Two Harbors High School - Noreaster Yearbook (Two Harbors, MN)

 - Class of 1955

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Two Harbors High School - Noreaster Yearbook (Two Harbors, MN) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Cover

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4, ia y S If lf' -AY 47 ,-.P--f 1:1 4 ,Y ' -Q -. ...-- . . - it --rf-r NK.- A , , in If, ,,, - - , 1 . L ,V ' , ,V Y... , 4 ' 1,42 L... 4 I 11.1-1 4, " 2 , , -,,-- -3. - Qsaf-'J--1.1-N-m----1 - i 'K' V-F 1- ,v . V -, , . -137 f ,- 5 1' ,xD gi- -5 2 AH.. XS ,,.- if ,-4' lp-' f 1. ,.,- I7 ,, . f - 1 ' i ,Z , ,.... . W, -1 f .., ,- . - ' g- 5 C MTW ..--e-- A x if i. - L ,, ' -'- '44-1" Q f 1 ' --25417, , -'h . . ' N H 5 ' ' -1 - i- l cf - I I- '- ' ""' Y "Y----2, I - - --- ' V , , l 4' : . V " 1' .1 ,7,- .E-fr---,wg V: 5-4 , , ,,Y.. , .J-f K Y Y - t - Y Q - :. '- , - . is- - F - . ' ' ' A ,-Li. .. . '-'J - - E1 ' Q-, 6 '1 .. ?,"L , f . :ur ., A ...- '24, I ihisr .L I 441-7 -gig.. -"" 2. .p.' i - ' 1 ,gf- J,-ZZ' ma, Z ,T- --F' - ' -a-3 5 Nt ff- LN..- -S - N f ,. .p ' 'W I , . P -'...,' 'D-1 24 F F P ff T Q ,Q 1?- -in X ..-- ., 5 ,i K, -....... ....-- , ,,.f , X., , ,, ,... in ..--'Q .ff , . ,.... ..,. i""""' " " "' " ,-,.... 7. .- ,, i " -f" ""' if' ' ' 1-"' ..--1 4 M -,,l. 43...--' 1, ,-'A if"-" 4... lj WH' 45 ' if f, Ali fi-.. 1 , ,...--1-1- ,...-3 f M j f A 'Il Q -. .fl-.WL .Q . W ' - Naixif I Y - . ' S?','1Sf3fi1:Il'3ff3 .fm l,-'wifi -1 . f1,xwxf1,.-zggggf. , - ' x gaiszfi-E iiimim -S A-sv a W- ' L-if A v , - .. W W .1:,f. .- 45,3 W M 1,21-:EV K- M L- x .. Q 1'fvj . WW .Wf . if 1 .,f., rw-,Q.:1 ,wa x ff-.Qi x . W aw-.-,new -f-11-1 A '. . 1. - wiv f .x ,ty fri-vw -Y K ., 2- f, -, - -v 45igsw1..- ' ,iw ,f f- X 42 New-X ,A- Xf.M . ,wwf . ki hw,-fqffv -1-S ,gn .Q 2 gg HQ, fvcqg A ,V 11 V .-fwgf:fm,':Si'?ji' faggi?-px, f . " A .f ..f1jg:fQf3 SQ .f,Lff,,gfH,Y2-was , H L - QA ,flag W X- 1 5 -. .X rr-W1 2,1 Q Sw mf f K 1 ,- ,-Eigfifzgryg Fw: ' N x QQSS ' f . Q ' ' W . 1 ' -5 - ' ,X-, .ddr if vii' . 33 gewy. x- w fn.: .ifmzw '--- . 'wiwwffvfp . ,Mig K, Ny., 5-:E L x 5 . Nz . X ig X3 ,gp , x . .- mf ,iw -25" 2 4 gif J fx ,, 2352 V .. 4 VA ., Editor .,....... Z .,..... Assistant Editor .... ...........v...,.....,,.......... Layout ................ Art ...........,,........., Business Manager Photographers ..... HAQX UR' TEH TFP CLTKC, George Pearson Nancy Nunstedt Pat Carlson, Janice Nelson .. ....,,. Lynde Anderson, Robert Murdock Ed Hill .ffff'651i'iii1lggEQ WQQIEH 'sLiLiiQ'iiEii'Emeft0n Bob A , Q 0 Y' C ,gel F? at fl ' ' U X SX X w ix N ll-X if X Q N X 'in Q N A sw OYL is Warren Ken "--+- Porl' Janice SEATED-Ray XVarrington1 Mrs -lohn M. jacohscng Kermit Ek STANDING - Wrllter Norlen Superintendent, Ray M, Stunsvad Dcliovcn Schweigcr. BUAIID UF EDUCATION Congratulations on the completion of your high school education. Now that you completed twelve years of education, I hope that you have laid the foundation for your life's work. I know that many of you will go on for further training. ' May you seek the highest level of your capa- city and talent to the end of a happy and full life. Sincerely, Ray M. Stensvad Superintendent of Schools Congratulations to the Class of 1955 As you set out from the harbor at high school graduation, may your course be straight and true. Aim high in the pursuit of your ambitions and our wishes for success go with you. May yours be use- ful and happy lives. Sincerely, O. R. Hill Admn. Ass't. Supt. 030 Efftff' ' - -f.-.H 1 ,-4-1. - -. ,. . -. DEDICATION We, the class of 1955, dedicate this Nor'Easter to Mr. O. R. Hill. Mr. Hill was principal of the Lake County High School from 1927-1954, being promoted at that time to assistant superintendent. We will always remember Mr. Hill as the founder of the Nor'Easter Annual, and the way in which he has been our counselor, friend, and guide whenever we needed advice. ' 4 o A . it - HIGH SCHOOL NAVIOATOHS -V' 1- ADMINISTRATION Thomas Backmen English junior High Dean Earl Nelson Guidance Director To the Class of 1955 You have reached an important milestone in your life. Decisions you make for your future are exceedingly important but even more important is the desire and conscientiousness you have to be successful in whatever endeavor you undertake. The door to success is never closed to those who are willing to expend the energy to do the job better than someone else. Russell D. Anderson High School Principal Hughen Cole English Senior High Dean Left to right-Miss Virgean Gustafson Mrs. Alden Graden, Mrs. Albert Oh- lund, Miss Harriet Olson, Mrs, Hazel Freeman, Miss Margorie Hall. obo Jghn Barrett David Battaglia Marguerite Catlin Study H311 Industrial Arts Librarian : ,- b g ii T. R. Fitzpatrick William Elygare Paul Gauche Junior High English Social Science Instrumental Music World History CULT Marvel Hayes Vocal Music Art Leonard Hall junior High School Betty Johnson M. D. johnson School Nurse junior High School 7 Charles Hiti junior High School Kenneth Knowlton Commercial John Evans Senior High English sw a g d f ' K ' as mt.'fi'i' T X t s X X xx A F 1 s W D' -s es 5 , s + "' SSN X .N X Luvern Grote junior High School William House Agriculture Biology Allen Krause junior High School James Krysiak Health and Physical Education Fred Murphy Physical Education Health Elizabeth Lavin Wayne G. Leopold junior High School Industrial Arts Virginia Murray Vina Naysmith Physical Education Commercial F CULTY Gladys Parry J0l'!I1 RalI'1b0W Home EC0n0miC5 Juf1lOI' School Theresa Vetter Jacqueline Wattson junior High English M21fhCm21tiCS Health '8 J. Shewell junior High School B. A. Whiting Sciences Cyrus Magnusson American History Biology Eugene Norlander junior High School Lorraine Tufte Junior High School Ruth Williams Home Economics FELLOW CPIEWMEN CLASSES LYNDE ANDERSON "Lyncle" "He can laugh with the jolliext and work, huriertf Transfer Student 2 Track 3,4 F.F.A. 3,4 Annual 4 with the GERALD BERGQUIST ujerry., "I wanr to he'huJhful, but the lrlr warrt le! me." Mixed ihorus 3,4 'F.F.A. 4 Basketball 1,2,3,4 Cross Country 3,4 Track 1,2,3,4 RUTH ANN AMUNDSON "Ruthie" "She farrier murit in he - heart." F.H,A. l,2,3,4 Glee Club l,2,3,4 Mixed Chorus Z,3,4 Pep Club 1,2,3,4 Drama Club 3,4 Orchestra 1 Declamation 5 Operetta 3 RUBY BAILEY 7 "Booble" I "A pr n 1' ellr a' JtheLjprl:leet:'lfheele6l1jJ." J Glee Club 1 F.H.A. 1,2 Pep Club 2,3,4 Cheerleader 3,4 Mixed Chorus 2,3 Drama Club 4 Beacon Staff 4 Operetta 3 Class Pla.y 4 KATHLEEN ANDERSON "Kath1e" 'Effarrlerr inter-luring of look: 4114 learning." Pep Club l,2,3 F.H.A. 1,4 M-ixed Chorus 2,3,4 Girls Glee Club 1,2,3,4 Band 2,3,4 Orchestra 1,2,3,4 Swing Band 3,4 Harbor Beacon 4 Drama Club 4 Usher 3, 4 Pit Orchestra 2,3,4 Operena 3 Class Play 4 MICHAEL BENNETT "Mike" "The only thing I ran'l do ir behave." Mixed Chorus 4 Student Manager H 0 c k e y Team 4 "" H '+ i l'. -1:' .r'. ' 1-V ,. f-:-,1'ff - 3 I ---r , - t fir e - ,,.. if fl-A rl, ., ' . N GAYLE Busan VERLY BQRKE "SoEhie" V VF3flY , "Remember t e time: we've He f Plfyflflll -ffdfflff U had? I'm .rtill trying to for- -W'-4114 buf, 'W' 'Ff0'lf, ef gn!" frlendr II not at all. F.H.A. l,2,3,4 C192 Club 1,2 G.A.A- 2 Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,4 Camera Club 4 Drama Club 4 pep Club 2,3 Transfer Student 3 0l0 SONDRA ANDERSON usandy., "On her hand Jhe ulfdfi' 4 pledge 0fl01'P.,' F.H.A. l,2.3,4 Camera Club 3,4 Pep Club 1.2,3 Drama Club 4 Orchestra 2,3,4 Band 1,2,3,4 Annual Stall 4 Mixed Chorus 2,3,4 S. Q f..w -fl Q tbzvl N ROBERT BLAISDELL "Bob" "Sober hut not Jeri our, quiet but not idle." F.F.A. 4 Basketball 1 Class Play 4 PHILIP CARLSON "Inky" "School day: have their de- lights, but th? carft com- pare with wee end nightJ!" Band 1,3 Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,4 Drama Club 4 Annual Staff 4 F,F.A. 3 Class Vice President 4 Operetta 3 MARGARET CROKE "Peggy" "The A.B.C. of po ularity- ability, beauty, an coopera- tion." Drama Club 4 Beacon Staff 4 Band 1,2,3,4 Orchestra 2,3,4 Pit Orchestra 2,3,4 Pep Club l,2.3 Mixed Chorus 2,3,4 Pep Band 3,4 Cheerleader 1 F.H.A. 1 l CAROLE CARLSON , "Carlson" 'Here'J a girl with lot: of Jparh, algoayr read with a bright remarhiiu Band 1,2,5,4 Orchestra 1,2,3,4 Mixed Chorus 2,3,4 Pep Club 1,2,3 Senior Usher 4 Pit Orchestra 2,3,4 Drama Club 4 Harbor Beacon Staff 4 Class Play 4 ROBERT CHAMBERS "Bob" "He if checked for rilenre but never taxed for Jpeerhf' PAT CARLSON "Pat" "4 dandy girl, a loyal friend, will never purposely ojendf' Mixed Chorus 2 F.H.A. 1,3 Pep Club 1,2,3 Drama Club 4 Harbor Beacon 4 Annual Staff 4 Class Secretary 3 ALICE CRAIG "Ali-Bali" "She har a voice like a lark, and perxonality if another trademark." Band l,2,3,4 Orchestra 1.2,3,4 Pit Orchestra 1,2,3,4 Swing Band 2.3.4 Beacon Staff 4 Drama Club 4 Student Council 4 Glee Club l,2,3,4 F.H.A. 1 Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,4 Operetta 3 Girl Stater 3 Senior Usher 4 Class Play 4 GILES DAHLBEC ARYID EDES "Giles" H , , ATV I HA golden ,,ai,,, bg like, yo Life 1: :hart but I am not. .ring but resting if hir favorite Band 1.2,3,4 ,i,j,,g," Basketball 2 F.F.A. 4 Basketball 1 Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,4 Track 1 SHIRLEY CARLSON "Shir " "Sweetr1e:J if mirrored in her brown eye.f." Band 23,4 Pep Club 1.2,3 Mixed Chorus 25,4 Drama Club 4 Cheerleader 1,2 I Homecoming Queen Candi- date 2 Class Play 4 KENNETH DAHL "Dooler" "He may be quiet, and he may behfhy, but here': a lad who lr an all-right guy." G lf 1 2 Bcllsketball 1 Cross Country 3 l . F" in rig .'-' lj ' Q at Er K, if .ggzgi ANNETTE FOX "Fannette" "Sparkling a: the Diamond :he wear:." Band 1,2,3,4 Orchestra 1,Z,3,4 Pep Club 1,2,3 F.H.A. 1,2 gt J PATRICIA HANSON "Pat" "A merry heart that laugh: at rare." F.H.A. 1,2,4 Library 1,2,3 Camera. Club 3 G.A.A. 1 KENNETH EMERTON "Bud" "Convinring to Lthore who ran't he conwntedf' Band 1,2.3 Camera Club 4 Annual Staff 4 FRED GORDON JEAN MARIE ERICKSON "Jeanie" "She look: like an angel, art: like one too, hal you never ran tell what an angel will da." Band 1,2,3,4 Orchestra 2,3,4 Mixed Chorus 2.3,4 Girls Glee Club 5 Pit Orchestra 5,4 Drama Club 4 Pep Club 1,2,5 G.A.A. 1 Harbor Beacon Staff 3,4 Class Treasurer 2 F.l-LA. 1,2 Usher 4 Class Play 4 JEAN HANGARTNER "Fred" I "Jeannie" I l "He i: feeling hi: bert when "She If fllffffi 5112 Ulwff If he can be a ronrtant pert." Sffldfff- Mixed Chorus 1,2,3 Forensico 1.2,3 Spanish Club 2,3 Football 1 Transfer Student 4 RONALD HEIN "Ronnie" "For thing: like :chool he ha: no hearty hat from hi: girl he'll never part." Transfer Student 2 Track 2,3 Football 1 F.F.A. 1,2,3 F.F.A. Judging Team 5 CLAUDIA HERMANS "Claud" "A grain of gaiety :ea:on: everything." G.A.A, 1 Glee Club 1,2,3,4 Mixed Chorus 2,3,4 Annual Staff 4 F.H.A. 1,2,3,4 Majorettes 2,3 Drama Club 4 Class Play 4 Swing Band 4 Band 2,5,4 Orchestra 2,3,4 CAROLYN FULLER "Carol" "No gum - what will I rhew Band 2.3,4 Orchestra 3,4 Pep Club 1 F.H.A. 1 Beacon Staff 4 Annual Staff 4 Drama Club 4 Mixed Chorus 2,3 Senior Usher 4 Class Secretary 2 G.A.A. 1 P., JANICE HEDIN Glad. "I: thi: gif quiet and de- mure? Maybe-but don't he too :ure !" F.H.A. 1,2,4 EDWARD HILL "Eddie" "In tbir wbole book we run- not nate jun bow bigb with ur be ra!e.r." Band 4 Orchestra 1,2,3,4 Swing Band 3 Western Band 4 Annual Staff 4 Mixed Chorus 4 Latin Club 2 Class President 4 Transfer Student 3 DONNA LILLIBACK "Donna Mae" "Worry and I have never met, ruz over my Jtudin I never fret." l DIANE I-IERMANS "Dee Dee" "Smiling, laughing and full of fun, :be :J a friend to everyone." F.H.A. 1,2,4 G.A.A. 1,2 Pep Club 2 Camera Club 3 Annual Staff 4 Mixed Chorus 4 CAROL JOHNSON "johns1e" "Her rbeery I 4 u g b and sparkling eye: mme manly 4 blood prenure to, rife. ' Mixed Chorus 25,4 Band 1,2,5,4 Pep Club 1,2,3 Drama Club 4 Harbor Beacon 4 Glee Club 1 BETTY LINDHOLM "Betty" "Quiet tbougb :be ml? ap- pear lo be, one never nowJ when to expert 4 Judden burn of vrvurityf' G,A.A. 1,2,3 Grrls Chorus 1,2 Girls Basketball Team 1,2 Girls Volleyball Team 1,2,3 Pep Club 1 3 ETHEL HICKS "Pixie" "SlJe'J nor loo big una' not too loud, but .rurely welcome in any crowd." E.H.A. 2,3,4 G.A.A. 4 Pep Club 2,5,4 Nurses Assistant 4 Glee Club 1,2,3,4 JANE LASSONDE "IIanie" "Tbe roya la J J of our clan." F.H.A. 1 Pep Club 1,3,4 Mixed Chorus 4 Harbor Beacon 4 Band 1,2,3,4 Cheerleader 1,3,4 Homecoming Queen 3 Class Secretary 4 Student Council 4 Winter Frolic Queen 4 Glee Club 1 ARNOLD LINDQUIST "Lindy" "TbiJ all aroun .Zmrmer ir 4 regular guyg if e doeJn't Jureeed we'll wonder ruby." Band l,2,3,4 Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,4 Football Manager 2 Basketball Manager 2 Football 4 Basketball 1,2,3,4 Baseball 2,3,4 Track 1,2,3,4 Class Play 4 PHILIP HOLBECK "Phil" "My mr, my life, my all." F.H.A. 3,4 Basketball 1 Track l,2.3,4 l DONALD LINDAHL HDOIIU "Life to me if more tbun learning." F.F.A. 1,Z,3,4 GRETCHEN MAGNUSON "Gretch" "Full of fun and mirfhief roof doing tbingr ibe .rhould not doll Band 1,2,5,4 G.A.A. 1,2,3,4 Mixed'Chorus 4 1 JANICE NELSON "Smiley" "Alway.f a m e r f y Jmile, friendrhipr lik e berr are wortbwblief' Band 1,2,3,4 Orchestra 1,2,3,4 Mixed Chorus 2,3 Glee Club 1,2 G,A,A. 1,2,5 Class Secretary 1 F.H.A. 1,2,4 Beacon Staff 4 Annual Staff 4 Library Club 1,2 Usher 4 SHIRLEY CHASE LOVELACE "Shirl" "Lore before fume" Transfer Student 4 Pep Club 1,2 Drama Club 1 Stagecraft 2 Football Queen Attendant Glee Club 1,2 Mixed Chorus 1 GENE MAGNUSON "Dick" "Determination with n Jlreak of derzltv-y." Basketbal 1,2 F.F.A. 4 Hockey 3,4 Baseball 3,4 Track 1 Class Play 4 LEONA MONSON ROBERT MURDOCK "Leone" Bob , "Beware the mirfhief in ber H3417 Mid f00'b4ll 'iff bfi eye..'f,,,f,,1,jeff' il Mem, fo nzmrg wzrb them bellwll gam Hyjff great fame. G.A.A. 4 Annual Staff 4 pep Club 4 Football 2,3,4 Mixed Chorus 2,4 ROBERT NIKOLAI "Bob" "A man among inthe: and every inrb n good Wort." Football 2,3,4 Track 1 40 NANCY NUNSTEDT ..Nan,. "4 Jpiri! ar .runny ar ber hair, manager to :queeze a drop of humor out of every- where." F.H.A. 2,3,4 G.A.A. 2,3 Class Treasurer 3 Mixed Chorus 2,3,4 I Glee Club 2,5,4 Operetta 5 Harbor Beacon 4 Annual Staff 4 Band 4 Nurses Assistant 4 Transfer Student 2 DARLENE MILLER "Dar" "A rarefree and good-nm lured blonde: of her we will be alwayl fond." 'x JON NELSON "johnny" "What happenr if Juppored to be, Jo nothing ever boil:- er: me." .3 ,, H an ,. , A ..,w - ,, Q wg,-li'L' r -:Q st. we . af ' I . X- ,,. . VIRGIL OLSON uvirgl, "Quiet and shy, but a reg- ular guy." Transfer Student 3 F.F.A. 1,2.4 l l LYLE PETERS ..Lyle,, ll "Noi the original Iadier' gran - jun one of Band 1,2,3,4 ' Orchestra l,2,3,4 Swing Band 2,3,4 Pit Orchestra 1,2,3,4. lbem." l Q! ,J 'e Y J' I, JUNE oLsoN Lols oLsoN ' I' 1"JUniC" .. "LQ" , "Variety if the :fire af life. T0 50010 .bff if I0 like bw, , :JJ :fwhy wlni at 1 e fame one and Jbf Ir well lmaufn." lgwjfey' Mlxed Chorus 2,3,4 ' 'jf GUAAAI 1f Drama Club 4 ., Girls Glee Club 1,2,3 Band 1-2.3-4 0l'CheSU'H 2,314 Harbor Beacon 3,4 -r,- - 11.1-LA, 12.4 Annual Staff 4 - 'f ' Annual Staff 4 55nl0f Uihef 4 , .if if G H"Kem2v" A' 5 nss . 22333111 ffflihg srss S Football 1,25 3 ff 5 -'fy .V ' Basketball 2 Q EFA' glib 4 " ef X,1t - ' 1 rama u ' A 1 ' ' -'J' " 1 f 1 fi n DIL. . . pi sse C 4 3 l he ' 71 -' .- GEORGE PEARSON V CONNIE PEARCE --Game-' fi NCOIIIIICH "Sparkling dry bumar and ff 5-ie "In ,rrbaal flee is ibe quiet bonafide editor." fort, but oulride Jl1e'J a per- Hockey l,2,3.4 ' 'Egg fer! .rpart." Band 1,2,3,4 ' -TY. Transfer Student 3 Orchestra 1.2.3,4 F Mixed Chprus 4 Annual Stal? 4 Homecommg Queen 4 Drama Club 4 N Library Club 4 Mixed Chorus 1.2,3,4 -' Pit Orchestra 1,2.3,4 . " 'IJ Swing Band 2.3,4 Stage Crew 5,4, Class Play 4 .Q,, . Q '- .bl . . s gg vm, .JR El ' ' "' ia. -fx? X , . 3 DAVID- PUENT a "Dave" y . ,xl fyHe ,lbifjcdngix 571211 'ont .fl o neurra a f tt . " H 'al Football 1 P 4 .' 03' ,fi-all eF.F.A. 3,4 4- . ' v 2 I fi 4 lil ' it .0 xi DELLA RAYMOND 5 DONALD RIGGS ,- . ' . "'Del" ,. "Donf' f QA. 'faga "lt'.r a friend! 'heart 7124! A 'fA cnmfqrtable bumarjbat 4 ., I+? FH:a:1rSrag1,2-1?i1endJ." 1' trellis' without snatching." :ie 1-'fy err. 1' ' ' ' l?2f.s?li alidm i5'e1'A1,2ff:? C122 Club l- ' Camera Club 3 ' - 'HP 'Vg Annual Stali 4 ' a X8 50 .,.- - I, ,Ax e - . , , aj ' e b f l it - ,,' Liss: A li, v -QE . " 3,1 'fl ' .fr 115. MARY RISE ..Mary,- "With wedding h e l I s in mind, happiness she'll find." F.H.A. 1,2 Glee Club 1 mn a A4 1 : ..,, 1 ' y "' s ,ra 1 . t - 1 I'fx2f'i5sf1'2t':-li. . K za , r . ' ffl Z? , E i 1-1 ' " i ,'f,!l, 4,3541 , ., 5. ,f ,. trsi 4 all CHARLES SHROMOFF t "Chuck" "Hts aims are high, his friends. are many, and his enemies-he ham't any!" Basketball 1,2,3,4 Baseball 1,2,3,4 Football 3,4 Class Vice-President 3 Class Treasurer 4 Boy Stater 5 Drama Club 4 Harbor Beacon 4 Class Play 4 SHARON RILEY "Sharon" "Here's a girl with lots of style, and always. having a pleasant smile." Band 1,2,5,4 Orchestra 1,2,3,4 Pit Orchestra 1,2,3,4 Swing Band 2,5,4 Pep Club 1,2,5 F.H.A. 1,2.5 Beacon Staff 4 Annual Staff 4 Drama Club 4 Mixed Chorus 2,3,4 Glee Club 1,2,3,4 Senior Usher 4 Student Council 4 Girl Citizen Award 1 Class Officer 1,2 Class Play 4 WARREN SAUR "Oscar" "Tall men rule the world." Track 1,2,3,4 Cross Country 2,3 Basketball 1,2.3,4 Camera Club 3,4 Annual Staff 4 Band 1,2,3.4 Orchestra 2,3,4 Swing Band 2,'5,4 Student Council 4 CARROL RINNE "Stormy" "A lilting laughter evapor- ates your troubles." F.H.A. 1,2,5 Pep Club 1 Annual Staff 4 EDWARD SHAFFER "Eddie" "I've reall learned a lot - it's just that I keep forget- ting." Mixed Chorus 2,3,4 Drama Club 4 JAMES SMITH KENNETH SVEE "Dick" "Sven': "Quite a bay he is with the "If there is nothing else to girls, always game for a few laugh at, hefll make a rrruu more whifls." of his own." Baseball 1,2,3,4 Mixed Chorus 1,2,3.4 Football 4 Basketball 1 F.F.A. 4 Track 1 Mixed Chorus 5,4 Basketball '2 Language Club 1,2 Transfer 2 Track 1,2 Aquatic Sports 1 6 GERALD RONNING ..-Ierrv.. "A pleasing lad who never says murh and never gets mad." Basketball 1 Track 1,2,3,4 Cross Country 3 Mixed Chorus 2,3,4 F.F.A. 25,4 Football 1 ROGER SIMONSON ..Rog,, "A lusty voice behaoves a we l-built athlete." Basketball 1,2,3,4 Baseball 1,2,5,4 Track 3.4 Mixed Chorus 4 Drama Club 4 Band 1,2,3,4 U Homecomirag King 4 Class Presi ent 2 Class Play 4 DELPHIA VILLA "Del" "A irl whore rbararter ir of galdf on ber permnalify we 4re wld." Transfer Student 2 Science Club 1 Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,4 Pep Club 2 1 2 G.A.A. , .3 Girls Glee Club 1,2 Q GLORIA YLIMAKI "Gloria" "S be Jpeabr, behave: 4nd arff, fun 41 :be ought lo." Girls Glee Club 1 Mixed Chorus 2 F.H.A. 1,Z,5,4 Harbor Beacon 3,4 Pep Club 1,2,5,4 l X 1 DOROTHY TASTULA ..D0t.. "Silem'e m4y be golden, but it bald: no charm: for me." F.l-l.A. 1,2,3,4 Pep Club 1 Harbor Beacon Staff 4 Class Play 4 ,IUDITH WAHL 11Iudyll "Happy-ga-Iurky 4: 4 :urn- I mer breeze! Mixed Chorus 1,4 Band 1 Transfer Student 1 DONALD UDENBERG 1.Don., "Men of bfewnwardr are CII. RODNEY WICKSTROM "Rod" ' 'Blonde Hqrrule: 4 dfllllllg mu e Basketball 1,2,3.4 Football 1,2,3,4 Track 3,4 Class President 3 Band 1,2 Mixed Chorus 4 Drama Club 4 Stage Hand 4 JAMES POULAS ubliml I Not pictured "There are two 4rr.rwerJ to every quemon-mme and tb: F.F.A. 4 fF4Cb0fJ., ' 0I7o di:- 1 LEILA VUORELA "LuLu" f'Sbe park: 4ll ber trouble! in 4 box and :iu on the lid and l4ugb.r." F.H.A. l Glee Club 1 MARY JANE BROWN KJER ..Ma .. "Thi: ir tb5y'MrJ'." Ruth Ann Amundson Michael Bennett Carol Carlson Margaret Croke ,". Kathleen Anderson Gerald Berquist Patricia Carlson Kenneth Dahl Lynde Anderson , -- ttt" :f f ...., ' K' " ' 14, 9 Q ,,.r .... yr Robert Blaisdell DI PER Giles Dahlbec 0l8o C Z' .ea ' -- 2 aff af , - ,: 2Q.,..f e, , A " sg1.ig5wQg,. Y if ,L if , J ' f 1 '- :5f-:".s2a'Li- pf ' lfffkf? ' S X vi f -',p w iff' A fa". a i., Y, V, A m ay ,ya sr..-,P :gc-gh, -55 r w - New +x7:k"'r va.- , gwy . ., 'H Mal, Y K G1 wry ii,-gfsik Sondra Anderson ,yn Gayle Bugge Shirley Carlson Arvid Ecles Ruby Bailey Verly Burke Alice Craig Kenneth Emerton lllgnuw ean Marie Erickson Annette Fox Carolyn Fuller Patricia Hanson Janice Hedin Ronald Hein Ethel l-lieks Edward Hill Philip I-lolbeck NS s Jang Lagsonde Donna Lillback Betty Lindholm VW ., . oI9o Fred Gordon Claudia l-lermans Carol Johnson Arnold Lindquist l jenn Hnngnrtner Diane Hermans Mary jane Kjer Gene Magnuson Gretchen Magnuson Leona Monson Robert Murdock N Robert Nikolai Nancy Nunstedt june Qlgon Kenneth OV6fbY Connie Pearce George Pearson a. l , l + ,,,. A 'LL if P or iii fi- ,. f ii i 1 K ciic . 1':' zz' 1 1 ' ,,... 4 H -I l 1 - Della Raymond Donald Riggs Sharon Riley 0200 K .Z,i Ei. '2 , H S i nl l 3 li ,gk r fs 3 is . Q if ar M i se P X? 324 ? QE my M ,K 5 .fi if mg as v Y ig s if as ,ga 43 Janice Nelson Jon Nelson 'mf . , if i rw .. ,Q u-P' 5 .ii Lois 01500 Virgil Olson Lyle Peters David Puent Carrol Rinne Mary Rise -ag? Gerald Ronning james Smith 5 25 5 r ik l we . 1 Warren Saur , I ,,,.1 ,Z i : A 7 :wiv-Q 'E Kenneth Svee Leila Vuorela f in W., .. in a , :.i 1, . X . 1 f.. - . - - .' ...f . - . , T pi zz. ,en 1 f - . ai. 'L . W' F Krew as il . . e fir - ,ga j , 1? '1...K.Q-i " li' Sie , f - I. N Nr, Ili' f mf 'li V . 'S !'gs1' :w 1- ..: ' , '-1 SQ.. E f " rf if """aifLgssa 5 ? if: 'S ' ' 'V . , , if ' , I, V s ex . , gm L' Edward Shaffer Dorothy Tastula Judith Wahl Gloria Ylimaki o2Io Charles Shromoff Donald Udenberg Rodney Wickstrom Roger Simonson Delphia Villa gn ROW I, left to right-Judy Todahl, Avis Magnuson, Pat McClung, janet Pearson, janet Patrick, Shirley Peterson, Karen Olson, Elaine Merritt. ROW II-Judy Erickson, Genevieve Bolen. Beverly Holmes, Donna Castner, Jerry Silvius, Grace Bislow, Mike Bonneville, Don Cavallin, Rita Prelvitz, Ruth Berquist. ROW IIIsMarietta Haugan, Mary Freeman, Mike Warren, William Olson, Richard Nolander, Vivian Carlson, Ronald Moe, Sharon LaBonne, Barbara Freeman,'!' Arverne Asher. ROW IV-Robert Chicken, Charles Magnusson, Ron- ald Parry, Kenneth Pelto, Donald Falk, Carole Wheeler, Linda Olson, Gayle Fredson, Larry Anderson, Dale Runnberg. ROW V-Bill Trus- cott. Larry jo Smith, Curtis Uppgard, Dick Coolidge, Bill Beck, john Rupkalvis, Lawrence Birkholz, Paul Amesbury, Ralph Jacobson, Merton Larson, Alvin jouppi, Ill IUR 'SX H r The C1'61l'H We started out our junior year by choosing Sandy and Joe as our Homecoming queen and king candidates. For the Homecoming Parade we enter- ed a huge silver football float. Next came the magazine sale in which we broke the records by selling the greatest number of magazines. For most of us we attended our first formal prom, "White Christmas," given by the seniors. Our pep as- sembly, which was a variety of television shows was really tops and lots of fun giving. We really felt like juniors the day we received our class rings. Our Prom, "Garden in the Rain," was a huge suc- cess and very nicely decorated. Last, but not least, we will always remember Cy's long history tests. We had a lot of fun in our Junior year and we'll always remember it. QM , 2 f A -::,i my it . uw A A 022 ROW l. left to right-Sharon Lord, Gary Swanson, Harold Congdon. De Loris Garrett, Pirkko Hill, Madelyn Lofgren, Joanne Sarff, Betty Falk, Bunny Erickson. ROW II-Colleen Pahl, Noreen Fenstad, Carol Wfoodward. Betty l-Iangartner, Mary Jo Patka, Judy Elving, Ruth Lind- holm, Annette Ojard, Marilyn Wiklund. ROW III-Dick Langley, Duane Betterman, Dale Muellerleile, Sandy Johnson, Elizabeth Christ- enson, Shirley Ashlock, Mariorie Holliday, Karen LaB0nne. Marvin Udenberg, ROW IV-Fred Alstrom, Paul Houle, Jody Hausten, Roger Overhy. John Blaisdell, Ronnie Rodvald, Don Murdock, Lyle Sward- strom, Dennis Prestidge, Don Saur. ROW V-Virgil Hopkins, Rob- ert Sellman, Jim Naslund, Donald Johnson, Jerry Ecklund, Bob Knapp, Bruce Lovald, James Anderson, Pat Berryman, Jack Ingelin, Roland Quinn. Ill IDB C fx Cla "Another one of llmfe weekend partie!" Sl.1rli,glzfwr 0230 ROW I, left to right-Arlan Anthony, Bob Mayfield, Karen Snyder, Beverly Ebert, Nancy Tubman, Nancy Acker, Lorreen Larson, jane Ostman, Charles Miller, Darwin Haveri, ROW II-Darrell Wiseth, Roger Riggs, Kathy Rush, Marlys johnson, Carol Davis, Alice Edgar, Larry Udenberg, Rollie Sibbald, Dean Nikula, Gail Mattson. ROW III-Tom McGregor, Audrey Torgeson, Barbara Pacini, Donna Erick- son, Barbara Anderson, Pearl Nelson, Pat Tranah, lna Haveri, Mildred Kari, Darlene Tikkanen, Penny LaCasse. ROW IV-Don Leksell, George Wendling, Sharon Maki, Margaret Baty, Janice Carlson, Ann Penttila, Mary Alice johnson, Darell Ness, Bill Harbitz, Ronald Bastian, Vernon Willow, Ward I-Iaveri. ROW V-Marian Olson, Yvonne Strand, Arlene Lind, Glenn Hanson, David M. Anderson, Wesley Korpi, Leif Erickson, Melbourne Townsend, Don Amesbury, Gerald Fields, Leland Sullivan, Bob Eikill. UPHU ORE Well, a few are still left after ten years of school, and sophomores at last or at least. The first incident in the year was the building of the float for the Homecoming Parade. It was quite a mess, everybody had an idea they thought was the best, as it turned out, everybody was wrong. Incidentally, we got one made. Next we tried something new, a practice dance. The purpose was to teach the boys to dance. I don't think anybody will take away Arthur Mur- ray's business after that night. Next came a bake sale to raise money for our prom. That was the most successful thing we did all year. Then came our Prom, Neptune's Court. Dick Johnson and his decorating committee did a very good job. The food and entertainment were also very good. Darrell Rosen's violin solo was enjoyed by everyone. jack Bostrom's fifty foot basket was remember- ed by everyone who saw the game. Jack claims it was skill, but that claim is disputed. Taking all things into consideration, the sopho- mores should make pretty good juniors. We hope so! 024s The H unter l - 1f-5 6' ...y ii ROW I, left to right-Sharon Loining, Janis Anderson, Katy Eng- strom, Mary Lou Lindgren, Karen Anderson, Dorothy Rose, Charlotte Bacon, Mabel Anderson. ROW II-Linda Wendling, Karen Saine, Linda Dewey, Alice Lex, Donald Runnberg, Kenneth Tikkanen, Lowell Hill, Norman Hagen, Allan Hein, Darlene Larson. ROW III-Valerie Flynn, Betty Saari, Darrel Rosen, jerry Libal, Paul Walker, Lawrence Sanner, Jim Bangsund, Shirley Carlson, Barbara Olson, Kenneth Hur- less. RONX' IV-john Quarn, Vernon Hedin, Bill Strand, Spencer joki, David C. Anderson, john Sellman, Peter Naysmith, David Edes, Melvin Tapio, jack Bostrom, john McGregor, David Sande. UPHU CURE "Sign Here" 0250 Rub f Rub ! Sapbmlmrci ROW I. left to right-Denis Warren, Steve Marklund, David Uden- burg, Peter Bugge, Richard Wiita, Nancy Widseth, Darlene Dewey. jean Bittner, Janet Hendrickson, Charlotte Bastian, Art Bissell, David Hangartner, -lohn Tucker, David Puent, ROW IIfDavid Anderson, Charles House, Dwight Moe, Daniel Sullivan, Gerane Schramm, Dar- lene Ralston, Mary Erickson, Anita Kari, Louise Nelson, Ken Wahl, jerry Lavin. ROW Illfjacqueline Hanson, Marilyn Lyson, Glen Burke, Dennis Lovold, Charlene Alstrom, Lois Tranah, Donna Ferge- son, Peggy Merritt, Darlene Vorderbrugger, Carole Housechild, Serine Peterson, Janice Knoke. ROW IV-Leonard Hall, Dennis McCormick, Bob Bailey, Louise johnson, Phyllis Didier, Annette Lassonde. jean Miller, Mary Ann Lukkonen, Roger Heil, Mike Smith, Edward Carl- son. ROW V-Edward Nordahl, Robert Zapolski, Frank Arendt, Ronald Mattson, Jerome Nordskog, Walter Puent, john Kemper, Richard Klemmer, Duane Pagenkopf, Tom Fraser, William johnson. Ab f .' Shuffafltferzre 026 The freshman class this year was composed of approximately one hundred twenty-five members. New students registered almost every week of the school year and a number of students left to live in other places. We did the usual things that do not sound very exciting to the upper classmen but were quite an achievement to us. Such events were "Springtime", our freshman prom, and a pep assembly of which we took charge. In our classes we had the usual "hair-pulling" over algebra. In English we had our first meeting with Shakespeare through "The Merchant of Ven- ice" and enjoyed dramatizing parts of it. Tom Casey came back to school in time to make an out- standing Shylock. Others who played that part well were Edmond Lundstrom, Melvin Fadness, and William johnson. In science we learned many new interesting things, and in social studies we especial- ly enjoyed the unit on vacations. "Dm1'l work too bard" ROW I, left to right-Mathew Turnberg, David Falk, Donald Warner, Tommy Ross. Duane Morsette, Stanley Sunde, Jean Lindquist, Dorothy Roscoe, Sandra Croft, Beverly Miller, Jerry Carlson. ROW II--Robert Pedt, Julianne House, Judy Moe, Marilyn Weideman, Donna Mealy, Margaret Jouppi, Barbara Hanson, Raymond Murdock, David Johnson, Leslie Bolen, Roger Martinson. ROW III-Philip Houle, Robert Landgren. Sandra Patak. Ruth Ann Johnson, Sonja Svee, Barbara Mc- Graw, Judy Anderson, Carol Sarff, Priscilla Lindgren, Dorothy Axel- son, Marvin Willcmw, John Lind. ROW IV-Wesley Morris, Sharon Patalc, Allison Mattson, Nancy Erickson, Karen Soderstrom, Kathleen Riley, Sharon Williams, Janice Mattson, Judy Holmes, Ronald Brown, Donald Pearson, Bruce Gurnoe, ROW V-Gary Ben Johnson, Ed- mund Lundstrom, Dale Lex, Darrell Olson, Gordon Oftedahl, Jack Poulas, Melvin Fadness, Gwynn Giddings, John Bladin, Jerry Truscott. FRE HMEN line bare bard ,bmblemrf lull 0270 Practice Illaker Pvrfccl ROW I. left to right-Dan Anderson, Carolyn Olson, David Blaisdell, Bruce Alber, Terry Zimmerman, Gene LaFavor, Karen Johnson, Sandra Anderson, Darrel Flynn, Lois Ringer, Marlene Ellis, Delores Gaffke, john Nolander, Eddie Hegnauer. ROW II-Georgeanna Lewis, Sandra Olson, Kathy Croke, Karen Mallory, Mary Henjum, Carolyn Nelson, Delores Nelson, Gwendolyn johnson, Hazel johnson, Ella Hanson, joan Hagen, David Murphy. ROW III-Irene Gruver, Sharyn Ebert, .Ianet Kendall, Shanna Burroughs, Mary Swanson, Ann Simonson, Mary Zapolski, Marilyn Wisner, Sandra Ronning, Barbara Sunde, Robert Frost, Rolf Bergman. ROW IVfjames Thompson, Charles Nelson, Kenny johnson, Connie Lind, Susan Sibald, Karen Kempffer, Donna Olson, Ann Hegnauer, Sharon Coolidge, Ronald LaFavor. ROW V- ,Iohn Hegnauer, Charles Christianson, Paul Carlson, Charles Townsend, john Oling, -Ieflrey Ronning, Don Blanchard, joseph Cardinal, Roger EIGHTH GR D Christensen, Kenny johnson, George Blais. ROW I, left to right-john McDowell, Larry Polutanovich, james Carlson, john Baty, Alan Nelson, jerry Anderson, Robert Hermans, Jerry Carlson, Charles Elving, Cathy Oian, Roberta Hynnek. ROW II- Brian Nelson, Betty Towers, Irene Ornie, Louise Nelson, Charlene Erickson, Patty Maher, Linda johnson, Patty Naysmith, Janice Rosen, Karen Betzler, Irene Prestidge. ROW III-Radyne Tohack, Peggy Wiclcstrom, Gail Anderson, Linda Mattson, Susan Grudnosky, Donna Lindgren, Luanne Carlson, Carol Lassonde, Lee Ann Nelson, Judy Olson, Ann Wagner, Carol Groseth, Ruth Ann Cavallin. ROW IV- Gary Vorderbrugger, David Lex, Gladstone Hill, jerry Pearson, Ann- ettee Stinehart, Bonnie Rush, Patricia Livingood, Myrna Nelson, Sonja Bousson, Alice Klug, Lorraine Hanson, Alvin Koslci. ROW V-Roger Rushmyer, Milton Glass, Gary Hanson, john Wedlund, Vernon Bra- dow, LeRoy Zobel, William Bolen, Larry Stinehart, Terry johnson, Fred DuFresne, Bernie Kylma. il Q 4 W f L. 0280 ROW I, left to right-Winston Rasmussen. Harold Ek. Gary Hogan- son, Darlene Vanderkooi, Irene Anderson, Judy Sandretzky, Susan Lindgren, Gary Naslund, Jackie Lamoureuk, Lorne Hedin, James Stevens. ROW II-Mavis Siostrom. Eveann Ramsey, Barbara Welo, Patsy Ritschei, Dale Carlson, Kathy McGregor, Carol Carlson, Richard Sandness, Coral Fjeran, Ronald Holms. ROW III-Edward Schramm, Rosalind Haveri, Mary Jenkins, Roberta Johnson, Judy Orazem, Sandra Schweiger, Barbara Erickson, Meredith Meline, Kathy Gravelle, Nancy Hadlock, Nancy Sullivan, Sharon Keller. ROW IV-Richard Wend- ling. Raymond Erickson, Ronnie Ball, John Moe, Dewey Castner, Duane Strand, Romona Dimenk, Dean Jordon, Margie Normela, Jo- Anne Gilpin, Marilyn Strand. ROW V-William Briske, Donald Krea sol, Errol Moline, Harry Haugen, Henry Brower, Fred Iverson, Clifford Bergman, David Newman, Karen Johnson, Ruth Lind, Jill Jacoby, Sandra Running. The 178 8th graders were active this year in many of the school activities-junior band, or- chestra, chorus, basketball, football, junior high G.A.A., "B" cheerleading, and majorettes. Dale Carlson was the county spelling champion who represented the school at the Upper Midwest Spelling Contest in Minneapolis. Several members of the 8th grade contributed articles in the Harbor Beacon. EIGHTH GR D Slumber? .9 .V 029. ROW l, left to right-Lawrence Ryen, David Keller, Gary Cavallin, Curtis Nelson, David Oian, Rodney Erickson, Cecelia Uppgard. joan Mattson, Nadine Pape, janet Haveri, Sharolyn Swanson. ROW Il- Carol Hill, Carol Erickson, Rita Thorngren, Ellen Bacon, Susan Han- son, Carol Hagen, Darlene Bissell, Corrine Loining, Roger Schromoff, Sandra Oling. Genevieve Tom. ROW lll-Robert Ashhough, Vernon Erickson, William Overby, Ronald Hendrickson, Patricia Sansom, Cleo Birkholz, Le Roger Lind, Sharon Strand, Carol Pape, Donna Pederson, Susan Turnquist. ROW IV-john Hedin, Edmund Poland, David jappinen, Margo Smith, Denise Garrett, Karen Sandberg, joanett Hel- geson, Daniel Herbert, janice Marker, Arlis Nelson, Karen james, james Graden. ROW V-Bruce Eskola, Richard jenkins, Marlin Dahl, Dennis O'ard, Delrav Waldron Grew LaBonne Thomas Anderson, l , Y 5-S 7 Ronald Svee, john Patrick, Robert Christensen. SEVE TH GR D ROW I, left to right-David Hudyma, Ronny Iovold David Olson Pamela Shogren, Lincla Holmaas, Steven Hassett. Curtis Nelson, Susan Haugan, Linda Freeberg, Michael MacArthur, Elwood Tauscher. ROW llfliruce Ronning, jim Strom, Gary Thun, Donna Bangsund, Darlene Fjeran, Phyllis Pelto, Loris johnson, Glorianne Christiansen, Billy Whelan, Leon Holbeck, Tony Olson. ROW ll--Gary LaBonne, Brian Gordon, Wayne Muellerleile, Ralph Stevens, Gordon Pape, Paul Lar- son, jimmy Nauga, jerry Webster, Frank Burton, Ronald Roscoe, Duane Didier, john Magnuson, Danny Waxlax. ROW! IV-Mitchell Costley, Paulette Wiemi, janice Holisky, Karen Bark, Susan johnson, Rogene Olson, Gail Nylund, jill Nelson, Ferris Rodvold, joyce Fields, Dawn Corcoran, Eugene Lenhart, ROW V-Ted Hedin, Donald Gar- den, Geraldine Hayes, Carol Dahlberg, Sandra Reinertson, Virginia Strom, Kathy johnson, Margie Ness, Linda Sunde, Sandra Henjum, Philip Adams. D-..A1 0300 N . ROW I. left to right-Judy Larson, Virginia Aspling, Carol Lind. Emilie Ruherg. Elizabeth Alohnson, Gay Brinkema, Brian Saine. Brian Lampi. Donald Hadlock, Roger Larson. David Sausen. Tom Langley, Kent Halvorson, Philip Langlois. ROW II--jo Anne Hanninen. Lu- cille Bolen, Marlys Bangsund. Roberta Stephenson. Carol Husted, Mar- lene Backen. Betty Sanner. Dorothy Lind, Judy Johnson, Sandra Alber. ludy Wirxlzix. Alice Sande. ROW lllfliathryn Lattanzio. Kathy Spain, Mary Wagner, Barbara Shea, Patricia House, Gayle Garrison, Eileen Warner, Linda Lind. Ruth Ann Martinson. Pamela Masse, Billy Kendall. Frank Ornie, ROW IV-Nancy johnson, Richard Biorum. Ronald Nurmi, Don Omtvedt. Billy Himango, Gary Ralston, Ronald Erno, Charles Amesbury. Robert Merritt. Darrell Loining, Duane Moe, ROW V+Duane Roe, john Evans, Terry Lindholm, Bruce Carl- son. james Libal, Marshall Ness, Donald Roberts, Robert Jones, Carla Fjeran. joseph Burtzel. Rodney Anderson, Stephen Marker, SE E TH GH DE junior High 03lo Last September approximately 175 eager and expectant seventh graders trooped into the halls ot' T.H.H.S. to begin a new phase of their school ca- reers. Those first few days were busy and some- times confusing ones for the new arrivals, for one boy is said to have asked a teacher at the end ot' the day, "How do you get out of this place?" The seventh graders soon settled down to the serious business of school work, however, and within a short time were accustomed to their new routine. The school day of a seventh grader is a very busy one with every period being utilized for some type of school work or activity. Included in the program of every seventh grader are the fol- lowing subjects: English, history, arithmetic, geog- raphy, shop or home economics, physical education, health, music, and art. Many seventh graders have also found time to participate in band, orchestra, chorus, G.A.A., Pep Club, intramural basketball, football, and other activities, The seventh graders have made good progress toward becoming responsible school citizens. We know they will give a good account of themselves in their remaining years at T.H.H.S. Fulrzw A muzu 11,1 BLE A 0 . kgtxla .xx ww .W Flower: Red Rose Color: Lt. Blue MN ffl Sala afgaret Qrlbh ' 0 Poke Motto: Out of the harbor into deep water. Leading us to success: if 1...-Y - X 2 W!!-,H L VA, e r 4 fu. X 06,79 ,4441 1 6 ,lf- 2 itxl 4.1 -ii is' Y'- ."-'B ' be 1 0320 ALL HANDS UN DECK 5,56- Ho J Iow Q e' fel- ' we- I 'Q I-' 5? 6' H ' a " ACTIVITIES s1""u.,,, SEATED, left to right-Claudia Hermans, Lois Olson, Pat Carlson, Lynde Anderson, George Pearson, Nancy Nunstedt, Janice Nelson, Warren Saur, Don Riggs. STANDING--June Olson, Carrol Rinne, Diane Hermans, Sondra Anderson, Sharon Riley, Philip Carlson, Ed Hill, Bob Murdock, Carolyn Fuller, Kenneth Emerton, Mr. Kenneth Knowlton CAdvisorj. The Nor'Easter had George Pearson for its editor And Nancy for assistant editor, Janice and Pat were lay-out captains With Lindy and Bob in the art department. But that ain't all. School days found Warren and Don taking pictures With Ken doing the dew elopxng I . . 7 . UR E, I E I Ed Hill was the onl one to worry about the money The bfgfllllillg of our dlillllclf And how it was speht. We found out what a deadline was! We typed and typed and retyped copy, Counted the words in so many spaces, Proof read sheets galore. We argued about the yearbook theme! The dividers- And the color scheme. We pestered students for their down payment. Soon the layouts were finished, Pictures taken, copy written. And we give YOU the 55 Nor'Easter. 034 SEATED, left to right-Carol johnson, Lois Olson, jean Marie Erickson, Nancy Nunstedt, Pat Carlson, Kathie Anderson, Etta Haugen, Alice Craig, jane Lassonde, Carole Carlson, Peggy Croke, STAND- ING-Arlene Lind, Judith Elving, William Flygare, Gloria Ylimaki, Pirkko Hill, Janice Nelson, Carolyn Fuller, Sandra johnson, Dorothy Tastula, Ruby Bailey, Donna Castner. H RBUR BEACH T FF "Deadline coming up! Get those articles in!" "How about two Point with Prides this week?" "Get this typed out quick! It's got to be in to- night!" Jeanie and Lois, our Co-editors, worked hard to get those articles together. Of course, they couldn't have done it without the help from Carole and Carolyn who wrote those original Spotlights and Peggy and Pat writing the Point with Prides. Nancy was always running around with a list of questions for Inquiring Reporter, but jane needed a knapsack at times in order to handle all the Beacon Flashes. The Sports were covered superbly by Chuck. The Final Edition was tops, with the whole staff working to capacity. The members of the staff deserve a pat on the back for the fine job they did this year. A special thanks to Mr. Flygare for the wonderful help he gave us as advisor. We hope that next year's staff will keep up the good work of this year's staff, and make the Beacon an even bigger success. 0350 .". , ' L C X li, ROW I, left to right-Darrell Rosen, Kathie Anderson, Lee Ann Nel- son, Mryna Nelson, Marge Holliday, Alice Craig. ROW II-Avis Magnuson, Carol Davis, jo Ann Helvig, Ina Haveri, Alice Helvig, Janice Anderson, Etta Haugan. ROW IlIfKathy Riley, Peggy Wick- strom, Carol Lassonde, Dwight Moe, Don johnson, Sondra Anderson, Carolyn Fuller, Mary Freeman, Linda Olson, Marilyn Wicklund, Gail Fredson. ROW lVMBarbara Hanson, jean Lindquist, Donna Fergur- son, Claudia I-Iermans, Elizabeth Christeanson, Karen Seine, Mr. Gauche, Director. "NO, horns! It's ta-tata-ta, not tata-ta-ta." Oh, me, another 8:30 orchestra rehearsal. Why aren't those kids here on time! And another Monday morning starts oil-all wrong. All joking aside, however, this year's orchestra has done a very fine job, and should be highly com- mended. The concert we had on March 22 received many compliments, and we hope next year's or- chestra does as well. Another thing that added greatly to the enjoy- ment of our musical programs this year was the in- stallation of our beautiful new organ in the audi- torium. Also, this year we had an after-matinee concert for the high school, something which has never been done before. We owe Mr. Gauche much for helping our orchestra do a good job this year, for without his guidance none of our many activities would have been possible. 0360 ORCHE TP. x Q ef af ff X 47 C ., ,xf A 'JA X 4 x If 'Q U or U rl ' res' 1 ROW I. left to rightgl-Iarold Congdon, Sharon Riley, Barbara Olson, Janice Nelson, Peggy Croke, ROW Ilsjean Erickson, Mary Freeman, Mary Lou Lindgren, Annette Ojard, Susan Grunosky, Gail Anderson, June Olson, judy Olson. ROW Ill-ALowell Hill, Donald Saur, Lyle Peters. George Pearson, Madeline Lofgren, Marlys johnson, Charlene Alstrom, Marilyn Weidonen, Ann Wagner, Pat Mahar. ROW IV-- Ronny Rodvold, Warren Saur, Ed Hill, Annette Fox, Carole Carlson. Rbyzlam Rambler: 0370 ROW I, left to right-Peggy Croke, jean Erickson, Marjorie Holiday. Alice Craig, Janice Knoke. Patricia Naysmith, Judy Anderson, janet Pearson, Nancy Tubman, Jack Ingelin, Avis Magnuson, Sharon Riley, Harold Congdon. Steppifzg high ! AN ROW ll-Darlene Larson. Gretchen Magnuson, Mary Free- man. Annette Ojard, Lois Olson, Ruth Lindholm, Annette Fox. Carol johnson. Myrna Nelson. Linda Olson. Gail Fred- son, Sondra Anderson, Donald johnson, Marietta Haugan, Janis Anderson. Nancy Nunstedt, Barbara Freeman, Caroline Fuller, Ann Pentilla. D 0380 ROW III-Jane Lassonde. Mary Lindgren. 'lulianne House, Nancy Erickson. Dwight Moe, Richard Coolidge, Roger Simonson, George Pearson, Madelyn Lofgren, Darrel Rosen, Merton Larson, Davitl M. Anderson, Ralph -Iacohson, Arnold Lindquist, Marlys xlohnson. Marilyn Wickltincl. Karen Soder- strom, Charles House, Shirley Carlson. ,lanice Nelson, Spencer joki, Priscilla Lindgren, Donna Lindgren, Kathleen Anderson, Allison Mattson, "Under the Big Top"! Sounds like a circus! But really it was the Two Harbors High School band's marching formation for tournament time. With our high-stepping majorettes it really looked fine. In addition to this event, the band also put on a concert on November 30, and Went on a trip to Ely on May 16. Almost everyone agreed that this year's band was the best we have had in a long time, and we hope it continues its good work. Perhaps our new schedule for band practice, which eliminated those 8:00 practices and those sleepy, sleepy eyes, helped it along. ROW lV-- Donna Ferguson, .ludy hloe, Claudia Hermans, Marjorie XVickstrom, l'c-,eu Merritt. lilizaheth Christcnson, lean Lindquist. ll.ll'lW.ll'.l Hanson, Kartn Saine, w'.lI'fL'U baur. Ronald Rodvold. Peter Naxsmith. Ihl Hill, David C. Ander- son, Mr. Llauclie, Lowell llill, Arxid lides, Donald Saur, jerry l.ihal, Lyle Peters. Another unusual occurrence for our school hap- pened this year, being the spring festival taking place in our school this year instead of in Duluth as in previous years. There were many high school bands performing here at that time. Thus another memorable event took place in our school. We also cannot forget the Swing Band and the excellent concert they put on on April 1. But as everyone realizes, none of this would have been possible without Mr. Gauche's patient teaching and directing, Thanks to him, we have had one of the best years of band performance in a long while. "The I!"etlemerr" 0390 An , A S. A . ...- ROVU l. left to right-Katy Engstrom, Ethel Hicks. 'lane Lassonde, Ftta Harman. Karen Anderson, Janie Anderson. Karen LaBonne. Mar- gie Holliday, Sharon Lalionne. ROW' ll-Betty Falk, Shirley Carlson, Carol johnson, Carole Carlson, jean Erickson. Kathie Anderson, Nor- een Fensted, Vivian Carlson, Grace liislow. RCDW Ill-Ruth Berquist, Arvern Asher. liarhara Freeman. Ina Haveri, Alice Lex, Mary Freeman, Arlene Lind, Gail Fredson. Dianne Hermans, Sondra Anderson, Eliza- heth Christeanson. RCJW IV--Dick johnson, George Grummet. Mar- garet liatv, ,lanis Carlson, Shirley Carlson, Judy lflving, Paul Houle, liill Harhitz, Lindy lindquist. Shirley Ashlock, Liary Alice -Iohnson. ROW' V-f-I-Giles Dalhcc, Mike liennett, Rohert Chicken, Bill Beck, Pat lierryman, Ralph -lacuhson, jim Anderson, jerry Berquist, Bob Knapp, lid Hill. SEATFD, left to right--Julianne House, Sonja Svee, Ruth Ann johnson, Carol Sarff, Sandra Patak, Pricilla Lindgren. STANDING-Judy Moe, judy Anderson, Nancy Erickson, Karen Soder- strom, Kathy Riley, Sharon Patak, Allison Mattson. A., .nu 0400 This year we've had quite a good mixed chorus. To begin with, we had try-outs to see if we were qualified to participate. The Christmas program was first on the list of our activities. One of the highlights of this pro- gram was the Hallelujah Chorus. Club La Gyle was the scene of our variety show held in January. The annual Music Festival for Two Harbors and surrounding area was held here and was a great success. Our mixed chorus ended its year with the sing- ing for commencement. in T -- IXED CHUBU ROW' l. loft to right K.lI'K'Il SI1YalL'l'. K.lfL'I1 Olson. Sliirlvv P4-ti-rsun, l11.1m1c' S.1IllA. N.111iy lllLll5lN.lIl, lluiihuy f1lUlik'. Vvrly llcilw. lll.llIlk' Mu'- ritt. ,l.lllkIlL' l9.1t1'i1k, ROW' ll-Simily ,lOl'lIISOI1. Alina' Cr.1i1g. Pirlw Hill, P.1t McCl11n11. Avis M.1gn11S11n. lWIAl1'llYIl vclllflillllkl. D.111cttc R41ttci.' Cl.1u1li.1 HL-rm.1ns, limrt Pc111'son. ROW' lll-lmwnc Miixisun, Naiicv Nunste-ilt, Kl.lI'llLC l1llClylll.l, Dolphin Vill.1. VlLlQlY W'.1lil. Crwmiic PQQ1111-. vl.lIllL'L' M.1tts11i1, Coleen P.1l1l. Alunc Olwn. ROW' IV--Cfimwl W"l1culci'. Sl1q11'1111 Rilyy. Ami Pi-i1ttil.1. KL-nnctli Svcs. Grctuliuri lXf11gr111S11n. l.11is Olson. Amiuttc Oi.11'il, Rwgc-r Oycrlvy, G.1ry Sxxyiiisim. H.11'11lil Clmtuiliiii. ROW' V--'Ro-:L-r Slllllllliilll. Rmlm-y W'icl4s11'u111. Ciciwpuc Pciirson, Philip Cnrlwii. D1111.1lil S.lLlI'. lf1lw.111l Sll.lL'll'L'l'. Rlllhllkl Moc, Dale ML1llurlcilc. Miko lionm-x'illc. ROW! l. left to right- -,To Ann Surg. Avis 51.1411011- son, Knrcn Anderson. Alice Craig. Clnunliu Her- mnns. ROW! IlfM11riCtt11 Hiiugun, Marjorie Hol- liday. Nancy Nunstult. Kathie Anilcrson. ROW' III-Slmmn Riley, Mary Alice blolmson, Arlcnc Lind, Colleen Pnlil. 4l0 -CRN ROW I. left to right-Linda Freeberg, Susan Haugan, Kathy Lattanzio, Elizabeth Johnson, Susan Hanson, Donna Bangsund, Irene Anderson Leon Holbeck, John Hedin, Tom Anderson. ROW II+Marlys Bang- sund, Patricia House, Ellen Bacon, Mary Henjum, Kathy Gravelle, Loris Johnson, Glorianne Christiansen. Judy Gari6PY, Carol Carlson, Janet Haveri, Rosalind Haveri. ROW III-Alice Klug, Catherine Croke, Susan Grudnosky, Barbara Erickson, Kathryn Johnson, Dawn Corcoran, Darlene Fjeran, Carole Dahlberg, Judy Johnson, Marlene Backen, Carole Husten, ROW IV-Susan Jolmson, Janice Holisky, Virginia Aspling, Judy Larson, Sandra I-lenjum, Carol Hagen, Sandra Alber, Gay Brinkema, Nancy Johnson, Julianne House, Jillene Jacoby. ROW V-Joanette Helgeson, Denise Garrett, Delores Galfke, Janet Kendall, Karen Bark. Sharon Ebert, Shanna Burroughs, Jo Ann Hagen, Carole Lassonde, Karen Johnson, Judy Anderson, Carla Fjeran, Geraldine 1 IU IUR CHURU Hays. ROW I, left to right-Linda Mattson, Janice Rosen, Barbara Shay, Paulette Wiemi, Genevive Thom, Sherlyn Swanson, Panela Shogren, Nadine Pape, JoAnn Mattson, Pamela Iylassey, Ruth Ann Martinson. ROW II-Betty Sanner, Mavis Sjostrom, Kathy McGregor, Ferris Rod- vold, Patricia Sansom, Ann Wagner, Judy Olson, Emilie Ruherg, Roberta Stephenson, Phyllis Pelto. ROW III-Rogene Olson, Irene Ornie, Sharon Strand, Sandra Olson, Myrna Nelson, Judy Orazen, Sandra Reinertsen. Judy Waxlax, Marideth Melin, Karen Mallory, Mary Zapolslci. ROW' IV-Louise Nelson, Janice Marker, Margo Smith, Carol Sarff, Judy Moe, Peggy Wickstrtnni, Virginia Strom, Sandra Schweger, Patty McGregor, Susan Turnquist. ROW V-Jill Nelson, Radyn Tobeck, Lee Ann Nelson, Kathy Riley, Karen Soder- strom, Gail Nylund, Arlis Nelson, Pat Naysrnith, Marilyn Strand, Barbara Welo. 5 0420 ROW I, left to right-Carol Lind, Dawn Corcoran, Nadine Pape, Donna Bangzsund. Sandra Alher, Susan Hanson, Darlene Vanderkooi, Judy Johnson. ROW Il-Marlene Backen, Phyllis Pelto, Betty Sanner, Marlys Bangsund, Elizabeth Johnson. Roberta Stevenson, Loris John- son, ROW III-Coral Fjeran, Carol Pape, Sandra Reinertson, Joanette Helgeson, Virginia Strom, Gay Brinkema, Patty Maher, Pamela Mas- sey, Meredith Melin. ROW IV-Sandra Olson, Peggy Wickstrom, Sandra Schwieger, Barbara Welo, Jillene Jacoby, Carol Dahlberg, Patricia Livingood, Virginia Aspling, Judy Larson. ROW V-Lee Ann Nelson, Gail Nylund, Carol Lassonde, Luanne Carlson, Nancy IU IDR G. A Johnson fSecretaryJ, Sandra Henjum, Cathy Croke, Joyce Fields. ROW I, left to right-Linda Freeberg, Karen Johnson. Susan Haugan, Cecelia Uppgard, Mary Henjum, Paulette Wieme, Sharolyn Swanson, Pamela Shogren, Karen Mallory. ROW II-Jo Anne Hanninen, Bar- bara Shay, Patricia Sansom, Mavis Sjostrom. Kathleen Spain. Lori Ann Christenson. Susan Turnquist, Karen Sanberg. ROW III-Ferris Rod- vold. Susan Johnson, Catherine Johnson, Linda Mattson fVice-Presi- dentj, Donna Lindgren fPresidentJ, Judy Orazem, Myrna Nelson, ROW IV--Gwendolyn Johnson, Janice Holisky, Gail Anderson, Caro- lyn Olson. Denise Garrett, Donna Olson, Marjorie Normela, Rogene Olson. ROW V-Karen Kempffer, Margo Smith, Sharon Ebert, Shan- na Burroughs, Karen Bark, Jill Nelson, Geraldine Hayes, Irene Gruver. 'WAS 0430 ROW I, left to right-Jean Lindquist, Madelyn Lofgren fTreasurerJ Gretchen Magnusson fPresidentJ, Ruth Lindholm, fSecretaryJ, Dar- lene Larson, Katy Engstrom. ROW II-Noreen Fenstad. Dorothy Rose, Darlene Tikkanen, Marlys Johnson, Alice Helvig, Barbara Free- man. ROW III-Sandy Patak, Gail Mattson, Janis Anderson, Mary Freeman, Alice Lex, Nancy Erickson, Pat McClung fVice President, not picturedJ. PEP CLUB E IUR GAA Are you going to Pep Club? Who's selling candy at the next game? Those are the questions that come up at the Wednesday meeting of the Pep Club. Remember the assemblies and the banquet? We've always had a good crowd at the games when our cheerleaders were on the floor. Good luck to next year's club in hopes that they have as much fun as we did this year. ROW I, left to right-Gloria Ylimaki, Ethel Hicks, Jean Marie Lind quist, Carol Davis, Marlys Johnson, Katy Engstrom, Joanne Sarff. ROW IIvfJane Lassonde, Janet Pearson, Pat McClung, Avis Magnu- son, Marietta Haugan fSecretaryJ, Donna Castner. ROW Ill-Marilyn Wiklund fTreasurerJ, Sandra Patak, Leone Monson, Mary Freeman, Alice Lex fVice-PresidentJ, Vivian Carlson, Grace Bislow fPresidentJ, ROW lVfMargaret 'Haty, Karen Saine, Ruth Bergquist, Barbara Free- man, Janice Carlson, Priscilla Lindgren, Dorthy Rose. ROW Vg Marjorie Holliday, Noreen Fenstad, Gayle Fredson, Judith Elving, Sandra Johnson, Colleen Pahl. 0440 "Throw away those books!" Those were the dreaded words which meant burning the midnight oil with the task of learning lines. There was, how- ever, some peeking at the playbooks anyhow. The Drama Club, under the able direction of Mr. J. C. Evans, put on two one-act plays last fall. "Prize Money" was the tale of a young man who just couldn't resist contests. His love of limer- icks put him in hot water with his boss, his girl, and his parents, but love won out in the end. "Fixers Incorporated" dealt with a small busi- ness which was going on the rocks because of a lack of customers. Their first and last customer turned out to be a wealthy businessman into whom they injected a generous supply of self-confidence. In return they received from him wonderful jobs in his business. ROW I, left to right-George Pearson fTreasurerj, Rodney Wick- strom lPresidentJ, J, C, Evans QDirectorJ, Alice Craig fSecretaryl, Bill Beck, Philip Carlson. ROW II-Ruby Bailey. Claudia I-lermans, Shirley Carlson, Pirkko Hill, Verly Burke, Peggy Croke. ROW III- Harold Congdon, jane Lassonde, Avis Magnuson, Nancy Nunstedt, Carol Carlson, Carol johnson. ROW IV-Lois Olson, Mariorie Holliday, Carolyn Fuller, jean Erickson, Rita Prevlitz, Colleen Pahl. ROW V--Marietta I-Iaugan, Sharon Riley, Sondra Anderson, Pat Carlson, Kathie Anderson. ROW VI-Kenneth Overby, Roger Simon- son, Robert Knapp, Chuck Shromoff. DRAMA CLUB "Wfbal a men" I 0450 SEATED, left to right-Arlan Anthony, Gayle Bugge, Warren Saur, Sondra Anderson, Ken Emerton, Audrey Torgerson, john A. Rupkalvis. STANDING-Skeeter Congdon, Art Bissel, Chuck House, Duane Pagenkopf, Jerry Fields, Lawrence Birkholtz, jerry Lavin, Bertine Whiting fAdvis0rJ. PBUEBTHlIif CLUB SEATED, left to right-John Nolander, Bill Overby, Dick Bjorum, Duane Didier, john Hedin, Bobby jones, Bruce Carlson. STAND- ING-Gary La Bonne, Richard Jenkins, jerry Field, john A. Rupkal- yi's,dEarl Nelson fAdvisorl, Gordon Oftedahl, Bill Harbitz, johnny in . ERA.CLUB The Projectionist Club was started last year as Ia service organization as an aid to teachers. .Their objective is to aid in what manner they can in the operation of the various machines. i The boys operate the projector, film strip ma- chine, and tape recorder. They take charge of the public address system in the auditorium. As a result of Mr. Nelson's able advising, a large number of the students are now able to oper- ate these machines. This is a very helpful organization, and we hope it will continue throughout the coming year. 0460 SEATED, left to right-Lee Roger Lind, Sharon Riley, jane Lassonde fSecretary-Treasurerj, Robert Knapp fPresidentJ. Alice Craig fVice- Presidcntj, Warren Saur, Brian Saine, STANDINGfKatl1y Rush, Pat McClung, Ruth Lindholm, Carol Lassonde, Alvin jouppi, Shirley Carlson. Karen Saine, Earl Nelson, Advisor, Sonja Svee, Nancy Erick- son, Sandra Patalt, Judy Sandretzky. TUBE T CUU CIL SIZATFD. left to right-Stan Suntle, Ronald Brown, Louise Nelson, lfliiine lNlcrritt. V.ilci'inc Flynn. Marilyn Wc'itlc-i'111iln, Judy Elving, Rodney liriclcson. lirute Albcr. STANDlNG----'Clmrlcs Elving, Roger Oycrby, lioh lXIurdot'k. Bill liolcn, Clifiortl lic-rgmcn, Bruce Lovold, Alerry Fields, ,loc C.llALlll'l.ll. Duane Pgxgtnkoff. Bruce Gueroe, Lenord Hall. Roger Heil. The Two Harbors Student Advisory Council is a new organization at Lake County High School this year. The council is made up of 18 members, elected from the classes. It holds weekly meetings, at which problems and issues brought to its atten- tion are discussed and acted upon. The organization has discovered that there is a need for improvement in some of its operational phases. These are being considered and will prob- ably be carried out and set to work for next year. We feel that our success in the future will de- end upon how well we can stimulate the student ody to take its full share of responsibility in this new experience in student democracy. FETY CLUB 047o ROW I, left to right-Gloria Ylimaki fParliamentarianJ, Shirley Peterson fSecretaryj, Claudia Hermans, June Olson, Ethel Hicks, Nancy Nunstedt fPresidentJ, Marietta Haugan, Janice Nelson. ROW ll-Audrey Torgerson, Margaret Jouppi, Judy Erickson, Beverly Holmes, Donna Castner, Vivian Carlson, Grace Bislow fTreasurerJ, Priscilla Lindgren. ROW III-Valerie Flynn, Ruth Johnson, Sonja Svee, Marilyn Lyson, Phyllis Didier, Allison Mattson, Sharon Patak, Kathie Anderson, Nancy Erickson, Pat Hanson. ROW IV-Jackie Hanson, Judy Erickson, Gayle Bugge, Janice He-din, Dorothy Tastula, Mary Alice Johnson fVice-Presidentj, Sandra Anderson, Diane Her- mans, Sharon Maki, Julianne House. ROW V-Mildred Kari, Linda Dewey, Marian Olson, Darlene Larson, Lois Tranah, Ruth Lindholm, Elizabeth Christensen, Judy Elving. This year our F.H.A. was a big success. We went to the district convention at Buhl. A large number of girls attended and had a very good time. We had our annual Christmas Party, and this year we started something new in the special events category. We had a supper party with the F.F.A. boys. We had a large crowd and everyone had a lot of fun. We put on a Style Show in March and added a millinery section to our program. Our year climaxed by our annual Mother- Daughter Banquet. All in all, the F.H.A. had a very good year. Af lloe Slate Comfentionf .48. F. H. A. 1-Ui N ,. E7 in W, ll I Y J fl 5452 J if gi L J.: 1 A in WWF? ' 'J f A 079: J' ."'r25""' "Min Amerim'J" ROW I, left to right-Donovan Warner, Virgil Olson fTreasurerJ, Philip Holbeck fVice-President, Lynde Anderson fSecrc-taryj, Bill Beck fReporterj, Don Lindahl flaresidentj, Stanley Sunde, Duane Morsette. ROW IIMGary Swanson, Raymond Murdock, Ronald Brown, john Bladin, Philip Houle, Allen Hein, Donald Pearson, Lyle Willow, Earl Udenberg, Roger Martinson. ROW Ill-Wesley Harris, Billy Olson, Dick Nolander, Ed Lundstrom, Vernon Willow, Ronald Parry, Charles Glass, john Lind, Gwynn Giddings, Armund Backen. ROW IV-fDick Smith, Bob Blaisdell, Bob Landgren, Michael Rich, Don Falk, Ken Overby, Don Cavallin, Mike Bonneville, Lester Bolen, jerry Bergquist, Bob Sellman, Lawrence Birkholtz, Gene Magnuson, Giles Dalbec, David DuFresne, Virgil Hopkins, Ralph Jacobson, Gor- don Oftedahl, Larry Poulas, jim Poulas, David Puent, jack Poulas. The F.F.A. is an organization of boys studying agriculture in the high school. During 1954-55 there were twenty members in the club. The boys met each Monday during the entire winter for rec- reation. Games were played with Moose Lake, Floodwood, Proctor, and Silver Bay. The boys at- tended the District Banquet in Hibbing during No- vember. Two judging teams, Forestry and General Livestock, will be entered in the contest at Grand Rapids on April 16. The club sent a delegate to the state convention held in St. Paul on May 8, 9, and 10. The F.F.A., being an integral part of the course in agriculture, operates the greenhouse lo- cated on the school grounds. Finances for activities are derived from this source. About june 1 plants and flowers now being raised will be sold to resi- dents of the community. The main purpose of the F.F.A. is training in rural leadership. Bury B0 yr" is if 3 is 1. 1 0490 SENIOR CLASS PLAY April 29 and 30, 1955 High School Auditorium Dr. John Hillary ................................. .....-.----------------- Dr. Robert Hillary ,..,...... Pa Brown .................. --.----- Ma Brown ............. Margaret Burns ......... Dick Burns ............. Janet Martin .............. --,----- Dr. Edmond Brand ...... Old Doc Hillary thinks his son Bob is coming home from Medical school to practice with him. Young Doc has been offered a rich and easy big- city practice with Dr. Brand - and also a chance tb marry Helen, his daughter. It all sounds fine, but for two things: First, Young Doc is still in love with his home town girl, and second, he doesn't have nerve enough to tell his father that he isn't going to practice with him. The home-town girl breaks off her engagement when she hears of his plans, and Bob goes off on a trip with the Brands without facing his father. He leaves him a note - and when Old Doc reads it, he suffers a stroke. It's then that neighborly Ma Brown takes things in hand. She fakes a telegram to Old Doc, that makes him think Young Doc is taking over the hometown practice after all, and Old Doc dies happy in that belief. But Young Doc has no inten- tion of doing any such thing - and says so when he hears what Ma Brown has done. Then in a compelling scene of great emotional force, Ma shows Young Doc what half a century of practice with the home folks has meant in human lives saved. Its up to Young Doc to choose his practice - and his wife! . George Pearson Roger Simonson Gene Magnuson Kathie Anderson Sharon Riley Chuck Shromoff Alice Craig Arnold Lindquist M .H le ................... ------- r CPP .......... Bob Blaisdell Helen B1-and ,,,,,,,,,,,,, ........ R uby Bailey Mary Selby ,,,,,,,,,,,, ...... J ean Erickson Mrs, Rossi ,,,,,,,,,,- ..,.. C arol Carlson M1-5, Cronin ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,, ....., ,..,.... D o r o thy Tastula Mrs, Mellon ,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,.,..,,,, .....,,,,. C laudia Hermans Lois Warner ,.,,,,,,,,,,,,.,.,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,.........,.,,.,,... Shirley C2lI'lSOI'l ak as are ek Director ,,,,,,,,.,,,,,.,.......,...,.....,...,,..,...,,...,,.,. ............. M I'. C. EVHIIS Student Director ....... .. ..... ...... . . Kathie Anderson 0 50 0 "ULD DUC" ABLE SEAMEN RSM X M231 S W 2 g ATHLETICS ROW I, left to right-Paul Houle, Edmond Lundstrom, Bob Bailey, Richard Smith, Captain Rodney Wickstrom, Arnold Lindquist, Lynn Watts, Kenneth Hurles, Bob Murdock. ROW II-Terry Zimmerman, Dale Muellerleile, Peter Naysmith, Billy 'Strand, Chuck.ShromofT, Kenneth Overby, Curtis Uppgard Darrell Ness, Vernon Bradow, Stu- dent Manager D W III-Coach Fred Murphy, Larry Smith, ,lim Naslund, Fred Alstrom, Don Norlen, Spencer joki, Bill McDowell, Don Riggs, Assistant Coach James Krysiak, ROW IV- Gordon Oftedahl, Leif Erickson, jim Anderson, jerry Ecklind, Bob Nikolai, Mel Townsend, Don Murdock. FUUTB LL The 1954 football season found a band of thirty-three rugged gridders, led by Captain Rod- ney Wickstrom and fourteen veteran lettermen, opened the eight-game schedule by invading Du- luth Morgan Park territory. The maroon and white boys looked good against the strong Wildcat eleven, before falling by a 13-O margin. Grand Marais gave us our first home test as we downed them 6-19 in a rather slow game. Homecoming pitted us against highly regarded Proctor. Their smooth functioning offense, coupled with solid defense, rung up a 34-0 score. Surging back from this crushing defeat, our boys clashed with a powerful, undefeated Duluth Cathedral team on the home field. Probably pylay- ing one of the season's finest games, it was y a seven point edge the Duluth team notched a vic- tor . yWe next traveled to Cloquet where the mis- fortunes of bad luck were heaped upon us. We succumbed again 12-6. Next we were tripped by Hermantown 12-6, and tied with Superior East 21-21. Seeking revenge for earlier set backs, the Agates roared over a stunned Ely team 27-6, closing out our '54 season in the Victory column. 0520 Z x in T1 EH V- ry JV Y Nm, 'YQNN 0530 'QQ X The 11'iIIlI6f.f Prurlur Swqzrz Song Queen Connie and King Roger We're good layer!! Arfb of Triumph 0540 l KNEELING, left to right-Alamos Nasliind. Chuck Shromoff, Lindy Lindquist D'1'id DuFresne Don Xlorlen Ro lncy Wick'trL111 STAND- ING Paul Houle Manager jim Anderson Warren Saur Roger . , .N . , 1 . L 5 I , B Simc nson, Bob Knapp, je-rry,Eclclund, jack Rainbow, Coachl. E .I I The 1954-55 edition of the basketball Agates was an evenly balanced team that well represented Two Harbors in league play. Leading scorers were Rodney Wickstrom and Dave DuFresne. These two received considerable help in the scoring department from playmaker Arnold Lindquist and leading rebounders Roger Simonson and Warren Saur. Reserve strength was provided by Chuck Shromoff, Jim Anderson, and Don Norlen. The addition of Grand Marais to the league resulted in the formation of the Big Eight. Evi- dence of strength throughout the league was seen by victories over co-champions Duluth Denfeld and Duluth Central by the sixth, seventh, and eighth place teams. Two Harbors victories in league play included wins over Grand Marais, Cloquet, and Duluth Central. Highlight of the season was the 40-34 upset over Central. In District 26 play the Agates drew the tournament favorite, Duluth Denfeld. Playing a con- trol game in an attempt to upset the Hunters, the Agates waged a close battle until the final seconds when Denfeld broke away for a 31-25 victory. Denfeld was later defeated by little Esko which went on to represent Region 7 and District 26 in the State Tournament. Graduating seniors who will be missed next year are Rodney Wickstrom, Arnold Lindquist, Roger Simonson, Warren Saur, and Chuck Shromoff. SEASON'S RECORD Two Harbors ............ 39 Eveleth ...................... 44 Two Harbors ............ 47 Denfeld .................... 74 Two Harbors ............ 58 Grand Marais ...,...... 31 Two Harbors ............ 47 Morgan Park ....,..,.,.. 59 Two Harbors ..........,. 51 Cloquet ,,,,,,.....,.,i,.,., 49 Two Harbors ............ 45 Duluth East ,,,,i,,,..,,,, 59 Two Harbors ............ 59 Hermantown .,.......... 42 Two Harbors ............ 40 Duluth Central ,,.,,,,4 34 Two Harbors .......,.... 58 Duluth Cathedral .,., 72 Two Harbors ..........., 69 Grand Marais ,.,,.,,.., 52 Two Harbors ............ 56 Denfeld ................,,,, 69 ,Mx ag Two Harbors Proctor E Two Harbors ............ 38 Morgan Park ,........... 67 Two Harbors ............ 58 Ely .,,,,,,.,,.,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,, 55 Q Two Harbors ............ 54 Cloquet .,.,,.,,,,,.,,,,,,,, 52 Two Harbors ............ 57 Duluth East .,,,,,.,.,,,., 65 Two Harbors .....,...... 39 Proctor ,,.,.,.i,,,,,,,,,,.,,, 45 Two Harbors ............ 41 Duluth Central ........ 48 0550 . i 'QQ il Chuck Shromoff Rogar bimonson KY fl is i f if ' .,, N, K . i I M .w k A -R K . Lindy Lindquist ROW I, left to right-Dan Leksell, Bill Harbitz, john McGregor, ll -lack Bostrum, Ed Lundstrom, Spencer Joki. ROW II-David Puent fStudent Manngerj, jim Naslund, David Anderson, Jerry Eklund, Bob Knapp, Mel Townsend, Mr. Nnrlunder fCOZlCl1 FEOMN ROW I, left to right-Jerry Cirlson Divid Puent Fred Du Fresno I I B I I Dwight Moe, David Udcnbergl, IIgMr. ,Grote fAdvis0rjl Matthew Turnberg Ronny Mdttson Duid Anderson jay Oling, Dar rell Olson, Frank Arendt, David Falk. 0570 FRONT ROXV, left to right-john Nolander, Kenneth Johnson. Charles Christianson, Larry Poluntonevick, Jimmy Carlson, David Blaisdell, Gerald Carlson, John Baty, jerry Anderson. BACK ROW- Paul Carlson, Roger Christensen, Kenneth I. johnson, Vern Bradow. john Oling, William Bolen, David Neumann, Fred DuFresne, Mr. Hiti. EIGHCTH GR D KETB LL L SEVE TH GR D ' i r ? , 1,4 iw G. -t'--A -T'-1 ' 4577 X' - g? .A i ,V FRONT ROW, left to right-John Hedin, Ronnie Erno, Charles Amesbury, Roger Larsen, Roger Shromoff, Mitchell Costley, Duane Didier, Gary Cavallin, Brian Lampi. BACK ROW-LeRo5.:er Lind, john Magnusson, Stephen Marker, Tony Olson, Robert jones, Rodney Anderson, Jerry Webster, Vernon Erickson, William Himango, Greg Lelionne, Mr. Hiti. l 0580 ..--in .s - 1 -4 ROW I, left to rightixlim Grumett, Bill Olson, George Grummett. Pat Berryman, George Pt-arson CCapt.1inJ, Ricliard' johnson, Darrell Ness. Bill Truscott, ROW' 2--Mike Bennett fManagerj, Mike Bon neville. jerry Truscott, -Joe Hausten, Virgil Hopkins. Bruce Lovold, Ronald Rodvold, Larry Smith, Gene Magnuson. Paul Amesbury fMan- tiger, Mr. Krysiak fCoachj. HOCKEY -r' ek ,L The hockey season got off to a late start this year, due to the lack of ice. Starting on the 10th of january we had three practices before meeting Duluth Denfeld on our home ice. We started the season with six lettermen who are: Richard johnson, George Pearson, Joe Smith, Joel Hausten, Gene Magnuson and Ronald Rod- vold. The latter of the six turned out to be our top men in the scoring column with eight goals and four assists, for a total of twelve points. Next year eight of our twelve lettermen will re- turn. Two of the four not returning are: George Pearson and Gene Magnuson, seniors. The other two are the Truscott brothers, Jerry and Bill, who are moving to Clover Valley where they will at- tend school. 'Y bi.. . ,,- fi? if -? I ,,,f' xx 0590 R CH Starting out last September, this year's Cross Country Squad, headed by Captain Jerry Bergquist, did an outstanding job. After competing with Grand Rapids, Duluth Central, and taking part in other invitational meets, our boys entered the Region 7 contest and won fifth place, after which they participated in the State Cross Country meet. KNEELING-Ronald Rodvold, Paul Amesbury, jerry Bergquist, Bill Olson: STANDING-mliertine Whiting, Bruce Lovald, Bill Harbitz. ROW I, left to right-Eddie Hill, Virgil Hopkins, Robert Murdock, Arnold Lindquist, Philip Holbeck, Rodney Wickstrom, Roger Simon- son, Warren Saur, jim Naslund. ROW II-Darrell Rosen, Rollie Sib- bald, Bill Harbitz, Don Murdock, Paul Amesbury, Bruce Lovold, Ron- nie Rodvold, Darrell Ness, ROW Ill-john Blaisdell fManagerj, Ken Hurless, John McGregor, Leif Ericksen, Gwynn Giddings, Edmond Lundstrom, Duane Pagenkopf, Fred DuFresne, Peter Naysmith fMan- agerj. ROW IV-Bertine Whiting, Edward Carlson, Dale Lex, Walter Puent, Wesley Morris, Bill Johnson, jerry Lavin, jim Grummett, Ray Murdock, Ken johnson, Tommy Ross. With the completion of winter sports activities thoughts turn to the great outdoors and the forth- coming track season. Following Coach Whiting's first call for candidates, some forty-five track hope- fuls responded and were issued equipment. An early spring seeming very likely, squad members have their best chance in years to get into good physical condition. Two Harbors will be matched against Duluth Central. Eveleth, Duluth East, and Grand Marais. With our wonderful track equipment and facili- ties aiding this year's team we are sure that we will have a very successful season. DISTRICT 26 RECORD HOLDERS 100 Yard Dash ,,,..,,......,.. Dick Smith .... 10.3 ............... 1950 1 mile fun ,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, H .Mallory .... 4148.1 ............ 1953 Shot Put ,,,,,,,,,,,,., ........ I saakson ........ 44' 6" ............. 1947 Discus Throw ...,.............. ..... 145' Slfzii ------- 1953 100 Yard Dash ................ Smith ..........--- 11.0 --------------- 1943 120 Yard Low Hurdles .... V. I-lopkins...l6.3 ............... 1923 19 0 220 Yard Dash ................ Dick Smith .... 24.0 --------------- CROSS CDU TRY 0620 UPF DUTY rw -. -4-Q Q if ' 'Y I 'H V X my-xxx k' 4 I xii-?s...Xx V" SCHOOL LIFE XM-XITE x l L CHRI 5TY'NP5 0640 W v a Inky! bmemeut again some band nip! K. P. duty Bebaue now!! Ma:bine.rl??? i i 0650 r 4 WH' Far away plate!- Strirlly Foreign 'Tweedlee Dee" Cffarlmlozl, Clvarlextmz. Singing Jiileml ! Real Gone 0660 Sfbool Palm! Sriwlrc Cflrb Boy! Chorus Bm Pano! Nurfef Anixtmlly MW! 2 0670 gg, Wm. "sbif1fmd George" Wfill if ever be the mme? All Jlirked up! Egan Talk, Talk, Talk, Our Chriilmaf lmdiiiorz lVill Jbe make it? Mighty Humen 068s l 'ITIHI SSlHlIlIP'SS ILOG September 7-Doors openg school begins. September 24-Homecomingg Agates derailed by Proctorg Connie Pearce '54 Homecoming Queeng Roger Simon- son '54 Homecoming King. October 19-United Nations Program. October 21 8: 22-M.E.A. conventiong no school. November 21-Two one act plays given by Drama Club. November 25 81 26-Thanksgiving Holiday. November 30-Band Concert. December 11-Senior-junior Prom. December 16-Christmas Program. December 23-Christmas Vacation. january 3-School resumes. January 17-F.H.A. Supper and Dance for F.F.A. january 25-Variety Show. February 10-13-Winter Frolic - Jane Lassonde crowned Queen. February 22-Washington's Birthdayg no school. March 3-Denfeld defeats Agates in District Tournaments. March 18-St. Patrick's Dance sponsored by student c.ouncil. March 22-Orchestra Concert. March 28-Style Show F.H.A. April 1-Swing Band Concert. April 6-11-Easter Vacation. April 12-School resumes. April 15-Freshman Prom. April 19-Athletic Banquet. April 22-Sophomore Prom. April 29 8: 30-Senior Class Play. May 6-Music Festival. May 9-F.H.A. Banquet. May 14-junior-Senior Prom. May 20-Senior dress up day. May 24-Class Night. May 27-Senior Class Picnic. May 29-Baccalaureate. May 30-Memorial Dayg no school. May 31-Exams. June 2-Commencement. june 3-With the last days of high school behind them, the Senior Class of '55 marches into the future. 0690 WST' ik' .Xxx-in V X 7 X X Q N QS Two Harbors: Agate Bay Grocery 8: Feed Store Agate Bay Hotel Agate City Lumber Company Agate Cleaners American Laundry Amundsen, Iver J., Insurance Anderson, Ebner, County Treas- urer Anderson Plumbing 8: Heating Arrowhead Garage Associated Loan Beck's Mobil Service Benna's Garage Brown 8: Toenberg Carlson Apparel Carlson, Ingvald, Twin Ports Dairy Carl's Viking Motel Carlstrom's Furniture Cavallin's Plumbing 8: Heating Cavallin Standard Service 0700 Commercial State Bank Congdon's Store Coolidge Inn Co-op Light 8c Power D. M. 84 I. R. RY. Don's Floral 8: Gift Shop Don's 66 Service East End Grocery Ed's Barber Shop Electric Shop Engstrom IGA Erickson 8: MacDonald Falk, Roland, Sheriff Falk's Drug Store First National Bank Fleck, john Gamble Store, Wallace Haugen Glaser's Cabinet Shop Harbor Gas Company Harbor Theatre Helgeson's Ben Franklin Store Hessen's Store Hopper, O. M. 8: Son james Drug Store J 8: J Market Johnson, Oliver, Reg. of Deeds Johnson's Service Station Jones, Emmett, County Attorney Kauppi's Jewelry Kendall's Resort Liberty Store Lindgren, J. Reuben, Clerk of Court Lund Insurance Agency Magnusson, Cy, Insurance Midway Barber Shop Midway Electric Murphy's Garage Nicolaison Bros. Service Nelson Bros. Nelson, Paul, County Auditor Northway Motel O 8: N Oil Company Odegaard, T. G., County Engineer Olson Shoe Hospital Oscar's Lunch Otterblad Bros. Otterblad Shoe Store Pearson Motors Roberts Clothing Ronning Bros. TV Ron's Pure Oil Rosenberg Bros., Inc. Snack Shop Seagren's Smokey's Sonju Motor Company Thorway Self Service Laundry Two Harbors Chronicle 8: Times Two Harbors Co-op Store Two Harbors Motel Two Harbors Surplus Store United Dairies Vern's Texaco Westlund, Albert, County Assess- Ol' o7Io Duluth: A Sz E Supply Company Brander's Music Shop Burg Hotel Supply Power's Studio Tri State Sports Waite Studio Willis Supply Northshore: Amdal's Store, Finland Barnard Lumber Co. Beaver Bay Agate Shop Beaver Bay TV Sales 8: Services Camper's Home Cedar Grove Lodge East Bay Coffee Shop Ed's Pure Oil Hunkin-Arundel-Dixon Lorntson's Cafe Mattson's Store Reserve Mining Co. Sacarelos, Tex, Finland Silver Bay Standard Service Split Rock Cafe Spruce Point Diner Twin Points Resort . . . . . . and thus we leave you with the many happy memories preserved for you in your Nor'easter. We know you shall in years to come, glance over these pages often and recall the good times of the good old high school days. We hope you enjoy reading this book as much as we enjoyed putting it together. The Nor-easter Staff 0 72 0 .ada sd , 12.4 173- 1 f . ,,1 Y ii iii - --i . gif' , - .5 -.,--r -k,.- , ,f,,-fzn ,f . -,--?' -Y ,., l" -5- ' Z-' 'M ' - C A . L l if "ii i f ,,i4-4 if: 'S f.t--- - lj: v'z-2 2. Q...,g. ,. - WV., .iv-.,...,-1-N 2 ' -'T-d-Y Q -' , J ii K - ' 'P 2 W .1 f t 4: .-7, 4: Q ..-- if-1 " . ,a , if-A-UW ,-gi--UH' N-5 5?-1" 1.. 7' f - . 5 'f T g7 ' F :-4--1 i- 7 , v 1' '54-, 1- 4.. yi 'Z lm - C . ' 3 Z , 2? ' Y --"'4 ,,...b- li' ,- b ii ,,ff-- V 1 Y , -f fl ----" " 5 g -' ""' .,':,.-' f - ' ":'i""' ,..1 "'-, - ff" ' i 5 - - 'I-Z.,-,A -- f ig --. "- W -+""" fi, "' 1 '- A-,.-fir - - V , 51,2 17. ffz... --P . ' Qa- -L-v 7: PM ' if -f,.f-f""' A 4-, .. -Q fx E -F- i- U 3 V J ,Au NA c ' .iff-" '3 -4 I --b Q5"" , .'3-:Y - --'17 - ' l Y Y ,. VV L' S-'A's- -:RID ata- ,, 3 5 Q , ,Q , -rg. il , .,, "1" g1.-.q 1.,--- - , ff " ' 1 3- I-,J ,, . .1 -AW 4 W V 1 ,-A-.---.. - f-f1:i7-:"- i - iv si l . f , - ' f!i'?g:,,'i . - Ill-4 f +- , 1 .Q gif- 'C 4' 3'-P .- , -1 " 2' - ,V - ' . 4. " 4 A v. e- J ,SA , l ,-.TA gf, V, E., 5 ,.--, X ni , , ,5 , x . c" , ,XQ- 'af- .., -.. jf Q 2 ' r M -,.,. D ' " " lib T D b , X, l 1 i , 3 :Af 1 -- " n --- - Qi: -1.-Q , L -+E" -11, ,,.,-- ..J ,, .3 ff' , i .gr ,,-5 P,,-.v ,,,.'- " " ,4-. Q 4 X V ,ii L K 1, -. A- -. , , ,-- 7 "? 11' - ' . -41" : . . . , .1--1 1 L ' f---' ,, , - 1... 4' V - I ,. , --f ,ii--Q ' , C1 l 1 4 L, . .L ,F- - if' Y ZA -A-, -. h -,, , -. Y - , .io- i ii. . ...H--gi . ' ,li P 1' l , :- z , -- - -,, ,Y ,... 'f' ..---

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