Two Rivers High School - Cutlass Yearbook (Nashville, TN)

 - Class of 1964

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Two Rivers High School - Cutlass Yearbook (Nashville, TN) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 128 of the 1964 volume:

.il-. f 4 f X. , ,ly",,4 1 KX Y' T. 'f QU A f -, X -, +,,J,f . l V' . X if Lum X ,.A,5 41, N. -K.. -Q-,'.5,. 5. 's 1 "'.' 5 vigil- tf,-yx mx w - 1 f I dig-Tm,-ul. 1' F .4 , '. 4 .J g. ,A -.. , L 5114, ,, , ', .,--v -,., 1 .. 'Sr' " X' -,'1.f' ., , '- iw, , 'T,,4 ,A A .A+ I I V, W' ea. 4.4 , ,, -...-- ,IU ,wi -A ' 1,-,J g- :f""s RMFLA3, gm, 3: YJ.: famj, 1 :1T,1fbG au a',"V'D-3?:41?1l qv . .QQ ,gs , ,5 ,mf ,,,,sf,M-n ' .V HW M ziLz552,w2gQgg2 gMM0fM NW Q N 5.2 M MJ wi e AMW Mm WM gifzwbbf if wif X fx 5 ijyw as my L95 we vig ggpffik U my WW WWw?W Qvfiby WWW QS JW Wm WWW MAA O E KXQRV 1 ? --.-v-,pw s ,ff , MJ 'ZL V g e2ZW 2 nfl C Jlf' ' ?QlL'l'QJkJl7'gf. xx ,Q f - J' ' ' N- C Ljvgljpfurlk v BMP lnjgl fl' ' fr ,L ' - '7 LLL, ,. UW Q T20 K Ljfigl, l cj ww Zfwfdw I fl WQQQJU- 4 , M M47 If s Qvwww 'f Ji 'LJ ', f f iii fjiflfl M l Wi wwf' W 1964 figs if, iii glffifll 5 X sf Yeighlif fs i Gwyn QS s 5 gigs Published by The Students of Two' Rivers High School Nashville, Tennessee D N 9 L3 OJ fx,9JGx9gJ X' ' ix QQ QLJQ-26-l Muni SSX EW new hw' A E N ST, Stag piglyww Q fi? if KR EL Wiz uv 'Neill L gy ek Nl J .J Q N all lllj , Nfl if . 'Z li J 1 Hxlix gli fl ! fls-I I x h ll B , I , , Lffj ,ily Qisf ni ,W I A 33" Condensed Score 3 Mem, mswmm 'iilederate l e 'Tf11Q'If7QL1fI1l'L'M Wh'h' NQQf..tIL7IQf7'QgT'j.Qfgilig fflf"1iQ'f1Qfll'Q."Q,QL'gK.fQ.ff' 'fjpigjiffp:i:ff.i1:TT'i:1iTgff ".f75f1::1:?:Q11151igzififweiiyeemihe W ,AA egzfiiTTQQSL?47Q1?Qg?14-TEQ1 7Ei?3Qf M QW fp fit. 29 . -5,,Q2.sge-n,e , T ,..A, 2 ee, , ,W., , .M .. ,,,. ,N.,, ,M .W ,5,13?ek91f3Sg,emee,e,,me.t, . W.,,W W.W.M,,Wemh,,e W. ,mmewmm fl fflif seiT3e"eeT15e+s,a?35iQ he N.. Huw M, ,...,,,... W- ,-, M. 4.,.. ,,,,.,,e W ,.,, .,,,.,W. N,,A..,, , W A- M, -WW ymew. , , , 'Mm-e,.., . Huw W Brass W! gf!-f-wks.. ' 5 i 1 Ba Q 5 MMA ' W N ' 5 f me -,iggji'fiefiigieifui:1t"g5ggg"..J.:tgf if ' gfgxfeiiijlsmgigi :Sr i4:'?t1?3g' e:iQjf2e,,.i ig. ' 'lfigffI7fI1.fQf,Qff..'1ff1fffI,, "i1i:f::i :QQ .A.A ,,3"'WT'MM":g 6, 5 ,M ...,.,.W.e,W,i5e...,M .4AM -,,ee..e.i.n.5,6e, ... , - NM... ks..- . - ,,.AW M ,AAA ,,0,.sM,e,.s-..MMWe ,. ,M me ,M 6 ,, T ,, F , 2 fsiliggp 2 V 1 E i 3 QL Q ' gv ' I hQ'A 1 inf Nfl T- 5 f 3rdCi.,Sax. s H "F We M'+'e' 'e M "X' "M AAA'A at We i:..e.14H?'M?ii We - M ...,,, ,..,.IfQ""T'k'.,l1uffM,:LI1fl7fQif.1f'f,Q,f'..f',L'fZ,fQL"'Y M, Mgt. MMT !'gl?,:,ii1ggg1. 1 3" .IfQflif,T.'f'Qf qi "' if :1ig1ii:i1'iT1::1:11igi "u' TL'fQff,1fffff1Ifff'W'1l1T 1 There tands a scho praised thro It-the, land, it many virtue known, p F 'fffmsghis 1 d, the-pio 'ee N d, A 11225 ed th his might, Tm p . . ,,en,,.,,M-W,,.e,mir N,., s .a ' ..,, M1351 ,. dmlgwges rQaQee9.d,1ismf.W,.....9.yL:5,, 3 We giigg. jfjigjiigyigigi' A' ,711 .. 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Q .,,, fifgliifigj 61:19. t'i1:i::i1i1:i:?1,, 'iiz1gif'3:g'fgi:'.giT.ii:'.,1':Qe i uma QI 11QlT"lI1fIQI.'l7QI1'IQf'.'.f,'f.,,. .. g My , , mi, .t.k..,...Wt...,,.,...W,.,,e.,W, new pb A Q gl :,+Bf3gii,Saxs, f :W ' ee, ...J ts, ee,kk,e,ek , ..k, M.,.,e, W ,,.e e,,W,,W s.W.e.,k , -M TW. t 3 ' , 4 as T :'gffI,ie1Tflj7g?3I'jfQ,T' Tfigiir-f1i:.:W" ' "'pt ':f1!:iii131i.e firm' wir: 'fl ' if iff .:f.:1Tg,,g1-1LTf,gi. iiiiii e"s 3 igite' M "" Tgi,,if:1i1iT1gh 'zf1i::g::gg11T13ii,1g. 355g?31,ii:114:11,'5jt'Q A 'ki as 'A egwfii f . N ' :rv-M ' 9' - 'SV' 93, 132' , . , 1 , Q3 NJ OWS. SQWQILQI A GJ f?J1IJp!bjQWtDUW'WiimOZQQj1fQrgQQilCQg?0iEE?K3bI Q,Q,WM,IIm,mj5I.Q 10 Qi Myjgmwfyfwiigmwjjmfol 2355? 0 fkfp WWW CONTENTSQZUQVQQ YI I ADMINISTRA EN EK fp QMWMJQJLZQI fig CLASSES sm Q30 I C 774, 4,L,cJX,6 - ACTIVITIES Dcgjgiovqid ami' 35? ff IIIIII9 . Gkjkdy, A ATHLETICS I QQJLQFEA WUQVS Msjjgsfi Sify I I II I I sly IAN F, Mdgibffjyjg IWQIMMIM 3 -'F QQ Q S2 Q E ilfiii QEEQES S1535 Ofc 1 I ISDQX ii A .I , hifi ff il""'lf6' gmccb 1f16ZfQ'Z,6lL6 Zfocu., 7 'Zhi J Jkfl, gfijdv CQ 555013 ' A WL MQW is Cbwffa . - QV e - X , 6 ff , Qf H T ' Q p uk, W1 Cl? N W r 6' E' 5 c F The 1964 CUTLASS Staff, well aware of this, our i . N last "growing-up"year, has attempted to create a book E E lx that will reflect the growth of Two Rivers students dur- ? E X ing this school year. We have matured not only in UQ 3 55 gs gm 5 mind, but we have also become stronger in spirit, body, 3 S 3 Q 5 friendship and leadership. QC, 3 -Y Those of us who have worked many hours on this 3 3 S book hope we have imparted to you a feeling of pride , Q if in our school as we present the 1964 CUTLASS. Q 5 GK 5 Scotty Daniels X7 S Q9 Editor lg gba' Bs 5 5 i f ff f ,obco ,Amuvwbw W' X 4 CZ-2 , I "'fT V K H C+! Qfmdjf DEDICATIGN Mr. LaFever, Principal of Two Rivers High School, brings a unique c o m bi n at i o n of congenial warmth and strength to his duties. With unfailing trust in each student, he imbues everyone with courage as it is needed in matters facing high school students. Because of his service to all of us in so many ways, and for the ideals of Christian service that are embodied in his life, it is our privilege to dedicate the 1964 CUTLASS to Mr. Chester A. LaFever. 5 . M + X mf , . , W1 ww ,,-, E ai -4? 1 J U n ki P2 , A , 'R .,k A 5 . fifsi' , M51 - k .K l wif Mr. LaFever, B.A.,M,A, A MESSAGE FROM OUR PRINCIPAL Every school year brings something that makes that year a memor- able one. This year the building of our athletic field and stadium and our playingfootball games at home for the first time were our big moments. These physical attainments welded school loyalty and school spirit to a point from which we can see greatness in achievement just around the corner for Two Rivers High School. Our newly-uniformed band dis- played musical accomplishment for which all of us were proud. The emergence of a comprehensive student activities program indicates further growth of our school as it joins the fraternity of secondary schools throughout Metropolitan Nashville. However, above all else, it must continue to be the desire of every student and every faculty member that each year be marked by greater achievement in learning and scholarship. It is in this that our school, as well as our nation, places its destiny. VM Chester A. LaFever C if 8 ,chin Mr. Harris, B.A., M.A, A MESSAGE FROM OUR ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL During the past four years Two Rivers has grown steadily from a seventh and eighth grade junior high of 420 students to a high school of 1100 students. With the opening of school next fall, we will become a fully developed high school with our first senior class. Also, during the 1964-65 school year we expect to become a fully accredited senior high school. Our first seniors will be the vanguard in establishing those school procedures that will become traditions. Underclassmen have an active role also in helping to build that heritage. Both groups must take pride in fulfilling their roles. Since all of us will return to Two Rivers next fall, we should resolve to work toward the continued improvement of our school. William Harris Mrs. Davis, School Secretary ate the special brand of magic that Mrs tribute to a better learning atmosphere. 9 Students and faculty members appreci- Davis brings to daily school life. Unbeliev- ably even- tempered, she works most effici- ently and quietly at those tasks which con- Mr. Adamson, B.S.,M.A Miss Agee, B.A. Miss Alley, B.A. Mr. Bates, B.S., M.A. Mrs. Beasley, A.B. Mr. Black, B.A. Mrs. Brandon, B.A. Mrs. Brown, B.A. Mr. Carson, B.S,,M.A,,E Mrs. Cass, B.S. Mrs. Claxton, B.S. Mrs. Cobb, B.S. Mr. Easter, B,A,,M,A. Mr. Eskew, B.S.,M.A, Miss Foster, B.S. Mrs. Green, B.A. Mr. Hollingsworth, B.S. Mr. Hull, B.S. Mrs. Jamison, B.S. Mrs. Johnson, B.S. IO FACULTY 0 VMWK Mrs. Jones, B.S., Certificate in L.S. Mrs. Knight, B.S.,M.A. Mr. Larson, B.A.,M.A. Miss Latimer, B.S.,M.A. Mrs. Lovegrove, A.B.,M.A. Mrs. McCarter, B.S. Mrs. McGee, B.S.,M.S. Mrs. Mills, A.B. Miss Moore, B.A. Mr. Morrell, B.A. Mr. Robson, B.S.,M.A. Mr. Rogers, B.A,,M,A,T, Mr. Russell, B.S.,M.A. Miss Shouse, B.S. Mr. Smith, B.S.,M.A. Mrs. Spurlock, B.S. Mrs. Stokley, B.S. Mr. Terrell, B.S.,M.A. Mrs. Welch, B,S,,M,A, I 1 ,- 1- .,.., , -we I ..,, A fa X 'E I V 1 1 - ,g r E, W g. : , K' yi -f , 1 l Q E! 3 vi iff? -' 'Q F. . . I 21535259 W5 U 9321545 2 w -gl? 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M 'if' 'i v P w- 4, fa L .QL Ag, A , . v , , wg, fi 1' ff. 4. - ..,., m,...,,,Q, J! f if lv f N f M ,Q :Z I Me"faf , , V4 ! NME Q . fo. G ' t ig. at :ii,:,'fiN '.n zyiiigifqgli, yi! 'nausea-wa s mi. , , 9224, , - --A -if -4 40 f 'W if ph Vi X153 "wid fi : , 7 ' ' 'kh N ' - A S 1 Ai' ' ' ' K--M- f- f L 'WB' , fx , Q - - ,. , K JW,-m,,,-V k,,5. -,T-:gif 7-,.:,,,,,gf,.53g,.,,L-rgfAkf,kgj,-galslf? 7,1 g f ' V. , 1 g in Mind N. EJ ha. , ,, x .1 ,4 v. J,-3,4 51135 Wifi, NW .ilu Q A W f1Zm'M"!f3Bh ,I'f"""?' B. . MI'i'9f- 'xamfi'- i Wm, in Bod ' an 'if ' , , Y was 1 .A V? 25 if Q ww 5 xiii w , ???g EW i ,rx 11 fp M ,QW 'ar Y, A ?i??i?+51 31 ,gig 3, my AFT? fin LSL 5935419 ,gawg , Essiia ,wi . i .vU'4 !.'R Aww in Leadership hs?- 53 . .-,, 'it.isj"'apgLfsSgrg, A5?K x2 n I9 Classes , , V' K ,K ,V , ,, . -MW .,,. K - K .1 wffgsfsfsmglffl .ss I . , ,, me--YV' izfim WELS A H A Ngiiieif?11332-4555'ffgiiieififkxgizix I fx. , iw: ,.f1.m,m7 mwzim 27- fww-sff f-"M rw -Q kE.j::k.m KA , ,g,,.,Eg is ,W U is Q , x ggi Q S W F . ., ..h, 'Wi E153 Ns 9 N W, Q 1 44 me - ,. ,, qwmwagk 4.sM1:sis5ff5i?w 31- ww wwf Av - ' vw-'gxw we M x 2 QL, wig ,Q is , fp Www Q., Q ff 1 V11 vf:wsvi's-sisii ffeif . , M . 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" rs H QIQSQPYQ5 isfkfiiigyfifll-Tjiff -, I - N7 iv ' 'S ' -- 51,f. f , A ,. ,W 55557353L,gp3g,,,,iQi,-slimy ' V --'- sw .3fU1sm'Hs',17 ,i,f.wy.i:, s ' 71 nf H -1 :JA ,zJ'HVfQ,S-2 "Lili-'A 'A 1. liffi 'I fs- L1-ff li L Y 1 fuif? 153' ' ss " iffffx' K , , ' A Ki- . ,f si' ' ' f I' , .11 OFFICERS Bob Baltz President ............. Neal McNish Sharon Baumgartner Vice-President ....... . . Carol Rush Secretary-Treasurer. . . . Judy Brown Jan Best Doris Birthright Donna Brew Clyde Bright Rebecca Brooks -' rw Don Brown Qi ! . Judy Brown V Larry Brown ., Larry Apple Linda Austin , 4 K' V 'gig B fl- Li. :K ' ' Virginia Ayers I 3, J if-""' f Linda Baiiard y,:F'f',,. f" , E fe. -gg' iran JUNICJR CLASS ff, B e ro Gail Bruce Barbara Butrum Dave Buuck Richard Byers Sandy Callis Brenda Carr Barbara Carter Milton Casey Eddie Cawthorne Diane Chadwell Linda Clegg Bill Cobb Marylyn Coggins Walter Collins Ronnie Cook Steve Cook Jack Copeland Beverly Crocket Leslie Crowder Gerald Cunningham 44" .,-1, ,t'Q'+r'f0 -C' 3 fe' K' .QW7 3 ps-an ' I E E JUNICDR CLASS 4 Q19- . .pw-.. " y e Q: 5 -: . - ' 1, V1 I z, t K7 ,Y X, E V ml K4 24 Scotty Daniels Diana Darrah Pam DeMatteo Dottie Demonbreun Dicky Dixon Victor Dowlen Peggy Dozier Terry Draughon Hanson Duke Julie Emrick Sarah Fessler Steve Flohr Beverly Frey Danny Gass Jimmy Gilbert Rona Gilliam Janis Glidewell Larry Graves Susan Gray Judy Groom David Hagar Evelyn Hagar Marie Hail Charlie Hammonds Nancy Hammonds Jackie Haralson Harry Harbold Paula Hardin David Hardy Suzy Hartman Jimmy Hatley Scott Haynes Virginia Hearn Larry Henson Carole Herndon Tommy Hibler Jeanie Hickey Rea Holdsworth David Hooven Patricia Hurst JUNIOR CLASS Nil, E E ex. 4 'Nr' xi E iwf' . .W E D far I 'lb ,, if ,.-2, A K far vw ' ve is Nw fix iw fb. 4, . N. wt, r 45? I if Q F t' Q .M Qu-v 3' 22" k ,, Q ,Mfr ,, - .. ww ' .., ., - . W 'ff ' - " 3 - -5314 . ,nik , rr 4 -. A ' f , . A Q3 . Q, ,, 5 1+ I , 4, .V , an 'e Q 5 "'h K 1 r' ,MW JUNIOR CLASS Dean Jackson Martha Jennings Ann Johnson Randy Jones Ann Kennedy Diane King Jimmy Lamb Carole Lee Tobie Lees Ruth Leftwich Gary Liddington Mark Linville Jim Long Susan Lucas Donnie Manning Gloria Massey Sherrie McC1endon Gayle Mclntire Judy Mclnturff Joan McMichael Billy McMillen Neal Mc Nish Linda Medlin Marcella Minor Tommy Mitchell Vickie Mitchell Marilyn Moreland Earl Murray David Nelson Tyler Nichol Toni Norfleet Nancy Northern Jenny Norton Kathy Oakley Jane Parkerson Alvin Parrish Johnny Parrish Doug Partridge Jimmy Phillips Patsy Pirtle JUNIOR CLASS 'SJ MP ilu-gh 3-' r'-X 6' w 3 7-QW 49 j " " Ze-- 1 'A ,ggi J in - y, My K f . 2 , .. ' "' . -P .aw , ,g ., ,V ,. . Q , f 52 A f 'semi K K 4 .1 ' ,1 X x. Y' I gr' l . ,ng f r WU- if , fm, Q yn, Q , , N., i --Q-W ,, y 4' A K A , 'QM 4 1 us K' ' ekxig 3, 't awww V :ff- wf y A fav V -f' fin ,J -sin' xx fam X . by Y Xwgirfi f S y 'K W . , A 4 ' H if - M rk . 9' E 'I X . ,- . x t .,.. JUNIOR CLASS Fred Powell Mitzi P' Pool Lynn Proffitt Carolyn Pruitt Doug Radley Linda Rawson Donna Ray Don Raymond Tom Redmond Pat Rice Nan Rich Linda Robbins Anne Roberts Mickey Rooley Brenda Roy Carol Rush David Russell Tom Sawyer Randy Scalf Linda Seymore Sharon Sinor Phyllis Sircy Artis Slaughter Herman Smith Jim Smith Johnnie Faye Smith Marcia Smith Mike Smith Wayne Smith Greg Snow Hugh Spickard Ronnie Steen Pam Stuby Gayle Tassey Barbara Tipton David Tomlinson Edwin Turner Keith Varner Georgia Walcott Billy Walker -115' F I 6' - 31 ,ffl Q , 5 L , I it f'-1 X is S-if -531 W, . , I V . "ti e ef 1- 1' 'wrt - tif Qiws, Lvfdiv 'i I ,. ?:1q155fgm,35-:,:i:f JUNIOR CLASS Dona Walsh Pat Ward Mickey Watson Sammy Weese Allen Weller Gary West Shirley West Cecil Whaley Fred Wheeler Brenda Williams Joyce Williams Ricky Williams Roy Williams Ruth Williams Ronnie Woods Larry Woodson Mary Wray Randy Wright Charlene Yost Terrell Zumbro fi Q4 Ww w .. ,, . "" ' " "T:5L ..g"Lh ,afqwg -.s1,, , .4g 7kW!'bm.L ,fww H! wf ff, gwg ,LZ ,R wymw? , Mf,:Uw,i 1 ' H WW' I F4 WSW", 5, 5 f if ' iv! ,si ' , me nus wfffi m. ,- 2 wr, rw? - ff Maisy- if H S - Mm.. was 'Y li, fum 'f Q g 1 S 357353235 SS "' f wzpvgffffji pda-Qtklk ki E-vm f:k'i'iiWWff2L,'-Q, M , Always, always, always They made"Happy Journey" awinner. "Herman broke his leg?" "What doyou mean-we won?" "Razmataz .QW Futhermore, Miss Rush was "Abraham who?'?'?" "Hud" 31 "Feet flat, wrists low!" vv vv Sandra Abbott Whit Adamson Ricky Aiken Sizanne Alderman it in vt . H W. OFFICERS President .............. Paul Baird Vice-President ......... Charlie Woods Secretary-Treasurer .... Marsha McClinton Phillip Bam Shirley Atkins Paul Baird Bobby Barnes Jimmy Barr Terry Baskin Steve Bates John Baumgartner Jimmy Beasley Sharon Bohner SOPHOMO RES 1 Wd i'f"""0n F..-ff' Q Errett Booth Larry Booty Idella Bradley Pauline Brehm Bette Brotherton Pat Brumfield Tommy Butler Larry Butrum Ann Buuck Roger Byers Evelyn Caldwell Leonard Carney Joe Cathey Dwight Cauthen Mickey Cavitt Mike Chappell Don Clark Bill Coberly Buzzy Comstock Linda Cook .A.'- Q if we f af ' N .Q ff , r S Q' Y. W, L ,if WI! f W, was 1 , 3 iw P 2 it Q31 in iffy Y 5 Egg aff 552-at K X. 2 y 'J , . 1 6, H S' lumix yi S '9 K Q M., SOPHOMO RES My laziviL1i,5z'. xii: 5 mf-?:ewsz,s" 1 .V .- 1' :?gyg?wz:s'u1 1 mer-we ,::' gg f4w'Sffsgf'f11 vw,-5'gf ,Mai , fm- '1- efz- 34 .pm f - gras fi .',' fi ,i . Field Cooper Johnny Crockett Marilyn Crouse Claudia Cuzzort Joetta Daniels Eddie Davis Judy Deardorff Carol DeWeese Harold DeWeese Sharon Dixon Greg Downey Steve Dozier Annette Duncan Floyd Duncan Roy Duty Bryan Dyer Patricia Earheart Harvill Eaton Brenda Eden Ann Edwards Beverly Evans Wayne Fanning George Filson Charlie Ford Christine Foster Nancy Frey Steve Frey Camilla Frizzell Tommy Fullington Billy Fuqua Allen Gebhardt David Glasgow Ronnie Gleaves Marsha Glidewell Gene Golden Gayle Greek Cindy Grewcock Mike Griffin Larry Grissom Janice Hagood SOPHOMO RES 'Phi wipe' , Aw Jeanette Hamrick Mike Hancock Bobby Hardison Linda Harmon Linda Harrell Danny Harris Jay Harvey Mike Hatchett Sammy Helms Phil Henry Mike Hergert Fred Hester Brenda Hill Fred Hix David Holloway Brenda Hughes Janice Hunt Drew Johnson Carolyn Jones Faye Jordan Ted Keller Joe Kitchell """"' Bill Langford Len Lannom ,Tk N Bobby Lawrence Ronnie Lawson Mary Evelyn Le Duke Phillip Little Judie Livesay Tommy Locke Eddie Long Dennis Marin Becky Marker D'Jenane Markland Skipper Marlin Phillip Massey Joe Mathis Charlie McClain Marsha McC1inton Dugg McDonough ' S211 ,- I ' 'f Q nz: Q -an if tiifavh E M X 5 be ,wa 3 fr W? 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Academically bent Q wr ?xg 1 ., . f, 'EPWT . if u X Debbie Agee Marsha Aldridge Bill Allen Marsha Apple OFFICERS President ............ Robert Hamlin Ann Avera Tommy Barnes Vice-President .... .... Do n Baskin Secretary-Treasurer. . . Sandra Cummings MW 5 E ks' :Q -M- s 'K X Q fu ,, .1970 'Pm L X 4 r we I' Don Baskin Sharon Bates Pam Beckham Mark Bitner mai? .A A Q.. , . .. : x l Sandra Black bvu: A., Janifle Boling ' Elizabeth Bowker John Brehm :" A Q: ,.e' 3: Ve " am? FRESHMEN S X S 3 5 w fx in ., . 1' Q N , . . naw, W 1 wwf wel? Lynn Briley Mike Broadway Jody Brown Butch Bruce Skipper Burke Lynn Burkett Mike Campbell Gary Cantrell Ginger Carter Lee Ann Carter David Cartwright Kay Carver Ellen Castleman Judy Cathey Dottie Catignani Dan Channell Ricky Chenault Karen Clemmons Enoch Cobb June Coberly w--" ,, Q31 , I vf ' . .... .. FRESHMEN fi e ,V .Q -- fi - igggm . . . , , V5 1 i 7' ' ' ' f - .V ,ei 'nf i . , I 2 R Q if Wm -- HW M5222 W xg, ,., Y i " ,M L, .. ' W nu K 46 Bud Colthorp Bobby Copeland Dotty Creech Kathy Crockett Shirley Crouse Lynn Crumpler Sandra Cummings Robbie Daffron Michael Dale Bobbie Davis Linda Davison Mike Dean David Deckard Sherry Denson Ruth Dobbs Winkie Dodson Anna Duke Nancy Dunklin Jackie Evans Martha Faircloth David Farrar Anna Ferguson Debbie Flippen Jackie Foster Linda Foust Barbara Fowlkes Gary Freeman Sherrie Freidman Billy Gann Jim Garrett Tommy Gatlin Carol Gentry Johnny Ghee Linda Gibbs Margie Gilbert Diane Glasgow Jimmy Gleaves Johnny Gleaves Carolyn Grant Claudia Green ,,k. 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M F " ' FRESHMEN Lynda McKinley Jane McMichael Ricky Mehaffey Billy Menchaca Don Merryman Susan Meskirnen Sharon Miller Darryl Moore John Moore Margie Moore Paulette Moore Betsy Mynatt Evonne Newkirk Bruce Newman Debbie Nichol Sam Noffsinger Donna Oakley Margaret Osborn Jo Lynn Owen Nickie Overstreet Sherry Page Sally Palmer Dianne Parker Janet Parrish Robbie Ann Patterson Terry Petty Earl Pomeroy Susan Powers Bill Redmond Jimmy Reece Terry Reeves Rita Rippey Diana Ritter Debra Roach Pat Roe Bryan Rossnagel Donnie Rothman Mary Frances Rudy Gayle Russell Melissa Saalweachter f . .i.,: ' A . S , it f V' emi: ' ,iii , new f ': 1 R255-if file Wy f ' ig 275512 , 'Z ,sv , iii? 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Dickie Brown Vice-President ,.,, , Rocky Pearson Secretary-Tr easurer , , , , Linda Elliot EIGHTH GRADERS Randall Abbott Vic Adamson ---1 lr fy f 5 s was K Y. X as S MM M M, Q K, S ,m SMX ef , K Mm . , www ,, 2 K J NN E? 'X 3 ,,v,.::n ,1 .. v V' f vim, as , no f f Lx X Q. Q Sen. " X4 14 4 QA r fn v X X 1' Rad Akridge Paul Allen Sherry Allen Aimee Alsup Cathee Alsup Jennifer Angel , ..-1 I fr 'lj QA E ' E WA Q Pat Arnold Linda Ayers X ,xr 5 33535- X -V i ,EV Vggzfii - 'Y fi 3. V ,., I g, v' 23, mit V' 7 A' ' . : Sag? . ' ' 5: ' , 5"EZ5?f: . , "S' afE: . :EV 5 'f V f 5 'i sigig iii-. '?f1f.. - - Q .tis J 5 sm : Va . V' Q1f?iEQ7i-25 V, : - 4 ,,: 7 ' ' f' F 1- V , -f A VMVV-f'V2"z,' W' , :.. ' ' ' ' Vffiff ' . .. .3 .V V ,: .V At-w ,hi ,Vi z - V . A -a Ni, ' ' ' ' ' I if Y f V Vi f . as fi :gift f aifiri w sif L' 5222115 5 -1 ' 91+ 5 :V F 2 :gi -ig ,K ' s ffffVV-ffV'si- in fi ailfgf 4 iff' ffl , , - xiffiitffiii. 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'fexr-1 EIGHTH GRADERS : as 1.- aww, or , :Ee - : fwlamwt-gm Q K1Mm,fe,A-V - l F, Q, 91251 5214 Linda Dodson Clark Duke Joyce Duncan Charles Dungan Debby Dunlap Mike Duvall Connie Eaton Linda Elliot Patricia Elliot Bill Faris Henry Ferrell Jane Fountain Debbie Foust Danny Garrett Wayne Gass Richard Gilbert Angus Gillis Pat Goodwin Joe Gordon Melva Graham Larry Gray Lynne Greek Carol Greer Katherine Griffin Richard Hagar Jean Hamilton Shirley Hamilton Clay Hardin YV 4, if 5,5 lf Julie Harper 4, , 1' Sheena Harris -i , A Marian Harrison David Hart ' Robert Helton Phillip Henry Ann Hewitt Howard Hibbet George Hickey Donna Hicks Coleman Highers Cathy Holland 4' M EIGHTH GRADERS r, H I ,: . I my i eyh ,L A ,- Qu iff' ' A-N S- .-,li Sami Q, 'Z ilu?-V Y X Q f if 1 RW-A 2 A N H J T ,. .. , he -- S 4 ? l Mrs. 'N if tid, if ' l ggff' H- 1 Hx, 5 SEZ? 355,51 :-,, i K l . x 9 ' A X Y A EIGHTH GRADERS Linda Holmes David Hood George Howell Phillip Hurst Cheryl Hurt Martha Ingram Bruce Jackson Robbie Jackson Cindy Jennings Harry Jolly Larry Jordan Cheryl Kennedy Eloise Knoy Brenda Lafayette Charles Laird Suzanne Langford Linda Lannom Ronnie Lannom Craig Alsup Jack Lawrence Eddie Lay Marilyn Loyd La Donna Lyle Jimmy Lynch Gary Mahan Gail Martin Dianne McBride Danny McClendon Freddie McGuire Bobby McMillen Terry Medlin Chuck Mellon Dottie Menchaca Joe Merrits Steve Mitchell Jan Moore Kenny Morrow Pat Mosier Gayle Mullins Mark Murray 61 .W ...p ii. . f L tf ' v--'- If 1, .L V f':' 'X ,ov- W Al' ,, .Ex-J 6 S X N. 7 A-A 31. ai J E ii 1? ip? -' w '55 i gr? nv 1590 g2iQ5r?yf1f.igie3 qi Q Z ,Q -mu a Q f if f"""w72 , . W, , ,A ,' K",J I ,i-, ,,. P f :lui " . , . A"1 K , K :I f P .,. ig Q. EIGHTH GRADERS Sandee Nabors Cheryle Napier Johnny Neal Margie Newcome Lynda Newell Steve Newton Norman Noffsinger Joe O'Conne11 Francis Orr Jim Osborn Debbie Page Jeff Palmer Trudy Papuchis Connie Parker Ken Partridge Rocky Pearson Steve Pedigo Susan Peery Barbara Penton David Perkins Carol Phelps Lewis Ping Mary Alice Powell Dwight Powers Jim Proffitt Walter Pruitt Charlie Puckett Donna Pursley Wayne Ragland Steve Ramsey John Rawson Joyce Redden Henry Redrnon Suzanne Redmond Debbie Rice Diane Richardson Kay Rippey James Risner Mike Roach Bobbye Roberts 63 ,VW ,-,,,i,,f M,.,,f,,,i, ,i,.,.,,W L, www, 'K A z 3 W ,- ai ' tg ,,., Q, 531 S S X gin Sf Hilti fi n- wil ,iq Sw Yi f J l uv M ', H Q., fl wb f K? ' , V l af' 2, , f 55' ,Q L Y " W W 7 if if Wifi QF' A ,W J 2 4 X. EIGHTH GRADERS Scotty Roberts Sherry Roberts Ann Robertson Galen Romine Patti Rooley Steve Rutledge Cheryl Sawyer Mike Selley John Selph John Sewell Mary Ruth Shanks Jan Shelton Barbara Shepherd Bobby Shepherd Barbara Shockley Don Singer Beth Smith Kent Smith Sherry Smith Susan Smith Gwyn Sparkman Allen Spicer Mickey Stack Lynda Steed Phyllis Stephenson Brenda Steverson Buddy Stewart Doug Stewart Howard Stinson Louisa Strickland Charlotte Suterland Jane Taylor Kerry Taylor Glenda Terry Kathy Terry Brenda Thomas David Thompson Eddie Tinsley Steve Tomlinson Joe Tracey 65 EIGHTH GRADERS ff: K fit xy 5 if ., M H, fl? ,au-2 il . In f : K. Q - .. fm 35.3 A .... ,, I , A yd Ib. at wif., f R 5. s, t 2' Y 323' 'f 1. '1 1. 9. 11 A fyfgi X, f if f i ffi5,., gig., . J f Q Q ,. .. H, , fa, fmt N P' S rs V312 fi kgs W N. 4 vw X 2 fig wig if il J R 5. 'I Ll? vb if Sc St 'Q vw ,,., . l . , 1, ,,.'- .wg 2 " -:. J,ig1.1ga1 ,,:' ' ' 35,555 lim? 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M fe! e 5 -if F S FE? 3. "ff ,.,q ,S ., 5 1 R 2 iii Preparing for Christmas me ' One group had 47625 fewer cavities! ,pak .. :-:J N 'E' ' Y' 'L , - ' ' A 1, i f L - ,-, or W' . - Live Studio Wrestling Organized Fire Drill "Why CAN'T I take home a magazine? Q L. Frank Abbott Jimmy Allen Kathy Allen Patsy Allen Steve Anderson Janet Anglea OFFICERS President .... . . Maurice Ponath Vice-President . . . . . Shirley Bean Sec.-Treas.. . . . Margaret Hardin Ralph Anzengruber Dale Apple Patricia Ashburn Carol Austin Scotty Avera Kathy Barfield Terry Barnes Roger Baskette FW " +- 2-, , SEVENTH GRADERS 'X " ff .fm 'Hai H5523 we vff.. f-fr N, ,,,,,,,,3, watguwr W A' ' '. . :siefiif t-www ,, .. wwzwzel: - it-get-iz: '. 4 , , I X Q ."'W' V if fn if .-,Ja . 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A -, .,., L ,y E I K 'i S aw x "' 4 .,, 5 Kim L A fr a L-J 'WCW if , X Sherrie Ann Cook Celeste Cooper Judy Crabtree Janice Crowder Deborah Curd Diane Daily Eddie Davis Elaine Davis Ronnie Davis Chris Day Ronnie Deardorff Sam Dowlen Doug Downey Michael Duncan Maryanne Dungey Frank Dunklin Doug Dutton Steve Eatherly Jonathan Eby Mike Edens .. 'f Af 0'0i Y 1 ?,p,,Cfvlp:P1 MAX ff few SEVENTH GRADERS at 'WW MMJJ SEVENTH GRADERS Bobby Ellis Brenda Evans John Evans Dorothy Faircloth Betty Faris Bill Feltz Mark Fessler John Filson Kay Frances Finn Richard Flohr Judy Ford Fred Fox Bill Frasch Guy Freeman Kelley Frey Janice Friedmann Carrol Garrison Rhonda Gorman Morgan Gray Allison Grayson 73 F J ii' 1 A. ,pu--' :A f 8 fur ,, 3 f . -- hips. f 7 ,L , ,mm ggrmfg if I gold? H iii' 2 ' Wagga ivfwssgaex .8 . ' ' 5 3,335 af me ff I 4? Xl ir if fl . :F ' Wk, .fmha 6 1: xv. ,J i yylo,yllJ, an Y, if i f f iff , qu V no WMM" in r sf A '- gf' ' sf. I -:" ' f i Q M , X x, ,,. P., i 5 4 H fer .. 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A , 'Tu- Waurine Kirkpatrick Mary Lewis Georganne Ligon Deborah Litsey Mike Loring Debbie Mangrum Anne Matthews John McCauley Becky McClinton Deborah McGee Sammy McGee Gary McGuire Cindy McKee Kyle McPherson Joey Mehaffey Belinda Meyer Margaret Miller Mike Miller Ricky Miller Sarah Miller SEVENTH GRADERS SEVENTH GRADERS Bob Mitchell Eddie Montgomery Linda Moore Earl Morris Jacque Morris Jean Mullins Lindley Murray Doug Nabors Kenny Neal Bernardo Negrete Vicki Newton Nancy Nichol Pam Nichol Charles Noe Linda Nokes Paulette Norfleet 1' him i is J iff Stan Norfleet Dale Oaks Don O' Guin ,lul- -I i Y Jo Anne Osteen 1 ""' Terry Owen 'f-,A-- L I Ronnie Parham 112, V sz. as - Vieni f H Phillip Patterson . L, fewer? :. . , W "H fi. tk ff5??t"'E 515334, N iv 4, ' ' .f mei-txlvefi, igetftjs . ' 'gsjqilfff f Wifi tr W3 'eg' Riff ff 3 it Q5 Hg W 2 Q Kei ,ff '41 S 1' 3 if fefv Qnnilif ' J ' ff w John Peters Bobby Phelps Connie Phillips Scooter Pickel lg- Y ' , - Betty Pirtle of . Maurice Ponath -Q f 1 if s' '-., ' Snsan Porter xq at " A Llnda Ramsey Q 'ef L' Q 5 i Bbgbdolftmgpg iw 1-. .. , ' W K 2 Marilyn Rawding fe Donna Reed Sit-F3 Art Reeves 'tt-- . S A Ricky Reeves ttts P if-1 1 VLVV 1 X X- 5 Steve Rich ' Ben David Roble ' , .- V Stanley Romine t,,yS, A Lyyy e'i,t g Barton Rossnagel , - .-, Yqzffgs - Q' ::':'I'?'f:: fly! gggiir f le--Qkrrvfrs. 2 41sqf,.wW P 5-f-.,5sffg:e": , . be SEVENTH GRADERS Ronnie Ruffin Judy Rush Tim Savage Joyce Scott Bill Shanks Donald Shelby Russell Shepherd Jeff Shivers Barbara Shockley Don Singleton Martha Singleton Joyce Sircy Dell Smith Jerrilyn Smith Sandra Smith Melvin Spencer Karen Stahl Butch Stamps Millie Stancel Bruce Steele 79 Je SEVENTH GRADERS t tx ' x? H J' J fff'z'!? 7? giii git, ,ll if 1 it 1 1 J f J my Rh X' -ff " 1 ii! 8 K 1+ K we gf ,.:.. 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' N ' f Martha Tomlinson A P is David Tune Q Jimmy Tyler Mike Vaden Janice Varner Dale Vaughn Betsy Walker Brenda Wallace Beverly Ward Terry Ward Fi SEVENTH GRADERS L Lee Watson Barbara Watts Sandra Webb Renell Weiss Doug Welch Ginny Weller Jerry Weston Steven Whaley Alpheus White Marty Wilhelm Susan Williams Stan Williamson Janet Wiseman Sheri Woodall Tommy Woods Jerry Worrell SEVENTH GRADERS S nm W- 3 , ., :'gILHf25fF .v.- '. .A 4 ,V ' i6 Q. 251,13 " V : at V S, E 3 I f x E i Ri Danny Wright Harold York K I av- ,vi if QW' 'M fs, ,Lg H Q V vs My . if -f-W: ini ' 1, f A 4: ' " sf, ' M ' an va The Fountain of Youth Let's go steady! "Hello Muddah" The Mad Scientists Yon students have a lean and hungry look! 82 Steady, Muscles! Rehearsal Time X 'nu' .minus """-"3-13"' nvr We went, we fought, we won! it The Singing Nun Mr. Smile Maker Me Tarzan! You Jane! 3. Where is the pin? I J 'V' 5 r , Q: ., ' - '. 1 ' - 5:-: . ' z S+? ' 'ff3iW. H U . 1 . my , I 1 A ,Swim a-H2ig:QmiUm:,f 1Ja1iQphi,4f,M:m A: - Q k A , : ..:,E A ,f . ' f-" V :gf ki . . 2 ' ,iw g?:,4u-I I K I V 6 'xiii 52 5 L. H., Niw. W - W' wats. A, - ,1,,. K 1,5 A vwwww. ' .Wy-, V-K4 M ..fff.21,E:faSX M' M , 5-VW ' '5 QQ W 5, A g f?f5i:1:g:i 1 ,fj,iffLfffE2f1 -22 .s ,.fL, 5Qf,.vx '.. '17 I, Q .g, , 3., M3f7 g N 5 K, ,MW , , Y 'HB it 'L " 'Kim - ' wwf ? , L' , n , V -' ffjgxL?iQF7J2fsl4mQ U , ' 'f M1 ":'.L'f'ib,V.mK, nr .gf g , f - , ef7j 'ff",2 -3-Q' E,ggg,,,Ww., K . - , 7 W3 -mmgggggfggi gi 11 A A KZ ff iiigfiffiisi h,7. ,VG My 9 -'W' -mlvwwwx wx- ew-Q mmap - .1 -fk:,f as ' 13135 5. .ew - z Lg-,Li W 2 ii l 4: 2 E ii V rs i 'Z 3 5 S Q 5 i 5 fi STUDENT COUNCH OFFICERS President . . . . . . Dic ky Dixon Girl s Vice-President .... Gayle Mclntire Boy s Vice-President ..... Fred Wheeler Secretary Treasurer ..... Sandy Rogillio Sponsor . . . Mrs. McGee T SOPHOMORE REPRESEN Charlie Tucker Jerome Terrell Pat Brumfield Allen Gebhardt Joe Mathis Dwight Cauthen I TATIVES 86 JUNIOR REPRESENTATIVES Milton Casey Jeannie Hickey Judy Mclnturff Roy Williams David Tomlinson Harry Harbold Larry Woodson FRESHMAN REPRESENTATIVES Ann Simkins Judy Cathey Linda Walworth Debbie Flippen Donald Johnson Clay Jones SEVENTH GRADE REPRESENTATIVES Frank Abbott Kathy Binns Deborah McGee Renell Weiss Sidney King Steve Anderson Rick Allen Donald Shelby EIGHTH GRADE REPRESENTATIVES Norman Noffsinger Steve Ramsey Beth Smith Jim Proffitt Billy Buchanan Charles Laird Jimmy Lynch Walter Pruitt Mrs. Lovegrove, Scotty Daniels THE CUTLASS STAFF EDITOR-IN-CHIE F- Scotty Daniels STAFF CLASSES- Ann Edwards Claudia Green ORGANIZATIONS- Bill Cobb, Tommy Mitchell, Randy Taylor Carolyn Overstreet Sandy Rogillio SPORTS- Harry Harbold Ronnie Phillips FEATURE S AND TYPING- Diane Chadwell Linda Medlin Nan Rich BUSINE SS AND CIRC ULATION- Tommy Butler Neal McNish Randy Taylor Cecile Williams PHOTOGRAPHY- Bill Cobb Tommy Mitchell ADVISER- Mrs. Lovegrove ,--c"Mrw0'AM .M N Diane Chadwell, Cecile Williams, Tommy Butler, Carolyn Overstreet, Sandy Rogillio, Ronnie Phillips Martha Ann Edwards, Neal McNish, Linda Medlin, Claudia Green, Harry Harbold ,.d.......,X Q -asm! Jenny Norton, Charlie Tucker, Carol Lee, Mary Frances Rudy, Margaret Hardin, Steve Whaley, Randy Jones, Cecil Whaley, Jeannie Hickey PIRATES' LOG STAFF SEATED: Pam Stuby, Andrea Smith, Beverly Evans, Frenchy LeDuke STANDING: John Sewell, Morna Wagner, Joyce Redden, Connie Shivers, Betty Lou Smith, David Glasgow Sharon Sinor, Debra Roach, Emily Harbold ,- ,." iff, ' . tee in ,ii W S . y Vi A joy 1,,, V V A , V , Y' VK W, mm' ' WWC " ' ROW I: Tommy Hibler, Peggy Dozier, Linda Medlin, Ronnie Steen ROW II: Mrs. McCarter, Sponsor, Janis Glidewell, Judy Mclnturff, Lynn Proffitt, Sarah Fessler, Marcia Smith ROW III: Marilyn Coggins, Gayle Mclntire, Ruth Williams, Diane Chadwell, Suzy Hartman, Rona Gilliam, Ann Roberts ROW IV: Scotty Daniels, Evelyn Hagar, Ann Kennedy, Carolyn Pruitt, Donna Ray ROW V: Harry Harbold, Steve Flohr, Dicky Dixon, Terry Draughon, Larry Apple, David Tomlinson ROW VI: Don Brown, Don Raymond, David Hagar BETA CLUB OFFICERS Treasurer. . . . . .Ronnie Steen Secretary ...... Linda Medlin Vice-President . . . Peggy Dozier President ...... Tommy Hibler ' ,rrqwam MARCHING BAND ROW I. Warren, Parrish, Wolfe, Reece, Laird, Melon. ROW II. Rogillio, Campbell, Herron, Hamilton, Livesay, Parkerson, Mynatt, Rudy. ROW III. Agee,Shelton, Roach, Frey, Eaton, Graves, Napier, Graham. ROW IV. Manning, Redmond, Collins, Nuckols, Williams, Holdsworth, Draughon, McDonough, Smith. ROW V. Rothman, Filson, Harvey, Ramsey, Farrar, Wise, Dungan, Hurst, Boyd. ROW VI. Wood, Stewart, McEachern, Partridge,Weller, Hix, Glasgow. ROW VII. Jackson, Lawrence, Hofstetter. ROW VIII. Ramsey, Crumpler, Lane, Newkirk, Hardin, Hibler, Ricks, Harrell, Sinor. DRUM MAJOR-Larry Apple 92 SEVENTH GRADE BAND ROW I. Dowlen, Frey, Fessler, Watson, Haynes, Allen, Frasch, Peters, Welch, Eatherly, Owen. ROW Il. Brown, McClinton, Bowen, Lewis, Carter, Mehaffey, Clark, Dunklin, Parham, Anzengruber. ROW III. Barfield, Finn, Brooks, Jarrett, McGuire, Miller, Allen, York, Nabors. ROW IV. Eby, Apple, Steele, Rossnagel, Merrits, Deardorff. MAJCJRETTES KNEELING-H ead Majorette, Paula Hardin. STANDING - Mary Dell Hibler, Sandra Sinor, Linda Harrell, Lynn Crumpler, Phyllis Ramsey, Julie Lane, Wanda Ricks, Yvonne Newkirk. I LATIN CLUB ROW I: Melissa Schmidt, Bette Brotherton, Vicki Rock, Andrea Smith, D'Jenane Markland, Marian Smith, Mrs. Green. ROW II: Jane Park, Jan Thurston, Debbie Agee, Betty Smith, Connie Shivers, Pauline Brehm. ROW III: Winkie Dodson, Robbie Ann Patterson, Sharon Bates, Donna Selph, Paulette Moore, Jean Hartman. ROW IV: Larry Booty, Dugg McDonough, David Glasgow, Ronnie Lawson, Elaine Vaughn, Gloria Wheeler. ROW V: Bobby Copeland, Darryl Moore, Don Johnson, Bill Redmond, Dan Channell, Chris Laird. SPANISH CLUB ROW I: Ray Henson, Bruce Newman, Mike Hatchett, Carol Stone, Jeanette Hamrick, Sarah Miller, Marsha Mc- Clinton. ROW II: Brenda Hughes, Claudia Cuzzort, Martha Pharr, Brenda Vanderpool, Frances Paris, Bette Brotherton, Jackie Evans. ROW III: Miss Alley, Ruth Dobbs, Marsha Aldridge, Susan Schellman, Barbara Fowlkes, Sharon Bohner, Susan Meskiman. 3' ' SKY, I H , ,, GLEE CLUB ROW I. Wheeler, Hamilton, King, Brooks, Walsh, Walcott, Crockett, Rudy, Robinson, Moore, Smith, Fessler, Mr. Hollingsworth. ROW II, Norfleet, Watson, Glidewell, Buuck, Ritter, Patterson, Bates, Flippen, Markland, Cook, Hart- man, Thomas, Frizzell, Ricks, Daffron. ROW III. Sinor, Hearn, Dozier, Daniels, Parkhurst, Bradley, Yost, Pharr, Jordan, Pewitt, Powers, Duke, Alderman, Hoover, Rawding, Crouse. ROW IV. Rush, Stuby, Leftwich, Barnes, Russo, Foster, Osborn, Sandlin, Hamrick, Skinner, Sledge, Dixon, Dodson, Schmidt, Baumgartner, Shumake. FORENSIC CLUB ROW I. Nichol, Ward, Harbold, McKinley, Thomas, Rudy, Hickey, Crumpler, Speight, Davidson, LeDuke. ROW II. Mrs. Welch, Moore, Hoover, Vantrease, Mclnturff, McEachern, Hartman, Smith, Hardin, Norton, Miss Latimer. ROW III. Smith, Edwards, Cuzzort, Rock, Park, Greek, Roberts, Sullivan, Herndon. ROW IV. Dozier, Keller, Smith, Mitchell, Gleaves, Apple, Lees. FUTURE HOMEMAKERS' CLUB ROW I: Gilbert, Speight, Evans, Hunt, Overstreet, Earhart, Pewitt, Duncan, Wooldridge, Shumate, Davis. ROW II: Mrs. Jamison, Roach, Carter, Robbins, Fulgum, Green, Hoes, Hamilton, Parker, Walworth, Foust. ROW III: White, Shumaker, Cook, Steed, Edens, Page, Glasgow, Hagar, Livesay, Frey. ROW IV: Smith, Marker, Harrell, Lowe, Cummings, Sewell, Russell, Carter, Evans, Thurston. ROW V: Foster, Groom, Demonbreun, Caldwell, Weiss, Selph, Oakley, Bowker, Owen, Vanderpool, Buuck. ROW VI: Gray, Oakley, Austin, Sledge, Dixon, Talley, Rippey, Coberly, Locke, Ritter, Minor. ROW VII: Gentry, Denson, Grewcock, Vanderpool,DeWeese, Risner, Ballard, Williams, Ayers. FUTURE TEACHERS' CLUB ROW I: Steen, Lee, Rogillio, Agee, Gilbert, Best. ROW II: Redmond, Pruitt, Shumaker, Roach, Ferguson, Dunklin, Mrs. McGee. ROW III: Creech, Ward, Harbold, White, Carver, Apple. ROW IV: Bohner, Loftis, Avera. :,- , n ,ti 'af SCIENCE CLUB Jackie Haralson, Mr. Bates, Joe McGuire, Joe Kitchell, Harvill Eaton, Sammy Helms, Janice Hagood, George Yost, Wayne Fanning, Mickey Cavitt, Clyde Worrell, Ronnie Lawson, Milton Casey, Steve Dozier, Larry Booty, Mike Wood, John Moore, Ricky Williams, Tommy Hibler, Jim Smith, Ted Keller. MATH CLUB ROW I: Lynda McKinley, Idela Bradley, Jan Hagood, Ted Keller. ROW II: Dottie Creech, Debbie Nichol, Carolyn Grant, Claudia Green, Terry Posey. ROW III: Mr. Rogers, Greg Downey, David Hagar, Mike Stanton, Michael Dale. ROW IV: Ben Whitehead, Clay Jones, Donald Johnson, Ray Henson, John Moore, Si Touloumis. STUDENT LIBRARY ASSISTANTS ROW I: McKinley, Carter, Ricks, Vantrease, Kennedy, Ayers, Thurston, Brooks, Roberts, Smith, Wheeler. ROW II: Mrs. Jones, Redden, DeWeese, Harbold, Sullivan, Barnes, Ward, Dixon, Sandlin, Le Duke, Vaughan, Risner, Norfleet, Roberts, Mason, McCauley, Pirtle, Ray, Mrs. Brown. ROW III: Partridge, Eaton, Helms, Tucker, Channell, Noff- singer. OFFICE ASSISTANTS Chadwell, Rush, Gilliam, Hartman, Smith, Jennings, Daniels, Rich, Parks, Williams, Smith, Brotherton, Edwards, Mrs. Davis. JUNIOR CIVITAN CLUB ROW I. Woodson, Callis, Hickey, Hill, Stuby, Proffitt, Rich, Bruce. ROW II. Henson, Smith, Tomlinson, Whaley, Smith, Glidewell, Mclnturff, Roy. ROW III. P'Poo1, Seymore, Sircy, Coggins, DeMatteo, King, Northern, Smith, Mclntire. ROW IV. Smith,Von Boeckman, McMichael, Simpkins, Osteen, Mr. Eskew. ROW V. Walker, Marin, Mc- Michael, Butrum, Crockett, Watson, Roberts. ROW VI. McClendon, Hall, Ward, Moreland, Rice, Johnson. 99 KEY CLUB ROW I. Cobb, Baltz, Phillips, McNish, McMillen, Harbold, Flohr, Dixon, Raymond, Williams, Zumbro, Lamb, Hamilton. ROW Il. Deckard, Cloyd, Smith, Radley, Wheeler, Walker, Powell, Parrish, Menchaca, Cantrell, Broad- way, Bruce. ROW III. West, Gleaves,Weese, Brown,Hatley, Mathis,Hooven, Langford, Baird, Tucker, Hearn. ROW IV. Rossnagel, Woods, Collins, Williams, Rothman, Baskin, Savage, Baltz, Gass, Bates, Parrish, Cook. ROW V. Voges, Baskin,Petty,Moore, Ingram, Hergert, Briley, Sawyer, Liddington, Weller, Shokes, Farrar. ROW VI. Yount, Zarth, Terrell, Duty, Gebhardt, Grissom, Reese, McGuire, McClain, Marlin, Dyer, Coberly. ROW VII. Smith, Cauthen, Aiken, Penton, Sweeney, Fullington, Von Boeckman, Cathey, Byers, Locke, Ford, Hester, Smith. IOO ROW I. Harbold, McMi11en, Wood LETTERMEN 'S CLUB son, Byers, Dixon, Parrish, Sawyer, McDonough, Terrell. ROW II. Mc Clain, Murray, Gilbert, Walker, Powell, Wheeler, Reeves, Liddington, Gebhardt. ROW III. Haralson, Nelson, Langford, Woods, Brown, McNish, Flohr, Whaley, Graves. ROW IV. Johnson, Kitchell, Marlin, Tomlinson, Fullington, Hibler, Lamb, Carney, Fanning. ROW V. Starkey, Wright, Cauthen, Von Boe Marin, Byers, Woods, Aiken, Cathey, Adamson, Baird. ROW VI.. Coach Easter, ckman, Locke, Davis, Coach Carson. INDUSTRIAL ARTS CLUB ROW I. Shaw, Maxwell, Reeves, West. ROW II. Duncan, Avera, Harsson, Ray, Long, Hicks, Jennings. ROW III. Mr Smith, Smith, Weaver, Stem, Dean. LATIN CLUB Secretary: Debby Flippeng Treasurer: Melissa Schmidt: Vice-President: Dugg McDonough: President: Bette Brother- ton. CLUB CIVITAN CLUB INDUSTRIAL ARTS CLUB Secretary: Dennis Marin: President: Larry Woodson: Vice- Reporter: Clark Shaw: Secretary: J im Maxwell: Vice- President: Marilyn Cogginsg Sergeant-at -Arms: Cecil President: Terry Reeves: President: Gary West. Whaley. FUTURE HOMEMAKERS' CLUB SCIENCE CLUB Song Leader: Page, Secretary: Pewitt, President: Duncan, President: Larry Booty: Secretary: Janice Hagoodg Vice- Parliamentarian: Ay e r s , Historian: Sledge, Treasurer: President Ted Keller, Steed, Reporter: Sewell, Vice-President: Cummings. OFFICERS Q13 LIBRARY ASSISTANTS President: Toni Norfleetg Vice-President: Elaine Vaughng Secretary: Patsy Pirtle. SPANISH CLUB FORENSIC CLUB . . . , . . . V -P det:M11 S ttA :HthttS'1 iZgZFa5?Jlri,e3'Ss51Z2t. Vcgfrlziefiffiidiliesldentz Larry Clniirmlniil Stlone, Hasfcfriaiigliillghaes, Piiidelizc 15IcC1i12t:di, ' ' ' Historian: Henson, Secretary: Hamrick, Historian: New- man. FUTURE TEACHERS' CLUB KEY CLUB President: C a r 01 L e eg Historian: Sandy Rogilliog President: F r e d Wheelerg V ic e -President: Joe Catheyg Secretary: C a r o1y n Grantg Vice-President: Ronnie Secretary-Treasurer: Jerome Terrell. Steen. wf , v B A . ,,, as 'N Us Ev vu , ,gf-' i' ,Vin wwf.'ivFl'?! -' K ilmvf if 'I X. if fgj 'K :JW ml' Q4 if 'f " ,wr i . 7.,, E wi 'jam 'ff 4 f"?lZif',1ifwf My 'V' H1 A I M 7 'W' 14 W ,a,,,l,w. .. .. ... VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM ROW I: Skipper Marlin, Mgr., Joe Cathey, Ricky Aiken, Ronnie Woods, Capt. Richard Byers, Larry Von Boeckman, Dicky Dixon, Herman Smith, Ronnie Gleaves. ROW H: Mike Tomlinson, mgr., Tommy Locke, Neal McNish, Billy McMillen, Dwight Cauthen, Larry Woodson, Fred Wheeler, Tommy Fullington, Leonard Carney, Fred Powell, Tom Sawyer, mgr. ROW III: Coach Russell, David Cloyd, Gary West, Bryan Dyer, Jerome Terrell, Tommy Hibler, Whit Adamson, Terry Reeves, Paul Baird, Alvin Parrish, William Smith, Coach Carson, Coach Easter. ROW IV: Drew Johnson, Mike Whitmore, Steve Dozier, Gary Liddington, Pat Brumfield, Steve Bates, Sammy Weese, Steve Flohr, Mickey Rooley, Robert Radley, Roger Byers, Jerry Wright. ..q. .. ALL-CITY CHECKLIST L. to R. Neal McNish, Dicky Dixon, Joe Cathey, Larry Woodson, Leonard Carney, Billy McMillen, Fred Powell. 106 Two Two Two Two Two Two Two Two Two Two 1963 SCHEDULE Rivers . . . . 6 Rivers . . . .27 Rivers . . . . 6 Rivers . . . .33 o o Rivers .... 2 Rivers .... 13 Rivers .... 45 Rivers .... 21 Rivers .... 7 Rivers . . . .21 . . Larry Woodson Junior Center McEwen . . Howard .... Mt. Pleasant . . East Robertson Mt. Juliet. . . Hume Fogg. . Bellevue . . . . Joelton . . . Stratford . . . Central. . co on Dicky Dixon Junior Quarterback Ronnie Woods Roger Byers Whit Adamson Steve Bates Junior Quarterback Sophomore Quarterback Sophomore Center Sophomore Center 107 'f Tommy Locke Fred Wheeler Terry Reeves Dwight Cauthen Sophomore Guard Junior Guard Freshman Guard Sophomore Guard Tommy Fullington Billy McMil1en Fred Powell Bryan Dyer Sophomore Tackle Junior Tackle Junior Tackle Sophomore Tackle 7 Tommy Hibler Steve Flohr' Neal McNish Larry Von Boeckman Junior Tackle Junior Tackle Junior End Sophomore End ,mm Robert Radley -Captain Richard Byers Jerome Terrell Herman Smith Sophomore End Junior End Sophomore End Junior Halfback Paul Baird Ricky Aiken Gary West Alvin Parrish Sophomore Halfback Sophomore Halfback Junior Halfback Junior Halfback Gary Liddington Jerry Wright Leonard Carney Joe Cathey Junior Halfback Freshman Fullback Sophomore Fullback Sophomore Fullback FRESHMAN FOOTBALL TEAM ROW I: Robert Hamilton, Coleman Highers, Billy Menchaca, Johnny Ghee, Tommy Barnes, Mike Stanton, Donald Johnson. ROW II: Pat Daily, Tom Sugg, Harold Weaver, Billy Street, Bill Redmond, Johnny Gleaves, Jerry Callis, Gary Cantrell, Donnie Singer, Clark Shaw, Mgr. ROW III: Coach Terrell, Butch Bruce, Don Merryman, James Weese, Earl Pomeroy, Kenny Morrow, Mark Murray, Jimmy Hughes, Mike Broadway, Steve Tomlinson, Mgr. ROW IV: Mitchell Hicks, Jimmy Lynch, Clay Jones, Jim Maxwell, Ricky Chenault, Dickie Brown, Clyde Wilson. . ,. SEVENTH AND EIGHTH GRADE FOOTBALL TEAM Coach Johnson and Student Coaches Ronnie Phillips and Ronnie Gleaves. as W' haw Q 5? I a f ' 'us' ' X, in gf ,VM A 111 BOYS' VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM KNEELING: Coach Russell, Billy McMillen. STANDING: Bill Tomlinson, Tom Sawyer, Mike Lee, Leonard Carney, Richard Byers, Larry Von Boeckman, Fred Powell, Dicky Dixon, Charlie Ford, Eddie Davis, Whit Adamson, Dwight Cauthen. BASKETBALL "B" TEAM KNEELING: Paul Baird, Ricky Aiken. STANDING: Robert Radley, Roger Byers, Larry Woodson, Jerome Terrell. 1 I2 r-wmv Q- un .fi zz. F, . ,Li 7 ' 5 ' - S ff ear fi W K ' if- :Z 4, L 'Mali ' W , .... Y I 4 x L A V f 1 'N , A V Z ,M , 4 14 -mum - if ggjriflf 11, -7 , . hi., Ii .112 ' ' , saw :ei V f- 'wh , L 5 ' K ,a 1 Eddie Davis Tom Sawyer Leonard Carney Sophomore Guard Co-Captain Co- Captain Richard Byers Junior Forward uf.-W., 1-.Q ww-- R, sz uni! Kit Dicky Dixon Charlie Ford Mike Lee Dwight Cauthen Junior Guard Sophomore Forward Sophomore Forward Sophomore Guard Bill Tomlinson Fred Powell 1 13 Whit Adamson Larry Von Boeckman Freshman Center Junior Forward Sophomore Guard Sophomore Forward GIRLS' VARSITY BASKETBALL SEATED L. TO R: Diane King, Robyn Woolridge, Mildred Schumate, Nancy Northern, Gayle Mclntire, Bobbie Davis, Marsha McClinton, Peggy Dozier, Kay Miller, Susan Grey, Sharon Bohner, Marylyn Coggins, Suzane Russo, Charlene Yost, Jeanette Hamrick, Pat Rice, Marylyn Moreland. STANDING L. TO R. Johnnie Faye Smith, mgr., Connie Parkhurst, mgr., Miss Foster, Becky Marker, mgr., Brenda Roy, mgr. Nancy Northern Marylyn Moreland Co - Captain Co- Captain H4 Nha? if 22 4 MAL . X QxgpIfS A1355 Y 1 3- ' 5. if -, ,IL.' , ffiy,,3,gQWg1w,f f, U Y' SWS-I fin,-'J-fs. 1 if In I W, ff,.w,.:z,,Q. , ' ' "" ' f Q 5 f ,A:, .V 'ig Q wang-7 il dge GIRLS' JUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL ROW I. Mary Dell Hibler, Jan Moore, Judy Cathey, Jane McMichael, Anne Simpkins, Nadene Smith, Barbara Von Boeckman, Kay Carver, Linda Dodson. ROW II. Brenda Wheeler, Pat Roe, Marion Harrison, Kathy Griffin, Glenda Sharon, Linda Newell, Linda Steed. ROW III. Coach Easter, Jacque Foster, Skipper Marlin, Mgr., Carolyn Grant, Shirley Crouse. I I BOYS' JUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL ROW I. Skipper Burke, Mike Broadway, Jerry Wright, Robert Hamilton, Jim Maxwell, Gary Cantrell, Coach Easter. ROW II. Jim Proffitt, Vic Adamson, Mark Vogel, Donald Johnson, Eddie Baker, Billy Buchanan, Coach Carson. ROW III. Si Touloumis, mgr., Angus Gillis, Dickie Brown, Clay Jones, Steve Rutledge, Clark Shaw. 9' 4 'J' V f Y 0- VARSITY TRACK TEAM ROW I. Tommy Hibler, Alvin Parrish, Dennis Marin, Charlie McClain, Herman Smith, Dave Buuck, Jackie Haralson, Mike Murray. ROW II: Ricky Williams, Mgr., Tyler Nichol, Tommy Mitchell, Ricky Aiken, Jerome Terrell, Jimmy Lamb, J oe Kitchell, Allen Gebhardt, Harry Harbold, Gary Liddington. ROW IH: Barry Starkey, DuggMcDonough, Larry Woodson, Bobby Hatcher, Fred Powell, Larry Graves, Richard Byers, Roger Byers, David Nelson. "" .13 .. ,. .,.."' A "': H H , -'realli l- 43- A L IK JUNIOR HIGH TRACK TEAM ROW I: Bill Grewcock,Joe Cathey, Fred Hicks, Jimmy Lynch, Ricky Chenault, Ronnie Phillips. ROW II: Bill Tom- linson, Charlie Ford, Larry Von Boeckman, Buzzy Comstock, Pat Brumfield, Terry Reeves. ROW HI: Mike Lee, Wayne Fanning, Clay Jones, Bryan Dyer, Jimmy Barr, Skipper Marlin. BASEBALL TEAM ROW I. Neal McNish, Fred Wheeler, Jimmy Gilbert, Larry Von Boeckman, Leonard Carney, Whit Adamson. ROW II. Bill Langford, Charlie Woods, Dicky Dixon, Tom Sawyer, Randy Taylor, David Deckard, Drew Johnson. ROW III. Robert Radley, Mike Tomlinson, Dwight Cauthen, Coach Easter. SENIOR HIGH RIDING TEAM JUNIOR HIGH RIDING TEAM TOP TO BOTTOM. Marsha McClinton, Diana Darrah, TOP TO BOTTOM. Patty Zimmerman, Trudy Papuchis, Judy Brown,Julie Emrick, Julie Lane, Claudia Cuzzort, Patti Rooley, Linda Darrah, Debbie Dunlap, Becky Debbie Flippen, Mr. Terrell, Sponsor. McClinton. VARSITY CHEERLEADERS D'Jenane Markland, Pam Beckham, Brenda Hill, Jacque Skinner, Sandy Callis, Debbie Flippen, Pam Dematteo, Jeannie Hickey. JUNIOR HIGH CHEERLEADERS ROW I: Margaret Hardin, Kathy Binns, Marsha Apple, Debbie Dunlap. ROW II: Sue Jeannette, Susan Powers, Suzanne Langford, Lesslie Hancock. Before closing we wish 'ro 'rhonk the following for their service To us. Q 1 'X igwixi Ill! CAFETE RIA WORKERS ROW I: Mrs. Smotherman, Mrs. Wiseman, Mrs. Berry, Mrs. Herndon, Mrs. Goodall, Mrs. Barber, Mrs. P'Po0l. ROW 11: Mrs. Sullivan, Mrs. Haley, Mrs. Moon, Mrs. Stewart, Mrs. Johnson, Mrs. Foster, Mrs. Harper, Mrs Henson, Mrs. Edens, Mrs. Ford. CUSTODIAN S Fred Steverson, John Harper, Charles Ramsey. XM yew' fsf-A 'AQQWK Vfisggkllf' iiwg w f 95,-as 1 g, 3 iff? Qgxfiwamwwf Z 2299 Zfiljiah WZLLWQLQ, BC 7w71wff UAW My wx 40 wg wwf if UQ W imkw Sifffgy ww 52W Mdvgd X053 QQZQQUQQQ we o.W+?Wi"M"' UQ , f . . oxyglsg , 3w1wQf2 f E S? . qU4WQovOQmaN 5 1 my-VQS wifi gi? WZ' Q , IN 3 ,v , mf 5? iffy W w1fWiff,i2f N 1,2 2il Wf1ffi ,,,.4gg.MW ,- - wf"""'ff5' 1 '-.g...L.,..fff1-A if 'LA I'.T'ff7 iq-4 :"f'z1',J' "iii VY ,H ..,t,s.,-. .-,- : A . i M 1,51 :.,,x....,..f-1 ' l,,A..1,,- l..Q'fZl'7"'11..-.--11'-Wm' "1" V, . 1 NM, ,g.....1--W'--yn'-"f 1 L3,,1:,1g.-.Lq..--,+4,M:0fwf1f 1: , AAL,,,.,4... -7-'f 1.M.m, 1 , 1 1 .,., .... 1 RL'-Imwf'-'www-V W 1 Mm.. - Jw.. 1 L1.,,.L..S.E..,..?Y,,,,..,T,n1iH, Qjmgfjw' L?,,1,,,f.,L,,,5,.,:...T1-1!-f-f,,,,,?,.,31. ZW ' 1,,1Ljffl1---JM-1-i'iE,1.'1fi.. 1 . 1 1-F.L..,1...1- 1 .11.....11.J--. '..-- 1 . , 1 , ,ani ,,,,.. . . . E M...--..... .Af ,.,, . 115 1 4 1 1 9,7 fs.. 4- o '61 1 ' J A Q., 5 1 ,"f' fV"f' "HiaW'W'vW'W H 'FWGT ...lg 11 1 1 1 'T""'7""'T""Wui. "xv"'1...., ........4,,....,..L.,1 .W . 1 f 1 1 . 1 1 1 wr 1 , 4 ,, ' 553, , iff- Q'- KX" ' iw, ,Q ff'-v. ,F , 3-A 4- ' '-in r-1,,::- f' 1- . . ' 'w'i+.f1'1. ....v..-1 .. ,- -. . -1 -W Q, , . 1 , 5 1 "'31'.'.I . .. , "H 53211-i ,V ' ' T' .- .1 .,, , ' x gif, M fy,--vw-1, . nf f.,A f.11.-1.'f,. .. v 11,5111 , wx , ilffygf ".:5a'-QWL ' , '1 . -. Q Q . , 1,51 lj',,5'7, z, iwkfr . J--111' WH5. . . J 1. 1 ' 1 . 1' a 1 ' 1 1 1 ,, x A M f1 1

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Two Rivers High School - Cutlass Yearbook (Nashville, TN) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 1


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Two Rivers High School - Cutlass Yearbook (Nashville, TN) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 104

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Two Rivers High School - Cutlass Yearbook (Nashville, TN) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 51

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Two Rivers High School - Cutlass Yearbook (Nashville, TN) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 51

1964, pg 51

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