Twin Valley High School - Vallian Yearbook (Morgantown, PA)

 - Class of 1959

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M ,sm cy,- mz '-F' T 'vii at is 1T"f'X'H mg-- I1-FF 1 SQ Q , 'S L swf' V ': 5:1 K . EQ.. f' :- ,L Qi' 1 Ii ' - A iivw I! - M.. 5 A ,. Q ij!! ' Y -, 4: TF., I .fl 11 ' .ly 'f 19+- ,'. lf:-.Li 5? '. P' bv . .Ji mf? Y Ri ,R gl , . "g gif x 'Liza X xl l . 1 , ,J 1 ix g, -1 ,, ' . .. ! I 1 I ? i P V jg w k v v v I . 4 i i I X f 'kr WE if 4 M. ii' 7 - - i L X fl 'i1ng 'ff f I 1 M? I 5 IZ I' wif Zffzf " I I? A w. xx Xx NNW BX XXX ,pa ff I' ?fi'11 1 4 I f Pg fl, Qc" ffl IM 4 all .JZ I N. QF ff I I far! l -A 7' Y N44-4 F PUBLISHED BY 6' 611155 59 af 1 l.-Q 1. 5 Q To The Boundless Future As the graduating class of Twin Valley High School, we wish to extend our most -sincere gratitude to those who have carefully guided us, preparing us for the new sea of adventure onto which we are about to embark. In The Vallian we have recorded some of our fondest and most cher- ished memories of the past four years. Our purpose in assembling this annual is that in the future we might turn back the pages of time and relive some of these unforgettable events. And, if in years hereafter, when glancing through your 1959 Vallian, you can say "Yes, I remember! we will feel our purpose has been accomplished . . . The last century has been filled with a series of notable accomplishments. Numerous achievements have made their fame through the thought, research and labor of man. This is only the beginning. The progress of these achievements lies in our hands, the youth of America. The door of opportunity is open to us. We must take advantage of it, unlocking the mysterious chambers of discovery. The sky is our limit, knowledge is our password and labor is our key . . . f ,,,.f X? OH ng' 9-Q .VI Y " -o 9 --Q I-S f , f f- Q I ' X J I gk I F Qff X-5 Z s n."llu. ' u .I M 'Q 5 g L W A 'fs i ae.. . rf- , lflfq , .l.lf3! f " ,I .ll lf" - ,nm I "I: X ' If fV'1?3 A s- xuhll X 529, Lil' f'i3 w -421 Q' Uur ammuuilic Including two counties, four towns and four townships, 'Iwin Valley Joint School District is fast becoming a.n industrial and prosperous area. Comprised of approximately 250 Square miles, this section is also swiftly increasing in population. New industries are opening their doors to advancement and to progress. Adding to the economical status of our communities, local businesses are being improved or established. To facilitate these expansions various accommodations have been provided. Among these are the construction of a new high school building and the development of new resident- ial sections. Communication and transportation are two of Twin Valley's most exceptional features. Well equipped electrical and telephone circuits are available. The Morgantown Exchange of the Pennsylvania Turnpike adds to the importance of our locality. The rolling landscape of this picturesque countryside with its fertile green fields, large, comfortable farmhouses, and modest country Churches is symbolic of our yearbook, THE VALLIAN. H W AUHWWST HTI W Haard of duration CAERNARVON TOWNSHIP Ralph Hertzler Harold Kurtz Elmer Witman John Berstler James Runyon Henry Koch ELVERSON BOROUGH George Beaton Joseph Rigg Arthur Sigman James Geiger Homer Minnich Vincent Grant OFFICERS Harold Kurtz James Geiger Donald Davis Wayne Gabel Vincent Grant HONEY BROOK BOROUGH Lester White S. Frankhauser Donald Davis Laverne Ranck W. Freeman John Kurtz ROBESON TOWNSHIP Thomas Seidel Frances Lange G. Schultz lMrs.J Thomas Hoyer Solon Marburger Vincent Grant HONEY BROOK TOWN SHIP John Seldomridge Harold Fisher R. Ranck, JI'- Wayne Gabel Edwin Helms WEST NANTMEAL Robert Cook Rev. J. R. Kilgore A. G. Palmateer S. Jasinski QMrs.J Theadore Rogers The 'Pain Valley Joint School Board is composed of five directors from each of the following districts which make up the Jointure: Caernarvon, Honey Brook, West Nantmeal, Robeson Townships, Elversonand Honey Brook Boroughs. The officers of the School Board are chosen by its members and the work of the board is done by special committees which give a report of their work at each meeting of the School Board. Mil. IiLliEll'l ll. EBEIIT Supervising Principal Dear Seniors: I would like to take this opportunity to wish each member of the Senior Class happiness and success in their future life. I hope that what you have learned and mastered, while attending Twin Valley-Senior High, will assist you in achiev- ing your life's goal. We will maintain an interest in your future and hope that you in turn will maintain an interest in educational affairs. I hope that many of you will attend institutions of higher learning. Many opportunities await the individual with a determination and ability to increase his knowledge. You will be the pioneers of the Space Age and in order to adjust to the concepts and problems of this new age you must increase your knowledge to the utmost. Sincerely yours, f5f54ffJf'QHe'l!tfm' MIL FRA CIS ll. Wllllll evomlary Principal Dear Seniors: To the Class of 1959, I would like to extend my best wishes for success. As you go forward into life I hope each of you will remember the studies you had at Twin Valley, and apply the principles learned to your respective fields of endeavor. I know you will maintain our standards of honesty, integrity, and scholarship as you go forward through life, and I earnestly hope you will reach the goals you desire. The future holds great prospects for those who continually strive for' knowledge. I am sure you members of the Class of 1959 will continue your learning, either in business, or in higher education, and that you will have a bright and prosperous future. Sincerely yours, ah fi Mr! Francis B. Wood A11 Able And lludcrslanding acuity Mary Jane Delp, E. Esther Smith, Shirley A. 'Bauder, Grace M. Balthaser, Dorothy S. Groff, Jane A. Dewald, Dorothy L. I-lorning, Francis B. Wood, Alice Nagle, Lois W. Swoyer,Marga.ret W. Stephens. Kenneth L. Cook, Carroll S. Arnold, Donald L. MacLean, Alfred G. Davis, Edwin L. Thoma, James R. Rutter, John M. Pezzuto, Pasquale A. D'Amico, Charles E. Zellner, Richard S. Magee. Robert E. Zwally, Carl T. Horner, Andrew L. Andrews, J. Everet Morris, John W. Polischak, Fabio Gabrielll, Gene A. Schott, Robert S. Moyer, John A. Allison, Patricia Reitz, Frances Doll. John J. Allison Alfred G. Davis Jane A. Dewald Fabio Gabrielli Dorothy S. Groff QMrs LaSalle College B,A, Bloomsburg S.T.C. B.S. Albright College B.A. East Stroudsburg S.T.C. West Chester S.T.C. English Business English, Latin B.S. B.S. Bio10gY: Drlver's Ed- Mathematics ucation Dorothy L. Horning Donald L. MacLean John W. Polischak Edwin L. Thoma Grace M. Balthaser Bloomsburg S.T.C. Bloomsburg S.T.C. Kutztown S.T.C. B.S. Wilks College B.S. Kutztown S.T.C. B.S. B.s.H1SlIlBSS B.S. Science History Art - History Kenneth L. Cook Pasquale A. D'Amico Mary Jane Delp Carl T. Horner Patricia Reitz Bloomsburg S.T.C. Millersville S.T.C. B.S. West Chester S.T.C. West Chester S.T.C. West Chester S.T.C. B.S. Industrial Arts B.S. B.S. B.S. Temple University Physical Education, Physical Education, Music Wocalj E.D.M, Health Health Guidance I2 Robert E. Zwally Mansfield S.T.C. B.A. Columbia University M.A. Music flnstrumentall ,J Carroll S. Arnold Kutztown S. T.C. B.S. Social Studies Richard S. Magee Elizabethtown College A.B. Mathematics 0 Robert S. Moyer Pennsylvania S. U. Geography, History, Civics J. Everet Morris West Chester S.T.C. B.S. Science Alice Nagle lMrsJ James R. Rutter Margaret W. Stephens Gene A. Schott John M. Pezzuto Urslnus College B.A. Albright College B.S. West Chester S.T.C. Albright College B.A. East Stroudsburgh English, Latin Science A B.S. English History S.T.C. B.S. W Zig, Mathematics Mathematics -4.-44157 f " P!-Cfof A A A 1 ' . inri eee e -,I .. gi Iharles E. Zellner Andrew L. Andrews E. Esther Smith Lois W. SwoyerQMrs.l Llbright College B.A. Pennsylvania S. U. B.S. Eastern Baptist College Albright College B.S. English Physical Education B.S. Home Economics Physical Education Shirley A. Bauder Kutztown S.T.C. B.S. English, library I3 Faculty 0ff Guard Chow time! Who locked my trunk? ,XX Going once-going twice . . . Math review for Mr. Magee . . . 39 winks Who's supporting what? Teachers are funny NINWW 'iff xv il ,M 5 . , '-.f ,fl 6 Shirley M. Craft iMrs.J u O Q Hardman F. Ruth Hohl QMrs.J :fx Q Lelia Mountz iMrs.J ff X Q V fl, fy , V , 1 kagfafsf ,, . V 1- x . 59.4 .' 4422 af"4E2n35" "fW , ' ,, " f 1151? K 3 23 '- f i ,,,,,,m?g- Kathryn C. Wilson QMrs.1 Louise Haire ze 5: Emily Neatock lMrs.j Cafeteria Help 1 , Lillian Gilbert, Ethel Winings, Helen Smale, Laura Bell Henry, Ruth Goldman, Mable Cat- aldi. 3 U Anna. Strauss, Betty Earnshaw, Myrtle Schmehl, Mary Ranck. Mildred Miles, Helen Swoyer, Dorothy Robin- son, Eunice Bohlayer. 'QS nl 0 Maintenance and Bus Drivers Qffiilig Among the three accreditedfields at Twin Valley High School is the Academic course. This course, consisting of such majors as Latin, Chemistry, Physics, trigonometry, geometry, algebra, and advanced mathematics, corresponds with what is otherwise recognized as a college preparatory system. Hereby students advised in specialized fields of science, mathematics, and language, all three being essential to the advancement of Ameri- can culture. In recent years definite progress has been achieved due to the exerted efforts of both student and teacher as they work together aiming for one common goal - knowledge. 2l'ClCl 0 For the purpose of training the new leaders of tomorrow's business world, the commercial department has been one of importance at Twin Valley. In it are offered the varied subjects of typing, shorthand, business training, book- keeping, and office practice. The mechanics of clerical and administrative works are studied as well as practiced. Opportunities for further education are also stressed in this field. Training in specialized commercial fields such as secretarial work, accounting, and business administration is at the present time available not only in high school but also in institutions of higher education. The world today is concentrating on new means of obtaining more effective and efficient business methods of the future, and it is toward this goal that we are aiming. QI1 era The General Department has been offered to Twin Valley students in order to widen the scope of knowledge in separate vocational fields. Its main purpose is to establishaninterest in skilled professions. Industrial arts, home economics, and art courses are taught to provide students with practical knowledge. Interest and under- standing are dis 1 p ayed in an individual rather than in a collective manner. In the General as well as the Commercial and Academic Departments, compulsory subjects are taught, some being bi l o ogy, English, and historyg all these comb' me to make tomorrow a tomorrow of unlimited progress. me-40 " M 9 , Wg W HE V Q msswlm M Rc union! fLeft to rightj P. March, G. Sabo, D. Bell, R. Hess, H. Rapp, R. Moss, J Bitler, H. Seifert, G. Tschudy, J. Sailer, B. Kellett, J. Kissinger, J. McCord Mr. Allison, Advisor, F. Kline, K. Griffith, J. Seldomridge, M, Hughes, A Martin, C. Morris, A. Lienti, S. Mountz, D. Warmkessel, A. Moore, N. Souden H. Runyon, C. Morris, R. Whitmoyer, W, Hafer,H. Printz, W. Styer, P. Moser C. Stoltzfus, D, King, G. Nissley, R. Dampman,J. Linton, D. Stamper, C. Miles qlueft to rightj G. Mclnerney, A. Styer, D. Martin, R, Hallenbeck, W, Stoltzfus, B, Shirk, F. Care, P, White, N. Lammey, M, Mount, D, Plank, T, Pasquale, N, Davis, B. Weaver, L, Harrison, J. Pavlesich, B, Whalen, D. Hampton, V. Umble, Mr. Thoma, Advisor, R, Pavlesich, L. Harrison, D. DeGezelle,J Messner, E, Hartmen, L, Kline, J, Myer, R, Hummel, G. Frederick, K, Boltz J. Summers, J. Unruh, J. Keiffer, E. Scott, J. Detterline,J. Goodman,G Swoyer, B. Unruh, J. Martin, S. Collins. uniom .S30l9A0l1l0l'h25 flzeft to rightj D. Halteman, W, Stoyer, I... Keen, P. Unruh, W, Fox, C, Mohl B. Fausnaught, B, Newswanger, M. Seiters, B, Evans, N. McConnell, J, Geiger D. Hertzler, M. Deibert, Mr. MacLean, Advisor, S. Mountz, D. Kurtz, V Aguiar, M. Evans, J. Dolinger, B. Glauner, J, Kurtz, M. Sweitzer, I, Anspach E. Pfahler, E. Seidel, J. Emery, M, Vasi1e,M. Dawson, B. Huyett, M. Stimson B. Glass, Y. Kennel, P, Mertz, T, Linderman,R. Bannon, G. Moore, L, Weiler E. White, H. Boad, J. Hurst, C. Kramer, H. Kerr, R. Sweigart, L. Schultz R. Martin. fLeft to rightj R. White, P. Weaver, H. Rissel, D. Refford, R. Nissley, R. Fry J. Sailer, B.McGowan, R, Wilson, M, Fadclis, N. Sell, A. Houck, K. Scheidt M. Demko, D, Barrage, R. Plank, L. Pupek, S. Schaffer, C. Devine, L. Meck J. Hartenstine, A. Miller, E. Cashweiler, Mr. Polischak, Advisor, B. Paine A. Love, F, Styer, D, Thompson, B, Keller, E. Burkhart, D. Rohrbach, N Merryfield, J. Gellrich,C. Trate,J, Oldham, F, Coleman, D, Reicler, G, Mauger A. Wardenski, D, Heckman, J. Stoltzfus, C. Zeigler, R. Heffentrager, E. Hahn W. Maurer, J. Schmale, J. Greenley, D. Felker, L. Hart, J. Bell, B. Miller U' mm. 5' xii 'fx Q 'k' x in it 5 2 + 22' iw' J 4 w M inth Grade Left to Right, Top Row: M. Stoltzfus, M. Raser, D. Griest, B. Bannon, C. Hartz, S. Cypher, C. Demko, J. Greenly. Row 2: Mr. Shott, J. Nunnermaker, R. Grubb, C. Leinninger, L. Walters, L. Gable, W. Kemper. u-A ,F 9 Left to Right, First Row: ix. Shelly, R. Moore, P. Hess, P. Dawson, C. Dempko, D. Given, P. Martin, B. Dehaven. Row 2: Mr. Moyer, H. Fox, W. Beam, L. Grove, R. Pavlesich, L. Whitman, J. Hertzler, L. Emrey, R. Ranck, E. Bowman. 5 3 'wiv-v"" Left to Right, First Row: S. McNeil, M. Gable, B. Morta.n, K. Dixon, S. Given, M. Davis, D. Grubb, S. Smoker, Second Row: Mr. Morris, L. Bergdoll, L. Russel, J. Myers, S. Fellenbaum, J. Stauffer, R. Cutman, E. Mack, M. E. Shananman. Third Row: K. Rapp, D. Jacobs, W. Ranck, I. Snyder, D. Styer, A. Hoersch, W. Spotts. Fourth Row: J. Robinson, W. Emrey, R. Beaton, E. Stoltzfus, L. Beiler. ,Q ,xg B' W . "' 13 . l I L 'by , ' 'M . W4 1 ' ' ,V ff , W' M. ,L I W i S- iV'L,,- I WM - Q . , ' . ' .. i .E , I Ei: Away' iw, W- A ? .M 1' U - w e ' ...f we -fa l M-S i -fs ' ' .-. l MA . . 4- ' 4 M D""I, 4 :V H" ff Mm W, FH P yn' 'N TEE: 's 1' jk my , Ma. 'QE w.,,.L V ,., W . fm f - r uf .r F QC X, - :zo wh. 1'-Y .iy ,... 1. A ws .1 ,, ,... wwf' I Nj We , X t N 'QI .Q F 1 'Q W- v "M" W., A if A A Mmm N "" ,J M -20 4 'MU Q, V Y . , VV 3 3 if yi U , jx flaw L A' W, 5-f...' Q 7' ,Q' A A qi .Q VS N! V .t Z K , was V 9 , Q. rd S- Ll 4 W Y MW ' '5 wif J Q my 5? W? hw Left to Right, Top Row: A. Moyer, G. Wade, D. Potts, V. Printz, W. Ramsey, D. Rimby, G. Massey, T. Seigfried. Second Row: L. Shiiflet, J. Sparr, C. Tothero, P. Trate, K. Warmkessel, H. Wengert, L. Weller, B. Ziegler. Third Row: W. Jordan, T. Lintz, C. Lord, I. Arnold, D. Beisel, I. Bellman, B. Behrle, L. Care. Bottom Row: E. Deeds, P. Dobreff, S. Eylcewski, E. Fleming, B. Hahn, D. Mohn, T. Haffer, R. Haller. elfcutlz Grade D. Walters, L. White, S. Zook, L. Robinson, B. Jackons, M. Pupek, D. Stump, M. Brower, Mrs, Stephens, N. Stimson, B. lnk, C. Styer, A. Sweitzer, S. Pauley, E. Kellett, M. Ziegler, D. Hartmen, D. Mohl, D. Clayney, H. Morris, J. Griffith, B. DeGeze11e, P. Plank, R. Miller, D. Smoker, B. Bubb, D. Ford, J. Reece, K. Hallenback, R. Hartz. V. White, M. Moore, E. Keiffer, D. Piahler, J. Good, M. Newswanger, E. Bower, J. Colley, D. Geiger, V. Andes, M. Linton, S. Hoffman, B. Ra.nck, G. Peza, Mr. Andrews, M. Kinsey, M. Diehm, D. Henderson, R. Snyder, W. Welsh, W. Hess, R. Ranck, W. Shuler, I. Combs, R. Rock, J. Souden, J. Guiseppe, G. Goodman, H. Walters. J. Davis, C. Guilden, N. Howe, L. Townsend, J. Zoll, C. Webb, L. Fitch C. Lane, J. Moore, J. Zimmers, N. Twiliger, C. Strandberg, A. Stoltzfus, C. Ziegler, F. Sto1tzfus,B. Styer, B. Robinson, R. Thompson, W. Shannaman, J. Killgore, A. Martin, D. Brill, Greenley, H. Goodman, L. king, M Whee1er,H. Riggins. First Row: P. Yeager, E. Roling, M. Unruh, M. Jacob., L. Reiff, G. Godfrey. Second Row: D. Broslow, F. Martin, G. Hasslett, P. Whitmoyer, L. Showalter. Third Row: L. Herb, C. Wagner, M. Aguiar, D. March, C. Carroll, F. Mohr. Fourth Row: A. Love, L. Lafferty, G. Moser, P. Mountz, A. lxohl, G. McMullen, D. Eddinger, C. Zellner. Front Row: R. Rimbly, M. Martin, G. Maurer,J. Ruth, I. Hart. Second Row: I. Caniszewski, L. Flemming, I. Boltz, M. McHugh, C. Lienti, P. Snyder. Third Row: R. Ludwig, N. Huyett, C. Herb, J. Mohr, S. Mc- Vaugh, J. Mountz, C. Arnold. FourthRow: J. Ray, G. Tyson, L. Hohl, G. Weller, P. Carroll, P. Fausnaught. 5 fi - flirt- Yvvfg I ' rl I U , . U . I. . - ' - N o I s W W . Z ...--' .' .-'. E . - 93 a I "U", 'W 1, L+ gf j Af . .2 I 41 STUDENT Service Loqaltq Dutq CGUNCH I. Linton, R. Hess, E. Hartman, B. Shirk. SENIOR HIGH MONITORS D. Dixon, J. Beam, D. Anspach, D. Hart. 'I rman, R. Heffentrager, C. Zeigler, T. Linde E. White, J. Hurst, W. Maurer. LIBRARIANS 2 X N HONEY 'BOOSTER A 3' saoon CLUB UBRARV A BUYS GIRLS E SEMBLE A. Krupp, H. Ludwig, P. Yeingst, C. Plank, T. Bamberger, L. Hart, C. Detterline, L. Shultz, B. Miller, R. Heffen- trager, T. Linderman. E. McBall, F. Styer, L. Tornquist, E. Hartman, N. Merryfield, S. Lewis, R. Warner, A. Love, M. Bell, L. Kessler, R. Spancake, D. Thompson. i f M USICAL HO ORS J ,UL +2 W? Hugh-Ng te'-. . ' ' fxf' 5 M ,, District chorus: L. Kessler, P. Yeingst. P. Yeingst, county, district, and state band. T. Bamberger, county band. 32' 'L f M' f kk x hx . me x, "Hx in , 'S 'ff ,lv , , 15 fe' of I f ,X P r County chorus: D. Thompson. L. Kessler, A. Krupp, E. McBa11, P. Yeingst, L. Tornquist, R. Spancake. CQNCERT BAN T? H. Rapp, B. Burkhardt, L. Keen, P. Yeingst, R. McEwen, D. King, D. Thompson, L. Tornquist, S. Given, J. Runyon, B. Livingood, S. Schnore, J. Ammon, R. Ranck, T. Bamberger, Y. Kennel, H. Rissel, J. Petersheim, N. Trindle, G. Swoyer, J. Summers, W. Freeman, B. Evans, D. Thompson, C., M. Gahel, G. Tschudy, D. Styer, V. Umble, D. Hertzler, D. Thompson, J. Kurtz, G. Mauger, C. Bannon, I. Seldomridge, M. Vasile, M. Sweitzer, P. Stimson, S. Eppihimer, C. Devine, R. Warner, P. McEwen, J. Nunemaker, B. Seidel, Mr. Zwally. 52 . ARCH: G BA D 5 5 '95 X xi, X i V Q 3 . 'F X " ' " , .H b W L. Wade, H. Runyon, A. Moyer, B. Shirk, J. Geiger, A. Wardenski, S. Lewis, S. Mountz, E. Burkhart, V. Aguiar, S. McNeil, D. DeGa.ze11e, D. Plank, P. Refford, A. Krupp, C. Devine, H. Rapp, B. Burkhardt,L. D K' D Thom son L Tornquist S Given, J Runyon, B Livingood, Keen, P. Yeingst, R. McEwen, . mg, . p , . , . . . J. Petersheim, N. Trindle, G. Swoyer, J. Summer, W. Freeman, B. Evans, D. Thompson, C., M Gabel, G. Tschudy, D. Styer, J. Seldomridge, M. Vasile,M. Sweitzer, P. Stimson,S. Eppihimer, C Devine, R. Warner, P. McEwen, I. Nunemaker, B. Seidel, Mr. Zwally. .., Mean? ANCE BAN J. Emery, R. Spancake, J. Tschudy, B. Evans, J. Summers, Mr. Zwally, Director, P. Yeingst, R. McEwen, R. Livengood, T. Bamberger, W. Freeman, Y. Kennel, J. Runyon. V, w w ww ww H I "'. wm"rF'w'w'H'Uww,1 H' w w "1 ""' ' """' 'Y' w " " '13 W' 'Il "" U "","" VM"'HWwMWW "n' 'W'V'w53wVV'Uw "" 'W "" 'Www 1"" UW W' w ' 'U V 'q'1 "" wwW1wwQ,'f 'F'wwWMTfWW!Www'm """ v f 'ww w - ww w ,, 1' ffl F5 W - G 'Ski 7 w ww f fi? ww A A .. .v i wwwwww w ' 151 M ' A -, ' . - ' , f ' ff ' ww 4 Y 4 ' wwww - w Q Hw ww ' ,f ' WM if ' Q- wi ww www 1 , ,.A f f y M M www' w fl . ww www 4 w ' Q 4 Www wwwwww 4' 1 ww wm wwiww w E WQWWVTM ww 'mwwwwlww , lu- .' pm, 11 ' ' X 4 H wwwwww-ww w 1 1' ' 1 i W www www ww, , M- w f www wwwwwwfwy w w X f w NWwww w w . w - ww Www '1fww' Mwwww'5,f'ww, . 'f , wvqplaw wi ,faq--w , wx -'U ww ,A -wp-ff-J-. ,w, , . Q .ww , w "1 ',w"w w N ' 'w ' ww 'ww w w w - GJ' w wwf www!j':Nww,Q:w.l W W wwfw wwgwwwwwww w ww Q ww H w ww www w wwwwwf www w ww E V ww wwww w w w w ww Uwww www www1lww w w w' 'www w wwwwwi' w w ,X 2 w wi ,ww xwwl W wx w' www w ww wwww www ,w ' , 4 N,AA!! ,Y ' Q wwwwwww wwwwww w 11 C QP' My Q'-' Wwwww Q' A w www wwwwy w w ww w w ' 4 N w w wwww 1 - 'Www M ww-Exx, 1 N N " w wfwwwwwwfw . w 1 . w ww ,,wMwwwww"1w" ww 5 V , 'ur' ' ' w wwwwwwwwwlW Nw . w Q 'xx P ,'wwwg7 .Mil ' 5 M. WR!! X u 4 I-tx' Vw W w W 1 C' k. F ' - ww Yxxx 1 X , , xl , www W 'ww 'U Q' , - wfww w'www"l3' , w I v I " NM wx wx ' ' 1 M I! ' ff , 6' wh wfwwww w ? x w w 7 , f pw wwfwwll w ' ix ' X '- V M' 1 - wwwwi- w . ww wwww ww L if w W w Wwxwwlwwmwwg w w Efwww fw w,w,ww ' wwwwwww www ww ww w ww w Uwwwww W 1 w, ,W,!, W X X , ' 'w'w 1yw"3'i 'W wwwwwww w "1 W"NN 'N ' www! wwww'j,Q"'wEww' 1 ww w " W "'w Yw,ww w I w U w w wwNwwi,'wmMWuMkw,wwwwi,wwwwwwWwMh..wwwwwAw.w.wMlMmwuwwwwumlwwdwfw-ww.wJwWMwwu -'ww X w" w VW " 'w 1" Y X ' ww 'I1zw'f0i ww? 'J W X Q 'fm ,iw US. WWW fm' , ' W lffwikhflig, . 1Q ?wQe,, , 'SML F?" !ff1"0ff ff W2 ,h--. -.,+, .-..-.. . . f - ..1Q..L..,....., .,.g...-,.... aiwf' 'lf -- Pl il1n- -, I-' -I 'll' u NN gf gy 1l ?g 1.,.,, 1 in -Y Y 1- ff" MT' . Grove' R Mr' Plzzuto T L- . h, - Rud , ' Bei-tzlefs Pavyeslc y, B. H . Hater, P I Snyder, weuerg R' ahh! G. Wade ' mbreff,K . . . - Ulkessel .v A. YDS' tom D- Taco R. B031 eWS7 And! Rap?- 1 H f C. Crowell, A. Love, R. Ludwig, D. March, Mr. Pizzuto, C. Carroll, G. Moser, P. Mountz, T. Weiler, R. Fausnaught, A. Rudy. One of the biggest handicaps the 'little Raiders"had to contend with was the lack of practice space. Next year, if present plans materialize, Twin Valley may have its own gymnasium with " ' R 'ders' should have a big year. some veterans to return. The Little ai R Fry: ,Ei Hahn, P- Moser' R' Hummel' H Rap L, snuuz. D- King' D' Halfeman J. V. BA KETBALL Led by their coach, Mr. D'Amico, the J.V. 's were out front fighting all the time. Captained by Richard Fry, they carried the ball down the court to finish with a record of 3 victories and 11 lo-sses. Our future varsity teams lie within the J.V. teams, who really help to support them. You gotta think about the game! ASKETBALL Back R-OW! .el-. Kneeling. gg-app, manag wager. D.Ha1teH1an'M The season opened up with Mr. Horner, the new coach, setting the boys through their paces. Leading the Raiders on to the court were four returning lettermenz Ted Spece, Dick Anspach our co- captains, Jack Bingham and Eddie Hartenstine. Up against stiff competition, they fought their way through, with under- classmen Jim Summers and Ed. White helping them out all the way. Good luck next year fellows! Which way did the ball go? C Hornerv Cog: gartenstine, I hm ?T 4. 4 -2. 'X CO-CAPTAINS AND COACH Ted Spece, Mr. Horner, Dick Anspach. THE BIG FOUR Ted Spece, .Tack Bingham, Dick Anspach, Ed I-Iartenstine. Kharb . R Pavlefl-ich' E' Bur mam Son . h- K E. . ma, Mawr' E-'IQZITL XSS, 21. ASW' M . am: D- Fe era I- Do X 'lei D- The K Row, varsity Kes mm.,B.Wea1 wade, M- Vw B210 M. Be ' ' Team? ' akea . 1,V. - on, R. Spam? Front Row. ch L, Harris G. Sham' ' L A9593 Sweitzer, 3- Kurtz' The Raiderette s played their way through a good season with 4 victories and4 los ses. Leading the team this year were our 2 senior co-captains, Ruth Spancake, and Sandy Hartz. Returning senior veteran was Mary Lou Bell. Three underclassmen putting the rest of the spark to the team were Eleanor Hartman, Rose Paulesich and Barbara Shirk, The fine job of coaching was left to Miss Smith where she carried over her victories to the J.V. team with 4 wins and 4 losses, Loretta Wade led the way as J.V, captain. Keep up the good work, girls! BASKETBALL TEAMS T.V. OPP. Exeter 45 37 Brandywine 29 49 Oley 52 49 Daniel Boone 40 28 Exeter 42 48 Brandywine 29 65 Daniel Boone 53 41 Oley 34 47 WATCH THAT SCORE! Get that bam I ,J Come 0 n you xddm Smut 'em 'SPX I.. , Q-1 Nl-m-nv in G0odX GQLF A ,, ff., sz: M , h, I. Ludwig,-U Anspac .1 1. T SpeceaH Summers, P- Alex' h I.S21e 1 - . ' , Back Row: -irtglfmiltcgzii. lieffentraieff J' Bingham ander. Knee mg' ' Teams: Mt. Penn Exeter Daniel Boone Fleetwood Exeter Daniel Boone Muhlenberg Conrad Weiser Dates: April 13 April 16 April 20 April 23 April 27 May 4 May 7 May 11 A relatively new sport in the A Twin Valley School, it is fast be- H coming a popular one. Their home H base is Green Hills Country Club 2 and on any fine day, you'1l find the A team hard at work, practicing for A th ' eir golf meets. A Keep up the good work, fellows! GIRLS H O C KEY ' V Q, at gh- K . wif .ebefls M Daws0n':1'31dinSlg' fin' ' ullrf ' Ben: ' A. Mar V, AE 1 Tschudyf 1 Anspache H3-Vtmigvxade, B. Kutz, Svllor' Vassez-'font ROY ssler, L" e . 3. . 'W' YY . . Bwslcggtzv 3' ES?eDege1'ex'Rxorx1950n' L is. Blfkharpt sueii' D' Siiancakeg 3.MesSher' L.Gf0" ' This was a "first" for the Twin Valley Raiderettes. Hard Practice showed rewards when these girls played against other schools. Their season ended up with 1 win and 2 losses. Leading them to victory was captain Ruth Spancake, while the coaching field was left to Miss Smith, Miss Delp. Nice going girls and good and assistant coach luck to next years team! Bermu das on U16 1-amp age I SOCCER Edward Hartenstine, co-captaing Pasquale D'Amic0, coachg Richard Anspach, co-captam. Ba SWEig'3J-t, 5 - Pavlesich ck ROW' R R - - S ' 1 F5322 B. oh, ju? J. owauers, J. S E. Hargow: T' Bambmton' R- RIIZP P' D'A1n1:fder' E- White B nstine A erger p 1 E. Sc t ' coach ' - ' 'K'Upp. ' 'Ale-wander, R?X1:Q:aSf1fer, Iisliigna C P ' D S, I . Yelng-St, Teams Hamburg Perry Daniel Boone Brandywine Oley Conrad Weiser Kutztown Penn Bernville Mt. Penn Bethel e,g'5 me Fleetwood ""'G,f,frz Schuylkill van bl 95' OPP 4 0 1 1 2 2 7 1 2 1 2 4 GO, cm, gm 'LX i6 iefai xo QXNT6 Q02 169-S9 Wax eukvia Q fa 1040 Y5ag0'o0iq,ei , Yexe PAe1a06ei, Mwst 01090 , OXCXL Pxo-592-c0 9 we x0e:0'o6i-5 oi we med om xo QIX0. '0iee ues V086 '5Qece , 09006 , xed 'o -sw ' ee- , 1 Yxewiokoq, Xoiif. T66 Q-ddxe Yxfaixe, NON a-3-eva 9 Q06 xe'Ai0 wlo xlmmoix exqgox 960 4eX0q,sx, '02-0aq0. oxie om-5 , 00 N300 ieXXov4-5X exe Xl Bs 0040 ' seas oX0q, ? 2x06 Sac Bxxixoi and -509 'ikxeag 0016066 'maxi iesx deieavs. Sxce q, 2.06 we GTXYQDR5 sans . 'Get v emu VARSITY BASEBALL I. Su Sweigalfglegsi W' Stye 1' C030 , -' , . e11szi:Q.E' Whizfessf G.' Mclne, , 1 K. Her 1 R. Wm refine HY. 13. t2le1-:HI fmoyer, Tkss ,L P King, R Rapp- ' ' Specei Zuschak, ' ' Hart. Returning veterans to this years team are five seniors: Ken I-lertzler, Ted Spece, Bob Seidel, Bob Maurer, and Eddie Hartenstine. This year coming up from J .V. are ten under- classmenz Jim Summers, Eddie White, Bill Styer, Ronnie Whitmoyer, Gary Mclnery, Bob Hess, Bob Sweigert, David King, Gerald Fred- P lischak, they were ricks. Coached by Mr. o lead to a very successful season. T.V. Opp. Cocalico A Avongrove A Cocalico H Avongrove H Brandywine A hutztown H Daniel Boone A Fleetwood H Oley H Brandywine H Kutztown A H Daniel Boone if N. 1 Seniors men Hel-tzler gf X , . .0 7 Q-5 P 4? , V -Q: ' ,v H, Q ...H 4 Ed Hartenstine 1 , , .f ,M ye: ..! . fv- 4 Ted Spece f 4 1 ,T ff CHEERLEADING The cheerleaders are the spirit behind good sportsmanship and showmanship. Leading the team on to victory is a hard hit rewarding job, which these girls accomplish through their efforts. The ten girls also serve as represent- atives of good citizenship as they go out to other schools. There our school is judged through the light of our schoo1's cheerleaders. B. Evans, A. Wardenski, D. I-Iertzler, B. Glauner. McCord Thompson Kessler Bell Messner Saylor NIUE LA 55 Richard Anspach Morgantown 'Dick' Basketball 1,3,4g Football 13 Golf 3,45 Soccer 3,4g Chess 8: Checkers Club 3. Sportsminded . . . Mining prospect . .. school just doesn't rate . . . 'Tally-Ho' Peter Alexander Honey Brook 'Alex' Chorus 1,3,4g Band 13 Class Play 1,4g Soccer 1, 2,3,4g Radio Club 2g Student Court 3g Class Pres- ident 3g Commercial Club 35 Yearbook Staff, Business Manager 4. Penn State bound . . . always joking . . . willing and able . . . Sharp dresser . . . "Oh, Andeh' Thomas Bamberger Honey Brook "Tom" Chorus 1,2,3,4g Band 1,2,3,45 Soccer 1,2,3,4g Basketball 1g Radio Club 25 Dance Band 3,45 County Band 3,45 Boys Ensemble 3,45 Class Play 4. Future shyster . . . blushes easily . . . always ready for a.n argument. . . keen trumpet player. Catherine Blanche Bannon Elverson R.D. 'Cathie' - Art Club 25 Band 1,2,3,45 Dancing Club 35 Year- book Staff 4. Dislikes junky lockers . . .future business teacher . . . pleasant disposition . . . 'You know it I' E if ' James William Beam Morgantown "Jim" Sports Club 25 Chess 8: Checkers 35 Basketball 45 Student Council 4. More money for less work mad behind the wheel. . . car conscious . . . "That's the breaks' Mary Louise Bell Elverson R.D. "Mary Lou' Cheerleading 2,3,45 Chorus 1,2,3,45 Girl's Ensem- ble 45 Class Officer 1,2,45 StudentCouncil Officer 45 Basketball 2,3,45 Softball 2,3,45 Hockey 45 Class Play 1,45 Newspaper Club 35 Yearbook Sp9rt's Editor 4. Sportsminded slave at Murph's .. . Mickey Mouse Fan . . . 'I-Iere, here now !" Dolores Yvonne Bowman Elverson R.D. "Dolores" Library Clubg Knitting Club. Quiet and likeable . . . pretty green eyes secretary to traveling lady executive.. ' D Zookie ! John Paul Bingham, Jr. Morgantown 'Jack' Basketball 2,3,45 Track 1,23 Band 1,2,35 Radio Club 2g Golf 3,4g Monitor 35 Dancing Club 3g Dance Band 35 Soccer 4. Pet gripe - short girls . . . hunting enthusiast . . . Cassanova. . .in basketball spot-light . . . "That's the way the old bee bees' future . "Hey, Marlene Gail Brown Birdsboro R.D. "Marlene' Knitting Club lg Library Club 2g Typing Club 3. Long, dark hairg large, dark eyes . . .french fries and hamburgers are the best . . . ardent painter . . . "Oh, no !" Richard Burkhart Mohnton R.D. "Dick" Sports Club 2g Chess and Checkers 3. Quiet. . . driver of a shiny yellow "Chevy" . . . Hunting and fishing are tops with this Senior lad. . . 'You old Hood' 3'- . nv. ' IZJ5. vw., r ,W ing, Elise Ruth Clevenger Gibraltar 'Elise' Knitting Club lg Library Club 2g Dancing Club 3. Future ahair-curler' . . . Fond of records . . . twink- ling eyes knee-sock fan um chewer E "That's pathetic' Marie Elizabeth Cutman Morgantown 'Marie' German 15 Hiking 13 Coin and Stamp Collecting Club 2g Commercial 3g Merchandise Club Mgr.4. Reliable and dependable . . . pleasing personality . . . likes a Florida climate . . . "Oh brother' i Dave C. Dixon Honey Brook 'Dave' Chorus lg Class Vice President 3,45 Radio Club 23 Chess And Checkers Club 33 Dance Club 3. Flashy shirts . . . dark wavy hair . . . soft, soothing v voice crazy driver 'You're breaking my heart' Hazel Louise Emery Honey Brook R.D. 'Haze' Art Club 2g Dancing Club 3. Often seen talking to Lucille. . .envies Florida's climate white convertibles hit the spot collects dolls..."Wouldn't you like to know?" Lynwood Warren Englehart Birdsboro R.D. allynnl Hobby Club lg Radio Club 2g Chess and Checkers Club 3g Chorus 4. Automobile lover. . . speedy typist . . . thrives on hamburgers . .. friendly personality . . . "I didn't do it I' Grace Elizabeth Flowers Honey Brook R.D. "Gracie" Chorus 1,2,3g Dancing 3. Always smiling . . . enjoys being with people . . . often on the dance floor .. . 'Pay 'em no mind! Sandra Ann Graul Gibraltar 'Sandy' Art Club 15 Library Club 2g Commercial Club 3. Willowy . . . TV Sz radio admirer . . . proficient typ- ist . . . 'Drop dead! Vera LaVerne Grove Elverson, R.D. 'LaVerne' Basketball 2,3 ,4g Softball 2,3g Hockey 43 Chorus 3,43 Art Club 25 Booster Club3g Class Treasurer 2. Short and sweet . . . Kutztown bound . . . Long Blonde Tresses. . . 'I guess so.' Richard Hart Birdsboro R.D. 'Dick' Baseball 1,2g Hobby Club lg Sports Club 2g Chess 8: Checkers Club 3g Yearbook Staff 4. Likeable . . . mechanically inclined . .. steak sand- wiches are just the thing . . . one eye always on the look-out . . . "Let's knock-off tomorrow' Edward I-Iartenstine Joanna dBuckyl Baseball 2,3,43 Soccer 3,45 Basketball 3,45 Danc- ing Club 3. Terrific all around fellow . . . goes for horses . . . good natured . . . has his eye on "her" . . . prefers study halls . . . 'You dumb quack' Sandra Lee Hartz Honey Brook "Sandy" Band 1,2,33 Chorus 1,3,4g Newspaper 2,3g Class Play 1,45 Basketball 2,35 Cco-captainj 45 Debating Club 25 Yearbook Co-Editor 4g Librarian 4. Loves to read 81 sleep . .. smart .. . attractive, striking .. . dislikes crowded buses . . . 'You got mel X Sidney Ray I-leffentrager Birdsboro R.D. 'Sid' Hobby Club 15 Sports Club 2g Chess and Checkers Club 3g Chorus 3. Tallest guy around. . . ready to lend a helping hand . . .familiar as 'Cheyanne' . . . soft spoken. . . loves to swim . . . shuns hard work. . . '0h, nutsl' Kenneth Charles Hertzler Elverson R.D. 'Ken' Baseball 1,2,3,4g Basketball 1,2,3,4g Chorus 1,2, 3,4g Track 2g Sports Club 2g Chess and Checkers Club 3. Airplane pilot's license . . . good-looking and neat . . . keen on athletics . . . always ready with a smile . . "Son of a goose' Charles Jacob Hine Birdsboro R.D. 'Charlie' Hobby Club lg Chess and Checker Club 3g Sports it Y is r Club 22 Chorus 4- M S S l'yV 1 l Quiet sort oi guy. . . blonde. . .loves to hunt. . . S' ,sii i-1 favorite class-Study hall. Bonnie LaRue Huber Gibraltar 'Bonnie' Knitting Club lg Chorus 25 Dancing Club 3g Year- book Staff 4. An Elvis fan. . .enjoys playing piano and organ. . . quiet personality . . . an ice-cream lover . . . 'A Sail- or?" Raymond Lee Keinard Birdsboro R.D. :Rays Hobby Club lg Sports Club 25 Chess and Checkers Club 33 Chorus 4. Colgate smile . . . well liked by everyone . . . quite the outdoors man . . .favorite food-the deer he didn't shoot . . . easy to be around. . . "If you say so' Dorothy Louise Kessler Mohnton R D LOlllS6 Cheerleading 1,2,3,4g Chorus 1,2,3,45 Class Play lg Student Council 2,4g Dance Band 2,3,4g County Orchestra 45 Hockey 45 Girls Ensemble 45 Year- book Staff 4. Tops on the list with a certain baseball player . . . peppy cheerleader . . . pretty . . . likeable . . . musi- cally inclined . . . 'I-Iey! What's the idea?' I Marvin Kenneth Knauer Elverson 'Hen' Chorus 45 Chess and Checkers Club 35 A Garden- Spot admirer . . . black wavy hair . . . sleepy . . . quiet 4 personality . . . future car mender . . . 'Wake me up when the bell rings! Arthur Albert Krupp Honey Brook, R.D. "Krutch" Chorus 1,2,3,45 Class play 1,45 Band 2,3,45 Soccer 1,2,3,45 Dancing Club 35 Boy's Ensemble 3,45 Happy-Go-Lucky . . . could live on Chinese food . . . side burns . . . everyone's friend . . . "Well, I'll be darned l' Barbara Ann Kutz Birdsboro R.D. 'Barby' Knitting Club 1,35 Library Club 25 Chorus 3,45 Hockey 45 Short 'n dark. . . hearty laugh. . .loves to drive . . . scores in bowling . . . pony-tail girl. . . "Oh, shoot I' Sandra Lee Lewis Honey Brook 'Sandy' Bald 19293:4Q Ch0!'llB 1r2n3.r4Q Gi.I'1'S Ensemble 4Q Dancing Club 33 Class Play 43 Yearbook Staff 4g Tiny . . . superb drum majorette . . .tall boys just don't suit. . . Morda.n's salesglrl . . . 'Look out l' Harold Pierson Ludwig Mohnton R.D. 'Harold' Track 25 Class President 1g Chorus 1,2,3,4g Moni- tor 3g Boy's Ensemble 3,45 Friendly. . .prefers a Iunio r . . . spaghetti . . . dark complected . . . 'How 'bout thatl' Carol Ann Mattson Birdsboro R.D. 'Carol' Band 1g Chorus 2,3,4g Dancing Club 35 Likes to travel. . . enjoys people . . .postcard collector . . . candidate for Bloomsburg State Teachers College . . . 'Jlmlny Caesars' Robert Earl Maurer Gibraltar dab! Baseball 1,2,3,45 Hobby Club 15 Radio Club 25 Fo- rensic Club 35 Yearbook Staff 45 Tall. . .friendly H smile . . . ready with a helping hand . . . 'What hap- pened to that dollar I had?' Mayolia Estella McBall Elverson R.D. 'Shorty' Chorus 1,2,3,45 Dancing Club 35 County Chorus 3, 45 Short 'n Cute . . . friendly personality . . . atwinkle in her eye . . . sensational voice . . .future Beauti- cian. Paul William McEwen Elverson 'Paul' Chorus 1,2,45 Band 1,2,3,45 Class Play 1,45 Chess and Checkers Club 35 Another the same, not only in name . . . always laughing . . . driver of a speedy "Chevy' . . . 'Hi Sam l' Ross Munro McEwen Elverson 'Ross' Chorus 1,3,4g Boy's Ensemble 3,45 Radio Club 33 Dance Band 3,43 Band 1,2,3,4g Class Play 1,45 County Chorus 45 Fuel injection enthusiast . . . dark brooding eyes . . . full of fun . . . twin . . . 'What the heck do you wa.nt?' Sandra Lee Pfahler Suplee "Sandy" Chorus 2,4g Dancing Club 33 Loves to skate... chief cook at Houck's.. .not easily convinced. .. 'Hi there Lea Blanche Pike Elverson R.D. KI-'ea' Art Club 25 Basketball manager 25 Dancing Club 35 Yearbook Staff 45 Basketball fan. . . her heart is in i the Air Force . . . always happy and agreeable . . . 2 short . . . 'Same difference' Charles Park Plank Honey Brook R.D. 'Butch' Chorus 1,2,3,45 Band 1,25 Dislikes hard work . . . big brown eyes . . . drives a '54 Ford . . . good sport . . .on hand for any emergency . . . 'Having a balll' James Aaron Ramsay Gibraltar 'flckabod' Hobby Club 15 Baseball 1,2,3,45 Soccer 15 Band 15 Radio Club 25 Chess and Checkers Club 35 Enjoys Church work . . . doesn't shun hard work. . .friendly . . . hunts and traps . . .first class birdwatcher . . . 'Holy Smokes' Patricia Louise Refford Honey Brook 'Patty' Chorus 1,2,4g Band 4g Dancing Club 3g Librarian 15 Yearbook Staff 45 Bar-b-Que . . .always on the lookout . . . cute little giggle . . . works at Murph's . . . 'What 'cha doin'?' Judith Ann Reiff Birdsboro R.D. 'Judy' Knitting Club 3g Library Club 25 Dancing Club 3g Yearbook Staff 45 Despises dirty dishes...chip cheese steak really rates...quite a talker... 'Hey Bonnie' 1 Lloyd R. Ruoss Honey Brook 'Lloyd' Chorus 2,3,4g Commercial Club 3 3 Sports Club 25 Enjoys Industrial Arts . . . driver of a '39 DeSoto . . .pleasing disposition. . .a hunting man. . . 'Havin' a ball' Lois Dail Scheidt Gibraltar 'Lois' Science Club 15 Library Club 25 Chorus 3,45 Dancing Club 35 On the quiet side . . . short . . . wants to be a beautician. . . record fan . . . 'No kidding' Larry Lee Segner Elverson 'Satch' Band 23 Baseball lg Driver's Education Club 2g Chess and Checkers Club 3g Student Council 35 Basketball 4g Hot-rod fan.. .goes for sports... annoyed by girls . . . "Let's go home' Robert E. Seidel Gibraltar 'Seidel' Soccer 1g Basketball 1g Baseball 1,2,3,4g Band 13 Hobby Club 15 Sports Club 25 Forensic Club 35 Yearbook Staff 43 Class President 43 Hobby - taxi- dermy. . . likes to move at a slow pace. . .the Navy's got him . . .nice looking . . . 'Hey you hood' Gloria Marlene Shantz Elverson R.D. 'Shantzie' Chorus 1,3,4g Basketball 3,4g Basebal13,4g Library Club 25 Booster Club 3g Yearbook Staff 45 Auburn hair . . . sportsminded . . . enjoys singing and playing the piano . . . wants to be a missionary . . . 'Gosh Barbara Ann Simpson Honey Brook R.D. "Barbie" Art Club 2g Dancing Club 3g Quiet. . . Often seen at school sports . . . despises early morning alarm clocks . . . enjoys browsing around a pizza pie stand . . . 'Is it really?" darn it l' Ruth Anne Spancake Elverson R. D. "Ruthie' Band 1,2,3,4g Dance Band 3,49 Chorus 1,2,3,4g County Chorus 43 Girl's Ensemble 3,43 Student Council 1,2, Secretary 3,43 Class Officer I,2,3,4g Basketball 1,2,3,4g Softball 1,2,3,4g Hockey4gClass Play 4g Booster Club 3: Yearbook 43 Sportsminded . . . likes convertibles . . . 'Soda jerk' . . . likes tall boys . . . 'That did it 1' Theodore John Spece Honey Brook 'Ted' Basketball 1,2,3,43 Soccer 1,2,3,43 Chorus 1,2j Baseball 2p3p4Q Sports Club 23 Class Vice Presi- dent 23 Band 2g Typing Club 33 Student Council 3,43 Athletically inc li n e d . . . conservative . . . s ha r p dresser. . .friendly. . . 'Lots of luck, Charlie Brown' Ann Stieff Birdsboro R.D. 'Ann' Band 13 Art Club 1p2Q Dancing Club 23 Chorus 2,3, 43 Yearbook Art Editor 43 Baseball 43 Hockey man- ager 43 Basketball manager 43 Terrific artist.. . horse-crazy . . . gentle . . . 'What he doesn't know won't hurt him" Jane Louise Styer Honey Brook 'Janie' Band 1,2,33 Chorus 1,3,4'3Girl's Ensemble 33 News- paper Staff 1,2,33 Yearbook Editor 43 Librarian 43 Class Play 1,43 Big, bright eyes . . . willowy . . . at- tractive . . . efficient. . . 'wedding bells' . . . shines the Dodge . . . 'No kiddin"' Dawn Marie Thompson Honey Brook KDaWnI Basketball 45 Cheerleading 3,45 Softball 2,3,45 Band 1,2,3,45 Girl's Ensemble 3,45 Chorus 1,2,3,45 County Chorus 45 Hockey 45 Yearbook Staff 45 Stu- dent Council 45 Plans to wear a white cap. . . full of vim and vigor . . . quick smile . . . 'Oh gee, get that I' Lauralyn Tornquist Honey Brook R.D. "Lauralyn' Class Play 1,45 Band 1,2,3,45 Chorus 1,3,45 County Chorus 45 Girl's Ensemble 45 Student Council Sec- retary 25 Newspaper Club 1,2,35 Yearbook Literary Editor 45 Pretty blonde hair . . . Penn State admirer . . . dislikes people who brag . . . friendly personality . . . 'Now be seriousl' Loretta, Wade Gibraltar 'Red' Volleyball 1,25 Softball 1,2,3,45 Basketball 1,2,3,45 Hockey 45 Cheerleading 45 Yearbook 45 Student Council 45 Class Play 45 Red hair anda hot temper . . . happy-go-lucky . . . talkative . , . 'Come on now' Ruth H. Warner Elverson R. D. 'Ruthy' Chorus 2,3,45 Class Officer 35 Student Council 3, Officer 45 Record Club 35 Yearbook Staff 45 Band 45 Girl's Ensemble 3,45 Class Play 45 Reserved. . . pretty. . .always eating. ..loves to sleep... pleasant personality. . . "Oh, my goshl' Vivian Lee Welsh Honey Brook 'Viv' Class Play 15 Girl's Ensemble accompanist 45 Chorus 1,2,3,45 Dancing Club 35 Yearbook Staff 45 Softball 25 Enjoys bowling and roller skating. . .on her way to Goldy Beacon . . . afraid of the dentist . . . cute . . . always on the go . . . 'How 'bout that' Peter Joel Yemgst Elverson 'Pete' Band 1,2,3,45 Chorus 2,3,45 Soccer 3,45 Class President 25 Student Council 2, President 4, Vice President 35 Yearbook Editor 45 Class Play 1,45 Boy's Ensemble 3,45 Dance Band 3,45 Radio Club 25 County Chorus 45 County Band 3,45District Band 45 Casual...always ready with an argument... dark and handsome . . . 'Theoretically . . .' Michael Ziegler Mohnton R.D. "Mike' Exerts as little effort as possible. . .easy to please . . . hungry Cfor beef stewj . . . clock watcher . . . 'Oh shocks! Corn shocks, that is.' Lucille Marie Zoll Honey Brook llLou' Art Club 1,25 Dancing Club 3g Certainpeople get on her nerves . . . rather timid . . . dark, flashy eyes . . . startling . . . practical nurse . . . 'Do you have some gum?' Mary Ann Zook Honey Brook 'Zookie' Librarian lg Chorus 15 Work Staff Club 2g Ensemble 2g Knitting Club 35 Good-natured . . . week-ends are great. . . deep, soft brown eyes . . . driver of a Cadil- lac I . . . 'Thanks doll I' C1 b 3' Yearbook Staff 4, W ars a sparkler. Q s. .w tress afte marra e...en'o an skating . . . 'I 11 y' S J' SS wb '42 19 Ns sk fb 04' s 'B Qs, '20 KY' fb 0 CLASS MOTTO Everyone is the architect nt his own destiny J M Zy H y B kR D Band 1,2g Librarian 15 L b yClub2gCommercia1 CLASS RI G SENIOR CLASS TOBE Y ...... MIDGE ....... LAURA HEYDON HENRY HEYDON BROSE ....... JUDY ....... BARBIE . KAY . . . MARY . . DICK ....... ITCHY ....... THE EGG MAN . KIP ......... MISS JEFFERSON MR. THORPE . . CAST Lauralyn Tornquist . . . . Sandra Hartz . . . ,Ruth Spancake . . Peter Alexander . . Peter Yeingst . . Mary Lou Bell . . . . . Jane Styer . . . Loretta Wade . . . Sandra Lewis . John Bingham . . Arthur Krupp . . Paul McEwen . . . Ross McEwen . . . . Ruth Warner Tomas Bamberger Before . . . 1958 Prom . . . Aftvr llmrbpok Staff !,,,.. g K Circlt M g 4 N Advertising Edit Typist CLASS PROPHECY "' Il- '-ra A RJ, i Q I Millie ' '. :rw fl .- .. pf . :pw 1,-Q - lx ' Km .1 .yi .'.n "W -3 ,-,1 1 i .. 1, I, if ,'f-347 g . -5-is if ' '-If - l P- f he Q .I J A '91 15 - .f 1 ,I I ,"..,i'l",il, ' l,1t1rj w tf? , B . 1 W. ,Til N K - . 4 ,- ,, .E ai - - ' W . ,.,, 4 "4-' ' .1 .fl 1 -C" Ii. -A - f f 100' Cx A N.. -n 1. , I C4 "3 VA. Q 1 - , I Q FS I , ff A5 1 I , X 'I' 1-P" ' it... . -f I "tj, I .a ..a P r 'hh gd Yi.. at In ,nu X.. "' -7 v .Q if tp' ', 0 , 4 4' ' ' .. 3,1 M X N, X . 1 k , i 1 g 7 '1' 4 .9 4 N '-Q'-vs 3 is - ' . - 5, . Q V -1- ,I s Ji .1 ., A fav.. , rg: f , '13 - H x -- .J 5 A , .gffakger-. 5: X ff-. . g.. : ' 'v M5144 1 .2 1 .- .Q -. .g - .74 HQ X , . ' A "Ni lf' rr , ' I'-fa -tx x, x pf uf - A -'A C -'A 5 A "..4k MA Nt. 5- . B., vs' II X xv' ,Q S .- 171 ,,-4 v tv X.: el- qi' -1 1:2- K 1 J . 4 " 3 L' t at N N I-we . . . 4 l 'VL g - -.euafffwflf ' ,':f'5,i5g'.f5.g-. 4 Q 1 55. ,..-gen., 'TTL ,M .fs ,- CALLING EARTH! CALLING EARTI-l!This is your radio electronics engineer, Paul W. McEwen, making the first of a series of reports on the accomplishments of the past ten years, and suc- cessful ones I might add, on the Planet, Pluto. I wish to extend my most sincere gratitude to Mary Lou Bell, author of the recently pub- lished 'Developments in Space,' for gathering information and facts of the settlement of Pluto, making this inter-planet broadcast possible. Thank you, Miss Bell. In the beginning, life on this planet was hindered tremendously by the lack of suitable trans- portation. However, within a short time this handicap was overcome by the ingenious invention of a space car. Responsible for the advancementwere our four skilled mechanics, Marvin Knauer, Charles Plank, Martin Mohn, and Richard Hart. The new environment was a problem to many of us, even to the point of severe illness but the able Dr. R. M. McEwen quickly responded with proper medicine and care.Asslsting him in the newly founded clinic are registered nurses, Dawn Thompson, Lucille Zoll, and Hazel Emery. In the laboratory Sandra Hartz and Lauralyn Tornquist are specializing in medical technology. The animal kingdom is also in expert hands as Ann Stieff doctors them with the most pro- fessional care. Miss Stieff for the past six years has been top veterinarian in the famous horse stables of Edward L. I-lartenstine. Mr. Hartenstine's select group of horses are known for both speed and quality. Recently three of Pluto's natural resources have added to the adventure of the planet. Part- ners Robert Maurer and Larry Segner have produced great quantities of oil from their 4,000 acre ranch while co-mine-operators J. P. Bingham and R. M. Anspach, are busy locating new veins of valuable iron ore. Peter P. Alexander is current president of a prosperous pulpwood industry. The planet's rich and wild woodlands also have offered perfect paradise for the Game Conservation Area owned and controlled by Lloyd Ruoss. Fertile land and farmers Dick Burk- hart and Raymond Keinard are recognized for their A-1 quality crops. These and other resources have greatly contributed to the high standards of living. Education takes first place with an excellent administration and faculty. Ruth Ann Spancake and LaVerne Grove are among the planet's most brilliant elementary teachers. Commercial training is headed by Carol Ann Mattson and Catherine Bannon. The best musical education is supervised by vocalist and instrumentalist Louise Kessler. Physical Education is instructed by Ted Spece and Barbara Kutz. Both have organized undefeated athletic teams. The school is now honored to have famous artist Arthur Krupp on its faculty. Many of his masterpieces are on exhibition in the fabulous Museum of Natural Arts sponsored by Dave Dixon. Dave has spent much time gathering rare collections from other planets. His extensive space travel was under- written by Kenneth Hertzler, famous space pilot. Numerous restaurants are flourishing throughout the communities on Pluto. Joan Marie Zynn and Patricia Louise Refford are co-owners of a large chain of 'Orbit-Snack-Bars.' The huge Central Planet Hotel is owned by Harold Ludwig and managed by Michael Ziegler. Home economist Barbara Ann Simpson has been chosen the planet's number one dietician. James W. Beam, founder of the atmosphere's first space stations, after eight years of hard toil and labor, can now boast of a dream come true. These stations serve such transportation companies as Heffenhardt Inc., jointly owned and operated by the Messrs. Sidney Ray Heffen- trager and Lynwood Warren Englehardt. Thomas John Bamberger has recently beenappointed Chief Justice by the planet's president, the much respected Robert E. Seidel. Serving as secretaries to these men respectively are Miss Ruth H. Warner and Miss Mary Ann Zook. Other government clerical aides are Sandra A. Graul, Marlene G. Brown and Lea B. Pike. The planet's largest department store is jointly owned by two enterprising young women, Sandra Lee Lewis and Vivian Lee Welsh. Their new line of gowns, the Lee-Lee Creations, was currently modeled by willowy Jane Styer. The millinery department of this establishment is at present time run by the Misses Elsie Ruth Clevenger and Bonnie LaRue Huber, formerly re- nowned beautlcians. Lois Scheldt was left to manage the store's busy beauty salon. The chief buyer of fashions, Judith Ann Reiff, is doing a marvelous job. The former Loretta Wade and Sandra Pfahler, with their husbands, are operating one of the planet's most successful resorts. Reservations made by Earthanians must be made eighteen months in advance. A religious center was newly dedicated, its leader James Aaron Ramsey, D.D. The social fellowship is directed by the capable Gloria M. Shantz. The exceptional voice of Estella Mc'Ball has drawn vast audiences to this religious center. Marie Cutman and Dolores Bowman have been greatly influential in organizing welfare and social services of this institution. It was regrettable that Flight Sergeant Peter J. Yeingst found it necessary to return to earth as there were no military establishments on the planet. This brings to a conclusion the annual report from Station TVHS 1959. Thank you, ladies and gentlemen. 'if-. is , fi. V -. , ... . F v if :K 4 N ,X 101 if in ,Lx A. Z- A-.5 --'I xg xl., EY' is sk., xfs ' Y A .:.. ' ' : ,H r '51 ' I 5 i, 'feffil' I , ,... ,jf 4 - Q f - ,iw. 5 I .. . J-if X' 'E 4. 1 I J' '!T.5g5A" ' 2- " EW f . Qlffiffl E 13713 ' -' .A L 2 K, M ,1g'g"J3. :' 1 ' 'w is . W '.-- :I A at 'fmvvffya .f - .. fer- --M- .,r" ' , 5 ly - -, 'E my .wtf-., Q-gi -Q ' ,' X , -'J---. 1 4- - ,5, '11 5' f , 5 x -I H' 2- 5 .1 , -f',,.. 5 dsprgrf K- ,,fA,.5.TjZL 'vzgtjifis 'X ,J-+L J ,eff at -. '-maxi?" . fs, 'F if' . " 6' ge 1 ,7e1P1",.,-f ' 9 - Qt, H A Q."Q.1?7ff -2. 5' f-fx.. 4 1' , - " Mft ' ' f ' Li? -. iff 'A fa A :f"f"ze inf' -' X V -. ' ' - 1 "1" f..f-1 .fri 7' - - fzrg.. - 5 itil . :Vg fi.-5 t ffl' Wi' f if - 1 N- . -- -if . I . Jf gg- 1' As anxiousness mounted the class ' Q "QL, A 'i f f. ' of '59 was assembling onthe launch- Ig ' LL gn u, " L ing platformof the TwinValleyR.ock- - ' i"'f ff'1. 5.5, .I ,QQfaf'jf'f".. 1 ' as-5-9 et X59. Every heart was beating in ' X - --.",!":7f-., ,- ' ' , . 4,--1 ' 7" j-ff' " g ' f!iQ . . 1,-2. af 1. 1-gf 9 ,Q -.L -A wild anticipation of the adventure rs. V '- . . f...-.. ff: f.'-:4-Y . eq A- ' :.'2'.+f- Lg,-" ahead. Every throat was choked as 102 last farewells were bade before ven- turing into the "Future.' Space lay ahead and in it could be seen chal- lenge, defeat, and success. September 1956. Five, four, three, two, one, zero, FIRE - and we were off! Piloting the first stage of TV Rocket X59, was Pete Yeingst with his able navigator Ted Spece. Mary Lou Bell, acting as secretary for the first rocket stage, began recording sig- nificant details into the Log. With all the mathematical computations and calculations involved at the outset of such an adventure it was necessary to procure the services of LaVerne Grove as Purser. Though time was flying quickly it nevertheless became evident some merriment was needed. As the ladies outnumbered the gentlemen it was very natural to stage a 'Sadie Hawkins Dance.' To keep the mass in orbit were Mr. Zellner and Mr. Polischak. September 1957. Bang! Completion of the first stage was announced by our new pilot, Pete Alexander, while navigator Dave Dixon was temporarily in the control room. Astronomical figures had to be kept and the able assistance of Ruth Warner was drafted into action as Ruth Spancake recorded significant details into the Log, as she would for the next two stages. Much consultation was in order as we were nearing the final rocket stage and it was Miss Horning and Mr. Davis who gave their undisputed rays of wisdom. The ladies again took over and to break the monotony a starry-eyed crew served a ravishing 'Chicken a la Planet." To celebrate the progress we were making toward the third stage we beamed earthward to the seniors a Prom invitation. September 1958. Bang! Final Stage - at lastl As new adventure and thrill was in store it was deemed necessary that the entire crew take various educational field trips in preparation for the anticipated landing. For crew entertainment a play 'Class Ring? under the direction of Dorothy Groff was presented in November. As we headed for Christmas 1958 our third stage pilot, Bob Seidel organized a festive "Snow-Ball." Dave Dixon served as navigator and Mary Lou Bell as Purser. Time and space were fleeting! The distance we traveled on this space journey was uncom- prehendible. Both success and failure had been ours and from these resulted experience. Soon we would find ourselves suspended in a boundless future, neither sure of how we arrived there or how we would continue in it-only sure of one thing, 'we were to be the architects of our own destiny." THE SENIORS STEAL . '. 'L 9 C A fi V oa- efr X C nfl- age Up . E' 4 A9 I GCA 6 ,QP 'Sw Q10 'PA Or 5 We, the class of '59, of the city of Morgantown, county of Berks, and state of Pennsyl- vania, being of sound mind and memory do hereby declare the following attributes to be taken with us, annulling any other such document heretofore framed by us. Dick Anspach takes with him the mathematical mind of Darlene DeGeze11e. Tom Bamberger wishes the judicial eloquence of Gerald Swoyer to be his. Cathie Bannon takes with her the' small stature of Patsy White. Jim Beam desires the dark crew cut of Frank Coleman. Mary Lou Bell will acquire the cute styles of Barbara Evans. Jack Bingham takes with him the sports ability of .T im Summers. Dolores Bowman takes with her the green eyes of Kay Griffith. Marlene Brown wishes the artistic inclination of Dick Martin to be hers. Dick Burkhart takes with him the shiny Chevy of Mr. Gabrielli. Elsie Clevenger desires to borrow the knee sock flare of Mary Vasile. Marie Cutman will take with her Faye Ann Care's love for fine music. Dave Dixon wishes to take the golden voice of Charles Miles. 103 Hazel Emery takes the quiet personality of Jeanette Kissinger. Lynwood Englehandt relishes Wilmer Stoltzfus' willingness to help. Sandra Graul takes with her the sympathetic attributes of Jane Messner. LaVerne Grove will take with her the shy smiles of Mary Hughes. Richard Hart borrows the day-dreaming tendencies of John Goodman. Edward Hartenstine desires the competitive spirit of Bill Styer. Sandra Hartz takes with her the debating abilities of Mr. Allison. Sidney Heffentrager displays the towering height of Hop Linton. Kenneth Hertzler takes with him the mechanical mind of Jim Kieffer. Charles Hine will boast the blonde hair of Leroy Schultz. Bonnie Huber takes with her Geraldine Tschudy's fair complexion. Raymond Keinard borrows the chivalrous nature of Allen Styer. Louise Kessler takes with her the musical ability of Nancy McConnell. Marvin Knauer takes with him the slick wave of Charlie Detterline. Arthur Krupp desires the lackadaisical attitude of Jack Martin. Barbara Kutz wishes the compassionate nature of Vivian Umble. Sandra Lewis will take with her the sedate manner of Joanne McCord. Harold Ludwig wishes the aggressive nature of Benny Orr. Carol Mattson takes with her Rose Pavelesich's commercial ability. Robert Maurer takes with him the masculine physique of Earl Scott. Estella McBa1l will acquire the charming character of Linda Kline. Paul McEwen takes with him the typing skill of Theresa Pasquale. Ross McEwen relishes the sense of humor of Dairel Stamper. Sandra Pfahler takes with her Carol Devine's freckles. Lea Pike takes Nancy Merryfield's ability to chat. Charles Plank desires the happy-go-lucky way of Gary Mac Inerny. James Ramsay takes with him the kind heart of Paul Moser. Patty Refford will take with her the flirtatious personality of Ada Moore Judy Reiff desires the aloof air of Beverly Glauner. Lloyd Ruoss takes with him the witty quips of Dick White. Lois Scheidt wishes to take with her the genial manner of Judy Pavelesich Larry Segnemr takes with him Ray Hallenbeck's love for cars. Robert Seidel will acquire the casual appearance of Paul March. Gloria Shantz takes with her the glowing auburn hair of Dottie Plank. Barbara Simpson borrows the subservient attitude of Mabel Sweitzer. Ruth Spancake wishes the basketball arm of Eleanor Hartman. Ted Spece takes with him the sports enthusiasm of Ed White. Arm Stieff desires Nancy Davis's co-operative nature. Jane Styer will acquire the management and efficiency of Judy Emery. Dawn Thompson takes with her the pep and zest of Judy Sailer Lauralyn Tornquist desires to take with her Nancy Sell's smile. Ruth Warner wishes the agreeable disposition of Judy Kurtz. Vivian Welsh takes with her the wanderlust of Janet Bitler. Pete Yeingst desires the firm convictions and opinion of Howard Rapp. Mike Ziegler wishes to take with him the nonchalance of Bob Hess. Mary Ann Zook takes with her the soft brown eyes of Audrey Martin. Joan Zynn desires the wide open expression of Joan Seldombridge. In Witness Whereof, we, the class of 59, have set our hand and seal hereto this twentieth day of January in the year of our Lord, one thousand nine hundred and fifty nine 09591 A.. e- ' if faf ---11.-1, w. -,. Ll Ar. . ",-.,-. .nv r Q 2 .-4. . ,1 x 4 A- dgggs.. t . . 1 .gf 11' .LI is-ai A -sf- '-Pv p " 4 ' 1-.ff 'Yr'-2" 'f .- Q9 In . ' A, ff ' WEA-Rei'-ZA-A far?-"'9"' g, f-i?ffi-wFfrEf-'I' i ' ' f-.- --'.:.e-rpg r - ,. -reg'--..3-M .A . - .- - -.nys ," 4.'J-4',j-"'v..4-.1 4-: gp,-, -,,2s..-1-V' . '-F-F 3 'ff ' W . - 1' ,..41.- 1, V. , . ,. '- ' , -,L. ....- , . n. , ,K ' 1' ' N ff 'gm at " , Ar ge, -.7 - , wa '-- gf 'E n.,.f,P ,A - M I f -f ,.,.,,,,I6A eff. 1. . ,, 2,9-xt-" L, ,. . f ,,. -' ew , -a-fx'i- 1f.k -4.-,g,,,,., f ' M .-V, 3..--f-' x- ,4-X ,..,,- . H N ,mg . Y in 4. an P if -. X -1 an va- N f cc' " Jeff'- X -.1 'fs-A., X ,-f A--K ' -4' . L A41 , Q- .gl ,r-J ,E I J! ' 4 'I S . J A an ' 2 ' Q f fx ' ' J I' ' ' P ..,- J , yu 'vw sl , ., X fe H. ' gf-4' ' '1- 'K gh . . 1,11 ' 4 I aj" ff'-2 , A Q .. , H ,-1.--.-e.-.--. .f.....13.,-,,..,, y-1,.', . ,,.,. ."" -. 93' --:-L V : "' .. - V '- . FA '--,.?x"' :: , ' 1 ' vfvt V. 1 -f '1vgg1,rf,-'ff'-4-34,12 1.4. V.-ff ' i ., :QQ ' 5- .1 .' , , S3 Til 'fi , qi 'E ' fi ar I f A -gg. . i,. 5 fic . 4' H.. via. 'if w...lV 2-A353 2aw:"..vw.f,E2u iii 411 'fu-A 'Eff' Ja? 'FADE in Jvi,N .9-. --.M .. f , gqtzdk sf--. Y . .sg J.: . Q Qs.. ug-,-' 'xfla' I - is Q . i '1- - 4 Dedication t We, the graduating class of '59, as we enter this new phase of life's journey,wish to dedicate our Vallian to the future -its opportunities and challenges - realizing that its success depends . not on living alone, but on living well We wish to extend our sincere appreciation . and humble gratitude to the mlny hands that have guided us and minds that have advised us in ' f preparation for our first step into the boundless . . ,- future 5? J tlii. . 4 . a-'w - I 3 6:32 --v '4-' aan I 1, up , . sing,-spark' A -gb-f?.,,,5,, '13, "iid 'fl' Nl K 345225 , .N I ikf fav. A A Q , '4 , Y ' sf 1 f if . nf- , . 1 1 . 3 .6 3' Ju 'SQ I ' f t k xv 4 1 l 'C 'Sp . 1, ' 1' 3 Z 2' - A I K t . E 'X , .v ' 1 X . S M I .- Q , ' 1 X qt I a x 4 . . . 2 fx , . 1 ,, t ' .- 'Li Q.. -5 M. .U 'F .4 52? it v 1- .5 cw 2 . fa, z :fn 3 I , Q.. ? ,A Q. a. . gi , H-we , -.I .. V, V. ffi-.51 if .H ' Q. ,Ng . .rs I rf. 1 ,. -.3-."1n 'Eli-7?-' ' '9 . . . . .. . . ' - -. -' 4 f . 1: ,-If -' +P' P - ' ' "'-gigiga-sf -55 -V -' ff?-""'-57' .. ' 7: ,EZ ff' - "" A A - f' 1' 1 AG NZ .,,,A,.31,'4 Z -q .,.s. ,- .,,. . W 'e- 1 u' ,n,,-A -1 '- I . - . N , f., ..,.. .AN V .. 5 1 . - - ,. , - - -H' --A - ' ,,, " , '-v,xvn . -4 zu' A in ' ,--H , Y M. - f - ' A .V " f --' A' ' ' .. .-. - -.11"5TfL1f'i?'f5!R fx:-4"5'.-..,twoT? "" f.. " . .. rf:-----L: .,f Ik.l:Ll.1L:,:2i,. .,... ,, . A V k. . .. .A ,K .. .rg M 1 I . Q te, A '5"'p,g.x 13124 .r.' .,-'Avi M V V ,f- t- ..::2'3T3hi: ' fi . ,,- 5-Q., '- e., , 5 V - . ,. K,f- Q ,.w- ..4-- .-1- , Tzu.: f- f . . - ' , .fvi -.- ie- .,.. .,,,, ,.g.,-, ,fe 'vf11,,9' Alf- "sf'. 4' - ,Hg 5-fav!-'J " vr .t " 'V . --,N P et'-1.111 ' ' ' D-5?,'fes' X-rw, . ' - ff .,.-,, . :f,., Pg.: 'H f . , - ' A H ' ,gan - HTH . .. eq.. . , ,j. jj .' H" " v fwfjgsf ffifgmwllwwbw iw wif Qiwgiwgif SVQW ffQ.ZQ'H1gfiQ G' MW gig? 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HWS me -,, niikmf In 108 COM PLIM EN TS OF ELVERSDN NATIUNAL BANK ELVERSON, PA. and MORGANTOWN, PA. COMPLI MEN TS OF P. M. HOLLINGER STOLTZFUS LOCKER I.G.A. Foon MARKET THE GENERAL STORE Honey Brook, Pa. Reese and Harner MORGAN TOWN , PENNA. Phone: 3-3113 A. D. LANTZ BUILDING CONTRACTOR MARGE"S HOME COOKING U Morgantown, Pa. MORGANTOWN PENNA. Phone: AT 6-3748 VAN BUSKIRK Compliments HARDWARE STORE of a 226-228 High Street F R I E N D POTTSTOWN Telephone, FA 6-1370 MORGANTOVIN GARAGE DESOTO - PLYMOUTH INTERNATIONAL TRUCKS URIE B. KURTZ Prop. MORGANTOWN, PA. Phone: AT 6-34-41 KAYS LUNCHEONETTE MORGANTOWN SEALTEST ICE CREAM Phone AT 6-4537 F. M. BROWN'S SONS, Manufacturers of BROWN'S FEEDS Birdsboro, Pa. INC. RISSEL'S ATLANTIC SERVICE LONGENETCKEIPS Firestone Tires and Delco Batteries C L 0 T H E S Safety Service Lubrication H H Wheel Balancing For the Man Who Works HONEY BRUOK' PA' 227 Penn sf. 1019 N. 9th sn Phone: 3-5756 READING' PA' SHRYOCK BROTHERS BINDERS BOARD WEBER TEXACO SERVICE Downingtown Pennsylvania TERRE HILL, PENNA. DE SOTO PLYMOUTH H. S. VIITWER C0. TOP VALUE USED CARS ELVERSON, PA. GOODFELLOW'S GENERAL REPAIRS AND TOWING Compliments of C. W. FOX TERRE HILL, PA. DAVID KURTZ FARMAL TRACTORS FARM IMPLEMENTS PARTS - SERVICE Morgantown Penna. Compliments of a FRIEND GRUBBS BEAUTY SALON MORGANTOWN, PA. A. W. STAUFFER 81 SONS FEED MILL EQUIPMENT STEEL TRUCK BODIES BULK FEED TRUCKS Phone 5-2731 TERRE HILL PENNA THE BLUE BALL NATIONAL BANK BLUE BALL. PA. TERREHILLPA. AMPLE PARKING SPACE AND DRIVE-IN FACILITIES AT BOTH BANKS 2'f27,, PAID ON CERTIFICATES OF DEPOSIT 27, PAID ON SAVINGS ACCOUNTS Organized in 1906 Over 50 Years of Banking Experience C. K. CO. Penn Square Reading, Pennsylvania "Reading's Representative Store" Phone: FR 4-8321 P. M. HOLLINGER GENERAL MERCHANDISE Morgantown. Pa. Phone: AT 6-3661 Phone: A HEI-ENFS DERSH'S VIOLETRY Glassglow and Manatawny Streets Center Square Morgantown, Pa. T 6-6221 Pottstown, Pa. Phone: FA 3-2613 Newest Varieties of African Violets Seasonal and Foliage Plants Dish Gardens and Bedding Plants Also at Kutztown Market and Freese . Market, Pottstown GENE 6. PEG'S TAVERN Geigertown Pennsylvania WALTER C. WOLF 6. SON GENERAL MERCHANDISE Geigertown. Penncx. Phone: Morgantown AT 6-4496 SlVlI'I'H BROTHERS - GROCERIES - COAL - FUEL OIL - FERTILIZER Ioanna, Penncz. Phone: Morgantown AT 6-3318 PEIFER PONTIAC INC. New Holland, Pa. PONTIAC - G.M.C. TRUCKS VAUXHALL Phone: Elgin 4-0601 COMPLIMENTS OF A F R I E N D IOHN N. SAUDER AUTO CO. NEW HOLLAND CHEVROLET OLDSMOBILE Selling and Servicing Automobiles For 45 Years 114 I Compliments of Hot Point Appliances SAM FRANKHOUSER GROFF'S HARDWARE the MILKMAN HARDWARE and HOUSEWARES New Holland. Pa. For Your Every Banking Need . . . Think First of THE FARMERS NATIONAL BANK AND TRUST CO. of NEW HOLLAND COMPLETE BANKING AND TRUST SERVICES Free Parking - Walk-up Window - 24-Hour Drive-up Depository Resources Sl1,000,0UU Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation NEW HOLLAND PENNSYLVANIA HAIR STYLING AT ITS W I T M E R ' S SMARTEST PLUMBING, HEATING, WIRING and APPLIANCES SUE'S BEAUTY SHOPPE I 252 E- Main Sireei New Holland Penna Phone: Honeybrook 3-3140 Elgin 4-2232 W R I G H T S B. Z. MELLINGER, INC. Sales - Service BAKERS OF FORD - MERCURY QUALITY BREADS Genuine Parts and Accessories Dial Elgin 4-2191 "For over 73 Years" Ngw Hound, pq, A- M- Equipment Pharmaceuticals ATLANTIC FUEL OIL 5. KEROSENE LANCASTER SURGICAL SUPPLY CO. ANTHRACITE COAL I 148 North Duke Street Honey Brook. Pa. Lancaster. PG- Phone: 3-5634 Pl'101'1e2 2-3175 Luther Wertz, Ph.G. IACOBB.ZIMMERMAN HARDWARE ELECTRICAL, PLUMBING G HEATING CONTRACTOR ELgin 4-7481 BLUE BALL PENNA. SHOWALTER 61 HORNING C. H. Goodman 6 Sons. Inc. DODGE - PLYMOUTH FEEDS - FERTILIZERS - COAL DODGE TRUCK INTERNATIONAL FARM MACHINERY Honey Brook. Pa. New Holland. Pa. Elgin 42184 Phone: 3-5412 SHOP HONEY BROOK POMEROY'-5 SUNOCO FIRST Main Street Reading Pennsylvania SHANAMAN INC. LUMBER - FEED - COAL HONEY BROOK, PENNSYLVANIA Phone: 3-3766 IAMES A. UMBLE BUILDER HONEY BROOK. PA. Phone: 3-3973 BII.L'S DINER SPECIAL SUNDAY DINNERS ORDERS TO TAKE OUT Route 4322 Honey Brook, Pa. Phone: 3-5757 William Auer, Prop. STAN LEY'S SERVICE STATION Lubrication - Tune-up Wheel Balancing - Repairs State Inspection Honey Brook. Pa. Phone: 3-5418 PLOWFIELD'S HARDWARE Main Street Honey Brook, Penna. GUNZENHAUSER'S AUTO PARTS Nurvon R.D.. Pa. Lancaster County Phone: Elgin 4-7734 IOHNNY'S Italian Sandwich Shop Route 422 Philadelphia Pike 6. Gibraltar Road READING BONE FERTILIZER CO. Reading. Pa. FRCn'1klin 4-1602 Phone: 3-3726 Free Delivery mme HILL GAS STATION SUMMEIVS Dan Moyer SELF-SERVICE Route 83 - R.D. iii Birdsboro, Pa. FRrank1in 4-4339 Rdg. FOOD MARKET Honey Brook For QUALITY and SERVICE DEPENDABLE MOTOR CO. State Inspection FARM MACHINERY - AUTO PARTS Honey Brook. Pa. Phone: 3-3131 Compliments of STRADLING INSURANCE AGENCY Honey Brook. Pa. Phone: 3-3142 Agents: A1 Stradling Gus Speece TI-IE HERALD EVERY THURSDAY MARTIN D. KERN HARDWARE Honey Brook. Pa. Phone: 3-3724 I. C. MUMMA -o DIAMONDS Best Wishes from ' FINE WATCHES 'HIGH GRADE JEWELRY READING S CRYSTAL ' SILVERWARE 6. CHINA 619 Penn Street Reading. Pa. CEst. Since 1920 J CITY BANK CROLL 6: KECK and READING'S LEADING CLOTHIER The Friendliest Bank 522 Penn street in Town Reading Penna LILLIAN FABRIC SHOP DRESS GOODS - DRAPERIES MORGANT OWN Bridal and Evening Gown Fabrics 637 Penn Street FBank1in 2-9752 WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE E. I. FOUST. INC. LUMBER - BUILDING MATERIAL Mgrgqnfown, Pgnnq, AUTO .SUPPLIES - HARDWARE SPORTING GOODS Phone: ATwater 6-3127 Morgantown' Puum' Phone: AT 6-3638 MOUNTZ WELDING TRAILER BODY WORKS Used Trailers For Sale Trailers Lengthened and Converted To Tandem Axles Phone: 3-3980 Stainless Steel Spot Welding ELTON E. MOUNTZ Morgantown. Pa. Phone: AT 6-3601 CHURCHTOWN , Compliments of SUPPLY CO. MORGANT OWN FARM AND HOME APPLIANCES I Churchtown. Pennsylvania FEED 6' Tel. Terre Hillcrest 5-2376 Compliments of RAY A. BILLS FROZEN CUSTARD SANDWICHES BARBER SHOP Cross Roads 23 6 10 Phone: AT 6-3736 MUHLENBERGS Cross Road Service Station Morgantown. Perma. Morgantown TEXACO PETROLEUM PRODUCTS ARCHERY EQUIPMENT Phone: AT 6-4851 Telephone: New Holland El 4-7271 or EL 4-7281 Drink Milk - Arrive Sczfe IOHN S. EWELL, INC. MILK 5. MILK PRODUCTS TRANSPORTATION East Earl. Pa. ELVERSON SUPPLY CO. Phone: ATwcxter 6-3031 COAL - LUMBER - FEED BUILDING MATERIALS HARDWARE - OILS - PAINT TOM'S PHOTO SHOP FILMS - PHOTO SUPPLIES Portraits 61 Photo Finishing Elverson. Penne. Phone: AT 6-3387 SNYDER'S MARKET Phone: AT 6-4812 MEATS - FROZEN FOOD Elverson. Pa. KEEN 6. COMPANY PLUMBING 5. HEATING Elverson. Pa. Mgt. AT 6-3702 Tel. Dial 6-4234 ELVERSON MARKET Harry D. Rothcts, Prop GROCERIES and FRESH MEATS FRESH FRUITS cmd VEGETABLES FROZEN FOODS Compliments of YEINGST SANDWICH SHOP Main Street Elverson, Po. PhoneMgt. ATwcIter 6-4352 RICHARDS 6: KNAUER MEMORIALS Warwick Pa. Phone: Mgt. ATwcter 6-4736 PHOTO FINISHING AND COPIES ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT NUEBLINGS INC. 9:11 and PENN srnrzsrs READING. PA. Serving Sportsmen Since 1896 BOWLING HUNTING 6. FISHING Morgantown Restaurant and Tavem FINE FOODS and LIOUORS Off the Turnpike At the Morgantown Interchange On Route 122 We Cater to Banquets and Parties For Reservation-AT 6-6411 Benjamin Pupeh, Owner, Mgr. Sales - RAMBLER -- Service HU BER RAMBLER CO. 227 YW. State Street EPHRATA, Pa. Phone: RE 3-2440 GENERAL WAYNE HOTEL FOOD - LIOUOR - BEER - WINE Iunction of ROUTE 10 and 322 Melvin and Iosephine Kemper, Proprietors HOUK'S RESTAURANT SANDWICHES - PLATTERS SUNDAES Open Daily Corner Routes 10 6 322 Honey Brook, Pa. Ph. 3-5895 BARN ESTON STORE QUALITY FOODS cmd MEAT Hershey Ice Cream Frozen Foods -- General Merchandise .Honey Brook. R.D. -ffl. Pa. D. Walter Gyger Phone: Glen Moore 2-5604 W. L. WI-IITE'S SONS CEMETERY MEMORIALS Honey Brook, Pa. HONEY BROOK PHARMACY Ioseph F. Guinta, Reg. Ph.B.S. Main Street All Work Guaranteed Phone: 3-5613 Honey Brook, Pa. Phone: 3-5240 KELLY'S HORSE-SHOE PIKE INN RO HONEY BROOK ON UTE 322 Phone: 3-5416 Roeder's Self Service Market Glen Moore, Pa. Route 282 FRESH MEAT - GROCERIES FANCY PRODUCE Glenmore 2-2959 ALLEN G. MUSSER HOME .SUPPLIES - Toys Phone: Terre Hill HI 5-4161 Woody Pontiac-Cadillac, Inc. 809 East Lincoln Highway Coatesville, Penna. W. D. Woody, President Telephone 1247 COUNTRY MAID PREMIUM QUALITY BAKED FOODS The Line with Variety cmd Guaranteed Freshness HARTING'S BAKERY Bowmansville. Pa. Phone: Terre Hill HI 5-3664 'Y' .MV ' s -...,'R S-.n,,q J M .QM ,, A I L ,.,--""4-- "" W ' My M A,..'-'-"""'N f A,,,,,,.M+ E . , . S 44 sm Rm 5, , Qi A "0"lll0llIs,4 M . r w My R f4xag'ff' xzfffgii' i Wii7+i51gi?fi? ifffQv1iQz1.fmgali .+'li,1.g.,-Q. wi ,,,. N- , ' ' ' f if 3 . jsw 5,5532 ?2'f5Efr,f 5 Q -- ' 'Z 'C V' f" W W H. Q if J' COMMERCIAL BANKING 5 TRUST DEPARTMENT The First National Bank, Honey Brook, Pa. 'ER- A COMMUNITY ORGANIZATION WITH COMPLETE BANKING SERVICES CHECKING SAVINGS BANKING BY MAIL SAFE DEPOSIT BOXES MONEY ORDERS TRAVELERS CHECKS LOANS OF ALL TYPES MORTGAGES TRUST DEPARTMENT We are prepared to handle all of your Trust or Estate Needs in cooperation with your attomey. THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK Honey Brook, Pa. Malcolm Wright Buick, Inc. 736 E. Lincoln Highway Coatesville, Pa. BUICK and OPEL Phones' Coates. 0202, 1913 SANTE'S DRUG STORE "Service of Courtesy Is Our Aim" 8th Avenue 6 Main Street Phone 1382 Coatesville, Pa. Let Us F' ill Your Next Prescription ALLEN G. MUSSER HOME SUPPLIES - TOYS Phone Terre Hill HI 5-4161 HONEY BROOK LOUNGE Ierry Ruscitto, Proprietor BRANDYWINE LOAN. INC. CASH LOANS -- S20 TO Saou For Fast Service Write or Visit 147 E. LINCOLN HIGHWAY Phone: Coatesville 4850 Coatesville, Pa. BOWL-O-RAMA. INC. Route 422, Exeter Twp. Reiffton, Reading, Pa. 40 Automatic Air Conditioned Lanes Special Students Rates House Wiring Plumbing Supplies IOHN SCHEIDT ELECTRICAL SALES 6: SERVICE GIBRALTAR. PA. Phone: IU 2-5521 Compliments of RICHARD H. RIMBY Pennsylvania Linen Rental Service DEVELOPER OF CRESTWOOD Reading Philafklvhifl Hmisburg READING. PA. WI-IAI.EN'S RICHARD ENGLEHARDT SEAFOOD Markets at: Reading Fairgraunds Ephrata Leesport Birdsboro IU 2-4802 ONE STOP TEXACO SERVICE Gasoline - Oil Lubrications - Washing General Repairing Tires - Batteries on Time Pick-Up and Delivery Service Open 5 a.m. to 1 a.m. Phone: FR 3-9103 Phila. Pike Ulcross from the Iolly Roger Restaurantl HENRY'S KEYSTONE STORE Gibraltar. Pa. Phone: 2-5523 HOFFMAN'S LIBERTY FOOD STORE Phone: Birdsboro IU 2-7552 GROCERIES - FROZEN FOOD PRODUCER - COLD CUTS Route 83 East of Gibraltar I OHN L. ENGLEHARDT Importer of German Cutlery R.D. I. SEYI-'ERTS Birdsboro, Pa. HAPPEL LUIVIBER 6 SUPPLY CO. 301 E. lst Street Birdsboro, Pa. Monocacy Yard-Phone: 2-2921 Birdsboro Yard-Phone: 2-2211 "Complete Building Material Service" Compliments of Tri-County Dairy Farms, Inc. Honey Brook Ponsylvania Chester County Phone: 3-3922 C. E. Compliments of Sauder and Sons BURIHARTS-Good Rabbit Hounds For Sale DICK-Have Gun Will Travel Shop at HENRTS-You'l1 Like the Change Compliments of - LYN ENGLEHARDT. DICK HART. BOB HEIDEI.. BOB MAUHER. DICK BURDIART. MIKE ZEIGLER ENGLEHARDT-Proxessional Locker-Stacker MIIB The Taxidermist BOD MAUREIYS-Used Lumber For Sale IU 2-4270 Compliments of a Friend AUTOGRAPHS F945 , Bi 1 a. T, E ff n 4 . nt, -4 .Q Q? Mx u, 5 W' '1 1,16 1 9 ,,-my ,ri A fri . QM " N U QW a m u lm H.. .qw 1 ' M V W' hs 'L W I 1 1 W JI ,119 g mf' N , .,.. M.. . W' U: Ev . H 'x wx w v N v M v. , ww Wm, , W1 1 ff . M X i N 'w' W' M Wg! YW! 3 uf? . LW W

Suggestions in the Twin Valley High School - Vallian Yearbook (Morgantown, PA) collection:

Twin Valley High School - Vallian Yearbook (Morgantown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Twin Valley High School - Vallian Yearbook (Morgantown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


Twin Valley High School - Vallian Yearbook (Morgantown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Twin Valley High School - Vallian Yearbook (Morgantown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 122

1959, pg 122

Twin Valley High School - Vallian Yearbook (Morgantown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 112

1959, pg 112

Twin Valley High School - Vallian Yearbook (Morgantown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 6

1959, pg 6

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