai.x Brizxs Clem- Club. Cr'-ul: To let others :lo the talking. Nfrrl: To talk more. Joux f'AS'I'l.li Track. Glue Club, Hi-Y Club, Foot- liuhts Club, Spanish Club, Military Club. t"ru'rl: To enter Texas University. Nurl: Entrance requirements. I.. W. DEN xxs Hi-Y, Honor Roll Club. Crr1'rl.' To be Qoorl for What? Ncrrl: Usefulness. I.i"r1l11:lc DENNIS Glen- Club. Hi-Y. Crfwl: To have good intentions. Null: An automatic reminder. Svxslllxl-I Dlcksox Gln-e Club, Campfire Girls. Crfrrl: To live up to her name. Nrrd: Smiles. AX Tzvvniy-one bf S S . X - 5 new or We -more one n ff X X lf I kim! ,jonx Dlrmx Boy Scouts, Hi-Y, Honor Roll Club. Latin Club, Arts and Crafts Club, Safety Patrol, Footlights Club. t'rrfd.' Tn bc an artist. Nr:-rl: Talent. .l. B. DYEI: Science Club. T. H. S. C. oi' C. Crrwd: ' To be intelligent. Nord: Brains. Ai:'r1ll'nExI'AI Spanish Club, Ifootlitrhts Club, Hi-Y, Honor Roll Club. C'rrrrl: To play a "mean" Jcw's harp. Nful: An audience. Rl"l'll lf1.I-ilsilxmx Spanish Club. Glee Club. Spelling: Club. l'r1'rr1: To he a good listener. .'Vf1'd.' Not a package ol' yeast. .Ima 1.1-:E tkxxm' Class l"ont.ball. Military Club, Hi-Y, Yell Leafler, Glee Club, Footlights Club. Crrrd: To "pep up" the pep squafl. Null: More patience. Cl.Il1'lf0ICli Giuctzom' Military Club, Football, Captain. 'Bit and '30, Basketball, Baseball, Camp Audubon. Crfrrl: To make end-runs, home- runs, and friends. Nwrrlf A birth certificate. Tzvrrzty-tivo y-Q--v X MAIQIE Giuoos Spanish Club, Glee Club, Outdoor Girls, Spelling Club, T, H. S. C. of C., Class Basketball. Creed: To make a success of what she does. Need: A wholesome grin. Woouuow Hmuus Baseball, Class Basketball, Class Football- Crcvd: To avoid what could be done t.oday. Need: Less procrastination. NEAL HARX'ILLE Class Football, Football. Crrvd: To be one of the favored. Need: An ice wave to cool his blushes. ANTH EARTER I'1UlJSPE'l'l-I Footlights Club. Crfwd: To be perfect. Nerd: Gentlemen that prefer brunettes. DAvm HLTGHES Band. Orchestra, Tennis Club, Music Club, Latin Club, Boy Scouts. Crvvd: To liven the world with music. Need: An orchestra leader. Hmuus LLOYD Creed: To be a ladies' man. Need: The requirements. ELCA! . ,,,,.,..a , , ..' l - 4 -1' t A fl Qian ,A 1' gi ,df C ,, .u,,, C , V Y , , 3, Ji-:ri-' MARTIN Footli5.:'hts Club. 1'rrrd: To be like Carnera. Nrfd: Just a few more inches. I"imNcls MCCOIQKLE T. H. S. C. of C.. Spelliny: Club. Cr'f'z'd.' To be the boss in an officv. Nrwl: Employees. Jon N N IE Bi:i,LE Mri-:ns Spanish Club. Class Basketball, Girl Scouts, Glce Club. f,'i'w'd.' To keep the world well. Nwrl: Patients and medicine. MANY El,lZABE'l'll NlL'll0l.S Glee Club. Football Sponsor, Foot- lights Club, Pep Squad, Honor Roll Club. G. A. A. Crvrd: To embrace the world with her smile. Nvcd: More worlds to conquer. Bli,l.x' PAIJIORE Boy Scouts, Hi-Y. Crt'1'rl: To run an open-air taxi. Nerd: Passengers. BILLY Pouxmzics Cr1'1'!l.' To be loved by men. Need: To give advice on hair- wavimr. pi' Clit WHS' Hicxlax' Rm xorns Alcalrlt' Staff, Yell liearler. Font- lights Club, Spanish Club, Class Football. T. H. S. C. of C. Crrrrl: To like a lot and be likctl alot, Nrrfl: To railiatt- "pup," M,x'rii.p.x SALICII Glcu Club, Girl Scouts, Pep Squad. CIW-1l.' To be as inrlivirlual as her namt- suggests, Nffd: Enthusiasm. IJm:,x SANIIEIIS Glcf: Club. Home Economics Club. Spollinf Club. C'ra'r1l.' To bv, rather than to st-em tu bv. Nwrl: A ilisplay nt' ht-r personality. Giizxx Saxmzizs Ifootlights Club, Football. Spanish Club. Crrcrl: To 1-ntvr L-vr-rytmt-'s heart. Nrrd: The conilminations. IVIii,nm' Simu Hi-Y, Sciviiu' Club. C'rwrd: To show an intl-rt-st in T. -l. C. as wvll as in T. H, S. Nvwl: A permanent wave. S-mi-:ox Simu' Military Club. C'rwrl.- To attain the position of Royal G. Phillips. Ivccd: No enfl of luck. Tzvfnly-tlz nf 'ivy Q -C ,ff V -. J -- -A v. V- Y . MARCUS SH UTTLI-IXVORTH Hi-Y, Boy Scouts. Declamation Club. Honor Roll Club. Footlipphts Club. Hi Lights Staff. Creed: To be Collegiate. Nerd: That necessary Hair." Louisa STARS!-ls Honor Roll Club. Spelling Club. Footlights Club. Pep Squad. Alealfle V Staff. Crrrd: Tn be like Lucille. Need: Lucille's poise. LVCILLE S1-.xnxx-:S Honor Roll Club. Spelling: Club. Footlights Club, Pep Squad, Alcalde Staff. Crrrd: To be like Louise. Nerd: Louise's disposition HARVI-:Y TIPTON Military Club, Football. Class Foot- ball. Glee Club. Crrrd: To never trouble trouble. Nerd: Room for his desperate pro- ceedintrs. 1 TS.. -el' X' C CHQ Q ed. 2? Tzvrnty-f01U' Wil-if IC qv . ,V ,ij xg, JOHN WHITTINGTON Hall Official, Science Club, Honor Roll Club, Hi-Y, Footlights Club, Alcalde Staff. Creed: To support Tyler Hi. Need: Rowdiness. RICHARD Wu.KERsoN Military Club. Footlights Club. Crvrd: To give T. H. S. a break. Nord: An audience to enjoy his wit. QUINN URBAN Band. Orchestra. Military Club. Crrvd: To observe the world. Need: A mode of travel. BLAKE Woon Band, Orchestra, Tennis, Basket- ball. Class Football. Crrrd: To forge ahead quietly and determinedly. Nerd: To live up to his name in squareness. Louisa WooTEN Music Club. Creed: To have a place in every- one's heart. Nerd: Perseverance. J -Q 'T' I V, Y IJ 'X w 1' ' ! T ,V r fl l 2? 1 N I IIN MIEIMURIIAM 9 TRAVIS LOWRY I -Vx ' x mn WH-5g -'ifj ,, X ,, -. ..... .ML -If v?f2,,fLeQ L ff . q'1,'I Y ,I , .1 Y ,nnrv , , .xg ,, x .f, , The Senior Class of 19311 OFFICERS H ARRY SHUFORD, I'r0sidenf T. H. S. C. of C., Camp Audubon, Footlights Club, Decla- Class, Alcalde Staif. Creed: To have perfect poise. Need: "Airs," HERSC HEL WEIiCH, Vice-President Honor Roll Club, Military Club, Three S Club, Footlights Club, Football, Baseball, Alcalde Staff. Crveflr To eat more hot tamales than Captain. Need: Captain's capacity. A Box NA BESS JONES, Secretory Honor Roll Club, Tyler Hi Lights, Alcalde Staff, Three S Club, Orchestra T Crawl: To wield a wicked violin, but not play second fiddle. T Need: A Stradivarius. RALPH ALLEN, Vice-Pfresident, Sprifng Term CLASS COLORS: Red owl White. CLASS FLOWER: Red Rose. CLASS MOTTO: As g1'clnIuuf0.s of '31, lot z'h'z's our motto be: To live, 0 Twen I y-six laugh, to morris, to keep our spirits always free. -xx .i - . l5-1 L. . as ee e M., ' ' aa. LL ..L.LL.,, L 51041 mation Club, Football, Hi-Y., President Junior and Senior CIIAHLES AAIQONS Spotlight Club, Military Club. Class Football, Class Basketball. CI1-ffl: To be immaculate. Need: Blarney. INEZ ADAMS Spelling Club. Spanish Club. Honor Roll Club, G. A. A. Creed: To be incurably thoughtful. Nerd: Nonchalanee. WALTER ADAMS Hi-Y, Footlights Club, A. H. A. Club, Basketball. Creed: To be always ready for a good lauxxh. Nord: Reasons to laullh. Wll.LlE LEE AIIAMS Glee Club. Creed: To bring fame to her tribe. Need: Further knowledge of life. RALPH ALLEN Spotlight Club. Hi-Y. Crwfd: To exert energy. Need: "Staeomb." MAIN ALSTON Pep Squad, Tennis, Campfire Girls. Spotlinht Club. T. H. S. C. of C.. G.A.A. Creed: To be "uncontrary" Mary. Need: The well-known lamb. IAQ ,SL If W ,. Slavs. at QI , t ... ,, ,,-, 1 I-,l SVI -lX 'I GLENN ARN0l,Il Hi-Y, Footlifxhts Club. Spotlight Club, Tennis Club, Hi-Lixzhts Staff. Alealde Staff. Crrrd: To master the art of "shade- corf'l" knotting, Nwrd: More time in Room 104. Donorn Y ATWOOII Basketball. Spelling Club, Pep Squad, Spotlight Club. c'l'1'4'fif To be a heavy-weight. Nerd: Pounds. ELOISE BAILI-:Y Three S. Club, Glee Club, G. A. A.. Campfire Girls. T. H. S. C. of C.. Spanish Club. Crm-rl: To never be rumed by adversity. Nerd: She has everythings. SARA BAILEY Latin Club, T. H. S. C. of C.,Honor Roll Club, Library Club, Pep Squad. Hi-Lights. Crrrd: To make A's the painless way. Nrrrl: liomxer library hours. VIRGINIA BAKEII Three S. Club. Glee Club. Pep Squad. Girl Scouts. Crrwri: To have a far-reachimi smile. Nm-11: Campaigning for herself. WlLl.lAhl BARNETT Band, A. H. A. Club. Crwd: To make "thunder" for the orchestra. N1-cd: A rock on his head. Tfffx Twenty selcn We sro A - . if C ' C C W C FRANCES BEALL Latin Club, T. H. S. C. of C.. HOHOI' Roll Club, A. H. A. Club, Office. Pep Squad. Crrrd: To be the quintessence of neatness. Need: Dimples as deep as her brain. HELOISE BECKHAM Glee Club, Girl Scouts Crrcd: To be like ligxhtningr. Nerd: Speed. LAYF'AYliTTl'I BICKLEY G. A. A.. Glee Club. Three S. Club. Creed: To have her fun anrl live happily ever after. Need: We refer you to Gresham. 1.i.m'n BnAnm1:nm' Latin Club, Girl Scouts, Campfire Girls, Footliuhts Club, Library Club. Hi-Liirhts. Creed: To be the best librarian. Nvrd: Less competition. NELI. HRAlDllliliRY Girl Scouts. Campfire Girls. Gleo Club, Footlixrhts Club. Pep Squad. Triple Star Club. Creed: To master the two G's-- good-lookinxr and wood fellow. Nerd: An Austin. IONE BRAZIEL T. H, S. C. of C., Glee Club. Three S. Club. Crcrd: To be in it every minute. Need: Street car service to Lindale. Tu cnly-eight iff' .1 rf, has H, be 'Zyl "V .1 it . .XXW V , ., -X A-ma. ,l 1 . W I .. 4-QW, l X1 L' c-xx lgdj LOUISE CADE Glee Club, Basketball. Pep Squad, T. H. S. C. of C. Creed: To be ever "Will"-ing. Need: Lieutenants and their imme- diate superiors. FLORINE CAMPBELL G. A. A., Pep Squad. Creed: To be straight-forward and sincere. Need: A disarming giggle. IRMA LEE CLARK Spanish Club, Glee Club, Pep Squad, Basketball, Baseball, G. A. A.. T.,H. S. C. of C. Creed: To "make" the football team. Nred: An alphabet. THOMAS CLARK A. H. A. Club. Baseball. Creed: To chase rainbows. Need: An "admir-ess" of auburn hair. GAizLANn COLE A. H. A. Club, Football. Creed: To manage a championship team. Need: None-he did it. LETA MAE COLE Orchestra, Girl Scouts. G. A. A. Creed: To arouse spontaneous ad- miration. Nerd: The others of the Lindale quartette. CHRISTINE COLLINS Glee Club, Orchestra. Pep Squad. Spotlight Club. Creed: To be Paderewski. Need: Practice. TIIELMA COMPTON Latin Club, A, H. A. Club. Creed: To be anpgelic. Need: Winxrs. LOIS ELIZABETH COULTER A. H. A. Club, Girl Scouts, G. A. A. Creed: To lack feminine vanity. Need: People who can tell her from Mattie. MATTIE COULTEI: Glee Club, Spotlight Club. Creed: To be the old-fashioned gar- den type. Need: People who can tell her from Lois. NORA CREWS Spotlight Club. Creed: To "cruise around" capably. Need: To know the message of the wild waves." VIVIAN DARNIILL Spanish Club, Pep Squad, Alcalde Staff, Library, Footliehts Club. T. H. S .C. of C. Creed: To specialize in Brown drawineqs. Need: A paint brush. I I I .WI l T . ff '-Q. I "F , ' ly' I I Il I 4 ' I ff" "X I'.xI'I.INIc D4XX'iIPStlN Spelling Club, Orchestra, Glee Club. Tennis Club, G. A. A., Pep Squad. t'rr4'1l: To lie a great musician ..,.. Nrrrl: No iliscowls. NlEl.I. Delan- Latin Club, Honor Roll Club, Hi- Lislhts, A. H. A. Club, Library. Pep Squad, T. H. S. C. ol' C. C'rw4'11.' To show Aneas up as a hero. Nwll: Opportunities to gzixxgle. I-'IcANIi DIENIIAN Three S Club, Glee Club, Football, f Track, Alealde Staff. Cref'd.' To convince Riee that it needs him. Nrrrl: Alcalde advertising assist- ance. KENNIC'l'll IJICKESON A. H. A. Club. t'rrf'fI: To advertise Chandler. Nerd: To be less St'l'l0llS-Il1lIlli9fl. Rl"l'lI DINc:I.icfc Mid-term Irrafluate. Cavwl: To be good company. Nerd: Powers of conversation. CIIIcIsTINIs DINCAN Glee Club, G. A. A., Footlights Club, Girl Scouts. T. H. S. C, of C., A. H. A. Club. l'rf'rd: To be distinctly individual. Nrvd: More chemistry consciousness. Tzeenly-nI1Ie .-Y.. ,.,..,.,, -,x,,.,, ,,,, ,.. .1 .IEwEI.I. DIINN A. H. A. Club. Frewrl: To have dignity in spite of her dimples. Nrrd: Chaotic conversation. MANY FIIANCES EI,I.Is Pep Squad, Out-of-Door Girls, Glee Club. T. 'H. S. C. of C. t'ru'f1: To be free from care. Nwrl: A "Mary" grin. BEHNIE Es'I'Es Baseball, Class Football. Czwvl: To be a careful VII driver. Need: W-recklessness. GHNI-IYllCVE FEAGI N Pep Squad. Footlights Club, Spot- light Club, Latin Club, G. A. A. Crffvrl: To have the first, last, and middle word. Nerrfi Restraint. I-'IIANCES FEI:oIIsoN Pep Squad, Spanish Club. Honor Roll Club, T. H. S. C. of C. Crwd: To be the perfect lady. Nwd: Moonlight!-so she can hunt. treasure. NANCE FEIIIIELI. C'rw'rI: To remain the same -A staunch and sincere. Nwd: Longer hours for joy-riding. Thirty' fe e Q.- bij- I A V. xl I . 92 V 3.5, . - eil? JACK FI.ocIc Hi-Liahts. Band, Baseball. Spanish Club, Arts and Crafts Club, Class Football. Creed: To advertise himself. Need: Volume control. MAURINE FORTNER Spelling Club, Pep Squad, G. A. A., Spotlight Club, Footlights Club. Crred: To be dramatic. Need: Traininpg. ELIZABETH GARY C'rf'e'd: To always fill the bill. Need: Adaptability. RICHARD GENTNER Three S. Club. Alcalde Staff. Crevcl: To sell every student an annual. Nr-rd: More salesmen. EDWARD GEORGE Spotlight Club. Crrrd: No never disturb the peace, Nm-d: Animation. MILIDRED GIBSON Spotlight Club. Glee Club. Crwd: To retiect the warmth of her heart in her hair. Need: A need. JUANITA G11.L1AM Spotlight Club. Creed: To couple capability and charm. Need: Eloquence. Wl2l.ll0N Gmsox Class Football. Creed: To toot not his own horn. Need: Plain livinfr and high think- mfr. E'r'rA GOLEN'rEl:Nmi Spanish Club. Honor Roll Club. Footliirhts Club. Library Club, Ten- nis Club. Creed: To be both Lioness and Apache. Need: Nell as a giggling confeder- ate in Triyz. MAl:m:A1:m' GREEN Glee Club. Creed: To incline her heart unto wisdom. Need: Evidence that her last name is .misleadinm SELMA GIQEEN Spelling Club, Spanish Club. Creed: To be deep, interesting, and clear-minded, Need: More height for more "depth." MAnYpELL GMEER Declamation Club, Pep Squad. A. H. A. Club, G. A. A., Foot- lights Club, Girl Scouts. Creed: To take Pavlowa's place. Need: Footliizht dates. ' ft. 'fy 1 ,i vii 1. fp- r w ", 1 4,, NH sl drgiilri Romani' GREHIC Arts and Crafts Club, Orchestra. Banal, Honor Roll Club, Spotlight Club, Spanish Club. f'r1-ffl: To make socla-jerkinpf an art. Nrwfl: Di-xte-rity. CAl.llWl'll,l. ll.x4zAN Military Club, lianil. T. H. S. C. of C.. Three S. Club. Class Foot- ball. l'rrr4l: To work and play with equal cnthusiasm. AVVWIJ "Stick-to-it-ivc-ness." R1z.u:.xN H.k'l'Ill't'll'li Hi-Y, Honor Roll Club, Spanish Club, Three S. Club. Declamation. Basketball. l'rw'rI: To win a degree in the school of life. Nrwl: A cap and grown, .II'ANl'rA H.X1llCll'li Alcaltlc Staff, Triple Star Club. f'rr'r'fl.' To dope "sports" for the Alcalrlc. Nerd: Lioness activities, Arpizm' liifzxpmzx' Spanish Club, Baseball. Three S. Club. Class Football, Vrwrl: To sponsor a gum-che-wcr's union. Nwrd: More members. W1l.l.1.nr H.u:ms Band. Orchestra, Glec Club, Mili- tary Club, Footlights Club. Threc S. Club. Boy Scouts. l'rrrrI: To eat more hot tamales than Herschel. Ivrf-fl: Herst-hcl's capacity. M l,li"'7i'iL x -ky yky ykQ -awww Thirt one WH-s., s kbs 4V MAI:.IoIcII1: HlL'liS Library Club, Footlizxhts. Pep Squad, Honor Roll Club. Three S. Club. t'rrul.' To exhibit a pleasing: per- sonality. Nud: A soloist. AI.I,I2NI: HII.I. Campfire Girls. Spotlight Club. Cfefzl: To be pretty. witty. and easy to like. N4-Id: Sermons in slang. ANNA I.Al'IcIIc HINIIS Glee Club, A. H. A. Club, G. A. A.. Footlights Club, Spelling Club, Pep Squad. Crvffd: To be a gzood scout. Nerd: Preparedness. Jonx HI'pIwI.Iss'I'oN Spotlight Club, Football. t'1'wr4l.' To liberate hot air. Nwrl: Chewing gum. Rouen HIIEY Spanish Club. f'rrf'rl: To have a takiml way. Nerd: lAsk him.l ALICE HI'xIIxI.I: Honor Roll Club, Latin Club. f'rrI'fI.' To get where she's going. Nwfl: A eoIIveyunc'e. Thirty-two we t, 1 V. . I v --.1 .X me I qi, fa f V I l f ' , l l L l. Xl L o .YLE sl EVELYN HUMBLE Glee Club, A. H. A. Club. Creed: To waste no time. Need: An opportunity. BILL II.I'I:I:Y Camp Audubon. Hi-Y. Safety Pa- trol. Three S. Club. Footlights Club. T. H. S. C. of C., Football, Hi- Lights. Crvrd: To be Billy instead of Billie. Nerd: A cure for hay-fever. Tum' IRWIN Glee Club, T, H. S. C. of C., Three S. Club, Football. Crwd: .To be a target for femi- nine glances. Need: A spotlight, C. W. JACOBS Spotlight Club, Band. Crrrd: To couple common sense and cordiality. Need: A delay. VIRGINIA .IARMAN Glee Club, Library, G. A. A., Foot- lights Club. A. H. A. Club, Alcalde Staff. Creed: To say it with smiles. Nwrd: Bewitching dimples. BEATRICE JOHNSON Spotlight Club. f'rm'd: To have a surplus supply of generosity. Nerd: The gift of gab. MAlttIAltlC'I' .I I'l:NlcY Latin Club. Honor Roll Club, Span- ish Club, Campfire Girls. Footlights Club, Pep Squad. Cl'1'l'd.' To be different. Nrwl: Frivolity. JAIIIT KAY Honor Roll Club. lfootlights Club. Spotlight Club. Crerfl: To make all A'S. Nwd: Harder subjects. IRENE KICELE Spelling Club. A. H. A. Club. Cr'm'd: To learn to do by doing. Nerd: Self-assertion. Doius KlLI'A'l'lilCK Tyler Hi Lights. G. A. A.. Pep Squad. Footliuhts Club. Cr1'4'd: To face life with an opti- mistic view. Nerd: To restrain the tongue. AARON Knl'Mn01.z Honor Roll Club, T. H. S. C. oi' C.. Spelling: Club. Safety Patrol. A. H. A. Club. Alcalde Staff. Freed: To be a chemical engineer. Nrrd: Test tubes and explosion space. Cimsriziz LAUY Military Club, Three S. Club, Ti. H. S. C. of C.. Class Football. Creed: To be concerned in the process of livinfz. Nvcd: A command of the English language. YYY V' 1, Q . . J ,ut I ,V-A I fy-, xl Zi if l Niwi J S'l'l'II.l,A I.lc.x'1 lllilill oon Home Economics Club, A, H. A. liluli, fi. A. A.. Pep Sqllatl. Vrwrfl: To be calm and calm-ulatinil. Nrrfl: More static. H.xl.l,1I-2 Ifkxric 1.oriqii.'u:'i' film? Club. l"0otliL:'bts Club, G. A, A.. A. H. A. t'lub. I'ep Squzul. Vrrffl: To manaue biuh school sbielis. Nrrul: An :ismistunt n1zui:lu'el'. Mmm' El.l,l-:N IDI-ZXAIAN Pi-p Squad. A. H. A. Club. l'rr1rl.' To have a likable way of being cynical. Nrrrl: NVidth. 'l'i:.xx'ls I.ou'i:Y Ermxoii LVIQICI! S. P. Q. R. Club, Honor Roll Club. Pep Sqllatl. Spotlight flllll. f'r41lf.' To enjoy life. Null: Sopbisticution. ANYIVI-I lN1A1'ruIcws tilt-e Club. Spotlight Club. fvl'l'4'1f.' To possess an individual bob. Nfrrl: The fun capacity oi' Charlie Chaplin. xl W Tllirty-tliif or 'X i .T C, MAlitll'liltl'l'E McCi'L1.0m'mI Pep Squad. G. A. A.. "Three S" Club, Footliprhts Club. Camp Fire Girls, Tennis Club. l'rr:rI.' To keep her heart under control. Nwrl: A henna rinse. Mmm' Gmumx McDoN.x1.lt Latin Club, Hunan' Roll Club, PCD Squad. Tyler High Lights. T. H. S. C. ol' C., Office. "Three S" Club. l'rwl1.' To live up to the "Camp Dixie" Spirit. Nrrcl: A translation ut' Vir2il's "Aneid." M.xl:u: lVIt'M,umN Declamatiun Club, G. A. A., Pcp Squad. l'rf'r11: Tn offer help at a rnnment uf Ilvefl. Nwrl: Tu express ht-r uwn opinion. P,xI'r. Miassl-zl: Spotlight Club. Crawl: Tu never lack a word of cheer. Nrrrl: An interest in girls. l.I'l'll.l,lC Mlxus A. H. A. Club. Frmtlights Club. ti. A, A.. Girl Scouts. Class Bas- ketball. f'r1'rrl.' Tu be self-pussessul. Nrrrlf More time for ritlinu. M.x1:t'zA1:m'M1Nt:s l"uutliu'hts Club, Librarian, Pep Squad. Spanish Club, Honor Roll Club, A, H. A. Club. f'14frl: Tu charmingly uumbinediu- nity and int'urmality. Nwrl: An airline to Hia' Sandy. Th iriy-fun V ,f1T"gYl V X-fx Q! - . 'xl 4 W1 Qt. T V , , lygl FLORICNCE Ml'NIhAX' f'rvrrI: To always look the best. Nw-d: A compact. Romalzrnt Moncixx Glec Club. Frm-rl: To be as interesting: as she looks. Nfwd: Curling.: irons. SVNSHINE NIQELY Honor Ihull Club. Latin Club and Tournament., "Three S" Club, Pep Squad, Footligrhts. Hi-Lights, Editor ot' Alcaldc. Crvrrl: To produce the best Alcalcle ever. Nrrrl: A license to split infinitives. ROBERT NE1.s0N Buy Scouts, Spelling Club. Hi-Y Club. Three "S" Club, Honor Roll Club. C'n'11I: To chase blues. Nfwl: A piano. Mx'l:1.r:NE Nsmmx Cleo Club. Orchestra, Dramatic Club, Editor of Hi-Lights. Girl Scouts, Latin Club, A. H. A. Vrrrrl: To light the Hi-Lights. Nvrd: Page the staff. Doi 'mums Or-'FVTT Band, Orchestra. Spanish Club. Boy Scouts. C'rwd.' To rival Bernie Cummings. Nrrd: A trumpet. EVELYN OLIVER Latin Club, Footligrhts Club, Pep Squad, "Three S" Club. Creed: To count her friends by the score. Need: A mastery of Cupid's stroke. GLADYS ONVEN G. A. A., Glee Club. Fr:-erl: To surpass all others in demeanor. N1-rd: A Spanish shawl. ELIZABETH PARKER Spotlight Club, Pep Squad, Honor Roll, S. P. Q. R. Creed: To resist the comfort cut. Need: Future success as in T. H. S. PAULINE PAYNE Pep Squad, Girl Scouts, Glee Club. Creed: To encourage better shows at the Arcadia. Nerd: A surname that fits her per- sonality, ANNIE MAE PINKERTON Glee Club. G. A. A. Freed: To be known by her deeds. Nerd: Publicity. Jmnm: PoLLAim G. A. A., Footlights Club, Pep Squad, Tennis Club, Glee Club. Creed: To amplify her small stature by her bis! heart. Need: A name that suggests her type. Tx V1.5 .--L fC qifgxgia ' iff' i' tl la. J' vjii r V r HIXZI-II. I'os'roN Glee Club, Campnre Girls. Pep Squad, Spanish Club, Footliuhts Club, G. A, A. l'rrrrl' To preserve ber memories in pictures. Nwfl: Sunshine. students, and snappy poses. lIm.if:N P0'I'l'lZli Spelling Club, Glee Club. Spanish l'lub, G. A, A.. Footlights Club. Vrmwl' To have infinite reserve as rare as herself. Nw1l.' A monopoly ol' her special type. Pm' Pou IiI.l. Spanish Club, Drama1ie Club. Foot- ball. f'r1'r'1l: 'l'o never be bothered. Nwfl: A ur:-at bi: smile. CAM. PHIiS'I'lillPlIIC Football. A. H. A. Club. Tennis Club. R. 0. T. C.. Seienee Club. l'ru'rl: To stand for what he be- lieves is right. Ah,-,lg The gift of clebatv. Umm R.fXX'I"lPllll Military Club. Track, "Three S" Club. 1'rrr:l: To talte no heed ol' ll1lilllI'l'. 1Vc':1l'.' Yvurries. L1'cu,l,H RIIDINGS Spanish Club, Tennis Club. Spelling Club. fll'I'1lIf To preserve her calm se- renity. Nwrl: Shorter hair and a longer smile, Thirty-ju Q lViIl.lllllCD RtblXl'flI'l'S Pep Squad. Camp I"ire Girls. Glee Club. Library. 'l'. H, S. C. ul' C. Crrrrl: To specialize in friend- making. Nu'n': Swan Balloon. MI'l'l'lIl-Il,l, Sixrnn Camp Auflubnn Club, Hi-Y Club. Tennis Club, 'l'. H. S. C. ol' C.. Honor Roll Club, A. H. A. Club. Bus. Mgr. Alealtle. Crrf'11.' Tu drive the wall' frmn the Ala-al1le's floor. iVf'1'Il'.' Money, I-'imxit S-l'l'lil.Ul'li Military Club. Tennis Club, Buy Scouts, Class Foutball, "Three S" Club. Vnrrl: To be nut tfm serious anrl not ton gay. Nrml: A happy mwlium. Cruel: Mnomc S14 1 N Nici: Spanish Club, Camp Fire Girls, Library. Pep Squad. Glue Club. Dramatic- Club. Vrrwrl: Tn live up to ber nam:-. Nrr4l.' Grace. Exilim: Srrux Spelling Club. Glee Club, "Three S" Club. r'rrw1I: Tu play the "little 2irl" part. Nrrrl: An aptituflc- for chemistry. Lois SMITH Spotlight Club, Vw-rl: 'IM slistinuuish the name Smith. Nu-rl: A ilelmnuir manner. QI'l1irty-Hia' i Y ' ' Z. L1 ,iii D ll lx iQ5s.f.Q , l .7 ' e, " .. xx ,Y La X, V HFHZSS ,il .Y - LVCIA SMITH Campfire Girls. Girl Scouts, G. A. A. Pep Squad, Glee Club. CIITITII To find friends Wll6I'0V9l she goes. Nwrrl: Other places to go. NOIIBIAN SMITH, Jn. Tennis Club, T. H. S. C. of C.. Band, Military Club. Crrrrl: To be another Lindbergh. Nwwd: An aeroplane. J UAN ITA SPENCER Glee Club, G. A. A., Pep Squad. Out Door Girls. Dramatic Club. "Three Club, Honor Roll Club. Crrrrlf To know everybody. Nwrd: A realization of her desire. LOUISE S1'Alu.IcY Pep Squad, G, A. A.. Girl Scouts. Dramatic Club, Spotlight Club. l'rwr-rl: To rival the angel Gabriel in patience. Nerd: Marydell. VlN'IiX STORY "Three S" Club, G. A. A., Library Club, President of Glee Club and Pep Squad. C'1'wr1: To lzeep her temper unfler lm-k and key. Nrrrl: A duplicate. Iluzxn TALm:u'r Girl Scouts, Glee Club, G. A. A. Frm-41: To have none but likable traits, Nwrrl: Vivac-ity. 14'Ax'r: 'l'AYl.ol: Pep Squad, Spotlight Club, Glee Club, G. A. A. Cr4'1'd.' To make "whoopee." Nred: Dignity. OPAL Tlsmucri, Library. Spotlight Club. T. H. S. C. of C., Spanish Club. Creerl: To have a well-proportioned nature. Nerd: Combination of seriousness and jollity. F1.Ax'is Tnsnronn Spotlight Club. T. H. S. C. ol' Girl Scouts. Glee Club. Creed: To be capahlc of meeting: any situation. Nerd: Initiative. Hlxizom P0'l"l'Elt Football, Track, Band, Military Club, Arts and Craft Club, Glee Club. Orchestra, and Hi-Y. Creed: To landscape the Nile. Need: Experience. PAULINE Tomi Camp Fire Girls, Pep Squad, Honor Roll Club. Footlights Club, Orches- tra, G, A. A. Creed: To be a jolly good-fellow with all the accessories. Need: Contract to advertise Wood- bury's. MARIE WHAM Glee Club, Pep Squad. Girl Scouts. Cr4':'d: To be reserved with a capi- tal R.' Nerd: To complete the highway to Waco. Y - - -, l 'Q Xi' 'X L ! ' ' lip' QB: IA V sl c.,X.U A1:'rllt'n: N1-1.x1. Vl'lll'l'l'IlIlCAll A. H. A. Flub. C'r11'rl.' To take life seriously. Nerd: A loud-speaker. I.ot'lsr: Wll.Il'1 Honor Roll Club. Latin Club, Dra- matic Club. Basketball. Pep Squad. Alealfle Staff. t'rrrrl: To make friends as easily as A's. 1Vw'rl.' An insight into the private lives of the Senior Class. t'l.x'lw: Wirmxsox Baseball, A. H. A. Club. t'rrf1l: To be everybody's friend. Nfrfl: To be an assessor and tax many hearts. Woommu' WISHORI lfootligrltts Club, Class Football. Latin Club, Three Club, Al- ealde Staff. Military Club. Cr:-ed: To prove it pays to advertise. Nrwfl: Observe his name. M.xl:x' ltllt.-XNCI-IS Woorlcx Three "S" Club. Crfrfl: To work silently and effectively. Nerd: Living' up to her hair. Amr Wlumrr Latin Club, Honor Roll Club, Foot- llghts, G. A. A. Crrrd: To be "Wright" Nerd: Advice. Thirty-se 1 cn Senior Favorites HERSCHEL WELCH SUNSHINE NEELY HAZEL Pos'roN HARRX' SHUFORD JHUNIIORS 1 , .wr wi gg eeeeeee--eefffl He g - g - R -as R eeee :gifs lips l TlHIlE JUNIOR CLASS Ulli' 119311 JOHN S. IVIORRIS . A. .,..... P resident NIARGARET lllAYNOR,,, . ......,. V ice-President lVlARTHA ODOM., RRRR .R.w... S ecretary SlPlRllNfG AQGARN I look out of my Window On a scene that's right at handy It almost seems to make me think I'm back in fairyland. For the fruit trees are a-blossom And a rose begins to bloomg Its fragrance seems to drift about And float into my room. This is the time of year to live When folks are bright and gay, And like the fragrance of the rose Our troubles float away. -Lorrmfne R ieck. gg Riel? LYNN ALEXANDER HELEN ALEXANDER DOROTHY ALLEN MARY JOYCE BATTENFIELD MONROE BRYAN HELEN BURNETT MARGARET COFFEY J. W. DEBENPORT XVILLIAM ELIASOFF MAXINE GARY OWENA GODFREY LILLIAN GAGE GOLSON . II-Iv I 1, A I, , X Af: '14 I1'l'YI I I TIIELIYIA ALLISON ANNIE MYRTLE ASIIBY LOUISE BARBER NORMA LEE BURNETT WILLIE CAPES FRANKLIN CORE EARL ELLIOTT RIITII FRANKLIN BOB GASTON Fwtu our I url i Wi '.- W XTl,4V J. B. GOODSON ALINE GUYNES MACK HARIIWICK MAXWELL HERRINC MARX' RUTH HUMPHREYS LILLIAN JOHNS J UANITA LAVENDER JIM LAVENDER MARIE FRANCES LEE EDWARD MCIIIIIERAN MARJORIE MIDYETT ELNER MOSS For! y-I ICO KV ,, l SHG L, 6' rx. Q7 , 7 Y, Z, .,,'. ggi IO, W ff J fr , X V A S7 'Rf nm TUNER Till! CLARENCE HARRISON VIRGINIA HENSLEE ELIZABETH HERRIN ARTHUR JOHNSON FRANCES JOHNSON GEORGE KAMEL LEROY LINNSTAEDTER PALESTINE MARTIN MURRAY MCCOY GETTYS OWENS WILLIS PALMER ESTELLE PITTMAN DOROTHY RABY MABEL ROBINSON FRANK SHANNON MYRA STRINGER HAZEL TAYLOR J EANETTE TAYLOR JOHN WILCOX MARGARET WOOD FRANK WOOD ' x laik LOOO L R? PAT PRESTWOOO GEORG1E PETERS ELDAMARIS PRICE OUIDA FAYE STEGER FRANCES STOVALL MARX' STRINGER VERNA THOMPSON BEN HARDEGREE ADELLE UNIS T' l W Forty-thrrc TRUSTS A - XTSSXJK Junior Favorites JOH N WILCOX MARY STRINGER FRANCES STOVALL Jo11N S. MORRIS SCOPHCOMCORIES J' ggegjz ? fYYnYW W 7177 Y Y VYA, I Qi ' X 7 , , 7, 7 , 7 ,nf ' I' it 7 77 7 i ,I I i I 7T 7 I ' THE SOPHOMCORIE CLASS 0117 19311 KATHRYN BAILEY ALEXANDER BANKHEAD MARY ALICE BLAKE MELRA BROOKS DEWITT BROWN PARALEE BUTLER NOLAN BYRUM EDWIN CIIILCOTE EDITH CLARK SARAH COHEN LOUISE CURRIE LULU I TEBENPORT ASHFORD DUNWOODY JESSIE MAE DEWITT HELEN FREEMAN J. D. HAIRSTON OUIDA BEss HARALSON CHRISTINE HUDSON VERA MAE HUMPIIREYS HELEN KNIGHT JEROME LEIBS T. L. LYTLE Folly six TB Qv f 7 B LENORA F. MCLAUGHLIN MARY ELLA MCMILLAN MARY SUE MCMIIRRAY TINY PHILLIPS GLENN POTTER RALPH POTTER NELL SIMMONS ELI TAYLOR RAY THEDFORD JOHN WATKINS INEz WESTMORELAND CLARA ELIZABETH WILSON - 4, I ,4,w f ,I 1 J ,, 9pv pi 4 2 EA Q rw. '31 J, ,TE ?i H'S!I I M5 A 'vw MARGIE MCKINZIR LOUISE MORRIS LUCY NELL NICHOLS LOIS REEVES FRANCES RICHARDS ROSE SHANNON HOLLAND THOMPSON MILDRED THOMPSON MARY LOUISE TUN NELL FRANK WIIITE 7 - Forty-sezen Soplhnomforc Favurites O. N. COLE N Ross SHANNON MARY SUE MCMURRAY REAGAN GREGORY Z: 1 ,Q- X f :ex V' If V' f 1-X1 - .g, I xi ? X ACTIVITIES R I Y U wx ' I X N I X X3 L xxx, 1 gf g , f xx QSXI W If ff I W- I f V ri, f X W i ijfxx-Zg, fx! 7 1 XFN X w iii A I I N fx I I N I I 1 VI W E-'E ' XVI I h, -- X' I I I ' I I- , In 'I V I I wi I -4 X cw JNI w Il X X X fimflfn KS, A S ! ff1- fi7 'ix g g ----W v X- 1 V1 l iTi x CALENDAR Sept.15-Gates of knowledge are flung open and the prisoners march in. Sept.19-A day of parole for the fair. Sept. 20-Lions are released from their cages and start the football season with a victory over Woodrow Wil- son. Sept. 22-First blue Monday. Sept. 26--Took the tomahawks away from the Jacksonville Indians. Oct. 3-Tied "Wildcats" at Mexia! Oct. 7-The rain does not stop us from getting S5350 of advertising for Alcalde. Oct. 9-Senior Class meets. We will have an annual! Oct. 10-Closed the "Buckeyes" eyes. Oct. 13-Trustees of Alcalde begin Work. Oct. 14-Banquet Was given to football boys by the C. of C. Oct. 17-Tyler-403 Texarkana-0. Oct. 22-"Two Crooks and a Lady" presented by Dramatic Club. Oct. 31--Palestine and Tyler meet in battle strong. What a game! Nov. ll-Armistice and a Wonderful victory over Athens-26-6. Nov. 19-Everyone lonesome as football boys are in Lufkin. Nov. 25-Very interesting talks made on the use of the library. Nov. 26-Everyone excited over the final conference game. Nov. 27-Are we down-hearted? No! No! Dec. 3-Variety Show presented. Pro- ceeds go to Alcalde. Dec. 5-Game with Greenville post- Dec. Fifi!! poned until Dec. 8. 8-What a day! Poor Greenville Lions! Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Feb. 13-Everybody off for the Austin gabe-44-0. Will we be State Champs? 19-What a relief! Christmas holidays. 20-Off to Fort Worth for State Championship. Did We win? And how! Poor Sandies. 29-Back to the usual grind. 1-New Year's Day. Regretful, no holiday! Will We keep our reso- lutions? 6-Banquet given for football boys. Footballs and watches were re- ceived. ' 7--Special assembly for awarding of football trophy by Mr. Hender- son. 16-Misery begins with exams. 22-Misery ends as the last paper is folded. A sad day for the mid- term graduates. 24-Rush made for Senior rings. Schedules made. 2-Meeting of Senior class. Red roses are favored. Feb. 10-Sweaters presented to football Mar Mar lions. How long will they keep them? ch 9-Meeting of Senior Class. Dis- cussion of class motto. ch 18-The Dramatic Club presents "Where the Cross is Made." What a wonderful actor is Bubba Lang- ston! March 27-D r a m a t i c Club off to 'Doches. Let's hope they Win. March 28-Adams and Hicks Win tennis match from Jacksonville. April 1-No April Fdolin'-Alcalde goes -L-f'i1g DTH-Si F M' lj Sf if' to the printer. FAVORITES BON NA BESS JONES NEAL HARVILLE Tvs ,ffdjl if Lil X- Tlhie Popularity Contest The popularity contest held this year determined Tyler High School's Favor- ite Girl and Favorite Boy. It was well that the contest lasted only three days for at the end of each class period traffic Was practically blocked before the loulletin board. In a few more days We should have needed sig- nal lights. Bonna Bess Jones and Neal Harville were voted Winners. The favorites, Whose pictures are at the end of each class section, were se- lected in class meetings. Every student Was a candidate, and each person, With- out any instruction, voted for the boy and girl Whom he considered represent- ative of his class. 'T Features Pllieasimg Pieirsoniiailitiies The business managefs feet play "Pig'gly-Wiggly." We wonder why Harry strikes this attitude. Can it be that "heavy fee-lin"?" lioc and Tuffy are seen per- fecting their favorite pastime -doing nothing gracefully. What could be more inspir- ing than this trio of spon- sors? Why ladies prefer blondes and- gentlemen do not. M5111 -'J'-""?f' ' W, ,f r 1 .r,, ,I , :fu . , 2 if Ukagw ,, tw., QW, AM 1 'typ .ci2.A"?:Av.'g9fk ff avr: ug. ,,1q X 9 'G irwiu p llliiclianavioir lbid we have opportunity to show mass formation? Three "yes's" we'll answer. The Lions Went on a ram- page and were eagerly fol- lowed lproof submittedl to the championship. Wonder what they are grinnin' so about? Pardon us-that's a "special" for the photographer. And these members of the fairer sex seem to be equally amused. Hazel, did you car- ry a pet monkey around to entertain them? The association of the fu- ture farmers of America. Present: The men. Ab- sent: The hoes. Liongs Football Dictionary Ill'llSf'7'Uf6!l Editioyz, Interference. The line holds. CYea Lion!J Penalized: What's the matter, Mary --has he been "two-timingn? Close formation. Triple threat men. llfm voinii lpmsitii in Goin' places, and gettin there. Landscaping. Keeping that schoolgirl complexion. Broadcasting. Doing a long stretch. 43 'gr 9. P' Z X an . be , X. 1 I . s 1 I Y , . 0 3' 'N . , 4 A - , 'V M' 9. 'L Organizations ,J In Sw-I A-.7, ,-A , A.. ., - gli' xx ,, ASA ff fri A 1 -Yja ff 'Ba I so V IE AL ALDIEI LOUISE WILIE Assistant Editor FRANK DENMAN Arlvertisivzg Mfzxrzager DICK GENTNER Circzdution Manager BONNA BESS JONES Staff Photographer GLEN ARNOLD Stag Plzotogrnplzer HAZEL POSTON Kodak Editor THE STAFF VIRGINIA JARMAN Feature Edztor WOODROW WISDOM Fmtztre Editor AARON KRUMHOLZ O rgmz iza tions VIVIAN DARNELL Artist LUCILLE STARNES Artzst LOUISE STARNES Artist SUNSHINE NEELY-Edit0'V MITCHELL SALEH-Mfl71CLg8'l' HENRY REYNOLDS tDes'zg'ner CLARENCE HARRISON Asszstant Deszgner MARJORIE MIDYETT Assistant Artist JUA'NITA HAMIQICK Gzrls' Athletics HERSCHEL WELCH Boys' Athletzcs JOHN WHITTINGTON Higlz-Senior Rep'resc'1ztcLt1L I Szrty tuo . RHS- ffl -,i Y 7' ' I1 9 I T5 RAAAA ,-E1 TYLER HIMLIIGHTS THE STAFF BILLY ILFREY DOROTHY RABY SARA BAILEY MARCUS SHUTTLESWORTH LULU DEBENPORT MYRLENE NERREN, Editor JACK FLOCK, ManaYgeAr DORIS KILPATRIOK GLEN ARNOLD J EANETTE TAYLOR NELL WHITHAM LLOYD BRADBERRY PAULINE ALLEN SEHK Sirty-three --si ' ' 'Tw , , i-.,,,, Y, fY, , , iffy -- , E by f ' J Xijggl THE LIBRARY CClLlUlB The Tyler High School Library has made service its watchword and efficiency its aim. The librarians have been loyal to both of these qualities throughout the year in every respect so that the students have come to regard the library as one of the most important units of the school because of its capacity to further progress. With this new interest has come invalu- able contributions from students and local citizens which have helped the library to keep in step with the new demands made by the various depart- ments and those made by ambitious and zealous students. NELL DELAY VIRGINIA JARMAN NELL VVHITHAM MARJORIE HIcKs LLOYD BRADBERRY SARA BAILEY MARGARET MAYNOR OPALL TERRELL PAULINE HEFFLER lVI.-XRGARET MINGS LILLIAN GAGE GOLSAN MARGARET QUINN ETTA GOLENTERNEK LOUISE YVILIE 5fIty'f0llT gfiilggawq vp I Canasta , ' 09 A O, V - j' , TYLER ll-lIlIaY CLUB GLEN ARNOLD, President AARON KRUMHOLZ, Treasurer BILL ILFREY, Vice-Presfzfdenz' MR. BACHMAN, Spofnsofr WALTER ADAMS, S6F'I'6?ffl'l'1Ij MR. SLACK, Sponsor SLOGAN: Clean lvfring, clean spevfh, clean rlflvletirs, I-lean svholairship, contagious Chfrisfian character. The Hi-Y Club consists Of the higher type Of Christian boys who are in the Junior and Senior Classes of the high school. The purpose Of the Hi-Y is to promote and maintain higher standards Of manhood and Chris- tian living throughout the school and community. 1 MARCUS SIHIUTTLEWORTII J. W. DEBENPORT BILL ILFREY MITCHELL SALEH JOHN CASTLE AARON KRUMHOLZ WALTER ADAMS JOHN WILCOX PHILLIP MALLOY ARTHUR EXUM GLEN ARNOLD JOHN IDILLON JOHN WHI'r'r1NGTON REAGAN HATHCOCK DICK GENTNER MACK HARDWICK Sixty-ji V . .rly-six ll! lug ,ui un- l I .,-.Y' A gf' '55 , ff' WV M121 X . 'll'lHllE FUOTLHGHTS CLUB ll.-. all Fil-sf Hoff-: lVIarg'aret Mings, Jahu Kay, Sunshine Neely, Hazel Poston, J. W. llebenport, Woodrow Wisdom, Lucile Starnes, Billy Ilfrey, Louise Barber. Second Row: George Kainel, Mary Ruth Humphreys, Alma Shahan, Frances Stovall, Dorothy Allen, Marcus Shuttlesworth. Third Rona' John Castle, Florine Shuttlesworth, Glen Thorn- ton, Mack Hardwick, Louise Starnes, Walton Langston. "TWO CROOKS AND A LADY" CAST Woomzow WVISDOTNI, Lllillw-, the Hu.wI.'. Louisa STARNES, Lucilc, fha Muifl. ALMA SIYAII.-XN, .Ill-s. Simms-Ifmff-. HARRY SIIUFORD, Il llvtm-five. V71 D - .ffm-S. - iq 5' 'L fi' i gif '14 xlf f M iiyf ,ufQQff,i,,,,gfQ?, a ' -f I-af X , t 1' I li' ' l X E il? OTMICGHTS CILWIUB Ill fi Firrf Hou" Jimmie Pollard, wvllllldlll Eliamsof, Ht-Ion Pwttt-r, Nt-ll Brzulbc-rry, Aaron lirumhnlz, Mtn-y E. Nichols. Maurine Fortner, Hullic Faye- Img-kha1't, Anna Laurin' Hinfls, Gln-n Arnulil, Viruiniu Jzumilll. Sn-ond Row: Milmlrcrl Harris, Margaret, Wuufl. V4-rna 'lll1tlIl'l1lSOI'l, Lluwl liratllu-1'ry, ,lc-aiu-tin Taylor. Margaret Jurney, Marjorie Midvvtt, Vristino tnllins, 1VlarQut-ritt- Ivft-Ctlllutiuh. llnw Sliannun. 'l'l11'rfl linn-5 Arthur Exum, Amy Wright, Juanita Sm-nc'-r. Lillian Gage- liulsan, Paulinv Davitlsnn, ltlarytlull lirt-sw, Gram' M. Skinnvr. Fourth How: William Wright. Alrcllo lllhfllilllfill, Gs-lu'vi1'x'v lfm-auin, i'atlivrinz- Kum- merlen, Cristine Duncan, lVlarg'a1'vt Quinn, Lnuisu Starlvy. l"i1'tl1 Iiuw: .luhn llillun. -luhn Vastlv. .IMT Martin, John Whittington, Alfrcml Pate, liill Hvrntlnn. "NOT QUITE SUCH A GOOSEH CAST: L1'Cu.E Snxnxrs, Mrs. Ball, Mitzi.:-.mc Ni-rmaiax, Sylmi Iifll. llflXll1lNl-I I-'mzrxl-3u:. llu:fl II, ml, mm .KLFREID PAW, Philip FIirl:, XVn,1.lxu lhximis, ,tllu-rt lfrll, Wnn.n.x.xi lCI,l.KSHI"I', ln'1-wlur jl7XX l Sirfu A TH il-. i xi 'X XZ ' Si1,'ly-riglhl .qw" -Y ,,,J' 4. YL!! Qix ,Nl i W , lg 1 l ' la-'yt l ORQ lESTl ' A vS'?f1 -2. .6 .53 M R215 lll1'l'L'l', Nlyrlunw Nk'I'l'l'll. .lzxmw Slll1'lHlI'. lilnrlmuux fliillllllll, lic-rnmn Shivhlw. Ruylmmrl Rlmnv. gl1l'I'!N5lll lvillllllilx. Hlnlw VVmnI, llzwifl lluuhvs. Hicks. flillwll liiml, 'l'lwnmQ NX'ilsnn. I.u11is4,- lialrlwlx Miw lmuiw KII1-nn, llirl-f-Img l'lI2lllI"'N -lflllllvlll, l'zu1I1m- l,ll'Ul4l5IIll, l'z1ulinc 'l'n4hl, BAND I"i:'sf Hmw: lie,-u'n1z1r1 Shivllls, VVillz1r1l Rlmrmv. Rilylillllltl Hmm. Swrmlfl Ifurr: Clyllo lialier, C. J lirogan, Ric-hm-ul Bryan-ly, Cin-wmv l'ulhrL-ll. Juvlx l'uumls. Billy linfrvrs. Raymrnml l'l1'lI'4ll2lll1lL'l', P2Ll'liL'l' 'lkmlc-5, llnzul lirzxy, XVallm's- cllilxlbll. C1-cil 1.amatvr. Mary hllizalwtlw lllL'LZ1LlPllllll'l. Tommy lVl0l'l'lS, VVilliam Wluitesimlv. liulvhy Bullncll. Raylnnml Rlwm-. Thin! Ifmw: V, l,, In-1-. C. l". l'lummm'r, Simlm-y Plummer. VVilbu1-l l4ZlhA2ilI'l', Ernmi l'1'icl'unwl. Hlll'l1'NHl Czmmm, fll12ll'l1'b Iliulry, 'll2lll!lL'l' I'L'r'ml11U. Dmlilas Oifulf, ialllwc-ll llzxgzxn. llarulal I'u1lc-V, ll. F. 'lll'llIllill', Vzlrsxxvll llullinshn-aul, Phillip I.il1x1:Ll0. l.un Eziglv. .l1'., Viruinia liuwlvr, lilvyn lliz, l.1'nm'l- l+'l':ll1m-Q Nlc-l,:m':l1liu, l'HI'lt'I' liuilf-s. I"m1rfI: lfmrg- R1-1122111 St:-ull'-, l'lmmp lllvflllllillx. "Um-" XVi .el W2 L, "7" xt i V - Q' lf. 2 KY- --v - -- 7 -- Viz lx ly I-,,,, , Y Y L ,,, L X , Ll L J GIRLS? G lElE ClLlUlli5 :mlm , 'LQ -12 'H ,. ,V y 1 L ,xi "fif- I pdf -' x ' me , . i 18 L 2-4 ra- -1372 -an . HS 'vt i ,S i ig .Q . -is c 44. M . iv IJ iw r N - 1 !F, ' ' , .ea .f ,b I , k x , s 4 t,,V, if an f grief A iwijnf' ' . 'gg iw First How: Arvie Price. Mary Joyce Bain-nlielrl, .lanie Bell MeGwier, Paralee Butler. Vivia Story. Mary Ruth Humphreys. Thelma Allisfm, Exit-Ile Dean. Verna 'l'hmunsmi, Airelle '1'imrntm1. Loraine Rieek. Swrwirl How: Pauline Davidson. Gettys Owen. Owena Guflfrey, Mary Lee Turner. Christine Duncan. lone Braziel. Frances Stovall. Ruth Franklin. VVillie Lee Adams. Third Noir: Vera Mae Humphreys, Lucia Smith, Gladys Owen, Margraret Green. Juno Eehols, Inez Harmlee, Evelyn Erlwards. Emily Hansun. Fozlrfli How: Louise Smith, Aclelle Nunn, Genevieve Feauin, Katherine liartun, Mias Louise Glenn, flireetur, Hallie Faye Lockhart. G RL SC UT First Row: Mildred Harris, Atrelle Thornton. Flcirine Shuttleswnrth, Ouicla Bess Haralson, Lloyrl Bl'1'Ulb0l'l'Y, MHfl0lNYl P3-l'k0l'. Lmlise MeD0naIrl. Eloise Shaw. Nell XVhitham. Swvoml Ifuw: Marywlell Greer, Louise Morris, Katherine Bailey, Louise Starley, Mary Sue Melllurray, Doris Kilpatrick. Third How: Delma Connally. Cora Ferguson, Ala Sanders. Virginia Baker, Edith Clark, Inez N'Vestm0relanrl. Fourfh How: Lucille Mings, Miss Cora Evans, Sponsor, Christine Duncan. wil WHS aa a f , WM LQ!-e-KW1 eiex L e Nev. Sixty-rlirle V l fn' Qi X , - PM ,FJ P94 , , Huw ,,- -MWPWWWHJTMWPM P 'SQUAl iwf 4119 l'llI'Nf lion-: Marin- McMahon. Louise Sturlm-5, Maryels-ll Grp-cr. I"ranc'vs Beal. Marguerite Mc-Cullough. Mary lilizaln-1h Nichols, Sponsor. Hazul Poflon. Chriwtinu Hudson, Pauline Davidson, Emily Hanson. Sfroml lion-: Maurino lfortncr, Dorothy Atwood. Hallii- Fayc Lockhart. Evclyn Oliver, Pauline Hefller, Grnvc- M. Slxinnc-r. Maruarc-1 .lurnm-5, Bm-ss Pitiman, NL-ll DeLay. Dorothy Rahy. Third Row: Faye Taylor, Doroihy Allvn. lf'ram'r-s Stovall, Evvlyn Sh:-lion. Eflith Clark. Louise Zarr, Eleanor Lulccr, Mary Ellen Dcnmzm. lfmirlli Ifmr: Johnniv Iii-airrl. Luvia Smith. Louise NViliu. Evvlyn Edwards. P 'S UAD Ifirf-f lion: Louise- Furric, Margaret Minus. Louisv Kimlsl'atlwr, Henry Reynolds, Yell L0a1lQr, MisS Maoirv, Fam-lilly Sponsor, .lov 1,1-c Ganfly, YL-ll Lcamlcr. Mc-lba Brooks, Lloyal Bradbcrry. Marjorie Hicks. Vivian Darin-ll. Srmnrl Ilofr: Ernc-stinu Dahnkc, Georgia Peters, Mary Ella McMillan. Mary Louise Tunm-ll. Mziwil- Ifrancus LL-Q, Franc:-s Corbin, Marjorio Mielyeit, Ro:-ze Shannon, Elizabeth Parker, Lulu lim-I-vnpori. .luunita Spvricur. Tliiral Ifolr: Vivia Sion-oy, Verna Thompson, Nell Simmons, Mary Alice lilalw. Hr,-lon linifhi, Ruih Franlilin. Estn-llc Pittman, Louise Barber. l"ourfh How: Lillie Mae Adams, Gi-m-vim-vc: Fc-agin, Emma-nia Tunnell, Mary Ruth Humphrivs, Virginia Baker. .yoolfy Vx ,pamamo ,mas-aaaHaf ' Wi?i"1a. n - - - . -,.-, SCOUT TRUUP 3311 .QC Q ' -Q' I -Q 0- Sims! First Row: J. NV. IJCbCllll0l'l, Rwlwrt Nelson. Aaron lirunihulzz. Mr. Sum Davis, SClllIllU2lb-li'l', HCl'I1121l1 Eiscn. Catnn Lingnlfl, Tom Nall. Allvn Ilfrvy, Svvonfl lion-: VVilliam Cl'2lXVl'fll'fl. T. li. Lytlu, Glc.-n Arnolwl, John Dillon. Marcus Shuttloswnrth. J. E. Toll. Miss JONIES9 HUMUE Mmm Firsf Row: Simeon Shaw. A1'th0a1'tc1' Huelspotli. Lnuist- Starnus, f'lill'm'1l Gr'1'u'fH'y. lmuist- Zarl Mary E. Nichols. John Castle, Lucillu Starnes, Anniv Dt-ll '1'uflml, Sm-mfr! Now: Quinn Urlran. Arthu I. Exum. Ruth Dinsflvr. Matilda Saleh. Dora Sanders, Blake Woml. Maw,-tis Shutllusworth, J. B. DYUV. Third Row: Joseph Brett. Miss Mattic Jones, Milbrv Shaw, Glcnn Sanrlm-rs, Jvif Martin, Billv Palmnrc. Harris Lloyd. John Whittington. - 5 K Seven! y-one ' ,Cv .N i A 9 . ,,. W 77,71 W, ..,,,LfZ qu! Q ,, 4 Y, Y' nr N , ' N K ,I if A.. lHlt. A.. ClLlUl' Fir K rum hi Hallit- Iliclu-5 Sit-lla Wvillu' rs A A - 0 .' ' .1 x 1' l A ml lfmw: Tht-lnm Compton, Myrlt-nv Nurrt-n. Garlanml Colo, Sara Bailey, Hazel Poston. Aaron mlx, Mitch:-ll Salt-h. l"runcm-s Bs-ul, Harry Shullu-tl, Christine Duncan. Svconrl lforv: Nell DOLay lfzlye Lockhart. XV. .l. Garrvtt, .Iowcll Dunn. Margarut Minus, .laniv Bello- McGwiQ1', Kenna-th on. Maryflcll firm-r. Viiuinia .lz1rman. Tlzirfl Ifufr: Lucillc Minfrs, Lloyd Brzullmcrry, Thomas Clark. l,0z1tht-1'woo1l, Lois Voultf-r, Arthur NVhits'hcaml. II'l'l'lC' Kvvlc-. l"u1U'!h Ifow: Aubrey TQmplC, Clyde un. Miss Griilin, XVilliam Barns-tt. VValtor Aalums. Mary Ella-n Denman, Jack Atkinson. fr l lFlHllRlElE S CLUB l"iVxi lfow: .luanita Slll'llK'l'l'. llL'rsL'l1ul VV0lch. Vivia Story. LULUSC' Wilic. Wllliiinl H3l'1'lS- Ffaillf IM-nina: Rolu-rl Hat lu-ock. Tl lknral. SL 1. Lois Cziuwy, Billy Ill'l'c'y, M:-irjoriv Hicks. Srronrl 1fUll'.' Woodrow VVisrlom. RiCha1'fl Gcnlnfllk Nulson. Bonnn Buss Jonvs, Evulyn Olivvr, Emilc-Q Sloan. Connally Calle. Robbie Beal. Reallafl iirrl llmr: lone lrlruziol, Mary Francvs Wuotcn. Lafayette Bickley, Eloise Bailey, Oren Ray- inshinv New-ly, llwlzu-y Gorrlon McDonald, lVlzu'guvritc MCCllllfDllfl'h. Fourth lfurv: Miss Peters, Chester l,aCy. l?11llim'lNIay I'inkston, Harolrl Pottvr, Frank Scurlock, Auclruy Hcnmllcy, Troy Irwin, Caldwell Hagan. Swv 11114-two K . l l Til ,xff ,Y , Y . Y Y 7 Y T-1 ,s af lea at H Haas H ln .el SlPO'llllLllfGlHHll ClLlUlI3 First Row: Opal Terrell. Dorothy Atwood. Marie lVleM:i.hon. Eleanor Lulier, Robert Greer, Elizabeth Parker, Ralph Allen. Faye Taylor, Christine Collins, Louise Starley. Mattie Coulter. Svennrl lfou-: .Iahu Kay. Lois Smith. Beatrice Johnson. Allene Hill, Mary Emily Thompson, ,luanita Gilliam. Maurine Fortner. John Huflflleston. Glen Arnolfl. Third Ifofr: Flaye Theelforrl, Nora Crews, Hortense liassehaum. Grace Lowe, Mililrecl Gibson, Charles Aarons. Fourth Ifofr: Anniee Mathews. Miss Leta Yarbrough, Paul Messer, Genevieve Feagan, 'lFRlllPlLlE STA Q lUlB First Noir: Pauline Davidson. Inez Adams. Roger Huey, Doris Kilpatrick Nell Braelherry. Bernie Estes, Helen Potter. Jack Floeli. Jimmy Pollarrl. Pauline 'l'ofl4l. Swfnffi Iimr: VVillie Lee Adams. Juanita Hamriek. Frances Hammers, Margaret Jurney. Grace Moore Skinner. Annie May Pinkerton, Selma Green, Margaret Green. Etta Golenternelc. Stella Deaton. Third lion-: Florine Campbell, Pauline Payne. Marie Wham, Gladys Owen. Florence Munilay. Lucille Riflines. Annie Ruth Tliornton, Aliee Humble. Lucia Smith. Fourth Ifozrf Mr. Slack, Nance Ferrell, Earl Ginn, Norman Smith. Pat Powell. VY Y- 'V Aix'-l Sf'r1nfy-thrrc' ,f-, L - MTH V k A W ,fri f 513.4 Svrcnty-fo ,,"4Y' ' ff? , e A O ' rj ' Miss Q1-MMllPlBlElLlL9S HUMJE Room iii ll l -M Fiml lfnfr: Ili-n Ilureli-gree, Myra lin-Ile Morris, Elsie Lewis, Clarence Harrison. Alfred Pate, Ala Sanflers. Fora lferuumn, Tom Bi-nyli-N. Scrum! Hun-: Thomas George, Norma Lee Burnett, Miss Campbell. H:-li-n Burns-11. Maxwell Herring, William York. Third How: Mark Hardwick, Frank Kitchens, Harold Rmislh. Hzxyilm-n Moore. NUISS NIARSHQS HOME ROOM ri 1 lfiwr Hun-: Louise Barber, Dorothy Allen, Mabel Robinson, Leland WVileox, John Wilcox, Marion I:,UllK'l'lN. Ella Mau- Bailes. Daisy Howarfl. Florinc- Shuttle-swortli. Sn-mul Row: Franklin Cobb, Lillie lil-Ilv VVriu'li1, LXQIIOS liarner, Rufsell VVal14-rs. Miss Marsh. Sidney Plummer, Marietta Talley, James Parker, Thi-Ima Allison, lVl1ll'R'Hl'L'l Sergeant. Thirfl Razr: Josephine Brinlierhoff, Avalon Willis, Elois Finley, .Xrvie I'ric-s-. Virginia Sergeant. Catherine Barton, Earl Elliot, Mattie Theclforrl. Fourth Row: Frank Wnml. lxl2il"l2ll'!'l Quinn, Lillie Mae Adams, Norman Linrlsey, Lloyd Nunn, Harbard Younirblood, Robert I'vcot ILT' E O el, O- M EQNOO Q71 L wwmfi s Lgmwvs awww raw , 1 ,514 are 'W NUR.. lB3AQlHIlMlAN9S ll-llOlMllE ROONI Tiki? , if .1 Hill ill ll '-4-di First Row: Evelyn Shelton. Arlvlle Unis, Mary Dennis. Phillip Malloy, Laura liirlml, Chi-sler Yuunu. Emlelle Parker, Arleline Henry. Georgia Peters, .lewm-ll Hx-rrinu. Srrmizl Ifnir: HYNW-ll IUPUI, Lilllrl Wilsoil, Mary Christine Smith, Connie Newton, .Janie Durham, Lois Barron, Guralfl Shimwv, H. .l. McBride lm Hoover. Third Now: Harris Burton, Albert Casey. Lum-ile Hurrineion, Annie Robinson, Reba, Mn-sscr MRC Keele. Thomas Glass. Fourlh Huw: J. IJ. Arranl. J. IJ. Hairston. Mr. Bziulnnan l WlIfC'lllOlRY Fort Worth, "Out Where the West Beginsfl Tyler, "The Heart of East Texas"'-- East meets West, and today there spin Tales of power, courage and skill, Of the State Championship won By the youth from East Texas' Wood and hill. -.lark Field Holder. i t '1 L l -YL Se 1'fr,1 ry-me - M -E E- TH-S-,,e--f E gij,gf's 1, L l be-4g'1Tlj Wi X -.f' f X '29 c lx QM 5 lv, gd LION ACCI-lIlllEVlElRS LATIN TOURNAMENT 1930 In the annual district Latin Tournament, the following Tyler Contest- ants placed first: January Beginners, Martha Shufordg Second Year, Louise Wilieg Third Year, Lucille Starnesg Third Term, Elizabeth Herrin. Essay Winner, Avalon Willis, Second Year. Tyler won the following team cups: January Beginners, First Year, Second Year, Third Year, and Third term. The first three cups become the permanent property of T. H. S. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY The members of the Spring graduating class of 1930 selected for the National Honor Society were: Mary Abbott, Dorothy Albertson, Billy Bedell, Virginia Buster, Eula Cardwell. Lucille Childers, Sarah Christian, Elizabeth Cobb, David Con- nally, Olney Davis, LaNelle Dean, Willard Gray, John Elton Hodges, Ruth Hutchison, Melba Jones, Ila Mallett, Helen Roberts, Albert Saleh, Chris- tine Starr, Jim Vaughn, Marvin Wilson. YOUNG CITIZENS CLUB The members selected for the Young Citizens Club, an organization sponsored by the Rotary Club of Tyler, were: Sarah Christian and David Connally. CAMP AUDUBON The boys selected for the Camp Audubon trip, an award given by Mr. T. E. Swan, were: Coulter Matthews, Clifford Gregory, Billy Ilfrey, Albert Hill, and J. B. Birdwell. asa- A --W L , ILE, L f , , , .I J! 1 'V X 'J UQDWWX S N A HMEUPMQS X A X N ,f ' 1 I 'XX ffff X f , WM ,f 1 V Jw, -,rf tty!! I 'xxx iix ,fjl,,lff!, W fx I I 5 ,X SY' 'I I' 1.1! W! ff! 1'W,5',, ,' ' g , fx 'wx if - Q ill-.mfg -df mffjj1ffm?7,,,Z 1 ,f f Q X ' X . - -, V' x XX KKVK Xi-V 'XX K i V:-A , J xg A K PM . L X X1 X X1l-f'fiiQ YV Q , X ,K f ,jj1Vgeg, ' X 1 'NX -, ' Xb4lXw XQSQ ,xiis Q -1, jx ww www MMQAQJM NSE Mblilltl' f-JI Mx ' ' - W Q" My i"'L.:'YQr 1 J Q4 k if HX Z -cQ,,.lf GSX' " x, 1 ffklyieqxilg' f X - f:,f' -- L g,,, ,, fr 'INF ,J , I ,wuxx If 1- AY 7-S'+-13215 Mgyiw -4 V gsvx, YTs's.'f,' , i - fi I l . J' -.ff CUACCHTNG STAFF MR. GEORGE FOLTZ After six years of struggle, Mr. Foltz was re- warded with the first District and State Cham- pionship Tyler has ever had. He built up a line which proved a stone wall to various Texas teams and drilled his men in the fundamental principle of all games-sportsmanship. Mr. Foltz gave all that he had to the team, and he will do as much again. MR. RUFUS KING Mr. King taught the backfield the tricks he learned at the University of Texas. This was his second year here, and his worth was shown by the man-power developed in the backfield. He taught his men the science of the game and de- veloped in them the football heart characteristic of himself. fSwf'Puy1f'129j N The 11930 State Champions ' First Row: James Fleming, J. B. Birdwell, Carl Prestridge, Sherman Williams, J. B. Goodson, John Huddleston, Clifford Gregory, Captain, O. N. Cole, Glen Perdue, George Kamel, John Porter, Reagon Gregory, Cecil Payne, Aubrey Temple. Second Row: Garland Cole, Bus. Mgr., Mack Hardwick, Thomas Glass, Herschel Welch, Pat Prestwood, Leland VVilcox, Harry Shuford, Cecil Robinson, Jake Pines, Willie A. Shu- ford, Frank Denman, John S. Morris. Third Row: Mr. King, Coach, Glen Thornton, R. E. Smith, Glenn Sanders, Robert Delancey, Albert Hill, Davis NVilcox, Edwin Rasco, John Wilcox, Harry Johnson, Arthur Johnson, Newton Berryman, J. T. Brumley, Neal Harville, Walton Langston, Mr. Foltz, Coach. Seventy-eight 44 Y' .4 , I x ,Y I Iyt K L11 CLIFFORD GREGORY, Capfairz, H dl fbclclc Third Year, A11-State. "Tuffy" finished his second year as captain in a blaze of glory. He led the Lions to their first District and their first State Championship. He blocked and tackled with the best, and how he could plunge a line! On defense his tackling could be heard all over the field. The Lions will not soon have such another. JOHN WILCOX, Captain-elect, Guurrl Second Ycnr, All-Stuff' John furnished the man-power for the twins, and in what a Way! He was hard to stop at any time, and he could be seen and heard stopping his opponents all the time. John not only did a lines- man's work but also took the ball for gains. He proved his worth to replace Clifford. HARRY JOHNSON, Quafrterlmck Tlziwl Yea-V, All-Sfafc' "Coot" was one of the outstanding players, not only in the Lion group, but also in the district. As a field general, at passing, kicking, and carry- ing the ball, he was not surpassed. He was un- doubtedly the best triple-threat man T. H. S. has had in a long time. The team's absolute confi- dence in Harry was a great factor in winning the championship. DAVIS WILCOX, Tackle Second Year, All-District Dave, by his all-around line play was an im- portant factor in the team's success. It was his job on offense to take out the opposing endg he did this with a bang. His ability at reading plays was uncannyg as a defensive tackle, he was a threat. The team voted him the most valuable player for the year. 1 1 I "Mule" gets ready to attack. ,- . F71 H as L' n I y- n if ,mag . s ,ll T11oMAs GLASS, Tackle First Year Here's one player that did more than his share without a line of talk to attract attention. This was Thomas's first year to letter, and he played regularly. Thomas never lost his head and was always reliable. His business-like attitude played havoc with the opposing teams. JOHN S. MORRIS, Halfback Second Ycur, All-District Johnnie was one of the best pass-shaggers this district has seen in a long time. His uncanny ability to catch passes resulted in many long gainsg the ball to John S. meant a touchdown. He was considered the best little blocker in the state. He excelled in running, interfering, and blocking. ARTHUR Jon NsoN, Center Firsf Ycur, All-D2'St1'iicf Arthur was the best center T. H. S. has seen in several years. He was,in the midst of every play no matter where it was. When Arthur tackled a man, he stayed tackled. Arthur was the youngest man on the squad, as well as the young- est center in the district. LELAND WILCOX, G1lfl.l'f1 First Year Lee, in the true Wilcox fashion, had intuitive ability to follow the ball. His willingness to mix it with the other teams stopped many players through his side. Lee was one of the best defen- sive men Tyler has ever had. A cla p that held. .na-s. as 'Q I A T NEAL HARv1LLr:, End Tllirfl Year, All-llistricf "Red-Neck" made his last year a banner year. He was always fighting. Rarely ever did a play circle him. Red's blocking and tackling touched on the sensational. He will make some college an outstanding player. ALBERT HILL. Fullbuck Second Year "Mule" was the hardest line plunger on the team. No team succeeded altogether in stopping his thrusts through the line. "Mule" still has two years to show the District teams some classy plunging and blocking. FRANK DENMAN, Q2lll'1'f6"l'IJll.Clx' First Year "Bubba" was the other quarterback. He was a good backfield man because of his punting and passing ability. He was a power on defense. In another year Frank would have been an out-b standing player. REAGON GREGORY, E nd First Year "Little Tuffy" is starting out to uphold the family reputation. A Second-Stringer in the early part of the season, he won a first-string berth by hard playing. He was good at all- around play on end. In the next two years, Reagon should prove to be one of the best ends in the district. Halting the Maioons k 4 If, J ,ff-Yl f I4 ill M in J. T. BRUMLEY, End Second Year "Jiggs" was handicapped by an ankle that was injured before the season began, but that didn't keep him down. He was a consistent, dependable player. He stopped the opposing team's end runs, and when he made a tackle it held. JAMES FLEMING, Halfback First Year James was fast and shifty with plenty of driv- ing power. On defensive the real stuff in James came to the top. He loved to smack hard and to intercept passes. He has another year to prove his ability. GLENN SANDERS, Tackle First Year Though this was "Blondy's" first year, he played like a veteran. He was an "ex-tackle" for awhile, as he was ruled .ineligible, but he soon came back raring to go. Blondy never quit for anything, but gave all he had all the time. NEWTON BERRYMAN, End Third Year Hard luck prevented "Newt's" making this his banner year. Sickness and an injured knee kept him from participating in the most of the games but when he was able, he played a whale of a game. We wish "Newt" could be back to display his laurels in a good way. Tuffy goes after a pass. .awe - ,515 . ff gi s --- 41,3-1Qf ,H ROBERT DELANCEY, Center First Year "Pete" played his first whole year as a member of the team. He is big and fairly fast, and was good both on offense and defense. When he thrust his red head into a hole, he usually stopped the play. R. E. SMITH, Tackle Firsf Year R. E. was big, fast, and rangy, and he used himself to perfection. He is expected to shine next year. MACK HARDWICK, Gufml First Year This year marked Mack's first real meeting with a football, but he quickly became acquainted. Mack enjoyed tackling hard. On offense he al- ways opened up a hole in the opposing line. He will be back next year. HERSCHEL WELCH, Guard First Year - Herschel was shifted from the backfield to the line. He made an excellent guard although he was handicapped by a broken nose part of the season. He was hard fighting, dependable, and a menace to the opposing backs. Up against the best defense in Texa .Ezyhty Ili QE 1, , , I 1 l Ill ill Lia.: I l 1 1 i I li 7 ,7 As iii HARRY S11t'FoRD, Hff1fl,fmI.' Firsf QYIIII' This was "Harry's" second year on the squad and it was a good one. He didnlt know what the word "quit" meant. Harry was a fair punter and passer, a good ball-carrier, and a good man on defense. He did his best at all times and will be back next year to carry on. JOHN PORTER, Hllllfllrllllli' First Yun' John played with Henderson last year but de- eided to display his laurels here this year. He was one of the fastest men on the team. With two years more to play, he will develop into a really outstanding player. CARI..-XSDCOI,E,1l1ls1'm'.ss ,lIrlnuyf'1' Garland proved himself' capable of managing a Championship team. He was always on the job, looking' after the equipment and games. He never 1' missefl practices, and he had a business-like way of looking after business. All uid for thi grand ar. ard. il Tyler Tyler Tyler Tylei Tyler Tyler Tyler Tyler Tyler Tyler Tyler Tyler Tyler l si" v A in , v TAA T 7 73, gi, K3 A iwif-, , , I. ' 1 l TLA , X yvi THE SEASON GAMES AND SCORES 28 19 ff 7 14 40 Q4 20 29 26 33 ffff 27 44 25 346 Woodrow Wilson Jacksonville ....r., Mexia T... rrrrrrrr.. Gilmer .,rr.. Texarkana .rrrr. Nacogoloches ,rrr. Palestine .... .,rr Athens ..,, rrvrr Lufkin rrrr...rr Marshall .rrr.r..rV Greenville rrrr .T Austin ,..,,rrr. Amarillo .rrsrr. YlElLlL lLlEAlDlElRS Henry Reynolds, Mary Elizabeth Nichols, Joe Lee G'1ndy ',vfX "1 gf Xlsxl V i Y I -fl ff . U My lv-i Yi ' 573 G North Dallas North Dallas Y, qv BOYS9 BASKETBALL THE SEASON-GAMES AND SCORES Palestine .lll ll.l.. Lufkln ..,v.lll Nacogdoches Jacksonville Lufkm ..l. oovvll.... Jacksonville looo.l.o, Grand Saline Marshall ...... Marshall ..,,ss Longview Nacogdoches Boyce La. s,sV,. , Henderson Nacogdoches 25 Tyler 25 Tyler 17 Tyler 17 Tyler 17 Tyler 14 Tyler 24 Tyler 14 Tyler 27 Tyler 13 Tyler 19 Tyler 17 Tyler 25 Tyler 15 Tyler 15 Tyler 24 Tyler 308 First Row: James Fleming, Capt., G. B. Hix, A1thu1 Iohnson Peagon Gregory lohn Wilcox, J. T. Brumley, Glenn Thornton. Srcoml Row: Gilbert Rice, J. B. Birdwell, W. J Gauett Hoyt Balbee Hariy Shuforcl, VValter Adams. Tl1irflRou-.' George Foltz, Coach, John Mullins, J O Tolei R E Smith Walton L lngston. fi V7 Q -.1 4 g, K I F' e H711 WHS- K i ,VV i -s - w 1, -- 7 A Nf - - if f f ----- - ff - L-,.- L-HELLA, my fm G Llc. Lo L QTXQ P a , CGlllRlLS9 ATHLETIC ASSCOCTATTON The purpose of this organization shall be to create interest and enthu- siasm in all phases of physical education and to promote school spirit and high ideals of both physical and intellectual efiiciency. JANIE DURHAM, Presulmzf DORIS KILPATRICK, Secretary BL-XTTIE THEDFORD, ljlft'-Pi'FSf6Il'llf 11.-XRY RUTH Hrxrrnmzrs, H1'l.'Z.ll'l1 illfzzzflgvf' MISS MANIRI-Z, .QIJONNOV First Row: Hazel Taylor, Ouida Faye Steger, Lucille Womack, Janie llurham, Mary Ruth Humphreys, Doris Kilpatrick, Grace Harris, Anna Grace McPhail, Helen Alexander. Second Roux' Mary Louise Tunnel, Kathryn Bailey, Jimmie Ruth Coker, Frances Garrett, Lottie Mary Tucker, Vera Mae Humphreys, Mildred Harris, Eloise Shaw, Mary Elizabeth Rodieck, Lucy Nell Nichols. Tlzirfl Row: Pauline Davidson, Lola Mae Walker, Katherine Kaemmerlin, Irma Lee Clark, Miss Manire, Sponsor, Edith Clark, Ouida Bess Haralson, Adeline Henry. Eighty-scrcu Vuiyiii is c or L lfwtsnc- L ---,L 1 K, WJ N! ' '- V . L iii, , !f' Qi fix- TJ -- H-'mm--wWiQ,' , all ala SPORTS HN REVIEW Herschel Wclch FOOTBALL 151:30 Z! We can never forget that year. The greatest football team that ever donned the moleskins gained for Tyler High glory and prestige that can never be surpassed. Tyler's Hrst District and State Championships were won this year. A more nghtinfr team never walked on a football field than the Lions of '30. The first district game was a walk-over for the Lions. All of them except the Palestine game were won with ease. In the bi-district game the Lions were the underdogs, but they came through on the big end of a 27-6 score. The under-rated Lions again showed their ability by beating the Austin Maroons. But Fort Worth was the place where the Lions won gridiron fame. Although predicted to lose, Tyler proved the Amarillo "Sandstorm" to be only a gust of wind. Upon their return 'to the "Heart of East Texas" the Lions were given a reception unsurpassed in the history of our city. Next year, under the leadership of Captain John Wilcox along with eleven or twelve lettermen, Tyler should have another State Championfhip football title brought to our midst. BASKETBALL Still interested in the lanrels of our football team, we did not give our basketball quintet its due support. Although handicapped by the lack of experienced lettermen, the team fought in every game. Under the super- vision of Coach Foltz. the basketball boys showed excellent team work. With the return of several lettermen, we have bright prospects in our next basketball squad. ' TRACK Tyler should have a successful season this year in track. Four letter- men are back to represent the Lions. namely: Oren Rayford, G. B. Hicks. John S. Morris, and R. E. Smith. Besides these, there are others who are showing their ability as track stars. With the veterans on which to pivot, this year should be successful. TENNIS Unusual interest was taken in tennis this year. Walter Adams and G. B. Hicks, doubles team, will represent Tyler in the district tournament. They have already proved their ability by beating the Jacksonville doubles team in a challenge match. 1 fl hr xlql Il 4, ll ,E 4. Ill! ,P Ill ,qi llf llf lll IIWNIIWX fx!!! K r b Q X P53725 Z ca f Z!! j Z, I 'wif as X f Af I ' . 'i4' I - ',.' ? M4 '-I grlj V OU -I rfxgt ij4i?N A L Q' 115 p -ng V --up' Q r H f 'I l" 'u r 'I V 'I 'vu If-'Z 1 J 'F Wfffijj K E F' . , Q3 fx ' f I EE f : Q jf' ,gif f I 5 -7 ff f 1 5-. Z - f 4 ,NSE X 1 5 ' J ,fif I ' V E 17. W. I I f I 2' ' 5I!r fl wif V 5 9' 1 -5 . ' . E1 ? 1 ,, mp?qw I 5 QI Ewa vw? fg 54 1 '- I f X wif' Mfg QS ! S NVD yy ' A 4 If J 1 5 ? ' ' 5 4 ' "ll Xmg 4' DI 5 3 Tw: A 2 3 Yarlly E E' Qfkhnfv 'fd li ' " 1 I: rlh' 'I ll AW" 1 IF ' www :aww TE DAPAKHME EDITION of the I93I ,ALQAIIME Pulzlislzerl by the Sfzzcleizfs of TYLER JUNIOR COLLEGE TYLER,TEXAS ,622 5,2151 i MAL K 'L A Tom Tom Deep pulsating, vibrating undertones of rhythm Rising from the tombs of cen-turies in a bronzed race- Now marchingson the heights, now echoing in the chasm. What stern austerity it moulds upon each Indian's face. So ingrained is this haunting and Weird tom-tom harmony Their homes remain unperturbed by slink of stealthy treadg Nor While alone with Nature's hosts can they be lonely For theirs is a living spirit-a call never dead. -Frances S trange. VVQQ r Haifa 56 L4 --' A - a s 3 -lil! 9 A J. M. HODGES Presirlent W. A. NELSON Dean Q MR. W. A. NELSON Jlllf1lf'lllllffl'N MISS ALPINE BRANDENBURG Englzslz MRS. PEARL ROBERTSON EfI1lC'llfl'1Jll MR. E. A. LAWVER .llvc'l1uI11'Cal 1lI'flIl'l'llg MR. RUFUS KING A flzlvfirs MISS INA ROBERTS L15 ru rm 11-111-Ci: :uf W' . ik 5 - .4 f -1 1 , hs, X, I , .'Viu,rfy1,f1f'n - ---L L L -. nA A XI MISS IVIARY V. HENDERSON Hzstory a1zdEconomzcs MISS MILDRED HOWELL Lrmguages MR. WILLIS G. HEWATT Sczence MISS MAURINE TAYLOR Public Speaking MISS MARY WALKER Home Economzcs MISS LOTTIE RAY LZlJ9'!1f'7"ifL7L SIU E4 CILASSIE ff ' Q7 1 T? K JAX Q C5075 1 5 ,f'flQQj, 1 . NKJJ ,kg I I5 ,NWI 4,4 M MQW vf K XP J ,MH fm M , f X M Y W 147 15 7 ljlhzgg V km may ,f Iv IN QQ, , ,i x 'V Zllylwlfw hu I Yi-,H If , X W! 45- h A , 1 " 'I V H'-. 5 J F I or 1- 255' ' X- 1 ' V 1 Q rtvd lk X I 'I ! , yi . . W 1 '74 If 'Q f N mil fe' kk , f V ,.4 1 ,xx . '-1 . , xx fx S Q A E S?-arliny HARIIX' BEAL, Graduate Aspiration: Aviation. Inspiration: Current Events. CECYL HARTON, Graduate Aspiration : Schoolmarm Com- plexion. Inspiration : "Texas University." REGINA LEWINE, Graduate Aspiration.: Athletic Prowess. Inspiration: School Spirit. NANCY JANE MOSELEY, Graduate Aspiration: Distinction. Inspiration: Fiery Ambitions. HAZEL NEELY, Graduate Aspiration: Novel Expressions Inspiration: Musicians. HELEN PONVELL, Graduate Aspiration : Skilled Horsemanship. Inspiration: Travel. N inety-four Kit QW' If 5? L4 4 -Q 75561 Q - , v 7 Y Q ,Q A .3-v, 1 QW ROBERT ESTES, Graduate Aspiration: Rocketeer. Inspiration: "Cookies," FRANCES LAUGHLIN, Graduate Aspiration.: Linguistic Ability. Inspiration: French Verbs. RICHARD LUCAS, Graduate Aspiration: Newspaper Creation Inspiration: Cliques. FATIMA A. MITLLTNS, Graduate Aspiration: Recognition. Inspiration: Dictatorial Instincts KATHRYN Onom, Graduate Aspiration: Versatility. Inspiration: Nuances. AQUILLA PIERCE, Graduate Aspiration: Victorious Debates. Inspiration: College Welfare. CLARA SEAY, Graduate Aspiration: Prima Donna Fame. Inspiration: Operatic Stateliness. MATTIE SMITH, Graduate Aspiration: Everybody's Friend. Inspiration.: Smiles. FRANCES STRANGE, Gradaa tr Aspiration: Startlin,-'r Sensations. Inspiration: All-consuming Ideas. HONVARD WHITE, Graduate Aspiration: Cosmopolitanism. Inspiration: Philosophy. CECIL YAIIBRQLIGH, Graduate Aspiration: Scientific Reform. Inspiration: Einstein. RUTH WILSON, Aspiration: Tumblers' Art. Inspiration: A. K. K. Activities. 'HA ,xv YL-'GV' Y Le, Y Y fm' L FAYI: Smixfws. Graduati- ,lspi:'cItIon: Simple Livinsr lHsp1rufioH.' Neainvss. EI.IzAI:I:'I'II SI-IQNCI-3, Grarlnarv ."1NlPil'fl-fI.Ull.' VL-rbosity. Inspirutinlz: AiI"'Acc's." J ICSSE '1'AYI.oII, riradua tr .'lSllil'UiilllI.' Captain of Industry lnxpirafi1nI.' Napoleon. ALICE WIIIIIIIIAIIII, Graduate .1spI'1'atimI: Roving Complexities lilspiration: Cadet-ified Nature. lVlAljLlNlZ YAIII:I:oI'IzII .ispiI'ution: Evasion of Industry Inspiru tion : Southern Tropics. l Ninety fue Q94 MAIIY AImoT'I' .lspirafirnI: Diplomatic Service ll1SjPil'f1f1'0llf Youlhfulncss. WVILBUIRN A1'NX'flOlD .lspiratimu Propricly. Inspirufivn: Certain Occasions. FIN IS BARTON Aspiration .' Clcvcrness. 1'HN1lfl'llfl0llf "Grease," .Lxxlris BII'I"rIaIzFIIeI.II Aspiratioii: Nut Coaxer. Inspiration: Pc-can Groves. LIICILLE CIIII.InI2I:s Aspiration .' Mental Gymnastics. Inspirafinn: Solituflc. GI.I1:I'I'II CI,AI:Ii .lspirulimu Suphisticatiun. Inspiration: Gracc. Ninety-sim 7f A4 J: , var. I s L' -I ,v '-H L 'AM l DOROTHY ALBERTSON .flS1liI'llfiO'llf Desi5.tneI"s Skill. Inspiration: Big Things. DOIIICI-: BAKER .lspiratimu Tennis Champ. Inspiration: Helen Wills. VIIIGINIA BIISTER Aspirzition: Poetic Perfection. Inspirutirm: "Static." LUIQA CHANDLER Aspirutimi: S0l'0l"fV Activity. Inspiratiovi: Caesar. SARAH CHRISTIAN rlS1IlLl'l1f1'O'Y1f Facility in Classics Inspiration : Lat in Vocabulary. RACIIEI. CLARK Aspiralion : Beauty. Inspiration: Achievement. Louisa Cl.AllliS'l'0N .-lspiration: Enslavvment of Hearts. Inspiration: Baby Talk. NHLLIE Come Aspiration: Revelation ot' Truths. Inspiration: Franknvss. OLNEY DAVIS Aspiration: The Unusual. I'nspiratio'n: "Ol-u-n0y." EBEN GARRARII Aspiration: Spirited Inviiroration. Inspiration: Pup. MARTHA GRAY lspiration: Retention of Impressions Inspiration: Laboratories. HAZEI. HAKMON Aspiration: Brunette Disposition. Inspiration: Blonde Wavvs. A-:-5,11 lfr I .VV , Jr L 5, I.. 1 I'Il.lzAls1-:Hx Cum: lspiruliun : Stn-nog raphic lVlzu'ltsm ship. Irlxp1ruIiml.' 'l'ypi-wi-iii-pg. El,IZ.XHlC'I'll f'l"l'llIilCl,l, .lxpiiaziiunf Uratoric-al Example IllNllll'lIflUIl.' l'atriL-k llvnry, I,.-x Nl'Il.I.li2 D1-:AN .lxpirufiun .' Vaygalmnllauv. Inspiraliun .' "Sc'amps." l'lAZI-ll, Gnu' .lSllII'llfI'llIl.' lnflivimluality, Inspizutirm: "I'if1x." .lawn H.xl1:s'1-ox .lN1II,l'llfIUIl.' Ur0l10st1'al Thrills. Inxpirution: liluvs. WINNHA: HAWKINS .lNjPl.I'fllLI0lII Elongatoll Hilics. Inspiration: Athlm-tim' Bravcs. .Vfllrty-.Q 1. ,fi ,ag -Sa tu. -lyllilw FW SILAS W. HEP'FI,PIlI Aspiration: Comedy Roles. Inspiration: Shakespeare. CLAUDE Howmm Aspiration: French Vocalist. Inspiration : Maurice Chevalier. MEI,liA JANICE .I0NEs lspiration: Virtuosity of the Ivories. Inspiration: Paclerewski. LLm'u NICCABIIQRON Aspiration: Ministerial Fame, Inspiration: Arbitration. JAMES MEZNEFEE .lspiratiuru Biological Development. Inspiration : Microscopes. Ivlsnx' Lr'c1LLri: PIPPFIN .lspiraIion: Scholarly Attainments. Inspiration : Report Cards. Ninefy-fight Tw L E. X ' Q "i ? L.. :im . ii"'i I SWS I 'ii ' f E n is -E .l7TQ. Q, , ix! MAICGAIQET Hoon .-lS11f'l'l1tIfl'l1I Apache Dancer. Inspiration: Blanket Effects. RUTH HUTCHISON Aspiration: Piano Technique. Inspiration: Jazz. . ROYAL KAY Aspiration: Seniority. Inspiration: Ego. HELEN MENEFEE , 1 spiration: Scientific Sympathy Inspiration: Chemistry. Ll'c1LLE Mfuzirocic Aspiration : Artistic Inclinations Inspiration : Cartoons. HELEN ROBERTS Aspiration : Nut ritionist. Inspiration : Sharp Appetite. VV. B. RUMBO Aspiration: Serviceability. Inspiration: Intellectual Curiosity. KATHRYN SMITH Aspiration: Individualistic Speaking. Inspiration: George VVashington. SOL SMITH Aspiration: Chronicle Intelligence. Inspiration: Channing. VESTAL STARLING Aspiration: Palette and Camel's Iiair Master. Inspiration: Golden Locks. CLOTA TFNNELL Aspiration: Overwhelming Popularity. Inspiration: Amicability. JIM VAUGI-Ix Aspiration: Freedon. Inspiration: Extensive Journeys. Zi fit? 5? V-5 'C QA Y fi: PM , .i'1QiV,O A NORMAN SCI'IcLocK AspiratioAn.' Tennis Poise. Inspiration: Bill Tilden. Lx REITA SMITH Aspiration: Staze Career. Inspiration: Dolores del Rio. J. C. SPENCER Aspiration : Journalistic Attributes Inspiration : "Pow lVow." INA BELLE THOMPSON Aspiration: Brilliance. Inspiration: Deep Thoughts. EVA RUTH TVN XELL Aspiration : Sportsmanship. Inspiration: "Sw:-Inns." 3I.xI:x'Ix XVILSON Aspiration: Dashing Heroism. Inspiration: Sweet Things. Ninf ty-nfw if gr ,f , r g 1 .1- NANCY FVIOSELEY Moen Po Pum.As22 IVIAIDEN HOWARD WH ITE Mos? PoPuL.AR 'B HAVE i 6 Vu . , ,- 1 'V' ,A z . . v ' - ' 4 S I i L -T' L T A i wg g g- Uni. , '10 A L4 ll-lloinlor to Whom Honor is Duc The organization of the Tyler Junior College permits the students to recognize a great many of the especially capable and efficient ones among them. Yet, there are always a few whose services to the college have been rendered in a way so unostentatious that they receive little or no public acclaim. Therefore, it has become a custom to dedicate a page of THE ALCALDE each year to these inconspicuous Apaches who wield their tomahawks well in battle, yet never wear the head-dress of a chief. Not more than six students from the second-year class are selected, students whose talents and loyalty have carved history on the totem pole of the Apaches, students whose influence will be felt long after their graduation. This year we wish to honor Frances Strange. Cecil Yarbrough, Aquilla Pierce, Richard Lucas, and Hazel Robison. Frances Strange has been the "power behind the throne" in many of the enterprises undertaken by the student body this year. To her store of original ideas is due the preservation of the Indian tradition in the Apache chant. Her versatile talents gave her an interest in every phase of college lifeg her constructive activities as a member of the Alcalde staff, a constant contributor to the Pow-Wow. a member of the Chembio Club, an enthusiastic participator in all the divisions of the Women's Athletic Association have rendered her services invaluable. Cecil Yarbrough is deservant of honor because of his wholesome opti- mism and his level-headed desire to uphold the ideals of the Junior College. In his eagerness to absorb the new experiences at his command, he has unconsciously manifested a college spirit worthy of the highest commenda- tion. Because of his cleverness, his friendliness, his genuine good humor, "Red" has won a host of friends among the faculty and the students. The unselfish service that Aquilla Pierce has shown in student activities would alone entitle him to honor. Yet, in addition to his generous giving of his time and talents to his school and classmates, he has always main- tained a cheerfulness and a loyalty that could not be shaken. His un- wavering optimism has encouraged others to adopt a similar attitude. He could be counted on not only to do his part but to enjoy it. Richard Lucas has been a valuable Apache. One of the most outstand- ing contributions to student life this year. the publishing of the special issue of the Apache Pow-Wow, was due largely to his untiring work and efficiency. Richard's journalistic talent and executive ability have faith- fully given the students a weekly picture of college life. Hazel Robison may truthfully be called a typical Apache. Because of her enthusiasm to become familiar with every phase of extra-curricular activity as well as to maintain a high standard of scholarship, she has become thoroughly orientated. Hazel's participation has been been whole- hearted: she was glad to have a part and she did her part well just from a sheer joy in the doing. It is with pleasure that we honor these students. J II I ffl Two M K il j URGANHZATHONS x f f WI , w w 927 if. iw f f ? WW ' M Xa ' NE? J," - ' Q ' V J wr M x f N I -1 5 A N ' I sf.. s Q + 55 X, is if gf' W., ' xl, ' k lb gil X 52 '- ' an ' lf' 45" A W' X W ' V, - 33 It K . W W-inf L' J Xvf Q fi ft! Egxgx 33 ' x N L -I -1 Yi Ygvvlg f ' Ai L Qjarling 7 , 29 :3 Y , A g AS U To our sacred hunting ground, we give this song of praise 4 Une Hll71lii'Cll Four E APACHE POW-WOW Trvu 1330 4 - ,fs-'L-ff' gQ,:'?fx.14 ,1 and . 'am Q I :m of msnu final gli! ms an Rncumfao Luna - Sanuk- Yhss A 09104 .Bmuoeuevas ml-ne UNI' ar cnmg. in the hwlt-' SPEAK8' Mem wt fkmheal in- remllacxion llxllmfng vfhvn Sun the :Tuuivr rst Christ- Aptthn A gnlds. clustered givinl Few ham BOKQUIY. kumar! 2:2 side. dlacoucax-ted. ELIZABETH Spemcnm.-nm JC Spemcm Bug, PWVUBWNF- --Adm Emvow -- 1, X , huh mm mem -ew A:-achvi -'Thr whwi Mm M Hrgrwnasom DVI SCR '-' 'a L ' i -ff 1 ' A APACHE CCfOlUNCClllL The constitution of the Tyler Junior College provides for an Apache Council as its legislative department. The council is composed of a representative of the senior class, who is Sagamore or president of the group, a representative of each of the four clans into which the freshman class is divided, the president of the student body, and three members of the faculty. The constitution guarantees a membership of the highest standard as this quota- tion illustrates, "The representative shall be a student of reputable characater, of unselfish leadership, of dependable loyalty, and of creditable scholarship." The Apache Council is that body in the Junior College which gives a unity to the activities of the entire college. The constitution has contributed to this unity by giving the council many broad powers, and the student body has ably stood by the purpose of their constitution by permitting the council to interpret the constitution in a most liberal manner. The Apache Council has done everything within its power to perform adequately its duties. It has nominated all of the general oflicers of the college. It has taken a step towards making the oflicers responsible to the students for their respective offices by planning for reports to the Apache Council of the work and status of their activities. It has promulgated a unifying system throughout the entire organization of the college. The Apache Council has been loyally supported by the students in its many pro- posals for the furthering of the governing power of the students through their representatives. One Hzmdrcd Sis: 1 Ql,,,aa r, , Mm Wa ffllf' Ilunrlf 'J no a anno or .,:x H11 'JFHMET APPA HONOR ROLL CLUB no- LM' 'a lvin Vhlxon Su-ond Ixou Miss M Howill Sponsor Cecyl HdlU7H ooflwaicl 1- A Wlullms Ha7el fiay Sol Smith Iuulle Childers 'mnen. Rorothy E. Albertson, Harry Beal, Finis Barton, Cecil Yar- Sm-iicv, .lim Vaughn, Mary Abbott, Ma Rohr-rt Estvs, Virginia Hunter, Alice W Tliirrl lx'un'.' lioricv Bakvr, Mary L, P llI'Ull!l'l, Lloyll Ml'CHXTlL'1'!hIl. l"runf lluw: .Iolm E. Hmlgvs. Sarah Christian, Silas Hcffler. La Nelle Dean, .lvsso Taylor, Elizabeth . ' 7' . ', I ,. '.4 3 ' H. v' 1 . , I , . 1 .. .. , Q-p ily. i Q - . 144 Q to ' fClHllEMlBll0 Early in the scientific season, the students of the Chemistry and Biology Classes under the able leadership of their chief, Professor W. G. Hewatt, organized a Chembio Clan purposing to further scientific interest, curiosity and research. It has served its purpose well. Several very informative lectures were given during the year. These proved to be valuable aids to the daily scientific inquiries of the Apaches. But work and play were wholesomely mixed, the club staging two of the most collegiate initiation ceremonies ever to grace the halls of T. J. C. At intervals skating parties were held, at which functions the equilibrium of various members was tried. But on the whole, the year has been a success. l -ig? 5 Q ' were-4, 3' 'W . E Front lima-: Silas Heffler. Frances Stranvc. Secretary, Gleith Clark. Eva Ruth Tunncll. Helen Mene- fce, Jim Vaughn, Alice Womlwarnl, Kathryn Smith. Ruth Hutchison, Sul Smith, Marvin VVilson. Swami Ifmr: John Elton Hmlges. La Nclle Dean. Sarah Christian. Mattie Smith. Clara St-ay. Nvinnie Hawkins. Lura Chandler, La Reita Smith. Hazel Gray, Virxinia Buster. Aquilla Pierce. Third Ifmr: Robert Estes. Cecil Yarbrough, Presirlcnt, Cluta Tunnell. Rachel Clark, Harry Beal. Vice President, Finis Barton, Ina Belle Thompson, Dorothy Albertson. James Butterhclal, Elizabeth Spence. Mr. Hewatt. Sponsor, Claude Howard. fill! 11lllIdl'I'lITO'7l N5-A i 7 -Y - gi-lg? n 7 Z r ' l' 1 ff 1 U iii T Womangs At llfeitiic Association During the fall semester of 1930, the women of the college organized a Woman's Athletic Association, the purpose of which is to build health and to increase fellowship among the girls. In order to encourage greater club activity, a scholarship will be awarded in the spring of 1932 to the girl having participated consistently, or having been most active in the sports offered by the club: namely, tennis, horseback riding, hiking and gymnastics. The officers of the club are: Hurlflf .llonfll Ccrpinin, HELEN MENEFI-JE Twnnis Crrptrzin, VIRGINIA BIISTER Riflinff Captain, MARX' E. NICIIOLS Hl'li'I'Ilf1 Crlpfrliu, ALICE VVOODWARD f:!1HllIllSfI.f'CflllfIIl'll, LOUISE ZARR President, NANCY JANE Mosmnm' Vice-President, LA NELLE DEAN Swcrc-lury-Trc11,sz4rar, MARY ABBOTT Sponsor, MISS V. MANIRE I"rm1l llmr: Vestal Starling, Dorint' Balvtr. Elizaln-th Cohli, Frances Strange, La Nelle Dean, Nancy .lane Most-Icy, Mary Abbott, Martha Gray, Kathryn Smith, Louise Clarkston, Ruth Hutchison: Src-ofnd How: Dorothy E. Albertson. tilt-ith Clark, Ks--:ina IA-wine. Ht-lc-n Mem-foe. Mattie Smith, Winnie Hawkins, Lura Chamllcr, Alpha Verne- KW-lls. Lai lit-ith Smith, Virginia Buster. Thin! Noir: Clara SL-ay, Allie Paterson. lla Nlallvtt, Eva Ruth 'l'unns-Il. lVIaulint- Yarbrough. Ham-l Harmon, Clota Tunnell, Rachel Clark, Sarah Vhristizm, Alma Ulivv, Mary l.. I'ipp4-11. Margars-t Howl, Ina lit-llc Thomprson. II' IIIIIHIITII1'll'1'lI'I' 4,114 - yfjgj NNX , A -. ' :sf f 3 f we 5- gig, J I 'R N- ' ' W, s , . j' xxx ,Q Y, 'K' . , f I ' -L 4' F,-EL lie. 'K :L f Q, , -,K ,V L ,, x ,X .Q .if Q . F ff 1 5 ' 5? v f Fx Q .i 1. X . I , ,gf ,src A 5 g,rc,,rr,r l -+-- -- --If'i,4'i61" f- ,fm 1 0 B STQET BALL "We will make our fomrzlmfurks Fearcd fhmughiouf the land." The Tyler Junior College in accordance with its policy of progression and expansion, entered the Texas Junior College Athletic Association this season. The team Was composed of several veteran stars, and served its Alma Mater Well. To it goes the prime honor of being the only team to inflict defeat upon the mighty aggregation of Marshall Junior College, the winners of the Eastern division of the Conference. The Apaches are noted for their clean sportsmanship and warlike natures. Worthy opponents, after battle ,have congratulated them upon their fighting qualities and stout hears. Well did our warriors defend the sacred soil and ideals of Apacheland. i ' 'rv,rii', gms., ,f -nv 915. A vm M- if-'U' AQl'll,I.A Pu-31:03 Cl,Al'I1I'l Hmxpxlazi .lfwic Cuooic, Captain C0l'L'l'I'Ili M,x'r'rm-:ws J. B. Dx Ei: .lfxxuis Sm1l.1-Lx' .Im VAVGHN Davis Wilcox Rli'11.xmv LVCAS, Mgr. RPI Vs Iiixmz, Couch fXI!'l'Ill'ICEXI'1I Roxixl, kin' Ons' llunzlrrll I"0lll'fK'lllI I 'EQXE' is ,, K J -ig: -V ,iii 4 - - t- V- ---- - -Y 1. Q -- ff- - 7 K 'lag . r ff Mengs Athletic Association l 1 1 ' 'isgiti -'is I - anus- fun , '- V fs-A ' A .Ziff 5 Luo-A. I ' un. np ,vw qnwz,y.f' f .,, . H, E ' ,,- it-umm-.. . , man f .+ Q .vi Frou! Row: John E. Hodges. Sol Smith. James Shcloy, Harry Bval. Rwhurl Exim-s, XYru'lh XYUIHI, Aquilla Pierce, J. C. Spencer. Jim Vaughn. Srconrl Ifufr: Silas Hoflh-r. lluuflu 1'iwwar1I. Henry Denman, Jack Crook, Mr. H. G. VVray, Coach. Mr. Rufus King. Coach, Richzflwl Luc-as. fi0NY21l'li '1'hurmnnd, Finis Bartwn. Tennis Club Front Row: Normfwn Scurlock, Svl Smith, Finis Barton, Rohn-rt Estes, .Iwhn Hui: vs. Clzuulc Ilfnvarml, Svcond Row: W'. B. Rumbo, James Butterfield, Jamcs Shcluy, Eflxxurd Leach, John l'rawl'nr4l, Aquilla Pierce. Olney Davis. Wx . Y. Hur Ilznzdnrl l"ifIff t - msg ,J Qffifi --A -- A- --f it - rr --xr fffm --ee ---1 ., X L4 APAKMWIFOOTPRMNTS Sept. 12-13-We're in Apacheland now. Sept. 16-Our nose to the grindstone! Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Nov Nov. Nov. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Jan. Jan. Jan. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. 7--Constitution adopted. 13-Election of ofiicers for tribe. Election of staff of "Pow Wow." 21-"All work and no play makes Apaches duller" so we have first play hour. 23-Scientifically inclined are given the glad- paddle of the Chembio. 26--One heap-keen staff publishes first Pow Wow. 30--Ye Editor and Business Manager of Alcalde are elected. 15-Whose anniversary? 26-P. T. A. take Sachems on party. 27-Whoops! Thanksgiving. 10-"As Shakespeare says, "Cat 0' Nine Tails." 17-Apaches and P. T. A. beautify Apache- land. 19-Newsboy talent discovered on publica- tion of independent Pow Wow. 20-Santa Claus brings holidays. 5-Tribe rushes madly back to studies. 21-A. K. K.'s turn lion tamers in mascot initiation. 23-28-Examsg Apaches wish for sharper weapons. 2-Clean slates are issued. HJ-Everybody works hard for the first few days. 7-Warriors bring home the scalps of Mar- shall J. C., most deadly foe. 10-Indians tire of using sun as tilne-piece- clock ordered. 11-Tribal secrets disclosed to papooses by Council. 12-Freshmen stage impressive wedding in Play Hour. 13-"Friday 13th." Squaws take care not to break mirrors in compacts. Feb. 21-Trail-worn moccasions sold by W. A. A. in rummage sale. Feb. 25-Dramatic redmen collect pennies with "Greasy Luck." Feb. 26-Squaws initiated into the mysteries of cavalry horse navigation. Feb. 27-"Greasy Luck" strutted in tournament. Apache actress receives highest acclaim. March 9-Civil war rages, when tennis tourna- ment starts. March10-Honor Roll Clan dons skates, and skatesf?J. March 11-Vote of confidence to, and discussion of, the constitution. March 12-French banquetg Maurice Chevalier present. March 17-Another play conclave in big hall fgymi- March 19-The Tejas go coffeepotting-no danger of overstudying. V March 24-Right clock, right place, right time, right O. K. March 25-Phi Theta Kappa pledges new mem- bers. March 25-New V-Pres. of Tribe elected. March 27-"The beginning of the end"-term themes due in English. March 31-Descent of man receives careful con- sideration at Science Clan skating party. April 1-Book of tribal history goes to the printers. April 3-Oratorical experts show "How it should be done" at neighboring college. April 2-Tennis Tournament, T. J. C. vs. Lon Morris. April 3-Play hour. April 10-Debate team in conflict with enemy. April 14-Tea cups and Emily Post are topics of the day. May 4-Year book conferred upon student body. May 8-Students feast Faculty, and themselves, at banquet. Feb. 14tT-A. IK. 'K.'s win' financial independence Maw 22-26-Exams' fDiffe1,ent kind of midnight nough rummage industry. ' on now in me, Feb' 19-New members of Science Club branded' May 28-Distinguished service medals, those long- Feb. 20-In-. Battleg Braves and Squaws in so- coveted Sheepskins, are awarded Sachems. ciety fsocie-teal. Happy Hzmting Grounds. Om- ll1u1drcflSi.:-tffn C FFFT HMUEJnsa.af-m, Hssggi ,ext ZL "?' 'Wild ' --Mm-9-as e ee me - es f A CCOlLlLlECGlE lDlllPlLOMA Intelligence is an inborn faculty possessed by every living organism. There are, of course, varying degrees of intelligence determined by the status of the individual in the animal kingdom and also by his desire. It is easy to see that the one-celled ameba does not have the superior intelligence of the complexly constructed human body, and it is easily understood why such difference exists. The natural intelligence of the average human is the highest in the entire animal kingdom, yet it is not adequate for coping with the modern problems that arise. To con- tinue to prosper and even survive, men must be constantly striving to increase the cali- bre of thinking of which they are capable. The college and university are the great workshops in which this upbuilding is accomplished. The continual How of college-bred men out into society has served to increase the intelligence of the group in general. It has furnished the work-weary world with new blood and new ideas, ideas that were formulated during those long years spent in school. A great civil engineer, who has a reputation for being a keen student of men, said in exasperation once, "Give me one of those college guys to put over -fifty ham engineers, and I'll finish this job in a month." Such calls as this have been heard throughout the industrial world: in the professions, big business, the skilled trades, and everywhere else where men who control have awakened to the fact that the college-bred man is the better trained, more tactful, more efficient. and more cultured. The trade school is an excellent thing for some types of men, but this school does not give that broad knowledge and general intelligence that comes with graduation from the university. Culture should be as much a part of a man's education as specialization, general knowledge certainly should be included in intelligence. College or university seems to some of those who are attending to be a trouble- some, useless bore. Or to others, perhaps, it is a place in which to learn a certain tradeg their desire is to get out as soon and as easily as possible. These types are not regarded by society as the best of citizens although they are exceedingly expert in their own line. Modern society requires more than mere factsg it requires ideas, and knowledge, and culture that can come only from an extensive delving into the life history of the race. A college or university diploma is to be valued among the highest material posses- sions of the modern man. It shows that he has gone through a process in which the weaker members of his class were eliminated, it shows that his mind has survived the acid tests of competition, and that his intelligence is of the highest order. It is his re- ceipt for years spent in school to prepare him for the futureg and it is his certificate of good citizenship, and cultured, intelligent manhood. -Richard Lucas. Om'111411111-pdEiyllllrrn ,i m W KW' 'KT' .f iid: -i N---Lyltzi I Your Smile Your portrait smiled at me from a magazine cover . . . In an artist's gallery, I was bewitched by that same haunting smile.. . I thought I saw it in the careless glance of a lover... Once it lit the face of a great man who fed a hungry beggar. . . That was before I saw you. Now, no portrait, no sketch-no beauty has such a treasure: Your smile. -France s St range. Development Upon entering Tyler Junior College I felt something in the attitude of the Apaches which I had never sensed in that of my high school classmates. During the first week, several of the older students said to me with an understanding nod, "We are glad to welcome you to our tribeg if we can be of any assistance let us know." I could not comprehend their attitude toward me. .I dumbly realized that I had entered a friendly territory, in which I had no footing. I also knew that I wanted to prove my- self worthy. Orientation for me began inthe very first class which I attended. My- instructor said, "You are considered men and women when you enter college. If you want to pass this course, you cang if not, you won't." The liberty in those words thrilled meg nevertheless, I soon learned that I was facing a most difficult proposition. In the beginning my grades were a big disappointment even though I was spending more than the required time on every lesson. Eventually I solved the whole problem by adopt- ing a more efficient method of study, and soon my grades were exactly in proportion to my studying. But it seemed that I still lacked something of being a true Apache. I discovered that it was the vital something that endears men to each other-personality. And now there is not a doubt in my mind but that my dwelling among the Apaches has begun to set free my personality and to lead me on to a development of my own individuality. Understanding the character of my imperfection, I began as a freshman endeavoring to conquer it. One day while browsing around on the Reservation, the library, I found that Webster defined person- ality as being that which constitutes a person. I knew that I could not make myself into an absolutely new person, but I was determined to liberate myself. Later Arnold Bennett told me in "How to Live on Twenty-four Hours a Day" how to be happy by using my time correctly. I was sure that I could not entirely change my habits but I knew that time would ripen the seeds planted in my soul. Literary contact alone would have been of no avail if I had overlooked the broadening effects of personal association. The Reservation and its pleasures were not my only delights, I was eager to hear people express themselves. One of the most impressive lectures to me was that of Dr. Faber in which he called culture the "outward expression of the inward soul." The mingling of thoughts and ideas with such decided personalities gave me a clue to the whereabouts of the treasure I sought. Toward the close of my freshman year, a classmate came to me and said, "I just heard a teacher say that you surely were coming out. I think so too." Though I had realized a change in my feelings, now enriched by a broader perspective, I did not appreciate fully and vividly the significance of these encouraging words. I had learned in my litera1'y courses that th1'ough the ages, numbers and num- bers of individuals had gone through struggles similar to mine. Two years in Apacheland have led me to perceive as a reality that I have a place and a work in the world as well as in the Apache Tribeg that it may be nothing new, as youth so often expects, but it surely a work well worth continuing. "We will bv real red men Honormg our band." ' -Hazel Robison. Ur11'lI1u1rl,-fd Tu-nity is ssss - -2352 K, , AUTOGRAPHS -k I Vex.: , , Y L .. -f,- , i 1 V' - xl ff, 'A 1 Rwar and Whwwp U ll: t1,rrrct C, cf, i ,jig g yr- HIGH SCHOOL PHARMACY "The Tyler Lion's Den" Headquarters for School Supplies Drugs Drug Sundries Cold Drinks M-B Ice Cream Candies Cigarettes and Tobacco Atwater lient Radio Accessories and Supplies Radio Repair Shop Opposite High School N Phones 406-407 ROY CHITWOCD - Proprietor THINK FIRST OF WARD'S Whenever You Think of Buying Montgomery Ward ff Co. 202-4 So. College THE COSSIP TEST 1. Who is the most conscientious student? Who is the renowned woman hater? Who has the most open countenance? Who has a lover in every town? Who is "Sister"? What is the hardest thing High-Seniors have to do? Why boys leave home. Who is the wartiest wart in Tyler High School? Who can really tap dance? Who are our most careful drivers? Who is the renowned heart-breaker of Tyler High? Who is our "It" girl with something new? Who are some of our "swell heads"? Who is our most perfect red head? TYLER -"" TEXAS Answers on Page 127 lnflrrfl Tllwnllf-Inlll' ,XX , L T Wi 'H' ' s'-X Hl ,,, ,, ,W ,W Y,,,, ' A l wi L ,' c-JH i 1 -V: I X . .7 f 'nf- Properly-filled Manuscript necessary for being excused from Study-Hall in T. H. S.: Name-Bernie Estes. Grade-H. 11th. Age-25. Age next year-30. Age last year-18. Birth date-April 1, 1492. Color of eyes-Purplish-red. Shade of hair-Light blue. Number of teeth-4. Parents' name-Unknown. Father's age-Doubtful. Time of leaving room-Any time. Teacher's signature-Hard to get. Notary republic-Louie Burks. Student's reputation-Punk. When will graduate-Eventually. How dressed-Inappropriately. Telephone number-812 Green. HALE, CLYDE ff co. Fine Men's Wear Dobbs Hats and Caps Nunn-Bush Oxfords Vanity Fair Hose for Ladies Compliments of Royal Confectionery MAYER Er SCHMIDT Congratulates the Class of l93I o o IJ o II1 1 'LJ ' 6- nf' U11 Mt "uw XV - 5.1 - s a. fx .- . 5 ,rx 4 bv' ll fm U ll .- . I ' . .AQAF . 'nL Q' A f A ' . ,fa --'- M' 'A' f ff'-ffwf v iii? .A R. E. BRYAN Books and Stationery Office Supplies DEI BRYAN The Bookman TYLER TEXAS Tyler Hardware Co. Tyler's Supply House North Broadway Broadway Drug Store Anything in Drugs North Broadway TYLER A. A. Laundry Co. lnc. Perfect Service in Laundry Dry Cleaning, Dyeing, and Pressing Phones 10 and 468 Recalling the Past The A. K. K. dusting South College and clogging it up again with laughter. Dramatic club aspirants ripping the air U3 cutting fancy capers at the royal roller rink. Strong men exhibiting their physical prowess by kindly extracting nails from the "Arch Way" lpage Peteli. Eight o'clock Saturday morning finding us dreaming peacefully of the night before. Girls actually refusing to go to the bakery because of W. A. A. regulations. Wishing we were Scotch and had a rea- son for not buying a ticket to the "Cat 0' Nine Tails"-hit of the season. Adoption of the Constitution and those dumb fish trying to prolong the period. The delicacies such as worms, cow's eyes, and brains, served at the initiation into the Science Club. Such remarks as "Do you have your Al- gebra?'l "Let me see your translation of 'Don Quixote'." "Do we have chapel this morning?" Someone reporting' T. J. C. students mak- ing too much noise in the hall: and being heard all the way down the corridor. The bell as a target for the boys fsome girlsi in play at leisure hours. The reading room as a quiet place for gossiping. James Sheley's ever-ready greeting, "Do you have your quarter?" Reading bulletin board to see when the next holidays are coming. Martha Gray, Jesse Taylor, Robert Estes, and Harry Beal asking you for the 'ump- teenth" time 'fHave you bought your Al- calde'T" .f-.K AA., king Hazel Neely: Has Gleith come home from college yet? Edith Clark: Either that or the car's stolen. f, Pav . ., La Reita Smith: Did the play have a happy ending? Claud Howard: Yes, everyone was hap- pier when it was over. Worth Wood: What direction does bread rise in? Frances Strange: In the fyieast. --siege Jim Vaughn: Say, who was that lady I saw you with last night? Royal Kay: That was no lady. It was just an old acetylene Hame of mine. u IldI'1'd Twenty-si.:: is fgmllilf ee-ef1P- 'qu . I , N . COMPLIMENTS OF RICH TIRE CO LOST AND FOUND Lost: Four short pencil stumps held to- gether with a rubber band. Finder may keep the rubber band. See Silas Heffler. Found: A joke containing three cigars and three pencils. Will trade or sell rea- sonably for one with just as big "kick." TOO LATE TO CLASSIFY For Sale: One brown-backed "Hamlet" Has never been opened. See Faye Simmons or Robert Estes. For Rent Cheap: One office plus excess paper and paste. See Alcalde staff. HEKK YES Every rose has its thorns. Mr. Hewatt was good looking and engaged. Diligence is always rewarded. There was Ila Mallett who sat up so late at night studying that she overslept her classes the next morning. Compliments of Camp Fire Service Station At the End of Broadway THE BLACKSTONE Cake and Coffee Shop Tyler, Texas Ans .vers to "The Gossip Test" 1. Thelma Compton. 2. Leland Wilcox. 3. Reagan Gregory. -1. VVoodrow Wisdom. 5. Billy Ilfrey. 6. Graduate! 7. Alice May Ayers. 8. Margaret Maynor. 9. Patizo Wisdom. 10. The Ashby Boys. 11. Kenneth Ilickeson. 12. Eugenia Tunnell. 13. We are afraid to tell. 14. Thomas Clark. SES HAYNES CLEANERS Cleaning, Pressing, Alterations 328 S. College Phone 287 SES JOE Compliments of ELITE CONFECTIONERY I f , Y E, Una' 111 ..rl1'r:1 1lIl'l'Ntl 'X ' LQ f.. f ,, ' 1 fr J We-+1 f N '- -ee e - -NW E-M-Nuff: lilhwes EC I ' 'I'-'EACH Cm - 1-1 sy, Compliments of TYLER COMMERCIAL COLLECE "The largest business training school in America" W. M. ROBERTS,,P1'esident Campus Consolations COMIPLIMENTS , Conducted by Cristobel Dear Cristobel: Please advise me how to of keep Harvey's attention oH of others, espe- Howle - Watson EW East Texas' Finest Men's cially a good-looking brunette from Lindale. You know how I feel about Harvey. It is rather selfish, but I just must have him left alone. I am depending on you. ISABEL MCFARLAND. My dear little Isabel: I offer my deepest sympathies. I used to go with a boy just as handsome as Har- vey. I believe Harvey really loves you, but you must not be over-friendly with him when he is chewing tobacco because the brunette does not allow him to chew when he is with her. This uplifts Harvey, and he sometimes feels that she would be the better influence for him. Also do not use any more onion lipstick. Let me know how everything Shop works out. CRISTOBEL. nr Hunrlrrd Tuv'nfy-right Y as . HW .-9.f,,af1 I- L- Q ll ,I la ET I Q, If a have R IGI-IT! ENGRAVED BY SWECQ 5 l XXX t, XNWNA W T X '29-'- iaa?Qfi'a'?aa:..T-ff2- -Awa. -W. , . "' 5 595' " E fi CAT SOUTHWESTERN ENGRAVING COMPANY tv CCJLLEGE ANNUAL ENGRAVERS 44 A Tulsa a FORT WORTH a Atlanta A A eaumont 2 Wichita Falls Dallas ee Houston sr San Antonio sz B Amarillo a Oklahoma City EDUCATIO - All of us come into this world en- tirely helpless and entirely igno- rant. As we grow older, each of us must acquire an education. With the passing of the years,-we accu- mulate a considerable amount of knowledge. The vital question re- mains: How many times do we have to be taught the same lesson? -Van Amburgh 3 coamuv E l viunvzu 3 Ywoagiurns L il --'f I THE LEDCER COMPANY PRINTERS- PUBLISHERS Ousley M II Pho e 3 3377 W c.eiifir.. m.hna.cQn.0uf. Fort Worth,Texas -cis ,V LW Y ff Mx 1 01 N sf' v ,iw - do gg ei, ,W ee ,lWl3,4'gl4 SAMPSON Clothing Company lnc. Mallory Hats Selz Shoes COMPLIMENTS OF , Rico Rochester Clothing Phone 202 Philosophy of Our Students The art of love is the art of being faithful to many. I ler Milk Plant Bm""'t"' y Flirtation differs from lhve in that it is always a little more sinc-ere.-Nancy Jam' Moseley. VVomen ean neither bedunclerstood nor misunder- stuml.--Uhzvy Davis. gwfx , , ,f Marriage is the delusion that a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.--V-flnna Brllr' Castlr. R, C- W , A man can love several different girls at the same time provided they do not love him. -Jann-s Shfry. ,,- J,- Sweethearts are so intolerable we have to change them every onee in a while.-f Illargarvf lloud. , , 417,,, To thine own self he true and thou mayest be false to any woman.-John E. Hodges. COMPLIMENTS of .ai Perry Brothers lnc. "A Texas Institution" Once upon a time there was a little boy with a very determined expression tas if he could wield a wicked club!-and this little boy grew, and his de- termination rzrew until finally it grew into a State Championship! , One Ilunzlred Twenty-uint' 3 , ,,,Ag, ,,,,.vZ Wi XXL- , iw, , ,, , MW, , , Y, f G. L-. -43 f fn V ' D' ,L Lvl' F. Q ur My Dearest Cristobel: Your most honorable highness, please pardon this insignificant message from one of your loyal subjects. I seek advice about my wilting love affair. Paralee, although she says that she is true to me, is having dates with two other boys. One of my friends told me this. Please advise a faith- ful follower. Yours unto death! THOMAS GLASS. My faithful Thomas: The spirit you have shown is quite com- mendable. If all of my subjects were as faithful as you, I would have no difficulty in advising them. I gaze in the c1'ystal and see that Paralee is absolutely "on the level" with you. I also see that some of your make-believe-friends are trying advise you reports are Carry on to disturb your love affair. I not to listen to them, as these incorrect. and everything will be all right. The Invincible- CRISTOBEL. If It's Done With Heat You Can Do It Better With GAS Tyler Cas Service Co. 1 ..-1... -L-S-,X-. H: . . V A M- . ,4 . ef. X s - . s -- Q V xl x if .I 4 wif ,ff . ' ,. 3 I ,mga flgwil X ,QZQQ aging, as vw :Gai A . I i 52 W .I ,tl ,p ' . -- ' it-' we GUARANTEE SATISFACTION on Yourz MONEY BAFK "Nfazt,5fs - ' ' Y -f 3 E W 'er f ,VW ,,- , 4 :iw gg . . ,mfr asf t N? 2 va H X' .f QP ff + f.. .. 4, , sus -' f sf lx tw ,Q aw We , We , :ggi , Q: f ' 4 7 fe , N E 9' K eff f f , , api? f , 1 1, Y , 24, M fp eq, -Q 1 f N' 5 ' my B f ' -9 4- if gig Q ,I , ,iq 1 , .. , f, 6 , , gy' ,Q , ig Z , f Q 'E 75" Q E 3 g 'S' Q, , 2 'vw 4 1335 lg v M ff 4 3 i 022 I if 3, A 5 27 I f fs: 'Fi I 'R '9'-'fa I 9 7 , ff Q I V 1 H 1 if If 56517, WIN 05,1 wg, I . N., JM, 4 A, , .fa ww I , My 1 ' wg as 4 5 ,Q 1 fs w in fi 157, Ages- f s 1 W A I H ,W vw A35-45 A667 451, , its 4 T gs X f we ,, f me X 0 5, IQ, at H52 Ps , 2 ,Q wwe s xref f Y , .. J .eH.t," ,nu 4 t. A It JV, ., M. Q ., tt ...A .f .M 4, ,sw - -CLOTHING lSPORTING GOODS -QCAMPING SUPPLIES GUNS AND AMIVIUNITION PAINTS AND VARNISHES . owen' nc 5' ten ...tsea ' llll .9 ..l11,mf1 ,-.t1 1 1'11fff,, Y W yJm,I'7"?i3 il - ,M I 'll idllldq dai. fag' ' 4 .Viv L J . 1 f, Tl-' 'Y' iA'V1g6i?lI 1 m Udom Drug Co. Phone 318 We Sell for Cash and Sell for Less WHITlVIAN'S CANDY and SCHOOL SUPPLIES Compliments of Crescent Laundry Inc. Incorporated Phones 74-137 WE KNOW HOW 10 Deliveries in the City SHAW- SMITH Nancy Jane: Why did you buy that ref- eree's whistle? Sarah Christian: I have a date with a basketball player. Edward Leach: Why is a mosquito un- grateful? Red Yarbrough: Because he bites the hand that feeds him. Elizabeth Cobb: Aren't you and I be- neath the mistletoe? James Butterftieldz Facts admitted, but I find no cause for action. Mr. Nelson: Haven't I told you not to let me catch you loitering in the hall again? Worth Wood frunningjz You haven't caught me yet. Melba Jones: I'll be so happy when you give me a ring. John E. Hodges: Er-yes. What is your number? Harry Beal: What do you think of a boy who would make a girl blush? Pete White: I think he's a wonder. Lucille Childers: What makes you think Hazel's in heaven? Louise Cade: She walked back from an airplane ride. Olney llavis: I'm a self-made man. Tootsie Odom: That relieves someone of the responsibility. Jesse Taylor iadvertising managerj: Proposing-Remember this is the last day of this astounding offer. Mrs. Thompson: And how are you get- ting along at school? Ina Belle: Fine. I'm learning words of eight cylinders. , ,tx , grip Vi i M llumlrrrl Thirfu ,XI .fl Ego Si: ASS. I S I SSSS SE,..I?IL5I? Yf1h,,,S E S I, E SS iglw 'jf 51S SS I S-- S QI COMPLIIVIENTS OF CITIZEN'S NATIGNAL BANK TYLER STATE BANK AND TRUST COMPANY PEOPLE'S NATIONAL BANK SSSSSSS LIWU EE E E I.Al 4 i 32 1 1 Inlay I COMPLIMENTS OF THE LIBERTY THEATER W. M. SHIELDS, Manager E. E. Gorsline fr Son JEWELERS Bulova Watches A Fine Lot of Special Gifts for the Graduate McLeIIan's Stores Co. 5-10-25 Corner of College and Ferguson llear Lions and Indians: As a wise man once said, every good for badj thing must end. But before the end came we burned much midnight oil, ac- quired many new gray hairs, found many new wrinkles-all this bothers us not, if you receive any satisfaction from our handi- work. We have tried to catch the spirit of the two schools and so plan these pages that it might live in them forever. May you read them with much happiness. SUNSHINE um! ROBERT. P. S. In the above we used tact, but if you come complaining about the book, we shall use tacks ffor you to sit uponl. S. N. and R. E. BYR E PUBLISHING COMPA Y Job Printing Stationery Engraving Ilazif I " - I Um ll1u1rlr:dThirf11-H NA ww-- E E - WE, N-. Y . me ---ass L '--Q.,-If l Ll Wanted: 1 credit in Chemistry. Will pay-Oh, gosh, almost any price. George Frank Jones. yr Needed: More and longer holidays, fewer and shorter lessons. Student Body. Wanted: Tall, well-built young man. Want blonde but would consider brunette or fire top. Juanita Spencer. ..-fA M For Sale: Attention. Have too much and will be glad to share some with a needy person. Winifred Ayres. For Sale: Two wise-cracks. Guaranteed to produce laughs. Have not seen more than six years, service. Mary Gordon Mc- Donald. Notice: Is there any way to get rid of babyish ways? I have tried and tried with no results. Advice will be greatly appre- ciated. Rose Shannon. COMPLIMENTS OF East Texas School Supply Co. R. L. PUCKETT, Manager Wanted: No growls when the Alcalde appears. The Alcalde Staff. -fX,.. For Sale: Advice on how to dress colle- giate. Dick Moore. 1 -af- Wanted: Better stage equipment. Foot- lights' Club. FOR FINE PHOTOS AND QUICK SERVICE Nieialoivs Anreilmrr Sriunio West Side Square Tyler, Texas Uffieial Photographer H ll I 11'lI1f11 fv- unc ,-rf f ,ir 1-U n r pl!! . aj., T'i1f T ' TTT 'TTlff - - A f 0.111 , +1 ' ' 5 4'2" 'IQ' '. n We , 1, 4 1 I fu mb' 9 . 14,-.. 5 W' L '1' ttf' 1 Y'w Q x Q . Q nn, iv.h'v,' It 447 v P I -Q g ' - 5 lv ' 9 Y?-P . u 9' A Uv a it ' J Q 5.17.-,. " -Vw. on --,-f -b . . 4 . nf 5 'ww ' . 'J-:1 r-.A fn .0-.D , 913, ,Q Elks Uvf ' :Qs . .tw 2-RQ 'o sb ' 3' s".'a,o'1. l I 10 , I as V' do 7 it v ' MM 0 4 I- Pb it , , J' H311 . ::,, 1 q. - D v u rf Sf , .k -2 'ff 'YJ v 1 X vi vf' , .u 'A o A5- ' "f 7-1 n l V? W lm, 'vm Mp" 'J . ,. IG' y. Mrk. ' . RQ'-K. g, 'ff' ' ,mr ,, ,Y ..,, .. ,,I, .49 x-, nr, an x ' 4' N117 W ,Y ' 1 aL ' 1. N, ' 4,1 ' 'H W7 wx '. 1' .1"' mn' A '.w x..x.,,, 1 1 'X v .H 14 'V 'U 1 r1"' I n V I ,w I , n,,1x,. Iv N. v I V , ' rV5:K' ' any-gs uf-v .J v 1 -. w , w . . n , M 4 , ,' V - , ,A ,.4 . - ,1 , , ' ' .M 1, f- f-,J-,-'-'62 V4 " ' " M '- ' "' I x I ' J 0' ' 4 -.--A , J' 'Ab ' H . rw . .1 .x 1 '1 1 'xl A 11. ' 04' " I I' 1 1. ...I 131, F1 1-11' , , Ii11,1. -4 g. 11.4.1 '11-1'1f1 11 11 ' 11 5 515 M 1111 '1 '-li.-' wc, 1.5. Q- 5 fx. I 1 " I ,. 1 1' I ' i',?'guiitY,g . 1 1 'I '1f1'1"SI:'-im' 1 51' 1x11 1 xl "4 f'.' 5 H1""17.1 '. 'f1'."11 ":,a11k 5,1 ,'g, '. KH-A lg," 'I 'U1 ,.. XUMJ11 Y. M.1"11"' 1 1 "Q!1gTW1.'Qlf1.11 '1 Ujvf "1!11A1 1 '.. VJ '!f.121,f N1' V1 .V X 1 I--W111' .1 i 1 1' "1 ' - A A 1 1 W 1' 1 -' '11 . 1 1. Y . " X .rv . yu 11: 1..,,. .1 2, -'11 11 .11- 1 . 1 f a 1 111.1-11f:f"1J'i:Fu .,'7.f,1YA5 1i."?I 1. 101- Y.7.,,1s1 1 1 1.g 41, 1' 4111, !'1.w 'K,1N" 1 1,-1f"1,'-b-'A 1. 1HA1r!,' 11' I '1."fFJ 1 Y., lm. X , n , 1,'i.1i 1 H l ', 1,' 1 1 .lf -'J 1 f 11,11 1 ':.'1",' '.11, , 1'-, .,.r'a1N '111.-" VA, 1 um 5. M .1 11 d11,, f. 1 11, , , N .'5rf1, -1' .1 'Q . 1111- 1, N . e 1 17 11 1 1 A 511 1 HX. , Y 1.1 71, 1 1' 1 4 1 1 1 1 1 , 11, 1,1 'ii-'I 15111 1,1 1 1 . 1,,, 1 1 ,,1.. I ' Wi., 1.51. 11,1111 ,1 ' 1 1 'VH' '117x ' 1 , 5.'.1g,1 1 1 I ,r111:' ' ' 1 1 14.'1 ,1 1 911' 1 ' 1 '1 If I Aj 1 .. 1 1 1'1 ' ' 1-'EH'-1" 1 11 '1 1 111, .f 111' 1 1 I 11, 1 D 114 11 1 ,N.. . Mx 1 1 1 1 1. n ' ,N 11 g I 1' ' 1 1" .N11 1 11 H N11 1 . 1,1112--.M A . , 11. 1 1 1 , 114.1 i 1 . 1 -f1 1.,.,J'., . i 11m I. -3111, 1, 1 1 1' 1 L1 '1h1r1f:.1il'f-MQ.. 1, 1K1 . 1 -.w :W .1 ,1 'P' :ff 2.- K L' 11 fl QM! .-Y-,-.1 . ' '1 uf V 11 ' ' 1, 'llyl S1 I 12 1,',1 1.1"--jx' JN-1 ff1.,1 1, , 1. ' -1 11- 1 1 v1, Ng- - 11.1.11 -:'11 1 1 ' f' fu.,,.. 'QFQ4' .1 - 1- .1 13,11 1,1.lJl X1 .13 "r 1 5' 1 1 g 1 1 1' , 1 . , 1 -1.1 M!-1 'Q1'I,11f',L1 1.' 1 1 -51, V1 X 11' , ,1..:,. M. ,J Gag

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