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Twinsburg High School - Moments to Remember Yearbook (Twinsburg, OH) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Cover

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X S5 O 56 Wimimaag TWINSBURG HIGH SCHOOL TWINSBURQ, OHIO TW T . DEDICATION DCGVKVDOM HHJDJJ mgmbgr 'Hug many 'hm:5 mHws spn "H78'f' IJL. havfl qonf. ,For a rude, pn Sunalay apkrnoon and S+0pped a+ C rown Hfll -I-o wafch -Has ducks and ease, -lhemany -I-,mfg wg have, clone Swfmm rq Shanq, Pacnrckmq o 5+ 575+ sggan? -Hum He. S+ai'6. Scif, tparkg ECCBUSEHSESE Cxparaances hAvE. bein so much 3 par!-af our lfvzswz have dvosin -Hua name Clemmfi IE.Rr:cni.mbr:r as -Hue 'fhaffm for Earbo K Oar' JE.F3I'+f"l5r1+ 0,F ggnggrvgffgn 5 o r oar fEJuaa-H' -I-he Overseer s u Prnc I -Hw. carefakers, ou facul-I-y and we fha. sl' akrrfs arf, -Hue. IJ -.fel Na+ only' Jo we remember Hue Q..-.J+ mes wehava hal -P dh: asapa th., bw? us als rgme berihemany J-mes J "7 9 h I Sars hen wa'H1 qh+4ha-Fourgroblzmsuj 'fo O T' K 00 Y a-1-4-0 If 5 bmi- gre alwas gre-I-qhcpa gre Jr. ugve 2 have aywaylg been rsaydy +0 see'fha'l' 0 S I, 3 ac-f-,, +55 ,, m,QHzr af wha? nc rave gncfffb For H1252 reasons we JeJcs+6.ClaczE.11'f5 E qvu our -param-I'5 G ull 0 5179 "1 1' J ia 0 0 an? O 0 9 o 7 f s ' 0 0 0 Q fl r od F U ugh ' 0 I a Ou if a . I' U do - 9 0 9 . On, I 0 I' 1 1193, Y' 3 u ou? I' . D o u o r rn o rn f UT? u w ou O 0 all OU ' uf - we ., . f ' -? coo ffl o a o 1 0 f o ji . I' 1 SUIUERINTENDENTS MESSAGE Your class motto has been, "Great Ideas Need Landing Gear As Well As Wings." To me this could mean, "keep your feet on the ground." It means an appreciation of the work necessary to carry any idea to completion. In the four years past, everyone of the graduates of this class has demonstrated to himself the satisfaction that comes from work. This satisfaction is measurable not only in the diploma which you have received, but in work situations outside of the school which have been a part of your education. In a recent conversation with the head of the personnel department representing one of America's largest corporations, he made the statement that even though young, the boy or girl who, by the time of graduation, has not learned how to work, has little opportunity with his company. When we add to this knowledge that you graduates possess, your good habits of citizenship, and a strong feeling that education is a tool for your use in post-school years, I know that you will be well fitted to live in the America that economists predict for each of us ten years hence. You are stepping into afuture whichis encouraging, a future of sustained growth, higher productivity, more leisure time, which will bring a rising standard of living. For this you are equipped as befits your age. I hope that you will add to all of these a sense of true values, those which are not to be manufactured on the assembly lineg honor, decency, real Christian behavior, are some of these. A hermit living in a cave can possibly be far more civilized than the man with two cars in the garage and an adjoining bath for every bedroom. To each of you I wish an abundancy of the latter and as well, a sense of the true values of civilization and of the spirit. fifrdof WILLIAM S. MERCER Executive Head B. S. Bowling Green State University 1942 M. A. Western Reserve University 1948 Twinsburg High School 1946-1956 Korean Service 1951-1953 MARJORIE COGSWELL Social Studies Freshman Advisor Af fs 8 I M. B. MELLMAN Social Studies 7th Grade Advisor i 'til xx l 2 2 W. RUSSELL GRAY Instrumental Music LLOYD DONALDSON BARBARA DUGLE Physical Education English and History Freshman Advisor 8th Grade Advisor MARTHA TAYLOR Physical Education Attendance Teacher .. . A ESTHER MORRELL CAROLYN CROUSE Music School Secretary ,gr HIGH FACU SCHOO L LTV HELEN GREENE PHYLLIS JOST MARGARET MAGGIO English and Languages Home Economics Commercial Junior Advisor Junior Advisor Senior Advisor ADRIAN TRACHSEL JOHN M. YOHE Industrial Arts and Driving Mathematics 8th Grade Advisor 7th Grade Advisor ROBERT F. EARLEY Principal Science and Mathematics WILLIAM S. MERCER, Executive Head SCHODL HELP CLEANING STAFF Mrs. Mollie Neal, Forelady Mrs. Sarah Spaulding CUSTODIANS Mr Charles Oliver Night Custodian Mr Al Kollman COOKS Mrs Flora Worthxngton Mrs Ora Munn Mrs B1rd1e Lane BUS DRIVERS Gustave Trejbal Jr Alton P Baldwm Edwm Maulxs Russell Boose Absent . , 1 1 ' I from picture. , I 4,M,f4 . B Q-'rv' Q Nxmnrf 5 l I S .1 , 'nf M but W , , , ., x 41 I ww PM QRALQS6 UATION Cl. ASS 'badoac 060. Ps- YK 1156-.X.SooeS.? Qiqisw. vl.?l19Xvs. . 9042 5oXQxQxx,'5, Chofla., 56609 9+ 0 yn 9.,A3pXK, ps, C:axSow1-a'l,k5. Ov ,C.'5xsN1oo,S.'l-o,00V,S.'l- 1959-0 GCN! , vdsx xo ws, C,9i0qX9, Q . Woo, 'l-.Sgvsow . , VlQXKa6x5,'S , 'itoiet 1 Omex, S, acyl, V3.9-a5Q0.Ch 09-OY3-. . Xiie,tx,G.?6cl0 . vlxxsowl-. wa. 2654 ogooo,C,0er4s 400605. 'I-on eh?-. :AAN Yet , yhc,6'0 CXSKKO 0 . Y at 01 Xa . QOV11 'GGY . Q - - ,A yt 'fs Q W X2 CARRIE HINTON PRESIDENT Student Council 1, Y-Teen 2, 3, 45 Y-Teen Basketball 2, 33 Pegasus 4, Chorus 1,2, 3, Yearbook CEditorj 4: President of Class 1,2g Pep Club Treasurer 4g National Honor Society 3,45 Play 3,4. KAREN JOHNSON VICE-PRESIDENT Chorus 1,25 Homecoming Attend- GRACE PILCHER SECRETARY Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens 2, 3, 4g Play 3g Class Secretary 1, F. T. A. 45 Yearbook Staff 45 Pegasus Staff ant 1, Treasurer of Class 23 Secre- tary of Class 33 Y-Teens 2,3,4g Plays 3,4g Student Council Presi- dent 4g F. T. A. 4g Captain of Var- sity Cheerleaders 4, Yearbook Staff 4. Illfgz ll ANNIE HIN TON TREASURER Y-Teen 2, 3,4g Y-Teen Basketball 2, 35 Chorus 1, 2: Pep Club 4, Cheer- leader 4, Yearbook Staff 4, Inter- Club Council 4, Pegasus 4, Play 4. may LOUANNE CLIFFORD Y-Teen 2,3,43 Senior Yearbook Staff 4g Pegasus Staff 43 National Honor Society 3,42 Class Play 3,4. CONNIE DEYSHER Y-Teens 2,3,43 National Honor Society 3,43Chorus 1,2, 3,41 Play 3, 43 Cheerleader 1, 23 Student Council23 Class Vice-President 23 Pegasus 2, 43 Yearbook Staff 33 Yearbook Editor 43 School Maga- zine Chairman 4. KERMIT CURRY Football 43 Baseball 13 Varsity T Club 43 Class Play 43 Chorus 4. ROBERT DIFFERT Chorus 1,23Class Play 3,43 Senior Representative for Junior Board Trustees 4. ROBERT E. DAVET Football 43 Baseball 33 Basketball 1,2,3,43 Class Play 2,3,43 Var- sity T Club 43 Yearbook Staff 4 Pegasus 4. AVERILL GALLOWAY Pegasus Staff 43 Y-Teen 2,33 Y- Teen Basketball 23 Chorus l,2,3 Cheerleader 33 Yearbook Staff 4 Homecoming Attendant 3. 2- -...el 5' I tw , ri i , 4' .,, STEPHEN GLOVA Masontown, Pa. l,2,3g Yearbook Staff 4g Class Play 4, Football 4g Varsity T Club 4, Track 4. JEAN KOMON Chorus 1,21 Y-Teen2, 3, 4, Y-Teen Treasurer 4, Yearbook staff 4. IRENE JONES Chorus 1,2,3g Class Secretary lg Y-Teen Basketball 2, 3, Cheer- leader 3,4, Pep Club 2. MARIE KORTOVICH Cheerleader 3, Chorus lg Y-Teen President 3g Pep Club 3g Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, Yearbook 4. JANE KOMON Chorus l,2g Y-Teen 2,3,-lg Year- book Staff 45 Play 3. CHARLES MC GHEE Basketball 1,2,3g Baseball 3,4- Football lg Student Council Vice- President 4, Student Council Rep- resentative 2,4g Varsity T Club President 4, Movie Projectionist 4, Chorus 1, 2, 3,45 Yearbook Bus- iness Manager 4. ' , 'Qt f 2- ' 'ZX K l :if LILLIE BELL MIX Y-Teens 2, 3,45 Y-Teens Basket- ball 2,35 Pep Club 45 Chorus 15 Yearbook Staff 4. BILL RASPE Football 3,45 Basketball 1, 35 Track 3,45 Varsity T Club 45 Disc-Jockey 35 Yearbook Staff 45 Pegasus Staff 45 F. T. A. Treasur- er 45 Plays 3, 4. DARNELLA PARKER Chorus 1,35 Senior Chorus Presl- dent 35 Student Council 35 Y-Teen 2,3, 45 Y-Teen Chaplain 45 Pep Club 45 Pegasus Staff 45 Yearbook Art Editor 4. BILL RIPLEY Basketball 1,2,3,45 Chorus 3,45 Baseball 3, 45 Class Vice-President 35 Plays 2,3,45 Pep Club 45 Pep Club Vice-President 45 Movie Projectionist 2, 3, 4. MARION RADLOFF Chorus l,2,3,45 Y-Teens 2,3,4 Yearbook Staff 45 Plays 3,4. STANLEY ROGUCKI Football 45 Play 35 Flemington, W. Va. 1,2. PATRICK SHIPLETT Football 1,43Basketbal1 2,32 Base- ball 1, 3,43 Chorus 1,2,3, 43 Stud- ent Council 23 Class Plays 3.43 Track 33 Class Treaslner 33 Varsity T Club 4. CALVIN MURREL WILSON Football 1,43 Track 13 Baseball 23 Pegasus 43 Sports Editor Yearbook 43 Chorus Class Play 43 Varsity T Club '43 Vice-President F. T. A. 4. RONALD THOMAS Football 1,2,3,43 Basketball 2, 3, 43 sasebau 1, 2, 3,43 Track 2, 3,43 Varsity l' Club 4. ROBERT ZACHARIAS Football 1,2,3,4: Varsity T Club Secretary-Treasurer 43 Play 3. TERRY TROYER Y-Teen 2,3,43 Ch01'llS 1,21 Play 43 Homecoming Queen 43 Basket- ball Attendant 13 Yearbook 43 Y- Teen Basketball 2. fNot Picturedj CHARLIE BROWN Basketball 3,43 Football 2,3,4: Track 3,42 Baseball 3,43 CI'l0l'llS 3.4: Varsity T Club 4. FREDDY WILLIAMS Homecoming Attendant 43 Year- book Staff 4. 1- CLASS WILL In th1s Year of our Lord, mneteen hundred and fxfty s1x we the sen1or class of Twlnsburg Hlgh School, bemg of sound nunds and bodxes do hereby wrxte our last w1ll and testament nn the presence of responslble wltnesses Charles Brown leave my slenderness to Hubert D1xon, Louarme Chfford leave all my loose flttmg blouses to Jamce Brown Kerm1t Curry leave my wavy ha1r to Davxd Davxs Bob Davet leave my ab1hty to be quiet and keep my mouth shut to J ack Sabo Conme Deysher leave my abxlxty to change boyfrxends to Barbara Andexler Robert Dxffert leave my ab1l1ty to get seconds 1n the Cafeterla to Jerry Clark Aver1ll Galloway leave my love for Tw1nsburg Hlgh School to anyone who wants Steve Glova leave my wexght to Jerry Clark Anme Hmton leave my ab1hty not to cry over grades under 85 to Kathy Kehres Carr1e Hmton leave my shorthand abxhty to Mary Jane Clayman Irene J ones leave my sewmg abtltty to Betty Peek Karen Johnson leave my ab1l1ty to sm1le to Kathy Kehres Jane Koman leave my ab1hty not to glggle m class to the four grgglers of the Jumor class Jean Komon leave my gym ab1hty to Kay Gemllck Marte Kortovlch leave my long blonde ha1r to Mrs Cogswell L1l11e Mzx, leave to Jean Davxs my place ln the semor class and may she enjoy her last year as much as Ihave Charles McGhee leave my ab1l1ty to shoot a hook shot to Wxlbert K1rby Darnella Parker, leave my ha1r style to Peggy Thomas Grace Pllcher leave my mathemat1ca1 ab1l1ty to Allen Shovestull Marlon Radloff leave my typmg ab1l1ty to Mlss I ost s 7th perxod typtng class B111 R1p1ey leave my basketball ab1hty and D A ha1rcut to Bob Norton, B111 Raspe, leave my superxor hetght to Bruce Larson Stanley Roguckl leave my ab1hty to get 1nto trouble to anyone who wants lt Pat Sh1plett, leave my ab1hty to get along w1th the falrer sex to Jack I-hggms Rtngo Thomas leave nothmg l m tak1ng everythmg wxth me Jerry Troyer leave my messy locker to any Jumor who wants ll Freddy Wxlhams leave my seat 1n the semor class to Whoever wants lf Murrel W11SOl'l, leave my ab1hty to understand psychology to LeRoy S Bob Zacharxas leave my ab1l1ty to get engaged to Mummy Boose We the semors, present the faculty w1th much needed rest All parkmg rlghts are left to any sophomore and freshmen who want them. To the glrls we leave our athletlc ab1hty ln dodgeball and our gym SUIIS to Mrs Taylor We leave our moe qutet homeroom and neat books to the jumors Our mtellectual ab1hty we leave to the freshmen hopmg that they w1l.l use ll as we have I, ' . I. . D Q . . . . I, . I' . . . . I' ' . . . I L . . . . . . I' . ' . . . . . I, ' , ' ' it. I, , ' , I' . . ' . . . I' . . . . . U I. . . . . . I' ' . . . 0 I' ' . . . . , . . . I. ' . . . . I, ' ' , , ' . . I' . . . . . . . L I . . . . . I, ' . I' . ' . . . . L . . . . . . , . . . I' . . ' . . . I . I, . . . . I, .. , . . . . L . . . . . . . . I. . ' . Q , . . . . I, , . . . . I. . . , . . . . I. . . , i I. . I . . . CLASS PRCPHECY Finally vacat1on IS here It has been six years since I ve had a real vacation I ll always remember this day May 30 1962 At 11 G0 A lvl I m off to New York Why who knows maybe I ll see some of my old classmates who graduated with me way back in 1956 As I was on my way to the axrport I saw a car accident A man walked out tn front of a speeding car An ambulance was there in a matter of rrunutes and the man was rushed to the hospital I tagged along behind the ambulance to the hosp1taL Who should I see there but Connie Deysher now a reglstered nurse The man was pronounced dead and sent to the morgue where Kermit Curry is the head mort1c1an Since II was almost time for my plane to leave I hurried out of the hospltal As I was runmng someone let out a long wh1st1e whlch startled me Iturned around and saw Charhe Brown and Bob Davet who wore Navy uniforms and were whisthng at a passing g1rl When I reached the airport who should I find but Jean and Jane Komon in the ticket office Jean was argtung with Jane saymg that she had made a m1stake with her typing and Jane sa1d that it was .T ean who made the mistake tn the office work After I boarded the plane and found my seat I noticed my seat compamon was Murrel Wilson I asked Murrel what he was dolng w1th himself now days and to my surprise found he was a social worker working with Juvenile delinquents Murrel sa1d that Ronald Thomas who he sees often in his profession IS now a famous lawyer I was starved when I reached New York so I decided to get some breakfast Inoticed an own such an expenslve place, but it was true Some woman next to me was trymg very hard to keep her children qtuet When I looked again Isaw ll was Averill Galloway with her seven children I wanted IIITIC to see New York so I left Averill and walked up Broadway to look in the shop windows I passed a barber shop and saw Darnella Parker You 11 never believe this cutting men s hatr Right next door was a beauty parlor and here I found Freddy Marle Wl1113mS and Lillie Belle Mix cutting women s hair I shouldn t say cuttmg because it was really shavtng The hair style for women now is a butch and very short at that As I continued down Broadway I noticed a woman walking toward me wearmg a very short dress In fact it was slightly above her knees It was Irene Jones Irene IS a seamstress but she goofed on the dress She had cut the mater1al wrong and then decided to wear it anyway Irene had just VlSlICd Carrie Hinton who IS a Private secretary for Grova and Glova Incorporated She said Steve was now a millionaire This seemed impossible to me because Ive seldom seen Steve work Irene said that Steve had married a m1ll1ona1re and had put all her money in his name I headed for the corporatlon to see Carrie l found Carrie fihng her nails and chewmg gum. Carrie was surprised to see me and she asked if I had seen Marion who worked next door I said no so we went over to VISII her and found Marion sitting on the boss s desk She was supposed to be taking shorthand but it looked hke she was havmg more fun looking at her handsome boss C., enormous sign up ahead that said "Troyer's Restaurant." Icould not believe that Jerry could CLASS PRGPHECY fCont J Carrie got excused from work early and we went to v1s1t Louanne Clifford who hved about f1ve rnxles away We took a subway and almost got mowed lmder by a couple of persxstent Arr Force men. I realized that they were Bxll Rxpley and Stanley Roguckm They were on the1r way to v1s1t Bxll Raspe who IS prmcipal of Raspe HIQI School. We dxdn t have very long to talk over old times so we departed and soon we were at Louanne s house Her house was very pretty on the outsrde, except for the black and whxte strrpes of pamt all the way around the house She had pamted it that way herself Inside we found everythmg purple and green You see Louanne IS an mterxor decorator and she had decorated her home xnside and out I departed to catch my bus for Manhattan O1 the bus who should I meet but Mane Kortovich now a prlvate secretary for Differt Admmistration Corp Robert Dxffert is now a big xmportant business man. fMar1e was telling me that she had just taken her Ixttle son Johnny to the elemen tary school. She said that Grace Pllcher Karen Johnson, and Annie Hmton were the first second just 25 Those kxds really run them ragged 1 As I was gettrng off the bus at Manhattan, I bumped Into a man carrymg some sort of a big bag contalmng heavy equrpment To my surprtse rt was Charles McGhee He sard he was in a hurry to get to someone s house because thexr telev1s1on set had blown up and they called h1m to f1x rt After he left I started to thmk Ohl He I1 fix it all right for good While I was tn Manhattan in the park, I nouoed a very odd looking character sleeping on the park bench with a newspaper over has head His feet looked famlhar sol ralsed the newspaper and there was Pat Shtplettl I didn t want to drsturb his sleep so I walked on. I was getting t1red from walkmg so I stopped in a Drug Store for a coke Srtnng next to me was Sally Zacharxas I asked her how Bob was She sald that he was a sergeant in the Marmes now Fmdmg that most of my classmates had done so well was very surprlsmg. Infact xt was too much for me I am headmg home 1-'L X-7 I and third grade teachers. If you could see them now they would look like they're 50 instead of SCHOGL HIGHLIGHTS HOMECOMING COURT Freddy Marte Wrlhams Sen1or Attendant Kathy Kehres Jumor At tendant Shrrley McGhee Queen of54 Jerry Troyer Crowned Queen Barbara Andexler Sophomore Attendant Laurel Dodson Freshman Attendant 45 MARCH OF DIMES DANCE Mrs Evelyn Drerstng recerves check from Karen Johnson Presrdent of Student Council Y-TEEN'S CHRISTMAS FORMAL Bob Dax' et Cha :les MCGMQS' MELLOW Fiji can Cfook' Harw MCG Tk or ri Mr, Y h FACULTY 'E Yoh O e, Mr. Ma I ROW if e, M Sgzo, rs' Mercer. Mrs' Maggie, Mrs r fe Bill and Date Annie and Eddie, Carrie and Nate Connie and Dean -.-,-4 ? Joyce and Charles, Jean and Fred Bill and Karen, Doretta and James -M I if 1 U B GLASS R iw Belger S Boose T I Brown I R Dxersin L. Fronek IN., D Dav1s Ji. A s..? G Jackson B Stasko Presldent Vlce Presldent :Wy Dm C L A S ?"1 g L Egbert R Flexshman W BA K. Gemlich B. Lamon fi D. Munn rs fm K Kehres I Clark SCCICIHIY Treasurer -s-Ca S OF 1 Saba Smxth 'fan 5 if -' 5r'x I 11 1613 E Neal B Norton L Savage Smuh .v""' 1 M Stevenson S Stocker 'fb - 2 N 4 gal 4 K X 1 'Y' ll E. Rabrch G Trudeau D Van Bogart L Yackmack X Q If I p . .L 'Z' S ki if . wx If f ""' x :fig- -1 xx R x .o ,IRA ' 53" 5- . . U .1 Q V, vi, ,, in I W o J ' Elan . . D. ' r 6.0 fb J. A U . is ,Y B Andexler J Andrey Vrce Presrdent '31 X' M Clayman Curry V G Gmrnes Harms P Kuchenbecker I Kugler G Brown M Dav1es 49 M Hegedrsh R Macklln Presldent 1 M Brown Secretary Dlxon r-vu its C Chamberlm Treasurer D 1xon Johnson W K uby x 0 J Morrrs CLAS Y-1 0 sf-of .Q-.N mv 'iw M Munn B Orr in Cm? B Quesenberry S Sabo A Shovestull H Sommer E Thomas G Thomas SOP F Wm J Woodson ll 'wr I Sh1p1ett I Shxplett f 'N QX? 4.vWfv4N S1mecek W Smlfh ,so Walsh R Weems Yackmack Bejger B.: N "B, K1-if To 'B PN ' - . vw - X .mv A . 5:61 K1 as 3 , , X Xi? ' C. M ss . . . ' . ' k, ,Q il- x va L A 1 19. . 1 fi JN L3 K A 'f' 1 1 1 w N ,..M my K is A I If i Y. , . P , AJ' ' 'N -ml , , 3 ' B 7 ,, K -f 'A if B X 5 ,f B r- H ' . , . B. , A ,,. . ' Y "5 mx Q A pf N I ' . si fi ' B, I - . V 4 I ' X 5212 . ' . T. J. ' ft R Allen R Anton fi 5 lm J Butler H D1xon T C Harns J H1gg1l'lS Q W' 4X 7 Cb Mr M Jones M Kehres IQAN J Barrett 1' L Dodson L Jackson l f-fav G Keys an cy? x E Brown Buchkaskx 45. R Ford S Ga mes S Johnson E W Iohnson CLAS as 8 Q1 I Marrm H McGhee M Rrchner F Thomas SOP D Sasala 43X Thomas M Harper 'Uv T Norton C Sommers P Thomas "5 5 Stasko i R Plesmcker Stofrra 'C' LA 1 T Tyson C Wolcott TQ, Rabrch nm Nha? D Stuart L Whrte B Wymer f I -1 U ,g df X 1 ' xx N ,sk E B W. ' ' ' - L. . A mt xl My ,NI L! r,!A:, A 4 Z L K - xx k 3' x Y Q V . 5 1 .h Q, , ak 'S X YI? ' . ' "1-rx I V 1 v . sf t n r . 1, i u . . .Q K I as 49. 59 'fr ' Q Q' X1 3 4 . ., . ,v ' I l I sf? 4' . -Q .I 4: 0. -Hun., . . 6 J, Diskes D, Doran . Jones W P. Gemlick x. wi' I yi r. . gh- t va J. Herrick I. Hill CLASS W, Abernathy G . Barrett T . B611 D . Blackwell T. Brown H Doran P. Charvot B Brown M my .,., I G. Clayman B Danrels L. Flick D. Fiorentino S . Gilbert G. Hashman J. Kirby L. Malott :KX W N an 'G' 'Q .. r . ,,..-. wwf' A I J QM ' 1 ' "'--7 fig. . z , . hr: '21 yy, ' 1 I I 55,1 Mrk I '-.17 CLASS 'VN 'il- "'N. 'N 41N df' fa' 0,5 X il TOP ROW J Abernathy S Abernathy R Addrson Y Anderson P Andrey R An dexler B Balogh SECOND ROW D Barthalomew G Brandon D Clark N Chfford M Close S Co1eman,H Crawford THIRD ROW A Cross T Dancy E Duncan J Graham P Games S Gr1mes,E Hams FOURTH ROW A H111 G H111 M Hinton P Horner W Hurd R Hurst G' Y Xx IN? ,, 'Pt' M ' I' X A ,vs A '- ,S 3 f hw t N I A x, ' ,Q 'VM -Q 1 do ' N 4 V ta, I I N I .'3:'fif A " K Q' if os M ' ' -45 Q ,X Q A -v N. V ,Q , K A X 1 xy, ' , "" Nr? I E i .P C v f f A rr.. M In P X1 1 1 a C 5 "" 1' I' ,ivy , ' ':4:- "' P' A ' ers I . -f Y r X f H A ii-W, K K C S --' 'xr ' ' E E L A 1 O ,. x aa rR ax N 11 r an of 1 1 'x f 4 .4 K 5 A . 4 Y h X g 5' If . X I I R F , 3 Nl, E 'X I , W 5 , , K , an I Q P 4 4 : . . . , . ' , . , . , . - : . , . , . , . ' , . , . I : . . . , . , . , . ' . . ' . : . ' , . ' , . ' , . . . , . . OF1961 .443 Sf .4440 f Q Q QV X 197 4 -.s aiyrf, ,- f ,N , 'VS . - ,, , , . l. "41- 35" i. I 1 E l 'Q 'E 4- , . . Ou LQ: ffl . Q V X 5 'A X -f if , ei a wavf' ,fr ., 4. 7 'Y ...I A TOP ROW: J. Ieronsik, C. Jones, E. Johnson, G. Kanner, L, Lardell, B, Larson, F, Macklin. SECOND ROW: J. Macklin, P, McClain, L, McDonald, S. Moore, W. Moore, J. Moss, C. Osborn. THIRD ROW: M. Palmer, B. Peek, M. Peek, B. Radloff, G. Ryan, B. Saulsberry, E, Srnith. FOURTH ROW: S. Trejbal, S. Weems, M. Wymer, L. Liehm, M. Ma1ott,I. Moore. 1955 FOOTBALL SCENES 0 J LJ J B I HSV I S ik-in L P +0 R T L Q I' 5 dbA ' '71 y DQ -ff' api, BASKETBALL B Ripley CRESTWOOD NORTHFIELD MANCHESTER ROOTSTOWN BOSTON KENSTON AURORA BOSTON REVERE WINDHAM R. Davet C Brown C McGhee Second team All County A Trachsel Coach THEY 52 ws .so.. ..6s .2s.. ..54 . .s3... ...vs .. ..4e.. ..'1o . ...5o.. ..'l9 NORTHFIELD... . ss.. . . .. 51 . ..62 .. ..47... ..48 .. . . .4s.. ..6a .. . . ..s2.. .. I . ..5o I Clark L Savage Norton W Smlth 1955-1956 MOGADORE GARFIELD HUDSON MOGADORE REVERE HOBAN COPLEY MANCHESTER Donaldson Coach THEY L Whue Ronald Thomas Flrst Team All County I I 1:11 -- ea :bij J RESERVE BASKETBALL SECOND ROW, Left to Right: D. Stewart, E. S. Johnson, Q. Ford, D. Sasala, W. Kirby, R. Anton FIRST ROW: R. Macklin, and R. Plesnicher, Managers. JUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL SECOND ROW, Left to Right: B. Plesenicher, P, Charvat, B. Larson, R. Moore, G. Robinson Mr. J. Yohe, Coachg G. Clayman. FIRST ROW: L. Lardell, G. Barrett, W. Abernathy, T. Brown .T . Kirby. 4 TRACK cmd BASEBAL L SECOND ROW, Left to Right: C. Brown, R. Thomas, B. Ripley, B. Davet, J. Clark, B. Raspe. FIRST ROW: A. Trachsel, Coachg C, McGhee, P. Shiplett, E. Neal, E. Harris, R. Simecek, L. Donaldson, Coach. Baseball was cut short by bad weather, therefore, we played only one game. The track season was culminated by a runner-up position in the County Track Meet. Ronnie Thomas scored 19 112 points to finish second in individual scoring in the County Meet, In the N. E. O. District Meet at Salem, Ronnie Thomas placed second in both the 100 and 220 yard dash and Bill Ripley placed fourth in the 120 yard high hurdles. nag Qj'A nrnpkgalgsr 1 7 1 MAN TUA SOLON HOBAN REVERE BOSTON NORTHFIELD HUDSON AURORA O fl? 2 5 1 FOOTBALL 1955 56 RECORD 32 THEY we ...l.13 .... . ....13 . .... 2s..... ...26 . .... 7 .... ...12 Moeonoms .... o .... .. 28 """"""' . ...21.... . ...v .. ...v .... ...zo ...19.... ....'1 FOOTBALL SQUAD PICTURE ON OPPOSITE PAGE: THIRD ROW, Left to Right: L. Savage, R. Simeck, D. Davis, L. White, D. Sasala, R. Plesnicher, E. Thomas. SECOND ROW: C. Brown, B. Lamon, W. Martin, E. Neal, H. Sommer, W. Smith, R. Weems, E. S. Johnson, Manager. FIRST ROW: I. Wood- son, Q. Ford, S. Glova, K. Curry, M. Wilson, J. Clark, B. Raspe, R. Thomas. Q4 Lloyd Donaldson Track Football Reserve Basketball Adrian Trachsel COACHING STAFF Assistant football Basketball Baseball Jack Yohe Junior High Basketball SNAPS 'wg' ,AQ ls! n Ai 09 11. Ma' 1 I 0 I Ss of 5 Cfffj I of ACTIVITIES A 3 .r 'I lj A JJ ,IAQ J ' ' ya I K S I 5 of J M E CE, J I QF Qgxf aff C'...... W' 'll , hr. ,.nvf,, BAND THIRD ROW, Left to Right: D. VanBogart, D. Dixon, A. Shovestull. J. Herrick, J. Andrey, G Trudeau, B. Larson, D. Merk, W. Martin, R. Moore, S. Nye, T. Tyson, SECOND ROW: Mr Gray, Directorg R. Darby, R. Nirnik, B. Radloff, J. Rezebek, D. Blackwell, L. Jackson, A. Percy, R. Ford, E. Johnson, E. S. Johnson, C. Walcott. FIRST ROW: J. Barrett, R. Turner, G. Kanner M. Daniels,G.Keys,P. Ford, C. Havens,P. McClain, S. Gilbert, J. Thomas, S. Gaines, F. Thomas fi 35 'R' 'll 9 ' .of " X 4 LJ JUNIOR CHORUS THIRD ROW, Left to Right: S. Moore, L. Maulis, M. Hinton, C. Jones, Y. Anderson, M. Peek, S Coleman, M. Palmer, A. Cross, E. Smith. SECOND ROW: B. Oliver, E. Johnson, P. Andrey, N Clifford, S. Abernathy, F. Macklin, G. Hill, J. Macklin, J. Graham, E. Harris. FIRST ROW: M Wymer, C. Trejbal, C. Osborn, P. Gaines, D. Barthalomew, R. Andexler, P. Mc Clain, L. Ziehm, I. Moore, M. Close. -- V 'O .1 IQ. X v . X " I ,,.,v Q' N-ns. SENIOR CHORUS THIRD ROW, Left to Right: H. Sommers, C. Brown, J. Clark, E. Neal, R. Diersing, A. Shove- stull, M. Wilson. SECOND ROW: B. Quesenberry, B. Walsh, M. Radloff, M. Clayman, S. Sabo, B. Andexler, L. Fronek, G. Grimes. FIRST ROW: C. McGhee, S. Stasko, M. Hege- dish, P. Kuchenbecker, G. Brown, Bill Ripley. 5 O Mr. W. Russell Gray Band Senior Chorus Mrs. Esther Morrell Junior Chorus D23 pa rims rrf' Povaxn P Egbe ' 5.513 UB - QI? ' PXQXOW' CL W Yoke' Piqxixufdv R. n. G. V01a"' G. WSG SOG! S. .Sam YXBST eh xo RigW?1esH3chet' ow ROW' bcnavw' ' . am , 3 . P-'J fx. S ' Skov a,,J 32, xv is SAFETY PATROL THIRD ROW, Left to Right: J. Higgins, G. Buchoski, T. Tyson, R. Nimick, G, Barrett, R. Darby, W. Moore, G. Brandon, R. Mortus, L. Ridgeway. SECOND ROW: T. Dancy, G, Jerousik, D. Steward, B. Oliver, S. Gilbert, A. Percy, J. Herrick, G. Hashman, L. Flick, B. Quesenberry, B, Saulsberry. FIRST ROW: B. Baldwin, G. McC1endon, R. Anton, P. Davis, K. Percy, K. Havens, T. Ford, H. McGhee, G. Kanner, D. Clark. 3' Adm To RIG 3 Q ,hgh Of: C . MCGhge, fiery-ich M STUDENT CO ' Ohns ' - D . UNC 017, T B avles M ll. ' l'Own ' . R- . E. Harlgihnepi Q T - rudeau' M K . ehres 1 Ml. . Me 1111130 F. T. A. THIRD ROW, Left to Right: M. Stevenson, K. Gemlich, B. Walsh, C. Chamberlin, F. Thomas,.M Richner, J. Norton. SECOND ROW: D. Davis, J. Clark, K. Johnson, B. Raspe, L. Fronek, M Kehres, L. Dodson, C. Sommer. FIRST ROW: B. Norton, M. Wilson, C. Wolcott, C. Harris, M Davies, G. Grimes, E. W. Johnson. Mrs. H. S. Greene, Advisor. X5 ,1- J I f 1 SENIOR Y-TEENS THIRD ROW, Left to Right: B. Andexler, M. Clayman, B. Quesenberry. J. Andrey, B. Walsh, D. Smith. K. Kehres, B. Stasko, M. Kortovich,L. Egbert, R. Fleishman, SECOND ROW: C. Deysher, S. Sabo, C. Moss, B. Curry. J. Koman, C. Chamberlin, J. Smith, K. Johnson, L. Clifford, J. Ship- lett, J. Shiplett, L. Fronek, C. Hinton. FIRST ROW: A. Hinton, D. Parker, M. Davis, G. Grimes, J. Troyer, M. Hegedish, P. Kuchenbecker,.T. Davis..T. Koman, L. B. Mix, Mrs. Cogswell, Advisor. PEP CLUB FOURTH ROW, Left to Right: J. Clark, K. Curry,M.Wi1son,D. Smith, M. Clayman, B. Quesen- berry, B. Walsh, B. Quesenberry, D. Dixon, P. Dixon, J. Kugler, J. Morse, Mr. Early, Advisor. THIRD ROW: B. Ripley,L. B. Mix,R. Fleishman, J. Andrey, J. Maulis, C. Chamberlin, L. Fronek, M. Davies, J. Shiplett, J. Shiplett, L. Dodson,J'. Norton, W. Kirby. SECOND ROW: A. Shovestull, A. Hinton, P. Mason, B. Andexler, S. Sabo, J. Herrick, F. Thomas, S. Gaines, D. Blackwell, B. Wymer, C. Harris, C. Sommer. FIRST ROW: A. Percy, D. Parker, L. Flick, G, Hashman, M. Hegedish, P. Kuchenbecker, J. Thomas, M. Kehres, C. Hinton, S. Gilbert. F. '11 X 0-Wx 1 Q9 JUNIOR Y -TEENS FOURTH ROW, Left to Right: P. Gemlick, C. Jones, B. Oliver, A. Percy, D. Watson, J. Maulis, B. Quesenberry, L. Dodson, M. Richner, S.Trabel, Mrs, Taylor, Advisor. THIRD ROWS' S. Moore, S. Coleman, M, Palmer, Y. Anderson, J. Herrick, L. Flick, G. Hashman, M. Kheres, E. Moore, B. Wymer, C. Osborn. SECOND ROW: D. Blackwell, C. Walcott, C. Harris, S. Gilbert, L. Malott, S. Abernathy, G. Hill, F. Jackson, J. Thomas, S. Gains, F. Thomas, J. Graham, M. Hinton. FIRST ROW, Bottom: R. Andexler, E. Johnson, P. Gaines, I. Moore. J. Macklin, P. McClain, S. Grimes, D. Bartholmew, N. Clifford, L. Ziehm, P. Andry, M. Chase, B. Brown. 125 YT nv wx IN. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY LEFT TO RIGHT: Mrs. Maggie, Advisor, C. Deysher, C. Hinton, L. Clifford. NEW MEMBERS NOT PICTURED: A. Hinton, K. Johnson, J. Clark, D. Davis, K. Gemlich, M. Stevenson. ' FW "' ,grit RESERVE L. Dodson, B. Audexler, B. Wymer, M. Davies. CHEERLEADERS VARSITY K. Johnson, I. Jones, L. Fronek, I. Davis. 1' JUNIOR HIGH nf P. Percy, I. Herrick, jf' of - s. Gilbert, L. ziehm, L.,.,L A . A H. Doran. ,fkfliw-wr v YEARBOOK STAFF STANDING, Left to Right: M. Maggie, L. Clifford, L. Mix, A. Hinton, D. Parker, F. Williams, M. Wilson, B, RSSDC. J. Koman, M. Radloff, K. Johnson, SEATED: J. Clark, Assistant Editor, M, Kortovich, C. Deysher and C, Hinton, Co-Editors, J. Koman, J. Troyer. PUBLICATIONS lx. PEGASUS STAFF STANDING, Left to Right: B. Raspe, D. Davis, Mrs. Green, Advisor, C. Deysher, M. Davis, M. Stevenson, C. Chamberlin, D. Parker, M. Wilson, Mrs, Maggio, Advisor, SEATED: L. Clifford, L. Fronek, J. Clark, Editor, C. Hinton, Congratulati Class The Twinshurg MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSl'I' ESTABLIS ons to the of 1956 liankmg Company INSURANCE CORPORA'I'l0N HED l9l2 U56 SERVICE 0 r n X Ah, Q. M015 Dealer for Twinsburg 'K We are the nearest Chrysler Corp. See us for your new and used car or truck DODGE - PLYMOUTH ELLl0'l'T of BEDFURD 245 Broadway Avenue Bedford 2 2121 Bedford Ohlo Comphments J and M QUALITY MEAT At Ko11man's Market Joe Szczepanlk Owner Appllances Comphments Kroehler SUITES Whlte Dove Mattresses COOPER'S FLOWERS TWINSBURG HOME APPLIANCE Hudson Ohlo Olyrnplc 3 5235 Phone 8256 Route 14 of Maytag 81 Westinghouse ' of TWI SBURG ERVICE CE TER S S Sunoco Products Ray Andexler Route 14 Phone 8046 Twinsburg, Ohio Congratulatlons THE PORTAGE PLASTICS Co SOLON REXALL PHARMACY Custom Mowers Phone Ch 8 5815 R D 1 Kent 0 10 Aurora and S O M Roads Ga11en Weekley Phone Solon Ohio Presldent Kent Or 3 8911 Com pllrnents TWIN BURG SILICA Route 91 A D Phone 4911 Telephone Churchlll 8 5355 THE SOLON xv wk wr ne: Jef :of LUMBER 81 SUPPLY CO General Weldlng Repalrs Lumber Bullders' Supphes Coa1 Lawn Mower Servlce Bullders' Hardware and Pa1nts Box 3 Route 14 Twmsburg Oh1o Solon Ohm Servlce and Quahty that Cost No More of 51 1514-M I TWINSBURG WELDING SL REPAIR g:,::',::',::',::Q: :jr :Qc :logs al: akzk of 1 L N ',,, 1:1 9 , Q Compliments P ' Mom 'S MARKET RICHNER HARDWARE COMPANY wa::mfxfzafxfwzokwawacwcrafwf1f:::::fwoef:x:'p.2:::z: General Hardware Phone 5431 Twlnsburg Oh1o JEWELL'S GULF SERVICE Twinsburg Service Station Routes 91 and 14 Twlnsburg Oh1o Phone Twlnsburg 8551 A G A EXCAVATING COMPANY Llberty Road Phone 4501 Twlnsburg Ohlo Compllrnents WILLOW FLORAL GARDENTS Route 91 A Buzzelll Owner NORTHFIELD MANNE RS BIG BOY Phone 4497 NTA Approved BLUE TOP MOTEL Cleanllness CourteousServ1ce E Goodall Mgr Malllng Address R D 1 Hudson Ohlo Routes 14 81 82 Twlnsburg Oh1o 12 Unlts J I . . of I L Q ' J . . , . ::wk:k::::k:effzxff.::::k::::::wf J Compllments of The FIR T A'l'l0 AL BA K of AKRO Hudson Offlce The Only 'Watlonal Bank In Summlt County Member of Federal Deposlt Insurance Corp and Federal Reserve Bank Phone: B 2 9863 PEE WEE COTTAGE Hot Dogs and Hamburgers Lunches Dmners 909 Broadway Bedford Ohlo Congratulauons from TRUCKER'S INN Routes 14 St 82 Wm Huston Mgr BISHOP ELECTRIC Twlnsburg Oh1o Phone 5151 JOE'S BARBER SHOP PL1bl1C Square JosephE Osco Prop Ray F Dlersmg SOHIO SERVICE wbwkviwrvk Routes 91 81 14 Twmsburg Oh1o TWINSBURG RESTAURANT Home Cooked Meals Complete Fountam Serv1ce Route 14 Twlnsburg Ohlo Roy 81 Ann Troyer Props EE. ' 1 ' ' XfP4f35f79f7509fX09f7F95f50f?kPk5kP503F509fFkP54Rk1f45k , . , . , . I , . KOLL MAN APPLIANCE KOLLMAN'S SUPER MARKET Headquarters Publlc Square OF General E le ctrlc Twlnsburg 5141 Sales and SGFVICG Xi? ik?+iXk Twlnsburg 5141 Twlnsburg Oh1o BEDFORD REC REATION Yi ki Xiiiiiiikiiiiiw ii ii 6 Woodrow Avenue Bedford Ohlo Compllments E A HACKHART General Merchand1se 186 South Ch1ll1cothe Road Aurora Oh1o MC GHEE BROS MARKET Compllments of TWINSBURG COAL AND FEED H1ckory Smoked Hams 81 Bacon Custom Slaughte rlng Phone 58 5 5 wfwweooz meow: Mos: fwezfxwm Depot Road Route 14 Twlnsburg Oh1o BABKA S TAVERN 'Where old frlends meet Beer Llquor Wlne Meals and Sandwlches Twlnsburg 8921 Twlnsburg ANTON TRACTOR SALES Farm St Industrlal Equlpment New 81 Used Tractors Ohlo Phone Twlnsburg 5851 Twlnsburg Ohlo - f if 4 - A J of 5 :M xx 'fx ik , , I I Compliments of w. xv :ak :rf 2 . 3 . I I ' II ! 2 A Food, C Routes 306 and 82 Aurora Oh1o RURAINN ocktails, and J-mfroon Lodging Phone Aurora 5555 Greetlngs SARAH RILEY REAL ESTATE BROKE R Telephone 9036 Church Twlnsburg 4181 St Twlnsburg Ohio Corn HOLM P O Tw1n bur ES ENTE phments of RPRISES Box 1 g Ohlo Cornphrnents of LAW STORE Jtffkbifvtvkltvivklbvtfltvifltlitf Mr 8LMrs W H H1111ard Managers Twlnsburg Ohlo GE O H GOTT HARDWARE C Hardware The Blggest L1tt1e Store In The B 126 Maln Street Hudson Ohlo uckeye State" Olyrnplc 3 5891 ' . . oi SON DAIRY Congratulatlons Class of 1056 From Your Nelghborhood Mercury Dealer FRANK NERO MERCURY.l Bedford Oh1o New Cars Safe Buy Phone Be 2 6440 Used Cars PATRO HUGO BRAUNTLICH GEORGE DODGE TWINSBURG SALES SL SERVICE ROSEBERRY'S DEPARTMENT STORE To O 270 Broadway C3525 gf INTER COLLEGIATE PRESS FAUORY HOME O HIE Kansas Cnty , X fl Q 5 ,M-fr, Publwshevs Cover Munuiualureu Book Bmdevs r

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Twinsburg High School - Moments to Remember Yearbook (Twinsburg, OH) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 71

1956, pg 71

Twinsburg High School - Moments to Remember Yearbook (Twinsburg, OH) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 49

1956, pg 49

Twinsburg High School - Moments to Remember Yearbook (Twinsburg, OH) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 51

1956, pg 51

Twinsburg High School - Moments to Remember Yearbook (Twinsburg, OH) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 16

1956, pg 16

Twinsburg High School - Moments to Remember Yearbook (Twinsburg, OH) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 61

1956, pg 61

Twinsburg High School - Moments to Remember Yearbook (Twinsburg, OH) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 66

1956, pg 66

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